Covid 19 and the faith

It is obvious to me that a small but significant proportion of those that have had a single jab have significant brain damage that impairs their ability to do their job, and heart damage that impairs their ability to perform physical activity, and that most who are fully boosted have enough brain damage to render them incapable of properly performing their job, and are significantly impaired in capability to perform physical activity. I see a whole lot of engineers who have lost the capability to handle the problems that they were formerly capable of handling.

Everyone who dies “inexplicably”, should be autopsied for brain damage, heart damage, and blood clots in their circulation, and if necrotic tissues show substantial levels of spike protein sufficient to explain to the necrosis, should be checked for antibodies against non spike Covid proteins. If he does not show non spike antibodies, but does show spike proteins, it was the jab that killed him.

There has been a five fold increase in young people deaths that have been categorised with codes equivalent to “other”, “unknown”, and “we’re not really sure,” which tells me that those coding those deaths know very well indeed exactly what is causing them. Further we are seeing huge rise in deaths that are quite obviously being falsely categorised.

We are seeing a profound reluctance to diagnose “inexplicable” deaths as caused by things likely to suggest the jab. We are seeing a whole lot of “inexplicable” deaths that no one wants to explain. There has been a five hundred percent increase in such deaths. Of course there is nothing inexplicable about them. Heart damage and lots and lots of tiny long stringy blood clots. But no one wants to know. Athletes drop dead on the field, and no one wants to know what went wrong with them, which curious lack of curiosity reveals that they know very well what killed them.

The early test data on the jab showed it was not a vaccine, that it did not prevent, or even substantially reduce, infection or transmission. It showed benefit in reducing the severity of symptoms, but for flu type diseases, that is an ambiguous bar, since anything that damages the immune system will, by certain measures of symptoms, reduce the severity of symptoms (because most of the symptoms of flu are collateral damage from your immune system attacking the virus)- though in the long run, an impaired immune system is likely to kill you, and we are seeing a surge in deaths from ailments such as cancer that normally kept in check by the immune system.

It was apparent that Covid was not the reason for the jab or the lockdowns, but the excuse. Covid 19 is a bioweapon that was created in the lab and then released with the intention that the ensuing panic would enable measures the people would otherwise resist. That the jab causes brain damage is not a side effect, they want us stupid.

The disease and the jab were developed in advance of the crisis. They were not developed by the medical industrial complex, big pharma with medical regulators in its pocket, but by the military industrial complex, as part of a program that theoretically is for defence against chemical and biological weapons, but is clearly aimed and developing chemical and biological weapons. (Which does not necessarily mean that the DoD is the big rat and the headquarters of the conspiracy, but the conspiracy used DoD which used big Pharma.)

Big Pharma may want you hooked on expensive drugs, but it does not actually want to kill its customers. Department of Defence, on the other hand, is tasked with hurting and killing people, and their contracts and procedures show it. So when big pharma is being paid by the Department of Defense, it is working on killing people. Covid 19 and the Jab were ordered and paid for by the Department of Defence, hence the lack of testing for safety. DoD procedures are for the logistics of killing and maiming enemies in war time, thus the procedures better suited for the Covid jab.

So. Why?

In the beginning, they hyped up the danger of Covid 19. Perhaps it was dangerous in the beginning, but the weaponization modifications were not in the interest of the virus. Because flu type viruses are fragile, they want you walking around, interacting with people, and doing your normal stuff, so that they can infect other people, so the virus once released from the lab very quickly evolved back to being a relatively normal flu. So, in order to achieve whatever it was they wanted the virus to achieve, they created the jab.

It was very quickly obvious that whatever the reason for pushing the jab on people, it was not to control the disease. The disease was used as an excuse for jabbing people. The same people who produced the disease produced the jab, so, obviously a common purpose.

So, what purpose?

We are seeing an enormous and powerful conspiracy – but not securely in control. When Putin intervened in the Ukraine, suddenly enforcement weakened. Namefags are able to get away with speaking the truth. Everywhere I still encounter signs and loudspeaker announcements that worship of the Awesome and Might Covid demon is required, which signs and announcements most people just quietly ignore.

So what does the conspiracy want?

There have been a lot of train derailments, one of which spilled a huge amount of poison on white people. The reaction of the state apparatus demonstrated that they are strangely comfortable with poison being spilled on white Trump voters.

Some of these train derailments were found to be the result of sabotage, and when a saboteur was caught, he got a slap on the wrist. There is no evidence that I am aware of that the derailment that spilled a whole lot of poison was sabotage rather than negligence or incompetence, but when there has been evidence of sabotage in other train derailments, there is a curious lack of curiosity. Much as there is a curious lack of curiosity about athletes dropping dead on the playing field, and pilots dropping dead at the controls.

Well, looks like they just hate us and want us dead. The entire operation may well have no sane rational purpose.

They worship demons, such as Gaia the Global Warming demon, and are just performing sacrifices for their demons.

The state apparatus is full of conspiracies, each conspiracy seeking power, some more successfully than others. The more cohesive conspiracy tends to win, and demon worshipping conspiracies tend to have more cohesion, because shared participation in horrifying and repugnant deeds builds cohesion on shared blackmail material.

They hate us, they mean to destroy us. It is just that simple.

So, no alternative but to win. And you have to take a gun to a gunfight, and a faith to a holy war.

There is a fair bit of evidence suggesting that the core of the Covid conspiracy is the Jesuits, who have been plotting a restoration of Vatican power ever since the sack of Rome in the sixteenth century, and have repeatedly been purged and expelled by Kings who did not accept the Vatican’s pursuit of what is Caesar’s

But there is an odd thing. I see obvious demon worshippers able to say the Nicene creed, while I don’t see demon worshippers able to say the affirmation, which is just a short summary of the Nicene creed. Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, , and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one. Amen.

Recollect that when the Socinians were conducting entryism against the Established Church of England, they constructed a theology that enabled them to say words that seemed to affirm the divinity of Jesus Christ, but the words had a special meaning for them. It appears that the Vatican has constructed a similar intellectual contrivance that enables them to say the Nicene creed, with invisible commas and invisible odd paragraphing, so that it refers to serpent Christ, a demon from hell. But this theological construction is designed to work with the exact wording of the Nicene creed, and paraphrasing it means these intellectual formulas do not work for the paraphrase.

So, the only thing that can beat our enemies is Christian Nationalism. And I see on Gab a whole lot of enemy entryists entering Christian nationalism to destroy it. Jesus, they tell us, requires us to lie down and let our enemies walk over us. These fake Christian Nationalists also tell us Jesus favors female emancipation, open borders, and all that. (Which Serpent Christ surely does.)

So, need to distinguish between real Christianity and fake Christianity. (Because our enemies are seeking to destroy us, and Christian nationalism is the only political movement capable of taking them on.)

So, the question of what is real Christianity has important consequences for our earthly existence. So, to deal with the Covidians and such, need to say what is Christianity, and what is not.

The current heretical fake Christianity is, more or less, the Marcionite heresy: (Marcion of Sinope in Rome around the year 144) Marcionites reject all that Old Testament stuff as cruel, brutal and superseded by the New Testament.

No it is not. The Christians said, in New Testament times, and are still required to say every Sunday, “Peace on Earth to all men of good will” Which implies it is totally fine to go Old Testament on men of bad will. The New Testament, unlike the old, requires us to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile, but you only have two cheeks and are only required to go one extra mile.

What about the startlingly harsh family and sex laws of the Old Testament? Did not Jesus abolish those when he rejected stoning the adulterous woman? Well he rejected the harshness, and required men to cherish their wives but until 1800 or so, Christian Kings believed themselves required to implement laws, appropriate for their people, their times, their culture, and their history, that gave effect to the spirit of Old Testament law. And coverture did give effect to the spirit of Old Testament law, with the appropriate New Testament adjustments.

The Christian faith has to reject female emancipation: Coverture was white sharia, accomplishing similar goals by somewhat different methods, methods appropriate for our race, our history, and our tradition. First epistle to the Corinthians 11:3 “the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man;” This requires every woman to be attached to a household with a male head of household, who is the high priest of that household.

What about the rather silly cleanliness laws of the Old Testament? The New Testament says that God changed his mind about eating pigs.

The spirit of the Old Testament cleanliness laws is quite sensible. For example, one is required to bury one’s poop, and if people poop in camp, and if they poop outside the camp and fail to bury it, God will be wrathful and your people will be defeated in battle. Of course God works through material and effective causation, and the causal mechanism here is that no one will fight to defend a city where people are allowed to poop on the pavement, because they will not feel like defending street shitters.

Free range pigs and vermin, transmit diseases from human to human. No one raises pigs free range any more. Cleanliness laws gave the Hebrews a biological advantage, and also separated them from people without cleanliness laws. If someone followed religious cleanliness laws this was an external indicator that he was probably going to follow the commandments on coveting, theft, and murder.

Undue legalism over the cleanliness laws resulted in ritual cleanliness failing to correlate with actual cleanliness, and turned them into an excuse for coveting, theft, and murder, so that they failed to indicate that someone was probably going to follow the commandments, so the letter of the cleanliness laws was ditched with legalism. The Jews becoming cursed, rather than chosen, meant an end to separation, so the letter of cleanliness laws was also ditched with separation.

The deal was “obey the Lord’s commandments, and you will be a special people, a chosen people, a people apart”. And the cleanliness laws were part of being special and apart. Well, they did not obey the Lord’s commandments. It is not that God woke up one morning and changed his mind about pigs. The Jews broke their contract with God.

The spirit of the Old Testament laws is still in effect. And Christian Nationalism, to defeat those who seek to harm us, has to reject these ancient heresies. Christian Nationalism not only has to assess the health effects of the jab and purge the schools of the faggot groomers who are selling sexual transition to schoolchildren. It also has to suppress gay, undo female emancipation, and stop people from shitting in the streets, for if it does not take on the whole Marcionite heresy, it is trying to cut a deal with those with whom no deal can be made, trying to compromise with those who will never compromise.

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  1. […] movie of the war depicting one small but horrific battle for one small observation point. (hat tip Kunning Druegger) This account is fictionalized but was produced by people who waded through blood, and is […]

  2. Kunning Druegger says:

    Off Topic
    Not sure if this has been posted yet:

    Best In Hell is a fiction movie put out by Wagner. On the Psych Warfare front, the Hollywood supported faction has put out at least 2 films championing the plucky defenders of democracy against the great authoritarian bear. I tried to watch one, but they’re just loaded down with all the faggot memes we’ve come to expect I got too bored, so if you want to watch White Sniper or whatever it’s called, you can compare that “experience” with the following.

    Best In Hell is a pure action movie with absolutely nothing else in it. It shows both sides as technically savvy, testosterone poisoned, and 100% committed. This was a surprise as I expected the Hohols to be vilified but they aren’t, not even slightly. In fact, the whole movie is going to hit Americans in a weird way: both sides get basically annihilated, the whole point of the battle is an anticlimax, and the end of the movie is an explicit admission that everyone died for no change at all in the larger war. Even though this is a “spoiler,” it really takes nothing away from the film. This is the first “modern” war movie I have ever seen. No broads, no kids, no soulful poetic asides about giving peace a chance, no mourning warrior faggotry that is written into the DNA of American war movies. Every major weapon system that get’s introduced is displayed in a video game style, wireframe graphic, maps with overlays show the positions of squads, objectives, and artillery positions, and the command groups are sitting in dumpy, bland office spaces using laptops, walkies, and cell phones to coordinate the soldiers who are firing indiscriminately in general directions 80% of the time. The other 20% is accurate close in support and CQB, and the movie really shows how suicidal this type of warfare is when you aren’t dropping out of the night on unsuspecting women & children after training for 8 weeks in a 1:1 mock up.

    There is still theatrical corner cutting, and turbo spergs could probably come up with a litany of minor technical gripes, but the corners cut round out the experience into a cohesive whole that is absolutely worth every minute. There’s a particularly delicious scene wherein a Uke soldier takes the time to pick up a displaced diptych, put it back on the wall, and sign the cross, which spares his life as a shape charge blasts a wall fragment onto him, trapping him in relative safety as the Orchestra breaches the room. The same thing happens to one of the Wagnerites, who puts the diptych back in place and crosses himself, which gets him positioned to survive when the Ukie breaks cover and goes hand to hand. Wagner wins and smokes the farm boy fighting for the GAE, but he doesn’t last long after that, because no one is getting out of this unscathed, and God only gives you precisely what you need to do the right thing, and not a fraction more.

    And this is the refreshing subplot to the whole movie: the person viewing it has to do some rather heavy spiritual and philosophical lifting, as the guys on the screen are too busy fighting the clock and each other. As you watch, you have to pick sides with every changing scene, and nothing Yellow (AFU) does is any more or less distasteful, or badass, than White (Wagner). You get familiar with the heavy gunners, the mortar team leads, the drone ops and the ISR pukes, and the leadership, and every single one is one dimensional in their part to play. Snippets of family photos, bloody and bent crucifixes, and the scathing banter of blooded blood brothers are just hints that underneath the plate carriers are young men and old men and soon to be dead men. There are sinister implications about the suicidal tactics of the Yellows, how their leadership is just going to roll tanks over the survivors if the Whites break through, but how different is that from Wagner pumping reserves into trenches filled with their own dead?

    This is what makes it a great film. It’s technically heavy, tactically believable, and emotionally challenging in a thoughtful if subtle way. It eschews the ever so common 3 act arc, mostly, and instead moves like a single act, a short film, that stretches to fit the whole story, no more and no less. There’s no flag waving or politicization, and the theme of Brother War is shot through the whole story, though it never once slows down a killing blow. If this were an American movie, it would be critically ass raped like an orphan boy trapped in a NYC library, obviously because there aren’t any super women or faggots saving the day, but also because ostensibly rightwing commentators would find it completely unbelievable to see an American war movie without some buck nigger saving the day, a white male Christian realizing he’s on the wrong side of history, and a stoic, grizzled war horse breaking down in tears over a dead bitch or some gay shit.

    I genuinely recommend it, and I hope that the trend of Slavic Cinema being a bit ahead of the curve in terms of storytelling holds true, because a fella might get certain ideas about how to make good movies from watching this picture, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. 😉

    • jim says:

      Ultra realistic look at war. Still fighting 1913 style.

      But trouble is, we see bands of brothers getting chewed up, and they are just mooks. If not for sign flashing up telling us which side is getting chewed up, would not know. So the viewer fails to get involved.

      Still fighting world war I. The film maker gives us a gods eye view of the battle, but even the data in that view is thin, and what little there is, even the commanders in that movie do not have it. It is the information epoch, but everyone in that movie was fighting blind.

      One mook watches a drone’s eye view on a small tablet, calls out to his commander, his commander calls out to a artillery team. We need an AI that keeps all the data, all the video from all the drones, and shows a bigger, human and AI annotated, view, so that the people on the ground can get a google earth style view, except it is current in the zones were action is taking place, so that they can scroll around and see not only the narrow field of view that drone now sees, but what the drone has seen.

      The gunners need to be able to see what they are shooting at, and they need to see their shots hit. Their is an unreasonable delay between someone knowing where a target is, and guns being aimed at it, followed by an unreasonable delay in walking the artillery in. We need to cut out the chain of command between the spotter and the guns. It is not 1913 any more.

      In the movie, a whole lot of good men die, and a whole lot of very expensive military equipment gets blown up, so that Wagner can put spotters on top of a nine story building. What the &@%&? My drone can fly nine stories up. They are still fighting the battle of Stalingrad.

      The Russians are continually fighting for the high ground, for observation. This should not be happening in this era. Every grunt should have his own small drone, and teams should have larger drones. The sky above the battlefield should be thick with drones, and AI should weave their data into a big google style map using Postgis rather than messages going up and down the chain of command. Getting the top of a nine story building should not matter.

      • The Cominator says:

        At the very least the commander should have a birds eye view like a game of warcraft/command and conquer/age of empires etc…

        • jim says:

          The commander is the bottleneck. Words are the bottleneck. What matters is that the men manning the big guns should be able to see what they are shooting at. If you provide good data to the commander, all he can do is say words about it, and words do not suffice. The information available to the grunts matters more than the information available to the commander. What should happen is that the words the commander says are illustrated by marking up a map, his markup gets converted to postgris, and the postgris illustrating the words shows up on the battlefield view seen by the grunts, along with the far more important and urgent information of a direct live view of what is happening in the area marked up.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        What the &@%&?

        You just don’t get Eastern Europeans (or grunts)… While the Russians enjoy a full half standard deviation over their Southern Slav brothers in IQ, they are still Slavs with all that entails. That’s not even getting into the other ethnic groups serving in their military, their fatalistic culture of despair, or the general brain drain since the 90s that doesn’t affect medians much but have big impacts nevertheless.

        They’ve been making the same types of military mistakes since the first Chechen War. Heck, they’ve been making similar mistakes over and over and over again since the 1300s. There’s a reason why I commented here long ago that Putin should have nuked Kyiv in an attempt to avoid Grozny 2.0, but here they are fighting Grozny Bakhmut, Kherson, et cetera et cetera.

        None of this is to say America wouldn’t fare much better in a (near) peer conflict where air is highly contested.

        >Every grunt should have his own small drone

        Good luck on moron proofing that. I’ve met many senior enlisted that can’t even do simple paperwork because of comprehension problems and you want all grunts to operate small drones!? The Officers are no better. There’s been major decline. 85% of Officers who took GCT (basically IQ) in 1980 got a score over 120, the minimum for Marine Officers in WW2. In 2014 it was just 59% above 120. Scores at the high end are down. In 1980, 4.9% scored over 150; only 0.7% did so in 2014. 41% of those Officers are at NCO levels.

        Sure, Special Op guys could do what you want. Not nearly enough of them to hold a front line. Either AI gets good enough to cut out the stupid, or the average gets a lot smarter. Until then expect 1913 tactics in every war where air is heavily contested.

        • jim says:

          giving and comprehending targeting data given in words is a whole lot harder than comprehending targeting information given in images marked up by postgris.

          Dumb soldiers and dumb officers are a problem, but you argue that they are dumb because they cannot interpret words. Providing information in the more appropriate form of images will ease that problem, not make it harder.

          Modern weaponry requires smarts. It still requires smarts even when you are fighting with 1913 tactics – it is just that they get used very badly, and expensive weapons get blown up and men die. There is no way around the need for smarter officers and smarter troops, but a graphical interface makes it easier, not harder.

          In the Wagner movie, we see Wagner artillery using shoot and scoot tactics. But if they had graphical data, they could get on with scooting a whole lot quicker.

          • Adam says:

            Yes, shape rotators need pictures and plans. Only when guys have worked together for a very long time, years in the same space can they communicate accurately with words (although verbal communication of complex things are still kept to a minimum).

            IMO this is at the heart of the disconnect between priests and warriors. Priests cannot do what shape rotators can, and shape rotators always look down on priests because they know this. Everyone can talk. Not everyone can hit a baseball.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >you argue that they are dumb because they cannot interpret words.

            I am not. IQ generally maps onto shape rotation… but that’s besides the reason I’m admittedly sperging out.

            An uncomfortable amount of the Enlisted (and a shocking number of Officers) will ignore a bright red warning sign screaming ‘danger close’ or ‘friendly unit’ or ‘collision imminent’ et cetera and carry on anyways. Don’t matter how good your GUI is, I would hesitate in putting targeting drones in the hands of every grunt with a direct line to fire support. When you say things like:

            Every grunt should have his own small drone
            cut out the chain of command between the spotter and the guns.
            comprehending targeting information given in images marked up by postgris

            I don’t think you understand there are many grunts too stupid for even that and are liable to get everyone killed. My grandad would be getting Vietnam era flashbacks with Mcnamara’s morons in mind. Hell, I’m getting uncomfortable imagining it because it’s one of those “smart ideas” some moron in DoD bureaucracy would push with little push back from the Generals.

            Look, the Navy has guys whose sole job can be described as monitoring a single gauge because, as it turns out, not every guy can monitor multiple gauges like pilots do. Even then, there are still ship collisions. These squad based drones are a hell of a lot simpler than a fighter jet, but they’re also more complex than single gauge. Putting single gauge guys (they exist even in regular line units) in control of multigauge drones that send targeting directly to fire support… no, just no.

            Look, I’m all in favor of mass utilization of drones and cutting out needless Officers, but only a quarter to half of the grunts can be trusted with operating drones and they should still do so under fireteam leader supervision.

            What I also foolishly left unstated was that those dumb Officers would be the ones in charge of implementing such a system. Again, good luck. Any such system would have to come entirely from the private sector with the advising of a very select team of lower level Officers and Enlisted. Even then, from what I’ve seen happen to GUI design by software guys is not encouraging. GUI gets more complicated, obtuse, obscure, redundant, and just plain stupid with every decade. That is true for everything from games to OS. Meaning you’d also need a very select team of engineers, but now you run into problems of politics. See, you team is so small and insignificant it’ll get chewed up by bureaucracy. Maybe the idea is so good it gets taken by DoD bureaucracy, but Officers need jobs and so fireteam drones now effectively become Officer drones and you wind up right at the beginning.

            You say:

            What the &@%&?

            I say, you’re going to need a king with singular vision (Musk like) and complete authority to create the fighting force of the information epoch. Until then, there’s going to be much bleeding.

            • jim says:

              Modern warfare requires smarter officers and smarter grunts. The time when a small group of well equipped well trained elite warriors can cut through a horde of peasant conscripts returns. Idiots cannot effectively utilize the best modern weapons. So I am untroubled by your concerns.

              This is how modern weapons need to be used. If the average grunt cannot do it, just have to recruit a better grade of grunt.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Nah, feudalism died forever when guns became small, cheap, and widely available. The knights of Medieval lore didn’t have to worry about being shot in the back by a partisan or splattered by a roadside IED.

                • jim says:

                  What made feudalism happen is that a small number of expensively armed well trained troops could slaughter any number of peasant conscripts. That situation is returning.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  True, but at some point you have to stop slaughtering the peasants and start ruling and taxing them instead, and then they start picking off your knights with small guns and IEDs. Only reason Saddam didn’t have this problem is that if you tried such things, he would see to it that you and everyone you ever knew got tortured to death.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Peasants don’t do that kind of stuff without internal subversion or external manipulation, and almost always both. It’s been posted to death here, but bears repeating: there’s no such thing as a people’s movement, a people’s struggle, a people’s army, or a people’s government. That’s just ex post facto retelling to portray good guys and bad guys in the regime’s preferred light.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  And how do you plan to stop this “internal subversion” and “external manipulation”? Your neo-feudal state will have enemies and your peasants will have smartphones.

                • jim says:

                  The stuff that appears on facebook and the like is ineffectual when not backed by bribery, intimidation, and violence.

                  Observed outcome in places that take effective action against Soros ngos within their border are successful in quelling color revolution. The headquarters may be in Washington and Harvard, but the bagmen go in and out the airport delivering very large amounts of money to their local agents and supervising and directing them. They do not trust local staff with local roots, it is always someone who spent a lot of time in America, or at least western Europe, and usually someone who spent their formative years curiously close to Harvard. Zelensky speaks better English than he does Ukrainian.

                  Take a look at the best documented operation to apply soft power backed by hard power, the operation in Afghanistan. It was always an English speaking woman who did not speak Afghan lecturing Afghan women on liberation and (demonic) modern art.

                  Observe how the cultural atmosphere in Putin’s Russia suddenly cleared overnight. A whole of Cathedral agents suddenly decided to self deport, often after a quick smash and grab, while the remainder have gone strangely quiet. Color revolution works because the lead agents figure that if things go pear shaped they will leave for a professorship at Harvard.

                  When color revolution in Syria turned deadly, all their lead agents went to safer turf, and Muslims who sincerely believed in old type Islam quietly got control of their operation, while Hillary remained in denial, thinking she was still in control. Hillary and company wound up funding and arming Isis.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Posted a Youtube link (now dead) back in January. Turns out I’m pretty bad at promoting movies. Best in Hell is pretty good, though not so good I would write passionately like you did (my review was lazy), but relative to entertainment available in the West these days it’s extremely good.

      I don’t know if you pay attention to current American TV shows, but briefly looking through the selection
      has become a ritual in disappointment.

  3. Ghost says:

    Hopefully all you kikes, except KD of course who is a fed, have all your shekels out of the bank by Monday.

    If not, oy gevalt!

  4. Kunning Drueger says:

    The talk of Trump being arrested is dredging up memories of 2020 for me, specifically anti-Saint Pooch the Fallen and the other knuckleheads who went to DC because Trump asked them to. Trump is now asking his followers to “PROTEST! PROTEST! PROTEST!” which is a sad sign that he’s not learned the lesson. The purpose of this blog, in some sense, is for Jim to share his thoughts and us to debate and discuss what a theoretical Trump would/should do, what the Polygon can/might do, and other high level topics. This is the way it should be, but I wonder if there might be some utility in getting a post on Local Guidance. Probably too nuanced and variable, and it’s probably rather obvious that I’m selfishly seeking guidance because I’m not sure what I should be doing besides what I’m already trying to do.

    I know Jim Time is not the most accurate when trying to make stock trades or plan “perfectly peaceful picnics with properly picked pals,” but you have demonstrated spooky prescience, so might you be willing to give us a strategic forecast? Or anyone of the regulars?

    • Adam says:

      I will say it again, Trumps biggest failure was not locking up Hillary. Had he done that he would have overcome everything he needed to secure 2020.

      As far as what to do, whites are built to survive harsh winters. Keeping a low profile, staying prepared, staying disciplined is about the best plan one can have right now. The strong always survive.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        How do you “keep a low profile” when your family contains a mentally retarded teen whose antics are likely to expose your whole operation to the government? A precautionary dirt-nap?

    • Red says:

      >Trump is now asking his followers to “PROTEST! PROTEST! PROTEST!” which is a sad sign that he’s not learned the lesson.

      They’re very unlikely to protest after what J6 was revealed to be. It’s not helped by Trump refusing to pardon the non violent protestors before he left office. People love Trump, but he fled the field like a coward and no one is going to put their necks on the line for him in a blue state.

      For every 3 Fed posts urging violence there’s someone pointing out that Trump refused to protect his followers after J6. Might be a shill for another faction, but the message is true.

      Trump should prepare himself to be a martyr for his people. That’s the path of redemption for him.

      • Starman says:

        I plan on really, really, really “Monitoring the Situation” as hard as I can Monitor the Situation Monitoring.

        Just like Trump did.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I would mark any other man doing this as a federal asset who’s already working with his future “arresters”.

  5. Red says:

    So it looks like they’re doubling down on the Domestic terrorist state. Antifa running around even in larger numbers, the possible arrest of Trump and the doubling down on persecuting more people for J6, spells they’re gearing up for even more repression. They’ll probably throw in another J6 false flag as well and arresting GOP congressmen.

  6. smith says:

    So, looks like the time has finally come:

    I wonder how long it will take for him to get Epstein’d.

    • jim says:

      I predicted this would happen within months, and that violence between left factions would ensue. My timing was badly off, but my predictions are working out – considerably more slowly than I predicted.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      I expect he lives through the next election. The talk about keeping the secret service happy, and fingerprinting but not handcuffing, makes me think someone thinks they can fine tune this to disqualify him from the race but still keep the mask of normality on. Even the charge (misdemeanor upgraded to a felony) sounds like it’s chosen to disqualify while allowing an ankle bracelet and home arrest over federal penitentiary.

      Counterargument is, whether everybody gets what they planned is another question. If he is Epsteined earlier than that I’ll assume intra-left kinetic action whether it’s public or not, and we’ll be back on Jim’s schedule.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Probably not unrelated to the fact that he started explicitly namedropping Victoria Nuland, and ‘others like her’, as responsible for bringing war to Ukraine.


  7. Basil says:

    [*deleted for utter detachment from reality*]

    • jim says:

      If you are going to throw mud in the water, I expect a higher grade of mud.

      • Basil says:

        Putin made a statement:

        – Africa will become one of the leaders of the multipolar world order

        – The quota for the admission of African students to Russian universities will be doubled

        – Russia’s partnership with African countries is reaching a new level

        – If we decide not to renew the grain deal, we will deliver this grain to Africa for free

        – Russia wrote off the debt of African states in the amount of about $ 20 billion

        Ivans are dying for this.

        • jim says:

          Ordinarily I would suppress this comment as more weak sauce unworthy of reply, but allowing it through and responding to it so that people can see that when I suppress one of your comments as weak sauce, it is weak sauce:

          US Academia has long been bringing in lots of Africans who are smarter than the average plains ape, with the intent that some of them would return to Africa to become agents of American influence. Russia is now making a start on the same program.

          Debt always comes with strings, the debt forgiveness unpayable debt being the final step in the application of these strings. The Chinese have had great success in this operation, and Russia is late to the party.

          Meanwhile, as Russia brings in students, whom we may suppose are relatively civilized and will return to Africa, the US government is bringing in millions of savage plains apes and bombing middle America with them to rob and murder whites and burn them out of their homes, and a cop commits the racist sin of arresting one of them, he gets a slap on the wrist and is promptly released to kill, burn, and rape some more.

          Gab is full these horrific incidents. That is the strong sauce. And unless you can dig up some comparably strong sauce, I am going to suppress all your further weak sauce comments on this topic.

  8. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    >While completing [his] second degree [he] developed acute ulcerative colitis which was nearly fatal

    In passage this was noted as a throw-away detail; but it immediately caught my eye, as I have noticed that bowel diseases are remarkably common in troons and similar baizuo reprobates; the mind-gut axis is real.

    Some other things of note –

    Narcissism is not grandiosity, as anyone who has ever perused my good friend TLP should understand. The ‘covert narcissism’, ‘inverted narcissism’, ‘vulnerable narcissism’, *is* narcissism, real narcissism, with a veneer of squid ink blown over it by our later day priesthood, (((modern psychology))), to equivocate it with valuable manly attributes like assertiveness or dynamism.

    I would not, as some of the cited authors do, present object preference and theory of mind (ability to model others) as some sort of necessary antipode; you can see coincidental overlap on the lower end, but not on the higher end. The dependency of the narc on external validation, the cluelessness of the sperg in modeling the actions of other agents (and themselves), and the superficial nominalism of poz ideology, are all epiphenomena of low world-formation capacity. The desire for a system to relieve the congentical solipsist of the pain of having to rely on its faculties, while also being reductively adulterated enough for it to wrap its head around in the first place, is a coincidence borne of its insecurities more than what might be instead described as genuine attraction to (let alone proficiency in) such higher order matters.

    The systematic destruction of all adaptive ritual, social superstructures, and Tradition in general, has left masses of the suggestible in very vulnerable positions. Cast adrift in the chaos and uncertainty of the void, they are willing to latch onto anything that will purport to provide a foundation they can build an identity off of – especially if they can sense the shine of status, power, and officialdom behind it.

    • alf says:

      what a crazy way to die.

      I tend to dislike narcissism as an explanatory concept. But the way you describe it, and in the context of Alex as a MtF prostitute, makes sense. Much more in line with the original myth of Narcissus.

    • SJ says:

      The qadesh, tranny temple prostitutes, and their demon worshipping religion are an ancient enemy well described in the old testament. That no one can see them all around us is a constant source of amazement to me.

      As to the rest of your autistic gibberish I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  9. Pax Imperialis says:

    GAE attempting color revolution in Israel. Not for duplicitous diplomatic actions stretching back decades, nor for acts of war against America, nor for manipulating US politics. Color revolution because State Department wants to protect ‘democracy.’

    • jim says:

      If one searches for “Israeli color revoluton” on a western search engine, one sees a mysterious lack of any recent relevant information.

      If one searches for it on, a pile of relevant and informative material comes up, mostly links to relevant alt right western sources, that are mysteriously deranked right off the page in western search engines.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      CIDI in The Netherlands is known for associating with “fascists”. CIDI knows Arabic, and knows that Muslims are more dangerous to them than “fascists”.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      You can’t have an organic color revolution a densely populated nation where everyone lives in a major city (no 90% blue corporate and civil service sector) without military threats. And Israel isn’t going to be threatened by any conventional military.

      I see this as a drill, though one meant to test how far a color revolution can go, and Israel isn’t going to be too happy being the sparring partner.

      • jim says:

        This presupposes that there is such a thing as an organic color revolution. By definition, a color revolution is puppetteered by distant and hostile people. And we just had a color revolution in the US without military threats.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Color revolution in the US by the Cathedral would be an “organic” CR under the technical definition, yes? Or was it fomented by foreign powers/interests?

          • Was what happened in the US really a color revolution? Color revolution implies regime change, but was the Cathedral really out of power before Trump? It seems to me that Trump was a temporary blip in the radar which the Cathedral got rid of with some difficulty (because of Trump’s genuine mass popularity). The entire machinery of USG and GAE (deep State) was still Cathedral even during Trump’s time which hampered Trump at every stage.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Many nonaligned elites, technocrats, and bureaucrats were cancelled/removed in the Fishing In The Rubicon debacle between NOV 2020 & JAN 2021. I take your point, it’s a weird situation, but the Great Steal was a Color Revolution. Maybe better to call it a Clear Revolution or something.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            This is a wildly inaccurate depiction of how color revolution works, presupposing and taking for granted the description that Google search will give you. Yandex search gives an accurate description. Everyone here takes the Yandex description for granted. Not going to reprise that debate on this blog, for in alt right circles the Yandex account is well known and taken for granted, and the matter has been settled elsewhere.

            And if I wanted to debate in on this blog, not going to debate it with someone who just sails right along ignoring rebuttals and goes right on assuming that everyone accepts Google search reality. You don’t debate what is in dispute, you just sail right along assuming it is not in dispute.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              I’ve been on point about the important of cities the entire time.[*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                Your argument presupposes that color revolutions are organic, that they come from the cities of the country where the color revolution takes place. Obviously we do not accept that. We think that color revolutions in foreign lands come from the airport, that they are run, funded, and operated by carryon baggers, most of them on ngo grants, and coming from the suburbs – the suburbs of Massachusetts and Washington.

                You can argue for the position that they are organic, but I am just not going to let you presuppose that they are organic. I will not let you post stuff that presupposes your position, and presupposes we accept your position. We do not accept your assumptions, and you have to argue for them, rather than confidently presuppose a fake consensus. The carryon baggers come from elite suburbs in the vicinity of Washington and Harvard. They hire locals, but the script is written in Washington, and dictated to locals by people whose mansions are in Washington and similar areas. For example the Maidan manifesto was written in English with a distinctly Harvard dialect, and transmitted to the Ukraine, in English, by Soros ngos. Similarly, the color revolution in Israel.

                You do not accept that. But you have to make an argument that presupposes your audience does accept that, and needs to be persuaded otherwise.

              • skippy says:

                Incredible this guy keeps posting when almost everything he posts gets deleted. Hard not to believe he is paid by the post.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  We discussed this a while back, another possible explanation is that he’s a “somebody” in the DR/NRx world and just cannot let it go that he’s been so wholly identified as a congenital solipsist so he ceaselessly seeks to be “properly” recognized. probably a paid shill, but I think it would also be hilarious if it was like Matt Gaetz or Trump Jr. or some other celebrity. Jesse Watters? lol

                • The Cominator says:

                  AF is OBVIOUSLY neither of those people… or Jesse Waters…

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Imagine Tucker Carlson chimping out and beating his wife senseless because Jim has yet again deleted another heartfelt effort post and replaced it with a one line dismissal.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Imagine if Ben Shapiro were posting here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  AF is not a successful guy he’s a bitter priesthood wannabe.

      • Pax Imperialis says:
        Protestors are dressing up as a Canadian feminist’s caricature of Christian women… in a Jewish state. Seems very organic. 🙃

        >Israel isn’t going to be too happy being the sparring partner

        Lol, they’re already backing down and opposition is ready to become the new regime. You can bet the new regime will be very happy. Indebted even.

        • alf says:

          Well, it’s women, so it either had to be Handmaid’s Tale or Harry Potter. VoldeBibi is next week.


        • someDude says:

          Here is the Indian view on this. They don’t seem to know which side to take, but it seems they are a bit tilted towards Netanyahu,

          The Math is a bit suspect. 66% against judicial reforms while >50% voted for Bibi. In these highly polarised Us-Them times, these numbers do not Make sense.

          After the CAA/agri-middlemen protests in India, I marvel at the Cathedral’s might in this domain of warfare. the Cathedral has no peer in the battleground of democratic politics. They are simply unbeatable in that domain.

          The warrior cannot beat the priest in a war of words. You want to beat a priest, then engage him in a battleground that he does not get to choose.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            That’s the NGO/Nonprofit Industrial Complex in action. That’s the last domain of actual, technical competence and domination the US has. There’s actually one simple trick that completely cripples it, but so far only the Taliban and Best Korea seem willing to use it.

    • Basil says:

      I hope that Jewish women will be quickly freed from reproductive slavery and become independent, strong, confident, as they deserve, for their hard struggle in the fight against oppression, including patriarchal oppression, in European countries.

      • someDude says:

        Da-Fuck? You mean get taken over by their Mohammedan neighbours and becomes hand-maids with 20 grandchildren? Thats what they want.

        I think and I hope you’re being sarcastic!

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          That’s the joke. Give the jewish women exactly what they want, and dilute their bloodlines with Arabic genes. Autogenocide.

  10. Oog en Hand says:

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished”

    Herem warfare still applies. Pope Urban II considered Muslims to be Amalekites, fit targets for eradication warfare. If we read the book Esther however, Haman and his followers are exterminated completely. This would mean there are no longer any Amalekites.

  11. Cloudswrest says:

    Voxday, top of the page today, is one of his regular “boomer tirades”. What’s interesting though, from the commenter, is family home movies are illuminating what life was like in America in just the past few decades, and people are not happy about it.

    • alf says:

      In that article he says:

      It is good and true to hate the Boomer.

      Not a regular Voxday reader, but he always cracks me up with stuff like that. Such a flair for drama.

      family home movies are illuminating what life was like in America in just the past few decades, and people are not happy about it.

      Society is changing quickly comrade. Cis-family home movies are steeped in white supremacist ideology, and it is high time we address that.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        I just can’t find it in my heart to hate the Boomers.

        • Adam says:

          Imagine you wrote the phrases “Gods wrath” and “what I want” on a piece of paper, and then drew a line between them. A persons fear can be placed on one or the other. If your fear is Gods wrath, and you do everything to avoid it, you will travel on that line and get what you want. If you place your fears on what you want, you will travel on that line and head straight into Gods wrath.

          The boomers spent their entire existence afraid that they might not get what they want, barreling forward towards Gods wrath at an unprecedented pace.

          It is not necessary to hate, but if you look upon them collectively as anything other than fools, you are probably a boomer yourself. Nobody even uses the word fool anymore, they use the term boomer. Call someone a fool it may not register, call them a boomer and they know right away.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            They made a big mess that future generations will pay for. They were also raised under the shadow of FDR. People are apt to ape regime power and the Boomers did so when the paint was still new. That they couldn’t see the decayed wood beneath the paint is a weakness of every generation, and at the time there were less obvious official lies and the consequences of which were largely imperceivable to the average person. Their sins are understandable and certainly similar to those of the Millennials and Zers who ape regime lies just as well. Are we suppose to hate those generations as well?

            Where does such thinking lead? Do we hate the Silent and Greatest for making the Boomers, hate the Xers for raising the Millennials and Zers? Hate the Millennials and Zers for making the Alphas? Do we hate Adam and Eve for creating this mess? Do we hate God for making all of this possible in the first place? Intergenerational conflict is leftism’s entropy destroying life in both the future direction and the past direction. This is not normal and not healthy.

            A Caesar must bring an end to intergenerational conflict just as he would bring an end to left and right conflict.

            • Adam says:

              As I mentioned, hate is not the appropriate response. And really I do not think much of the boomers anymore, nor should anyone else, at least collectively. They were what they were.

              The boomers proved the same thing as the mouse utopia. Born in captivity, life will eventually cease to function. There’s no end to the sins of the boomers, but it should be measured with a little grace, given they were the subject in the most magnificent utopian experiment ever produced.

              • Lee says:

                “The boomers proved the same thing as the mouse utopia. Born in captivity, life will eventually cease to function. There’s no end to the sins of the boomers, but it should be measured with a little grace, given they were the subject in the most magnificent utopian experiment ever produced.”

                OMG… think much of yourself? Unbelievable how small minded it is to classify a group of people by age. Boomers did nothing wrong. People the age of “boomers” running the country are a different story.

                • Adam says:

                  >Boomers did nothing wrong. People the age of “boomers” running the country are a different story.

                  So the boomers are victims?

                • The Cominator says:

                  All generationss of people caught in a cycle of social entropy are the victims but the boomers did not suffer the way generations after them did…

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Equivocating here is kind of silly. The boomers represent a generation with more tools and options than any other, before or since, and the world we live in is their handiwork. They really fucked up, and the only reason is selfish laziness. These are natural, common human traits, so pity them for bad luck if you want. The fact that they continue to consistently choose the worst option possible in almost all things is why I am a big advocate for the Day Of The Pillow.

              • jim says:

                > They really fucked up, and the only reason is selfish laziness


                The problem is inherent in the holiness spiral, and the holiness spiral has been running for centuries.

                The greatest generation was great because feminism was rolled back starting 1933, but then they started to get holy about redistribution and socialism. Socialism led to the usual disaster, and was abandoned in the US immediately after the war, and in the rest of the west in 1949, so they are started getting holy about redistribution, with taxes on the “rich” rising far, far, far above the Laffer limit. Since redistribution was a dead end (you just cannot redistribute it all) they resumed getting holy about feminism in 1963, and here we are. Reagan rolled back taxes to the Laffer limit, but the price of that was the abolition of marriage.

                The abolition of marriage has niggerized us.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  Thomas Sowell: Black Rednecks

                • zero says:

                  fox blood, alf perhaps you have met different boomers then I, But they are deserving of the rope like a vagrant with a bread loafe and no witness’, I know to many men that had it all and were degenerate, that they shit down the throat of the culture which made the old republic good, but here people talk about the kings english, and the problem of enthalpy and reason, there is either God or man’s reason, and Man is Fallible, so we are left with God, and sometimes an amelikite whore has it coming and can seak succor in heaven. I Have never met a good Boomer, so the question is does God throw dice or did god know the greatest generation of selfish bastards would fuck it all up, who hardened pharoes heart?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  This timeline ought to clear things up:

                  1964: passage of the Civil Rights Act
                  1965: passage of the Voting Rights Act
                  1965: passage of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act
                  1967: oldest Boomers turn 21 and start voting

                • alf says:

                  I Have never met a good Boomer

                  Really. Not a single one? Do we not even have a single good boomer among this comment section?

                  Boomers have sinned, and no doubt a good deal of them are beyond redemption. But Christ requires us to forgive them; not in naivity, but with full knowledge of their sins. That is the way forward.

                • The Cominator says:

                  While I’m not big on intergenerational conflict (I tend to think the worst thing about the boomers is they are way too trusting of various evil and insane authorities, even the very best of Boomers tends to do this)… forgiveness requires the other person stop transgressing and express repentance over their previous transgressions.

                  Any shitlib regardless who hasn’t done those two things should be killed if you are able to do so and get away with it. There is no unconditional blanket forgiveness.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I think I’m too biased. Mayflower Sperg’s timeline is a bitter pill to swallow, but it really was the Greatest Generation that made the inexcusable errors regarding Policy. Two things:

                  here’s a post by a good man, well worth the read:

                  that’s a dive into how the Constitution Failed. I’m criminally abbreviating, but it’s an expansive, 5 part mini book. Many of the big exploits of the “7 walls” occured during the reign of the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation.

                  The second thing is more personal. My grandparents, the grandparents that have had a significant role in my life, are incredibly based and redpilled. but their kids are not, indeed they are excellent examples of how Boomers are and act. this duality is confusing but instructive, as I think my grandparents were not nearly as based as they needed to be when they were raising my parents generation, and I think that is a very common problem. so when I interact with greatest generation types now, I am not seeing what they were, I am seeing what they’ve become after they already made their worst mistakes and have tried to find redemption.

                • jim says:

                  > My grandparents, the grandparents that have had a significant role in my life, are incredibly based and redpilled. but their kids are not, indeed they are excellent examples of how Boomers are and act. this duality is confusing but instructive, as I think my grandparents were not nearly as based as they needed to be when they were raising my parents generation,

                  Your grandparents generation, the red pilled generation went along with the lie, treating it as a bit of a joke, but a joke that it was polite to pretend to take seriously. They knew the true nature of women, and the true nature of faggots, and implemented policies that reflected the real truth, while piously pretending these policies were an unprincipled exception. Women were equal to men, except that they were not. Their children did not get the joke. The red pill is the discovery that it was all a lie. And now the gloves are off. The lie is destroying us.

                  But here is the thing: In your grandparents generation, the lie was not destroying them. And as long as your grandparents were in charge, the lie was not destroying their children. So the cost of going along with the lie did not seem so high. Now we know how high it is.

                • Red says:

                  While I’m not big on intergenerational conflict (I tend to think the worst thing about the boomers is they are way too trusting of various evil and insane authorities, even the very best of Boomers tends to do this)… forgiveness requires the other person stop transgressing and express repentance over their previous transgressions.

                  I feel the same way. Boomers were raised by TV which told them the progressive expert was always right. Though I’ve never seen a boomer apologize for their transgressions. They still act like they’re 1960s teen ages in a lot of ways.

                • jim says:

                  The boomers deserve much blame, but blaming the boomers depicts the problem as bottom up, when it was top down. They were lied to, and the changes for which you blame them came down from on top – it was not that the boomers wanted them, as that they failed to react appropriately to enemy action.

                  A hypocritical pretense of blue pill reality was in place, and when real teeth forcibly imposing blue pill reality were introduced from above, the boomers were assured that hypocrisy was still in place, and only trailer park trash would feel the teeth. Now we are feeling the teeth. It is not so much that they did these bad things, as that the bad things were done on their watch, and they slept through it.

                • alf says:

                  forgiveness requires the other person stop transgressing and express repentance over their previous transgressions.

                  When a new transgression arises, kindly insist they stop transgressing. Be kind, be patient. Be forgiving if they don’t get it the first ten times.

                  It can sometimes be so alluring to move imaginary pieces on an imaginary chessboard that we forget how to move the actual pieces.

                • Adam says:

                  >It is not so much that they did these bad things, as that the bad things were done on their watch, and they slept through it.

                  Shit rolls downhill, and when it lands on one of insufficient character it continues to roll downhill. It is not as if the boomers had no other option but to serve themselves at the expense of their children and grandchildren. But they did it and did it with a smile. It takes considerable inner strength to keep from doing evil when evil is done to us, and the boomers did not just do a little evil, they served themselves in such a way as to ensure the next generation would never experience the prosperity they inherited.

                  Victims become perpetrators, and the boomers amplified all of the lies that were told to them and added more, to serve only themselves. The blew the rest of the trust fund to live like royalty with no thought of their children.

                  Let’s not pretend like they made some heroic effort to make the world a better place. The cathedral was not nearly as powerful in the 70s, 80s, and 90s as it is today. The problems they had to overcome were nothing compared to the problems I see todays men overcoming.

                • jim says:

                  Evil men lied to the boomers, and they were deceived.

                  Boomers did not have the internet. The mass media (now the legacy media with more employees than readers) were the voice of authority, and told them what they wanted to hear. Their fault for wanting to hear it, but hard to find alternative information. I recall when the red pill was being rediscovered. Men wanted to understand women, proceeded to employ the same scientific method as they used to beat video games, and suddenly something long forgotten was discovered. I had not forgotten, being born and raised in small fragment of the old culture that had survived beyond its time, and was also in on the rediscovery, so, from the beginning, I brought a very old perspective to what was sparkling new. I always knew that Mystery was an idiot.

                  Everything comes from the red pill – that women are not men, and while they are wonderful at being women, they are dreadful at being men. Take a look at the first Indiana Jones movies. The romance in them is not the new knowledge, but an echo of the old. Indiana Jones movies came out in 1981, and at that time the old red pill knowledge was not entirely forgotten, while game got started in the 1990s, on, so there was a short generation where the knowledge was entirely lost.

                  And it was during that two decades that everything went to $#!%. People believed that the races were the same, that men and women were the same. The game/pua ommunity was the beginning of the reaction and the counter revolution, and it only became possible because the internet made it possible. was a usenet newsgroup, before usenet died of shills and shilling. Usenet newsgroups were the beginning. The information on was not very good, because it was a distinctly bluish shade of purple, while I faintly remembered a much deeper shade of red, but it was a good beginning, being actual data rather than faint memories of what once was known, but was impolite to speak of too plainly. They had a completely blue pilled frame, but were engaging and accepting data that flatly contradicted the blue pill.

                  And that was the beginning – would not have been possible without usenet. The boomers inherited a society based on red pill truths, but were entirely blue pilled – and the blue pill came from above, not from within. And so that society was destroyed. Evil people lied to them, and they were deceived.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  The boomers inherited a society based on red pill truths, but were entirely blue pilled […] Evil people lied to them, and they were deceived.

                  I’m not all that sympathetic to boomers, but I cannot blame an entire generation, because they are not genetically different from people of my generation. It’s not possible that the genes for maintaining civilization skipped one generation, or that they changed that fast. In their place I likely would’ve fallen for the same BS all my life.

              • alf says:

                There was this oldfag NRx blogger, 28sherman. He vented that he just couldn’t get through to his parents, and at one point even held up his baby in front of them pleading: ‘don’t you care about your grandkids??’ I identify with that.

                But really, if we want go back to the life of happy home family videos, we need to forgive boomers for their sins, and work with them. Voxday is wrong in that regard.

                • Hesiod says:


                  Some suffer from monomania, tedious or even dangerous to others. Brother Vox Day, bless him, bears the curse of polymania. Anti-boomerism is one of them. Pray for him, lads.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            I was there then, not what happened, not going to debate it on this blog.

            The trouble with blaming the boomers, though there is much truth it in and they deserve much blame, is that it depicts the problem as bottom up. I was there then, and the problem was top down.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Baby boomers catch flak because they are currently the oldest demographic living at present time; and thus, are the living representation of the sins of the past.

          They also hold the unique status of being the first generation as a whole to be drunk on the kool-aid and not get the joke that their fathers and grandfathers lived through with a wink and a nudge. Thus the uniquely babyboomer combination flavor of foolishness and entitledness; that which inherited paradise and has no idea about what made it paradise – has ideas that led to the death of that paradise; and so even someone ambivalent cannot help but be annoyed when faced with boomerisms – the excoriation of that which undermines itself.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            I personally never mentally categorized babyboomers as ‘old people’ even when they are literally old. They are eternal teenagers eternal living the 1960s.

          • zero says:

            Dirty Harry had the Joke, they are personally repsonisble for themselves not under standing, God Almighty, they knew more then we ever will. They knew to a man why Kennedy ate dust, we are living in an empire of crow-wards, there is no longer ambivalence to the sins of boomers, those who remember the greatest generation remember what price they payed for freedom, regardless of comitment to FDR’s new fealty, the boomers betrayed that a thousand times, they knew full well the Ryny RIdge would find, 0Them wantintg/ and here we are there gaurdians in time of nead. and i dont feal much mercy for old corrupt anarkaps. let God sort em out and know his own. strangely tho every one in this chat has some part of the truth. And its awful valuabe

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        It is not that the videos are “problematic” and need to be dealt with. The videos are showing/reminding the younger generations of what was taken from them. That is why they are pissed. They just had a glimpse of what was taken from them.

        • Jehu says:

          It’s one of the reasons the 80s are so damned popular. Even the apocalypse songs in the 80s are kind of fun. There’s a big constituency for returning to the lower levels of insanity that persisted in the 1980s.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          You underestimate the woke upper middle class who still live in nice white suburbs isolated from the destruction they’ve sowed across America. Alf has the better representation of how the regime types react to such videos.

          • alf says:

            Sadly, yes. No doubt there’s men out there who watch those videos in the context voxday describes, such as his audience. But insofar the powers that be, or the powers that want to be, catch a whiff of those videos…

  12. SJ says:

    Here is an article about that Harvey Weinstein person.

    I’ve posted several of these articles at several places to see the responses. This one is pretty short and to the point. Everyone still think that men are really good at spotting trannies?

    • jim says:

      As I said, Harvey Weinstein got busted because he had alpha power which he used to bang hot young actresses, but got busted because he failed to act alpha in his personal interactions with those actresses. If he had hit those whores with a stick, would have been fine. Pretty sure, from his behavior, that he has a dick. Just a rather small dick that gets buried in rolls of drooping fat.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      This is such obvious humiliation/shame propaganda. He’s being railroaded by his brother. This whole thing is probably the result of some dumb bet they made wherein one kike welched on the other and just escalated jewtastically.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      The only men that get fooled by trannies are ones that went months on a ship without even seeing a woman, hit port in a foreign land where people look different, got so drunk they couldn’t tell left from right, and accidentally stumbled into the tranny bar during a bar crawl.

      It just does not happen in normal civilian life. Typically limited to various maritime professions. Now for reason of wanting to protect the sanity of the often very young men, their brothers will politely pretend the tranny was convincing and that anyone could have fallen for it.

      Of course this is all irl where one can hear and see multiple angles and behavior. Online where they can get just the right angle and filter it obviously gets much harder, but regardless their mutilated genitalia is always the 100% dead giveaway.

  13. Karl says:

    Dharmicreality wrote:

    My bet is that if the GAE is sufficiently weakened by the Ukraine war and cannot focus enough resources in India, Modi’s chances are bright.

    What do GAE activities in Ukraine have to do with GAE resources in India? Color revolution in India requires different resources than war in Ukraine. The GAE might be lacking the former and still have that latter.

    Or do you mean that successful color revolution requires a credible threat of conventional war to work and that this threat won’t be credible if GAE is weakened in Ukraine? Please explain

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Yes, color revolution requires a credible threat of war. GAE agents within India have proved remarkably incompetent to engineer regime change so far evidenced by BJP winning elections frequently. Also India has nukes and has defied the globohomo sanctions on Russia.

      Election voting fraud remains on the cards, but with EVMs and voter ids in place how effective are the Cabal in pullling it off on a large scale in India remains to be seen.

      • jim says:

        If a constitutional right to gay marriage, then a constitutional right to stuff ballot boxes. Which is what happened to Bolsonaro.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Yes, this is the biggest threat. But as of now the court has not yet said so as the petition is still pending.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I’m not too well informed on Indian domestic politics, but I could see the court making a ruling that signals color revolution and the various local apparatuses responding negatively so that there’s a “popular backlash,” forcing the courts to recant out of fear of mob action against them. I’m not at all saying popular sovereignty is real or democracy works, but India appears to have a very large political machine with many moving parts. So color revolution in other countries can go very quickly from the bench to the trench, in India there’s many stages in the progression where “stuff could happen.” Modi is still constrained in the manner Jim has outlined, but with a large and diverse political ecosystem, other actors and agents might sense opportunity if it appears the Courts have over extended, meaning Modi has more options and/or breathing room than Yanukovich or other leaders that have faced this threat. If the situation is like US, clear sides and no middle ground, probably not.

    • jim says:

      I would say that without the credible threat of conventional war, as for example Syria and Libya, color revolution is far less likely to succeed.

      But to defeat color revolution, you are still going to have to start shooting. It is just that without the threat of conventional war, you are going to have fewer inhibitions about shooting.

      • skippy says:

        Reading between the lines, USA has lost the ability to deploy major naval forces into the Indian Ocean.

        Pacific and Atlantic/Med/Black Sea absorb more than 100% of ships.

  14. Modi government battling the pozzed Indian judiciary over legal recognition of faggot marriage

    The Cathedral is using its minions in the Indian media and judiciary to push for implementing its religious doctrines.

    • jim says:

      Legislation from the bench.

      Modi government correctly argues that it is improper for the court to legislate from the bench. Things will get interesting if the court legislates anyway.

      If it attempts to legislate anyway, that will be the start of color revolution.

      My advice to every sovereign everywhere is that color revolution will eventually escalate to guns and bombs, so the sovereign should immediately escalate to guns and bombs. Gradual escalation is only a good idea if you are probing to see how far the other guy is going to go.

      We know how far the other guy is going to go. Might as well go there immediately.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        If useful idiots aren’t being shot, the GAE pseudopods will shoot them themselves to set up the narrative.

        Better then to just shoot them first.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        This battle between the Indian executive and judiciary has been going on for a while now. Ever since the Supreme Court struck down Modi’s judicial reforms bill the NJAC (National judicial appointments commission).

        It is interesting that the government has specifically stated in response that the very notion of marriage is considered as only between a man and a woman and that same sex union is against traditional Indian values and an alien Western import.

        • jim says:

          > This battle between the Indian executive and judiciary has been going on for a while now.

          This is going to turn lethal eventually and/or end with the executive being removed in color revolution, or both. It always does. The Executive must strike first, or lose. You don’t want to end up like Qaddafi, and you probably do not want to go quietly.

          • Yes, the GAE has made its intentions very clear. I hope Modi acts and acts soon. Surely he cannot have missed the lessons from what happened with Trump.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Does anyone ever learn those lessons? It seems like no matter how many times the Left shows that it will cross any line and break any rule to win, our guys always think if we carefully follow all the enemy’s rules, everything will work out fine. Bolsonaro went out like an absolute chump in a note-for-note repeat of Trump in 2020. Does Modi have more steel in his spine? I hope so, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Bolso looked really good and talked a good game, but when it came down to it, he folded like a lawnchair.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                I think it has a lot more to do with who these men actually are, as opposed to who they are thought to be or how they are portrayed in media, and who they surround themselves with. I know nothing of Bolsonaro, but the Trump Regime was characterized by deception, gross incompetence, and a climate of revulsion and rebellion. For whatever reason, Trump was alone in a den of vipers. Maybe Bolsonaro was too?

                Dharmabros, what’s the state of the coterie surrounding Modi?

                • Modi has loyalists around him, but every other institution around the Government is suspect and will work against him. My bet is that if the GAE is sufficiently weakened by the Ukraine war and cannot focus enough resources in India, Modi’s chances are bright. At this moment it seems that the BJP are well aware of the GAE and Soros’ shenanigans and seem to be rallying behind the prime minister. But I don’t know if they are prepared for a full-fledged colour revolution.

                • jim says:

                  A court that rules gay marriage from the bench is going to rule color revolution legal and resisting it illegal, which is what happened to Bolsonaro. It is a lot easier to shoot them now than to shoot them when they pronounce your election lost.

                  Gay marriage is point deer make horse. It is Zhao Gao testing the Imperial court to see who is going to be with him when he kills Qin. Qin should have immediately summoned his praetorians, and killed Zhao Gao and everyone who agreed the deer was a horse. It is not about gay marriage. It is about color revolution.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  The court has not yet ruled on it. The petition is still pending. If it rules against the government then we will know for sure. If the court by any chance rules itself incompetent to legislate then a clear path ahead for Modi.

                  I am pretty sure that the BJP and Modi understands the threat facing them but I have a hunch that he feels confident that he can handle whatever the Cathedral throws at him, since he has been on their hit list since 2002 and has been in power for a long time regardless. The Indian Left and the Cathedral agents within the establishment have also proved to be remarkably incompetent in removing him from power,.

                  Having said all that, I also feel the same way as you do, that he should immediately initiate purges of Cathedral elements within the country with violence if necessary but I just don’t think he will do it. Normality bias at work.

                • someDude says:

                  Modi has loyalists around him. I’ll give you that DR. Thats something Trump failed at. But then Trump had a lot less time.

                  Still, I fear that all those loyalists will not matter. Caeser had the Gaul Legions loyal to him and to him alone, yet they could not stop Brutus. It took an Octavian to mobilize those Gaul Legions to make sure that none of Julius’ assassins died a natural death.

                  It took an Octavian to recognize that Normality was over and to act on it. Who is our Octavian?

              • jim says:

                > It seems like no matter how many times the Left shows that it will cross any line and break any rule to win, our guys always think if we carefully follow all the enemy’s rules, everything will work out fine

                Modi has to understand he has three choices. Capitulate gracefully to an enemy that just flat out ignores the election result. (Trump, Bolsonaro) Die, (Gaddafi), or kill them before they kill him.

                If we look at the fall of the Roman Republic, everyone, including Julius Ceasar, kept playing as if the old rules were still in effect, no matter how many times those rules were broken. And Julius Caesar died of that error. We don’t see people playing on the basis that breaking the old rules is normal and expected until the second triumvirate.

                For a very long time everyone in Rome just kept on acting as if each violation of the rules was an extraordinary and never to be repeated event, even though the rules for peaceful transfer of power kept getting violated over and over and over again. Even the people who assassinated Caesar acted as if everything would then simply return to normal. (Only with them in power, that everyone would pretend that Caesar had lost the election fair and square, and just proceed with business as usual.)

                If the court legislates gay marriage from the bench, it is going to vote that Modi lost the election, which is what the courts in Brazil did.

                Color Revolution begins. If the judges survive substituting themselves for the legislature, then in the next election, will substitute themselves for the voters. We have been around this road before. We know where it ends.

                If a faction breaks the rules to grab power once and succeeds, it will break the rules to grab power twice. You just cannot let people get away with it. They are not going to stop until they are stopped. They have to die. The rules don’t enforce themselves. People obey the rules for peaceful power struggle because the alternative is lethal power struggle. If people are not following the rules for peaceful power struggle, you just have to proceed with the rules for lethal power struggle.

                If someone breaks the old rules, and succeeds, then those rules will be broken again. You have just go to violence immediately, because if they succeed, they are not going to stop.

                People adhere to the rules because they do not want the ultimate argument of Kings. If they are breaking the rules and succeeding, the then soon or later the ultimate argument of Kings is going to be applied. Might as well apply it right away.

                • someDude says:

                  Somehow I just can’t see Modi applying the argument of Kings on the Judges. He is capable of applying it on the Pakistanis, the Chinese, the Maoists and even terrorist groups, but I just can’t see him applying it on the Judges and the Bureaucracy. That was a bridge too far for Old Julius and it appears a bridge too far for Modi. I hope I am wrong on this.

                  Needs an Octavian for this. Maybe Yogi Adityanath will play that role for Hindus.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                Academia mostly DID work out fine until [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  The basic problem is that academia is and always has been a religious institution whose job is not certifying competence, but inculcating and certifying adherence to the official faith, and the pretense that it is something else was damaging from the moment it was adopted.

                  There was never a time when the pretense was a reality and the reality worked.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*not going to take your word for it*]

        • jim says:

          extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You are claiming the antifa, black-lives-matter, and the rest, are spontaneous from the bottom up, rather than astroturfed creations from the top down. Not taking your say so for it.

          • Adam says:

            It seems to me the priesthood is made up of a kind of person that yearns for the validation and social conditioning that only an institution can offer. The institution becomes the surrogate family, allowing the members a sort of infantile degree of safety and comfort. Having submitted all of its agency to the institution, the member is relieved of the burden of its own mortality, of all dread.

            Given that level of commitment, it seems only the butt of a gun would be able to attract the necessary attention of such a person, and if not that, the barrel.

            • jim says:

              The vast majority of people simply adhere to the state religion. If playing by the rules ensures that you and your extended phenotype will be protected, most people will support the rules whatever they may be. What they do not like is the rules being changed on them, and capriciously violated, what they don’t like is the actual rules being different from what it is pretended that they are. If the state religion openly and officially changes the rules prospectively, they will adhere to the new rules and if noticing the change is prohibited, will not notice the change. Retrospective and unannounced rules changes will, however, piss them off.

              Thus conservatives are progressives driving at the progressive speed limit. They get upset because progressives fail to observe their own speed limit.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            The greatest evidence of Antifa being bottom up is seen on the faces of its members. They mostly aren’t federal agents or the children of nice bureaucrats playing rebel, like the beatniks or hippies. No, they have the faces of meth addicts, probably because that’s exactly what they are. Even intervention from the top doesn’t change this fact, that there is a natural perversion occurring.

            I had explained the mechanism for creating this demographic, that big traditional families don’t live anywhere near the major cities where the government physically exists, because of high real estate costs. This IS the top down element. Antifa mostly happens afterwards.

            • jim says:

              Antifa and BLM is the criminal overclass recruiting the criminal underclass to do its bidding.

              When antifa get busted by unsympathetic authorities (a rare occurrence), the home address of those busted is apt to be a mansion.

              A lot of Antifa foot soldiers, probably the great majority, are underclass scum recently out of prison, but when we catch someone on video getting them up to commit crimes and trace him, he lives in a mansion and has ivy league connections. Still frequently a meth addict, but with the connections to not go to jail. Lots of charges, lots of interactions with cops, but a strange lack of prison time or recorded convictions.

              The guy in the front is likely a meth addict with recent prison time, the guy throwing explosives from behind the front is likely a meth addict with ivy league connections and a strange lack of prison time who lives in a mansion with private security. When we photograph someone doing a criminal act from behind the front lines, usually criminal overclass. The officer class of antifa is the same class as Nancy Pelosi’s beard.

              Gaige Grosskreutz is one of the antifa who attempted to kill Kylie Rittenhouse. He is still fairly broke as far as anyone can tell. When a young lad, got charged with burglary, selling stolen goods, assault, vandalism, and so on and so forth. But, after signing up with antifa, miraculously charges seem to get dismissed on technicalities. Now he has protection from on high. The deal seems to be that if one is meth addict criminal scum, service to antifa will keep one out of prison – therefore the people organizing and assembling antifa have that kind of power, even though they are recruiting meth addict scum, and are themselves in large part wealthy and well connected meth addict scum.

              • ten says:

                This is 100% accurate.

                I have the impression that european antifa, usually called AFA, is generally more street scum, because it was invented in the 80s/90s as response to skinheads, blood and honour and combat18, long defunct, so nothing to do. American antifa was invented wholecloth in 2015 in response to trump. European AFA has been on the backburner, and when i was in one of these cells (gasp), it was very much on the backburner. The fancy lads in the mansions didn’t have directions, and we just randomly jumped on to any event where there would be enough commotion that we could get away with raising the temperature.

                But the fancy lads always got us positive media coverage, often personally interviewed in the large newspapers, not as conspiring malefactors but concerned young upstanding citizens with all the fancy credentials, totally uninvolved in the horrific injustices we had just provoked and fabricated, and we always had inside information given to us by “investigative journalists” on whatever the local nazis were up to, and sometimes inside information on what the local police was up to, which just happened to come to the knowledge of the fancy lads. None of the street scum seemed particularly interested in the whys and hows of the situation.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Minor correction: Antifa was *organized* into a cohesive whole in 2015/16 in response to MAGA. Prior to, they were scattered and regionally focused. This was the result of a balkanization after Occupy, with many of the orgs/groups/gangs still carrying the nomenclature (Occupy Democrats, Occupy Housing, etc.).

                  If one were so inclined, I would not be surprised if there was a surprisingly short list of names that could be generated of people that A) had ties to official political orgs B) had ties to underground/sloppy political activist groups C) started having meetings in the 15/16 window of time. Every single one would have been on or represented on the Infamous Zoom Call of Democracy Fortification of 2020.

                • ten says:

                  I reckon antifa and the 00 era “antiglobalist” (remember when globalist was a leftist word?) leftist groups are dissimilar enough to be considered a reinvention rather than a continuation under a new flag.

                  The 00s could do stuff like paralyze their own operations for weeks in canada by strict adherence to an on the spot concocted idea of consensus direct democracy, they would just sit on the floor waiting for literally everyone, thousands, to agree on a given course of action, of course evaporating their impetus, and then write little books on how “radical consent mechanisms” work and should be how society is run, patting themselves on the backs. Stuff like this is absolutely not done in antifa, which was put together after the AFA pattern – disjointed strike groups putting antisocial violence where needed, few handlers, many bums.

  15. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    USG drone drops into the black sea after encounter with russian jet.

    Russian MoD says the drone lost control after engaging in risky maneuvers, while USG says the fighter bumped the drone.

    It’s entirely possible USG is just strait up lying about it to cover up incompetence and double-down on russiabad, but I hope it actually is true that the Russians are finally starting to act against GAE assets.

    USG is like the kid in the back of the car holding its finger up against the face of his brother while chanting “i’m not touching you, i’m not touching you!”. Involving itself in the war while also trying to say it is not involved and thus can’t be retaliated against.

    But honestly it’s not like the USG can actually escalate far beyond what it has already been doing from the beginning anyways. At this point it has become increasingly clear that much of its military assets exist only on paper, the logistics for giving them reality having largely collapsed a long time ago. It throws about lots of 0’s and 1’s on networks at Ukraine representing its funny money, but there’s nothing for it to buy.

    Russia could announce it is imposing a ‘no fly zone’ in one months time, and broadcast lots of ‘debate’ about it to normalize the idea (not necessarily in that order), and then just do it – exactly as the USG does it.

    (Coincidentally, there’s an obvious usecase for ‘raptor’ drones to knock flyers out of the air through physical impacts.)

    • Karl says:

      But honestly it’s not like the USG can actually escalate far beyond what it has already been doing from the beginning anyways.

      USG can escalate by giving the Ukranians tactical nukes. I suppose the USG still has some tactical nukes that work. Even if only one in five nukes still works that would still be significant escalation.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Yes, that is basically the last card they can play.

        But i’d actually consider it a good thing if a faction tried to play it.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      If the RF shot the drone down because it was technically in “closed” airspace, wouldn’t it be played the exact same way?

      • Karl says:

        The RF took some effort not to shoot the drone down. Maybe they wanted to salvage the drone arfter it crashed with little as little damage as possible from the sea.

  16. Ryan says:

    I asked about non-covid vaccines here a couple of years ago.
    Since then I’ve done my own research, and have concluded that none are worth the risk for children (or others). Even if they do ‘work’ against specific diseases, there are other old diseases which used to kill but that don’t have vaccines, and they are no threat today. And aside from them being unnecessary, they are far from safe. The problem is the aluminum adjuvants which HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED FOR SAFETY IN HUMANS but fuck up rats when you inject them with it at doses lower than 1 vaccine pound for pound. Aluminum gets into the brain and causes chronic inflammation, leading to neurological damage including autism as well as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s. All the safety trials compare antigen+aluminum against aluminum, NOT saline, so there are the same rates of injuries in the ‘placebo’.

    There’s a good introduction here.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      yeah I recommend ‘turtles all the way down’ which is interesting but can basically be summed up as ‘no childhood vaccines were tested for safety properly’.

    • alf says:

      Thanks for sharing. Definitely something that’s been on my mind, especially post covid vaccines.

    • jim says:

      I use to be unsympathetic to the general opposition to childhood vaccines, but when people started to look into the jab, a whole lot of dirt on childhood vaccines surfaced.

    • The Cominator says:

      For the individual in a society where all others are vaccinated probably not worth the risk, for the group you definitely say don’t want polio to ever ever come back. Polio is a very very nasty disease.

      • jim says:

        One might reasonably say that polio paralysis is a case of Guillain-Barré that doctors somewhat arbitrarily choose to blame on the poliomyelitis virus, rather than some other infection or no infection at all.

        Guillain-Barré is apt to follow some infections that are normally harmless, but does not have all that specific relationship to a specific infection. It is more that some infections, quite a range of infections, are a risk factor for Guillain-Barré. The poliomyelitis was a risk factor for polio paralysis, but it was not sufficient in itself, and there is a lack of compelling evidence that it was necessary – it may well be that many suffering polio paralysis were never infected with poliomyelitis, or that the infection had no long term effects.

        Guillain-Barré can be, and often is, caused by vaccination. Or no obvious cause at all. It is plausible that the outbreak of polio paralysis was caused by a bad tuberculosis vaccine, and that there was no strong relationship to the poliomyelitis virus. That doctors preferred to blame the poliomyelitis virus, which was and is indeed one risk factor for Guillain-Barré among many risk factors, rather than blame vaccination.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Do you mean Guillain–Barré syndrome? Epstein–Barr is a herpes virus that causes Mono.

          • jim says:

            I stand corrected.

            • Alfred says:

              Funnily enough, I just read about an Epstein-Barr infection that primarily presented as Guillan-Barre syndrome.

              EBV is a very odd virus. It causes mono and a host of other problems that primarily harm the immunosuppressed (AIDS and transplant recipients etc).

              So many disparate problems “caused” by EBV–various cancers of the brain, blood, and skin, bone marrow problems, autoimmune joint problems like lupus and RA, multiple sclerosis, that it almost makes me suspect that its presence might really just be a canary in the coal mine of a more fundamental issue. Like how some groups believed HIV was a passenger virus that didn’t cause AIDS by itself.

        • The Cominator says:

          I only know my grandfather was in an iron lung and then died of polio…

          • jim says:

            Do you know that his “Polio” had any causal relationship with the poliomyelitis virus?

            There is clear and overwhelming evidence that poliomyelitis virus sometimes, rarely, leads to polio paralysis. Trouble is that it is rare, and other things also lead to very similar paralysis, which makes threading out causality and epidemiology difficult.

            • The Cominator says:

              I wasn’t there he was with the postwar occupation forces of Japan before he got it, somewhat high ranking officer… all I know.

              • Ragnarok says:

                I recently came across a theory that it was the lead arsenate being sprayed on Apples as an insecticide during the first half of the 20th Century that caused the paralysis which was attributed to polio. When this was discontinued sometime after WWII the problem largely disappeared.
                A lead/arsenic compound would hardly be the healthiest thing to be ingesting.

    • Red says:

      SIDs(sudden infant death) should be the real teller with infant vaccines. Initially it was reported that SIDs had taken a big drop during the lock downs(40%) during which infants couldn’t get vaccinated. It’s now reported now as no real change from 2019. I don’t know if the numbers were “fortified” or if the early reporting was just crap from quacks. Without accurate statistics it’s impossible to tell if you’re reading the truth or being taken in by a quack on the subject.

      • Arakawa says:

        Without accurate statistics, human beings fall back on primal instincts that inform them (heuristically) when they’re poisoning themselves or their children. Clearly there is some kind of very hard-wired set of heuristics that sometimes triggers to scream at parents (mothers especially) “this thing you keep doing is poisoning your child, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY’.

        What’s fun isn’t debating whether this instinct is accurate or not.

        What’s fun is popping some popcorn and watching the medical establishment get taken to pieces by PRIMALLY ENRAGED MOMS from Age of Autism (sadly taken down) and listening to the doctors’ whining screams about ‘disinformation’. The same doctors who rhapsodize about the immense power of their psychology to make anyone do anything. And the same genius psychologists are too stupid to realize their entire bedside manner does NOTHING to assuage the moms’ ‘this guy in the coat is injecting poison’ instinct. They deserve it.

        Of course, this is only a handful of quality moms who aren’t caught up in virtue signalling “would feed my kids to statue of Baal for the instagram likes”. But enough quality moms exist and get their switch flipped over into permanent rage over time that they become a political force that renders the medical bureaucrats into catatonic rage and terror.

        I think it proves the essential role of mothers as well as fathers in the God-ordained scheme of reproduction.

        If reproduction was handled solely by men, the men would probably logic themselves into extinction while complaining that the statistics aren’t accurate enough to tell what the problem is. (For the balanced take, it is of course Men, rather than Women, who are indispensable for integrating a child into society.)

  17. Basil says:

    Is there any chance that the financial situation in the US will stop the bloodyfest in Eastern Europe? Or is the West just simply reorienting the economy towards war?

    • S says:

      They solve the problem by printing more money. Only hyperinflation will stop this.

      • TheDividualist says:

        ??? Ukies want weapons and ammo,not greenbacks

        • S says:

          They solve the financial situation by printing more money. The supply situation is unconnected and won’t be affected by the economy melting down. You need the US unable to pay people because the dollar is worthless for the financial situation to impact supply.

          • jim says:

            Supply of artillery, shells, and drones seems to be already affected. The Ukraine relies heavily on consumer drones, which rely heavily on China. Which relies heavily on China continuing to buy US government securities. The Chinese appetite for US securities seems to be adversely affected, but Europe continues to mop them up. Which is adversely affecting supply in Europe. Empty supermarket shelves in England, critical energy shortages in Europe.

            The end of the US dollar is not nigh, far from it, but the storm clouds have been visible for a while, and some people, outside the US but subject to the US hegemony, are now feeling the rain.

    • Fireball says:

      Considering that the objective looks like to be create as much misery as possible and kill everybody i am going to say no. And as things get worst there will be the need to increased the sacrifices be against Russia, China or internal enemies in order to keep power.

  18. Oog en Hand says:

    The Woman Question is more important than the Jew Question. Restoring patriarchy requires shotgun marriage. Shotgun marriage requires a shotgun. The Violence Question is more important the Woman Question.

    David Koresh and Warren Jeffs tried to solve the Woman Question before they solved the Violence Question. the Taliban solved the Violence Question, that is why they could solve the Woman Question.

    Therefore, it is necessary to solve the Violence Question first.

    • SJ says:

      You can, however, solve the WQ at the individual level. The red pill works, game works, and once you adopt the correct frame and pass the fitness tests (and start having sex) women are very obedient. Form a family and raise red pilled boys and submissive obedient girls and don’t let them out of parental oversight. Then I would suggest getting the girls married or betrothed at an early age and hand them to a husband. You can restore the family, and begin rebuilding the tribe right now. The only violence necessary will likely be a few face spankings to correct misbehavior.

      • alf says:

        Yessir. We are in it for the long game.

        Said differently, one might argue that the Cooperation Question is the most crucial of all. Violence requires cooperation, but for as long as violence is not on the table, best to have lots of children, restore the family, rebuild the tribe, so that down the line, once violence is inevitably on the table, you are in a favorable position.

        It’s about flying under the radar. Seems to me there’s plenty of people out there who can’t help but draw attention to themselves, loudly pointing out the insanity of clown world this and f*ck the government that. Gonna get in trouble. It’s not about sticking up a middle finger, it’s about building alternatives.

        • Adam says:

          Respectfully, violence has to always be on the table at an individual level. I can only speak for America, but if you are even a minimally successful white male it is best to keep your game face on when around our greatest strength. Looking for trouble is asking for trouble, but being ready for it goes a long way towards preventing it. If you look like a mark, likely to end up one.

        • TheDividualist says:


          “Violence requires cooperation”

          congrats you summarized Pareto’s 4 volume Mind and Society in 3 words

          we need lions because foxes defect on each other and thus cannot coordinate violence and are always defeated

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      This is kind of backwards. The Taliban had a coherent and consistent policy regarding the VQ, but it took 20 years and substantial and grievous losses to “solve” that question, at least regarding the US & NATO, it must be acknowledged that they are still fighting the GAE under the auspices of Pakistan & the ISI.

      The Taliban had the fortitude to engage, long term, with the VQ *precisely because* they had “solved” the WQ. At no point, to my knowledge, di they ever soften on the WQ. The GAE was in Afghanistan because of the WQ. The VQ is eternal and simple: a concatenation of Thucydides Iron Law + Schmitian Exception; the strong do what they will, the weak suffer what they must, the king decides the exception.

      Thus, the “real” King of a given area will decide which strong horse can act as they see fit and will establish a precedent that succors strong horses and suppresses weak horses. Notice how Epstein had a compound, had a harem, and never had Marines show up to assault it. He was surgically removed for the very same reason he persisted as long as he did: his solution to the VQ was to target precise nodes in the social network, as opposed to Koresh who attempted to build a firewall of security through obscurity + extreme prejudice of entry + capacity for localized violence. This left Koresh exposed to a physical DDoS, while Epstein’s method was susceptible to a social “0 Day” exploit.

      No matter how nested you get, every Q reduces to a/the WQ. But there are many contingent Qs along the way, which is why any type of dissident or free agent must answer every question correctly every time, for all time, while the stationary bandit can retake the test as many times as it wants and it’s scores don’t really matter until they do.

      • Adam says:

        I believe Jim said that Afghanistan had a TFR of 7 (might have been higher) before the war on terror, and it dropped down to around 4 after occupation. So there was an effect.

        • skippy says:

          Probably disproportionate drop in GAE areas/among GAE loyalists.

          Basically agree with KD’s analysis – Talibans were worse fighters but won anyway because the Americans killed their guys more slowly than they bred more guys.

          VERY rare in this world. Russia is the opposite for example. Country could easily support 1bn people but instead its fighting age male population “naturally” decreases every year. Will lose eventually unless solves WQ. If solves WQ, does not need Ukrainian land or people to be a superpower.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Reread my post a few times, and I’m not seeing where it says “no effect.” The topic under review is the primacy of the WQ. Oog en hand says the WQ is secondary to the VQ. My example was that the VQ was only answerable because of consistency on the WQ. Two more supporting positions wherein there was a more or less correctly answered WQ (Koresh and Epstein) but an insufficiently addressed VQ. Koresh was completely inoculated against local and state violence, but not against Federal Violence. He would have had to go “full Taliban” for that, which I submit he could not do. I haven’t studied the man or his ideological positions, and my knowledge of the whole affair is limited, so others should chime in and correct me where I am wrong in the following.

          (Please note that this is a near-Luddite midwit attempting to use network engineering to clumsily make a case. I do this as a poor example for how CERTAIN PERSONS might think about framing discussions in an effort to expand the IEW corpus, which I resolutely maintain is the most forward thinking and original conceptual framework (memeplex) on the internet today.)

          Koresh deployed a local area network with enough promiscuity to make random and intentional connections such that he was able to construct a viable topology for developing and maintaining a stable harem for at least himself, but I have to imagine his droogs were getting taken care of by at least one but most likely more mares. Maintaining this topology required a Religion and a Location. One wonders how Koresh might have faired if he elected to make his LAN mobile, based out of temporary structures. I think he may have had a harder time growing the harem, but who knows, bitches will buy pretty much anything if they think they are getting a socio-biological “deal.”

          Whatever the case, Koresh built his LAN in a stationary position with a somewhat promiscuous setting and grew it to more or less capacity. Had he continued unmolested, who knows how many more Hubs he could have added to his Node Network and, being largely ignorant of the whole affair, I don’t know to what extent he did expand and have other Nodes besides the compound at Waco. Had his LAN been less promiscuous, or expansive, he may have sailed into eternity cranking out kids. Instead, something about his configuration engendered animus from local power flow managers/gatekeepers (read: law enforcement, local government, local religious leaders, etc.) and he was forced to weaponize his network.

          The order of events is not really important, as building a network outside The Network is always, always, always going to attract attention, both negative and positive. Had Koresh done his thing in a time of societal breakdown, he could have become a Genghis Khan or Charlemagne. Instead, he was in the heartland of the only Global Power at the very height of its power. My gut says Koresh was able to do what he did largely because the Cold War had kept The Network engaged in wholly engaged with a competing Network, but that’s hard to say concretely. What we can say concretely is that his LAN was robust enough that when it was noticed, it got Noticed Hard.

          It appears that Koresh built his LAN to compete successfully with any regional stationary bandit. I don’t know how extractive he was with his personal LAN, but compounds and guns and food don’t grow on trees, so he had to be performing banditry or commerce, and my inclination is that it was the former. As well, he had to have some kind of engagement with local power flow managers, at least to become established, so his downfall may have been baked into the cake. In any case, when Mommy Government came calling, they did so with all the force they could reasonably muster. On paper, the Governor of Texas could have marshalled forces to take Koresh’s LAN offline, but to do so would have magnified the situation, because Mommy Government doesn’t like it when her au pairs start getting too matronly, ah haha, so the Governor did what the Mayor and Sherriff had already done and called upon a higher power, which destroyed the LAN as it absolutely should have. Whether Mommy Government sensed a potential competitor or just fell into a menopausal rage, I leave for others to decide.

          The Taliban did the same thing as Koresh, but the had a much safer location, a much better Religion, and a far larger Node Network to call upon. All the pieces have to be in place for successful IEW and this isn’t a video game with balancing and cheat codes. A competing network has to correctly answer the Geography Question, the Violence Question, the Cultural Question, and the Woman Question if it has any hope of facing down The Network. It’s an open discussion as to which Q is The Q, I guess, but I remain in the Primacy of the WQ camp because, on a long enough timeline, the other Qs are all secondary to it. I guess it really depends upon what your time preference is. A school shooter is the undeniable bad ass of a geographic region for a matter of minutes, and the Emperor of Man (PBUH) holds star systems in his ageless hands. If the goal is a Thousand Year Reich, need to configure the network very carefully and answer every Q right. If the goal is three wives in a mobile home, substantially less complicated, but you’re still answering the same Qs.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            The Davidians were on the commerce side more than banditry. Among other mistakes they dabbled in gunsmithing for a learnable but profitable trade, which was why the ATF was first in.

            You might be otherwise right in outline, but the whole clusterfuck would be worth digging into before hanging too much on your gut on this one.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Totally fair critique, but the broader outline is all that matters, in a broader sense. Digging into the Waco Event in great detail would generate much fodder for fiction (very important) and plenty of lessons for lots of men of goodwill (also important) but the point of my excessively long comment was more to engage the practice of framing everything from the IEW frame. We reduce everything to its essence in networking terms because we must, because that is where we have gone, and because only global cataclysm will shake us from that path. IEW is a holistic framework with no exceptions, and I posit that it is backwards compatible to significant degree.

              Koresh & Frens could have been doing totally legit commerce, but it would be indistinguishable from mobile banditry on a stationary bandit’s turf. In fact, the better and more legal, the worse, in the eyes of the stationary bandit or its proxies. Cops can deal with drug dealers being richer than them, they cannot handle a private police force that is better than them. If the drug dealers are living better lives, fucking hotter women in the backseats of nicer cars, oh well, ain’t that a damn shame, probably those shit eating politicians, and they’ll vent their frustrations on the next pack of negros they catch jaywalking. But if fatass Leo T. Lawman has to stop at a checkpoint set up by a private security officer that’s better trained and equipped than him, he’s never going to let that go. Having adversaries on the “other” side is one thing, having competition on your own side… I suspect this is what drove the local stationary bandit proxies mad. Koresh was more man, more country, more Texan, more *Waco* than they were, and they knew what was going to happen if they challenged that on their own, so they Made The Call.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        In the late seventies, Muslim activists threw acid in the faces of college thots. So they solved the VQ before they solved the WQ.

      • i says:

        @Kunning Druegger

        Epstein isn’t only a Satanist. But he had ample support from Glowies to produce Kompramat material on key people in the power structure.

        He was in no danger except when he become a liability later on. He is a scumbag that deserves what is coming on judgment day.

        And given he hasn’t even married and raised a functional family. Whose generational line continues for several generations at least whilst being healthy and functional people. He hasn’t really solved the WQ.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Yeah, you won’t be getting an argument from me regarding Epstein’s evilness. Oft evil will will evil mar. But his case is instructive for anyone who suggests/believes that “getting Waco’d” is sufficient grounds to not pursue organization/coordination. You can have friends in high places, good forward security, excellent identity coverage (recall that “no one” knew who Epstein was in the normiesphere until we all knew who he was), and still end up in ashes.

          OK. Setting up a fortress in the hinterland with loyal followers and a broodmare gets the Eye of Sauron treatment. Setting up a secret island with powerful patrons gets the Eye of Sauron treatment. Practicing your WQ correct religion in a backwater country with few natural resources gets the Eye of Sauron treatment. Being a squeaky clean Catholic with 8 kids gets the Eye of Sauron treatment. Everything attracts the dark gaze of the malevolent ones, but the outcomes differ. So there are better and worse strategies. There is a balance that must be struck between useful patronage and shrewd distance.

          Here’s an interesting podcast that made a decent splash a few weeks back. Highly recommend a listen:

          I think there is a lot in there for many of us here.

          • i says:

            In regards to the WQ Epstein also failed to keep the loyalty of the women also.

            So alongside being evil. He also failed.

            • jim says:

              It is tough to keep the loyalty of whores, because they have been banged by General Bucknaked. But Harvey Weinstein did a really poor job that would have alienated even the best of women. I don’t know how good a job Epstein did.

              Penelope is the exemplar of female chastity and loyalty to her absent husband. But her absent husband was General Bucknaked with brains and organizational skills. Similarly Saint Olga of Kiev. It is remarkable how women famous for their chastity seem to have been married such men.

              • i says:


                Being a Pimp for Intelligence never works out in the end. Because all it incentivizes is whoredom.

                Absolutely loyal wives on the other hand who absolutely believes in their Men on the other hand is a much more remarkably sustainable model.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Used up whores have a deep well of spite. It can’t be easy going from being the target in a bukkake to the coordinator of a bukkake. If you want to drive a woman insane, tell her she’s one of “the guys” or just treat her as an equal.

      • TheDividualist says:

        I have a basic gut hunch telling me that whatever solution whites find to the WQ and VQ it will be only superficially similar to what 80 IQ sand (mountain) niggers find to it, these models have at best a limited use, better focus on our own past

        • jim says:

          For the woman question, our ancestral solution was Coverture, which is significantly and substantially different from Sharia, but it similar enough to be readily recognizable as white Sharia, and readily recognizable as a New Testament take on Old Testament family law, as adhering to the spirit of Old Testament law.

          For the violence question, I don’t have a good solution in my pocket.

          Violence requires a cooperation, and it requires a leader. But no man rules alone. Cooperation requires a faith – you want everyone playing by the same rules so that everyone agrees on what constitutes cooperation and defection. “Napoleon is always right” is not a workable faith.

          • alf says:

            Honestly, if Napoleon was even a tenth as good an emperor as he was a general, ‘Napoleon is always right’ can get you pretty far.

            Well, maybe not. Many good leaders instinctively know what is good, but cannot articulate it or pass it down. Thus the collapse of many empires created by a larger than life leader.

            The kind of cooperation we seek needs to be articulated so that it can be passed down through the generations. Which is all a faith is. And really, we have pretty much solved the problem of what that faith is, and created a mustard seed version of it (“Jim is always right”). Which is to say, I am a practitioner of that faith, and I am a happy convert.

            As KD would say, give me 10 neighbors sharing the same faith, and we’ll solve the violence question.

            Of course the whole thing is we don’t have 10 neighbors sharing the same faith. Even more so, the way my faith works out in practice is that I rarely mention it, let alone evangelize. That seems the natural way JC works out.

            Which leaves us with a catch-22: we wait for a leader to make a move, but a leader seeks a faith to make a move.

            But then again, so what. I feel like on the internet there is this implicit assumption that we need to save the world. We don’t need to save the world, not tomorrow at any rate. Let the world get what it deserves first.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The answer to the violence question is that men will fight and die for the man that can provide them obedient virgin wives.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      On the topic of women, they are just so damn mean to each other I can’t believe anyone thought it would be a good idea to employ them and put a bunch of them in close proximity. It’s just constant disruption to productivity. I’m guessing it has to do with secretaries opening the floodgates.

      I get having a hot secretary is nice and so the top boss gets one, but then all the other leadership also wants hot secretaries, and then all the higher management wants hot secretaries, and then all the lower management wants hot secretaries. Since secretaries were typically just nice looking office features, the men did not marry them all. This left many of them unowned. Too many single women accumulate and they start bickering all the time. Men don’t like dealing with bickering women and so let other women handle it. HR then becomes all women. HR then hires more women.

      All businesses need to list ability to lift 45lbs as a basic job requirement. It’s an easy way to filter most women out without getting hit by lawsuits.

      • Red says:

        HR became all Women and faggots because HR is the arm of the US government.

        >On the topic of women, they are just so damn mean to each other I can’t believe anyone thought it would be a good idea to employ them and put a bunch of them in close proximity. It’s just constant disruption to productivity. I’m guessing it has to do with secretaries opening the floodgates.

        No one did. After patriarchy was overthrown Women wanted access to higher status men and high status men wanted more bitches on the side, hence women in the work place. Having tons of bitches on the side was a major selling point of the sexual revolution the left sold men on. Worked as long as women’s status was below that of men.

        • jim says:

          Today, failing horribly. The women talk over the boss and tell him what he is really saying, and he has to suck it up, therefore gets no pussy. Nobody gets want they want. The women wanted access to high status men, but in getting access, lowered their status in female eyes.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >HR became all Women and faggots because HR is the arm of the US government.

          Most workplace problems requiring HR in the first place is women related. Most men don’t have the patience to deal with unowned and unownable women. They don’t listen to reason on their own and you aren’t allowed to force them. Men burnt out and left HR and women enter HR because they like female drama. That HR became an arm of USG happened in conjunction to it becoming female.

          About gays I luckily haven’t had to deal with them in HR… or anywhere else. Might be a delightful benefit of them all going to the coastal cities. Only knew one gay kid growing up out of a highschool graduating class of ~200. He killed himself after being investigated for embezzlement just a couple of years after graduating. Pretty surprising to me at the time. I always thought he would die from AIDs.

          After patriarchy was overthrown Women wanted access to higher status men and high status men wanted more bitches on the side

          Women have always wanted access to higher status men. Nothing to do with patriarchy being overthrown. Bitches on the side is what I mean by ‘hot secretary.’ If higher status men do something lower status men will want the same. Upper status men acquiesced and now even the male fast food workers have female workplace eye candy. Sexual immorality flowed downward.

          >Worked as long as women’s status was below that of men.

          Not what happened and not the problem. Those secretaries are effectively company/academia owned. Not too big of a problem if the big boss actually owned them, but that’s not what happens. The organizations own them in the same way socialist governments own property. They are effectively public owned whores which means unowned whores. Ownership being both impossible and illegal makes their status permanent. Those women then accumulate as more enter the organizations compared to those leaving.

        • Adam says:

          >Women wanted access to higher status men and high status men wanted more bitches on the side, hence women in the work place.

          Heartiste made a brilliant observation that a woman’s heart is betrayal. They are always leaning towards defecting in order to attract a man that will chastise them. Entering a male dominated space (the workplace) and sort of flailing around and causing trouble *should* attract that kind of attention. Career Girl does not actually want a career, she wants alpha male attention, to be chastised and put in her place, and when that does not happen she hamsters up girl power memes to justify her position. The joke is on them in the end, as not only do they not get a spanking, but now they have to work for a living (kind of).

          • jim says:

            Yes, female behavior in the workplace, and their intrusion into every male sphere, is only explicable in the frame that they are looking for a spanking, do not get it, and wind up with a career as the booby prize.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    From Voxday’s latest post today on the “Ricky Vaughn” case. Here:

    Notice, Ricky had an informant before he had any hint of anything prosecutors might try to charge him with, going on around him. He was just a a squeaky clean, preppy guy, posting funny memes on Twitter. With an informant sent in. Which means an FBI/intelligence agent assigned to him.

    So one guy posting on Twitter had an informant sent in and an intelligence operation dedicated to him on nothing more than the basis of his rhetorically-effective memes. What this means is that literally everyone with more than 200+ followers on any social media platform is being targeted, tracked, and infiltrated.

    Given my family background and my national press syndication dating back to 1994, I’ve been aware of being on the radar for at least three decades, if not four. It comes with the territory and it’s understandable; no society will tolerate its iconoclastic outliers going too far astray. But it is nevertheless a little startling to see confirmation that the surveillance state in the USA is at least as prevalent and comprehensive as it was in East Germany during the Soviet years.

    • Alfred says:

      Do we think this is true, regarding 200+ follower counts being actively tracked and targeted?

      200 seems absurdly low to have that kind of attention. Maybe 10k or 20k seems more pausible. I don’t think the resources exist to police that many anons. But I don’t know.

      • jim says:

        We have confirmation that a glowie was on Ricky’s case back when he had a handful of followers, and I am pretty sure I had glowies long before I started Jim’s blog.

        The guy who wrote Temple OS had glowies on him long before he wrote Temple OS, when he was just a politically incorrect unsuccessful open source guru with no followers and scarcely any accomplishments.

        • Aidan says:

          No. He didn’t have a glowie assigned to him at 200 followers, somebody who knew him since he had 200 followers (baked alaska) was turned by the glowies. Vox quotes AC with that, and AC is frankly speaking fucking nuts.

          • Aidan says:

            Misclicked, meant to reply to Alfred up there

          • Karl says:

            I don’t think they have enough personell to assign a glowie to every minor group (even east Germany didn’t have the resources for that), but they can easily make an attempt to turn almost everyone in any group.

            They’ll send an agent around who will personally make an offer to members of any group of interest. In Germany, that offer will usually be payment of a few hundred euros a month or a promise that (unrelated) criminal charges will be dropped.

            Of course, that approach is not subtle and really quite open. If you are in group that is trageted, it is very likely that at least one of the group members will tell everyone that he was approached by a glowie.

            Maybe your group is sound in that no-one is tempted by a few hundred euros a month and maybe no-one has legal problems that can be used to pressure him. Even then, they can still turn someone in the social circle of group members.

            In Eastern Germany, they had a file on everyone. I assume they have a file on everyone now. That file will often be incomplete, but opposition to globohomo will be correctly marked in it.

            • jim says:

              > I don’t think they have enough personell to assign a glowie to every minor group

              Not a full time glowie.

              But every minor group is going to get some attention from some glowies.

              • The Cominator says:

                Every facebook group on even nonpolitical topics gets some kind of shill.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I mean with more than 5 people. Its like Moldbug back when he was good said, in Nazi Germany there were no soccer leagues there were only National Socialist Soccer Leagues. In Faggot clownworld there are no science fiction facebook groups there are only faggot progressive science fiction facebook groups.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Does this happen? That is a rather obtuse question to ask in response to an example of exactly ‘this’ happening.

        The question is not ‘does this happen’, the question is ‘how often’, and the answer is ‘probably very’.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Automation. It’s already the safe assumption they’re tracking everything for keywords and follows, with some amount of human oversight looking for accounts of interest. Too, “tracked and targeted” doesn’t necessitate the full attention of an agent’s work day. I assume each agent (or contractor, or Soros funded sub-contractor, or volunteer self-appointed auxiliary thought police) has a number of cases, with some singled out for more focused attention.

        And it’s already confirmed they’re in the business of watching social media, and their own whistle blowers are saying they’re having to manufacture white supremacists to make quota, so this shouldn’t be news at all, it’s just a question of where the cut-off is.

        I bring it around to the FBI being in the business of stamping out freedom of association of whites, even or especially if it’s legal, moral and pro-social. Evidently they/their rulers fear anything pro-heritage American spontaneously turning into a threat no matter how squeaky clean it starts. Going back to at least the 90s, but even that’s conservative given how fast they spun up in the 90s, so groundwork earlier. Maybe traces back to Civil Rights Act + Klan infiltration.

        It’s an ingenious, if evil, control mechanism. Leviathan swims left not only by nature but by cattle prod, only one side is allowed to organize, not only for street action (Antifa) but even for peaceful assembly (gyms, dojos, home school associations) unless they keep their heads down. And they’re trying hard to extend the cattle prod to memes and discussions, with some apparent success.

        I don’t really see how to defeat it, except by invocation of preference cascade. But that still leaves a “step 2: ?” phase. I suppose that’s why I’m a drive by poster.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          “I don’t really see how to defeat it”

          Blue Pill: Talmudic Judaism is the mortal enemy of Christianity. However, it is not necessary to learn Hebrew, because there are very good translations of the Talmud.

          Red Pill: Asetro is the mortal enemy of Christianity. It is necessary to learn Futhark to stand any chance.

          • FrankNorman says:

            The Pharisees have been hostile to Christianity since the first century, while your “Asetro” is an obscure little movement that hardly matters. How many followers of the old Norse gods are in the ACLU?

            But what does any of that have to do with the topic at hand – the problem of the American spy system and it’s systematic destruction of liberty?

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Asatru: I despise you, everything about you.

            Christianity: I don’t even know who you are.

          • pinochet's ghost says:

            The Talmud is mostly written in Aramaiac; even some of the Tanakh quotes are actually Aramiac, and the “Hebrew” script is a complication of the Aramaic script.

            Rabbinic Judaism is a religion of late antiquity that evolved in the Syriac-speaking world. Connections to Hebrew and the OT are a LARP.

            All translations of the Talmud to be considered suspect. “Entdecktes Judenthum” written from the original sources and commentaries, but hard to get now. There is an English translation but it seems to be a different book to the original German (or so redacted as to be unrecognisable).

            Rabbinic Judaism is just good at politics, and European Aryans are just bad. High level Aryan political thought basically contained in Sanskrit texts of Vedic India. But over 20th century Sanskrit departments were gradually closed.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Kautilya wrote Arthashastra. Think of a triangle with Sanskrit, Old Church Slavonic, and Attic Greek as angles (or sides).

              • jim says:

                The problem with “The Prince” and Arthashastra is that a purely materialistic viewpoint is a poor predictor of human action, and a very poor predictor of collective human action. The supernatural worldview necessarily and unavoidably creeps in through the back door.

                No man rules alone. Kautilya’s ruthess and cynical Prince, like Machiavelli’s, stands alone. Much easier to rule with God behind you.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  “Kautilya’s ruthess and cynical Prince, like Machiavelli’s, stands alone. Much easier to rule with God behind you.”

                  False dichotomy. Hell is eternal.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  Arthashastra does not deny the religion of the Vedas.

                  It simply applies the Laws of Nature, of Gnon, to political matters.

                  We have seen the fruits of the applying vague feelings, folk prejudices, enemy memes, and wishful thinking to political problems – the American Conservative movement.

                • jim says:

                  No it does not. For the special nature of humans, our distinguishing capability, is large scale cooperation, as the special nature of birds, their distinguishing capability, is flight. The prince of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, like the prince of Machiavelli’s “the prince” rules alone. No man rules alone.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  The first section of Arthashastra is about guaranteeing followers are loyal. Does this mean that one rules alone – because one makes effort to have only loyal followers?

                  I notice this blog stays true because you brutally purge shills. I also notice that the American Conservative movement is unable to organize a drinking party in a brewery without half the guests being Feds.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:


            One problem is there’s no continuity of worship or tradition. Your ancestors converted. What we know now is primarily mythical rather than religious, the medieval Christian converts put their old myths and legends down in writing for the first time, but weren’t trying to retain the theology or practice. Some of the stories in the Eddas sound like entertainment for long winter nights; a few even remind me in outline of 20th century Bugs Bunny cartoons. And the magical side some claim to see is fundamentally 20th century and Crowleyian, i.e. demonic.

            Then you get to Odin/Wotan – the Norse didn’t even like the guy that much. One of his appellations was “the Betrayer,” because he’d give warriors or kings a good run for a little while, then cut them down at their prime just to have one more good fighter in Valhalla. Thor was more popular and accounted more powerful, even with Odin the nominal head of the pantheon. Jim might be right about him starting as an ancestor, but after a few centuries of human sacrifice, if he’s real, he’s a demon. And a minor one at that, not the head of a pantheon that’s going to save anybody.


            Even in less woke times, growing up in a conservative but basically normie-tier church, I never knew how old the split was between Pharisees and Galileeans, or how new Talmudic Judaism as we know it today is. But that split predates Christ, and Judaism as we know it post-dates Him.

            Which is not to say they’re no threat, if anything I rate (some) jews as a bigger threat than Jim does. For one thing, compromising churchianity with Israel first was a massive win for them. But lumping the Bride of Christ church in with the Synagogue of Satan church is an enemy meme.

            • jim says:

              The loss of continuity of tradition goes back a long way further than the conquest by Christianity. The Saxon mercenaries that were invited into Britain could trace their descent from Odin. The Vikings that King Alfred defeated believed an incoherent collection of foolish and frequently demonic superstitions. Something very bad happened to paganism in Greece, and a little later something very bad happened to paganism in Rome. Much later, something very bad, demon infestation, happened to Saxon paganism, and it did not fall to Christian Kings until the rot had long set in. What was vital and valuable in paganism had long been lost before we have much record of it.

              • Bwana Simba says:

                There is a theory that Wotan and Loki used to be the same god but when the elite started worshipping Wotan they split the “good myths” and “bad myths” into two characters. The theory goes that Tyr/ Tiwaz was the original all father as his name comes from Deus. As such the Odin myths are signs of the rot, of an evil elite.

    • jim says:

      This has been obvious to me since around the time that Mueller was head of the FBI. But I did not talk about because it sounds paranoid, and I had no concrete confirmation. Which is to say, obvious to me for roughly as long as it has been obvious to Vox.

      They glow in the dark.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >Last fall, we warned about a new tool in the arsenal of weapons used by the regime to justify censorship and rolling back the basic rights of Americans. With this new tool, corrupt journalists like Taylor Lorenz can dox, harass, and lie about anyone they want and enjoy total immunity from criticism. Why? Well, if you dare to criticize a journalist like Lorenz, someone, somewhere, might become outraged and decide to commit an act of violence. With this remarkable censorship tool, the media’s attack dog journalists are magically absolved from any criticism because some nut job, somewhere, maybe, at sometime, might act violently upon this criticism.
      >The tool goes by the name “stochastic terrorism.”
      > Basically, “stochastic terrorism” is the idea that, when somebody on the right criticizes somebody, they aren’t really just making a political argument. Instead, they are trying to “stoke hatred” in the expectation that some random third party will be “radicalized” and then commit political violence on their behalf.
      > …
      > [T]he concept perfectly flows from being a personal attack to being a legal one. The implicit claim behind every complaint about stochastic terror is that dissident speech isn’t really speech, and therefore it doesn’t really deserve protection, because conservatives, or anyone liberals don’t like, harbor a hidden inner desire to inspire violent attacks. Any complaint about the liberals or, more importantly, the Regime, in any venue, can now be dressed up as “violent” speech deserving no constitutional protection.

      Which is, of course, a projection of exactly how the bluetribesman themselves operate.

      “Now i’m not *saying* you should be canceled from your job, life, and existence in general… but it would be (((understandable))) if that just so happened to happen, capiche?”

      • Mr.P says:

        On this hypothesis, postmodernists need not believe much of what they say. The word games and much of the use of anger and rage that are characteristic of much of their style can be a matter — not of using words to state things that they think are true — but rather of using words as weapons against an enemy that they still hope to destroy.

        Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault, by Stephen R. C. Hicks.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Re. Words as weapons.

          This is very similar to so called “critical theory”, and it’s subset “critical race theory”.

          Using my own analysis of what I’ve observed, and not relying on any overt definition, “critical theory” is the art of using criticism as a weapon. Using it destructively. It should be taken very seriously and not dismissed as bullshit.

          Outside of listening to a bitching woman, most Europeans view criticism as legitimate information transfer. One is being criticized for a legitimate reason, either for mistakes, failure, etc. Which is why it can be painful to one’s ego. One takes the criticizer at face value, although one understands the criticizer may also be wrong. This is more kindly called constructive criticism. If you know the criticism is bullshit, then it obviously is not painful to one’s ego. Although you may be insulted.

          Critical theory is NOT constructive criticism. It is using criticism as a WEAPON! When used against a society the object is not to proffer criticism in order to correct or improve the society, but to DESTROY it or deconstruct it. Europeans do not readily recognize this sort of criticism, and therefor take it at face value, which is why it works as well as it does against us. It’s demoralizing. It’s right up there with pathological altruism in our nature.

          • Jehu says:

            Perhaps the old custom of dueling when one’s honor was insulted was a patch to that limitation. Ridicule trumps reason but violence trumps ridicule.

          • Mr.P says:

            The paragraph continues …

            Here it is useful to recall Derrida: “deconstruction never had meaning or interest, at least in my eyes, than as a radicalization, that is to say, also within the tradition of a certain Marxism, in a certain spirit of Marxism.”

            And later …

            The failure of Left politics to achieve that (Socialist) vision was merely the last straw. To the postmodern mind, the cruel lessons of the modern world are that reality is inaccessible, that nothing can be known, that human potential is nothing, and that ethical and political ideals have come to nothing. The psychological response to the loss of everything is anger and despair.

            Some retreat into quietism, and some retreat to a private world of aesthetic play and self-creation. Others, however, lash out with the intent to destroy.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Well for one, Jim here might be a Fed and we’re all hyperfucked and will meet each other in a dark basement when the SHTF. There’s always that (no offense, Jim).

      But second, it’s just shocking when you learn how few people actually matter, when it comes to pivoting history down Track A or Track B. Feds know this. To put even five Feds on each of these actually mattering people would be a bargain. The web and cell phones make this possible. Stalin had to actually send people to stand out in the cold and follow you around all day.

  20. Anonymous Fake says:

    Interesting that class consciousness seems to have peaked in the mid 70’s, which means late 80’s to early 90’s in the American South that always gets trends after everyone else, especially back then.

    The Clintons did the most to link class with education, not capital. And honestly, coming from them, this made sense at the time.

    • jim says:

      since we are ruled by priests, not merchants, it makes sense now. Always has made sense, aristocrats and priests can act cohesively, capitalists cannot, hence categorizing them as a class is silly.

      Class consciousness as workers and capitalists was always a scam by people who hated workers even more than they hated capitalists. The employer and the employee both have an interest in the profitability of the business, even though their interests are unequal.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        • jim says:

          Merchants pay tribute to priests. Priests do not pay merchants to support the state religion. It is impossible to do business openly without going through the motions of supporting the state religion. (I tried, long ago, before enforcement was as harsh as it is now.)

          When our priests are in power, merchants will worship at our altar and for the most part not even notice that altar has radically changed.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            We want [*deleted for use of the word “we”*]

          • Adam says:

            Say you want to put a pool in your backyard in Florida and your contractor quotes you 50k, 15 of that is going to be for permits. That’s 30% just for permission from the priesthood to put a pool in your backyard. If merchants are paying priests, it is because they have to. That doesn’t even touch on product design, corporate sponsorship, advertising etc. Wherever a man has created something of value, there is a priest stealing as much of it as he can.

            • Anonymous Fake says:


              • jim says:

                You demand that merchants act heroically to resist evil, without demanding that the priestly academics who cheated and robbed you stop committing evil.

                As someone who, as a merchant, was considerably less heroic than you demand I decline to debate this.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  There is nothing heroic at all about speaking truth to power! [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I am a genuine hero. I have proven it many times. I am bold as a lion when all other men cringe in fear. And I do not dare speak truth to power. I used to, but that was long ago, and things became impossibly dangerous for speaking truth to power decades ago. If you speak truth to power under your own name, you should be prepared to kill the powerful man who hears you. The stakes are terribly high.

                • Red says:

                  I’m not hero, or at least I’ve never had a situation where I could display heroism. But I’ve have had a gun pointed at my chest and I advanced to disarm the man holding it on me rather than running away, I’ve been in many fist fights when no I know has ever thrown a punch and I’ve stood firm against a group of criminals who were looking for any sign of weakness to pounce in order to defend my property. I’ve told my friends in earnestness that if a whore accused them of rape, I would take care of the problem.

                  I spoke truth no matter how much it pissed people off, but even 18 years ago I started taking precautions against being destroyed by power. Never say anything publicly where you could be recorded, always speak with people who had your back if you were accused of crime think, always speak with authority and confidence and people would ignore the crime think. I could feel the danger in the air where most people were just worried about being looked down upon for crime think. Today the stakes are quite deadly.

                • jim says:

                  The average guy knows it is safer to not hear what he just heard. So you can speak the truth to him. Quietly. You can speak the truth at party with your buddies. But not speak truth to power. Not in writing under your own identity.

                • Red says:

                  You can speak the truth at party with your buddies. But not speak truth to power. Not in writing under your own identity.

                  Even speaking with your buddies is now dangerous. I made it a habit for many years to loudly commit crimes in a dive bar near a university with my friends. Never a lick of trouble as we always well tipped the bar staff and they’ve loved when we rolled in. Today we save all the real talk when we smoke cigars out by our cars after we’re done drinking. It’s far too dangerous to say things even in a setting where we felt comfortable doing so for 15 years.

                  I got away speaking truth to power at a college in a very public way many years ago(mass email). I had some very highly placed friends in high positions there who might have shielded me, but I never got any personal push back about it. People had a tendency to excuse my truth telling as spergism. I doubt any such exception would be extended to me today.

                • jim says:

                  > mass email

                  In college, no assets to go after, no children for child protective services to kidnap. A lot safer. When you have a job, a house, and children, a lot more vulnerable.

                  They went after the house of Andrew Anglin’s mother, but going after close kin is new, and is still rare. They go after your children routinely, but going after parents is still unusual and shocking.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted*] I say we need more of a taste for revenge.

                • jim says:

                  Yet oddly, you never seem to have any interest in revenge on the academics who sucked up your youth and sold you a worthless law degree – priests selling degrees in priesting. Unfortunately for the buyers, they have sold far too many of those degrees.

                  Our legal system in practice consists of buddies selling favors to buddies, and no one seems to notice that a whole lot of judges become strangely wealthy on a salary that though very good, is nothing like what would make them as wealthy as they strangely tend to become. There is a curious lack of curiousity about the tendency of politicians, high civil servants, and judges, to become strangely wealthy.

                  And if you don’t have the right buddies in the right places, your law degree is not going to be worth very much.

                  This is how Republics die.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  From what I’m picking up here, the people who smugly say that one should “speak truth to power” are really just demanding that intellectual dissidents co-operate in their own extermination.

                  “Speaking truth to power” makes sense when power has a conscience. Not when it is sociopathic.

                  But there is also “speaking truth about power” – which you folks are doing. It is idle to inform a sociopath that his actions are wicked. It is a service to others, on the other hand, to warn them about the sociopath.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  They go after your children routinely, but going after parents is still unusual and shocking.

                  I read that AirBnB cancelled Lauren Southern’s parents even though they have nothing to do with her activism. Although I hear they reversed after much negative publicity. Also cancelled Michelle Malkin’s husband even though he’s not politically active and most people don’t even know who he is.

              • Adam says:

                This gets even worse. Let’s say the guy putting in the pool is himself a contractor, let’s say he builds fences. So to generate the 50k, he needs to actually generate income twice that. The 100k from his fence company gets cut in half due to federal and self employment taxes, then 15k for permits, and finally sales tax on the materials. So around 70k to the priesthood and 30k to other merchants and labor.

                This is why you have to make your boss a dollar so you can make a dime. Your boss is not collecting 90 cents. The priesthood is taking the lions share, while the employee and employer divide the rest.

  21. Reziac says:

    There are on average 1700 train derailments in the U.S. every year (about 5 per day). Of those, a significant proportion involve hazardous chemicals, because most bulk chemicals move by train (far safer than by truck, which has about 1000x the major accident rate). What was different about the hoorah in Ohio was not the derail, or the hazardous chemicals, but the massive incompetence with which the derail was handled.

    • Red says:

      1) There was an open attitude of fuck those people by the coastal elites, leading to mishandle of the crash. Whenever they can, the elites do everything possible to get rural people killed now. See Californian rural wildfires.
      2) The crash and other ongoing crashes are being caused by diversity hires being put into high positions in the railroads.
      3) Our transport infrastructure is crumbing at an ever increasing pace.

      • Reziac says:

        It’s not so much the diversity hires (tho that is, agreed, a disaster anywhere it happens) as trying to shave costs all over (in large part due to extravagant union demands). Operating crew went from three to two to one, and that’s not enough in an oncoming emergency. However, derails are most often due to a stuck brake and consequent overheated truck, and the yard sensor won’t always catch it before it goes out.

        The Ohio post-derail idiocy was undertaken by locals, not by coastal elites. But coastal elites certainly responded with “Good riddance.”

        Condition of the infrastructure varies. Here in the Northern Wastes, BNSF is anal about rail maintenance, and the tracks are in excellent condition. And our state roads are better than most, and have improved steadily for several decades, despite suffering more than their share of freeze-thaw damage. But we’re a red-run state, and that makes a huge difference. Conversely there are rail lines in the rust belt that haven’t had a lick of maintenance in living memory (with speed limits reduced apace, as low as 5mph … there’s video on “worst railroad” and it’s a short line in Ohio)… and some roads that would embarrass Mexico.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          To put a paraphrase Robert Putnam, degeneration in one area doesn’t just affect that area, it affects *every* area too, in diffuse, subtle, and pervasive ways.

          (And vice versa)

  22. scooter says:

    Anyone have any hot takes on this bank collapse? Also, USDC has lost its peg. Think it will recover or not?

    • jim says:

      Crypto currency scammers getting scammed by politically better connected scammers.

      In the short run, going to adversely affect the exchange rate for crypto currency, but in the long run, good that they are predating on each other.

      I am surprised it took this long for USDC to lose its peg. In the short run, bad for crypto, and anything that is bad for other currencies is good for Federal Reserve. In the long run, the US dollar gets cut off from bitcoin, rather than bitcoin getting cut off from the US dollar.

      When one does transactions outside the US hegemony, one increasingly finds them difficult. And while nations and big quasi statal organizations are going with Indian and Chinese money, for the little guy, that is too hard. Bitcoin is just easier.

      The only use case for USDC is transactions inside the US hegemony, which is not where Bitcoin’s competitive advantage lies. Now if someone had a stablecoin pegged to Indian, Chinese, or Russian money, there would be a legitimate use case for people inside the US hegemony to use it.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Russia, China and Saudi Arabia are going to figure something out. I have no idea what, but it’ll be something.

        If anyone here thinks he has a good idea of what that something will be, I’d love to read about it here.

  23. ray says:

    ‘And, being secular, all those terribly-oppressive-to-women verses from the bible got left out.’

    Yes they hate the ‘oppressive’ pronouncements of Paul — the new ‘Christians’ especially. Women are to be subject to men, as men are subject to Christ. Ain’t no getting around that and baby does The Church of Woke hate it. Because rebellious women are the fervent core disciples of that church.

    You are correct about the incremental destruction of Christianity, fatherhood, and the father-led family. There are numerous reasons for this, including the malevolent influence of trans-generational luciferian families of wealth and power.

    But incrementalism and the cohesion necessary to carry plot through millennia is due chiefly to the way that ‘time’ is kept in heaven, where one millennia on Earth equals only one day by ‘heavenly clock’

    Thus, malicious spirits (fallen angels) do not find organizing and carrying conspiracies across many millennia to be a problem at all.

  24. Ryan says:

    Jim, could you do a post on your vision of future warfare?
    You’ve mentioned smaller number of elite warriors with high tech gear, but also private ownership of tanks and logistics through the free market.
    Would war be a capitalist endeavor where a PMC owns tanks, ships, missiles, jets etc? Or more like a feudal thing where nobles would own some hardware, and higher nobles would also command the forces of lesser nobles in their domain?
    The high tech ideas of drones, soldiers and artillery all coordinating positional data would require some degree of scale and coordination to be effective. Would there be open source protocols that would essentially let you join forces with others under a shared name/encryption key?

    • jim says:

      I wish we our future would be one of small scale war. Feudalism, and distributed and local power, happened because a knight could not defeat a castle, a castle could not defeat a knight, and individual heroes could win battles.

      We are heading into a future where conscript hordes are irrelevant, which is a move to smaller and local warfare, but also an era of long range missile warfare, which is a move to broader and large scale warfare – and broader and large scale warfare is going to be dominant, involving very large numbers of very expensive assets applied over a very large area. Big governments will be able to reliably defeat smaller governments. Which is regrettable, because big governments tend to be inefficient, bureaucratic, and oppressive.

      At the same time, however, warfare becomes more complex and more difficult. Fighting smart and skillfully matters more, and shear quantity of arms and men matters less. Which favors private military companies. Right now Wagner matters more than the entire regular Soviet military, and Wagner is not all big. What is mattering more and more is the ability to create complex assets, create the right assets, and apply them in the right way at the right time, which favors the market over the big bureaucratic socialist organization and favors elite officers and elite warriors over conscript hordes.

      What we are seeing in the Ukraine is that America’s military industrial complex is not really capable of reliably producing the weapons needed for modern warfare reliably, or at all. This foreshadows an increasing role of market logistics, and what is happening in the Ukraine foreshadows an increasing role of private military companies. The big states will win, but they will only be able to win if they distribute power down to the market for warfare. Big states that are successful in warfare are likely to resemble the British empire before 1840. The British empire was not conquered by Britain, but by a bunch of British pirates and brigands who refrained from fighting with other British pirates and brigands, a multitude of private armies, privately funded, and privately equipped. Raffles negotiated with Rajas, and fought wars with Rajas, on his own initiative. Theoretically the East India company had monopoly powers but these existed more on paper than as reality on the ground. It was an association of little states. Sometimes Britain would fight wars with excessively unruly pirates, and win, but mostly Britain would cut a deal with its powerful private military elements, giving them a mighty long leash.

      Warfare is inherently sociaist, but the British empire was not very socialist at all, and we are going to see, are already seeing, warfare more in that style.

      I would like to see open source software that mediated cooperation and coordination between many private military organizations. Such an apparatus might replace large bureaucratic states.

      • Ryan says:

        While larger states do have an advantage in the modern warfare of destroying infrastructure to cripple the enemy’s economy, or destroying armor and aircraft so that only your troops have support and can hold cities, I’m not sure this helps in asymmetric warfare.
        It doesn’t take a lot of guys to assassinate some officials or sabotage a power grid. Perhaps it takes more courage than to fight overtly, as escaping afterwards would be difficult. Suicide drones would reduce the personal risk, you would just need smugglers to get them within a mile of the target.

  25. Ash says:

    Jim, you are by far the smartest american I read.. good luck for your progeny.. thank you, 加油、I guess never stop, please

    • truth says:

      He’s not an American. He has on multiple occasions described various circumstances of his living situation – most notably references to mountains, sunsets, ocean, and certain types of trees – which correspond to no geography within the continental USA. He also has repeatedly mentioned the need for frequent international travel as being completely normal, which is a claim no American would ever make, and most Americans would find surpassingly weird.

  26. More on the India-Russia collaboration denting the dollar economy

    Appears that the West is in denial that the dollar may no longer matter to large parts of the world.

    India and Sri Lanka to trade in INR instead of USD.

    • someDude says:

      At the moment, India’s economy is more oriented towards providing services to the west rather than what Russia wants or needs. Look at this article,

      Russian exports $28 billion worth to India while importing barely $2 billion from russia. What happens to the balance $26 billion? Are Russians going to hold that in Indian rupees? I’m simply not sure about that. So at the moment, India Russia trade scratches the dollar economy but does not dent it. For that India will have to export much much more to Russian or permit Russian entities to invest in the Indian stock/Real estate market.

      This is just not sustainable if it is even a thing. SriLanka is a non sequitor. It is barely a paper cut as far as the dollar economy is concerned. This are just the first steps in a journey of a thousand miles. Its a start to be sure, but we have a lot of ground to cover before this becomes a real threat to the USD

      • The USD is as much a symbol of imperial power as it is a currency. Yes, in practical terms, you are right and the economic effect may be small, but the real significance is that the rejection of USD is a powerful political statement in itself. It dents the prestige of GAE irreparably for countries to bypass the entrenched mechanisms established by the West in defiance of sanctions.

        • someDude says:

          The GAE dented its prestige irreparably with the Afghanistan withdrawal. India’s actions are a symptom, not a cause. India has acted as a sane country during this crisis, but not a daring one.

          The prize for Daring goes to the Afghans.

          The country that really shamed itself in this crisis is the Germans.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            That is all true. But the defiance of sanctions is a further and significant dent on an already fragile empire. Effect follows cause but equally this is a continuous process . India is acting in rational self-interest and the GAE is extremely annoyed by this. All of which adds up. Does the GAE still have the influence to effect “regime change” in India is the next interesting question.

          • ten says:

            German true cathedral believers act increasingly triumphantly insane, cherishing the coming obliteration, while german greengrocers tear feebly at their bonds and seem to almost let the thought surface that they have been under hostile military occupation for three generations. After all, they and the japs alone have the excuse that they are literally occupied lands.

            Germany has indeed been hauled on stage and disgracefully sodomized with only the meekest objection, if not collaboration.

            • someDude says:

              Yet, the Japs don’t feel guilty for what they have done. They have stated what they believe, that their real crime was losing the war. And they don’t feel guilty for that, nor have they apologized for that. It seems that the Germans have internalized that guilt and there-in lies the tragedy

              • ten says:

                Just to be clear, i think the germans were absolutely up for some soul searching after massacring and force starving their way to defeat in eastern europe. If it was merely cruel and ruthless, that would be war, but it was idiotic and self destructive too. That goes for the empty shtetls from which came Kagans and Nulands ancestors too, where they did have a reason, just a stupid one, since they thought liberal democracy ie progressivism could be killed by killing weird rural jews in shtetls. I imagine i have a very western and imaginary view of of karma, but we usually say shes a bitch.

                There’s a long step between realizing those errors and playing the devil of post ww2 moral cosmology though. Now, germans have developed autoimmune disorders, while as you say the japs have not.

                I saw a very funny interview with a random street jap who said it probably was for the best that america curtailed japanese armament and military control, because last time japan was free, they attacked all their neighbours. “But you wouldn’t attack your neighbours again just because america left would you??” smile, “probably!”

              • The Cominator says:

                The Japanese during WW2 just were not sane… in any way. At almost any level of their society.

                After defeat (when Japan became very sane given that they modeled themselves on “old Protestant America with Japanese characteristics) they just wanted to forget the war imho… they certainly paid for it. Every city in Japan besides Kyoto and the two nuked ones got Dresdened

                • Red says:

                  >The Japanese during WW2 just were not sane… in any way. At almost any level of their society.

                  The Japanese are not wise enough to rule other peoples. They endlessly steal from the weak people they conquered and then wonder why nothing is being produced. They were quite sane about the role of woman during WW2.

                  Germany has this same problem, they’re not wise enough to rule others to their profit.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  Both ISIS and the Chechens have methods to deal with bomber pilots.

              • A2 says:

                The Japanese are masterful at apologizing and reflecting on their misdeeds. Make of that what you will.

  27. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Occasional anecdotes in cultural observation.

    >”The first amendment does not apply to corporations”

    The tranzi baizuo’s doublethink stated in plain terms.

    On first layer the obvious cynical ploy; if instead of the sovereign policing thought crimes openly, it is wrapped in a layer of deniability laundering, by having converged shell corporations do the thought policing. If ‘corporations’ have the kingly power to define the limits of discourse, then of course he who controls the ‘corporations’ is king. It is like leaving a loaded gun on the table in the middle of a crowded room; everyone is going to fight over it, and eventually, one way or another, one group is going to come out on top, and shoot down the rest.

    But on a deeper level, it also speaks to something profound about the bluetribesman’s modes of thought, an element which can be observed in kind even in ‘higher’ examples of the species; which is, its *allergy to responsibility*.

    Labyrinths of proceduralization, because allergic to responsibility.

    Inflation of organizational redundancy, because allergic to responsibility.

    Remote intrusive regulatory micromanagement, because allergic to responsibility.

    “That’s not happening, and it is good that it is”, because allergic to responsibility.

    Blank slateism, because allergic to responsibility.

    “You didn’t build that”, because allergic to responsibility.

    Crybullys, because allergic to responsibility.

    Refugees fleeing from problems caused by refugees, because allergic to responsibility.

    Consensus as source of truth, value, and decision making, because allergic to responsibility.

    A world without agency, because allergic to responsibility.

    Allergic to responsibility, because congenital solipsism.

    • Adam says:

      >But on a deeper level, it also speaks to something profound about the bluetribesman’s modes of thought, an element which can be observed in kind even in ‘higher’ examples of the species; which is, its *allergy to responsibility*.

      Alcoholics Anonymous has big blue book written at least in part by the founder, in which alcoholism is described exactly as you put it, an allergic reaction to responsibly, by those who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves. There is a good deal of overlap that can be found philosophically between the 12 step spiritual programs, the red pill, and neoreaction. Specifically adherence to the truth, but also accepting that perception is paradoxical. The “spiritual awakening” itself is nothing more than accepting that your feeling are a product of your actions.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      which is, its *allergy to responsibility*.

      So true, I had also observed that Leftism hates the very concept of ownership because ownership strongly implies responsibility.

      The modern day Government wraps itself in bureaucratic layers of bubble wrap because nobody wants to be responsible for anything while giving the illusion that the “system” is responsible for everything.

  28. OH ELON NO says:

    Elon, Elon, Elon.

    Haraldur Porleifsson:
    – founded Ueno, Icelandic tech company
    – had company acquired by Twitter
    – chose to be paid in wages from Twitter rather than other financial confabulations, with contractual terms dictating that if his employment at Twitter is ever terminated the entire remaining balance is to be paid immediately
    – was therefore on a “never ever fire this guy” list
    – Elon reviews his past 4 months, says “he’s not working, fire him”
    – Mr. Porleifsson: “okeydokey, but now you pay me $100million cash right now like court-enforceable contract says”
    – Elon: “Contract? What is this unusual concept?”

    I mean, spaceX YES and all that, but a little less wild flailing around and short-term impulsiveness and a stitch in time and make haste slowly and all that grandmotherly advice.

    • ten says:

      Thorleifson. Þ is Th, not p. Thorn/thurs rune.

    • Arakawa says:

      To be fair to Elon that’s a heck of a weird ‘golden handcuffs’ contract. I didn’t care about this until shills started shilling this incident on Jim’s blog of all places. What. Ok.

      Let’s apply critical thinking and look at the Ueno website!

      It seems to be some kind of cringy Allegra-art marketing / graphic design / interaction design experience firm. Eeeew. The very first thing their website does is flash a subliminal montage of naked people at me. Eeeeeeeeeeeew. Since it is a marketing firm, the naked people must be their best foot forward first impression I am supposed to form my understanding of how great they are based on. Thank you, I will. This was purchased for $100million+?!! Supposedly a rando totally independent Icelandic dude was able to start this utterly eeeeh looking interaction design firm… and get acquired for $100million with this weird contract. Why would you or I, if *we* totally independently and enterpreneurially started a firm that Twitter or whoever was paying $100million for, opt to take the money in this humiliating way that locks us into being a wagecuck? I’d rather take $20million and split and start the next cool thing, since I’m such a successful jet-setting entrepreneur. So what happens if they, like, actually needed to fire this guy at any point? Like imagine if he comes to Twittter HQ and starts groping people? ISTR that is still considered no bueno to do in San Francisco? How do you fire him? Smells like spooks. Supposedly driven entrepreneurial independent dude sitting around doing nothing for months and months with golden handcuffs smells extremely like spooks. Spooks are historically allowed to grope people, even: see Jacob Applebaum.

      Makes sense. Twitter is spooks top to bottom. It would be easier to make a list of people at Twitter that isn’t spooks. There are probably no end of weird hidden spooks and landmines and poison pill contracts specifically to prevent a stratagem like the Elon acquisition from ever succeeding. Elon successfully disarms 9 landmines and steps on the 10th because there are just that many. The 10th landmine is a really lame one (I’m not really sure what Icelandic design bro can do to sabotage Elon except lurk on the internal chats and waste a salary) so there needs to be a coordinated shill campaign.

      (I can also answer my own question of how the actual spooks who actually hired this guy, would fire this guy, if they ever stopped needing him or if he ever did something too-embarrassing, like Jacob Applebaum eventually did: they will suggest he looks good in a pair of cement shoes to go along with the golden handcuffs and the independent entrepreneurial manly Viking will instantly waive the $100mil and stop flexing his ‘court-enforceable bulletproof contract’ and go away.)

      “chose to be paid in wages from Twitter” gimme a break

      • Arakawa says:

        Just the fact that they paid someone to stand with a camera and photograph naked people jumping around and to make sure they got the exact right frame that none of the wrong rated-R bits are visible so they can splash this nonsense on their website for apparently !@#$ EVERYONE who goes and looks Ueno’s corporate website to have their eyeballs assaulted by.

        Can’t process. Makes Yoel Roth look like a genteel intellectual by comparison.

  29. Western Taliban says:

    Reminder for any reader who might believe in random garbage like Patriot Front. Do not do it, everything in the Empire of Lies is a hoax designed to murder white men:

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Throwing a handgrenade in a church will be treated differently from throwing a handgrenade in a mosque.

    • ten says:

      Looking through these pictures, again and again i thought, “these guys look nothing the same”. Then he said two pictures showed the same hairline, despite the hairlines being extremely obviously extremely different. Then he said two pictures showed the same earlobe, despite the earlobes being quite different, and the person having different eye colours. Sure contacts are a thing, but this looks like either make belief or disinformation.

      • Red says:

        It’s a shill site. They were doing the leftist trope about the Umbrella man again.

      • Western Taliban says:

        Some are a bit off I think, I’m not an expert in this stuff, the material would have been far better if 4chan autism weaponized I guess.

      • SJ says:

        This is just the smallest drop in the bucket of this stuff. Just go search for Waynel Sexton on YouTube. Or here I’ll give you some links. Here is anal sex lady with George Floyd’s second grade essay;

        Here she is getting shot in some mass shooting;

        Here’s Waynel sex lady crying about her gay son getting shot in some other mass shooting;

        There’s one where she’s a professor at some uni and is trying to get some college kids to smash shit up for antifa as well. Those three are just super easy to find. The television is a show and you are the audience. It’s all a big show. Of course it is why would it not be? What’s that link you guys like about where power comes from? From lying.

        • Red says:

          That’s a paid crisis actor. Not the same thing as a glowie.

        • ten says:

          Maybe i am bad at this stuff, but i do not believe those three women are the same woman. They do not look the same to me at a first glance. Maybe i would have a differing opinion if this wasn’t my first glance and i had heard about “waynel sexton” before, but i haven’t, and they don’t look all that similar.

  30. Leon says:

    > Historians claim the British Empire is the largest empire in history… is the GAE larger than the British Empire in its heyday? How big is the GAE? How much territory and people does it actually cover?

    The British empire would run up the flag. The Global American Empire burns the flag, so hard to see what is going on. But a whole lot of countries strangely had prime ministers who lived much of their lives near Harvard, and jetted in to some province of the Global American Empire to take up office. Rather fewer now, however. Duterte was a non GAE president, and has been followed by another non GAE president.

    • Redbible says:

      You make the mistake of assuming that the “Stars and Stripes” is the flag of the GAE, when in fact it is the “Pride” flag that is the real flag of the GAE.

      • notglowing says:

        True in the context of this discussion, however thinking about it more deeply, it’s not quite that simple.

        The enemy has many sacred cows but it does elude clear definition; just as they refuse to call themselves a religion or give themselves a name, there is no real symbol or identifier for “GAE”, at least if we understand it as the ideology behind the Cathedral in the international context, rather than the literal government institution.

        The “Pride” flag is *a* symbol, but it’s hardly *the* symbol. It’s a holy cow to them, but it’s not enough to define them; though I think globohomo or GAE (essentially equivalent terms) are effective words to use.

        When you give a name to something, you get to define it, and control it to a certain extent. They understand how dangerous it would be if we could easily *name* the enemy and rally against them.

        So they officially deny their own existence as a unified block, and violently come down on anyone who tries to assign them some stable identity. Every time that comes up, it eventually gets rebuked, denied and derided by propaganda outlets, making sure that whoever uses such a word is easily identifiable as a heretic and a lunatic by the average prole. Or, the term gets redefined and whitewashed to the point of meaninglessness.

        So many of their efforts are specifically meant to launder anything they do or say into some sort of neutral act coming entirely from “reason” and “objectivity”. Everything *they* do is neutral, everything opposed to it is an ideology, a religion, an irrational extreme belief; it only deserves to be considered as such, a *bias*.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I think the 2928383 different variants of the “pride” flag (newer ones representing a holiness spiral/different faction) symbolize the nature of globohomo very well.

  31. Red says:

    Probably not accurate but interesting:

    His hate-fueled sermons labeled women as a man’s property, justified domestic violence and blamed victims of sexual assault for their attacks.

    As Jayden, it only took 30 minutes on TikTok before I was fed a post of Tate laughing at the thought of stoning a Muslim woman to death for standing up to her husband.

    Another post from an account dedicated to the Sidemen featured a woman asking the boys, “Do you know any good jokes?” to which one responded “gender equality,” inciting an eruption of laughter from the other guys.

    • notglowing says:

      Not gonna read the rest of the article, but there is a decent amount of somewhat “based” content on Tiktok.

      Vast majority of the stuff you find there is pretty pc and opinions of commenters sometimes feel like a glimpse into what leftism is gonna spiral into 5 years from now.

      However, this is often not true. Tiktok is tiktok. Videos in themselves have no identity of their own, they don’t have titles, they’re usually not “found”, they are given to you by the algorithm, which is great at adjusting to your interests.

      Which also means you will get some more edgy or based content if you are that kind of person. It also means that comment sections on such videos tend to be entirely made up of people who agree with the video.

      Comments are usually very polarized one way or another.

      The way this all functions, and the generally ephemeral nature of content on the platform, ensures that a lot of stuff simply “slips through the cracks”, so it never manages to capture the attention of the so-called “Eye of Sauron”.

      Whereas on a place like Youtube, it definitely would. Content is too easily discoverable, too easily shared with links to anyone who isn’t even using the site, and the algorithm is not as personal. It also stays relevant for much longer. Eventually good videos get deleted. On Tiktok it doesn’t even matter if they do.

      • Red says:

        Then this article is one of the first salvos at purging based content from tictok.

  32. blind archer says:

    What is the reactionary-Christian stance on embryo selection? On the one hand, the Lord tells us to command and dominate nature, and we get healthier and smarter children. On the other hand, unused embryos go into the trash, which is too reminiscent of the most common abortion / other forms of Moloch worship, don’t you think?

    • jim says:

      Natural selection is ruthless. We are allowed to be ruthless in the pursuit of survival and reproduction. Moloch wants to frustrate surival and reproduction, thus the jab was designed to cause perinatal mortality, rather than to prevent conception.

      • cloudswrest says:

        Favorite scene from Gattaca. Although I do find the wife intensely annoying!

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Embryo selection will be necessary for the survival of civilization, and possibly even humanity itself, due to the effects of mutation meltdown from technology facilitated lack of natural selection. In the olden days families would have 8+ kids and only half would survive. That’s quite a severe weeding out. Nothing like that exists today.

        Look up “mouse utopia”.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Created an outline for a science fiction story.

        Setting is a futuristic settled solar system. “Star Trekian” but the colonies are in the solar system (moons, asteroids, ort cloud, etc.) instead of interstellar.

        One such colony is an isolationists, technologically advanced, mgtow monastery. The colony has biologically fully capable, AI cyborg “Stepford wife” “females” for the colony’s reproductive requirements, as well as the member’s physical needs. These fembots go far beyond merely servicing the men’s “needs”. They are also highly advanced medical diagnostic terminals, analyzing their owners’ bodily fluids for health, nutritional state, cancer, etc. They come preloaded with the finest genetically enhanced eggs. They also perform *post* implantation embryo analysis for genetic defects, etc. and can spontaneously abort any defective embryos after consultation with their owners.

        Now for the plot complication. Into their happy world comes a refugee ship for of *real*, high school, fertile aged females. Perhaps they were on a field trip and their colony collapsed, or whatever. They mayhem comes from these mgtow’ers having to deal with young, fertile age females.

        • SJ says:

          This story except the women aren’t robots they are all trannies with transplanted uterus’ and now everyone’s gay but they’ve finally solved the woman problem.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            If that level of bioengineering capability is off the shelf, you may as well just use exowombs instead.

            Which is of course a super verboten line of research to pursue in the current year.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              If that level of bioengineering capability is off the shelf, you may as well just use exowombs instead.

              That would certainly not be as much fun. I assume the mgtow monks don’t want the simulation to depart too much from reality.

              As an aside, JF Gariepy has speculated on the long term evolutionary impact of mass producing or “printing” people in his book, “The Revolutionary Phenotype”. Basically, storing evolutionary genetic information outside the organism leads to a “substrate jump”, which would eventually relegate DNA, and even the organism itself to phenotypical tool rather than genotypical information storage. The organism becomes an extended phenotype, like a beehive or termite mound, rather than a genotype.

              • jim says:

                Yes, but you have to test out variations in genotype in an actual organism. The end state is a beehive with the genetic data on computer, and everyone gets frequent infusions of fresh stem cells, the individual cells being incapable of immortality, but the organism immortal.

                The problem with mgtow solution is that babies need mothers. Sons do not really need a mother by the time they near five or six. Maybe if the exowomb popped out boys with a physical development age of about five or six, it would work.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I’m sure there would be AI “mommy” programs that are good enough for toddlers. But can you imagine their reaction later when they get older and find out “mommy” is a robot??? That’s like worse then finding out Santa Claus is fake.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  We need girls, not boys.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Fun is what your cyborg ninja maids are for.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            they are all trannies with transplanted uterus’

            I once posed the following hypothetical question. Assuming brain transplants are perfected, a man gets his brain transplanted into a fully functional, hot female body. Would it still be a “he”.

            YES, as far as I’m concerned. It would still be a tranny to me. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!

            • Cloudswrest says:

              This would have to be “knowingly” of course. Brain transplants would increase the ladyboy problem orders of magnitude.

              • jim says:

                Women are not men, and the most effeminate man is not mentally a woman. There is a fundamental difference in the brain wiring. An effeminate gay trying to be a woman does not just look like a parody of a woman, but acts like a parody of a woman.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I don’t see effeminate gays trying to be women. I see many, many straight but failed men who have given up on being men trying to defect from masculinity by chopping their own gonads off. Then they aggressively try to make everyone else call them a woman. In a past era, they would have been transvestite perverts stealing women’s clothing from the laundry lines.

                  The effeminate gays are too busy getting railed by a faceless mass of more masculine gays to even think about anything else. It’s all orgy porgy, gay saunas, and bleeding assholes with them.

                  A tangent though… but yeah, there is a fundamental difference in brain structure. The difference is so large men who try to be a woman aren’t even parodies.

                  I do get where Cloudswrest is coming from though. Beer goggles plus trying to pick up at bars become much more frightening of an experience if full body transplant were possible.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Not clear that reductive brain transplants would actually work out well, given that all concentrations of enervation in an organism have bearing on the whole of its capacity for agency.

                You would basically need to recapitualte its entire nervous system by any other means in order to ‘really’ transplant it (and by it we mean it as ‘it’ it).

    • BobtheBuilder says:

      Both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholicism are categorically against the destruction of embryos. Genetically modifying humans directly, or sperm/egg preselection, may be permissible though (although I’ve seen internet schizos tell me that Jesus died for humans, and the genetically modified are no longer human, ergo don’t get vaxxed. It was a pretty funny argument).

      • jim says:

        sperm selection is more efficient, because you have vastly more sperm to choose from. However, there is as yet no technology for determining the chromosome content of a sperm non destructively. It should be possible in principle.

        • i says:


          He disallowed humans from doing it with infanticide and abortion most definitely.

          Although this does look like a eugenics event:

          Volcanic eruption resulting in unprecedented cold and therefore crop failure at 536 AD.

          Then Bubonic Plague rapidly spread throughout Europe not long after.

          What’s your thoughts on this kind of mechanism?

          • ten says:

            In norse paganism, the motif of fimbulvinter, “power winter”, preludes the destruction of cosmic powers, and this motif is absent in other branches of pagan mythology. The megawinter means three winters in a row, that is to say, the snow never melted one year.

            This happened in that year, 536 AD, before which the scandinavian bronze age culture created very beautiful and intricate craftsmanship, in the eyes of a very partial observer rivalling mediterranean artifacts of the time.

            After that year, scandinavian artifacts are brutish, childlike, and ugly, and the skill of craftsmen do not recover for centuries. Almost everyone died, almost everything was forgotten.

            It is interesting which gods and humans survive the fall in the myth.

            The humans are “life” and “clings-to-life”, everyone else dead.

            The new world rises from the waters of chaos in gimle, fire-lea, the shelter from fire, and the divine law on golden tablets just lays about in the grass of the idavall, eternal and unblemished, ready to be picked up by the survivors. The idavall is the plains of splendour, where gods meet and fight, where Arminius fought Germanicus (the name idavall/idisiaviso probably ascended into mythology after and because of this event)

            The surviving gods are innocence, hierarchy, vengeance and war, sons of oden, power and courage, sons of thor, and will, brother/future aspect of oden, while oden and the third brother woe/past aspect of oden die.

            All of the asynjas, goddesses, live, including the adoptive pre-aryan vanir goddesses.

            What it means for a god to survive the fall of powers is that this god does not have contingencies that can be destroyed, so it doesn’t matter if literally everything and everyone dies, these gods are necessary in all cases. Some of these are obvious, others not, and apparently, no female deities are contingent on biology or culture.

            I just felt like writing about ragnarok ok. dont call me a paganfag again cominator, it makes me sad.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Selection for females is easy. The demand for females far outstrips the demand for males. I can see enterprising individuals setting up underground baby factories producing only little girls.

          • Ash says:

            oog en hand… they come to you if you are strong and better than other men.. could you please present your spine in the future brother .. every girl will appreciate you if you have no fear.. they need to follow a strong man

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          sperm selection is more efficient, because you have vastly more sperm to choose from.

          Jolly Heretic explained why you should never reproduce artificially, or marry anyone created that way: The female reproductive tract imposes a severe selection on sperm, such that only a tiny fraction of them ever get near the egg. Remove that selection for even one generation, and you’ll very likely create a child whose male descendants are incapable of natural reproduction.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            You can place the harvested sperm at the entrance of a vagina. Also, IVF places its own severe selection. In all likelyhood, people produced by IVF have a batter than average chance of successfully using IVF.

            • i says:

              @Oog en Hand

              The disconnection between sex and reproduction is how Sodomites regard sex.

              This is how they also regard women they used as surrogates to get children:

              It is dystopian in fact to separate the act of passionate sex from reproduction and is nothing more than a deconstruction of the human. Evil.

            • i says:

              Reminds me of the heavily Manicheanism influenced Augustine.

              Who would definitely be fine with asexual reproduction. Whilst failing to properly grasp why sex is GNONs way of human reproduction.

              Were it not for Christian influence of some sort. He would have be fine with erasing Sex distinction altogether.

              All Sodomites are de facto Manicheans/Gnostics ultimately by their actions and by their disordered Passions because of rape in their childhood.

              And thereby is unable to be properly aroused by True Feminine Beauty in Women.

          • ten says:

            Selection will work on those trying to manipulate selection too. If it’s a bad idea, it will bite them in the ass. Can’t predict or control everything. If you waste your energy fighting a pointless battle, those who didn’t fight it defeat you.

            I personally will avoid frankensteining my kids, and i advice all friends to do the same, but i absolutely do not wish there to be no frankenstein kids, in fact, i very much look forward to the outcome. Maybe that outcome is that it was a horrendous idea that should never ever be pursued, which will be an easy sell once the disastrous effects are well known and understood. Until then, hey ho let’s go.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Any kind of voodoo that falls outside of natural sex is an abomination. This includes condoms.

      Embryo selection, besides being wrong on the spot, is almost certainly also to lead to a midwit society lacking in natural ditch diggers and fruit pickers. Basically what we have now, due to abortion of Down’s people.

      The midwits are hostile towards true genius too, and society as a whole starts to have a top-heavy bell curve with no tails, just ready to be pushed over. And it will deserve it.

      • notglowing says:

        For once I kind of agree.

        I have gained appreciation for the lower-than-midwit segment of the population given they are not as arrogant as midwits, and less likely to believe some complex rationalization that exists only to cover for lies.
        It’s the IQ bell curve meme.

        I’m not sure if this is really what would result from sperm selection, though. It could go different ways.

        But that’s all the more justification to be very sceptical of it. There’s a reason why God tells us to come in vagina only.
        I’m not sure I want to open this can of worms; Should we, with our limited understanding, manipulate the composition of our future generations? It’s hubristic.

        • cloudswrest says:

          I have gained appreciation for the lower-than-midwit segment of the population

          Y’all are recapitulating the plot of “Brave New World”, were “Gammas” and “Deltas” are intentionally created because, as the Director explains, society can’t run on Alphas alone.

          • Red says:

            Having mostly elites survive worked out pretty well for Europe after the black death.

            • cloudswrest says:

              There is assuredly some optimum proportion (i.e. a local maxima) of the population that need to be ditch diggers. This value probably changes with the degree of automation.

              • Red says:

                When I’m told to dig a ditch, I build something to make digging ditches easier, which is what happened in Europe after the black death. Having highly intelligent people doing tasks is always better for productivity and tech advancement.

                Keeping lots of dumb dumbs around to dig ditches is only useful if the smarties are not reproducing which seems to be a reoccurring issue with civilization.

  33. Eugine Nier says:

    I just ran into a new heretical form of Christianity on twitter.

    Call themselves “non-Pauline Christians”. They claim to reject Paul since we was “a Murderous jew” who “hated women”.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Old heresy in a new skin suit. Much complaining about them at the Council of Nicaea.

    • Redbible says:

      This particular person is claiming to be pro OT, but rejects Paul. I wonder what their answer would be to being asked what the difference between Paul’s take on women is, and what the OT take on women is. Clearly they would lie about what’s in the OT, but still would be a bit curious as to what kind of lie they would give.

      • Red says:

        McChristain’s always gives me well I’d have to read the passage in it’s whole context. When I say go ahead, they say they’ll do it later. They know what it says, but they lie to themselves and others about it.

  34. Red says:

    We already knew this just days after J6 but it’s important to document it:

    KD link:

    J6 was a staged Reichstag’s fire event.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      The leftist media has been absolutely freaking out about the release of the new video. And the past few days I’d been wondering why. Now we know. And we’ll know even more soon.

    • notglowing says:

      So, what’s the conclusion to draw here?
      J6 protesters were drawn in and entrapped, and are martyrs, or J6 protesters are actually all in on it, and got the short end of the stock from being knowingly part of a glowop?

      Did they mention being led into the Senate during the trials?
      Why did none of the people who say this testify, or did they and I missed it?

      • Red says:

        They were suckers, like Pooch. Mentally ill with FED handlers like the Shaman guy, groups being lead by the FBI informants, people too dumb to realize they were being led around by the nose by the government.

        >Did they mention being led into the Senate during the trials?
        Why did none of the people who say this testify, or did they and I missed it?

        Missed what exactly? Federal show trials allow no cameras. They were not given the video nor would judges allow such video to be used in their defense.

        The Feds protected their own, antifa, and BLM who where there as evidenced by Ray Epps and the rest of his crew not being arrested. Ray Epps crew cut down fences, no trespassing signs, and directed the mob. The guys breaking into the capital where dressed all in black with black face covers, and none of them were arrested. The guy leading Ashley Bobbitt around was had a Trump hat an overtly large medical mask on. He was never identified or arrested.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        The naive boomer protesters were drawn in and entrapped. The Judas goats got off light, or not charged at all.

        >Did they mention being led into the Senate during the trials? Why did none of the people who say this testify…

        How is this even a question? After being set up, after being beaten in prison, after being threatened with effective life in prison if the full charges stuck, after having the deck stacked against them at trial, you think the prosecution would leave anything to chance with a fair trial, full discovery, and judges allowing a full defense?

        An aside – conviction rate in federal trials for the last year I could find was 93%. Except I’m having trouble finding hard numbers for current year, as 90% of charges are settled by pleading guilty to something without going to trial. And that’s counting any and all non-political charges (if there is such a thing in federal). Once it’s political it gets even worse.

  35. BobtheBuilder says:

    What would you say are the arguments for Traditional Catholicism being true vs Eastern Orthodoxy being true?

    • jim says:

      Traditional Catholicism is fine. Roman Catholicism is an eleventh century heresy motivated by desire for that which is Caesar. Church governance was collegial to the eleventh century, and is still collegial in Eastern orthodoxy.

      • Vendat Tunicam says:

        Why then are the Orthodox largely incapable of evangelization to non-Christians post schism, whereas the Catholics (especially the Jesuits) extremely good at it?

        Also you bring up that the Church is collegial a lot. Fair point, it mostly is Yet when Peter names Christ the Messiah he does so without any discussion with the other apostles, he blurts it out!

        • BobtheBuilder says:

          Your argument about the Great Commission is essentially what I was going to bring up, since I more or less am losing faith in Sola Scriptura and am looking for which of the apostolic successors are true (if this isn’t the place for it, sorry, I’ll take it somewhere else).
          You speaking well of the Jesuits sets off alarms. Mind explaining the proper relationship between a man and woman in marriage that the modern world suppresses, and then explain why its prescribed?

          • jim says:

            > for which of the apostolic successors are true

            In feudalism, any knight can grant knighthood. And anyone with apostolic succession can grant apostolic sucession.

            Which guarantees that some knights with legitimate knighthood will be very bad knights, and some people with legitimate apostolic succession will be heretics. Human institutions inevitably have failure modes. The Church, however, regenerates, in that heretical churches tend to lose support. The congregation slowly stops showing up. So over time, the consensus of the communion of the saints will not be too bad. The original thread of Christianity remains in the gospels.

            The gospels, however are full of contradiction. Faith and works. Baptism of water and baptism of the holy spirit. These contradictions are, for the large part deliberate – hence God is three and God is one. You will perhaps recall my post on game, which was also full of deliberate contradictions, because mere words cannot suffice. Hence the problem with sola scripture is that people are apt to grab one end of a contradiction and run with it at the expense of the other end. To prevent these endless heresies, need a living human authority that can lay down the law.

            But such a living human authority can also lay down heresy.

            • germain says:

              >In feudalism, any knight can grant knighthood.

              Complete and utter nonsense. Knighthood was granted by the sovereign, major barons, or supreme army commanders, only. Later the grand masters of knightly orders received special dispensations from sovereign and Pope to grant it as well. In any case it always required somebody with clear temporal authority. Knights were warriors, not leaders, they did not have authority to grant their own status.

              The following passage can be found worded identically in both the 1910 and 1938 Encyclopedia Britannica

              “He that is to be made a knight,” he says, “is stricken by the prince with a sword drawn upon his back or shoulder, the prince saying, ‘Soys Chevalier,’, and in times past was added ‘Saint George.’ And when the knight rises the prince sayeth ‘Avencez.'” In our days when a knight is personally made he kneels before the sovereign, who lays a sword drawn, ordinarily the Sword of State, on either of his shoulders and says, “Rise,” calling him by his Christian name with the addition of “Sir” before it.

              This is trivially verifiable in any account of how new knights were recognized, and also trivially obvious in considering the societal implications of what you suggest. I don’t know why you would make such an obviously false claim.

            • Upravda says:

              Umm… no. Knighthood could be granted only by a king or by some highly ranked noble who was also a knight. Typically, master of the chivalrous order, or something like that.

              AFAIK, knights could grant yeomanry, if that is right word in English. It is a kind of lesser nobility. Knights could grant it to men under their suzerainty, but it wasn’t exactly a knighthood.

              • Red says:

                Umm… no. Knighthood could be granted only by a king or by some highly ranked noble who was also a knight. Typically, master of the chivalrous order, or something like that.

                Nope. Any Knight could make a Knight. Hell a Knight with no lands made the Crown Prince of England a Knight after he was blooded in battle.


          • Vendat Tunicam says:

            Well I’ll quote St. Paul regarding the proper relationship between man and wife if that’s ok with you, he’s a lot more eloquent than I could ever hope to be.

            22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

            25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church— 30 for we are members of his body. 31 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”[b] 32 This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church. 33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

            The reason why we are required to husband our wives is because of the nature of man and woman. Women have not made decisions regarding reproduction since before we were human, they are not physically nor mentally equipped to hunt mammoth on the steppe, if one of my ancestors didn’t like his wife’s behavior he’d just stop feeding her until she knocked it off. Or maybe he picked her up and dumped her in the snow when she got to nagging him, it’s worked for me.

            I find the achievements of the Jesuits and other orders in the New World highly impressive, they made a go at converting every tribe they encountered and prior to the 20th century virtually everybody in Latin America was Christian.

            • Adam says:

              >25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

              Is there a red pill interpretation of this? Women do not need to be loved by their husbands. Men need to be loved by their wives, and women need to be desired by their husbands. This passage has always given me trouble.

              • S says:

                Its the other way around. Men need to be desired by their wives and women need to be loved by their husbands.


                • Adam says:

                  I could have my definitions a bit mixed up. When think of a woman loving a man I think of acts of service and things like making the home, cooking and cleaning etc. And I think mostly what women want from a man, at least judged by what makes them feel good and valued, is to be treated like a sex toy by a man that other women find attractive (as well as secured by that man).

                  Maybe I am just reading too much into what Paul meant by love.

              • jim says:

                You are misinterpreting the word “love”, because these days it has been redefined as Romantic love, which is wicked and causes people to act in a wicked and depraved manner.

                To understand what Paul means by love, read

                It does not matter what women think they want. They need to be cherished like your own flesh – which means you should worry about what is good for them, which is frequently not they think they want.

                Rectification of names: We need to redefine love as what it used to mean before the troubadors and the Romance literature got hold of it, which is what is now called tough love. The love Christ bears for the Church, for the new Israel, and the love a husband feels for what is his.

                • Adam says:

                  Yes that sounds right. Other than sex, it is very similar to how a father should love his daughters up until they are married off.

        • jim says:

          You are starting to sound very like a heretic or demon worshipper who is trying to pass as Christian.

          Can you give us the affirmation: Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

          • Vendat Tunicam says:

            Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

        • Upravda says:

          Both Orthodox and Catholics (yes, including Jesuits) are good in evangelization under Orthodox and Catholic rulers, respectively. Russian Orthodox Church has successfully evangelized large swaths of Volga land, Urals and Siberia, just as Spanish Catholics did in Americas. In Early Middle Ages… well, there was not Catholics and Orthodox back then, but Christians of Greek rite did successfully evangelize Rus just as, say, Christians of Latin rite successfully evangelized Poles or Lithuanians.

          The way I see it, there is much less of a difference between Catholics and Orthodox than many Protestants, especially Anglos, think. Church governance is as much “collegial” in orthodox churches as in Catholic church, the collegium just being much wider in the latter, and constrained by national or imperial border in the former.

          Yes, some popes in the past did desire that what is Caesar’s. Ultimately, they failed even in Catholic countries. So what? Russian orthodox had quite of a show of another kind with so called Old Believers. Yes, it sucks that Roman Catholic priests can not marry, especially when one knows that Greek Catholic priests can, since forever. However, privilege of marrying is even among Orthodox reserved only for “small” vicars. Bishops and such have to be celibate also among the Orthodox, with similar problems as among Catholics.

          The point is, a nation or empire bent on survival can not afford a heretic or demon worshiper being a leader of a Church, be that Orthodox, Catholic or whatever church you fancy.

          We Catholics failed in that, finally with that Bergoglio man.

          A lot of Orthodox also failed in that.

          A huge amount of Protestants failed in that a long time ago.

          Now what?

          • BobtheBuilder says:

            The early church was at one point majority Arian until Nicaea. Iconoclasm was popular in the 8th century. “God is dead” isn’t an overwhelming problem for Christianity, since God rising from the dead is a core tenant of the faith.

          • The Cominator says:

            The only good Jesuit is dead and burning in hell.

          • Vendat Tunicam says:

            Looking at the Orthodox world post-schism we see a failure of evangelization of neighboring nations. It reminds me of the failure of evangelization by the Arians post-Nicea. The conversion of the Goths and Langobards occured prior to Nicea, after Nicea the Arians could no longer convert pagans nations. The Goths conquered a whole lot of nations but they were either tolerant or unable to convert their subjects. There is an interesting parallel between the Goths (the most powerful Germanic tribe) and the Rus (the most powerful Slavic tribe).

            When the Rus threw off the Tatar yoke in 1480 it began a relentless push eastward in order that the asiatic hordes might never threaten the Russian peoples ever again. In their conquest of the steppe tribes the Rus subdued and displaced dozens of tribes. Wherever you see Christianity in Russia today it is because a long time ago the Tsar settled Russians, Germans and also Slavs from client states in those places, you are looking at their descendants. Wherever you see Islam, Buddhism, Tengrism and other forms of heathenry you are looking at the descendents of Tatars and other tribes conquered by the Rus. The number of Tatars converted by Orthodox missionaries is exceedingly small, this in spite of being under the control of Russia for centuries. Now there is no denying that the Rus have created a great and powerful civilization, but why then are Orthodox priests incapable of evangelizing conquered or neighboring peoples?

            Regarding the pope it is a stumbling block for me to become Orthodox when Peter did not bother to ask the other disciples for their opinions on if Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus did not turn to Peter and admonish him for failing to ask the disciple’s opinions, rather Jesus commends him for his faith and makes him pope.

            The reason the current pope is so bad is to cure the Church of ultramontanism. The pope’s opinions are to be respected but outside of his charism they can be safely ignored. It is fitting punishment that in an age where every idle thought can be broadcast to all the world in an instant the pope is a bureaucratic bumbler.

            • jim says:

              > Regarding the pope it is a stumbling block for me to become Orthodox when Peter did not bother to ask the other disciples for their opinions on if Jesus was the Messiah.

              Peter, however, went underground when the heat came down, and the Church was run by James the Just, brother of Christ, and Paul, apostle to the gentiles, in consultation with the other apostles. And governance continued collegially for a thousand years.

              The Bishop of Rome, you may recall, claimed to be the “Patriarch of the West” – the patriarch of Byzantium being the Patriarch of the East. Papal supremacy was not a thing until the eleventh century, until after the great schism.

              Rome was clearly the center of Christianity in the West, and was treated as such by the Holy Roman Emperor – but the Papacy’s earthly claims to what is Caesar led to endless strife and frequent bloodshed with Roman Catholic Kings of the west.

              Observe where conferences such as The First Council of Nicaea were held. They were not held in Rome. They were held a long way from Rome in the vicinity of Constantinople, and we do not see the Bishop of Rome presiding, or a particularly prominent participant.

              • Vendat Tunicam says:

                It was not run by James, nor was it run by Paul. Peter was going back and forth across the Mediterranean making sure everybody in the Church was in congruence with one another. Peter makes enough room for Paul’s mercy and James’ justice without going overboard in either direction. Peter is acting as pontifex.

                If James ran the church why do we have no record of Peter telling him to take over? We have records of the popes following Peter and the second is assuredly not James.

                >Papal supremacy was not a thing until the eleventh century, until after the great schism.

                It was a thing when Peter called Jesus messiah and did so without asking any of the apostles for input. That it was not formalized is irrelevant. I was the first to call my sire father, ergo I have power over my brothers though I may sometimes treat them as equals. When my brothers quarrel I do not always claim my rights except when prudent, just as the pope might not claim his rights at Nicea. Sometimes they go back and forth for a long time and I am content to let it go on trusting that it will resolve itself properly without much interjection.

                The papacy’s claims of what is Caesar’s is not something I am too familiar with, but if what you say is true then we can see that God’s judgement was to make the papacy completely ineffective in marshalling armies and commanding men in battle. The papal state only exists at the sufferance of Italy.

                • jim says:

                  > If James ran the church why do we have no record of Peter telling him to take over?

                  Peter hit the dirt pretty quickly, being the number one target of the pharisees, and after he hit the dirt we have no plausible record of him doing anything at all. In the first fifteen chapters of Acts of the apostles he is clearly running things, but he is running things collegially. He hears everyone speak, and then he issues the decision of the meeting. Acts sixteen onwards and the epistles, no longer to be seen, and collegial government is proceeding in his absence, as with the discussion between Paul and James. With Paul and James first among equals.

                  Peter received a revelation that pork was now OK, but did not so interpret it. Paul split the difference “I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean,”

                  This and/or similar issues led to disagreements within the Church as to the extent to which Christians should follow Jewish practice. Christians have to follow the spirit of the law, but this is intentionally left as a judgment call about what its spirit is. And this led to the disagreement between Paul and the Jerusalem Christians, which was resolved collegially without Peter playing any role at all. Paul issues that decision, not Peter.

                  In interpreting the discussions on the extent to which the spirit of the laws required practices that distinguish the Jews as Jewish, we should be mindful that the Christians of Israel were catching ever increasing heat from the pharisees, and therefore found it convenient to be as Jewish as possible, while Paul, among the gentiles, found it inconvenient. The curse of Christ upon the Jews was still playing out, and the New Testament ends immediately before the execution of Paul and James, probably because the people who were writing it all got killed or were too busy trying to stay alive.

                  In the discussions of the Jewishness of Christianity, Paul taxes the Jerusalem Christians with hypocrisy, which is consistent with the conjecture that they were more worried about getting killed than genuinely interpreting Peter’s revelation the way Peter interpreted it and Paul, not Peter, seems to issue the decision. Peter is nowhere to be seen.

                  I conjecture that collectively and in public, Jewish Christians in Jerusalem interpreted Peter’s revelation the way Peter did, but individually and in private, interpreted it according to its obvious meaning, the way Paul did, and the way all Christians do today. Hence the hypocrisy Paul taxes them with. That publicly and collectively they interpreted the spirit as the ritual cleanliness that distinguished Jews from other people, but privately and individually they interpreted the spirit as actual cleanliness.

                  During the time during which the New Testament was written, Christ’s curse upon the Jews was still playing out, and it played out with rivers of blood. As the curse continued to play out, Christians of Jewish origin needed to appear as Jewish as possible to the Jews, to avoid getting killed. After the curse played out, needed to appear as unjewish as possible to the Romans. Shortly before Jerusalem fell, they received a revelation to get the hell out, or perhaps they just saw the way the wind was blowing, and Paul’s interpretation would then have become a whole lot more popular.

                  Conveniently, Paul splitting the difference allows a Christian of Jewish origin to be as Jewish as he likes, which was becoming a matter of life or death at the time, and is consistent with Paul telling us that Jerusalem Christians were a lot less Jewish in private than in public.

                  I have brought up the debate on the spirit of the cleanliness laws, because it was a debate resolved without Peter playing any role in issuing the consensus.

                • jim says:

                  > It was a thing when Peter called Jesus messiah

                  Papal supremacy was not a thing when the Bishop of Rome sought the title of Patriarch of the West. Where was the Bishop of Rome when the Nicene creed was issued? It was issued from Constantinople, not Rome. I conjecture that the Bishop of Rome was probably present, but no indication that he was.

                • jim says:

                  > Peter was going back and forth across the Mediterranean making sure everybody in the Church was in congruence

                  The big hot issue was the spirit of the Jewish cleanliness laws. And in resolving congruence on that issue, Peter is nowhere to be seen.

                  On the issue of the spirit of the Jewish cleanliness laws, Peter nowhere in sight. On the Nicean creed, Bishop of Rome nowhere in sight.

            • Upravda says:

              Well, I’ve informed myself more closely on the subject of Orthodox missionary activity, and you might be at least partially right. While there are Orthodox Christians among many of the Ural, Volga, and Siberian peoples, there seems to be quite a lot of the adherents to the old school shamanism and such. It is weird, I would expect them being converted a long time ago. OTOH, there were Russian missionaries in all those places, and obviously they had some success, especially among sedentary peoples.

              Yes, most of the Christians there are there because they are Russians or other, mostly Slavic colonists.

              So, yes, it isn’t just that Orthodox do not send missionaries to, say, Solomon Islands. They might also be reluctant to evangelize among local pagans. I don’t know why is that. Since those are mostly peoples scattered from Volga to Pacific, over numbered practically everywhere, maybe Russian emperors and patriarchs simply did not even have them “on radar”…

              Episode from the Bible about Peter you mentioned is, of course, widely known among all Christians, not just Catholic apologists. However, many people find it simply too inconclusive to justify total domination of the Bishop of Rome. It seems to me, and many others, that it can simply be interpreted as Bishop of Rome being just “primus inter pares”, something like Patriarch of Constantinople was among Orthodox.

              • Red says:

                >Well, I’ve informed myself more closely on the subject of Orthodox missionary activity, and you might be at least partially right.

                I really don’t see the point of missionaries. If the local elites convert then the people follow. The only people who should be targeted are the elites. My McChristain family has done a bunch of missionary trips to places like Mexico. Just seems like a waste of time and resources that could be better used to help people in their local church and community.

                Even groups like the Mormons who are insane about missionary trips basically out bred everyone, they didn’t convert that many people.

                • Upravda says:

                  Don’t worry, me neither. 😉

                  However, all those missions are more a matter of high visibility. For many folks, being a missionary in some God forsaken country sounds… romantic. In reality, there are not so many of those missions, those that do exist are just very visible and trumpeted about.

                • SJ says:

                  The LDS mission isn’t about converting anyone. Should that happen it is simply a happy byproduct. The mission sends an 18 year old boy off by himself with only another eighteen year old boy to keep him in check for two years, often to a foreign and very poor country filled with violence. If the boy returns holding his faith after two years he is now a man and is now fit to marry one of the beautiful submissive virgin women that have been taught their entire lives that they must marry a returned missionary so they can get sealed in the temple. It’s a manhood ritual and a high bar to prevent easy penetration of their young virgin girls.

                  The manhood ritual is very much missing in prog society is and is something we should be bring back. I am doing so for my six sons.

                • Adam says:

                  I also have McChristian family members who are or were missionaries to third world countries. It is virtue tourism and quite a lot of it is driven by the wife and her need for attention. It is utterly ridiculous. If I were a Mohammed in one of those countries I would persecute them as well for trying to bring gay anal divorce rape values to my country.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I really don’t see the point of missionaries. If the local elites convert then the people follow.”

                  This is why the Jesuits are good at converting when they do missionary work instead of subversive spy work they are successful… Jesuits have always known to target the elite…

                • yewotm8 says:

                  And here I thought they were sending their boys away so they could take their still-virgin girlfriends as their third wives.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Depends on the Mormon sect. There have been a lot of mini schisms in part due the government forcing it since 1800s and in part due to the Mormon church growing too large to maintain stability if they kept chasing too many boys out. There are still quite a few Mormons who practice polygamy and the mainstream church will turn a blind eye to it. This has been changing recently as the main church has been going woke and anti family/marriage sentiment will likely overtake remaining mainstream polygamist tendencies.

                • SJ says:

                  There are massive schools where the fundamentalists have their many wives bring all their children to keep them from exposure to progism. You’ll see a caravan of full size vans moving them around driven by mediocre looking women. The polygamist lifestyle is very difficult and very very expensive. The children receive reduced investment as dad has so many, though they do attempt to be in all their children’s lives. They live very poorly. The women are generally kept separately in order to reduce infighting to move up on the husband’s booty call list, said husband whom is working seventy hours a week to try to support all those mouths. The women are insufficiently supervised in the children’s lives and the children grow up with whatever mom teaches them.

                  A lot of the boys from polygamist families do not want the life of their father. If you want to fck bunch of women much easier to do it the prog way, in serial not in parallel. Much easier to have sterile, or even bastard producing, sex with many sluts than to keep multiple wives with twenty little mouths to feed that all want to wrestle with dad after he stops by to try to sleep for thirty minutes.

                  The LDS churches in the cities are post wall epiphany phase paradise for used up single moms. They provide the chumps. The LDS churches outside the city are filled with families, average Joe marries average Jane and average Jane is still a virgin Progism is made fun of, people are open that they want to live without diversity, and sure their is one guy who blathers on about how “that’s sexist” to a room full of rolling eyes.

                  Oh in the city you will see early twenties gorgeous thin women on online dating advertising that they are still a virgin but, of course, they are waiting for their 6′ 4″ lawyer-doctor-FBI agent returned missionary to get sealed in the temple with. Another obvious failure that these women turn to mainstream online dating

                  Most of the men are blue pilled betas, of course, who argue with their wives, to servant lead, and whose wives struggle on the brink of nervous breakdowns balancing their duty to be a submissive servant and their husband constantly failing shit tests. This is the big weakness. Hey if you would like to help set an example feel free to stop by a church and ask for the local missionaries phone number.

                  Bring your own woman though. Outsiders do not get access to the young virgins and you will be forced into meeting an endless parade of disgusting worthless gutter slut single mothers whose baby daddies are all in prison.

                • i says:


                  “You’ll see a caravan of full size vans moving them around driven by mediocre looking women. The polygamist lifestyle is very difficult and very very expensive. The children receive reduced investment as dad has so many, though they do attempt to be in all their children’s lives. They live very poorly.”

                  Never works out without the infrastructure and wealth of Oriental Kings of Old.

                  Polygyny was only always comparatively sustainable for the Aristocracy and Royalty. For the top-tier Elite class of society. Except for the Harem drama which soaks up Elite energies away from proper Rulership.

                  With everyone else being Monogamous in said Oriental Society.

                  But Monogamy has the advantage of not only ensuing more Men have wives and subsequently have their Loyalty. But that they are able to be more selective of their wives for Physical Beauty and Character.

                  I’d rather have 1 top-tier wife. Than less than top-tier wives as a Polygynist. I got other things to do.

                • Vendat Tunicam says:

                  The point of missions is that Jesus says that we must go and make disciples of the nations. It’s sometimes called the great commission.

                  He never tells us how to do it though, which is why Charlemagne was able to convert my ancestors by sword.

              • i says:

                “You’ll see a caravan of full size vans moving them around driven by mediocre looking women. The polygamist lifestyle is very difficult and very very expensive. The children receive reduced investment as dad has so many, though they do attempt to be in all their children’s lives. They live very poorly.”

                Never works out without the infrastructure and wealth of Oriental Kings of Old.

                Polygyny was only always comparatively sustainable for the Aristocracy and Royalty. For the top-tier Elite class of society. Except for the Harem drama which soaks up Elite energies away from proper Rulership.

                With everyone else being Monogamous.

                But Monogamy has the advantage of not only ensuing more Men have wives. But that they are able to be more selective of their wives for Physical Beauty and Character.

                I’d rather have 1 top-tier wife. Than less than top-tier wives as a Polygynist.

        • The Cominator says:

          Jim this guy is defending the Jesuits recommend he has to take all the shill tests.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Most arguments in this respect operate largely in terms of passive voice. Id est, ‘protestantism is debased, therefore roman catholicism is based’ (eg,, while more or less ignoring the existence of Orthodoxy.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      A: Orthodox Christians want to castrate, blind, and impale Evangelicals.
      B: No, they don’t. Orthodox Christianity is a peaceful and tolerant religion.
      A: But the Homilies of St. Balaam clearly teach…
      B: Again, they don’t. You are using a bad translation. You do not know Old Church Slavonic.

  36. Caesar Sextion says:

    You said it.

    “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

    Play fair or get vaxed.

    • jim says:

      So what is the truth about who and what you are?

      • Red says:

        I’m pretty sure he’s a faggot as well. His comments on women that I called retarded, upon reflection was just view of the average degenerate faggot. Older wives have no sex appeal, is really older faggots have no sex appeal.

        • Caesar Sextion says:

          [*deleted for failure to pass shill test. Before you can discuss our beliefs about women, you have to acknowledge what we do, in fact believe about women. That male authority over women needs to be restored because hypergamy in a social environment where men are weak because women possess social superweapons (can simply point the finger to destroy some man’s life and career, can take his children away) renders reproduction difficult.*]

        • Caesar Sextion says:

          [*deleted for failure to pass shill test. Before you can discuss our beliefs about women, you have to acknowledge what we do, in fact believe about women. That male authority over women needs to be restored because hypergamy in a social environment where men are weak because women possess social superweapons (can simply point the finger to destroy some man’s life and career, can take his children away) renders reproduction difficult.*]

          • Caesar Sextion says:

            [*boring. Take the shill test. You can pass by committing a thought crime, or by accurately depicting our thought crime position in the course of disagreeing with it.*]

            • jim says:

              Subtly inaccurate depictions of our position will, however, be deleted unless sufficiently interesting to be worthy of rebuttal.

              • Caesar Sextion says:

                [*deleted for wildly inaccurate depiction of our position on women, as usual. This is getting repetitious*]

                • jim says:

                  Explaining why I deleted your comments has become tedious and repetitious. Going to silent deletion. You know what I will allow through. Post what I will allow through. You can criticize our positions, but you have to first commit the unthinkable thought crime of noticing what they in fact are.

      • Caesar Sextion says:

        [*deleted for failure to pass shill test. Before you can discuss our beliefs about women, you have to acknowledge what we do, in fact believe about women. That male authority over women needs to be restored because hypergamy in a social environment where men are weak because women possess social superweapons (can simply point the finger to destroy some man’s life and career, can take his children away) renders reproduction difficult.*]

  37. Cloudswrest says:

    Modern day Xhosa cattle killing???

    So what’s with the Dutch government getting rid of all their farms and farmers in the name of Climate Change? Here’s a dairy farm being shut down! Truly insane government!!!

    • Cloudswrest says:

      This is infrastructure they are liquidating. You can’t just start it up again immediately if you change your mind.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      For awhile now Europe’s been liquidating their energy infrastructure. Now they are liquidating their food infrastructure!!!

      • Red says:

        Next they liquidate their white population.

        • Fireball says:

          They are already doing it. They are just doing it slowly by the vax and implementing what has done is South Africa. Next is trying to find a way to do what has been done with the ukranians, failing that or even despite of that is the morgenthau plan.

    • alf says:

      Gaia worship is hitting overdrive.

      There’s provincial elections coming up, and a major focal point is the ‘forced buy-out of polluting farms.’ No surprise to me, I’ve been making comparisons with the kulaks for years now, but most farmers are still in utter disbelief. A sad situation that will only get worse.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      This guy is speaking pure gobbledygook.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Looks like it really is an anti-livestock “cattle killing” is implied by this thread from a local protagonist. Heaven forbid we should allow a highly profitable, international business model for local yokels!!!!!

  38. Arkyshrugger says:

    LCMS actively trying to purge what it calls the “alt-right” from its ranks.

    • Adam says:

      That article was written by a fool and a gutless coward. He will die afraid.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The Synodical explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism teaches that the Fifth Commandment, “You shall not murder,” includes the prohibition of “hating, despising, or slandering other groups of people (prejudice, racism, and so forth).”

        That’s actually interesting (at least to me who keeps away from McChristians). Let’s see the reasoning.

        The Scriptures agree: “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3:15).

        Curious, he jumped from scripture on brothers to non-scripture arguments on other groups of people. I wonder what his response would be to asking if those other groups of people are not necessarily one’s brothers.

        Every human being is precious to God and as valuable as the very blood of Jesus Christ shed for all, “for God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son” (John 3:16)

        I so love my small fruit tree orchard that I gave it my loving labor. I don’t sacrifice my labor for rotten fruit that has fallen on the ground, yet rotten fruit are part of my orchard; a part of my creation. Human beings are part of God’s creation, they are not the same as all of God’s creation. Bad elements of God’s creation face destruction. “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy.”1 Corinthians 3:17. How he extrapolate “every human being is precious etc” from John 3:16 is very interesting. Would like to know his thought process.

        >That article was written by a fool and a gutless coward. He will die afraid.

        Nah… just a low vitality idiot. Likely full of the type of bravery seen in fools. Probably won’t even have time or ability to know what hit him. Wonder what he looks like…×300.jpg

        Oh my, that’s a lot of asymmetry. His right eyebrow is nearly gone from balding. The other is a massive bush nearly tickling the eye’s puncta. Yet his right nostril is massive, while is left is narrow. His nose is twisted. His right stash is hairier than his left while his right hairline recedes and the left maintains?

        • Red says:

          Oh my, that’s a lot of asymmetry. His right eyebrow is nearly gone from balding. The other is a massive bush nearly tickling the eye’s puncta. Yet his right nostril is massive, while is left is narrow. His nose is twisted. His right stash is hairier than his left while his right hairline recedes and the left maintains?

          Sort of looks like a lighting effect. The head shot is weirdly lit. Though the only reason to use such lighting it do cover up ugliness, so you might be right.

          McChristain’s specialize in twisting scripture to fit their masters agenda.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >cover up ugliness


            Yeah, to cover up his distinct lack of fasting. In the above video you can see him in full 2160p and multiple angles as his head moves. You can also see that the asymmetry is even greater on his cheeks.

            Luther on fasting:

            It is right to fast frequently in order to subdue and control the body. For when the stomach is full, the body does not serve for preaching, for praying, for studying, or for doing anything else that is good. Under such circumstances, God’s Word cannot remain.

            So the Lutheran Church President isn’t even a practicing Lutheran. I found videos of him from over a decade ago speaking before the House Committee (what a coincidence, he’s state backed). You can see in the video below the man was always large, but he wasn’t always obviously asymmetrical. Perhaps Proverbs 3:33 is apt. We see the curse of the LORD is in the house of Mr. Harrison.


            • Red says:

              I’ve long thought most of the preachers I met growing up where frauds and charlatans who were there mostly to milk people and gain advantages for their themselves at the expenses of people who wanted true Christianity. I formed this opinion on the basis of the total lack of useful instruction I observed from them. I had not consider the idea that they were planted by the state until recently.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >be given the very thing he denied his victim, due process of the law.

              Well, I messed up the blockquotes. I blame my mental aneurysm on his George Floyd statement. Really, thanks to Arkyshrugger and Red I’m filling in a blind spot. I’ve overlooked these types of fools out of my prideful arrogance of not wanting to breath the same air as these people, but they are still dangerous and ignorance gets one killed.

              I hope he gets all the “due process” Mr. Chauvin got.

            • Adam says:

              The fasting bit smells a little like holiness spiraling. Food is the most anabolic substance you can put in your body, it is natures original performance enhancing drug.

              Not to say fasting does not have its place, it is good for cutting weight, but often a miserable experience unless complimented by a stimulant.

              Maybe it is not a holiness spiral, but to do it for no purpose sounds a lot like beta faggotry, “the more I suffer the more it shows I care”, which is often found among McChristian pastors and their emasculated male followers.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                To put it in other words, it is better to alternate between feast and famine, than to continually snack as the mood takes you, even if the nominal calorie intake is equivalent.

              • jim says:

                I fast for health reasons. I am fasting right now, because several pounds over my ideal weight. I will continue to fast till back to my ideal weight, which will probably take two or three days.

                It is good for me. If you are not used to fasting you are going to feel bad and be weak and stupid, but once your body adjusts to periodic fasting, you will be fine.

                Regular fasting, and regularly lifting iron, should be part of everyone’s health regimen. If you are unwell during a fast, you are out of shape and need to get in shape.

                • Adam says:

                  It has been my experience that my physical and mental performance suffers a great deal if fasting longer than 12-14 hours per day. I have found 8pm – 10am to be ideal. It may be different in the life of a priest. But if you are in decent shape (20% body fat or less), lift heavy iron, and also on your feet 10 hours a day, food is a major contributor to your performance.

                  I suppose if you are required to sit for most of the day your challenge is greater.

                • jim says:

                  If you are on a high fat, low carb diet, I do not think this is the case. If you derive most of your energy from saturated fat, you should in theory be able to consume it at infrequent intervals, and this has been my experience.

                • SJ says:

                  Their is also the potential that fasting helps the body eliminate parasites.

                • Earl says:

                  Seems to be that brief periods of autophagy/caloric deficit (hours) is good, but prolonged fasting (days) starts to have undesirable hormonal (norepinephrine) and metabolic side effects as well as depressing the immune system. Thus the affinity of keto/carnivore types with intermittent fasting.

                  I would imagine that mimics ancestral eating patterns. Feast on the most calorically dense meat you can find, such as from around the ribs, as well as those (not fatty but very tasty) organs, because you can’t be sure when your next meal will arrive. However, our ancestors were obviously expert hunters and probably made a decent catch every day, or caught enough to last a few days without spoiling in a frigid environment. There seem to be a lot of different theories on how our ancestors ate and none of them supported by positive proof, but it is my educated guess that they probably ate once a day or possibly twice in regions where it was convenient to gather nuts and fruits.

                  In fact eating a diet where 70-80% of calories come from animal fat will tend to kick you into once-a-day or twice-a-day intermittent fasting without even thinking about it. Try making Memphis-style dry ribs, that’s with just a simple spice rub and not slathered in sugary BBQ sauce. I can’t finish more than a half rack, if I overeat I actually start to feel sick. Same deal with beef short ribs. Even though fat is a lot more calorie dense, it’s a lot harder to overeat. And once you’re satiated, you just don’t want to eat again for quite a while. I can have a meal at 8 pm and not be even remotely hungry until 1-2 pm the next day, at which point it’s more of a “hmm maybe I should eat” thing than an “I’m starving need stuff face now” thing.

                  Maybe if one looks at prolonged fasting as a test of willpower then there is some less-tangible, Stoic-esque benefit to doing it periodically, but it is my understanding that the notable health benefits of fasting last for about 4-12 hours after glycogen depletion, after which point the body tries to start making more permanent “hibernation” type adjustments which actually slow down fat burning by slowing down the metabolism entirely, which puts a real damper on athletic performance as well as limiting cognitive ability (cognition being a very energy-intensive process requiring upwards of 300 calories a day). Prolonged fasting or “crash dieting” to hit a body weight target usually also leads to rebounding regardless of normal diet. I hear the prolonged fasting proponents say that the rebound is only because those fasters go back to their bad diets afterward, and maybe that is the case, but the rebounds happen with such remarkable regularity that I have to wonder if there’s more to the story.

                  Medical “studies” aren’t worth much these days but it’s better than nothing:

                  Summary: The longer you fast, the more muscle protein your body starts to consume relative to fat stores. That includes the heart, by the way. There seems to be a sweet spot at around 1-2 days for an average/lean person although it may be longer than that for the obese. While 3-4 days is probably also no big deal, multiple weeks of fasting can cause complications.

                • jim says:

                  The paper you link to indicates that the body will conserve protein till actually starving, so I really would not worry about protein loss.

                  Worry about protein loss when your abs are perfectly defined and clearly visible.

                • ray says:

                  Periodic fasting is good spiritually and physically. Christ Himself practiced and recommended fasting.

                • Adam says:

                  It would be very encouraging to see a priest or a pastor lift iron. Fasting is good, and good for you. But it is not as if these guys are marching across the country when they are fasting. Physical labor, sweating and bleeding is a pretty good way to deter a leftist, and I would argue it is as good for you spiritually as fasting. Juggalos don’t join the army (a real army), and they do not volunteer to put on work boots in the morning.

                • jim says:

                  In the days when there was no shortage of physical labor that urgently needed to be done, there was no need for a requirement for lifting iron. I am sure Jesus got some very impressive muscles in the course of turning logs into planks with hand tools. Today, indeed, a requirement for lifting iron should be added to the requirement for fasting. Fasting has obvious spiritual benefits, but lifting iron even more impressive spiritual benefits.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                A full stomach. Not a satisfied stomach. A stomach that has been stuffed even after hunger signal stops. This results in postprandial somnolence in the short term and insulin response irregularities if done often in the long term. Also too much fat makes people stupid. Not good for doing anything that is good.

                Funny enough, Luther may have benefited from his own advice. It’s after he stopped fasting regularly he started getting weird ideas and eventually set off the reformation. The thing that killed how many Germans? He died a hefty 150kg and was also became oddly asymmetrical if the paintings are anything to go by.

                I admit, my knowledge of Luther, Lutherans, and the reformation is lacking. I may be wrong on the correlation between Luther’s fattening (or the exact timing of his fattening) and his protestantism, but it’s still interesting to consider. If anyone has more knowledge I would appreciate it being shared. I don’t have the time to look deeply at this subject.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “I admit, my knowledge of Luther, Lutherans, and the reformation is lacking. I may be wrong on the correlation between Luther’s fattening (or the exact timing of his fattening) and his protestantism, but it’s still interesting to consider. If anyone has more knowledge I would appreciate it being shared. I don’t have the time to look deeply at this subject.”

                  Indeed, you do need to learn more, if you think Protestantism was caused by one person enjoying food.

                  The real cause of all the deaths in religious wars in Europe at that time – and for hundreds of years earlier – was the Roman Catholic Papacy, and it’s refusal to tolerate the existence of any other sort of Christianity.

                • ten says:

                  According to the Wartburger quartermaster, Luther consumed an average of 5 litres of beer every day when he was hiding from the pope and translating.

                  Go figure he got fat as fuck.

                  Normal beer at the time was low alcohol and regularly consumed in great quantities, so he was probably not shitfaced all day every day, but his incessant belligerence certainly aligns well with more than buzzed on the daily.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >if you think Protestantism was caused by one person enjoying food.

                  I don’t think Protestantism was entirely caused by one man; I was being hyperbolic, but Lutharism was caused by one man and it was one of the biggest influences in Germany during the religious wars. I also don’t think enjoying food is the precursor of Protestantism. Merely noting an interesting correlation between one man’s obesity and Lutheranism.

                  I must wonder if Luther’s fattening and his (brand of) Protestantism were correlated in timing. At time of death he was 150 kg. He is clearly no longer just enjoying food. He is gluttonously gorging himself on it. Stuffing his fat mouth at every possible second. He only became a monk in the first place in order to escape an arranged marriage by his father. In time he would create a scandal by marrying a nun.

                  Even more curious is his family background. He came from a well off family that owned land, a copper mill, and loaned money. Meanwhile, Luther in Leipzig claimed that “the world is the Devil’s, and the people in it have become pure devils” due to what he called “accursed avarice and usury.” Meanwhile, he was fully funded by his family even as he denounced capitalism. He did not work. Sounds suspiciously like (insert Marxist). This is all very self destructive behavior.

                  I then look at the Lutherans of today. Their president is a land whale. They reside in the Mid West in places like Chicago, yet they are constantly shilling for niggers even as their cities are looted and burned. They vote progressive and are critical of capitalism while benefiting from it. These are, perhaps coincidental, similar constellations of dysfunction.

                  >Luther consumed an average of 5 litres of beer every day

                  Alcohol is a diuretic. This is curious because Luther had life long problems with constipation and had an anal/shit fixation in his writings. He even said the Holy Spirit was revealed to him “on the privy.” I must really wonder what the man was eating to cause such digestive dysfunction.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The peasants revolt was always going to happen though a new religion made it worse.

                  The religious wars in Germany were ENTIRELY the fault of the Catholic Church in particular the Jesuits. They also happened after Luther was dead.

                • Adam says:

                  One look at the Lutheran Social Services website will tell you everything you need to know about them today. If they are not on Soros’s payroll, they are on an equivalent red tribe payroll. Nothing but shameless prostitutes moving around a zombie corpse.

              • Rux says:

                Fasting gives ones digestion a rest and frees up the mental concern tied to eating and its preparation. I think the prayer aspect is tied to the fact that you find yourself with more time on your hands and more importantly less of a feeling of anticipation. The longer the better but after 10 days you need to be in a position where your responsibilities aren’t too arduous. Anything less than that one can function just fine and in fact you start knocking out tasks one by one as you have nothing else to do. We overlook how the act of stopping to eat, even quickly, has an intention and buildup and a ceasing which breaks the continuity of what you were doing previously. When this pace is broken, even briefly, one develops an increased focus.

                Starting out its best to dedicate 36 hrs – last meal say 7pm and next meal the day after that (36hrs) at 7am for breakfast. First time around it’s difficult but if you can do that twice a month and then once a week the benefits are many, particularly on the mental side. Just don’t over-eat on the fast breaking day which sometimes is more trying than the fast itself. Hunger during this time isn’t actual physical hunger (that comes after 30+ days) but all mental which I equate to desire, anticipation and need. I approach fasting as a means in which vanity is pushed aside by necessity. At least that’s how I rationalize it. One the physical side shutting down digestion frees up resources which are then used for increased tissue regeneration and other forms of increased healing for older injuries, particularly muscular. I know this might sound all a bit crunchy and neo-hippie but fasting is just solid, sound advice.

                • ray says:

                  ‘Fasting gives ones digestion a rest and frees up the mental concern tied to eating and its preparation. I think the prayer aspect is tied to the fact that you find yourself with more time on your hands and more importantly less of a feeling of anticipation.’

                  This, yes. But fasting also ‘opens the channel’ between the created (us) and God. For this reason it was recommended by Christ and connected with both prayer and exorcism. Most demons inhabit or influence in order to partake second-hand in human physical desires, principally hunger, thirst, emotion and sexual activities.

    • Red says:

      If you want a real hoot, see their statement about the riots:

      God’s Word rejects racism. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). “No one is righteous, no, not one” (Romans 3:10). “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). All are equally created by God. All are equally accountable to God. The sins of all are equally atoned for by Christ. All are equally precious to God. Racial animosity is the result of sin and is sin in itself. Racism is not acceptable in the church. Jesus Himself bids us love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31) and did so precisely while rejecting racial preference (cf. Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25–37).

      The one who grievously and unjustly took the sacred gift of life from George Floyd — resulting in a charge of 3rd-degree murder — will, ironically, be given the very thing he denied his victim, due process of the law. Justice must be meted out according to the law. Others may be charged.

      • i says:

        Israel is the apple of God’s eye(Deut. 32:10). The Church is Israel and belongs to the apple of God’s eye.

        Romans 8:28

        “28And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”

        Therefore God preferences his saved people over other human beings.

      • ray says:

        ‘All are equally created by God.’

        Nupe. That’s the devil’s philosophy. Popular, too!

        (Luke 12:48 and passages related)

        ‘All are equally precious to God.’

        LOL. Half the Bible contradicts this. Fake preacher fatboy and his satanic synod demand to be equal to David. To Melchizedek. Abraham. Elisha. Paul and Patmos John.

        The look on his face when he comes before the King will be priceless. Dear Lord grant that moment to me.

  39. Red says:

    The Russians replayed Verdun and did it right:

    First footage coming out from Ukrainian convoys coming under fire while leaving Bakhmut. Several destroyed vehicles and over a dozen corpses in a half minute clip. I’m hearing about massive strikes last night, too – convoy after convoy just gone.

  40. Caesar Sextion says:

    Unshackle me.

  41. Pax Imperialis says:

    St. Benedict’s three fundamental virtues required of a monk: obedience, the practice of silence, and humility. He wrote of a type of fallen monk who had no virtue.

    Fourth and finally, there are the monks called gyrovagues, who spend their entire lives drifting from region to region, staying as guests for three or four days in different monasteries Always on the move, they never settle down, and are slaves to their own wills and gross appetites. In every way they are worse than sarabaites. It is better to keep silent than to speak of all these and their disgraceful way of life.

    Harvard and company is mass producing these types of priests. They disperse and flutter throughout the West having no loyalty or obedience to any local peoples. They refuse to show humility to those who are forced to sustain them with crushing taxes. They loudly, uninvitedly, and obnoxiously preach a gospel of racial/gender/class self hatred that never applies to the priests themselves. Their sexual appetites are gross in both the sense of immense consumption and degenerate unnatural obscenity. They are always on the move from one holy cause to the next, slaves to their own desire for holiness recognition.

    St. Benedict was mistaken to write so little on these people for many of their behaviors are now lost to history. Others such as St. Agustine attributed to them the selling of fake relics. Similar to how our modern gyrovagues now sell the fake symbols of holiness such as fake meat, fake vaccines, fake ownership, fake women/men, fake everything. Clown world is the selling of fake relics. The Second Council of Nicaea effectively banned such behavior, but they have returned with a vengeance.

    Priestly men will always exist. Men will always tend to walk. Too many priestly men who walk around too much do extensive damage. Most priests must be required to take vows of stability and vows of local obedience.

  42. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    This is what passes for ‘statecraft’ in GAE 2023. Literal manchildren (and man-jawed lawyercunts).

    • Red says:

      History’s rhyming with the fall of the Delian League. All stick, no carrot. It’s the least successful way to keep an empire.

      • notglowing says:

        All stick, no carrot really does sum up our current ideologues.
        You could say that’s what caused Gamergate.

  43. Red says:

    Pretty good write up by sundance on the tightening grip of the intel agencies:

    I often wonder if Putin ended up in power in Russia because competency had collapsed in all other organs of the state and the KGB was the only organ left that could still act cohesively. The US seems on a similar track.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I’ve been consistently arguing with Jim, and others, that the US in heading towards regime collapse because of a “widespread general loss of vitality.”[1] Decline of SAT is just the most visible evidence of cognitive decline [2], but the decline in acceptance for contradiction and ambiguity is also worrying and massive indication. [3] An inability to hold power originating from low vitality bares great similarity to Soviet collapse. For them it was that leadership got too old and frail and couldn’t stay alive, for us leadership is too old, frail, and stupid. This is even less viable than the Soviet system in pure terms of hold onto power.

      The type of people in IC are notoriously unprincipled if not outright amoral (I know from my relatives who have served)… they are the group most exposed to massive quantities of crimethought and understand what lies behind the regime’s doublethink. They are reading the samizdat if only because it’s their job, or at least the lower levels that are more meritocratically selected and not so strictly politically selected. In the same way Putin was a lower level officer that wasn’t strictly communist, much of the lower ranked American IC and mil are also not strict “liberal democracy” adherents. Unlike the political leadership, IC is selected for being able to see without “seeing.” It’s the basis of their job for they must also communicated without “communicating.”

      The coup is likely to be (mostly) bloodless because all the other players have checked out and the remaining competent military leadership is artificially faced solely outwards. A legacy of leftist separation of the security state into internal and external. There was no historical separation between “military” and “intelligence” in the past. It was all under the umbrella of the security apparatus. Soviet collapse was so great nearly all functions of the state had to be rebuilt from the ground up owing to the fact the low vitality political elites where given monopolistic control of state functions. With them gone, state functions ceased to exist. It’s in that rebuilding phase that the would be ruler found out what intrinsically works and doesn’t work. It’s how Putin stumbled upon the Orthodox Church, how he stumbled onto family values, and how he stumbled onto national capitalism. More importantly it’s how those in his administration have stumbled onto vitality. Yet Putin could only stumble onto a trail left behind by others of the like of Solzhenitsyn and Dugin.

      Jim’s work, and those like him, is potentially far more valuable than organizing a revolution for we in the West may not have one. We might not have the people with vitality and or ability to organize due to overbearing suppression. The regime is too strong while conversely everyone, regime included, is too weak. Regime change will come internally from unknowing dissidents who can see without “seeing” because those are the only ones who will be left capable of thinking. To that end I see far more appreciation of Putin among quiet dissident than I see revolutionaries, but that may just be because of my social location. Jim may very well be right and I wrong, but I think optimism for a somewhat peaceful transition is not a forgone conclusion.


      • jim says:

        The fall of the Soviet Union left behind a vacuum, which vacuum Putin is slowly beginning to fill.

        For a similar vacuum to appear the Western Imperium, there has to be a similar fall – a dramatic loss of power.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Trump was only possible due to power vacuum in the Republican party. Jeb was an indicator something was rotten in 2015. Establishment Hogan, the potential 2023 Jeb, didn’t even have the energy to resist. CPAC numbers shows Trump will be the nominee by big margins. What is happening to the outer party is certainly happening to the inner party. Fetterman… really?! You can’t even pretend he’s fine by hiding him away like Biden, yet he’s still co-sponsors legislation while hospitalized? The facade is falling off.

          Leadership vacuum is appearing which precedes dramatic loss of power.

      • alf says:

        When a mirror breaks, hard to predict how it shatters.

        But yes we seem to be moving away from the mass leftist genocide trajectory, precisely because of a widespread loss of vitality.

      • notglowing says:

        I agree with you entirely up to the point where you suggest our allies could be in… the CIA? Military intelligence?

        I see the logic of it, but at the same time I feel like if anything these might be the worst people currently in the system. More directly responsible for our predicament than others if they see things as they are and are willing to commit terrible actions in order to maintain the status quo.

        Who is responsible for all the blackmailing, paid shilling, planted evidence and framing of our people?
        A Harvard professor would probably choose to believe that all these things aren’t happening to begin with. Or that it’s people on our side doing it.

        • Karl says:

          Stalin also wanted to maintain the status quo and that’s why he killed every one to the left of him. In the end he killed the faith and made Putin possible.

          Sure, some of those in IC want to maintain the status quo. The Harvard professor does not, he wants more trannyism, more clot shots, more bug food, more demons.

          Those who want to maintain the status quo are not the worst in the system as long as there are people who want to make everything worse.

          • alf says:

            It’s funny to think of Biden’s handlers as our allies in that way.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              I fail to see how Biden’s handlers either want to preserve the status quo or to kill or even defeat politically everyone to the left of them. They’re still in race-to-the-left mode.

            • The Cominator says:

              Bidets handlers are the radicals…

      • The Cominator says:

        Agree with most of your post but don’t understand why you focus on ambiguity tolerance (I’m one of the lowest ambiguity tolerance people on the planet)… leftist like ambiguity rightist like things to be clearer…

        • S says:

          Two different types. Leftists like ambiguity that is cover for lies. Ambiguity is necessary for the relationship between virtues and power relationships; without it you get an obvious avenue for holiness spiraling.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          There are many reasons why… but ambiguity tolerance is indication of youthful vitality.

          A child looks at the world with great wonder for they know they don’t know. Ambiguity is greatest in youth. If they shied away from ambiguity they would have never learned, but children are extremely tolerant of the unknown, vague, and inexact. Because of that they set out to understand and in the process establish order from the chaos. As we get older learning becomes difficult and painful as we have less neuroplasticity and the unknown becomes ever more esoteric, complex, and hidden. We start to shy away from ambiguity and become rigid and frail. Alas aging is something we must come to terms with.


          There’s also a certain degree of humility required for ambiguity tolerance in the first place. It’s an acknowledgement that we are infinitesimally finite beings in an infinite creation. We have limits to our knowledge and perception that we must acknowledge. We are not gods. Humility is a virtue completely lost among our ruling regime’s elite who endlessly chorus they are in the right while completely blind to the damage they create. They can’t even accept the possibility they are wrong or even humor a theoretical conversation.

          What I’ve noticed is that the younger cohort entering the regime lack ambiguity tolerance because they lack both vitality and humility. A terrible combination that I’ve been increasingly banging my head against over the last 10 years. I’m highly upset about this and my patience with these people is precipitously dropping. Likely why I’m so fixated on vitality recently.

          Trump, a man in his 70s is ambiguity tolerant. He’s also extremely energetic and bold; also indications of vitality. I think there’s a problem when the 70 year old shows more vitality than many 20 years olds.

        • notglowing says:

          No, it is extremists who have low ambiguity tolerance. That’s what it means to see the world in black and white.
          Moderates have higher ambiguity tolerance, especially pragmatic leftists.

          Holiness spiralling means removing these ambiguities from their false ideologies and reaching the logical conclusions of their ideas. In particular it also means not “getting the joke”, fully believing lies that previous, more sane leftists understood as such.

          This is *why* the more extreme leftist is more holy. They are, in fact, more consistent with their beliefs. The classical liberal is just a leftist who stops at something, but believes in the same foundations, which is why he loses to the former.

          In the same way you might pursue reactionary ideas to their extreme conclusions, so does the extreme leftist do with leftism.

  44. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    So zelenski’s ‘immortal fortress bakhmutgrad’ is wrapping up; and by coincidence, so has a year and change of ‘special military operation’.

    As regards attitudes towards strategy, much of what can be said has already been said. Those who hedge on all wars becoming long wars are once again vindicated. Artillery is likewise once again king of the battlefield.

    Since War is the ultimate form of competition, the prospect of war has likewise always been a primary driver of advancement in forms of techne. Current events are somewhat notable however in sense that there are little to no major drives of advancement in evidence, merely elaboration in the use of already existing forms. Use of small drones with stereoscopic and laser rangefiders to get fixes on targets, and signal for delivery of ordnance, all with a push of a button, is of great tactical utility. It is obvious that that same capability can and should be available for every unit of footmobiles and mounted vehicles in operation as well, but we have yet to a major body show the ability to realize such an elaboration.

    In accordance with the predominant value of having artillery in any case, tube fired sprint missile style hypervelocity projectiles have great dividends in large scale salvo economies, for both punching through to fixed targets, and intercepting mobile targets. Given platforms with the ability to do multiple jobs, attack multiple kinds of targets, operate in multiple envelopes of engagement, is the wave of the future, but the future has yet to be created.

    This picture is somewhat confounded further by the fact that Putin has also been holding back on use of some of his coolest toys. Reticence on the part of the GAE to throw absolutely everything into the mix could at least partially be explained by fear of discovering lack of useful functionality on the part of their wunderwaffen, but I do not believe that same logic can apply in equal part to Russia.

    The main story of this brushfire has been Russia’s large advantage in artillery and reconnaissance-strike systems slowly but surely churning through bodies of the GAE’s levee en mass. But what is also significant about this story is the stories that have not been told.

    It would have been lovely if they (Russia) opened the war by having kalibrs and or plain clothes in unmarked vans with grenade launchers blow up all the department heads in the administration, journalists and academics producing and putting their names on agitprop, NGO pseudopods organizing and instigating events, and other elements of the ‘civilian’ (priestly) leadership responsible for Ukraine being what it is, but sadly that didn’t happen. It would have been lovely is they started doing that two months into the conflict, when it started becoming obvious that a ‘limited’ ritual form of war wasn’t going to end things tomorrow, but sadly that didn’t happen either. The Russian general staff seems resigned at this point to just completely exsanguinating all of Ukraine’s military aged manhood, which is in many ways the worst case scenario for the continued existence of the ruthenian clade as a significant socio-political entity; such is the tragic irony of a desire for ‘limiting damage’ to fellow brothers, producing chosen courses of action that ultimately result in their complete destruction – all while the truly worthless responsible escape significant consequences.

    Putin’s actions could be described as always going just far enough, as far as he can tell, to achieve a form of success and maintain his order overall, but no further. There are many men in later days who act in this manner, and from their own point of view, this feels like being cautious, risk-averse, and circumspect, in so doing. But of course, it is actually an incredibly risky form of behavior in reality, because you are constantly teetering on the edge of catastrophe by not following the logic of circumstances to their ends and more fully stacking the deck in your favor, allowing the prolongation of catachretic situations, validation of kakistocratic behavior, until eventually you are left with no other choices *but* to do what was always and already necessary to do, anyways, except now in worse circumstances – assuming you (or your descendants) even last that long.

    It is understandable in the sense that pretty much every major 21st century ‘statesman’ is possessed by post-enlightenment modes of thought to one extent or another, and the differences between them stem largely from differences in atavistic ability to deviate from it. Putin might artlessly be described as a ‘realist liberal’, who fondly desired for the ‘rules-based liberal international order’ to have actually existed as advertised, and who keeps trying to ‘demonstrate his seriousness’ in hopes that ‘the adults in the room’ would finally appear and sit down at the table with him (the table that he also hoped to have a seat at).

    But there are no ‘adults in the room’ in the atlantic empire anymore, only coteries of addlepated mattoids who myopically assume GAE power as a universal given, and who are therefore also unrestrained about burning any bridge conceivable if it seems convenient and it seems like they have the power to get away with it, regardless of the long term implications for the foundations of that power.

    More prior incumbents like Kissinger of course could sense the implication of such acausal signaling across time when it comes to statecraft, but they did not value such structures of civlization as ends in of themselves, merely as contingencies for ability to achieve a position where they could finally be destroyed once and for all. (And then what? The desire for ‘ultimate power’, which will be defined relatively as absence of any possible competitors, be they potential or merely conceivable, likewise becomes the ultimate consumption of all means and ends for the gnostic radical. The question of ‘the after time’ barely even exists in its mind, what matters is the justification for what it does in the here and now. If, in its perception, Creation and all its creatures are irredeemably fallen, then of course, the only possibility for ‘true goodness’ is the destruction of everything – ‘wipe the slate clean!’.)

    Would the Henry Kissinger of 1970 object to being replaced a court eunuch or swarthy janissary? Rather, when faced with the prospect of rivals outflanking them from the left, and metaphorical or literal assassination as unprincipled exceptions for the sake of maintaining the tightrope walk is not feasible, what would instead happen would be for each one to pose themselves as a ‘vanguard party’, so as to be in charge of the replacing of all his ‘fellow travelers’ with eunuchs and janissaries. Doubtlessly many others at the time would object, and in time have objected; but they served to create a world where their replacement by such kinds became the only possible outcome.

    • Red says:

      Well said. Really nothing to add to your excellent summery of the war.

    • skippy says:

      I agree with your assessment.

      Russia will probably win eventually due to superior manpower and infinite startegic depth.

      Russia does not seem to understand that theyre fighting a small clique of people inside the Ukrainian state even as the Ukrainians DO underatand the value of assassinating PR and Russian officials.

      • Cataclysm Reawake says:

        Are you saying that the Ukrainian war effort would utterly collapse absent the majority of this small clique of people inside the Ukrainian state?

        Maybe I am wrong, but my impression is that most of the pseudoreligious impulse propelling Ukrainian resistance fundamentally originates from the Cathedral, not from any remotely local influence.

        • skippy says:

          My understanding is that population was indoctrinated since 2014 with some re-heated version of 1930s Ukrainian nationalism by local placemen. While the most highly placed people like Zolonskyyy may understand their role as GAE employees, the footsoldiers up to many quite senior officials are fighting for this domestic ideology.

          At this point I don’t think that killing the top 100 leaders would cause the country to instantly revert to its political culture circa 2013 – the propaganda has been running for long enough that many normies have internalized it – but in the absence of additional energy promoting this ideology it would begin to decay because it does not actually fit in the current world (even if “Ukraine” wins GAE will delete Banderism and replace it with Globohomo).

    • Rux says:

      Neatly conveyed, particularly the closing paragraph. Far too many, even those who still have their wits about them, presume our current position to have sprung up in a vacuum. It’s clear, as is pointed out time and again, that the rot, itself, is foundational and therefore hides in plain sight. Naivety in the face of this reality (summed in the ‘statesman’ paragraph above) seems tantamount to passive approval of the very condition one is defending oneself from.

  45. PatS says:

    Jim, you are off target on the Catholic Church. Yes, I’m Roman Catholic and see the huge corruption led by the infiltrators who are not Catholic, but suggesting the Nicene Creed does pronounce the Trinity is mad.
    If anything the Greek argument of the filioque is worth debate.
    How has the Catholic Church been able to exorcise demons when no other Protestant denomination could? It’s all about true authority, Peter and the Rock stuff.
    Do a search about Papal Encyclicals and freemasonry. You’ll get a Clara’s understanding of the front line spiritual war we are in right now. It’s about rejection of Gods authority under th guise of “ Liberty, Fraternity, Equality”.
    These are words that reject Gods authority. It’s a pledge against Gods Fatherhood and Lordship and creation of man and women who are unequal but complimentary.
    The USA is a partner in the Freemason led French Revolution and now the monster has been hatched, coming out of its Secular led revolution.
    I’ll take a King under the dominion of Christ over a democracy lead by liberty and equality.
    Oh, I almost forgot the answer to the age old joke. Yes all Popes are Catholic, but this guy they call Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, he is no Catholic, he is a Freemason.

    • PatS says:

      I missed a not…
      “ suggesting the Nicene Creed does NOT pronounce the Trinity is mad”

    • jim says:

      Obviously the Nicene Creed does affirm the trinity – unless someone comes up with a sufficiently clever and complicated theology to give surprising and unexpected meanings to the exact wording.

    • The Cominator says:

      This is the eternal online papist cope for shit their church has done, like a woman its never their fault. They never consider that making the selection criteria for their priesthood likely homosexuality and internationalist sentiment is likely to lead to bad outcomes.

      Even though in this case when it was specifically the JESUIT ORDER that was mentioned the Jesuit order has often been targetted even by Roman Catholic monarchs for subversive activity.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        When the Papacy still ruled actual land and people outside the Clergy, thusly practiced stewardship daily, they had their feet grounded in reality. The Church could mitigate the selection pressure for likely homosexuals by having to be based… or it at least kept the homosexuals from being too crazy. If you look at monastic life where monks must practice stewardship on a small scale to feed themselves, they are clearly more functional than any of the Vatican, and at face value don’t look gay.

        I think the major decline in their church was when they shifted from having to practice stewardship to being fully funded rootless traveling evangelizers. Which you know… describes the Jesuits to the letter.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’m not against monasticism provided they do some kind of scientific study or agriculture work, I think most men at some times in their life (especially in clownworld) get the urge to withdraw from regular life and become a monk…

          But regular priests shouldn’t be celibates…

          Yes Vatican has been even more off the rails since they lost the papal states.

        • jim says:

          Papacy went off the rails all the way back to the great schism. If you look at the great schism, the problem was that the Pope coveted that which is Caesar’s.

          And, shortly after the great schism, capitulated to the Romance movement. It has been downhill since there.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Schism happened because of too many idle men. A result from the failure of monasticism to absorb them; itself a result of heresy regarding sex creating an overabundance of celibate clergy.

            The Church has always had an unmarried clergy problem. Unmarried men are idle men and idle men are problems. Monasticism, as practiced by the early Church, kept them busy with ora et labora, but by the 800s the clergy weren’t following the Saint Benedict rules. This is evidenced by the Carolingian kings needing to use state power to enforce the rules.

            Unfortunately the Carolingian also gave the Church formal feudal powers and noble funding. Clergy don’t need to work anymore if funding is secured by the state. They undermined the very rules they wanted enforced. The death and fragmentation of the Carolingian dynasty resulted in the Western Church having to police itself and their feudal holdings. For a period that gave them work in the form of direct rulership. That the Great Schism followed shortly after was not a coincidence. By the 1200s, traditional monasticism was largely gone and replaced by rule and pray. A corruption of pray and work.

            As the Vatican state expanded, ruling expanded, useless idle clerical bureaucracy expanded, financing became ever more “creative,” and they all managed to stop ruling directly. Now they are all idle men again neither praying nor working/ruling at all. With no future biological legacy or holy mission they’ve taken it upon themselves to blow everything up.

            • alf says:

              What would you imagine modern monasteries to look like in the style of ora et labora? Farming monks? Programming monks? Or does the profession not matter so much.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Here’s an excellent video of a current day monastery:

                Monasteries are obligated to be as self-sufficient as possible for the basic necessitates. The spirit of which extends to the individual monks. They farm but they are not farmers. They makes clothes but they are not tailors. They herd but they are not herders. They may even program, but they are not programmers. They are spiritual scholars that happen to work with their own hands to support their vocation as monks, but they must not be distracted by the work itself.

                This is not the same as autarky. They can trade surplus production for things they cannot feasibility build on their own (computers/heavy equipment/etc); but again, trading and the use of things they trade for cannot become a distraction or profession.

                Monasteries exist to catch priestly men who exit regular society so they don’t go rouge and become Gyrovagues living off the fruits of others all the while chastising the hand that feeds them. A major problem in the 400s to 700s. A major problem today with aimless priests from Harvard demanding the work of others while demeaning them as “privileged.”

                • someDude says:

                  This comment is a real Gem. It needs a Blog post of it’s own

      • Jamesthe1st says:

        No the Church has a gay problem because it is God’s Chruch and the devil tries his best to destroy the Church. Notice how all the protestant groups are even gayer despite throwing out celibacy ages ago. One day there will be a holy pope who is not afraid of the world who will put the women back in their place and drive the gays out.

        • The Cominator says:

          Back when voting mattered Protestants voted better than Papists.

          You are arguing that bad fruit indicates a good tree contrary to scripture. Protestants have their own problems but the decentralized Protestant McChristians though often chucked aren’t gay and aren’t outright progs merely tradcucks.

        • Adam says:

          Satan offers the lie we are not required to accept it. The churches failures are of its own making.

        • Red says:

          >One day there will be a holy pope who is not afraid of the world who will put the women back in their place and drive the gays out.

          We had that pope. The US government removed him from office. Coup complete problem.

    • FrankNorman says:

      “How has the Catholic Church been able to exorcise demons when no other Protestant denomination could? It’s all about true authority, Peter and the Rock stuff.”

      Hi there. Where did you get the idea that Protestants can’t cast out demons? That is simply and flatly not true.
      There are Anglicans, Baptists, and Pentecostals with deliverance ministries, for example. I’ve seen this sort of thing in action.
      The authority that matters that of Jesus. No one is going to be able to evict a demon in the name of the Pope. 🙂

  46. Carlylean Restorationist says:


    • jim says:

      Can you tell me what Victoria Nuland has been up to?

      What was revealed by her conversation in the Ukraine?

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        Her and her sicko jew husband were caught bang to rights saying “fk the EU, here’s who we want for X Y and Z” picking the ministers for the post-Maidan government of the Ukraine.

        You probably think it’s a coincidence that Robert Kagan did this while Kaganovich did the famine. More like a cohencidence: Lugansk = Luhansk, Kagan = Kahan = Cohen

        But that would just be a conspiracy theory. A Blinken, Jake Sullivan and Olodomyr Elensky himself just happen to be jews, unrelatedly.

        Same as your smoke screen Doctor Fauci, instead of going after his boss, head of the CDC (((Rochelle Walensky)))

        The West has a jew problem.

        • jim says:

          Yes, has a Jew problem. But that is not our biggest and primary problem, and the topic of Jews is always a deliberate misdirection, that winds up pointing not to Jews like Soros, but to Trump’s son in law, and of course, to the Rothschilds, who have been out of power for nearly a century.

          Because if you look at Jews like Soros, you wind up looking at the State Department, which is post protestant, and does not like people looking at it.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            “But that is not our biggest and primary problem”

            I can agree to that.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            Soros is the usual convenient ‘inbefore’: you’re talking about jews but Soros doesn’t control the world therefore jews are no big deal.

            [accurate and relevant list of Soros crimes cheerfully deleted]

            • jim says:

              Yes, Soros is a big deal. And that you list the ways in which he is a big deal shows you are not a Soros shill, even though people with Jews on the brain tend to be Soros shills. And Jews are a big problem. I entirely agree and have never said anything different.

              But they are not the problem. Harvard was taking America left even when Jews were not allowed to go to Harvard.

              Nothing matters if we do not restore above replacement fertility. Nothing matters except that we have great grandchildren for it to matter to. And this is not a Jew problem, it is a post christian problem.

              Getting rid of Jews does not fix the leftism problem.

              • The Cominator says:

                The problem with focusing on Jews is that in looking at Jews you ignore various non Jewish leftists and that Jews tend to nearly always since the Middle Ages the middlemen of power, the frontmen but NEVER the masters. Even Soros whos fortune he acquired with inside information from mysterious benefactors in the State department and perhaps the foreign intel service thus seems to look like a servant not a master.

                White leftists of slightly heretical leftists schools like the National Socialists like to focus on Jews because their idea is they can make leftism work better, whereas my idea is that ALL leftists including early 1900s variants (Ukraine has proven them just as bad and no consistent enemy of globohomo) need to be wiped out or driven into perpetual exile in penal labor colonies in the deserts and artic (where little should be done to subsidize their survival). If they are slightly attractive women they are to be kept as non heriditary slaves until they hit the wall then after that they should go too…

                Also Carlylean Restorastionist doesn’t want to torture Soros, Nuland and Schumer (probably the Jew with the most real power in America now) to death, or even a bunch of left wing jewish activist social “science” professors to death, he wants to torture a bunch of ordinary Jewish schmoes who own small businesses to death. Regardless of their personal political record too.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                Right wing jews are ok then?

                sheldon adelson
                paul wolfowitz
                benjamin netanyahu
                a blinken
                robert kagan
                volodomyr zelensky

                I don’t recall the details of the jew problem surrounding Mao Tse-Tung but take my word for it, if you look, you will find.

                @The Cominator: national socialism has nothing to do with the left. The left today is calling for bigger better bank bail-outs because Silicon Valley is now left-wing. The left today is all about Marvel Comics and Star Wars, and regards the working people of East Palestine Ohio as scum who should have just been left to choke on poison. The left today doesn’t give a damn about capitalism, or inequality: indeed they’re as likely to ridicule you for being poor as for being uneducated.
                If you want to beat the left (and you should want to beat the left) then it’s important to understand in what ways they threaten and harm you and yours. Right now that’s faggot shit, nigger shit and anti-white shit.
                The people hurting you most economically are generally speaking on the Right (if the Right is the GOP).
                Does that mean the Left wouldn’t hurt you economically too? Obviously not: they’d love to strip white middle class normal people of everything.

                Hitler did not confiscate the wealth of the middle class in order to give it to lay-abouts, drug addicts, retards and minorities.

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this shill comment through, because it raises a legitimate issue, and my response really should be promoted to a blog post.

                  Jews are a distraction, and you shills are trying to distract us.

                  > but take my word for it,

                  You have got to be kidding. You lie continually. No one is going to take your word for anything. And you are blatantly lying about this: There were no Jews around Mao. By 1932 they were being purged from the party. After 1932, the Jews, whatever their sins, were innocent of the crimes of communism. (Clearly guilty though of the earlier enormous crime of the Holodomor)

                  Benjamin Netanyahu is a good Jew. Good for Israel, and good for us. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your ally, let alone your friend, but Netanyahu is an ally, though not a friend. Blinken is a dangerous and powerful enemy of us and of all whites, especially white Americans, who is actively plotting to bring about a war between whites because he just wants whites dead. I will not address each of the individuals you mentioned, because each is different and complicated, and most of them do not matter. You raise them merely to muddy the water.

                  The big dispute between left factions in the 1930s was how to handle the banking crisis. In 1930 it was suddenly and shockingly revealed that the Rothschilds had been misappropriating their depositors money.

                  There was general agreement on purging the Rothschilds from banking and other quasi statal office. They are still purged to this day. Some leftists wanted to go after the Rothschilds root and branch, confiscate their personal wealth to help make depositors whole, some wanted to purge Jews generally from quasi state office such as banking, and some, the Nazis, wanted to purge Jews generally.

                  The left faction that won World War II was the faction that purged the Rothschilds generally from quasi state office, but did not go after their personal wealth, and instead went after ordinary people (Roosevelt stealing the gold in safety deposit boxes)

                  So bailing out SVB today (another scam bank run by hostile alien minorities) is totally in line with leftism back to 1930. They are going to deal with SVB exactly as they dealt with the Rothschilds.

                  But you cannot blame Jewish power for 1930s leftism. In America the left was Harvard. And Harvard, still nominally Christian (though they had been holier than Jesus since 1860, and were now holier than God) did not allow Jews to go to Harvard. And you cannot even blame the Rothschilds, who though they managed to hang on to most of their personal wealth, got thoroughly purged, and deals they had made with governments, notably Palestine, were broken.

                  So purging the Jews does not fix our problem. Jews are a distraction. Jews and dot Indians are servants of the left, middlemen, minions. A hostile and disloyal elite wants foreign minions it can use against the native population. This is the reason why absentee aristocrats in the capital would hire Jews as estate managers for their country estates. They did not want the estate manager getting in bed with the peasants. Jews are servants – dangerously powerful servants, but hirelings. These days Jews are finding themselves replaced by dot Indians, as in SVB bank. Back in 1930, our elite failed to punish the Rothschilds, perhaps fearing that too much dirt on themselves would surface, and this time around, they are failing to punish the dot Indians in SVB.

                  Repeating: Jews are a distraction, and you shills are trying to distract us. Jews are minions and servants, and are now today rapidly being replaced by dot Indian minions and servants.

                  The solution I advocate today, and would have advocated back then, is National Capitalism.

                  National Capitalism works, and Global Capitalism fails. Transactions across time require trust, and diversity plus proximity equals war. Benie Madoff’s victims felt it was their duty as Jews to harm whites, and felt they were being good Jews. Israeli capitalism should be run by Jewish Jews, and Indian capitalism should be run by Hindu Indians. Our capitalism should be run by white Christian Americans.

                  The reason that following the fall of the Soviet Union, capitalism in the Soviet Union was a disaster, was that they imported American globalist capitalism, which meant they handed over control of their assets to a bunch of people who did not like Russia or Russians very much. Now Russia is moving to Russian capitalism and it is working a whole lot better.

                  Despite American government theoretically being in favor of free movement of capital, if you actually want to move your capital outside the American hegemony, you will discover that it is the biggest and most powerful opponent of the free movement of capital in the world. The free movement of power is what it is in favor of.

                  Deng realized he needed capitalists to create value, but while Russia imported wholesale people who claimed to be capitalists, but usually were carryon baggers from the New York or from the vicinity of Harvard, Deng did not want foreign capitalists, because they came with strings attached to foreign power.

                  Deng saw those strings. Yeltzin failed to see those strings, and value was not created in Russia, but looted and destroyed. You should learn to see those strings.

                  Capitalism requires transactions over time and distance, which require trust, and diversity undermines trust. Diversity plus proximity equals war.

                  Capital is value that creates more value. Thus a cow is capital, the type specimen of capital, the archetypical instance of capital, because, properly husbanded, it produces more cows.

                  Globalist capitalism tends to be about fake capital – delegation of quasi state power by the regulator state. Power is apt to grow, and capital is apt to grow. Power is worth money and capital is worth money, so they look very similar, but they are not the same, because capital, in growing, makes everyone richer, while power in growing, makes everyone else less powerful. Power is negative sum, capital is positive sum. Thus globalist capitalism under Yeltzin made Russia poorer, while national capitalism under Deng made China richer.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Adelson is okay, Netenyahu is a good guy other than going alomg somewhat with coronatarianism… the rest of those are fake right, Stephen Miller is a very good right wing jew.

  47. Kunning Drueger says:

    off topic

    anyone looking for bootleg AI?

  48. Phobos says:

    In case you forgot why Vox Day is an Arian:

    • jim says:

      Vox Day is full of crap.

      On the core issues that divide Arians from Christians, every council affirmed or re-affirmed the Christian position. Arianism is sort of compatible with the earliest version of creed if you squint hard and look at it sideways. Subsequent versions of the creed are simply the first version tightened up to stop people from squinting hard and looking at it sideways.

  49. ray says:

    I read your summary of creed and have no objections.

    Always and everywhere, I am against the haters of my Father and the enemies of my King.

    • jim says:

      Please restate my summary, your own paraphrase of that summary, or your own summary.

      • ray says:

        Of course.

        Christ Jesus the Nazarene who was crucified and slain at Golgotha is Lord of All, including pagan human beings and all angels. Fallen angels inclusive.

        The power and authority of Christ my King derives from God the Father. (John 5:30) These Two dwell and interact eternally with the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete or Comforter. They are Three and they are One. Christ Jesus is Truth and His Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth.

        Those of Faith in Christ the King, acknowledging His life, willing sacrifice, and willing death at Jerusalem, receive the unmatchable gift of His Salvation, which is available from no other, and never will be.

        Christ Jesus, pre-existent, un-created and eternal with Father, was and is fully God, and became fully man in this world.

        All praise, honor and glory eternal to our wonderful and loving Father, and to His Chosen Son, Christ the King, accepted and validated by Father Himself!

        May the Kingdom of the Father and the Son arrive quickly. That Kingdom of Love will never be overthrown and will never pass away. In humility before Them, amen.

        I will be glad to respond to additional questions, including the Woman question, as you desire.

  50. Opioidus says:

    In my 35 years on this earth I got sick at least twice a year. and I would get nasty colds that would bring me down for a week minimum, sometimes even two weeks. I was always like this, even as a child. I haven’t been sick in exactly 17 months. I haven’t changed my diet, supplements, exercise routine, sleep schedule, sun exposure or anything else that can affect my health in this way. So my theory is that I haven’t become stronger, disease vectors have become weaker! Viruses and bacteria adapt to their environment in a way that maximises reproductive success, if, for some reason, people’s immune systems have become weaker, then the common cold and the flu will evolve to become weaker as to not kill these weaker hosts too quickly, which for those with an intact Immune system, would mean fewer flus and colds. I have vaxxed family members who have been getting flus and colds like before, sometimes stronger than before, and I have not been sick in 17 months for the first time in my life!

    • Locust Post says:

      Wow! This is my story too. Except the last time I was sick was three years ago when I returned from an overseas trip and COVID was just starting. I think I had COVID then, but I’ve never been tested or taken any shots. I’ve experienced three years of great health. I know plenty of people who did get jabbed and they seem to be sick a lot. I personally know six people who “died suddenly” who were healthy, they just woke up dead. My circle of people is pretty large as I’m a prominent person in my community. What has happened so far tells me the jab maims and kills.

    • Mr.P says:

      Same here. Long long ago, I got whacked with debilitating, in-bed-for-a-week “flu” every year, right on schedule. Haven’t been knocked-out sick like that in decades. Wife and I both got aches and sniffles on two separate occasions in Nov. & Dec. 2019, but we were fully ambulatory. (If the test can be believed, it was not covid; I checked.) Stopped getting the yearly flu shot many decades ago (didn’t work, it’s stupid, why bother?).

    • Red says:

      So my theory is that I haven’t become stronger, disease vectors have become weaker! Viruses and bacteria adapt to their environment in a way that maximises reproductive success, if, for some reason, people’s immune systems have become weaker, then the common cold and the flu will evolve to become weaker as to not kill these weaker hosts too quickly, which for those with an intact Immune system, would mean fewer flus and colds. I have vaxxed family members who have been getting flus and colds like before, sometimes stronger than before, and I have not been sick in 17 months for the first time in my life!

      Could be. Last time I got sick was covid in April 22. I haven’t been sick since then. I’d typical get sick 3-4 times a year usually for just a few days, and I’m very prone to bad cases of bronchitis during the winter.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I’ve had the opposite experience. I didn’t get sick once between 2014 and 2020. But I’ve had 4 flus since Jan 2020. I’ve been thinking that the change in overall viral genome was towards something that’s far more effective at getting around the immune system. I’m uninjected and noticed the same pattern with my other uninjected friends. Perhaps an explanation is that a radical shift in the human viral genome has occurred overall, and now some are better at dealing with it while some are worse.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      I have to echo the other replies. I’ve always contacted a yearly infection during the fall going back as far as my memory serves but have been healthy since 2019. No vax.

  51. Caesar Sextion says:


    • jim says:

      You link to a post on 4chan that pretty much says “Hello, I am a shill hired by your enemies to destroy you”, followed by a thread full of obvious shills engaging in a totally scripted conversation with each other, with no interaction with actual rightists, let alone actual Christian nationalists, that I can detect. Sock puppets are having a conversation with sock puppets.

      • The Cominator says:

        He’s been a good poster so far Jim imho, provided the link doesn’t immediately destroy my computer or send the FBI to my house I request to see the post.

        • Red says:

          He’s either a retard or a shill.

        • jim says:

          Unfortunately I deleted it irrecoverably. But since you have expressed curiosity, I will allow it through if he resubmits.

          But my assessment of that thread is that it is a waste of space, that everything in it is a lie, and everyone in it is a liar who is pretending to be someone other than what he is.

          • Caesar Sextion says:

            I spent a full 15 minutes to find this link again.

            As requested:

            Jim, I don’t agree with poster’s use of the term “capital”. Do a mental find-and-replace with “commie”. It isn’t inherently implausible that United Nations, Trilateral Commission et al. would advance their global sludgification and hueman hive agenda through the safe and effective vehicle of commercial corporations.

            And presumably Marxoids like money as much as anyone else. Lenin certainly did.

            • jim says:

              The posters glow in the dark – they are FBI and/or CIA employees. Therefore, anything they say about the the three letter agencies most likely the opposite of the truth, and anything they say about us, or rather imply and presuppose about us, while pretending to be one of us, we can easily see is the opposite of the truth.

            • dharmicreality says:

              From the beginning of that:

              First, the idea that “the global agenda” is leftist or communist or somehow related to the neo-Marxism of the Frankfurt school is misguided

              I stopped reading right there.

              Seems a waste of time.

              • Aidan says:

                “The organizations I’ve worked for over the years see the number one priority as the maintenance of global economic integration and open markets.“

                Yes, ”global economic integration” is newspeak for “global nigger communism” and “open markets” is newspeak for “allows NGOs to work with impunity”. The author, working for our enemies, is a midwit who cannot see what is being signified, is absorbed in the false signifier. The neoconservative served its purpose in perversion of names, renaming international marxism as globalist capitalism.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes basically this.

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  You’re on the right track, but it’s more subtle than that.

                  Poster was a think-tank writer who wrote white papers for global(ist) organizations, including the cosmetics industry. What is a white paper? A white paper is a mechanism by which “independent” institutional actors, many of them commercial corporations, can be “persuaded” to act together in common purpose.

                  In fact these “independent” corporations are not really independent, as they are substantially united by common ownership and control, and the owners and controllers want to reduce the world population to a sweltering, undifferentiated mass of pardo natural slaves.

                  I posit that their desire to do this thing transcends any apparent ideology or organizing principle, whether communist, capitalist, or otherwise.

                • jim says:

                  > Poster was a think-tank writer who wrote white papers

                  Poster claimed to be a think-tank writer. No one in that thread is the person they present themselves as. Not the original poster, and not the people responding to him. They glow in the dark.

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  Am I being moderated?

                • jim says:

                  Yes, you are being moderated for shill links.

                  You are also, in material that I am holding back, making arguments worthy of debate, but debate is going to be unprofitable if you are a shill.

                  So, take the shill test.

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  “Poster claimed to be a think-tank writer.”

                  You may not read think-tank publications. I read think-tank publications. Poster spoke in exactly the bland jargony register spoken by think-tank writers. I’ve never seen anyone other than a think-tank writer speak like that. It’s impossible to mimick. Therefore I conclude he was in fact a think-tank writer.

                • jim says:

                  I read think tank-publications, and this is not think tank shibboleths, it is Marxism decorated with think tank shibboleths, a particular and recognizable variant of Marxism decorated with think tank shibboleths – third positionism being the same Marxism decorated with fascist shibboleths rather than think tank shibboleths. This is a painfully familiar bunch of shills some whom are wearing a different disguise to their usual.

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  I decline to submit to your shit test, but I will tell you the truth.

                  A young woman’s loins ache for one unattached young man in her social set. This is called a “crush”, and it was adaptive until the invention and cunning mass dissemination of birth control. Even in the total absence of arranged marriage or any kind of social pairing ritual, the woman will get pregnant and conscript the aid of her father and church father to “persuade” the schmuck to marry the beast.

                  The reason that birth control is so fanatically pushed on young women is because the global elite, who are not ideological and have no principles whatsoever, aim to mix up all world nations (other than themselves) into one undifferentiated mass of soulless brown refuse.

                  It works because until menopause women do not have agency, are not responsible for their actions, and cannot consent.

                  But. Personally I support the death penalty for both women and men constitutionally incapable of abstinence until the age of 21. I don’t care.

                • jim says:

                  Total failure to pass shill test, but allowing it through so that other people can see what constitutes failing and passing.

                  Anyone could pass by simply copying and pasting a pass text, or generally imitating it, but shills nonetheless cannot imitate it, because not allowed to engage with thought crimes.

                  > I will tell you the truth.

                  > A young woman’s loins ache for one unattached young man in her social set. TA young woman’s loins ache for one unattached young man in her social set.

                  This is, of course the official lie. The truth and the thought crime being that her loins ache for the guy who is banging a good part of the women in her social set. Women want men with preselection.

                  Even if you believe in and accept the official lie, you could still pass by giving a response that acknowledges that your audience as unlikely to accept your version, and argues against what your audience believes in a way that makes it clear what your audience actually believes.

                  Even you believe official truth, you could still pass by giving a response that reveals in what we disagree with official truth.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >the global elite, who are not ideological and have no principles whatsoever,

                  “-and other jives GAE minions tell themselves.”

                • But. Personally I support the death penalty for both women and men constitutionally incapable of abstinence until the age of 21. I don’t care.

                  “Kill all whose (natural) instinct is to procreate to reproduce.”

                  Thanks for revealing your true colours.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >A young woman’s loins ache for one unattached young man in her social set.

                  Thinking they’re after unattached men is somewhat forgivable. A strong patriarchal factor in a girl’s life can give an illusion that they are after monogamy. The rest though…

                  Everyone knows they like older men which automatically places the guy outside and (usually) above her social set. Sure, there are some outliers, but even the feminists that constantly are screeching about unequal power dynamics obsess over Jane Austin rich man poor woman fantasies or in more recent years 50 Shades. I’m at a complete loss as to where this is coming from.

                  Ok, maybe not everyone knows, but they certainly did when I was growing up.

                  >This is, of course the official lie.

                  I’m horribly out of date on the official woman lies. When did that happen?

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  “Total failure to pass shill test…Anyone could pass by simply copying and pasting a pass text…you could still pass by giving a response that reveals in what we disagree with official truth.”

                  Not so, I understand you very well.

                  You believe that [*not what we believe*]

                • jim says:

                  What we believe implies that female misconduct is a major, indeed the major, obstacle to sex, reproduction, and family. Your paraphrase of our beliefs is our beliefs paraphrased to as to imply no moral criticism of female conduct, that only the sexual behavior characteristic of males is can be sinful, and that women who behave sexually in the way characteristic of females are little angels.

                  Your version of our beliefs was reasonably accurate – except that not only did you commit no thought crime, you failed to notice our thought crime – that we say that female sexual behaviour is different from that of men, and that unless restrained by male authority, female sexual behavior is very wicked behaviour.

                  Your rendition of our beliefs is accurate, except upside down. You represent hypergamy as a male quality, rather than distruptive female conduct.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  There’s nothing women love more than an attached man. To an alien observer in alpha centauri using his hyperspace telescope, it would look like men who are attached must be somehow emitting magic mind rays or pheromone triggers that cause other women to zero in on them.

                • alf says:

                  Just piling on for the fun of it

                  until the invention and cunning mass dissemination of birth control.

                  Birth control has been around since the stone age. Never made a noticeable difference. Just like war, peace, wealth or poverty.

                  There is one thing we believe that makes all the difference. What was it again? Hmmm…. Must’ve slipped my mind…

                • Caesar Sextion says:

                  Imagine reading “It works because until menopause women do not have agency, are not responsible for their actions, and cannot consent.” and responding with “total failure to commit thought crimes”.

                  Then imagine reading a more elaborate and much nicer version of “thinking ‘preselection’ is important is pure cope for ugly old men” and deleting that too.

                  You don’t fight fair because you fear my rhetorical powers.

                  This is the equivalent of demanding I defend myself with cotton stuffed in my mouth!

                  Unshackle me so I can respond to my accusers.

                • jim says:

                  It is not a thought crime because denying women agency is absolutely standard progressivism. If women do bad things that have bad results for themselves and everyone around them, it is supposedly some man’s fault and men must be punished.

                  But the problem with the material that I silenced was not that you failed to commit a thought crime. The problem was that you told us what we think. And that is not what we think and not a thought crime either.

                  I am not going to allow enemy shills to show up and say “hail fellow reactionary, we all agree on …”

                • cub says:

                  CS said:
                  “I posit that their desire to do this thing transcends any apparent ideology or organizing principle, whether communist, capitalist, or otherwise.”
                  It may transcend any *economic* ideology, but they do have specific ideals and goals that require power and control, which they will use any economic means necessary to achieve.
                  The OP of your thread appears to understand certain methods the elites use to maintain economic control, but doesn’t seem to understand (or care about) their ultimate goals.

                • jim says:

                  Their ultimate goals are incoherent, mutually contradictory, and conflicting, being not only too evil to reveal to us, but too evil to reveal to each other, and too evil to be fully recognized and clearly thought about by themselves even individually.

                • cub says:

                  @jim, how can you be sure you aren’t underestimating them? You make it sound as if their plans are doomed to fail. Better to err on the side of caution.

                • jim says:

                  The Khmer Rouge was run by very smart men, but their plans were doomed to fail because detached from reality.

                  Our elite is composed of stupid men, for example Obama and Hillary, and they are even more detached from reality.

                • cub says:

                  Jim, do you actually believe that Obama and Hillary are orchestrating globohomo? Or that they exert control over the economy? That they are among the true “owners and controllers” of the world, that actually make the plans?

                  It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that they are not.

                • jim says:

                  Completely obvious. It was Obama and Hillary that launched and ran Arab spring, Obama that weaponized the spy apparatus, Obama and Hillary that purged the army leadership.

                  If you look at events in Syria and Libya, Soros was a minion, who was brushed aside when the time for shooting came. Fifth Generation warfare, first applied in Afghanistan and Arab Spring, is not a Jewish concept, it is a post protestant concept. The people running stuff are not Jewish, the ideological rationales are not Jewish. Soros is a minion, and the Rothschilds have been out of power for near a century.

                • cub says:


                • jim says:

                  You make a reasonable argument that deserves response. But then you tell me what I think, what we think. It is not what we think, and explaining yet again to those that will not listen what I think, what the Dark Enlightenment thinks, what neoreaction thinks, is a waste of bandwidth.

                  I am not going to debate with people who find the position of the right so unthinkable that they will not think that anyone thinks it. I am not going to entertain critiques of our position that refuse to notice what our position is, for such debates go nowhere.

                • cub says:

                  Hey Jim, maybe the reason people keep assuming you believe things that you don’t, is because you keep fucking deleting the posts of people making reasonable assumptions about your beliefs instead of openly addressing and refuting them.
                  Tell me how my assumptions about your beliefs are not reasonable, given what you stated earlier.

                • jim says:

                  I have issued no end of posts explaining my beliefs and our beliefs, and no end of comments responding to people misrepresenting and misunderstanding our beliefs, and the latter gets tiresome because they sail right on continuing to misunderstand and misrepresent our beliefs and my beliefs.

                  Is Obama the secret King? Sort of, but only so long as he continues to give effect to the leftmost belief system, for our enemy’s cohesion rests not on loyalty and obedience to a man, but to a faith. No man rules alone, so asking who the secret kings are is the wrong question, because it presupposes that our enemies’ cohesion relies on subordination to a super powerful secret King. Their coordination does indeed rely on a very small number of people, the equivalent of the invisible central authority that Winston Smith received directives from in 1984, but those coordinating rely on shared loyalty to a faith, not shared loyalty to themselves. Their cohesion comes from a broadly shared faith, a faith whose center is Harvard. The US government is not run directly by Harvard. It is, however, run by the faithful of the faith of Harvard, and if the CEO should deviate from that faith, as for example Trump in the presidency or Musk in twitter, stuff stops working.

                  Yoel was a Jewish pederast who ran twitter censorship. And twitter censorship was identical to censorship everywhere because he, like Soros, is a mere minion who does what he is told. And Musk released the emails revealing him to be a mere minion who does what he is told. The orders come from the TLAs, and the revolutionary purge and redirection of the TLAs was done by Obama. So in this sense, Obama is the secret King. But Obama could only do this because giving effect to the faith of Harvard, and had he tried to do something different, would have met the fate of Trump or JFK.

                  Yoel was a Jewish pederast who supposedly ran twitter censorship. Therefore, you say, Jews rule the world. Except that it is perfectly clear that he did not run twitter censorship.

                  And now you will completely ignore everything I just said and just explained. And I will go right back to censoring you instead of debating you.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “Fifth Generation warfare, first applied in Afghanistan and Arab Spring, is not a Jewish concept”

                  OK whoa. I’d love it if you would expound on this please.

                • cub says:

                  Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

                  I’m not convinced that the owners/controllers of the Cathedral are true believers in leftism. How can you explain the cultural dominance of a faith that is so foreign to reality, without positing the existence of intentional deceivers that are using it for their own purposes? A religion run by people as psychotic, selfish, and stupid as your average modern leftist wouldn’t last very long, because the truth, as you have said, would be able to defend itself- unless the psychopaths in charge were knowingly using their power to suppress it.

                  It’s true that these owners/controllers might not be Jewish… although if we were to play detective, and examine all suspects with the means, motive, criminal evidence, and expressed intent to destroy the West in such a way, no other group even comes close. And judging by my interactions with young rightists, I’m fairly certain that Jimian Christianity will meet the same fate as other modern right-wing movements unless you explicitly, categorically address the gargantuan elephant in the room that is the JQ.

                  Also, I never mentioned Yoel Roth nor attributed any real power to him. If you don’t want your beliefs misrepresented, take care to not misrepresent those of others.

                • jim says:

                  > How can you explain the cultural dominance of a faith that is so foreign to reality, without positing the existence of intentional deceivers that are using it for their own purposes?

                  Started with the Brownists.

                  Well, actually started earlier than that. The Roman Catholic Church was … no it started earlier than that.

                  We are always ruled by priests or warriors, and usually something of both. The Christian version of this was throne and altar governance, which was started by Constantine, and perfected by Charles the Hammer and Charles the Great.

                  Which means that the priests of the official Church have lots of gravy, and lots of people want some of that gravy. Thus, once Constantine was in power, the Donatists appeared, who argued that the existig priesthood was insufficiently holy, and therefore did not deserve all the gravy, and they were much more holy and should have that gravy.

                  OK, fast forward a little over a millenium of endlessly complicated shenanigans over the same basic issue, and in the west the Roman Catholic Church was corrupt, heretical, decadent, and in possession of a great deal of gravy. And it was getting up the noses of Kings by coveting what is Caesar’s.

                  And some genuinely holy Christians, at great personal risk, called out that corruption and heresy. Which ordinarily would have merely resulted in them getting martyred, but Kings found it good to have a genuinely holy man around who was apt to explain why the Church could not and should not have what belonged to the King. So they were not martyred.

                  Protestant Revolution ensued, and resulted in protestants running the state Church all over the place, including the state Church of England. And those English protestants were getting lots of gravy.

                  And so, Puritans appeared. Who were like protestants only even more so. More protestant than the protestants. Who argued that the King was not very holy at all and the Bishops he appointed even less so, and genuinely holy people, themselves, should be getting the goodies.

                  Civil war ensued. And the very holy wound up in power. And then the even holier wound up in power. And the holier still were about to wind up in power, but to Cromwell, they looked like heretics and demon worshipers, and in retrospect he was right. Those guys strikingly resembled the late twentieth century post Christian left. So the army wandered up and told the extremely holy to get lost and get a job.

                  Skipping over a lot of spiritual history, human psychology, and human greed, Charles the second returns to power in 1660, and over the next year or so, purges the Church of the excessively holy. Some of whom get on boats to North America, create Harvard, and have been plotting to take over the world ever since.

                  But, since the State Church of New England, whose Vatican is Harvard, had real power and some gravy, a holiness spiral ensued, with priests finding ever new things to be holy about, and getting ever holier about them.

                  And, in 1860, very holy about slavery. Before the war of Northern Aggression, each state of the united states had its own state Church, and the Vatican of the State Church of New England was Harvard.

                  After the war of Northern Aggression, America had one state Church, and its Vatican is still Harvard.

                  But they were, being holier than Jesus, starting go post Christian.

                  In the 1860s, holier than Jesus. In the 1950s, holier than God, much like those Cromwell purged, And here we are. in 2023, with demon worshipers in charge.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >How can you explain the cultural dominance of a faith that is so foreign to reality, without positing the existence of intentional deceivers that are using it for their own purposes?

                  Certainly there will be intentional deceivers… for one generation. And then they die. And the psychotic, selfish, and stupid take over in totality – and that’s where our current position in the cycle is.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Put in other words, a leftist clade actually succeeding in taking power, signals the beginning of its end.

                • ten says:

                  “I’m fairly certain that Jimian Christianity will meet the same fate as other modern right-wing movements unless you explicitly, categorically address the gargantuan elephant in the room that is the JQ.”

                  Done to death. The very comment field you’re in right now has numerous subthreads about jews already. What exactly are you calling for?

                  Addressing the JQ seems to mean blaming the jews for everything. In that sense jim addresses the JQ with every post, in not blaming them for everything. We were on this hellride before the jews got on board, we will still be on this ride if we throw the jews off.

                  Addressing the JQ seems to mean everything was great in america until 1965 when the jews tricked the aryans, and if america reverts to 1964, then everything is great again.

                  Or maybe it means everything was great until the jews tricked the aryans into infighting instead of following hitler.

                  Or maybe it means everything was great until the jews caused ww1 and the fall of the imperial european order.

                  Or whatever.

                  Progressivism says that islam and christianity and judaism and buddhism and bla and bla and bla bla bla rightly understood secretly is progressivism. They absorb and coordinate external things, kill them and wear their corpses as skinsuits.

                  Addressing the JQ seems to mean that whoever is prompted to make the address must kill himself and let his corpse be worn as a skinsuit by the people who say that jews are to blame for everything.

                  Is it not enough to say jews are slimesucking rat-goblin kikes so full of vice and deicidal madness that all their plausible virtues are like a flower in a latrine? Probably not. If you say, as neoreaction says, that progressivism is not jewish in origin, but a homegrown treasonous heresy, then it doesn’t seem to matter if you want all jews as far away as possible and all doors between us and them locked and bolted, because then neoreaction hasn’t been absorbed and coordinated into “progressivism is great except jews ruined it”.

                  It seems like the only sufficient way of addressing the JQ is to let the guilty off the hook, to nuke israel while obama and soros clink their champagne glasses in the nuclear glow.

                • cub says:

                  I understand how the holiness spiral of Christianity (or any faith) can cause a gradual departure from reality, but the supposed sudden transition from hyper-Puritan Christianity to anti-Christian demon worship doesn’t make sense. It’s as if the holiness quantity got too high and encountered an integer overflow. And wouldn’t you expect there to be residual Puritans left behind by the holiness spiral? Don’t see a lot of those around Harvard these days.

                  Normally history, and nature, function like a swinging pendulum, with the ebbs and flows always eventually returning to some kind of balance- and the more society is pulled in one direction, the greater the urge to restore balance, and the greater the eventual swing in the other direction. It seems more likely that the Puritans went too far, lost control of the country, and the pendulum has swung drastically towards demon worship and anti-Christianity, no doubt with the assistance of our friends in little hats, and maybe even counter-reformationists (Jesuits?).

                  The fact that leftism has the trappings of a religion does not imply that it’s an extension of an existing one, but only that it has taken the place of an existing one. See: communism.

                  This distinction is relevant because if you blame the demon worship on Christianity, even a particularly virulent strain, then it can be used by our enemies to justify their opposing pendulum swing even further. That’s why I’m reluctant to buy into the theories of Yarvin and his ilk.

                • jim says:

                  > but the supposed sudden transition from hyper-Puritan Christianity to anti-Christian demon worship

                  Nothing sudden about it. The process has been running for centuries – most religions subject to a holiness spiral transition to demon worship a whole lot faster. Harvard Christianity became non Christian, then anti Christian in a vast number of tiny steps.

                  Each small step along the way was arguably reasonable.

                  Thus the protestants complained about additions to Christianity by the papacy. And got money and power by so doing. So the Puritans, being more protestant than the protestants, found even more additions to complain about. They argued that marriage was not a sacrament, noticing that the Christian marriage ceremony was swiped wholesale from the highest status and most durable Roman marriage ceremony, plus a Christian priest reading the relevant scriptures.

                  So the Puritans in New England, those dour people with the funny hats and a tendency to execute witches, had secular marriage by the magistrate, and only secular marriage.

                  And, being secular, was a contract, not a sacrament. Thus “I do” instead of “with this ring I thee wed”. And, being secular, all those terribly-oppressive-to-women verses from the bible got left out. And being a contract, no divine mandate for it to be fundamentally unequal, and compulsory if a woman got nailed.

                  Holiness spiral on that for a few generations and you have a gay marriage celebrated with giant black dildoes.

                  And then there was Saturnalia/Christmas.

                  Those witch hunting Puritans with their funny hats were apt to confiscate your Christmas goose and put you in the stocks if you celebrated Christmas, arguing, quite plausibly, that Christmas was a pagan addition. And today, if you are in Global American Empire country, you cannot buy Christmas wrapping paper that references Christian symbolism.

                  > Normally history, and nature, function like a swinging pendulum,

                  Not seeing this pendulum. History is more like a cars being driven over a cliff. After falling three hundred feet onto jagged rocks, they don’t go into reverse and start climbing back up the cliff, but continue over the jagged rocks in small pieces. Most civilizations, empires, races, nations, cultures eventually crash and burn, vanishing utterly.

                  Trees grow till they fall over. They do not grow then shrink again. Religions tend to turn to demon worship, and then devour their own people. They do not turn to demon worship, then turn back again to God. They self destruct in unbearable evil.

                  A few centuries after the fall of Assyria, Xenophon saw the empty ruins of their capital. He asked the locals who had lived there. The locals did not recall.

                  History does not look like a pendulum. It looks like a car being driven at high speed along a narrow track on the side of a mountain. Once the car goes off the road, it rapidly goes further and further off the road, faster and faster.

                • cub says:

                  You’ve demonstrated how certain elements of Christianity can theoretically be subverted with a holiness spiral, but do you have examples of elements of Christianity that survived the spiral and that the Cathedral still advocates for? In particular, anything that we would NOT see if our country was indeed hijacked by the synagogue of Satan? Something that would disprove my theory?

                  Otherwise, Occam’s razor would favor the idea that modern leftism, which correlates strongly with reduced Christianity, is the result of anti-Christianity rather than hyper-Christianity. No need for mental gymnastics.

                  Religions aren’t like trees. Individuals are like trees. Religions, cultures, and societies are like forests. A forest will grow or shrink based on the availability of the resources needed to sustain it, and the genetic fitness of the species of trees. If you introduce non-native trees, they will generally be out-competed unless they are far superior genetically. If you cut down a bunch of trees, new ones will eventually grow in their place, and if you plant a bunch of trees among the existing ones, there won’t be enough resources to sustain them all, and some will die.

                  Eventually balance will always be restored… unless you have a tribe of rootless, parasitic lumberjacks that chop the whole forest down, before moving on to the next forest, then the next one, then the next one…

                • jim says:

                  > do you have examples of elements of Christianity that survived the spiral and that the Cathedral still advocates for?

                  Christianity, Christian tradition, and the New Testament gently discourages slavery. For example the New testament forbids Christians from slave trading (without forbidding Christians from buying slaves from Jews). So when Harvard sponsored terrorism against the Southern States and worked to create civil war they were holier than Jesus. So, holier than Jesus in 1860, and holier than God in 1950
                  Their current position on affirmative action and all that is descended by holiness spiraling in very small steps from their 1850 position on slavery, which is descended by holiness spiraling in very small steps from the traditional and genuinely Christian position of moderately discouraging slavery. There is no Jewish equivalent.

                  This was debated at the time, and during the whole transition from Puritanism to demon worship by small degrees both sides of the debate claimed to be Christian up to around 1950 or so, when the claim of Harvard to be Christian became increasingly unbelievable and disbelieved, and was eventually quietly abandoned.

                  Affirmative action is a holiness spiral on a genuinely Christian position, and the abolition of marriage, fatherhood, and family a holiness spiral on “purifying Christianity from pagan additions” – they decided that marriage was not a sacrament, and desacralizing marriage rapidly led to desecrating mariage. That business about sacral marriage being a pagan addition goes all the way back to the more protestant than protestant Puritans of 1640, with absolutely no Jews in sight.

                  When two faggots get married so that they can purchase small boys from child protective services and pass them around as party favors in a gay orgy, everyone has to cheer until the wedding organizer gives the signal to stop cheering, or else you will likely lose your job. This is a holiness spiral on the purification of Christianity that gave the puritans their name. You can trace it back in small steps to 1640, with not a Jew in sight until around 1950.

                  Of course, that marriage is a divine sacrament administered by the groom under the supervision of the priest “With this ring I thee wed” is an ancient Christian tradition, and that marriage is performed by God, though his human representative on earth, and through the Christian groom, is a position clearly expressed in the New Testament, but the protestants had already purified Christianity of all the genuinely unchristian pagan traditions, so the Puritans did not have much to purify. But the ring obviously derives from pagan Rome, so, hungry for things to be pure about, they proceeded to first desacralize, and then not very long after, desecrate, marriage.

                  Those witch hunting Puritans of New England had thoroughly desacralized marriage. Then they even more thoroughly desacralized marriage. Then they went on desacralizing it even further. Which by small degrees became systematic desecration of marriage.

                  Those witch hunting Puritans had purified Christianity of such “pagan additions” as Christmas and Marriage. And then they went right on purifying until by 1950 or so, nothing Christian remained. From 1640 to around 1930-1950 the attack on marriage, fatherhood, and the family proceeded with not a Jew in sight.

                  The attack on fatherhood and family started around 1640 or so, with them pulling the New Testament passages on the duty of the wife to obedience and submission from their purely secular marriage ceremony.

                  Child protective services kidnapping children and selling them to “married” gay couples is a holiness spiral on a holy spiral on a holiness spiral which began with sixteen forty puritans pulling the biblical texts on the submission and obedience of the wife from the marriage ceremony, and proceeded endlessly by small degrees from then to the present.

                  Affirmative action is a holiness spiral on the genuinely Christian tradition that Christians are forbidden to engage in slave trading and encouraged, but not required, to free their slaves.

                  You can trace the attack on marriage, fathers, and family all the way back to 1640, and affirmative action all the way back to 1790, with not a Jew in sight until about 1920 or so.

                  When a religion goes demonic, it does not stop until defeated in war and conquered due its evil against its own people. If we look at ancient history, not a pendulum in sight. Always ends with the car crashed after going off the road and falling down a thousand foot cliff.

                  > Religions aren’t like trees. Individuals are like trees. Religions, cultures, and societies are like forests. A forest will grow or shrink based on the availability of the resources needed to sustain

                  Not what history shows. Religions, cultures, and societies are like a car driven at high speed along a narrow mountain road. Each tree in a forest independently pursues its own good, and the good of its offpring, but a religion, a culture, and a society has mechanisms of large scale cooperation. When these break down, it ceases to be. And thus we see empty shelves in British supermarkets, and a British army with a hundred generals that can only put a hundred boots on the ground, who are apt to be defeated by handful of rifle toting camel herders.

                • cub says:

                  “There is no Jewish equivalent [to discouraging slavery].”

                  That’s because the Jewish tradition believes that the goyim should all be their slaves. They think we are their cattle. And as it turns out, we aren’t headed towards a slavery-free society, we’re headed towards a debt-slavery dystopia, where most of us will own nothing. Puritans aren’t known for being predatory loan sharks and landlords. Jews are.

                  “Affirmative action is a holiness spiral on a genuinely Christian position”

                  Affirmative action and such are used purely to degrade and disempower the white middle class. Jews don’t seem to suffer very much from AA at all (Harvard, for example, is 1/4 Jewish). And notice how Jews never seem to apologize for having owned so many slave ships? The blame is placed entirely on whitey, because that’s the whole point.

                  “and the abolition of marriage, fatherhood, and family a holiness spiral on ‘purifying Christianity from pagan additions'”

                  How do you explain Weimar Germany and the Frankfurt School? Not a whole lot of Puritans there. In fact, the history of pre-WWII Communism is mostly Jewish, with not a Puritan in sight.

                  The Puritans may have played an early role in the desecration of Christianity, but as for leftism in general, especially these days, I see a lot of Communists on the streets, a lot of Jews pulling the strings, and basically nobody that claims to be a Puritan or anything similar.

                  You are telling me to ignore all the evidence staring me in the face, because a Silicon Valley Jew has convinced you that all of this insanity can be traced to a niche Christian sect from hundreds of years ago. Not only is this ridiculous on its face, but it offers no effective solutions for dealing with our CURRENT problems. It’s pointless intellectual masturbation at best, and a diversion tactic at worst.

                • jim says:

                  > > “and the abolition of marriage, fatherhood, and family a holiness spiral on ‘purifying Christianity from pagan additions’”

                  > How do you explain Weimar Germany and the Frankfurt School?

                  Until the west resumed feminism in 1963, the Frankfurt School had zero interest in reifying women as class and gays as a class. They were all about economics, Marxist Economics. They wanted to reinvent Marxist socialism to head off the challenge from National Socialism. All economics all the time. While Jewish minions were deployed once the decision was made to resume feminism, there is no evidence that Jews played a role in the decision, or were particularly keen on it.

                  Weimar was feminist, first wave feminism, but Hitler, unlike the west, took no strong action to reverse it, so he did not see Weimar feminism as a Jewish plot against the white race. The west reacted to National Socialism by going socialist (the New Deal) and stopping feminism, perhaps they saw Nazism as reaction to Weimar moral degeneracy, which derived from feminism, but Hitler suppressed moral degeneracy without paying much attention to the root cause, moment to moment female sexual choice. Perhaps he saw moral degeneracy as Jewish, but not feminism as Jewish.

                  When the Australian authorities were cracking down on women in 1790s and early 1800s, they saw moment to moment female sexual choice as whoring. The stereotypical female convict did not trade sex for money, but rather allowed her boyfriend to rob her master. It was women giving it away they thought of as whoring. Hitler’s attitude was completely different.

                • S says:

                  “That’s because the Jewish tradition believes that the goyim should all be their slaves. They think we are their cattle. And as it turns out, we aren’t headed towards a slavery-free society, we’re headed towards a debt-slavery dystopia, where most of us will own nothing. Puritans aren’t known for being predatory loan sharks and landlords. Jews are.”

                  Its inflation + civil service. The same thing happened in the Roman Empire.

                  “Affirmative action and such are used purely to degrade and disempower the white middle class. Jews don’t seem to suffer very much from AA at all (Harvard, for example, is 1/4 Jewish). And notice how Jews never seem to apologize for having owned so many slave ships? The blame is placed entirely on whitey, because that’s the whole point.”

                  Affirmative actions kicks middle class whites out of elite schools. With half of the population receiving college diplomas, it doesn’t stop them from getting degrees. Since schools don’t make people smarter, the only effect is that networking.

                  “How do you explain Weimar Germany and the Frankfurt School? Not a whole lot of Puritans there. In fact, the history of pre-WWII Communism is mostly Jewish, with not a Puritan in sight.”

                  =In 1791, Louis Michel le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau presented a new criminal code to the national Constituent Assembly.[10] He explained that it outlawed only “true crimes”, and not “phony offenses created by superstition, feudalism, the tax system, and [royal] despotism”.[11] He did not list the crimes “created by superstition”. The new penal code did not mention blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege, witchcraft, incest or homosexuality, which led to these former offences being swiftly decriminalized. In 1810, a new criminal code was issued under Napoleon. As with the Penal Code of 1791, it did not contain provisions for religious crimes, incest or homosexuality.=

                  The Napoleonic Code was imposed on Prussia, it was recriminalized with the formation of the German Empire and followed by the homosexual movement.