Fall of the Global American Empire

When Trump took power in 2016 the Global American Empire was dangerously over extended, due to all the ever more brutal, bloody, horrifying, and terrible color revolutions of the Obama presidency, particularly Syria.

Trump the president cut deals for quiet, orderly, dignified and very gradual retreat on all fronts. The two most important being that Nato on Russia’s borders would quietly fade, and that the Taliban would quietly take power in Afghanistan shortly in his second term, with the US retaining only Bagram airbase. The presidency, however, had other ideas, saw no reason why their power and their muppet regime in Afghanistan should disappear, and were itching to expand Nato and collapse Russia, hence the RussiaRussiaRussia narrative.

After the election was stolen and Trump removed, the regime went ahead with Trump’s planned withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, but did so on the basis that they were merely handing weapons and responsibility from direct Washington control to the nominal control of their muppet regime in Kabul. So they pulled the despised fighting men out first, leaving the weapons and camp followers last, because they expected and intended that all the comforts provided by the camp followers would be available to their bureaus and clients in Afghanistan, without being bothered by those irritating, and irritatingly white, soldiers. All the irritating and unimportant menial fighting would be done by slightly less white soldiers, whose deaths would be further away and less embarrassing at home, and the US would have another lovely frozen conflict, in its vast portfolio of frozen conflicts to be activated whenever a client state showed signs of getting uppity.

The president had to fight the presidency over the issue of leaving weapons and equipment behind, because the presidency intended that that stuff be handed over to their Kabul muppets, while the president and the Taliban expected and intended that as US soldiers moved out, Taliban militia would move in.

But things were quiet in Afghanistan only because of deal that Trump had made. With Trump removed, the deal was removed, and withdrawal turned into shameful and terrible collapse. As arranged, Taliban militia moved in, and muppets in Kabul had neither the capability to stop them, nor any expectation that the Taliban were going to move in. Trump had been removed because he was an obstacle to delusion, which they thought to be an obstacle to power. They thought the conflict in Afghanistan was frozen because of the awesome and unchallengeable might of the Global American empire, not because Trump the great deal maker had cut a deal for peaceful and undramatic withdrawal from the periphery of empire.

As US troops moved out, Taliban militia moved in, and Global American Empire could not see it because supposedly nothing ever happens and nothing ever will happen.

Which collapse gave everyone around the world who did not much like the Global American Empire ideas.

Afghanistan, they say, is the graveyard of empires. The common factor is the great Afghan defeats of empire were delusion. They came to liberate and emancipate the Afghans, and expected the grateful multitude to throw flowers at them. They came to impose their ways on people with very different ways. The Safayid empire ruled Afghanistan with no great problems, till they tried to convert them to Shia Islam, whereupon the empire fell.

Afghanistan is easy to conquer, and lots of empires have conquered it. It is a worthless barren land, with one very great asset, that it is the crossroads of Asia. And if an empire sticks to holding the main roads, and does not bother the tough folk in the mountains too much, it easy to hold. Or at least it is easy to keep the roads safe for the empire, provided the empire leaves the tough mountain folk alone so long as the tough mountain folk leave the roads alone. The rest of it is very difficult to conquer, which is not a problem, because no sane emperor would want to conquer it. It is worthless, and very difficult to hold.

It is not that defeat in Afghanistan directly causes collapse of empire, but that defeat in Afghanistan is apt to be the first great manifestation of delusion, a delusion which is revealed to everyone except the imperials.

And now, collapse in Africa, defeat in the Red Sea, failure to achieve victory in Israel, and the Ukraine shows signs of starting to crumble. A chorus of outraged imperial voices is raised demanding war with Iran, war with Russia, war with Texas, and war with China, to remind everyone of awesome and unchallengeable might of the Global American Empire. (They don’t seem to care much about Africa.)

In the Ukraine, the expansion of the graveyards indicates about four hundred thousand Ukrainian goyim killed so far, and that is probably an underestimate, for many bodies are abandoned and left to rot, as in Krynky bridgehead, where three of Ukraine’s elite brigades have been devoured. and because the Ukrainians are re-using graves. They stick a soldier in a grave, put a wooden cross with his name on it, and very shortly the cross with his name on it is removed, another soldier is buried on top of him, and a new cross placed. A whole lot of crosses are going into the dumpster, hard to know how many.

The Russians are only making very tiny advances, at immense cost, but the cost to the Ukrainians is even more immense, and the Russian advances have been steadily becoming slightly less tiny. In some places they are through the oldest and toughest fortifications, fortifications that the Ukrainians spent nine years building, and are now facing fortifications that were only built a few months ago. In terms of square kilometres, Russian advances are absolutely insignificant. In terms of how much fortification remains between the Russians and Kiev, the Ukraine is starting to slowly crumble.

In Africa, the muppet regimes that were overthrown all had unpopular minorities in power, a local or foreign black minority ethnicity analogous the Jewish power in the west, and were replaced by officers of the local legacy population, officers from the area, faith, culture, and ethnicity where they recruited most of their actually useful fighting men. Let all potential Caesars in US armed forces take a lesson from that. When push comes to shove, Jewish LGBTQ++ four star generals born and raised within walking distance of Harvard are not going to matter.

It is still reasonably plausible for them to believe the Ukraine is just another frozen conflict in their vast portfolio of convenient frozen conflicts to be conveniently activated or deactivated at whim. But they continued to believe that in Afghanistan long after it became obviously delusional.

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  1. Henry Makow Revue says:


    • jim says:

      Take the shill test. If you believe what your blog leads the reader to believer that you believe, you should be able to enthusiastically commit thought crimes about Soros and Victoria Nuland.

      Pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. Anyone can pass this, regardless of his religious or political beliefs, regardless of what issues he wants to speak about, anyone who is not reading from a script with a supervisor standing over him, can pass this.

      “Joo Joo Joo” you say. But are certain particular Jews off limits?

      • Haggerty1 says:


        • jim says:

          People who rant about Jews, and yet are strangely unable to mention what Soros, Blinken, Nuland, and Kagan have done lately are clearly in the pay of Soros, as are the Ukraine Nazis.

          It is not the guys in silly little hats we have to worry about.

          • Haggerty1 says:

            and I see you deleting discussions on topics of interest.

            • jim says:

              People in the pay of Soros are primarily here to muddy the waters and spread enemy memes. For example the flat earth meme is intended to deny technological decline and make the alt right look stupid, the “Joo Joo Joo” meme is intended to run cover for powerful Jews and to promote “white” socialism and “white” female emancipation, the 911 meme to cover for the fact that the FBI was in bed with enemy terrorists, and the fud posts on bitcoin are intended to prop up fiat. The fud posts on bitcoin are a word salad of fragments lifted from real discussions about bitcoin about real problems by people who do not comprehend those discussions.

              And even if they genuinely want to discuss a topic of genuine interest, no useful discussion can be held with someone who is incapable of committing a thought crime, nor of making a relevant response to someone else’s thought crime. It is just a waste of bandwidth talking to such people. Responding to what they say is like talking back to your television. It is a one way, one to many, transmission into a medium designed for two way conversations, which destroys our capacity to have such conversations.

              Because so many things are now thought crimes, it is impossible to hold a conversation with someone who can neither commit a thought crime, nor even make a relevant response to someone else committing a thought crime.

  2. Reziac says:

    Russia does not care about taking land in Ukraine. Russian advances are mostly a side effect of the real goal, which is to repeatedly encircle and destroy Ukrainian forces, until there are none left, so in the end this nonsense will be over and done with for good. Hence the “soft” pockets along the front, which repeatedly lure Ukr forces into advancing, whereupon they are pinched off and destroyed. Also, thereby the very high Ukr body count. (Last I heard, 17x higher than Russia’s.) And Russia’s willingness to occasionally pull back, which invariably results in another Ukr assault and Ukr mass death.

    • Nemo says:

      Heard from where?

      • jim says:

        Does not matter where he heard it, I can see it.

        Russia has been fighting a war of attrition, the Ukraine a war for turf.

        When a fortification line that the Ukrainians had been building for a decade recently fell, they fell back a kilometre or so to a hastily prepared defense line, which is just about indefensible, being overlooked by Russian artillery in the forested hilltops that they just lost. The sane thing would have been to fall back ten or twenty kilometres or so on a forty kilometre front to strong defensible positions. But instead they are dumping troops into a killing field which the result that when they are finally pushed all the way back to more defensible positions, they will not have been fortifying, and will have considerably fewer troops. They were reluctant to give up the small amount of turf that they needed to give, losing troops to hold utterly insignificant bits of land, because if they gave up a thousand square kilometres (out of six million square kilometres) it would look bad on a Washington power point presentation, while if they lose a few more of their remaining brigades, it will never show up in a Washington power point presentation.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Russia’s willing to lose dozens of lives to grab an insignificant piece of land because they know the Ukrainians will lose hundreds of lives trying to recapture it. If the Ukes succeed, it only reinforces their belief that they’re not losing. France eventually won the Hundred Years’ War by not giving battle and switching to pure defense; things would be much harder for Russia if Ukraine did that.

          An old guy, a welder by trade, who I met on the train said that none of his friends have been killed yet (knock wood), but quite a few have been wounded. One has been wounded, recovered, and returned to the front three times already!

          • S says:

            Defense means Ukraine loses slower because Russia has firepower superiority so the situation gets worse over time; only the attack has the possibility of victory. Ukraine should have called it quits after the first counter-offensive; that was their high water mark because the Russians weren’t taking it seriously and were unmobilized. They did not so as time goes on, Russian demands increase. It is an unwinnable situation- their sponsors want them to fight to the last Ukrainian, defense is robust enough there can’t be any rapid shifts, the Russians are stronger and can escalate harder.

            • jim says:

              Avdiivka is falling. It has been falling for a very long time, and one may well expect it will continue to fall for quite some time. But as we speak, the Ukrainians are giving the support personnel from their army rifles and dumping them on the front line in Avdiivka – engineers, drivers, cooks, and so and so forth – with zero training in combat. They are sending in tank drivers without their tanks.

              I suppose they can hold Avdiivka for as long as they can scrounge up cannon fodder, but resistance to being scrounged up is rapidly growing.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like natural gas pipelines aren’t the only pipelines at risk.


  4. gaikokumaniakku says:

    >When push comes to shove, Jewish LGBTQ++ four star generals born and raised within walking distance of Harvard are not going to matter.


    When all other voters gave President Joe Biden a 41 percent job approval, the elite 1 percent rated him at 82 percent approval.

    The gap between the elite 1 percent and the rest of America is startling. While 57 percent of all voters say there is not enough individual freedom in America, 47 percent of the elite 1 percent say there is too much freedom. If you ask the section of the group that is politically obsessed (people who talk politics every day), 69 percent say there is too much individual freedom in America.

    Given this, it’s not surprising that the elite 1 percent have great faith in government. Some 70 percent trust government to do the right thing most of the time.

    Rasmussen said that this project has revealed the scariest single polling number he has seen in nearly 35 years of studying popular opinion. According to his data, 35 percent of the elite 1 percent (and 69 percent of the politically obsessed elite 1 percent) said they would rather cheat than lose a close election. Among average Americans, 93 percent reject cheating and accept defeat in an honest election. Only 7 percent reported they would cheat.

    While only 6 percent of most voters have a very favorable opinion of members of Congress, 69 percent of the elite 1 percent have a very favorable view (this is almost unimaginable). While 10 percent of all voters have a favorable view of journalists, the elite 1 percent really like them (71 percent favorable). While 17 percent of all voters have a favorable view of college professors, the elite 1 percent just love them (76 percent). This tracks, because many of the elite 1 percent may be college professors.

    To illustrate the scale of the gap between the elite 1 percent and the rest of the country, consider the elite 1 percent’s views on climate issues (and understand that these ideas are opposed by 63 percent to 83 percent of most Americans).

    77 percent of the elite 1 percent would like to impose strict restrictions and rationing on the private use of gas, meat, and electricity.
    72 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas powered vehicles.
    69 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas stoves.
    58 percent of the elite 1 percent favor of banning sport utility vehicles.
    55 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning non-essential air travel.
    53 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning private air conditioning.
    As Rasmussen noted, the degree to which the elite 1 percent think their views represent those of the average American is astonishing.

    According to Rasmussen, the most radical of the elite 1 percent were educated at what he calls the “dirty dozen:” Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, John’s Hopkins, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, and the University of Chicago.

    The elite 1 percent who graduated from these schools deeply believe in government. Fifty-five percent believe there is too much individual freedom in America and that Americans should obey government and follow government leadership.


    So, as has often been discussed on this blog, Harvard is the Vatican. I would love to see the ethnic or genetic backgrounds of the elite 1 percent.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      What percent of the elite 1 percent took the vax? What percent favored arresting vax-dodgers and injecting them by force? Or starving them into compliance; the elite actually bragged about “no jab, no job!” What percent now suffer from “Long Covid”? Good luck finding a cure with all the diversity quotas you’ve imposed on the scientific community since the discovery of AZT.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I don’t know the answer to your question, but if I had to guess, I would say that the vaxx rate among this group is probably much lower in reality than what is reported. The 1% of the 1% is not a large group, and these are people who, if they actually are afraid of something, have the ability to withdraw from society at large, surround themselves with private security and physical distance, then camp out in luxury, in their nice apartments or remote manors, while the rest of the wannabes and peons suffer through normal people stuff. Of course when asked, they would say they got the holy and righteous vaxx. This is just conjecture, it may be the case that they got the jab at the same rates as the upper quintile, but I honestly think they didn’t. after all, they knew the whole thing was BS, they were going to garden parties and orgies while everyone else was cowering behind masks and isolation.

        • alf says:

          after all, they knew the whole thing was BS, they were going to garden parties and orgies while everyone else was cowering behind masks and isolation.

          I’ll pick a minor fight and say I don’t believe that, out of the general belief that delusion is mandatory in order to be member of said elite. In order to belong to the 1%, have to pay a price.

          It’s like how you’d expect a scammer to be better at recognizing scams, but in truth, no one is as vulnerable for a scam as another scammer.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I follow and agree with that logic, but the interim between the real panic at the beginning and the vaccine rollout, particularly with the 180 in messaging (when it was Trump’s vaccine, all the voices that speak were skeptical. would work, then when it became the Biden vaccine, it became heresy to question its efficacy), means that the 1% of 1% had ample opportunity to figure out if what Jim claims is. true was indeed the case, and it was paramount to avoid it. I know it is still an open question, but I currently believe that COVID was originally a population control measure that they failed to execute properly, and the vaccine was a follow up. that was executed poorly. within the framework of that assertion, there is ample room for the more intelligent to figure out how to dodge that particular mark of Cain.

            I’m not going to believe her the point, this is all just theorizing

            • alf says:

              You could likely argue that the Thermidorean portion of the elite faked taking the vaccine, while the true believers and/or dumber part of the elite actually took it.

          • someDude says:

            Why is a scammer more vulnerable to being scammed? Any real life examples?

            • alf says:

              It is very hard to scam an honest person, because an honest person does not expect to get something for nothing. Only a dishonest person expects something for nothing. A scam always abuses someone’s sins, often greed, and scammers by nature have plenty of sin.

              This at least is what I have personally observed. A public example would be Logan Paul’s crypto zoo scam, in which he intended to scam his fans, but ended up being scammed by his fellow conspirators before he could scam his fans.

              • Ryan says:

                Sadly lots of sweet old ladies fall victim to Indian scam callers. Rather than exploiting greed, they exploit trust in authority, and the desire of the old ladies to give back money they believe they have mistakenly received.

                • alf says:

                  sweet old ladies

                  Are they really though? Or are they lonely old women with progressivism on the brain?

                • cub says:

                  >Are they really though? Or are they lonely old women with progressivism on the brain?

                  They’re the remnants of an idyllic high-trust white society, where you could trust people that you talked to on the phone. The kind of society we want.

                  For fuck’s sake, not everything is womens’ fault.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Bernie Madoff. The dirty secret about Madoff that you never hear on TV or read in the paper is that most of his victims were financially savvy Jews who knew he was crooked, but thought he was cutting them in on the deal. 11% per annum like clockwork was obviously fake, but they assumed he was front-running his brokerage clients and passing out the loot to his tribe out of ethnic solidarity.

              • The Cominator says:

                It was 7% and the jews involved did not think he was a scammer really (he had no background as a scammer) the madoff scam really won their trust because he did nothing to seek clients. If you are begging to be a client not likely to think its a scam.

                • jim says:

                  The Jews involved in the Madoff Ponzi scam believed that he was scamming the Goyim, and they, being fellow Jews, were being allowed in on the scam. The Silicon Valley Bank was crypto scammers scamming crypto scammers.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  The Jews begging Madoff to take their money didn’t think he was scamming them. They were pretty sure he was scamming someone.

                • jim says:

                  Madoff: Hail fellow Jew. I am taking advantage of those stupid Goyim, as is every Jew’s duty.

                  Mark: Oh, can I get in on that.

                  Madoff: Sorry, this is a very sensitive and secure operation

                  Mark: Please please please

                  Madoff: Well, sorry

                  Mark: I have a lot of money, and a recommendation from my Rabbi

                  Madoff: Well, perhaps, maybe.

            • skippy says:

              A good scammer is generally not that vulnerable to being scammed, because he knows the tricks.

              Most scams work by convincing a dishonest but naive person that he has the opportunity to safely scam the scammer. The more sophisticated the mark, the harder it is to persuade him that he is really the beneficiary from a situation he did not initiate and does not control.

        • Jehu says:

          A random sample of, say 100 blood samples of members of this group would be instructive. It would tell a lot about the nature of said elite. A set of samples from their children would tell you even more. What’s their actual Vax rate?

        • skippy says:

          Elites do not use money to escape into the wilderness or private security to block law enforcement; their power comes from social connections, not money.

          They do have the ability to bring into being paper records that they did X when they did not do X, and to prevent anyone questioning those fake records.

          That elites in the US did not really believe in covid clear from e.g. Nancy Pelosi vidoed taking off masks as soon as she believed she was in private, something that reached its zenith in the wind-down phase where servants had to wear masks but principals did not.

    • The gap between the elite 1 percent and the rest of America is startling.

      The divide between the will of the elite and the will of the people is wider, and more obvious, than ever. And the number of people who control the narrative, the narrative which keeps the stupider half of the people from realizing it, is vanishingly small.

      The left conducted a long march through the institutions. Those institutions must now be destroyed, by any means necessary. From Harvard to MSNBC and everywhere in between, none should be left standing.

  5. Mister Grumpus says:

    “Trump had been removed because he was an obstacle to delusion, which they thought to be an obstacle to power.”

    What a sentence. He was an obstacle to their delusion. Critiquing the faith.

    Like blaming the “border crisis” on Trump. He’s a witch, asking questions, observing bad news, and corrupting the youth. Observing the deer is punishable by death.

  6. Contaminated NEET says:

    What’s your source on Trump cutting a deal with Taliban for a quiet withdrawal? I know he caught a lot of flak for planning to leave, but as I recall, the official line was still that the US would pull out and then our Afghan muppets would take the wheel. If Trump had negotiated a Taliban hand-over, with the Taliban, and it became public, I think the screeching would have deafened most of America. There’s a good chance he would have faced a firing squad for it.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      I surmise that a great deal of the communication was acausal trade. Trump observing Taliban observing Trump.

      Trump moots talk of draw-down. Taliban observes talk of withdrawal, and slow operational tempo, rather than take risks. Trump observes Taliban slowing operations, and pushes for withdrawal to begin in earnest. Taliban sees withdrawal in sight, and cool their heels, now only needing to wait for victory to come to them.

      Trump gone, suddenly the game theoretic conditions change. But the Taliban’s unused capacity didn’t.

      • jim says:

        Trumps greatest strength is that he is a deal maker, and his greatest weakness is that he is not a warrior. So of course any retreat he manages is going to be covered by a deal.

        We know Trump talked to the Taliban about this, and we know he talked to the presidency about this, and he tells us some of what was said, from which I infer the rest. So not entirely acausal. Trump is always on the phone with opposing leaders when violence is on the table.

        And we know Trump intended and expected a withdrawal that would go quietly – for which acausal trade would not suffice. Trump strategy for withdrawing from the fringes of empire has always and everywhere been to avoid retreat under fire, and stand ground if the alternative was likely to be retreat under fire.

        But you cannot make a deal with deluded and insane. Now it is warrior time, but instead we have Trump. He will have to do. What he needs to do, assuming he is not Epsteined before becoming president, is appoint a warrior general of the same faith, ethnicity, and cultural background as we recruit most of our white troops from, and a Jewish or Indian lawyer with the Vivek Ramaswamy program to make what the general needs to do arguably legal and put a nonwhite face on it.

        When General Monck gave effect to reaction, he made no end of promises that he was not giving effect to reaction, just moderating the most extreme of postChristian Puritan extremism. That is the way to do it without horrifying bloodshed.

        I still expect either Trump to wimp out, or horrifying bloodshed, and very likely both. But then I expected Greg Abbott to wimp out. When they took Trump’s famous mugshot, looked like reality had penetrated.

        Now it is warrior time. No deal is possible. The enemy has to die or be imprisoned.

    • jim says:

      > What’s your source on Trump cutting a deal with Taliban for a quiet withdrawal?

      I hear what he does not say when he talks about talking to the Taliban, and when he talks about talking to the presidency about the withdrawal. He cut a deal, and never tells what the deal was, but a big part of it withdrawal in return for not whacking US soldiers, and not taking control of urban areas. Part of the deal was withdrawal of US forces except Bagram airport, and part of Trump’s plan was to go scorched earth on all other US military facilities left behind – which only makes sense if you expect the Taliban to quietly walk in as US troops quietly walk out. Which presidential policy was strenuously opposed by the presidency. That the deal with the Taliban was that the US gets to keep Bagram, implies that the deal was that the US does not get to keep the rest of its muppet regime. Which the Global American Empire apparatchiks regarded as Trump being a treasonous tool of Putler. Who would dare challenge the unchallengeable and awesome might of the Global American Empire? Certainly not a ragged band of goat herders hiding fearfully in their caves in the mountains.

      They figured the conflict was frozen because of their awesome might, not because of the greatest deal maker ever to be president, and would stay frozen, which is why the actual fighting men got pulled out first.

  7. Based Players says:

    Today brings news of two potentially based players
    that have been totally censored…

    Michael Cassidy

    Justin Mohn

    Unhinged feminazi cunt
    The woman that said Donald Trump didn’t rape her really got $83.3 million dollars because Donald Trump said he didn’t rape her. I don’t know how this clip isn’t exculpatory in and of itself.

    • Handi says:

      No, we don’t admire or associate with patricidal lunatics. Tell your supervisor, “nice try.”

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I’m not convinced that’s what’s going on here, but your caution is wise. This is a blog of peace and law obeying. We’re the Good guys.

        • jim says:

          The shills, whom I am suppressing because they are obvious shills, are shilling Justin Mohn.

          I know absolutely nothing about Justine Motte, but I do know the federal government shills, most of them Jewish or dot indian, are promoting Justin Mohn as a hero to the right, while typing on computers provided by FBI IT, and under the supervision of Shaniqua of HR.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            to me, that is proof enough that something glows about the situation. You have a really awesome litmus test Jim, They literally come to you to tell you what they are trying to do.

            outside of the specific instance, I think we are going to see a substantial elevation in the individually crazy incidences. remember how agents of the cathedral would spin up mobs and herds of plains apes, then the violence would spread on its own like a virus through the black community of whatever given place. blacks are easy to control if you can regulate the inputs. Whites need a lot more of a holistic and time. honored mechanism of control. If they start spinning up more psyops like they have in previous times, I think they do run the risk of it getting out of control.

          • Jack Vien says:

            What exactly do the shills, or rather their employers, hope to accomplish with stuff like this? Do they actually think that the real dissidents are going to be induced to rally around a demented patricide? Are they trying to create the appearance that dissidents do in fact support actions like that? What?

            • jim says:

              Consider the flat earther initiative, and the Q movement. They, or at least their masters, think we are stupid, because they are stupid. And they think we are dumber than they.

              It is noise injection to shut down real conversations they don’t like. In the case of Q, they were shutting down real conversations about the pederast mafia in power, which is the most cohesive conspiracy in the deep state. In the case of flat earth, conversations about tech decline, economic decline, and postmodern “science”.

              We now have science by consensus and science by committee, and a committee is always as stupid as its most stupid member, and as evil as its most evil member. People noticed, and the Flat Earth movement was an effort to muddy the water.

              Revolution is now a real threat. Half the states have half seceded. So they are trying to shut down real conversations about organised large scale collective violence and replace it by conversations about individual violence.

              The empire now faces more external collective organised violence than it can handle. They fear that internal collective organised violence is about to join the party.

              • gaikokumaniakku says:

                Maybe I am failing to see something obvious, but I don’t understand what Jim wrote:

                >It is noise injection to shut down real conversations they don’t like. In the case of Q, they were shutting down real conversations about the pederast mafia in power, which is the most cohesive conspiracy in the deep state.

                If the Q operation on 8ch/8kun was intended to shut down public conversations about Pizzagate, it failed miserably. Very few anons were talking about Pizzagate-related corruption before Q exploded onto the scene. The overall effect of Q fervor was to channel a huge amount of middle-class grumpiness into high dudgeon regarding Pizzagate.

                When the middle class starts investigating Pizzagate, many of them conclude that a pederast mafia is in power. Does that shut down “real conversations”?

                I am sorry if I seem to be obtuse, but I would appreciate it if someone could elaborate on this.

                • Fidelis says:

                  The rat poison in the cat food is to add nonsense theories and ‘don’t worry trust da plan’. They can be incensed all they want, if theyre unable and unwilling to cooperate with each other, unable to cohere around both the truth and a plan to deal with it, just a heat trap.

                • jim says:

                  Well, if the latest operation is intended to shut down conversations about civil war and revolution, also failing miserably. The point of Q-Anon was to take over that conversation and fill it full of silly nonsense that did not threaten the regime, nor the lavender mafia. “Trust the plan, sixty thousand indictments coming”

                  Obviously sixty thousand indictments were not coming, so this covered entirely real evidence of the lavender mafia in the deep state operating a child trafficking operation with squid ink.

                  The narrative is now falling apart, but the major factor in it falling apart is because people are now more paranoid about shills and hostile entryists.

                • ten says:

                  The effect isn’t that people stop talking about pizzagate, it is to install the prior that people who talk about pizzagate are stupid and crazy.

                  “the american empire is a crazy, evil and corrupt hive of scum and villainy”

                  “lmao bet you’re one of those q people, man are you guys dumb”

                • jim says:

                  And the payload of the Justin Mohn meme is the prior that people discussing civil war, revolution, coup, and the coming attempted and perhaps successful genocide of white people are crazy, evil, and dangerous to friends and family

            • alf says:

              Dutch alt-right politician Thierry Baudet very recently retweeted Davi Icke’s claiming that the moon landing is fake. Inserting noise in the conversation, if not stopped, works.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Same with the whole “viruses aren’t real” movement. In general, if it’s of limited practical consequence (viruses real or not the real threat was the vax), then it’s almost certainly an enemy distraction op.

                While we are at it I must admit I buy Judy Wood’s twin tower “dustification”. Barely any debris or seismic signal clinches it for me.

                • jim says:

                  What do you mean barely any debris? Airliner shrapnel is still deeply embedded in every building in the vicinity of the two towers, and the clean up crews were visible for a very long shipping mountains, literal mountains, of skyscraper debris from the collapse area, creating a landfill mountain. Building Seven’s debris pile overflowed the square to the south of it, creating a big hill where formerly there had been a big square. Around the Pentagon, the ground was covered with shredded airliner and tiny bits of passenger, so that the ground crunched when people walked around.

                  You could not find much airliner shrapnel on the ground around the two towers, because it all wound up buried and intermixed with skyscraper debris, but there is no shortage of bits of airliner embedded in the surrounding buildings, and the ground around the Pentagon was mostly covered in airliner debris, rather than Pentagon debris. There was definitely an airliner worth of fallen shrapnel around the Pentagon. including two massive chunks that remained intact all the way creating two very big exit holes. The attack on the Pentagon created a Wiley Coyote style airliner sized and shaped entrance hole, and two exit holes for the two surviving large bits big enough to drive a car through.

                  The blast shielding on the Pentagon was strong enough to resist the wing tips, but most of the wings went through, creating a wing outline in the Wiley Coyote entrance hole, apart from the outline of the wing tips.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I don’t mind “losing” this argument btw, I’m happy to learn something.

                  Judy Wood’s book is here
                  p.114 the “ambulance” picture:
                  Debris from “fallen” buildings leave a pile of height 12% of total building height (my recollection). The ambulance is right by the building, but debris is maybe a 3 stories high. WTC was 110 stories high.
                  Maybe the debris was underground, but debris doesn’t seem to be there (pic. pages 57, 189 of basements 1 and 2).

                  I didn’t see the landfill mountain from the hauled debris. Not saying anything either way.
                  But the pictures cited are taken before cleanup crews started working.

                  I haven’t seen the debris pile from building seven. I can’t say anything either way.
                  Dr. Wood’s claim is that building seven barely left a seismic signal (p.67). That seems confirmed.

                  Of course the claim isn’t that it left no seismic signal, just one that is much weaker than expected for, I forgot the numbers, something like half million tonnes for 1 & 2 and maybe a quarter million for 7.

                  Honestly, I was always surprised that Judy Wood’s work wasn’t discussed more seriously here. And again, I’m happy to be corrected.

                • jim says:

                  This is a false perspective photo. Since she has deliberately given us a false perspective photo, we may conclude that everything she says is a lie. One lie, all lies. The only familiar recognisable objects in the photo are the ambulance and the human, so the viewer imagines that everything else is at roughly the same distance as the familiar objects, The photo shows an ambulance on the edge of the debris field, it could go no further. In the distance, and somewhat the right, is the main pile of debris, though the debris field extends across the entire photo It appears to be about half the height of a skyscraper in the background, and vastly broader. Unless the skyscraper is very distant, and the pile is very near, that is vastly taller than three stories. If the skyscraper was the familiar object, rather than the man and the ambulance, we would imagine the rubble pile to be fifty stories tall.

                  To estimate the height of the pile, we need a man on top of that pile. Look for photos of the twin tower girders, they seem to have a width considerably greater than the height of a man Which would make the highest part of the debris field about ten or twelve man heights high, sixty to eighty feet. Given that the debris field is fairly spread out, that gives us about the right amount of stuff.

                  Given that debris is spread out, we would not expect it to be thirteen stories high. This photo looks to me to be about six to ten stories, which seems about right. When you think it much smaller, it is because you lack perspective, subconsciously thinking the girders are normal sized girders that a two strong men can pick up and carry around. Those girders are much broader than a man is high.

                  If Judy Wood genuinely wanted to present evidence, she would have shown a photo with a man on top of the debris pile (but then he would have been too small to see), or a photo of the debris pile from a position higher than the debris pile after the dust had settled, so that we could see how big it was in relation to the stories of adjacent skyscrapers. Poster girl principle applies. If this is her evidence, she lies. She chooses a photo where it is very hard to see how high the debris pile is. If a ground level photo, we need stuff in the photo of a known and familiar height and the same distance as the rubble pile, such as a man standing on top of the pile touching a girder, or a photo taken from a distance such that we can tell which skyscrapers stories are the same distance from the camera.

                  What we do have is the girders, and people automatically assume they are normal sized girders, familiar girders which makes the rubble pile seem quite small. The girders are gigantic, so the rubble pile is about the right height. Scale a photo of man to be the right size in proportion to the girders, and photoshop him on top of the pile. Then the pile would look about right. Except that he would be too tiny to easily recognise as a man.

                  For a man photoshopped onto the rubble pile to be big enough to easily recognisable while being correct in proportion to the girders, you are going to need a big screen. That is a big rubble pile, given false perspective by familiar human scale objects much closer to camera. Those girders were broad enough for that ambulance to drive along. Blow up the photo ten times, rescale the ambulance and the man to proportion to the girders, and photoshop them into position among the girders. It is then going to look like a suitably enormous rubble pile.

                  For familiar objects to remain familiar while being in correct proportion to the gigantic girders in that gigantic pile or rubble, need a big screen computer. You cannot do this on a phone.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Around the Pentagon, the ground was covered with […]

                  I believe you. I only looked a bit more into WTC.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  There was definitely an airliner worth of fallen shrapnel around the Pentagon.

                  I don’t question it. I also don’t question that there was more than two plane’s worth of debris at WTC. Just not the 12% * 110stories = 13.2 stories high pile that seems to be expected for a fallen building (just what I read, I’m no expert).

                • jim says:

                  For it to create a 13.2 story pile it would all have to stay together in a neat pile on the foundations, but it spread out over a vast area – remember the great billowing cloud. I have not checked out the pile left by the two towers, but the pile left by building seven looked about right to me. Definitely looked like what one would expect.

                  Are you suggesting that the stuff in the two towers was magically teleported to Mars? There was a lot of stuff before the towers came down, and a lot of stuff after the towers came down. It had to wind up somewhere, and it wound up everywhere.

                  Before the two towers came down, there was a huge amount of stuff carefully organised into two towers. After they came down, there was a huge amount of stuff randomly sprayed over a considerably larger area. Are you suggesting that it is not the same amount of stuff?

                  The former was enormous, and the latter was enormous.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  For it to create a 13.2 story pile it would all have to stay together in a neat pile on the foundations, but it spread out over a vast area – remember the great billowing cloud.

                  That is precisely Dr. Wood’s claim. That it didn’t pile up like a fallen building at around 13.2 stories high. Instead, more than 80% of the building went elsewhere. Elsewhere seems to be the dust blown with the wind, and fallen on the streets in a very large area around. There was a thick layer of dust covering the streets (and in the air, very opaque dust).

                  There is a clip at 14min : 20sec where Peter Jennings asks where all the rubble went:
                  The explanation given is that the impact pulverized the rubble.
                  That would be a first, of course. Worse, the analysis of the dust showed it was quite homogeneous in size, inconsistent with natural “crushing”, which produces particles of varying sizes. I can dig that up, that is kind of interesting.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Dr. Wood’s claim isn’t that the towers’ material disappeared, but that most of it (around 80%) was “somehow” turned into dust.
                  She doesn’t get much into “how” other than pure speculation (stated as such).

                  But turning a building into fine dust of roughly homogeneous size (around the size of a DNA molecule) is already a pretty remarkable fact (if true), regardless of how or who could do such a thing (she doesn’t claim to know).

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I’ll point out, as an aside, that Judy Wood is not part of the “truther movement”. Truther theories are all on wikipedia but Judy Wood is completely banned on wikipedia. For what it’s worth.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  she has deliberately given us a false perspective photo

                  I’m not seeing that. The aluminum cladding is of known width. The picture is just a picture, no way to take it without foreshortening.
                  You can see the outer structure of the building. The ambulance is parked relatively close to the building. You can see aluminum cladding around the ambulance.
                  You say you see the equivalent of 13.2 stories of debris there, but I don’t. If the building fell normally, it doesn’t magically spread out more than normal, it spreads out what it normally spreads out. Let’s say there isn’t 13.2 stories of debris there (I certainly don’t see it), then most of the building blew with the wind (there certainly was a lot of dust, you can see it in satellite pictures).

                  The other corroborating evidence is seismic signal, which is largely also missing. You are free to dismiss it too. I don’t take offense, I’m only trying to figure out what’s going on.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  You seem uninterested in this, which is fine.
                  If you regain interest, there are of course many more pictures of the rubble. Pages 133 and 147 are overhead, which might be more clear.
                  There was so little rubble that Peter Jennings and the staff at ABC news had to ask George Stephanopoulos where it all went. I see the lack of rubble, nowhere near 13.2 stories high.

                  A firefighter crew was on north tower stairwell B, 4th floor. They had 106 floors fall on them but all 14 walked out completely fine. Clearly 106 stories didn’t fall on them. The seismic signal corroborates that 106 stories didn’t fall on them.

                • jim says:

                  Your first photo from her book was a transparen blatant lie. Not going to look at the rest of her evidence, and you should not either. Life is too short, and liars too many and a liar can lie faster than a thoughtful man can spot the hole in the lie. I do not give liars a second chance, and neither should you. One lie, all lies.

                  If she has a thousand facts in support of her claim, a liar can produced a fact in support of her claim in three seconds, so a thousand facts would only take her an hour.

                  In any case, what is her counter story? Dematerialized by Martian death rays? The Jews pocketed it?

                • McPatrick says:

                  The level of debris I remember seeing seemed appropriate for the buildings involved. Keep in mind that the towers had 5+ levels of below grade basement that they fell into… that’s a lot of compact volume. A lot of the concrete mirth was the trivially frangible floor pads, not the reinforced structures.

                  911 was probably pretty straight up as it appeared… seeds, thugs, planes, deep intel let it happen, and now you know why… war, control, power, and globalism.

                  re: “pull it / thermite”, reasonable, but moot under the larger top-secret “let it happen”. No alien disruptor beams.

                • jim says:

                  “Pull it” is true, in the sense that everyone could see that building seven was about to fall, and everyone decided to put some considerable distance between it and themselves. What they were pulling was the emergency workers. The troofers put this fact in a reverse context, that people were not expecting building seven to fall at any moment, and it came as a big surprise.

                  Thermite is false. Thermite glows like the sun, when thermite goes off, you cannot see anything but the thermite, which is blindingly bright. If thermite brought down the towers, everyone would know it. Watch mythbusters attempting, unsuccessfully, to cut a car in half with thermite. If you tried to cut one of those steel beams with thermite, you would light up all of New York city. The evidence for thermite that the troofers produce looks like the dying coals of my barbecue after sunset.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Not going to look at the rest of her evidence

                  I get it. That’s fine.

                  and you should not either.

                  I dedicated a few hours to it. I’ve seen the rubble from more than one angle (the picture you saw is from FEMA, Dr. Wood wasn’t on site that day), as well as the seismic signal, interviews, and the satellite imagery of the large hurricane that didn’t make the news that day despite being off the coast of NYC on 9/11.
                  I’m not bothered by the strangeness of the claim, and I understand the reputation loss of falling for a lie is greater than of being skeptical of something that turns out to be true. I think Dr. Wood is onto something.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  In any case, what is her counter story? Dematerialized by Martian death rays? The Jews pocketed it?

                  She speculates about the “how”, but the book is about what happened.

                  Her claim is that it didn’t slam to the ground (seismic signal), didn’t burn up, but (largely) turned to dust. So the claim is just that someone has the capability to turn two half a million ton buildings into dust. On her speculation part: some sort of electromagnetic field weapon that produces a runaway process. Not that she knows what it would be. Perhaps the large hurricane that was off the coast of NYC on the satellite pictures of that day may have something to do with it, since it presumably produces a large electrostatic field. Just speculation.

                  Personally, I just see that something happened there that doesn’t match the normal way a building falls.

                • jim says:

                  Two an half million tons of dust is not going to meet enough air for the particle size to make a difference. A two hundred ton pile of dust is going to hit the ground like a two hundred ton pile of rocks. And, in fact it did – you are still relying on a know liar as your source of evidence.

                • jim says:

                  The book is not about what happened. Search for images of the two tower girders, you will see that a human standing atop the rubble heap would be too small to see, which means that the picture is too small for a human to be able to conceive how enormous the thing depicted is. You would have to see it on the big screen with humans climbing it for the image to not be deceiving.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Thermite is false. Thermite glows like the sun, when thermite goes off, you cannot see anything but the thermite, which is blindingly bright.

                  Funnily, Judy Wood makes the exact same point when countering the thermite theory.
                  The thermite people claim thermite was found in the dust. Dr. Wood’s claim is that, since a building composed of partially rusted iron with aluminum cladding turned to dust, and thermite is aluminum and rusted iron dust, of course you would find the mix in the dust.

                • McPatrick says:

                  Yes “thermite” “glows” like an arc welder, and visibility can be obscured by walls and such. The red hot beams they were pulling out on video, avgas filling then smoldering in the basement like a charcoal grill, avgas turning plastic offices into flowing napalm spilling out of upper floors, is all reasonable there. But at the same time, the concrete implosion could easily snuff the basement out, and concrete dust is an inhibitor. Plasma lances don’t leave a yard of beam glowing bright orange. And basement charges are just cuts, not glow.
                  Yes “pull it” is common slang, for a physical pullout, and for a writeoff.
                  Pull and fuel / thermite and such are mooted by the larger meta,
                  and all the silly stuff like exotic weapons, aliens, and so on is stupid,
                  same as the trope the buildings could not have fallen from pure heat and shock alone,
                  pancaking and exceeding structural overdesign is real. It’s why suspension bridges fall in the wind.

                  They knew, a handful of key people, and could have shut down the plot beforehand.
                  The larger let-it-happen beyond-top-secrecy will be debated for as long as the players are alive, and as long as any non-verbal docs remain secret… ie: forever. (The MKULTRA records were almost entirely destroyed, among many other operations. Verbal is a larger problem now.)
                  Yet the course of history enabled and fitting from 911 seems fairly clear.
                  Could we say it was not the wisest path to choose to let happen.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Worse, the analysis of the dust showed it was quite homogeneous in size, inconsistent with natural “crushing”, which produces particles of varying sizes.

                  When I was a child, I sorted dust by dropping it through a gentle breeze onto a plastic shovel. The farther downwind of the plumb line this shovel was placed, the finer the dust it collected. Thus it does not surprise me that that a sample of WTC dust would contain grains of similar size.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Life is too short, and liars too many and a liar can lie faster than a thoughtful man can spot the hole in the lie

                  That’s solid advice. I can’t blame anyone for not looking at something that takes time, if it may turn out to be a waste of it.

                  That said the first picture was cited by me (I just picked one picture where the rubble was visible), not by Judy Wood. On that basis you called her a “confirmed liar”, which makes no sense to me, but again I won’t blame anyone for not taking time to look at something that could waste their time. The pictures were taken by FEMA, as you can understand, the book’s author wasn’t on site and only official sources (all cited) were used. I have a strong suspicion there really is something there, but I also don’t have time to distill it into a very short form. So time will tell.

                • jim says:

                  The picture was manipulative and deceptive – having objects that misleadingly suggest scale in the foreground, and no other objects in frame indicative of scale, resulting in forced false perspective. It was cropped to deceive the viewer. No point in engaging with someone who presents such evidence.

                  If she is saying the rubble pile is too small, needs to present a picture that gives the viewer a rough impression of the size of the rubble pile.

                  If one looks at pictures of the beams that have people or vehicles near the beams, it is clear the rubble pile is roughly as big as we would expect. She denies it is as big as we would expect. She lies. One lie, all lies.

                  Because humans are bad at vastly larger than human scale and vastly higher than human velocities, it is easy to point to no end of things about the collapse that seem strange – strange because our intuitions apply to familiar scales and familiar velocities.

                  One has to think carefully about the masses and velocities involved, and if one does, things are what we would expect them to be. The enormous energy of a very long collapse with no air resistance (because there was no air in the way) resulted in enormous energies, that pulverised a whole lot of stuff to fine dust. The shrapnel from the planes made big holes in all the surrounding buildings. All this is counter intuitive. Our intuition tells us to expect a banged up airliner sitting in front of the tower.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  “One lie, all lies” works well against idiots too. When a YouTube narrator describes Neptune as “our galactic neighbor”, I immediately skip the rest of the video because someone so profoundly ignorant about the scale of the universe has nothing to teach me.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Because humans are bad at vastly larger than human scale and vastly higher than human velocities, it is easy to point to no end of things about the collapse that seem strange – strange because our intuitions apply to familiar scales and familiar velocities.

                  That’s a fair point.

                • jim says:

                  In particular, her complaint that most of the building was turned into impalpably fine dust is a variation on the argument “Why was there not a banged up airliner sitting in front of the pentagon”

                  If you dropped a mouse from the top of the two towers, it will walk away. If you drop a cat, minor injuries. When a human jumped, he broke most, though far from all, his bones, and suffered fatal internal injuries. If you dropped a horse, it would splash. If you stayed in the tower and went all the way to the bottom with no air resistance, you exploded into fine droplets which intermingled with the dust.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Cats can survive long drops but not 90 stories…

                • jim says:

                  A cat reaches terminal velocity fairly quickly, and can survive terminal velocity. Long drops are dominated by air resistance.

            • jim says:

              Try not using the link and/or change your fake email. I suspect the link is triggering you to erroneously go into the moderation queue. You don’t need the link. I have added you to the blogroll.

            • Handi says:

              All of the above. They are trying to sow chaos.

              If they fool some idiots near the dissident sphere into rallying around it, score.

              If they deceive normies into believing that dissidents support it, score.

              If they force actual dissidents to consume bandwidth condemning it and ejecting the idiots, score.

              If their own side rallies against it, score.

              If they create a vague unconscious association between dissident thought and heinous crimes, in anybody’s mind, score.

              Those who serve the prince of lies don’t make plans in straight lines. Any lie will do, and it doesn’t particularly matter where the outcome leads because the next move anyway was always going to be another lie.

        • Handi says:

          I have They Live glasses for a certain subset of shills on this blog. Not all shills necessarily, but I recognize a specific common type of shill with certainty and this is one of them.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The unmistakable sound of someone trying to speak while holding their nose.

    • jim says:

      Because a storm of obvious government shills have been promoting Justin Motte at the same time you have been, you are now on moderation.

      Take the shill test.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Demonstrating both the (obvious) necessity and (counterintuitive) efficacy of the shill test is one of the most valuable things you do here. The fact that it even works at all reveals a lot about how people really function, and is evidence that you know what you’re talking about. By your fruits you must be onto something.

        Alex Jones, David Icke and Qanon, etc, never mention shill tests, nor the theory behind them.

        • jim says:

          The trouble with Alex Jones is that he regurgitates both shill memes, and the real memes the shills are trying to suppress, so his stuff comes pre-muddied. That was used against him – he regurgitated a shill meme that can get the speaker into trouble (unless he is a shill) and got in trouble.

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