A prediction corrected

Shortly after the 2020 election, I predicted that Trump would be arrested within a few months, followed in due course by an ever increasing number of Republicans, and would in due course be Epsteined, executed, or disappeared.

It rapidly became apparent that this prediction was on Musk time. The conspirators that stole the election, like the conspirators who murdered Caesar, expected and intended to return to normality by abnormal means. And normality means the continued existence of a significant Republican party, and allowing them a little bit of the gravy.

Which becomes difficult when your violent unpopularity is grotesquely obvious. You cannot have normality while moving lefter and lefter, faster and faster. Leftism is smashing the economy, causing staglation, leftism is heading hard fast into world war three, leftism has legalized robbery and murder, and leftism is turning school grades four to eleven into gay child whorehouses. (Child protection services could not keep up with demand) The war on food is just beginning in the US, but it has gone over the top in Denmark.

I did not believe then, and do not now believe, that this intent can be accomplished. Too many actions motivated by gross hostility to normal Americans have been taken, and more are coming down the pipeline, faster and faster. I have taken some bets on the outcome of the 2022 elections. I bet that Republicans will be thoroughly denied power at every federal level, but am no longer betting that they will be denied even the job of dogcatcher in dogpatch.

Soros has also concluded that a return to normality is impractical.

Soros calls for implementation of my prediction: Eliminate the Republican party by any means necessary

The public votes peace and prosperity. We have war and stagflation. It is completely obvious that anything resembling an honest election would be a Republican landslide, and that what Soros has in mind is nothing that resembles an honest election.

Things are grim now, and are going to get a whole lot grimmer soon. The Republic is past its use by date, and all that remains is for a sufficient number of normies to wake up to the new reality. Which is happening, but resolving the crisis does not appear possible now. It looks like we are on the path where stability is restored by a Stalin or the Thermidorians and Napoleon, rather than a Cromwell, let alone a Sulla or a Suharto.

In this crisis, we should not now prepare for victory, but rather for preserving technological capability and the capacity to organize in an increasingly hostile environment. We should act to maintain the capability to act when more favorable circumstances arise.

In the Trump years, I hoped and expected for favorable circumstances to arise, but when the time came, Trump, in the memorable phrase of namefag Yarvin, fished in the Rubicon.

When it became obvious that an election steal was being prepared, Trump called in the lawyers when he should have called out the militia.

Today, an honest election requires the measures employed by Caesar and the NSDAP, which are such as to produce one honest election once. Regular honest elections require a somewhat virtuous elite, which is gone and not coming back until a generation or two of good leadership by good Kings.

In the early Republican primaries, the Republican party was able and willing to hold free and honest primary elections, which of course quite predictably led to ultra maga landslides, what I would call the Christian national capitalist faction of the Republican party.

Then there was a sudden change, in which blatantly rigged primaries produced cuckservative landslides.

I will not rehearse the evidence that these were rigged, because that buys into the enemy frame, that if they call it an election, it is an election unless you can prove it is not.

This is a reversal of the burden of proof. It is for the winner to prove he was honestly elected, not for the loser to prove he was not. Elections must be conducted in such a way that there is proof that the outcome was legitimate. If they are not conducted in this way, it is because the winner knows he will not be able to prove that. And in these elections were deliberately conducted in a way that makes it impossible for the winner to prove he was honestly elected.

Well, that might suffice to satisfy our enemies that they can tolerate a mild mannered cuckservative outerparty. And that is their clear intention and hope. A hope that seems to be being dashed.

The abortion ruling was to throw some red meat to the Republican base, so that they would not abandon the cuckservative party, without which the appearance of normality could not be continued. But it does not seem to be continuing anyway, rendering the cuckservative party useless to our masters. A substantial fraction of the left seem to view any political activity that would give the Republican party the superficial semblance of meaning and purpose as an intolerable affront.

In any left on left conflict, the faction promising to immanentize the eschaton wins, and faction promising business as usual loses. Keeping a fake Republican party on life support is getting in the way of immanentizing the eschaton. Biden and company are trying to do both, and are falling between two stools. Which is what I expected to happen, but I expected it to happen a whole lot faster.

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  1. Severian says:

    Pelosi visit seems inevitable now and the PLA is set for exercises. I don’t think the Chinese will cause an incident. They have their own timetable for Taiwan and probably wont be baited into conflict earlier than they like.

    Worst case maybe they try to seize one of the smaller islands.

  2. Starman says:

    Just a guess.

    The schedule F thing from Trump/Thiel, where 50,000 middle managers in DC get replaced by an army of Trump/Thiel loyalists, I wonder if that is what the “American Triumvirate” would look like?
    Factions and marginal elites within the American Empire form their own permanent alt-USGs that then staff whenever their executive figurehead is installed in an executive position or two.

    • Pooch says:

      What’s interesting about the Roman Triumvirates is that the members didn’t really like each other on a personal level. It was an uneasy alliance. When Crassus died, it became obvious to every Roman that Caesar and Pompey were now vying for the throne, likely to the death. Same with Octavian and Anthony.

      Not sure what Trump and Thiel’s relationship is like or even what Thiel’s ultimate motives are. There is clearly bad blood between Trump and Musk. If Musk were to turn around and end up joining the Trump/Thiel alliance, that would be very reminiscent of a triumvirate.

      • Starman says:


        You are taking the term “Triumvirate” too literally.

        I don’t mean multiple Roman politician-generals with personal legions as centers of power, but multiple permanent alt-USGs as centers of power.

        With Trump/Thiel/etc. in Florida being just one of these alt-USGs.

        An American “Triumvirate” isn’t going to look like a Roman Triumvirate.

  3. Severian says:

    The US has dropped Tawain from its Indo-Pacific tour.
    It appears that they backed out, unless they plan a surprise visit.

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

      Goddamn… I had my popcorn ready and everything.

      • Severian says:

        Well looks like it’s back on. Tawain and other sources say she’s going tomorrow night.
        China has been unusually aggressive in their rhetoric so I’m expecting unusually aggressive actions.
        Not that I think they’ll shot down a plane, but they will do something.

        • jim says:

          It looks like the faction that is not too keen on a two front external war because they were planning war on legacy Americans is announcing she is not going, and the faction that wants to conquer the world is announcing that she is going.

          This is similar to Hitler declaring war on America when he was up to his armpits in Russians. Except that Hitler was able to make decisions.

          Fauci, who was the point man for war on legacy Americans has just announced he will “resign” at the end of Biden’s term, which is an indication that war on the world is on. Biden’s handlers do not want World War III, but as I predicted, are finding it difficult to control events.

          Biden’s handlers appear to be employing the real Biden during his rapidly diminishing lucid moments, while the war party appear to using a deep fake video of Biden.

          But this all Kremlinology. I don’t know what is going on, and the people at the center of the various conspiracies do not know either, because though they know what their own conspiracy is up to, they do not know what the other conspiracies are up to.

          • Ghost says:

            Possibly poking both dragon and bear simultaneously in effort to thin herd. Dems want to bring death to our door.

            • skippy says:

              This was also my thought when the Covid-Presse started running “nuclear war is fun” stories during the early Ukraine days. Nuclear war kills whites on both sides. Not clear they don’t want it regardless who wins.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          ‘Congress is a separate branch of government. We know Mr. Xi understands this. Pelosi can make her own decisions for her travel plans.’

          Example no. 9001 illustrating how ‘separation of powers’ is just another word for ‘laundering of responsibility’.

          If Pelosi is a unilateral actor, then there would be no problem with just blowing up her plane right?

          Or if you would have a problem with that, then if she is your responsibility, then why can’t you control her, or act like what she does doesn’t reflect your intentions as well?

          More and more, with each day that goes by, the GAE literally cannot stop embarrassing itself as a deeply unserious clownshoes outfit, filled with hacks milling about each other like a pack of headless chickens.

  4. Severian says:

    I wonder what will happen with the Pelosi visit to Taiwan.

    Chinese authorities are issuing warnings of the most serious kind. Interesting to see who blinks first.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      At the same time the F-35 is being grounded over ejection seat safety issues.

      At the same time Pelosi is being encouraged by Mcconnell to go there.

      At the same time China asserts it has the authority to enforce airspace over Taiwan.

      Almost like Pelosi is really disliked… and if the Chinese get rid of her it would be convenient in multiple ways.

      • Severian says:

        As Zero Hedge said, the world would lose a legendary investor.

      • notglowing says:

        Convenient for you maybe, not for them. Don’t see the Chinese assassinating some random unpopular American political figure, with the result of not weakening the US by any measure, and instead possibly giving them a casus belli.

        If Pelosi died I would blame the CIA.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Can’t forget that the Pelosi franchise was a CCP source for decades as well.

        • jim says:

          When you draw a line in the sand, it is casus belli.

          The question then is, will they call the Chinese bluff, and are the Chinese bluffing?

          This is reminiscent of conversation that Trump had with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Trump draws a line in the sand. “You can’t do anything”, tweets Ayatollah Khamenei. The shills are out in force saying that China can’t do anything. If they say it enough, they will start to believe it.

          There is a great deal China can do. The question is: will they do it?

          One possibility is that they do nothing, and lose face. Another possibility is that they do something, and Global American Empire backs down hastily and loses face. There is, however, a third possibility.

          I am betting on Global American Empire losing face, while announcing, loudly announcing, Baghdad Bob style, a great triumph that no one believes.

          China and Russia’s huge vulnerability is computer chips, which are absolutely central to warfare in the information epoch. China seems to believe it has a fix. We shall soon see if they do.

          • jim says:

            > and saw and pointed out when there was an inflection point in the sentiment.

            It did not appear to me that the inflection point had anything to do with the facts on Covid becoming apparent. They had been apparent for some time and did not suddenly become more apparent.

            Putin cured Covid, much as Hitler cured first wave feminism in the Anglosphere.

            The conquer-the-remaining-world faction wants to keep the destroy-Amerikaners-now faction in check.

            • skippy says:

              To be fair the Ukraine happening coincides with the Omicron death rate collapse. Which was officially implicitly denied (“the death rate has dropped due to vaccination” even though vaccination took place over months and the death rate collapsed in the space of a week or so) but people had noticed. This is one thing that leads to be believe that the US forced Putin’s hand somehow in Ukraine.

              • Red says:

                This is one thing that leads to be believe that the US forced Putin’s hand somehow in Ukraine.

                He was by Biden’s move to add Ukraine to NATO. One of the factions in the US government wanted to end the COVID madness and they used war with Russia as the way out. The left is ever holiness spiraling in one direction or another.

          • Starman says:


            “One possibility is that they do nothing, and lose face. Another possibility is that they do something, and Global American Empire backs down hastily and loses face.”

            Avoiding losing face is much, much more important for the Chinese government’s legitimacy, than avoiding losing face is for the Global American Empire, whose face has lipstick and drag queen mascara on it.

            • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

              I like this guy.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                You should. he’s OG. we’ve had our differences, and I’m pretty sure he loathes me (who doesn’t amirite lmao), but starman is a motherfuckin G what take no shit from no man, woman, or tranny.

    • oh totally says:

      [*deleted for disconnect from observed reality*]

      • jim says:

        We get plenty of that in the mainstream media.

        I would allow it through so that we can debate it here, but my presupposition is that you are not going to debate it.

    • oh totally says:

      I’ve gone from being a huge Anglin supporter to [*deleted*]

      • jim says:

        If previously a “huge Anglin supporter” name the Jew who is at present most active in screwing up our country.

        You cannot. He can and does. You hate him for speaking the truth you dare not speak.

      • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

        I’Ve GoNe fROM BeIng a HUgE anglIN suPPoRTeR

        With an intro like that, you know for sure that this man wrote some dumb shit.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The only bad thing i have to say about Anglin is that he needs better taste in late 20th century music industry product.

          Like c’mon bro, how can you sit here linking me grunge while poopoohing on the eagles at the same time. Smh tbh fam.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Under the shade of your basedness, I will heartily agree. I would NEVER have said it otherwise, St. Anglin is not to be mocked by his lessors. There truly is no accounting for taste in all things. A friend of mine still enjoys dubstep, for goodness sake.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              I can sympathize with being in the position of linking gems in generas full of shit. Lord knows i could even tell you about my favorite Slick Rick numbers (rap of course took a turn for the even worse when the glow-in-the-darks started astroturfing the ‘gangsta’ psyop).

              It’s just, yannow, you gotta be more discerning about it.

    • Red says:

      Reading the reddit thread on the attack was hilarious. Comment after comment by shills all insisting Russia hit their own prison with guided missiles.

  5. Anon says:

    pelosi plan left the US mainland heading asia


    for those not following; Pelosi announced she will visit Taiwan, china threatened if pelosi tried to reach Taiwan it will not allow it, implicitly ” it will shoot her plane down”
    I always thought pelosi was one of “the return to normality “elites.
    guess I was wrong.
    next 72hr may decide history.

    • oh totally says:

      Also, for the record, putitng this here ahead of time so I can “I told you so” afterward:

      China will not dare to do a goddamn thing about Pelosi. They will do NOTHING. And they will pretend, after the fact, that they were being tremendously generous and patient.

      The true power balances in the world are being revealed, and the alt-right’s fever dreams are evaporating.

      • jim says:

        Possibly. We shall very shortly know.

        Brinkmanship may take them over the brink today. If not, they will do it again until it does.

        The Global American Empire is taking a huge risk, as it took when it started terrorizing Russians in the Ukraine and bombarding Donbass for eight years. Sooner or later, such brinkmanship will take you over the brink. Possibly this time, certainly next time, or the time after that.

        What I expect to happen is the Global American Empire will back down at the last minute. The plane will likely turn around at the final moment. But I expected them to back down in Ukraine also.

        We don’t know what will happen. But we do know that the Global American Empire has been repeatedly flirting with both civil war and World War III, and is today again flirting with World War III.

        Russia drew a line in the sand, and they crossed it. That did not work out too well. Now China has drawn a line in the sand. Crossing it is stupidly reckless. One war at a time is too many. Whether they succeed or fail this time, it is stupid to risk a war with two great enemies at the same time.

        Possibly it will shortly find itself in two front external war, and an internal civil war. If not, not for lack of trying.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        “Trust the plan guys. Everything happening is a rational decision serving the rational interests of the omnipotent masters of the universe, you just need a big enough brain to figure out how flailing about like a gay retard is helping them conquer the world.”

        • Starman says:


          “Trust the plan guys. Everything happening is a rational decision serving the rational interests of the omnipotent masters of the universe, you just need a big enough brain to figure out how flailing about like a gay retard is helping them conquer the world.”


          People who are in a bubble need to realize that the Global American Empire is fake and gay.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I’ll bet anyone a roll of tinfoil that some GAE guys pull a USS Liberty on her plane somehow.

      • jim says:

        Well, now we do know.

        The US has quietly backed down, to the indignation of conquer-the-world faction.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Do it, China! No balls! Now you have to lmao gottem!

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Please someone explain to me what Nancy Pelosi, or whoever thought this trip up, might be thinking. It just seems to pointless and stupid, but also reckless and dangerous. It’s not like she’s going to save a bunch of orphans from a burning building or something.

      The only thing I can think of is that they’re trying to start a war with China. I can’t imagine any other intent to this.

      And why Nancy Pelosi anyway? Is it the loophole troll factor that she’s not part of the executive branch, so what’s the big deal?

      • jim says:

        There is a faction that wants holy external war to avoid holy internal war. Recall how Putin cured Covid. War with China may well reverse the transformation of school years K9 to K11 into gay sex brothels and Walt Disney Corporation into groomer central.

        But playing the holiness spiral card never works. It is like Republicans playing the “Dems are the real racists” card. You end up getting it coming and going. Worship of the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon was merely put on temporary hold.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      So I’m essentially begging and pleading for some new American dictator to take over, and fast, just to prevent World War 3, which also makes me “another Hitler” to these crazy fucks. I just can’t even anymore.

  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    There’s something indefinably Extra about the tendency in the whig empire to to ban any compound that might coincidentally produce euphoric effects in a subject, besides or in accordance with any other effects it may have. Like there’s something inherently wrong with the inmates having anything to feel good about; only misery and suffering allowed.

    • Alfred says:

      For what it’s worth, if I drink a coffee with cream and sugar relatively quickly I usually get a small but noticeable burst of euphoria. I’ve heard aspirin can have a similar effect and can even treat “depression”.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      You can see a similar dynamic with regards to ‘performance enhancing’ compounds too. If something produces a measurable improvement along some axis, then it must be ‘regulated’ and ‘controlled’.

      A body can not help but be left with an appreciation of the implicit logic of Kali Yuga medical praxis in general; that, while an ostensible goal of nominally palliating a given symptom is permissible, that is only as long as any ‘treatments’ involved make the subjects more dysfunctional in general.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Enclomifene appears to fall under this category. It *endogenously* increases testosterone in men and causes men to loose fat mass.

        From La Wik.

        Enclomifene or Enclomiphene (former tentative brand names Androxal and EnCyzix), was under development for the treatment of male hypogonadism and type 2 diabetes.[2][3][4][1] By December 2016, it was in preregistration and was under review by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and the European Medicines Agency in the European Union.[4] In January 2018, the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency recommended refusal of marketing authorization for enclomifene for the treatment of secondary hypogonadism.[5] In April 2021, development of enclomifene was discontinued for all indications.[4]

        • Cloudswrest says:

          It’s one of the purified stereoisomers in the racemix drug Clomid.

          • Leon says:

            How easy is it to get a hold of that drug or some other version of Enclomifene?

            • Red says:

              Clomid is easy to get a hold of. Note that clomid harm to the eyes the longer it’s taken due the stabilizing ingredient causing damage to small arteries especially in the eyes. 3 months is the max anyone should take it and less would be better.

              Unfortunately most of what is sold as Enclomiphene is actually relabeled Clomid.

              • Leon says:

                How do you tell the difference between the two?

                • Red says:

                  Chemical testing with a lab.

                  You won’t really know if ended up with clomid until the side effects hit.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            I just experienced a “retconed, altered reality moment”. For perhaps decades I’ve always read that stereoisomer related word as “racemiX”, as in “mixing” both stereoisomers. I now see that the word is “racemiC”, named after racemic acid. Has it always been thus?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Yep. It’s those sorts of decisions that a naive observe will find it hard to rationalize from any perspective except that, the principles want their victims to suffer on purpose.

        • yewotm8 says:

          Was reading into it more since our last discussion on it. Apparently its shorter half life and low clearance time are how it manages to boost testosterone without causing low-estrogen side effects. Estrogen receptors are intensely blocked for about a day, which causes a surge in testosterone production that lasts for a few days. And any potential ocular damage is easily repaired before the next administration (assuming twice per week). Long term saturation of the drug is not desired, which is one of the few instances where that’s the case.

          More and more online steroid sellers are carrying it now as word is getting out about how great it is.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Do you want Schwarzenegger gains? Well too bad! Testosterone bad. Oh, but it’s perfectly fine to give little boys hormone blockers and estrogen to turn them into girls.

        BAP talked about the dynamic in one of his podcasts.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          And women can get all the hormone supplementation they want, including Testosterone.

  7. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s an additional data point to support my assertion that the holiness spiral could be slowed, or even halted, if enough resistance occurs from different participating elements:


    Short and sour: Meta has lowered its projected hiring by 30% (from 10000 to 7000), and Zucc has stated that he’s “turning up the heat” on existing employees by increasing expectations and goals so under-performers will “self-select” and leave the company.

    I’m not shilling for the jew, but this is a pretty elegant way to shed women, minorities, and gays, if it works. If this becomes a trend, I wonder which companies will take the opportunity to undue some of the damage they did to themselves with DEI practices. Corporate realignment coupled with a “win” by Republicans in 2022 and a backlash in entertainment could be an effective way to temporarily halt the spiral.

    • jim says:

      Not going to work. Human Resources is going to tell him that placing white male expectations on women and browns is racist and sexist, and he is not only going to comply, but believe that he has never thought differently, that no one has ever thought differently.

      The holiness spiral has been running for two centuries, has run into resistance at every step, and has bulldozed over the resistance at every step. Sometimes, the resistance was effective for a little while, whereupon the spiral spontaneously zoomed off in a new direction, and in due course, after zipping off in various directions, eventually came back in the old direction and steamrollered the resistance with newer and more drastic measures.

      With Covid, the plan was the great reset. You will own nothing and be happy. With both the vaccine and the bioengineered killer plague laughably ineffective, ran into difficulties, and that has been partially sidelined for the war in Ukraine. But the war in Ukraine is also running into difficulties, so what happens next is unpredictable. If they knew what they were going to do next, would be doing it now.

      But that businesses should administered by lazy morons and should abandon the pursuit of value and production of value is completely baked in established doctrine, and they are not going to yield on that one.

      • Karl says:

        I do not see how it could work, no matter what Human Resources is going to tell him.

        Those who meet expectations and goals are competent and therefore could find a job elsewhere. Those who do not meet expectations and goals are incompetent and will therefore find it very difficult to find a job anywhere else. The incompetent have to be fired, they do not leave otherwise because they have no pace to go to.

        • jim says:

          Not seeing it.

          Not how business works these days.

          • Karl says:

            Not seeing anyone being fired for incompetence either. My point is that the incompetent do not leave voluntarily, unless they can find a job somewhere else, which is getting mighty hard. So the incompetent stay.

            But if I’m wrong, please do elabaorate how anyone who does not meet expectations and goals can be made to quit.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              Karl, there are two separate questions here:

              One is whether incompetent people can be induced to quit. I don’t know the answer to this one.

              The second question is whether, if they did quit and were mostly women and non-whites, Facebook could get away with it. The answer here is definitely No, if anyone were to notice that pattern and make a stink over it. The reason is a feature of US law and regulation called “disproportionate impact.” You might be lucky enough not to have this in your country. In plain English this says that any rule or law or anything else that has a bigger adverse effect on women and non-whites, than on white men, is ipso facto illegal. Does looking at a loan applicant’s income disproportionately exclude non-white borrowers? BOOM, illegal!

              There are still plenty of unprincipled exceptions to this “principle,” but those exceptions are of course being dismantled over time.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Topkek if they (somehow) white balance the ‘impact’ and the legal knifemen are SOL.

        • onyomi says:

          An incompetent white man who, somehow, has a job, should be afraid to leave it, but not members of privileged groups: https://twitter.com/ccmembersonly/status/1552757434221051904

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        There’s a concept Jim presents that Kthulu always swims left, but sometimes has to swim left in a different direction. WW2 exemplifies this, how it had to abruptly switch from class and sex, to “anti-fascism” and “anti-racism”.

      • onyomi says:

        They are trying hard to make “climate change” be “the thing they will do next,” but so far it still isn’t working, at least nothing like rona. Rona was uniquely effective because it made boomers feel personally, physically vulnerable.

        • The Cominator says:

          Rona fooled so many idiots who should have known better… next time they’ll need to unleash a real plague…

      • Starman says:


        ”The holiness spiral has been running for two centuries, has run into resistance at every step, and has bulldozed over the resistance at every step. Sometimes, the resistance was effective for a little while, whereupon the spiral spontaneously zoomed off in a new direction, and in due course, after zipping off in various directions, eventually came back in the old direction and steamrollered the resistance with newer and more drastic measures.”

        Wokism is not a living religion anymore, it’s a dying religion… now stuffed with schizo short sighted kikes, solipsistic wine aunts, and faggots who can’t resist their burning desire for little boy anus.

        • jim says:

          They are in power and enjoying it. They have been doubling down for two centuries.

          • Starman says:


            “They are in power and enjoying it. They have been doubling down for two centuries.”

            The last Puritan WASP holiness spiral was in the mid Twentieth Century, where one of its holy tenants was to allow the kikes in to all the elite WASP social clubs and colleges (the kikes were previously not allowed to enter USG elite institutions).

            Now the USG is ruled by kikes, wine aunts and pederast faggots. And the USG is now making decisions as if it was run by kikes, wine aunts, and pederast faggots… instead of WASP Puritans.

            – The kikes want their war on Whites (especially Russians) right now, strategic geopolitics and nukes be damned. And they proceed to do so in the most typically cowardly Talmudic way they do so.
            – The wine aunts want their latest karen fetish to be enforced right now (the covid lockdowns were an example), as everyone with a gun hates karens more and more.
            – And the faggots’ volcanic desire to fuck little boy anuses is what’s pushing them to push Drag Queen Story Hour and Mandatory Puberty Blockers (homos can’t just help themselves), atavistic instincts be damned. The homo can’t see more than 15 minutes into the future consequences of their action (see Monkeypozz).

            An actual living holiness spiral from the cunning and long-seeing Puritans would’ve had a USG making decisions quite different from the actual USG’s decisions right now. For one, an actual living Puritan holiness spiral would’ve eliminated Trump in January 2021, or even earlier.

            • Mr.P says:

              Welcome back.

            • Leon says:

              It is weird how the WASPs lost so much power. They became fanatical progressives and threw their own religion away. How many other ruling groups in history can claim that? That they gave up their own damn countries.

              • jim says:

                Holiness spiral. Near enemy was other wasps, alliance with far against near. Classic failure mode of elites.

        • jim says:

          > Wokism is not a living religion anymore, it’s a dying religion…

          It is not that it a dying religion, but rather suffers from the chronic problem of demon worshiping faiths. Evil, broken, damaged people. Past experience is that demon worshipers can only be eradicated with fire and sword. Their faith is not dying, but undead.

          I was reading novayagazeta.eu, which is the website of a bunch of Cathedral entryists recently purged from Russia. Some of them were arts and culture people purged for not disclosing foreign funding. Some of them sound like sincere believers in the Global American Empire who got purged for passionately expressing their sincere belief within a state or quasi state institution, which got them fired. But a whole lot of them sound very much like Hunter Biden, fleeing entirely non political charges of corruption, fraud, and embezzlement.

          One guy was charged with, among many other crimes, selling off the books of the library of which he was in charge, and then, when the absence of books was being investigated, burning the library down to conceal the theft. To which charges he made a non denial denial, as if he took for granted that the people interviewing him were blithely unconcerned about embezzlement, theft, and arson. State property, thus victimless crimes. And it seemed to me that his assessment of his audience was completely accurate.

          It looks as if when Putin’s people started rooting out Global American Empire agents, they found that the agents were too busy stealing anything not nailed down to be very busy promoting the Global American Empire.

          A short while ago, Ukraine rocketed a Donbas people’s Republic prison containing Ukrainian POWs. Seems they wanted to shut their mouths. Knew too much. This is not the first time that Ukraine has applied this approach to internal security, though it is the first time they have done it at range with rockets, rather than close up and personal as individual murders.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          >Wokism is not a living religion anymore, it’s a dying religion…

          No, it is very much alive. Most people just go along to get along, true, but that’s case in most systems. There’s a sizeable core of true believers, and it’s more than enough to impose the faith on the rest of us. The HR ladies, the professors, the doctors, the fags, the journalists, the schoolteachers, the mid- to high-ranking bureaucrats, the Talented Tenth – they believe with fiery passion. They’re not going through the motions. Globohomo genuinely excites them, and heresy genuinely horrifies and perplexes them. I see them, I talk with them, I work with them (I know, NEETbros, I’m sorry).

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “There’s a sizeable core of true believers, and it’s more than enough to impose the faith on the rest of us…”

            They’re not true believers; they’re (1) beings of pure evil making you call a man a woman because they get off on the power (“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”), and (2) people caught up in the holiness spiral.

            “they believe with fiery passion. They’re not going through the motions.”

            Nonsense. No way.

            No one wants demonic transvestite story hour; they support it, or keep silent about it, because they think they have to. That sort of thing survives due to nothing but fear.

            • Red says:

              No one wants demonic transvestite story hour; they support it, or keep silent about it, because they think they have to. That sort of thing survives due to nothing but fear.

              The Demons do:


              Religions of Human sacrifice work because it creates a bond between people by everyone participating in the most evil and vile acts. Even the people who don’t believe will be forced to sacrifice their loved ones in the service to their Demon gods. Once they’ve commit those acts they cannot be redeemed and they will become the most ardent of supporters of their masters because what other choice do they have?

              Hence why Carthage had to be destroyed and why America will probably be cleansed by nuclear holy fire.

            • Frank Matters says:

              Consider yourself lucky to not encounter one in the wild. They think they’re being cool revolutionaries. They’re on the right side of history!

              Are they true believers in the sense that, they would hold these positions without loudspeaker support? No probably not. They are true believers in the sense that they don’t consciously realize their thoughts and opinions and behaviors are the result of the loudspeaker, they truly believe they are acting out of compunction.

            • jim says:

              > No one wants demonic transvestite story hour; they support it, or keep silent about it, because they think they have to. That sort of thing survives due to nothing but fear.

              Once they have sacrificed to demons, they believe. That is how it works. Compelled sacrifice induce real belief.

              • Adam says:

                Joke about it -> normalize it -> true believer

                • notglowing says:

                  Which is incidentally what they accuse us of doing, calling it brainwashing by many other names.

              • notglowing says:

                If they earnestly believe what they say, why have none of them found their way here?

                There have been plenty of shills and marxists and people of other beliefs arguing in the comments. But I do not remember a single woke person. Yet I see them everywhere in places where they are supported by people similar to themselves and can ruin the lives of anyone who disagrees with them.

                How much of it is a status game and how much is genuine belief?

                • notglowing says:


                • alf says:

                  If they earnestly believe what they say, why have none of them found their way here?

                  Honestly, good question. You’d expect at least some good faith leftists to come debate the heretics. But in practice we see them very rarely.

                  I want to say CRIMESTOP prevents them. But I think the best answer is that status game and genuine belief lie very close together, as in, people tend to genuinely believe what brings them most status.

                • jim says:

                  No leftist ever comes here to argue anything earnestly. None of the shills and entryists can commit heresy against women or groomers. None of them overtly push any Cathedral ideology. They seek to converge us, the same way they seek to converge everyone, Muslims, Christians, Republicans, libertarians, anarcho capitalists.

                  I regularly see on Gab them making the argument it is heterosexual male misconduct, rather than female misconduct, that is our problem.

                • Starman says:


                  “I regularly see on Gab them making the argument it is heterosexual male misconduct, rather than female misconduct, that is our problem.”

                  I make a game out of forcing these shills to answer a multiple choice Redpill on Women Question (bless shaman, an OG Jim’s Blog commentator).

                  And most of the time, they refuse to acknowledge that such a question exists.

                  Rarely do they answer, and it is always the wrong answers (jews make women misbehave, men make women misbehave, commerce makes women misbehave…)

                • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                  Of course. The good old-fashioned, “industrialization obviates the need for children and large families”.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                > Compelled sacrifice induces real belief.

                That is absolutely chilling.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >No one wants demonic transvestite story hour; they support it, or keep silent about it, because they think they have to. That sort of thing survives due to nothing but fear.

              If you haven’t dealt with these people and seen the righteous light in their eyes and heard the moral certainty in their voices, I can only envy you. Their belief that it’s wrong to deliberately “misgender” one of these eunuch abominations is as strong as your belief that it’s wrong to run up to a blind man on the street and kick his cane away.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                I have not in fact encountered anyone who credibly expresses True Belief in that stuff. I do work with a subset of the soi-disant Talented Tenth, BTW.

                I don’t believe that anyone genuinely wants this, because they truly believe that it is good:

                Nope. I don’t believe this person himself actually believes that what he’s doing is good. It’s obvious he is self-aware in his evil. Essentially a Satanist: Evil for evil’s sake.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Gah, the link to the image didn’t work. Was trying to link to this:


                  Click through to see the cutting edge of Wokeness.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  The drag queen reading to the kids might take joy in consciously doing evil. The moms who take their kids to these events fervently believe they are doing good.

                • jim says:

                  And so did the moms who burned their children alive to Moloch.

                  They believe because they sacrifice, they do not sacrifice because they believe.

                • A2 says:

                  I prefer to call them drag monsters. Not my coinage but it fits far better than “queen”.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “The moms who take their kids to these events fervently believe they are doing good.”

                  No, just cowardly people caught up in the holiness spiral and trying to maintain an impeccably “At least as left as though” position in it.

                  Their thoughts are not, “This will help liberate those poor, oppressed demonic transvestites.” Their thoughts are “Let’s see that bitch Lisa from the PTA meeting last week out-holy this!”

            • Neurotoxin says:

              A whole bunch of people weighed in to say that there exist true believers. I know they exist, but they’re not one tenth of the population. Note that ContaminatedNEET said the “Talented Tenth” believes. No way, off by an order of magnitude.

              • Starman says:


                “A whole bunch of people weighed in to say that there exist true believers. I know they exist, but they’re not one tenth of the population. Note that ContaminatedNEET said the ‘Talented Tenth’ believes. No way, off by an order of magnitude.”

                Exactly. I easily produced video evidence that the USG elite don’t really fervently believe in the “Covid Demon.” I can easily produce more, ContaminatedNEET.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  I’m sure you can find plenty of covid hypocrite evidence, but the real and living faith is not the “Covid Demon,” it is progressivism. Covidianism is a subset of progressivism, lacking faith in it doesn’t mean they lack faith in the greater whole. Some are cynical climbers, but lots of them really think they are doing good.

          • Starman says:

            @Contaminated NEET

            “No, it is very much alive.”


            Here’s an example. If the Covid dogma was a living religion, the covid believers wouldn’t be taking their masks off when they think the cameras are off. The karens just like being a karen.


            • jim says:

              Lot of hypocrites. But I still see some members of the masses wearing their useless masks. Not many, but enough to murder us all in the absence of organized opposition. And not all the elite are going maskless in private.

              The strength of demon worship is that you don’t need that many sincere demon worshipers to terrorize everyone into enough compliance to generate a sufficient supply of demon worshipers to terrorize everyone.

              • Starman says:


                “But I still see some members of the masses wearing their useless masks. Not many, but enough to murder us all in the absence of organized opposition.”

                Those are just women (hence my reference to karens). Those cunts just need a black eye and a fat lip.

            • Red says:

              Their superior holy status makes them immune to COVID. Much like the niggers rioting for BLM where exempt from the COVID rules due to superior Holiness. The lower level believers keep their masks on at all times including in their cars.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              The mask hypocrisy at the highest levels is perfectly consistent with genuine and fervent belief in Progressivism and even Covidianism, just with a little more nuance than you allow them. It’s easier to justify than “Islamic” finance or female pastors:

              Believing in Science!, these “hypocritical” politicians are all up-to-date on their vaccinations and boosters. The circles they move in are “highly educated,” and therefore also vaxxed and unlikely to spread the disease, so as we heard after Pres. Obama’s birthday, it’s fine for them to gather and take off the masks. However, it’s still important for them to set a good example for the ignorant and easily misled masses who still need masks and isolation, hence the noble lie we see in your photo op.

              Or, we can add a touch more hypocrisy without compromising the basic belief. Maybe these politicians believe that Science!, through its wonderful powerful of self-correction, has determined that masks aren’t actually a useful preventative, but admitting this publicly would decrease trust in the health authorities and strengthen the foolish public’s confusion about the extremely safe and effective vaccines. For our own good, they have to lie to us about the masks so we accept the truth about their other policies.

              Or, maybe they have no faith in COVID and think it’s just the flu, bro, but they see it as a useful tool to advance their faith’s other goals: population reduction, the great reset, one world government, or whatever. So COVID is a false faith, but it serves their true and living faith.

              • alf says:

                No one really cares about the science, they care about The Science, and The Science is subjugate to The Faith. Wearing a mask is a ritual and once the ritual is over, the masks come off. It’s the usual show with new rituals — since they did not perform it yesterday, they are likely to perform it with a wink today. Then, newcomers don’t get the joke and holiness spiral into the next level.

                Is covid holiness spiralling into the next level? Seems to me the covidians are running out of steam. The spiral is not outright stopped or halted, it’s just that everyone ignores its regulations. They’re trying to switch to monkeypox, I guess? Not really working. I’d like to see them try a second lockdown. Don’t think it’ll work.

                As for their faith as a whole… Well LGBT and feminism still has support in the usual evil places, though less widespread. Ukraine has some support but most people don’t care that much. Gaia-ism however is quite alive, at least in Europe. Most normies believe in (man-made) global warming.

                • Starman says:


                  “Seems to me the covidians are running out of steam.”

                  I brought out the “Covid Demon” as the most visible example of globohomo’s dying religion.

              • Starman says:

                @Contaminated NEET

                “The mask hypocrisy at the highest levels is perfectly consistent with genuine and fervent belief in Progressivism and even Covidianism, just with a little more nuance than you allow them.” [Muh they meant to act like faggot schizo jews in front of Russia and China. It’s part of a deep transcendant plan, yo]

                Fake and Gay.

  8. Javier says:

    Coof is coming back. Seriously starting to think the government told companies to re calibrate the tests to boost cases.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      The government would not need to do that. The vaxxed have been a constant reservoir of the coof because of the way the Vaxx fucked their immune systems. This is just as was predicted. The vaxxed are going to get the coof over and over until their immune system is collapsing, then either the omega variant or some other opportunistic infection is going to kill them. In Canada you have the absurdity of “unknown causes” being the leading cause of death. I wonder what the cause could be, and if there was a spike in unknown cause deaths at any point in the last two years…

    • Neurotoxin says:

      I’ve noticed that for months now, the popular media coverage has been keeping the COVID stuff at a simmer, enough to keep it from vanishing from popular consciousness, but not so much as to create significant pressure from Karens to re-establish lockdowns or whatever.

      My rading of all this: They plan on resurrecting the fucking thing in time to fraud up the mid-terms as they did in 2020. Mail-in ballots, etc.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        This is my analysis too. Tolkien just can’t leave us be: the Cathedral can’t create anything, they can only twist it into evil shapes. I swear, the Bible, the Silmarilion, the Hobbit, and the Trilogy can derive all analysis and guidance one might need for navigating the Occident.

        Here’s the issue, though (as I see it): They botched the corona operation so badly that it is not as precedential as they think it is. They think, based on citizen conduct in 2020, they can just do the same series style, row hammer attack and achieve the same results: lockdown-unrest-cool off-mail in-false flag-win. But I don’t think many normies will buy the covid lockdown hype the same way. Too much off the 5oclock shadow is coming through the make up for this tranny to be alluring to anyone but the blindest, dumbest, or most loyal.
        But, they don’t have any other option. They have built an apparatus that cannot accept the idea that it can be or was wrong. So they use whatever tool worked last time and expect whatever result they feel they deserve.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          It didn’t occur to me that it might not work a second time. I hope you’re right. Now that you mention it, here’s one possibility: It works fine in blue states, but those states don’t matter because they’d vote blue anyway. Red states and the preponderance of purple states say “No way, not again.”

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            In certain respects that would be a valuable outcome; if noone anywhere is really going for it, the leashholders will just quietly forget it like every other misstep they’ve memoryholed over the years, and switch to some other method of scalding the frog. Or if enough management class denizens everyone go along with it everywhere like last time, then of course that is just what they want.

            But if some go along with it in some places, while others don’t in other places, then that introduces gravitational tidal forces into the equation, precipitating acceleration of crackups.

            As the old bootcamp saying goes; ‘you all have to be all right, or all wrong’.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              As the old bootcamp saying goes; ‘you all have to be all right, or all wrong’.


              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                It means that whatever you do, everyone has to do it together. The cohesion of the platoon rests on everyone doing the same thing. Even if you all fuck it up, if you did it together, you did okay. If half the group is on their own fucking program, the platoon collapses. If half the country starts to lock down and half just says, “fuk u lol nope,” then the idea of America as a single nation is shaken.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I just don’t think edgy normies and fencesitters will capitulate like they did in 2020, not without bodies in the street, and I mean that in many of the ways it could be construed.

            2020 was already a case of it working in blue states and not in red states. If a single Major media outlet or a selection of the right celebrities, cultural mavens, or minor thought leaders had spoken up in those first two weeks, the outcome would have been dramatically different. But the blue states were quiet, the blue cities were quiet (never forget the 900 member zoom call), and elites in red states stayed quiet until far too late, with all energy diverted to the courts.

            2022 will not be a crazy election in lockdown dazed Trump’s America, it will be a singular election in the midst of a terrible economy, a rising tide of discontent, and unprecedented decay in the social fabric of national identity. Easily half of this country has little to no loyalty in head or heart, only belly and billfold. If the Biden Disaster trend continues, it will be fertile ground for the machinations of bold people with resources and goals.

            Think about the GAE leadership, then look at the list of people mentioned alongside Biden in articles. That’s the team that will be making decisions this November. This will set the tone for 2024, and their game plan*seems to be* some version of 2020, without the race riots admittedly, but I won’t be surprised if we see that soon too. The regime seems to be in a perpetual Kitchen Sink Approach setting. Redefining “recession” is an incredibly blatant Point Deer that was sent out to everyone. Let’s see who buys it.

            • jim says:

              > 2022 will not be a crazy election in lockdown dazed Trump’s America, it will be a singular election in the midst of a terrible economy, a rising tide of discontent, and unprecedented decay in the social fabric of national identity.

              If you were arguing that this makes revolution possible when they steal the election yet again, I might buy it, but you seem to be arguing that this will have an effect on election outcomes.

              Unlikely. I expect an election whose outcome absolutely no one believes, accompanied by a considerable escalation in crushing (non existent) insurrectionists. 2020 with knobs on.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I think it could be a ripe opportunity for a vast array of “change agents.” Balkanization will never be tolerated from the right, but segregation from the left might actually happen, especially if the MSM takes up the tune and holds the line. A cordon around “loyal” blue areas would provide the state with new applecart opportunities.

                We have to distinguish between election outcomes (who wins the tally of votes, irrelevant in most if not all situations) and Election Outcomes, as in emergency orders, states of emergency, emergency countermeasures, and temporary emergency authorizations.

                How the Cathedral handles the run up to 2024 will be heavily influenced by what happens this year. Right now, the Voice and Brain are in a state of misalignment. Not completely, but the factional disputes are starting to show. If 2022 is an obvious fake, the pressure will ratchet up farther and faster than the comparative mini shocks of -20 and -21. In some ways, the pot of boiling frogs becomes a significant source of potential energy.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I think that an attempt at reinstituting lock downs will lead to revolt. Whether or not it gains elite backing and goes anywhere is another story. Point deer, make horse worked once. The second time someone tried it, someone else pointed out exactly what was happening. Same for Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Here’s one bright spot. They have lost, for the foreseeable future, the ability to say

                  “This will just be for two weeks”

                  and have anyone believe it. That’s gone, dead.

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          Great comment this, thanks for that. I don’t claim to see things very clearly, but I see them more clearly than e.g. this time last year, and one thing I see is, they’re trying to do the Great Reset but they’re not very good at it and this explains a lot. I particularly appreciate that last paragraph, that’s what I see too.

          Anyway I really only jumped in to say this: I am not sure that ol JRR hisself would appreciate what I’m about to argue, but I would daresay that one could achieve salvation – defined as a saving relationship with Deity – merely by aborbing and practicing the spiritual content from LotR. That’s what comes of it being divinely-inspired work.

          I listened to an audio book of LotR with my kids last year, its spiritual power got us through the winter when things were bad. I highly recommend this to anyone with kids.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        From the Delta variant, to the Omicron variant, to the Midterms variant. Guys have been calling this on Twitter for like a year.

  9. notglowing says:

    Jim, you have said capitalism started before the time Marx identifies as the beginning of it. It always existed, and the free market is the default state of things when you have an authority that protects each person’s property.

    I agree, and it’s what I believed before I stumbled on this blog as well. But that is also why I avoided using the word “capitalist” which you on the other hand champion.

    Maybe I am missing something, but I think Marx did create “capitalism”, the word, and the word not only implies that it is an ideology, it also seeks to define it as a *system*, created at some point by society, and equal and opposed to communism, which in Marx’s view will inevitably supplant it. His book is after all called “Das Kapital”.

    If we use the word capitalism, are we implicitly accepting the enemy framing that it is in fact just an 18th century ideology, and a precursor to communism? I do not have a better word for it. Maybe “the free market”. But capitalism feels like a loaded term because of how it was, and is, used by communists.

    • notglowing says:

      When arguing about capitalism, this has in fact had the effect of people derailing the conversation into definitions and other fruitless nonsense. But that’s the kind of problem you tend to get into.

      • jim says:

        OK. Give me an alternate definition of capitalism such that capitalism is not ancient beyond written history, and provide historical evidence that capitalism so defined began around such and such a time.

        It is not like anyone else has a competing definition of capitalism. Marx’s definition, if he has one, is internally incoherent and makes not the slightest effort to make sense, nor refer to actually existent institutions, nor any historical timeline, so Marxists, supposing that they have anything to explain or defend, never attempt to explain it or defend it.

        Marx makes no attempt to explain, define, or describe capitalism, instead engaging in question begging and circular argument, as if he had already defined and described capitalism elsewhere, without actually actually doing so anywhere.

        > But capitalism feels like a loaded term because of how it was, and is, used by communists.

        To be an anticoncept, would have to have anticoncept content. As used by communists, lacked any content, allowing us to supply the content. Ayn Rand stepped into the gap. What she did, worked. The content she supplied has worked in our favor ever since.

        So, before Ayn Rand, loaded term, used by communists to their advantage. After Ayn Rand, booby trap for communists. A good piece of intellectual judo.

        • notglowing says:

          > It is not like anyone else has a competing definition of capitalism. Marx’s definition, if he has one, is internally incoherent

          An incoherent definition allows you to derail an argument, and to make an absurd argument seem coherent. Lacking content in fact lets communists call anything they want capitalism if it fits the aesthetic they project on capitalism.

          Communists like to have a tactical opinion on the USSR and other historical communist countries, where they will either defend them, or argue that they were not communist after all.
          You might have heard the term “state capitalism” which is an oxymoron, but it fits the view of capitalism communists seem to have.

          Since workers did not own the means of production in Soviet Russia or North Korea, these countries cannot be communist. Therefore it is analogous to capitalist exploitation, with the difference being that the state is the capitalist.

          The issue is this does hold a kernel of truth, since the idea of communism, where “workers control the means of production” is both impossible, and impossible to define in practice.

          In practice it means the bureaucracy owns the means of production, which lets the bureaucrats justify total control over everyone else, and it lets other communists say it wasn’t real communism when they have to defend the actions of the former group later.

          I have heard someone call Hitler’s National-Socialist system “totalitarian capitalism”, which is also a very interesting term, and a word that allows them to blame capitalism for the socialist aspects of the regime in particular.
          Which is justified in the communist view in the same way that they justify considering banks the ultimate capitalist institution. Private ownership of the means of production, leading to exploitation of the workers, supported by the government.
          If banks are in reality controlled by the government, it is easy to flip that and say it is the banks owning the government.

          Why is feudalism not capitalist? Because Lords owned most of the means of production (which was mostly the land). I would say the counterargument here is to simply look closer and see that a market economy existed, and that people did in fact have private property, and were able to sell it to others.
          The counterargument to that would be to hold that most of it was owned by various kinds of lords, and not bought and sold most of the time, but rather obtained through conquest.
          Here the question becomes, how capitalist was feudalism? How much of a factor was private capital, when land, which you couldn’t always just buy, was the main form of wealth, and everything else was secondary?

          In history class I remember being taught that money was simply of secondary importance, land was the real measure of wealth. Of course land is also capital, but can it be considered that when it was mainly obtained through violent conquest?

          In a reactionary sense, feudalism is also an example of freehold, where control is delegated to smaller local owners instead of being centralized in one authority. But to be fair that doesn’t make it capitalist; while a capitalist system implies freehold and delegating power to owners of property, I don’t think freehold implies capitalism.

          What is your exact definition of capitalism?

          The wikipedia definition is:
          > Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

          I would argue that private ownership also implies freedom in buying and selling it, since otherwise ownership is not as meaningful.
          I would also say that the profit part is not necessary.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Property presupposes the power to secure the property.

            Violence is absolutely not a foreign element to the phenomena of capitalism; and it is this that is one of the chief errors of the ‘libertarian’ cul-de-sac.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              “chief errors of the ‘libertarian’ cul-de-sac.”

              Their never ending obsession with the NAP drives me crazy. Nature rewards those who strike first. NAP results in losing initiative. Communists have no qualms about violence and so libertarians will always lose against Communists.

            • jim says:

              Anarchocapitalism proposes the capitalist production of ethical violence.

              Which requires the capitalist producers of ethical violence to be mostly more or less at peace with each other.

              Which requires a consensus on what violence is ethical, which consensus is a priestly job. Such a priesthood is immediately going to find heresies within and counter priesthoods without, and will need to remove the heads of those people, so is going to wind up looking very much like a state religion without a state – as for example Saga Period Iceland and Judges period Israel.

          • jim says:

            > > It is not like anyone else has a competing definition of capitalism. Marx’s definition, if he has one, is internally incoherent

            > An incoherent definition allows you to derail an argument, and to make an absurd argument seem coherent. Lacking content in fact lets communists call anything they want capitalism if it fits the aesthetic they project on capitalism.

            Only if the Marxist’s interlocutor refuses to use the word capitalism to mean what it means. This, using our word and our meaning, is the original judo trick of Ayn Rand. Works.

            > You might have heard the term “state capitalism” which is an oxymoron, but it fits the view of capitalism communists seem to have.

            You are giving undue Marxists undue credit by projecting onto Marxists the idea that they have a view. They don’t. Or if they do, they will never tell anyone what it is. Huge vulnerability. Hit them on this vulnerability.

            > Why is feudalism not capitalist? Because Lords owned most of the means of production (which was mostly the land).

            The power of the lords was ownership of land, which depended on ownership of war horses and armor. They did not own the means to produce warhorses and armor. Which meant that those who could produce advanced goods, armor being among those advanced goods, tended to wind up owning some substantial amount of land after there had been peace for a while, and nobility flowed from that peacefully acquired land.

            To the extent that lords were able to convert swordpoint ownership of land into money ownership of warhorses and armor, feudalism was capitalist. To the extent that lords were unable to convert swordpoint ownership of land into money ownership of warhorses and armor, not capitalist and not very feudal either, since the life expectancy of lords was apt to be short.

            > Here the question becomes, how capitalist was feudalism? How much of a factor was private capital, when land, which you couldn’t always just buy, was the main form of wealth, and everything else was secondary?

            Warhorses and armor were never secondary

            Land was never the primary means of production, because no one cared all that much about land, but about obtaining warhorses and armor, to which land was only a means, not an end. And they had to acquire warhorses and armor through the capitalist economy.

            Land was the measure of nobility, and land ownership predominantly acquired at swordpoint. We are always ruled by priests or warriors, and usually something of both. Capitalists did not rule then and they do not rule now. Those who owned land ruled, but they had to provide the necessary conditions for capitalism, or die.
            And to the extent that they failed to maintain the necessary conditions for capitalism, they died.

            Land was power. But it was not wealth. And wealth provided the means for power and land.

            Capitalists have never ruled, never will rule, never can rule. Any time capitalists have ruled, they have been warrior capitalists, like the pirates of Hong Kong, or the Venetian Republic, or the bandits of the East India company. Clive of India was an armed and dangerous corporate accountant arranging corporate mergers and takeovers between businesses with armed and dangerous boards and armed and dangerous CEOs. His primary skillset was book keeping and accounting, though another important skill was keeping gunpowder dry.

            If you look at who rules and who fights when discussing capitalism, you are not looking at capitalism. Which is the Marxist sleight of hand when they deny that feudalism was capitalist. They “define” capitalism by telling you “look at this shiny thing over there”. Don’t look at the shiny thing. Look at capitalism.

            > In history class I remember being taught that money was simply of secondary importance, land was the real measure of wealth.

            Your professors lied, lied. Money got you warhorses and armor. Land was not the measure of wealth, but of nobility and authority. But to keep land, nobility, and authority, needed warhorses and armor. So had to obtain money from land. There were a lot of people who were wealthy, but lacked land and nobility, and lot of people with land, nobility, power, and authority, who were mighty hard up for wealth, though mighty good with a sword and a horse. Nobility short of wealth tended to marry wealth, and wealth short of nobility tended to marry nobility.

            Feudalism is a form of warrior rule, the most naked, direct, and simple form of warrior rule. Rule is irrelevant to whether a society is capitalist or not. What matters is security of property rights. Which were not very secure during feudalism, but to the extent that they were insecure it was a problem that the lords had no choice but to attempt to fix. To the extent that property rights were insecure, not only did capitalists not dare become to wealthy, but nobles were short of warhorses and armor, and the sons of nobles were unlikely to inherit land and nobility.

            > What is your exact definition of capitalism?

            The word “capital” is derived from “head” as in head of cattle. It is a generalization of how much cattle you own. Cattle produce milk and calves, and it is a generalization from counting up cattle to counting up assets that you use to produce value, milk and calves among that value.

            So a capitalist is someone who owns a lot of value that he uses competently and effectively to produce more value. Not quite the same meaning as entrepeneur. He might be a speculator or an investor, but an entrepreneur is the archetype.

            Capitalism is what such people do, and to ask whether a society is capitalist is to be distracted by that shiny thing over there. Those people are capitalists, and what they are doing is capitalism.

            Those who rule do not produce wealth and value directly, so in this sense no “society” has ever been or ever will be capitalist, but those who rule have to produce a social order that permits such people, or they will be conquered by rulers who do have an adequate supply of such people and thus have the logistics, provided by capitalists, that enable them fund and equip armies and to to move those armies over distance. As I said, in feudalism, land was nobility, power, and authority, but warhorses and armor were one important form of wealth, and without wealth, one’s land, nobility, power and authority was apt to have short life expectancy. Thus mighty warriors tended to go into business, and businessmen tended to peacefully acquire land from them.

            A society is capitalist to the extent that those who rule attempt to foster capitalists and succeed, but to ask if a society is capitalist is to ask the wrong question. Soviet Russia depended on capitalists as much as every other society. It thus had to tolerate the mafias, and invite in foreign businessmen, so capitalism was illegal, but widely practiced and quietly tolerated. If you want to argue Soviet Russia was capitalist, look at the mafias, international investment, and the private plots. If you want to argue it was socialist, look at laws, enforcement and official documents, but both arguments are irrelevant and unimportant, distracting you with what is irrelevant to capitalism and capitalists. All societies are capitalist, or else they are starving and about to collapse and/or be overrun by foreign enemies. No societies are capitalist, because capitalists never rule, never can rule, never will rule.

            > The wikipedia definition is …

            I did not bother reading it, because, if Wikipedia, a lie that no one takes seriously, least of all those that wrote it. Probably true enough in some sense, but intended for use in a false frame that gives it a false meaning, or rather no meaning at all, intended to distract and confuse.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              This should be a post, but it should be anonymized and posted somewhere where the less-as-based as we fortunate few can access it and argue with it. It is a fascinating and concise argument, and I wonder if one like it is floating around out there.

              • jim says:

                Thanks for your kind words. I will probably promote it to a post, after some editing.

                As for posting it elsewhere, everything under this blog is under the creative commons license, so everyone is free to repost anywhere they like, or create derivative works and repost anywhere they like.

                So: Go for it.

                • Red says:

                  I’ve always found spreading Jim’s work difficult. Normies shutdown the moment they see a sign of crime thought.

                • jim says:

                  I have not encountered that problem. Could be you are encountering both the crimestop problem and the IQ gap problem.

                  I talk to normies differently, and when I commit thoughtcrimes, it is funny and shocking. I am fairly cautious, don’t want to derail the party with political debate, which bores and irritates normies, but when the moment is ripe, give them the full 180 proof Jimianity, and the full red pill, including shockingly early female sexual misconduct. At the party a couple of days ago, I started preaching straight from the Old Testament, and, in the social context, people found straight Old Testament preaching quite entertaining – presentation being “this is God’s command”, not “see how silly and old fashioned those Old Testament types were.

                  They had been spontaneously edging up on committing thought crimes against gays, and getting sudden backing from divine authority was funny because of a sudden reversal of expectations – they were edging up expecting someone to reprimand them, testing the waters, and suddenly getting the direct opposite was entertaining.

                • alf says:

                  I have encountered that problem, gotten a bit better at it over the years. Less is more. You just blend in normally, and ocassionally, only when the situation arises, which always does, you drop a fun bomb, have a laugh, and return to normal.

                • notglowing says:

                  What someone is receptive to depends on the person and the moment.
                  I try to adapt the angle I take on the circumstances.

                  If you “redpill” people by trying to start a political discussion, it can easily become confrontational, or be perceived as such.

                  Instead, point out things relevant to the conversation. It’s especially effective if you are pointing out something you can both see with your eyes in that moment.

                • notglowing says:

                  It’s surprisingly easier to do so in real life compared to the internet.
                  Online discussions are less spontaneous, your tone is less obvious, and you are rarely talking to just one person and in a particular moment.

                  It’s much easier for an online discussion to be derailed, especially when there is someone present who wants to pin you for thought crime.

                  In general, I have always adapted my language and what I say to the company I find myself with. I don’t lie, but I don’t always say everything that’s on my mind.

            • notglowing says:

              A great explanation, thanks. I saved it in my collection.

            • hey says:

              How much time do you spend typing this crap instead of programming?

            • Anon says:

              Speaking of wikipedia
              they just edited the Recession page definition from
              “two consecutive negative growth rate” to “business cycle contraction” then they locked the page.
              Which par for the course for the cathedral, but it was so in your face which made it hilarious.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Don’t have a dog in the fight, but I think it’s important to remember that Memetic Sovereignty means you dictate the definition, not that you originate the term.

      • jim says:

        Since Marxists decline to fight, we get to define “capitalism”.

        Since the woke are laughable, ridiculous, degenerate, and debased, we get to define “based”.

        Because every man wants to know how to deal with women, we get to define “the red pill”.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Freehold, market economy, and capitalism, are terms that have a lot of overlap in domains.

      I use and have used all of them depending on the context personally. If the CCP can define socialism as capitalism, we can define capitalism as perennialism.

    • Pooch says:

      I find accusations of Marxists against the capitalist (they don’t do anything, they don’t contribute, they’re just profiting off the workers, etc) to be not completely invalid in feudal Europe.

      One could argue feudal Europe was in a pre-capitalist state, unlike Rome which very much was capitalist, with capitalism being defined simply as the free flow of wealth ,which did not exist in feudal Europe. Wealth did not flow freely because the main source of wealth was property and property could be bought and sold by law. You weren’t allowed to put an up for sale sign and whoever could come up with the number of gold coins could just purchase it from you. That’s not how property worked.

      Feudalism was not a free market in many ways. It was libertarian in the sense that it was decentralized to each aristocrat who had his own parcel of land. It was sort of live and let live.

      While it was libertarian in a certain sense it was also autocratic in another sense from the perspective of the serf. You work the land and of the crop you produce, you feed yourself, you feed your family, you feed your animals, and the lord by virtue of his birthright owns a portion of your labor. It’s not that he made an investment. It’s not that he bought the land. It’s not that he’s renting it from you.

      The Black Death changed this entirely when it killed off a number of lords and it freed up property to be owned directly by the peasantry, which I think is a necessary precursor to capitalism in a creation of a peasant owner class.

      • Pooch says:

        and property could NOT be bought and sold by law.*

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The black death disproportionately affected lower classes though, not aristocrats. To the point that it created such vacuums that the sons and daughters of aristocrats ended up filling the voids of smallholders. These cycles of downwards mobility and their ultimately salutary effects on the destiny of the continent were treated in good detail by Gregory Clark in ‘A Farewell To Alms’.

        It changed the face of Europe. Like literally; the physiognomy of the median subject in each nation before and after became substantially distinct, almost as if you were looking at different species.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Serfs were similar to slaves, in that they were the kind of people who were not going to work on their own to support themselves, so they were assigned a plot of land and were bound to it. Serfs are not analogous to freeholding farmers. I suspect that was the reason behind the year-and-a-day rule. If you were smart and industrious enough to survive for a year on your own labor, you were not a serf at heart and you were better off being put to whatever productive purpose you had found.

      • jim says:

        > I find accusations of Marxists against the capitalist (they don’t do anything, they don’t contribute, they’re just profiting off the workers, etc) to be not completely invalid in feudal Europe.

        In feudal Europe, a sword could get you land, but to keep land you needed a warhorse and armor. And only capitalists could convert land into warhorses and armor. So, capitalists and capitalism important and productive in feudal Europe.

        Kings and lords had to create the necessary conditions for capitalists and capitalism. They frequently failed to do so, but to the extent that they failed to do so, their life expectancy was apt to be short. Feudalism was not capitalist to the extent that it was chaotic and violent. To the extent that it was orderly, with noble sons successfully inheriting from noble fathers, it was capitalist, because those noble lords only had long life expectancy and the ability to ensure their sons inherited, to the extent that they could convert swordpoint property rights in land, into transferrable property rights in what land can produce. Which resulted in mighty fighters turning merchant in their old age, and successful merchants purchasing land rights with nobility attached to those land rights from mighty fighters, and marrying their sons to the daughters of mighty fighters.

  10. Kunning Druegger says:


    SCMP reports that the Taliban is starting to put their law enforcement in uniforms. This is an interesting development. I know nothing is quite so dramatic as Talibros cavorting around with abandoned NATO gear, but the GAE is not a one trick pony. While their military arm is faltering, they have many other tentacles. It can be easily argued that their tendency to infiltrate societies and governments via soft power is far more expansive and dangerous than their military might ever was. Now, it must be said and understood: soft power with no hard power foundation is almost meaningless in the short and intermediate terms, and its long term efficacy is predicated on long lasting equilibrium with no threat from competing hard power.

    Keeping this in mind, I’d like to propose a sort of research topic/assignment for the gentlemen here. As you troll the internet in whatever manner GNON guides you, keep an eye out for administrative trivia and bureaucratic events reported on the Talibros. They have a very strong sense of identity and they, unlike every other patriarchal structure extant, retain memetic sovereignty. They do this, I assert, but not participating in the “world at large,” which was easy to do while fighting a guerilla war in the central asian expanse. Now that they are “normalizing” and becoming a formal power (again), we will see the fidelity of their faith and memes. The last time they did this, there was no global internet to speak of. As well, there were many other variables that have significantly changed, or disappeared, or appeared.

    If the Taliban can consolidate and expand, the GAE decline will speed up in inverse proportion (this is my thesis; arguments welcome).

  11. Pax Imperialis says:

    Three part post.


    My previous post on depression understandably got quite a lot of push back. I know a number of men who are married to women who have a family history of depression (genetic and not fake or environmental). Those men have managed to father many children with those women and due to those women rarely leaving the home and having to my knowledge zero social connections outside the home leads me to believe that the men have not been cucked. Among the children only the girls seem to have inherited the depression which leads me to wonder if depression had evolutionary benefits (for some men). Evolutionary approaches to depression are not new by any means, but I haven’t seen any that has looked at a potential link to the lower libido and behavior of depressed women to potentially uncucked mating.

    Now what I said in the previous post was far more obtuse and obfuscated than what I just wrote, so for that I apologize.


    Thus hopefully this next part will be worded better. Suicide is a horrible event for families. It’s jarring and traumatic, but I wish to call into question the modern West’s approach to the problem. In the West there is a tradition that suicide is naturally a sin from which a modern idea springs forth that suicide must be prevented in as many cases as possible. The West does that with suicide prevention hotlines, awareness programs, therapy, and powerful medications. However it’s not clear any of that works and the suicide rate has bounced around a fairly tight range of rates for at least the last 40 years. Moreover what we have seen is a dramatic increase in suicide by cop or other violent means that involve others besides the person committing suicide. Most mass shootings are in fact suicides. Many of the most famous mass shooters were suicidal well before the shootings and where prescribed powerful drugs. It seems like suicides of the past were deeply personal affairs resulting in only the death of the suicidal individual whereas many suicides of the present are wrathful lashes out at the world at wide. Perhaps some people are broken beyond repair and all this modern messaging that they can be fixed and de-stigmatizing mental illness only results in giving them hope for the impossible. Perhaps when the treatments fail and their hope is crushed, they view society as having lied to them and so they blame society at large for their continued suffering and thus lash out at everything and everyone.

    Thus I posit a simple idea. The West should stop trying to save people who are so dysfunction that they will remove themselves. This is not advocating that the West should promote suicide, but that the West should allow nature to play out as it will and that the West should stop fucking around with things it doesn’t fully understand like proscribing SSRIs to every single person it can. The East does little to prevent suicide for it is a taboo subject to even acknowledge much like suicide was in American several generations ago. Mass murder events are extremely rare in the East much in the same way mass murder events were extremely rare in the West a few generations ago. Maybe de-stigmatizing mental illness and trying to prevent suicide as in fact made suicides far more lethal for society at large.


    Lastly, China is a Communist state much in the same way that America is a Communist state. I hope to push back at this insane idea that some in the West (especially the Right) have about China being somehow more based than America in terms of principle. China, in their pursuit of equality, has affirmative action for under performing ethnic minorities much in the same way that America has affirmative action for Blacks. China’s redistribution of wealth from the more productive segments to the the less productive has only served to grow the ethnic minorities from 3% of the population (early 1990s) to nearly 9% today. Disparities in performance have not closed at all much in the same way disparities in performance between White and Black have not closed at all. Much of the apologetic discourse America’s communists have for Black misbehavior is similar to China’s discourse in relation to their minority’s misbehavior. While it’s certainly true that China’s minority problem is far smaller than America’s, it’s merely a question of time before China’s minorities grow in numbers and political influence and start their long march through the public square tearing down monuments and denouncing everyone else. In the same way Japan in arguably 10 years ahead of America economically/demographic aging, America is arguably 20 years ahead of China. Now pragmatically, China’s minorities are far, far better than America’s Blacks and Hispanics as well as another group that shall not be (((named))), but things like this (https://twitter.com/jenniferatntd/status/1287779115949527047?lang=en) makes one wonder just how far behind American China is…

    • alf says:

      No disagreement from me. Modern psychiatry/psychology is a disgrace. Medication is harmful in overwhelming majority of cases. Suicide used to be a rightful taboo.

      Depression is a natural reaction to a downwards adjustment in status. Why is my life shit? Why can’t I sleep? Why am I not enjoying things? The body forces you to deal with the why and make necessary adjustments.

      As for China — I always find it difficult to say definitive statements on a country that is so huge and which I have visited so little. Some random twitter statement does little to sway me either way. Generally I trust Jim’s take — on the one hand, ancient civilisation with plenty of practical know-how, on the other hand, trouble splitting with its communist past. But all they need to do in order to win is f*ck up less than the west, and it is currently rather hard to f*ck up harder than the west.

    • Adam says:

      > The West should stop trying to save people who are so dysfunction that they will remove themselves.

      In clown world it does not seem that dysfunctional to kill yourself. There are still elements of material prosperity around, but most live a spiritual life in sync with the worst dystopian novels.

      Imagine your wife taking off with your kids, destroying your reputation, taking your property and wealth, shacking up with a criminal, all the while your church blames you and supports your whore wife.

      I’m surprised suicide and mass shootings aren’t more common.

      • jim says:

        The command against suicide is useful in the social context of support for the Christian virtues of faith and hope. Without that context, counterproductive.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        These mass shootings are suicides. What changed in the last 30 years to lead to suicides to change from personal to mass murder suicide?

        Imagine telling a massively disfigured man his entire life that he is just as good as anyone else, that he can enjoy all that life has to offer him just like anyone else, that his disfigurement has absolutely no bearing on his standard of life, that women will love him regardless.

        Now when all these things turn out to be false he is medicated with all sorts of drugs we know little about.

        Thus that man is implicitly told his suffering is not due to something inherent to his existence, therefore it must be the fault of society at large. And in his altered state of mind he lashes out at society at large.

        In the past we openly told these men they had problems which lead them to blame themselves. Their suicides were personal and not involving others. Read up on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Douglas_Crofut

        Deeply dysfunctional man committed suicide in a way that was considerate of others. He made sure that the iridium-192 was returned safely. That is the typical nature of suicides in the past.

        A modern version would see him blasting radiation all over his neighborhood.

        Telling people that they are special and giving them participation trophies has knockoff effects… it turns functional people dysfunctional and dysfunctional into monsters.

        • Karl says:

          My impression is that the suffering of most people is the fault of society at large and society cannot be cured without bloodshed. Problem is that it is difficult for most people to identify those responsible. That is especially true for those that are suffering.

          That is why some men who are suffering end up simply killing anyone who was somehow complicit in the evil that caused the suffering. Very difficult to avoid being somehow complicit in a society with an evil state religion

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Synchronicity strikes again. Just thinking the other day how suicide, in the aggregate, may in fact be an imuno-response by the distributed human creature when it collectively senses a cataclysm approaching. Each individual suicide is of course personal and intimate, but the net effect may be in line with a super-entity getting ready to go through something terrible. This may be a feature-not-bug that we developed long ago (of late, I am starting to buy into the Carlson-Hancock Thesis about a pre-historical civilization) for when our little biome became the shooting gallery of the gods. The phenomenon is now due to the Cathedral managing things such that population explodes while truth and beauty are outlawed and evil is given license to roam wild and free. All of this trips the “sixth sense” of society and we start shedding the less than useful.

      This is not a serious thought, as I am ill equipped to be having these thoughts, so if I’ve written something preposterous or incorrect, correct it, don’t attack me. I’m just a kid playing with my dad’s knife collection.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        What your are saying is suicide collectively is apoptosis+autophagy in the ethnic social super-oganism.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I had to look up those words, and again, I am playing pin the tail on the concept above my head, but yes, I am starting to believe societies have a sort of meta-state that is early in its evolutionary story and could very easily dead end or be exterminated. But if we, the authors of future potential, program it properly, we could build a homunculus that eventually becomes an “organic” thing, a lifeform of trillions of constituent parts crawling between the molecules that make up the universe.

          …obviously, I have no fucking idea what I am talking about. But it is great fodder for stories.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I have had similar thoughts about certain expressed patterns of behavior. That if you look at the super-organism of humanity as a unit like you would an ant colony, there almost seem to be triggers in place to activate certain responses. As if humanity creates weapons to fight a problem that occurs over a long timescale. It is much like the ancient conception of monsters as a sign that there was an imbalance in the world. The monster was shunned, but it was also a warning that something was wrong.

      • jim says:

        There was a pre-historical civilization of sorts on the coast that existed before the ice dams broke and oceans rose a hundred meters, heavily reliant on fishing and shellfish collection, rather than agriculture, though it might have had grain farming as well in its later days. It was not all that civilized, had pictographs, but probably not a pictographic system capable of recording language. May not have had agriculture. However it had order over a wide area, probably priestly rather than monarchic, and a hierarchical social order in which owners could expect their property rights to be respected in distant places. Its technological level is unknown, though likely it had good boats, good fishing equipment and the means to move substantial cargoes over water.

        We know bronze age Egypt had some technologies that we do not, but they lacked iron, because they lacked furnaces capable of reaching high enough temperatures to process iron into good tools – such as good swords. The pre-historical civilization may have had some interesting technologies also, but without iron or literacy, probably not that interesting. As Egypt had remarkable technology for shaping stone, the prehistorical civilization may well have had remarkable technology for shaping wood.

        But what makes it pre-historical is that its pictographic system did not, as far as anyone knows, rise to the level of language.

        It’s existence is hinted at in the influence it had on early peoples inland, there being no direct evidence for its existence. Maybe we will find something using robot submersibles along the ancient coastline, but with a civilization based on woodworking, there may not be much direct evidence remaining. If the wood became buried in an anoxic environment when the oceans rose, there might be something under the sea floor, but in an oxidative wet environment, wood disappears fast.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Depression is somewhat adaptive in men. When you sense that your social status is low, your body turns down its testosterone production and you slip into a torpor that avoids danger, conserves energy, and slows aging. But where’s the genetic payoff?

      In wild apes, high-T alpha males are constantly getting killed in fights or dying of heart attacks, creating vacancies in the social hierarchy. Human societies have more rigid hierarchies, but there alpha males recognize the value of beta males (what good is a leader without followers?) and give them wives.

      Depression is highly adaptive in women because it makes them less likely to cheat, and men know this. Look at a picture of a sad, lonely girl in a peasant dress sitting on a hay bale, and another of a sharp, confident career woman in a pantsuit with cellphone, briefcase, makeup, professionally done hair, etc. Which do you want to take home and wife up?

      When that sad peasant girl receives a man’s seed, its small dose of testosterone has a huge anti-depressant effect — her face lights up in a joyous afterglow that lasts for hours and firmly bonds her to her husband. Or if she does it with multiple men, turns her into a raging slut.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        This brings up, tangentially, the concept of Alpha-dom in a way that needs clarification. Is “alpha-ness” on objective or subjective state? The king is alpha (or should be) in context to his cabinet. The minister of war is alpha in context to his generals. The general is alpha in context to his lieutenants. The lieutenant is alpha to his platoon leaders. So it seems obvious that being alpha is subjective. Does this necessarily imply that the cabinet members, or general or lieutenants, are betas? Are they forced to take on a beta-role to facilitate cooperation? How is this managed in the context of organization that cuts across multiple domains without violating the social hierarchy and crippling organizational efforts with repeated alpha contest?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Honor, customs, etiquette.

          Advanced civilizations have highly advanced social superstructures for mediating these relationships in eudaimonic ways – most all of which is torched in present times of course.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Those are questions that every society must find its own answers to, but if those answers do not provide wives to men of all ranks except vagrants, cripples, and imbeciles, that society won’t last long.

          • Jehu says:

            Societies are best off optimizing for the middle 80% of men. The top 10% always do alright and there’s no real percentage in optimizing for the bottom 10%. You have stuff like the gleaning laws in the OT to keep them out of too much mischief. But you need the middle 80% to be able to obtain a virgin wife, property, and a stake in your society. Do that and your demographic problems will largely solve themselves.

  12. Leon says:

    Are there any good IQ tests online?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      It is my understanding that there’s not due to the nature of an actual IQ test being both an exercise in answering questions and interpreting results (2 sides to one coin) such that the vast majority of online tests are just the “shapes based” section of an IQ test, not the whole test, and not the correct construction or scoring. I could be wrong, and there may be actual IQ tests behind paywalls.

      Has anyone here had an IQ test AND been given access to the results?

      • alf says:

        I once took a WAIS III test. It wasn’t half bad. Interpreting the answers is a big part, yes, so I think you are wholly correct.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I’ve been tested a few times, IQ as well as others. One time, I was ejected from the program as soon as my results were returned. I never understood it and it hurt me terribly because I thought I had found my Way. I later found out two things that might have sunk me: one was honesty (HR doesn’t like that, goy) but the other was an overqualification possibility. I shunned the latter because what bitch-ass faggot doesn’t tell everyone he was too good for Them when he gets kicked out, but later I took nearly the same battery and was informed that I nearly maxed out across the board (for the range of applicants, not over all time lol). So i have no clue. Twice, after insulting people to the point of fisticuffs, ive taken one of those online tests to prove a point, and I finish early and score very high. that right there makes them suspect to me. This was years ago and i wonder if they’ve been refined.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        “Has anyone here had an IQ test AND been given access to the results?”

        Oof, yeah that’s a long dark history… composite score around low 120s (dear god I’m a midwit!)… pretty disappointing for my parents considering my father was 145+ and my mother was also pretty far up there as well.

        The tests I took only measured up to (plus or minus) 3 standard deviations on a bunch of categories. Many of my scores were either +3 or -3. The few that weren’t were either +2 or -2. Therefore it’s possible that I was actually +4 or +5 in a number of categories… but on the flip side it’s possible I was actually -4 and -5 in other categories as well (THE HORROR).

        For example abstract/inductive/etc reasoning was +3, but verbal comprehension/vocabulary was -3. Imagine being able to reason like a genius but communicate like a literal moron… for a number of years I was in both the special ed and advanced placement classes.

        SAT can be a fairly good proxy for IQ and I’m pretty sure nearly everyone knows their score. Sadly I stayed up all night prior to my test playing Age of Empires 2. Parents never completely forgave me.

        I managed to get around 50th percentile on the verbal SAT which is equivalent to dead average IQ. 99th+ percentile on the math SAT which is around 145ish.

        Composite SAT probably puts me around low 130s which goes to disprove those heinous biological determinists because IQ can indeed go up! Ok that was a bit tongue in cheek… IQ is tied to biology which can’t really change much but there is variance depending on how IQ is tested for, which test is utilized, and at what age during development a person is tested.

        Now all this was rather personal to share… and hopefully not potentially doxing. So I understand if folks here are uneasy with sharing, but is there anyone here who also had massive differences between math/spacial and verbal IQ? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what it’s like living with that. Would be very interested to hear what it’s like have a high verbal IQ and a low math/spacial IQ.

        • alf says:

          SAT can be a fairly good proxy for IQ and I’m pretty sure nearly everyone knows their score. Sadly I stayed up all night prior to my test playing Age of Empires 2.


          I scored 129 on my IQ test, which I remember because it’s one point from being over 2 SD’s. My performal was higher than verbal, don’t think the difference was massive, just noticeable… Verbally I’m a midwit I guess? Which makes sense to me I’ve never had a silver tongue.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      No, for two reasons.

      Actual IQ tests are fairly dependent on a test giver’s interpretation of your answer. Psychologists filter the data.

      Actual IQ tests are jealously guarded by the test makers because that’s a niche monopoly they don’t want to lose.

      You’ll find that other psych tests are similar…

      • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

        Actual IQ tests are fairly dependent on a test giver’s interpretation of your answer. Psychologists filter the data.

        I’m not too sure about this. “””Psychologists”””?

        Kind of like how lots of people wrote about crime and the obvious racial connections in the past, but we can’t just take them at their word: crime is a complex, complicated, and multivariate phenomena that every culture understands in its own way — who are we to judge, and what did those old native-raping-racists know about crime anyway.

        • yewotm8 says:

          IQ tests are so politically incorrect by this point that the guy giving the test is probably not too much of a “””psychologist”””.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          There is good reason to filter. To use a simple example imagine giving a child 100 addition questions and 100 subtraction questions. Most kids will get some of the addition correct and some of the subtraction correct. Thus you can norm the results for multiple children and generate a distribution after which the percentile (i.e. 50th, 70th, 90th, etc) can be calculated for any particular kid.

          Now suppose a kid gets all addition correct and all subtraction incorrect. That is not normal and would give good reason not to use that result to produce a percentile result for the kid. In part because it could indicated something else is going on to distort the results. Kid could be lazy but bright, have a learning disability, etc.

          Now on IQ tests it isn’t as simple as addition or subtraction questions, but similar categories are used to fish out discrepancies which the psychologist then takes a closer look at.

          A working memory test for example might give a kid several short paragraphs to read and ask them to recall what it was about. For example I was given a segment about cars and trucks and nearly recited it back word for word. I was also given a segment about something I forgot about right after reading. I don’t even remember reading it. Now the stupid thing to do would be to average the results and say I had average working memory. Obviously I had great working memory, but only for things that interested me. The psychologist therefore tossed out the fluke. Filtering is obviously better.

          All this said, what I described is what psychologists are suppose to do. My limited experiences tells me that they were doing their job in the 90s, but I have no idea on the state of testing current day (very likely a major decline). I suspect that if you filter for younger psychologists they will be pretty trash, but the older gentlemen I’ve talked with about this subject remain based (although they have been retiring in mass).

          • jim says:

            > Now on IQ tests it isn’t as simple as addition or subtraction questions, but similar categories are used to fish out discrepancies which the psychologist then takes a closer look at.

            I find this very hard to believe. Pretty sure that is not how it is done, not what psychologists are taught to do or expected to do.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              “not what psychologists are taught to do or expected to do”

              Yes this is likely correct today… but there are several things I feel are relevant.

              In part I grossly oversimplified DD/C and didn’t fully elaborate which is my bad; however, that last part I wrote about “they were doing their job in the 90s” is very relevant. What was being done was more than just IQ testing hence why I talked about filtering.

              Historically (60s-90s), the lion’s share of IQ testing was conducted in the education system K-12 by school psychologists. Testing adults was usually done by psychologists who were using the methods the school psychologists were developing/using to analyze discrepancy. [This is according to several old retired psychologists I talk with, unfortunately I don’t have any “official” sources yet. As with all hearsay it’s potentially very wrong]

              As for how IQ test results were used in the past, this paper* has a good summary:

              ->”to use IQ tests […] to diagnose other forms of psychopathology”
              ->”Such diagnoses were made predicated on the idea that intelligence is best understood as a group of multiple, functionally independent attributes whose development is relatively uniform**.”
              ->”if an some intelligence attributes were less developed than others for a given individual, it was likely due to some “unorganized or disordered personality functioning in the cognitive, affective, and instinctual areas of behavior””
              ->”From the late 1960s through the mid 1990s, a panoply of cognitive profile approaches […] were developed and presented to practitioners as potentially useful for identifying individuals with learning difficulties”

              *The thesis of this paper is highly suspect in my opinion, but it is good enough for a history summary. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6480769/
              **SAT Stats generally agree in relative uniformity between verbal and spatial.

              As you can see from this NPR source (it’s the top google result “IQ testing in schools”), IQ testing in the education system fell out of favor some time ago.

              So what can we say of IQ testing today?
              ->It’s not what one might say “kosher.” NPR does not like it.
              ->Interpreting and analyzing IQ test results is definitely not “kosher.” The paper I linked is just one of many decrying “misuse of IQ”
              ->Hence “not what psychologists are taught to do or expected to do” is really a testament of the times we live in.

  13. Kunning Druegger says:

    Substack Round Up, brought to you by the Midwit Mafia. A lot of these have paywall posts. I lack the shekels for most of it. Not endorsing any of these, or shilling for them, but they all have interesting content from my POV.

    Auron Macintyre is real-timing his book, The Total State

    Here’s one called Edwin’s Newsletter. Had a good post about Sri Lanka.

    Contemplations on the Tree of Woe is really good, interesting and concise

    Things Hidden in Complexity is either reading here, or it’s a case of simultaneous emergence, but the dude is on a roll and he does a lot of research heavy lifting so you don’t have to

    Enlightened Rationalism is a poster here, have not ingested the catalog, but a cursory review was interesting

    Fabius Minarchus came out of nowhere as I was doing research on [REDACTED]; seemed milquetoast from the lofty heights of Jimianity, but more and more I am coming to the position that we need to get more promiscuous about soft in-grouping anyone that opens the door to our redpills

    Good ol’ Styx, up to his trix, if his vids don’t do it for ya, try his prose for a fix

    Prudentialist is one of the more palatable of our cousins on the Dissident Right; he’s been grinding for a while and his YT catalog is exceptionally useful for research purposes

    “Mom, can we have Prudentialist?”
    “We have Prudentialist at home”
    Prudentialist at home:

    I’m really enjoying the substack ecosystem because it is a superior experience to the vlog trend, IMO. It isn’t perfect, but it is breddy gudd, so enjoy it while it lasts because it will probably be shoah’d sooner rather than later. Again, not shilling en total, just interesting fodder, so apologies if any of these put you off your porridge.

    Non-substack honorable mention: https://palladiummag.com/
    It gets linked here occasionally, not just by me. I’ve been doing a derp dive on their catalog as i chop wood (4 cords in three weeks with an axe, and that’s with a day job, the rest of the farm, kids, and helping neighbors… you may not like it, but this is what peak larp-steader looks like), and it has been awesome. Great topics, good writing, interesting ideas.

    Obviously, I have a serious problem with reading stuff, so please don’t hesitate to link stuff ITT, I’m always looking for more.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      Speaking of substack, Blind Prison of the Mind is good and he explicitly admits to reading this blog.

      He focuses on a mix of reviews of/thoughts about fiction and some political essays.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        If anyone is looking for high speed, dangerously judicious art/creative critique, this substack is fucking awesome. short, to the point pieces on the core topics. deep insights and profound observations. highly recommend.

    • Red says:

      Thanks for the links KD. A lot of it’s interesting, but LOL at this guy for calling himself a reactionary. He’s a standard LOLbertarian puke going on about he can make leftism policy Y work if we only do X!


      If that’s what’s passing for reactionaries these days, I think we might need a rebranding.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Think about it in a slightly different way: he’s trying to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, and the tactic he’s decided is best is aping us.

        His submission to the discourse is derivative, and I pegged him as a fellow midwit, so I stopped reading. But I thought it notable as a data point. Think on this as well: what might we feel about a world wherein the Hitler-stache makes a significant comeback?

        Nigger warning: this is an Atlantic article

        Read it, I dare you. Try not to vomit or induce an atypical seizure from excessive eye rolling.

        This is a tacit admission by the author that our meme has won. “Your meme didn’t win, we stole your meme” is the gist of the screed, and that sounds as preposterous as “we dislike your genetics so much we spread them everywhere.” That article is maybe the biggest whitepill I’ve seen in a long while. Note the boredom in the prose, as if this piece is a drudgery to be gotten through before Chaim can get back to watching his girlfriend’s son on the nannycam and acting like an elementary school teacher*.

        I wrote up a big review of that article for this place, but deleted it because it felt excessive and unworthy. But it never left my mind.

        “Haha we appropriated the Hitler salute and now kids everywhere do it to indicate how high the water will get if we don’t vaccinate the earth from global warming haha.”

        “Haha I straightened my nappy ass brillo shit and died it blonde to show that I think whiteness is ugly haha.”

        “Haha I became a civil rights lawyer and stopped talking like a street-bred retard, married a white chick, put my kids in a religious private school, and pay my taxes so I can defeat White supremacy haha.”

        There are many ways to win. I hope and pray for explicit wins for white folks, for good folks, for honorable and industrious folks. But I’m also trying to be less pessimistic, and looking at the culture war, at a a tactical level in the trenches, and in terms of linguistics and humor, we have some things to be hopeful for. They overplayed their hand after illegally removing Trump and suffering no consequences. Of course, I am not saying at all that we are winning, and any current wins pale in comparison to the devastation coming if there’s an Occidental agricultural collapse. But I’m trying to be less of a buzzkill to myself.

        *I have made an effort to use “Elementary School Teacher” and any derivatives as a replacement term for “fag” or “gay” and it totally works, linguistically.

        • Mr.P says:

          The Atlantic article is one long “ironic” cool-kid/chick ad hominem fail.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          “this piece is a drudgery to be gotten through before Chaim can get back to watching his girlfriend’s son on the nannycam”

          If I’d been drinking anything when I read that, you’d owe me a new keyboard.

        • jim says:

          Too painful to read.

          I have a bigger white pill to the same effect. Our memes are reaching the masses.

          Last night, slightly drunk, I was sitting around a fire with a bunch of normie men, friends of the totally non political man throwing the party. Everyone else at the party was salt of the earth high paid prosperous working class, security guards, workers with apprenticeships or license qualifications that ensure decent pay, accumulated retirement assets, homes, wives, gardens, and children. The man throwing the party served expensive cheese, and made hamburgers with expensive meat.

          And they started talking about some sport stars whom I have never heard of who were in trouble for refusing to celebrate sodomy on the playing field. And then they started talking about gays taking over a nearby swimming hole for gay sex (both of these events were news to me). I recommended the Old Testament solution. Seemed to have general support, and they endorsed an anonymous person at the swimming hole who had made a start on the Old Testament solution.

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          The fact is that as the article points out, neither “based” nor “redpilled” have truly reactionary original meanings. We stole them for a very long time, and so there’s no particular reason that the Left can’t initiate a rhetorical offensive in trying to steal them back or at least to neutralize the rightist connotations they have had – which is exactly what I’ve been noticing in recent months. Leftist e-celebs like Kyle Kulinski and Vaush say both those words all the time, to say nothing of their ilk’s minions all over the web. But tellingly, I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER seen normies use them – only the politically engaged, on both sides. That suggests to me that this isn’t an rightist underground conquest of mainstream culture, but a leftist repurposing of rightist vocabulary to serve leftist ends. Their usage has nothing to do with any interest in restoring coverture and expelling subhumans from the realm – nobody seems at all perturbed when someone with a troon flag avatar uses it.

          The form of our memes is more widespread than ever, but is their content? They produced the fake news meme, but when Trump successfully turned it right back on them, the meme didn’t sully Trump’s rightism, Trump sullied the meme’s leftism.

          We’ve already experienced this problem in the past from boomercons – they’ll say based all day long, but any sympathy to our politics (as one would think that’d imply) has all the depth of a wading pool, all it takes is reminding them of 13/50 and they stiffen up right quick.

          The Left evidently perceive the words as being valuable ideological territory in which to plant their flag – they’re certainly right about that, and I think their attack is having some success. Tbf, maybe I’m just being a blackpiller here. It wouldn’t be the first time lol

          • jim says:

            > The fact is that as the article points out, neither “based” nor “redpilled” have truly reactionary original meanings.

            “based” clearly has original and inherent reactionary meaning. Is not Drag Queen Story Hour, the gay parade, and the US dollar flagrantly debased? Hilariously so.

            “Red pill” in its original meaning means to see the truth rather than the pretty lie. As in the Heartiste slogan “Where the pretty lies perish”.

            The enemy faith is “Point Deer make horse”. 指鹿為馬. The term “red pill” implies a powerful system of illusion – which points directly to our enemies, and cannot credibly be pointed at us – thus it inherently has reactionary meaning. It is a reference to what makes our enemies weak and frail – that they are based on lies that increasingly no one believes. Not us, and these days, not normies any more.

            > But tellingly, I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER seen normies use them – only the politically engaged, on both sides

            I have never seen normies use them. But what I do see is normies noticing the things that these words stand for.

            At the party last night, bunch of working class normies were saying that gays are debased, even though they lacked to words to say it. Nor did I supply our words. I instead used the words of the Old Testament. Our words are for priestly discussions of theology, not what normies think about, or should think about. I would not use our words talking to normies. They understand well enough, and the bible speaks of what they understand well enough.

            • Cataclysm Reawake says:

              I pray that you are right and I’ll have more opportunities to see the proles make me proud. But your point on definitions is well taken.

            • notglowing says:

              >The enemy faith is “Point Deer make horse”. 指鹿為. The term “red pill” implies a powerful system of illusion – which points directly to our enemies, and cannot credibly be pointed at us – thus it inherently has reactionary meaning. It is a reference to what makes our enemies weak and frail – that they are based on lies that increasingly no one believes. Not us, and these days, not normies any more.

              This is how we understand it and use it, but its origin is clearly Gnostic messaging in a very Gnostic movie, and therefore enemy territory.
              It happens that the same idea applies to the real world – just not in the way Gnostics think it does.
              We don’t believe in escaping the material world through secret knowledge, however we do believe in escaping the illusion leftists created with knowledge that is forbidden.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Here’s my issue with your analysis: you make good points, but they are irrelevant to what I am driving at. No, I do not see any mainstream political outlet calling for an end to ladyvoting. But to get to a place where that is even possible, many small changes must occur. Consider the “clownworld” memeplex. When our lil’ buddy honkler first donned the red nose and gave it a squeeze, it was not even a /pol/ meme, it was a /fasci/nationalist/pol/ meme. And many hated it, just as they hated helper, just as they heted Pepe, just as they hated Spurdo, etc. But it fit. It fit so deliciously well that it made bros laugh. It made them laugh so much they wanted it to make others laugh for different reasons, so they spread it everywhere, trying to get fake internet points, but in actuality ramming tiny little spring loaded spreaders into a miniscule crack. As each one gets pounded in, that crack becomes a gap. It is never going to bring down the mountain, but it lets the water in, and once the water gets into the cracks, collapses are inevitable, the only question is time.

            When the first dandelion put out its first little puffball, it just wanted daughter-plants. The shape was a function of gravity and atmosphere and other strange voodoo. It was not in any way planning to become a symbol of summer, of youth, of innocence… every time a kid picks up one of those puffs and spreads dandelion seeds everywhere, the goal is met, and the plant proliferates. Every time my son picks one up, I urge him to have fun, because that weed may some day keep us alive when food is barren. BigLandscaping does all in its power to wipe out the dandelion, but who is going to win, do you think? The army of chemicals and blades and millions of dollars of marketing, or one puffy little boi?

            • The Cominator says:

              You absolutely will not get rid of women voting without abolishing democracy itself completely, politically impossible cannot happen will not happen. It would be the political equivalent of squaring the circle.

              Now the left has mostly made voting fake… but to the extent voting still ever exist women voting will still exist until Democracy is truly dead.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                I’m inclined to agree with a Cataclysm Exemption.

                Imagine we chug right along toward WW03, with brush conflicts, embargos, and blockades popping up everywhere. The major powers call their banners and the youth flock to the ports for training and embarkation. Then a cluster of asteroids/meteors/space rocks splash down in a scatter plot across the norther hemisphere. No world killers, but a handful of just bad news bears. Global population reduced by 10-20% initially, then the catastrophic weather effects hit, then the global south dies because HIV and cannibalism do not a society make.

                I could see the survivors of such being very cut and dried about necessity and responsibility. This is an extreme and fantastical (i hope lol) picture, but it remains relevant that if there’s a significant catastrophe, “female leadership” lmao xddd will fall on its dyke haircut, pants suit face. It will be like a professional woman’s soccer team being forced to compete against high schoolers for an entire season. It will demonstrate exactly what we here all already know: they just can’t do it.

                That is one potential path towards restricting suffrage. And once that path is taken up, it inevitably ends in monarchy, inshallah.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [enemy link deleted]

      Not mentioned enough because we tend to take it for granted, but for newbies must be mentioned.

      • jim says:

        Walt Disney and the Jews” does not tell us how Disney was subverted by Jews, but instead argues that Walt Disney was a faggot.

        Walt Disney was a good man, and the Disney business continued along the right path for quite some time after Walt Disney died. So a report on how Disney came to be groomer central has to be about events that happened after his death. This account is the enemy poisoning the well.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        If E Michael Jones of all people is an enemy I think I’ve smelt enough sulfur.


        Deus Vult mother fucker.

        • jim says:

          You are unresponsive when I fisk you, and unresponsive when I respond your links. This is an attempt to defend the groomer takeover, which it theoretically condemns, but instead of telling us of the crimes of the Disney groomer empire, condemns the capitalist Disney empire for being capitalist, and then proceeds to impute highly improbable sins to Walt Disney and his father.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            argues that Walt Disney was a faggot

            If we are talking about the same article, to be scrupulously fair, although at first it raises the possibility that Walt Disney might have been a faggot:

            Walt seems to have suffered from father deprivation, the main cause of homosexuality…

            it then concludes that he wasn’t:

            The case for Walt’s homosexuality falls apart, however, because Flora Disney was not as intrusive or manipulative as the mothers of most homosexuals […]

            and elsewhere:

            Father deprivation did not lead to homosexuality because Walt’s older brother Roy had willingly taken a paternal role in Walt’s life.

            All I found online was an excerpt, and the writing style was unclear and kind of sloppy, which didn’t motivate me to hunt down the whole thing, nor to pay four bucks for it. So I’m not really sure if this matters.

            • jim says:

              One could see the poison in that he evasively sidled around the fact that Disney is now the groomer empire, while vehemently complaining about the evil capitalist overlords at Disney possessing power that he thinks should belong to the state.

              One can see the poison in the that he is addressing Walt Disney, and ignoring the fact that the rot set in a considerable time after Walt Disney died – evasively sidling around what went wrong.

              One can see the poison in that he spends so much hot air on addressing the entirely nonexistent issue of Walt Disney’s entirely non existent homosexuality. If Wal was straight, which quite obviously he was, why waste space on this issue?

              The title and the graphic promises the forbidden truth, and then there follow absolutely no forbidden truths.

            • alf says:

              The right course of action regarding gays is that no man is gay, no man would ever want to be gay, and no man can be accused of being gay unless the evidence is thus that it cannot be ignored.

              Since there is no unignorable case of evidence round Walt, there is no case for the accusation. As straight as an arrow.

              Fom everything I know about him he was a good man and a visionary who would no doubt be greatly disappointed to see what had become of his life’s work.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            Disney promoting population control in 1968. The rot had to have set in years earlier for something like this to be produced.

            • jim says:

              Walt Disney died in 1966, two years before the slightest indication of convergence and decay. Why then is your link all about smearing Walt Disney and his family, and contains nothing about the faggots groomers now engaging in faggotry and grooming?

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*pay no attention to the fact that Walt’s skin was peeled off his corpse and is is now being worn by groomers who want to sodomize your children. It was the same Walt Disney from the beginning*]

                • jim says:

                  True, the rot at Disney corp goes back a long way. The seeds of groomer central were indeed sprouting in 1968. Two years after Walt Disney’s death. This is the point that your enemy propaganda seeks to disappear.

                  Walt Disney was a good man, and his father a good father.

                  The point and purpose of your propaganda is “pay no attention to demons dressed in skin suits. It is totally normal. Nothing unusual to see here, move along.”

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I thought this was obvious, Jim. Anyone who cannot defend themselves (because dead or fictional character) and is held in the common perception to be “antisemitic” is the victim of character assassination by the Cathedral. Razorfist laid it bare in one of his videos that Disney was tarred with the term after he owned some commiefaggot union after a labor dispute. He didn’t kowtow to their wishes, and they turned him into an antisemite.

            • skippy says:

              WD is smeared as a rightist though really he was some kind of own-brand leftist. Either way, not part of the ruling cathedral. From an era when individuals, at least very rich individuals, could exercise more independence than now.

            • alf says:


              Disney promoting population control in 1968. The rot had to have set in years earlier for something like this to be produced.

              Ha you actually post a fun link and a half-decent argument! Fun fun. I laughed at the wife whispering to her husband to speak on her behalf.

        • alf says:

          You’ll be back tomorrow.

    • restitutor_orbis says:

      Great list! I read a bunch of these and will add the others to my menu.

      FWIW, Tree of Woe reads and posts on this blog, too.

  14. JustAnotherGuy says:

    So interesting to me that progs/insane would talk drum out constantly that the climate is not the same as the weather, that all the time I experienced with the weather has no bearing on the climate apocalypse that will happen any second now.

    Suddenly, the weather is a bit too hot, and this is the clearest indication that climate change is going to kill us all, and that we must drastic action such as reducing the world population to a hundred million or wrecking farmers in order to stop it. No consistency, just making shit up as they go.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy


      • Red says:

        I really don’t like this meme. It assumes they have the right to be a superior class. The insult tossed at them for this behavior needs to be sharper.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          This meme, to me, is a rhetorical structure for evaluating conduct and messaging, not a justification for their behavior. Complaining about hypocrisy from Progressives is a tactic used by mainline conservatism to further entrench the Outer Party as legitimate and necessary.

          Evaluating the situation from an objective position through the lens of Realist, or Power, Politics, they have every right to apply a different set of rules and standards on their allies than their enemies. Internalizing this Right and its credibility logically leads to the conclusion that those in power are the arbiters of allowable conduct and discourse, meaning the Amerikaners and their elite patrons must dispense with placid political debate and efforts and take up the task of seizing power by all effective means so that the Good and Righteous can apply the Schmittian Exception.

          This is obviously not straightforward, nor is it trivial to parse without deeper understanding of political theory and governance dynamics, so in essence, I agree, not the best meme for political warfare purposes. This is actually a substantial issue on our side: a lot of our weapons (rhetorical frameworks) are either challenging to hold and deploy, or completely misused. Macintyre asserts that NRx is an interpretive framework, not an ideological framework, and I agree. But it would appear many in the Dissident Right don’t make this distinction, for many possible reasons.

          So this meme needs to be refined or restricted to realms wherein it is effective and valuable. One realm is in debating with mainline/moderate conservatives, particularly those who insist on trying to “work with” the opposition.

          • Red says:

            >Complaining about hypocrisy from Progressives is a tactic used by mainline conservatism to further entrench the Outer Party as legitimate and necessary.

            Correct and we agree on pretty much everything about it. However, the people repeating the “It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy” are mostly controlled opposition types like Ben Shapiro and Cernovich. As is usual for controlled opposition they correctly identified the problem but solution they propose is lame and stupid by intention. This disrupts good men’s ability to resist effectively.

            We on the right like legitimate hierarchy. Describing the left’s system of demonic mind slavery as a hierarchy is a gay perversion of that.

            >This meme, to me, is a rhetorical structure for evaluating conduct and messaging, not a justification for their behavior.

            The proper response to something that’s fucked up is a witty insult and meme that cuts to the heart of the matter not a dry statement of fact. “It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy” is kind of the opposite of that.

            KD, you’re a decent writer, why not come up with something that works better?

            Meme production has been poor since 4chan was shilled to death.

    • Red says:

      Taking leftist policies seriously is always a mistake. Their goal is to murder 93.7% of the population of earth. Every propose policy is just baby steps towards eliminating your carbon footprint by eliminating you.

    • A2 says:

      Don’t forget that when there are the usual hard winters, polar vortices or whatnot, there is a dead silence on climate change burning the world to a cinder. I suppose one could say it’s a seasonal topic.

      • notglowing says:

        It seems to me they tend to justify these types of extreme weather with climate change regardless of whether it’s high or low temperature.

    • Travis says:

      It is a well worn pattern.

      In February there will be mass freezing because climate change.

      In August people will spontaneously combust because climate change.

      It even has new scarier red on the weather map.

  15. Yul Bornhold says:

    Looking at the possibility of widespread famine, do we have any ideas how this might play out? Hunger contained to third world while first world feeds itself? First world sending its crops to third world while telling its own citizens that starving themselves is the only moral course of action? Mass importation of foreigners?

    Trying to throw together supplies.

    • skippy says:

      Unpredictable because it will depend on local policies made by bit players.

      Starvation will happen in places that impose price controls and enforce them, mandating food be sold at below the cost of production.

      Otherwise, even very great impositions to make agriculture less efficient won’t stop first worlders feeding themselves, only make food bills very burdensome for people on low incomes.

      • Varna says:

        For now it seems the worst-case scenario for the first world (the economy in vacuum, separate from pharma genocide and techno-feudalist takeovers) is simply late era Soviet shortages of food, products, electricity, water, medications, and similar stuff. All basic necessities are available and there’s no famine or starvation, but life is highly highly uncomfortable, and choices are pretty restricted.

        Since the Great Reset appears to a large extent to be literally a mirror-inversion of the original Perestroika — the globohomo perestroika is into the reverse direction of less freedom, less mobility, less pluralism, less comforts in life, less free speech (glasnost) and so on, this reversed time flow looks set to go from capitalism and bourgeois democracy, through a period of perestroika, and reach a globohomo version of the Soviet 1970s and 1980s. With trannies, anal pride, population replacement, and cyber surveillance. And, like the late USSR, people dropping dead from *bad health* at 50.
        (links how much the USSR sucked)
        (link how great the USSR was)

        That’s concerning the reset and built back better life where people own nothing and are happy.

        For the third world and those in between… If there’s no deliberate golodomor famine policy, they’ll likely also have a grottier version of the absolute minimum needed to function and not die. Maybe even with more basic personal freedoms and capacity for primitive joy. But that’s a big “if”. Seems likely the neo-malthusian sub-sect will try to get them all to also stop breeding and start dying of old age at 40.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      If you have something worth defending, you need to build a mental model of what is required for you to leave your land as rarely as possible. The old SAS Survival Guide (no excuses, just buy it) has a nice mental exercise for ordering your priorities: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. SAS are pretty fucking baller, so obviously quite extreme, but it gives good benchmarks. Here’s the filter I went with: https://www.sawyer.com/product-categories/water-filtration#0 (2 minis for the adults and a backup).

      I am a shill for body armor, and not at all an elitist, so Level III+ steel or higher is fine by me. GWoTfags will never, ever admit that steel plates with a buildup coat and a trauma pad is good enough, and if you are rich, you can get the better, lighter stuff. I recommend you get 2 types of plate carrier: a low profile one ( https://condoroutdoor.com/products/condor-specter-plate-carrier and there are even cheaper Chinese knockoffs) and a tacticool one ( https://www.ar500armor.com/plate-carriers.html ; these guys do all the things, like all the attachments and gack you need to attach to your PC; they are shunned by GWoTfags, and I could not care less, as they are something like 1/10th the price of Crye Precision). The lowpro one is what you keep in your trunk, the tacticool one is what you keep in your closet. Here’s why you go tacticool: 1) it will mark you as a larperator, which means you’re the butt of jokes now but will be welcomed down the road as an ally or utility by the real operators 2) wear it while you train, just do it, because even if you are in good shape, doing your normal workout with a loaded PC will learn you a thing or three about endurance 3) menacing gear can win a fight before it starts. obviously, if we’re talking about actual gunfights, get low and get home if you are not training regularly. but if you are rolling to the grocery store or whatever and unrest is spreading, you will not appear as an easy target, which should be priority one 4) having good gear on hand can be a store of value. you can trade it to guys or give it to any goons you might hire out as protection. this is obviously dicey for a lot of reasons, but never once were the words uttered “man I wish we had less useful gear available.”

      Everyone is a chief major gunnery sergeant in the delta seal rangers on the internet, so there’s always derision for stated opinions or brand/build specificity. as well, if you don’t train and practice, in gear and at speed, you’re just holding the guns for the guy that does. so before you buy any iron, make a plan for practicing with it. this goes beyond range time. buy snapcaps/dummy rounds and dry fire practice in front of a mirror. not only does this make your dick bigger, it helps you understand your profile, why blading is important, where you are sticking out/hanging out, and where you should by positioning your utilities on your PC, belt, and legs. it’s really helpful, and it will get you on the road to muscle memory, which is more likely to save your ass than owning expensive gear. Guns are a tool like any other, so they have use cases, strengths & weaknesses, and quality levels. I recommend you have a pistol, AR, and shotgun, that you buy them in reverse order, and train on them in that reverse order. Pistols are not easy to master, ARs are deceptively challenging to use with gear on under pressure, and shotguns are the easiest and most useful if you’re starting from square 0. Shotguns are about as idiot proof of a weapon as you can get, and you can roll with slugs, buckshot, and birdshot all at once. The newer shotties built on the AR/AK platform are really cool, but a good pump shot gun is, on balance and in my opinion, your best bet as a beginner. This firearm configuration is your anti-personnel loadout, and you typically pick AR + pistol or shotgun + pistol, but it’s really up to you and the training you can ingest. On the other side of guntopia you have your utility weapons: pellet/bb gun, 22LR, shotgun, and bolt action. As cool as you may look fully kitted up, what really pulls pussy is access to animal protein. Bolt action configuration has significantly higher velocity than semi-autos of the same caliber because of some magical gas voodoo shit going on in the chamber. So you can hunt with an AR10 (7.62mm semi-auto in an AR platform), but you can hunt more effectively with a cheap Ruger American (7.62 ((and other calibers)) bolt action). If you have the cash, are patient, and have a clean record, definitely go for a suppressor. The benefits are massive in a lot of categories, and the downsides are, in my opinion, not that substantial. “Silencer” is some made up bullshit just like “assault style gun,” and suppressed firearms are still loud, but way less loud, and on a 22LR it’s downright quiet. This is of great utility for ear health and hiding purposes, as well you spook less game. This is why you want to have a BB/pellet gun; they are quiet and effective on small game. It also gives your son/wife something to hold while you carry the big boomstick. in terms of ammo, I use the metric of 1000 rounds per gun as a reserve, and I buy specifically for range time or training courses. This may sound like a lot, but it’s not. I did a training gig a while back where the company purchased ~50,000 rounds per year as a baseline, and flexed up when needed. This was not typical, but it was insane how quickly we went through stocks. A few guntubers have done videos where they shoot rounds from boxes purchased in the 1970s, so store it well and it will retain its value. Common calibers are the safest bet (.22LR, 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12ga) and usually cheaper, but there are some awesome options out there (10mm, 6.5 creedmore, .300BLK) with a lot of utility. I fyou can take the reloadspill, I’d say do it. I do not, but not for lack of desire. As you move into gun culture, you will find mountains of opinion and advice and cautions. just get the guns and practice, and learn from mistakes and make connections. don’t follow trends and guntube too closely (Paul Harrell, gunJesus, and garandthumb is probably sufficient), because you LGS will have better sources of info and advice. Just my opinion.

      Training is massively important, and not just for tacticool stuff. There are a plethora of free and low cost training course on first aid, survival, woodcraft, and agrarian skills. There are legions of SMEs that love sharing their knowledge and, far more importantly, you will be connecting with master craftsmen as well as other normals and preppers and people feeling the same sense of worry and determination to confront it. Rural counties and exurbs tend to be a goldmine for training opportunities, but be very wary of anyone promising to turn you into a gunfighter or operator. Don’t just take “veteran operated” at face value. It is a tricky issue, but the best metric I have found for finding worthwhile trainers is how busy they are, and the condition of their gear and facilities. If the instructor is some fat ass that can’t go 5 minutes without telling you how badass he is, if the class consists of a bunch of foreigners trying to get security certified, if the classroom is poorly maintained and the gear is trashy and dirty, probably not the best place to go. That being said, there’s wisdom in strange places.

      You should purchase a fully kitted out MFAK (multi first aid kit). AR500 does these, as well as dozens of other companies, but be wary of the tacticool ones, not because they aren’t useful, but because they are constructed primarily for bullet trauma. You’re going to want one that is more holistic in approach, with stuff for booboos and itches and sprains and stuff like that, and couple it with a trauma oriented IFAK (individual first aid kit – https://www.blueforcegear.com/trauma-kits.html) attached to it. You should then supplement it with whatever is unique to you. Never pass up an opportunity to get legally obtained prescription meds. The antibiotic crash is real and inevitable, but I’d rather have a bunch of them on hand. Consider too that a bunch med’d up bugmen will be fiending for adderal, MAOIs, and SSRIs, so there really isn’t a prescription medication that won’t be a store of value. This goes too for over the counter meds, though obviously to a lesser extent. If you can do some first aid/medical training, you can get bally great lists of stuff that medicos find important or essential. Just like with tactitools and gear, having medical supplies you can put in the hands of a specialist may be of great value to you at some unforeseen time, particularly if you have kids or elderly to safeguard.

      Jim spoke of chicken coops and vegetable gardens, and I second the motion, but don’t start buying and building without a plan. Find the homesteader community in your area, go to meetups, and start talking to people. My spread has been massively enhanced at fractional costs just by putting in face time with neighbors, trolling the depths of FB marketplace/craigslist, and helping neighbors with odd jobs. We’ve basically quadrupled our “infrastructure” and accelerated our 3 year plan this way. There is a commensurate downside, as I am way less prepared than I would have been if we stuck with the slow roll, but I prefer to have the stuff on site and built, so I will manage. Jim also used the term “snake proof” and this must be considered in depth, because the world of predators and scavengers is frustratingly huge. In addition to the obvious threats, there is also blight, caterpillars, beetles, asian jumping worms, heavy wind/rain, and weather in general. None of this is intended to discourage, but I have found that wanting, finding, and acquiring is far easier than I expected, and maintaining is impossible to do perfectly. Set your sights where you want, but if you can get to “good enough to get by,” you’re winning.

      Livestock is tricky, particularly if you are not swimming in acreage, so the plan I put together is “microstock:” chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, bees, worms (vermiculture) and mushrooms. Obviously, I’d love to have steak, mutton, and goatsmilk, but it’s a lot easier to breed up and maintain herds of guinea pigs and rabbits than it is to do sheep, pigs, and cows. But it’s not easy, and it is an ongoing thing, so my plan might be bullshit. Every other -steader in my circle thinks I am insane with the guinea pigs, but I am sticking with it. i’ll report back when things develop.

      If you’re good with tools and electronics, solar array + battery bank is fucking awesome, and you can do it much cheaper than buying everything in a finished state. As well, you can build a windmill pretty easily, and if you’re smart, you can get dribs and drabs of energy here and there, but again, not simple. i have taken collecting the pieces and mothballing them for later when i find them for cheap, whether they are barter fodder or actual deployed assets. I also buy batteries of various types as often as possible. Just like bullets, I’d rather have and not need than need and not have.

      If you are super liquid and looking to go over the top, check out Armormax. There’s also interesting methods for hardening your residence with very lowpro and relatively cost effective options, but I haven’t gone down this road yet. having a good vehicle is great, but you have to consider both provisioning it and being able to store it safely. i’m not a gearhead, so…

      Rainwater collection is apparently tricky because some locales regulate it or outright ban it, but I don’t really care. Just collecting what’s running off your roof (assuming you’re in an area that isn’t a desert or tundra) will give you a LOT. I am still in the testing phase, and this year has been… intense, but I can easily get thousands of gallons of gray water no sweat. Storing it is the real challenge. My current approach is an elevated 1000 gallon catchment that uses gravity to get it where it needs to go, but the details are devilish. So my fall back is the cistern model, which means the gutters feed to a buried tank that has a spill valve and a handpump. i’ve got well water, so rain collection is a backup. Word of warning: modern wells are very narrow tubes drilled deep into the aquifers, which is super cool, but it means you’re SOL if the power goes out and the siphon stops (there’s artesian wells, but this is outside my capacity at the moment). Older wells, sometimes called bore wells, are less common but give you the option of tossing down a bucket on a rope (if that doesn’t make your back hurt just thinking about it…)

      Which dovetails into the idea of dramatically lowering expectations. You can attempt to prep for “maintain my lifestyle in spite of the situation facing me” but it’s going to be challenging, expensive, and risky. Without a family army, or army of families, having a bunch of valuable shit on your spread is useless if you cant defend and maintain it. so consider what your actual minimums are: what are the bare necessities, what are the kcal minimums, what can be done without any power or machines or complex tools? this obviously sucks, but if we’re looking at moths of troubles followed by years of instability… I just don’t know how to prep for that.

      Good luck faggot lmao gotem

      J/k, but if you’re urban or suburban and you aren’t setting up to be a BAPian marauder (or join up with the local gang or “federal recovery initiative”), you need to plan on being a refugee. I break this down into 3 categories: the refugee, the IDP, and the migrant.

      The refugee
      You are a man alone. You must flee your immediate surroundings with an urgency that negates any concern for next steps. This is the case for urban dwellers.

      Always wear or have good shoes with you. Always have 3 liters of water. Always have a knife or multitool. always have 6 thousand kCals of food. this is on your person at all times. There’s obviously other stuff you can have (good backpack, good poncho, good hat/headgear, good mask, good sunglasses, good gloves, goof IFAK), but you’re best ticket to survival is to get low and get out. You cannot help anyone, you cannot save anyone, and you need to get to a position where friends and allies better prepared or placed than yourself can get to you. So you need to establish known rally points before hand. You need to communicate your plans to those that can help you. And you need to have and be familiar with the on-foot routes you can use. Obviously, speeding off into the hinterland on a motorcycle is based AF, but how likely is it that even a bike will be able to get through the Holland Tunnel? Bicycles are cool, but they’re better for using as a wheelbarrow/pack mule than as an escape method (just my opinion, and I’m sure others disagree). Get low, get isolated, and get out; everything else is irrelevant.

      This is what happens when you get an inkling that something is coming a few hours, days, or weeks in advance. You need to have everything from the refugee plan, but you have a miniscule amount of breathing room to plan ahead. This is where having the bicycle may actually be useful. The trick here is to start moving and have a general target of where you’re trying to go. Again, you want to shy away from groups or crowds whenever possible. If you have a good backpack and you find a ultra-petite qt3.14 looking for a savior, maybe carry her along. But I recommend against hoe collection until you’ve exited the kinetic zone. besides, if you move quick enough, you can set up a nice little breeding nest and wait for the refugee swarm and have your pick of the litter. Jokes aside, this will require friends and destinations. There’s no point fleeing catastrophe if you don’t have some promised land to go to. How you go about this is on you, but it does bear consideration. Speed and comfort is the key here; you want to be ahead of the refugee swarm so you can capitalize on whatever good will is extant before the situation degrades into the Hobbesian State. You want to look competent and capable, not desperate and bedraggled. You want to be someone people are happy to help, not someone they feel compelled to mitigate. be polite, don’t argue, don’t threaten, and minimize wheedling and whining. keep your council close, particularly if you’re actual headed somewhere people are ready for what’s coming. No one, not a single fucking person, is going to appreciate that you took their individualized offer of sanctuary and extended it to a bunch of randos. If you show up with a team of capable and provisioned dudes ready to submit, obey, and assist, maybe… but this might have the reverse affect and your would-be benefactors now perceive you as a threat to their survival. You want to be value added, not liability incurred.

      The Migrant
      This is what happens if you have made plans months or years in advance, and are just waiting for the minimum amount of signals or red flags to initiate the Move. Obviously this is tricky, but it is also the absolute best case scenario for you and the people helping you. This means you can send money ahead, help the preppers prep, be an active participant in The Plan, and gain or retain status. You still want your footprint to be small, you don’t want to be a burden, but this way you can manage, more or less, the terms under which you leave your Old Place and make a New Place for yourself. In this situation, you can be an integral part of the Plan, maybe bringing things like food, ammo, supplies, and skills, or even fellow travelers. This is how you form a synthetic tribe.

      Holy shit, this is long. A final note: this is all straight out of my head through the lens of my experience and enhanced by things I’ve read and people I’ve encountered. I am not an expert, and I barely qualify as a specialist, if I qualify at all. I believe there is utility here, but I welcome all refutation, correction, and refinement. Don’t take my word as gospel, just take these things and make them work for you. In a perfect world I would add some coordinates and passphrases here. I in fact do have some plans and standing offers for people I care about that refuse to flee the urban jungle, but it is all predicated on this: I will do what I can, if I can, how I can, when I can, so long as you do a few things, but my priorities are my family, my land, and me, so it is incumbent upon you to position yourself in a way that allows me to help. I am extremely pessimistic about the chances I could do anything at all. Good luck out there guys. GNON is counting on you to take care of yourselves.

  16. Neurotoxin says:

    Checking in on the propaganda: Headlines like

    “LOL, loser Putin’s failed war is failing even harder”

    have vanished. They’ve lately been replaced by headlines like

    “Terrordemon Putin’s military launches strikes at women and children civilians.”

    This suggests the GAE is starting to admit that they can’t salvage the situation.

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:


    • Super Amazing Man says:

      Some people assume everything is propaganda and read entrails and tea leaves, attempting to divine the will of the gods.

      Other people keep track of trends in NASA FIRMS satellite data, which is publicly accessible.

      Some people insist that claims of decapitation strikes on the UAF General Staff must obviously be correct, because the correct side is the one claiming it.

      Other people watch for sudden and drastic changes in the front lines, or the complete absence of same.

      Some people insist based on anecdotal videos here and there that one side has an obvious UAV superiority.

      Other people note that the opposing side is the one that has rewired its entire artillery effort around integrated and constant drone surveillance, complete with a custom cell phone app, and that the “obviously superior” side is the one with patriotic bloggers complaining they never had any drones in the first place and now they have to buy them from Iran.

      Which has a better grasp of reality?

      ~it is a mystery~

      • jim says:

        You are relying on evidence filtered through the globhomo news media.

        Well, Russian media is not necessarily reliable either, so how can one tell what is actually going on?

        Answer, look at battlefield videos. And what the battle field videos show is that every Russian shell landed on its target, while the damage from Ukrainian shelling looks rather random. Who then has the superior done technology and superior integration of drones with artillery?

        You see Uke military vehicles blown up with lots of distance between them, and no shell craters between them.

        Another indicator is social media posts from troops. The Ukrainian war of attrition tactic is resulting in extensive troop mutinies. The collapse of the defense of Severodonetsk and the collapse of Ukraine’s Kherson offensive appear to be the result of widespread mutinies. Not seeing any mutinies amongst Russian troops. Russia seems to be in the business of battle hardening its troops and creating a large body of men with military experience, Ukraine in the business of getting rid of as many Ukrainian goys as possible as fast as possible. Russia rotates its troops through the front, to learn the art of war, Ukraine sends them on one way trips to the front.

        Social media from Russian troops seems warlike and cheerful. Ukrainian social media – well.

        When Russia interviews its prisoners – well, likely they are saying what their captors want to hear, often obviously so, but when they say they do not want to be part of a prisoner exchange, do not want to be sent back to Ukraine, that looks heartfelt to me. Ukraine is conscripting boys and women. They may have plent of American weapons, but they are running short of men willing to use them.

        • Varna says:

          Turkish CNN said that Erdogan said that Putin said come over here to Russia and build a Baytakar drone factory right now pls.

          Combined with the rumors of a Russian deal for Iran’s Shahed drones, looks like some sort of drone scramble in the making.

          • jim says:

            The Russians had to retreat from Seversk due to drone shortage. The hills in that area are full of artillery observers, and they need to find them and kill them. You cannot find them from the ground, and these days manned aircraft over hostile territory have a mighty short life expectancy.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “Some people assume everything is propaganda…”

        Everything in the leftist media IS propaganda.

        “…and read entrails and tea leaves, attempting to divine the will of the gods.”

        I don’t know what media leftists are, but they sure as shit aren’t gods.

  17. John says:

    I’m reading “The Network State”, has anyone read it?

    Written by Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase. I’m picking up a lot of NRx and Jim’s blog memes. The DAO / sovereign corporation concept obviously, but also clear references to (even direct links to) Moldbug, and some ideas that look like they were lifted straight out of this site. For example:

    History is how you debug our broken society. Many billions of dollars are spent on history in the engineering world. We don’t think about it that way, though. We call it doing a post-mortem, looking over the log files, maybe running a so-called time-travel debugger to get a reproducible bug. Once we find it, we might want to execute an undo, do a git revert, restore from backup, or return to a previously known-good configuration.

    Think about what we’re saying: on a micro-scale, knowing the detailed past of the system allows us to figure out what had gone wrong. And being able to partially rewind the past to progress along a different branch (via a git revert) empowers us to fix that wrongness. This doesn’t mean throwing away everything and returning to the caveman era of a blank git repository, as per either the caricatured traditionalist who wants to “turn back the clock” or the anarcho-primitivist who wants to end industrialized civilization. But it does mean rewinding a bit to then move forward along a different path16, because progress has both magnitude and direction. All these concepts apply to debugging situations at larger scale than companies — like societies, or countries.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      A commenter at Eric Raymond’s blog once wrote, in a discussion about politics:

      If I’m a conservative it’s in an engineering sense:
      “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”
      “Be very sure before you do anything you can’t undo.”
      “Don’t randomly futz with things you don’t fully understand.”
      “Make one change at a time.”

      Of course these ideas are common sense, so leftists will have to be removed from the political process before they can be instantiated in reality.

    • Frank Matters says:

      I poasted it before and I’m pretty sure no one decided to look.

      Even better, he full on acknowledges priests and warriors and the need for a faith. Though, the language he uses does not exactly match to how the terms are used here:

      > The point is that in any holy war, the left is the word, and the right is the sword. It’s the priest and the warrior; you need both.

      > The left programs the minds. The priests and journalists, the academia and media, they imbue the warriors with a sense of righteous purpose. They also justify the conflict to the many bystanders, convincing them to either not get involved — or to get involved on the warriors’ side. In this concept of left, the priests transmit a revolutionary zeal that justifies the war against the opposing order, blesses it, consecrates it, says it is necessary and virtuous, motivates the warriors, boosts their morale, and turns them into missionaries that can defeat any mercenary.

      Balaji has been big on pseudonymous economy, woke as religion, soverign cryptoeconomics, etc for a while now. A fellow traveler. I am sure he has a pseudonym he posts true wrongthink under, but not so sure he spends much time here.

      • John says:

        That’s great. I am gladdened and encouraged that the idea of using crypto as a weapon against the demon worshippers has spread this much into the crypto industry mainstream. If you go to the Amazon page for the book, you’ll see that it has been endorsed by Marc Andreessen, Vitalik, and Naval Ravikant, indicating these ideas have surprisingly (at least to me) broad support.

        • Frank Matters says:

          > I am gladdened and encouraged that the idea of using crypto as a weapon against the demon worshippers has spread this much into the crypto industry mainstream

          This sort of rhetoric is not exactly mainstream. Of the bigger names, only Balaji and Andreessen are willing to outright call our enemy a faith and imply if not outright state its evilness. However, crypto people are extremely open minded and capable of adopting wrongthink at large, which is very unique; generally people tend to be open minded in only the direction of the loudest loudspeakers. There is a lot of unclaimed mindspace here willing to be given direction. A lot of smart people dissatisfied with the direction of the world but without any tools to fight it, as the supression of wrongthink has been fairly thorough.

          I propose to jim that he either hurries greatly, as his project has been too unbaked for sharing, according to himself, for years, or he starts writing the same sort of general blueprints with existing blockchain infrastructure in mind. The longer it gets put off the more established other protocols will become, the more mindshare bigger blockchains will suck in, and the more tribal and entrenched people will become about their chosen stack.

          Andreessen is another fellow wrongthinker for sure. Vitalik is spineless and hopeless and basically the definition of a greengrocer. Naval seems to be low verbal IQ, as he uses lots of words to say nothing in particular.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I wonder if we’ll get to a point where we should have informal rules about posting/commenting on Jimian Christianity’s memetic spread. I’m not calling for it to be Haram necessarily, but I am questioning whether the thought should be entertained.

      • yewotm8 says:

        What rules would we need? Do you mean that we should avoid clogging the discussion here with them? Or that we should avoid implicating others as wrongthinkers by approving of them here? I don’t see either as a problem, so I’m curious as to what you meant.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I actually find the data generated by their discussion utterly delightful, but that is a concern because Yes to your second question. If our memes continue to spread, some fucking degenerate scavenger, or talented analyst, will start hunting for sources. I did a very shallow dive into the chatbot AIs, and it seems to me those things are basically built to hunt speech patterns, which is the equivalent of a nearly infallible digital bloodhound. It is quite possible I am way off base and out of my depth.

          Here’s an unrelated thought: in the past, Jim has deleted single comments and comment chains for multiple reasons, and it has played havoc with the whole comments section. Is there a way to map out a potential self destruct button? Like, a process that would crawl the millions of comments and delete every third one? Would this actually destroy the coherent data structure and break enough links to actually turn the whole thing into an un-sift-able pile of digital rubble? Is there any utility to such a process?

          • The Cominator says:

            Let jim worry about this stuff. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

          • jim says:

            I don’t want to turn the comments into rubble, though sometimes this is necessary, or happens due to my error, on some threads.

            And almost any ham fisted or careless administrative intervention is apt to turn comments into rubble.

            Speech pattern recognition is less of a threat than you would think. For a large population, needs large samples. Further, speech patterns tend to drift because of social context, and making an id in a large population is unlikely to work against samples taking from different social contexts. People are still arguing about Shakespeare’s plays. The man had many voices.

    • jim says:

      Have not read it. Made a good start on reading it after seeing this link.

      But the software infrastructure of his network state does not exist.

      Working on it.

      Some things cannot be done the way he thinks. Property rights on the network rest on unshared and narrowly shared secrets. He seems to be describing an open entry networked state, which would be overrun by parasites, shills, entryists, and sybil attacks. Have to have a mechanism for including some people and excluding others, and if a networked state in includes a lot of people, that mechanism has to be hierarchical, with, like the Holy Roman Empire, very high levels of subsidiarity.

      By an interesting coincidence, I had been doing a bit of work on this a few hours before you posted this link. My design is based on the Holy Roman Empire, which was also a state that throughout most of its history had no definite geographical borders.

  18. Varna says:

    Discovered another Indian TV news program.
    Delightful to watch almost normal news. They have their bias on topics such as China or Pakistan, but especially on stuff happening in other places, pretty robust and dynamic approach.

  19. The Cominator says:


    More proof Biden is for whatever reason 100% aligned with the radicals.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Nuking Putin and Kentucky for Gaia.

      • The Cominator says:

        They used to say bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

        I wonder what they’ll say thermonuclear winter for climate is… sodomy for holiness?

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “We have to detonate lots of nukes… for the environment.”

        • Encelad says:

          You may be sarcastic, but they literally started saying that as soon as conflict in Ukraine broke out


          • Neurotoxin says:

            Of course I was being sarcastic, but my sarcasm was aimed at our enemies, not anyone here.

            The link you provided is awesome. For those who don’t click through, the headline is

            “Nuclear war could reverse global warming, NASA says”

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Of course it was written by Adam Rosenberg.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Xmas in AD 3000, according to Futurama:

            Fry: This snow is beautiful. I’m glad global warming never happened.

            Leela: Actually it did. But thank God nuclear winter cancelled it out.

  20. Cloudswrest says:

    Vox Day’s rhetoric is offensive. “Europe’s First White Flag”

    Orban/Hungary has been neutral in the Russian/Ukraine conflict since day one. To use a “white flag” metaphor implies they were a belligerent who has now surrendered. It’s insulting to the Hungarians.

    • Varna says:

      I was thinking today that in a sense we could be seeing a “double Roman Empire splitup”.

      In the US, the blue states are potentially the western half, and the red states–Byzantium. In the EU–same.

      Hopefully a *mostly peaceful* semi-divorce, which perhaps shall take place with the mostly peaceful pharma genocide happening in the background. A swanky postmodern version of the black death let’s say.

      A new anti-solar, anti-male, anti-fertility apocalyptic bacchanalic cult taking hold of the western half.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        That sounds wonderful, but the Intifada Crusade of Swift Social Justice would be launched by the West 5 milliseconds after the divide.

        • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

          Excuse me? Social Justice swine stands no chance against the Glorious Confederation of GNON’s Holy Knights.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I don’t fear the reaper, I fear the sheepdog that keeps the flock safe right up until it herds the ewes to the slaughter house.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          You’re right. They’ll never let us go. They’d sooner nuke the whole continent than allow a racist-fascist-theocracy rule one square inch of it. They hate us like poison.

          • notglowing says:

            They won’t even leave random shitholes on the other side of the planet alone. The idea they would even conceive of such a compromise within the US seems crazy.

            If they got to the point of having to admit such a loss, it would mean they have been mostly defeated.
            On the other hand, I don’t think *we* could allow them to continue existing. It would be too dangerous. Neither side should give up an inch. You know they will not.

            • Aidan says:

              Yes, if they were forced to compromise, weak enough to have their shit pushed in with little effort.

            • Jehu says:

              This is why I disagree with Jim regarding the optimal Russian response to NATO provocation. He believes that one nuke will do the job and force GAE to capitulate. I think you need a full scale decapitation, probably on the order of at least 50 or so nukes, and that’s if you think you can subvert a substantial portion of the secondary strike through Information epoch means.

              The Left knows that if it is defeated, even by Russia, then comes the helicopters. Hit them with one nuke and they’ll escalate. Maybe some factions will balk, but there are enough nuke keyholders to insure that somebody escalates, most of the time. In essence, backing down after seeing one NATO city nuked would sign their death warrants. There’s no ladder to climb down from cloud cuckoo land.

            • Red says:

              >The Left knows that if it is defeated, even by Russia, then comes the helicopters.

              I don’t see any signs that they fear that. Most of what they seem to fear is being outflanked by those more leftwing than them.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            They know what will happen if “racists” are allowed to control even a tiny piece of North America — it would be a Norman Rockwell painting come to life (shudder). When the USA breaks up, any jurisdiction that doesn’t shoot niggers on sight will be absolutely inundated with them.

  21. A2 says:

    It’s 2022, bigots.

    … according to a newly unsealed search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast, which accuses Dr. James Gord, a highly decorated civilian Air Force employee, of installing the 32-year-old sex worker on a highly technical research project even though she did not have a college degree or any expertise in the field.

    The woman “did not fully understand how to use basic word processing…software,” and “struggled to formulate coherent interoffice emails,” the warrant states. In 2019, Gord tapped the woman to co-chair a scientific panel for unsuspecting photonics researchers designing turbine engines, detonation engines, scramjets, and rockets.


    See article for more as well as a picture. I’d like to ask those in the know, does Dr Gord look like a cokehead?

      • Cloudswrest says:

        How come they don’t show any pictures of the tart? I can’t make a fully informed judgement without seeing what the tart looks like!

        • A2 says:

          This particular Eliza Doolittle is a 32-year old prostitute from Cincinnati, but a picture would help. I can see this article as the basis of a comedy hitting many powerful notes (Trading Places, Legally Blonde, perhaps Bringing Down the House).

      • A2 says:

        Lol … uncanny.

    • jim says:

      > In 2017, Gord, whose research the Air Force says “has produced myriad fundamental technology breakthroughs in burst-mode laser measurement systems that enable scientists and engineers to better understand the performance of real-world air breathing and rocket engines, …

      While quite likely her real job was banging him, I suspect that the actual conflict is priests of woke versus tech priests, that he gave one of his girls the job to avoid having hire Shaniqua.

    • Varna says:

      This is a malicious, patriarchic, fascist attack on sex workers. If allowed to stand, these accusations of incompetence might next be applied to women, people of color, and the trans community. The very concept of affirmative action might be challenged by the rising white supremacist radicals.

      We must stand shoulder to shoulder with all prostitutes and escorts who make it into scientific research projects and high government positions, and support them with as many retweets as we can. Having more sex workers in high positions in our institutions should be a source of pride.

      A book for children should be quickly written about little Timmy, who realizes that they are in fact Melinda, and are torn between the glamorous life of a sex worker and their love of science, before realizing that both can and should be combined.

      Institutional quotas for onlyfans workers in every institution is our values. It is who we are. Vibrant rules-based democracy is the future.

  22. Mister Grumpus says:

    Early days of course, but according to Tim Pool the milquetoast rambler, Trump is kicking off his 2024 run with the signature “feature” of his offering being not “Build The Wall” this time, but rather simply “You’re Fired”, going directly to war with the executive branch itself and shitcanning a bunch of people.

    It’s wild framing, I’ll give him that. Let’s see where it goes. Now he’s saying 50,000, but watch him raise that number during the campaign.

    He can’t pull it off without pipe-hitters and helicopters, of course, but that doesn’t even matter. Let those fucks burn down the country because how dare they face unemployment when the voters can’t even afford rent, gas and hot dogs anymore? Show us your entitlement, Swamp. Show us your “fair share”.

    • Pooch says:

      The media is really ramping up the prosecution rhetoric. At this point, I would be surprised if he wasn’t prosecuted.

      • jim says:

        To my astonishment the return-to-normality faction is still in the saddle. I predicted and expected they would be purged pretty quickly. Going after Trump and Musk is the abandon-normality faction, which is increasingly getting their way.

        Betting on my prediction coming true, but with the date extended all the way to end of 2024: Execution or murder of Trump, his children likely to follow if they don’t run. – I was wrong about the speed of events. Let us see if I was right about events. Imprisoned awaiting trial, and then Epsteined, or executed, or like McCaffee, killed while in prison by unknown persons due to the security cameras having a convenient malfunction. (McCaffee penetrated enemy computer networks, and, like Epstein, knew far too much, so if they kill Trump, it is a new escalation, like executing the King of France. As with France, will likely be preceded by Antifa killing large numbers of real and suspected opponents in a disorderly fashion, followed by the Red terror, where the state hunts down ever increasing numbers real and suspected of opponents in an orderly fashion – with the very big difference that our state has much less military capability, and less capability for being orderly. Also, the racial element: An attempt to genocide the Amerikaners, legacy Americans, is certainly possible, though I am not making bets – other than that I have made preparations for that event.

        • The Cominator says:

          The way I see it is the spooks (which include the Justice Department) and the military are the “Normalcy” faction, the state department and unfortunately Biden himself (well rather Ron Klain who controls Biden, Klain being a Jesuit educated fake Jew so take your pick on the source of his radicalism) are completely aligned with the radicals.

          • The Cominator says:

            I should clarify re the spooks Brennan (under Obama) was a hardcore radical (and probably Strzok who looked like he was literally demonically possessed) were radicals.

            • Frank Matters says:

              > Strzok who looked like he was literally demonically possessed

              For those who havent seen it

              • jim says:

                This may explain the inability of entryist shills against Christianity to give the affirmation. Maybe they are all fbi, rather than Jesuit. We also have a lot of Jewish demon worshipers – not sure whether they are part of the same shilling organization, or Soros.

              • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXuOUCXweoo
                The fieriest moments from Peter Strzok’s hearing

                The man really does look like some sort of skinsuit/skinchanger. Yikes!

                • The Cominator says:

                  He looks like hes about to spin his head around start vomiting yellow vile and tell you that your mom sucks cock in hell at any moment.

                • Red says:

                  When I saw that originally I said he looked like a Demon. I didn’t take demon worship seriously back then, but I’m seeing that sort of look more and more these days.

                  That’s leads to another question… why the fuck was war hammer 40k so on the ball on a shitload of stuff?

                • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                  GNON works in mysterious ways.

        • Pooch says:

          Arresting and hastily executing Trump without due process would be the equivalent of the Roman Senate arresting and hastily executing the Catalinian conspirators without due process, a moment that made clear that Republic was no more.

          I don’t think we are there yet, but we will see.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Before UKR, I would have said this was unlikely. Now…

            I wonder if the Left will lean into Lone Wolf/Actor plots. Buffalo Shooter was pretty much an obvious “charged particle,” and I wonder if we’ll see more of those.

          • jim says:

            We are clearly not there yet, and it is taking longer to get there than I predicted, but we are on course for that destination.

          • Encelad says:

            In the meantime, one of the prisoners awaiting for trial for 6th January just died of “an apparent suicide”.

            The article reminds that it is the second one that takes his life. The first one being Matthew Perna in March.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Another reminder that if you become the target of the Cathedral, then you would be wise not to let them take you alive. Might as well go out with some dignity and on your own terms.

              • Red says:

                Yep. Far too many people haven’t figured that out yet.

                They’ll probably kill Bannon too.

    • Albert says:

      Long article at Axios on Trump’s (well, Trump supporters’) plan to purge the deep state: https://www.axios.com/2022/07/22/trump-2025-radical-plan-second-term.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I haven’t finished the article yet, but this seems like madness on the part of Team Trump. It’s just giving the permanent bureaucracy all the justification they need to “correct and fortify” again. History tells us that 47% of the voting public will not care one bit when the “ruiner of polite tweeting” is once again stopped from resurrecting Hitler and being racist.

        • Albert says:

          The plans described assume normality.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          As if they would ever let him near power again. There is nothing they will not do to stop Orange Hitler. When the Roman Senate failed to stop Caesar by arresting him, they murdered him. What is going to happen in the 2024 election is going to make 2020 seem like a fair and open election. Hopefully it will have the same result on the legitimacy of the American Cathedral as it did for the Roman Senate.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            This is what doesn’t make sense to me: he knows they stole it, and he knows they fabricated an insurrection to finalize his all-but-actual assassination which was enabled by the neocons in his administration. So, is he willingly walking towards the slaughter because his 4-D chess game is taking his inevitable murder into account (imagine that Caesar knew what had to be done to get Octavian into power… seems like a stretch tbqh fam), or is he so stubbornly committed to an obviously false interpretation that he just can’t fathom that they would do exactly what they’ve already done?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Sanity and normalcy bias in sync. They cannot kill him, and they cannot do too obvious a fake, surely? Maybe he is walking into a trap, knowing it is a trap. The best way to beat an ambush is to walk into it on your terms. I doubt it. I think he thinks that if enough Americans see what is happening they will all stand up and sing the Star Spangled Banner and an eagle will cry and the left will realize what they have done and all will be saved. But fairy tales are lessons about how fairies will do horrible things if you do not follow the will of Gnon.

              • The Cominator says:

                Trump whatever else he is is a boomer…. boomers typically have a level of minimal faith in the system that cannot be entirely destroyed unfortunately.

              • Jehu says:

                Trump is pretty old. He might know he doesn’t have very many years and want to force the hand of the Deep State. More likely he’s got the normalcy bias though. But God can and has used him.

            • Red says:

              This is what doesn’t make sense to me: he knows they stole it, and he knows they fabricated an insurrection to finalize his all-but-actual assassination which was enabled by the neocons in his administration.

              If Trump believed J6 was a setup he would have pardoned the people involved.

              I don’t know what Trump’s game is. The people advising him is the same crew that advised him in the white house into so many disasters. Maybe Trump is starting to become senile and is now playing into the role of controlled opposition via his advisors.

              • Albert says:

                According to the article it is a filtered subset of his first term advisors. The filter is who wants “America first”, who worked to find ways around the obstacles.

                It quotes a member of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s team saying “an abiding belief that we, as a movement, are at war with the forces that want to destroy the American order, root and branch.”

                Still, the question is are those advisors sufficiently radicalized to win.

                • Red says:

                  Win what? The only way to win a rigged election is sending armed men to hold the polling places. I see no sign Trump is engaged in recruiting the sort of men that would be required for that.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  First and foremost, I agree with you Red. But for the sake of balance, we must accept that Jim was on Musk time and those of us (meaning me) who were wrong due to a failure of imagination can easily go pendular in perspective and miss the possibility that Other Factors may dig in and slow the spiral.

                  We are in the midst of 3 backlashes right now: Political Backlash, organizational backlash, and cultural backlash. If I could include Institutional Backlash, a slowing, halting, and most likely reversal would be an inevitability. But the Institutions seem safely insulated from reality, at least for the time being. Individually, the extant backlashes are not likely to stop the spiral, but they will slow it or wobble it (a wobbling holiness spiral is when the energy required for a spin is multiplied by distributed upheavals, requiring more energy and organization to repeat previous results), and combined they could actually halt the spin, though I would guess temporarily.

                  Auron MacIntyre did a Livestream with one of the dude’s building Trump’s shadow government. I think you should dig into it. I can’t decide how serious or legit the guy is, but he drops multiple shibboleths. It was compelling enough for me to pull over and jot down names and URLs. It could be for naught even if legitimate.

                  So, who fuck care, right? Trump, with a competent army of ideologues and political operators, could win substantial legitimacy with the right kind of loss. Hard to imagine, but picture a Trump campaign that is an inverse of 2016. Trump actually goes Elder Statesman as a character trait, and ups the use of martial rhetorical structures. The Cathedral just goes all out using the whole panoply of coercion, violence, messaging, and Memes (their unassailable ones, like fag marriage and lady rights), refighting 2016 because they think vanquishing Trump will Harry Potter them back to 2015 levels of cultural legitimacy. Trump somehow rebuilds his National Constituency, that stunning groundswell that was wiped out by Covid, and the left steals. At that point, Schmittian Mechanics come to the fore and Americans stop hearing about cultural factionalization and start doing it. Fool me once (2020), shame on me. Fool me twice (2022 and 2024), I operationalize my friend enemy distinction. If the campaign were structured properly, you could build a realistic range of potential outcomes that land you on top of a hasty coalition of national level actors. If Trump publicly asks what should be done if they steal it again, the array of responses will be… Diverse.

                  If Prince gets formally brought into the Trump Campaign, I would intellectually jump ship and go hard MAGA. There are other names we could list that, if brought in as well, make this a whole lot more believable. But the Octogenarian Masters of the Jewniverse will drop all masks if this happens, and it may become literally illegal to support Trump and attend rallies, with leftist ground game unleashed everywhere. This would be a terrible move by them, but that fits the pattern.

                  If no cataclysm, actual purges, or strings of assassinations occur, 2024 will be a violent election. How could it not, at this point? If it gets crazy enough, someone is going to stumble into the Authoritarian Position just through the process of restoring order.

                • jim says:

                  > Auron MacIntyre did a Livestream with one of the dude’s building Trump’s shadow government.

                  I have read the axios report on the plan, but have not seen any information on it from Trump’s people.

                  Do you have a link to the Auron MacIntyre livestream? It is not obvious on her you tube page.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Interviewee was Andrew Kloster.


                  Vid is +1 hour

              • Pete says:

                Even if he pardoned the J6 protestors, the regime would not have honored the pardons.

                They would pull out some BS about “A president can’t pardon a crime that he himself suborned,” a couple of Hardvard professors would appear on TV confirming the argument, and that would be that.

                • Karl says:

                  Possibly, perhaps even probably, but a man has a moral obligation to do what he can for his supporters.

                  I think Trump had a duty to do more than he did.

        • Red says:

          I haven’t finished the article yet, but this seems like madness on the part of Team Trump. It’s just giving the permanent bureaucracy all the justification they need to “correct and fortify” again. History tells us that 47% of the voting public will not care one bit when the “ruiner of polite tweeting” is once again stopped from resurrecting Hitler and being racist.

          They’ll kill him this time. It’s a winning political message if voting mattered but it doesn’t.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “They’ll kill him this time.” Trump is possibly too strung on normalcy bias to realize this. Even after Epstein, he doesn’t seem to get that he’s likely to end up in prison, where he will quickly commit suicide by shooting himself six times in the back of the head.

  23. notglowing says:

    I don’t remember if this has ever been discussed here, but, what are your opinions on toll roads?

    Here, highways are all privately owned toll roads. (Or used to be, the government bought the company that owned most of them last year unfortunately, but the system has not changed from the perspective of anyone using them).

    You get a ticket when entering the highway, you pay at the exit based on your car weight class and the distance travelled. This is a little inconvenient, but keep in mind this is for highways and you’d only use them for long distance travel, there’s many local large roads you can use for medium distance trips, for free and without hassle.

    The practical issues can be entirely eliminated anyways though. There are some more modern highways where the cameras scan your license plate, much like the speed cameras do, and you automatically get a bill much like you’d get a speeding ticket.

    The money goes towards maintaining the infrastructure. It’s only fair that you pay for what you use.

    Sometimes there are more expensive alternative roads to reach the same places, which have much lower traffic, and yes there are ads for roads here.
    Competition is fairly primitive and rare though, alternatives are scarce since there’s only so many highways worth making from A to B, and eminent domain by the government is what ultimately makes big projects possible.
    But highways do work, I just wish they were all automated like the one I described.

    The negative is you end up having to decide whether to pay and use the highway, or take a slower road, and it does make the highway not worthwhile for a daily commute for, say, students, unless the commute is very long.
    Meaning much lower speed limits and less lanes, more curves etc leading to a slower commute. If there were no tolls, everyone would use the highway all the time, which would not be good for traffic on the high way, but might be better for some individual road users.

    I should specify students here do not move to their college city by default. Generally, they keep living with their parents and commute.

    • The Cominator says:

      Unless a private company takes on all costs… gas taxes are already a toll on using the road.

      America probably would need every major road etc to be entirely built by private companies nowadays even if said private companies could get all the land… the government and the contractors of the government are too corrupt to build anything.

      • notglowing says:

        >gas taxes are already a toll on using the road.
        But gas taxes are a less fair toll.
        They are not great either way, but if you lowered them in exchange for part of the infrastructure being paid by whoever uses it more, you’d have a better system.

        Either way, tolls can be charged by private companies paying all road management costs, by the government, or something in between (which is more likely nowadays).

        It would be better if the costs can be entirely removed from the government. Without tolls on any roads you are almost entirely removing even the possibility of private roads, except for situations where government is failing so badly they cannot even maintain basic functionality. If government roads are just good enough, and free, there would hardly be any room for competition.

        • Varna says:

          In modern China roads are riddled with toll-gates, even inside the cities.

          The public transportation however (busses, subways, trains) are subsidized in the sense of the service obviously being way above and beyond what the ticket prices bring in.

          Theory being that without basic physical mobility there’s no social mobility. Youths, students, the unemployed, the handymen, need to be able to get around until they find their niche. If physical travel within a city or between towns is beyond their means they stop being a healthy cell of the social body, and risk becoming either a benign tumor or an actual danger.

          Unlike in the for example England, where public transpiration is budget-breaking unless you’re the offspring of some foreign upper middle class family or the lower branch of the local swamp.

          Maintaining at least the most primitive levels of infrastructure enabling physical movement of citizens and minimal basic healthcare is IMO something the govt absolutely should have an interest in. If the interest of the govt is not, for example, turning the citizens into serfs and degenerates.

          If the social environment is made up of info signals promoting degeneracy then of course affordable basic transportation and healthcare will only be another tool in keeping the citizens on the level of beasts. Or even, hehe, mostly peaceful extermination, *healthcare* being a tool for many things.

          As with most things I tend to share, this is all info from before the great reset kicked in and the new cold war took off for real.

          • The Cominator says:

            Generally agree that in a high trust corruption free society there should be way more high speed passenger trains (and preferably in most cases with a passenger situation more like movies about the orient express and not like megacity subways… people should be able to make friends and contacts on train rides) BUT…

            You need a high trust corruption free society or you need to create a facsimile of it via routine executions for corruption (or even delays and overruns that you can’t prove are due to corruption), almost every last dime of American infrastructure money since around the time of the Big Dig is stolen. And the last real infrastructure built in the US was the 1950s.

            I do not like buses as much… there is just innately something very low class and desperate. Trains done right don’t have to be like that…

            • Varna says:

              >You need a high trust corruption free society or you need to create a facsimile of it via routine executions for corruption

              Some modern Rus neoStalinists call this half-jokingly “non-market motivation for good performance.”

            • Varna says:

              > routine executions for corruption (or even delays and overruns that you can’t prove are due to corruption

              The old stalinist term is “sabotage”.

          • notglowing says:

            A lot of subsidized public infrastructure in China is not worth the cost of implementing it relative to its actual utilization, and it is funded by local government entirely as a kind of unsustainable financial scheme.

            These institutions are in constant competition with other localities to attract businesses and increase the value of their real estate, because the government has a total monopoly on all land, and merely leases it to privates temporarily.
            For a communist country, China has very low taxes in reality. Their taxes on paper are high, but in practice are a much lower % of GDP compared to the US.
            They build excessive infrastructure in the hopes of attracting businesses, in reality mostly attracting speculators to lease land at higher prices and build ghost towns, speculators hoping they will be able to sell the land once the area is actually prosperous.

            Local governments create “private” funds backed by them to issue bonds (because they lack means to raise enough taxes to build what they need to build, and even fund their own operations), these bonds are bought by private speculators because they believe they are implicitly supported by the central government.

            Then infrastructure is built with loans that could never be paid off.

            It’s not a sustainable or an efficient or even a reasonable system. Nor is it exactly taxpayer subsidized, however. Not entirely anyways; as explained the scheme exists as a way to get money because they have no way to raise more tax.

            • Varna says:

              > Then infrastructure is built with loans that could never be paid off.

              Perhaps we are in a world where many players have taken loans which will never be paid off. The question is then what was the money used for. Did fake money transform into real bridges, roads, and houses, or did it it sort of vanish into the thin air from the point of view of 99% of the population.

              Even concerning the neo-rentier class, the question could be similar. Do they gamble and speculate via the producing of tangible goods and infrastructure and hoping for the best, or does the speculation rather take place in the more imaginary realms of digital ones and zeros.

              No matter the outcome for the players themselves, what does the process of risk taking, speculation, and *creative destruction* leave in its wake for society as a whole?

              I personally have little patience for commies, even the new based orthodox racialist commies in Russia and some EE places, because when all is said and done they cling to the belief that nationalization of everything bigger than a mom’n’pop store is what will help Russia survive the current war against it.

              (Whereas the weird new party of techno-reaganists that made it into Parliament in the last elections, The New Humans, believe that the current economic war against Russia must be countered by abrupt market deregulation.

              And for sure all commies, China’s included, can be full of shit in many areas. Today, however, the world context is such, that there’s no visible counter program one can point to and say “this here is the better alternative”. The better alternatives are in the past, hopefully in the future, but less and less in the present.

              When everyone is full of shit, everyone also deserves credit where credit is due.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Sometimes, I dream of One Correction to Level Them All, a sort of Year 0 for capital. The various top 20s would regain their justified 80 within a very short time, and a lot of dead weight, grifters, and rent seekers could be exposed and cleaned out. But this is just leftist fantasy, right? I just don’t understand finances intuitively, so my brain just thinks “turn it off, then on again.”

                • Ghost says:

                  AA doing interview today 11PM EST here:


                • Ghost says:

                  Midnight EST

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I watched 30 minutes. Kind of funny but groypers are just so fickle to me. Not a single school shooter among them, and I’ve gotten to the point that the only youth I identify with are the ones that murder their littermates. Anglin sounds good, but he sounds sad too. He and I and Com all have the same sickness: isolation. We were never intended to walk alone.

                  Thanks for the link, bro.

            • jim says:

              > They build excessive infrastructure in the hopes of attracting businesses, in reality mostly attracting speculators to lease land at higher prices and build ghost towns, speculators hoping they will be able to sell the land once the area is actually prosperous.

              The speculators are not stupid. Sometimes the speculation fails, hence the ghost cities, but often enough it succeeds. Mostly it succeeds, and the local government, which has a monopoly on land, creams off most of the loot. China has a few ghost cities, but it has a whole lot of brand new very nice cities, with good infrastructure.

              It works. It is massively working, and when people point to a few ghost cities here and there they are cherry picking because they hate the market. Sometimes speculators get it wrong, but compare China building spanking new cities that work well all over the place, with our cities falling apart.

              • notglowing says:

                Some very nice cities with good infrastructure are being built at least, yes. And I am sure China has detractors willing to find any problem and point it out.

                But I doubt this system is sustainable overall.
                There’s a massive real estate bubble in China, with the government trying to limit how many homes someone can own to curb it.
                Average people are buying multiple homes they don’t even live in or rent out entirely in hopes of selling them to someone else down the line. China’s population is not growing. Where will the demand for residential buildings come from?

                It’s not just the ghost towns that bother me, but also the general low quality and consequently ephemeral nature of their construction projects. I have seen plenty of examples of fancy buildings in what should be good areas of important cities completely falling apart just a couple of years after being built, because they are not properly maintained, and because they were not built to proper standards.

                This is probably not the case for the more important government infrastructure projects, but when you are building a house in order to flip it because of the rising price of land, quality is not the most important feature. However, that is a disaster waiting to happen in terms of falling valuations of the property once investors realize it. We know Chinese companies deliver low quality manufacturing whenever they think can get away with it.

                The Chinese real estate market looks like a bubble from all directions. When the average person is speculating and making money hand over fist from it, and these investments are perceived as safe by them, there is something weird going on. Only some speculators are very smart. At least they let Evergrande default, which is good.
                I don’t know *what* is going to happen to China, and if it will blow up, the American market hasn’t yet, but it doesn’t look good to me, the overall picture painted is not a positive one.

                • jim says:

                  > There’s a massive real estate bubble in China, with the government trying to limit how many homes someone can own to curb it

                  You confuse the prevention with the disease.

                  There is no bubble, because the Chinese government is making damned sure there is no bubble.

                  Hard to believe it is a bubble when the government demands forty percent down and lets real estate financial institutions that engage in excessive term transformation go bust. Hard to have a bubble when the Chinese government is taking every opportunity let the air out of it.

                  Real people are really living and working in cities that have built and are building the necessary for people to live and work. No bubble. Forty percent cash down on the barrelhead.

                  Speculators put money down, stuff gets built, people move in and start producing value, speculators get some of the value, local government gets lots of the value. Sometimes, often, speculators get it wrong, hence ghost cities, but for the most part they have been getting it right, and there is absolutely no indication that they have suddenly started to get it massively wrong. Communist ideology tells them to sit hard on the speculators and squeeze them hard, and that is exactly what they have been doing. Under these circumstances, China would probably benefit from a lot more speculation.

                  > The Chinese real estate market looks like a bubble from all directions.

                  It looks like a bubble to people who did not believe that China could rise, and see all evidence that it has risen as some kind of illusion. When cities overflow with people who want to live and work and create value, and are creating value, no bubble.

                  Chinese real estate prices are exhorbitant becauce there are not enough speculators building cities. Needs more speculation and more speculators. Prices are not high because of people holding property in the hope that it will rise. They are high because people want a place to live and work and create value, and cannot find it.

                  It is not a bubble, because people with a job, income, and savings are looking for a place to live, and struggling to find one.

                  China does not have an oversupply of speculators and speculation. It has an undersupply because successful land speculators make the Communist Party nervous.

                • Varna says:

                  About two years ago I think the reds introduced a new taxation scheme where if you own more than one property might as well soap up a rope.

                  One apartment — good citizen. Two apartments — prepare your anus.

                  Big cities introducing laws where if you’re from out of town you have to live there for 3 or 5 years and work during the whole time to get the right to buy property.

                  Similar things for car ownership, especially in the megapolises. Or rather license ownership. Buy a car, knock yourself out, but the license plates are limited and you have to wait until some driver decides to retire and sell his license plate to you.

                  The reds are trying to control and channel growth in a lot of ways on a lot of levels. However, again, this is all from before the great reset started biting so who knows.

                  Could switch to deregulation, could go into firmer state planning, could be the current system is strong enough to not buckle from external pressure.

                  Very interesting times. And if it turns out that their home made trad vax also sterilizes like even just 5-10% hooo boy. They still don’t have vax mandates for the general population, but being east asians 80% went and did it anyway.

                  Plus the rumors that their armed forces are getting their adenoviral equivalent of Sputnik and Astra.

                • jim says:

                  China has the opposite of a real estate bubble. They are artificially suppressing demand, because an inadvertent and unintended effect of their anti speculator measures was to artificially suppress supply – though not nearly as much as supply in the Global American Empire has been suppressed.

      • Gedeon says:

        The cold truth is that all of these infrastructure projects are not capable of self-financing at current costs. The only reason interest rates are low is because of federal deficits sustaining the private economy and the government bureaucracy which lives on it. It is a symbiotic relationship. The ONLY way the system can be restored to some semblance of balance again is by cramming down the losses on the creditors who were the ones who created entities such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginny Mae, Sally Mae, FDIC, Federal Reserve Act, TARP, CARES Act, etc.

        There is a symbiotic relationship and both the host and parasite will die because the host is too damn stupid and complex to organize against the parasite which knows the score, the time left, how to set traps to catch actual host community organizers and has means to cause massive casualties if and when the veneer of normalcy is no longer possible, necessary or useful. TGR is a package or paradigm proposed by the parasite class to jump to. They apparently can’t afford the calculated collateral damage of a no veneer effort, so we get to watch the parasites struggle while time runs out and await thunder dome.

        Hyper inflation will win. The math is certain.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Hyper deflation” implies the dollar will get massively more valuable soon… i think not.

          • jim says:


          • Frank Matters says:

            It might, briefly. You’re not dealing with smart people reigning over these things. I talk to finance guys, they are detached from reality.

            Look at the recent Euro flippening. What we might get is a brief panic of everyone globally shedding weak horse fiat currencies, the fed bumping up a few basis points in the meantime. This will have a nice dollar bubble moment, where all the incompetent retards in charge of other peoples money decide to stack cash because the holy and omnipotent fed has declared greenbacks valuable. The delusion wont last forever, and the trickle of inflation that leaks through the interest hike that cannot possible be high enough will spook the herd in the opposite direction, triggering the massive revaluation you guys are anticipating.

            I dont really expect the carton of eggs in lieu of rent just yet. That happens when other countries shed their dollar reserves, and we simply have not reached that stage of empire collapse. Soon, and all at once it will happen, but not yet. Destruction of the pacific fleet and or more countries finding themselves trading oil for rubles, a trend ongoing but incomplete, will be the true herald of the hyperinflation. Until then, irrational markets and aggressive stagflation.

            • The Cominator says:

              This dollar rally sort ofalready happened to my astonishment…

              Yeah i think it was a bunch of sheep with other peoples money… short term madness of crowds and all that.

            • notglowing says:

              The dollar rally already happened and it wasn’t that extreme, though other currencies suffered the most.

              The market is already turning to the opinion that the Fed will not keep raising rates indefinitely. We will see how that turns out.

              • jim says:

                The sane option is to keep raising interest rates slowly until they reach the real rate of inflation, which will then diminish. This, however, means that government debt is eventually going to rise to levels that cause people to expect a default. That can is a long way down the road, though not nearly as far down the road as it was.

                I expect them to take the insane option, but hard to predict.

                • The Cominator says:

                  No the collapse of economic life will be total if they try that, the sane option is to monetize the unpayable debt.

                  This also contradicts what you’ve said in the past.

                • jim says:

                  The last time around, Reagan raised interest rates to the real inflation rate, 21%, reducing all taxes, including the seighorage tax, to the Laffer limit.

                  There was much screaming that the collapse of economic life would be total, and numerous headlines, academic analyses, and official announcements that the collapse of economic life was total, but what in fact happened was the Reagah recovery and the Reagan boom.

                • notglowing says:

                  It’s not sane to the Fed. Defaulting, and risking default, would lead to the US government losing an important tool to offload the cost of government programs to creditors all around the world. That’s unacceptable.
                  Hyperinflation means losing the dollar, on the other hand. They are between a rock and a hard place. Powell understands perfectly that “price stability is the bedrock of the economy” – his words.

                  But what they will most likely do, and what they have done before, is pivot before rates become too high and the economy suffers too much. They’ll look at the markets and reverse course when they see that they went a bit too far.

                  It’s a cycle that becomes more extreme every time, and lets them kick the can down the road for much longer than either raising interest rates enough or lowering them too much leading to hyperinflation.

                  I don’t know how much time this buys them, or when the next extreme of low and high interest rates will go, but I would guess the cycles might become faster.

                • jim says:

                  > But what they will most likely do, and what they have done before, is pivot before rates become too high and the economy suffers too much. They’ll look at the markets and reverse course when they see that they went a bit too far.

                  Reagan did not reverse course. He lowered sky high interest rates only when the actual real rate of inflation came down. Worked out well, and nothing less is likely to suffice. Interest rates rose to twenty one percent, and only came down as the fall in inflation permitted.

                  There were no end of headlines that the economy would collapse, followed by no end of analyses proving that the economy had collapsed, but the economy did not collapse. On the contrary, with the boot of the excessive seignorate tax of its neck, there was a massive recovery.

                • alf says:

                  Reagan did that? 21%? What a guy.

                  Intuitively, matching nominal rates with real rates makes sense. In fact, is it not sound policy to always do that?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Total debt wasn’t nearly so high at the time. Reagan cut regulations it was Volcker (a Democrat) raising rates so high.

                  America can’t take it now…

                • The Cominator says:

                  There is no point in trying to stop inflation at current debt levels… you’re only going to increase the amount of unpayable debt in the end…

                  And why have you changed your mind on this?

                • notglowing says:

                  >Reagan did not reverse course
                  I wasn’t talking about Reagan.

                  This is what I mean:


                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim you had previously agreed they cant do this because of government debt and that the debt had to be monetized. Any big raise in interest rates will cause more borrowing which will eventually increase inflation.

                  I would like to know what made you suddenly think they can or should try to save the value of the dollar by monetary means (especially when the stupid sanctions and insane green regulations are creating supply problems) i think trying to do so is insane.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t think they can save the dollar by monetary means, but I think they could postpone doomsday for a while, kick the can a bit further down the road, by monetary means.

                  But I don’t think they have the necessary will to even kick the can down the road.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The sane thing is to monetize it NOW.

                • jim says:

                  America’s wealth is its power to apply the seigniorage tax to the entire American empire. When the bubble bursts, that ends.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  1) Everyone at the Fed knows what needs to be done: stop printing money.

                  2) But we’re well into the era of the politics mattering as much as the economics. Even back in the late 1970s, the last time the Fed had a significant inflation problem to deal with, the FOMC transcripts show that they worried about the Carter administration’s reaction if they were to get serious about killing the inflation. And the political problem is even worse now, because…

                  3) As Cominator has noted before, the size of the nat’l debt is a lot larger now than late 70s/early 80s.

                  4) Talking about what is sane and insane is becoming decreasingly relevant to this sort of thing. People at the Fed are sane – they’re downright staid – but they are subject to political pressures from raving lunatics (“Let’s get into a proxy war with the world’s largest nuclear power!”), whose time horizon is about 3.8 seconds into the future.

                • alf says:

                  the sane option is to monetize the unpayable debt.

                  From what I understand, monetizing the debt means paying off the existing debt by printing the entire debt in new money. That sounds slightly insane to me? I don’t understand.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The constitution at least as 14th amendment clause 4 as interpreted forbids an outright default. While the constitution can be ignored sometimes when the people who want it followed are completely powerless and despised its not likely to be ignored when many powerful factions hold US government bonds.

                  But otoh there is absolutely no way in hell the debt can ever be paid, no way the government could ever allow deflation with the fed system (you had the great depression last time they tried) but otoh must continue to print money… and this malinvest is in part what is strangling economic life…

                  I’m an advocate of rapid de facto default by intentional monetization, preferably by printing trillion dollar coins and such. Savers and bondholders will be wiped out, real estate and stock holders will hold their value fine. It cannot be avoided…

                  Its insane except doing anything else continously is more insane. Also it will shock the system to such an extent that America will have to withdraw into itself and fix itself…

                • alf says:

                  Haha OK the insanity is part of the plan. I think Jim’s plan sounds slightly less insane to my ears, but I agree that we are getting beyond the point where sane versus insane is a consideration for policy.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This all seems so… contrived. Like, it’s layer up on layer of D&D type rules and regulations and precedents, which is fine when everyone at the table is a party to the rulebook AND wishes to continue roleplaying, but isn’t there a real risk of reality overtaking the projection? Like, gangs setting up shop in poorly run cities and instituting barter systems, or rural communities exiting the financial system and localizing everything they can. Com said something about savers and bondholders being “wiped out.” Demographically speaking, aren’t they representative of the only elements of our society holding things together?

                  When I look at pictures of Yellin and other financial gurus, I see old, frail people. Are they really going to keep it together long enough to “fix” things, or will they just flee to China or some place as America implodes?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do you have a way of getting rid of the debt KD? We are about at the point where we have to get rid of it no matter what… and there is no nice way of getting rid of it.

                  Yes there will be a period of disruption afterwords, but leftists say sabotaging domestic oil production afterwords won’t be tolerated.

                  Savers and bondholders… mostly institutions run by midwits managing other peoples money (the manager class is our secondary enemy after the priest class) and old boomers. The Amerikaner middle class such as is owns maybe some real estate (that hes heavily in debt on generally) and some stonks.

                • jim says:

                  A debt default is baked into the cake. Debt can go to zero while the dollar retains value by raising interest rates to the real inflation rate, thus rapidly ending inflation, and then defaulting on unpayable bond dividends and maturities. However a more likely scenario is that the debt is paid off in worthless dollars, and both debt and the dollar go to zero.

                  It would be considerably less destructive to only have debt collapse while keeping the dollar and dollar prices stable, and would likely mean that the collapse could be postponed for longer, though the collapse would have a definite dramatic date, the day that bond payments failed to arrive, while with destroying both federal debt and the dollar you can go on pretending everything is perfectly normal the whole way down.

                  A lot of broke countries have followed a strategy of defaulting on their debt while preserving their currency, and have suffered considerably less harm by following that path. Government is broke, but production and consumption continues, while collapsing both debt and currency tends to bring the entire economy to a grinding halt.

                  The detachment of our elite class and our Sarbanes Oxley accountants from empirical and falsifiable reality makes the latter solution, destroying both the dollar and debt, more likely.

                  The entire Global American Empire has massively escalated the extent of its lying about both election outcomes and inflation rates, the lies representing a commitment to “Point Deer make horse”. 指鹿為馬

                  When the story that a priestly caste is coordinating on gets too far out of contact with reality, when they are coordinating on claims about this world that are false, falsifiable, and readily falsifiable, any sense of honor or decency becomes a disqualifying characteristic.

                  In a holiness spiral, the lies get worse and worse, and thus the people recruited into priestly jobs get worse and worse. Accounting has been assimilated to the priesthood, thus value and the movement of value is being tracked by evil crooks who are trained that lying is holiness, and the bigger and more blatant the lie the holier you are.

                  The US is acting as if its GDP and military were still mighty. They are not. Sooner or later, reality is going to hit, though it may well take quite a while.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The problem is that everyone powerful claims just defaulting is unconstitutional.

                • jim says:

                  “Living constitution”

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  No Com, I have not even the wisp of an idea on how to solve the situation. What I was getting at, and what you further articulated, is that there is an extant and expanding divide between the various “participants” in the economy. When you say “bondholders and savers,” I have no mental image of a bondholder, and a saver, to me, is someone like my grandfather, who holds 4-5 properties (all acquired decades ago for cash), holds various stock options in stuff he found worthy of investing in (no details really, accept he was one of the original [investors?] after McDonald’s went public) decades ago, and lives incredibly frugally. He may be atypical, but I wonder who the “savers” are.

                  I guess the real question is what happens outside the managerial class. As Jim pointed out, countries have defaulted, but life continued on. Maybe this isn’t possible given America’s integral position to the GAE as an entity. So what happens to those outside the stock market, outside of “sophisticated” finance, if there’s a default? These are not rhetorical questions. I was a young pothead in 2008, and I distinctly remember that the headlines and soundbites were starkly contrasted by life carrying on in exactly the same way that it always had. Being an impoverished degenerate, it’s likely I wouldn’t have noticed much unless pot and pills prices had skyrocketed.

                  For me, the fundamental question is: what new opportunities and challenges will Tribe Jim have if there’s a “total collapse of economic life?”

                • jim says:

                  > For me, the fundamental question is: what new opportunities and challenges will Tribe Jim have if there’s a “total collapse of economic life?”

                  Right now, I am building a vegetable garden, and in due course will acquire chickens. But before acquiring chickens, will need to build a snake proof and chickenproof fence around the property.

                  But you were probably thinking of other forms of investment. The US dollar is going down with the Global American Empire.

                  There is a lot of ruin in a nation. Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. The fall of the US dollar has been predicted for a very long time, and it has not fallen. But its fall is has evidently become a lot closer over the last year. Events are accelerating rapidly. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and recent performance of the US$ is that you have lost thirty to fifty percent of your purchasing power, while official statistics piously say that prices rose 8.5% and your income supposedly rose by a bit more than that. The escalation of lying is an even better predictor of the future than the escalation of the price of groceries, fuel, lumber, and used cars.

                  The US dollar is resting on its laurels that it gained when Reagan broke the back of inflation. That was forty years ago. A new generation, of idiots, lunatics, and demon worshipers is in charge.

                  The usual trend to hyperinflation is a series of inflationary shocks, with breathers between the shocks, with the breathers between shocks getting shorter and shorter and the shocks more and more severe. A breather is due around now. It will be a bull trap, a bad time to go long in dollars and dollar denominated assets, a good time to liquidate dollars and dollar denominated assets, a good time to buy crypto currency and to directly invest (without a Global American Empire intermediary) in BRICS assets. Hong Kong and Singapore stockbrokers are a lot safer than US stockbrokers. US financial institutions are becoming increasingly dangerous, due to declining elite virtue and Sarbanes Oxley accounting, which tracks holiness rather than assets, as peer review tracks theology rather than evidence. If you invest in Sarbanes Oxley assets, when the $#!% hits the fan, the assets will turn out to be absent. Recollect the Great Minority Mortgage Meltdown. To no one’s surprise, the borrowers could not be found, but I was startled when it turned out that in many cases the houses could not be found either.

                  Sarbanes Oxley accounting is ritualistic, like Jewish law, and just as Jewish law bears no connection to the spirit and intent of the ten commandments, Sarbanes Oxley accounting bears no relationship to real assets of real value. The meltdown revealed a closed circle of paper assets backed by paper assets, without connection to real people who needed houses and could pay for them, and frequently without connection to real houses.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  From what I understand, monetizing the debt means paying off the existing debt by printing the entire debt in new money. That sounds slightly insane to me? I don’t understand.

                  It’s a simple plan: The government monetizes the debt, dollars become worthless, the government effectively stops existing, its bureaucrats become starving refugees fanning out into the country in search of food, and a dozen or so end up in Cominator’s freezer.

                  Which I hope he has a large solar panel for, because meat spoils fast in the Florida heat, and it’s hard to buy electricity or fuel for a generator when money’s worth nothing.

                  Why settle for a deflationary debt default when you can have a hyperinflationary cannibal holocaust instead?

                • The Cominator says:

                  You can do the living constitution thing when the people who loudly shout the letter of the constitution are powerless nobodies…

                  But there are many powerful bondholders. Your grandfather will be fine with his lands and stocks.

                • jim says:

                  > there are many powerful bondholders.

                  They are not as powerful as those who get free money from the fed, and Reagan stepped hard on the parasitic value destroyers who get free money.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  Bathhouse attendant Kevin Spacey stands in for the Ivy League processed manager who is possessed of the same fundamental weltanschauung as the gnostics who hate him, while Jeremy Irons’ character furtively channels more ancient, primeval sentiments on life, civilization, and the fates of men.

                  Spacey’s character agonizes over the fact that by selling off all the (ambiguously middle-of-the-road) firm’s junk mortgage-backed security packages, in those scant time periods before more market actors at large started reacting to the fact that the plane is crashing with no survivors, every party they convinced to buy is basically fucked.

                  But whether they noticed the game was up then, or noticed that the minority mortgage scheme was bunkum years ago ahead of time, the basic principle is still the same. That it is not just okay or an acceptable side effect for parties participating in malinvestent to go bust, it is their *duty* to make them go bust, because it is *good* for them to go bust; higher levels of civilization depend on respect for this principle.

                  The purpose of all the stacked up layers of arcane meta-referential financial instrumentalization is at a basal level a simple value-add; arrangement of capital to go towards good applications of capital – to good *appliers* of capital.

                  You run some business, do some job, fulfill some purpose, and remuneration acquired thereby is a representation of value you created thereby, of the potestas you facilitated thereby.

                  Suppose you want to use these signals of potestas to arrange the performance of further potency facilitating activities – that is, invest. But what do you know about anything? Coming to know anything about your area of vocation alone is hard enough. No one being within a universe is going to be a universal intellect; and likewise, no one party will necessarily have the capital to bootstrap valuable activities on their own. So while you may not know so much about XYZ, you can put surplus capital towards someone who does; and the accomplishment of this at scale is what could be said is the whole matter of financial innovation.

                  The present state of affairs is largely a product of progressive accretion of generations of subversive dissimulations for lack of value creation, or hostile arrangements for parasitization of capital from parties creating value to parties destroying value creation; the fossilized remains of past power-grabs persisting as geological strata, heedless of externality.

                  Realistically speaking, it is highly unlikely the GAE will stop inflating in it’s lifetime, because the parties that are first in line for hand outs of conjured fedbucks – be it through unbacked lending or other means – are also the unholiest of political hobbyhorses. The question of stopping inflation has become identical to a question of the GAE abandoning it’s state religion. The ‘evil genius’ argument of ‘collapse of SWIFT, petrodollar, and debt seignorage in general through runaway inflation will interfere with our designs for world domination’ could play 50 years ago, but there are precious little signs of either will or ability for it to play today. At this point, it can no more stop this high time-preference behavior than it can voluntarily disenfranchise it’s own theocracy; one requires the other – and if such a case were to come about, that would certainly be a miraculous happenstance.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  My guess: Partial de-facto default through inflation – this is already happening – and a partial default that will be called a “temporary tax on interest and principal payments on Treasury debt.”

                  The federal government owes you $X on the coupon payment that just came due, but will only give you $0.6X, because there has been a 40% tax applied. Really this is just a 40% default.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “For me, the fundamental question is: what new opportunities and challenges will Tribe Jim have if there’s a “total collapse of economic life?”

                  The “total collapse of economic life” is what happens if the fed actually tries to raise interest rates to say 10% not in the event of either default or monetization default. |

                  Default either way will result in the total fucking of the priest, government and managerial classes but economic life will likely recover and grow stronger very quickly as the administrative state and the various troublemaking parasite classes will simply cease to exist.

                • jim says:

                  The “total collapse of economic life” is what happens if the fed actually tries to raise interest rates to say 10% not in the event of either default or monetization default. |


                  When inflation was way lower than it is now, Reagan raised interest rates to 18%. There were no end of announcements that economic lie would collapse, swiftly followed by no end of announcements that economic life had collapsed, with no end of scholarly statistics indisputably proving that it had collapsed.

                  But in fact, the economy boomed, with announcements that it had collapsed becoming every more absurdly and outrageously discrepant with everyone’s lived experience. After a while, the doom data and the doom announcements became just too embarrassing, and were memory holed, and they gave up on that, and went straight to appeals to envy, pointing out that the rich were getting richer, meaning that suddenly large numbers of the wrong people, people who were not supposed to prosper, were prospering, and we should object to that. They were outraged that the quasi state economy was no longer strangling the private economy.

                  What had in fact collapsed were the extremely wealthy friends of the fed who had been getting immense amounts of free money, but these people destroy value, they do not create value, and they not only constitute an absolutely insignificant fraction of the people, they constitute a rather small, though rather rich and powerful, fraction of the rich. Suddenly cutting the parasites off from the federal teat not only had no effect on the vast majority not on the federal teat, it directly benefited them, and permitted them prosperity that they had been denied.

                • alf says:

                  Right now, I am building a vegetable garden, and in due course will acquire chickens.

                  Ha! Same. The girlfriend manages the vegetable garden, she is doing great so far. Had some tasty home-grown roast potatoes just yesterday. Building the chicken coop is on my to-do list.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I had heard that the 1st two years of Reagan were bad, but things reversed dramatically after they lowered rates.

                  But anyway you can’t really break inflation via rate increases except very short term now… too much government debt the higher the rate the more the government must borrow…

                • jim says:

                  You can break inflation permanently and immediately by raising interest rates to the real rate of inflation. After a while people will stop believing that federal debt will ever be repaid. Which will take quite a while. When people finally stop buying federal debt at any interest rate or discount rate, then you have a problem, but that problem is not inflation.

                • Neurotoxin says:


                  the economy boomed, with announcements that it had collapsed becoming every more absurdly and outrageously discrepant with everyone’s lived experience. After a while, the doom data and the doom announcements became just too embarrassing, and were memory holed, and they gave up on that, and went straight to appeals to envy.

                  “Decade of greed.”


                  I had heard that the 1st two years of Reagan were bad, but things reversed dramatically after they lowered rates.

                  The Fed wrang inflation out of the economy at the cost of a recession (or two recessions with a brief intermission between them, whatever). After the inflation had been killed off, interest rates fell. Things didn’t get better because interest rates fell.

                • jim says:

                  > I had heard that the 1st two years of Reagan were bad, but things reversed dramatically after they lowered rates.

                  All the Reagan years including the first two years of Reagan were great economically, despite non stop announcements that they were absolutely terrible through every loudspeaker and no end of official data officially declaring that they were terrible. The Reagan “recession” was just obvious nonsense within four months of him taking office, despite no end of official data, official interpretation, and official statistics, to the contrary.

                  Things did not recover after two years. They recovered immediately on Reagan taking office, and the loudspeakers gave up on lying barefaced after two years because just too silly and too embarrassing.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “Things did not recover after two years. They recovered immediately on Reagan taking office, and the loudspeakers gave up on lying barefaced after two years because just too silly and too embarrassing.”

                  I’m going with the official stats on this one: both theory and experience from all over the world tell us that to kill an inflation you have to step on the brake pedal. It’s not surprising that that would cause a recession in the short run.

                • jim says:

                  But who is affected by a “recession” that occurs during runaway inflation?

                  Turns out is only the rich rich on the revolving door between regulators and regulated, who had special privilege to borrow large amounts of money at negative interest real rates due to implicit state guarantees.

                  If we believe official statistics (and there were a great many official statistics that smelled mighty funny) there was for nine months a rise in unemployment among ordinary Americans, but by that measure, a mild and brief recession. Maybe that statistic is true, because if they were making it up, as they made up so much else, it would have been an end of the world rise in unemployment.

                  The only stat that directly represents the ordinary American’s experience of “recession” (unemployment) showed an effect, but an entirely undramatic effect of eighteen percent interest rates during high inflation.

                • Aryaman says:

                  Moreover there should be an increase in unemployment, if temporary.

                  Caring too much about employment metrics reflects an emphasis on the labor theory of value. Stable prices will help normal enterprises plan their business, thereby promote productive employment. That is not a recession even if it means lots of government contractors go out of business for want of sufficiently cheap financing.

                • jim says:

                  And it was not a recessio. When the seignorage tax was reduced to well below the Laffer limit, a boom immediately ensued, even though unemployment may have risen briefly and moderately. Taxes always reduce economic activity, and the seignorage tax is particularly damaging, producing supply chain chaos which is officially deemed to be prosperity.

                • skippy says:

                  Unemployment makes people angry. Only governments with legitimacy can tolerate it. In the scheme of things, 10% unemployment for a year or two (“Reagan crash”) is inconsequential. Two years of more and worse bad economic news today might destroy the Progressive regime in the USA.

                • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                  Two years of more and worse bad economic news today might destroy the Progressive regime in the USA.

                  praise gnon

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “And it was not a recessio(n).”

                  Pretty sure it was a recession. If you’re worried about protecting Reagan’s legacy, I wouldn’t sweat it: the holiness spiral has accelerated so fast that the politics of that time seem antediluvian now.

                  Also, the first part of the “double-dip” recession was during 1980, when Carter was still Pres. So, who cares?

                • jim says:

                  > Pretty sure it was a recession.

                  You are reading hostile enemy propaganda. You should discount it as motivated for propaganda purposes.

                  > If you’re worried about protecting Reagan’s legacy,

                  It is not the Reagan legacy I am protecting, but economics 101: “Economics in One Lesson”

                  There is a massive doomsday cult propaganda offensive for the seigniorage tax, just as there is a massive envy cult propaganda offensive for the income tax. Naturally any state needs funds, and our state needs a lot of funds. You should discount the propaganda for what it is.

                  There was a big and obvious difference between the second “dip” of the “recession” and the first dip, which made the first unpopular and the second popular, which the phrase “double dip” obfuscates, evades, and denies. This is the same propaganda tactic as Anonymous Fake denying any change in the occupant of Walt Disney’s exhumed skin.

                  High negative real interest rates, low nominal interest rates in a time of high inflation, are a severe seigniorage tax. All taxes reduce the economic activity that is being taxed. All tax reductions stimulate the economic activity that is no longer being taxed. You always get less of what you tax, and more of what you subsidize. Reagan’s “second dip recession” was no different. Economic activity recovers within days of the tax ending.

                  There was massive supply chain chaos in the first dip. The second “dip” was not a dip, it was the restoration of supply chain order being deliberately miscounted as a dip. What the seigniorage tax taxes is the coordination of production by the marketplace. For propaganda reasons, the disruption and collapse of this coordination gets counted as prosperity, and its restoration as recession, but it did not feel like recession, just as the prosperity that Biden’s talking heads are reporting does not feel like prosperity.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Meh, not worth arguing about.

                  “It’s dead, Jim.”

                • jim says:

                  Economics 101 can never die. True yesterday and true tomorrow. We are in the midst of ever escalating levels of denial, which is itself an indication that Economics 101 lives. You are conceding to enemy memes that are dying before our eyes.

                  They abandoned those memes in the middle of “Reagan recession” and jumped on the envy narrative because those memes were losing traction, much as “oppressed and victimized gay” is losing traction, and Biden’s spokescritter announcements of prosperity meet a stony reception.

              • The Cominator says:

                The days of that ended when Russia was booted out of SWIFT.

                It did not literally end that day but the days became limited.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                Here’s another factor: The crucial role of US Treasury bonds in US and some international financial markets.

                For example, they’re often used as collateral in the repurchase agreement market, which has a trading volume of trillions of dollars per day.

                They also play a key role in hedging interest rate risk, a market which is unfathomably vast – its “notional value” is 100s of trillions of dollars, much larger than planetary GDP. “notional value” is just an accounting concept and not all of that involves T-debt, but a lot of it does.

                If there is a default (whether it’s actually called a “default” or not), the value of T-bonds will plummet and entire hedging/risk management markets could be vaporized – just… gone.

                Maturity risk: involves interest rate risk but also liquidity risk. E.g., an insurance company with lots of long-term liabilities can hold lots of long-term Treasury debt as assets, to balance the maturities of its assets and liabilities. When the bottom drops out of the Treasury markets…?

                • jim says:

                  Reflect on what happened to financial markets during the Great Minority Mortgage Meltdown. They became a fraud and a charade. The ticker reported prices and sales, but you somehow could not sell at those prices, or at any price. Because the prices were fake, only shills and suckers were buying at those prices, and they were only buying from the man who was manufacturing wash sales to fake out the market. If you wanted to sell your mortgage backed securities, which had been revealed as backed by mortgages owed by persons unknown and unfindable, often on properties that were subject to multiple mortgages or which could not be found at all, somehow the sale just did not go through, yet the charade continued.

                  The bottom did not drop out of the market, instead the market, always partially fraudulent, became completely fraudulent. The same will happen to the repurchase agreement market. Instead of being ninety percent fake, it will become one hundred percent fake, a ritual continued to maintain the tradition that normality is still in effect.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Treasury bonds will of course immediately become worthless in the event of default or even de fact monetization default.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Jim: “The bottom did not drop out of the [mortgage-backed security] market, instead the market, always partially fraudulent, became completely fraudulent. The same will happen to the repurchase agreement market.”

                  My prediction on that: If the RePo market seizes up, the Fed will just do what it did during (and weirdly, somewhat before) the COVID mess: It will print trillions of dollars, if it has to, to keep that market alive.

                  The equivalent of doing that in the T-bond market would be to print lots of $ to buy those bonds. Obviously, that would be an abandonment of any attempt to fight inflation. I can even see a scenario in which the legal limits on the Fed’s ability to buy T-bonds directly from the Treasury will be repealed, or simply ignored.

    • jim says:

      Singapore has an electronic system – you get a dongle that holds a little conversation with the scanner when you sail past the scanner. For a truly private system, could be rendered as a blockchain.

      • notglowing says:

        Also exists here, it’s called Telepass. But it requires a subscription cost, entirely separate from the road tolls themselves.

        I think automatically scanning license plates has more potential, it was not technologically feasible when Telepass was invented, but it should be trivial now. It requires no extra technology on cars, and more importantly, no controlled access at the gates to prevent cars from entering without a dongle (which slows down traffic, as you have to wait for the gates to open)
        License plates are not only connected to the car owner’s identity, but also the car’s model which lets you determine weight class automatically.

        Telepass also requires a battery that needs to be recharged.

        • The Cominator says:

          Gas tax is better in all respects at least until cars become all electric. Its big trucks that tear up the road while sedans do it not at all. The ones that damage it should pay maintenence. The idea to make things more “fair” than gas tax is profoundly stupid. Tolls should be for private roads only.

          Creepy surveillance state alternatives to the gas tax are stupid and unneeded.

          • notglowing says:

            >Its big trucks that tear up the road while sedans do it not at all
            Big trucks pay far more than smaller vehicles. I mentioned that, it is based on your weight class.
            That said, all cars use the road, and I don’t believe smaller cars do not wear it out at all.
            Even if that is the case, over time, roads will degrade. They need maintenance, and need capital to be built in the first place.

            A large part of our road system was built quickly *thanks* to the toll system, since the private companies that bought the concessions contributed significantly to funding the infrastructure to begin with. As I said, unfortunately the government bought back the main company running it, though there are still private highways.

            As for the surveillance aspect, surveillance itself may be bad, but that is already mandatory in order to enforce speed limits. I’m merely suggesting the same system can be used for greater convenience. The problem with the surveillance argument is you cannot prevent government or private companies from installing cameras along major highways, I know I’d be favourable to it if I owned one, it seems good to have evidence if something bad happens.

            I don’t know if toll highways would work well in the US, and they did not pay for the infrastructure to be built like they did here. I wanted to invite discussion about it but I’d never expect americans to just accept it since they never had this extra cost. I know I’d be annoyed.
            But I think it’s a fine system in my country, though it is upsetting our gas taxes are still high. Unfortunately while this could be a way to lower them, governments will squeeze out whatever they can. But one side of the equation works, the problem is with the other.

            • C4ssidy says:

              Intuition tells me that the European tolls are used to punish car users rather than than being used only to cover the maintenance of the motorway . It would often be cheaper to take a backwater single lane road even when the motorway was practically empty. As practically implemented, the European ones become an annoying headache. The user has to do an annoying calculation every journey.

              could imagine an ancap utopia where your 4k car screen calculates a million possible routes each billing you for a tiny fraction of crypto and one would make the perfect tradeoff between price, quality, speed and safety. It’s a hard question whether the end point is really possible . Something tells me you’d hit a co-ordination problem or two

              But currently I’m using an iPhone while driving , which is not only not smart enough, but would not have the data feeds. imo the Europeans are niggers. They will even close a road for roadworks with apparently no synchronicity between the roadwork schedule and Google maps, so not much hope in general for allowing rational actors to make efficient decisions. The tolls are really just there to encourage trains by ripping you off, appeasing the climate-gods

  24. Yul Bornhold says:

    Russia openly offering wife, house and children to men who take up the way of the warrior:


    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:


    • Frank Matters says:

      Not to spread DESPAIR but this means almost nothing

      Wife and kids is protrayed as an honorable goal
      Showing desire to fight priestly influence of eternal schooling

      Are they actually lifting a finger to bring about getting recruits healthy families? I doubt it.
      Are they actually forming apprenticeship networks so high eye que slavs can contribute to the growing logistical demands of high tech warfare and society without dealing with priestly intervention? I doubt it.

      Barking without biting. I like the spiritual direction of the propaganda but regular russians need some actual doings. Putler’s successor is going to rule over a landmass filled with weird eurasian and caucasus tribes, with a smattering of South Africans, Black Germans, Old Believers and actual slavs

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Watch for special marriage, custody and male-side reproductive rights for veterans. That’s when you know they’re fucking serious.

        Soldiers do not fight on rations and artillery alone.

        • Frank Matters says:

          If the Taliban and the Daesh can offer these things, why cannot Putler.

          Imagine how many competent volunteers he would get declaring a Holy Orthodox Army and offering trad marriage and a land package contingent on good service. Have a meat grinder filter and some way of making best use of the smarties, have the whole structure run with him as Commander in Chief. Excellent opportunity to sharpen Inquisition against entryists, as the foreign volunteers will need tremendous vetting to be effective.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Doesn’t even need to offer cash or balance sheet assets. Just basics like:

            Can’t abort the child of a veteran.
            Can’t divorce a veteran.
            Or rather, no child support or custody if you do.

            Guys will be walking into Russia from all over Europe for the chance to renounce their GAE citizenship and sign up.

            • someDude says:

              That would be the nuclear option. That would mean the destruction of the west. That would mean Putin knows whats what in totality. My understanding is Putin knows whats what in parts, but not in totality. So this is not on the cards for the forseeable future. Putin is Based, but not that based.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                But it will end up here because it must.

                We are fundamentally correct in our long term assessment of societal health and structure. The Progressives retain massive influence and capital reserves, giving them the ability to literally purchase and deploy smokescreens. They have the ability to offer children to Moloch because their smokescreen says “there’s no such thing as Moloch, goy” and the normies but that because the truth is too painful. The normies buy into ESG, DEI, and TGR because the smokescreens all say “it’s not happening, and if it is happening, it’s not a bad thing, and if it’s a bad thing, you deserve it” which is fascinating and hilarious, but it cannot continue forever. It’s like snorting meth instead of sleeping; it’s a terminal strategy.

                So at some point the shell games and three card monte and hide-the-pedophile-in-the-elementary-school is going to stop working, and it will be boiled down to “do what we say because our way of life is better.” If it’s demonstrably true, the masses will lean into it. This applies to all the poles of power. There are lots of indicators to watch for, but white flight out of the GAE periphery is the most important, because it will signal a cascade of “de-normalizations” in the GAE core.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        Winning an actual war with stacks of burnt out corpses and gore splattered across the streets will lead to increase of fertility among Russian soldiers and, possibly, Russia as a whole. The heady wine of victory makes a powerful aphrodisiac.

  25. Pax Imperialis says:

    Why is depression so widespread in the population? At face value it’s highly detrimental. Based on survival of the fittest model, strictly negative traits should have been largely bred out of the population, yet depression persists in adult females (10.5% That’s a lot!) and to a lesser degree males (6.2%).

    Could it be that depression has evolutionary benefits? As in asymmetric sexual value.

    The connection between low libido and depression is well documented among women. Thus you are more likely to find chaste behaving women among those who are genetically predisposed to depression. A depressed women is also less likely to leave the house (owned territory) and thus has massively reduced exposure to males outside the house.

    Obviously exposure to other males is a prerequisite for sexual relations hence why tomboys, girls who hang out with the boys from a young age, tend to engage in sexual activities at younger ages on average compared to non-tomboys.

    Since males are historically under evolutionary pressure to guard their reproductive territory from other males, females who don’t actively engage in trying to leave well guarded owned territory therefore require far less energy expenditure by males to keep the other males away. Lower libido may mean lower fertility (at least in modern times where women dictate, men dictate in traditional relationships, lesbian marriages end up sexless); however, with the tradeoff of lower risk of being cucked means higher overall successful male reproduction at the individual level.

    For example, a man raising 4 children unknowing that 1 of them is another man’s, is as successful at reproducing (based purely on numbers) as a man raising 3 children with all of them being his biological descendants. However the man raising 3 biological descendants has a clear advantage in that there is no 4th fake draining away limited resources and energy from the 3 actual children. Nor is the man raising children with a depressed women of low libido having to constantly chase away other men leaving more energy to potentially focus on having more of his children thus counterintuitively raising fertility via lower low female libido. Men who aren’t constantly THOT patrolling have more time to be impregnating.

    Contrast the reproductive value of a depressed women with a depressed man. There is no apparent value for men to be depressed and many negatives. Hence lower rates of depression among men compared to women would align with the idea that depression exists or doesn’t exist in populations due to evolutionary pressures. Moreover, depression among men tends to be linked to trauma rather than depression among women who tend to have it on a more inherent basis.

    This has some interesting implications.

    Modern efforts to decrease female (non-trauma related) depression is in fact potentially dysgenic since it
    1) Increases the energy men must commit to guarding their reproductive territory.
    2) Is likely a net negative towards overall fertility.
    3) Increases the number of bastards in society.
    4) Promotes infidelity.

    • The Cominator says:

      > Female depression is good
      They get fat and wine drunk (alone) and becone cat ladies you idiot and if they have families they are fucking insufferable.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >>Female depression is good
        Completely misses the point. There are evolutionary benefits to being able to feel pain for example. People who can’t feel pain don’t get feedback signal to deal with the problem. Likewise, there are evolutionary benefits to female depression and trying to remove that system is liable for bad outcomes.

        You also got the causality wrong.

        Women generally don’t become fat, wine drunk, and cat ladies because they are depressed.

        Women who are fat, wine drunk, and cat ladies become unhappy and at times depressed. In that case the depression is the outcome (of self induced trauma) rather than a cause. Arguably the depression is a good thing for them to serve as a wake up call; however, modern society is more likely to try to medicate them rather than facilitate that depression into fixing the underlying issues.

        Moreover, rates of female depression are fairly similar between both traditional cultures and modern cultures yet one has an abundance of fat drunk cat ladies and the other doesn’t. Female depression is not highly correlated with fat drunk cat ladies.

        What is highly correlated with female depression is child birth and raising families. Around one in seven women can develop postpartum depression making it a leading cause of female depression. Consider how rough child bearing was historically, it’s likely beneficial that women were prone to depression with low libido right after child birth to prevent rushing into the next pregnancy prior to recovery. In general low female libido is a good thing and depression can cause it in exchange for some drawbacks. It’s a tradeoff that on average has more benefits than costs.

        >they are fucking insufferable.
        Almost all women right there.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Likewise, there are evolutionary benefits to female depression and trying to remove that system is liable for bad outcomes.”

          The clown world system ain’t making women happier and that you think it is makes me think you must be much much more autistic than I am.

          “You also got the causality wrong.”

          I think not, you’re the one inverting the causality to defend this very very stupid original idea of yours that causing women to be miserable as a policy is a good idea… newsflash the globohomo elite quite agree with you there and its not because they think it maximizes societal fitness. Women are not wired for long term contentment but they are way unhappier in clownworld than they were in the past. Overall female happiness probably peaked in the US in around the 1950s.

          “Arguably the depression is a good thing for them to serve as a wake up call”

          You are attributing a level of introspection to women they do not possess, women are too narcissistic to view themselves as at fault for anything. Women with the BPD personality profile CAN view themselves critically but the result of that is they are prettymuch always depressed and driven to madness. In their case it doesn’t stop them from promiscous behavior either.

          “Moreover, rates of female depression are fairly similar between both traditional cultures and modern cultures”

          If this were 4chan my response to this would be Ray Liotta as Henry Hill laughing. You aren’t smart enough to post here this is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever read. If it were just this it would be one thing but you also blamed Martin Luther for clownworld… Catholic homosex

          “Almost all women right there.”

          This makes you sound like a homosexual. I hate modern American women especially post later clownworld but even 10 years ago there were lots of women who were a joy to be around.

          • Red says:

            This makes you sound like a homosexual. I hate modern American women especially post later clownworld but even 10 years ago there were lots of women who were a joy to be around.

            20 years ago there were a lot more women under the thumb of an Alpha Male or under the influence of a less evil religion.

            My sister was an entitled lying piece of shit given artificially high status by parents and the state religion well into her 20s. Then she married a natural Alpha and her shitty behavior disappeared almost over night. I like spending time with her now after despising her for most of my life. If you want a woman who’s a joy to be around, you’re going to have Alpha up for her.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Problem is that even when you Alpha up for a women such that she is pleasant to be around, you’ll still be surrounded by a mob of women under the influence of the state religion. And there is no escaping them either as they permeate the work force and all sectors of life due to gender equality laws.

              Cominator hates most women for the same reason I find most insufferable. There is much common ground and I don’t understand why he doesn’t see that.

              • Red says:

                Cominator hates most women for the same reason I find most insufferable. There is much common ground and I don’t understand why he doesn’t see that.

                Hating women is the blackpill and it’s a pill that causes disrepair. I swallowed that pill in my early 20s but I coughed it back out once I understood the evolutionary basis for Women’s behavior. Once you stop treating women as equals and expecting the lies about women you where raised on to be true, you’ll find life a lot more pleasant for both you and them.

              • Aidan says:

                Good women under a strong man’s thumb tend to despise or not get along with shitty women.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >The clown world system ain’t making women happier and that you think it is
            Not what I’m talking about. Being unhappy is not the same as depression. Women are far unhappier today than they were say 10 years ago. Women 10 years ago are unhappier than they were 20 years ago. So on and so forth since suffrage movement. No disagreement there, but rates of depression have held fairly consistent.

            Close to 30 years and not a single budge in overall rates of depression.

            Practically no correlation between traditional/modern cultures/economics/etc and rate of depression.

            >that causing women to be miserable as a policy is a good idea

            Where did I say causing women to be miserable as a policy is a good idea? I said “modern efforts to decrease female (non-trauma related) depression is in fact potentially dysgenic.” You are having a knee jerk reaction and putting words in my mouth.

            >globohomo elite quite agree with you
            Wrong. They think they can get rid of all depression by transcending humanity. Medicate it away via ever stronger drugs. I’m saying depression serves a biological purpose and trying to eradicate it is akin to getting rid of pain by shutting down the nerve system/pain receptors. An absolutely crazy prospect. That is not saying pain is good. That is not saying depression is good. It’s saying that it’s crazy to attempt to disable the biology that causes those things because they serve a purpose.

            >Overall female happiness probably peaked in the US in around the 1950s.
            Again talking about depression. Not happiness. Rates of depression are stubbornly disconnected from reported happiness.

            >You are attributing a level of introspection to women
            I am not, did you not see the rest of what I wrote? “modern society is more likely to try to medicate them rather than facilitate that depression into fixing the underlying issues.” Depressed women do take the initiative to go to see a therapist (or a priest), but I put the responsibility of fixing the problem completely on society. It’s not the job of women to have introspection. It’s societal institutions such as church/health care (run by men) to have that introspection, but as I said modern society doesn’t utilize that depression correct to fix the underlying problem.

            >[BPD] In their case it doesn’t stop them from promiscous behavior either
            Sure… but BPD is also not depression. Depression is well linked to lower libido.

            >You also blamed Martin Luther for clownworld… Catholic homosex
            ? I don’t think I’ve ever brought up Martin Luther. I’m completely lost at where this is coming from.

            Lastly I find nearly all women insufferable. I do not hate them and I do love many of them. They are also highly misguided and won’t shut up about abortion and “my body my choice” crap in which case my mind shuts off and I just pretend to listen. Something most men are familiar with doing.

            • The Cominator says:

              Maybe you were someone else if so I apologize…

              Modern women are insufferable partially due to the woke religion and partially because their status and ego has been boosted too high. Too many fat women plus social media, plus them being taught to love other women and hate men… it creates a toxic situation. The full woke mind virus is not necessary for this to work either… as modern leftism is not at all accepted even with women in Florida but they still pick up the programming of men bad women good, don’t settle, if you settled don’t stay.

              The opposite of high female status and ego is not depression, nor is depression and female narcissism mutually exclusive.

              “Sure… but BPD is also not depression. Depression is well linked to lower libido.”

              Not with BPD cases it ain’t. I knew two of them VERY well (and btw I rather like them on the whole). They are pretty much always depressed (with brief interludes of contentment or euphoria) they don’t show it but the suicidal ideation is almost constant and unlike other women who fake that shit… most girls with that… if they don’t kill themselves outright (which is scary) they’ll just eventually start on really really bad drugs which will do it soon enough.

            • Adam says:

              They don’t talk about abortion around alpha. They can’t shut up about having kids and loving kids etc. especially if they know you want kids.

              The abortion/kids issue is environmental. Even if they do think pro-choice, they will act pro-life in front of alpha. Same way they talk about ex boyfriends in front of beta, but wouldn’t dare mention one in front of alpha.

              Regardless it’s irrelevant. What they want or believe doesn’t matter. What they want is alpha male attention, and patriarchy. You know that’s what they want because that’s when they are most happy.

              It is an act of cruelty to allow females sexual choice. They are not built to suffer that temptation. As Genesis clearly illustrates, they should not be left unattended.

    • Frank Matters says:

      Infidelity rate as measured by DNA matched to family name is incredibly low, under 1%. During times when it would have been easier to hide it.

      This whole mate guarding thing is an incredibly recent resurgence of ape behavior. Take this as an example, keeping in mind the known low infidelity rate: https://twitter.com/crimkadid/status/1479897537335103490

      Depression is likely adaptive in some circumstances; one known cause is brain inflammation, wouldn’t do you much good to be hot and lively while fighting off an infection. On the whole, though, I suspect it’s just pure malfunction. People feel like shit because society is collapsing and their bodies are incredibly sick.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Wait, I’m confused… I thought the rate of infidelity and textbook cuckoldry (a male raising another male’s offspring) was depressingly high. IIRC a study in the UK found that ~30% of fathers were raising other men’s children unawares. There’ve been multiple studies in GAE university system as well as policy initiatives attempting to portray DNA testing and parentage assignation as sexist or discriminatory. Apologies if I’m misunderstanding.

        • The Cominator says:

          Its 30% when tested for. Which means generally the father has a reason to be suspicious. So probably not nearly that hight in the general population.

          But given that about 40-50% of married women fuck around at some point and that women lie about that stuff very easily… i always assumed it was 4-5%.

        • jim says:

          I am seeing inconsistent data on the rate of cuckoldry.

          Now it could be because of selection effects, but we need to be mindful that their is a lot of political pressure, and a very long history of lying barefaced about female misconduct, a history that began with covering for slut Queen Caroline, and reached over the top heights with making a whore the heroine of Crimean War.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes a lot of medical personnel will lie in regards to paternity tests as well figuring that very bad things could happen to the child.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Hah!! The “professionals” are moaning the fact they can’t hid it from the husband anymore!!!

              Personal anecdote. A few years ago a new, first cousin level, match showed up on my account on 23andMe. Now I come from a big extended family and am aware of, and have met, all my legitimate first cousins. So I pm’ed her and asked, “Who are you?”, and she replied, “Who are YOU?” Well after some research and sleuthing, also including my “Nancy Drew” sister and mom, we determined that the new 23andMe connection is the daughter of the “new” biological first cousin. It turns out my uncle sired a pre-marital love child with his girlfriend during WWII but then was immediately shipped overseas. The lady, when she found out she was in the family way, immediately found some beard to marry. After bearing my “new” first cousin the couple subsequently had 7 more kids. It’s not clear my uncle ever knew the kid was his.

              When the new cousin’s daughter brought all the evidence to her dad (in his 70s) he was “shocked” and didn’t want his (now half) siblings to know. The daughter then removed herself from relative matching on 23andMe.

              When discussing the issue with one of my uncle’s legitimate daughters (my aunt and uncle passed away many years ago) she basically politely told me to STFU about this.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                BTW, the new cousin’s daughter not only matched with me. She matched with all relevant relatives in the 23andMe database. My mom, two of my cousins, including one who is her half aunt (half sister to new cousin, the one I mentioned talking to above).

          • notglowing says:

            Showing high rates of infidelity in the past is humiliating the men who lived then and their patriarchy, as well as showing that it didn’t work as intended.

            I am sure they would love to prove most men were always cuckolds and that the traditional system didn’t prevent that.

            • notglowing says:

              Have I been put under moderation?

              • jim says:


                Your post https://blog.reaction.la/party-politics/a-prediction-corrected/#comment-2845595 presupposed that PostChristianity is the real Christianity, and Christians have always accepted that it was, as if no one ever proposed the contrary, while in fact modern postchristianity is a radical new heresy.

                Argument from false consensus.

                • jim says:

                  But, after reviewing your posts, taking you off moderation. Possibly all you know of Christians and Christianity is what faggot entryists who joined to fuck little boys, and Jewish entryists who joined because they hate Christians, Christ, and Christianity, and seek to obliterate the image of Christ and Man, have been telling you, and your question was honest and innocent, rather than intentionally dragging a wagonload of very recent hostile lies about Christianity.

                  But it did drag a wagonload of very recent lies about Christianity.

                  I will explain what all Christians used to know.

                  It was the Pharisees and Sadducees, as events proved, that had destroyed the law, resulting the prophesied expulsion of the Jews, and their rejection as the no longer chosen people.

                  The problem was that the law that could be written was necessarily given in terms appropriate to a particular time, place, people, and technological level, hence the necessity that lawgivers must have authority to write laws in accordance with the eternal and unchanging spirit of the law, but appropriate to the particular place, time, and people, and priests authority to interpret them in accordance with the eternal and unchanging spirit of the law, without too much concern for the biblical letter, or even too much concern for the letter of lawgivers.

                  The Pharisees and Sadducees, of necessity, seized this authority, and proceeded to invent laws that were an excuse for adultery, robbery, and murder, as today’s Jews write laws that are an excuse for swindling, lying, cheating, and adultery.

                  And all Christians used to know this and take it granted, something that nobody spoke about or thought about much, because apart from the Jews, nobody challenged it. Went without saying, because no one contradicted it. King Alfred had to say it, but only because he was talking to pagans who did not know much about Christianity, and had converted pro-forma because their lord had converted at swordpoint, not because he was talking to Christians who had different ideas.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Jim wrote:

                  the Pharisees and Sadducees… destroyed the law, resulting the prophesied expulsion of the Jews, and their rejection as the no longer chosen people… all Christians used to know this and take it granted, something that nobody spoke about or thought about much

                  Perhaps spoken of at least somewhat, because I think this is either equivalent, or at least very closely related, to what the Orthodox Church speaks about in the twelfth antiphon of Good Friday:

                  Thus says the Lord to the Jews:
                  My people, what have I done to you,
                  Or how have I offended you?
                  To your blind, I gave sight, your lepers I cleansed,
                  The paralytic I raised from his bed.
                  My people, what have I done to you,
                  And how have you repaid me?
                  Instead of manna, gall; instead of water, vinegar:
                  Instead of loving me, you nail me to the cross.
                  I can bear no more. I shall call the Gentiles mine.
                  They will glorify me with the Father and the Spirit,
                  And I shall give them life eternal.

                • jim says:

                  Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers

                  Should be read in Church once a year. It is a very important parable. We are the chosen people.

                • notglowing says:

                  > and Christians have always accepted that it was, as if no one ever proposed the contrary,
                  That was not the intention behind the post.
                  I said *Nietzsche* framed it, in my recalling, as Christians believing in a linear view of history in contrast to his cyclical view. Which also could be my own misunderstanding.

                  But I specifically tried to avoid implying that I know that Christians believe in progressivism. Rather, it seems there is an opinion that it is this way, which might be wrong.

                  The point was to invite this kind of discussion. *What do Christians, in fact, believe, in regards to changing laws through experience and the idea of history as progress, when the laws of god are fundamentally unchanging?*

                  I could have phrased it better. I was happy with your initial answer, I expected you to say that the Eschaton, being transcendent, is not the result of history, but the main question was regarding what you explained in your post below. You have talked about the spirit of the law and the letter of the law, and Jews before, but this is really the point I was looking for:

                  “The problem was that the law that could be written was necessarily given in terms appropriate to a particular time, place, people, and technological level, hence the necessity that lawgivers must have authority to write laws in accordance with the eternal and unchanging spirit of the law, but appropriate to the particular place, time, and people, and priests authority to interpret them in accordance with the eternal and unchanging spirit of the law, without too much concern for the biblical letter, or even too much concern for the letter of lawgivers.”

        • Frank Matters says:

          This isn’t the exact study I am thinking of but it will have to suffice https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2668828/

          The infidelity thing is modern like everything else. Read what Tacitus wrote on the germans

          > Adultery is extremely rare, considering the size of the population. A guilty wife is summarily punished by her husband. He cuts off her hair, strips her naked, and in the presence of kinsmen turns her out of his house and flogs her all through the village. They have in tact no mercy on a wife who prostitutes her chastity. Neither beauty, youth, nor wealth can find her another husband. No one in Germany finds vice amusing, or calls it ‘up-to-date’ to seduce and be seduced. Even better is the practice of those states in which only virgins may marry, so that a woman who has once been a bride has finished with all such hopes and aspirations. She takes one husband, just as she has one body and one life. Her thoughts must not stray beyond him or her desires survive him. And even that husband she must love not for himself, but as an embodiment of the married state. To restrict the number of children, or to kill any of those born after the heir, is considered wicked. Good morality is more effective in Germany than good laws are elsewhere.


          We live in fucked up and unnatural times. Expect fucked up and unnatural results.

          • notglowing says:

            > No one in Germany finds vice amusing, or calls it ‘up-to-date’ to seduce and be seduced.

            What is amusing however, is this sentence, and how it sounds like something that he could say today.
            Sadly I think it implies the Romans *did* have some trouble with adequately punishing adultery, at least in his mind, and at that time.

    • Maverick says:

      For depressiveness amongst women the answer is extremely simple and right in front of you: Birth control pills. Gaslighting across many years says that the Pill helps with depression, but the exact opposite is actually the case. Women who get off of the Pill can recover their more natural physical and mental state over a few months’ time of healing and detox. Bye bye depression, hello better attraction to men. Not as much fun for their men necessarily as who really wants to use condoms, but best for the women’s health.

      Alas such healing won’t help the 37-year-old careerist to actually be able to Ctrl+Z the arrow of time to when she was actually fertile.

    • Javier says:

      Wtf is this retarded nonsense. Depression isn’t real. Misery and suffering are the default human existence. If you don’t work to improve your life, you will feel like shit. Women do not know how to actively be happy, and are taught to depend on others for everything. Modern men are gutless weakling who are taught that bossing women around is a hate crime. So no one gets what they want and everyone is sad.

      • The Cominator says:

        “Depression isn’t real.”

        Yes it is. Melancholy was known long before the era of poz.

        “Misery and suffering are the default human existence. If you don’t work to improve your life, you will feel like shit. Women do not know how to actively be happy, and are taught to depend on others for everything. Modern men are gutless weakling who are taught that bossing women around is a hate crime. So no one gets what they want and everyone is sad.”

        All true but depression is real enough. Depression occurs among other things when you get the idea that actively working to improve things will be an exercise in futility.

    • ten says:

      Ridiculous, depression is a response to a sick life, life in a hostile cage. When in a hostile cage, do not reproduce and do not flourish, for you are not meant to live in a hostile cage. Go allahu akhbar and break free or wither. That is all there is to it, unless you are among the exceedingly rare with actual physical problems with serotonin or other signal substances, or a total wuss like Kirkegaard for whom literally every possible situation would feel equally like a hostile cage.

  26. notglowing says:

    Does Christianity support history as a continuous progression towards the eschaton, towards good, or not?

    When Nietzsche presented his idea of history as cyclical, if I remember correctly, he contrasted it with what he considered the linear Christian view of progress towards an ultimate victory of Good over Evil.

    Today, it seems we argue against the *progressive* view of history, which is anti-Christian, with a Reactionary view that views their idea of social progress as absurd, and seeks to bring society back to rules based on fundamental, unchanging principles.

    Some detractors of evolution would also argue that it supports an anti-Christian view of progress, where society and species *better* themselves, as opposed to a view where Good entirely comes from God and has existed from the start.

    So which is it? How do we reconcile these views, does society improve over time with Trial and Error, and in that case can we really say morality comes from God, if we are somehow better than our ancestors due to more trial and error? This is, considering the failure of ~500 years of progressivism as just one trial that failed, and will be corrected.

    • A2 says:

      “Does Christianity support history as a continuous progression towards the eschaton, towards good, or not?”

      I’d say it does not. If anything, the secular world will end badly so get your spiritual house in order.

    • Pooch says:

      This is a major problem for Christianity. It’s very difficult to believe that the human being as it exists now always existed.

      Ultimately, we are not going to return to traditional Christianity. We’re going to have to say yes, Christianity contributed something amazing and we are going to build off that, but we’re going to need to have a new emphasis, new priorities, new explanations, new ideas that are going to integrate the fact that evolution is true.

      • Pooch says:

        Obviously, I’m not advocating the rejection of Christianity wholesale, but Christianity frankly got it wrong on evolution and a lot of traditionalist Christians continue to get it wrong on evolution, which isn’t helpful.

        We are likely going to need an evolutionist view of religion that is more authentic to the original spirit of what Christianity was, which said we aren’t going to just put new wine in old wine sacks, we’re going to build off and reformulate Judaism. We have a new religion, it’s going to be based off Judaism, but it’s going to be something new.

        • jim says:

          Everyone got it wrong on evolution until Darwin, and afer Darwin, the Church of England had no problem focusing on the spiritual, rather than the historical, meaning, of Genesis.

          Everyone who today pushes Genesis as history is doing so to dodge its spiritual meaning, which they find shocking and disturbing.

          • Red says:

            Everyone who today pushes Genesis as history is doing so to dodge its spiritual meaning, which they find shocking and disturbing.

            I see this a lot with my Christian family. Crime think avoidance goes into overdrive when it’s pointed out what the story of the fall really means about women’s nature.

        • Red says:

          Christianity with Darwinian Characteristics.

          The idea that God’s a game designer and he uses in game mechanics to shape things makes the most sense to me. They recently found the what they think is the city of Sodom and it was completely destroyed by an air burst asteroid right around the period described in the bible. When God does something, he only does it within the system he built. The game wouldn’t be interesting otherwise.

          For example I know a lot of Christians who are passive about achieving their Telos because they believe God will provide what they need so they do nothing to improve themselves and get what they need. God gave them life with all the tools required to achieve Telos but it’s up to them to use the tools he’s provided in the best manner. God’s shows them path of righteousness that will generally result in good things happening to good people even if there are reversals along the way. Life wouldn’t be interesting for us or God if only easy good things happened.

          • The Cominator says:

            7 “days” doesn’t mean literal days. God can work to guide evolution… Darwinism is insufficient without some sort of intelligent Lamarckian mechanism.

            This is how you reconcile evolution with Christianity and Darwinian evolution with intermediate steps that have no natural selection advantages…

            • Red says:

              Darwinism is insufficient without some sort of intelligent Lamarckian mechanism.

              That Lamarckian mechanism is probably signalling from parents that result changes to gene expression based which nutrients are passed along. Food is communication that alters how genes are expressed.

          • Neofugue says:

            Afkimel is an entryist trying to converge Orthodoxy to Progressivism.

            Take the Christian shill test.

            Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

            • Rux says:

              Yes, this is true to an extent. There’s still sound doctrine from a good number of contributors and plenty of push back to the likes of David Hart. I haven’t been able to write it off completely as the content remains edifying in a certain sense, personally speaking.

              The invitation is welcome to proclaim:

              I believe in one God, our Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible. I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only begotten, of the Father before all ages, light of light, true God of true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial of the Father from whom all things are made.

              I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified and spoke through the prophets.

              Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethleham, died at Jerusalem and is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. In the Holy Trinity, God is three and one. Amen.

              • Neofugue says:

                Ok, just making sure.

                I will take you at your word that not everyone at Afkimel is a Universalist. If you can subvert the globohomo theologians at Afkimel, that would be interesting.

                Be careful, Origen was condemned by two councils not only for his doctrine of apokatastasis but also his allegorizations of scripture.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          There’s no such thing as judaism. Talmudry is an attitude more than any set of precepts.

        • Mr.P says:

          “we’re going to build off and reformulate Judaism …. it’s going to be based off Judaism.”

          Holy fuck.

          • Pooch says:

            I’m referring to the mindset of the early Christians in that sentence, not present day.

    • jim says:

      > Does Christianity support history as a continuous progression towards the eschaton, towards good, or not?

      Obviously not. The prophesied Eschaton is divine intervention from outside time. The world goes to utter ruin, and the Christians are pulled out and watch down from above. Rather the Christian narrative is one of decline.

      > How do we reconcile these views, does society improve over time with Trial and Error, and in that case can we really say morality comes from God, if we are somehow better than our ancestors due to more trial and error?

      Nature and Nature’s God tells us it is time to restore the sex and family law of the Old Testament, which is itself a late Bronze restoration of early Bronze Age sex and family law.

  27. Severian says:

    Here we go.

    “China’s top chipmaker SMIC has successfully advanced its chip manufacturing by two generations and is now exporting 7nm chips, despite US sanctions attempting to block its rise, a reverse engineering analysis from techinsights on its products has found.”


    • jim says:

      Compare and contrast

      We are entirely dependent on Taiwan and South Korea, and the US and Europe have thrown many billions at this problem, and repeatedly had the leading chipmakers in the US empire come here and to Europe to give us their technology, and they attempt to do so, and are strangely unable to do so. Their smarties cannot cross the IQ gap between themselves and the normies running our chip foundries.

      • Karl says:

        Are you sure the leading chipmakers wanted to give their know-how away?

        Usually know-how is a closely guarded secret. If someone is pressured to give know-how away, and he can’t openly refuse, a strange inability to give know-how away might be very welcome.

        • jim says:

          > Are you sure the leading chipmakers wanted to give their know-how away?

          Probably not, but the Imperial power told them to hand it over. They appeared to complying energetically, and still are appearing to be attempting to comply energetically.

  28. Kevin C. says:



    “Merrick Garland just affirmed that Trump can be prosecuted: “No person is above the law in this country. There is nothing in the principles of prosecution… which prevent us from investigating anyone who is criminally responsible for an attempt to undo a democratic election.””

  29. chris says:

    They are putting tautologies as definitions in dictionaries now.


  30. notglowing says:

    I saw an interesting conversation online between a woman and some right wing men. Which is rare.

    The woman casually mentioned that being more open, aggressive and loud mouthed (not exactly in those terms) is a trait many men like in women.
    When this was immediately questioned she replied that in her life as a young woman those are the girls she saw getting more attention from men.

    The reply was that men might fuck women like that, but they would not want to marry them. She is confusing what makes women seem easier to men, and what actually makes them likeable.

    It is completely obvious to any man that a loud mouthed woman is annoying, and it is a complaint you hear from other men all the time that bitches simply will not shut up.

    However this got me thinking about the other side of the story. Obviously a quiet, reserved woman is simply going to get less attention, because she is like that. It is pretty much cause and effect.
    In a world where marriage is the norm, she would be more greatly appreciated, and it has traditionally been the encouraged and expected female demeanour.
    Feminism has changed that, but I also think that it is simply a more valid mating strategy for women to go the other way, if marriage is not on the table, and casual encounters are the norm.
    Most men would not even try to approach a girl who isn’t very open, and especially one who is still a virgin somewhat later (ie after 20).
    Obviously, you would assume she is unapproachable and difficult.
    The same woman claimed that women with little experience or virgins seem to not receive as much attention from men either. It could be they are simply less attractive, but I think it is a matter of seeming unapproachable (or simply being unapproachable and rejecting all men).
    If a man prefers a woman because she is more experienced in bed, he clearly does not intend to keep her. It would make no sense, as otherwise he would just give her the experience himself.
    On the other hand there are always men who will simp for the ugliest, most used up whores. But interpreting that as thinking men like whores is absurd.

    • The Cominator says:

      More outgoing behavior from women does them better from men, sometimes crazy flirtatious provactive behavior does a woman better with men too (also back 10 years ago when the big problem with women was flaking i noticed that for whatever reason super crazy chicks were actually far less likely to be flakey) but bitchy “Karen” behavior (which tends to be accompanied by fanatical leftism)….

      I can’t stand it and i don’t think most men can…

    • Adam says:

      There is a space between the two. On one extreme, lots of partners, validation, attention, ego driven, dominant personality. Not wife material. The other extreme would be internally repressed, low self esteem, fearful etc. Not wife material. Both could have substance abuse problems and high notch counts. Both could be a handful for even the experienced.

      Both need the same thing, the firm hand of ownership. But in the age of DIY patriarchy, stay away from the extremes. Everything fails at it’s limits.

    • Nicodemus Rex says:

      I’ve had some experience with women who were virgins past 21. As a rule they are considerably more “feminine” and naturally attractive (sluts have dead eyes) … but also full of issues that make them hard to approach; they might be “asexual”, “lesbian”, bipolar, have “trauma” or “anxiety disorder”, or a whole host of other things.

      You can usually get by being alpha enough that her issues melt away, but that’s a high bar to clear sometimes.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        I’ve had some experience with women who were virgins past 21. As a rule they are considerably more “feminine” … but also full of issues

        Hopefully you are not implying that being a virgin past 21 leads to issues, right? The cause and effect go the other way: in today’s society where women are conditioned to be sluts, it’s the kind of girls you describe who end up virgins past 21.

        I was lucky enough in my youth to have frank conversations with men who got married in the WW2 and immediately-post WW2 years, and they told me straightforwardly that their wives (and, in most cases, they themselves) were virgins until they got married in their early 20s. These were competent, masculine guys who I can’t imagine marrying women with severe issues; easier for me to believe the wives, who were normal and well-adjusted when I knew them, were ever anything but that.

        Although as Jim points out below, to whatever extent they might not have been, marriage and kids would have straightened them out.

    • simplyconnected says:

      There are definitely fun party girls with a lot of energy that once married with children become great mothers that pour all that energy into their children. Have to distinguish those from crazy narcissistic bitchy ones. Imho the main discriminating factor is the narcissism part.

      • jim says:

        Women are what men make them.

        An alpha husband and children will cure any women. Women are hostile and insane because our society denies them their natural telos.

  31. Guy says:

    I remember a lot of talk here about the lack of testing for the homophobic telescope, and predictions that it would have issues crop up soon after being deployed. Seemingly had no issues to start, which I found either very lucky or suspicious given how quickly our tech abilities are degrading.


    Is the micrometeorite story here just cover? Obviously going to be tough to tell just from reading the article, but curious what those who are knowledgeable think.

    • notglowing says:

      There is no way to tell. The story is perfectly believable, it can randomly happen at any time. And it doesn’t appear like the damage is that significant.
      I’m not sure if this is the kind of issue that would happen due to lack of testing.

    • Red says:

      This is the sort of situation where there’s no incentive to test how many micrometeorites are flying around at L2. It would cost a lost to send a dummy probe up there to check how often it gets hit and if it turned out to be a lot, then you’d have to cancel the project which is something the people working on it didn’t want. Since such projects are run to line the pockets of people in power, best not to check.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Is L2 a unique position to put satellites? It’s such an “obvious” place in sci-fi that I guess I just assumed we have a familiarity with the mechanics.

        Either way, I think we’re up to 3 reported, distinct incidents of micrometeorite impacts. Even if the JWST didn’t have a bunch of issues due to incompetence in both the build and the payload (I’m long on tech decline side of NASA), the images of seem frail and exposed. I’m a Hubble fanboy, so maybe barrels and panels is just my mental standard, and I have no idea about satellite construction past popular references, but the design seemed delicate.

        • Red says:

          Is L2 a unique position to put satellites? It’s such an “obvious” place in sci-fi that I guess I just assumed we have a familiarity with the mechanics.

          We don’t have a good way to track micrometeorites beyond sending something out there to be hit. They’re just too small. The very stability of L2 is going to result in a lot of stuff flying around there there in some sort of stable orbit, they were just hoping the objects would all be small enough not make a big impact or that the area was large enough for the objects to generally miss.

          Generally the best defense against micrometeorites is that space is vast so when traveling to someplace so objects are unlikely to be hit and planets tend to pull junk down so they’re fairly safe in orbit. L2 is the opposite of that.

          I’m a Hubble fanboy, so maybe barrels and panels is just my mental standard, and I have no idea about satellite construction past popular references, but the design seemed delicate.

          Hubble was a disaster from the git go, NASA fucked it up 10 ways to hell despite suing a proven spy sat design. But because we had direct access to repair it, they did what good engineers tend to do and worked out the bugs and beefed up Hubble.

          JW will be sand blasted to bits within a few years with no way to work on it. Space really requires either disposable systems that can be quickly replaced or regular service by humans to fix things that fail.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            The hacking of Hubble from the mess it was at launch is why I like it so much. I may be misremembering, but Hubble was put together by some diversity is our strength committee bullshit, so of course it didn’t work. A few engineers, working basically alone, developed the fixes and workarounds, turning a DOA Project into a very long lived utility that’s generated some very beautiful data.

            Stories of reclamation and restoration in the face of willful incompetence are one of my favorites. Of course, better to do things right the first time. As well, fixing a fool’s error deprives said fool of the deserved consequences.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        In a space program ran by committee, you spend 20 years and 20 billion premodeling things to run one perfect mission. Programs where things go boink are ‘wrong’ in the quantified vision of a bureaucrat, and so this ‘wrongness’ is minimized to the greatest extent possible, and this form of bureaucratic natural selection shapes the whole of the social organism.

        Of course, the ‘one perfect mission’ approach is also very fragile, liable to not even get off the ground, will cost beaucoup bucks in any case besides, and in the end won’t give you extensive capability anyways.

        In a space program which is a freehold of an aristocrat, like SpaceX, you would send up 20 different ‘good enough’ missions over that same time period, iterating each time, lending anti-fragility to your enterprise; less vulnerability to catastrophic risk, greater capability, and a fraction of the cost.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          “In a space program which is a freehold of an aristocrat, like SpaceX, you would send up 20 different ‘good enough’ missions over that same time period, iterating each time, lending anti-fragility to your enterprise; less vulnerability to catastrophic risk, greater capability, and a fraction of the cost.”

          Our government is so hostile to us now that I actually hope they don’t figure this out and implement it. The last thing we need is for the current FedGov to be competent.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            > Address delivered to US Naval Postgraduate School (Hyman G. Rickover) (16 March 1954)
            > Some of the ideas I try to get across to the people who work for me are the following:
            > 1. More than ambition, more than ability, it is rules that limit contribution; rules are the lowest common denominator of human behavior. They are a substitute for rational thought.
            > […]
            > 10. Avoid over-coordination. We have all observed months-long delays caused by an effort to bring all activities into complete agreement with a proposed policy or procedure. While the coordinating machinery is slowly grinding away, the original purpose is often lost. The essence of the proposals is being worn down as the persons most concerned impatiently await the decision. The process has been aptly called coordinating to death.
            > 11. A system under which it takes three men to check what one is doing is not control; it is systematic strangulation.

            There once was a time where competent men ran organizations as fiefdoms in the American Empire.

            Of course those times are long since past, since after all, fucking yourself with a few degrees removed is the whole logic of doing leftism, and running the good and the great out of town is just a matter of course.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      One wonders if the “micrometeorite” that struck the mirror was one of those multitude of explosive fastening pins that were ejected during deployment and came back around after a few orbits.

  32. Cloudswrest says:

    The Zblog has an interesting essay today regarding Musk’s Twitter case and Cathedral class consciousness/morality.


    • The Cominator says:

      From the comments

      “Elon Musk is best viewed as the Howard Huges of space. He’s largely untouchable because the Department of Defencse understands that the post-Obama NASA can no longer perform it’s primary function of reliably delivering objects into space. Tesla may be the main source of Elon’s wealth, but he’s wealthy because DoD needs him. Hence all the finger wagging from the SEC against Musk, but no meaningful action.

      My read of the Twitter deal is that the DoD wants to wrestle control of Twitter from the lefties who control it now so it can manage the information landscape as we stumble into WWIII. Musk’s bid was basically a proxy for the DoD. In some ways the Twitter deal is a battle between the DoD and the State Department.”

      I did not write this guest comment (I swear) but this my view exactly.

      • Red says:

        This does make a lot sense.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Lol, I kinda buy that too.

      • Starman says:

        I see that in the Zman comment section, the faggot wordsmith Felix Krull is denying that SpaceX dominates the launch market (currently, 2/3d’s of the entire world’s orbital upmass this year has been launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9). He’s calling SpaceX engineers “innumerate,” LOL.

        He blocked me on Gab when he refused to answer a Redpill on Women Question.

        • Starman says:

          Another bullshit gem from Felix Krull,

          “To those few, marooned souls out in the boonies, there are much cheaper satellite uplinks available that rely on only two geostationary satellites rather than 35,000 LEOs.”

          Unbelievable, he thinks that geostationary satellite internet providers like Viasat are cheaper than Starlink (geostationary satellite internet has data caps and high latency. Can’t do online gaming or superfast stock trades over a geostationary satellite internet. And forget about streaming videos or downloading movies and video games. The sort of stuff that Starlink can do, but Viasat cannot).

          Just more reason to put Felix and the rest of the Laptop Class in mass graves. The Cominator Solution really does look better every time I see people in this useless class open their mouths. Reminds me of that King’s Bench guy from Gab who claimed that Mars’s massive iron core turned inside out to form an absurdly thin layer of iron oxides, and claimed to be an undergrad in nuclear physics but couldn’t describe the most basic nuclear engineering concept.

          Midwits pretending to be smarter than actual smart people.

          • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

            Just more reason to put Felix and the rest of the Laptop Class in mass graves. The Cominator Solution really does look better every time I see people in this useless class open their mouths.


        • jim says:

          a big faction on the left, probably inclucing the court where his twitter case is going to be heard, has decided it is time to cancel, deplatform, and demonetize Musk.

          A likely outcome of the court case is that he is required to pay for twitter, but not get any control over it.

          And when they say that spacex engineers are innumerate, what they actually mean is that they are hired without being sufficiently well educated that they can name 57 genders of the tip of their tongue, which increasingly becoming a minimal requirement to be permitted to do engineering.

          I have for sometime been predicting that Musk is going to have to flee the country, and should have created a new, and wealthy, identity in some country on borders between empires.

          That prediction, like my prediction for Trump, may well be on made on Musk time, but Musk time comes around in due course.

          • Red says:

            The really weird thing about the collapse of normality is how much men are hiding from it. Men who defended themselves from Antifa in Portland just got the book tossed at them by the legal system and it’s barley reported on the right. They don’t want to think about it.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “a big faction on the left, probably inclucing the court where his twitter case is going to be heard, has decided it is time to cancel, deplatform, and demonetize Musk.”

            This will reveal whether he has significant protection from some DOD faction.

            Can the DOD do anything about a civilian court case? Short of secretly sending rough men around to threaten jurors or the judge?

            • jim says:

              > Can the DOD do anything about a civilian court case?

              Normality bias. Proper channels have been dead in the water for some time. But doing something to rescue Musk or Trump would be a significant escalation of the intra governmental conflict.

              If I was in their shoes, I would say “If Musk or Trump, us next. Time for the black helicopters”, but they suffer normality bias also. They are aware that the radicals want to take out space capability because it empowers the tech priesthood, and that worries them, they want space capability, but they do not yet realize that the radicals also intend to take them out.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Can the DOD do anything about a civilian court case”

              Yes they have lots and lots of money and intel assets and they have a black budget. They can’t officially interfere but they can unofficially interfere bribes threats blackmail etc.

              They won’t though, they need to protect Musk but the DoD given the Ukraine war probably rather have one of their own guys (and Musk knows where his bread is buttered) in charge of twitter and they don’t care if he losses a few billion dollars.

              If anything the DoD will make sure he is forced to buy it, they WILL want him to have control over it though.

            • Ghost says:

              They’re very compartmentalized, the DoD. FBI and politicians are the usual interferers in court cases, so I would look there.

              That said, there are parts of DoD and contractors that will do whatever they’re told to do. So, anything is possible including black helicopters at 0’dark 30.

              Musk is providing a valuable service though and as long as he continues this, they wont touch him.

              • The Cominator says:

                He’ll be protected from prosecution (even if he say has committed securities fraud) but not necessarily from paying through the nose. They only care that he can effectively run spacex and starlink.

              • jim says:

                Some powerful people want to touch him because they do not want other powerful people to have that valuable service.

  33. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Com, you have a problem. That problem is no bitches. No bitches is driving you mad, and leading you to despair. I might not be getting laid right now, but I am happier and more optimistic than you. Fucking hookers is doing worse things to your mentality than not fucking at all. I absolutely get to show shade at you for this, because it is pretty clear that your supposed success is nothing of the sort. No bitches is going to destroy you, if you let it.

    • The Cominator says:

      Wulfgar my problem is more the economy being ruined and maybe not recovering right now this would not be the case if they weren’t simeltaneously also trying to save the US dollar (oh AND starting WWIII) and doing all these things at once has made things almost impossible to navigate perhaps by design… I have to HODL but things suck right now. While HODLing not making unnecessary expenditures. If Trump were still in office I’d be in a fantastic mood and happily banging strippers at least once a week sometimes twice.

      And no I frankly do not accept virgins or near virgins without girlfriends or wives criticizing me on this.

      Also you are attacking me at the same time that some midwit with a vendetta against me launched a foolish and unprovoked attack (also contributing to rather boring interpersonal drama)

      • Red says:

        Com I’ve fucked a lot of whores. At first it was wonderful but after keeping it up for a few years it’s become sterile and empty. It’s bad for your soul. I’ll late I’ve become ashamed of it because I know it’s a self destructive behavior and self destructive behavior is wickedness. Not fucking at all isn’t good either, but substituting whores for a actively trying to find a wife is failure mode.

        You should not be telling men to go out and find a fuck stripper to fuck anymore than telling men to use porn. It’s not a healthy behavior.

        Go lift some weights, get into shape and then start working on a girlfriend. That’s what I’ve been working on for months now I’m starting to see real progress with it. If you want a good first step then get on TRT. You’ll find that acting manly and lifting heavy weights is much easier on TRT.

        • Pooch says:

          Exactly this. Being a sperg is not an excuse for not lifting weights. Even Elon looks like he has touched weight before unlike Zuckerberg and some of the other tech dorks.

          At this point it’s simply mandatory. If you aren’t lifting weights at a minimum you aren’t long for reproduction at this point in the civilizational cycle. It’s not hard. Any dumb fuck that can spare 30 bucks per month can do it.

          Lift weights 5-6 days for a year and then come back and complain about no wife no girlfriend.

          • Farmer Todd says:

            Lifting weights is empty and purposeless, a cargo cult imitation of productive activity resulting in fake physique that does not represent anything real and ceases to exist as soon as the fake activity does. The action version of steroids. Go hoe a garden, pound in some fenceposts, replace the clapboard siding on one of your sheds, pull weeds for an afternoon, cut down the three dead trees that are treatening to fall where they shouldn’t, section and split the logs and pile the slash in the brusheap, hack out the weed bushes from your fruit rows with a mattock, scrape and repaint the window sashes on the side of the house getting all the weather, and then spend a day in the hammock. You won’t have the weight-lifter photo bod but you’ll be a lot healthier than any gym rat.

            • Frank Matters says:

              I guarentee you are far less fit than a mediocre let alone committed gym goer. The word gymnasium comes from the greeks, who trained their bodies for war. Slaves, who did all the actions you propose, were not allowed to attend.

              The muscle is not just for show, are you retarded, how do you think the human body moves things? Most regulars I see do full body resistance training and carious forms of cardio. That means they are stronger than you, because those fleshy things attached to the skeleton are bigger than yours, and they can outlast you as their heart, lungs and blood vessels are adapted for a sustained effort.

              Stop justifying your own mediocrity and go do some deadlifts, if you’re lucky you will end up 1/4 as strong as Bob Peoples.

            • Adam says:

              I regularly lift things at work from 25-75 lb. (or more with help). Did it for years before I started powerlifting. After 6 months of powerlifting everything at work became a breeze.

              Nothing fake about lifting, nothing fake about the real world benefits.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I see lifting as a type of practice. If you only practice and never play the game, it is kind of pointless. But never practicing and just doing game after game is a ticket to systematizing bad habits, meaning there won’t be any development or refinement. Practice makes perfect, but that Perfect is only calculable if you actually play the game sometimes. I’ve done hikes with guys who are monsters in the gym but can’t go more than a couple hundred meters without losing their wind.

                A man can sit there with a thousand pucks in a bucket and refine his snap/slap/wrist shots, but if he never actually skates and works with a team, it’s a big pile of skills with no utility at all. So, from the perspective of guys who use strength and agility in their jobs, gym rats can definitely seem like a huge waste of energy and time. As well, farmers, construction workers, and other laborers can appear to be chubby blockheads with no aesthetic refinement. Both groups could probably benefit from fellowship and friendly competition on each other’s turf. This highlights the importance of cultivating and maintaining civic associations with the explicit goal of forming mannerbunds. I feel that this initiative alone could do so much more for the Right crowd than pretty much anything else.

                How do we get bros to hang out, lift weights, get actual work done together, and not get Waco’d or backdoored by Fed shills?

                • Red says:

                  How do we get bros to hang out, lift weights, get actual work done together, and not get Waco’d or backdoored by Fed shills?

                  Currently the answer is you can’t, at least not yet.

                  I’ve done hikes with guys who are monsters in the gym but can’t go more than a couple hundred meters without losing their wind.

                  Being overweight is being overweight. Having too much muscle can make you less effective in general, but better to much than too little. Working out should lead to working out a combat sport as well. The goal is to be strong and dangerous.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I reject the impossibility thesis, but I don’t have a rejoinder, so my rejection is irrelevant. There has to be some formulation of activity and fellowship just waiting to be utilized. I believe this as an article of faith, not because I can back it up with facts at the moment.

                  >The goal is to be strong and dangerous.

                  This, with a vengeance. I bet the solution is staring me in the face and I’m just not seeing it. I know this isn’t the place to organize, for many reasons (most if not all good) that have been spelled out to me. But, being the midwit I am, I will trundle on in my arrogant ignorance, confident that fate or fortune will smile down on me at some point.

                • jim says:

                  I have a feeling that fate will smile down the road a bit. But tough times are coming. The Cathedral is running on the fumes of the civilization that it is destroying. Its capability to do damage is the diminishing, at the same time as it seeks and needs to do ever increasing damage.

                  In internal conflict, the police are becoming ever more of a paper tiger. Shaniqua is now running the NSA, which used to be the most powerful and effective network penetration system in the world.

                  In external conflict, observe how the Russian sanctions and now the Chinese sanctions have backfired. Turns out that printing money and lying about inflation, GDP, and techlevel does not substitute for the creation of real wealth. New York is a toilet where wealth and capital goes to be flushed down the sewers, but clever accountants record the destruction of value as the creation of value. When the Chinese have adequate home grown computers, they can put Taiwan under blockade. The US will respond by putting China under sea blockade, but China is a land power, and can survive sea blockade, and it has the capacity to blockade America from substantial parts of the high seas, which, because the US is an airsea power, will be more hurtful for the US than for China.

                  But things are likely to get a great deal worse before they get better.

                • Red says:

                  If there is a way to gather safely, the people doing it are not talking about it. I hope you can find a way.

                  On that note, my father joined a new church recently and the preacher uses Signal for communicating with his Men’s group. My general guess is Signal is probably compromised but it’s never been proven(Jim would know more than me). People are trying do organize things away from the government they know is watching them.

                • jim says:

                  Signal is open source, and its code appears to be sound, using only cryptography uncontaminated the fingers of the NSA.

                  Because it inherently leaks your phone number, the authorities know that suspicious people are talking to other suspicious people, but I have good reason to believe that they do not know what those suspicious people are discussing.

                  I am working on something with equivalent capability that only leaks your IP, which is harder to connect to your true identity because of NAT, and because it is relatively easy to get an IP under a fake identity, or absolutely no identity whatsoever.

            • Rux says:

              There’s truth and benefit to this. Looking upon the results of ones labor is satisfying and confidence boosting in ways that exceed that of what a mirror can provide. In urban and suburban environments this can be a challenge but one always volunteer in some capacity i.e painting a church or pitching in at the nearest dairy farm. There’s a hardiness to outdoor labor which a gym can’t provide. Hitting up a second floor franchise gym above a CVS in cucksville just kinda sucks.

            • yewotm8 says:

              Post physique.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              Indeed, I badly need to scrape and repaint not just the window sashes but the whole side of the house that gets all the weather, cut down the dead tree, and split the logs from the previous one.

              Moreover, I need to climb up on the barn roof, cut out the rotten plywood where the shingles have blown off, put in new plywood, reflash and reshingle. Plus pull up vines invading the blackberry patch, prune and spray the fruit trees, enlarge the anti-deer fencing, rake back the mulch from around the hemlock trees and drench the roots with imidacloprid to kill the adelgids, and probably a dozen more things I’m not thinking of.

              I’d rather be doing these six days a week rather than one, while spending five of them from 9am until nearly dark in the office, or on a business trip. But if I did, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the payments on the place while having wifey stay home with the kids.

              So spare a thought for those of us who are happy to at least have the chance to lift some weights at the company or hotel gym.

          • jim says:

            Weights are important, and losing weight is important. Fat is a reactionary issue

            But the most important thing is the red pill. You have to truly internalize the natural, proper, divinely ordained relationship between men and women. Pick Up Artistry is the application of red pill knowledge, art, and theory, in a hostile environment of feral empowered women, which is contrary to the natural order. When applying Pick Up Artistry, be mindful that this is war.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’ve lifted some in my day but if you think Musk lifted hes not active now and im not active now.

            • jim says:

              If you are single and without a woman of your own, why are you not lifting now?

              It is because you have despaired. Never despair.

              Lifting is not the most important thing, but it is an important thing, and it is the easiest important thing. The red pill is hard for men who have been raised in the blue pill before the age of seven, and actually applying it in one’s life, like any social skill, requires effort, intelligence, and practice.

              Game is the most important thing, and game is hard. I have been practicing game most of my life, and still fail my wife’s shit tests, or handle them poorly, from time to time.

      • alf says:

        I’ll pile on a little bit. “If only the economy were good I’d be happily banging strippers all day” is on the one hand very funny, on the other hand antithetical to a central theme of this blog. Owning a woman is healthy, fucking a neverending string of whores is very unhealthy.

        It’s not like we can force you to change your lifestyle. But I am reminded of Paul, who remained a bachelor his entire life. Paul did not flaunt his bachelor life, and he did not recommend it. You are flaunting and recommending your vices.

        • The Cominator says:

          Your criticism is well taken and you are qualified to give it and you also lack petty alterior motives.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            He is giving you the same advice I am for the same reasons. Everybody who knows the score is qualified to give it to you. You have been acting like a bitch lately, all, “woe is me, all is lost.” Well, sack up. Something that you are doing or not doing is beating you down.

            This is you acting passive aggressive and whiny.

            This is the council of despair:

            Something is wrong. The fight with KD just brought it to the surface. You are acting like the worst stereotypes of autists with zero social awareness and single-variable monomania. You are talking like you have given up. Cut the shit, reach low, and grab hold.

            • S says:

              He hasn’t given up yet. When you feel you are on the edge you talk about it and try to self justify. Or to put it another way, when you see the abyss the demon wants to take as many others with you as it can.

              When you give up you stop talking; it doesn’t feel like anything matters.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Maybe … But what about guys who are forever talking about the issue but never actually taking corrective steps?

                • S says:

                  Isn’t that just lack of motivation from low T- talk about things and mean to do them but then don’t follow through?

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  It could be. I’m currently struggling myself. There are so many blackpills around, my wife and I keep trying to have another child, my wagecuck status is killing my spirit, and all my efforts of late to write, to organize, to workout, to develop myself as a father, leader, and friend are just crashing and burning.

                  Dark times breed dark thoughts. I need to recalibrate and reconfigure then get back on the path towards Becoming Worthy. I think Com and I, though very different people, are struggling with the same thing: Isolation. It is not enough to know there are others out there that see with the same eyes. Maybe for the ultra-brain types, but not me. I need that presence in my life. I need to be around good men with their good wives and obedient children. That absence is absolutely destroying me at the moment.

                  Ah well, enough bitching. So long as we breathe, we fight.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  To the brainstem, the phenomenological experience of analyzing something, vocalizing about something, and taking actions wrt something, all feel like the same sort of something.

                  Thinking about a problem feels like solving a problem; and once you’ve got all those good feels, you don’t have to bother with any of that doing stuff either. Win-win.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Kunning: “I’m currently struggling myself. There are so many blackpills around, my wife and I keep trying to have another child, my wagecuck status is killing my spirit, and all my efforts of late to write, to organize, to workout, to develop myself as a father, leader, and friend are just crashing and burning.”

                  Hang in there. I don’t have magic words that will automatically make everything awesome, but you’re heard.

                  Some random non-magic thoughts:

                  On writing: First get it down, then get it right. That is, first get the basic idea down in one big rush, then revise. This works for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Also, professional writers have a saying, BIC: Butt In Chair.

                  Workout: Remember to allow rest between workouts. Also, you have hockey memories to look back on, you lucky bastard. I’m only just starting.

                • Ghost says:


                  At this point, with so much mistrust in government, you should be able, in time, to make converts.

                  Start with having one of your neighbors over for a backyard BBQ. Have a few cold beers while the steaks are cooking to loosen up. Bring the conversation around to how things used to be in America. Then ask a few open ended questions to see what rubs them the wrong way about the present.

                  After an understanding, sell them on how we can have it once again if we only bring back family, community, faith.

                  If you fail, don’t give up. Learn and try again. You will soon have a reputation in your neighborhood as an organizer. They will come around seeking your leadership.

                  Build your circle of families.

        • jim says:

          It is unlikely that Paul was single and childless all his life. As a former pharisee, he would almost certainly have had a wife. We have reason to believe he was single at the time of the Acts of the Apostles, though one early Christian source reports otherwise.

          Digressing, he, a Jew and Pharisee, is a wonderful source of anti semitism. Among other things, he tells Christians to keep an eye on hail-fellow-Christians “of the circumcision”, for entryism. Advice that is very applicable to the present day. Judeo-Christianity is a post Christian heresy.

  34. Kunning Druegger says:

    Men without women under their command and/or no children have 0 place in leadership and decision making. They can be specialist advisors, human calculators, and other fun & weird things, but they cannot lead and they cannot decide, because they are functionally “gay men” without the perverted baggage, meaning they will not make pro-social decisions and will always lead down the path of dysgenics, even if they do it somewhat more slowly than their sodomite analogs.

    Prove me wrong. Prove to me that men who must pay for female attention and cannot maintain a position in a male in-group collective (mannerbund, friend group, Team, etc.) can adequately lead in society, organizations, or anything outside of multiplayer vidya*. I say you can’t do it; they are just going to have a few key issues that they care about that have arisen from their own personal lives, and everything else will be secondary according to them… exactly like politically empowered homosexuals or women. They will rabidly pursue these personal issues to the exclusion of all else, which is a recipe for “spiral rewarding” because subordinates will be rewarded for highly specialized modifications that help achieve “the goal” regardless of side effects, precedent decay, mission creep, bureaucracy expansion, etc.

    This is a large statement because if I’m correct, spergs just landed on the Do Not Politically Empower List, right next to Jews, Women, and Sodomites. I guess I’ll state that there may be rehab options, and pussy intervention** might be one of them. But I am pessimistic that one could be “de-sperged” after their early twenties. Honestly, probably better to corral them in silos where they are free to navigate their black & white projection over reality and benefit society through the filter of more seasoned and reasonable men.

    This shouldn’t be too surprising, and to be honest I’m surprised it hasn’t been stated explicitly. Not only is there overwhelming evidence to support it, but we already know that childless, womenless priests and bishops are hellagay. It is not isolated to that. It is a universal constant: A man with no submitted mate + offspring is not Man.

    *and they can only do this after many years of repeated play, learning from actual men how it’s done, so they build up a “mimicry catalog” and camouflage themselves as “male leaders.”

    **pussy intervention is when a bad bitch cat’s paws a man into becoming something more than he would be of his own devices. Pussy intervention can make some bureaucrat perform at King level, but it can also take a Cornpop Bad Dude and turn him into a giganigga. Pussy intervention is dangerous because you’re using a dynamic and unstable female as a catalyst for taking an inert male and making him reactive. If the female figures this out, she will begin crotch-hopping her way towards the Ultimate Alpha, and I don’t need to explain why this is a very dangerous thing, right?

    • The Cominator says:

      I was right about Covid you’re just being an asshole for some reason, you’re convinced you’re right about mortgages but you haven’t thought it through. I do not pretend to have deep insight into normie psychology.

      Spergs very very very rarely get into real power so you’re proposing solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist.

      • Kunning Druegger says:


        I didn’t intend to attack your character. I disagree with you on things, but I’ve also come around to your positions. I do think you need to do something to break out of your rut, but so do I. I’m sorry bro, I genuinely respect your analysis, though I am less than impressed with your supporting arguments. So fucking what. You don’t need my approval.

        Look man, you gotta drop the Covid thing with me, if only because I don’t begrudge you for being right in the slightest, and quite honestly never did. When you niggers shill tested me, I explained, in dangerous detail, why I left for a time, and it was not embarrassment over being wrong on Covid. I’m not saying you shouldn’t bring it up, but I am saying it is irrelevant to our protracted disagreement about the Leftist Question.

        You don’t gotta forgive me, and we can bury some hatchets in leftists some day, but I think you and I both need to man up and make some changes. Maybe we should go to church? Do you already do that? I do not, and I always make excuses for not going. But if you are willing, we could both make a commitment to going and challenge each other to stick with it. Or not.

        Whatever the case, I’m not your enemy and I’m sorry I attacked you. be easy, bro.

        • jim says:

          > You don’t gotta forgive me, and we can bury some hatchets in leftists some day, but I think you and I both need to man up and make some changes

          The Cominator should forgive you, but you need to repent of your destructive criticism. I and others have repeatedly made the same criticism of The Cominator, but our criticism was constructive and intended to help him, and he took it in that spirit. He did not take your criticism in that spirit, because it was not made in that spirit.

    • Red says:

      >This is a large statement because if I’m correct, spergs just landed on the Do Not Politically Empower List, right next to Jews, Women, and Sodomites.

      You just tossed Elon Musk into the do not empower list. You’re a moron.

      The problem with spergs is they need a patriarchy to help them get mate in return for their useful contributions to civilization. Or at least need to stop internalize low status that being heaped on smart people everywhere.

      • The Cominator says:

        He also has made two posts about “bad bitches” as if that will mean something outside of clownworld… after admitting he was generally blackpilled on women as well (which does not speak to him having a stable girl he is enthusiastic about). I shared my insight about strippers because if you are a sperg who can’t get women normally (and I’m sorry there are a lot of us in far right spaces, some of us are not honest about it)… knowing that howto does have some value. At least it will keep you from overvaluing pussy. The downside is that maybe you just never want to go back…

        There are not going to be many “bad bitches” in reactionary society anyway and an 18 year old guy (who will not be getting a ninja loan because he knocked her up) is not likely going to be spending time alone with her as she will have an arranged marriage generally to men in their mid twenties. Women are going to be a lot more subservient akin to asian women… true sluts and your crazy but spunky chicks with borderline personality disorder will perhaps have their place… but your Karens will just have their bitchy attitude beaten out of them mercilessly.

      • Javier says:

        Elon has like 17 kids though. Clearly he knows how to slay hoes.

        • The Cominator says:

          If I wasn’t worried about child support (which with 200 billion worth I wouldn’t be) I could have left my dna in a LOT of strippers.

          Also while women may not be pure gold diggers being a celebrity with 200 billion makes anyone able to slay hoes.

        • notglowing says:

          Having lots of kids is good. But he has not been able to keep his women, or control them, or all of his kids (one of them turned trans recently I think?).
          It is what it is. Better than having zero kids and no women at all but it’s also not enough to build a family on if he cannot keep any women and educate his children.

          • Red says:

            Indeed. Though it’s officially illegal to own women and children and merely unfashionable to have lots of kids. Elon’s doing better than most high profile people in the US.

            He also doesn’t have Trump’s issue of listing to women like his Daughter. Trump should have installed his sons to run the white house, not his daughter and kike boy.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Someone already pointed out how stupid your observation was. Would you like to attack my position from a different point, or would you prefer to bring up how Com was right on Covid and bask in that reflected light of being correct by blind luck once, seeing as that’s what passes for a rebuttal these days.

        • Red says:

          >Someone already pointed out how stupid your observation was.

          Hey bumble fuck, you’re the one demanding that spergs like Elon automatically low status. Hell one of the reason’s that Elon’s done so well is came from a place where he knew that being smart was high status. Smart people should internalize they’re high status not low, lots of women problems go away when you do that.

          You’re also busy re-enforcin