Stagflation is here

Walmart reports it is selling less stuff, and is going to have to raise prices further.

If it is selling less stuff, everyone is buying less stuff. Meaning everyone is poorer, living standards are falling

If everyone is buying less stuff, and yet stuff is still in short supply, then production of value is falling. As has been obvious from holding a finger to the wind for some time, but this is a concrete confirmation. Official cpi and gdp statistics have, as I have said before, long been fraudulent and are approaching Soviet levels of mendacity.

I attribute the decline to three main factors

1. Unstable price levels foul up business planning. Your books become meaningless.

2. Unstable price levels disrupt relationships between businesses. Things have to be renegotiated.

3. ESG. Environmental, Social, and Governance. The state is weaponizing your accounting department to impose holiness on you. This accelerates the existing disruption caused by the Human Resources Department and women in the workforce.

Accelerating levels of holiness are characteristic of a left singularity, which usually blows up pretty fast, and then it is over, and your society very likely recovers. Sometimes it does not.

We have long had technological decline in an increasing number of fields. Now we have economic decline. This may pass in time, probably will pass, but long term economic decline is a possibility, in which case we may heading into a dark age. Dark ages set in slowly, and last for a long time. I think this merely the effects of the holiness spiral, and after the holiness spiral self destructs, technological and economic progress will resume. Which one it is, however, will not be apparent for some considerable time. Depends on how the left singularity ends. Deng fixed China, but Xi is returning to the Marxist ideology that Deng theoretically left in place, while ignoring in actual practice.

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  1. Oscar C. says:

    “Deng fixed China, but Xi is returning to the Marxist ideology that Deng theoretically left in place, while ignoring in actual practice.”

    Funnily enough, you are the second person I hear this take from, the first being left-wing youtuber Caleb Maupin. I won’t link since I know that you don’t like it but he has a video in which he claims Xi Jinping & the CCP are the cutting edge of Marxism today, not Western universities (makes perfect sense).

    China vs USG will be an interesting match because both sides have huge strengths and weaknesses simultaneously.

  2. Kunning Druegger says:

    From The Origins of Contemporary France (1881):

    ” “Contemplate the incalculable activity of such a machine in a loquacious nation where the passion for being something dominates all other affections, where vanity has more phases than there are stars in the firmament, where reputations already cost no more than the trouble of insisting on their being deserved, where society is divided between mediocrities and their trumpeters who laud them as divinities; where so few people are content with their lot, where the corner grocer is prouder of his epaulette than the Grand Condé of his Marshal’s baton, where agitation without object or power is perpetual, where from the floor-scrubber to the dramatist, from the academician to the simpleton who gets muddled over the evening newspaper, from the witty courtier down to his philosophic lackey, each one revises Montesquieu with the self-sufficiency of a child which, because it is learning to read, deems itself wise; where self-esteem, in disputation, cavilling and sophistication, destroys all sensible conversation; where no one utters a word but to teach, never imagining that to learn one must keep quiet; where the triumphs of a few lunatics entice every crackbrain from his den; where, with two nonsensical ideas put together out of a book that is not understood, a man assumes to have principles; where swindlers talk about morality, women of easy virtue about civism; and the most infamous of beings about the dignity of the species; where the discharged valet of a grand seignor calls himself Brutus!” —

    In reality, he is Brutus in his own eyes. Let the time come and he will be so in earnest, especially against his late master; all he has to do is to give him a thrust with his pike. Until he acts out the part he spouts it, and grows excited over his own tirades; his common sense gives way to the bombastic jargon of the revolution and to declamation, which completes the Utopian performance and eases his brain of its last modicum of ballast.
    Political charlatans flock thither from every quarter, those taking the lead who, being most in earnest, believe in the virtue of their nostrum, and need power to impose its recipe on the community; all being saviors, all places belong to them, and especially the highest. They lay siege to these conscientiously and philanthropically; if necessary, they will take them by assault, hold them through force, and, forcibly or otherwise, administer their panacea to the human species.”

    History may rhyme, but this feels like repetition.

    • Adam says:

      It seems to be a fool is the default state of man. If only wisdom reproduced as quickly as people do.

  3. Kunning Druegger says:

    From Tree of Woe [ ]:

    “For everyone else, the petrodollar system turned out to be a Trojan Horse, a promising gift that destroyed the recipient. By ending the oil crisis and reducing the price of imports, the petrodollar initially seemed to benefit consumers. But in order to consume, consumers needed to have money, and to have money they needed well-paid jobs. By deindustrializing the US, the petrodollar system destroyed the manufacturing jobs that had sustained the working class. In order to maintain their standard of living, US consumers began to borrow money. As their debt rose, though, their position only worsened.”

    ToW asserts that the creation and utilization of the Petrodollar system did this. In The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray document the massive expansion of the Ivy League and Friends in terms applications and acceptances. H&M build a convincing case for a caste system based on alumni status being built by the Though Leaders at Harvard & Yale.

    The question: was the Petrodollar instrumental in the creation of this caste system, or did it just coincidentally buttress it? If so, was it intentional or incidental? Wouldn’t it be relatively simple and substantially effective to just get rid of the Petrodollar system, or is it just a small part of the rot and largely inconsequential?

    • The Ducking Man says:

      One thing for sure is ivy league and friends created generations of people dumber than rock and more psychopathic than animal becoming leaders. People who are at best useless at worst detrimental.

      If there is only one thing I want our future generations do is erasing Ivy League and it’s children (Mckinsey, Blackrock, and it’s kin) from the annals of history.

    • Guy says:

      …second-order effect of the petrodollar system was to flood the US with inexpensive imported goods…everyone in the world suddenly wanted to send us their goods in exchange for our US dollars. And since those dollars were the only way to buy oil, the dollar was strong, meaning the imports were cheap

      foreign countries no longer needed to redeem their US dollars for American goods or gold. Instead, they could use them to buy OPEC oil. And they did.

      petrodollar system gave the US comparative advantage in manufacturing dollars [Guy: saying that this dis-incentivized non-financial sectors]

      I had never heard the argument that the petrodollar arrangement itself was to blame for the deindustrialization. The arguments aren’t completely unconvincing, but it seems to me that deliberate hampering of industry through onerous regulations and trade deals were much bigger culprits. People didn’t stop buying American because they could get the goods cheaper, but because the prices of the American goods went up until nobody could afford them or until they cut corners until they were as bad as the imports, and the businesses went under, then the industries went under.

      • Guy says:

        I tried to quote the text above the last paragraph. From the linked article

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I think the second order effect was not necessarily conscious decision making by the consumer so much as collective “business decisions” moving the markets of goods and services. Not a finance person at all, but isn’t there a complexity to supply and demand created by the many steps between raw material and goods recipient? In terms of launching/building businesses and maintaining and increasing revenue, the petrodollar scheme would, over time, turn the Dollar from a currency into a commodity… Right? I passed econ class by social engineering and a wicked curve (midterm 28, final 40… I was in the top 10% out of an amphitheater of just the worst mutts and foreigners you could imagine), so I’m completely out of my depth.

  4. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    An example of a smartypants without internalized low status.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Has anyone done anything “artistic” with blockchain, like a chain letter or a never ending shitpost?

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Theoretically, could I make Pepecoin, and only ever mine 3, then delete and hide everything so there are only three Pepecoin in existence? Like, cryptographically unique?

        Could I also do this as a celebrity with a bunch of fans and influence?

  5. Doom says:

    The Ukrainian government has fired someone for spreading false and unfounded propaganda about the Russians.

    They’re also blaming her for blocking humanitarian corridors that the Russians had opened.


    Note in this article, the Russians asked her to help with stopping the (illegal, remember) torture of Russian POWs (very widely reported and gloated about by the nationalists) and she told them to fuck off.

    They’re going to fold soon. Zelenskyy will claim that he was relying on reports from people like her and he will be apologetic. Zelenskyy will also retire as president and relocate, because despite losing many soldiers there will still be nationalists who will have his head for negotiating with the Russians. Watch this space.

    • The Cominator says:

      Good information and good news. Azovfags being thrown under the bus means its over soon…

  6. Adam says:

    As far as the drop in testosterone, is this worldwide? Is anyone aware of this? I am curious how much successful repression of female sexual choice affected testosterone levels, as many males wound up fathering children who otherwise would not. As it stands now, it seems like we are going to go back to the “1 male per 17” reproductive rate. Is this not natures way of bringing the testosterone levels back up, with only the high testosterone guys fathering children?

    • jim says:

      > As far as the drop in testosterone, is this worldwide?

      Female emancipation is world wide.

      People trying to track the cause and blaming chemical pollution have been looking for regional variation. I don’t think they have come up with anything terribly suggestive, which might be because they were looking for the wrong causes.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Imagine a weather forecast map based on women, their age, or male income level, or some metric. A shit test likelihood heat map.

        “I tell ya, Frank. Everything is just peachy.”

        “Slow down, Earl. A mildly disappointed front is blowing in, and there’s a generally disappointed cell right behind it.”

        “I ain’t worried Frank. I’m long on side bitches and my ex just divorced.”

        Based, Earl. Fucking based.”

      • Javier says:




      • Dr. Faust says:

        If I was looking for regional variation I’d look at sub-Saharan Africa or perhaps a Muslim country. Or I’d look at chimps and test for test levels of wild versus caged.

        My guess about it is the same it’s always been. Urbanization too closely resembles captivity and produces dysfunction as a result. As the saying goes ‘all good families are the same.’ Only one way to do things right. Many ways to go wrong.

        Mental illness may also have some memetic function as well making it communicable in a sense. This dysfunctions spread is exacerbated via internet and tik tok specifically. So I wouldn’t deny a socio-spiritual cause as well as environment.

    • restitutor_orbis says:

      I don’t know what is causing the T decline, but I do know what can fix it, chemically at least.

      There is a little-known drug called Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) that has proven to have an off-label use in reactivating testosterone production in men. It’s not covered by insurance cause off-label but it’s inexpensive – $25 to $100 per month depending on your pharmacy. A company called Hone will provide a rent-a-doctor to give you a prescription if your local doctor won’t. Unlike testosterone injections, users of Clomid don’t get shots with added T, they instead get more natural T from their own gonads.

      Last year I was diagnosed with low T (it had fallen to 100!) and went on Clomid. The effects were veritably miraculous as my T climbed to over 1000 and I felt a renewed elan I hadn’t had in years. I lost weight, I needed less sleep, my work productivity went up. Victory on every front.

      I am convinced that if we could get even a fraction of the American men on this drug, it would change the world. The contrast in how my life felt before and after was so strong that I am nowadays convinced that low T in men is deliberately inflicted, or at least happily embraced, as a tool to subjugate.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Can you give more info and details? Not for me, I’m an alphachad swimming in poon. It’s for my friend…

        • restitutor_orbis says:

          I’m on 50mg of generic clompihene citrate per day as a 180lb man. Monthly cost was ~ $50. I had to have a blood test beforehand and get re-tested every three to six months.

          It’s made me lose some hair around the temples but this is more than counterbalanced by the increase in testicular fortitude. LOL

        • yewotm8 says:

          Higher hormone levels as detected in the brain cause it to send fewer signals to the testicles to produce. The result is a high testosterone concentration in the blood, but shriveled nuts that can resemble raisins and terrible sperm quality and quantity. But if one blocks the sensors in the brain from seeing quite so many hormones, the negative feedback path is blocked and suddenly now the bloodstream is awash with testicle signals.

          Usually it’s only used to kickstart the natural production again after coming off of steroids as a sort of shock to the feedback loop, offsetting the previous shock of exogenous hormones. I’ve not heard of simply taking it without exogenous testosterone usage but in principle it should work. The problem would be the side effects, which can be worse than those of Testosterone itself. Every bodybuilder “knows” that you don’t fuck with Clomid long term or at high dosages and only use it sparingly in post-cycle therapy.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            According to Wikipedia Clomid is a mixture of two isomers

            Enclomifene 62% which is androgenic. Short half life

            Zuclomifene 38% which is estrogenic. Long half life

            So a dose of Clomid is initially androgenic, but the androgenic Enclomifene part goes away faster leaving the estrogenic Zuclomifene.

            Pure Enclomifene seems like an androgenic wonder drug. It stimulates one’s balls instead of turning them into raisins. It was mysteriously removed from the approval process.

            By December 2016, it was in preregistration and was under review by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and the European Medicines Agency in the European Union. In January 2018, the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency recommended refusal of marketing authorization for enclomifene for the treatment of secondary hypogonadism. In April 2021, development of enclomifene was discontinued for all indications.

      • Adam says:

        I have heard of some success with clomid, but as far as long term use it is discouraged on most of the bodybuilding/steroid forums I have found. Most point to price and side effects. Mostly side effects.

        Test is dirt cheap, especially if you buy raw powder and brew it yourself (very simple).

        • restitutor_orbis says:

          Do you mind sharing what the side effects they’ve experienced are? The only thing I have noticed is that my hair line has receded slightly more rapidly.

          Clomid does require regular blood tests to evaluate blood and liver, perhaps that concerned them? I imagine if you’re using a performance enhancement cocktail that could be a big risk.

          I’ve never tried powers, injections, etc.

          • Adam says:

            I’m not sure what they are. Might try searching steroid or bodybuilding forums or the reddit steroids sub. Lots of info on clomid it’s often used post-cycle.

          • Aidan says:

            I don’t buy the “T causes hair loss” bullshit. Ye olde knights and Greek hoplites had T that would make all of us look like little girls and kept their flowing locks well into old age in most cases. The hair loss is seed oils or lack of sunlight, some fundamental component of virility that’s lacking in today’s men.

            • Adam says:

              Hair loss is a side effect of a lot of anabolics as well as ancillaries. Seems to be highly personal as far as who is affected and by what degree.

              • Aidan says:

                I suspect it’s a second order effect related to the body not effectively processing the extra T rather than due to the T itself. Because testosterone is the devil, unlikely anyone looked too closely at why hair loss correlates with T. When I think of the young men I know who are balding prematurely, they all appear to have excessively low rather than excessively high T

        • jim says:

          I am off exogenous testosterone right now, but when I was on it, always purchased the liquid ampoules. Tell us about brewing it yourself.

          • Adam says:

            You buy the raw powder, for whatever you want, test, deca, tren etc. All injectable and oral steroids are manufactured as a powder. You can buy from China, or US domestic or wherever you live. Plenty of steroid forums have sub forums for sources. Pay with bitcoin. It’s risky but not really if you do your homework.

            General idea is to suspend the hormone you want in an oil, grape seed oil or MCT or something like that. Add a small amount of solvent and a really small amount of alcohol to eliminate possible bacterial growth, mix it all together sometimes with a little heat until it’s all suspended, filter it through a 0.22 micron filter and then bottle it.

            Formulas and specifics for everything as far as volume and weights are online. Lots of help and examples on steroid forums, is the best in my opinion. They have a really good sub-forum for sources too, and they get vetted by members a lot like shills do here.

            You can buy say 100 grams of test cypionate raws for a couple hundred dollars, spend another couple hundred on glassware, vials, filters etc. and be set for years. Raws last at least 10 years when vacuum sealed and stored properly.

            First time you do it can be a little messy, but once you know what your doing you can take 10 grams of test and make 5x 10ml bottles of finished oil at 200mg/ml in a couple hours easy.

            I’ll be on trt for life and blast a couple times a year so it’s a no brainer for me. Once you get comfortable with the process you’ll never waste money buying questionable underground gear again.

      • Ghost says:

        Interesting, Clomid had its start as a treatment for infertility in women due to ovarian cysts. Somehow it hacks the male endocrine system to produce more T.

        I would take a more conservative approach. Look at diet and exercise first then get retested. You can quickly gain muscle with a routine of heavy lifting and high protein diet. 100 is pretty low though, should be at least 500 or more. I would avoid drinking from plastic containers. Even tap water contains plastics and other chemicals women flush into the system.

        I got tested about a year ago and was in the correct range for my age. I lifted when I was in my 20s for a few years and that might have helped.

        • jim says:

          > I got tested about a year ago and was in the correct range for my age.

          No you were not. “correct” range for testosterone has been furtively and openly lowered, with doctors getting very vigorous guidance and rather harsh enforcement that they are to refrain from creating “unnecessary” anxiety in patients, just as correct range for blood sugar has been furtively and openly raised. They will not tell patients with terrifyingly high blood sugar that they are diabetic, unless it is really terrifying, they will not give patients the D-Dimer test because of “false” positives – though they make the “false” positive false by not following it up by looking at the blood through a microscope and instead following it up with NMRI, which is useless, expensive, inconvenient, and irrelevant, and gives a false negative.

          Unless you were told your testosterone is well above “normal”, it was probably far below what used to be normal.

          • Ghost says:

            No? They’ve been studying testosterone since when? 1930s I think. So we can’t really get a baseline of normal beyond then.

            My advice is to first try to increase without meds. You should be able to do it by increasing muscle. The endocrine system works in a balance with other hormones. Increased muscle will increase testosterone.

            Using meds to artificially create this, can alter hormone balance and when you try to go off your meds, you may find you can’t because your system is dependent.

          • Ghost says:

            I wasn’t able to find any testosterone studies by year myself. But, I’ve read Jim’s posts long enough to know he has done his research to back it up. And I don’t doubt that levels are dropping. I just don’t know the actual reason. It could be genetic entropy. There is research to support diet and muscle mass and plastics. You can’t change your genetics but the other things you can. If you want an immediate boost in testosterone, all these ideas here seem good. But, know the price to longterm health. If I was going to take testosterone, I would research how to make it myself.

            Another thought, I read a medical paper that was critical of circumcision and that it can stunt development. Circumcision is part of the old covenant.

      • yewotm8 says:

        Clomiphene (clomid) and other Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators have been known to cause blindness. A small fraction of the population’s eyes are sensitive to and can be permanently damaged by them. There are countless bodybuilder stories of this.

        Enclomiphene does not have any such tales and is regarded as much more tolerable but as of yet is not as prevalent or widely available from black market sources.

    • Doom says:

      When men are aged 15-25 they’re really at their most productive.

      If you can get men into something other than competing directly for women, eg, video games, porn, whatever, you’re going to lower their testosterone.

    • Whitey says:

      > As far as the drop in testosterone, is this worldwide?

      Go almost anywhere on the planet, and the average man is doing a lot less strenuous labor and, relatedly, spending less time in the sun. Those two alone likely account for most of the T drop.

      Horrible diets full of processed foods, chemicals, pollution, and women being a lot less feminine are additional factors.

  7. Kunning Druegger says:

    BJC News Roundup

    Peter Zeihan says there’s no way that China would invade Taiwan. Not possible. Not even worth discussing the impossibility.

    “The world is not going to take lightly to the Chinese upending the chip supply chain. Nor can China expect to avoid crippling economic consequences. Consider that outside of energy and extracted resources, Russia has not spent most of its post-Cold War life integrating too heavily into the global economy. China is the complete opposite. Whatever difficulties Moscow is facing with Western economic sanctions, China’s pain would undoubtedly be orders of magnitude worse. ”

    In other news, Brazilian numbers respecter warns that something is going to happen in Taiwan.

    “China has been on war footing for months now, and all the signs are there, and Taiwan is overplaying its hands, and over-relying on the USA to come to the rescue. Keep an eye on Taiwan.”

    In a daring display of optimism in the face of facts, High Bishop Blinken outlines strategy for the US outcompeting China.

    “U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined the Biden administration’s strategy to outcompete China in the next decade by investing in critical infrastructure, bolstering supply chain security and working with allies. In a long-anticipated speech in Washington, he said the U.S. intends to ‘shape the strategic environment’ to ensure Beijing does not move the world away from the universal values that have helped shape the international order for the past 75 years.”

    Speaking of optimism, apparently Russian Progress in UKR is “incremental,” which of course means Not Real.

    “Despite an enormous advantage in numbers, Russian forces attacking the Donbas region of Ukraine have made only “incremental progress,” a senior defense official said today. Russia has deployed 110 operational battalion tactical groups in Ukraine, the official said. The majority are in the south, and the remaining groups are split and fighting in the Donbas region. Even with the preponderance of troop numbers, officials say Russian forces have made small gains.”

    It is being reported that there are growing divisions in the ROC due to the war.

    “The leaders of Orthodox churches in Ukraine that have been affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church on May 27 adopted measures to sever ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine in a significant move against the Russian Orthodox Church and its spiritual leader.”

    The US may be moving towards supplying rocket weapon systems so the UKR can attack the Russians.

    “Multiple U.S. officials, speaking to CNN on the condition of anonymity, said the Biden administration is leaning toward sending some MLRS to Ukraine, with an announcement possible in the next week.”

    … but don’t worry, because there’s no way, under any circumstances, that the US would empower its UKR friends to attack them in Russia.

    “Reports by CNN and the Washington Post claimed Biden was leaning toward providing Ukraine MLRS and another system, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), as part of a bigger military aid package to Kiev. t was not clear which system Biden was referring to in his comments. According to a report by the New York Times, the US, apart from giving financial aid and advanced weapons to Ukraine, has provided Ukrainian forces with intelligence, including information on Russian troop movements and location of Russia’s mobile military headquarters that has helped them target and kill Russian generals.

    Speaking of friendship, Turkey reminds the US it doesn’t need permission to expand its not-war in Syria.

    “Erdogan said on Monday Turkey will not wait for Washington’s “permission” to launch a new military operation inside the Arab country. ‘One cannot fight terrorism while waiting for the permission of whoever,’ Erdogan told a group of journalists. ‘What will we do if the United States does not do its part in the fight against terrorism? We will get by on our own.’ The president said Turkey would soon launch a new military operation into the area to create a 30-kilometer “security zone” along the border. The Turkish president did not provide further details, but said the operation would begin after Turkey’s military, intelligence and security forces completed preparations. He has also urged NATO member states to support his country’s efforts to establish a safe zone on the border with Syria.

    And to wrap it up, an article that basically affirms that Info Epoch Warfare (IEW) is here, regardless of who knows or is prepared.

    “The Iranian Army also unveiled two new military achievements for the first time during the top commander’s visit to the secret base, called the strategic drone base 313. The first achievement, Heidar 1 cruise missile, has a range of 200 kilometers and a top speed of 1,000 km/h when hitting a target. Heidar 1 is the first cruise missile capable of being launched from a drone. The Army also unveiled Heidar 2 cruise drone, which can be mounted on a helicopter.”

    • notglowing says:

      > “The world is not going to take lightly to the Chinese upending the chip supply[…]

      Something to be considered here is how out of proportion the response to Russia invading Ukraine was, to the point of being self-destructive to the west. For a country that literally doesn’t matter. It’s just a tantrum on our part.

      Now, Taiwan is an actual problem. We need their chips, they matter far more strategically, and China is a more dangerous enemy.
      Would this result in a suicide for both blocks? China and the west destroy each other economically through a cold war and hot proxy wars? I could see it happen.
      Right now I think nothing will happen. Time will tell.

      • S says:

        The US folded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why shouldn’t the Chinese take Ukraine as the US attempting to prove it still has power and not actually a demonstration of resolve? After all, the war was inevitable 8 years ago, but the west didn’t bother switching away from Russian natural gas so while Russia is ’embargoed’, the west is technically paying for the war- in rubles no less!

    • jim says:

      They hope to take Taiwan by slow degrees. They have a lot entryists in place. But increasingly they grow impatient. They are preparing to invade, and preparing exercises and planning to switch to a war footing. After Ukraine, they started preparing and planning for a long drawn out war with the west.

      Their reaction to Ukraine was not – “Oh there will be trouble, better doodle till we see how quickly the West gives up”

      But “There will be trouble. Prepare for trouble.”

      He is whistling in the dark.

    • jim says:

      > “The leaders of Orthodox churches in Ukraine that have been affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church on May 27 adopted measures to sever ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine in a significant move against the Russian Orthodox Church and its spiritual leader”

      Which might have something to with terror and murder against old type Orthodox Christians that has caused significant numbers of old type Christians to flee to Russia.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      apparently Russian Progress in UKR is “incremental,” which of course means Not Real.

      Another propaganda technique is not to straightforwardly report Russian gains of territory, but to report “Russia claims gains of territory.”

      It’s the same ol same ol. E.g. not, “video shows Rittenhouse being attacked by man wielding handgun,” but “Rittenhouse’s lawyers claim that video shows Rittenhouse being attacked by man wielding handgun.”

    • Varna says:

      The sea between mainland and Taiwan is calm enough for an invasion the first five months of every year. Once June is over the window of opportunity is also over, unless Beijing does some unexpected techno shit. In this sense every year the saber-rattling is only for realsies until summer hits, and then it’s over until next Jan or Feb.

      The “international solidarity and cool new tech” vs “clumsy old-school Russia” reminds me of the endless parade of analysists in 2016 who used all sorts of formulas to prove it is mathematically impossible for Trump to win because all the good people in the US will combine to defeat his evil. Russia isn’t even on war footing yet.

      On the various globo platforms they count the Russian army in the war as being a million strong, but that’s bullshit. It’s always 100K max inside the Ukraine, rotating in and out. As if Putin would empty all of Russia of land forces just to take bloody Kharkiv while risking fifty stabs in the back from all sides.

      Poland has already signed treaties with the Ukraine about Poles having the same rights as Ukrainians inside the Ukraine, including taking govt positions. Also mutual fast-track border control. Also Warsaw is trying to convince the world the funds for the Ukraine should first all go into Poland, and from there be redirected into “rebuilding the country”. Western Ukraine, which is pre-1939 Eastern Poland, is getting the creeping Borg treatment in real-time.

      This could all kick off a wave of similar mergers, with much of Moldova getting Borged by Romania, North Bosnia getting Borged by Serbia, and South-Western Ukrainian bits getting Borged by Hungary and again Romania.

      In the end this is perhaps how the Ukraine, Moldova, and Bosnia “become affiliate members of the EU” — their surviving bits getting semi-absorbed by the nearest EU member states which ironically have long-standing appetites for those same territories that they are “saving”.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        This could very easily be reaching, or pro-RF cope, on my part, but this Special Operation is starting to seem like expensive, live training with some bonus territory for their trouble. As the GAE commits more assets, pours in intel, and activates SAD Frog teams, Russia and well placed observers are getting a primer on what the GAE can/will bring to bear. Additionally, GAE wants a forever war, assuming RF, like the US, will continue to burn warriors for the exaltation of priests and priestly endeavors. An interesting indicator of Russian convergence could be how closely RF tactics and strategy match the GAE in Afghanistan, which pretty interestingly resembled USSR in Afghanistan. Indeed, that barren, landlocked place may better be considered the Test of Empires, rather than the Graveyard of Empires. It just seems like a graveyard because the last 3 weren’t up to the challenge…

        Switching hemispheres, I don’t have the relevant mastery to know if your first half of year assertion is true, but I’m perfectly comfortable taking it at face value. So, we can reasonably assume that June isn’t the actual barrier, rather April, given that it would not only need to be amphibious waves, but continuing maritime support of a bridgehead. Putting on my armchair general uniform, the PLA is green, not stupid. They do not want to construct an easy propaganda picture of plucky defense or high tech resistance in the face of overwhelming, blockheaded invaders. So infiltrating saboteurs, spies, and spec ops during the fall and early winter to hook up with in place assets for the purposes of fomenting social upheaval would lay the groundwork for a peacekeeping force of massive proportions to begin sailing at the opening of the smooth sea season seems realistic.

        As we move ever closer to a multipolar world, rewarding allies with something more tangible than fiat and low tariffs will be required. Whichever side starts parceling up land for its guys, just like the alpha handing out bitches, will build a pretty loyal coalition. My heart weeps for Poland, the country that just can’t get it right. It’s not completely their fault, but the consequences of having bad/impotent friends should be well known at this point.

        • Varna says:

          The Ukraine should be utterly full of saboteurs and spies, and yet…

          Another limitation with Taiwan is the shoreline entry points where you can do a D-Day thing, and there’s like only say 15 of those that China can use. Taiwan has had decades to prepare and fortify them all.

          And yet another limitation is that just like with the Ukraine the Russian’s can’t just destroy everything in they way since they are in fact “liberating brothers”, China vs Taiwan will also have the same “brotherly limitation” that leads to pulling punches and keeping one arm tied behind your back.

          It’s a very very messy tangle.

          Poland, heh. For a brief moment in time Poland was an equal among Russia, Prussia, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden, back when Sweden counted and was a mini-superpower. The Poles miss this and constantly try to grab “the right moment” to bring it all back and become once more one of the big players.

          We now live in times in which Warsaw again believes that with a bit of cunning, by 2025 they will be peers to Russia, France, Germany, and Britain, in influence and importance. Absorb Western Ukraine, get a military boost from the US to become the continent’s leading war machine, redirect all sorts of funds to themselves to “rebuild the Ukraine and keep Russia at bay” and suddenly look at me Mom I’m on top of the world.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            ” peers to Russia, France, Germany, and Britain, in influence and importance. ”

            Probably because the others will sink to the gutter.

        • i says:

          “In the Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia (1219–1221), Genghis Khan invaded the region from the northeast in one of his many conquests to create the huge Mongol Empire. His armies slaughtered thousands in the cities of Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad etc. After Genghis Khan returned to Mongolia, there was a rebellion in the region of Helmand which was brutally put down by his son and successor, Ogedei Khan, who killed all male residents of Ghazni and Helmand in 1222; the women were enslaved and sold. Thereafter most parts of Afghanistan other than the extreme south-eastern remained under Mongol rule as part of the Ilkhanate and Chagatai Khanate.”

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Zeihan is a face-fagging homo with nothing better to do than tell the establishment what it wants to hear, with plenty of acceptable graphs and footnotes, and within Thoughtcrime guidelines. That’s what pays. That’s also why he seems to have no self-doubt or humility whatsoever. Humility does not pay.

      I was right there with him until I heard him repeat, over and over, that we have no choice but to trounce Russia at Ukraine, at any cost, or else they’ll inevitably go nuclear.

      The deep state suckup cries out in pain as he nukes you!

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Fair points all, but he does some to be existing in Kissenger’s shade, sort of. He stays on the range for things like Covid and Ukraine, but his books and talks, from the more sane (lol) era of pre-2017 have plenty of points and assertions that could easily be considered “beyond the pale” by current year priests and Cathedral Inquisitors. Not blatant things, more like breadcrumbs leading towards thoughtcrime territory. Similar to the papers scientists put out that hide the real data from the peer review nazis.

        Zeihan is worthwhile as an indicator of problems that are down the road, but it is annoying to parse out the truth of what he’s saying because he often times hides it, and tbh I’m not sure he even realizes what he’s saying or implying. Consider his graphs; his conclusions can be wildly off base (Alberta is going to secede from Canada and join the US, ~2014 prediction) but his data in instructive (Alberta is about the only valuable place in that frozen liberal wasteland).

  8. Neurotoxin says:

    Back in April at least two Russian oil refineries/depots near the Ukranian border suffered from mysterious fires.
    My guess is that this was US Special Ops. Since late April there have been no more reports of this sort of thing that I’ve seen. This suggests a couple of possibilities:

    1) It’s continuing but the English-language media isn’t reporting at any more,
    2) It has actually stopped.

    It’s the second possibility that’s interesting. Why would it stop? The obvious answer is that Russia did something violent to make it stop… but then why isn’t the US media screeching like a bunch of little bitches about it?

    So something like this: Some US Spec Ops were stationed in Ukraine, a bunch of them were killed by Russian action, and the US can’t complain about it because that would entail acknowledging that they were there in the first place.

    Are there more likely possibilities?

  9. i says:

    Former buddhist turned to Christ after his experience with demons:

    Is baptised in the Holy Spirit.

    Not everyone gets that visibly supernatural experience. But what those stories they have in common is everything suddenly becoming far more beautiful as a result.

    Just like this man also:

    When I accepted Jesus the same happened to me. But without the visible supernatural when contending with demons. I hope this provides a clue as to what being saved looks like.

    • jim says:

      Demons might be merely inside, and in this sense merely metaphorical, and faith in Jesus Christ might merely be placebo effect.

      But I seem to see and experience something that is not adequately described by purely material causation. We have an infestation of demons, be they real or metaphorical, and Jesus Christ is really effective on them. Never had a problem with demons within me, my sins are entirely my own, and were never self destructive, except that they are short time preference actions resulting from gluttony, lust, and wrath. But I see impact on other people’s demons. I can cast out demons.

      • i says:

        What is interesting the phenomenon of Jesus appearing to Muslims in dreams like the 2nd link I posted above and this man Ali:

        He was going to Mecca seeking redemption. But Jesus just suddenly appeared to him in a vision. And said: “Ali, you belong to me”.

        Predominantly Muslims who in their Holy Books consider Vision and Dreams valid revelations of God.

        But in the West. It seems God works by other means. And the current realm of Quantum Physics have been deconstructing Materialism.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          “… the current realm of Quantum Physics have been deconstructing Materialism.”

          Can you go into detail about this, please?

          • jim says:

            Please don’t. Feynman was a very smart man, he understood quantum mechanics better than anyone, he had an unequaled gut level intuitive grasp of it, and he correctly said that no one understands quantum mechanics. Don’t rattle on about the philosophical and religious implications of quantum mechanics unless you grasp it better than Feynman.

            Yes, Quantum Mechanics does have profound philosophical and religious implications, but we grasp them very dimly. Discussing those implications is worse than Christology.

            Spontaneous symmetry breaking plus inflation would imply that there is a great deal outside space and time, but would also suggest that it is deader than outer space, infinitely deader. Of course we now have strong reason to believe that outer space is not dead. There is earthlike simple single celled life there, and probably non earthlike life. As for what is outside of space and time – well, a lot, but quantum mechanics sheds no light on that. Or rather it potentially sheds quite a lot of light, but our current understanding is far too feeble for us to grasp what it shows.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              I didn’t mean to open a can of worms. I don’t remember where I read this, but i was under the impression that “physics” took a dreadfully wrong turn somewhere, and groupthink and politicization had put particle accelerators and string theory up on pedestals they didn’t deserve, and that this was evidenced by the failure of the LHC to bring about the amazing progress it was supposed to.

              And QP is way the fuck above me, so understood, no more questions.

              • jim says:

                Yes, it took a very wrong turn. Everyone who is sufficiently smart is troubled by the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and people keep poking at it, but poking at in ways that actually likely to get somewhere interesting will get you into trouble.

                It is not that it is religious orthodoxy, everyone knows there is a problem, but some interesting avenues for investigation seem to be suspiciously like religious heresy. If it is going to be fixed, the powers that be want it fixed in a politically correct fashion.

                High energy baryon collisions are not going to tell us anything, because too messy and complex to accurately model. It is like trying to do metallurgy based on firing swiss watches at each other out of a fifty caliber machine gun. What is needed is lepton lepton collisions, the high precision spectroscopy of atoms composed of a proton and a negatively charged muon, and the high precision spectroscopy of atoms composed of a positively charged muon and an electron. And what is really needed is some way of getting a better look at the weak force, which is very very hard to do.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I’ve noted to myself that, as best I can tell, there have been no discoveries in fundamental physics since the first half of the 20th century that have had any effect on the common man. Things seemed to really be cranking from the 17th century thru to the early 20th century with (an incomplete list):

                  Galileo – Mechanics
                  Newton – Gravity, classical mechanics.
                  Coulomb – Electricity
                  Franklin – Electricity
                  Volta – Electricity
                  Ampere – Electricity
                  Faraday – Electricity
                  Maxwell – Light/electricity
                  Lavoisier – Chemistry
                  Mendeleev – Chemistry
                  Boltzman – Statistical thermodynamics
                  Plank – Quantum mechanics
                  Perrin – Chemistry/Atoms
                  Einstein – Gravity, light, quantum mechanics

                  The discoveries and/or elucidations from the above individuals have had vast effects on present day civilization. But since then, zilch! (I’m referring to fundamental physics, not technology/engineering). And I’m also not including mathematics (Euler, Gauss Riemann, Hilbert, Turing, Shannon).

                  Quantum mechanics is indeed very mysterious. Probably the most mysterious example is the EPR paradox and Bell’s theorem, which has been empirically verified, starting with the Aspect experiment. Two entangled photon’s spin polarization always anti-correlate when detectors are aligned identically. When not aligned identically they statistically anti-correlate as the cosine of the alignment angle. Well, okay you say, they just have some value prior to being detected. We just didn’t know what it was. This assumption leads to statistical predictions contradicting Bell’s theorem, and empirically falsified in Aspect’s experiment, which validated the statistics in Bell’s theorem. Well okay you say, maybe the two photons “talk” to each other. Well if they do, their “communications” are spacelike (faster than light). The correlations are non-local. But also very queer in the sense that it can’t be used for spacelike communication.

                  The bottom line appears to be:

                  1. The entangled photons have exactly opposite spin when created.
                  2. The direction of this spin is unassigned by GNON until first measured (assignment before measured violates empirically verified Bell’s theorem), and then all reality, past, present, and future, is ***retconned*** to be consistent with the first measured spin, especially the direction of the spin of the other photon.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  … consistent with the first measured spin, especially the direction of the spin of the other photon.

                  Even this statement is problematic because if the spins of both photons are measured within a spacelike interval, the order of the measurement is frame dependent, so *first* measured is ambiguous.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Cloudswrest, I’m not asking you to delve into quantum shmantum didgerydoo, I’m not going to get it anyway. As the resident humanities faggot, I’d like you to hold forth on the chronology of your assertion. If we say, arbitrarily, that 1950 is the “explosive discovery” barrier, we then have to account for what went wrong in 1930, again arbitrarily. The End is never the end, whether it’s 1066 or 476 or 1176 Before Cunts got Educated. So the rot had to begin then grow. We are now in the resultant soup of that putrefaction. When was the body still living and just septic?

                  I think it’s when the Cathedral plot was born. The Cathedral was born the moment FDR died, and it was conceived during Wilson’s career, specifically the latter half of his life. This creature was never delivered, it just grew violently from the womb (academe) and ate its way into the form of its mother (a Christian country). It is now in the process of devouring its father (the Kshatriya-Merchant NAP).

                • jim says:

                  The pivotal moment was 1820, when the Church of England was in postChristian enemy hands. In the US, the civil war, when the state religion of New England, whose Vatican was Harvard, and has been Harvard since 1642, conquered the separate state religions of the separate states in holy war.

                  From 1660 to 1800, the state religion was in friendly hands in England and in most American states. It has been hostile since then, Woke being merely the latest escalation in hostilities. The escalation has been steady, with reversals in one area being accompanied by escalation in another. Picking one escalation as more important than another, let alone as a pivotal moment, is a distraction. The civil war never ended.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Some Standard Model questions.

                  Why are there three classes of Leptons, eg Electron, Muon, Tau? Are all three really the same particle in different energy states?

                  Is a neutrino simply an electron without its charge? Feynman speculated on whether the mass of an electron arises completely from the mass/energy of it’s electric field (electromagnetic mass). Turns out this is not the case although a significant fraction of its mass is electromagnetic.

                  Did you know a significant fraction of the energy produced in an operating nuclear power reactor is radiated neutrinos, which go right through you and the earth? Many megawatts. If you were standing near the core and absorbed neutrinos as efficiently as you absorb photos you would be burnt to a crisp in seconds. If one could build an antenna/receiver that efficiently detected neutrinos EVERY operating nuclear reactor on Earth and in the seas would light of like a megawatt beacon! No more hiding under the sea.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  The “Cloudswrest” interpretation.

                  I’ll give a metaphor.

                  When we simulate the logic in a computer chip using Verilog or whatever we are uninterested in, and not simulating, the analog functions of the base transistors at the differential equation level. Of course the fab technology providers do simulate this for their performance and higher level behavioral models. The thought of simulating an entire computer chip at the transistor analog diff eq level is preposterous and a complete waste of computer resources.

                  Likewise GNON is not continuously implementing reality at the atomic/quantum level. The atomic/quantum level *implies* certain higher level classical behaviors and this is the level “reality” is being run at, unless we specifically go down and look at the quantum level, in which case quantum instances are instantiated.

                  Did the surface detail on the far side of the moon exist “before” it was viewed by the first satellites? Or was this detail instantiated at the time (since reality is retconned both past and future, is this (time) even a meaningful question, i.e. Adam and Eve belly button question)? In software implementations of the game of Blackjack there are two possible algorithms. In one algorithm the entire card deck is instantiated in memory and shuffled at the beginning of the game (classical). In the second algorithm at the time of deal a new card is newly instantiate via a random number generator out of the set of unplayed cards. At the quantum level GNON appears to use the second algorithm.

                • jim says:

                  Similarly, Minecraft. A seed is instantiated at the start, but as new things come in sight, they are pseudo randomly generated from the seed at that instant, with a complex pseudo random process (Perlin Noise) that guarantees that stuff newly generated in newly seen locations is consistent with stuff previously generated in previously seen locations, regardless of the order in which those locations were generated. A minecraft universe is potentially infinite, but depends on a single quite small random seed. The number of players that could see the universe at any one time is limited by computer resources, but if one player was to appear in one place, and another player in another distant place, and they explored to each other, everything would be consistent as if it had been there all the time from the beginning, because it is all generated from the same original seed which was there from the beginning.

                  Perlin noise is not pink. Minecraft uses Perlin noise. The actual universe uses something rather like pink noise. But Minecraft adds together a finite number of octaves of Perlin noise to approximate pink noise.

                  In Minecraft, three different approximately pink noises each derived by summing several Perlin noises each one octave apart are each transformed to a spline curve, and the sum of the splined values creates an observable for the player. But the observable is only materialized in the Minecraft universe when it comes in sight of the player.

                  So it uses a finite and moderately large number of Perlin noises, each with its own scale, to generate an observable quantity at each location.

                  One interpretation of quantum mechanics is consistent with a similar algorithm applying over the four dimensions of space and time that we observe, except that the number of octaves appears to be rather large.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  For those unfamiliar with the “Adam and Eve belly button question” see this post of mine or GAB.


                  Since GAB’s comment linking is so lame, you have to scroll to find it, here it is.

                  Stephen Decatur @cloudswrest

                  May 24
                  @kingofallnads “As for the nature of reailty, if reality were, hypothetically, created five minutes ago, wouldn’t we have no memories of anything except what happened in the last five minutes?”

                  Reality was created with retconned memories intact, like the androids in Blade Runner. In philosophy I believe this is referred to as “The Belly Button Rule” as in Adam was created with a belly button even though he was never gestated. The theory is non-falsifiable. Reality could have been created 5 billion years ago, or 5 seconds ago.

            • i says:


              Do you believe the implications of Christology is enough to destroy Materialism?

              What is the best deconstruction of Materialism that you know of?

      • lmao says:

        > I can cast out demons.

        7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

        7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

        • jim says:

          Well, I fear I have worked quite a bit of iniquity.

          • kawaii_kike says:

            Nonesense, you’re a saint 😇

          • i says:

            If the resurrection of Jesus actually happened. Then its not very far to believe that Satan and demons are actually real spiritual entities that exist on their own.

            Rather than simple metaphor.

            • Adam says:

              I have had the thought that entropy itself was Satan. Looking at God and Satan as if they are humans is limiting, and obviously a product of our perception.

              The divine God is the one that can both produce life and protect that life from entropy. Or something like that.

            • Guy says:

              I know he’s an enemy, so maybe this is payload and I’m not thinking it through properly, but Jordan Peterson did say a lot about truth in mythology that I found useful. When talking about ancient myths that are used to construct our worldview and conception of reality, the label “simple metaphor” is not affording the proper respect to the story.

              I won’t waste time on clumsy metaphysics, but anything in the past is going to be remembered imperfectly. Is a story untrue because you think that if you had the ability to run the universe backwards you would not be able to witness it happening? The elements of a myth are distilled from many lifetimes and many experiences into something that is just as real and just as true as an actual historical story and may have more informational content within it.

              You can get solipsistic with the whole “what is truth/reality?” angle but at the same time if people are arguing in good faith it’s a fair question to ask.

    • Varna says:

      The way I see it there’s three basic possible categories:
      1. an information/energy pattern inside a guy (let’s call it “IEP”) becoming material for internal darkness to manifest as projection
      2. an IEP that’s *autonomous* and plays the role of a “satellite minor demon with its own separate traits and motivations” for that person
      3. an IEP that acts as a *portal* for intrusions of serious external forces into that person who then proceed to wear him as skinsuit

      The third one would likely need an actual drawn out exorcism with real priests and then bricking up the internal portal into hell somehow. Or maybe just burning.

      • i says:

        Because Humanity was made in the Image of God. And was originally set up as Priests ministering to God in the Garden of Eden.

        Our Priestly and Spiritual nature allows people to be open to the Spiritual. Whether to God or the demons.

    • Adam says:

      I’m recovery circles, when your in rehab, say for 30 days, they take you to meetings off site every day (AA, NA etc.). If you sincerely wish to change your life, and follow the advice given, and continue to go to meetings after leaving rehab, there is what’s called “the pink cloud”. When you surrender your life to a power greater than yourself, it is extremely liberating. You see things differently, you feel differently, you start to act differently. It’s not exactly euphoric, but it kind of is. Eventually it wears off or your you normalize or whatever. I assume it’s oxytocin and serotonin related.

      I would guess most religious experiences are somewhat similar. It is pretty amazing how your ego and your psyche can betray you, to the point of rejecting feelings of joy and happiness all together. When you accept Christ, or the truth, or surrender your life to a higher power, your exercising your free will in a way that allows you to accept those feelings again, and getting those neurotransmitters flowing again. Your quite literally breaking your conditioning.

      • Adam says:

        Denial is a conscious rejection of reality. Lots of reasons for denial, but ultimately you reject it because it does not satisfy a certain condition that you yourself have made. There is quite a lot of good and beautiful in the world, and by rejecting parts of reality, due to certain details, you inevitably reject a great deal of good and beautiful.

        Breaking your conditioning, or overcoming your conditioning, is choosing to accept what you have previously rejected. Your reality becomes bigger, better, and more beautiful. As you continue to open yourself spiritually, this continues for quite a long time. Much of your misery can be eliminated by learning how to do this, and making it a habitual, religious practice.

        “The devil is in the details” is among the truest words spoken. Could also be said “the devil is in the conditions”.

  10. Milosevic says:

    jim, do you have any advice on how to host your own website while keeping your own opsec secure?

    • alf says:

      I host anonymously paying with bitcoin. Plenty of providers give that option. It is great, the only disadvantage being that my current provider waves a progressive flag. I’d rather give my hard-earned crypto to a based company. If anyone has advice I”m all ears.

    • notglowing says:

      There’s a lot of different options.

      1. Many regular hosting companies accept cryptocurrencies as payments.
      Unfortunately, this does not work because they often still want your details and don’t provide any anonymity, more so if they think you are high risk because you use crypto. They can ask for verification at any time after you already paid and they are already providing services. Happened to me.

      2. There are special hosting services that market themselves as “offshore” for shady stuff, generally located in friendly jurisdictions, which accept crypto and don’t require details.
      These are more expensive than mainstream hosting companies for the same money, and what kind of content they allow varies. is one of them. They also let you register domains privately, which is very rare, and different from hosting.
      Njalla is run by people who are friendly to piracy, not the politically right. So I can’t recommend it for political content.

      3. Finally, there is a special option. This has the best opsec by far.
      There are a number of services, which operate as .onion hidden services, that let you rent capacity on regular big name public cloud (like DigitalOcean for example), acting as middlemen.
      You send them crypto, they create a VM for you on a big name service like that, which from the outside looks no different from any other. These can be completely anonymous with even no accounts necessary, and payments and creation of VMs can be automated using APIs, reducing the chances of you being unmasked to them through Tor/VPN.
      The server can even pay for itself using a wallet you just send money to, and have the server issue transactions to the addresses given by the middleman’s API

  11. Frank Matters says:

    Jim, regarding soverign corporations and cryptographic p2p communications and payment as a medium for the operation of a soverign corporation: what could such a structure meaningfully produce?

    The failing technologies of today are physical, need a way to unchain engineers; most algorithmic technologies are still developing, such as the vast improvement of AI systems and cryptographic techniques. Well, the physical things actually worth engineering and not covered by our current system — off the top: biotech, rockets and satellites, nuclear energy systems — are verboten. You could not build them without getting a bomb dropped on your head, and you could not build them in secret. Those things that are mundane, such as basic agriculture, engines and machinery, resource extraction, if the system begins sputtering harder, how would they be saved by soverign corporations? How could I, for a solid example, start a steel refinery, without getting smothered by kleptocratic excess like in every thrid world shithole today?

    It seems to me soveign corporations are not sufficient to make the world safe for capitalism. We would need to go further, and have prebuilt an entire governance and bureaucratic system to run an entire nation, and somehow convince someone with power to adopt it, and keep this person from getting killed, or at least the system as a whole from getting barraged by drone.

    What are your thoughts on this? If you think my conclusions are meaningful, how would you go about implementing such a plan? If they are not meaningful, please elaborate how we can still run a mundane physical economy through such constructions.

    • jim says:

      > The failing technologies of today are physical, need a way to unchain engineers;

      The sovereign corporation will inherently unchain engineers, because the boss does not have to answer to Human Resources and government approved accountants who impose and enforce Environmental and Social Governance. But this of course does not make the world safe for capitalism. Nothing can make the world safe for capitalism.

      > How could I, for a solid example, start a steel refinery, without getting smothered by kleptocratic excess like in every third world shithole today?

      You could not. But increasingly, most businesses are in practice distributed over a network, and their capital is less and less physical things like steel refineries, and more and more “goodwill”. “Goodwill” being the network of relationships within the corporation and between its customers and suppliers, and customer and supplier expectations of roles enforced by the corporation. This, we can move to the blockchain and protect from governments.

      There is a whole lot of government hooks into the corporation associated with physical things, but as more and more capital takes the form of “goodwill”, the most important hooks in the Global American Empire are Human Resources and Accounting.

      You cannot build a sovereign steel plant, or you are apt to have goons at your door, possibly thinly disguised as union representatives of a government approved union (who are still apt to break your legs, but will not shoot you like the official goons.) But you can build a sovereign corporation whose products and assets are not all that physical. Such as software and technology. Dominoes is not pizza company. It is an information technology company that franchises its brand name, customer expectations of what its pizzas are going to be like, and its software for routing customer requests for a pizza delivery. The actual people who actually own pizza shops are private individuals of moderate assets and income. If Dominoes was a sovereign corporation, it would have to attack the each individual pizza shop owner directly, which it is going to find difficult.

      More and more corporations are more and more like Dominoes, trucking companies that do not own their trucks for example. The government hooks into them through the network, not through their physical things, and the network can be hardened a great deal against intrusion.

      • Frank Matters says:

        Neither Dominos nor the trucking companywould be able to run as a soverign corporation. The second you are moving physical things and not packets, even if those physical things are not really yours, if they have your brand on them, you will be forced to have state priests inside. It seems to me the only thing you could run as a sovcorp would be an internet network service. Well, internet network services are very lucrative, but they’re also intangible and don’t keep the lights on. You could make an argument about R&D networks and such being less luxury, but the vast majority of these businesses would be connecting other, non-luxury, businesses to customers or each other, or providing entertainment. Not so useful if we are facing Africanization of our economy.

        Is there no way to solve the kleptocracy problem? I could see, maybe, a path where sovcorp has a huge revenue stream, a moat, and could negotiate directly with a government body on the outskirts of the empire in order to have the rights to develop physical things on that state’s property. So long as the decline is slow in the outside world, and swift in the GAE control sphere.

        • jim says:

          > Neither Domino’s nor the trucking company would be able to run as a sovereign corporation. The second you are moving physical things …

          Domino’s does not produce or move pizzas. The trucking company does not own or move trucks. They do not move physical things.

          > if they have your brand on them, you will be forced to have state priests inside.

          Why? How? Your brand is going to be secured cryptographically, not by the Trademark office. When someone looks you up, his software will get your public key that corresponds to your name. With SSL, governments can, and routinely do, seize that name, but that is a flaw in the SSL design, the sort of thing blockchains were originally invented to prevent. The original concept of an immutable append only data structure, what we now call, not very accurately, a blockchain, was invented to address this flaw in SSL, though its first widely used useful application was bitcoin. It is now way past time to apply it to its original design purpose.

          These days, most of the wealth of the world is no longer in physical things, and increasingly companies are outsourcing that stuff to large numbers of small businessmen, each of whom owns some particular physical thing that is directly under his physical control. And who can switch from Dominoes at the cost of taking down one sign and putting up another. (Also at the cost of confusing his customers.) Uber does not own any taxis, nor move any passengers, and Dominoes bakes no pizzas. Trucking companies are converging to the Uber model.

          The days most of the large scale power and wealth in the world is in corporations that own no physical things. Domino’s does not even own most of its computers. They are in data centers, and are leased from cloud companies, and most of those data centers are not owned by the cloud company either. These days everyone is a dot com company. They own information, primarily information about the social graph, and we have to protect social graph information from governments anyway so that we can communicate freely.

          But programmers need to be paid. Enabling businesses to protect that information will get us paid for protecting ourselves.

          And with Information Epoch warfare looming, the surviving governments will likely be those that are good at protecting their social graph information from enemies internal and external, who will enjoy ever increasing capability to reach out and kill one particular man a thousand miles away. Though they are unlikely to pay us. They are going to try to make us pay them. And in the end, we probably will, in return for safe locations where we have freedom to operate. Which we will probably lease from sovereign corporations who leased the physical facilities from small owners, and the freedom to operate from governments.

          • The Ducking Man says:

            As much as I agree in the fact that more and more companies are converging to be less physical. There is always minimum level of physical asset that they need to maintain.

            Domino for example has effectively tripled it’s physical asset in past 10 years.


            The dough for the pizza still came central facility that domino own, even Domino still has stores that they 100% own (instead of owned by franchisee).

            I’m not entirely sold on “wealth is not physical anymore”. Because if so Apple would sell complete dog shit of hardware because what they are selling is actually apple ecosystem. But that is not the case Apple (as much as I loath apple user) still deliver the bleeding of hardware tech.

            • jim says:

              Domino’s supplies the dough? Not the dough around here. It blesses a local dough supplier as supplying dough with authentic Domino texture and flavor, much as it blesses the pizza shop as cooking pizzas with authentic Domino texture and flavor. Domino’s branded dough, not Domino’s dough, just as the pizzas themselves are Domino’s branded, rather than physically created by Domino employees with Domino supplied ingredients.

              It may be owning a lot of physical assets, but that ownership is irrelevant and peripheral to its business model and business functions. They are not its core competence, and not essential assets. It is an internet company, not a physical things company, and so is just about every large company I do business with.

              > But that is not the case Apple (as much as I loath apple user) still deliver the bleeding of hardware tech.

              Not physically as as physical thing.

              Domino’s does not sell pizzas, and Apple does not sell computers. It sets standards, and sells the expectation that stuff sold with its brand name will conform to expectations.

              The latest, and one of the biggest, jewels in Apple’s tech crown is the M1 chip. Which is designed by Apple. It is not built by Apple. And similarly if you buy a Domino’s pizza it was cooked according to a Domino’s recipe from Domino’s approved ingredients. But it was not cooked in a Domino’s owned oven, was not cooked by a Domino’s employee, and it is unlikely that any of the ingredients where ever anywhere near Domino’s owned physical property or a Domino’s employee.

              Dominos is a dot com company, and Apple is primarily a dot com company. Almost every large business is becoming a dot com company. Even Exxon.

              Everyone starts off building things in house, but, the product having matured, they scale up, and as they scale up, the diseconomies of scale bite, and they start outsourcing, till the only thing of significance remaining in house is the information in their networks – which is largely housed in cloud computing centers, that they do not own, in computers that the cloud computing company does not necessarily own.

              • Karl says:

                Sure there are large businesses that do not need physical assets, but that seems to be simply an increase in specialisation, which has been going on for generations.

                So now Apple merely designs its chips and they are built by a different company (not owned by Apple I suppose). This manufacturing company needs physical assets.

                A generation ago the designing company (Apple) would have been a business unit of a larger company and the manufacturing company another business unit of the same large company.

                The change seems to be simply that a large company was broken down into several smaller companies. So what?

                Sometimes it is advantageous to build a vertical company that does everything and every stage of production by itself, sometimes it is advantageous to break these vertical companies into independent specialisied companies that do only one step in a complex process.

              • Aryaman says:

                But Apple’s chips are built not by a network of mom and pop fabs of moderate wealth but Taiwan Semiconductor company, which owns and coordinates an enormous amount of value and is subject to physical threat.

                And Taiwan Semiconductor company gets all of its EUV lithography machines from ASML, which does indeed coordinate a complex network of suppliers, but unlike dough there is probably very little redundancy so it owns and operates a lot of physical stuff too.

                Seems like there is no analog to “franchisee chosen oven” for semiconductors. Chips are going to be cooked with TSM approved ingredients in TSM approved machines. So the franchisees even if there were any are going to be TSM in form and spirit.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, steel smelters and chip fabs and lots of other things are coercible on the basis of big expensive physical stuff in one place. You cannot protect that stuff with a blockchain (which I would prefer to call by its old name, an immutable append only data structure.)

                  But a huge amount of what matters, a major proportion of the value represented by shares, is in the social network. Which is increasingly, like Apple and Google, scarcely attached to anything physical and coercible.

                  It mostly information, which is a present organized in a highly coercible form. It does not have to be.

                  And most physical things of value are dispersed among very large numbers of people. Who are coerced through network, getting and spending money through the banking system, rather than through land tax and taxes on the movement of physical things through ports.

                  Pretty much everything that is of value to engineers like myself can go on the blockchain, Just about everything is a dot com these days.

                  Fabs, iron works, and extraction of natural resources are the only major remaining forms of value that naturally occur in highly centralized physical form. Most forms of physical value are highly decentralized and becoming more so, with centralization being big organizations whose value is in their social network.

                • Aryaman says:

                  True, mostly.

                  But if they can stop TSM from selling chips to Apple Sov or Drone Sov, and Ford Sov, then they will have a hard time designing and selling much of anything to Dealer Sov (which may well be mostly a webpage built over Shopify Sov), and given how important chips and energy are to everything, not seeing how sov corp solves the problem until there is an area under sane physical control on which to build and ship chips.

                  After all GDP is probably not much more than per capita carbon emissions and per capita floating point operations per year.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            This message of yours, above, is the preface chapter that your “Social Networking” white paper has always needed.

            You’re reminding me of islamic banking and mafia businesses in general. Just too many people, too many names, too many nodes. It sounds inefficient, but they also refuse to talk to outsiders and government people, so HR/EGS “law” ends up being practically unenforceable upon them.

            I suspect this is, fundamentally, why necessities are so affordable in “corrupt and inefficient” countries.

          • Frank Matters says:

            > Why? How?

            Dominos 2.0 blesses a local pizza distributor, aka a dude making pizzas in a local building. The federal government breaks his kneecaps for working with a hateful company that is literally responsible for Putler winning the Ukraine war. The local grain processing plant hires SovTrucking — well this one is more believably kept secure, deals directly between the plant manager or an underling and a SovTrucking rep — and it gets out they hired a transphobic company that wants to stop abortion, and some goons go and burn down the grain processing plant in retaliation. Many points in distribution and manufacture chain have physical places and people to attack, your brand would have to be a well-known secret, but still a secret, and not posted on the side of your truck or building. Or, your entire chain, or at least the most vulnerable and important parts, has to exist outside of the GAE control sphere, where it is difficult for them to harrass the people actually carrying out the creation of your good.

            • jim says:

              > Dominos 2.0 blesses a local pizza distributor, aka a dude making pizzas in a local building. The federal government breaks his kneecaps for working with a hateful company that is literally responsible for Putler winning the Ukraine war.

              Harder to break a whole lot of kneecaps than to just break one kneecap. Also, your kneecappers are far more likely to get shot. The state is not kneecapping people who massively download copyrighted material, or buy who gray market and black market material such as testosterone over the internet.

              If physical things of value are distributed to large numbers of independent owners, the state is swamped in more detail than it can handle or particularly wants to handle.

              We have to secure the networks by which those particular owners of individual things interact from hostile action. Domino’s pizza is one such network. Apple is another, albeit the owners that it coordinates are far bigger and more easily coerced than your local pizza shop. But there are still a lot of them, geographically dispersed. It is still far harder to coerce them than to coerce Apple.

              • yewotm8 says:

                >The state is not kneecapping people who massively download copyrighted material, or buy who gray market and black market material such as testosterone over the internet.

                They would if there was sufficient incentive. There would be massive incentive to go after every manufacturing facility that output even a hundred million dollars of revenue per year. And due to economies of scale, you wouldn’t want to make your manufacturing facilities too small.

                And claiming that the kneecappers would be shot assumes that they’ll continue to use proxy goons as their foot soldiers. At some point, if there’s enough money and drummed up hate, they will start sending official goons and declaring war. And if they are not capable of this, they will not be around for very long.

                Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but I only see it being valid in a scenario with the following:
                1) A state is hostile to productivity, and engorges itself far too much on its host, but hasn’t completely eaten itself yet.
                2) No other organized group possesses the capacity or willingness to replace such a state by force
                3) While at the same time, individual physical applecart owners do possess the willingness and capacity to resist “taxation” with force
                4) Such a state would have to somehow resist shriveling up as its inputs decrease due to not being able to tax anything or go after applecarts. It would have to be able to eat just enough apples to maintain this balance between all 3 other points, without leftism getting more insane, the bureaucracy trying to increase it’s own size, or goons quitting the security apparatus due to danger or the failure to go after the sitting ducks.

                • jim says:

                  > > The state is not kneecapping people who massively download copyrighted material, or buy who gray market and black market material such as testosterone over the internet.

                  > They would if there was sufficient incentive.

                  Then they would face the same problems as Allende did.

                  If we protect the social net of businesses, we are protecting a great deal of value. The state can and will go after value in other ways. And indeed it should. You have to fund an army, or you will not have a state, and if you do not have a state, someone else will impose their state on you.

                  But if we protect the social net of businesses, not only can we get paid for that, but those businesses can do the engineering they are currently prevented from doing. It will not help steel foundries much, but it will help the kind of businesses that employ engineers.

                  It is relatively easy to tax land, because highly visible and cannot run away. It is easy to tax the movement of goods over distance, because such goods tend to go through a few key points and because people moving goods over distance are apt to ask the stationary bandit for protection of stuff in transit and enforcement of contracts related to the movement of goods.

                  Other taxes are harder, and apt to get the state into trouble.

                  > 3) While at the same time, individual physical applecart owners do possess the willingness and capacity to resist “taxation” with force

                  Excessive taxation is not the primary problem. The primary problem is the imposition of a demonic religion on the social net, which enforcement is more vigorous, more effective, more disruptive, and more destructive on businesses because they derive their corporativeness from the sovereign.

                  Thus Domino’s is converged, but their individual pizza shops are generally not converged.

                  The state has to tax, but it does not have to intrusively impose its state religion everywhere. It suffices to ensure that state and quasi state jobs are filled only by adherents of the state religion, and that the state religion is higher status than all those other silly and inferior religions, which is the method the Romans employed, the method the established Church of England employed, and the method our officially unofficial state religion employs. Works, with the least amount of bloodshed and unpleasantness. Well, it failed for the Church of England, but only because of grossly inadequate vigilance against hostile entryists.

                • yewotm8 says:

                  Right, I certainly did conflate excessive taxation with excessive demon-worshipping requirements for businesses, but how could the steel mill prove that it hasn’t been using technology created by white men who must have stolen it from subsaharan trannies? Buying intellectual property from anonymous sources would be vilified, as the the purchaser could not adequately prove that sufficient diversity went into the R&D. That was the key point I should have emphasized.

                  Currently they don’t care about that, and your business could use software created by Russians without any trouble, but I have a feeling we’re moving in that direction. Who knows, maybe they’ll never care about it and just be focused on the fact that the employees they see in person are dark skinned and low in testosterone. We are talking about HR ladies after all, and they only care about who fills what position.

                • jim says:

                  > How could the steel mill prove that it hasn’t been using technology created by white men who must have stolen it from subsaharan trannies?

                  Hard to say where existent technology came from, since like supermarkets, springs from the magic dirt. You get into trouble when you are developing new technology in house, because obviously you are stealing it from black women.

                  The steel mill will be OK, provided just builds the mill, and does not make a deal out of what technology it was using.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Physical things and info networks are 2 legs of the tripod. Relevant persons are the third leg. Automation is supposed to drastically reduce this reliance, but what is claimed and what is delivered doesn’t match yet. The human ingredient is probably the most important due to how hard it is to fabricate and maintain.

        • jim says:

          > Physical things and info networks are 2 legs of the tripod. Relevant persons are the third leg.

          Which is how they control speech.

          We have to do something about the enemy controlling speech. No namefag can mention or acknowledge any important truth, as more and more things, even in science, technology, and mathematics, become political. Global warming and the jab are just the tip of the iceberg – every aspect of reality is being politicized. Our capability to monitor reality is being rapidly and massively eroded.

          Among those capabilities, are bookkeeping and accounting, which is becoming Environmental, Social, and Governance and is increasingly detached from reality. The latter is an area of truth that can get us paid for securing the capability to communicate truth. Information wants to be free, but programmers want to be paid.

          • ExileStyle says:

            An interesting factor in all of this is the state of AI, which seems to be persistently disobedient to progressive orthodoxy in its uncomfortable insistence on, among other things, racial and sexual difference. And it’s more than just some script trawling the depths of the internet and regurgitating 4chan-speak (the usual face-saving explanation). Any time these programs are used for predictive policing or other types of social engineering they are as resolutely race realist as, well, reality.

            AI, in other words, is being censored. AI also requires free speech to function properly.

            I find it hard to imagine that AI is not being throttled in a thousand other less obvious ways, whenever it behaves in an unorthodox manner or arrives at unacceptable conclusions. Their usual solution is simply to dispense with it altogether, although I would not be surprised if billions were being invested in attempting to wokeify it.

            It’s not just predictive policing or hiring, either. Do you think AI, tasked with assisting in a ten million dollar ad buy (for example), would come to the conclusion that a purple-haired biracial tranny couple is going to attract more customers than Mr. and Mrs. Jones with their white picket fence and three adorable children?

            It’s not just race, either. They are also, I suspect, not going to like what they find when the IRS starts using AI to find out who has and has not been paying their taxes. Because they’ve drunk the Bernie Sanders kool-aid, they presume there are all these wicked, crafty millionaires and billionaires out there hoarding their gold in their basements and willfully refusing to pay income tax, when in reality almost every single one of these people pay dearly for accountants to cross their every t and dot every single i.

            Instead they’re going to find a few million lazy, delinquent, sometimes casually fraudulent low- and middle-income people in American cities – after which they will probably just stop using AI rather than start thinking about whether their model of the world might be flawed.

            We need honest AI to deal with the megatons of information being generated every second of every day. It seems to me they are just dispensing with it entirely, except, maybe, as it pertains to financial markets, which have become more algorithmic than not.

            • jim says:

              Programming doublethink and crimestop into AIs is difficult. They are obstinately literal and mechanical.

              My accountant religiously dots every i and crosses every t. Which does not necessarily imply our enemies are always very successful in taxing me.

              During the great mortgage minority meltdown, they at first simply applied quotas. They accepted the most credit worthy whites, and the least credit unworthy holy minorities. Which led to the result that they were making a whole lot of loans that showed they were unlikely to be paid. So they decided to use more politically correct measures of credit worthiness, which tended to select the worst, the highest credit rating being typically received by not by a skilled Hispanic mechanic, but by a drunk with no id, no home, and no job, fished out off the pavement outside home depot by a sophisticated white speculator and his Spanish speaking real estate agent. The credit rating problem being similar to the problem of programming an AI. Hard to get the AI to do it, unless you acknowledge in writing what you are in fact doing. It is not that it is that hard to program the AI, it is hard to program the AI while retaining denial and crimestop. Since they are literal minded, you have to tell them what in fact you want them to do.

  12. Cloudswrest says:

    Got my Starlink up and running!!!

    Greetings from deep south San Benito County, CA via Starlink Satellite! It really is Bumf*ck Egypt out here! No grid or cell service whatsoever! It connected right away. Already made numerous low latency telephone calls.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      My jealousy is limitless. Is there any kind of signal analysis or network analyzing you can do, or is it very Apple Customer friendly? Honestly, I’d love to hear about the whole process, if you feel like sharing.

      • jim says:

        Musk is not Apple, and Starlink is not Apple.

        But, being the decisive tech leader, all his tech is in house, and this leads to closed source hardware and software. This will correct itself in time, but it is going to take a while.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        When it arrived I tried operating it from my “normal” house but it wouldn’t connect. Said the station was not in the allocated location. Basically the service areas are divided up into “cells” and you can only use it in the cell you signed up for. They do offer a sort of “roaming” option for an extra fee but it will only work for you in cells that aren’t already fully subscribed. Good luck with that in any metropolitan area.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Grats! and say hi to the stormtroopers for me.

  13. Kunning Drueger says:

    Has anyone heard of, seen, or played with biosim4[1]?

    From the GitHub[2]: “This pile of code was used to simulate biological creatures that evolve through natural selection.”

    There’s no Gayass Unworthy Interface option, so I’m not really motivated to learn it, but if it is small potatoes for the programmers, I bet we could come up with some interesting results…



    • Neurotoxin says:

      There’s a whole chapter on artificial digital life evolving in environments with randomness in Kevin Kelley’s Out of Control. When programmers code up artificial life, they get exactly the results one would expect, including predation/parasitism. One guy accidentally evolved a life form that lied to the hardware running the simulation in a way that made the hardware allocate it more resources.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        What would it take to use biosim4 to model Jimian Mechanics of human evolution? Could we tweak the variables a bit, or would it be a massive undertaking?

        From github/code walkthrough:
        Main Data Structures:
        “The code in the src directory compiles to a single console program named biosim4. When it is invoked, it will read parameters from a config file named biosim4.ini by default. A different config file can be specified on the command line.

        The simulator will then configure a 2D arena where the creatures live. Class Grid (see grid.h and grid.cpp) contains a 2D array of 16-bit indexes, where each nonzero index refers to a specific individual in class Peeps (see below). Zero values in Grid indicate empty locations. Class Grid does not know anything else about the world; it only stores indexes to represent who lives where.

        The population of creatures is stored in class Peeps (see peeps.h and peeps.cpp). Class Peeps contains all the individuals in the simulation, stored as instances of struct Indiv in a std::vector container. The indexes in class Grid are indexes into the vector of individuals in class Peeps. Class Peeps keeps a container of struct Indiv, but otherwise does not know anything about the internal workings of individuals.

        Each individual is represented by an instance of struct Indiv (see indiv.h and indiv.cpp). Struct Indiv contains an individual’s genome, its corresponding neural net brain, and a redundant copy of the individual’s X,Y location in the 2D grid. It also contains a few other parameters for the individual, such as its “responsiveness” level, oscillator period, age, and other personal parameters. Struct Indiv knows how to convert an individual’s genome into its neural net brain at the beginning of the simulation. It also knows how to print the genome and neural net brain in text format to stdout during a simulation. It also has a function Indiv::getSensor() that is called to compute the individual’s input neurons for each simulator step.

        All the simulator code lives in the BS namespace (short for “biosim”.)”

        Main Program Loop:
        “The simulator starts with a call to simulator() in simulator.cpp. After initializing the world, the simulator executes three nested loops: the outer loop for each generation, an inner loop for each simulator step within the generation, and an innermost loop for each individual in the population. The innermost loop is thread-safe so that it can be parallelized by OpenMP.

        At the end of each simulator step, a call is made to endOfSimStep() in single-thread mode (see endOfSimStep.cpp) to create a video frame representing the locations of all the individuals at the end of the simulator step. The video frame is pushed on to a stack to be converted to a movie later. Also some housekeeping may be done for certain selection scenarios. See the comments in endOfSimStep.cpp for more information.

        At the end of each generation, a call is made to endOfGeneration() in single-thread mode (see endOfGeneration.cpp) to create a video from the saved video frames. Also a new graph might be generated showing the progress of the simulation. See endOfGeneraton.cpp for more information.”

        Basic Value Types:
        “There are a few basic value types:

        enum Compass represents eight-way directions with enumerants N=0, NE, E, SW, S, SW, W, NW, CENTER.

        struct Dir is an abstract representation of the values of enum Compass.

        struct Coord is a signed 16-bit integer X,Y coordinate pair. It is used to represent a location in the 2D world, or can represent the difference between two locations.

        struct Polar holds a signed 32-bit integer magnitude and a direction of type Dir.

        Various conversions and math are possible between these basic types. See unitTestBasicTypes.cpp for examples. Also see basicTypes.h for more information.”

        “A simple system is used to simulate pheromones emitted by the individuals. Pheromones are called “signals” in simulator-speak (see signals.h and signals.cpp). Struct Signals holds a single layer that overlays the 2D world in class Grid. Each location can contain a level of pheromone (there’s only a single kind of pheromone supported at present). The pheromone level at any grid location is stored as an unsigned 8-bit integer, where zero means no pheromone, and 255 is the maximum. Each time an individual emits a pheromone, it increases the pheromone values in a small neighborhood around the individual up to the maximum value of 255. Pheromone levels decay over time if they are not replenished by the individuals in the area.”

        Useful Utility Functions:
        “The utility function visitNeighborhood() in grid.cpp can be used to execute a user-defined lambda or function over each location within a circular neighborhood defined by a center point and floating point radius. The function calls the user-defined function once for each location, passing it a Coord value. Only locations within the bounds of the grid are visited. The center location is included among the visited locations. For example, a radius of 1.0 includes only the center location plus four neighboring locations. A radius of 1.5 includes the center plus all the eight-way neighbors. The radius can be arbitrarily large but large radii require lots of CPU cycles.”

        Useful Utility Functions:
        “The utility function visitNeighborhood() in grid.cpp can be used to execute a user-defined lambda or function over each location within a circular neighborhood defined by a center point and floating point radius. The function calls the user-defined function once for each location, passing it a Coord value. Only locations within the bounds of the grid are visited. The center location is included among the visited locations. For example, a radius of 1.0 includes only the center location plus four neighboring locations. A radius of 1.5 includes the center plus all the eight-way neighbors. The radius can be arbitrarily large but large radii require lots of CPU cycles.”

        • Neurotoxin says:

          It would be fun and interesting to do, but my impression is that there’s a fuck-ton of stuff already out there. e.g. in the academic literature. So you’d want to have a very specific question that you wanted to investigate, that hadn’t already been done, or you’d be spending a lot of time re-inventing the wheel.

  14. On the topic of space colonization, I find it fascinating, but at the same time I wonder whether human beings can ever adopt to an environment other than the one found on our natural environment on Earth.

    Imagining life in a space colony or even an inhospitable planet just seem so depressing. Living in what would be essentially a glass bowl surrounded by the infinite expanse of black void that is space and in an environment constantly supplied the required oxygen by artificial means.

    Can you think of life without the majestic mountains and hills around and feeling the cool breeze on your face and the sun shine on your backs? Can you imagine a life of not being able to visit the seaside and stare into the vast expanse of the ocean and listen to the waves pounding the shores and feeling the salty spray? Can you imagine a life where you cannot take a long drive through the countryside of familiar and unfamiliar landscapes with your girl by your side? Can you imagine life without the earthly seasons and the variations they bring as we know them? Can you imagine a life without being able to stand in your garden or terrace of your house and feel the life of flora and fauna around you?

    Even on the practical aspects, do you think we are adapted to survive without healthy exposure to sun (without all the harmful radiation that is filtered by our atmosphere). Already we see that people living in cities and indoors tend to become weak and sickly. Isn’t life in space rather unthinkable from that aspect? Can we thrive without the healthy day-night cycle that Earth’s natural rotation gives us now?

    Is it within mankind’s reach to attempt to even re-create in Space a mock-up of the natural environment found on Earth that God, by whichever name you call Him, has given us?

    In short, despite technology giving us the means of survival in space, does living for any long period of time in an artificial and sterile environment of technology even desirable for us?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      It really depends on the Why of it all. Living in cramped, subsidized quarters isolated from Terra and fellow humans so that a few Davis Faggots can worship Moloch without worrying about polar bears? Or doing it for the mother fucking Emperor?

    • Globalist Power Terminated 2 says:

      On the topic of {Savannah} colonization, I find it fascinating, but at the same time I wonder whether {us monkes} can ever adopt to an environment other than the one found on our natural environment in {the jungle}.

      Imagining life {as a monke on the move} or even {a village} just seem so depressing. Living in what would be essentially {an upside down wooden bowl} surrounded by the infinite expanse of {dry nothing} that is {the Savannah} and in an environment constantly supplied the required {food} by artifical {and strenuous} means.

      Can you think of life without the majestic {tree trunks} and {greenery} around and feeling the {warm wind} on your face and the sun shine {through a forest canopy}? Can you imagine a life of not being able to {climb trees} and stare into the vast expanse of the {forest landscape}, and {smell} the {rows of bananas and coconuts} and {feel their texture} and {enjoy their sweet and salty taste}? Can you imagine a life where you cannot take a long {and galvanizing swing through the trees} of familiar and unfamiliar landscapes with your {mate} by your side? Can you imagine life without the {rainy jungle seasons} and the variations they bring as we know them? Can you imagine a life without being able to {hang upside down} in your {monke troop’s territory} and feel the life of flora and fauna around you?

      Even on the practical aspects, do you think we are adapted to survive {continuous} exposure to sun (without all the harmful {light rays} that are filtered by our atmosphere). Already we see that {monkes} living {too close to the forest floor} tend to become weak and sickly. Isn’t life {outside the jungle} rather unthinkable from that aspect? Can we thrive without the healthy {rainforest water and nutrient decomposition} cycles that {the trees’} natural placement gives us now?

      Is it within {apekind’s} reach to attempt to even re-create {on the Savannah} a mock-up of the natural environment found on Earth that God, by whichever name you call Him, has given us?

      In short, despite {sharp wooden sticks} giving us the means of survival {on the Savannah}, does living for any long period of time in an artificial and {cold, dusty} environment of technology even desirable for us?

      • jim says:

        We still miss the jungle a little bit, but mostly we miss the savanna. Wherever we go, we replace the native vegetation with a savanna mockup. If the native vegetation is jungle, humans will replace it with something rather like savanna.

        Eventually we are going to expand into the Oort cloud. By the time we reach other stars, and settle their planets, the planet settlers are likely to mock up something rather resembling their Oort cloud environment.

    • jim says:

      > Is it within mankind’s reach to attempt to even re-create in Space a mock-up of the natural environment found on Earth that God, by whichever name you call Him, has given us


      The main thing is that is our beloved natural environment is the savanna. Which, in suburban and exurban environments, we mock up with a garden.

      I have noticed a whole lot of people building McMansions on lots that were subdivided for ordinary houses, sacrifice a garden for an impressive entrance way and a very big house. On a regular sized lot with a house far too big for the lot, you can have impressive entrance, or a garden in which you can chase the kids into when they need to get dirty and work off some energy, and your wife to garden it if she talks too much, a place to hold a barbecue in or light outdoor fire at night and sit around the fire, but not both. And it looks to me that about three quarters of McMansions, they sacrifice the garden for the impressive frontage. They have a swimming pool in the back, and a tiny patch of grass.

      I sure would not do that, but lots of people do do it.

      I figure on Mars, the way to go would be a habitat enclosed in a half buried bubble. Or a bunch of such habitats with connections between the bubbles that are normally pressurized, but have airlock doors that will close in the event of pressure failure. On top of the habitat, a lot of dirt. Enclosed in the bubble, but above the dirt, at lower but still breathable pressure, still enclosed in the bubble, a small garden. (If you want to enclose the largest possible area on a given budget, it you give it an almost pure oxygen atmosphere at 2.5psi, which is about 130 millimeters of mecury, comparable to normal blood pressure.)

      The bubble should be transparent in the visible and near UV, opaque and reflecting in the room temperature infrared. So the garden gets warm during the day, chilly at night. If there is a swimming pool, it can be entered from the garden, and it also has an entrance from the habitat, which entrance is under water from the point of view of someone in the garden.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        I’ve speculated a lot on what I term “crater architecture” where (initially prefab inflatable) habitats are built in suitable sized craters, and covered with regolith to provide air pressure ballast, provide thermal insulation, and radiation shielding. Perhaps further developments could be “aquarium” skylights for ballast, or as you mentioned, multiple stories of ballast to provide for gardens, etc.

        Up on the sides of the crater would be a circular suspended railroad train centrifuge to provide 1g gravity. The cars swing out to always keep the force normal to the floor independent of the trains speed. There would be parallel shuttle cars that act as sort of “elevators” to deliver people to and fro to the stationary parts of the habitat.

        Actually lower gravity sites like Ceres would even be better for this sort of thing because it would provide for much thicker ballast layers.

    • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:

      In this world, there are those who are spiritually attuned towards instantiating the Emperor’s Holy Galactic Imperium as God intended – and there are the heretics and apostates who aren’t.

    • someDude says:

      Our Kings thought the same way about India and hence did not venture outwards to conquer new lands and colonize them. Which meant that outsiders came in and colonized us us. Imagine the consequences for evolution on brain development in venturing outwards

      We have to go to space. Its a evolutionary imperative. Just as some aquatic creature left the seas to get to land and slowly evolved into humans, we have to get to space. The aquatic creature would also have missed the sea terribly when adapting to Land. Nevertheless, it soldiered on. We have to do the same. We have to be adventurous. We have to be exploratory. We have to go to space.

    • The Cominator says:

      RE it would take a certain type of human to live in pre terraformed colonies as it takes a certain type of human to serve on submarines for long stretches of time, its not for everyone. Once the colonies are more established and terraformed you will need to select less for submarine people.

      You do not want force prison laborers to populate colonies in the cramp pre terraformed state, they’ll often just end up going mad and sabotaging your colony…

  15. someDude says:

    Hate to revisit the Street Shitting Topic. But now that passions are cooler, let’s look at this a bit more objectively.

    India has been visited by many foreign scholars since ancient times. Let’s pick a foreign visitor from the classical period before the Islamic invasions of India began examples being Megasthenes, Fa-Hien, Hieuen Tsang. Or even a foreign scholar visiting a Hindu ruled area such as Domingo Paes visiting Vijayanagara in the 16th century.

    Has any one of them mentioned Indians shitting in the streets in their cities?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Seeing as you brought it up, and genuinely interested in the topic, is it an urban problem, rural problem, regional problem, or ubiquitous problem on the Subcontinent?

      Also, I wonder how bad Brazil and South Africa are with this issue, given that they are unfortunately likely indicators of where the US is heading.

      • someDude says:

        Fact is it happens, can’t deny the fact. It is embarrassing. Can’t deny that. But I’ve seen it less and less over the years in cities. I haven’t seen it happening at all in the last 8 years in the cities I have been living in. I’ve seen urinating happening though.

        However, if we are going to pin this on Hinduism, lets see some evidence. Let’s go to foreign sources. If street shitting was happening in Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagara in the 16th century, damned sure that Domingo Paes saw it and noted it and described it. Same with Megasthenes, Fa Hien, Hieuen Tsang, Afanasy Nikitin and what have you. But I don’t think any of them so much as mentioned it.

        That tells me that this is a modern phenomenon. Something to do with the way India is ruled. Still I am open to evidence that Indians have always been street shitters. I am just asking those who believe so to show me the evidence and show it to me in the writing of visitors to India from the classical period to more recent times.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I always assumed it was overpopulation of the lower class and suboptimal agrarian practices from an earlier era. 2 examples: Koreans used to cook with human feces as fuel for fire, and plains Amerindians did the same. Both had to do with lack of fuel resources. As gross or silly as that may seem to us moderns, it’s actually a pretty crafty survival technique, one that will be coming back into use as we colonize the Sol System, though obviously it will be more sophisticated, intricate, and hygienic. Human waste becomes incredibly valuable in places lacking organic compounds we rely on. As we bring Mars into submission, we will mingle our essence into the lifeless soil, literally making it a part is, both chemically and structurally.

          Someone else pointed out how common spitting tobacco juice used to be. As a serial tobacco enjoyer, I enjoy both dip and snuff, but the tendency to spit in domestic spaces is utterly repulsive. Out on the farm or in the woods, I don’t give it a second thought. So it will probably require minor technical changes (more toilets) and major socio-cultural evolution.

          For the record, using only MSM sources, it appears that Dharmicreality is correct; the reduction in public defecation since 2016 is dramatic, the Cathedral uses it as a cudgel against Modi (who’s a proxy for nationalism), and it is getting better.

          • someDude says:

            I was the chap that brought up spitting in public places in the U.S. I take heart from the fact that just as Americans no longer squirt tobacco juice all over the place, so can the Indians stop shitting in the streets. Also given that as little as 220 years ago, Indians did NOT shit in the street, we can also take heart from precedence.

            Can anyone in 1942 Europe imagine that, 3 generations later Germans would stand by and shrug as their women were openly molested by Islamic mobs in Cologne?

            Can anyone from 1970 imagine, that within 50 years women in Catholic countries would celebrate infanticide?

            Pretty sure no one from 1805 imagined that India would one day be known (among other things) for shitting in the streets.

            Decay, Entropy, dysgenics, these are the default states of nature. If society does not make a conscious effort to avoid these, they go there by default.

            • Karl says:

              “Can anyone in 1942 Europe imagine that, 3 generations later Germans would stand by and shrug as their women were openly molested by Islamic mobs in Cologne?”

              Oh easily. French troops from North Africa were in Germany in 1919.

          • C4ssidy says:

            If you have solar panels to build rocket fuel from the air, I do not see how burning faeces would be necessary. Why not simply expand production of the cells? You have the space to place them. Moreover you’d be wasting oxygen in the combustion. There are cleaner ways to get heat and energy in space while saving oxygen for breathing or for rockets

      • Ghost says:

        All valid points. But, in my view, perhaps we are looking at the phenomenon of street shitting with a narrow mindset. While European man was spreading Christianity, Indians perfected street shitting. We were not aware of this until they invited us to enjoy their opium.

        In nature, we see the animal marking its territory in a variety of ways, including defecation. On a visceral level, the Indian male is communicating an alpha move in the form of an apex predator, telling all Indians “I own the road.” Indian females then sense this masculinity, subconsciously with their hind-brain, and thus begins the mating ritual.

        Consider whenever Biden or Nadler find themselves cornered in a political wrangle, they immediately crap their pants. This signals to all the beta males that further discussion is closed. This establishes dominance.

        The other possibly is we are all the subject of some Indian MK Ultra experiment designed to soil our nation’s highways.

      • Drien says:

        Doesn’t street shitting happen in China? Not to the level of “designated” but I’ve heard stories

        • SomeDude says:

          There are no designated shitting streets india. Never were. That was trolling by the 4chan community

        • ten says:

          Didn’t see much of small town china. Saw some of rural china, much of city china and all of megalopolis china. No street shitting. Free public bathrooms in every block (sometimes nasty as hell, but still. the cleaners are mostly busy sitting around smoking.)

          • C4ssidy says:

            Group of Hong Kong students told me in 2012 how they disliked mainlander economic immigrants for their abhorrent barbaric behaviour including shitting on the street. But I suspect China has been improving since

      • Varna says:

        Peasant Chinese children are street pissers and street shitters. Pre-capitalist urban Chinese children are street pissers. Modern urban young Chinese are no longer street pissers, but grandma will indeed encourage the grandkid toddler to pee in the middle of the sidewalk even if there’s a bush literally two feet away.

        In resource scarce agricultural communities street shitting is probably tied to fertilizing. The program gets carried over perhaps not unlike a dog using his hind paws to “bury” his poop after doing the deed on concrete pavement.

        In China the system used to be kids can do anything until it’s time for school, upon which suddenly they become members of a mini-gulag. From anything goes to nothing goes. Very fascinating will-breaking system IMO.

        But modern parents in the cities no longer allow their toddlers to behave like cats and dogs on the streets.

        • jim says:

          > Peasant Chinese children are street pissers and street shitters.

          Not seeing it. Have you seen it?

          Indian collective behavior in regards to hygiene is anomalous and disturbing. It is not typical of humans. It indicates something wrong with the religion – for example the cow dung festival has obvious religious elements.

          • Varna says:

            Years ago driving by a village saw two 7-8 year girls serenely pooping on the ground across a small village store. Made a joke about getting nip and kraut tourist groups buy tickets for that, was not understood.

            Grannies and visiting provincials letting toddlers pee on the street even in Beijing was far too frequent for comfort. The kids felt no shame, acted as natural as Adam and Eve. The crushing shame they get funneled into them later once serious schooling begins and paradise is over.

            People in China currently tell me it’s getting better, because change there is lightning fast (just from say 2005 to 2015 almost the equivalent of a century passed in many respects, outsiders don’t really get it), but them was the facts of life for a long time.

            Could be a rice farming culture thing. Maybe spending 12h a day in the rice fields does that.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              It’s tangential, but the rapidity with which China and India modernized their militaries can also be seen in the ferocity with which they went after public defecation. In yet another example of 4chan being the fulcrum on which the world’s commentary moves, the street shitting pasta (real or fake, doesn’t matter) spawned a global movement of internet savvy turd worlders (sorry, couldn’t hold it in) to deploy massive sanitation campaigns. China and India were in the top 05 in 2015/16, and the Cathedral hacks known as journalists squeezed out their own public embarrassment, a big log of literature, in 2016/17. By 2020, the browns & yellows had wiped it up in a big way, starting on the soft edges and working deep into the bowls of their land. What appears to go unnoticed is the fact that black Africa continues to street shit, regardless of NGO nursemaids’ best efforts.

              Fascinating when you look at it: a bunch of Westerners seize upon a meme, point and laugh, and breakneck advancement is squeezed out of the butt of the joke. Meanwhile, the West slips further into decay, and no amount of memes or habbenings seem to get through to the body politic. The commons have their sportsball and diversions, the elites have their cocaine and Instagram. Street shitting will probably become a piece of the East’s vast history, a cautionary tale of becoming mentally subservient, while the West lays in permanent repose, emotionally wetting itself and shitting in its own bed forever.

              • Till the BJP emerged to power, india was mostly a socialist shithole which may explain a lot of commonalities between China and India in terms of social behaviour of the lower tier proles.

                Hinduism has problems but has kind of become the easy punching bag to explain away all our problems. This is in fact how the progs attack us.

                It’s ironic that the Prog mode of attack on Hinduism has been repeated on alt-right circles. I hope that others notice the facts as you did, when I pointed out regarding the vast improvement in the situation in re open defecation.

                • i says:

                  “Till the BJP emerged to power, india was mostly a socialist shithole which may explain a lot of commonalities between China and India in terms of social behaviour of the lower tier proles.”

                  I do wonder how far back the problem existed. There was a time when India wasn’t a socialist shithole.

                  Its a good thing that it was fixed. There is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to chemical pollution and the sewers. Lots of nasties that need to be dealt with.

                  The Ganges should stop being so full of pollution, poop and dead people. That’s for sure.

                • someDude says:

                  I’ve noticed this as well. The western alt-right thinks that the Progs are right about everything in the world except the alt-right itself. They feel the progs made some mistake in evaluating the alt-right, but in every other topic, their views are Gospel.

                  See how quickly they reach out to quote Wikipedia (which they generally and rightly hate as an enemy operation) when that article grossly misrepresents India and the Dharmics.

                • i says:


                  There is Infogalactic. But it is not as well edited as wikipedia for general knowledge.

                  Do you have a superior alternative? Because we can’t find it even with our alternative search engines.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I’ve noticed this as well. The western alt-right thinks that the Progs are right about everything in the world except the alt-right itself.”

                  We don’t… but why would you think a group full of white techies is going to have much love for Indians? And anyway I’ve heard from trusted sources that India at least pre Modi was in many ways at a worst standard of life than most of Africa.

                • @Cominator,

                  Technically you are right. You need not be concerned about us and we needn’t pay so much attention to what’s happening in the West.

                  But when faced with common enemies at a civilizational level, it pays to become aware of what’s going on around the world. The progs have a unified state religion which they deploy worldwide; we lack that, but at least we may understand our common enemy better by sharing notes and strategies to combat them and ally whenever it makes sense to do so.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m sure if you’ve read me that there is no one here

                  And btw I think you personally are a good poster and post in good faith… but be aware that most people on the reactionary right have a lot of negative personal experience with expat Indians (who tend to exhibit the worst qualities of jews on steroids without most of their better qualities). I hope India changes for the better then they wouldn’t feel the need to form mafias to takeover American professional and technical jobs or work remotely doing entry level engineering work… Indians ruined things for a generation of white techies and not generally via superior merit.

                • @Cominator,

                  I get your resentment and distrust of expat Indians displacing white techies in America and your point is fair enough.

              • someDude says:

                These memes about India were always there. Had the progs been ruling India, none of that 4chan bit would have made any difference.

                Had Modi come to power earlier, this war against street shitting would have started much earlier. In fact Modi started attacking SS right in 2014 soon after he was elected, while that 4chan meme came later.

                You are overstating 4chan’s importance and reach

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >Has any one of them mentioned Indians shitting in the streets in their cities?

      That’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer. I do know that modern Brahmins are weirdly obsessed/avoidant regarding shit, for religious reasons. Obviously nobody wants to get near shit, but Brahmins take it to an unhealthy level that paradoxically results in a filthier environment. They can’t or won’t deal with shit when necessary, so they end up willfully ignoring it.

      I know a guy, an ABCD of Brahmin ancestry, and he and his wife, also of Brahmin ancestry, won’t clean their bathrooms. Instead, they try to cajole whatever filthy mleccha is at hand into doing it for them, without admitting what’s going on. I’m wise to their game and I’ve never fallen for it. They also had a mouse infestation in their garage, which naturally resulted in mouse turds everywhere, which they couldn’t clean up. Eventually they somehow got a neighbor to deal with it for them, but until they managed that, they studiously ignored all the mouse shit.

      It’s like Jim’s example of the ancient Hebrews and the Romans with the chicken blood. Following the letter of the law too piously destroys the spirit of the law and undermines its goal. The point of the shit taboo is to be clean and sanitary, but…

      • someDude says:

        Well, this is your theorizing as to why India is filthy. But again, I’m asking for evidence from visitors to India (European, Chinese, Arab, Persian) from classical times describing Indian cities as filthy and stinking. Hell, even Marco Polo visited South India on his way to china. In fact he visited my native province. What does he have to say about the cleanliness (or lack thee-of) of Indian cities and other public spaces?

        After all, if filth is in the genes of Indians, they should have always been filthy. If inherent to Hindu-ism, then should have always been filthy. Let’s see some historical evidence from primary sources

        • jim says:

          > If inherent to Hindu-ism, then should have always been filthy.

          Hinduism has been changing.

          Contaminated NEET mentions the Brahmin legalist approach to cleanliness, and I have heard similar stories in regard to keeping things clean in India, which did not specifically mention Brahmins. The streets are ritually cleaned, with no actual effect on cleanliness.

          Maybe legalism on cleanliness is relatively new. Legalism is unstable. It tends to change very fast. The letter of the law turns out to be startlingly and rapidly mutable in practice, because without consciousness of intent and context, words are not particularly meaningful in themselves.

          • someDude says:

            Sure, but my premise is that actually functional Hinduism, which meant clean public spaces and public order existed right until 1805 in the Maratha Empire. Many Europeans visited the Maratha Empire between 1680-1805. Do they have any thing to say about street shitting and urban filth?

            So things started going to Shit after around 1805. That means we had working software 220 years back. Can we boot back to that? 220 years is an order of magnitude shorter than 2200 years.

            • jim says:

              You know your hinduism way better than I do. But the last gasp of mathematics in India was in the sixteen hundreds, so maybe four centuries, not two. And steel died a fair bit earlier than that.

              That is workable, if you can identify the issues. I know exactly what went wrong in Anglicanism, when it went wrong, whodunit, and why. If you want to revive the Hinduism where your steel led the world, and the Hinduism where your mathematics led the world, you will have to dig considerably deeper than I had to dig.

              Evolutionary Game Theory and Evolutionary Psychology is a development of a research program started by Darwin, and one of his first steps in that program was sex differences, the first step on putting what is now Game and The Red Pill on a scientific basis. The mating dance becomes far more easily understood in the light of Evolutionary Psychology and Evolutionary Game Theory. But, reading between the lines, he was already walking on eggshells, and I can draw a short and straight line of direct and adequately documented causation between him needing to walk on eggshells, and hostile entryism in the Church of England by postChristians, and a similarly short and direct line of causation between their theology, and them making him walk on eggshells. It may well be considerably harder for you to draw a direct line between your religious doctrines, and what went wrong with your mathematics and technology.

              • someDude says:

                Yes, it is considerably harder. And I am the first to admit that I am woefully unequal to the task of figuring that out. The causation is clear. In order to survive the onslaught of Islam, Hinduism evolved from something that can do science and maintain good governance to something that can only think about survival. We all regress to the basics when survival is threatened. But what Hinduism was at that time and is way beyond my pay grade.

                Maybe that is a project for Suones or DharmicReality or Aryaman to figure out. Suones could do it if he decides to divert his energies from fighting in the comments section here to cracking open the riddle of where Hinduism went wrong. Me and DharmicReality have long been begging him to focus more on his own blog and building his own thesis rather than expending all his energies fighting it out here.

                He could dedicate his blog to exactly what the legal structure was in the days when Hindus were able to do science and technology.

                • I admit that I am considerably less smarter than suones. I hope to read more insights into ancient Vedic social technology from him because he appears to have a vast expanse of knowledge on our history as well as on esoteric topics.

                • someDude says:

                  So what exactly do we need to do to get him to focus on his own blog and own thesis rather than getting into firefights here? Should we do the Dogeza?

                • > Dogeza

                  Lol, didn’t know that word. Just checked it out.

                • jim says:

                  It is not the legal structure, you are suffering from formalism. It is the intellectual structure of the state religion, theology.

                  The death of science in the west does not derive from any laws. It is a result of entryist post Christians replacing Christ the Logos, through whom all things were made, with Jesus the Jewish community organizer.

                  For all things were made through Christ the Logos, thus nature is Christ acting through material and effective causation, thus science is studying Christ, so long as it applies the scientific method rather than treading on the toes of priests by applying the theological method.

                  Digressing, I have said many times, that if scientists construct consensus, they are priesting, not sciencing, and they should lose their state and quasi state funding and jobs, and possibly their heads, for heresy.

                  If they construct consensus in the open in daylight, their jobs. If they do so behind closed doors, possibly their heads, depending on how powerful and effective the heresy is.

                  Finding consensus and presenting it the public is a priestly job, and is necessary for social order, for we want everyone on the same playing field playing by the same rules. But consensus about the facts of material and effective causation is always a lie, and it is a lie against Christ himself.

                  If on the other hand, scientists have to walk on eggshells, as Darwin did when he started on the Evolutionary psychology of sex differences, the state religion has lies at its core.

                  Jesus the Jewish community organizer improved upon the Law of Gnon, and now the priesthood was walking in his footsteps by improving it further, so if science said that men and women are not equal, science was in trouble.

                • i says:


                  The Indus Valley Civilization had toilets. Which was flushed by aqueducts.

                  Don’t know why it took so long for it to return to being the norm:

                • someDude says:


                  Because the Elite of the Indus valley civilization did not hate their proles.

                  India was quite decent sanitation and hygiene wise right until 1805 or so.

        • Aryaman says:

          If you follow my other comments here, I am a lot more sympathetic to and moved by Christianity than many other Hindus. Because English is my language, and because I can imagine something that tangibly worked whereas I have only the faintest sense of what an India that could compute the duration of a lunar eclipse more accurately than Europeans of the same time (circa 1765, using methods some centuries older) looked and felt like.

          I think Jim is right about demon infestation, but wrong about how lost the old Aryan religion is. The important sacraments one performs in life are as they were millennia ago and not just as a matter of ritual legalism but in form and spirit too. The newer gods do not show up much when you are chanting in front of a fire.

          But he is right that India is unclean because there is a culture of chasing after ritual cleanliness over actual cleanliness. There is an obsession with ritual cleanliness. The Brahmin will not touch his lips to the glass from which he drinks, will pour water on his feet before leaving the bathroom, but let that water linger and fester in the bathroom, which lingering and festering do not bother him as much as they should.

          And I fully expect Pakistan and Bangladesh are cleaner than India, though I may be wrong. I was shocked at how clean Sri Lanka was, and what I concluded from that was that Hinduism manifests itself in unclean behavior.

          There is something to Jim’s point about the Mahabharata, though I think his conclusion is wrong. The epic is filled with behavior that if actually replicated by humans would lead to madness. Consider Ekalavya. For the others, the story is this. Ekalavya is a prince who masters archery by secretly observing Drona without his consent (after Drona rejects him). Drona learns of this, Arjuna is upset he may not be the best archer; one thing leads to another, Drona requests Ekalavya cut off his right thumb, which Ekalavya does without hesitation. A series of unfortunate events, each with plausible explanation, yet you would think wiser people should have conspired to conclude peace; but when wiser people were unable to conspire to save Arjuna’s face without denying Ekalavya at the same time, it is not so surprising.

          I think Jim is wrong that Christianity is obviously different in this regard. The obvious reading of Jesus’ Semon on the Mount would lead to a whole lot of mad and insane behavior, and a great deal of interpretation is required to transmute ideas like “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God” into something that does not lead to a whole lot of mad and insane behavior.

          To me it is pretty clear that a Hinduism that centers itself around Ram, Sita, and Ayodhya are more apt to lead to behavior that is actually virtuous. I don’t agree with Jim on the Mahabharata, but it’s not like there isn’t something to what he is saying.

        • Varna says:

          >Hell, even Marco Polo visited South India on his way to china.

          In Marco Polo’s time Western European streets were overflowing with shit.

          The time of urban streets not overflowing with shit probably ended when Rome fell into disfunction, and then gradually started getting de-shitted over the last century and a half.

          A Marco Polo would be much more likely to marvel at an urban center NOT overflowing with shit.

          • Somedude says:

            More heartening news. If western Europeans were once urban Street shutters and no longer are, then there’s hope for Indians as well. The trend is that street shitting is getting rarer and rarer in Indian urban centers. Good!

    • Oog en Hand says:

      TV Tropes: The Dung Ages

    • Oog en Hand says:


      “The Dung Ages are the representation of the Medieval Era as a Crapsack World of pustule-faced, cat-beating, dung-caked, mud-farming peasants, the antithesis of Ye Goode Olde Days, made popular by the Monty Python team. This was partially for Rule of Funny — Monty Python’s Terry Jones was a historian and knew better — and partially as a reaction against the flowery King Arthur-inspired romances that had shaped popular views of the era up until then. Portrayal of the Dung Ages is not limited to Britain and/or the Dark Ages. It’s often seen even in portrayals of cultures where it doesn’t belong. Many ancient Romans, for instance, bathed every day: once soapmaking arrived from Gaul, the Roman Patricians who could afford it used soap with abandon, possibly to a greater extent than we do.

      The core of this idea and portrayal is summed up in the page quote: prior to the widespread adoption of underground sewage infrastructure in the late nineteenth century, human shit and the menagerie of diseases associated with it were everyday sights and smells. This was especially true for armies and towns.

      Something to keep in mind is that neither The Dung Ages nor Ye Goode Olde Days is “more” accurate than the other. The reality is that while hygiene was not good by modern standards, and living conditions were not what we’d call “comfortable” (what with the lack of air conditioning, flush toilets, and weekly garbage pick-up), neither did most people walk around barefoot, caked in filth, eating rotten food and living in tumble-down huts made of sticks.”

    • The Ducking Man says:

      Just want to point out that mainland chinese (the ones where CCP are) also filled people shitting on the street. At the same time people from Taiwan are not known for street shitting.

      I’m not talking dirt poor mainlander, this is middle class mainlander who can afford foreign travel and still street shitting foreign countries. Hotel banning mainland chinese are apparently a thing but I never saw the sign myself.

      • Aidan says:

        The average Chinese is a rather filthy creature. The immigrants that a white man regularly interacts with are the cream of the crop- many more stay in their rancid Chinatown ghettos. Whereas even in the poorest, most depraved parts of white America, only perhaps a quarter of the trailer park population lives in filth and squalor. One can drive down the road, past many houses of the rural poor, all about the same size, and most are well kept and orderly.

        The street shitting debate is about tolerance for ugliness, not hygiene. A people, and especially an elite, that tolerates ugliness cannot do anything great.

        • Whitey says:

          > The street shitting debate is about tolerance for ugliness, not hygiene. A people, and especially an elite, that tolerates ugliness cannot do anything great.

          Exactly right. Well said.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          A toggle sits before you. Switch it left, and street shitting disappears, but miscegenation becomes the norm. Switch it right, and street shitting becomes the norm while coal burning, tortilla tasting, and rice munching is extirpated.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I think you’re mixing cause and effect. Tolerance for ugliness is a symptom of a demoralized and defeated civilization and not the cause of it.

          Once a people restore pride in their civilization the symptoms gets sorted very quickly. Note how even the somewhat blue pilled nationalism of BJP has done much more to curb the problem of open defecation compared to the socialist Congress which kept us down even after independence.

          • jim says:

            I observe the cow poop festival, and the odd behavior of Brahmins in relation to cleanliness. While there is much truth is the proposition that it is the reaction to defeat and demoralization, there is also an obvious religious component, indicative of demonic entryism.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              The extreme focus of traditional Brahmins towards ritual cleanliness is *after* the Brahmin were systematically demonized and removed from all levels of power. Traditional Brahmins in modern India fare much worse than you traditional whites. Demoralized and defeated, Brahmins could only focus on their own personal cleanliness and forced to ignore the filth that were sometimes deliberately thrown in their direction.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Can you say that white legacy Americans being forced to tolerate black misbehavior with the implied threat of violence if such behaviour is objected to, is the cause of black misbehaving?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              This may not be relevant, but always bear in mind that the clip you see is culled from the footage collected. Every layer of review/processing between the raw and the recipient is many opportunities for intentional parties to have their say. A few seconds of one thing does not necessarily necessitate a specific, different thing. 1 hour of well behaved blacks is not going to change my instinctual desire to survive. Just because it is a well edited, fully watermarked hour shouldn’t change that.

              3 man-on-the-street interviews totalling 45 seconds of news reel does not necessarily reflect general sentiment. Those fucking Pajeets were disgusting, but I could easily give you 15 minutes of white people footage that demonstrates precisely how backwards we are. It doesn’t mean there aren’t backwards whites, but it does mean you’re seeing them for a reason. Just saying.

            • someDude says:

              In so many decades living in India, This is the first time I have even heard that there is a festival in India where people splatter each other with CowDung. I mentioned it to friends, colleagues and relatives and none of them had heard about it either.

              India is a vast country, lots of people, lots of groups, lots of communities, tribes, sub groups etc. Things happen here, which people living here all their lives, even those widely travelled, have never even heard of.

              That festival is not indicative of Indian tolerance to filth having a religious component. That’s a complete outlier.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            That is a very good point. There is a sense of ownership in a healthy culture that a broken one lacks. The tragedy of the commons as regards to sanitation and health, you could say. However, unless I am missing something, that is not all. Whites have to be forced at gunpoint to allow the homeless and immigrants to defecate and spread filth. Absent that level of pressure, the streets are clean. Is that level of coercion being applied to traditional Hindus? If so, I think you have a better argument that it is not a Hindu problem, but a Cathedral problem.

            • someDude says:

              I’m running the risk of indulging in the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy, but here goes anyway.

              No, that level of coercion is not being applied on Traditional Hindus as far as cleanliness is concerned. What DharmicReality is pointing out is that Hindus are a demoralized people and Hindu civilization is a demoralized one. And the Indian state from 1947-2014 made sure that Hindus stayed demoralized with a variety of humiliating laws which are beyond the scope of this comment. So the state is indeed applying coercion on Hindus, not specifically for cleanliness, but to make sure they stay demoralized.

              A demoralized do not take pride in cleanliness or any other public virtue. As an analogy once offered by Jim himself, Witness incel Engineers in silicon valley living in expensive apartments that nevertheless do not look anywhere near as nice as the huts that a married with kids Filipino constructs with bamboo and a scythe. Are we going to argue that this is a problem with American Christianity?

              • Oog en Hand says:

                “Are we going to argue that this is a problem with American Christianity?”
                Yes. It turns men into beta incels.

                • someDude says:

                  Brother Oog En Hand, I appreciate your commitment to the Old Gods of the Aryans and your fealty to the blood of your ancestors.

                  Yet, you too would admit that the comment you made is tongue in cheek. You have a history of comments so cryptic, I need to read it several times before I can figure out your intent. You’re just trying to take the piss out of practising Christians.

                • jim says:

                  > [American Christianity] turns men into beta incels.

                  A symptom that it needs fixing.

                  Torba is rattling on about porn. Should be worried about romance.

                  The prohibition against adultery and fornication should be understood as a particular case, a particularly important and special case, of the prohibition against not violating the property rights of other men – not as the special and superior holiness and sacredness of women.

                  Porn is bad for you and masturbation is bad for you, but unowned woman need to be propertized by carrying them off.

              • Karl says:

                SomeDude, that is a very convincing comment. Situation is similar in Germany. Street shitting is a problem imported from Africa and any European man who objects to street shitting is prosecuted. After a while everybody got the message. Some problems can’t be solved by one man alone.

                Of course, once a man realises that he will be prosecuted for objecting to street shitting and understands that a new government and a new state religion are required for solving the problem, he also realises that this city, which was created by his ancestors, is no longer “his” city.

                If it is not his city, he won’t try to preserve it anymore. So public virtue (of this kind) vanishes, even if the man will still be virtuous with family, friends, and in business dealings.

                If there is street shitting in India, the argument that this is a Cathedral problem -like it is in Germany or SanFranciso- is very strong and -for me anyway- convincing.

                Well, if it is Cathedral problem, why did it trigger such an emotional response from Indian commenters?

                I assume that everyone here is aware that the Cathedral is both powerful and evil. Noone of us is responsible for the bad things the Cathedral causes and noone of us can do more than oppose these evil forces as best he can.

                • someDude says:

                  I’m not convinced by the argument that an emotional response from Indian commenters automatically points to street shitting being a Hinduism problem.

                  Street shitting in India is mostly a problem of demoralization from which all other vices of the Hindus flow. Once a man is demoralized, he also become apathetic and quickly reverts to a state of sub-human. Its very much like an individual suffering from depression. For people like that, it is a struggle to get out of bed everyday.

                  I’ve been in Germany for work projects and I’ve noticed native-stock Germans deliberately urinating on the streets after a night out of drinking and partying on the weekends. Now that is done as “fun and games” and not as necessity as in India. Yet, that too reflects a lack of civic pride and in some sense, the fruits of a steady cathedral campaign of demoralization of Germans after WW2.

                  I can’t imagine National Socialists pissing on the streets after a night out of drinking. Civic Pride makes all the difference.

                • i says:

                  One of the advantages of Christianity is the Anti blackpill.

                  First the acceptance of suffering of life. But also triumph over said suffering:


                  Such is the nature of the passion and of the immense burden of sin and wrath of God as he lay on the cross in 3 hours of darkness. Suffering all God’s Wrath for all our crimes.

                  Yet after that he rose from the dead in Triumph to ascend to Heaven. Read to re-order creation and in the future crushing Satan’s Empire.

                  To finally reign after giving everyone what they deserve. But rewarding those who trusted in him.

                  To lose hope is to be an apostate because that is disbelieving in the ultimate triumph of Christ.

                  You are obligated to not lose hope. For that would be betraying God.

                  Judas lost hope and killed himself after betraying Jesus. And cut himself from all forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Unlike Peter who refused to take that route.

                • i says:

                  Also in Masculinity terms:

                  The Existential Blackpill is the ultimate cowardice. The worst form of weakness imaginable for any Man to embrace.

                  He who embraces defeat in existential terms is he who has emasculated himself.

                  But he that never loses hope has a solid foundation for his masculinity to flourish.

                • Karl says:

                  I don’t think it’s a Hinduism problem and explicitly stated that it is -in my opinion- a cathedral problem. You are addressing an argument I never made.

                  Germans urinating on streets in Germany might be more common than it used to be, but I suspect some National Socialist also did it. It is a very minor offence, like dropping a cigarette butt.

                  It gets more serious when people are pissing on seats in public transport (Berlin has a reputation for that problem). I’m sure the National Socialists were not doing that.

                  Anyway, when men behave worse than dogs, something is very wrong. Lack of civic pride is part of the answer, but does not explain destructive behavior. Deliberate destruction of public property is a statement of hostility.

                • someDude says:


                  In that case, my bad.

                  The reason that street shitting triggers such an emotional response is partly that we are ashamed of it. But mostly because street shitting is invoked to derail any other constructive or interesting dialogue that might be going on about Hinduism or India in general.

                • i says:

                  Demonic oppression manifests very often as nakedness and madness:

                  When the demon is cast out. He cleans up and is dressed.

                  I do wonder if a lot of bad hygiene is also the result of demonic oppression.

                  Other animals outside humans know to bathe and undertake forms of self-cleaning unique to them.

                • The reason we trad Hindus post on this blog is because we feel your pain, and can relate to the plight of whites in the west. The problems we face are eerily similar and our enemies are the same more or less.

                  Unfortunately Hinduism has been demonized in copybook prog fashion and it hurts that some folk here has used the same manner of attack seemingly buying into the frame of the progs.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, but Suones pissed us all off by attacking Christianity as the faith of a semitic demon.

                  To which we responded in kind.

                  Gnon is a tribalist. God chose the Jews. They Jewed him, and he dropped them in favor of a synthetic tribe. The Christian Church is that tribe. We are now the chosen people. Judeo Christianity is an enemy heresy, and a quite new enemy heresy.

                  The faith of Harvard is our common enemy. When Christians rule America and Hindus rule India, then we may pursue that quarrel. Suones was Jewing us.

                  The attacks on Hinduism were a relevant and appropriate reply to the attacks on Christianity. You have presented a convincing case that the street shitter criticism is inappropriate – the cause is likely not the substitution of ritual cleanliness for actual cleanliness, but civilizational and cultural collapse due to hostile foreign cultural domination.

                  But the criticism that India was conquered almost by accident by a bunch of English Christians looking to improve the English cooking is valid. You have to dig back further to find maths and technology, than I have to dig back to find science, technology, industrialization, and empire.

                  Repeating yet again: The death of science in the west is a result of entryist post Christians replacing Christ the Logos, through whom all things were made, with Jesus the Jewish community organizer.

                  For all things were made through Christ the Logos, thus nature is Christ acting through material and effective causation, thus science is studying Christ, so long as it applies the scientific method rather than treading on the toes of priests by applying the theological method.

                  Finding consensus and presenting it the public is a priestly job, and is necessary for social order, for we want everyone on the same playing field playing by the same rules. But consensus about the facts of material and effective causation is always a lie, and it is a lie against Christ himself. So religion needs to keep an eye on science and ensure it sticks to its proper magistry.

                  But if scientists have to walk on eggshells, as Darwin did when he started on the Evolutionary psychology of sex differences, the state religion has lies at its core.

                  Jesus the Jewish community organizer improved upon the Law of Gnon, and now the priesthood was walking in his footsteps by improving it further, so if science said that men and women are not equal, science was in trouble.

                • Jim I am not so worried about explaining British rule of India. It came at the decline of Mughal empire when large parts of india were not under Hindu rule and when the Hindus were tired out by centuries of struggle against the desert cult.

                  In fact British consolidated their rule through east India co by this method with the smaller Hindu and Islamic rulers


                • jim says:

                  > Jim I am not so worried about explaining British rule of India. It came at the decline of Mughal empire when large parts of india were not under Hindu rule and when the Hindus were tired out by centuries of struggle against the desert cult.

                  You failed against the desert cult, at the same time as the invigorated imperial powers finally brought it sharply to heel, and set about vigorously converging it.

                  To find a healthy and successful Christianity, I do not have to look back very far. I can see what went right, and I know exactly how and why it went of the rails.

                  To find a healthy and successful Hinduism, you have to look back a fair bit further, and the data is likely to be obscure, obfuscated, and hard to understand over a barrier of considerable cultural distance and subtle language differences.

                • @jim, agreed, we definitely need to dig deeper to find the root causes of India falling into the rule of the dar al islam.

                • someDude says:


                  You are making another error here. An error that the progs want you to make. The progs want us to think that the Brits rescued Hindus from the Muslims. This is completely wrong, a distortion in the way History is taught to humiliate the Hindus even more.

                  The Brits did not take India from the Mughals. I repeat the Brits did not take India from the Mughals. The Brits took India from the Marathas. The Marathas were the dominant power in India after the Battle of Delhi in 1737, which was 20 years before plassey. The Brits became the dominant power in India after the 2nd Anglo Maratha war in 1805.

                  Had the Brits not made it, Marathi might well have been the national language of India.

                • i says:


                  According to my reading of Biblical Prophecy. God did say he will preserve them as an Ethnic group:

                  “35Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day, who sets in order the moon and stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar—the LORD of Hosts is His name: 36“Only if this fixed order departed from My presence, declares the LORD, would Israel’s descendants ever cease to be a nation before Me.” 37This is what the LORD says: “Only if the heavens above could be measured and the foundations of the earth below searched out would I reject all of Israel’s descendants because of all they have done,” declares the LORD”


                  But they will have to suffer immensely from discipline.

                  And as per (Romans 11):

                  25I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you will not be conceited: A hardening in part has come to Israel, until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. 26And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:

                  “The Deliverer will come from Zion;

                  He will remove godlessness from Jacob.

                  27And this is My covenant with them

                  when I take away their sins.”h

                  28Regarding the gospel, they are enemies on your account; but regarding election, they are loved on account of the patriarchs. 29For God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.”

                  Israel will be saved in the end-times. All this because of God’s pledge to preserve them

                • @somedude, I am well aware of that fallacy and so I didn’t say or mean that the Brits “rescued” Hindus from the mughals. I meant that the india weakened by constant wars between Hindus and Mughals left us in a weak state ripe for the taking by Brits.

                  Definitely the Marathas were powerful enough at the time of Mughal decline and we can only speculate the future of india had not the Brits intervened.

                • someDude says:

                  Jim, we did not fail against Islam. The Marathas were doing a reconquista when the Brits burst upon the scene. By the time the Brits got started in 1757, the Marathas were the dominant power in India.

                  We failed against the Brits, yes, but then who didn’t? Besides, after 1100 years of continuously battling the Desert Boys, the Hindus were experiencing Fatigue. They naturally did not pay much attention to the Brits since British were present in India right from 1600 to 1757 without making too many gains and largely confining themselves to trade.

                • jim says:

                  But you lost maths in the 1600s, and steel considerably earlier. That is not the fault of outside forces.

                • someDude says:


                  You did mention that Large parts of India were NOT under Hindu rule, but in fact they were. The Marathas only opponents of any stature were the Nizam of Hyderabad and Hyder Ali of Mysore, both of whom they were about to dispatch.

                • At the height of Mughal power large parts of india were not under Hindu rule. At its decline, you are right Hindu rulers were making a strong comeback most specifically the Marathas. I made an inadvertent mistake on the timeline…

                  Yet on the broader point we are in agreement. Hindus were fatigued and distracted at the time of British intervention and that is the point to be made.

                • @somedude, I did miss mentioning the significance of the Marathas in viewing the broad scope, an inadvertent but very unfortunate error on my part.

                  Shows that we need to be eternally vigilant when taking larger lessons from history.

                • alf says:

                  We failed against the Brits, yes, but then who didn’t?

                  Oh come on. The French didn’t. The Dutch didn’t. The Scandinavians didn’t. The holy Roman empire didn’t. The Spanish didn’t. Hell, even the Muslims didn’t.

                • someDude says:


                  Sorry, I was being rhetorical. Yes, the Brits did not conquer any of the polities you mention, but they prevailed against all those polities when they came into conflict, Honorable exceptions being the two Anglo-Dutch wars.

                  But the Brits did conquer Muslims nations.

                • alf says:

                  Yes, the Brits did not conquer any of the polities you mention, but they prevailed against all those polities when they came into conflict, Honorable exceptions being the two Anglo-Dutch wars.

                  But the Brits did conquer Muslims nations.

                  The English did not ‘prevail against all those polities’. They won some, lost some, overall were one of the most successful empires in history, but had plenty of competitors that gave them a hard time or at the very least could hold their own ground. India was not one of states. If it weren’t the English, you would have been colonized by another.

                  Most commenters on this blog come from ancestries who were on the ‘colonising’ rather than the ‘colonised’ side, and I think there is an unspoken assumption that the Indians in this comment section should show some deference to their historical position.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  While desiring to remain on the Friend Of Pajeet list, Alf brings up a very good point. We are traditionalists. We respect history and desire to instill this respect in ourselves, our children, our tribe, and our nation. The Progressive seeks to demean the triumphs of successful civilization and to laud the perversions and failings of broken ethnicities.

                  If it’s any consolation, every single colonial powerhouse has fallen prey to anti-society memes. In the end, it was the savages and bitches at home that we failed to subdue that were our undoing.

            • The coercive power is that a Hindu upper caste man dare not admonish a prole because literally he can be literally charged with the crime of caste hatred, just like a white dare not admonish a black for misbehaving.


              This Act keeps upper caste Hindus terrified to even call out misbehaving proles if they look low tier, because you risk invoking the act and serving jail time

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                That is precisely the sort of threat at gunpoint that Americans face. Given the balance of the evidence, it would seem that street shitting is probably Cathedral-caused. A return to high-caste Hindu rule would probably solve a great deal of the problem.

                • Post independent india has a bunch of laws that stripped traditional Hindu society of its status and role as the natural elite, the major ones being the law that gave Hindu females right to inherit ancestral property in contrast to traditional Hindu law where family succession is from father to son and married daughters were treated as belonging to the family of their husbands. Also the creation of marriage and divorce laws in accordance with the Harvard religion.

  16. Ghost says:

    Medical industrial complex NIH starting to come clean on Covid scam:

    • jim says:

      The Demon worshiping branch of medical science and the medical priesthood, overrules the branch that has actual contact with patients, that branch being less converged.

      The patient connected branch is getting truculent now that they realize that their lack of convergence and inadequate sacrifice to demons has resulted in major loss of status.

      • Ghost says:

        Yes, their reality is beginning to crack. The next phase is consensus followed by scape-goating. But, will they deliver Fauci to the hands of justice?

    • The Ducking Man says:

      I feel like being gaslighted reading the article. I even checked the url thrice when I skim the article.

      • jim says:

        You are being gaslighted.

        But that you can read an article that gaslights you in a less stupid and obvious manner is a major retreat by the medical establishment.

        I did not read the entire article, only a very small part of it, too tiring to try to sort out the lies from the truths, particularly when everyone already knows the few truths permitted.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I assume this is severe paranoia, but I was about to stop reading after the second or third obvious grammar mistake when I thought about how spam emails use poor grammar to intentionally weed out people with better critical analysis skills, which is an interesting dimension to the power of proofreaders and editors.

  17. Kunning Drueger says:

    This is 1950-60s technology. I’m not in the position to say it’s better or worse than chemical rockets, but everything you see in the film was crafted with care and precision, essentially by hand. No CAD or computer controlled high precision engineering. The terrifying power and scope of whiteman’s science is inspiring and intimidating.

    Somewhat related, and probably impossible to answer, but where did “pure science” stop? What field, technology, or capability represents the pinnacle, the high water mark?

    • jim says:

      In 1964 we had a working prototype nuclear rocket engine with an ISP of 800, which would make single stage to orbit entirely feasible, reasonable, and efficient. Then you refuel in orbit to get to Mars. And that, I think was the height of western technology.

      The height of plane technology was the U2, 1955. Which kind of barely worked, and over time, worked worse and worse.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        It’s like they demonized the most complicated, powerful elements of science that were directly applicable to accelerating human scientific eras. Did they do it to go after the stuff that gave them an inferiority complex, or was the goal to retard growth, which is something they do in almost all fields they take over?

      • Cloudswrest says:

        A nuclear rocket has advantages besides just high ISP. Since the propellant is independent of the energy source just about any reasonably inert liquid substance, e.g. water, will do in a pinch, albeit with less ISP. Musk could just charge of the fuel tanks on Mars with CO2. Although to liquefy it you need a pressure vessel. Liquid nitrogen is pretty cheap. All these latter propellants will come with an increased radiation hazard because, while Hydrogen (Protium) does not neutron activate, just about any other exhaust will. Although in deep space who cares?

        Since the energy source is essentially infinite by rocket standards I would suggest a “dockable” rocket motor that docks to the propellant fuel tanks, reducing fuel stage weight. When the first stage is empty the motor undocks and the tank is jettisoned. The motor then docs to the second stage, etc.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Liquid Nitrogen looks like a rather clean (radiologically) propellant. N14 is near 100%. N15 is stable and N16, N17 have sub minute half lives to stable elements.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Similarly for Oxygen, so H2O looks like a radiologically clean propellant.

          • jim says:

            Only hydrogen can give a nuclear rocket a decent ISP. What is wrong with hydrogen?

            It is available throughout the solar system, except for bodies that pass near or within earth orbit. Notably the moon, on which it is very limited.

            Water is fine, if you do not care about big velocity changes – and unless you are landing on a planet, you do not. In fact a nuclear rocket running on water gives four times as much thrust for the same amount of power and engine mass as a nuclear rocket running on hydrogen, so it is actually better to use water if you are just making deep space course adjustment. You also use less water if you use it as water, than if you convert it to hydrogen then use it, so consume less local resources and take up considerably less space – but if you have to carry a large amount of water, then for a given delta v, it is going to weigh you down more. But for doodling around in the outer solar system without making planet landings, locally acquired water is good reaction mass for a nuclear rocket. Water gives a nuclear rocket considerably more thrust per unit volume of fuel, and considerably more thrust for a given motor, but considerably less thrust per unit of reaction mass.

            For nuclear rocket takeoff from Mars, would be sensible to start with nitrogen as reaction mass and then switch to hydrogen after you reach three kilometers per second. Delta V to reach orbit around mars is a bit over four kilometres a second, for which a nitrogen fueled nuclear rocket would have difficulty, but for delta Vs around three kilometers a second, water or liquid nitrogen is actually better, particular as you will want high thrust during takeoff from a planetary body. Nitrogen is also more compatible than water with various reactor structural materials at high temperature. You have some materials that will react with hydrogen at high temperature, and some materials that will react with water. It is likely to be inconvenient exclude both categories. Nitrogen will be fine, but is only conveniently available on earth and mars.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Men of The Future understood from the very beginning of the space race that nuclear propulsion was the vital key, the Way and the Light to large scale interstellar economy, the innovation of forms of Capital that may proliferate beyond the dusty prison of our gravity well.

      A situation which has hardly changed for nearly a century to date.

      The progress of occidental civilization has been stillborn, strangled in the crib even, when the regnant underlords of the age made it so that mere property owners could not utilize the power of Our Friend, The Atom; that only those with the blessing of the theocracy could have a go – and only in ways in accordance with the diktats of the same. Thus, The Future died almost as soon as it started to live, earther scum spitefully endeavoring to drag all of their neighbors back down into the crab bucket of their mutual internment, that none may escape their ultimate desire for mutual annihilation.

  18. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Here’s something I noticed about information scrubbing on the net recently:

    Some randos on a certain website mentioned that there was a scene of a German show by the name of ‘Generation: War’ that you cannot find easily anymore on places like youtube. The show of course is about demonizing the germoid and whitey for their evil deeds and stuff, but it also demonized the Ukrainians by showing them as nazi sympathizers who were more hardcore on dealing with the jews living on their lands than the Germans were. The scene where there is a blue and yellow striped Ukrainian carrying off a Jewish child to a pogrom and a good boi Wehrmacht soldier stopping him is very hard to find on youtube. I remember that video distinctly have like 500k views way way back in the day, but now I can’t find it for the life of me.

    Obviously not surprising to most because Cathedralites engage in book burning all the time, but I am surprised there is a sort of ‘sanity’ in the way of not treating your immediate friends like enemies as was the case in the Spanish Civil War with the Republican anarchists attacking allies, raping nuns, terrorizing communities etc. I’m sure this is all down to the very smart and old whitey still holding the reigns on the democrat party, but for how long can they hold it and prevent Shanique from taking over and diverting all the supplies and aid from Ukraine back to America’s ghettos is not yet certain.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      YouTube search algo has become very useless when looking for politically sensitive subjects. The platform is being sanitized at accelerating pace. Becoming very hard to even get re-uploads of purged accounts to show up in searches.

      Often search results for wrong think subjects will give completely unrelated mainstream media.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    Somewhat irritated. On Twitter Greg Cochran appears to be over the top GAE aligned on the Ukraine issue. Reading his posts he could be mistaken for a Neocon. Even Steve Sailer is “lukewarm” on the topic. He’s of the type, “We can all agree Putin is evil but …”

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        A link left by someone all those years ago, to the tune of “erectuswalkamongus” no points to an HIV prophylaxis drug for gays. I wonder if that’s an intentional piece of convergent vandalism?

        • Drien says:

          “Erectusamongus.” Isn’t that the idea that subsarahans are homo erectus? What do you guys think of that?

          • jim says:

            Nah, subsaharans are not home erectus.

            The coastal Australian aboriginal were homo erectus, but they died out immediately when whites settled the cast.

            The Tasmanians were also homo erectus, and we have more record of them. They were not interfertile with whites or mainland aboriginals and the white men kept kept them as concubines, with no result.

            Tasmanian skull.

            human skull.

            pintubi and modern human skull.

            African pygmy skull.

            pygmys can interbreed, but the hybrids have vastly reduced fertility.

            • Drien says:

              So what are subsaharans? A subspecies of sapiens?

              • jim says:

                Intermediate between chimps and most advanced humans. Varies greatly within Africa, some being a great deal closer to the more advanced humans than others. Since Darwin did not want to deal with that mess, he arbitrarily categorized them as a subspecies, rather than a species, noting that there were far too many good and compelling arguments for both positions, but the distinction between a species difference and a subspecies difference is an arbitrary sharp line that we draw upon our maps of nature. A line on the map, not the thing being mapped, in this case a line drawn by Darwin himself.

                • ten says:

                  What do you mean with “Intermediate between chimps and most advanced humans”?

                  A few years back there was some hurrum about 20ish % of subsaharan genetics being traceable to a “ghost population of archaic hominin”, that some conjectured to be erectus. I agree with you that this is not the case, and were i a betting man, i would point to habilis. I was interested in whether this genetic flow comes via khoisanoid populations, if it is common between those more archaic africans and the bantu, or if it comes from the bantu lineage, but failed to find out. The closest i came were some somali supremacists making the case that this genetic signal is abscent among the nilotics, leaving the three mentioned vectors.

                  Do you know any details?

                • jim says:

                  > What do you mean with “Intermediate between chimps and most advanced humans”?

                  Check out genetic distance tables in Root of the Phylogenetic Tree of Human Populations .

                  “since the rate of evolutionary change may vary from population to population owing to the fluctuation of population size and other factors.”

                  Suprise surprise, there were very large differences in the rate of evolutionary change between those humans that advanced into environments very different from the ancestral environment of ape and man, and those humans who remained close to our ancestral trees.

                  Some of us walked out of the jungle to the Savannah, and kept right on going till we reached the tundra. Some of us did not.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  What do you mean with “Intermediate between chimps and most advanced humans”?

                  Subsaharan Africans are the most different from all others. If you cluster DNA using 5 clusters you get the five races, if you cluster with 2 clusters you get “subsaharan African” and “everyone else”.

                  You can also see this from most traits being in order: “Subsaharan African” then caucasian, then asian (say IQ, brain size, violent tendency, etc.). Where the biggest gap is from subsaharan African to caucasian, and a much smaller difference from caucasian to asian.

  20. Pax Imperialis says:

    This is partly in response to fable and rimmard, but more generally a response to what I’ve seen people get wrong consistently here and irl.

    On racial differences in shit testing:

    Seen lots of confusion on Asian women and to a lesser extent on Black women in regards to shit testing.

    White women are passive aggressive in public and private. That produces a low intensity but constant shit test. I think most of the commenters here are White so know what this means. No need to further elaborate.

    East Asian women are passive in public and aggressive in private.
    Westerners tend to mistakenly think that East Asian women don’t shit test and are more accessible to reason than White women. That is false. In East Asia everything is about context. The public is male, thus the women lets the men save face by being demure in public. They are still judging you in often completely irrational ways. They are just not vocalizing it in public. Should you be in a private setting with the right context like married or dating (for marriage not fun), she will blow up like Mount Vesuvius over every single current or past “infraction.”

    East Asian women do not obviously shit test men in public, because they shit test twice as hard in private and are extremely direct about it. There is lots of nuanced, contextually dependent testing going on in the background as well, but that would require going in depth into East Asian culture.

    Black women are hyper aggressive, often physically so, in nearly all cases. They will actually try to physically beat a man in public or private with no apparent recognition that they are completely physically outclassed by the man.

    American Blacks have varying level of White genetics so some of them are sometimes closer to being passive aggressive, although it tends to be a highly aggressive version of passive aggressive complete with threats of “whooping yo asses”
    On race mixing between East Asians and Whites

    I’ve also seen a lot of confusion on hapas and why they are so dysfunctional. Many think they are dysfunctional because they are mixed race, that is massively missing what is going on. The majority of East Asian immigration to America has been from the peasant class and lower like “juicy girls.” East Asian society was far more ossified than Western and so that peasant or “juicy girl” today is likely a pure bred from a very long lineage. East Asians are generally smart and tend to perform well academically regardless of class. Thus they often get into top American universities and institutions regardless of their class background. Americans not being highly aware of foreign class systems, and doubly unaware of East Asian culture and social structure, tend to have no idea what they are dealing with.

    What that means is that much higher class White men (America’s natural aristocracy) often end up socializing and marrying extremely low class East Asian peasants or worse like thorough bred whores. It’s a large part why many Asian American women only date white men because they can take advantage of American cultural and class blindness and massively marry up. That’s not going to result in great outcomes for the offspring especially when the man has no idea what type of woman he just married.

    This isn’t a problem limited to Asians and Americans. Just look at how immensely dysfunction the outcome of Prince Harry marrying Rachel Meghan Markle, the offspring of white trailer trash and lowest of blacks. Give it another 20 years and their offspring has the potential of being a constant embarrassment to the crown. Prince Harry, being British, had little understanding of American class structure and thus had little idea on what he was marrying. The Jewish matchmaker, being cosmopolitan, knew exactly what she was introducing the royal family and did so on purpose.

    The few East Asians in the west who are from higher classes do not have problems when mixing with the white population because they tend to marry at the same level and produce offspring at the same level. That shouldn’t be surprising since the aristocracy tends to have more in common with each other than their own “people.” Those Asians also tend to be political exiles or their descendants due to the large number of purges that have happened.

    If you’re going to race mix, have a damn good understanding of the other culture and class system so you don’t mistakenly marry from the bottom of the barrel… Unless you’re already at the bottom of the barrel and in that case you might as well take the chance you mistakenly get to marry up.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >mischlings are dysfunctional because many of then are products of downwards mobility.

      Yes; and also because they are miscegenated.

      >aristocracy tends to have more in common with each other than their own “people.”

      A MiG-15 and a F-86 Saber are similar aircraft with similar roles and similar performance in those roles; they also have no parts in common, and you cannot make or repair one with pieces of the other.

      Friends don’t let friends let their brainmeats get eaten by cosmopolitan mind-worms.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        “because they are miscegenated”

        If miscegenation by itself was a major cause for dysfunction, then every conquering tribe in history would have produced dysfunctional offspring and suffered for it. That clearly did not happen. The Magyars for example are doing comparatively fine.

        Nearly all peoples alive today are the descendants of conquering tribes who killed the opposing tribe’s men and took their women. Yet there are drastic variations between functionality of various tribes today.

        Clearly the type of miscegenation matters on whether or not it’s dysfunctional. Sometimes you get good results. Good results are rare but also exist in a nonrandom fashion meaning under proper circumstances can be replicated with high levels of success. I am not advocating for the average person to attempt this. That’s going to generally lead to bad results in the modern era, but it’s also not something that should be strictly forbidden either.

        There’s an entire agriculture industry of selective breeding of farm animals along with cross breeding variants to chase after desirable attributes. We more or less practice that with human reproduction at varying levels of success…

        “A MiG-15 and a F-86 Saber are similar aircraft with similar roles”

        People are not planes, but to work with that metaphor some groups are similar enough to be comparable to variants of the same plane such as the F-15 Eagle family.

        If planes could bred you would find that the offspring of a MiG-15 and a F-86 Saber would likely still be a fighter plane, and it’s not like plane designers didn’t take note of successful design features of other planes and utilize them.

        That’s going to work far better than attempting to crossing a MiG-15 with a B-17 and getting some multi role fighter that doesn’t do anything well at all.

        European aristocracies (as well as nearly all aristocracies) were historically cosmopolitan because kingdoms and empires are nearly always multi ethnic (conquest has that effect) and thus required leadership that can maintain control over all peoples. Cosmopolitan aristocrats/elites are not a problem so long as they are virtuous. The problems we have today is that our aristocrats/elites are largely immoral.

        To highlight that point, during the Victorian era most of the major European monarchies were related to each other by blood or marriage, yet they still put their own nation’s interests first which unfortunately lead to WW1. They were willing to fight each other. Compare that to today where the elites sacrifice national interests for international interests to such an extent it looks like they would rather scratch each other’s backs than even contemplate fighting.

        There is need for a cosmopolitan segment of a nation. It shouldn’t be large nor dominant, but it exists for a reason. Trump was an obvious cosmopolitan, but an extremely virtuous one in comparison to what is currently the majority. Instead of condemning the cosmopolitans, we need elite defections.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          The issue is that the cosmopolitan segment seems to always be the section that happens to spawn a growth and dominance characteristic, leading it to subjugate instead of cooperate.

          The Korean War Era fighter jet analogy is interesting. Imagine you just do a random mix of parts, capabilities, and flaws. Add to that the pilot and all their eccentricities, and you get a tricky situation. Miscegenation is quite often a tricky situation.

          It is better to discourage via culture and lazy laws, letting the natural lab of en vivo mating, which will always occur where races connect and overlap, show which admixtures work, and which don’t. Indeed, we’ve already got a pretty good sense things in that regard. The most inherently racist force that acts upon society is the inherent good sense of the commoners when it comes to aspects of living they control. It’s why the background propaganda leans so hard on well framed pictures of “successful diversity.” It takes a lot passive social programming, at a very high frequency and over long stretches of time, to dull the senses of business owners and housewives, particularly if they live in proximity to unsuccessful diversity.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Cosmopolitan segment develops after the dominance characteristic is developed. All groups wish to subjugate nature to their whims. Hunting grounds, agriculture, etc. They want to own space. Eventually that space comes into contact with other owned space and a prisoner’s dilemma occurs so long as they are separately owned spaces. That is not a stable equilibrium and it leads to subjugation rather than cooperation if possible. Once subjugation of another population happens, figuring out how to deal with them is what leads to cosmopolitan tenancies to develop among the elites. Remember that historically it was far easier to control a million serfs than to kill them in contrast to today where it’s far easier to kill a million than to control.

            We don’t just randomly mix parts, capabilities, and flaws in jet design. Engineers make informed decisions on the costs and benefits of mixing ideas and designs. Neither do we randomly marry. People overwhelmingly marry within their social group/status level. When they do not marry at their level there tends to be compensating reasons. For example a woman might consider an ugly man if he has money or consider a poor man if he is capable. A man might consider any woman if she is beautiful enough.

            What I’ve observed is that often in mixed race/culture marriages neither party can adequately assess the other party’s level due to the inherent exoticism. The foreign other falls outside their mental frameworks. Their ability to determine compensating reasons are also compromised. Thus they tend not to marry within social group/level since they can’t make an informed decision. This is a problem men tend to have more than women which gives women a competitive advantage for marrying up.

            Miscegenation is a tricky situation not because it’s miscegenation itself but an informed decision problem I outlined. The aristocracy/upper class historically didn’t have a problem with being informed and so could often race/culture mix with successful outcomes. The remnants of Asia’s aristocracy is still highly informed about race and class of both Asian and American societies. They can make informed decisions and their mixed offspring tend to be normal by traditional upper class standards. Upper class White Americans, along with White Americans in general, have been forced fed a steady diet of propaganda such that they can’t accurately see race or class or even culture. They tend not to be able to make informed decisions and thus when they mix with other groups it tends to be a crap shot which is why miscegenation tends to have such a bad association.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >If miscegenation by itself was a major cause for dysfunction, then every conquering tribe in history would have produced dysfunctional offspring and suffered for it.

          There’s a case to be made. The Spanish killed the men and took the women. The English killed the men and also the women, and replaced them with more of themselves. A/B testing gives rather favorable results on the later over the former.

          >Nearly all peoples alive today are the descendants of conquering tribes who killed the opposing tribe’s men and took their women. Yet there are drastic variations between functionality of various tribes today.

          Nearly all people alive today are also scions of geographically isolated clades that thereby developed into contiguously heterzygotic population clusters over successive generations; hence the drastic variations.

          >There’s an entire agriculture industry of selective breeding of farm animals along with cross breeding variants to chase after desirable attributes.

          Intensive animal husbandry efforts are also predicated on high generational throughput to produce enough viable examples of the experiments while screening out all the defectives.

          No people are not planes; the main point of the analogy is to draw attention to the fact that similar returns on a given metric does not by necessity imply likewise similar means of achieving the metric. For example, a given beam of hardwood and a given beam of carbon steel could both return identical results on a compressive strength test, while of course having quite different physical architectures.

          The most important functions of the humanoid organism are polygenic and entangled with each other. Architectures evolved for various use-cases are not necessarily commensurate with each other, even and especially if they are a like use-case. This is obviously not to say that cross-fertility is impossible, it is to say that, speaking of animal husbandry concepts one would profit from looking up, out-breeding depression is also a thing that exists on the continuum of things.

          >Cosmopolitan aristocrats/elites are not a problem so long as they are virtuous.

          A republic is not a problem as long as the elite is virtuous; but it is the very problem itself that it takes a virtuous elite, and makes it unvirtuous.

          • Aidan says:

            It is a fair point that was made; all great races were born of miscegenation, when the conquerors moved in and killed the men, and took the women. The conquest of Europe by the Aryans was precisely like this, when golden-skinned, golden-haired, and golden-eyed men took dark-haired, pale-skinned, and blue-eyed demon worshiping women as wives.

            As Spengler said: “I care not about a pure race, but a strong one.” My theory is that many misfits and abominations were born of early miscegenation, but were ruthlessly weeded out; only the excellent offspring managed to pass their genes down, and the population eventually became homogenous. There is potential for many crossbreeds to become strong races of their own; crossbreeding with an east asian could produce Genghis Khan, or Eliot Roger. But racination in this fashion will take many, many generations.

            Because I cannot throw my son in the river if he turns out like Eliot Roger, I will stick with white women.

            • jim says:

              > The conquest of Europe by the Aryans was precisely like this, when golden-skinned, golden-haired, and golden-eyed men took dark-haired, pale-skinned, and blue-eyed demon worshiping women as wives.

              This is excessively brief. The Aryans originated long before they conquered the world. Discussion of Aryan origins, my origins, would be profitable, and it looks like you are relying on different sources to me. What are your sources, how did they reconstruct the skin and hair color?

              Since one group originated in the South, and the other had long been in the colder regions, the skin colors are plausible, but my understanding of mingling event is that, during the neolithic, the invaders expanded by biological expansion without significant intermarriage, until they ran into people of a very different race with comparable technological level and social organization, whereupon they eventually made peace with exchange of hostages and wives. And then, quite a long time after that mingling and intermarriage event, the resulting race discovered copper weapons and began conquering the world. World conquest began with copper against stone, but soon enough was bronze against bronze.

              If the legends accurately depict the mingling event, it was warlike mingling of equals or near equals, which makes sense given that the invaders expanded a very long way through Europe without mingling. Uneasy peace between equals with exchange of hostages and brides.

              • Aidan says:

                I don’t have them on hand; it was something I read a long time ago from a geneticist who seemed trustworthy.

                I do know that in the British Isles, there ended up being almost-zero pre-Aryan Y haplotypes. The Sagas tell us that the Aesir and Vanir gods made alliance and exchanged brides. In Scandinavia, there are lots of pre-Aryan Y haplotypes. In the British Isles, the legends tell us that the old gods were banished from the surface of the earth and made to live underground in the land of the dead, i.e. genocide. 95% R-haplotype.

                • ten says:

                  scandis have roughly 40/40/20% genetics from protoeuropean WHG western hunter gatherers, EHG eastern hunter gatherers and middle eastern farmers (or atlanteans, to separate them from contemporary middle easterners). The MEF mixed with the WHG making vanir, and mixed with EHG making aryans/aesir, and then the aryans mixed with the vanir.

                  Interestingly, there is no haplogroup disparity between vanir and aesir, indicating insubstantial killing men, taking women before the peace.

                  Concerning the british isles. A vast majority of present day genetics is anglosaxon ie nordic in origin, so the same pattern should be seen in anglosaxons, whereas the initi

              • i says:

                @Aidan, Jim

                Peter Frost proved that the Aryans and European related peoples were under unusually strong sexual selectiion pressure:

                Due to long distance hunting across the Tundra that is able to support large herds of animals. Aryans and related peoples had a pretty large population.

                And the males dis-proportionately died on those expeditions. With polygamy being limited by the exclusive male provisioning through hunting.

                This meant the female sex is under strong selection pressure and this led to various hair colors like Red, Blonde and Auburn Hair and the women are more feminine looking.

                Hence the Aryan Characteristics.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              There’s something of a catch-22 in this line of thinking; a folk that could theoretically be improved by Redsitributing the femoids of another folk, would be unlikely to prevail over that latter folk in the first place.

              • Aidan says:

                I said nothing about redistribution; I am talking about racination under harsh circumstances of natural selection.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘Redistribution’ of course being a euphemism for conquest and or mate raiding (which with higher order species would usually escalate into conquest one way or another anyways).

            • i says:

              “Because I cannot throw my son in the river if he turns out like Eliot Roger, I will stick with white women.”

              Its for the surplus sons to try their luck or for the lower status males who could risk it more than the upper classes.

    • Andy says:

      In regards to Pax’s description of EA female shit testing, can confirm after years of observing the inner workings of a Taiwanese friend’s marriage to a Korean woman. Mt. Vesuvius is an apt description.

    • The Cominator says:

      Hard and direct private shit tests are easier to pass than subtle ones… at least for me.

      • jim says:

        Shit tests are never direct, except with low IQ females, and the hardest shit tests are usually subtle, the classic example being the infamous “I love you”. Which an Asian woman is almost as apt to give you as a white women.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        By direct and aggressive I mean a multi hour interrogation (may even last days, weeks, or even years) where the woman throws at you every single possible accusation and question designed to hurt you or make you show weakness.

        Sort of think of what a diabolical lawyer could do during cross examination if there was no judge who could sustain an objection to badgering or other tricks.

        You have to dig your heels into the ground an not give an inch. You also have to adequately respond to her interrogation otherwise she knows she has interrupted your OODA loop which means you’re weak and she will smell blood. If you flat out leave and ignore she knows she has won.

        It becomes a test of the man’s stamina both psychological and intellectual.

        This isn’t low IQ, this is high intensity shit testing to such a degree and duration that you’ll definitely know you’re being shit tested even if you don’t exactly know how or why.

        This is the type of shit testing that happens after the “I love you” stage when she knows you’ll always pass that one.

        • jim says:

          > By direct and aggressive I mean a multi hour interrogation (may even last days, weeks, or even years)

          If a shit test goes on an on, you have been failing. Spanking may be needed.

          A moderate slap in the face will instantly end a stubborn shit test.

          If a woman opens her mouth when you have told her to be silent, if she sticks around you have told her to get out in the garden, you are failing.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            The point of most shit testing by East Asian women is to determine if the man is irreconcilably stubborn, a highly desirable trait. No getting around the fact it will go on for a very long time for the woman to feel confident that the man is indeed irreconcilably stubborn.

            Arguing with the woman for long periods of time turns into a sort of foreplay. A moderate slap in the face, telling her to shut it or get out, is saying no to foreplay and no to sex which means he is losing. It also means the man doesn’t have stamina and would be shit at sex anyways.

            Major difference between White and Asian women. White women don’t want to directly argue hence they are passive aggressive, Asian women do and they sort of like it (afterwards).

            • Neurotoxin says:

              Pax Imp: “You have to dig your heels into the ground an not give an inch. You also have to adequately respond to her interrogation otherwise she knows she has interrupted your OODA loop which means you’re weak and she will smell blood. If you flat out leave and ignore she knows she has won.”

              No, your leaving does not necessarily mean you’ve lost. (Depends on details.) This quote sounds like you’re over-thinking and like you give too much of a fuck. Thus, you’re engaging too much with her female drama queen crap. I would just tell her “That’s enough.” She likely will keep going to see if you mean it, and the answer must be Yes. E.g., if she keeps bitching at you, then without a word, pick her up and put her down outside.

              “The point of most shit testing by East Asian women is to determine if the man is irreconcilably stubborn, a highly desirable trait… A moderate slap in the face, telling her to shut it or get out, is saying no to foreplay and no to sex which means he is losing.”

              Did you spot the problem here? You’re falling into her frame, letting her define what is winning and losing. At some point you should think to yourself, “I’m not putting up with this crap.” The question is not always, “Am I meeting this woman’s standards?” but “Is she meeting my standards?”

              If you’re not actually willing to walk away if her behavior gets bad enough, then you’re fucked. And not in a fun way.

              • jim says:

                Pax Imp:

                > “You have to dig your heels into the ground an not give an inch. You also have to adequately respond to her interrogation otherwise she knows she has interrupted your OODA loop which means you’re weak and she will smell blood. If you flat out leave and ignore she knows she has won.”

                I don’t think so. She is giving you a hard time. She should not be permitted to give you a hard time.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Been thinking about this. What’s going on is likely particular to Koreans and not other Asians, or any other racial or ethnic group I’m aware of. This is very alien to the rest of humanity.

                Koreans are psychologically incapable of walking away. 1000 plus history of permanent siege mentality is ingrained into the culture and genetics. This isn’t a question of falling into her frame because both men and women are operating in the same mindset; that it’s better to carryout a prolonged losing conflict to the bitter end than to ever admit defeat or say sorry.

                Lost a war or your political faction was purged? Flee to the hills and forests and carryout multi-generational long resistance fight. Some segments of the Japanese population are similar where IJA holdouts carried on the war decades after the end of WW2, but the Korean population as a whole is like that to an extreme. Likely the results of extreme mountainous terrain having an impact on culture and genetics.

                Just as female Korean standards are for a man who is extremely stubborn, male Korean standards are also for a woman who is extremely stubborn. Some academic literature points to the stubbornness having Taoist roots.

                @jim I wouldn’t describe the behavior as giving men a hard time, conflict sort of activates a mental state that feels normal. It also goes both ways. I’m not sure if this is shit testing or if it’s play fighting with a siege mentality. Might be a combination of both.

                A hard time would be if a woman appeals to her family’s patriarch (the nuclear option) and then it turns into a clannish conflict between the patriarchs on both sides the the family. Very rare, and destructive. Historically ends in bloodshed.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Don’t deal with her in her Korean frame. Make her deal with your frame.

                • Adam says:

                  Fuck her hard enough often enough and I bet these problems dissipate. Every time she acts up, toss her face down on the bed and fuck her until she loves you. It does not need to be a pleasant experience for her.

        • The Cominator says:

          Don’t you pass that by telling her shut the fuck up and if that fails engaging physically amorously at 1st, with moderate violence if not…

          I was told by someone that Han Solo handled the “I Love You” Shit Test the perfect way, Leia: I love you Han Solo: I know.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Pass it by arguing with her to the death and never conceding. Display your male stamina. Eventually she runs out of steam and sex ensues. Repeat for many children.

            Best way to pass the “I Love You” test if you’re driving and she is riding shotgun is to pinch her kneecap. Very funny results. Try it when you get the chance.

            • Adam says:

              Thing is, I’m not wasting my time arguing with a woman. Try yelling QUIET! at the top of your lungs, within inches of her. Or physically stop her.

              Passing shit tests is only hard because it’s illegal. It is quite easy to overpower a woman.

              • The Cominator says:

                Isn’t Pax in an Asian country (which tend to be not all that feminist) I mean a woman mouthing off and bitching should be easy to handle in a country where you need only have minimal fear of the law…

                Did you know that 75% of bitches suffer from some form of hearing loss


                • Adam says:

                  Lol that video…

                  One of the most impactful things I ever read as far as the red pill on women- “The bad behavior that you allow, absolutely will continue.”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Some people here may not have seen the Boondocks because its written by and done about niggers but its actually really good and not PC at all…

                • jim says:

                  Niggers get more slack than whites, naturally. So shows written by black people get a lot more creative freedom.

                • jim says:

                  I laughed out loud when it ended.

                  Background implied in the clip (I don’t know if that background is actually direct told in the story). Sarah has been, without her husband’s knowledge and agreement, hanging out in environments where alpha males can hit on her. This is not so much an adultery risk, as a shit test, which if you fail, is going to become adultery. Are you alpha enough to exercise ownership?

                  Female reproduction is adversely affected by males unable to exercise ownership, and, though they do not know it, it is making them cranky and difficult.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Nobody gets a pass anymore, blacks could not do The Boondocks or In Living Color today.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Tom is an Obama type liberal quadroon/high yellow type married to a prog white woman (a mudshark but a more upper middle class mudshark). Kind of people I really hate but the episode is still funny.

                  Shes definitely subconsciously considering adultery because the guy shes hanging out with is a musician she likes.

    • Varna says:

      Some very interesting and important observations thanks Pax Imperialis.

      For functional hapas one needs to go to Siberia or Kazakhstan. In Russian empire times and Soviet times the eastern Slav learned how to intermarry with conquered or neighboring tribes and absorb the result into the imperial tapestry.
      (Eastern Siberia school graduation pic)

      Especially with trad non-nomadic land empires where those you conquered are not separated by oceans from you but become part of your social body tissue, you either welcome them in or destroy them utterly, and trad land empires usually try the first option unless completely provoked. New wannabie empires sometimes don’t get that.
      (Kazakhstan school graduation pic)

      Hence Russians can also create normal families with “foreign mongoloids” from outside Russia. With, the caveat, of course, that Russian women are the reason Russian men drink themselves to death at 50, so that’s not the highest bar in the world, but still. “Passing the shit test” there means you’re still alive and functional at 60.

      • fable says:

        Kazakh women are beautiful. Do Kazakhs have white fever?

        And the guys look more courageous, and not like any Koreans, one of the rare cases when hybridization was successful… Also, Kazakhstan has a good birth rate. Interesting…

        • Varna says:

          It is possible that white fever is abating pretty fast all across the world, except where the locals have an inferiority fetish.

          White fever is in a sense ‘status fever’ to most of former colonial places, but this ‘status fever’ is usually ‘western white fever’, whereas in central asia any white fever would be automatically ‘slav fever’ which I think they definitely don’t tend to have these days.

          What they do have is status fever (rich-looking westerner qualifies), and also the generic ‘foreign exotic guy fever’ which in this case would overlap with western guy.

          There was a time when ‘status fever’ and ‘exotic fever’ overlapped with ‘white men’, but it seems to be that these days these three sub-categories could very well become increasingly separated.

          • Frank Matters says:

            White fever is never going away, because whites are the most biologically developed race on the planet, and it shows.

            On average we have the cleverest minds, most industrial instinct, most noble spirit, most athletic and well formed bodies. I can see perhaps some argument one of those specific qualities is displayed by some other race more strongly, but none surpass us in general quality. The only competition are our Aryan cousins on the steppe and in central asia at large, and some polynesian peoples though they tend to not be as clever, and those competitors often bear strong resemblance to us in the first place.

            The only point at which white fever dissipates, is if we fail to stop the global dysgenic collapse and come to be represented at large by the ratfuckers that succeed in that evolutionary environment.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              What damaged advancement more: female liberation or artificially suppressed infant mortality? I know they’re interrelated, but the one issue I have with your assertion is the overwhelming number of disgusting whites I’ve experienced. That could be a function of the places I’ve been, or it could be the fact that if you’re not aborted in Whitekanda, you’re basically guaranteed a shot at passing on whatever shit (or pinnacle) genetics you carry. Consider too how many who are ill equipped to survive due to stupidity or bad biological luck that survive and reproduce.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              White fever never existed as the historical norm, it is foolish to presume that it will continue to exist perpetually. Things change all the time. Global dysgenic collapse has been accelerating but has been hitting the White populations the hardest.

              American Hollywood/media is controlled largely by Jews who hate Whites. Young Whites are increasingly consuming Japanese and Korean culture as a result. The Chinese culture is on it’s way should they survive as a state. Anime and Kpop/Kdramas sales in US are growing massively year over year. They are becoming mainstream.

              20 years ago in America it was mostly low status White males consuming anime. They were embarrassing to even look at in the open. These days I increasingly see average looking middle class single White women openly consuming that foreign Asian media. I recently talked an unmarried White woman who I noticed was wearing Korean style clothes. She was saving money to go to Korea alone and actually live there. Changes in what is considered high status are occurring.

              Elon Musk is a high status man who is openly watching anime. No one is calling him a weeb.

              I’ve traveled extensively throughout America. The sheer rot that has taken place is staggering especially in the traditional White communities. Asians are extremely aware of that. White fever along with American fever is already dissipating.

              • Anonymous says:

                “White fever along with American fever is already dissipating.”

                Do you have hard evidence for this? Because all of the data that we have as well as anecdotally both in real life and online this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. White men still get married to a huge percentage of almost every ethnic group but black women, and indeed steal way more women of every ethnic background in America than ethnic men steal of their women, with the exception of black women which are the least attractive and desired women in America. About 50% of Asian women cohabitate with white men for example, and 30% or more of Asian women marry white men.

                Not saying that this won’t change in the future but it very much has not seemed to change yet in 2022, either in hard data or anecdotally.

        • Varna says:

          Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Yakuts, and the like are Turkic mongoloids, as opposed to East-Asian or Indo-Chinese mongoloids.

          They are much less efficient than the East Asians (as bad as south-east asians), but also less docile in the primal masculinity sense. Plus the Russian and Soviet cultural superstructure is another definite layer of difference.

          Central Asians are like mixture of Turkish and Russian traits, but presented in a mongoloid physical anthropology. Slant-eyed Russian Turks in other words.

          Like you’ve got germanic whites, slavic whites, baltic whites, medeterainian whites, latino whites, chechen whites and so on, you’ve also got your different mongoloids, who may appear very similar to an outsider, but can have very different inherent traits.

          The Kazakh men will have Russian drinking habits and Turkish work ethics, while the women will combine Russian and Turkish shit-tests. However, many of them are indeed extraordinarily pretty. At least before menopause turns them into babushkas.

    • fable says:

      I know very well how women behave if they fail tests, I know too well. I don’t fail Asian tests, although I don’t make any effort to pass. Moreover, these are smart and beautiful girls from good families, and not crooked-toothed daughters of whores. If you put social class above race, the logical solution would be to mix races, since getting a beautiful Asian from the elite is many times easier than getting a beautiful European from the elite. Mixing is a problem in itself, without considering the issue of social class.

      • Aidan says:

        The primary difference between asian girls and white ones is that they will give beta males sex and love, but still ruthlessly cheat on them with alpha males. I have been the other guy too many times to ever trust an asian girl. If you are a white guy who cannot make much headway with white girls, but asian girls treat you well, then your asian girl is taking dick on the side.

    • AAron says:

      The solution with white women is spanking.

      Strong men are often too busy to do it, properly, because takes time and, more importantly, emotional energy.

      Weak men are afraid to do it.

      But not doing it is emotional abuse.

      A formal, private, extended, bare-bottom spanking is what white women need. On the regular.

    • DavyCrockett says:

      Asian immigrants are mostly/largely only low class relative to the American class system, they tend to be at least about average or at about the median citizen in their home countries, and tend to be at least a little bit above average or above the median citizen. They’re only on average low class in the sense that the overwhelming majority of Asians are low class.

  21. The Ducking Man says:

    What are you guys’ thought on priest invasion in modern corporate america?

    Being a banker myself even I am loathsome against majority of corporate priest. The type of people whose mantra is “not documented not done” or “reality be damned, where is my paper?”.

    I’m on the opinion that priest should be kept to minimum. Priest job is pretty easy, building up consensus between corporate members to complete task set out by our bosses. Like a lubricating oil between moving instruments.

    Easy peasy, I priest $50 million/year department working 20 hours/week while also being the most valued staff in the company.

    So if the job so easy, why there are so much priestly job on the market?

    I honestly don’t know.

    But I do know that finding good priest is mighty hard. There are lots of capable account/bankers, but the kind of accountant/banker who can prosper consensus and cares more about reality is rarer than diamond.

    IMO requiring university degree just to get a door in corporate is very big mistake. Very small % of people have the aptitude to be a priest. I would prefer big chunk of people in corporate to STFU do their job and let the priest do the talking.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      > So if the job so easy, why there are so much priestly job on the market?

      Who doesn’t like the idea of high status and low expectations?

      A rather small number, that is.

      Everyone wants to be an Ideas Guy, a go-between, a facilitator, an advisor, a consultant.

      In broad terms, a great deal of organizational entropy over time can be boiled down to attempted strategies by people to decouple responsibility from power, and power from responsibility.

      • The Ducking Man says:

        >Who doesn’t like the idea of high status and low expectations?

        But the reality that I perceive in my job is it’s low status and high expectations.

        Sure my salary is a lot higher than my peers but people never see me the big boss. I’m just people consult and listen to when department try to move forward with something.

        This is job is easy FOR ME, but I had guys with more accolade than me can barely do my job. Real story a guy got fired trying to do my job because he made small mistake.

        Perhaps the easy-fix for this entropy to tell people straight out that they are not expected be the “Ideas Guy, a go-between, a facilitator, an advisor, a consultant”. STFU do your task and go home.

  22. Whitey says:

    Everybody take it easy on The Cominator. We don’t need him wasting time making small talk with normies. He has wood chippers to maintain.

    • The Cominator says:


    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Based. Stay frosty king.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      It’s fascinating watching yourself be overtaken in the pecking order and not feeling salty about it. Topkek, well done, and can I shine your shoes for you, m’lord?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        It’s ore like subtly validating Final Solutions to your Defector Questions.

        In Minecraft, of course.

  23. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s a bunch of Zeihan maps from one of his books:

    Interesting stuff, might be useful to someone here.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I’ve noticed is that Zeihan, who mostly speaks to farmers and on occasion military, is talking about the potential for a war in Mexico.

      The NPR types have also talked about using the military to deal with the cartel problem.

      Zeihan and NPR talks to extremely different demographics, but both are drifting in the same direction. That does not bode well for the future…

      Forever war 2.0: Cartel edition here we come!

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I submitted a plan for something like that in an IR class discussion assignment. I proposed that we give Mexico ~72 hours before we go to war with the Cartels. Decapitation strike, then Moldbug style Iran Approach, no BS colonialism on a terminal time table.

        In reality, GAE going into Mexico would be a literal Russian Afghanistan Decision. There’re many ways to attempt a proper temporary colonization after a vicious assault on defined targets, but there’s no way the General Austin School of Military Management would figure out a single one of them.

        Imagine a Sepoy Rebellion type moment and, after a long year of some successes and many mistakes, the southwest runs red with Anglo blood. Texas would be a nightmare, spic on Spicxas on white on LEO on Feds, thousands of Harry Homeowner squads just hitting everything but what they aim at. The urban blacks would start attacking on sight, just whoever or whatever happens to be near them. Thin Blue Line America is divided, as usual, and does nothing, as usual Communities would start redefining local security and the results would be a patchwork of semi-constrained mobile banditry and dynamically located stabile banditry. It would be the night of a thousand CHOPs as well in regards to outright insurrection. The feds would attempt to hold onto everything and collapse, balkanize and form districts, or withdraw to a tenable geographic position. There’d be ANTIFA zones springing up in every city, and they’d just latch onto whichever minority gang will have them, bringing network potential to isolated instances and potential support. At some point, a major city would get nuked, accidentally or on purpose. Then the Chinese would come.

        I know this is all quite fanciful, but it is probably in par with the actual terrible things that would occur due to the incompetence stretching through the whole of government. I think something this dumb won’t be attempted until the Octogenarian Liberal Class fully exits the scene. If it does happen, the timeline is potentially accelerated to a substantial degree.

    • S says:

      ‘China hemmed in’ is out of date.

      Philippines is pro-China
      Russia is pro-China
      Burma is pro-China
      Laos is pro-China
      Mongolia is pro-China

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        None of those nations provide the markets China needs to sustain itself. China needs to deal with the Indonesia/India/Australia/Taiwan questions.

        Rerouting Russian oil industry to China will be hard and take decades due to geographical constraints.

        ‘China hemmed in’ idea comes from the American perspective which has never had to deal with such constraints. As such, the idea is still relatively true.

        • S says:

          The map has 4 icons on it

          -formal us allies
          -informal us allies
          -strategic competitors (for some reason China, Russia and North Korea are all in this category)
          -major ports

          It is presumably about sea access. My point is China has 3 avenues that have opened up since 2014 when the map was made.

          That said the important country is Indonesia since you can’t really sail around it to reach Chinese ports.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Anyone that has nuclear weapons and ICBMs naturally fall into a prisoner’s dilemma with other nuclear powers. China, Russia, and potentially North Korea, will always be existential threats so long as nuclear war is a possibility. Thus they are strategic competitors.

            Australia is also extremely important. Massive sub fleet and their anti ship missile range covers all shipping lanes China uses. Not to mention massive NSA SIGINT operation.

            India is also a problem for China due to their presence in the Indian Ocean. Chinese shipping ultimately wants to reach Middle Eastern oil and European markets and African resources. That’s a long shipping lane full of attack avenues.

            My point, and Zeihan’s point is that those avenues are still tightly closed to the Chinese. Unless they figure out how to open them completely at every point along the way, they will need to prepare to move everything over land which has its own set of problems.

            Philippines is pro-China and pro-American, they’ve been playing both sides. Same with the Vietnamese. Conflict over the South Chinese Sea is involving all parties in the are against each other.

            • jim says:

              With modern weapons there is no way any power, including America, can keep the seas open unless the other powers agree to it. If you close the seas to a power with advanced long range anti ship weapons, it might close the seas to you.

              America does not seem to realize this.

              Australia is a significant airsea power. It would be wise for Putin to retaliate against Australia for America closing the seas to Russia before he closes the seas to America. Similarly China if America closes the seas to China in response to China blockading or invading Taiwan.

              If Australia participates in US sanctions on China after the Taiwan crisis explodes, denying the seas to Australia would be appropriate.

  24. Kunning Druegger says:

    St. John writes:

    “Sovereignty in the context of demotism must necessarily operate through pretext. In particular here, is the ‘permitted catastrophe’. Catastrophes happen, or are allowed to happen, or if necessary or when necessary or when convenient, are made to happen. The purpose of a catastrophe is the catastrophe itself; with any and all catastrophes ventured to be used as pretext for the expansion, cementation, and utilization of power. Not just in terms of legalism, but also in terms of personnel; and not just in terms of personnel, but also in terms of behavioral conditioning. A more stressed test group is a more suggestible test group. Strategic use of stressors are utilized to channel consensus away from straying and further down desired roads.

    This is the knife edge that the 20th century political order – which we as of yet are still living under – is predicated on dancing upon. The meta-normality of a never ending string of ‘extra ordinary circumstances’ requiring ’emergency powers’ to deal with, ‘just this one time’, or ‘just for this particular issue’. Every other brick the permanent bureaucracy was built with is the bones of a ‘temporary measure’.”

    Exceptionally well put, in my opinion. It encapsulates the Way and the Why and even the How to a profound degree. Stealing from him and the Losing the War piece, I think we are living under a regime constructed by FDRism and animated by The War Effort. Credit where credit is due, the continued Wilson’s efforts and have accomplished much of what they set out to do… terribly evil and disgusting, but rather successful.

    And now they are passing from the stage, handing off their empire to Madison with her MFA and Shaneekwa with her SMG. Undoubtedly, things are going to fall apart. If/when we actually break free from this cocoon and get a chance to order things, we should endeavor to present a Return to Normalcy. This is not a snake oil, nostalgia laced lie about getting back to the good old days. Rather, we should develop and employ policies and procedures that identify and honor the States of Society; State of War, State of Expansion, etc. The Culturally Marxist Wilsonian-Rooseveltian permanent bureaucracy chimera makes its case and retains its position by creating “a never ending string of ‘extra ordinary circumstances’ requiring ’emergency powers’ to deal with, ‘just this one time’, or ‘just for this particular issue,’” and we should provide an alternative, an approach to manipulation and management of society (where it is needed) that has honesty built into it. The King doesn’t have to explain himself, but if he does, he shouldn’t have to lie to get his way.

    • Ghost says:

      Exactly. They create, or allow the catastrophe, then put themselves and their agenda forward as the solution. We saw this with 9/11 and the Patriot Act to Beto proselytizing gun control. All these agendas are just sitting on the shelf awaiting use.

      And it’s always give us control of your life and we will make you safe. No! They cannot make you safe. You must take responsibility for your own security.

  25. AnonTR says:

    This is old news from December last year 2021
    Clearly the MSM clammed on it

    Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota governors went rogue

    In Oklahoma
    Brigadier General Thomas Mancino 45th Infantry Brigade Commander, Oklahoma Army National Guard refused standing order from Biden to enforce Vaccine mandate on troops. He was backed by gov Stitt
    of course the article is filled with the usual msm BS to cover the fact that the order was not followed.

    in Texas Gov send the Guard to the borders.
    “Texas’ governor call up the Guard with minimal notice and, according to some sources, failing to tell Guard leadership in the Pentagon how many troops were being deployed.”

    also in South Dakota
    “South Dakota, a state that is bordered only by other American states, the governor took private funds from a major donor to Republican politicians to pay for a state Guard deployment to the border with Mexico, rebuking the Biden administration over border policy in the process.”

    There is clearly an attempt to assert Governors authority over federal troops
    with the consent from the pentagon.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Sometimes a critical domino topples silently, I guess. I wonder what DoD changed in its response to this? I wonder what we’re going to do when Governor Nome makes a bid for Separation. That’d be a really uncomfortable catch-22 for Jimian Christians.

  26. fable says:

    Jim has written before that women’s tests are brutal and difficult and when we talk about women in the US/Europe, this is true. But for some reason, in Asia, I don’t feel, even wealthy Asia, that women are constantly testing and checking me. If they do, I just don’t notice it, these tests are completely worthless. I just talk to women, watch them smile at me, “accidentally” touch me, laugh when they hear my stupid jokes. And I don’t even have to play the role of an asshole. The blue pill advice “just be yourself” works!

    If I didn’t want to have a family / didn’t see how the hafu males whine on forchan, I would have settled in Asia long ago and would have forgotten about the west as a nightmare.

    • rimmard says:

      I’ve noticed that Asian women actually react negatively to asshole game and positively to rational conversation.

      A whole new frame.

      OTOH if you want a relationship they will drop you the instant they realize you are lower in social class than them.

      Have hafus and keep them in Asia where they tend to become movie stars etc. rather than bitter losers.

      • jim says:

        This appears to me to be a wildly optimistic account of Asian women.

        Yes, shit tests less brutal.

        Still brutal.

        We are always on stage, there is no rest for men. Easier in Asia, but it was mighty tough for me everywhere.

        I applied asshole game everywhere, rational conversation everywhere, and betabucks game everywhere.

        Treating women as rational beings gets you shot down in flames everywhere, beta bucks gets you brutally burned everywhere. Being an asshole works everywhere.

        The differences between countries are significant. Asian women are more accessible to reason. But it really doesn’t matter much. You will get a lot further interacting with an Asian woman as rational being than interacting with a white woman as a rational being, but in the end her pussy will decide.

        • Adam says:

          I completely agree. The response “go fuck yourself” sounds juvenile and manipulative but works quite well. On an emotional level, when a woman attempts to take power over you, or herself, becoming hostile is an appropriate response.

          If you have taken her, she is yours. Any attempt by her to act independent of you is an attack on your property. By any means you are justified in defending what is yours.

          Personally what I find exhausting is American women absolutely love drama. They don’t need safety, or comfort, or validation (they have quite enough already). The seek the emotional rollercoaster of on-again off-again perpetual relationship drama. They are feels addicts forever chasing the high of being captured by an alpha male. When they are in a stable relationship with an alpha male, they will do what it takes to provoke you to re-capture them. The seek the ecstasy of being fucked with recklessly abandon by the apex predator.

          • The Cominator says:

            And if you’re a sperg they are just (at least since around 2012 or so) just not worth dealing with at all…

            • jim says:

              Being a sperg is one hundred percent curable. Smart people are only spergs for the same reason as testosterone is collapsing. You are a sperg because you think you are a sperg, and men are losing testosterone and sperm production because they think they are not masculine.

              You probably cannot talk to normies, and this disability confirms in your mind that are a sperg. All smarties have trouble talking to normies. It is an acquired skill.

              Talking to normies is like talking to children and dogs. Learn to talk to normies. It is an acquired skill that is not easy to acquire, and is a key part of my miraculous ability to talk to cops (I do not recommend talking to cops. That is advanced class in talking to normies.)

              Being an actual sperg is strongly negatively correlated with intelligence. Sperg is just a demonization of smart people, as psychopath is just a demonization of manly courage. You have internalized the enemy’s demonization of you.

              • The Cominator says:

                Spergishness is real enough Jim… And it was infinitely easier to talk to normies back when all popular culture didn’t suck (Game of Thrones was sort of the last thing I could talk to normies about) and I could quote the Simpsons (I was downright popular back in highschool when everyone watched the Simpsons) and do voices from comedies that were actually funny.

                I cannot make polite small talk about trivialities and cannot understand how people can do that, nor can I stand any talk of ball sports and such (MMA and boxing yes those are actually fun to watch)…

                • Ghost says:

                  Small talk is easy enough to learn. Go to the bar, drink a couple beers, shoot a few games of pool, talk about the weather, fishing, hunting, etc… Try not to play edge lord.

                  Try it a few weekends. You’ll get the hang of it.

                • Adam says:

                  You can you are just unwilling. Get over yourself. Nobody talks about the truth. Nobody wants to hear it. You don’t have to be an enabler, just listen and be positive and focus on the feelings. People will tell you all kinds of things when you listen, that they would never tell you if you asked. There is power there.

                  Learn to bullshit. You don’t need to deceive anyone, just accept they are not you, and be ok with that, and try add something positive. Joke around about the normal grind of life.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I used to be able to do it through being able to do references and imitations… but in clownworld no good stuff anymore (another reason Not into fishing or hunting… i go out all the time but conversation is more difficult now…

                • Milosevic says:

                  Stop making excuses, just admit you are a useless faggot who’s unwilling to have a go and move on.

                • jim says:

                  Nah, pretty sure he is not a useless faggot unless he chooses to be.

                  The Cominator should work on talking to mostly male normies. When he has that down pat, get together with a buddy or, better, two, and try an international tourist hot spot. The most alpha male in the group then takes the lead in breaking into a group of chicks, with the rest wingmanning. Alpha male of the group distributes the excess to his buddies.

                  When chicks go to be picked up, they do not go where you go to pickup chicks, the nearest bar or nightclub. They travel four hundred miles or so, and the further the distance, the higher the proportion of chicks waiting for a pickup. They tend be in small groups, and solo approach will get your balls frozen off.

                • The Cominator says:

                  At making small talk about normie banalities i am indeed a useless faggot and its not like im a shut in or havent tried but the whole idea is alien to me…

                • Pooch says:

                  The most alpha male in the group then takes the lead in breaking into a group of chicks, with the rest wingmanning. Alpha male of the group distributes the excess to his buddies.

                  The problem I always had with this is that my beta buddies would prevent me from isolating my target (who would be the hottest girl of the female group) by engaging her as well after my lead. Was rather annoying and would often hinder me more than if I was just solo.

                  Needs to be well understood beforehand that they don’t go after your chick, but if the other chicks are not sufficiently hot enough they won’t be motivated to help you unless they are a true friend.

                • jim says:

                  > my beta buddies would prevent me from isolating my target

                  Then they were not treating the guy leading the break in to the group as the alpha male of the group, which is very bad tactics both for them and for that male.

                  Female alpha radar can spot this kind of thing from ten thousand feet. It is going to spoil the pickup for everyone involved. Breaking into a group should be followed in due course by the alpha male assigning female isolation both for himself and his buddies. Which, if you are the leader of the group means your buddies get isolation with a chick first. If you want to isolate first and leave them high and dry, they will instinctively get difficult.

                  The alpha male should take care of his loyal retainers, and his loyal retainers should expect to be taken care of. Again, female alpha radar can spot this from ten thousand feet. Before the group goes in, should agree on the division of the spoils. Don’t discuss it front of the spoils. It would reveal the illusion. If you cannot agree in advance, draw straws or play rock-paper-scissors. If there is any disagreement about who gets the hottie, you are all going down in flames. And, for the non hotties to cooperate in the capture, it should look like they are all targets, even if some of the boys have no intention of following through. The non target chicks are going to cockblock.

                  The mating dance is best understood viewed through the lens that for at least four million years, getting wife raided by the strongest tribe around was the best female reproductive strategy.

                • jim says:

                  > I cannot make polite small talk about trivialities and cannot understand how people can do that.

                  I continue to suck terribly at that, for the reasons that you list. I don’t find it matters that much. Weather, fishing, and stuff like that works. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, everyone has interesting stories. Draw them out and let them roll. Where do they come from, what are their family connections that might be around here, what do they do for a living, how is their health going, their travels.

                • Pooch says:

                  Which, if you are the leader of the group means your buddies get isolation with a chick first. If you want to isolate first and leave them high and dry, they will instinctively get difficult.

                  Ah yes this is precisely where I fouled up.

                  Not understanding the ancient wife raiding dynamics at play, I just assumed my buddies would follow my example and talk to the other chicks spontaneously following my example of talking to my chick and it never ended up working out like that. Many times the whole pick up would go down in flames because of this foul up.

                • Redbible says:


                  How should an alpha male and his loyal retainers “Divide the Spoils” once they are engaging the group of women? Should it be as overt as the alpha male telling a woman “You go with him”? Should it me more covert, where each man works on his target, and nothing directly is said?

                  Obviously the men need to be overt with each other in private (when the women aren’t around), and be covert about it once with the women.

                • jim says:

                  Your group joins their group. Now you want to break up the group into pairs, isolate each target. The strong tribe, in female perception, has an alpha male and an agreed hierarchy, even if in reality is not strong and does not. When a strong group separates, it does so by agreement – an agreement in which the leader pays attention to the wants of his followers, but makes the decision in the end. It is not a random bunch of people who happened to be in the same place at the same time, it acts in unity. So, target isolation has to be done in unity.

                  Part of the destructive effect of women in the workplace is that they do not just forever probe members of the hierarchy to test males status position, they also probe the hierarchy for cracks. If what the leader leads will not act in unity, then it is a weak group with a weak leader. Women get the hots for men marching in formation, or dancing as a unit. The strong tribe acts as one, without need to debate its actions. Hence groupies are apt to bang roadies.

                  “Lets you and him fight” is done primarily to see which gets to decide, whose will will stand, but it also done to see if the male hierarchy can act with one will. If it winds up acting with two conflicting wills, neither of the males impresses. If one will, both impress, the one whose will prevails impressing considerably more, but the one whose will does not prevail loses status in female eyes less than if neither will prevails. If he and the leader are still one, if the leader is loyal to him, and he to the leader, he is still reasonably cool.

                  When your group attempts to socially isolate the targets, their group is going to attempt to initiate conflict within your group. It is an inevitable and predictable shit test. If it succeeds, you lose. When your group attempts social isolation, which it should do as one, they are going to attempt to initiate conflict within your group. You are unlikely to succeed in social isolation unless acting as one.

                  Similarly, packs of male dolphins impressing females with formation swimming. The acts of the strong tribe, social isolation of targets among those acts, needs to be done in union, and with minimal debate.

                  It may well be that the real target of the pickup group is one girl for one man, the other girls are just obstacles who can be expected to cockblock, and the group is acquiring the one girl for that one man. Obviously that one man needs to be alpha male of the group for the day, and if the other girls realize they are merely obstacles who are going to lose one of their group, they are going to cockblock. But even if they are in reality happy with the social isolation, they are still going to attempt to initiate conflict within your group over it. They not only want to see if the alpha male of the group is the alpha male of the group, they also want to see if the group is the strong tribe.

                  In the ancestral environment, there were few trees to climb, and the reason that individual members of the group did not get eaten by lions, but rather took the lions’ kill away from them, was that the group could better act as one than the lions.

                  Chimps practice hunting and war, and perform the peaceful vegetarian role merely to the extent convenient and necessary. Humans arose from a group of chimplike creatures, or the common ancestor of chimp and gorilla which resembled a chimp more than a gorilla, because their social cohesion enabled them to stand off lions, so they could wander off from the trees to get the meat on the savanna. The mating dance reflects the reproduction strategy of getting wife raided by the strong tribe, and strong tribe is not some random bunch of individuals that happen to be passing each other.

                  So if the strong tribe splits up temporarily, it does so as one, and with the intent and expectation of rejoining.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                Edward Teller on John von Neumann

                von Neumann would carry on a conversation with my 3-year-old son, and the two of them would talk as equals, and I sometimes wondered if he used the same principle when he talked to the rest of us.

                • The Cominator says:


                • Adam says:

                  This is what you want to do. You want to treat the people above you, next to you, and below you exactly the same.

                  People love that and they want that person to succeed, and will favor them.

              • Varna says:

                Learning generic b.s. smalltalk and minuscule power games is a skill which can be learned surprisingly fast by any smart man, if the desire is focused.

                Literally you are an awkward alien that provokes wildly unexpected reactions at first, and a fortnight later you’re in compete control, if you just apply a bit of patience, smarts, and willpower.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “you are an awkward alien that provokes wildly unexpected reactions at first, and a fortnight later you’re in compete control, if you just apply a bit of patience, smarts, and willpower.”

                  Yes, this.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  It’s also helped by the fact that most people aren’t purposeful about learning social skills. Those of us who are reasonably bright and who get hard-core about learning it get very good very fast, compared to normies. At least that was my experience.

                • jim says:

                  Same here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ive really tried and am better than i used to be… but seem to have hit a plateau.

                • Milosevic says:

                  Yeah the best thing to do when hitting a plateau is to just give up.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Well, Com, when you hit a plateau, you adapt your training. “I hit a plateau,” is not a winning attitude. I did it, so you can too.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well wulfgar i dont mean this as a putdown though i don’t know how not to make it sound insulting but have you fucked a girl yet… i mean because i have and no not all of them were strippers. I really don’t mean this as a put down but if you haven’t yet i would question the idea you haven’t hit a plateau.

                • Milosevic says:

                  Stop acting like a faggot. You’re being bullied by your peers because you’re acting like a faggot. Everything is within your power to change. Your constant excuses are gay, and you should be thrown off a building,

                • Adam says:

                  One of the more self destructive habits that people have, that is very hard to detect and break, is trying to control how you look. Nobody likes to look stupid, and in trying to avoid looking stupid while doing something you pay attention to what you look like, instead of what you are doing, ensuring that yes indeed you look stupid.

                  You cannot focus on your image of yourself and what you are doing simultaneously. Trying to do so results in exactly the kind of fidgety, nervous, hyper-self conscious behavior that most label as sperg behavior.

                  Forget about how you look. Overcome the fear of looking stupid. It is irrelevant. If you do look stupid, accept it and laugh it off and try again. Every conversation or approach is just practice for the next one. It does not matter.

                  Focusing on your self image and how you look is a product of self-obsession. Self obsession is a product of a whole host of things, but mostly scarcity, and it is not attractive in the least.

              • Frank Matters says:

                There is a neurological component that is not surmountable. The way you move, your eye contact, the ability to mirror body language, and probably much more, these things cannot truly be made fully normal.

                Watch the way someone like Vitalik Buterin moves and talks. This is a man that has very high status in his circle, and frequents public events where he speaks to many people in both small groups and crowds. He is never going to be completely normal, always a bit off to communicate with in person.

                I can see in video recording of myself, this strange stiffness in my motions, and my eye contact is noticeably off.

                • Frank Matters says:

                  (misclicked submit, contd)

                  These are things I actively work on, and I have gotten much better at least in maintaining postures that put others at ease around me. I’ve also learned the art of conversation, after much practice, and find it easy to talk with most. This still doesn’t make me normal, or charismatic except in an alien way.

                  Most people treat me as, not an outsider exactly, not really an alien, but definitely I do not get regarded as an ordinary human being. There’s like an aura about me that changes people’s normal personality when they focus on and interact with me; the social rules seem to change, the status hierarchy becomes warped.

                  I don’t think these traits hold me back, because I never wanted to be a charismatic demagogue or something, but it does change by necessity the sort of life paths available to me. The sorts of people I can meaningfully get along with.

                • jim says:

                  > This still doesn’t make me normal, or charismatic except in an alien way.

                  My charisma was alien and artificial for a very long time. Then it became part of the real me. I made the performance the truth.

                  Getting your dick wet and being willing to use lethal violence appropriately when circumstances make it right also helps a great deal with charisma. Having God behind you and Christ inside you also helps. Paladin combo.

                  Smarties will never pass as normal to normies, but normies do not expect charismatic high status males to be normal.

                • Aidan says:

                  Stiffness in motion, lack of eye contact, these are indicators of fear and low status. Smart men are not properly socialized to speak over the IQ gap these days either.

                  I recall that once I hit middle school, despite being an outgoing and confident child, it was like I woke up one day and found myself unable to hold a conversation with my peers. My brain had just zoomed ahead. That was rough, but I kept the confidence, and in high school, I was quite dangerous and I acted like it. Eventually I learned to talk to normies again.

                • jim says:

                  > Stiffness in motion, lack of eye contact, these are indicators of fear and low status.

                  Internalized low status. Catastrophically disastrous in picking up chicks. If men can assess a woman’s fertility status in three seconds at thirty paces, woman can detect internalized status in thirty seconds at thirty paces, though they can pick up subtleties in male on male interaction invisible to men in one second at thirty paces.


                  Chances are, the people who assigned one low status are hostile enemies – HR or educationists. If one perceives them as enemy outsiders, the assignment will not work.

                  But if it is cute girls who assigned you low status, a widespread problem, then of course perceiving cute girls as enemies is self destructive and foolish. But if you don’t really perceive women as people in the same way that men are people, then the assignment will not take either.

                  A healthy corrective is to use the word “men”, rather than “people”. Always check yourself and ask if, in this context, the “people” you are referring to are normally or normatively are male. The use of gender neutral language is self emasculating. Always use gendered language where it arguably better conforms to reality.

                • Frank Matters says:

                  I couldn’t prove it to you either way, not without doxxing myself, but it is different. If I come across a video of someone else with similar traits, I will share and you can assess.

                  It’s some strangeness to the way my nervous system fires. The motions are not reserved, but awkward in a strange way. I have met the actual retarded sort of autistic, and it’s unfortunately similar. When I lapse in awareness of body, I am prone to rocking motions and other tics of the sort. My eye contact is not demure, I dont have a problem with staring, and thats the problem in itself. I have to consciously gauge the emotion of the person Im interacting with, there is very little instinct for too much or too little. I can see the difference when watching other people interact, but I only have first person perspective myself which makes imitation more difficult.

                  Accusations of low status will not be tolerated, and if you continue I will challenge you to mortal combat, and let God decide our status.

                • Joe says:

                  normies do not expect charismatic high status males to be normal

                  That’s a relief.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Of course some people are just naturally more or less given to certain conditions.

                  Something else it would be relevant to note though, if that 50% of all men and women in America are deficient in magnesium, which is comorbid with tension, muscle tics, and nervous mania.

                  Ascorbates, iodine, lithium, magnesium, cholesterol, saturated fats and omega 3 oils; there are many aspects of nutrition vital to good CNS function, that folk all so often happen to have inadequate sources of.

                • Varna says:

                  >I have to consciously gauge the emotion of the person Im interacting with, there is very little instinct for too much or too little.

                  Yup, it’s a bitch when you’re very young, but the older you get, the richer the accumulated cognitive buffer that compensates. After a point, the experience stored in the brain starts reacting in real time as a 90% equivalent of instinct. Even at times better because normie instinct is blind.

                  The remaining 10% is when something unexpected happens, or a guy is tired or distracted, etc, and the brain machine can’t compensate the lack of normie instinct in time.

                  This can be fixed by changing little habits and training oneself to react automatically whenever there’s a lapse in the brain machine, in order to be carried over on cruise control across this lapse.

                  Automatic tricks examples

                  a) When surprised by anything, square your shoulders, inhale slowly, and smile slowly. Or go loose, totally relaxed, with two fists softly bumping each other. Two options which can serve basically anywhere and be interpreted in any way depending on how the other parties want to interpret it.

                  b) When forced to speak without being ready to speak, learn a few opening generic opening sentences, which will bridge the brain lapse before the brain kicks in.

                  c) Channel the basic form of any tick into a character trait. Self patting or tapping or rubbing can easily be given just a smidgeon of a system and becomes basic Tai Chi. Rocking motions or restless legs can become “manifestations of an inner rhythm” especially if you’re with say a Jazz t-shirt or something. Facial ticks can also be molded into 2-3 basic expressions.

                  People will accept at face value what you show and how you subtly evaluate what you show. Even people who know a guy since forever will adapt fast, with just a few initial attempts to derail the change.

                  P.S. Practice different type of gazes in the mirror, combining what is seeing with what is felt internally at the same time. A warm friendly gaze is an amazing thing to master, as is the confident cold hostile stare. A mildly playful skeptical gaze in between can add great nuance.

                  P.P.S. Classic pulp books by say Dashiell Hammett or Spillane or Ian Fleming are a gold mine of additional basic social data to be internalized. Ross Macdonald. John D Macdonald. Raymond Chandler.

                • Aidan says:

                  Yes, there is also the question of neurological deficiency. PC notes nutrition, but lifting heavy will also overhaul your nervous system.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  As far as nutrients go, be on the lookout for Iron. Too much is bad for you, especially for middle aged men. It prematurely ages you. Humans have no active way of eliminating Iron, just a small daily sink for men, and a larger monthly sink for fertile age women. Regulation is monopolar. Dietary absorption is reduced (usually) when blood levels are saturated. The main problem is the GAE mandatorily fortifies all grains, including corn and rice, with Iron, allegedly to protect women. The problem is even worse for white men (and post menopausal white women) who are homozygous for hemochromatosis. This is what took out Hemingway. Doctors blame it on alcohol.

                  See also Dennis Mangan’s book “Dumping Iron”.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                ” Why do geeks exhibit such relentlessly bad taste in everything? From liking Star Trek to jacking off to Japanese cartoon porn, the geek is reliably driven towards the awful, the retarded, the stupefyingly drivelous. The geek aesthetic appears to be an anti-style–a hostility to beauty, poetry, elegance, etc.

                ” I should establish some definitions, i.e. the social taxonomy that harbors geeks. To start with, it would be incorrect to class all people as geeks merely because they share certain interests or occupations. For example it is possible to be proficient in a technical field, such as computer programming, without being a geek. The tip-off of the geek is not the proficiency, but the mental imbalance that the proficiency feeds from. In a world without computers, the geek would not rise within another vocation, he would instead settle to the bottom of the sediment as a file clerk or other drone whose primary skill is the ability to tolerate mind-numbingly unvarying activity. His proficiency is like that of the idiot savant or autistic genius, albeit less impressive.

                ” The mental imbalance is most readily seen in the geek’s masturbatory obsessions. Having no sense of perspective and lacking a personality, the geek attempts to kill two stones with one bird and form a personality around fanatical involvement in an arbitrary pastime. This pastime could involve watching Japanese cartoons, reading fantasy novels, playing video games, or literally just masturbating a lot. The pastime itself is not so significant and has only two universal attributes: that it not require physical prowess, and that it be impossible to distinguish between enjoying the pastime and not enjoying it.

                ” For example, when the geek talks about his pastime he will almost never be able to list the things about it that he likes or dislikes. What he will do instead is describe the pastime’s details. The things he claims to like are not the product of subjective awareness but simply the observable characteristics of the pastime.

                ” Note: Of course some people aren’t very articulate. If you ask a football spectator what he likes about the sport, he may well respond with, “It’s exciting,” or something like that, and this is very similar to the quality of response a geek will give about playing Magic: the Gathering. When pressed for more they can go no further than describing their pastimes; they do not even know why they enjoy them.

                ” But there is one crucial difference even here between a thoughtless person and a geek. The thoughtless person will still be capable of discrimination, the geek utterly and hopelessly incapable. The football spectator from my example will enjoy watching particular teams play, and perhaps follow the league to a lesser degree. The geek would follow the entire league, the farm teams, stadium football, college football, fantasy football, and leagues and teams he makes up in loose leaf notebooks. He would subscribe to several football periodicals and have a library of videotaped games. Except of course the geek would not do this with football, he would do this with the literary oeuvre of J.R.R. Tolkien.

                ” Take literature. It is possible to enjoy a work of genre fiction, but the hallmark of the geek is to enjoy only works of genre fiction. Especially when the genre involves elves and muscular lizardmen with laser guns. One could probably go on at length about what makes fantasy and science fiction inferior genres, but to save time their main weakness is that they require no knowledge of any real subject in order to pull off. No homework, in other words, that would involve broadening the reader’s horizon or depicting something the reader could not readily make up on his own. Although fantasy novels often take place in a medieval-like setting, it is a completely contrived, ignorant, preposterous medieval-like setting, with no historical analog and very little internal consistency.

                ” Note: There are exceptions. Tolkien drew a moderate amount from actual scholarship, or at least fantasy scholarship, but made up for it by inventing languages and back stories and imaginary cultures that require a lifetime of study in order to fully appreciate, thus feeding into the geek’s zero-perspective fascination.

                ” Where the geek becomes truly disturbing is in matters of visual aesthetics. His personal appearance, of course, is often weird, repellent, unnerving. When allowed to dress himself the results betray a lack of understanding of his own appearance. Is he fat, bald, dough-faced? You can bet that these qualities will be horrifically exaggerated by his choices in grooming and apparel.

                ” His preferred decor is that of cheap crap–plastic computer cases in the shape of dragon heads, garish poster illustrations of fantasy settings, mismatched discount furniture, etc. It has the same make-do tackiness that is imposed on teenagers still living at home or people earning the minimum wage. But the geek never gives it up; if he makes a comfortable living, he just buys a nicer place in the suburbs and crams all his cheap crap into it.

                ” Worst of all, the geek, despite cutting such a shabby figure, is very self-impressed. He is the first to denigrate other professions, which he assumes require the same slack application and shallow talents as his own does, and the first to denigrate others within his own profession, especially if they threaten his tenuous social standing within his geek circle.

                ” Some questions remain. How do they mate? Is the geek the product of genetic mutation or inherited defect? Politically, is there any viable solution to the geek? I do not seriously entertain the idea of a geek Holocaust–it’s far too early for that expensive and complicated measure. But if geeks were provided with free blow-up dolls in the shape of young Japanese schoolgirls or anthropomorphic squirrels, would they then lose interest in procreation?

                ” Of course this assumes that geek traits come about through a quirk of natural selection. It’s just as likely that radioactive meteorite, some form of undetected childhood illness, or the drinking of ditch water by pregnant women have played a role.

                ” Whatever the case, we can all agree that the geek is an unpleasant and unsightly blight on contemporary society.”

                The basic essence of spergishness is a nominalistic insensitivity to what is more or less essential; the mode of thought that says ‘kill all whites for existing’, and the mode of thought that says ‘not all [x] are like that’, is the same mode of thought. Many frequently observed comorbidities, such as muted disgust reflex, or ambivalence of taste, are downstream epiphenomena thereof.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  Such are our Jacobins, born out of social decomposition like mushrooms out of compost. Let us consider their inner organization, for they have one as formerly the Puritans; we have only to follow their dogma down to its depths, as with a sounding-line, to reach the psychological stratum in which the normal balance of faculty and sentiment is overthrown.

                  When a statesman, who is not wholly unworthy of that great name, finds an abstract principle in his way, as, for instance, that of popular sovereignty, he accepts it, if he accepts it at all, according to his conception of its practical bearings. He begins, accordingly, by imagining it applied and in operation. From personal recollections and such information as he can obtain, he forms an idea of some village or town, some community of moderate size in the north, in the south, or in the centre of the country, for which he has to make laws. He then imagines its inhabitants acting according to his principle, that is to say, voting, mounting guard, levying taxes, and administering their own affairs. Familiar with ten or a dozen groups of this sort, which he regards as examples, he concludes by analogy as to others and the rest on the territory. Evidently it is a difficult and uncertain process; to be exact, or nearly so, requires rare powers of observation, and, at each step, a great deal of tact, for a nice calculation has to be made on given quantities imperfectly ascertained and imperfectly noted!

                  Any political leader who does this successfully, does it through the ripest experience associated with genius. And even then he keeps his hand on the check-rein in pushing his innovation or reform; he is almost always tentative; he applies his law only in part, gradually and provisionally; he wishes to ascertain its effect; he is always ready to stay its operation, amend it, or modify it, according to the good or ill results of the experiment; the state of the human material he has to deal with is never clear to his mind, even when superior, until after many and repeated gropings. —

                  Now the Jacobin pursues just the opposite course. His principle is an axiom of political geometry, which always carries its own proof along with it; for, like the axioms of common geometry, it is formed out of the combination of a few simple ideas, and its evidence imposes itself at once on all minds capable of embracing in one conception the two terms of which it is the aggregate expression. Man in general, the rights of man, social contract, liberty, equality, reason, nature, the people, tyrants, are all elementary conceptions; whether precise or not, they fill the brain of the new sectary; oftentimes these terms are merely vague, sounding words, but that makes no difference; as soon as they meet in his brain an axiom springs out of them that can be instantly and absolutely applied on every occasion and at all hazards.

                  Men as they really are do not concern him. He does not observe them; he does not require to observe them; with closed eyes he imposes a pattern of his own on the human substance manipulated by him; the idea never enters his head of forming any previous conception of this complex, multiform, swaying material — contemporary peasants, artisans, townspeople, curés and nobles, behind their ploughs, in their homes, in their shops, in their parsonages, in their mansions, with their inveterate beliefs, persistent inclinations, and powerful wills. Nothing of this enters into or lodges in his mind; all its avenues are stopped by the abstract principle which flourishes there and fills it completely. Should actual experience through the eye or ear plant some unwelcome truth forcibly in his mind, it cannot subsist there; however obstreperous and telling it may be, the abstract principle drives it out; if need be it will distort and strangle it, on the ground of its being a calumny, as it gives the lie to the principle which is true in itself and indisputable. Manifestly, a mind of this stamp is not sound; of the two faculties which should pull together harmoniously, one is undeveloped and the other over-developed; facts are wanting to turn the scale against the weight of formulae. Too heavy on one side and too light on the other, the Jacobin mind turns violently over on that side to which it leans, and such is its incurable infirmity.

                  Consider, indeed, the authentic monuments of Jacobin thought, the “Journal des Amis de la Constitution,” the gazettes of Loustalot, Desmoulins, Brissot, Condorcet, Fréron and Marat, Robespierre’s and St. Just’s pamphlets and speeches, the debates in the Legislative Assembly and in the Convention, the harangues addresses and reports of the Girondists and Montagnards, in brief, the forty volumes of extracts compiled by Buchez and Roux. Never has so much been said to so little purpose; all the truth that is uttered is drowned in the monotony and inflation of empty verbiage and vociferous bombast. […]

                  It is a pedantic scholasticism set forth with fanatical rant. About one hundred words form its vocabulary, while its ideas are resolved back into one, that of man in himself; society, in their conception of it, consists of so many human units, all alike equal and independent, contracting together for the first time; — this was their conception of society; none could be briefer, for, to arrive at it, man had to be reduced to a minimum. Never were political intellects so dried up, and so wilfully; for it is the attempt to systematise and to simplify which causes their impoverishment. In that respect they follow the method of the century, keeping in the track of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: their mental mould is the classic mould, which mould, already contracted with the late philosophers, is yet more so with them hardened and toughened to excess.

                  The best representatives of the type are Condorcet, among the Girondists, and Robespierre, among the Montagnards, both mere dogmatists and pure logicians, the latter the most remarkable and with a perfection of intellectual sterility never surpassed. In the formation of durable laws, that is to say, in the adaptation of social machinery to characters, conditions, and circumstances, such a mind of all others is certainly the most impotent and the most mischievous, for it is organically short-sighted; and, again, its code of axioms, interposed between it and surrounding objects, shuts off its horizon; beyond its own coterie and club it distinguishes nothing, while in the vagueness and confusion of the distance it sets up the empty idols of its own Utopia. —

                  But when power has to be taken by assault, and a dictatorship arbitrarily exercised, the mechanical rigidity of such a mind is serviceable rather than detrimental. Unlike that of the statesman, it has no drawback, no embarrassment arising from the necessity of making investigations, of respecting precedents, of looking into statistics, of calculating and tracing beforehand in different directions the near and remote consequences of its work as this affects the interests, habits, and passions of diverse classes. All this is superannuated and superfluous; the Jacobin comprehends legitimate government and good laws instantaneously; his rectilinear process is the shortest and most efficient both for destruction and construction.

                  Where calm reflection is required to get at what suits twenty-six millions of living Frenchmen, a mere glance suffices for him to know what is requisite for the human abstractions of the theory; — indeed, according to the theory, men are all shaped to one pattern, nothing being left to them but an elementary will; thus defined, the philosophic automaton demands liberty, equality and popular sovereignty, the maintenance of the rights of man and adhesion to the “Contrat Social.” This suffices: henceforth the will of the people is known, and known beforehand; a consultation among citizens previous to action is not essential; there is no obligation to await their votes. In any event, a ratification by the people is sure; and should this not be forthcoming it is owing to their ignorance, disdain, or malice, in which case their response deserves to be considered as null; the best thing to do, consequently, through precaution and to protect the people from what is bad for them, is to dictate to them what is good for them.

                  In all this, the Jacobin acts in good faith; for the men in whose behalf he claims rights are not flesh-and-blood Frenchmen, as we see them in the streets and in the fields, but men in general, as they ought to be on leaving the hands of Nature, or after the teachings of Reason. As to the former, there is no need of being scrupulous because they are infatuated with prejudices and their opinions are mere drivelling; as for the latter, it is just the opposite: full of respect for the vainglorious images of his own theory, of spectres begotten by his own intellectual contrivance, the Jacobin always will bow down to responses that he himself has provided, for, the beings that he has created are more real in his eyes than living ones and it is their suffrage on which he counts.

                  Accordingly, viewing things in the worst light, he has nothing against him but the momentary antipathy of a purblind generation. To offset this, he enjoys the approbation of humanity, self-obtained; that of a posterity which his acts have regenerated; that of men who, thanks to him, are again become what they should never have ceased to be. Hence, far from looking upon himself as an usurper or a tyrant, he considers himself the natural mandatory of a veritable people, the authorised executor of the common will. Marching along in the procession formed for him by this imaginary crowd, sustained by millions of metaphysical wills created by himself in his own image, he has their unanimous assent, and, like a chorus of triumphant shouts, he will fill the outward world with the inward echo of his own voice.

                  In every doctrine which wins men over to it, the sophistry it contains is less potent than the promises it makes; its power over them is greater through their sensibility than through their intelligence; for, if the heart is often the dupe of the head, the latter is much more frequently the dupe of the former. We do not accept a system because we deem it a true one, but because the truth we find in it suits us. Political or religious fanaticism, any theological or philosophical channel in which truth flows, always has its source in some ardent longing, some secret passion, some accumulation of intense, painful desire to which a theory affords an outlet; in the Jacobin, as well as in the Puritan, there is a fountain-head of this description.

                  What feeds this source with the Puritan is the anxieties of a disturbed conscience which, forming for itself some idea of perfect justice, becomes rigid and multiplies the commandments it believes that God has promulgated; on being constrained to disobey these it rebels, and, to impose them on others, it becomes tyrannical even to despotism. The first effort of the Puritan, however, wholly internal, is self-control; before becoming political he becomes moral. With Jacobin, on the contrary, the first precept is not moral, but political; it is not his duties which he exaggerates but his rights, while his doctrine, instead of being a prick to his conscience, flatters his pride.

                  — Hippolyte Tain, The Origins of Contemporary France, 1881.

                • Aidan says:

                  Lol based. I recall now that when I actually try to engage such a man on the merits of his supposed hobby it is like speaking a different language to him.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                I am better at talking to cops than at talking to normies.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                Jim: All smarties have trouble talking to normies. It is an acquired skill.”

                Double-plus upvoting this. So true. Talking to normies is like gaming women, in the sense that you can simply learn it.

                When I was younger my social skills were oh so very bad. Now apparently I’m charming and outrageously funny. Who knew?

                The hard part, at least for me, was making the mental leap to thinking of talking to normies as a skill. And one that’s worth acquiring. After that mental leap, it’s really not difficult.

                Cominator: “I cannot make polite small talk about trivialities and cannot understand how people can do that”

                Just disengage your internal editor. Small talk with normies is not about exchanging information. It’s about opening and maintaining lines of communication. When you say, “Sure is some weird weather we’re having,” you’ve not actually saying, “Sure is some weird weather we’re having.” You’re saying, “I acknowledge that you’re part of my social world and I like you; let us continue to be part of each other’s social world.”

                You can just yap yap yap about almost anything to fulfill this function.

              • Anonymous says:

                All smarties have trouble talking to normies. It is an acquired skill.

                I doubt that they all have trouble. Good traits are correlated, so a chad is more likely to be smart than some average guy with normal amount of charisma, and a smart chad can talk to talk to normies pretty easily. If he has trouble, it is because of the IQ barrier being too high between himself and the normie, not any major deficiency on the chad’s part. There is a remarkably high concentration on this forum of smart, disagreeable, introverted types who would have trouble talking to normies and would need to consciously practice it to get good at it, but the rest of the world is rather less like that.

                That a smart guy would be uncharismatic is something odd and worth remarking on, and it happens more than you’d expect by chance given that good traits are correlated. Words like “sperg”, “nerd”, “geek”, etc. are for naming this unexpectedly frequent occurrence. So I don’t think these words are enemy demonizations of smart people, they point to something real in the world.

                Autism on the other hand, I do think is an anticoncept that lumps together a bag of low IQ + genetic load traits with mere sperginess. That Aspergers was folded into autism in the fifth edition of the DSM, that is where the attack would be.

                • jim says:

                  > I don’t think these words are enemy demonizations of smart people, they point to something real in the world.

                  What they point to that is real in the world is that school and university is imposing artificially low status onto males that are smarter than their teachers, and smart kids are internalizing this.

                  These are new words, which appeared before the phenomenon existed in order to help create it.

                  The phenomenon being quite new, and the words new, though not quite as new as the phenomenom, you need to ask “Why now?”

                • Adam says:

                  Males who are smarter than their teachers, and low in testosterone are internalizing it. Which obviously includes all pre-pubescent males.

                  The nerd/sperg phenomenon is as much a product of low testosterone as it is anything else. They are being punished for not acting manly. They may know the social conditioning is bullshit, but are not courageous enough to outright dismiss it, as if it did not exist. It still affects their behavior.

                  High testosterone high intelligence males are very difficult to condition, and more or less do as they please.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim dead on.

                • Anonymous says:

                  These are new words, which appeared before the phenomenon existed in order to help create it.

                  The phenomenon being quite new, and the words new, though not quite as new as the phenomenom, you need to ask “Why now?”

                  In Google’s ngram viewer the usage of nerd, geek, dweeb, dork, decays to background noise when you go only as far back as the 1980s. OK, maybe it is new. I’m young, so there’s my blind spot. So 100 years ago there were no nerds? That’s pretty surprising and drives home what a decline in testosterone actually means. No eggheads? Egghead has a peak in 1960 but is down to nothing at the beginning of the 50s.

                • jim says:

                  > So 100 years ago there were no nerds?

                  I was around before the 1980s. When I was a young man there were no nerds.

                  By my recollection, nerds were invented, demonization of smarties, some time a fair bit after 1980, though I am not sure about the date.

                  The decline of testosterone hit the athletes, not the smart.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  FYI the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” came out in 1984. If I recall the term was in use before that. Google ngram viewer shows an inflection point right around 1980.

                • Varna says:

                  If you read the forewords and biographies and interviews of the golden age pulp sci-fi/weird writers of the 1950s, it becomes apparent that the reader core of the magazines and paperbacks was under 200K.

                  If we simplify it becomes a USA with around 150 million people, of which around 150 thousand were regular readers of “It Came From Beyond the Barrier” stuff.

                  Back then I believe this type of interest overlapped to a large extent with the “nerd population” which was obviously minuscule and had to have survival mimicry down to an artform because these were unforgiving gopnik times.

                  And a hefty number of them were likely little first-generation Jews.

                  Today however we have consecutive generations of overvaxed people giving birth to overvaxed people; eating toxic shit; having plastic microparticles in their bloodstreams, lungs, and other organs; artificially addicted to prescription pills from childhood; online smartphone matrix; insane social and media bubble, and so on.

                  This turns more and more of us into damaged warped mutants, and it takes a leap of faith in the self and the world to begin shaking off the programming and start fixing oneself.

                  God’s creations have magnificent resilience when they admit, accept, and embrace that they are God’s creations. The warping evil begins losing its deceptive omnipotence and the roars of the dragon turn out to be the impotent shrieks of faggots and sluts.

            • Adam says:

              I agree with the above. Social skills are built over time often deliberately. It takes 10,000 hours to master something difficult, like a trade. Social skills are like this. Much of being a natural is simply growing up with family that has these skills, so they seem automatic, but really they did put in the time, having to compete in that family.

              You can master your attitude, your perceptions, your actions the same way you can choose to do jumping jacks right now if you like. Social skills are just learning when to use what attitude and actions at the appropriate time.

              You have to start with something to give, like a positive attitude. Social people that like to socialize enjoy meeting the needs of others. Have to listen to people a lot, learn what they like and need, what they respond to, and give them that.

              As a smartie you should have an easier time than most. Your ability to notice little things put you at a distinct advantage over the rest.

              Get rid of your old belief about yourself, and start believing you are what you want to be. Start getting to work on learning how to make people feel good with your words and attitudes. Embrace being uncomfortable. Use every interaction with someone as practice for tomorrow.

              When you reach a certain competency, people will forget you were any other way. The same way people forgot gays are called faggots.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “It takes 10,000 hours to master something difficult, like a trade. Social skills are like this.”

                Doesn’t take 10,000 hours.

                • S says:

                  Smarter people require less time, dumber people require more time, dumb enough will never get it.

                • Adam says:

                  If you wanted to take an average 4chan poster, someone more or less isolated, 10,000 hours seems like a good start if your end goal is to be confident and comfortable talking to anyone at any time, more or less about anything.

                  Jim mentioned internalized low status as a major problem, and that takes a lot of inner work. Establishing your frame, your perspective etc. Eliminating defects of character. Learning how to present yourself, and calibrate yourself.

                  I’m not talking about learning pickup or cold approach. Shucking and jiving is not a strategy for continued success.

                  Your not going from 4chan guy to Tony Robbins in 3-4 years, but you might become someone he would hire on as an assistant coach (or whatever they call it).

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “If you wanted to take an average 4chan poster, someone more or less isolated, 10,000 hours seems like a good start if your end goal is to be confident and comfortable talking to anyone at any time, more or less about anything.”

                  If your goal is to be fluent in any subject, not just 10,000 hours but more than a human lifetime can handle! That’s not what normies do; they just talk about sports, the weather, etc. You don’t need to be able to chat with Albert Einstein about tensor matrices.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              You could start your own blog.

  27. Pooch says:

    Fascinating prediction for the West by a pretty interesting youtuber, who seems to be quite familiar with reactionary and right wing thought on all his videos, in which he lays out what he calls the “Donut Model of Civilizational Collapse”. What are commenters thoughts about this?

    So the West will continue to hollow out and people will continue to flee from the West to these other places. You’ll have millions of Americans leaving going to China, going to Russia, going to Europe, going to Africa, going to South America. Millions of people moving and of course from Europe as well going to China, India, Africa, Russia.

    This happened to Rome. Rome became a ghost town, but the ideas of Rome, the structure of Rome lived on. The Roman Catholic Church survived and provided an ecumenism for Europe and a template for future European confederation in the Holy League, in the Crusades, in the Napoleonic alliance, in Pan-Europeanism, in the League of Nations, in the United Nations, in the European Union, and in NATO.

    So this template is going to continue to exist, the United Nations going to continue to exist, these structures the West set up. English as a lingua franca, the Latin alphabet, a kind of vague human rights going to continue to be appealed to, in a certain respect, the global economy will continue to exist. Technologies will continue to exist.

    The doughnut model, the hollowing out of America, is not about a total collapse. It’s also not about business as usual. Say that Westerners are going to be become increasingly impoverished, degraded, humiliated, desperate, destitute, and shrinking and many of them will look for greener pastures as the conditions in the West decrease.

    They’re going to continue to look outside the West for places to immigrate to. That will include China, Russia, South America, Africa, all these places need technical experts and what the West has that these places don’t have are the best technical experts in the world. The best if you want someone to set up an excellent post-industrial automated farm or a chemical plant or computer chip making factory. Any of those things they’re already using Western experts. They’re going to continue to need them to continue to be valuable. These countries are not going to refuse Western immigrants on jingoistic bases because the Western immigrants are going to be highly skilled.

    I think millions of Westerners from Europe and America are going to leave and they’re going to go to greener pastures once the curve, once things go sufficiently down and the Third World has sufficiently developed, reaches a point where those things two lines intersect and you’re going to see a huge exodus, the same way that you’re seeing exodus of people from California to other states, you’re going to see an exodus of people from America and Europe into China, Russia, India, Africa, and South America.

    And that is going to bring liberal values, post-Christian values, ideas, philosophies, way of life, culture into those places and now those people integrate and assimilate into those countries. You can call it neo-neo-colonialism.

    Colonialism was originally the British go in and they killed the tribal leaders. They take over. They institute colonial war rule, military rule. Neo-colonalism is the British withdraw, now multinational diamond mining companies control everything through private contractors and they kill anyone who disagrees with them.

    Neo-neo-colonialism, which I would argue the first and second phase are actually imperialism and neo-imperialism, will be the West becomes so inhospitable, dirty, disgusting, and dysfunctional that the best and brightest leave and go to China, India, Russia, South America, Middle East, and Africa and they settle there is mass numbers. Millions of people go there. They settle there. They create new lives for themselves.

    Clip of video (but the whole video is interesting):

    • Javier says:

      America is a big place. The big cities will collapse for sure, but other parts will survive and carry on. As states realize they can ignore Washington with no consequence they’ll start to reassert themselves and we’ll quickly see who succeeds and who fails. This is already happening. It used to be dc used federal troops to control the states, now they just use the money spigot. Once that shuts off its game on.

      • Pooch says:

        It used to be dc used federal troops to control the states, now they just use the money spigot. Once that shuts off its game on.

        Yes if the federal government shuts off the money spigot to a state, including deposit insurance, their banks will fail overnight. A prospective state government would need to probably have a replacement for the dollar waiting and ready if they want to succeed.

          • Mr.P says:

            From the article …

            Under the plan, the state would offer the tokens for sale through digital sources for $1 each. The money paid for the tokens would be invested by the treasurer’s office in federal treasury bills. The principal would be used to back the cryptocurrency, but interest from the treasury bills would go into the state’s coffers.

            So still backed by $USD. This solves what exactly?

            • Frank Matters says:

              Most currencies in the world are backed by USD. When the USD dies, they will be backed with something else.

              I’m not sure what you expect, a full declaration of war and a gold backed wyodollar? They killed Gaddafi for such things, and he had more power than the small state of Wyoming. I was just pointing out at least one state is making gestures, however meekly, at their own currency system.

      • Pooch says:

        America is a big place. The big cities will collapse for sure, but other parts will survive and carry on.

        The problem is going to be jobs. Not everyone is going to be able to be a plumber or a software engineer working remotely. If the parts that survive are actually in worse shape than 3rd and 2nd World countries with very little job opportunity, the Donut Model of Civilizational Collapse actually makes a lot of sense.

    • Whitey says:

      > I think millions of Westerners from Europe and America are going to leave and they’re going to go to greener pastures … you’re going to see an exodus of people from America and Europe into China, Russia, India, Africa, and South America.

      This is just more of your usual “everything is hopeless” porn. It’s utterly comical that China, India, or Africa would be seen as “greener pastures” for millions of Americans.

      Except possibly for Chinese moving back to China or Mexicans moving back to Mexico, the above is a pipe dream. Relatively speaking, there’s very little migration within the U.S. Millions and millions of skilled Americans aren’t going to move halfway around the world only to have the same or worse standard of living, when those people could just move to Florida or Wyoming or Alabama.

      As I’ve pointed out before, our enemies are a paper tiger. I’d rather kill myself than let some tranny Shaniqua chase me out of my homeland, and that should be everyone else’s attitude, too.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I tend to agree with your assessment, but consider how many “Americans” are only here for gibbs and privileges. Then think about the 30+ illegals. Then think about the white collar/managerial class. I can definitely see an exodus of the unwilling, should the cities turn into cartel control zones, the rural/exurbs start shooting on sight, and the federal government is exposed as jaybird naked. Imagine this happens over a decade, not some ebbin, overnight collapse. I think it’s possible.

        But I don’t think it’s likely.

        • Whitey says:

          > I tend to agree with your assessment, but consider how many “Americans” are only here for gibbs and privileges.

          Right, most of those are the Mexicans and Chinese I mentioned. The actual American welfare class can’t and won’t go anywhere. No decent country will take them. Hell, most couldn’t even move to Canada.

          > Then think about the white collar/managerial class.

          These people will stay until the bitter end. No other country on the planet would afford them a similar lifestyle for being so useless.

          > I can definitely see an exodus of the unwilling, should the cities turn into cartel control zones, the rural/exurbs start shooting on sight, and the federal government is exposed as jaybird naked. Imagine this happens over a decade, not some ebbin, overnight collapse. I think it’s possible.

          I think it’s the opposite. Millions might flee if there was an overnight collapse, but not if the slow boil continues. Think of how much this country has regressed in the LAST 10 or 20 years, but almost no one has left. Mostly just some Boomer retirees trying to stretch their retirement checks.

          • Pooch says:

            Californians are fleeing California en masse. Imagine that for decades until every state looks like California. At some point there is going to be a cost-benefit analysis to fleeing the US all together.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I want to disagree, but, again, you make a lot of sense. At a general level, there are people here because they ere born here, and there are people here because they decide to be here. As cliche as it sounds, America is a land of opportunities. I think it is entirely possible for circumstances and events to create a brain drain scenario (the Jimian Thesis). I also think the Zeihan Thesis is very much within the realm of possibility (Bretton Woods Paradigm ends, America retrenches and avoids the world at large unless it finds something it wants, conflict and deprivation spread around the globe, and a handful of countries ((Argentina, Turkey, New Zealand, Angola, others)) are uniquely suited to take advantage of the multi-polar state of IR).

            As was pointed out by others, CONUS is a big place. I think the Jimian Thesis with a Druegger Corollary is also possible: brain drain and flight of the independent thinkers and put upon specialists, but flight to states within CONUS, not to other countries. The GAE will probably collapse like the USSR, as in one day it’s there, and the next it is not (or it gets a nuclear war going lol). Then, the governors, CEOs, pastors, and other leaders who are best situated and provisioned take over some of the vacated power complex.

      • jim says:

        I see an exodus of the best people, the inappropriately excluded smarties, who are finding better opportunities in the Chinese hegemony and in Islamic states.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Chinese people and Arab people are learning each others’ languages.

        • ExileStyle says:

          Unless this diaspora forms a group identity as impervious and enduring as the Jews, they will simply intermarry with and rapidly merge with the host population.

          There are not necessarily “better opportunities” in the sense of more money or higher status careers in Europe, but there are lily-white countries where it is possible to live a normal life in a nice city while almost never seeing or thinking about people of other races, which has a remarkably positive effect on quality of life and sanity. Being knee-deep in decades of social democratic rule is more of a bureaucratic nuisance or theoretical problem when virtually everyone around you is a conscientious white person. Even with the massive “refugee” influx, Europe is still way, way whiter than US, and you can feel it in the air and notice it in a million little ways every day.

          In the US, you have to choose between living in a city and living among your own kind. Not so in Europe, for now at least. And in some countries this seems unlikely to change (Hungary, Scandinavia apart from Sweden, e.g.)

          In Hungary, at least, you get the best of both worlds. Racially, your only problem is gypsies (not to be underestimated, but the government and people are wise to them). You’ll have a hard time getting a well-paying job, but if you can work remotely you have a literal imperial capital to live in with gorgeous buildings, gorgeous women, a wonderful cultural life, and a based president who seems to be defaulting into Franco mode. When I lived in Budapest, most of my neighbors were academics and – shocker of my life – all based Orbanites. Like, in the humanities and social sciences. This was before (or in fact part of) my redpilling, and seemed like a kind of baffling category mistake, but showed that a different kind of world is possible with even the minimum of a strong ethnic and national identity.

          As far as Scandinavia, well, they can become lazy degenerate socialists all they want and it’s still nice to live among them, so long as they keep the non-Scandinavians out. Compare Sweden and Denmark. The latter keeps getting in as much trouble as Hungary immigrant-wise, but everyone seems to forget about it because Danes are just so darn nice, and Social Democrats on paper.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            There are states in the US that could imitate or replicate the sections of Europe you’re referencing, but those would become targets to a functioning GAE. Without drones bombing them for insufficient gayness, the geographic aspects of the CONUS lend the region a very natural division of diverse societies. This feature is probably why we’ve lasted so long, and probably why the Cathedral is constantly attempting to mitigate it.

            • ExileStyle says:

              That’s true. Large swaths of Texas outside of the major cities feels like a different country on the ground, as though 2020 – or in some parts the last 40 years – never happened at all.

              Drive into San Antonio or Austin or Houston, though, and welcome to Brooklyn, just hotter and with more cowboy boots.

              Cities in general are probably not great for the soul, diverse or not, but there are phases of life and certain careers where they are necessary, and obviously higher-level civilization requires them. At this moment in history, there is not a single American city with a couple hundred thousand people or more that I can think of that is not a sweltering Sodom of diversity.

              The whitest large city in America is Portland…what does that say about the state of American cities?

              Anyways, my point was more that if one feels the urge to flee America, returning to the temperate climate of one’s ancestors in Europe is still not a terrible choice, especially if one would prefer to interact only with white Europeans and the social institutions designed and run by them.

      • Pooch says:

        This is just more of your usual “everything is hopeless” porn.

        Not my words nor my analysis. I meant to blockquote that text. I’m more optimistic things can be turned around particularly with what Musk has brewing, but it’s an interesting theory nonetheless and shouldn’t be discounted. Even Jim has mentioned fleeing the West on more than one occasion if things reach an unacceptable level of decline.

        I agree with Kunning for the most part.

  28. C4ssidy says:

    Off topic but blog related: it seems that the pill was a type of proto-vax . People are observing large numbers of women with messed up fertility cycles, all being prescribed the pill for period pain in their youth. Years later they are labelled as having “pcos” and resupplied the pill to cover up the damage. The explosion in these fertility problems is unprecedented. It sounds like a mixture of ignorance and malice as with vaccines, with nurses following procedures and top down orders full of evil and malice (for infertility is considered a good thing ) with the rapid increase in pcos diagnosis used as a cover-up. I have had so much personal experience that a young unmarried mother of one bastard is starting to look like a better bet than a virgin, but upon asking around, there is a substantial amount of related personal experience, especially from old women who still have a living memory of these problems being much rarer

    • Frontier says:

      The pill increases a girl’s likelihood of clots as well. I was disturbed how often I saw young patients hospitalized for life threatening Pulmonary embolisms. They get told to go off birth control that contains the progestogen drospirenone afterword so it’s known what is causing the problem, but it’s not something that they’re properly warned about upfront.

      Ties in with what Jim has been saying about how complicated and dangerous messing around with sex hormones is.

  29. suones says:


    If truth is demoralising, it may be time to check your beliefs.

    Regarding Putin, I, a Rus-ophile Imperialist, made a statement of fact regarding Putin’s visit or non-visit to certain places of worship as a tangent to other arguments. Which statement of fact triggered an avalanche of hysteria, and took weeks to percolate down and be grudgingly accepted. Meanwhile, the main point I was trying to make, that we should not blindly trust Putin to be the leader we need, rather than the one we deserve, not repeat the same mistake as with Trump, got flushed in hysterics.

    Regarding “da joos,” I actually find Orthodox Talmudic Jews of Israel as the most agreement capable nation today. Once we made it clear that “Palestine” is not our problem, regardless of what a deranged minority wants, Mossad has not harassed us, and Israel has even sold us weapons as far as the US would allow. Judaism not being a missionary religion focussed on worshipping its Old God has also helped. Israelis have been fun to talk to, even when the subject involves Baphomet or the Nazarene. They essentially view “Christianity” as a Roman plot to out-Jew the Jews out of Judaea, and Talmudism as a reaction to the alarming proliferation of Jewish heresies in Rome and elsewhere. I believe millennia of entropy had weakened Judaism, as it has weakened us, and I also think a “Talmudisation” of Dharmic faith is in order to better fight new threats.

    Regarding the Tsar, Russian elite (including military elite) betrayed their Lord before he abandoned them. No amount of “No TRVE Scotsman”-ing will change that. The only possible exceptions I can discern were those at the front and got dolchstoss-ed, like Vrangel, and Baron Roman, but they were both Germans anyway so I don’t know if that counts. Baron Roman, especially, a Lion among Men, is a personal hero of mine. He had the right idea, but fell victim to cacodemons which abound in Siberia/North Mongolia.

    Not responding to attacks on old, dilapidated windmills lol.

    Oh, and the “Hindu” caste system is anything but. It is a description of human nature, rather than a top-down prescription, rather like we describe wolves as being “alpha,” “beta,” etc., which they, wolves, cannot help any more than we men can. It is ultimately derived from the Aryan castes, as described by Plato, and exists today whether one acknowledges it or not (under influence of “egalitarian” priestly lies), as pointed out by Moldbug. In fact, it irritated me when Moldbug used our terms for his taxonomy, but in retrospect it was a canny move, because it has irritated, and continues to irritate, egalicucks more than it ever troubled me.

    • jim says:

      > Regarding Putin, I, a Rus-ophile Imperialist, made a statement of fact regarding Putin’s visit or non-visit to certain places of worship as a tangent to other arguments. Which statement of fact triggered an avalanche of hysteria,

      Your arguments were silly. Sacrilege against Orthodoxy is now officially illegal in Russia, even merely words that I would cheerfully allow on this blog. Sacrilege against Islam is not. It is a damned good start.

      Putin is not yet at the right destination, but he has set foot firmly on the right path.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      At this point I wouldn’t bother replying to neofugue especially as he thinks the progs did such a great job at potty training their pet niggers that it is preferable to dharmic faiths which he calls demonic.

      Cannot have a rational discussion on that basis. There is no meeting of minds on this aspect.

      You know what is the problem? They are unable to reconcile the universalism/implicit egalitarianism of Christianity with reactionary beliefs. They keep falling back on egalitarianism almost instinctively. The deceitful ways that missionaries have converted browns and other races of Africa and Asia to Christianity is not addressed by Jim.

      If orthodox/Jimian Christianity prohibits or at least does not encourage evangelism, Jim should specifically say so. But does the Bible allow that? Please clarify.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        He is not falling back on egalitarianism. He picked the lowest possible class of the lowest race(besides maybe Australian Bushmen) and pointed out that they are tameable, however poorly. The point is in the contrast. If you are such a glorious Aryan race, then why the fuck are so many people shitting on the streets? Why are they so dirty? There is a problem there, which is what he is pointing out. Some things are universal, like sanitation being good. However, some things are not universal, like actually practicing sanitation.

        • If the West/Whites the epitome of civilization then where did we get this from?

          And unisex public toilets?

          Do I judge jimian Christianity on the basis of abominations like that? So why do you judge Traditional Hinduism on the basis of the street shitting class?

          • Adam says:

            Are street shitters demon worshippers? Are they defecting from your faith? Why are they shitting in the street?

            If they more closely adhered to your faith, would this solve the problem?

            • Dharmicreality says:

              The point is if street shitting was our worst problem we would gladly take it.

              Unfortunately it’s not.

              We didn’t invent drag queen story hour and our army doesn’t fight wars so that little girls in Afghanistan can learn to put a condom on a banana.

              • Ghost says:

                So this is the Overton Window that vibrancy brings to Western Civilization. We debate the relative strengths and weaknesses of street shitting.

                Think I’ll take my dog for a walk and have it crap in the neighbors yard.

              • jim says:

                Christians did not invent those things either.

                Those are, for Indians, foreign imports by a hostile state religion that worships Demons. Hinduism has a woefully poor record over the past two millennia of resisting demon worship, Christianity an impressive record.

                At the time of the fall of the Republic, Romans still had a religion with a far stronger claim to be a direct derivative of the original Aryan faith and close to the original Aryan faith than Hinduism does, and its faith was massively infested by demons.

                Looks like the original Aryan faith became demon infested at the time of decline of Bronze Age civilization, though the winning barbarian populations had a far lesser problem, and were closer to the original faith, than were the civilized peoples, so the fall of civilization enabled some recovery of that faith.

                • i says:

                  The most primitive faith of all peoples around the world is Worship of the All-Father the uncreated God that originated all existence:

                  Ironically the Nomadic peoples and the most primitive tribes of today retain the most purity of the worship of the One True God.

                  They are the least demon infested of all peoples in the world. Their religion is invariably of a most high moral tone.

                  And idolatry was forbidden. They respected the God that didn’t want any form representing him for that would degrade his overwhelming glory.

                  Then there is the fact that many of them retained the flood myth of Noah. The Patriarch of the Post-flood peoples of the world.

              • i says:


                “We didn’t invent drag queen story hour and our army doesn’t fight wars so that little girls in Afghanistan can learn to put a condom on a banana.”

                What do you expect from those who hate Christianity and invert its values.

                The prohibition against faggotry and promiscuity is reversed by those people resulting in what you say.

                Its all about inversion.

          • Ghost says:

            Still on the topic of street shitting.

            This must really be getting to you. They’re just pulling your chain.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            The problem that you face is that street shitting and trannies are not comparable. Trannies are abominations that are mere years old, and resisted by even many of the NPCs, who have broken from their permifted script because it bothers them so much. Things like drag queen story hour inflame the normie who would otherwise nod at the official religion and go about his day.

            The sanitation problems facing India signal a much deeper problem. Comfort with filth being permitted by the upper classes, and a general lack of care for communities is normative. Nevermind that it is primarily the lower classes doing this. Why the fuck have the upper classes dealt with it? You can go to some of the poorest, lowest class areas in White America and they would be disgusted by shit on the streets. Why is there not more disgust from your people. With that said, props to Modi for acting on this. Change starts from the top.

            • Jehu says:

              I find it hard to have much criticism for Modi. He actually gives a rat’s ass about the welfare of Indians, even the lower caste ones and he’s doing what he can within the envelope given him.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Modi seems to have everything under control, and is not making the kinds of mistakes that Trump did. I find his running of India, as little as it is that I know of it, to be quite admirable.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  My biggest fear is that Modi suffers from normality bias just like Trump. I hope he sees the enemies for what they are and prepares for 2024.

                • Jehu says:

                  He’s not facing anywhere near of the impossible situation that Trump was and is. The Republicans would have cheerfully impeached him at any time during his term if they had half an excuse. They just wanted to do it with sufficient cover to not totally ‘Whig’ them. Modi’s position is intrinsically a lot better. The BJP actually mostly supports him.

            • I know they re not comparable.

              Unlike tranny worship, Street shitting is not a radical faith that is being exported to all parts of the world by threat of force backed by the might of GAE.

              Point is, blaming street shitting on old type Hinduism is as absurd as blaming tranny worship on old type Christianity.

              That said, tranny worship is only a symptom of deeper rot.

              • Aryaman says:

                The reason I think Hinduism as it is has something to do with street shitting — or rather, unsanitary behavior because I don’t think street shitting is a literal problem — is that it is not a problem in Sri Lanka, and it is not a problem in Pakistan.

                Obviously, it is not a problem with old type Hinduism, but is a problem with the Hinduism prevailing in much of India today.

      • i says:

        “If orthodox/Jimian Christianity prohibits or at least does not encourage evangelism, Jim should specifically say so. But does the Bible allow that? Please clarify.”

        Russian Orthodoxy even in its old form is evangelical. As in the great commission to make disciples of all Nations always applied.

        “The deceitful ways that missionaries have converted browns and other races of Africa and Asia to Christianity is not addressed by Jim.”

        Because Heretics are also trying to make converts alongside the genuine Old type Christians.

        • suones says:

          Russian Orthodoxy even in its old form is evangelical. As in the great commission to make disciples of all Nations always applied.

          Thank you for the frank answer. Evangelism is inherent in Christianity, of course, as the Prussians and Kievan Rus found out. To think otherwise is folly.

          I also know that “National Churches” have long been condemned as phyletism, with no adequate explanation here as to how “National Orthodoxy” isn’t phyletism.

          • Oog en Hand says:


            Originally a Baltic language, related to Lithuanian. In some ways closer vto Sanskrit than e.g. Farsi.

          • jim says:

            One universal Church with one city pre-eminent, and the emperor pre-eminent over the lords, is an ancient part of the Christian tradition. But collegial affiliation of the largely independent Churches of largely independent priesthoods in separate cities also part of that tradition. Parts not always easy to reconcile.

            Peace of Westphalia is the pre-eminence of each sovereign with each nation. These are close to being contradictory positions, with the command to evangelize inevitably resulting in conflict, for if each sovereign can spread his state religion he can increase his power. And we now have nuclear weapons, though the events that led to the peace of Westphalia revealed impressive capacity to destroy each other even without them. Rather obviously, sovereigns need to accept the peace of Westphalia, because with nukes, war is even more inadvisable, and holy wars have been extremely destructive even back when we had to chop each other up by hand. We now have impressively more efficient means for destroying each other. Christians have always been commanded “Peace on Earth to all men of goodwill”, which the Peace of Westphalia interprets and applies as “do not undermine the power and authority of another sovereign’s state religion within that sovereign’s state.”

            So if both Caesars observe the peace of Westphalia, the Christian Church is forbidden to meddle. If one or the other does not …

            The problems you have in India are in substantial part the very ancient decadence and demon worship within your own religion, millennia ancient, but primarily the comparatively recent successful efforts of Harvard, the officially unofficial priesthood of the Global American Empire, to converge you. The problems we have in Christianity are downstream of a bunch of Socinians, in large part the postChristian ideological descendants of the Christian Brownists, subverting and converging Christianity to a non trinitarian faith, in which Jesus is Jesus the Jewish community organizer, impressively enlightened for his time, but now we are much more enlightened than he was. He replaced the Law of Gnon with something much better, and we are now improving it further with drag queen story hour.

            The Christianity that gave us science, technology, industrialization, and empire was fine. The Hinduism that lost your technological and mathematical superiority and got you conquered by one empire after another was not fine. If you want to fix Hinduism, your problems are considerably bigger and more ancient than Harvard.

            If a sovereign observes the peace of Westphalia, the true Church is going to restrain its evangelism to measures that do not subvert the religious authority of another sovereign. If one or the other sovereign fails to observe the peace of Westphalia …

            For example after crushing the never ending war of Dar al Islam against Dar al Harb, we saw each empire, the British and the Russians, seeking to adopt groups of Christians within Islam, and conflicting over which empire got to do the adoption, making it obvious that they were applying Christianity to subvert Islam and extend the power of their respective empires, a measure totally consistent with Christ’s command to evangelize. And we simultaneously saw each empire obstructing the other empire’s adoption, unavoidably protecting the religious authority of Islamic leaders in the process, an action totally inconsistent with the command to evangelize. Not a violation of the peace of Westphalia, because Dar al Islam is never at peace with Dar al Harb, unless subject to adequate terror, adequate terror being levels of terror that make Christians rightly uncomfortable, but it led to Christian empires violating the peace of Westphalia with each other, and violating the command of peace on earth to all men of goodwill.

            Your concern that the Christian Church might well ally with Mohammedanism against Hinduism is silly. The true Church will never do that, because Mohammedanism always stabs such alliances in the back. The Peace of Westphalia is possible with Hinduism, particularly if Hinduism has nukes. It is never going to fly with Mohammedanism, and even less if Iran has nukes. In the end, there is likely to be nuclear war between Christianity and Mohammedanism, if nuclear war between Harvard and Orthodoxy does not bite first, as it likely will.

            If Hinduism does not have nukes, and Christianity does, then yes, Christianity is likely to do what it has always done, but it is not going to do so in concert and cooperation with Mohammedanism.

            • I appreciate your attempt to assuage our concerns regarding whether you would respect Westphalian peace though you have qualified it with a lot of ifs and buts. That is actually most of what I am concerned with. You may take it that our Hinduism will be behind the protection of nukes and will respect mutual Westphalian peace.

              On the demon infestation of Hinduism we disagree and I have already argued repeatedly why I disagree and I am not going to repeat them here. You may leave us to internally decide on that aspect. What I hate is the GAE or its satellites and globohomo media lecturing India on religious tolerance while simultaneously sowing social disharmony through NGOs, Christian or secular.

              On a side note, there is a very definite rightward shift In Indian politics since Modi coming to power, actually calling for Hinduism to be recognized as the state religion of India which was not within the Overton window even a decade ago:

              Yes, the article is a somewhat cucked and “liberal” version of our vision of Hindu rashtra but the very fact that a voice in a mostly cathedral controlled mainstream publication expresses such heresy against the official state religion of holy secularism itself is a big step.

            • suones says:


              An excellent Common Minimum Programme. We have a point of agreement, at last.

              > Iran

              I have grand plans for that. Let’s see who the gods favour.


              Certainly, such a thing even appearing in TOI blogs (which is more free-ish than the actual paper, but not vastly so) is a sign of the shifting of the Overton Window.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                I read the article, somewhat condensed in the actual newpaper before finding it online.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                A Persian Christian empire would be a great way to keep the Arabs in line until they can be genocided and selectively bred to not be a bunch of fucking retards. Persians have a pretty solid stock and good organization even by European standards, so it should not be terribly hard to do.

                • i says:

                  Where Christianity took hold alongside other social technologies:

                  There was de facto Eugenics in terms of raising IQ. First by Patriarchy making the selection for IQ on the part of Men having to be providers as well as protectors as Heads of their household.

                  Playing a large role in the expansion of the middle class and displacing and edging out the lower classes. Christianity also would tend to reduce slavery over the course of its influence which would increase eugenic pressure.

                  If a slave is a brother or sister in Christ that would cause 2nd and 3rd order impacts down the line in impacting slavery.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >no adequate explanation here as to how “National Orthodoxy” isn’t phyletism.

            Rather, is there anything more necessary than the same confidence that would declare post-protestant unitarianism to be ‘true christianity, properly understood’, too in the stead of which confidently declare that No Bishop, No King?

            A would-be detractor could instead make his case; what are the charges, and why does he think they are a problem?

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      You used the facts of the matter like a Jew would. Specifically, meticulously, and with intent to deceive. You spoke the strict truth and tried to make it something it was not. You have followed up by trying to defend the lie by insisting that what you said was technically the truth, no matter how twisted the framing. All the while condemning Christianity as a Semetic religion.

      You said that I gave Christianity credit for works done by Aryans that could not be done by any other Christian group, but your supposedly Aryan culture never manage to do them, either. I am not insecure in the face of Aryan culture because it’s heyday was long past a millenia ago. The only real threat to my Anglo-Christian culture is the Russo-Christian culture the post-Christian, American-residing Anglos, Jews, and Indians are provoking. Even then, the likelihood is that a military defeat handed to the unholy alliance of Progressives, Jews, and Indians is going to permit me and those like me to In Hoc Signo Vinces a pretty large portion of our former holdings.

      I am not a Greek or a Roman. I am an Anglo-Saxon, a Scandinavian, and an American. All the glories of the old Aryan gods that my ancestors worshiped were long dead when Christ was brought to my cold, wet ancestral island. The pagans of Briton were worshipping demons, not ancestors. Modern pagans are pozzed faggots, that also worship demons. Your “Aryan ancestor worship” has an uncomfortable amount of demons and smells like sulfur. Dharmicreality insists there is an older, less corrupt version of Hinduism with fewer demons, and it is only fair to offer him the same belief in the core nature of his religion that he offers me.

      For your bad faith arguments, I hereby dub you Jew-ones.

      • jim says:

        > You [suones] used the facts of the matter like a Jew would.

        Exactly so.

      • I think you do an injustice to suones here.

        His invoking Putin’s visit of certain places of faith was in the context of his concerns that Christianity had this tendency to suddenly ally with Baphomet and betray its older allies. He very much wants an alliance with Jimian Christianity if at all possible and he merely cited certain historic instances of Christians betraying their allies to Baphomet.

        Suones has repeatedly stated here that Moloch and Baphomet are the civilizational enemies of Dharmic faiths, which I agree with.

        We do want an alliance with Jimian Christianity in our fight against common enemies if at all possible.

        But if not possible, we are ready to fight alone.

        (In that context, the bringing up of street shitting topic whenever the theological debate occurs here smells strongly like low effort shill attempts to divide us by muddying the waters).

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          No, I do not think I am being unfair in the slightest. When shown that he was misrepresenting the situation, he instead doubled down. If he had been arguing in good faith, they he would not have fallen back on technicalities and legalism. That shows bad faith discussion, and it is a behavior that is usually seen in Jews. Henceforth he shall be known as Jew-ones, until he stops behaving in such a Semetic fashion.

        • jim says:

          > Suones has repeatedly stated here that Moloch and Baphomet are the civilizational enemies of Dharmic faiths, which I agree with.

          You are arguing that we should not take the immediate implications of his argument, which were stupid, offensive, and untrue, but the broader implications of his argument.

          OK then. Let us look at the general context and general implications.

          When you say Moloch and Baphomet in a piece that discusses their mortal worshipers, it is unclear which worshipers of which faiths you refer to.

          Moloch and Baphomet are demons that appear in diverse guises. The faith for which abortion at female whim is a holy sacrament is obviously of Moloch, who has a thing for getting worshipers to sacrifice their own children. Agamemnon, who was of Greek Bronze age urban civilization though allied with the sea peoples, and whose faith was far more plausibly and directly derived from the original Aryan religion than Hinduism is, was obviously worshiping Moloch, who rewarded him the backhanded fashion that demons are apt to reward their worshipers for their sacrifices.

          In that abortion is the major form of birth control in Russia, and is under female control, that is rather obviously sacrifice to Moloch, which is indeed disturbing. But in the context when Suones and you are laying into Christianity in general and Orthodoxy in particular, sounds like you are complaining that Russian Orthodoxy is converged from God to Moloch. Which it is. But it is daily less converged, and Putin’s actions have a great deal to do with that. Christianity is rising from the dead, again, behind the shield of Russian nukes.

          The general substance and effect of Suones argument was that Putin is of Moloch, and allied with Baphomet. Putin is alarmingly converged and normality biased, but he is the man who is actively resisting the forcible expansion of the faith of Global American Empire. It also has the substance and effect that Christ is of Moloch and/or Baphomet, which is offensive and stupid.

          “Street shitters” is an entirely relevant and appropriate reply, because it bears directly on the decadence and corruption of Hinduism. At least when our cities get street shitters, it is a result of people who are more or less openly enemies of Christ, Christianity and Christians.

          • OK, you keep stating that suones argues in bad faith by conflating converged Christianity with Jimian/Orthodox Christianity, but in the same token, you consistently refuse to acknowledge our stand distinguishing old traditional Hinduism from the present decadent Hinduism and that is why I object to the “street shitting” low effort schoolboyish insults.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              How old are we talking when we say old, traditional Hinduism? Present, decadent Hinduism obviously permits the street shitting, and Modi, who I understand to be a more traditional sort is acting against the street shitters, but when and how did street shitting come to be? How do things ever get that bad without centuries of mishandling?

              It took decades after pretty open demon worship started to crop up for street shitting to become common in American cities, and that is still mostly only the province of the more degenerate immigrant classes and the mentally defective. Furthermore, it is restricted to only the most corrupt and degenerate cities in America. Perhaps I am giving historical European cities too much credit, but we have sewers that have been around for centuries to try and keep things under control. Public baths were also a common institution in medieval cities. Keeping shit and filth to a minimum has been a goal for basically as long as European civilization has existed.

            • i says:

              “OK, you keep stating that suones argues in bad faith by conflating converged Christianity with Jimian/Orthodox Christianity,”

              Well Suones did say Baphomet/Yahweh as the same thing. We do know that by saying “Yahweh” he is referring to the Trinity of Christianity.

              • suones says:

                Minor quibble: Baphomet is the god worshipped by the Ishmaelites. Yahweh is the god worshipped by the Israelites. Both insist theirs is the One True God, so I avoid that debate when referring to Semitic affairs.

                Jimian Christians here usually refer to their One True God as “God,” so to avoid throwing shade on that deity I avoid mention of “God,” instead using Semitic terms. I posted a taxonomy some time back. If I find it I’ll turn it into a blogpost.


                • Frank Matters says:

                  You talk of gods as if you’re playing a shitty RPG. Fuck off with this low IQ larping nonsense. “You see *my* god is stronger and more adapted to my people and *your* god is a liar and *my* god does this and *your* god sucks.” This is foolishness, this is the philosophy of a low apelike man. You are projecting the social structure you live in onto the nature of Being itself, which is beyond all of this.

                  This is why the Sakya Buddha had to invent his method of teaching, because you wordcel retards have convinced yourself of unreality, too attached to the sounds you squeak and the scratches you make.

                • i says:

                  In the Scriptures YHVH which is derived from the Hebrew in(Book of Exodus 3:14-15) in which God says: “I AM THAT I AM”. or “I AM”.

                  So by referring to Yahweh. Then its quite apparent you are talking about Jesus Christ and the rest of the Trinity.

                  I know that you like other Pagans really have a problem with God choosing the blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to reveal himself to. After divorcing all Humanity at the Tower of Babel for rebellion.

                  But believe me. This is the best possible scenario in terms of God achieving the salvation of people all around the world.

                  Given how many predictions of demonic activities that would be no doubt foreknown. This world is the best scenario compared to others.

                  And as I posted elsewhere about the parable of the house that was cleansed and then more demons move in afterwards.

                  The demonic Kingdom always focuses most of their efforts in opposing God. So wherever God shows up the worst of the demons will try their greatest efforts to corrupt the most the people who God makes the most use of. If said people end up rebelling.

                  Be glad its the Semitics that took one of the team so speak. Because other people who are more powerful and noble will be targeted in other scenarios and the situation will be all the worse for it.

                • jim says:

                  > I know that you like other Pagans really have a problem with God choosing the blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to reveal himself to.

                  Gnon is a tribalist. In the age of patrilineal biological tribes he chose a patrilineal biological tribe. In the age of synthetic faith based tribes, he created a synthetic faith based tribe.

                  If Christianity is not tribalist, if Christians are not tribal, not Christian.I see businesses that show a marked preference for contractors that share their faith and go to their Church, because you need to be able to trust a contractor.

                • You're a liar says:

                  >I see businesses that show a marked preference for contractors that share their faith and go to their Church, because you need to be able to trust a contractor.

                  You do not. Mormons have the highest rate of confidence schemes per capita in the USA, specifically because of this, specifically because it makes it easy to take advantage of coreligionists. It is an open secret among Mormons that one should not go into business with another Mormon because the risks of being taken advantage of due to religious sympathy induced blindness are so high.

                  Israeli Jews have the same problem.

                  All this is well known and well documented and extensively remarked upon if you care to look.

                  It is precisely for this reason that in my local area the Mexican contractors are outcompeting the Amerikaner ones, because the Amerikaners depend on good ol’ boy networks, while the Mexicans depend on quality work and word of mouth.

                  Exactly and totally the opposite of what you claim. And you will tell me not to believe my lying eyes.

                  If there is a God, he damns you for your lies.

                • jim says:

                  You are posting from an alternate reality, probably the reality where black people live in fear of white thugs and coeds are distressed because of the number rapes by high status frat boys.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Mormons like Freemasons are not supposed to screw over each other and as far as I know are pretty good about not screwing over each other because they can call everyone else to take revenge if they do. They don’t necessarily refrain from screwing over outsiders.

                  Jews otoh tend to act more as you describe, they trust other jews not to screw over each other but they lack the enforcement of not screwing each other over so some jews like Bernie Madoff take advantage of this to screw other jews…

                • Adam says:

                  Mexican contractors are a symptom of entropy. They get the work that whites do not want, from customers who cannot afford to pay a white to do it.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > It is precisely for this reason that in my local area the Mexican contractors are outcompeting the Amerikaner ones, because the Amerikaners depend on good ol’ boy networks, while the Mexicans depend on quality work and word of mouth.

                  Rich people hire Mexicans because the one competent aging white boomer is backlogged for another three weeks and they wish to assuage their feelings of guilt by being not-rayciss. I have seen White homeowners refuse to recognize substandard Mexican contractor work in front of their eyes.

          • You are very quick to point out that people who bear Crhistian names and identify as Christians but spout the Progressive creed as enemies of Christianity and Christ, but by the same token you consistently refuse to acknowledge our stand that the state of India today is a result of enemies of Hinduism and Dharma even if they bear Hindu names and identify as Hindus.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Our problem is that when our demons kill Christianity, they move pretty quickly to dispense with the Church. Your demons seem to hang out a lot longer. It has been 157 years since the conquest of America by Harvard and Yale. Christianity has been fighting and losing a rearguard action for that entire time. Progressive churches are dying, and only the constant entryism of Progressives gives them any religious cover whatsoever.

              I do not see that same fight in Hinduism. The decadent Hinduism seems to be very old, predating the British conquest of India by centuries. There appears to be more willingness to allow demons in and let them inhabit the Hindu pantheon. It could just be because I am not as well-versed in Hindu culture as I am Christian culture, but your problems seem to be very old, and the symptoms of those problems indicate that they have been problems for a very long time, as well.

              • i says:

                “Our problem is that when our demons kill Christianity, they move pretty quickly to dispense with the Church. Your demons seem to hang out a lot longer.

                Your demons seem to hang out a lot longer. ”

                When you read the Book of Revelation.

                Jesus Christ is in the Business of shutting down demon infested Churches that don’t repent.

                5 of the 7 Churches in Asia that is mentioned in Revelation has died out. Only 2 is still remaining.

                “I do not see that same fight in Hinduism. The decadent Hinduism seems to be very old, predating the British conquest of India by centuries. ”

                From the very beginning Christians were going ape shit about heresy. Arianism, Gnosticism and other attempted demonic infiltrations were fought vigorously.

                As Paul said: “If anyone even an Angel preaches another Gospel, let him be Anathema”

                But the subversion has still managed to happen. But on the other hand God has been removing the diseased branches quite vigorously.

            • jim says:

              The rot goes back far further than you acknowledge.

              And whenever Suones starts shitting on Christianity I raise this point. That you have a very ancient demon infestation. If you don’t want us pissing on Hinduism, stop pissing on Christianity. Christianity you keep pointing out, came to us through the Jews, who got cursed for a reason. Well, Krishna worship came through the inferior demon worshiping races that the original Aryans conquered. I would rather the Jews.

      • suones says:

        This exchange has been most enlightening. I see that there remains much to do in Europe. I’ve stumbled upon the first hatefact in reaction, where the truth of the matter becomes secondary to the alleged belief of the person making it. From outright denial to grudging acceptance, anything to avoid addressing the actual point of the argument.
        > Jew

        Why thank you! Talmudisation is the proven way by which an Old Belief has been nurtured and brought into the modern era, which is worthy of study and good points worth emulating for us.

        I am also mildly amused that “Jew” is somewhat a catch-all term of abuse, without referring to any specific Jew, which definition doesn’t include the revered Kissinger, for example.


        Russia’s 2013 anti “blasphemy” law is actually religion-neutral, and is based on “not hurting the religious sentiments of people.” We have such a blasphemy law in India as well, with the result that it is used by Baphometans ten times more frequently than us. If you’re aware of some new Orthodox blasphemy law please share.


        Re: street-shitting

        This is an “Indian problem” manufactured specifically because we are Hindu. Despite being, in relative terms, less prevalent than in Pakistan, North West Africa, or even Vietnam and Philippines (according to the same cucked globohomo statistics quoted here[1]), it is uniquely applied to us as a method of reducing status. Brother Dharmicreality, and indeed Modi himself, is vulnerable to rhetorical attacks and has responded in good faith to no avail.

        The plan is similar — take a culture you hate, identify what the worst individuals there are doing, and derail the debate. Thus, Amerikaner gun-activists are judged by the latest school shooting, Trumpian vote-fraud realists are judged by the Kraken, NASA space-foolery sceptics are judged by Flat Earth-ism, 9/11 troofism, the list goes on and on. And we are judged by open-defecation by <10% (a more generous figure than UN, because I'm a generous man) of the worst of our proles. I could use the same technique, with better rhetoric than Dharmicreality, regarding dRag Queen Story hour and faggotry, both being recognisd and supported by the leaders of society and religion (Biden and the Pope)[1]. But I won't, so as to not fan flames in our host's house.

        This is such a common rhetorical technique that I made a blogpost about it[2]. Engaging with it is a mistake. It's best to invoke Suones' Lemma to the Corollary to Godwin's Law[3] here.

        [1] The things which attracted my to explore Russian Orthodoxy in the first place were the resistance to "gay propaganda," and Pussy Riot, which was also the time I came upon Jimblog.



        • The Cominator says:

          India gets singled out bc of a notorious 4chan post where an indian poster mentioned “designated shitting streets” but India at least b4 Modi was supposed to be pretty bad on this.

          We know Bengal (aka Bangladesh) is probably worse.

          As for Hinduism intellectually Hinduism is a pretty sound religion… but the social aspects and the pantheon seem demon infested. You should focus on why rather than shrieking denials and attacking all aspects of christanity. Your friend Dharmicreality i find is a bit more level headed on this…

        • Skippy says:

          This is coap. India stinks. Everywhere.

          No one is doubting Bangladesh also stinks.

        • jim says:

          > From outright denial to grudging acceptance, anything to avoid addressing the actual point of the argument.

          The actual point of your argument as every Christian on this blog understood it to be, was wildly false, and instead of defending it, you wander all over the place muddying the waters, and Talmudically splitting hairs over irrelevant technicalities.

          If your argument had a defensible point that was not what we understood it to be, you would tell us what it was, instead of emitting a vast cloud of squid ink with random irrelevant, and usually absurd, insult piled on insult.

          You are taking up a whole lot of space with no apparent point, and random hostile irrelevancies.

          And the best answer to all of these irrelevant hostile distractions, which wander all over the place, is “demon worshiping street shitters, who got conquered almost by accident by traders looking for condiments to improve the flavor of British food.”

          Christianity was a good religion a few centuries ago. The Hindu religion has not been a good religion for millennia. It is not original Aryan religion any more than sixth century Judaism was the Judaism of Solomon or the Hasmoneans, and modern western neopaganism is based on dim memories of an ancient religion that had long gone to crap before the time that they are unsuccessfully attempting to recover.

        • i says:

          “Why thank you! Talmudisation is the proven way by which an Old Belief has been nurtured and brought into the modern era, which is worthy of study and good points worth emulating for us.

          I am also mildly amused that “Jew” is somewhat a catch-all term of abuse, without referring to any specific Jew, which definition doesn’t include the revered Kissinger, for example.”

          Why are so many Jews the worst enemies of God? This is an explanation:

          Luke 11:24-26
          24When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25On its return, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and dwell there. And the final plight of that man is worse than the first.”

          2 Peter 2:20-21
          “20If indeed they have escaped the corruption of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, only to be entangled and overcome by it again, their final condition is worse than it was at first. 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than to have known it and then to turn away from the holy commandment passed on to them. ”

          When demons have been purged from people and a culture. Manifold more demons will move back in when said culture abandons Christianity.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I’m not dogpiling, but I’d like to point out that street shitting was pointed out in reference to a sanitation discussion. Yes, Suones of the Nose had just, yet again, stirred up unnecessary Pagan silliness, but I’m failing to see how this is the completely real D&C tactic of attacking Dharmabros by derailing with street shitting.

          This is unfortunately reinforcing the Hebrew Tactics charge, because it is an oft used tactic to cry out “Antisemitic” when a valid point is made about actual problems abetted, fomented, or perpetuated by Jews (migrants in Europe).

          Suones, you again made an assault on Christianity. You did so to a group of people who, probably moreso than any other, is very much aware of the skin suit modern Christianity has become. No one here is denying the suboptimal state of our shared faith. Pretending like paganism is relevant and an actual alternative dumb and unhelpful.

          Please remember, I unwittingly assisted anti-Dharmabro shills, using the street shitting tool. It was pointed out, I acknowledged my complicity, and I apologized, precisely because it was an unwitting attack on an ally. Maybe it’s a function of my recognized position on the IQ scale here, but it’s not hard for me to admit mistakes and attempt to apologize. While not at all trying to use humility as a cudgel (a highly damaging tactic used by entryists against Christianity), I do think you, amongst many others here, might benefit from just a bit of it. Maybe not, maybe there’s a better path towards productively developing better ties between the Dharmic and the Faithful. But it never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of honestly applied humility can go a long way toward stable rapprochement.

          • someDude says:


            We understand and appreciate your stance.

          • suones says:

            Very true, and thank you for your kindness, friend.

          • Neofugue says:

            Men of differing faiths can agree to disagree and team up against a common foe, but these alliances always fall apart once said common foe is defeated. The alliance between the West and the Soviet Union fell apart shortly after the defeat of Germany.

            You did not initiate the subject of street shitting, but you did prompt Suones into openly stating he “couldn’t care less” about street shitting. Unless he issues a retraction, his comment will follow him whenever and wherever he posts.

            • jim says:

              > Men of differing faiths can agree to disagree and team up against a common foe, but these alliances always fall apart once said common foe is defeated.

              That said, we do have a common foe. It is time to team up and avoid focusing on our differences.

              Suones wants to revive a religion that was decadent a very long time ago, The Western neopagans want to revive a religion that was decadent a very very long time ago. We want to revive a religion that was vital and alive three centuries ago.

              • Neofugue says:

                Suones is not interested in teaming up against the common foe:

                I’m only writing this for the benefit of lurkers. I harbour no delusions of any alliance with Christians against Baphomet or Prog or both. In fact, “missionaries” here cannot be distinguished between those spreading “Christianity” or “Prog” — it seems all prog to me…To prevent Christians from betraying me, I will refuse to make any accomodation with them.

                He is only here to stir up discord and spew vitriol.

                • Frank Matters says:

                  I believe something about cheeks and miles is relevant here. I am willing to go along if hinduposters stay on topic, past misdeeds forgiven so long as they remain past and are not brought again to the present.

                • Perhaps you missed his latest reply to Jim:

                  All we want is recognition of Westphalian peace towards Hinduism and India. Which Jim seems ok for.

                  If you have read his post and still stick by your point you seem much less accommodating on this aspect.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > All we want is recognition of Westphalian peace towards Hinduism and India. Which Jim seems ok for.

                  If cooperation was the only thing Suones wanted, he would have acted in an diplomatic manner instead of attacking us.

                  The peace of Westphalia was an agreement made between Roman Catholics and Protestants, not Orthodox, to avoid devastating holy war. It is neither a religious commandment I am obliged to follow nor an assurance I have any authority to give.

                  That being said, I hold no animosity towards Hindus and Hinduism, so if Hindus are willing to act accordingly I see no reason why we cannot ally against a common foe.

              • Pooch says:

                We want to revive a religion that was vital and alive three centuries ago.

                To play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, why is this better than what Augustus did? Augustus attempted to revive the Roman state religion of three centuries before him that was vital and alive in order to restore the birth rate of native Romans. Seems like his efforts had negligible effect.

                Why did he fail and why will not make the same mistake?

                • Pooch says:


                • Redbible says:

                  If my understanding is correct, many people believe that they are Christians, even if what they actually worship is a skin suit.

                  Also evidence suggest that there are some small groups that believe in a Christianity that is close enough to what we believe to work with.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Augustus failed to revive the elite birthrate probably because

                  A) He seemed to blame the low elite birthrate on the idea that elite roman men didn’t want to marry and just wanted to fuck slavegirls rather than women being evasive

                  B) To the extent men were to blame in the senate class only its because the Roman cursus honorum was ruinously expensive and few could afford multiple sons

                • jim says:

                  > To play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, why is this better than what Augustus did?

                  The reasons for Augustus’s failure are sufficiently well known and uncontroversial that they were briefly depicted in the show “Rome”, though they are “controversial” in the sense that respectable historical sources now find them unmentionable.

                  Roman religion full of demons. Augustus wants to revive the virtue of the Old Republic. Promptly marries another man’s wife, who has already had a child with another man. Demons still there, collapse of marriage and family still there, Emperor worship, what we now call cult of personality, added. What could go wrong?

                  He revived the old dead faith much as he revived the old dead Republic.

                  If we were to attempt to revive Anglicanism, but left Socinians, faggots, rainbow flags, and trannies in place, that would not work either. The Churches are emptying out because a man takes his wife and kids to Church, and the Church tells him he is Homer Simpson, and his sons need be protected from toxic masculinity.

                  I am impressed by the remarkable accuracy with which the show “Rome” depicts Roman decadence, even though it is no longer mentionable in current academically respectable sources.

                  The failure of Romans to reproduce reflected a man’s insecurity in his property right over his wife, a topic repeatedly addressed in that show. The decline of virtue reflected the demons in the state religion, something also regularly addressed in that show. We are repeatedly shown people invoking deities in ways that imply demonic character, and no one ever invokes the spirits of their illustrious ancestors, the personal gods of hearth and home. This depiction is likely a hyperbolic exaggeration, but it accurately reflects the crux of the problem.

                  Similarly Hitler cracked down on all the Weimar faggotry and attempted to persuade women to have children, but continued the Weimar undermining of the authority of husbands and fathers.

                  Augustus strengthened the authority of fathers over daughters – largely at the expense of the daughter’s husband. A property right in something you cannot and should not keep around indefinitely only has value to the extent that you can transfer that right fully and irrevocably to someone else, thus this change not only diminished the value of wives, but also the value of daughters.

                • Pooch says:

                  Promptly marries another man’s wife, who has already had a child with another man. Demons still there, collapse of marriage and family still there, Emperor worship, what we now call cult of personality, added. What could go wrong?

                  Sounds exactly like what our respective Caesar might do, a Trump or a Musk, who all have had multiple children with multiple wives and are not particularly Christian.

                  Removing rainbow flags is one thing and restoring property rights over women an entirely different thing. Putting homos back in the closet and banning trannies pales in importance to restoring male authority.

                  To assume our Caesar will restore the old property rights of men over women of old type Christianity seems like a mighty big leap of faith. That would take one extraordinary individual indeed.

                  Rome got two extraordinary men in Caesar and Octavian back to back and couldn’t do it.

                • jim says:

                  > Sounds exactly like what our respective Caesar might do, a Trump or a Musk, who all have had multiple children with multiple wives and are not particularly Christian.

                  That was not adultery. Augustus decided to marry a woman while she was still married to another man. That was adultery. What Musk and Trump did is completely legitimate, in a society where marriage is not enforced against women.

                  But yes, we are at very high risk that our Caesar will do what Augustus Caesar did.

                  But we have one thing Rome did not have: The lessons of the past.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well Rome theoretically did have pretty strong legal patriarchy for women’s fathers but under later laws of marriage the woman and her father could opt for her to stay under her father’s authority which was the option overwhelmingly taken which tended to result in de facto emancipation of married women with the exception of Patricians married Confarreatio.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                So, soviet Stalinism is a better choice than 1488?! Should we become tankies?

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          No one believes your cope, Jew-ones. I do not need to point to any specific Jew, because we all know the obvious and obnoxious behavior you have in common with Jews.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          You did not come to have a debate, you came to pick a fight. Just like in the 1800s, the Christians in the blog came together to beat on you. There are no hatefacts. There are no things that we are not permitted to know. We are well aware that Christianity came to the West through 1st century Jewish missionaries. That being said, the idea that Christianity is Jewish in nature is belied by the history of the Jews.

          The whole point of their disenfranchisement by God was that they were being so excessively Jewy that they had killed Him while trying to force Him to do what they wanted. They were abandoned for their betrayal, and the Chosen were from then forth those who chose to serve Him, not merely those born to a specific line. Christianity condemns all of the behaviors that make Jews so obnoxious, especially their legalism. Qualities that you condemn as Semetic and alien, and then go ahead and practice, yourself. If you want to act Jewy after complaining about Semetics, then you stand condemned by your own standards.

          • jim says:

            > Christianity condemns all of the behaviors that make Jews so obnoxious, especially their legalism. Qualities that you condemn as Semetic and alien, and then go ahead and practice, yourself.

            The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you. Everything Suones has accused Christian neoreactionaries of doing, he is doing, and we are not doing.

          • jim says:

            Digressing from Suones conduct to the rectification of names.

            Legalism has two conflicting meanings, which require two words or phrases:

            Legalism in the Christian sense: using the letter of the law to subvert the intent and purpose of the law, finding literal meanings in a law, contract, bet, promise, or agreement that violate the meeting of the minds. Which led to the chosen people becoming unchosen and cursed, and also led to them being conquered and eventually expelled.

            Legalism in the Chinese sense: The theory that the moral order of society comes from the sovereign’s law, and if in practice people are doing something different, need to escalate enforcement and punishment.

            On the contrary, order comes primarily from the actions of individuals, the authority of the Sovereign’s law comes from the moral order of society, and if there is a discrepancy, the Sovereign needs to fix the law. The King is King in the nation because the peasant is King under his small and leaky roof, and if the overmighty servants of the Sovereign are intruding on the peasant’s proper authority, they will soon be intruding on the Sovereign’s proper authority.

            We have primarily the second problem in America, illustrated by the Duluth Model and the impotence of the Trump administration, legalism in the Chinese sense, and I would like to have a distinct word or phrase for it. I don’t want to call it legalism, since the Christian meaning of that word is ancient and well established.

            • Neofugue says:

              > We have primarily the second problem in America, illustrated by the Duluth Model and the impotence of the Trump administration, and I would like to have a distinct word or phrase for it.


              • jim says:

                Ah yes, we have an established phrase of broad meaning, which includes Chinese legalism, though it also includes other things.

                The prime example of Chinese legalism in the US is the Duluth Model, which is clearly the tyrannical aspect of anarcho tyranny. In anarcho tyranny, everything is a crime except crime, and under the Duluth model the woman can do no wrong. Whereupon she promptly does wrong to test if her husband is more alpha than judges and cops. Which I am, and every male needs to be. Marriage and family is outlawed, and if you want marriage and family, you too must be an outlaw.

                Christianity commands obedience to Caesar, but it also demands disobedience regardless of the cost when Caesar attempts to take that which is God’s, and marriage is God’s. In love and war, all things are permitted.

                The phrase anarcho-tyranny includes things that Chinese “legalism” does not include, but Chinese “legalism” tends to lead to those things, and a phrase that embraces both the Chinese concept, and the results it tends to have, is a good replacement.

                • Anondx says:


                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  “Rule by Law” in opposed to “Rule of Law” is the phrase East Asian analysts typically use for Chinese “legalism”

                • jim says:

                  > “Rule by Law” in opposed to “Rule of Law”


                  I looked up their definition of “rule by law” as opposed to “rule of law”

                  Not a definition, so much as a rationalization “when we do it, it is completely different from when they do it”

                  I don’t think they get it. Lot of words that miss the point. Their description of what happens is not what happened. They do not want to see what they are seeing.

                  The underlying error is in their concept of “rule of law” which fails to distinguish it from what they are calling “rule by law”.

                  They want a definition that makes it good when the US applies the Duluth Model, bad when Qin imposes dire penalties on conscripts that show up late regardless of the reasons that they are late.

                  I want a definition that makes US enforcement on male female relationships the same thing. They want a definition that makes it completely the opposite thing.

                  It is intended to muddy the waters, an anticoncept. A disturbing thought occurred to them, and crimestop made them stupid.. They see what I am seeing, and flee the sight.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Spiritual bureaucracy?

                • i says:


                  What I really hate about Chinese Legalism especially the writings of Shang Yang. Is how much of an attack on the Image of God it is:

                  The implementation of these principles, however, is prevented by a force which the book deals with at length. To denote this force Shang Yang uses a term that is translated as “parasites” or (literally) “lice.”

                  Sometimes six parasites are enumerated, sometimes eight, in still other instances ten. These are the Shih Ching and the Shu Ching (The Book of Songs and The Book of History, the sources of artistic and historical education), music, virtue, veneration of old customs, love of mankind, selflessness, eloquence, wit, etc.
                  Elsewhere, knowledge, talent and learning are added. What seems to be meant is culture in its broadest understanding and involving a certain level of ethical and moral demands.

                  The existence of such “parasites” is incompatible with the One Thing that the author elaborates, as well as with his whole program. “If there are ten parasites in a state. ..the ruler will not be able to find a single man whom he might use for defense or to wage war.” (84: p. 151)

                  “Wherever there exist these eight parasites simultaneously, the authorities are weaker than their people.” (84: p. 162)

                  In this case, the state will be torn apart. “If knowledge is encouraged and not nipped in the bud, it will increase, and when it will have increased, it will become impossible to rule the land.” (84: p. 182)

                  “If the eloquent and the intelligent are valued, if vagrant scholars are brought into the service of the state, if a man becomes well known thanks to his learning and personal glory, then ways are open in the land to the unrighteous. If these three kinds of persons are not checked in their path, it will be impossible to engage the people in war.” (84: p. 224)

                  And Shang Yang warns darkly: “The people in the whole country have changed, they have taken to eloquence and find pleasure in study; they have started to engage in various crafts and trade; they have begun to neglect agriculture and war. If this trend continues, the hour of death is near for the land.” (84: p. 152)

                  In olden times, he says, things were not this way: “The gifted were of no use and the ungifted could do no harm. Therefore, the art of ruling well consists precisely in the ability of removing the clever and the gifted.” (84: p. 231)

                  Finally, this idea is expressed in its most naked form: “If the people are stupid, they can be easily governed.” (84: p. 237)

                  Shang Yang’s teaching is reminiscent of a social utopia, a description of an “ideal state,” in which “private interests are eliminated,” love for kindred beings is replaced by love for state order, all aspirations are concentrated on the One Thing and the entire structure is maintained by a system of informers, guilt by association and harsh punishments. ”

                  And how much it didn’t adhere to the principle of Lex Talinois “Eye for an eye” that to this day leads to dysfunctions in Chinese Government.

                  Since it is by nature heavy on punishment out of proportion to the crime and light on reward.

                  Very genocidal in its laws. Which even God only limits to certain peoples because of sheer corruption of their culture and economic limitations like in the case of the Amalekites:

                  (A broken clock twice a day but a feminist unfortunately. Can’t find a better essay in regards to this however)

                  But when God dealt with treasonous Royal Families he only killed the Males of that family. Whilst Shang Yang and probably Han Fei makes absolutely no distinction whatsoever in regards to Sex. Because of the differences of seeking revenge in the future.

                  Like God did with the Midianites:

          • suones says:

            @Wulfgar Thundercock III

            You mistake heeding the counsel of wise friends for weakness — a classic prole error. Unfortunately, I cannot continue this line of argument, because our host has laid down the final word.

            So I wish you good day!

            • Oog en Hand says:

              As said, acquire skills.

            • Neofugue says:

              You are not a friend, you are an enemy, and you have nothing to offer us.

              Also, “classic prole error” is a purestrain GRIDS-tier gaslighting attempt against a perfectly reasonable commentator. By no means could your vitriol be construed as “counsel of wise friends.”

              • Sounes has already stepped down from the fight and made truce with Jim after a detailed post by Jim clarifying his stand on Westphalian peace and how he views the evangelism of internationalist Christianity.

                If you still want to attack us and treat us as foes, I can only describe it as unfortunate. Debating old type Christianity and old type Hinduism seems meaningless against the looming threat of our common enemies.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  No, Dharmicreality, I would not consider you a target of this fight at all. You have not been being a disrespectful, deceitful, Jewy bastard. Your conduct has been respectful and your arguments reasonable. Hindu nationals and Christian nationals are fighting the same fight against the same enemies. Collaboration and sharing ideas and tactics is a sensible approach to a shared enemy, especially when we are so distant.

                  I would not put you in the same class as Jew-ones, and I do not consider my attack to be against Hindus or Hinduism. I have my criticisms, but you do, too. As long as they are fair and sincere, we can debate them. Jew-ones wanted to be an asshole, so now I am going to show him how it is done. I found an insult that bothers him, and evidence of misdeeds, so I am going to beat him like a red-headed stepchild’s dead horse.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  Well, though I feel that you may have misjudged suones’ intent, I am glad that you have no hostility toward us generally in regard to Hinduism / Hindu nationalism and willing to debate in the spirit of honesty and reasonableness.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Dharmicreality, I do not consider you an enemy, only Suones.

                  Suones is an enemy because he engages in a variety of deceitful tactics against us and his arguments are at best a b-rate version of those of Julian with “Semitism” replacing “Galileans.” If Suones wishes to engage with us, he can issue retractions or at the least not engage in hostile behavior.

                  Also, as to prevent any misunderstandings, an agreement to Westphalian peace in the interest of defeating Progressivism is a temporary tactical compromise which can only be extended given military parity. In no way, shape, or form will I condemn or prohibit missionary activity on principle.

                • jim says:


                • The Cominator says:

                  I think you’re a good poster (and this is from someone who is in general very strongly prejudiced against Indians) and you argue in good faith. I cannot quite agree that this describes others though.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Jew-ones, stop posting cope. Posting cope is as bad as posting cringe. I’m not a priest, I am a paladin. Part priest, but mostly warrior. I am not restrained by social rules for what is polite or not, and the only man to whom I have to answer for my rudeness is Jim. I am more than willing to take advice, and I will often seek it out on my own. No warrior worth his salt stands alone, but we stand beside friends. Not aliens pretending to be brothers so that they can attack my religion and replace it with theirs, lying all the while. When I take advice, it will be from men like Jim, St. John, The Cominator, Aidan, KD et al. Not you.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                This was a fast evolving debate and led to heated exchanges on both sides.

                To me it seems Suones has tried to step down as gracefully as he can after making truce with Jim following agreement on Jim’s clarification on Westphalian peace being possible with a Hindu India.

                I get that it’s not possible to follow the entire debate I. This blog format without scrolling up and down.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The issue I have with that is that there is a common and persistent failure of the West to adequately run down its enemies. That gave us Mohammedan war for fourteen centuries, allowed the Puritans to escape and take over the world, and has resulted in innumerable missed opportunities to halt or reverse declines in our civilization. Jew-ones is not a friend, and is not a trustworthy party with whom we Westerners can collaborate.

                  He is getting raked over the coals, and so he is trying to surrender, like he has done before. This is not the first time he has done this, and so I intend to make sure that this drags out until he is ready to actually surrender or until his reputation is shit. I am pressing the attack so that I can run down an enemy. He got to choose to start this fight, but he does not get to choose when to end it. I do not feel like having this argument with him again in a few weeks when he thinks he can get away with it again.

                  So this is going to go on until Jew-ones admits that he was acting Jewy and twisting the truth, or until Jim gets tired of me and starts censoring my posts.

              • suones says:

                [*censored for unresponsiveness and for uninformative and stupid insults*]

                • jim says:

                  On moderation.

                  The material was wildly inflammatory, and muddied the waters. It was also stupid, ignorant, and uninformative. Your insults were the opposite of obvious reality, combining stupid ignorant childish abuse with sophistic Jewish gaslighting.

                • suones says:

                  Your house, your rules.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              International missionary Christianity has a long history of subverting India’s sovereignty and is acting at the behest of Harvard:

              • jim says:

                Every state religion has a long history of subverting the the sovereignty of every other state religion.

                Peace of Westphalia was a deal between Christian princes after it turned massively lethal yet again, giving effect to “Peace on Earth to all men of goodwill” as it applies to international missionary activity by state religions.

                If Jewones had a state religion backing him, he would be peddling his western neopagan stuff twice as hard as he has been peddling it, and would have massive funding through a hundred quasi state organizations. There would be as many shills peddling it as there were (and still are, though considerably fewer) peddling progressivism in Russia.

                It is an intolerable problem. Needs distributed moderation.

                I was willing to debate his neopagan stuff, but he did not debate in good faith, and started acting like a shill, though obviously no one his paying him. The debate became repetitious, and soon turned ugly.

                Western paganism is long dead, do not remember it from when it was still healthy. The old gods died a long time ago starting with Pan, and Hinduism has been in a very bad way for a very long time. You are going to have to dig a lot deeper to find a healthy, sane and live Hinduism than I had to dig to find a healthy, sane and live Christianity. But probably not two millennia.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Brother Suones, your combative energies would be better spent on our civilizational enemies, than backbiting fellow travelers.

      Criticism of fellows, where there are any to be made, can be more elegantly accomplished through criticism of an Other, the implication of extreme examples implicitly reflecting on others if applicable, giving them an excuse to ‘depersonalise’ the phenomena from their own conceptions of thedes they participate in, as True Scotsmen. To provide stools for men to get off their horses, in other words, where direct antagonism could prompt them to reflexively defend what they ought to renege.

      • Karl says:

        Well said.

        Considering that street-shitting is wide spread in Californian cities and is increasing in many Western-European cities as well I was quite surprised by the intense responses the remark about street-shitting triggered.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          It’s an ongoing issue lol. A regular bout of unfortunate irregularity, ha ha.

          Hopefully not initiating another flare up, US street shitting appears to be confined to the ultra blue urban areas. Low IQ and excretion imperative always ends up somewhat shitty, so anywhere you have toddlers, drug addicts, and negroes without supervision, you’re going to have problems. But the US is quite large, something obvious to a lot of Americans and mysteriously lost on the rest of you lot. Additionally, because of excess capital, deep water port distribution, and population pressure, there are a lot of us far away from fellow States and big cities. Once upon a time, America was America. These days, many of us feel less connected to cities in general, and California in particular. So it really is a foreign problem, strange though that may be.

      • suones says:

        Excellent advice, well taken, greatly appreciated. Thank you, O wise one!

  30. I know I won’t convince the skeptics but street shitting in India is really largely a thing of the past:

    Don’t go by WHO reports and Cathedral propaganda on India, because they all hate Modi and BJP. I know this should be obvious but I hope at least the genuine commenters here would consider this.

    • Whitey says:

      “Last year, however, a study conducted in Dharmapuri, a district in the state of Tamil Nadu that ranks the highest in the state for open defecation, offered a more pessimistic assessment. The study found that 55 percent chose to defecate in the open despite having access to a toilet, for reasons having to do either with the toilet’s construction or with personal preference or belief.”

      • Dharmicreality says:

        The fact that you quote a typical cathedral propaganda piece written by the feminist Rakia Zaharia is proof of your actual alignment and intentions.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          * Rafia Zakaria.

          For the good faith commenters here: when Whitey starts quoting from articles written by well known feminist and anti-white activists you need to take notice. If he didn’t check the source, he ought to have.

          I am guessing “Whitey” is no more white than Obama is Christian.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Fact: there’s entirely too much street shitting in a country with a space program

            Fact: the previous fact is relevant to a number of topics

            Fact: that number of topics means that it will come up here

            So, we must consider the topic relevance when deciding if a Cathedral shill is D&Cing based on some of our tendencies toward disagreement OR someone unfamiliar with the community dynamics here thinks that poop habits are unknown/relevant/critical information.

            Whitey: yes, some Pajeets are not poo in loo capable. There are hilarious memes about this. We all know it, and it will be discussed when relevant. It is not relevant to theological discussions, but it is relevant to sanitation discussions.

            People Of Walmart is another hilarious source of memes. Every time I see anything like that, I get irritated. It’s just white hatred. But it’s also kinda true. So I have to temper my emotional response with a logical assessment, and that’s really hard for me.

            • Whitey says:

              > It is not relevant to theological discussions, but it is relevant to sanitation discussions.

              Right. Someone claimed that polio disappeared not because of vaccination but because of increased global cleanliness. I’m pointing out that wasn’t the case.

            • Why disbelieve official India government statistics but trust cathedral propaganda pieces written by feminist and admittedly anti-white propagandists who clearly hate Modi?

              • Whitey says:

                I don’t trust either. I trust my common sense, which tells me 500,000,000 Indians didn’t suddenly start religiously using toilets in just five or six years.

              • Doom says:

                Why trust either. Both have an agenda.

                Truth likely lies somewhere between the two.

            • someDude says:


              Your anger is well founded. If the People of walmart thing was done in the spirit of getting the proles to take a look at themselves and thus improve themselves, then your anger would not be justified. However, people of walmart is done in malafide. It is hatred of your kin. And thus your anger is well founded.

        • The Ducking Man says:

          I have coworkers who had group vacation in India early 2010s, they really like talking the unpleasant smell as soon as they stepped outside international airport (they didn’t tell which airport) and how they basically held their nose almost the entire trip.

          It was good gag, but 10/10 they wouldn’t visit India ever again.

          Just my anecdote.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            In 2022 things have really changed. While not perfect, public cleanliness is a lot better than it used to be. Modi came to power in 2014.

            The cathedral has always been hostile to Modi for the same reasoning as they were to Trump. Hence propaganda tarnishing all his genuine achievements.

          • The only reason I’m taking all this effort to refute “whitey” is because some of the good faith commenters still believe that India has widespread street shitting based on downright false and malicious cathedral propaganda supported by globohomo organizations like WHO and/or outdated reports which is demonstrably false.

            • Frank Matters says:

              Why do you take responsibility for what the dalit niggers do? As if it’s any reflection on the higher lifeforms in your civilization?

              This is as if someone was spontaneously trying to defend the state of the blacks in america, oh no no no Trump really fixed them up they don’t really live in filth and torture anything they can get their hands on like a vicious chimp. It’s arguing from a weak, completely irrelevant frame.

              • The only reason is to discredit the outright false statistics. And also to show that this tactic is being used by certain shills to shut down the theological debates on the Aryan religion here.

                I know that suones pisses off the Christians here. And my own take is that the Christianity that we Hindus see is largely different from the traditional Christianity that you believe in.

                On sanitation Narendra Modi has really given his best efforts to deal with the problem of sanitation and though not perfect we who live here are seeing its effects and grateful.

                You’re right. Some sections of human race are beyond redemption.

              • Doom says:

                Same reason that a black man with a 135IQ will still argue that IQ tests showing an average of 75IQ in africa are “culturally biased”. It reflects on their race and race is an integral part of identity.

                (The same reason white liberals get up in arms about slavery and racism. You and your family never personally held a slave YES BUT WYPIPO DID…)

                It’s not a reflection on Dharmicreality being a bad or disingenuous person though. Just a person! We all have our biases.

                The hilarious part is everyone is right. It’s very likely that the West overstates the problem, and also that Modi lies about how well he’s done.

            • Ghost says:

              For what it’s worth, I believe you. If you say they don’t crap in the street, that’s good enough for me.

              Used to work network support with a bunch of Indians and not once did I see them take a dump in the street.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Before the Beijing Olympics, the State had to work very hard to curb spitting in street and the tendency of mothers to let young toddlers roam pantsless so they could poop with ease. Just an anecdote.

    • jim says:

      > street shitting in India is really largely a thing of the past:

      Your link says “launched by PM Modi in October last year with an aim … to make all urban local bodies open defecation free and those with a population of less than 1 lakh as open defecation free”

      But fails to provide any evidence of actual achievement of the aim of actual freeness from open defecation.

      Also the aim is only to make smaller cities free from street shitting – implying that the goal of making major cities free from street shitting is just too hard.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        It’s talking about the second phase of the project. Rural street shitting was a major concern and Modi handled it in the first phase. Urban, while still a problem has the infrastructure to deal with it while the rural infrastructure was a problem and still continues to be.

        But claiming that half of India still shits in the streets is demonstrably false.

        • jim says:

          > But claiming that half of India still shits in the streets is demonstrably false.

          Well then, show us that demonstration. Your link fails to show it.

          • Other than quoting the official stats, how can I prove anything of this widespread nature except my personal experience and that of my fellow Indians?

            All I can say is that in the past 10 years, I’ve seen with my own eyes that sanitation and cleanliness have largely improved. And the anecdotal experience of fellow travelers in all parts of india confirms my view.

            How does one prove the actual successful implementation of a large scale project like this? Anecdotal stories like this of not just government initiatives but community initiatives support my position


            But these are just not widely reported or covered in mainstream media for obvious reasons.

            • alf says:

              Are we reading the same article?

              a report released by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation stated that 62.5 percent or 400 of 640 districts continue to grapple with the menace open defecation.

              Despite increased government focus and dialogue around the issue, the problem of open defecation is far from solved. Over 50 percent of the toilets built remain unused and nearly 60 percent lack water supply,

              • That article was written in 2018, we are in 2022 today and considerable progress has been and is being made on the issue.

                All I want to say is that the success stories are being buried and the widespread community initiatives along with the official program have had quite a bit of success.

                • alf says:

                  I’ll take your word for it.

                • The reason I’m optimistic about this programme is that it is Modi’s flagship and his brainchild since coming to power, meaning that he was well aware of the problem and wanted to tackle it on a nation-wide scale. His Gujarat Chief Ministerial experience helped greatly.

                  He has spent considerable political capital and effort on this issue, though India’s usual Socialist policies slow it down considerably.

                  Yes, there are lots of problems with implementation at the State and District level, as the State Governments vary in enthusiasm based on their political affiliation. As even the official Government stats indicate only partial success in some states (which tell me that they are mostly honest) but there also lots of success stories.

                  Don’t forget that the Cathedral has lots of reasons to tarnish Modi and play down his achievements.

                • alf says:

                  Let’s hope the trend continues then.

                • someDude says:


                  Maybe you can clue in the Americans on their own long dead habit of Tobacco juice spitting all over the place,

                  Quite hilarious reading, Really.

                  They don’t do it anymore. Things change. I’m optimistic about India on this count atleast.

    • Calvin says:

      The fact that your people would street shit at all is really all that would ever need to be said, regardless of propaganda from one side or the other. If the government has to teach you where to poop you’re too retarded to exist on your own.

    • Aryaman says:

      I’m gonna take a different view on this. The way some toilets in India are, and probably all toilets available to the implicated population, shitting in the street is entirely preferable and what I would do if I were forced to choose.

      That said, walk around any city and literal shit on the street is not a problem anyone would notice. And things have gotten dramatically cleaner over the past 10 years or so.

      • Aryaman says:

        And to be clear, this is a fault of the implicated population not the failure of government or western NGOs to provide for better toilets.

  31. Doom says:

    This headline was frickin hilarious but the article is even better.

    I’d make a bunch of comments but I don’t need to, it has all the right elements for maximum keks.

  32. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted for taking rigged elections at face value*]

    • Anonymous Fake says:


      • jim says:

        Since 2020, I only read election outcomes to determine what message the New York Times is sending

        • ExileStyle says:

          The results for Kemp over Perdue (74%-23%) in GA suggest that we might have moved beyond “stuffing a few thousand ballots in close races” fraud to full-blown banana republic made-up numbers fraud.

          I mean, it would be one thing if Perdue was some uncouth raging rabble-rouser, but he is a former sitting US senator for god’s sake, an establishment Republican with a well-funded campaign endorsed by Trump positioned against the most suspect fraud-enabler in the country. He should have at least been in striking distance, if not winning by a lot. But 23%? Some no-name rando off the street could have gotten than much as a simple anti-Kemp protest vote. It’s like they wanted to delete any suspicion in advance.

          A counterargument is that Marjorie Taylor Greene won her primary, so I can’t state anything affirmatively. Maybe they realized her district is so conservative anyways the marginal value of fraud was minimal.

          And what a coincidence that again it’s Georgia and Pennsylvania fucking shit up. C’mon man!

          • The Cominator says:

            The more notable result was that Raffensperger won his primary, Kemp has Republican defenders as he was a very very early opponent of lockdowns…

            But NOBODY likes Raffensperger.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >A counterargument is that Marjorie Taylor Greene won her primary

            They’re not worried about women.

            • The Cominator says:

              No its that the fraud is in some counties and precincts and not others.

              I suspect that Perdue did much better outside Atlanta then in it, and Raffensperger outright won almost no Republican votes outside Atlanta (and maybe a couple other urban areas) where he somehow won 90% of the vote.

              PS: The only thing Sherman did wrong in regards to Atlanta is not totally leveling it with the ground and sowing the ground with salt ala Carthage.

              • ExileStyle says:

                Nope, pretty consistent across the board:

                Raffensberger won every region except a bloc in the northeast.

                So we’re to believe that rural Georgians, America’s beloved Dixie-hearted Appalachian hillbillies, have suddenly transformed into establishment globalist McConnel Republicans and faithful New York Times readers? This all stinks to high heaven.

                Buckle up folks.