The cost disease part 2

Costs of many important things, in particular education, housing, and healthcare are rising in ways that create artificial first world poverty, the inability to afford a wife and children.

Scott Alexander wrote a superficially thoughtful and well informed examination of these problems, which analysis was made stupid by crimestop.

A lot of high intelligent well informed people responded with explanations of the problem which accurately described parts and details of the problem, but crimestop prevented them from seeing, or at least prevented them from mentioning, the big picture formed by the details they quite accurately describe. Scott has collected these intelligent and detailed responses.

Among the commenters, LukHamilton observes that increased education is likely of negative value to society, and fc123 observes we are spending an awful lot of money educating stupid people in things that are unlikely to be of use to them, but then fail to put two and two together, or if they did put two and two together, they refrain from mentioning it.

The things raising costs are described correctly enough, but are treated as an assemblage of random unrelated facts. Things just supposedly happen to be this way supposedly for no apparent reason, and the fact that we cannot seem to do anything about these things also supposedly has no apparent reason.

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  2. Dan says:

    I figured it out.

    Male Dominated Professions:
    Resource Extraction
    Plastic Surgery
    Factory farming
    Trash collection

    Female Dominated Professions:
    Education administration
    Medical Administration
    Insurance administration
    Veterinary Medicine
    Government bureaucracy

    Women seem to have a terrible time controlling costs, temperamentally. This is not a racial thing. During the presidential election campaign we saw that white women such as Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush just blew through money in a poorly-directed way. Apparently Hillary’s campaign was actually trying to win the popular vote in final weeks.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      ” . . . white women such as . . . Jeb Bush . . . ”

      Heh – nice shiv. But Columba can see through to the real, Squatamalan, Jeb.

    • peppermint says:

      Yes, I remember that. There was a Hillary commercial I saw in the final weeks which was full of happy White families with happy White children and the only muds present knew their place. With a different voice over for the soundtrack, it would have been a great Hitler commercial.

  3. Jack Highlands says:

    Regarding aging Whites and medical costs, it is indeed only part of the problem, but I wished to show how medicine differs in predictability from other areas. You can tell Trayvon in Kansas (enormous school spending there in the 90’s to ‘equalize’ the races) that he must do push-ups in a field, not laps in an Olympic Pool – when he can’t swim anyway – without any negative effect on Trayvon’s future. But you simply don’t know if it will help Granny one iota when you order MRI for half her body.

    Anyway, the subject of aging Whites made me think of the diminishing White share of the population in general. Especially the diminishing number of White-males-with-IQ-over-120-who-still-give-a-fuck, otherwise known as the heavy lifters of civilization.

    Peinovich and Dunstan sometimes refer to ‘the nigger tax.’ This is the total shared cost to America of having to pretend niggers are equal, right from the pricey real estate needed for shitlibs to avoid living with them, to actually paying them – not pretending to like the old Soviet joke – for pretending to work. And on and on in countless ways.

    Dunstan gave a specific nigger tax example of how an airline had messed up their flight to their recent meet-up, and how the airline had not behaved in anything like the traditional white business manner – had not even sent them an email of a cancelled flight, for example – and how taxing it was to deal with negresses in trying to rectify the problem.

    Nor is this problem specific to the dindu population. In my corner of the rapidly duskying White world, yellows are the chief source of contamination. Yet despite their supra-nigger IQ, of the three banks I deal with for personal and business finances and various business mortgages, I had to quit one altogether because of their Asian peculiarities.

    There is no magic dirt. If you import enough nogs, you get little Somalia. Enough kebab or Sikhs, you get low-trust rabbit warren Punjabipashtunastan. Enough chinks, dirty China. The nigger tax is simply the visible, irritating, everyday aspect of that slow transformation. And it is getting damned expensive.

    Sure, snow-white environmentalists and zero-risk-of-anything-Police-Moms will add huge costs and slow infrastructure building. But some of that is good (we’re learning a lot about dam safety lately) and the rest is subject to negotiation, and natural cycles in the way we Whites approach matters.

    But as long as non-Whites live among us, the nigger tax is forever.

    Now that’s something you’ll never see addressed by Shrink Wrap Scott.

  4. Trollercoaster says:

    Ultimately there are too few producers and far too many makeworker parasites whose occupation amounts to writing meaningless dreck at their keyboards and groveling to their bureaucratic superiors. Their pious submission entitles them to a certain amount of production siphoned from our overseas slave colonies (e.g. China) which our noble wagecucks then pick up at their local Wal-mart.

  5. viking says:

    Its not just housing healthcare and education, but the answer definitely starts with de niggerization.The question is how, even trump loves to bend over about how non racist he is and has done ZERO on immigration despite the rhetoric hes constantly reassuring the left how much they are going to love his immigration policies because its only bad hombres hes after. So if this keeps up hes one and done and niggerizartion continues. Even if he were to keep most of his promises its too late we are down to half the nation and the niggers outbreed us. The only thing that can possibly stop this is a race war and how likely is that.

    • jim says:

      1. Wall contracts are being negotiated right now. Wall should be up in time for 2020 election.
      2. Actual border enforcement, happening right now.

    • peppermint says:

      Did you miss the part where some woman was kicked out even though the Obama administration wanted to let her stay and her teenage “American citizen” son took a picture of her getting v&?

  6. viking says:

    There is a technique sane urbanites learn in how to speak about race it requires trust that your conversation partner understands what youre not saying.

  7. Jack Highlands says:

    A specific problem with medicine is that the population is aging, which is another way of saying it is more sickly, but almost no matter how old a psychologically normal person is, he does not wish to die if expensive, but non-heroic, measures can prevent it.

    It is easy to look at statistics and say ‘X percent of hospital spending goes to people in their last Y of life’ but for any given individual, we are never certain ahead of time that it will be his last Y of life, and often we can’t even guess it.

    • Cavalier says:

      When you’re 85 and someone else is paying, 3 million dollars for another 6 months is the eminently reasonable choice. Obviously that 3 million dollars must instead be allocated to caring for the young, white, and otherwise healthy and vigorous, stricken by misfortune, the future of the nation.

      When you’re 85 and you’re paying, 3 million dollars for another 6 months may seem like the eminently reason choice, but isn’t. Obviously that 3 million dollars must instead be allocated to your descendants so that they may secure the existence of the bloodline and a future for white grandchildren

      Or maybe it’s not 3 million, but simply the force-feeding of demented old vegetable grandma in a nursing home, bleeding the inheritance dry to the tune of 90k/yr.

      Somebody has to have the authority to tell the old and sickly that their time has come. Their family won’t do it, no matter how much it costs them; they’ll spend every last dime.

      • jim says:

        In fact, the elderly are being bumped off with alarming efficiency, and executing everyone immediately upon retirement would not significantly reduce health costs. We cannot really escalate the murder of Grandma much further without her starting to shoot back. Savings from that source have maxed out.

        • Cavalier says:

          I don’t actually have experience with state healthcare, but I have witnessed first-hand how private healthcare keeps alive vegetable grandmas as long as possible, despite them not recognizing their own family, force-feeding them despite them lacking the will to eat, pushing them around in wheelchairs everywhere because they’re too demented to walk, and absolutely loading them with sedatives to keep their whole disgusting money-minting operation going.

          Seriously, visit a nursing home around lunch and visit the cafeteria area. Look around at the unresponsive, glazed-over eyes. In even a small nursing home in the middle of almost-nowhere, America, you might easily be looking at 5 million dollars a year, just for room and board. I don’t know how much they get from the government, and I’m not sure much they collect from the drugs, but I bet it’s a good bit more.

          Unless the government actually directly owns and operates the facilities,—and even then, when has the government ever concerned itself with cutting costs? it just spends the money and borrows more—the facilities have incentive to bilk the government out of as much cash as possible, which means extending the lives of old people, no matter the cost, no matter how degraded the quality of life. The private guys have incentive to bilk the private payers no matter what. And no one says “no, we shouldn’t spend Grandpa’s entire life savings on giving Grandma another 6 confused, doesn’t-know-her-own-daughters’-names months”, because if one family member suggests that perhaps Grandma has outlived herself, he is a terrible, soul-less person.

          You call it “the murder of Grandma”, but if it didn’t cost extraordinary amounts of money to keep her alive, if she were capable of sustaining her own life, they would just release her and send her home.

          • jim says:

            First off, health care statistics do not support you.

            Secondly, you are telling me your personal experience. My personal experience is extensive and differs from yours.

            Nobody “force feeds” grandma. They spoon food into her mouth, and she swallows it or not. When she stops swallowing, they stop feeding. When she stops swallowing altogether and permanently, they croak her.

            • Anonymous says:

              Cavalier has a point, Jim. Nobody is “force feeding” grandma, but established protocol when a patient no longer swallows is to place a feeding tube. Sometimes its a temporary tube through the nose, but often its a surgical tube directly into the stomach.

              India’s government used a nasal feeding tube to force feed a hunger-striking protester, and demented patients are always trying to pull the tube out, so I don’t think it’s far-fetched to call it force-feeding.

              • jim says:

                Is it?

                Not seeing it.

                Check out your grandma’s old people’s home for feeding tubes, and tell me what you see. Give me a count.

                My impression is that feeding tubes are seldom inserted except when the patient is otherwise healthy enough to be capable of complaining that he is being starved to death, or if there is a plausible prospect that the feeding tube will come out and the patient will resume normal eating.

                Feeding tubes are often used in patients who are healthy enough to be hand fed, because it is too much trouble to hand feed them. This is cruel, unnecessary, and apt to result in the patient conveniently dying.

                But I am pretty sure that they are seldom used in patients who were previously being hand fed and can no longer be hand fed.

                Feeding tubes are used to bump off patients that would otherwise require such tedious and inconvenient procedures as hand feeding. They are seldom used to keep patients alive who are too far gone to swallow when hand fed.

                • JBP says:

                  Jim, Of my three most recent relatives to end up in a nursing home (my uncle and my wife’s aunt and uncle), two of the three went the route of hand-fed to ending up on the feeding tube in the stomach.
                  My uncle just passed, no feeding tube. The other uncle passed with a feeding tube. When the nursing home told my wife ‘your aunt probably won’t eat regularly again and will probably pass in a month or so’ my wife started to ‘force-feed’ her aunt by hand. the aunt recovered, and ended up getting a couple of good years back in her own home.

          • peppermint says:

            This is the end of history, the final decision. You can stand there and let our race be destroyed because you’re a cuck, or you can say the word nigger. The blue ending, controlling liberalism, is the false choice of the indoctrinated and the green ending, biological unification and technological singularity, is actually the worst possible ending.

            If you had actually observed elder care in the middle of the country recently, you would see elders under the loving care of nigger nurses who just showed up in this country a few years ago and sand and curry nigger doctors.

            Look for the TRS Doctor Narcan segments if you want to know the truth about the spic-nig cycle and healthcare economics.

            Just call them niggers.

            • Cavalier says:

              I did in fact recently see my Middle American elders under the dubious care of nigger nurses who just showed up in this country within the last few years, complete with Niggerian accents, but I did not see sandnigger or currynigger doctors.

              It was deeply unsettling.

              But, frankly, my points were unrelated to species.

    • jim says:

      Elderly people are not the major cost – I think they are about a third, which is more than their share of the population, but if we executed everyone who was old, would not have a very large effect on health costs. The major source of unreasonably high health costs is someone like a thirty year old illegal immigrant with no job, no income, and no assets, suffering from aids, morbid obesity, diabetes, drug addiction, and multiple knife wounds.

      • Parker says:

        You’re totally wrong Jim. Show a source please. You’re making this argument I suspect because you are in your own words a “fat old grandpa” yourself….

        • jim says:

          See Murdering Grandma does not substantially save on healthcare costs.

          In Britain, the NHS murders your grandmother to save money, but gives the man who thinks he is a woman a free sex change. In Singapore, they will not murder your grandmother, and will not provide a free sex change. Which place is more successful at reducing health care expenses?

        • Anubis says:

          Drug Resistant TB comes from immigrants and costs $250,000-$1.5million in meds over 18+ months per person. The TB that the first world eradicated took 6 months and less than you would spend on a day at the beach in meds.

          Every HIV patient in the US costs $30,000-$60,000 in meds alone, while taxpayers are now paying for TRUVADA Prep to replace condoms for gays that costs $1.5000 a month per person.

          There is no way to put a price on the costs of 2 3rdworlders in Fresno who took ambulances as free taxies to other parts of town over 1300 times a year and thought themselves smarter than gringos.

          Everyone other than Whites and East Asians are medically needy.

        • peppermint says:

          Hey jackass, stop reciting edgy liberal talking points from the fucking 90s you cuck.

          Next you’re going to start talking about how pedophilia doesn’t actually damage children that much or whatever. Which damage isn’t the reason pedophiles must be executed.

          • peppermint says:

            Ps. Under White Sharia Law, sex acts with someone you don’t have the right to have sex with is punished by death, to be carried out by the father or guardian of the child, the husband of the woman, or the man himself in the case of homosexual rape, or the government in the case of an unmarried virgin without a guardian, or the abbott of the convent in the case of an unmarried non-virgin who has applied for guardianship.

            All White men are considered to have the right to have sex with any sexually mature mud female, with the consequence that muds won’t want to live anywhere near Whites practicing White Sharia, and no White man can marry a mud because then he’ll just get cucked.

            • pdimov says:

              “All White men are considered to have the right to have sex with any sexually mature mud female, with the consequence that muds won’t want to live anywhere near Whites practicing White Sharia…”

              You may want to rethink that part. 🙂

      • JBP says:

        and don’t forget infections from tatoos

  8. anonymous says:

    I believe you may be right, but are advocating cutting corners… What makes you think hostile bureaucracies won’t cut corners where they shouldn’t in favor of something perverse? :/

  9. dvchydra says:

    Bureaucrats regulating superior goods. Medicine is more expensive because we have to try to keep everyone alive another day. Education is more expensive because everyone must be educated. Playgrounds are more expensive because no child should break a bone in a fall.

    A lot of this can be seen as, regulating that the ‘tail’ of the population match the ‘average’ in results. It is a moral imperative that the ‘tail’ of the population match the ‘average’ so no expense is too much.

    Marginal returns is another take on this. The government is regulating that we go past the point of marginal returns for the tail of the population.

    In a HBD sense this is not a tail problem, but a bucket problem. There is an imperative that all buckets have the same average. But no amount of environmental change will even out the buckets. So we end up spending insane amounts of money trying to change things that we do not have the technology to change.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      ” . . . regulating that the ‘tail’ of the population match the ‘average’ in results . . . ”

      When it comes to college, it’s worse even than that: they try to regulate that the low tail of the American population, eg average Blacks – mean IQ 85 – match the results of the population traditionally encouraged to attend college: those in the high tail, with IQ’s starting at 115.

    • peppermint says:

      Bureaucrats regulating superior goods. Medicine is more expensive because we have to try to keep niggers alive another day. Education is more expensive because niggers must be educated. Playgrounds are more expensive because no niglet should break a bone in a fall.

      Whites have not been cared about in any way since at least the ’90s

  10. Alrenous says:

    Ah good. They’re coming together to forge the One True Spin. United in a circle of those who’ve been jerked to attention by this issue.

    Crimestop means at some level they get it. They have detected the crime, or they would by accident not avoid it occasionally. The rule is to never abandon Progressive™ Ideas™ but the game is to accept as much Science™ as possible while doing so. SSC accepted a bit too much Science™ and blegged for help on the correct spin.

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