Hillary’s illness

The most notable symptom of her illness is the need for frequent and lengthy “naps”, often at inconvenient times that play hell with her schedule.  This sounds like alcoholism, since Parkinsons is bad all the time, while getting drunk comes and goes.

Both alcoholism and Parkinsons can cause coughing fits, but by and large, when you get coughing fits in Parkinsons you are pretty far gone and cannot pass for normal even superficially, whereas alcoholics with coughing fits pass for normal except that they get drunk at times that are socially inappropriate or inconvenient for their careers.

Alcoholic coughing fits tend to be associated taking high proof shots.  If you get drunk on wine, no problem, or at least no coughing problem.

During her most recent coughing fit she was stressing her throat by shouting into a microphone. Getting coughing fits while shouting is not all that odd.  If I took a few too many shots of high proof moonshine and then started shouting I would probably cough also, not really a sign of anything seriously wrong, (though the fact that she could not stop coughing but had to be hustled away is a sign of something seriously wrong) but why shout?  Just hold the microphone a little closer, or do as everyone does while singing or videoconferencing, have a headset that holds the microphone just beside your lips.

That she was shouting into the microphone suggests she was having speech difficulties, which she disguised by shouting.  If she was not shouting, would probably be slurring her words drunkenly.

Shouting worsens the common perception of her, that she is an angry nagging scold, a social justice warrior, the wicked witch of the west wing.  Women should not shout, and men should shout infrequently.

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  1. Anal Rape Parade says:

    Jut heard from a guy who worked the last debate, that Hillary started drinking almost immediately after it was over. Hard liquor. Looks like you could be right.

  2. A TruthSift diagram establishing or refuting (currently establishing) that “the Preponderance of the Public Evidence Indicates Hillary Has a Serious Neurological Problem”. Please feel free to contribute or to challenge if you see anything wrong. The rating of what is and isn’t established will automatically be updated to reflect your contributions.

    A TruthSift diagram computing the probability “Hillary has a serious medical condition that is being hidden from the public” based on a Bayes net of some of the available data. Please feel free to add more or challenge what is there.

    • peppermint says:

      what in the name of Kek is TruthSift? It looks like some Yudkowskian Drake equation editor.

      This is more proof that science is overrated and needs to be knocked down a peg or two so he grifters will leave.

  3. peppermint says:

    We can call them tyrannical and say that their policies will lead to the extinction of the White race on this continent, we can say that their policies are unsustainable, we can accuse them of all manner of sexual perversions, we can even call them cucks, but all of this is abstract.

    Hillary’s health matters because the Dhimmicrats literally nominated a woman with one foot in the grave, like they’re the ruling party of a banana republic instead of a major party in a meritocratic system.

    • Inquiring Mind says:

      Yeah, and I always thought they only had figured out a way to let the dead . . . vote. This is Progress.

  4. I have no idea, but she does seem frail . she seems to have aged considerably over the past 15 years.. Some people can keep going into their 60’s and beyond and others see a sharp decline in performance

  5. Zach says:

    Was at an Orchestra once, and tipped my head back to think for second about something for some reason. Then, a small bit of saliva oddly went down the wrong pipe, and I was almost uncontrollable. The coughing would not stop. It sucked, because one could hear a pin drop in that hall.

    This happened earlier in my life too. In high school. Exact same thing happened.

    What I see in Hillary, is not that.

  6. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim, I can tell you with a very high degree of authority that she does not have Parkinson’s. As I’ve stated before, I feel the diagnosis is alcoholism. Many alcoholics are seldom visibility intoxicated. As little as three drink equivalents a day over decades can constitute alcoholism in some women. Five a day over one decade is alcoholism in just about any woman. That’s just one bottle of wine a day.

    • Zach says:

      Those definitions are just inaccurate, because time scales are simply decreased in reality.

      3 to 6 months. You can be there. If not shorter.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        Perhaps, but you can’t suffer irreversible neurological impairment from the alcohol itself (as opposed to, for example, a fall) from drinking three a day for six months. Or five a day for three months.

        • Zach says:

          Well, I wouldn’t know much about that. I should, but I don’t. I do have a lot of first hand experience dealing with these nuts though. I like ’em, a lot more than the average population.

  7. cloudswrest says:

    Trigger warning. This is seriously gross. Hillary hacking a glob into her water glass. Skip to the end for slow mo.


  8. JRM says:

    The most interesting aspect of this peculiar malady-whatever it is- to me is that the discussions about it may be making HRC more self-conscious, which could lead to more incidents.

    I know she has been speaking publicly for decades, but if there is a crack in her confidence then performance anxiety may become an exacerbating factor. In the most recent attack on board the plane she says they went back and looked and found she reliably experiences these incidents every Labor Day- a truly odd comment that also reveals concern inside the Clinton camp to find excuses-even far-fetched ones.

    It’s good strategy for anti-HRC partisans to make as large a production of these lapses as possible, for the increasing attention may provoke more frequent occurrences.

    I’ve seen one photo of her, on board a plane IIRC, holding a drink and tilting her head back; she looked woozy or somewhat inebriated to me, though that’s just one instance.

    The weirdest moment that’s been recorded must be the “retarded five-year old” facial expression in an oft-posted on stage with Bill moment where she reacts in an imbecilic way to dropping confetti or a light show of some sort.

    She may be so cushioned from harsh reality by her army of yes-persons that she is herself unaware of how strange and unpleasant her demeanor is.

  9. I’ve never seen a clip where she was slurring. Never seen her act obviously drunk. Don’t believe the expose book by SS guy mentioned alcoholism.

    • jim says:

      You have never seen a clip of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s in a wheelchair either.

      • True, but I’ve seen a lot of clips of Hillary she doesn’t want me to see, such as all the ones being used to argue for Parkinsons. There’s more of that stuff now. Its not conclusive, but it argues against alcohol and for Parkinsons.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      There are emails in one of the email dumps where she has Huma get her a drink with the implication that it’s alcoholic.

      • jim says:


        Every so often she struggles with a long word and slows down even further.

        • Brit says:


          Look how she suddenly looses control of her body

          • jim says:

            They are hustling her into the getaway van, and at the same time trying to shield her from view, then her feet just go unresponsive, which could indicate momentary unconsciousness, or could indicate that when she gets hustled over the curb, she has no idea what to do with her feet and just gives up and goes limp, like a drunk falling except they will not let her fall.

            A lot of doctors have diagnosed this as sudden unconsciousness caused by this, that, and the other, but it looks to me that it is provoked by the curb – that she finds it too hard to manage going over the curb, and just stops trying. Looks to me like a drunk trying for a limp fall, as least damaging way to get nice and peacefully horizontal.

  10. glenfilthie says:

    The bizarre head bobbing and obvious bouts of disorientation support Parkinson’s. Her handlers wouldn’t let her get near a microphone if she was pickled. They could control and mitigate problems with alcoholism… But there is SFA they can do about PD.

  11. Mackus says:

    Could be Parkinson. Dozen doctors noticed symptoms of Parkison and side effects of long-term use of drugs to threat Parkinson.

  12. R7_Rocket says:

    Cankles, The Wicked Witch of The West: -Cough!- “I need some water.”

    Quick! Crooked Cankles needs to have water splashed on her!

  13. Alan J. Perrick says:

    She coughs because she knows what she’s doing is evil so she’s trying to distract herself from what she’s saying, “Jim”. Just like pinching one’s fingers (acupressure) relieves pain elsewhere, this coughing keeps her from screaming out against the painful self-hatred of what she’s pushing which is White Genocide.

    There’s only so much stuffing down of one’s own disposition that is possible, and the woman is a grandmother.

    Still, she is deserving of never-ending financial penalties for the crime she has committed against the white race… Making her an example for other would-be anti-whites.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Hillary is a virtuous White Woman protesting White Genocide the only way she knows how.

      It’s just like the sex strike that young women are supposedly staging.

  14. Gary Austin says:

    This is… not a good post.

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