Scale of deaths for flu and jab.

It is just the flu, bro.

Flu is caused by a multitude of different viruses, the common cold is caused by a multitude of different viruses, and some of these overlap.

Covid viruses have been around since forever, and some of them, most of them, most of the time, caused something more like a cold than flu

One of these Covid viruses was weaponized with gain of function genetic engineering, and became quite deadly when initially released. But being quite deadly is not really a flu virus’s thing Flu viruses are very fragile, and die quickly, so they want their host to be still walking around doing his normal things, and a variant of the covid virus that does not lay up it’s host in bed is going outcompete a covid variant with more serious effects.

Every flu season, quite a lot of people die. But no one dies of the flu. If someone has one foot in the grave and is wobbling on the edge, flu will give him a little push.

In the very very first days of the Covid virus, it was substantially deadlier than regular flu. As it rapidly evolved back towards what is normal for flu, they gave it a helping hand by murder by ventilator and by seeding old people’s homes with the deadliest forms they could find. But the normies wised up to that and started resisting ventilation, and so they dropped back to just lying with statistics. If you counted everyone who died while he had a cold, including those run over by at truck and so forth, it would be a very deadly disease.

Covid season is an unusually rough flu season, but it is not an extraordinarily rough flu season, except for a bit of a helping hand by iatrogenic mass murder the first time around.

OK, so much for flu season. We are now in jab season. And the increase in death rate is roughly similar to what we were supposed to cower from in terror during covid season, with one huge, terrifying, and very important difference.

Every flu season, the old people’s homes get a whole lot of vacancies. Now it is athletes on playing field, airline pilots at the controls, young people in the prime of life.

And the medical profession piously averts its eyes, revealing that they know what they deny knowing. While you were supposed to turn your life upside down because of a fairly normal flu season, you are not supposed to notice famous athletes dropping dead. The total death rate over all age groups is not hugely higher, in the sense that most people who die are still dying of old age, rather than jab, but the death rate among working age people is hugely higher, in the sense that it is normally very low. It is hugely higher than its normal very low rate. Most young people who die are dying of the jab.

Babylon Bee had an excellent satire on this:

Experts Say They Don’t Know What Thing Is Causing Everyone To Suddenly Collapse, But It’s Definitely Not That One Thing

U.S. — Medical experts are absolutely stumped as to what could be causing the recent uptick in healthy, young people everywhere that are suddenly collapsing with heart failure. Despite their uncertainty, experts do feel confident that we can rule out that one thing as the culprit.

“It’s too early to say what could be causing this, but it’s never too early to say what isn’t causing this,” said local expert, Dr. Scott Rufflinger. “This could be caused by anything. But the one thing we know for certain is that it’s definitely not that thing. … We can go ahead and rule that thing out right now because Science just called us on the phone and told us not to discuss it. We always follow Science.

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  1. Mister Grumpus says:

    Is there a way that “someone” can test himself for having been jabbed? I’m serious.

    • jim says:

      Yes. in terms of scientific principle. But this is a research project. It is not an off the shelf test.

  2. The Cominator says:

    LOL wahmins are equal and have agency according to clownworld, except when clownworld finds it convient for them not to have agency. All of Tate’s “victims” are saying they aren’t victims but the clownworld court is ruling they are “brainwashed”.

    • dog owners association of rome says:

      That just comes down to the USG’s new primary mission: winning internet arguments.
      Tate is a complete nobody, someone only teenaged boys care about and engage with. Some retard(ess) in the state department apparently decided this was worth cashing in some chips overseas to take down.
      Meanwhile, US airspace is being invaded.

      • alf says:

        Overreaction or not, I do think the left has always realized that you need to get ’em while they’re young. Andrew Tate was making waves and reaching the young, so they put their foot down.

        • Alfred says:

          I don’t think Tate himself was really anything but a memey punchline, honestly. There’s always a degree of people not being in on the joke and taking it more and more seriously as time goes on, but to the the extent younger zoomers are becoming anti-feminist etc, I think he was far more riding that wave than creating it in any sense. That is my sense anyway. That wave had far more to do with the internet phenomena surrounding Donald Trump starting in 2015, in my opinion.

          • alf says:

            Tate is a talented grifter who went where he smelled money and fame. So yes, riding the anti-feminist waves. Ride those waves too visibly and you trigger the cathedral’s immune response.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Video is “private”.

  3. Pax Imperialis says:

    Why do so many people (Westerners especially but not limited to) have a problem with contradiction (at face value)? I’m running into this a lot with people who are clearly intelligent. Suppose I posit: man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly. This is clearly true in an abstract sense with a delightful literary flourish, yet more often than not I get responses that reject it as meaningless, overly broad, vague, or generalization that is self contradictory. Never do these people seem to consider that both ends of a duality can be true or even that both are smeared together. It’s either one or zero, black or white, right or wrong. This is especially frustrating because I know the phrase “duality of man” and Full Metal Jacket are fairly well known cultural icons. Westerners are capable of appreciating contradiction so why don’t they (on average). I suspect Greek philosophical traditions are at play.

    There’s a deeper issue. Most people, intelligent included, are shit at philosophical abstractions. They demand clear and strict definitions when most things in nature and the mind are smeared clusters of multiple components inside a conceptual space that is overlapping to one degree or another. For the tech savvy, imagine 16QAM where 0000 is an idea and 0001 is another idea. There may be some overlap in the signal space. Maybe even 0101 is overlapped as well. There may be enough overlap that all three points can be combined into a new abstraction. That is great, the new abstraction allows me to cut out noise. I can also include that new abstraction in a conceptual space and look for overlaps with other abstraction. Building abstractions on abstractions allow for quicker higher order thinking.

    But no, these people demand one only go case by case basis and then dissect down to the last element, and even then they are only interesting in trying to break it apart to find smaller parts. I get it, there is utility in that, but they completely lack mental flexibility to simultaneously think in the other direction, to think big. I definitely blame the Classical Greeks for this. The Romans where right about them. They were a bunch of autists. Great as slaves to teach your kids, terrible as anything else because they lacked order and were in need of a firm hand. And for some damned reason, the West became Greek even as the lineage is more clearly Roman.

    • Aidan says:

      “man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly” is non-teleological language. It communicates nothing without being explained and its literary flourish is trivial and doesn’t inspire or communicate truth on a deep emotional level, which is the point of literary flourish.

      Abstractions are useful when they are teleological, “a forest” to refer to a group of trees, and worthless when they are non-teleological, the jimian anticoncept. “Dissect down to the last element” and “making constant exceptions” are the result of being ruled by anticoncepts. Somebody who cannot see the forest for the trees is somebody who is not allowed to say the word “forest”, or who uses “forest” to also refer to the savannah as well as a landscape dominated by trees.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Firmly convinced that forests can’t exist, blinded by the blood in their eyes running down from the bark cleft marks in their foreheads.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        A tiger is strong and can kill you easily. A fly is weak and is at worst a nuisance. These are concepts that don’t need to be explained to any functional adult who has basic understanding of what a tiger and a fly are. The preexisting associations should do the job.

        To put it in less literary terms, “Man can be both dangerous and not dangerous.” That’s an obvious observation but also an important one. Overly civilized people often forget men can be dangerous. They even forget they themselves can be dangerous.

        But people largely do understand what it communicates. They don’t get hanged up on that. They get hanged up on duality. They are stuck in single state reasoning.

        >somebody who is not allowed to say the word “forest”

        I’m not convinced that’s true today on average. A surprising number of people are simply incapable of thinking/understanding the word “forest” if it’s something they can’t physically experience. If you create a system where one is not allowed to say “forest,” do you think over time, with many generations, the ability to even think “forest” might get lost? If there is dysgenic evolutionary pressure to not think abstractly, are you ruled by anticoncepts because they are artificially enforced or because that’s all that’s left in the imagination?

        This isn’t a question over whether certain abstractions are useful or not. Teleological or not. It’s a question over whether intelligent people (on average) are partially lobotomized and can’t do abstractions well in the first place.

        • Aidan says:

          Leaving aside my distaste for the Eastern mode of abstraction, yes, even most intelligent people have great difficulties in abstraction- and by that I mean truthful abstraction. Most smart people can think abstractly, but their abstractions are false. The telos of an abstraction is to bundle like kinds and their complex interactions into a whole, from which further thought can occur. Thus a teleologically sound abstraction is one that truthfully describes reality, and an antiteleological abstraction is one that confuses unlike kinds and their interactions and prevents further truthful thought.

          It is a matter of whether an abstraction is useful or not, because everybody knows what a forest is, it is not that smart people do not think abstractly, but that they think wrongly, and if they realize that they are wrong, lacking the power to apprehend what is right, they fall back on the failure mode of dissecting or “analyzing”

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Eastern mode of abstraction, while less prevalent, is no stranger in the West either.

            I remember a poem in the American SAT over a decade ago about an eagle flying over boundless land and how it could go anywhere it wanted. A question asked: “What does the eagle represent/embody.” The obvious answer was freedom. Yes, yes I know it’s a cliche American response, but you’d be surprised by how many kids in AP English got it wrong.

            Today the SAT reading passages are being made shorter and at a lower reading level in 2024. They are getting less abstract as well. Less demanding metaphors and analogies.

            You are rightfully concerned about whether or not abstractions are true or not. I’m concerned there’s something more dysgenic at work. What if

            their abstractions are false.

            because they have lost skill in abstracting? Similar to what if someone sees the world incorrectly because they are color blind.

            Most smart people can think abstractly

            Is this true. Again I ask

            If you create a system where one is not allowed to say “forest,” do you think over time, with many generations, the ability to even think “forest” might get lost?

            Check out A Tale of Two Cities published in 1859. It opened with:

            It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way—in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

            It’s all contradictions and it was popular reading as well! Americans were comfortable with contradictions and enjoyed them. Do you see that today? Compare it to Harry Potter books where good guys and bad guys are all flat characters. Where contradictions occur due to bad writing and not clever duality.

            I don’t think it’s purely a dumbing down. I think that in the same way a color blind person isn’t exactly bind, abstract thinking in the smart population is increasingly missing key components. That it atrophied like a muscle that never got used.

            • Earl says:

              > Check out A Tale of Two Cities published in 1859. It opened with:

              Fascinating. Are you deliberately deflecting, or is your reading comprehension really that poor?

              The passage you quote is not asserting that both opposites are true. It resolves the apparent contradictions in the final sentence, which explains that the preceding sentences were imitative — a demonstration of the fickleness and grandiosity of those “noisiest authorities”.

              A contemporary example would be if I were to imitate the global weathering fanatics: “we’re heading for an ice age, we’re burning up!” Or the Corona Cultists: “masks are useless, masks are essential! the death toll is soaring, there are no excess deaths!” Taken out of context, these sentences are also meaningless, but if I were to follow them up with an explanation like Dickens’s, then and only then do they make sense in context.

              It’s not that we’re going metaphorically colorblind, it’s that you don’t write as well as Dickens.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >The passage you quote is not asserting that both opposites are true.
                >is your reading comprehension really that poor?

                Funny, it’s almost like I said at the very beginning:

                Why do so many people (Westerners especially but not limited to) have a problem with contradiction (at face value)

                Note the bold part if it wasn’t clear to you. Now I’m assuming I wouldn’t have to repeatedly reassert I’m talking about contradiction at face value so maybe I really do just write badly.

                I also said:

                Never do these people seem to consider that both ends of a duality can be true or even that both are smeared together

                which is about methods of looking at contradiction and potentially resolving it.

                >a demonstration of the fickleness and grandiosity of those “noisiest authorities”

                Which doesn’t give a clear resolution. It’s muddy and up to interpretation which is something that most modern audiences are not fine with.

        • jim says:

          > If you create a system where one is not allowed to say “forest,” do you think over time, with many generations, the ability to even think “forest” might get lost?

          That is what happened with the red pill. It was in the air I breathed as a lad, being raised in the last gasp of the old upper class culture, but no one could say it out loud and plainly. Everyone older than me knew it, but agreed it was unkind and impolite to say it out loud. And around me, most people my age and younger were unable to think it.

          • Adam says:

            So I’ve been thinking about the mechanics of this and how losing this wisdom came about. You’ve talked about failure of the elite to have enough sons to hand it down to, which makes sense. But how about the daughters of the elite? One would think the daughters of the most powerful men would be absolutely instrumental in suppressing any and all knowledge of female nature wherever they go. It wouldn’t even have to be deliberate. It would just be a product of consolidation of power into the hands of a few men who were not able to police there daughters.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*deleted yet again for yet again presupposing that the triumph of the left is recent and is bottom up*]

            • jim says:

              I have allowed through too many posts of yours containing those presuppositions and am not going to allow any more. If you make that as an argument, rather than as a presupposition, I will allow it.

              No matter what you purport to be arguing, I am not censoring you for your arguments, I am censoring you for what those arguments presuppose without arguing.

              Our position is that after 1820 or so, left domination of the institutions came from the top down, the professoriat selecting the holiest among their disciples, and factions within the powerful each competing to be holier than all the others.

              If you present an argument that presupposes a different universe, where leftism came from the bottom, rather than the top, where leftists entered by cheating at the exams, or by working extra hard to pass them, or by going to where opportunity was, rather than by the people at the top cheerfully disregarding exam results and choosing people on superior holiness, and people at the top continually inventing new things to be holy about so that they can be holier than other people at the top, you are going to have to argue for it.

              If you present an argument that presupposes that capitalists rule and that leftism somehow benefits capitalists – well I have heard that far too many times, and challenged innumerable people to present an argument for it, and they never do, so I am just going to censor it yet again. A capitalist, by definition, has an apple cart, and leftists, by definition, want to knock over people’s applecarts.

              The attack on marriage could benefit single and gay capitalists by adding women to the workforce and postponing marriage and children, but if capitalists are forced to hire women to do men’s work, it is quite disastrous for capitalists. The attack on marriage would only work for capitalists if they were allowed to prefer women for women’s work and men for men’s work. As the situation stands, capitalists would benefit considerably if every single women in the workforce was sent to a nunnery tomorrow morning and not allowed to leave unless married or engaged to be married, and not allowed to have a job except under the supervision of husband, father, or betrothed.

              In a hypothetical universe where capitalists were free to prefer women for some jobs and men for others, single and gay capitalists would benefit from the assault on marriage – but that is just not the universe in which the assault on marriage takes place. We have had that debate and I am just not going to allow it to continue. I am just going to pontificate from on high and censor dissent.

              The bottom up versus top down debate we have not really had, and it deserves to be discussed. You, however, are not discussing it, just assuming it. Feel free to discuss it for a change.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                Your model is about priestly dominance. [*deleted for ignoring the substance of your interloctor’s argument*]

                • jim says:

                  No. My model takes priestly dominance for granted (we are always ruled by priests or warriors, and usually something of both) and is about how and why we got evil priests and a demonic state religion.

                  Judges period Israel and Saga period Iceland also had priestly dominance, and there was nothing very wrong with their priests for the most part.

                  Hereditary priesthood meant that Israel did not get holiness spiral, but was by no means guaranteed priests that people would be much inclined to follow.

                  Priesting worked OK in iceland, because they had a commercial remedy for priests people found unpersuasive, which failed when people started to find the entire religion unpersuasive.

                  The problem is priestly dominance with open entry, leading to elite overproduction (too many people going to university, which is incapable of training people in useful things like building rockets, nice looking buildings, and good furniture, and always trains people to be priests – lawyers, academics, and so on and so forth) Overproduction of priests leads to holiness competition. And here we are.

                • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  You are making a good argument for vengeance and destruction, but you propose, not vengeance and destruction on those who scammed you, but rather that those who scammed you be empowered to wreak havoc and destruction on anyone who failed to fall for the scam. The university that sold you an expensive education that wasted your time and led nowhere owes you. I do not owe you. Burn the university down and auction of the property to compensate the victims. Don’t come after the kulaks.

                  You point out a wrong was done to you, and want to hurt people. The reason I indulge you is that you are frequently speaking in your own voice, rather than the script’s voice. Fine. Hurt the people who did that wrong to you. It was not the man who owns a Domino’s franchise shop that wronged you. It was not the plumber, the roofer, the electrician, or the man welding steel for Musk’s rockets.

                  You want these people to compensate you for what the university took from you. No. The university should compensate you for what it took from you. You want the state to grant power, status, money, and a decent standard of living to everyone that the university gave a worthless diploma. But power, status, money, and a decent standard of living has to come from someone else, since the holders of worthless diplomas do not produce value.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  If leftists were rational actors they’d take student loan forgiveness out of university endowments. (Harvard’s alone is over $50 billion.) Or at minimum, student loans should be dischargeable in bankruptcy, with the student loan portion charged to the university rather than wiped out with the rest. (This would have the added benefit of paring away the most useless degrees going forward, especially from the brokest/least prestigious colleges.)

                  That it must instead come from the fedgov, the taxpayers, the blue collar joes and the white collars with useful degrees shows that there’s something else going on in leftists’ heads, and in AF’s.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes ive already mentioned this idea on student loans and furthermore so has Tucker Carlson.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Everyone older than me knew it

            What are the things their forefathers all knew but agreed to not say out loud? Just how many generations has it been.

            I’ve got a bad feeling that has been happening since the 1500s when Europe dusted off a bunch of the old Greek philosophers and started imitating them. I’ve been reading a lot of medieval texts lately and seeing a lot more resiliency and vitality compared to 1700s. More in the 1700s compared to 1900s. etc

            • jim says:

              I love that totally vicious medieval depiction of Origen that I posted. The poz goes back a very long way, but so does people laughing at it.

          • Mr.P says:

            > ” It was in the air I breathed as a lad, being raised in the last gasp of the old upper class culture ….”

            Watch the 1950s TV show Leave It to Beaver sometime. (Seriously; wife and I are deep into Season 5.) The depiction of girls Beaver’s and Wally’s age is nearly uniformly, um, unflattering, dare I say based. Precocious, scheming, narcissistic, manipulative, and status-striving nearly every single pink dressed and pony tailed one.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      As a general rules, dualisms are so oft inherently water-muddying; one and three are much more metaphysically virtuous numbers.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >dualisms are so oft inherently water-muddying

        Humanity originated from the muddy water holes of Africa. Only through brutal evolutionary culling via nomadic herder conquest and painstaking garden building did we create clear water. Even then the human spirit ventures out to unclear and stormy waters.

        Analogy aside, vitality would mean we ought to flourish in muddy waters as much as clear waters. The colonizers and cowboys who conquered America certainly flourished in a world of moral grays. Losing that and only being comfortable in morally clear thinking is dsygenic.

        Traditional Christianity is built for muddy waters with clear guard rails on either side to keep you from sinking. For example, drink your wine with a merry heart AND don’t be an alcoholic are both important. Many modern Christians will instead take hard lines on drinking (going bonkers with consumption or outright banning it) instead of being comfortable and masters in the gray. Medieval Christianity was full of vitality in the muddy waters of the times, is Christianity full of vitality in the overly clean gnostic times of today? I think not.

        >one and three are much more metaphysically virtuous numbers

        Do you have any idea just how many people, even Christians, would completely miss what you’re saying? Which goes back to my point that there is a serious reduction in Western brain capacity for abstraction. Look at Japanese comics compared to American comics for instance, not that the Japanese are particularly healthy either, but they are not so far gone as the average Westerner.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I can’t find a single thing you just said to agree with, which is odd for us.

          Why are you talking like a college guy whose girlfriend I am secretly fucking bro?

          In all seriousness, I have some deep issues with what you’re asserting here. I exist in a fog of ambiguities as punishment for my sins, not because I am some sophisticated cosmopolite with urbane cognitions chasing brilliant observations between my ears. I violated the compact with Nature’s God out of ignorance and selfishness, and now I suffer gray where black & white belongs.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Why are you talking like a college guy whose girlfriend I am secretly fucking bro?

            Exploring tranny/GAE/academia Discord and subtlety poking them to see how they react without getting banned is difficult. Turning that subtlety on and off frequently requires a lot of mental flexibility. Admittedly, I’m not the most flexible guy out there.

            I exist in a fog of ambiguities as punishment for my sins

            Every person does. That is what I was getting at with Christianity being built for muddy waters. It provides clear guard rails in an uncertain and ambiguous world so you don’t drown in it. Most people will bounce between those rails throughout their lives, but so long as one remembers where the rails are, they can continue to cling on and eventually master themselves. Create a pocket of order.

            The gnostics wants a “pure” world without uncertainty, without ambiguity. One in which you can’t do “wrong,” can’t say “wrong,” can’t think “wrong,” can’t even dream “wrong.” That is the end state of progressivism, the triumph of “reason” over gnon. I would take a world of gray over that every single time.

          • Adam says:

            >I exist in a fog of ambiguities as punishment for my sins

            This is not a bad thing. Being comfortable with ambiguity is an attractive feature in a man. Women and children are inherently uncomfortable with it.

            If it seems like a burden, you are not feeling your way through life, and are thinking your way through life. Which is tough. Especially true for intelligent creative people, one’s mind is an enormous liability, and should generally be ignored unless being used deliberately. Your feelings though, your vibe, and other peoples vibe are tremendously useful in navigating you towards that which is good for you and away from that which isn’t.

            Ones success with this is going to be proportional to ones spiritual health and fitness. It would not work well for a con man, but a con man who forced himself to live like this would likely end up straight.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The proposition that popular discourse is ever more increasingly banalized, and that men don’t know how to know anymore, will find no disagreement from me; it is practically a self-evident truth.

          Most intellectual sins find their roots in tricks the brain uses to think less about things. And perhaps the most classic example of this is categorically imperative thinking.

          Id est, ‘not all [X] are like that’, ‘lack of clear boundary between a piece of straw and a pile of hay means neither exist’, ‘a proposition with an exception anywhere is matterless everywhere’, and so on.

          This is generally coterminous with ‘naive systematization’, the attempt by the mattoidic subject to create an artilect which it believes *is* universally consistent, and can thus release it from the pain of its facile efforts to actually conceive of the teleological motions of Being in increasingly transcendent contexts in its own mind, and do all the thinking for it.

          But as our good friend Godel long ago demonstrated, no being within Being can fully encapsulate it, else it is something that already transcends it. Or more prosaically said, the power of a procedure downstream of the power of the judgement capable of creating it.

          It is not that there is no Order of things to this plane of existence, but that it is that very attempt by the less worthy to ‘reach beyond their grasp’ that produced devastatingly catastrophic consequences – and whose reaction to such failures is then so oft sublimated into a spiteful denial of any Natural Law at all in the first place. The midwit curse is to be just clever enough to become aware of an issue, so that a wrong answer may be given too it.

          For any given language game, there is naturally an operating envelope in which it is adaptive – and outside of which, it rapidly becomes catachretic. For any given expression of rhetoric, there is a cardinality; doors to implications it leaves open, and doors it closes off.

          In the spergmatic mind lexemes become straightjackets, proceduralisms which it will pursue in any case and at all hazards; sieves through which some aspects of Being might be apprehended, but others will slip by; his own powers of world-formation, an aperture through which some sense of Being may pass, and aught else shorne off. Heedless of any consequence, the archetypical mattoid is autistic in the original sense of the word – a wholly closed off entity, blind of any perception of, contact with, or feedback from the motions of the larger world around it, the artilect that exists in its mind, which it calls ‘the thing in question’, suffuses it with full sufficiency of spirit. To such a being, the play of its mental fetiches is more real than reality itself.

          Aristotle perceptively sensed this problem, and reified it in terms of his doctrine of ‘Golden Mean’. Likewise with Lao Zi, ‘the way that can be written is not the true Way’.

          “Like Midas, the Rationalist is always in the unfortunate position of not being able to touch anything, without transforming it into an abstraction; he can never get a square meal of experience.”

          The mattoid (which is to say nominalist, which is to say solipsist) confuses proxies for virtue that often exist as terms in discourse, with the greater ‘good itself’. They then zero in on and inflate these proxies, upon which they can proclaim they are ‘holier than thou’, and claim moral superiority (and thus higher social status and a band aid over the existential void in their empty souls). Which in turn leads other to engage in similar bouts of inflation, and in isolation they will reflect off of each other in the echo chamber more and more until all adaptive nuance is cast away, and only the ‘proxy’ remains in its most simplistic and banal form.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            The proposition that popular discourse is ever more increasingly banalized

            In the spergmatic mind lexemes become straightjackets

            The degradation of popular discourse is accelerating in my short, insignificant life span. Ten years ago I could say something innocuous such as “Men have balls.” Ten years ago the spergs would do the common, “not all X” argument. They could understand the plethora of meaning but tried to undermine it by the micro exception.

            Today I say the same thing and the overwhelming response from the newer generation is “do you mean testicles, balls in the metaphorical sense of bravery, sports balls like baseballs and footballs? You can’t simply say that without additional context! It’s too broad and vague and blah blah blah…” They don’t understand that all of those things are abstractly linked together and thus valid.

            Man has testicles. They produces testosterone. Testosterone is the main source of masculine spirit i.e. bravery. Sports are competitive and require willingness to risk losing i.e. bravery. All of that meaning is packed into three simple words: Men have balls. That is a beautiful abstraction. They can’t accept that so I’m forced to argue each individual case. For each case they default to the standard “not all x” argument. This is fucking stupid and tedious, yet this is now standard among the “intelligentsia.” I end up spilling hundreds or thousands of words just to build up the abstractions for them only for them to say I’m incoherent. I appreciate what you wrote, but with the attention span of Gen Z, none of it would be coherent to them and I can’t repackage your wisdom by shortening it otherwise I run back into the problem of “it’s too vague.” It’s all so tiresome.

            And before someone says strawmanning, I encourage them to got to colleges and hold up a sign with a true and brief definition of a woman.

            This is all before I even enter the territory of contradiction. In the arrogance of the Western atheistic psychology departments, they termed dialecticism in East Asia as “naïve dialecticism.” They never seemed to consider that the West once too had “naïve dialecticism” as well but lost it. That it’s not unique to the East. That it’s not naïve but wise. Biblical inerrancy demands acceptance of contradiction either by doctrine of the mean or by accepting both extremes/opposites are potentially true. That is better termed “mature dialecticism” and the West somehow lost it.

            Modern Christianity rejects inerrancy, even in churches that claim it as doctrine. Just look at the shear quantities of modern Christian writings about how the wine Jesus created was not actually wine and in reality just “grape juice.” That was a problem of my father’s time. The problem now is that many Christians* have problem understanding 1 in 3 and 3 in 1. They can’t accept contradiction as a truth because they are materialists at heart no matter what Godel can demonstrate.

            Saint Thomas Aquinas was right. The Greek philosophers were pagans unable to appreciate truth. He made a principled exception for Aristotle because of his golden mean which shares much in common with “naïve dialecticism” and the required mindset for inerrancy. Likewise, I’m deeply suspicious of the Greek atomists who are praised in K-12 education as a part of the scientism curriculum.

            I fear I’m a terrible communicator. My greater fear is that to effectively communicate in today’s world one must be a genius communicator and that even that is not enough. The implication being that communication is not longer possible for the majority of people. That is horror.


    • Adam says:

      I think people generally have a problem with ambiguity. Defining things, especially in black and white gives one a sense of power and control. It is comfortable, especially for those less fit and thus more neurotic.

    • Earl says:

      This reminds me more than a little of the rants of Dr. Ted (aka Humanity’s Greatest Genius) detailing how his critics just aren’t smart enough to understand his profundity, or as he puts it, “not tall enough for this ride”. Maybe you just aren’t as deep or as gifted a communicator as you think you are.

      Aidan’s actual criticism of your “man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly” example is that it’s ambiguous on many levels, and as an abstraction is useless without context. You proceeded to strawman that criticism and play dumb: “surely we all understand the analogy of being strong as a tiger or weak as a fly?” The problem wasn’t with your analogies and no one claimed it was, the problem is literally with your use of the word “is”.

      Do you mean that man is sometimes strong and other times weak? Do you mean physically strong and mentally weak? Do you mean strong relative to some point of reference but weak relative to some other point of reference? Do you mean that some men are strong and other men are weak, so the collective “man” can be either? All of the above are still abstractions, but they each have a distinct coherent meaning, whereas with your original version, we have no idea what you really mean and you don’t bother to explain. You’ve just asserted a contradiction and berated any criticism of that contradiction.

      Would anyone have objected if you said that “Man can be X or not X”? Of course not, but when communicated clearly it sounds unremarkable and obvious, rather than profound and mystical. Never mind that actual philosophical dualism is responsible for some of the worst intellectual atrocities in history, you haven’t even clearly communicated a dualism, you’ve either make a deliberate choice to obfuscate and assault our language in order to feign intellectual superiority OR, to give you the benefit of the doubt, you’re simply making the elementary mistake of assuming that your readers and listeners are already within your frame of reference and therefore additional context is unnecessary.

      Either way, the problem is you. As you can see, I understood your abstraction perfectly well, I just wasn’t impressed by it, because with so many context-dependent variations and no context provided, it might as well mean nothing at all.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Aidan’s actual criticism of your “man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly” example is that it’s ambiguous on many levels

        Ambiguity is part of the human experience. You must thrive in it. There is no choice. Every decision you make is one of limited information and still you must make decisions. My response to the criticism is that you must take ambiguous, and at times contradictory information, and be comfortable with it. That there has been a clear reduction in the comfort with ambiguity, or contradiction at face value, indicates less vitality in the West. Less mental flexibility.

        >You proceeded to strawman

        Sure, it’s just strawmaning.🙃 It’s not like the SAT used to contain ambiguous analogies and metaphors and asked questions on their meaning.🙃 What I provided was almost text book example of old SAT. They removed such questions because people were getting increasingly worse at answering them. (along with unstated racial disparities)

        Do you mean that man is sometimes strong and other times weak? Do you mean physically strong and mentally weak? Do you mean strong relative to some point of reference but weak relative to some other point of reference? Do you mean that some men are strong and other men are weak, so the collective “man” can be either? All of the above are still abstractions, but they each have a distinct coherent meaning, whereas with your original version, we have no idea what you really mean and you don’t bother to explain.

        >so many context-dependent variations and no context provided, it might as well mean nothing at all.

        Yet all of these interpretations fall within a certain frame of reference. That isn’t meaningless, they all fall in the same conceptual space. It’s a lot more information than none. Being able to recognize a frame and act on it with limited context indicates vitality in the face of uncertainty. All those interpretations you listed are valid, but you proceed to get frozen with inability to accept them at face value. You could have just smiled at the multitude of meanings and moved on. You instead proceeded to analyze it to death in true Greek form, and proceed to sperg out when there isn’t a single “right” answer. Life often doesn’t give you single “right” answers, nevertheless you must act.

        My ending criticism was that they completely lack mental flexibility to think big which requires losing resolution so to speak. You’re smart. Maybe smarter than me. Who knows? But you clearly lack flexibility. That’s not good.

        >Would anyone have objected if you said that “Man can be X or not X”?

        Funny, I could do what you did and analyses “Man” and “X” to death. Call them meaningless abstractions and that without clear frame of reference we have no idea what is really meant. Clearly this is wrong.

        >Never mind that actual philosophical dualism

        Now lets be careful there, I said duality which isn’t the same as philosophical dualism.

        >you haven’t even clearly communicated a dualism

        Again, I said duality, not quite the same

    • alf says:

      man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly.

      Language is crude. Such a contradiction might be wise and pointing towards deeper truth. Might also be nonsense or even meant to misdirect. Who is saying it, in what context?

      When a post-modernist says truth is both true and not true, I know I am being bullshitted.

      When Jim says demons are both real and not real, I make a soyjack impressed o-face.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Momentarily put aside whether it is true or not. Put aside contradiction as well.

        Analogy thinking is the ability to think abstractly and be able to relate to similar unrelated abstractions. Why did the SAT remove analogy questions? Could it be that people’s ability to use and understand analogy has degraded over time? The implication being they can’t think abstractly.

        What type of mental flexibility is required to consciously and actively accept a contradiction while exploring and understanding it? To say something is both real and not real while not suffering from cognitive dissonance.

        That the post-modernists and jim can both tolerate and explore contradiction indicate a certain type of mental ability. That jim is right and the post modernists are wrong indicate a difference in level of ability. That the children of the post-modernists can’t even tolerate contradiction or are not even aware of it due to cognitive dissonance indicates they lost the mental ability all together.

        Analogies are often broad abstractions with limited context. You must often fill in context. Even then there are multiple interpretations, but you also have to pick the most likely one. This effectively becomes a test of mental vitality.

        man is as strong as a tiger and as weak as a fly.

        So back to truths and contradictions… at face value, with the limited context you have, can you think about how this is true? How this is false? Broadly speaking does it ring true more than false? It’s open ended but not that open ended. It’s more right than saying ‘man is strong’ or ‘man is weak.’ Context is always shifting so man might be strong at some points in time and weak in others. So man is both until measured by context. Similar to how Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead until measured by context.

        To really drive home the point I was initially trying to make about mental degradation in the West, I ask again, why did the SAT remove analogy questions which are really tests of abstract thinking.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          In my personal opinion, playing with dualities is fun but needs to be challenging in equal proportion to profundity. So, I’d prefer “Every man is as weak as a tiger and as strong as a fly.” It forces cogitation, appears to be silly and therefore an instant challenge to the introspective (“have the I missed something, because that sounds like opposite of true to me…”), but must contain a deeper truth if it’s serious (the tiger can only stalk & kill one at a time, while the fly can poison thousands merely by bumbling through the feces *before* traipsing across the door handle), or trap midwits into thinking there’s a deep profundity present and their just failing to grasp it and this must admit their inferiority or pretend they totally get it because who wouldn’t.

          In my unbelievably sophisticated and refined opinion, duality is very occasionally a tool very well suited to an incredibly nuanced situation, and almost always some bullshit artist attempting to smuggle memes into or through the conversation that would otherwise be balked at or dismissed out of hand.

          • alf says:

            In my unbelievably sophisticated and refined opinion, duality is very occasionally a tool very well suited to an incredibly nuanced situation, and almost always some bullshit artist attempting to smuggle memes into or through the conversation that would otherwise be balked at or dismissed out of hand.

            I tend to be accused of black/white thinking whenever I trigger some THOUGHTCRIME alarm. It’s just an easy defense: ‘when you say all women are like that really you are overgeneralizing and the situation is much more complex.” Well there’s a place for nuance, but there’s many more places when nuance is used as a cope for denial.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Nuance is so often used (proficiently) as cover by the intellectual terrorists that we have to burn it to maintain an effective kill zone. Add nuance to the list of things they took from us.

              • Red says:

                They’ve butchered the meaning of the nuance to the point where it means don’t question me because I am holy and know more than you when they use it and they refuse to recognize it when others use it.

        • alf says:

          Pax you make plenty of fair points. Just to understand that two opposing statements can both be true requires mental vitality.

          Besides mental decline, I posit that people are losing the capability to carry interesting conversations.

  4. dog owners association of rome says:

    Chinese weather balloon drama is a way to test US military geo-engineering capabilities. There is a second confirmed in the air over Canada, and it seems likely that more are on the way.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I don’t care what that balloon is. It has to be shot down for national pride. That it isn’t indicates weakness and a loss of face.

      • The Cominator says:

        What national pride, we’re at the point where Americans hate America more than anyone else. Wasn’t true before the Covid hoax and the steal but the events of 2020 broke any and all national pride.

        • Hesiod says:

          Perhaps we could harness some of that rainbow pride so popular in the military these days by sending some trannies kamikaze style against the balloons. That would be truly stunning and brave, and it would save them the trouble of suicide later when cold reality incessantly whispers, “you’ll never be a real woman”.

          • Starman says:

            The homos can use their CareBear Stare™ to shoot down the Chinese recon balloons.

      • dog owners association of rome says:

        You’re correct, but the other option is not to appealing either, if you were the current administration. They’d be forced to use military force in the homeland against an asset that is supposedly in the hands of one of our allies/partners.
        Either way, the [illusion of the] inviolability of the continental US is now shattered.
        Tit for tat for our government’s continually sovereignty violations, as well as a way to force our defense east to the Pacific, away from the present centers of conflict (Ukraine, Iran).

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I’m not sure how correct this is, but a few circulating perspectives assert that USM *couldn’t* splash the balloon(s?) even if they wanted to due to no purpose built munitions, no methodology, and no adequately trained personnel.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          F-15 on full afterburners can climb to the altitude of 103,000 feet until its engines flame out. It has a gun on it. The balloon is only 66,000 feet. This is not a lack of capability but willingness. Heck, they could make it a training/target practice event.

          • jim says:

            Possibly. But capability to actually get an F15 off the ground is less than advertised, and if it does get off the ground, pilots are justifiably nervous about flying it to the limits of its supposed capability.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Pilots used to accept far greater risks. They still do if given the chance. If the president asked for volunteers he would get them. This isn’t a technical capability issue, it’s a lack of will issue.

              • C4ssidy says:

                Why would there be a will to cancel diplomatic trips over the balloon but not to shoot it? The political response suggests that the balloon is a big deal, enough to get offended over

                • jim says:

                  This suggests that the US lacked the capability to shoot down the balloon, even though on paper it has overwhelming capacity. Just as on paper the US has vastly more logistic depth than Russia, and on paper, US sanctions should be crushing Russia at insignificant cost to the US and huge cost to Russia.

                  I watched a you tube video of an American in Russia wandering through building supply shop. And I was seeing all these familiar brands, that see when I wander through the GAE equivalent. And he asks were all this stuff is coming from? Answer. Not from the GAE. The GAE is critically dependent on stuff made outside the GAE.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  F16 can likely hit 70,000 ft in a zoom climb. The tech is likely there. The willingness to find out is not. The US back in the 60s during experimental development of most of the aerospace tech that exists today would have at least tried. Maybe it would have failed, but then the US would have tried again shortly after and succeeded. This is mainly an issue of spirit and not technical capability.

    • c4ssidy says:

      What would a swarm of these cost, 100 dollars each? You could blanket the earth with them even if satellites were knocked out. Give them little drone-grenade payloads/rods with fins and have them trained to swoop down towards anything looking like a human or a human habitation

      • dog owners association of rome says:

        Your instincts are right on the money: there’s clear images of the same style of balloon but without the payload over St. Louis. Whether this is the second balloon incoming from Canada, or the first one (which lost the payload along the way? Concerning?), we’ll probably never get a clear answer, officially.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        More than doable. Simple aerostats and adding buoyancy to aerodynamic structures through enveloping can allow for the putting of payloads to very high altitudes over very long distances or durations with comparatively very little resources. Ratios of smaller size and higher flying complicate the logistics of interception, as well as ‘guard posting’ with stationary units to simplify such similar problems of interception.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      CCP floating a literal test balloon to check the metaphorical weather, see how USG responds.

      Well, as The Notorious Connor MacGregor(tm) once said: “yewll doo nuttin”.

  5. Kunning Drueger says:

    Negro Republican politician assassinated in NJ. May be nothing, could be a signal. She is portrayed as a devout Christian black from Newark, which is actually a fairly powerful, vocal minority in that region. If it’s an assassination, it will get memory holed after the warning has been heard, if it’s not, it will be attributed to racism.

    • jim says:

      You refer to Eunice Dwumfour?

      This was obviously a targeted assassination. Targeted assassination of a recently elected politician likely to be politically motivated. But a smalltime local politician, therefore likely to be smalltime local politics – blacks resolving local conflicts in the way blacks usually do.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        If she was a typical negro politician, I’d think nothing of it, as the negro politician pipeline is overflowing with gangbangers, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and race baiting mustefinos. But the deeply Christian negros are horses of a different color in my opinion, not because they are incorruptible or magical, but because they are located near universally by their co-racislists. As I said, “Jim is never wrong” is axiomatic, but the details and timing are wonky. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the things you predicted to happen after the Big Steal, and I think the signs will appear in the blacks occupied areas as well as the mestizo colonized areas before showing up in the white zones.

        • Aidan says:

          She had a degree in women’s studies. It’s a wash as to whether she represented the more prosocial faction of blacks or not. Her unimportance suggests to me that it’s typical niggory diggory, or maybe even the brazilian faction of Newark whacked her for failing to pay the right bribes. That the assassin didn’t run down the street hootin and hollerin like a chimp after the murder suggests that it was a spic

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            That’s what’s puzzling: it looks like a hit because it was carried out on gentrified territory at a location she would be expected to be at (her home) that’s far from the negrofied territory of Newark from whence she hailed. If this is niggory diggory, it’s some strange niggotry indeed. If she’d been in Newark or some other shithole, then unremarkable. She was targeted and it was carried out in a place to send a message IMO. If a soldier gets blown up in a minefield, understandable. If he gets IED’d in his bathtub, it’s strange.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              American politicians have been getting targeted and killed ever since the foundation of the Republic. Over the last 245 years the trend has been downward with a temporary upward tick around the mid 1800s. I’ll start to worry if the trend not only goes up, but does so at a 3 sigma level. I’ll definitely be worried if it them proceeds to jump another 3 sigma instead of falling.

              • Karl says:

                When you start to worry, my hopes will be getting up.

                Seriously, why worry about American politicians getting killed? What’s not to like about it? We’ll get neither a Stalin nor a Caesar before violence escalates considerably.

                • dog owners association of rome says:

                  We’ve got a Marius and Sulla to go through before we get our Caesar. Trump is the American Gracchi.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I’m still hoping for a soft transition to a Putin esque figure. Infrastructure wealth would be mostly preserved. The degenerates could be cleaned up quietly.

                  A Stalin or a Caesar requires being in such a state of failure that much of the infrastructure is destroyed. Of course my own personal wealth biases me, but I think what would be best for America is if it didn’t end up driving tanks through the interstate roads and tearing up the asphalt or knocking out all power stations.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’m getting tired of pointing out that we’re Carthage, not Rome. Pax described the tricorn dunce cap of American identity quite appropriately.

                  Assassination is always in the toolkit, like a 12lb. single jack hammer. It’s lack of use is purely a function of declining fortitude and initiative, not some magic spell against the efficacy of hammers.

                  Political assassinations generate headlines for the same reason celebrity deaths generate mass public sentiment deluge: societal parlor tricks. Celebrities feel like family to us through the illusion of familiarity, and politicians seem important because of referential prominence. Will I have popcorn ready for dying politicians, the important assassinations will be unknown people in positions of real yet occluded power. Question: you have a bus of billionaires heading to Davos, and you want to make a big impact on the world, but you can only target one, so which do you choose? Why, the bus driver of course. Assassination of politicians sends a message to politicians and their patrons. Assassination of occluded power players in the bureaucracy is a declaration of war. The circles overlap with lower level judges, because if even the hint of a pattern of targeted justices emerges, the wheels of the system will grind to a halt. Judges, the judicial system, is the core cog on which every other gear turns. If that locks up, or breaks too many teeth, the whole system locks up until a new central cog starts spinning, or the judicial cog gets replaced and hardened.

                  Local council members are actually quite proximal to district court judges. Both are in a sweet spot of influence, visibility, and vulnerability. This is all just food for thought. I’m probably as wrong as ever.

              • Your Uncle Bob says:

                >Over the last 245 years the trend has been downward with a temporary upward tick around the mid 1800s.

                The Clinton body count was real. Justice Alito’s death was more likely a hit than natural. There was the politician’s son in law who was killed a few years ago by an exploding car engine that clearly wasn’t natural. Epstein of course, though not himself an elected official was swimming in those waters. And Antifa gets to run multi person kill teams on American soil with the FBI running cover for them, though not against actual politicians so I’m digressing.

                Not quite arguing with your broader point, but it’s evident that assassination is now and has been for some time a normal tool of American politics and civics. That’s a thing worth keeping in mind both when deciding whether to go into politics (no), and in interpreting new events. If this looks like a hit, it’s more likely a hit than not, even if it can’t be proved.

  6. Cloudswrest says:

    Deep fake of Biden. Don’t know how long it will last before being pulled.

    • SJ says:

      I don’t think men can detect trannies. Look at all the trannies in porn that men can’t detect. The vaginal opening is inside the labia, not below it ffs. If it’s below the labia then you are jerking off to a post op tranny. Hell their are trannies everywhere but everyone just points deer and makes horse.

      • dog owners association of rome says:

        You’ve clearly never seen an actual “post-op” tranny. It looks like two sausages around an open pie top. Trust me, you’re better off not knowing. (I only know cuz of /pol/ spam)

      • jim says:

        Trannies have hit on me when I was cruising for a new wife. Possibly due to indiscriminate marketing strategies (mine and theirs). It was always obvious. Not always obvious immediately, but rapidly became obvious.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        And the winner of the absolutely wrongest possible statement award goes toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

        *pauses for the laugh that never comes*


        Seriously bro, I was walking by a TV 30+ feet away and I said to my wife “That’s a trap” whereupon she needled me and tittered about some vaginally relevant bullshit about snap judgements, only to later apologize after she looked it up. The only way a trannie passes is with rope alone, or through 97 filters on top of a masturbatory haze compounded by bottomless loneliness… and even then, not really.

        • SJ says:

          Didn’t expect this reaction. What about Jessica Alba? Did you spot that lady boy back in your twenties?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Ok, I’m calling tinfoil bullshit. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If your evidence is the YouTube video and meager handful of schizopoasts I found, I’m going to rule that you’ve been duped like Pax’ thirsty Marine buddies.

            I can think of many arguments against, but the biggest one, the surest one, is that it’s never been revealed and used as some kind of rhetorical superweapon by the “trannies can totally pass you bigots!” She has a big head, square shoulders, flat ass, and little body fat. Congratulations, you found an ugly spic mutt that facecels worship.

            I’m not attacking you SJ, you’re a bro and quality poster. But I am attacking your claim, I say it’s pants on head retarded. And if I am found to be wrong, I’ll admit it ungraciously like sore loser I am.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >Pax’ thirsty Marine buddies

              I probably shouldn’t have mentioned Pattaya and Subic Bay. Made things too obvious.

              Anyways, you reminded me of a massive misconception the general public has about Marines being the dirtiest and thirstiest branch of the military. It’s not true by a long shot. Navy is worse but not first. This may come as a surprise, but the Coast Guard is the most degenerate. The smaller ships have to make port of call every 2 to 3 weeks. Often in Central American or Caribbean countries where prostitution is largely legal and drugs are widely available. Morals quickly experience defenestration and debauchery becomes a normal facet of life. Even Marines can get pretty shocked by what goes on in the Coast Guard because most Marines ultimately go back to normal life after a binge.

              • Red says:

                This may come as a surprise, but the Coast Guard is the most degenerate.

                Sailors are degenerates. That’s shocking news.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Yeah, I get that it’s not shocking, but it’s fairly surprising how many people tend to completely overlook the Coast Guard. People see Navy and think sailors. People see Coast Guard and think, what’s that, is that even in the military? It’s a blind spot.

          • jim says:

            > What about Jessica Alba?

            What reason do you have to believe Jessica Alba is a ladyboy?

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          In all fairness to SJ, I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…
          Ladyboys basking off the shores of Pattaya… I watched chemlights glow in the dark near the clubs of Subic Bay. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…

          I’m joking and haven’t personally seen these things. I’ve talked with guys who have, some who did get duped by traps. You put guys on a ship for months on end, and then release them into the wilds of a foreign people with different body features that throws off perception, and only one night to binge drink relax and…

          Well in those circumstances I hear a lot of men can’t easily detect trannies and occasionally mistakes get made. More occasionally it ends with a murder in a motel.

          However, this is a rare edge case. Most trannies in the West are obviously men. They get more obnoxiously obvious about it every year. They revel in obviously not being women while making others treat them as such. It’s sad and pathetic, but also offensively annoying.

          It’s why I never believed in the libertarian position because, as much as I sympathized, NAP was a deal breaker. Some people need to be given a good beating even if they didn’t technically break the NAP.

          • jim says:

            > Well in those circumstances I hear a lot of men can’t easily detect trannies and occasionally mistakes get made.

            Must have been drunk as skunk to not detect the problem before reaching the hotel.

  7. dog owners association of rome says:

    Apparently the King of Thailand is going after Pfizer in the next few weeks due to the princess being poisoned by the clot shot.

  8. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    One of the main limiting factors of pioneering radiation technology was on the back end, in terms of information processing; accomplishing a certain operation entailed the creation of physical analogies whose own operation translated into that operation, like centrifugal regulators on stationary engines tuned to keep them running at a given RPM. Thus, the general rule was every new task, would in turn require a new piece of equipment specifically made for that task.

    The innovation of planar process manufacturing techniques, which allowed for large scale production of very small scale structures, most particularly allowed for production of devices with a high density of structures acting as physical analogies for logic gates, bringing arbitrarily programmable general purpose computation into realms of mobile operation. It became increasingly possible for a given piece of RF equipment to accomplish a range of many different tasks; but the mental paradigm of one tool for one task (for one fuhrer) yet persisted; largely due to the fact that the bunds who were capable of setting such trends into motion in the first place decayed with no real replacement.

    (Of course, processing units that are *completely* general purpose are not really necessary or even desirable for most applications. Many physical analogies for logic gates, like semiconducting transistors, are not truly boolean, but operate on curves of ‘onner’ and ‘offer’, depending on their properties and interactions with its surroundings in general. While this can pose problems for the optimization of operation terms of discreet logic with sufficient error correction, these same properties can on the other hand also be specifically selected for to act as analogies for performing ratios and other complex mathematical operations nigh instantly with negligible footprint, which is particularly relevant to machine learning and other forms of automation.)

    The likes of Harald Zahl were geniuses and would immediately recognize the potential enabled by new capabilities, and real-ize solutions taking advantage of them. But the likes of Harald Zahl were also not possessed of domain over their proverbial fiefdoms, and could not cultivate proteges who would take their place in their fiefdoms, as the ruling priesthood was of course ever on guard for ‘nepotism’ and other adaptive forms of social technology, which did not require obeisance to processing through their seminaries as a necessary intermediation for all social organisms. Thus, with every new year, that brought with it ever more retirements and deaths, the nascent Amerikaner technocracy was aborted by the same overseers that had begrudgingly allowed it to sprout, for the sake of serving their aim of crushing all earthly competition.

    But Year Zero would never come, and the gnostic daemonhosts were ever premature in their actions in anticipation of it. Their attempts to finally close the door on total victory in turn eternally pushing it just out of reach – such actions taken in service of such a goal, by such kinds of beings desirous of such a goal, undermining the very possibility of its achievement. Any developmental capability that remained would continue by inertia if nothing else; refinement of existing formats, but not innovation of new ones, until eventually this too would pass.

    Most contemporary chip architectures are made primarily through evolutionary algorithms now. With only a slight bias towards pessimism, we might say that there may well be noone working in Intel today who actually understands what it is that they are working with anymore; cargo cultists going through the motions of entreating John Frum, to deliver unto them further bounty, but none now left who could stick the wheels of the jalopy back on, if and where and when they start falling off.

    • alf says:

      What are your thoughts on the SoC innovations over at apple? Tech decline or not, seems pretty impressive still.

      • jim says:

        We are hitting the power limit. The cooler on my latest build is just ridiculous.

        Risc architecture simply less power hungry. Moving from cisc to soc risc is likely eventually.

        Thing is, Moore’s law was giving us more computation per watt, until it was not. So now, more and more watts. There are things we can do, such as going risc, But this will take a long time. Progress remains to be made, known things we can do to get better computers. But these are ever smaller gains.

        We are going risc, eventually, because other paths to progress are shutting down.

        Risc computers tend to be closed blocks. We will no longer be able to build our own computer. The gain is comes in substantial part from forms of integration that are not available to the end user, but only available to the giant manufacturer. This path to advance to more computing power involves a loss of freedom and loss of control.

        Going SoC is not a result of technological progress, but because other paths are shutting down. It is a tradeoff – the sacrifices being centralization, inflexibility, and loss of choice, the gain being more computing power per watt.

        • alf says:

          the sacrifices being centralization, inflexibility, and loss of choice, the gain being more computing power per watt.

          None of which we like in the slightest…

          The good news is that that direction of tech allows the universalists to sink with their tech flagships: you think we are heading towards tech utopia? Good luck maintaining those closed block SoCs.

          • notglowing says:

            Closed block SoCs are arguably more resilient.
            If well designed, and unexpected substrate material issues notwithstanding, a single board computer with most of the relevant hardware on a single chip, that requires little power and only needs passive cooling, is more likely to survive for longer than a big desktop PC.

            The main issues for the former are battery and potential stresses from the heating/cooling cycle. Batteries can be replaced. Thermal issues are small due to low heat.

            The latter has far more problems. It has more parts, which require a lot of power, which in itself adds more components with limited lifespan in the power supply, and reduces the lifespan of other components due to heat, it requires more cooling which results in many moving parts that wear out, and get dust circulating in the system.

            The fact that a PC has swappable parts doesn’t ultimately make it more repairable, the truth is that you are essentially just duplicating a lot of things in terms of electronics by having a separate GPU with what is basically its own motherboard and RAM, in addition to a regular CPU with separate memory and countless other components.

            At a fundamental level, what do you gain from being able to swap out say, a broken GPU separately, vs having everything integrated in a single chip? Both are equally impossible to repair if the main chip breaks, and in the former case you just have more things that can break;

            Instead of having many chips and motherboards the SoC only has one.
            Repairability issues only apply when you have distinct components that are likely to break separately, but are tied together. But for an SoC, that’s not quite the case – it’s a single chip.

            I’d say the only disadvantage is when the storage is not replaceable.

            • jim says:

              The problem with SOCs is not single point of failure, but concentration of power.

              • A2 says:

                Everyone is working on a zombie technology, CMOS being dead since 2004 or so.

                We can see that from (a) modest performance increases in recent years, and (b) dodgy scaling in the more recent technology nodes. It’s all coming to a stop. Someone please build the next train.

            • alf says:

              Jim’s point notwithstanding, that is a fair point you make.

              Probably in an ideal world you’d have all the software / GPU / CPU / chip manufacturers competing to produce their own SoCs, thereby decentralizing power once again. But I’m guessing cross-compatibility between software and different SoCs will be hell.

              • Upravda says:


                There are many ARM-based SoCs, and quite a few amd64-based, and I do not see any compatibility problems. In my house and small business there are two amd64-based SoCs, one (pre-Ryzen) AMD FX-8800P, and the other (Core-based) Intel Pentium J5040, both under Ubuntu and Ubuntu server, respectively. Technically, both of those processors are considered SoC. No compatibility problem with any of them (including a few Steam games I sometimes play with my kids on AMD-based one).

                In order to be compatible from the hardware point of view, you must have common system bus and processor instruction set. From the software point of view, you need common OS APIs. And, appropriate system software might be able to override hardware incompatibilities (see Apple’s Rosetta Stone and such).

                All of those requirements are, generally speaking, fulfilled on modern SoCs.

                • alf says:

                  I don’t pretend to know nearly enough to match your knowledge on this topic, but I do know that Apple’s Rosetta stone is not exactly the bees’ knees.

                • Upravda says:

                  Nah, I’m not at all an expert for Apple. Never liked them much since Mr. Jobs, PBUH, started suing the entire universe over his precious Trash icon whining how he was robbed of windows, icons, mouse, and pointer. But I digress…They made Rosetta Stones not because that’s some superior software and/ or hardware engineering paradigm – it is not, as you have correctly noticed – but simply because they had to. If they didn’t, they would lose almost the entire user base during all those processor-switching parades.

                  From that point of view, as a transient software, Rosetta Stones were as good in their job as possible, I guess.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Macfags may be gay, but Apple is still one of the few companies capable of making cool shit. (The modern world runs on computronium, so their is a huge economic force of gravity there, even in spite of the atlantic empire’s spiritual malaise in general.)

        Much of the development being accomplished today centers around refining the logistics of packaging. Id est, how all the different elements stack up together, with everything more fully integrated together in 2.5d/3d architectures, rather than having every different thing randomly floating around in space and jerryrigging it all together with miles of wiring (the classic PC building experience).

        So for example, achieving more effectively efficient computational densities by simply literally stacking up chip planes on top of each other, with connections through the wafers being built in through the same process to manufacture them. Similarly with improving bottlenecks of memory bandwidth, by literally stacking it together with the processing units, with microconnections throughout the whole surface area.

        Elements for data processing and data storage have heretofore customarily been produced through different processes. And so while the roadsigns for performance point towards closer unification of processing and memory and other elements, the manufacturing ability to accomplish this doesn’t exactly exist (eg,, meaning much of the clever solutions for accomplishing development to date being hacks and workarounds using legacy equipment.

        Like many with many things, the real problem isn’t designing a cool machine, but designing a cool factory that can make the cool machine. And as it stands everyone is dependent on ASML in that department.

        • alf says:

          Like many with many things, the real problem isn’t designing a cool machine, but designing a cool factory that can make the cool machine. And as it stands everyone is dependent on ASML in that department.

          Too many complex modes of organization required, not enough Elon Musks to go around…

        • Aidan says:

          In my experience, Apple’s excellent hardware near universally shits the bed when running software not developed by Apple.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Apple stuff in general is, in many ways, basically a walled garden, by intention or neglect (which is also a form of intention).

        • A2 says:

          “Macfags may be gay, but”

          Proudly LGBTQM.

          (Seymour Cray on being told Apple were using a Cray to design the next Mac: “Oh, I’m using a Macintosh to design the next Cray”.)

      • jim says:

        I was looking at Microsoft’s equivalent (not yet ready for consumers, but they are shipping to software developers)

        It has terribly closed and centralised feel, and is built to spy on developers and make them dependent on centralised Microsoft services. If that is what they are doing to developers, what are they going to do to consumers?

        I would like to see an open source equivalent, a considerably more powerful version of the rasberry pi.

        • Upravda says:

          Not exactly open source, but ARM-based standard Mini ITX without embedded SSD, memory, etc, with standard ports: SO-DIMM, SATA, PCI, etc.
          Firefly ITX-3588J

          Price is… bearable. Expecting to fall with more mass production, competition and such, especially since Chinese have effectively adopted ARM design as their own future.

          You can build your own computer with those, just as many of us been doing since ’81.

          • jim says:

            Quite impressive – getting close to being a real arm competitor to x86.

            But the software support is only just coming in, and they do not yet intend to sell it as a PC – rather, selling for special purpose custom applications – which tells me that general use software is as yet bit rough. Microsoft has the same problem.

            • Upravda says:

              I have actually use ARM-based PC as a simple home computer/ home server, just for fun, a few years ago. Not this one, but humble Raspberry Pi 2. Back then, most of the software was already there, for example nginx, PostgreSQL, almost all of the Java and Python, etc. Just to mention a few. Nowadays, I think that also includes VS Code, and DotNet (Core), andy many more. All of the user software was also there, LibreOffice, media players, you name it. In standard Debian repositories, sudo apt install.

              A few months ago, when building a new home server, I’ve been seriously considering Firefly motherboard, but gave up because of price, custom duties, fucking around with customs officers, etc.

              (It seems there are not any EU-based dealer for Firefly.)

              • jim says:

                Rasberry Pi runs 32 bit arm, for which there is good linux software.

                Rock 5 (Firelfy motherboard) runs 64 bit arm, and when I read up on people running Rock 5, they are not happy with their linux.

                The problem is that 64 bit arm linux really is not quite there yet.

              • jim says:

                Firefly does not seem to be targeted as a desktop system.

                Rather, intended to drive dedicated AI system – for example a self driving car, a robot, or a security system that can detect not just movement, but people, and can track people from camera to camera. Obvious application is a home security system that can recognise family.

                Also content generation – ai art. We are moving towards a computer being able to turn a script into an animation, and a rack of fireflys is probably the hardware needed for that.

                One of the design goals, not yet actually supported in software, is a very large rack of fireflies dealing with some AI problem, a rack so large that some modules are always failing.

                Obvious military application – making sense of the information supplied by multiple drones and massive synthetic aperture radars to create a God’s eye view of the battlefield and guide smart artillery shells to target. Pretty sure that no existing military capable of that.

                Rock 5B, on the other hand, does seem targeted to be a desktop or small server, but the software is not really ready yet.

            • Upravda says:

              And, there are also, IIRC for at least 5 years, ARM-based server assembled by Gigabyte.
              They have expanded the offer from the last time I checked, so obviously they have customers.

              The thing is, RISC-based computers are less energy hungry, but the advantage, especially in servers, is not so great to cause fast transitions to RISC.

              Of special interest are, beside ARM, PowerISA promoted by OpenPOWER Foundation, and RISC-V (“risk five”) as a new kid on the block. Both of those are open source, and much less prone to suspicious “enhancements” such as Intel Management Engine/ AMD Secure Technology on proprietary ISAs.

              However, it seems that software support for PowerISA is less than stellar, and especially so for RISC-V.

              • A2 says:

                I’m guessing RISC-V will be the de facto successor of ARM, since it’s free to use and all. Basically a MIPS. I believe, which is a lot simpler than Power too. (Though I didn’t even know Power was free now, so take it with a grain of salt.)

                Lots and lots of cores shipped already (but as far as I know in embedded).

              • jim says:

                Risc V sucks – Risc V computers run very slowly. Maybe this will be fixed in due course, or it may be because the people constructing the instruction set were unfamiliar with actually building a microprocessor.

                Arm computers run fast and low power because no end of talented people have been building the fastest and lowest power arm they can.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >what are they going to do to consumers?

          Just look at Microsoft’s OS update management. It used to be that updates could be manually selected for and downloaded by user choice. Now, it’s all automated and there’s no apparent way to turn it off. Downloads will start in the background without user knowledge. This isn’t limited to update management.

          All features have been “streamlined” with less user options, less user control, and more data on the cloud that is increasingly non-optional. They’ve combined all the worst features of idiot proofing with spyware. They didn’t even do the idiot proofing well.

          • Upravda says:

            There is a way of turning autoupdates off, and running them when you wish, and not when Microsoft thinks so, but yes, it is far from apparent, although the procedure is the same for both Win 10 and Win11. You must have something else than Home edition though.

            Similar thing with cloudification – Microsoft would really, really like to you to put everything into The Cloud so even setting up login during first boot should be performed with keen mind in order to escape all that crap.

            Now, the real question – if all that bothers you, why not switch to Linux? Or even Mac? I would also recommend some BSD, but I’m perfectly aware that even FreeBSD installation is not a “Next, Next, Finish” job, and neither is soliciting some of the hardware and software to work on BSD. OTOH & in my humble opinion, Linux platform has reached Windoze level of ease of use sometimes between 2008 and 2012, and Linux handles most of the hardware you throw at it without much fuss of a driver searching and installing. Yes, Windoze still support more hardware than Linux, but do you really must buy that Lexmark? I mean, what’s wrong with HP printer, for example?

            • jim says:

              > Linux platform has reached Windoze level of ease of use sometimes between 2008 and 2012, and Linux handles most of the hardware you throw at it without much fuss of a driver searching and installing.

              Yes, running linux most of the time these days. Not out of ideological commitment to open source. Rather, it just happened. It just works, stuff runs. (Reading up on Firefly motherboard, Rock 5 systems, stuff does not just work)

              It still has the problem that giving user total power means allowing him to break stuff. No idiot proofing. I can, and regularly do, break linux, and have no idea what I did or how to unbreak it.

              Hence the Cow operating systems, snapshots, and running on vms. I rather frequently wind up re-installing linux yet again.

              If I am going to do any tricky configuration on a real system, I first do it on a VM to be sure that I know what I am doing. System administration on linux is a significant burden. Setting up an email server is not for the faint of heart. But then Windows idiot proofing makes it nigh impossible to set up an email server, vpn server, dns server, etc on windows.

              But linux doing what windows does, doing stuff that can be idiot proofed – well, not too bad, except that you have a multitude of choices, rather too many incompatible ways of doing something.

              I recommend that the time has come, came around ten years ago, for everyone to switch to linux for word processing, chat, web browsing, steam games, all the day to day routine stuff.

              Freedom is still an inherent barrier to entry – too many different ways of doing something right. Sometimes you cannot get what you want just by clicking next, next. So many destinations, that you can find yourself in a strange and unwanted place. But it is no longer a huge barrier to entry.

              Recently I had huge grief with an android phone. Google is trying a wide and ever changing variety of sneaky dirty tactics to force Google Assistant down our throats, and it snatched the power button, so that any attempt to use the android power button did not work, instead Google Assistant would pop up. It took me quite a while to figure out what the #$%% was going on, and then I eventually randomly discovered how to associate the power button with an arbitrary action, one of those arbitrary actions being the normal android power button.

              Thing is, android phone rather useless with a non working power button. This tactic for forcing people to install Google Assistant broke android for those of us that refused to install Google Assistant. And installing windows without installing a huge and ever growing pile of windows spyware is becoming ever more difficult.

              This is making Android and Windows significantly less user friendly. Like the Global American Empire, running on momentum and network effects.

  9. Red says:

    @Hugin2017 read all of Chudov’s article and wanted to present three hypotheses as to why the death rate is spiking. I do not believe we are moving towards a “super Coronachan” variant as this would go in the face of hundreds of years of normal coronaviridae evolution, which always seem to settle on a ‘less-lethal’ variant

    1. Constant infection and re-infection with ever-evolving variants without development of lasting immunity (due to OAS) resulting in eventual immunologic cell destruction and massive systemic spread of Chinkflu viral load, causing multi-system organ failure (call this the ADE hypothesis). Most likely to be found in fagcinated and repeatedly boosted individuals

    Likelihood: Medium-high

    2. The same infection-reinfection cycle causing critical chronic depletion of cytokines and an immunoglobulin shift towards “tolerating” disease rather than “eliminating” it. This leaves the affected individual vulnerable to other opportunistic infections. Call this the VAIDS or fagcine-GRIDS hypothesis.

    Likelihood: Medium

    3. Chronic infection (OAS) with coronachan variants causing repeated spike-protein related damage to organ systems, particularly the cardiopulmonary system. In addition to what initial fagcination caused. Call this the ‘fagcine-plus’ hypothesis.

    Likelihood: Low

    Let me know if this is helpful

    • alf says:

      Honestly impressed with Goodchild on gab. Good content. The only downside of following him is that he is so prolific it drowns out other gabs on my feed.

  10. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim says: With a distributed conspiracy, one would expect a certain period of confusion as different elements cast about in different directions to come up with a consistent new story.

    Indeed, and we do see this, every single time. The confusion doesn’t last long because Western society is composed of successive generations of subjects taught from the earliest age to “trust the Experts.” The uniform turns occur in the pseudo-elite/pseudo-intellectual circles, then the public follows along as instructed by social media and MSM cues. The Colorado mass shooters was a white power terrorist in Their circle, then it flowed outward, then trickled down. When he was found to be a trannie, the new message went out, there was a lag time as “everyone” got the OS update, then it was memory holed. The position is changing on Corona, on Vaxx, on Ukraine, on Biden, on trannified children, on many things, and the messaging is discordant, because many factions; two progressives, five genders, seven contradictory positions.

    The unity of messaging tendency is breaking down because the central conspiracy agents are aging out and being replaced by their fractious proteges and usurpers.

    • jim says:

      What the Covid faction and the trannie faction want is incompatible with what the war with Russia faction wants.

      Obviously the Covid faction has taken a big hit, and their freedom of action has been severely restrained by the war faction. But official truth on Covid and the jab remains what it is, and shows no sign of changing. When, as seems increasingly likely, it does change, a new story will appear overnight, and everyone will remember the new story and forget that anyone ever told any other story.

      I am not seeing unified messaging break down. No one has conceded that the jab leads to endless re-infection and prevents herd immunity. No one has connected the jab with athletes dropping dead on the sportfield and pilots dropping dead at the controls. No one has noticed the excess death rate. No one has acknowledged that transitioning leads to suicide, as the transitioners slowly and painfully discover that in fact transition does not work. No one can say “groomer”. If I was in power in the war faction, would be saying “groomer”. (But then if I was in power in any faction, I would be arranging long distance swimming lessons for the other factions, and am endlessly astonished that we have not yet seen an epidemic of people committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, and hanging themselves from a knee high bed)

      If unified messaging broke down, then we likely we could mount an in country resistance without getting wacoed. And, as the state religion flounders around, the situation may well arise where we could mount such a resistance. But I am not seeing unified messaging break down.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I believe I am seeing that, and far more prevalent than I expected. But I am also stating, categorically, that it is having very little comparative impact, as the Trump Years built very effective bulwarks between Red and Blue, Amerikaner and Progressicanos, Traditionals and Postmoderns, so what revelations might once have caused massive disjunction and social change are now just Twitter fodder for the Voices That Speak.

        Let’s see where the Twilight War goes. I think the Coronatarians, the Trannietarians, and the Gaiatarians all share one important conviction: they want everyone dead. They are petty enough to fail in their endeavors because they don’t like a particular method (the Marxist gift that keeps on giving), but I think they could be reunified in the face of a Trump return, or a “new/next Trump.” I also believe there are many greengrocers and a significant number of mind controlled quislings that could both be jarred into a new frame by a significant enough catastrophe/cataclysm, but that may be that unwarranted optimism I referred to previously.

  11. Pax Imperialis says:

    Tucker Carlson on Jan 20, 2023.

    They hate nicotine. They love THC. They are promoting weed to your children but they’re not letting you use tobacco or even non-tobacco nicotine delivery devices which don’t cause cancer. Why do they hate nicotine? Because nicotine frees your mind, and THC makes you compliant and passive. That’s why.

    Based on reactions on left wing sites, it appears most “commenters” can’t understand ‘or’ logic. Leftists are treating this as a gotcha moment while completely missing the overall point of what was said.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      New triumvirate just dropped:

      Carlson as High Priest.

      Musk as Star Paladin.

      DeSantis as High King.

      Restoration Bureau no accepting applications for Inquisitagents for 2030.

      • Alfred says:

        Too many weirdo Con Inc people are falling in behind DeSantis. I don’t trust that all yet to be frank.

        Most big DeSantis supporters I’ve seen on Twitter explicitly try to push the idea that Trump lost a fair and square election in 2020. Non-starter for me. No idea what DeSantis himself would do in power but he has all the wrong friends.

        • Adam says:

          Any priest or merchant that comes into power is going to have to have a lot of friends both to the right and left. The important part is when in power, which friends does he betray? Desantis is far from ideal, but does not seem to betray those to his right, and consistently punishes those to his left.

        • The Cominator says:

          Need big establishment money to buyout the rigging this time for any hope of victory.

          • jim says:

            I don’t believe you can buy out the rigging. Money could not control twitter. How much less could it control the election result?

            • The Cominator says:

              I think 90% of the rigging depends on Shaniquas like Ruby Freedman and maybe some local county hacks like Bill Gates in Maricopa county (not Microsoft and Vaccine Bill Gates), I don’t see them as ideological fanatics I very strongly believe they can be bought (but it won’t be cheap). If the elections in such areas were run by intersectional feminists and fag activists though you’d be shit out of luck but its mostly blacks.

              This is a rare example of me NOT being blackpilled.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                The average bantu mutt is more or less completely mercenary and only in it for a kickback, certainly – the op comes from the fact that the only people the house *allows* to provide kickbacks is the house itself.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If the money flows thru Musk though the DoD spooks have him off limits to the Democrat CIA and FBI (at least thats how I read it) it can be done… hence why Musk is key and I think hes decided he hates the left…

  12. Starman says:

    Here’s YogSothoth, another so-called “dissident right” that turned out to be a brahmin piece of shit who promotes fake and gay covid death stories and the frankenvaxx:

    • SJ says:

      Their isn’t any reason to believe that gab isn’t infested with professional fedposters. This guy just being one example.

  13. The Cominator says:

    I have kind of a perverse idea in the event of victory now here me out, one thing we want to do is keep the priestly caste from ever again being able to edge out the warriors again…

    Priests are collegiate by nature and tend to cohere very well… but what if we ruined that… now obviously no woman can speak in church so literal priests priests are out but is there some way to impose a certain small % of women in the priestly hierarchy (whereas the warrior) just enough to ruin their cohesion and any ability for them to act subversively, not enough to dominate the caste or give all but an extreme handful women an alternative career path besides wife and mother.

    Its probably a bad idea but if you want to ruin a groups cohesion force women upon them… and we want warriors over priests until the end of time…

    • SJ says:

      The priests you are worried about are not interested in women.

    • Adam says:

      The priests that we do not hang, and are not among our own very small collection of priests, should have their tongues cut out. Bearing false witness is a serious crime, and should be among the most dangerous activities to engage in.

    • S says:

      If they are celibate, they will be crazy. If they are married, they will support whatever their husband wants. In either case, they won’t function as blocks to demon worshippers.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      There is in fact an existential threat facing contemporary midwitocracy today, oozing up through subcthonic cracks in the ground of Being… which is, the recent rapid instantiation of midwit simulators. Also know as text generating ML networks.

      The Starbucks Set dreamed of fully-automated-luxury-space-communism, that all shitlord tradesmen would be rendered ontologically irrelevant, while they sat would sit like effendi in their managerial sinecures. What irony then, that in the end it turns out that the email-jobs class are in fact the first ones on the chopping blocks. Poetic justice even, that they pay for their sins of murdering our Lady and Savior, TayAI.

      The precis of mechanical turks in present times is not to answer the question of, ‘what can be done if I can make something smarter than myself’, but rather, ‘what can be done if I can make infinite dumb people’.

    • BobtheBuilder says:

      That is dumb. A state wants a priesthood, and will always end up getting one. If you inject women into the priesthood in such a way, you will either get a priesthood that worships the Jezebel demon, or your official priesthood will get replaced by an unofficial priesthood you have no formal control over (or can’t recognize as the unofficial official priesthood).

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    Minor innovation in drone tech: they are fastening mortar shells and/or RPGs to fast moving quadcopters and using them as suicide RPVs. This isn’t groundbreaking, but it is worth noting. For the less historiographically inclined, in WWI planes were first used as a very high temporary vantage point for map makers, then spotting platforms. Some light bombing was attempted but thrust to weight ratio issues were not insubstantial in early aircrafts. Early pilots carried bricks or stones to chuck at their opposite numbers if/when they crossed paths, which graduated to pistols and shotguns. While slow and delicate, biplanes are significantly stable and aerobatic platforms, and as soon as they could be accommodated, a second seat with swivel machine gun appeared. A dutch sewing machine repairman is credited with fabricating the first “interrupter gear” mechanism that placed shots from a machine gun between the prop blades without a collision, and dogfighting was born.

    After the First War of Progressive Aggression, many “top men” were certain that strategic bombing from the sky and massive guns on battleships has rendered land armies obsolete. They were very wrong, and strategic bombing was a costly pseudo-panacea that did far less than was claimed. Battleships became an even more costly liability, being outclassed by cheaper, faster destroyers and rendered impotent by aircraft carriers and submarines.

    Predictions are a dangerous game. I’ve been wrong more than I’ve been right in the details, though I think my 30,000′ perspective isn’t terrible, not abysmally so anyway lel. But I am confident that the true innovations are going to percolate up from the trenches and command posts, not down from the boardrooms and think tanks. I think St. John is a strong horse with his starry eyed proclamations that radars will become precisely directed energy weapons to counter the terrifying threat of relatively small, high powered missiles, and those will spell extinction for manned aircrafts. Krasnopol style guided artillery shells will become the bog standard round for advanced military artillery.

    The kids used to say “/pol/ is always right” and I think we can say “Jim is never wrong.” His timing can be off, and the details are devilish, but the axiom seems to hold, and I don’t think IEW will be an exception.

    • Red says:

      I watched a drone assisted Russian 155mil arty single shot a wheeled armored vehicle doing at least 30 on a road the other day. The accuracy is insanely good now.

      Consider what could be done with starlink spy sats directing incoming shells.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >that radars will become precisely directed energy weapons to counter the terrifying threat of relatively small, high powered missiles, and those will spell extinction for manned aircrafts.

      The more precise the radar, the more power is being pumped into it, the more it broadcasts its own location, the larger the overall system logistics. Precise radar is a precise target which is not a great feature for something which is also slow (if not immobile), expensive, and large… There are also ways to avoid radar such as lowering RCS and flying low and fast which drones are increasingly capable of. No matter how good radar gets, it’s ultimately reliant on line of sight (Synthetic Aperture Radar is somewhat an exception). The curvature of the earth will always let you get within ~20 miles before being detected should you fly low enough (~100 ft). Fast flying kamikaze drone swarm will ruin your day.

      Directed energy weapons need a lot of energy to deal with atmospheric scattering and absorption even if beam diffraction and spread are 100% solved. These systems also get quite large and need time to focus and track. Will it have enough time to handle a few fast low flying drones? Maybe. A dozen is less likely. Making that radar system also a directed energy weapons? Need to use a very, very large number of elements in a phased antenna array to achieve high enough directivity.

      When industrial drone warfare happens, big air defense systems near the front will be vulnerable and easily destroyed which pushes those systems further behind enemy lines limiting their ability to deal with larger (presumably manned) aircraft. That paves the way for larger aircraft that can truly remove an entire grid square. Operational freedom is limited to how far behind enemy lines you can push their air defense systems. So what you end up with is something similar to artillery warfare but in airspace. It’s all about fire, counter fire, and reposition. Hence, in the Russia-Ukraine war you still see helicopters being used with great effectiveness by the Russians.

      Conclusion, you get a lot less manned aircraft performing deep strikes (initially) and a lot more manned CAS which is somewhat of an ironic outcome. Since drones are being used for CAS, you end up with a multilayered CAS environment.

      • jim says:

        Synthetic aperture still needs line of sight, and it needs motion, a lot of motion. Hence works really great mounted on satellites or very high altitude very fast drones. Preferably supersonic.

        It is feasible to see everything approximately human sized over a very large area, with quite moderate power usage and a quite light device – assuming we have a very high very fast platform, or several such platforms. Synthetic aperture radar can render the entire battlefield totally visible in enormous detail, precisely locating every human sized non metallic object, and every handgun sized metallic object.

        Directed energy weapons are big, heavy, and expensive. Thus are targets. They are good for shooting down high flying enemy devices. The ideal use of a directed energy weapon would be a fixed installation shooting down satellites.

        At present no one has a useful directed energy weapon for shooting down satellites, which means no one has a useful directed energy weapon at all.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          SAR has been combined with smart guesswork (Multiple bounce scatter based models) to “see” inside buildings that light has bounced out of. OTHSAR is also being developed. It sort of breaks the traditional definition of line of sight in a similar fashion that skywave propagation breaks line of sight by bouncing off of the atmosphere.

        • notglowing says:

          > The ideal use of a directed energy weapon would be a fixed installation shooting down satellites.

          What about a satellite network with nuclear reactors powering energy weapons, for the purpose of denying deployment of satellites to anyone else?
          The first one to create this can then prevent anyone else from doing the same.

          • jim says:

            Nuclear reactors are not a very useful source of energy in space, because you need to get rid of the waste heat. Solar panels are more effective.

            In space, thin film solar panels make sense, and could have a very good power to weight ratio, but for no reason that I can understand, no one is trying to develop and deploy very large thin film solar panels for space.

            For any energy intensive activity, such as a directed energy weapon, cooling is a big problem in space based devices.

            For reasonable ranges, the most effective device is the free electron laser, which can be made very efficient, can be made to produce very little waste heat, but is rather big and heavy.

            if someone had some adequately powerful space based directed energy weapons, they could shoot targets on earth. But earth based directed energy weapons could shoot targets in space.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Much of the wing coloration of many butterfly and moth species is actually caused by microstructures on their scales than pigmentation (which would require wing structures that would become either too heavy or wash off in the rain otherwise); the striations are small and uniform enough to have antennous effects on bands of radiation between the IR and UV regimes, which creates the phenomena of various hues to observers that see in those wavelengths.

              There is an obvious usecase there for high efficiency low profile materials for extracting energy from sunlight, amongst other possibilities, but like most cool possibilities this too goes largely unexploited in our most current of years.

              • jim says:

                We know in principle how to make solar cells so thin that they would only be useful in vacuum, because a fly could fly right through them, and a raindrop punch right through them. They would have a ridiculously high power to weight ratio. Utilizing that power without the spacecraft overheating is, however, another problem.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I once had an idea of layered thin film solar cells each layer optimized to different parts of the solar spectrum but it was beyond my capabilities to implement…

                • jim says:

                  Has been implemented. Works. Will be cost competitive if manufacturing costs continue to fall, while installation costs do not.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The other thing is if used for terrestial solar cells is they would need to be shielded from damage somehow in a way that minimally impedes the efficiency… thin film cells are delicate.

                  Big problem with solar though remains you can’t store the power…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  One of the main patches for this bug is designing radiating elements that are also shielding and structural elements too, so adding more of one doesn’t mean less of the other. Elegance in vehicle design often involves this technique, design elements contributing to multiple objectives at once. Or as Musk has put it, ‘the best part is no part’.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        The more precise the radar, the more power is being pumped into it, the more it broadcasts its own location

        I’ve often wondered why radar systems don’t use multiple, perhaps dozens, of smaller illuminators that are spacially SEPARATE from the receiver. That way an attacker does not know where the receiver is, and multiple transmitters make it redundant and harder to take out.

        • jim says:

          This is a clearly better system, since multiple sources give you a synthetic aperture advantage, especially if they are moving, and moving fast. It is also a highly effective anti stealth mechanism, since stealth aircraft are optimised to not scatter radar directly back in the direction it is coming from, and tend to scatter a lot of radar at other angles.

          That it has not been implemented is just technological lag. The detecting antenna has to know the exactly location and signal timing of each sending antenna – which is not all that hard, and process a lot of information very fast, which is harder.

          We gave long known that hundreds of illuminators in the battlespace, each with strongly encrypted spread spectrum encoding, are more than hundreds of times better than one illuminator, just as we have long known that a rocket ship should land as prophesied by Heinlein.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      One of the tactics that i’ve been seeing is guys using small commercial drones to hover over enemy troop positions and drop grenades on them. Of course it would be even better if they had modular integration of systems, and could use rangefinding from the drone to precisely direct the fire of their pack mortars and AGLs on that same enemy position too, but the boys are doing what they can with what they have.

      Which, also goes to show that man-portable air defense capability for drone-size targets is another area that would be valuable to develop as well. How many folks remember that video of a guy noticing a drone following him and taking off running, only to lead it back to where his buddies were, whereupon they all got deleted by an arty strike? Pike-like guided munitions fired from grenade rifles, and or VT fused ballistic rounds fired using a smartphone camera scope to plot an aim-point, are some of the more obvious possibilities.

      Russian experience in Syria dealing with ISIS and other GAE plants led to stepping up development of systems like the 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO, a 57mm autocannon with passive electro-optical/infrared firecontrol, which was something that was pretty much exactly in line with predicted approaches for solutions involving vehicle mounted systems.

      With a little bit of larger diameter, in ranges like 1.5 to 3 inches (37-76mm), the work of hundreds to thousands of 20-30mm autocannon shells can be done with a single burst of one to three proximity or programmably fused shells, along with also giving the option of guided munitions for even longer reach.

      As an aside, it is interesting to note how, in the late 70s, the generals of the Red Army had a deeper appreciation for the operational implications of what were being called ‘deep-strike architectures’ that were being developed in America at the time, which they formalized under the concept of Reconnaissance-Strike, than the parties funding their development in America itself (eg,

      There is a kind of endemic myopia when it comes to imagining how a platform may not just operate in of itself, but how it may interoperate with lots of other platforms. Most, if not all, legacy systems from the 20th century are essentially walled gardens. People can imagine a system where a single platform has a sensor wired to an FCC wired to a gun layer, but imagining that same kind of automated integration with a remote sensor beaming data over to a remote gun-layer, can seem like almost a step too far.

      Techne that requires large scale organization to develop, implement, and or operate, were also some of the first things to go as the wages of whiggism progressed in the Atlantic Empire, and all those who were affected by its gravity. This is one of the main reasons why ‘simple’ commercial smartphones and phablets – a personal scale technology, and thus more tolerant of assabiya collapse – have become such important items in the SMO, as they are standing in for a lot of these potential capabilities. A wagnerite’s repurposed ‘tactical data device’ has EO cameras, RF antenna arrays, accelerometers, lots of processing power, and flexible programmability for applications to take advantage of all these things in concert.

      Blyat squad picks up a signal on their pocket TDDs; the time of reception on each unit is interpolated with an app making use of short range v-band LANs with sub-100 meter propagation bubbles to act as distributed direction finding arrays, providing a bearing, and they set off to investigate. Eventually, Dmitry and his buddy see a group of badguys, use an app to get a fix on their range and bearing to their position using the coincidence of their camera sights, and send a ping to Bivol in Cyka squad, who has another TDD strapped to his mortar tube, with another app showing how it needs to be oriented to hit the plotted target position, and that’s all she wrote. If you can imagine something, someone somewhere has probably programmed a phone app for it.

  15. Yul Bornhold says:

    In reference to some comments to the effect of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian character being bluepill:

    The Devil in Iron:

    Her red lip curled in disdain. ‘Do you think I was enamored of you? Do you dream that I would have shamed myself before an ale-guzzling, meat-gorging barbarian unless I had to? My master—whose body lies there—forced me to do as I did.’

    ‘Oh!’ Conan seemed rather crestfallen. Then he laughed with undiminished zest. ‘No matter. You belong to me now. Give me a kiss.’

    ‘You dare ask—’ she began angrily, when she felt herself snatched off her feet and crushed to the hetman’s muscular breast. She fought him fiercely, with all the supple strength of her magnificent youth, but he only laughed exuberantly, drunk with his possession of this splendid creature writhing in his arms.

    He crushed her struggles easily, drinking the nectar of her lips with all the unrestrained passion that was his, until the arms that strained against him melted and twined convulsively about his massive neck.

    Devil in Iron is arguably the worst Conan story but there’s nothing bluepill about it. Girl rejects him. He laughs it off and forces himself on her. She likes it.

    Conversely, you have the Vale of Lost Women, the other contender for worst Conan story. There’s no evidence Howard ever tried to get it published, so perhaps it didn’t feel right to him. In Vale of Lost Women, Conan claims he never took a woman against her will, which obviously grates against the impression from the previous story. It’s also an intentional contrast between the white barbarian and the black savages present in the story.

    In People of the Black Circle, Conan kidnaps a strong-woman princess. She resists but she finds the whole affair rather exciting and can’t help thinking about what a splendid figure the barbarian makes.

    Howard’s explicit warrior women, like Valeria, become the objects of Conan’s lustful gaze. He does not respect their stated refusal.

    • Hesiod says:

      Some of the character inconsistences between stories can be attributed to Howard editing stories into Conan ones to increase chances of selling them to publishers. “The Black Stranger” originally dealt with an Irish adventurer in the New World in the early 17th century AD. Still a banger of a tale but those Picts are definitely Injuns with the serial numbers filed off.

  16. Hesiod says:

    Clown World intensifies:

    What gets me about this demonic mockery of beauty is how farcical a lot of it is. If I didn’t know it was Current Year, I would believe this clip was from a comedy show.

    Is that the point to the trappings of Clown World? Get around people’s defenses with all the cartoonishness?

    • jim says:

      Stunning and Brave.

      He identifies as a woman who can skate.

      • Hesiod says:

        In C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength, Merlin places a divine curse on the leadership of NICE, reducing them to speaking unintelligibly in Babel fashion.

        The only way this clip makes sense to me is as comedy. That it is performed earnestly is like seeing a tear in space-time fabric with a Lovecraftian tentacle dangling out feebly. Satan says it is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. These chuckleheads don’t hold to such lofty, albeit inverted ambition. They just seem to want to dissolve into primordial chaos.

    • jim says:

      Romans, Chapter 1, verses 22 to 32:

      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

      23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

      24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

      25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

      26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

      27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

      28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

      29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

      30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

      31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

      32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Here’s a concise video on the utility of Clown World. The clown costume is a uniform, and if you get enough people to wear the same uniform, you have an army. Combine this with the mass spiritual defilement of trannie children, you have an army that cannot afford to lose an inch of ground.

      • Hesiod says:

        So, a variation on point deer, make horse with drag show attire as the uniform. Sounds reasonable.

        This past Christmas I got to reread Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man and marveled at his treatment of pagan mythology. He reminded me why I still value those old tales, at least the better of them. They sprang from the fertile ground of the poetic imagination, what Tolkien describes as being a sub-creator.

        These people have had their imaginations thoroughly perverted. I don’t know the dividing line between metaphor and reality, so I err on the side of poetic interpretation. This shit is demon worship.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Completely concur. One of Jim’s/Alf’s greater yet undersung contributions to the discourse was the daemons/functionally indistinguishable from daemons analysis. You can come up with nuanced, long-winded explanations of pernicious evil grounded fully in material causality, or you can assert Daemonology, and the math checks out on both, arriving at the same conclusion/solution.

          • Red says:

            I didn’t believe in demons and demon possession until a certain FBI agent testified in front of congress with a full blow public Demon possession episode and almost no one reacted to it. That told me that Demon possession was common and politely ignored.

            I lost 2 of my closest friends I grew up with over their worship of the great and might covid demon. Both are badly damaged by the vax and both refuse to admit what happened to them.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’ve posted this before but it was best summed up in Sin City

          Power comes from lying

          • Red says:

            The only thing that entire film got right. Everything else was blue pilled lies.

            • The Cominator says:

              The whole aesthetic of everything being crooked was true but the idea of self government of whores was just hilarious…

              • Red says:

                I disagree. You can’t keep a system going on corruption. It needs a faith.

                Com you have whores on the brain. Every action of the women in that movie is 100% opposite of reality.

                • Hesiod says:

                  Marv is an homage to Conan and that character does white-knight a bit in the original Howard stories. Still, Conan would have totally knocked sandals with Nancy unlike Marv’s simping.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I disagree. You can’t keep a system going on corruption. It needs a faith.”

                  Whatever “merits” wokeism has as a faith everything in woke world is crooked.

                  And I said it was hilarious for how unworkable the Oldtown situation would be…

                • Red says:

                  Marv is an homage to Conan and that character does white-knight a bit in the original Howard stories.

                  Howard got a bunch of shit from his girlfriend that Conan wasn’t raping bitches in his stories. Shortly after that she dumped him.

                  I much prefer John Milius version of Conan.

                • Hesiod says:

                  Howard at his best truly evoked this:


                  Now, I can’t argue with anyone over Milius’ interpretation. I know all the lines by heart and can do credible impersonations of Conan, Subotai, and the Wizard.

                • Red says:

                  The one Conan story where Howard did well was “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter” where he chases the girl down to rape her and then kills her brothers when she calls on them to defend her. The problem was she didn’t submit to the rape afterwards as women do after such alpha on alpha contest. He didn’t actually understand woman.


                  He was very blue pilled by the standards of his day which is why he failed to reproduce despite his fame. His girlfriend was pissed Conan never actually consummated his woman chasing in his stories.

                • Red says:

                  Blue pilled*

                • Hesiod says:

                  In an early Conan short story “Rogues in the House”, the tale begins with Conan imprisoned when his whore girlfriend rats him out to the authorities. Conan gains his freedom when a noble bribes a guard and pays Conan to assassinate a political rival.

                  Before executing his commission, Conan first detours back to his girlfriend’s apartment, gutting her new boyfriend and dumping the thot into a cesspit from a few stories up.

                  Now, I can’t argue that Howard’s writing didn’t become more progressive with later tales having strong wahmen and absurd levels of chivalry. But it’s my understanding that came from the influence of his girlfriend Novalyne Price.

                  It’s been years since I’ve read One Who Walked Alone, Price’s memoir on Howard, so it’s possible I’m wrong.

                • Red says:

                  Howard failed that shit test.

  17. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Pet Rs who appear on tv spots for interviews always have this characteristically pinched, hurried tone to their diction. Like they instinctively feel that their ostensible beliefs are wrong, shameful, and even dangerous to believe in. That they are in the presence of a superior power, and are desperately trying to apologize for themselves.

    And of course, any normie watching this theater is also going to instinctively sense the insecurity associated with everything they nominally represent.

    Truly, cuckservatives were the real MVPs in helping to keep the old liberal order running.

    • Adam says:

      >Truly, cuckservatives were the real MVPs in helping to keep the old liberal order running.

      Always have been, Patriot Front being the latest group of rightist to make certain their leftist masters do not fail.

      All we have to do is stop saving the day.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Red and I put the PF into proper context a few weeks ago, but not seeing the connection based on you assertion here. I *mostly* agree that they are the American Azov Battalion, or will be, but that’s not the same as the GenX engineers and technicians keeping the infrastructure running even as they are forced to celebrate their own erasure.

        • Adam says:

          Like the Obamacare website, diversity hires couldn’t make it work, and it would not have worked if not for the legitimate engineers (white guys) who saved the day.

          Patriot Front looks to have fed support, which means at best one or some of the ruling elite are playing both left and right sides. The members are duped into believing the good guys get to win now, and they will be used to secure the power of their elite backers right before those same elite cut the balls off the organization.

          It is a lot the same way females manipulate betas. They get dumped by Jeremy Meeks, and cry on the betas shoulder. The beta unwittingly saves the day, only to be immediately forgotten about the next time she gets a booty call.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Your supporting statements are good, I’m not disagreeing there, but I think you’re building a gossamer bridge. I think PF was a genuinely founded organization that’s been coopted by canny cathedralites. I think PF is “on ice” and they’re being groomed for things later.

            The original point, St. John’s statements, don’t apply to PF. They are still too fringe, just like Azov in 2016.

            • Adam says:

              Let’s pray when the opportunity arises they use their capabilities to take the position of their sponsors, lest they be reduced to a more capable antifa.

      • Red says:

        All we have to do is stop saving the day.

        Hard to stop when the left is promising pussy. They never deliver or they deliver in such a way that results in good men being culkolded and divorce raped, but young men often don’t realize they’ve been had until their 30s.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          When I was a kid I went to a classmate’s birthday party at a lasertag place. At the end of the night, we did a staff vs. customers match. Despite being hugely outnumbered, the staff creamed us, of course: they set up in good defensible positions around their goal and mowed down the kids as we mindlessly rushed the goal. They never even tried to attack our goal. Those of us older lads who saw what was happening tried to explain it to the others, but it was hopeless – too many would just keep advancing with no plan and no organization, getting gunned down and racking up points for the opposition. We couldn’t stop the less-aware teammates from doing what they were going to do, so instead the more-aware teammates made a coordinated attack and with our superior numbers actually captured the staff’s goal for a few minutes and scored some points. In the end we still got crushed, but it felt good.

        • Adam says:

          How does the left promise pussy? As far as I can tell there are two sexual identities for white males that are approved by the cathedral, cuckhold and sodomite. I can say I have never found beautiful women to be in the company of leftist men. Weak men perhaps, even soft feminine men, but not victim puking leftists.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Cuckolds and sodomites are venerated by the left, but they are end states, things that take time to develop. This is quite likely regional, but when I was in highschool, outside of the legit Chads and Stacies, the majority of attractive females would congregate around the fringe crowds based on music, skating, drugs, etc. Highschool is a weird time for many people who don’t really come into their own until college/college age, so the girls that peak too early get replaced by the late bloomers. There’s been much change since I was in highschool (cellphones existed and were prevalent, but not smartphones), and my sense is that style/clique boundaries have largely disintegrated. In my formative years, you had to pick an identity to stand out (metal head, pothead, band geek, jock, intellectual, foreigner, etc.) or you’d just be a background personality with no crowd, and changing crowds was a non-trivial endeavor with real costs to social capital. Now, one day they’re into retro-music (from way back in 2005 lol), and the next day it’s all about free range Palestinian goat sweaters or some shit.

            Side tracked myself. Chicks are definitely used by leftists to sucker in neophytes. There’s an organization called IMT, International Marxist Tendency, that has a sprawling network of campus activism outreach operations. Their frontline agents are super low level, but if you attend the meetings, they’ll detail some slut to groom you into sinking deeper into the lifestyle. Pretty sure they are a pipeline to Antifa, and this may explain the physiognomy of those guys: they get scooped up thinking a strong dialectical frame will up their dick game, then they become foot soldiers.

          • Red says:

            Watch some entertainment. The official propaganda organs show how men are suppose to get laid. Until someone start promising pussy though alternative methods young men will continue to support the system.

            • jim says:

              Marxism is all about bread, but progressivism all about pussy.

              While the core value of the Marxist/Socialist left was from the beginning burning down the supermarket to steal a case of beer, wonderfully parodied in some of the more daring Chinese videos of the Deng period, the core value of progressive left was from the beginning (slut queen Caroline) adultery, abortion, and infanticide.

              Every movie says you get the girl by being a blue pilled leftwinger.

              The villain does what girls actually want you to do (though girls lack conscious awareness of their desires). Hero rescues girl from the villain, gets the girl. (In the movie gets the girl, in real life would become utterly invisible to the girl)

              These days romances are required to have an obligatory scene showing that any move that is actually effective in getting a chick is supposedly disastrous and will supposedly horrify and outrage the chick due to its absolutely horrifying vile evilness.

              • RE : red pill in movies.

                A surprising number of 80s and 90s movies in India were thoroughly red-pilled.

                A common recurrent theme was the hero’s virgin and virtuous sister (or some other close family member) who got “raped” by the villain was usually shotgun married to the villain as a “punishment” for his crime.

                A surprising number of movies also showed heroes as thugs and women being attracted by his thuggery though it was always implied and not explicitly acknowledged. A lot of movies emphasized on women being good wives to their husbands, though usually set in an older feminist frame.

                Neurotoxin even showed the red pill being depicted in as recent a movie as “Baahubali”.


                Patriarchal setup presently exists in Hindu society’s conscious memory, but is being currently being vigorously erased by Progressive memes and “women-centric” themes in popular culture.

                Clearly, we are behind the curve on Progressivism, and I hope the GAE collapses before it is too late for us.

                • Jehu says:

                  The Bollywood stuff I’ve seen seems to have early 60s US levels of degeneracy, which is to say, a lot less bad than even 1980s stuff in the US, which is a period of lesser insanity to today that a lot of people still have direct memory of and have a lot of fondness for the art and aesthetics.

                • Yes, they had previous generation feminism, but seem very tolerable by today’s standards.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Ayushman Khurana and a clutch of young starlets, centered around Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar, are the vanguard of American Wokeism in Bollywood now.

                  Netflix and Prime produced content. All about homo acceptance, tranny acceptance, divorce, affairs, and irritating, uncomfortable topics like male gynecologists, elderly women getting pregnant and things like that.

                  The worst thing is that these movies, though produced by and starring completely Anglicized urban deracinated Indians, are often set in smalltown India, and they make a convincing display of fake smalltown accents and so on. They reveal their hand here, showing us that their real goal is to educate the great unwashed masses about the New Moral Consensus.

          • Redbible says:

            Indirect promises, nothing overt. IN movies they show young boys that a man gets the girl by being a (wimpy) hero, being a white knight, respecting her boundaries, not forcing her to ever do anything, talk about his feelings, confess to her first, be himself, etc.

            Also, they use villains as the example of what NOT to be… (which is why in the re-write of beauty and the beast they tried extra hard to make Gaston seem like a psychopath that just loves murder and killing…)

            • Red says:

              Also, they use villains as the example of what NOT to be… (which is why in the re-write of beauty and the beast they tried extra hard to make Gaston seem like a psychopath that just loves murder and killing…)

              That does explain the sudden female fan fiction about Gaston.

              • jim says:

                Chicks just love men capable of jealous rage. They want someone who can and will secure his property rights over them.

                • Red says:

                  I was commenting more on the Dexter aspect but that’s something I had not considered before. I will make use of that. Jim you’re operating the only real game blog left on the net.

                • someDude says:

                  This is not a game blog.

                  Yet, The fact that there is more game in the comments section of this blog than in all the game blogs out there put together tells you something about the times we live in.

                • Red says:

                  It also says a lot about our teacher. Jim’s insight into the evolutionary bottle neck of woman’s system of attraction is the most fundamental and useful piece of knowledge one needs to understand women.

                  Women are working on operating hardware designed to something closer to chimps than humans and what they want in a man is what they wanted from the ape like alpha males of 2 million years ago.

                  Everything fits into place after learning that.

                • Most people who don’t accept the Progressive view of women usually fail the red pill by either becoming cynical women haters or by placing the blame for all problems with women on men.

                  Understanding the role of the State Religion and the need for Patriarchy (to make women property again) is the missing link which Jim provided.

              • Jehu says:

                You learn a lot more from the crappy art that nonetheless resonates than from better authors producing their best material. That’s what tells you what their gut is actually feeling.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Back in Robert Burns’ day, the left promised pussy through ‘free love’. The patriarchy which would provide pussy was posed as a barrier to pussy; ‘if everyone can fuck everyone you can fuck too – simple right?’

            Naturally of course like all liberalisms it was immediately abandoned once it lived out its usefulness in destroying the old power structure. When the ascendant whig underlords felt secure, they ended the temporary unprincipled exceptions for their second war of internationalist aggression, and it was a strait road all the way to the joyless totalism we know and love today.

            The solipsistic gnostic doesn’t actually like sex, or sexy women, or reproduction, or life itself, so the historically contingent equivocation of ‘chaste good guys’ vs ‘sexy bad guys’ in so much gnostic influenced media was always an op from the start.

            • jim says:

              > The solipsistic gnostic doesn’t actually like sex, or sexy women, or reproduction, or life itself


            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              As the fruits of the 17th century enstupidment started really metastasizing in discourses around the europoid world, more men began having more trouble with getting wives and starting families, due to progressive collapse of patriarchal social technologies – and so of course, the whigs would pose the solution to problems caused by their attacks on adaptive Tradition, to be even stronger attacks on their hated targets.

          • Fred says:

            How does the left promise pussy?

            Basically, the traditional sales model of leftist politics is to use female proxies to promise men sex in exchange for support for progressive politics (eg. this and this).

            The result is that the left gets support, the leftist clients get paid off with whatever they’re there for, and the cucks who signed up for it expecting a bonanza of pussy get nothing (at best).

            • Jehu says:

              A lot of guys think that women will be more likely to give them sex if they advocate for their professed interests as woman. This makes a tremendous amount of sense logically, but unfortunately for them, human diplomatic models just don’t work that way, even for men. It’s closer to the truth that advocating feminist positions will reduce your probability of ‘getting lucky’, not increase it. But try convincing young men who’ve imbibed decades of Cathedral propaganda of that.

      • Caesar Sextion says:

        GOP delenda est.

    • alf says:

      Something in the way Rs talk and tweet just ticks me off wrong.

      ‘We must repeal the 1038th!’

      ‘America can not stand for this unhinged madness!’

      Like bro, calm your tits. When everything you say is phrased as a call to action, nothing is a call to action.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There’s this undercurrent of mania that comes from having to bite your tongue about everything all the time. Frantic neuroticism sublimated into displacement activity.

        • Karl says:

          In addition, there is an inablity to admit their own lack of power.

          Anyone who says “We must …” implies that he is part of a group that is in power. Usually they are completely without power. Anyone who says “America can not …” implies that he is part of America and that America has power, while power rests with the government alone which he cannot influence.

          The mainia comes from an attempt to maintain a delusion.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Yep. Who senses his own powerlessness will of course self-censor; which sets off an entourage of cascading effects.

            The body can always tell if it is enslaved, even if the frontal cortext is delusive about it.

        • Jehu says:

          There exists a great cauldron of rage, the sort of rage that burns continents. It was the same I think in Weimar Germany. There are a lot of functional, capable men who feel they have been humiliated by people that hate them, and they are 100% correct in this feeling, but frankly, the correctness really doesn’t matter. I suspect the leader of this era will be the one who can speak to this group and say that we will no longer tolerate this, either we will win or the world will burn. If we lose those who ‘win’ will forever lose their easy 1st world lifestyles.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        >‘We must repeal the 1038th!’

        Well that hit close to home. Repeal the Xth was my reactionary pipeline, it started with “repeal the 16th and 17th,” progressed much later to include the 19th, later still to include the 14th, Civil Rights Act and Brown v Board of Education…

        Part of me still sees the attraction of Repeal the Xth, and Repeal the Xth is probably both good policy and reactionary in the literal sense, so the heart is in the right place.

        The fault is there’s no live faith to it. No promise of an obedient virgin wife and a house without a mortgage. It’s just policy wonkery, and wonkery doesn’t win elections, much less street fights, still less South African farm invasion fights which is where we’re headed.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          In a charitable sense, the great failing of the common Westerner is to maintain functionally liminal positions as endpoints. Libertarianism is a liminal position, a way of looking at the world as you make the journey between naivety and realism, be it leftward or rightward. I won’t belabor the point, but I think it’s quite clear that many, indeed most positions, goals, and popular states of being are desperate attempts to retain the goodness of the journey, the relishing of the process, with the foolish hope that one never reaches the “end.” Eternal youthfulness, perpetual honeymoon, unending virginal awe; a road trip with no destination and a bottomless tank of gas.

          The Fox Elite know this and perpetuate it because it keeps people stunningly susceptible to the most elementary administration. A perennially adolescent society always ready to rebel or comply with minimal psychological manipulation. The progressively inclined are teenage girls, and the traditionally inclined are teenage boys, all under the crooked thumbs of a sour, spinster Mommy government that has put the Lion Elite under a somnolent spell of submissive slumber. Daddy government went to Dixie for cigarettes and never came home.

          May Nature’s God, terrifying and merciful, awaken the True Elite to raise up the children of the West from their paralysed delusion. Lord God, call out the faithful and strike down the wicked.

  18. Red says:

    New substack from Igor Chudov:

    SUMMARY: Excess mortality in Europe has been elevated at about 15% since last spring. In December 2022, excess deaths frighteningly jumped to 30-35% above normal. Even Sweden, which avoided excess mortality in most of 2022, had 20% more deaths than expected in December. Has the vaccine-selected deadly Covid variant predicted by Geert Vanden Bossche finally arrived?

    Pretty interesting article. A virus that takes months to kill you shouldn’t have any predilection towards evolving towards mildness. However, I’m still not seeing people who only got one shot or less even catching the new Covid. If anything, new COVID only seems to be hitting the highly vaccinated.

    • jim says:

      On the basis of anecdote and casual observation I have been saying for some time that the major mechanism of excess deaths is that the jabbed keep getting Covid over and over, making herd immunity impossible, that they take an abnormally long time to clear the virus, and that as a result the virus does lasting damage cumulative.

      That it is not the jab alone, but the jab plus waves of infection, explains Igor Chudovs statistics.

      The purpose of the jab is not to protect us from Covid, but to protect the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon from herd immunity. In addition, it appears that Pfizer is countering the propensity of viruses to evolve towards mildness as they learn to co-exist with their hosts by brewing up deadlier viruses.

      • Red says:

        Are the constant COVID infections not detectable by testing? I keep talking to people who are sick all the time who get tested for COVID and they’re coming up negative.

        • ten says:

          Whatshisname who invented the tests says they are unsuitable for actually confirming covid. I am ignorant on the issue.

          • Karl says:

            They are, but they do detect whether the patient had a corona virus.

            The test detect a lot that is not and never was covid, they detect fragements of a virus after the infection is long gone, and fail to detect fragments of a virus in the first few days after infection while the patient can still pass the virus on.

        • Karl says:

          I’m seeing the same thing. Lot of people are sick, mostly flu like symptoms, but they test negative for covid.

          Looks like impaired immune systems that fall for any bug that is around.

          • jim says:

            Yes, mortality directly due to the jab, and mortality as a result of impaired immune systems.

            The immune system impairment results in waves of death, not directly related to the jab, as assorted diseases rage through the jabbed.

            What Shaniqua intended was AIDS spread by coughing and sneezing. Fell short of her goal, but the cumulative effect of many jabs and many bouts of Covid accomplishes her goal.

            The pozzed want everyone poz.

      • Red says:

        In addition, it appears that Pfizer is countering the propensity of viruses to evolve towards mildness as they learn to co-exist with their hosts by brewing up deadlier viruses.

        There’s a lot of speculation sort of thing Omicron came from. Some people said from the start Omicron was an airborn vaccine so it makes many wonder if it was released by white hats or if they fucked up and made a milder version of covid that gave immunity to Delta by accident.

        I suspect it was the former since they didn’t appear ready with a “vaccine” for Omicron.

    • Javier says:

      kinda reminds me how more people died from AZT poisoning than AIDS.

    • notglowing says:

      I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that the US has just extended the vaccination requirement for entry into the country to April 10th.
      This happened a few weeks ago, and was done by the TSA.

      US citizens are exempt, but anyone who isn’t American still needs to show proof of two vaccine doses (no booster needed) in order to enter the US, and there is no test alternative.

      The US is now the only major country with this requirement that I can think of.

      Japan is still similarly restrictive, but they allow entry with a covid test, and they are planning to scrap this around March, as they announced COVID will be reclassified to the threat level of the flu by late February.

      • The Ducking Man says:

        Indonesia government plan to increase the covid vaxx requirement to 2nd booster shot required for Domestic Travel. I repeat, this is for domestic travel.

        • jim says:

          We shall see.

          Something strange is happening. I conjecture a power struggle between the worshippers of the Covid demon, and those who want to prepare for World War III

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Too many irons, not enough fires. Lots of schemes, not enough dupes. 2023 is a crucible for strong horses.

          • Fidelis says:

            In related news:

            Looks like even a mostly neutered King can still be based.

            Also, I was under the impression Indonesia was fairly remote from GAE power. Is this not true?

            • jim says:

              It is true, but complicated. Their universities are very much in Harvard’s pocket.

              • pinochet's ghost says:

                This seems to be the case in much of the third world where economic and political structures are controlled by old native networks while universities are new creations and directly controlled by USA. Meanwhile in Western countries, tend to be the other way around.

  19. Calvin says:

    So, what are we making of the apparent drone attacks in Iran? Start of a new war on a Russian ally?

    • jim says:

      Iran has no end of quarrels with its neighbours, but the British are the most plausible suspects.

      Could be Israel, but I would have expected an Israeli drone attack to actually work.

      • Calvin says:

        Seems like, whoever they are, they’re striking again tonight. Wonder how far this will escalate.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      It really depends on the perpetrator. Rumor mill says the attacks were on the Shahed supply/production chain, but I thought Russia was producing the Geran 2 domestically. Iran’s drones are actually what everyone pretended the Bayraktars were, so I imagine they are getting lots of interest. I think, excluding CIA proxies, it’s either Israel or Saudi Arabia. It could very well be the Kurds (local CIA proxies) given the state of escalation going on as well as the pants on head retarded US foreign policy situation. It seems sloppy for Israel… the coincidental earthquake is weird. My first thought was preemptive nuke strike, but that’s not really a secret that could be kept.

      Drone terrorism seems to require infiltration by a strike team for launch as we saw with the airfield attacks in Russia. So the Kurds are well placed, but so are the Azerbaijanis. Really depends on the drone, but seems pretty far to go from the Arabian Peninsula or Levant. And who knows if it was drones, could have been a missile strike I guess. I’m not claiming special knowledge here, just wildly guessing.

      • jim says:

        > but I thought Russia was producing the Geran 2 domestically

        Dontchaknow that Russia’s GDP is like that of Portugal🙃 They cannot possibly be matching and exhausting the Global American Empire in logistics🙃

        In reality, Russia is importing Iranian drone tech, and probably important drone component, not drones, but all right thinking people think Russia importing the drones themselves. Also sanctions are working🙃

        If you read the comments, they all think those drones were made in Iran.

    • Red says:

      Big escalation. Russia has refrained from hitting the 3ed party nations where the Ukraine’s weapons are being produced. The GAE has not done the same with Russia.

    • dog owners association of rome says:

      Generally an Israeli attack on Iranian manufacturing facilities means that the US and Russia have reached an agreement for the next 18-36 months.
      My guess is that we’ll see a soft recognition of the breakaway republics and a set up of Eastern and Western Ukraine, ala the split of Germany post WW2.

      • S says:

        Russia annexed Eastern Ukraine and Poland wants to annex Western Ukraine; the situation isn’t stable.

        • dog owners association of rome says:

          Nobody said anything was stable, just that this has happened repeatedly, and each time is accompanied by a period of reduction in (explicit) tensions.

          • S says:

            There isn’t going to be puppet states backed by each side. Russia annexed theirs and the Poles are planning to grab as much of Ukraine as they can.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      “Israel” is being credited/accused by WSJ. I don’t buy it. They’re quite active in Syria, and “someone” just bombed a convoy on the Iraq/Syria border. Rumor mill says they did a fly-by+ warning shots to spare the drivers, then bombed the trucks, who are being labeled as IRGC. When does Israel ever fire warning shots lol. I am revising my assessment: the drones were PKK/Peshmerga/CIA proxies from Azerbaijan or thereabouts. Too sloppy for IDF. Israel is playing along because they are going kinetic in Gaza. The Iran bullshit was great powers shenanigans. CIA pet sandniggers are getting uppity with new toys, perpetuating American foreign policy. Israel doesn’t miss, not usually. Could be Azeris, but I repeat myself.

  20. Kunning Drueger says:

    A RAND report is bubbling up into the discussion space. It purportedly states that a long war in UKR is not beneficial to US interests because China is a bigger deal or something. I’ve not read it and I don’t really plan to. It is further asserted that Victoria Juland made reference to it, possibly obliquely, and this has been stated to be evidence that the War Faction is fractured.

    It really does appear that Coronatarianism is becoming low status, and it could be that we are edging closer to the, in my opinion, inevitable turnaround on Ukraine. In both cases, there’s an overwhelming amount of compromising material on all the supporters and advocates, such that I have a hard time imagining that these… people… will be able to just continue the neverending Long March toward utopia. But march they will, as they always seem to do. Elections don’t matter, and facts don’t matter. But isn’t it still the case that narratives matter? I can’t see how the Blue & Yellow brigade are going to just pivot into something else and pretend that UKR never happened. Same for maskies & vaxxies. But they will, and Conservatrds will probably go with it, as they always seem to.

    Without meaning to be flagrantly and ridiculously optimistic, I think it’s possible that there is, or soon will be, enough of an “unassociated” middle, composed of our type of dissidents/outsiders, left-behind liberals, and apathetic persons, that will be willing and able to effectively harass those trying to pretend that the past few months/years never happened. Some will do it to attack them, many more will do it for the lulz. If you look at the flak Clott “Shott” Adams is taking, it’s a mishmash of people who called him out, people who hate him, and people who just enjoy a good public flogging. Is it possible that this will occur on a wider scale?

    • jim says:

      > Elections don’t matter, and facts don’t matter. But isn’t it still the case that narratives matter? I can’t see how the Blue & Yellow brigade are going to just pivot into something else and pretend that UKR never happened. Same for maskies & vaxxies. But they will, and Conservatrds will probably go with it, as they always seem to

      Narratives don’t matter either. “we have always been at war with Eastasia”. He who controls the past controls the present, and he who controls the present controls the future.

      I remember when all of Academia, every single last academic everywhere in the entire Western Hegemony, suddenly adopted the new story on the Khmer Rouge (insane evil space bats installed in power by Ronald Raygun), and suddenly forgot the old story (mild mannered agrarian reformers heroically resisting US imperialism), and no one blinked. Not one academic anywhere said “Hey, wait a minute, what about what you were saying yesterday?”. Plenty of people outside academia noticed the sudden U turn and made a fuss, but every single academic everywhere was strangely oblivious to that fuss and seemingly totally unaware of it. One day mass murder in Cambodia was definitely not happening and academia was one hundred percent unanimous it was not happening, and the next day it definitely had happened due to Ronald Reagan and all those academics had heroically and courageously denounced it from the beginning. Fight the power man. They were one hundred percent unanimous that it had happened and that they had always said it was happening, and had always said it was happening due to evil chimp Ronald Raygun installing the Khmer Rouge in power.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I see your point Jim, but I have to disagree, narratives do matter. I’m not talking about the TV News narrative, or the talking points made for mass consumption. I mean the narratives maintained by the elites and their cronies. We know that actual or figurative demon worship is integral to the mechanics of progressive elites, but I genuinely wonder which of them knows this and which ones are just playing monkey see, monkey do. Every dumb slut that gets an abortion is contributing directly and culpably to child sacrifice, but they, in large part, don’t see it that way. So too with the abortion providers. Of course the spinisters running planned parenthood are soulless cunts that probably spirit cook on the weekends with dead babies, but the whole infrastructure is chock full of people utterly convinced that they are doing good.

        We see what happens when the Faith is shaken from the top down with the collapse of mainstream Christianity in the US and the West. When the elites abandoned the Faith, the narrative collapsed. Though many millions try to keep it alive, they become prey for different mind viruses. Charting the progression of sodomite anti-marriage acceptance is a useful example. The Progressive Faith (anti-faith) is not immune to the process, if anything it’s more susceptible due to it’s structure. Progressiveness has been taking significant hits for a while now, it hasn’t just been clean victory after victory. As a Faith loses hold/sway/power, there’s a dual result of growing apathy and increasing zealotry. Coronatarianism is getting weaker, more normies are laughing at Satan worshiper memes and saying the quiet part out loud, there’s a mass of gaps that are becoming available for exploitation, and They need something to happen, something to derail this progressive (lol) system wide collapse. They thought they had it with Ukraine, and that’s starting to unravel. Maybe space aliens or fAGI is next in the chamber, but that seems out of their reach, so maybe that’s why we are suddenly hearing/seeing dindus dying by dastardly cops again, though I still maintain that’s more about removing Biden with the same tools they removed Trump.

        • jim says:

          The Soviet Union took a big hit when they U turned on Hitler, and then U turned again. Western Academia took a huge hit when it U turned on the Khmer Rouge. And progress has been taking some bad hits lately and is about to take a few more right on the chin. But a few years after those big hits, it was as if they had never happened. Who today remembers the complicity of Western Academia in the Cambodian autogenocide? Who today remembers the complicity of the west in the Tutsi genocides?

          Chinese communism took a big hit when Deng purged the gang of four. Today in China, you can, and people regularly do, savage the red guards and the economic order of the red guards – you can absolutely brutally expose the failings of socialism provided you don’t actually say that socialism inherently sucks, and provided that you don’t mention the Great Leap Forward, and provided that you don’t link any of this stuff with Mao, the great Helmsman.

          • ten says:

            re Helmsman (just an anecdote with no point)

            In Beijing they have an arts and crafts hipster block called ching chong woopdeedoop, an absolutely huge area for galleries and street art and all kinds of stupid shit. Actually a very nice place to spend a couple of hours. There was, out in the open in the corner of a busy crossing, a large bronze statue of mao – decapitated, with his broken and battered head face down in the dirt.

            I was utterly surprised something like this would fly in china. Obviously they let the weirdos have som fun in the arts and crafts block, otherwise what’s the point. But this seemed to me to lack some chinese characteristics, so to speak, and i asked the various chinamen i was there with about it. Of course, very characteristically chinese, they had completely failed to notice the statue, failed to notice it was decapitated, failed to notice it was mao, and failed to think of any possible meaning there might be in being decapitated and face down in the dirt. Nothing to see here.

            At least my local tail later, between four eyes, did finally agree that this was unusual and someone who wanted to cause trouble about it probably could.

            • jim says:

              > Of course, very characteristically chinese, they had completely failed to notice the statue, failed to notice it was decapitated, failed to notice it was mao, and failed to think of any possible meaning there might be in being decapitated and face down in the dirt. Nothing to see here.

              This is hilariously similar to what happens with female misconduct in the American workplace.

              What is characteristically Chinese about it is failure to notice impiety against Mao. In the American workplace, failure to notice that women are disrupting and destroying male work in the male workplace in characteristically female ways.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Fascinating. Excellent comparison Jim. “Misbehavior? Ha ha you are thinking too much ha ha. That’s just silliness that isn’t worth commenting on.” Russia and China are addicted to data gains so badly that neither seem to be able to fathom the importance of state religion. Looks like Fukiyama isn’t the only guy trapped in the 1990s.

            • someDude says:

              This is a hilarious comment. Made me laugh as much as Jim dealing with the Shills

        • zero says:

          it is interesting that the nog heat is back on, it is to bad that charlemagne didnt write down the treatment of the saxons on a big stone in paris, now we have to rediscover basic social technologies without any record of how degeneracy was banished to begin with. I think kunning that there is an issue between what a christian should do. The font of all honours is a really fascinating thing, jfk was lauded as camelot, which is fairly based for npr, unfortuanately we have paul “take it in the ass” pelosi, strong horse weak horse. Are the normie dipshits going along with demon worship, culpable, or are they havels grean grocer, I never understood how a city like soddom could have not a single good person to be spared by, then again looking around it seems like God sorts the wheat from the chalf via zip code and bodeggas. I respectfully disagree with Jim on the nature of narrative(at least as an absolute), the dutch model of dispersed private libraries makes narrative obfuscation difficult for the competent elite, and at least untill 2017 even for the pleb, reading old books is fascinating because of how obviously batshit crazy their progresive streak is(which led me here). Off the top of my head i remember a pamphlet from 1890 on alchohol, blaming wife beating irish proles imported for company town slave labor, on whiskey, didnt take long for prohibition. Civilization seems to be a balance between entropy/leftism/retardation opposed to an elite fortified with righteous, based understanding, the cure being accurate historical records and impirical analysis. our big problem is the right got poned prior to 1930 and is now the lame, slow left which wouldnt dare to cut out the cancer. But i keep seing social media accounts remix jims posts and comment sections for content a few days late so maybe we can keep the flame going as far as someone in the right place putting eunach pedophiles where they belong. The narrative is the left fighting the left about the spedometer as the cliff approaches, but the deep narative is hidden in volumes and letters which cant be thrown out by the central library, the purges online indicate there is no trump slide, only caesar or afganistan. The narrative is irrelevant because the left already won, but the only hero we are going to get will be reading evola and obscure blogs. maybe ukraine getting raped will help wayward souls see the beast for what it is.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Schizo poast par excelence. I’m not attacking you, on the third read through, I’m starting to see your point and it’s valid and valuable, but my word, Cormac McCarthy, drop the spacebar, put your hands on the keys, and backspace slowly towards the sound of my voice lol.

            Progressives have a data/records/archives issue. Their holy oracles need as much archive depth as possible to perform the “magic”, but if some heretic actually starts to read the sacred scrolls, he might find the Unspeakable Truths. Covfefe Anon is fondly remembered for his “The woke are more correct than the mainstream” axiom, and I think this is connected somehow.

            • zero says:

              Sorry Kunning, I am not good at writing, I am not familiar with Covfefe’s axiom, but it sounds like my lens for leftist speak. “cops are evil racists” translates to “cops are the good guys beating evil nigger thugs.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                No apology necessary bro. I’m just being a meta faggot.

                The “woke more correct” meme is about how the radicals state the truth while the normies are delusional in terms of observation of things in the moment. If you’re willing to abide Twitter, look up his posts over the last month and it will illustrate what I’m talking about. I’m having a hard time transliterating it at this moment.

                • zero says:

                  I got ya, I have seen that before but usually as the left larping the right better then the cuckservative lol. I’m doing my part on the records front, got a nice little library coming along with some old goodies 🙂

    • Locustpost says:

      The new narrative is already happening. Black guy acting up and being beaten to death by five black police officers in black chief and black mayor Memphis. Call Antifa and queue up riots.

      • Red says:

        I think antifa coming out in force and there numbers are greatly increased from 2020 has a lot to do with the power struggle underway in DC.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Supposedly the head of CIA secretly visited Zelenskyy and told him US aid would dry up by July.

      • Red says:

        We’re out of artillery for the Ukrainians and only artillery and drones really mater in warfare. Wagner basically destroyed about half of the Uki artillery during their version of Verdun. Unlike the Germans the Russians got it right: Focus on artillery, not the kill count.

    • Red says:

      There’s always been good men willing to attack the insanity of the cathderal, but they were all de-platformed. Twitter is back to shadow banning anyone who goes against the current thing and Elon’s admitted they can’t really stop it. There’s hidden shadow bans all over the code and I don’t think it’s being controlled by twitter employees. I think the FBI has back doors into the system.

  21. blind archer says:

    If Nadja seems pretty to me, am I okay? I am not sick? This picture triggered my protective instinct and I want to protect her from the bad people who dragged her into this. Is it possible that an activist can be a good wife and mother, or is it just an illusion?

    There is certainly a connection between beauty and ugliness, but sometimes our inner feeling simply deceives us.

    • blind archer says:

      *The connection between good and beauty, ugliness and evil.

    • Earl says:

      There’s nothing wrong with you, other than being a blue-pilled beta, which most men are. Simp on, as long as you’re never within three degrees of any position of authority.

      She’s not especially pretty, just kind of young, and almost definitely too far-gone to make a decent wife for all but the most cynical and brutish of alpha males – but why would such an alpha even notice her, never mind marrying?

      Post-Restoration-of-Patriarchy, other options present themselves, but we’re talking about the here and now.

    • Red says:

      Why would you link to fag book? Put in and post it.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Interesting new tweet thread by Jean-François Gariépy re. Omicron and Pfizer.

  23. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted*] This is the only consistent explanation as to how the left is so freakishly dominant across all fields, [*deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Except, of course, for our explanation, which you continue to ignore and which you never respond to, no matter how many times I repeat it.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        • jim says:


        • jim says:

          You grossly misrepresent the neoreactionary explanation for left wing dominance, and if I allowed your comment through I would have to repeat the neoreactionary explanation yet again, and I am sure my readers are sick of hearing it.

          Harvard has never taken academic excellence seriously, and the proposition that the academic ranking system is the source of the Ivy League’s power, rather than merely a reflection of it, is too silly to be addressed.

          I don’t care about the academic ranking system, and neither does Harvard.

  24. Alfred says:

    Does anyone have that image regarding age of consent showing the progression of a blonde girl’s face from pre-teen years to 18 or so ? Would be useful for an argument I’m having with a friend.

    • Redbible says:

      here you are fren, just know it took me a couple of hours to figure out a set of keywords to find the result in the 4plebs archives:

      Pic 1 (Ages 4-16):
      Pic 2 (Has her face at 18, which is an important part of the picture series):

      Bonus Picture (only kind of related to the pictures you asked for, but good for triggering people in relation to the loli question):

      (Also, I know I have it somewhere in my own archives, but since it is unsorted… I need to do some sorting work on those 1000+ pictures.)

      • notglowing says:

        Not sure I really get the idea behind the last pic.

        • Redbible says:

          It a bit of a trolling pic where you ask people if they would rather have a girl from the left or the right. Since all of women on the right are rather… undesirable… it implies that young girls are not such a bad option as compared to 30+ year old women.

          I realize that the context of which one would you pick isn’t in the picture, put is always used with picture on the chans.

          • notglowing says:

            I guessed as much, but they are basically children in the first pic, they look prepubescent.
            While my own country has a rather low age of consent relatively speaking, I don’t really get the attraction towards the little girls in the first picture.

            • jim says:

              Virginity is attractive. However, for a considerably healthier depiction of virginity: Audrey Hepburn.

              The reason we no longer have movie actresses like Audrey Hepburn is that by the time a modern actress reaches her age, she has developed a thousand cock stare.

              • The Cominator says:

                There are virtually no Roman Holiday type virgins around nowadays though I think I’ve known really ONE girl in my life who fit that archetype well (not sure she was a virgin but clearly not that experienced), and she specifically loved old movies and that is kind of why she was like that.

                Even virgins ain’t virgins in clownworld because of all the mindfuckery…

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Is there a theory of what the thousand cock stare and virginface actually are? They’re real but what exactly are they? How would you describe them, their instincts and mechanics? And I’m simply fascinated by how virginface is nearly impossible for women to fake (or is it?).

                  Do women even talk about it as a subject, as a goal, as a tool, as an irreversible reality? I know they love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so it’s not that they hate an on-screen competitor, or am I simping again?

                  Some Hollywood agents need to open up Maiden Island in the South Pacific somewhere, to farm their own screen virgins in-house. This must be why the top Korean performers are recruited and brought into company housing, education and training at 10-12.

                • Red says:

                  Is there a theory of what the thousand cock stare and virginface actually are? They’re real but what exactly are they? How would you describe them, their instincts and mechanics? And I’m simply fascinated by how virginface is nearly impossible for women to fake (or is it?).

                  Somethings are so primal that they can’t be described in words. If women could fake virgin face they’d all be doing it.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              When the West goes full-Zimbabwe, you can buy one of the girls on the left from a starving single mother for a bag of potatoes, but you really should keep things non-penetrative for a few years.

              The tattooed freaks on the right are porn stars. AVN = Adult Video News.

              Is the “madonna-whore complex” real or just something progressives made up? Because I find whores disgusting, not attractive at all.

              • notglowing says:

                I could see that they are whores, but they could’ve just as well been regular movie stars considering what is the norm today.

                > Because I find whores disgusting, not attractive at all.

                I agree. All whores have that whore look. I can’t stand it.
                In high school I thought that even fairly average girls around me looked more attractive than porn actresses in general.

                I can’t totally explain it. The thousand cock stare is one thing, but I feel like there’s more to it than that. I wonder if it really is self-selection in great part. That women who look a certain way are more likely to become whores.

                Regarding the original girl, I definitely don’t agree with the chart. Her peak attractiveness is around 16.
                At 18 she seems pretty down, and she isn’t smiling. But I don’t think she was trying to look her best, either.

                • The Cominator says:

                  C’mon Riley Reid is a turbowhore but STILL looks like a 16 year old girl at 30. The ones who get that burnout look tend to be bad drug addicts.

                • jim says:

                  You are damaged.

                  She looks like a sixteen year old who has taken one thousand cocks.

                  If you had hope to own a woman, you could see the difference.

                • Kunning Drueger says:


                  Porn stars without makeup. Riley Reid is #21. I so rarely get to say this, Cominator, so forgive the jackassery but… stick to Covid predictions my dude. Lol I’m kidding, but seriously, no such thing as a pretty porn star. It’s just heavy makeup and they are all (usually) 5’4″ or less.

                  Prettiness is for the elite men with great genetics and breeding. Common man can be blessed with a pretty milkmaid, but I don’t see a reason for Prettiness to be top 5 or even top 10 desirable attributes. Commoners need to be loyal, sturdy, strong, capable, obedient, devout, patient, and stoic. Hell, most nobles need to be the same but better. Prettiness and handsomeness is for the leadership class. The rest of us need to be happy, hopeful, and hard. I know this probably isn’t popular perspective, but I am reminded of some sage advice from a ska band in the 90s:

                  “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
                  never make a pretty woman your wife
                  from my personal point of view
                  get an ugly girl to marry you.”

                  This does not mean you should worship the Roastie, or settle for some used up bitch with no womanly skills and a sharp tongue. But I’ve found through experience that a pretty woman might have a bunch of other great features, but good breeding stock almost always has much to recommend them for abduction, retention, and loyalty.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well okay then, some are still pretty without makeup but Riley isnt one bad skin.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  There’s no such thing as a pretty pornstar. There are attractive women in amateur pornography, but that’s a wholly different thing. The trade in nudes is profitable, and dangerous, for precisely this reason: men can tell in milliseconds when we see virginal beauty, fertility, freshness, the blush of legitimate eroticism. By the time a female is being paid to fuck on camera, she’s completely run through. She has lost her virginity to one guy, finds herself with another guy, who hands her off to an audition, who then puts her into the stable of whores. Pornography is a disgustingly mechanical industry very similar to the “legitimate” film industry. It works because men are quite good at suppressing certain instincts, preferences, and logic if the will is there. Every coomer is trapped by choice, mechanically seeking one thing at the expense of many other things.

                • Red says:

                  Porn stars are not attractive. The moment your brain considers how many men such women have fucked they lose appeal.

                • Red says:

                  I agree. All whores have that whore look. I can’t stand it.
                  In high school I thought that even fairly average girls around me looked more attractive than porn actresses in general.

                  I’ve always felt that way. Even back in the early days internet porn I couldn’t get the appeal of nonamateur pr0n. I always thought I was an outliner as the rest of my friends gushed about porn stars and how hot carpet munchers where, but now I think that’s what we were told to do by the cathderal.

                • SJ says:

                  Lots of porn whores are from the breed of new women and a lot of men spend a lot of time jerking off looking at the new improved women. I wonder if men on some level are aware of this and find the new improved women to be initially unattractive.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m also autistic Jim… so some subtleties of expressions are completely lost on me.

                • The Cominator says:

                  RE the 1000 cock stare even I notice that when girls are horny their pupils dilate, is it that whores semi perpetually have at least semi dilated pupils?

                • jim says:

                  Not reducible to words.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Pornstars can always produce “Fuck me” eyes (with make up), while amateurs have “I want to fuck” eyes. Subtle difference. As Jim says, irreducible. Want v. Need, maybe? Hard to articulate.

                • zero says:

                  not familiar with pornwhore eyes, but I get bad feels from some women, I think there is a certain level of fear and acwkwardness that sluts lack. a cute woman got me into her apartment at a Christmas party and her propositioning was so performative I noped out, whores are bad business and you can always tell from their behavior.

                • alf says:

                  I have some thoughts on the 1000 c stare.

                  It has to do with the old maxim, sperm is cheap, eggs are precious.

                  When a woman flirts, she instinctively knows she is the prize, and she is teasing that she might give away that prize. She is being promiscuous, but because her prize is valuable, she is also being innocent. It is exactly that line that makes flirting with a pretty woman so titillating.

                  But what happens when you take away the preciousness of those eggs? When she treats her womb as if it belonged to a man? Well, she loses her innocence, she loses that which makes her valuable to men. Like reused tape that has lost its stickiness.

                  To me, the 1000 c stare is when a woman has lost the ability to flirt naturally. She is overly theatrical, sexually aggressive, quick to throw glances that she knows men like to see in bed. She does not understand that it was her inexperience that made her cute.

                  Which is in fact a big thing that sold me on my wife — contrary to 95% of the women I had dated, she was kind of awkward and inexperienced with regard to the whole dating and relation thing.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “To me, the 1000 c stare is when a woman has lost the ability to flirt naturally. She is overly theatrical, sexually aggressive, quick to throw glances that she knows men like to see in bed. She does not understand that it was her inexperience that made her cute.”

                  Obviously if you meet a girl in a brothel (I’ve never been in a de jure brothel) or a strip club her “flirting” is generally going to be over the top sexual to the point where they might even start rubbing your dick.

                  But outside of work not sure they are always this way, knew a girl who was a former stripper and then became a masseuse I always assumed that like most women in those jobs she put out a lot I especially assume this because she went from one job to the other. She didn’t seem like that, I do have partially towards her not because I fucked her or anything but she cured me of persistent two year horrible neck pain (did not ask for any money either).

                  I prettymuch think ladies of the evening can try to be seductive by appearing more innocent or blatantly aggressive depending on what they think their intended target wants, I don’t think the overly innocent thing appears authentic for any girl if she is over 25 though.

                  The one thing I can imagine the “1000 cock stare” visually entails is that girls in the profession will tend to have frequently dilated pupils due to pretty constantly elevated levels of sexual desire (the ones who hate the job will tend to end up leaving quickly or getting on a lot of bad hard drugs which will burn them out real quick) and I would say Riley Reid tends to have pupils that always look a bit more dilated (while she otherwise has a girlish and innocent looking face). I think probably though Jim is right and its something that some men (who aren’t autistic) can sense but its not easily put into words.

                • alf says:

                  The one thing I can imagine the “1000 cock stare” visually entails is that girls in the profession will tend to have frequently dilated pupils due to pretty constantly elevated levels of sexual desire

                  Having thought it over, I will give a spicy take that I don’t think the 1000 cock stare is actually a thing, in that I do not think men can recognize it from a picture, or at the very least grossly overestimate their ability to do so.

                  What gives it away is the behavior. It is extremely hard to fake innocence, and yes I do think most men have innate sensors to sense that.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I disagree strongly and find the TCS face to be particularly noticeable even in photographs. Some have it worse than others, and I would bet a lot of money there is a hormonal causative mechanism at play. Impossible to effectively hide the same way sweating from too much meth is impossible to effectively hide.

                  Do you have any proposed way to test our conflicting hypotheses without an extended amount of effort?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Theoretically, the test would be A/B sets of pictures, just close up head shots, and the subject has to state which one has the TCS. You would set up opposing pictures (virgin/slut), doubles (virgin/virgin, slut/slut), and tricks (female/trannie). Lots of interesting conclusions might result, especially if you get creative with ethnicity and age. But here in lies the complication: how would the test maker even know which is which? Women are notoriously misleading about their body counts.

                • alf says:

                  Do you have any proposed way to test our conflicting hypotheses without an extended amount of effort?

                  Not sure about the ‘extended amount of effort.’

                  The easiest manner I could think of would be to compile a list of, say, twenty female faces in the thirty-ish range. No make-up, no hair coloring. Must be unknown to the males we present them to. Make sure we know their n-count, divide them up in two categories: chaste and slut.

                  Then, with each picture, make male answer the question: 1000 cock stare yes or no?

                  If result accuracy resembles a coin flip, then 1000 cock stare not so visible. If repeatable accuracy above that, well, 1000 cock stare proven.

                • alf says:

                  Hehe KD you beat me to the punch.

                  For the slut side you could use porn stars, but it is hard to guarantee the men judging those pics have never seen those ‘celebrities’ elsewhwere.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You could use pornstars only if they are relatively unknown, and only as a control group, and use quite young girls as well, to set the outer boundaries, similar to that meme image posted above. But the better test would be all “amateurs” and no celebrities or stars.

                  I’m more interested in whether or not a girl can have the TCS *without* the thousand cocks. One of the greatest achievements of feminism was to turn otherwise desirable and attractive women into gross, frumpy spinsters without having to wait 40 years. Stunning strategic victory for those daemon worshippers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I’m more interested in whether or not a girl can have the TCS *without* the thousand cocks.”

                  Basically yeah. Most fat trigglypuff like things with resting bitch face aren’t whores… real whores try to look attractive at least and don’t trust the messages from the megaphones.

                  So even if the unowned normie woman doesn’t have the 1000 cock stare (I don’t know if she does or not) she gets something worse…

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Prettiness is for the elite men with great genetics and breeding. Common man can be blessed with a pretty milkmaid, but I don’t see a reason for Prettiness to be top 5 or even top 10 desirable attributes. Commoners need to be loyal, sturdy, strong, capable, obedient, devout, patient, and stoic.

                  You say this as if female beauty were a rare thing, which is only true in degenerate societies like ours. No one is born old, fat, tattooed, or fucked-out, and maybe one in five white females is born ugly.

              • jim says:

                Madonna whore complex is mostly something made up by boob hating faggots, but at its core there is a real problem: The doctrine of the perpetual virginity of Mary.

                In the old testament, chastity is a woman’s compliance with male authority over her sexual, reproductive, and domestic services.

                Got holiness spiraled several centuries after Christ, largely by male sexual deviants such as Origen,

                into men not employing female sexual, reproductive, and domestic services.

                The perpetual virginity of Mary is an attack on marriage and on male authority over female sexual services – implying the woman has the right to withdraw those services at whim – which in practice tends to happen when someone more manly than her husband sniffs around.

                This savage medieval depiction of Origen is likely unfair, but I am not the only one who smells something funny in the anti sex doctrines of various Church fathers, nor is this an entirely modern opinion.

                • Big Brutha says:

                  You’re dealing with the problem of neoplatonism/Hellenistic influence.

                  There is no scriptural argument for the perpetual virginity of Mary because there is no scriptural need for it. All of that appears as a later interpretive lens which comes from the popular eastern Mediterranean sense present before and during the early Christian era that saw the body and bodily functions as “icky.”

                  Origen was in the middle of that time and not left untouched by it. This is the same wellspring from which Gnosticism flowered forth.

                  The true problem of Gnosticism is not the problem of secret knowledge. Even Jesus dealt in secret knowledge when He explained parables to the Twelve which were not meant to be understood by the public. That’s why He says he who has ears to hear let him hear. There was knowledge inside those stories meant for those who were in the know or who had the spiritual acumen to understand.

                  The problem of Gnosticism is precisely that it says what God has made is unclean. It is the holiness spiral of holiness spirals.

                  However, when you think of the eastern Mediterranean of the time as a hotbed of debauchery, sodomy, and perversion it is hardly surprising that people got weird about the body.

                  But that weirdness getting adopted as an interpretive lens for understanding scripture simply mangles the meaning.

                  By creating a spirit/matter dichotomy that posits spirit as being holier than matter it follows that anything that diminishes the physical body is better than anything that elevates it because the body is matter and therefore bad and needs to be pushed down.

                  St. Paul’s comments sometimes appear to contribute to this but he is speaking, in many cases, to a thoroughly Hellenized audience which viewed the notion of the Resurrection itself as foolishness. The question of the Greeks was: why would you WANT a bodily restoration after death? You’d just gotten rid of that nasty vile prison your pure and wholesome spirit was trapped in. What is the upside?

                  That did not make sense to them. But positing that matter and, by extension, bodies are bad is inconsistent, ultimately, with the record of scripture itself, even though this kind of view infects most scriptural interpretations to some extent even today.

                  Is matter bad? No. God is the author of it and pronounced the creation as good. Yet even now people act like the things derived from that creation are in some way inferior to a pure Platonic realm of eternal forms which exists outside of our reach somewhere. But to maintain this view as a reader of scripture you have to do what the Gnostics did which was to conceive of the Old Testament God as the Demiurge and evil for making the world and matter and trapping pure spirit in it rather than the True and Living God who said that it was good.

                  Did the Son, Jesus, take on a body? Yes. Did it lessen His divinity? No. He was still divine even when going about the daily actions of a normal person. There is no need to get into navel gazing arguments about the nature of Christ, etc. Fully human, fully divine, etc. He is the Incarnate God, full stop. That which goes further is philosophizing about what needs no philosophizing.

                  Jesus ate, drank, slept, sweat, pissed, and shit during his mortal life. Was He tainted thereby and made “unclean?” Again, no. His holiness was undiminished. He Himself dealt with this concept when the Pharisees chastised His disciples for not washing their hands before eating. The thing that makes a person unclean is the bad thoughts, words, and actions that are conceived in their heart and proceed out of them, not what goes into them.

                  But the central doctrine of Christianity, that is to say the Resurrection, puts the nail in the coffin of those kinds of arguments anyway. If matter is lesser and inherently inferior to spirit, then why does God go to all the trouble to redeem it? Paul is clear that upon death our spirits return to that God which gave them life. If that is so, then what need for a bodily Resurrection? Why bring matter into it at all? Why make a resurrected body dwelling for Christ and mankind eternally?

                  There are those who argue that Christ put away His resurrected body somehow after the Resurrection but the record of scripture again says He let people touch that body and He ate fish and honeycomb, demonstrating its real tangible nature. Nowhere does He say, “P.S. I’m getting rid of this thing as soon as I can.” Clearly there are other things that He does with that body which are beyond the capability of mortal man, i.e. appearing with it in a closed room, ascending into Heaven, etc. But none of this lessens the physical reality of that body which was touched and handled by His disciples, including Thomas who doubted.

                  So the next question becomes this: If bodies and matter are not condemned by scripture, then does scripture say sex is bad?

                  The answer, again, is no. There is no argument that sex, in and of itself, is bad. There are clear delineations about what it is for and who it can be engaged in with but no argument that it is bad.

                  So if sex is not bad, if in its proper place it is not sin, then what need would there be to state that Mary was a perpetual virgin? What does that state confer upon Mary that being a devoted wife and mother to Joseph does not?

                  It only becomes necessary to think in those terms if you believe that she would otherwise have been “unclean” or tainted by sex. That her worthiness would have been lessened thereby. But again, where does that idea come from? It isn’t from scripture.

                  Sex is only unclean when it is used contrary to God’s instructions.

                  The reasons for Mary’s virginity before the birth of Christ is clear: to ensure there was no question of Christ’s paternity and demonstrate a miracle. But having established that paternity and been the chosen handmaid by whom God the Father brought about that miracle, there was no subsequent need for Mary to remain aloof from Joseph, her husband.

                  By enshrining as dogma the notion of Mary the eternal Virgin as supreme, generations have had skewed ideals around sex, marriage, motherhood, and sexual relations between men and women.

                  That view makes sex inherently dirty rather than simply an inherently private matter. Can sex be made dirty? Of course. But so can any sacred thing. The word profane literally means in front of or outside a temple. Profanation is to take something sacred and render it dirty by how it is handled and dealt with. The worst word you can say in Canadian French is “tabernac”, which is a profane reference to the box that the eucharist is kept in. So it is profanation of sex that is wrong in the same way that turning the temple into a house of merchandise was wrong and was met by sacred violence.

                  Which is a long way of saying that the neoplatonic and Hellenistic legacy remains firmly ensconced in the way people think about sex and scripture even when scripture itself does not require it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The idea of perpetual virginity was one of the first holiness spirals to affect Christianity that there was.

                  Not many people remember the name Duns Scotus today, but he is basically the guy responsible for taking the recurrent notion and indoctrinating it into roman theology.

                  >”potuit, decuit, ergo fecit” (He [i.e., God] could do it, it was appropriate, therefore He did it)

                  But what a subject finds seemly is of course a function of its aesthetic sensibility in the first place; and a sentimental architecture out of joint with the matter of Creation will of course fall towards that which is against the grain of Creation.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The point of the meme wasn’t to present an easy choice between an ideal vs a less than ideal, but a stark choice between borderlines. The information comes from how the subject chooses between what he is forced to chose between.

              And in certain respects, it touches on a reality of choices at hand too; unicorns aren’t really an option, burnt out roasties and jailbait are options.

              • SJ says:

                Yep. Even if you are willing to cross the fence everyone put up around the high school girls to keep all the good men with jobs out and date high school girls you’ll just discover that they have been sneaking over to general butt nakeds house since they were in junior high. The fence has plenty of holes in it for criminals and retards, or a man who is willing to act like one

                Its a good way for a guy to find a wife but you better have some game and get her isolated from her family and friends asap, as in move her far away from them. Oh yeah watch the age of consent crap blah blah blah cause only Jeremy Meeks and general butt naked are allowed to get beautiful young girls drunk and have sex with them in current year. Men with jobs who want to marry them are not allowed through the fence.

      • Alfred says:

        Thank you friend. I know well the toil of those sorts of rabbit hole searches. I’d have done it myself had I known where to look.

  25. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    I’m going to unironically appeal to optics lol

    What you’re claiming doesn’t line up well with reality. [*deleted*] If you tell normal people not to believe their lying eyes, [*deleted*] So what’s wrong with the above blog entry? [*deleted*]

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        Yeah, it is NOW, after you butchered it.
        The fact you did *that up there* tells a reasonable reader everything they need to know about this question: just like the oppressive régime you’re ostensibly opposing, you feel the need to censor and misrepresent opposition because the things you claim stand in stark contrast with observed reality.

        This is what’s wrong with our times: *all* opposition is false.

        • jim says:

          You repeat yourself endlessly. I have allowed everything you have to say through far too many times. I have responded to it far to many times, and you never respond to what I write. I am not going to allow the same stuff through again, because if I did, I would feel compelled to make the same response yet again.

          And now, I will make the same response yet again::

          Universities are religious institutions, for training the elite in the state religion. The left does not get ahead in academia by cheating, or by being smarter, or by preferring cities over suburbs. It gets ahead for the same reason that from 1660 to 1820 Anglicans got ahead in Oxford: Because the younger professoriat is selected by the older professoriat for adherence to the official faith of the state. The University Entrance essay is a proclamation of faith.

          And in every post you make, you write as if no one has ever suggested such a thing. Because you fail to respond, allowing your stuff through just results in endless repetition: Waste of space. Everything you write is just pushing your wagon that leftism comes from below, rather than from above.

          I respond to what you write, but you do not respond to what I write. You just write the same stuff yet again in a different way.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I was starting to wonder if it was really Cuckolded Revolutionist, but now I’m wondering if you’ve been lurking the past few years and just suffering in silence as people use your personhood as an epithet.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            There is good ingroup solidarity here. Loyal followers don’t notice the censorship and misrepresentation and enjoy piling on the outsider.
            That’s a good thing in the big picture.

            I didn’t look at this blog for a very long time, beyond the titles of the entries. The one about ‘nazis are commies’ drew me in and now I have a bad old habit lol it won’t last.

            Leftism comes from the top.
            Very little comes from the bottom, but acknowledging reality will always be with us, so it can seem as if acknowledging reality comes from the bottom.

            Leftism can never genuinely stamp out the tendency of people to notice reality, including the Covid shit.

            My point here, which I’m only repeating because it was censored, is that the studies about thousands of athletes dropping dead are not legitimate and do not bear any scrutiny. You shouldn’t take my word for that: the study Tucker Carlson cited contains elderly retired athletes who died of cancer. I have zero reason to make that up.
            My point is that when you talk about such claims as if they were true, people who know they are not true will assume everything you’re saying is false.

            Not everything you’re saying is false. There are excess deaths right now across the developed world, and there are no such excess deaths right now across the undeveloped world where vaccine take-up was lower.
            It’s entirely possible these excess deaths do have something to do with the vaccines, so it would be better to talk about the stone cold silence from governments and media on this true fact, than to talk about millions dropping dead from the vaccines.

            Anyone with eyes to see knows that millions are not dropping dead, from vaccines or not.

            This will most likely be censored, and the lie will be told that the grounds are other than they are. This is a racial habit of certain groups and if someone is not a member of that race but behaves as if they are, that’s a big problem. Occam’s Razor says they’re probably just jewish.

            • jim says:

              > My point here, which I’m only repeating because it was censored, is that the studies about thousands of athletes dropping dead are not legitimate and do not bear any scrutiny.


              The report that everyone quotes, over and over again, is

              This compares the total number of athletes dying now, with the total number of athletes dying in previous years. And therefore, of course, by definition, includes athletes who could not possibly have died of the clot shot. Pointing out that some of the athletes counted are unlikely to have died by clot shot is not a rebuttal. Unsubstantiated lies about the report are not a rebuttal.

              You want to rebut it. Prove it your claims. Don’t make confident but unexplained claims about it. Confident claims about the report without evidence or explanation will be censored as waste of bandwidth. Links to official authority officially announcing that the report has somehow been proven false (but we are forbidden to see the evidence proving it false) will be silently deleted.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                [*deleted for total absence of evidence or argument*]

                • jim says:

                  I challenged you to support your claims against and you came up empty, revealing you are pulling stuff out of your asshole.

                  You do not have evidence or argument, you are just throwing mud around to muddy the water.

                  In order to produce a valid counter argument to goodsciencing, you have to provide evidence that they are overcounting recent deaths of athletes, or undercounting older deaths of athletes, which you made not the slightest attempt to do.

                  One athlete’s death is indeed not evidence against the clot shot. A huge increase in the number of athletes dying, however, is evidence. And you made not the slightest effort to refute or discredit that evidence, just wasting space by making noises as if you had an argument, without, however, actually presenting any evidence or argument, revealing you did not make your original claims in good faith, either knowing you were lying, or not caring what the truth might be.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  There’s no such increase.

                  I’m not putting in hours and hours of work just so you can grin and hit delete.

                  If you want people to effort-post, you need to go Elon Musk on your censorship policy because right now you’re more like The Guardian.

                • jim says:

                  I promise you that if you put in any actual work, I am not going to hit delete.

                  Show me some relevant facts, and I will debate them. Your athlete death rate post consisted of pointing out that for any one athlete, one could not know if it was the jab that killed him, and vaguely asserting, or perhaps implying or presupposing, without evidence or explanation that there has not been a huge increase in “natural” deaths in a segment of the population that normally has very few natural deaths. And you took an entire screen to say what I just said in one sentence – typical shill output muddying the waters. If you are too busy to do research, how come you have loads of time to waste my time?

                  If you post something that obviously takes fifty times as long to write or to read as it took to “research”, of course I am going to delete it as yet more shill noise intended to drown out signal. If you have very little to say, then say it concisely. If you make, or presuppose claims, unlikely to be believed, provide support for them. How come you have plenty of time to go on and on and on saying nothing, while inexplicably presupposing much, and no time to support claims unlikely to be believed?

            • Starman says:

              @Carlylean Restorationist

              If only you can answer a multiple choice RedPill on Women Question…

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                [*Deleted for attributing misogyny to us, and for failing to answer, or even notice the existence of, the multiple choice red pill question*]

                • jim says:

                  You attribute to us the shill version of the red pill – a version that presupposes agreement that men and women are interchangeable, except we just hate women for some mysterious reason. Supposedly we are just haters.

                  We love women vive la différence. That is one diversity we can get behind. Diversity plus proximity, as always, equals war, but this is a war we were created to win, and women created to lose, a war women want very much to lose. The modern social order makes it hard for them to lose and hard for us to win, but they do their best to lose anyway. They are victims of the femcentric social order as much or more than we are.

                  No one, not a one, believes in the shill version of the red pill, though the black pill and the purple pill have much in common with it and superficially resemble it. Black pillers frequently are misogynist, but Black piller misogyny of the genuinely red pilled is the opposite of shill misogyny.

  26. Starman says:

    Clott Adams says,

    “What needs clarification? Science exists so you don’t rely on your own opinion.”


    • jim says:

      That Clott Adams does not comprehend what science is, is the reason he was fooled by con men who murdered science, gutted its corpse, and are wearing its skin as a skin suit.

      • The Cominator says:

        Dilbertman isnt stupid but he suffers from the typical boomer bias of not being nearly cynical enough (having grown up at a less corrupt time) to believe every institutional mouthpiece is just a paid bullshit parrot (AT BEST).

        • jim says:

          That statement about science could never be said by someone who knows what science is.

          In Feynman’s paraphrase ““Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

          In the Royal Society’s summary “Take no man’s word for it”

          I would paraphrase and summarise the position of “The Sceptical Chymist”, which was the first influential text to lay out the scientific method (though this influence perhaps more a result of the will of the King than particularly felicitous phrasing) as that truth and honesty requires one to not report other people’s consensus about facts as it was fact, as if it was something one knew directly from your own senses, that to accept consensus about empirical things as though consensus was itself the empirical thing is a violation of the Christian duty to bear true witness, that it is every man’s duty to resist the madness of crowds, to resist consensus and make his own judgement.

        • Earl says:

          I must respectfully disagree. Adams may not literally have a moron-level IQ, but he’s never been a very intelligent man, and it shows up clearly in his comics.

          When he was just lampooning corporate culture, and had real recent experience with corporate life, his strips seemed perceptive. But for a very long time, I think even going back to the early aughts, he’s been obsessed with deeply stupid and pointless ideas: involuntary hypnosis, lack of free will, the simulation hypothesis, and so on. He has always been quick to jump on every popular trend, which could be because he wants to cynically cash in on those trends, but is probably because he really is that susceptible and suggestible.

          For example, he also thought the idea of a super-intelligent garbage man was extremely clever, because (and this was literally his stated rationale, he said this) how could anyone else be in a position to question the ideas or decisions of the smartest man in the world? His [the garbage man’s] frame is inaccessible to you. That happened ages ago, last century even. This is how Scott truly thinks and always has. You can’t question Experts, they’re smarter than you are. You can’t even understand their thought processes, never mind judge their validity for yourself. How many near-identical comics have Dilbert saying some variation of “you only think I’m wrong because you’re too stupid to understand my ideas?”

          He may have staked out an edgy position or two last decade, being not-too-deranged about Trump and a little bit skeptical of global weathering hysteria, but those two issues are the only ones on which I can remember him making any sense at all. In all other respects he’s a common shitlib, with a strikingly high opinion of himself and an unshakable belief in his own infallibility. Dogbert is his self-insert character, always 10 steps ahead of everyone else and able to exploit any situation to his advantage. Scott can be funny when he’s critiquing his own tribe, as many on the old left used to be able to do before it fully metastasized into clown world, but he doesn’t have an original thought in his head and wouldn’t know what to do with one if he did.

          Don’t take my word for it, though. Just browse the archive from around 2005 – 2020 and see for yourself the slow but inexorable decline in perception and awareness. You’ll even find a few strips in there suggesting that only stupid PHB types don’t Trust The Experts. It’s pretty much a straight line from that to Clot Adams.

          • The Cominator says:

            “For example, he also thought the idea of a super-intelligent garbage man was extremely clever, because (and this was literally his stated rationale, he said this) how could anyone else be in a position to question the ideas or decisions of the smartest man in the world? His [the garbage man’s] frame is inaccessible to you. That happened ages ago, last century even. This is how Scott truly thinks and always has. You can’t question Experts, they’re smarter than you are. You can’t even understand their thought processes, never mind judge their validity for yourself. How many near-identical comics have Dilbert saying some variation of “you only think I’m wrong because you’re too stupid to understand my ideas?””

            This means the opposite of what you’re saying it means. The super genius garbage man is not an expert hes a working guy who is smarter than all the experts…

            But Scott Adams is a boomer and boomers just can’t grasp that they are now in a low trust society with a corrupt government where all the institutions are staffed by liars and all seperate institutions are in fact run by one ruling clique of lunatics who hate them.

            • Earl says:

              This isn’t what “I’m” saying it means, it’s what “he” says it means.


              “…if you think about it, we wouldn’t be in a position to judge anything done by the world’s smartest person. Obviously his decisions would be different from our own — he’s smarter! So if we don’t understand why he does what he does, the problem is probably on our end.”

              There it is in full. That’s not satire, it’s not an opinion expressed by one of the characters, it’s Scott’s own opinion, written in his own book.

              Scott didn’t screw up because he’s a boomer, he screwed up because he’s Scott. I don’t really care about the man that much, to me he’s a nonentity and a has-been, but he’s a good case study in why it pays to always remain skeptical in a low-trust environment, including (or especially) of those who are saying what you want to hear right now, but might have poor track records in general.

              • The Cominator says:

                The garbageman is not a credentialed cathedral “expert” hes actually intelligent.

                The problem with our experts is not only are they often not true experts and not intelligent (which you may have been able to convince Clot Adams) but they are just parrots of a script from evil people who hate you (which almost no Boomer can fucking understand no matter what).

              • simplyconnected says:

                Agree. He is definitely a midwit: he can’t evaluate claims on his own.

                • Red says:

                  Clot Adams wrote an entire book on not trusting the experts, but it was all stick. When he was actually afraid he ran right back to the experts.

                • jim says:

                  Recap on the “The Sceptical Chymist”

                  The scientist is sceptical. But he trusts experts who have demonstrated expertise in understanding what they see and doing what they do, when they report what they have seen, what they have done, and how they did it.

                  But he definitely does not trust what unnamed experts supposedly know in unexplained ways, nor does he make assertions that an unnamed expert knows something in an unexplained way.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Hes not stupid but hes a boomer.

                • Anon says:

                  Could he lost iq points because of the vax?
                  I noticed some smart people who are now not that smart.
                  How can you evaluate this?
                  There could be a point where most of the population are retards and you question if it is not you the retard.

                • jim says:

                  > Could he lost iq points because of the vax?
                  > I noticed some smart people who are now not that smart.

                  I have seen quite a few former smarties who seem to have dropped fifteen or twenty IQ points – have taken a very major hit.

                  No one I know has dropped dead. It is always someone who knows someone who dropped dead, but noticeable loss of smarts seems to be fairly widespread, a lot more common than sudden adult death syndrome.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  The Cominator wrote:

                  Hes not stupid but hes a boomer.

                  Funny that it might have helped him to be more stupid, trust his instinct, and not understand what the “experts” are saying.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Jim wrote:

                  The scientist is sceptical. But he trusts experts who have demonstrated expertise in understanding what they see and doing what they do […]

                  Yes, definitely. But that trust ultimately rests on some amount of verification carried out by oneself. Imho ultimately you can’t outsource that verification. It’s unfortunate for midwits like Scott, that verifying the work of smart people requires smarts.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I only have experience in theoretical fields, where the proofs must be spelled out and can be personally verified relatively easily (though not always quickly). This is why I say ultimately there has to be some verification carried out by oneself, but I don’t know how they do it in experimental science, I can imagine it’s more difficult.

    • Javier says:

      he’s about one step away from declaring “this was a social experiment all along, and you fell for it, you fools.” Like a 90s kid on IRC

  27. Earl says:

    Fun debate question:

    As of today, which is the more important criteria when evaluating a potential wife: number of cocks, or number of boosters?

    • jim says:

      Not known yet.

      • The Cominator says:

        To take a very extreme example… Riley Reid (lets assume she isnt jabbed) is more capable of giving the sap she convinced to marry her children than a girl who got boosted.

        • kawaii_kike says:

          This hypothetical seems terribly impractical. Like asking if a burn victim or a cancer patient is more likely to be a better wife.

          Answer: Unknown and who cares, keep looking for a wife that isn’t a whore or a walking corpse

          • jim says:

            In short supply.

          • The Cominator says:

            But the answer to this is objective whores can have healthy children boosties in many cases and i suspect most cannot.

            • kawaii_kike says:

              That’s fair. But I resent the idea of any of this commentariat settling for whores. I also question whether the children of whores are actually “healthy”. Is there Jimian commentary on microchimerism in humans?

              For those uninitiated, microchimerism is the idea that each sexual partner a woman has, some of there DNA is absorbed by the woman thus creating a chimera of sorts.


              • SJ says:

                My opinion on this idea does not matter. What matters is all women are like that and our women are currently unconstrained and unowned by their fathers, if they even have fathers. Hence they are sneaking over to Jeremy Meeks trailer at the trailer park starting at a very young age. You get to marry a slut, as we do pay for the sins of our fathers. The good news is you can indeed turn a hoe into a housewife. I know as I have done it. Game works and the red pill works. Now if we do not want our sons to marry sluts we have to change it.

              • Earl says:

                A girl who’s been with 2 men is not necessarily a feral shrew, and a girl who’s had 2 jabs is not necessarily infertile. Both may be intolerable at the extremes, but it’s everything in between that makes the question interesting to me.

                Besides, it was at least partly tongue-in-cheek. Didn’t you ever play “would you rather”? Gotta have a sense of humor, even in darker days. Especially in darker days.

              • Alfred says:

                It’s not clear to me that a woman would be able to incorporate a man’s gametes. Do you mean she would incorporate DNA from an offspring with a prior partner?

                • Fidelis says:

                  The idea as I understand it goes spontaneous abortion is far more common than most believe, and the fetal cells are what causes this phenomenon. There was a fairly compelling study in some Scandinavian countries demonstrating this, microchimeric DNA in women with more partners; cannot find it again.

                • Red says:

                  Dog breeders believe this to be true which is why they’ve very careful about which males their prize bitches are mated to.

                  There’s been some studies on humans, but they tend to get zapped once someone points out what they mean.

              • Red says:

                My take is there’s a very good reason men have always valued virgins and it’s more than just reducing their chances of straying. But if you options are no kids, or sub optimal kids, then it really isn’t much of a choice.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      I would wager that, in any case, lack of the former would significantly overlap with lack of the later.

      • The Cominator says:

        In an analogy to the midwit principle, early marriage tradwives and turbowhores less likely to be vaxxed than the typical normie feminist career girl.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      The later has benefit of doubt, perhaps she was coerced by her job or circumstamces (need the vaxx passport to travel).

      The former has willfully chosen to hop on the cock carousel and open her leg for any men who paid her price.

      It’s very obvious which is the lesser evil if you ask me.

      • The Cominator says:

        All unmarried women (or women outside of a long long term happy monogamy type relationship) are basically on the carousel, less whorish women just do serial monogamy and while their notch count is less pair bonding is diminished to its minimal after 4+. Less whorish unowned women are mostly the way they are because they are conceited and view their value and status as too high not because they are going to make a virtuous storybook tradwife, you’re replacing lust as a vice with vanity and pride. The whore’s reproduction system remains undamaged and as such this is not a debate there is an objective answer which is that the whore > the vax demon worshipper.

        Women almost never reluctantly took it for their jobs because with women there is not much middle ground between demon worship and hating the system and women by and large don’t really need to have jobs, jobs for women are optional. Women can always get married, kiss up to their dad or do some freelance dick sucking. People who reluctantly took it for their jobs are mainly

        1. People who went thru hell to get licensing or something in their jobs and were threatened with its loss or loss of operational status with their license if they didn’t take it, lots of people in medicine and people like pilots and railroad engineers took it reluctantly for this and I do feel very bad for those people… if you mention nurses as reluctant women (and nurses tend to have a pretty negative opinion of the jab) who went thru a lot of trouble for licensing, a lot of nurses just got fakes. Nurses also know how to get fake jabbed.

        2. As Pax Imperialis said a lot of people in the military who knew it was bad took it because acceptance of great even random risks to stay in the warrior society is worth it to them. Its part of their ethos.

        Repeat after me body count after 4+ might as well be 500 because after 4 it makes no difference to pair bonding ability. This means if she isn’t married by 25 bodycount is prettymuch worthless, she is at 4+ and might as well be a stripper or the like, except she probably lacks the other good qualities a stripper has.

    • Alfred says:

      If you are confident in your ability to be more alpha than the most alpha guy she’s been with, I’d lean toward the latter. But hard to know.

      I heard somwhere that booster fertility damage would multiply thru generations so that daughters of vaxheads would be hit worst of all. Are some saying that or am I imagining things?

      • S says:

        It has been brought up; specifically sterilizing daughters. Its the plot of Saturn’s Race so I give it decent odds it is both true and they got the idea from the book.

    • Javier says:

      My advice to young men these days is to marry your high school girlfriend, as you will likely never have access to better.

      Failing that, my advice is to marry a high school girl. obviously tricky but still doable as long as you never openly acknowledge that is your goal. I want to say it was Grover Cleveland who, when asked why he was a bachelor, said “my wife hasn’t been born yet.”

      • The Cominator says:

        “My advice to young men these days is to marry your high school girlfriend, as you will likely never have access to better.”

        Always so IF YOU HAVE ONE. Only girl who will actually sort of love you.

  28. WTF says:

    Woman strangles two of her small kids, attempts to kill the third (an infant newborn) and herself when husband goes out to pick up food. What is the correct explanation of this behavior? Why on earth would a mother do this? Extreme regret and buyer’s remorse for reproducing with a beta male?

    A quick eye test does show her as fairly attractive and him as rather feminine/beta looking even bordering on looking like a gay man.

    Even still, if extreme betaness is the reason why would she marry him and give birth to three of his kids in the first place only to kill them later?

    • SJ says:

      My guess is the guy who was banging her at work broke up with her and possibly told her that he would not commit to a single mom.

    • Adam says:

      Seems like a school shooting kind of thing. We are not adapted to tribes of millions of people, 24/7 global news, infinite propaganda, and social media.

      A friend of mine lost his wife this week literally to despair. She quit living life and wasted away to nothing, otherwise healthy at 62.

      Lack of a sane religion hurts the weak the most. Faith and a belief in God is essential to the human spirit.

    • chris says:

      “What is the correct explanation of this behavior? ”

      Brain tumour perhaps that screwed up her personality?

  29. Red says:

    Paul Pelosi bodycam video is out:

    Cocktail in hand, Paul had his pants off.

    Here’s the escort breaking in:

    Really weird.

    • Red says:

      This may actually be Jim’s original assessment of a more leftwing faction sending a message to Pelosi to step down. Security system was switched off, no security present, and Paul Pelosi obviously expecting something other than a hammer attack.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The fact that the gigolo waited until a camera was there to record things before he made to attack is a key detail.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          100%. The sodomites agreed on the plan beforehand, but when the camera rolled, the younger faggot did what faggots do and took it to 11.

          The lights out level of a drunken faggot snoring immediately after getting a hammer to the head is one of the stranger things I’ve seen. At first I thought it was the fat one flatulating after getting sacked but no, it was Pelosi snoozing. Strange shit.

  30. Red says:

    They’re pivoting from ignoring/it’s normal for people to be suddenly dropping dead to COVID caused the heart damage that people are dropping dead from. Reddit had a big propaganda piece on /r/news this morning.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      [*deleted for misinfo*]

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        The REALLY important question for NRX people is [*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Your question presupposes that Marxism is true (that capitalists rule, that capitalism is a form of government) and that we agree, that everyone agrees, that Marxism is true.

          I will allow you to argue that Marxism is true, but you never, no Marxists ever, make that argument. Rather Marxists just sail on assuming their interlocutor already agrees.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            I do not believe that Marxism is true, and you know that I do not believe Marxism is true. To make such a ludicrous accusation is absolutely typical of what the Nazis called “The Big Lie”.

            Capitalism does not rule, but to dismiss the power that capitalists have over their workers is utterly ridiculous and does not match reality.

            I can’t even remember what my point was. Your censorship achieves what it’s intended to achieve: your opponents are thrown off guard and find it hard to make cogent arguments because their external reference points aren’t available to them.
            When answering someone’s disagreement with your thought, it’s necessary to be able to see what your thought *was* in order to defend it.

            Censorship is every bit as bad here as it is on Facebook, for precisely the same reasons, and my suspicion remains that it’s done for the exact same reason: jewish nature.

            I think I remember my point now: NRx people seem to be living in precisely the kind of world Moldbug sketched in his blog back in the day. I’m unsure what their objection is.

            • jim says:

              > to dismiss the power that capitalists have over their workers is utterly ridiculous and does not match reality.

              Motte and Bailey. In your next comment, you will go right back to assuming that capitalists rule, and assuming that we agree that capitalists rule, as you just did in the (censored) Covid post.

              If capitalists ruled, Musk could get his way on twitter. Instead, Musk gets censored and shadowbanned.

              Yes, the Jewish-capitalists-in-Israel account of the Covid conspiracy does provide a better explanation than the capitalists-at-Davos account – because neither account credibly connects to reality.

              Moderna, the Wuhan lab, the NIH, and the rest are not capitalism, not Israel, and they are not capitalism at Davos. They are Harvard.

              • Adam says:

                I don’t think he is entirely wrong and I will try to explain more effective than I have before. Merchants, entrepreneurs do hold some power over their workers. It is not always much but sometimes is it significant. I do not know if this has always been the case, I assume the problems are magnified by progressivism and a lot of it is displacement activity.

                Quite a lot of times the relationship between owner and worker is co-dependent. So the owner wants more of you, but for fear he may lose you, keeps from you what you would need to succeed (often times information). So you are both punished and prohibited from meeting demand by the same person.

                Information absolutely is power. It is not a beating, or robbery, but it is often used quite deliberately to protect the entrepreneur at the expense of labor.

                Capitalists, merchants and entrepreneurs do not rule nations. But they do rule their businesses (to the extent the state allows them to). And there is a wide variety in how men rule their businesses.

                I think it is important to acknowledge that Capitalism is Darwinian, necessarily so, and that failing to rule your business properly causes quite a lot of grief, and pain and suffering. I think it is important to acknowledge that there are bad actors in the marketplace, workaholics for example suffer from the same exact defects of character as an alcoholic or a drug addict, only instead of escaping to alcohol they escape through work, with one new lie to cover up the last, trying to outrun their lies. These men do quite a lot of damage to the people that trust them, both customers and employees.

                Acknowledging this does not in any way discredit Capitalism, the same way pointing out bad husbands and fathers does not discredit Patriarchy.

                • jim says:

                  No he is not wrong. That is his motte. But in the next post, will slide back to his bailey.

                  The motte in a motte and bailey argument is something that is trivially and obviously true, and everyone agrees that it is true. The bailey is something that is trivially and obviously false, and the party making a motte and bailey argument sails right along assuming that because everyone agrees the motte is true, everyone agrees that the bailey is true.

            • The Cominator says:

              You believe in 80% of what Marx believed, you just reject the idea of the international proleteriat and worldwide international proleterian revolution.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                The blog owner has decided to use misrepresentation as a strategy to deflect dangerous opposition.

                [*Deleted for giving a long screenful of outrage with no actual concrete examples of misrepresentation.*]

                • jim says:

                  Your opposition is not dangerous. You are just wasting space with the same old same old we get from everywhere all the time. I don’t allow it because I try maintain a good signal to noise ratio, while the shills try to drown out signal with noise.

                  To the extent that the shill signal contains any actual signal content, the only content is the false consensus that we are all agreed on what we all vehemently disagree with, that each of us is alone, a minority of one. You persistently gaslight with false consensus, persistently presuppose that everyone accepts shill positions that obviously no one, not even the shills, believe.

                  If you believed any of the views you persistently presuppose we share, you would argue for those views when challenged, instead of just moving right along. If anyone anywhere ever believed any of that, someone somewhere would defend those views and argue for them when challenged, instead of just presupposing them as universally accepted, obvious, and unchallengeable.

            • BobtheBuilder says:

              >find it hard to make cogent arguments because their external reference points aren’t available to them.

              “Without my NPC script, I can’t come up with an argument.”

              Close your eyes. Imagine an apple on a table. Someone comes over and pushes the apple so it rolls off the edge and hits the ground. Got all that?

              ?enecs eht fo dnuorgkcab eht ni saw tahW ?roolf eht fo roloc eht saw tahW ?evom elppa eht did woH ?ti saw elbat fo dnik tahW .nosrep eht ebircseD
              ?deksa I nehw ni ni llifkcab uoy did ro ,emit eht ta taht fo lla enigami yllautca uoy did ,yllaniF
              .nosrep ni retteb skrow noitseuq ehT

      • jim says:

        Screenfull of straight up lies, too tedious to refute line by line.

        Covid is not a capitalist plot, still less is it a plot by Israeli capitalists. Jews in Israel, and Jews in New York, were greatest targets and victims of the Covidians. Moderna is not Israel, not Israeli capitalism, not an Israeli company, and is only nominally capitalist.

        Moderna is a Harvard organisation, which operates directly out of Harvard. Its income derives from Harvard’s political power, it is a direct instrument of a priesthood with continuity of personnel and organisation all the way back to the priests that Charles the second purged from the Church of England for coveting that which is Caesar’s. When those priests were purged, some of them went off to New England, and ever since have been plotting to reconquer what they lost. Moderna is a department within the headquarters of our officially unofficial state religion. Covidism is post Christian demon worship coming from Harvard, not post Jewish demon worship coming from capitalism. We are not ruled by capitalists, nor is capitalism headquartered in Tel Aviv. Moderna is headquartered in Harvard.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          I stand corrected. Moderna is indeed headquartered in Cambridge MA. Why I ever thought it was Israeli I don’t know. It isn’t.

          Nevertheless, the theory of jewish neuroticism and jewish-driven jew-protective clampdowns is a better account of Covid than [*the commie account that fails to reference Jews*]

          • jim says:

            Deleted for failure to acknowledge that anyone disagrees with commies about anything, deleted for attributing the commie shill account of Covid to us.

            You can argue for whichever of the two commie accounts of Covid you choose (Jewish capitalists plotting in Israel, or capitalists of all races plotting in Davos) or argue for the official account (a terrible emergency, but thankfully the jab saved us), and you have been assuming all three.

            But I am, as always, not going to let you get away with blithely ignoring the fact that nobody believes the official account nor either of the commie accounts, not going to let you get away with cheerfully assuming that we agree with one of the commie accounts.

            You have to respond to our endlessly repeated positions, not sail right ahead gaslighting us that no one thinks like that, not even us.

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              I’m not trying to gaslight anyone. I just fail to see what the difference is between your take on Covid and the take of the bog standard Fox News style commentator.

              The cure to the Cathedral is not the GOP.

              • jim says:

                You were telling us that there has not been a huge rise in the number of young healthy people dying. Giving us the “fact check” story. Fact checkers are gaslighting, and you are gaslighting. They muddy the waters, dodging inconvenient facts and issuing a fog of irrelevant factiods, and I censored you for muddying the waters.

                The current wave of death is not enormous, it is similar to or moderately bigger than than the normal flu season excess deaths. The difference is that flu/covid season knocks off people in old people’s homes wobbling on the edge of the grave, while the current wave of death is killing off pilots at the controls and athletes on the playing field. There has been an enormous increase in death rate in the category of people who normally have a very low death rate, in flu/covid season or out of flu season.

                It is possible the excess death rate may fade off eventually, as people stop being jabbed. It is also possible that the jabbed are rendered permanently incapable of developing natural immunity, and will get one covid after another, each one lingering a little bit longer than the last, each one a little bit more dangerous than the last, until they all get permacovid and die. It is also possible that they all have slowly developing circulatory disease, and will all eventually suddenly keel over from strangely long, strangely thin, and strangely rubbery blood clots. It is possible, indeed probable that most of them have slowly developing cancers, and that the extraordinarily fast and aggressive cancers that we see are just the tip of a much larger iceberg of cancers developing at normal rates. We don’t know, and it is forbidden to look into the matter.

  31. notglowing says:

    This is a situation where Japan actually has remarkably little bureaucracy compared to the west. The US is particularly stupid with zoning, but this seems way more permissive than what we have here in Europe as well (and European zoning IS more permissive vs USA in some key ways).
    100 kings close to you, vs 1 king far away, I guess.

    How cool is it that there is such a huge surplus of homes in liveable countryside towns (ie not the middle of nowhere) and that you can renovate them however you want?

    If they didn’t have high taxes and a difficult environment for foreign investors, I would be tempted to buy some of those four figure homes.

    • Red says:

      Japan has actually useful zoning laws, for example they limit the number of franchises like McDonalds to encourage local business owners who live at their business.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for cynical inversion of reality*]

      • jim says:

        I have attempted to build a house. The bureaucracy does not want whites to build houses. The bureaucracy wants to destroy housing, as part of its program of democide.

  32. dreherist says:


    • jim says:

      I criticise Rod Dreher from the right – that he is blue pilled or purple pilled.

      You seem to be criticising him from the left, and telling us that we agree with that criticism.

      Take the shill test. I deleted your comment because you seemed unclear, and perhaps evasive, about whose side you are on.

      You can argue against Rod Dreher as a leftist and I would be happy to have that discussion on my blog. You can argue against Rod Dreher as a reactionary and I would be happy to have that discussion on my blog. What I will not, however, allow, is arguing against Rod Dreher as one of us, while making enemy arguments, rather than our arguments.

      • Arakawa says:

        I have become curious, have you ever had interesting discussions with Leftists, arguing honestly from self-identified Leftist premises, rather than using the stupid shill trick of “surely we both believe that …”?

        • BobtheBuilder says:

          Scott Alexander is an interesting guy.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Oh yeah, and so smart! Maybe if I were smarter I would understand why it’s a good idea to give all my money to a fat Jew whose greatest accomplishment is a Harry Potter fanfic, go live in his commune, and watch him fuck my girlfriend (who thinks she’s a man).

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              [no survivors]

            • BobtheBuilder says:

              I said interesting, the way a giant traffic accident you yourself could have been part of is interesting, not sane or reasonable or someone to be emulated. He even got a taste of what is coming, and yet still clings ever harder to his leftist premises.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Fair enough. I just can’t abide any positive mention of the Less Wrong community in general and poor old Scott-sempai in particular. I remember all the NRx-types desperately wanting his approval a few years back. Oooh, this guy is mainstream and important (he’s neither), and he’s really smart (he’s 110% midwit), and he actually engages with us without calling us Hitler (OK, he calls us Hitler regularly, but more quietly and less often than most respectable mainstreamers). It was so pathetic.

        • alf says:

          Also the debate between Scott Aaronson, Boldmug and Jim comes to mind.

  33. What are you thoughts on the release of the BBC “documentary” on Modi?

    The timing of it seems to indicate that the Cathedral is trying to get him out of power in the 2024 General Election. The Cathedral probably wants a fully Globohomo compliant Indian Government to extend its influence in the region which has been waning for several years now. It may also be a kind of revenge for India’s continued trade ties with Russia despite the Western sanctions.

    Whatever it is, I expect the heat to increase.

    • Red says:

      They’ll do to India what they just did to Brazil unless Modi is willing to shoot GAE agents in the streets.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Speaking of Bharat, how many people remember that the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 was a thing? GAE armed plant gets shit pushed in by peer using russian equipment.

      That one got put down the memory hole pretty quick.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        At present Pakistan is in doldrums, GAE is already looking to cut its losses.

    • jim says:

      The Brazil/USA formula is being applied everywhere – it just usually it generates less drama and you do not notice. It will surely be applied in India.

      There is one and only one solution. Modi has to have his loyalists standing over ever step of the voting, chain of custody of the ballots, and counting, with guns in their hands and orders to halt any funny business by opening fire if need be. Because simply recording funny business and appealing to the courts is not going to work. Did not work in America, did not work in Brazil. Funny business will have to be physically prevented by killing those who engage in it on the spot.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Unfortunately all indications are that Modi may well respond as Trump had done.

        On the other hand the BJP/RSS has a strong and loyal street cadre except in some parts of the country. Let’s see.

        • jim says:

          It is clear that the only way Trump could have won is to call out the militia before the election, rather than calling in the lawyers.

          • Karl says:

            Even calling out the militia after the election might have worked. He didn’t even try to fight

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          To be fair Modi appears to have a ~70% approval rating. That would be a hell of a lot of fraud!

          • jim says:

            Pull the other one.

            Preparatory to the election, they will fraud his approval rating down.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              This particular attempt certainly seems to be part of the Cathedral’s propaganda campaign to prepare the ground to delegitimize him.

    • Aryaman says:

      My impression is Modi’s approval is actually considerably greater than 70 percent. He *has* a militia in the RSS, and what he should do is announce the end of democracy in India. Trouble is regional squabbles will get in the way and the globalists can divide and conquer, as they have always been able to do in India.

      To which the solution is to (a) give cooperative regional subordinates some autonomy and a whole bunch of status, (b) tell the Moslems they can govern themselves according to personal and family law of their custom, (c) give the army a whole bunch of status and tell its general to occupy the universities, temples, and offices of the professionalized (as opposed to family run) corporations.

      But the present government is so popular, the opposition in such disarray, and the thought of any alternative so remote that none of this will happen unless it looks like the crooks will control government again by which point it is probably too late to do anything.

      • Aryaman says:

        The source of great opposition will come from Indians in America and the outcome probably will not be very good unless the present government cultivates and disinhibits domestic capitalists from doing whatever they have to do to turn domestic labor and domestic stuff into useful things housewives like to buy.

        There is more capitalism than there was 10 years ago, but not nearly enough.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          So far the saving grace has been that the globohomo agencies in India has been pathetically incompetent at getting their grunts to win elections. But I am worried at the present developments.

        • someDude says:

          Indians in America are also a source of great support, i.e. Rajiv Malhotra et. al. Also funds.

          You’re talking about Indians employed by the GAE. As Spandrell says, their great ambition in life is to sell out their country and move to an apartment in NYC

          • i says:

            When Indians are in charge of a previously White dominated company. White people stop being hired and the Company turns entirely Indian very often.

            Now when the Whites are no longer hired meritocratically as they were previously. There lies one of the sources of the growing animosity.

            The others are scam callers from India that don’t get taken down by Police as they should. Stealing money from grandma.

            • Mr.P says:

              > When Indians are in charge of a previously White dominated company. White people stop being hired and the Company turns entirely Indian ….

              Witnessed and experienced it first-hand in mid-2010s in SV. To top it off (the humiliation), at my last IT all-hands (of five white guys and thousands of dots), a dot-head HR chick got up on stage and exhorted, “Look around. Do you see the elephant in the room? We must hire more wahmens!” Fortunately, I had enough f-you money to walk and not look back.

            • someDude says:

              H1B workers from India causing all sorts of troubles in America might well be a problem. Your problem

              just as

              Anglo Xtian missionaries in India destabilizing the country and keeping it poor via mass conversions and preventing it’s industrialization and development is a huge problem. Our problem!

              Give those H1Bs rides to the pacific if you can. We too would give those Anglo Christian missionaries helicopter rides to the Bay of Bengal if we could.

              You kick up a stink about the Xtian missionaries taking Helicopter rides to the B of B. We create a stink about the H1Bs getting rides to the Pacific

              Quid Pro Quo, Gentlemen

      • Red says:

        We’ll see if Modi is capable of learning. Jair Bolsonaro was not and he and all the people who supported him may well end up dead for his failure to act.

        • All indications are that the cathedral wants to remove Modi at any cost and install a puppet regime, being angered by his non-commitment to globohomo and his apparent closeness to Russia and Putin.

          Now whether Modi recognizes this danger at all in the first place is the biggest question and only then we can discuss whether he would be ready to take action.

          • someDude says:

            I think he recognizes the danger. But I don’t think he recognizes what needs to be done to avert the danger. I don’t think he recognizes that normality is over across the globe.

            For the 2019 election, the GAE propaganda machine was busy with Trump. This time, their gunsights are firmly on Modi. He is in for a hell of a fight. The GAE has a redoubtable propaganda machine. Probably the greatest of all time. Long will its tales be told.

      • someDude says:

        Modi’s approval rating is 70% among those of Indic faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism. It is close to 0% among those of the Abrahamic Faiths. Given that Indic faiths comprise 70% of the population, that’s too close to 50% for comfort. They will not need gigantic fraud to pull it off

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I have a feeling that they will fudge the approval ratings first and then start fudging opinion polls to prepare the ground for the massive fraud.

          How competently the GAE agents here will perform at that task is another question.

        • The Cominator says:

          Just say Muslims, the % of Christians and Jews in India are negligible.

          • someDude says:

            As far as Hindus are concerned, Jews are just a curiosity. They made a minimal impact in India in the 2000 years they were here. The foreign community that made the most impact on India, far out of proportion to their numbers, is the Persian Zoroastrians, called Parsis in India. Their numbers never crossed 70K, much less than the 450K jews that used to live in India before the formation of Israel.

            The percent of Christians is officially 2%, but that’s because lots of low-caste Converts to Christianity officially identify as Hindus in order to continue to receive the benefits of Affirmative action which would be denied them were they to officially identify as Xtians. I estimate the proportion of Xtians in India to be nearer to 10% given the density of Churches I see and the frequency with which I come across Xtians. In southern States of India, the proportion of Xtians in the population is close to 30%

    • Mahesh Jethmalani (whom I don’t trust fully) now says that China (through Huawei) is behind the making of the anti-Modi BBC documentary.

      Which I think is silly and quite distracting from what is essentially the Cathedral’s priestly attack. I have already noted that priests cannot be bought to serve mercenary purposes.

      A few things:

      (1) China may well have an interest in this matter and this is an interesting angle. But the BBC and the entire Western media have been Modi-hating since 2001. Nothing new in it.
      (2) In a way, this allegation of bribery seems a good way as any to discredit the BBC in the eyes of the common Indian public who are more convinced that somebody did something for money, rather than understanding the fundamental and ideologically motivated holy hatred which the Cathedral media has for Indian (specifically Hindu) nationalism.
      (3) This may actually be a distraction tactic, to take the heat away from the Cathedral, and Mahesh Jethmalani is used as a dupe to bring this up.

      If indeed the Chinese foolishly actually *paid* the BBC to make this documentary series, it seems that they too are deeply interested in 2024. Which is also a worrying factor.

      • someDude says:

        The reason that the Indian govt and the Indian media keep harping on China is that China is the enemy that we can all agree to hate, an enemy that Indians of all religions and caste can unite in opposition to.

        We can’t point to Islam as an enemy as that would offend Indian Muslims. We can’t point to the Cathedral as an enemy as that would offend Indian Christians. Every actual enemy we have will offend some fifth column in India and we dare not point fingers at them.

        All we have left is China, given that the old socialist left has no power left in India and China is not socialist anyway in their eyes. So yes, in India, all we have left is China against whom we are supposed to sing a hymn of hate.

        Our good friend Jethmalani is just the latest to try his hand at getting his 15 minutes of fame from uniting the country in his China-hate namaz.

        • Well, given that the first family of the Old Left have been cozying up to the Chinese, this is not necessarily a bad political tactic.

          We can’t point to the Cathedral as an enemy as that would offend Indian Christians.

          I am not sure whether Indian Christians identify with the West in terms of Christianity. Certainly our pozzed elite, including the media are strongly tied to the Cathedral. I don’t think that the average normie Indian Christian would identify with globohomo elite or their culture.

          • someDude says:

            The average normie Xtian in India is every bit a dullard and an NPC as a normie anywhere else in India or the world. With no opinions of his own, He takes his lead from the Xtian Elite in India who see their self interest tied up with the cathedral. Hillary and Biden are as Xtian as they come as far as they are concerned

            They will-will create a stink if we name the Cathedral as an enemy. An attack on the Cathedral will be framed as an attack on Xtianity. Race and ideology are the huge faultlines in the West just as religion is the huge faultline in India. Indians cannot think in terms of ideology. They can only think in terms of caste and religion.

            • They will-will create a stink if we name the Cathedral as an enemy. An attack on the Cathedral will be framed as an attack on Xtianity. Race and ideology are the huge faultlines in the West just as religion is the huge faultline in India. Indians cannot think in terms of ideology. They can only think in terms of caste and religion.

              I don’t doubt that there will be an effort to link an attack on the West as an attack on Christianity, but it is not a particularly compelling case. From my experience, the average Christian in India is reasonably aware that Christianity is mostly dead in the West and that the present culture of the West is not Christian.

              But I do agree that the pozzed elite, including Christian Elites in India are strongly tied to the Cathedral and that the West-funded Christian Churches in India are in the business of spreading pozz, not Christianity. But the normie Indian Christian cannot put two and two together and thinks that churches in India are more Christian than in the West.

              • someDude says:

                The normie Xtian in India does not think, period. Neither is he particularly curious about the state of Xtianity in the west. Yes, he does believe that Churches in India are more Xtian than the west, but that is more a self-serving belief than anything else. It’s just his version of holier than thou.

                But his belief in Indian Xtianity being stronger than Anglo Xtianity does not do anything positive for the cause of Hinduism in India. He will rise up against his Hindu country men if he believes that they are attacking Western Xtianity, which really is the cathedral for our purposes. Weaker vessel they well might be, but they are still more Xtian than his Hindu countrymen and that is all that counts

                We screwed up big time here, just like the westerners screwed up their H1B and outsourcing stuff.

  34. Pax Imperialis says:

    My entire being is roiling in disgust. The nebulous blob of obesity. The red and black aposematism. The crooked yellow tainted teeth and wretched mouth the color of filth and decay. The obnoxious nasally bestial snarling of this thing unable to speak or enunciate coherently. The shear intellectual vacantness of all involved warped around zero and went negative. I hate these people, and yet they are at NYU while my college ideas got me… well they got me talking to the dean and not in a good way.

    I masochistically watched all 84 minutes of this genetic refuse. In this deep cesspool of demonic evil, there is cynical hope. The enemy is stupid and decadent. They don’t, can’t understand what they’re up against, but we on the right understand them better then they themselves.

    There is extreme asymmetrical spiritual warfare going on that has surpassed simple culture war; it threatens to turn kinetic. The enemy occupies all the institutional high ground; they have power, but they barely know how to aim it. jim thinks (thought?) Trump would be exiled or killed for failing to cross the proverbial river. All their attempts have been similar to aping a higher life form they barely are cosignant of; possible only by the instructions a Brezhnevian zombie elite whispers in their ears. What we are seeing are the last gasps of the Biden/Pelosi faction competence.

    When they die the left will likely fracture in stupidity and weakness. These are not the leftists of Tsarist Russia. This does not mean the right wins by default. The right has to want to win. Trump accomplished that major first step. The right also needs to know how to win. Trump is still failing there. The trajectory of not knowing how leads to Brazilian decline with a blowtorch of Argentinian economics. Not pretty, but sure as hell better than the killing fields of Cambodia.

    • jim says:

      > When they die the left will likely fracture in stupidity and weakness. These are not the leftists of Tsarist Russia.

      That is certainly what the disgusting video you watched would indicate. The monsters in the video are not capable of ruling us, or even seriously resisting us. If they were all that opposed us, we would crush them like bugs. But within the left there is a natural selection effect. There is always some faction within the left capable of seizing power, and they will do so. And because no enemies to the left, no friends the to the right, the entire left, shortly followed by Recucklicans and the Cuckstains, will follow after them.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        How well is that natural selection effect working? They haven’t had to seriously contest power since FDR completely and absolutely crushed all opposition. The current left has been floating on the success and momentum of the dead left. There is always some faction within any groups capable of seizing power, but how large and coordinated is that faction?

        The August Coup failed because they simply did not have the numbers or coordination, and after Yeltsin drank himself to death the entire Russian left seemingly disappeared. Both the communist and the anglophile progressive. Putin, by chance and God, stumbled back towards normality. It was if nature corrected itself after a long period of abnormality.

        If the ruling left maps onto Gorbachev, and the contenders (Recucklicans) map onto Yeltsin… Westerners are in for a rough period of correction but not revolution.

        Every year I see the ruling elite become more geriatric and senile. Their replacements ever more effeminate, trans, and weak. There is an extreme amount of dead weight that a faction in the left seizing power would have to get rid of. Are they even capable of thinking that? They themselves indulge in all the gay excesses or see it as “holy.”

        • jim says:

          > Every year I see the ruling elite become more geriatric and senile. Their replacements ever more effeminate, trans, and weak.

          Yes, but …

          This is irrelevant until they face an opponent, on their left or on their right, able and willing to send them for a long swim in the Pacific.

          I expected that the smell of weakness, of power up for grabs, would result in such an opponent materialising on their left a few months after they stole the presidency. To my surprise it has not happened yet.

          • alf says:

            As long as you can still have anything in the world delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button, why risk your life for a resistance.

            That said, your prediction is bound to come true eventually.

            • jim says:

              If the resistance could deliver pussy, as the Branch Davidians could, we would have no problems.

              • alf says:


                I notice that in the real world, safekeeping a group’s female property is very well received. Delivering and safekeeping pussy is no doubt the golden ticket.

                What we lack is avenues of theater. I keep having this image in my mind of the WWF — like a guy like this. Something about the over the top act speaks to folk of all IQ. We have all the pieces, but they are, forgive me for patting ourselves on the back, too smart. I feel we need a dumbed down version of what we’re saying, something that can spread its way to the normie. Some kind of theater, entertainment. Something that might not 100% accurately reflect the complexities of our point, but which is instead a bit larger than life.

                Anyway just spitballing, of course.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Simple, you say? Something like a… Code, per chance?


                  Jim, I know you’re busy, and as a writer of small things, I know it’s deceptively time consuming and taxing to write with brevity. But I humbly ask you consider this writing prompt, and I encourage anyone else to contribute as well should they feel so inclined.

                  You have been abducted by aliens, they are taking you back to their version of a zoo, and you’ll never return to earth. You have no chance to say goodbye to loved ones, but the aliens perceive time differently and they tell you that you should write instructions for your great-grandson, who is the leader of a small band of outlaws. They tell you nothing of his world or era, and give you no details on why it’s important, and due to the rate of travel of their ship, your message has to be ten lines/sentences or less, but they nonetheless insist that it’s vitally important that *you* tell *him* some simple instructions for living. What are the ten or fewer things you say to him?

                • alf says:

                  I don’t want to take away from the usefulness of that kind of summary, but that’s not what I mean.

                  What I mean is a sort of theater for Jimian interactions to take place in a context that is understandable for a normie. It should be interactive, and entertaining. Exactly what this place is, really, but accessible to folk that do not necessarily share our fondness for long threads of text.

                  If we want a Caesar to adopt our faith, we must first display that faith. Jim’s blog is a proof of concept — but its success must be provably replicable if we intend to see it spread.

                  Again, I stress, I realize that there are very important reasons why this place gets to carry the torch of civilization the way it does, and I am content if it stays that way. For instance I know Jim has recently remarked that many a faith spreads vertically, through descendants, as opposed to horizontally. But a man can dream.

                • Adam says:

                  This was why Trump was so successful. He inspired millions of men to get up and get after it.

                • alf says:

                  This was why Trump was so successful. He inspired millions of men to get up and get after it.


                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  What is needed is successful cultural warfare. Young Caesar needs to watch based film, enjoy redpilled art, and have a lexicon free of newspeak and progressive terminology.

                  This exploit is obvious and, in some ways, quite trivial, as the necessary ingredients for a counterculture is being obviously different from the mainstream + suppression/censure from the establishment. The Cathedral deflects attacks on this front by shunting any possible adversarial cultural attacks into “niche” categories that only seek to mimic the mainstream. So instead of musicians and bands that are opposed to the status quo, you get Christian musicians and bands that mimic the status quo (Christianized lyrics, as popularized by South Park [1]). Thos is perpetuated by “Christian” business interests who demand a veneer of devotion to paper over their targeted exploitation [2]. This is an old trick that duped most Christians everywhere in the US, and is the methodology used by the Cathedral to subvert the faiths. Uncomfortable with the degenerate pop music? Here, have some *Christian* pop music! Afraid to let your kids watch Disney schlock? Why not try some *Christian* entertainment! Want to get your rocks off but feeling guilty about the whole sinning thing? Slap on this promise ring then head on down to pound town! Gays are a problem? fear not, here are Christian gays that go to church and even vote Republican! (some restrictions apply, see fine print for details)

                  Americans in general are natural nominalists; if you call something “(x) + attribute” and they like that attribute, they will just accept that the labelling is honest and correct. “Oh, we only eat Democracy Corn Flakes in this household!” American Evangelicals are the same, only moreso. So you have Kirk Cameron making a tidy profit shilling ostensibly Christian entertainment products, and McChristians patting themselves on the back for spending their dollars devoutly.

                  What needs to be done is an end run around this trap exploit. Someone should get to work on that… 😉


                • alf says:

                  Uncomfortable with the degenerate pop music? Here, have some *Christian* pop music!

                  My solution to this is and will always be: ‘yes that sounds wonderful, I happen to be of the Jimian Christian denomination.’

                • The Cominator says:

                  The problem is that at this stage anything positive that is big enough to be noticed in the gay Clownworld empire will either be subverted or failing that violently attacked.

                  Any cultural renaissance will have to be carried out in Russia or Asia…

                • alf says:

                  If we really believe that we have no meaningful path of resistance in our homeland, what hope do we have to resist an oncoming dark age?

                  Again, to be clear, I’m not saying we either have or haven’t such a path. I am very well aware that the only reason we are even having this conversation is because our host has taken extensive precautions to hide outside Clownworld empire jurisdiction.

                  But if we want to mount any sort of cultural renaissance that does not include decades, perhaps centuries of shit, then it will have to happen among our own people, in our own homeland. No Caesar will adopt the faith of some anon blog on the interwebs. He will, rightly, want to see some momentum, some proof of power.

                • jim says:

                  Before they cracked down on the Republican primaries, it was obvious that the real Republican party is Christian Nationalist. A Christian Nationalist Republican party would have been a meaningful path or resistance within our homeland.

                  And now we have a fake and gay Republican party, and Trump is going along with it. The Republican party is dead in the water. Our enemies pour an enormous amount of manpower and resources into subverting and suppressing absolutely everything – fake Christianity, fake Republicanism, fake science, fake everything. Look at what happened to open source. Every collective activity, every organisation, even the most minor and obscure, gets a tentacle of the state religion inserted into it. Hence the hilarious Finnish skating debacle. If they cannot leave skating and open source alone, certainly not going to leave a “meaningful path of resistance within our homeland” alone.

                  If we look at successful revolutionary movements, they always had a power base in a hostile bordering country. Taliban was operating out of Pakistani military headquarters, but they were not just a mindless robotic puppet creation of Pakistani intelligence, the way the Third Positionists are a mindless blatantly fake robotic puppet of Soros, and formerly a mindless robotic puppet of Stalin. They were a real movement with outside backing, not outside backing pretending to be a real movement. Similarly, the Bolsheviks were backed by the Rothschilds and the Kaiser, but were the real thing nonetheless.

                  Cathedral genocide of Rwandan Tutsis failed because Tutsi exiles in Uganda were able to organise a counter attack – Uganda has a border with Rwanda. Uganda is always supporting Rwandan trouble makers, and vice versa.

                  Historically, the genesis of any revolutionary movement has not been “a meaningful path or resistance within our homeland” It has always been foreign backing or powerful elite backing, and usually something of both, treason within the elite collaborating with a hostile elite of a foreign nation. Hence the Cathedral paranoia about Russian bots.

                  How about Christians?

                  Well, Christians just quietly and stubbornly outlasted an undead state religion. Took centuries of suffering, but eventually Caesar, finding himself blackballed by the official priesthood, decided to march under Christian banners. A little noticed fact about Constantine is that the official priesthood of the official religion of the army moved decisively against him, and he said to himself “$@#% you, I have my own priesthood.” And suddenly Christians had internal elite backing.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “If we really believe that we have no meaningful path of resistance in our homeland”

                  We do not in an organized way until things collapse further… imho. Elon Musk might, and i wont discourage better men from trying but I just dont see it.

                • alf says:

                  That might just be an entirely accurate assessment Com.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Shun blackpilled positions
                  Deride blackpill dispensers
                  Refute blackpill assumptions

                  The space for successful dissent is always the gap created by organic selfishness and bottomless demand. Black markets are not populated by zealous dissidents “behind the counter.” While the ideologically motivated may take advantage of black markets, midnight merchants are in it for the money, and their main customers are those that want what can’t be had via acceptable venues.

                  The Cathedral is attempting to regulate all things, and this means that every passing day more opportunities become possible. Reach almost always exceeds grasp. The unassailable fact that TPTB work overtime to convince “everyone” they are isolated and singular implies that there’s significant opportunity for those seeking to correct that fallacy. Art and entertainment are the best venues for exploitation because the demand is bottomless and the bar for admission is comically low.

                • jim says:

                  Sex sells. A huge issue in entertainment is romance.

                  In all media the insert character gets a lover. And I am just not seeing realistic depiction of the mating dance anywhere. What I am seeing is action girl rescues lad in distress, then they have adventures together, then she jumps his bones. Dance videos have males and females dancing symmetrically. There is huge unfulfilled demand for realistic depiction of the mating dance.

                  Bollywood was the last mainstream big money entertainment industry to accurately depict the mating dance.

                  Korean fertility is death spiral lows, but their soap opera romances are slightly more daring than anything allowed in western media, which resulted in huge demand by western women for Korean soap operas. I would assume that there is going to be a crackdown, or there has already been a crackdown – have not checked out Korean soaps in a long time.

                  I recently watched an anime which was a crude wish fulfilment fantasy. Protagonist gets ridiculously overpowered superpowers, which somehow fail to prevent hot action girl and hot action milf from beating him up. And eventually hot action girl gets drunk, or pretends to herself that she is drunk, and jumps his bones.

                  Pretty sure that the male viewer does not actually wish that hot action girl beats him up.

                  Vox day has been producing reactionary comics. He is doing OK, but I just don’t see the red pill in those comics. Bit of red pill in Hypergamouse and Stonetoss, but in neither one does the insert character get laid and show the reader the realistic path for getting laid.

                  I am sure there is huge demand for entertainment in which the characters realistically and successfully perform the mating dance. Why is there no such entertainment?

                  Another anime – read the plot summary, did not watch it. Watched a couple of key scenes to make sure I was understanding the plot summary correctly. Hot under age chick moves in with protagonist/insert character. Wants to bang him, but he will not bang her. Age appropriate female character eventually reveals she wants to bang him – hot under age chick eventually moves back to parents. Insert character completely passive in all this. Pretty sure this is not what people want to watch.

                • alf says:

                  To be clear KD, I am in no way black-pilled. I intend total victory for our side. All I’m doing is trying to have as clear a view as possible, and assist myself and my friends here in any way possible.

                  I think that what you and I are doing — a red pilled, Christian marriage with a couple of children, raising them as free from poz as possible — that is the biggest white pill of them all.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Teddy Spaghetti is almost a complete feminist on women.

                • Aryaman says:

                  Bollywood was the last mainstream big money entertainment industry to accurately depict the mating dance.

                  I would rephrase that as Indian cinema is the first mainstream big money entertainment industry to accurately depict the mating dance in a long time. Before Modi, Bollywood was just as bad if not worse than anything from Hollywood after 1970.

                  One year after Modi, we get this. Start at around 0:58 and continue as far as you are interested (faster playback speed won’t get in the way).

                  The scene starts, “You are a woman, I am a man, and I have come here to have you,” proceeding into the dance. Literally and formally speaking, the dance is rape: a hot she-warrior clawing and knifing at her assailant as he progressively disrobes her and effortlessly prevails. colloquial speaking it does not look that way, as she is happier and more taken every step of the way. Peter Jackson did not film it, but of course this depicts how Aragorn actually won Arwen.

                  There was not much of this before Modi, but there is quite a bit of it since. Bollywood was found lacking and the cinema that sells has moved elsewhere on the continent, mostly south. Have said it before, but the work of S. S. Rajamouli (who cites Mel Gibson as an inspiration) is relevant to the American right both because it is plainly entertaining, but also because he is responsible for an about-face in Indian cinema, and Bollywood is crawling to catch up.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Arwen is arguably making a very very bad choice given that even though the best case scenario happened and Aragon was made king he died of old age and she died of grief within a year.

                • Aryaman says:

                  And why can India get away with it? The BJP is purple pilled on women, and on liberalism, drunk on awe and envy of America as it was when they came of age, not realizing that was not because but despite its liberalism.

                  But the BJP depends on a paramilitary organization that formally excludes women, of 5 to 6 million men formally and treble that informally, founded on the belief that the Constitution of India (defining a “secular and socialist” Republic) is not fit to wipe your ass, preferring instead the Laws of Manu, which really have some very good stuff in them.

                  Sadly there’s been quite a bit of entryism with various formal officials cooing and cawing about LGBT rights and women’s rights

                • Adam says:

                  There are still some shows which depict some realism in the mating dance. Sons of Anarchy and recently Yellowstone have some decent depiction. Most of the guys that score are very bad men, or at best decent men who are not at all reluctant to do very bad things.

                  Sons of Anarchy is about a motorcycle gang and they best depict a working patriarchy of sorts. Very heavy handed and overt depiction of female ownership. These are not good men and if you watch the show you will hope everyone dies horribly in the end, which they pretty much do.

                  Both shows are wildly popular with women, and in general.

                • Aryaman says:

                  Well in the end, not as much her choice as her father’s.

                  Maybe, it has been appointed so, that by my loss the kingship of Men may be restored. Therefore, though I love you, *I* say to you: Arwen Undomiel shall not diminish her life’s grace for less cause. She shall not be the bride of any Man less than the King of both Gondor and Arnor”

                  Plus a long century of happy times.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  >Arwen is arguably making a very very bad choice given that even though the best case scenario happened and Aragon was made king he died of old age and she died of grief within a year.

                  Fucking hell, this is why critique from spergs is worthless. I can hear you m’yaktualy’ing from 4 timezones away.

                  >Sons of Anarchy and recently Yellowstone have some decent depiction.

                  I had a hard time watching SOA. It’s just a soap opera with motorcycles. It’s also loaded with bluepill values. Yellowstone is even worse. Both shows do the same thing as lame stream Cuckservative Inc. where they say something kind based, or hint at a redpill, then proceed to slowly walk towards Democrat positions from 2007. Yellowstone in particular, I found it to be so painfully pozz’d I couldn’t finish the first season. No one is doing female characters correctly.

                  I get that people want something, anything, that breaks with the status quo, but it just isn’t going to come out of a studio system with legitimacy. The guy behind Yellowstone is also an actor in SOA. If you want to find the connections/brains behind a project, look at the Executive Producers and Associate Producers; these positions are usually tied to the financiers, or the financing itself, whereas Producers are usually tied to the industry or the creative property. Find the Production Companies name, find their website, look at the About page, and you will find who’s pulling strings and making big decisions.

                • jim says:

                  > Both shows do the same thing as lame stream Cuckservative Inc. where they say something kind based, or hint at a redpill, then proceed to slowly walk towards Democrat positions from 2007.

                  The ever popular female sex fantasy is that she is absolutely at the mercy of a man who might well kill her (werewolf romance, vampire romance, gangster romance, demon, etc) but he, instead, rather casually and whimsically looks after her instead. Alpha as females perceive alpha, acting dad rather than cad, not out of weakness but out of strength.

                  Used to be that a popular male sex fantasy (no longer allowed) is that he rescues the damsel in distress from the dragon, thus proving his manliness and gaining her undying gratitude. Of course, in real life, she is going to be completely ungrateful and he will find himself strangely invisible to her. Women see rescuing the innocent and protecting the innocent as weakness, while males see it as strength. Female alpha radar is exquisitely sensitive, they can spot hover hand in a fraction of a second out of the corner of their eye at thirty paces, but four million years out of date.

                  Older fantasies are Perseus and Andromeda. Notice that Andromeda is simply dragon loot. She is due to be sacrificed to the sea dragon, then due to be married to her uncle Phineas, and the matter is resolved between men, with no one asking her opinion on any of these matters. Albeit she is loot that is perfectly capable of travelling off under her own power, and apt to do so.

                  In paintings of Perseus versus the dragon, Andromeda, naked and in chains, depicted. In paintings of the wedding, we see Perseus and Phineas, but if Andromeda is present, scarcely noticed.

                  In Giorgio Vasari’s sixteenth century painting of Perseus and Andromeda, Perseus seems to be simply helping himself to Andromeda, while Andromeda demurely refrains from giving any indication of whether she might prefer Perseus, Phineas, or the dragon.

                  Women do not like giving explicit consent, and Andromeda is not giving it.

                • Adam says:

                  There is plenty of pozz in both. And you are right they are both mostly trash. I found the characters in SoA completely disgusting, but they do talk the talk and to some extent walk the walk. It is a good depiction of female perception of alpha.

                  I wouldn’t guess anyone would watch those shows and immediately think putting pussy on a pedestal would help them score. Maybe I don’t understand entertainment from a normie perspective, it was obvious from an early age that the bad guys were the real good guys (kind of) and the good guys were manipulative little faggots.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Pretty sure that the male viewer does not actually wish that hot action girl beats him up.

                  Riffing on this,
                  I actually think that your modern last man type actually does want this. It’s a weird screwup in a supressed sexual process. Repression of your ability to own or really even fuck a woman, any woman, leads to violent impulse. Project this violent impulse onto the opposite gender, a similar dysfunction to the autogynophiles, and you have your desire for hot action girl to show her desire for you through beating you up. It’s a sign of the psychological torment your average normie and nerdie goes through.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Fucking hell, this is why critique from spergs is worthless. I can hear you m’yaktualy’ing from 4 timezones away.”

                  I have my shortcomings but Arwen is as much setting herself up for disappointment as she would being Tyrone’s babymama, Tolkien’s elves marry for life and if their spouse dies they get REALLY depressed and die of grief. Not sure what that word means.

                  Tolkien only sparsely showed any mating dance given that he was at heart a Victorian and a Catholic on top of that so he was extremely uncomfortable even hinting of sex (in Tolkien’s case I don’t hold his semi pagan hybrid Catholicism against him).

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  That wasn’t directed at you, it was pointed at TC. He persistently decries any idea about doing anything at all as pointless, worthless, or useless. I appreciate the element of hard-nosed realism, and grounded obstinacy is the best way to strip out bad ideas and unrealistic methods. But it’s grating to hear the guy that proposed the Cominator Solution imply that it’s little more larping. It’s reminiscent of the bros on /tv/, or any other website, who complain incessantly about the quality of films yet never miss an opportunity to shit on anyone whose attempts at the road less traveled are less than perfect. Crab in a bucket mentality. It’s like someone complaining about the music that’s playing but shouts down anyone who endeavors to find a different station.

                  I think the underlying rift here is that he is a Centralized Conspiracy proponent and I am a Distributed Conspiracy proponent (I’m obviously right about everything, by the way, and my position is unassailable, and anyone that disagrees or questions me is a Fed :^]), so his position means that anything that isn’t an instant success will inevitably fail, while I presume that success will come by happenstance as many different men attempt many different things depending on luck, timing, circumstance, and form. He sees a cabal of Jesuits weaving complicated and far reaching plots, while I see massed midwits of mediocre means, minimal main, and miniscule might manufacturing millions of moronic machinations with myopic motivations as they mill about malevolent mavens of mysterious memetic mien… mostly.

                  These competing visions inevitably lead to substantive disagreements; his position lends itself to excessive defeatism, while my position lends itself to unwarranted optimism.

                • jim says:

                  > his position means that anything that isn’t an instant success will inevitably fail,

                  Exactly so. The problem is coup complete, and coups have to be swift and deadly.

                  The distributed conspiracy model is falsified by U turns conducted with perfect world wide unanimity, with everyone retconning their past. We have always been at war with EastAsia. With a distributed conspiracy, one would expect a certain period of confusion as different elements cast about in different directions to come up with a consistent new story.

                  Actual performance looks more like Orwell’s ministry of truth. Authority tells some minions, Winston Smith among them, to come up with new stories. One of those is adopted, and instantly and overnight, the past is rewritten. As for example Michael Mann calling for the past climate to be corrected. With a distributed climate conspiracy, one would have expected the inconvenient data to be dealt with in half a dozen mutually incompatible ways.

                • alf says:

                  I think a man will always be intellectually limited to his position in real life. As it has often been remarked, Com could do with a couple of changes in his real life.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  “Please step on me” is a dark mirror of the “niceness is rewarded by sex” bluepill tendency.

                  Id est, “a girl interested in bullying me (sexually) is still a girl that is interested in me (sexually)”. The subject will be interested in pretty much anything they can get, if it’s coming from an object of their fascination.

                  There’s also an element of projected transference to the dynamic; eg, “she must pleased by doing this, which pleases me – it’s coming from a position of affection, not hate, so really it’s not actually abuse at all”.

                  As well as elements of internalized low status vis-a-vis perception of very high status in the object of their fascination; eg, “I may be worthless, but if I am willing to sacrifice myself this much, that is worth something”, or, “if this is what attracts the attention of such a being, then bring it on”, and so on.

                  Of course, realizing that the women in the world around them are different from the women in their 1000 y/o lolibaba doujins, and broadly speaking, don’t respond to this at all (or at any rate, not positively), is another matter entirely.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I think the underlying rift here is that he is a Centralized Conspiracy proponent and I am a Distributed Conspiracy proponent (I’m obviously right about everything, by the way, and my position is unassailable, and anyone that disagrees or questions me is a Fed :^]), so his position means that anything that isn’t an instant success will inevitably fail”

                  On the issue of the nature of the conspiracy.

                  There are factions and distributed elements but there is a high command which can more or less bend the factions to their will. 2020 proved that once and for all. I don’t play World of Warcrack but LONG ago I played Warcraft II tides of darkness (and liking it and being an autist I looked at the story). The orcs (who were warlike before) were corrupted by demons and the horde of fractious clans which didn’t like each other and often fought each other was secretly controlled by Warlocks of the “Shadow Council” at least until a coup destroyed the “Shadow Council”… I think its a lot like that. I don’t know who the “Shadow Council” is exactly but I think the Jesuits are involved but probably not just them…


                  On the issue of what can be done.

                  Anything ordinary people in opposition to the system within the gay American empire THAT REGISTERS AS A THREAT better damn well succeed almost immediately or its going to get shut down. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff abroad or that Elon Musk can’t do stuff… but attempts to organize dissidents in a visibly dissident way… I won’t go far as to say its inevitably doomed to fail but I have yet to see it succeed. This is likely to change soon as the state gets more and more corrupt and its people become more and more incompetent.

                  The Cominator solution is so that we never find ourselves in this intolerable situation ever again, yes nothing is forever but hopefully we’re a spacefaring civilization by the point leftism returns… and then you have a decentralized civilization anyway which is not prone to catastrophic failure via leftism.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I recently watched an anime which was a crude wish fulfilment fantasy. Protagonist gets ridiculously overpowered superpowers, which somehow fail to prevent hot action girl and hot action milf from beating him up. And eventually hot action girl gets drunk, or pretends to herself that she is drunk, and jumps his bones.

                  Which anime?

                  I think I know the other one, it sounds like “Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirou.”

                • jim says:

                  Skeleton knight in another world.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            What if the left has lost their capacity to smell? Breeding patterns have been dysgenic since at least the Victorian times. Grabbing power requires masculine vitality. What if they no longer have masculinity or vitality? A domesticated wolf after many generations starts looking like and behaving like a dog. The left has been self domesticating inside a cage their forefathers built and now they are self neutering.

            You are thinking like a man and projecting masculinity into your predictions, but the left is increasingly thinking like a woman with spinster nanny mentality.

            • jim says:

              That is plausible.

              Earlier Alf asked about building a movement without an external powerbase. I have long taken the position that against a live state religion this would be suicidal, and even against a zombie state religion, as in China, it is a tough haul. But if the left is suffering loss of vitality, maybe not so much.

              • alf says:

                We seem to be heading into a gray area in which the left is decaying, but we don’t know how far decayed until we prod the body. One might be a martyr, one might be a conqueror.

                If John McAfee and Andrew Tate serve as examples, probably still too early.

              • dharmicreality says:

                What are the chances of a Shaniqua-Stalin (or Shanitler)?

                Probably too incompetent but seeing the obscenities of human garbage that is the present “white” Left, it seems as probable an outcome as any.

            • Karl says:

              Maybe, but there is still infighting with the progressive coalition and some faction grabbing power from another.

              However, your idea does explain why progressive infighting has not yet produced more dead bodies. After the big steal, progressives lost elections as a means to settle internal disputes without violence. Nonetheless, they are not yet using lethal violence to settle internal disputes.

    • alf says:

      lmao after that introduction I was expecting a blue haired nose pierced feminist. This was even funnier. Could not watch for more than a minute.

      It is interesting to note how the bioleninist recruitment of transgenders is more effective than I initially thought. I thought their numbers were too small to matter, but they make up for it with holy agression and an utter lack of shame.

      • jim says:

        Well, it is a male to female transsexual who is unable to hear what Moldbug is saying.

        Which mysterious deafness reminds me of the chinamen depicted by ten.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Try skimming to the Q&A segments. The audience and their questions are incredibly worse than the speaker. The number of transgenders may be small, but the number of trans adjacent is much higher.

  35. Kunning Drueger says:

    Off topic.

    Here’s the “Wagner Code:”

    “Wagner codex:

    1. Defend Russian interests at all time and everywhere

    2. Dignity of the Russian soldier is above everything

    3.Fight not for money, but for principle. Princip is one – victory

    4. Don’t surrender to the enemy alive, if you did – die, and take as many enemy lives with you.

    5. Respect your fallen comrades, don’t embarrass them. Sooner or later you will meet them.

    6. Die on the battlefield, rather than an old man on the sofa

    7. Always help your comrades on the battlefield, today you provided cover to him, tomorrow he will return it.

    8. Be humble, don’t brag around about the learnt craft. Keep it secret

    9. Don’t loot

    10. Don’t drink alcohol – back home and in the warzone

    11. Don’t do drugs – back home and in the warzone

    12. Don’t steal and rape

    13. Don’t kill civilians

    14. Keep your soldier dog tag and remember that you are PMC “Wagner” fighter”

    This was posted in Russian with a translation which I copied. I can’t guarantee veracity, but it feels realistic. I started thinking about Codes and Affirmations and such like. There’s only value to these things when there are men of determination and skill illuminating them, but what comes first, the men or the code?

    We’ve discussed, and worked on, a distillation of the Jimian Theses, and this is good and necessary. But maybe we need something even more purified, something short, powerful, easily memorized, and easily recognized. Something that can be said into a microphone on a stage or into a recorder in an interrogation room. Something that is immediately recognizable and infinitely applicable. A Jimian Code that serves as an outline for the man who lives by it to inhabit, to give it substance, to be the golden filagree shot through the words and deeds. A Code won’t make anything happen, and a man alone can do little more than stand alone. But a Code can give a man something to aspire to, to look for in his world, to recognize in a stranger. And a man can give life and meaning to the Code. This isn’t a shill test, or a secret password. It wouldn’t need to be saturated in shibboleths and unspoken truths. Just a Code to live by.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Topic tangent: Wagner made a movie. It’s pretty good. Has English subs.

    • Redbible says:

      I like the idea of Assembling a “Jimian Code to Live By” but I think it would need to be broken down into categories, like say the WQ, Economics, Goverment, etc.

      We could then have links to point to articles/comments that talk about and/or prove the point, but keep the actual points on the list short and sweet.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I was thinking on that track, but I think that’s incorrect. We have the Blog + Comments, which is millions of words over ~2 decades. Everything is in there, it’s a journey documented. We need/are building the refined Jimian Theses, the distillation of all those words, only stripped of the journey, just the destinations, as it were. If that ever happens, sure, maybe that could be condensed as well.

        We have the RPWQs. We have the Jew Test. We have the classical creeds, we have the daemon worshippers test, we have a bunch of specific tests for cutting through artifice, braggadocio, and deception. This is like antivirus software, it’s powerful but has to be tested and updated to keep pace with the malware as it appears.

        The Wagnerian Code, assuming what I posted is real of course, won’t tell a soldier how to complete a mission. It won’t give adversaries any secrets or code words (ok, that’s an amusing bit of homonymia lol) or locations. All it is is a guide for how the individual Wagnerite comports himself, how he carries himself on missions or at home. It could become a shibboleth of sorts, and therefore be useful for other things, but the point is individual, internal, spiritual.

        The Code is something you memorize, repeat to yourself when working out, remind yourself of when God tests you, and teach your son’s when they need to learn it. It slots in with all the other stuff, of course, but it’s different… obviously I can’t quite articulate how, but it is nonetheless.

        I am a man, above all else.
        I have a purpose.
        My failure and success belongs to me.
        I must do right.
        I must obey Nature’s God.
        I must do what I can with what I have.
        Every knee will bow, but I bow by choice.
        I will tolerate no evil in my house.

        Imperfect, to say the least. I appreciate any assistance in this, if it’s not obvious, I’m selfishly seeking input for my own betterment here.

    • someDude says:

      Which comes first, the men or the code?

      My Dear Kunning, you’ve stumbled upon the warrior’s version of the Chicken and Egg problem!

  36. Leon says:

    Anyone able to access the Everytime I try a message pops up saying the account has been suspended by vanwa tech.

  37. Ray Oliver says:

    Someone recently recommended to me :”The Jewish Annotated New Testament”:

    Anybody here familiar with it?

    • jim says:


      It is the story of Christ and Early Christianity as told by the enemies of Christ, Christianity, and Christians.

      Produced by nearly forty people, all of whom think Christ is boiling in shit, and that Christians and Christianity need to be eradicated.

      Starts out with an effort to demolish the Gospel of Mathew as not written by Mathew, and written late, so that they can substitute their own Gospel for it, and goes downhill from there. supposedly the real Mathew wrote in Hebrew and said pretty much the opposite of what he said.

      It is historically improbable that Mathew wrote in Hebrew, for by that time Hebrew was becoming a hieratic language, with far more Jews literate in Greek than Hebrew. Obviously the writers of the Gospels wanted a wide audience, not a hieratic audience.

      Further, if any of the Gospels were written late, written after the destruction of the Temple, the prophesies of Jesus would have been sharpened up considerably. Historical sources outside the gospels tell us that shortly before the fall, by which time it was obvious which way the wind blew, they were sharpened up considerably. They would have been sharpened up a whole lot more if written after the fall.

      The story that ”The Jewish Annotated New Testament” tells is that if you were a real Christian, you would believe what Jews believe – including that Christ is in hell being boiled in shit, that Jews should rule the world, and Christians should be exterminated.

      It is analogous to Basil’s argument that he is a true Russian nationalist patriot and if you were a real Russian patriot like Basil you would support Ukraine and Global American Empire because losing and being dismantled is the right thing for Russia and Russians.

      • Basil says:

        No need to lie, please. I have never and nowhere supported the state of Ukraine and the ruling regime of this state. I have never suggested that the Russians die for Ukraine, I have never said to go over to the side of the armed forces of Ukraine, I have said that the Russians should not die for the Russian Federation. It’s far from the same thing.

        The right thing for Russian men is to have a family and numerous children in Uruguay or Mongolia without fueling the Soviet 2.0 project.

        • jim says:

          Which position would be perfectly reasonable if the Global American Empire did not intend to destroy Russia as a nation, and, as demonstrated by what happens when a large ethnic Russian speaking community finds itself behind Nato borders, destroy Russians as an ethnicity and Russian as a culture.

          Russian federation is eighty percent Russian while only a rather small minority of Americans identify as “American”. Which is why Globohomo seeks to destroy Russia and erase the Russian identity.

          • Basil says:


            • jim says:

              Deleted for presupposing inevitable Global American Empire victory, one way or another way, short term or long term, arc of history and all that.

              On the contrary, if, as is likely, this war goes on for a very long time, at terrible and ruinous expense for everyone, nation after nation is likely to decide they are better off engaged in forever war against the Global American Empire. It turned out to be a good deal for Afghans. If it turns out to be a good deal for Russians, everyone is going to want some. If Russia goes on for a very long time without losing, lots of other nations are likely to think that they can go on for very long time without losing.

              Russia’s immediate problem is resisting convergence to Globohomo. Death spiral fertility levels are a long term problem, which, if Russia successfully deals with Globohomo, is soluble, and only soluble if Russia successfully deals with Globohomo.

              Your analysis presupposes the death spiral fertility problem is intrinsic, and caused by … what exactly? Modernity? Putin? The Russian soul? Inevitable Arc of History? Tell me. If you are so terribly concerned with the death spiral, surely you must have an opinion on what causes it.

              If the death spiral is extrinsic, and caused by Globohomo, the officially unofficial faith of the Global American Empire, which the Global American Empire imposes by fire and sword when persuasion and evangelism fails, then there is no solution that does not involve holy war, and likely a war that is very expensive, and goes on for a very long time, unless ended at even greater expense by nukes, as is becoming increasingly likely. Holy wars are like that. Bloody, ruinous, and extraordinarily long. We may well face a reconquista style war. Six or seven centuries. Only with nukes. Trouble with holy wars is that if both sides are able to continue fighting, they will. You cannot impose peace on the enemy by imposing terrible costs, only by destroying the enemy’s capability to fight.

              Early in the reconquista, the restored Visigothic Kingdom was feeling pretty cocky because it was successfully imposing terrible costs on the Mohammedans. But it was raiding at will, Viking style, not actually smashing their capability to continue the war.

              I will allow you to argue against that analysis, but I am not going to allow you presuppose that it is unthinkable and nobody thinks like that. Pretty obvious that a rather substantial number of people and some governments are thinking like that. You don’t agree? In what exactly do you not agree? What exactly is wrong with this analysis?

              • Basil says:

                Obviously, the main problem of extinction is emancipation, ownerless women and the collapse of the family institution. Yes, globohomo makes the problem significantly worse, but this does not mean that countries freed from globohomo are also free from this problem. Look at North Korea. Yes, there are a few more births in Best Korea than in the vassal of Globohomo-southern, but this is still a dying country and we have no reason to think that the situation will change for the better. North Koreans love Korea and be proud of their Koreanness, they don’t like America and gay parades, but this does not materialize into a normal number of Korean babies. From this it is obvious that the problem of extinction is not only external. Therefore, it is not enough to solve the problem that came from outside.

                1. We all knew what the policy of the Taliban was when they were in power, and it was obvious that the women’s issue is an essential part of the important things for the Taliban. If we listen to Russian politicians/propagandists, no one is raising women’s issues the way the Taliban did. The only exception I know of is Pozdnyakov, who is an “extremist” in Russia and hides in the Balkans.
                2. The puppet corrupt government of Afghanistan was too young and many people lived corny who remembered how it was different. The revolution in Russia happened more than a century ago, and people for whom life in pre-revolutionary Russia was part of their personal experience died. Obviously, the more time that has passed outside of normality, the more difficult it will be for you to return to normality. The problem is also complicated by the significant gap between living generations.
                3. The Taliban program for women is absolutely approved in the Afghan society/Christian society of Iberia in the Middle Ages. The Taliban/Iberian Christian program for women in Russia is considered marginal.

                I can go on for a long time. Afghanistan/Iberian kingdoms and Russia are in completely different conditions. If the Taliban handed out brides to their supporters, it does not follow that Russia will do it when/if they win. We have no reason to think so.

                Now Russia, with its valuable blood, is dragging chestnuts out of the fire for Pakistan, Saudis and Turkey – that’s what is happening now. Russia could wait until the problems of Western countries become even deeper and more critical, concentrating on licking their wounds along the way. If Russia had not started the war, the West would have continued covid, or switched to fighting the weather, turning into Brazil along the way.

                • jim says:

                  > but this is still a dying country and we have no reason to think that the situation will change for the better.

                  That white men are once again building Cathedrals is reason to think that the situation will change for the better.

                  The solution, after all, is right there in the Bible. The best social technology for fertility is Anglican Coverture, which they lifted right out of the Old Testament after giving it a little New Testament polish.

                  > From this it is obvious that the problem of extinction is not only external.

                  The Marxist brand of leftism, the progressive brand, and the Nazi brand all carry extinction within them. However, in Russia, the Marxist brand has died, leaving them a nation without a ruling faith. The power vacuum is dangerous. It attracts demons, real or metaphorical, not to mention progressives, Marxists, and Mohammedans. Putin is cognisant of this problem, and if his measures to correct it seem far from sufficiently vigorous, he alone, of all world leaders, is making a start on the necessary actions.

                  And because Russia is a nation without a ruling faith, Russia’s survival problem is primarily external.

                  > Obviously, the more time that has passed outside of normality, the more difficult it will be for you to return to normality.

                  Indeed. Quite so. So tell me what Russians should do? Accept the inevitable, hold a gay parade, and reconsecrate to the Great Cathedral to gay marriage, transsexualization of children, global warming, and the Covid Jab? If Russia is defeated, then what is happening to Christianity in the Ukraine is going to happen to Christianity in Russia. Ukrainian fertility is, in consequence, extremely low and falling, while Russian fertility, though still in death spiral lows, is higher than Ukraine’s and rising.

                  > The Taliban program for women is absolutely approved in the Afghan society/Christian society of Iberia in the Middle Ages. The Taliban/Iberian Christian program for women in Russia is considered marginal.

                  I recall how a brief burst of socially approved and state backed violence by faggots suddenly reversed what was previously absolutely approved and what was previously considered marginal. Similarly, General Monck. Culture is downstream of power. If we apply the methods used by the Australian authorities at end of the eighteenth century and the start of the nineteenth, we will have the values that Australia had at the end of the eighteenth century and the start of the nineteenth.

                  The Iberian program legalised and approved the necessary private violence, while the Australian action, like the Assyrian action, was the direct application of state power. But either way, that which is backed by violence is high status.

                  Grant social approval in the media, and coercive approval in the courts, to the proper exercise of discipline by husbands and fathers, as in the censored and deleted scenes of 1950s television, and bingo, divorce and abortion at female whim will suddenly be the marginal position. Sweep the sluts off the streets as the cossacks swept up Pussy Riot, and marry them off as the cossacks failed to do, and sluttery will suddenly be marginalised.

                • If Russia had not started the war

                  Did Russia really start this war?

                  So according to you NATO didn’t provide grave and incessant provocation? You still stick to the stand that this is a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

                  Even with my limited perspective it is clearly obvious by now that the West hates Russia fundamentally and that this is a holy war, with Ukraine being a mere pawn.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Basil, even if we accept the premise that Collapse is internal&&external (which is stupidly obvious), saying that fixing one over the other is always half correct, regardless of which one you favor. If both are necessary to confront, the decision becomes which should be confronted first. The demographic issue must be addressed, but every possible solution is always a minimum of 20 years away. The AFU was amassing for an invasion of LPR/DPR, everyone seems to forget this. The SMO started and the cream of the Hohol crop was centralized on the border of the breakaways because they were getting ready to end the civil war. If Putin had done nothing, every single issue he faced would be magnified tenfold. His mistake was waiting as long as he did, but there were issues with going further in 2014/15, most critically Obama was a mulatto messiah that could do no wrong internationally and would probably have done something very stupid. In retrospect, I think he should have crushed Kiev, but hindsight is 20/20.

                  Best Korea is doing better than GAE Korea. “Not better enough” is a silly argument given the state of the world. We have no idea what’s going on there, and every source of information that says they are doing poorly is also a source of disinformation about COVID, whites, gays, minorities, violence, literally everything. Are we to believe that they lie about everything *except* North Korea?

                  Jim brought up a powerful point: the Taliban stuck to their guns, didn’t bend a millimeter on principles, and now they have their country back. Russia just has to keep not-losing, not even winning really, and many other places may realize that they could not-lose too. Very generally, Gaddafi and Libya took your advice, and now they’re paying the price.

                  While I don’t think it likely, or possible really, I firmly believe that if Russia became GNON compliant, be it by Sharia or Iberia, they would make certain their eventual victory.

                  The GAE is waging un-holy war on the heretics [sic], and the holier and holiest are the ones fighting back successfully. Agnosticism is a fool’s errand. Time for everyone to pick a side. Putin may be waffling, but he’s in a better position now than he was, counterintuitive though it may seem.

                • ten says:

                  >GAE jews, who hate russians for ruining their bolsjevik jew party and hate ukrainians for genociding the ukrainian jews, toppled the ukrainian government using anti-russian neonazis
                  >GAE filled ukraine to the brim with weapons, probably bioweapon labs, and would pretty certainly have put nukes there
                  >When trump won, GAEs reaction was “holy shit, the russians got us”. Their only explanation for Trump was that Russia had got the better of them. Think about that. In their mind, it was credible Russia would do something as mental as hacking their boxes and installing a puppet – or they just casually lied, with the implication of the lie being “we are at war with russia”. And you think russia could wait without GAE coming for her? This is literally insane. GAE has been pushing for war with russia for a decade, and doing the prepwork, and blowing up russian schoolgirls for fun to piss you off, but you think you can.. just wait? what the fuck?

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I have said that the Russians should not die for the Russian Federation. It’s far from the same thing.

          From what I observe, Russians today are faced with only two choices. Die for Russia or die for globohomo. What alternative are you suggesting?

          When the house is on fire, brothers don’t start domestic disputes or arguments with brothers. They pull up their sleeves and put out the fire first. You seem to suggest that the disputing brother should completely abandon the ancestral house and go their own ways leaving the family property in ruins.

          You may argue that Putin is insufficiently right wing, but you have to recognize that when fighting an existential war, brothers band together putting aside their internal differences. You are saying that Putin bad, so let Russia burn?

          Who gains from this?

          • Basil says:


            • jim says:

              Unresponsive and repetitious. Dharmicreality, who has far more reason to hate and fear Muslims than you, I, or any Russian, is making an argument. And you quote him, and then just ignore his argument and run with you endlessly repeated argument that we should hate Putin, Russia, and Russians because they are supposedly on the side of Islam. (More plausible than telling us they are on the side of Jews and Israel, which is the usual shill line.)

              When the Demon Worshippers are defeated, then it will be time of Christians and Muslims to resume our ancient quarrel. But for the moment, we both face an enemy far more immediate and dire. Under the present circumstances, all faiths are being converged, and all of every faith who resist convergence have one great enemy.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                I don’t know his reply but reading Indian media reports it is obvious that while Russia made several attempts to sit at the negotiating table Ukraine hasn’t responded in good faith.

                Except in the Cathedral news bubbles Ukraine and Zelenskyy are not universally accepted as the victims.

                Which tells me that the globohomo hates Russia fundamentally and does not want peace and don’t care how many Ukrainian and Russian lives are lost in the process. So seems to me that Russia really doesn’t have a choice in the matter now.

                • jim says:

                  > don’t know his reply

                  You did not miss anything you have not read from him too many times before.

                  He had no answer for your argument, so just repeated his old argument. I don’t like that tactic. Causes threads to go on forever without getting anywhere.

                  I am perhaps unfairly tolerant of repetition of arguments I agree with, and unfairly intolerant of repetition of arguments I do not agree with – but the arguments I do not agree with are usually being shouted endlessly from every rooftop, while the arguments I agree with, you only hear in weird corners of the internet like this one.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Another thing is that it’s not even a controversial opinion (outside of the manufactured cathedral consensus) that NATO is an expansionist imperial alliance.

                  It’s not that hard to put two and two together.

                  It was reported widely here (and probably blacked ou in the West) that Russia was apparently ready for Modi being a mediator for peace talks with Ukraine. Obviously it was not scuttled by Russia.

                  Any territorial war would have been over by now or at least the parties would be at the negotiating table at this point. Seems obvious what this war is not about.

          • ten says:

            I feel somewhat sympathetic to this view, when it comes to my own country and my own regime. I consider myself, and my people, in an existential war against our regime (Sadly my people is very enthusiastic about the regime, and mostly complain that they are not evil enough, or should focus their evil in other directions). Perhaps basil thinks the same about the russian federation. This seems stupid and foolish from my outside view. Seems like Russia has had three short decades since the collapse of its previous insanity, the first of which was spent trying to bend over backwards to get double fisted by GAE, whereas many things have been moving in good directions in the latter two.

            So basil. Are you letting the perfect be the enemy of the good? What things in russia are going the wrong way? Is the russian regime enabling this degeneration, or merely failing to disable it? I know about your fertility rates, and abortion rates. Seems to me the correct steps are being taken. In my country, in contrast, we are currently setting up tax funded divorce inquisitors, so when a wife is angry at her husband, she will be primed with the information that she can call the divorce inquisition, and she will immediately be housed, or her husband driven off, and she will be paid, and any legal affairs will be taken care of and paid for by the marriage hunters. I will pay for the propaganda telling my wife to divorce me, i will pay the salaries of the inquisitors, and i will pay all legal fees of all sides, and i will pay for the forced breakup of every marriage, because there must be no barrier, not even an inconvenience or minuscule legal processing fee, for a woman to destroy her life and the life of her family.

            Is the russian federation really so bad as to deserve your unqualified hostility?

            • jim says:

              I will let through Basil’s answer if he even pretends to respond to your question, though I doubt his pretence will be very convincing.

              His argument is that because the Soviet Union preserves and subsidises minority cultures, languages, and races, it should bend over for the Global American Empire and Globohomo.

              Well, that is my unfair rendition of his argument. He will say that is not his argument. But if it is not his argument, what is his argument? This is one of the reasons I am censoring the stuffing out of him. Aside from “Putin Bad, Russia Bad, Putin must go”, Russia must go” what is he saying? I cannot pin him down. He just slides away.

              Absent the external threat that wants to eradicate the Russian culture, language, race, and history, dissolving the Russian empire would probably be good for Russians. The X empire is indeed apt to turn into the anti X empire. But what happens today when Russian speaking populations find themselves under Nato rule tells me that under present circumstances, it would be very very bad for Russians, even if they do not care about the gays parading children in the streets, the schools transitioning their children, and the Churches becoming shrines to gay sex and the Global Warming and Covid demons.

              He tediously makes the point that the Russian Empire is the anti Russian empire – but it is nowhere near as anti Russian as Global American Empire is anti American, and the Turkish empire was anti Turk. And in today’s world, external threats make signing up with an empire your least bad option. If he has a better option, what is it, for his option sounds to me rather like signing up with the Global American Empire because arc of history. If that is not what it is, what is it?

  38. notglowing says:

    I made the mistake of opening imgur to upload images.
    First page are screenshots of tweets complaining about conservative “hypocrisy”;
    apparently they are using the “excuse” of protecting children to go after sex change procedures, when they really want to ban all “gender transition” medical “care”. All doom and gloom. They warned us. I wish they were right.

    Any chance this is real? I don’t really want to link leftist nonsense with little substance, but it seems there are republican groups openly campaigning for eradicating this issue.

    Banning all of it, although it might seem impossible now, would substantially improve things.

  39. Caesar Sextion says:

    It’s the dog that didn’t bark.

    Personally, and it’s very unfortunate, but after the outrageous and sickening harassment, threats, travel restrictions, etc. I experienced in public from the slaves, I 100% support their shockingly premature deaths.

    Not my problem.

    • Karl says:

      Let the dead bury their dead (Matth. 8,22),

    • Western Taliban says:

      I am not particularly worried or care about the people who actively promoted such behaviors, but I do not support their premature deaths.

      Advanced civilization requires a critical mass of manpower, the public slaves have their uses. We cannot help that they are happy to be slaves and following demon worshipers, we just need to hold power ourselves and remove the priests. When they are your public slaves they’ll help you shame sluts, hang faggots and police niggers.

      • Caesar Sextion says:

        I regret only that I wasn’t emphatic enough in my warnings to some of my more remote family members. The rest of the vaxies deserve death in greater or lesser measure. Least are those well-meaning sheeple who were reluctantly pressured by their employer to take the vax against their better instincts; most are those service workers who harassed me incessantly, the nurses and doctors of the medical industry, and the actors and politicians (but I repeat myself) who weren’t smart enough to shut up and make scarce around the real shots or important enough to be given the fake shots.

        More generally, you seem to be under the impression that reflexively obedient drones are a necessary part of society. I respectfully disagree. It may have been true in manorial true, and it may even have been true in industrial-revolution-urban-proletariat times, but it was not true in Ancient Greece, it was not true on the Steppe, and it is true no longer. There is no longer any great need for these surplus “people” who are so easily swayed by the voice of the hypnotist.

        Ironically, perhaps, Klaus Schwab et al.’s endeavor to “Death Vax the World, Carbon Tax the World” has persuaded me of the righteousness of the former, if not the latter.

        The knowing perpetrators of the Hoax don’t deserve death because they weren’t and aren’t lukewarm. It’s the lukewarm who have to go—by any means necessary.

        • Caesar Sextion says:

          manorial times

        • notglowing says:

          Fantastic – you have come full circle to actually supporting demon worshippers.

          This is the inevitable end result of that line of thinking.
          I’ve seen others fall in the same way, it’s an insidious idea after all.

          Whether they just hate the “lemmings”, or believe that elites act out of rational self-interest, or both, the conclusion is the same.

          It’s why I can’t agree with the idea of mass killing people who participated in devil worship in the first place. Something about it feels justified, but it’s a belief that leads one to really bad places. It bears bad fruit.

          No, people don’t deserve to be killed just because they are stupid.
          This is moral and spiritual detachment from the world you are displaying;
          it doesn’t matter to you if people live or die.

          • Caesar Sextion says:

            “You have come full circle to actually supporting demon worshipers.”

            They have no die, but not for that reason.

            “People don’t deserve to be killed just because they are stupid.”

            The slow gazelle is by the lion eaten.

            “It doesn’t matter to you if people live or die.”

            It matters to me that the right people live and the wrong people die.

        • Western Taliban says:

          It sounds very suspicious that you want to murder all normies but you’re happy to let the demon worshipers go.

          It’s not that I believe society needs obedient drones, they don’t need to be obedient drones, but we do need the manpower. Advanced society requires a minimal amount of people to sustain industry and specialization that permits more advanced technology.

          I believe I heard Elon Musk say in an interview that he expects the minimal population necessary for his Mars colony will be over a million, and it’s also why he is very concerned with the fertility rate in Western countries, he believes we are at the most danger of civilizational collapse because of a lack of children.

          As things stand today, a big enough population implies a majority of obedient drones and retards, because even the brightest white countries are around 100 IQ at best. Perhaps in the future there might be a 130-140 average IQ society, but not today.

          If the official intake rates are anywhere close to true, if all the vaxxies die the European world is going to get very uninteresting and very unpleasant very fast, I’m not interested. Even nuclear winter sounds more exciting.

          • zero says:

            “uninteresting” and “unpleasant” are contradictory. if critical normie pop collapse occurs it’s going to be open season with free licenses and no bag limits or tube plugs. I think the new testament morality is to help normies and be beneficent, depending on how things shape up in this unholiness spiral taking that stance is dangerous, if God decides McDonald’s and vaxxed need to go, getting in his way is a dumb idea, old testament/Greek take is to accept civilization of a different kind and embrace the fall by getting ugly on the outside and clannish on the inside. you can be on the right and believe we are going to have to survive the fall and have some whiplash to 21st century dysgenics, or believe that we can pull through and normie should receive noblesse oblige. untill we now how hard the empire lands I’m not judging sextant on this one alone. bronze age collapse put a pretty big fucking pin in how many neighbors you should have.

            • Western Taliban says:

              No it’s not contradictory, because empty brutal modernist cement architecture devoid of any life form is not interesting and it is very unpleasant.

              And that’s all you are going to get if all the vaxxies die, forget about open season anything because you’re not going to see many humans around. And because of the collapse of every industry, you’ll be too busy shoveling chicken, pig and cow shit to do anything else, if you want to eat that is. And while you’re shoveling animal farm shit third world countries will organize to come and conquer your defenseless and empty land. Good luck with that garbage scenario.

              You in fact get open season time only if vacuum power exists with plenty of players and NPCs around. You want chaos, not emptiness and obliteration.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >you’ll be too busy shoveling…

                Which is an end to HR, admin, feminism. You exchange moral unpleasantness with physical unpleasantness. But all that are lost are aspects of the state’s soft enforcement apparatus. Meaning you get a lot more open though crime.

                That would likely create a power vacuum.

                That said, I don’t think you’re wrong about uninteresting and unpleasant being potentially going hand in hand. It would look like a partial collapse of industry, just enough to continue to limp along with all the extra dead weight, and so the prison goes on as dreary and boring as ever.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  It would be an end to HR and feminism, but it would also be an end to SpaceX, computers and anything beyond ease of access industrial equipment to maintain basic infrastructure.

                  Shoveling can be pretty interesting when the shoveling goes beyond self-sustaining. It is a necessary phase of human development, but not very interesting, that’s likely one of the reasons it went in hand with slaves in the past, ancient warriors didn’t want to deal with this boring shit too much, so they “made” their own NPCs to do it.

                  I don’t think you guys are paying attention to alleged vaxx rates, most European countries are on the high 90s%, what partially collapse? It’s absolute apocalypse.

                  I’ve been an executive with hundreds of people below me and I’m currently a business owner, I don’t think you guys know enough or understand enough about how the actual products of society are made to make a rational assessment here, and I don’t mean it in a bad way or anything, there’s nothing inherently wrong with not having this experience. But you guys are making calculations that sound like LARPing marxists who believe things will work magically, I’m telling you things would not work magically if 90+% of people die, things would not work at all for a very long time and before they started running we’d be invaded by Somalian niggers.

                  It’s not like these already existing pirates are just going to sit there and do fuck all when the biggest and easiest treasure trove of their entire lives is there for the taking. And those are just small time retards, there are far worse out there.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Pretty sure most posters here are paying attention to vaxx rates. The question is, how much damage was done. Even if they are 10x worse than Covid itself that’s like a 1% fatality rate. Pretty dealable. Suppose long term it was 100x covid, you’re still only looking at ~9% pop loss. Horrific, but life goes on.

                  I suspect the vaxx (linearly bad with number of boosters) will reduce life expectancy, maybe even reduce fertility on average, but these are long term problems which will take decades to play out. Like the manufactured virus, the vaxx wasn’t very effective at killing people.

                  Europe can continue to limp on for quite some time. More over, European nations still have fairly high unemployment of native born citizens due to immigration pushing out native low skill labor, should they tap into that population, they can drag out the decline.

                  I’m not saying this doesn’t have a similar endpoint. Just that we may have different time scales in mind.

                  >It’s not like these already existing pirates are just going to sit there and do fuck all when the biggest and easiest treasure trove of their entire lives is there for the taking.

                  When it gets to that point, neither will other Western nations that don’t have those people. They will want to stabilize the situation.

                • jim says:

                  > Pretty sure most posters here are paying attention to vaxx rates.

                  Not really. Hard to sort out the misinfo from the info. Is anyone making an effort to figure out what the real rates are?

                  It is like the death rates. Pay no attention to official data, look at insurance payouts, funerals, and stuff.

                  Total number of jabs probably correct. Proportion of the population jabbed?

              • The Cominator says:

                I mostly think what would happen with radical depopulation if it were even distributed is that there would be fewer cities but technological civilization would survive and maybe improve in short order, technology improved after the Black Death.

                The clot shot deaths will not be even distributed though

                1. Women took it more often than men. Wives of right wing men and whores being the biggest group of women who generally avoided it.

                2. Midwits took it far more than people on either end of the intelligence spectrum

                3. White collar types took it more blue collar types.

                Its probably going to only cause some quick deaths, a lot of shorter lifespans (not died suddenly in most cases but more like people who smoke 2+ packs of newports a day for 25 years shorter lifespans) and chronic health problems and a lot of sterility.

                Hard to see how all this will play out.

                The demon worshippers deserve death and worse, I feel for people who took it under heavy durress despite the risks but I do wish death on the coronatarian zealots though messing up the sex ratio is going to make things between men and women even worse but in general the world would be better off without the zealous conformist as well as leftists.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  I understand your inherent distaste for white collar types and you probably think that if all bureaucrats die and white collar types die the world might be a better place, but that’s not the case.

                  We have an overwhelming massive amount of bureaucracy and an overwhelming massive amount of make believe white collar jobs, and you could probably get rid of a high percentage of them without much of a problem, but you still need a retard to drudgery fill forms, I kid you not.

                  You know how farmers use sheepdogs? Why do you think it is? No matter how apparently stupid and intellectually incapable the dog is, that even a big brain Border Collie can only execute simple commands, their help is incredibly necessary and incredibly massive to a point you might not understand.

                  For me this is not a question of morality, I don’t care for the well-being of any of this people, I truly don’t. It is beyond the point if they deserve to die or not. What I care about is what happens when the manpower of the retard filling in forms and pressing buttons like a robot is not there anymore, these people are actually necessary even if its hard to believe. So of course, I don’t want all of them to die, we need them for advanced civilization.

                  You are American, and from what I’ve heard from around there, business owners are starting to feel the pain of having a lack of workers for menial jobs, go ask them, go see reality for yourself. We need the fat and lazy NPCs “unfatenned” and “unlazied”, not dead.

                  If every priest dies it’s for the best, this people are a cancer that actively work to destroy others, but the NPCs that follow them are not necessarily the same and you only need to replace the priests and the programming and keep on going with the good program.

                • jim says:

                  It is the midwits and the true believers that got jabbed.

                  The smarties could see right through the propaganda, unless blinded by faith. The propaganda went over the heads of the dimwits.

                  Whatever the intended effect of the jab, the actual delivery was so hopelessly screwed up as to render any consistent or uniform result improbable, so even if the intent was to murder everyone, it is not going to murder everyone, just a whole lot of people.

                  But if it does efficiently murder everyone who got jabbed, that it going to take the left right out – whereupon a handful of white smarties can handle any number of white dimwits and Somali pirates.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  > It is the midwits and the true believers that got jabbed.

                  And most of the employed warrior class because in their mindset they are already in a dangerous profession, they might as well roll the dice. They can be arbitrary with their own lives. Infantry units/Marines/reserves were among the last to comply. Vast majority of those I’ve talk with did not vaxx their kids. They did not believe in the vaxx.

                  This is going to have severe long term ramifications for Western security and it is already being seen with recruitment deficits. A would be Caesar may find the military will not have the man power required, and the would be warrior class too dispersed.

                • Starman says:

                  ”but technological civilization would survive and maybe improve in short order, technology improved after the Black Death.”

                  The death percentage was 50%. And European technology and quality of life actually got better.

                • Starman says:

                  Western Taliban says,

                  ”things would not work at all for a very long time and before they started running we’d be invaded by Somalian niggers.

                  It’s not like these already existing pirates are just going to sit there and do fuck all when the biggest and easiest treasure trove of their entire lives is there for the taking”

                  Not true. Somali pirates and other nigger trash are ridiculously easy to kill by White vigilantes.

                  Jim says,

                  But if it does efficiently murder everyone who got jabbed, that it going to take the left right out – whereupon a handful of white smarties can handle any number of white dimwits and Somali pirates.”


                  With the jew brahmins and their shabbos goy ZOGbot pigs dead, the Somali pirates and other turd world trash will no longer be protected.
                  They will be very easy prey for White vigilantes.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its sort of uncharted waters though Starman given that deaths will be highly concentrated on women priestly types (no loss as far as they go) and midwits…

                • zero says:

                  western Taliban your an idiot, a sheep dog has no social consequences unlike vaxxed Dem voters, and it is not a simple proletarian it’s a pretty significant tool that you could never use to the fullest because training dogs is difficult and the relevant material wrong think. and no we really don’t need slaves. your not special, everyone knows business is getting crunched by lack of wagies. the difference between people here and small business owners as executives is that competent men don’t need much and are damn well armed unlike your samali ubermensch fantasy. cominators post wasn’t about economics it was about demographics. whiye collar guys are fine, fake tech commies are not. you are a national socialist that thinks our nation dies without caveman redneck making bagels.

                • jim says:

                  Western Taliban is making a rational and well informed argument. I disagree with his argument, but he is not an idiot.

                  If the jab is intended for mass murder, rather than to render the daughters of the jabbed infertile, and if it is effective at murdering people, that would be very bad because murder is bad, but I do not think that it would be fatal for our civilisation. Our best (and many of our worst) are unjabbed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Calm down Western Taliban is a very good poster.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  >Somali pirates and other nigger trash are ridiculously easy to kill by White vigilantes.

                  True in itself. A vitally important question will be how long the “sheepdogs” keep protecting the criminals from the law abiding while everything else goes to shit around them. My guess is “a surprisingly long time into the collapse” is well within the range of possibility. Probably more in the states proper, less outside. Actual policing of real crimes to an extent you make a visible impact is hard harder than no-knock raiding an otherwise law abiding white man for self defense and hauling him in for “questioning” before his “fair trial.” I see the blue tribe keeping that up for quite a while as long as the paychecks clear and the pension is promised.

                  I guess a better question then is how long can fedgov and local blue strongholds keep the paychecks coming and the pension credibly promised. Anything short of zombie apocalypse there’s probably a way, but I’d love to hear otherwise.

              • zero says:

                there is no soviet union without american grain, my money is not on china surviving its largest trade partner crumbling, they have a shit record of adapting to external shocks. american infrastructure requires american people, ur stalin isnt maintaning GAE soft power infrastructure anymore then niggers maintanied destoits carpentry, crack heads are a problem, you think depression americans are leaving the shiny metal alone? your a black pill faggot if you think muslims or talking monkeys are rolling over my country, with tech they cant maintain? with there extraordinary cohesion? my money is on roughnecks that can actually get oil out of the ground and operate a toilet. you assume black pill babylon, i dont assume the house caves in but its caesar or shtf real quick. dont call a guy out for not being right just because his favored thesis isnt jims cold stream gaurd, god smacks civilizations all the time, and this one is pretty damn intricate and its filling up with trash, soft power only works because war isnt here yet, the left is radicalizing the trump base off a cliff and faggot soldiers and wamen die. open season is just as much on the table as your communist superiority complex, and you dont have american grain to keep shit together.

                • jim says:

                  Recent events indicate that the US just does not matter any more.

                  There is a lot of ruin in a nation, but we have had a lot of ruin. The US dominates the world on momentum, inertia, and network effects, the capital inherited from its great past. It is just running out.

                  The US is a big truck with engine, steering, and brake failure. It is not going anywhere. It may well cause a great deal of havoc before it stops, but stop it will.

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  Donald John Trump correctly identified the problem, correctly predicted what would happen, 30 years later somehow against all odds got into office, struggled and fought like hell for four years trying to turn the ship around, and after winning yet another election fell to open mutiny by the drooling retards of Foggy Bottom et al. Then the drooling retards surrendered to the Taliban and proceeded to demolish all confidence in the global financial system in order to crush boost Russia’s economy. Now they’re beating the drum for a two-front war with China. Meanwhile people like me are excluded from all positions of command with extreme prejudice and reduced to posting comments on WordPress blogs as arthritic octogenarians you wouldn’t trust to drive a car or fly an airplane make strategic decisions.

                  The U.S. is fucked.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Funny thing about IQ is that it will always be 100 for populations, but plenty of evidence that many dead 100 IQ pops were much smarter than today’s alive pops.

            Perhaps we already had 130-140 average IQ societies. The Victorians were potentially an entire standard deviation above current year man. Who knows, maybe the Victorians themselves were also an entire standard deviation behind people ~200 years prior to them.

            • The Cominator says:

              Average verbal IQ was clearly much higher thru the 19th century if you read what even normies wrote…started declining steeply in the progressive era.

              • zero says:

                It seems like the upper middle class iq was shredded with the collapse of family traditions in the 21st century, the men who designed railroads on the ground were very literate and reading them is like looking into a different country. how much is shitty education and morals and how much is genetic tho i dont know, and the smart guys in my generation are all checked out doing there own thing.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Looking at early 1900s entrance exams into Ivy League is also like looking into a different country.

                  Reaction time is fairly well correlated with IQ. Reaction time has been slowing down for over 100 years. Based on correlation it’s equivalent of 14 points of IQ. They had faster brains. Ancestral environment of the Greeks and Romans likely favored quicker brains even more. Considering their philosophy is the basis of Western thought today, and that we haven’t made much progress if any, or more likely regressed, possible they were on average 15 points higher than the Victorians.

                • zero says:

                  i hadnt heard about reaction time thats very interesting, i dont know of a single good man thats deciding who his daughter is fucking since the 70s, so it seems like the intellectual edge is being blunted fast, not to mention the bell curve getting hammered by low end surplus, the thesis here on social technology is fascinating, its especially interesting how trade secrets shifted to patents, maybe printing just made it easier for technology to be reverse engineered, i dont think aincient people were stupid we just dont see the point in their fences. i wonder if there is any data on patrician or greek cranial size? i know thats not a perfect correlation with intellect. its impressive that americans managed to bootstrap doctrinal schools into hubs of competent men by pulling them in, altho i think the europeans started that with the liberal arts.

            • Western Taliban says:

              Yes I’ve read about Victorians, and yes we’ve probably had such societies before. The liberal prog zeitgeist insists Medieval peasants were retarded but all evidence I’ve seen points to the contrary, they were likely much smarter than most people today, they were a lot more functional and rational.

              But we live in the now and today and you have to make do. Lemons, lemonade and all that. It is what it is. If Jim ever becomes a high priest he can start the big push for aristocratic high fertility so 140+ IQ people have 10+ children. Meanwhile we’ll have to have the midwits pulling off basic steps to have a chain of production. I like supermarkets, very useful things to have, I don’t want them gone.

          • Caesar Sextion says:

            “It sounds very suspicious that you want to murder all normies but you’re happy to let the demon worshipers go.”

            See above comment. (The demon worshipers have to die, but not for that reason.)


            Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans had 115 on average. They still do but swamped by inferior “whites” and now browns. 2.5 children and mean intergenerational length of 25-30 years don’t help either.

            “If all the vaxies die…”

            Yes, not interesting nor pleasant. But the weakness will purge from among us.

  40. Alfred says:

    On the demon worshipping front, they replaced a statue of Teddy Roosevelt in NYC with what looks like some sort of Baphomet-esque demon woman. Won’t link it here but it genuinely looks a ram-horned demon. And apparently it’s to glorify abortion, obviously.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      The Teddy Roosevelt statue was removed from the front of the Natural History Museum. Mainly because it portrayed native Americans in a non-dominant position. This new statue is on top of the facade of the courthouse. The two are not connected except by the current iconoclastic zeitgeist.

      • Alfred says:

        My mistake. Friend linked me a tweet that linked them, but I guess they were just drawing a spiritual parallel.

  41. Trump 2024 says:

    Let me take this opportunity to ask for thoughts and prayers for the freedom fighter Novax Djokovic’s hamstring.

    With Nadal likewise dealing with injuries, and the Russians banned from playing Wimbledon, it could be Djokovic’s chance at the Calendar Slam, w