Why do all large organizations skew left authoritarian?

Constant drew my attention to the fact that Fox news, originally created to provide an alternative to the Mainstream Media orthodox ideology, is joining it, which led me to reflect on the tendency of big corporations to go left authoritarian and support socialism, gun control, political censorship, government health, and so on and so forth – as for example, the failure of the owners of shipping lines to allow deadly arms on their ships to meet the problem of piracy.

The Smallest Minority drew my attention to this:

socialism in action

There are some lies that lie so deep in the hopes of man that they can never be killed, no matter how many are executed to make the lie true.

Martin Malia, in “The Soviet Tragedy”, page 50, summarizes the core ideals of left versus right:

And so, by 1914, a dual process of amalgamation had occurred: on the Right were aligned capitalism, unbridled individualism, nationalism, militarism, and social hierarchy;  and on the left were arrayed socialism, economic rationality, internationalism, peace, and equality.  The stage was thus set for the great Auseinandersetzung, the world historical clash, between capitalism and socialism that would dominate our short twentieth century.

Now reflect that all large organizations are, by definition, internally socialist. Capitalism is what you get when independent actors pursue their individual interest – instead of someone’s vision of the greater good being imposed on all. But in a large organization, everyone is supposed to pursue the greater good of the organization, team players and all that. Team players are automatically inclined toward the left side, the left as defined by Martin Malia, the left that leads to terror, slavery, and mass murder. Organization man is basically a leftie.

And that brings me back to the interesting fact that merchant ships are not defending themselves on the high seas against pirates. The kind of people who run shipping companies simply do not feel in their guts that it is right for ordinary seamen to kill pirates.

My intuition would be that someone who owned just one ship would have no hesitation in stacking it with whatever weapons it takes to keep the ship safe, but that someone who owns a shipping line would be horrified by the idea


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