The outer party rolls over

The outer party has rolled over for the inner party and wet themselves.

Because they lost, they will be blamed for holding the confrontation at all. Had they won, Democrats would be blamed.

In that the Democrats had accepted funding to keep almost all the government open except Obamacare, the Democrats were most of the way to losing. In that the Democrats were starting to call the Republicans crazy, the Democrats were most of the way to losing (since in a game of chicken, the guy who can most convincingly demonstrate craziness wins). So the Republicans had no choice but to declare defeat.

That the Republicans snatched defeat from the jaws of victory confirms my original analysis, that the whole thing was charade from beginning to end, which analysis I had started to doubt as the confrontation went on for two weeks and the Democrats came ever closer to capitulating.

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  2. Glenfilthie says:

    Jim, the WORST thing for the repubs would be to win this fight! As you said, this is all theatre; we are not in the least concerned with the country – we are looking at the next election. They are playing chess, three steps ahead of the pieces in play right now. Game it with me the other way, then – say the Donks lost…how would they spin it?

    If I was a socialist piece of crap like Obama, I would tell the welfare addicts, the elderly hippies, the the gay hipsters, the liberal arts majors and the other flakes of their power base that ‘Jeez, guys – we had a wonderful system for cheap, easy health care – and the filthy, eeeeevil rethuglicans destroyed it….before it even had a chance to get off the ground…’. Then THEIR attack ads would come out: suffering senior citizens eating cat food, distraught parents with sick kids and NO HOPE…and half the electorate on the wrong side of the IQ bell curve would eat it up and be howling for Republican blood!

    Perhaps, Jim, you are under the impression that the goal of such battles is to win them? I posit that this battle is just one small corner of the war which will be fought in 2016 – and part of winning that one is by letting Obama hang himself in this one? The Repubs are literally sacrificing a Knight for a Queen.

    Who knows – I betted against Obutthole in both elections and was wrong then so it is possible I am wrong here too.

    • jim says:

      The income tax was passed pretty much the same way Obamacare was passed – desperate and unconstitutional measures, disastrous implementation, and now it is settled law.

      Similarly, not matter how blatantly evil and destructive socialist health care is in Britain, if anyone was to entertain the thought of repealing it, that would mark him as demonspawn.

      • Red says:

        They may have gone to far with Obamacare. Young men in general are going to be so fucked by this law that it might inspire a popular uprising.

        • jim says:

          If “prolonged deep sedation” and “the liverpool care pathway” do not inspire a popular uprising, what will?

          This thing was designed to put us all on welfare. People on welfare only attack the productive, not the government.

          It only hurts males who work for a living in the private sector. Pretty much all of them vote republican anyway. Basically it transfers wealth and medical care from Republican voters to Democrat voters. Solution, adopt the lifestyle of a Democrat voter, which is to say live off the government. And if you adopt the lifestyle of Democrat voter, pretty soon you will have figured out one hundred and one reasons to vote democrat.

          • Red says:

            No even knows about “prolonged deep sedation”. Trying to tell older people about has the same effect of trying to tell them the cops are looking for stuff to arrest you for despite the fact that you’re not a criminal. People just don’t believe it because it’s not on the evening news. They simple can’t conceive that such a thing would happen because it’s not on TV.

            And the few who will believe it are mostly the young. And young people are all for killing off the older generations. They blame their parents and grand parents for the total collapse of their futures. Older people live well in this country and Europe. The young are seeing the total destruction of their future while the old live it up with no plans to pass anything on to their kids.

            The progressives are starting to overreach again. They’re attacking on multiple fronts at once and the people who are feeling the pain are the young and the productive and they’re doing it openly for once. The ingredients needed to spark an upraising are young men willing to fight and productive people to lead and fund it. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But progressives always get hard push back when they try to do too much at once.

            • jim says:

              The progressives are starting to overreach again.

              They have overreached before. Just import another hundred million underclass from the third world, and then resume.

          • Red says:

            The under class wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a fight with the working class.

            Do you think people like this won’t turn bandit or rebel?

            They’re really overreaching here.

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  4. Glenfilthie says:

    This battle wasn’t won or lost today, Jim. The Repubs are playing for the long game now – and it’s about bloody time.

    Obutthole care? Pbbfbfbffffft, that idiocy will take care of itself! Consider their position for 2016:

    The poor, the liberal and the stupid will find out that there are no magic negroes, that they WILL be paying more for healthcare than they were. Republican attack ads will show elderly vets barred from memorials that commemorate their fallen comrades. Unflattering photos of a smirking ex-president, a stunned looking Nancy Pelosi will accompany charts of diving economic indicators.

    The repubs won’t have to produce a rock star, all they need to do is run a candidate that promises to can Obamacare. You wouldn’t hear it from the lickspittles in the media but Barky’s approval rating hit 37%. People are going to be livid and hunting heads when the fallout from this gov’t hits and the Repubs had to make a good show of opposing the Donks before caving.

    • jim says:

      This battle wasn’t won or lost today, Jim. The Repubs are playing for the long game now – and it’s about bloody time.

      No they are not.

      The Democrats, the inner party, were about to fold. In a game of chicken, when you call the other guy crazy, you are hours from conceding. So the Republicans, the outer party, panicked by the threat of the inner party folding, beat them to it.

      The poor, the liberal and the stupid will find out that there are no magic negroes, that they WILL be paying more for healthcare than they were.

      Socialism has been failing for four hundred years, and yet we continue to move leftwards.

      In Britain, the hospitals are filthy and stink of disease and death, and yet every Briton believes that private healthcare was a horrifying crime, akin to slavery. And anyone who admits to not believing it finds himself in deep trouble.

      In Denmark, ten percent of all deaths occur under “prolonged deep sedation”, which is to say, old people are put down like dogs in a pound. Yet everyone unblinkingly points to Denmark as the wonderful success of government. The reason they are seen as a wonderful success is that unlike Britain, their hospitals do not stink, but the reason their hospitals do not stink is that when in Denmark they decide that someone better not be occupying a bed too much longer, that unwanted patient croaks a lot faster than in the British hospitals.

      And if you read old books, you will find similar tales going all the way back. The Zimbabwe disaster has predecessors all the way back to Clive of India.

    • jim says:

      Which tells us how successful the republicans have been in cutting spending and not raising taxes.

      But spending has soared, and taxes have risen, though not nearly as much as spending.

  5. VXXC says:

    But Reaction has gained from this…

    Yes you were right. However there are more forces in the world than Dem/Repugs, and Reaction.

    The Walmart EBT Riot alone was worth the last 2 weeks. That was seen.

    When you’re insane, evil and bankrupt I don’t fancy your chances.

    The circle did not close today. It will.

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  7. Peter Blood says:

    Business as usual, The Circle of Drama is closed. Next!

  8. josh says:


  9. Alrenous says:

    Everything always takes longer than it theoretically should. Even pants-wetting surrender.

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