Thermidor is in power, Team B is now on top of Team A

The Biden puppet just gave a speech, ostensibly directed at everyone, and ostensibly directed at Republicans, but actually directed at the radicals, telling them to cool it.

Google failed to commemorate black history month. The immanent eschaton has strangely been postponed. Lawfare against Trump and Musk is quietly being dropped, albeit there is still a judicial order outstanding against Tesla that they must give nineteen billion dollars to the radical left, cancel Musk’s shares, and appoint an anti Musk board, but I expect that this extraordinary and unprecedented judicial order will quietly be forgotten, as ninety odd court cases against Trump are suddenly stuck in the slow lane.

The Biden, meaning the group of people puppeting him, were always a mixed lot, a coalition of true believing fanatics intent on a totalitarian terror state of utterly unprecedented savagery (it is obvious that the mass importation of young military age black men is preparation for white genocide) and the mob of cynical Washington, New York, and Harvard kleptocrats grown fat skimming the gravy of empire. The latter were horrified by Trump’s retreat from empire. Drinking their own koolaide, believing their own official government statistics, that America was prosperous and mighty, they saw no need for such a retreat.

With the Global American Empire falling about their ears, suddenly the Washington kleptocrats miss Trump. The coalition that installed The Biden has fractured.

The radicals don’t care. They are not in power in the White House now, which is going to cramp their style somewhat, but no one close enough to power to be spat upon has any enemies to the left, nor friends to the right. They are still in power in that every institution is completely controlled by the faithful believers in our officially unofficial faith, which worships demons, among them Gaia, Ishtar, and Covid. Thermidor is going to have a rough ride, and Trump is going to have a rough ride.

Assuming we don’t get the extraordinary election rigging of 2020 and 2022, Trump wins in a landslide, and brings in a horde of Maga Republicans riding his coat tails into the legislature.

At which point the irrelevance of the president and legislature is going to become a point of tension. The radicals have demonic paladins. Thermidor has no Paladins. As I keep saying, Thermidor needs reaction to give it steel. Last time around Trump did not include anyone from the alt right, the reaction, or the Christian right in his administration. If he makes the same mistake again, the radical left will continue on its current course, just a bit slower, and with some minor setbacks, which it will soon overcome. They will absorb and build upon their Trump retreat, as they absorbed and built upon their Reagan retreat.

In past Thermidors, the Thermidoreans encountered a ride sufficiently rough that they let reaction off the leash to take some effective measures against the radical left.

Thermidor is always fragile, shaky, and unstable – sometimes it staggers on for a long time while everything crumbles, but usually it turns left or right – normally right. In the Soviet Union, Thermidor nailed Beria, and with the radical left having been eradicated by the likes of Beria, was now seemingly securely in power. But the faith that animated the Soviet Union had died, and they had killed it.

The Washington kleptocrats are counting on Trump for a Soviet Style denoument, where the kleptocrats remain stably in power, without the radicals destroying everything. We shall see.

The trouble with this plan is that they think Trump is their Beria, their General Monk. No, Trump is a 1980s leftist, a mere two score years behind the current year. He is going to need his General Monck.

The radicals are worried by Trump’s plan to punish those that weaponized the justice system and purge the FBI. Thermidor is less troubled, because it needs the leftists who think Thermidor is their enemy purged. (It is not their enemy. It thinks the radical left are good people being foolish, and the officially unofficial state religion is good, if not taken to extremes.) But unless Trump takes the reaction on board, the purge is not going to get very far, and the punishment will merely be a decade or so of a slightly less central position in the halls of power. To fix the FBI and the spy agencies, Trump needs to hire a General Monck.

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  1. Mister Grumpus says:

    Once again, just for the record, the kind of posting coming out of some of the more popular Twitter normiecons is blowing me away.

    @ScottAdamsSays “the Dilbert guy” again:

    “Trump would need to jail at least a hundred public and private crooks – like a RICO prosecution – for organized election interference to regain balance. But that can’t happen because the bad guys control too much of the system.”

  2. Mister Grumpus says:

    Tucker is both a namefag and a facefag, so we can’t expect miracles, and we definitely can’t presume that his post Fox News adventures are all his own doing. For example, Vox Day is convinced that the Thermidorians sent him to Moscow to improve (Russia’s and) Putin’s image a little and ask him for a deal on their behalf.

    But still, here he really does “normalcy bias post”, “Wrangel post”, “Bolshevik post”, and “dead Romanovs post”, all in ten minutes in front of a live audience, and I just can’t believe what I’m hearing.

    It’s like his new job description is simply “Jim Laundering”. But is this life imitating art, or art imitating life, if you will?

    I could never have imagined this six months ago. Something the fuck is indeed going on.

    • alf says:

      Straight up calling for the appliance of “natural law”. Great stuff. Perhaps I’m imagining things but saying this stuff out loud seems cathartic to Tucker as well, like he’s struggled with the fact that this is indeed about his and his children’s right to exist.

  3. Sher Singh says:

    Farmer’s Protest 2 begins.

    Also, I don’t get one thing Jim..

    Wouldn’t it be more consistent for you to hope Islam wins v Hindus?

    • jim says:

      Muslims have been causing Christians serious problems from the beginning. Hindus have not.

    • someDude says:


      Politically connected middlemen protest # 2 begins

      Farmers and productive people do not have time to attend political protests. Besides political parties of all stripes hate hate hate productive people.

      Farmers protest indeed!

      • Dharmicreality says:

        The desperation of the Cathedral faction elite in India currently is palpable.

        • someDude says:

          The chutzpah to call it a farmer’s protest! The absolute cheek! The incredible brazenness of it all! The way these evil priests play with the meanings of words. Do we have any Dharmic thinker who talked about the rectification of names?

      • Anon says:

        “Farmers and productive people do not have time to attend political protests.”
        That not what i see in Euorpe. I dont think that gov operatives can operate farm equipments to fill gov building with manures

        • someDude says:

          I must confess I’m ignorant of exactly what’s happening with the Farmer’s protests in Europe. I would not trust the mainstream European media on what its all about.

          I’m willing to learn more about it via discussion. Who exactly organized the farmers in Europe? Or did they just organize spontaneously? What was the media coverage like? The chaps who filled the govt buildings with manure, how are they doing now?

          • Jack Vien says:

            Farmers and productive people generally “don’t have time” to attend protests, or more precisely, say that they don’t- which is just a way of saying they don’t want to. But when their livelihood and property is immediately and directly threatened, when it is a matter of somebody taking the bread from their families mouths, then all of a sudden they remember they have the time after all. Moreover, farmers, truckers, etc. are, unlike Right-wingers, genuine interest groups, as such always more or less organized and, unlike Rightist pseudo-movements, willing to do more than yell at the TV or comment online. The likes of the farmer’s protests, and the Freedom Convoy in Canada which both inspired them and served as their model, are as real as anything.

            • someDude says:

              Sure, but they still need elite help to organize. Just that their livelihoods being directly threatened creates an opening for a disgruntled elite faction to cooperate with and organize the farmers.

              Farmers in Europe protested because the government kicked them in the belly. Middlemen in India are protesting because the government wanted to eliminate or reduce their influence in transactions between farmers and food consumers, thus kicking them in their belly.

              And since middlemen are by definition wards of some political faction or the other, they are already organized and its but a moment’s notice for them to pour into the streets. The attempt by the Hindu nationalist government to reduce middle man influence was an attempt to reduce revenue sources for their GAE rivals.

              • alf says:

                Sure, but they still need elite help to organize.

                Pretty much. Or at the very least, set themselves up in ways that resist infiltration.

                In Europe they’re not really doing either. They make impressive displays with long rows of tractors, but there is no follow-up.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            As far as I can tell, and I have not done any real research, the coordination for the farm protests is the same, stylistically, as the Trucker Protests in Canada and the US. This means an actual organic movement arising from busybodies and “activists” that desperately want to “do something.” They use the tools at their disposal, like Facebook and telecom provided comms networks to coordinate, meaning they are hilariously susceptible to D&C attacks, infiltration, and general harassment. Nonetheless, each of these efforts have resulted in outsize impact, both tactically and culturally.

            The Canadian trucker protest shook the foundations of the GAE satrapy such a fundamental degree that Trudeau’s regime overstepped massively in an effort to suppress and punish, and now there is substantial blowback in the courts. Their slaves in media are trying to minimize it, but the dissenter elites and opposition forces are going after Trudeau and his regime with a vengeance.

            The Biden regime was so bothered by this that they deployed front line combat recon assets to monitor the US Trucker Protest operation. Actual spy/signals planes were deployed to monitor the convoy, a completely unprecedented move that was of course ignored by everybody but a very few. The protest itself was so thoroughly infiltrated and neutered that they never made it to DC, as they had planned, and were diverted to an empty parking lot north and west of the city itself (people have no idea what “DC” actually is, and it is embarrassingly common for ostensibly informed and intelligent foreigners and Americans alike to refer to Hyattsville or Sterling or Oxon Hill as “DC”; always check the zip code 😉 ) where they twiddled their thumbs before disappearing into ignominy. There is a trucker convoy ramping up and operating in Texas on the border currently, and the Protest Convoy model directly inspired and imitated the Farmer protests in the EU.

            So, the eternal question: fake, gay, or both? I think these are truly organic groups and operations organized and facilitated by actual people, but they are naïve and ignorant, so they are easily subverted and neutered. Nevertheless, they continue to occur, they continue to instantiate media blackouts as a fear response from the Voices That Speak, and they continue to garner excessive police/paramilitary/military responses from the occupation governments/satrapies of the GAE. It is a recurring point of contention between myself and Our Esteemed Host as to the validity of “ground up” movements and operations. Where we completely agree is that nothing worthwhile or successful comes from the Bottom; both coups and revolutions are the bailiwick of the Elite. But pointless and unsuccessful can come from the middle or bottom, and human wave assaults can cause overreaction, resource misallocation, and FUD in the regime.

            • jim says:

              When Canadian trucker protest was hit by the full apparatus of repression, a lot of savvy people who understand how things work loaned a hand. The outsized repression caused de-infiltration, much as economic sanctions have purged Russia of enemy operators far more effectively and completely than Putin was willing to do. But these guys are incapable of resisting enemy entryism by themselves — much as Putin is.

            • someDude says:

              Certainly, there is an element to the organic in them. I wouldn’t call them FNG. The organic element is what gives an opening for a renegade or disgruntled elite to operate or maneuver. Without Elite help, they would disintegrate in no time or go nowhere since productive people are too naive as to the actual workings of power.

              It’s just that in EU, the organic element is actual farmers and in India, the organic element is middlemen who insert themselves, via state patronage, into transactions between the Farmer and the Food-consumer, raising transaction costs at great benefit to themselves and at great cost to everyone else

              It is rare for productive people to also be aware of how power works. Another marker of Elite status.

          • Anon says:

            “Who exactly organized the farmers in Europe?”

            Nobody knows, because there was none, simply group of farmers decided to pay a visit to their local gov with a helping of cows dung
            In the canadian trucker protest. GAE decided to close people bank accounts, why? because they could not find a central node to attack, a committee to arrest and charge. Word got around that group of trucker are doing this and large numbers decided to join. The Organisation come later.

            “The chaps who filled the govt buildings with manure, how are they doing now?”

            This was in France, after they did this they simply returned home, as they have farms to tend to.
            Productive people can’t afford to stay around “protesting”.
            Which why nothing came out of it.

            • jim says:

              > Nobody knows, because there was none,

              There is always a small organising group, small enough to meet around a coffee table, otherwise things just do not get organised. What this tells me is that organising group had good security practices. Which tells me they learned something from previous farmer and trucker protests. If there was “no” organising group, this tells me there was an organising group capable of excluding enemy shills and hostile entryists.

            • Jack Vien says:

              The Canadian truckers were in fact very organized, and there totally was an organizing committee. (The principal organizers were subsequently arrested and charged with bogus offences after the example of the persecutions of the Stop the Steal protesters in the USA, and currently await the conclusion of their show trials). Everybody involved did a very job of keeping out shills and provocators. On the first day some Regime hack showed up with a Swastika flag, but was promptly expulsed, and after that the Regime and its media propagandists had to content themselves with outright fabrications cut from whole cloth. While Ottawa is a fairly large city with its fair share of street trash and two big and nearby Universities to boot, there was very little by way of Antifa disturbances other than some downright pathetic counter-protests, and the Convoy itself wasn’t just mostly, but *entirely* peaceful, more like a traditional Canadian winter carnival with a message than a conventional political protest. (This of course didn’t stop the full brunt of the repressive capacity of the State from being brought down on the protesters, and with studied and ostentatious illegality- a big big downside of attempts at working and middle-class mobilization entirely lacking in elite support).

              • jim says:

                Having your organising committee in plain sight turned out to be a really bad idea for the Canadian truckers. Noms de Guerre only, and don’t go on camera. You can assume that any organisation that asks you for information traceable to your true name intends to use it against you.

            • someDude says:

              As Jim says, I can’t believe they organized without elite help. Some faction of the Elite did help. Organizing is no joke.

              Now I also can’t believe everyone who operated the machinery to fill the govt offices with manure just went back home to their uneventful lives. Did the govt not identify at least a few of them and make an example out of them?

              The state can do many things to harass farmers via their innumerable bureaus that deal with land usage and land records. At the very least, if any of the actors in that protest had an ongoing land dispute with any of his neighbors, the judiciary will rule in favor of the neighbor. Or encourage a neighbor with a grudge to proceed with a land dispute suit.

  4. Eugine Nier says:

    Do we even have a potential Monck waiting in the wings?

    • jim says:

      Hard to tell. Namefags who called out the steal got arrested, which has induced a certain amount of caution. In a more favorable environment, a Monck would be visible.

      Recall that Cromwell had to fish Monck out of prison. There are a whole lot of political prisoners in the West. Trump should staff his crucial positions with them. Julian Assange for FBI director. Edward Snowden is a spy, always has been, always will be. Why should Putin have him? Ask him to come home to run the NSA. Since he fled, NSA dominance in computer hacking and software penetration has been falling apart.

      • jim says:

        Cromwell found the men he needed to deal with those lefter than himself in prison. And that is where Trump can find them.

        • skippy says:

          Without some mechanism like this, it’s hard for any truly opposition organization to exclude entryists and shills. The Nazis had the Beer Hall Putsch, which was a disastrous failure in its own terms, but gave the Nazis a list of a few dozen names who had walked into gunfire for the Nazi Party, and therefore were presumably reliable. Nobody had walked into gunfire for the social democrats or the centrists.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          This is brilliant in its simplicity. I do not doubt the power of our (your, really) memes, but the pessimist /realist in me always wonders whether it is serendipity or an actual memetic pipeline from your blog to normie’s hearts. I think you could argue it both ways pretty successfully, and it would be equally hard to categorically prove the other false. on the off chance that the pipeline is direct, we should basically start shilling 24/7 to hire out of prison/ exile. it’s not an original idea, it’s kind of obvious now that you set it out loud, but I have seen no one saying that. He should be looking in the prisons, in exile, and those who are in the penalty box /corner. This would have two effects that I deem positive: If he actually appoints Snowden and the like, holy based, And if he teases the idea of appointing a Snowden, imagine how quickly the overton window would shift and how suddenly a bunch of normiecons would be swearing up and down that they’ve always believed in X, Y, and/or Z, which of course they previously vociferously rejected or denied.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            apologies for the samefagging, But The more I think about it, the more a cabinet of outlaws would be the memetic antithesis of Obama’s “team of rivals” bullshit. There was a massive ground swell when the cathedral foolishly put out the mug shot, and nearly every subgroup in America has something ranging from fascination to outright worship for outlaw myths. My gut says he is too much of a boomer, too fearful of losing The older Law and Order types, to move so boldly, but I don’t think it would damage him whatsoever with anyone under 40, at this point, probably even 50. The Overton window has shifted so dramatically in the last 2 years, anyone can basically grab either side of it and wrench it whichever direction they want, but it requires so much more effort to force it left than right, at least for now. I wonder what the general reaction would be if Trump stole a march on the radicals and demanded voting rights for all felons, starting of course with anyone who’s been in prisoned politically under Biden, but unofficially anyone that votes for Trump…

            • jim says:

              You cannot trust namefags — they are vulnerable to a multitude of pressures, they have families and children who can be targeted. Could you trust me if I was a namefag? Could I trust myself? I am far from sure. What if my children caught the heat? Trump’s previous administration was full of people who proved untrustworthy. You can trust namefags who have gone to prison for their faith. It is that simple.

  5. notglowing says:
    A peer-reviewed study apparently.
    I simply don’t believe they would ever admit and accept this as Settled Science(tm).
    I’d expect this study to get thoroughly “debunked” at some point.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Why? Coronatarianism has fallen to the level of Acceptable But Not Trusted in the Progressive Factional Hierarchy. It’s the bailiwick of niggers & spinsters, typically those cloistered in make-work government jobs. They can maintain bubbles to some degree, But when they try to break containment, no one goes for it. recently, some negress government administrator tried to reinstitute widespread worship of the Corona Demon, publicly declaring an edict regarding a reintroduction of mask mandates and other sacral practices. nobody went along with it, and it died within 48 hours. If they want to try something like they did in 2020 again, they are going to need a whole new virus with a whole new mythical origin story.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        If they won’t start blaming Trump for the “Trump shot” soon it won’t happen ever. I’m guessing they don’t want RFK Jr. getting too much attention.

        • jim says:

          Trump was duped, as were so many others. It was not him that added gain of function mutations, released the disease, spread panic, then forced everyone to take a “vaccine” that clearly had been prepared in advance of the release, which has the effect of making it impossible to gain immunity from the disease, with the result that the vaccinated get low level covid over and over and over again, without getting sick enough to take to their beds, so they persistently spread it around. He took credit for the remarkable speed of the vaccine’s release, but the remarkable speed indicates that the vaccine was prepared in advance of the release, and may well have been prepared in advance of the disease.

          The vaccine, in so far as it targets the virus, rather than the ovaries and testicles which are its primary target, targets the spike protein. The spike protein is a product of genetic engineering, hence they knew how to produce the “vaccine” for it before they had the virus.

          It is clear that Trump was not part of the plot, since he sent a hospital ship to New York Harbor so that Covid patients could be isolated, which of course they refused to use, since they wanted to seed Covid patients into hostels, crowded hospitals, and old people’s homes.

          Sending the hospital ship to New York Harbour was hugely embarrassing to the plotters, and reveals an honest belief that Covid was more than yet another flu, though it is completely obvious from the private conduct of so many of the the elite that many of them were aware from the beginning that Covid is no threat to anyone who does not already have one foot in the grave.

        • simplyconnected says:

          […] indicates that the vaccine was prepared in advance of the release, and may well have been prepared in advance of the disease.

          It seems pretty clear at this point. This is what I can recall, but I’m sure there’s more evidence:

          C19 vaccine samples at NIAID prior to release [1m:18s]

          Moderna CEO telling his employees that production has to be ramped up because a pandemic is coming (one year prior to release)

  6. Apiarist says:

    Jim proven right about women once again: their disgust response haa not progressed since Man was beast:

  7. Gman says:

    Trump endorsing Bud Light is a very strong indicator that he hasn’t learned a damn thing.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Or he’s extending an olive branch to a lot of elites and mavens that may be realizing they are on the losing team. I am with you, I think they all need to fry, legally and peacefully of course, but I am not an elite, much less a leader of elites. Purity and loyalty are very important, but so are numbers and widespread influence. I imagine it is a tricky thing to balance. The Cathedral doesn’t offer redemption, just humiliation after capitulation. Differentiation on that point alone could be a powerful force multiplier.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Magnanimity comes after victory, not before. Trump’s problem isn’t that his enemies are too afraid of him to cooperate with him; it’s that they’re not afraid enough to cooperate. The Great Orange Boomer is clueless, as usual.

        • A2 says:

          “Magnanimity comes after victory, not before.”

          Worth reading aloud every morning.

      • jim says:

        Nah, looks like the same error as he committed over and over again while president, rather than 4D chess. He is merchant and he is a deal maker. But Holy war approaches, and he is out of his depth. He needs to get some Maga holy warriors in on his team – his enemies have plenty of holy warriors fighting for the right to castrate other people’s children and similar rights.

        If the other team has holy warriors, and your team does not, negotiation and deal making is not going to get you anywhere.

        That is why all Putin’s deal making failed disastrously. He spent a long time telling Tucker and the world all about all those deals. They were never going to fly.

        Genuinely Godly holy warriors can, and routinely do, cut a deal with genuinely Godly warriors of a different faith. But if the other side are demon worshippers, you are wasting your time, for everything they say is a lie, And if you don’t have any holy warriors on your side, you are wasting your time regardless of your adversary’s character, for you have nothing in your cards to negotiate with.

        • Big Brutha says:

          Agreed. He’s still got too much normalcy bias. His mistake last time was thinking everyone was going to play ball as normal after he won in 2016. If he had accepted that he was going to be in a war with the elites and with the bureaucratic machinery from the get go he could have gone in and used the tools at his disposal early to hamstring his enemies to prevent them from using their own tools to hurt him.

          Instead, he fiddled around trying to get people to come around to some kind of consensus and constantly had a lot of his own useless staff and hangers on weakening his resolve and lessening his ability to get things done.

          I am not seeing any new signs from him that he understands what really needs to be done. I think he knows who the enemy is this time but I don’t know if he has a real plan for what needs to happen on day one.

          He has to anticipate that the courts, including the Supreme Court, are going to try to obstruct him.

          Congress is going to try to weaken his ability to fund and get things done. And the permanent executive bureaucracy will slow roll everything.

          So you realize what you up against and get you some Inspector Generals and send them out to find anything out of place in bureaucracies you want to bring to heel. When they do find something out of place, because they always do, you use it as the needed pretext to remove people who are not political appointees.

          • jim says:

            This just is not going to work unless his inspectors are alt right, and preferably reactionary. Consider child protective services. Everyone knows they quick on the trigger to abduct children because they sell them to gays. Yet no one can find anything wrong, because finding something wrong might make gays look bad. Trump, who is a 1980s leftist, sends out an Inspector who is a 2008 leftist. to find some excuse for firing a difficult public servant, who is a current year leftist, but if the inspector feels the current year has the moral high ground over him, because the one he has to dig up dirt on is filled with genuine and sincere holy zeal for the destruction of whites, Christians, Christianity, males, masculinity, marriage, family, industry, and America, the inspector is just genuinely not going to see the dirt. No enemies to the left.

            The trouble is that the extremist radicals are consistent leftists, while the moderate mainstreamers are enjoying unprincipled exceptions that they feel guilty about. When you send out someone to find something sackable about a civil servant, your entire apparatus has to be staffed by people who reject social progress root and branch.

            • Karl says:

              When you send out someone to find something sackable about a civil servant, your entire apparatus has to be staffed by people who reject social progress root and branch.

              It takes time to build such an apparatus. He should have started yesterday.

            • Big Brutha says:

              For sure. He needs IGs who are somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun and have no other object than to find as much dirt on people as they can with the explicit instructions that if the individuals they are inspecting piss themselves at some point during the process then the IGs get bonuses. But I agree, he needs to find people whose political existence depends solely on him and who are empowered to rend and destroy and who have the temperament to relish doing so.

          • Eugine Nier says:

            Just start shutting down departments. It’s easy really. Engineer another partial government shutdown, we’ve been having those for decades. Then don’t bother funding the departments you want shut down.

        • skippy says:

          In Putin’s interview with Carlson, he seems to be trying to restart negotiations.

          I cannot say this approach is the wrong one. Clearly Hitler’s approach, of permitting and then inviting total war, was not necessarily more successful.

          At some point, though, Putin needs to realize that he can only rely on Russia’s only strength for an outcome, and a strong Russia requires a healthy birth rate, which it currently does not have.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Russians are horrified when I suggest radical solutions to the birthrate problem, like conscripting women into marriage and motherhood, or allowing wounded veterans to go Boko Haram on the universities.

            Putin will only propose moderate solutions like increasing the child subsidy. I’m told it’s currently half a million rubles per child, not bad when I see help-wanted posters offering 46,000 a month for bakers and 35,000 for carpenters, cash in hand, employer pays all taxes. Notice how migrant labor from the ‘stans depresses wages in traditionally male occupations.

            There’s some sort of bureaucracy to make sure the subsidy goes to childcare expenses. If the mother quits her job, does her lost income count as a childcare expense?

            • Fidelis says:

              Are women subsidized in university and workplace? There’s nothing like GAE affirmative action for them is there?

              • jim says:

                The primary problem has always been divorce at female whim, moment to moment consent.

                We have to go back to consent once and forever.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                University is paid for by the state, but cutting off subsidies for women is not enough — they must be affirmative-actioned out of colleges and workplaces and forced to get married, stay married, and raise children. Their own instincts just don’t provide adequate motivation.

                • jim says:

                  The problem is not getting married. The problem is forever moment to moment consent, which causes them to forever shop around.

                  Nothing else matters, nothing else is going to make a difference.

                  Jobs are only relevant as it provides them a role where they can shop around forever. We don’t have to evict them from the workplace. We have to evict them from workplaces where they can forever shop around.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Which eliminates most female employment as we know it. A woman can either work in an all-female office, or in a family business run by her husband or father.

              • skippy says:

                Russia has the feminism of the late Soviet Union, which was significantly rolled back from the feminism of the early or even mid Soviet Union (Perestroika was in many ways more genuinely right wing than any 20th century Western movement).

                However, the late Soviet Union was still officially and in many ways actually feminist, and more feminist than the USA at that time. The Soviet Union expected and wanted women to work, and had policies to facilitate that; much of this infrastructure broke down in the Russian Federation but only because all infrastructure broke down. The Soviet Union also had no-fault divorce and this was never reversed.

                Nothing seems to matter except lowering the status of women, and fertile-age women never have low status unless subordinated to a husband, taking her sexuality off the market, in which case her social status is a function of her husband’s social status.

                Paying women to have children is theoretically an attempt to solve the problem of low birth rates, but doubles down on the ideology that caused them. It is further reinforcement of womens’ independent sexuality.

            • skippy says:

              Russia and Russians have never fully left the Soviet headspace.

              Feminism is a greater threat to Russia than Ukraine, at this point.

            • jim says:

              Past experience is that economic incentives do not move the needle.

              War and peace, boom and bust, rich and poor, rural and urban does not have effect.

              That rural and urban often looks like it has an effect is a reflection of exposure to television, government education during puberty, and family courts. However when you break down rural subpopulations by where they went to school during puberty, it is obvious that rural in itself has insignificant effect.

          • Aidan says:

            Tucker asks Putin multiple times if he’s willing to negotiate. Putins response every single time is “we tried that, Istanbul, have been trying it since the USSR fell, no negotiations, just stop antagonizing Russia”. Sounds like the US elite is now asking for a deal as the weaker party, and Putin as the stronger party does not want a signed piece of paper but a fundamental change in US elite policy regarding Russia. Getting such a change in policy would involve massive purges, and he is signaling to dissident elites in the US that they should purge the insane holy war faction.

  8. Fidelis says:

    Looks like the Putin interview is out

    • Hesiod says:

      At the 1:41 mark, Putin as a Christian leader.

      • alf says:

        Putin is on the one hand very well versed in history, and the historical talk he gives on the history of Ukraine is exactly the kind of talk reactionaries very much respect.

        On the other hand, for all his talk of the Orthodox soul of the Russian people, he is himself not an explicitly religious person — even when Tucker straight up asks Putin if he sees the hand of God in current events, Putin says no.

        Putin also does not completely understand that it is demonic faith which drives the West, even if he comes pretty close when he calls its policies as ‘driven by self-conceit’.

        • jim says:


          Putin does not get it.

          And he murdered the man who did get it.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Some weeks ago, Putin gave a speech for the anniversary of the siege of leningrad, wherein he talked about how great the nuremburg trials were, and how the world needs them again.

          Just another reminder that he is ultimately still not that guy, even as Providence keeps demanding he be that guy.

          • jim says:

            Russia fought a horrifying war with the Nazis, and is right now doing so again. so his position on the Nuremberg trials is reasonable for Russia – unlike his position on Covid and women.

            His error, however, is failing to recognise that they are just another tentacle of the Cathedral — its fake nationalist tentacle. If they were actual nationalists, would not be fighting for a globalist Jew and an elite that maintains hidey holes in Italy and the South of France. He needs a Ukraine that takes a stern attitude not just to Nazis, but to all Cathedral tentacles.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Sure, that is an arguable take in isolation. But given the record, there is no reason to assume Putin is engaging in 4d strasserism when he speaks like a liberal. Or rather, when the strasserite says he is speaking like a liberal ironically, he isn’t. When Putin speaks, he gives his honest opinions.

              • The Cominator says:

                Nuremberg was surprisingly fair considering it was victors justice with the glaring exception of Rudolf Hess, and also punishing Sauckel worse than Speer.

                There is something about the Hess mission which horrifies the Cathedral theyll never tell the truth about it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The post-war occupation saw Germany as a historical phenomena that had existed theretofore extinguished, much as like in ‘reconstruction’ as well.

                  Evil men doing evil things; much as they do unto their own neighbors closer the home, as well.

              • jim says:

                Yes, Putin is a liberal. Which is a crippling disability since he now finds himself in holy war with the left, something he is profoundly reluctant to acknowledge or deal with.

                In his coversation with Tucker, he argues from nineteenth century nationalism — which is leftist, and the same leftism as the Nazis he is at war with. You have to bring a gun to a gunfight and a faith to a holy war, and he does not wanna.

    • Aidan says:

      The most interesting part to me was right at the end, where Tucker asks Putin if he’d be willing to publicly admit defeat to save face for the American empire, while being allowed to accomplish the war’s goals in actuality.

      “We stopped Putler from taking all of Ukraine and invading Poland” while the four Russian oblasts go back to Russia and Zelensky regime is ousted. Seems like “Thermidor” sent Tucker to Russia to ask Putin just that question.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Suppose Ukraine’s army finally breaks, and the Russians advance westward with minimal resistance. Poland, Hungary, and Romania invade Ukraine and seize territories that historically belonged to them, and Putin says OK, whatever. Hooray, we expanded NATO, a job well done!

      • skippy says:

        Not clear to me how they get a pro-Russian govt in Kiev without it looking like a defeat in the West.

        Any government that is not actively pro-Russian, and uses Zelensky’s state security services in reverse to crush Ukrainian nationalism and pro-EU sentiment, will inevitably turn back into the Zelensky government.

        • jim says:

          Not seeing this inevitability. Zelensky was installed in power back when color revolutions still worked. They have been color revolutioning away in Thailand, and nothing much has happened. Suddenly the Thai government feels free to implement policies that the US Government violently dislikes.

          In 2014 the Russian government came to perceive color revolution as a threat, and color revolutions suddenly stopped working everywhere.

          It took two coups to create the Zelensky government. Once it is overthrown, further US government coups will fail

          The US Government has many huge entryist operations, which get a large amount of funding. Soft power backed by hard power. Bombed Serbia, bombed Libya flat, murdered Gaddafi, attempted to genocide the Tutsi in Rwanda, attempted to genocide the Alawites in Syria — would have succeeded in Syria if Russia had not intervened. Color Revolution was successful without violence in many places because money, prestige, power, a sense of inevitability, and strong suspicion that resisting it was likely to result in violent death, death on an enormous scale.

          The problem is that elites everywhere are in their pocket. And when not in their pocket, they do something to deal with that. Propaganda. When propaganda does not work, elections get stolen. When that does not work, lethal violence. When ordinary lethal violence does not work, genocide. They control the media everywhere. All internet porn is government funded — there is no money in producing porn, because all customers already have more porn on their hard drive than they can watch.

          They use delicate and gentle means — funding girls schools where at puberty they teach them that cat ladies are high status, dignified, powerful, and popular. Funding arts, where only demonic art is high status and gets money. Funding education, which gets run by politically reliable people. Observe within the US the conflict between parents and schools that they theoretically control. The Amish have high fertility because they control their education system — every group with high fertility around the world is a group that managed to keep control of education. And it turns out you can get killed trying to keep control of education — a whole lot of people in Africa have been killed over this, and the original cause of the color revolution in Syria (which eventually turned genocidal) is that Assad was following the letter of Harvard policy on education while refusing to follow the spirit.

          Consider Thailand. It is working on a project that would facilitate transport along routes that the USG government could not block, which the USG government is opposing — theoretically on environmental grounds, but the environmentalist movement opposing it is 100% US government astroturf. It is also following an economic policy that tries to ensure that food production for export and mass markets is done by small landowners federated in organisations analogous to franchises, rather than by agricultural labourers employed by giant multinational agricultural corporations, because people with property are conservative and support order, while people who own nothing favour chaos, and because small landowners are not a threat to the Thai government’s power, while giant multinational corporations are controlled by the US Government. Harvard sees the threat, and is taking alarmingly vigorous action to stop it, though I am not sure that Washington sees the threat — Washington’s perspective is too short term. Harvard are campaigning on the basis that this is oppressive. Supposedly they love peasants and peasants need to be liberated from land ownership, and converted to employees in the modern economy. Supposedly there is a popular mass revolutionary movement in favor of agriculture being run by giant multinational agricultural corporations, though every face connected to this mass popular movement seems to be connected to Harvard, to live in big cities, and to spend a lot of time flying internationally business class.

          Soft power is failing, because it was always ultimately backed by hard power. (This is another comment I should promote to a post.)

          • skippy says:

            Z’s government isn’t just Z, but a thorough purge of the Ukrainian state apparatus and, during the war, the whole of Ukrainian society of anyone not on board with Ukrainian nationalism (which is not GAEism, but is a tool of GAEism).

            Removing Z is not enough. He needs to be replaced with a man who would do a counter-purge. A man like Medvedchuk, who is now in Russia as head of a Ukarinian political party that is banned in Ukrainian.

            You are making an argument that the USA may no longer be powerful enough to stop a Medvedchuk government in Ukraine. That may be true, I am just disputing that a Medvedchuk government in Ukraine (or similar) can be made to not look like a defeat for the GAE. It would be an obvious defeat for the GAE.

  9. Fidelis says:

    An interesting thread with many implications if you follow the arguments with regards to ‘Monopolies of Essense’. Implies that with secure power hierarchies, those in control of the natural monopolies of a civilization are inventivised to cooperate, just the same as your heart and your liver are incentivized to cooperate. Monopolies including the example of oil distribution networks as is mentioned in the thread, but extends to monopolies on definition of virtue, e.g. the State Church.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      No throne goes unoccupied. When a powersource is laying on the table, something will pick it up; and when powersources are fragmented, there will be conflict until ordinated.

    • Nemo says:

      The heart and liver are much more immediately reliant on the other than a petroleum extraction monopolist and an energy production monopolist, despite the fact that the latter two engage in vital exchange with each other akin to the former. Humans, and human organizations, are generally far too independently pluripotent to find themselves bound by existential, extrinsic constraints, and so rely on intrinsic enforcement of aligned behavior.

      Thus, I do not agree that monopoly carries much weight of variance in incentivizing co-operation. Rather, monopoly is a legible criterion, in ways that inherent virtue is not, and a criterion that does not imply more repugnant co-operation criteria like loss of individual viability. As such, the claim is convenient, overlapping with aspects of truth, but does not address the question of robust co-operation schemae directly.

    • Fidelis says:

      A bit off topic so I’m nesting this down here

      I am think on state religion: a fruitful syncretism can be built on Vajrayana Buddhism, Christianity especially the Carpocratian and Khlysty denominations with some Pentecostal touches, African traditional religion of vodun, elements from Sufism and Frankism. Wat state look like?

      Pointing out that BAP is clearly gnostic, as is usual for those who have trouble controlling their colon parasites. Be careful regarding him as a fellow traveler. Discussed this with Pax previously, unfortunately, he is taking a break so he cannot comment.

      • S says:

        BAP has been taking Dune too seriously. Herbert had weird synthetic religious combinations because he wasn’t Tolkein and so needed a way to gesture at the characters religious beliefs and not have to write the Orange Catholic Bible.

        • Fidelis says:

          Even if so, the choices are too specific. These are all faiths that purport escape into a transcendent reality through secret knowledge.

          • S says:

            I was more referring to the idea of syncretism; combining multiple religions artificially is a dumb idea; it is converting reality to words, words to lego bricks and playing tetris with them.

  10. Hesiod says:

    Com’s Cutie complains Trump’s rigging the primaries:

    On the eve of Tucker releasing his Putler interview, this might be signaling from the radicals to get the band back on the road for another Russian election interference tour.

  11. Zorost says:

    The problem is that a Monck won’t be enough. Even a Sulla won’t do. Looking at the breadth and depth of Lefty control of media, government, and academia, only a Pol Pot will do what is necessary to make any meaningful change.

    • jim says:

      There have been a whole lot of U turns over the past few millenia. Most adherents to the state religion are Havel’s greengrocer, who will glibly affirm the words of the new faith without even noticing the words have changed.

      • Zorost says:

        The past few millenia haven’t had pervasive mass media and mass government education/ indoctrination of children.

        I work with a few Gen Z, and the things they say point towards younger generations believing in absolute madness. Not just a few, and not as fanatics. But normal people who hold down good jobs truly believing there are 99 genders and women are the same as men, etc.

        Things tend to snap back to the culture of the masses, and the culture of the masses is wacko Lefty.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Speaking of Havel’s greengrocer, I stopped to get a cup of coffee this morning at a strip mall near my house. One of the little shops on the strip had a poster in the window that said “Hate has no home in “.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Guess I used html metacharacters as it cut short my post. The poster said, “Hate has no home in (my town name).”

        • Adam says:

          There is a new wave of faggotry entering churches as well, as displayed during the Super Bowl. The ads show endless bug chasers, mixed race couples, and homeless degenerates with the message “He gets us”. He as in Jesus.

          I hate the Antichrist.

  12. […] Thermidor is in power, Team B is now on top of Team A […]

  13. In my dissident fantasy novel, I actually made the side of the light the establishment since they are the Cathedral, sanctimonious, and are in power. Paladins are antagonists in my setting, the side of the dark often having to work underground.
    The Disciples of Dissent

    That said, I find myself wondering what combination of dissenting elites might fall from heaven and take advantage of disorder.
    Tucker = media, propaganda?
    Musk, Thiel etc. = money men, dark ngos?
    state, local governments = bureaucracy (I know they’re mostly useless, but perhaps even flunkies might prefer being an American Lukashenko at some point)?
    rogue state forces, law enforcement, irregulars= muscle?

    The violence question is perhaps the hardest to answer in our fox dominated society and the most important. At some point, only force can enact and entrench decisive change.

    • jim says:

      The implicit position of the Governors that supported Texas is that the state guard forces are the sovereign militaries of sovereign states.

      Trouble is that they are Thermidorian left, lagging only slightly behind the current year. But once the proverbial hits the fan between Thermidor and the radicals, they are going to hire a General Monck or a General Sulla.

      So one path out of this mess is that stuff gets real between the radicals and moderates, moderates bring General Sulla on board, General Sulla takes care of it. Problem solved, now they start worrying about General Sulla – only to find it is a little late.

  14. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    I expected the first large scale deployments of man portable heads-up displays to be simple head strap adaptors for mounting camera equipped smart devices, or effective equivalents thereof. But Apple stole a march on folks by making their own specialized hardware for the specific purpose, as is their usual modus operandi.

    I’ve often talked in the past about how important things like this are for warfighting. There are forms of techne for collecting sense data of objects; there are forms of techne for communicating sense data; there are forms of techne for interpolating sense data into solutions for directions of fires onto objects; but few to no existing forms of techne that can do all this together in seamless, scalable, distributed, adaptive manners. Such that, in terms of ultimate reality, actually engaging many targets requires a great deal of wrangling and finagling of things, and some targets can’t be practically engaged at all.

    We have fighters in the ukraine using double barreled break-actions with birdshot to sweep the skys of spotting and FPV drones, to good effect it must be said. There could be so much more. Every fighter in or around grey zones of contact, mounted or on foot, land platforms or aerial platforms, needs the ability to instantly sense targets, measure sensed targets, and engage measured targets with their weapons, or the weapons of nearby agents via pings.

    A single look and gesture should be all it takes for accurate grenade or mortar or artillery or drone or glider bomb attacks to drop down the hatchway of a position. A troop with man portable weaponry has a low chance by themselves of intercepting your flying lawnmower on its way to blow up their fuel depot (or your flying ultralight on its way to kidnap their local social network graph node). But if they alert their tacnet as soon as a flying lawnmower is seen or heard or sensed otherwise, then other agents along the way can ambush the target as soon as it comes in range. IAD systems already do this in principle, but all existing implementations are sporadic, cumbersome, and of highly narrow remit.

    The most important aspect of design for practically everything is the aspect of user interface – because everything turns on this fact. How effectively information is presented to principle agents, how adroitly principle agents can articulate their extended phenotype – which don’t necessarily need to be humanoid ones, either.

    When signal direction finding was based on using headphones to hear the signal and dials to chose which directions and frequencies you are hearing in, intercepting burst transmissions was all but impossible. When the presentation was instead changed to screens displaying multiple directions and frequencies at once, suddenly it became easy again. The basic equipment and information it collected was still exactly the same; but by changing how it was interacted with, everything in general was changed. Real world effectiveness all depends on how well you can make these processes as easy as possible.

    • notglowing says:

      I expected the first large scale deployments of man portable heads-up displays to be simple head strap adaptors for mounting camera equipped smart devices, or effective equivalents thereof.

      You forget google cardboard, and that Samsung Gear VR thing which was designed with Oculus, and later evolved by the latter into their Quest line of headsets.
      Some variation of these has been around for a decade, and I owned one before the first gen of modern consumer VR hardware came out in 2016. I understand that by heads up display you mean AR, and while phones always had some AR capabilities, the problem is that they were never even capable of doing basic VR very competently, which is a pre-requisite.

      With Gear VR Carmack and Oculus really, really tried to make it work, but it wasn’t quite good enough. Despite the higher resolution of phone displays compared to first gen VR headsets, the latter just offered a much better experience. And phones don’t seem to have enough cameras for inside out tracking either. 6 DoF is necessary. So they created the Quest line of headsets, essentially integrating phone hardware into them, and later making it more and more specialized, into its own thing. I’ve owned several of the series, including the latest one (And I owned a Rift CV1 when that was new). The Q3’s AR capabilities are acceptable, the resolution fuzzy but entirely *sufficient* for even operating a computer while strapped. Just not comfortably.

      Apple did really well. They’ve refined a lot of the technologies that already existed, used some of the cutting edge stuff that few other headsets have (micro-oled being a big one) and they put everything in a package that feels well-polished, with a human-machine interface that is well-thought out. I think they have the skeleton of what could become the future of interacting with computers. It’s not quite there yet though.

      2019 me would be *sorely* disappointed in how little progress VR has made in 5 years. Nevermind 8 years since the first consumer gen in 2016, nevermind 12 years since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter which first got me following VR at the time.

      We haven’t even solved all the issues that the first generation had. Nevermind threading much new ground.
      Inside out tracking and AR are the two main completely new things compared to the original consumer headsets, and while the former is two steps forward one step back (it’s still not always as good as outside-in, but it’s much more practical) the latter is still rudimentary and barely-useful.
      We are only now finally reaching resolutions that are actually *good* to the point where resolution doesn’t matter as much, but that’s only with the 2000-4000 USD headsets. We’re only now finally getting lenses that aren’t fresnel, but FOV is still pitiful. The 4000$ Apple Vision Pro has a worse FOV than the 500$ Quest 3, and some claim Apple’s lenses are also not quite as good, though Meta/Oculus has won on the lens front against its competitors every single gen until now.

      We still don’t have varifocal displays/lenses. I expected this technology to become mainstream by 2020. It’s still only in labs and evidently not practical. Neither the Apple Vision Pro, nor the highest end enterprise headset you can buy, the 4000$ Varjo XR-4, has anything like it. Though the XR-4 is very impressive. And while it lacks varifocal displays, if you buy the ten thousand dollar Focal variant of it, you get 51 PPD AR cameras that specifically focus on what your eyes are looking at, making everything much more realistic. The resolution appears to be almost flawless, though it’s still an LCD screen, even with mini-LED backlighting.

      12 years later, we do not have a display system that looks like real life, which is fine, but we also don’t have a display system that is as comfortable to look at as real life, which is the real problem. It’s still a stressful experience where you’re inches from a screen and you feel it.
      Not relaxing, not something I can do when my eyes are tired without suffering.
      With varifocal displays and some lens/FOV improvements as well as a say, 30% higher resolution, I would definitely consider something like the AVP for actual work, being able to have a multi-screen work setup anywhere I go, and also having complete privacy with it.

      • jim says:

        I have played with these devices. One of the problems is that the software to efficiently virtualize an interresting three dee aughment to reality was rather seriously lacking, so the aughhmented reality was not all that coherent and complex.

        People really have not figured out how to do a 3D VR ui.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Aware of occulus rift and similar, problem is none of the VR consoles heretofore are really applicable to the usecases im talking about here, being large pieces of kit with lots of extraneous functions for home gaming or simulationist media. Not necessarily talking about augmented reality per se either, at least not in the colloquial sense of the term, and in a more general sense I am talking about augmented reality in the same way a sliderule is also a form of augmented reality.

        A forward air controller carries a targeting package in his ruck or a hand case. The package usually has stereoscopic EO sensors in a broad spectrum of infrared to human-visible radiance for range finding, along with active lidar, and sometimes other functions. This was a major point the ‘movie of the war’ released by Wagner 2 years ago based on an engagement in Mariupol. They needed to get the FAC and his package to a high point so he could target some long range pion artillery platforms they knew were in the area and communicate the info an airstrike package that was coordinated to arrive within a short window of time.

        So a bunch of problems immediately present themselves. A lot of KOG soldiers occupying other buildings were standing in the way of them and the highrise they wanted. It would seem to be the most obvious thing in the world to use that same capability for calling in pinpoint targeted artillery strikes on the enemy occupied buildings standing in their way too, but this was not possible in the time they had to work with using the highly siloed weapon systems that are typical of late cold war and GWOT design. Furthermore, there are utilization problems on a personal level; the targeting package is a separate piece of kit. This is reasonable for things like crew-served weapons, but at the same rate, it would also be a most obvious thing to instead have the sensors mounted on your long-arm or helmet, which can be linked to displays also on your long-arm and or helmet, which can be as simple as a transparent reflex glass onto which holographic abstractions can be projected – numbers, symbols, aimpoints, et cetera – which presents all the most critical information for unlocking new capabilities for a footmobile that have heretofore been practically impossible. More complex applications can be coordinated through the usual touch-screen smart devices that everyone in the Special Military Operation is already using, whether mounted on your wrist or long arm or helmet (for night vision purposes). There are other thoughts, like having extra compute be done with modular blades you can carry more or less of in a waistpack depending on what is being worked with, which link to the equipment interfaces, in order to reduce long moments of gravity, but those are the main things.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Oh yeah, and when the FAC did get the targeting information, he had to communicate it verbally by radio.

          These are all major bottlenecks in praxis, and the sort of information processing and networking that can be doable with a few strokes on a screen instead, to great salutary effect.

          It’s the sort of things a fighting force of the future should be able to do. The present ‘hack’ at present time is for grey zone marauders and artillery commanders that act as their own ‘armies of the future’ in miniature, leaving the rest of the system behind by operating targeting drones themselves.

  15. Hi Jim!

    Two thoughts. Thermidor: Bukele got reelected and media articles I found called him a “cool dictator” in a tone that was… not so negative at all. Almost like they are toying with that idea that this is actually cool.

    Another thought. I am quickly losing my enthusiasm about Hallerism. This was plain stupid:

    Summary: rule of priests is cool because it is mild, they are into persuasion, not violent repression. Technically true, both for old time priests and most of the history of the modern liberal “priesthood”. BUT. He really misses the point that violent repression directly by the government is not the only possible problem.

    1) Just persuade people Bob is evil, and people will find a spontaneous, not directly governmental way to violently repress Bob.

    2) If the government is not good at violent repression, it also means it is not good at repressing the kind of private criminal gangs who are exercising their own kind local violent repression.

    3) Also if the government is not good at using violent repression to guard the borders, such gangs will be foreign and that makes it all worse – so sense of shared identity or camaraderie between gang-ruler and ruled.

    This should be today obvious, even when back then it was not. Big disappointment.

    Jim, who are your old-time influences? Any old-time writer who understood faith is necessary, but it should be alpha-male warrior faith, not priest-faith? The faith of Paul Muad-Dib, to reference the classic novel Dune. As for classic SF/F fiction I like that more than the Lord Of The Rings. I recommend it to the gentlemen here. Much to learn from there.

    • TheDividualist says:

      s/so sense of shared identity or camaraderie between gang-ruler and ruled/so there will be no sense of shared identity or camaraderie between gang-ruler and ruled

    • Jack Vien says:

      The referenced article didn’t say there was no law enforcement or no repression at all in the Ecclesiastical States, and specifically mentions that they very intolerant of vice, and renowned for their high degree of internal order. The reference to foreign criminal gangs etc. is anachronism, projecting present-day issues onto the past- the problem was rather that these States, since tending to be lacking in military capacity, wound up subject to hostile takeover by foreign powers, not gangs or alien hordes. I personally can’t see why anyone would want to force men of arms to serve as their own priests instead of attending to their proper profession. The obvious best practice is to parcel out specialized tasks to specialists, to let the warriors be in charge of the arts of war war and the priests be in charge of arts of peace- and all Aryan civilizations have done precisely that since time immemorial.

      • jim says:

        This is a grossly one sided and excessively optimistic account of the Papal states. It is true that they were well governed, but the necessities of war and politics led to the injection of ever more heretical doctrines, adopted because of the momentary urgent necessities of war and politics, but made immutable and sacred. This is what led to the crusaders losing in the middle east. It came to pass that Orthodox Christians were safer and more prosperous under Muslim rule, than under Frankish rule.

        Ecclesiastical government led to good government but bad religion. Bad religion led to horrifying war and destruction, to rivers of blood that eventually drowned Rome itself.

      • TheDividualist says:

        >why anyone would want to force men of arms to serve as their own priests instead of attending to their proper profession

        Talking in my own name only, not Jims, but I think that is not our goal. We want priests controlled by warriors, but in my mind it means 99% of the times they say whatever they want to, and the warriors reserve merely a rarely used right of veto, but in the rare cases it is used it is absolutely enforced.

        I am basing it on the relationship between men and women, you know, Kings are the Father, The Church is the Mother.

        Husbands do not need to micromanage wives, to tell them always exactly what to do how, they are supposed to know the vast majority of their jobs, after all if we want our sons inherit intelligence, we will marry smart women. HBD makes dumb hotties unmarriable, we would get dumb sons. Marrying smart – genetically smart, not university degrees – women can be assumed. So they can figure most things out. Husbandly power is a veto, very rarely used, but the threat of it is always there, and when there, always completely enforced.

        I’ve seen this, my maternal grandpa was like this, grandma made all the little practical decisions. Sometimes grandpa cleaned his throat and got his eyebrows together. Grandma quickly came up with another idea. That sums it about up, between man and woman, and between King and Church.

        Textbook example of arranged marriages in the past. It always looked like mothers do it, because they did 99% of the work. The fathers simply reserved a right to veto. But if the mother knew mostly what kind of candidate would bring a veto, they never even tried that kind of candidate. So the fathers almost looked like doing nothing at all.

        Power is NOT management. It is not the busywork of arranging a thousand little decisions. It is the right, however rarely used – but then always enforced – to veto. And because rarely used, but when it is used, completely enforced just cleaning one’s throat work between husband and wife and King and Church.

        But to an external observer that would be easy to miss, so do not expect it in the history books. Expect it from your own common sense deduction, like mine here.

        @Jim, what do you think about this?

        • jim says:

          That is exactly my life. Ninety percent of the time my wife organises everything. Similarly the good woman depicted by Solomon. Normally she tells me where I am going and what we are doing. But if there is anything of which I might not approve, she runs it past me first. From time to time she asks for permission, and from time to time I put my foot down.

          Most of the time she tells me we are doing something — Once in a while I register disapproval and we do something different.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      I rarely ever recommend books to people these days, partially because noone reads them anymore, mostly because, even if I myself may get benefit out of meditations upon its works, that’s also because a hermeneutical analysis of another sorcerer’s magic is my idea of a good time, and most people simply aren’t possessed of monastic spirit, amongst other things.

      • TheDividualist says:

        Dear Pseudo-Chrysostom

        >partially because noone reads them anymore,

        Perhaps it is monkish hubris talking, I don’t know, but I think those people do not matter. It is elites who matter. And elites of the past, even very warrior-like ones, did value bookish stuff. Medieval European nobles talked Latin, Roman Patricians talked Greek. The question is not Athens vs. Sparta but finding a good balance between them.

        Quality over quantity. Yes, warrior elites do not need a thousand books. They do need fifty excellent ones.

        And they need advisors of the thousand books type. Let’s be realistic. We people who discuss stuff on the Internet are not the warrior elites. Not by a long shot. We might be advisors, or we might write texts the advisors might read. The first has a very low chance, the second might have some chance, still very low.

        I am Hungarian. I have been sending NRx ideas in the general direction of intellectuals who are friends with other intellecuals who are advisors of Orban. And Orban is no kind of warrior king. He is the sensible (although crooked) shopkeeper of the type who was the typical leader of republics a bit while back. Really like Trump, remember that Trump’s primary pride has always been in his ability to negotiate a deal. Orban is 100% like that, a dealmaker between various conservative factions. Extremely far from a warrior king. And I cannot influence him, nor his monkish advisors, but I try influencing the friends of such advisors.

  16. The Cominator says:

    Biden would have been JFKed already if the radicals had totally lost power. Yeah hes more a crook than a believer but so what… any non radical faction has to destroy Bidens entire family now to show the radicals are out and because the non priest class Americans hate Biden with a white hot passion…

    • TheDividualist says:

      From the radicals’ perspective Biden is A Fucking White Man, also “cishet” and even rich. ALL the “privilege”. It is easy to see him as in the middle of the factions, supporting the radical faction maybe, but not BEING what they want, he is a symbol of all the “privilege” they hate.

      • The Cominator says:

        Real Thermidor had to kill Robspierre and St. Just and their close allies.

        Thermidor isnt in power till they remove Biden and bust him, his entire family (all tied in with massive financial corruption), his top staff etc. Certainly Ron Klain, Susan Rice, and Nuland would have to go.

        • jim says:

          If they were sane and competent, purge comes with Trump elected, so that they can wring their hands before the radicals, beg forgiveness, and blame it all on the evil TrumpHitler.

          They are quite obviously not sane nor competent, hence unpredictable, but they are clearly saner than the radicals.

          • The Cominator says:

            Well looks like they want to push Biden out but the cunt is refusing to go quietly.

        • TheDividualist says:

          Biden is so far from a Robespierre. Robespierre’s last words before arrest were “So is this about Danton? Cowards! Why didn’t you defend him?” Biden’s last word before arrest would be comparable to those of a fish.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            A fish gasping on the deck of a ship, “So I die, but at last I understand the meaning of ‘water’!”

            Or a Democrat about to be helicoptered, shot, hanged, burned, drowned, beheaded, or hacked to death by their beloved diversity, “Why is the Constitution I helped destroy not protecting me?”

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    More facefag normiecon Thermidorposting out there. Many such cases.


    “The so-called border bill isn’t a debate on policy. Don’t let that be your frame.

    “Something else is going on here.

    “I’m not sure what.

    “It feels more like being in the middle of a war and finding out my government isn’t on my side.

    “Stop talking about voting on this monstrosity. Start talking about what happened to our system that we would even take this bill seriously. Fix that first.

    “Foreign influence? Blackmail? Ordinary corruption?

    “I wouldn’t vote on anything until we know what’s going on.

    “I would also cancel the 2024 election until we have a secure system. We are not even close to it.”

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Legitimacy spilling out into the street for anyone to scoop up.

      Fags calling Tucker Carlson a “traitor” for interviewing Vladimir Putin. “Traitor” doesn’t even mean anything anymore. “Traitor” to whom? To what? To ancient Rome? To the Pharaohs of Egypt? And that’s relevant, wrong and/or punishable somehow today? To whom do I bring a signed and wax-sealed papyrus scroll to levy my accusation of this horrible crime?

      Jim Predicted This, way back in 2021, that The Biden/Cathedral/etc. would get so bugnuts and ridiculous that it would saw off the branch — of simple legitimacy — that it sits upon. And here we are.

      • TheDividualist says:

        To Putin of course, but not literally so. They are not living in reality, they are living in a world of symbols. Putin is merely a symbol of A Fucking White (Alphaish) Man.

        It is hard to imagine what is it like to be one of the “literati”, but I think it must be like living inside a book, a novel. Like when Dunalanders, orcs, Saruman, Sauron and Morgoth are vaguely the same thing, because they all sort of symbolically point to the same primeval evil.

  18. Cloudswrest says:

    On a perhaps related note, one Will Stancil @whstancil seems to have exploded in viral notoriety on Twitter, spouting, unironically, every Leftist, woke trope imaginable and calling everybody, including Musk, and especially Steve Sailer, a NAZI. People have been pouring on but it hasn’t cramped his style in any way. He seems to show all the signs of a high functioning Leftist troll.

    • alf says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first time that in such a public spat between the left and right, no prominent members of the right are banned? Let Will Stancil troll all he wants, the important thing is that Steve Sailer is no longer a persona non grata. On topic indeed, for Elon has gone all-in on thermidor.

      • jim says:

        It has become apparent that if no Thermidor, Musk is going to lose his businesses. He now finds himself in the same boat with Trump. The radicals intend to Epstein Trump. They think they merely intend to dispossess Musk and install Shaniqua in charge of his businesses, but when Shaniqua runs them into the ground, they are going to go looking for the source of the evil thought waves that drove the businesses into the ground.

        • Fidelis says:

          Thermidor faction is clearly Juice nationalism faction. Hence the Schwitz struggle session and Milie deciding to get the tip of his dick chopped off.

          Just pointing it out as no one else here has.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          however, unlikely Jim, there is a third option: Thermidor fails to coalesce because too much baggage and too many priests, so characters like Musk and Bukele start bund building on their own, maintaining general national level principles, but using far more narrow and utilitarian concepts and memes as the seed crystal upon which affection is formed. If Thermidor is duking it out with Progress to gain/retain control of the sclerotic USG, There may be scores of opportunities to nibble around the edges and fly under the radar. for all of its sprawling bigness, the cathedral as a construct seems like it can only focus on two or three things at a time. as I said, probably unlikely. but not impossible, in my opinion.

          • jim says:

            Very soon they are going to be focusing on a purge of radicals — which Thermidor, deep state team B, will blame on the evil Trump and regretfully tell the radicals that unfortunately as Trump is president, they have to go along with it.

            The real right always thrives at this time, but pretty soon the eye of Sauron turns upon us. If civil war ensues, it ensues at that point, when the evil and insane child molesting cynical malevolent demon worshippers have finished purging the evil and insane child molesting malevolent sincere demon worshippers, they will once again turn upon us.

            If the purge is successful, Thermidor will stagger on for some time, until eventually, like the Soviet Union, it dies for loss of faith. It is highly likely, however, that its end will be swifter and more apocalyptic. Sulla or General Monck may well grab power. Barron’s total silence on anything political might well be timid precaution, indicating fear and weakness, or he might be studying to be Gaius Octavius, that being the obvious career path.

            Gaius Octavius struck like lightning out of a blue sky.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              A newscaster called the Trump family the “Romanovs” — on live fucking TV — during the 2017 inauguration.

              Even if Donald himself is a little daffy and has only 10 years left, Melania and Barron know exactly what the fuck is up.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              Barron looked frankly autistic at one early appearance (I forget if it was inauguration or early State of the Union, but something official), which could mean he’s being kept out of public comment rather than staying out. But then it could have just been age, and scared stiff would be reasonable, and even a mark in his favor for intelligence.

              Should have good genes, and the benefit of a good education. Does have good physiognomy, which I take seriously though don’t count on. I’d feel better still if he’d lift, or take up a sport or martial art, even quietly. But that’s unlikely for both his class and his father.

              In normal times wealth + father’s fame makes him more likely to regress to the mean of our ruling class than to become /ourguy/. In these times there is some small chance he’s smart enough to decide he’d like to live, and the best way out is through, but I’m not counting on it.

              I’d like the inside story on why Don Jr. isn’t a bigger proxie(/heir). There were moves in that direction with the NRA but it didn’t last. Really that inept, or his father thinks he is, or was he sidelined by palace maneuvering in favor of Ivanka and Jared?

              I guess that’s a long way of saying I have no good read on Barron at all, so I’m just reasoning around the edges. I’d take Don Jr or Barron if either gave any sign of dancing with the one what brung em, but any such sign is purely speculative so far.

              • jim says:

                Recently Trump started shilling fagweiser, telling his people it was time for the boycott to end. It seems that they came up with a very large donation to him And Don Junior joined it. Maga pushed back hard.

                Fagweiser has never apologised to its customers. A simple apology would have vastly more effect than throwing funds at Trump, would cost nothing, and would be good for their souls.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  A good purge can change many things that seem unchangeable. I wonder if the gayification of Budweiser is restricted to the corporate management or extends to the board of directors. I assume the shareholders represent multiple factions. When it comes to rot and desperation, the key question is always “how deep?”

              • alf says:

                Don Jr has always been somewhat of a hothead who feels much more at home hunting game than hunting for power. If he wanted he could pivot to politics, but it made much more sense at the time to have Ivanka and Jared in the white house, because contrary to Don Jr, they really really wanted it.

  19. Halion says:

    A question, what is the reactionary position regarding euthanasia? What would GNON think about a society that allows it?

    • jim says:

      Suicide is sinful, end of discussion.

      Predictably, Canada is now providing “assisted suicide” to infants.

      I don’t object to turning off the life support for someone incapable of objecting and unlikely to recover. We are not obligated to help hopeless cases. But we are forbidden to kill them.

      • alf says:

        Two stories of old people dying:

        An old woman dements up to the point where she no longer recognizes anyone. At night she goes wandering and she smears the wall with her excrements. Her daughter-in-law takes care of her, but it is months before the woman passes away.

        Second story: another old woman notices signs of dementia with herself. She has worked in healthcare and knows what it leads to, as for instance in the first story. She does not want to be like that. And so, while she still knows who she is, but noticeably mixes up who she is with, euthanasia.

        Are the actions of the second woman sinful?

        • jim says:

          One may well argue that there are lots of edge cases where the authoritative Christian position is wrong and inhmane. But observed social consequence are that this is a slippery slope, a very slippery slope. You wind up with the medical system murdering huge numbers of inconvenient people, many of whom have nothing seriously wrong with them. If an old guy in England goes to hospital with a nasty cold, they are likely to tank him full of barbiturates, then bump him off.

          If you don’t have a nice simple sharp bright line, no end of very clever people will be sliding no end of vulnerable people over the line.

          In your hypothetical, the old lady is getting confused already. If someone decided she had agreed to be knocked off, would she be able to coherently deny it and take effective action to prevent it?

          Now let us suppose the old lady has a big house, and needs looking after, someone moves in to give her a hand – then gives her a hand writing her will. Then gets impatient.

          99.9% of people who “agree” to voluntary euthanasia are so full of barbiturates that they are manifestly incapable of agreeing to anything.

          • alf says:

            In your hypothetical, the old lady is getting confused already. If someone decided she had agreed to be knocked off, would she be able to coherently deny it and take effective action to prevent it?

            The idea is that one has to agree to be knocked off before one loses coherence. Which is of course somewhat of a paradox; you want to be euthanized when you lose coherence, but in order to prevent being taken advantage of, have to sign the papers while still coherent.

            It is a tricky thing for a state to get involved in, and perhaps the state shouldn’t. But I do believe that it is somewhat a cruel fate to be remembered as ‘the woman who smeared faeces on the wall’ versus ‘the woman who went out on her own terms’. But perhaps such things should happen under the counter, I don’t know.

            • Fidelis says:

              Was it not a phenomena in the cold north, that a man that had lived beyond his useful years would set off alone with a boat, or a backpack of basic provisions, out into the wilds come what may? Of course this is excluding the already so demented as to be unaware of their own situation, but perhaps does not preclude those that sense themselves to be on the edge.

              I don’t necessarily see a problem with leaving yourself to fate, but gassing grandma no matter how demented seems wrong. At one point she was cleaning up your shit smeared on the wall. Let her enjoy the waking dream.

            • jim says:

              > The idea is that one has to agree to be knocked off before one loses coherence

              Regardless of what the idea theoretically is, observed behaviour is that they tank you full of barbiturates, and then after tanking you full of barbiturates, they decide you have agreed. It is a whole lot easier to get someone inconvenient to agree if they are not coherent.

              Wandering off for a long walk into the wilderness to avoid being inconvenient to the survivors is not suicide, is dignified and honourable, because you would survive in the unlikely event you lucked out in the wilderness, and you are probably looking for such an opportunity, even if not expecting to find it. But the trouble with assisted suicide, is that the people assisting find it highly convenient, the person being assisted, not so much.

            • Karl says:

              Some sins are more tempting then others. We resist temption as good as we can, but sometimes succumb to it.

              Suicide is sin. If someone cannot resist the temptation of a specific sin, in this case suicide, that is his problem alone. I have noting to do with it. The sinner is dead. The only thing that needs to be done is a burrial.

              Now if I were to help someone to commit a sin, I would also commit a sin. I’d still be alive after commiting that specific sin and -as with any sin that is commited in public- it would be a concern for any member of my community. If someone commits a sin in public and claims that he was doing the right thing, we have to speak out and expell the unrepentent sinner.

              In the example of your old lady. Her failing health is her problem. Suicide might tempt her, I can understand that. If she cannot resist that temptation, she should at least resist the temption of burdening anyone else with the sin of helping her.

              Frankly, suicide is not that difficult for any person that can still walk. So I find it hard conceive a case where someone would want and need help to achive that goal.

              • notglowing says:

                By this logic though, maybe it is better to murder people who are suffering. That way, they do not have to stain themselves with a sin they can’t ask forgiveness for, unlike the still living.

                If you interpret Christian teachings in a very straightforward way, there’s effectively no sin worse than suicide. And indeed people who killed themselves were not buried in hallowed ground.

                • jim says:

                  We are required to follow the spirit of the law, but ordinary people should not start trying to figure out the spirit. Thus one can always find a case where the straightforward application of Christian law can lead to a stupid result.

                • Karl says:

                  This logic? If help someone to murder, your is usually less severe than when you do the deed alone without help

            • ten says:

              I of course live in the socialist worker’s paradise where healthcare is free and plenty and equal. All american lefties dream about our swedish free healthcare, but fail to mention the 65% tax rate. Oh well.

              When my greatmother got a cough, the doctor asked my grandpa “we must think about what is best, do you not agree?” and grandpa agreed, obviously, and suddenly greatmother was dead, 2 months before her 100th birthday. She was fine the week before! Vigorous, mentally clear, physically active. How about that.

              When grandpa got sick and needed hospitalization, he started losing weight rapidly. Exactly how much nutrients are you putting into him, asked dad? Is this not a problem? On current trajectories, he will be dead in weeks, and you aren’t even talking about it? “We are just thinking about what is best. Do you not want to think about what is best?” Actually, dad didn’t at all want to think about what was best. He made attempts at occupying the hospital room but was driven off by baton wielding goons. Grandpa started having severe pains, and they put him on rhino doses of morphine. Then they took the morphine away because of concerns for his health, and the doctors went to grandma instead of to dad, “look, he is in great suffering (cold turkey morphine withdrawal does that to a man, who knew!), must we not think about what is best?” and grandma agreed that it was time to think about what was best, and grandpa died a withered dehydrated husk.

              They would keep coming back to dad and try to make him think about what was best concerning grandma. But now he had enough and the glorious swedish social welfare healthcare didn’t get to touch grandma at all. She was pretty confused and silly and immobile in the end. We visited too seldom. She loved her cat very much and the cat loved her. She smiled a lot every time we came and apologized that she hadn’t baked anything for us. She kept trucking on for a decade without baking, and noone thought about what was best.

              I must stop now because if i tell the next two identical stories, it would be easy to identify me.

              Fuck these butchers to death.

              • A2 says:

                The Hippocratic oath is obviously optional and considered hopelessly outdated in your country.

        • clovis says:

          Your mom took care of you when you were shitting in your diapers; God commands in the 4th commandment that you take care of her when she is shitting in her diapers. It’s not simply a matter of dignity, but of love, as when Christ suffered for you when you were shitting in your diapers

    • Jack Vien says:

      Murder is expressly forbidden by Divine law. Logically, it is as much evident that the person who murders himself is as much guilty of murder as it is that the cam girl who takes pornographic pictures of herself and posts them online is guilty of distributing obscene materials. Additionally, all of the modern campaigns to legalize various forms of murder originate in the Left’s standing project of exterminating all Reactionaries, all those who resist Progress and Enlightenment, or are deemed incapable of it, in order that the New Man of Socialism can be achieved by elimination; and they always come back to this project, only entangling other categories of people along the way: the elderly, the infirm, retards, pre-partum children, various despised minorities and out-castes, etc. etc.

      • jim says:

        Just as there are lots of situations where it is right to kill people, war and self defence among them, there are lots of situations where this harsh and simple black and white reasoning on suicide is unreasonable or not clearly applicable.

        But in 99% of actual suicides, and in 99.9% of assisted “suicide”, it is totally applicable

  20. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Last month, a bunch of retired FBI directors – obviously giving voice to one or more breznevian factions in the nomenklatura – signed a joint letter talking about how, actually, borders are good, and hundreds of thousands of unidentified alien invaders a month might cause problems for a nation.

    Obviously they know it causes problems, because that was the point, cause problems for the people they hate more than anyone else in the world: their neighbors.

    But also much like women, the moment they dip their toes in the water, and experience what happens when they actually get their way, they’ve gotten cold feet, and are looking around for someone to save them from the consequences of their own actions.

    It goes without saying – and so should be said anyways, lest it stops going – that no scruple or or principle or position will stand in the way of whatever the congenital solipsist deems salutary for itself; including any previously held. “Mea Culpa!” is always the last gambit of the chronic backstabber as the bricks in the walls they just finished pulling down with their own two hands start coming down on their heads, as they desperately cast about in droves for new rat-holes to shelter in (and start the process all over again); but the rope a good man should throw them is not a rescue line, but a noose.

    That is why the one thing they fear more than anything else, is recognition. That is why the one thing more verbal examples of the species spend more effort on than anything else in discourse is the total dissimulation of pattern recognition; the total abnegation of any form of knowing in general, as a form of preemptive self defense – for there is a part of themselves that also intuitively recognizes themselves as crooked timber, fit for charcoal. Mens rea: the behavior itself gives the game away.

    More than anything else, they fear men who see their true face.

    But when the gutters start filling with blood and the drains finally scab over, and all the vermin start drowning; when the accumulated filth of all their anal fisting and spirit cooking foam up about their waists and all the tranzis and baizuos look up and shout “Save us!”… the righteous esoteric bodybuilder should look down and whisper, “No.”

  21. Aidan says:

    I do not think this is the case. Are you referring to the speech in which Biden says the “border is broken”? The presidency is trying to push through the border deal, which is more money for Ukraine plus infinity illegals per year. The border deal is a lie- it only counts Mexican illegals, not the vast bulk of invaders who are from other countries. The plan looks like the radicals will simply lie to the malcontents. “The economy is better than ever, inflation is down, jobs are up, we just secured the border, so anyone complaining is a Russian agent”. It looks more like the radicals have given Thermidor a long enough leash that they can attempt to fight WWIII, which it seems like “Thermidor” truly wants.

    • jim says:

      That is certainly a plan. Our enemies, who were perfectly cohesive in 2020-2022, are now suffering severe incohesion as the Global American Empire falls around their ears, and now have too many plans.

      I am referring to his “we are all Americans, not enemies” speech.

    • Anon says:

      are the radical in charge or thermidor in charge?

      i don’t know nor do i think they themself know
      however, i see massive and astonishing “noticing” going with left
      especially the radical, the nyt just cameout calling what happen in the border “a crisis”.
      i saw a couple of radical leftist attack a “woke kindergarten” program (litterally named that) in some school.
      there is seem to be something happing, what it is? i don’t know.

  22. Kunning Drueger says:

    This may be overoptimistic, but I don’t think the Cathedral has the competence or capacity to operate the way they did after the Reagan retreat. The successive purges of skill and intelligence in favor of loyalty and zealotry are going to have downstream effects when the Black Swans start swimming. As more elites realize what time it is, there will be an expanding pool of potential warlords and revolution leaders. The sprawling permanent bureaucracy seems overwhelmingly powerful when everybody is lulled into sleep by the “Nothing Ever Happens” spell.

    widespread leftist perspective in current year is reading from the script written by radical leftists 10 years ago. likewise, common conservative talking points were written by extremist conservatives 10 years ago. It may take a decade, but I don’t think it will, to see the positions of both radicals and extremists become standard positions. So when we look at what radical leftists are saying now, and we look at what we are saying now, I think that will be in the overton window in the next 5 years.

  23. Mayflower Sperg says:

    We’ll see who’s in power when the warm weather returns and Election Year Riot Season begins. The radicals will gin up some “mostly peaceful” protests, and if you’re right, the Thermidorians will ruthlessly crush them, with many radicals shot dead in the streets and many more dragged before an unsympathetic judge and given decades in prison.

  24. Karl says:

    Your post seems contradictory. The headline is that Thermidor is in power. In the fifth paragraph you state that the radicals are in power. Either Thermidor is in power or the radicals are in power. It can’t be both.

    Your evidence for Thermidor in power is (amongst other things) a recent speech of Biden. Whoever gets to choose the words what the old man reads from a telepropter is close power, but does not necessarily have the power to get things done or keep rabid progressives in check.

    Is the lawfare against Trump being dropped or merely paused because some people want to know out which way the wind blows before they continue? If it is the latter (as I suspect), there is only an undecided struggle which no faction has yet won.

    On the other hand, Thermidor is always shaky and unstable. In other words, nothing but an ongoing struggle, which Thermidor never really wins, but might lose at any time.

    • alf says:

      An alternative phrasing of Jim’s point could be: the presidency now sides with the Thermidoreans, giving them the edge where it counts, but that edge is not big, for the radicals still control the institutions and, most dangerously, have a more cohesive, albeit demonic faith.

    • jim says:

      > Either Thermidor is in power or the radicals are in power. It can’t be both.

      Power has been distributed into a thousand little bits. The US, like Serbia in the events leading to the first World War, is incapable of acting as one. It can be both.

  25. ten says:

    I believe the D&D nomenclature for demonic paladin is “blackguard” which i find amusing for our negrolator communists

    • gaikokumaniakku says:

      Interestingly, I first encountered the word “blackguard” while reading 19th century literature (and some grandiloquent 20th century stuff, like Laumer’s *Retief* books), long before D&D adopted the term.

      Not very relevant to that “blackguard” term, and not very relevant to the thread, but this substack will be enjoyed by many Dark Enlightenment types:

      I don’t know who the author “John Carter” is, but he comes across like an old-school Dark Enlightenment type, much like Neovictorian, Giovanni Dannato, ABB, and those guys from ten or thirteen years ago.

      • jim says:

        Normality bias. The problem is that social media provides exposure to one hundred men way more alpha than you are and the chicks bang them. The solution is not digital purdah, but actual purdah.

        If you have a variety of tasty snacks available 24/7 you are likely to get morbidly obese – you were not designed to handle that. And women are not designed to be have a smorgasbord of hot males available 24/7.

        Not much actual sex is taking place because, exposed to such a smorgasbord, and getting banged by it, women become ever pickier with each bang, and wind up at position nineteen on someone’s booty call list, waiting for the next booty call as their youth, their beauty, and their fertility fades.

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