“Arctic ice hits near record low”

“Arctic ice hits near record low, Threatening Wildlife”

Since we have been observing the total ice area for thirty years, on average, assuming that there is no long term warming trend, arctic ice will hit a near record low one year out of ten.

But, of course, there are two poles, so in one year out of five either arctic or antarctic ice will hit a near record low. And of course, there is also the rest of the world to have near record events in.

So over the last thirty years, maybe a trend towards warming, and maybe not.

To judge, we need a longer view.  Debunk house gives us a two hundred and forty year view, and then a thousand year view.

Its more of the same.  Sometimes things get colder, sometimes they get warmer.  If these were graphs of the stock market, they would not be much help in deciding whether to invest or not.


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  2. FYI… I have expanded the Greenland reconstruction.

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