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Covid public service announcement

Saturday, July 30th, 2022

Biden has just come down with Covid again, or never shook it in the first place.

The quadruple jabbed have damaged immune systems, so keep getting it, and take longer and longer to recover from each case. In any person with a normal immune system, live virus is cleared from the blood and body fluids in a few days, though it hangs around barricaded in the nuclei of the cells causing trouble for a while longer.

The golden purebloods, people who caught covid and have never been jabbed, are largely immune once they recover, and unless they were also coming down with half a dozen deadly comorbidities (usually obesity related) purebloods recover about as fast as from any cold or flu.

Covid was genetically engineered to attack the lungs, the immune system, the ovaries, and the testes, so each case damages the immune system of the jabbed further, and the longer it slowly lingers, the more it damages the immune system. We may soon see a massive outbreak of AIDs like symptoms if the boosted keep boosting. Or maybe even if they stop, but keep getting lingering Covid over and over and over again.

Ivermectin, widely available as horse paste, is highly effective if taken early. This drug has long been used on a wide scale in a humans and animals to treat an extraordinarily wide range of ailments caused by entirely unrelated living organisms and is very safe and cheap, which is why official “science” does not like it. It knocks out for a month or two some basic cellular processes that are non critical for most mammals, and as insignificant as the appendix in humans, but absolutely essential for a huge range of entirely unrelated life forms.

The mechanism of action of Ivermectin against Covid is unclear – indeed its mechanism against many sorts of organisms is unclear, but it may act by disabling a cellular function, non essential in humans, that the Covid virus abuses to get into the nucleus of the cell, where your immune system cannot counterattack without massive collateral damage.

A single dose of horse paste containing 20mg Ivermectin taken in the first day or so of the infection will cure you very shortly, and if taken prophylactically because you have close contact with Covid cases, gives you protection for a month or so. If taken after a few days, not so effective. In that case you might want to keep on taking it, though it has little effect after the first week or few days. Nicotine is also effective, and, unlike Ivermectin, effective later in the infection. Get a patch if you failed to take Ivermectin promptly. And all the usual stuff, vitamin D and balanced divalent salts, in particular zinc.

Despite the powerful prophylactic effect of Ivermectin, I would not recommend taking it every month or so just to be safe, because though widely used for a very long time, with no significant side effects, it has not been widely used in this manner.

Also, we have a state religion of Worship of the Awesome Might of the Covid Demon, thus worrying too much about Covid is demon worship, even if you are using protective measures that his holy priesthood has denounced as sacrilegious (because they actually are effective). On the one hand, Ivermectin represents defiance of the state religion. On the other hand, taking too much trouble to protect yourself against Covid represents respect for the Might of the State’s supposedly mighty and awesome demon.

The correct Christian attitude towards demons is that demons do not exist, and that demons do exist, but are ridiculous, contemptible, and impotent against the power of Christ. It’s just the flu, bro.

Tech decline bites Musk

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

A long time back I remarked that eye of Soros has fallen on Musk. It is starting to look like that the hand of Soros is going to fall upon him.

American technology has been declining across the board. Some stuff started declining in the seventies, and as time went by, more and more things went into decline.

Apple is still advancing cpu design, but they have no in house capability to actually implement those designs in hardware. They depend on Taiwan Semiconductor. AMD and Intel just put more circuits of their old design on the chip when TSM upgrades its chip fab technology.

But the one shining counter example to tech decline has been Musk and SpaceX.

Musk’s internet in space has the highest satellite technology (those laser links are a big advance in space to space communication), but the key requirement is the capability to launch huge numbers of satellites cheaply.

For which he needs Starship. Not to mention making mankind interplanetary.

Currently the FAA is slow walking approval. When something gets slow walked in this manner, chances are that approval will never be forthcoming, or will be approved with poison pill conditions.

The vast majority of the objections that they are supposedly so carefully evaluating are just random variations on a script, a very familiar pro forma script, with the word “pipeline” replaced by “rocket”. This is a stalling tactic while bureaucratic infighting over the real decision continued. Reading between the lines, it starting to look like the bureaucratic infighting has ended in victory for a priesthood that sees techies as adherents of a hostile faith. They no longer need to manufacture stalls, they can just stall.

On the other hand, it is going to be mighty embarrassing if the US government has send men to space station by hitching rides on Russian rockets again. The rhetoric of progress is a key part of progressive ideology. We are supposedly so much wiser than our ignorant racist sexist predecessors, and supposedly all this wonderful technology makes the advance of the left inevitable and irreversible. They don’t want to kill off space access, but may be unable to restrain themselves.

If, as is likely, Starship is sitting on the launch stand ready for its first orbital test, and the FAA is still indefinitely stalling the launch, some top level pressure may be applied to approve it. I was quite surprised when the obvious desire for war with Russia was reigned in from above. Perhaps the same may happen with Starship.

They perceive access to space is status and power for an enemy faith. One big reason for Musk’s success is that when he hires people, he shows profound disrespect for official Ivy League qualifications. He and his organization are not putting the right people in power over his rockets. They don’t like that. (They don’t like open source software either, and Linux has succumbed to the demon worshipers.)

If Musk wants to get us to space, it starting to look like a launch facility on the periphery of the Chinese hegemony or the Russian empire might be necessary, or the borderlands between the US empire and the other two. The Russians seem to have given him an invitation for a launch facility in Russia, but that is likely to prove a little close to the bear’s embrace.

Lethality of the jab: Anecdotal data

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

The DOD data indicates among, other things, a three fold increase in cancer, which suggests substantial damage from a quite small number of jabs.

Insurance data in most of the world indicates a forty percent rise in the working age death rate everywhere. I wish I had insurance data for Israel, but I do not. Likely the working age death rate is skyrocketing in line with their China flu infection rate.

A good friend of mine got cancer after his first jab.

In a random conversation with real life normies, they see the jab as increasing the risk of China flu, and increasing the severity of the ensuing infection.

The question then, is is this damage temporary, or lasting and cumulative?

Israel is the most jabbed country in the world, and their China flu infection is far beyond anything any other country is suffering. This suggests cumulative damage. I wish I had their death rate and cancer rate data, but, though they used to publish it regularly in Euro Momo, they suddenly went silent after they started jabbing. Death rate data is everywhere unavailable, or is inconsistent and improbable in ways that indicate massive, poorly coordinated but severely enforced lying.

Purebloods (on purely anecdotal evidence) do not notice omicron infection. America’s top agent in the USSR has been enthusiastically touting the jab, and has had himself jabbed eight times. He is now on a ventilator, major serious damage to both lungs. (Hat tip Varna.)

This is consistent my earlier guess that somewhere between five and ten jabs, everyone dies.

It is a sample size of one, but in a world where lying is mandatory and enforced by drastic means, that is a good as we are likely to get. We are lost in a fog of lies.

But though it is difficult to find truth, it is easy to find that we are being lied to. And people who lie to you knowingly intend you harm. They hate everyone, including themselves. They want to kill us all. Everything you hear the enemy saying needs to be understood in that light.

Addendum to Jab Excess Death rate

Friday, February 4th, 2022

When I was going through the xsls tables linked in Office for National Statistics:Deaths by vaccination status, England I skipped lightly over the primary table referencetable31.xlsx, because most of the data was blatant lies that someone simply made up.

Well, most of the summary data, that directly expresses the supposedly glowing health benefits of the jab is obviously pulled out of someones ass, but it was immediately obvious that it was inconsistent with much the raw data, and there is a lot of raw data on which the summary data is supposedly based, which is merely obfuscated. This collection of xlsx files is a gold mine, and I urge my readers to mine it for me. (But it still seems me that the best stuff is in the xlsx tables linked by Previous Versions of this data, which are less thoroughly cooked and less obviously fabricated from thin air.)

Well, Steve Kirsch has been mining it, and he found this little nugget.


Unvaccinated, age 10-14, 96 deaths in 2,094,711 person years
Unvaccinated, age 15-19, 160 deaths in 1,587,072 person years
boosted, age 10-14, 4 deaths in 1,678 person years.
boosted, aget 15-19, 42 deaths in 127,842 person years.

Which, if we divide deaths of all causes by person years works out as:

Seven deaths of all causes per 100,000 person years for pureblood children ages 10-19
Thirty five deaths of all causes per 100,000 person years for boosted children ages 10-19

Deaths of all causes, eh? I wonder what the cause of those additional thirty seven deaths (forty two deaths plus four deaths minus the nine deaths that would be expected had they had deaths in the same proportion as the purebloods) could have been. It is a mystery. Must have been caused by all those unvaxxed kid whose presence so enraged the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon.

I urge my readers to mine this for me. There is a whole lot of stuff worth mining, and the gold need to be graphed, and the graphs need to be memed.

A lot of the data in table 9 is inconsistent with other data in table 9 in ways that make it look as if they ad hoc adjusted some of the bigger numbers to make the summary totals come out right, but not other numbers or were adjusting them by the seat of their pants without regard for consistency or plausibility. Some of the numbers appear to show that the jab causes a radical reduction in non covid deaths, which appears improbable, and is explicable as an effort to remove the massive increase in deaths from the summary totals, without too much concern as to whether the detail data makes sense. Hence my sarcastic remark in the previous article that Referencetable31.xlsx appears to show that the jab cures cancer. The older data looks less obviously cooked.

I would do it, but I am trying to make some small amount of progress with my blockchain project.

Covid Jab lethality

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

The jab is enormously more lethal than getting a China flu infection.

Since everyone who dies with China flu dies of multiple causes, you need to compare the excess death rate among people who die shortly after getting sick with Covid, which is unmeasurably low, with the excess death rate among those who have been jabbed, which is terrifyingly high.

Of those very few that the British data lists of dying without comorbidities, the average is age 81.6, only marginally lower than the average age of death by old age in the UK, another indicator that if a bout of China flu increases your likelihood of dying it is by very little and only briefly. But the more significant data is the denominator, which I will get to shortly, the ratio of Covid deaths to actual China flu infections.

In order to assess the excess death rate among people who have recently suffered from China flu, you need to know how many are infected. Which until recently was not known and not recorded, however some countries have recently started demanding that their subjects take China flu tests before they are allowed to do anything, so we have massive testing in some countries. And, what do you know, huge numbers of people are getting infected, and are asymptomatic, or have no symptoms that bother them very much. And when we divide the number of “Covid deaths” by what turns out to be a very large denominator we find that death shortly during or shortly after infection is so similar to the background death rate that it is to impossible to measure. You are not measurably more likely to die if you get China flu than if you do not. On the other hand, jab related deaths stick out like dogs balls.

Covid Excess Death Rate

A number of countries have massive and thorough testing. See the column “tests per one million population” in the corona table at worldometer, Denmark and Austria being the highest of the major countries.

For Denmark 558,170 active cases, of which 28 are serious or critical, a rate of one case in twenty thousand being serious or critical enough to exemplify the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon. If you take twenty thousand people in Denmark at random, one of them is going to be in serious or critical condition, even if none of them had china flu.

Similarly, on the same page, daily China flu cases and daily Corona deaths in Denmark. On 2022-01-18, 31,491 new cases, 14 daily deaths.

However, new cases as compared to new deaths is not the right measure. If someone dies within 28 days of being touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon it counts as a corona death, so we have to add up all the new cases within twenty eight days of 2022-01-18

Date Daily New Cases
2021-12-22 12855
2021-12-23 11874
2021-12-24 10702
2021-12-25 9564
2021-12-26 14200
2021-12-27 15525
2021-12-28 12330
2021-12-29 22023
2021-12-30 20838
2021-12-31 17605
2022-01-01 19836
2022-01-02 7550
2022-01-03 22337
2022-01-04 23372
2022-01-05 26200
2022-01-06 23968
2022-01-07 16077
2022-01-08 11604
2022-01-09 17921
2022-01-10 13473
2022-01-11 20937
2022-01-12 22729
2022-01-13 23929
2022-01-14 22095
2022-01-15 23390
2022-01-16 24555
2022-01-17 26965
2022-01-18 31491
Total 525945

So about one death in forty thousand per person per day, or one death per person per century.

Seems like being touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon is actually good for you. That is fewer deaths than you would expect in random collection of five hundred thousand people of Denmark. I would have expected more. Maybe the hospitals are not mistreating Covid patients in Denmark.

Austria: 307,032 in mild condition, 180 serious or critical, which is one in seventeen hundred. Which could be worrying or not depending on whether Austria has a different standard of “serious” to Denmark.

So, let us look, again, at daily new deaths, as compared to the number of new corona cases in the previous 28 days. And, once again, an entirely unremarkable death rate. Are there excess deaths? – well, it depends on how you grind the numbers, but the excess, if it exists, is seriously underwhelming.

Not enough sacrifices to the Holy and Awesome Covid demon. Time to step up your game Austria. The eyes of the world, or at least the eyes of Fauci, Harvard, and Soros, are upon you.

Jab Excess Death Rate

Immediately after the jab was introduced, rumors of Jab lethality and disability were circulating. I said, let us look at the excess death rate for young people.

Which data immediately became strangely and mysteriously unavailable, and such bits of data as I could turn up were inconsistent with each other in way that suggested massive, but poorly coordinated lying, as if a hurricane had hit the organizations and institutions responsible for collecting and reporting the data, but no cleanup crew had followed to tidily rewrite the data.

But the brits have come through (despite a whole lot of data that I am pretty sure is lies and misdirection)

Checkout Office for National Statistics:Deaths by vaccination status, England

“What?”, I hear you say. “It does not say anything.”

Of course it does not say anything plainly. If it did the hurricane would have come through their office also. But it gives you access the raw data, which says that which may not be said. Download it.

I downloaded the data indicated, and found something very strange. On that data, looked like the unvaccinated were dying like flies, and the jab not only prevented Covid, but also cures cancer. I found that data hard to believe.

But there was a link: “Previous versions of this data are available”

I downloaded a pile of stuff, most of which also shows the jab is working wonderfully well. Improbably well.

Then I took a look at DatasetFinalCorrected.xlsx, which contains a pile of strangely discrepant data:

Table 4 Weekly age-specific mortality rates by vaccination status for all death per 100000 people:

Unvaccinated, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 0.9
Second dose, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 2.2

Lots of stuff along the same lines throughout the tables of DatasetFinalCorrected.xlsx I just gave you the final week of September, because that is the last record in the dataset of table 4.

Looks like all causes mortality is higher the more doses you get, the first dose nearly doubles it, and it by the second dose, it more than doubles.

Human Sacrifice and the manufacture of panic

What is happening is that if you swab positive for Covid, and shortly after that die, possibly because you had cancer, heart disease and kidney failure before you got Covid, possibly because you were run over by a truck, it is a Covid death. If we applied that methodology to the common cold, it would be the most lethal pandemic in history.

When I say “China flu”, I refer to the actual respiratory disease, one of an endless variety of ever new and ever changing sniffles and coughs that have been coming around throughout all of history, some nastier than others, but all of them rather similar to each other.

When I say “Covid” I refer to the holy rituals of propitiation and worship of the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon, whose state religion of human sacrifice was abruptly imposed on the world. Thus I say “Covid deaths” (which are usually human sacrifices performed in hospitals, where doctors give special, cruel, and extremely dangerous treatments to people who have “Covid”, while completely failing to treat their actual ailments) and “China flu infections (which are typically slight fever, a sniffle, and a nose dribble, indistinguishable from what people have been suffering from for millennia).

I use “China flu” to refer to the material and physical thing, to the latest variety of this ever changing parade of sniffles and coughs, and “Covid” to refer to the spiritual and supernatural thing, to the rituals of Demonic Propitiation that the State commands us to perform, and to the human sacrifices to the Demon that the state commands and performs.

That hospitals completely fail to give any of the well known and highly effective treatments for China flu is a minor problem. That they also fail to treat someone’s comorbidities if he has been touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon is by far the bigger problem, and is the major driver of excess total deaths during China flu season. If you are more likely to die when you get China flu (and if you are, it is not by much) it is primarily because what is actually killing you is unlikely to be treated once you have been touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon, since giving ordinary treatments for ordinary ailments to those touched by his Awesome Might is disrespectful to the Holiness and Might of the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon. The big problem in the first few months of the Covid outbreak was that they were apt to give a treatment (forced ventilation) for which there was, and is, no evidence of effectiveness in flu type breathing difficulties and massive and overwhelming evidence of lethality. This medical mass murder has now diminished considerably, and the problem today is large part failure to treat whatever is actually killing the patient – allowing people to die, rather than directly killing them.

Forced ventilation is only effective when the problem is with the breathing muscles, or with the mind’s ability to command them. It is irrelevant and very dangerous when the lungs themselves have impaired oxygen absorption, which problem is apt to follow some flu type infections for a week or a couple of weeks, which problem has a number of old, well known and highly effective drug treatments, which the medical profession has completely abandoned and the state has forbidden out of respect for the Holy Awesome Might of the Covid Demon. All the drugs that are effective are generic and long out of patent, and some of them, such as alcohol and nicotine, are non prescription and officially evil.

After a flu type infection of the lungs, your immune system is apt to continue nuke the rubble even though the disease has already been eliminated, to make sure you do not wind up with a chronic lung infection, and it is this immune system reaction or over reaction that is apt to make you seriously sick following a flu infection that reaches the lungs – you usually clear a flu type viral disease in three or four days, always within seven days, and yet if you get serious symptoms the serious symptoms are apt to set in after the virus, or nearly all of it, has been cleared. We have no end of drugs, the most effective ones being psychotropic, to help the immune system to calm down and go easy. Part of the ever increasing decline of an ever increasing number of areas of technology is that the most holy and highest status parts of medicine are returning to the dark ages, of which it was said by a late dark age physician that if all the pharmacopoeia was dumped in the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes. And if today all the new drugs that are still under western patent were dumped in the sea, it would today be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.

epidemic of the vaccinated

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

The jab adversely impacts the immune system, primarily, or a least the primary identifiable and understandable link, through the brain immune system connection.

The major obvious impact is that if you get China flu before you get jabbed, you become immune to all China flu variants, and stay immune for a very long time, perhaps forever.

If, however, you get jabbed, you are just as likely to get China flu as someone who has not been jabbed, though less likely to become seriously ill, and if you get it, you are not going to become immune. You are likely to get it again.

Another obvious impact indicative of immune system dysfunction is a three fold rise in cancers, recently reported at the Ron Paul hearings.

As a result, countries with a very high level of vaccination and boosting have very high levels of China flu, in particular Israel, the most jabbed and vaccinated country on the planet, has the highest level of China flu infection on the planet. The correlation is apparent world wide.

The jab does reduce the risk of dying as a result of Covid. No doubt about this. What is the risk of dying as a result of being jabbed?

The New Zealand data indicates that excess mortality within a short period of being jabbed is about one in a thousand. What is the excess mortality of being infected with Covid? It is very hard to tell – but what one can tell is that they do not want you to know, which should tell you that it is probably a lot less than one in a thousand.

More deaths recorded as with Covid, mean less deaths recorded as cancer, heart disease, and being run over by a truck. What we really want to know is deaths with Covid as compared to deaths without Covid. Which data is curiously difficult to find.

Our best way of estimating it is to look at the US social security payouts for evidence of the death rate, and correlate that with China flu levels before the jab. For the first few months, mighty high excess death rate, and then zilch. Looks like for a little while, an excess death rate far over one in a thousand, then far less than one in a thousand.

The jab, however, is creating an impressive bump in the excess death rate, which the pandemic initially did also, but soon thereafter, failed to accomplish.

We now know that the virus was a bioweapon, created in the lab for mass murder, and released to create terror, which would result in people begging the authorities to take total control of their lives. But RNA viruses are genetically unstable – once released, it is going to very rapidly evolve back to a level of harm normal for the virus’s mode of transmission, very rapidly come to resemble all the previous Covid virus outbreaks, so rapidly dropping lethality is unsurprising. It is obvious that they intended to kill tens of millions, hundreds of millions, but it fizzled.

The science to create really terrifying bioweapons is now known in principle. It has been known for some time, as the science to create nuclear weapons was known shortly before world war II. Fortunately, this time it was implemented by Shaniqua, not Oppenheimer. And even when worked on by good people, not really quite ready yet. And there is a curious inhibition about it. People are busily developing Wolbachia strains to infect mosquitoes, and if the mosquito species is causing enough harm by spreading a really deadly disease such as dengue to a whole lot of people, only then they can get permission, with great difficulty, but they always write up their plans as if they were doing the mosquitoes a favor and as if they were not doing anything to make the disease more potent and more capable of spreading, even when there is no natural Wolbachia disease among the mosquito species targeted. It looks like controls on improving diseases to harm mosquitoes are a lot stricter than controls on improving diseases to harm humans. When they measure the effectiveness of a plague, they never measure the effect on mosquito numbers or on the number of bites suffered by humans, only on the number of humans infected by mosquito carried diseases, as if a number showing harm to mosquitoes might cause them problems.

Deaths immediately after the jab are still fairly uncommon. One in a thousand is not small, but it is not large either. On the other hand permanent impairment of the immune system is likely to have serious consequences, but no immediate consequences. We would expect to see quite a lot of shingles and cancer, and I am hearing quite a lot of shingles and cancer anecdotes. Anecdotally, seems to be quite a bit of shingles and cancer, though I don’t have any good data yet.

Ron Paul hearing today reported a threefold rise in cancer cases among the US military, which sounds roughly consistent with what I am hearing anecdotally.

That hearing also reported a three fold increase in miscarriages, but what I am hearing anecdotally is not miscarriages, but loss of fertility and menstrual cycle. It also reported a ten fold increase in “neurological syndromes”, but right now what would be a lot more interesting is the absolute numbers for brain fog, rather than relative numbers for “neurological syndromes. Just how many of us are being rendered permanently stupid? The Ron Paul hearings failed to mention shingles, but what I am seeing is that the jab causes some older people to develop shingles, maybe the US military is too young for this to be all that noticeable.

Obviously the people who funded, supervised, and engaged gain of function research on the bioweapon will be breaking out the champagne on hearing about the effectiveness of the jab in causing US military casualties. Their jab is doing what their bioweapon was intended to do, and failed to do.

It is obvious that the emergency rooms and ambulances are being flooded with “mild” heart attack cases. And they genuinely are mild in that the death rate among the jabbed is only one in a thousand, while the heart attack rate is clearly considerably higher. How much higher, hard to tell, since everyone is averting their eyes from the data. Which tells you that the data is horrifying. But even a “mild” heart attack is apt to lastingly reduce your capacity to live your normal life, and in this sense, not necessarily very mild at all.

One high, and as yet unknown, risk, is that repeated boosters, and the repeated China flu infections that the boosted are apt to get, is creating cumulative damage. Well, if the original bioweapon failed to have the desired effect, maybe the boosters will. It is very possible that the endlessly boosted population is going to wind up with immune systems resembling those of the gay population. This is the basic operating principle of religions of human sacrifice. More death and suffering, more power for those imposing human sacrifice.

Gain of function research

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Supposedly Fauci was funding research in China and other places to develop a vaccine against the Sars viruses.

But, Darpa knocked back one of his front organizations because it proposed, among other things, gain of function research. But Fauci continued with that research regardless.

Gain of function research is not what you do if you are developing a vaccine against an existing disease. Gain of function research is what you do if you are developing a bioweapon, and their “vaccine” research did not look much like vaccine research, but like parallel development of a bioweapon and a vaccine against that bioweapon. They were developing a vaccine not against Sars viruses found in the wild, but against their own custom much transformed and much adapted to humans bat virus.

A virus does not particularly want to be a bioweapon. Natural selection favors the virus evolving to the appropriate harmfulness for its mode of transmission, which for viruses transmitted flu style is you sick enough to cough and sneeze and dribble snot everywhere, but healthy enough to walk around and live your normal life, while infecting other people living their normal lives. If the virus kills you, it dies too. If the virus incapacitates you, the snot does not spread far beyond your pillow.

Cholera can be cheerfully lethal, because its spores can survive outside the body a very long time. RNA viruses are fragile, so need to be spread in a more targeted fashion. If they are stuck on your pillow, they are going to die before they get to travel anywhere interesting. The basic difference is that cholera can survive soap and water, survive washing machines, can survive in dirt and on dirt, in rivers and streams, while China flu cannot.

Allegedly the virus was extremely lethal when it first appeared in China, with people dropping dead in the streets from their blood oxygen levels dropping right down without them being aware of it. I don’t know if it is true or not, but this mode of killing people has been rapidly diminishing. Maybe there was more of it when the virus first hit China. A pattern of high but rapidly diminishing lethality is common with new diseases. It is also what we would expect from a bioweapon gone wild.

After the first few months in the US, it became apparent that excess deaths were no longer showing up in social security statistics. They cooked up fake deaths from Covid, and now they are hiding real deaths from the vaccine.

Why would the medical establishment cook up a bioweapon?

Power. They are demanding, and getting, gigantic amounts of power.

It is kind of obvious however, that the vaccine that they developed is a total failure. An unprecedented number of young healthy people are dropping dead of heart attack and stroke, there is an epidemic of brain fog that everyone is piously ignoring, and the vaccine does nothing to prevent the spread of disease, with likelihood of being infected in a fully vaccinated household equal to the likelihood of being infected in an unvaccinated household.

So why are mandates being introduced and threatened that you cannot go places unless vaccinated. It is obvious that vaccination cannot protect anyone else.


Their bioweapon is not working, and their vaccine is not working, but they are rolling along as if both their bioweapon and their vaccine worked, and are applying a total all channel propaganda offensive that both of them are working.

Because our enemy’s science projects are managed by Shaniqua, neither of them are working. If the virus was ever dangerous, it is now no more dangerous, and probably less dangerous, than the old flu. Very soon after the bioweapon was released, total death rates went back to normal, and even back when they were above normal, it was far from clear whether this was an effect of the disease, or an effect of inappropriate use of ventilators. You still need an oxygen mask with China flu a lot more often than you are likely to need an oxygen mask for the old flu, but this is unlikely to kill you, while a ventilator is highly likely to kill you. Not that an oxygen mask is safe if worn for a long period. Pure oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure is going to burn you. But pure oxygen inhaled through a mask is a lot safer than a ventilator. Air enriched in oxygen, rather than pure oxygen, is reasonably safe. It is advisable to breath oxygen no purer than needed to bring your blood oxygen levels up to close to normal.

Is the vaccine more dangerous than the old flu? Yes it is, considerably more dangerous. During flu season lots of people got flu, and the total death rate went up a little bit, but kind of hard to tell against background fluctuations. With the shots and the boosters, the death rate for working age people has gone way, way, up.

The clot shot

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

In my first post of this series I said:

It is early days yet, but it should be showing up in the death statistics. Has not killed that many so far, though it has killed far more than a normal vaccine.

Well I have been monitoring the death statistics, the excess death rate, and numerous indicators that should correlate with clot shot death rate and getting confusing and contradictory information – information so confusing and contradictory as to reveal that many, probably most, governments all over the world are massively lying about the excess death rate.

What we are seeing is a whole lot of excess death among young healthy people whose deaths are apt to cause attention, like professional players on the football field, or airline pilots in flight. We are also seeing one organization reporting excess deaths and abnormal levels of hospitalization, and another organization not reporting it, or saying it is the holy and awesome covid demon when it obviously is not, or saying several contradictory things at once. It is not happening, it is happening and caused by Covid, and yes lots of people are being taken to hospital with heart attacks, but they are totally fine, no big deal, and it is absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine. Similarly, stats for scabies and Epstein Barr. I am seeing massive indications of massive though poorly coordinated lying all over the place, rendering excess death statistics in the same league as the American Consumer Price Index or Soviet statistics. Recollect the statistics in Orwell’s 1984. That is what they are worth.

And I have for some time been seeing indications of a large and unprecedented increase in the death rate of young and working age people, far bigger than the excess death rate that occurred during China flu pandemics, indications of a substantial reduction in life expectancy, but it was difficult to accurately say how big. But big.

And then I saw this, which you have probably all seen, but here it is again:

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

The other shoe just dropped. Now we know how big.

Key points:

Deaths among 18-64 year-olds (who don’t normally die) are up by 40% in 2021 vs. pre-pandemic levels

This is huge. HUGE. They’ve never seen anything like this before in their history. Normally death rates don’t change at all. They are very stable.

… The CEO of a major Indiana life insurance company, OneAmerica, claimed last week that death claims are up by a whopping 40% among working-age people (18-64) since the Covid vaccines became widely adopted. This is a company with tons of data, having been in the business since 1877 and holding $74 billion in assets. CEO Scott Davison said that a 10% increase is a once-in-200-year occurrence. …

He did not actually say “since the jab”, and if he had done so, would have surely been Epsteined, but the dates he gave correspond to the jab. He saying Covid is causing it, but the dates he give are jabs, not pandemic, and if it was actually China Flu causing it, we would not be seeing massive coordinated official lying about the excess death rate, and we would not see this story systematically buried. It would be shouted from the rooftops every five minutes. Even though he piously said all the right things in favor of forcing the vaccine on everyone, the way the press and government reacted revealed that everyone read this story as I did. Despite his pious words, they all knew heresy when they heard it. If there was the slightest plausibility to the idea that Covid is causing this, if there was any way it could be spun as an indication of the awesome holy might of the awesome holy Covid Demon, we would hear it on every channel all day.

That they instantly reacted by burying, rather than shouting about, casualties equivalent to a major war reveals that they knew. They have known for quite some time.

Which jab is by the way, not a vaccine. It merely something that dumb official scientists too pig ignorant to understand what they were doing made by decorating it and themselves with random fragments of things great scientists have done in the past that were arguably somewhat related to vaccination. It is snake oil that bears some rather random relationship to an actual vaccine. Vaccine science has been going downhill since 1944, vaccine technology downhill since 1974, and now vaccine technology has fallen off the cliff at the edge of the hill. It is the sudden collapse of technology as the coming Dark Age starts to bite. Other technologies currently in decline are likely to follow. If we do not rectify social decay, pretty soon we are going to be growing crops by scraping the ground with a harrow that uses bits of stone, as people did during post Roman Empire dark age, and people will tell us that overpopulation is causing famine, and we must act now to throw virgins in the volcano to protect us from Climate Change.

This is indeed huge, but probably not news for most of my readers. What is relevant to this blog is how our officially unofficial state religion is dealing with it.

By lying about it of course. Official excess death statistics have been blatantly false for some time.

But in order to coordinate a lie, you need the holy faith to tell the liars this is a noble lie. “Well, yes, it does seem that we are killing people, quite a lot of people, a huge number of people. But we must not let the people that we are killing, that we intend to kill, know, because it might promote vaccine hesitancy. Killing lots of people is a regrettable but acceptable price for making sure everyone worships at that altar of the Awesome and mighty Covid Demon. THIS IS A GOOD THING”

I have been telling you for some time we have an official religion of demon worship and human sacrifice. Here is the proof.

I am not telling you the news that the Jab is killing a lot of people. You knew that already. I don’t cover the latest news. Plenty of other people doing that. I am telling you the news that our masters know full well that they are killing a lot of people, and have chosen to go full speed ahead anyway. When they started cooking the excess death statistics, they knew. They know they are mass murderers, and feel good about it. The more they murder, the holier they are, and we are seeing intensifying competition to be the holiest.

And our enemies’s reaction to this data reveals that they know this.

In addition to unusual excess deaths I have also been seeing an epidemic of permanent disability – permanent brain fog, permanent partial heart failure that makes it impossible for the victim to put out any effort for any length of time without his heart screaming at him to stop. The brain fog is sufficiently common to have a substantial impact on car accidents. Chances are you have been seeing noticeably more erratic driving lately.

Also, an epidemic of illnesses suggestive of the destruction of people’s immune systems, notably scabies.

The CEO of one America cannot give us hard numbers on it, yet because temporary disability claims are only now starting to turn into permanent disability claim, and if he keeps giving us hard numbers, is likely to meet same fate as those Friends of Clinton who were overly talkative, but it is starting to look as if most of the long lasting temporary disability claims are going to turn into permanent disability claims.

The very short term and immediate effect of the jab is to massively worsen your vulnerability to China flu. Then it gives a few months of protection against severe China flu, but no substantial effect in reducing your chances of being infected, and it probably increases your chances of spreading it to friends and family. Then it stops being protective, and puts you at higher risk of infection, of spreading the disease, and of suffering very serious consequences from the disease. Whereupon they want to give you another jab. And another. It looks like the protective effect of each successive jab may well be shorter, and the dangerous consequences worse, though it is hard to tell as yet, because of massive coordinated lying about the question.

This could be Original Antgenic Sin, or it could be general damage to the immune system, or both. Needless to say, no one is looking at it very hard to find out what is going on, and anyone who tries too hard will probably be Epsteined or put on a ventilator for his own good.

What is the motivation? Well, it is a holy religion and you have to be holier than the next guy, or else you are likely to sleep with the Friends of Clinton, and also it is likely that the fags want to everyone else’s immune system destroyed the way theirs is destroyed.

Bottom line is that they hate us, they want us to die, and they want to kill us. And in the end there well may be no other way for us to survive except we kill them. And since you have to bring a gun to a gunfight, and faith to holy war, if we have to kill them and manage to kill them, we will have to do so in the name of the Lord. Holy wars tend to turn very nasty, but it may well turn out that nothing less will allow us to live.

Chinese tech

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Chinese engineers are weak at creativity. They have an alarming tendency to dutifully follow and implement specifications literally without regard for what the specifications are intended to achieve. But this should not slow catch up too much, as they are smart, industrious, and dutiful.

As general rule, engineers from the periphery of the Han Hegemony, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, are a lot better at tasks that require insight and judgment – not a big gap between them and whites. Thai and Khmer are inferior, lacking Han smarts though Thais have Korean judgement.

Contrary to this cheerfully racist generalization, Taiwan is now the leading manufacturer of the best computer chips. Intel and AMD depend primarily on TSMC (Taiwan) and Samsung (Korea)

White technology has been stagnating, because Shaniqua with a Harvard PhD is project lead, and Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are now well ahead, except, of course, in rockets.

Well, if Taiwan is out in front, why cannot China be out in front? I am guessing that Taiwan simply had a head start because of more intercourse with the west and with Korea. A little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf. You don’t need too many creative people. I conjecture that TSMC filled the gaps with a handful of foreigners. There are lots of people from the periphery of the Han Hegemony in Taiwan.

Last time I checked, an all Chinese desktop was about four years behind today’s desktops, and more expensive, because the Chinese government, suspecting hardware backdoors, twists party members arms to buy Mainland Chinese. And Mainland Chinese are having trouble getting production up, even of chips four years out of date. They have long planned to catch up, but catch up is mysteriously not happening.

Biden has decided to cash in on this tech lead by banning Taiwanese and Korean chip makers from supplying advanced stuff to China, with the chief target being Huawei.

Huawei’s smart phones are TSMC chips running Google software. And they are not allowed to obtain that stuff any more, and if they do somehow obtain it, not allowed to export it.

Huawei are investing heavily in existing Chinese chip building facilities. This New Years eve, promised to be back in the export business real soon now. An important announcement coming up some time this year. Which is not the same thing as promising to be back in the export business this year.

They have been buying up businesses, making alliances with businesses, and hiring people who are in the general vicinity of TSMC. Buying people who are not directly involved in chip making, but have a lot of chip making connections. Maybe they have been importing some leaven. Or maybe they are just hiring spies. Well, obviously they are hiring spies, but is hiring spies all that they are doing?

If they are merely hiring spies, will not do them any good. You can give a Chinese engineer the recipe, and he will follow it to the letter, with the result that it will not work. But I get the feeling that they have already figured this out and have already done something about it. China has been hiring spies for many years with conspicuously underwhelming results. If they have addressed their fundamental problem, I expect China to be beating everyone in chip making in a few years, as Taiwan has been beating everyone. Huawei is betting the house on catch up yielding imminent results. They are acting as if they believe that the fix for China’s stubbornly persistent tech lag is imminent.

In response to this post, a Varna has drawn my attention to a Russian report, 2020 September.

China is hunting for specialists for the production of electronic components in South Korea. Back in August, there were tons of vacancies on local sites for electronics professionals with excellent conditions.

This is likely to solve China’s chip lag problem. Huawei’s confidence suggests that this program is bearing fruit. I predict that competitive Chinese made chips will arrive this year or sometime in 2023.

Since Huawei seems to be leading the charge, they will probably be derived from the Arm cpu design, which draws less power than the X86 architecture. Huawei wants to produce phones, but the Chinese communist party wants made in China desktops and laptops. Likely they will find themselves getting Arm laptops.

Preparatory to this, Arm China recently declared independence from Arm, both hijacking Arm’s intellectual property, and indicating intent to develop Arm based chips beyond the current Arm design. Breaking away from Arm only makes sense if they expect that they will not need further intellectual property from Arm.

The Jab

Sunday, October 31st, 2021

I was expecting a significant rise in the excess death rate among young people.

If it is happening, it is less impressive than I was expecting. The claim that the jab is saving lives is not obviously and outrageously stupid. It is not obviously true either.

What it is, however, doing, is sodomizing people’s immune systems.

It has long been known that the jab does not prevent you from getting China flu, nor spreading it. What it is claimed to do is prevent you from getting really ill as a result. But to verify this claim we would need doctors and patients to not know if the patient had been jabbed, since it is obvious that in practice the purebloods get treated by the medical industry in a way completely different to the way they treat the jabbed, radically different.

Supposedly the vaccine studies had double blind studies, neither patient nor doctor knew who had the vaccination, but actually, they lied. They just went through the motions of science, were not actually interested in the answers.

Maybe it does reduce the severity of symptoms – it seems likely that it should. It is plausible that it does, we just don’t have data. We just don’t have enough trust and trustworthiness left for scientific research to be conducted when there is money on the table.

But, I hear you ask, “what is this stuff about sodomizing the immune systems of the jabbed?”

Well, get this British National health service data, before it gets “corrected” Vaccine surveillance report week 42, page 13

Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons ages forty to forty nine vaccinated with two doses, 1731
Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons aged forty to forty nine not vaccinated, 773

What has been happening is that the rate of Covid infection among the jabbed has been rising steadily and rapidly, and now substantially exceeds that of the purebloods.

This is consistent with the widespread circumstantial evidence that the jab buggers your immune system as well as your blood clotting system.

I was seeing data that shows the jabbed are less likely to spread the disease, then data that they are at least as likely to spread the disease, and now data that they are far more likely to spread the disease. Looks like any immunity wears off fast, while impaired immune function is lasting.

Worse, if it is indeed the case, and it likely is, that the jab reduces the severity of the symptoms, we have a Marek’s disease problem. The jabbed are breeding the virus for greater lethality. The jabbed are dangerous to the purebloods.