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Moderation broken

Saturday, July 6th, 2024

Suddenly WordPress has started to throw everyone into moderation, despite me turning off the various ad hoc things I have done. As far as I know, I am now just running standard WordPress, and it still just puts everyone into moderation.

And I tend to leave my moderation queue unattended for long periods, because from time to time I have episodes of real life. So if it takes a long time for your comment to appear, sorry, this just sucks.

If WordPress does not magically return to its previous behaviour, will switch to adding everyone as a user — which I probably should have done long ago.

Adding every profilic based poster as user when I have to manually rescue their comments from the moderation queue, because the moderation queue is broken.

Your password will be user_to_avoid_moderation

Change it, but your real password should be your fake email, so might as well change it to something trivial.

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Who stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel?

Wednesday, April 24th, 2024

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and several worshipers were attacked in an absurdly vicious and completely over the top manner, guaranteed to outrage people.

And yet the stabbing was strangely ineffectual. It is very easy to kill people. It is not that difficult to do it with bare hands if you can get the upper hand, and with knife of suitable size, trivial. If I made a sucker knife attack on someone with the intent of killing him, it would be entirely undramatic. He would be fatally wounded so fast you would not see it happening. You would just see a whole lot of blood and me fleeing abruptly, followed by him folding up. The Australian government has attempted to ban the video — whether sincerely or in a deliberate effort to Streisand it, I am not sure, but the ban was, predictably, utterly ineffectual and wildly counterproductive. It merely resulted in everyone downloading and uploading the video.

The attacker says “Allahu Akbar” so that everyone will know this is a Mohammedan attack on a Christian. But the odd thing is, Bishop Emmanuel has not said or done anything that would particular piss off Mohammedans, while he had said and done lots of things that outrage the demon worshipers running the west, including calling them demon worshipers. I am pretty sure you could get away with his infrequent mild mannered criticisms of Islam (that Islam and Judaism are false religions) in Dubai, while I routinely say much worse things: That Mohammed’s visions were of a demon — literal or a projection of his own evil, that a Mohammedan that does not murder innocents is a bad Mohammedan, and that Islam is inimical to science and technology because it worships an inconstant God who can change and lie. And no one seems to take offense.

What has outraged people his his criticisms of the demon worshipers ruling us.

I am fairly sympathetic and supportive of Islam. I say Mohammed was right about women, the Taliban are fighting for their freedom and restoring order, peace, and prosperity to a land endlessly ravaged by war, that we need to postpone renewing the crusades until we have dealt with the common enemy of demon worshipers. And, like Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, I say the Jews are attempting to genocide the Palestinians. Muslims generally seem to perceive me as a frenemy, and I am sure that they would similarly perceive Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who, unlike me, has always preached the human dignity of people of all faiths.

I suppose in a sense I preach the much same thing, in that I say that the Peace of Westphalia should be applied to all faiths, but I also say it will need to be imposed on Dar al-Islam with a big stick, and that Cortes had the right answer for demon worship. We can worry about Mohammedanism after we and the Mohammedans have dealt with the big problem: Demon worship ruling the west — a topic Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel has addressed frequently with vigor.

Since the attack, an army of shills, most of them with Tel Aviv network addresses, have been vigorously using it to promote war between based Christians and based Muslims — a position that, of course, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is vigorously opposing right now, and that I also oppose.

I post this in support of the wonderfully based and outstandingly Christian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel. He is not as based as I am — I have not seen him preaching that for a faith, a people, a nation, or an empire to successfully reproduce it has to have families, and that to have families, men need to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick, lest Miss Average waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility banging Mister One-in-thirty. But he is certainly more Christian than I am. I have a bit of difficulty forgiving my enemies.

Part of the horror of this attack is that he failed to take any effectual action to protect himself, while I am still mostly killer ape, and wear civilization like an ill fitting suit. But there is a place in Christianity for men of violence, without which it could not have survived and won. I am a big fan of Saint Theodore the Varangian. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel says he fears nothing and no one, and observing the attack, he speaks the truth. But sometimes, a more forceful method of dealing with evil is appropriate. Sometimes, fearlessness needs to manifest more in the style of Saint Theodore the Varangian.

A new space race

Friday, March 15th, 2024

Russia and China are talking about putting a permanent manned base on the moon, which is obviously a response to NASA talking about putting a permanent manned base on the moon.

NASA has Musk’s rockets, but Musk is not really interested in a moon base, because insufficient volatiles on the moon for a self sustaining colony. All he is going to do is ship NASA’s stuff to the moon, and it is completely obvious that NASA lacks the technological capability to build a permanent moonbase, even if the shipping is free.

Unfortunately, our regime is incapable of hearing what Russia and China are saying, or of comprehending anything they say, which absolute self isolation is likely to lead to war sooner or later.

Obviously a permanent moonbase is going to need a nuclear power plant, because the fourteen day lunar nights are dark and cold. I don’t think anyone at NASA realises this, or is capable of realising it, hence they interpreted Russian outline plans for the base as a plan to nuke America’s satellites in orbit.

If you cannot talk to people, you are going to have to kill them, or they are going to have to kill you.

A new space race would be a great alternative to war. You win, you gain soft power, and the other guy loses soft power, without the risks involved in obtaining soft power by killing people. The USG has become increasingly reliant on hard power to provide soft power, as for example bombing Serbia, flattening Libya, and attempting the genocide the Alawites in Syria. This is dangerous, and apt to explode in one’s face. The current red sea crisis is one such explosion, and likely there will be nastier ones sooner or later. The USG should have established normal relations with the Houthis long ago, but that is another group they are unable to hear. If bombing the Houthis did not work before they started blocking a key trade route to Global American Empire aligned ships, why would you think it was going to work after they started blocking a key trade route to Global American Empire aligned ships?

War, it is said, is politics by other means. But the US is incapable of engaging international politics by normal political means, which is why the Global American Empire can no longer ship stuff through the Red Sea and remains unaware that the starter’s gun has been fired on another race to the moon.

The unipolar moment was the USG possessing enormous and overwhelming soft power. It still has a great deal of soft power. China and Russia want that power and are going after it, and the USG is incapable of noticing what is going on.

How to do bitcoin in a country like India that has a locked down financial system

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

There are a few based Hindus on this blog, and they have been telling me they cannot do bitcoin, so cannot set up a blog securely.

India has a locked down financial system and war on cash, which Indians are resisting by using gold, but you cannot do long distance transactions in gold.

If you run an electrum wallet over tor in a country like India, the authorities are unlikely to be able to detect it. But how do you convert the fiat of a locked down financial system into bitcoin, to escape the lockdown.

Well, every country with a severely locked down financial system has a large expat diaspora, India and China being the most massive examples, and the Chinese expat population provides channels through the lockdown, channels that Chinese in China use extensively, have been using for a long time, and are using more and more.

A short while ago India and the UAE introduced a cash card to provide Indian UAE expats with a wide open door between the locked down Indian financial system and the wide open UAE financial system.

(Note that you cannot, or at least should not, run a lightning routing node over tor, but if you are trying to sneak past lockdown, should not run a lightning routing node anyway. A lightning node that is a client of a couple of routing nodes should work fine.).

Thermidor is in power, Team B is now on top of Team A

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

The Biden puppet just gave a speech, ostensibly directed at everyone, and ostensibly directed at Republicans, but actually directed at the radicals, telling them to cool it.

Google failed to commemorate black history month. The immanent eschaton has strangely been postponed. Lawfare against Trump and Musk is quietly being dropped, albeit there is still a judicial order outstanding against Tesla that they must give nineteen billion dollars to the radical left, cancel Musk’s shares, and appoint an anti Musk board, but I expect that this extraordinary and unprecedented judicial order will quietly be forgotten, as ninety odd court cases against Trump are suddenly stuck in the slow lane.

The Biden, meaning the group of people puppeting him, were always a mixed lot, a coalition of true believing fanatics intent on a totalitarian terror state of utterly unprecedented savagery (it is obvious that the mass importation of young military age black men is preparation for white genocide) and the mob of cynical Washington, New York, and Harvard kleptocrats grown fat skimming the gravy of empire. The latter were horrified by Trump’s retreat from empire. Drinking their own koolaide, believing their own official government statistics, that America was prosperous and mighty, they saw no need for such a retreat.

With the Global American Empire falling about their ears, suddenly the Washington kleptocrats miss Trump. The coalition that installed The Biden has fractured.

The radicals don’t care. They are not in power in the White House now, which is going to cramp their style somewhat, but no one close enough to power to be spat upon has any enemies to the left, nor friends to the right. They are still in power in that every institution is completely controlled by the faithful believers in our officially unofficial faith, which worships demons, among them Gaia, Ishtar, and Covid. Thermidor is going to have a rough ride, and Trump is going to have a rough ride.

Assuming we don’t get the extraordinary election rigging of 2020 and 2022, Trump wins in a landslide, and brings in a horde of Maga Republicans riding his coat tails into the legislature.

At which point the irrelevance of the president and legislature is going to become a point of tension. The radicals have demonic paladins. Thermidor has no Paladins. As I keep saying, Thermidor needs reaction to give it steel. Last time around Trump did not include anyone from the alt right, the reaction, or the Christian right in his administration. If he makes the same mistake again, the radical left will continue on its current course, just a bit slower, and with some minor setbacks, which it will soon overcome. They will absorb and build upon their Trump retreat, as they absorbed and built upon their Reagan retreat.

In past Thermidors, the Thermidoreans encountered a ride sufficiently rough that they let reaction off the leash to take some effective measures against the radical left.

Thermidor is always fragile, shaky, and unstable – sometimes it staggers on for a long time while everything crumbles, but usually it turns left or right – normally right. In the Soviet Union, Thermidor nailed Beria, and with the radical left having been eradicated by the likes of Beria, was now seemingly securely in power. But the faith that animated the Soviet Union had died, and they had killed it.

The Washington kleptocrats are counting on Trump for a Soviet Style denoument, where the kleptocrats remain stably in power, without the radicals destroying everything. We shall see.

The trouble with this plan is that they think Trump is their Beria, their General Monk. No, Trump is a 1980s leftist, a mere two score years behind the current year. He is going to need his General Monck.

The radicals are worried by Trump’s plan to punish those that weaponized the justice system and purge the FBI. Thermidor is less troubled, because it needs the leftists who think Thermidor is their enemy purged. (It is not their enemy. It thinks the radical left are good people being foolish, and the officially unofficial state religion is good, if not taken to extremes.) But unless Trump takes the reaction on board, the purge is not going to get very far, and the punishment will merely be a decade or so of a slightly less central position in the halls of power. To fix the FBI and the spy agencies, Trump needs to hire a General Monck.

Moderation policy

Friday, December 1st, 2023

Comments that employ new email addresses, addresses that have not yet been white listed, have been being silently deleted for some time, because I am being snowed under by shills and cannot spend the time to address each new shill email address individually. This seems be a deliberate plot to make it difficult for new commentators to get whitelisted. Unfortunately it is working.

For your new email address to get whitelisted, you have to lead with a thought crime.

You can copy and paste from the numerous thought crimes posted on this blog, with three clicks, or state your own thought crime in your own words, or write a thoughtful essay disagreeing and with and rejecting the thought crime, which will pass and get you white listed if it makes clear what the thought crime you are disagreeing with is. (For it is forbidden to know what is forbidden, so anyone who can say what is forbidden passes, even if you say “such and such is rightly forbidden because it is a conspiracy theory posted by evil Russians to overthrow democracy”, if you can tell us the actual content, if you can tell us what these evil Russians are saying, you still pass the shill test.)

If you tell me that I am evil Jewish Rothschild Muslim Russian bot, and I am wrong because of such and such, and your explanation of why I am wrong reveals what I am in fact saying, this passes the shill test, for it is forbidden to know what is forbidden.

On the other hand, comments of the form “Hail fellow white straight male Christian” are apt to be deleted on sight, for they almost always come from gay jews who worship demons. People who are actually white or straight don’t make a point of it, because they tend to presuppose that Jews do not exist, gays do not exist, women do not exist, except perhaps in some weird and silly place far away and of little interest to normal men going about their normal business, that everyone on the internet is white, straight, and male except for robotic spam generated by ChatGPT.

Some thought crimes that will get you on the whitelist:

What did Soros do to bring about the deaths of half a million Ukrainian Goyim?

How did Soros make his money? (The official government answer will of course get your response silently deleted, unless accompanied by an explanation of why the answer given by us evil racist conspiracy theorists is wrong, which explanation has to reveal what us evil racist racist Hitler apologist racists say how Soros made his money.)

What are the biological differences between blacks and whites, and why does this make it impractical for blacks and whites to live together under the same laws applying to them both equally? How and why, for example, did Detroit turn from the magnificent Paris of the East to a desolate abandoned empty ruin? It is impossible to truthfully describe the fall of Detroit without committing thought crimes that will get you whitelisted, just as it is impossible to truthfully describe the career of Soros without committing thought crimes that will get you white listed, both of them being hate facts.

Why do women misbehave? Why are men and women not getting sex and family?

You can give one of the non thought crime answers, but in your response you have to critique the thought crime answer in a way that reveals to the reader what it was. To pass the shill test, you do not have to agree with the thought crime answer, but you have to reveal that your interlocutor agrees with it, that just about everyone on this blog agrees with it.

Cutting and pasting is allowed and encouraged. The simplest way to pass the shill test to cut and past answer five. Or you could say that answer five is wrong because of such and such, in way that reveals what answer five was. That also passes the shill test.

Possible answers to the woman question:

1. Capitalism makes them misbehave, by economically incentivizing reckless high time-reference behavior over long-term planning. The capitalist class benefits from one night stands and sterility, as it benefits from third world immigration of spendthrift cheap labor to replace frugal Whites. If it weren’t for capitali$m, women would totally be completely sinless angels.

2. The (((jews))) make these totally innocent angels misbehave, since the jews own the media and the entire entertainment industry from Hollywood down to the tiniest pornography studio, and use them to direct propaganda at women, telling them to fuck Blacks and lowlifes. There’s no way that pure White women desire to be on OnlyFans to whore for money. The jews forced these angels on that website.

3. Sorry, but this is a misleading question. Women don’t misbehave at all. All misbehavior is done by men, who are vile pigs.

4. Lecherous men make them misbehave, since men are ultimately responsible for all female behavior (including misbehavior), and unlike women, men have self-control and moral agency. Thus it logically follows that any female misbehavior would merely reflect bad decisions taken by irresponsible and lustful men. It is men’s fault entirely, so men must be forced to pay for every bad decision done by any random women.

5 They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick.

Some bad predictions

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

I predicted after the election was massively rigged that the deep state would cease to employ the outer party, that the Republicans would not win an election for dogcatcher. Instead they continued to employ the outer party, but massively rigged the primaries, with the Republicans running candidates that outraged, demoralized, dismayed, and horrified the base. With the collapse of the censorship regime, I hear congressmen talking about this dismay and demoralization, while being rather delicate about what is causing it.

I predicted that the halt of movement left to ever more radical leftism, would not be accomplished except by a Caesar taking power, and the halt was likely to be bloody

It is early days yet, but so far looks more like the French Thermidor, which had no clear leader, was severely incohesive, and was not bloody. And promptly came under high pressure from the radical left and the reactionary right. Which troubles in the end they had to resolve by calling in Caesar.

Simultaneously with massive election rigging setting in America, massive election rigging occurred throughout the Global American Empire. But in Argentina we just saw an election in which the election rigging, though large, was ineffectual against the landslide. Incohesion among the election riggers in Argentina set in simultaneously with incohesion among American censors.

As Vivek and Musk explain, the censorship apparatus is an arm of the deep state, with its personnel taking direction from the spy agencies, and many of its personnel having both spy agency hats and private sector hats, and changing hats frequently. So the incohesion we are seeing in the censorship apparatus indicates incohesion in the deep state. Presumably the same thing happened in the Argentinian elections. And is therefore likely to happen in future Republican primaries and in the coming elections.

Javier Milei, the Argentinian Trump, however does not look genuine grassroots. His foreign policy (pro US fiat, pro Israel, pro Jewish, pro Ukraine War, pro China war) looks strangely similar to that of the obvious Thermidorean glowies I am suppressing on this blog. But his libertarianism, populism, and capitalism looks very real.

Capitalism failed in Latin America because when socialism became discredited after the fall of the Soviet Union, they, like Yeltzin’s Russia, imported postmodern capitalism from Harvard and Washington — with a disproportionate number of the carryon baggers coming in to steal everything not nailed down coming from Tel Aviv. In Latin America, they called this “neoliberalism” This was disastrous for Latin America, as it was disastrous for Russia. Then they had another go at socialism, which was just as disastrous, or even more disastrous, but socialism has a more popular story.

Cohesion is the capacity of many to act as one, a corporation is many people acting as one person, and the modern joint-stock for-profit publicly traded corporation is many acting as one to make a living. The postmodern corporation, not so cohesive, and thus not so corporate.

Jason Milei is, in many ways, an Argentinian Trump. But Trumps policy on Empire was Gorbachev like, that the state of the US empire should be allowed to be culturally themselves, should be allowed more cultural and social independence. A president who is converting to Judaism and flying to Israel does not look like cultural independence or the Argentinian cultural and racial identity. If I was running for office in Argentina, would convert to Roman Catholicism and be seen attending the mass of a radical anti Vatican priest.

What remains to be seen is whether Milie will implement modern corporate capitalism in Argentina, the corporate capitalism of Charles the Second and the Dutch Republic, or merely have another go at postmodern capitalism, which will have the same outcome as it did last time in Latin America. Postmodern capitalism is not actually all corporate, because a multitude of stakeholders, all of carefully filtered for allegiance to the faith of Harvard, have power independent of the board and the CEO, and pull the company in different directions, which tends to devolve into looting the corporation and pissing all over customers, suppliers, and shareholders. It leads to the corporation having cohesion around sodomy, abortion, and transexuality, while losing cohesion around profit, buying, selling, manufacturing, and managing capital. It abandons the mechanisms established by Charles the second and the Dutch Republic to give the corporation to act as one in the economic interest of shareholders. That Vivek has not criticised SoX suggests that the Thermidoreans are unwilling to let go of postmodern capitalism – they are the guys looting empire, and looting the corporate form. On the other hand, Vivek has criticized stake holder capitalism and Milei knows enough economics to understand why it is a disaster, so, maybe.


Saturday, April 15th, 2023

On Gab, I noticed a whole lot of wholly blue pilled people, not all of them shills.

So, despite my frequent declaration that this is not a game blog and not going to turn into game blog, here comes another game post.

It is kind of redundant, because everything that needs saying has been said in Setting the Record Straight, page 57, and Chateau Heartiste’s sixteen commandments of Poon.

Ok. Very short post.

Oh, OK, I will pad it out by reprising Heartistes magisterial Sixteen Commandments of Poon. But pay no attention. Read the original. This stuff has already been said, and I am just expanding on one detail or another detail.

I. Never say ‘I Love You’ first

Or second. When she says “I love your” it is a shit test. She wants to see if she can make you say “I love you” on demand. So when she says “I love you” you should randomly and sometimes respond “I love you too”.

II. Make her jealous

Preselection is the thing that most attracts women. If someone has popped thirty virgins and immediately dumped each one, and word gets around, a whole lot more will show up on his doorstep.

XI. Be irrationally self-confident

Hope and despair are self fullfilling. Irrational optimism beats rational pessimism. Hope is a virtue, despair a sin.

XIII. Err on the side of too much boldness, rather than too little

Regrettably, female perception of manliness and alpha is primitive compared to that of men. So a whole lot of behavior that men would regard as brave but stupid and wicked goes down like a chocolate milkshake. Including all that stuff that males rightly regard as bullying the weak, including her, and the stuff that the blue pilled wrongly regard to be sexual harassment and rape.

XVI. Never be afraid to lose her

Preselection again.

But “do not be afraid to lose her” is a prescription for operating in defect/defect, the game of players and bitches. If operating in cooperate/cooperate, marriage 1.0, biblical marriage, her perception should be that in the event of infidelity you would kill her and her lover, and then swiftly replace her with someone younger and more fertile.

Covid 19 and the faith

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

It is obvious to me that a small but significant proportion of those that have had a single jab have significant brain damage that impairs their ability to do their job, and heart damage that impairs their ability to perform physical activity, and that most who are fully boosted have enough brain damage to render them incapable of properly performing their job, and are significantly impaired in capability to perform physical activity. I see a whole lot of engineers who have lost the capability to handle the problems that they were formerly capable of handling.

Everyone who dies “inexplicably”, should be autopsied for brain damage, heart damage, and blood clots in their circulation, and if necrotic tissues show substantial levels of spike protein sufficient to explain to the necrosis, should be checked for antibodies against non spike Covid proteins. If he does not show non spike antibodies, but does show spike proteins, it was the jab that killed him.

There has been a five fold increase in young people deaths that have been categorised with codes equivalent to “other”, “unknown”, and “we’re not really sure,” which tells me that those coding those deaths know very well indeed exactly what is causing them. Further we are seeing huge rise in deaths that are quite obviously being falsely categorised.

We are seeing a profound reluctance to diagnose “inexplicable” deaths as caused by things likely to suggest the jab. We are seeing a whole lot of “inexplicable” deaths that no one wants to explain. There has been a five hundred percent increase in such deaths. Of course there is nothing inexplicable about them. Heart damage and lots and lots of tiny long stringy blood clots. But no one wants to know. Athletes drop dead on the field, and no one wants to know what went wrong with them, which curious lack of curiosity reveals that they know very well what killed them.

The early test data on the jab showed it was not a vaccine, that it did not prevent, or even substantially reduce, infection or transmission. It showed benefit in reducing the severity of symptoms, but for flu type diseases, that is an ambiguous bar, since anything that damages the immune system will, by certain measures of symptoms, reduce the severity of symptoms (because most of the symptoms of flu are collateral damage from your immune system attacking the virus)- though in the long run, an impaired immune system is likely to kill you, and we are seeing a surge in deaths from ailments such as cancer that normally kept in check by the immune system.

It was apparent that Covid was not the reason for the jab or the lockdowns, but the excuse. Covid 19 is a bioweapon that was created in the lab and then released with the intention that the ensuing panic would enable measures the people would otherwise resist. That the jab causes brain damage is not a side effect, they want us stupid.

The disease and the jab were developed in advance of the crisis. They were not developed by the medical industrial complex, big pharma with medical regulators in its pocket, but by the military industrial complex, as part of a program that theoretically is for defence against chemical and biological weapons, but is clearly aimed and developing chemical and biological weapons. (Which does not necessarily mean that the DoD is the big rat and the headquarters of the conspiracy, but the conspiracy used DoD which used big Pharma.)

Big Pharma may want you hooked on expensive drugs, but it does not actually want to kill its customers. Department of Defence, on the other hand, is tasked with hurting and killing people, and their contracts and procedures show it. So when big pharma is being paid by the Department of Defense, it is working on killing people. Covid 19 and the Jab were ordered and paid for by the Department of Defence, hence the lack of testing for safety. DoD procedures are for the logistics of killing and maiming enemies in war time, thus the procedures better suited for the Covid jab.

So. Why?

In the beginning, they hyped up the danger of Covid 19. Perhaps it was dangerous in the beginning, but the weaponization modifications were not in the interest of the virus. Because flu type viruses are fragile, they want you walking around, interacting with people, and doing your normal stuff, so that they can infect other people, so the virus once released from the lab very quickly evolved back to being a relatively normal flu. So, in order to achieve whatever it was they wanted the virus to achieve, they created the jab.

It was very quickly obvious that whatever the reason for pushing the jab on people, it was not to control the disease. The disease was used as an excuse for jabbing people. The same people who produced the disease produced the jab, so, obviously a common purpose.

So, what purpose?

We are seeing an enormous and powerful conspiracy – but not securely in control. When Putin intervened in the Ukraine, suddenly enforcement weakened. Namefags are able to get away with speaking the truth. Everywhere I still encounter signs and loudspeaker announcements that worship of the Awesome and Might Covid demon is required, which signs and announcements most people just quietly ignore.

So what does the conspiracy want?

There have been a lot of train derailments, one of which spilled a huge amount of poison on white people. The reaction of the state apparatus demonstrated that they are strangely comfortable with poison being spilled on white Trump voters.

Some of these train derailments were found to be the result of sabotage, and when a saboteur was caught, he got a slap on the wrist. There is no evidence that I am aware of that the derailment that spilled a whole lot of poison was sabotage rather than negligence or incompetence, but when there has been evidence of sabotage in other train derailments, there is a curious lack of curiosity. Much as there is a curious lack of curiosity about athletes dropping dead on the playing field, and pilots dropping dead at the controls.

Well, looks like they just hate us and want us dead. The entire operation may well have no sane rational purpose.

They worship demons, such as Gaia the Global Warming demon, and are just performing sacrifices for their demons.

The state apparatus is full of conspiracies, each conspiracy seeking power, some more successfully than others. The more cohesive conspiracy tends to win, and demon worshipping conspiracies tend to have more cohesion, because shared participation in horrifying and repugnant deeds builds cohesion on shared blackmail material.

They hate us, they mean to destroy us. It is just that simple.

So, no alternative but to win. And you have to take a gun to a gunfight, and a faith to a holy war.

There is a fair bit of evidence suggesting that the core of the Covid conspiracy is the Jesuits, who have been plotting a restoration of Vatican power ever since the sack of Rome in the sixteenth century, and have repeatedly been purged and expelled by Kings who did not accept the Vatican’s pursuit of what is Caesar’s

But there is an odd thing. I see obvious demon worshippers able to say the Nicene creed, while I don’t see demon worshippers able to say the affirmation, which is just a short summary of the Nicene creed. Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, , and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one. Amen.

Recollect that when the Socinians were conducting entryism against the Established Church of England, they constructed a theology that enabled them to say words that seemed to affirm the divinity of Jesus Christ, but the words had a special meaning for them. It appears that the Vatican has constructed a similar intellectual contrivance that enables them to say the Nicene creed, with invisible commas and invisible odd paragraphing, so that it refers to serpent Christ, a demon from hell. But this theological construction is designed to work with the exact wording of the Nicene creed, and paraphrasing it means these intellectual formulas do not work for the paraphrase.

So, the only thing that can beat our enemies is Christian Nationalism. And I see on Gab a whole lot of enemy entryists entering Christian nationalism to destroy it. Jesus, they tell us, requires us to lie down and let our enemies walk over us. These fake Christian Nationalists also tell us Jesus favors female emancipation, open borders, and all that. (Which Serpent Christ surely does.)

So, need to distinguish between real Christianity and fake Christianity. (Because our enemies are seeking to destroy us, and Christian nationalism is the only political movement capable of taking them on.)

So, the question of what is real Christianity has important consequences for our earthly existence. So, to deal with the Covidians and such, need to say what is Christianity, and what is not.

The current heretical fake Christianity is, more or less, the Marcionite heresy: (Marcion of Sinope in Rome around the year 144) Marcionites reject all that Old Testament stuff as cruel, brutal and superseded by the New Testament.

No it is not. The Christians said, in New Testament times, and are still required to say every Sunday, “Peace on Earth to all men of good will” Which implies it is totally fine to go Old Testament on men of bad will. The New Testament, unlike the old, requires us to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile, but you only have two cheeks and are only required to go one extra mile.

What about the startlingly harsh family and sex laws of the Old Testament? Did not Jesus abolish those when he rejected stoning the adulterous woman? Well he rejected the harshness, and required men to cherish their wives but until 1800 or so, Christian Kings believed themselves required to implement laws, appropriate for their people, their times, their culture, and their history, that gave effect to the spirit of Old Testament law. And coverture did give effect to the spirit of Old Testament law, with the appropriate New Testament adjustments.

The Christian faith has to reject female emancipation: Coverture was white sharia, accomplishing similar goals by somewhat different methods, methods appropriate for our race, our history, and our tradition. First epistle to the Corinthians 11:3 “the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man;” This requires every woman to be attached to a household with a male head of household, who is the high priest of that household.

What about the rather silly cleanliness laws of the Old Testament? The New Testament says that God changed his mind about eating pigs.

The spirit of the Old Testament cleanliness laws is quite sensible. For example, one is required to bury one’s poop, and if people poop in camp, and if they poop outside the camp and fail to bury it, God will be wrathful and your people will be defeated in battle. Of course God works through material and effective causation, and the causal mechanism here is that no one will fight to defend a city where people are allowed to poop on the pavement, because they will not feel like defending street shitters.

Free range pigs and vermin, transmit diseases from human to human. No one raises pigs free range any more. Cleanliness laws gave the Hebrews a biological advantage, and also separated them from people without cleanliness laws. If someone followed religious cleanliness laws this was an external indicator that he was probably going to follow the commandments on coveting, theft, and murder.

Undue legalism over the cleanliness laws resulted in ritual cleanliness failing to correlate with actual cleanliness, and turned them into an excuse for coveting, theft, and murder, so that they failed to indicate that someone was probably going to follow the commandments, so the letter of the cleanliness laws was ditched with legalism. The Jews becoming cursed, rather than chosen, meant an end to separation, so the letter of cleanliness laws was also ditched with separation.

The deal was “obey the Lord’s commandments, and you will be a special people, a chosen people, a people apart”. And the cleanliness laws were part of being special and apart. Well, they did not obey the Lord’s commandments. It is not that God woke up one morning and changed his mind about pigs. The Jews broke their contract with God.

The spirit of the Old Testament laws is still in effect. And Christian Nationalism, to defeat those who seek to harm us, has to reject these ancient heresies. Christian Nationalism not only has to assess the health effects of the jab and purge the schools of the faggot groomers who are selling sexual transition to schoolchildren. It also has to suppress gay, undo female emancipation, and stop people from shitting in the streets, for if it does not take on the whole Marcionite heresy, it is trying to cut a deal with those with whom no deal can be made, trying to compromise with those who will never compromise.


Saturday, April 30th, 2022

Musk tweeted:
“The far left hates everyone, themselves included!”

Now where did you first hear the meme “The left hates everyone, themselves included”?

And now everyone is saying it.

And people who are repeating Musk are also talking about a far left minority moving into everything and taking over, exercising terrifying power wildly disproportionate to their actual support. They are saying “paper tiger”.

What happened to the Canadian trucker protesters and the Jan 6 protesters, however, demonstrates that this minority can only be removed by organized violence, and those saying “paper tiger” are still, for the most part, suffering normality bias. But if one meme penetrates, the next will eventually penetrate also.