97% of scientists support the scientific consensus on climate change

And one of them is the Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education, who has just been charged with murdering a woman in what is obviously a race hate crime, though of course when white women get murdered, it does not count and nobody cares very much. And as marginal electorates in flyover country that have had large numbers of Syrian refugees dumped on them are discovering, when white women get raped it does not count and nobody cares very much.

Police are, of course, “mystified by the motive for this senseless killing”, even though his Twitter feed loudly proclaims his motive and intent over and over again. “The United States is a violent white supremacist settler empire whose only fate is annihilation”

Note that proclaiming hatred of white people and urging their extermination does not get you banned from Twitter, but complaining about other people proclaiming hatred and urging genocide will get you banned from Twitter.

Kind of young for being a senior fellow,

His qualifications for being extremely expert at climate change are latinx studies – the study of the politics of Hispanic transexuality.  An intersectional study.

We must bow before such eminent expertise.

Which I suspect is rather better than Michael Mann’s qualifications, since Michael Mann got one of those consolation prize degrees you get if you go to an high status university, take a hard science course, and cannot handle the hard science. Then they give you an “interdisciplinary degree”, sarcastically referred to as a “no discipline degree”.

Oops, I think transexuality is now a hate term. Sorry about that. It was not a hate term the day before yesterday. This Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education studies the politics of gender inclusive latins embedded in a gender binary. Or something like that. Whatever. It will change again tomorrow to catch more people for the hate crime of using the wrong term.

The Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education attacked and robbed three young white women in rapid succession, killing one of them. Each attack was a few blocks and a few hours from the previous attack. He was slightly known to the woman he murdered, which enabled him to get into her home, but not enough connection to provide any motive for murder, other than whiteness, heterosexuality, and vulnerability.

This is the young woman he murdered.

Emilie before she was murdered

She did not know that sexual deviants, like blacks, are dangerous.

We don’t know all the facts yet but it looks as if he just attacked any white heterosexual person that was smaller and weaker than he was and that he could get alone.

While your typical climate scientist, your typical 97 percenter, does not murder white women and white children, he uses language that justifies and rationalizes the murder of white people, and as we saw in 10:10 no pressure,

he would love to murder white people, especially white children, for climate science is merely ignorant hatred of the technological civilization white people built, just as tranny studies gender inclusive studies is merely ignorant hatred of heterosexuals. So the Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education is clearly well qualified, for he hates better than most. And in Academia today, hatred is all you need. Though you are of course supposed to call hatred love.

Hence Bernie Sanders rather revealing statement “We should make higher education free so that everyone can receive the benefits of higher education.” (Emphasis added). Maybe if everyone is qualified to receive higher education, it is not in fact all that beneficial any more.

The Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education is archetypical and completely representative of climate science and climate scientists, not in that the typical climate scientist will run around murdering women, but in that the motivation, reasoning, and intellectual capability of the typical climate scientist is more visible in the The Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education than in the rest of them.  The Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education is not typical, but archetypical.   His instance is closest to the platonic form of Climate Science.  An interdisciplinary degree is typical.  Intersectional studies is archetypical.   Hating white people is typical, indeed required.  Hating white people and wanting to murder white children is typical of climate science. Actually murdering white women is archetypical of climate science.

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  1. Toddy Cat says:

    “looks like Christianity has now officially become an enemy of white people.”

    That Gramscian “Long March Through the Institutions” that started in the 1960’s did not bypass the churches – far from it. Fr. John Hardon, a close friend of Pope John Paul II often talked about the Satanic elements that were attempting to penetrate the churchs, both Catholic and otherwise. Christianity is not the enemy of white people, but some of the “churches” that have been infiltrated by the CultMarx crowd certainly are. After all, as both Paul, and Jesus Himself said, not everyone who claims to be a follower of Christ is what he says he is…

    • peppermint says:

      AFAIK christcucks have always believed that black lives matter

      • Erik says:

        Which is why they enslaved so many blacks that the butthurt from slavery is still palpable, no doubt.

    • lalit says:

      Surely you must agree that the Globalism that is inherent in Christianity has something to do with it’s susceptibility to being infiltrated by another similar globalist ideology? In fact the official ideology of the Gramscian school is eerily similar to Christian theology from a pagan point of view.

      Why are whites so reluctant to talk about going back to their pagan roots? Was Greco-Roman Paganism so bad? Remember the Greeks came up with a version of the steam Engine in the first century A.D.

      Was Greek philosophy not profound? Wasn’t Euclid’s elements not a masterpiece? Were Roman Thinkers not profound? Were not the “Reflections” by Marcus Aurelius a masterpiece? I mean what is not to like or admire? Since when did a people who evolved in Greenery and snow and plentiful water supply and having profound thinkers among themselves feel the need to follow the words in a collection of books written by Desert Tribes? Words which, at times, did not even make sense, let alone possess any sense of profundity. If Indians can admire the Works of Ancient Greeks and Romans and believe those to be Great religions, why can’t White people do the same for their own past?

      I would like some white nationalist who still subscribes to Christianity to answer these questions.

      • lalit says:

        Sorry, I meant meditations by Marcus Aurelius, not Reflections as I mentioned in my comment

  2. Cavalier says:

    Did you hear? Trump didn’t win a majority of the electorate, Clinton did, but he did win a plurality.


    • Cavalier says:

      Why is a Jew talking immediately after Trump, and why is he talking about Zion?

  3. Zach says:

    Glad to be seeing you getting your sense of humor back. These recent posts are quite funny.

    As usual, not much to say. Not much to argue. (like I do this anyway)

    I will say, some time ago you posted a pro climate video before of some guy exploding. Maybe I’m a sick fuck, but I found that one funny, as I find this one funny. Because it’s true. And absurd. They do think that way. Or at least I know some people that would like the button to be pushed, but wouldn’t push it themselves.

    Now that I think of it… that reminds me… I need to watch Big Trouble in Little China. Y’know, with the bodsplosions and all that.

  4. Lalit says:

    Jim, speaking of Syrians in flyover country, looks like Christianity has now officially become an enemy of white people. Seems churches are trying to create a welcoming atmosphere for Syrian refugees. Get a load of this

    Scroll down to the sub title “Softening the soil”. Dare the Hindus of India hope that white people will jettison Christianity and return to the religion of their ancestors, I.e. Greco-Roman-Celtic-Viking-Saxon Paganism? Being non-proselytising and minding their own business, It will certainly take some pressure off of us here in India.

    • Mike says:

      1) Paganism is cringy as shit.

      2) Religions just reflect society’s values. If reliigions are cucked, that’s because the society is cucked. Changing the religion is treating the symptom, not the problem.

      • Lalit says:

        “Paganism is cringe as shit”

        This is Christian propaganda. Euro Pagans are not here to defend themselves. Are you really saying Greco-Roman Paganism was cringe as shit? Every story has two sides.

        Hard to be a globalist religion like Christianity and complain about an Ethiopian who just wants to move next door and worship Jesus with the rest of you. Globalist religions like Christianity destroy local, ethnic and national identities over time. Why do you think Shinto priests of Japan don’t go around proselytising? Because they’d like to preserve their Japanese identity, thank you very much!

  5. Mister Grumpus says:

    Thank you again. I love you man.

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