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The dissolution of the Monasteries 2.0

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

I always talk about Charles the Second, who undid a left singularity and built good economic and religious institutions.

But I also frequently comment that fixing the problem requires the dissolution of the monasteries, which is a reference to Henry the eighth

I normally do not cover the news of the day, but couple of days ago, Trump proposed the dissolution of the monasteries.

A future American ruler is likely to need to implement this plan, for the reasons that Henry the eighth needed to implement it. He probably will not want a full break with progressivism, as Henry the eighth did not want a full break with Roman Catholicism. But, faced with resistance, Henry the eighth turned to the protestants. And a future American ruler attempting to implement something like this is going to face resistance similar to that faced by Henry the eighth.

One obvious problem is that Henry the eighth was a warrior and leader of a warrior people, while Trump is a merchant, and a bit old to change. His reaction to stubborn resistance is likely to be to attempt to make a deal with those with whom no deal can be made, as it always has been. You cannot talk to these people, they will not hear, so even less can one make a deal with them.

Vivek Ramaswami, empire, and Thermidor

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

The Republic is dead. No matter what happens, and numerous unexpected and unthinkable twists in the road are coming up, we will end with a Stalin or Napoleon or Cromwell. If we are lucky and brave, a Caesar.

Vivek Ramaswami’s policy positions are wonderful. He tries to out Trump Trump. And some faction in the deep state is protecting him.

But there is something deeply fake about him. And it is most odd that he gets away with stuff which would result in any other namefag being unpersoned. I don’t know what it is, but I have recently found a clue: We had an infestation of Vivek shills on this blog, and when I asked them about Soros’ color revolutionary activities, they softly and silently vanished away.

Looks like his spambots, like vivek himself, cannot speak of anything related to Globohomo empire or the curious lack of any rules in the “rules based order”. They can speak of some of the crimes of Soros, but not of imperialism – which is most of his major crimes and the primary activity of the Open Society Foundation that Vivek warmly endorsed.

Could be that there is a faction that wants to keep Global American Empire, since after all without it a whole lot of people in Washington, New York, and Boston will suddenly be a lot poorer, and figures Globohomo is heading for a train wreck. “Lets keep on doing color revolutions, but use the nazis instead of the gay parade”

Vivek Ramasawami supports the Soros Open Society foundation, fails to criticize the Global American Empire and color revolution, and made his money in bed with the state and quasi state kleptocrats who are getting rich skimming the gravy off the Global American Empire.

The Global American Empire has been suddenly revealed as a paper tiger, due to de-industrialization, and army full of gays, trannies, and coloreds doing logistic work in base areas – camp followers dressed in soldier’s uniforms for stolen valor.
gay trannie colored army of women
Camp followers should wear a different uniform. If you have one man in your army who does not fight, bye and bye there will be no men in your army who fight.

If you are going to keep empire, have to re-industrialize. No prospect of re-industrializing except by Trump and/or Vivek. RFK Jr is anti imperialist, and Trump wants empire downsized by spinning off its unprofitable provinces. The kleptocrats want to keep empire and don’t want downsizing, because the reason the provinces are unprofitable is that the kleptocrats are skimming all the gravy. But the way things are going, the empire is about to fall. Vivek wants to keep empire.

When Vivek talks about the Ukraine, he somehow neglects to criticize empire, or, unlike Trump, even highly unprofitable empire. His proposed solution for Ukraine is to keep empire while not getting up Russia’s nose. It looks like he is backed by an imperialist faction – and of course his entire private career was cosy with the the kleptocrats. His private wealth is all connections to the kleptocracy. Could be that there is a kleptocrat faction that is planning a Thermidor?

If there is a Thermidor, we are going to be the Incroyables. When the left was in retreat, the right felt their oats. The Incroyables failed. Failed horribly. But we have something they did not. We have the lessons of history. The Incroyables failed because they celebrated the degeneracy of the Sun King’s decadent aristocracy of the Robe. Bad idea to identify with losers. This time around, or enemies will want us to identify with the Nazis, following the example of the Ukraine Nazis, who are currently fighting for a gay Jew who does not speak Ukrainian very fluently. The Ukraine Nazis are machine gunning and cluster bombing white Ukrainians who attempt to retreat in a war inflicted on them by far away imperial Jews. It is working for Globohomo in the Ukraine, so they will figure it will work for them here. And it will, if the alt right falls for it.

So, several possible outcomes, listed in order from that which I think most likely, to that least likely.

1. The Thermidorian faction of the elite is killed by the woke faction, no one cares about the nominal president (Robespierre had no official office, role, or title), and the empire cracks up in external war and internal democide and civil war.

2. The Thermidorian faction fails and fades away, a waxed corpse of Biden is elected to maintain the pretence that elections still matter, and the empire cracks up in external war, and possibly internal democide and civil war.

3. The Thermidorian faction installs a Trump/Vivek presidency. Thermidor ensues.

In the unlikely but now possible outcome that the Thermidorean faction installs a Trump/Vivek presidency, next step: The alt right becomes the incroyables. Trump/Vivek will theoretically fire the Deep State, but it will continue right on going with changed office stationary. The Deep State will attempt to massage the alt right into the Ukraine Nazis, and to the extent that they succeed, we will be following the failed footsteps of the Ukraine Nazis and the Incroyables. The Ukrainian Nazis, once no longer useful to Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, and Soros, are going to die after having been used up destroying their race and their nation.

A retraction

Friday, June 9th, 2023

I predicted that Trump would be arrested and Epsteined.

With defeat looming in the Ukraine, the future course becomes even more unpredictable.

Looking at those in power as the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive fails underneath them, I have no idea what the future holds, and I doubt that they do either. But we are no longer on the course that we were on a week ago.

Putin cured Covid. When he invaded, they did a sharp right turn on the way to the left singularity, suddenly abandoning ever more brutal, coercive, and lawless enforcement of ever more frequent boosting, in favor of war with Russia, a measure that resembles the way they cleared the decks of female emancipation on the way to war with Nazism. If they want to win, a whole lot more deck clearing is in order. I think Putin has suddenly given Trump a whole lot of people in the elite interested in Making America Great Again.

As the invasion of the Ukraine led to immediate radical change in the internal policies of our masters, a change that was immediate and obvious, though to this day denied, defeat in the Ukraine is likely to lead to considerably more radical change. Which will probably also be denied.

I am getting the feeling that faction that would have eliminated Trump is out of puff, falsifying my prediction that the leftmost always win. No one cares that he has been indicted, because it has suddenly become unimaginable to take him out of the election that way.

Putin’s multipolar order is an existential threat to the rules based order, aka the Global American Empire. This is making some of the apparatchiks of empire think. Maybe some of them are finding “Make America Great Again” appealing. If you are in power in the “rules based international order”, and it looks like it is about to sink underneath you, making America Great Again sounds attractive.

The obvious sane strategy is to allow Trump to win, allow him to make peace, postponing the conflict with Russia and China pending American re-industrialization. For it has become obvious that a de-industrialized America is likely to get its clock cleaned. Which does not mean the obvious sane strategy will be carried out, or that Musk will continue to be protected, but that Musk is being protected indicates that there are at least some sane people in the elite.

On the other hand, the natural trend of the holiness spiral is that the last vestiges of sanity always get eradicated.

Such a reversal would be akin to the Thermidor. Which did not solve anything, and left no end of disastrous policies in place, but considerably postponed the imminent catastrophe. Whether they are capable of carrying out such a reversal is uncertain, but that some of them are thinking about it is obvious.

Thermidor resulted in the Incroyables, a purple pilled reactionary movement that seemed potentially capable of taking power, that did in fact have significant power. Backing off from infinite leftism in finite time, backing off from the Eschaton, took the energy out of the left and for a while gave the “far” right room to breathe. In the end, the Thermidoreans crushed the Incroyables, who looked back towards an aristocratic culture hopeless decadent, with women depressingly emancipated. They should have looked further back, to the aristocratic culture before the sun King turned aristocrats into disarmed bureaucrats and courtiers. Their rejection of leftism was far reaching, enormously more radical than that of Thermidoreans or Trump, but nowhere near far reaching enough. Rather, they revealed just how far left pre-revolutionary aristocratic France had been. They rejected the revolution in toto, but failed to see that it was Aristocratic France that had been revolutionary, that the revolution, the Maximum, and the red terror was just the consistent application of the principles of the decadent aristocracy that they celebrated and sought to return to, the consistent application of their principles.

Re-industrialization requires more than Trump. It requires reversals on women, crime, and diversity in the workplace. Which is nowhere remotely near being on the Trump agenda. Allowing Trump to win merely because it is obvious to everyone that the overwhelming majority vote for him is, for most, radically unthinkable, but equally, it is nowhere near enough to attain the desired outcome. The desired outcome being that imperial apparatchiks will continue to enjoy the empire that the industrial might of America gained.

What really outraged the imperial apparatchiks about Trump was his support for a westphalian world, where each nation was allowed to be itself. Trump coming to power would be a Gorbachev moment, when the empire yields out of high principle that which looks increasingly likely to be torn from its grasp. Maybe not everyone everywhere needs to hold a gay parade. At least not until America rebuilds the industrial and technological base that gave it empire. Which it cannot do without measures unthinkably more radical than those contemplated by Trump.

Facing the collapse of empire, an abrupt turn towards sanity is obviously being contemplated by at least some in power. But it will not be enough, even if it is accomplished. Leftism gets lefter till expunged. The thermidoreans were not enough, even the Incroyables would not have been enough. But the Incroyables would have stalled things for quite some time. Conservatives will conserve abortion and the Gay Parade, even if Trump gets elected, and it will eat them, as the Incroyables got eaten. But if we walk that path, which is not likely, but has become quite possible, will take longer than I predicted to reach annihilation, and will create opportunities to do that which is actually needed. A change towards what is needed is going to demoralize and de-energize the left. Last time Trump was elected, it perceived as an outrageous aberration, and democracy had to be restored by stuffing the correct result down its throat. This time around, if his re-election is permitted, it will be because of external military defeat, not so easily corrected as an aberrant democracy that votes undemocratically. The left will reluctantly accept him, as the French reluctantly accepted Marshal Petain. His Westphalian external policies will not longer be seen as vile and intolerable anti american treason, but as accommodation to the realities of defeat, his internal National Capitalism will be accepted because re-industrialization has suddenly become desirable. His energy policies will not longer be sacrilege against the awesome might of the Gaia demon, but rather a military necessity reluctantly and bitterly endured to regain the capability to impose America’s will on a world strangely reluctant to be enlightened.

Unfortunately, if Trump gets away with all that, it will not be long before they want to enlighten the world again. It will be a breather and an opportunity to fix things. It is not going to fix things. It may be a start on making it possible to fix things, because the left will be de-energized and demoralized, but what must be done is unthinkably more radical than Trumpism. Women have to go back to the kitchen, diversity has to go, and homes, streets, and businesses made safe again.

He votes, counts for nothing

Monday, November 7th, 2022

He who counts, counts for everything.

Voting is over. Elections are over. The Republic is over.

The time of Republics has passed, for a republic requires a virtuous elite, yet undermines elite virtue. Thus Republics are always short lived, and their endings dreadful.

The time has come once again for a King appointed by God, and for an army to march to holy war under the banners of Christ.

Another one bites the dust.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

I don’t usually cover the events of the day, because one loses track of the big picture. The events of the day only reveal their meaning when viewed months, years, decades, or centuries later.

With democracy and freedom of speech dead, there is no way to resolve conflicts within the elite except lethal violence. Covering this incident because it is a significant escalation in inter elite violence.

ABC news producer and senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee raided by FBI, and not seen again.

Things are escalating far slower than I expected. But they are, as expected, escalating.

They have been escalating for a long time. I expected that following the stolen election of 2020, they would escalate a whole lot faster. They have not been escalating a whole lot faster, but it looks like they are escalating somewhat faster.

In these internal conflicts, and in the external conflict with Russia, we are seeing limited conflict for limited stakes. People are acting as if not everything was on the table, as if it was not winner takes all. This is normality bias. Escalation to internal civil war, and/or external world war III is inevitable until someone emerges capable of imposing order. Every time a rule is broken, a limit overstepped, there is more up for grabs on the table, until eventually the stakes for everyone are win or die.

For a very long time I have been predicting democide, genocide, civil war, and/or external war for 2025-2026. That things have been going slower than expected does not yet incline me to shift that prediction. Normality bias is that the 2022 elections will be normal, or that the regime will get away with pretending that they are normal.

I doubt it.

The regime took power on the basis that they would temporarily use extraordinary measures to return things to the way they were, and extraordinary measures would cease to be necessary. Obama normality would return. People in the elite believed they were returning to normality, and this belief is stabilizing things, like Wily Coyote walking off the edge of a cliff, but not falling until he looks down and sees the abyss beneath him. With members of the elite vanishing, the abyss is getting hard to ignore.

A prediction corrected

Friday, July 8th, 2022

Shortly after the 2020 election, I predicted that Trump would be arrested within a few months, followed in due course by an ever increasing number of Republicans, and would in due course be Epsteined, executed, or disappeared.

It rapidly became apparent that this prediction was on Musk time. The conspirators that stole the election, like the conspirators who murdered Caesar, expected and intended to return to normality by abnormal means. And normality means the continued existence of a significant Republican party, and allowing them a little bit of the gravy.

Which becomes difficult when your violent unpopularity is grotesquely obvious. You cannot have normality while moving lefter and lefter, faster and faster. Leftism is smashing the economy, causing staglation, leftism is heading hard fast into world war three, leftism has legalized robbery and murder, and leftism is turning school grades four to eleven into gay child whorehouses. (Child protection services could not keep up with demand) The war on food is just beginning in the US, but it has gone over the top in Denmark.

I did not believe then, and do not now believe, that this intent can be accomplished. Too many actions motivated by gross hostility to normal Americans have been taken, and more are coming down the pipeline, faster and faster. I have taken some bets on the outcome of the 2022 elections. I bet that Republicans will be thoroughly denied power at every federal level, but am no longer betting that they will be denied even the job of dogcatcher in dogpatch.

Soros has also concluded that a return to normality is impractical.

Soros calls for implementation of my prediction: Eliminate the Republican party by any means necessary

The public votes peace and prosperity. We have war and stagflation. It is completely obvious that anything resembling an honest election would be a Republican landslide, and that what Soros has in mind is nothing that resembles an honest election.

Things are grim now, and are going to get a whole lot grimmer soon. The Republic is past its use by date, and all that remains is for a sufficient number of normies to wake up to the new reality. Which is happening, but resolving the crisis does not appear possible now. It looks like we are on the path where stability is restored by a Stalin or the Thermidorians and Napoleon, rather than a Cromwell, let alone a Sulla or a Suharto.

In this crisis, we should not now prepare for victory, but rather for preserving technological capability and the capacity to organize in an increasingly hostile environment. We should act to maintain the capability to act when more favorable circumstances arise.

In the Trump years, I hoped and expected for favorable circumstances to arise, but when the time came, Trump, in the memorable phrase of namefag Yarvin, fished in the Rubicon.

When it became obvious that an election steal was being prepared, Trump called in the lawyers when he should have called out the militia.

Today, an honest election requires the measures employed by Caesar and the NSDAP, which are such as to produce one honest election once. Regular honest elections require a somewhat virtuous elite, which is gone and not coming back until a generation or two of good leadership by good Kings.

In the early Republican primaries, the Republican party was able and willing to hold free and honest primary elections, which of course quite predictably led to ultra maga landslides, what I would call the Christian national capitalist faction of the Republican party.

Then there was a sudden change, in which blatantly rigged primaries produced cuckservative landslides.

I will not rehearse the evidence that these were rigged, because that buys into the enemy frame, that if they call it an election, it is an election unless you can prove it is not.

This is a reversal of the burden of proof. It is for the winner to prove he was honestly elected, not for the loser to prove he was not. Elections must be conducted in such a way that there is proof that the outcome was legitimate. If they are not conducted in this way, it is because the winner knows he will not be able to prove that. And in these elections were deliberately conducted in a way that makes it impossible for the winner to prove he was honestly elected.

Well, that might suffice to satisfy our enemies that they can tolerate a mild mannered cuckservative outerparty. And that is their clear intention and hope. A hope that seems to be being dashed.

The abortion ruling was to throw some red meat to the Republican base, so that they would not abandon the cuckservative party, without which the appearance of normality could not be continued. But it does not seem to be continuing anyway, rendering the cuckservative party useless to our masters. A substantial fraction of the left seem to view any political activity that would give the Republican party the superficial semblance of meaning and purpose as an intolerable affront.

In any left on left conflict, the faction promising to immanentize the eschaton wins, and faction promising business as usual loses. Keeping a fake Republican party on life support is getting in the way of immanentizing the eschaton. Biden and company are trying to do both, and are falling between two stools. Which is what I expected to happen, but I expected it to happen a whole lot faster.

2000 mules

Sunday, May 15th, 2022

“2000 mules” is an investigation of the everyday routine ordinary fraud that preceded the 2020 election. It does not look at the extraordinary and hastily executed fraud that was performed in the early hours of the morning, when they hastily shut down the counting places, then reopened them at three AM with truckloads of freshly printed Biden Ballots, that, being centrally printed, failed to fill out the down ballot candidates.

Everyone has known for decades about the everyday routine fraud, and in this sense nothing new to see.

But what is new is that they gathered petabytes of computer data on the everyday routine fraud, allowing them to make plausible lower bound guesses on that fraud. It is, at the lower bound, still enormous. Honest elections would produce a wildly different political leadership.

This investigation only covered certain small areas of certain states, it took a sample, because just too much data otherwise, but the ballot box stuffing in the small sample alone was sufficient to throw the election, meaning that without the usual routine fraud, the three AM stuffing would have had to have been even bigger and more blatant, and there would have been a downballot landslide. It appears to be an approximately twenty billion dollar or so business.

If we suppose that fraud only happened within the sample, then without the fraud Trump would have won (except that they would have just increased the 3AM fraud). If we suppose that the sample is representative, that similar fraud happened everywhere, someone who makes Trump look like a progressive trannie would have won.

Another thing that is new is that it documents Republican refusal to do anything about fraud, that everyone in every state at every level of authority, turns a blind eye, absolutely regardless of party affiliation. All the ballot boxes in every state investigated had official video cameras watching every ballot box, and all of the many thousands of incidents of ballot box stuffing were officially recorded on official video in each and every state, and officially ignored in each and every state. That, I did not know.

What I found very interesting was the reaction of people when they saw someone stuffing ballot boxes in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people lined up to vote. It is like a woman misbehaving in the workplace. No one admits to seeing what they are seeing.

Just as the strange inability to notice what is happening in the workplace reveals what is denied, the strange inability to see ballot box stuffing reveals what is denied. Not only does everyone know that workplaces are intolerably disrupted by female misconduct, everyone knows that elections are rigged. Obviously the bystanders know that knowing these things is going to get one in trouble, and one cannot know that one is going to get into trouble, except one knows the thing one is not permitted to know. One will not choose to unsee what one sees, unless one knows it is state sponsored lie by a state of terrifying power that enforces lies.

Everyone involved in election integrity enforcement in every state unsaw what they saw, and random bystanders in the street caught on ballot box video unsaw what they saw.

And they are not going to start seeing what they are seeing until thousands of ballot box stuffers get thrown into the Pacific, gay K5 teachers get thrown from high buildings, and women disrupting the workplace get whipped out the door naked and bruised.

The party of God and Christ

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

The Republican party is walking dead, in the same way the lamestream media are walking dead.

If you look at measures of engagement, the lamestream media have absolutely insignificant engagement compared to the major media figures of the alt right, and major alt media figures who frequently interview major media figures of the alt right.

And now the lamestream Republican party is showing similar symptoms.

Of course, reactionaries and the Dark Enlightenment also have very low engagement levels, compared to major media figures of the alt right, but direct mass engagement was never one of our goals. We aim to influence the influencers, and in this we are succeeding.

Trump united the alt right with lamestream right when he was running for power in 2016, but as soon as he achieved power, cut the alt right out, as dangerously radioactive. He was probably right to think our dangerous radioactivity would have caused him problems, but cutting us out was a huge mistake, for it meant his apparatus was full of enemies and traitors, which bit him hard.

And now the lamestream right, like the lamestream media, is quietly fading out of existence, but, like the lamestream media, has not realized it yet.

Doug Mastriano is running in the Republican primary for governor of Pennsylvania. He will probably win, and if he wins the Republican nomination for governor, he would surely win the governorship in the unlikely event that a free and fair election were to take place.

Trump has not yet endorsed Doug, and were he to endorse him, I am sure all his lamestream political consultants would wet their pants in fear and horror. If Trump endorses Doug, Trump will be decisively breaking with the grave strategic error he made in 2016.

The interesting and important thing about Doug’s website is that the word “Republican” nowhere appears on the landing page. The word “God” does however appear near the top.

On his landing page he presents the identity that he expects to get people to vote for him. And “Republican” is not part of that identity. People just do not care about the Republican party any more. They are not running for the Republican party. They are running for God, Country, and Freedom.

When I see people striving for office against lamestream Republicans, their identity as individuals and as an organized movement is not “Republican” but Christian.

These people are not the Republican party. They are the party of God and Christ. And they are not the God and Judeo Christ party either.

Are they alt right? Well the alt right is so radioactive that they maintain a studied ambiguity on the issue, but Democrats think that they are, and I think that most of them are. Are they reactionary and/or Dark Enlightenment? They are not, but we have their ear.

Will they win power? Chances are that all they will achieve is to demonstrate that the only path forward is through Caesar (the Republic died in the early hours of 2020 November the fourth) but if that is the case, and I have some bets riding that it is the case, needs demonstration. I had expected that the Democrats would have demonstrated that for us by now, but I was wrong. Election time will likely clarify.

End of pretence of democracy rescheduled to 2024

Monday, December 13th, 2021

Shortly after the election was stolen, I predicted that Republicans would never win anything ever again, and that Trump would go to prison, soon to be followed by most of the Republican party.

But, it seems that I was running on Musk time.   If you want to know what our enemies are up to, listen to what they accuse us of. Social Justice Warriors always project.

Hat tip PJ Media:

The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman wrote breathlessly, “the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect. The prospect of this democratic collapse is not remote. People with the motive to make it happen are manufacturing the means. Given the opportunity, they will act. They are acting already.”

“The democratic emergency is already here. We face a serious risk that American democracy as we know it will come to an end in 2024, but urgent action is not happening.”

So, if the usual inversion applies, 2022 will not be too blatantly democracy 2020 style, but 2024 will be.

Recap. The Democrats in 2020 had the usual fraud in place to deal with the expected Trump landslide, but got a Trump Tsunami instead, so had to stop the counting, and dump in lots of hastily printed ballots at four in the morning. These additional fraudulent ballots were centrally printed in the middle of the night, so unlike the fraudulent ballots issued earlier did not have the downballot candidates filled in.

The expressions of alarm reflect concern that the usual deniable fraud is not going to suffice, and they are going to have to go about it in a more obvious fashion, and stop worrying too much about pretending that democracy is still operating. But they figure the mask will fall off in 2024. Which does not mean it will stay on in 2022 – it fell off in the early hours of 2020 November the fourth, but they hastily put it on again and announced that no one had noticed.

The strange acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

It looks like Kyle is about to be acquitted, probably on all counts, including the count of carrying a gun while seventeen. Bizarrely, Kyle is being acquitted merely because it is glaringly obvious that he is a hero and straight shooter who was defending himself against vicious savage subhuman trash trying to murder him.

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kyle

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kylie

Why did this extraordinary miscarriage of justice, allowing a politically incorrect man to walk free merely because obviously innocent, happen?

Well, watching the prosecutors, they seemed to have drunk their own koolaide. The fix was not put in, because no one thought the fix was needed. White supremacist slaughters unarmed peaceful protestors peacefully protesting. Simple. Open and shut case.

So they failed to fix the evidence, the jury, the judge, and the defense lawyers.

I am just not seeing the “Oh $%!#, its hopeless” behavior until it is suddenly revealed that it is hopeless.

Their questioning of McGinnis only makes sense if they thought that Kyle ambushed Rosenbaum, rather than Rosenbaum ambushing Kyle, and expected the evidence to show that, even though everyone in the world saw Rosenbaum attack Kyle, as he had attacked so many other people.