A possible path to survival

Thermidor is last year leftism overthrowing current year leftism. But because leftists have no enemies to the left, no friends to the right, this is a fragile and unstable arrangement, short of bringing in a dictator for life who is a last year leftist. Thermidor, as an oligarchic group, is incapable of defending itself against enemies to the left. Although it is in the interest of the group as a whole to defend itself from the ever more insane radicals, the individual members lack the will and inclination.

The moderates have been unable to govern. But they are able to muck up the plans of the radicals to steal 2024 as they stole 2020 and 2022. Which is why what we are seeing is not a change of plan, but ineffectual chaos.

Thermidor has been confirmed: The plan to Epstein Trump has been semi abandoned, with ninety or so criminal charges in ninety or so courts not getting anywhere.

The plan to rig the New Hampshire primary has been semi abandoned and is dissolving in chaos, which will likely permit an unbroken string of Trump landslides all the way to the Whitehouse.

NBC news reports that the deep state preparing plans to continue governing as usual with Trump as president, which is what they did during the previous Trump term. (My unkind interpretation and paraphrase — they did not say it that way.)

If Trump is allowed to be elected, this does not mean it is all sunshine and roses from here on. He is going to run into the same headwinds as last time, a presidency full of his enemies, many of them utterly fanatical.

Last time around he completely excluded reactionaries, alt rightists, alt leftists, Christian Nationalists, and the radical right from power. If he does that this time around, he is going to fail again this time around. He needs the reaction, and the reaction needs a faith.

To crush current year leftism, you need a white terror. And white terrorists are always reactionaries. You have to bring a gun to a gunfight and a faith to a holy war, and Thermidoreans are merely insincere and wobbly leftists.

Zhou had to rehire Deng, Cromwell had to release Monck from prison to hire and empower him. Thermidor needs the right to give it steel.

The path to autogenocide, the end state of leftism, is obvious, and on the cards, and a lot of people see it. They are bringing in large numbers of young male military age subsaharan Africans.

Leftism gets ever lefter, ever faster, and so eventually must conclude that the path to immanentize the eschaton is to eliminate ever larger categories of people deemed obstacles to making the eschaton imminent.

It is usually, but not always, halted before this end state by Thermidor. But Thermidor is shaky, fragile, unstable, and unpredictable. Where it goes, nobody knows.

Thermidor believes in last year leftism, and finds it difficult to repress current year leftism, because it tends to have its instruments of control and repression staffed by last year leftists who feel in their bones that current year leftists are misguided and impractical, but nonetheless holier than themselves. No enemies to the left, no friends to the right. You cannot stop leftism from going ever lefter that way.

The reactionary elements of a Thermidorean regime are apt to take power, as Deng took power in China, and Monck took power in England. But the reactionaries did not take power in France. They were crushed by Napoleon, who was a last year leftist, who very efficiently crushed the reaction on his right, and the current year leftists on his left.

In Rwanda, the Tutsi were unable to organise within Rwanda, because of political repression. Organised violence beats unorganised, violence, so the Tutsi, despite their potential superior organising capability due to a substantial racially higher IQ and a substantial racially higher IQ standard deviation than your typical nigger, were slaughtered like sheep, until Tutsi from outside Rwanda intervened.

Because of ocean, intervention by exiles is likely to be difficult in America. Without Caesar, it will not be civil war but genocide. Our best hope is that Thermidor appoints a reactionary to crush current year leftism, and he becomes Caesar, possibly in revolution and civil war, that we get a reactionary Sulla, rather than a last year leftist Napoleon or a last year leftist Stalin — a Sulla.

A potential hope of survival now opens up.

The possible scenario is that Trump takes power, gets a rough ride, which rapidly gets ever rougher, appoints a Sulla to take care of the problem. Sulla takes care of the problem. Trump retires, dies, or is forcibly removed, and the oligarchy find that Sulla makes them uneasy. They are willing to put up with Trump, who is not a right winger, except by current year standards, and is a merchant not a warrior. Sulla is going to make them nervous. They attempt to remove him. Sulla takes power, possibly through revolution and civil war.

Supplemental note added later

Texas is now independent, though it does not know it, and perhaps its governor does not know it. This means that in the event of genocide, we have a potential base. The governor of Oklamhoma seems to be considering the job of Caesar, though Caesar will need border access, to get weapons.

So now two paths, and as the weakness of the Global American Empire becomes apparent to more people, likely some more surprises will come. I was very surprised that Trump was not Epsteined by now, and even more surprised when Governor Greg Abbot of Texas developed a spine, swiftly followed by Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma.

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  1. SuperCum says:


    “None of my predictions are coming true. Even you guys are liable to notice that much of a disconnect, so I need to make up excuses why not. Look! A squirrel!”

    • S says:

      The prediction was for increasing leftism (holding true; child trannies, war mania are being pushed) and escalating violence (outside of Ukraine, not true).

      Russia got to veto covid and the next wave of leftists are too stupid to take power despite superior holiness. I don’t know anyone who accurately predicted the last decade.

      That said 2026 has not yet come. Things could go with a whimper, with the destruction of the kulaks and planetary famine or in between.

      • Pete says:

        We also have escalating violence in Israel/Gaza and with the Houthis (supposedly the US just launched some rockets at a Houthi base today).

        We also see escalating violence within the USA. Take a look at the January crime reports for Washington DC and certain other blue cities. The Texas confrontation could still blow up into something if people zig when they should zag instead.

        • jim says:

          And, since Texas got away with it, someone else is going to try something.

          Iran and Hezbollah are probing at weakness.

        • S says:

          I meant more political violence; Ukraine looks like a test run what the war faction is planning for the west. Gaza shows the empire’s wheels are falling off, but it isn’t escalating political violence.

          Blue city crime… I assumed it is the fallout from BLM and defunding the police, but you are right- Neely was May 3, 2023. Combined with the border that is accelerating.

  2. Kunning Drueger says:

    USG failure to apply disproportionate and overwhelming force against Abbott was a strategic failure made for tactically sound reasons. The online consensus is that state violence against a dissenting province is not possible, and they work backwards to reason that it wouldn’t be worth it. There’s a deeply held belief that Nothing Ever Really Happens, it’s all a spook or a psyop or fake. This sacrament, the repeated murmurations in the wake of Happenings (Journalist-Priest intones “Nothing Ever Happens”, congregants respond “and nothing ever will, Amen”), is a mighty bulwark against the unraveling of domestic control. We know it is mighty because we’ve seen it work: trannie murders children and good men shake their heads so everyone knows they are not pleased; 2 weeks to flatten the curve becomes 1 year to destroy the middle class and everyone quietly agrees that this is very not ok; far too many such cases. Short of a black swan or 3, this tendency will take decades of decline to unravel. But this is a fragile equilibrium because nothing happens in a vacuum.

    The NCO is closer to reality, he here’s the remote spectators drawing breath to loudly proclaim support or distaste. He sees the foot soldiers on either side, here’s the clinks and thumps of boots, body armor, and bullets strapped to each of them, and he senses the overwhelming realness of the situation as it is actually unfolding. He carries this experience in head and heart, and even if he does not actively convey it, he subconsciously and memetically transfers it to the like kind of his species. Serious men pay attention to men acting seriously. Those capable of violence or construction recognize the capacity in others. While DC is inoculated against such as these, state capitals are not. Even the dumbest broad governor in the bluest city of the gayest state is light-years closer to the serious men that keep the machinery of order running, and the head counting and Noticing spreading like a virus is indeed contagious. Not everyone can catch it, but it doesn’t need to be caught by everyone. The majority of America is the flighty girlfriend at the bar that just wants everyone to have fun, doesn’t understand why men pay attention to the scoreboard, and has no sense of the emotional landscape of the room. She hears the angry words going back and forth between her man and the stranger, and cheerleads or nags depending on the whim of the moment. “You and he should fight for the position of telling me what to do.” This is what we’ve become, this is what we are reduced to. It is very unlikely that the masses will do anything more than cheer or boo, and regardless of what jersey they wear, or who they are sitting next to, they just want to see something exciting that they can talk about into their smartphone camera.

    But there are serious men scattered throughout the dull masses. And these serious men are in the employ of the rare but real Elite That Watches. So while the pretend military squares off against the theoretical forces, the opportunities to take advantage of the moment increase, oftentimes orthogonal to the event in the spotlight. All eyes on Texas? I shall snatch at a bit of power here in Wyoming. Everyone is talking about Yemen. I shall move quickly in Niger. USG is paralyzed by its size, but there are predators and parasites inhabiting the extremities, and there are nerves intact that still connect to the centers of power. So there may be no Big, Official Response, but the 5th column has been activated. We may not see or hear about it, but that’s kind of the point. Lawsuits and custody disputes might multiply against the foot soldiers of either side. Fines and citations for activities that were previously ignored or allowed. Thinly sliced pieces carved off of the meat on either side. The death of a thousand cuts always starts small with the tiniest of blades. So long as it is done delicately and narrowly, the larger organism is oblivious. But once there’s an opening, the more clumsy and belligerent bacteria will inevitably bully their way into the wound, and the pain and pressure will increase. By the time the immune system is alerted, the problem is intractable without external involvement, whether it’s surgery or medication, and these things cannot be done quietly while the patient is sleeping or distracted. The former is painful, and the latter is arduous. The former will cause protestations against the pain, and the latter will cause anguish and grumbling.

    I don’t think the USG system is equipped to handle much more of these challenges to its overwhelming and assumed hegemony. The town bully has grown fat, lazy, and weak, his sidekicks are wearing dresses and playing with themselves, and will break at the first sign of real trouble. So long as the town is populated by women and men on leashes, he will continue to act like the big man on campus everyone thinks he is and really once was. If it continues to be the local teenagers messaging with him and running away, the illusion lives on though raggedly and diminishing. If a stranger comes to town and is not aware that he’s supposed to be deferential and submissive, he might throw a punch that will cause a massive shake up in the hierarchy. So The Bully, if he has any shred of sense left, will go to the bar less, be a bit more polite, and maybe even try to jog and lift a few weights. But fat, lazy, weak men are not inclined to correct, they usually just deceive themselves and complain.

    We should keep an eye out for jogging shoes and gym memberships, which may take the form of increased pay or even Biden Militias. I don’t know if the second one is very likely, but an awful lot of people who hate America were really vocal about “punishing the traitors,” and Antifa/BLM is still out there.

    • jim says:

      > This sacrament, the repeated murmurations in the wake of Happenings (Journalist-Priest intones “Nothing Ever Happens”, congregants respond “and nothing ever will, Amen”), is a mighty bulwark against the unraveling of domestic control. We know it is mighty because we’ve seen it work: trannie murders children and good men shake their heads so everyone knows they are not pleased; 2 weeks to flatten the curve becomes 1 year to destroy the middle class and everyone quietly agrees that this is very not ok; far too many such cases.

      “Nothing ever happens” is part of the instant rewrite of history “We have always been at war with EastAsia”. Since stuff is happening hard and fast, this is incapacitating. The empire was over extended in Afghanistan, the Ukraine, and Syria. Trump cut deals for a quiet, slow, dignfied and orderly retreat in Syria and Afghanistan, and Putin, gradually getting what he wanted in Syria, was reluctant to push in the Ukraine, perhaps figuring that softly softly retreat would proceed in the Ukraine after Syria was stabilized. Trump’s frequent unkind comments about Nato were an olive branch held out to Putin, that the Nato push towards Moscow was quietly unhappening. Hence RussiaRussiaRussia, that Trump was a tool of Putin – they saw him quietly unhappening the attempt to subdue Russia. And so Putin was, if not content, willing to be patient.

      The Trump quiet retreats outraged the deluded imperials in Washington, who saw Trump as their only obstacle between them and total and absolute totalitarian world domination.

      Well, it turned out there were other obstacles. Whose existence cannot be acknowledged.

      The panic stricken collapse in Afghanistan happened because they drank their own Koolaide – that Afghanistan was stable because they had successfully established a client regime, that would continue to hold its turf indefinitely after they left. And therefore there was no reason to full the camp followers out before the troops, no reason to pull the tip of spear out last, and it was fine to leave the ammo and weapons behind for their client regime. That nothing had happened, and nothing was going to happen. And they would have another lovely frozen conflict in their vast portfolio of frozen conflicts, to be activated whenever a client gave them grief. Of course the only reason that things were quiet in Afghanistan was that Trump had cut a deal for the Taliban to quietly and undramatically take power at the beginning of his second turn, conditional on America getting to quietly and undramatically keep Baghram airbase. With Trump removed, that deal unhappened, and the proverbial hit the fan. The reason the regime in Aghanistan looked stable was that Trump had quietly agreed it would quietly vanish at the beginning of his second term — as he implies in his rally speeches. It seems that US embassy and military officers in Afghanistan were either unaware of this deal, or, more likely, they thought it was just Trump being the only obstacle to total world domination. The deal vanished when Trump was removed, but they figured everything would just continue as normal, because nothing ever happens.

      They figured with Trump removed, they would remain in power in Afghanistan, because nothing ever happens. They removed Trump in part so that they could remain in power in Afghanistan, while resuming the push to overthrow Putler.

  3. Dharmicreality says:

    Greg Abbott’s statement from India

    Most interesting that he refers to the “independent streak” of Texas and India.

    • someDude says:

      He seems wheelchair bound, like Roosevelt.

      Hard to know what he is thinking and what he shared with Jaishanker. He’s got to know that India will not vocally or explicitly promote separatism anywhere due to our own problems with that.

      It’s been an unusually long visit. He’s spent the entire duration of the standoff there.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Equally I think the BJP leadership will understand Abbott’s concerns of border migration as we have the same issues here. So a studied neutral stance with respect to the “internal affairs of the US” is likely, unless we are severely provoked.

        If nothing else, India is likely to use this as a bargaining chip with the US and as a counter argument to GAE’s long standing support for Pakistan and also Khalistani separatism. No doubt, at some point of time Jaishankar will call out the irony of Texas independence and ask the West to “introspect”.

        But I doubt that the “normal” geopolitical and international diplomacy will matter going forward.

      • Rabbi Salinder Bahtia says:

        One can never trust a legless man because he is only half a man and you can never know what he is plotting.

        • jim says:

          In this case, it looks like he was plotting Texas seccession. We cannot trust him, but we always knew that. Turns out the WEF and Washington cannot trust him either.

    • Ash says:

      is this even serious? when asked about every foreigner entering Texas in 2016 when trump lost he said all are welcome.. what’s the issue ? more Mexicans are entering Texas instead of Indians?

      • Ash says:

        all of this has to be fake.. every supposed white American pro USA continuing to exist.. there is no way anyone can get behind this… abbot stated in 2018 or something every foreigner is welcome.. he is upset more Mexicans entered Texas than Indians this year..

        there is no way I am the only one that sees it

        • Ash says:

          I am wrong.. all of you guys win

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            for at least three decades, for anyone to be allowed to play the game, they had to utter certain shibboleths, affirm certain sacred positions, and generally stay within a spectrum of acceptable messaging. One thing every good authoritarian system learns is that, the longer you force people to repeat a message, even if they start out hating it and not agreeing with it and actively opposing it in their hearts, the repetition soon becomes the reflex, and what are we but bundles of pre-planned reflexes? There are few men that can withstand that kind of mind control. But the weakness of that system is that if it becomes allowable to go off that message, the programming can wear off very quickly. indeed, you need multiple generations of this programming to snuff out whatever came before. as the messaging capacity of the cathedral weakens, more and more people will start to wake up, look around, and become utterly horrified with the world. they helped create, whether they did it actively or passively. I am not trying to write a blank check for Abbott, I think I’ve been pretty clear about what I believe needs to happen to all traitors. All the same, we shouldn’t be so surprised when people we had written off start saying and doing things we want but don’t expect.

      • jim says:

        When Trump was successfully removed, they all thought that it was a done deal, normality would resume, and they had to trim their sails to the wind. Only to find normality did not resume, ever lefter ever faster, went roaring right ahead, no longer inhibited by the need to pay mock attention to a dead constitution and a dead republic. And they were fine with that. Until it became apparent that the left was heading off a cliff.

    • jim says:

      I conjecture he is thinking that an independent Texas is going to need to join the Brics in due course.

  4. […] On Texas Governor Abbott defying the federal government, and the federal government not doing anythi… […]

    • someDude says:

      I see you provided no link to the Atlantic article your refer in your post. Is that to prevent the gaze of mordor from settling on you, ping back and all that?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “The first rule for any General is to never give an order that will not be followed.”
      —Frank Herbert, “Dune”

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Both apparatchiks giving orders and border patrolmen nominally following them are acting like they believe everyone agrees that what they are doing is wrong and that they themselves agree it is wrong. Hence evasiveness about what they want to do, dissimulated methods of doing it, and lack of confidence in testing their luck when push comes to shove… much like mid 20th century post-war cuckservatives once were. Quite a tectonic shift.

      It’s not something you would see 70, 30, or even 10 years ago. Then the whig empire’s blackguards walked in the light, and would boldly assert their profane intentions for all to hear.

      Then again, the proximal objects of those intentions have also gotten a lot different. The animating spirit is the same in any case, but the actions involved to express it can certainly change, as yesterday’s expressions compound on yesteryear’s expressions. Rationalizations are easy while there is lots of civilization yet to destroy. Higher men to see beyond them; higher men that can be suckered by them. But the closer a leftism gets to singularity, the more it inevitably starts pulling itself apart under the tidal forces of its own gravity as well, the more stochastic fissures that can end up turning into black swans.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        the more stochastic fissures that can end up turning into black swans…

        ..if there is a daring will to drive a wedge in them, and hammer away.

  5. Rabbi Salinder Bahtia says:

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  6. Karl says:

    When you later add a supplemental note, please mark it, e.g. by underlining the words “supplemental note added later” or writing them bold.

    Otherwise the note it is easily overlooked by readers who already read the original post.

  7. notglowing says:

    I’ve been seeing a worrying number of articles from different countries about conscription and/or how we need to prepare for total war with Russia. I counted Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and the UK.

    • S says:

      I looked at the Australian one; the comments were negative with people bringing up multiculturalism, wokeness and ‘why die for Israel’. The war faction requires unity to bulldoze opposition and the elite look incapable of that; it has been 2 years and they still are lagging in shell production.

  8. A2 says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that GAE wants to open a second (third, fourth, Nth?) front in Finland?

    A bit of drone-based needling of Russia going on up there at the moment, and they conveniently have some new GAETO members to be bloodied.

    • The Cominator says:

      I’m reading the army AND navy dropped the requirement for a GED/HS diploma, they are starting shit somewhere.

    • A2 says:

      A certain Vox Day now reports that the Brits do want to send off an expeditionary force to Russia. Welcome, new NATO members!

      n addition, the British plan involves the deployment in Norway and Finland of a contingent of the alliance and armies of individual members of the organization to “spray” the forces and means of the Russian troops, he said. “At the same time, attacks can be made on strategic infrastructure facilities in the northern regions of Russia,” — the source emphasized.


  9. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Official news officially declared the Gate of Grief matter to be settled, yesterdays news, and no more words have been said on the matter.

    History, however, curiously refuses to abide, and continues unabated. Nothingstanding the symbolic destruction of a few garden sheds and inoperable rust-heaps left out in the sun, Houthi missiles continue to fly.

    The imperial washington navy suffered a defeat on open ocean recently, in one of the first direct combat actions in decades, as several merchantmen with AEGIS escourt retreated under fire. Maersk Line of America, the owner of the ships, has suspended any further routes through the Red Sea, joining the host of carriers that have already done so.

    Washington assured their safety, but the safety on paper did not materialize in realty.

    A simple brute fact. Washington’s ability to deliver the goods – in this case, ability to deliver bads to bads, the core competency of a state – was put to question; and it failed to deliver.

    Serious implications follow.

    • jim says:

      Defeat on the red sea, defeat in Texas. Big. Very big. The entire empire is starting to think.

      Well, of course, the arc of history, the progs believe, bends towards justice. Obviously there is a serious obstacle to immanentizing the eschaton, and it has to be removed. The genocide faction in the Deep State is now saying plainly what they have long been saying in carefully ambiguous language “We will just get rid of whites in the USA”.

      • JohnAbon says:

        > genocide whites

        Go ahead, and if I am to die under their evil suffrage, I’ll give thanks to God our creator, and go out blazing alongside my brethren in defense of freedom and life for White Men. I’m beyond ready. And a brief survey of the online and offline worlds indicates many tens of thousands are too. It’s just a matter of time at this point… something’s got to give. Call it a party 🙂

        • jim says:

          Need a Caesar. Organized violence always easily defeats unorganized violence. But because Texas has demonstrated that a state can pull off independence, likely a Caesar will arise.

          • JohnAbon says:

            [*take the shill test*]

            • jim says:

              Sending a lot of messages with much the same content does not create any chance of one of them getting through. It means a certainty that none of them will get through, because looks even more scripted.

              Pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. Anyone can pass this, regardless of his religious or political beliefs, regardless of what issues he wants to speak about, anyone who is not reading from a script with a supervisor standing over him, can pass this.

        • yewotm8 says:

          There’s nothing that glows brighter than the most Based sentiment possible expressed in the most Cringe way possible.

    • S says:

      Not only can any country that imports the same weapons Yemen used pull off the same tactic, private actors can as well.

      In terms of position, Morocco and Indonesia are best suited to shutting down trade, but if you add longer range, Cuba can close the Gulf of Mexico. I can’t say how the sides are going to sort out, but it is clear when the ballon goes up, the sea lanes will close for American shipping.

    • notglowing says:

      Surprised that Abbot is still around and that he more or less won. The feds usually never back down even on the smallest stuff.
      I really expected them to call his bluff and for him to fold. I would’ve called his bluff, I don’t believe any of these Republicans are ever serious.
      Maybe they’d do something outrageous, Republicans would whine and say it is illegal, a bunch of them would go to jail for daring to oppose the regime, and it would be over.

      • jim says:

        What happened on the ground is that Abbot gave orders to put up razor wire, the feds gave orders to take it down, shooting could have happened, but the federal border patrol grunts decided that if the state national guard grunts were standing around saying “hell, no”, then they could not legally take it down. Both sides pushed, and the equivalent of non commissioned officers resolved the matter in favor of the state and against the feds.

        Power has fallen into the street, and a non commissioned officer outranks a supreme court justice. The feds gave orders that could have resulted in a massive show of force, but a massive show of force failed to happen.

        In part because, as you say, they were kind of skulking in the dark. The NCO equivalents figured that if something bad happened, they would be first to be hung out to dry.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The racketeer always pushes first to see if the target is an easy mark, who will fold rather than test their luck, nice and quiet like. Recursive learned helplessness of going along because habituated to go along has been the operating principle of the empire for many years now.

          When the mark doesn’t fold though, that is when the faith is tested as well.

          • jim says:

            They are used to cheap easy victories based on soft power. But soft power rests on hard power, and, pushing soft power too far, suddenly the lack of hard power becomes evident.

            When they faced resistance, they upped the ante – proxy genocide in Rwanda and the Congo, but they did not have enough white boots on the ground in Rwanda to deal with an external invasion by Tutsi exiles. In the Congo, they were prepared for that eventuality, and now there are no, or very few, Tutsi in the Congo. Which quieted things down for a while, particularly in Africa.

            In Serbia, they bombed Serbia till it folded. But Serbians must now be thinking that America’s air power is now less, and anti aircraft weaponry has improved. In Syria they attempted to proxy genocide the Alawites, but then Russia intervened, and then Trump came to power and did not like their proxies. When The Biden was appointed president, proxy action in Syria resumed, but now Iran in Syria is doing something about their proxies, and something about the Americans protecting them.

            When Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Chad declared independence from the Global American Empire, the Global American Empire announced proxy war. The announced date came and passed, and it announced a new date. And another. Proxy war has not begun, and eventually white boots on the ground were pulled out, signalling that proxy war was not going to begin.

            • Big Brutha says:

              It’s pretty hard to overstate the importance of this point. The use of soft power has far outstripped the availability of hard power to back it up. And the legitimacy of using hard power to back up the GAE’s soft power plays is question.

              Pulling out of Afghanistan in a way that turned the whole withdrawal into a CF was a huge sign that U.S. hard power was far less capable than it was purported to be. Russia reasserting itself by staying in the game, first in Syria and then in Ukraine (in spite of all the sanctions shenanigans that GAE could gin up) has done a lot to demonstrate that the GAE doesn’t have the mojo it used to have. The Houthis and now the Iranians are making their own plays at this point and confirming it.

              This smells like late stage USSR after its own pull out from Afghanistan.

              One of the things that people forget is that USSR made the decision to pull out troops in May 15, 1988 and finished complete troop withdrawal by February 15, 1989. It was a relatively orderly withdrawal that took 9 months.

              But what people do not remember or realize was that there was another issue happening at the same time which exacerbated the perception of weakness on the part of the Soviet government: the Nagorno-Karabakh situation in Armenia/Azerbaijan.

              In February 1988 Armenians started protesting to have the territory folded into the Armenian SSR and pulled away from the Azerbaijan SSR. In February 1988 the Armenians held a referendum to that effect. Things got sporty in the Caucasus, with Armenia declaring independence in August 1990. The central government failed to respond as Armenia and Azerbaijan made moves to claim territory.

              By March 1991, in part due to the weakness of the central government in dealing with this issue there was a palpable perception that the country was in peril.

              The weakness of the government was so evident that the USSR went to the expedient of holding a referendum in March 1991 to determine if it should remain unified. The referendum itself was boycotted by 6 of 15 republics. Despite this, 80% of the votes in the other 9 republics were in favor of what was dubbed the “New Union Treaty.”

              In May 1991 the government tried to reassert authority in Armenia with Operation Ring. While initially successful from a tactical standpoint by July it was clear that it had failed strategically and the military aftermath was a return to the chaotic situation which preceded Operation Ring

              By August 1991 hardliners were afraid that the wheels were coming off the bus. They tried to use government powers to forcibly recentralize power and reincorporate the whole of the USSR under central government control. This move lost them complete control which led to the Soviet Union’s dissolution.

              Obviously, the issues are different today but the problem is the same: a sclerotic system, weak and filled with incompetents, and worse, perceived to be weak by the public, is in danger of losing control of what it holds currently.

              You can already see the comments on Twitter about sending Federal troops to Texas to do something to stop the “treason.”

              So far the Biden regime has wisely chosen not to do that. But at this point the mandate of heaven appears as though it has departed the GAE. If it squeezes it will demonstrate the reasons why people want to get away from it. If it doesn’t then those already disenchanted will just slip away from control more slowly, creating a sense of inevitability to the dissolution.

              In either case, it is doomed if it does not find a way to regain legitimacy and competence.

              • jim says:

                > You can already see the comments on Twitter about sending Federal troops to Texas to do something to stop the “treason.”

                We have just seen that an NCO outranks a supreme court justice.

                Will he outrank a trannie General?

                The Soviets saw power falling into the street, and moved forcefully to haul it back in. The forceful move failed, and the Soviet Union fell.

                • Big Brutha says:

                  That is the question. I think the NCO does outrank the trannie general and when it is seen that he outranks the trannie general things will get weird.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          We’re all trying to read minds here, but I’m quite sure that the TNG guys were ready to step aside and film the Feds cutting down the wire for YouTube in HD. I’m sure the order was given from the DC castle with full righteous conviction, but the Border Patrol guys were like “No man I’m not getting filmed doing that.”

          Some game theory here. As long as no Fed walked up to cut that wire, not one of them would get in trouble with DC for not following the order.

          And now DC is definitely slinking around in the dark. They would “believe” far more strongly now if their orders — God’s divine expression of his holy antiracist will or what have you — had resulted in some dead TNG guys. But their God failed to show up and catch their sticks on fire, so their priests have fled the mountain.

          The game theory dynamics of that moment were very important, and pregnant with lessons for anyone with eyes to see. The sticks that didn’t burn, and the non-shot heard around the world.

          • jim says:

            > the non-shot heard around the world

            The silence of that non shot is echoing loudly in everyone’s ears.

            • someDude says:

              A shot will be fired. A most likely move being blocking the $40 billion of federal funds Tx receives every year

              • jim says:

                Organised violence can obtain funds better than funds can obtain organised violence.

                • someDude says:

                  Sure, but no violence yet. They blocked TX LNG exports as a countermove, but TX neither buckled nor made its own countermove. So i expect fedgov to escalate in the financial direction, block funds to TX.

                  How would TX pay it’s border volunteers and state and national guards? They might have to declare their own currency. Does Abbott have it in him to pull that off?

                  Fedgov blocking funds to TX is an easier move than TX declaring it’s own currency. It’s still asymmetric at this point in favor of fedgov

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  So DC is sanctioning Texas. Fucking unreal. For every businessman out there who will write a check to Moscow, there’s ten who will write a check to Houston.

                  Fucking loonies. When the EU sanctions Texas too we’ll know it’s really on.

                  Helps me better understand what Abbot is talking about with those wily Indians.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I would love to see them forcibly cut Texas out of the parasitic finance industry, so full of themselves they don’t even realize their own parasitism. Maybe we’ll even get an Amerikan BTC banking industry out of it.

                  Unfortunately I am still wildly pessimistic about all of this. Something smells funny about the whole situation, I can’t exactly articulate why but it seems like a show being put on. I’ll allow myself to be more excited about this development if we see real attempts on the life and property of the governor.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Fidelis wrote:

                  Unfortunately I am still wildly pessimistic about all of this. Something smells funny about the whole situation, I can’t exactly articulate why […]

                  Channers appear skeptical because of possible WEF ties. I smell something too (entrapment op?). Not necessarily the possible WEF connection, which I’m not sure is significant.

                • jim says:

                  When Trump was removed, I predicted lethal violence within the elite. This did not happen, but tensions are getting tenser.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  It could have something to do with invalidating Texas’s electoral votes later this year. There’s always that.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                This comical Delaware thing, where some lawyers bought $3000 of Tesla stock and then found a judge to throw out Elon’s $50,000,000,000 stock option deal at the last minute, must be part of this somehow as well.

                Legitimacy is just spraying all over the fucking place like it’s the Three Stooges.

                “Invest in America! We’ll rip you off if someone dreams of you saying ‘nigger’.”

                It’s still January.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Has any one of our people done a writeup on this yet? I am curious about the legal reasoning around this, and why it was done. The real why, not the transparent justification some faggot in a robe came up with to cover his ass.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  No idea what this is, would like to know more. Delaware is pretty much a lavender Mafia controlled state, isn’t it. Pretty sly to attract so many businesses there through tax loophole silliness, then use it to control merchants through the “meritocracy” psyop.

          • Pete says:

            Even the Regime’s foot soldiers have seen that the Regime will throw absolutely anyone under the bus if the news cycle goes against them.

            Volunteering to be a Regime enforcer is one thing…volunteering to be a scapegoat for political points when needed is quite another. Look how law enforcement in blue cities collapsed after Derek Chauvin was railroaded.

            Once the leadership shows it doesn’t have the foot soldiers’ backs, that broken trust takes a long time to repair. Especially when the DC leadership really does consider “hands-on” guys like the Border Patrol to be uneducated deplorable grunts.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “Volunteering to be a Regime enforcer is one thing…volunteering to be a scapegoat for political points when needed is quite another. Look how law enforcement in blue cities collapsed after Derek Chauvin was railroaded.”

              Hang on a second. Let’s explore this please. I assume that any CBP person who actually stepped up to cut the barbed wire would be made a hero in the media and rewarded in all kinds of Cathedralish ways, like that Dominican Capitol Police guy who killed Kate Steinle. SHE was the bad guy and HE was the good guy, remember?

              As long as someone acts on Cathedral orders to fuck over Dirt Whites somehow, how can he be scapegoated for that? Because it puts him on the radar as a “child of the revolution” to be eaten later somehow?

              • jim says:

                > I assume that any CBP person who actually stepped up to cut the barbed wire would be made a hero

                If everything went according to plan he would be made a hero. If the unexpected ensued, and men with guns always expect the unexpected, probably hung out to dry.

              • Pete says:

                Firstly, the BP has likely not forgotten the investigation over “whipping” black migrants, when in fact the invading negro grabbed the reins of a mount the agent was riding.

                Secondly, it’s when things go wrong that you need a scapegoat. Maybe the TNG doesn’t let them through to cut fences, someone pulls a gun and there’s a shootout with multiple dead. Then to pacify angry Texans the Regime prosecutes the BP for provoking the shootout. That’s just an example, I don’t really know what might happen. I only know that whatever happens will probably be more absurd than we even imagined.

                Thirdly, I’d imagine the front line BP guys actually want to do the jobs they signed up to do, so they will just use about any plausible excuse to not comply with the Regime.

                • someDude says:

                  It’s just a safe pensionable govt job to them. They won’t take risks. Group consensus will prevail. No one will step up to cut the Border wire. The juice is not worth the squeeze

                • skippy says:

                  On the other side, isn’t the National Guard in effect a federal agency?

                  Although the orders so far are lawful, why are people enthusiastic to obey them? Why doesn’t Biden just federalize the TX NG and order them to go home?

                • jim says:

                  Oklahoma is currently defederalising its National Guard. He has ordered National Guardsmen on overseas postings home. They are, as far as I know, obeying. If Biden federalises the Texas National Guard, and nothing happens, the empire moves a whole lot closer to quietly vanishing like the Soviet Union.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        An immediate and ideally massive show of force in response to recalcitrance from nominal subjects is the order of the day for a sovereign to remain sovereign. It’s what you do when you are convicted with your own righteousness. Which makes the fact that washington didn’t do it a significant data point.

        The ruling class is losing faith.

        The behavior of The Biden is consistent with people who see themselves as rogues skulking in the dark. Hence dissolving away in the face of a credible possibility of conflict rather than asserting their divine right. (Which of course is a factor of (their) perceptiveness, and does not rule out conflict due to delusional blindness to the possibility of conflict, such as seen in the ukraine.)

  10. Rabbi Salinder Bahtia says:

    I try three times to pass the shilling testing for my gord friendings. But Jim, he no liking me. Maybe he hates Indians, I don’t know. I will make the quote about the woman testing here:

    They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival.

    Okay then, so you know I am the real shit!

    • FrankNorman says:

      “Okay then, so you know I am the real shit!”

      What that shows is that you are not sitting in an office with a supervisor looking over your shoulder as you post.

  11. dave says:

    In the category of current events, which are moving fast… Union of CBP agents say they stand with TNG (or at least their twitter account): https://twitter.com/BPUnion/status/1750942606274797850

    The border situation may be a true schelling point for LE rank and file. I can see a situation where TxGov gains control of border agent Feds.

    Fed/POTUS response is difficult here… Fire CBP agents for doing their jobs? They have civil service protection as well… Abbott offers support to stay in place?

    • Pete says:

      The Enemy in DC is composed of brown queer theater kids, and lawyers. Mostly lawyers. They see what Abbott is doing, and think they are being very clever by simply routing the illegals to another part of the border that is NOT being guarded. In that sense, Abbott’s blockade is indeed fake and gay since the illegals will still get in.

      But being mere air-conditioned office lawyers, they don’t understand how it looks from the outside. The Sovereign gave an order and he is being laughed at and ignored. It doesn’t take many instances of this before he is no longer the Sovereign. And that’s not even considering how it looks to their foreign adversaries! Look for more “Houthi” types to cross lines and start shit this year after FedGov’s display of weakness here.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        International shit testing up to 11. Gradually, and then all at once.

      • The Cominator says:

        Game of Thrones before it was intentionally ruined at the end was such a great show…

        Yeah its wonderful how bad this open disobedience is for the globohomo regime

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        The enemy in DC is white. They run an apiary of every possible bodily nightmare beyond your comprehension, yes, but it’s white hands holding the pens that sign the death warrants of our progeny. I feel this is important to remember, because when it starts to unravel, a whole lot of these fucking rats are counting on their pink hide saving them.

        • The Cominator says:

          This is why I always preach its more important that white leftist go on the helicopters than anyone else…

        • Pete says:

          I meant to say “brown queer theater kids and white lawyers”

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I know this is a nitpick, but targeting in terms of intelligence gathering is very important: the theater kids are white, white identified, or the pet minorities of whites. It is very rare and ethnic can ascend to power without substantial coaching, grooming, and managing by whites. ironically for your statement, far more often the lawyers are the ethnics.

  12. Larry says:

    I fucking hate niggers. [*tell us some good reasons for not having niggers around white people, and I will let your stuff through

    Pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. Anyone can pass this, regardless of his religious or political beliefs, regardless of what issues he wants to speak about, anyone who is not reading from a script with a supervisor standing over him, can pass this.*]

  13. Sher Singh says:

    Women would rather concubine to higher man than wife to low.
    She’ll look up for herself or daughters.

    Giving males power to bypass this = Patriarchy (correct).

    Main racial problem with hinduism is idea that S Indian brahmin is higher than a fresh steppe invader & latter must give women to former.

    Whitelist. That’s why Hindus hate Panjab – we say F you to both steppe & Brahmin.


    • jim says:

      We now have, from old bones, remarkably good genealogies of the steppe invader groups and their travels so we can trace the proportion of the original aryans in modern day groups and individuals, and the extent of mixing during their journeys. Albeit people seem strangely reluctant to do or report the tests for individuals or modern day groups.

      Somehow I doubt that you are all that fresh.

  14. TheDividualist says:

    I will shill Hallerism again, I will keep doing that until Jim tells me to knock it off, because I think Haller’s thought is the summary of correct Reactionary theory, from back in the 1700’s.

    Aidan, you might be interested in this article about warbands to empire: https://hallertime.substack.com/p/from-warband-to-empire

    But I wholeheartedly recommend the whole thing. Each and every essay is a gem.

    • The Cominator says:

      Can’t this article be summed up by the supposed quote of Ghenghis Khan that one can conquer an Empire on horseback but to rule it one must get off the horse. Or in NRx terms one must cease eventually being a mobile bandit.

      • TheDividualist says:

        @TheCominator the idea is to read the whole blog and then the books, when he gets around to publish English translations of them, currently only the first one translated. this link simply tries to get the /ourguy/ message across – that Haller was /ourguy/ – next step is to dig into his thought

        • The Cominator says:

          Forgive me if in my autism you thought i was trying to sound smartass here, not in this case (though i am a smartass sometimes). I just read it and thought 90% of the article anyway could be summed up that way. I certainly was not trying to dissuade Jim or Aidan fron reading it.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I am not on your level, but one strategy that has worked for me because I often fail to realize that honest and good faith critique on my part sometimes comes off as disparaging or dismissive, is to bookend the observation with either a compliment or positive point, or conversely to deride something so my technical observation doesn’t sound like an affirmation or promotion. It will feel fake and forced for you, but it might help a lot for other people to see the value and not get tripped up by their inferred tone.

    • TheDividualist says:

      Let’s make this explicit. @Jim @Aidan please read this and tell me whether you agree or do not. Please do trust me in promising you that reading this will not be a waste of your time.

      • jim says:

        The Cominator accurately summarised the entire essay in one line. Mobile bandits have the duty and privilege of becoming stationary bandits, and if they don’t, someone else should and will eventually kill them.

    • jim says:

      He is reactionary, but does not understand the power of faith.

      Certainly, after a speech such that the king of France could, for example, have addressed to the left wing of the so-called constituent assembly, these gentlemen would have been too embarrassed to answer, and would have promptly abandoned their constitutional project.

      Not likely.

      The problem was that they had a faith, and the King had no counter faith, and sort of believed in their faith, or at least that their faith was holier than his. And if he had had a counterfaith, they would have reacted as they do to Trump and did to George the fourth.

      An army needs a faith. After the Romans left, no one was able to restore order in England until Alfred the Great’s grandparents. Until Æthelwulf established a Christian theocratic state copied from the holy Roman Empire, they were unable to settle down to stationary banditry.

      Alfred thought himself Moses – ruling under God and by appointment from God. And because he believed it, everyone believed it. Haller believes in the hereditary principle. “My Dad stole these lands, so they are mine”. Unpersuasive. If your dad stole these lands, so can someone else.

    • jim says:

      “Every kind of falsehood and truth is present in public opinion, but it is the business of the great man to discover the truth within it. He who expresses the will of his age, tells it what its will is, and accomplishes this will, is the great man of the age.”

      Getting closer.

    • jim says:

      Haller probably belongs on the blogroll.

      I will read him further first.

      But there is some truth in the critique of him by the progs. He assumes that once certain tolerably livable rights, duties, and obligations of coercion and violence have been established, they are going to stick, without looking at what made them stick. History tells us that they did not stick that easily or that well.

    • jim says:

      “namely winning, for the Right, a fully-fledged space of intellectual sovereignty that, just like territorial sovereignty, contains its own, self-sufficient and final source of authority, one that can fend off invasion, colonization, and annexation and uphold its independence, and that unifies the inhabitants of that space under a set of laws that issue from the personal authority of the Sovereign, whose person furthermore unifies the inhabitants by serving as their figurehead. In this respect, Haller is in a singular position to play, for the Right, the part various culture-heroes and ancestral lawgivers played in the histories of primitive and ancient peoples, or, much closer to home, the part the likes of Locke, Marx, or Foucault have played on the political Left over the centuries.”

      Haller is nominated for prophet. I don’t think so. He proposes consensus on patriarchal descent of the rights, duties, and obligations established by winning and losing.

      For that you need a faith that supports patriachal families, and the right, duties, and obligations established by winning and losing.

      Haller, and blog Hallertime, which proposes him as prophet, is a little too nietzschean. The foundation of patriarchy, without which his proposed social order dissolves into mobile banditry, is family. Fathers supporting sons in law, and brothers supporting each other. The King is under Christ, the lord is under the King, the peasant under the lord, and the peasant eats the sacrificed Christ, closing the circle.

      If you have the biggest alpha male there is standing behind you, only then can you stare down the claims of moral authority by the officially unofficial priesthood of our officially unofficial religion.

      If the chain of authority ends at the King, he lacks the moral authority to resist the enemy priesthood, and the peasant has no highest alpha to protect his sovereignty and kingship under the leaky roof of his hovel.

      • Jack Vien says:

        Jim, I think you’d find yourself in agreement with most everything Haller has to say, even if what he has to say doesn’t come across clearly or comprehensively in a smattering of excerpts from a multi-volume opus. Haller, an extraordinarily pious Christian (and no kind of Nietzschean) is acutely aware of the importance of faith; he goes blue in the face reminding readers that, while the Sovereign individual or collective answers to man on Earth, he is subject to God at all times, and in particular ignores or violates Divine law at peril of punishment in this life, in the form of a host of self-defeating and immediate unintended consequences. Faith is an indispensable pillar of support for the State- which is why, as he observes, it is standard operating procedure for the Left to attack the established Church first and the State later, claiming spiritual authority before it claims temporal authority as well, in any of its hostile takeover bids. As to the family, Haller says that it is the germ form of Monarchy, and that the difference between the lowliest peasant head of household and a King is only one of degree, that the size and scope of the latter’s authority is that much more extensive.

        I don’t want to clutter up your comments section with answers to every objection you and others have made, but for now I’ll say that his work could well be seen as a sustained elaboration of your own “Throne, Altar, Freehold” schematic.



        Shill-Testing Question: Answer 5, quoting/paraphrasing from memory. “Women, by nature possessed of desires that can never be extirpated, and that they cannot control under their own power, when left to their own devices become feral and given to seeking out being ravished by the superior among men. Monogamy with the sanction of temporal and spiritual authority behind it is the best and most natural means of ensuring every man gets a woman, as well as avoiding the plague of individual and social pathology that results when women are allowed to go through life in a feral condition with no fetters on their innate desires and drives.

        • jim says:

          I really bridled when he said that all the King had to do was assert the principles of Ancien Régime, and his opposition would melt away in shame. When George the fourth asserted the principles of the Ancien Régime, the left got George the fourth derangement syndrome which continues to this day.

          The old system really did not work except Divine Right, appointment by God and ruling under God was somewhat credible.

          I know Haller is no Nietzschean. The problem is that a system based on purely individual contracts is apt to lack cohesion and thus revert to Nietzschean disorder. Of which there was a great deal during the Ancien Régime

          William the Marshal was mighty Nietzschean to his forties, when he acquired, at swordpoint, a seventeen year old fair lady and her castle, and settled down to happy domesticity and real estate development. But that he was obligated to marry her and look after his children by her, and that everyone else in similar case was similarly obligated, created an environment where it was possible, now that his sword was no longer quite as fast as lightning, to settle down and go into real estate development. Without these very strong social constraints, and general, rather than privately contractual, obligations, he would have been unable to settle down, and would have likely wound up dead.

          Haller is a Deist. That Christ the King was sacrificed to us, which we commemorate by eating him, is the secret ingredient that made the Ancien Régime reasonably viable.

          Haller takes the position that any religion will do. Saxon paganism did not do, and Hinduism did not do. He correctly observes that priesthoods have tremendous power, but his silly remark about what King Louis should have said to the assembly shows he misses the point. They were priests and a priesthood also.

          We always have union of Church and State, but he treats the power of the sword and the power of the robe as simply belonging to separate individuals. But no man rules alone. We necessarily form collective entities. His strict individualism blinds him to this reality. The central problem is always creating a collective entity capable of ruling. We were never ruled by Kings, in that always the King had to reflect consensus among priests and lords.

          Reflect on Emperor Hirohito. He had a cabinet, which in theory he chose, but in practice had little choice but to include men of power and influence. The cabinet would meet, and form a consensus. And Emperor Hirohito would tell them what their consensus was, whereupon it had imperial authority. He was a weak man, and generally what he told them their consensus was, actually was their consensus. He in theory could decide anything he wanted, and in the end he that is what he did. But the rest of the time, the Emperor was the voice of the cabinet.

          And to a greater or lesser extent, formally or informally, that is how it always works. How it has to work. And if it does not work like that, if the King gets drunk on his own authority, as King Henry VI did, you get chaos.

          We attain collective action through shared belief systems. Haller fails to see collective action, and fails to see the fragile methods through which it is attained.

          To have peace, order, and security, the sovereign needs to obtain consensus among powerful men.

          There is always a top decision maker who makes the final decision, and if there is not, everything goes to $#!% But he always has a board watching him and making sure his decision is in the interests of the boardmembers and of the people and groups that they represent, as he represents them, as Emperor Hirohito represented his cabinet. Haller sees only individual deals made in individual interests. He sees priests but not the priesthood. The Holy Roman Empire similarly had the electors.

          Capitalism works through corporations, not individual enterpeneurs. And looking at successsful regimes, we see something very similar.

          • Jack Vien says:

            Yeah, the thing about how the Left wing of the Assembly would sulk away in shame after being told off by the King was just Haller’s trademark deadpan sarcasm- few writers have ever understood the absolute mendacity, amorality, perfidy, fanaticism,and brazen shamelessness of Leftists or conveyed it as vividly as he did. The important thing there is exactly how the King should have told them off, not that it would actually have worked. He also explicitly understood that Leftists intend to form a surrogate priesthood wherever they are, hence their hatred of Christianity and actual priests.

            Re: individuals, collectives, and corporations: Corporations are all well and good- where they actually exist, where they have actually been created by a membership. But positing imaginary corporations where none exist is what Leftists do in order to bring down Kings, despoil them of their rightful personal property and the power that flows from it, and then put them to death. Not every collective is a corporation. The proprietor and employees of a family business certainly comprise a type of collective; they all must work together and get along more or less well, the owner can’t just treat them like garbage or tell them to do just anything, but must get some kind of consensus or broad agreement, etc. But they collectively don’t amount to a corporation for that. The employees aren’t shareholders, and the boss not an executive that they appointed and can remove. His power is his own, in no way something delegated by his employees, but that inheres in the fact of his proprietorship The tie that unites them into a collectivity is the set of *individual* contracts between the boss and the members of the staff, not any single act of incorporation. The type of collectivism opposed by Haller’s individualism is the Leftist doctrine that any set of people doing things together, be it a Kingdom or private business enterprise, is, or should be, a type of corporation, specifically a commune or co-op that is owned and governed collectively, in which each individual is equal in rights, and whose King or boss, if any, is but an officer who holds the collective power delegated in trust, with none of his own, and can be removed at the will and pleasure of the directors. Louis XVI allowed himself to be bamboozled by the Left into believing that he was the CEO of a vast corporation of the people, as opposed to what he actually was- the proprietor of a Kingdom- and found himself promptly terminated by its board of directors. This is what Haller’s individualism was meant to forestall.

            • jim says:

              > But positing imaginary corporations where none exist is what Leftists do in order to bring down Kings,

              The holy Roman Empire and Restoration Japan, were, however, real corporations. The King Dubai is the real CEO of a real, armed, sovereign, corporation.

              Haller’s strict individualism blinds him to the existence of real corporations, which were all over the place many centuries before modernity.

              The Joint Stock Publicly Traded Limited Liability corporation is modern – they substantially ruled the world during the late seventeenth century, though now the regulatory state has abolished them, retaining the name emptied of content, as it has retained the empty word “marriage” while emptying it of content. But military and political corporations are immensely ancient.

              The problem with post-modernity is not only its collectivism, but its individualism, in that it will tolerate no collective entities that it does not control.

              Haller rejects modern collectivism. Good for him. But the trouble is his individualism. He can see the priests but not the priesthood.

              Government is collective action at scale, and was so in the ancien regime. Haller sees pre enlightenment government as individual action.

              As Marx said, the problem is not to interpret the world, but to change it. Haller does not have alternative to enlightenment politics. He just assumes that one is naturally present, if only enlightenment politics would just go away. Haller supposes the ancien regime just naturally exists. But took the Saxons three centuries of bloodshed, because large scale collective action is hard. And Haller just does not see it, because he just does not see collective action.

              If the current regime spontaneously collapses, self destructs, and burns itself to the ground, as is looking more and more likely, Haller provides no compass pointing at what to do next.

              Government is a form of collective action, always has been, always will be – hence the inevitable unity of Church and State. Haller does not see it, does not see collective action, so cannot see the inevitable unity of Church and State.

              • Jack Vien says:

                Absent a Hallerian revolution in consciousness, when (not if) the present Regime collapses, the most likely outcome will be that the remnants of the Cathedral, deep State, etc. will simply commence to erect a new People’s Republic, like the one that exists now and has for centuries, with themselves in charge, as is this case now and has been for centuries, and everybody else will acquiesce, as they do now and have for centuries. For four centuries they have dominated everything, dominate everything now, and will continue to, because Marx, his predecessors, and his successors interpreted the world before they changed it, or better, changed the world by interpreting it. In particular, a Leftist who wants what is rightfully yours will get it by convincing everybody that what you and everybody else thought was rightfully yours, what you thought you won with your own effort and talent, really belongs to him, was unjustly taken from by him by violence, and must be restored to him by violence. He will make this case by means of fictions that blatantly contradict common sense and the plain facts, and which will come across as all the more convincing to midwits for it. Hence it was that, while the law of the land and the entirety of English history had it that Parliament sat at the pleasure of the King, Puritans convinced everybody that the King sat at the pleasure of Parliament (fiction of popular sovereignty); that Enlighteners convinced everybody that the personal domains, and their attending rights, of the Kings of Europe, hard-won in struggles attested to by the plain facts of history, were really public trusts of an imaginary corporation of the people (fiction of social contract); that Marx convinced everybody that the fruits of industry really belong to workers and not those who pay them for their work and pay for the tools and raw materials with which they work (fiction of labour theory of value), and so on to our day, where everybody is made to believe that anything a White man has, whatever it may be and no matter how he got it, really belongs to Blacks (fiction of “systemic racism”). No doubt some fifth variant of the master fiction (that inferiors are the rightful superiors of their superiors and the rightful owners of what they do not own) will be cobbled together to ground Our Democracy 2.0.

                Four centuries worth of universal, cradle-to-grave indoctrination into Leftist fictions has left the White man unable to even *imagine* any form of political organization other than a People’s Republic- not excluding the so-called dissident Right, presently unable to dream of anything than dictatorship (i.e. a People’s Republic with a longer term of office for its President and perhaps, the right of the President to appoint a successor) or anarchy (BAPism, i.e. boy’s-adventure stories with more philosophical erudition). Nothing will change until the mind of the Aryan has been thoroughly de-wormed, until he is once more able to see what has been concealed right in front of him. This involves the systematic and exhaustive identification, dissection, and demolition of Liberal fictions, today as much taken for granted as common sense and the true nature of things once were, to the point where people carry the fictions around in their heads and use them as first principles in their reasoning without even knowing that they’re doing it. This is Haller’s work. The details of how exactly to restore natural social relations cannot be worked out until the White man’s mind is freed and the sight restored to his eyes. Natural social relations certainly won’t restore themselves without strenuous effort and without collective action; but they will restore themselves spontaneously in that all anybody will really have to do is follow their instincts, the voice of Nature that teaches that women should submit to men; that men ought to admire other men of personal means and talents superior instead of resenting them and plotting their downfall; that one ought to proudly serve and, in time of need, take up the cause of a benefactor, instead of biting the hand that feeds him; and so on like that.

                This voice of Nature continues to speak at the level of everyday life: women give themselves only to the men they think superior (“Chad”); men greatly dislike taking orders from men they do not respect, but will freely attach themselves to the service of men they acknowledge as superlative in strength, wealth, or know-how; most people think it low to not reciprocate a favour or keep a promise; and so on like that. We need only let this voice speak in politics, and in its own language. The rest won’t happen without effort; but it will happen by itself.

                • jim says:

                  Without faith, the state cannot cohere. Hallerism is not a faith, and the social order he describes rested on patriarchy and old type Christianity, and without it you get the nietzschean chaos that he assumes always magically disappears.

                  Nietzschean chaos does not magically disappear. The Britons and the Saxons were unable to solve the problem for centuries, until one of their warlords copied the institutions and faith of the Roman Empire. Haller’s individual contracts are not going to fly without a collective contract with God.

                  We always have a state religion. An army needs a faith, and a sovereign needs a faith. The question now is, which one? A few days ago it was revealed that leftism cannot command the obedience of the men with guns.

                  Leftism must move ever lefter, ever faster, or else it dies. This would result in infinite leftism in finite time (everyone kills everyone else for insufficient leftism, until none remain) except that usually at some point some one puts a stop to it by violence – usually a leftist horrified by those even lefter than himself, such as Stalin or Hitler. Some times a Sulla.

                  If leftism cannot go ever lefter, the faith dies, and the state collapses. A new ruler and, eventually, a new faith, appears. That is where we come in.

                  Sometimes, often, an existing ruler cynically adopts and sponsors an old faith, as for example the Han dynasty. Sometimes a general seizing power, or forced to seize power because the ruler suspects he might seize power, is animated by a faith, and rejects the undead official faith of his army. In either case, that is where we come in.

                  Last time around, Trump entirely excluded any alt rightists, alt leftists, reactionaries, or Christian Nationalists from his regime. He was attempting to restore 2010 leftism, and was in consequence powerless against the true believers intrue leftism in his administration. IF they don’t Epstein him before he hecomes president, perhaps he will be smarter this time around. The recent abrupt switches in what constitutes leftism, and the failure of the Eschaton to immanentize, has left the left increasingly cynical, divided, and despairing.

                  The only faith around capable of grabbing power at this time is Christian Nationalism. It probably will. Again, that is where we come in.

              • alf says:

                There’s a chapter in War and Peace in which Tolstoy literally interrupts the story to give his personal opinion on the individual versus collectivist debate. He says that the individualists are wrong, for when Napoleon stood in Moscow, he did not have any control over his army — his army controlled him, and he was taken by forces greater than he was.

                Which was a very dumb thing to say on Tolstoy’s part, because no shit that your troops pay less attention to your orders when you’ve marched them deep into a losing winter war. Had he moved the chapter a bit earlier to the part when Napoleon decided on invading Russia, thus singlehandedly changing the course of history, would’ve looked even dumber.

                On the other hand, the individualists are also wrong. Napoleon was able to jump on the movement that was the hubris of the Ancien Regime. Hitler jumped on the hubris of Prussia. They did not create states out of thin air.

                Any large scale movement grows beyond the total control of one individual, even while in order to successfully operate it must have one individual at its head. An individual can stand atop a house of cards and lean toward the direction he wants it to grow — but lean too far and the house crashes down.

                • jim says:

                  There is always a lot of truth in individualist analysis of power, and a whole lot of truth in the great man theory of power.

                  But we always have a state religion, and the critical issue that Haller’s method of analysis excludes from consideration is: What is the state religion, and how is power organised within it?

                  For a priesthood has corporate character, and his analysis excludes the existence of corporate actors.

                  As a reactionary, I recommend the following solution:

                  Bishops get power in approximate proportion to their flocks, (how many people show up for mass, how many people show up once in a blue moon for marriage and christening). The Archbishop reflects the consensus of the Bishops except in extraordinary cases, and he gets to tell them and the church what their consensus is after listening to them speak. The Sovereign appoints the archbishop, but ordinarily appoints according according to the consensus of the Bishops. The Archbishop appoints the Bishops, but ordinarily appoints them according to the consensus of their priests. The Grand Inquisitor is a direct appointment of the Sovereign. answers to the sovereign, is part of the Sovereign’s spy apparatus, but is among those present and consulted when the Bishops meet to form consensus.

                • alf says:

                  And, just for clarity: multiple empires with multiple soevereigns means multiple archbishops. No archbishop can claim divine authority over the other, all are expected to adhere to the peace of Westphalia, although obviously the realities of the diverging interests of their respective empire means they won’t always see eye to eye.

                • Jack Vien says:

                  Re: corporations, etc.: Haller does not exclude corporations from his analyses. Power, be it wielded by an individual or collective Sovereign, a King or a Republic, is the same. Corporations are fine, as long as they actually exist and exist by their own means, by contributions of the membership, and aren’t imaginary paper constructs invoked as a pretext for the nationalization and expropriation of the property and power of others.

                  The Church, on the one hand, is of necessity organized as a perpetual corporation, an entity capable of owning property and assets that belong to no one natural person in particular. On the other hand, though, any religion or any secular school of thought starts with a Great Man- Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and so on- who by means of his proven superiority of spiritual or intellectual gifts gathers disciples around his person. Master and disciples certainly comprise a solidary collective, but not a corporation: each disciple is bound to one another through his individual personal tie to the person of the master. (Hence a fellow Christian is a “brother in Christ”). Furthermore, the singular spiritual gifts that are the foundation of the master’s authority and power are his and his alone, inseparable from his person. His superiority, and the power that flows from it, is inherent; it existed before the disciples got there and was what led them to him in the first place. The disciples don’t create the master; rather, the pre-existing personal superiority of the master creates the disciples. The master, then, isn’t President and CEO of Religion Inc., but a King (and it’s one of Christ’s titles).

                  As to the State religion and its organization: Any attempt to answer this question in the abstract is presumptuous at best, ignoring two crucial factors: the right of the temporal Sovereign (individual or collective) to decide whether or not there will be a State religion, which one, and how it is to relate to the State; and the right of the Pontiff or spiritual Sovereign to give his Church the form of internal organization he thinks best. Both Sovereigns are likely to have their own, firmly-held ideas on these subjects, which will vary according to the specifics of historical circumstance. Speaking for myself, the last thing I want Restoration to be is yet another planned Utopia based on a ten-point programme of supposed universal and trans-historical applicability, dreamed up by theoreticians in the back room of some sociology department, implicitly or explicitly presuming to tell Sovereigns their business and meddling in affairs that aren’t their own from the theorist’s armchair.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t know why you keep being flagged for moderation. I have white listed you. It is a bug.

                • jim says:

                  > the right of the temporal Sovereign (individual or collective) to decide whether or not there will be a State religion

                  Well that is the problem with Haller. To provide the cohesion an elite needs to rule, there has to be a state religion to which all members of the governing elite must subscribe, and if there is not, there soon will be, with the result that the old elite gets replaced by the new elite. And our officially unofficial state religion has been getting ever more insane, starting in the nineteenth century.

                  Further, the sovereign tends to be stuck with it, since when he rises to power, the existing elite subscribes. Deng could not cancel communism, though he removed all the elements that make communism communist. James the Second could not re-introduce Roman Catholicism.

                  Constantine had to adopt Christianity, since the existing undead zombie state religion was hostile to him, and because the only officers who really had faith were Christians.

                  The state religion is how the elite collectively organises to rule. And Haller cannot see it, because he cannot see collective entities.

                  Holy war is coming. You have to bring a gun to a gunfight, and faith to a holy war. Hallerism is not that faith. It does not even know there is a war between faiths, and if he notices, he thinks the sovereign can settle it with a firm word.

                  Libertarianism has the defect that in war, you have to sign up with one sovereign or the other, or you get crushed by both of them. Galt’s Gulch would not be allowed to exist on earth. Maybe in the Hill’s cloud orr Oort cloud. Hallerism remedies that defect. Great.

                  But what we face is an elite united in Faith. Even Trump just wants to roll back to 1980s lefism.

                  But, as Trump and Xi are discovering, you just cannot roll back leftism. It has to get lefter, or die. Xi has an undead zombie state religion, Gorbachev had an undead zombie state religion, Brezhnev had one that was just plain dead. States in that condition, will fall.

                  Xi decided to creep back a little bit towards class war theory in the hope of putting a little bit of life in the undead state religion. Unsurprisingly, business took fright, the economy tanked, and the half hearted creep back towards making communism communist again failed to inspire any faith or zeal. And now he is back paddling like mad. He or one of his successors has no alternative but to ditch communism altogether, and go with Confucianism, or perhaps Christianity with Chinese characteristics.

                  Haller proposes an alternative social order, Ancien Régime. But he is unable to see the foundations of it, or our current social order. That order rested on patriarchal Christianity, and our current regime is the Enlightenment in power.

                  The problem with the enlightenment is not that it views the whole nation as a corporate entity, but that it is, like libertarianism, fundamentally hostile to fatherhood and patriarchy, to unchosen and herditary born relationships, except that it wants and needs to force on everyone an unchosen relationship with the state. The problem with Haller’s system is that it rests, like Filmer, on patrilineality, and he just cannot see the foundations, for patrilineality rests on patriarchy. Because the enlightenment abolishes family, it necessarily gives us the Mummy and Daddy state. For Haller’s social order to work, needs divine backing for family.

                • Jack Vien says:

                  “The state religion is how the elite collectively organises to rule”.

                  While inclined to agree with Plutarch that “it would be easier to build a city in the clouds than form or preserve a State without any kind of religion”- no, you don’t need religion to organize the elite any more than you need it to organize a research team or a joint-stock company. Christianity, in any case, doesn’t organize elites into a governing class, but believers into a flock. It was rather the King that organized elite warriors into his aristocracy, and elite merchants into the bourgeoisie of his towns. And is there a State religion now? It can only be a loose figure of speech. The Cathedral has no Pope, no formal Ecclesiastical hierarchy or organization, no priests (its psychiatrists being as close an approximation of actual priests as it has). It administers no rites and no sacraments; it doesn’t even have a set doctrine any more, but rather an ever-mutating congeries of legal claims and ploys, wholly opportunistic and situation-specific propaganda, and a proliferation of neologisms that are abandoned the minute they serve their purpose, or simply become too boring. Moldbug pointed this all out years ago.

                  What actually unifies economic, political, and intellectual elites at present is their shared scorn and hatred for the productive middle and working classes (esp. if White), which they virulently despise- since, while they see the productive classes as their rightful inferiors, at law all citizens remain equal and some of them talk back to their putative betters, and worst of all, sometimes vote for the wrong candidates in elections yet to be abolished. The only faith this nascent oligarchy has or needs is faith in its own inflated social pretensions and affectations.

                  “For Haller’s social order to work, needs divine backing for family.”

                  The family already enjoys the sanction of Christianity and indeed, every religion worthy of the name. In any case, while it’s good to have this backing, it’s not absolutely essential. For the family is an immediate product of Nature, not a creature of doctrine. Put simply, men take and keep brides, and sire children, wherever nobody stops them from doing so. Delete Enlightenment, and patriarchy spontaneously springs up anew like plants after a long winter. Religion, too (also a product of Nature, but less immediate) will naturally serve as a pillar of support for patriarchy once again, once Enlightenment no longer stands in its way. No special plan or programme needed.

                • jim says:

                  > you don’t need religion to organize the elite

                  Ten millenia of history say you are wrong.

                  > for the family is an immediate product of Nature, not a creature of doctrine

                  No it is not.

                  The problem is that nature inherently gives women more power than men, for all a man can do is merely kill you, but a woman can make you immortal. And if women have more power than men, reproduction fails, because you get lek based mating. They all fuck mister one in thirty, and neither men nor women can form families. This results in few, if any, grandchildren.

                  So men must conspire together to disempower women, by assigning ownership of a woman’s reproductive, sexual, and domestic services to a particular male. To the extent that she is given any choice, it must be limited to parentally preselected suitors, and made once and forever.

                  And for men to cooperate and coordinate to get this done, they require a faith.

                  The wicked and self destructive behavior of women in the workplace can be understood as them forever searching for a strong man in a strong tribe who can take their freedom away from them.

                  Back when the Mormons had real power, could coercively make the subjugation of women stick, and did so, they had way more female converts than male converts.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  To stand up to a good shit test, you damn well need God on your side, or you at least need to feel that you do. G.N.O.N. And you need to know that the men around you feel the same.

                  This certainty of knowing that others feel the same as you do, this is where Game Theory, Shelling Points and Religious Faith moosh together. The elephant has a tail, a trunk, two ears, four legs…

          • The Cominator says:

            Richard II was another guy who was so universally hated his army just deserted en masse without (this was pre guns) an arrow being fired.

            Richard II, James II, hopefully Biden soon.

            • jim says:

              This seems to be happening. They sent up a trial baloon on ordering the border patrol to take the border. The border patrol indicated they would not obey. They also sent up a trial balloon on federalising the Texas National guard, with the same result.

              They are now having the courts send sternly worded letters to Texas, and their diplomats send sternly worded messages to Iran.

              Drones and missiles are now the most important weapon of war, and the most important US weapon is the tomahawk, which could be called either a drone or a missile, or something of both. Production of Tomahawks, never very large, has fallen to half its previous quantity, and is falling still. They are finding they just cannot make them any more.

              US weakness daily becomes more obvious, as more and more people try something and get away with it.

              I walk though the airport, I drive though the town and the suburbs, and I see an America that is poor and rapidly getting poorer. Am I deluded? Logistic capability in the Global American Empire’s multitude of wars tells me I am not deluded.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                The last time something like this happened, everyone’s favorite communist president, Eisenhower, gave an order to federalize the Arkansas national guard, in order to secure the invasion corridor for their melanin-tinted bioweapons into enemy territory, and that order was obeyed.

                The a now similar order in now similar circumstances is not obeyed, is a bubble breaching the surface of underseas eruptions.

          • The Cominator says:

            “The wars of the Roses started because a King who was weak and vain took the throne, and demanded extraordinary power, power improper for a sovereign to exercise, save in military emergencies, which a strong King might well have gotten away with, but he could not, and died of it. But this established a precedent that anyone could grab the throne, and lots of people set to doing so.”

            Sorry my previous post should have been in response to this as you are clearly talking about Richard II (who was also a sadistic homosexual psychopath)

            • jim says:

              No I am not talking about Richard the second, who was, whatever his faults, strong and clever, but Henry VI, who was weak, and made himself weaker by surrounding himself with flatterers and yes men instead of the great men of the Kingdom. The yes men told him his power was great, absolute, and awesome, as it slipped through his fingers.

              • The Cominator says:

                The wars of the Roses started not with Edward IV deposing Henry VI at Taunton but with Henry IV deposing Richard II though…

                Forgive me but your description sounded much more like Richard II as he was the one claiming extraordinary powers and trying to rule through a standing army. My understanding is that for some reason Henry VI was merely prone to bouts of madness that could last a long time (he wasn’t so bad when he was normal) it seemed… during which time his wife would try to govern in his name and she was a bitch who pissed off everyone. Richard II didn’t need a wife to piss off everyone…

          • Western Taliban says:

            To have peace, order, and security, the sovereign needs to obtain consensus among powerful men.

            There is always a top decision maker who makes the final decision, and if there is not, everything goes to $#!% But he always has a board watching him and making sure his decision is in the interests of the boardmembers and of the people and groups that they represent, as he represents them, as Emperor Hirohito represented his cabinet.

            How do you reconcile this claim with your other claim that a virtuous elite is made by a king? Both can’t be true at the same time. And based on my own knowledge and experience, it’s definitely true that it is always a leader who builds a group.

            In your example I think you’re conflating a sovereign figure with a successor figure.

            It seems to me that a true sovereign builds consensus, while the weak successor needs to obtain consensus. A true sovereign builds his army and his army builds around him, he is the consensus made manifest. The weak successor is nothing, has earned nothing and his will is not honed, no one agrees with “him”, he needs to follow the agreements established by his predecessors instead of being the agreement, he needs to find agreement instead of deciding what everyone is going to agree to.

            Hirohito was a weak successor who probably did not even believe in his own greatness because he never possessed it and never earned it, but the first of the line wasn’t like that.

            • jim says:

              > How do you reconcile this claim with your other claim that a virtuous elite is made by a king?

              I don’t see your reasoning. You are assuming something I don’t assume, or interpreting me in a way so different from what I expected that I do not understand what you are thinking or who you think you are talking to.

              What you say just makes no sense at all to me.

              • Western Taliban says:

                In this blog, when any user has made an argument that the problem is a degenerate elite and we just need a good elite or something along those lines, your answer has been that a king is needed to create a virtuous elite. This has been typical when someone has been refuting the need for throne and insisting on the republican nature of America or such.

                If the king builds the virtuous elite, the king doesn’t need consensus. For him to have made the virtuous elite, he must be the consensus.

                the sovereign needs to obtain consensus among powerful men.

                If he makes them virtuous, he dictates.

                • jim says:

                  > If the king builds the virtuous elite, the king doesn’t need consensus. For him to have made the virtuous elite, he must be the consensus.

                  That is not how it works. Hard to make a wicked individual virtuous.

                  People close to the King become powerful, and the King seeks to draw people who are already powerful closer to him, increasing both their power and his own.

                  But obviously you are safer with powerful good people close to you than powerful wicked people close to you, regardless of whether you yourself are good. So over time, the practical effect, assuming a wise king, is that wicked people in the elite slide downhill, and virtuous people in the elite are raised up. This sets a standard for right conduct in the elite.

                  The King is the fount of all honors, regardless of whether he himself is deserving.

                  A wise King will apply this to direct status competition into prosocial channels, regardless of whether he himself is prosocial.

                  Everyone would prefer a society where good conduct makes you respected, and bad conduct makes you despised. But no one individual can do much to make much difference in what gets you respected or despised, so does not really try, and bad conduct is so much more interesting and entertaining that good conduct. Unless that individual is the King, who can make a great difference, so, if he has the competence and wisdom, has reason to make it.

                • Fidelis says:

                  But obviously you are safer with powerful good people close to you than powerful wicked people close to you, regardless of whether you yourself are good. So over time, the practical effect, assuming a wise king, is that wicked people in the elite slide downhill, and virtuous people in the elite are raised up.

                  This doesn’t quite pattern match. We have now a problem, or perhaps a sort of blessing, where a wicked elite continued to elect ever more stupid and wicked underlings. Why is it different if we have a ‘king’? Would not a king fear his servants as much or as little as the current overlymighty bureaucrats? What is the differentiating factor here?

                • jim says:

                  State religion where lying barefaced and sodomy are holy sacraments.

                  Another difference is that objectives are always short term, there is no one is charge, and no one is responsible if things go to $#!%. Which can also happen in a monarchy,it was s chronic problem in the fall of Chinese dynasties, but it tends to happen rather less.

                  This was kind of obvious in the Ukraine war, where frequently the major Ukrainain military objective was to have a bullet point in next months Washington power point presentation.

                  During the Ukraine war it became obvious that the large majority of western tanks and artillery were just not battle ready, not fit for use. We have no end of procedures and paper work to make sure that weapons inventory listed as fit for use is fit for use, and no end of procedures to get around those procedures, to substitute paper fitness for actual fitness, and no end of procedures and paper work to get around the procedures and paperwork designed to get around the procedures and paperwork to ensure battle readiness. In this environment, obviously you are going to recruit evil and stupid underlings because you want paper that shows that everything is going just great.

                  It is completely obvious that America and Americans are getting poorer, and the government responded by escalating the statistics that show that Americans are ever more prosperous. Not an environment where good people are selected for.

                  When Israel recently called up the reserves, they found that much of the equipment that was supposed to be kept ready for the reserves was not there or was unfit for use. This would seem a fairly dire failure, for the reason Israel has reserves on call is because they lack strategic depth and fear surprise attack by a peer power, but it turns out no one is at fault and no one is to blame. They were just following procedure and process, and the procedure and process produced paper that showed everything was fine.

                  If you have an evil supervillain in charge, he will probably still find virtuous and smart underlings advisable, and underlings who foul up would probably be dropped in the pirana tank. I am sure the character of our elites would improve considerably if the president kept a pirana tank behind the Oval Office.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  A virtuous elite is built with time, principles, and discipline. It does not just emerge concurrently with a strong King, who himself is crafted from the same constituent parts. This is a chicken/egg argument. You have to have both, and neither just appear.

                  Putting 100,000 men in uniform after 8 weeks of training doesn’t make an army, look at Ukraine. There has to be cultural and genetic precursors in place because war is the forge of armies. You start with that 100k, which gets winnowed down, again and again through subsequent wars, until you have 10,000 mighty warriors, not old but not young, that are the seed crystal of empire.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Every organization in history, whatever the sphere, shares a common enemy; and that is Organization Man. For wherever Organization Man goes, he wishes to Make The World Safe For Organization Man.

                  We say ‘wishes to’, but this may impute also a perhaps inappropriate connotation of agency to many examples of the species, multi-polar traps arising as a aggregate function resultant of their instinctual attractions. Whether intentional or not, each action of such serving as sacrament, each body of the mass serving as stone in the altar; they call the molochian force that succors them into being, and it calls in turn back from the future, arranging its substrate to be arranged by its substrate, creating its again emergence; the apotheosis of Pure Bureaucracy.

                  Organization Man privately doubts his own worth; therefore seeks he to undermine any and all tests, standards, or judgements of virtue ere about, in such ways that will guarantee his inclusion.

                  Organization Man privately doubts his fellowship with other men, for much the same reason; he can imagine only condemnation on their part of him, if it were up to them; therefore seeks he to ‘depersonalize’ the organization to whatever extent possible, for he has nothing to do with them anyways, and the less they must interact outside the lines of predefined procedure, the better in his eyes.

                  Organization Man fears power, for he can imagine only it being (rightly) used against him; therefore seeks he to undermine any and all forms of open, direct, or personified authority ere about, in the stead of which he places remoted regulatory bodies, replacing any sphere where men appear to exercise their capacity for discernment by fiat, with predefined procedures, produced by such ‘overseeing’ bodies that also of course ideally include himself.

                  Organization Man fears responsibility, for he can imagine only calamity springing from the hands of his fellow men in general, and his own hand in particular; therefore seeks he to avoid any unilateralism, in the stead of which shall all things be done by committee, or procedure, or the committee for production of procedure for committee production. Therefore insulates he from consequence for fault, for everyone is at fault, or no body but ‘the procedure’ is at fault, which obviously means a requirement for even more procedure to cover, more bodies for producing more procedure, procedures for administrating procedure for more bodies to administrate the procedure…

                  Organization Man does not see himself as a ‘doer’, but as a ‘facilitator’. Actually doing things carries the risk of leaving something out there in reality that is veritably his responsibility; in other words, his failures set on display for all the world to see.

                  In all of these things, and more besides, Organization Man finds ready collaborators, in the form of other Organization Men.

                  Organization Man is perfectly willing to be a sycophant. Moulding himself into a mirror that reflects the image of a nominal superior back at themselves is easy for him, for he is already in many ways an empty suit in the first place. Or to put it another way, the great effectiveness of sycophancy selects for Organization Man, such a sort of entity most given for it.

                  Organization Man is also highly sensitive to status differentials vis-a-vis his ‘co-workers’. Any man actually accomplishing things marks himself as a target for other Organization Men to set aside their usual backbiting and coordinate around sidelining the collective embarrassment of themselves. Noone except the head Organization Man can be allowed to do good things. Any man wishing to do good things must first be under his nominal authority, and do so by his nominal say-so. Any unauthorized attempts to fulfill the ostensible purpose of the organization must be punished in the most severe terms possible.

                  Organization Man is not opposed to the solipsistic status hacker; indeed, they have much in common, and so often work hand in glove rather, a symbiotic relationship where one helps cement the other. Organization Man is allergic to anything that looks like a throne; therefore it behooves him to have someone else be the throne, so then that he can occupy ‘the powers behind it’.

                  Neither increases nor decreases in capital change one whit of an Organization Man organization’s behavior, because the organization’s ostensible purpose is less than irrelevant to Organization Man; it is an impediment. More funding means expanding the domain of Organization Man; less funding means dashing the ship on the rocks of perdition before altering course one iota.

                  Only TOMD makes a difference, because personnel is policy. An executive is someone who selects personnel, and therefore creates virtue. Organization Man in turn conspires with kindred spirits of leftish kind to create an ecological niche for the proliferation of Organization Men, minimizing executive power, and or deposing and replacing executives with personages more copacetic to the expansion of Organization Man’s niche.

                  Absolutism is also not incompatible with Organization Man’s precis, and indeed, can be seen as a major step on the path to his final ascendancy, over the absolute monarch in turn as well; the path to having one single executive means a whole host of organization executives being bagged along the way.

                  Rationalizations are not without consequence; virtue-inverting pretexts used by past status hackers to cast down then incumbent holders of power, aided and abetted by Organization Man, who found them consonant for himself as well, are baked into the cake of the resulting structure, creating a feedback loop deleterious selection, where each generation of occupiers finds the same weapons use against them in turn, in a race to the bottom.

                • Karl says:


                  What is TOMD?

                • alf says:

                  Organization Man is also highly sensitive to status differentials vis-a-vis his ‘co-workers’. Any man actually accomplishing things marks himself as a target for other Organization Men to set aside their usual backbiting and coordinate around sidelining the collective embarrassment of themselves.

                  The bible has some good answers in dealing with these men.

                  First, we are all obviously born in sin. That is simply in our nature, and knowing that makes it easier to forgive Organization Men for their sins.

                  Second, the answer in dealing with such men is submission. Many kinds of submission — the one the bible often names is submission to God, which is not a forceful kind of submission, but one of love, one in which one acknowledges one’s own supporting position in the grand scheme of things. Submission to God in this sense is not an abstract thing; it is very really reflected in one’s daily life, where one may extend that subordinate role towards God to other men; my task is to support, not to lead, for too many cooks spoil the soup, too many chieftains topple the tipi.

                  But that is faith, and the Organizational Man you talk about conspicuously lacks it. He only respects forceful submission, begrudgingly, and within the confines of a bureaucracy that is impossible to deliver.

                • ten says:


                  Total Organization Man Death

      • Nemo says:

        > Christ is under the father

        Christ is in union with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. Subordination of one to the other is non-trinitarian.

        • The Count of Montecristo says:

          Typically theologians will say that the Son is economically subordinate, but not ontologically subordinate. The Athanasian creed briefly discusses both (ie equality and eternal subordinate relationship). More recent confessions like the Westminster go into a bit more detail.

          • jim says:

            Going into detail about the unknowable and humanly incomprehensible is bound to wind up in one heresy or the other, or both simultaneously.

            • The Count of Montecristo says:

              True. But theologians persist. Sometimes it keeps them busy from holiness spiraling. It is often done poorly and demonstrates the foolish persistence of weak minds.

              I believe it can be done well. Over Christianity’s history there are threads of doing it well. There are good and valid reasons why the industrial and scientific revolutions had their genesis here.

              I will mention R. J. Rusdoony’s “The One and the Many: Studies in the Philosophy of Order and Ultimacy” as an example of a much deeper discussion of trinitarian issues, and one that is largely in line with your own political and economic thought.

    • jim says:

      William the Bastard became William the Conqueror by conquering England. But his conquest did not settle matters, with assorted mighty lords wanting more and William less, or wanting to off William and take it all. Things did not quiet down until his younger son, Henry the Lion of Justice, made himself King – a grab of doubtful legitimacy. Henry focused like a laser beam on being as stationary a stationary bandit as possible, and succeeded. He established an excellent system of English law, which lasted to the nineteenth century or so, nearly a thousand years. How is that for stationary!

      The transition from mobile banditry to stationary banditry is non trivial, and Haller gives it short shrift. After the Romans left, no one in England accomplished it until they installed Christianity as the state religion, and even with Christianity as the state religion, lots of sovereigns had problems, William the Conqueror among many.

      The wars of the Roses started because a King who was weak and vain took the throne, and demanded extraordinary power, power improper for a sovereign to exercise, save in military emergencies, which a strong King might well have gotten away with, but he could not, and died of it. But this established a precedent that anyone could grab the throne, and lots of people set to doing so.

      In Haller’s telling of it, the King believes, so everyone believes. But establishing consensus requires King and high priest. Like Hobbes, Haller is an deist philosopher. Deist philosophers are unlikely to succeed as prophets.

      We need a King. But the King will need a high priest, and the high priest a prophet. Haller is not that prophet.

      In Spiritual Authority he addresses the issue, but he really does not quite get it. He knows there is something big there, but does not quite know what it is. He does not grok the inevitable, invariable, and universal unification of Church and State.

      The first temples were built around temples. Kings and palaces came later. An army needs a faith, and a King needs a faith.

    • Aidan says:

      I expect to find myself sympathetic. I know Carlsbad was a hallerist, in fact he was working on translating Haller, so that blog might be his new project. As far as I’m aware before reading, Haller’s political thought falls within the German tradition of considering all law as contract law, all rights as negotiated payouts from particularistic contracts between parties, and it seems like Haller tried to codify the assumptions running behind the scenes from ancient times into formal political philosophy.

      • jim says:

        Yes, Haller did a great job of codifying the Ancien régime — which at the time no one ever thought about. It just happened. And is likely to just happen again, only with drones instead of armor and horses.

        But the glue that held it together was strong patriachal families, and faith that endorsed strong patriachal families. Without that, the system has propensity to dissolve back into Nietzschean mobile banditry.

        William the Marshal acquired his wife and her lands at swordpoint, which was the way he acquired everything. But then she was his wife, he kept her around rather than banging her and kicking her off her lands, and then went from acquiring land, horses, and armor at swordpoint into the real estate development business.

        • Western Taliban says:

          But the glue that held it together was strong patriachal families, and faith that endorsed strong patriachal families. Without that, the system has propensity to dissolve back into Nietzschean mobile banditry.

          If the glue that held it together was strong patriarchal families, and faith that endorsed strong patriarchal families, why is there no social order that develops from such conditions on its own? Why can you find in any civilization with such conditions social turmoil when a weak/bad king? There is no such glue.

          We already had a faith that endorsed strong patriarchal families and we had strong patriarchal families and we don’t have it anymore, as is the case for the many other civilizations turned into dust. It was not strong patriarchal families and a faith that endorsed strong patriarchal families that made civilization possible. These are an effect, not a cause, the cause is the founder-king. Civilizations rely on an inertia, that gets renewed from time to time if its lucky enough to get a real king, until it runs out of luck.

          The point cause of an effect is always a singular terminal, collectives can conserve, but they cannot create. Creation is an individual will and action.

          Priesthoods are useful in civilizational endeavors as long as they maintain the will of the founder-king alive, otherwise, as we all are experiencing, they are parasitical vermin and they should be pushed into lockers, early and often:


          • jim says:

            > It was not strong patriarchal families and a faith that endorsed strong patriarchal families that made civilization possible.

            And yet every civilization has started with such a faith and died without it.

          • Fidelis says:

            It was not strong patriarchal families and a faith that endorsed strong patriarchal families that made civilization possible

            I can’t think of any examples of civilization that lacked these qualities. From Mesopotamian shenanigans to the Romans to the origins of our dead modernity. Can you name a single example?

          • Aidan says:

            The phrase here is “necessary but not sufficient”. There are patriarchal peoples who do not build great civilizations, but there are also warrior people who fail to do this as well. Warriors can put an empire together with their hands and hold it together with strength. But those hands grow old and die and cohesion falls apart. The foundational unit of civilization is the warband of sworn brothers, but in times of peace, your sons and your friend’s sons can only function as an elite with shared faith, property rights in their chattels and their women.

  15. Aidan says:

    I am getting bullish on our chances now, even though I was casting doubts on Trump’s chances in the election earlier. Texas is more important than the election right now. Texas is not about to secede with complete acquiescence by the feds, and it is not about to engage in full-scale warfare against the fed either. It seems like both sides have been caught by this little constitutional crisis with their pants down. No shooting from the low-energy fat mexicans who made up both sides of the standoff.

    Likely the left is ramping up full-on lawfare against Abbott, intending to arrest him for sedition, insurrection, etc. And they have to actually arrest him, which means loyal and competent men going deep into Texas to no-knock raid his house. The availability of loyal and competent forces on both sides is very low. Remember, Trump had to summon Department of Prisons special operations to clear Lafayette Square during Floydmas, because the National Guard and DC police answer directly to Nancy Pelosi, who summoned them outside the chain of command on J6.

    Because the supply of loyal and competent men is low, a “civil war” if it breaks out is going to look like police action, Texas state police versus FBI, arrests and raids and detainment, both attempting to preserve the appearance of legitimacy. I predicted a long time ago that such an action as Abbott took (defying a Supreme Court order over insufficient leftism) would provoke an immediate military response from the regime, immediate arrests and a whole lot of violence. But the feds are taking a while to respond. They have plenty of anthropoids in uniform, but very few men and no ammo. And perhaps they actually realized this. It is not big news in the mainstream. They are embarrassed and caught off guard.

    My suspicion is that there will be no hot war, or very little, and Texas will get a de facto secession. Nominally it will remain as part of the union, but federal law will stop being enforced in Texas, and the state of Texas will take over federal duties that it believes the fed has abrogated. That would make Texas, and other states that follow suit, ideal “external” locations in which dissidents can organize, in the same way that the Tutsi organized reconquest outside of Rwanda.

    “States Rights” has newly become a potential schelling point for the Right at large. No longer over uncertainty in provision of powers, but on the claim that when the federal government is failing to perform its constitutional duties, those powers devolve to the states. Which is the perfect cover for rightists to capture a state that professes this theory and has achieved de facto secession by keeping the fed from operating in the state.

    • The Cominator says:

      Interesting factoid, apparently Greg Abbot is in India right now… he should go visit Russia the Indians will sell him if the government bids…

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Just take note of the general volatility, of both current events and your own understanding of the future.

    • Karl says:

      And they have to actually arrest him, which means loyal and competent men going deep into Texas to no-knock raid his house.

      Only if he does not travel. If he goes to Washington (or any other US state not also defying federal orders) for any reason, an arrest wouldn’t be that difficult. Is he smart enough not to travel?

      Apparently, he traveled to India. Even in a foreign country an arrest would be easier than in Texas and if he flies back via, e.g. New York, he hands the feds a golden opportunity to arrest him when he enters the US.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I think this is great analysis, but I’m going to take a different position just so we have a nice spread of predictions to look back on… hopefully, we will be able to look back on lol.

      The government has very few options here. Not on paper, they have endless options there, but in all actuality, the Biden regime can either double down or it can pivot. I think double down is the easier option, because for them it just means upping the rhetoric and sending in more lawyers. pivot is harder to do because they would have to create circumstances that look and feel more important than Fort Sumter 02. whatever happens, I fully expect it to be bungled, lousy with corruption and grifters, and the outcome to be basically the opposite of whatever the intended goal was. I think this will be true for both sides, and then whichever side wises up first will probably come out on top.

      • The Cominator says:

        > The Biden regime will do something retarded directly bearing on the Texas situation or do something retarded on an unrelated issue to try to make people forget about it which will probably have to be even more grandiose in its retardation
        I mean nice little way of framing your prediction to establish credibility because we know they ain’t gonna do something smart.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          You would think that would be obvious at this point, but I can’t tell you how many guys who are otherwise intelligent keep slipping into normalcy bias and implicitly assuming that there is competent governance somewhere in the beltway. They say ” when things get back to normal” or ” when things calm down” and neither of those things have happened since 2016. nevertheless, they persist.

    • jim says:

      > That would make Texas, and other states that follow suit, ideal “external” locations in which dissidents can organize, in the same way that the Tutsi organized reconquest outside of Rwanda.

      Sounds like a plan.

      We need an independent somewhat sympathetic state adjacent. Now we have one.

      • Aidan says:

        I don’t think we have one yet. Federal police power failed to grasp the nettle and looks weak. But it hasn’t fully retreated. It looks like it’s going that way, but I wouldn’t move to Texas and start organizing just yet.

        • jim says:

          Trump, being a behind the times nationalist progressive, burned his most loyal supporters by not including anyone from the alt right, or even the alt left, in his administration, and even now, people who display alt right sympathies are apt to get purge, because his organisation is solidly behind-the-times nationalist progressive.

          But his survival, and now the survival of the former Rino Greg Abbot, depends on the alt right. When and if Greg Abbot figure this out, then time to organise in Texas.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I think Abbott is being outflanked on the right by Paxton the AG. He seems to be the brain out on the bleeding edge. For whatever reason, Abbott is hurrying to catch up instead of cutting him out. The beginning of a journey can be inauspicious or even ignoble while the destination is nonetheless Righteous. Paxton is an interesting character, I’ve only dabbled in his background, but it seems to me he is in actuality what people pretend DeSantis is in their fantasies. If he has enough Texas Elite backing, Abbott may have no option besides fleeing to the skirts of Washington, which once upon a time might have been attractive, but no longer.

            Trump is probably, unfortunately, too smart to allow any Paxton types to get too close, precisely because he doesn’t want to be outflanked. But I also agree with your analysis, if he doesn’t bring radicals on board, he’ll just be surrounded by traitors again.

  16. The Cominator says:

    I’m gonna say that at this point the Biden regime won’t do shit about Texas being in open rebellion. The regime must know how absolutely and deeply hated they are that trying to use force would almost certainly backfire hence why they haven’t tried it yet even though every day Texas is in open rebellion is a day the Feds continue to lose “respect”.

    • Adam says:

      Honest question when was the last time the glowniggers pulled something off successfully? J6?

      • The Cominator says:

        Covid and the election steal. J6 was astroturfed but it was not really believed.

        • Alfred says:

          Was the physical steal of the election really a glow op? I thought the consensus was that it was a set of rather decentralized operations of enthusiastic state officials paying/looking the other way for Shaniquas to run up vote counts and toss Trump ballots.

          • The Cominator says:

            The glowop was that the security state would both stop it and prevent anyone else (including jewdges) from stopping it. Christopher Wray was a truly accursed pick by Trump…

            • The Cominator says:

              I mean they would both not interfere with the steal and prevent anyone else from doing so…

          • jim says:

            Centralized top down glow opp, coordinated by massive zoomcall coordinating three hundred very powerful men, with few diversities, with all the great and powerful in on the zoom call.

            All large conspiracies leak like sieves, and this one leaked like a sieve. The decentralized operations went also as usual, but were essentially irrelevant to the steal.

            • The Cominator says:

              The steal was largely performed by local Shaniquas but the scale they did it, the money they were paid, the assurances they had to be given (as doing millions of fake votes normally gives Shaniqua pause that its too blatant) that no judge or local cops would interfere or would be allowed to interfere… and the coordination with the media. Centralized glowop.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      It’s just not an option to do nothing. They are in a serious predicament: if USG backs down, the door is now open for any other governor to deploy the “Constitution Over Federal Mandate” precedent, and if they do react but are seen as failing or faltering, same thing but worse. If they do anything, it has to be extreme, demonstrating that this is not a viable avenue for power hungry men to take.

      A crown can sit in the gutter if no one knows it’s there, probably for a very long time. But once it is known to be there, the only options are deny access to the gutter, or pick it up. What would be/look worse for the Biden Regime: march US Military into Texas to occupy the border and let more migrants in, or declare martial law and deploy US Military to any and every state capital where the governors are Greg Abbott or have expressed solidarity with Greg Abbott? There are other options, like declaring war or initiating a false flag or creating a real or imagined epidemic disaster, they could even simulate a complex infrastructure cataclysm of some type involving fuel, gas, and power. But everyone of those options requires competence, coordination, and time. They have precious little of each.

      They may indeed ignore it, but that’s not a solution. that’s the senator walking back into the whorehouse and doing a few more lines and taking another turn at Mary Jane Rottenkrotch while the investigative reporter waits outside, possibly calling a few bodies at other news stations and newspapers. They literally have to act, but their options are terrible, and their track record is not very good up to this point. They can double down or pivot, and both of those are optical suicide.

      • The Cominator says:

        They will write a lot of strongly worded letters. Maybe even get some of them being written as orders from federal jewdges but thats about it. They can’t push it to a shooting war because they will be in the same situation James II was in when he got into an actual shooting war.

        • jim says:

          James II got into that situation because he stalled.

          The longer the sovereign stalls in putting down rebellion with severity, the more difficult it is going to be to put down the rebellion.

          At this very moment they are kicking the can down the road, asking some judges to write some even more strongly worded letters.

          If I was in their shoes, I would put Greg Abbott’s head on a pike. If I was in Greg Abbott’s shoes, I would be seizing federal armories located in Texas, marshalling long range artillery, and figuring out how to arrange a drone strike on Airforce One.

          But even Julius Caesar suffered normality bias. His adoptive son, Augustus Caesar, however, had his feet on the ground. Augustus Caesar operated in the new reality, while all the older men around him still had their feet in the vanished reality.

          The undead Roman Republic staggered on for a very long time, because it remained live in people’s minds while utterly dead in reality.

          • The Cominator says:

            Well even if Abbot ultimately backs down this whole flouting of federal authority must horrify the deep state to the point it saves Trump’s life and may even persuade them not to steal the election.

            • jim says:

              I hope and pray he still alive on 2025 January 20.

              This event has made this substantially more likely, as has the steady annihilation of Ukraine’s army

              • The Cominator says:

                Also btw they can’t get Abbot right away he conveniently
                went to India for a while… I always thought he was a completely retarded and spineless cuckservative before this (not even managing to get the Texas pardon board to pardon that uber driver in Austin and being completely weak on the covid hoax) but this is impressive.

          • FrankNorman says:

            But is Abbot really thinking in terms of an independent Republic of Texas?

            Or merely in terms of rejecting the unconstitutional demands of an illegitimate presidency – but everything goes back to normal once an honest, God-fearing Republican is in the Oval Office?

      • The Cominator says:

        It won’t be like with Lincoln who could (correctly) point out that the rebellion was a chimpout by wealthy slaveholding planters who were pissed that he wasn’t going to allow any further expansion of slavery into the territorities virtually nobody actually likes the Biden regimes wholesale plan to import 100 million indios poojeets and niggers into the United States including the existing minority population. There is just no base of popular support for the regime with this.

        Their soldiers are either going to decide its a good time to go on sickleave or just desert to the rebels if it gets to shooting.

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          Victory can sometimes be predicted. “They’ll run at the sound of the guns” has been proven wrong every time it’s been uttered.

          If this remains at the level of maneuver and counter-maneuver (and I feel good about your top line post by the way) then I’m hopeful you’re right in practice.

          At the “ayckshully” level though, I predict their blacks and browns would go door to door in whiteopia on schedule and as planned by their masters, even in the middle of a shooting war. Until they were stopped, of course. But isolated gunmen would only give them an excuse to do what they were going to do anyway.

          Competent white male operators versus other competent white male operators, theirs melting away is more plausible. But you also have to judge or guess just how staffed with true believers the Federal Boy Impalers are by now. “Cops are /ourguys/, its just the rot at the top” is tempting to normiecons, but if it was ever true those days have passed. The convergence started under Bush I at the latest, the Obama years were just the mopping up.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            Whitelist: blacks are relict hominids, women are running off millennia-old firmware meant to get them abducted and impregnated by the winners, trannies are possessed by demons, jews did 9-11, the blood libel wasn’t a libel, elite pedophilia is real, repeal the 19th, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to a virgin, fully God and fully man, died on the cross before returning to life three days later and ascending to heaven.

            Sorry about the short form but I thought I’d passed already.

            • jim says:

              Whitelisted (again) with flying colors.

              Some people who were formerly whitelisted are now showing up as not whitelisted.

              It is a bug, trying to figure out what happened.

          • The Cominator says:

            “Victory can sometimes be predicted. “They’ll run at the sound of the guns” has been proven wrong every time it’s been uttered.”

            No it hasn’t I have pointed out the “Glorious Revolution” as a counterexample…

            • jim says:

              Glorious revolution worked because the King came out against a live faith. Always a bad idea. When push comes to shove, the army winds up following the faith. And if four fifths of the officers are nominally officers of a dead faith, and one fifth are followers of a live faith, the live faith wins over the dead faith.

              I just saw the governor of Oklamhoma say he was pulling his national guard out of overseas federal engagements, and say that if Biden attempts to federalize the Texas national guard, things are likely to get physical This is prep for civil war II. First side to drop normality bias is likely to win. And the governor of Oklahoma just dropped normality bias.

              The soldiers follow the faith of the Republic. And the faith of Washington has changed too fast and left the soldiers behind.

              Some of his troops have been federalized, and he just unfederalized them. He, and I, expect them to obey.

              • Steelkilt says:

                Can you point to where you saw this? This is interesting. Stitt picking a fight with the tribes was dumb for Oklahoma political reasons (it’s a weird state with lots of old FDR democrats and people who are naturally conservative but put their tribe first ((as it should be (((as it sometimes is))) and tribal leadership is all drawn from the apparatchik, see the obviously fake two spirit bullshit)) ) but if he can pivot to “I will give you actual sovereignty over the lands we conquer instead of gibs to be a federal pet” then maybe he can get the tribes online. Otherwise he will have a fifth column. Unless he has been planning this awhile and opposing them is part of that plan.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Why call it Civil War II and not American Revolution II? Because you expect the rebels to lose?

                • Cataclysm Reawake says:

                  Because the colonial rebels were the bad guys. Even defeated, the Army of Northern Virginia still manages to leave less of a bad taste in the mouth than a comparison to the Sons of Liberty.

                • jim says:

                  Because the conflict is theoretically on state lines rather than party lines.

                  Which is something I never expected. Suddenly we have a two party system again.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Can you even fucking imagine? Carrying on about people invading over the Israel and Ukraine borders, and then sending the Army down to cut open barbed wire and bring illegals into the USA in HD on YouTube?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Worldwide, voices are calling “bullshit” out loud. Slowly, and then all at once.

  17. Kunning Druegger says:

    A Federal Court in Canada has ruled Trudeau’s actions during Trucker protest were unconstitutional. This is not a win, it is an indication that the cohesion of the factions running the GAE out of Harvard, Foggy Bottom, the Pentagon, Langley, and the Whitehouse have fallen apart to such a degree that the protectorates in the periphery are going through power struggles. Every Canadian is gay, and probably fake, just like every German is a pussy and and the French are all cucks… by which I mean there is no one in “legitimate” power who isn’t GAE approved. But the real French, Germans, and Canadians are starting to feel the manacles loosen, starting to notice the prison guards aren’t so powerful, and they are seeing that Houthis, Taliban, Africans, and Russians are going up against GAE vassals and coming away successfully.

    At any point, in almost any section of the GAE, a strongman could pick the crown up out of the gutter and launch a coup. The best defense the GAE has against this is the multi-decade culling they perpetuated against anyone with strongman characteristics, and any situation or institution that could cultivate strong men. Mobile bandits on the periphery becoming stationary is alarming, but it’s not an existential threat in neither strategic nor tactical terms. The Houthi will not be invading Norfolk any time soon. But the de-mobilization of bandits on the periphery indicates sclerosis in the core. If that signal is transmitted loud enough with a high enough frequency, the slumbering warriors hidden in the hollow chests of the Occidental Elite just might wake up. Just as weaponized niggers & migrants are biting their jewish masters over Palestine, so too might the weaponized courts start biting their bureaucratic oligarchy overlords.

    • jim says:

      > At any point, in almost any section of the GAE, a strongman could pick the crown up out of the gutter.

      We are ruled by weak men. The time for strong men approaches.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        If the weak men are so weak, why do they rule us?
        If the strong men are so strong, why don’t they?

        • jim says:

          The faith.

          We are always ruled by priests or warriors. Priests are apt to sneakily obtain the upper hand – the expansion of judicial power, and the power of the nobility of the robe, 1820 in England. In America it was more complicated – New England was ruled by priests from the beginning, and they have been territoriality expanding ever since, eventually coming to rule almost the entire world.

          But, lacking a high priest, subject to holiness spiraling, and holiness spiraled all the way from Christian to postChristian to flat out demonic. The postChristian faith did not like strong men, and the demonic faith likes them even less.

          Warrior rule tends to favour strong men, theocratic rule rather less, and demonic rule devours its own.

          So how did priests wind up conquering the world?

          Well, it all started with Henry the Eighth. Well, it all started with Luther, and it all started with … but let us skip to Henry the Eighth.

          The Pope coveted what is Caesar’s, and Caesar did not like that. So Henry the Eighth broke from the Papacy, decisively restoring warrior power. So far so good.

          The monasteries had too much power and wealth, and Henry wanted it. Also their power threatened him, because they had power and were applying it to restore priestly power.

          But he could not just dissolve them on the grounds they had wealth and he wanted it. He had to find legitimate good Christian grounds for dissolving them. Which he proceeded to do.

          And the net effect of this process was that the official state religion of England became protestant, and a strand of protestantism that strongly favored enterprise, work, business, building and saving. And was securely under the thumb of the monarch. It did not like being securely under the thumb of the monarch, so, Civil War. But they found they needed a strong man to deal with other strong men, so Cromwell. Cromwell unleashed priestly power, which rapidly holiness spiraled towards nineteenth century postChristianity and towards nineteenth century and twentieth century leftism. Cromwell did not like that, and put a stop to it, putting priestly power back in the bottle – not so much because he did not like priestly power as he did not like postChristianity and twentieth century leftism. And so the restoration. Charles the second and aristocracy in power. Charles the second like the business and enterprise part of protestantism, and instituted the joint stock limited liability publicly traded modern corporation. (Our current corporations are postModern, ESG and Sox accounting)

          The modern corporation led to the industrial, scientific, and technological revolutions. And when the priesthood got the upper hand, they found themselves with the industrial might to conquer the world. The current demon worshipping faith inherited what a Christian faith that favored enterprise had created.

          Modernity is corporate capitalism, the scientific revolution, the technological revolution, and the industrial revolution. Which began in the seventeenth century and came to fruition in the nineteenth. The priesthood claim credit for this, but they lie. As soon as they took charge, they started undermining the foundations, and now it is all falling down.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            There were plausibly virtuous iconoclasts who looted monasteries with suspiciously excessive wealth well before Henry VIII, and they did not dare cross the line of heresy. What is more plausible is that the English government wanted to seize the hospitals and get into dope dealing, as lots of new drugs had been recently discovered in the Americas, and the “witch hunting” craze of early modern Europe was about this intoxication rather than traditional paganism.

            Henry VIII’s disgusting and clownish behavior, and crossing the heresy line when it strangely was not necessary, hints of this being this case, not a one-off looting operation and reset like had happened many times before.

            Drug addiction wasn’t official until the 19th century, and smoking didn’t cause cancer until the 20th century, so don’t expect any historical sources to say this stuff openly, but the dots are all there to be connected if you can just see them all.

            • jim says:

              As I said, he wanted their wealth, and they were quietly funding and organising priestly revolution against him. No more sinister motives are required. Are they not motives enough?

              He had to find legitimate good Christian grounds for dissolving them. Which he proceeded to do. He sent out a bunch of his men to look for dirt, which they found by the wagonload. He only dissolved those monasteries for which adequate wagonloads of dirt were discovered — which was all the monasteries, and all the nunneries save one, which one survived. The whole damned lot, save for one nunnery, were a stinking blot on Christianity.

              The whole thing was done by good Christian rules and theoretically with good Christian motives, even though it was absolutely no secret that the actual motives were financial and political.

              This issue was settled in the Donatist controversy. When the state religion is Christian, there are too many people who want their snouts in the trough. Coercion is required, and coercion belongs to Caesar.

              If you don’t think Caesar’s priests are sufficiently holy, you should try setting a good example, rather than insurrection, for using force is unlikely to persuade Caesar and his Bishops, and Caesar will beat you like a drum.

              One might well suspect that Henry’s men would have discovered dirt whether it existed or not, but the Monasteries did not complain that they were being framed, but that these were internal matters and no business of the King.

              The Donatist dispute established a precedent that they are the business of the King.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                The state has authority and power over temporal matters and the Church has authority (but unfortunately, rarely power) over spiritual matters. Henry VIII’s looting of the monasteries is plausibly a temporal issue. But, his adultery is absolutely a spiritual issue. This alone exposes him as being a wicked king.

                [*socialism deleted. We have heard it all before*]

                Coercion belongs to all rational beings and giving the state a monopoly of violence is the beginning of cuckery and degeneracy. Setting a good example is the ideal response to a lack of holiness, yes, but outright evil gets the sword.

                • jim says:

                  Unfortunately, violence tends to monopoly. Winner gets to use violence, loser does not.

                  To which problem, stationary banditry is the least unsatisfactory solution. The best solution is that most people agree on what is legitimate violence and what is illegitimate violence, but such agreement is difficult. The stronger party keeps re-interpreting the rules in too-clever-by-half ways. Forming and promolgating consensus is a priestly job, and you are not going to get anywhere in forming such a consensus without a priesting monopoly supported by violence.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Lets kill another gender neutral and papist/modern churchianity myth here. Biblical adultery is not cheating on your wife its (Henry did that too Henry Fitzroy’s mother was a married woman, but that wasn’t what you were talking about) fucking somebody else’s wife. The woman is never the aggrieved party in biblical adultery…

                  Now onto Henry…

                  Henry VIII I agree was in his later years a wicked gluttonous and cruel king but this turn came AFTER the dissolution of the monasteries began with his near fatal jousting accident. Henry VIII executed very few people (for political offenses anyway I’m not counting him signing the death warrants of murderers and thieves in this) before this and was noted generally for being a generally convivial jovial sporty type guy. But he very rapidly became angry paranoid and bloodthirsty after his jousting accident (Anne Boleyn was still alive before this too though not much longer after) and nobody in his inner circle was ever even safe again after this point with the possible exception of his childhood best friend Charles Brandon.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim re private violence, you have to allow a certain legality to dueling as long as it doesn’t involve vital scientific geniuses (war or peace) or certain categories of indispensable men (in war). The priesthood should encourage that in most cases honor can be satisfied via a non fatal wound and an apology… but must allow for lethal dueling by consent as well.

                  I’ve mentioned that in large institutions of state such that exists we have IQ filters as this will keep the idiots and sycophants out of high offices of state, the expectation that a real man has fought a duel or two (and that declining a duel challenge made for good reason is disgraceful and conduct unbecoming) in his life will keep the effeminate cowards out (this should answer some earlier objections that IQ filtering would select for too many overly cowardly nerds). You’ll end up selecting for an elite that is both smart and chadly brave… yes some will die occasionally but they’ll have a lot more kids at least until we perfect cloning and gene editing (and know what we are doing with it) and such.

  18. Calvin says:

    Abbott is showing more backbone than I expected:

    I wonder if Elon setting up shop in TX recently has anything to do with his sudden infusion of red blood.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Here’s another interesting data point. Lots of subtext, but I direct attention towards the phrase “This is standard in politics, but no longer with me.” I am comfortable tentatively saying he has definitely shifted his memetic position. He remains a Merchant, but he fished in the Rubicon and survived. You can’t do that and not be changed in some way.


      • jim says:

        The consequences of fishing in the Rubicon should tell him it needs to be crossed. Trump realizes he has enemies within. He is still a 1980s progressive. But the intellectual and cultural leadership of his base is alt right and Christian Nationalist. And reaction is the intellectual leadership of the alt right and the Christian Nationalists. He is going to need reaction. Everyone else is going to feel in their bones that Trump is an unfortunate thing that they have to put up with, because his opponents have gone a little too far in the noble pursuit of good intentions.

  19. No Choice Left says:

    There’s no choice left but to kill all the elite scum that have been wrecking the world.

    I know that’s unpopular and won’t get posted anywhere, but it’s the truth.

    [*deleted for inability to commit thought crimes.

    It is a very popular take on this blog, and the Cominator is always arguing that very large numbers need killing. Pretty much everyone on this blog agrees that some people need killing, the question being debated is just how many.*]

  20. i says:

    Has anyone read this book:

    I find it interesting that the Author traces the history of feminism back to the Anabaptist,Quaker, Methodist and Unitarian Groups.

    As well as actual occultists and witches. Including Madame Blavatsky who founded Theosophy.

    • Redbible says:

      I decided to start reading this, and I’ve got through the first 50 pages, still have 100 more to go. (I’ve been having a gut feeling for some years that what the bible meant by witchcraft was one way or another connected to what in current year is called feminism, but couldn’t prove anything more than my gut feel. That’s why I decided to read what this book says.)

      So far it’s been pretty good. I’d almost think it was written by someone who had read this blog, but it lacks any of the memes found on this blog, so very likely they reach any conclusions independent of this blog.

      • The Cominator says:

        I didn’t read it because it blamed “Anabaptists” broadly rather than just Quakers. Amish are Anabaptists and aren’t feminists at all.

        • Redbible says:

          There are some issues with the book. I think the author does sometimes mix in their personal beliefs about religion as fact, which does muddy up the water.

          But on the other side, the fact that their are Amish groups letting their children “See the world” before deciding to stay in the community, is much closer to feminist than you might think.

          • The Cominator says:

            Letting the kids see the world is necessary so that they reject it voluntarily, in the 50s early 60s and the 80s they might have lost a lot of people doing this of course but now… doubt they lose hardly anyone.

  21. Kunning Druegger says:

    I know we don’t focus on the New Of The Moment, but I also know many of us wait to see things pop up here because the rest of the sources are compromised.

    Supreme court has gone 5 : 4 in favor of the Federal Government against Texas. Cunty Barret and Chief Cuck Roberts voted with the nigger, the spic, and the lesbian. This came without comments. IANAL and others here will explain in more detail, but basically they decided to not get involved, didn’t give any commentary, which means they have no plans to revisit the issue if it’s up to them. When the SCOTUS has plans, they lay them out in the Dissent (there are exceptions to this).

    Now we see what Texas is made of. I am not optimistic.

    • Big Brutha says:

      I doubt Abbott has the testicular fortitude to simply disregard the ruling and continue what he was doing and force the Federal Government to respond. If he did, he could play chicken with them and force them to commit to stopping him which might well cause things to pop off generally. Abbott needs to figure out who he can trust and sit down with them and decide if they are willing to go all in on this. If the answer is no then might as well pack it in today. If the answer is yes then then Abbott et al. need to figure out the angles that the Federal Government might us to come at them.

      The first likely step for the Federal Government would be threatening legal action or even direct action against Abbott, his circle, and their families.

      But if he did have the guts to do it and to send his family someplace abroad and secure, he could push this until the Federal Government was forced to respond in some way or to simply give up and walk away.

      I assume the first action would be to withhold funding or try to hit Texas financially at first. It might go further and tell people like Federal employees not to cooperate or do their jobs. Air traffic controllers who walk off the job might be a cause of serious difficulties for the state, for example.

      If Abbott still did not buckle at that point it would be a full blown crisis. Blue areas areas within Texas would get restive really fast. In that scenario Abbott would have to deal with internal dissent and have to deal with ever increasing Federal pressure.

      If he was prepared to go further then it would be time to set up border check points, etc. to deny Feds entry en masse into Texas. He’d be wise to preemptively prepare himself to close down FBI offices in the state and to roll out the National Guard to secure U.S. military bases. Texas Rangers could be used to secure entry and egress points. He’d probably need to call on sheriffs to deputize large numbers of citizens who would then function as an adjunct to state militia.

      He would have the option to disconnect the power etc. running to bases and prevent trucks from resupplying generators, food, etc. That’s a blockade and basically an act of war so it would not make sense to take that step until it was clear that the military was going to be used to try to supplant him as governor.

      At this point, I would expect drones to be circling with missiles. Abbott would need a secure and alternate command post from which to ride out the crisis.

      Abbott would need to get hold of media outlets and prepare to use them for his own ends. The goal would be not to be the one to draw first blood. Whoever does that runs the risk of losing at the moral level of war.

      The point would be to get the Feds to stand down. The question is what leverage might be used and whether that leverage would make the Feds come to the table to deal or double down.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        If Abbott tried any of that, his own people would arrest him and hand him over to the Feds for trial in about 30 seconds. You don’t get to be the head of the Texas Rangers, or the Texas Highway Patrol, or any of the other organizations he would need without being a Party Man through-and-through. The adults are in the room, every room, and they won’t stand for treason or even loose talk. Unless it’s from the Left, and then it’s nothing to worry about, you paranoid wingnut.

      • jim says:

        We shall see.

        Power is falling into the street. If Abbot does not pick it up, someone will.

        • Big Brutha says:

          The Texas Rangers are subordinate to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The Public Safety Commission oversees the DPS. The Commission’s five members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state senate for staggered, six-year terms.

          Now, I don’t know if Abbott has availed himself of this power to ensure the Public Safety Commission is populated by his people but it isn’t as if this is an impossible task.

          Control over personnel is control over policy. Again, I don’t know if Abbott understood this or not or made use of it but it can be done.
          Reactionaries failing to make use of these nodes of control is to leave them and the power that flows from them in enemy hands. Nodes include things like judgeships, state medical boards, state psychology boards, state education boards, state utilities commission (regulates telecom), etc. There are lots more.

          There is power all around and the leftists learned that a long time ago. Reactionaries are playing catch up. But the difference is leftists needs to constantly infuse everything with their control and propaganda efforts in order for it to continue to reflect their rule. By contrast, reactionaries are more or less Gnon-aligned and this means that in a Taoist sense, if things are ordered correctly, the ruler should have dominion flow to him naturally and status flow from him to worthy subordinates in the same way.

          Getting to that ordered state, especially from where we are, seems impossible but it has been done before. That means it can be done again.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Serious question: What exactly are the feds demanding from Greg Abbott? What is he supposed to do?

        As their cities turn into squalid refugee camps, the Democrats are desperate to stop this migrant influx anywhere except the US-Mexico border. How could that work, even without resistance from Republican governors?

        • Fred says:

          >Democrats are desperate to stop this migrant influx anywhere except the US-Mexico border

          Some Dem sheboon the other day (saw it a week ago, can’t find the link; think she was a rep from NY) admitted that the purpose of the refugee influx is to stop NY, CA etc from losing seats in the house – if they stay in Texas, then Texas will gain seats from them.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            If that’s their plan, why are Democrats angry at Greg Abbott?

            • Fidelis says:

              Because outer party stooge. Last weeks leftism. He isn’t as into the kill every lightskin program, so enemy.

        • Pete says:

          Yes, some city and state-level Democrats (NYC and Chicago mayors, etc) would like to stop the influx, but the freaks in DC could not care less about those guys. They are playing the long game.

        • Aidan says:

          They do not want to stop the influx, they want it to slow down enough that they can move the migrants to rural and suburban areas. They are only complaining about the lack of luxury Texas is cruelly subjecting them to.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Quick Update (and I still hope a lawfag here will weigh in)

      The court broke on genital lines; the 5 justices with alleged vaginas voted for Ge. Butt Naked to come make real women out of them.

      The crux of the question: does the federal Government have the constitutional right to tell Texas they are not allowed to lay razor wire on an international border (NOTE: I may have this backwards and the question is Does Texas have The Right To lay Wire…). Whatever the wording, the SCOTUS has affirmed the position of the Federal Government.

      In the last 2 hours (Lima Time 2130 GMT) Gov. Greg “Hot Wheels” Abbot has rejected the courts opinion in the “press” via a Tweet saying Texas forces are going to continue whatever it is that they are doing.

      In reality, this is very small potatoes. TX operators aren’t maneuvering against navy seals as ranger battalions fight internally after killing their commanding officers. It’s just a bunch of dumpy TX guys in fatigues standing around and herding mexicans onto buses that drive south before a bunch of dumpy FedGov guys herd them onto buses that drive north. But the memetic/spiritual conflict is massive. We live in an era of virtual warfare. Bureaucrats & politicians move paper, and the fate of our grandchildren moves with them. Silly incidents can snowball into massive happenings.

      In truth, Abbott may have already capitulated and they are just waiting until the sun goes down, or some black white nationalist glowniggers a preschool in Oregon and the news cycle shifts dramatically, to hand off the Eagle Pass location to fed control. But it could also be the case that enough elites have signaled support to Abbott that yes, there is a crown sitting in a gutter and yes, there is wheelchair access to said gutter, and yes, they want him to pick it up. It would be absolutely hilarious if DeSantis gets cucked by the cripple right after he got cucked by Trump and Abbott becomes le based RW governor of the week.

      Keep in mind what the retarded governor of New Mexico tried to do (suspend the 2nd amendment due to a “health crisis” ((corona precedent))), which came on the heels of other minor moves, initiatives, and violations by other governors and mayors. All of this is connected. Everything is connected, obviously, but particularly so in a nanny state run by a permanent bureaucratic oligarchy. No one acts without permission, no one gets permission without 7 TPS reports, 6 internal audits, and FIVE FUCKING POOOOOOLLLLLS. There was a crowd of people standing behind the NM Governor in spirit, and there’s a very likely larger crowd standing behind the TX Governor.

      • Jamesthe1st says:

        What you describe would be pretty funny because Abbot followed Desantis’ lead with the covid cult. He didn’t start loosening up the insane restrictions until Desantis did.

      • Jamesthe1st says:

        Well now what? Abbot has put out a statement saying the Federal government has broken the compact with the states by not protecting them from invasion. Is this going to be something?

        • The Cominator says:

          Even if he ultimately backs down that is a big deal… as he is edging a fort sumter situation.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Agreed. A dam has burst, or maybe it’s just a trickle flowing from a crack, but every literal minute that goes by, staunching the flow and repairing the damn gets exponentially harder.

            • jim says:

              I have a policy of ignoring the events of today, whose significance is seldom evident until years have passed, but this event is potentially historic

              He says “Mah constitution” which is cuckservative Rino talk. The Republic has been dead for some time. But he invokes the founding fathers, meaning he invokes revolution, and he uses the word “sovereign”, and he does so in a direct response to the Supremes dismissing the long dead constitution yet again, which rather changes the meaning, from Rino talk to alt right talk. If the constitution is long dead, then there is no compact binding the states.

              The provinces of empire have been breaking away ever since the embarrassing and disorderly flight from Afghanistan, though Europe still docilely obeys. This process has now come considerably closer to Washington.

              Trump’s position on Afghanistan was dignified and orderly retreat, covered by a favourable peace deal, and no one doubts he could have and would have accomplished it. Suddenly the elites who have grown fat skimming the gravy from empire are getting Trump nostalgia.

              The governor of Texas may cuck out, may die, or may die in prison. But, considering the vengeful conduct of the radicals, he is likely to be Epsteined in prison if he cucks out, and considering Afghanistan, unlikely to die if he stands his ground.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                many years ago now, you shattered my latent marxist perception of “people power.” Everything real is top down. But it is also the case that leaders rely on their staff for guidance, support, and critique. that’s not bottom up, nor is it “people power,” and it’s not the optimum state to have the staff pushing the leader to act. better to restrain the bronco than prod the mule. but you can prod the mule, and I think that’s what we are seeing now, though it could also be the case that a cripple with the heart of a lion is figuring out how to walk memetically as he rolls physically.

                I am not being excessively optimistic when I say that we are fully into “historic” territory. Eevn if Abbott cucks, another Governor could take the same document, rejigger the text, swap “illegal Immigrants” with fentanyl, or bussed migrants, or any other damn thing, and USG is right back in the same predicament, the one you elided: paper doesn’t mean jack if no one believes guys with guns are attached to it. USG has no choice now; they have to put down this “revolution,” and it is a revolution, not a coup (not yet) because it is an “attack from the left” in terms of procedure. Texas is trying to steal powers from USG in a technical sense (I know the memetic and political sense, this is incorrect framing).

                If I am a Peace Officer, and someone tries to grab my gun, even if they fail to get it, I am in a bad place that’s going to get a lot worse unless I demonstrate that not only is my gun not grabbable, but even trying is going to be incredibly damaging to the try-er. If I fail to reward the cur with a butt stroke or barrel strike, or even a kick to the ass, everyone watching will think “OK, but maybe I can get a hold of it.”

                Texas just took a swipe at USG’s gun. It doesn’t matter if they get a hold of it or miss at this point, at least for USG, because someone else, maybe many someones, are now thinking about the same thing. So even if Abbott comes out, apologizes, prostrates himself before the throne and wails his regret, the calculus doesn’t change: he, and by extension Texas, thought they could get ahold of it. So…

                USG has to come down hard, very hard, and in a way that makes it perfectly clear to anyone else thinking thoughts what exactly will happen if they try. The technical capacity is there. Elements of USG have already been reported going after the financials and other detritus of modernity of individual Texas paramilitary personnel. Mommy government, lashing out the way she always does with passively aggressive petty bullshit. But nagging and swiping will not do here. Honestly, nothing short of a pre-Waco tier response will overmatch what just occurred.

                Maybe I am misreading it?

                • jim says:

                  Maybe I am misreading it?

                  I think you are reading it right. Ever since they installed placeholder for president, hot radioactive power has been leaking into the street. Someone is going to pick it up. They have to grab it back, but if they had had the capability to grab it back, it would not have leaked in the first place.

                  As a reactionary, I want to restore modern science, the scientific method of the seventeenth to early twentieth century, modern corporate capitalism, the capitalism of the seventeenth to the mid twentieth century, modern religion, the faith of the seventeenth to early nineteenth century, and premodern governance, the rule of Kings and aristocrats, which lasted to the early nineteenth century in England, and to World War I in most of Europe.

                  When strong men take power, might happen.

                  during the nineteenth century, everyone knew that democracy was a degenerate form of a Republic, that a Republic is only possible with widespread elite virtue, that tends to be lacking, and that lacking widespread elite virtue, needed a King.

  22. Ted says:

    Jim, 2025 list:

    1. Deep state will ‘allow’ Trump to be elected in 2024.

    2. Since the J6 Insurrection was not effective in smearing Trump, they have to go color revolution.

    3. Around the time of the Electoral College or Inauguration, the Capitol will be stormed by leftists in protest.

    4. Since Trump wanted National Guard on J6, but was refused, they will have lots of National Guard on hand this time, because Trump wants them….

    5. National Guard will fire into crowds of mostly peaceful leftist protesters.

    6. Trump will be blamed for gunning down innocent civilians and will be forced out of office.

    • jim says:

      The national guard is not going to fire at peaceful protesters. Probably will fire at “mostly peaceful” protesters, but no one would care.

      What was done in the Maidan coup is that they had their own people fire from cover at their own people — a false flag massacre. And in the Lafayette Park incident, Trump was mighty worried that they were going to pull the same stunt again and took precautions. By that point he had learned something. Before clearing Lafayette Park, his people took the sniper points from which it would have been possible to open fire on the crowd.

      Trump’s election is not in the bag yet. The 2022 Republican primaries were massively rigged, and there was plan afoot to rig new Hampshire. There still is, but it seems to be falling apart.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*stupendous lies from the mainstream media deleted. Being shouted everywhere, no point in repeating them here*]

      • The Cominator says:

        Did Anonymous faggot (I wouldn’t normally call him that but if he went there he is a faggot) do a Drumpf is LITERALLY Hitler or something?

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Even Hitler didn’t kill Aryan babies. Trump has been “moderate” on abortion and Haley has been “pro-life” and that’s all that’s going to matter to Christian voters. And no one wants to hear about “states’ rights” because this isn’t the 19th century.

          • jim says:

            Haley, notoriously, was not pro-life and based on race and all that, until, equally notoriously, she was sponsored and funded by the Democrats and the radical deep state faction to run against Trump.

            Before that, her position was solidly Democratic party (Rino). Notably open borders, and war everywhere.

            If Vivek is a deep state plant, he is deep state plant of the Thermidorean faction that genuinely wants to roll back a lot of the more recent insanity, largely because it has shut down the economic capability to fight a war. Haley is quite plainly a deep state plant of the radical burn-it-all-down kill-all-whites kill-all-straight-males faction.

            They chose her not because her past history made her sudden conversion to the alt right credible, but because she identifies as female and non white. It was a ludicrous choice, and reveals the delusion and incompetence of her sponsors.

            I saw the news talking to people who said they were going to vote for her. She is running as based, anti abortion, and alt right, but everyone they interviewed who says they intend to vote for her is a childless purple haired lesbian. She isd not fooling people.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Interesting data point here: Norther Virginia, literal home of the deep state, has some of the strongest support for Haley in the country. This tracks with the “Kill Them All, Burn It All” faction being behind Haley, because the Thermidorians are most definitely NOT well represented in the beltway; they are on the fringe and trying to work their way in, specifically in regards to the USG (I know they aren’t fringe globally).

    • Karl says:

      Why do you think they’d have to go color revolution? Much easier to ignore the president and, to the extent that this is not possible, misunderstand his orders and sabotage any of his plans from within the administration.

      He can’t rule alone. It is not yet clear whether he’ll want any personal that the deep state doesn’t like nor that he’d be able to get and keep personal the deep state doesn’t like.

      • jim says:

        > Why do you think they’d have to go color revolution? Much easier to ignore the president and, to the extent that this is not possible, misunderstand his orders and sabotage any of his plans from within the administration

        This is exactly the current plan of the moderate (Thermidorean) Deep State faction. Worked last time.

        It will work again, more or less, unless this time around Trump brings in some reactionaries, alt right, or Christian Nationalists (Obviously the same person can be all three of these at once, and often is)

        But the radicals will still view what little he accomplishes as unbearable, and it is possible that he has learned this time around, and will bring in people capable of draining the swamp.

        Vivek pointed out legal paths to draining it, but of course legality does not matter any more. But going through the motions of legality can give color of law to actually doing what has to be done. Whether Trump is up for it another question. Last time around he infamously fished on the Rubicon.

    • jim says:

      The radicals having grabbed control of the Biden, who cannot stop them from attempting to do anything they want, but many of the things they want are causing dismay among others of deep state, rendering the deep state incapable of the kind of cohesion that it showed in the 2020 StopTrump effort, and the 2022 StopPopulism effort.

      I expected and predicted that this would lead to lethal violence within the Deep State, but I was on Musk time. It has not happened yet. It will happen, but probably not for some time. First to arrive where we are going will gain an advantage, but normality bias is strong, and stronger in the Deep State than anywhere else. I under estimated that.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “…but normality bias is strong, and stronger in the Deep State than anywhere else. I under estimated that.”

        We have gated community normality bias, unironic left-singularity genocide-posting, and also blogs like this one. Simultaneously. Such a volatile combination.

    • Aidan says:

      The faction now behind Trump has control over the RNC primary ballot-stuffing, but not the general election Shaniqua printer-go-brrr fraud machine. Turning that fraud machine off is not possible unless the people in charge order it off, but it is likely that the machine does not take central orders, just some Esther Goldberg in some petty local election commission taking cues from the media and then ordering Shaniqua to “turn out the vote”, while being willfully blind to the measures that Shaniqua takes to turn out the vote.

      I still expect Trump to go under to massive fraud in ‘24. I don’t think that Pandora’s box closes so easy. I said in ‘20 that box don’t close, and I stand by that prediction. If Trump’s 92 criminal charges go quietly away, that will be a sign that maybe someone is going to let him win. But I think they are banking on Trump being locked up. Why do you think they’re running Haley? Not to beat Trump, to be the default Republican in case Trump is put in jail.

      • The Cominator says:

        Shaniqua does not stuff ballots for free or out of ideological commitment to the Democrats or because they hate Trump (the numbers have to been fraudulent for years because niggers DONT hate Trump its liberal unowned white women who do) turning the fraud machine off means simply declining to payout the money. Shaniqua expects to be paid for each fraudulent ballot. Now the question is of course does the money stop…

        • MuskFan says:

          The ballot-stuffing is better explained as just naked bribery. Cash is exchanged to the local head Shaniqua for X amount of votes. It’s very simple. I would think someone from Trump’s camp would have learned how it works by now, but maybe not.

          • The Cominator says:

            Its simple but its not, the security state has the power to stop this ballot stuffing or at least limit it at any time. In 2020 the word went out that there were no limits and Zuckerberg (probably in exchange for ignoring his blatant tax evasion where he didn’t pay a dime on what he sold out from facebook) was extorted to 400 million dollars which comprised the budget for the ballot stuffing operation.

            They would not tolerate Republicans doing it though Shaniqua is probably the least ideological person in the whole Democratic party machine and all things being equal she’d be willing to work for Republicans too if the money was better. Our biggest problem is Trump foolishly let the radicals get total control of the FBI… this is one reason I will never quite trust him again and quite preferred DeSantis.

            • MuskFan says:

              All the votes are fake in the inner cities so they wouldn’t even need to count fake ballots like the Dems. All that is needed is to NOT count a certain number of votes for a large enough sum of money.

              For example: so and so black district that had 10000 Biden votes and 0 Trumps votes last time gets 5000 Biden votes and 0 Trump votes this time.

              Would be very hard to prove.

            • jim says:

              The radicals got total control of FBI and NSA under Obama. Trump failed to correct this, hard to say if he was unable or suffered from normalcy bias.

              What it boils down to is that illegal and criminal violence is being done to political opponents under color of law, and the only possible fix is to respond with violence.

              If side A is willing to use violence and side B is not, Side B loses. It is not that complicated. Time to cross the Rubicon arrived when they went after Sheriff Joe, long before Trump came down the escalator.

              • Fidelis says:

                What is the evidence this was an Obama phenomenon and not the way these organizations have been since their founding?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Obama definitely inserted an insane Maoist who wanted to mass murder the Amerikaners and the Russians too (they abandoned communism so he hates them) into the CIA with John Brennan. James Clapper was a bad guy too. I still dont know what to make of Comey but the FBI seemed to get far worse after he was fired. Christopher Wray and Comeys deputy (name escapes me it was some kinda mick name) were both worse than he was… but the radicals definitely have full control of the FBI now.

              • ron says:

                “Trump failed to correct this”

                There was nothing he could do.

                The FBI are Temple Guards, not really Warriors and definitely not Praetorians loyal only to the Emperor. That means they are holy officers of the Most Sacred Inquisition. As such, only an Emperor blessed by the saints of the Church Ecclesiastic Orders had permission to reform and make them holier.

                The last such Emperor as you pointed out was Emperor Obama the Immaculate.

                With the charges of Heresy Most Egregious And Foul having been leveled at the Pretender Trump, he had no recourse to reforming the Temple Guard and was thus eventually cast out, Excommunicated from Heaven and Banished.

          • jim says:

            That is old fashioned ballot stuffing. Now it is irrelevant, because the old ways do not scale to what is required.

            • The Cominator says:

              Im skeptical that the voting machines were the primary method used against Trump or that they were used much at all, 2020 was mostly done the old fashioned way it was just the scale of it and the use of mail ins was different (and because of the scale the centralized tally pause was coordinated with the glownigger controlled tv networks).

              Stronger evidence machines WERE used against Kari Lake though at least in Maricopa county.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      The smart move would be to let Trump win then let him take the blame for the accelerating collapse of the GAE and its fake and gay economy. A Trump 24 win would discredit “populism” and the Right in general for generations without doing much to inconvenience the Progressive project. He’s a sucker and a loser and he longs more than anything for the beautiful people’s respect and acceptance – easily managed. Our rulers/enemies are neither smart enough nor disciplined enough to do this. The Great Orange Boomer will not be allowed to run, and if I’m wrong and somehow he does run, he will will not be allowed to win. Maybe this is good for us, probably it’s bad.

      • jim says:

        I did not believe Trump would be allowed to run, but it looks like he will.

        And, after what the former flatterers have been doing to him, he will be less of a sucker for flattery this time around.

        The 2022 Republican primaries were rigged to hell and back, but the deep state is losing cohesion. Recent Republican primaries don’t seem to be all that rigged. And if they cannot steal the primaries, probably cannot steal the general election. So the only way they can fix it is to Epstein him.

        Offing Epstein was hilariously incompetent — but he was a spy, a blackmailer, a pimp, a panderer, a procurer, and a whoremonger so nobody much cared. If they Epstein Trump, it is probably going to be done even more incompetently. If they ran into headwinds from stealing the 2020 election, and the Republican party is suffering headwinds from rigging the the 2022 primaries, winning an election by murdering the opposition is likely to create some interesting weather conditions.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          They’ll kill him if they have to, but it won’t come to that. All they need is one judge out of a few dozen to “do the right thing” and arrange a conviction on anything. At that point, Progressive bureaucrats in a couple States declare him disqualified, remove him from the ballot, and the GOP jumps on the chance to dump him. They run Nimrata; the GOP voters are hopelessly confused, demoralized, and scattered; Biden cruises into a second term without even needing the ample fraud he will get anyway. Failing that, the ample fraud does Trump in. Only failing that, assassination. Or maybe Color Revolution as Ted suggested.

          I’m not at all convinced this is a smart move, but the Proggies will probably make it work. They’re not FDR and his “Brains Trust” anymore, but they’re still undefeated, and how hard is it to import infinite Third Worlders, promise them the moon, and stoke their resentments?

          • jim says:

            > Progressive bureaucrats in a couple States declare him disqualified, remove him from the ballot, and the GOP jumps on the chance to dump him.

            Didn’t they already do that?

            To no effect.

            After he landslides through the primaries, including those for which he has already been disqualified, disqualifying him in the General Election is going to have even less effect. A piece of paper does not impress anyone, unless they expect men with guns to back it.

            Power is falling into the street. I though it would happen a lot faster than this, but it is starting to happen.

  23. S.J., Esquire says:

    In a different direction: if they are resigned to Trump winning I wonder if they will more readily allow the economy to crash.

    • FrankNorman says:

      “In a different direction: if they are resigned to Trump winning I wonder if they will more readily allow the economy to crash.”

      So that they can blame him for that?

      Have the ship aimed squarely at the iceberg, full steam ahead, and grant the steering wheel to their hated opponent only when they’re sure it’s too late for him to do anything to prevent the collision?

      Listen: do you think it beyond those people to let him be nominally commanding the bridge, but when he sees the iceberg ahead and orders a change of course and/or a hard-astern change of engines.. simply ignore those orders and pretend that he never gave them?

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        Sorry, that isn’t really what I meant. There’s a theory out there that the market is teetering and should have crashed by now but “it’s an election year so the incumbent won’t let it.” Anyway it doesn’t matter.

    • The Cominator says:

      It crashed already, the fact the stock indexes are held up by the governments pet blue chip cartels and the fact that government front blackrock mostly controls prices now (the way the government used to only rig the price of silver)… the non megacaps had a brutal 2008 style crash and just never recovered.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Stocks, art, and real estate keep rising because what else is there to buy with all the free money the Fed’s pumping out? In 2010 Gonzalo Lira predicted that speculators would rotate into physical commodities and hyperinflation would erupt, but that never happened because if it did, the government would simply declare “hoarding” illegal and seize those commodities.

        To create mass starvation, the government needs to crack down on farmers so hard that they give up and stop growing food. That happened in Zimbabwe and Venezuela but not yet in the USA, though American governments have caused a massive housing crisis by making it very hard to build new homes.

        • The Cominator says:

          Real estate keeps rising because the credit is subsidized and at least its worth something if the dollar collapses (I mean provided there is a successor government which respects the old titles), art keeps rising because dirty money… stocks only the blue chips rise because of the government and blackrock.

  24. Fidelis says:

    Yarvin still doesn’t seem to grasp “no bishop no king”, or he is incredibly pessimistic about reaction and trying to cover his hide.

    jump to 01:03:05 from the link in the description, specific statement I’m referring to is around 01:03:25

    • jim says:

      I don’t watch anything political on you tube. Nothing they say is true, everything is disinformation. If it was true, Youtube would block it.

      If he was willing to speak the truth, he would be on Rumble.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        But you have also stated that they are in disarray and there are contradictory orders being thrown around. Maybe you are still correct. I will keep watching that space, and I will keep bringing instances where I think the damn may be breaking. At some point, hard truths will have to start going out on YouTube; they will be need to say “Kill The Kulak” er, I mean “Kill The Boer” no, it’s “Kill The Amerikaner before he takes away your gibbs!”. I mean this from the “Woke Are More Correct” frame. When someone on the right states a Hard truth, it is censored and they are cancelled. When someone from the lef states a Hard Truth, they are moderated and “chastised” with a wink & nod.

        For my part, I am seeing things on YT and elsewhere that would have previously been unsayable because they were unthinkable. Now they aren’t exactly saying it, but you can tell they are thinking it. The Thermidorian pivot is going to have substantial downstream consequences, some of which will seem, possibly be, good for us, but many more which will be very bad for us. I think it will be like 2020 Summer of Love, but wider, messier, and far less centralized. The real question for me is, will they start to go after CNs and RWers with their “organic shock troops” the same way they went after moderates and soft libs with Antifa and BLM.

  25. Big Brutha says:

    Trump has always struck me as more of a Tiberius Gracchus figure: interested in reforms unpopular with the current elites and at odds with the existing power structure. We all know what happened to Tiberius and his brother. The question is how quickly he can be succeeded by a Sulla and what needs to happen for that to occur?

    Sulla was trying to return Rome to yesterday’s leftism. What would a stable return to yesterday’s leftism look like today? What present day policies would have to be jettisoned before we could reach equilibrium? Also, what would be the modern analogue of proscription lists?

    • Tigger53 says:

      (In case not previously white listed:white/black 1 standard deviation IQ difference makes DEI, forced integration, & civil rights act guaranteed failure, leading to race war and/or civilization collapse. It’s genetic differences.)

      Trump is our Gorbachev. Still a true believer in neoliberal ideals & the so-called enlightenment. (Instead of Soviet socialism for Gorby.) He will try to reform FUSA to save it by draining the swamp. Draining it won’t work. It needs to be sterilized, exterminated. Burn down the whole neoliberal ideology. Kill all the true believers; maybe their whole families. Holy war a la Joshua, because the enemy is demon dominated.

      • jim says:

        Holy war is apt to be unpleasant, but if we don’t start it, they either will start it or genocide us.

        Leftism died under Stalin. But it dies because he killed it, so Khrushchev inherited a zombie faith, Gorbachev a dead faith.

        On the other hand, Cromwell halted the holiness spiral with very little killing, then the faith quietly expired (a shark must swim or drown, and leftism must get ever lefter or die) enabling the reactionary Monck to restore the status quo ante without too much drama, though Monck’s excessive mercy came back to bite us.

        If the effect of the vaccines is properly investigated, and the guilty suffer consequences (they have sterilized, maimed and murdered millions) if the lavendar mafia is purged, that would be a good start.

        But the original and crucial censorship was of hero and romance media, where no one can truthfully depict the mating dance, where marriage 1.0 is deemed unimaginably horrible, and that started a very long time ago, and all the more recent censorship (election fraud, wars, RussiaRussiaRussia, black race hate criminality against whites, female underperformance in the workplace, and so on and so forth is downstream of that original censorship. Which has to be undone, to make a start on getting white reproduction up and to make a start on a sane state religion.

        Everything is nonstop propaganda for the state religion (example, do a google image search for “scientist”). Until that stops, we keep going where we are going, for our officially unofficial state religion worships demons.

        Now it is possible that this can be ended by means less drastic than those applied by Joshua and Jehu, Cortez and Aemilianus. Trump is and Vivek was running on the platform that he can stop it by Republican means. This does not see likely to work, for the Republic is dead. Past history gives reason to doubt. Cromwell was able to halt the drift ever leftwards by less drastic means because he suppressed the postChristian left before it went full demonic, and because he had a powerful belief in a genuinely Christian faith (last year leftist Christianity) while today’s believers in last year leftism don’t really believe in anything and what they do believe is full on demonic, just somewhat less demonic than current year leftism. Only the reaction can do it. Last year leftism cannot do it, and unlikely that Vivek and Trump’s 1990s leftism can do it either.

      • jim says:

        I do not know why you did not show as white listed

        You were white listed and were never delisted. Something went wrong, and I do not know what. It might continue to go wrong

  26. Reinhard von Lohengramm says:

    While I find Jim a fantastically interesting writer, does this not seem a little bit like political fanfic to anyone else?

    Perhaps that’s not the best way to put it, but I’ve just not felt like the situation is *that* dire, or that these supposed historical parallels will inevitably come to pass. Maybe I live in a bubble, or that as a zoomer I don’t realize how bad it’s gotten, but as I write this post from a nice cocktail bar in Seattle, surrounded by other bougie restaurants and grocery stores, I can’t help but feel that maybe shit is just OK. Not good, exactly — Seattle is disgusting and filled with junkies, after all — but the energy doesn’t feel at all like Civil War is imminent. People have decent jobs, good food, and better weed. Why do we expect a “Sulla” or “Caesar”? Maybe things continue on their current course, but with ups and downs in culture and prosperity, as we’ve seen through the 20th century. I remember CHAZ, and thinking it was insane, but apparently even that paled in comparison to when the niggers in LA rioted in the 90s.

    So my question is: Is any of this “real”? Or is it a political LARP of sorts? Like we’re all too bored of the media monoculture and seek a more entertaining outlet.

    • jim says:

      Leftism has been getting ever lefter, ever faster. World War III looms, because our empire wants to converge everyone to a social order increasingly objectionable.

      What you doubt is that civil war and or genocide is imminent.

      Well, reflect on destruction of Detroit. Then in recent decades, we got a whole lot more Detroits. Now all the big blue megalopoli are turning into Detroit. If all America turns into Detroit, where are whites going to go?

      Carried to its conclusion, and everything is being carried to its conclusion, that is genocide Rwanda style.

      • Epimetheus says:

        I wonder if perhaps the real crisis coming toward America is an apocalyptic mass suicide event, especially amongst the young. The current elite seem to commit genocide is to get people to do it to themselves – no death camps or death squads required. The homicidal and genocidal rage of leftists doesn’t seem to result in much mass killing, just people who live alone with the darkness of their thoughts. Perhaps genocidal fantasies are just a way of deferring one’s suicidal it’s by projecting it into the Other.

        If this is true, we can expect more and more explicit attempts to get men to kill themselves. That Noel Ignatieff at Harvard apparently did quite a bit of this to his own students.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      If ever one feels that God is too harsh on humans, that the penalties for sin and stupidity accorded by Nature are too steep, spend a day reading the ideal and retarded musings of the children of the generation that precedes revolution, collapses, or civil war. The historical record winnows away all the dumb takes and blatant stupidities, leaving the cream of the crop to badger bored students with, but you can still find articles & letters from 2000, or 1938, or 1913, or 1860, or 1787 penned by annoyingly cocksure youths utterly convinced that nothing can change because nothing has changed. Small consolation that they usually die in a ditch, lose their station & inheritance, or otherwise disappear.

      Maybe we’re going to see a successful Thermidor then a protracted Brezhnevian Stagnation. I’d actually prefer it as many of “us” can capitalize on expected/predictable stability, and being able to feed our kids reliably is a wonderful feeling. But in addition to leftists getting lefter internally, there are external factors and forces pushing for a fundamental change in the power dynamic. Hard to predict, one way or another.

    • jim says:

      When Kathryn Steinle was murdered by Francisco Sanchez because she was white and he was brown, and he was acquitted of the murder because she was white and he was brown, that was the beginning.

      You say things are still normal. No they are not. If they were, pretty girls would still be cruising the Embarcadero. Ethnic cleansing is reaching my old stamping grounds. It will reach you soon enough unless something dramatics, such as Sulla, happens.

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        Yes, besides the answers already offered, I continue to be astonished by commenters in the “nothing ever happens” vein who – apparently – against all odds – incredible! – did not learn from the COVID experience.

        COVID was a world-class, first-rate learning experience, about What Can Happen. I’m sorry to keep talking about it, when everyone wants to forget about it, but that’s what it was. And it was just-an-inch from getting much worse until halted by events, most notably the Trucker Convoy and then the advent of Ukraine war. If anybody didn’t learn this, I don’t know how.

        In sum:

        “Maybe I live in a bubble, or that as a zoomer I don’t realize how bad it’s gotten”

        I think that both of these are almost certainly true. “Things are normal until they aren’t,” saith the COVID daemon.

        As for this:

        “Maybe things continue on their current course, but with ups and downs in culture and prosperity,”

        The scenarios are not mutually exclusive. Much or most of the peasantry will continue to pay taxes, watch football, and go to small claims court against neighbours, under any circumstance:


        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Don’t stop saying it. Don’t ever let them forget that we have not forgotten. Remember how many of us were off, confused, or flat wrong on Covid. Same thing will happen with the Next Turning: there will be very few who really get it at first, most who will miss it completely, and some who will not realize it without effort and assistance. The greatest tactical error we could make is to allow petty grievance and infighting paralyze us when the time is right. I fear that more than any of the other potential evils facing us, and I sincerely hope I am not alone.

        • skippy says:

          Birth rate collapse. Began in the last parts of the West it hadn’t touched (except Israel) in 2008. It has not stopped. It will not stop until something dramatic happens. If it does not stop, it will become the something dramatic that happens.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          I’m wondering what the “inciting incidents” will be this time.

          Last time it was a bad flu and a dead nigger. So much hay was made out of those, I feel like I went insane. Maybe I still am.

          Referring to the Patriot Front fed group this week, I guess it’s going to be feds, dressed up like Trump supporters, out dumping proverbial bleach on someone in proverbial Chicago. Or even maidaning a bunch of niggers and dragging their bodies cross country from pickup trucks (with no license plates?) so everyone can video them.

          OK that’s my bet. A Maidan false-flag victim-production campaign, but distributed and on social media, rather than all in one place. It’s a TikTok world now, after all. 2014 wasn’t.

          There’s also something something Russia and nuclear, and another fake Putin-Trump-Ukraine-Whatever dossier, tying up all the bad guys somehow under a fake unifying banner with a cross on it.

          Anyway, blah blah blah, I’ll tell you this. I never imagined Covid, so whatever it is this time, I’m probably not imagining it either.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Remember, Antifa & BLM were used to punish *Liberals* and insufficiently holy leftists. Some RWers got rolled up in that, but that was purely wrong place/wrong time. The suppression of the Right is systemic and total, it’s baked into policy & process. So Ch’neekwa may hate whitie, and Pedro may want to steal his daughters hymen, and so on and so forth, but it is Progressive Ken & Karen that matter most, they call the shots, give the orders, write the policies, and drive the process. The migrants & minorities would be just as happy to murder, molest, and steal from their own kind because their primitive proclivities are a *state of being*.

            PF, and whatever sister/daughter/similar groups that follow are intended for the conservatives and good whites. So the vector of attack will *seem* to come from the “right” to the average observer. Now we see the utility of the Wignat, the Nazi larper. Vast majority just cannot accept that Hitler/National Socialism was LEFTIST, so if you slap a swastika on it, it just becomes “rightwing.” Ditto for all the elements of “fascism.” Thus, if the Cathedral has any competent leaders left, they will put Us (collectively) on the horns of a dilemma: do we counter signal words and deeds that, to the vast majority of observers, appear to be coming from the “right” (hopefully we do, and do so successfully) or do we “make hay whilst the sun shines” and just hope the more badass angels of our nature assert themselves and wrest control from the fed appointed overseers. Obviously, this is a precarious predicament. Let’s hope they don’t realize this pervasive weakness, but we should not, we CANNOT, just assume they can’t/won’t.

            All of this mess, civil rights, faggot rights, woman rights, is downstream of the Eternal Struggle, Chaos v. Order, and it is always Whites v. Whites, everyone and everything else are just tools in that titanic struggle.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Collapse does reset society, it’s just that wars and pandemics aren’t very effective at triggering a collapse. In fact, they sometimes do the opposite, forcing people to fight together and work together, giving their nation a new lease on life. Wars can be highly Darwinian, and pandemics wipe out surplus population without destroying physical capital.

          Civilization is a never-ending struggle against chaos, and sometimes chaos wins. Large-scale collapses like the Late Bronze Age and the Fall of Rome are rare because few societies ascend to such great heights in the first place.

          If the USA collapses, container ships from China will for centuries continue supplying the world with all sorts of manufactured goods in exchange for food and raw materials. Russia will gradually revert to a peasant village society if it doesn’t solve the fertility problem.

          Dependency ratios are not a problem; governments will discharge their elder-care responsibility by putting it out to the lowest bidder. Islam is not a problem; any Muslims who make trouble for China or its client states will be killed or sterilized, cf. Uighurs and Rohingya. Climate change is not a problem; people will either make do or move farther from the equator (or closer to it, if the climate gets colder).

          • jim says:

            As someone who has lived where the seas get too hot to swim in summer, and where it gets so cold that one needs extraordinary survival gear to go outside without dying, I don’t think we will move. Iron age technology makes it possible for humans to live anywhere, though twentieth century technology makes it more comfortable.

    • cub says:

      I agree that excessive reliance on historical comparisons is a weakness of this blog, but they serve as a useful shorthand for taking about broad societal patterns and events, and do end up occasionally providing some insight. The Thermidorean analogy/prediction for example is spot-on, and worth paying attention to in your case, since a partial retreat by our enemies is liable to lull people like you into a false sense of complacency.

      • jim says:

        Young people think all history happened a long time ago, is therefore irrelevant, nothing ever changes and therefore nothing ever will change.

        I have seen radical and dramatic change in my lifetime — always leftwards. But reading up on history, change ever leftwards, though it continues for a very long time, eventually comes cataclysmically undone. Trees do not stabilise at a certain height, nor do they grow to the sky, they grow till they fall over.

        Civilisations come and go, but the fall of a civilisation into a dark age is a slower process – slow for a long time, interrupted by periods of sudden and drastic collapse. Leftism, on the other hand must go ever lefter ever faster or die. If Thermidor is successful in stabilising leftism, as with Stalin, it finds that after a while the faith that brought it to power has died, and it falls at a touch.

        A successful Thermidor in America has to crush the radicals, because they are not going to like it. It will find it difficult to crush the radicals without taking a General Monck out of prison and giving him substantial power. Some of them seem to be fancying Trump as their General Monck, but I expect that he is going to need his own General Monck.

        • Redbible says:

          Jim, you say young people, but I think part of it may correlate better with anyone who’s thought process is in line with progressive thinking. (Which the schools are teaching to all children, and have been for some time.)

          In progressive thinking, everything is brand new, so this is the “first time” Gays and Feminism have ever been tried. (Pay no attention to the Rome, Egypt, etc. behind the curtain.) Also in progressive thinking, even what was turned into law 10 years ago is now an “ancient” tradition that can’t be repealed. (See gay marriage and obama care.)

          But ultimately, progressive thinking only wants to look at things changing in one direction, so getting people to believe things never change, and have always been this way, is the best way for them to make changes stick. Progressivism has always been unpopular with the generation they forced on, but by controlling the schools to make kids think it has always been this way, then the kids don’t even consider a world where that piece of Progressivism isn’t true.

  27. Mister Grumpus says:

    Whether this blog is prescriptive or just descriptive I don’t know, but I’m just amazed by how all of a sudden my YouTube edgycon voicefag/facefag channels are all doing the Sulla/Thermador thing, in almost perfect unison.

    A few normielib conversations overheard IRL as well.

  28. Dave says:

    Desantis just dropped out endorsing trump. Yes “establishment” alts to trump have folded.

    • jim says:

      The “yes establishment” alts are deep state muppets. If they have folded, the deep state has folded. Trump is on course for a succession of landslide victories all the way to the Whitehouse.

      And then the troubles begin.

      • Hesiod says:

        Just checked to find Youtube still pushing their “Help us, Nikki Haley, you’re our only hope…against Brandon” commercials. Could be a case of contractual obligation to continue running those ads in the wake of Iowa. Worth it if only for the lolz.

        • jim says:

          Because the radicals still have the upper hand, their projects are still going.

          Because all the competent deep staters are in the Thermidorean faction, their projects are now all falling apart.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Whose projects are falling apart, the radicals’? Their project of replacing the US population with a billion Africans is going great.

      • The Cominator says:

        DeSantis being out smooths the path for the enemy to murder Trump (not saying they will but its more likely now) if DeSantis were there and Trump were to die… DeSantis inherits all of Trump’s support and DeSantis is not really acceptable to the enemy either.

        The Punjabi cunt is acceptable to the enemy…

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          You’re making scary sense again, damn you.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          As it stands right now, DeSantis inherits nothing. Let’s see if he gets a cabinet position, but to do that he needs to become a surrogate, and a prominent one, but to do that he has to dump the toxic assets that are his most ardent supporters. Maybe he will, but I still think he’s a beta male that has RINO cum all over his pants and his tie. Then again, Trump has a record of letting RINOs in too close… maybe he’ll make him VP, like shorter, fatter Mike Pence.

          DeSantis betrayed Trump, and in so doing exposed his lack of charisma and acumen. He’s got a long road ahead of he wants to get back to where he was before he stabbed Trump in the back.

          • The Cominator says:

            You don’t understand what I said… they couldn’t really murder Trump early in the primaries with DeSantis still there. Now they can… they may not but the “deep state” has a lot more reason to Epstein Trump to make the Punjabi cunt the nominee then they would when murdering him would make DeSantis the nominee.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Letting the opposition coalesce around one man and then murdering him is a brilliant strategy, worked great for Brutus and company.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              This is silly. If they stupidly take a shot at Trump now, a literal statue of The Donald carried on a palanquin would inherit more support than any Con Inc proxy. Jim is right, the elites are pivoting. This doesn’t mean someone won’t try, but it will be a room temp IQ nigger DA or something similar, not a perfect wet work assassination with total and complete media/messaging coverage.

              • The Cominator says:

                The elites do not quite agree but the far left faction wont be evicted without violence. The radical faction still unfortunately seems to control the White House, the FBI, the dc “criminal justice” apparatus. More than enough to Epstein Trump.

                • The Cominator says:


                  They are gonna try to whack him now, probably when the DC court sends him to prison… as I said DeSantis being out smooths the way to get rid of him.

                • jim says:

                  Very likely. This will horrify and alarm the Thermidorean faction, but there is no steel in them. They will likely sign up with the radical faction to avoid being next.

                  On the other hand, possibly the Thermidorean faction, despite normality bias, will see what is coming, and send in the secret service to guard him.

                  Or possibly Trump will just not go. I certainly would not, but again, normality bias.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Note that this tweet was Sunday night just after DeSantis dropped out…

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  OK, that’s definitely a signal. But I can’t see them as “strong” if they are out there begging, pleading, oh won’t somebody SAVE US from this orange menace?! The only way this goes down with any hope of salvaging the situation is industrial disaster/failure, or lonewolf with no attachments whatsoever in a circumstance that makes everyone, eevn your Maga Uncle, think “well, yeah, that makes sense.” That’s a tall order. Half of everybody would believe it’s a hit, and half of the other half would half believe it’s a hit, and the other of that half would celebrate the hit, the point being that “It Was A Hit” would be the most widely held perception.

                  Think of this: if Biden died tomorrow, what would happen? I’d laugh, I’d be very genial. Lots of people would cheer. But a lot of people would be panicked too. Not because Biden is beloved, but because Presidents dying is an event that gut punches a nation. It doesn’t matter if it was your guy or their guy. I am talking about perception here, and I am not talking about seasoned and jaded political observers. It would cause everyone, even if only for a moment, to instantly realize that Normalcy Is Not Happening. When Normalcy Bias gets suspended, lots of things can happen. There aren’t a bunch of procedures for transferring power because it’s needed for government to function, it’s needed so the masses don’t fall out of the stupor of normalcy bias. if they do, elite schemes and operations get fucked up, and then elites start looking for exits, excuses, and scapegoats.

                  Now, if your thesis is correct (single conspiracy, centrally managed) this is highly, highly unlikely. If my thesis is correct (conspiracy of conspiracies) this is substantially more likely. A further layer of complexity, or simplification in some sense, is falling competency in the in-power elite. It would be really, really dumb to hit Trump at this point…

                  And that’s a scary thought lol.

                  PS DeSantis is done. he nearly redemmed himself, then his pussy faggot ass had to whine about “Trump’s legal fees.” He’s going to get the Sessions Treatment.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Biden dying would temporarily setoff celebrations throughout the country like when Ceaușescu died, not sure how the powers that be would interpret the signal. Harris could only be just as bad its not really possible to be worse than Biden for all his senility the guy is extremely malovolent far more so than even the homosexual anti colonial Obama… its hard to understand how.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My centrally managed conspiracy only works when the people at the top all agree (as they did in 2020) but right now clearly they don’t agree so much.

          • dave says:

            DeSantis has done the right thing and kissed Trumps ring, just like Vivek. Trump has been gracious in return. this is a clear signal, that all can be forgiven, but you do have to kiss the ring.

            This is all very Caesarian.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Just watched an interview clip where Trump specifically addresses this. DeSantis can kiss rings, he’s really fucking good at it. But he will never wear the ring… or, more precisely, he put himself way back in line for the opportunity. Fucking Meatball faggot, what a fucking gutless, short sighted moron. Imagine surrendering the Mandate of Heaven in Governor form so you could hang out on a bus for a year, eat pancakes, and stumble through awkward baby smooching just because your wife told you to.

      • Karl says:

        Huh? Looks more like the deep state prevailed against the radical left.

        I see the deep state as supporters of the thermidor faction. Eppsteined Trump is not compatible with Thermidor. Trump running for president is compatible with Thermidor.

        Now maybe the deep state would have preferred Desantis instead of Trump, but that isn’t an option compatible with Thermidor as that would require a dead Trump and/or massive election fraud.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          “The deep state has folded” means they have grudgingly accepted that Trump must be allowed to win the Presidency in a landslide, and be given some actual power, because the deep state could not survive another four years of Joe Biden. They would all be literally dead, Washington would be a barren wasteland like Detroit, and dollars would be worthless paper.

          Even the ballot-stuffing Shaniquas may now understand this. Rats all know that more rats moving into the neighborhood means less food for them, and Shaniqua’s probably smarter than a rat.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            “Even the ballot-stuffing Shaniquas may now understand this.”

            Those cretins know nothing they aren’t told, and it has to be hammered into them constantly or they forget. That’s why the morons turned a former president into an outlaw folk hero. Some retard looked at that mugshot, nodded to herself while thinking “now we’ve got him” and hit Send. I think that’s the real “Gavrilo” threat that Trump’s detail should be worrying about.

            …or maybe the Deep State is trying to lull him into complacency. Very hard to tell. I may be very wrong about this, but I feel more strongly every day that Trump is a very changed man. He has gone through some pretty significant character projection alterations in his public life. Detractors always trip over the obvious sillinesses, and I know few will acknowledge this, but I remain convinced that most of his public image is an act, and the man behind is very different. Whatever the case, if he did learn from 2020, it would be in his vital interests to not let that slip whatsoever.

  29. The Cominator says:

    Feel obliged to somewhat defend Napoleon, Napoleon foolishly did not abandon every element of the command economy because too often in a state of total war but I would argue he was a reactionary in basically every other way after having rode the tiger into power. The Napoleonic code was the most reactionary roleback of women’s rights (once given) in history outside maybe the Taliban (though probably not as I doubt women had too many rights in Afghanistan in practice ever).

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Napoleon as a phenomena was like the mongols; an effective conqueror who conjured an empire on paper, but whose fruits were abnegation of civilization, not its progress.

      • Nunya says:

        It’s early.

        Napoleon showed Russia, and the world, what levee en mass could deliver in Europe and beyond – and Stalin put it to use saving Russia. And Russia may end up saving Christendom.

        They had to endure, and come through, communist hell to get where they are today.

        But, no Napoleon, no Red Army victory over the Wehrmacht.

        Might be a little stretch to call the rise of Russian Christian nationalism under Putin a fruit of Napoleon. But, to my eye, it’s just a small stretch.

        • The Cominator says:

          I always thought Napoleon mainly showed that trying to invade and conquer Russia outright was a very bad idea. Napoleon’s continental position was unassailable prior to that. The marriage to the Hapsburg girl (which also probably saved Napoleon from execution after his 1st defeat, certainly his 2nd though I do suspect he was murdered) prettymuch guaranteed Austria would not join any future coalitions at least while Napoleon was strong.

          Levee En Masse is an ugly thing and an instrument of darkness that should be used only in defending against genocidal invaders. Napoleon was not the 1st to use it but the Jacobians, I believe Aidan has pointed out that the Swedes were perhaps the 1st to use something like it.

          • Nunya says:

            Interesting. I’d like to learn more.

            Any tips on finding comments here? I didn’t find relevant comments when using the search tool for “Aidan and Swedes” or “Aidan and war”. Less when using google or yandex and “site=“

            Incidentally, are Aidan and Aidan Maclear this same poster?

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Much harder to dox people when their websites have been deleted and the search engines have been crippled, isn’t it?

              • Nunya says:

                Can’t say.. Doxxing people isn’t something I know anything about.

                I figure every name here is a sock…and people change or mod their socks occasionally. If Aidan and Aidan MacLear are related socks, then there are two socks to check when I looking for Swedish mobilization commentary. If not, I can limit my scanning for Aidan only.

                Not trying to get anybody on their hind legs here. Just looking to learn something…

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Any land where the sons of arias held sway had the potential for regeneration. In the improbable case where the Wehrmacht prevails over the soviets, that would be just as well, if not better.

          For that matter, mass conscription was not a special province of Napoleon either, rather an inevitable entailment of totalizing ideologies in general. If not him, than others just as readily; as there were in fact many others.

          • Nunya says:


            I was under the impression that Revolutionary France was the first modern European example. And one that Napoleon used to such terrifying martial success.

            I am on the lookout for other modern catalyzing examples…

  30. Mayflower Sperg says:

    In other news, the Daily Stormer admits that Jim is right about women and Jews:

    The China population decline shows that it’s not just the Jews that are the problem: whenever you give women the right to make choices, they will begin destroying society in various ways, so they can live out their sexual fantasies.

    Meanwhile in South Africa, blacks complain that whites are running a shadow government with its own immigration policy that favors highly skilled whites:


    The first minute is an ad inviting white people to come to sunny South Africa. Maybe that’s intentional, as the rest of the video tells us how the country discriminates in favor of whites and pays them large salaries.

    White enclaves tend to be in arid, sparsely-populated regions of the country, so if they lay down some tarmac, you’ll be able to fly in and live and work there without ever seeing a black person!

  31. alf says:

    Last time around he completely excluded reactionaries, alt rightists, alt leftists, Christian Nationalists, and the radical right from power. If he does that this time around, he is going to fail again this time around. He needs the reaction, and the reaction needs a faith.

    To crush current year leftism, you need a white terror. And white terrorists are always reactionaries. You have to bring a gun to a gunfight and a faith to a holy war, and Thermidoreans are merely insincere and wobbly leftists.

    Zhou had to rehire Deng, Cromwell had to release Monck from prison to hire and empower him. Thermidor needs the right to give it steel.

    Yes sir, well summarized.

    It is not that the Thermidoreans can’t help solving the mess, it’s that they will never be the prime movers. Trump needs to be talking with prime movers. When’s the last time he had a meeting with Elon?

    • The Cominator says:

      I would also argue that probably Stephen Miller (a guy who was and is in Trump’s inner circle) is probably somewhat sympathetic to us.

      But yes if you need to crush current year leftism… not going to be done peacefully.

    • gaikokumaniakku says:

      >It is not that the Thermidoreans can’t help solving the mess, it’s that they will never be the prime movers. Trump needs to be talking with prime movers. When’s the last time he had a meeting with Elon?

      I wonder if any right-wing military people are “prime movers.” In fact, nowadays I wonder whether any right-wing military people are still in active service.

      Five years ago I was living in an 8kun-induced hopium-copium dream. In my dream, I was waiting for right-wing military people to actually cooperate with Trump. I was waiting for declassification of evidence that had been illegally classified to conceal crimes by office-holders.

      Nowadays I wonder whether the US military is really as broken as it seems to be.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >Nowadays I wonder whether the US military is really as broken as it seems to be.

        Basically, yes.

        Any exception with actual warrior caste constitution work as contractors, not in the uniform service itself, such as Eric Prince, or are long since retired after concerted efforts to drum them out began in earnest, such as Douglass MacGregor.

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