Stupid U

Inequality, as you know, is rising (because of the mass importation of a low IQ Indio and Mestizo non working underclass from Mexico into the US) The progressive diagnosis was that university makes everyone affluent and middle class, so they would run everyone, especially women, through university.


Between 2000 and 2008 the typical earnings of men with at least a bachelor’s degree fell by more than $2,000, after inflation, to $70,332 a year. Between 2008 and last year they fell a further $3,500.

Falling rewards for a Bachelor’s degree reflects the dumbing down of Bachelor’s degrees, which is in substantial part driven by the flood of women in higher ed.

Women in higher ed tend to run up substantially higher debts than males in higher ed, because they initially get streamed into hard course, cannot handle those courses, and keep changing majors to dumber courses, which notoriously tend to be overwhelmingly female. To solve this problem the hard courses are being made stupid.

Being made stupid, a college degree is no longer an indicator that you are smart.

Males tend to get streamed out of hard courses, to keep the hard courses from being disproportionately male, so breeze through, so run up substantially less debt. This is deemed to be male privilege, which privilege can only be corrected by making university more stupid and discriminating in favor of women and blacks even more than they are doing already.

University, to be valuable, has to be a filtering system that separates smart and industrious from stupid and lazy. But, if a filtering mechanism, will tend to produce racial and gender inequality. This, progressivism can only solve by making it not a filtering system, or by filtering for PC rather than ability.

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  2. Glenfilthie says:

    I agree with most of that, Jim and pretty much only feminists and stupid people would have any problems with it. Our universities are intellectual wastelands or socialist moron factories.

    My question is…where do we go from here? Do we have to crash and burn before we go back to sane education and hiring practices? How do we give the intellectual class the cull that it so obviously needs?

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