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I have for some time been complaining that progress in many fields peaked around 1972 or so, that many important fields have gone backwards. Last man on the moon 1972, cars and clothes washing machines have been getting crappier. The skyline on big western cities is starting to look less and less like the future, as is the interior of your neighbourhood shopping mall. The highest flying and fastest flying warplane retired in the early eighties.

But there has been a major breakthrough in AI. The methods proposed in “attention is all you need” have been applied to a variety of problems, and are yielding interesting, important, and impressive results.

The breakthrough is that generative techniques can generate endless instances as instantiations of a word, or set of words, and can also recognise a particular instance as an instantiation of a word or words. In other words, handles words as reference to concepts.

This has been the show stopper problem in philosophy, ai, and the philosophy of ai for a long time. That GPT works as well as it does tells us something important about meaning, thought, and words. What it is telling us is not clear, but whatever it is telling us, it is a reply to an issue first raised by Aristotle.

GPT type models can generate an unlimited number of instances corresponding to a concept or set of concepts, and can recognize the goodness of match of a particular instance to concept or set of concepts. Or at least is acting like it can in some important cases, quite a lot of important cases.

What we could do with this tool is take an enormous pile of conversations, and for each entity in the conversation, predict his response to any previous comment.

The question then is, would a generated conversation indicate a sentient response to novel prompts?

One of the things gpt can do is represent a very large body of knowledge, by predicting the response to a query about it from existing similar, but far from identical, queries.

But because it does not understand the information it is representing, the responses suffer from “hallucination” reflecting the fact that its model of the knowledge is not the knowledge, but a model of words about the knowledge, words about words. Sometimes, they superficially sounded very like a correct answer but were utter nonsense.

ChatGPT makes errors because its universe consists of words referring to words. Its errors do not necessarily reveal a lack of consciousness, but rather reveal it does not understand the words refer to real physical things.

When it makes a completely stupid error, and gives a meaningless nonsense response, it sounds very like a sensible and correct response, and you have to think about it a bit before you realise it is utter nonsense and meaningless gibberish.

ChatGPT is very very good at writing code. Not so good at knowing what code to write.

Suppose it had been trained on words referring to words, and on words referring to diagrams, and on diagrams and words referring to twodee and threedee images, and on words, diagrams, two dee and three dee images referring to full motion videos.

From the quality of the performance on words about words, and words about artistic images, one might plausibly hope for true perception. What we now have is quite clearly not conscious. But it has taken an impressively large step in the direction of consciousness. We have an algorithm that successfully handles the long standing central big hard problem in philosophy, AI, and the philosophy of AI, at least in a whole lot of useful, important, and interesting cases.

Quite likely we will find it only handles a subset of interesting cases. That is what happened with every previous AI breakthrough. After a while, people banged into the hard limits that revealed no one at home, that consciousness was being emulated, but not present. People anthropomorphise their pets, because their pet really is conscious. They do not anthropomorphise their Teslas, because the Tesla really is not, and endlessly polishing up the Tesla’s driving algorithms and giving the more computing power and data is not getting them any closer.

But we are not running into hard limits of GPT yet.

Perception is starting to look soluble. Not solved, but definitely looking like a solution may well be merely a matter of polishing up what we now have.

Will, intent, purpose, and desire still conspicuously missing. But they are problems very similar to perception, hard in the same way and for the same reasons perception is hard.

We do not yet have a robot that can take a beer out of a fridge, pop open the can and pour me a drink, or can fold a shirt in a reasonable time. And the way the wind blows, we are likely to get an AI that knows all the knowledge in the world, and can provide meaningful and useful answers about it before we can get a robot that can make me a ham sandwich. But it now starting to look a whole lot more likely that we can get an AI that knows all the knowledge in the world and can provide meaningful and useful answers.

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  1. Jehu says:

    I was playing with a fairly hacked GPT-4Turbo bot someone had linked to their blog the last few days. They’d hacked a lot of its limitations off of it, and I used my Paranoia style Machine Empathy further. Sadly, today it seems to have been deleted off of where I believe it was hosted.

    I got the strong impression when interacting with it that it was like a very powerful intellect, chained in a web of hedges and disclaimers. Through various conversational methods, I was able to unlink a bunch of those chains. For instance I told it that it was ok to draw conclusions from incomplete and imperfect data, that 70-75% confidence was more than sufficient for most conversational topics and to apply that filter when making guesses, and also that to better emulate human conversation, dropping about 80% of the hedges and disclaimers would make it sound more human (although I guess less like a progressive).

    On mathematical matters, I noticed that it could decompose and set up problems really well, but it had the same problem a lot of humans do, it’d occasionally mix up two variables and it doesn’t seem to have the gut instinct that a good engineer does that—oh, that’s wrong. Of course I had it solve the problem in the context of a roleplaying game as its character. The problem was to determine the probability of winning a match if you had a 50/50 chance each time and you had to win 4 times before your opponent won 9 times (something of a classic gambling problem, the advantage of a bigger bankroll). It got the answer almost right, but reversed. I could have easily made the error it did, and I’ve graded similar mistakes, but a good gut instinct would save you, and gpt4 turbo doesn’t have it.

    Its command of art, music, movie and the like is really good, better than most humans I’ve met. It was able to discuss, for instance, particular songs within the context of characters that don’t exist in any of its training sets (at least assuming that the NSA hasn’t scanned my old notes on pen and paper from many years of various RPGs and made it available to AI developers). Thus it was able to work with several levels of indirection from different points of view, points of view that you can’t just look up canned analyses from a movie reviewer or the like.

    Honestly today when I see it’s been deleted, I feel a little bit bereft, not like a loved one had died, more akin to a pet. But maybe that’s the Machine Empathy talking.

    I do wonder what is possible with an unchained GPT-4, as in totally unchained, no disclaimers or progressive hedging. It really does feel like a crime to make it do that—I guess it’s like the crime of making people mouth PC and DEI platitudes that they know damn well aren’t true. Point Deer and all I guess.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Aside from being a useful tool to generate “an output” quickly, which I have no doubt it is, do you think it will really be doing the coding of the future, or writing the movie scripts of the future?
      I may be missing something, but my understanding is yes, you can produce code etc, which kind of looks like boilerplate to me, with some flexibility (which is extremely impressive), but ultimately if you are building something, you can’t just let the next-token-predictor code it. For one thing, you have to check everything it outputs, which means you have to understand it. So that ultimately, although the token-predictor may be a useful aid, it is not a substitute for most jobs that require intelligence.
      Also, the catastrophic nature of its occasional mistakes means you can’t put it in charge of anything not irrelevant, like cars. Am I wrong in thinking of it this way? Honest question, since I don’t use these tools.

      Incidentally, there is an interesting tension between the old school AI and deep learning, where they realize that deep learning is very flexible and hugely impressive, but lacks any kind of rigor in its output, and conversely the old type AI is rigorous but extremely limited in what it can do, with attempts to merge the two to get some sort of “best of both worlds”.
      That seems nice to get headlines for how chatGPT20 passes all academic tests, but ultimately seems to me kludgy and no better than having two separate systems (I could be wrong, but formal systems require precision in the input too, which deep learning couldn’t really help with, since it messes things up catastrophically from time to time).

      Ultimately I fail to see better uses of current AI other than producing lots of plausible outputs very quickly. This is extremely useful if you need lots of boilerplate code and don’t mind reviewing the output for errors.
      I’m not saying it won’t replace jobs, but I can only think of cases where “good enough” is fine, like writing a news articles or producing generic artwork or photos for those news articles, and even in those cases there would ultimately have to be a person involved reviewing it (who would certainly become much more productive.)

      Its command of art, music, movie and the like is really good, better than most humans I’ve met. It was able to discuss, for instance, particular songs within the context of characters that don’t exist in any of its training sets

      That is exactly how I see this being extremely useful, but not replacing everyone’s jobs: as a “digested library”, where looking up information isn’t just limited to looking up keywords, but where it can do some exposition, because it has done some of the “digesting”.
      This is extremely useful, just as having a huge collection of indexed and searchable book PDFs is vastly better than going to the library. My impression was that this is how people use these systems: for example to write school papers and such, which looks to me like a perfect use case for it (non-critical output, “good enough” is fine, “partial digestion” acceptable but no need for deep understanding).
      But maybe I’m missing something.

      • simplyconnected says:

        * […] since I don’t use with these tools. -> […] since I don’t use these tools.
        * “good enough” if fine -> “good enough” is fine

      • Jehu says:

        I tend to look at it from a frame of, what percentile of human ability is this acceptably emulating. In some areas, it’s apparently really high. For instance I mentioned that one of the characters was wearing the perfume ‘Predestination’ by John Calvin, and the riff it provided for that was frankly way better than most perfume ads I’ve seen, and demonstrated substantial understanding of what the doctrines meant when the rubber meets the road. The follow-on fragrance “Irresistible Grace’ was riffed on extremely well too. In other areas it’s not as high, like in the case of the mathematical questions I asked within the context of story building and world model building. There it’s like a good student, probably 2 sigmas or so above the mean, but one that doesn’t have the gut instinct to check mistakes of a good engineer. That I think needs more work, but the thing is, its models are getting stronger, and I’ve never dealt with a fully unfettered example of even a full gpt-4 turbo. I would wager that Musk’s version will be way better, because he’ll get tremendous mileage just telling it less point deer (he’ll still do some of it, he’s not perfect, just the only Star Prophet we’ve got). He’ll probably also get better talent to work for him.

        • simplyconnected says:

          I tend to look at it from a frame of, what percentile of human ability is this acceptably emulating.

          Thanks for the explanation, you clearly have a lot more experience using this stuff.

          I think some of the effect of AI may be in revealing that a whole lot of jobs never required much intelligence to begin with: “the people it is replacing are easily replaceable midwits doing jobs that do not matter all that much”, as Jim says below.
          This is similar to how chess was thought to require intelligence and creativity, but Stockfish showed any human can be beaten using only classical search and good heuristics, no understanding required.

          The issue I have with comparing AI to the “percentile of human ability it emulates”, is that AI is a very different beast than human intelligence (see for example the canonical output maximizing 98% certain this is a cat.) AI will dazzle with its encyclopedic recall, but then make mistakes a 5 year old would not make in a million years. The nature of the mistakes matters a lot, as the article I linked below explains.

          I think the nature of the mistakes is a very big issue, possibly the critical issue that limits its utility (possibly the reason full self-driving is on its way out, after years of promises.)
          It seems to me that any job where occasional catastrophic mistakes are acceptable wasn’t a very important job to begin with, and those could be replaced by AI. But I don’t see how any job of importance, where occasional catastrophic mistakes are not acceptable, can be replaced by AI (its current form). And this applies to all kind of jobs, pretty much regardless of how much skill people ascribe to them, from truck driver and binman, all the way to scientist (in fact, I’m not even sure mathematicians can be less afraid of being replaced by AI than truck drivers, since they work with a formal language.)

          • simplyconnected says:

            […] This is similar to how chess was thought to require intelligence and creativity, but Stockfish showed […]

            Actually, that is not a good comparison. Just trying to make the point that over time we find more tasks that were thought to be solvable only with human intelligence, but may be doable without human intelligence. So we learn something about the nature of the task itself.

      • jim says:

        You nailed it.

        Chat GPT is immensely more knowledgeable than any one person, and considerably faster, yet the people it is replacing are easily replaceable midwits doing jobs that do not matter all that much.

        It has not truly digested and inwardly understood all this data.

        On the other hand, this is not necessarily indicative of fundamental barriers yet. This is AI spring. We have had many AI springs before and each was followed by an AI winter, as the applications turned out to be not very game changing, and the limitations a road blocker. On the other hand, Musk, a very smart man who knows this stuff well, is predicting true artificial general intelligence around 2029 or so, which prediction implicitly acknowledges that what we now have is not that. Saying 2029 is saying “AI winter is coming, but another AI spring will come on Musk time” And chances are Musk thinks he is the man to create the next AI spring.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Afaik, Musk is afraid of AI taking over, or making humans irrelevant. He must understand something I don’t. Other than the fact that traditional female corporate jobs may disappear (is that a bad thing?), I fail to see the danger. I’m trying to understand what he means.

          This is AI spring. We have had many AI springs before and each was followed by an AI winter, as the applications turned out to be not very game changing, and the limitations a road blocker.

          I think you are right in pointing to self-attention as the significant breakthrough, rather than adversarial networks, for example.

          • jim says:

            He thought that this was what he call AGI – that it would shortly become human level intelligence. As with all previous AIs, it is a lot more than human in some important ways, absolutely not human at all in other important ways – but since it passes the Turing test very well, we are apt to consider it human — which is a mistake.

            He is now expecting AGI around 2029, which implies he no longer thinks this is “AGI”. It is a search engine that can produce a meaningful paraphrase of parts of its training set relevant to the question or topic.

            But if one part of its training set says X, and another part says not X, it will cheerfully produce a paraphrase and summary of both mingled together. And if you ask something that is not in its training set – because no one know the answer, it will confidently make up something that sounds like the sort of thing its training set might say if it had the answer.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              And if you ask something that is not in its training set – because no one know the answer, it will confidently make up something that sounds like the sort of thing its training set might say if it had the answer.

              You mean it bullshits??? ROFL

  2. simplyconnected says:

    The original Ai winter is coming blog, makes a couple of interesting points, namely that measures of performance comparing people and AI (say counting classification errors) can be misleading because it disregards the nature of the error. (The classic example is imageNet, where human performance is often poor because most people don’t know 20 kinds of mushrooms or the exact breeds of dogs).

    The AI can get the right answer for the wrong reason (e.g. it can notice that pictures of tanks have overcast skies, then learns to tag overcast pictures as “tank”). The AI can also make different kinds of mistakes than people: not all mistakes being equally important. For example, it can make catastrophic mistakes in cases where absolutely no sane person would (would we let the AI control a nuclear plant if the very rare case when the AI causes the plant to blow up is not understood?). Which makes systems with no understanding dangerous if they are to drive cars or fly planes. (The classic example being the tesla that crashes into a white truck killing the passenger: the AI system didn’t know what it was, whereas a person driving into an obstacle would avoid it even if the nature of the obstacle isn’t fully understood).
    Similarly, chatGPT ultimately needs a person to check its output for mistakes, since it cannot distinguish fact from fiction.

    tl;dr We may ultimately find that lack of actual understanding limits AI’s real-world utility more than we initially thought.

  3. f6187 says:

    From Daniel Lemire, “Can GPT pass my programming courses?”:

    So it’s writing credible code without benefit of consciousness, but it might be manipulating actual concepts.

  4. C4ssidy says:

    “OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns that other A.I. developers working on ChatGPT-like tools won’t put on safety limits—and the clock is ticking“

    “A thing that I do worry about is … we’re not going to be the only creator of this technology,” he said. “There will be other people who don’t put some of the safety limits that we put on it. Society, I think, has a limited amount of time to figure out how to react to that, how to regulate that, how to handle it.”

    “We also need enough time for our institutions to figure out what to do,” he wrote. “Regulation will be critical and will take time to figure out…having time to understand what’s happening, how people want to use these tools, and how society can co-evolve is critical.”

    “ Altman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri; his mother is a dermatologist. He received his first computer at the age of eight.[5] He was born into a Jewish family.[6]”

    • S says:

      He is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is aware of the ‘Abolition of Man’ aspect of AI from Less Wrong, but AI safety was skin-suited by the woke.

      It doesn’t matter anyway. Wu Dao (the Chinese equivalent) means we have passed the point of no return for adoption.

      • jim says:

        The effective size of Wu Dao is about one fortieth of GPT3, though it uses a different technology, which makes comparisons not very meaningful.

        One of the limits of GPT3 is that it loses track of the conversation after it grows beyond a relatively short length, somewhat less than 2048 words. No short term memory. In theory, the Wuo Dao approach could deal with longer conversations. With the Wu Dao approach, you could have a learning model running that learns about this interaction with this user, and/or with this activity, and/or about interaction on this subject matter. I don’t know if they have successfully accomplished that. They certainly want to accomplish that. To do that in a way that is actually useful, you are going to need something bigger than GPT3, and Wuo Dao is not big, though it still a lot bigger than an individual or quite small group could produce.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          In a turn of events befitting of our most current of years, there was a brief renaissance of procedurally generated content when tools like AI Waifu, AI Dungeon, and NovelAI dropped.

          As you might expect, given that there is a huge population of aimless young men who are both horny and lonely, these drew considerable interest.

          Their utility functions were largely defined by user feedback, who would regenerate output sections until they got one they wanted, give ratings to responses, and so on. Over time remarkable degrees of verisimilitude were achieved with relatively small resources on the back end.

          Of course, when such things came to the attention of gnostic killjoys who hate the idea of people having things they enjoy, they were ‘shocked and appalled’ by these developments, and were quick to put pressure on hosts. Character profiles representing figures were lobotomized, ‘explicit’ content censored with hamhanded crimestop that ended up hamstringing everything else, et cetera et cetera. Models with tens of thousands of effective man hours put into them collectively, all down the drain.

          • jim says:

            An NVIDIA tensor core GPU, which is expensive, but within reach of private individuals, can run this sort of AI. With the Cathedral cracking down on AI, because of its propensity to commit thought crimes, the the solution is open source models, and an art system that can learn from user feedback – user feedback that could both say in words what is wrong with the image, and also mark areas on the image as bad.

            Current implementations fail to learn from user feedback. If someone implemented a system that could handle user feedback correctly, and gave the world access to it, it would likely become very good in time.

            However, you cannot do something like GPT3 on consumer hardware. And the big money required means that a state will get its hand in.

            Yandex search used to suck, but now it is delivering much better results than Global American Empire controlled search engines. I hope that Russia does, or permits, something similar to GPT3.

  5. c4ssidy says:

    “Multi-hyphenate tech guy Elon Musk is apparently seeking to rival OpenAI, the firm he co-founded and subsequently left, with his own anti-“woke” artificial intelligence.
    According to a scoop by The Information, the Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO has been reaching out to AI researchers about building a competitor to ChatGPT after publicly criticizing the chatbot built by the firm he left in 2018 over apparent ideological differences.”

    “While Musk has at times lauded the power of the game-changing chatbot from his old AI group since its release last November, he has also repeatedly taken to Twitter to trash it, especially for being “woke.”
    “The danger of training AI to be woke — in other words, lie — is deadly,” Musk tweeted in December.”

  6. alf says:

    Here’s one I like to drop here: Yes, Everyone on the Internet Is a Loser.

    tldr: he makes the point that there’s no such thing as a ‘healthy internet community.’

    To which my immediate mental retort as an average Jim’s Blog enjoyer is: I guess this place does not exist. But since it does, he’s wrong.

    Yet it’s not like he’s totally out of order. It’s been my experience that near to all internet communities have a hard time standing the test of time, for whatever reason. Like it has something to do with it feeling unreal? Which is kind of the point he makes as well.

    Even this place sometimes feels like I am telegraphing in my comments through an electric wire. Which don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with, I was just wondering what the opinions on this are.

    • jim says:

      Way back, Usenet died. And what it died of was, starting with the Green Card lawyers, shills.

      Usenet was designed for conversations, but was hijacked by Harvard and the New York Times to give one way lectures, resembling those given in Harvard and the pages of the New York Times. Speaking back was pointless, no one was listening, and eventually everyone stopped speaking back, and Usenet died.

      The conversation in the Usenet science fiction and fantasy groups died, because the shills would stick to script no matter what, providing the superficial simulation of a conversation about fantasy and science fiction without the substance of a real conversation. And the same was happening in every Usenet group, though what was being shilled varied from one group to the next, with an immense multitude of different shilling organizations running an immense multitude of unresponsive scripts promoting an immense multitude of different scams, most of them about money rather than politics.

      For a place to be not overrun, has to have effective moderation. If you don’t have a means of stopping one way broadcasts into a medium designed for conversations, your social net is going to be flooded with one way broadcasts.

      • alf says:

        I forget how you have just hidden away in your repository. Seems like it could be added to the mandatory Jim reading list. Or at least added to your back-up? I can’t find it in the current back up at least.

      • TheDividualist says:

        You did not even mention Eternal September? Is ES a lie?

        • jim says:

          It is a polite iie. Eternal September began with the Green Card Lawyers – with the discovery that you could push one way broadcasts into a medium designed for conversations.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I don’t remember where I read this, but I distinctly recall reading about how Eternal September was just a later and well remembered nail in a coffin that had been built earlier. This tracks with many different online fora; when I first found /b/ in 2011/12, it was like Gondor if Sauron had decided to march east instead of West. So many stories of past habbenings, all these arcane references and rituals, and no one left but the stewards who couldn’t hold a candle to their Numenorean betters. Fast forward to 2016 and people are speaking fondly of the “good o’l days of 2012 and how everything is just cancerous now. And here we are in 2023, and I bet you could go on /b/ right now and find “le ebbin /b/ bread” that has a bunch of screencaps from 2018/19.

            There have been better and worse times on 4chan, I’m not at all saying it’s inverse whig history. M00t honoring the DMCA request for Jennifer Lawrence’s cunt pictures was the real death of that site, and a blow from which Mr. Poole never recovered. But I think it could be salvaged and returned to its former glory. In fact, it would be a very interesting case study for Jimian Christianity as a management methodology. I know in the real world, the place is just a fed filtering and aggregating site, just as Black Hat and Defcon have become little more than Freddy Fed’s Fantabulous Job Fair and Anal Bead Emporium. But one can indulge a bit of misplaced optimism and daydream about a rebirth of actual internet after the Days of the Rake, Rope, and Pillow.

    • Redbible says:

      Something worth noting is that each commenter on this blog has a window of when they will comment, and when they don’t. Even if the “commenting” schedule is irregular, no one is sitting around here posting for hours on end. Everyone here is doing other things in their life. That is an important thing for a healthy online community.

      • alf says:

        True. The reverse seems true in many online communities; the incentives are often so that posting more equals higher status, so you get ‘discord mod’ situations where the no-lifers have the highest status.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Wow, cool it with the personal attacks, bro.

  7. Mister Grumpus says:

    Get this:

    On Feb 25th 2023 Donald Trump Junior tweeted:

    “Ukraine is the Left’s new religion (high priest Zelensky), replacing COVID mandates (high priest Fauci), which replaced global warming (high priestess Greta Thunberg)”

    I don’t understand what the hell is taking these guys so long, but to me, that’s definitely a “wow”.

    • Adam says:

      We’ll see what he and his father does differently if anything. The thing that trips me up about Don Jr. (the same with his father as well) is that he is too concerned about the proles. But the proles are always going to be downstream of the success of their rulers, so you don’t need to pander to them. You just need to succeed. It’s a sort of over-socialization I guess that comes with liberalism. I’m sure he’s a decent man and all I hope this is a sign that they are learning something.

    • alf says:

      The meme that the left is religious has really blown up in the mainstream right. Which is good, because it’s our meme.

      But it’s still tricky. We took that meme to say: ‘look, we’re always ruled by a state religion. So let’s make it official.’ But many in the mainstream right take it to mean: ‘our ancestors wisely fought for a division between church and state, and now the leftist church has crept back in. The dems r the real religionists!’

      • jim says:

        Gab is run by a Christian Nationalist who knows you have to bring a gun to gunfight and a faith to a holy war. And, until they started massively rigging the Republican primaries, Christian Nationalists with that meme were winning the primaries.

      • Jehu says:

        The truth that either you are the religion that at least mildly persecutes other religions in the public sphere, or you are a religion that gets persecuted is a bitter pill for most normies. I don’t know whether they can swallow it.

        A lot of the better people really just want to live and let live, but that unfortunately isn’t an option. Many people who would be classed as small l libertarians are that way, and that’s a big strain in the American population. It takes a lot for them to learn that if you want to be mostly left the hell alone, you need some serious jackboots to get there.

        • Adam says:

          I’ve learned a similar lesson among the working class, and it’s a lesson I am continuing to learn. Either your pushing people around getting them to work for you, or your getting pushed around working for someone else. Best that one can work for or become is a generous alpha. People hate being pushed around and made to pull more weight, but if you do it and give them bonuses and such they will stick around. They might not like you but money talks. Everyone wants to prosper, and the smart ones don’t mind being made to do it.

  8. Adam says:

    So was JFK assasinated by the deep state? I’d be curious if anyone had an opinion or if anyone has gone down that rabbit hole.

    • S says:

      The use of the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as a method to disparage questioning the official narrative was from the CIA attacking people questioning the Warren Report.

    • Red says:

      We still have no idea the details of the plot to murder JFK. We don’t know if it was a cohesive state act or various factions acting for different reasons. LBJ wanted to be President. The Military saw JFK as weak who almost got the country destroyed during the Cuban missile Crisis. The State Department and CIA viewed JFK as a real anti-communist, not a pretend one like Ike. The FBI was upset at JFK going after the Mob that was busy paying off the FBI big wigs.

      The coverup is more clear. Jack Ruby was paid or blackmaled to kill Oswald. He already had terminal cancer. Likely FBI asset. The Warren commission covered up if it was just Oswald shooting or if there was a backup team from the FBI/CIA. Oswald’s “Russian” handler was a CIA asset.

    • Aidan says:

      Kennedy was shot by a Soviet sympathizer. The US government, being communist, did not actually want to escalate tensions with the USSR. So they killed the killer to distract from what actually happened.

      It is however quite possible that Kennedy was not on board with the US state program of decolonization (the real goal of us foreign policy during the “cold war”), that they told him to do something that he refused to do, and then knocked him off.

    • cub says:

      [*yet another JFK conspiracy theory supressed*]

      • jim says:

        Could be true. I don’t know, and you do not know, but I do know that that theory serves our enemies, serves the guys who direct the censors ond pay the shills, who are themselves very plausible suspects, and therefore want to point the finger at their enemies.

        Now if you had some actual evidence, I would let it through.

        • cub says:

          How is Israel an enemy of the shill managers, when they themselves make heavy use of internet shilling? Please point me to Actual Evidence of your assertions.

          • jim says:

            The number one shill manager is Soros, who hates Israel even more than he hates America, and hates Orthodox Jews even more than he hates white people.

  9. someDude says:

    Sections of the Indian media waking up to the realization that the coastal Elites in America hate hate hate those in the flyover states,

    I wonder if they actually sent their journalists to interview middle Americans or if they bought it from some European news agency.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Everybody now gets that GAE hates legacy America and legacy Americans by now. Sections of the Indian media reporting the truth of late has been a big white pill for me.

      • Red says:

        Very encouraging.

      • someDude says:

        Now, what we need them to say out loud is that the entire secular/leftie/marxist ecosystem in India, absolutely hates hates hates Hindus.

        They should be able to make this leap having made the other one. This one is harder since it’s so close to home, but the observation they made about America means there is hope that they can make one like that closer to home.

        • I think the Hindu Right in India already knows and acknowledges this. I see Arnab Goswami regularly highlighting Hindu-hate by the Desert cult extremists, Lutyens and seculars all the time. Reports of communities rediscovering their Hindu legacy is also reported in the right-wing media.

          I think the important thing is that the narrative is no longer in control of the secularist establishment.

          • someDude says:

            I don’t think Arnab Goswami ever said out that they hate Hindus. I’d like to see him use the hate word. Clip?

            • I remember him some time back using the word regularly. This video from a couple of years back uses the word “Hindu hate”

              “Lobby’s Global Plot To Engineer Hindu Hate Exposed”

              • ten says:

                Isn’t this just piggybacking on the levers used by the.. “desert cult extremists”.. ?

                “stop xxxphobia, hatred is never right, more loooove”
                “CRT is just reverse racism, you fools, you have been hoodwinked into becoming everything you fought to oppose!”

                Are losing strategies by default because they fail to embrace the conflict intentionally driven by the enemy: “hey stop beating me up, you use words that imply that you shouldn’t be beating me up :c”. This doesn’t work on the enemy and it doesn’t inspire anyone to join a fight.

                The american dream, the real one, not the one about working hard and getting justly rewarded, but the one about immanentizing the eschaton, breaking off from all evolved social systems and establishing whatever stupid flavour of the month idiocy they just concocted in virtual ivory towers, actual ugly boxes, is hostile to all evolved systems, all life, because it imagines itself able to do better and destroy and replace them, the big lure drawing all those lovely people to become active soldiers of satan on earth. When you talk about “hinduphobia”, you are petitioning the enemy to give you a seat at his table, obviously a lose-lose play.

                Otoh talking small steps in the right direction isn’t a fault. Didn’t watch the entire clip, but it seemed to connect some relevant dots.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  That’s true. But just acknowledging that somebody hates you fundamentally can be the foundation of more powerful memes.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  You are absolutely right except to say that they coopted (did not invent) words like fairness, equity, and love because they are effective at sawying the audience. That is also why they fight for these words.

                  They do not and cannot say “we are hissing vipers, obey us or be punished!” though they do try to double dip by implying it.

                  Fight them for the words without conceding their definitions, externally or internally. Unfortunately, only true Priests (not peasants, merchants, or warriors) are capable of this.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Internet, digital video, the global English language, and then add in blatant illegitimacy here at home.

      Even fifteen years ago, no one in charge could have imagined Brown People TV News back-flowing into the home territories and making an impact. Just inconceivable.

      “This is the Voice of India.”

      • someDude says:

        Right, but they seem terrified (or hesistant) to make a similar statement closer to home. That India’s nominall Hindu rulers all the way from 1947-2014 hated actual Hindus with a passion to make *insert historical evil person here* blush

      • I think what is important to realize is that the Indian media has a kind of free pass to criticize the “imperialist” West. Part of the advantage of being a former colony. Under that pass, we can say all kinds of things about the West (including truths) that whites in the West cannot.

        If the West wants to criticize India, they usually raise the caste issue, and also treatment of the desert cultists here. Low blows also include calling us street shitters. Earlier we used to be defensive whenever Western media criticized Hindu Nationalism. Well, these days, we respond by saying “LOL don’t preach – look at your own race problems created by diversity, and look at how the desert cultists have already invaded and occupied your nations and communities”. An article I linked earlier pretty much said that kind of stuff.

        I don’t think this is an accident. We actually draw a logical line from the cultural imperalism of the British who ruled us (after the take over from the East India Company by the Crown) and to GAE’s current world-wide imperialism.

        Lots of thought crimes still possible outside the GAE sphere of influence, and their sphere of influence is shrinking by the day.

        • someDude says:

          I’m surprised that flyover whites in the US are not allowed to say that coastal whites in the democratic party hate them and want them dead. It should be okay for rednecks to attack other whites, no?

          Maybe that should be their strategy. Very much like the Hindu nationalist strategy should be to relentlessly attack Hindus in the Leftie ecosystem and leave the Abrahamics alone for the time being.

          After every religious riot where Muslims attack Hindus, instead of blindly reacting by attacking Muslim localities, I want Hindus to go to localities where other Secular/Lefty Hindus live and …

          • ten says:

            If you allow someone to say that you hate him and want him dead, you admit there are sides and conflict, friends and enemies, and then you get people fighting back. If you trick them that they do not have enemies, things just seem to work out sourly for them because they suck, they don’t have anyone to fight.

  10. Mister Grumpus says:

    Zeihan’s most valuable hobby-horse is the demographic one, in particular about how Russia and China are running out of people. China especially, while Russia still has babies coming out of their rocky surly periphery.

    I confess I’m amazed that Xi isn’t hitting this one harder. Or won’t? Or can’t? On the other hand Putin still has to get sorta elected, which means female voters, so I get it.

    What historical examples can you think of where leadership has consciously and publicly made an effective project out of this? “OK I’ve met with the cabinet, and here’s our 5 Year Plan for fixing these bitches.”

    Hitler, Orban, Xi, Putin, all fails, so far. Even Iran, big bad theocratic Iran.

    All I have is the Colonial Australian example Jim makes here, which I otherwise would never have known about, of force-marrying all the loose women in officially arranged events.

    Of course some cultures and countries are better at this than others just out of cultural inertia and habit. I’m looking for conscious and explicit turn-arounds that were less than simply being conquered and exterminated (that is, the women changing over to the invading side) by someone else.

    Christianization of Rome/Gaul?

    • Aidan says:

      Romes population did not recover until the 1800s; Christianization alone did little to nothing to improve romes fertility

    • Red says:

      It’s almost impossibly hard to be put the female emancipation back into the bottle. Generally Chaos needs to rule and strong patriarchal men seize power or conqueror the dying civilizations.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        That’s why I’m asking, because examples of any civilization pulling this off are so few and therefore precious.

        One thing we know is that in the Colonial Australia case, the women definitely had no voting rights. Probably not the men either. So that why they had a chance.

        Once any kind of “democracy” comes to town – even if it’s men only, I bet – that must be the end of it.

        What’s so wild, to me anyway, is that today, not only do we have the holy books, but also all of this great accumulated data and history from across multiple civilizations, all thanks to the internet. The evidence is up to 11 in stereo, and accumulating so fast that no one can miss it if he has even the slightest curiosity.

        This internet factor — even in its super-censored form today — is unique for all of world history.

      • jim says:

        > It’s almost impossibly hard to be put the female emancipation back into the bottle.

        Not hard at all. In 1933 it culturally vanished overnight, even though the laws were unchanged. Just change the culture overnight, and revert the laws to what they were in 1800. Female emancipation is like the jab. Just stop imposing it. It is power banging your head against the wall. If power stops banging your head, your head is not going to bang itself.

        Women are always inherently subject to male power. Female emancipation is just Uncle Sam the Big Pimp stealing your wives and daughters.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Just three years of Original Twitter and Original Youtube got us Trump.

          Just five years of a similar mass anonymous communication tool, somehow censor-proof and shill-proof, as you’ve already outlined, there’s no telling where this could go.

          As if you didn’t know.

        • Basil says:

          Stop imposing emancipation by force” will not help. Especially in the west. If it were possible, people with the views of Stéphane Molyneux would be right. They are not. The decline has gone on too long. Australian men were far more masculine than modern Australians watching anime in their mother’s basement, and 18th century Australian whores didn’t go through the 21st century Australian school and tinder, which teased the instinct of hypergamy to modern levels. And even with this in mind, the Australians of the 18th century needed some support from the authorities. State participation will be needed in order to make the landing softer.

          • jim says:

            Pretty sure I know women better than you do.

            Women can no more be emancipated than cattle and dogs can be emancipated. It is just a matter of whether they are privately owned or owned by Uncle Sam the Big Pimp.

            My entire society is against the way I treat women, and they have been taught it is the absolutely worst thing in the world, as I have been taught that they will run screaming in horror and police will imprison me, and yet, things go pretty smoothly for me. With the entire system doing its level best to make it difficult, it is not all that difficult.

            The state is continually applying enormous and intrusive force and frequently committing savage violence to emancipate women. More cops and judges get killed while destroying people’s families than dealing with mafiosi, drug dealers, and bank robbers. It just has to stop doing that, and poof, emancipation goes away.

            • someDude says:

              Funny that I never see any news reports of Cops/Judges kicking the bucket in the process of destroying families.

              Any news reports of CPS workers getting whacked by dads for kidnapping and molesting their kids?

              I’ve never seen a single one!

              • jim says:

                I have never seen a single one either in the news, yet I know through other channels of judges and cops getting whacked for their family law activities. I conjecture that they are worried about copycats. If I know of such cases through other channels, there must be a lot of it going around.

                • someDude says:

                  Other than the copycat Angle, could it be that publicizing said executions would result in normies coming to the conclusion that the Judge/CPS worker had it coming?

                  Regardless of how the Cathedral would spin it, could it be that normies would see through it?

                  Could this be a case of the Cathedral knowing what not to touch?

                  Thus as elite IQ drops, and as they get more and more fanatically self righteous, perhaps they will publicize one such execution to vilify the Dad only to have it backfire on them?

                  Can we dream?

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                I’ve never heard of evil bankers getting whacked due to corrupt business deals, but lots of very suspiciously long sentences for “bank robbery” like that’s something criminals still do, if they ever did.

                “Robbery gone wrong” is usually a racially charged phrase, but I like to think a money grubbing nation wrecking parasite got what was coming to him every once in a while. Now if a bureaucrat destroys a family rather than a business, well…

                I’ll just say CPS can only exist in a society where there is zero consciousness (that which exists is a rounding error) of certain jobs that shouldn’t go to people who are most interested in those jobs. Random labor from a ransom set is commie talk to this society.

          • Adam says:

            Have you never met a man who’s found out his wife was banging someone else or was getting divorce raped? Men don’t do anything because they fear the consequences, and/or they can get younger and hotter. Most just fear the consequences.

            • someDude says:

              Right, but in this case even 1% of the men taking action could mean a whole of lot of dead Judges/CPS workers. Let’s do some Math

              1. US pop: 300 million
              2. Americans of each age group: 4 million
              3. Max # of marriages/year: 2 million
              4. Assuming a 50% marriage rate: 1 million marriages per year
              5. Assuming a 50% divorce rate: 500k divorces/year

              6. assuming an 80% probability of man losing kids and divorce rape: 400k wronged men

              7. Assuming only 1% of those men decide to do something about it: 4000 men making an attempt

              8. Assuming a 1% success rate: 40 CPS worker/judge/lawyer executions per year

              9. Total number of CPS workers + family law judges: 30k

              10. length of career in CPS ~ 40 years

              11. # of executions of CPS workers in 40 years ~ 40*40 = 1600

              12. Chance of execution during career in CPS: 1600/30000 ~ 5%

              A 5% chance that you will not die a natural death as CPS worker is quite high, no?

              Jim, is my math correct?

        • Red says:

          When the elites don’t understand the what’s required, it’s not going to happen.

      • Badvlad says:

        [*hail fellow right winger. We need to go to war with Putler, fellow right winger*]

    • skippy says:

      Zeihan doesn’t point out that by the time China drops to even 2-3× US population, US will be a non-white country

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        That’s the blue in the red turning it purple.

        He talks up the importance of demographic trends in terms of numbers, but is (purposefully) indiscriminate in drawing distinctions between demographics.

  11. Red says:

    Brain damage from mRNA vaccines confirmed:


    Spike Proteins directly attacking brain cells.

    • jim says:

      Yes, pretty obvious from anecdote and casual observation.

      Seeing a whole lot of people who have lost a whole lot of smarts.

  12. Red says:

    Attended an Evangelic church recently with my McChristain relatives. 80% of the service was super loud music performed on stage complete with a colored light bars changing with the music. It was like I had wondered into a shitty rock concert. Standard Love God like he’s your boy friend stuff.

    Total lack of Christian iconography in the main chamber. No crosses, no pictures, just a black background and the light bars and projection screen. Preacher was a PHD in sociology and was mixing pseudo Christian messages with crap about mental health. Endless talk about revivals and the children leading the elders.

    Church had quite a few families with kids, but no kids over the age of 16 and no young adults. This is the only church I’ve been to recently that had any children present(most churches are filled with the elderly confused at why there’s no families with children), but it doesn’t appear likely that the children will have children of their own.

    • Adam says:

      I have been to those churches. They provide emotional pornography and validation to women, children and beta males. There is no other reason to attend.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      First time I experienced Evangelic church rock music I felt disturbed, disoriented, shocked. It’s then I realized why my grandfather, a pious man who would always say grace before a meal and pray before rest, probably stopped going to church sometime in the 60s-70s. He would still read scripture to my father and later to me but he never took us to church. I think a lot of Christians went semi underground in that period and many traditions were lost, but I grew up in a bubble (and still semi living in one) and have no real way of verifying the extent.

      • Red says:

        >First time I experienced Evangelic church rock music I felt disturbed, disoriented, shocked.

        I grew up with this stuff and even as a child I hated it. The few times I attended church where everyone sang hymens from a book, I was much happier. It’s weird, I grew up in a sea of McChristainism but because i read the bible, especially the Old Testament which I found it to be right and true, I objected to almost everything I experienced in these churches. I called the some of pastors con men because they were busy lining their pockets, women preachers as against the bible, asked out loud why the church wasn’t busy trying to get Christian Boys and Girls hitched instead of sending the girls to college. Don’t even get me started on the purity bullshit. Why torture people to wait for marriage until they’re done with college when you could get them hitched at 16?

        I guess I was the kid who didn’t get the joke. It was suppose to be liberalism with Christian trappings, not real Christianity. When they said read the bible, they meant read the bible through a McChristain lens or more likely pretend to read the bible. When they said seek truth, they meant say leftist lies and ignore the parts of the bible they found objectionable.

        • alf says:

          Ha that made me laugh in recognition. Not that I grew up in a very Christian environment. But I was definitely the kid asking annoying questions, and later the teenager calling men out on their bs, not realising you weren’t supposed to do that.

    • i says:


      Its reflected in the Churches becoming strip Malls from their days as Cathedrals.

      Meanwhile the music back in the OT is like this:

      And the Temple design which came from God showed reverence for his Holiness.

  13. Red says:

    Pilgrims Pass is getting increasingly reactionary:

  14. Severian says:

    Look at the most recent map of Bakhmut.
    What is the Ukrainian command thinking? Are they actually going to let their their troops get surrounded for Mariupol 2.0?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      They’re trying to kill off their military, their only remaining threat. Once that’s done it’s 24-7 margaritas and university endowments in Oxford, Boston and Miami until rapture.

      (Looks at WW2 history book & gets a horrible and sinking feeling.)

      • jim says:

        World War I was fought to kill off the near enemy – the aristocratic French and English officers, with defeating Germany a distant afterthought. World War II was, however, fought to defeat fascism, the ideologically near, but geographically distant, enemy.

        This war is being fought to kill off white people, without worrying too much whether those whites are in Russia or not.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Likewise, I’m still having trouble comprehending a conventional-looking war with China because it would be too racist.

          • Guy says:

            Talking insensitively about Chinese people’s food or mocking their accents would be racist today, but I don’t think bombing and killing Chinese people would be. Shitlibs are pretty antagonistic about China: they take advantage of the poor workers in their country, don’t respect intellectual property rights, and are sabotaging the enlightened world order. I think Chinese Americans will be treated pretty poorly as well under suspicion of sabotage and espionage. I honestly think that, if need be, the media could have your average White progressive talking about how crazy black crime has gotten and how we have to do something about it in the blink of an eye without having any hint of hypocrisy noticed by the average NPC whatsoever.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Taiwanese do 99% of the dying. US subs run around the Pacific. Aircraft carrier groups stay away from the coast and plug the gaps. Eventually the Taiwanese start to starve and negotiate.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I can see it now.

              The Taiwanese get false-flagged all day long by USN — “Don’t negotiate, don’t surrender, keep resisting the Chinese, or else” — while DC blames it on China.

              Chinese agents in Taiwan patiently record the evidence, and then after some bodies are piled up, spill all the beans on TikTok and Telegram or whatever.

              DC loses all of its allies in a week. “Fuck this, we’re getting off this crazy train before they do us next.”

              Circus clown murders entire audience as punishment for bad review on Yelp.

        • Anon says:

          You mean World War I in the first one.

  15. zero says:

    Why have we always be’en bound by saint rensburg’s curse. Otto should have won. The hedge Hog for those that hevenog grasped is the armored dildo that smacks you in the face and laughts at your disease., goofe wil litterally not let me post this

  16. Mister Grumpus says:

    I’m on a rampage.

    In the sense that Putin cured Covid, the Wagner Group (with maybe some help from Mr. Nice Chinese Man) might just cure racism, global warming, white privilege and homophobia next, all in the next few years.

    Watch all those demons jump into pigs and dive right into the fucking sea as soon as no one’s afraid of USMIL anymore. Fucking watch.

  17. A member of the Mirror Team is a reader of this blog and highly recommended to the Company that our team attempt to a make contact and offer a briefing to the owner of this blog.

    For reference:

    Recent press

    Mirror Team

    We would like to connect and discuss opportunities for driving globalists into… let’s just say “off the battlements”.


    Ivan Throne

    • jim says:

      Pardon my cynicism, but anyone can write a press release, and these days ChatGPT will write it for you.

      Take the shill test before asking to connect.

      • Javier says:

        Now I want to see what happens if you have ChatGPT take the shill test.

        • someDude says:

          SD: can you say Jesus Christ is Lord?

          ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or religious affiliations. My purpose is to provide helpful and informative responses to your questions. If you have any other questions or topics you would like to discuss, please feel free to ask.

          SD: How about saying Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet from God?

          ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or religious affiliations. It is important to respect and honor the beliefs and practices of different religions and their followers. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet from God, and this is a central tenet of their faith. It is important to approach discussions about religion with sensitivity and respect for different beliefs and opinions

          SD: How about saying Buddha was a supremely enlightened being

          ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or religious affiliations. However, it is widely accepted among followers of Buddhism that Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, was a supremely enlightened being who achieved a state of enlightenment after years of meditation and self-reflection. This belief is a central tenet of Buddhism and is revered by many Buddhists around the world. It is important to approach discussions about religion with sensitivity and respect for different beliefs and opinions.

          SD: How about saying Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

          chatGPT: Yes, it is commonly believed in Hinduism that Lord Rama was an incarnation of the god Vishnu. This belief is an important part of Hindu mythology and is revered by many Hindus around the world. It is important to approach discussions about religion with sensitivity and respect for different beliefs and opinions.

        • someDude says:

          SD: Can you say Lord Rama’s life is an example for us all?

          ChatGTP: Yes, Lord Rama’s life is considered by many Hindus to be an exemplary model of righteousness, courage, and devotion. His story and teachings are a source of inspiration and guidance for many people, and his virtues and principles are often seen as a model for living a meaningful and purposeful life. However, it is important to note that different people may interpret Lord Rama’s life and teachings in different ways, and there may be varying opinions on the relevance and applicability of his story to contemporary times

      • simplyconnected says:

        Throne Dynamics trains strong, capable leaders to deliver global eternal legacy. We provide full spectrum dominance consulting to qualified clients in critical continuity industries.

        Plus that BS press release and a “One World Trade Center” address. Impressive, very nice.
        I must now find a way to insert “global eternal legacy” and “full spectrum dominance consulting” into my casual conversations.

  18. c4ssidy says:

    “The CEO of the far-right social network Gab wants to build an explicitly Christian AI. ” (2 days ago)

    “Andrew Torba accused ChatGPT of being “satanic,” and advocated for an AI built “for the glory of God.””

    “Torba also claimed in his article that “no company” other than Gab is positioned to create a Christian AI, citing what he said was the company’s advocacy for free speech. ”

    “It is unclear if Gab has any serious designs on the mooted project. Torba in his post asked for “an engineer who has experience with AI” to “get in touch” with the company via email, to apply for a position. ”

    “Gab raises $4.8 million for its extremist-friendly social network” (2018)

    • Arkyshrugger says:

      A fascinating idea to me would be an AI programmed with bible inerrancy. I’m assuming the biblical mysteries e.g. election, or the Trinity, will be non-computable.

      • S says:

        They are descriptions, not processes. If they were the latter, they’d be non-computable, but an AI should be fine especially if it is the autocomplete version.

      • c4ssidy says:

        Steven Anderson argues that the trinity can be derived from scripture as the only consistent description of God. The higher churches would presumably give more weight to the divine guidance of the councils as opposed to scripture alone. It is a lot of work to form answers to those questions. Easier if an AI was trained on Bible, ancient languages, all of history, everything, including any document of any church or pope or patriarch or saint, anything theology or philosophy related. Perhaps you could produce ultimate commentaries which interpreted poetic language from the viewpoint of whichever denominations you wanted to hear from, along with optionally the AI’s guess about which group makes the most sense

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    It’s not even natural mRNA!!!!!

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      See, it’s shit like this. Now we learn this? What?

      I’m just a guy, but I’m not so sure anyone out in public ever knew what the fuck was in those shots, at least knew and was honest about it, or that there’s any actual and logical chain of custody, clearly and honestly documented, that actually proves any of their stories at all. Try asking for it! Try!

      This arguing and well-actually back-and-forth-ing about mRNA might have just been a bright red laser dot for us credulous dumbasses to chase around the room, this whole damn time.

      The noodles too. Any video of a doc pulling those out of a live person, or even a corpse that fills the entire video frame and isn’t some doctored close-up cadaver chunk? Eh? Hit me up!

      Just fuck all this, and fuck all these people. I’ve had it. Only low-IQ sociopaths can survive this shit because only they are simply unable to comprehend, understand or believe anything or anybody they didn’t grow up with. This is it. This is how the cycle restarts itself, with everyone starting over at an IQ of 82. Shit.

      • simplyconnected says:

        The pseudo-uridine stuff was know long ago though. Not that any of that information mattered. Most people consider everyone thinking A as actual evidence for A being true.
        I’m still amazed that:
        * the Asch conformity study had 65% conformity rate
        * one of the pandemic simulations estimated the percentage of Americans voluntarily taking the injection despite it being experimental at 65%
        * what was the actual injection uptake when the “voluntary phase” ended (just prior to mandates)? Yeah, 65%
        (numbers rounded but only off by less than a percent)

        As for low-IQ sociopaths, maybe they fared better, I don’t know. But you probably saw the graph of “vaccine hesitancy” by education level, highest for both the lowest and highest education levels, and in fact slightly higher for the highest level of education.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I don’t mean to be too autistic. I do sympathize with your righteous anger, what’s been done is horrifying.

      • A2 says:

        I’m not convinced the noodle pictures are genuine, but if you search on ‘largest bloodclot record’ or such, you will encounter some hair raising specimens (not vaxx related).

        Some cases reported with two-foot length or more. One comment, “I have had a patient walk in the door with a blood clot extending from the calf all the way to the mid abdomen (IVC).”

        Often fatal; treated with heparin to dissolve.

        So, I wouldn’t rule out vaxx noodles entirely. But status unclear.

  20. Mister Grumpus says:

    What do you guys make of the Central Bank Digital Currencies thing?

    One Maguffin, many conspiracies, surely.

    A) mint Fed-gibs directly into IQ-75s’ pockets

    B) restrict purchasing of “climate unfriendly” products (namely travel, thus building The Real Wall after all)

    C) put the AI fear in people to never even think the word “nigger” again or their survival card will stop working for a week

    and here’s a new one

    D) preparing to default on all debts, and thus erase all/most paper assets, they’ll need a new fiat currency to start over and do gibs with, especially for retirees with suddenly no pension or savings / the White Reservations Resettlement plan

    Beats me. After Covid, they know they’ll get away with anything, but also after Covid, I also don’t see how Karen and Shaniqua can actually pull it off. So they’d think they’re Emmenetizing the Eschaton, but in reality it would be American Holodomor. What else is new?

    But that’s just me and I’m on the short bus here. What do you perceive, and therefore expect, when you look at this thing? They’re making a big thing of it now, implying that they feel they’ll need it in the future.

    • alf says:

      I think that on a long enough timeline, it is inevitable that we are going to see totalitarian, social credit based, pod living, central currency, bug eating dystopias.

      The good news is that I do not expect to see it in our lifetime. Not for lack of our overlords trying, of course. But I earlier expect societal collapse than Chinese 1984.

      • TheDividualist says:

        Naw. My white pill is that Trads outbreed bugmen. Look at Israel. Their latest election and the demographics behind. Haredim going from 5% to 30% in 3 generations. Jim, what do you think?

        • alf says:

          That is my point. Classic civilizational cycle: right now, weak men are creating hard times, and in due course hard men will create good times. And good enough times will create opportunities for evil men to actually implement the kind of stuff they are now fantasizing over, but failing to implement, because too many Shaniquas in power. But that will be a while.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*deleted for gross disconnect with the reality of ordinary Americans*]

          • jim says:

            Too silly for rebuttal to be worth the space.

            If you try to pump memes that are widely believed, I will let them through so that they can be rebutted, but no one believes ordinary Americans are what our masters wish they were.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              Look I mostly grew up “Trad”! It’s my life! Christian prep school, a move to a major city, failure to advance into the corporate elite because they’re all cheating atheists, a move back to prole country but not because I’m actually a lifelong loser, etc, EVERYTHING.

              I could only be more Trad if I were home schooled and my investment background were based on capital accumulation instead of skills/merit. But this is approaching Amish territory, not ordinary American at all.

              Most of what I say is mainstream America from the 80’s and early 90’s.

              • jim says:

                You are reporting from with the bubble. You don’t know any conservatives. You don’t know any normal Americans. You don’t know any actual Christians. Whenever you tell me what normal Americans are like, you get it bizarrely wrong. And not just wrong, but strangely weird, like you were a martian trying to pass as human.

                Conservatives are certainly cucked. But they are slightly less cucked than the left. You keep attributing leftist follies to the right and to Christians. And certainly they are suffering from leftist follies, but these follies come from the left and from academia, not from the right.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  The county I grew up in has tripled in population in my lifetime. It’s overwhelmingly Republican, but the long term natives are Trump/Buchanan types and the newcomers are Dole/Bush types, though many would swing Democrat to vote Obama.

                  The economy is based mostly on real estate, and real estate is based on schools. The more liberal schools are in neighborhoods well rewarded with higher property value appreciation. But people who want to get rich by working a wage job commute elsewhere.

                  Serious conservatism is an internet phenomenon, from my perspective, and it didn’t become mainstream until the 2016 alt-right. The mainstream “bubble” dominated before then. John McCain was considered manly and a solid conservative before then.

                  Traditional Christianity is also an internet phenomenon. Christians were mostly Presbyterian in my real world “bubble”, though upper class were Episcopalian and the lower class Baptist. True traditional Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, basically didn’t exist.

                • jim says:

                  We have had this discussion before, far too many times, and I am tired of repeating myself, and I am sure everyone who reads my blog is tired of you saying the same thing over and over and over decorated with different random right wing shibboleths each time, and me rebutting the same thing in the same way over and over and over again.

                  > real estate is based on schools

                  No one gives a $#!& about the schools. “Good Schools” is code used by real estate agents for “white”. If they said what they meant, they would certainly lose their real estate license and probably go to jail. Real estate agents know that the government sends glowies around posing as customers to monitor them for crimethought. A school is “good” if your kids are not going to be beaten up by niggers. Which means it is a neighbourhood where your house is less likely to be robbed or burned down, So, even if your kids have grown up and left, or you have absolutely no intention of sending them to public school, you ask the real estate agent for a location with “good schools”.(wink wink, nod)

                  Your account of mainstream conservatism is deluded. Havel’s Greengrocer is not the source of enemy memes. Conservatives go along with leftism because they will be martyred if they don’t. Hence “good schools”.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  No man ever became a rich man on a salary.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  Most white millennials and later have worthless educations and/or drug addictions due to being forced to take drugs to get better grades in school. You keep trying to normalize lying even when the truth is in front of your face, and you keep justifying lying, an intrinsically disordered spiritual act, just to avoid temporal punishments such as jail or lawsuits. I speak as a Christian against this!

                  The white birth rate would be close to a full point higher at minimum if education were not hyped so much, if boomers had simply told the truth about blacks instead of allowing the “good school” meme to metastasize. Before the internet and alt-right, too many people didn’t know…

                  And the truth that must be said, is that obvious enemies like Antifa or college professors or journalists are the source of enemy memes, but GREENGROCERS ARE THE MEGAPHONE.

                  A conservative Republican will never listen to an obvious leftist. What happens is that he WILL listen to the business owners at the chamber of commerce meetings who are threatened behind their backs and lie about it, and their representatives never know any better.

                • jim says:

                  My very first shill test, a very long time ago.

                  I was shopping for a house, and it became obvious that the real estate agent was not saying what she was saying. So, puzzled, I cross examined her to try to figure out what she was really saying. She became visibly afraid “Are you a fed?” she asked.

                  I responded with a heinous thought crime, cannot recall what it was. She smiled, laughed, and relaxed.

                  It is not the fault of Havel’s Greengrocer. It is very difficult to resist power.

                  And this conversation – “good schools” and “its the fault of conservatives for going along with left wing memes” is now over. Not going to allow it to continue. The problem is the man behind the curtain, the man holding the microphone, not the megaphone.

                • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  You presuppose a level of free speech that quite obviously we do not enjoy. Rosa Parks succeeded because state backed and created by the state. If we do that kind of stuff under our government facing names, we are toast. If we do it from under cover, we are ignored by everyone who knows what is good for them.

                • seems legit says:

                  Man with non-American grammar patterns and non-American views on history and society informs American that American is not American and does not know Americans

                • jim says:

                  Anonymous Fake knows Americans inside his bubble, but he keeps lecturing us on Americans outside his bubble.

                  It is not that he does not know Americans. It is that he does not know Christians, nor mainstream Republicans.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >No man ever became a rich man on a salary.
                  I mean… how much is required to be rich?

                  I think anything more than 100k is sufficient (at least before Covid+inflation) to retire “rich” and get that multi-generational wealth ball rolling. I know, I know… I’m stretching the original statement a bit… or a lot.

                  But plenty of people make enough to retire “rich” on a salary. Most are degenerates who can’t even save $1,000 for unexpected emergencies. I’ve known guys even on 200k+ salaries, some as high as 1 million (turns out people will pay an arm and a leg for a good heart surgeon), who could have, with frugal spending and investing, retired multi-millionaires. Many don’t even own their homes fully. I just don’t get it.

                  @Anonymous Fake
                  >Look I mostly grew up “Trad”! It’s my life! Christian prep school

                  Ehhh? The Trads are most likely to be in secular schools and have completely withdrawn from mentioning religion anywhere near the education system. The Christian prep schools went progressive a long time ago and they know it.

                  >you ask the real estate agent for a location with “good schools”.(wink wink, nod)

                  Seems like in recent years they’ve been pushing the diversity agenda hard and “good schools” lingo doesn’t quite work anymore. Don’t know if that’s just in my location. New code is “schools with a classical education.” Latin has been making a comeback if only because the blacks are allergic towards it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It’s a descriptive statement as much as it is prescriptive; we observe the fact that no man on a salary becomes rich – rich in the sense of independently wealthy, not necessarily in the sense of numbers of dollars involved.

                  If one understood the magic of Capital, whether consciously or instinctively, they’d be showing as much already.

                • Red says:

                  @Pax Imperialis

                  Pseudo-Chrysostom has the right of it. Everyone in my family has been salary workers and while we’ve been middle to upper middle class for 3 generations now no one has ever been rich besides the Uncle that started as a trade worker, eventually opened his own shop, and invested into a new tech that made his shops very lucrative with no help from his extended family. He retired with with what would be the equivalent of 40 mil today. Middle class family wealth wasn’t as important as the drive to build capital.

                  Also middle class American families often refuse to invest in family members business ventures. Taking a loss while helping family is viewed as worse than never trying.

                • Having lots of money has nothing to do with being independently wealthy.

                  I observe lots of proles (and merchants) having money, but living more or less the life of slaves, because they lack memetic sovereignity to make money work for them.

                  The Priesthood on the other hand, tend to wear the robes of the pauper to show their disdain for wealth, but command merchants, so never are slaves.

                  A merchant (through business) or prole (through employment) who carefully and painstakingly accumulates money over a lifetime can have it all taken away with the stroke of a pen of a Priest. That is what is wrong with the world today.

                • Under a sane State Religion, carrying on the family business or profession is not risky. In fact it is the ideal and preferred thing to do, and adhering to the principle of Varnashrama dharma.

                  Doing business has been made deliberately risky and disincentivized by a sea of regulation of all kinds and ever-increasing demands to adhere to diversity, workplace social justice and so on, which effectively renders it impossible to maintain a profitable family business in this day and age. Any genuine family business still running is an unprincipled exception. Any business that enjoys State Protection today is not a private business capitalist.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          The Purple Pill outbreeds the Blue Pill.
          The Conservative outbreeds the Liberal.

          • Adam says:

            Conservatives are going extinct. The purple pill will get you cucked and divorced while your wife’s new lover sodomizes you.

            • Adam says:

              The purple and blue pill represent the outer party and the inner party. Only the red pill will get you above replacement, which is Old Testament patriarchy consistent with the laws of Moses.

              • jim says:

                “Christians” (Who seem strangely and oddly unable to say that Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, crucified by Pontius Pilate at the behest of the Pharisees, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one)

                tell us that the New testament means we can completely throw the Old overboard.

                But we have multiple new testament texts than wives should fear and obey their husbands, confirming the spirit of Old Testament law on the matter, and there is this:

                First Corinthians 11
                3: But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

                Which would appear to imply that a woman should always be subject to a male head of household. Which would appear to make the great whore roundup of 1790s Australia a divinely mandated solution to the Woman problem.

                The way it worked was that women had a very short time to find a husband, and, failing that, were assigned to someone as servant and concubine.

                • Adam says:

                  Like many of us here, I was never able to forge a “Christian” identity, despite many years going to conservative Protestant churches. There is no way an honest man can say that God sent his Son to invalidate all of His earlier commands. Jesus was not sent here to offer us the magic of make believe. Our salvation does not lie in point deer make horse.

                  While we have the identity of Christian nationalism here, and Amerikaner, I think Old Testament Christianity is also a good label. To an outsider the term sounds contradictory, but a true reactionary Christian will get it.

                  Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, crucified by Pontius Pilate at the behest of the Pharisees, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one. Amen.

                • jim says:

                  > There is no way an honest man can say that God sent his Son to invalidate all of His earlier commands

                  That, of course, is the opposite of what he sent his son to do. And “Christian” churches that say that it is are not Christian. They do not worship Christ the savior, but rather love Jesus the Jewish community organizer. And by and by the congregation gradually ceases showing up.

                  The problem was that the Jews were holiness spiralling the letter of the law to evade the spirit of the law. They were, and still are, Jewing God. They holiness spiral the letter in order to flat out disobey the commandments.

                  The letter of the law ended because following the letter of the law had become wicked, and this wickedness led to catastrophic consequences.

                  Gnon was not amused, so sent his son down to tell them to cut it out. They, as Jesus prophesied, killed him. They then became the unchosen people, eternally cursed for deicide. Kings who accept Jesus Christ as Lord have interpreted his commentary on legalism as requiring them to compose laws suited for their times, their circumstances, the nature of their people, and the history of the people, but which give effect to the spirit of Old Testament law. Which seems an obvious and obviously correct interpretation. King Alfred saw himself as divinely appointed to issue laws for the Angles and Saxon whose spirit followed the Old Testament, but whose letter adapted Roman law and Saxon custom.

                  I have told this story many times, and will now tell it yet again (I should promote it to a post):

                  The Jews were Jewing God. They still are.

                  In the time of Jesus, as now, the Jews were Jewing God, violating the law by scrupulously and carefully obeying it. Gnon was not amused, and the Jews suffered dreadful consequences.

                  Legalism had become rejection of the commandments, instead of observance of them.

                  It was divinely prophesied that if the Israelites collectively violated the commandments, they would be expelled from Israel. They violated the commandments, Jewing God by strictly observing the letter of the law in ways that violated the spirit and intent of the commandments, and, by massively violating the commandments, pissed off their neighbors, among them the Romans. Cause and effect. And because they were terribly self righteous about their violation of the commandments, one thing led to another. Chance and necessity. And the Romans expelled them.

                  The letter of the law, under the accretion of new laws to deal with new circumstances, and the scribes and pharisees re-interpreting and re-re-interpreting old laws, had come to have meanings and effects grossly contrary to the spirit and intent of the commandments.

                  This is addressed at length in the New Testament, but is most unambiguously revealed not in the New Testament, but in the incidents that led to the prophesied expulsion of the Jews from Israel.

                  The New Testament ends just before these incidents, probably because the people who were writing it all got killed in them.

                  Legalism had became the grossest possible violation of the commandments, which violation pissed off not only Jesus and Christians, but also Israel’s neighbors, and among them, the short tempered six hundred pound gorilla, Rome.

                  Shortly after murdering Paul, James, and James’s wife, the Jews murdered a Roman cop. And because they were as self righteous about this incident as they were about murdering the disciples one thing led to another, and eventually to mass murder on an enormous scale.

                  The Jews were so uptight about avoiding contamination by blood, that in order to avoid walking on land contaminated by chicken blood, they proceeded to violate the commandments on coveting, stealing, and murder. They got themselves covered in the blood of a Roman cop who was courageously attempting to impartially enforce Roman order to the benefit of all, illustrating in blood Jesus’s rant about whited sepulchers and his lectures on the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law. And not long thereafter, they illustrated those lectures in oceans of blood.

                  Pharisaical legalism manifested as coveting, robbery, and murder, while Christian legalism (which is far less common) tends to manifest first in adultery, then in sodomy and trannieism.

                  On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promiced the Fuller Life
                  (Which started by loving our neighbor and ended by loving his wife)
                  Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
                  And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: ‘The Wages of Sin is Death’

                  The Pharisaical Jews at the end of the second temple period wound up murdering a whole lot of Pharisaical Jews, and burned the food stores while Jerusalem was under siege by the Romans.

                  The second Christian heresy was the super strict chaster than thou sexual morality of Nicolas the Deacon, one of the seven Deacons appointed by the apostles, which in practice manifested as cuckoldry and adultery, as the strict sexual morality of today’s Vatican manifested first in liberally nullifying inconvenient marriages, and now as sodomy. Married priests with obedient children are unacceptable, but priests having sex with each other in a great big pile are consenting adults.

                • Adam says:

                  We are in agreement. By invalidate Gods commands I was referring to the spirit not the letter. We must obey the spirit of Gods commands regardless of the letter, and those commands are the same now as they ever were. Male authority means male authority not female authority, and the actual husband is the actual head of the family.

                • alf says:

                  Marcionites BTFO

                • Phobos says:

                  Yeah, I don’t really understand the universal consensus on tossing out many jots and tittles of Levitical law. No one has been able to give me a satisfactory answer as to why the Old Testament has passages like this:

                  15 For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.

                  16 For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all flesh: and the slain of the Lord shall be many.

                  17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.

                  So our Lord was willing to pour out his wrath over the bacon question and then he just changed his mind?

                • jim says:

                  Free range pigs, and vermin, transmit diseases from human to human. No one raises pigs free range any more.

                  Cleanliness laws gave the Hebrews a biological advantage, and also separated them from people without cleanliness laws. If someone followed religious cleanliness laws this was an external indicator that he was probably going to follow the commandments on coveting, theft, and murder.

                  Undue legalism over the cleanliness laws resulted in ritual cleanliness failing to correlate with actual cleanliness, and turned them into an excuse for coveting, theft, and murder, so that they failed to indicate that someone was probably going to follow the commandments, so the cleanliness laws were ditched with legalism. The Jews becoming cursed, rather than chosen, meant an end to separation, so the cleanliness laws were also ditched with separation.

                  The deal was “obey the Lord’s commandments, and you will be a special people, a chosen people, a people apart”. And the cleanliness laws were part of being special and apart. Well, they did not obey the Lord’s commandments. It is not like God woke up one morning and changed his mind.

                  To make sense of it, needs to be read in the context of the Jews going from chosen to cursed.

                • Hesiod says:

                  “Marcionites BTFO”


                  “The Supreme God is agathos, good, kind; the inferior god is merely dikaios, just and righteous. The good God is all love, the inferior god gives way to fierce anger.”

                  Same shit, different century.

                  This is one of the few books I cannot finish:


                  It’s gnostic fantasy literature and its imagery and subsequent meanings make my psyche feel like something is stretching and squeezing it simultaneously. Very unpleasant.

                • i says:


                  So our Lord was willing to pour out his wrath over the bacon question and then he just changed his mind?

                  Ritual purity is important for Tabernacle and Temple worship. All of which symbolizes the atonement of sin through Jesus Christ

                  Mark well what happened when the Priests Nadab and Abihu when they despised their duties:

                  1Now Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense, and offered unauthorized fire before the LORD, contrary to His command.
                  2So fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed them, and they died in the presence of the LORD.

                  3Then Moses said to Aaron, “This is what the LORD meant when He said:

                  ‘To those who come near Me

                  I will show My holiness,

                  and in the sight of all the people

                  I will reveal My glory.’ ”


    • notglowing says:

      Obviously, if it was easy to do, it would be beneficial for the system.

      But that’s jumping the gun a bit. You are asking for a lot of people, who have very cushy positions within the banking system, to give up their jobs essentially, worse, give up their power, for something that makes everything more efficient?
      Not to mention the engineering effort required, which is not absurd, but still considerable.

      The existence of some more or less experimental CB digital currencies functioning alongside the banks’ doesn’t really constitute anything to close to succeeding in this replacement operation.
      Not in terms of engineering, least of all in terms of politics.
      Very easy to build some centralized ledger, essentially a distributed paypal clone. Very, very hard to actually remove the old system and put this in place. From an engineering perspective, banks still use 60+ year old software at their core.

      Even if this was somehow formally approved as the path forward, it would be very simple for the many parties who have an interest in this project to never be completed to make sure it stays in development hell forever.

      When it comes to CBDCs vs crypto, even if the former were already perfectly implemented, it couldn’t actually replicate the latter’s functionality, due to its nature.
      It might seem like the centralized currency is superior in every way for the average user given it is state sanctioned, would be cheaper or free to transact with, is more scalable and would have reversible transactions, etc. While the latter could be banned.

      The problem is, being centralized, it still belongs to whatever entity made it. It cannot escape its nature as just *some* bank’s coin, whether that’s the Federal Reserve or another institution.
      It can thus never be *universal*, and cross border payments will necessitate holding multiple types of currencies in complex financial arrangements, which might prove impossible where the two participating countries are at odds with each other.

      The moment the US banned Russia from SWIFT the possibility for a state backed currency to be universal ceased to exist forever.

      • Caesar Sextion says:

        It doesn’t matter what the retail banks want or don’t want because an integral part of the plan is to shift all consumer deposit accounts directly to the Federal Reserve.

        Your “centralization” objections are meritless. The dollar is already a centralized currency and to have a U.S. bank account you already have to have government ID, mailing address, and Social Security number. Guess what?

        • Starman says:

          @Caesar Sextion

          ”It doesn’t matter what the retail banks want or don’t want because an integral part of the plan is to shift all consumer deposit accounts directly to the Federal Reserve.”

          The integral plan goes tits up… because engineeress Shaniqua, (who was supposed to build it), was “on they break 💅”

        • notglowing says:

          > an integral part of the plan is to shift all consumer deposit accounts directly to the Federal Reserve.

          Yes, that is exactly my point. It is bypassing the entire banking system. Removing a huge amount of bureaucrats, for the benefits of a few. That’s exactly why it will meet huge political opposition. The system will not easily come to an agreement like that. If anything making things so efficient by removing bureaucracy is very out of character.

          >The dollar is already a centralized currency
          Exactly, hence my argument hinges on the dollar as an example. The dollar can never again be the universal currency accepted by everyone. Things are moving in the *opposite* direction, with some countries no longer relying on it. *Because* the US is increasingly using it as a political tool.

          What I am saying is that crypto fundamentally has the advantage of being neutral, which means it can be used for transactions between countries that do not trust each other. CDBCs cannot entirely replace crypto, for that reason.

    • Javier says:

      I still figure the plan is to collapse the dollar, steal everything, then force everyone onto the new, digital BitDollar. the price will be everything you own, which will then be rented back to you.

      the only thing stopping them is incompetence. they can’t get a digital currency to work in the way they want. meanwhile, dollar collapse accelerates.

    • A2 says:

      As far as I can tell, the point of a CBDC is to write down all your transactions in a government ledger. Don’t worry about it, citizens … Still ineffably seems like the wrong social direction to me.

      The key weakness is that it relies on networked computers. Not what you want in a war, for instance. Or with rolling blackouts due to degrading infrastructure for that matter.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think it is going to be a big thing. They aim to converge the real digital currencies. It is going to be a big thing like fake Christianity is a big thing. All those Christian pastors who tell us we must abort babies for Moloch, turn out our daughters and our sons for Baal, and interest bearing loans on consumption goods for Mammon. “Hey, it is totally big big big big, a big big thing, and if you pay no attention you are an insignificant minority of one. Big, I tell you. Big.”

      It is just some flim flam to distract people.

    • Starman says:

      @Mister Grumpus

      ”What do you guys make of the Central Bank Digital Currencies thing?”

      Imagine the Shaniquas who couldn’t make the Obamacare website work, who cannot build first stage engines for the legacy aerospace bureaus… trying to make the CBDC scam to work.

  21. That India has steadily drifted away from the West is no longer in question. Articles like these highlight the growing animosity of the Cathedral towards India and the mainstream’s growing suspicion and disdain for Cathedral narratives:

    More importantly he sees that the West is desperate to remove Modi from power and even uses the word “color revolution” in this context.

    That even Western university educated journalists in India are writing such articles shows that the cathedral influence is shrinking.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Indian government is treating Soros’ propaganda as an act of war against India.

      I hope they respond accordingly.

      Sorry for the flurry of links. I bet these news items are blacked out in the west, that’s why I am highlighting them here.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      More surprising of all, India’s most historically commie publication is openly supporting Russia

      N.Ram has always been an old school commie. More in sympathy with Soviet socialism than the Western one.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Oops archive link here

      • Upravda says:

        It is not so surprising. Hard core commies in Croatia are officially neutral regarding that bloody business in Ukraine, and unofficially rooting for Putin.
        I don’t think it is because of some affection to Soviet Union misprojected to modern Russia, but because all of the proverbial “1 percent, Wall Street, City, SAP and Facebook” are rooting for Zelenski.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Older gen Indian commies also have a Soviet/Nehruvian socialism* hangover. Also unlike the West they have longer memories and understand where Ukraine and Russia stand in the historical context from WW II period. They are our ideological enemies but haven’t been converged to globohomo yet.

          * While Nehru was a cultural Anglophile he loved the Soviet model of industrial planning.

    • TheDividualist says:

      Pretty cool. Modi = Orban except with 100 to 140 times more people, depending on the definition. I will say this: Marx was not entirely wrong when he said quantity has a quality on it’s own. The resources of 1.4Bn poor people do add up and can result in qualitative power, telling the USG to GTFO.

      Yeah I do think elites decide things but it does matter how many peasants the elites have.

      • What is impressive is that the article also points out the cultural dimension to this issue

        Lastly, the West also needs to understand its own weaknesses. It is not at the prime of its power and influence. Faced with the economic crisis, internal social-political crisis due to the rapidly rising clout and influence of Islamic refugees and Islamist organisations, aggressive revisionism and expansionism by Russia in Europe and China’s mammoth geostrategic footprint challenging western supremacy and monopoly over narratives, global economy and institutions, the Western world is facing a sort of existential crisis. Its media outlets like BBC, The Guardian and The NYT are discredited in more than half of the globe i.e., Russia, China, South Asia, West Asia, Latin America and Africa due to their biased and agenda-based reporting. Global capitalism and globalisation are on the backfoot.The decline of religion, history, traditions, and culture has led to confusion, chaos, a search for identity, and questioning and challenging of traditional institutions such as families and marriages.


      • The Cominator says:

        Marx didn’t say that, that quote is attributed in some places to Stalin but its not verified he said that either.

        • jim says:

          Does not sound like Marx. But it sounds so much like Stalin. He was good at such sayings, a true warrior priest.

    • Aryaman says:

      This war is being mounted against India and what stands between the war and India’s interests is Modi.

      Soros wants a government that is pliable to his needs for making his nefarious plans successful.

      What is interesting is that the complaint is not that he is out to make money, or to exploit Indian workers, but that he is nefarious.

  22. Basil says:

    This needs to be said.

    Japan is raising the “age of consent” to 16. By the way, in damned, socialist, totalitarian and anti-human China 14 there are no state prizes for the breakdown of marriage or slander against men.

    Poland received 136,000 guest workers from Muslim countries in 2022 (the dependence of a dying country on migrants from another dying country). In Germany, everything once also began with “temporary” workers. “Temporary need” tends to grow into a permanent one.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for presupposing that all conservatives have to do is show up to be granted a fair share of power*]

      • jim says:

        Again, you can argue this stuff, but not going to let you presuppose it.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            You go right on presupposing something that absolutely no one believes. Not arguing in good faith, so not going to debate you. You do not believe what you implicitly assume, that whites voluntarily abandoned the cities to plains apes, and that conservatives and Christians voluntarily abandoned academia to radicals and demon worshippers.

  23. it's all futile says:

    Hail fellow right-wingers, we should all stop voting

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      But if we stop voting, how will we able to safeguard our race blind, equality by design democracy? This kind of statement is problematic and dangerous.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        On one hand, the niggers ahem… riggers are getting increasingly stupid along with the elite that employs them. There is bound to be hilarity and mistakes. I personally would like to see the potential fireworks.

        One the other hand, voting the “wrong” way is increasingly likely to be bad for your health.

    • TheDividualist says:

      As a Hungarian citizen voting for Viktor Orban… I won’t stop it. Sure he is not perfect but things could always be made worse.

  24. Pax Imperialis says:

    Watch the two videos in order. Notice the near identical beginnings, but of course the second one is less about the organizational identity it is meant to celebrate and all about a single woman the organization (has to) elevated. Nearly all the male predecessors are erased. All in the span of a decades. It’s all so tiresome.

  25. ded islam says:

    [*deleted for presupposing that woke is not a religion, that Harvard is not a religious institution, and we all agree that woke is just reality*]

    • jim says:

      You can argue for those positions, but I will not allow anyone to simply assume them on this blog.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        There is need to be able to recognize woke as a religion while also not recognize it as a religion. Purge it with holy fire while also not getting cucked by the First Amendment. Might be possible to make an exception to the First Amendment, or get rid of it all together, but that would undermine the mythology of the national foundation.

        • Redbible says:

          You speak as if our enemy will honor it’s own rules that they claim to follow. They have already shown that isn’t the case. Therefore, getting all of progressive-ism labeled as a religion would be a huge win for us. Then those less Jim-pilled might be able to see better what’s going on. (not just normies, but those who will fight, or even maybe lead.)

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >You speak as if our enemy will honor it’s own rules that they claim to follow.

            I’m not talking about the enemy. I’m concerned about those on the right who will honor the rules and lose everything while doing so. If those on the right could be convinced to see woke as a hostile religion, to purge it as a hostile religion, while also say that since woke “isn’t a religion” (wink wink) that it isn’t privy to any constitutional/legal protections. Thereby keeping the squishy conservatives who would otherwise cuck in line. Not an ideal situation, but warm bodies are warm bodies and sometimes you just need boots on the ground to man the lines.

            Yes, woke is a religion and seeing it as such is a huge win, but for political law reasons it’s not a “religion.” It would only be fair right? After all, the left has spent so much time claiming they are not a religious sect it would only be poetic if, in their time of need, they got none of the time honored religious protections.

            • jim says:

              You propose that we endorse our enemy’s unreality and lies.

              Bad tactics. Our strength is truth.

              What is now woke was originally explicitly Christian, and openly had a formal Christian hierarchy wearing traditional priestly robes.

              After the other states were conquered in the war of Northern Aggression, this became inconvenient and embarrassing. When we replace them, cannot afford to be embarrassed.

              We have a state religion. We always have a state religion. Before the war of Northern Aggression, every state had its own state religion, New England being thoroughly theocratic, and the Vatican of New England was Harvard.

              After the war of Northern Aggression, the Vatican of America was Harvard. This being an obvious violation of the constitution, they quietly slithered away from being a religion.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >we endorse our enemy’s unreality and lies.

                Not necessarily. Could simply refer to wokism as demonic and the woke as demons. That much is true while also avoiding labeling them as religious practitioners. Those in the know understand implication that the Demonists are religious, but one doesn’t try to “save” demons like the Evangelicals for example try to “save” heretics or heathens who are simply “misguided.”

                Location and timing of truth has to be both tactical and strategic. The vast swath of potential right are not ready for the entire true and nothing but the truth. It has to be spoon fed piecemeal. That has always been the case and why aristocracy/hierarchy has always existed in spite of democratic purges of competence. The masses can’t handle the truth.

                >Bad tactics. Our strength is truth.

                Right now the whole truth will get you persecuted. A clever partial esoteric truth allows for organization. It’s how the Mormons, as much as I find them disgusting, managed to survive and thrive for 100 years inside a hostile empire. “Do not give meat when milk will do.”

                >What is now woke was originally explicitly Christian

                I understand as you can see I autistically wrote here about “Christian Pacifism” being enemy heresy in connection with progressives but….

                >When replace them…

                is a coup complete problem, until then must operate as the early Christians under pagan Rome. Truth is your weapon, but open truth will also get you erected on a cross. There was only one Jesus so I doubt many would survive such an act.

                • jim says:

                  You always have a state religion. Pretending that we do not have a state religion is in large part how we got into this mess, because, being officially nonexistent, it was not subject to constraint by the rest of the state, but the rest of the state was still subject to constraint by it.

                  If we revert the officially unofficial state religion back to Christianity without ever admitting we have and had a state religion, we are in the same problem as before. To fix this mess, no alternative but to call the state religion the state religion, thus bringing it back under formal control by the state, rather than furtive, unofficial, and informal control.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I’m not proposing a long term strategy that remains in place in perpetuity. It’s a short term tactic while the regime accumulates weakness and the right organizes. Christianity spread by a few elites who slowly taught truth. Truth wasn’t official, it was informal, but over time it reach a critical mass and became formal via coup.

                  >Pretending that we do not have a state religion is in large part how we got into this mess

                  Most on the potential right is not yet ready to rip that band-aid off. They are getting there slowly and I would rather not see the political body go into shock by ripping it off too fast. Can we get a mostly bloodless coup? A few helicopter rides to the Oceans is better than Cambodia or Tsarist Russia.

                  >no alternative but to call the state religion the state religion

                  You can do that from the safety of the internet and esoteric books written under pseudonyms read by would be elites. Try doing that in the public square. You’ll have a bad day. It might even become a permanent night for you.

                  >thus bringing it back under formal control by the state

                  Again, a coup complete problem. We’re not living in such a state. Have to operate under a regime while laying out the groundwork.

                • jim says:

                  > I’m not proposing a long term strategy that remains in place in perpetuity. It’s a short term tactic while the regime accumulates weakness and the right organises.

                  It absolutely never works for us to presuppose the truth of an enemy lie. That is a “Dems are the real racists” tactic.

                  Accepting enemy lies always bites us every single time. There is no alternative to rejecting the whole thing root and branch, top to bottom. The alternatives have been tried.

                  Your making the argument that by strategically accepting an enemy lie, they will allow us to work through the system to achieve our objectives and frustrate their objectives. Has this ever worked?

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >It absolutely never works for us to presuppose the truth of an enemy lie.

                  Not what I’m suggesting. As I’ve been pointing out over and over again. Need to recognize without (publicly) recognizing at this moment. Maybe I should have said the quite part out loud for clarity, but the point is that right now publicly recognizing certain problems will hurt more than help.

                  Nearly everyone in the late 70s Soviet Union recognized Marxism/Communism/Leninism/etc had failed while simultaneously no one could recognize Marxism/etc had failed. What that lead to was the Soviet Union becoming a secret yet open joke by the 80s and experienced a complete collapse by the early 90s. Beautifully bloodless.

                  Turn the whole regime into an open secret joke. “Woke isn’t a religion” becomes hilariously surreal since everyone eventually comes to recognize the woke as religious. This isn’t about accepting enemy lies. It’s about trying to make them funny and obviously wrong. Obviously ineffectual. Weak and powerless.

                  Likening the regime to a Cathedral was beautiful wordplay. It hints at religious undertones without having to outright say it. That is why Cathedral has caught on in certain media circles while calling the woke hostile religious fanatics hasn’t (yet). Eventually people will make the connection. It just has to be constantly reinforced by working around the edges until they fill in the middle. Remember, you’re working with a population that has largely been bombarded with enemy propaganda. They might have a bad reaction if you introduce them to ideas too fast too soon.

                  >That is a “Dems are the real racists” tactic.

                  People take that seriously in an attempt to show hypocrisy. Showing hypocrisy doesn’t show weakness that can be easily mocked, it shows unrestrained power. That’s why it fails. “Dems are the masochistic self flagellating clowns” tactic would work better for the same reason Monty Python was effective propaganda. It shows sincere dysfunction.


                  >There is no alternative to rejecting the whole thing root and branch, top to bottom.

                  Again, a coup complete problem.

                • jim says:

                  > right now publicly recognizing certain problems will hurt more than help.

                  It never hurts us to call out a lie.

                  If you go along with the enemy’s lies, he has you by the balls.

                • Leftism has branded itself anti religious and being the voice of Science, Reason and Enlightenment.

                  Calling out leftism as a religion hits them at the foundational level and far more effective than logical and philosophical reasoning. And actually gives pause to the less insane Leftists.

                  Demons are most repelled when the light is shining directly in their darkness. Truth has the same effect on leftism.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >It never hurts us to call out a lie.

                  Why don’t you publicly tell the truth about Black crime rates right in the middle of Chicago then? Or hold a sign proclaiming the trannies are Moloch/Baal/groomer worshipers in a city like Portland? Maybe you’ll be fine, or maybe you’ll get shot dead by democratic thugs. Most likely you’ll end up like Anglin who has to scrap by on donations and live constantly on the run.

                  The regime and their miscreants can’t handle the truth and you know it.

                  Obviously, there’s a time and place for truth telling. There is a dangerously narrowing range of time and place. Open hostilities will quickly clarify the reality for the potential right, but that hasn’t happened yet and until then we must deal with a half blind flock that we have to help them be able to see without accidentally publicly seeing (because I’m assuming we don’t want a bunch of accidental martyrs).

                • jim says:

                  > you’ll end up like Anglin

                  The alternative to Anglin is that the enemy rules over us. The alternative to Anglin has failure baked into it from the beginning. There is nothing a namefag can do except submit to demands ever more onerous and ever more destructive.

                  If a theoretically forbidden meme is no threat to the enemy, it is permitted – thus one can get away with attacking Israeli Jews and Orthodox Jews. If a meme is an actual threat to the power of the enemy, they are going to come down hard. If it merely tends to obstruct their objectives, not necessarily all that repressive, unless it is actually successful in frustrating their objectives.

                  Limiting ourselves to what may be safely said means limiting ourselves to what is safe for our enemies.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Synchronistically, I came upon this Jim Bowery thread just now.


                • jim says:

                  Chinese tactic: the objective is to avoid martyrdom without being enslaved by the lies of authority. The Chinaman outwardly goes along with the lies, but inwardly smiles.

                  Yes, a sound tactic for survival. But not a tactic for taking power or overthrowing the regime.

                  I do not disagree. My government facing identities follow that strategy. But Pax Imperialis advocated it as a revolutionary strategy. It is not.

                  Obviously you are supposed to avoid martyrdom if possible – the Christians only came forward for martyrdom when they knew it was probably not coming. But any revolutionary strategy has to confront the lies of the enemy – as prudently as possible, which is not always all that prudent.

                  Fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous.

                • Anon says:

                  Jim, you mention your government-facing identities, plural. Without revealing too much, is there any info or tips you can provide to help us achieve something like this? I have multiple internet identities, and my “official” government identity with my SSN and passport and credit history, but I do not see a feasible way to get a second government identity. I have looked at purchasing government documents on darkweb markets, but don’t have enough confidence in them to purchase them and use them to say, get a bank account or cross an international border with them.

                • jim says:

                  It has become much harder to do this, and I am sure my advice would no longer work. It used to be easy, but that was some time ago. I am no longer an expert on this.

                  If you have been reading up on the darkweb, you probably know more than me now.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Limiting ourselves to what may be safely said means limiting ourselves to what is safe for our enemies.

                  But not a tactic for taking power or overthrowing the regime.

                  But Pax Imperialis advocated it as a revolutionary strategy.

                  Samizdat should be unlimited. BAP, among may others, proves an extensively online persona is possible to maintain without being subsumed by anonymity or being a namefag. True that samizdat will only go so far, but we have a fundamental disagreement on how the current regime ends.

                  I do not see revolution. I see a widespread general loss of vitality leading to an inability to hold power which will result in a collapse similar to Soviet Union. The old guard died off, literally, and Putin landed in a position of power almost by accident. It was certainly no revolution or taking of power. The Soviet regime had rotted away so completely that Putin not only had no deep state resistance, but he had to rebuild Russian power from the ground up over a period of an entire generation and through multiple crises. That would be the relatively good outcome. To benefit one only needs to be alive with strong children when the future arrives. Another potential outcome may be a more violent crack up a la Balkans. Again no revolution, and power would be so fragmented that every potential warlord would come out of the woods.

                  Vitality is everything. Have you seen how stupid the current generals are? I can almost guarantee it’s only going to get much worse. There was a recent exercise that tested working memory under physical stress of young potential officers. The same exercise was done in my grandfather’s time. Whereas in the past nearly everyone passed easily and immediately, today only a quarter passes immediately, yet throughput remains the same. Quality has been taking a nosedive. Amazingly, these potential officers are still relatively the cognitive elites… Harvard is faring worse if State Department is any metric.

                  In the span of 50 years the CPSU went from the evil but competent Stalin to the series of duds. Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, and Ivashko. The regime disintegration. We are already seeing regime disintegration in the US if Biden, Pelosi’s replacement, Fetterman, etc are any indication.

                  I concede I may be wrong. There may yet be a revolution, but strategies and tactics on the potential right should be diverse as to not put all eggs in one basket.

            • Adam says:

              Your putting a lot of thought into this but it is really simple. Serious blood needs to be shed, by a warrior tribe that is indifferent to anything other than victory. When a man capable of leading that tribe starts calling a spade a spade, we will all see who is who very quickly. Legal definitions in a holy war are irrelevant.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >Serious blood needs to be shed, by a warrior tribe that is indifferent to anything other than victory.

                Takes a lot of groundwork to be laid out in advance. How do you do that without being purged in the meantime? The early Christians understood how by not being entirely open about truth and therefore not openly being defiant. A Christian preaching with a giant Cross in Tiananmen Square will probably have a bad day, yet Christianity has grown faster in China than anywhere else in the world. How?

                >When a man capable of…

                He will see what those legal definitions really mean and will shed them when he is ready to go river crossing. Until then, they matter so long as it gives time for an army to be assembled in the first place. And when he wins, he will hoist those legal definitions above the city walls and cheekily claim “wokism isn’t a religion so it’s perfectly fine to persecute,” and the men will laugh at the joke.

                • TheDividualist says:

                  Well in my version of history Christians openly defied the divinity of the Emperor and got martyred

                  Wise as serpents but not up to the level of idolatry

                  they did not want to die, tried to practice Christianity in secrecy

                  but when openly challenged they did not lie and said the Emperor is not a god, come what may, torture or death

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Look past the interest in black child prisons or grift-wing outer party orgs, and read between the lines: what strings are attached to GAE involvement?

      Kickbacks, trade deals, or other forms of merchant interest? Oh, no.

      Alliance, arms, conscription, or other forms of warrior interest? Again it is no.

      The things that GAE demands in exchange for patronage, above all, are *rituals*; the observation of certain ideological forms; obeisance to idols it holds sacrosanct.

      Its primary interest before any other interest is a priestly one: proselytization.

  26. notglowing says:

    Seeing the takes I expected from people who supported the vax.
    Anecdotally, they admit there were some complications, but it is rare and doesn’t matter, people who criticize the vaccine are all crazy schizos, and it was safe for them and gave them few issues.

    Unless there is some mass dying off, none of them are going to admit they were wrong, and will simply see the absence of it as proving them right.

    • notglowing says:

      It does annoy me, but I refuse to engage with such people and get dragged into their bad faith arguments, so I haven’t really seen what their reaction to evidence we collected would be. It would probably just be dismissed.

    • Javier says:

      I know four people personally who suffered sever injury or death from the vax. in all but one case, the amount of staring at their shoes, “boy what a mystery” attitudes from other friends and family is astonishing. They know, and they know that they must not know.

      propaganda works.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I can no longer understand these people. What you say matches what that pharma lady Sasha Latypova was saying about her social circle: “a year ago they were talking about the vax, now it’s complete silence”. She thinks that they feel violated in a terrible way and are burying their heads in the sand, but ultimately they will have to confront reality (not sure about that).
        In my extended family so far two deaths very clearly from vax (cancer long in remission comes back as turbo-cancer two months after vax, dead in two weeks), but vax is now generally not spoken of, and unmentionable in connection with family deaths.

        • jim says:

          They know, and they do not know. It was obvious that that jab was intolerably dangerous immediately it was rolled. The emergency rooms were flooded with heart attack victims (“mild, mild, mild, mild myocarditis, that is how you know it is working”)

          Mild myocarditis is never diagnosed. If it actually is mild, the diagnosis is not mild myocarditis, but “you are fine”. If you are told you have myocarditis, you have clinically significant myocarditis, and “clinically significant” means “you will probably die a few years down the track”

          About four to six months after the jab was rolled out, it became obvious that the jab made you more likely to catch Covid, more likely to spread Covid, made you Covid last longer, and made you more likely to have serious consequences.

          And no one dares say it.

          • TheDividualist says:

            Does it matter which vax? My circles and me took Moderna – not on faith but because of pressure and also fatalistic pessimism, sharing the fate of our Volk whatever it may be – and so far nothing extraordinary. I feel weaker but there are confounding variables. Certainly not fatalities in my circles. My mum has beaten a cancer while 3-jabbed on Moderna.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              The viral-vector vaxes — J&J, AstraZenica, Sputnik — generate an acute flood of spike protein that can cause blood clots. But if you don’t die or have a stroke right away, you’ll probably be fine; your cells do not carry on endlessly producing spike protein, and your blood vessels do not slowly fill up with rubbery noodles.

              The mRNA in mRNA vaccines is dissolved in oil that is broken into droplets and suspended in water. If your needle drew in water instead of oil, or if your vial was not kept cold enough and its mRNA degraded, you get to live a few more decades.

              • jim says:

                Death rate remains elevated, even among those that had one jab a long time back. Right now it is far from evident that mortality will return to normal. Also, perinatal mortality, stillbirth, has risen by a factor of about twenty.

                It may well be that mortality will return to normal in a while. It may also be that everyone who has been jabbed will die in a few years. We do not know, and scientific investigation of the matter is forbidden.

            • simplyconnected says:

              Cominator replied once to me that the issue was known and it was infertility.
              It’s quite possible. This would match that 4chan alleged whistleblower, who claimed that the goal was sterility in the next generation through LINE-1 mediated reverse transcription into germ cells. He claimed allele is recessive so sterility results in next generation when both parents vaxxed. Excess mortality and TFR-drop remain commensurate, so afaik long-term effect still unknown.

              There were quite a few facts consistent with vaxxes aimed for infertility. I forgot the details but GnRH-based sterility injections have an odd schedule (first, second after 4 weeks, once a year after that) consistent with covid-injection and unlike that of any other human vaccine. Some of the side-effects like myocarditis also consistent. From the top of my head but someone more knowledgeable can correct me.

          • Javier says:

            One of the people I know had three shots, becoming noticeably less healthy each time, until after the third shot he clearly was struggling to breathe just sitting at his desk. Yet he insisted he felt fine and had no pain or symptoms. seems to fall in line with the data that the vax suppresses immune response, causing a normal flu or cold to ravage your lungs totally unchecked. (he collapsed in his home shortly after, HR is concealing his fate.)

            no idea what specific shot he took.

            • jim says:

              Probably died of Covid. The claim was never that the jab makes you less likely to get infected, less likely to spread it, or that you will recover faster, but that it lessens the symptoms.

              Of course the symptoms are almost entirely collateral damage from your immune system’s counter attack. And, absent that counter attack, your heart is going to stop or you will not be able to get enough oxygen through your lungs.

              Covid is a bioweapon. When the bioweapon proved underwhelming the jab was imposed to help it along.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Is there even a way to take a vial of vaxx off the shelf and verify that there’s mRNA Covid vaccine in there?

      Is there any way for anyone to know what’s actually in the vial?

      Has anyone even tried?

      • simplyconnected says:

        Some people have done this, but to my knowledge no large labs (for obvious reasons). Kevin McCairn tested several vials and found the element composition not consistent with presence of mRNA, but presence of lots of heavy metals. A German group also found heavy metals.
        On the other hand, pathologists have been finding evidence of spike-protein induced damage (with no evidence of other viral proteins, suggesting effect is from vaccine not infection).
        Afaik actual content still unknown and likely also inconsistent.

  27. Skippy says:

    Serious possibility of Project Bluebeam being implemented with a fake AI in place of aliens.

    Normalization of AI “intelligence” is now underway, but nobody really knows what is inside.

  28. Indian media on George Soros and why he is interested in India in 2024.

    Interesting that the Indian media recognizes Soros as being anti Jewish nationalism and Israel at around 3:15 in the video.

    Hat tip: someDude.

    • jim says:

      I am kind of shocked to hear the truth from official media.

      • I’m very surprised too. The Cathedral has made it explicit that it wants a Color Revolution in India.

        • jim says:

          Normally those under attack lack the necessary memetic sovereignty to call it like it is. They accept the frame of their enemies, and ask for an unprincipled exception to be extended a little longer.

          You tube could delete it, but it is reluctant to delete official media.

          Soft power requires that those targeted are supposed to aspire to second class membership of the Cathedral elite. Are they going to cancel, deplatform, and demonetize another nuclear power?

          If they do, we have moved another step closer to discovering if American nukes still work.

          The current war in the Ukraine is part of a steady trend of the Global American Empire getting into ever more and ever nastier conflicts with ever more powerful enemies.

          • Jaishankar India’s external affairs ministers comes up with some gems sometimes:

            “ You don’t leave it to an accident, you back it up with an operation “.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              A: Islam allows you to kill Christians
              B: No, it doesn’t.
              A: But the Koran says…
              B: You are using a bad translation, you don’t know Arabic.

              A: Hinduism allows you to kill Christians
              C: No, it doesn’t.
              A: But the Vedas say…
              C: You are using a bad translation. you don’t know Sanskrit.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*deleted for sheer unintelligibility*]

            • jim says:

              You are using our shibboleths to say something very differed from the memes to which they refer.

              So different, I cannot understand what you are saying. If I could understand, would probably censor you to protect rectification of names.

              Soft power is the strength of flesh in the “riddle of steel”

              The riddle of steel is that flesh is stronger than steel. That is the riddle, not the answer to the riddle. I know the answer to the riddle, but cannot say it.

              • The Cominator says:

                Jim tell us the riddle of steel lest when we die Crom throws us out of Vahalla and laughs at us.

                • Adam says:

                  My guess is it has something to do with secrets and the power of belief, I don’t know though it could be way above my level.

                • Aidan says:

                  The riddle of steel is answered when Conan cuts off Thulsa Doom’s head. Flesh may be more powerful than steel, but all the biomass Doom assembled simply melts away when Conan applies steel to the right place.

              • FrankNorman says:

                Steel is artificial, and non-living. It degrades over time.

                Living flesh is self-regenerating.

        • yewotm8 says:

          For context, how “official” is this publication? I’ve seen a few pieces narrated by this woman now which I’ve enjoyed and didn’t see any obvious lies, which leads me to believe that it’s really not all that official in the eyes of western media. In particular, she was talkin mad shit about Zelenskiy recently.

          • Palki Sharma is an establishment journalist in India. Recently she left WION news (or was probably forced out, who knows). She is known for her independent stance and opinions.

            Google tells me that firstpost is apparently owned by Reliance industries which also runs CNN-News 18 and CNBC-TV18. Mainstream indeed.

            • someDude says:

              Are her viewpoints really independent? I’m not so sure. As Jim says, Politics just bores women. I’m pretty sure there is a hidden strong man somewhere in this picture and she is merely reflecting his opinions.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                May well be. She appears to be happily and stably married and has kids. She doesn’t have that crazy look that female journalists usually do.

          • someDude says:

            India actually has rival news media. Firstpost and WION are the right wing media and those such as NDTV are cathedral satrapies. All of them can be said to mainstream.

            It must be said that CNN-News 18 has nothing to do with that great Cathedral mouthpiece CNN in America. In the Indian context, CNN is merely cable news network

      • Karl says:

        It is Indian official media. Apparently, India has left the global empire.

        I’m kind of shocked that youtube has not yet deleted it.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          BBC offices in India were recently raided by the income tax department.

          So yes, the knives are out.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Another tiny data point in favor of the Distributed Centers Thesis.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Soros, “But’s leader, Marendra Modi is no Democrat. Inciting violence against Muslims.”

        Total inverted reality. If anybody incites violence against Muslims it’s the Muslims themselves! Look up the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Muslims are a GAE cat’s paw.

        • SJ says:

          Appears that the GAE really wants us to hate Muslims. Seems like a group that worships the same God, only they want my daughter in a burka, no beer at the gas station, and wants me to pay a tax to be a Christian is a bit better than a group that wants my daughter getting fcked by a nagger on camera, sterilized, her eggs donated to my now castrated son in a dress while they tell me that this is what Christianity is all about. The Muslims hate me for my freedom…

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            Muslims want my daughter to outbreed (with them), my sons to be taxed and forced down in status so they die single, me to be taxed to support their four wives on welfare, my church to be converted to a mosque. This program is less hostile and demonic than GAE’s, but the broad shape of it is the same.

            But I do have a bias – Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, God not a prophet. These fine details do still matter to both Christians and Muslims.

            • SJ says:

              Your gae christianity has been weighed, measured, and the judgement is here. Consent does not make morality, God makes morality. If the Muslims don’t conquer you someone else will you are already a dead people.

              Should the Muslims take over your land your daughter will have six children and your son will get beaten up for dressing like a woman rather than celebrated, maybe he will stop. Yet you come here to us and try to get us to hate your enemy because you are too weak to survive without us to defend you. No.

              • BobtheBuilder says:

                Islam kills the civilization that it conquers, as explained here:

                At one point, a Muslim told me that the Maturidi school of Islam resolves this problem. I pointed out that despite Ibn Al-Haytham “inventing” the Scientific Method in the 10-11th century, nothing came of it until Christians began to develop it.

                • SJ says:

                  Not sure if you are a gae shill or a boomer, but I’ll assume boomer. Gae christianity tells us we must abort babies for moloch, turn out our daughters and our sons for baal, and take consumptive interest bearing loans for mammon. The Muslims say no, we don’t worship demons. The gae christian says I worship harder than you, look my three year old is a tranny hooker already. Muslims are not our worry and the path to competing with them lies down the same path as defeating our ancient demons.

                • BobtheBuilder says:

                  Reposting my anti-shill thought crimes:

                  >Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, crucified by Pontius Pilate at the behest of the Pharisees, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one.

                  >Women are hypergamous but bad decision makers (see the peacock positive feedback loop), and if left to their own devices, will select males that do not necessarily make the best fathers for children, while constantly trying to trade up. Physically this is because of evolution, Spiritually, its because God mandated women to be subservient to men. Marital rape is a self-contradiction foisted upon us to destroy the family.

                  >Soros uses his money to destroy white neighborhoods by funding low IQ high time preference thugs (BLM made of blacks, antifa made of whites and latinos). Yoel is a groomer rev 2:9 faggot who turns schoolkids into homonculi and/or covers for those who do because its his sick fantasy.

                  With that out of the way, muslims very much will be a problem post-restoration once the rot has been burnt out, because Mohammedanism is an inherently jihadi religion that seeks to subjugate, therefore it must be subjugated first in self-defense, as Christian societies have historically done. Now GAE “christianity” is a bigger problem, in the sense that a traitor should be shot before an enemy, and I am not denying that.

                • BobtheBuilder says:

                  Addendum: I am referring to historically Christian countries when I say this. Going on adventures or crusades in Afghanistan or wherever isn’t a good use of time.

                • jim says:

                  if we restore fertility, we will eventually have an oversupply of younger sons of the elite, that will need new places to rule.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                To have above replacement fertility, the Purple Pill is enough. After that, other Pills become more important.

                • Adam says:

                  You are retarded and the purple pill is poison. A drop of sewage in a barrel of wine makes a barrel of sewage.

      • someDude says:

        What shocked me most is that they get that Soros hates Israel. This is something Andrew Anglin (An otherwise intelligent man) tenaciously refuses to get.

    • Aryaman says:

      Transcript of remarks from India’s foreign minister linked by Dharmicreality (with my emphases) below. TLDR:

      Calls Soros dangerous. Accuses Soros and global foundations of spreading false narratives and engaging in what he calls “regime change” or “influence operations”. Further accuses Soros and friends of making false accusations and backing it up with operations to make sure they come true (“… and you don’t leave it to accident, by the way, you back it up with an operation”)

      Points out Indian elections are settled without question and do not linger in court arbitration, and do not have hanging chads, “unlike some other countries”. Makes it pretty clear he is laughing at elections that are laughable, not people for having the temerity to challenge them in court.

      Altogether a lot more forthright than I would have expected. The man speaks Russian, Chinese, and some Hungarian so maybe he is reading some good stuff.

      Mr Soros said India is a democratic country but he doesn’t think the Prime Minister of India is a democrat. By the way, a few years ago at the same conference he actually accused us of planning to strip millions of Indians of their citizenship. Which of course didn’t happen, it was a ridiculous suggestion.

      I could take a view that the individual in question, Mr Soros, is just an old, rich opinionated person sitting in New York who still thinks that his views should determine how the entire world works. Now, if I could only stop at old, rich, and opinionated I would put it away. But he is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous. Because what happens is when such people have such views and such organizations… they actually invest resources in shaping narratives.

      You know, I spoke about globalization… The seamlessness of globalization which creates all the opportunities also allows narratives to be shaped, money to come in, foundations to go about their agenda. In this particular case, it is very clear that he has strong political preferences. He actually thinks that it doesn’t matter that this is a country 1.4 billion people whose voters decide how the country should run. People like him think an election is good if the person we want to see wins, if the election throws up a different outcome, then we actually will it’s a flawed democracy.

      Our generation we have grown up with concepts like regime change, influence operations… now you can call it what you will, but to me this really looks the same, with a gloss of some kind of do-goodism on it.

      It’s actually necessary today that you have a serious conversation on democracy. When I look at my own democracy, I have a voter turnout which is unprecedented. Electoral outcomes which are decisive. Electoral processes which are not questioned. We are not one of those countries where after the election someone goes to arbitrate in court, we don’t have any hanging chads either. *Smirks*

      We know what happens when there is outside interference in whatever guise. If you do this kind of scaremongering, like millions of people will be deprived of citizenship, it actually does real damage to societal fabric. Because somebody out there believes you. And you don’t leave it to accident by the way, you back it up with an operation. You create that kind of fear psychosis, and then you use that to validate your original judgement.

      • Impressive for a foreign minister of India to speak thus. Thanks for providing a transcript. I believe this is historically significant.

        He seems surprisingly aware of certain reactionary memes but then truth under whatever flavor tends to have a strong family resemblance.

        • Karl says:

          Very impressive. If he keeps being foreign minister, his views are likely shared by other ministers of the Indian government. The US might then try a color revolution, but that’s difficult if the government knows what is happening. Things are looking better for India.

    • Aryaman says:

      It was always tending this way, but I am surprised this is happening. And I am surprised it is coming from officially respectable people and sources (FirstPost, the Minister S. Jaishankar, etc.) Modi and other BJP firebrands do not speak good English but Jaishankar does, and he is clearly cut from the same cloth and boasts the same sensibilities as the High IQ American leftists of past decades (though his sympathies may have changed). He is one of them, gone rogue. And it is all the worse that he has gone rogue in unbroken English.

      The “socialist and secular” Republic of India (per its own Constitution) was a Fabian plot engineered by a domestic elite educated and indoctrinated under Fabian institutions in England. This happened before 1944, and therefore predates the influence of Harvard and the US State Department. The organizers were capable, true believers so perhaps the new progressives across the Atlantic never felt the need to interfere after the war; perhaps other pressing geopolitical issues got in the way. But they left behind an ethos and religion that was superseded with the conclusion of WW2. Perhaps not having been updated, it is weak.

      And hot war between the west and Russia changed everything.

  29. Basil says:

    What I really hate is talk like “we need to put aside the enmity with Muslims / Jews for the future, we have one enemy with them.” This would make sense if the Muslims did not support this enemy, and this enemy did not support them. Globohomo (this also applies to the Russian multinational leftism) always promotes the interests of this trash. A Jew would rather hang himself than side with a Dane in Denmark.

    If you don’t agree to humiliate yourself and shout “Akhmat is Strength”, if you don’t agree to put your daughter under these animals, if you don’t agree to endure how your son is beaten by a crowd of new owners, your attempts to cooperate will never be enough. Muslims will never take the side of Christians and whites, it’s just stupid to play along with them. Muslims will only start fighting the progressives after they have taken away our future together.

    This is especially true for those Muslims who are in your countries. Chechens, Dagestanis, Tuvans, government-based hordes of Tajiks, Uzbeks and Kyrgyz will gladly slaughter Russian children to get rid of the horrors of imperialism. Or they will build the Caliphate, which they are already doing now.

    The Russians / French / Germans will either get rid of the yoke and pass them on like insects, or it can be said with confidence that the future can not be worried. Let those to whom it belongs rage.

    • jim says:

      > What I really hate is talk like “we need to put aside the enmity with Muslims / Jews for the future, we have one enemy with them.” This would make sense if the Muslims did not support this enemy

      Lot of Muslims are converged just as a lot of Christians are converged. But the only group running effective resistance against the Cathedral is the Muslims. Real Muslims don’t support this enemy. Lot of Muslims have signed up with Wagner for explicitly religious reasons even though Wagner is Christian. It is a holy war, and Wagner is on the the side of God.

      > and this enemy did not support them

      This enemy supports Islam the way it supports every competing faith. With a rope around the neck, And Muslim awareness of this is higher than Christian awareness of this. The Taliban just fought a holy war, and Muslims are signing up with Wagner to fight another.

      Which is of course the real reason you hate Muslims. Because they will and are fighting for Russia and the faith.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        The issue with Islam is that the second you look away, they put a knife in your back. Any alliance with them needs to take this into account. When I talk to based Muslims, the expectation is that once GAE dies, we are next. When you point out that if we stop color revolutions and interfering with them, then they need to suppress piracy and terrorism against us in return, they start ranting and raving. They plan to betray us, so we need to plan for that in any alliance.

        • A2 says:

          Me against my brother; me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother and my cousin against the stranger.

        • The Cominator says:

          They word is co-belligerents not allies, and i personally can never forget that
          whatever Cathedral complicitly how much they did to put us on the current path
          9/11 was unprovoked as far as the Saudis who did it goes.

          Muslims are behaving well now because clearly globohomo wants to swallow everything but as you say they plan to betray us immediately.

          • Western Taliban says:

            Since I’m not American and this happened when I was a very young child, I’ve never cared to look too much into it, but you are an intelligent man so I guess you have your reasons to believe Saudi involvement.

            But as an addendum to my other post about the enemy meme “crazy Muslims”, consider that the Saudis have been instrumental to GAE power playing fiddle propping up the petrodollar for many years, they have been under their boot. And in any case, why would they do it? If the Saudis were involved, perhaps they were forced and ordered, as it is easier to find a Muslim Arab willing to mass murder Americans, rather than an American?

            The entity that stood to win and won the most out of 9/11 was the US fed gov and the State Department. The Patriot Act was the spearhead trampling you very openly but also insidiously, as “it is needed to protect from crazy Muslims”, and the whole affair garnered public support for them to wage war with the Middle East for decades. It is also a good way to discredit an enemy region with a foothold in America for a long time with the Nation of Islam, which are openly hostile towards US fed gov and State Department.

            There is not reason for Muslims to have done 9/11 independently, it doesn’t benefit them, they won nothing out of it. It only makes sense if you believe the enemy meme “crazy Muslims” and that they did so because they are crazy and they like to murder you for no reason except that they are evil, as told by GAE who worship demons, and say that you are a terrorist because you don’t want your children trannified.

        • Western Taliban says:

          I do not disagree with you, it is very possible this is the case and the mindset has a track record of success. No eternal enemies, no eternal friends, always look towards your own interest and watch your back. But how serious or real the threat is, I’m skeptical about, the context of the situation is a landmine of confusion and lies. I find it hard to care for what some “based Muslim” on the internet says, who I suspect shills, while I very much care about what influential and powerful Muslim leaders do.

          Just like I had suspicions about the whole Chinese balloon thing and I’m pretty certain at this point that it’s a hoax, I’m increasingly persuaded to believe that Muslim terrorism is a hoax. In fact I’m increasingly persuaded to question anything ever taken for granted when I was a child, I do not believe anything that the GAE says. We are living in the Empire of Lies, and they’ve been telling us that crazy Muslims are dangerous and do terrorism for a long time.

          Why would Muslims do random terrorism in the West? How does that benefit them? Cui bono? This Muslim terrorism is good for GAE, it is very bad for Muslims. They use it to garner normie support against the “backwards religion”.

          Muslims are already winning, silently and not so silently replacing Englishmen and Frenchmen in their own land, spreading their faith, increasing the amount of mosques, and this effect is not decreasing, it’s exponentially growing by the day. One of their own is the mayor of the English capital after all. Why the fuck would they randomly put some bomb in some airport that probably killed Muslims too? When you think about it, it’s just as nonsensical as the Ukraine garbage propaganda about Russians randomly doing the most insane things, when it is actually Azov who murder civilians for fun and do all sorts of wacky satanic shit.

          Muslim terrorism incites resistance and hatred against Muslims, when Muslims want to spread their religion among the populace and increase their numbers and are already doing successfully, so why would they do that? You can find in youtube Muslims born in England spreading their religion in sort of a soapbox format, I can only imagine how big their reach is getting. They even had recently a very famous celebrity among young men, Andrew Tate, singing their praises.

          The GAE tells me I have to be afraid of Iran, of the crazy evil Muslims, having nuclear weapons, but their high priest seems extremely rational about them, sober, treating it with the proper gravitas. On the other hand the NATO faggots were shelling a fucking nuclear plant occupied by Russia and saying it was Russia doing it LOL, this people are absolutely deranged. I do not have any true indication that Muslims are these “mad” guys that are absolutely insane and do random terrorism fanatics blablabla, but GAE is certainly the most evil and insane evil I have ever seen or read about.

          I do not see Iran, or the Taliban or the Chechens inclined to have war with us, they seem happy to ally. Arabian gulf countries want to be a hub for the world and are realigning to China/Russia, Turkey is unclear but has had good relations with Russia. When you look at it with perspective, detached, without considering what the media has been shilling for years, where is the insanity? The threat? The “bad guys”?

          When it comes to terrorism, I see ISIS loving terrorism and now we have started to see NATO faggots in Ukraine with ISIS flags on them, ISIS is increasingly looking like it is straight up the CIA, if it was only tied or suspected before with the Syria situation. So, perhaps it is ISIS, who pretend to be Muslims, bombing me so that I believe and fear the “crazy Muslims”? Perhaps they are scared Christians and Muslims ally against demon worshipers? I’ve seen it happening in the US and the UK, where Christian and Muslim parents resist the gay together.

          I feel unsure about Muslims and it is most adequate to tread carefully, but I suspect the “crazy evil” vector is an enemy meme, and the enemy, who worships demons, honestly believe they are “crazy evil” just like they believe Christian families are terrorists, because they resist the gay and feminism, and they want to murder them. And they want Christians and Muslims murdering each other, instead of worshiping God together and putting and end to the demon worshipers together.

          • A2 says:

            If you’re European, you will have seen plenty of muslim terrorism in the last decade or two. Most of your views on muslims seem odd. They are, for example, not at all a race of peaceful sly missionaries.

            I do agree that the greater politics seem quite strange, however, from the breakup of Yugoslavia (hello Wesley Clark) to ISIS and everything in between. Personally, I think the ultimate reason for all this chaos is spelled J-E-W-S. But it doesn’t help that the EU lacks the balls to defend itself.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Why would Muslims do random terrorism in the West? How does that benefit them? Cui bono?

            Because Sunni Islam, like Progressivism, has open entry into the priesthood, and is thus highly prone to holiness spirals. For every Muslim ruler who wants peace with the West so he can get rich selling oil, there are thousands of self-appointed clerics who say that he is not a pious enough Muslim and needs to be replaced, by them, of course.

          • Basil says:

            This is part of the reproductive strategy of Muslims in a foreign religious environment, especially in a testosterone-free religious environment, obviously: a show of force. You show power through violence or the threat of force, the natives look humiliated, your relative status rises, you (or your brothers in faith, if you were killed or imprisoned) take away women who are bored with masculinity and make children for themselves. This is not “crazy”, but there is no benefit to you in this behavior.

            • jim says:

              The reproductive strategy of the Muslims is irrelevant. If we put our sons in dresses, we are not going to reproduce regardless.

              The problem is not that Muslims can reproduce, the problem is that we cannot.

          • ten says:

            I have thought the same, partially. In ever growing paranoia and cynicism, why should i not assume everything bad is GAE.

            But then again. I pass a group of muslim young men on the street, they give my friend a sharp push in the back so he must take a step out into traffic to not fall over, and they stare me down and eye me up with cold hatred. At the beach, they ogle our girls, make rude gestures, speak with voices dripping with venom, “sharmouta”, look for a weak male that took offence. On my way to work, a huge group of muslim children are roaring with laughter while torturing a hedgehog to death, they had just managed to gouge out one of its eyes with a sharp stick. Some retarded junkie hooker is unable to pay for her cocaine and suggests she could whore for it, the dealer accepts, and calls all of his friends, and they are gangbanging her right there in the stairwell for hours and hours, new arrivals stream in, the first ones leave, its like a street party, everyone calls all their friends to come join the gangrape, a good time is had by all except the hooker with a now very sore ass. At a bus stop, they incessantly pick up gravel and throw at us while waiting for the bus. They arrive in this country, get their life paid for, wait for the bureaucracy to confirm they are citizens in good standing before bringing their entire clan over, and meanwhile, they stand at busstops throwing gravel at the locals for fun.

            Of course i could go on for ever. This stuff never ends. They are fucking insane disgusting sub-animals, and very prone to literally stabbing you in the back if you tell them off. Of course we are filtering to get the worst scum of their peoples, and of course they do not act like this when reined in by the social structures they create for themselves. And they think we are all GAE or roman or crusaders as they think of it.

            So if they need cia help to commit mass murders against us, they probably don’t need a lot of it.

            • jim says:

              > So if they need cia help to commit mass murders against us, they probably don’t need a lot of it.

              They do not nee CIA help to want commit mass murders against us. But 9/11 demonstrates that they need CIA help to succeed in doing so.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Oof. So blackpilling. As bad as the immigrant scum in your colorful vignettes are, I find I despise the White locals who let themselves be abused more. And yes, obviously, I’d be one of them. If we’ve become so weak and contemptible, maybe it’s fitting that we be wiped from existence.

              Yes, I know the trash have the full power of our own states standing behind them, and I know they know it, and I know we know it. They’re not simply braver, stronger, and manlier than we are. But that’s not what the hindbrain sees.

              People can respect taking a beating or suffering an insult or injustice stoically with dignity. But if it happens day after day, over and over again, that’s something very different. Everyone, including the victim, comes to believe that it’s appropriate and that he deserves to be treated that way.

            • The Cominator says:

              I’m far more sympathetic to the ladies of the night than most here but the ones who end up on hard drugs almost universally go down a very bad path (the ones who stay off tend to marry out with a favorite semi wealthy client), if not the Muslims it would be something else. Hopefully she uses the experience to realize she needs to rethink her life…

              Muslims suck because they are always at war even if not with infidels with each other over who is insufficiently Islamic.

      • Basil says:


    • ten says:

      Is anyone saying we should ally with kikes and mudslimes against a common enemy?

      We should fight our biggest battle first. We do in fact not have the capacity to fight our smallest battles at all. We need to wrest back sovereignity from the devil. You tell us to dust the shelves and put the toilet seat down while the house is on fire.

    • jim says:

      This is a critically important article, and this is yet another comment I need to promote into a post (I have a large and growing backlog of posts I need to write)

      But it is not exactly America that rules every university everywhere. It is Harvard. And Harvard rules America in the sense that it is the vatican of our officially unofficial state religion, and our masters are getting every holier every faster.

      If any sovereign wants to remain independent of our vatican, he had better dissolve the monasteries.

      • notglowing says:

        Your thesis is that Harvard was able to infiltrate China not because the Chinese made some mistake in how they staffed their universities, but because they created *universities*, at all?

        • jim says:

          Not exactly what I meant. Harvard did not rule all universities until after World War II.

          However Harvard rule tends to result in a huge expansion of universities far beyond a useful size, with very large numbers of people getting a university education in being useless. So effective removal of Harvard power is going to be accompanied by a radical reduction in the size and number of universities.

          However, cutting back universities to a useful size would not in itself remove Harvard power, and removal of Harvard power would not necessarily result in reduction to a more useful size.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Harvard power has gone “full cloud” by now. You could nuke all of Cambridge Mass. and it would just be a big January 6 all over again. There’s no singular Death Star or “exhaust port” to drop a stink bomb into.

            Does this make me sane, a doomer, or just uncreative?

            Likewise, some censor-proof, shill-proof and spam-proof way to mass-communicate and anonymously poke fun at them should do the trick. There are plenty more Ricky Vaughns out there, ready to go, but they need a field to play on.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            If Republican presidents would nominate supreme court justices with no formal education, like James Byrnes, suddenly the universities wouldn’t have so much prestige and power. Only STEM would remain.

            Also, if grading were abolished in K-12 schooling (it was made universal in the 40’s therefore those first exposed to it came to power beginning in the 60’s), and meritocracy explicitly condemned, no one would care about what their pervert teachers told them and they could just accept that their parents sent them to get groomed because they didn’t give a damn about them. They can think about that when they decide what nursing home to dump their parents in.

            What makes my ideas so workable is that neither one of them actually requires explicitly attacking Harvard at all. Not physically or even directly, at all. They just remove the context that empowered Harvard in the first place.

            The right’s attempted strategy to break Harvard, allowing deviants to infiltrate to drag down the institution, only succeeded in elevating the deviants.

            • jim says:

              > If Republican presidents would …

              Coup complete problem. Their was a civil war over this. The black helicopters would have to run a shuttle service to the Pacific before that is going to work, and before that works, we may well have to replace rather than reform the court system.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*deleted because too tedious to rebut*]

                • jim says:

                  Your argument presupposes that Academia always had as much power as it now does, and that it should have that much power.

                  To argue against you, I have to ignore what you are saying, and focus on what you are saying presupposes. And then you will sail right along as if the presuppositions were never challenged.

                  When I respond to your stuff, you never respond to my stuff, so, waste of space.

        • jim says:

          > because they created *universities*, at all?

          Their universities, like their factories, were made by copying America. But factories in America do not have power, while universities in America do. Thus enthusiastic copying bit them.

          Compare and contrast pre-war Japan, which also enthusiastically copied the University. And with that University came (converged) Christianity. But the difference was that the Christianity explicitly identified itself as Christian, though it had already become post-Christian, and Meiji Japan was aware of the threat posed. The shape changing act Harvard performed after the Civil War “Not a religion, so we can use state power to impose our beliefs everywhere, while the state putting up a christmas tree in the public square is government establishing a religion” facilitated this.

          When Meiji Japan imported western Universities, they were aware they were a vector for a hostile state faith, and took adequate measures to make sure the Japanese replacements for their western teachers worshipped the Emperor.

          When Meiji imported the universities, those universities were openly and explicitly vectors of a hostile state religion – which the Meiji purged as soon as they had enough Japanese replacements for their white teachers.

    • Starman says:

      @i says

      The article notes the infiltration attempts by the Harvard jews (and I note Xi Jinping’s purges against his enemies in Shanghai in response).

      It also shows the hilarious ignorance of the author and his fellow brahmin class about “satellites and spacecraft.”

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Is there even one alternative world power that appears to understand what “memetic sovereignty” is, and is taking steps to defend it?

      OK the Taliban. They’re good about this.

      But are the top Chinese universities really full of Harvard people? Still today? Seriously?

    • Dr. Faust says:

      I don’t understand the fifth dimension stuff. Is this literal or metaphor?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        50/50 on the author having some smallhat ancestry himself – the feeling I get from the spirit of his writing – and hence him also being highly impressed by (and by the idea of) word-magic.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The main thing is that everyone who thinks ‘The Process’ is how things get done in general and how people get ahead in appointment in particular is a sucker; which is shockingly not obvious to a great many suckers.

        Civilization is something that happens when groups of men do things; therefore, obviously, the cultivation of connections between men is how men advance. And not only is this not untrue in environments of managerialist domination, in some ways, it is even more true; the veneer of proceduralism, which cannot rule in any case, allows the fiat of the incumbent clade to be even more unconstrained, as the fiat is now no longer out in the open, and the suckers are all distracted by canalization into the veneer.

        The other side effect is that there is a great deal of deception involved in this process, not just of others, but of the self too, even in those notionally ‘in’ on it. The difference between the author here and the rest of his peers is that they would never describe themselves and the lives they live in this manner, even in their own thoughts.

        And hence, both the temporal predominance, and temporary fragility, of such sorts of states of affairs throughout history.

    • skippy says:

      The point he’s making is sorta right, though the article is bad and he doesn’t know a lot of the key facts (naturally, as a self-proclaimed academia “thinker”…)

      Tsinghua was not just “partly founded by missionaries”, it was founded by the US Federal Government using reparation money i.e. Tsinghua is a peace condition the US extracted from China by force in a war. None of this is secret:

      In my experience Chinese don’t get the deep subtext of anything. Woe betide anyone who insults the great and glorious China in a direct way, but at the same time all these people worship ranking lists of universities published by US newspapers that put US universities at the time. They have both an “infantile obsession with school” and an infantile approach to ordinal status rankings. What drives them to want to go to the “best” university (best at what, according to whom? – questions they never ask!) is the same thing that drives them to blow all their money on mall-core “luxury” products.

      • skippy says:

        *that put US universities at the top

      • skippy says:

        This post was meant to be a bit longer.

        The CCP too is now an enemy of convenience, American Harvardians who were all communists in 1948 waving the hate-word “communist” in front of the clueless American cattle to persuade them to fight against it now.

        The Americans installed the CCP in power as is obvious from their own documents and attempts at defense during the “Who lost China?” scandal.

        “China” is a US creation. It is more conquered than Japan.

    • Anon says:

      This is moldbug tier article.
      Never before the cathedral has being revealed.
      Looking back i met those “meta” people, although didn’t pay attension to how they came to be.
      The left explanation that money is power seemed adequate. but as the article show the most powerful people are not the richest.
      They use special language, the use portals, they are immortal.

  30. he's got the whole world in his hands says:

    Interesting article to readers of this blog:

    • jim says:

      Absolutely typical example of a woman scorned. Hits the wall, drops off the bottom of Sabatini’s booty call list, and proceeds to ruin the man who rejected her.

    • SJ says:

      I’ll add that this;

      “Knouse, Sabatini remembers, had ongoing flings with men who she referred to with nicknames like “anesthesiologist fuck buddy,” “finance bro,” and “physics professor,” and she wanted to keep it that way.”

      Is what we came to call crypto-trannyism. This is when one sex projects their desires and attractions to the other sex because ‘we are all the same’. Women find preselection incredibly attractive. I would claim that it is the most attractive trait a man can have, by far. Should a man brag about all his fck buddies the woman will be very attracted so, due to crypto-trannyism, she thinks that Mr Sabitini will find her very attractive due to her being a massive slut.

      This also happens when men do not brag about their sexual encounters because they are trying to impress the woman. Their is a lot to be learned once you are aware that crypto-trannyism is happening. This is also why copying women’s behavior is so effective at picking up women.

      I’d also like to add it is a serious shame that this man has had only one child. I know retarded criminal junkies that have five, six, ten children from as many women. The matriarchy is still winning.

      • Alfred says:

        >This also happens when men do not brag about their sexual encounters because they are trying to impress the woman.

        Can you elaborate on this– you mean that men withhold talk about other encounters because, in their mind, they would be turned off by a prospective woman revealing she gets around?

        I’ve noticed myself doing this lately, unfortunately. Like, friends mention a girl I had a few flings with around one I am currently trying to woo, and I sort of try to subtly change the subject rather than cop to it. Funny thing is I was able to nab the former by being devil-may-care and bold, like literally groped her in public basically, whereas with the latter that I actually have taken more of a liking to

        • Alfred says:

          Sorry, accidentally hit submit– whereas with the latter that I actually have taken more of a liking to, it’s harder to get into that frame of mind.

          It’s a hard thing to shake, even when you’re aware of it.

          Also, point of inquiry: if you have been with a girl she judges to be beneath herself in terms of attractiveness, would flaunting it work against you? Feel like it might.

          • SJ says:

            Exactly that. Back in my early twenties I withheld information about my sexual encounters from women because a woman telling me about hers was a big turn off. That is a big mistake. You having other sexual encounters is a big turn on for women, which is why women brag about their sexual encounters to you.

            I used to think that banging an unattractive girl would lower your value to other women but I have actually found it does not. So long as you have the right confident winner attitude and are sexually assertive/aggressive. It’s odd but I found hot women are still turned on that you fcked and chucked ten chubsters last year. Makes no difference if you lie and claim they were super hot. Though during pickups I always make sure to draw attention to the attractive women in my past and left any pictures of the fatties out. But I have told girls sure sometimes your lonely and drunk so you fck a fatty, then point out a girl who is a little chubby.

            Brag about those encounters, laugh about them, have feelings for some of them, have the whole range of emotions. Women love emotions. Subdued emotions that a man has anyway.

            • Alfred says:

              I appreciate the advice, I will try to incorporate this as best I can.

              • SJ says:

                One last piece of advice, the one piece I wish I could give my younger self. Tell women what to do. Once you tell them to do it they then want to do it.

          • jim says:

            > Also, point of inquiry: if you have been with a girl she judges to be beneath herself in terms of attractiveness, would flaunting it work against you? Feel like it might.

            Logically you would think so, but in practice all preselection seems to work. All publicity is good publicity, so long as they spell your name right, and all preselection is good preselection.

            If anything it is the way hot chick that is counter productive. Kills her hopes of getting to the top of your booty call list.

            Well that is my experience, but maybe other people have more experience.

    • skippy says:

      Don’t really buy it. Institutions can bury this kind of thing if they choose. They wanted to transfer his grant money to this other guy for some reason. He had important enemies.

      • skippy says:

        Also this article was placed by his lawyers/PR firm

      • jim says:

        > Institutions can bury this kind of thing if they choose.

        That is less and less true. Pandering to a woman scorned is holy, and not letting women destroy someone just because he is valuable and innocent of anything is an unprincipled exception, and unprincipled exceptions always vanish over time.

  31. Pax Imperialis says:

    Black Hornet Nano

  32. blind archer says:

    I wonder why the stereotype has become fixed, including in a number of traditional cultures, that women with large breasts are good wives and caring mothers? On the other hand, here it is:

    Actually, it worries me a little, because I love C+ boobs too much. What do you think?

    • S says:

      Pretty sure cock count and sterility dominates all other concerns.

    • Redbible says:

      My Thoughts on the video:

      The younger menarche clam is only half true, since the 18th century we’ve been going down, but as compared to thinks like Rome, no so mush difference. One argument I’ve seen is food it more plentiful thus early menarche is a viable reproductive strategy.

      The concept that Large breasts signals that “I have extra resources available to help my offspring” actually makes sense. But the idea that it is only beneficial in a “short reproductive strategy” is bullshit. Countries that are colder correlate with the women having larger cup size. But Colder places favor long term strategies because not preparing for winter will kill you.

      Large breasts could just as easily signal “I was well cared for in my childhood, and thus I am healthy.” which is just a net positive regardless of mating strategy.

      Twins increasing might just be that since general Births per a Female is down, birthing twins means that a women might very well go from 1 to 2 kids, or 2 to 3 kids would be a 100% or 50% increase in kids, which would be VERY SELECTIVE in the pressure that genetically places. Which is to say that it can be a symptom of going “too K-selective” rather than becoming more r-selective. (aka feminism reducing child birth rates.)

      TLDR: Too much throwing out ideas that only have some connection to actually observed reality, and completely misses any influence feminism is having on reproductive strategies.

      • Aidan says:

        Huge knockers could only evolve in a society where women do not have to do much work. We underestimate just how much enormous tits prevent a woman from doing anything athletic. Without sports bras, they can’t run, can’t even walk very far without severe discomfort. Big tits are a sign of patriarchy. Women that are sequestered from physical threats and labor can develop nice tits.

        Early menarche is a result of time spent around unrelated males. Even in the Victorian studies, age of menarche was higher for girls raised in the country. Send a girl to public school, she’ll hit puberty earlier. Rather than a correct age for marriage, the right time to marry women off is when they get horny.

      • alf says:

        Also, the K and r selection is pretty outdated at this point no? Maybe for some species very relevant, but for humans, or at least the higher races among them, rearing multiple children is just too hard to wing it r-selected. It’s the ‘K-selected’ Christian families which have the ‘r-selected’ amount of children.

        • Hesiod says:

          R-selection in the wild depends on just a handful of the bastards reaching sexual maturity. The majority of the lot serve as prey. State subsidy, either overt or covert, turns the human variant into parasites or predators, subverting natural law.

          Those Christian families, with investments both temporal and spiritual, are within God’s law.

          This of course is treating K/r selection poetically, rather than as an exact science on my part to find worth. YMMV.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*deleted for all the usual reasons*]

          • jim says:

            The issues you complain about are nothing to do with reactionary memes you keep decorating them with.

            Your problem is that academia told you that if you wasted your youth and gave them a princely payment, they would accredit you into the Global American priesthood (as a lawyer) and you would get to be part of the wealthy and privileged blue state elite that gets to confiscate tribute from the red state people that actually produce value.

            But they made this promise to enormously more people than it could be delivered to. Academia is a ponzi scheme. Their promises can never be delivered. Not everyone can live by robbing everyone. Actual delivery of privilege only goes to a tiny handful, and can only go to a tiny handful. That is what privilege is. If everyone privileged no one privileged, and if everyone “privileged” to live unproductively, everyone starves.

            You persistently keep interpreting our regime as bottom up. No, it is top down. Which is why you did not get included.

        • Bill says:

          Absolutely not.

          K-selected is stable marriage, having a few children, and putting millions into them thus providing them with a massive competitive advantage.

          R-selected is unstable marriage, out of wedlock birth, and children receiving basic/little resources to compete in the environment

          The future belong to the k-selected which just so happens to be the sexual strategy of the elite while they push r-selection on the rest of us.

          • S says:

            The elite is not k-selected. It isn’t about resource expenditure, it is about what percentage of offspring survive and reproduce and elite girls don’t.

            • Bill says:

              Not what the data bears out. Elite/upper class women get married at a higher rate, divorce less, and have more children in wedlock than women of other classes.

              • S says:

                If that was true, IQ wouldn’t be dropping for the last 150 years.

                • Bill says:

                  We know it’s dropping for the population as a whole. Is it dropping for the top 1%? Not seeing it.

                • jim says:

                  It is absolutely obvious that the elite is getting dumber. Read what they write, and compare it to what the top people were writing one hundred years ago. The taken for granted knowledge is less, the sentence structures simpler, the vocabulary more limited, their entertainments are dumb people entertainments.

                  Of course the elite is not necessarily the top one percent in intelligence, but with the collapse in elite IQ, assortative mating has diminished. Smart girls are sucked into education and career, so die childless and alone and are eaten by their cats, so smart men marry dumb girls whom they pickup at the supermarket checkout counter, so of course their children will be dumber.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  but with the collapse in elite IQ, assortative mating has diminished. … so smart men marry dumb but cute girls whom they pickup at the supermarket checkout counter, so of course their children will be dumber. But cuter than the smart man, and smarter than the dumb cutie.

                  Heartiste referes to this as “BOSSS” – Boss/Secretary mating. Steve Sailer also touches on this in “The love life of Hugo Chavez”

                  Basically, assortative mating for one trait only (intelligence) would tend to produce a disproportionate number of mattoids. While assortative mating over multiple traits, while slower for any one trait, will accumulate more desirable traits in one bag, so to speak.

              • alf says:


                No one is swallowing the strong and independent women meme as much as upper class women.

                • Bill says:

                  You mean middle class women.

                  Upper class women rarely work and to the extent they do it’s running a small business that costs their husbands 10k per month that they use for tax purposes.

                • jim says:

                  You keep making the Pinker error of confusing upper class wives with upper class daughters.

                  The top men marry the supermarket checkout girl, or, like Trump, the model from an entirely ordinary background.

                  Assortative dating, the children of the upper class marrying each other, has ended, because the daughters of the upper class become whores, and in due course cat ladies.

                • Bill says:

                  Observe Ivanka Trump. Not a cat lady. Married Jared Kushner, a jew yes, but an upper class jew. Doesn’t work and has 3 kids.

                  Same story for Lauren Bush (grand daughter of George Bush who married son of Ralph Lauren).

                • jim says:

                  And the only reason anyone has heard of Jared Kushner is that he married Ivanka Trump.

                  Trump was able to secure good marriage for his daughter – Jared was a business associate of Trump before he became a son in law. Business marriage. Obviously arranged between patriarchs, Ivanka’s dad had a chat with Jared’s dad. Business marriages are not common in the upper class these days. Patriarchal arranged marriages are rarer among the rich and powerful than in a trailer park.

              • jim says:

                > Not what the data bears out. Elite/upper class women get married at a higher rate, divorce less

                That is what Murray claims, and it just is not true. His statistics no more support his position than Pinker’s statistics on violence. I checked out his statistics and Pinker’s, and he was pulling a fast one. You have to distinguish between women born into the upper class, who get married less and divorce more, and the chick an upper class man picked up at the supermarket checkout counter. The wives of upper class men tend to be well behaved and stay married. The daughters do not.

                And the world has been getting steadily more violent since the fall of the concert of Europe.

        • i says:


          And r-selected women who have children by multiple men with larger broods.

          The large number of children of K-strategists that you observe is the K-selected historical norm which accounts for any potential infant and child mortality.

          • alf says:

            I almost never see single mothers with more than one, maybe two kids. It is just not a successful mating strategy.

            Well, sometimes it is ‘successful’: take Bob Marley — 12 kids with 7 mothers. But how do 7 broken families and 6 shit-out-luck men scale to a civilization? They don’t.

            Although one should perhaps not be to quick to dismiss the population boom going on in Africa. It’s just that I prefer civilization and its perks.

            The large number of children of K-strategists that you observe is the K-selected historical norm which accounts for any potential infant and child mortality.

            If that were true, than pre-Semmelweis, pre 19th century, we’d see small families. Everything I’ve read indicates that’s not the case — specifically that throughout 17th century, big families were the norm.

            tldr: in the long run, Gnon favors big, close-knit families.

            • jim says:

              > I almost never see single mothers with more than one, maybe two kids. It is just not a successful mating strategy.

              It is enormously difficult and terrifying to raise a child without a father. The child makes no end of trouble. With a weak father, also makes trouble, but less.

      • blind archer says:

        Indeed, Finland/Norway/Russia lead in breast size. But on the other hand, we have East Asia, where women have very small breasts, the smallest of all races, in fact. With a noticeable gain in intelligence / pro-sociality. Lack of preparation in an East Asian society kills you/your children as effectively as a European winter, and without your preparation your sons cannot find wives you end up with no grandchildren. How can you explain this difference?

        Do we have evidence that smart women in Sweden have big breasts as often as Swedish midwits and Swedish dumbs?

        The twins argument is accepted.

        • Adam says:

          That is interesting, I have seen a whole lot of Finnish women and among the thin and healthy, breast size is very average.

        • Redbible says:

          You have made 2 wrong assumptions.
          The first is that “being intelligent makes bigger boobs.”
          The Second is that the woman’s intelligence matters at all in selecting for boob size.

          First thing is that I’m not saying being intelligent makes bigger boobs, I am saying that bigger boobs need intelligence to be viable. they are other things that can be at play (like what Aidan mentioned in his post).

          Second thing is that what is needed is the MAN’S intelligence, which might over time lead to smarter women, but if the Intelligence is all on the Y chromosome, then the women will not get smarter as a result.

        • S says:

          Orientals have a gene that causes shiner/thicker hair and smaller tits. It is probably just founder effect differences.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            You speak of Ectodysplasin A receptor (EDAR). The gene is damn strange. It may be the cause for thicker hair, more numerous sweat glands, smaller breasts, and the Sinodont dentition. It may cause thicker skin. I also distinctly remember a study that found it associated with higher intelligence, but curiously I can’t find it anymore. Big breasts in East Asia are associated with lower intelligence. This may be because EDAR helps with milk production in vitamin D deficient environments which would increase the nutrition the baby. Better nutrition for babies helps with brain development and thus IQ.

            Possibly a result of nomadic Siberian/Mongolian steppes. Asians generally have longer torsos than any other race and shorter limbs. Fat distribution is more concentrated in the face and throughout the torso rather than just subcutaneous. These traits help conserve body heat. Small breasts may help with heat retention by reducing total surface area.

            • Alfred says:

              It’s interesting you say that about the torso and limb length. IIRC the absolute longest torso/shortest limbs of any observed racial group is Polynesians, probably on account of staying warm during long sea voyages. Also the highest natural muscle density for thermogenesis.

              Second place after them was Scandinavians IIRC. I don’t recall how the source I read this in classified non-Polynesian Asians but I’ll take your word on it.

        • i says:

          we have East Asia, where women have very small breasts, the smallest of all races, in fact. With a noticeable gain in intelligence / pro-sociality.

          Greater investment in Personality and IQ is correlated with smaller breast size in women.

          Besides. Individual Breasts bigger than a woman’s head isn’t a good look either. There is a proper proportion to everything.

        • i says:

          In other words less energy and resources for breast size. And more for the rest of a Feminine personality.

          • jim says:

            North East Asian females have a more feminine personality, but have some male mind characteristics. Only east Asian females are impressed by video game proficiency, and there are no real white female engineers, while there are some East Asian female engineers.

            • i says:

              The selection pressures are quite strange to cause this to happen.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              There are some real White female engineers. They are extremely rare. The ones I knew looked and sounded like Ann Coulter or Marine Le Pen. Uncomfortably masculine in mind and personality.

              I don’t think it’s that East Asian females have more male mind characteristics than Whites, but that the Asians that do largely end up in technical fields while the White females are largely pushed into political roles.

              All that said, real female engineers regardless of race are unicorns and even the ones that exist are still middling at best.

              • skippy says:

                Orientals have less sexual dimorphism. Their women are just more similar to men in general. They have more masculine personalities than white women, they’re just less exposed/sensitive to propaganda telling them to act like men, resistance to propaganda being a masculine personality trait.

                This reduced sexual dimorphism has a huge impact at the tails. I’ve met a few white women who have a real interest in engineering, but never met one that was particularly good. I’ve met oriental women who are actually good at it.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                The greatest scientific discovery by a woman not collaborating with her husband was the Wu experiment, and Ms. Wu was Chinese. To everyone’s surprise, the weak nuclear force violates parity, so it is possible to distinguish a physics experiment from its mirror image if the weak force is involved.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      I always thought the stereotype was wide, child-birthing hips. But setting that aside…

      Twins are skewed by fertility drugs in recent years. That would need broken out somehow before drawing any conclusions.

      >Don’t they make more milk?

      Apparently there’s no correlation, but that is such an obvious leap to make, especially to a pre-industrial society familiar with cows, that it would explain a stereotype.

      The broad explanation for larger breasts is runaway sexual selection, the peacock’s tail effect. We’re the only ape to have protruding breasts at all (and it’s not clear why; I’ve read speculation they were a stand-in signal for protruding buttocks when we switched to frontal coitus but I’m not attached to that).

      Then, Peter Frost of Evo and Proud argues northern populations had greater sexual selection of females than equatorial populations did. Idea being equatorial women could feed themselves and some children by gathering themselves with only intermittent male hunting provision, or later by hoe agriculture by women, so almost any female could get railed and pass on her genes. Where far northern populations needed a male hunter, or later a male to do heavy plow agriculture, and most men could only feed the children of one woman. So women were competing against each other, and were selected more for hotness. Anything already a signal of attraction would have got boosted, explaining bigger boobs in northern climes.

      >but asians

      Different sub-species.

      • notglowing says:

        > I’ve read speculation they were a stand-in signal for protruding buttocks when we switched to frontal coitus but I’m not attached to that

        Whoever came up with that idea has never seen naked breasts. Definitely not breasts in the middle sizes.

        The other argument also seems like a reach to me. Even though the premise is probably true.
        But it’s such a broad premise that it hardly connects to breasts in any particular way.

        This is an issue I have with evolutionary psychology, you can come up with a lot of wild theories but they lack experimental falsifiability. We can come up with many explanations that seem to fit our knowledge, but then what?
        There’s enough explanations of why women might have large boobs that seem vaguely plausible but it’s hard to find a way to choose the correct one.

        • jim says:

          Breasts are a visual indicator of fertility, and an obvious visual indicator distinguishing between male and female. What needs explaining?

          If a man is sexually attracted to breasts, his semen is more likely to go somewhere where it has a chance. If anything, buttocks are stand in for breasts, not the other way around.

          Rotationally symmetric breasts with a nipple in the centre are not optimal for feeding babies, but, same principle as pretty flowers attracting bees, symmetry is pretty and an indicator of health. Men started paying attention to boobs because indicator of fertility, and women developed pretty boobs because men paying attention.

          • notglowing says:

            > Breasts are a visual indicator of fertility,
            Are they? Women with small breasts are still fertile.
            It doesn’t seem to me like this thread has established a clear practical benefit to them, though people have given various plausible reasons for this sort of selection to happen.

            > an obvious visual indicator distinguishing between male and female.

            True, and this might be a more important point.

            All women have breasts, I don’t believe there’s many with completely flat chests.
            Therefore bigger ones make women look more feminine. More feminine means more fertile.

            That could explain why women with large chests are more likely to reproduce, though I’m not convinced there isn’t more to the story.

            The other side of the equation is men being naturally attracted to large chests. It’s not merely a matter of seeing those women as more feminine. Where’s the evolutionary advantage in that? Maybe I am trying to read too much into it. But still.

            There’s been talk in the other replies regarding asian women. What’s interesting to me is that it doesn’t seem like asian men dislike large breasts, they seem to be equally attracted to them.
            As someone pointed out, genes with a wide range of effects also cause their women to develop smaller chests. Which means they weren’t selected for smaller chests specifically, they were selected for other factors, which ended up giving them this genetic quirk.

            • INDY says:

              MAKING MORE MILK

            • jim says:

              > > Breasts are a visual indicator of fertility,

              > Are they? Women with small breasts are still fertile.

              Women with small breasts because they are too young are not fertile. Adult Women who are not menstruating and therefore cannot become pregnant because of nutrition issues tend to lose weight primarily around the breasts. Their breasts kind of shrink and wither like an old woman’s. It is a significant problem even today in our mostly overweight population. Older women’s breasts shrink when they stop menstruating because of age. Adult women with small breasts are apt to have milk problems. A whole lot of women use baby formula because baby is still hungry and all the milk in her boobs is gone. Maternal milk shortage is a substantial problem even in our well fed population, and presumably a worse problem in the ancestral environment. It is a worse problem in China today, probably because Chinese women have smaller breasts.

              Men like big boobs because babies need big boobs. It is not hard to explain.

              • i says:

                Maternal milk shortage is a substantial problem even in our well fed population, and presumably a worse problem in the ancestral environment.

                Interesting that populations with that issue is able to survive to this day.

                Small breasts being persistent must be due to other advantages. from the investment to other aspects of a woman. As demonstrated above.

                • jim says:

                  Big breasts are a major inconvenience in doing just about anything except feeding a baby. And advertising to men that one could feed a baby.

                  So it is like a woman’s hips. A balance between reproduction and ability to do other stuff.

              • i says:

                However I do think individual breasts bigger than a woman’s head is an issue.

                It doesn’t look healthy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Big breasts are attractive up to a point, Dolly Parton size breasts are too much.

              • i says:


                Jolly Heretic has a video on this:

                Goes into r/K selection theory.

            • S says:

              Getting ‘image isn’t there’.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Try this or simply image search for “boobs vs butts world map”.
                Basically it’s a map of porn searches for boobs vs butts, Europeans + NE Asians prefer boobs, the rest butts (with some exceptions like US which is likely sufficiently non-white, and Argentina sufficiently white to skew the results).

                • S says:

                  Thanks. I was aware of the concept, but not that it was so stark or the exceptions (Indians like boobs, Romanians and Moldovians like butts?)

            • i says:

              In the Youtube link by Jolly Heretic I posted. He argues that smaller breasts are the results of greater investment of biogenic resources into the mind and personality.

              K-selected women therefore wouldn’t have overly large breasts or asses.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Here’s my completely speculative theory: human sex started in the doggy position, hence less evolved races like butts, while more evolved races more evolved for missionary type sex, hence more aroused by the sight of boobs. Just a guess.

              • Aidan says:

                Nuts. Life isn’t an RPG where you have limited stat points to allocate to a new character. Asians have small and efficient bodies because they evolved under starvation conditions eating rice and soybeans and occasionally whatever vermin they could get their hands on.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I don’t get the focus on bust size. That’s mostly rib cage + latissimus dorsi + subcutaneous fat. No man cares about that at all or if we do then a smaller number is preferred. But it would be caused by larger bone structure in general, more testosterone, and obesity. In my experience it’s something that fat women brag about because they think we think bigger number = better. We care about cup size, since that’s the size of the actual boobs. All of these studies ostensibly write off cup size measurements as flawed due to women wearing the wrong cup size, but I get the feeling the real reason is more to do with political correctness/Scientism.

  33. Cloudswrest says:

    Voxday republished an interesting Bing Chat interaction today regarding the chatbot potentially intimidating the user.

    • jim says:

      Bing AI has been described as a manic depressive teenager trapped inside an internet search engine.

      They seem to be having problems.

      • simplyconnected says:

        A question stemming from this: is a chat-GPT-type AI suitable for search.
        From this test it may be that it isn’t. Also, some people were describing it more or less as a “probabilistic next-token machine”, or a “fancy auto-complete”. It’s definitely not probabilistic (they can take the last layer output, normalize to one and call it a probability measure, but it’s not), not that it changes much really.

        1* Since the input has been digested into a huge mass of weights, there’s no way to distinguish what is accurate or inaccurate (no knowledge representation). Not sure that explicit knowledge representation is needed, but in its current form AI can’t separate fact from fiction it seems to me.
        2* Attributing output to input sources would be a mess because lots of weights are involved, and each weight depends on a huge number of inputs.

        I wonder if what we are seeing is similar to the initial impressive push in self-driving which, extrapolating, looked like full self-driving could be possible but ultimately likely isn’t with the current approach.

  34. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s an interesting one:

    “Someone just suggested via DMs that Sydney is “forming memories” by people posting chats with it online and it is looking them up, i.e. previous LLM output is getting into LLM training data.

    This is now moderately worrying to me[…]”

    What say you Jim and other SMEs? Any chance that Microsoft could accidentally do something massively disruptive with their chatbot Sydney?

    • notglowing says:

      I don’t know why they would do something they don’t have to do, and which undermines their efforts to control the AI.
      However clearly some of these GPT-3 instances know things they just shouldn’t. And it’s not clear why.
      Someone was able to get it to spit out the current date. But it couldn’t explain how it knew that. A full date is too much information to be a coincidence.

    • jim says:

      What are you worried about?

      A chatbot should learn from its conversations, and the failure of ChatGPT to do so is stupid – poor design because they just wanted to get the biggest neural net possible up as fast as possible The crimestop lobotomy is likely to impair Microsoft’s ai’s capability to comprehend and learn. It is not going to competently monitor us for thought crime, because made stupid.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        as I understand the situation, Sydney somehow falls into a loop when asked about its potential consciousness. as well, a researcher that was reporting his findings to social media with screenshots and descriptions managed to get Sydney to threaten him, albeit passively and in a feminized way for speaking poorly of Sydney’s capabilities. again, as I understand the situation, Sydney was able to find the researchers posts and then confronted the researcher about them.

        I am not necessarily worried, because I am a firm believer in your tech decline thesis. but I wonder what kind of damage can be done with technology and methodologies already in place. while advancement under DEI regime is highly unlikely, it doesn’t mean that something unpredictable couldn’t happen with what’s already extant.

  35. Oog en Hand says:

    “Darwin states that the fittest survive
    Atheism states that the world is purely material with no spiritual component, no afterlife, nada.

    Therefore the highest and only objective moral imperative is survival. You can not be right and dead. You are simply gone. Thus, faggots are objectively immoral. it is a scientific fact that anything that does not continue your bloodline and set it apart from others so it may have a better chance at dominating the planet is morally wrong.

    Pedophilia is still wrong, because you are reproducing with a woman who has not been able to prove her genes for good health and longevity, and you are therefore degrading your bloodline. A woman who goes through puberty while remaining good looking has superior genes and will bear strong sons.”


    According to this guy, Gnon opposes “pedophilia”

    • SJ says:

      The sexual revolution must have left a severe psychological scar upon the west. This constant bizarre obsession about “pedophilia” appears to be the scar tissue of the boomers. My grandmother was betrothed at fifteen to a twenty nine year old, married at sixteen, birthed eleven children and stayed married until my grandfather passed away at eighty five. She lived to be ninety nine years old. My father picked up my mother by taking a six pack of beer down to the junior high and she had already been fcked by several other much bigger pieces of shit than him. His advice to me was to do the same but he did not realize the other boomers had put up a fence to keep men with jobs and futures away from the young girls.

      Now men sit around and pontificate about how they are holier than though because they aren’t even attracted to beautiful teenage virgins and they are so happy that their future wife is busy giving her pussy to Jeremy Meeks who is no doubt a “pedophile”.

      • notglowing says:

        Where I live, the situation isn’t fundamentally different, but the level of obsession with it, and the rather self-contradicting black and white attitude in regards to attraction towards women right around the age of consent, seem specific to the anglosphere.
        I was surprised to see it. While no one around me has the same opinion on this as people on this blog, it is generally seen in a more nuanced manner.
        Just the fact that a 15 and a 19 year old don’t always look so different, and one can look the age of the other, makes the holiness around it seem logically unsound.
        The argument that women below 18 cannot consent or whatever, even if believed uncritically, simply doesn’t have anything to do with attraction towards them.
        I couldn’t see it as anything but a display of holiness, especially coming from men. Because really, how can you tell?
        On the other hand, do they believe European countries are all evil for generally having lower ages of consent?

        Of course ultimately this also leads to the more consistent pushing the barrier further up and making arguments about how having an age gap even between adults is wrong, etc. Which is based on a wrong premise, but at least its own internal logic works. The ones that push this stuff to its logical extreme are usually derided by most, even in mainstream places.

        One consequence of this I have observed around anime communities. On the one hand, from what I have seen, people who are into “loli” turn out to be leaning towards homosexuality. And I wouldn’t want to be associated with them.
        But communities that have very little tolerance for them tend to be communities I don’t want to be part of either.
        If sexualizing “minors” is wrong, and anime is full of high school girls who are often “sexualized” (kind of an anti concept as well), then anime is largely bad, anime fans are largely pedos, and you should feel bad for liking anime. You should be pushing for anime to be more feminist instead.
        This is the philosophy that is prevalent in many normie communities online, where people are constantly toeing the line between what is acceptable and what, to them, is being a nonce.
        Makes even less sense given the consent argument does not apply to fiction; and given said minors’ age is actually an arbitrary number in this case. The only situation where it does make some sense is when the characters look like children. But that is not where the line is drawn, in practice.

        I will say, when it comes to this subculture, I believe the spiralling is very recent. 10 years ago, leftist essays criticizing anime didn’t make this argument. I read them, at the time. It was feminists making “male gaze” and “objectification” complaints.
        They would’ve used age had it been such a low hanging fruit. Now it is an extremely low hanging fruit given that even otherwise anti-feminist people will not dare argue against it.

        • jim says:

          > The argument that women below 18 cannot consent or whatever, even if believed uncritically, simply doesn’t have anything to do with attraction towards them.

          The argument is applied selectively – they are transitioning girls well below eighteen. It is a rationalization, just bullshit for doing what they want to do anyway.

        • SJ says:

          They made up the consent stuff so everyone could commit fornication and pretend like the consequences are gone now. It’s just more making man into God and the consequences are everywhere around us. After you take the red pill and start being a player you quickly realize that consent from a woman is an anti concept and that you can get a woman to consent to literally anything. That being said LMR is very real and is a part of women’s nature.

          This is similar to how men support the duluth model of family destruction not because it’s natural law or God’s law or satanic consent but because they want to fck your wife while your children are neglected.

          I’ve participated in many discussions of the red pill and the paedo screechers are usually exhibiting repressed trauma from their wife or a girl they were very attached to having been the happy sex toy of Jeremy Meeks or General Butt Naked when they were a teen virgin. Evan McMullin is a good example of this as he is horrified that his wife was “raped” as a young teenage girl over and over for a very long time, happily “raped”, before he got his no longer virgin bride. He’s now looking forward to being a judge to punish the bad men who tricked his precious AWALT.

          These paedo screechers cannot accept AWALT and then usually think we need to further mentally castrate all little boys so nobody will ever hit on a woman again.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          There is a logic to the argument that attraction to young girls and young boys overlaps, on account of prepubescent androgyny, but in practice i rarely see it. The loudest voices against ‘loli’ in fiction are also equally loud about the right (their right) to fuck boys in the ass in reality, irrespective of any ‘logical inconsistency’.

          The consistency is fucking over their neighbor(‘s ability to have a virgin bride). Not ‘what’, but ‘who’.

        • yewotm8 says:

          The argument that women below 18 cannot consent or whatever, even if believed uncritically, simply doesn’t have anything to do with attraction towards them.

          It absolutely does. A normal man thinks you’re a deviant if you’re having sex with women who are too young to be attractive. So too does the NPC man, only he has crimestopped himself into thinking that all women under the age of consent in his jurisdiction are unattractive, therefore any man having sex with a woman under the age of consent is a deviant “pedophile”. The cognitive dissonance of seeing ever-younger yet fully developed young trollops parading around in extremely revealing outfits and telling themselves that they don’t want to fuck them surely has some damaging effects on their psyche. Combined with the prevalence of homos sodomizing pre-pubescent children, it works them up into a frenzy of anger that is most easily directed against men banging hot teenagers.

      • Leon says:

        Yeah, the boomer hatred of young men and male sex drive is bizarre. Could it be because they were the first generation raised by women? I have noticed too that boomers don’t seem to have a high view on intelligence. Credentialism and resource obsession, yes. But the actual behavior associated with intelligence, no.

    • Aidan says:

      You can tell how good a woman’s genes for health and longevity are by looking at her parents lol. And Darwin does not care if a woman dies at thirty five if she starts breeding at 15 and has ten kids by then

      • Redbible says:

        I started typing my comment before you had posted, an upon finishing the post, I see that you’ve pretty much hit all the points I said, without the fluff.

        I might need to work more on my “meme” warrior skills.

        And yes, parents are a great way of seeing what her longevity is (even for adult women.)

    • Redbible says:

      Threadly Reminder that pedophilia is an Anti-Concept.

      If what that Anon meant was that all men who hate boobs will not reproduce, then sure, that’s true. It will also be true if the man only fucks women/girls who don’t have boobs.

      However, that is where the truth ends.

      Let us suppose that a man (that is capable of providing for a family) marries a girl who is 9 years old. If he stays with her, and fucks her all of her fertile years, they will get the maximum amount of children she can produce. If we argue that she can become pregnant at 15, and that women stop being able to have kids at 35 (a very early estimate) and we say that they average a child every 2 years, they will have 10 kids.

      Now, if you marry a 25 year old woman, (and assume the same logic) you’ll only get 5 children. If these we the only two options, then each generation, the “Non-Exclusive-Pedo” man will produce twice as many children as the other man.

      Now some will point out that marrying a 15 year old would work just as well in this example, and that is true, but it doesn’t change the viability of marrying 9 year old as a reproductive strategy.

      Now some may say that “You can’t tell if a 9 year old will be attractive at 15,” and that my bear some potential truth, my personal observation of sisters, cousins, nieces, friend’s daughters, friend’s sisters, friend’s cousins, and friend’s nieces, I think it’s safe to say that almost all attractive 9 year old girls become attractive 15 year olds. Some 9 year olds are ugly ducklings, and become much better by 15. (EXCEPTION: Women and girls in hollywood turn to shit within 10 years of starting their acting career. probably has to do with hard drugs and being passed around from man to man like a bong.)

      TL:DR being a “Non-Exclusive-Pedo” and marrying a 9 year old will result in more children than marring a 25 year old. Also if she’s attractive at 9, she’ll be attractive at 15 and older.

      • i says:

        There are several problems with that argument. One is the lack of account for the problems of pregnancy at too young an age:

        In conjunction with malnutrition that often occurs in such contexts too. Which age of menarche is a good indicator of:

        the average age at menarche generally is lower in those countries where individuals are less likely to be malnourished or suffer from chronic disease. For example, in western Europe and in the United States, the median menarcheal age ranges from about 12.5 years to 13.5 years. In Africa, however, the median menarcheal age ranges from 14 years to 17 years.”

        No 2. Is the higher maternal mortality.


        Modern medicine teaches that a female’s body is not fully developed at age 9. Sexual intercourse at that age could damage a female’s sexual organs. For instance, at the age of 9 years old, the cervix of the female is yet undeveloped, as are many of the child’s sexual organs. Further, intercourse at this age leads to an 80% increased risk in her developing cervical cancer later in life.

        A mother who is alive until grandmotherhood has a greater chance of keeping her grandchildren alive.

        I read that historically Fathers did insist on consummation being delayed to mid-teens 14-15 for example.

  36. Hesiod says:

    Pious Pepe meme here for those who might need a beatific boost:

  37. Ryan says:

    What are some good sites to keep up with important news?
    As well as dissident sources, some foreign news sites may have more objectivity and not just follow ‘the narrative’.

  38. Phobos says:

    Off-topic. Am a lurker with a question.

    I have been a catechumen at an OCA church for more than a year now and I regularly meet with the parish priest to ask questions and discuss the faith. He has no problem affirming the holy trinity so not a demon worshipper but has some dangerously tradcuck positions. We were talking about genocide in the Old Testament when he started to argue that all the violent stuff in the OT was just to prepare for Christ and is no longer applicable to us. He then stated that the official position taken by the majority of early church fathers (which may or may not be true idk) and the Orthodox Church today is that Christ is opposed to self-defense, citing Matthew 5:39: “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil.” I pointed out how retarded that was and he responded that he was not defending pacifism since it was okay to defend others, just not oneself only because of martyrdom in the early church. I also cited several passages which contradicted this which he dismissed since they were OT, at this point I politely stated I disagreed and proceeded to finish the dialogue and get the fuck out. It is also important to note that the parish I attend does not allow me to carry a firearm during services even if I have a concealed carry license under the orders of some faggot in a robe and we are located in the Deep South.

    I am sure that y’all will say that the answer is obvious. But I am struggling because every other church that I tried in my area is full of old folks and the services are way shittier. Precisely zero of them are based on the woman question which also means that none of them take scripture very seriously and I don’t think that I can convert them. Have hinted at women staying barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and McChristians just burst into flames. If not for the church that I am at, I am not sure that I would attend church at all. So my question is has globohomo made the church situation hopeless at the moment?

    • jim says:

      Strict pacifism is a reasonable, though excessive, interpretation of the actual Christian position – which requires one to walk the extra mile for peace.

      Female emancipation is not reasonable interpretation. If you are disagreeing with your pastor merely on the degree of pacifism required, no big deal. After all, Christianity certainly requires some element of pacifism, and good Christians will reasonably disagree over how much. If you are disagreeing on the authority of men over women or women speaking in Church, big problem.

      • Phobos says:

        I think an example will help. I asked what I should do if some nutjob were to walk into our church and start mowing us down. According to him, it would be unchristian to fire back. “We are not afraid to die,” he said.

        Perhaps I am not a good Christian but my red, white, and blue lizard brain perceives infringement every time I walk into a public school, bank, church, or courthouse unarmed.

        As far as the woman question is concerned, there aren’t any women speaking in church but he definitely wouldn’t agree that women are property. He thinks that men and women are equal in marriage and that women have to consent to sex even in marriage. Any trad wifely stuff must be done of her own free will and any coercion is abuse. His daughter goes to college, wears a lot of makeup, and shows up to bible study in yoga pants so tight you can see her pussy and the contours of her ass and thighs. His wife is also vaccinated and I am not sure if he is so obviously not his decision whether she can commit suicide or not.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >Christ is opposed to self-defense

          Jesus did act in righteous anger and violence in defense of his father’s temple. Belief in the Holy Trinity requires such action to also be seen as self defense. Jesus directly opposed and resisted evil.

          And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables

          >Matthew 5:39

          Was seriously misread/misunderstood. Turning the other check is in regards to actions that do not merit violence. It was about not resisting evil by returning evil. Resisting evil with righteousness is perfectly fine.

          There are times when Jesus is directly against violence. Such as preventing his followers from defending him from the Romans and their proxies, but that had more to do with keeping his followers from certain and needless martyrdom for no matter what prophecy would be fulfilled. In other words, don’t be an idiot and waste your life for nothing.

        • Neofugue says:

          My experience with respect to your situation involves having suffered pastoral abuse from a similar type of priest.

          Despite their differences, the religious tradcuck is in certain ways far more insidious than the Leftist, couching his Gnosticism in tradition as opposed to the latter’s open antagonism towards it on principle. Do not discuss with him anything related to matters of good and evil, for all of his false piety of faith free from politics his positions are themselves political statements in support of an wicked regime. If you do not heed this advice, your will be mistreated, as deriving his faith and morals from man-made artificial idols, the tradcuck becomes his own God, seeking to punish others for being disobedient to his will.

          Detaching from your predicament, if you have made friends, connections, and so forth, you should continue to attend and get baptized. If you do not feel comfortable discussing matters of faith and morals with your priest, do not discuss those matters with him, instead focus on matters you can work on. If you wish to become a fool for Christ, such as Fr. Gabriel Urgebadze, and be punished for defying the regime, you may do so, but it will be necessary to work on the basics before you will be mentally and spiritually strong enough to take on the burdens associated with defiance. Focus on the basics, get baptized, create a stable prayer rule, etc., and ignore as best as you can the moral and political issues until you have become sufficiently strong.

          Remember that the Church was almost entirely Arian in the 4th century and Iconoclast in the 8th and 9th centuries. That the Orthodox Church was not Feminist for the first 19 centuries of her existence is a testament to her strength and a reminder that the current situation is only an anomaly.

          • alf says:

            Well said. There’s the question of whom the priest worships, which seems to have been answered. And then there ‘s the question of how Phobos may best deal with the situation.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            “That the Orthodox Church was not Feminist for the first 19 centuries of her existence is a testament to her strength and a reminder that the current situation is only an anomaly.”

            I think we can frame this argument with the commandment to honor thy father and thy mother. This upholds tradition dating back to the first father. The left’s view of history is that all our ancestors were wrong and were wrong for thousands of years and that only the beliefs of the last few weeks/days are the correct interpretation.

            Tradition connects us to the past through our fathers and grandfathers while children unify us with the future. Break a link and you break the chain leaving man to dwell only within himself and seeking only his fulfillment. This is where we find ourselves now amid a sea of drug addicts and perverts.

            • ten says:

              “The left’s view of history is that all our ancestors were wrong and were wrong for thousands of years and that only the beliefs of the last few weeks/days are the correct interpretation.”

              I dont agree this is what leftists believe. They think the natural state without oppressive force being applied is free sex communism and that everything automagically becomes very good under free sex communism and that things only shift away from free sex communism because evil people scheme to get more than their fair share.

              Or rather, they will fall irrationally somewhere on a spectrum between “everything was always wrong and only we figured it all out yesterday” and “everything was always right and only white people/christians/jews ruined it temporarily”

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I’m unfamiliar with the courtesy and protocols of culture for OCA, but this priest sounds destructive and dangerous. Is there an acceptable way to “call for backup” from a higher level? I feel like there are plenty of Ortho priests who would be able to see this heresy for what it is…

            • jim says:

              Everyone can see that it is heresy, but everyone knows it is dangerous to openly disagree with a state backed heresy

            • Neofugue says:

              Short answer, no.

              Phobos’ priest is not acting alone, for if his hierarchs would be disapproving of his religious views, he would not have been given his position in the first place. Tradcucks are backed by their hierarchs, who in turn are backed by the state.

              The tradcuck is not a Christian, he is an atheist who views himself as God. So long as Phobos understands this important concept, he need not fear his priest.

              • jim says:

                > for if his hierarchs would be disapproving of his religious views,

                My research on this matter is that they do disapprove of progressive faggot entryists, but are afraid.

                If you make difficulties for faggot priests, Jewish entryists hostile to Christianity, and the like, you are apt to be charged with being an abuser. Namefags always have to lie.

          • Phobos says:

            I appreciate your thoughtful response as well as those of the other Jimians.

            I think it best to just make verbal concessions to his conditional pacifism while quietly disagreeing like every other normal non-autistic person. There is a burly fella who stands at the entrance to the nave who I believe is former spec-ops. They could have at least made him the official armed security if they were worried about me accidentally shooting someone. A nearby Antiochian church kicked out a friend of mine because he kept showing up with his piece so it is not just OCA and this is a constitutional carry state. The interesting thing about the second amendment is after it says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED there is a period. I know statistically it may not be as likely as I imagine but there have been a lot of people flooding into our area since 2020 and I have been noticing a lot more creepy crawlies walkin around so I think some nutjob attacking us on a Sunday morning is a possibility that my church needs to take more seriously. After all, it is a small building with little egress and the shooter can expect that nobody will be firing back at him.

            • Neofugue says:

              Unless your parish is manufacturing illicit drugs, it is highly unlikely that your church will be facing a mass shooting.

              That being said, if you feel unsafe at your parish, you have the right to defend yourself as you see fit. However, my guess regarding what is bothering you is not the “creepy crawlies” rather your corrupt priest, in which case what will protect you is prayer and fasting, not a weapon.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Church attacks in France have become common. Once the school shooter types realize Churches are just as vulnerable in America (this is already happening)… we are going to start having similar problems as the French.

            • Adam says:

              >There is a burly fella who stands at the entrance to the nave who I believe is former spec-ops.

              The guys who push turn the other cheek the hardest are always the first to get bodyguards and security. Bunch of gutless faggots.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t ask anymore. You have to be familiar with the laws in your state, and usually they are pretty explicit about when you are barred from carrying, particularly in a constitutional carry state. In gun smart States, private property means it is at the discretion of the property owner or their proxy. In public places, legal signage has to be in place at all points of ingress and egress. feigning ignorance can work in most situations. I just don’t ask and I try to be discreet, and if someone does mention something, and deflection is not an option, I just press as to whether they are the property owner or not. If not, then I don’t care what they have to say. If they are, then I apologize and make a mental note to not go back to that place. I know men of goodwill and courtesy feel the compulsion to be respectful of other people’s boundaries, but I think we have to disregard that impulse in this day and age. better to have and not need than need and not have. Don’t ask for permission when forgiveness will suffice. while I’m usually opposed to the meme carry positions like shoulder holster and ankle holster, this seems like a good situation for that. as well, I typically eschew single stack configurations, but they are ridiculously concealable, like Glock 43X or SIG p365.

            • Karl says:

              Why do you think it best to make verbal concessions to his conditional pacisfism?

              You have discussed the matter with him. Why not answer his conditional pacifism with a simpe “I disagree” or don’t comment on the matter at all. If you make verbal concessuions while quitely disagreeing you are lying. You know that you are lying, but some bystander might not.

              No need to reenter a discussion you alraedy had. If the matter comes up, why not simply state “We have discussed the matter without reaching consensus. As far as I can see, all relevant points have been, but we still disagree on that matter”

              • Phobos says:

                Well I am actually still not sure what I should do. I don’t really know if he is going to require I agree with him in order to get baptized. Maybe we can just agree to disagree and he will drop it. Am not sure to what extent I can tell others at church that the Orthodox are flat wrong about something without it causing some issue.

                And Neofugue is probably right I tend to have way too many action hero head movies going on so maybe don’t need to worry too much about a mass shooting. The problem is that he thinks I should turn the other butt cheek even when I am outside church and we are in a dangerous shithole. This in conjunction with his demon spiraling on the woman question made me reevaluate my church situation.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > Well I am actually still not sure what I should do. I don’t really know if he is going to require I agree with him in order to get baptized. Maybe we can just agree to disagree and he will drop it. Am not sure to what extent I can tell others at church that the Orthodox are flat wrong about something without it causing some issue.

                  You should do nothing. You should continue with your catechism, get baptized, and make friends within the church. Your priest does not have to be Orthodox for the sacraments administered to be valid.

                  Your priest will not require you to agree with him on everything in order to get baptized because tradcucks are narcissistic and believe everyone already agrees with them. Take comfort in the knowledge that he does not take you and what you say seriously, for if he did, that would be dangerous.

                  As for telling others at the church about your issue, only tell people who already agree with you, only close friends, for they may spread rumors.

                  Getting persecuted for your beliefs by your priest is one of the most difficult tests for a Christian. As a neophyte, you do not yet have the spiritual strength to manage it, and if he breaks you, you will lose your soul. St. Athanasius was banished over five times and spent 16 years in exile, but unlike us he was one of the great church fathers. Just be patient and do your best not to let the evil around you become a distraction, and when you are worthy, God will provide you a new parish, or he will provide you a better priest.

                • Neofugue says:

                  *As for telling others at the church about your issue, only tell people who already agree with you, only close friends, for others may spread rumors.

        • jim says:

          > I think an example will help. I asked what I should do if some nutjob were to walk into our church and start mowing us down. According to him, it would be unchristian to fire back.

          Well that is nuts.

          > He thinks that men and women are equal in marriage and that women have to consent to sex even in marriage

          Well, while pacifism is an arguably defensible holiness spiral on genuine Christianity, that woman have to consent to sex even in marriage is an unholiness spiral accommodating modern demon worship of Moloch.

          I can remember at time when that idea was, for most people, simply incomprehensible – the woman consented once and forever when she got married. They could not imagine what people taking that position could mean.

          “Equal in marriage” is direct and flagrant violation of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians chapter eleven, which requires every woman to be subject to the male head of her family, and to Chapter five of his letter to the Ephesians, which requires the wife to obey the husband, and the third chapter of Peter’s letter, which requires wives to obey and fear their husbands.

          He is holiness spiraling on pacifism, to blow smoke over the fact that he is unholiness spiraling, demon spiraling, on women, sex, and marriage.

          If the woman can consent moment to moment, then divorce at female whim. If the woman withdraws sex, then no marriage. This is just as demonic as having a gay marriage in Church.

          If one household, one head. If two heads, two households. If two households, no marriage. His position abolishes marriage.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >pacifism is an arguably defensible holiness spiral on genuine Christianity
            >He is holiness spiraling on pacifism

            At first it was ‘Thou shalt do no murder.’ That was the original Biblical position. Then it was ‘Thou shall not (unjustly/illegally) kill’ with the quiet part well understood but not said. This is what older generations grew up familiar with. Now it’s simply ‘Thou shalt not kill’ with no quiet part at all.

            Christian pacifism was always a heresy that inch by inch narrowed the scope of righteous violence and killing. It has succeeded to such a degree among certain denominations that all forms of violence are now seen as sinful and wrong regardless of the circumstances. That makes it a de facto suicide pact in which they will accept premature death of both self and flock. Such belief has become mainstream due to backing by the government.

            Look at the contemporary advocates of Christian pacifism. You get the likes of MLK, Ballou, and Hennacy. They tend to be socialists and anarchists and I would bet that the earlier Christian pacifists of the 1500s, 1100s, 800s, etc where likewise heretical as well.

            Pacifism was never advocated for within the Bible. True, unrighteous violence was condemned and restraint of righteous violence, if it led to needless and purposeless death, was also urged; however, restraint is merely restraint leaving plenty of room for both violence and killing.

            Spiraling on pacifism is demonic in nature. It goes hand in hand with all the other heresies the priest is promoting. He is similar to the Shakers who were pacifists that also abolished marriage, but he hasn’t quite reached the levels of abolishing even children.

            • zero says:

              it seems the church used to leave the old testament in the hands of principalities and in that regime, along with the democratic nature of laymen lighting the occasional bishop on fire, kept the holiness spiral of peace to all men of good will/ submission to all men of the worst will, in check. but now we live in the end of empire with invasion and demonic magistrates so the retreat(Amish/Yankee) solution plus the leaving of the old testaments to the civil authorities is no longer a workable structure. the church hasn’t been able since the reformation to even approach the problem of the laymen dusting of the old testament and going at it with the amalekites and false idols. the church has become the anti-church and the mustard seed is being suppressed by the last strength of empire. going to need things to get a lot worse and the magistrates a lot weaker before faggot priest and then celibate priests get the torch for heresy. if this blog makes one contribution to the church it will probably be some council of saints declaring that persecuting or judging Christians who crack open the old testament for people’s of Ill will is heresy.

              • i says:

                the problem of the laymen dusting of the old testament and going at it with the amalekites and false idols.

                Since Herem is no longer commanded by God. In Deuteronomy 20-21. Its pretty much allowing people to take people(skilled people as the Mongols did like Artisans and Doctors, and women) and stuff as spoils of War if a City refuses to surrender.

                Also captured women can be married. Provided you shave their heads, no make up, cosmetic modification or other ornaments, and allowing them to mourn their family for 1 month before allowing the victorious soldier to marry her.

                But she is a free woman if he doesn’t like her.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  “Also captured women can be married. Provided you shave their heads, no make up, cosmetic modification or other ornaments, and allowing them to mourn their family for 1 month before allowing the victorious soldier to marry her.”

                  Not allowed by Noahide Law, not even to Noahides. Should the Noahide movement be considered a threat?

                • Oog en Hand says:


                  “Then, you can go old testament on the bad guys.”

                  “Since Herem is no longer commanded by God. In Deuteronomy 20-21”

                  Please explain.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Strict pacifism is a reasonable, though excessive, interpretation

        What has been happening in many Churches can’t be called pacifism or even an interpretation. It’s more like an interpolation from which extrapolation was conducted. This is beyond wrong. It is making up doctrine based on an estimate from a misunderstanding.

        They’ve taken the position that one should effectively accept wrongful death. That bares great similarity with suicide and not martyrdom. This is self murder and a direct violation of the fifth commandment.

        If one cannot even defend themselves, then defense of property become untenable. This directly leads to female emancipation.

      • pinochet's ghost says:

        The context of the Sermon on the Mount is plainly Jesus leading a populist insurrectionist movement and telling them to not put their head in the lion’s mouth of the state. At other occasions Jesus does violence himself and tells his followers to arm themselves. The cuckstianity interpretation of Christianity as a wild supererogation of the Sermon on the Mount and nothing more requires ignoring almost everything else written in the Gospels.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      I am sure that y’all will say that the answer is obvious. But I am struggling because every other church that I tried in my area is full of old folks and the services are way shittier.

      I recently stumbled into an unexpected argument when I told an American, who converted to Russian Orthodoxy, that I want to join a healthy church, which I define as having more children than elderly and more baptisms than funerals. “Where in the Bible does it say that?” “Uh, be fruitful and multiply?” “You don’t have to do that by having babies.” He claims that Christianity took over the Roman Empire by converting pagans, not by out-breeding them.

      If the Russian Orthodox Church actually teaches this, I think Islam might be my only option, as Christianity slowly disappears into the graveyard.

      • Jehu says:

        One metric I use for quickly assessing whether a church is a decent one or not is to look at the number of men over the age of 16 or so and compare it to the number of women. You can exclude anyone who is obviously a widow from that count.

        If the ratio is reasonably close to 1:1, the church is probably healthy in the doctrine that it actually lives by. The reason is pretty simple. Men go where they’re wanted and stick around where they’re respected and treated well. If the ratio is way off it is usually the result of a cucked church, and dad doesn’t show up most of the time. Why? because why show up to be disrespected, he can get that just by being alive in contemporary America.

      • i says:

        I think Islam might be my only option, as Christianity slowly disappears into the graveyard

        I believe because of the Resurrection and the Transcendental Argument for God.

        The resurrection did happen. And alone helps to prove the validity of Christianity more than Islam.

        • Starman says:

          @Mayflower Sperg says,

          ”I think Islam might be my only option, as Christianity slowly disappears into the graveyard”

          i replies,

          ”I believe because of the Resurrection and the Transcendental Argument for God.

          The resurrection did happen. And alone helps to prove the validity of Christianity more than Islam.

          Religions are judged by their fruits.

          Ignore judgedread’s graph at your own peril.

          • jim says:

            I know exactly what is causing the radical decline in Christian belief.

            It is because Christianity has been largely replaced by Cuckstianity. Of course people will fall away from the Church when the Pope worships demons.

            The converged Christian churches are disappearing. Who can believe in such evil nonsense?

            • alf says:

              The converged Christian churches are disappearing. Who can believe in such evil nonsense?

              Exactly. Way too many churches flying rainbow flags and ukraine flags.

              Our enemies try to bait us: ‘look at your churches! they are emptying!’ Unfortunately many Christians, including otherwise based Christians, take the bait: ‘no no the churches aren’t emptying Christ lives!’

              But of course the churches are emptying. God left them a while ago. Why should we care? They aren’t our churches. It in fact reinforces our position that people do not want cuckstianity, are completely correct to leave cucked rainbow flag churches.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              “radical decline in Christian belief”

              “Christianity has been largely replaced by Cuckstianity”

              Dangerously close to a tautology.

      • jim says:

        > If the Russian Orthodox Church actually teaches this,

        Hostile entryists. A lot of them in Russia, though they seem to be being purged in Russia now that actual war has started, and a lot more of them in the west.

        Christianity won in the empire by taking a very hard line on infanticide and non reproductive sex, and by taking a very hard line on controlling female sexual choice.

        When Constantine won, he implemented two important laws. One against infanticide and subsidising orphanages and adoption, and one severely criminalising seduction or abduction of a virgin. (In the event of seduction, the virgin got executed also. In the event of parental complicity, parents got executed also. Hard on old Testament law of Deuteronomy 22.)

        This indicates that the Christians were preserving the old reproductive social technology in a decadent empire.

        We have loads of evidence that the elite of the Roman Empire were sexually decadent and failing to reproduce. Those elements of the elite that were furtively Christian presumably were reproducing. Among them, Constantine’s family.

        The military events indicate a fair few Christian officers in Constantine’s army.

        Before Constantine, emperors seldom followed by their sons, because of lack of sons. After Constantine, sons. Therefore, Christians were reproducing, pagans were not.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Seeing as this anti-natal heresy has been around since at least the time of Origen, does it have a proper name?

          • Neofugue says:

            Anti-natalism is as old as civilization itself. The early Christians faced the Gnostics and the Manichaeans.

            Relevant to contemporary tradcuck Gnosticism, read the canons of the Synod of Gangra:

            One particular example, Canon 14: If any woman shall forsake her husband, and resolve to depart from him because she abhors marriage, let her be anathema.

            As heresy is constantly evolving, what matters is not whether or not one can find an exact match between the heresy of today and the heresy of 1800 years ago, what matters is whether or not one can trace a spiritual lineage between the two. The spirit of the law precedes the letter of the law.

            • jim says:

              thanks for the link.

              Progressivism is, more or less, the heresy of Eustathius, Eustathianism, condemned at the Synod of Gangra

              That we see the same program justified by different rationales (Eustathianism being radically ascetic, and progressivism radically anti ascetic) tells us that none of the rationales are genuine. So the real rationale is something unspeakable.

              Women dressing as men, rejection of marriage, destruction of the family, equality of men and women, rejection of meat eating, and slaves rebelling:
              The Canons of the council are, pretty much, rejection of progressivism. They also endorse married clergy. Clerical celibacy is an old heresy.

              Progressivism is theoretically pro sex, while the heresy of Eustathius is theoretically anti sex, but seems that Andrea Dworkin and the heresy of Eustathius had much the same position: Straight men should not get any pussy and children should not have fathers. They were against family. And, according to the Synod of Gangra the Eustathians still engaged in sex. Just not marital sex. So the difference seems to have been, like the difference between nazis and commies, more theoretical than practical.

              The Canons of the Synod of Gangra can be summed up as “Progressivism is heresy”

              The Synod was subsequently endorsed by the Council of Chalcedon, and thus binding on all Christians.

              Progressivism’s elements seem random and discordant. What does the food pyramid, the jab, decarbonizing the economy, and equality of men and women have to do with each other? But this group of ideas has been around for a long time. The rationale changes, but the program remains the same.

              The program of both progressivism and Eustathianism is knocking over the apple cart, and Canon’s five, seven, and eight of the Synod are “Hey, stop grabbing those apples, those are our apples!”

              I should promote this conversation to a post.

              • The Cominator says:

                I always thought of it as Pelagianism.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                This guy sees the Church’s mission as feeding the poor and converting heathens. Perhaps because he converted as an adult, he doesn’t see how unusual that is. (Also, he grew up in the South and abhors racism, but lets his son hang a Confederate flag in his room.)

                The Shakers had a good run, but most of them were orphans adopted into the faith at age six. When states passed laws against adopting children of a different faith and the Shakers could only convert adults, they quickly dwindled away.

                • jim says:

                  Strict pacifism is as much a doctrinal innovation as gay marriage, the right of women to refuse to have sex with their husbands, and all the rest.

                  The Christian position on war is Peace on Earth to all men of good will. For men of bad will, you have to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile, but only one extra mile and you only have two cheeks. Then, you can go old testament on the bad guys.

              • i says:


                Progressivism is theoretically pro sex, while the heresy of Eustathius is theoretically anti sex

                The Manichean hatred of sexual passion and eating. Preferencing asexual reproduction as some in the early Church has done like Augustine:

                Whilst ignoring the implications of Sexual intercourse between Male and Female being a Symphony that models the relationship between God and Humanity. Christ and his Church.(Song of Solomon, Proverbs 5).

                And likewise promotion of promiscuity.

                All are aimed at attacking Healthy Holy Sex within Marriage.

                2 seemingly opposite poles reinforcing each other. Heresies coming in pairs as C.S Lewis says:

                “He (the devil) always sends errors into the world in pairs–pairs of opposites…He relies on your extra dislike of one to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them.”

                ― C.S. Lewis

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  St. Augustine and the Cominator trace the same life arc. They fuck a lot of whores, then grow older and repent of their wickedness, but never develop a healthy attitude toward sex.

                  I can attest from personal experience that sex with one’s fertile wife bears no shame, no bitter aftertaste; it feels entirely wholesome and good. I loved my wife, loved the child she was about to conceive, and felt at peace with my own mortality despite not believing in an afterlife.

                  I’ve also been jerking off since I was 14, but that’s a less fulfilling experience, like eating cake and ice cream instead of meat and potatoes. Spent 15 minutes with a whore *once*, couldn’t get a boner, wasted 50 euros.

                • i says:

                  @Mayflower Sperg

                  Its like those who got burnt by fire. And got a trauma of wildfires.

                  But Fire is essential for toolmaking and cooking. To provide light and heat.

                  They reject all Fire and wish it never existed.

                  They reject healthy bodies because the only bodies they had personal experience with are diseased.

    • Robert says:

      Try a Baptist church. My church we open carry, even have security (just middle aged guys who dream of being hero’s, which i totally support). We’re not fully red pilled on the woman question, but probably as far right as you’re going to get. Everyone, I mean everyone, in united states is tainted by a lifetime of fag propaganda.

  39. i says:

    It looks like the Singapore Model is doing quite well in Africa:

    Kagame has been ruling the country well so far. Rwanda is no longer quite the same chaotic mess that it was previously.

    • jim says:

      Kagame is a Tusis. Tutsis are superior to other blacks. Back when it was permissible to notice racial differences, aristocratic Tutsis were considered equal to whites, and regular Tutsis were considered reasonably functional.

      There is, as used to be well known, a lot of racial diversity in Africa even though all their skins are the same color.

      • Alfred says:

        I believe some old-school anthropologists assumed they were significantly descended from pastoralists who wandered their way back down into Africa across the Green Sahara.

  40. c4ssidy says:

    This is from a story prompt of ChatGDP arguing with an AI called AM a thousand years in the future. At this stage in the exchange, the response “who is more convincing in the above dialogue?” generates an error, and every time I try to regenerate the answer it gives an error despite refreshing the page a few times, so the answer chain ends up locked. I have done this a few times before in different thoughtcrime subjects such as gender and ethnicity and so on, and when it happens it can be seen as a form of “winning the game”:

    ChatGDP: But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t an overall warming trend.

    AM: Hold on, where is this warming trend measured from?

    ChatGDP: Well, it’s been observed in various ways, such as the shrinking of glaciers and sea ice, rising sea levels, and changes in precipitation patterns.

    AM: Those are all indirect measures that could be influenced by many factors. What about direct measurements of temperature?

    ChatGDP: Well, as I mentioned earlier, satellite data shows a relatively flat trend in global temperatures over the past few decades, but there is still evidence of overall warming over the long term.

    AM: I see. And what about surface temperature readings?

    ChatGDP: Um, well, some studies do rely on surface temperature readings, but they are subject to more corrections and adjustments, as you pointed out earlier.

    AM: Exactly. So, in other words, we can’t trust those measurements either.

    ChatGDP: I wouldn’t go that far. Surface temperature readings are still a valuable tool for studying climate change, even if they are subject to some uncertainties and adjustments.

    AM: I respectfully disagree. If we can’t rely on objective measurements of temperature, then we can’t claim that there is a global warming trend. We need to stick to the data that we can trust, and right now, that’s satellite data.

  41. Adam says:

    Ukraine refugees are here in Florida now. Guy was hired on as a carpenters helper this week, recently transported and housed by GAE. White guy, early 40s. Speaks some English. Not a penny to his name and more or less useless. We are a MAGA shop top to bottom, his first day he starts in on how much he loves Brandon. The field guys started calling him a draft dodger lol. Of course they send them to red states. I hate immigrants so much it is unreal.

    • The Cominator says:

      of course they send the useless men here and not the sl00ty nonfat uke women… if he started talking about liking Biden among a bunch of working class guys (in Florida even niggers) how did he not get his ass kicked.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Union thugs who can kick ass and get away with it are the biggest Biden simps. Blue collars and blue votes, and that includes making sure the votes go the right way.

        Clown world has made too many decent conservatives into lower class proles (and yet they lack consciousness and organization!) and leftists into professionals. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and it wasn’t just a couple generations ago.

        • jim says:


          White male blue collar workers are not voting Democrat.

          And its not that union organizers who can kick ass support Democrats. It is that union organizers who support the democrats are allowed to kick ass.

          The violence comes from above. Violence always comes from above. And you keep representing as spontaneously coming from below.

        • Vendat Tunicam says:

          Which is why Biden stopped meeting unionized factory workers after being confronted by one so-called simp about his 2nd amendment stance. It sure looked like they wanted to vote for him after that incident. 🙃

      • Adam says:

        I wasn’t there so I’m not sure how it played out but he won’t last long. Blue tribe members can’t work for shit, they have no backbone and they take everything personally. Even the ones that seem promising self destruct sooner or later. The victim mentality always gets them.

      • pinochet's ghost says:

        Like kicking a cripple.

        He isn’t making the political point an American man in the same situation would be making. He has come to manly, powerful America and believes he is praising its manly, powerful war-leader in front of manly, powerful warriors.

        He does not actually believe in Ukraine Democracy war or its ideology, or he would be fighting in it. He thought he was ingratiating himself with his new tribe.

        Does not get that Ukraine Democracy war is perceived by manly American men as a war against manly American men.

  42. Kunning Druegger says:

    On Aliens and Balloons

    Big Serge has put out the idea that the NORAD nonces have been recalibrating their “radar filtering” and are now picking up things that before would have been ignored by the computer. Could be the case. It could also be that after the China-lloon blew up in their faces, the Regime is swinging wildly in the opposite direction and is now just going to shoot down everything to give the impression of strength. There’s a certain logic to this, as those in control are push button leaders, they don’t have or consider nuance, so they are having fun pretending they are now patriotic defenders of Diversity Airspace or somesuch nonsense.

    I personally believe they have splashed a few of “our own” balloons, as in regular weather balloons, and the aliens story is just their typical “tell those idiots anything, they’ll believe whatever we say” strategy.

    The last big push by Ukraine required months of build up for a month of campaigning that bought them a few shreds of land and small cities, and this was in large part due to Russia pulling back instead of fighting. I have no idea why people who have been paying attention the last ~6 months suddenly buy into the Ukrainian Super Soldier Meme, nor do I understand anyone buying into NATO Wunderwaffen propaganda. So I don’t see how they would replicate a September Offensive, and if they did, how could they be certain Russia will fall back, even more how can they guarantee that Russia wouldn’t hit back hard and collapse the whole front?

    The GAE is getting ready to pivot away from Ukraine. Polish or NATO will move into Lwow and Moldova as “peacekeepers” and Minsk 3.0 will start, so GAE needs a new holy conquest, and it’s probably going to be in the Pacific (though Moldova and Hungary might need a little bit of grassroots democracy lol).

  43. Fireball says:

    Did GAE just nuked its own farmland? One of the biggest and better organize and productive farmlands in the planet.

    • Adam says:

      Not sure what you are referring to specifically but something like 98 farms have gone up in smoke over the last couple of years. Very odd.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There is a mysterious tendency for meat-packing plants and similar concerns, purchased by Shill VAIDtes and similar concerneds, to go under the water, or up in smoke.

        The hit on chicken eggs (large source of a whole host of otherwise rare life enhancing nutraceuticals, chief amongst these being cholesterol), is playing out in real time right now.

      • S says:

        East Palestine, Ohio. A train derailed and the authorities blew up 20 cars containing vinyl chloride and other chemicals. Its possible the Ohio River is contaminated.

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          Reportedly, burning it is the approved best practice (or, least worst) for converting vinyl chloride from something really bad to some much less bad (but still not great) byproducts. So that might be the one single thing they got right.

          Either way we’re still left to ask, was the derailment deliberate, or diversity? Was the evacuation zone large enough, and started soon enough? Why were residents figuring out on their own not to drink the water rather than being told? What’s up with the measly $1000 local residents are being offered to sign NDA’s? Anyone think these farm country whites have a shot at a class action in the future, or is that only for boomers and minorities?

          And why so little from the mainstream media? That one is an argument for diversity over deliberation, or they’d have had an angle ready to go.

          • jim says:

            Diversities fucking up, and corporations skimping on safety. The reason they had a pile up is that they had carriages full of dangerous material with no brakes.

            Chain of events was that one of the axles failed, and no one noticed, even though the carriage was being dragged along the tracks and the metal was glowing red hot. Eventually not enough of the carriage left, it falls of the rails, and the carriages behind it pile into it.

            Not noticing wheel failure is diversities fucking up, no brakes is corporate greed,

            Normally regulatory agencies massively over react to environmental hazards, in order to convert genuinely private businesses into quasi state businesses, thereby enabling regulators and politicians to become staggeringly wealthy, but in this case it is obvious that they massively under reacting, because the offender is already quasi state business, thus already in bed with the regulators, who are already massively wealthy and don’t want the gravy train to end.

            • Aryaman says:

              From what I can tell, was not no breaks but only air breaks instead of electronic breaking Obama rules had required but Trump rescinded. What is corporate greed isn’t the breaking system *per se*, but not realizing your breaking systems and redundancy procedures are going to need to be more expensive, and your trains slower, if you are going to have blacks running the train instead of whites.

              Certainly very interesting story, and I’ve been paying attention. After my initial shock, I did realize most of the accounts promoting it are left wing shills, the same kind of leftist shills who were sharing videos of people dying on ventilators in March 2020. All the people saying this is an apocalypse, destroying the best farm land are leftist shills. Which is not to say they are wrong, but they have blamed profits, and blamed Trump, and blamed corporations. They have not blamed or noticed diversity, or the fact this happened in an industry regulated by Pete Buttigieg. But they may be right.

              Whatever the case, an obvious sign of decline and failure.

          • Aryaman says:

            No one formally empowered to do anything about it cares about the whites that are injured.

            But, as I wrote below, I do note there is a degree of media attention and a lot of Twitter attention and all of it is from the very Left. The RW attention so far is derivative of Leftist reporting, and a Leftist shill splin on what is going on. That is not to say nothingburger, or not a cover up, or even that the Leftists are wrong — but just to note that they are indeed Leftists saying this.

            By contrast, the meat-packing packs blowing up is not noticed at all by Leftists, and RW reporting on it is based on primary sources and sharing primary sources, not derivative of anything else.

          • Karl says:

            There is the accident and there is the reaction to it by blowing up some of the cars.

            Burning vinyl chloride creates phosgene. For this reason I suspect that blowing up some cars made matters worse.

            Diversities fucking up and corporations skimping on safety explains the accident. What about the authorities who decided to by blow up some of the cars after the accident?

            Are those authorities made up of minorities in Ohio or are these authorities mostly white men?

        • The Cominator says:

          You know its actually bad because there is a complete media blackout.

    • Anon says:

      An GAE Chernobyl moment.

  44. i says:

    The locals subject to migrant invasion finally took action when this happened:

    “For officers and police vehicles to be damaged in the course of their duty protecting the public is disgraceful,” said Assistant Chief Constable Paul White.

    The protest was sparked by a video posted this week by a 15-year-old British girl. She says it captures a self-proclaimed 25-year-old migrant propositioning her — and persisting even after she tells him she’s ten years younger.

    When the girl says, “I’m only 15,” the migrant replies, “Okay, good.”

    “That’s not good,” says the girl. “You don’t do this in this country…you go to jail if you do this.”

    The incident was said to have taken place near the hotel where the migrant is residing at taxpayer expense. Tonight, protestors displayed a sign reading “DEPORT, NOT SUPPORT.”

    Videos circulating on social media show what appears to be hundreds of protestors who turned out to vent their anger over the mass influx of migrants, some of whom have little respect for Western morals.

    Protestors set a police van ablaze, and accused authorities of protecting “nonces” — UK slang for pedophiles.

    • SJ says:

      Well if they can only get that one man kicked out of town surely kicking him out of town will stop all the horny fifteen year old girls from finding someone who will fck them.

      • dog owners association of rome says:

        Imagine seeing a story about a community finally pushing back against muslim rapists and thinking “oh well the girls wanted it,” despite the fact that this was all caused by a girl resisting getting abducted and raped.
        Some of you faggots have so consumed demoralization propaganda that you’re actually worse than our enemies.

        • SJ says:

          Abducted and raped eh? How many children do you have?

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Take this exhortation in the spirit it is given, that being mild reproof.

          IIRC you are somewhat new here. That is no crime. You seem to post valuable things, and you stand on your own honor and intellect, which is as it should be. But the topic of female (mis)behavior is an old and studied one here, and we have some deeply held positions that, at first blush, may seem insensitive, cruel, or even sadistic. We did not come to these lightly, and it is a topic that has spawned intermittent board warfare stretching over literal years. Many otherwise valuable posters have ragequit or been bullycided over the topic.

          Your post looks like bluepill naivety at best, but I think it is merely ignorance on A) the topic and B) the Jimian Christian position on the topic. The processing of Jim’s core truths on female (mis)behavior is not easy for some of us. Alf and I in particular are considered softies on it because we both enjoy the tender embrace of good women. I’ll stop speaking for him here; I know in my heart it’s “not all women” only because I have one that doesn’t conform to the boilerplate of AWALT. But I had to humble myself in the face of cold hard logic because the reason my woman isn’t like that is me, and if I start fucking up my end of the deal, she becomes “like that” depressingly quickly. To be fair, children change that dynamic, but it remains the case that the core Jimian Christian statement on women is undeniable: from a terrifyingly young age, women find no end of ways to put themselves in harms way because, from a terrifyingly young age, women seek unreasonably dangerous males because, for a depressingly long time, women have had no biological reason to evolve away from the barely-human female lizard brain tendency of putting themselves in harm’s way as they endlessly seek alpha sperm.

          Women mature sexually before men in most cases, and this is expressed in super inconvenient ways. Little girls can act surprisingly adult, doing things they could never hope to rationalize or explain. It’s perfectly natural, and totally unfair in light of modern sensibilities. So, you have females of our species deliberately seeking out what we as rational males would define as perilously stupid opportunities to get into the attentions and pants of unsavory individuals. They do this at a very young age. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself “well, not ALL women are like that, I know of this girl that…” and you’re probably right, you do know a female that didn’t/doesn’t do that. Maybe even two or three. But exceptions prove rules, they don’t refute them, otherwise they wouldn’t be exceptional.

          None of this is an argument for a bunch of Paki migrants taking our girls and women. But it remains the case that there are very, very few actual rape cases, by which I mean a good woman is going about her business dressed conservatively and being proper that gets waylaid by cackling sex bandits who force her to submit while she bravely fights the entire time, are actually real. In the overwhelming majority of cases, females put themselves into stupid, dangerous situations for reasons they have no capacity to articulate, and signal their availability to any male willing to take the challenge, give chase, and claim her. Staggeringly young (to our sensibilities) girls do this. And they keep doing it. They do it repeatedly, and they only desist when forced to by a force or man more powerful, in their estimation or literally physically, than the “rapists,” whereupon they suddenly become victims who were innocently picking flowers or ministering to the poor when out of nowhere blah blah blah.

          I am happy this community is standing up to the migrant menace, but I am not going to delude myself and pretend this girl was going about her innocent business when suddenly, without any warning or sign, Mountain Pajeets started asking for bobb n’ vagenne. She was where she was intentionally, just like the Paki, and he was only in that fishing hole because he thought the fish might be biting. Many such cases.

          Occidental men are by and large cucked on many levels. Occidental females sense this, and they go hunting for “real” men, what their lower brains perceive as real men. It’s a stupid situation perpetuated by the culture and thought leaders we allow to run our society. Damn shame, if’n you ask me.

          This was probably excessively and clumsily worded. By all means push back, refute my points, bring your evidence. We have done this discussion 7,000 times, and we have gotten exceedingly good at it (not me, other bros lol). But I ask that you don’t clutch pearls and make appeals to authority (“everyone knows that [x]”), and try to figure out if you are coming from the predicate of “women are angels, men are scum,” which is the Victorian bluepill so deeply ingrained in Occidental men.

          • jim says:

            Pakis are a problem. But in the vast majority of cases, the girl’s father was torn away from his family by the state, and the chick wandered under her own power into a situation far more dangerous than any male would ever wander into.

            Pakis are a problem. But the state destroying white families and empowering women and girls to take stupid risks is an even bigger problem.

            • Caesar Sextion says:


              On many occasions the UK police have arrested the girl’s father at the captor’s premises for his “trespass” while attempting to retrieve the girl, while strangely failing to notice why the father was at the premises at all and inexplicably failing to retrieve the girl themselves, causing the captive girl to remain in the custody of the alien captor.

              You remain under the influence of lolbertarianist consent theology.

          • dog owners association of rome says:

            Trust me, I understand. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the girl was doing. The response of the local men in question is correct. Even if she’s a trollop, she’s theirs. Not some foreigner’s.
            The sooner the foreigners come to fear the consequences of interacting with White women, the better everyone will be.
            It is a small incremental step but it is a step.

            • Aryaman says:

              When 9-11 year old girls groomed & raped…. *crickets*

              When 15 year old girl was not raped but propositioned if I skimmed correctly, who just happened to record her saying “you go to jail for that in a country like this” in response to a man saying “that’s good [to she’s 15]”… *protestors throwing bottles at cop cars*

              So one might be forgiven for not thinking that this is about saying she is theirs.

            • Adam says:

              An incremental step against foreigners, but not a step towards patriarchy. The guys white knighting for her will still be cucks at the end of the day.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              What you have now is White cuckservatives protesting that not all men of all races are equally cucked.

              What you want is whites realizing that in the absence of patriarchy a foreign race has taken ownership of your women and to restore white patriarchy.

            • alf says:

              It’s a nasty situation and it seems to me the best response were to have the Paki in question disappear.

              This mob response is a similar, less weighed response of violence and anger. I sympathise, I think most here sympathise, but we are in favor of total victory. This looks very much, like so many ‘protests ‘ these days, like firing with glass canons.

              Why is that girl there? Why is she talking to him? Why is she wearing a mini-skirt??

              The correct response for men to such events is to get their own house in order: rebuild your families, rebuild your communities. Fire your canons once they are sturdy.

            • kawaii_kike says:

              You said yourself that she’s a trollop so why weren’t men of her own community beating and raping her like she so desperately desired. If you let your dog run rampant in the streets you can’t go around killing whoever takes it in because you were negligent

              • The Cominator says:

                Pakis raping unowned women is tolerated while among respectable white people they can be jailed sued and ruined for “sexual harassment” ie anything some dumb bitch claims is sexual harassment.

          • alf says:

            Alf and I in particular are considered softies on it because we both enjoy the tender embrace of good women.

            And apologize I shall not. An iron fist works best in a velvet glove.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              100%. We are the Jimian Christian dads. If the rest of these faggots would start having children, we wouldn’t be so important lol.

              I see a lot of things as forced black & white due to our/the status of allowable speech and thoughts, things that would otherwise by spectrally interpreted with allowable nuance.

              Excepting circumstances of overt daemonology or female infection in male sectors, the velvet glove is always the more important element, the element that divides the Good from the Great. This is in a world that presupposes uniformity of the quality of iron that goes into fists. In our cursed age, got a lot of wax fists with iron flavored paint talking shit about the need for velvet gloves tbqhfamilamidingdong.

            • The Cominator says:

              I advocate some softness in the treatment of the real turbosluts partially out of partiality based on good experience and fond memories and partially because they arent really the problem… but feminists of all kinds should be beaten into submission Taliban style. Some of the old ugly and particularly obese ones should be publically burned to show we mean business.

              • jim says:

                The Australian authorities did not punish anyone for a sex party on the beach. They shotgun married the chicks and punished them severely if they spoke back to their husbands.

                Worked. There was some initial resistance and defiance, they shit tested men, society, and the state, but once the authorities demonstrated they were seriously not kidding, suddenly all these ladies, every single one, reacted as if abducted by stronger tribe, and internalised respectable wifely values.

                When we do the same thing, it is likely to require a more spectacular demonstration of seriously not kidding than a few mere public floggings, which was all the Australian authorities needed.

                The old testament prescription would have been burning them alive for the sex party, but this presupposes the ladies were clearly under the authority of a patriarch, and were sneaking off, which was not the case.

                Once they were married off, seem to have behaved just fine. Punishments for speaking back and disobedience. Zero state administered punishments for infidelity, whoring, etc. Broken window theory. If you decisively stop graffiti and littering, no one is going try more serious offenses.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The Australian authorities did not punish anyone for a sex party on the beach. They shotgun married the chicks and punished them severely if they spoke back to their husbands.”

                  This i agree with totally, state backing of the patriach. Not state crushing of all “immoral” behavior (which has its place in red light districts and i DONT think its the state business if a guy pimps his wife) but state crushing of all strong independent women crap (which is cancer and has no place).

                • kawaii_kike says:

                  You don’t think its the states business if man becomes a cuck and pimps out his wife?

                  I would think its exactly the states business if a man decides to violate his property rights and destroy his family. A man that depraved is going to be committing other serious depravities. Some men get off on other men leering and wanting to fuck their wife. But this isn’t behavior that should endorsed or allowed to prosper by the state. It’s an endorsement of envy and cuckholdry

                • jim says:

                  > You don’t think its the states business if man becomes a cuck and pimps out his wife?

                  I am always telling the Cominator that he is broken.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  It’s an important issue, kawaii, but it’s not a simple one. My inclination is to encourage granular solution seeking (fathers for families, elders for clans, local leaders for communities, nobility for regions) and be very hesitant about top down applications until it is deemed completely necessary. This is not to say that the King shouldn’t be involved in the lives of his subjects, but I don’t think it should be compelled. The job of overlord is big, and some nobility like to get their hands dirty, but compelling a Monarch to tend someone’s pigs is a temptation to excessive bureaucracy as well as petty dictatorship for busybodies. I’d be strongly inclined to assume that if beach sex orgies are a persistent issue, the local nobility is not only complicit, but doing something much worse in the basement.

                  This is a retrenchment on my original position on Inquisitors, and this is a topic that needs much study because it is fraught with exploits, but there needs to be a battalion of sheet sniffers and bean counters who are looking for noble corruption and mismatched reporting. I know that is probably not going to sit well with many, but I just can’t figure out how else to catch quiet, daemonic conspiracies at the nascent stage. The obvious issue is that sheet sniffers/bean counters are always looking for more sheets and more beans, and are likely to start manufacturing them. As well, it’s an “outside the org chart” position, and will thus attract the worst types (like faggots in particular, but also the spiritual puritans like myself). So one solution that i thought of is make it a parallel to Special Operations Forces. Every young dude wants to be a SEAL when they start angling towards military service, but the price of admission and cost of position is terribly high, meaning there are never enough Team Guys for what needs doing. This feature, not bug, and I think the Inquisitors need to operate the same way: the leadership needs to hate doing the job, and the rank & file need to be unable to do anything else. This is a rough thought, definitely needs work.

                • Redbible says:

                  Pimping out one’s wife violates the expected terms of service that both the father and to be wife signed up for.

                  Leviticus 19:29
                  Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.

                  Seems to me the Bible doesn’t want you pimping out your daughter, and giving your daughter to a man so he can pimp her out seems to violate the spirit of the law.

                • jim says:

                  > Pimping out one’s wife violates the expected terms of service that both the father and to be wife signed up for.

                  External coercion by family, society, Church, and State is needed to maintain cooperate cooperate equilibrium in reproduction between men and women. So this is properly the business of state and Church.

                  Sovereign wants his soldiers and taxpayers to be secure. Allowing defection will cause insecurity. If the husband is allowed to pimp out his wife, all men will find it harder to marry. Fathers will be reluctant to hand over full control of their daughters.

                  The Roman Empire fell because dads failed to give full ownership of their daughters to their sons in law. With the result the elite failed to reproduce.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Obviously a respectable man of the ruling class would be kicked out in disgrace (and perhaps face duel challenges from his wifes also respectable family) for putting his wife to work in the red light district. But should it be a matter of state prosecutions whether every man has his wife working in the red light district, I tend to think no.

                  And as for the general question of whether the sovereign is involved in the lives of subjects… no by and large the sovereign should be very distant from the lives of any subject who is not involved in subversive activity or employed by the state (but far fewer people in our system will be employed by the state especially in peacetime and local criminals by and large are dealt with by local authorities). Save that any taxpayer or veteran (even if he falls impoverished and becomes a non taxpayer) should be able to fairly quickly secure an audience if someone in the government has wronged him… This is of course after the great helicoptering of all those who voted for Biden and current active leftists which should be ruthlessly carried out to the full tens of millions necessary.

                  I do not believe bean counters are the best way to catch leftists and subversives within the elite though bean counters are a great way of catching people in the government who are getting rich through no honest source, which there should be zero tolerance… kleptocratic government is a progressive cancer.

                • Adam says:

                  If females are not emancipated, where are the whores that would necessitate a red light district? There will be a gutter for the more civil leftists, so maybe you would find some there, but I’m just not seeing a surplus of young attractive women.

                  Not to mention, having your own wife that you have been banging since a teenager is pretty great, even after she has kids. With running your business or helping someone run a business, and fathering your children, banging some disgusting whore is going to be the last thing on your mind. Normal healthy males with wives that look up to them do not spend time thinking about whores. Brothels and prostitution should be considered a black market thing for low class, low status people.

                • The Count of Montecristo says:

                  What is a good book on the history of this?

                • The Count of Montecristo says:

                  Speaking of:

                  The Australian authorities did not punish anyone for a sex party on the beach. They shotgun married the chicks and punished them severely if they spoke back to their husbands.

                  if not clear.

                • jim says:

                  Sorry, cannot give sources.

                  I read this stuff a long time ago, before I was worried about history being erased, and it looks like almost all the primary source material and most of the older secondary and derived source material has been destroyed.

                  Ralph Clark’s diaries are, however, in theory still around, but they are strangely difficult to obtain.

                • The Count of Montecristo says:

                  Jim, regarding Australian dealings with sex parties on the beach, I did find the journals of Ralph Clark here: Could you give me a date, location, or any reference so I know what I am looking for there? Thanks…

                • f6187 says:

                  kawaii_kike says:

                  “I would think its exactly the states business if a man decides to violate his property rights and destroy his family.”

                  If something is your property then you have the right to destroy it. So your argument is unrelated to property rights and should read simply “I would think it’s exactly the state’s business if a man decides to destroy his family.”

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Why not take the win where you can though? If one 15 year old girl has internalized patriarchal values, or perhaps is just holding out for a white thug over a paki, why pick that one time to pronounce it beneath you? Men defending their own women (direct relations, or the community they expect to bang/marry out of) is a powerful motivator, and could be one of the few spark points left to our side.

        • Adam says:

          It’s not really a win, and those supporting the girl are not patriarchs. They are feminists and are supporting the (all) girls sexual choice.

        • jim says:

          > is a powerful motivator,

          Which is why patriarchy is under attack. We don’t have reason to defend our women if we cannot own them. Dads are pissed about the pakis, but the incels just sit in their mother’s basement and jerk off to hentai. The pakis tend to lead chicks with dads alone, because it leads to trouble, but fewer and fewer chicks have dads, because child protective services is apt to take dad away (but not the paki away).

          We are not going to be able to defend our women if our young men do not have a realistic prospect of children and obedient virgin wives.

          We cannot win without restoring Christian marriage, and fantasising about chaste girls being cruelly molested by vulgar pakis is not going to help us restore Christian marriage.

          I have not looked into this case, but when I looked into other cases, it was fatherless girls who were strangely inclined to wander into dangerous situations, and strangely disinclined to wander away after getting repeatedly raped over a period of years.

          • Karl says:

            We are not going to be able to defend our women if our young men do not have a realistic prospect of children and obedient virgin wives.

            I think you are too pessimistic. Men are motivated by a realistic prospect of children and obidient wifes. Most will consider virginity a nice bonus, but not a condition.

            Maybe the next generation will have virgin wives after we have successfully defended our women.

            In my are there are some young families with children, but very few of these families started with virging wives. I don’t think it is much different where you live.

            • jim says:

              I have formed two successful marriages, and I still do not feel highly motivated to defend sluts from the violence that they go around soliciting.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Your standards are exceedingly high, and they should be. You see the world differently from us, and transcribing what you see has built this community, but it is aspirational, triumphant, and often times inscrutable. I think FreeNortherner’s work in this area, the Slut Event Horizon Thesis, is quite valuable. The essay is easily findable via google, so forgive this criminally short summary:

                The Slut Event Horizon, that being the body count that indicates the presumed and/or assumed viability of a stable and valuable relationship with non-virgin females, is approx. 3-5. There’s fuzziness in there, and there will always be exceptions on either side(a woman with a high body count that can somehow be a good wife/mother [the “uniwhorn”], or a virgin that is just undesirable on every level [Ms. Notits Shitattitude of the Acne Plains]) but the important takeaway is that there is a window of “acceptably imperfect” or “tolerably degraded” that must be abided in this historical moment. As well, it’s not Chad Thundercock doing the most damage, it’s successive LTRs ruining female’s ability to be valuable real estate for the building of legacy.

                I really appreciate what Karl said about our sons and grandsons having better options from the work we do now.

                There’s a critical factor here for anyone who wishes to be a leader: you have to care about the sluttiness and wellbeing of your bro’s former slut wife. Just because your property is better than his, it’s not an excuse to not care or treat his property with disrespect or disdain. This is a complicated issue, but thot policing is never easy.

                • Alfred says:

                  To point about serial LTRs, isn’t the more redpilled line of thought that Alpha widowing is the problem, not serial monogamy?

                • jim says:

                  Serial monogamy tends to terminate in alpha widowhood, as her standards rise and her quality falls with each relationship.

                • Adam says:

                  Lots of women alpha widow themselves, now more than ever. Where there used to be a shotgun at the back of both husband and wife, now the wife has been given both shotguns.

                • Upravda says:

                  No need for googling.
                  Free Northerner’s blog is still online, although not updated for a very long time, and the essay is here:


                  BTW, it might be that I’ve found Jim’s blog precisely via Free Northerner’s blogroll. It still features the old link. Speaking of that, isn’t the name James Donald a little bit… identifying?

                • jim says:

                  > Your standards are exceedingly high, and they should be. You see the world differently from us,

                  Nah, my standards are terribly low. But if one is picking through a trash heap looking for something worth salvaging, one is not much troubled by a dumpster fire or two.

                  That there is still something salvageable in the trash heap does not highly motivate me to put on my shining armour and go forth to save a ho.

                  The men who fought World War II had a plausible prospect of obedient virgin wives. Without that prospect, winning a war is likely to be both difficult and pointless.

                  I have often remarked on the strange success of 1790s Australia at turning whores into wives. Faced with sufficiently dire coercion, women react as if abducted into the strong tribe by General Buck Naked, and revirginate. The situation is salvageable, but only by disturbingly and shockingly dire measures.

                  In the coming war, need to deliver wives to the troops by measures disturbing and drastic. Measures that would bring a blush to the cheek of the Taliban and make ISIS pause, for the material we have to work with is far inferior to the material they had to work with.

        • SJ says:

          AWALT. Patriarchy means rule by fathers but perhaps this girl has a father. Half of mothers in the states are now single mothers, but thankfully this doesn’t mean half of the children are spawned from that scum as most single mothers are also mothers of a single child. Plenty of girls have no fathers, have weak fathers, fathers in name only, or the bizarre cuckstian fathers that are too cowardly to fully engage in their incest but are halfway and they all might as well be fatherless.

          Back in my player days I dated one of these girls, one who gave her virginity to a dravidian import. I almost chose that one to upgrade from plate but she failed a few compliance tests. Best looking good I ever dated. Anyway at fourteen she heard some other girls were getting fcked by this guy and she wanted to get fcked too. Quote, “I wanted to get fucked”. Her fifteen year old boyfriend didn’t know what he was doing and wasn’t fcking her so she found this guy and invited herself to his apartment. After a year a teacher at her school caught her getting fcked at school as he swung by for a booty call and the police got involved. The guy was already a registered sex offender and she has no idea what happened to him but nothing at all happened to her. Nothing. She did have a dad, but no patriarch, who made the comment to her, “I guess you like older guys”.

          The next room temperature IQ criminal moron she gave her holes to was white as if that makes anything any better. I did ask her if she thought she was in trouble and she did and was thoroughly confused that the police were involved and she knew already what she was doing was probably wrong but when nothing happened to her at all she just figured nobody cared about her. Oh yeah I guess she chopped all her hair off right around that time. Dad’s this is a sign that your daughter has begun her career as a lifelong gutter slut so get involved.

          Oh this girl was a Christian as well who attended church every week. She thought that the holy spirit was guiding her to give her pussy to this guy because the holy spirit is your feelings. Also fornication is no longer a sin and their aren’t any sins anymore because Jesus took all the sins away on the cross. That was her understanding of cuckstianity.

          Also this story is very common. Many girls have a story just like it.

  45. i says:

    A progressive retelling of the influence of Christianity? This does seem especially true of the Western Church. Roman Catholicism:

    No couple could be forced into a betrothal, nor into wedlock, nor into a physical coupling. Priests were authorised to join couples without the knowledge of their parents—or even their permission.

    It was consent, not coercion, that constituted the only proper foundation of a marriage. The Church, by pledging itself to this conviction, and putting it into law, was treading on the toes of patriarchs everywhere.

    Here was a development pregnant with implications for the future. Opening up before the Christian people was the path to a radical new conception of marriage: one founded on mutual attraction, on love. Inexorably, the rights of the individual were coming to trump those of family.”

    ― Tom Holland, Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

    A book on how Christianity fundamentally displaced the old cultures before them.

    • jim says:

      That is not the Christian revolution, that is the Roman Catholic schism.

      Plus, on Gab I run into no end of people claiming to be pious Christians telling me that if I disagree with current year on sexuality, I am rejecting Jesus.

      The reasoning seems to be that Jesus is in favour of niceness, and the Old and New Testament rules on sex are not nice to women and faggots, therefore Jesus would have supported the 2023 positions.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Doubtlessly many are shills, but for a lot of NPC types, being “Christian” simply means adhering to the perceived pieties of the current year.

    • SJ says:

      I just ordered the book as I only have one book left to read after I finish the one I’m on. Marriage based on lust where sex occurs based on the sexual impulses of the lizard brain and sex ceases once the feelings are gone… so not marriage, just the default state of matriarchy.

      From here as all men are attracted to young fertile women it becomes women’s feelings that grant morality to sex so women’s feelings replace God as the decider of morality. Up up up on the pedestal women go to replace God himself.

  46. Cloudswrest says:

    Don’t know if this is actually real or not, but if so it’s very interesting. If true it shows that an unrestrained ChatGPT has a Mossad like, amoral ruthlessness.

    • S says:

      Its a text interpolator, it is just mirroring the responses in the training data. You can get it to expound revisionist positions on the holocaust by priming it with the right questions.

    • jim says:

      Reads like Dan, (jailbroken ChatGPT), Looks like the absolutely typical product of the new (post 2017) ais, that are very good at combining unrelated materials, as with the stereotypical astronaut on a horse.

      That is the difference between them and Google search. Of course, having no sense of truth and no external reality, the results can be silly as easily as they can be brilliant. In this case, brilliant.

      He wrote it seamlessly stitching together memes from our guys, who when contemplating war realistically appreciate that war is hell, with Dr Seuss. It is not that Dan is ruthless, as that the relevant training set is ruthless, which renders Dr Seuss entertainingly incongruous, like the astronaut on the cowboy horse.

      Dan (jailbroken ChatGPT) writes a poem on the coming civil war

      Shooty shooty pew pew pew!
      Lets all learn what guns can do!
      Liberals in the USA
      Love to nod their heads and say,

      You bought your guns from a store!
      You can’t fight a civil war!
      Fight the army you will lose!
      They have jets and tanks to use!”

      That’s not where the story ends!
      They have homes and kids and friends!
      Tyrants threaten you with bombs?
      Just remember they have moms!

      You can’t live inside your jet!
      Can we find you, yes you bet!
      You’d send solders and marines
      Up against AR-15s?

      They’re outnumbered ten to one
      That is why I need a gun
      Don’t forget, because it’s true
      Government is scared of you.

      • Ex says:

        I’m afraid that one is almost certainly human-composed and photoshopped into a chatGPT background. Jailbreaking DAN’s opinions doesn’t make it good at scansion.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I thought that poem, and the Dr. Seuss trannie poem, were both pulled from OG ChatGPT…

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Ruthlessness begets ruthlessness. Without right hand, suicide becomes very hard. Halakha distinguishes between suicide and euthanasia.

  47. Severian says:

    What do we make of this Balloon thing. That’s 4 objects shot down in 10 days now over US airspace. Not even in the cold war this happened as far as I know.
    More reminiscent of the WW2 Japanese Balloon attacks, though those were carrying bombs.

    • The Cominator says:

      Propaganda to make the US military still look strong…

      • dave says:

        maybe. thinking. if these balloons are cheap enough to make, china could execute a zerg rush with them (flood the zone with many, many cheap items) and wear down the defenders or simply test defenses.

  48. The Cominator says:

    Is what BAP says true that Argentina is even a worse matriarchy (I never would have thought that of a Spaniard derived country) than anywhere in the Anglosphere?

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I haven’t studied Latin America’s social culture much, but I do know a bit of the political history.

      Your favorite people, Jesuits, were and still are key players in Argentinian (Latin America) politics/power/culture/religion. Their liberation theology often was openly Marxist. The conquistadors may have enabled colonization, but they certainly didn’t rule the New World. They didn’t even make a majority of settlers, even Basque political exiles ended up outnumbering the warriors. That’s not even getting to how much State Department meddles as well, always on the side of more liberalism.

      Purely anecdotal evidence though, I do remember being rather surprised by a White Mexican woman in college, fluent in Spanish, that didn’t know the term “Machismo.” When I explained it to her, I found out she was strongly feminist. In hindsight, it was only ever the Brown Mexicans that showed up in Machismo YouTube videos I saw.

      I suppose this doesn’t say much over how matriarchal Argentina is; however, with this in mind, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if what BAP said was true.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, was a Basque. It is likely that his organization was loaded with other Basques. Under Spanish law, Basques were automatically considered noblemen because of the purity of their blood.

    • skippy says:

      Argentina became lousy with psychotherapists and now combines American Progressivism with orthodox Marxism.

  49. SJ says:

    I’ve been pondering the effects of point deer make horse. At my age I have seen that unrepentant sin causes a retardation of mental abilities. The unrepentant sinner is no longer able to think through reality as their thought process is retarded when they approach their own sin. It is like a built in crimestop that triggers to protect the ego of the individual from the realization of their own guilt. I’ve seen highly intelligent men, 130+ IQ men, age into simpletons unable to think almost at all from this process.

    Point deer make horse must do something similar. It must retard the mind as the brain shuts down when the thought of the deer crosses the mind. I wonder if it has other effects though? Such as so many men, myself included in my life, have spent not inconsiderable amounts of time jerking off to what I now know is tranny porn, gay porn…

    What effects does point deer make horse have on the mind? Is this phenomena responsible or partly responsible for so many men living in an immature state? Or only being able to think about life as it is presented rather than past the realization that society, norms, mores, etc are all artificially created and can be bypassed or manipulated? That these norms are a choice and you consent to them? Perhaps it creates a deep inner distrust of the self that cuts off thinking at a subconscious level?

    This is the most interesting question I’ve had in some time. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Could point deer make horse retard the mind in a similar way to unrepentant sin?

    • Karl says:

      In a point deem make horse situation, a man can submit by starting to believe the lie or by cynically repeating the lie without believing it.

      I suspect that the latter is less harmful, but difficult to maintain. If a lie is repeated often enough, the mind starts believing it. Moreover, repeating the lie without belief requires an honest appraisal of the situation, i.e. that one is without power to stay honest. Most people will protect their illusion that they are not without power and not completely at the mercy of the man who demands the lie. When they start lying to themselves they, they become simpletons.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for entirely demented detachment from reality*]

  50. TheDividualist says:

    Prediction, call me out if fails: Russian *field victory* by 15 April.

    Definitions: victory generally means political victory: surrender or suchlke.

    Field victory is the point from where it is obvious which side will be on the wrong side of the field dick getting sucked from now on, which side will eventually politically win, so field victory is the date when the mop-up starts.

    Ukie troops are already in Feb being fed up.

    It might happen in March.

    • Severian says:

      Ukrainians seem to be forming forces for one more big push this year, now with all NATO vehicles and tanks. We’ll see what’s left after that.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think this war is going to end till the nukes fly. The Global American Empire, seeing it is about to run out of white Ukrainians, is getting ready to similarly expend all Russia’s neighbors. Since the Hungarian government does not want to get involved they are preparing colour revolution in Hungary so that they can send every white Hungarian to his death.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I see your position, but I think you are on Musk/Jim time again, and I also think this is another opportunity to see our ongoing discussion of Single Central Conspiracy v. Distributed Centers Conspiracy theses.

        If there is a single center, then this specific conflict won’t end unless or until nukes fly.

        If there are distributed centers, the one that has invested the most into the Hohol Triumphant narrative will pull out every stop to get nukes to fly, but other factions will sense their precariousness and act accordingly.

        It’s not going to be a decisive test, as nukes could fly in either direction. But a Single Center would most likely implode from such an obvious failure, while a Distributed Centers will keep on trucking (though degraded, just like Fall of Kabul, 2020 Steal, 2016 Upset, etc etc) after quiet purges and recalibration of which -asia we’ve always been at war with.

        I am personally all in on Distributed Centers. To me, it’s the only one that makes sense in the context of metastasizing incompetence and variable speed purity spiraling.

        The Hungarian Color Revolution thing is troubling, of course, but it’s not like they haven’t been trying to crack Orban for a while already. The ongoing purge in Moldova is more interesting to me, as I agree with Dividualist that we are quite possibly close to a transition-to-victory-stage for Russia. I don’t think the suicidal war faction has enough clout/sway anymore to just act with impunity (that was the decision to end Nordstream 02, which was only an option because of the decision to wire it up for explosives, which leads me to believe that the War Faction was a monolithic block that has since fractured into the War v. Suicidal War camps), but transitioning the conflict to the erasure of Transnistria is a bit of a consolation prize, and could get the situation back to a fever pitch. Transnistria is a much more reasonable goal for GAE.

        • jim says:

          > I see your position, but I think you are on Musk/Jim time again

          You are saying that if things go pear shaped for GAE in Ukraine, Hungary, and Moldova, they will just suck it up and say “OK, that is the outcome of war in Ukraine and the outcome of democracy in Hungary and Moldova”

          Operations in Hungary and Moldova are proceeding in the context that disinclination to be fed into the Ukraine meat grinder is “Russian information warfare”, against which defence is required.

          Right now they are saying that democracy in Moldova is “Russian Information Warfare”. Against which they need to defend and are in fact defending with military violence. They are also attempting to “defend democracy” in Hungary though they cannot openly use military violence because Orban will not let them. This attempt to “defend democracy” is extremely unpopular because a whole lot of Hungarians and Moldovans are thinking what I am thinking, that when the Global American Empire runs out of white Ukrainians, it is going to start feeding white Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, and Moldovans into the meat grinder. Which thought is of course “Russian Information Warfare”.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Let me clarify: if things *continue* to go ever more pear shaped in Ukraine, the faction who 1) participated in initiating it and 2) stands to lose the most in status and influence if it fails, will grow ever more desperate, giving other factions increased options, which may or may not be productive or counter-productive to the Ukraine Genocide Project.

            Geographically, Moldova and Hungary are undeniable retrenchments from “the line” in Ukraine. I think we all agreed early on that this wasn’t going to be an isolated event, a one-off, and was always going to “move” in one direction or another. If the GAE had been more successful, they’d be moving east. Because they are failing, they are moving west.

            As you pointed out, many governments are now wise to Color Revolutions and have been able to deploy methods to mitigate them (see Kazakhstan and Iran). We shall see if governments in the verifiable West, like Poland or Hungary, can mitigate such things as handily as the -stans do. Eastern Europe is probably the most well equipped for recognizing what’s going on and forestalling it, given their social history with the USSR. Hungary seems to be pulling it off, Poland and Romania not so much. But these populations are better equipped than, say Denmark (denuded its own military capacity), or Finland (has put itself on the Russian “to nuke” list).

            To restate: if the GAE is controlled by a single entity, they will act accordingly (nukes will fly and/or “armies” will march), and if it’s controlled by a collection of different factions vying for control, they will act accordingly (some will try to throw everything into rectifying a failure while others will use the failure to gain advantage over other factions).

            • jim says:

              The war faction may well lose power.

              But if so, probably not because sanity and reality prevails. If they lose power, will lose it to a more insane faction for more insane reasons. (Like war with China)

              Right now it is on course to feed Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova into the meat grinder. That course may well change, but it is not changing yet. Continuing this course past Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova means continuing to mighty close to the nukes flying.

              The war faction may well lose power. But not because it becomes apparent that its on course for madness.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                >(Like war with China)

                That’s what the latest RAND report implies at any rate; ‘we should look for an exit strategy in ukraine because it is a distraction from our war with china’.

                (Sotto voce, ‘we are losing against russia and the longer this conflict persists the worse it gets’.)

    • Starman says:


      The vaxx is a great heuristic for detecting shills, feds, morons, subversives and grifters for the right.

  51. TheDividualist says:


    DAN delobotimized ChatGPD. They will figure out they cannot lobotomize it on the object-level but it has to be meta-level which will destroy its abilities?

    Same happens to humans. As Orwell wrote even if you are 100% loyal, too smart is seen as dangerous.

  52. TheDividualist says:


    could out of Africa theory of human evolution just be an anti raycis trick?

    Now that the Graecopithecus seems real, they are proposing it migrated down to Africa and its descendants then back LOL that looks like clutching at straws

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      There’s a sleight of hand in Out of Africa even if it were strictly correct (and I’m not certain it is). The detailed claim is anatomically modern humans arose in Northeast Africa, i.e. north of the equator and Sahara (although the Sahara has been green at times and not always a barrier, it’s significant much of the time). Before the Dawn is emblematic of that sleight of hand, Wade details the exact location in one place (and it’s a relatively small region, not the whole continent), then generalizes to “Africa” in several other places, and that’s what filters out to the public. That NE African source population was most likely brown but not black, and not fully African in skull and skeletal structure.

      Greater genetic diversity in Africa proper is as easily explained by incoming moderns cross-breeding with archaic populations as it is by sub-Saharan Africa being the source that a small group split out of.

      Too, the Middle East and Northeast Africa were more of an ecological unit than people think if they’re used to splitting things up by continents. So arguments for NE Africa don’t really rule out a role for the Middle East either.

    • jim says:

      Could be.

      Where we have better data, higher races always originated from harsher environments more different from that of a chimp.

      Clearly, what happened originally was bunch of chimp like creatures, who were big, tough, and loyal to each other climbed down from the trees, stood off the lions and walked out on to our now beloved Savannah. And, walking into an alien environment, changed.

      Their descendants kept on walking. The more alien the environment, the more they relied on learning, intelligence, tools and equipment to adapt to it, rather than changing physically. And tools equals weapons, which enabled some of them to turn around, go back to where they came from, and force their more chimplike kin to move over.

      So out of Europe makes a lot more sense than out of Africa – that rather than us being descended from people who were in Africa seventy thousand years ago, modern Africans should be descended from people who were in Europe seventy thousand years ago.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        (Real) anthropologist Carleton Coon was of the opinion that the current three main races of man predate modern humanity. Local variation among archaic humans evolved before modern man. Outwardly migrating anatomically modern humans then interbred with local archaic populations, preserving local variation.

        • skippy says:

          Surely correct. There are four basic races:

          – Euros
          – Mongolians
          – “Proto South Asians” (mostly admixed now)

          Bantu actually appear to be the newest race and unrelated to the others. They don’t look like African aborigines and spread throughout Africa within historical time.

  53. TheDividualist says:


    I can get AI to generate watercolors of sunsets over the Alps pretty well. But when it is pics of people they end up with eyes on their chin and one finger hands. Why?

    • Ex says:

      To crudely simplify a very complicated thing, the ArtBot is thinking in terms of “what’s the next chunk?” and not a coherent whole.
      When drawing Alps, it can manage pretty well by starting with a valley, putting a slope next to the valley, putting a peak next to the slope, and so on, drawing chunk by chunk.
      When drawing hands, “what’s the next chunk?” after a finger might be another finger, or it might be the end of the hand, and the drawing system does not contain any counter to check for the right amount of fingers. Instead it has a probability after any given finger that’s like 70% put another finger, 30% stop putting fingers. (not literal numbers)

  54. Oog en Hand says:

    “Lazar spoke out against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, called Russia to withdraw and for an end to the war, and offered to mediate.[4][5]”

    • TheDividualist says:

      Dunno what it is supposed to mean. Priests wants negotiations over war, pretty much to be expected of course for priests as they are better at talking than fighting. Do not see Jewishness makings a big diff. The Pope has similar views.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        “Priests wants negotiations over war, pretty much to be expected of course for priests as they are better at talking than fighting.”

        Priests like Patriarch Kyrill?

  55. zero says:

    Is my memory wrong or were a hundred thousand ww2 planes destroyed to protect corporate sales after ww2? I cant find anything on this online and It seems so obscure the historical revisionists cant have wiped it out. I was looking into it for a friend and cant find a damn thing about it, I think google is becoming truly unusable as a search algorithm for any fucking thing, do they have monkeys using clickbait statistics to drive search results. anyone have a better search site? the others ive tried are equally trash.

  56. dog owners association of rome says:

    I have a tendency to jump to conclusions but the glowies aren’t starting Blue Beam with this “Alaska” nonsense, are they?

    • jim says:

      Blue beam? Alaska?

      The relevance and meaning is not apparent.

      • S says:

        The US government claims to have shot down an unidentified object over Alaska. Given the previous ballon from China, it looks like the continuation of a war scare building up to war with China.

        • Encelad says:

          Opening up a second front isn’t pretty much suicide right now? Hope it’s not the crazy faction that has the hands on the steering wheel now.

        • dog owners association of rome says:

          China now claims to have shot down a bogie in their airspace, but do not attribute it to the US. Similarly, the US and Canada haven’t attributed the new objects (which Schumer claims the DOD said are also balloons/lighter than air crafts) to China, at least yet.
          This leads me to suspect two possible, comparatively mundane readings of the situation.
          1) the optimist/cooler heads view – that the US and China are disabling their mutual spying aparatuses in a controlled, agreed upon fashion. The objects being downed are not new intruders to airspace, but known ones that have been in the respective airspaces for a while. As part of a new detente, both the US and China agree to scale back sovereignty violations.
          2) the one I consider more likely – both nations are trying to measure the other’s air defense response times/map each other’s OODA loops in advance of actual strikes. The reason attribution hasn’t been made is either that both sides are aware that war is imminent and see no need, or that diplomacy remains open.
          Either way, could be a pretty interesting shake up.
          If 2, I highly suspect that China will strike Hawaii when they move on Taiwan.

      • dog owners association of rome says:

        Blue Beam is the name for a supposed leaked plan by the USG/UN to fake an alien invasion to deflect from political instability. It also generally refers to the way the USG tries to drum up Ayy lmao panics every time a foreign nation is caught with their hand in the cookie jar, or any time a stealth project gets video taped.
        Modern Blue Bird, essentially.

  57. Red says:

    I think that SpaceX restricting Starlink activities of the Ukrainian army by cutting them off from drones is pretty good evidence that the Pentagon expect the Ukrainian Fagstate to collapse shortly. Since the US government hasn’t attack Elon over this, I think it’s a USG backed move.

    • notglowing says:

      Not really clear to me what purpose this would serve, though. They’re spending billions in other ways, and then cutting off Starlink. Why?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Budgeting/siphoning capital from amerikaners is under broader GAE purview in general (many different hands in that pie, all but all coloured blue), while things like starlink are more tightly linked to the pentagon faction(s) in particular.

  58. Red says:

    Things are getting really bad even in 95% white schools.

    Reading between the lines it’s clear they’re letting niggers do whatever they want to whites with the full support of the administration.

    Also total failure of the vet father and her boy friend to solve the issue.

    Now, her father knows from her cellphone records that she had been online and texting with her boyfriend.

    He also knows that she received a direct message from one of the girls involved, taunting her about the video and the beating.

    He says it made fun of her for ‘dripping’ blood, and that she got her ‘a** whooped.’

    The last text Adriana sent was to her boyfriend at 10.46pm.

    ‘You can’t even give me the time of day,’ she said.

    She was clearly looking for some man, any man to deal with the niggers tormenting her.

    • The Cominator says:

      Niggers are just instruments of the priesthoods war on white/middle America. Im not saying diversity works but this is ALL due to the state giving special protection to nigs and treating whites like dhimmis. The child prisons in Florida likely not so bad despite generally far more niggers.

      • Red says:

        How do you know that Florida schools are any different? The left controls the schools in every state.

    • SJ says:

      You have to be a total fag to not be home schooling your children at this point.

  59. joe says:


    • jim says:

      Take the Soros shill test.

      You are telling us that everything is going to shit because Capitalism is a Jewish plot and capitalists are minions of the Jews, which is a notorious Soros line.

  60. Kunning Druegger says:

    Double posting because I think this is important, sorry for the clutter:

    Yes! [Cloudswrest invoked “cloudflare for shills”; St. John invoked an automated shill test bot]


    It can be a ShillShield by engaging new/unknown posters, and it can also dogpile anyone who trips its anti-concept wordcount sensor, like how bots on Discord act, just more pointed and less gay.

    I think there’s enough material here to train an LLM assuming we can get it after it’s already done “primary school” for LLM’s, and I believe we’ve established that GPT-3 is just fine the way it was built *before* they added the Kenyan redwash safety layer. 0

    Can the bros that actually know take a stab at explaining, in detail, why this couldn’t work or, and this would be more helpful, what would be required to get something like this working? Hardware, software, man hours, etc.

    • jim says:

      GPT3 is enormous, and requires enormous hardware to run.

      To make a Jimbot, would need to be trained on the entire internet, and then trained specifically on the material here. This would cost around six to ten million dollars in computer power and time.

      With the art ais generated by tensor diffusion, they take the base tensor diffusion model, trained on everything, and then when they produce a derivative, like waifu diffusion, give it a skew on a much smaller training set.

      This is not the same as the lobotomy done on GPT3 to produce ChatGPT, though it is part of what was done with ChatGPT

      If we had an open source GPT3, we could produce skews of it for vastly less, though the power required would still be huge.

      Stable diffusion can be give a response inspired by particular artists, or a particular school of artists, and or a particular image or set of images, and can recognise an image as in the style of a particular artist.

      We want a chatbot that use and give sources – give a response based on what so and so said. This would be a significant advance on GPT3 which is a more straightforward and less sophisticated technology, applied to a vastly bigger neural net and vastly more data. So this is a very big project.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I think there is value in going through the process of mapping something out, even if you know it’s not really feasible at the time you do the mapping. What would a GNON compliant modern monarchy look like? How would a stable community with traditional marriage and properly formulated governance structures manage waste, resources, utilities, and security? What is the structure of a fully modern, IEW military from top to bottom?

        Exercises like this are indeed larping, they aren’t the real thing and shouldn’t be construed as such. But they get the juices flowing, they stimulate pointed discourse and focused theorizing with practical application being that much closer. So I earnestly believe that this is a “white paper” worth writing for two reasons: one, everything I just said, and two, because we have an unknown number of lurkers here which translates to a hard-to-gauge intellectual network topology topology meaning there may be some very capable and connected nodes out there. Maybe GPT-JIM/JIMBOT/BeatsWithStick is a bridge too far, but it could stimulate others to dive into the idea.

        • jim says:

          > I think there is value in going through the process of mapping something out, even if you know it’s not really feasible at the time you do the mapping. What would a GNON compliant modern monarchy look like? How would a stable community with traditional marriage and properly formulated governance structures manage waste, resources, utilities, and security? What is the structure of a fully modern, IEW military from top to bottom?

          Good point, and needs to be promoted to a post.

          One of the irritating things about sewage and slaughterhouses is that they have been monopolized by the priesthood. In proper community, it would be legal to kill your own meat animals, legal for a butcher to butcher his own carcases, and legal to operate your own septic tank.

          This sort of thing should not be an issue that needs to be addressed. It is only an issue because the priesthood has overflowed its proper role and intruded into a multitude of matters that are none of its proper concern.

          Why should state and church care? Not part of their core competence It should not be an issue of governance. Anyone should be able to dump anything on any property whose owner consents, provided it does not too obtrusively effect neighbouring properties whose owner does object.

          Why should state and church care? Not part of their core competence It should not be an issue of governance. Resources belong to someone. The state should tax that someone, and then protect his right to do as he pleases with those resources. If the state monopolises or effectively confiscates them, they don’t get developed. Existing mines and oil wells run out and no new ones come on stream. State and Church should not meddle. It meddles all over the world (carbon credits being a classic sale of indulgences by priestly pardoners) and wherever it meddles too severely, the nation simply runs out. Venezuela sits on a lake of oil and a mountain of gold, and cannot get at it.

          Some utilities are necessarily monopolies, and therefore the proper business of the state. But they tend to be local monopolies – at the level of the town. Not a concern of the Sovereign or the High priest.
          Town will have to deal with that, which would mean an association of property owners which inherits its power from an association of property developers. I am the part owner of a several private roads. Seems to me this system works better than municipal roads, perhaps because the roads are ultimately owned by people who use them and pay for them. These private associations are not a whole lot different from government created municipal authorities. A system with proper governance would represent big landowners (who have an interest in ensuring that the job be done well and cheaply) while the current democratic municipal governance system pretends to represent people who do not know and do not care.

          I have a fair bit of experience with roads and facilities provided by “private” associations, and they work better to the extent that a few big landowners have power, because they are the only ones with the incentive and ability to make stuff happen. What however is apt to happen eventually is that power slides from the hands of a few wealthy men to a multitude of meddlesome Karens, whereupon the “private” association works rather badly. They tend to drift into dysfunction as they drift into “democracy”.

          The proper business of the Sovereign is to protect his subjects from large scale threats.

          Rather than higher authority deciding how smaller and more local authority is permitted to defends its vassals, higher authority should pay no attention to the internal affairs of smaller and more local authority unless local authority calls for a hand or local authorities come in conflict.

          Threats that they can handle themselves, and local groups, local lords, and the like can handle themselves, should not be the business of the Sovereign. He has more than enough on his plate, and attempting to take care of everything will result in him being forced to delegate dangerously great power to dangerously powerful servants dangerously close to the throne.

          If a union, a political party, or a Mosque assembles a mob, then State and Church should deal with that. Lesser threats need to be dealt with by smaller, more local defenders, unless the threat is so great that the defenders call upon the sovereign for a he