Intelligence and religiosity

According to statistics that are likely out of date and obsolete there is a negative 0.2 correlation between religiosity and intelligence. A 0.2 correlation is substantial.

Of course, this relies on the definition of woke and progressivism as not religions. There is apt to be a positive correlation between adherence to the state religion, and intelligence, because you have to adhere, or at least pass as adhering, to the state religion, in order to be a member of the state or quasi state elite. And smart people are apt to do whatever it takes to get into the elite.

So, the state religion will have more of the smarties, and the other religions necessarily less. Unless, of course, the state religion is really stupid, and anyone smart is suspected of heresy, and therefore is not allowed into the state and quasi state elite.

For several decades, an IQ north of 140 locked you out of the elite. Then an IQ north of 130. These days it is starting to look more like an IQ north of 100, and it takes an IQ of at least 105 to make stuff work, to do almost any productive task unsupervised and self organised.

Because a state is necessarily based on a synthetic tribe, because faiths are synthetic tribes, and any synthetic tribe is going to have the characteristics of a faith, it has always been the case that adherence is required of members of the state and quasi state elite, and all states always are going to require adherence. Always have and always will. Separation of Church and State is always a lie. The question is always: what is the State Religion to be?

But some religions are considerably dumber than others.

The French Church of Reason, which was the enlightenment acknowledging what it is apt to deny, that it is a religion, was clever silly. Its priesthood had to be very very smart, in order to understand the very clever rationalisations for believing very silly things.

Similarly, Orthodox Judaism. You have to be mighty smart to understand the reasoning as to why gross violation of the Lord’s commandments constitutes the strictest adherence to them. As I have often remarked, the Talmud is in large part a vast collection of lawsuits against God which the Jews believe they won and God lost.

It is striking that Orthodox Jewish contribution to science and technology is absolutely insignificant, while Jewish contribution is considerable, and often very impressive. I conjecture that if you believe in a God that can be fooled and bamboozled with too clever by half rationalisations, you believe in a nature that can be fooled and bamboozled by clever lawyer tricks and bureaucratic bullshit, which as Richard Feynman observed, leads to attempting to launch rockets that blow up. As Feynman observed, nature cannot be fooled. Islam suffers a related a problem, because of its belief in a capricious and changeable God. If you believe in a God that can change and lie, you believe that Nature can change and lie. When debugging code, you are too likely to give up on Schrodinger bugs, like the infamous bug where LibreOffice could not print on Tuesdays, which kept being marked “will not fix”.

Unix and Linux has a notorious problem with reliably identifying file types, which has led to no end of bugs, due to shotgun parsing. It should have been immediately suspected that this was yet another one of those. In retrospect, the bug was not a Schrodinger bug at all. A Schrodinger bug is never a Schrodinger bug in retrospect. It is always something that should have been one of the usual suspects. I don’t think Islam was to blame for the “will not fix” dismissal of this bug, but Islam encourages the mindset that led to “will not fix”. “$#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it”. When one Linux program is passing a temporary file to another Linux program created by a different group of engineers, and something funny happens, file type misidentification should be on one’s list of the usual suspects.

The primary cause of Boeing’s Starliner moon mission just not getting off the ground, parts falling of Boeing airliners, and repeated “unusual extreme turbulence” events severely injuring Boeing airliner passengers and crew, seems to be tech lead Shaniqua, but tech lead Shaniqua’s “$#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it” mindset is clearly visible. Nasa gave launch approval with a “will not fix. $#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it” failure in the valve system, on the basis that the observed failures would not have led to any great harm. But if one valve fails mysteriously, and it does no great harm, another valve could fail mysteriously, and cause catastrophic mission failure. This is similar to what led to the Challenger disaster. They figured burn through in the Challenger booster was not doing enough harm to lead to catastrophe — but had no idea what was causing burn through, or why some burns burned further through than others. And one day it burned all the way through, which some people accurately predicted, and permanently lost their careers for accurately predicting.

Getting back on topic. The enlightenment faith was a very clever religion, a too clever by half religion, a clever silly religion. And an excellent example of this was the extraordinarily brilliant philosopher George Bernard Shaw, who believed in all sorts of completely stupid things. For example he visited Soviet Russia during the great Holodomor famine, and believed that the Soviet Union was doing a great job of looking after the peasant masses and that food was abundant.

But as our officially unofficial faith became holier and holier, it became sillier and sillier, and people just gave up concocting and learning clever rationalisations. The last clever rationaliser was Scott Alexander, who came up with no end of amazingly clever rationales for the grossest stupidity, and was predictably purged on suspicion of heresy.

Anyone really smart in the elite is really old or recently died, for example Larry Summers and Kissinger. The slightly younger ones, for example Hillary Clinton, are midwits, and the new generation of the elite is just stupid. It looks like the mean IQ of the Harvard intake is south of a hundred.

The Dark Enlightenment is smart and takes as its fundamental principle engaging with empirical reality through the scientific method, rather than finding clever reasons to ignore reality after the fashion of the Enlightenment and peer review. (Though these days I increasingly see peer review ignoring reality without bothering to find clever rationales for doing so.) The Dark Enlightenment is dark because, as Christians would say, mankind is fallen, and as the Dark Enlightenment says the same thing in game theoretic language, attaining cooperate cooperate equilibrium on a large scale is difficult.

Science is inherently a priestly profession. And if the official religion is unduly focused on the next world, it is apt to be stupid. And we see a lot stupid variants of Christianity. What made late seventeenth century, early eighteenth century Anglicanism such a great religion is it managed to endorse the scientific method as explained in the Sceptical Chymist. If nature is the direct manifestation of the will of a God that cannot change and cannot lie, then someone who directly has observed nature with his own hands and own eyes has special authority, and peer review and priestly consensus does not. Recall that the Puritans rioted and attempted to shut down the Royal Society, because the King was granting the scientific method status that they felt properly belonged to priests and prophets.

Well it does properly belong to priests and prophets. Prophets like Elon Musk and Richard Stallman, and priest prophets like Linus Torvalds. It belongs to the technomages. And the official state religion just has to make its peace with such people, as Charles the Second’s Anglicanism managed to do. Newton was rightly ordained and rightly buried in Westminster Abbey, even though his intellectual curiosity led to him dabbling in no end of heresies. The state and the state religion just has to do its best to include such difficult people in the state religion, because it has to include them in the state and quasi state elite, or else the state will wind up with a stupid state religion and a hostile elite outside the state and state religion.

A lot of versions of Christianity are infamously somewhat stupid: Young Earth creationism is faithful to an overliteral interpretation of scripture and is stupid. I have good authority for arguing that it is overliteral, since Saint Augustine argued it was overliteral, neglecting the spiritual meaning for an interpretation as history and geography, long before anyone knew it was stupid. Mariolatory is stupid and a gross violation of scripture and Christian morality.

Right now we have problem with perverts in the schools, in child protective services, in the scouts, in every quasi state institution that can give a pervert access to other people’s children, with the schools and similar services sexually mutilating other people’s children. And Christians are very quiet about this. By and large, it is the stupidest versions of Christianity that are quietest. Russian Orthodoxy is not quiet, but the credit for that belongs to Putin’s nukes, not to its doctrines. It is a lot safer to criticise Western state immorality and heresy when located in Russia.

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  1. Fidelis says:

    An incredibly amusing case example of low midwit party zeolots encountering high IQ dissident ideas. They sense the mockery of their ideals, in some way, but cannot actually parse words. Lacking world formation capacity, they attempt to bucket the alien ideas into pre-installed boxes, and fail gracelessly.

  2. Encelad says:

    Little white pill, Jimian memes are slowly spreading.

    “I am a feminist, I am not some kind of reactionary, BUT… women should be property.”

    • DH says:

      The white pill is whiter still; a magnificent and magical sight to behold is normies shifting to Jimianity without even noticing that anything has changed; once progressivism hollows out completely, becoming an empty shell devoid of life and essence, and subsequently ceases dominating the collective mind of the cognitive elite, everyone will come around to Jimianity, will swear up and down that they’ve always held these positions, and will be perplexed and befuddled, even creeped out, if anyone dare suggest otherwise. This blog will suddenly, almost overnight, appear a normie, mainstream, uncontroversial blog. Havel’s greengrocers will switch to hardcore Jimianity without ever recollecting an adherence to a radically different outlook.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    “Of course, this relies on the definition of woke and progressivism as not religions.”

    Late to this one, but you could have stopped right there. Archie Bunker defined religion as “believing something that you know isn’t true”, and that goes for the “equality” of the sexes and races. The End.

    So yes, it’s a religion highly correlated to IQ, and its most fervent adherents are speech-coded, neurotic, terrorized and “well-meaning” whites in high-rent DNA-shredding megacities.

    • Jehu says:

      If you make claims on the transcendental level—i.e. anything more important than existential concerns, you’re a religion, full stop.

      So yes, progressivism and wokism are religions.

  4. The Cominator says:

    While I’m broadly very unsympathetic to single mothers what do we call this phenomenom of bureaucrats purity spiraling child endangerment laws to create work for themselves even as recently as the 90s teenagers babysitting little kids was perfectly normal. Also Hunter actually got convicted… they are probably forcing Biden out at the convention. He’ll pardon Hunter on the way out of course.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Old type feminism is getting bitten hard by the demons it helped spawn.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Children sometimes wander off. It happened to me and it happened to a recovering meth addict I hired to cut down a tree. No arrests in either case, but a year plus of CPS interrogations, home inspections, court hearings, etc.

      Nowadays when concerns are raised about my children, the state treats their mother very carefully, lest she also bug out to Russia and leave them with two retarded teen boys to find homes for.

      • The Cominator says:

        Aren’t you living in Russia and I didn’t know you had children?

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          I “bugged out” to Russia; she stayed in the US; we swapped countries. My postings over the last year and a half already reveal too much.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      My parents left me alone in the house. They let me play in the neighborhood unsupervised. The other kids and I would break branches off the shrubs and trees and sharpen them to make primitive spears. We play hunted small animals. We failed at making bows and arrows. Good times. As recently as the 90s preteen boys making ‘forts’ and playing war unsupervised was perfectly normal.

      It was also the 90s and early 2000s that such behavior was starting to be de-legitimized. All of a sudden stabbing the small animals became ‘animal abuse’ and playing war became ‘violence’… okay, sure maybe throwing gravel at each other was a little excessive (thank god the lady who’s car we accidentally pelted just sighed about boys being boys), but such behavior today would no doubt get police and the legal system involved.

      • The Cominator says:

        “All of a sudden stabbing the small animals became ‘animal abuse’”

        Eh I don’t remember that stabbing small animals was ever not animal abuse unless you were doing it with your father and then actively eating the animals…

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I’m not talking about the cherished family dog here.

          Never picked a lizard up by the tail to watch it detach?
          Never stomp on insects like ants to watch them frenzy?
          Never tried stabbing slugs, frogs, squirrels, various rodents, and caterpillars with pointy sticks?
          Surely you’ve at least thrown a rock at a bee’s nest on a dare!?

          All these activities being done in groups I remember being typical. I still occasionally see young boys doing these things, although now it’s treated as something terrible and a disciplinary issue.

          • The Cominator says:

            Stepped on insects of course… stabbed animals no. Throwing rocks at bee hives never came up… me and another kid did it at cars a few times…

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Throwing rocks at bee hives never came up

              When I was a kid, my buds and I, through daring empirical original research, discovered that hornets aren’t too bright. We discovered that, assuming you are far enough away, throwing a rock at a hornets’ nest up in a tree causes the hornets to go and sting the shit out of that rock, but totally ignore the person who threw the rock. Sort of like NPCs. One time we had stirred up a hornets nest in this way when we saw one of our “enemies” heading our way on a bicycle directly toward the, high above, suspended hornets’ nest. We discretely withdrew to watch in enjoyment …

          • Fidelis says:

            I remember a summer night where me and the boys collected many dozens of toads and, being ignorant children, thought them frogs and filled their bucket with water.

            I still remember the guilt I felt when we discovered them all drowned. No adults cared at all, no reprimand of any sort, the guilt was internal. Never had the desire to kill or torture an animal as a sort of experiment, though I have no problem with the sacrifice of a victim for it’s meat or the eradicating of pests.

  5. Cloudswrest says:

    Ramzpaul has an interesting short video today where he comments on the “right’s” reaction to Megyn Kelly’s talk on the female’s role in sex and marriage. Basically she said women shouldn’t nag their husbands, and shouldn’t withhold sex (paraphrasing, keep their stomachs full and their balls empty). Somewhat Jimian. This seems to have caused a meltdown among the vanilla (TPUSA, etc.) right.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      This comment hits it on the nose.

      A huge (>1/3) proportion of young men are not and likely will not be getting any. It’s no surprise that they’re going to react this way to something that is withheld from them.

      Sex has increasingly become foreign and alien to large swaths of the population.

      • DH says:

        Moldbug thinks that the public has been wholly stripped of the requisite energy for bloodshed and holy war, but he is full of s**t on this point; he does not quite grasp the evolutionary psychology ramifications of increasing inceldom. A society can be stable and peaceful with at most 5% incels. When it’s north of 30%, expect a collapse in stability, followed by a cessation of peace. Wars over mating opportunities (or with that consideration featuring prominently in the fighters’ mental landscape) are invariably eliminationist. Saint Darwin is a harsh master.

        The rapid pace with which literally Jimian talking points are taking over the normiesphere tells you that Hard Times will soon Create Strong Men (though the times are about to get considerably harder), and that it’s time to either emigrate as far away from expected action short of needing to grow gills, or to get armed, trained, and prepared, preferably in concert with a like-minded mannerbund. No meaning to fedpost, but if you’re not in a gang yet, or at least surrounded by military-age men who’d be willing to form gangs that might protect you when the occasion arises, you better start planning. Need a synthetic tribe with enough asabiyyah to coordinate collective activities, and once the proverbial truly hits the fan, a synthetic tribe willing and able to engage in warfare.

        We’re apes – very horny and very lethal apes. War is the mother of politics, but woman is the mother of war.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          The “hard times create strong men” stage does not begin until people are literally starving to death and being murdered for the meat on their bones. Until then, porn and video games dull the urges.

          • jim says:

            Porn is obviously an inadequate substitute for sex, and call of duty and similar is an inadequate substitute for the violence that lack of sex inclines one to.

            Men living in their single mother’s basement watching hentai and playing video games are plainly very unhappy.

            The reason young men are not getting violent in large numbers is that there is no path to use violence to wind up with secure ownership of pussy. Mohammed built an empire by providing a path. Isis, walking in his footsteps, provides such a path.

            • Aidan says:

              Not long before I stopped dating, I realized that traditional promiscuity symbols had gotten completely scrambled. I would go out with some young girl who had a dozen piercings and tattoos, and find out that she was almost completely sexually innocent, had been with maybe one or two men. The slutty aesthetics had become an empty cultural signifier of “female empowerment” or whatever.

              Both zoomer men and zoomer women are having a lot less sex. The typical gen Z girl gets banged by one or two guys, and then stops dating, and the typical gen Z guy is an incel. Both use a lot of porn. But gen Z is the first to be entirely raised under the propaganda that men are terrible evil predatory rapists, and Gen Z men are largely broken by the hate levied against them.


              This thread, and the amount of hatred and derangement leveled at Alaric, who is normie-friendly but otherwise aligned with us on the back end, should be instructive about recent cultural shifts. Alaric thought that “Me Too” was deeply imprinted enough on women that trying to hit on them in public would actually produce real outrage, and I said that their instincts were deeper than any cultural conditioning, so I promised him when he wrote this thread that I would start approaching zoomer girls again, and it turns out that the outrage is all online and performative, and girls still like getting hit on in public. But Alaric is right about what aggressive public feminism has done to men.

              • The Cominator says:

                Zoomer women are in practice almost frigid compared to millenial women who are almost frigid compared to xer and boomer women.

              • skippy says:

                Younger men who do not have knowledgeable and courageous older men in their lives to guide them literally do not know how to initiate sex. The instruction that a school will give you will not allow you to initiate sex in a way a woman will understand as initiating sex. You can sit on the bed next to a woman who is hot for you for hours and if you don’t dare initiate you will go to sleep alone. Women do not behave any differently, but men do.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Younger men who […] literally do not know how to initiate sex.

                  The same is true of violence, and even more true for organized violence. If and when they do stumble into discovering confrontation, they act more like plain apes than anything approaching ‘military age males’. Incel mass shootings that functionally act as suicides are far more likely, as rare as they are, than any actual political violence with a goal.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  From our rulers’ point of view, those two problems cancel each other out. Young men don’t know how to get laid, but they also don’t know how to organize the violence needed to overthrow the present social order and replace it with one in which young men do get laid.

                • skippy says:

                  Possibly the most effective at violence are still getting laid. I don’t know. It always seems strange to me when these people go and shoot up a Walmart rather than, for example, knifing university professors in the dark while they’re walking back to their cars. Both are to be deplored, but one is more effective.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  By neutering substantial parts of the male population, the regime has steadily lost the ability to organize violence required to sustain its overseas empire, and the replacement population has no interest in overseas conquests… which isn’t to say they’re not interested in conquest involving the type of low level violence that only requires singular stupidity and forbidden self defense. That is, the local liquor store.

                  Thermidor cries out in pain and confusion.

                  I naively expected pain and suffering and hardship and any other term to describe a ‘hard’ military culture. What I got was a bunch of soft ‘modernity’ and lectures on being a good boy.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  It always seems strange to me when these people go and shoot up a Walmart rather than, for example, knifing university professors in the dark while they’re walking back to their cars.

                  For many people, especially the spiritually bankrupt (some would say demonically possessed), it’s far easier to hate that which they do not have rather than that which prevents them from having. Many people are simple minded as well. You can’t expect the average to make the connection between the university humanities professor and social decay on their own. They just don’t see the connection, and the people who do tend to be doing well enough they’d have too much to lose.

                  Unless there’s clear battle lines drawn like there was during the troubles, don’t expect these types to have any sense of targeting, and even then expect plenty of collateral.

                • jim says:

                  > You can sit on the bed next to a woman who is hot for you for hours and if you don’t dare initiate you will go to sleep alone.

                  That would seem to require some mighty powerful inhibitions. But then the thought occurred to me. I have never seen a movie where the protagonist tosses a woman onto his bed, and she is strangely in no hurry to get off it, or abducts a woman into his lair, and she is strangely in no hurry to leave. Albeit the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had a bit of that. Like Alaric, young men are terrified of women.

                  I have always assumed that the problem is that not that one cannot bang a woman, but that one cannot securely own one, and she cannot be securely owned, that women are endlessly looking for men capable of taking possession, and cannot find one anywhere, but I realise that I have long been getting, and long ignoring, reports of non initiation. Just seemed too strange to comprehend.

                • skippy says:

                  “You can’t expect the average to make the connection between the university humanities professor and social decay on their own.”

                  In absolute terms, plenty of people do.

                  I can only infer that enough of the distribution still sees hope in the system that consequential but defenceless targets arent being murdered all over the place in killings that are plausibly the typical sort of crime.

                  For now, anyway.

                • skippy says:

                  “That would seem to require some mighty powerful inhibitions.”

                  Or simply the belief that if she is interested she is 50% likely to throw you on the bed. She will never throw you on the bed, so she is not interested…?

                • Epimetheus says:

                  The people who run the West have been doing some kind of psycho-spiritual warfare sabotage on the young men. The only thing that can terminate a man’s libido like this is an extreme emotional association between sex and being emasculated & humiliated, perhaps via porn or being molested as a child, or maybe being psycho-spiritually molested by teachers in “sex ed.”

                  The gender identity stuff seems to actually be a camouflaged invasion of children’s souls. To tell a child that they were born in the wrong body is to literally tell them to kill themselves, since it is only through death that one could escape having one’s soul trapped in the wrong body. Associating this death/murder wish with the core of sexuality is… well, demonic levels of wickedness. Perhaps each generation is covertly being trained to associate sexuality with death.

                  Or maybe our society is under the chastisement of God – and He’s somehow taking sex away unless we turn to him and repent. I don’t know if it really works that way, though.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  In a healthy Christian society, men of the bourgeoisie do not need to know how to initiate sex. They study hard and work hard. When they start making decent money, they get many offers to “come to dinner and meet my daughter”. Not having sex until the wedding night is seen as virtuous.

                  Men of the warrior and working classes have always found this perplexing, as throwing a woman on the bed and thoroughly ravishing her comes naturally to them.

          • DH says:

            A live and masculine faith — one already adjusted to war and conflict, not peace and comfort — can inspire Strong Men without wholesale slaughter precipitated by mass starvation. If, however, you need to construct a new faith from scratch, or resurrect a currently dead faith, then yes, a zombie apocalypse is probably a prerequisite. Thus possessing a live and masculine faith confers your synthetic tribe an immense advantage over those whose faith is hollow and discredited and poisoned by estrogen. It’s far easier to un-cuck and eject the soy from the system when you already have a functional memeplex around which you can rally your fighting age men & by which you can coordinate a response to oncoming bloodshed, particularly seeing that the hostile barbarians are already at the gates.

            If the barbarians are right outside the gates, and a warrior-friendly religion to coalesce upon is unavailable to your fighting age men (in other words, your memetic immune system is inactivated – your memeplex is pozzed), then indeed soon enough the barbarians will be inside the gates, and then shortly thereafter, inside your wife and sister and daughter, and you will either be put to the sword and eliminated altogether, or forced to convert to whatever memeplex the barbarians bring in, or be subjugated and rendered low status in a society now ruled by your enemies. Hard times indeed. If you do have a warrior-friendly faith, meaning your memetic immune system is functional, then you can have Strong Men without a “cannibals roaming the streets of zombietown in search of flesh” scenario.

            Which is why, in the interest of survival, it’s essential to first construct/adopt a warrior-friendly faith (this is priests cooperating with, rather than undermining, the warriors), and then face the prospects of war internal or external. Alas, sometimes the timeline of events is chosen for you, by your enemies, and being caught without a live and masculine faith, having a parasitic and demon-mad priesthood that viscerally hates warriors and hates men, means that no Strong Men (only strong and independent black lesbian womyn with penises) will show up to fend off the onslaught. That is why the pen ultimately proves mightier than the sword; if you win the memetic arms race, if your memeplex is the strong horse and their memeplex is the weak horse, then you can be grossly outnumbered and grossly outgunned and still triumph.

            That analysis doesn’t bode well for Occidental Man, but if you can stave off the collapse for a while, that gives you the opportunity to sort out and come up on top in the memetic arms race. Only thus might Strong Men show up without a full on zombie armageddon. Clock’s ticking, however, and not much time is left.

            • jim says:

              > If, however, you need to construct a new faith from scratch, or resurrect a currently dead faith, then yes, a zombie apocalypse is probably a prerequisite.

              Pretty sure that a zombie apocalypse is the worst possible time construct a new faith from scratch or resurrect a dead faith. That is a priestly activity, and priests and their congregations are a bit busy during a zombie apocalypse.

              It is also the worst possible time to construct a brand new military, since recent events demonstrate that we are back to aristocratic warfare — grunts are of limited usefulness. Elite warriors expertly wielding elite weapons matter.

              What the zombie apocalypse does is take out everyone without a faith that gives due status to warriors and ensures that they get pussy. But the faith always preceded the zombie apocalypse by a considerable margin.

              There will be Kings, for the time of Republics is well and truly over. Where will those Kings come from? They will come from men like Prigozhin.

              Our best exemplar is Prigozhin and Wagner, which went all in on holy war when Putin was pussyfooting around, and Putin still is pussyfooting around. But Wagner, though warrior friendly, did not dare address the pussy problem, was not able to address the pussy problem. When the proverbial hits the fan, the King will come from someone already organised for war, and with a faith that allows him to solve the pussy problem. He may not be able to actually solve it until zombie apocalypse hits. But he and his army will already have a faith that allows him to solve it.

              Charles the Hammer was a mayor. The King being chronically ineffectual, Charles proceeded to mobilise an army to deal with oncoming zombie apocalypse, and did not let any stupid laws or customs get in his way. But he had a non zombie afflicted powerbase from which to raise an army, and a fully functional private economy on which they could obtain the latest and greatest gear, and all his early actions were aimed at securing that powerbase and orderly peaceful economy against incoming. Also against any stupid laws and customs.

              • Humungus says:

                “…a faith that gives due status to warriors and ensures that they get pussy.”

                Humungus approves!

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Moldbug thinks that the public has been wholly stripped of the requisite energy for bloodshed and holy war, but he is full of s**t on this point

          Moldbug is more right than wrong. Organized violence requires the ability to organize… a remarkably obvious but important prerequisite. The public can’t organize for violence. For various reasons, all the evidence points to generally ‘no’ if you’re not aligned with the state. Heck, the public can’t even organize private gatherings without state and/or non-state leftist infiltration. There isn’t a single fraternity for instance that doesn’t have University DEI/HR types breathing down it’s neck… hyperbole sure, and there might be a few out there operating freely, but those are exceptions that prove the rule.

          Of course, should the state collapse, one will find organizing to be much easier, and I don’t think Moldbug would argue against that, but he argues decline can go on for a very, very long time. ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’ Hence why he’s looking at methods for solving the problem in an environment where organized violence is simply not possible. His answer is seduction of the elites and a purple Caesar.

          he does not quite grasp the evolutionary psychology ramifications of increasing inceldom.

          Throughout most of human history, most males appear to not have reproduced. I remember something like 25% of men during certain parts of the medieval times didn’t. It isn’t clear what’s the ramifications are during modern times given that these men are not being killed off or stuffed into the priesthood, they appear to be dying slow deaths of despair. Drugs, alcohol, porn, suicide, gaming. All of which are isolating experiences and do not lend themselves towards organization.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The traditional solution is to send excess men on colonial adventures, with honor and glory – and more importantly, a shipload of wives – going to the ones who succeed.

            This format, of course, is often what all regenerate military expeditions took in general.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Traditional? Depends on the time and place in history. Expeditions naturally required extensive capacity for cooperation, and success tended to rest upon charismatic and strong leadership that looked outward instead of squabbling internally. This is a fairly rare combination that tends to burn itself out quickly. i.e. look at how brief on the historical time scale Viking Scandinavia was and how quickly they declined post Albion settlement (or any other colonial power for that matter).

              Sustained long periods of colonial adventures appear to have been the quality of the Aryans and their close descendants such as the Greeks and Romans, but those qualities appear to have largely been subsumed by the colonized peoples they ultimately integrated with.

              >a shipload of wives

              Suggesting such a thing in today’s military is a quick ticket to legal… but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.

              • DH says:

                In a society that is both patriarchal and monogamous, and in which state and church pressure fathers to marry off their daughters as early as possible, or as soon as they show signs of active libido (which may commence rather early), and in which marriage by abduction is at least tolerated, there’s not going to be an epidemic of involuntary celibacy. There might still be a few incels around, but the phenomenon would be minimized and contained, and wouldn’t constitute a disruptive social ill. You simply don’t get 30%+ incels in a society with both patriarchy and monogamy, and in which dads are incentivized, one way or another, to transfer ownership over dear princess to a husband.

                And if you want to recruit the demographic of the sexually deprived, those who have nothing to lose but their virginity, to your side, then you ought to stress that point.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Well sure, what you say is very reasonable, and I wouldn’t argue against your premise, but it sort of flies past what I was saying about why Moldbug is mostly right and you’d be wrong to dismiss him.

                  In a society where men are not allowed to organize for their own benefit, let alone for organized violence, how are they to practice patriarchy and monogamy?

                  Just as men have “been wholly stripped of the requisite energy for bloodshed and holy war” they’ve been wholly stripped of the requisite energy for patriarchy and marriage.

                  >if you want to recruit […]

                  Well yeah… but good luck on doing that because recruiting requires organization and that state has gotten very good at preventing organization.

                • jim says:

                  I see plenty of male energy, dammed up, frustrated, looking for a path through which to explode, and not finding it. Just as I see women looking for ownership, not finding it, and becoming angry and depressed about male failure to provide what they do not understand they are looking for.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                The existence of an ‘excess men’ answer presupposes the existence of an ‘excess men’ question; which is of course not always the case, for any given time or place or people.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I presumed we were mostly talking about west of the Hajnal line which has historically had a spinster problem… and thusly a corresponding ‘excess men’ problem.

          • alf says:

            You are right that the deck is stacked against us. That we are heading for some shitty times is a given. It is a returning debate in which we argue about how shitty those times will be, positions oscillating between the white pilled virtuous ceasar and the black pilled annihilation of the white race.

            In the end, we have no choice: we must prepare and try in whatever ways we can. Moldbug’s flaw is that he hopes we can talk our way out of this. That is wrong. We have been trying to talk for years, to very little effect. The only way out of this is violence, in one way or the other. Organized violence beats disorganized violence, and organized violence requires a synthetic tribe, eg a faith. All of this gives us pointers on how to prepare for what comes.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >Moldbug’s flaw is that he hopes we can talk our way out of this. That is wrong.

              Maybe, but Christian Nationalism has the potential to inherit the state without ever firing a shot… and talking (which I would remind you is what we have been doing for years in what must be millions of words by now) has been planting and cultivating the seeds for the next state religion. We are all effectively proselytizing priests without having to organize. Decentralized conspiracy, ironically a new (potential) Cathedral.

              The past observation that ‘physical’ organization is very, very hard was true, and is still true today, but is also less true now, and is rapidly becoming a falsehood. The state having continuously undermined its ability to project organized violence abroad is also undermining its ability to practice domestic violence. Organization requires a faith, and faith requires a framework which we are building. By the time men of the next faith start organizing in meat space, they will find there is no real opposition. What’s important is that they adopt our faith and not a new version of demonic possession.

              • alf says:

                Christian Nationalism has the potential to inherit the state without ever firing a shot

                Tell that to Rittenhouse.

                History shows that no one ever inherits a state without ever firing a shot. Even William III came prepared with an army when he inherited England.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I meant that thematically and not literally insofar as fitting Matthew 5:5. I see organization happening right around the time our current regime no longer has the will or power to effectively resist. Will there be shots fired? Sure, and shots have already been fired, but I don’t think it will rise to Yugoslavian levels of war and bloodshed and fragmentation… I certainly hope not. Rather I see the US on similar track as the Soviet Union, and sure, during their collapse shots were fired, but they were so ineffectual that they are barely remembered… and thematically it is remembered as a ‘mostly peaceful but chaotic’ regime change (not to be confused with ‘mostly peaceful but fiery’). Ok, I’m being a bit tongue in cheek, but the larger argument stands. A large army assembled ready to take over a decrepit hollowed out state only needs the threat of shots being fired to take over ‘peacefully’, and details might not absolutely agree with ‘peacefully’, that’s how it will be largely remembered.

                • alf says:

                  I meant that thematically and not literally

                  What is this minor back-pedal? I hope your break from JB does not mean you have lost your edge 😉

                  In the end, no matter how matters specifically play out, it is infinitely better to have guns, drones and tech and not need them than not have them and need them.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Minor backpedaling!? Lost of edge!? On the contrary alf! In my absolutely despair at the state of the US military (gov by extension), and my own personal circumstances which are related 😭, I’m already considering how the future ‘mostly peaceful’ regime change is is going to be remembered.

                  Time and space matter a lot in how things are perceived. A ‘mountain’ looks awfully hard to hike but ‘the hill was obviously easy’ after the fact. The fact that one completely drained their water supply and almost heat stroked will be conveniently forgotten. Likewise ‘mostly peaceful’ regime change will be remembered as ‘of course it was certain to happen that way’. See the fall of Kabul now that the shock has worn off. Taken without a shot! (I mean that thematically of course 😉)

                  At the risk of tempting fate, regime change will be remembered as a completely spontaneous magical organization of men who only have ‘to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down’… let’s hope I’ve got better luck than the funny German guy.

                  What future Americans will remember is nothing, then suddenly. Otherwise cultures wouldn’t be making the same mistakes over and over and over again. No doubt when the future regime degenerates into future democracy again, some multi-generational scion of bureaucracy will start reading weird and old esoteric texts from the past and think ‘huh this Carlyle Jim guy is pretty interesting…

                • jim says:

                  Interesting thing about the fall of Kabul is that Trump believed his planned retreat was to be a smooth and orderly handover to the Taliban, while the Biden regime clearly believed they were not retreating, that the withdrawal would have no consequences.

                  Trump got a deal with the Taliban: “stop killing my troops, and we will leave quietly by and by, and you will take over everything except Bagram airbase, which you leave to us, because that is the only part of Afghanistan that matters to US interests.” (He did not consider globohomoing the Afghan people to be a US interest.) The Biden regime seemed to believe the Taliban had stopped killing US troops because of the victorious awesome might of the mighty US empire, and that the US had had immense success in globohomoing the Afghan people. They believed the warrior women of Afghanistan would fight to preserve their emancipation, while Trump and the Taliban believed he had conceded everything except Bagram airbase and retreat with dignity and honor.

                  I see a similar outlook on a Ukrainian peace.

                  Before invading the Ukraine, Putin proposed a peace deal between Russia, Nato, and America, which I viewed as extraordinarily and unwisely favorable to Nato interests — so favorable as to leave the seeds for future war in place. But the regime position, and you get demonetized on YouTube if you doubt, is that proposing such a deal was an outrageous act of Russian imperialism, because it would, among many other things, curtail the right of the Global American Empire to place nuclear capable missiles directly on Russian borders. Which is supposedly an outrageous infringement of the rights of muppet sovereign nations on Russian borders.

                  After what has gone down, the prospects of a similarly favourable peace deal are remote, but the official position is that Russia has to be remade in the image of globohomo, no other outcome is possible, and the peace deal they have in mind is a slight delay in this inevitable outcome, a state of low level war continued in which Russia agrees to reduce its military operations to a level that Nato can afford, while Nato and the rest of the Global American Empire continue to work on subjugating Russia by soft power backed by lower level of violence.

                  Trump says he will bring peace to the Ukraine in a day. He probably will. But embarrassing chaos is apt to ensue as the apparatus of empire decides that the peace deal does not mean what means.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Never underestimate the value of having a ready-made weltanschauung covering all your use-cases already waiting on the shelf, ready to be picked up the moment men start looking for a solution.

                  History can snap with a quickness.

            • The Cominator says:

              The big problem is the surveillance/security state and the fact that it unfortunately still functions. Without it there would be a synthetic tribe formed to kill the gay American regime tomorrow.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Give it a generation, maybe even less, and you’ll find the surveillance/security state simply doesn’t exist anymore. Partly for the same reason planes are falling apart, partly for the same reason why America can’t win wars.

          • DH says:

            If you lead a based militia, and you’ve found a solution to the Entryist Problem (perhaps using tests that require thoughtcrime that entryists shall not commit; entryists are allowed to commit crimes, but ask them to commit thought crimes, and they malfunction); if your militia is not teeming with law enforcement agents, not teeming with government shills itching to ship you off to the other side of the globe to fight for ARE VALUES, then when law and order break down, guess what? You are the police; you are the military; you are the judiciary; you are the government.

            If a Thermidorian faction allows Trump back in, you’ll be entering the “money time” phase of pre-collapse: a narrow window opens up for you to organize for what will transpire after the breakdown of the evil empire. Power vacuums don’t endure for long; someone will step in, and if you’re not the local bandit, you’ll be ruled by the local bandit, whoever that may be. If Thermidor fails, if the “no enemies to the left, no friends to the right” madmen keep ruling the asylum, and a leftist singularity ushers in a global holy nuclear war, a total “everything goes” kind of war, then you’re looking the extinction of the homo sapience species right in the eye, and that extinction event looks right back at you.

            An unstated goal of NRx is to uplift humanity, or whatever its progeny may become, to a Type 3 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale. (I say: let’s fantasize about Type 7, because why not) Preventing the leftist singularity, or at least delimiting it and thus surviving it, is indispensable for that purpose, otherwise you perish in a catastrophe of Great Filter proportions. You need the right people (HBD-wise) with the right social technology (a pro-natalist, warrior-friendly, and patriarchal memeplex that complements the scientific method instead of rejecting it) to pick up after things fall apart, and you were born just in time to make that your project.

            During a second Trump administration, you should have the opportunity to get armed, trained, and organized. If you remain unarmed, untrained, and unorganized, then someone else will end up ruling over you after law and order break down. NRx used to boil it’s plan down to “become worthy, accept power, rule,” and becoming worthy should not be read as some moralfag caricature of virtue — it’s not about being a “decent person” who helps old ladies cross the street and or what have you — but a totally practical and high-T matter; it entails positioning yourself to be the government when there no longer is an effective government around.

            Unfortunately, Moldbug completely missed the mark on this issue, because he imagined a smooth transition from USG to “the next regime.” Just retire the old priesthood and parachute a new one, and you’ll be good, trust me bro, my dad is a State Department Jewish commie. Nah, this is total crap. Rather, you need a reactionary and redpilled militia not subverted by the government. You need a gang – mobile at first, to become stationary eventually. Currently, the Cathedral is still powerful enough to converge and astroturf anything of the sort, so you should be highly skeptical of such groups and assume that it’s FBI all the way down. But if Thermidor succeeds, the Cathedral will further disunite and melt down, the FBI will turn into a headless chicken, USG will proceed to lose its grip on power, which will later translate to losing its monopoly on power, and then, as they say, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

            Thermidor (Trumpidor) buys you time, and hopefully dissipates the leftist singularity so as to avoid global holy nuclear war. But a collapse of USG is inevitable. If you can see past normality bias, you should understand what is at stake and plan accordingly.

            What Moldbug ultimately fails to understand is that the will exists (although you’ll scarcely notice that if you only hang out with academics and urbanites and people with a podcast on Youtube); what had not existed thus far was opportunity, because USG effectively suppressed any and all competition, using coercion, intimidation, and subversion. As USG loses its ability to suppress competition, as the Cathedral enters total disarray, being unable to tell friend from foe, as official reality splinters into several different contradicting narratives each serving one of the Cathedral’s increasingly disunited factions, as the shills no longer posses a coherent script at all, expect a reassertion and manifestation of will.

            BAP may be a closeted fag, but he has a closer grip on reality than Moldbug. You won’t get the Restoration through a “smooth transition” to the “next regime.” Rather, if there is to be a Restoration, it will be born of the return of warlords – rule or be ruled.

            • jim says:

              > But if Thermidor succeeds, the Cathedral will further disunite and melt down, the FBI will turn into a headless chicken, USG will proceed to lose its grip on power, which will later translate to losing its monopoly on power, and then, as they say, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

              We know where we are going. The rest do not know, or are attempting to head off in an impossible direction, such as restoration of constitutional government.

              Nothing is more powerful than idea whose time has come. Those who restored Kingly and aristocratic government after the fall of the Roman Empire in the west did not understand what they were doing, and after they had done it, did not understand what they had done.

              Where we are going is Throne and Altar, regardless of where anyone wants to go or intends to go. Where we want to go is Throne, Christian Altar, and Freehold.

  6. Mural Taxes says:

    Funny how you are taxed and forced under threat of death to support GloboHomo DEI BLM bullshit on your streets and endorse Baphomet in your public buildings…
    World was much better back when it was segregated voluntarily and by nature for each group’s success… nobody forcibly up in each others face back then.

    Lime Scooters Geofences ‘No Go Zone’ Over Pride Flag On Spokane City Street

    Double-standards are intensifying of late, with the left making a national issue out of kids defacing pride flags painted on the street, yet remaining silent as pro-Palestine protesters deface statues all over DC.

    That’s of course leaving aside the absurdity of painting a pride flag mural on a busy street and expecting it to remain unscuffed.

    To wit, the latest ‘malicious scuffing’ incident occurred in Spokane, Washington, where three teenagers on Lime scooters were charged with 1st Degree Malicious Mischief for leaving marks on the sacred object, according to media outlet The Publica.

    A group of five to six kids just starting doing donuts and creating skid marks on the Pride Mural. Right in front of me as we’re reporting on three people getting arrested for doing the same thing last night.@KHQLocalNews
    — Adam Schwager (@schwagerTV) June 6, 2024

    Local acronym people have been literally shaken to their core.


    The 3 teens, two of them unnamed as they’re underage, were arrested in Spokane, Washington, and charged with ‘malicious mischief’ after their scooters left tire marks on a pride mural they rode over.…
    — Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) June 8, 2024

    According to the Spokane Police Department, “911 received a complaint advising multiple subjects on scooters were causing damage to the newly painted Pride mural.”

    That said, the kids were also making skid marks on an unmarked sidewalk.

    These kids also made skid marks up Howard right in front of Boo Radley’s, so I’m not sure it was targeted at the mural, or just general vandalism.
    — Adam Schwager (@schwagerTV) June 6, 2024

    In response to the outrage, Lime scooters implemented a ‘no-go’ geofenced zone around the flag at the intersection of Howard Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard.

    The pride flag crosswalk in Spokane, Washington, has now been designated a “no-go zone” by Lime scooters following the arrest of multiple teens for leaving “skid marks” on the mural.

    The scooters will now shut down if they are driven over the pride flag.
    — ThePublica (@ThePublicaNow) June 9, 2024

    Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey told The National Desk: “All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms.”

    Here’s the damage the kids caused…

    In February, 19-year-old Dylan Brewer of Clearwater, Florida pleaded not guilty to vandalizing a street pride mural in Delray Beach.

    19-year-old Dylan Brewer was charged with a felony for allegedly doing burnouts on the alphabet community’s mural in Delray Beach, Florida.

    They claim he caused over a $1,000 in damages, but the alleged tire marks have vanished.

    Now the mural is being painted over prior to…
    — Breanna Morello (@BreannaMorello) May 29, 2024

    And as you may have suspected, it wasn’t long before it happened again. Less than 48 hours in fact, as journalist Breanna Morello notes.

    Delray Beach held a LGBTQ+ ceremony for their freshly repainted mural on Saturday.

    This morning there’s a fresh set of tire marks on it.

    Didn’t even take 48 hours 🤣🤣🤣!!

    Pretty impressive if you ask me!! 😂
    — Breanna Morello (@BreannaMorello) June 10, 2024

    Is this simply self-aggrandizing bait for their activist organizations, “proving” how widespread the “hate” is…?

    …and if so, who defines “hate”?

    -Make skid marks on a ROAD w/pride flag painted on it:
    Considered a “hate crime” & a class b felony in WA. Teens CAUGHT after authorities reviewed security footage

    -Leftists vandalized property, clash, threaten & assault law enforcement outside The White House:
    — Stephen Davis (@Stephend1776) June 10, 2024

    Make it make sense.
    — Kat Kanada (@KatKanada_TM) June 8, 2024…

    They’ll just keep painting more. Gotta push the propaganda
    — Breanna Morello (@BreannaMorello) June 10, 2024

    • jim says:

      Probably another thermidorean shill, but letting it through because good stuff. I have seen this script before, but hey, it is a good script, telling a truth.

      But both of you are still on moderation. Posts from suspected shills may be unkindly edited, deleted, or quietly discarded.

      Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

      White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

      Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

      If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all. Sometimes my moderation queue is too long, and I delete it all.

  7. The Function of Outlaws says:

    What Would Josey Wales Do?

    “To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.” – Josey Wales

    Bit of a longer essay if people want to read it.

    “It’s Trump Vs World War III” – Martin Armstrong Warns “The Swamp Is Now An Ocean”

    • jim says:

      Obvious shill post, but hey, it is Thermidorean shill, and I happy to see the Thermidoreans threatening the woke with color revolution, because a color revolution in the heart of empire itself might well turn into a real revolution.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not sure this is a shill post, this is the most accurate stat for Biden’s actual approval that I’ve observed 6-7% (almost all literal faggots and spoiled SWPL feminists, there is a huge lie that black people like Biden as one of the few people on the far right who actually sounds out niggers on this issue niggers hate Biden at this point almost to a man) sounds like a much more accurate number than 38% or whatever the lugenpresse number is. It DOES seem higher on facebook but you have to wonder if its bots and shills… as it seems like a page on something so apolitical as painting hotrods for men and knitting for women seems to have globohomo shills.

        • jim says:

          > as it seems like a page on something so apolitical as painting hotrods for men and knitting for women seems to have globohomo shills.

          Usenet died a long time ago because every newsgroup, no matter what the topic, was full of globohomo shills who would swerve every conversation, no matter what the topic of the conversation and the newsgroup, would swerve the conversation by somehow injecting the presupposition that some outrageous and absurd globohomo lie was the obvious truth that everyone accepts.

          By the way, notice Multifarious. Passes as a conservative Roman Catholic, displays familiarity with the Christian memes on this blog, uses them relevantly, able to say “Christ is King and the Jews killed Jesus”. Chooses a username suggestive of demonic possession, and tries to create trouble between old type Christians of different Churches. Strangely unable to give the affirmation.

          • The Cominator says:

            Multifarious… something about him strikes me as more sinister than a typical shill like hes an actual Jesuit graduate of their 14 year spy training program (which is what Jesuit training is… that and meditating in sinister places so they lose their minds and souls totally to dark forces).

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          “At the Democrat Convention, they will draft someone else, and that is most likely going to be Hillary.”

          Are the Democrats really that stupid? Half of them would be dead before Hillary completes her first term. No need for suicides and bizarre accidents anymore; we now have “Long Covid” and “unknown causes”.

  8. Bitcoin Bob says:

    [*shill fear uncertainty and doubt deleted*]
    So there is clearly an abnormal FUCKTON of selling going on, at a price and time where everyone else expects it to hit 90+, or even into the low-mid 100’s before 2026.
    [*shill fear uncertainty and doubt deleted*]

    • jim says:

      This is completely normal and predictable, and I predicted it in the maxi group on gab shortly after the halving, and have been repeating it from time to time ever since.

      It will very likely be several months before Bitcoin breaks through the $70 000 – $72 000 resistance level, as I have said many times in the maxi group, but once it is well clear of that resistance level, it is going to fly up like a bird.

      A whole lot of maxis have been spewing a whole lot of hype, and I have been shooting them down in the maxi group. But they don’t ban me, while they ban you guys, and should ban you guys, because you are only there to muddy the waters. When I invoke Metcalfe’s law and the first mover effect to tell them that Bitcoin cannot replace gold as a store of value unless it has a much bigger advantage as medium of exchange than it now does, well, I don’t think they like to hear that, but they do not dispute it much, let alone ban me and I get a reasonable number of likes and reposts.

      • Bitcoin Bob says:

        > $70 000 – $72 000 resistance level

        While that’s the first order psychological spot past the former $69420,
        the actual inflation adjusted high at 3% x 3y is at least $76k, at the
        more actual 5% x 3y it’s $80k. So in reality, we’d need to be channeling
        $82-$85 for at least a few months to even begin to consider declaring
        having achieved a new ATH.

        > This is completely normal and predictable

        While some action is predictable, this iteration of it is clearly not normal. The dollar volume being newsold out is whalescale and hitherto unheard of.
        Sure, fish and sharks dumped before, but they can’t come close to offsetting the ETFs that these whales are. That’s a genuine first-heard signal coming from their years of wisdom. There was plenty of liquidity before too, so that’s not why either.

        I was at a desk in the last run, so I heard these elements, so if you want to pick, acknowledge, and discuss any item of what I posted, then i invite you to do so, but i assure you, the elements are real not fud, and they go into many a whales personal calculations.

        > it is going to fly up like a bird

        While I remain largely in, my estimates remain conservative, at least until I see a few coins beginning to solve both scale and privacy in production, then yes, we will see a very nice rise in total global mktcap for sure.

        > Metcalfe’s law

        Again, if you really want to discuss this openly, let me know.

        > Bitcoin cannot replace gold as a store of value unless it has a much bigger advantage as medium of exchange than it now does,

        BTC and Gold have the same current MoE between the Human P2P Public for goods/services/debt, outside of broker-dealer exchange… effectively near ZERO.
        Since Gold has zero chance at ever replacing Crypto, then you’re right, Crypto is the only thing that has a chance at ever overtaking Gold.
        But according to your “Metcalf” “Law”, Crypto can thus never take over Gold, because Gold was there first with massive Metcalf network effect (and so was FIAT), and well… it’s a LAW, and LAW’s are unbreakable, else they would be called FICTIONS. So which is it? LAW, or FICTION. You can’t have it both ways.


        > Given all instances of price holding at any former runup high on an uptrend, there hasn’t ever been a three month period of that, ever, until now…
        > And given all the ETFs now open around the world and sucking in mass amounts of coin over production every day on avg for five months…
        > And give we’ve hit 6 major rejections already at attempting to cross into let alone past the inflation adjusted all-time high…
        > So there is clearly an abnormal FUCKTON of selling going on, at a price and time where everyone else expects it to hit 90+, or even into the low-mid 100’s before 2026.
        > Theory…
        > Lots of 1st and 2nd wave holders are now selling out, forever… they don’t care, they made their gains, they’re bored off their ass hodling for so many years, and another 2x just to wait another 3 years for another 2x-4x isn’t going to do them shit in comparison, so they want out. To go do and buy shit in real life like houses wives businesses and power around the world. And to stuff it in short term bonds to live off the income. They can’t do any of that with BTC, so they’re out.
        > And 3rd wave hodlers are selling out simply because they’re happy to be back to zero, just like noobs do their first time in.
        > 1st and 2nd’s are also selling now because
        > – after 8-15 years they’re pissed off and frustrated that bitcoin cant scale, or hasn’t been allowed to, or forked to, do any scale attempts, or has no real plan to usably scale on the horizon.
        > – they cant take wealth loans on an asset that might price downtrend due to scale and privacy and competition or adoption fail up against stables and CBDCs, let alone do they have any real vehicle to get said loans in size from, let alone in that possible environment. So they have to sell to avoid getting a call they can’t meet.
        > It’s simply the most logical thing for these 1st and 2nd’s, save any fractional holdback at playing generational game theory, which works out to be around 25% or less. So we could see up to 75% trading off before any $90k appears far off.
        > So we’re seeing a whole lot of whales selling.
        > Once that dries up. once the new leaks from exchanges and ETFs say that’s dried up.
        > Another 3-6-9 months for the selling at $70k to dry out.
        > Then any future upside is going to be based on reassessing state of competition at that time, in fields of scale and privacy.
        > Could be very very good by then in 1y-2y.
        > But is more likely to still be in stagnant limbo trying to work it’s way up, to where.
        > Which will lead to even more diversification out of Bitcoin.
        > As usual, it’s probably only Bitcoin that can save itself.
        > Took 15% off the table when the March trailer hit, will still be in it till this dilemma sorts itself out and begins to show a more clearly permanent direction.
        > The weekly MA’s have crossed upwards, and not much is out of order, so that’s good.

        • Bitcoin Bob says:

          > we’d need to be channeling $82-$85 for at least a few months to even begin to consider declaring having achieved a new ATH.

          When considering that the 160-week SMA (never negative), which is now the flattest it’s ever been in any cycle, thus a larger longer-held move such as this is necessary to be able to declare anything.

          • jim says:

            “Flattest is has been in any cycle” is just a blackpill way of saying “earliest pre halving rise in any cycle”. We got an early pre halving rise because of all the halving hype and the big rune scam. What is funny is not that it has been flat for this long, but that the rise started so early.

        • jim says:

          > > Metcalfe’s law

          > Again, if you really want to discuss this openly, let me know.

          I have been discussing this at length for ages, and have published papers on it, and you black pill shills never respond.

          For dodging yet again, and like a true social justice warrior, projecting, silencing you from here on unless you actually do respond.

          Lately I have been letting a few shills through, because they were sending relevant stuff, but because every shill is on script, on a payroll, and has a supervisor looking over his shoulder, attempting conversation with a shill is never productive, and stuff like this always pisses me off.

          Projection is an infuriating lie. You cannot discuss Metcalfe’s law because forbidden. You know it. I know it. You know that I know it, I know that you know that I know you know it, and so you project.

          You are not pissing down my back and telling me it is raining, you are pissing in my face and telling me it is raining. You utter the lie even though you know that I will know it is a lie. Such lies are not only lies, but insults.

        • jim says:

          You posted a bunch of replies that I silently deleted because the first few lines contained neither an attempt to pass the shill test, nor a response to my writings about Metcalfe’s law, so I did not bother reading the rest.

  9. Marriage says:

    Somehow I ended up with three marriage offers
    1) hindu, non-dot, not really practicing
    2) muslim, non-hijab, not really practicing
    3) ghetto girl, white, but just, well, ghetto, as in, like, why do i want that again, really.
    Other than those three, any other options have been few and far between for a while now, and since they’re leaving, or left, I don’t have to convert. Which do I choose? Why?

    • jim says:

      Allowing this blatant shill post through (you know what you have to do to get white listed, but obviously you are not going to do it)

      It does not matter. Choose the cutest or the one closest to your own race. Because a wife will always take her husband’s faith, and if she will not, she is not really into the marriage.

  10. The Cominator says:

    BTW apparently the latest round of elections in Europe weren’t rigged this time… how did that happen?

    • anon says:

      The third-worldist (Soros) faction miscalculated. Trying to sell normies on Jihad was a bridge too far, and gave the neocon (war with Russia) faction a pretext to attempt a Thermidor all over Europe. This is preparation for WWIII.

    • someDude says:

      Convergence? They could not have put in all their eggs into the Indian elections forgetting the European ones, unless they are that Stupid! Damn sure they rigged the Indian elections.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        In 2024, the GAE isn’t nearly as omnipotent as the mainstream propaganda projects it and their soft power has also eroded quite considerably.

        By the way did you read manasataramgini’s latest on the Indian elections?

        • someDude says:

          Thanks for alerting me to a post by him. It is always interesting and engaging reading him, but I never come out of reading anything written by him feeling positive or upbeat, this last writeup being no exception. He may well be more correct than he is blackpilled.

          Essentially, he sees no hope for the long term survival of the Hindus as every gain they make is painstakingly accumulated over years and subject to reversal in days. Nothing can survive in the long term with a deck stacked that asymmetrically.

          So? whats plan B according to him? En Masse conversion to Judaism? Orthodox Christianity? Invite the king of Thailand to take the throne of India? The King of Nepal?

          • jim says:

            You have Hindu nationalism, but you don’t really have a live healthy sane Hinduism, and have not had one for quite a few centuries. Hinduism has been legalist, decadent, and demon infested for a long time.

            Here is my plan for you: Rama centric, spirit of the law of Manu centric, Hindusim. Hindu Nationalism takes power in a one man one vote once election, the final election, the ruling coalition faith rapidly becomes smaller, as the most cohesive group takes power, then the most cohesive group within the most cohesive group, which is what is apt to happen after a one man one vote once election.

            And make sure the sane healthy Hindu nationalism is the most cohesive group within the Hindu Nationalist group.

          • dharmicreality says:

            Yes, Manasataramgini is depressing as usual.

            He always assumes the omnipotence of Globohomo and other anti-India forces as against the weakness of dharmics, but somehow doesn’t allude to the blatant and obvious attempt at election engineering by the GAE and simply blames the apathetic Hindu prole for not voting hard enough for the election results.

            • jim says:

              Black pillers are usually enemy agents.

              I don’t know enough about Hinduism, India, and the Global American Empire operation in India to reliably pick an Indian shill, but not noticing obvious election engineering (which I immediately noticed, though far from India and scarcely paying attention) is mighty suspicious.

              • dharmicreality says:

                To be fair, as far as Manasataramgini is concerned, I don’t think he is an enemy agent but undoubtedly very pessimistic as regards the political scenario. He is part of what you may describe as a dilettante of “esoteric Right” type and has written a lot on arcane stuff usually in dense scholarly language, apt to use a lot of Sanskrit words for avoiding censorship.

                He has been linked here in the past but this is his blog –

              • skippy says:

                Modi is clearly no dope to have achieved the things he has already achieved. GAE opposition to Modi and support for Congress has been signaled openly for a long time. So, how did this happen? Generally speaking, these attempts do not work well against a very secure government, and Modi was a very secure government (he is still quite securely in government, though less so than before).

                Another intriguing fact is that has consistently been publishing GAE-style attacks on Modi, despite Russia ostensibly depending to some considerable extent on India’s friendship, and despite publicly claiming to have moved from dependence on the West to countries like India.

                • dharmicreality says:

         is strange, because they usually have positive headlines about India, but this is mixed in with a lot of GAE style liberalism – but undoubtedly most of comment section at seem to be taken over by the GAE payroll shills.

                • skippy says:

        ’s lead stories and much of its editorializing overtly panders to Western alternative rightists. Whether this is the case in the Russian version, I do not know.

                  If you read the more minor stories “below the fold”, you are usually get a Western “Liberal” outlook.

                  Above the fold, Russia will praise India for not imposing sanctions, and laud it as an important BRICS member and a growing economy. Below the fold, will call him a “strongman” (not necessarily an insult, but is Putin, a far less legitimately elected leader, ever described as a “Russian strongman”)

    • jim says:

      They were massively rigged, but the rigging was considerably less than usual.

      Thermidor is threatening the radicals with color revolution if the radicals give themselves another victory. So we got a compromise outcome. Of course both sides know that color revolution could easily turn into actual revolution, which neither side wants. It is a threat. Thermidor wants a compromise with the radicals, but radicals, by definition, are not noted for compromising. The outcome in Europe does was a compromise, but those guys are minions who have been getting mixed messages from the center of empire. Minions, in such circumstances, steer down the middle. The compromise plan for the US is a narrow Trump win with hung congress. Of course in any remotely honest election, the only Democrat representatives would be from Harvard and Washington. In most solid blue districts where the Democrats get 95% of the vote, no one actually shows up physically at the voting booth except Trump voters. So, the compromise plan may miscalculate, since it is delicate to carry off, and the woke are not buying into it. This may result in Biden and the Democrats winning an election stolen even more blatantly than 2020 and 2022, possibly followed by color revolution, possibly followed by actual revolution, or it might result in a bungled steal, overwhelmed by a Trump landslide. In which case Thermidor will attempt to “manage” Trump the way he was managed last time, but will allow him to purge a very small number of his most Woke enemies.

      Trump may have learned something this time around, and is likely to be more difficult to manage. Also, the path by which he comes to power, if he comes to power, is likely to involve a vast number of dead bodies, despite the best intentions of everyone involved to avoid that. It is hard to steer a car when people are fighting over the controls, and the car is likely to go off the road or crash, even though neither party fighting for the controls wants that outcome.

      Thermidor figures browns cannot beat Russians. Thermidor contains both a World War III now faction which despite continuing delusion about our prospects in World War III realises that Diversity Equity and Inclusion is crippling our military capability, and an orderly retreat faction, which wants a temporary settlement with Russia that gives us time to recover military capability. A “Frozen Conflict” which can be resumed once we have re-industrialized and white males are again willing to die for America.

      • A2 says:

        My impression over here is the black and brown youths are not all that keen to go out and die for whitey, possibly not even at ‘home’, much less in Ukraine. That’s not why they came over.

        Furthermore, it may be unwise to hand a lot of armaments and training even to the ones who know how to fight. Particularly those, actually.

        Furthermore, as we know the portion of whites in the next generation is shrinking. Because the blacks and browns were imported to ‘address demographic concerns’.

        The newly elected people may have brought some surprises with it.

      • Hartnett says:

        As far as WWIII goes, and war in general…
        It’s now quite obviously a race to whoever can get the best bang for the buck terminal performance out of defensive batteries against inboud missiles of all meaningful sizes, both nuclear tipped and conventional.
        That’s it, everyone knows that’s the race now.
        And no one has come close to winning it yet.
        If the US was smart, it would [*not fire Shaniqua, nor send all the Engineerettes off the the art harem, nor worry about tech businesses being more focused on proving that all science, technology, and wealth was stolen from the brave warrior women of subsharan Africa than focused on science and technology or even focused on making a buck*]

    • TheDividualist says:

      The EP has no power, can’t do crap without the Council.

      I believe the Le Pen types are controlled opposition, their job is to give us sympathy and help us vent without changing anything.

      At some point I figured out this democracy thing is therapy, not decisions. Bob thinks the sky is blue, not green. Alan calls him a Nazi. Cecil says Bob is right. Cecil wins the election and does nothing, still it makes Bob 90% happy. My Team Wins,like in sportsball, which is also a form of therapeutic nationalism keeping men distracted, really placates the plebs.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Didn’t Soros recently say that it was a mistake to bring so many muslims to the West?
      If he was (to a large extent) responsible for bringing them in, perhaps he is now helping (or not obstructing) the process to get them out.

      There’s another hypothesis going around: that the regime wants nationalism to be temporarily popular, just in time to send millions to die in WWIII.

  11. The Cominator says:

    Milei probably did the wrong thing by staying with the dollar (but I’m sure he wants to stay alive) but internally he is doing all good things.

  12. ESR says:

    Eric S. Raymond
    Yes, I *am* that ESR. Well, it’s the question people usually ask.
    Joined May 2010
    Tweets 1,658
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    Followers 12,121
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    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 6
    Some time back, the diversity enthusiasts hung a poster in the Smithsonian that was all about the characteristics of whiteness. And by their criteria… Achim Leistner is the whitest human being on the planet.
    es @cirkelnio
    Jun 5
    “anomalous precision” reminds me of how one of the suggested SI redefinitions of the kilogram in 2018 relied entirely on one german man making a perfect silicon sphere with his super hands
    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 6
    Much outrage on X today about Adobe locking users out of Photoshop until they accept a change in terms of service that allows Adobe to appropriate their work. Well, what the hell were you expecting when you consented to a proprietary software license? Clue: if your answer is anything but “perpetually increasing lock-in and exploitation” you have not been paying attention. If your business or livelihood is critically dependent on software that is not open source, the vendor has a vise around your nuts, and it can choose to turn the screw at any time. There’s a lesson from this about risk management. Take control of your software stack – choose open source all the way up and all the way down.
    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 4
    Endorsed. I know this is true because I came within a hair’s breadth of failing this exact way. In the end, I did take the risks and do the work. but it was a damn close-run thing and I’m sure there are nearby timelines where I’m a resentful failure stubbornly insisting on my specialness. It’s crisis many gifted kids have to face, because having lots of talent can make you lazy. Worse, it can make you afraid to actually commit to to doing hard things because failure might shatter your self-image. I’ve seen people fritter away real talents due to having developed cowardice about this. I’m still not sure how I myself got through that crisis. I had peers who didn’t. And I don’t really know what anyone can do to reduce that attrition. In the end, I think everyone has to face the test of courage and commitment alone.
    Jun 4
    If you were a “gifted kid” who is now depressed as an adult you probably built an identity around your purported specialness and failed to take the risks or do the work that would realize this specialness in the world, and now you’re stranded with an identity that doesn’t fit
    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 4
    I’m an absolutist about Second Amendment rights, so in the abstract I agree with this argument. But… …I want to see Hunter Biden’s defenders be forced to choose between admitting that he is guilty of an actual crime or calling for the abolition of unconstitutional gun laws (which is, effectively, *all* gun laws). I think everybody knows they won’t do that. They’ll squirm and wriggle and emit reams of sophistry aimed at letting Hunter skate while preserving those laws. It’s up to the rest of us not to let them get away with this.
    Jun 3
    You may not like what I’m about to say, but Hunter Biden is innocent. It is not illegal to be a crack head while owning a gun. The form 4473 itself is unconstitutional. Prove a law existed in the days just after 1791 that mandated the storage, ownership, or otherwise transfer of arms, powder, cannons, warships, or explosives. Show one law that required the permission from the Government. You can’t. Free Hunter Biden. He’s innocent.
    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 3
    “But this time will be different!” Having been a programmer for pushing 50 years now, I’ve lived through multiple iterations of “Whizzy new software technology will make programmers obsolete!” This always turns out to be ludicrously wrong. It always turns out that the advantage we get from each level of tooling to make writing code easier gets spent on doing larger and more complicated projects at higher speed. It’s Jevons’s law in action. When the cost per unit of a limiting factor of production falls, demand for it rises. Aggregate demand goes up, not down. Thus, clear back to the days of raw machine code entered with toggle switches, no matter what generation of software tools you’re looking at, the skill and time investment required from the humans that operate them has been the bottleneck on rising demand, and has stayed roughly constant. This time around, the technology is “AI”. Hilarious but true: when the first commercial production compilers were fielded in the late 1950s, they were described as “AI”. And we have the usual collection of gullible fools insisting that this time it’s going to be different. No. No, it won’t be.
    Eric S. Raymond
    Jun 1 Autodafe 1.0 is finally here and production-ready, successfully tested in the real world on a large messy conversion even involving (yes!) shared libraries. Convert your legacy build recipe today for increased security against supply-chain attacks, and an end to complexity nightmares. Autotools delenda est! (And after 8 soild weeks of being balls-to-the-wall on this, time for me to take a vacation…)
    Eric S. Raymond / autodafe · GitLab

    Tools for freeing your project from the clammy grip of autotools.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 30
    For the last week or so I have unaccountably been getting a lot of posts in my X feed from people arguing about the church politics of various religious denominations, the political and doctrinal correctness of things like Eucharistic processions, and the personal ethics of religious figures whose names I don’t recognize. I’m not talking about the usual Internet arguments like creationists attacking evolutionary theory, I’m talking about the normal operating noises of religious organizations. It’s been a long time since I was exposed to this kind of thing, and I find I’ve lost the habituation that allowed me to not notice how bizarre these arguments are. Watching their leakage on X, I’m experiencing some of the perverse fascination of watching a really horrible train wreck in progress. The people in these disputes make the mouth noises of sane and sophont beings, but if you asked me to point at a real difference between what they have in their heads and psychotic delusional systems…I couldn’t do it. I feel like I’m looking over the wall of an insane asylum. Only, there is no wall. How do other people not notice this?
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 30
    I’m a libertarian. No libertarian I know believes this. On the other hand, if your political priority is opposing the Marxist long march through our institutions, what’s the alternative? This isn’t a intended as a snarky question or a dismissal. I’m serious about it, and I’d love to hear a serious answer.
    Jack V Lloyd
    May 30
    People who believe Trump cares about libertarian political interests also believe the stripper is really into them.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 30
    You say “advocating for the value of our discipline”. I used to enjoy reading history, until it became power relations and marginalized groups and identity politics all the way down. Academic historians let themselves be skinsuited by Marxists. Clean up that shit before you try to sell me on “value”, which is currently negative.
    Bret Devereaux @BretDevereaux
    May 30
    Replying to @BretDevereaux
    The way out is advocating for the value of our discipline, making that a core part of the job of being an academic historian, not something optional or a few people do on the side. The ‘numbers’ fields have been self-marketing for decades and it shows that we haven’t. 7/
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 30
    I’ve known a lot of geniuses. I’ve also known (fewer) people who thought they were unrecognized geniuses. And I’m going to say, yeah, this is true – unrecognized genius is rare. People with really high IQs stand out because they’re capable of thinking their way to solutions that less bright people aren’t capable of generating, but are capable of *recognizing* once they’ve been generated. So that kind of capability is difficult to miss! A lot of people confuse “recognized” with “successful”. Being really bright makes it less likely that you will be self-destructively crazy (admissions to mental hospitals per thousand decrease with increasing IQ). It also decreases the likelihood that you will be sane but a failure because you seriously misdirect your efforts. But it doesn’t eliminate these possibilities. Even among the failures, though, I’ve never found it difficult to recognize the genius-grade intellects. On the flip side, everyone I’ve met who whinged about being an unrecognized genius was wrong. Usually these people are midwits – significantly brighter than average, but well below the minimum IQ threshold for actual genius traits like casual polymathy. They may honestly believe they’re brighter than they are, or they may just be posturing; in the end I don’t think the difference matters much. Matters aren’t really helped by the fact that a lot of people have confusions and political problems with the category of “genius”. We are, as a culture deeply uncomfortable with the idea of of people being innately unequal. So we like to tell ourselves stories like “All geniuses are crazy and flawed” or “There are oppressed and unrecognized geniuses everywhere.” I don’t think either of these stories is true. My confidence level that they’re both false has increased as my years of experience with geniuses and non-geniuses have increased.
    BoiltOwl @nealjclark1
    May 29
    Unrecognized genius is profoundly rare. If you are a REAL genius it will be obvious to everyone. People over rating their genius and making it their whole personality is unfortunately EXTREMELY common.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 29
    Where Blevins’s work fits in: there’s a strong hint from her reconstruction that the common ancestor of proto-PIE and proto-Basque was a much less inflectional language than classical PIE, using independent morphemes in roles that would later become grammaticalized. Now, it must be said that the Basque specialists don’t like Blevins’s theory much. I don’t have the specialist knowledge to say they’re wrong, but her stuff looks pretty damn careful and systematic to me. Deserves to be taken seriously.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 29
    A thing completely outside my field that I am enjoying lately… It seems that between Juliet Blevins’s book on affinities between proto-Basque and proto-Indo-European, and recent work on the Indo-Uralic hypothesis, and continuing reappraisals on where the Anatolian languages stand in relation to “classical” PIE, we might finally be getting a handle on the late-Neolithic prehistory of PIE. My current favorite reconstruction goes something like this: tribes expanding southward from the proto-Indo-Uralic heimat, in the forests north and northeast of the Pontic Steppes, come into contact with speakers of proto-Northwest-Caucasian around 7000 BCE. Extended contact with that language mutates what they speak into a pre-PIE. Proto-Anatolian is an early offshoot of that language, which later becomes the reconstructed PIE we all know and love.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 28… A very minor point release with one packaging fix and some documentation tweaks.
    Eric S. Raymond / cvs-fast-export · GitLab

    Export an RCS or CVS history as a fast-import stream. This program analyzes a collection of RCS files in a CVS repository (or outside of one) and, when…
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 28
    My rig is three screens, left and right in landscape mode and the middle one in portrait mode (that’s my Emacs window). Really quite difficult to photograph well with the equipment I have. And it would look boring if I did. Which is sort of the point.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 28
    Rant triggered… Even that 1990s desktop is too frou-frou for me now, let alone the excessively cute GUIs that replaced it. My desktop layout doesn’t have a background, or icons, or action buttons, or gradients, or any of that crap. It barely even has color. I’m not going to name my window manager here, because I don’t want to sound like I’m evangelizing for a particular one. The important part is that it’s all tiled windows all the way down with an absolute minimum of dead space and visual noise. And I am so much happier than I was with conventional desktop GUIs. I love not having that visual noise constantly pull at my attention. In hindsight, we spent decades being obsessed with UI details that were just meaningless, distracting fluff. That not only didn’t help us get work done, they were actually a drain on our concentration. Only part of that can be blamed on pixel-pushing “UX” designers who got erections every time they changed the color or shape of a button. The rest of it’s on us, on people who bought into this glittery fake progress. I used to be guilty of this myself, but I’ve learned better. Fancy visually-noisy desktop GUIs that suck your attention are the enemy. Fuck all that sideways with a chainsaw. Go simple, go tiled, go minimalist – stop abusing your brain!
    nixCraft 🐧
    May 28
    #Unix or #linux desktop from the 90s. Awesome aesthetic 🔥
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 28
    I don’t know if any of you out there are waiting with bated breath for the autodafe 1.0 announcement, but the reason I haven’t shipped it yet is because I’m still waiting to hear that Aethra got a production build out of the conversion. Finagle’s Law applies. If I ship now, there will be some really embarrassing last-minute glitch that we would have caught if I waited. If I wait, it will turn out to have been unnecessary. Such is life. I have added one minor new feature. You can follow a check directive with the keyword REQUIRED to make the build fail with an error message if the check fails.
    Eric S. Raymond
    May 27 Today’s software release is a minor patch for ascii withdrawing a previous correction that turned out to be mistaken; SOH really is “Start Of Heading”.
    Eric S. Raymond / ascii · GitLab

    List ASCII idiomatic names and octal/decimal code-point forms. Provides easy conversion between various byte representations and the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)…

    • jim says:

      Allowing this through on the assumption that the poster really is Esr, but it is completely unresponsive. The fragments of text are completely irrelevant to what is discussed on this blog, and completely irrelevant to our discussion of Esr. There is no point. You became boring when you cucked out, and the stuff you are dumping on my blog is boring.

  13. Cloudswrest says:

    Anybody know whatever happened to “Radishmag”?

    A recent commenter here linked on an old Jim manosphere essay, and Radish was one of the commenters. His blog is still up but looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. I really enjoyed reading his work. I kind of viewed him as a prolix free version of Moldbug.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Mr. Boetel was a great guy who did great work; an easy entry into the 21st century canon.

      But like a lot of good guys who were active in those days, they either lost their nerve or got owned by feds. A long term voice in kali yuga requires will and wisdom and means, meaning our friends like Anglin or Jim are very much exceptions to the rule.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        I don’t have anything of much value to add, but Radishmag was of such high quality I felt compelled to jump in and agree. I could wish that Mr. Boetel come out of hiding for an anniversary installment, or a Passage Press book, or something.

        Something very different in tone than Radishmag, but still worthwhile, is Charles Haywood’s The Worthy House. If will, wisdom and means are the prerequisites, well, Charles writes that he made a boatload of money selling his shampoo company, so has the means, and has written for over nine years, so certainly seems to have the will. I’ve not read enough of that site to gauge the wisdom, but there is definitely some good stuff there.

      • someDude says:

        And yet Anglin wouldn’t dare mention Jim

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Does anyone mention Jim? For that matter, does anyone mention anyone? There’s a pretty clear ‘guy blogging on the internet’ effect and only namefags buck the trend.

          When I look for news on how the SMO is going, for the sake of example, guys I check first are usually simplicius, big serge, and RWA – and despite having almost completely overlapping readership demographics, I can’t think of a single instance of any of them citing any of the others on their substacks.

          • alf says:

            One of the funnier ‘unname’ effects is the entire debate around tfr.

            ‘ah white population is dropping! whatever can we do? Monetary compensation? Does not seem to work. Tell people to have more babies? Does not seem to work. But what can work? Who can possibly solve this complete mystery? Truly, we shall never get to the bottom of this!’

          • someDude says:

            Good point. There does exist such a paucity of mentions. I did not think about this. Founding questions mentions the Z-man often, but thats it. Anglin goes on and on about Alex Jones, Kanye west and Fuentes …..

  14. France National Rally says:

    Marine Le Pen and France National Rally party are set to win election.
    It’s a start, but even they are not strong enough on booting out all the migrants.
    It’s going to take a lot of policies and repatriation and deportation to fix and improve and restore France.
    Geert Wilders and the PVV have been doing good work over the years.

    • skippy says:

      National Rally seems to be converging on a win by shedding its disagreements with the mainstream. What’s the point at this point?

  15. JackT says:

    A lot of Young Earth Creationists are stupid, but the smarter ones have identified significant evidence that seriously undermines Old Earth Theory. For instance, all coal samples have measurable amounts of C-14, which strongly suggests that coal is thousands rather than millions of years old. This has major consequences for dating of objects in geology.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Most hydrocarbons in the crust are produced abiogenically, which contra the ‘fossil fuel’ misnomer, relatively recent dates of production would be consonant with.

      • The Cominator says:

        This, fossil fuels being formed recently doesn’t prove young earth creationism it proves the dinosaur bones theory of fossil fuels is stupid bullshit.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          BTW, where did all the hydrocarbons on the surface of Titan come from? Lots of old dinosaurs there …?

          • jim says:

            Totally false, in the sense that the world is getting greener, the forested area is increasing, food production is getting better with the result that left faction is waging war on farmers. Forests are expanding because we are getting more food from less land.

            Totally true in the sense that all resources extractable and usable by older technologies have been used up. If we go all the way back to the dark age, the only useful mines will be picking over the ruins of cities and mining city dumps.

            Totally false in that improvements in our technology for extracting resources is growing by leaps and bounds. Eventually we will be mining the asteroids and the comets of the Hills cloud.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              If we go all the way back to the dark age, the only useful mines will be picking over the ruins of cities

              Seems like this is already happening in places that are ahead of others in reversion to the dark age.
              In Oakland, the city is replacing traffic lights with stop signs,
              because all the traffic lights kept getting stolen for their copper wire.

              • FrankNorman says:

                Not a “losing the ability to make things” problem so much as a “no longer enough of a high-trust society to have nice things” one.

                Time was in some places, one could sell newspapers by leaving a pile of them on the pavement, with a sign saying the price, and a simple jar to collect the money.
                Come back later and the papers will be gone and the jar full.

                • jim says:

                  We are losing the ability to make nice things — or, as the war illustrates, deadly things.

      • JackT says:

        Unless fossil fuels are formed by some unknown form of nuclear reaction, the presence of C-14 in coal wrecks the standard geological chronology. Geology assumes that the older layers are lower and newer higher. If coal is thousands of years old, the rock layers above aren’t millions of years old.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Was speaking mainly of petroleum. Coal isn’t really a hydrocarbon. It’s just plain carbon, and probably is piled up and carbonized, ancient wood forests.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Is basically metamorphic charcoal.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Young Earth Creationists have large families. So if above replacement fertility is the deal breaker, we should promote young earth creationism no matter what.

          • jim says:

            This is the result of the correlation between Young Earth Creationism and old type Christianity, which supports marriage and family. A state and a faith that supports marriage and family will work, regardless of content.

            Comparing different times and places, nothing moves the needle on fertility other than that husband and wife are credibly stuck with each other — nothing moves the needle other than the expectation that the other party is going to have to stick around and the wife must obey.

          • The Cominator says:

            Promoting verifiable bullshit never ends well.

          • skippy says:

            YEC are obsessed with the exact text of the Old Testament. Christianity is not a religion of litigating the exact text of the Old Testament. YEC are a sort of decayed leftist, the most Christian remaining from an era of ‘radicals’ who replaced Christ with Judaizing unitarianism.

  16. dharmicreality says:

    Trying to explain it all in terms of evil men pursuing their rational self interest by evil means is just stupid. Whether demons are real or metaphorical, we are facing demonic evil, not rational evil. The demons will use other people’s rational self interest if they weaponize to their purpose, but hatred and malice is the preferred instrument.

    Very important point and I think it is also to be emphasized the distinction between Leftist “rationales” for their “causes” and genuine rational self interest.

    I think most of us would know this, but bears repeating. A leftist would tell you that female emancipation is in the rational self interest of women which is kind of an accepted premise by the mainstream including the mainstream right. The Leftist always puts forward the cause at the forefront as the justification of his action, but we must always judge rational self interest by its effects and not the cause.

    Leftists have always been demonic, but in the past the demons have hidden under layers of moral justification and causes, while in recent times the demons have come more into the open and the justifications have worn very thin.

    • jim says:

      When McArther decreed the emancipation of women, the Japanese objected that this would be very bad for women. It obviously has been very bad for women, but we see a lack of interest in this outcome, just as we see a lack of interest in the effects of the jab.

    • i says:

      Speaking of Demons. I noticed that in the Rig Veda. The worship of Indra which bears similarity to Zeus King of the Gods and many other Indo-European Analogues dropped off in history to be replaced by Krishna. Commonalities include the association with Light, Heavenly Fire and riding Storm clouds as his Chariot.

      Perhaps ultimately derived from the Worship of Dyeus Pater. Then there is the worship of God Most High or Theos Hypsistos. The same Deity worshipped by the Priest-King of Salem.

      These 2 substacks about documentation about this Cult that existed in during the same period when the Kingdom of Israel is around is worth a read:

      • Oog en Hand says:

        “The same Deity worshipped by the Priest-King of Salem.”

        Yeah, we know, Allah and Deus are the same.

        • jim says:

          Christ is priest and King in the line of Melchizedek, priest King of Salem. Christianity claims to be the revival of the purer old religion which was at that time substantially replaced by demon worship, ancestor worship, and, in Israel, legalism.

          The story line is that Abraham, and a whole lot of people around him, were adherents of that religion. Moses got the law. The law was elaborated, and elaborated further, into too clever by half rationales for violating the commandments, which is where the Jews are today. Christianity claims continuity all the way back to Adam, and Melchizedek, priest King of Salem, is a key part of that claimed continuity. The Sadducees were the legitimate heirs of Levi, but, like today’s Anglican Church, had stopped believing, while the pharisees believed in lies. So, restoration to the pre levite continuity.

          This links in to the alt right interpretation of the Aryan faith. The magi were initially, it is claimed, worshippers of the one true God, but various groups derived from the magi became corrupt and eventually engaged in demon worship, which is much the same story as the Brownists eventually degenerating into the Woke.

          Christianity is not heresy of Judaism, or if it is in denies that. It is a restoration of an earlier faith — the faith that the Aryanists claim was the original faith of the Magi.

          • i says:

            Speaking of the corruption of Groups descended from the Magi. Asha Logos has a good video on the whole thing:

            The Brahmins likely didn’t escape this corruption themselves. Perhaps bearing similarity to the Spiritual corruption of the “Sages” that wrote down the Talmud.

            • jim says:

              The law of Manu requires cleanliness. The filth of India is infamous. Many people have remarked on the substitution of ritual cleanliness for actual cleanliness, that India and Indians put a fair bit of effort into cleaning activities that leave them as filthy, or filthier, than when they started.

              • someDude says:

                Not the viewpoint or observation of Domingo Paes who visited the Vijayanagara.empire in the 1500s

                • jim says:

                  Which would indicate that legalistic decay in Hinduism became considerably worse after 1500, or that that empire was a holdout against legalism.

                • someDude says:

                  Even Marco Polo who visited the Kakatiya kingdom which preceded the Vijayanagara Empire does not mention Filth. The filth in India is an indictment of India’s secularism rather than on Hinduism. Just as the Filth in SF is an indictment of progressivism rather than on Christianity.

                  Vijayanagara and Kakatiyas were Hindu. The modern Indian state is Secular.

                  No foreign traveler to India in classical times (pre-Islamic invasions) mentions the Filth in Indian cities. In fact they are usually all praise for the cleanliness and general prosperity they witnessed. Filth becomes a feature once the secular Indian state is spawned in 1947.

                • jim says:

                  > Filth becomes a feature once the secular Indian state is spawned in 1947.

                  Travellers from Britain appear to have been less impressed, so the Indian faith went decadent long before the secular state.

                  It is not secularism. Moderns ridicule filth that is explicitly religion based, for example religious adoration of cow manure and cow piss.

                  The British accidentally and unintentionally conquered you in a fit of absent mindedness while looking for ways to improve their meals. Your faith was obviously decadent and demon infested back then, and you need to reach back to an older faith.

                • someDude says:

                  Let’s talk about these English visitors, the kingdoms they visited and times in which they visited. Bets are off if they visited Islamic ruled kingdoms with a majority Hindu population. What do Englishmen who visited the Maratha Empire pre-1802 or the Sikh Empire pre-1839, The Ahom kingdom pre-1810 and the Mysore kingdom pre-1747 have to say?

      • someDude says:

        The consolidation of all Indian Gods into Vishnu (Rama and Krishna) and Shiva is an attempt by the the Brahmins to consolidate the adherents of the Dharma into a body politic that could more forcefully resist Abrahamism 3.0

        Giving up the worship of Indra should be seen in this context. Going by 5th century Sanskrit classical drama, the worship of Indra was still a thing in the India of time. The islamic invasions begin around 668 AD

        • jim says:

          It is clear that the Aryans worshipped their ancestors and the one God. Indra/Thor was a very ancient ancestor who as a mortal lived somewhere in or near the original Aryan homeland.

          • someDude says:

            Sure, Indra was king of the Gods, but I’m not sure the Aryans saw him as The One God! What is Odin’s status relative to Thor?

            • Hesiod says:

              Odin also has two brothers that, IIRC, only show up at the making of the worlds and after Ragnarok. Bit tricky dealing with Old Norse myths as they were only written down well into Christendom. How much did they, if at all, change as a reaction to Christianity?

              We do have evidence of human sacrifice dealing with these deities, so demonic corruption did not spare the Northman.

              • someDude says:

                My understanding is that the Aryans, or whatever passes for them, were polytheistic. They, to my understanding, did not worship the One God before whom all others were subservient. Hence the question about Odin’s relative status vis-a-vis Thor.

                Pre-consolidation of the Indian Gods into Vishnu and Shiva, the ancient Hindus worshipped Brahma and Indra and whole range of other deities such as Agni, Varuna, Kama etc who had a status of their own, independent of Indra and were not subservient to Indra. There is no talk of Indra being the One true God anywhere in the Vedas or in any religious text of any religion originating in India (Buddhism, Jainism etc)

                Indra or Sakra was understood as king of the Gods only in one of the 31 planes of existence where fine material beings were believed to exist. He was not the master of the mental realms inhabited by the Brahmas.

                • jim says:

                  The group that eventually became the Greeks and the Romans were unambiguously polytheistic. They worshipped their ancestors and only their ancestors. The group that conquered India, clearly polytheistic, though they no longer considered the deities they worshipped to have been originally human and ancestral, at least not by the time their stuff got written down. On the other hand, we have some evidence that some priests believed in a one God that directly caused reality to exist, fundamentally different from and above the ancestral Gods.

  17. Humungus says:

    “The Dark Enlightenment is dark because, as Christians would say, mankind is fallen,…”

    Humungus sends greetings,

    Civilization has fallen and continues to do so until the bottom is reached. When that day comes, Humungus will be there waiting. Equilibrium will be attained as tribal bands. Women will be taken without choice, they are our property. We will develop trade with other tribes that can provide use to us.

    The day is coming, be fit in body and mind and you will live to see the other side.

    • jim says:

      Jen is an obvious shill, but here he is posting relevant links about the Jab.

      It appears that in the course of murdering so many people to manufacture an emergency for election stealing and a totalitarian power grab, they have stepped on quite a few toes.

      WHO wants to rule the world, while other members of the elite just wanted the election stolen. And no one wanted to have friends and family murdered, they just wanted deplorables in flyover country and old people’s homes murdered. This has created a certain amount of division within the elite, resulting in a certain amount of division within the shills.

  18. Multifarious says:

    Anglicanism compared to other Reformation sects had the relative virtues of being founded upon an ethnos rather than charismatic man. Also, Henry VIII was able to keep almost everything good about Catholicism, with a minimal amount of nonsense heresy, because his spiritual authority was founded upon his position as king rather than being a clever debater.

    But Anglicanism is not going to survive the present Winnowing. All the Reformation faiths are facing the Reaper, and will not survive the coming holy war. I had the blessing of recently attending the only remaining Protestant college left in America with a real intellectual tradition, and it is clear that these faiths are in terminal decay as even the best young people who profess them struggle to form authentic Christian parishes. On the other hand, the traditional Catholic parishes are [*deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Give us the affirmation and take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

      I affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      • Multifarious says:

        Posted in the shill test thread.

        I assume you redacted my comments out of suspicion I am trying to stir internal conflict among Christian men. Fair enough. Is the Nicean Creed enough cement to hold men and parishes together in the fight against the GAE religion? I don’t know, my personal experience at a great Protestant school is that there are many virtuous Protestant men working hard to resist the GAE in their own families, but they cannot find the parishes to dwell within and lead. However, the tradcath parishes are demonstrably growing and thriving in many cities and towns across America. The Butler speech is one of the first fruits of this — a God fearing, but non-intellectual man standing up and taking on the GAE at its roots.

        I suspect many posters on this blog are, rightfully suspicious of the Catholic hierarchy. Yet isn’t it obvious that the spiritual root of the turmoil of the present age is the death of the Reformation churches as cohesive bodies of believers?

        • jim says:

          > Is the Nicene creed enough

          You are still on moderation. The pope worship demons, and the fruits of clerical celibacy is that priests in the vatican have sex in a great big pile. The reformation was a response the heresy and evil of the Papacy, and today’s papacy makes that one look Christian.

          Affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

          • The Cominator says:

            Keep him on moderation i think this guy is literally a Jesuit.

            • jim says:

              If he cannot give the affirmation, we will know he is a literal jesuit, a worshipper of serpent Christ.

              If he can give the affirmation, will white list him. Worshippers of Serpent Christ can give one particular version of the Nicene creed, into which their too clever by half theology has inserted invisible commas and ingenious special meanings for particular words, but fear that if they give a paraphrase, will catch on fire.

              • FrankNorman says:

                Is this true of all Jesuits?

                • jim says:

                  I would not know. But it is clear that in the Jesuits, power is in the hands of people who literally worship demons, and have a complicated and clever demonic theology.

                  The Jesuits are the worlds oldest spy organisation.

  19. Sher Singh says:

    [*bored now*]

  20. Hesiod says:


    Since the payload of this:

    is a dig at Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular, balance must be restored to the Force to redeem it from partisan hackery. So, I offer this addition:

    11) Jew Jew Binks: He cries out in pain as he blows up your home planet.

    • S says:

      Watto already exists.
      ‘I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’t work on me. Only money.’

  21. A church that flies the pride flag might as well be flying a sign that says “Jesus is not welcome here.”

  22. Anonymous Fake says:

    The source is what matters here, not the news. This would have been unthinkable basically until it happened. Also, to those who know, “47” is the CIA’s number (the other famous one is “33” for the Freemasons) so to see it appear in the article is a hint.

    And my previous post you didn’t show was absolutely on point and you know it.

    • jim says:

      > The source is what matters here

      Thermidor is pissed by the fact that the radicals have been destroying US Government military capability. We are seeing disunity in the former solidly united elite.

      > And my previous post you didn’t show was absolutely on point and you know it.

      Your previous post was just you pushing the same old wagon about the universities that I am tired of. I have allowed that wagon through far too many times and it is a waste of space. You never respond when people point at the elephant in the living room, but just sail right along continuing to ignore the elephant in the living room. The universities are not, never have been, and never should be a neutral playing ground where different faiths compete on equal terms. They always have been, always are, and always should be, the seminaries of the priesthood of the ruling state faith. The problem is that the ruling state faith is demonic. Also the universities are far too big, we don’t need that many priests, so we have far too many parasites with useless degrees either living in little boxes in blue city hell holes under siege by plains apes, or getting helicoptered into useless parasitic makework jobs by HR and the government. And you never make a relevant response when I point this out over and over again, but just continue to assume that everyone agrees that the whole world should be makework jobs for the priesthood. No matter what the ostensible topic of a university course, you are not being trained in that topic. You are being trained to be a priest of woke. You are not getting a piece of paper that says they can hire you because you know what you are doing. You are getting a piece of paper that says HR should allow them to hire you because you have had the correct political orientation inculcated.

      “Judicial independence” means “screw the legislature, screw the sovereign, we judges get to make the laws.” And “academic freedom” means “screw the legislature, screw the sovereign, we academics get to decide what people are allowed to think and say”

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        I just Googled (for Cathedral research purposes, appropriately just like a porno site heh) how to become a rich employee and the first result is from Reddit Tunisia. And no results mention anything about education or moving to cost of living traps like NYC, Boston, the Bay Area, etc.

        It’s like my culture was the victim of a genocide.[*rest deleted because unresponsive*]

        • jim says:

          You can tell us what you think is wrong with the schools, but I am not going to let you sail right along as if no one had a contrary account of what is wrong with the schools

          We need to return to enforceable apprenticeship, and reduce the universities to the size necessary to provide a reasonable sized priesthood of the state religion. And of course, the universities need to teach those being trained for the priesthood official Christianity, rather than worship of Isis and Gaea.

          The universities are turning out far too many priests, and there can never be enough priestly jobs for them, even though we have a gigantically inflated priesthoods. If too many priests, trouble ensues, as disgruntled priests concoct new theology.

    • Pli says:

      1488 [*deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Just about everyone who says “1488” is working for Soros.

        Tell us what Soros and Nuland got up to in the Ukraine, and how many deaths of white Christians they have managed to score. You can no doubt tell us what bearded Jews with funny hats get up to in tunnels, but I doubt you can tell us what Soros has been up to.

        • Pli says:

          > Just about everyone who says “1488” is working for Soros.

          Soros pays you to censor the truth about why “1488” is a legitimate response to him and his kind of filthy scum.

          • jim says:

            Social Justice warriors always project.

            As I predicted, you are strangely unable to tell us what Soros and Nuland got up to in the Ukraine, and how many deaths of white Christians they have managed to score.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Let me demonstrate how you can use 1488 to prove you are not a shill:

              In order to live the truth of the 14 words, we must put women under the control of men in order to bring forth White children once more. Women not under the control of White men listen to their feral instincts and the Jew’s corrupting, demonic blandishments and murder their own children. Therefore they will be made wards of their fathers and then turned over to their husbands, and not be permitted to follow such bad influences.

              Furthermore, we can see what the Jew has planned for White nations because of the Russian brother war that Soros funded and Nuland organized(banning Easter/Pascha, as well; Make Jerusalem Christian Again.) Soros funded the Ukranian Nazi group Azov who, despite Hitler’s warnings, promptly allied with and embraced the Jew Nuland and her Ukrainian proxies and set to killing White men, women, and children. If left to their own devices, Jews will set off wars that serve no purpose other than White men killing other White men. They want to kill all White people, so we have to kill them, first.

              Sig Heil, Hiel Hitler, GTJRWN, hippity hoppity, women are property, Make Women Property Again, etc. That is how you prove you are not a shill. Feel free to copy-paste this comment, if you dare.

              • Sher Singh says:

                Let me demonstrate how you can use 1488 to prove you are not a shill:

                In order to live the truth of the 14 words, we must put women under the control of men in order to bring forth White children once more. Women not under the control of White men listen to their feral instincts and the Jew’s corrupting, demonic blandishments and murder their own children. Therefore they will be made wards of their fathers and then turned over to their husbands, and not be permitted to follow such bad influences.

                Furthermore, we can see what the Jew has planned for White nations because of the Russian brother war that Soros funded and Nuland organized(banning Easter/Pascha, as well; Make Jerusalem Christian Again.) Soros funded the Ukranian Nazi group Azov who, despite Hitler’s warnings, promptly allied with and embraced the Jew Nuland and her Ukrainian proxies and set to killing White men, women, and children. If left to their own devices, Jews will set off wars that serve no purpose other than White men killing other White men. They want to kill all White people, so we have to kill them, first.

                Sig Heil, Hiel Hitler, GTJRWN, hippity hoppity, women are property, Make Women Property Again, etc. That is how you prove you are not a shill. Feel free to copy-paste this comment, if you dare.

                Question, why do Jews hate white people so much??

                • jim says:

                  Since you were never pretending to be a Nazi, (Though who knows what you will pretend to be next, you have changed your persona a few times) this does not get you off moderation. But as to why Jews hate white people so much, Soros and Nuland had a lot of family that the Ukrainians knocked off.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My experience with Jews is that most of them don’t hate white people (though there is a certain obnoxious kind that does they aren’t secret agents or anything they’ll tell you all their leftist shit and they have massive TDS) now dot Indians otoh most of them massively and deeply hate white people.

                • jim says:

                  Quite so. Most Jews do not hate white people.

                  But, unsurprisingly, the ones that are causing terrible problems for white people are Jews who hate white people. Figuring out rationally self interested motivations is (“Capitalism!” “Usury!”) is stupid and pointless. They just hate us and want to harm us. They will use people who have ratonal self interested motives. The military industrial complex wants the money, the medical industrial complex wants money, the perverts running the schools want other people’s children, but what is basically driving all this is just hatred and malice.

                  Trying to explain it all in terms of evil men pursuing their rational self interest by evil means is just stupid. Whether demons are real or metaphorical, we are facing demonic evil, not rational evil. The demons will use other people’s rational self interest if they weaponize to their purpose, but hatred and malice is the preferred instrument.

                  As I told Sher Singh, his retirement plan sucks. They will not murder him provided he knows nothing, but he will be put on the “do not hire” list for too much exposure to crime thought.

                • skippy says:

                  “Question, why do Jews hate white people so much??”

                  Jews are commanded by their scriptures to hate all peoples among whom they dwell, and to attempt to destroy them.

                  “Since you were never pretending to be a Nazi, (Though who knows what you will pretend to be next, you have changed your persona a few times) this does not get you off moderation. But as to why Jews hate white people so much, Soros and Nuland had a lot of family that the Ukrainians knocked off.”


                  The 19th century pogroms seem to have killed at most a few hundred Jews, and around the time of the 1905 Revolution (so, not exactly a “pogrom”, arguably) a few thousand.

                  The number of Jews killed in the Russian Empire by Slavs in total over a period of a century seems to be less than the number of Whites killed by Blacks in the US in a few years.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It is not due to Jewish scriptures as leftist Jews are almost invariably reform Jews who don’t care at all about their scriptures.

                  The ones who follow their scriptures the Orthodox keep themselves apart as much as possible and mostly voted for Trump.

                • Hesiod says:

                  >It is not due to Jewish scriptures as leftist Jews are almost invariably reform Jews who don’t care at all about their scriptures.

                  From what I’ve read from the primary sources for Unz’s theory of Carthaginian influx into ancient Judea post Roman asswhuppin, Talmudic content varies wildly from Old Testament righteousness to sorcerous iniquity. These are Jews themselves shining a light onto beliefs and practices that can be staggeringly old and Pagan.

                  Yes, judge the Jew on his own merit, but be wary of the Tribe.

                • skippy says:

                  “It is not due to Jewish scriptures as leftist Jews are almost invariably reform Jews who don’t care at all about their scriptures.

                  “The ones who follow their scriptures the Orthodox keep themselves apart as much as possible and mostly voted for Trump.”

                  Reform/atheist Jews may not worship the scriptures and follow the highly prescriptive legal system of the Talmud. They certainly inherited its cultural context as well as a racial tendency to reject rather than embrace (Anglo!) the out-group.

                  The Orthodox probably hate Whites as well, but their religion has a point, which is to restore them to their promised land and then(!) receive a messiah would will give them earthly dominion over the Goyim.

                  The reform/atheist Jews simply hate you, not because they worship the scriptures, but nonetheless because of the scriptures, jim’s definition of demonic anti-religion.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  As I told Sher Singh, his retirement plan sucks. They will not murder him provided he knows nothing, but he will be put on the “do not hire” list for too much exposure to crime thought.

                  Yeah, more or less LOL.

              • jim says:

                Numerous Soros Nazis promptly replied to your reply by changing the subject to the usual Soros Nazi issues. I silently deleted them. So though it looks like no one responded to your comment, there was quite a lot of entirely predictable replies — accusing those Jews who are not causing much of a problem of causing totally improbable evils unrelated to the evils that they actually are causing.

                • Jef says:

                  Let me demonstrate how you can use 1488 to prove you are not a shill:

                  In order to live the truth of the 14 words, we must put women under the control of men in order to bring forth White children once more. Women not under the control of White men listen to their feral instincts and the Jew’s corrupting, demonic blandishments and murder their own children. Therefore they will be made wards of their fathers and then turned over to their husbands, and not be permitted to follow such bad influences.

                  Furthermore, we can see what the Jew has planned for White nations because of the Russian brother war that Soros funded and Nuland organized(banning Easter/Pascha, as well; Make Jerusalem Christian Again.) Soros funded the Ukranian Nazi group Azov who, despite Hitler’s warnings, promptly allied with and embraced the Jew Nuland and her Ukrainian proxies and set to killing White men, women, and children. If left to their own devices, Jews will set off wars that serve no purpose other than White men killing other White men. They want to kill all White people, so we have to kill them, first.

                  Sig Heil, Hiel Hitler, GTJRWN, hippity hoppity, women are property, Make Women Property Again, etc. That is how you prove you are not a shill. Feel free to copy-paste this comment, if you dare.


                • jim says:

                  I prefer to call them plains apes. “Nigger” strikes me as an evasive polite euphemism, as if race was only skin deep.

                  If shills have no problem saying a word, that word contains a lie. The lie in this case is that nigger is an old word for skin color, thus the word merely implies a different skin color, not deeper differences. So I generally call them blacks, because that is all that “nigger” means, and sometimes call them plains apes.

                  It is necessary for plains apes to live under different laws and customs than whites. Not only because whites cannot thrive if plains apes are treated as people, (observe, for example Detroit) but because plains apes cannot thrive. If you look at any country where they are doing OK, the laws are simpler and considerably harsher, and parental discipline is severe. The disparate treatment of certain forms of cocaine was not because whites demanded harsher laws against certain stereotypical conduct mostly done by blacks, but because blacks demanded harsher laws. Being under laws designed for whites makes black communities dangerous for blacks.

                • jim says:

                  White listed. Sher Singh is a special case.

                • InFunk says:

                  But we were taught to worship Black People, Plains Apes as you call them, to fall on our knees before Big Black Dick, and to otherwise cuck ourselves out to everyone and everything else. So this is all very confusing.

    • Zorost says:

      Blaming corporations for the covid reaction is what is known as a “limited hangout.” When the enemy is closing in on the truth, you drop partial truths in the hopes that it either satisfies them or leads them in the wrong direction. If a “covid truth” source doesn’t talk about the global government collusion to push vaccines, then it is part of the coverup, not shining light on the truth.

  23. Cloudswrest says:

    I watched a video of Boeing’s successful (finally) launch of their manned Starliner this morning. The launch went off smoothly and without a hitch, but I felt a significant amount of fremdschämen listening to the announcers and televised narration. It was like watching everybody fawn over a retarded kid for learning to use a fork! The treacle was incessant! They even referred to the two astronauts as “heroes”! I kid you not! Though given Boeing’s record lately, I will give them credit for having balls, even if one of them was a woman.

    As an side, SpaceX is scheduled to launch their fourth Starship prototype tomorrow (Thursday) starting at 7AM Central Time.


    • Varna says:

      It’s well nigh impossible to get to the fact, anywhere online, that the engines putting the Starliner into space are the Russian RD-180 engines.

      Even when you dig it up, no mention where the tech comes from.

      Quite the impressive feat of total misdirection.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >The launch went off smoothly and without a hitch

      Hold up, the story isn’t over yet!

      The Starliner craft and its crew of two astronauts are holding a position about 200 meters (656 feet) away from the station, according to a live webcast of the mission. Docking was initially targeted for 12:15 p.m. New York time. A second docking opportunity opens at 1:33 p.m. in New York. Four thrusters failed in flight, but mission controllers were able to bring two back online after troubleshooting. The thrusters are used to help maneuver Starliner through space. -BBG

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Seems SpaceX was able to successfully launch and, more or less, bring both the booster and Starship back down.

        The booster successfully “landed” in the Gulf of Mexico. Had one engine failure, but that didn’t seem to cramp its style. Starship allegedly landed in the Indian Ocean. I say “allegedly” because it was hard to see what was going on with debris on the camera lens, and the graphic didn’t show the engines re-igniting, although they claim they did.

        Seems the control flaps don’t like reentry all that much. The only one visible was burning up at the hinge. Glowing white hot with flakes of burning metal flying off. Ship seems to have made it down before the flap failed completely. Seems the problem is not just the heat, but the Oxygen. It starts to burn the metal. Reentering though an inert atmosphere like Argon would probably be a lot easier.

        Don’t know why they land these prototypes in the ocean instead of in a desert somewhere? Makes it harder to retrieve the vehicles for failure analysis. And the saltwater corrupts what data there is.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          > Don’t know why they land these prototypes in the ocean instead of in a desert somewhere?

          The threat of torching a bush in the middle of nowhere is also the excuse the demon worshipers need in their effort to keep humans interned on their earthly prison.

  24. Mayflower Sperg says:

    Does Yuval Harari have any redeeming qualities? In TED talks and in his book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, he tells how all human societies are based on imaginary constructs, comparing e.g. Hammurabi’s legal code from 1776 BC to a certain document from 1776 AD, one egalitarian and the other not, both claiming the authority of nonexistent gods.

    He emphasizes that a moral system based on “human rights” is just as contrived as one based on the divine right of kings, then steps into the liberal temple, bows down to the liberal gods, and writes a few pages about how unfairly blacks and women are treated. Back and forth like this!

    • Epimetheus says:

      He is quite literally Klaus Schwab’s court catamite – hence the poorly-veiled misanthropy. I wouldn’t pay any attention to anyone from that crowd, him especially.

  25. Cypherkhaner says:

    Jim you often talk about Bitcoin and the Ethereum/EVM ecosystems but I don’t hear you talk much about Tendermint/Cosmos.

    There are a number of projects which at first glance seem to be doing ZK privacy correctly.

    Penubra, “a fully shielded zone for the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing anyone to securely transact, stake, swap, or marketmake”:

    Namada, “Proof-of-Stake L1 for interchain asset-agnostic privacy”:

    • jim says:

      We have plenty of privacy coins. And none of them can compete with Monero, except Litecoin, because Monero was the first privacy coin, and the only reason Litecoin can compete with Monero is not because it is a better privacy coin, though it is, but because it was founded earlier than Monero, but only later acquired privacy capabilities.

      Similarly, none of the non privacy coins can compete with Bitcoin, because Bitcoin was the first.

      • Cypherkhaner says:

        Indeed. The projects mentioned above have the interesting feature of being able to “wash” all existing IBC assets without converting to another asset, you just transfer them in and out.

        Could accomplish something similar with atomic swaps in and immediately out of Monero or Litecoin, though last time I checked this appeared difficult.

        Not enough to overcome the network effect vs Monero or Litecoin.

        • jim says:

          Atomic swaps between Litecoin and Bitcoin, and Monero and Bitcoin are possible, and I see lots of dexes having a go, but the software was a bit raw last time I looked. I will have another look. It is quite easy to construct an atomic swap between litecoin and bitcoin, but setting up the dex is hard. Considerably harder to construct an atomic swap for Monero and Bitcoin.

        • Tyrone says:

          Fall too low and a coin will never come back. Both LTC and XMR are drifting towards the event horizon of irrelevance. Maybe they bounce back soon, but the clock is ticking.

          So I think projects similar to OP’s have a shot to take the lead in privacy. Probably not those specific ones if they are limited to Cosmos. It’s tempting but I don’t want to start discussions about my own favorite obscure alt coins.

  26. Ryan says:

    Jim, could you do a post on the prospects of hypercapitalist acceleration through Ai tech?
    This video is eye opening

    Although we are well into a huge decline of human capital, we have enough smart engineers left to make progress in a few focused industries for decades yet.

    LLMs will replace a lot of workers in many industries starting immediately, and humanoid robots will hit physical industries within a few years. There will be less scope for diversity hires to ruin day to day operations, but if the only jobs left are in management them Shaniqua will be getting a promotion. China etc won’t have that problem, and AI + robotics will massively increase productivity.

    Robots and datacentres are capital intensive, so I would expect large levels of wealth concentration. We might get a proper cyber dystopia instead of brazil world. Thoughts?

    • S says:

      You can’t out tech social decay. You build robots and if they aren’t allowed to kill niggers rip them apart for parts. You build robots and if they are allowed to kill, the line going up is political assassinations.

      If AI remains stupid, we get the outcome you foresee. If AI gets smart enough to replace managers, the attractor state is a singleton and what matters is command of the kill bots.

      • jim says:

        Russia and the Ukraine are now building killbot armies as fast as they can. So far, AI does not seem to matter that much. There is an enormous difference between a drone in the possession and under the command of someone smart, competent, manly, and warlike, and a drone that is not.

        Of course AI is rapidly improving. We shall see. The Chinese have been giving some cool demonstrations of swarms of autonomous killbots, but what is happening on the battle front is that the human warrior is still everything, even when he is holding joystick instead of a sword.

        Ever since the oxygen event, our ancestors have been killing each other. We are very good at it.

    • jim says:

      What I expect is that AI is going to eradicate the email class as the power loom eradicated the hand weavers. I will not much miss them. It is also going to obsolete grunts on the battlefield. I doubt the grunts will be complaining about that much. The email class will probably complain quite a lot.

      Both of those are going to lead to a lot of concentration of power and wealth.

      But advancing technology can give everyone more power and wealth, while social decay leading to technological decay is causing everyone to lose power and wealth. Focusing on how that power and wealth is distributed is a distraction. Our problem is a holy war coming and a dark age coming.

      • white bread says:

        It seems to me that high tech is more beneficial to the power of oligarchs than it is beneficial to the power of “we the people”. There is a well known collection of so called dystopian literature, not to mention the fact that we are living in an enviroment that gets more dystopian by the day. It may be possible for technology to help us defeat them but frankly things are going in the opposite direction as far as I can see.

        • jim says:

          Not sure why you hit moderation again. Maybe my spam filter is second guessing me.

          Tech is not causing our problems. Encryption and many to many communication favours us and disfavours them.

          If you look at the bad stuff they have been up to recently, for example the jab and the Ukraine: the jab is stuff that goes back to the medieval period — deliberately spread a disease and tell people that the cure is to submit to authority, and colour revolution is much what empires have been doing for millennia.

          Albeit in the medieval period we know about it because in the end they executed the equivalent of Fauci, his henchmen, and the WHO in a startlingly horrific manner.

          Debasing the currency goes back to the Roman Imperium.

          • Ryan says:

            Tech advances could be game changing when it comes to the dynamics of elites and the masses. For example, governments could never monitor all the people all the time, but now/soon, governments can plausibly listen to every conversation and scan every word of written communication to look for dissidents.
            If robots can make more robots and meet phyiscal labor needs, then the rulers no longer have a reason to keep the dirty peasants around.

            • jim says:

              They have been scanning every written word since about 1994, but the algorithms they were using back then were fairly stupid. AI enables them to do a much better job.

              The more they try to control, the more they screw up. Reflect on what happened with the jab. Their reach exceeded their grasp.

              They have been aiming at total thought control since around 2000 or so, which may have been a response to Russia breaking away. Their problem, however, is that stupid people are trying to control the thoughts of smart people.

              • Karl says:

                Thought control is difficult. It is much easier to control what people say or write. It used be that people got in trouble only for public speech and published writing. Now people can get in trouble for what they say or write in private.

                A common reaction is that people don’t say anything in public and are careful what they say in private.

                • Zorost says:

                  That is an important issue, because those of us alive now might know the truth, but it will becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to pass it on. So you end up with diminishing % of people each generation who know anything other than the state religion’s orthodoxy. Which is what the global masters are counting on.

          • white bread says:

            Agreed, technology is not the root cause, the problem is political. And encryption and p2p comms are indeed beneficial to us. At the same time technology raises the stakes, I’d say.

            “Not sure why you hit moderation again”

            Maybe because I’m using Tor?

  27. TheDividualist says:

    How smart is nationalism as a religion? We see both in practice and was predicted by those few I would still call experts (Mearsheimer) that it will be the main avenue of resistance. I see primarily nationalism in Hungary, Russia, with Christianity as a secondary element.

    Nationalism has the advantage that it can look pop and cool, it has an easier job of not looking something overly old-time for young people:

    Synthetic tribes like soccer fandom can look modern and hip.

    Christianity has this problem that priests are either talking old-time language and cannot talk well with young people, or the opposite, trying to be modern in a very fake and cringe-worthy way.

    • Fidelis says:

      Christianity has this problem that priests are either talking old-time language and cannot talk well with young people, or the opposite, trying to be modern in a very fake and cringe-worthy way.

      Why don’t you go out and preach then? Go to lukewarm churches and talk to anyone young, organize your own bible studies and such. If you’re a believer, it’s written that it is your responsibility to do so. If you simply wish to utilize social technology to have a civilization again, what better tool?

      • TheDividualist says:

        The Bible itself has the old-time language not well suited to young people problem. Watch that clip – how to present the Bible like that?

        • Fidelis says:

          >not suited
          Nonsense. Read, digest, understand, translate into modern stories. You don’t have to just repeat verbatim scripture. Scripture is what it is because it contains timeless truth that can be shown in any age.

          >make Christians look cool
          Modern warrior garb decorated with Christian symbols. Look at the Cathedral Putin had built. We’re dealing with people that act like demon skinsuits, and ofterntimes their faces show it. Need Saint Michael’s sword, show what that looks like in a modern context.

        • jim says:

          > old-time language not well suited to young people

          I don’t find this to be a problem. The most egregious examples of misunderstanding the Bible are the parable of the wicked vinedressers, the parable of the fig tree, and the parable of the good Samaritan. Are any of these less easily understood in the King James Bible versus the various modern English Bibles?

          • Oog en Hand says:

            I would say, take the opposite course. Use holy books in the most inaccessible language you can find. The fact that normies can’t read Hebrew, Aramaic and/or Arabic is a huge advantage of Islam and Judaism.

            • FrankNorman says:

              No, it’s an advantage to their priesthood – even if they don’t call it that. Same game with the RCC and the Bible being only in Latin.

              When a select group of Special People get a corner on declaring to everyone else what God’s will is… sooner or later what the Special People start declaring is that everyone else must give the Special People tons of money and not told them accountable to any of the normal laws that everyone else has to follow.

              • The Cominator says:

                And if the priesthood leadership wants the priesthood celibate they will add that you have no right to question them fucking boys and having sex in a big gay pile.

    • dharmicreality says:

      Nationalism seems to work for a while but only with a strong leader keeping everybody under him on leash and constantly having to watch his back, and it is always subject to subversion by socialism, i.e. degrades into national socialism or civic nationalism and ultimately socialism without a strong leader.

      By itself, I don’t think it is a religion at all because very weak sauce for a shared faith, because ultimately common race, shared culture and a virtuous elite/state religion are the ingredients of a strong nation, not artificial constructs like “shared ideals”, constitution and letter of law.

      • TheDividualist says:

        Socialist subversion of nationalism is a very good point. That is how it started in Sweden. The state as the home of an ethnic folk, which is like a family, and families share.

        • jim says:

          With the entirely predictable outcome that the Swedish state is now giving it all away to violently hostile imported voters.

          • TheDividualist says:

            Precisely, Jim. Many states do things like this, but only Sweden has a precisely defined doctrine of welfare internationalism.

        • dharmicreality says:

          The missing piece, even within an ethnically and culturally homogenous society is hierarchy and patriarchy. This is why varnashrama was vital for Aryan and later Hindu society.

          Nationalism sans social hierarchy inevitably leads to socialism in the absence of a powerful leader. Initially socialism within the ingroup and later extended to the outgroup as well as nationalism keeps getting diluted.

          In the absence of patriarchy, hierarchy eventually collapses.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            Expansion of the devadasi system can prevent female infanticide.

          • TheDividualist says:

            … and THAT requires taking a real religion seriously. A drone cross once a year might impress Rod Dreher, but it is not enough.

    • The Cominator says:

      19th century nationalism is a bad religion because it leads in short order to horrible total wars.

    • Ryan says:

      The jews seem to be able to cooperate very well on the basis of holding the interests of their ethnos as sacred. The way they treat other groups and their talmudic mental gymnastics are also baked into their religion/culture/genes, and get them into trouble.

      The japanese can also cooperate well without having a very strong religion. I think that’s similar to the English, where a lack or foreign neighbors caused evolution towards high general trust, which is an advantage when there aren’t any other groups around to sneakily exploit you, but a weakness now.

      • The Cominator says:

        The high trust society that came about in England, Scandanavia and Japan are almost certainly due to all of those places making extensive use of the death penalty for petty crimes for centuries. Most places in the world didn’t have this but England Scandanavia and Japan did.

        • Tyrone says:

          Jim is always recommending Australian history but I never get around to it.

          How did an island continent of petty criminals turn out so well? Maybe the convicts weren’t such a big part of the population? Or maybe relative to the resources available it didn’t turn out too well and with better founding stock it would be a superpower?

          • The Cominator says:

            I do not know Australian history the way Jim does but my limited understanding is the male convicts mostly didn’t reproduce as the convict women were assigned to legitimate settlers and the guards. Sometimes a convict made good after serving his sentence of course but they were kept away from the women harshly which is I think is what Jim alludes to when he talks about this.

            • jim says:

              The squatters were ex convicts, and their descendants are still a significant power in Australia today, so obviously some portions of the convicts did reproduce.

              and their modern descendants are still inclined to a certain amount of violence, lawlessness, rebellion, incohesion, and criminality.

              The typical criminal has a short time horizon, short time preference. The squatters were convicts with long time preference. The guards realised that they needed such men to provide a market economy, and, to avoid the famine of socialism, insisted on giving such men a long leash, a policy that England did not like.

        • Ryan says:

          I’m sure executing criminals greatly helped pro-social behavior. Other places like China had similar law and order but aren’t nearly as high trust. It’s a complex issue.

          • The Cominator says:

            China had sporadic bouts of draconian punishment for petty crimes but it wasn’t so prolonged as in the places I mentioned and China’s bouts of draconian punishment tended to also make capital crimes out of things like being late for work and such… ie it didn’t so much kill criminals as spawn (out of necessity) rebels for things that in England/Scandanavia wouldn’t be crimes at all. Japan was different than all of them.

          • skippy says:

            A lot of countries have historically executed a lot of people for “good” behavior, also.

  28. TheDividualist says:

    >Islam encourages the mindset that led to “will not fix”.

    Fatalism is truly big outside the West, not even only in Islam. In Hindu-Buddhist Nepal, one encounters people who are ill and do not go to the doctor because it is just their karma that they are ill. When you tell them that it is also their karma that they have access to a doctor, they are unmoved. They don’t think doctors can fix karma.

    I think fatalism also played a role in the Pagan period of European history. Perhaps fatalism is the default mode of being human and Christianity is the big exception that somehow found a way to fix it.

    • Aidan says:

      Fortune favors the bold. Classical mechanics tell us that a car should not work. Attempting to lubricate the transmission, which is subject to extreme pressures, with oil, should not work. The pressures involved should squirt the oil right out of the gears, leading to the metal fusing under intense heat and pressure. But it turns out that long chain hydrocarbons have an emergent property under ludicrous pressures; they form temporary crystalline structures similar to diamonds that prevent metal on metal contact between the gears in a car. If somebody trying to invent a car “did the math”, they would give up. But they didn’t, they just tried it, persisted in finding an appropriate lubricant via experimentation, and it worked. Classical mechanics explains this emergent property of hydrocarbons, but it doesn’t predict it. Too much fatalism and you can’t invent a car. Too little fatalism and you don’t believe in the classical mechanics necessary to invent a car. The necessary worldview for science and technology is the intersection between the terribly potent individual will and the terrible deterministic machinations of Fate. One could also call this the northern-tragic worldview. The Japanese independently developed something like the Germanic-tragic sentiment, with a Nature that is a dynamic tension of countless animistic wills, the individual variously in concession and struggle with it, and as a result do very well with science and technology, better than other East Asians when it comes to innovation.

  29. dharmicreality says:

    Well, Modi seems to have returned for a third term albeit with a reduced majority, which seems indicative of strong Cathedral interference in the Elections short of full-fledged electoral fraud which was probably logistically impossible to carry out in large numbers here. Considering Modi’s popularity, in a free and fair elections, BJP would absolutely have won an absolute majority by itself by a large margin and its alliance upto 400 seats as predicted by the exit polls which probably failed to account for the malefic influence and interference of the Cathedral.

    But of course, the BJP is a mainstream party and is stuck in normality bias and underestimated how much influence the Cathedral can have and how far the opposition can go to subvert elections even in a country like India.

    It is likely that the BJP will now start being even more socialist under pressure from its allies and silently tone down or abandon Hindu Nationalism. Though Modi may well not bow under pressure, BJP still believes in the holiness of “democracy and its institutions” which is its fundamental weakness and repeatedly exploited by its adversaries.

    All this of course, reiterates the fakeness and gayness of Democracy in general. Again reiterating the fundamental point that Monarchy, or literal Ram Rajya for Bharat is the solution.

    • Sher Singh says:

      Naa it helped bring 2 Khalistani Indps to power.
      Their anti-India/Hindu signaling will let Modi remain Hinduvta?

      One was a delete tho so could portend Sikh civil war more openly?

      Congress doubling its share after essentially genocidal wealth redistribution rhetoric means it’ll double down.

      Very concerned about 2029 as UP was lost & Yogi may not win.
      Congress in 2029 will be horrible & we’re guaranteed war by 2034 anyway IMO.

      Pak will explode by then.

      • jim says:

        I find this Indian election outcome hard to believe. I find the conflict between the exit polls and the election results improbable.

        Same phenomenon in the US where we see Democrats winning 95% of the vote in districts where very few people show up to vote, and most of those few that do show up to vote are maga voters. The discrepancy between what we see in physical turnout at the polling booth, and election results, is ludicrously extreme and egregious in the US, but it seems to have been startlingly large in the recent Indian poll.

        Polls Show Biden Still Has Sizable Lead Among Those Who Will Be Counting The Ballots

        U.S. — Though some recent data has indicated large percentages of voters are breaking toward former President Donald Trump, new polls show President Joe Biden still has a sizeable lead among people who will be counting the ballots.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          The Cathedral didn’t have the resources in India to do a full scale election “engineering” but as you say there has been successful interference in many parts. The election opsec left a lot to be desired. Carrying out 7 phases was a mistake.

          I noticed that the Western media and their mouthpieces in India has been busy saying “Modi lost lost lost…” despite Modi set to form the next government.

          That Modi still won a majority with an alliance just shows how much of a landslide he actually won with.

          • Sher Singh says:

            Main things seem to be:

            Losses in states such as UP, TN etc are mainly targeted at possible successors to Modi.

            Some UC accounts claiming a weakened mandate means less likely to implement things like private sector reservation.


          • someDude says:

            The fact that he barely squeaked through against a no-name challenger in a place like Varanasi, where he is wildly popular tells me this was a Cathedral op.

            Its just amazing how no section of the Indian MSM even has a whiff of Cathedral interference. Only the Russian outlets like Sputnik,—report-7515022.html

            and some 2nd tier Indian outlets like Firstpost talk about it,

            In fact the Russian outlets seem to talk more about Cathedral penetration than the Indian outlets, which I find staggering, and in a way, humiliating.

            This tells me that the Entire Indian MSM is compromised by the Cathedral.

            • Sher Singh says:

              It’s infuriating.
              Even the NRI gand in Punjab + the AAP party.

              We need serious reforms in agricultural sector.
              I’m coming to understand the Punjab situation as follows:

              American Khalistani backed by Blackrock
              Canadian + UK backed by Chinese $$

              Bjp trying to back using Gujarati billionaires

              Communists have hijacked the mainstream Sikh faith.
              This whole MSP for everyone is bullshit.

              Bjp offered 5 year transition package & shifting Punjab to dairy is correct.
              Would create business for Indian railways & Gujarat ports too.

              Indian media won’t even report on how much sabotage is done to Indian railways near constantly now.

              Online accounts only caste troll making people blind to the civilizational paradigm.

              • jim says:

                Yes, the Indian MSM, bureaucracy, and judiciary is quite obviously under the thumb of Harvard and Washington. Neither of whom like India or any of the competing Indian faiths. In the lead up to the election, I could smell our American priesthood contemplating a steal, and immediately after the election it was instantly obvious to me from thousands of miles away that a steal had been attempted.

                Since the steal has been incompletely successful, they are now thinking rather more seriously about colour revolution. They have not positively decided on colour revolution yet, but are in the process of deciding.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The problems at this moment are vast.

                  1. Caste – impossible to ignore differences in competency & out of control dalits

                  2. Regionalism – Any project can be stalled by buying out a regional satrap even in the absence of a stolen central election (look for GAE to increasingly focus on color revolution in border areas)

                  2.5 – Will add that border areas are also where Muslim illegals & Christian missionaries are disproportionately active/settled

                  3. Diaspora – Western educated Indians will increasingly return home & bring back the GAE’s good ideas. Many of the elite’s children study at Harvard

                  4. Lack of a strong central arm – the CCP could rein in GAE, but the BJP/RSS cannot.

                  Furthermore, Indian society is too diverse for that sort of function.

                  India will continue to rise slowly amidst its issues though.

                  Any thoughts on the Ray Peat diet stuff going around?

            • Dharmicreality says:

              There were so many tell tale signs of Cathedral influence that even a street vendor in India would agree.

              * Russia’s warnings about it were ominous and clear.
              * The western media’s constant barrage against Modi should have sounded alarm bells.
              * The constant propaganda that Modi is a literal dictator and how the opposition and minorities were “crushed” under his leadership.
              * The election commission conducting the election for such a long duration with inadequate opsec.
              * On counting day I noticed that except Arnab Goswami all the MSM were gloating about Modi losing losing losing despite NDA getting a majority.
              * Western media continuing to emphasise how BJP fell short of majority ignoring that their alliance won.
              * Opposition not conceding the election and still talking about forming a government despite a clear loss.

              I wonder if top BJP leaders privately know this but are keeping quiet or are simply in denial about it.

              • Sher Singh says:

                * The election commission conducting the election for such a long duration with inadequate opsec.
                * On counting day I noticed that except Arnab Goswami all the MSM were gloating about Modi losing losing losing despite NDA getting a majority.

                Nobody seriously thought Modi was at risk of losing or unpopular did they?

                This talk of the opposition forming government also makes me doubt a lot of the twitter heads.

                Think they’re on CONG payroll.

                This is the new normal, I guess.
                A weakened BJP is still better than a Congress.

                Thought experiment & don’t answer if you don’t want to?

                How do you think a BJP or Jan Sangh gov would have handled the Sikh issues of the 70s through the 80s & mid 90s?

                Pranaam Shaheedan Nu


                • dharmicreality says:

                  It was obvious that the Cathedral had already prepared headlines proclaiming Modi’s defeat in line with the steal, and finding at the last moment that it actually didn’t happen as planned, had to quickly change the headlines.

                  Still, if you had followed a few Western media outlets during the day on June 4th, it was obvious that some of them had declared Modi’s defeat even before the counting was over and laterquickly tweaking the headlines with predictably clumsy results.

                  Probably they didn’t get the memo soon enough.,

                  How do you think a BJP or Jan Sangh gov would have handled the Sikh issues of the 70s through the 80s & mid 90s?

                  The Khalistan separatist movement was a Cathedral op from the beginning. Regarding the other legitimate Sikh issues, I don’t have an idea. But even at that time, the Sangh was basically a Hindu socialist organization with all the weaknesses of socialism baked in.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The Khalistan separatist movement was a Cathedral op from the beginning

                  I think all Sikh mass politics since 20s has been Cathedral.

                  The Sikh princely states had all intention to conquer till Jhelum and run an autonomous state till Agra with Maharaj of Patiala at head.

                  The Akali Dal who started sit in protests & hunger strikes was against it.

                  These type of peaceful protests are not part of Sikhi. Neither is their gender equality.


                  What a marvelous military career!

                  Ww2 into 3 indo pak wars & one with China into dying defending your holiest shrine.

                  Pranaam Shaheedan Nu


              • jim says:

                > * The constant propaganda that Modi is a literal dictator and how the opposition and minorities were “crushed” under his leadership.

                There will be massive protests by the oppressed Indians crushed by Moditler.

                And to liberate the poor Indians crushed by Moditler, the US, in order to support democracy, the rule of law, and the rules based international order, has a moral obligation, to bomb India flat. Indeed our democratic constitution legally requires it.

                On the other hand, can hear the Thermidoreans murmering “India has nukes”. But the voices that think our Democratic constitution and rule of law makes it undemocratic to think about nukes seem louder. If we just shell and bomb India just a little bit, then they cannot possibly respond with nukes, can they? Just teensy weensy little bit of shelling and bombing through a proxy that just happens to have Nato equipment and “ex military” advisers from Nato operating that equipment.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  I have a feeling that with the GAE having its hands full in the Ukraine, China and the Middle East, they won’t be able to declare a hot war on India just yet.

                  On the other hand, the propaganda war is likely to intensify preparing the ground for a Color Revolution in the future.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Personally my impression is that, similarly with China, occidental whigs can’t muster up the same genocidal mania over India as they do with Russia. There’s a discernible continuum of declension; the more similar a people are to their neighbors – the ultimate objects of their hatred – the more dedicated the antipathy, the more adapted the tactics.

                  India’s own homegrown leftists, cultivated by GAE influence, of course, are another matter.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  Personally my impression is that, similarly with China, occidental whigs can’t muster up the same genocidal mania over India as they do with Russia.

                  They tried their damndest to work up a genocidal mania over “Hindu Supremacy” in the same manner as “White Supremacy” but somehow didn’t click. Maybe not all factions of GAE are on board.

                  India’s own homegrown leftists, cultivated by GAE influence, of course, are another matter.

                  India’s homegrown leftists are still stuck in Marxist Socialism. In other words, old school Commies pushing affirmative action on Caste lines and pandering to the desert cultists and other minorities. At least my impression is that they don’t seem too enthusiastic about woke despite the Western propaganda. Even the judiciary, mostly woke, still seem less than enthusiastic to accept full fledged Wokeism in the form of LGQTBTITAWERTY++++++.

                  Of course, it is my feeling that Modi’s popularity and being in charge for 10 years has kept things under a lid somewhat.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Indian Muslims won’t act without the Taliban who are busy consolidating and state with India’s assistance m

                  Their first order of business is badla with Pakistan.

                  Sikhs have started to swing towards BJP.

                  Dalits suck at war.

                  There’s simply no on the ground proxy to hide NATO troops in.

                  The NE sort of provided material, but those insurgents started threatening Burma or something & it got complicated between USA and China.

                  I think USA will target Indian business networks in the Gulf + pressure H1B businesses.

                  Basically back to the frenemy relationship of the Bush 2nd era.

                  Does this entail support for Pakistan as well?

                  I believe so as nobody wants a Taliban with nukes.

                  Although, Idk

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I want Taliban with nukes. Nuclear proliferation is a good thing.

                • i says:

                  It is my impression that were Indians to institute a Meritocracy that the people will naturally sort into their respective Castes or Classes based on Ability.

                  The reservation system sounds too much like Socialism for my taste.

                  If the Farewell to Alms happen in India:

                  As well as a Lex Talonis(eye for an eye) Restitutional Justice system instead of Prison(like in the Old Testament). Including executions for Murder. Its my opinion that some people do need to be removed from being alive. I think in a few centuries India will start to rise.

                  Also I am noticing that as the lower quality immigrants from India start to arrive the impression of Indians have been on a downswing recently.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Lmao the fact that they’re also defiling the Russian flag (???) at a Khalistani protest tells you everything you need to know: there’s definitely some CSIS & CIA glowies running the whole opp to have a 2014 Ukraine Euromaidan in Punjab (esp since 2 Khalistanis won LS elections)


                  Re: nuclear proliferation – I guess I’m out of touch.
                  I assume only 99.9% of the state department is demonic.

                  Otherwise, why not just openly hand nukes out & use em?

                • Sher Singh says:

                  India’s assassination plot
                  Fault Lines investigates India’s alleged campaign to assassinate critics in the United States and Canada.


                  Feeling sick..
                  GAE really moving in.

                  Fkn hell we’re gonna be nostalgic for Modi when this is all over.

                • jim says:

                  It was completely obvious that the assassination was carried out by US-Candadian security services, since the assassination was carried out with absolutely no regard for basic security precautions. The police displayed a curious lack of curiosity, and the assassins had complete confidence that the police would display a curious lack of curiosity.

                  If a foreign power wants to assassinate an inconvenient exile, it will send one very good assassin who will kill the target with one silenced twenty two through the head, or jab him with a difficult to diagnose poison, or something like that. You don’t send two carloads of incompetent idiot assassins whose aim is reminiscent of star wars stormtroopers to spray him with automatic weapons, because the more of them you send, the more likely one is to get caught and talk.

                  Given the massive carelessness, incompetence, and negligence with which the assassination was carried out, they should now have a truckload of evidence and leads. Yet strangely they have precisely zero evidence — or precisely zero evidence that they are willing to reveal.

                  The assassins acted as if they knew the police would close their eyes and put their hands over their ears, and lo and behold, the police did.

                  The guy they nailed was obviously US government sponsored, and also obviously US government murdered. When you cash your next paycheck for shilling here, you should consider that the retirement scheme on your job may not be to your liking.

  30. Fidelis says:

    Newton was rightly ordained and rightly buried in Westminster Abbey, even though his intellectual curiosity led to him dabbling in no end of heresies

    How do you deal with cases like this in general? Heresy is extremely dangerous in many ways, subtle and explicit. Newton’s particular heresies seemed more like autisitic nonsense, brought about by a powerful mind that overisolated and overwrought, and he was not particularly disposed to preaching as far as I know the history of his life. So in his case, it seems obvious to overlook when weighing against his obvious love of Nature and Nature’s God.

    In many cases it’s obviously just leftism. When the new cult appears preaching about how very holy they are for sexual abstinence, about how this world is an illusion to be escaped by imitating their holiness, and by surrendering all your gold to them for safekeeping, its fairly clear. However, like Newton, many cases are not obvious.

    When do you not overlook such things? Lets pose a hypothetical: we have a Musk like engineer, who then dons a fedora and rants about how anyone who believes in God is stupid and senseless. Atheist beliefs seem a match for believing in a unchanging ruleset of physics and nature, so it’s not a far throw for such a figure to be good at tinkering and finding working patterns, without any appreciation for divinity behind the curtain. At the same time, a man who believes in nothing but himself is dangerous to himself and others, and imitation spreads this danger. Do you have this annoyingly preachy atheist engineer put somewhere in Alaska? Do you issue a statement that he’s clearly only good at tinkering and to shut up about everything else? Do you just allow him to go about and ignore it?

    What consitutes heresy that must be purged, and what do you allow leeway for?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The easiest way to find a handhold on this question to start getting somewhere with it is to ask yourself about what examples you can think of of this actually happening in reality.

      Examples of fedora tipping and accomplished natural philosophy coinciding in the occident generally only start appearing after an anti-christian crypto-religion has already become ascendant. Where Christianity was state religion, meaning actual Christians heading organs of state churching, everyone was at least deist. It was a mode of being where it was not difficult at all for worthy men to rationalize compatibility with such arrangements, in order to give their assent to the thirty-nine articles. You could find the occasional fedora tipper avant la lettre, but these also tended to be cranks whose main occupations were sophism, not doing anything of actual use.

      Not all shibboleths are created equal. Inability to validate natural law as Divine Law really is a reliable filter for brain problems, at any time or place. We can theoretically imagine the possibility of a man on balance of characteristics worthwhile who gets filtered by inability to express the signs of the shared faith of power in your nation; and for every one of those, there are a hundred more, perhaps a thousand to one even, of raconteurs stopped dead at the first brush by finding it impossible to say Christ is King even if it is their interest to gain entry into a position of substance (leaving the fraction of raconteurs using too cleaver by half sophistications to say the words while meaning something else in their heads, but that is a different level of problem).

      • Fidelis says:

        ask yourself about what examples you can think of of this actually happening in reality.

        That was actually much of the intent behind the question. The hypothetical was very weak, because exemplary heresy so very quickly becomes exemplary leftism. I wonder if this is so often the case exceptions can be safely ignored.

        • jim says:

          It is not that any random heresy turns into leftism. Leftist heresies are always finely tuned for entryism and taking power. That is why leftist heresies are apt to mutate so rapidly. They are tactics.

    • Ryan says:

      You (the sovereign or priesthood anti-heresy officer) tell him why that is heresy, and why preaching heresy is treason. If he refuses to shut up, he is in open rebellion, just like a warrior could fail to submit and be in open rebellion.
      In almost all cases, they will bend the knee under credible threat of escalation up to and including execution.

      • The Cominator says:

        Newton didn’t say shit except maybe sparingly to a small group of people he thought were the closest thing he could find to intellectual equals. Also I think the special position of Lucasian professor meant that he uniquely did not have to be ordained so Newton was not ordained (slight factual error Jim Newton was never a clergyman of the Church of England).

        True and undeniable geniuses like Newton should not be held to the rules ordinary people have to follow.

        • Ryan says:

          Yes, if they aren’t outspoken they can be tolerated. The question was about a hypothetical troublemaker.

    • skippy says:

      Individual proselytizers (granting Newton seems to have stuck to the deal and done his heresies only in private) seem to be much less of a problem than organized entryists, and organized entryists don’t necessarily present as heretics is the environment is very hostile to overt heretics. What you really need is an intelligence service and a secret police, and the ability to deal arbitrarily with the small number of organized entryists they identify, without the system becoming a power unto itself and exceeding its remit.

      • The Cominator says:

        Individuals are dangerous only when they are book writing types like Marx (though he was probably a front for other people) and Rosseau but otherwise individual dissenters with unique heterodox views are not dangerous.

        Organized entryists need to be found and killed before they gain entry. You need an autocratic government to control any powerful permanent (as in not ad hoc commisions) government institution.

        • skippy says:

          “Marx (though he was probably a front for other people”

          Would you care to elaborate?

          • The Cominator says:

            “League of the Just”. I do not think Marx wrote his books.

            • skippy says:

              League of the Just is what became the Communist League, and it’s well known the Communist League paid Marx to write the Communist Manifesto, and repeatedly complained that he was late in doing so.

              Clearly Marx was not a lone voice on the topic of reviving the French Revolution (this is how Communism was understood in the mid-1900s, not as a distinct doctrine).

              Nonetheless, I don’t see any reason to believe that Marx, a writer from a long line of writers (prominent Rabbis) was not the paid writer of the Communists, and that the writer has a substantial ability to inject his own thoughts into his writings, even if he is being paid to write to order.

              Who specifically do you propose was an alternative writer(s), and what makes this a more parsimonious explanation than that Marx did the writing?

      • Jimmy says:

        Believing an incorrect thing is error. Teaching error is heresy.

        I’m not being pedantic–using the precise labels and categories, in this case, dispels the question. The church must tolerate and correct error. The church must be absolutely intolerant of heresy. Newton was in error.

        • jim says:

          Quite so.

          Because science, and to a lesser extent, technology, is inherently a priestly profession, you get tech mages, which results in tech tech priests, tech prophets spontaneously appearing. Which is a problem for the official religion (in our case, the officially unofficial religon.) And because you don’t want competition to the official religion, you want, as far as possible, to include them in the priesthood of the official religion, as Newton was included.

          If getting included results in a nice sinecure, and getting excluded is apt to result in hot water, I don’t think we will see too much heresy, even though we may well see quite a bit of error.

          • The Cominator says:

            Newton was the Lucasian professor which uniquely was not ordained to the church of England.

            • jim says:

              Yes, not literally ordained — but this was an evasive legalistic workaround. The state Church did in fact effectively include him, as it rightly should have done.

              And part of the deal was no teaching of error — that Newton should refrain from heresy. Which he did. So it worked. So including him rightly honoured and rewarded his achievements, and also shut down potential competition to the official religion. You don’t want the Galileo problem.

              Galileo really was a thorn in the side of the Pope and the Church. He did not have to be. When tech priests and tech prophets spontaneously appear, you need to bring them in. Not just repressive tolerance, but recognition and financial reward.

              It works. It worked for the Church of England, back when that Church was actually Christian.

              • The Cominator says:

                I guess the question is whether Newton would have been willing to affirm the full Nicean creed publicly without reservations (he would be willing to affirm the trinity it is not correct to say he is a unitarian he believed in the trinity but subscribed to a position similar to semi Arianism) given Newton’s reputation for being an inflexible and blunt textbook autist he might not have (but maybe he would make an exception).

                • jim says:

                  It was safer to grant him full honours when he was safely dead. Which they did.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Something else to consider is that Newton was an unusual case in many ways, not just his abilities. Take for example Leibniz, who was extremely smart, and also extremely orthodox because extremely smart.

                • jim says:

                  The state religion should be handing out goodies whenever it spots alarming and potentially dangerous prophet or priest roles in techies. Then they will be all be extremely orthodox.

                • someDude says:

                  This just incentivizes techies to to dabble with dangerous prophet and priest roles in a bid to get bribed by the goodies

                • jim says:

                  Tech prophets and priests are inevitable, and have accomplished great things. We want them to accomplish great things. We don’t want them accomplishing great things outside the official faith, or you are apt to wind up with a Galileo problem.

                • someDude says:

                  I’m concerned about an otherwise politically disinterested techie suddenly start priesting in a bid to make for the Goodies after seeing his colleagues do the same. You don’t want to be too predictable in handing these out.

                  You might have to be a bit unpredictable in whether you hand out goodies or hand out a visit from the inquisitor along with a possible demotion.

                  Let them risk it a bit

                • Fidelis says:

                  Could you speak briefly to the Galileo problem? It’s annoying to sift through the noise to find signal here. Thank you.

                • jim says:

                  Galileo was, as geniuses tend to be, as Newton was, something of asshole. And the Roman Catholic Church did not like him priesting, and he did not like the Roman Catholic Church not liking him priesting, and when the dust settled, the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity was left with a permanent nasty stain, while Newton rests in Westminster Abbey, and made the state religion look good. When the dust settled, and everyone involved was dead, he had won and the Church had lost. So the Church should avoid getting into such fights with such quarrelsome people. It is apt to lose. Better to pay them off. Nothing is more powerful than an idea.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  An additional element of consideration in this form space; Sergei Korolev was the soviet union’s foremost rocket scientist, particularly responsible for organizing their space program getting off the ground in the first place.

                  He was also arrested by the soviets on trumped up charges in the late 30s, caught in the spray of the great purge, tortured until a desired confession was extracted, and sent to a gulag.

                  Some time later, intercession by friends in the remaining technical community saw him rescued from this end via transfer to the ‘special design bureau’ system; labour prisons for ‘knowledge work’, effectively.

                  The communists abused Korolev terribly; and he gave them years of leal service in return. The man was awarded orders of the soviet union for his achievements in rocketry all while still technically being a convicted prisoner.

                  The point of this is not to say that one should emulate the soviets as the finest example of progress to follow, but an illustration of the dynamic they incidentally touched upon in such cases. Carrot and stick. The confluence and continuum of ways and means. A demonstration of the fact that even the worst of state churches can be compelling as long as they are capable of faith, as long as their exponents are convinced of their righteousness, and can so impress this conviction on others.

                  It’s easy for someone to bring themselves around when there is reward and status and prizes in it for them. It’s also easy for someone to bring themselves around when peril is the alternative. It is good to both reward and direct genius by on-boarding it to Party membership; and it is also good to punish heretical tendencies by demotion to sharashkas, in case of useful skills balancing against less vociferous calumny as a mitigating factor, putting radioactive elements in a tank, underlined by the certainty that death could serve just as well.

    • jim says:

      I am not seeing such cases. I don’t see any techmages and tech prophets actively hostile to Christianity. And if the state religion was Christian and happy to absorb techmages and tech prophets, granting them considerable benefits I would expect considerably fewer.

      The threat is not active overt hostility, but perversion and subversion. And a genuine techmage has other things on his mind.

      • Cypherkhaner says:

        ESR has been ranting about atheism a bit on Xitter, but I wouldn’t call this actively hostile, and certainly not perversion or subversion. If we had a Christian state religion I think he’d be quieter.

        • jim says:

          ESR sees no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. He is loyal to our ruling state religion. When Christianity comes to power, he will be loyal to Christianity, and not even notice he has reversed his position.

          He used to be a tech prophet. Discovered that his moral superiors to his left did not like tech prophets, and left that job.

          • The Cominator says:


            • jim says:

              An ex tech priest and ex tech mage. The woke do not like competition, any more than the Puritans under Charles the Second did, so he cut it out.

            • A2 says:

              ESR appears to be in twilight: in poor health, begging on Patreon (please kill me if I ever come to this point) while complaining that the gift money removes his Obamacare subsidy.


              A certain kind of Libertarian boomer that was not uncommon in my youth but is now increasingly rare. I seem to recall he cucked on the alt-right but can’t find the evidence at the moment, so let’s put a question mark there. Still, he at least seems to view COVID-19 as a bioweapon, the Bell Curve as legit, etc.

              • jim says:

                Yeah, but he cucked.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                “Please donate an extra $2000 a month so my healthcare provider’s CEO can buy a bigger yacht!”

                Ever thought of moving to a country where medical care isn’t so f**king expensive?

              • A2 says:

                Also, come to think of it, does keeping a Patreon account still mean you are approved by the hard left? It sure did a few years ago … so Jim is probably right.

              • skippy says:

                ESR was very right wing, and is still very right wing, but jim didn’t say ESR is left wing. He said ESR has no friends to the right, no enemies to the left, which is sadly true. ESR, though very right wing, was always trying to ally with his enemies and prove his worthiness by attacking his friends.

    • Epimetheus says:

      Dr. Bruce Charlton touches on this very subject in The Genius Famine, co-written with Edward Dutton. The sort of “non-conscientiousness” typical of valuable genius personalities can lead them to have zero concern about having religious, philosophical, or sexual practices departing from the cultural norm. The kind of man that doesn’t give a crap about received wisdom on physics – and thus be capable of generating a revolutionary creative insight – will also likely not give a crap about the received wisdom on religion. And you can’t have one without the other. Modern leftism has taken advantage of this predilection and built their empire on it.

      The rightist solution seems to be to care for these geniuses and give them everything they need to produce the next best weapon or tool or whatever, but shuffle them and their heresies very emphatically into the “crazy uncle” or “harmless crackpot” category. The King makes it quietly known that no-one will take what his pet geniuses say seriously on topics that depart from their area of usefulness.

      • A2 says:

        Leftists of course prefer the non-syllogism that since they depart from the religious/philosophical/sexual norms, they too are Genius. And let’s not even get into how academia acts as an enabler.

        (Not quite their position, even, because as we have seen with freedom of speech and many other issues, this view is just a transition state until they gain the upper hand.)

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