Obama says it is not his fault

In a boring and unusually uncharismatic speech, Obama explains that America’s credit rating downgrade is not his fault, and it is not his job to fix it.

I found this speech more entertaining and more informative when I watched it with the sound off. A basic requirement for a politician is real or well faked sincerity. Watching Obama with sound off, it is apparent that he is not a very good liar.

His “I am the moderate adult in the room” spiel collided incongruently with his “Tea party terrorists bombed America’s credit rating” spiel. Logically, the words made sense I suppose. The speech would have been congruent if presented as text. As words they were congruent, but his face was all wrong for his words, trying too hard.

Another case of the affirmative action president. Clinton could lie very well, and Bush could persuade himself to believe whatever was convenient to believe. Obama can do neither.

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