Northwest passage

I have not been doing much global warming blogging lately, since that seems to be an area, where, like socialism, everyone knows the ruling elite is lying, and their continued lying only embarrasses them.    When the climategate files came out, we had documentary proof that all the conspiracy theories about official science were true.  Indeed the concept of the Cathedral, which is a loose coalition of many small conspiracies that in effect act like a vast conspiracy, owes much to what was revealed in the climategate files.

But, in response to the news that the Northwest passage never opened this year:

For as long as people have been searching for the Northwest passage, they have found that it sometimes opens in summer, sometimes remains closed, and sometimes opens briefly and closes unexpectedly, trapping whoever was trying to use it.  That the Northwest passage has recently been open in summer, and has recently been closed in summer, is true for as far back as we have records.

2 Responses to “Northwest passage”

  1. Thales says:

    Passage closed by ice euphemistically referred to as, “treacherous weather.” Interesting choice of words: treacherous.

    “This was a triumph.
    I’m putting a note here: Huge Success!”

    • jim says:

      They tried pulling their rowboat over the ice like a sled, doubtless expecting to see open water a short distance ahead.

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