Art of War in 2022

War matters, so promoting this conversation to a post.

Mister Grumpus asks:

> The narrative is shifting to the Russians managing to muddle through anyway, and the blue-and-yellow Ukraine flags have all but vanished from Twitter.

Ukraine has been attempting World War I tactics, which worked great for a little while, but they are starting to run out of troops willing to fight. Currently it is World War I, which is a horrifyingly costly and destructive way of waging war, and the cost is biting both sides hard, but seems to be costing the Ukrainians worse.

The problem with World War I tactics is that they rely on the fact that frightened troops do not flee artillery bombardment, they dig in. Which prevents attempts to advance no matter how much artillery the enemy applies. But when you try to move those terrified troops from the location where they were being bombarded, to a new location, they are apt to dig in their heels once they have been removed from the old location on the front, where the enemy has become become tired of attacking, and are ordered to go to a new location on the front, where the enemy is, despite the great cost of World War I tactics, advancing. So the Russians are having success by endlessly, unpredictably, and unexpectedly, switching from one segment of the front to another. The Ukrainians are trying to reuse troops, which neither side was very successful in doing during World War I. World War I tactics use up, consume, and exhaust your army.

We are now seeing very large numbers of mutinies by Ukrainian grunts. We are also seeing a deep reluctance of officers to go to the front.

> Has Has the steady grind of Russian artillery fire and Ukrainian logistical disappointment undermined their Info Epoch Warfare? Pulled the plug on it somehow?

> What I no longer see is video of tanks driving around. That must still be way too dangerous with all those man-portable missiles out there.

> Maybe Info Epoch Warfare is still the winning ticket, unless your opponent (Russia) is happy to just shoot many thousand artillery shells and advance X yards per day, and can safely resupply themselves via a fully protected highway.

The Russian computer network penetration effort has failed. Their state level hackers just don’t seem very good at it. Compare and contrast the immensely successful network penetration by American Military intelligence.

Last time the I knew anything about what state level actors were doing, the US had massive penetration of everyone’s computer network, and the Chinese were starting, barely starting, to have some success in excluding them. The Chinese were not even trying to penetrate other people’s networks, though maybe they are now. I see no sign of it. They demand companies insert of obvious spyware in their networks, which is quite useless because if you know where the spyware is, you feed it bullshit and bypass it for what really matters, and they send spearfish emails, which get the same treatment if you try to spearfish someone with half a brain. Russian state networks were, and recently still were, wide open. If you cannot defend your computer networks, you probably cannot attack other people’s networks, because you cannot identify vulnerabilities. Russian response to identified vulnerabilities has been foolish and self destructive, covering them up rather than addressing them. One should pay the hacker if he shows you how he did it and helps you to do it to other people, and prevent other people from doing it to oneself, attempt to find him and harm him if he does not.

Russia has been vigorously attempting human penetration of Ukraine human networks, with surprisingly disappointing success. I am now coming to the conclusion that to do human penetration, you need a shared faith.

Stalin had a live state religion, so had immense success in penetrating human networks. Russia is making an effort to revive its state religion, but in the Ukraine, nonetheless has had poor success. Failed to properly utilize Old type Christians, who are being vigorously and murderously persecuted in the Ukraine. The Jesuits had and have immense success in penetrating human networks, though their inner religion now appears to be serpent Christ. The Alawites also had immense success, with an outer religion of Mohammedanism, a middle religion that has syncretic layers of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and at its center, the inner religion, the innermost religion, a mysterious faith whose nature is alleged to be pagan, but who knows? Only them and God. The Alawites have been doing this for a very very long time, since at least anno Domini 1100, and the touch of Zoroastrianism hints that they may be descended from a faith immensely older. They have good human penetration and immensely good human security.

Looking at efforts at human penetration, look faith based. And because human penetration requires lying, demonic faiths have an advantage in penetration, though they have a disadvantage in preventing penetration. I don’t see any obvious demonic symptoms with the Alawites, but given their very good human security, I would not. Maybe their inner religion has good distinction between lies that can be told and lived without moral compromise, and lies that cannot. Or maybe it does not. Hard to know.

During two millennia of attempted, and sometimes successful, hostile entryism against Christian state religions, entryist groups concocted ever more elaborate systems of ideas and rationalizations so that they could say the right things, in a sense truthfully, but with the deliberately wrong meanings. Which seems odd. Why not just plain lie? Why do creeds and shill tests work? Why have they gone on working for millenia?

Just lying works for the individual, but for the group, not so much, because your agents are apt to become double and triple agents. The best liar believes what he says, so you need a lie that is fundamentally incompatible with the enemy faith, but whose fundamental incompatibility is subtle.

Information Epoch warfare worked great for Trump. It has not been working for Russians, but they are trying. Maybe they will get better. War is a stern teacher.

> Maybe the Bayraktar drones really can find and disable artillery pieces all day long, but Uncle Sam refuses to buy more because Turkish Man Bad. Heck if I know.

Drones are costing the Russians a lot, costing both sides but mostly it is not autonomous drones, but simply dumb drones in line of sight of their controllers, and for moderate range often directly above their controller at altitude (the Ukrainians claim to have a very substantial advantage in distance drone vision) looking down on artillery battles from above. The huge advantage of autonomous drones is that they extend the battlefield all the way, which advantage no one except Turkey has utilized. In the Information Epoch, the battlefield will soon be everywhere. In the Armenian war, the Azerbaijanis gained a huge advantage by extending the battle field all the way throughout the entire disputed territory. Well, time to dispute the enemy capital. Which the Russians have been trying to do, without a lot of success.

Both sides have autonomous long range drones, though I heard some whining from the Ukrainians that they are mighty hard to use autonomously. Autonomous drones had immense impact in the recent Armenian war. Maybe in this war both sides are finding them hard to use. Needs better UI, and better mission controllers.

In the Information Epoch, the military needs high IQ warriors. Maybe neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians have them.


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  1. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s a Slavic language TGram channel that is purportedly by Russian soldiers for RF supporters. I don’t speak or read the language, so I can’t confirm it.

    What I can speak is “man language,” and the pictures and footage show the dangerous renewal brought to a generation by just war. Idealizing combat is a game for the young and ignorant. War sucks on many levels. But hardship brings out the based man in all of us, if we survive and ignite the inner killing fire. This is why the wars of the 20th century were such an affront to the warrior class. For every Easy Company or Großdeutschland Division, you have scores of companies and regiments and divisions obliterated in mind and body by artillery. We all know but seem to ignore the fact that artillery was the largest cause of death in both world wars. hard to find honor on a battlefield of raining death, yet some men always seem to do it. The Z bois that make it through this war, and the next one, and the next one… they will have the iron blood required to pick up where the Occident decided to quit, GNON willing.

  2. Red says:

    Apparently the UK is now training Ukrainian troops in England with a 120 training plan. Guess they had to do something to stop the Jew in Chief from sending every last goy to their deaths with 3 days of training. Cannon fodder is not working in this war.

  3. Kunning Druegger says:

    By way of Isegoria:

    Eric Prince interviewed by Shawn Ryan. Still working my way through it, but something jumped out at me: Prince has 12 kids. Musk has 8. Using only these 2 data points (super strong argument, lol), I posit that we could build a map of the Dissident Elite by seeing who in the wealth/status/influence category has more than 4 children. regardless of their politics, religiosity, or proclivity, these people are the ones who have the most at stake and would be most likely motivated to Grasp The Nettle and Accept Power.


    • Oog en Hand says:

      Finally some sanity from you. Musk used IVF, which many Christians consider to be (,ethically) dodgy.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Shut up, faggot

      • The Cominator says:

        No he didn’t. If you have 200 billion dollars finding willing baby mama’s isn’t hard. Yes status > money but at that much wealth easy to buy status.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Elon Musk’s Twitter shitposting is national news. He has status coming out his ears, which is why he has pussy falling all over him.

          • Pooch says:

            I think Musk really wants to be a Napoleonic figure. He sees this opportunity for a populist movement similar to Caesar and Napoleon and he’s narcissist enough that he wants to be the one to do it. He doesn’t want to sponser someone to do it, he wants to be in the center.

            It would be kind of hilarious if our triumvirate ends up being a billionaire class of Musk, Bezos, and Thiel. I actually think Musk is less competent than he believes he is. He may have some dunning-kruger going on. Thiel and Bezos are probably both smarter than Musk and they rightly get others to be the front men for their projects whereas Elon is obsessed with his brand and his name and face in the media.

            • jim says:

              Dunning–Kruger effect. You think Thiel and Bezos are smarter because IQ gap between you and them is less than the IQ gap between you and Musk.

              If Bezos is even half as smart as Musk, how come Bezos rocket engines fail, and Musk rocket engines work?

              Musk is a priest engineer. Lacks military expertise. Peter Thiel funded research in artificial intelligence, life extension, and seasteading, indicating he is not very smart, probably not only less smart than Musk, but less smart than Bezos.

              Well, I am right now researching AI in the construction of an algorithm for my name system, to find the path to the network address of a computer identified by a public key, from peers whose network addresses are already known, hopping from identity to identity as the Bittorrent DHT hops, but without its vulnerability to shills and sybils, because the public key represent stable and known peers, and likely not entryist or shill peers, while the bittorent DHT network has no stable identities, because of its pathfinding algorithm.

              But the difference between myself and Peter Thiel is that I know, and Peter Thiel does not know, that most AI researchers are ignorant idiots who do not understand that what they are trying to do cannot be done by known methods, and their research is worthless. Substantial life extension requires deeper knowledge of biology and more fundamental basic research than we yet possess, and seasteading was just silly for the reasons pointed out by Moldbug long ago.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                IEW makes seasteading possible.

                • jim says:

                  On the contrary, there will very soon be no end of nations each of which will have the power to deny freedom of the seas to anyone.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Well, my idea wasn’t a traditional sea stead, that being a clumsy floating shit box dependent upon green energy and a hard line to grid power. I envisioned a network of networked deep sea platforms that float separately and come together as needed, particularly for launch and recovery of starships.

                  Imagine 4 of these monsters:

                  that can connect together with deep sea drilling style platforms between to be used as launch/landing pad. Given the size, putting advanced radar and hypersonic missile silos is trivial. It makes the carriers and destroyer fleets relevant again.

                  As it stands, the entire utility of the Chinese missile screen is the assumption that the US will come to them and attack them in their front or backyard. Purely defensive. Imagine the “string of pearls” being mobile…

                • jim says:

                  Indeed, the way to seasteading is as a lot of ships that can lock together into a big platform, or divide and go their separate ways and re-arrange. But the trouble is that each ship can be rather easily destroyed.

      • Starman says:

        @Oog en Hand

        “Finally some sanity from you. Musk used IVF, which many Christians consider to be (,ethically) dodgy.”

        McJesus is fake and gay.
        And Prophet Elon (who has 10 children) has more legitimate patriarchal authority (in a society where fatherly authority is illegal), than any limpwristed faggot McPastor who wears women’s pants.

  4. Oog en Hand says:

    ” So “Private violence” in this regard is Officially sanctioned by God the King of Israel at that time.

    But I think as Christians in the New Covenant. Private avenging violence outside of the Authority of the Local Magistrate is forbidden:”
    (By commenter “I”)

    Basically admitting vthat NT morality and OT morality are incompatible, at least in non-sexual matters.

    Old Testament: Saga Iceland
    New Testament:non-Saga Sweden

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Looks like the shills are dropping their payload.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Most Americans are citcumcized. So why bother with the New Testament?

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          If you are any type of man, you should refrain from posting until you’ve addressed Aidan’s challenge.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            BECAUSE I am a man, I do not address idiotic challenges. I don’t even pretend to be Christian, so entry tests do not apply.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Fucking lol. At this point, you are an enemy shill. The entryist test is not restricted to Christians. Why are you pagan larpers always such reckless faggots?

            • jim says:

              The Christian shill test does not apply, but the other shill tests do.

              Say something you cannot say while typing on a computer maintained by the FBI or a NGO IT department, and cannot be said when human resources might look over your shoulder.

              • Starman says:

                @Oog en Hand

                Hey buddy, here’s a simple and easy to answer multiple choice Redpill on Women Question for you:

                Complete the following the sentence: Women misbehave because –
                [A] Capitalism makes them misbehave, by economically incentivizing reckless high time-reference behavior over long-term planning. The capitalist class benefits from one night stands and sterility, as it benefits from third world immigration of spendthrift cheap labor to replace frugal Whites. If it weren’t for capitali$m, women would totally be completely sinless angels.
                [B] The (((Jews))) make these totally innocent angels misbehave, since the Jews own the media and the entire entertainment industry from Hollywood down to the tiniest pornography studio, and use them to direct propaganda at women, telling them to fuck Blacks and lowlifes. There’s no way that pure White women desire to be on OnlyFans to whore for money. The Jews forced these angels on that website.
                [C] Sorry, but this is a misleading question. Women don’t misbehave at all. All misbehavior is done by men, who are vile pigs.
                [D] Lecherous men make them misbehave, since men are ultimately responsible for all female behavior (including misbehavior), and unlike women, men have self-control and moral agency. Thus it logically follows that any female misbehavior would merely reflect bad decisions taken by irresponsible and lustful men. It is men’s fault entirely, so men must be forced to pay for every bad decision done by any random women.
                [E] They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival.

    • jim says:

      You are now on moderation, pending passing a shill test. Say something that may not be said.

      If the magistrate claims a monopoly of violence, including small scale violence against individual evildoers, and pursues evildoers with tolerable effectiveness, Christians are obligated to obey the laws of the state, among them the law granting the magistrate a monopoly.

      If the magistrate claims a monopoly of violence, but enforces anarcho tyranny, Christians may quietly evade. There is long established principle that Christians may quietly evade evil laws, and monopoly of violence, monopolized by people selectively inactive, is an evil law.

      Wicked laws may be quietly disobeyed – in some cases, must be disobeyed. Paul, who told us to obey the magistrate, was executed for refusing to obey a wicked law.

      Throughout history, most states have claimed and vigorously enforced a monopoly on large scale organized legitimate violence, but have been relaxed about small scale legitimate violence against individual evildoers. Globohomo is anomaly. Enforcing the monopoly of legitimate violence even against legitimate violence that does not potentially threaten the supremacy of the state is excessive and unwise. Monopolies are always inefficient, and this monopoly adversely affects the male status hierarchy in female eyes, rendering female sexual choice even more dysgenic than it already is.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Posters like i are the set up – “I am more christian than you; this is what christianity is” – and posters like oog are the dunk – “look at what christianity is as accorded by this person who is more christian than you; isn’t it just terrible?”.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I was wondering about i. He clothes himself in the Word of God to a great degree. As a fallen man working my way back to communion, I feel completely inadequate to the task of challenging it. But the puritanical stance on killing + divine light quakerism is quite suspicious.

        • jim says:

          When two posters who smell funny coordinate, one suspects that they are both seated at the same open plan desk in the same ngo office.

          But, before drawing conclusions, let us see if they attempt their respective shill tests. Not holding my breath.

        • Neofugue says:

          Both posters “i” and “oog” are not new.

          Poster “i” is most likely “info,” who was called out some time ago for reading marriageable age into scripture among other things. Oog used to link his creepy omega male blog, and is an ex-Catholic. Much of his blog was written in Polish.

          This is the result of my error in not cross-checking the meaning of the NIV translation with the meaning of the KJV, as both posters saw an opportunity to attack. Whether or not this was coordinated organically depends on their answers to the shill tests.

          • The Cominator says:

            If a passage seems particularly problematic it’s also good to check the Young Literal Translation.

  5. Kunning Druegger says:

    Submitted for consideration without comment past this: may the Lord God bless and keep His people, giving them courage and strength to do His will and obey His commands.

    • alf says:

      You have this meme of “no country with gay pride parades has ever won a war.”

      Andrew Anglin, reader of Jim’s blog: confirmed.

    • jim says:

      Cool link.

      Russians took out “a plastic woman sent there to promote anal sex” – which is funny but not accurate. More accurately she was sent there to make war in Ukraine cool, attractive, and consistent with the blue pill.

      This suggests that Russia is starting to get the hang of Information Epoch warfare. They have also nailed some important globohomo journalists.

      That is how you do it. More important than taking out mobile artillery. Note that she was located in Kharkiv, which has been comfortably far from the front lines since the Russians abandoned the dangerously exposed fruits of the blitzkrieg effort, but close enough to the front to make a cool story line.

      Information Epoch warfare is memetic warfare in which entryists can not only call in deplatforming, cancellation, and demonetization, but also drone strikes.

      She was there not to engage in actual combat, but rather combat multimedia imaging. Which imaging was suddenly interrupted by actual high explosives.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Bringing together Shitlords and Operators would be monumental,; weaponizing memes, or memeonizing weaponry. This is already done, albeit poorly and blindly, by the OSINT departments of the IC.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        To all the Russian MoD people reading (dare to dream):

        Information Epoch Warfare (IEW) is how you can protect Russia without physically controlling all 12 (or however many it is) of the tank compatible invasion highways into Russia.

        IEW is how you can protect Russia without needing to recapture the entire USSR of buffer states around you.

      • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

        She was there not to engage in actual combat, but rather combat multimedia imaging. Which imaging was suddenly interrupted by actual high explosives.

        A washed up, has-been, whore idiot bitch wound up in Ukraine; and now she, and the Globohomo goon assigned to “protect” her, will be making their way back home in body bags. PRAISE GNON.

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:


  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    At age 15, 1873, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria writes to his tutor: “the many poor rightly see their enemy in the few who consume their substance”. At age 24, he writes to a friend: “a tremendous change has to come, a social restructuring…”

    Now just why would such a one as he, no less the future sovereign of an empire, write such a thing? Perhaps the better questions is: what else could he have possible written? For such was the milieu, that had insinuated itself into the discourse of the age.

    When men capable of greatness look for something Great to do, it is the visions of greatness that society provides them – that the preaching men of society provides them – that they first of all see, and resolve upon as their lodestars.

    This is one key factor in understanding in general the persistence of leftisms in deconstructing societies, hosts and neighbors that fall under the influence of the hosts in turn alike, once the memetic highground of outlets for delivering the Word have been occupied.

    It is also a key factor for understanding in particular, how one may happen to find certain kinds of otherwise prominent men serving leftism, serving to to usher in futures of abject degeneracy and collapse, in men they themselves would never have tolerated at the time – by instinct if not principle. Let us consider the 32nd president of the United States of America as an illustrative example.

    Perhaps the first thing to understand about Franklin Roosevelt, is that from a young age, he idolized his elder cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. He understood him as doing Great things, and resolved to himself, ‘I shall achieve greatness as well’.

    But what is that greatness? Therein lies the rub.

    There was no road map, no clearly delineated pathways, no publicly vaunted ideals of aretic civitas, long since discarded as ‘ignorant relics’ of ‘unselfaware’ times – such is the irony – which no fashionable man would bring up for fear of embarrassment. (Perhaps the ultimate source of embarrassment, would be that secret fear in each man who would laugh, scarecly consciously acknowledged, that if such visions were de rigueur in discourse, they would not be able to measure up in them.)

    Visions of greatness in a society in the process of being hollowed out by modernity; which is to say whigism; which is to say gnosticism; are empty ciphers – no positive visions as such, but merely relational contingencies, vis-a-vis one’s stature relative to other ones. FDR resolved for himself to ‘make America great’; and of course, the easiest way he saw to accomplish this, was to make the whole rest of the world less great.

    All of his ostensible politics from moment to moment can be understood under this lens. The teleological content of promoted platforms and positions being more or less irrelevant, but for their utility in winning elections, in gaining validation, in elevating social status. Uncritical instinctive positions on anything from segregation to female emancipation, are quickly thrown to the wayside in response to the far more powerful instinct for social validation; forming a symbiotic feedback loop with more pious agents of the gnostic faith.

    But of course, all subversion comes home to roost. Temporary supremacy brought about by laying low rivals with cancers that infect themselves just as readily. He who conquers the city by pulling down its walls, finding himself in turn even more vulnerable to the next army after.

    People have ideas. Organizations do not have ideas, they have people; and so in large part, changing the ‘mind’ of an organization means changing it’s people. A people formed into an organization generates an inertia. Their inertias are what they are. The major point of laying out visions here, then, is not necessarily to convince – if you have commanding heights, then it is largely trivial, and if you don’t, then it is largely intractable – but so as to have such solutions ‘ready at hand’, in the inevitable case – if you are righteous – that the institution smacks its face into realities so predicted, and the men picking up the pieces now have an excuse to go, ‘but of course friends, this is the solution’, taking it from off the shelf.

    And that’s how the Holy Roman Empire was founded.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      It is widely understood that temporary measures, piecemeal actions or constrained campaigns, are merely speedbumps, or maybe buoy-bound harpoons, to Cthulu’s inexorable drift. Fine. Is there a scientific utility, a building of an experiment for sciences now nascent to be discovered and erected and deployed by future men, to the capture, deconstruction, and reconstruction of a bureaucratic entity?

      >Organizations do not have ideas, they have people; and so in large part, changing the ‘mind’ of an organization means changing it’s people.

      If so, is there any worth to the direct action of taking hold of some minor bureaucracy, say at the lowest level of governance with a minimum threshold of populational impact, vacating every single position, then reconstituting it with a curated selection of people with an eye toward “Their inertias?” The goal is not to arrest the decline, fix the problem, or anything holistic or grandiose. It is merely to see what a Full Renewal of a bureaucratic entity would do.

      I can see how this is something many would feel quite comfortable believing it is unnecessary or irrelevant. Conquest’s Laws being what they are, as well the Iron Laws of Oligarchy and Bureaucracy, guarantee the long term outcome. But I posit that, while our macro-theories are sound and concrete enough to do Social Engineering Math, we are actually very much in the dark about the nuts and bolts of Institutional Renewal in our age. Can an example be pointed to of a full Slate Wipe of a modern institution? I submit that skinsuit conversions and top down political guard changes are not sufficient for categorical statements.

      Targeting is complex. A school system is too large, though the workload downtime of Summer Break provides a useful window of time for the fire/hire process, so maybe a single education institution? A small department at the county level?

      The tendency in American politics would be to take the cloak & dagger path. I think skullduggery would be a mistake. Better to keep the entire exercise in the open. No secrets means nothing to hide. This doesn’t mean there won’t be accusations of invisible conspiracy, but that is a given no matter the truth of the matter.

      Does this idea violate passivism, is it an exercise in futility, is it guaranteed to be impossible; these are hurdles in the form of questions. If No suffices for all three, then I say why not? It is not a hideously complicated process like Reforming DoD, or Fixing the Department of State. It is in line with many Official Conservative Aspirations, meaning there is institutional support available. It could even be pointed at an institution that is already friendly to “the cause,” whichever cause that might be, such that those being “fired” are in on the experiment, aware of what’s happening, and made a part of the process.

      “The major point of laying out visions here, then, is not necessarily to convince – if you have commanding heights, then it is largely trivial, and if you don’t, then it is largely intractable – but so as to have such solutions ‘ready at hand’, in the inevitable case – if you are righteous – that the institution smacks its face into realities so predicted, and the men picking up the pieces now have an excuse to go, ‘but of course friends, this is the solution’, taking it from off the shelf.”

      So, would a dry run be a useful, worthwhile exercise?

      • S says:

        That is the story behind Stand and Deliver. It works, you get noticed and then the rest of the demons conspire to destroy you and tear down everything you built.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Most higher order activities of civilization are group activities; and the most important skill for success at group activities is skill in working as a group.

        A cadre of like-minded men with a long history of doing things together, can become more effective in practically any activity than a cadre of strangers thrown together with nominal activity-specific ‘accreditation’.

        Men setting down roots with each other – growing into an organization – is a primal source of power; and course, is also the very thing the atomism of modernity most affects. In general, and especially when targeted by ordinators of chaos, always watching out for any chaotic upswells of order.

        Figure out growing roots – your whos, your wheres, your whens, your hows – and the conquest is practically a fait accompli, the State already exist, and merely needs to move in and announce itself.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          If you have any time for fiction, I recommend this absolutely stunning contribution by one of our cousins over in the Dissident Right. I hear he is quite funny and talented, but I don’t use social media, and I really don’t have time for fiction anymore. But I took a chance, and it was so worth it:

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            I know ’em. ‘The Gig Economy’ in particular was one i enjoyed when it made the rounds a few years ago.

  7. A2 says:

    Boris just resigned, missed by few or no-one. Though Brexit was a good start, a somewhat disappointing PM-ship when all is said and done,

    I see that of the eight foremost candidates to replace him, according to the bookies, only two are actual white men. The prime contenders at the moment are a subcon named Sunak and a Jew named Raab.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >her dad

      Not ‘my husband’?

      Looks like there’s an absent male influence in her life – the woman, that is – possibly physically, but probably behaviorally, and she’s instinctually acting to provoke it into coming back, without even really understanding what she’s doing.

      • Red says:

        I haven’t heard of a single case of a child being groomed in an intact family. Though I think this might be due to fear by the teachers. Sodomites still remember Gary Plauche righteous slaying of the man who raped his boy.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I have yet to meet a sodomite that doesn’t have a history of childhood sexual abuse. I used to believe they were out there, being successful with their good job and stable, long term relationship. Fucking lol, the things you just accept as a progressive.

          • jim says:

            This supports the theory that sodomy is an infectious disease, that takes up residence in the host’s brain, and modifies host behavior to facilitate its own spread at the expense of the host.

  8. Kunning Druegger says:

    This video is from 2005:

    I sincerely apologize for linking a TEDTalk, but if you want to figure out what the Cathedral/Polygon/Brain is planning, TED is where the ideas appear after the Inner Sanctum has approved them. There’s an overwhelming amount of woo-woo and just unbelievably stupid shit, but there’s also the key players and roadmap for all the big GAE social mega-projects going on, from RNA vaccination to population control to trans- worship. It was all there for everyone to see, it’s right there in the name: Technology Entertainment Design Ideas Worth Spreading.

    This particular one is interesting. It’s from 2005 by a guy named Thomas Barnett[1] who is shilling for an idea. Here’s the blurb provided by TED: “In this bracingly honest talk, international security strategist Thomas Barnett outlines a post-Cold War solution for the foundering U.S. military that is both sensible and breathtaking in its simplicity: Break it in two.”

    Barnett advocated for a reformulation of the USM. He asserted that there should be a war making component (the Leviathan) and a peacekeeping component (the System Administrators). He used Iraq II as his case study. The talk is pretty cringe, and it’s 23 minutes long, so i understand if there’s no stomach for watching. But if you can power through, I think there’s a kernel of value presented, if only for a discussion on why his idea is impossible. The talk is interesting for its content as well as its delivery. it is a window on the world of the elites back then.

    Bonus material: 15:47, you’ll find some interesting thoughtcrime.


    • jim says:

      Watched a few seconds of it. You don’t need to listen to the whole thing if you can hear what is not spoken.

      He says America is an empire and should cut the bullshit and rule as an empire. But he cannot say that, so cannot say what he says.

      Similarly, Soros says that America is a party state, and should cut the bullshit and arrest the outer party.

    • S says:

      Saw it when it came out. Dumb because obvious solution to beating counter-insurgencies is to copy solutions that have worked. Empires use military units then recruit locals to maintain order- see Russia in Chechnya.

      America can’t do that. The locals are unholy and our satanic faith means we don’t have the growth to send colonists.

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like somebody blew up the Georgia Guidestones. The fruits of iconoclasm.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      This feels like a signal…

      • Jehu says:

        It’s a sign from God. Did they destroy the part that says 93% of the population has to die?

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          OK… my ignorance conspired with my love of shaped stone to give me the impression that these were something cool and interesting. Can a bro in the kno give us a QRD on the Guidestones? I’m being lazy because my Currently Pursued Rabbit Hole quota is full up at the moment.

    • A2 says:

      Encouraging. I thought the iconoclasm of recent years if nothing else could have been a good moment to quietly destroy enemy monuments.

      (Note also that the article somehow manages not to say a word about the guidestones contents.)

    • The Cominator says:

      It should be noted that the Georgia Guidestones were made by “Roman C. Christian”… I wonder who that could be…

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        I always figured it was Ted Turner.

        • The Cominator says:

          Perhaps he was asked to cough up for it… but it wasn’t his idea or at his initiative.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Honestly, it could have been anyone with $100 K to blow.

            The precepts were exactly the kind of midwit deep thoughts and “radical” policy proposals that come out of a typical dormroom bull session. The slabs would have been impressive in the neolithic, but in 1980 they were a pretty minor building project. Neither the ideas nor the physical form were all that special. It doesn’t have to be the product of a power-mad billionaire or the sinister hand-rubbing Jesuits; it could easily have been some moderately prosperous entrepreneur with delusions of philosopher-kingship.

            La Wik:

            Yoko Ono said the inscribed messages are “a stirring call to rational thinking”


            • Travis says:

              I live in GA and have been to Elberton…….

              It was all a publicity stunt for Elberton and Elbert county. This is a far out of the way place, very rural, very poor. In the 70’s Elberton was literally dying. There is nothing there but the granite industry and farms, mostly chickens and cows.

              They ginned up a “mythos” that it was some secret plan….blah, blah…..just a stunt. It was the main attraction around Elberton and drew a fair amount of attention.

              The Elberton Granite Museum is a bit more interesting, and they have free samples!

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                “Nothing to see hear, just a publicity stunt, haha.”

                • Travis says:

                  It was all about “SOMETHING TO SEE HERE.”

                  That was the point because there is nothing else in that part of GA to see.

                  It all screamed publicity stunt.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  So I went to wikipedia to harvest some excerpts about how a candidate for Georgia governorship and a number of other community leaders have called for the obliteration of the structure (the candidate actually had it as a platform plank) to argue that there’s more going on here, when lo and behold, apparently the stones are somehow connected with Huwite Spermpremacy. The thing is, I could have sworn that that angle was not on the wik page earlier today… maybe I missed it… but the “2022 bombing” is now also on the page, so it was edited recently… can anyone else corroborate that there was or was not mention of Herbert Hinzie Kersten and white supremacy earlier today?

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  The “White Supremacy” information was added here:

                  20:21, 6 July 2022‎ Sheila1988 talk contribs‎ 23,484 bytes +1,086‎ →‎History: Dark Clouds Over Elberton undothank

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Sheila1988: Wikipedia social justice warlord. A meteoric rise in power and influence for a person consumed by Irish football in 2017 to a person consumed by correcting the narrative on Wikipedia with +30,000 edits. On any other website, a terribly clumsy shill. Half a Bitcoin says “she” has a Harry Potter tattoo.

    • Frank Matters says:

      It’s interesting that only one of the stones appears to be destroyed. Was the bomb not enough or was it intentional?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Oh man, this is a disheartening attack on Reason and Truth. I am terrified, petrified you might say, that this senseless act of violence which has spiritually claimed likely 1.2 millions but potentially in excess of 6 millions of virtual lives will inspire other people to locate and damage various other icons of our beautiful society. Today is a dark day and we should probably talk about ti a lot and keep the images relevant in an effort to inspire young men to internalize this moment and act accordingly.

    • jim says:

      It is a start.

      Perhaps a significant start. But our enemy has long been destroying churches, and has already escalated to taking out people, on a small and rather random scale in America, in a big and highly targeted way in the Ukraine. It will likely be big and highly targeted in the USA soon enough.

      • Karl says:

        Clot shots and boosters are random, but I wouldn’t call that “small scale” even though people are not (yet) dying like flies.

        • Red says:

          That may be changing. Omicron BA4/5 is fucking up the highly boosted.

          A friend of mine who’s always been in shape and athletic suddenly came down with full on diabetes after his 4th booster. He looked so rounded and sickly when I met up with him recently.

          • Karl says:

            Sure, but that’s not what I meant. When you put a bullet into a man’s head, he is surely dead. When give a 1000 men the clot shot and a booster, maybe 3 of them die with a year, but you don’t know who will die. That is why I call killing by clot shot “random”.

            • Fireball says:

              It will be likely more than 3 in 1000. At the present rate it will be at least 1% and this is before the normal flu season.

              • Karl says:

                Of course it will be much more. Most sequela of the clot shot kill slowly. Mycarditis, vAIDS, auto immune diseases, cancer, etc. Chances to survive one year are pretty good, chances to survive 5 years are terrible.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, the question is whether these sequela will follow their normal course, or fade away. If they follow their normal course, our enemies will have made a good start on their planned reduction of world population to five hundred million.

    • Ghost says:

      More than just bad art, though certainly bad art. Someones attempt at memetic sovereignty by creating a Ten Commandment type monolith for future generations. Someone else decided the line was crossed.

      There is speculation by an internet talk show host that some dissident military police are involved. I reject that idea because of accountability.

      • Ghost says:

        MPs account for every bullet. And they are generally not issued explosives on installation. That would be EOD or munitions.

        Billy Bob from the trailer court and Tyrone from the hood, though midwits, have developed a shared experience between the beer, fried chicken, and watermelon and also military service. And they have become experts at “Standing down and standing by.”

        They will not act until given proper orders.

        Besides, IED materials are readily available. Especially during the fourth. Could have been anyone.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >“For safety reasons, the structure has been completely demolished,” the GBI said on Wednesday evening.

      Lol, not really something people would do to something they felt any amount of respect for.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        This decision, and the omission of any info regarding the Time Capsule, are the most interesting facets of this case thus far. I think the “controlled demolition” of the structure after the attack was to forestall the site becoming an anti-icon of the ever more fragile Liberal World Order’s anti-faith, as well as the recovery of whatever was buried. I wonder if it was the remains of sacrificed children (spiritual weaponry), or some kind of data, texts, devices, or objects.

  10. Kunning Druegger says:

    CNN tries to find Wagner in Central Africa. Imagine if American PMCs had this type of in-group loyalty.

    • Red says:

      Who’s Wagner and what’s a PMC?

      • Varna says:

        Wagner is a Russian PMC:)

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Private Military Company/Contractor

        If you didn’t watch the video, it is a bunch of oggaboogas larping as western journalists, asking assembled Wagner operators if they are “Wagner” or if they know where Wagner is. The responses are pretty similar, one says “No, I’m Vasily” then the squad commander decides to show the journos his Wagner, literally whipping out his cock. It happens a couple times. One of the Gigachads actually pisses. The hard bass-d music kicks in as a montage of ostensibly Wagner operators, technicals, and assets rekt-shites Syria and Central African warzones.

        Picture this: it’s Iraq in 2006. Some buxom Harvard grad wearing a PRESS labeled flak vest is interviewing balaclava’d mercs outside of Irbil. The dense ditzy duncette asks each one in turn “Are you blackwater?” They respond with “No” or “I’m Triple Canopy.” Then the squad leader grabs the reportress by her tactical bun and forces her to her knees. She looks up hopefully, fear and desire swirling through her eyes. “Here baby, I’ll show you my Blackwater.” The camera op holds the frame for just a moment as Chad deploys the Stinger, then tilt-pans over to a gray-painted bearcat rumbling down the road while matte black MH-6s nose down orbit the city center that’s belching smoke and the lamentations of their women.

        I was going to make this a standalone post, but I’ll just leave it here, and if it’s worthy of discussion, it will happen:

        IEW will be almost wholly owned by PMCs. Regular militaries will turn into beefed up policing instruments and peacekeeping assets.

  11. Fireball says:

    Anyone following what is happening with the dutch farmers?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      From a miniscule perusal, it seems similar to the Canadian Trucker Tragedy, or the Tragedy of the Cons. They will come to a point where organized violence is the only thing that matters, and they will be heavily inclined to desist.

      • alf says:

        Yes. Unfortunately, still outside the overton window round here. But rather inevitable in the end.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Dutch farmers need to learn from the truckers and draw lots of 1/10th of their numbers…

          The 1/10th need to given minecraft recreational mcfuntools and need to delete politicians and their guards with them.

          • Jehu says:

            Given the likely governmental response to that, there’s no really good reason not to just go whole hog. If you must delete, delete big. It’s deucedly hard for relative normies to get that though. They seem to need an escalation process in order to feel ‘justified’.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Technical disagree. They just need to draw a line and hold it. Let the GAE colonial managers make the moves, and only respond with a bearded Yes. or No.

            Let the Managers back down or escalate, Endure the hardships of a just cause. Set the example that to desist is to suffer at the hands of the managerial elite inevitably, making all men of true substance confront the fact that we didn’t stand up when we were strong, we are having a hard time standing up while we are weak, and if we don’t stand up at all, we will die on our knees, raped and ruined. In the words of anti-Saint Maynard: This is necessary; life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Technical disagree. They just need to draw a line and hold it. Let the GAE colonial managers make the moves, and only respond with a bearded Yes. or No.”

              Didn’t work for the truckers, one reason I’ve always had a soft spot for Oliver Cromwell is he was right… its folly to strike the king unless you’re striking to kill… its not something to be done lightly but if you’re in for a penny you’re in for a pound.

              • Jehu says:

                I suspect you’re right there. Nothing short of pretty much destroying all of the institutions is likely to work. The truckers could do that if they were willing to do a general strike. Logistical kill of GAE is an option, although it has massive collateral damage. Dutch minecraft with a willingness to take control of the whole country might do it with a lot less collateral damage. But that would require the protesters to believe that they have the right to rule. That’s hard, the Confederates in the Civil war didn’t think they had that right and they were probably the closest to success. Live and let live just means you get defeated in detail.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  The leadership didn’t believe. I wonder whether the same is true of all the officers and community leaders that weren’t given the opportunity to lead.

                • Jehu says:

                  Stonewall Jackson is the only one who kinda believed that, although he didn’t want to conquer the North, just shatter its business interests and probably Yale/Harvard.

                  Normal people just don’t think that way. They want to be left alone and most don’t really want to rule over people that don’t like them. The problem is you can’t live and let live with people who won’t do the same. People like that you have to either exterminate or crush and strip of any political or military or cultural power. And that is a seriously hard sell to John Q Normal. The closest you get is in issues like late term abortions, where even normie Christians can frequently smell the brimstone. You might be able to get normie correligionists to conquer the Cathedral in the name of preventing them from sacrificing their children to Moloch.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “People like that you have to either exterminate or crush and strip of any political or military or cultural power.”

                  There is no or there is only the 1st option. Option 2 keeps them out of power typically for only 30 to 50 years, if you want 500 years to reach the stars you need to do #1 when you get the chance.

                • chris says:

                  You would think the rise of Russia and China in the east would scare NATO/GAE/Globohomo to ease up and reverse course on the wokeness lest they lose the capacity to defend their holdings in the west. It’s like watching an evil rich man dumping his gold into the ocean while laughing hysterically.

                • S says:

                  It is why demonic possession is the explanation for their behavior. They are no longer capable of holding back, but are compelled to constantly smash, corrupt and taint.

                  So their actions are the opposite of ‘rational’ evil; being denied the opportunity to harm foreigners means they need to do more at home to meet quota.

              • alf says:

                There’s many more effective things that could be done. But they won’t, not in the short term at least. Europeans have grown decadent and faithless. They might get angry, but boomers still turn on the TV every evening, and there’s no Tucker Carlson in Europe. Much of the language and memes I see here and on gab, I just don’t see in Europe. For instance in the case of the farmers, they don’t really understand that their government hates them and wants them dead. Many of them think it’s some kind of ploy to obtain land for building.

                Experience will be a harsh teacher.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                The Canadians drew a line, then didn’t hold it. All they had to do was stay until relieved or be physically removed. they didn’t have to go on the offensive, they didn’t have to take a shot at the in situ governance structure. They just had to stand by their unwillingness to participate in the maintenance of society under the current leadership. They broke and ran.

                Understand what I am advocating: standing in front of the enemy and saying: I will not be moved of my own accord. Do what you will. This is not a small thing, and it is also not enough. It would not be some grand victory that would topple the GAE. What it would be is a signal to certain elites that an opportunity exists, bound up in the bodies and minds of common men seeking and needing a leader.

                Unsexy, I know. But I think I am correct in my calculations on this one.

    • alf says:

      Ah yes I’m overdue for a post on that topic…

      So it turns out we have a nitrogen crisis, which is to say, too much nitrogen in the soil in the form of ammonia and nitrous oxides. This causes lop sided nature — mostly more nettles and less biodiversity.

      Who is the culprit? Our highlt esteemed state researchers point that it is the fault of the cattle farmers — we have a fairly high amount of them in proportion to the rest of Europe. So we now have new nitrogen laws which on paper mandate the halving of the cattle, in practice make cattle farming impossible. Naturally with similar nasty consequences for fertilizer (artificial fertilizer costs a lot of gas) and corn production (which is mostly for cattle).

      All in all, an agressive attack on Dutch Amerikaners as well as the food production.

      • Fireball says:

        Sounds like an invented problem for a excuse to kill kulaks.

        Down south there are already talks on rationing water for agriculture. It is likely what little agriculture is left is going to be sacrificed in favor of the urban centers.

      • Aidan says:

        That rationale sounds like a precise inversion of reality to me. As far as I understand, a higher proportion of nitrogen in the soil should be equally good for all plants, should necessitate less artificial fertilizers. The EU is a lot further along on the anti-meat holiness spiral

        • Fireball says:

          It has been happen for a while. I was already hearing before covid about projects to set up bug production plants.

        • jim says:

          It is bullshit like CO2 being a toxic pollutant is bullshit – purely an excuse for a plot to make us eat bugs.

          • Karl says:

            Bug eating is bad, but starvation is far worse. I fear there is a plot to make us starve.

            • Fireball says:

              You will starve first and then beg for the bugs and sing praisers to your masters.

              And they will rule as magnificent priest kings guiding the masses in proper worship.

              In theory at least in practice we are likely going to have starving on a scale never seen in history.

              • Karl says:

                You will starve first and then beg for the bugs and sing praisers to your masters.

                Probably, but when we beg for the bugs we’ll be informed that unfortunately there are no bugs to be had at present and that a new shipment of bugs is expected for next week or maybe the week after that.

                Everything gets scarce in socialism.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Selectively scarce at first, right? Obedient and helpful communities get their civil rights mandated ration of roach salad and beetle paste. Less than holy populations always seem to suffer from logistical mistakes and infrastructural failures.

                • Fireball says:

                  No, loyalist get logistical problems and unholy ones get raped and pillaged.

            • alf says:

              Sure seems like it.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            CO2 and fixed nitrogen are the primary rate limiting substances for plant growth. Production of these two materials is greening the Earth. Artificial fixation of nitrogen, starting in the early 20th century, is was allowed us to feed the world. No longer needing to find and mine limited deposits of bat guano.

            Awhile back, given the CO2 scam, I was beginning to wonder when they were going to get around to “nitrogen pollution”.

            I’ll just leave this little Gab link here:

            • Cloudswrest says:

              I noticed FB has “fact checked” the above Mt. Etna statement.

              One “authoritative” “fact checker” states, “Since the ‘beginning of time’ humanity has emitted billions of cubic kilometers of CO2,” Professor Sherwood said. No density given, gas? liquid? However the volume of the Earth is approximately 350 billion cubic kilometers (4/3 Pi r^3), so this “fact checker” is claiming that humanity has “emitted” a significant fraction of the volume of Earth of CO2!!!! Has the Earth been hollowed out to get this Carbon???? I think they made a movie of this staring Pat Boone and James Mason! ROFL

              • Fireball says:

                I am illiterate so lets see if i don’t get the math wrong.

                If a human being emits a kilogram of co2 per day by breathing, 10 billion will emit 10 billion kilograms a day.

                A cubic kilometer of co2 has 2 billion kilograms of co2 so 10 billion humans emit 5 cubic kilometers of co2 per day.

                So for a a billion cubic km of co2 would take 10 billion humans 200 million days or 548 thousand years.

                In the end numbers and science do not matter only status and morality.

    • Fireball says:

      Sooner or later the west would have bitten more than it can chew.

    • someDude says:

      If we can get 100% from Russia, then we become free from that curse of having to worry about Islamic nations. As Suones said, look how insect nations like UAE were able to dictate to us over that whole Nupur Sharma business.

      Perhaps if we get 100% from Russia, we can finally have a free and frank exchange of views regarding Abrahamism 3.0 and their Prophet with the OIC.

    • someDude says:

      Imagine that a bunch of men decide to isolate a Hot chick by not giving her any attention and then tell all the other men, thirsty bastards all, not to pay her any attention at all. These western sanctions are working exactly as well as that scheme would.

  12. Leon says:

    @Jim, it was stated that you brought up white women (aside from Russian, Persian and Jewish) are mostly mid wits. I believe that but am curious if you would have any references to help back that up. Also, how is this explained since white men have such high discrepancy in terms of intellect, especially between the various white races?

    • Javier says:

      In The Manipulated Man, Esther Vilar pointed out that women enjoy menial chores because they’re stupid. She further explained women are stupid because their brains atrophy from disuse. For women it is vastly easier to find a man to do things for you than to figure it out yourself, so they devote their mental capacity towards capturing male investment. It further serves to reason that evolution would favor these traits as dependency in women visibly raises reproductive success.

      Are there studies proving women are dumb? Do you really think youre going to find research that proves cathedral heresy? Good luck with that. At some point you have to accept the evidence of your eyes and ears, and stop relying on official sources.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        If I recall, I remember reading that men and women have approximately the same mean IQ (midwit), but men have a higher standard deviation, leading to both a higher proportion of geniuses and morons.

        • jim says:

          Men and women don’t have approximately the same average IQ. That is an official falsification. But the main difference is that the variance among men is substantially larger. Women are on average dumber than men, and simply less capable of rationality. But there are far more really dumb men than really dumb women.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I thought the average was only a few points apart? Or are you talking about how they specifically design the tests to ignore sex differences?

            • jim says:

              They exclude questions that show too great a sex difference. The acceptable tests are feminized.

              The earlier IQ tests had a large range of questions, and tested a considerable range of mental abilities. This has been radically narrowed.

        • S says:

          Midwit doesn’t mean mean IQ. Midwits are people just above average (105-115 I believe; it isn’t an official category). It is more of a social categorization referring to people who think they know alot more then they do (because they are smart enough to social signal intelligence, but not smart enough to sift through garbage).

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Midwit is those people who are smarter than average, but still outside of the 2-sigma communications gap of the actually very intelligent. Due to the communications gap and the fact that most of the things that they do not understand come from stupid people, they tend to lump intelligent analysis that they do not understand in with the stupid things stupid people say. It leaves them with a sense of undeserved superiority and a habit of ignoring the smartest person in the room in favor of other midwit experts.

      • Fireball says:

        What you are describing sounds like domestication.

      • The Cominator says:

        “Women are dumb”

        Nah they’re very very average generally. But even the rare smarter ones tend to have more tolerance for mindless repetitive tasks then the typical man this probably has more to do with ancient divisions of labor… hunting and war were more suitable to men looking for and picking berries being something anyone could do if they could stand it was more suitable to women. IQ and conscientiousness (which includes tolerance for drudgery) don’t correlate well.

        • Fireball says:

          Conscientiousness does correlate with IQ and you can see that in the races of man.

          • Cataclysm Reawake says:

            Apple-and-orange-comparing might be at work there though. Analogously, a White man with an IQ of 70 is mentally deficient in a number of ways that a 70 IQ nigger is not.

    • Ghost says:

      Even if the female is a doctor or lawyer, they still desire being owned by a man. If you can catch their eye, make the connection and break through the facade, you will see they’re still woman. It’s programmed in.

      Earlier you asked, I posted a link to IQ by country.

  13. Pax Imperialis says:

    Can anyone find a study or government statistic that shows what percentage of child molesters are homosexuals/same gender? As in “x% of child molesters are homosexual” or “x% of child molesters are same gender.” Another interesting statistic would be “X percentage of homosexual men are child molesters.”


    The study or statistic must be from the last 20 years and it cannot simply be citing statistics from before 2002.

    The study or statistic must come from a reasonably reliable source. Ironically, NAMBLA had the most damning stats when the implications were considered, but were also highly muddied and obfuscated without provided any clear statistics.

    The study or statistic must be clear as in it does not redefine homosexual or muddy the water. For example many current statistics combine “bisexuals” with heterosexuals and then claim that homosexual/same gender child molesters are rare without giving a percentage. A “bisexual” man who molests a boy is a homosexual child molester.

    End of parameters:

    I’ve been looking for the data for the last 2 weeks and cannot find it at all in the English speaking net. I can find allusions to the statistic which indicates governments/organizations have the stats, but they simply don’t publish it.

    What little I’ve seen from the EU net gives me strong suspicion that they don’t publish as well. It’s likely that only the Russians or Chinese even publish those stats, but I don’t speak those languages.

    • jim says:

      > Can anyone find a study or government statistic that shows what percentage of child molesters are homosexuals/same gender? As in “x% of child molesters are homosexual”

      Of course you cannot, not worth looking, because in the unlikely event you find something, it is going to be barefaced lies.

      But, kind of obvious that the percentage is close to a hundred percent, if we do not count very young fertile age women as “children”

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        “Of course you cannot”

        I bet the Russians publish their stats. They are close enough to White Americans their figures should be roughly equatable in regard to child molestation. I’m hoping one of the Russian posters here would have something.

        “not worth looking, because in the unlikely event you find something, it is going to be barefaced lies.”

        I’ve mostly not come across barefaced lies by a very big margin. The researchers will say things like “gay male child molesters are a minority” and “80% of male child molesters are homosexual or bisexual men” without telling how much of the 80% are “bisexual.” The implications, 1 percent of men are gay, are full of wrong think. They just won’t say it directly (for obvious reasons). 13% does 50% is a better ratio than 1% does at least 20% if not far more.

        I came across a 2016 study that found 68% of trans kids are sexually abused and that they are not trans because of abuse. The paper was about HIV spread (in the gay community) that had nothing in its title or abstract about sexual abuse of children. Again the implications are full of wrong think (because if the paper is about HIV spread in the gay community why is it important to look at sexual abuse of trans kids?). There are some other papers on HIV spread that also discreetly brings up child molestation.

        The western institutions censors very narrowly (this is highly surprising compared to what has happened in other areas of research) to prevent the x% data from being published but is allowing an awful lot of the peripheries to leak. I want to get as much data (even periphery data) as possible archived before the censorship expands.

        • Red says:

          Why are you bothering? The very first faggot couple to adopt was eventually locked up for years of raping the boy they adopted and they passed him around to their friends as well. This sort of story repeats over and over again with gay adoption. Gays fuck little boys, this has been noted and recorded by everyone since the Greeks.

          I’ve mostly not come across barefaced lies by a very big margin. The researchers will say things like “gay male child molesters are a minority” and “80% of male child molesters are homosexual or bisexual men” without telling how much of the 80% are “bisexual.”

          That’s a barefaced lie. 100% of them are cock suckers.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            It’s not a barefaced lie, at least not to me. I’m fairly good at reading between the lines and doublespeak due to an unfortunate proximity to boomer leftist academic types. They are quite aware of these things but have “polite” way of saying things due to censors.

            Right now the implications are fairly easy to derive when you know their lingo. In the example I provided, at least 20% of child molesters are gay. It’s well known that statutory rape, which happens nearly exclusively among normal heterosexual men, gets classified as child molestation in these statistics. As in the guy thought she was 18 but it turns out she was 17.99 and now he’s on the sex offender register. Doesn’t matter if he was 22 or 99+*.

            When the statutory rape is factored out of that 80%… and the proclivities of the bisexual men are factored in which classifies them as gay… and you add the remaining number to that 20%. It’s fairly easy to reach the conclusion that gays are a very large majority of the molesters. The only question is whether it’s 70% or 80% or 90% or 100%. I personally think it’s closer to 100 than 90 based on some of my calculations.

            When it gets to the point the boomers retire and the younger activists types get in (that is happening right now) academia/government will stop trying to put things between the lines and no longer use doublespeak.

            When reading between the lines and deriving implications become impossible. That’s when we see barefaced lies being spewed all the time.

            “Why are you bothering?”

            I want to collect as much data as possible from as many previous years as possible. It has more to do with collecting a history of censorship than proving what gays are doing. I’ve got good stuff from the 1940s-1990 that are extremely consistent. 1991-2000 it starts to get hard to find explicitly stated information but it’s still fairly understandable without having to use implication, and doublespeak is fairly rare. 2000-2022 is also fairly consistent with the 1990 stuff if you can parse through the language but is highly dependent on reading between lines and understanding the doublespeak. I think mid 2020s is when there is a switch to explicit lies as in they will claim “all child molesters are heterosexual” which is where we are headed fast. The term MSM is replacing homosexual/bisexual/gay/same sex to smash those stats into the heterosexual stats much in the same way Hispanic stats were smashed into the White stats.

            If I can map out these series of changes, I can preserve a history of decline and a history of detachment from reality. If I can map out where these stats are available, I can map out quite a lot of other things. These are all very useful things.

            *at 99 I would argue it’s highly probably the guy is the one getting raped by some gold digging whore but what do I know, the state will see the frail dementia patient as literally Hitler.

          • chris says:

            “The very first faggot couple to adopt was eventually locked up for years of raping the boy they adopted and they passed him around to their friends as well.”

            I ‘membah.


      • someDude says:

        Is the case similar in instances of abuse of children in foster homes, Abuse of children by workers of Child Protective services, the number of CPS workers arrested for Child Abuse? There is not enough spotlight on misconduct by those working for CPS.

        • Red says:

          I’ve heard that young boys are regularly sold to faggots by CPS.

          I personally know people who worked in the industry who told me that child abuse by foster homes and CPS is routinely ignored by everyone because “there isn’t enough people to care for the kids”. The media generally doesn’t report on the abuse unless there some weird religious angle to harp on and they don’t report about faggots raping their adoptees at all.

    • Red says:

      Homosexuals also like to sodomize prepubescent girls as well.

      • jim says:

        Exactly so.

        • Fireball says:

          Why do you say so?

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            I don’t think it’s anywhere near as common, but it’s arguable that the androgyny of prepubescent children means your average faggot won’t necessarily say no to feeling up a little girl if there are no little boys on hand.

            • Fireball says:

              From experience it happens overwhelming to boys to the point that i really cant say if it is gays or just men very to the left on the age preference distribution curve. It could also be both also.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The government and researchers like to politely call those “bisexuals” never mind that an awful lot of them belong to the LGBT community.

        It’s just another way the stats are obfuscated.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I may have had too many drinks and the above is confusing.

          Some of the studies’ methodology defined clearly homosexual men as bisexual because they had a girlfriend in high school or something.

          Those studies also had a tendency to define men who molested prepubescent girls and bisexual even though their day to day sex life was extremely gay with no known evidence of sex with women.

          • Red says:

            I don’t see a real the distinction between a faggot and a faggot who fucks women too. It’s same sort of dysfunction. Hell so called bisexual men are worse because almost all the STDs gays a passing around end up in the general population from them.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              No disagreement on that. I don’t even think the researchers would disagree either based on how things are phrased and how they get surprisingly close to wrong think compared to other segments of academia.

              But orders are orders and censors require certain things not be said.

              I was trying to explain how the studies try to hid the role homosexual men play in child molestation.

              The new newspeak is going to make things much harder to parse through.

              The new way of obfuscating the data is by referring to gays as Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM). The terms homosexual and bisexual are getting too dangerous to use. So researchers are having to say MSM and then claim that MSMs comprise a diverse group in terms of behaviors and identities. Thus even a person who is a MSM might still be classified as heterosexual.

              It’s all bullshit to hid gays and their proclivities within the regular population for official statistic purposes.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                What’s wrong with the label “MSM”? How important is the distinction between men who only have sex with other men, and those who also have sex with women, small children, and animals? A man either sucks dick or he doesn’t suck dick.

                • Varna says:

                  Categories and names are very important, they are the basic fundament.

                  The ancient giants of philosophy threw their lives into categories and names not because they were compulsive obsessive autists, but because without stable and clear categories and names the sophists take over and a generation later civilization crashes.

                  The category of homosexuals who fetishize their own lifestyle, who speak specific slang and behave according to specific roles, this category exists and is important.

                  The MSM label makis this category disappear, it makes it invisible, a hole appears in reality, which hides something far from harmless. Enough holes like this and the whole fabric begins to tear.

                  When globohomo counts “sexual violence” they put violent rape by colored gangs and a drunken feel up into the same category. Pretending the drunken feel up and violent gang rape are the same thing, helps make invisible the demographic responsible for the gang rape.

                  When globohomo counts “antisemitism incidents”, they put into the same category sharing an edgy meme and stabbing a Jew, because the stabbing of the Jew will be by a colored gentleman, and this too must be invisible.

                  Through word choice and categories objective reality can be hidden, false reality can be maintained, which leads to very real results.

                • jim says:

                  > without stable and clear categories and names the sophists take over and a generation later civilization crashes.

                  Confucius, rectification of names.

                  Our enemy has, in accordance with the program accurately depicted in 1984, been erasing names and categories, replacing them with anticoncpets, in order to make certain thoughts unspeakable, and, in so far as thought depends on words, unthinkable. The number of thoughts and words under attack constantly grows.

                  Part of the riddle of steel is that controlling words and concepts is more powerful than the ability to blow people up.

                  Our necessary first step in obtaining memetic sovereignty is rectification of names.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t think that there are any men who only have sex with men. If they have sex with men, they have sex with women, small children, and animals. It is a category designed to erase reality.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Sodomites have a sexual proclivity that is modeled accurately as a Prey Drive. While a wolf has things it likes to hunt, things which it hunts to the exclusion of other things, the absence of preferred prey will always put pressure on all prey. Consider a dog, snapping at flies; consider a sodomite as a short, fat, ugly, weak, witless, and twisted elementary school teacher.

                  By taking the reins off of sexual appetite for the queer, their mental illness spreads substantially. What’s the tipping point, and how many sodomites does a sodomite sodomize if Sodom subsidizes the sodomy? If there’s nothing holding each one back, I think it could easily be an average of 2 per, with superspreaders infecting hundreds, and bottoms doing substantially less. Upon the arbitrary value of 2, how long until the majority of GAE males have been infected with The Big Gay and succumbed, was immune, or remains damaged?

    • Aidan says:

      You just do a little math. Boys and girls being molested are about 50/50. “Despite being 2% of the population, gay men are responsible for 50% of child molestation…”

  14. Red says:

    Antifi guy shoots up a 4th of July parade.

  15. Frank Matters says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him mentioned here, but Balaji Srinivasan has a lot of ideas parallel to Information Epoch and soverign internet based corporations. His book was released today, found at

    Facefag so expect facefaggotry and inability to speak many truths, as well as Hindu so expect that bias as well. Overall, though, I find the ideas worth sharing.

    Happy Death to those who deny you Liberty Day everyone.

  16. The Cominator says:

    Happy 4th. So anyone have any idea why Elon Musk went to see the richest man in the world?

    • jim says:

      Same reason as he is Green, (while subverting Green memes in favor of tolerating oil and nuclear until such time as solar power is actually useful and economic, and strangely silent on climate change) He needs to keep the Cathedral off his back.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Solar will never be useful and economic without massive changes to the technology way outside current trends. Only states that seem to find it useful are Arizona and Texas which shouldn’t be surprising considering the location. Just about anywhere else it returns massive net negatives over the lifespan of the panels.

        It might be viable if it’s up in space and the energy is beamed down, but that quickly becomes a payload issue I’m not sure his rocket company can fix anytime soon.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The niche of solar is not so much beaming down energy into gravity wells, but thermal solar for melting asteroids to make platforms, which make more solar forges, to make more platforms… and so on.

          The instauration of forms of capital that can proliferate in space is the critical point where civilization may reach escape velocity and become truly stellar.

        • notglowing says:

          Solar is the most effective method for low cost, independent local production of energy. There’s no real alternative for that at all.

          It is expensive, unreliable, and bad for the environment at large scales, and energy supply needs to be constant and reliable for the grid to function.

          However there is no equivalent to having solar panels on your house in case of a long blackout, or small portable solar panels to carry on the go to fuel your electronics on a trip with no access to electricity.

          All of the closest alternatives are simply storing energy and carrying it with you (diesel generator, batteries, etc).

          • A2 says:

            Don’t forget the old windmill and waterwheel. Or digging up coal, if available.

          • jim says:

            Large scale solar power would be fine if we located enormous solar arrays in deserts circling the world, and had a long distance very high voltage DC grid distributing the power around the world. (Has to be DC, as there are big problems distributing AC over distances longer than the AC wavelength) Transmitting power under oceans is significantly expensive – it resembles an undersea oil pipeline.

            Individual solar power would be fine if we had a satisfactory battery solution. Sodium oxygen batteries, or sodium sulfur batteries.

            Lead acid batteries and lithium batteries just do not cut it.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Why is that? Lithium seems quite popular.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Lithium is a case where the juice is largely not worth the squeeze.

                • alf says:

                  Elaborate? Electric vehicles are far from perfect, but they do the job on lithium. And for a semi homesteader, I’d imagine you’d need less power than Tesla, not more.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Lithium is a relatively scarce material with a range of valuable uses; it simply can’t serve as the backbone of an economy’s infrastructure; forms of power storage instantiated through more common materials are necessary.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  OK, so it’s availability that’s the issue. I keep trying to figure out a scheme wherein the Vapefags of the world send me their old disposable units and I hold onto them intil I have a significant amount of lithium (cell phones and other devices too). The issue I keep running into, mentally, is safe storage and processing. People don’t realize how “fun” lithium can be if exposed to water, so the storage methodology is not trivial. Processing is another fractally complex issue given the total lack of standardization; you basically have to sort them into like-shaped piles, then disassemble by hand.

                  Even with the stated issues, there’s so much lithium being chucked into landfills. We’re going to go after it at some point. Landfills are the coal mines of the future.

        • Tomlin Patrickson says:

          >Solar will never be useful and economic without massive changes to the technology way outside current trends.

          Wrong. Solar power satellites, beaming the power to collection points on the surface via microwaves. Jerry Pournelle worked out all the technical side of this decades ago; most of his work is collected in “A Step Farther Out”. It’s just a question of deciding to do it.

          • jim says:

            That is massive changes to the technology way outside current trends.

            You have to put a bunch of very very large solar arrays in space, equip them with very large microwave power transmitters, and on earth, very very large power receivers. The problem is that these things are going to be big, and we have to be able to make very big things suitable for space reasonably cheaply, and ship them there.

            Because there is no weather and gravity in space, it should be possible to make ultralight solar pannels, a thin film thinner that aluminum foil. At present however, the solar panels on satellites are rather big and heavy. Also, there is the problem that extreme uv degrades the panels, so we need panels resistant to extreme uv – which is likely to require a coating of something transparent that stops uv, and does not degrade in the course of stopping it, and can stop in in a very thin layer. Currently the preferred coating for this purpose is a very very thin layer of gold. Probably cheaper metals can have similar effect, in particular tin, and are not used because they could oxidize in earths atmosphere, which would not be a concern for space bound solar panels, but they would need a controlled atmosphere during preparation and launch.

            However, supposing that we can make enormous and extremely thin solar panels that do not degrade in space, which is reasonably plausible, there is still the problem of transmitting very large amounts of power from space to earth. Which is doable with reasonably foreseeable technlogy – currently very high power radar is being considered as a weapon of destruction, and again, we can make ultra thin and ultra light antenna that take advantage of the absence of gravity and weather. But current transmitters are not all that light and high power.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Further still, isn’t the jump from “energy beam” to “death ray” fairly trivial? As well, the JWST has already been hit by a micrometeorite that damaged one of the hexagonal mirrors. Massive solar collectors will get perforated over time, meaning renewal and replacement will be near constant concerns. Re-growing materials might be the answer there, but that is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

              • jim says:

                We will build space based death rays before we build space based power stations.

                First step. Death rays that are a useful carrier based countermeasure against hypersonic missiles. At the moment, carriers are sitting ducks.

                Next step. Space based death rays. Useful power from space comes after that, quite a long time after.

  17. Ghost says:

    Well, happy fourth. I was going to write some scratch about Independence, muh freedoms, etc… But you guys know the score so why push some bs payload.

    When I go to the store to pick up some beer in a few minutes and see all the fat Mexicans, old tired White people and edgy looking bros, I’ll be thinking “what have these people done to earn freedom?”

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

      This fucking comment. 😂 😭

    • Ghost says:

      First store I went to had a long line of fat Mexicans buying up all the food so I went on post and was in and out.

      Sorry, forgot to mention all the green, pink and blue haired fat millennial slobs who are nothing more than boomers on steroids. I’m sure their freedoms must matter to someone.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        I fucking wish it were
        >boomers of steroids

        but it’s more like boomers on estrogen, testosterone blockers, and ssri.

        Leftists won’t let me make Schwarzenegger gains because they hate testosterone.

        Speaking about going on post… why y’all non-Marines so damn fat. Went on an AFB recently and saw widespread obesity.

        Anyways assuming you’re not some dependa, thank you for your service.

        • Ghost says:

          Selective enforcement of standards and too much good chow hall food. Navy has the best cooks though.

    • Ghost says:

      Any gamers here (PS4)? Off topic but perhaps helpful. Eventually, your HD will error out. You can replace it with any 2.5 sata. Delpart clean it, the initialize and fat32 it. Make sure you use the “Reinstall” file from the site on a thumb drive following the folder directions and your back in business.

  18. Mister Grumpus says:

    Off topic, but the public confirmations that even high status pretty white women lie (Amber Heard and Trump Limojacking Story Time Lady) feel significant to me.

    A key Jimmy insight is that most problems are actually woman problems, so there has to be something horrible Kali Yuga-ing up into public consciousness out there.

    Like Covid, and vaxxes, and Jan 6, and etc. They’re making the faithful only more faithful and bloodthirsty, of course, but the silent doubters are really getting their brains squeezed.

    This reminds me in a way of the Dreyfuss Affair. I don’t even know what it was about, but I know it was a big deal, and that must mean it was really about Jews somehow. Not long after, Adolf was letting them have it out in the open.

    • The Cominator says:

      Even as bad as most modern Western feminists are Amber Turd isn’t typical. As far as I can see men didn’t follow the case much but women did and women didn’t like her (sure it had a lot to do with many of them liking Johnny Depp but apparently she got caught lying many many times) and apparently she kept doubling down… Johnny Depp was willing to keep her off the hook for the money but she then keeps bsing is apparently demanding a new trial.

      Amber Heard seems unwilling to admit she was ever in the wrong on anything despite being very publically caught and exposed and overwhelming pressure or even shut her mouth. Seems like (though one must not give full value to headshrinkers) a full fledged NPD case (NOT a BPD case as I’ve known a couple of clinical BPD cases very well and they were not at all like this though they both had drug problems but they were actually more honest and reliable than typical women… in fact for women they were despite emotional instability very unusually good about keeping promises). In summation Amber Heard is not a typically crazy bitch of clownworld but much worse.

      Grand Theft Auto – Corruption City was just some woman bribed and/or threatened to read a script. The Grand Theft Auto part may even have been her way of sabotaging them. If it was Trump should hire her back when the smoke clears as the sabotage was brilliant…

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Madman. Flooding the zone with pretty white women bearing bullshit stories to make them poop in their own anti-Trump punch bowl? 4D bro.

      • notglowing says:

        > As far as I can see men didn’t follow the case much but women did and women didn’t like her
        Had the trial gone differently, they would have spat on Johnny Depp and hailed Amber Heard as a feminist icon
        The fact that he was winning made them sympathize with him, and all the more reason to dislike her.
        Plenty of crazy insufferable women have been hailed as heroes. She isn’t that different.

        • The Cominator says:

          I got the impression most of them decided she was an evil pathologically lying bitch (beyond even whats acceptable and typical in clownworld for women) before the verdict came in and that they generally thought that Johnny didn’t beat her up but probably should have. The only negative thing they would agree about Johnny is that he was a serious alcoholic and drug addict (but that she was that too).

    • notglowing says:

      > but I know it was a big deal, and that must mean it was really about Jews somehow
      It wasn’t “somehow” about Jews, he was a Jew, accused of treason, allegedly because of antisemitism.

      • jim says:

        The problem was that treason was fashionable, and the Jews were sponsoring the fashion. Dreyfus may or may not have been guilty, the facts are well buried.

        But it seems that much of the outrage was that the army was suppressing the freedom of the individual. No shit Sherlock.

        The outrage was not so much that he was innocent, but that deeming guilty people guilty was outrageous.

        Very very similar to the Alger Hiss affair.

        • The Cominator says:

          When I examined the case last time it was discussed it appeared to me Dreyfuss really was innocent simply because the counterintelligence officer leading the charge to convict the other guy and exonerate Dreyfuss was a monarchist reactionary who in general did not all that much like jews (Piquart’s initial reaction to the event of Dreyfuss arrest which included his sword being broken was to write “He’s a Jew, don’t forget that. He’s thinking of the weight of the gold braid and how much it’s worth.”). But seemingly being autistically obsessed with the truth that the traitor was not Dreyfuss and that the jew had been framed he decided he was willing to wreck his career trying to get him exonerated and to convict the real traitor anyway.

          That the left picked up the case in order to embarass the army leadership later doesn’t change the fact that Dreyfuss initial champion was not on the left at all but a seeming reactionary autist.

  19. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Looks like the gleichschaltung is cracking up. Kyyveeean drones becoming ineffective? Comrades, ineffective? Russian military advantages? Is this not indistinguishable from the very same seditious disinformation of the kulak wreckers of yestermonth? Oh, what has The Party come too!

    • jim says:

      “US-made General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle armed drones, which have greater capabilities than the TB2s.”

      Do they now?

      What we are seeing on the ground is that the Russians have drone superiority. They can see the Ukrainians, and the Ukrainians cannot see them.

      I seem to recall hearing the same story about advanced american artillery with computerized targeting. (US artillery is notoriously lame. It has been known to be lame for a long time. We do not yet know that American drones are lame, but I see signs that they may well be lame.)

      Observing the shelling, it is obvious that the Russians have some pretty advanced aiming systems. A drone locates a target, and a shell lands exactly on the target, no walking the shots in by observing where the first one exploded, and adjusting the gun a tiny bit for the next one. It is one shot, one kill, against targets not in line of sight of the gunner, but in sight of the drone, with the gunner a very long distance away. The Ukrainians don’t seem to have the equivalent. They walk their shots in, and if they are walking them in on a mobile artillery, their mobile artillery gets blown up first.

      Turkish drones are designed to be fully autonomous, and are not supposed to need to talk to controllers except before they take off and after they land. The Russians have some drones that are fully autonomous also. I hear that it is hard to give the Turkish drones sensible mission parameters, not easy to program them for their missions. Or maybe the Ukrainians are hiring idiots. It does seem that they have a habit of flying them under remote guidance, which of course the Russians jam.

      It hard to make a car autonomous, because it has to avoid obstacles, people, and other cars all the time. It is easy to make aircraft fly autonomously, but a good deal harder to make it recognize targets on the ground and destroy them.

      It is easy to jam a drone that is trying to listen to its controller, because you have better line of sight on it than its controller does, and you are closer. It is very hard to jam a done that is reporting what it sees to its controller.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I still haven’t put in the time and effort to dig up the Predictions thread I made, as well as the multitude of predictions made in January, but I recall Com making some seemingly wild assertions about Russia capability to just own the RF spectrum. I think he may have been a lot more accurate than I estimated. The general assertion on Russian Telegram is that the Federation is actively avoiding the use of any systems or capabilities that NATO doesn’t have a good understanding of. Of course, this could be hype. But it also could be a simple fact that Russia is fighting Ukraine in a deliberately antiquated way because they are certain that the conflict is going to spread.

      • Red says:

        Russia’s been rotating their officers and units in and out of the conflict to get them experienced and to discover problems with their units, procedures, and tactics. They discovered they had a lot problems, which is common with any new war.

        During the invasion of Poland during WW2 the German high command viewed it as a near failure due to how poorly German units had coordinated and fought together. Only the stupidity of the Polish commanders and invading from 3 sides won the day. They rewrote their procedures and retrained their men and officers based on what they had learned in Poland and 6 months later France was defeated in 6 weeks with the greatest upset in military history.

        Russia still has a tiered system of combat units A,B,C, and D from what I remember based on the age of the gear. They used mostly older stuff in the Ukraine to see if they were still combat effect in a modern war. Most of the A stuff stayed ready for a NATO attack.

        Russia’s jamming and anti air is very good but ground troops used it ineffectually and didn’t keep it up with forward units causing a lot of losses. Starlink being able to avoid jamming was a shock to the Russians, which made small drones much more effective than they otherwise would have been.

        Whatever drone system the Russians are now seems miles better than Turkey and the US gear.

        • someDude says:

          You mean the Nazis beating France was ONE OF THE greatest upsets in military history!

          Was it greater than Alexander at Guagamela?

          Greater than Hannibal at Cannae?

          Greater than the Japs taking the Brits at Singapore in WW2?

          Maybe if the Nazis won WW2, or even drawn it, it would have qualified as THE greatest upset in Military history. But here, I think you exaggerate for effect on this one.

          • Red says:

            You mean the Nazis beating France was ONE OF THE greatest upsets in military history!

            Was it greater than Alexander at Guagamela?

            Yes. It was already clear by Guagamela that Alexander couldn’t be beaten. The Persian army morale was broken by an endless string of loses.

            >Greater than Hannibal at Cannae?

            Maybe not. Though I note that Rome did not fall due to that battle while France did.

            >Greater than the Japs taking the Brits at Singapore in WW2?

            Easily. A bunch of half trained Indians fighting against tanks with no anti tank guns against a foe who had total domination of the air while British leadership actively tried to lose the battle. If it had been first rate trained and equipped troops and the British had sent a large enough air force to defend Malaysia then it would have been pretty close to the top as far unlikely defeats.

            • Tomlin Patrickson says:

              Six-Day War counts as the greatest upset ever. Thre was no history of Israeli military success. No expectation of victory except maybe by the Israelis themselves and if so they weren’t saying so very loudly. Overwhelming forces all around. Competent hostile leadership in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Every reason to think it would go the way of the Crusader states. And if it had, the subsequent history of the mideast would be a tad different.

              The Israelis knew what was up. They sacrificed the moral advantage of being attacked for the certain tactical advantage of striking first. Threw everything they had, with no reserves, against Egypt, and cleared all of Sinai to the Suez. Then pivoted to Jordan, then Syria. Syria was the hardest fighting – I remember learning about one particular place in the Golan where the Israelis sent 30 or so tanks to go up a narrow road to reach the cliff top, and only two vehicles made it. You can understand why they haven’t been interested in yielding the position since.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                >Competent hostile leadership in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria
                Anon, I…

              • Red says:

                Arab armies, lol.

                Every reason to think it would go the way of the Crusader states.

                The Turks beat the Crusader states. By the 11th century Arabs stopped being effective warriors. Even more so today.

                • not a reactionary says:

                  The Crusader States were pretty lame. The first crusade was the most successful, all the others were crap

              • S says:

                What? Israel previous fought these countries and won with worse odds 19 years earlier. How is 67 an upset?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Remember, there are 2 types of pro-Jew shills

                  >The multiplier
                  “Oh my god, did you say something bad about jews? I can’t believe those two terrible things you said! How could anyone believe three complete lies? Those four comments are going to get you cancelled! Wait until my cousin at the ADL is informed of your five racist statements! Anyone of those six blasphemies could land you in jail!”

                  >The reminderer
                  “Let us not forget, fellow goyim, that it was the jewish master-not-race that invented physics, space flight, and computers!”

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There have been a fair few number of theories rationalizing Russian ignore-ance of strategically valuable targets and other forms of punch-pulling in the first weeks of the invasion, most of which have already been discussed.

        One of these ideas that you mention that hasn’t though is the idea that they are are not using their best techne because they don’t want the GAE to see it. (That’s ‘techne’ in the encompassing Ionian/Heideggerian sense, be it forms of practice, organization, or material orientation.)

        I think this is also wrong-headed though, for a simple reason; institutions can’t actually ‘learn’ from observation, they only ‘learn’ in cases where they get stuck in and smack against reality.

        France and England all saw what German fighting men were up too in Spain and Poland in the late 30’s – and it availed them nothing when they first crossed swords in turn. Rather, you should take advantage of situations where conflict becomes necessary to the fullest. Russia operationally testing it’s best practices would give it a huge advantage in case of a conflict with globohomo legions, who would have no such benefit of a ‘shakedown cruise’ to work through the inevitable failures.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          We also need to consider that the stated goal Russia is pursuing is the demilitarization of Ukraine. They are chewing through an entire generation of Ukranian men. The word I am hearing has the Ukranians sending press gangs to churches and prisons to get men, then even having to supplement with women. The damage that is going to do to the Ukranian genotype is going to be catastrophic, to the point that they probably will not be able to field a military for generations. The Russians are demilitirizing Ukraine at the genetic level.

          If they end the war too quickly they end up with a lot of pissed off fighting men being supported by globohomo. A recipe for partisans and guerrillas all over the country. Instead, they have devastated the population of Ukraine that would staff any resistance movement. There is no one left to start a fight. This is a desert called peace.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I know it is dangerous to compare wars, particularly across racial and ethnic groups, but remember that the insurgency in Iraq was distinct from the native military resistance of the actual war. While there were plenty of actual Iraqis playing insurgent games, there was a significant number of foreign fighters that streamed in from neighboring states. These FFs were motivated by religion and regional in-group factors. GAE is fighting a religious war, albeit clumsily at this point. Ditto for Russia, even if they don’t realize it yet.

            Thus far, we’ve seen a bifurcated reality of FFs going into Ukraine: the Reddit reality (billions and trillions of former delta ranger seals with 75 years of combat experience HALO jumping into Red Square!) and the actual reality (a couple thousand FF volunteers, half of which fled after first contact). Of that second group, the real danger is not extant during the shooting war; artillery doesn’t give a shit about combat experience. But I posit that there is a significant danger of FF involvement *after* the shooting war concludes. From the GAE perspective, sending or motivating young men who constitute a danger to their distributed domestic plans will be highly desirable. They can do this through propaganda or direct financial motivation, and the impact will be greater as it is likely that the RF will not keep the same footprint they have now, meaning a few thousand FFs on the ground conducting an insurgency is no small matter. I wonder how many young men from Poland, Germany, France, the Balts, England, US, and Canada might foolishly take part in martial adventurism if there isn’t an artillery storm waiting for them.

            All of this may motivate Russia to extend the conflict into other regions, keeping the kinetic situation consistent and not allowing it to convert into a “peacekeeping” or insurgency scenario. More likely, the suicidal faction of the GAE may extend the war into neighboring areas (Transnistria, Finland, Belarus) with the goal of slaughtering whites and reducing the opposition demographic (military age white males) within the GAE periphery.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Partisans are an epiphenomena of refusal to rule. Well, it may well be that Russia has unregenerated vestiges of modernity that would hold it back.

            The notion of ‘peacekeeping’ as imagined by farces like Iraq of Afghanistan would be incomprehensible to men of more civilized times, from the likes of Alexander to von Moltke. At the end of the day, you take over some place by killing people who get in your way, and if anyone continues causing trouble, you kill them too. Job done.

            It is one notable trend of modernity, this progressive retreat down the continuum of ‘killing beings causing trouble’, all the way to not even killing mortal enemies in pitched battle (‘4th generation warfare’).

            US took over Iraq by killing people who got in their way, but then at some point they stopped killing people who got in their way. If there is some point where you stop killing people causing trouble, then you have at some point stopped short on the path to victory; the enemies never surrender, never disappear, and never stop fighting.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


            The indiscriminacy of slaughter now is a consequence of operational decisions implicitly made without this frame in the first place; without a frame that provides for the possibility of discriminatory killing of people who need killing, then of course, killing anyone and everyone (or surrendering) is the only option left.

            Desires for short and easy war leading to long and hard wars, desires for limited war leading to total wars – a recurrent rhyme of history.

  20. Varna says:

    Ukrainian forces hit (mildly, considering) two Russian cities, Belgorod and Kursk.

    Tochka U missiles and some sort of drones looks like.

    In theory in this conflict only the Ukrainian army uses Tochka U, in practice so does Belarus, while Russia has its own decommissioned pile in storage. We’ll have to see if Kiev brags about this or to the contrary denies everything.

    Belgorod and Kursk are capitals of their respective member states of the federation, with Belogorod being almost unanimously declared one of the most delightful cities of Russia.

    Only the Slavyansk-Krematorsk urban conglomerate is left on the east. Once that falls to the Russian forces, the whole east opens up.

    Meanwhile Russia is readying a new law for “partial mobilization of the economy.”

    The same day this was announced, the Rus govt cancelled all remaining shreds of covid restrictions.

    Crudely speaking, it is not unlikely that over the last months, Russia has a) rotated enough officers and troops through the eastern front to give everyone who matters a taste of combat, and b) ground up much of the Ukraine’s best troops in the process.

    There’s a million modern takes on WWII in Russia, and there’s a strong faction that believes the correct way to deal with Hitler’s invasion was an orderly retreat from Poland and the Baltics to the “old borders” of the USSR, and there to dig in and proceed to rotate troops for a few months to give them the experience which the Wehrmacht already had but the Red Army didn’t, at the same time slowly grinding up the most experienced parts of the German army. Then, once enough Soviet officers had accumulated the needed experience, while at the same time enough experienced German officers had been taken out, begin the counter-offensive.

    I have been suspecting for a few months now that a variation of this appears to the current Russian strategy: stay in one place, advance inch by inch, while rotating its troops and grinding up the enemy forces.

    Circa 1940 the eternal anglo first got Finland to provoke a war with Soviet Russia, then Poland to provoke a war with Nazi Germany, and then set Germany against Russia. To a large extent as a psychopathic means to reset the world economy after the great depression and crush budding alternative power centers. At least that’s the way many modern Russians see events in hindsight.

    Perhaps they are now expecting for example Poland and Lithuania to be used against them in a similar manner. Boris Johnson certainly seems to be talking just like a stereotypical eternal anglo from the basement of collective Russian paranoia.

    Maybe Moscow (and Minsk) is readying itself for what it sees as an inevitable and fast-approaching clash with Poland and co.


    • The Cominator says:

      This strikes me as a morale and desperation measure ala Hitler’s V2 rockets at London.

    • Mr.P says:

      Can we get an Antiversity ruling on this lingering nagging question?

      It’s what the fighting was all about in WWII: Three warring factions of communism, anglo-american-zionist communism versus leftist german national socialism communism versus bagel bolshevik communism. Who won? The zionist and bagel commies won.

      Is that about right?

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Don’t overcomplicate it; nationalism lost to internationalism. The allies didn’t die for sodomy, the died so that one day sodomy might live.

    • jim says:

      > Only the Slavyansk-Krematorsk urban conglomerate is left on the east. Once that falls to the Russian forces, the whole east opens up

      Cities are not an obstacle in this war. If surrounded, they will fall. Trenches full of grunts are the obstacle. Most of Mariupol fell without a fuss, and only a tiny part of it needed to be starved out, and all of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk fell without fuss. The Ukes claim that seventy percent of the buildings in Severodonetsk were hit by shellfire, but I saw social network videos of Russian troops wandering about, and there were only a handful of broken windows.

      It looks to me that the Ukrainians did not command retreat, except to save face because their troops disobeyed orders to fight, and they did not retreat, they ran away with no intention of regrouping.

      This is what one would expect to happen when one side is using a strategy of halting enemy advance by trench warfare in trenches running across the countryside. When trenches fall, most of your troops are dead or injured, and the survivors are disinclined to do the same thing all over again in the ruins of reinforced concrete buildings.

      Russians say that captured troops are the survivors of about fifty percent casualties, and that they had been several days without food. Enormous amounts of ammo, but no food. Which is about what I expected, because trench warfare, and because the roads had been cut for several days. If uncaptured troops are in the same condition, well, officers give orders likely to be obeyed, rather than the orders the capital has ordered them to give.

      The Russians claim that the Ukes are sending criminals conscripted from prison and women to the front with only a couple of days training, which is indicative of the Ukrainians simply running out of fresh troops. Maybe that is mere propaganda, but the disappearance of military resistance in and around Lisichansk and Severodonetsk is not mere propaganda.

      If one side slowly grinds its way through trenches, that is what happens to the side that got ground through. Trench warfare is hideously costly. Ukrainian strategy was to attrit Russia. In World War I it took ten thousand shells to kill one grunt. As I said before, in the Information Epoch, considerably fewer. World War I style warfare looks like it was huge mistake for Ukraine, as coup de main and blitzkrieg were a huge mistake for Russia.

      Generals always fight the previous war. Everyone is using Information Epoch weapons, but they are still using them in the tactics and strategy of before the information epoch.

      The wars of the Information Epoch will be fought with shills, entryists, and computer hackers. The destruction of advanced computerized US artillery looks like it was the first taste of information epoch warfare. Looks like the Russians penetrated the computer network of the artillery.

      The wars of the future will be cancellation, deplatforming, and demonetization with robot assassin drones. You will strike at enemy memes and leaders, rather than trenches and bunkers.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I see 2 areas where you seem substantially off base, or maybe I don’t understand…

        >Cities don’t matter
        Logistics and infrastructure are arterially structured around the cities, meaning the cities are essentially nodes in the network. I know very little about network topology, but I do that if I hear a sysadmin tell me that nodes don’t matter, I’m not going to be connecting my personal devices to their network. @rybar has an excellent little video that illustrates the importance of certain cities, focusing on Bakhmut which is the anchor point of a defensive line in East Ukraine. Wagner is bearing down on Bakhmut, which is not a strategic accident. Cities don’t matter the same way they did in WW02, but they very much matter in terms of the nodal function they have.

        >Coup de main and Blitzkrieg we’re a huge mistake
        This may be another refinement quibble. If Spetznas had pulled off Gostomel operation, very different story. If Russia had blitzkrieg with the massive artillery barrages we are seeing now, with no thought given to civilian casualties or infrastructure damage, the war would be over. Blitzkrieg can, and will, work, but it must be GTN compliant, and used against an adversary that isn’t IEW capable or compliant. There is a shelf life on the tactic, of course. But for now, Blitzkrieg can still work.

        • jim says:

          > > Cities don’t matter

          > Logistics and infrastructure are arterially structured around the cities, meaning the cities are essentially nodes in the network.

          And it is a lot easier to cut someone’s arteries than to crack his skull.

          > If Russia had blitzkrieg with the massive artillery barrages we are seeing now, with no thought given to civilian casualties or infrastructure damage,

          The massive artillery barrages are pounding troops in trenches, primarily trenches dug to protect roads.

          When the Russians tried blitzkrieg, quite a lot of cities were devastated, but Lisichansk and Severodonetsk fell with only a few broken windows here and there. So it is the other way around. The massive artillery barrages are not damaging infrastructure or causing civilian casualties, whereas when the Russians were trying Blitzkrieg, they would frequently make it to the city outskirts, and large part of the city would wind up flattened.

          What stopped Blitzkrieg was autonomous anti tank missiles, autonomous in the sense of “point to roughly where you think the enemy tank is, fire and forget” They seldom reached close enough to the cities for inhibitions about shelling people who are culturally and linguistically Russian to matter much to the outcome of the war, and when they did reach close enough, those cities took considerable damage.

          The plan for coup de main involved mighty column of tanks that would sweep in to support the coupists. It did not arrive, though the immediate cause of the coup failure was that the Azov brigade showed up.

          In a coup de main, you try to take over the enemy command and control before they can organize resistance, but the Azov brigade resisted without being organized, and the column of tanks came to a sudden halt.

          • Jehu says:

            Coup de main had to be tried because the Russian high command had to discover which world they were living in. Were they facing:

            A Ukraine that would fight as well as the ANA? If they drew that card NOT doing a coup de main would be a huge missed opportunity to take the whole country on the cheap.

            A Ukraine that would fight, but not really all that well, probably as well as 2nd or 3rd tier Nato forces without nukes. Yeah they’ve got gay parades, but they hate Russians in the same way that Poles do.

            Or a Ukraine that will fight as well pound for pound as Russia.

            My take is they drew the 2nd card. The cards for Germany the Baltic States, Finland and so forth are still face down on the table.

            I don’t think that Russia’s overall strategy has been all that bad.

            • Red says:

              Coup de main had to be tried because the Russian high command had to discover which world they were living in.

              As pointed out by me and others they half assed the Coup de Main. You need an overwhelming display of power to frighten people into giving up quickly. They could have hit every Ukrainian barracks with a missile night 1, taken out the Ukrainian President, and flattened a few border towns to get the point across. Instead they played “hearts and minds” and got their pee pees slapped for it.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Cities can be obstacles in war in the same sense trenches can be. Indeed, area destruction is not an impediment to this function either; every rubbled building is a new bunker or fighting position to utilize. The scale and non-specificity involved becomes itself amongst the chief advantages. There is a strategic utility to ‘wall towns’, things which serve as ordinary valuable uses in times of peace, and operational stumbling blocks in cases of war.

    • Ghost says:

      I wonder if Ukraine and Russia fills its ranks with the dregs of society (trailer trash) as KD claims of the US.

      And if so, what does that say about society at large to pin the future of their culture on a contest between two clashing mobs of misfits.

      • Ghost says:

        Don’t know if you consider RT unreliable, but the linked article claims weapons sent to Ukraine are winding up for sale on dark-web. Obviously your tax money is being waisted either way.

        And no, I’m not shilling for RT. Just another source.

        • jim says:

          RT propaganda consists not of Baghdad Bob lying, but of making a big deal out of minor victories, and ignoring or rationalizing away reverses, while Ukraine and Western propaganda consists largely of a whole lot of Bhagdad Bob/Covid Jab style outrageous lies.

          In this sense, pretty reliable, but you have to read between the lines and read what is not written.

          They tell their side of the truth, like everyone, and they spin the truth and stretch it a bit. But if they say they carried out this investigation and that is what they found, you can be pretty sure that is what they did.

      • Varna says:

        How to enlist in the Russian army

        1) Health
        X ray of chest + bloodwork and urine test for drugs and STDs

        2) Fitness
        Pushups, pullups, sprint, marathon

        3) Education
        If completed 9 grades can be
        If 11 grades can be
        If trade school can be

        4) Psychological testing
        Results are divided into four categories from 1) take this man right now, to 4) if there’s any other choice don’t take him
        Also, if you got drafted, after doing the stint you can choose to become a pro and keep going.

        How to become an officer of the Russian army

        There are 36 military institutes, 11 military universities, and 68 military academies.

        You can start at 16, but need a letter of recommendation from your school or employer. Applicants are filtered via four broad categories: a) age, b) education, c) socio-psychological qualities, d) psycho-physical qualities.

        After finishing some of the officer schools you can choose to go and start as a lieutenant in the local FBI or police and others

        A law student signed up for a three-year contract as a pro and here is his description of life as an ensign

        After six years in the army you can take a home mortgage loan, and the military will be paying it off for you, but you’re obliged to stay there until you’re say 40, and if you leave before that you’re liable to have to make up all the money gone into your mortgage.

        How to become a National Guardsman

        Same as enlisting into the army as a grunt, but more things to prove: never been convicted of anything in a court of law, plus description of income, IRS stuff, no family connections to any superior officer within the unit you’re trying to enlist to. Foreigner can try to enlist in the army proper, but no foreigners and nu dual citizenships are allowed in the Rosgvardia.

        • jim says:

          Compare and contrast how to enlist in the Ukrainian army. If you are breathing, someone will grab you and after a few days training, send you to the front and put you in a hole with a striking resemblance to a grave, to force the Russians to expend artillery shells and to tie up Russian mobile artillery.

          • Skippy says:

            It’s clear that at some point they forced the Westerners who volunteered as trainers to go into the meat grinder, and then after a while they stopped getting killed probably because they are all dead.

            Who knows for sure, but it does all look rather desperate.

            • Red says:

              I’ve been reading that the Uki’s kill western trainers if they get trapped in a pocket with them. They have orders not to let them fall into western hands alive.

        • Ghost says:

          Varna, I’ll take your word for it without going to the site. Don’t want to have to buy a new front-door.

          US military used to have similar standards though I don’t know now. In the past it was High School diploma or GED, ASVAB test (a quasi IQ test), (High scores go AF and Navy, low Army Marines), pass physical, lift 100# overhead. That’s all I remember for enlisted side. Officer, you need a B.S. in addition to.

          Coming from a trailer park might help. But, don’t know.

          The real test is can you follow orders and they find out in about a week or two of basic.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Special military operation was declared meaning Russia could only send in a fraction of the professional soldiers. The highly trained were sent in without the average grunts. Tanks without infantry screens as a result.

        Too much metal, not enough bodies. Russia has been filling the gaps with the dregs of their society/military. Many are from backwaters like central asia.

        The standard Russian grunt is pretty average and not the trailer trash. But they were largely not sent in.

        This is the first war I’ve seen where one side fights with an elite/dregs combination.

        • The Cominator says:

          Elite/dregs so like the British army in the age of the redcoats?

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            I would estimate a much higher percentage of elite. Modern military is very dependent on highly trained specialists/technical ability. Radar technicians, certain arty guys, comms, special ops types (spetsnaz), intel, etc.

            Generally a bad idea to stick some ape who can’t do basic math in arty unless his just the guy cleaning and loading.

            The initial Russian forces had all of those in large numbers, and almost no infantry, fuel truck drivers, etc. The grunt stuff.

            I don’t think the dregs ended up in the British army back then. They were more average types who were highly disciplined. It’s the navy were all the degenerates and lowlifes ended up in.

            • The Cominator says:

              Wellington did not entirely agree on the British Army.

              “A French army is composed very differently from ours. The conscription calls out a share of every class — no matter whether your son or my son — all must march; but our friends — I may say it in this room — are the very scum of the earth. People talk of their enlisting from their fine military feeling, no such thing. Some of our men enlist from having got bastard children — some for minor offences — many more for drink; but you can hardly conceive such a set brought together, and it really is wonderful that we should have made them the fine fellows they are.”

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                “many more for drink” sounds like the average Brit…

                Going to have to do more research on this. My understanding was that the British navy was fairly notorious for grabbing people off the streets, impressiveness, to forcibly conscript them. The army was nowhere close to the navy in this regard.

                Typically you don’t want to grab people anyone will miss which means you end up with lots of vagrants and drunkards and other assorted sorts from the lowest class.

                And the navy never really got discipline like the redcoats. Their behavior was atrocious when ever they reached to port.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The British navy often had very few volunteer sailors as they tended to fill the enlisted ranks via press gangs (90% of the time they were only interested in men who had experience on sailing ships so landlubbers did not generally have to worry about being “pressed”). The pressed men weren’t necessarily the types of criminals, debtors and alcoholics (a lot of people then were alcoholics by modern standards but I mean worse than normal) who supposedly tended to be the people who joined the British army.

                  Sailors tended to act badly in ports because sailing ships at the time were kind of very miserable to be on and there wasn’t ever really a break until you got into port, Navy ships tended to have a less demanding workload than merchant ships but potentially more tyrannical as merchant officers had some incentives to be civil as to not provoke a mutiny, not to flog friviously, not be bosses from hell etc… but as most British navy ships had marines this was less of an incentive in the navy. British Navy officers were typically very able and intelligent but also notoriously prickly and disagreeable men (perhaps because of intense full time technical training that generally started when they were 12 years old serving under the same strict regimen). The advantage of the navy was that the workload day to day was less (navy ships needed extra men because they needed to be able to fully man their guns in battle). One reason for the universally much more “Democratic” nature of pirate ships (the real criminal ships) is pirate crews were mostly composed of men who at one time REALLY hated life aboard more typical respectable sailing ships.

                  British army I think tended to have far more criminals and far more elite officers (the army had the purchase system the navy did not), the army did not require intense technical training for its officers except for the artillery officers (non purchase). Army officers were perhaps typically more agreeable and easygoing… they didn’t have to undergo intense years of training from the age of 12. The life of a typical soldier day to day perhaps varied wildly based on your location regiment and your sergeant and officers. In the army you also had the hope of rising to non-com and becoming above the day to day petty discipline (and in wartime the very remote hope of being raised from the ranks to an officer though there were financial costs to this and enlisted men who were offered this sometimes refused commissions). This wasn’t really a thing in the navy where the higher ranks required specific hard to learn technical skills where your hope was that your ship would capture some ship worth a lot of prize money and that maybe someday they’d let you quit the navy.

                  “No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a jail; for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned… a man in a jail has more room, better food, and commonly better company.” – Samuel Johnson

                • horatio says:

                  The Royal Navy could conscript at sea and around ports. The idea of this was to force skilled seamen into the navy. Often they didn’t want to join because they could make more money as merchant seamen with a lower risk of death.

                  Sometimes it probably resulted in drunks and such being conscripted out of ports, especially in wartime with big manpower shortages. But that was not the idea or the norm.

                  Conversely Britain didn’t have army conscript at that time. The closest thing to conscription to the army was people convicted of crimes (often capital crimes) being given the option to enlist instead of being sentenced. That’s one thing Wellington is referring to.

                  Generally speaking the Royal Navy was a skilled technical service while the British army was composed of aristocratic officers who bought their commissions and “scum of the earth” enlisted. Turns out that some aristocrats were good at command (Wellington was one) and many scum of the earth enlisted were good at standing in a line and reloading a musket quickly.

      • not a reactionary says:

        A lot of the people who join the military are doing it because its their best option. Recruiters have quotas to fill and don’t really care too much about medical or criminal history, and at any rate most new recruits are going to lie about those things anyway. This is true not just of the US military but possibly every military that has ever existed, most of the grunts are going to be from the lower social classes. Ofc the entire military is not this way and there has to be room for ambition and intelligence, otherwise you get rolled over.

  21. Basil says:

    My fucking tone is somehow related to the fact that the fucking divorced Chekist unleashed a useless war between fraternal populations that could have been avoided, but even in these conditions continues the fucking game of multinational and did nothing to solve the demographic crisis, but the Russian people did the main target of jew&prog. Again. And this is now, when the globalists every year turn the societies on which they parasitize into rot, he decided to become a raw material appendage of the “Chinese brothers”, and to make Russia “rashka” in the eyes of fashionable zoomers who will rule in a generation, and also to update Russophobia inside and outside the country is a great idea.

    And don’t tell me that he is a prisoner of communism, because this is the basis of his legitimacy. In his separation from the CPC, in which the situation is really uncomfortable, Putin has nothing to do with the Leninists and could make a regime in the spirit of Salazar, but Russian-Orthodox and with a solution to the issue of succession. And don’t tell me that he couldn’t do something about 86% of divorces in the Leningrad region or impose restrictions on abortions, since countries completely dependent on the United States can do this and since the states themselves can ban abortions at home.

    Keep jerking off to the beautiful northern hyperborea.

    • jim says:

      Putin is building Cathedrals again. That is a necessary measure that makes possible solutions to all of the other problems.

    • skippy says:

      This guy is a high class shill. He must be very expensive. Congratulations, jim

      • The Cominator says:

        He unironically used “Kyiv” once and its pretty hard to come back from that.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I will unironically use “Kyiv” and support the shills using “Kyiv” because the more it is used, the easier it will be for the Russians to realize Kyiv must be destroyed and Putingrad built on its ashes.

          Kyiv must die.

      • Aidan says:

        19th century nationalism is a hell of a drug man, maybe he’s just a ruskie butthurt about Putins muscular centrism, maybe he’s a ruthenian drinking Poland’s propaganda kool-aid, who can say?

        • Neofugue says:

          Basil is most likely either Ukrainian or Carpatho-Rusyn; he said that he was part Polish, and many of my Ukrainian friends have some Polish ancestry.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m still not a fan of the 3rd Reich but the events of the past few months make me fully understand why the Krauts felt the way they did about Poles.

            Imagine hating the Russians this much when the Krauts long term plan for them was to kill ALL OF THEM. Poles other than the minority given German citizenship were literally next in line after the Jews. The Russians may not have been nice and communism may have sucked but Jesus Christ the Russians saved them…

            • Cloudswrest says:

              I’m still not a fan of the 3rd Reich but the events of the past few months make me fully understand why the Krauts felt the way they did about Poles.

              I’ve been thinking the same thing for the last few months.

            • Basil says:

              If you see hatred towards Russians in my posts, you are a fool and a faggot, what can I say.

              • jim says:

                Well, you clearly do not like the Russian government, and you seem to view Russians as disgusting trash.

                What you can say is to clarify your attitude towards Russians. Anyone reading me can see that I hate the American government and love legacy Amerikaners, including those that shop at Walmart (which I patronize often enough). If that is not your attitude, you have some clarification to do. I also like Russian women, and even like Russian businessmen. Even though they are a bunch of thieves and thugs, they are rather likable thieves and thugs.

            • Red says:

              Poles make shitty slaves, but are too stupid and insolent to run a nation state. They do make decent warriors though. Hitler would have been better off subverting them and using as part of his war machine.

        • skippy says:

          He’s too fuckin American man.

          I am not American and I can smell a 100% American a kilometer away

    • Neofugue says:

      > My fucking tone…[blah blah blah]…

      Glad to hear Putin is winning the war so decisively. I knew Ukraine was losing, but not that badly.

      How’s the view from Poland?

      • Basil says:

        If tomorrow Putin takes Kharkov, while the Jewernment of Ukraine is dying under the rubble of houses destroyed by Caliber, and the day after tomorrow he restores Russia, I will be one of those people who will be most happy, because it turns out that my pessimistic forecasts did not justify themselves. The prediction of a war of attrition came true. A beautiful cathedral is not enough reason to say that Russia will return to life after the end of the war.

        My butthurt is a little deeper than “the side I support is losing”. And no, I don’t have some kind of hereditary historical anger at the Russians because of the history of the 20th century, I have enough honesty to separate these people and the crimes of the Soviet elite, which, by the way, also tormented the Russians. What about Putin?

        • jim says:

          > A beautiful cathedral is not enough reason to say that Russia will return to life after the end of the war.

          Which presupposes, instead of openly coming out and arguing, that the current war is suffocating Russia. On the contrary, it has cleared the air wonderfully, giving them the moral strength and moral justification to reach for memetic sovereignty. And that, I think is what you do not like about Russia and Russians.

          Russia has all the natural resources it needs. It has the smart fraction capable of utilizing them. The withdrawal of foreign businesses has opened space for the rise of its natural elite, who are moving into the economic space opened by sanctions, while its cultural public intellectuals are moving into the space opened by the naked hostility of the bearers of enemy memetics, such as yourself.

          Putin lacked the will and memetic sovereignty to implement national capitalism. Now his enemies are implementing it for him. Their cultural and economic sanctions are backfiring upon themselves.

          You are making valid arguments that deserve a response, but you are using them to smuggle in invalid presuppositions, that you refuse to argue or defend when they are attacked, because you know perfectly well they are indefensible.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Baz, are you just afraid of being optimistic? There’re no guarantees that this shakes out positively. Look how optimistic things appeared for Germany in 1940. But RF has drawn a line on the sand, and demonstrated that they’re going to bleed to maintain it. The first step is the hardest step, and the sprawl of the Cathedral is such that every step, for a terribly long while yet, is going to be a first step.

      Remember what Kek said to the 12 Pepes as they were fleeing from the rout at Charlottesville. “My dudes, be ye based as I am based. Be not cringe, no matter the heavy, no matter the cope, no matter the lelmantations of our enemies as we flee the defeat of the moment. Our memes are not their memes, nor is their fail our fail. The Lord God has declared that we who believe are going to make it, be it in this thread, or the next. 10/10.”

  22. Severian says:

    Lysichansk is in Russian hands.
    A few UKR left in the town have started to surrender.

    I guess Russia is letting Ukrainians retreat from the cities rather than force a full encirclement to avoid lots of urban combat.
    Battle for the Seversk-Soledar-Bakhmut defensive line coming up next.

    • jim says:

      The Ukrainians are able to retreat from the city, but the roads are cut, and they have to retreat cross country over open farmland, which is exceedingly dangerous. I suspect that they are melting away into the civilian population – those of them that are still alive. When defensive trenchworks are taken, they are generally taken over the dead bodies of the people in the trenches, who found that even though staying in their trench was dangerous, leaving it to run away was even more dangerous.

      In this kind of war, it is likely that those that managed to make it out alive are not too keen on continuing to fight.

      What may well have happened is that in some of the defensive works, everyone was killed, and the Russians simply moved forward over the corpses. In other defensive works, troops were told to retreat because their trenches had been bypassed, and once they were able to leave their trenches, were disinclined to do it all over again.

      Under the circumstances I think it likely the Ukrainian troops are not retreating, but rather vanishing. Ukrainian policy is to make Russians pay a high price for every advance, and leave cities in rubble when they are finally lost. This policy was simply not carried out in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. They say they retreated, but I think that in fact orders were given to fight on until the city was utterly destroyed, and officers failed to transmit those orders, knowing there was little prospect of obedience, and finding there were not many grunts around to listen. That rather than retreating or fighting, officers and men that failed to make themselves scarce just stood around waiting.

      LUGANSK, June 27. /TASS/

      Ukrainian groups of forces that remain in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk have been killing foreign mercenaries, a source close to the Lugansk People’s Republic’s militia told TASS on Sunday.

      “Ukrainian militants have been ordered to kill foreign instructors in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk as the latter have certain information about the activity of foreign special services in Donbass so that they do not get captured and disclose this information,” the source said.

      Sounds like an army that has no intention of retreating nor fighting.

      According the Russians, the retreating troops took piles of stuff looted from shops and apartments, and left behind piles of anti tank weapons and suchlike. Sounds they are not planning to regroup. Sounds like they intend to keep going until they reach their homes.

      • Severian says:

        There are Russian reports of Ukranians already starting to retreat from Seversk after some fighting so you might be on to something.

        • jim says:

          Severs’k is only fifteen miles from Lisichansk, and it is likely that most of the workers used to commute by rail to Lisichansk. And are hoping to resume doing so shortly. They likely had a horde of deserters pass through.

          One of the roads between Severs’k and Western Ukraine is still open, or was open a short time ago. Ukraine still has, or very recently had, the capacity to pour in fresh cannon fodder to keep Russian artillery busy. Retreat from Severs’k would be confirmation of RT reports that Ukraine is scraping the bottom of the barrel for cannon fodder, and would suggest that they are running out of fresh scrapings.

          In the Information Epoch, attrition runs considerably faster.

          If this is what is happening, looks like the Jews running Ukraine decided to fight to the last Goy, and have now done so.

          Ukraine blocked Russian advance by putting piles of cannon fodder in the way. This is starting to look like it may well be an unsustainable strategy.

      • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

        Looks like “no nation with a gay pride parade has ever won a war” is about to become a legendary phrase, remembered in/by/for the ages to come. >:^)


  23. Oog en Hand says:

    Jeff Myers, Understanding the Culture:A Survey of Social Engagement

    “Families typically kept all their healthy boys and their oldest healthy girl. Other daughters were left to die as infants. Surgical abortion was available, and women often died from it or were left maimed. Surviving girls were typically married off at age twelve and were pressured into remarriage when widowed.

    Christians opposed these practices. They took in abandoned infants, condemned surgical abortion, allowed girls to remain unmarried until they were ready, and provided support for widows. ”


    • Aidan says:

      And how well does your society work when there are several men for every woman?

      Why should I believe Jeff Myers? Point me a primary source where a Christian from Roman times argues against early marriage. Or do you only read dodeciary sources from modern academics, o primal ancient pagan?

      • Oog en Hand says:

        You do know very well I advocate Asatru, not Mos Maiorum.

        The point is that the jimian position on early marriage is ascribed to the NON -Christians.

        Female infanticide does disrupt societies. Price control leads to shortages. Enforced monogamy while cracking down on feminism creates incentives for female infanticide. Christianity got around this by a STRICT and I mean STRICT ban on ALL infanticide.That is NOT the jimian position.

        • Basil says:

          We don’t need strict monogamy, we need strict marriage and strict punishment for extramarital sex. Sale by rural parents of their daughters as second third wives solves this problem, and only when the communists forbid such practices can problems arise.

        • Aidan says:

          What is your opinion on the movie The Northman? Will let me see if real pagan or shill

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Very suspicious lack of engagement here. Maybe he didn’t see it (Xdoubt)? I think he should be compelled to engage with this question, given his explicit claims of being an “actual” pagan.

        • i says:

          The Dowry owed by the Father of the bride to the Husband really screwed the incentives in regards to sparing the lives of daughters or rendering poor girls unmarriable :

          >”The Confucian attitude towards female infanticide was conflicted. By placing value on age over youth, Confucian filial piety lessened the value of children. The Confucian emphasis on the family led to increasing dowries which in turn led to a girl being far more expensive to raise than a boy, causing families to feel they could not afford as many daughters. The Confucian custom of keeping the male within the family meant that the money spent on a daughter’s upbringing along with the dowry would be lost when she married, and as such girls were called “money-losing merchandise”. Conversely the Confucian belief of Ren led Confucian intellectuals to support the idea that female infanticide was wrong and that the practice would upset the balance between yin and yang.”

          >”for poorer families in rural regions female infanticide and gender selective abortion is attributed to the fear of being unable to raise a suitable dowry and then being socially ostracized”

          A Bride Price that Ancient Israel had is a far better incentive against abortion and infanticide. By making daughters far less of a financial liability that Dowries make them.

          • Red says:

            A Bride Price that Ancient Israel had is a far better incentive against abortion and infanticide. By making daughters far less of a financial liability that Dowries make them.

            Bride price also appears to be the ancient Aryan tradition as well. Sounds like dowries were a way to give and inheritance to girls as well which lead to all sorts of dysfunction with poorer people who didn’t have much to give.

    • i says:

      I read the Book “Triumph of Christianity” by Rodney Stark. The info he got indicates that Christians had quite a few teen marriages about 20% or a few percentage more.
      even as the majority of marriages is over 18 years of age.

      Due to the shortage of women because of abortion. surviving girls were married at 12. And even younger unions contrary to nature among the Pagans.

      Jeff Myers definitely is reading Modernity into Ancient History.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        “even as the majority of marriages is over 18 years of age.”

        And that isn’t early marriage, certainly not jimian early marriage.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          The American tendency to base positions and observations on the exception side of the equation is so annoying. Laws are made with the ultra minority of offenders in mind, ignoring the impact on the vast majority of normals. To say that a woman getting married off at 16, 17, 18 is not young marriage is as fucking dumb as neo-paganism. Are there possible instances where a 13, 14, 15 should be married off? Yes, of course. But it’s probably strategic if positive and tactical if negative. Big, healthy families in well functioning societies would probably have a huge percentage of their daughters becoming wives in the 16-19 window.

        • i says:

          Agreed. I am just quoting the stats. And with what is acceptable among early Christians.

    • Neofugue says:

      Aborting female children, providing [monastic vocations] for widows, and euthanizing disabled people is not the flex you think it is.

      Regarding early marriage, we know from primary sources that Byzantine princess Anna Komnene married at 13 and her mother Irene Doukiana married at 11, thus Myers is a liar and a fraud. Christians never had a problem with early marriage until the Whigs and their ilk began exerting their power during the latter half of the nineteenth century; however, this does not mean that women marrying at 16 or even 19 years of age is a bad thing so long as they are still virgins.

      This may raise some contention, but I do not believe that killing illegitimate children is the necessary response to female immorality. Bastards should be given off to orphanages or sold into slavery, and divorce plus some form of extreme punishment should follow if the mother of the child was married or betrothed at the time, but killing babies on account of the sins of their mothers creates subsequent ethical concerns. That being said, cuckolding is a sensitive matter and should be handled by the offended husband. If he wishes to kill the bastard, that is his decision.

      To give Pagans the benefit of the doubt, Myers’ comments on them may be just as false as his comments on Christians. Given human nature, female infanticide was most likely uncommon among most Roman Pagans, just as given the decadence of high and late Rome, it is likely that most Roman Pagans did not practice early marriage.

      • Neofugue says:

        *edit: “, providing [monastic vocations] for widows,” should be deleted. My bad.

      • The Cominator says:

        Bastards should be treated humanely if not aborted before “quickening” (ie when I would draw the line at abortion per the old common law, abortion being the woman’s owners right to choose). In cases of paternity fraud discovered later the husband can kill the wife but the kid he should have to give away…

        I do not believe the natural law nor generally the laws of the old Testament sanctions the shedding of innocent blood for this… even if the animalistic urge to do out of hurt pride is there. I believe in revenge for all sorts of things like say every leftist on the planet… but they did stuff themselves that makes them fully deserve death.

        Shedding innocent blood to deter the guilty is perhaps a regrettable necessity to deter terroristic religious fanatics and spare many more innocent lives than it saves but its not something I could see sanctioning for far more mundane crimes that can generally be well deterred by punishing the perpatrators. Also violent men inclined to do this sort of thing are probably far less likely to get cucked anyway…

        • Red says:

          even if the animalistic urge to do out of hurt pride is there

          Bastards are killed because it prevents future bastards. We act in this manner because it’s right and just for the propagation of our kin and to preserve the faithfulness of our women as GNON commands. Human life does not intrinsically have value, what has value is your kin and the value that humans produce. Bastards almost always produce negative value and letting one live where your child should been born is an abomination before GNON.

          • The Cominator says:

            I suspect bastards would be less than 5% of births (perhaps less than 2%) in our world… hardly enough of a problem that we’d face the risk of hordes of feral Brazilian street children robbing people in broad daylight or something.

            There are uses any state has for men who don’t have any real family ties.

            • Red says:

              There are uses any state has for men who don’t have any real family ties.

              Civilizations happen when anti-civilized behavior are culled from the population. Killing them or enslaving them are the generally picked methods.

              What possible useful purpose does a bastard serve?

              • The Cominator says:

                Something like Janissaries for example…

                Oog is strictly speaking (at least from what I’ve read though primary sources are weak) right that the Christians grew partially by taking in a lot of kids who were left “exposed” by their families in the time of Imperial Rome as well. So it would seem that history/gnon/god whatever you prefer blessed the side that did find some use for them.

                We have enough guilty blood that we absolutely will have to wade thru lets not add any innocent blood…

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Unwanted doesn’t mean useless. Explain to me the difference between a seventh son and a firstborn bastard? Neither has anything coming to him, is going to be dead last in the consideration of everyone’s plans and desires, and will only have what they can take and hold. Should we limit family size to inheritance metrics? Leftist backdoor, obviously. We, assuming the position of governance, need to stay out of it. If a woman has a bastard fucked into her, her owner must decide what is to happen. Similarly, if a particular war or crisis causes a wave of fatherless children, the community needs a better response than “If bastard, then terminate.”

                Remember, this isn’t monarchy without electricity and ICE. 8 billions is rookie numbers. We need trillions of colonists. Bastards should be pressganged into exo-planetary colonial operations. Call them Starchildren and send them packing. There’s no need to waste children of GNON without a very good reason.

                • The Cominator says:

                  In the future perhaps… initial space colonization will be very specialized people with very specific skills and psych profiles. Initially you need the kind of people who can stand long periods of something like submarine life and that isn’t for everyone.

              • Alfred says:

                That men like William the Conqueror could be produced from it seems to say that great men can come from bastardy, if nothing else.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don Juan of Austria as well… certainly he would have been a better King of Spain than Phillip II.

                • Red says:

                  Sure but William was raised by his father in his father’s court. We’re not talking about demon spawn here. I’ve known a lot of bastards who never knew their fathers and all of who failed in life and became net drains on everyone. It’s the lack of having father that’s the primary problem in most cases.

                  Babies being adopted by new parents works somewhat if done at near birth and if the children are not told, but the results are inferior to natural children. Women will happily whore themselves out to every alpha in their path if they know that offspring will be cared for and raised by cuck fathers.

                  Similarly, if a particular war or crisis causes a wave of fatherless children, the community needs a better response than “If bastard, then terminate.”

                  Expulsion was the common practice. A few bastards are able to make something of themselves but it’s rare. A bastard who makes trouble on the other hand tended to end up dead and no one cared.

                  >Something like Janissaries for example…

                  Random Demon spawn kids are unlikely to produce high quality warriors. If that sort of model worked the Turks would have take the street urchins bastards from their cities instead of capturing true born children from their villages.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  The Janissaries were mainly composed of the superior Slav goon-spawn, not the effeminate Turkic horse appreciator. There is a quality gradient to bastardy. There’s a quality gradient in most, if not all things.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Killing bastards is a cosmic neg on the genetic fitness of bastardry. Deus Vult.

          • The Cominator says:

            Numbers 5 permits abortion in cases of suspected adultery, it excludes them from the congregation, but nothing in Old Testament I know of allows killing them for no reason after birth (military laws specifying wholesale slaughter make no distinctions)…

            Infanticide in any case other than military cases where wholesale slaughter is to be carried out would fall under the prohibition against murder so not Deus Vult. If they commit crimes sure…

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The word murder doesn’t mean killing, it means wrongful killing. It is not the question of killing that is disputed, it is the question of wrongfullness that is disputed.

              • The Cominator says:

                Murder is wrongful killing, but all killings not sanctioned by the OT law (or obvious natural law case of defense of life and property) would be considered murder…

                So yeah it is murder.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Obvious coherence with divine law is the matter again of contention. Looks to me like OT tends to be studiously non-committal on the subject of what happens to wages of adultery; meaning a subject that was considered a solved problem in general and not in danger of becoming unsolved, or that it was not considered a problem that needed sovereign attention in particular, meaning it was men of the mannerbund themselves who handled the problem.

                • Red says:

                  Shorter Saint John:

                  The bible’s failure to mention a penalty for destroying the results of adultery indicates that destroying such results was standard operating procedure.

                • The Cominator says:

                  A different penalty for murder would be redundant. Numbers 5 is the only case where possible adultery babies are mentioned… and nothing is mentioned about them post birth.

                • Red says:

                  >A different penalty for murder would be redundant.

                  Murder is unlawful killing. It’s normal and natural to kill a child you’ve been cucked into raising. Without a proscription against it in the law, then it’s not unlawful.

                • i says:

                  @Red, Pseudo-Chrysostom

                  “Looks to me like OT tends to be studiously non-committal on the subject of what happens to wages of adultery”

                  “The bible’s failure to mention a penalty for destroying the results of adultery indicates that destroying such results was standard operating procedure.”

                  It doesn’t need to. (Genesis 9:6) forbids it by definition. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore to take life outside of what God commands is to murder.

                  It is Sacrilege to take judge for yourself whether someone lives or dies outside of Divine Sanction.

                  There are official penalties for adultery and other crimes and War which itself has its own regulations as laid down by God.

                  And one of the principles of Justice is that only the person committing the crime gets the punishment and it is always in accordance with “Eye for Eye”.

                  Its not the child’s fault for existing. Again to look at the attitudes of the Early Christians read the “Didache” on abortion and infanticide no matter what results in the existence of the child.

                • jim says:

                  > There are official penalties for adultery

                  Are there? Not seeing it. The penalty is death, but no process is depicted for deciding, nor who shall give effect to that penalty. Solomon presupposes that the penalty being carried out depends on the husband.

                  You are projecting a legal system that did not exist until recent centuries, and a policing system that did not exist until the early twentieth century, back into biblical times.

                • Red says:

                  It doesn’t need to. (Genesis 9:6) forbids it by definition. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore to take life outside of what God commands is to murder.

                  God law doesn’t mention self defense. Is self defense murder? What about when you killing a man trying to rape your wife? Is that murder too? There’s needs to be term for progressive shitheads who appeal to the bible in order to ignore God’s natural law that informs men that killing in such situations is moral and just.

                  It is Sacrilege to take judge for yourself whether someone lives or dies outside of Divine Sanction.

                  When a nigger’s beating your father to death a coward like you must huddle in a corner saying over and over again that’s God’s will, because if you kill that nigger to save your father then it’s SACRILEGE! Your twisting God’s laws to fit your evil progressive religion is disgusting.

                  Its not the child’s fault for existing. Again to look at the attitudes of the Early Christians read the “Didache” on abortion and infanticide no matter what results in the existence of the child.

                  It’s not women’s fault that they like to fuck Alpha’s or try to get themselves raped. I don’t blame women for their behavior because they can’t fucking help it. Punishment is about discouraging bad behavior or by removing uncivilized traits from the genepool. You do what you can to prevent the crime happening, but when it does happen there has to be punishment to discourage it from happening again.

                • i says:


                  >”Are there? Not seeing it. The penalty is death, but no process is depicted for deciding, nor who shall give effect to that penalty.”

                  “6 On the evidence of two witnesses or of three witnesses the one who is to die shall be put to death; a person shall not be put to death on the evidence of one witness. 7 The hand of the witnesses shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.

                  8 “If any case arises requiring decision between one kind of homicide and another, one kind of legal right and another, or one kind of assault and another, any case within your towns that is too difficult for you, then you shall arise and go up to the place that the Lord your God will choose. 9 And you shall come to the Levitical priests and to the judge who is in office in those days, and you shall consult them, and they shall declare to you the decision. 10 Then you shall do according to what they declare to you from that place that the Lord will choose. And you shall be careful to do according to all that they direct you. 11 According to the instructions that they give you, and according to the decision which they pronounce to you, you shall do. You shall not turn aside from the verdict that they declare to you, either to the right hand or to the left. 12 The man who acts presumptuously by not obeying the priest who stands to minister there before the Lord your God, or the judge, that man shall die. So you shall purge the evil from Israel. 13 And all the people shall hear and fear and not act presumptuously again.”


                  “You are projecting a legal system that did not exist until recent centuries, and a policing system that did not exist until the early twentieth century, back into biblical times.”

                  You have shown that to be true. But the existence of the multiple witnesses rule and the bringing of cases before Judges does indicate some kind of due process:

                  “18You are to appoint judges and officials for your tribes in every town that the LORD your God is giving you. They are to judge the people with righteous judgment.

                  19Do not deny justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous.

                  20Pursue justice, and justice alone, so that you may live, and you may possess the land that the LORD your God is giving you. ”


                  I am sure you can find other passages about how the adultery is discovered and punished. It is definitely on the Books as an Official Capital Crime.

                • jim says:

                  “If there is found among you, within any of your towns that the Lord your God is giving you, a man or woman who … shall be put to death; ”

                  Yes, but who does the finding and the stoning? No mention or specification of any formal institutional structure, no judges except for cases involving fine points of law, no police with special powers.

                  Only the hard cases, about which reasonable men disagree, get priestly arbitration.

                  “If any case arises requiring decision between one kind of homicide and another, one kind of legal right and another, or one kind of assault and another, any case within your towns that is too difficult for you, then you shall arise and go up to the place that the Lord your God will choose. And you shall come to the Levitical priests …

                  So no special place and special people to deliver judgment. No police, no courts and courthouses for ordinary crimes, no specially designated judges with special authority for ordinary crimes.

                  And that is roughly the way it was everywhere until quite recently a couple of centuries ago. Policing was controversial.

                • i says:


                  You missed my comment about self defense. Here I will rehash it:

                  “If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed; but if it happens after sunrise, the defender is guilty of bloodshed” (Exodus 22:2–3).

                  There is the right to self-defense right there.

                • i says:

                  >”It’s not women’s fault that they like to fuck Alpha’s or try to get themselves raped. I don’t blame women for their behavior because they can’t fucking help it. ”

                  You got all the Church Fathers against you on this one.

                  You make babies in the womb and infants suckling at mom’s breasts identical to irresponsible slutty women.

                  They are totally capable just like those women of moral choices. Amirite?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  If they are capable, then they are unlike the women.

                  If they are incapable, then they are like the women, and you have demonstrated his point.

                • i says:


                  “If they are capable, then they are unlike the women.

                  If they are incapable, then they are like the women, and you have demonstrated his point.”

                  A baby and infant is incapable and cannot be held accountable. Unlike women. My point stands.


                  “Yes, but who does the finding and the stoning? No mention or specification of any formal institutional structure, no judges except for cases involving fine points of law, no police with special powers.”

                  I think there is where I got off track. When I say there are official penalties. It is according to this:

                  And the Death penalty for Adultery. Not the results of Adultery like murdering the child.

                  You are right about it not being like modernity.

                  The Death penalty is still officially sanctioned by that metric.

                  Capital Punishment that isn’t specified like the penalties for adultery, murder and blasphemy is otherwise forbidden.

                  That still doesn’t give sanction to killing for any reason. That is murder. In accordance with (Genesis 9:6).

                • jim says:

                  No one says bible allows killing for any reason.

                  But it allows private killing for good reason, and until the past few centuries, nearly all legitimate killings were private killings for good reason.

                  And that is the point of contention, that you are writing the globohomo system that renders men of good character and standing impotent and powerless before evildoers backwards into the earliest biblical times.

                • i says:


                  You missed this comment?

                  “Looks to me like OT tends to be studiously non-committal on the subject of what happens to wages of adultery”

                  “The bible’s failure to mention a penalty for destroying the results of adultery indicates that destroying such results was standard operating procedure.”

                  If not limited by Biblical sanction it ends up allowing massively expanding the range of what is legitimate in killing.

                  “But it allows private killing for good reason, and until the past few centuries, nearly all legitimate killings were private killings for good reason.”

                  Then what do you make of this verse:

                  “18Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against any of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.”


                  Although elsewhere there is the Man who takes up the Job of Vengeance as the “Avenger of Blood” which necessitates the refuge cities. So “Private violence” in this regard is Officially sanctioned by God the King of Israel at that time.

                  But I think as Christians in the New Covenant. Private avenging violence outside of the Authority of the Local Magistrate is forbidden:

                  Romans 12:19
                  19Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”

                  But then the local Magistrate is God’s instrument of Wrath(Romans 13):

                  “1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2Consequently, whoever resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

                  3For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the one in authority? Then do what is right, and you will have his approval. 4For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not carry the sword in vain. He is God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer.”

                • jim says:

                  You are over interpreting the bible. It does not directly endorse a system that did not exist at the time.

                  It says “leave it to God”. It does not say leave it to the proper authorities, because the proper authorities were not all that interested in enforcing the present day monopoly.

                • jim says:

                  Your “Christianity” smells funny. Smells of post Christianity. You are reaching far for any rationale you can find that Christianity is Globohomo compliant, while somehow being vague and slippery about the matters that force Globohomo to suppress old type Christianity with means that are ever more violent, cruel, and lawless.

                  Take the Christian shill test.

                  Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                  Until you take the shill test, your comments are likely to be deleted, censored, or arbitrarily redacted. I have come to suspect that you are not making honest good faith arguments, so no longer feel an obligation to rebut, rather than censor.

                  You quote Paul, who tells us to obey the magistrate, who also was executed for refusing to obey the magistrate. Much like Roman Catholics quoting Paul on chastity and holiness-spiraling on those words snatched from their larger context, while neglecting to quote him on recruitment of bishops and deacons.

                • i says:

                  Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                • jim says:

                  Taking you off moderation, but I have started to suspect that there is a flaw in my shill test – that there is a category of postchristian shills that can say the words.

                • i says:

                  “You quote Paul, who tells us to obey the magistrate, who also was executed for refusing to obey the magistrate.”

                  If the Magistrate command’s us to defy God. We already have the example in the Book of Acts what is to be done(Acts 5:28-29).

                  “28“We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name,” he said. “Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us responsible for this man’s blood.” 29But Peter and the other apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than men. ”

                  I still affirm that the Hierarchy is God>Civil Authorities. When one must conflict with the other.

                  “It says “leave it to God”. It does not say leave it to the proper authorities.”

                  It says that to leave it to God is to leave it to the proper Authorities and other supernatural instruments God uses to execute his wrath. You think its a coincidence they are a few verses apart addressing the same issue of Avenging Evil.

                  Its synonymous. Of course an unjust Magistrate is to be replaced with a Just Magistrate. But it still is that leaving Vengeance in God’s hands also involves leaving it to the proper Authorities.

                  As for the shill test I will affirm against in this comment:

                  “Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.”.

                  Truly God and Truly Man. Who died and rose from the dead to Reign at the right hand of the Majesty in Heaven.

                • jim says:

                  This surely presupposes that the civil authorities are in fact doing the job.

                  And it does not in fact say leave it to the civil authorities. It says obey the civil authorities.

                  And if their commands are wickedness?

                  A little while ago, someone stronger than I climbed my wall, came onto my land, and beat me up. Covered in my own blood, and dripping blood everywhere, I fled into my house, where hanging on the wall is an array of legal lethal weapons. He remained in my yard, giving my wife a hard time. If I called the police, then when they eventually showed up after half an hour or so, all they would do, assuming nothing worse had happened to me or my wife over the next half hour or so, is politely ask him to leave, assuming he was still there in half an hour or so. He would be back soon enough to do it again.

                  What then should a man do under these circumstances?

                  Similarly, having a family and children requires acts forbidden by the civil authorities. Are Christians therefore to not have families and children?

                  Having forbidden oil production, the civil authorities are now escalating to forbidding food production. Are Christians required to comply?

                • i says:


                  “What then should a man do under these circumstances?

                  Similarly, having a family and children requires acts forbidden by the civil authorities. Are Christians therefore to not have families and children?”

                  I agree with what you said. That’s why I said an unjust Magistrate is to be replaced by a Just One. Who does God’s will in carrying out his Wrath.

                  And if the Civil Authorities requires us to disobey God. God takes precedence. As I cited which happened in the Book of Acts.

                  If we are weak we start like David. Dancing around their attempts to crush us. Until the Unjust Power can be replaced.

                  I think an intermediate stage may look a bit like the “tyranny of the cousins”. Although I would prefer that as much as the institutional expertise of due process of pinning down the guilty be retained until the Civil Authorities are changed.

            • Neofugue says:

              > Numbers 5 permits abortion in cases of suspected adultery

              No it does not. Whether or not the woman miscarries is left to God, not the offended husband.

              • Red says:

                Pretty sure the woman was going to miscarry when given the ancient Hebrew version of the abortion pill. Her husband brings her in for the treatment not the authorities.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It was obviously some concoction that the priests knew of that GENERALLY caused miscarriage but the rate was not 100%, if it failed the baby was to be deemed legitimate as God had decided in its favor (whether it really was or not).

                • Neofugue says:

                  You are reading the idea of the abortion pill into scripture.

                  The holy water is a reflection of communion. If one partakes of communion unworthily, the communion will burn him, just as the woman drinking the holy water may burn her.

                  You and Cominator are not Christians so the following does not apply to you, but if a Christian argued for abortion implying that holy water is used as an abortion pill in Numbers 5, I would have him either burned at the stake or sent to a labor camp in Alaska immediately.

                • Red says:

                  The miscarriage rate with abortion pills is never 100%. This was in the context of a suspected case of adultery(she’s to be killed out of hand if it’s proven) so they did the ancients always did what they always did: let chance decide the issue in a manner that satisfied everyone because God controlled the odds.

                • jim says:

                  As everyone keeps pointing out, not holy water. It was holy water with something extra. The holiness was to protect against abortion of the innocent. May well have worked. The something extra was to procure abortion.

                • The Cominator says:


                  It is called both “holy water” and “bitter waters which cause the curse.”…

                  Sounds like its not mere water but a herbalist concoction why would mere holy water be bitter? You are not reading it carefully, and I took this from the Young Literal Translation.

                • Red says:

                  The holy water is a reflection of communion. If one partakes of communion unworthily, the communion will burn him, just as the woman drinking the holy water may burn her.

                  It was described as bitter water, AKA some sort of poison designed to induce abortion. Stop perverting scripture order to fit your blue pilled bullshit.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And the problem with abortion before quickening is not murder… its that its a womans right to choose and not husbands and fathers right to choose. I would limit to before quickening but my interpration of Numbers 5 is indeed that early abortion at least is okay if a womans husband wants one (if you want to be more restrictive you could say if he has good reason to suspect an adultery pregnancy).

                • Neofugue says:

                  My problem is not you and Cominator advocating the killing of bastards, it is asserting that Holy Water induces abortions, which is blasphemy.

                  Anyone can read anything into scripture. Truth is decided based on the traditions of the house of God the church. In this discussion, the church decides what Numbers 5 means, just as the church decides the position on other issues such as polygamy, no one else. The twisted interpretation is wicked and disgusting, and needs to be dealt accordingly.

                  > It was obviously

                  No, it was not obviously

                  If this keeps up, remember to continue to use VPNs after the restoration…

                • jim says:

                  > Cominator advocating the killing of bastards, it is asserting that Holy Water induces abortions

                  It was not holy water. It was holy water with a little something extra.

                  The intent of that little something extra was to induce a miscarriage, and the intent of the holy water is that if the baby was the husbands, and his suspicions ill founded, she would not miscarry.

                  Maybe the holy water worked. The medical profession would say placebo effect, but I have seen some extraordinarily and mysteriously powerful placebo effects. But whether it worked or not, I think it highly likely that that something extra worked, and probably not primarily through placebo effect. Biologically active compounds, especially those with harmful effects, are usually bitter, because we have receptors tuned to stop us from eating toxic foods, and whole lot of plants develop a range of toxins to kill creatures that eat stuff they do not want eaten. In nature, when one is keeping an eye out for stuff that might be edible, because due to an error in navigation and poor planning one has been wandering in the wilderness for three days without food, it is mighty hard to find stuff that is not poisonous. Most of our root vegetables were poisonous without careful and elaborate preparation, until over a very long time, we bred that out of them. Still have not totally bred it out of potatoes, because polypoidy makes it hard to completely eliminate a trait – they have a massively redundant genome.

                  Ivermectin is one of an enormous number of broad spectrum poisons developed by immobile organisms against thing that eat them, It kills a remarkably wide range of things, while being reasonably harmless to most mammals. Fairly deadly to most other critters. Most stationary living things in nature that you can bite into are poisonous, and doubtless quite a few of those poisons are more toxic to infants in the womb than they are to adults, though probably you would be hard put to find something deadly to one and harmless to the other.

                • Red says:

                  I would limit to before quickening but my interpration of Numbers 5 is indeed that early abortion at least is okay if a womans husband wants one (if you want to be more restrictive you could say if he has good reason to suspect an adultery pregnancy).

                  You’ve missed the entire context of the passage: The abortion is to put his jealous mind at rest when he suspects but can’t prove adultery. If the baby is fine then it was his child and he can stop worrying about it. If the baby is aborted then his wife is about to end up dead as well.

                  The unmentioned context is that If he caught her in the act then she and the baby would be dead as his hands. That’s normal and natural and not murder. You keep trying to invent time based rules when the only rules that manner are in the context of a man’s ownership of his wife and children.

                  The problem with abortion is the US is that it’s a religious sacrament to Moloch. It should be banned on the basis of demon worship outside of the case of rape where a husband request the child be aborted.

                • Red says:

                  My problem is not you and Cominator advocating the killing of bastards, it is asserting that Holy Water induces abortions, which is blasphemy.

                  It’s bitter water not holy water. What the fuck is the matter with you? You seem unable to read the scripture you claim to hold in high regard.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m NOT advocating for killing bastards at least after birth I’ve probably been the most consistent opponent of this on this forum.

                  Why would holy water be bitter? I generally like the Orthodox Church but have they had a definite council doctrine on the exact meaning of Numbers 5 I STRONGLY doubt it. So if not you do not have this its open to analysis by plain reason and in the light of plain reason you need to explain why holy water would be bitter? I don’t care at all what the Catholic Church says.

                • Neofugue says:

                  “And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel; and of the dust that is in the floor of the tabernacle the priest shall take, and put it into the water”

                  “shall take holy water”

                  “holy water”

                  “Bitter” is a descriptor given to the holy water after the dust was added, not a separate category.

                • Red says:

                  23 `And the priest hath written these execrations in a book, and hath blotted [them] out with the bitter waters,

                  24 and hath caused the woman to drink the bitter waters which cause the curse, and the waters which cause the curse have entered into her for bitter things.

                  Water that’s been turned bitter by adding something to it isn’t holy water any more, it’s bitter watters the same when when you ad some shit to wine, it’s no longer wine. You’re being intentionally stupid because you don’t want to deal with the reality of what’s going on in this passage: The priest is inducing an abortion because her husband thinks she might have been unfaithful. Showing both normal male property rights and a total disregard for the continued existence of bastards.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Communion wine is still holy even if one defiles it with poison; this was one of the main arguments against Donatism.

                  Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco had many enemies, one of them who poisoned his communion wine, of which upon drinking he managed to spit out before the poison consumed him. Our interpretation of the event is that the Holy Spirit protected St. John from the poison.

                  Holy water is still holy even if dust from the floor is put inside of it. The idea is, if she is innocent, God through the holy water will protect her from the dust; if she is not, the holy water will not work and the dust will render her ill. It is not an abortion, it is a test.

                  > I generally like the Orthodox Church but have they had a definite council doctrine on the exact meaning of Numbers 5 I STRONGLY doubt it. So if not you do not have this its open to analysis by plain reason and in the light of plain reason

                  First, the Orthodox Church does not need a council on everything. I do not need a council on mistreating orphans to know that mistreating orphans is wrong. I do know, however, that we have many saints who speak against the practice of abortion and we have many decrees against the practice, so I speak on behalf of the church on this matter.

                  Second, all observation is interpreted upon a framework of understanding based on his knowledge and past experiences. Every heretic, demon worshiper, etc. claims his understanding is based on “pure reason” or some sort of “objectivity,” see below:

                  You’re being intentionally stupid because you don’t want to deal with the reality of what’s going on

                  Hence why you do not argue with intellectuals, you shoot them.

                • Neofugue says:

                  “her thigh shall rot”

                  In other words, she will be unable to conceive. Nowhere does it say that the accused woman is pregnant; abortion is mentioned in the NIV translation but not the proper translations. What is at stake is her fertility.

                  My apologies, should have spotted this earlier. The NIV interpretation threw me off and I read its meaning into further revisions.

                • The Cominator says:

                  ” I do not need a council on mistreating orphans to know that mistreating orphans is wrong.”

                  Agreed because its clear from plain reason its wrong. But I ask is it clear from plain reason that?

                  1) That this does NOT refer to an induced miscarriage with some concoction known to the Levites

                  2) That early term abortion before quickening or fetal viability is wrong

                  I do say that on the 1st point #1 appears from plain reason to be water + something. Probably the “dust” and “paper” could be herbs of some kind…

                  On the second point reasonable people have disagreed, Anglo Saxon common law allowed for it before quickening.

                  I DO agree that its wrong to abort late or to kill bastard children after birth, this is clear from plain reason and there is NOTHING in the law that allows for after birth killings based on stuff the mother did. Given that murder is a severe crime and sin and the exceptions that allowed for righteous killing (and there are numerous ones) are enumerated in painstaking detail within the law its very wrong to read that any such right exists.

                • Red says:

                  I DO agree that its wrong to abort late or to kill bastard children after birth, this is clear from plain reason and there is NOTHING in the law that allows for after birth killings based on stuff the mother did. Given that murder is a severe crime and sin and the exceptions that allowed for righteous killing (and there are numerous ones) are enumerated in painstaking detail within the law its very wrong to read that any such right exists.

                  Murder is unlawful killing. Killing a bastard who your wife cucked on you isn’t unlawful killing, it’s the natural outcome of such an event. Much like killing your wife and her lover if you catch them in bed.

                  The law exists to compliment natural law in cases where natural law can result in conflicts between family units or where men have a propensity to ignore natural law or as a more productive behavior pattern(IE washing). In the case of a bastard it has no family to defend and thus is solely handled by the patriarch.

                  Let me make this even more pointed: Parents are allowed to kill their children in the Old Testament. They own their children and there were cases where they killed them without penalty. Now its generally very counter productive to kill your own children and it’s pretty fucking rare.

                  About 15 years ago a father caught his 13 year old boy raping a 6 year boy in an empty lot. He beat his son to death right then and there. The jury refused to convict him. Natural law dictates that the father owns his children and despite the progressive programming on a basic level we all understand it to be true.

                  Com you seem intent in living in a shitty progressive world where 10,000 laws are designed to control everyone’s behavior. The rest of us want to return to natural law with limited religious law complimenting it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Let me make this even more pointed: Parents are allowed to kill their children in the Old Testament.”

                  You had to have good cause and the elders have to give the okay, you couldn’t just beat them to death in a fit of drunken rage even in the OT you’d be executed for murder for that. They are then to be stoned by the assembly. Furthermore in designating the kid a bastard you deny its your child for it is not. So the solution is to put it out of the house. Unlimited rights to kill your children only existed beyond ancient antiquity in China and Japan. In Rome they theoretically existed for a long time but unless you exposed them right away (birth defects) it didn’t exist in practice entirely because killing family members without cause would severely hurt your dignitas (meaning your friends patrons and clients both would drop you and your life was over). Even then the Roman form of infanticide was exposure, as exposed infants could be saved and they often were by Christians… or slavers.

                  I like natural law but when it comes to killing particularly killing someone who didn’t do anything themselves… gotta draw a hard line. You mention the case of a father beating his kid to death for being a gay kiddie rapist I doubt that jury would have been so charitable if you killed your young son or daughter because lets say you get in a fight with your wife that goes to 100 she laughs at you in female scorn says the kid isn’t yours and you not only end up killing your wife (maybe you’d get away with that) but you then go down the hall to kill the kid.

                  Give them to the orphanage, beating the kid to death for what his mother did perhaps may feel right in the moment… but even if its legal you probably aren’t going to feel too good about having done it when you are old and preparing to meet God. Its not like killing leftists or your bitch evil wife…

                • i says:


                  “NIV translation”

                  Ever since the 2011 Translation. The subverters deliberately mistranslated the Bible in accordance with the Feminist. Anti-God agenda:

                  The NIV 1984 was more solid and I still have the book. But the later translation is Satanic. And inverted Good and Evil.

            • i says:

              I don’t think so. Numbers 5 was about God supernaturally making a woman infertile for adultery.

              I don’t see any sign of permitting abortion.

              You are also contradicting the view of the early Christians in the “Didache” and others which was quoted on this blog in previous posts.

              Not in the womb or outside the womb should a child be destroyed.

          • Neofugue says:

            > Killing bastards is a cosmic neg on the genetic fitness of bastardry.

            Have hundreds of years of honor killings served as a cosmic neg on the genetic fitness of female immorality?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Honor killings look mighty like a Chesterton’s fence. The coincidence of bad people wanting to stop honor killings, and bad results subsequent to interference against honor killings, is a pretty strong coincidence.

              • Neofugue says:

                My point was that killing bastards will not end the problem of female immorality, because bastards, like female immorality, is entropy, and one cannot kill entropy away.

                I am not against honor killings. I am against killing innocent children, whether bastards or not.

                • Red says:

                  My point was that killing bastards will not end the problem of female immorality, because bastards, like female immorality, is entropy, and one cannot kill entropy away.

                  You restrain chaos by pruning and regulating life through the natural order of the universe, via GNON’s law.

                  I am not against honor killings. I am against killing innocent children, whether bastards or not.

                  Then you are against God’s law as laid down in his books.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m against killing them too… and think it will bring bad luck to us or worse to allow for it.

                  But I’ve never entirely agreed with the idea that conception = baby. I think this is fundamentally a Catholic meme (and one designed to keep 3rd world birthrates high as they were falling in the West). I rather like the old common law rule on this of “Quickening”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’ve agreed with you on “bitter water that causes the curse” doesn’t sound like its mere holy water… the “dust” and “paper” mixed in could be anything and their exact composition known only to the ancient Levites but on this you are wrong…

                  No passage in the OT other than Numbers 5 which I think (Neofugue disagrees) condones inducing miscarriage (with a less than 100% success rate) under limited circumstances says its okay to just kill bastards after birth.

                • Red says:

                  No passage in the OT other than Numbers 5 which I think (Neofugue disagrees) condones inducing miscarriage (with a less than 100% success rate) under limited circumstances says its okay to just kill bastards after birth.

                  You’re looking at things from a progressive perspective where all normal human reactions must be suppressed in favor of the law dealing with all the details, which is insanity. Under natural law the offspring of an adulteress woman would be killed by the offended husband. That’s normal and natural for Men.

                  If there was a good reason to suppress this natural instinct then there would be something in the law modifying this behavior. There isn’t. Ergo natural law should take it’s course and the bastard will be killed by the offended husband.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The common minimum seems to be that the privilege of deciding the matter, one way or another, is left to you as the house-father; in a similar spirit to how there is not a specific prescription to how you should decorate your living room; that either such prescription would necessarily inflate asyptotically on account of the highly contingent nature of the subject – or, necessarily be a calumny, on account of adulterating such necessary fulsomeness at one point or another.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m certainly not arguing you are obligated to keep another guys kid in your house and to care for them, but put them out for the church orphanage (and no they should not be allowed to copy the sadistic practices of the Duplessis Catholic orphanges) or charitable christian couples to care for.

                  We will not have many bastards anyway (except if a major war creates a major excess of women compared to men) as there will be almost no unmarried women, so it won’t be a major problem.

      • i says:

        Likewise Dowry owed by the Father of the bride to the Husband really screwed the incentives in regards to sparing the lives of daughters and rendering them unmarriable despite the possible merits of their character and beauty:

        >”The Confucian attitude towards female infanticide was conflicted. By placing value on age over youth, Confucian filial piety lessened the value of children. The Confucian emphasis on the family led to increasing dowries which in turn led to a girl being far more expensive to raise than a boy, causing families to feel they could not afford as many daughters. The Confucian custom of keeping the male within the family meant that the money spent on a daughter’s upbringing along with the dowry would be lost when she married, and as such girls were called “money-losing merchandise”. Conversely the Confucian belief of Ren led Confucian intellectuals to support the idea that female infanticide was wrong and that the practice would upset the balance between yin and yang.”

        >”for poorer families in rural regions female infanticide and gender selective abortion is attributed to the fear of being unable to raise a suitable dowry and then being socially ostracized”

        A Bride Price that Ancient Israel had is a far better incentive against abortion and infanticide at least in its sex-biased form. By making daughters far less of a financial liability that Dowries make them.

        Just replicating this comment is also in reply to another commentator.

      • i says:

        If Bastards grow up to be criminals. Then the Capital Punishment takes care of that adequately.

        But I think there is good reason why God forbade infanticide/abortion. Because it also somehow curses the Country where the murder is done.

        The blood of the innocent cries out for vengeance.

        • Red says:

          But I think there is good reason why God forbade infanticide/abortion. Because it also somehow curses the Country where the murder is done.

          God forbid the sacrifice of their children because the ritual murder of children has proven to disastrous long term despite the sort of sick unity and power that behavior grants. Though I note that Jephthah burned his own daughter to God and there’s suggestive textual evidence that sacrificing first born daughters used to be a common practice for the Hebs. I personally think that the binding of Issac was written in at a later date to purge the practice entirely as Judaism separated itself from Baal worship.

          God didn’t outlaw the killing of bastards for just cause. When a bastard is beaten to death for stealing no one would give a fuck.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I’d like to make an observation on your framing of this issue that can easily be interpreted as a remonstration or holier-than-thou posturing, and it isn’t, this is in good faith, but you’ll have to make the decision to believe that, or not.

            What was productive about the tenor of your comments in the Adulterous Fruit discourse? Was it necessary to be so coarse and insulting? I happen to agree with you on the technical side, but I also happen to be the type of man and father that would put away the adulterous wife, keep the bastard, and take up a new wife. Is this the optimum path? No, it is fraught with peril and challenges. But I like kids, I want as many of them as possible, and if some are the fruit of my loins then I am GNON compliant, so if others are the fruit of someone else’s mistakes and I raise the little accidents to be dangerous, capable men, I am based compliant. I have a weakness for orphans, and bastards are spiritual orphans. What another man does with his problems is none of my business, but if feckless or incapable fathers can’t handle the kids God gives them, I am happy to gain advantage from their incapacity. My wife and I would be the type to collect a few bastards if we could because we need farmhands and we like raising kids. Would this be me promoting evil?

            You are free to insult and attack while you respond, and your technical grasp and theoretical underpinning is excellent in my estimation. I just don’t see the utility in good men insulting each other while they disagree on technical points. “Carry the one, douchebag” and “As usual, your terrible genetics and overwhelming stupidity has forced you to disregard the remainder” are roughly the same message, but one is teasing and the other is an attack. Maybe I’m concern trolling. If so, just ignore me.

  24. alf says:

    Jim, my site is back up over at, if you’d want to update the blog roll.

    I’m nearing the end of my second draft. No doubt there will be a third draft. If the story is finished after that, hard to say, but I feel like it’s slowly turning into the shape where I’m satisfied.

    • someDude says:

      Welcome Back. How’s Spandrell doing over at Urbit. Maybe he can come and comment on Jim’s Blog?

      • alf says:

        That would be nice but I don’t think it’ll happen.

        • someDude says:

          Read the 30000 words. Much enjoyment. Good stuff. Love your mildly self deprecatory humor about 2 guys buying the book and 1.5 guys reading the article. I think its a lot more than that.

          Very interesting, this self deprecatory humor. Builds cohesion among men while simultaneously being radioactive with regards to Pussy. Most curious.

          • alf says:

            Thank you much appreciated.

            In my experience women enjoy a healthy dose of self-deprecation, eg a sense of humility backed up with plenty of confidence. But the dumber the woman, the less likely she’ll get the joke, I think.

            • someDude says:

              I’ve been meeting Dumb women then. Good to know

              • alf says:

                Alternate answer: for women, context is everything. If some incel says ‘sometimes I’m such an idiot’ a woman will think: ‘sometimes?’. But if Justin Bieber tells a fan ‘sometimes I’m such an idiot’ that woman will think: ‘omg he’s so famous but so down to earth I can’t believe how cool he is omg omg’

              • The Cominator says:

                Women that aren’t Russian, Persian or Jewish don’t have all that much IQ variance. White women are essentially midwits all.

                Yes there are VERY rare outliers but inevitably they also have mood or personality disorders (of which only the bipolar and bpd cases have redeeming qualities all the others are different forms of pure evil).

                • Leon says:

                  Do you have data on that? Just curious.

                • The Cominator says:

                  No observation, I believe Jim has expressed similar sentiments though the part on mood or personality disorders is I think exclusively my own.

                • Ghost says:


                  Data’s overrated. I prefer dead reckoning. Sister was able to do Calculus sophomore year of High School. But, she may have had Jewish blood.

                • Red says:

                  In my early 20s a college friend of mine introduced me to his sister who was quite smart for a woman. She struggled but passed calculus while I passed the classes without studying or doing the homework. There was nothing mentally wrong with her beyond the endless entitlement and high status that women are given. She went onto get a PHP in some stem field and is unhappily mothering cats while working for a government lab.

                  She was from spaniard white stock who’s family that had been land owners in the US and Mexico for hundreds of years.

                  I expect she’ll be going crazy soon as her plain looks and high status from a PHP made it impossible for her to marry and have children.

                • Red says:

                  PHD, not PHP*

            • restitutor_orbis says:

              I spent hours reading the blog yesterday. It was really excellent! The historical account of how the different streams fed together in particular, with the difference between PUA and Manosphere, how Gnon merged different factions, etc.

              Re: self-deprecation, what I have found works is to self-deprecate only about things unrelated to the man’s area of competence. This makes the man relatable but does not call into question his confidence in what makes him great.

        • Mr.P says:

          I read every one of the 30,000 words. Fantastic job, especially about the early years of NRx about which I knew little. Needs a thorough copy edit, other than that, immensely enjoyable.

          • jim says:

            Only part way through it. But is is great.

            The woman problem is way bigger than the race problem, and the necessary solution effects more people more directly in their own lives.

    • jim says:


      • jim says:

        Still reading. You have condensed me, the great condenser, into something highly readable, highly accurate, which loses nothing that matters very much.

        Love your capsule summary on demons. Believing that demons are unreal denies them power over oneself, but also denies one the power of christ over demons, and results in one poorly modeling the behavior of demon worshipers. Best solution, believing them to be real, unreal, and metaphorically real, all at the same time, and not worrying too much about any inconsistencies.

        • alf says:

          Well that’s about the best compliment I could receive. Good!

        • Need it for school says:

          This blog post says you used to be a communist, Jim. Is this so? I find it very hard to believe because almost all “ex-communists” in the right-wing sphere remain communists at heart. (Moldbug was never a communist afaict). If it is true where do you discuss it?

          • Red says:

            Jim’s talked about it before in comments. Jim’s a classic case of if he stayed a communist he was on track to become a dead communist at the hands of his comrades. They don’t tolerate communists who speak the truth about the crimes of
            communists and socialists.

            Nazis kill their enemies while Communists kill their allies.

      • jim says:

        Read the whole thing, occasionally pausing to do make a comment, or to check on the wife.

        Good stuff, and a great starting post. Neo Reaction in one big entertaining capsule summary, a fun read, and all the goodies in one post.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I will copy edit next week. Really looking forward to reading it brother. Shoah’d my proton email, BTW.

      • alf says:

        Did you respond to my last email? If so, sorry for not responding, as my site died unexpectedly so did my email. I enjoyed our correspondence. if the email attached to your username here is valid perhaps I could email you there?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          It is not. I’m out of town ATM. I’ll circle back with you when I can set up some safety measures for reconnecting.

          • alf says:

            Sounds good

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              I’ve begun, and it is just as good, nay better!, than before. I’ll finish collecting edits into a single doc, then we can figure out a good way to compare notes. I am going to eschew comments on formatting, broken links, and the like, as it appears to be under construction.

              Alf. Great work. Really, really good. Thank you for the time and effort. I hope you are as pleased as we all are.

    • The Cominator says:

      Good stuff Alf and thanks for the shoutout (and I’m sorry if this sounds backhanded for it is not my intention but it far exceeds your previous work). If you could and would I would only add a part about the Cathedral, centralized or decentralized.

      • jim says:

        That is a big question, because the truth is both. The centralized model is Rothschilds paranoia, a shill meme about an all powerful conspiracy. The decentralized model is its lie about itself, spontaneously arising from the ground up. We have a messy, complicated and unclear truth, midway between two bold and flagrant lies.

      • alf says:

        Haha no offense taken thanks Com.

        Yeah I was going to say something similar to Jim’s comment. Probably a good idea, but not sure how to address the question. Nrx never really settled on a consensus. Moldbug said, and still says, decentralized. Spandrell said something like: many conspiracies vying for power, rarely a single one stays in power for too long. Jim leans most towards centralized, eg with his comment on how it was recently decided by the cathedral that elections no longer matter. Although his comment above suggests he has somewhat stepped off the gas pedal.

        • jim says:

          My position has remain unchanged since shortly after the fall of Phnom Penh. Long before the term “Cathedral” was coined, I observed every academic everywhere in the entire western hegemony turn universally and uniformly on a topic on which they had passionate opinions, without one peep of disagreement anywhere.

          The truth is complex, messy, and imperfectly revealed, so in any one statement I will speak on one aspect of what is revealed, and in another on a different aspect.

          When the worshipers of the Mighty and Awesome Covid Demon were high in the saddle, they could turn almost every doctor everywhere on a dime, and any doctor who did not turn was apt to find himself with a medical malpractice investigation (the investigation is itself the punishment, not the finding, if any, which there probably will not be.) Now, not so much.

          • The Cominator says:

            I only started to suspect strong centralization when Trump started winning primaries and the media spoke not only in similar narratives but almost literally with one voice…

            2020 made me sure of it. I’m sure the Jesuits are involved somehow as spies and saboteurs but I doubt they are the highest body giving orders. I suspect they are very very invisible to people who aren’t in the highest levels of the visible elite (the Jesuits are mostly invisible they haven’t tipped their hand like this in a LONG time as Jesuit conspiracy theories were very widespread in the late 18th and 19th centuries). I suspect the real elite could be found if some um recreational mcdentistry was practiced on enough high level Jesuits for long enough (no matter whether they’ve had 17 years of conditioning) you could get them to reveal something about the highest levels. I do not believe anyone is tough enough or conditioned enough to stand up to a very long period of recreational mcdentistry.

            • alf says:

              The thing is, if you smell a grand conspiracy, people demand names. Can you give names?

              • The Cominator says:

                The problem is I can see that there is a puppetmaster but cannot discern the identity.

                I’m almost certain Pope Francis and Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa know who they are. Most likely Hillary Clinton knows who they are. People at the top of the bank of International Settlements aren’t likely them but probably know who they are. The very top level I’m convinced is extremely well hidden and not easily visible from the outside. I suspect shadow president Ron Klain probably knows as well. I suspect George HW Bush did as well…

                • jim says:

                  There is no one puppetmaster.

                  There are a whole bunch of people contending for the seat of power, and sometimes they manage to sit in it, insecurely, for not very long.

                • The Cominator says:

                  No I think its more like a board of directors…

                • jim says:

                  It used to be rather more like the board of directors, but has been rapidly becoming less and less collegial.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Without abandoning my position that the Cathedral and Polygon are a Decentralized Emergent Conspiracy of Conspiracies, it seems like the Board of Directors turned into a Congress of Vienna turned into the Tennis Court Estates (or whatever the term is for the French Faggots that ruined the Ancien Regime) [you are here] is turning into the mob of the managerial class.

          • Karl says:

            Jim, a while ago you mentioned that every academic everywhere in the entire western hegemony turned universally and uniformly on the proposition that all species of life have descended from a common ancestor and suddenly credited Darwin for coming up with the proposition that all species of life have descended from a common ancestor.

            Darwin’s English Wikipedia page indeed calls the proposition that all species of life have descended from a common ancestor Darwin’s proposition. The German page does not. Darwin’s German Wikipedia page also links to the earlier evolution theory of Lamarck.

            If I remember correctly, you cited Darwin’s and Lamarck’s treatment by modern writers as evidence for central control of every university everywhere in the Western hegemony. If there is such control it does not even control German Wikipedia pages.

            I doubt your theory claim that every academic everywhere in the entire western hegemony turned universally and uniformly.

            Maybe there is some central control, but if so it is rather weak. Schooling fish needs no central control for uniform, collective behavior

            • jim says:

              It was official truth a little while ago, part of an intellectual rationale that they no longer seem to care about nor are pushing particularly hard these days, a little like Covid after Putin invading Ukraine.

              Someone else grabbed the seat, who no longer cares about that particular plot.

              • The Cominator says:

                It could be more like

                1) They know the NPC can focus on only one irrational ritual of demon worship at a time, they can’t run Putin bad and covid bad at the same time.

                2) Covid had mostly served its purpose, Trump gone (and referring to point one when they were 1st ginning up the covid scare they started going light for a bit on orange man bad temporarily… in fact I remember that was another thing that made me suspicious early), middle and small business class ruined, economy ruined

                3) They want people to forget about Covid because people very close to the real top of things had to tip their hand more than anything else in history

                • Red says:

                  They’re are people actively trying to bring COVID back and there’s a sizeable fraction of people acting like COVID about to get them. The fact that Fauci the Vile was suddenly off TV shows that someone lost control of levers of power.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Nah they didn’t want the Jesuit on tv anymore because he had served his purpose. I don’t see it as the result of a power struggle so much as shifting priorities in response to an order from on high. The Cathedral is like the 3rd Reich as much as Nazi is one of their favorite accusations of their enemies, united at the top and united in purpose in its actions generally… but lots of infighting below the top behind the scenes. But all organs must follow orders from the top…

              • Karl says:

                I don’t doubt it was official truth in the US. I doubt it was official truth everywhere the entire western hegemony. If official truth in the center only, any central command cannot be all that powerful

        • Well, priestly power always tends to have competing conspiracies. There is no single authority deciding the consensus as priests tend to cluster into different factions each viewing the other with distrust. But the way it works is that different factions sometimes converge on a particular consensus which is then pushed (e.g covid) which gives the impression of centralized authority and coordination but again it is rare that such consensus remains stable.

          Since there are always different factions, there will always be narratives pushed by each faction. And of course you have vertical holiness spiraling within factions and horizontal holiness competing between them.

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:


    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Blessed are those with the fortitude to take on the task of such work.

      Also formatting at the end seems to have become borked.

      • alf says:

        Yes there’s a couple of major borks and much more minor borks, will be ironed out in the course of time…

    • f6187 says:

      Just one thing: it looks like you’re missing a closing italic tag after the WQ Shill Test, because everything after that is italicized.

    • Vendat Tunicam says:

      Wow, great work. Hard to believe English is your second language. Your prose is clear, your rhythm pleasant.

      Two minor quibbles. You use the term “Christian empire” instead of “Christendom”. Is Christendom an enemy meme? You trace Christendom’s existence back to Alfred the Great and Charlemagne instead of Constantine. If you’re looking to spread this to normies in the anglosphere they probably know Charlemagne the best, but the academically-inclined know that our thing starts with Constantine.

      • jim says:

        I like starting it with Alfred the Great and Charles the great, because they were great, and because they launched the rise from the dark age, particularly Alfred.

        What Constantine did kept the empire lingering on for a thousand years centered in Constantinople, while Rome gradually fell into darkness, and eventually, after a thousand years, Constantinople also.

        Preservation for a thousand years is no small accomplishment, but I hope to conquer the stars, as Gnon has commanded.

      • alf says:

        You clearly know more about this than me. Does Christendom mean the same as Christian empire? I had no clue. I’ll make sure to add in Constantine if I hadn’t done so already.

        • jim says:

          Christendom, as interpreted in the peace of westphalia, is the Christian nations in peace of Westphalia with each other.

          From Constantine to the great schism, Christianity was one faith, with the emperor (and sometimes there was an oversupply emperors, one East, one west, and sometimes more) appointing the bishops. Eastern and Western empires were one faith, and percieved themselves a single entity, despite frequent conflicts, which sometimes came to outright war, but it was war within, not war without outsiders.

          And then it was two faiths, and a multitude of empires, Kingdoms, principates, and Lords owing only the slightest allegiance to distant Kings, but still Christendom.

          And then, the holy wars of the sixteenth century, which were resolved in the peace of Westphalia, but it was Christendom before the holy wars, and Christendom after.

          Alfred did not think he was a Christian empire. He thought he was restoring the unity of the Angles and Saxons after centuries of bloody chaos, but he thought himself part of Christendom, though he gave no allegiance to distant emperors, and appointed his own Bishops paying little heed to the distant Christian hierarchy in Constantinople.

          When Alfred the great issued his code of laws, the preamble was Moses the lawgiver, followed by a lengthy quotation from the apostles which has generally been reasonably interpreted as authorizing those in authority to apply the spirit and intent of biblical law according to the circumstances of the times and the history, spirit, and culture of their people, while cheerfully disregarding the letter of biblical law. So considered himself commanded by God to give God’s law to his people, as appropriate for the place, people, and time. Not the law of the empire centered in Constantinople, and not the law of the religious hierarchy in Constantinople.

        • Niiiidriveevof says:

          Christendom is another name for the Catholic Church itself, during the time when civil society was wholly within it. Christendom was that country & people which had Catholicism as its civic religion. History reads different when you understand this. Even if you do not agree with it, you must understand that others did and it guided their actions:

 (written in 1908)

          It had one head in the pope and another in the emperor, and both clerical and lay hierarchies were inextricable and complementary parts of it. It violently suppressed heresies while it lived, and of course it did not survive the Protestant revolt, except marginally, because those heresies were nurtured precisely as a means to the end of destroying the unity of Christendom for the sake of the power of the Protestant princes and their traitorous allies.

          The Spanish reactionaries call that time the birth of Europe. “Europe” is, to them, 400 years of arrogant heretical manmade replacements for the unity of Christendom. The unity of Christendom meant a high level of trust and cooperation across the peoples that are now called European. But faith diminished in the time immediately before the Protestant revolt, and more men got away with defecting for private advantage (e.g. Franco-Ottoman alliance). And so men began to doubt that the faith could still serve to keep the peace, which became a preference cascade. Ever since then we have been trying to invent other principles of unity that could replace the faith, of which romantic nationalism failed less than others, but all failed. Presently obedience to the polygon is the principle of unity. The replacements get stupider and more evil, and cooperate/cooperate has been sliding further into defect/defect ever since Protestantism ended Christendom.

          The “peace” of Westphalia was the epitaph of Christendom and it ensured the continuation of the centrifugal violence. It was negotiation with terrorists. The whole problem socially was that faith was weakening, but instead of destroying the defectors like we had been doing for 1000 years, we awarded them with the right to defect, and they have been doing it ever since, giving us the Enlightenment, the Revolution, communism, and the Gae. There is no replacement for the Catholic faith as a principle for unity. This should not surprise anyone since it was established personally by God, walking on earth, on the rock of Peter.

          • jim says:

            > Christendom is another name for the Catholic Church itself, during the time when civil society was wholly within it.

            This is a non standard and idiosyncratic use of the term “Catholic”, that the Bishop of Rome has been industriously pushing for seven centuries. It is false consensus, which is not allowed on this blog, and is an attack against the rectification of names, which is not a permitted method of argument on this blog, and if you keep using this method of argument, you are going to be censored (again)

            The reason everyone says “Roman Catholic” rather than Catholic, and has been saying it for nine centuries is that this lie never got a whole lot of traction, despite being industriously pushed with rivers of blood.

            > History reads different when you understand this

            History makes no sense if you read it using words that have a lie at their core, and debate with people who insist on using words that are lies is unfruitful.

            In particular, a whole lot of bloodshed makes no sense if one reads history with this lie at its core. Tell us why the Holy Roman Emperor had Rome sacked.

            In order to have fruitful discussion, it is necessary to employ words with widely shared meanings, and centuries of bloodshed and mountains of corpses tell us this meaning is not a shared meaning.

            It is perfectly legitimate and proper for a community to use words with special meanings that are well understood within the community, but it is indicative of wicked people with evil intent to try to persuade by shilling this meaning outside their community. If you are trying to persuade by honest means, rather than by lies, you use words with meanings that are standard among those you are trying to persuade, or clarify “that by this word, we mean …”, explicitly acknowledging that those you seek to persuade use the word otherwise. When you just use the word without clarification, it is argument by false consensus. And the Roman Catholic Church has been using this illegitimate method of debate for seven centuries.

            • Niiiidriveevof says:

              I defend a powerful civilization which gave birth to most of the good things in the powerful civilization that you defend. Of course I am going to use its language. What do you expect? But you accuse us of argument by false consensus. Man, we WERE the consensus! What consensus was there, that wasn’t us? Pastor Bob’s secret medieval bible college? Nevertheless, if you look again at my first paragraph, you’ll see that I politely conditioned my language, well aware that I was proposing meanings nonstandard among my audience, suggesting you all at least suspend some disbelief for the sake of understanding the minds of others, and see for yourself if the meanings I propose cut things at the joints or have some explanatory power.

              That said, the substance of my point is not changed if I say “Roman Catholic,” so that’s what I’ll freely do if I remember to. There hasn’t been any other universal church except the one. I can even call it the Popish church if you insist.

              > >you are going to be censored (again)

              I don’t remember being censored here before. The religious shill test was put to me, which frustrated me enough that I did not reply, because I had passed the test with flying colors in the very message you’d replied to, indicating to me that my efforts to communicate had failed. If this remark has you put the test to me again, so be it.

              > >Tell us why the Holy Roman Emperor had Rome sacked.

              I have only read a little bit about the time of Charles V. I suppose there are two possible explanations. One, the emperor lost control over the mercenary force for lack of pay, and they did as armies are known to do, sacking the nearest city to get some. Somewhat like Innocent and the Fourth Crusade. The emperor did not intend the sacking and is liable for negligence at most. Two, it was a St. Thomas Becket situation, the emperor was tired of some kind of papal interference – perhaps the pope was pressuring him to continue to make war rather than compromise, and the emperor deliberately cut the army loose hoping they would weaken the pope’s position.

              Based on my vague memory of reciprocally friendly relations between the pope and Charles V through the years, I see more reason to believe option one. I expect that, if I were to research, I would find plenty of evidence that Charles V believed in the relation of church and civil power that I have described, and that he was not motivated by establishing Westphalian sovereignty, though of course it’s hard to know these things with much certainty. The bare fact of the sack of Rome, in isolation, is of course evidence in your favor. The issue with Charles V, by my memory, is that he was thinking in years rather than centuries; he didn’t realize how crucial it was for his house & his people that he bleed them even drier than he did to restore religious unity in Christendom. We might say the same about Charles II or any other reactionary monarch that still did not do enough against their enemies.

              The problem is that you judge religion exclusively by human nature. If you do that, the proposition that the clerical hierarchy should be totally subordinate to (or better, identical with) the civil hierarchy is much more reasonable, maybe even correct (though I would still argue that natural law requires a unified temporal hierarchy over all men). If that, then the king should either be the high priest, or perhaps appoint the high priest. But the supernatural end of man is to go to heaven, and this is not part of the natural law. If the Roman Catholic religion brings men to heaven, this is greater than its natural benefits, without abolishing them. It’s greater than the purpose of the civil power too. Therefore, if the two powers are distributed to different men, then of course the clerical power will have to take precedence where the jurisdictions would otherwise overlap.

              OK, those are the principles – the other important point is that in Christendom’s actual history, its leaders *believed* that kings sometimes ought to defer to bishops, NOT because the bishops weren’t yet defeated in the Bodinian struggle, but because bishops have authority over the means of going to heaven, and kings don’t. You won’t understand European history if you think everything is always mechanical Bodinian struggle, no more than you’ll understand a healthy family if you analyze it like a Marxist thinking about power struggles. The religion that made Europe great was a religion that said kings must sometimes submit to the judgment of bishops, and to the judgment of the head of bishops in Rome. Without the integration of the clergy in society in the historical way, nothing would have held the peoples of Europe together, they would be utterly unrecognizable, and almost certainly Muslim, and the increasing bloodshed of the last 400 years would have continued directly from the pagan bloodshed of the time before.

              So, am I wicked, or am I trying to persuade by honest means? I don’t post often but for God’s sake I would have thought I’d proven bona fides by now. I may have said before that I’m just as frustrated that other Roman Catholics aren’t more Jimian as I am that Jimians aren’t more Roman Catholic, and I spend a lot more time shilling for Jim to the Church than the other way around, because it’s easier and I’ve had more success with it.

              • jim says:

                > I defend a powerful civilization which gave birth to most of the good things in the powerful civilization that you defend. Of course I am going to use its language.

                The words you are using are lies, created to serve the Bishop of Rome’s covetous designs upon what is Caesar’s.

                In its language, a unitary Church with all power concentrated in a single Roman Bishop, and a unitary Holy Roman Empire ruled by a Holy Roman Emperor under the Pope, is normal and normative.

                But it is not normal. It has never once existed in all of history, hence the joke that the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.

                And it is not normative, and never has been normative, for throughout all of history, attempts to make it normative have always resulted in rivers of blood and mountains of corpses in the ashes of cities.

                When the Empire was politically and militarily united under a strong Sovereign, he appointed several Bishops for Rome, none of them clearly pre-eminent, and soon after that the Church was ruled from Constantinople (Byzantium), not Rome. And pretty soon it was not ruled at all by a single Emperor, and the Church was never at any time ruled by a single Bishop located in Rome.

                From Charles’ the Hammer to most of the tenth century, the Emperor (or Emperors, there tended to be an oversupply of emperors) appointed his Bishops, the Bishop of Rome among them, but being physically close the the Emperor (or one of them) tended to count for more than being in Rome, and the Pope was merely the Bishop of Rome. Byzantium/Constantinople was still pre-eminent – notice that today’s Roman Catholic Bible is based on Greek texts curated in Byzantium, not in Rome.

                The emperor’s vassal Kings tended to be not very much vassals, and they appointed their own Bishops, and often their vassal Lords, who similarly were not very much vassals, tended to do likewise.

                The Church was one universal Catholic Church, not in that it was ruled by a single Bishop located in Rome, not in that it was at any time in in its history as a state Church ruled by a single Bishop located in Rome, but in that the Bishops ruled collectively and collegially. King Alfred the great was part of Christendom, and part of the Universal Catholic Church, and his unification of England was part of the military expansion of Christendom at the expense of pagans and paganism, but he appointed his own Bishops, who were normally married men with children, and he answered to God, not to whichever emperor or emperors were in Germany and/or Byzantium

                > Man, we WERE the consensus!

                Roman Catholicism was never the consensus of a state religion of empire. From Constantine’s heirs to the eleventh century, the consensus, in so far as the consensus collegially decided by the Bishops was decided in one physical place, that physical place was Byzantium.

                Alfred’s bishops took orders from Alfred, not the Pope, and Alfred took orders from God, not the emperor (and there was a frequent oversupply of emperors). Still one universal Catholic Church, but because of collegial governance, not because of the Bishop of Rome.

                From the eleventh century to the protestant reformation, Roman Catholicism was theoretically the consensus of the Holy Roman Empire, the state religion of the empire in the west, and Roman Catholicism was theoretically the sovereign will of the Pope, rather than collegial, but the Holy Roman Empire was, as the saying goes, not holy, not roman, and not an empire. Kinglets continued to appoint their own bishops, and frequently came to blows. The Pope frequently announced his absolute and unitary power, which tended to be ignored in actual practice. The Church of the western empire was not ruled collegially, except for some crises caused by an oversupply of Popes, it was theoretically ruled centrally from Rome by the Bishop of Rome, but, like the empire itself, was not much ruled at all. The empire was not an empire.

                And the earthly ambitions of the Pope eventually led to the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope coming to blows.

                > The issue with Charles V, by my memory, is that he was thinking in years rather than centuries; he didn’t realize how crucial it was for his house & his people that he bleed them even drier than he did to restore religious unity in Christendom.

                Since Charles V found himself, to his considerable dismay and anger, at war with Pope Clement, would it have restored religious unity in Christendom?

                The “unity” that endless Popes were endlessly trying to “restore” never existed. The unity that actually existed was always collegial rule by bishops, and attempts to “restore” unity always bore, in less extreme form, the same evil fruits as they bore for Pope Clement and Charles V.

                Unitary Church governance had problems from day one, leading to the Pope excommunicating Byzantium shortly afterwards, and these problems have continued all the way to the present. The Protestant Reformation was just another crisis of endless crises.

                > The bare fact of the sack of Rome, in isolation

                But within your language and your frame, you are unable to see it except in isolation.

                You are viewing historical events through language that is a lie, and this lie prevents history as you see it from making any sense to you.

                Charles V faced the same problem with Papal authority as Henry the eighth, which problem he solved by sacking Rome. But which solution made all the princes even less likely to accept Papal authority, so they proceeded, one way or another, to implement solutions similar to that of Henry, de facto or de jure.

                > The emperor did not intend the sacking

                Emperor conquers Rome, then somehow neglects to pay the troops. Surely the sacking must have come as a total surprise to him 🙃 No doubt he industriously set about disciplining troops that roasted priests over a fire while demanding that they reveal even more buried gold. He did discipline them? Did he?

                > I would find plenty of evidence that Charles V believed in the relation of church and civil power that I have described

                I do find plenty of evidence for that. But evidently the Pope and Charles V had different interpretations of that relationship.

                > I would still argue that natural law requires a unified temporal hierarchy over all men

                That it does. But the problem is that a skyscraper full of three hundred dollars an hour lawyers in New York is apt to interpret that as meaning that a pub on the other side of the planet in a little town of one automotive repair shop, one shop, one church, and one pub, in the middle of the great Australian outback, needs their permission to hold a frog race. Most of the US “service export surplus” is the “service” provided by organizations in New York organizing authorization for things like permitting Russian McDonald’s franchisees in Russia to use Russian beef.

                And that is very much how the Pope was apt to interpret it, resulting in the sack of Rome and the Protestant Reformation.

                The Holy Roman Empire worked, to the extent that it did work, because emperor granted powers that we today would regard as only proper for a central state to exercise, including the power to make war and peace, to his vassals, and they in turn granted statelike powers to their vassals, all the way down to the peasant who under his small and leaky roof had kingly authority that today would be regarded as unacceptable for any man to exercise.

                And if they failed to respect such authority in their vassals, it was a violation and dishonoring of the feudal contract. Similarly, Charles the second of England granted the East India Company (which is the origin and model of the modern corporate form) authority to make war and peace.

                The solution to the problem of a tower full of lawyers in New York regulating frog races in the Australian outback, is, in the state, Throne, Altar, and Freehold, and in the state Church, collegial governance.

                The Popes abandoned collegial governance in the eleventh century, because you cannot run a war that way and they needed to fight wars. But you have to run a Church that way. So the Church should not fight wars. That is the business of Kings, and when Popes got into that business in the eleventh century, everything went wrong, resulting in the Pope excommunicating Byzantium. And continued to go wrong. Worked for military conflicts, never worked for Church governance.

                > So, am I wicked, or am I trying to persuade by honest means?

                You still have not passed the post Christian shill test. Roman Catholic Church is full of demon worshipers.

                Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                You are probably an honest man with decent intent, but you are speaking from a script and playbook written by evil men with malicious and deceitful intent, and this undermines debate and prevents fruitful discussion.

              • The Cominator says:

                If the bishop of Rome held the keys to heaven and spoke with God’s voice why did no believe this until over a thousand years after Christ was crucified and rose?

              • alf says:

                But the supernatural end of man is to go to heaven, and this is not part of the natural law. If the Roman Catholic religion brings men to heaven, this is greater than its natural benefits, without abolishing them. It’s greater than the purpose of the civil power too.

                They are one and the same. The great Jimian insight is that Gnon is an embodiment of God on earth, a unification of holy law and natural law.

                Christ’s made the point that one should not use one’s superior holiness as a stick to wack others. Just like it is harder for a smart man to enter God’s kingdom, so is it harder for a holy man, for both drown in their pride.

                Which point completely goes over the head of the Catholic church, who rationalize their power hunger by posing to be more Christian than Christ.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  As obvious as the nose on one’s face, but a formulation that I’d never considered.

                  Not long ago, I made a comment about how hard it’s going to be to go through the Archives, and you responded that you were working on that…

                • alf says:

                  Oh I should’ve been clearer. I meant that my website is meant to serve as an introduction or summary of Jim’s blog. That’s what I’ve been working on.

                  As for going through these archives… Not a clue. The ‘easiest’ I can think of is downloading Jim’s backlog, running it as an admin and use admin privileges for searching the archives, which works better (esp regarding comments and commenters) than the generic search button on the right.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


            >Yet there was about it much that fell short of the ideal of Christendom. In many ways, as a contemporary bishop expressed it, “the church was in the empire, not the empire in the church”.

            Well, there it is.

            It is essentially true that protestantism was a fruit of nominalism, and thus a temporal grounding for the modernity in general that would come to consume European civilization; but it also speaks in a passive voice as to why so many Princes of Europe felt the need for such pretexts to rationalize the assertion of their sovereignty against the vatican bureaucrats in the first place, even through they proved all too fatally universal in time.

    • Alf I’ve been reading your prose in snatches and enjoyed it. Particularly the informal flowing style and the interjection of funny memes. Particularly the one after inventing the camera.

      I hope you don’t go too far in rewriting/editing though (apart from spelling and grammar mistakes if any), because the spontaneous prose is fresh and quirky while lots of people tend to treat this kind of subject matter in a dry and uninteresting way.

      Jim says you condensed him, true enough, but you actually have some original viewpoints in there.

    • Niiiidriveevof says:

      Fix your headers – e.g. AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 in .htaccess

  25. Anonymous Fake says:

    If capital isn’t organically woke, why is it supporting abortion now after the end of Roe v Wade and Biden has record low approval ratings? [*much repeated script deleted*]

    • jim says:

      The answer is obvious, and Tucker Carlson gave it. And you, of course, ignored his answer and framed him as supposedly giving your answer.

      If one has female employees, it is in one’s financial interest that they abort. But it is not in fact in one’s financial interest to have female employees. They are disruptive, unless supervised by an alpha male that they are having sex with, or unless they have had children and have an alpha husband. The classic Chinese ideogram for “trouble” is two women under one roof. They are always busy with some ingenious scheme for “lets you and him fight”, and making themselves the center of attention.

      Thus the real question is why so many female employees doing men’s work?

      And the answer to that is that one’s Human Resources Department, which is a government bureaucracy inserted in one’s business that one is forced by the government to pay and provide office space for, makes one do it.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Dennis Prager on the issue:
        “Like other left-wing movements, feminism is based on a denial of reality (or, if you prefer, on lies). The best-known example is the feminist insistence that, except for physical differences, men and women are basically the same. This includes the central feminist belief about men’s and women’s sexual natures. For half a century, women have been told that their sexual nature is no different from male sexual nature — just as men can enjoy sex with no commitment and even anonymous sex, so can women. Women, feminism insisted, have been socialized into believing such sex does not accord with their nature.

        Who’d have predicted that a Supreme Court decision would force young women to confront sexual reality?

        But it seems that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has done just that.

        For example, some women have called for a sex strike against men. According to the New York Post, “Calls for a nationwide sex strike were also gathering momentum on social media and, at one point, ‘abstinence’ was trending on Twitter with more than 26,900 tweets as of Saturday afternoon.””

        According to Dennis Prager, women are less sexual than men.
        Source: FrontpageMag

        • The Cominator says:

          “women have been told that their sexual nature is no different from male sexual nature — just as men can enjoy sex with no commitment and even anonymous sex, so can women. Women, feminism insisted, have been socialized into believing such sex does not accord with their nature.”

          Women can enjoy casual sex plenty, the issue is that they only have to do it a 3 or 4 times and their ability to pair bond is if not completely destroyed permanently badly damaged (after #4 it doesn’t make much difference if shes had on #5 or #500 though).

          Neither sex benefits from so called hookup culture because sex is unsteady and people tend to end up alone disappointed and bitter… even chad who gets to screw more women overall tends to lose in terms of quality.

          • jim says:

            The disturbing thing for chad is that there is always someone more alpha, and your girl is fucking him.

            • The Cominator says:

              And he can’t get a steady bang with Stacy as Stacy won’t stick around.

    • suones says:

      @Anonymus Fake

      Mammonites need immigration and feminism to shore up workforce as a response to collapsing prole society, which decreases the number of wageslaves and drives up wages.

      I discussed this at length here:

      Attributing any agency to Mammonites is laughably wrong. It is Moloch who is always in the driving seat.

      But you probably already know that.

  26. Yul Bornhold says:

    What’s the full story of the Republican primary steals? Missed that when it happened.

    • The Cominator says:

      They’re DEFINITELY happening in Georgia I’m not sure it’s been happening to the extent Jim seems to have claimed everywhere else.

      • Red says:

        The primary was rigged for Oz in Penn as well. They did the don’t announce the results for days while they print up the votes for him. If it’s happening in GA and in Penn, then it’s likely happening everywhere.

  27. The Cominator says:

    SCOTUS rules for West Virginia, and massively expands the major questions doctrine to approach that of the non delegation doctrine…

    • Cloudswrest says:

      SC says EPA unlawfully arrogated power to itself to regulate CO2. A non-pollutant. **Congress** needs to specifically give them that authority.

      Kagan dissent states, “The Court appoints itself, instead of *Congress* … the decisionmaker on climate policy.”

      Can the Left lie any harder?? They just issue statements, that are disconnected from reality, to inflame their followers.

      • The Cominator says:

        It’s too bad the Senate will likely be rigged forever…

        As this ruling if allowed to stand would undermine nearly all administrative so called law.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      Wow, fantastic!

    • yewotm8 says:

      So this whole thing with Supreme Court Justices doing whatever they want, what’s the deal with that? Regardless of the actual content of these rulings, what is making them feel like they are safe to make them without getting antifa’ed? That’s the big question that I’m not seeing addressed.

      Is it really just normalcy bias and only a matter of time until one of them gets beaten up and put in their place? Do they have an assurance of safety from somebody? Is that person a fed or lead a private organization? Maybe from a coordinator of such extralegal enforcers? Does the Cathedral plan to neutralize them anyway so they are just ruling whatever they want as a middle finger to them?

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >Is it really just normalcy bias and only a matter of time until one of them gets beaten up and put in their place?

        Yes. Definitely. They’re really goddamned old, and there is no way they will understand that the world has changed until Leftist thugs put one of them in a coma.

        • The Cominator says:

          They already got threatened bigly after the Roe leak, I’m surprised but they seem to have grown some balls. Maybe shame out of their total cowardice on the election…

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Sure, but none of them actually got hurt. They still think they’re part of an august and sacred institution and that the whole system will protect them. They don’t understand in the gut that half the country, two thirds of the bureaucracy, and three fourths of the press would cheer if the fanatics put them in the hospital. They won’t understand until it happens.

            • notglowing says:

              >They still think they’re part of an august and sacred institution

              They very much are, though. The left may very well attack them for this, but it doesn’t change how the judiciary is one of their holiest cows, and their most important stronghold within the government (whereas the State Department is their most important government stronghold for international matters).

              Turning against the SCOTUS would be interesting. It’s going to make things much more volatile, because SC rulings are the backbone of every one of the worst policies they managed to push on the US.

              • The Cominator says:

                Indeed open lawless attacks on SCOTUS justices may effect cuckservatives the way the Optimates attacking a tribune effected Caesar’s faction. The Cathedrals meeting hold for cuckservatives rest on the false but yet sacred meme of “rule of law”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Meeting = meeting sovereignty… my new phone I haven’t turned autocorrect off yet…

                • jim says:

                  I would have corrected your comment, but did not understand your correction. “meeting sovereignty” does not seem to make sense either.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >the judiciary is one of their holiest cows

                It looked like that for years, but now we see otherwise. It wasn’t the judiciary that was holy, but the Leftism the judiciary was forcing on the public. It has become clear to anyone who isn’t a Supreme Court justice that the court itself has no holiness outside of making holy decisions. The mysterious black-robed priests of the Council of Nine have now shown that they are not the ruling committee of the GAE, but rather just a mask the Beast wears when making its decrees.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To the cuckservative the law is sacred and SCOTUS judges are sacred tribunes ala Roman tribunes.

                  If SCOTUS had held evidentiary hearings and let them be televised outlining the fraud… and then ruled that the state legislatures should name electorsa (rather than doing it themselves) as the voted electors were tainted that would have been a workaround.

                • notglowing says:

                  There aren’t infinite ways to make unpopular laws, especially with the legislative body never being one hundred percent on board, and being generally too difficult to use.

                  The judiciary was, is, the most effective way of doing it.
                  It is the most holy institution in the traditional liberal view of government, and it has had free reign to stop Trump and other politicians from exercising their power, as well as selectively charge and jail anyone who opposes the system.
                  The only two other avenues are bureaucracy/regulators and direct violence from the police unsanctioned by the official bureaucracy. The latter is not the favoured method by Harvard and comes at some danger.

                  A third avenue is secret actions from the CIA. But assassination through secret police is not enough to run a country.

              • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                I think Com meant to type out this?

                The Cathedral’s [memetic sovereignty] hold [over] cuckservatives rest on the false but yet sacred meme of “rule of law”.

                So if I understand correctly, he’s saying that escalating to straight up lawless violence (the use of naked power, without any justification) would finally rid cucks of their Republican delusions — and, for better or for worse, prompt some sort of political shake up. (Personally, I do not know if cucks will wake up in time to save America, but I certainly hope they will.) 🙂

          • Aidan says:

            Ruling in favor of Trump at election time would have been the end of “American Democracy”. Even if the conservative judges were sympathetic to allegations of massive voter fraud, it takes titanic stones to euthanize an entire empire. Brett Kavanaugh is no Caesar to cross the rubicon like that.

  28. Pax Imperialis says:

    “We have no plan. No hope. Nothing. Are you still willing to pay the price for something which may accomplish nothing?”


    I want to live forever. I must choose death. There are no alternatives to death. Therefore I want a beautiful death over an ugly death, a purposeful death over a purposeless death, but there are no beautiful deaths or purposeful deaths anymore.

    There is much to live for (in the materialistic sense), but little to die for (in the spiritual sense)… and I wish to die for something but there is nothing. No nation, no God, no creed.

    An illusion of brotherhood exists in the uniformed services, but the good wars are long gone and the peace of our time corrodes the purity of conflict.

    What is left for the warrior who wishes to die a good death (for a good purpose “Pro Patria Mori”) if there is no righteous war?

    Is ritual suicide all that’s left?

    Suicide that is born out of an attempted coup that is certain to fail.

    • Frank Matters says:

      Random minecrafting is fruitless and retarded but I have yet to see someone play minecraft at a recreated Davos. Usually minecraft players just play at walmart servers. If you are so bored you want to stop playing, may as well go out in a unique way.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        The biggest piece of evidence IMO that Minecraft is just fake banner theater is the fact that it always seems to be PVE instead of PVP. I get that PVP on survival is almost impossible, but for no one to even try to play is just strange. Obviously, mods are a factor. With all the Discords so thoroughly invested, I can’t imagine organizing teams is really safe or even possible. Whatever the reason, the current PVP servers are so buggy and exploit laden that there exists a pretty substantial opportunity for leaderboard ranking. Additionally, Microsoft will break its bank hiring devs and mods to fix the bugs. The architecture is incredibly soft. If the walls of your garden are high enough, after a few generations, everything becomes very fragile.

    • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

      A beautiful and touching video. His death was a tragedy, but not pointless I think.

      One cannot know in advance who is watching, or will watch, and be inspired. Maybe the next great Japanese leader is a young man right now.

  29. i says:

    Okay what’s the deal with Jordan Peterson(who supposedly converted to Christianity) interviewing a Sodomite “parent”?:

    The push to accept “Gay Conservatives” including “parenthood” looks like a Camel’s nose in the tent to normalize Sodomites.

    • ten says:

      He believes in civilized discussion with the opponent. I don’t necessarily think there is value to it and i don’t care enough to watch the elderly crybaby babble for an hour, but what’s the problem? Isn’t that camel already fully in the tent? Not in our tent, but we are not in Peterson’s tent.

    • Redbible says:

      Jordan Peterson has always been controlled opposition, even if it took some time for the finer details that prove that to come to light.

      So him promoting gays would ultimately be par for the course.

      • Varna says:

        He got the ban hammer on twatter the other day and is now Shapiro’s dailywire.

        • Red says:

          He got the ban hammer because it was a publicity stunt for his move to the dailywire. The cathedral noticed that their controlled opposition system has been failing for a while, so Ben Shapiro is building them a new one.

          • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

            😳 😂 🤣 💀 ☠️

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            OK, I am going to defend JBP for the purposes of discussion, but I am not saying you’re wrong in an evil or bad sense, merely technical. He has far too much enemy payload to be /ourguy/, but he is undeniably a gateway to better and best things, this place being one of them.

            He has an enormous back catalog of recorded lectures, essays, and literature. The classes I have viewed have a substantial amount of thoughtcrime, or maybe more accurately hints at thottcrime. Many on the New Right/Dissident Right reference him directly in regards to their path to and through the Redpill. If he’s controlled opposition, when did it start, and why do they keep him around if he keeps channeling young, white men towards the Truth? Please refrain from “he’s not holy enough” arguments, as they are known and accounted for. No one is perfect, and few are effective. He is effective, and he has done substantial damage to the credibility of the Cathedral (specifically on the troon issue but not exclusively) as well as shifted the Overton window rightward, or maybe expanded the right side of it, which is not insubstantial in and of itself.

            To assert correctly that JBP is controlled opposition, I think you’d have to demonstrate how his efforts and offerings weaken the Right in general, and the true Redpill in particular.

            Apologies to reiterate, but this is technical; I am in no way stating that he’s on our side.

            • Red says:

              To assert correctly that JBP is controlled opposition, I think you’d have to demonstrate how his efforts and offerings weaken the Right in general, and the true Redpill in particular.

              He’s a Harvard socialist who suddenly started taking concepts from the reactionary right, chopping out the useful bits and then making millions selling them to the wider public in a form that’s unlikely to produce real opposition.

              Telling young men to clean their rooms instead of acting manly is classic controlled opposition instruction, much the like the Cuckservitive mantra of losing with dignity.

              From July 1993 to June 1998,[33] Peterson lived in Arlington, Massachusetts, while teaching and conducting research at Harvard University, where he was hired as an assistant professor in the psychology department, later becoming an associate professor. During his time at Harvard, he studied aggression arising from drug and alcohol abuse.[30] An article in The Harvard Crimson said he possessed a “willingness to take on any research project, no matter how unconventional”.[25] While at Harvard, he switched his primary area of research from familial alcoholism to personality and authored several academic papers.[34][35][36][37][38][39] Author Gregg Hurwitz, a former student of Peterson’s at Harvard, has cited Peterson as an inspiration of his, and psychologist Shelley Carson, former PhD student and now-professor at Harvard, recalled that Peterson’s lectures had “something akin to a cult following”, stating, “I remember students crying on the last day of class because they wouldn’t get to hear him anymore.”[6] Following his associate position at Harvard, Peterson returned to Canada in July 1998 and eventually became a full professor at the University of Toronto.[28][33][40]

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Here’s the problem with the purity spiraling on our side: our heavy discourse and long years of analysis and dialogue have made it impossible for elites to convert and change sides. We know fundamentally that the masses don’t matter, but we’ve made a system wherein the only way to be a good reactionary is to join up before making classic mistakes, or to be so thoroughly sheltered from the fallen and broken world that by dint of out-of-touchedness one is unsullied by the Polygon. Do you see how this means we will only every have unity of purpose and loyalty under The Perfect Man? I’m not saying JBP is the best option for leading the forces of Reaction in the Occident, but consider how we as a sphere would respond if he put out a vlog of himself at an undisclosed location, wearing tactical gear while holding a Bible and a C-8 carbine, and saying “It’s time to put up or shut up, bucko. We’re going to make the West safe for Monarchy.” We’d point, sputter, and babble about all the many little reasons JBP is not /ourguy/ enough, I think.

                Obviously, he doesn’t seem like the type to call out the Man Militia and restore Patriarchy to the server of our MMO/RPG. But if/when that does happen, it will most likely be someone with a checkered past of Cathedral Compliance.

                To reiterate: what has JBP done in Normie Space that has weakened our position?

                • jim says:

                  > We’d point, sputter, and babble about all the many little reasons JBP is not /ourguy/ enough, I think


                  If he converts, great. We will say so. But he is not our guy. He is controlled opposition, has been operating as controlled opposition all this time, and is unlikely to change. He is not our guy. He is unlikely to become our guy.

                  Should the time come when we choose Caesar, as Samuel chose Saul, rather than Caesar choosing us, as Constantine chose Christianity, we will likely choose a Caesar from officers of the private military companies.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  OK, I buy that. As I said, I don’t think he’s a likely candidate for Caesar. And I am not saying he’s our guy. But he does have the precursors assembled for an army, whether he meant to do that or not. I’m still not seeing how he’s controlled opposition because I don’t see how what he’s done/is doing detracts from the gradual and quiet shift rightward of the thinking American white male. His message and info campaign is driving people toward this blog, and the Hard Right in general. So if he is controlled opposition, he’s doing terribly.

                  Same vein of the topic, while I agree that a PMC type is a likely possible source for leadership, I think the categories for possible source are actually quite wide, wider than we theorize anyways. It’s more about memetic sovereignty than it is about traditional leadership phenotype, right?

                • jim says:

                  > I’m still not seeing how he’s controlled opposition

                  “clean your room”

                  Peterson dances near important truths without actually going there, and then delivers lies. In delivering lies, he is working for the enemy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I sort of agree with KD, Peterson is certainly not pure redpill but I’ve never seen someone who started following Peterson becoming less redpilled… I don’t know of one case… he is more like a gateway redpill.

                • jim says:

                  Jordan Peterson’s health troubles were a personal experience of western technological decline, of which he is painfully aware, but will not speak.

                  His most recent podcast “Russia, Ukraine, and the West” was completely in the frame that Russia is attacking the west, and fails to notice imperial expansion. It is an absolute barefaced lie.

                  Putin “intends at a minimum to” …

                  Which intentions make no sense whatsoever in except as shear crazy evil, without the context that Global American imperial expansion has been underway in the conflict zone for eight years and intends to head all the way to Moscow, make no sense without the context that US is sponsoring color revolutions all over the world, and has started another in the last few days on the borders of Russia.

                  It is history as nonsense, world events that make no sense, just as in Niiiidriveevof’s account of reality, the sack of Rome by the Holy Roman Emperor and the resulting counter reformation make no sense, they are just meaningless things that just happened arbitrarily without causes or consequences.

                  It is a stupid lie, an evil lie, that makes the liar stupid, a lie intended to harm the audience by making them stupid and ignorant, presenting a world that makes no sense because the lie makes no sense. The lie takes away the causes and the consequences, creating a world of random meaningless incoherent events. In his universe the sack of Rome by the Holy Roman emperor was an unfortunate accident of war without causes or consequences.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I disagree, but I am also unable to counter without appeals to authority or emotional sidetracking, so let’s wait and see where things go. In a recent piece, Anglin floated the idea of how incredibly based and interesting it would be if Marilyn Manson converted to Christianity and became a pop anti-hero for this age. With no evidence at all, I think we’re going to see some very interesting and unexpected conversions as we hurtle ever faster towards oblivion.

                  It also just occurred to me that my inability to see JBP as controlled opposition could be a function of my IQ. Without the proper tools and capabilities, some things are just invisible to some people.

                • Red says:

                  KD did you read JP book? It came out around the time the alt right was getting going and I thought some reactionary thinking was hitting the mainstreaming. Instead I got a book of lies and half truths.

                  The left co-opts real opposition by moving people like JP into them, putting up some limited opposition them(people calling JP a nazi) and then neutralizes any attempt at building real opposition by sucking up energy into them. See 1/3 of the Republican senators recently voting for gun control for a prime example of how this works. JP joining Little Ben’s controlled opposition media group was just icing on the cake with JP.

                  I never purity spiral claiming that I do is straight up slander. I hate is liars and charlatans. I grew up in an evangelical christian family that lurched from one group of controlled opposition Christians to another. I got very adapt spotting this sort of bullshit.

                  Com’s right that some people can read controlled opposition stuff and then move onto the red pill, but I note that we talk about this on a blog where everyone is working hard to hide their identities. The men publicly giving real red pills long ago where silenced for speaking the truth. JP less of a gateway drug, than someone there to gate keep to keep men away from the truth.

                • Kunning Druegger says:


                  >JBP book
                  No, I observed Maps of Meaning 2017 in a focused and organized manner, and I found it excellent as a university lecture series (I know, extremely low bar). I’m not going to stand in the way of the dismantling of Harvard, in fact I would gladly help, but I do believe there’s a place for academics in society. It resembles the place for prophets, actually: isolated in a remote location with heavy restrictions on permissible activities after someone elects to Join the Institution.

                  >purity spiraling
                  Please chalk this up to poor communication on my part. I do not now, nor did I previously, think you were spiraling. I think JBP as a construct, as a representative of elites that could be converted to Reaction, opens the door to the discussion of tolerable mistakes in one’s personal history.

                  >leftist co-opting
                  I cannot rebut this. Shapiro is as dangerous as he is useless. If JBP entries and takes over his platform, that would be interesting, but that is so speculative and fanciful it’s not worth considering at this juncture.

                  >the redpill in public
                  Yet again, very on the money. The Polygon has made it basically impossible to state the truth in public under one’s identity. So, what is to be done? More specifically, what is to be done by Elites who are looking to withdraw from the status quo and move in a different direction? There’s a limit to how many Jims can exist in any given ideological Sphere. If the saturation gets too high, the Eye of Sauron will bring the Hammer of Czernobog. What can they do? A while back, someone pointed out the fact that JBP relies heavily on Jung while completely avoiding Jungian concepts that are unacceptable to the mainstream. We can look at that example and say “See? JBP is not telling the truth!” and be correct, but we must also factor in that he is leading people to the haunt of redpills, which is about the most that can be done under the current circumstances.

                  Jim points out that JBP was directly impacted, deleteriously, by the decline of Western science, and yet he says nothing. He also points out that JBP is parroting cathedral rhetoric about Russia. I will go ahead and point out that he was completely off base about Trump. These are all marks against the man. But he is still a courtier with influence and connections. He has a significant degree of status. He has no choice but to call the deer a horse. I guess I am just not certain he actually believes that it is a horse. If any one of us were in the same situation, in that we had status and influence and connections from holding a Position in the court of public opinion, how would we go about being worthy and accepting power without being stripped of our Position?

                  One final angle, and this may be irrelevant, is that JBP seems to ruminate for a long time on things before he holds forth on them. It could be the case that he is working towards a position on tech decline, GAE expansion, and the Redpill on Women. It is most likely not the case, but I don’t think we can state categorically that it is not the case.

                  I will suspend my defense of the man at this point. I’ve made my position clear, and my advocacy was voluntary and largely theoretical. Of course I will continue to respond if engaged, but I think both you and Jim have sufficiently demonstrated the negatives of the man and his movement. I see JBP as a vehicle for elaborating our body of thought on the methodology of converting, capturing, and utilizing elites, and I fully accept that he may not be the best example available.

                • jim says:

                  > It could be the case that he is working towards a position on tech decline, GAE expansion, and the Redpill on Women. It is most likely not the case, but I don’t think we can state categorically that it is not the case.

                  It is completely obvious that he does not believe what he says, nor say what he believes, so, being a smart guy, has already come to a conclusion. Obviously he knows on women and Western tech decline – why do you think it occurred to him to head off to Russia for medical treatment?

                  And he is not going to come out with it, at least not under the name Jordan Peterson, because he would at a minimum be cancelled, deplatformed, and demonetized, and as the Information Epoch holy war comes ever closer, likely more drastic measures would be applied.

                  If he comes out with it, great. We will revere him as another fallen martyr to the cause.

                • alf says:

                  It is a stupid lie, an evil lie, that makes the liar stupid,

                  I tried listening to the latest Joe Rogan / JBP podcast. I just couldn’t. The cringe was too much.

                • Red says:

                  > Please chalk this up to poor communication on my part. I do not now, nor did I previously, think you were spiraling. I think JBP as a construct, as a representative of elites that could be converted to Reaction, opens the door to the discussion of tolerable mistakes in one’s personal history.

                  Thank you. Controlled opposition always pretends to be on your side while endlessly subverting you. This is why Trump was so shocking. Not only did he make promises that told us he was but he actually delivered on them. Controlled opposition doesn’t do that.

                  I’ve yet to see JBP deliver anything of value to the people he’s selling books to.

                  If you want to like him, that’s fine. I don’t really care. But I think you’re just fooling yourself.

                • jim says:

                  > I’ve yet to see JBP deliver anything of value to the people he’s selling books to.

                  He dances around dangerous and powerful truths, and people hungry for truth follow him. And then he delivers “clean your room”.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Meh, I already teach as well as he does. His command of the literature is impressive, but 90% of the literature is trash; Liuten has more value if we’re using command of fabricated reality lol. Further, he is a man with a hollow chest. In my estimation, he’s desperately trying to fill it while also holding onto his status, no easy task, but he remains a priest, and by default he’s a priest of the status quo. As I said, and as I believe, you and Jim put the matter to bed.

                  But I wouldn’t be the Puritan-descended conniving weasel GNON made me if I didn’t leave myself some avenue of intellectual tactical withdrawal, that being the idea of elite defection. Kidding aside, I honestly do think JBP will either lead a faction of defectors, or inspire defection, from the ranks of the academe, not dissimilar from rats fleeing a sinking ship.

            • The Cominator says:

              Oh no one cares about the clean your room stuff but KDs points stand, he is a gateway to the real redpill even on women.

              Yes he’s personally bad with women and far from alpha, so what.

              • Varna says:

                His daughter developed an autoimmune crisis now managed by meat-eating, his wife got cancer I believe, and the world in general applied pressure from all sides.

                He went on antidepressants, but later it turned out that once you start you are not expected to ever quit, only change meds.

                They actually moved him on to ketamine, and then declared him insane.

                It turned out that the only option for a guy to escape the globohomo brain pill system is to go outside it. He had to first fly to Russia to undergo a brutal cleansing procedure, and then fly to Serbia too undergo proper rehabilitation.

                Upon arrival in Russia it turned out globohomo while busy telling him that he’s insane, let him develop an undiagnosed pneumonia.

                Controlled opposition or not, after this adventure he seems like a very changed man.

                • skippy says:

                  This stuff does not seem like something controlled opposition would do or would be allowed to do.

                • alf says:

                  It turned out that the only option for a guy to escape the globohomo brain pill system is to go outside it.

                  Or just stop visiting shrinks and stop taking pills. It’s not rocket science.

                  That said, if folk here like Peterson, sure, why not. We don’t have to agree on everything.

  30. Neurotoxin says:

    Biden just announced the US military is going to put a new military base in Poland, the first US base there.

    And NATO is dialing up its fast-response forces from 40,000 to 300,000.

    And more.

    Via VD; the original link is

    • Fireball says:

      I am loving the way this is escalating.

      Do the russians have any nukes pointed to Lisbon?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I predict that once the pivot to EEurope is to a point where stopping or changing direction is impossible, China will take the next escalatory step on Taiwan. The actual NATO bulking could take a year or more, so look for Russia to do something to speed it up, something that gets the NATO countries frantic. They will then rush troops and equipment into the theater, increasing the disarray and chaos. Once it’s clear the US is all in on Fortress Europe, China will move.

      China has already knocked out one US administration, and I bet they will try to do it again. Destroying any kind of consistency in the Core GAE is in their interests.

      So I guess I’m reaffirming my prior position: Russia is not being reactive or emotional. The broad outline is known, though the actual steps are not. Ukraine is the distraction, the rabbit is the implosion of GAE, and the hat is the military/marketplace/culture.

      • why lord why says:

        You are nearly this stupid in every post you make. At least you’re consistent.

        Europe is a ground war. Taiwan is a naval war. Not the same personnel, not the same equipment, some of the same munitions. Very little overlap. Certainly not enough to affect operations in either theater for the first two weeks, which is what will be critical for Taiwan.

        China can plausibly decide to let the US be distracted by Russia if it looks like Russia is capable of doing the distracting. Right now, Russia is fully occupied by a third-rate corrupt shithole of a former Soviet republic that everybody expected would collapse within two weeks, with no prospect of meaningful progress anywhere on the horizon. If you think the Chinese leadership considers this a good side bet, you are even stupider than you look.

        • jim says:

          American naval capability is likely dead in the water within six hundred kilometers of the Chinese mainland or any of the fortified islands that China has been constructing in the South China sea.

          Those islands are unsinkable aircraft carriers, built for a future war in which they expect that floating aircraft carries will have a very short life expectancy.

          The problem for America is that a two front war is likely to get out of hand, each front exacerbating the other. It is not that Ukraine is utilizing resources needed to defend Taiwan, it is that wars are apt to escalate, and getting into a two front war can lead to unforeseen outcomes.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I further assert our resident Fed peeping tom is either former military or his wife’s boyfriend is a vet. He always pops up when we portray the USM as being incapable or incompetent.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I hate to samefag a b8poast, but it is interesting to see the hubris or ignorance on display. The movie forces are all different (stunningly different!): navy seal, 75th ranger battalion, SOG, regular infantry divisions, various naval taskforces, the floating bases, the carrier groups, air wings of so many flavors! Why, the US military is a global force for good, some faggot once told me! I bet they could fight a 2 front war, just like we did in dubya dubya too! You know, the one where the world was made safe for sodomy! And the reserves! And the guard! And the national guard reserve! You know, I bet the USM could fight every nation on earth and be done and victorious by Christmas! We could gin up a propaganda campaign on that idea alone!

          …but the logistics are, hmmm… the logistics. Look, I’m not saying we wouldn’t win, we always do. I’m not saying we aren’t up to the task, because we fucking are you commie faggots. It’s just that… well… 80% of the total lift capacity for Desert Storm and Desert Shield was civilian contracted, inclusive of air and sea. And that was before BRAC or any of the other wonderful and not in any way destructive things the Clinton Whitehouse did while we still had the Cold War USM largely intact…

          …but no, that’s just defeatist monarchical lies spooging out. We’re fucking America, we don’t know how to lose! And if Iraq II, Afghanistan, GWoT, and countless digital wargames have taught us anything, it’s that the USM is ready to rip roar rape any enemy that dares to defy us.

          Our military is strong, resilient, loyal, unified, and maximally trained!

          Our equipment is the absolute best, well maintained, thoroughly tested, and competently wielded!

          Our generals are lean, mean, fighting machines!

          Our esprit de corps is higher than ever!

          Our martial track record in unimpeachable!

          Our populace is supportive, generous, and tough!

          Our politicians are wise and unified!

          Our institutions are healthy and formidable!

          Our industry is efficient, distributed, and robust!

          I am 100% certain that, should the impossible happen and all these things somehow not carry us to victory, our vast arsenal of nuclear weapons will see us through any possible situation.

          Yessir, Mr. Putin better mind his Ps and Qs. America is rough, tough, and ready to tussle on as many continents as God is willing to give us. Mr. Xi should just pack it up and head on home. The American Military is out there, just waiting to show the whole world exactly what it is capable of, and I for one am proud, humbled, and grateful for our army of trailer trash, niggers, spics, trannies, and frontholes nobly and honorably waiting for welfare checks and that sweet, sweet Home Depot discount.

          • Ghost says:

            Funny you should mention that. I was just somewhere today. Saw a Major in a flight suit sporting a beard, a “female” with a face like a gent, and four effeminate mechanics.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Patriots every one too, I’d bet! Loyal, honest, strong, capable, and dangerous! Why, if they were to jump in a DARPA time machine (you know they have them, the Deep Stork is always 30 years ahead of the movies!), they’d beat the Nazis in a day, then teach ol’ Tojo a thing or too! Yessireebob, there’s nothing like a US military. Ready and steady and standing tall. Sometimes, when I see a flag, I like to think about just how simple it is to provision 130 men with foodstuffs and ammunition while cut off from civilian contractors under a drone net and on call artillery that’s fully integrated and battle tested against a “third rate corrupted shithole.” I just relish in all the meaningful progress American military will enjoy.

              Seriously, how does that faggot keep breathing. I don’t know which is funnier, the 42%trannie correction rate, or US military vets thinking their 5 minutes of service matter.

              • Ghost says:

                You’re starting to sound like AA. Do we have a celebrity in our midst?

              • Ghost says:

                It’s not the same military from 30 years ago. Clinton allowed sodomites to join and cut the budget and closed many installations. Obama opened the door to trannies, cut the budget more. Some installations didn’t even mow their grass. Now Biden with more of the same and abortions too.

                Before these three, the officer corps was strongly conservative and liberals kept their mouths shut.

                The Navy though, they’ve always been a little odd. They’ve got these rituals (not supposed to talk about, but I will) when they cross the equator on ship, you have woggs and shellbacks. They do some weird party. I’ve said to much.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Countless fiction novels have dropped the dime on hella-gay navy antics. Ship-boos are only women half the time lmao. The USMC calls itself the men’s department of the navy, which would be funny if the jarheads didn’t then proceed to topping them for Moloch and open bordered urban housing agglomerate.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “I predict that once the pivot to EEurope is to a point where stopping or changing direction is impossible, China will take the next escalatory step on Taiwan.”

        That would be fantastic for us, from a point of view of forcing the GAE to either back down, or to try to keep going when it has bitten off waaaaay more than it can chew. For some reason I’m flashing on an image of a python that’s trying to eat a goat that’s just to big for it, and forced to disgorge it.

        Also, if voting matters at all any more (I know, I know) the political effects of the Dems getting involved in a war with China and Russia simultaneously would be wonderful.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Also, if voting matters at all any more (I know, I know) the political effects of the Dems getting involved in a war with China and Russia simultaneously would be wonderful.”

          You sound as mad as they are, and I’m the guy who says we need to wipe them out down to their voters. We’re hated by almost everyone at this point often for good reason… such a war likely ends in our annihilation.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Or, you know, just regime change lol.

            • The Cominator says:

              Holy wars are often fought without mercy…

              • jim says:

                I have often remarked that I am as far from power as I can get without treading water. If nuclear holy war gets under way, it might well be time to tread water.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think Thailand will be safe.

                • Ghost says:

                  Thailand safe? There are many Thais here in America and Thailand wants to be friendly with both US and China. Hard to say if they’re safe.

                  I’m staying on my hill right here until I die. I wonder about the danger to come and in some ways want to test myself to see what I am capable of. I’d rather not have safety in a world of corruption. But, one man can do little.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “You sound as mad as they are…”

            Maybe I’m thinking from a position of normalcy bias, but I guess I was just assuming that if things got really hot with China and Russia at the same time, our military would just run some bombers over the White House and take Biden out. Biden’s not in charge, obvs, but his puppetmasters would be disempowered if their puppet were gone. More realistically, I have a feeling the 25th Amendment would be invoked before it got to the point of China nuking us. Though war is always a fast-moving situation, which is why Wash DC shouldn’t be playing this provocation game in the first place.

            What the hell, I don’t live in NYC, LA, etc. Let’s play global thermonuclear war!

  31. Neurotoxin says:

    The thread with Pooch about whether merchants and priests are the same people is getting too long.

    (Also too stupid.)

    All this modern race/gender/sexual preference stuff started in academia, not in businesses. The cause-effect flow here is VERY clear. In the 1990s this crap was everywhere in the universities and nowhere in the business world. It’s extremely clear who is bossing whom around here.

    Actually there was an exception in business: “Affirmative action” based on race and sex… but that’s because it was legally mandated.

    • Adam says:

      What about things like inflation? It’s obviously a product of entropy, but isn’t the money supply a merchant issue? Doesn’t entropy/leftism act on the merchant, warrior and priest alike?

      Obviously global progressive homosexualism is a product of priests. Merchants don’t think like social workers, priests do.

      • Ghost says:

        Priests continue to invent new and insane sacramental hoops for merchants and citizenry and King to leap through or they will be unpersoned and bankrupted. They capitulate to falsehood. Solders enforce the Kings will without prejudice.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        Inflation getting out of hand long pre-dates identity politics. They don’t have anything to do with each other.

      • Vlad says:

        It’s absurd to insist all the capital and tech of the west was defeated by some cat lady college professors [*much seen commie rant deleted*]

        • jim says:

          The wealth and tech of the west was not defeated by some commie cat ladies because businessmen never had any power to begin with.

          You argument presupposes that at some time capital ruled, that we totally agree it used to rule but strangely claim that now it does not, presupposes that everyone, including us, agrees with the self evident and undeniable truth of Marxist history – argument from fake consensus, which method of argument is forbidden on this blog and will always be censored.

          Normies are generally deluded about who rules, but they do not believe that capitalists have ever ruled. Your presupposition is not consensus, and never has been.

          Money is not power. Power is power. Those who have power do not need money, they just reach out their hand, and whatever they want is given to them. Capitalists and capitalism has existed since men first grew grain and herded cattle, and capitalists have never had power and never will have power.

          We are always ruled by priests or warriors, or something of both. Always have been, always will be.

          “Capital” is derived from the word for cattle. It meant “head of cattle”, because you count a herd by their heads. You think cattle are power?

          No, swords are power, and words can sometimes manage to control swords. Cattle?

          • Vlad says:

            I’m certainly no commie not even a little. I’m also no longer a “capitalist” [*third positionist script deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Your script is old and moldy. We have been seeing it ever since Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini purged the radical fascist left, and Stalin created the third positionist movement to shill against and engage in entryism against then actually existent fascism.

              It is certainly true that “capitalism is not serving us well” now, with gas prices going up from a dollar thirty to seven dollars, groceries, housing and rents following in the wake of gas while wages creep upwards at miniscule rates, with Gillete demanding that its customer base emasculate themselves, and Disney plotting to cut of your sons dicks and your daughters boobs, and sodomize your sons and daughters.

              But our diagnosis of what is causing that problem is very similar to that of Trump, DeSantis, the Make America Great Again movement, and the Christian Nationalist right – pretty similar to that of the entire right, except for shills, though our proposed solutions considerably more radical than most.

              This diagnosis is the opposite of your diagnosis.

              Your diagnosis is very different. I would be happy to debate your diagnosis if discussed in within a frame that there were a considerable number of people on the right, from mainstream cuckservative politicians to bomb throwing radicals, who have the opposite diagnosis. rather than the frame that everyone, left and right, accepts your diagnosis but is corruptly reluctant to apply the obvious solution: Socialism.

    • ten says:

      The priest caste uses words, the warrior caste uses swords, the worker caste uses stuff.

      A high merchant is probably rarely in contact with the stuff that changes hands, but only with the words representing and coordinating the changing of hands, so the business of the high merchant sort of resembles the business of the priest.

      But the business of the high merchant can be traced to boxes of stuff, the leaf nodes in his influence graph are material boxes, while the leaf nodes of the priestly graph are people.

      • jim says:

        > A high merchant is probably rarely in contact with the stuff that changes hands.

        Musk is very much in contact with it, but as a rule you are correct. The high merchant relies on representations of stuff constructed by bookkeepers. The firm came into being as an entity imagined into reality by bookkeepers. Thus accounting represents an attack vector for the priesthood to control the merchants.

    • What Pooch and co sees is merchants giving priests money and thinks the merchants are funding them.

      But such “funding” is actually in the nature of a tithe to the ruling Lord. Doesn’t buy influence, only reiterates their subordinate status in the hierarchy.

      • ten says:

        Exactly – and this is sufficiently obvious that whig history normies usually go silent and look a little confused for a while when it is pointed out.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I thought this required some expansion:

        • Pooch says:

          Tell it to Oliver Cromwell. It is obvious what class he represented.

          • jim says:

            What class was that?

            Explain and justify.

            It was a religious war, high Church versus low church, priests versus aristocrats.

            Started of with riots against the King’s authority to appoint bishops, which was provoked by his propensity to appoint high Church Bishops.

            The monarchic settlement of the restoration was all about religious issues, not economic issues. The deal was toleration. State and quasi state entities would be exclusively run by those of the state religion who adhered to the Kings Bishops, but all other faiths would be tolerated.

            No one talked about economic issues, except the post Christian far left of Puritanism, whom Cromwell crushed. Economic issues did not come into the picture until 1832. Until 1832 the conflict was Socinians passing as Christians versus old type Christians, and then the holiness spiral in the post Christian left resulted in the economic issues raised by the post Christian descendants of the Puritan Christian heresy that Cromwell crushed arising again.

            Until 1832 everyone would have looked at you funny if you started talking about Marx’s economic classes. It just was not on their radar.

            • Pooch says:

              Let’s take a deep look at the family and background of Oliver Cromwell before the English Civil Wars.

              Cromwell was born into the landed gentry with a family estate derived from Oliver’s great-great-grandfather Morgan ap William, brewer and merchant who married Katherine Cromwell, the sister of Thomas Cromwell, would become the famous chief minister to Henry VIII. The Cromwells acquired great wealth as occasional beneficiaries of Thomas’s administration of the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

              Cromwell’s paternal grandfather Sir Henry Williams was one of the two wealthiest landowners in Huntingdonshire. Cromwell’s father, being the younger son with many siblings, was of modest means but still a member of the landed gentry inheriting a house and a small amount of land.

              Oliver Cromwell married Elizabeth Bourchier. Elizabeth’s father, Sir James Bourchier, was a London leather merchant who owned extensive lands in Essex and had strong connections with Puritan gentry families. The marriage brought Cromwell into contact with Oliver St John and leading members of London’s merchant community.

              In 1631, Oliver had become involved in some sort of dispute among the gentry of Huntingdon. As a result, he sold most of his properties in Huntingdon, and moved too a farmstead in nearby St. Ives. This move, a significant step down in society for the Cromwells, also had significant emotional and spiritual impact on Cromwell. Cromwell had kept a smallholding of chickens and sheep, selling eggs and wool to support himself, his lifestyle resembling that of a yeoman farmer.

              In 1636 Cromwell inherited control of various properties in Ely from his uncle on his mother’s side, and his uncle’s job as tithe collector for Ely Cathedral. By the end of the 1630s, Cromwell had returned to the ranks of acknowledged gentry. He had become a committed Puritan and had established important family links to leading merchant families in London and Essex.

              When Oliver became a Member of Parliment, Cromwell was strongly linked to these godly families of merchant aristocrats in the House of Lords and House of Commons with whom he had established familial and religious links in the 1630s, such as the Earls of Essex, Warwick and Bedford, Oliver St John and Viscount Saye and Sele.

              It becomes clear after studying Oliver’s background, although he was not a particularly successful merchant himself, he was representative of a rising Puritan merchant class.

              It was this rising Puritan merchantile priestly elite in conjunction that overthrew the rule of the old landed aristocratic warrior class of the British kings.

              Why was the merchant class rising? We have to look back to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

              When Henry VIII confiscated the property of the Catholic Church in Britain, there was a church in every village and practically every street corner. They were almost all economically independent. It wasn’t just that they were tithing, they also had their own businesses. They had wineries, farms, and made clothing. They produce books and bibles, the painstaking process before the printing press.

              The monasteries which were attached as part of these Catholic properties were economically productive. There was a large amount of land that was owned by the Catholic Church and it was not allowed to be bought and sold.

              When Henry VIII confiscated all the church property, he then sold that church property to the highest bidder. There were for the first time people who didn’t own land who were not nobility (because nobility was defined by a landowner. You could not be nobility without having land and if you had land that ennobled you.) who now had the opportunity to become landed.

              These people who had been merchants (shoemakers, traders, goldsmiths, jewelers, etc) who had not been part of the nobility were able to buy land at this point and that created the underlying socio-economic forces that are ultimately behind the English Civil War.

              The rise of a merchant class is adjacent to a shifting priest class, that’s no longer moored in Catholicism, that’s now Protestant, Presbyterian, Puritan. All of these forces are allying with the merchant class and saying “The king doesn’t have the right to rule. It’s the people who rule and the king is a servant of the people”

              • jim says:

                As you said, landed was noble and noble was landed.

                The landed gentry were politically dominant all the way to the nineteenth century, with nothing dramatic happening in in sixteen hundred. A successful merchant acquired land, and successful merchants had been industriously doing that and marrying into longer established, but frequently poorer, nobility, for many centuries.

                Around eleven hundred, twelve hundred, landed was the man with terrible swift sword, and training from earliest child hood in using it, which lifelong very hard training was apt to develop extremely powerful muscles. As for example William the Marshall who acquired that land with his own sword from the back of his own horse.

                From, however, twelve hundred to eighteen hundred, land was more the real estate developer, tenant manager. As for example William the Marshall, who was apt sell land, exchange land, and to lease out land on very long term leases that required the holder of the lease to develop the land, and gave tenant considerable rights that could not be arbitrarily changed, making the tenant a little bit, or quite a large bit, landed and noble.

                So locating a “rising merchant class” on the basis of land ownership changes at a particular date is late nineteenth century invention. William the Marshal did the transition seamlessly around the year of our lord twelve hundred, and, as he went merchant, he enabled a whole lot of merchants to go noble. Every major transition of power and innumerable minor transitions of power that nobody now remembers involved a lot of land changing hands, and a lot of that land being sold, with a lot of people thus becoming noble/landed. And the whole time, a whole lot of land was being bought and sold on the basis of entirely private matters with no political significance.

                Yes, Cromwell and company had no end of merchant connections. And the children and grandchildren of William the Marshal also had no end of merchant connections. That transition happened about in about eleventh century of our Lord. And the rise of the urban merchant elite in the nineteenth century of our lord. Nothing very unusual happened in the role of the merchant class in the seventeenth century of our lord.

                • Pooch says:

                  You mention land changing hands from warrior to warrior. Quite common during the feudal periods.

                  I am not seeing any evidence of merchants owning land of any significance before the Dissolution of the Monasteries, an event that put an enormous amount of land on the market for purchase by an unlanded merchant class. An event that the Cromwells personally benefited immensely from.

                • jim says:

                  > You mention land changing hands from warrior to warrior.

                  Warrior to warrior land ownership changes do not involve money. But a fully equipped warrior was extremely expensive, so … William the Marshall’s real estate development business, managed substantially by his wife.

                  Warriors need money. Merchants have money. But, before you can shake down merchants, they have to come to you, so … william the Marshall’s real estate business, in which a great many non warriors acquired land, and thus, eventually nobility.

                  From the eleventh century of our lord onwards, considerably more acquisition of land for money, and considerably less acquisition of land at swordpoint. So merchant and nobility interwoven from the eleventh century onwards. Nothing out of the ordinary about Cromwell’s family and connections.

                • jim says:

                  > I am not seeing …

                  What you refuse to see.

                  And you persistently see things that other people do not see, such as US military might.

                  You are projecting the full on feudalism of the tenth century, when ownership of land depended very directly on one’s personal ability to ride a horse and wield a sword, all the way up to whatever political events your professor wants to explain in Marxist terms.

                  And likely when describing the radical changes in the nineteenth century, your professor would give the same explanation, only this time projecting tenth century feudalism all the way into the nineteenth century. And, as the twentieth century fades out of memory, into the twentieth century.

                  You persistently and confidently rely on highly unreliable sources. It is very irritating.

                • Pooch says:

                  Not seeing William the Marshal as part of any merchant class. He was a soldier, a knight, and of the warrior elite who ruled.

                • jim says:

                  William the Marshal, under the King, ruled the lands he acquired with his sword, no such thing as a ruling class at that time, and for many centuries thereafter. He ruled what he had, and other nobles ruled what they had.

                  And he then went into the real estate development business, a very merchant business, in the process granting land and rights, and thus in due course nobility, to a whole lot of merchants.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thomas Cromwell benefitted because he was basically Henry VIIIs prime minister (until he was executed one of the few executions Henry VIII openly regretted which maybe explains why his family kept some of the land) and not a warrior ie he was archetypically a priest he was originally on Woolseys staff (though he was always a secret Protestant).

                  Oliver Cromwell was a non military gentry outside of government I guess he was sort of a merchant but when he entered government he quickly became a warrior.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think broadly speaking during William the Marshals time legitimate descendents of the Norman’s were ruling class and others were not.

                • Pooch says:

                  land and rights, and thus in due course nobility, to a whole lot of merchants.

                  Name one. Your lack of evidence is annoying and your persistence and confident insistence to proclaim historical things as fact without evidence or sources is irritating. Your persistence and insistence to assign a position of Marxism to me, even more annoying. Good day.

                • Aidan says:

                  Pooch, finance was invented by duke Robert of Normandy, turning land leases and associated rights into financial instruments in order to raise the money to wage war. Medieval law already treated with legal entities, the predecessor to corporations, and the art of finance trickled down from the noble class to the merchant class. There was a healthy market by 1300 for what we would today call political rights, but it was just contract law, where individuals and abstract legal entities would buy, sell, and trade rights and interests for cash. Including, of course, land. From the eleventh century onward, the serf became a tenant, granted substantial rights over his land in exchange for paying in cash rather than service. And oftentimes, one could pay the cash up front and just get the land; most medieval cities were generally self-governed, having raised the cash to just buy out the lord who originally owned them.

                • jim says:

                  The anarchy of tenth century feudalism severely inhibited capitalism. Which impeded the ability of warriors to fund themselves and their retainers.

                  Since the Marxists want to interpret capitalism as a ruling class, and capitalism as new, they interpret that forward to each and every political event they want to interpret as class conflict with capitalists, all the way to the nineteenth century. Coming up soon, all the way forward to the twentieth century.

                  In the tenth century, feudalism was rule by men equipped with expensive weapons, very physically strong men, extraordinarily strong men, trained from childhood in use of those weapons.

                  From the eleventh century to the eighteenth, rule by a martial and thoroughly capitalist landed gentry. William the Marshal acquired land with his own sword, but found he was mighty short on the social and institutional means for obtaining value from that land. So …

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                In more civilized times, there was not so much of a distinction between aristoia and pecuniousness, there were simply ‘prominent men’. Men with authority in a community, and men with value-producing affairs in the community, were often the same men. The idea that men with authority should also be impecunious is one of the oldest tactics of leftist attack against a existing power-structure.

  32. Severian says:

    Multiple Russian sources saying Russia captured the Lisichansk Oil refinery.
    If so Lisichansk is effecityvely lost to the Ukes.

    Battles for Soledar and Bakhmut should be next.

    • jim says:

      These are small victories which cannot resolve the war. But, since the Ukrainians were deploying trenches, after the fashion of World War I attritive warfare, they are indicative of huge casualties.

      The big advantage of placing your men in trenches is that they are handy dandy mass graves: when the fighting starts, the troops are unable to run away, and they will thus soak up a huge amount of artillery shells.

      The real idea of attritive warfare was to attrit the enemy’s supply of shells.

      That the Russians are advancing is a small change in the war. However, that the Russians are advancing indicates that the Ukrainians ran out men before the Russians ran out of shells. However, in the Information Epoch, grunts do not soak up nearly as many artillery shells as they did in World War I.

      • Severian says:

        I think you’re right. If you look at the whole picture most of the front lines have been static since the Donbass offensive begun. Small changes here and there.
        I guess the Russians may hope attrition will finally allow for a major breakthrough eventually, but I’m not making any prediction.

        Meanwhile Russians abandoned Snake Island.

  33. Is “Hitler was a jew and recent studies prove it” a known shill script? Need advice as my blog is getting attention of late and I want to know how to counter.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      When in doubt, rub them out. You’re not libertarian, you are not called upon to create or maintain freeze peach. If it isn’t productive, delete it.

      • I wanted to maintain a light hand in moderation, but more importantly identify shill patterns before I delete stuff.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Just my opinion, but you should focus on content and quality, not counterintelligence. Anyone saying Hitler was a Jew has only one goal in mind.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Here is the comment thread:

            I don’t understand what he is driving at. Seems a bit off.

            • jim says:

              It does not matter. He cheerfully accepts obviously unreliable sources of data at face value.

              Such people are a problem, and needed to be chided, as I have chided Pooch, but they are not necessarily bad people with ulterior motives.

              However the “Hitler is Jewish” argument is always pushed with hostile ulterior motives “Since you are an evil stupid person this argument might work on you, even though it would not work on me.”

              This guy is, like Pooch, misinformed, and, unlike Pooch, hostile.

              • The Cominator says:

                Well he REALLY might have been 1/4 Jewish and possibly a Rothschild at that… its not definite but not impossible.

                • Varna says:

                  By the end of the Middle Ages the sprawling Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth had absorbed almost all Jews of the larger region, being a place of peace, plenty, and tolerance, by then current standards.

                  BTW, apparently today Lithuania and Poland have been given some sort of green light to try and relive the past glory. First it was 80% them supporting the failed Belarus uprising, and now it’s Poland doing its best to somehow absorb or fuse with Western Ukraine. Lithuania was also the most vocal opponent of China last year, this year they are the most vocal opponent of Russia, threatening the Kaliningrad enclave and so on. Something’s up with Lithuania and Poland. Someone has been feeding their revanchist ambitions.

                  Anyway. When Russia on the east and the Germanic states on the west begun gradually eating up the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, they therefore begun getting not only new territories, but also new populations — Poles and Jews.

                  By the second half of the 19th century 5 million citizens of the Russian Empire, out of a total of 50 million, were Jews. That’s an incredible number. Many cities, including Odessa and Vienna, became predominantly Jewish.

                  By the early 20th century, the six gorillion lived mainly in a) the Austro-Hungarian empire, b) the Russian empire, and c) whenever Poland flickered into existence for a few seconds.

                  Hence also most of today’s US Jews in high places being from that same region — Eastern European grandparents and so on. Complete with the ancestral desire to see the local Slavs and if possible Germanics too massacre each other for the puppet master’s amusement.

                  At the time when Adolf’s generation was born and growing up, it is very likely that in towns and cities (not poor villages), everyone was one quarter Jew or one eighth Jew.

                  Later WWII happened, as well as voluntary and semi-voluntary emigration waves into America and Israel. This emptied out that region a bit from pureblood Jews. Now they’re in Israel and America. The classical Russian neighborhoods such as on Brighton Beach are Jewish neighborhoods. 30% of Israel speaks Russian. And so on.

                  This regional plummeting of the number of Jews in no way precluded the new Ukrainian govt being ultra-Jewish, but that’s for Anglin readers to pursue.

                  Any Russian (European part), Ukrainian, Belorussian, Pole, Austrian, Hungarian, Czech, or Slovak, especially if the stock is city folk going back to before WWII at least on the side of some great-grandma, is very likely to have some Jewish ancestry.

                  Additionally, South East Europe being part of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years, the internal imperial genetic drift seeded all sorts of surprises. Just like inside the Russian Empire, where you can never be certain if one’s great-grandparents aren’t Tatars, or Bashkirs, or Mordva, or what have you.

                  In Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, you also never know if the Ottoman Imperial genetic drift didn’t seed your ancestral village or city neighborhood with Tatar or Jewish or Syrian or Egyptian blood. Or Turkish.

                  Had Hitler been born into the Russian Empire or the former Ottoman Empire lands, he would have been some sort of mixture of breeds with a 90% certainty. Within the Austro-Hungarian empire — at least 50% certainty. This is how sprawling continental political structures in the old world work.

                  Today’s Chinaman is also a mongrel, to which white’s are blind, but Koreans and Japs are not. Koreans and Japs are the “Scandinavians” in this sense, genetically, while China is genetically the equivalent of Austro-Hungary or Russia or Turkey.

                  I don’t see how any of this could make one become a fan of any historical world leader, or conversely stop being a fan of any historical world leader, unless one has a female approach to life based on emotional reactions and gossip. Or some purity-fetishist ultras like the guy.

                • jim says:

                  Quite possibly one quarter Jewish.

                  But the Rothschilds were funding the commies, until it blew up in their faces, and after 1930, sudden diminution in commie funding.

                  The Rothschild’s strategy was to use their depositors money to fund war, revolution, and subversion, and thus obtain power, and with this power, more control of more of other people’s savings. But Russia turned into a black hole that sucked money in and no money came out.

                  Classic case of evil consuming evil. And in 1930 the depositors started asking to see their money.

    • skippy says:

      If you believe this study, he had a genetic marker that is found in Jews and in non-Jews. It increases the probability he had Jewish ancestry compared to if some other markers had been found, but does not prove it.

      • The Cominator says:

        Hitler’s father was illegitimate and though she married a man who later claimed to be his “father” its doubtful. His paternal grandmother was a serving girl, there are rumors she was working in the Rothschild house at the time Alois Schiklgruber was conceived but the records seem to have been destroyed (which is perhaps the best argument for this story being true).

        So did Hitler have jewish ancestry… maybe.

        • skippy says:

          Maybe indeed.

          A good argument for impregnating Jewish girls and raising them as Goys if you want to overcome this particular world-conspiracy.

          On the other hand, neither Alois nor young Hitler showed any particular talent. If Hitler was the real deal, seems to be due to some special array of talents for politics in a chaotic state that didn’t lead to general success in life.

          • The Cominator says:

            Hitler was a good speaker as far as Germans percieved good speakers, he was also helped out extensively for whatever reason by Dietrich Eckhart and the Thule society, Wagner’s Family and then by Von Papen (a Jesuit).

            He was a good speaker but he got into power because he was sponsored by powerful forces…

            • jim says:

              Nah. He was opposed, not supported, by powerful forces.

              The Wiemar elite was failing dismally, and as result could not maintain the semblance of democratic legitimacy. To maintain the appearance of democratic legitimacy, Papen, leader of what would now call the cuckservatives, cut a deal with less terrifying faction of the radical left, the Nazis. The deal was that the Nazis would provide the votes, and old elite retain the power, while giving Hitler the purely nominal appearance of power.

              The error in this deal was that the Wiemar elite had long been using illegitimate state and quasi state violence against its opponents, and Hitler was an old hand at that. With the boot of the state off his men’s backs, and ample precedent provided by the Weimar elite, he applied state and quasi state violence against the elite itself.

              At the last minute, Papen went looking for a deal with the Christian right and the reactionary right, but it was too late, and he was the wrong man, having betrayed everyone.

              • The Cominator says:

                Papen is one of the most sinister figures of the 20th century and a Jesuit.
                Given who Papens real allegiances and real master was (he walked out of Nuremberg scot free… and he had a hand in getting the US into WW1 as well)… Maybe he knew it would workout that way…

                • jim says:

                  Finding he could not be the leader of the left when the leader of the (less insane) radical left was Hitler, a man who was disinclined to be a well paid puppet, Papen attempted to get the good guys together under his leadership. They did not come, probably because on past form, had they been successful, would have been hexduple crossed (they had already been doublecrossed and quadruple crossed, Papen’s alliance with Hitler being the quadruple cross, and his speech attempting to rally the right, the Christian right, and the reactionary right against the radical left being the quintuple cross).

            • skipper says:

              Papen tried to cuck Hitler and Hitler defeated him but let him be ambassador to Turkey rather than killing him because he was at least a gentleman about it.

              He had von Schleicher killed.

              Hitler was sponsored by a piano factory mostly. Eckart was himself considered a weirdo. Wagner and his family had already sponsored Houston Stuart Chamberlain who was even more anti-Semitic than Hitler.

              Try to find Hitler’s inaugural Reichstag speech and tell me it doesn’t remind you of today. Specifically, isn’t it what everyone wished Trump had said, instead of what he did?

    • Ghost says:

      Moderate with extreme prejudice. Just out of curiosity why would a Hindu care if small mustache man was Jewish?

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Thanks. I didn’t bring up the topic of Hitler ancestry. Seems like the commenter claims to be a christian. Seemed suspicious as to why somebody would want to push such a script on my insignificant blog.

        • jim says:

          Maybe he is a normie pushing a dumbass criticism of Hitler that he thinks will work on evil racists. Nobody cares if Hitler was x% Jewish.

          Like a shill he is not arguing in good faith, but rather “this argument would not work on me, being a good and smart person, but it should work on you because you are an evil stupid moron”.

          Same tone as the shill scripts, but seldom done for pay.

  34. Varna says:

    Chechen news in English
    It’s mostly the dear leader being everywhere and doing everything, and honored visitors coming over the the Chechen republic.
    The latter is one of the 80 constituent states of the Russian Federation, with a population of 1.5 million.

    The man-woman dancing of the Chechens appears to be modelled on mating dances of birds.
    The man spreads his wings and pretends to try to corner the woman. Agility and virility is shown through bursts of jerky movements. The woman slowly floats along, sensually rotating her wrists, and either softly claps her hands or touches her heart to signify she’s done with the dance.
    At minute 3 some woman stands up and you realize the Kardashians are a vulgarized far off reflection of the original fertile woman from the Caucasus region.

    They are mountain folk so their archetypal totems are probably birds and haha, goats.

    When you look at Chechen warriors gathered, you realize their names are Gimli, Balin, Durin, and so on.

    • Varna says:

      At 26.40 on the Chechen wedding dance, Tom Bombadil’s wife goes out on the dance floor (in stilettos, natch), taking over from the previous epic cougar, and turns out to be a radiant finger-dance master. Depending on each minute shift in her overall body, her fingers also do some vril flow shit.

      Her partner Gimli is a bit wooden at first, half the time insecurely doing body-communication with his bros, but she patiently draws him out until he lets go and in the end they approach the point where an instant from now they’ll be making out, and both simultaneously break it off, with a fleeting friendly pat on each other’s backs.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Based and traditionpilled.

      More and more, it becomes apparent that it is GAE shills seeking to attack the growing faith and fortitude of Russia that malign these simple mountain enjoyers.

      • Varna says:

        I’d probably hang myself within a week if forced to live in a place like that, nor would I rejoice if my neighborhood began filling up with people from there.

        However, had I been born and raised there, I too would probably enjoy all their stuff… Dance like a semi-paralytic eagle with palsy, get into brawls, then seek forgiveness from the imam, watch TV which is only about the dear leader, and view military expeditions into Europe (or anywhere really) as a jolly good adventure.

        Can’t quite make up my mind. Are these mountain harkonen? Mountain fremen? Or just generic mountain vikings?

        Frankly, I’d be pretty tense about having either of the three where I live. Unless, of course, there’s a civilizational collapse, global or local, and chaps like that are the only way of having some semblance of functioning law &order. Let’s hope such a choice never arises.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          In a different era, I’d be a missionary or expeditionary leader or something. I fell into the trap of venerating and idealizing the Foreign when I was a young suburban creature, but having passed through that phase, I’ve come to realize I enjoy being in but not of. I like being a contextual minority. So I’d love to live amongst the Chechens or the Serbs or the Tutsis. The Token Occidental.

  35. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted because I have never found your reports of the right is saying remotely resembled reality, and I cannot be bothered to check yet another time.*]

  36. Pax Imperialis says:

    Been seeing a slow and constant trickle of research showing the mRNA vaccines were fairly bad. A recent study out of Stanford and UCLA found:

    “The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials”

    Shouldn’t be surprising to anyone here.

    I’ve also noticed there a dearth of information and research concerning the J&J vaccine. Anyone have an idea why?

    If my premise if wrong about J&J getting little scrutiny can anyone point me to a source of information?

    I have a suspicion that the adverse side effects of J&J were extremely rare and relatively minor when compared to the mRNA ones which is where there is no apparent interest in researching J&J.

    • Varna says:

      I was thinking this yesterday as well.

      Sputnik is also getting “increased scrutiny”:

      It will turn out I think like with the Olympics “doping scandals”, in the sense of the Russians doing their thing in the old-fashioned clumsy way, while the holy west does the same or worse but know how to present their data in a polished way.
      However, go beyond the polish, and it will turn out that Sputnik’s twin Astra Zeneca is the same crap.

      Sputnik at first had a “sputnik lite” version, which was the equivalent of the single-jab J&J. However later they stopped counting it as being “fully vaccinated”, and Sputnik Lite was now only officially good as a “booster”. Since January 2022 in Europe J&J also no longer counts as a “full vaccination” but only as a “booster”.

      It may turn out that of all the clotshots the single dose ones Sputnik Lite and Janssen were the least lethal, at least when measuring one on one, without subsequent “boosts”. Hence them quickly losing status as “full vaccination”.

      Whatever happened to the Novavax peptide bullshit (the third variation of the clotshot)? At the very start of everything Cuba and Russia both made peptide shots as well, and while Cuba vacced everybody to the hilt from school kids upward, Russia marketed their peptide shot EpiVac to old folks, due to the “negligible side effects”.

      Then one whole family dropped dead after taking EpiVac.
      In the poultry producing Cossack town of 12K Starokorsunskaya
      And while the medical authorities did the whole amazing coincidence safe and effective shtick, it was quietly pulled from the market, leaving only Sputnik and the Russian dead virus trad vax KoviVak. The former being free for the pleb, and the latter being available for money, with connections.

      • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

        It will turn out I think like with the Olympics “doping scandals”, in the sense of the Russians doing their thing in the old-fashioned clumsy way, while the holy west does the same or worse but know how to present their data in a polished way.

        So that’s what that was all about? The red-pills just keep coming! 😂

        • Varna says:

          If you paste “fancy bears doping” into a search engine, you’ll get a bunch of articles debunking and fact-checking hacked leaks (a KGB provocation natch) of western athletes taking pills and injections in order to treat their *conditions*, which without the doctor’s note would be banal doping.

          Also how frequently the doping sample bottles get lost or suddenly break when convenient.

          Ah, my sweet Valieva.

          After they broke her psychologically I realized that to these people beauty and life are hellish torture to witness. If their strategies to achieve X allow them to crush some flower on the way, this only makes them happier.

    • notglowing says:

      Link to this study?

    • jim says:

      And that report is softballing it.

      “Of 186 F-22 Raptor fighters, only about 93 are ready to fly missions at any particular time”

      Of those ready to fly missions, most of them do not have the full set of working capabilities that they are likely to need when the mission gets interrupted by the enemy.

      In theory, a full capable F-22 fighter is superior to any Russian equivalent. How these actual “mission capable” Raptor fighters would fair against an actual Russian warplane remains to be seen.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        An F-22 will fail to the junkiest Mig they have if it can’t take off.

        “I’m… on… BREAK!” –USAF lead aviation technician Shaniqua

    • Varna says:

      Germany was already like that a few years back.
      Now with the Ukraine kerfuffle let’s see if they can snap back into some semblance of adequacy.
      You never know. Perhaps the current “no, we’re too pacifist to really help” official sentiment serves to hide “we are currently so pathetic Poland can blitz us”.

  37. Frank Matters says:

    Jim, time is very ripe for you to get out a whitepaper on properties you need for a namespace. People will just go to ENS et al if no one builds something better.

    • notglowing says:

      ENS is a pretty simple system built on Ethereum. There is nothing wrong with ENS, though it isn’t perfect. But the issue Jim has with it is the platform it is built on.

      If you have another blockchain, you can make an ENS equivalent on it.

      • Frank Matters says:

        Building your entire p2p ledger ecosystem is becoming easier in tooling but much harder in mindshare. It might be better to make a technical criticism of ETH, which can be meme’d among the crowd actually building this stuff. The WQ may be a bit far but most crypto developers are easily convinced to not trust things the US government has put its fingers on. It’s bad because of the people building it is a weak argument, suspicion is justified but you should at least be able to point out the places where vulnerabilities are apt to be slipped in.

        The matchsticks and glue complaint is valid, but becoming less so. Some of the tooling is looking pretty good lately. Very much is time to put out your designs to grab mindshare before the underlying architectures ossify.

  38. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like Dish Network is trying to indirectly fuck with Starlink.


    Today we ask for your support in ending a lobbying campaign that threatens to make Starlink unusable for you and the vast majority of our American customers.

    As recently reported, DISH Network has been hoarding spectrum for years as a strategy for preventing open and fair competition.

    Most recently, DISH has been attempting to claim new rights to the 12 GHz band, which is the spectrum you currently use to download content with Starlink. Despite technical studies dating back as far as 2016 that refute the basis of their claims, DISH has employed paid lobbyists who are attempting to mislead the FCC with faulty analysis in hopes of obscuring the truth.

    In reality, if DISH gets their way, Starlink customers will experience harmful interference more than 77% of the time and total outage of service 74% of the time, rendering Starlink unusable for most Americans. You can read the details here.

    The FCC and your members of Congress have the power to stop this effort, but they need to hear from you.

  39. Kunning Druegger says:

    Over my head but on my radar:


    “So my argument so far (very opinionated to be clear) is the following. Both the viral infection of SARS-CoV-2, and the pandemic measures (lockdowns literally work in reverse, help spread diseases, and hinder your immune response to other viruses) help drive the evolution of the current strain of MonkeyPox a little by causing enough subclinical immune shift in the infected.

    In the global vaccination campaigns, with a vaccine that has extensive literature on its immunosuppressive effects, the constant reinfection causes a shift (drastic change in immunology) of immunological landscape (population-wide immune system and their response), which gave the proper and perfect landscape for certain latent viral infections to go rampant and evolve in months what would take, perhaps, decades.

    The accelerated evolution they can’t explain has a clear cause…”

    • jim says:

      For accurate and detailed information on biological attack on humans, conducted through the polygon’s vast network of biowar labs, some of which were recently suddenly interrupted in the Ukraine, follow Igor Chudov and subscribe to his newsletter.

      The effect and intent of vax is to attack people’s immune systems and reproductive systems.

      Countries that are heavily vaxxed have a serious and permanent Covid plague. Countries that scarcely vaxed have quite low levels. It is pretty obvious that it is anti vaccine.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “The effect and intent of vaxx is to attack people’s immune systems and reproductive systems.”

        Hold up! “Intent”, you say? That’s a big jump from your earlier take on the vaxx from some months ago, which was, essen