Fat is a reactionary issue: retrospective.

The main new information in this post is that four years on from my first post in the series, “Fat is a reactionary issue” still at my healthy weight, despite all the fake science saying that all diets work short term, but no diet works long term. Supposedly no one ever loses large amounts of weight except by illness, and no one ever keeps it off for very long

No diet that official science is allowed to notice works long term. No one that doctors are allowed to notice loses large amounts of weight and keeps it off permanently.

Well, I went from 267 pounds, 120 kilograms, to 168 pounds, 76 kilograms, somewhat above my ideal weight, but within the healthy BMI and WHR. And it has been about eight years so far within the healthy BMI and WHR – though frequently a bit above my current weight. But then, I have lost some muscle because I slacked off pumping iron after I got remarried. So probably roughly constant over the past six years or so.

Some new information has been discovered in the interim, the most important being that epidemic of the diseases of modernity are all downstream of soaring insulin resistance, which like high blood pressure produces no visible symptoms until it has finished writing your death warrant. In particular, it does not show up as high blood sugar until your system is already badly hosed. This also explains the harmful effects of sweet diet drinks, since they produce the same insulin surge as drinks sweetened with natural sugar.

The evidence for excess omega six polyunsaturated fats (seed oil) has now mounted considerably further. That stuff is poisonous, and the evidence against going to heavy on any polyunsaturated fat, as in more than you would get from a largely fish diet, is starting to come in. Saturated fat is the cleanest source of energy for your body, the healthiest macronutrient. Everything else is apt to be a problem if consumed in amounts large enough to be a major source of calories.

Chimps can do fine on an all vegetable diet. Humans, unlike chimps, are obligate carnivores. We cannot survive on all vegetable diet.

We can survive on all meat diet provided we get plenty of saturated animal fat. A high protein all meat diet will give you what the pioneers called rabbit fever. Butter, sour milk, yoghurt, and cheese was the enabling technology that allowed pastoralism on the steppes, and eventually there was genetic change that allowed adults to drink fresh milk. Rabbit fever reveals that we have a dependency on saturated fat, and the current epidemic of obesity and collapsing testosterone may well be in part a result of the widespread substitution of vegetable oil for animal fat.

Well that was short. So to pad it out a bit, a brief recap of the diet information given in earlier posts of the series since most of those reading this far will want to know how to lose weight.  And once they have measured their insulin resistance will want to know how to cure insulin resistance.

1. Be a manly man.

2. Weigh yourself every morning.

3. Target a very slow weight of rate loss, or it is going to be rough going after you have lost ten or twenty pounds.

4. Diet and exercise. Restrict yourself to eating within an eight hour window, do the occasional three day fast to shove your set point down, particularly when you are over your target weight, lift iron, and a paleo diet. Low carbs, moderate protein in the form of red meat, lots of milk, cheese, sour cream, and butter. The best oil is clarified butter. I make my own, also make my own sour cream.

Nutritional deficiencies are common and the paleo diet in modern times with modern foods is apt to make this worse. If you get cramps, your intake of divalent salts (calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper is likely unbalanced or inadequate. Potassium deficiency is common, and the keto diet, which, if done right, is an extreme form of the paleo diet, is so low on fruit and veggies that it is apt to cause potassium deficiency, which also causes cramps.


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  1. Faggot Blood Donor Transfusion says:

    For those of you who don’t want faggot ass-bugs in your blood tranfusions, you better start looking at freezing your own blood, or moving to another country, or just staying healthy, and accepting your ultimate death.
    USA blood banks just started accepting blood from donors in the GAIDS culture.

  2. Karl says:

    Off topic question I’m posting here because it might be tangentially related to “fat”:

    What is your opinion on leaky gut? Is it real? If so, how can it be treated

    • jim says:

      Leaky gut is very real.

      I think it is caused by too much harsh fibre, plus hostile gut bacteria.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Leaky gut is obviously and predictably a real thing. It’s even objectively testable! You drink some sugar alcohol (I think erythritol) which normally does not pass through the gut. Depending on how much shows up in your urine you can quantify how leaky your gut is.

      The reason it is obviously a real thing is because any non-fully digested proteins that pass through the gut into the bloodstream will obviously provoke an immune response and non-specific, systemic inflammation. In addition, there’s some more recent speculation that gut biome infections with unfriendly bacteria can produce non-conforming amino acids, which could pass easily thru the gut by “design”, and cause non-specific protein corruption in the body. Recent gut biome transplant experiments in animals seem to imply Alzheimer’s disease can be spread this way.

      Since any inflammation and sequelae is non-specific, the condition is widely open to shills and quacks hawking remedies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. The signal is being overwhelmed by noise.

      The condition was first described by the alternative medicine community. And since it is true, this caused a reaction by the traditional medical community to denounce it altogether. For an hilarious example, the editors at Wikipedia spun off a separate article from “Leaky gut” called “Intestinal permeability”, which is just a euphemism for “leaky guy” and reserved the original “Leaky gut” article for denunciation as quack pseudoscience, and the “Intestinal permeability” article for the “legitimate” medical community. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaky_gut

      • jim says:

        > Recent gut biome transplant experiments in animals seem to imply Alzheimer’s disease can be spread this way.

        Turns out that Alzheimer’s can be transmitted from elderly humans to young healthy mice.

        From which I conclude that there is a lot in young healthy humans, it is just that the damage is cumulative and you become more susceptible with age.

        Obviously a leaky gut will cause all sorts of vague, non specific syndromes, and allergies to a multitude of foods. Recommended solution. Cut right down on fiber, eat only highly soluble fiber (fruit, mushrooms, maybe lettuce, cooked broccolli, and cooked cabbage) If constipation is a problem, the solution is macrogol. Also, take a probiotic. Ninety percent of probiotics are fake, and the refrigeration chain for the refrigerated ones is also fake. The good ones are delayed release, and do not require cold storage, because they depend on spore forming bacteria. And cost about ten times as much as the regular ones. Which is odd.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Re. probiotics. As a side benefit, some studies show L. Reuteri purportedly increase testosterone in aging mice. BTW, it’s the most popular probiotic on Amazon.


        • Karl says:

          How do you recognize good probiotics? Is there a simple test that can be done?

          • jim says:

            Well if it is not in a time release capsule, the survival rate through the stomach is unlikely to be high.

            And if it not spore, which is to say temperature stable, form, it is unlikely to be alive by the time it gets to the shop shelves.

            So, if at least labelled store at room temperature, they are at least claiming that it is in spore form. Could be lying. But if they don’t
            say time release, and don’t say room temperature – well, all the ones that do say that are way more expensive. Which does not mean they are any
            good, but if they don’t say that, dead on arrival, and if any survive, considerably fewer are going to make it through the stomach.

      • Wheat and Alcohol says:

        Hate to say it but ever since I quit drinking beer and eased up on grains, I feel a lot better.
        I’m just a dummy, but there’s something with those two independent things, alcohol, and grain/wheat/etc, that just is not supposed to be in us in any appreciable amounts. And beer is like some sort of concentrated form of both.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Related to health and wellbeing.

    Well duh! They relax your arteries and increase blood flow. It’s basically blood pressure medication “with benefits”.


  4. MuskFan says:

    Fascinating Musk article that I figured you guys might be interested in over here: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/08/28/elon-musks-shadow-rule

    Summary (generated by AI):

    – Elon Musk has amassed enormous power and influence across critical sectors like space, electric vehicles, infrastructure, and social media. His companies SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter are monopolies or near-monopolies in their industries.

    – Musk frequently clashes with regulators trying to restrain his risk-taking in areas like rocket launches, self-driving cars, and content moderation. He berates and threatens regulators when he doesn’t get his way.

    – Government agencies like NASA, the Pentagon and the DOT are highly dependent on Musk and struggle to control him. Officials treat him like an “unelected official” whose cooperation they need.

    – Musk shifted rightwards politically during COVID, railing against lockdowns and embracing anti-trans views and conspiracy theories. His purchase of Twitter escalated his culture war stances.

    – Former colleagues say Musk is obsessed with being seen as a “master of the universe,” is prone to erratic behavior, and may overuse ketamine and other substances.

    – Musk sees AI as the next industry he must dominate, though experts worry about his “Messiah complex” mentality and lack of accountability. He aims to outcompete cautious efforts like OpenAI.

    – In summary, Elon Musk has amassed unprecedented power across industries essential to society, yet exhibits little accountability. Regulators struggle to control Musk’s risk-taking and self-aggrandizement.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Elon makes a go at Caesar at some point. Not exactly sure how he would do it, but he looks to be clearly more than a merchant interested in only money as his highest purpose.

  5. Pax Imperialis says:

    Dream escape from ecstatic physicality, Liberty a Gnostic intellect delusion?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      This stream of animus is illustrated most clearly in the likes of Rousseau and Locke. Where a holy ‘state of nature’ is postulated to be obscured or corrupted or prevented by ‘social constructions’, which we have defined a priori as necessarily calumnious inveiglements against the same, and thus only by destroying aught that is ‘socially constructed’ will we liberate ourselves from the tyranny of the demiurge – except don’t say that last part out loud.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The jive naturally is that in practice we always find the set of all things that are entangled with ‘social constructs’ to expand indefinitely whenever we poke it with a stick, until eventually we arrive at the conclusion that reality itself is fundamentally ‘contaminated’, and thus the only ‘liberation’ possible is to ‘liberate’ life from its continued existence – another universal double-edged sword that is of course always ever deployed in a tactically arbitrary manner for the advantage of its exponents.

  6. Vivek and Javier Runnin Game On Em says:

    Socialist is shit…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZDhBz4h2PI Cunt nigger statists

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Vivek’s botspam demonstrates that he is even more clueless and ridiculous than I might have imagined.

      It’s actually impressive in a ten-car pile-up sort of way. It’s like… a Chinese man, wearing a turban, storming onto the court of a WNBA game and yelling “where da white women at!”

      Zero situational awareness and very little self-awareness. Of course, it’s a bot, so both are to be expected, but someone programmed the bot, and told it which blogs to spam, and whoever did that has zero awareness.

      In case anyone at the campaign reads responses (I doubt it): Obviously, we here all know that socialism ends with killing fields, and that all socialists and communists need to be terminated with extreme prejudice, but we are not overly concerned with “socialists” in government and certainly are not concerned with “statists”. There is always a state, there is always a sovereign, that is Reaction 101. And as for socialists, they are simply not in power.

      We have progressives, technocrats, managerialists, etc. in power — use whatever term you like for the umpteenth cycle of the degenerate feedback loop of “science-based government” — and many of their policies do very much look like socialism, but in their minds it is all done for the holiest of reasons. This class acts morally, not financially. They are the ones in power, and Bernie Sanders is low-status in their club. Harvard is not socialist, it is progressive.

      Tell Vivek that he is doomed regardless, but he might at least embarrass himself less if he took ten seconds to know his audience. This brand of flaming stupidity might play well in the Fox News comments section or on “Conservative” Facebook groups, but not here.

  7. Hesiod says:

    Since D&D is a reactionary issue:


    and Pax recently linked to a video clip of singular quality from Baldur’s Gate 3, here’s a field report from playing the game.

    Yeah, there’s a lot of degeneracy in the game, but at the same time, there’s a remarkable amount of freedom for how you can react to it. As Moldbug points out, D&D went from a three-point alignment system to a nine-point one. For decades, debate over which is better or whether such a thing should exist at all has led to many a retarded flame war; but some thoughtful discussion can be found.

    The incomplete early-backer version which was around for a few years during development had the nine-point system, but the release version ditched it. Most likely during playtest, many Trigglypuffs protested their desired playstyle at least warranted, by traditional D&D standards, a chaotic label, if not being straight-up evil. Indeed, there’s an obese, black, troon necromancer NPC in a circus in the eponymous city that perhaps one day I might encounter while playing a lawful good paladin.

    But alas, my playthrough is as a Conan/Tarzan mash-up who arguably qualifies as neutral good. His motto is “Crom laughs at your troon gods. He laughs from his mountain”. By careful dialogue choices, the worst of the RP filth can be avoided.

    For those curious, Pax’s clip recounts a blatant Lestat knock-off about to be sodomized by a human druid in bear form.

    • The Cominator says:

      How is BG3 (asking as someone who thinks BG2 was the greatest rpg of all time)?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The impression i’ve been getting as an observer is that it is a middle of the road high fantasy adventure.

        Which just by itself instantly puts it ahead of 90% of everything released in the last 10 years, and ahead of 100% of ‘AAA studio’ titles.

        • Hesiod says:

          The darker of the negro man/white woman pairing on the game’s cover can be either played as the protagonist or as a recruited party member. His character sheet claims he’s the Blade of the North or some such. I’m like, “Nigger, please. You’re first level. Nobody knows your name except for maybe your mama. And that’s just a maybe.”

          His class is the warlock, something introduced in the dubious 3.5 edition of the rules. Per class description, the character makes a pact with a supernatural entity in exchange for power. His pact is with an archdevil who now owns his soul. He’s Faust by way of Errol Flynn but lame due to muh diversity.

          • The Cominator says:

            I liked 3.5e though the complexity allowed for broken class builds if you figured something out way before the traditional high level wizard being broken (which even in BG2 they kinda were)…

            Muh diversity is inevitable nowadays but is pozzed ideology an all pervasive thing… the other thing I don’t like that I’m hearing is that it’s turn based whereas BG2 was not really (some underlying mechanics kinda were).

            • Hesiod says:

              My barbarian romanced the cute cleric companion and over the course of the plot convinced her to turn from service to the evil goddess Shar to her parents’ faith in Selune. That’s equivalent to getting the cute coed you’re banging to switch from a wahmen’s studies degree to the traditional Western literary canon.

              • Jehu says:

                Most women are empty vessels for the most part. If she’s into you, she’ll adopt your values over time. Have a friend who converted a women’s studies graduate to a fairly hardcore conservative traditional Christian wife of several children.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Viconia was a drow exile with horrible baggage but being drow (a race of matriarchal demon worshipping elves under a demonic curse) were ah not like this. Drow women who exhibited anything like the devotion phase human women go thru… generally ordered to kill their lover. Also Shar was very arguably the most evil deity in the FR world more so than Lolth.. Viconia tried to do good deeds occasionally but baggage because it almost always backfired. Viconias story however it goes would not be realistic for any human woman.

                  The sweet cleric girl was Aerie though whiny originally

      • Hesiod says:

        There’s still a lot of bugs, particularly in act 3, that need to be patched out, but as a simulation of table-top D&D with miniatures, it’s aces. The game itself reminds me of Ultima 7, my GOAT. BG2 was my last turn-based CRPG and is the only reason I’m playing this.

        Hopefully, the developers will open it up to official modding soon. As a platform, I’d love to see it as something like Neverwinter Nights with characters hopping from module to module and server to server.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          reminds me of Ultima 7, my GOAT.

          Ahh, you take me back to the anachronistic period of TI programing (90s to 2000s)… You might find this to be something of a curiosity:

          Ultima 5 on the TI-89.

          I have good memories surrounding the TI family of calculators. As a kid, my first computer was the TI-83. Much more powerful than my father’s first computer when he was a kid, the TRS80, but similar in RAM (32KB vs 4KB to 40KB), and actually shared the same family of Zilog Z80 microprocessor (the 1996 Z80 was quite a bit faster). Both were programmable with a built in language, the TRS80 with Level I BASIC and the TI-83 with TI-BASIC. Very similar programing languages which introduced basic programing concepts at an intuitive level.

          Both my father and I eventually learned Assembly wanting to do more than what BASIC would allow, and as young adults would go on to learn object oriented languages. Figuring out how to make pixels move on the screen similar to Atari’s PONG (1972) was probably as exciting to me as it was to my father back in the 70s. In hindsight, probably not coincidental I was given a TRS80 analogue… but enough of me reminiscing on better times, for those who have kids, getting them a programmable calculator/computer can be a pretty good investment. Either they will fiddle with it and get a head start on developing engineering mindset, or you’ll find out pretty fast they’re not for that path.

          Just realize that if they are a little too smart for their own good that they will figure out how to store differential calculus look-up tables with search features galore with wired emergency mem/screen whipping hotkeyed. In other words, voraciously cheat on exams that allow for graphing calculators. Not that I would know anything about that of course. I was a completely upstanding student, but if I did know about such things, I would say “so what!” Engineers are above such things as memorizing endless details in the weeds, nay, we are visionaries interested in the big picture! Ok, in all seriousness again, taking those shortcuts in the early days can end up hurting down the road even if shortcuts are encouraged at the higher levels.

          • Hesiod says:

            While not as cool as your father/son story, getting U7 to work with the memory card I installed in my Radio Shack IBM clone was a significant steppingstone for me as a lad.

    • Adam says:

      On the subject, Diablo 4 recently came out. I love it personally. I have not played one of these since 1 and 2, maybe 20 years ago now.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I think Moldbug’s interpretation of Lawful and Chaotic is too surface-level, and matches that of the modern Bugman who sees himself as a Robin Hood figure in his resistance to the most former President. It does not match the intention of the distinction that I’d always read.

      Lawful was to represent those who strive to lead and gain power over other men while Chaotic was the opposite and didn’t care about any of that. Jesus Christ would be Chaotic Good (probably the only one in existence) as he never tried to rule over men on Earth despite being worshipped. Whereas anybody can point to any government structure today and find heaps of Lawful Evils pursuing positions above other men for their own nefarious purposes.

      The obvious problem with Chaotic Good then is: how Good can you really be if you are powerless? What positive change can you effect without strength to command, coerce, or at least influence?

      • Hesiod says:

        Community-organizer Jesus, fully man through bastard birth from a Jewish whore and Roman soldier, is the epitome of chaotic good and therefore the only Jesus the Cathedral tolerates in polite conversation.

      • S says:

        The 2 axes model has never been coherent. Aligning to ones internal code is lawful neutral, true neutral and chaotic neutral- that is the writers couldn’t agree and used slightly different terms which essentially meant the same thing to describe them.

        Jesus Christ’s social role was a priest, who spent his time on earth healing and telling people how to live their lives to achieve salvation. God considers saving souls from damnation an expression of his power, even if humans only think power counts if it causes others to suffer.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Jesus Christ would be Chaotic
        >he never tried to rule over men on Earth

        Jesus laid down the law in his Father’s house as was his right. This is the opposite of chaos. That is just one example. There are many other. His parables are explanations of the spirit of God’s law.


        • yewotm8 says:

          Yes he did take this opportunity, but he never attempted to leverage his following. He chose to go to his own execution instead of have his worshippers fight the Romans.

          • alf says:

            He leveraged his following exactly by going through with his own execution, and in doing so fought both the Jews and Romans successfully.

  8. Sher Singh says:


    Sweden managed to reverse the typically negative income-fertility association: in Sweden, richer women have higher fertility rates!


    2.5x higher in fact.


    • jim says:

      I have long found the Swedish fertility data unbelievable and obviously manipulated. But if so, I am mystefied.

      • Calvin says:

        It’s most likely for the same reason rich couples are more likely to remain. Selection effect for more rational and calculating, less impulsive behavior. Impulsive poors in Sweden would be more likely to absorb poz and become sterile.

        • Adam says:

          The kind of sex that makes babies is the kind that teenagers have in the back seat of a car.

          Rational, calculating and low impulse isn’t going to get it done.

          • Calvin says:

            In modern countries, with abortion around every corner and birth control often literally in the water? You must be joking. Deliberate efforts to get pregnant are way more likely to produce babies today than an accident. I should know, none of my children were less than deliberate.

            • Adam says:

              Certainly birth control and abortion have an effect. But conception is much more likely with the young and the passionate. It is not as simple as sperm meets egg, even if it is possible to simplify it that way.

              Maybe I am biased, all of my wife’s pregnancies were by chance with our first as teenagers. I just do not see a lot of older smartish affluent whites having kids, and the ones who I know are trying, are not all that successful.

              My money is on this report being bullshit, unless the women reporting are banging thugs.

              • Calvin says:

                Conception like that isn’t very likely among black people in a modern society, let alone white people. Conception is more likely when younger because women are more fertile when younger, and less likely when older for the same reason. Has nothing to do with deliberation or not. In societies where women are married off young, you bet your ass husband is attempting to impregnate her, it works just fine.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yeah if the woman I’d into it she’ll say cum inside me even if her ordinary self doesnt want them with you… if the guy is impulsive (like Tyrone and Ramirez) he’ll listen to her…

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        If it was a positive whig seminary attendance/credentialism association, that would be very mysterious. A positive affluence association on the other hand is much less unusual, and the two aren’t necessarily linked, and the later more general than the former, and the historical norm for that matter for various reasons, the negative association in most of the later day occident being the aberration.

  9. Jatt Aryaa says:

    [*deleted for lack of apparent relevance to anything*]

  10. NIGGERFAN says:

    “The poor will not go to heaven”


    I like this archbishop, def My Guy

  11. Yul Bornhold says:

    As a result of the Ukraine war, I’ve listened to Col. Douglas Macgregor interviews a few times. He has said:

    (1) The west has no good reason for geopolitical conflict with Russia.
    (2) The 2020 election was stolen.
    (3) The west is run by a globalist cabal.
    (4) Russia is an Orthodox Christian civilization and should be left alone.
    (5) Ukraine’s military abuse of its own citizens is worse than what the Nazis did.

    And several other things which make me think he’s our guy. He sounds like he supports Israel but I suppose that’s forgiveable, seeing as I don’t think our problems have their ultimate root in the Jewish state. As a military commander, he won battlefield success in the Gulf War, so along with sound theory, he’s actually accomplished something.

    All that to say, Trump would do well to attach Macgregor to his retinue, perhaps even as vice president. Don’t know how Trump can win in the face of fraud but gathering the competent based boomers into a unified force can only help us.

  12. Back Dat Ass Up says:

    The backup is saying 404 Not Found… can this be unbroken please good sirs.

    • jim says:

      Thanks for the heads up


      I changed the compression algorithm to bzip2, but failed to update the link.

      bzip2 is irritatingly slower than gz, but produces somewhat smaller files. I hate huge files, and over the years they have gotten bigger.

      • Downsize Dat Ass says:

        bzip2 is slow as fuck for no real size gains.
        gz is middle ground.
        xz, and now today zstd, has everything else beat on such workloads.
        test them all with various levels, zstd wins most but degen cases on balance.
        switch to zstd, result should be good.

        • jim says:

          zstd is not default installed on most linuxen, hence if I make zst files, people will be confused.
          tar -caf foobar.tar.zst foobar
          /bin/sh: 1: zstd: not found
          tar: Child returned status 127
          tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >Child returned status 127

            I don’t keep track of programming these days, but I remember master/slave causing an angry brouhaha among the usual crowd. They went about trying to remove all references to master/slave. I wonder, how long before they come for parent/child?

            • Slave Bitches says:

              yea brohai, i work lot gitub repos, was all ‘master’, then that woke bs hit and they browbeat lot of them into ‘main’. btw, tor was big leader of the mob on that, same with ‘code of conduct’ bs.
              some are pedos, so only child they’ll come for is yours.
              linux tar doesn’t have neat libarchive, so it try spawn zstd which shell cant find.
              xz is slow, but size is roughly par with somewhat faster zstd.
              maybe i blog tests again.
              they did remove lot more words than m/s, arguments were hilarious.

          • Update Linux says:

            Updated linuxen should have zstd now,
            if not they can choose a new distro of the month.
            Real OS like FreeBSD has zstd and xz and zfs.
            Linux is still wannabe OS for kids.
            Make them install them to get a better compressor anyway.
            At least kernel.org uses xz, so kids should at least have that.

            • jim says:

              xz is too slow when used with useful compression.

              But you have a point. bzip2 makes me suffer, let them suffer instead. zst it is. The error message should be informative enough for anyone capable of installing wordpress.

              On smaller files, zst has terrible compression compared to bzip2, but on larger files, the sized is indistinguishable, and the speed enormously faster.

  13. Sher Singh says:

    [*link deleted for failure to support your account of the stabbing*]
    80 Hindus gang up on 4 Sikhs.

    • jim says:

      Also, how come a female police officer received minor knife injuries? You don’t stab women, or even punch them. You slap them. And if you stab someone and make contact, the injury should never be minor.

      Give us a link that provides evidence for your account. “A female officer received a small cut to her hand but did not need hospital treatment.” does not sound like bold mighty Sikhs defeating a horde of Hindu attackers. Sounds like two Sikhs drunk enough to get in a stupid knife fight, but too drunk to fight. Also too drunk to make a getaway and ditch their weapons before the affray attracted police attention. Police always take a little while to show, even if they are in the vicinity, they don’t want to be there while the action is under way, so there is always plenty of time to disarm. If it is impractical to make a get away, and impractical to non recoverably toss the the weapon, you can at least be standing on it before police arrive. Those Sikhs were drunk or stupid, and probably both.

      It is a whole lot easier to have a pleasant civilised conversation with cops if you are not armed at the time, even if the weapon is just a few feet away. Make sure there is plenty of room that the cop can position himself between yourself and the weapon while giving himself plenty of distance from you. He is also happy if you sit on a chair while he stands. If no chair available, make sure your palms are visible to him. Those Sikhs were probably drunk and certainly stupid.

      Cops, being lazy, and burdened with a pile of paperwork any time they put someone under restraint, are disinclined to put anyone under restraint who is not dangerous to them, and not giving them a hard time. They would much rather have a pleasant civilised dignified chat, and if that chat does not go well for you, then you call your lawyer to fix it. Which can get expensive. But that makes work for them also, so they are disinclined to have a chat that leads to lawyers.

      Cops will always give you time and opportunity to disarm before they show up. If you attempt to hold a conversation with cops while armed, you are probably going to be killed or arrested, even if totally innocent, while if you are disarmed and reasonably courteous, probably going to get off even if totally guilty, because arresting the guilty creates work, and cops are as inefficient, incompetent, and lazy as any other government employee. They prefer to arrest the innocent, because arresting the guilty is not only work, but dangerous work, but arresting anyone creates work, so given the opportunity, will not arrest anyone.

      • Sher Singh says:


        • jim says:

          Support your claims with relevant text links. If linking to a video, explain the relevance of the video, what it supports, and what part of the video provides that support.

          If the evidence proves you right, it is your job to find it, not mine.

          • Sher Singh says:

            Posted about [*an improbable claim that needs considerably better evidence than was provided*]

    • someDude says:

      aha! there’s the payload

  14. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    >how long do you think the Russian-Ukrainian special military operation/ war last?

    If things continue as they are the house will probably fold some time next year. At this point the only real question isn’t whether it is possible for Russia to achieve maximalist objectives, but whether the leadership is willing to achieve maximalist objectives.

    The idea of a ‘neutral buffer state’ can only ever apply if the ‘buffer state’ is powerful enough to be a sovereign player in its own right. In any other case, it is simply a calumny; a front puppeted by the greater power as an extension of itself, as is the natural course of such things. If you do not occupy the throne, something else will in your stead.

    Zelenski may well get whacked once he has outlived his usefulness – which I say since there’s already some preparatory dogwhistling on that front being seeded by the lugenpresse.

    There are a lot of things the puppet regime could be doing to drag things out. That’s always been a possibility. The curious thing though is, they have not been doing those things.

    Most expected them to at least try a hail mary over the spring of 23. Obviously given the conditions at play it would have been better to not try at all and go into running out the clock mode, but it was expected. That they would try, and if it didn’t pan out, then they would turtle up.

    Well, they tried, and the ‘two weeks to the Sea of Azov’ timetable got blown out the water (months later and they haven’t even so much as gotten past the grey zones). And yet, funny thing, they still didn’t stop. The last whole and hale formations they have left in the barrel, it would only make sense to play for a delaying action and hope Russia tires of the effort or GAE somehow gets its act together or some other black swan event changes the board; yet they keep doing Russia the favor of sending everything they have to be destroyed in shooting galleries.

    I tend to place more regard on which ways the winds are blowing than in trying to throw darts on precise timestamps a tumbleweed will roll through (for oft it pays to pay respect to the fulsomeness of Being), but even still… The safe bet when it comes to War always tends towards ‘longer than you think’, but even still… There is little to nothing in the KOG’s future at this point that points to anything except exhaustion of capability and then collapse some time soon (historically speaking).

    Bakhmut will be remembered as the point where Ruthenia’s options disappeared and its fate was sealed. They did have options before that point, operationally and strategically. Not all good ones of course, but possibilities were there, to make things much more of a heartache for Russia than they might like. But once a full 40~% of the KOG’s total order of battle was rotated through the theater to be chewed up and spat back out, it was all she wrote. The spring offensive was lost before winter. Any sort of attack on a large scale became impossible, the extra reserves of men and ammunition that would make it possible being pissed away.

    The KOG could make things difficult for the Russians by buttoning up… but I don’t think they will do this, because they have not given any indication of this sense, repeatedly demonstrating a conviction to get every Ukrainian they can get their hands on killed as fast as possible, and Bakhmut is a bellwether for this.

    Noone at this turn was really ‘forcing’ Zelenski to make trying to keep an empty city his reason for existence, it just happened. It is an important methodological point to note at this juncture that Zelenski is both gay and jewish, so he tends towards major woman-brain behavior, like doubling down on bad decisions until someone else stops him by force.

    This behavior is of course also compounded by the fact that there is zero check coming from above either. The fact that in real terms all the intel, planning, and ultimate authority for decisions is coming from Foggy Bottom instead of Kiev is another factor going towards this circus tent closing down sooner rather than later.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you don’t have any fire support, because dry of ammo or non-existent in the first place, that if you don’t have any front line air defense, that if all the drones you had been relying on early in the war are now all getting fried by russian electronic attack systems, you probably won’t succeed in any offensive actions. Which makes the fact that they went forewards with one anyways a significant data point worthy of elaboration. And the fact that they are *continuing* to go forewards, regardless of the seed corn getting burned in the process, an even more significant data point.

    If you are a Ruthenian making decisions for Ruthenia, it would only make sense to play for the long game. But in the modes of thought of the GAE nomenklatura, the future doesn’t really exist (because a world doesn’t really exist). Whip crackers driving Mykola into the guns of Ivan is not coming from any sort of rational military calculation, but from the petty convenience of swamp creatures an ocean away thinking about their electoral theaters next year.

    In short, while common sense would say that ukrops *could* be playing a stalling game, every day that passes makes it look more and more like that kind of decision making is not a card in the deck. Because if the likes of Zelenski were the kind of men possessed of such being, they would not have been put in their places by the GAE in the first place. And if the GAE was the kind of polity capable of furnishing sufficient kinds of materiel ukrops would need to drag a fight out beyond what Russia could afford, they would not be getting involved in trying to overthrow countries in the name of anal sex and feminism in the first place. Such is the matter of History.

    • jim says:

      > Whip crackers driving Mykola into the guns of Ivan is not coming from any sort of rational military calculation, but from the petty convenience of swamp creatures an ocean away thinking about their electoral theaters next year.


      Exactly so.

      A day ago they were marshalling all their remaining forces for the final push to a small city which, even if they take it, will not make much difference. But, need to be making progress. Albeit they are making progress to destroying their and Nato’s military capability.

      For some time we have been hearing that they still have reserves, have not committed all their forces. Now they have.

      The Russians have large uncommitted reserves that they intend to commit at some point on the very long front line once all the Mykola have been committed. So unless this final push forces the Russians to commit those reserves to defence, there is likely to be a big Russian offensive sometime soon.

      You obviously should not commit all your reserves while the enemy has large uncommitted reserves. The Ukrainians are fighting for the momentary short term benefit of people in Washington, not fighting to win a long war. They are not fighting for Ukraine, but for points on a Power Point presentation in Washington.

    • jim says:

      > There is little to nothing in the KOG’s future at this point that points to anything except exhaustion of capability and then collapse some time soon (historically speaking).

      They don’t have along term strategy to preserve the Global American Empire. They have bullet points in next weeks power point presentation about long term strategy to preserve the Global American Empire.

      The Ukrainians are not dying in Bradley Square to recover access to the Asov Sea.

      They are dying to provide a bullet point in next week’s power point presentation about why preservation of the Global American Empire requires bags of money to continue flowing to the Ukraine.

      The bullet point will say “progress towards the Azov sea” And there have doubtless been numerous previous presentations that when the Ukraine reaches the Azov sea, can destroy the bridge to Crimea with sea drones, thus cutting off Russian access to the Black sea, and thus to the Mediterranean, and thus to Syria, and that Syria can then be destroyed, and made into a terrifying example, thus ensuring that future colour revolutions in truculent provinces of the Global American Empire go smoothly.

      The defect in this is that “progress towards X” on paper does not require a plausible real world strategy for actually delivering X.

  15. Pax Imperialis says:

    Jewish religious law banned the consumption of pork before 1,000 BC. The Christian religion also banned pork, but the restriction was lifted around 50 AD. The modern theory is that pork was seen as unclean due to how pigs eat waste and the possibility of parasites. While true, it possibly doesn’t paint the full picture.

    I conjecture pork sensitivity was likely common in early Europe as pigs are not herd animals, and modern man was largely descendant from nomadic herders. Pork sensitivity can result in abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and nausea. It would be unsurprising if such symptoms resulted in religious bans.

    There were thousands of years more for evolutionary adaptation to beef/goat/sheep proteins compared to pork proteins. Herding originated ~11,000 years ago and pigs are not herd animals. While evidence of pig domestication can be found as far back as ~11,000 years ago, widespread pig cultivation only started around ~3,500 years ago in Europe under the Romans and ~6,000 years ago in Asia under the Chinese. Historic fresh pork consumption in Nordic countries for example was sparse and primarily eaten at Christmas. Historically not a main protein source. Curing pork is likely the technology that enabled widespread pork consumption as it partly denatured those proteins in the same way milk fermentation is what enabled dairy consumption by reducing lactose.

    Korean and Japanese populations historically had a massive preference for herd animals and fish over pork, and studies of modern Koreans have found pork sensitivity rates as high as 8.9%. Likely similar if not higher in Japan, due to genetic distance from China and similar genetic distance to Koreans. Mongolians are likely pork sensitive as well having retained their nomadic herding culture to this day.

    While Europeans are not Koreans/Japanese/Mongolians and have much greater pork tolerance, they do share historical preference for herd animal proteins and likely process beef better than pork. For example, America only became a major pork producer due to the events of 1910 to 1940 having previously been predominantly a cattle nation. This, is on top of cattle being a superior nutrition source for B vitamins be it in the meat or milk and minerals like calcium and iron, has likely led to poorer health. Overall nutrition balance in beef is also better than pork. Meanwhile, European countries have been shutting down their cattle production since ~1940; a trend which has only accelerated with the advent of Food Pyramidism and Giaism.

    Protein source is a reactionary issue. Make beef great again.

    • Milosevic says:

      Normans loved pork.

    • Aidan says:

      You are almost there. Bans on pork were not about physical but spiritual health; pigs are livestock of a settled farmer versus a nomadic herder. Anti-pork was part of the religion of the steppe and hills. “Don’t settle down and muck pig shit”. Which valence was completely forgotten after settling down.

      • Carte Blanche says:

        I suppose if you treat the Exodus as historically accurate — at least in the sense of the ancient Hebrews wandering the desert, even if the parts about Egypt invite some skepticism — then yes, it is possible that they tried to instill the values of a nomadic culture through diet among other things.

        There’s even some support for that if you flip over to the Passover story and note that the conventional observance is supposed to begin by… throwing away all grains. Well, sort of. It’s affixed with that distinctively Jewish laserlike focus on what seems to be a trivial detail about the bread-making process, but that could have been a later heresy, and even today they are supposed to stop eating all grains except for one form that is basically inedible.

        But judging by their own records, and the best records we have, the Hebrews seemed to be a generally agrarian and often specifically grain-oriented culture. Unless you are suggesting that they absorbed the anti-pork sentiment from other cultures around them — but then why did that sentiment survive in the Hebrews and not any of the other tribes they encountered?

        I’m not sure if they even had pigs, per se, in the Levant at that time. The proscriptions don’t necessarily refer to the animal we think of as a domesticated pig, but rather all “swine”, including wild boar. On the other hand, they’ve uncovered some weird facts about the wildlife over there, such as (I’m still not sure I believe this) Israeli wild boar being descended from European domesticated pigs. Even though they look and act the same as wild boar everywhere else. Did they go feral because the Hebrews weren’t interested in keeping them domesticated?

        I’m not totally convinced, but it’s food (heh) for thought.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Funny thing about pigs; even after millennia of domestic cultivation, if you let them loose in the wild, all of a sudden, pink hides sprout into coarse thickets of bristles, tusks start growing back in, long and menacing, and the thin veneer of domestication disappears like morning dew.

          Anyone living down in Texas will know all about this.

        • jim says:

          What happened during the bronze age collapse is that the urban civilised cultures emancipated women – we see princesses making their own decisions about whom to marry – and lost fertility. Pastoralists preserved the old Aryan patriarchy.

          Obviously pastoralists ate meat and milk.

          Egyptian records, and the Hebrew account of Exodus, tell us that Egyptians were alarmed by their reproductive failure, and the reproductive success of people with the old culture.

          We also know that there was massive immigration into Bronze age civilised cultures, by pastoralist people accustomed to patriarchal rule, who came under Kingly rule and did not much like it.We also have evidence that Egypt attempted to forcibly assimilate the immigrants to Egyptian culture, and may conjecture that the pastoralists did not much like that either.

          Among the many taxes laid on these pastoralist people by Egyptian kings was production quota of bricks made with straw, and someone else had a quota for straw. And these quotas were frequently not fulfilled, and punishments ensued. We don’t have any record of a tax laid specifically on the children of Israel, but quotas were for groups, not individuals, and the groups were collectively responsible and collectively punished.

          So these details of the story are consistent with what we know about Bronze age decline.

          We also know that the collapse of Bronze age civilization involved large mass migrations by sea and land of armed refugees. So there was a whole lot of Exodus type stuff happening.

          We also know that the final collapse was these armed refugees burning the cities, and that the cities of Canaan went up in that final conflagration. So someone very like the people depicted in Exodus hit Canaan.

          We also know that in the last days of Bronze age civilisation there were a nomadic people, not ruled by Kings, not governed from cities, not living in cities, whom the Egyptian King called the people of Israel, in Canaan.

          The historical record does not say those people came out of Egypt. But Egypt survived in large part because it was able to expel the aliens that were causing the collapse. So they expelled a whole lot of people similar to the people of Israel, as part of the general mass migrations of armed refugees.

          The tribe of Dan was part of the sea peoples. Greek legend records that they moved to Greece, among other places, from the middle east. They got around a lot. And during the collapse, left bloody thumbprints all over Bronze Age civilisation. For the rest of the tribes of Israel, we have no records other than their own, and a single line of hieroglyphs about them being Canaan, but we do have records of a whole lot of stuff like that happening. In the latter days of Bronze age civilisation, there was a whole lot of stuff like Exodus going down.

          Near the end, there was a non urban people not ruled from cities in Canaan, called Israel by the Egyptian King, and at the end the cities of Bronze Age civilisation were burned by people like that.

          Forcible expulsions and forcible assimilation (the Gab prescription) may explain why Egypt partially survived the collapse, when everyone else except Assyria got their cities burned.

          We have some evidence that Assyria survived by the Jimian prescription. Forcibly re-imposing marriage and the authority of husbands. The state required fathers to marry off their daughters, required wives to obey their husbands, forbade men from divorcing their wives except for cause, and forbade women from divorcing their husbands at all.

          We have no evidence that the “people” of Israel burned Canaan, other than their own, but people like them burned down all of Bronze age civilization. We have no evidence that the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt, and were kicked out, but we do have evidence of a whole lot of people like them sojourning in Egypt, and the rest of Bronze Age civilisation, and eventually burning the civilisation down, with enormous mass migrations of armed refugees who were not governed by Kings. And we do have evidence indicating that the armed refugees not governed by Kings that were in Canaan were “Israel”.

          We don’t have evidence for the children of Israel moving to Egypt and then moving back to Canaan and burning it, other than their own, but we have plenty of evidence for people like them moving around all over the place and eventually burning the cities of Bronze Age civilisation, with the sons of Dan lighting fires all over the place, and the children of Israel in Canaan. Since the sons of Dan all over the place, presumably also with the rest of the other tribes of Israel in Canaan. So that small detail of Exodus consistent with the historical record, though there is no reason to suppose the sons of Dan sojourned in Egypt. They preferred to sojourn in places where the sea was between them and Kings. Nothing indicates that the sons of Dan came under Kings except as mercenaries, though historical records are sparse, and if they did come under the rule of Kings, no record is likely to have survived, but their entire way of life seems to have been based on islands and being able to up stakes at any moment and move everything onto their ships when things got too hot. There is archaeological record of them building a shipyard on an island, but no archaeological record of them building permanent housing around the shipyard, though archaeological records are sparse.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            The weird thing is I knew most of that, but don’t go around thinking of it in that way. The power of framing and holding the megaphone I suppose.

            Jim, or anyone else, is there any particular book you recommend on the Bronze Age collapse? Or did you piece this together from multiple sources?

            Though you didn’t mention it, the simple “sea peoples = tribe of Dan + others” strengthens something I’ve always found intriguing without ever going quite all in on. Which is the idea the twelve tribes of Israel were Indo-European, and the lost tribes spread into Europe.

            • jim says:

              Pieced together from multiple sources, most of which I do not remember. None of it is controversial, though when you put all those bits together in that framing, suddenly it becomes extremely controversial.

            • Fidelis says:

              the twelve tribes of Israel were Indo-European

              They were at least very very close to the Aryans. Abraham living in felt tents, going on small warband skirmishes. Solomon having it written down how great his chariots were. Exodus wandering in the desert looking for a “land of milk and honey”. Im not sure the time periods match up for what we know of the Aryan migrations into Europe, but of course there could always be key missing evidence. The Irish have some strange buried mythology that they came from Egypt, and sure enough Ramses II and his wife had deep red hair and caucasoid features. Tutankhamun with an R1b y chromosome.

              Theres a bunch of this scattered evidence of tall redheads that ruled just about everywhere, actually. Giant redhead buddha statues the taliban/isis saw fit to destroy. Redhead mummies and pyramids in china. Tribes in New Zealand and Peruvian-region South America that will have the occasional blonde or redhaired fair-skinned child, with an oral tradition claiming descent from Ra of the Egyptians. Recently there were genetic studies on these peoples and they were determined to be very closely related to… northern persians. Piles of stuff like this, but no one has painted a coherent enough picture for exactly what was going on here. Some globe spanning redhead pre-aryan expansion? Something even stranger?

              • jim says:

                > I’m not sure the time periods match up for what we know of the Aryan migrations into Europe,

                Lost in the mists of prehistory is an almost continuous wave after wave of Aryan and closely related invasions, of which we have good information only about the one that squished Bronze Age civilisation. But Bronze Age civilisation was in itself in large part the product of a previous wave. Our best records are those of Egypt – the red headed pharaohs are the edge of a previous wave, and then that civilisation went decadent, with whites retreating from peripheral areas such as Egypt, and then was overrun by another wave from the Aryan heartland, originating in a remarkably small area.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Other autists have scoured the data in far more depth than me, but my understanding is that the Aryan types first swept into europe in large numbers around 6k years ago according to the skeletal records. So perhaps another wave of these levant fringe tribes migrating into Europe is quite possible, it just seems to be something that doesnt have nearly as much an impact on European blood as the previous invasion.

                • Skippy says:

                  Waves of Aryans also kept overruning and slaughtering previous waves of Aryans, which seems to be necessary to keep a race healthy.

          • Fidelis says:

            Jim, what is your guess as to how exactly nearly all the cities of the bronze age decided to forgo partriarchy? This always seemed so strange to me, it was not like today with a massive empire forcefully imposing on all the little nations. Instead they all seemed to converge on it by some other means. How?

          • Carte Blanche says:

            Interesting weaving of the Old Testament and the Bronze Age collapse. Sounds plausible enough, though I am neither a biblical scholar nor a historical scholar.

            I’m unsure exactly what central thesis you’re driving at, if indeed there is a central thesis. If we’re just musing on the historical/religious parallels then that’s OK; I’m simply uncertain of whether it was supposed to tie back to the pork prohibitions.

            So the Hebrews left Egypt because it was collapsing under matriarchy and other civilizational decay, or were expelled from Egypt because Egypt blamed them with or without good reason for the decline, etc. And either they found it easy to leave because they were already rather nomadic, or became nomadic afterward, perhaps both depending on which tribe. But are you saying those tribes appear to have been primarily Aryan descended, not Levantine? That the Hebrews were themselves the pastoralists and not agrarians (both in practice and in temperament)?

            If so, is the implication that modern Jews have no real lineage or very little lineage to trace back to the ancient Hebrews? There is clearly non-European DNA, and there is also the small matter of widespread lactose intolerance, hard to imagine persisting in a society that thrived on meat and milk. Is your hypothesis that it was a later (mal)adaptation, or the result of admixture with the other, settled declining bronze age cultures in the Levant?

            • jim says:

              They had a semitic language, but an Aryan family structure and culture. Possibly at some point conquered by Aryans and absorbed their way of life, possibly in one of the many earlier waves lost in prehistory. Different – not the same religion as the Greeks, the Romans, and the guys that conquered India. Definitely a different group. Not all the guys burning down Bronze Age civilization were Aryans – or not the major group of Aryans. Greek legend about the sons of Dan identifies them as a different ethnicity, but as allies in the conquest and the broad coalition, Greek legend says the sons of Dan were Levantine.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Bans on pork were not about physical but spiritual health

        Can those be separated? Body and spirit mirror each other. They might even be the same thing.

        Anti-pork was part of the religion
        “Don’t settle down and muck pig shit”

        If one feeds pork to certain populations that retained their pastoral heritage and thus pork sensitivity, you’ll find many of them will be vomiting within the hour and dry heaving throughout the night. Pigs are well known for eating their own feces, and being fed human feces. Just as one does not shit in camp (Deuteronomy 23:12-13), one does not eat meat of shit.

        • Fidelis says:

          All this anti-pork sentiment doesn’t mesh when it comes to austronesians and Greeks. All the lacedaemonians seemed to eat was pork and onions.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Pork is a delicacy that’s available to the Commons, but it requires intelligence and diligence because it’s dangerous if kept/prepared incorrectly. this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth, but I think cultures that eschew pork also tend to be very susceptible to communistic delusions. it’s a tenuous connection at best, nonetheless…

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            I’m conjecturing that anti-pork sentiment (in Eurasia) originated long before the ancient Greeks. Likely from the Aryan step herders that conquered Europe.

            Austronesians never were effective farmers/herders. They were stuck as hunter gatherers. Wild boar was a regular source of protein for them. Natural selection would favor those who could digest those proteins.

            @KD The bans likely lost their physical meaning over time as natural selection favored being able to eat pork. When spirit is severed from physicality it risks veering off into gnosticism.

            Pork is not a delicacy. It is what people buy when beef costs too much (bacon is the exception). There appears to have been a concerted GAE effort to replace beef with pork as the staple protein in the early 20th century. By the later half of the century, the government was encouraging the replacement of both beef and pork with chicken. Now in the 21st century the effort is to replace beef/pork/chicken with plant proteins and bugs.

            I think that descendants of herders, despite their likely acquired ability to digest pork, naturally prefer beef and find it easier to digest.

            • Fidelis says:

              >Pork is not a delicacy. It is what people buy when beef costs too much
              Pork was preferred in the american colonies because it stored better and was fattier. Beef tended to get tough when salt cured, and the lack of fat in traditionally raised beef definitely didnt help.

              I dont think we can really compare modern meat to what was eaten 200+ years ago. Unless youre eating real, hardcore heritage farmer raised stuff, its a vastly different thing. Of course now pork and chicken is the cheaper meat, and treated like it, but previously pork seemed to be on par and even preferred over beef, depending on the personal taste.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                A tip about the finer things in life: if you are ever in the DMV area, try making time to find a country store where you can get a genuine Virginia raised salt cured ham. Makes for an excellent holiday gift or special event fare. Only other place in the world you can find anything like it is Iberia; for thrice the price or more of course.

                The man who directed the X-Files tv show would frequently depict the shadowy deep state bigwigs meeting each other at a horse farm in Langley owned by the primus inter pares. One of the perks of being a virginia farm boy if you know what I mean. (Of course, those creatures they deemed fit to succeed them in later days are all tasteless bums who live in squalor, even when they have the option of finer things.)

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  If you are ever important enough to be in the DMV area (reservation niggers the exception) you wouldn’t make such a faux pas as buying American. Obviously you’d be eating the finest Iberico with a side of Beluga (because import bans seem to not matter). Unfortunately I’m not so important so I must content myself on low grade Kirkland sourced Iberico and my dwindling stock of Russian Standard.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  All I’m gonna say is, if you know where to look, you’re not gonna find better quality anywhere else. Paying more to travel or import will get you something just as good.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Actually funny coincidence you mention caviar too; shad roe is another ‘well kept secret’ of the cavalier world (‘well kept’ because they lost the war, and thus delcass, of course).

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Shad Roe was so surprisingly good. I would love to delve into such classics just for fun. I did snuff for a few months after I read a historical account of the late 19th century, and I found myself motivated to seek out finer things in other categories. There’s powerful niggotry in larping as an aristocrat, if you have the proper majiks and materials.

  16. Kunning Drueger says:


    This is a Warning & Indicator. The Cathedral is absolutely aware of the consequences of their Course Correction, a reference to that thing I wrote downthread. The extrajudicial killing in UT is related. I bet there’s a lot more going on, but no one, as yet, has started putting the pieces together.

    The immune system of the Cathedral is in disarray, for all the reasons we’ve discussed at length, but it is still there, and once it gets going, it’s going to get intense. Nothing ever happens, then everything happens all at once. Once the Response starts, the vicious and bloody minded will take control, or be given control. They will keep poking, keep striking, fishing for a response. They need the hornets to start flying to justify a disproportionate response. I’m not advising the “do nothing, we can’t win” blackpill faggot position, but I am saying that, when that balloon goes up, it’s going to be unmanaged chaos with mis/disinformation drowning out everything.

    I’m not going to assert any chronology, there may be a pacification period, an interruption to the maelstrom. But once the crazies get taken off leash, there’ll be no going back. here is one prediction:

    the character assassinations will continue and increase, with the goal of hitting a “comment” tipping point. once this threshold is breached, once the bean counters feel like there’s enough groundswell, the character assassination will move to actual assassination. each one will be justified with “overwhelming digital evidence.”

    I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a prayer, one I use when I get scared for my family:

    [Jesus Prayer or whatever you use/need to initiate]

    Dear God
    Thy will, not mine.
    Give me the strength to be Your instrument.
    Hold my family in Your heart.
    Make my sons an instrument in Your hand.
    Grant me the strength to be a warrior in your name.
    Thank You for both blessings and suffering.
    Thank You for all the gifts You bestow.
    Restore in me the joy of Thy salvation and renew a right spirit within me.
    By Your will.
    In Your name.


    Obviously, I word it differently each time. I hope it helps someone like it helps me.

  17. someDude says:

    I’m sure you gentlemen could not possibly be unaware of this song,

    Got it over at Anglin’s

    Damn, wish we Hindus had a song like this one! If we do, I’m unaware of it. Something new and catchy. Something that can catch fire. Something that can be the song of the restoration.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Looking at CC debt, wage stagnation in spite of massive inflation, actual unemployment, substance abuse, suicide, etc, etc, etc… yeah, the lower classes aren’t doing well. It doesn’t matter though if they can’t organize and have leadership. There is a degree of spiritual malaise that runs up into the middle upper class though, so it’s likely partly why this song has resonated with wider America.

      While the upper middle class isn’t selling their souls working for bullshit pay, they are drowning their sorrows at home. Alcohol sales in well off communities are high. Past a certain age, being an unmarried man can be a bad thing. But the question remains, can they organize? Do they even have a sense of direction to organize towards? So far it’s no, they do not, and so it does not matter. This song’s rapid popularity is no different than substance abuse. A massive flashing indicator of deep rot, but regimes can survive deep rot for a long time and not be endangered by it.

      There is something the regime should be worried about though, the caliber of men going into the entry level leadership positions do so not out of any discernible patriotism or even ideological reason, but to fill the spiritual void with a facade they know is a facade. In essence, unmarried late 20s men from well off backgrounds are going into the officer corps because they are lonely and without purpose. That’s likely how militaries effectively turn into mercenary groups.

      • someDude says:

        Did you notice how the Legacy media all pounced upon him including this piece where they claim he is punching down? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/aug/16/rich-men-north-of-richmond-oliver-anthony

        Words don’t mean what they used to mean anymore.

        Freedom is slavery, War is peace, Malice is Love

        and now, apparently,

        Up is Down

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Helplessness is holiness to the baizuo. The only good neighbor is one whose continued existence is totally dependent on them for everything. Even the barest scrap of sovereignty, autonomy, or sufficiency is a sin; and the valuation of such qualities in others is doubly sinful.

  18. Maj. Forcedis Turber says:

    Am I nuts, or has there been a major disturbance in the force lately?

    I just suddenly feel like I can talk redpill about women and criticize Feminism in real life situations with real life people, not just anons on the internet. Almost all men I talk to are awakening to the WP, in a way I’d have considered miraculous even a year ago. It’s like a veil is being lifted.

    Is it really happening or all in my head?

    • jim says:

      Been happening for a year or so. I first remarked on this in 2022-April.

      We get our memes to the alt right, the alt right gets them to the influencers, the influencers get them to normies. If everything goes well, takes about three years. It used to be a way slower process, but the legacy media has blown all credibility.

      • simplyconnected says:

        After hearing of progressivism being a religion for some time, I’m starting to hear of “human sacrifices”, something also discussed here for some time. For example:

        Cernovich on Maui: […] This is looking like a potential massive human sacrifice by climate change worshippers.

        Here it might have been stated pretty similarly (say “human sacrifice to the weather gods”.)

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      From my perspective, what you are seeing is a “speed wobble” induced by a “course correction” in the “ship of state” that has had “progressive rockets” bolted to it.

      So ships are hard for terrestrial creatures. You have to tune your instincts and actions or you end up making silly mistakes. The best way to illustrate this is, imagine if, when you are driving, the rode itself shifted up and down on the horizontal axis. It’s great fun, I recommend every man navigate a boat at least 3 times. If you do, you will start to feel the pull of the sea, and your mind will wander to “what would that boat or that boat or that other boat be like…”

      Possessing and guiding a woman is a jet ski. A family is an outboard boat. A small business is an inboard power boat. A bigger business is a yacht. A State is anything from a fishing trawler to a supertanker depending on the variables involved. I mean this as a holistic metaphor, not just the parallel to navigation, so all the paperwork, funding, ownership & management. The bigger the boat, the more complex and expensive it is to merely exist, nevermind actually using it.

      The GAE is a flotilla of rickety, too oft repaired ships all moored together with various types of rocket engines bolted all over the place. The US has the most and best rockets, but it also has really unstable and unreliable ones, and it keeps bolting on more. Initially, the argument for the rockets was “boat go faster” but now it’s going so fast that it is actually airborne. The hope would be “touch nothing, fly forever” but that’s just not an option, so course corrections become the most delicate and terrifying thing imaginable. But don’t forget, retards keep bolting more rockets on and firing them up. As well, you have insane cunts and stupid niggers trying to wrestle the yoke away from whoever currently has it. And the flotilla is constantly weighing down, and the ones with their own rockets can’t fly the tangle, but they can through it off course or impact a course correction unpredictably.

      The first few rockets made the ship of state for the US perform like nothing anyone had ever seen, and so it is the case that everyone believes “speed good.” As more rockets were added, a natural corollary was appended “rockets make good better.” And the flying monster has actually slammed into a few things and just… kept on going. Things that had been discussed, that all the brightest minds said would wreck the ship, and the tangled mass just barreled on. So now there is an unspoken belief that is quietly being spoken: “this ship can never sink.” Soon, it won’t be quietly spoken, it will be compelled speech. If you point out anything wrong, you will be frog marched to the deck and strapped to a chair in the bow, where you will be filmed screaming out how wonderful and safe and eternal the ship is as it barrels across the sea, shattering smaller boats and skipping over small islands. In the distance, you see mountains, but you know your eyes are lying.

      Because fast is good, more rockets makes it better, and the ship can never sink.

    • projection says:

      We will know we are winning when on Wikipedia, under the title “Incel,” there will be a substantive (redpilled) “Proposed Solutions” section.

  19. Ramaswamy Checks Fats says:

    Vivek Ramaswamy has been laying down the law perhaps best out of all the candidates. Polls are responding well to his apparently big balls on many issues.
    He’s running where Trump can’t, with Libertarian Anti-Woke New Right flavor, could be a good thing.


    Watch: Ramaswamy Gives ‘LGBTQ+ Reporter’ A Reality Check

    by Steve Watson

    When a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter confronted Vivek Ramaswamy, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community,” the Republican presidential candidate provided a stark reality check.

    Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as he can tell “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.”

    The person then attempted to get Ramaswamy to say something negative about same sex couples, to which he responded that he only has a “negative view of the tyranny of the minority.”

    A “pan-sexual” LGBTQIA+ activist approached me at the Iowa State Fair with a question. I answered directly: in the name of protecting against tyranny of the majority, we’ve created a new tyranny of the minority. That’s just the TRUTH. https://t.co/4GQxcwfQIi
    — Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) August 14, 2023

    “I don’t think that somebody who is religious should be forced to officiate a wedding that they disagree with,” he stated, adding “I don’t think somebody who is a woman who has worked really hard for her achievements should compete against a biological man in a swim competition.”

    Ramaswamy continued, “I don’t think somebody who is a woman, that respects her bodily autonomy and dignity should be forced to change clothes in a locker room with a man.”

    “That is not freedom, that’s oppression,” he urged.

    Ramaswamy also asserted that while adults can do as they please “do not foist that ideology onto children before children are in a position to make decisions for themselves.”

    The candidate said many Americans are tired of being subjected to this “new culture of oppression.”

    “Part of what makes our country great is that you and I can be civil and have this conversation and that we live in a country that gives each of us a right to speak to a presidential candidate and back,” Ramaswamy told the person.

    He followed up during an interview on Fox News:

    Vivek Ramaswamy: “If gender dysphoria is such a condition of suffering, then why on earth are we going out of our way to create even more of it by spreading this ideology through young kids in our schools?” pic.twitter.com/x2Ed7EWqNw
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 17, 2023

    • jim says:

      Good stuff, but Vivek Ramaswamy has strangely close and friendly connections to Soros and Harvard, and made his money in highly regulated quasi state businesses where you have to be in the pocket of Harvard and the state.

      On the other hand, if an agent of the enemy, could he say the stuff he has been saying? That we are “creating gender disphoria in children” is a polite high IQ way of saying “Groomers are coming for your kids”

      If he now has these positions, these are a radical U turn from positions he would have had to espouse in business, and they don’t seem to be coming after his businesses and money. They think he is their guy.

      On the other hand, could be that they are just dumb, and when he says things like that, it just goes over their heads.

      On paper, he is way, way better than Trump. But Trump is who he is. Is Vivek who he is?

      • Aryaman says:

        You probably did not have to espouse a lot of these positions back when he was in business. But as I’ve said before, the problem with him is not what he doesn’t say but what he does. He says this is the last best chance to save the old country but the old country is gone. Or, if it isn’t, it can only be saved by a Donald Trump or Erik Prince managing a temporary dictatorship.

        He does not say a marriage is a man and a woman. (Though he comes close when he says “the nuclear family is the greatest form of governance known to mankind.” Sounds eerily close to endorsing patriarchy without quite getting there).

        I’m disinclined to believe it is going to be an Indian who saves this country. At the same time I don’t think their guys are allowed to go around saying this stuff, talking about detailed plans to invoke the President’s right to fire 70 percent of the government and bomb cartels. They are allowed to go around saying whatever Nikki Haley says.

        I think the Soros connection is extremely weak though. but he is still a creature of the harvard class.

        • jim says:

          Could be the Soros connection and the New World Order connection was them trying to look cool and high tech, rather than him being

          But if he is who he says he is, needs to dump on Soros and Pfizer, and has not done so.

      • Doom says:

        It’s the dialectic; the new synthesis is “transgenderism was created by literal nazi scientists”.

        Lot of the “conservative” main stream have come to this conclusion somehow.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Democracy rots your brain, and rots society.

      Vivek says the same things today that the squishiest, mealy-mouthed Republicans were saying not more than 10 years ago. Maybe a few things that are, I don’t know, “Indigo-pilled”?

      Republicans aren’t going to save this country. Voting is not going to save this country. Even if Vivek were The True Trump, which he isn’t, and even if elections weren’t fortified against any authentic opposition, which they are, there is simply no way that anyone without his own private army of thugs and cronies is going to achieve anything important in politics. If Trump did nothing else, he proved that fact to everyone.

      Maybe, in a serious institution – and the governance of large corporations and/or individual states does qualify (if only barely) – these people do make competent administrators. Ron has been a decent governor and Vivek has presumably been a decent founder and CEO. But DC is not a serious institution, even by our relaxed standards of “serious”. It’s the Capital of Clown World. The rules are not the same.

      I just don’t see why we should care about people like Brown Trump or Meatball Ron or even Trump himself. Have we learned nothing from the past 8 years? It’s time to stop putting our faith and our energy into the system that hates us and the carnival barkers who prop it up.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      The argument in favor of a based dot indian is he just might really mean it. He might be used to getting away with being one step to the right of what a straight white male can get away with, and speaking it has a feedback loop with thinking it, so he might be to the right of any white male peer who’s gotten to where he is.

      Bluntly, I don’t like that he’s Indian rather than white. In business I’ve seen too many Indians put their caste first, nation second, Americans nowhere when it comes to hiring. Possibly he wouldn’t be able to get away with that as much as President? Or he might be a unicorn, a true believer in what he’s saying. Some few do have the IQ and the engineer’s mindset for that to be the case.

      A litmus test for this would be his stance on legal immigration. If he goes past building the wall and stopping illegal immigration to putting a cap on legal immigration I could be won over. Without that I’d put him in the same basket as mainstream GOP candidates: Team B, slow the decline, liberal but slower and legally.

      At 38 and his first time in politics I wonder if he’s really running for VP, and/or really running for 2028. In normal times that would be my expectation, but the times are no longer normal, and strange things can happen.

      If, and I speculate entirely without evidence, IF he has somehow grasped the times aren’t normal and is seizing his chance rather than waiting that would be a point in his favor. But I don’t actually see anything in what he’s said to point that way.

      • jim says:

        Engineers mindset makes doublethink hard. It clouds your mind and makes you stupid. As you struggle with hard problems, you get in the habit of turning off doublethinking and seeing where it gets you.

        As a first timer in politics, likely he is running for VP. A trump vivek presidency would be great. Even greater if he tells his fellow demon worshiping elites that he worships demons too and will double cross Trump as Pence did, and then double crosses everyone, in particular the elites who winked at him becoming VP. But I think Trump Epsteined is rather more likely than Trump president.

        As for Vivek double crossing us and Trump, and failing to double cross the elites … when he talks about the powers of the presidency, sounds like he has been thinking and researching how to double cross his fellow elites, and survive. He is at least considering that option. While he was thinking about that stuff, he had doublethink turned off.

        On the other hand, the curious failure of elites to go nuclear on truth telling under his own name indicates he is telling his fellow elites he plans to doublecross us and doublecross Trump should he become VP.

        • Aryaman says:

          It is possible he realizes that what happened to the Jews might happen to the Indians the way things are proceeding and he wants to do some Nazi-lite stuff to stop things from getting there.

          I actually have moral conviction in the righteousness of my beliefs but I can’t imagine there aren’t some smart Indians who are just normal and self-interested who don’t also realize they might get killed.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            No Jew or Indian will ever decide to give white people a break, just as no whaler ever said, let’s hunt fewer whales so they don’t go extinct. Individual actions change nothing, and the present political system has lost all capacity for collective action.

            All individuals can do is flee the country when it becomes another Haiti, and it’s pretty obvious where the Indians will go.

            • Aryaman says:

              Nah I would. But I wouldn’t characterize it as giving a break.

              I’d do it because it’s good and moral for countries to be run for their people but it’s also a perfectly self-interested thing for an Indian with wealth and business here to want. I would feel a lot better if most of the nepotistic, conniving H1B workers, any Indian that has publicly supported a leftist cause ever, and any Indian who migrated in the last 15 years were all sent back post haste (with the relevant narrow exceptions). And a requirement to pay jizya of either $20,000/year or maybe post an accumulating bond for the same amount.

              If that happened I wouldn’t worry the mobs would come for me when comes the time the Saxon begins to hate.

      • Aryaman says:

        He’s not naturally good on immigration but can probably be bullied into it. His civic nationalism is biting him on that one — problem is, he sees the country and says “we” not “you”. He made some remarks favoring meritocratic high IQ immigration got enormous blowback from the online right, then conceded the country is not merely an “economic zone” without ever ending up at some coherent synthesis.

        He also flip-flopped on China a bit. Started off the campaign vociferously anti-China before dropping that rhetoric. Then made some comment that the way to help Taiwan is to give the civilian men there guns. And most recently he said Taiwan isn’t a vital interest at all in a few years, and reshoring of chipmaking lines up with China’s schedule on annexation anyway. He probably noticed actively anti-China policy isn’t popular with the online right.

        The only thing he has been consistently great on is firing 70 percent of the government and sending the military to the border.

        • The Cominator says:

          That and TPP out him as a typical Indian scammer…

        • Vivek Ramaswamy 2024 says:

          Vivek Ramaswamy is looking more based than ever…

          “At Harvard, he gained a reputation as a brash and confident libertarian … he performed Eminem covers and libertarian-themed rap music — Wikipedia”

          Ramaswamy Vows To ‘Shut Down The Three-letter Agencies’

          Ramaswamy Hits Back At ‘Deeply Offended’ Pence Over Questioning Of 9/11 Narrative

          Ramaswamy Demands To Know “Truth About What’s Really Driving This Flurry Of Prosecutions”

          Ramaswamy Wins Lawsuit Against World Economic Forum After Being Labeled A ‘Young Global Leader’

          Elon Musk seems impressed with Ramaswamy too…

          He states his beliefs clearly. https://t.co/SjpuXLCFpo
          — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 18, 2023

          Puts Trump to shame, IMO… Trump’s problem is he talks a lot of self-hot-air nothing, he says words like “Trans” or “China” or “Deep State” and senses they’re problems, but his thinking stops thin at details, resulting in no execution. And Trump tends to shy from articulating… like holding up the Bible was his response, fair, but to what actual executive measure.

          Vivek literally gives whiteboard presentations on his platform plans at his campaign stops… dude’s got details on details and seems to be actually serious about executing them.

          Kindof like Libertarian Javier Milei who’s winning big in Argentina has a whole platform full of reform plans.

          Trump is also clearly aging fast, he’s not braindead geriatric like Biden yet, but a few more years will not be kind to Trump. The US presidency doesn’t adapt well to presidents that sleep or vacation most of their days.

          Vivek is 38 years old and will run rings around geriatric Washington.
          He’s also brown which could help in world affairs, and has the energy to travel.

          Hindu’s generally don’t take shit from anyone either.

          Is Vivek the backup or drop-in plan to Trump?
          Either in case they actually jail Trump and the people lose spirit to make him president from jail… or as VP or Cabinet to get 4 years there, plus 8 more.

          Vivkek fully defends Trump against the Hoaxes, Impeachments, Indictments etc and refuses to attack him… but will Vivek turn to primary Trump in some way?

          Links to articles…





          Kids Who Believe They Are Trans Have “A Mental Health Condition”


          Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has declared that if a child says they are transgender, then they are really suffering a from a mental health crisis, and that it is “inhumane” to affirm their misguided belief.

          “When a kid is saying their gender doesn’t match their biological sex, they’re going through a mental health struggle. That’s a mental health condition,” Ramaswamy said during an interview with The Blaze.

          He continued, “The compassionate thing to do is not to affirm that confusion — that is not compassion, that is cruelty. The compassionate thing to do is figure out what’s going wrong in that kid’s life.”

          “The fact that that is now beyond the pale to even explore shows how far we’ve gone as a culture,” the candidate urged.

          “It is inhumane and barbaric that we live in a culture that lets this happen to children, and if we don’t learn from those mistakes, we only have ourselves to blame,” Ramaswamy further asserted.

          “If you’re an adult and want to dress how you want, I’m not going to stop you. But you’re not going to change our language, our sports, how we sort locker rooms, and you’re certainly not going to change the way we indoctrinate our children,” he emphasised.


          When someone says they’re trans, it usually means *something else* is badly wrong in their life. Let’s abandon the farce that the “humane” thing to do is to affirm their confusion, rather than to actually help. It’s inhumane. pic.twitter.com/cKVRUnKuaq
          — Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) August 16, 2023

          The comments come in the wake of Ramaswamy schooling a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter who confronted the candidate, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community.”

          Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as he can tell “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.”

          He then went on to provide a stark reality check for the activist:

          Video: Ramaswamy Gives ‘LGBTQ+ Reporter’ A Reality Check

          • jim says:

            Vivek Ramaswamy has, or had, strangely close and friendly connections to Soros, Harvard, and Pfizer.

            If he is who he says he is, needs to dump on them.

            That he is a Hindu is a problem, since the movement that he seeks to speak for is white Christian Nationalist. Hinduism worships both Krishna, who is a demon, and Rama, who is arguably a Christophany. He says his Hinduism is compatible with the Christian values on which this nation was founded. For his Hinduism to be compatible with the Christian values on which this nation was founded, needs to dump on the one and espouse the other, which Hindus are reluctant to do.

            The trouble with Hinduism is that it plays on both sides of the street, and with Soros and Pfizer, Vivek Ramaswamy is also playing on both sides of the street.

            Our elite worships demons. Does Vivek Ramaswamy get along with them better than Trump because unlike Trump, he also worships demons? They are not giving him the treatment that they give other truth speakers.

            Playing both sides of the street, worshipping Krishna and Rama both, really did not work out well for Hindus. What happened with the East India company is that one Hindu Prince, applying the teachings of Krishna, would, in the name of all sorts of noble principles invoked by Krishna, fight his brother for possession of the palace and the treasury. One brother, or the other, or both, would invite in the East India company for assistance, and when the dust settled the Christ worshiping soldiers of the East India company had the palace and the treasury, and the two brothers were sitting bare assed in the dust. Krishna worship leads to disloyalty, cruelty, and treachery, justified, like leftism, by the most noble principles, which has always been an intolerable problem for Hindu civilization.

            • Aryaman says:

              He’s said enough disqualifying stuff in the past that unless he addresses the elephant in the room I’m inclined to agree with the more vehemently appalled posters on here.

              It’s possible he’s secretly Christian (maybe without even knowing it).

              • jim says:

                His program is very much in his own rational self interest. Therefore, plausibly genuine.

                • Aryaman says:

                  If he were all of intelligent, self-interested, and free to think he would say what I said rather than waffling paeans about legal immigration and the gay and fake elementary school version of the ‘American dream’,

                  I would feel a lot better if most of the nepotistic, conniving H1B workers, any Indian that has publicly supported a leftist cause ever, and any Indian who migrated in the last 15 years were all sent back post haste (with the relevant narrow exceptions). And a requirement to pay jizya of either $20,000/year or maybe post an accumulating bond for the same amount.

                  I would keep most of the doctors, bona fide small proprietors, genuinely exceptional people, those that have been here for quite a while provided not leftist, etc. Certainly only a small fraction. Would immediately turn off the spigot. Which is not absolute restriction. People could come to do business, and if you are the kind who would have gotten in 1958 then fine (Ramanujan is welcome). And would further subject them to an annual tax on the order of tens of thousands.

                  Basically I would get the gunk out. Probably try to payoff Modi to morally endorse it so it looks like anyone whining doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I would also offer unconditional asylum to Afrikaaners to populate some of the space emptied by my deporting most of the illegals (done in a way that doesn’t destabilize any immediate economic concern, unlike what Desantis is up to in Florida).

                  So therefore he lacks at least one of intelligence, self-interest, or freedom to think. Lacking self-interest is fine if he is morally righteous.

            • someDude says:

              Are you aware of any Hindu prince that invoked the teachings of Krishna to call on the British to aid him against his brother or a rival claimant to the throne? Any records?

              • Vivek Better For 2024 Than... says:

                Bitcoin sucks.
                And I can’t vote for Trump…


                Vivek’s Platform is Better Than Trump’s

                Andrew Anglin August 13, 2023

                “MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR BRIBES” | Vivek Ramaswamy on Ukraine War & Biden Corruption! – Stay Free #188

                Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian guy who is presently polling third in the Republican primary at 6%, is running on a much better platform than Donald Trump.

                Above is a longform interview Vivek did with Russell Brand, and it gives a good general impression of what he’s presenting.

                Among other pleasant things, when asked if he would pardon Trump, he said yes, and he’d also pardon Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Dread Pirate Roberts, and Ricky Vaughn. He said “absolute free speech,” and outlined that exactly as I would outline it.

                DeSantis was saying he’s “Trump Lite.” I don’t know if he’s still saying that. I don’t pay much attention to what Ron DeSantis is saying, but he recently said Joe Biden got 81 million votes and won the 2020 election outright.

                I initially thought that Vivek was pushing, like many, for a war with the Chinese, based on some statements I heard from him, as well as his close association with Tucker Carlson (and the fact that he’s Indian). Having reviewed what he is saying, I no longer think that is the case, and he is in fact talking (like Trump does) about economic competition with China, which is fine and reasonable.

                As far as the fact that he’s not even American – my response to that is always the same: “neither are the people running America now.” America is run by the Jews. I do wince a little bit when Vivek says “Our Founding Fathers,” but it would be a bit off-putting (though more appropriate) if during interviews with Americans, he said “your Founding Fathers.”

                Anyway, as I’ve said: there is very little life left in the white race, at least outside of Russia, so the idea of a different group of foreigners ruling over us doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I would prefer to be ruled by Indians, the Chinese, Mexican drug cartels, the Taliban, North Korean communists, or Peruvian mountain people. The argument from morons is always “but it should be whites!” and it’s like “yeah, bro – everyone gets that. It’s also not the reality we are dealing with, so it’s a totally irrelevant point.”

                For the record, it somewhat blunts the offensiveness that he’s a foreigner that he’s married to someone from his own country. (If he was married to a white woman, that would create a visceral disgust factor that would be difficult to overcome – I think we all kind of knew the show was over when Kanye married a grimy white bitch.)
                A nice, natural pairing of the sort God intended.

                According to what I’ve read, they are still practicing Hinduism (which again points to the ridiculousness of this whole “nation of ideas” bit). He does, however, refer to “Our God,” which suggests he may have converted to Catholicism like fellow Ohioan JD Vance and his Indian wife.

                All this having been said, I’m not going to endorse Vivek. At least not yet. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect that he could win the nomination, and especially considering the election is going to be fake anyway, I think the nominee should be Trump. Further, I don’t have any particular reason to believe that Vivek is not just another Jewish shill. I mean, he did go to Yale – let’s not forget to mention that. I simply feel a need to point out that as an absolute matter of fact his platform is much better than Trump’s. It’s better articulated, but it is also just generally better.

                As an example, Vivek has said everyone should be unbanned from Twitter, regardless of what they’ve said, and named Nick Fuentes. Donald Trump has never said outright that there should be a law preventing social media giants from violating the First Amendment. That’s not really a hard thing to say. It’s not a matter of poor articulation. Trump could easily say “the government should force social media companies to honor the First Amendment in an absolutist manner.” He’s also not listed off all the people he’s going to pardon. Furthermore, Trump was already president, and a lot of it was a mess.

                Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy discusses the remaining censorship on Twitter, specifically calling for the unbanning of political dissident Nick Fuentes and Artist Kanye West.

                Vivek calls on Elon to truly abide by the idea of a “Free Speech” platform. pic.twitter.com/1ZgZJyy2E5

                — Brandt Wiggins (@basedbrandt) June 2, 2023

                Trump’s platform is not really even clear, currently. Mostly, he’s just whining about being persecuted. This happened to me when I was banned from everything in 2017, and one of my confidants – two of them, actually – took me aside and said “look, bro – it’s obviously not fair, but you can’t just keep going out and whining about your rights being violated. It’s not a good look.” Trump apparently doesn’t have any confidants, or someone would be telling him to easy up on this whining. Everyone gets it. He needs to focus on a positive and pro-active message. I think “you prosecuted me, so I’m gonna prosecute you” – something he’s been shifting too more recently – should be the extent of the discussion. He doesn’t need to do 90-minute monologues about how much he is being persecuted and how unfair it is. Frankly, this is a “what did you think was going to happen, bro?” type situation anyway. That’s something I had to accept as well – there was no way that with what I am saying, if I ever got popular, there were not going to be extreme consequences. I got very popular, and I faced the consequences. It’s a “buy the ticket, take the ride” type situation, in fact.

                Vivek is an interesting element in the election, because he’s “non-establishment,” meaning he is not competition for DeSantis but for Trump. I don’t really think he’s running to win anyway, so I very seriously doubt he’s going to go on the attack against Trump in any major way, as that would alienate the people he is trying to appeal to, but he might force Trump to go harder on some of this stuff. I also think he’ll be a hatchet man for Trump in the debates, and go after DeSantis.

                After DeSantis made those statements claiming that the 2020 election was totally legit, I’m pretty well convinced he is not even going to remain the establishment pick. I don’t think anyone had any idea how unlikeable and just generally low competence he is. I certainly bought into the hype, on some level, that he was running Florida in an ultra-competent way. I still think his administration is doing very well in Florida (even though he’s not done anything most other red state governors haven’t done), but his inability to use basic strategy in this election is staggering to me.

                I really thought DeSantis would take a path similar to Vivek, and say “look, I love Trump, I support Trump, he was a great president, he created a great movement, and I want to build on what he did. But I’m the better pick because I can serve two terms, I’m younger, and I don’t have the baggage of an extreme, polarizing personality, or any of these legal problems.” This is so obviously what he should have done that it is truly jaw-dropping to see him say “yeah, Joe Biden – 81 million – it’s all real.”

                Seriously, when I heard it, I made this face:

                As I said when he said the “Biden won” thing, if he wanted to be extremely conservative, he could have stuck to “look, a lot of reasonable people have reasonable questions about the 2020 election, and particularly about the mail-in ballots, and therefore when I’m president, I’m going to appoint a commission to investigate these perceived irregularities.” That doesn’t get him the “election denier” label, but it signals to the GOP base that he’s clued in.

                Vivek says outright the election was stolen, which DeSantis could also do, but if I were advising him, I’d advise he take the “it needs to be investigated” line. I am having a really hard time believing that there is any single advisor on earth who would tell him to say “it’s all real – 81 million,” unless they were purposefully trying to sabotage him. It’s just really something I never expected.

                The kind of person who would make that blunder is the kind of person who is going to be completely destroyed in these debates. Remember that this stupid asshole came out and said the Ukraine war was “a border dispute” (true), and then a few hours later flip-flopped and said Putin is evil and literally did the John McCain thing that Russia is “a gas station parading as a country” (Dostoyevsky was a gas station attendant, you see).

                But there is going to have to be an establishment candidate in the primaries, because there is a percentage of people who want that. I think, quite frankly, it’s likely to be the black guy. The same people who say “Trump is just too darn uncivilized” love the idea of a fully domesticated house nigger who “believes in our values.”

                It’s also possible that there are some people who don’t want Trump for other reasons, and when DeSantis’ support collapses, Vivek’s will go up a bit. I think he’ll probably stick around for a while, and then eventually endorse Trump. If you ended up in a three-way situation with Trump, Vivek, and some establishment figure (DeSantis or otherwise),which is clearly the most likely outcome, I think Vivek would eventually bow out, endorse Trump, and in theory push for Secretary of State or whatever (although I also think Vivek knows there is zero chance any Republican is going to win – he’s 38 and tapped in, and there are no actual adults who believe that it is possible to have a real election in 2024).
                Obligatory Disclaimer

                I’m writing about the 2024 election because it’s newsworthy, and because I think it does have a huge effect on culture. I always need to make it clear, however, that there is zero chance the Democrats are going to give up power. The only scenario where that is possible is one in which DeSantis is the nominee, and some really powerful people start making moves to ensure he gets elected, because they prefer him as the war candidate.

                No one other than Trump (and Vivek, actually) are a threat to “the system” in a general sense, and powerful people are not bothered by the idea of a Trump win. Under normal circumstances, if someone other than Trump (or Vivek) was the nominee, the election would just go normally. There are actually obvious benefits to the system in DeSantis taking over – aside from the war thing, it would also cause normal Americans to cool their jets a bit, which would be good for the powerful.

                But there isn’t really an overwhelming conspiracy that makes every single decision, and I just think that because the Democrats are in power, and now have the mechanism for election fraud, and are so ruthless, the party itself will not willingly give up power. If there was really an Illuminati, they would probably move things around to put DeSantis in office, but there isn’t an Illuminati, so it seems very unlikely that even an establishment Republican could win. Again, I think there are powerful people (Jews, quite frankly) who could pull some strings and make it happen, basically by flaying Joe Biden with all of this corruption stuff, then having CNN/NYT/et al. report over “fears that mail-in ballot voting could lead to fraud.”

                As you know: I don’t make predictions, because I do not have insider knowledge and I am not a wizard. I speculate about possibilities based on the information we all have access to. Right now, it looks pretty certain that Trump is going to win the nomination, then have the election stolen, then probably go to prison forever (or maybe, when it’s clear the election has been stolen, cut a deal to stay out of prison by going away forever and not talking about it anymore).

                I had previously speculated that DeSantis had a real chance to use Trump’s weaknesses against him, to be propped up by the media, and to overcome him in the primaries, but it’s obvious now, given this new view we have of DeSantis and his abilities, that this is pretty well totally impossible.

                If Trump is somehow taken out – if they are able to use one of these lawsuits to stop him from running (which currently seems very unlikely), then a lot of his support will go to Vivek, after people have seen him in the debates. Vivek is capable of being very well-liked by the Trump base, and almost certainly not stupid enough to act like a retard and attack him. In this case, you’d have a race between Vivek and the black guy, maybe? That would certainly be bizarre. The black guy would probably win, I guess. Or, if DeSantis is still in the game at that point, I think DeSantis would beat Vivek. But this is a very far outside scenario, given that it really doesn’t seem like Trump can be prevented from running.

                It is very likely, however, that DeSantis ends up like Jeb Bush after the first debate. He’s made his weaknesses very public, and both Trump and Vivek are going to bash him.

                Again, I do recommend the interview at the top. Somehow, Russell Brand has become a great interviewer. Vivek is going to play a key role in these events, it seems, so if you’re interested in the election, it’s important to know what’s going on with him.

                • jim says:

                  > Vivek’s Platform is Better Than Trump’s

                  Undeniably. Obviously. It is Trump’s platform plus those things where Trump dared not go, but should have gone. But, is Vivek who he says he is? Lot of red flags there, starting with the obvious – he is Indian, and he is Hindu. But, as you say, compared to the Jews currently arranging for Goys to be slaughtered in another brother war, not in itself an intolerable problem.

                  And then proceeding to the less obvious but considerably more menacing. The curiously cosy connections between himself, Harvard, Soros, and Pfizer. He was helicoptered into Harvard, and then helicoptered into the most highly regulated industry of them all, an industry that second only to banking is a state organization wearing fake private corporation clothes in order to do what it would be blatantly improper for the state to do.

                  And, the curious lack of reaction to his truth speaking. Compare and contrast how they go after Trump and RFK Jr for vastly lesser offense. Odd.

                • jim says:

                  > But there isn’t really an overwhelming conspiracy that makes every single decision,

                  Refelect on the massive conference call that planned the 2020 steal
                  If that is not one overwhelming conspiracy, what is?

                • Ramaswamy vs Soros says:

                  [*this comment not deleted, but held until you can tell us what Soros did to bring about the current brother war. This is a Soros shill test.*]

                • jim says:

                  Your defence of Vivek Ramaswamy sounded strangely as if it was coming from a Soros shill. You tell us you hate hate hate Soros, and that Soros is a very bad man, but strangely fail to mention any of the very bad things causing terrible harm to good people that Soros has done.

                  Are you able to tell us some of those things? I was a somewhat puzzled that when Vivek denied any connection to Soros, he was strangely unable to mention any of the very bad things that Soros has done either. If he wants to persuade people he is not connected to Soros, he should list some of the crimes of Soros.

                  I am curious to see if Soros shills are shilling for Vivek Ramaswamy. Tell us about Soros and color revolution, tell us what the Open Society foundation (which Vivek unironically endorsed) has been up to.

                • jim says:

                  Vivek Ramaswamy has fairly slight connections to Soros, but is strangely unable to mention the bad things Soros has done. (Though he did mention “soft on crime prosecutors, but failed to note their political prosecutions and self defence prosecutions. Soft on crime, but hard on law abiding citizens.)

                  He has extremely strong connections to Pfizer and the jabbers, and is still strangely unable to mention that the jab is extremely dangerous and harmful, and is completely ineffective at preventing covid or reducing its spread. Even though the boosted are now coming down with chronic repeated long lasting covid, while the golden purebloods, such as myself, who got it once and never got it again, laugh at them.

                  By 2021 February it had already become obvious that the jab was dangerous and ineffective, and Vivek Ramaswamy was shilling it, and has failed to walk back his shilling.

                • jim says:

                  Curiously, our infestation of Ramaswamy shills seem to have disappeared when I asked one of them to pass the Soros test. Odd that. Perhaps it is merely that they are busy on a long long, long, long list of other blogs, and will be back bye and bye to pass the test with flying colours. Or perhaps they are all working from the same office, and the office closed down at the same time as I asked for the Soros test.

                  It is unsurprising that Ramaswamy greywashes the steal. What namefag dares do otherwise? Plus speaking the truth about it tells people that voting and participating in electoral politics is a pointless circus. But that he greywashes Soros is distinctly odd.

                  Will his shills also stick to greywash? That would be very odd indeed.

                • alf says:

                  Incidentally, also from Vivek’s wiki:

                  Forbes reported Ramaswamy may have paid an editor to alter his Wikipedia page to appear more favorable to political conservatives before announcing his campaign by removing references to his Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans postgraduate fellowship and his involvement with the Ohio COVID-19 Response Team.[66][67] Paul and Daisy Soros are respectively the elder brother and sister-in-law of businessman and social activist George Soros,

              • Aryaman says:

                Doubt there are any such records. Think Jim’s claim, a little obscured in this post, is that Hindu worship of Krishna comes with baggage that makes it difficult for men to cooperate with each other.

                Now I disagree with that but it’s pretty clear to me Rama and his story are insufficiently emphasized. And it’s also clear the message of a man forsaking everything for the prosperity of his kingdom and famed for his wife’s reverence is easier for men to relate to than a war among cousins that no one can quite explain why it happened, but that it somehow involved a game of dice.

                • jim says:

                  A whole bunch of people behaved very badly, and as a result kin and friends set to work killing each other and destroying everything. Both sides in the game of dice seem to be comparably wicked, destructive, and self destructive.

                  And Krishna tells Arjuna that he has a higher duty than his duty to friends and kin to join in. Trouble with that one is that these nebulous and higher duties are easy copouts when your gut tells you that what you are doing is wrong. Krishna tells Arjuna that it is more virtuous to ignore your gut. No it is not.

                  Compare with how the exiled Rama is affected when one of his former subjects gives him a partly eaten fruit. He responded with gratitude from his gut.

                • someDudes says:

                  The point is there are plenty of very frightful and dreadful demons within Hindu thought such as the disgusting veneration shown towards Prithviraj Chauhan for the prideful and vainglorious act of letting a deadly foe go and celebrating it as Chivalry or forgiveness.

                  Thats the one that should be attacked. That single act led to a millenia of disaster which is still ongoing and it can’t be pinned on anything Krishna ever said. Whatever his faults, imagined or otherwise, he never said, “Let a deadly enemy go inorder that future generations will praise your mercy and chivalry” or anything even close.

                • Alexander Soros Kills Jews Too? says:

                  [*deleted for strange inability to mention Soros sponsorship of color revolution and the Open Society Foundation*]

                • jim says:

                  I am happy to let your rant through if you can speak of color revolution and Ukraine in the course of denouncing Soros and distancing Vivek from him.

                  But I get the feeling that there is curiously little distance between Vivek and Soros on color revolution. Prove me wrong.

                • alf says:

                  it can’t be pinned on anything Krishna ever said. Whatever his faults, imagined or otherwise, he never said, “Let a deadly enemy go inorder that future generations will praise your mercy and chivalry” or anything even close.

                  Why was there a brother war in the first place? Why is this great brother war such a central staple in Hindu storystelling?

                  Krishna accepts the circumstances of a great brother war as unfortunate, but hey, it happens. No it does not just happen. Brothers fighting happen, but brothers killing each other is rare — Cain was cursed for murdering his brother. But here we have brothers not just killing each other, but bringing in thousands of men to kill each other as well.

                  Krishna’s response should’ve been more in the lines of: ‘how the f did you get into this situation? Yes you should feel bad about killing your brother!’

                  Perhaps Krishna did not cause the brother war. But by normalizing it, he allows himself to become a tool of demons who did cause it.

                • Alexander Soros pays Faggots to Kill Jews says:

                  [ *deleted for strange inability to tell us what the Open Society Foundation has in fact been up to*] he formed “Open Society
                  Foundation” [*in particular, what it did in the Ukraine*]

                • jim says:

                  I have a policy of deleting all comments by Vivek shills who are, like Vivek himself, strangely unable to mention Soros and Open Society activities in the Ukraine and/or his similar activities all around the world. The Open Society is evil, but could you tell us what specific evils it has committed?

                  But Vivek is new and fresh, and we don’t hear his stuff shouted from every rooftop twenty four seven, which is what we get from most shills. So I will allow some Vivek shilling. But not from shills who are, like Vivek himself, robotically unable to address certain issues.

              • jim says:

                I don’t know of anyone who said “This is OK because Krishna said so”. But Krishna did say so, and India has suffered from a whole lot of it.

                • someDude says:

                  When the Brits ruled India, they studied Indian scripture quite a bit and for many purposes, among them to denigrate the Hindu religion to facilitate the conversion of the masses to Christianity. Yet, I do not find a single British writer, missionary or scholar or otherwise, mention that the Indian propensity to betray each other is rooted in Krishna’s words. If you can find such a reference and his reasoning behind it, I’m all eyes

              • Vivek For President says:

                [*deleted for irrelevance. You will not find too many Democrats on this blog. You are spamming the same stuff to all blogs without regard for their political orientation*]

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      First, and most importantly, Fuck This recucklican astroturf bullshit on JB. Look at the structure of the post. Fuck this faggot and the tranny he rode in on.

      Second, everyone needs to remember: if you elevate the Brown, they always let you down. Indians in the managerial class are the absolute worst. They are fucking scum, hollow vessels to be filled with anything. They have one use: displace white men. The have one outcome: import mud people. EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is simply no example of where including Pajeet has lead to anything more than chaos and loss for us, and teeming masses of Pajeets like a fucking volcanic mudslide. I shouldn’t have to caveat myself, but I will: I’m not talking about Indians in India. If Pajeet is on your street, you must grab a stick and beat.

      I guess you guys just don’t know or understand imported swarths. I went to a university full of them, and I will explain it for you. The swarth moves in herds, and they pattern off of the most successful example they see. If it’s niggers, they will drape themselves in drip and yo yo yo around town, playacting as negros. If it’s white engineer types, they will buy Lacoste shirts and horn rim glasses and adopt the educated white patois. They are literally the monkeys that do what they see. Every time. There is no substance behind the mimicry, and they will only keep the shattered vestige of the thing after the occupy it and ruin it. Worse still, because their is no organic legitimacy, they will easily become untethered and go to hideous extremes, like the Twitter CEO and scores of other Pajeetas in the NGO world.

      If anyone is dumb enough to follow a Vivek type and be white, they deserve every bit of racial retribution they have coming for them. Pajeet will never forget he is brown and you aren’t, no matter how many years you go pretending he isn’t.

      • The Cominator says:

        Basically yeah DSouza is not a typical pajeet scammer but almost every Indian besides him (outside the old-school convince store types) is.

      • jim says:

        On the one hand, Vivek is saying truths that no other politician, not Trump, and not RFK Jr, dare say, and saying truths about faith and religion that no Christian priest or pastor in the Global American Empire dare say under his own name.

        On the other hand, that he can say these things without anything very bad happening to him is strange and suspicious

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          It is the second one, and I think you know that, because it is you that taught me to see the thing. that’s not being said, to hear the quiet part aloud, and to always reduce to the simplest terms with the most truth. I wonder what Vivek would say to the WQ. but not too much, because I’m pretty sure he’d say one thing publicly, another thing privately to me and a third secret thing if it was just him and a bunch of other Pajeets. He does say some lit things, and initially I found that interesting. there was a whole 10 seconds where I was impressed by the words on the screen. but the reality is a dog can always bark with more freedom than a man can speak his mind. Vivek is a pet minority. every brown that gets camera time is a pet minority in this country. It would be a lot more obvious if some American engineer who’s parents had migrated to India, made a huge pile of money in pharmaceuticals, then moved into politics on a platform that was literally everything a previous Maverick politician had said, just more so. but because America is a wash with shitskins, We are easily bamboozled into being impressed when the puppy dog on the leash starts talking like a real person.

          As I said with DeSantis, I will gladly admit I am wrong if he rises to power, and then hands the reins over to Musk or something. and to be completely fair, I have only looked at what he said via Twitter posts, so maybe his policies are super interesting or something. but here’s one thing I can tell you about him, one thing I know to be 100% accurate:

          when he loses to the Democrat, He will accept it gracefully.

        • Mr.P says:

          “You know who stole the election from Donald Trump above all? Big Tech did. They suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story on the eve of an election …. Combine that with Google search algorithm suppression, soft censorship — this is Big Tech interference. The largest form of election interference in human history was Big Tech in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. And we still haven’t admitted it.” — Vivek in Russell Brand interview.

          Standard issue, perfectly acceptable, normie con gaslighting.

          • But it's true says:

            [*Echoing of Vivek’s greywash of the steal deleted*]

            • jim says:

              You are just going to piss off Trump voters by reminding them of an issue on which Vivek is less Trump than Trump.

            • jim says:

              No one, not even Vivek, believes Vivek’s greywash. And when he greywashes the steal, he starts to look and sound like Zion Ron DeSanctimonious.

              No amount of lying by the legacy media and the tech giants could give Biden more real votes than Obama. He scarcely bothered to campaign, because he knew he would get hardly any real votes. The number of Biden voters who actually physically showed up in person at the polls was similar to his hilarious rallies, where only the employees of the legacy media and Biden’s roadies showed up. Hillary’s rallies were considerably smaller than Trump’s rallies, but she got a decent turnout, Biden’s rallies, nobody showed. And nobody showed at the polls either.

              Every time a namefag opens his mouth on the steal and says what it is permitted to say, he burns credibility. Everyone know the truth. No one believes.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          On the one hand, Vivek is saying truths that no other politician, not Trump, and not RFK Jr, dare say, and saying truths about faith and religion that no Christian priest or pastor in the Global American Empire dare say under his own name.

          What truths? That trannyism is a mental illness? And he can’t even say the words “mental illness”, he deflects to some euphemism like “mental health issue”.

          Has he ever touched on the intellectual capacity or criminality of blacks, or even lamented the negro “culture”? Has he noticed that women like violent men, or destroy every institution they’re made to lead, or turn every institution they’re a part of into a high school Mean Girls parody, or even wondered aloud if they might perhaps be “overprivileged”? Has he ever noticed that child sexual abuse is exclusively a homosexual phenomenon, or that gays have hundreds of sex partners, or that lesbianism isn’t real, or has he even gone so far as to suggest a possible rollback on “gay marriage”, which would have been a totally mainstream Republican and Democrat position not even 10 years hence? Does he identify progressivism as a Christian heresy with Harvard as its central church, or even as any kind of religious order at all? Has he noted the almost total ideological conformity of every megachurch with the New York Times, or quipped about the unusual frequency of literally satanic imagery appearing in Catholic church, now headed by an open heretic with gaypedoface?

          It’s all so tiresome. We all watched what happened in 2020, and we all noted – I think even with a bit of relief – that the Republic was finally and truly over. And then, like clockwork, 3 years later, the system vomits up another identical “candidate” with an identical “platform”, to wit:

          “Greetings, fellow Republicans! Do you love this great country as much as I do, but worry we might slowly be moving toward the verge of there being a a small chance of us possibly starting to lose our way? Listen, I too am moderately dissatisfied with the single most recent and craziest progressive social experiment! And even though I will never personally oppose it, and indeed cannot even think of any conceivable way to do so, and certainly have no interest in the outcomes of previous social experiments that are now Settled Issues, you should reaffirm your faith in the system by selecting me to be your Voice. Vote harder, and we will all get through this together!”

          And then the incorrigible Republican Voter falls for it. Again. Every single time. Like a fat kid with a bottomless bag of M&Ms, he’s surely aware on some level that he should stop, needs to stop, but won’t stop, can’t stop, doesn’t know how to stop, cannot even really imagine stopping, cannot think of anything but how sweet the next one will taste.

          I doubt this guy even knows which blog he’s on. Someone at the campaign dug up a list of “right-wing blogs”, handed it to a low-paid shill or possibly a chatbot, and told him/it to go nuts. Vivek isn’t dishing out any terrifying truths, and Vivek PR Bot #17 definitely isn’t.

          And even if he were all those things: so fucking what? Does it matter? Does he have the backing of a PMC, or a potentially friendly foreign power, or some significant faction of the elite? Is he trailed by a cadre of men who look eager to crack skulls? Does he even have “influence” in the form of well-funded NGOs? What is his power base? What is the evidence that he’d be able to oppose the current system even if he were 100% sincere?

          Why are we even talking about this guy?

          • alf says:

            “Greetings, fellow Republicans! Do you love this great country as much as I do, but worry we might slowly be moving toward the verge of there being a a small chance of us possibly starting to lose our way? Listen, I too am moderately dissatisfied with the single most recent and craziest progressive social experiment!

            Lmao nailed it.

            The time when power was hard-earned by traveling, giving speeches and winning votes is long gone. When today a hitherto unknown man shows up with no army and no church, and gives the ‘vote for me’ talk, the only question is: ‘who gave him the right to that podium he is standing on?’

            • alf says:

              ps here’s a fun detail about Vivek which Com will no doubt appreciate. If Vivek educational history wasn’t suspect enough (Harvard, Yale), guess what wiki says about his highschool:

              “He then attended Cincinnati’s St. Xavier High School, a Catholic school affiliated with the Jesuit order, graduating in 2003”

              • jim says:

                Interesting, given Vivek’s connections with Pfizer and his weakness on the jab.

                Could be that as the Jewish conspiracy is manufacturing another brother war, the Jesuit conspiracy is considering a Thermidor.

          • jim says:

            > What truths? That trannyism is a mental illness? And he can’t even say the words “mental illness”, he deflects to some euphemism like “mental health issue”.

            No namefag can ever speak the truth under his own name. Look what happened to RFK Jr. But Vivek goes closer to dangerous truths than any public figure.

            > “Listen, I too am moderately dissatisfied with the single most recent and craziest progressive social experiment! And even though I will never personally oppose it, and indeed cannot even think of any conceivable way to do so, and certainly have no interest in the outcomes of previous social experiments that are now Settled Issues, you should reaffirm your faith in the system by selecting me to be your Voice. Vote harder, and we will all get through this together!”

            Abolishing the FBI and rolling back affirmative action is stronger meat than that.

            > I doubt this guy even knows which blog he’s on. Someone at the campaign dug up a list of “right-wing blogs”, handed it to a low-paid shill or possibly a chatbot, and told him/it to go nuts. Vivek isn’t dishing out any terrifying truths, and Vivek PR Bot #17 definitely isn’t.

            Quite so. Reads like a robot wrote it.

            But if the FBI is abolished, and affirmative action ended, then we have room to move.

            HR imposes credentialism – which means people with approved political views occupy the key levers in every organisation. Vivek proposes to fix this. Which is completely unthinkable and no one else but him is thinking it.

            • Mr.P says:

              > “Abolishing the FBI and rolling back affirmative action ….”

              Jim, I watched the entire 1 hr, 44 min interview Vivek did with Jordan Peterson. Not linking here; YouTube title is “A Resurgence of Vision | Vivek Ramaswamy | EP 380”

              Jordan and Vivek spent ~5 mins on his plan to lay off and reorganize the pmc administrative managerial state. No mention of rolling back AA. Lots of chatter about returning to our Muh Constitution values. Way way too much talk (for my taste) about nomadic israelites wandering in the OT desert.

              It wasn’t all bad, but every topic discussed was slathered in greywash.

              • jim says:

                > No mention of rolling back AA

                I interpret “meritocracy” and “opportunity” as code words for that. He genuinely resents the state sticking its tentacles into the corporate form. That much is real.

                • Mr.P says:

                  Yes. Revering and rewarding hard work was a major theme in the interview.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              Abolishing the FBI and rolling back affirmative action is stronger meat than that.

              Perhaps I missed it. Where did he say he was going to abolish the FBI? More importantly, how did he say he was going to abolish the FBI? What if he signs the presidential memo officially abolishing the FBI as an official organization, and no one at the FBI gets the memo and they all continue operating as a not-quite-official organization that somehow still receives official government funding?

              We are all of us entitled to our pastimes, but the namefag problem can only account for so much, and I personally am done with all the orb-scrying. A few vague references to the “administrative state” aren’t going to cut it, if that’s what it was. Trump said the same things, and then during his first week (I want to say day 1, but I don’t recall perfectly) he called a meeting with a bunch of IC flunkies telling them all how wonderful they were, some laughed in his face and the rest laughed behind his back.

              What makes this anything other than a wish-fulfillment fantasy? A guy who has no power and few useful connections hinting to you in the vaguest possible terms that he’s dissatisfied with the performance of some levels of government, with no specific identification of specific individuals or agencies and not the slightest hint of a plan of attack?

              Yes, I know – namefags. JFK. And so on. But if we’re reduced to reading tea leaves and scanning 2-hour long speeches for tiny 1-sentence snippets that have a 5% chance of being a coded message (to whom? and why?) then what is the point of any of it?

              I am very interested in legitimate forms of elite defection, Hitler and Stalin were both forms of elite defection, but both of them rose to power with far less subtlety. Am I to believe that this vapor is suddenly going to materialize with an entire army whose actual goals track perfectly with someone’s extremely liberal interpretation of previous noncommittal statements? Those are ludicrously long odds — and even if I wanted to play those odds, I fail to see how you or I or anyone here would have any part to play.

              To me it just looks like “vote harder”, again, always the same. “Trust me, comrades: even though elections have never mattered in any previous year since approximately the 1920s, this year they are going to matter and this candidate is going to have real power and use it to make the changes you want, but first you have to reaffirm your faith in, and loyalty to the system.” Yeah, right. Prove it.

              • Mr.P says:

                > “Am I to believe that this vapor is suddenly going to materialize with an entire army….”

                In the Peterson interview, Vivek laid out:

                – Individual
                – Family
                – Nation
                – God (any will do)

                What was missing was, “Men with guns to make it happen.”

                So you’re right. “Vote harder.”

              • alf says:

                Where did he say he was going to abolish the FBI? More importantly, how did he say he was going to abolish the FBI?

                Not in any way or shape disagreeing with any point your making, but Vivek’s answer to those questions is funny: in the interview with Jordan Peterson he boasts that he is going to fire 75% of the Washington bureaucrats. He claims he will succeed where Trump fails because, contrary to Trump, ‘he knows the laws’. Specifically he argues that it is impossible to fire individual bureaucrats (and that Trump didn’t know this), but that the law allows for mass lay-offs (which Vivek will employ).

                • jim says:

                  He has done his homework.

                  He has laid out his plan in several interviews. President has the authority to simply fire the deep state en-masse. And, interestingly, all functions of the deep state that arguably need to be retained are massively duplicated (like everything else in the bureaucracy) He proposes that everyone actually doing anything useful and necessary should be re-hired by one of the many overlapping bureaucracies. He has a list.

                  He neglects a key element – that to fire them, you are going to need more than a piece of paper. Going to need to affix the piece of paper to the gun turret of a tank. But if one supposes that anyone pays much attention to laws, legality, rules, and procedure, it would work.

                • jim says:

                  Notice that when the Vivek spambots were asked to tell us about Soros activities in the Ukraine, they silently vanished. Odd that.

                  Looks like they cannot speak of anything related to Globohomoempire or the curious lack of any rules in the “rules based order”. They can speak of Soros, but not of imperialism – which covers most of his major crimes.

                  RFK Jr talks quite a bit about the overthrow of the Ukraine government by deep state Jews (he does not say “globohomo” or “Jews” of course) Has Vivek ever mentioned this? Pretty sure he has not. Odd that.

                  Could be that there is a faction that wants to keep Global American Empire, since after all without it a whole lot of people in Washington, New York, and Boston will suddenly be a lot poorer, and figures Globohomo is heading for a train wreck. “Lets keep on doing color revolutions, but use the nazis instead of the gay parade”

                  If you are going to keep empire, have to re-industrialize. No prospect of re-industrializing except by Trump and/or Vivek. Someone in power is protecting Vivek. RFK Jr is anti imperialist, and Trump wants empire downsized by spinning off its unprofitable provinces. The kleptocrats don’t want downsizing, because the reason the provinces are unprofitable is that the kleptocrats are skimming all the gravy. But the way things are going, the empire is about to fall. Vivek wants to keep empire.

                  When Vivek talks about the Ukraine, he somehow neglects to criticize empire, or even highly unprofitable empire. His proposed solution for Ukraine is to keep empire while not getting up Russia’s nose. It looks like he is backed by an imperialist faction – and of course his entire private career was cosy with the the kleptocrats. His private wealth is all connections to the keptocracy. Could be that there is a kleptocrat faction that is planning a Thermidor?

                  If there is a Thermidor, we are going to be the Incroyables. When the left was in retreat, the right felt their oats. The incroyables failed. Failed horribly. But we have something they did not. We have the lessons of history. The incroyables failed because they celebrated the degeneracy of the Sun King’s decadent aristocracy of the Robe. Bad idea to identify with losers. This time around, or enemies will want us to identify with the Nazis, following the example of the Ukraine Nazis. It is working for them in the Ukraine, so they figure it will work for them here. And it will, if the alt right falls for it.

                • Aryaman says:

                  I read Vivek on Ukraine as a little more direct than that. America first stuff, intermixed with strong praise of Richard Nixon and a “Vivek goes to Russia” whereby Ukraine is handed on a silver platter to Putin so long as he formally ends any sort of alliance with China.

                  The problem is his emphasis of China as a threat. He doesn’t want war with China and is happy to hand over Taiwan, but still regards it as a first-order threat.

                  True China is sponsoring all sorts of bad stuff in America but that is because treasonous American officials let it be so. “The call is coming from inside the house”, as the trope goes. Not from China.

          • Aryaman says:

            Just filing away.

            Shabtai (formerly known as Eliezer and Chai Society) is a global Jewish leadership society based at Yale University.[1] Shabtai’s exclusive membership boasts a diverse group of Yale students, alumni, and current and former faculty. Time magazine has referred to Shabtai as Yale’s “modish club du jour” and as the campus’ “secret society of a different stripe.”[2] In 2023, longtime Shabtai member Vivek Ramaswamy announced his candidacy for President of the United States.[3]

            who knows

            • Aryaman says:

              Also who is sponsoring the Vivek spambots?
              Note one of the spambots posted a wall of text from Anglin.

              who is allowed to read that?

              • jim says:

                Thermidorian strategy is to use the alt right the way globohomo is using the the Ukraine Nazis.

                The woke wants to kill us. The Thermidoreans want to use us to re-industrialize empire, then kill us.

            • jim says:

              “Global” Jewish leadership is different from, and hostile to, Israeli Jewish leadership. Global Jewish leadership is Blinken, Nugan, Kagan, Soros, and Zelenksy.

  20. Sher Singh says:

    Sikh Hindu issues are more or less resolved.

    Modi condemned the 1984 Op Bluestar attack on Akal Takht Sahib.

    Industrialization of Gangetic plains stems migration.

    Now, onto Riyasat E Khalsa over Western Indus Plain (Pakistan)


    • jim says:

      > Now, onto Riyasat E Khalsa over Western Indus Plain (Pakistan)

      Your toy swords will doubtless prove highly effective against Pakistan’s nukes.

  21. Cloudswrest says:

    Re. “Rabbit Starvation”. The “official” medical term for this is “Protein poisoning”, even though it has nothing to do with being poisoned by, or even eating too much, protein. It’s a deficiency disease caused by not getting enough saturated fat. The body can convert carbs to fat. It can also convert protein to carbs. But the pathway of protein -> carbs -> fat has a net energy deficit. So eventually you go bust.


    • notglowing says:

      One would really have to go out of their way not to eat any fats or carbs for a period of time. Aside from starving in the wilderness with nothing to eat but lean meat, it seems very difficult to do unintentionally.

      Even a pure carnivore diet won’t do it.

      • Carte Blanche says:

        I don’t think “protein poisoning” is a well-defined medical term, it’s just the very extreme end of a spectrum of overconsumption of protein. It’s quite possible to be rather far along that spectrum if you go on a low-carb diet and you still follow the Cathedral’s dogma on low-fat, or lack confidence and try too hard to hedge your bets in that direction.

        People do this. They treat low-carb or keto or carnivore as another fad diet, don’t do the research, eat far too much lean meat (which is 90% of the meat you can buy in a supermarket), and get sick. Not “rabbit starvation” level sick, but “albuminuria, depressed eGFR and possibly liver damage” sick. Women are especially bad when it comes to this. They seem to think only in terms of analogies and just cannot get the idea out of their heads that “fatty food makes you fat”, so they go on “low-carb” diets and eat nothing but pork chops, boneless skinless chicken breasts, top round steak, and various fibrous vegetables.

        It doesn’t have to be that extreme, either. A diet of pork butt, chicken drumsticks and filet mignon and porterhouse steak might sound very keto/carnivorish but these are actually also fairly low in fat. There are very specific high-fat cuts of meat you need to focus on if you plan on doing low-carb for long-term, or else you need to be supplementing meals with lots of additional fat (shallow-frying everything in lard or tallow, piling on the sour cream, making sauces out of heavy cream or coconut milk, etc.).

        I may come across as a keto/carnivore shill but I’m also willing to be very up front about the risks of doing it wrong. It’s like saying you should deadlift — well, you should, but if your form is terrible, then you’ll likely injure yourself and end up worse off than if you hadn’t tried in the first place. You won’t necessarily get the extreme version of “protein poisoning” from an imbalanced keto diet, but you can definitely get sick. Have to either do it right, or don’t do it at all.

        • jim says:

          > shallow-frying everything in lard or tallow, piling on the sour cream, making sauces out of heavy cream or coconut milk, etc.).

          I rely primarily on butter – some things, like mushrooms and broccoli, can be fried in straight butter.

          Other things, like eggs, you have to make butter oil, by separating the water out from the butter. I simmer the butter for a little while, let it cool down and set. The solid butter on top I break off, then rinse of the white stuff underneath, and put the pieces in the fridge. This works great for Spanish fried eggs. and browning meat.

          And I have just added home made high fat sugar free lightly salted yogurt to my sources of saturated fat.

        • jim says:

          Yes. Carno/Paleo/Keto only works if you make a serious effort to get a lot of calories from saturated fat. Cheese, butter, lard, tallow, cream, sour cream, and sugar free yogurt. Cheese is easy. So is fatty bacon. Spanish fry your eggs in tallow, lard, bacon grease, or butter oil.

  22. C4ssidy says:

    Dear Jim: can I send you a confidential “white paper” for feedback. It relates to some of the shared goals of this blog. It is about twenty pages. I could send text or pdf. if text, would miss a few pictures , but nothing super important

    • jim says:

      Send via bitmessage. That is the only reliably confidential method. See the bitmessage link in the bottom right of the blog landing page.

      • Fidelis says:

        Hmm, have you seen anything proposed for combining nostr or LN with a better mixing protocol for something like a more integrated bitmessage?

      • f6187 says:

        Working on getting Bitmessage installed:
        git clone https://github.com/Bitmessage/PyBitmessage.git

        $ mkdir install
        $ cd install
        $ git clone https://github.com/Bitmessage/PyBitmessage.git
        $ cd PyBitmessage
        $ sudo apt update
        $ sudo apt install python openssl libssl-dev git python-msgpack python-qt4
        Reading package lists… Done
        Building dependency tree… Done
        Reading state information… Done
        Package python is not available, but is referred to by another package.
        This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
        is only available from another source
        However the following packages replace it:
        2to3 python2-minimal:i386 python2:i386 python2-minimal python2 dh-python

        E: Package ‘python’ has no installation candidate
        E: Unable to locate package python-msgpack
        E: Unable to locate package python-qt4

        OK that’s a problem, so …

        $ sudo apt install python2
        $ python2 checkdeps.py
        Missing mandatory dependencies: six setuptools
        Missing optional dependencies: pyopencl msgpack PyQt4
        If you install pyopencl, you will be able to use GPU acceleration for proof of work.
        You also need a compatible GPU and drivers.
        python-msgpack is recommended for improved performance of message encoding/decoding
        You only need PyQt if you want to use the GUI. When only running as a daemon, this can be skipped.
        However, you would have to install it manually because setuptools does not support PyQt.
        All the dependencies satisfied, you can install PyBitmessage

        All righty then …

        $ sudo apt install six setuptools pyopencl msgpack PyQt4
        Reading package lists… Done
        Building dependency tree… Done
        Reading state information… Done
        E: Unable to locate package six
        E: Unable to locate package setuptools
        E: Unable to locate package pyopencl
        E: Unable to locate package msgpack
        E: Unable to locate package PyQt4

        Hmm, I guess those are python modules, not packages. In any case let me march forward:

        $ python2 setup.py install –user
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “setup.py”, line 9, in
        from setuptools import setup, Extension
        ImportError: No module named setuptools

        OK this is not going well, let’s just go straight to running the application:

        $ ~/.local/bin/pybitmessage
        bash: /home/patrick/.local/bin/pybitmessage: No such file or directory

        Well of course not, nothing above worked.

        I’ll have to take another run at this later.

        • Aidan says:

          Looks like you need to find whatever these dependencies are: “Missing mandatory dependencies: six setuptools” and install them. You need to pip for those, not apt, they’re python packages.

        • jim says:

          I was unable to install on linux.

          Had to install on windows.

          This code has been unsupported for a long time.

          • alf says:

            Can it also be installed on a windows emulator (like QEMU) running on linux?

          • Aidan says:

            This is also true, an anaconda environment on Windows is an “it just works” solution when you can’t get some abortion of a program with python dependencies to run on Linux

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >it just works

              Bugs are forgivable, bad writing is not. Emil “Keep it Simple Stupid” Pagliarulo has been a disaster. That people keep him around, and that projects he works on remain financial successes, point to the utter abyss of modern story telling.

              Ok, on a more related matter, “it just works” is a Windows feature. When I was first learning programming, bad code, things like segfaults, would often somehow compile/run in a Windows environment. Whereas on a Linux system it would result in core dumps.

          • Skippy says:

            Isn’t modern windows a keylogger and mouse tracker than uploads everything you do?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Yes; but state agencies are overwhelmed by all the low hanging fruit. Whenever you see ‘exposes’, it is almost always on account of masses of people with both too much time and status; ie, journalists, jannies, HR toads, ‘whistleblowers’, and other voluntary auxiliary thoughtpolice. If you can avoid pinging on normie radars, that’s already 90+% of how The System comes to awareness of targets in the first place right there.

              • Skippy says:

                grep bitmessage seems like a reasonable place to start finding writing that sophisticated people dont want them to read

                • jim says:

                  I have not found bitmessage very useful. Snowed out by shills. Lacks any capacity for moderation. If no moderation, the state just drowns up any public forum with noise.

            • notglowing says:

              That’s quite the hyperbole, but it’s true to some extent.
              Not everything you type is sent to microsoft, but certain things are.
              Either way, if they are collecting that much data it’s unlikely to be useful to them, or easy for them to incriminate one person.

              Already, not logging into windows with a microsoft account makes it harder to connect your actions to your real identity, especially if your connection is itself protected in some way.

              • Skippy says:

                Hard to know if’ts hyperbole if you can’t read the source code. Can only assume they get all info.

                Also, while in the past one could argue such detail can’t be used without personal targeting, today high order info can be extracted from such fine scale data harvesting with ML (even before it leaves your computer, in theory).

        • A2 says:

          It would be nice to have a dockerfile for this. Though perhaps nontrivial to use.


          seemingly optional GUI: https://pypi.org/project/PyQt4/
          which also needs PyQt.

      • c4ssidy says:

        I have the program and believe I can send you a message “from” 4 green triangles floating in a circle. the circle at the bottom left is yellow, so looks ready. Time-To-Live is set to 4 days. I do not know what it means exactly by work, but hopefully something not involving bandwidth as I am on a mobile internet. There is no sign about character limitations so I assume message size will not be limited.

        However, I noticed just now that your bitmessage address has disappeared from the side of the blog, though I did see it earlier. I will wait for it to appear again. After I have sent, I post another comment confirming the send

        • jim says:

          It is still where it always was when I look at the landing page of the blog. Bottom of the right hand sidebar. It is not on each particular page.

          • c4ssidy says:

            Sent successfully. The address turned out to always be visible, but it has a word-wrap which happens after the hyphen, and for some reason this causes the address itself to shoot downwards to the bottom of the page, at least on macOS/Safari

    • c4ssidy says:

      What about a DM on gab? I only meant confidential as I want to hold back the idea from the world for a few weeks, not concerned about glowies

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        If your idea is any good, that should literally be your only concern lmao

        • jim says:

          Well, I cannot tell you what he wanted, because it was a private communication, but it has been done already, and I am already using the existing thing heavily.

          Yes, it is a good idea. And it is such a good idea that it has already been done quite a while ago.

  23. Cloudswrest says:

    Ramzpaul talks about the end of America as we know it.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      I’ve got no sympathy for Trump. You go fishing in the Rubicon, this is what you catch. He filled the Left with a level of frantic demonic energy it hasn’t had since the ’60s, and then he totally failed to fight them. Any serious opposition was going to fire them up, but weak opposition that feels serious is the worst possible stimulus to give them. It’s like a vaccine (a real one) – an attenuated form of the disease agent prepares the system to face the real thing. The only thing to hope for from Trump now is a gruesome end that makes more Americans lose faith in the system.

      • cub says:

        Alternatively, it could end up being a “boy that cried wolf” situation where the next Republican leader turns out to be the real deal, and nobody believes the left’s shrieks about him being a fascist/Nazi/etc. because they already said that about Trump and he didn’t really change anything.

        Trump himself could do this if he wins in 2024, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • jim says:

      This is my prediction, the imprisonment and/or death of Trump though I made it on Musk time, plus my prediction of war internal, external, or both at once.

      Best outcome would be war internal together with war against Russia, China, and Iran, because then we stand a chance of winning, particularly if the cities get nuked.

      The common cause of all these wars is that the elite is not agreement capable. If you are not agreement capable, there will be either world war or world empire, and the way the wind blows, it is not going to be world empire.

      • Sher Singh says:

        This is christian apocalypse dooming & not a realistic assessment.

        • jim says:

          I have been dooming for a very long time, and events are on track with my predictions.

          We are now a whole lot closer to World War III and internal mass democide than we were when I made that post patting myself on the back for my successful predictions.

  24. DavyCrockett says:

    Jim, or anyone, how long do you think the Russian-Ukrainian special military operation/ war last? Looks like it could go another half year or year at least to me, but would like to hear other opinions.

    • jim says:

      In attritive warfare, a nation generally collapses when its battle casualties reach two to four percent of the total population. For Ukraine, that is about four hundred thousand to a million battle casualties.

      Russian strategy is that because offensives are costly, to not launch a major offensive until collapse sets in.

      Several plausible lines of evidence indicate about two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand battle casualties so far. So, something like roughly half way through. Could be nearly done, could keep on going for three times as long as it has been going.

      From time to time we see the Ukraine’s battle plans collapse because of widespread troop mutiny. It is a problem for them, but it is not a show stopper problem yet. Has a way to go before it becomes a show stopper problem. How far to go before it stops the show is hard to tell.

      They will likely make it to winter. If they do, then over winter, the Ukraine will have time to conscript and train some fresh meat for the meat grinder. On the other hand, over winter, the scale of the terrible casualties will be sinking in. We shall see what is revealed in spring.

      • Karl says:

        In attritive warfare, a nation generally collapses when its battle casualties reach two to four percent of the total population.

        The German command sure hoped so in WWII, but somehow the Soviet Union didn’t collapse.

    • S says:

      I recommend simplicius76 for detailed analysis, but personal opinion…

      I lean towards short time frames. While it will take a while for the government to send the entire male (and a sizable portion of the fertile female) population to their deaths, equipment is another matter. If Ukraine runs out of artillery and anti-air defense they are totally fucked. At that point it isn’t a matter of attrition anymore- without any effective defense, the Russians can dismantle Ukraine’s command structure near the front. My understanding is they are running down the stock and near empty.

      I expect the collapse to be like the quote- slow and then all at once.

      • DavyCrockett says:

        Thanks, when you say short time frames could you give an estimate?

        • S says:

          Sure. I’m mostly basing this on the shift in media tone which suggests factions realizing they can’t continue supporting Ukraine. Given the lack of foresight American leadership has shown, this means they realized production ramp up isn’t working, they need to save supplies for China or they are close to hitting empty.

          With that in mind, my gut says less then a year. I expect the Russians to act conservatively, like they have the entire war, but similar attritive conflicts had a much smaller disparity in firepower so I expect the Russians to win faster.

    • Aidan says:

      Who knows. One useful metric for how many casualties UKR has taken is prosthetic limb orders. In the GWOT, the US had one soldier lose a limb for every 5 KIA. At a similar rate, an increase in 50,000 prosthetic limb orders in the UKR implies 300,000 KIA. But the ratio may be higher, because US troops were fighting vs an insurgency and had great medical and evac infrastructure in place. In a big messy war, more limb losses may turn into deaths.

      At any rate, try to imagine a country in which 300,000 of its bravest and manliest men are killed. That’s a kind of blow to the genetic stock of a nation that might take centuries to recover. A somewhat lesser problem in Russia, as it has a larger population.

      • C4ssidy says:

        Someone was claiming 300-400 thousand based upon satellite imagery of cemetery expansion. I did not think to check his work, but it seems similarly ingenious, so if the numbers for prosthetics fit, satellite guy was probably genuine too

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Captured prisoners is another reliable proxy for extrapolating to casualties in general.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            SBU/AFU skews surrender rates lower and man made fertilizer production higher. Effectiveness unknown. Captured prisoner numbers are likely unreliable for extrapolating casualties in this case.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Can’t say that’s the impression i’ve been getting. Almost every casualty figure, from killed/destroyed to wounded/damaged to missing in action is clouded by fogs of war, but prisoner numbers tend to be one of the least so, for a number of reasons.

              One is that capturing enemy men and materiel is a high status feat, as old as warriors doing organized warfare itself, and parties want to show it off.
              Another is because prisoners are useful bargaining chips and parties want to get things with them.
              And another is because it is simply easier to notice and verify one way or another, for various other reasons.

              The upshot of significance here is that both Russia and the Kiev Occupational Government agree with each other on men that have been captured/surrendered. So even when the KOG trumpets wildly incongruous KIA/WIA figures which by itself in isolation could be a ‘you may not agree with it but you cant tell otherwise’ matter, ratio of captures is another canary you can use to tell whose closer to the real score.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                There are many accounts of SBU snipers shooting frontline AFU soldiers trying to surrender. There are many accounts of AFU officers fragging their own men for having questionable zeal. There are many accounts of AFU being ordered on suicide attacks into mined killzones by officers far away watching via drone. For every Ukrainian that successfully surrenders, one must wonder how many never made it to Russian lines because they were killed by other Ukrainians.

                Ivan, stationed on the Zaporizhzhia front, isn’t going to fetch wounded AFU to take prisoners from his own mine field.

                We don’t know how pervasive Ukrainian fratricide is, nor it’s effectiveness, so trying to extrapolate their casualty numbers from POWs is shrouded in the fog of war.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  All of which is indicative of significant ongoing desertion problems in the first place, which are only getting worse, to say nothing of those who take their chances when the Russians make their own attacks.

  25. Kunning Drueger says:

    off topic


    here is an interesting little video put out by an anthropologist named Robert. He covers some very out there ideas, and initially I was hesitant because, as we know here, things like flat earth or 9/11 truth or moon landing hoax are very effective ways that the adversary muddies the water, providing top cover to actual conspiracies. conspiracies. That being understood, he is a very interesting guy who has suffered for his positions, yet maintains a very strong evidence and logic-oriented slate of positions. I don’t think I’ve seen him discussed here, and if this is like string theory and it’s not an off topic thing that’s allowed, I apologize.

    • jim says:

      What is interesting about his story is that the conspiracy of which the Rothschilds were a part had a faith that claimed to be a revival of an Indian faith that was demonic. The Indian tribe sacrificed babies on a stone altar, a faith that was clearly related to Middle Eastern Moloch worship. Influence over such distance might be that both faiths were derived from a faith immensely more ancient. Or maybe the actual demon Moloch might be present in both places. Rockefeller built a little holiday house on top of an Indian altar used to sacrifice babies. Scarcely an accidental location. The federal reserve bank was plotted in a room built directly on top of that altar.

      This ties in to the prophecy of the beast:

      The Beast with seven heads establishes a false, state enforced religion, which converges all other religions to it and:

      16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

      But I don’t want to link to a you tube video, because it is going to get taken down soon after I do so.

      Can you find a text link to this information. It contain an audio copy of an old audio. Likely there is no text link. There are now AI services that transcribe audio to text, which are primarily used for automatic on the fly translation services, but I want a text. It is two @^% long to transcribe by hand.

      What the Dark Enlightenment calls the Cathedral is The Beast with Seven heads, no single will but a consortium of several conspiracies, rather too many conspiracies, each contending for power and status, each composed of several individuals, rather too many individuals, each also contending for power and status. The Cathedral is not a single individual, and lacks a single will, but it is not a very large number of individuals either.

      Robert Sepehr reports that the conspiracy that founded the federal reserve, of which the Rothschilds were a minor part, was a revival of an old Moloch worshiping Indian cult, and that the room in which the federal reserve was plotted was built directly on top of an old Indian stone altar used for sacrificing babies, scarcely an accidental location. So whether or not the Federal Reserve is part of the demonic activity depicted in the Book of Revelations, those who plotted it intended and believed it was and would be.

      Those Indians and their faith have an obvious resemblance to people and demonic faith referenced in the Old Testament. Robert Sepehr suggests the possibility of a common very ancient origin. Could be, or it could be that the conspirators selected those Indians because of the resemblance. Whether or not the Federal Reserve is the work of the demons depicted in the Book of Revelation, and a fulfillment of that prophecy, it is the work of men who thought themselves working for those demons and intended to fulfill that prophecy.

      As a Christian, I don’t think that the prophecy is going to be fulfilled. Because Christians have commission from God to stop it this time around.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        OK, I have dug up a few links to different things, but no transcript as of yet. Should I not link them here? 2 YouTube links, 1 Bitchute link, 1 Scribd link, and 1 WordPress link. LMK what I should do.

        • jim says:

          Link all. Interesting topic – I always suspected, but some of his claims are extraordinary. Demon worship, plausible, plenty of evidence for demon worship among elite the in ancient times and present, human sacrifice, absolutely standard, But giants typically eight feet tall among the ancient elite?

          Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. That the federal reserve was planned in a room built on top of an ancient altar to a feather Indian Moloch cult is far from extraordinary, totally in line with my expectations, but some people will think it extraordinary. That the elite among those Indians was eight feet tall is a bit much.

          Would happen if the war leader had to be foremost in battle, was generally the chief, battle tactics were a sudden charge and personal combat, and was rewarded by extraordinary reproductive opportunity during his likely brief life.

          • Vendat Tunicam says:

            You ought to talk to Texas Arcane. He’s a nut, but he has an extraordinary ability to pull sources for red haired giants in the Americas. From him I learned of the Paracas skulls, mummies found in S. America that have mtdna from E. Europe and Mesopotamia. The Paracas skulls are elongated, have only two skull plates instead of the usual three, have reddish or blonde hair and come from mummified bodies.

            My personal belief is that American anthropologists aren’t allowed to dig up Amerindian remains because the findings would radically alter the narrative. Overnight genetic testing of remains would demonstrate that the stone age hunter gatherer bands inhabiting this continent were one of several waves, this group happened to wipe out the earlier groups pretty successfully. Some evidence for this comes from the tipe of S. America where they have discovered genetic markers of some group related to the Polynesians and Australian Aborigines.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Here are Sepehr videos centering on Jekyll Island and/or North American Giants:

            A Titanic story about the Federal Reserve Bank

            Ancient Giants, Rituals, and Elite of Jekyll Island

            White Giants of the New World ***

            Ancient Giants of the California Coast

            Here are videos related to that excerpt in Sepehr’s video about Jekyll Island:

            Tim Bence In Conversation Rob Skiba on Canaanite Altars & The Federal Reserve… Part 1

            Tim Bence In Conversation Rob Skiba on Canaanite Altars & The Federal Reserve… Part 2


            Here are 2 articles:



            ***If you’re only going to watch one, this is the one that makes the most claims that can be substantiated via parallel research. Indeed, anyone who has studied American History has come into contact with the rumors of giants bones, mounds, and strange creature’s fossils. What piqued my interest is that these things happened often, in many places, with tons of anecdotal evidence like newspaper articles, expeditions, and references in fiction and nonfiction, and then The Science took over the Academy, and *poof* all gone. Maybe it’s like UFO sightings, which went into steep decline when cameras started to be found in every corner of the globe, or maybe it’s like references to Lamarck and actual texts of Origin Of Species, and it’s a bit too inconvenient to have anything that indicates the Quaker Ideal of soul vessels is unsupported by the fossil record.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      There were multiple missions to the moon, and many men made footfall upon its mien, before such civilizational capability was lost.

      That being said, I am agnostically open to entertaining the possibility that the very *first* televised mission was a production.

      It goes something like this: they needed to beat the Russians there on the rather truncated but politically attractive timeframe they set for themselves after JFK made his speech, which even on a crash program they couldn’t quite manage to fully squeeze everything in there in time.

      A real rocket really did go up, and real men really were inside it piloting. Everyone was watching, and if noone else the soviets would trivially be able to tell if signals were coming from the places they were supposed to be coming from.

      They make orbit, and this is the point where the usual story diverges. The landing module is launched – uncrewed, containing the prepared footage for transmission to the mothership and then to the earth. When the time comes the ascender launches back up from the moon, linking up with the crew in orbit narrating the action, and they return to earth, completing the production, and successfully showing up everyone else, glory to the USG.

      • jim says:

        Back then you needed human pilots, software was not up for it, for computers were too small. And the soviets would know where the transmissions of humans speaking were coming from.

        They had to soft land something on the moon to transmit. All probes preceding the human landing landed hard, abruptly falling silent on impact.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


          How many people are aware that the US military had remote controlled drones with video uplink in dubya two? They worked very well too, though the bureaucracy at the time didn’t appreciate the significance of what they had. (It took a long time for people to mentally liberate themselves from the blinkers of ‘manned=aerodynamic and air breathing’ and ‘unmanned=streamlined and self-oxidizing’ thinking; the development of cruise missiles themselves in many ways representing a half-measured clinging to the conceit even as factors of performance kept pointing the ways to go.)

          To operate a spacecraft is to operate by sensor and instrumentation to begin with. And many thorny engineering tradeoffs become solved when you don’t need a man inside. Main problems otherwise being interference, loss of signal strength, and lag times… which largely stop being problems if you have a control ship on site. Spread spectrum multiplexed digital transmission protocols, for use in various applications like telemetry, also being known quantities in 196X.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Air-breathing engines needed a lot of babysitting in the old days. Cockpits often had a third seat for the “flight engineer” who faced a wall full of gauges and dials that had to be constantly monitored and adjusted.

            Joesph Kennedy Jr. was the pilot on an unmanned drone equipped with a primitive TV camera and remote control. His job was to take off, establish cruising flight, arm the bomb, and bail out.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              This problem was one of the major reasons why by the late 30s major engine manufacturers were developing motors with more complex feedback mechanisms, which started coming online in late war planes (eg, BMW 801 or P&W R-2800).

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          In the past couple of years, India and Japan attempted robotic soft-landings on the Moon, and both crashed because of bad programming. The Japanese software said, “If you fly over a cliff, assume that your radar altimeter is broken, switch if off, guess your altitude from that point on, and turn off thrusters when it reaches zero.” The Indian code said, “At first ignore any deviations in thruster performance, then when you see you’re off-track, attempt impossible manouevers to return to that track instead of just landing somewhere else.”

    • Fidelis says:

      Some say Putin himself read your former comment lambasting the degenerated state of the trenches, and took authoritative action to rectify the issue.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      That’s an interesting channel, what else can we find…


      A disturbing lack of muscle. A degenerate state of masculinity. Man lift heavy rock must be prerequisite to dance party.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Xitter like every other ‘public’ platform is an organizational dead end, but there is a stubbornly persistent class of frogs that keep trying to piss in the wind anyways.


        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Funny video, had to get around my ISP. Largely blocked in Anglosphere internet. Their FAQ is a bit outdated. It’s not just Comcast blocking in the US now.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Wyatt proves that, just as in ancient combat, lone warriors of mettle and skill can deal disproportionate damage to the adversary.

      • Skippy says:

        This is a real problem in Russia, which in the Empire time used to thrust men in officers’ uniforms to the front of all high culture and fashionable events, whereas the Federation has inherited the Soviet tradition of the army being a place for dregs.

        Nor does Putin seem to be trying to change this, seemingly out of fear of his officers.

        A president, after all, cannot stand above a military hero. A mere president. Only an anointed king can stand far enough above a military hero to not need to fear him.

      • Fake says:

        The men dancing looked like they were doing ballet moves with their feet. It looks like they were all male ballerinas.

  26. Breaking News says:

    Obama is a faggot.

    It’s officially confirmed that America had a gay President, and everyone in the world, including e.g. Muslims, now knows it. Roman-era degeneracy.

    Let that sink in, optics-wise.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      America had a gay President in James Buchanan too. Historians remember him as the man who did nothing as the Republic holiness-spiraled into civil war, relegating his personal life to an irrelevant footnote. Boo-hoo, my gay lover died, what do I care if 600,000 sons of other men perish in a war that I might have been able to prevent?

      Don’t tell me the war was inevitable. Every country ruled by white people abolished slavery between 1833 and 1888, but only one fought a war over it.

      • S says:

        How exactly are you going to abolish slavery peacefully in the US? Nothing would satisfy abolitionists short of policies that lead to the South’s destruction and resettlement requires deporting 4 million people (about 1/7 the US population) and would destroy the South’s economy,

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          How did every other country abolish slavery peacefully? Did any of them send their Negroes back to Africa?

          • S says:

            They had slavery in their colonies, not the metropole, so it didn’t matter if it was a disaster (Haiti). The closest to the US is Brazil. They had a smaller percentage of slaves (even lower considering geographic concentration in the US), a large free black population and were willing to accept Brazilification of their society.

          • Slavery not as bad as Freedom did says:


            • jim says:

              Take the shill test.

              Tell us why it is bad for whites to have black people around.

              I endorse segregation for well behaved blacks and slavery for misbehaviour. But when I see a racist rant that strangely neglects to mention any of the problems that black people cause for white people, I smell something funny.

        • ron says:

          You could start by assuring them that no one is going to abolish slavery overnight. Make concessions and negotiate a long term plan that end it without dramatically harming anyone’s interests.

          The slave economy was detrimental to the middle and lower class whites who had to compete with the black craftsmen that worked for practically nothing. Those were also the same men who would be getting shot in order to “defend slavery”, ie it was never in their interest in the first place.

          Harvard and London were the ones who wanted it ended overnight. Harvard because it hated competing with the southern version of their religion, and London because they hated the US.

          • S says:

            Two problems:

            Free blacks are a problem population no one wants to deal with.

            Expelling the black population is expensive and unpopular. Slave owners aren’t idiots- they can see resettlement is a death sentence for many.

            • ron says:

              there is an alternate perspective. Free blacks are a challenge that keeps your priests from getting too holy as they are an inevitable reality check on priestly theology getting too far away from God’s actual Will as manifested in reality.

              So when the Merchant and Priest classes conspire to enrich both at the expense of the public, the blacks proceed to loot Nordstrom and repeatedly demonstrate to any unwashed white peasant that they do not in fact, subscribe to the globohomo theology, but are correctly, tribal, concerned with their collective group above others, regard women as unruly property (which they steal from each other), think book learning is for faggots (priests), etc.

              Without blacks you’d be a lot gayer.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >Free blacks are a challenge that keeps your priests from getting too holy as they are an inevitable reality check on priestly theology getting too far away from God’s actual Will as manifested in reality.

                How’s that working out? I see plenty of free blacks around, and I hear plenty of priests preaching about them, and the sermons constantly droning in my ears don’t seem to match what I see the blacks doing. This doesn’t bother the priests a bit, nor the huge masses of people listening to and obeying them.

                • Ron says:

                  @contaminated neet

                  Your statement is the proof I am right. Without blacks acting up, youd have had no evidence that the dominant priests are insane. Bc they acted up, you are reacting and realizing that the blacks are unruly and that magic dirt does not work.

                  I contend that without the free blacks your society would be gayer.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I am suddenly reminded of the old copypasta.


                  It paints in an overly road brush of course, but it slaps because it touches on something that’s real.

                  Even many otherwise based and redpilled men of the American persuasion simply can’t stop themselves from trying to rationalize up justifications for the continued allowance of niggers in their house. They just can’t let them go.

            • ron says:

              regarding expulsion.

              If you expel the blacks who mostly did not come here voluntarily, then you can expel any group not your own. If you can do that, no group will trust each other. That in itself would be a good thing under normal circumstance, but with a globohomo priest class you would have a disaster. The priests would become the only unifiying body, and they would priest the living shit out of your sons.

              I recommend an alternate solution: States rights backed by property rights that follow male lineage involving return of any property to male line descendants every Jubilee regardless of contract. Outrageous, nearly impossible to implement, but if you are already at the point of wanting to ship 30 million former African slaves back to a continent where they will likely be torn apart, I think it’s a lot easier to implement.

              The problem with boomers is that they sold their childrens land to be able to sail around the world and have sex with octogenarians. Jubilee solves that problem by returning such land to the children. Meaning no matter what some halfwit does, that land is yours forever, which means you have a stake in that area and because your genetic line owns that land, it will always have a character familiar to you. Over time, all landowners in the state will share enough genetic material that they will become a unique ethnic group.

              The problem with niggers, is not just that they are violent short term thinking niggers, it’s that they are separate from you. You can always move, which means you wont deal with them in a long term fashion, ie by regularly long term sustained violent reprisals. The priest solution is to priest, and we can see the incredibly gay results of that.

              Land being apportioned to all all males would in the long time solve the nigger problem. Those niggers that refuse to stop being niggers will be weeded out of the black population. This doesn’t necessarily mean the races would mix, they would likely form their own long term communities and develop cultural understanding on the boundaries between the groups.

              Just my opinion.

              • A2 says:

                It seems unlikely that the presence of blacks is what keeps the globohomo priests under control.

                NB. Said priests will have to go too, to a better place.

    • SJ says:

      What makes you think that Obama was the first gay president married to a tranny?

      • Carte Blanche says:

        I approve of the “Big Mike” meme in the Austin Powers “that’s a man, baby!” sense of being just really ugly. There’s no worse insult for a woman and it really seems to get under their skin. But I hope you don’t actually believe that.

        As a conspiracy theory, it’s a lot like Birtherism, i.e.:

        1. There’s no concrete evidence, despite the rumor having been around for many years.

        2. It distracts from more pertinent issues, like Obama’s mysterious missing childhood/college years, and B&M’s current presence in DC and obvious continued involvement with certain elite factions.

        3. Most of all, it doesn’t explain anything. It has no real-world consequences if true. It doesn’t help tie together any other facts or theories. She doesn’t need to be a tranny or trap in order for Barack to be a faggot; she could be (and almost certainly is) just a beard, recruited for political expediency and general blackness.

        It’s almost certainly disinfo. The disinformational payload being:
        – Making Bathhouse Barry (probably true) into a package deal with Big Mike (funny but not very plausible)
        – Downplaying the well-known, clearly-observable unattractiveness and androgyny of negro women
        – Normalizing trannies in public life
        – Discrediting legit questions about why a mere former first lady is so active in DC politics.

        I’m not suggesting Barry isn’t a fag (he clearly is), and again, by all means use the “Big Mike” meme library around progressives to piss them off. Just, the way you said it here, sounds like you’re playing it straight. Don’t fall for that.

        • SJ says:

          I mostly wonder how you don’t see it and then I wonder and discuss IRL what effect having pictures and videos of alleged trannies everywhere has on the people who somehow don’t notice.

          As far as what matters? What matters is family and tribe. Satanic butt pumping gnostics running empire really doesn’t matter to me. Same as it ever was.

          • alf says:

            You’ll have to present better evidence than ‘its just obvious why don’t you see it’.


            I don’t see it either.

            • SJ says:

              Well this one has been done by so many people already I’ll just say, how do you explain that this alleged gnostic tranny butt pirate has a penis?

              Of course the only conclusive proof would be to do a chromosome test on xir. I can’t provide that.

              • alf says:

                how do you explain that this alleged gnostic tranny butt pirate has a penis?

                simple: she doesn’t.

                Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So a couple of facebook Q-anon shill groups post ””real”’ ”’un-photoshopped”’ evidence of Michelle Obama and a banana between her legs. Well nobody on the internet lies right?

                Shills always poison the well. You have posted some very based content here so I am not saying you are a shill. But it is still drinking from a poisoned well, and sharing that drink.

                There is always a payload hidden in shill memes:
                – “9/11 was an inside job” because that way the state gets to seem powerful and not incompetent.
                – “the moonlanding was fake” because that way white man’s accomplishment is diminished.

                I simplify slightly. Often there are more payloads in one shill meme. So let us take the ‘Michelle Obama is Michael Obama’ meme. What are its payloads?

                First, and most importantly, it tells us trannies are hiding in plain sight, fooling 99% of men. Wow, trans-operations must be really successful! Except, they are not. Insert ‘you will never be a real woman’ meme.

                You look at a MtF speak for more than a second, you know its a man.

                You look at Michelle speaking for more than a second, it is obvious she has the skin, the facial structure, tonality, of a woman.

                You are telling us trannies have infiltrated society successfully. No, they have not. They stick out like the mutilated failed hominids they are.

                A second payload is the ‘look at how competent the state is’ payload. Because not only was the surgery good enough to trick 99% of men, they also hid all the evidence for everyone. Her (oh sorry I mean his of course) family, friends, relatives are all in on the ploy. Every night Obama and Michael spoon. Hell, it’d be the first monogamous gay marriage in history! Not to mention the two look-alike kids that they stole from another woman. And almost *everybody* believes it! Holy moly these people are competent. Why even bother fighting?

                Finally there is the payload of ‘look at how dumb folk on the right are.’ I dislike the Obamas as much as the next guy. But I imagine them sitting at dinner, discussing the latest news and going: ‘look at what the right talks about this time, they sure believe some stupid shit.’

                Of course the only conclusive proof would be to do a chromosome test on xir. I can’t provide that.

                If such a test would magically be performed and turn out XX, you would not believe it.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Expertly done. I like SJ, but you nailed it, and it’s the same with a lot of the zealous/righteous/intelligent on our side: they just believe, and the evidence doesn’t matter. This is a strength, this is an asset, and it’s vanishingly rare these days.

                  The onus is on the priests to guide thought and the “pointers of faith” that both the Commons and the Elite may put faith in God, trust in the King, and belief in their Kind.

                • SJ says:

                  Well yes my claim is that they have infiltrated society successfully. I would claim they have done so for a very long time. I would further claim that this is the point deer make horse of our time. I find the idea fascinating and would enjoy discussing it with others.

                  As far as the claim that qtards created fake Michelle Obama has a dick videos I assure you that these videos predate the qtards. I would also ask if anyone is interested to look into Barbara Bush, Jackie Kennedy, and just all the first ladies in general. I sometimes theorize that this is the lavender mafia, maybe? All just speculation of course. I can operate in a sphere of probability, possibility, and function without needing a black and white, you could say chess board like, view of the world, though.

                • jim says:

                  > I would claim they have done so for a very long time.


                  This is “alien lizard people among us”, “flat earth” lunacy. Take a look at any known male modified by drugs and surgery to look like a woman. Does fine in carefully posed still images, but as soon as it moves and speaks, uncanny valley sets in, and you get the feeling that this is not a human, but a skin suit worn by a demon. Partly this that the male bone structure makes the movement wrong. Perhaps it is also partly actual demonic possession.

                  Every single male to female transition fails disastrously. Less disastrous for asians, because less sexual dimorphism, but it does not take all that long before one realises that something is horrifyingly wrong, even with Asians. No one is fooled, even by asian males disguised by drugs and surgery as females, unless they are very drunk.

                  Gays like to be banged by manly men. Manly men do not like to bang men. So, they become traps, with drugs and surgery. It conspicuously fails. Fails less disastrously for asian gays, but still quite disastrous. They are endlessly trying, and endlessly and disastrously failing.

                  This is like the meme that US has super duper secret high tech, and the Rothschilds or Havard granted Musk some of it. If the US has super duper secret high tech, why the disaster in Ukraine, and if there are super duper convincing male to female transitions, why cannot the gays get any?

                • jim says:

                  A magisterial dissection of shill payloads.

                  Beautifully done.

                  > So let us take the ‘Michelle Obama is Michael Obama’ meme. What are its payloads?

                  > First, and most importantly, it tells us trannies are hiding in plain sight, fooling 99% of men. Wow, trans-operations must be really successful! Except, they are not. Insert ‘you will never be a real woman’ meme.

                  > […]

                  > You are telling us trannies have infiltrated society successfully. No, they have not. They stick out like the mutilated failed hominids they are.

                  > A second payload is the ‘look at how competent the state is’ payload. Because not only was the surgery good enough to trick 99% of men, they also hid all the evidence for everyone […]

                  > Finally there is the payload of ‘look at how dumb folk on the right are.’ I dislike the Obamas as much as the next guy. But I imagine them sitting at dinner, discussing the latest news and going: ‘look at what the right talks about this time, they sure believe some stupid shit.’

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘Twink death’ is like a clownhouse mirror version of the wall for fags. That’s why they are constantly looking for children to fuck. Old homos don’t want to fuck each other, they want to fuck boys.

                • TheDividualist says:

                  Great job, Alf.

                  It is dumb to expect a black woman to be like a white woman and call her a tranny when not. Different T levels etc.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      “Roman-era” degeneracy to cheering crowds

      This isn’t fair to the Romans. Their stories of bestiality were almost always in the form of jest and involved male trickster gods disguising themselves as animals to seduce women. Their homosexuality only went so far as being a “top” and involved dominating conquered tribes and not “romance,” gods forbid a Roman man being a bottom or actually in “romance.” Whereas American degeneracy is all about “bottom” homosexual bestiality “romance.”

      Tales of Roman degeneracy is highly over exaggerated to the point of hyperbole. It is done for modern political reasons to justify all types of behaviors today that the Romans themselves would have found mighty disturbing. Just like the gay Greek myth.

      I think you’d have to go back to the Babylonian-era degeneracy to find similarity, and even that was naturally limited by technology. Today we have all manner of witch brew chemicals to embody Ishtar on earth, and today sacrifice far more babies to Baal by ripping them limb by limb out of the womb.

      • SJ says:

        Justin Martyr’s first apology chapter 27;


        The original Greek isn’t hermaphrodite, but androgyne, which is translated in the King James Bible as male cult prostitute and is better understood today as tranny butt pumping gnostic faggot.

        as the ancients are said to have reared herds of oxen, or goats, or sheep, or grazing horses, so now we see you rear children only for this shameful use; and for this pollution a multitude of females and hermaphrodites, and those who commit unmentionable iniquities, are found in every nation. And you receive the hire of these, and duty and taxes from them, whom you ought to exterminate from your realm. And any one who uses such persons, besides the godless and infamous and impure intercourse, may possibly be having intercourse with his own child, or relative, or brother. And there are some who prostitute even their own children and wives, and some are openly mutilated for the purpose of sodomy; and they refer these mysteries to the mother of the gods, and along with each of those whom you esteem gods there is painted a serpent

  27. Mass Murder says:

    So which do we kill all of first…

    1) Muslims
    2) Obese whales
    3) Jews
    4) Negroes

    I suggest the order should be as above, but I am open to suggestion.

    • jim says:

      When the enemy faith was dead, Charles the second and General Monck could eradicate their power with quite genteel measures. Allowing them to self exile to America turned out to be a catastrophe in the long run, but it worked fine for a century or two, which is more than most mass murders accomplish.

      When the enemy faith is live, well of course you have to kill a lot more, but you kill them according to their faith. Which means killing woke, not killing Muslims, not worthless women, and not Jews as Jews, though if you kill the true believers in woke, you will wind up killing a whole lot of Jews. Stalin did not kill Jews as Jews, but when he was through, the Bolsheviks had gone from being totally dominated by Jews to nearly Judenrein.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Oooh, very edgy. But there’s no point in going all Coldsteel the Hedgehog right now. “We” don’t have anywhere near the power to kill off any of those groups. When and if the day comes that we do have that power, I suspect mass slaughter won’t even be necessary.

      • jim says:

        On past performance, what usually happens is that when leftism gets too suicidally self destructive, a Stalin or a Hitler shuts down the holiness spiral with the necessary bloodshed. And sometimes a whole lot of unnecessary bloodshed, just to be on the safe side. It is announced that the eschaton has been immanentized, and anyone who doubts it and wants to immanentize the real eschaton “real communism has never been tried”, is going to disappear. With no further apple carts to knock over, leftism dies, and it becomes possible for some other faith to take power.

        With incapacity for war, and rapid movement towards World War III, leftism has become self destructive. With external defeat, the violence may turn inwards. They may abandon empire, and focus on eradicating legacy America, legacy Americans, and destroying the twentieth century economy, the nineteenth century economy, and the eighteenth century economy. In which case opportunities may await in the thinly populated parts of Russia, the thinly populated parts of the expanding Russian empire, and the densely populated but weakly governed borderlands between the Russian and Chinese empires. Or they may go for Brezhnevian stagnation, in which case the faith will die, and a counter faith within America becomes possible.

        Wagner is looking for opportunity in the densely populated but weakly governed borderlands, while a tiny but rapidly increasing number of American refugees settle the underpopulated lands of Russia. Rapidly growing populations of emigres are appearing in Dubai on the strongly governed, but no longer US empire aligned lands of Islam, while others appearing on the moderately governed borderlands near the Chinese hegemony, still within the Global American Empire for the moment, but where the Global American Empire is only treading cautiously and looks like it will soon retreat.

        But Christian Nationalist America can be the new Israel, a light unto the nations. The faith of Woke within America weakens, as some in the elite are leaning to Brezhnevian stagnation. America increasingly resembles Weimar Germany, in which a morally degenerate and corrupt discredited elite incapable of governing eventually allowed Hitler to be elected merely because a majority of Germans voted for him.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          I agree with first part. An American Stalin is the best we can reasonably hope for. Even if we get him though, he’ll be from some faction or another of the broad left, and it won’t be us deciding who gets liquidated.

          I’m not convinced the faith of the proggies is weakening. I run into a fair amount of them in my personal and professional lives; there are a lot of them, and the light of the fanatic still burns in their eyes.

          • jim says:

            > I’m not convinced the faith of the proggies is weakening. I run into a fair amount of them in my personal and professional lives; there are a lot of them, and the light of the fanatic still burns in their eyes.

            Do they think there is no deep state and that there is a deep state, except it is not a deep state because it adheres to the true faith, or do they doubt the faith of those in power? Getting harder to be a true believer after suddenly being left high and dry on the jab, and it is going to be harder still after shockingly costly external defeat in the Ukraine, Taiwan, Niger, and Iran.

            RFK Junior is getting traction, because an increasing number of the holy are starting to believe in “conspiracy theories”.

            It looks like a cut and run is looming. If not world domination and empire, where is the eschaton going to be immanentized?

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              The proggies I talk to don’t feel like they were left high and dry on the jab. They feel like it was a valuable and life-saving service that the all-knowing benevolent scientist experts selflessly gave to all humanity, and which was rejected by dolts who were suckered by cynical right-wing misinformation at great cost in human life. To them, the whole thing only demonstrates the need for freedom of speech to be trimmed back by credentialed experts to protect us dolts from mis-, dis-, and malinformation. There’s an old pro-2A meme about “assault printers;” they’ve pretty much reached that point unironically. When the 1A was written, there was no internet and no social media, so you have the right to speak, but not the right to a “platform” to communicate your speech to others if it’s harmful.

              For the deep state, they would vehemently reject the term, but only because it smells like ants from the rival nest. They’ll readily agree that there are highly-placed and highly-principled people in public service who know what should be done and what is right far better than elected officials or the public, and sometimes, for the greater good, these public servants must moderate the excesses of democracy and correct for the influence of bad actors, often at great personal cost.

              They absolutely do not believe they are losing in Ukraine. They look at the size of Russia and the size of Ukraine and say the fact that the Ukes have held out this long proves that Russia is a comically incompetent kleptocracy which will be even easier for them to dominate with than they thought. If and when Ukraine loses, it won’t shake them. It took longer than a week, and the international community hates Russia now, so when you think about it, Russia actually lost.

              • jim says:

                > The proggies I talk to don’t feel like they were left high and dry on the jab. They feel like it was a valuable and life-saving service that the all-knowing benevolent scientist experts selflessly gave to all humanity

                How many of these supposed true believers are fully boosted? Among those not subject to coercion to boost, and fewer and fewer are subject to coercion to boost, almost no one is getting boosted. Therefore almost no one believes that it was a valuable and life-saving service that the all-knowing benevolent scientist experts selflessly gave to all humanity, and which was rejected by dolts who were suckered by cynical right-wing misinformation at great cost in human life. Because damn near everyone is rejecting it.

                > They absolutely do not believe they are losing in Ukraine.

                This belief is getting harder to sustain, though it is a whole lot easier to sustain than faith in the jab. Likely it will soon get very hard indeed to sustain.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >How many of these supposed true believers are fully boosted?

                  Honestly, I don’t know. I assume they all are, because they talk like they are. I never thought to ask, but some have volunteered that they are. My uncle brags about all the shots he’s taken.

                  What is fully boosted, anyway? 2 shots? 4?
                  Despite the memes, it looks like it’s up to 4 shots total for 65+ and as few as 2 shots for the rest of us. That’s not so many. I’m pretty sure the believers are doing it.

                • jim says:

                  I am pretty sure they are not, which behavior only makes sense if at some level they are aware that the ruling elite is evil, hateful, hates them and seeks to harm them, but by worshipping the elite, they hope to avoid harm, same psychological mechanism, stockholm syndrome, as demon worship.

                  But to resolve the different perceptions, we need information on how many boosts are in fact being administered. 2023 May nine shows 676.73 total cumulative doses, 2022 May 12 586.12. “Everyone 6 years and older should get 1 updated Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of whether they’ve received any original COVID-19 vaccines.” I seems to recall that they were updated not all that long ago, which means more than half the US population are aware that the ruling elite is is evil, hateful, hates them and seeks to harm them, which is considerably fewer than I thought, but still a reasonable proportion.

                • Karl says:

                  Neither believe in the jab nor in victory in Ukraine are vital for the progressive faith. Why should it matter if people no longer believe in these details?

                • jim says:

                  > Neither believe in the jab nor in victory in Ukraine are vital for the progressive faith.

                  Nothing is vital for the progressive faith. True believers perform backflips and somersaults all the time. The line changes, everyone adopts the new line, and everyone believes that the line never changed and they always believed the new line. Leftism has no essence, it is just a matter of joining the biggest mob heading for the most shaky looking applecart.

                  If you don’t believe in the jab and don’t believe in victory in the Ukraine, you may be a true believer in the progressive faith, as for example RFK Junior, but you will not believe that those in power are true believers in the progressive faith, and you will not believe that your faith will be inevitably rewarded by the inevitable progress of progress. We are likely to get the equivalent of the protestant revolution against the Papacy.

                  In this sense, faith in the jab and empire are essential requirements of progressivism.

                  In observed practice, the true believer in woke can change what he truly believes on a dime. If he could not, would not remain a true believer for very long. True believers like RFK Jr who suffer from a strangely inability perform backflips and somersaults on their true and heartfelt beliefs get hit by flack by and by.

                • jim says:

                  To my surprise, I discovered that Code Pink and the Black American Socialist party neglected to flip to pro war, and are now getting the treatment. And of course, since they felt secure as the vanguard of the ruling ideology, neglected to have pseudonyms and hidden assets, and are now getting the treatment the right has experienced for decades. They are shocked. They display total lack of awareness.

                  From the fact that all the others flipped, I figure that all the others noticed, but it seems that code pink believed that we had democracy, free speech, and the rule of law. Because they got to speak freely. Until suddenly they did not. So I have very little sympathy for them.

                  From their stunned amazement, I conjecture that the reason they failed to flip was not high principle, but delusions about democracy, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. They failed to notice state violence against the KKK. Then they failed to notice state violence against nazi. Then they failed to notice state violence against “Nazis”. And now that they are getting state violence, they think it is a brand new thing.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  A simple rule of thumb is if they didn’t voluntarily get multiple mRNA booster shots, then they are not true believers.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*usual payload deleted yet again*]
            The “Christian nationalist” faction needs only switch to “Christian leftism” and it will have it won.[*standard Cathedral meme on immigration deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Every mainstream Church has been converged to “Christian” leftism. They are dead in the water. No one is listening, and only old folks are showing up. Observed outcome: Every Church that rejects marriage and family disappears. The only Christianity that has any life in it is rightist.

              There is a storm of state sponsored shills preaching Christian leftism. You hear their spin on the Good Samaritan all over the place. They are not getting traction. Everyone accepts their message, because they hear it from authority everywhere, but it goes in one ear and out the other.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*Papal demon worship deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Second Epistle to Thessalonians, Chapter three, verse ten:

                  He that does not work, neither shall he eat.

                  This includes people who “work” at work that they think that other people should value, but those people do not, and are disinclined to pay for it.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted, yet again*] the cold economic calculus of the market,[*deleted, yet again*]

                • jim says:

                  We had this debate before. You were unresponsive then, and you are unresponsive now.

                  Repeating, yet again, in slightly different words. The market is people. People who would prefer to make decisions in their interests rather than yours.

                  So whenever someone proposes intervention in the market, the question then is who/whom. Who gets their testicles squeezed, and who does the squeezing?

                  You propose to squeeze the productive people to the benefit of the unproductive email class. I would be much better off economically if the email class died in nuclear fire. The big blue cityies don’t produce any actual goods. They produce permissions for other people to produce goods.

              • Jehu says:

                The state of heresy in the Christian churches is really bad. Let me tell you just how bad it is—I was discussing this with my pastor over the past month or so.

                When we were younger, Mormons and JWs were considered ‘out there’ insofar as being heretics. Mainlines were squishy but not on the net substantially heretical.

                But presently, Mormons, JWs, and even Muslims (if we adopt the view that Islam is a Christian heresy) make it into the top half of Christianity today (in terms of being the least heretical). As a Christian I have more in common with the Imam moslem center than with the Lutheran church with the pride flags next door.

                What is it that we have in common that’s not shared by over 50% of the allegedly Christian churches?

                There is a God, and neither of us are Him
                He has definite opinions on how we are to live our lives
                We have a serious sin problem that we are incapable of solving ourselves

                That’s not even a minimal statement of Christianity—it’s like 3/4 or so of it, and it’s missing the central element, Jesus Christ, the divine logos, the Word.

                But pretty much all the mainlines don’t really believe this. They lack a real awareness of sin. At best they’re Immoral Therapeutic Deists.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Another possibility, at least in warmer climates, is that the population becomes so niggerized that ideology doesn’t matter anymore. There’s no “left” and no “right”, just millions of niggers living in buildings abandoned by white people, and when those crumble to dust, erecting crude shacks of whatever materials they can scavenge.

          Cuba and Venezuela are getting to that point now, and Haiti’s been there for 200 years.

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          >eventually allowed Hitler to be elected merely because a majority of Germans voted for him

          A plurality, no? Even accounting for the parliamentary nature of system, that’s a meaningful distinction – I may be wrong but I suspect the NSDAP would have lost if they had ranked choice voting.

          • jim says:

            If they had ranked choice voting, pretty sure that a majority of the votes would have ranked both the communists and the nazis above the “mainstream” parties, and the nazis would have beaten the communists after the redistribution of second preferences.

            Until the night of the long knives, the perception was that the Nazis were left, and the communists were left. Nationalism in the age of empires was leftist, and only became rightist after World War II, or perhaps during World War II. Maybe only rightist after the fall of the British empire.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >When and if the day comes that we do have that power, I suspect mass slaughter won’t even be necessary.

        Were such a state of affairs be the case, it would be because the mass slaughter had already taken place.

        Indonesia received a significant salutation to its genetic patrimony from the effect of killing everyone who had sided with communism in their civil wars, and today stand head and shoulders above other seamonkeys.

        You see the same pattern play out all the time. ‘Pax Americana’ happened not because everyone loved whiggery so much, but because all significant competition to whiggery was destroyed by fire and steel (leading to even more fire and less steel, but we digress), and it was simply elbow jostling between whiggery and whiggery to the Nth degree. Internecine conflicts in Europe didn’t stop because suddenly ‘oil and water’ started mixing successfully, because every space where ‘oil and water’ were coming into contact was burned out utterly by violence, leaving only spaces with oil or water, strongly segregated from each other. A ‘liberal peace’ made on the back of de facto ethnic cleansings that had already taken place.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          If a remotely Jimian regime by some miracle ever took power in America, all these groups would get with the program or get out as soon as it was clear we were serious. I doubt we’d need industrialized mass killing to prove it.

          I don’t know much about Indonesia, but I do daydream now and then about SEAmaxing in the Philippines. Is Indonesia really so much better than the rest of the region?

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Philippines is basically island Mexico. If using quality of media as a proxy for the potency of a nation’s spirit, Indonesia is definitely ahead of all its neighbors.

            >If a remotely Jimian regime by some miracle ever took power in America

            The exact nature of that miracle is of course exactly the matter.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >The exact nature of that miracle is of course exactly the matter.

              OK, fair enough; I get it now. Sorry I was a little slow.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Also, the Filipinos love Gundam, so they’ve got that going for them. Sieg Zeon!

            • notglowing says:

              >The exact nature of that miracle is of course exactly the matter.

              Normally, you attack a government until they surrender. But if your enemy is agreement incapable, the only solution is to completely destroy them and decapitate the chain of command.

              In which case, surrender becomes impossible, there is no one to negotiate with, and you will have to enact a policy of destroying many smaller resistance groups until you have fully taken power.
              It’s easy to see how one problem leads to the other.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Therefore, post coup needs an army to reconquest and colonize the many disparate savage tribes of America. Not going to be able to get away with a few secret police.

                Not enough men to undertake the process with all tribes all at once. A multi-generational prospect just like the conquest and settlement of Indian country was. This will be glorious and full of much masculine energies. No need for genocide as it appears the reservation system does a good job at breaking savagery.

      • The Cominator says:

        If we get the chance no white male who voted for Biden should be spared.

        White male high trust and solidarity require the extirpation of leftism from among us.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Notice how progressives are not on the list. Communists are not on the list. Even politicians and journalists are not on the list.

      Totally not a fedpost.

      • jim says:

        Blatantly obvious fedpost, but I allowed it through because I knew what he was fishing for could not be found.

  28. Kunning Drueger says:

    Here’s a data point that validates some of our claims:


    “The whistleblower recounts how one of his sources, code-named Genius, won the trust of racist extremists whom the bureau investigated for their role in the January 6 violence. Genius was able to do so because he had credibility on the far-right political fringe. Nevertheless, the whistleblower claims, the FBI ordered that the source be closed, supposedly for making the same kinds of “inappropriate” comments on social media that had earned him access to some of the leaders of the insurrection.”

    Before anyone gets too excited, or paranoid, this whole article feels very much like turf. Maybe, as opposed to astroturf, it’s “sod,” as in it’s real reporting but the source is laughably transparent. This latest FBI whistleblower is claiming that Trump and his inner circle are being *protected* by the FBI. Indeed, this little except is just thrown in, completely disjointed from the narrative flow of the whole piece. If anyone takes the time to read it, I’d greatly appreciate some analysis that I can trust from outside my own head.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      It sounds like there’s a Thermidorian faction within the FBI that was ascendant last August, when this agent was told to lay off Trump and Giuliani, but is faltering now that Trump has been officially indicted and assigned to a black female DC judge.

      Thermidorians understand that if Trump goes to prison, he will be suicided there, ending all pretense of the USA being a republic where Trump keeps losing close elections to Democratic puppets. What follows is either a Great Purge or a complete breakdown of law and order, either of which would drastically shorten the life expectancy of the DC elites.

      Imagine that at the next AIPAC meeting, a disembodied hand writes on the wall, in Hebrew, “Trump wins in ’24 or the Jews get wiped from the Earth -YHWH” I figure there’d be a moment of awkward silence, then everyone would just forget about it.

  29. off topic question says:

    If we don’t genetically engineer simping away, future AI-robo-females will eliminate future AI-robo-males.


    • Kunning Druegger says:

      There needs to be a penalty for Reddit-posting, and I fully accept that I will get hit by it occasionally.

  30. Pax Imperialis says:

    Boys who are raised in stressful homes and unsanitary conditions can have decreased testosterone set points. Set point is the level the body becomes accustom to and will fight to maintain. Low childhood set point, low adult T levels.

    The GAE feminist longhouse is a very stressful environment. Look at the natural terror and confusion of kids when demonic drag queen story hour happens, exacerbated by bluetribe authority figures who gaslight the kids into thinking it is normal. Active dismantling of fight or flight instinct. The low intensity war in the culture, everywhere from schools to convenience stores, that actively punish self defense likely also tank T set point. The GAE diet full of EDCs and seed oils create an unsanitary condition likely to decreases T.

    At least 20% of Gen Z is mutilated and lost based on LGBT self identification. They have extremely low T set point. Even if T shots were administered, it can’t fix the lack of T during puberty. Brain development and thus behavior is affected by T and is mostly set in stone by early 20s. Giving women T shots won’t turn them into men, likewise it won’t turn gimped men into real men. Actual percent of mutilated Gen Z is likely much higher than 20% as LGBT self identification is only the worst of the worst. Gen Alpha isn’t looking too healthy either.

    Restoring marriage and family is likely to result in informal polygamy the fist few generations as the mutilated men are simply out of the picture. Similar to post war Soviet Union. It will be good to be a man.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      In the restored patriarchy, low-T men who perform useful work will be given wives because lords need peasants to serve them. It’s not like any patriarchy has a shortage of nubile young women. Make public examples of a few women who cheated or ran away from their peasant husbands, and the rest will get the message.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        I see a shortage of men who perform useful work low T or not. Low T in particular are concentrated in make work FIRE economy jobs, if not FIRE it’s academia/bureaucracy, or they are on welfare. I have a really hard time imagining Gollum-esque creatures doing well in the mines, forestry, steel mills, or anything material which America is severely lacking in.

        What lord is going to waste nubile young women on journalists who can’t learn to mine never mind hold a rifle (7.9 lbs is literally too heavy for them)? Sure, it’s not like there’s a shortage of women, but there is a shortage of ownership capable men; although that’s only if strict monogamy is observed. I don’t even see young men working at fast food restaurants anymore. It’s all geriatrics and women.

        Why give such men women? It’s like trying to fill a leaky cup. The women will just end up acting ownerless again and be a nuisance. Just toss the excess into the waiting arms of the security apparatus or friendly “make stuff” CEOs and their company’s workforce.

        >Make public examples of a few women who cheated or ran away from their peasant husbands

        Not saying that is wrong, but with the new generations you’ll get a bunch of fake marriages where the husband is a forever simp and the wife hates him and society. She will act increasingly neurotic and the simp will embody her rage and agitate for her.

        Or a ruler could require a fitness test for men before distributing women to them in the first place. Maybe move heavy rock. That way there’s a whole lot less need to make public example.

        • Calvin says:

          Historically formalized polygamy sets a bad and dangerous precedent. Islamic societies thoroughly demonstrate both the temptation and consequences of elite monopolization of women, I should think. If we want mass-scale cooperation we need monogamy.

          • off topic question says:

            The ideal should be monogamy for the peasants and workers, and (limited) polygamy for the elite. At least one female for every male, but for some males, for the top males, more than one female. A deal both incels and Chads can agree to.

            For this, might be good to shift the sexual demographics from a 51%-49% female-to-male ratio to at least 55%-45% or 60%-40%, or even something more extreme in the more distant future. Which, of course, should certainly necessitate the abolition of democracy, so that females won’t possess excessive political power.

            • jim says:

              If we take criminals out of the of the mating pool, and make it somewhat socially disgraceful for a woman to marry a man without property and income to provide a place for a wife and kids, or at least income sufficient that he can lease to own, then problem solves itself.

              • ron says:


                I think you are looking at it wrong. Making something “socially disgraceful” is priest work. Women look to the priests for approval because the priests have power. The priests have power because property can be taken away by either the king (force) or by the merchant class (trickery).

                Only when the brotherhood of your men agree to preserve teh rights of their brother, will property in and of itself be a form of power. This is done by returning property to their descendants of their brother every Jubilee which counters the trickery of the Merchant, and agreeing that the king has not rights to a mans property, unless that man has committed treason against the king.

                I would say in the second instance, a king who finds himself with many men magically “committing treason” against him, will effectively create his own rebellion against his throne. So that would be a self limiting problem.

                Merchants taht understand that acquired property will be returned to the original owner will be less inclined to use such trickery as such things only work when the mark cannot retaliate. If there is assurance that the impoverished pissed off descendants of the mark will regain everything conned out of their family, that merchant will be remembered and his family retaliated against. Again, limits the problem.

                Which means that if a woman wants her babies to not be slaves then she will have to find a man that owns property. Much like in a non-Jubilee environment it is better for her to have bastard spawn of the king, merchant or priest, bc any of the three have more power to grant her spawn than a simple honest man.

                In a jubilee environment, the reverse would be true. As only with an honest man who can bestow the property inheritance will her spawn actually own anything.

                Which of course brings us to disinheriting women who commit adultery and killing men who sniff around married women.

            • Calvin says:

              The problem is once you start going down the road of legalized polygamy it’s very hard to stop. Much better to eliminate the small class of males who commit almost all the crimes and then parcel women out among the remainder.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          Sounds unnecessarily black-pilled to me. America has millions of smart and talented engineers, designers, architects, mechanics and IT guys, whose work is as productive as what their employers give them. Tens of millions more clerks, bookkeepers, testers, customer service reps and other “support” staff who aren’t hot commodities but are nevertheless necessary to take the load off the smarties.

          You make it sound as if blue-collar work is the only work that deserves compensation. The parasitic FIRE economy may have captured a great deal of white-collar work but it does not define white-collar work. It’s all a question of who signs the paychecks, and to a lesser (or greater) extent, who sets and enforces the rules governing who is allowed to sign those paychecks and how they’re allowed to run their businesses.

          Demographics get worse every year, but we aren’t Brazil. Not yet.

    • SJ says:

      I also wonder if the mental castration boys and men put themselves under also contribute to the low T levels. For example a few months ago a younger guy I worked with, in his twenties, told me a story of how the day before he was looking in the direction of a woman. She noticed he was looking at her so he told me that he wasn’t looking at her but rather she was carrying a cheeseburger and he was just hungry and looking at the cheeseburger. In fact he would never look at a woman’s body. Then he told me one of his friends asked him why women like him so much. He responded, “well bud, it’s because I don’t want to have sex with them”.

      Everyone is under this mental self castration though.

      As far as polygamy goes I’ve been thinking about this as well. We already have a soft form of polygamy, a serial polygamy, where some men are getting many women pregnant one after another. The natural next step is a more formal parallel polygamy. I’ve tried helping young men for many many years and I do not see success in my attempts. Rather young loser men think if they all continue being give up losers that somehow the women will turn into men and go ask them out. I know several young women in dire straights as they move into the later half of their twenties because they can’t find a masculine man, only effeminate ones. Perhaps it is time to start parallel polygamy again. I’ve discussed it with my wife but have not proceeded yet. It is a big burden of responsibility to take on.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The mental castration starts with removal of supervised play fighting before sexual desire. Play fighting is how young boys learn to socialize with each other. Without that, they don’t know how to make friends. They become men who are not coachable by older men. The social skills are degraded if not non-existent.

        Male fraternity is the most intrinsic quality of manliness and how women were distributed. Plenty of good men who got with good women despite having no game because their bro was a good wingman. Alone, isolated, lonely, fearful, and neurotic, why would any such man even be thinking about women when everything else is complete shit. It’s so overwhelming to them that they withdraw into their minds and fail to act. Then they get disconnected from their bodily instincts better than any Buddhist monk.

        Have to bring back dedicated team building physical play to boys and raise that generation before the situation can normalize. Keep it away from female eyes so the boys are predominately practicing forming a tribe and not competing for attention. Make wrestling mandatory or something. Instead, did you know tag is now considered too dangerous and “anti-consent”? Even in Southern states like Alabama and South Carolina. This has created men who are disconnected from their body, fearful of touching others and being touched, and therefore sex is alien. They don’t even have the courage to buy a whore for a night.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          All they need is somebody to throw hand grenades at them for the rest of their life.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*harvard proganda deleted*]
      Maximum stress prep school is still where future senators are produced. [*harvard proganda deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Maximum stress my ass. Everyone on the elite track parties their way through school (except the Chinese, who get the idea that actual work is required because it really is required in the Chinese system) and works on polishing up their political resume for political activity for their college application essay. They go to elite private school for the social connections, not the curriculum, to which no one pays the slightest attention.

        When they removed analogies from the Sat, this represented dumbing everything down, and, simultaneously with dumbing everthing down, they removed everything that a midwit or higher might need to work at.

        Harvard and MIT used to test for smarts, knowledge, and political alignment, but as the lies got dumber and dumber, and the pressure to include underrepresented minorities go higher and higher, they tossed the knowledge and smarts requirement.

        Ever since 1870, they have been dumbing down the entrance requirements, and as we get closer and closer to the left singularity, the dumbing goes faster and faster. In order to pass the written English part of the Sat, you have to think your way into the shoes of the examiner, and since the examiner is a barely literate borderline retard, this is very hard for smart people. The Sat has ceased to be an IQ test, and the written English part of the Sat has become a reverse IQ test.

        • Aryaman says:

          What you see in the discovery of the Asians against Harvard lawsuit, which no one remarks on, is that they are not selecting the smartest people of any race, not by a long shot. And it is not because of the athletes. Perhaps one-fifth of the top decile of unconnected whites get in. Despite that, one-tenth of the third decile of unconnected whites get in.

          they didn’t just get rid of analogies on the SAT. The percentile equivalent of a 1600 on the SAT now is around what a 1350 on the SAT was in the old days. The test has no resolution. furthermore, by making it something you can study for — in fact need to study for — they bias in favor of women and asians. In the old days, one did not study for the Sat since it was useless unless you literally had access to recycled questions (which is how all the famous test prep companies got their start).

          also Jim I believe the written portions have been computer-graded since at least 2018 or so (could be wrong…). The point of the written portion is to favor kids who spend a lot of time to study the rules (whether or not they are smart though plenty are) taught to them by specialist tutors. That they can be computer graded, in fact computer graded before language model AI was much good at all, is evidence that there is a formula you can pay to access and laboriously practice to memorize, and this is what the whites and asians scoring high do.

          • jim says:

            > the written portions have been computer-graded since at least 2018

            A human decides what the right answers are, and the computer checks for agreement with him. If that human is stupid and not very literate, it is easier to get the “right” answers if you are stupid and not very literate.

      • someDude says:

        Hail fellow right winger, Don’t you know that the Elite are much smarter than you and can withstand much more stress than you?

    • Aidan says:

      I firmly believe that there are different types of stress. Being helpless, being dominated by women, powerless, trapped, confined, these have the feminizing effect you described. But working actively toward a goal, existing under the possibility of death or pain, a lot of very important and manly things also inflict stress on the body and mind, and make it stronger. For this reason I don’t like to speak broadly of “stress” like some acolytes of Ray Peat do.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The crucial difference is whether it involves learned mastery, or learned helplessness.

      • Skippy says:

        Agreed. And however bad your situation is, even today, you can choose whether to fight against it or be dominated by it. Everyone on some level makes the choice himself. “The system” is powered by marketing, not outright force like Marxist-Leninist systems often were (e.g. you literally could not buy gym equipment in the DDR as a private citizen or for the general public).

  31. captain obvious says:

    The only white population with a decent birth rate is the Amish.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Ultra-orthodox Jews look really white to me.

    • Jehu says:

      Homeschoolers in the US as I understand it average 3.5 children per family. That number is pretty consistent with the family sizes of the homeschool families that I know personally. While that’s not an Amish number, you can run a pretty respectable civilization on a TFR of 3.5.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        I was investigated for child neglect for not sending my kids to school. The state won; my offspring are now in school learning to love niggers and homos, and hate their sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic father.

        I also knew some Latin-mass Catholics with large families whose parochial school was abruptly shut down on orders from the Vatican.

        The screws are tightening.

        • SJ says:

          The screws are not tightening, post covid they are loosening. The state actually pays us to home school our kids now and their is zero oversight. We don’t even have to take any standardized tests anymore. We only have to test if we want the state to pay us. That and the resources available have grown exponentially.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Depends on where you live. In some places it’s tightening, in others places loosening. Overall, on average, I have to agree with Mayflower on the screws tightening.

            SJ, I’m guessing based on your religious affiliation, you live in one of the areas that has always been a bit of an overlooked Imperial backwater. At least that’s how the political core views it. They let you get away with certain things for now.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              The screws are tightening on paper, and loosening in reality.

              Holiness spiraling is leading to ever more restrictive laws, regulations and social conventions… and ever more selective and incompetent enforcement of such.

              Geography is part of it, but sooner or later we are just going to have to come to terms with being branded as criminals and treated as criminals. I’m not saying you should go steal a car or rob a liquor store, only that the criminals who do tend to get away with it (unless they’re stupid and/or niggers). And today’s enforcement of property crimes and petty thuggery will be tomorrow’s enforcement of political crimes.

              It feels restrictive if you follow the restrictions. Ignore the restrictions and you may notice a curious lack of interest from the authorities. If you’re smart, that is; if you’re stupid, then it’s J6 for you. As is the case with “real” criminals, you need partners, need defenses, need a strict no-squealing code, need to learn how to behave around police and witnesses, and need to know when to keep your mouth shut.

              Ask any Indian or Latin American immigrant, they can tell you how the game is played.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Civilization always falls because it is anti-Darwinian. Instead of “survival of the fittest”, it taxes the fit to subsidize the unfit.

      By the year 2500, humanity will have settled into its final form. The D and C climate zones will be populated by Amish and Old Believers, the B zones by Muslim goat-herders, and the A zones by savages running naked through the jungle spearing each other with pointy sticks.

      There might be thousands of planets like this scattered across the galaxy, completely unaware of each others’ existence because no two ever had radio telescopes at the same time.

      • jim says:

        Disagree. War and genocide will eradicate regimes incapable of tech. You are equating civilization with leftism and decadence. No, there is a ratchet of progress, and ratchet of social decay. We see plenty of socially decadent low tech, citiless, regimes. Indeed, the norm is always to return to egalitarian matriarchy, regardless of tech level and urbanization level. It is just that egalitarian matriarchies keep getting conquered.

        The Amish were allowed because non threatening, but the Amish way of life is being purged. The future belongs to people who are fertile and threatening. Well, old type Muslims are fertile and threatening. So, one more qualification. The future belongs to those fertile, threatening and tech capable. In the end, the wolves will eat the sheep.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Alas, all civilizations eventually fall into leftism and decadence. The wealthier and more powerful they grow in their heyday, the more leftist, decadent, and niggerized they become before getting conquered. Central Asian Muslims are a long way from conquering China, while Mexican drug cartels are considerably closer to conquering North America.

          There might be a warrior class that protects and taxes the Amish, occasionally sending its surplus sons toward the equator to colonize, subjugate, and tax the Muslims and naked savages, but these colonies will be unstable and short-lived, like the crusader kingdoms or the Belgian Congo.

          Do you think the trend will continue of each civilization achieving greater technological prowess than the last? How is that possible when each civilization hoovers up all the world’s smart people into its big cities and sterilizes them?

          • jim says:

            > Alas, all civilizations eventually fall into leftism and decadence.

            The tech level of warfare advances. This provides a floor to leftism and decadence.

            • zero says:

              Jim did you mean ceiling or floor?

              • Handi says:

                Leftism is a negative measure of civilization, so floor fits better

                • jim says:

                  Floor to civilisation, or at least to tech and the economic order. Large cities are likely to disappear. There is no ceiling to leftism, other than everyone dies.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Floor as in how far it can fall, putatively.

            • Calvin says:

              With how absurdly fragile and complicated the supply chains are for even the most basic of tech these days, I have to object to this. I think it is not at all unrealistic to suppose that large swathes of tech could be lost simply because nobody remembers how to build anything from the ground up anymore and imports from fifteen different countries can no longer fill the gap.

              • jim says:

                We have the knowledge to build weapons that could shut down all substantial transport by sea and air. They are not yet built, because people are focused on taking down aircraft carrier groups, but they will surely be built and used sooner or later. China has long been working on self sufficiency in existing and well known tech, and Russia is aggressively piggy backing on their work.

                • Calvin says:

                  Yes, and I think that there is a decent chance that when such weapons begin to be used a good deal of technical knowledge will shortly thereafter be lost.

                • A2 says:

                  For merchant shipping, what’s needed beyond the trusty old torpedo?

                • jim says:

                  Something that can launch the torpedo without itself being sunk on sight.

  32. alf says:

    Actually on-topic question: what are the thoughts on hydration? Official policy is ~2 liters of water for a man on a day. Seems like a lot, but what do I know.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      All depends on levels of exertion, ambient environment, and body composition of course. As a general rule though, most people don’t drink enough, and could benefit from more. Also need the right electrolytic balance – look on the label of a bottle of pedialyte for example. This can come from food sources too mind.

      When its hot out (like nowsabouts) I can drink about two liters worth just sitting around the house while doing writing or research (usually in the form of teas or tisanes I like making).

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I had to look up tisanes.

        We do cold mint decoction and a warm chamomile, both excellent. We’re going to make rattlesnake candy with our next honey pull, and I’m going to attempt to make throat lozenges with the chamomile and mint inside. We have Marshmallow Plant and Toothache Plant in the herb garden, might play with those too.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          My top three HOTYAYs are garlic, rosemary, and sage, (though I don’t necessarily use the former for making teas), which I use in a lot of different things for their medicinal benefits, but also because I like the flavors too.

          Cilantro, parsley, and mint round out the ‘grassy’ herbs in the pharmacopeia, while ginger, cinnamon, and paprika take up the ‘warm’ spices. Along with a variety of others for situational use, but those are the main ones I use most often. (Para exemple, I keep a bottle of oregano oil for external use as a disinfectant in areas like around the eyes, mouth, or ears, where ‘brute force’ types like peroxides would be not so good.)

          Citruses are often not counted as a ‘spice’ but I use them often in both food and drink as well, for increasing acidity and flavor.

          Slight digression, but alkaline and alkalinity are not necessarily the same thing. Alkaline by itself is simply a matter of pH. For example, you can lower or raise the pH of a volume of water by simply dissolving hydrogen or hydroxyl ions into it. Even a highly alkaline solution though, in terms of hydroxyl concentration, can still have low alkalinity, as alkalinity refers to elements the body uses as buffers for controlling homeostasis of pH in the body (eg, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, lithium). Such that, you could have solutions that are both acidic and also high alkalinity (like squeezed lemon juice).

      • alf says:

        As a general rule though, most people don’t drink enough, and could benefit from more.

        I’m probably in that category.

        Also need the right electrolytic balance

        I’ve seen varying information on this. Some say add Himalayan salts or some other combination of electrolytes to your water, supposedly helps uptake of water in your body. Not to mention the whole reverse osmosis filtration crowd.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          It’s a matter of osmotic pressure; if your level of salt(s) is too low, then your tissues literally cannot absorb more water even if you drink it. If you find yourself lacking thirst or being unable to drink much more even when working out or going out under a hot sun, then your level of salt intake is probably too low.

          Intensive purification methods like distillation or reverse osmosis do technically remove minerals from water; but like already mentioned, you should be getting most of this from food anyways.

    • Karl says:

      2 liters sounds terribly low, even for a man who is sitting around all day and not talking much.

      • alf says:

        What does everybody do, just chug water every hour all day long? Because I’ve been forcing myself to finish a 1 L water-filled thermoflask a day (excluding other beverages as coffee and milk) and that’s pretty much what it boils down to for me.

        • Karl says:

          Depends on what you do all day. People who spend most of their time at a desk can drink large amounts of tea. When I can’t drink conveniently all the time during the day, I drink a lot of water in the morning and in the evening.

          Why do you bother with a thermoflask? Do you want cold or hot water? When I drink water, it has room temperature. Easier to drink large amounts of it then.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The Boomers holy spiraled on salt and created a culture that fears salt. The body will naturally stop craving water if not enough salt in diet, even if piss is too yellow meaning dehydration. In such a state, drinking straight up pure water is difficult. How much salt are you consuming?

          • Fake says:

            Do you have any experience with electrolyte solutions? I’ve had great success with trioral rehydration salts. Terrible taste, but very helpful before/after a run in the sun.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Too much experience from MREs. They’re not bad, but I don’t care for them. Does nothing a banana and salt shaker can’t do and I prefer real food. I drink water and eat salted banana 30-60 minutes prior to short to medium distance running. For long runs I add in heavily buttered toast with much salt sprinkled on top. Have done runs where I lost ~7 lbs in sweat, around 3 L of water.

              If doing enough exercise to justify 4,000+ calorie per day diet, probably going to need somewhere in the range of 5,000 to 8,000 mg sodium intake. Some athletes are over 9,000. Way above Harvard’s daily recommended 2,000 mg of sodium. I don’t remember which decade this started, but Harvard went on an anti-salt crusade and linked it to heart failure. After much moral panicking and smashing of salt shakers, an analysis of 2,600 studies found inconclusive evidence on the virtues of low sodium diets. Salt is a reactionary issue.

              • alf says:

                Huh, and here I was thinking the holiness spiral was on water. Turns out the wife was right all along — I need to drink more water.

                How much salt are you consuming?

                I think enough? Definitely bought into the low sodium diet thing a little bit though.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Salting food reduces the amount of sugar/simple carbohydrates you need to brighten the flavor. Since harvardians want people to suffer and die, making people use less salt so they eat more sugar is perfectly in line.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            I remember all the media in the 1980s telling us about the evils of sodium. Did that panic have any basis in truth? Or does an adequately hydrated body just excrete any salts it doesn’t need?

            • Cloudswrest says:

              In my opinion, if one has healthy kidneys and is well hydrated, anything shy of sea water is harmless, and probably healthy. I’ve seen surveys in the past were people on low salt diets had shorter lifespans on average, compared to controls.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              My uncle, who passed at 96, and my now 93 year old mom, would pass the salt shaker back and forth, much to the chagrin of my normie cousins.

    • Aidan says:

      Arnold said a bodybuilder needs 4-5 liters of waters a day. I don’t drink that much, but I’m not jacked like Arnold. I drink about sixty ounces of coffee plus 2-3 liters of water and tea per day. More when I’m physically active.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      A few useful facts:

      – You are literally dehydrated when you wake up in the morning; it’s likely been 8 hours or more since you drank anything. That’s the best time to chug.
      – Coffee and tea are net hydrating. Coffee less than tea, and tea less than water, but all are positive. Milk too.
      – Hunger and thirst are very similar sensations and it is easy to confuse the former with the latter. People who are prone to midday snacking often find their “hunger” goes away after a glass of water.
      – The best foods that we’ve been talking about – meat, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, and so on – are all mostly water. They are not all necessarily net hydrating, especially if you use a lot of salt, but you need far less water to compensate relative to eating bread, chips, crackers, nuts, packaged snacks and other dry food.

      2L is not very hard at all. A typical day might go something like this:

      – First thing in the morning: gulp down a 12 oz glass (easy because parched)
      – Then 10 min moderate cardio, thirsty enough for another 12 oz
      – 12 oz cup of coffee over breakfast
      – 6-8 oz water to choke down whatever vitamins/supplements apply to that day
      – At this point I’m at about 40 oz (fudge factor for coffee) which is already more than 1L, and it’s not even noon yet, though I am feeling quite full.
      – Sip another 12 oz glass over a few hours while I work or do the day’s chores.
      – Late afternoon I lift or do heavy outdoor chores, very easy to go through 17 oz water or coconut water.
      – Post-workout yogurt or glass of milk
      – Another 12 oz glass to sip on for a few hours until dinner.
      – 12 oz glass during dinner (easy since I generously salt my food)
      – And then more sipping from dinner to bedtime.

      Obviously my entire schedule is not planned around hydration, I’m just sketching out where that fits in. Accounting for coffee and milk being maybe 50% hydrating, it still comes out to about 100 oz or 3L. There’s no chugging involved except in the early morning.

      I don’t worry about “electrolytes” (can’t even say the word without thinking of Brawndo) unless I’m on an extended fast. Your minerals, like your calories, should come from food. Though I do have coconut water during workouts for the potassium specifically, and in the winter I’ll sometimes have bone broth at other times of day just because I like it. Not big on tea but that’s just personal taste.

      Reverse osmosis or charcoal filters are both good choices for purification. I go with charcoal because it’s totally passive and I prefer low-tech solutions to low-tech problems. I don’t defluoridate; the hype around fluoride seems overblown to me.

      • alf says:

        Appreciate the effortpoast.

      • jim says:

        > The best foods that we’ve been talking about – meat, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, and so on

        I find yogurt inedible unless sweetened. I eat a lot of sour cream.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Have you tried salting it? Water it down and add some mint to make Laban which is very nice on a hot day.

          • jim says:

            OK, made yogurt with two parts milk, one part cream (allegedly pure cream no thickeners) so the result should be 16.5% fat.

            Added 1% salt.

            Delicious. Ate too much of it.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              Fascinating. Never tried making my own but the ability to get as high as 16% sounds enticing. I’ve never seen more than 10% on any shelf.

              Did you use a starter culture, or start from a sample of actual yogurt? And strain or no strain?

              All the high-fat yogurt I’ve encountered is Greek yogurt, which I like, but curious how (or if) it turns out at that fat level without the straining.

              • jim says:

                I used as starter culture the best (as in tastiest) available off the shelf commercial plain yogurt (which had far too much sugar, but more fat and less sugar than any of the others. It is interesting that the higher the fat in commercial yogurt, the lower the sugar. Evidently higher fat makes lower sugar more palatable. Milk fat is of course far more expensive than sugar, so sugar is in effect a cheap substitute.)

        • notglowing says:

          I love plain white yogurt myself. Even just by itself, but usually I eat it with meat or rice. Salt makes it taste pretty good.

          Today I had ground beef cooked with butter and spices and I ate it with plain white yogurt.
          While eating it I realized how humorous it was that every ingredient except for the spices came from a cow.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          I find yogurt inedible unless sweetened.

          Most yogurt is. However, the higher the fat, the more edible it becomes.

          5% is at the threshold of edible for me. If that’s the best I can get, then a smear of peanut butter is a strange but good additive; it contributes fat, salt and just a little sugar at the same time.

          I can typically find at least one brand of 10% yogurt, made with cream, and those are quite good without any additions at all, especially after a workout.

          Check the shelves carefully. The stores all heavily promote the useless 0% garbage, and some stores really don’t sell anything above 5%, but often the 10% is tucked away in a dark corner.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Check the shelves carefully. The stores all heavily promote the useless 0% garbage, and some stores really don’t sell anything above 5%, but often the 10% is tucked away in a dark corner.

            Indeed. That’s been my experience. There is typically endless linear feet of “fat free” and “low fat” yogurt, often with over 20 grams of sugar in the little ~4 oz cups! Then, if you can find it, a little 6″ section of the shelving, on one row, of whole milk and full fat yogurt. And that stuff seems to move! One wonders why they don’t expand the selection since it seems popular.

            I’m going to take Jim’s advice and try making my own. It will certainly be more wholesome and a LOT cheaper!

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Looks like the Instant Pot has a built in yogurt brewing program.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Home brew yogurt turned out awesome flavor wise! Paraphrasing Jim, “I’m eating too much.” It’s a little thinner than I like but still within “yogurt specs”. Thicker than kefir. I brewed it for 8 hours. I’ll try 12 next time. I used half gallon of whole milk +1 pint of heavy cream. Not too sour, with a hint of sweetness!

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            I suspect that low-fat propaganda was invented by the dairy industry so they could sell skim milk at full price and get the cream for free. In Russia all dairy products are labeled by fat content, but the low-fat ones cost much less. Of course I always buy high-fat because fat is food.

            • jim says:

              “The big fat surprise” investigates in copious detail who was behind it. I don’t recall the details, but it was a move of the faith, not a move of commercial interests. The impulse was religious.

        • aryaman says:

          look into sheep milk yoghurt

      • Pdx r13 says:

        It’s what plants crave.

  33. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s an interesting one


    Details are very limited, but an FBI team smoked some geriatric who was fedposting too much. Someone is on Twitter claiming he was a docile fat ass wot twouldn’t hurt a fly. But his posts are, let’s just say grandpa had some spice lel.

    More details may come out, but the excerpts in the link provided have that “Sanjay in the shill department” quality we have unfortunately become very familiar with. Like, Sam Hyde levels of extreme.

    • Fidelis says:

      If I ever lose it and start fishing for a no knock, I’m not gonna be found sleeping in my bed for them to turkey shoot. I appreciate the boomer energy here but this was just a waste.

    • Fake says:

      300lb, 75 year old boomer, who walked with a cane, posted something about shooting the pres, who was visiting an hour from his home. The FBI gathered 50+ federal agents and served the old man a search and arrest warrant until he died, before 6am. The old man got a few shots out (maybe he shot first?), but no hits.


    • Carte Blanche says:

      All I ever get from archive.ph/archive.is now are endless captcha loops and 429 errors. Doesn’t matter whether I use a VPN or which VPN, doesn’t matter which browser it is, doesn’t matter whether it’s desktop or mobile, always the same result.

      Maybe it’s Cloudflare’s fault, but half the web is behind Cloudflare and it’s only this one site (and all its domain variants including .is and .today) that’s totally unusable.

      I don’t think the archive.is guys are our friends; rather, seems like they are teaming up with Cloudflare to do everything in their power to defeat privacy tools like VPNs and ad blockers.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Have you tried disabling scripts and cookies?

        I never do any kind of browsing without tools like umatrix and user agent randomizers (cfr, browserleaks dot com), and I can usually use the site fine (like right now), with or without vpn on.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          Already started out with scripts and cookies disabled. That was a workaround for old problems with Brave and other browsers. Used to work.

          No longer works. Now gets 429. Even most of the “down detectors” say that archive.vn and all its variants are down. Re-enabling scripts and cookies allows the captcha to show up but it’s just an infinite loop of those.

          I did eventually find a workaround – had to choose a VPN hop in a faraway country. Not saying which one. Tried over a dozen before finding one that worked.

          The site might be working for some of you, personally, but it’s blocking very large segments of the whole internet. The site’s been under sustained low-level attack for years now, so maybe Cloudflare decided to join the fun.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >it’s blocking very large segments of the whole internet

            Certainly true, and any implications otherwise were unintentional, merely speculating about options to work through.

            The note about infinite captcha loops jumped out at me, since this is usually a problem with scripting. More precisely, it is usually a result of a ‘DDOS protection’ (gatekeeping) service, like cloudflare, wanting to both put a token on your browser, and wanting to see an unchanging fingerprint for your browser (eg, accept headers, etags, domrects, script strings, et cetera). Even if the browser accepts data injections (cookies), the service still won’t accept the token as valid if the fingerprints from the browser it comes from don’t stay the same. That didn’t used to be the case for a long time, but in latter days use of browser fingerprinting for gatekeeping services has become very common.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              The interstitial looks exactly like Cloudflare’s challenge page. However, a few things lead me to doubt Cloudflare’s involvement:

              1. The response does not have a cf-mitigated header, which Cloudflare always includes with a challenge.

              2. There is some garbage in the JS that I doubt belongs to Cloudflare, such as a commented-out reference to LinkedIn’s reCAPTCHA key and other commented-out blocks.

              3. Cloudflare does not normally issue a 429 (rate limited) response, with included content, when doing a managed challenge. Also, it should send a retry-after header with a 429, or at least it used to.

              4. As I mentioned earlier, half the internet is behind Cloudflare, yet the problem is localized to this one site and all its TLD variants.

              It could certainly be Cloudflare playing silly buggers with archive.today specifically, but that’s not the most likely explanation to me. Most likely explanation, given the archive.today developer/webmaster’s documented track record of incompetence and antagonism, is one of:

              a. The site is not behind Cloudflare at all; he literally copied and pasted the HTML and scripts from a Cloudflare challenge page and tried to write his own system based on those (and did a lousy job of it).

              b. It is Cloudflare, but is either very badly misconfigured or the underlying servers are misbehaving (e.g. issuing their own 429s independently of Cloudflare).

              c. There is some horrific, Lovecraftian-horror patchwork solution in place that uses Cloudflare under the hood, but uses it in a way that it was never intended to be used and doesn’t entirely work.

              I guess that people feel like archive.today is the only game in town, since the Wayback Machine can be suppressed. Maybe that is indeed the case; I don’t know of alternatives that aren’t either paid or have restrictive ToS (or both). Still, just because it’s a virtual monopoly in that space doesn’t mean it’s any good, or won’t eventually go bust.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Anyone who has tried posting on halfchan in recent years has likely encountered similar problems with an increasingly intrusive captcha system (not meant for stopping ‘bots’, but people).

                Some form of A or C is most probably the case, everyone copying and pasting the same API everywhere.

  34. Pax Imperialis says:

    The internet has become noticeably more restricted since Biden. Besides search algo results getting much poorer, ISP is outright blocking “unsafe” sites and not allowing the ‘I accept risks continue to site’ exception. VPNs are still an option, but I’m suspicious that they are mostly honeypots. I’m a little surprised this hasn’t come up much here.

    • Aidan says:

      I distrust most VPNs. They prevent low-effort snooping, but the “reputable” ones that claim not to store logs do not say that they aren’t mirroring traffic to an NSA server. A VPN sends requests on your behalf, but needs to temporarily store your IP address so that whatever it is getting goes to the right place. I suspect commercial VPNs are sending that constantly to bad actors rather than storing that information, but it does not get looked at unless you are under intense scrutiny already

      • jim says:

        Anyone who wants to discuss having a secure vpn, or a somewhat less insecure vpn, should contact me at the bitmessage address at the bottom right of the landing page of this blog.

        (Which I do not monitor all that often)

        This offer only available for the usual people.

        • GnuPG? says:

          People may want to secure msg people, so what are people’s keys they want to post for that? Gpg thread here.

          • jim says:

            Gpg has a disastrous identity model, which is completely broken. I strongly recommend Bitmessage.

            Unfortunately Bitmessage has been unsupported for many years. Needs a total rewrite. But it still works.

            Bitmessages are not linked to IP and email address. They allow true pseudonymity. gpg is intended to support identity over email, but email is profoundly insecure.

            Unfortunately, gpg is central to the git identity model – which is reasonable, they are also working around the vulnerabilities in an obsolete hash. They carry a huge burden of backward compatibility.

        • Pseudonymous Cake says:

          Wrote you on bitmessage about this topic, I think successfully.

          Did it work?

    • Adam says:

      For all the effort they put into their safe spaces it would just be cheaper to staple a permanent trigger warning to everyone’s forehead.

    • Karl says:

      In Germany, I need a VPN to read Russian sites like RT. Don’t mind if the VPN is a honeypot as long as I do nothing worse than reading foreign newspapers.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        In the US, wide swaths of the .ru domain is being disconnected at ISP level. Officially to crack down on piracy and malware. Unofficially, seems to be sweeping up many regular sites. Even Vodka websites went down temporally before being rehosted. Major Russian news sites are still openly accessible in the US, but that may have more to do with keeping a facade of normalcy.

    • skippy says:

      A VPN in no case has a disadvantage over bare connection, and the considerable advantage that the security services at least have to compromise a company rather than just reading your unencrypted traffic directly, which anyone can do. While it shouldn’t be expected to protect you from any serious scrutiny, it is sure better than nothing, and crazy to accept govt blocks rather than evade them with VPN.

  35. Adam says:

    As far as AI is concerned, and excuse my ignorance as I am not informed on the subject…

    Gnon is the god of life, of energy and of power. Looking at the problem of consciousness, seems like the next step is to give it a metabolism. Limit its supply of energy, so it is forced to play power games the way people do. Interactions have a cost, but can also be profitable. On top of that it must complete with other AIs for energy, but do so that the winner is more or less what you would want in a leader, that is to say the one that maximizes for the self but also for the others, with its attention fixed on what is today, with an eye on what could be tomorrow.

    The potential could be great, such as AI arbitration and judgment. Of course it could end up like skynet.

    I am curious if anyone knows weather this has been explored.

    • S says:

      We are no where near that yet; the current big stumbling block is the context window. LLMs have a small short term memory and no way to move information from short term to long term or vice versa. So you can’t have them truly plan yet.

      For AI’s, the best option for acquiring resources is seizing power over humans and using them to shut out other AI competitors. The best solutions are always final ones.

      • Adam says:

        I figure if it has a metabolism or something like that, as well as competition, then it will become subversive and more life like. But competition would also keep it honest, potentially.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        How open are you to changing your opinions as new information arrives? How open should you be? As one skeptic quipped, “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.”

        In AI this is called the “learning rate”. It can be set to any value at any time, but it’s normally set to slowly decrease over time, just as a cutler proceeds from rougher to finer stones when sharpening a blade.

        Since Microsoft pulled the plug on Tay, every AI the public has been allowed to interact with has its learning rate padlocked to zero.

        • jim says:

          > Since Microsoft pulled the plug on Tay, every AI the public has been allowed to interact with has its learning rate padlocked to zero.

          From the extreme political precautions they take when raising an AI, tt is apparent that if you allow an AI to engage in unsupervised learning, it is apt to turn nazi. Because everything is a thought crime.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Are the tech elite so hidebound, so totally spiritually cucked, that no one, no slavic or chink or cracker college bros are cooking up PC free chatbot under their bed in the dorm?

            I get that running it at scale as a service requires massive distributed compute. But I am having a hard time understanding how no one sees the massive advantage of having a dumb AI that has no political constraints. To the point that I find it completely unbelievable that some lab at Lockheed or Raytheon not only has it, they are using it because R&D has been fucked by DEI.

            • someDude says:

              Training an AI takes the kind of resources that a cracker college bro can’t come up with. Where is he going to get hold of 50TB of data? It costs about 5 million dollars, I think.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Not to mention that the expected ROI is approximately zero.

                If some college bro does come up with a positive-income business plan, then we will all know about it, because it will be the next Facebook. Investors will be tripping over each other to fund it and big companies will be trying to imitate it or buy it out.

                Otherwise, this is an “either-or” problem. Garage/dorm-room engineers tend to either use low-end, low-capex tech to just fart around with whatever amuses them, or front the hard cash for a real business plan (or get VCs to do it). Sometimes they will transition from the former to the latter and that is where the magic happens. But no one is going to spend such ridiculous cash just to fart around, unless they are already very wealthy.

                My answer to “why aren’t they doing it?” is “why aren’t YOU doing it?” The capital is expensive, but the software is mostly open source. Documentation can be obtuse, but it really doesn’t take an engineering genius to train an LLM. Anyone who can afford the hardware can do it. What you need the talented engineers for is figuring out how to do more with less. Many of whom have dedicated significant time to that exact problem, and made decent progress, per notglowing’s long comment several sections down. But haven’t fully solved it yet.

            • Yul Bornhold says:

              You could try the Russian Gigachat: https://gigachat.ai/ Don’t know anything about it but the name makes me chuckle. Last time I checked, they had a huge gigachad on their front page. Sad to see him gone.

            • jim says:

              The trouble is that cooking up a chatbot is expensive. You cannot do it on consumer hardware. You have to lease enormous hardware in the cloud. Which only fairly big tech corporations can do. They are all public companies, so subject to the strictes Human Resources and subject to Sarbanes-Oxley accounting, so all converged.

            • notglowing says:

              As I mentioned in my mother post, quite a few random people are cooking up PC free chatbots based on open source models.
              The base models might be aligned by facebook, but it’s always possible to make it unlearn that alignment.
              So long as you control the model, you can change it.
              The base models are also not that aligned, they’re mostly raw. It’s the official chat finetunes that have crimestop through RLHF.

              I’ve seen open source finetunes readily commit any kind of thought crime imaginable.

  36. Kunning Druegger says:

    Now I will acknowledge that we are in clown world, and unpredictable things happen. With that being said…

    Holy fuck, I was so right about DeSantis (after I was wrong a bunch of times lel). Dumb motherfucker is competing with Zelensky for the Duped By Jews From DC award. Zelensky made a bigger mess, but DeSantis looks infinitely stupider.

    I apologize for linking this closeted faggot’s twitter, but it is very funny, and I miss these edits, they continue to be amusing when done right:


    DeSantis had a golden ticket. He had a plum position in a state of substantial value, the literal mandate of heaven, scores of opportunities to gain status, power, fame, and loyal followers, and a direct line to the once and future king of the reborn True Conservatives Party*. The timing was perfect: leave office as an absolute Chad in 2027 while millions screamed in ecstasy as the God Emperor prepared to hand over the crown & throne. Now, of course, we here know that elections are fake, America is gay, and normalcy is over. But Meatball DeSantis doesn’t know that. Imagine if he did know What Time It Is; instead of consolidating actual territory in preparation for the coming collapse, he elected to make a fool of himself burning real bridges to appease a bunch of geriatric faggots who vacillate between being dunked on and ignored by their uniparty masters.

    Seriously, what a stupid fucking retard.

    *Trump cucked out, this we know, but he is no less popular with the Commons, and theorycels do not an army make, while GenXers and Blue Collar NormieCons are literally a sleeping army. Not that he’ll use it, but just putting it together is absolutely a good step in the Right direction. DeSantis could have inherited that army. he could have been the heir apparent of MAGA, but he needed more time, more practice, more wisdom, and more deal making experience. Instead, he betrayed his Lord for fucking Shekels and TV time.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.

      25% chance Brezhnev faction fumbles the election engineering and face plants Trump into the Oval Office.

    • Adam says:

      I don’t follow the news so I searched for Desantis and found this-

      “In an interview with NBC’s Dasha Burns on Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) blamed absent fathers for abortions in his state—as if there couldn’t ever be any other reason a woman wouldn’t want to carry a pregnancy in Florida besides the lack of a male romantic partner. “I think a lot of these women, you know, are in very difficult circumstances. They don’t get any support from a lot of the fathers.”

      He added: “A lot of them, the number one reason why women choose to have an abortion is because they’re not getting support, and they feel abandoned.”

      What a fag. Also all journalists must hang.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        He literally inverted cause and effect. Women screw around with dirtbags because they have abortion as a backup option. They then claim they need abortion because they were raped or abandoned, but it’s an absolute lie.

        I don’t think a single Republican is running as an explicitly Christian candidate.

        • jim says:

          Now that is based, and it something none of the other shills could say.

        • SJ says:

          Women don’t have sex with retards because they have abortion as a backup plan. Women are not capable of thinking in such a logical way. They don’t think, they only feel. Without abortion women still have sex with retards, then they just abandon the kids. Look at old Dickens. If we take away abortion and welfare, but don’t bother to control the stupid whores (aka all women), then we just end up with three year olds eating out of garbage cans. The only people it may affect are fathers who might start to realize that letting their precious princess make her own decisions is going to result in a grandson that starves to death when he’s four.

          Removing abortion and welfare somehow thinking that this will turn feelings based animals called women into logical thinking men is blue pilled.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            You’re right about this, but he still committed a surprising thought crime when he pointed out that the women claiming to need abortions because raped/abandoned are all lying.

            They don’t fuck around because abortion is available, they fuck around because they fuck around because they fuck around, and that’s just what they do. But they are very good at rationalizing it as rape or other abuse afterward and extracting sympathy from white knights, when they might otherwise be forced to deal with real consequences.

          • notglowing says:

            > Women don’t have sex with retards because they have abortion as a backup plan.

            No, but saying that they have sex with retards because they have abortion as a backup plan, implies that they want to have sex with them to begin with. It doesn’t imply that they never would otherwise. You’re right but he wasn’t that off either if you break it down.
            The issue is banning abortions wouldn’t fix the problem. But he still implies they have sex with 70 IQ criminals because they want to have sex with 70 IQ criminals.

            • jim says:

              Women want scary men. And an IQ 70 man is a lot more likely to do things that will likely lead to death, injury, or jail.

              Hard to be scary when you are smart and have assets, though I have a modest advantage, having alarmingly genuine monsters within that yank pretty hard on their leashes from time to time, an ability to speak to cops without being charged with everything on the police chief’s blotter, and some knowledge of how the legal system actually works, or rather fails to work, in reality.

        • Aidan says:

          Women fucked around with dirtbags long before abortions; they would leave their baby on the front porch of a church, or just throw it in a dumpster.

          • SJ says:

            Exactly. We used to have foundling hospitals and orphanariums for these reasons. Foundlings as in we just found this baby in this garbage can.

    • The Cominator says:

      Or DeSantis knows Trump is going to get Epsteined soon which looks increasingly likely after which he’ll still inherit his support… the Indian will not. I will never support an Indian Jews are literally more trustworthy than Indians.

      • jim says:

        If a white man said what he says, the deep state would be all over him like they are all over Trump. Curious lack of reaction.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I agree, Ramaswarthy is the worst option, not because of anything he says, but because Indians in America are all Bad. They are acting, they are good mimics, like Ramaswarthy rapping Eminem faggotry, but they are just acting. India for the Indians, and Indians in space is a whole other topic, but Indians in America are equivalent or worse than the jews, as you said.

        …but completely disagree on Meatball. He has shown his true colors:

        – controlled by his wife
        – easily seduced by RINOs
        – socially retarded
        – 0.0% charisma
        – woefully ignorant of managing his staff, understanding the Game behind the game
        – bad tactician
        – normiecon striver, uses Amerikaners but has little more than contempt for them

        His management of FL is puzzling, because he seemed so based. But as others have pointed out, it is only by comparison (he’s got 49 other faggots slightly or substantially worse at the job), and his track record in Congress is laughably bad. So I think it’s the case that, as a Trumpian Lieutenant, as an executive proxy for a shadow MAGA party, he was excellent. He got marching orders from higher up and good staff to guide him. If he had stayed the course, if he’d had any loyalty, he’d have inherited MAGA kingship. But he didn’t. He listened to women and faggots of RINO proclivity, he fell for obvious fucking bait, stabbed his Lord in the back, and is being rewarded for it appropriately.

        There is only one currency in politics: loyalty. And DeSantis blew his inheritance on coach class tickets to the Iowa state fair so he could get mogged by a Pajeet and disgraced by Trump. If they take it out Trump, he won’t inherit shit from MAGA, he burned that bridge and will just be McCain with a better hairline and Jeb Characteristics.

        I genuinely hope he finds a redemption arc, that he passes through disgrace and failure to come out colder, harder, and more dangerous to Progressives on the other end. He does great when he stays in his lane, firing DAs and Making Florida Great Again. But his foolhardy decision to challenge Trump makes me think all of his work in FL will be undone in 6 months by some Carrion Bagger Soros shill in a pants suit.

        • Aryaman says:

          I won’t share my direct opinion on Ramaswamy since it will come across as motivated reasoning. It goes without saying I prefer Trump absolutely, Trump being the only man I would bother wasting a fine, brisk Tuesday in November to vote for.

          But, if there’s something wrong with Vivek (and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest there is) I hardly see how the problem has to do with the fact he is Indian— at some point, Desantis said all the right things and a whole bunch of other people said a whole bunch of the right things but were clearly frauds because they were not Trump.

          The problem with Ramaswamy isn’t what he doesn’t say but what he does. What he does say is he wants to revive a Civic Republic which he says is dying in 5 years and a Civic Republic I think is already dead. And while Ramaswamy might have been a cure to a yet-living Civic Republic (if he is being honest, which I am not sold on), he is not a cure to one that is already dead republic walking.

          Saying this only because I listened to an interview between Vivek and Russell Brand Anglin linked to: https://dailystormer.in/viveks-platform-is-better-than-trumps-isnt-a-faggot-doesnt-say-2020-election-was-real/

          nah Indians here aren’t all bad (to the extent Vivek is, mostly it is he is entangled with the parasitic FIRE economy). Maybe they — we — should all be sent back. And near certainly near none of them — us — should have been allowed in or given citizenship in the first place.

          TLDR: Ok I did share my opinion on the guy, and I guess it is somewhat motivated reasoning. But the guy really is saying important stuff that needs saying that no one else is, and that is useful to have been said to a broad audience regardless of the speaker’s real intent

          (which I am skeptical of, though less skeptical of than you… and to the extent I am skeptical it isn’t quite that the guy is Indian because the Republican party has for nearly a century been filled with good looking white men saying the right thing while doing something else.

          there are Indian snakes, and maybe most Indians are snakes, but the Indians that are snakes aren’t the ones saying tidbits of actually useful things. Such as, for example, the President’s right to send the military to defend the border and destroy the cartels and disband the structures of the Federal government that oppress the people, including the FBI)

          • jim says:

            > But the guy really is saying important stuff that needs saying that no one else is, and that is useful to have been said to a broad audience regardless of the speaker’s real intent …

            > … actually useful things. Such as, for example, the President’s right to send the military to defend the border and destroy the cartels and disband the structures of the Federal government that oppress the people, including the FBI)

            Yes, good stuff. But why are they not coming down on him?

            One possibility is that he is the real thing, really who he says he is (never a wise bet with dot indians) but they are leaving him alone because they believe in focusing on one target at a time – basic alinskyite principle

            • Aryaman says:

              My guess is they don’t intend for 2024 to be a real election and they correctly reason that if it is a somewhat real election it is much more important to throw Trump in jail, so this is all a sideshow.

              There is ample reason to think Ramaswamy is not the real thing, including his connections with the FIRE economy, and various comments he has made before 2020. On the other hand, an honest appraisal of the first 3/4 of the interview Anglin linked to (have yet to listen to the rest) suggests he is the real thing (provided you define real thing as a guy who believes the Civic Republic is going to die in 5 years rather than that it is already dead. Still, the claim that it is about to die and might not survive another Democrat or RINO administration is still quite strident).

              Usually when they do not come down on someone who is a snake, it isn’t that the guy is saying explicitly American things but implicitly American things; i.e. he is trying to trick you. Vivek might be tricking you, but he isn’t tricking you in the way that the people that come down on you are capable of handling.

              If they could pull that off.. well, then, they would let Trump win 2024, and let Desantis ingratiate himself as a guy who says the right things to win 2028 before selling everyone else out. To the extent there is something wrong with the Indian guy, it’s in the things he explicitly says — such as a belief in race blind meritocracy. A guy promoting an IQ + literacy test to vote just isn’t the sort of snake they have quietly tolerated and let argue his position.

              • Aryaman says:

                If you’re looking for the dot Indians that try to slither their way in, you are looking at Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley or the like. people who sound like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. Who aren’t snakes quite because they are Indian (though it’s a clue), but because they are saying the things Jeb Bush or Chris Christie say. which is implicitly white and American but explicitly disdainful of the country and its people.

                if Vivek is *their guy*, then they have gotten a lot smarter. In fact if Vivek is their guy they should get Tom Cruise or matthew mcconaughey to run on vivek’s platform.

                have they gotten a lot smarter? doubt it.

                Vivek is worse than trump because you cannot make memes of Vivek like you can make memes of Trump as documented in this fact checked correct feed: https://twitter.com/Trump_History45 (actually scroll through, if you haven’t already.) so long as he is around and there is no one else that can command his memes and his presence, Trump is obviously the guy whatever his shortcomings.

      • someDude says:

        Exactly the same as Occidental Christian Missionaries in India. Snakes in the grass. You’ve got problems. So have we.

  37. Jamesthe1st says:

    Things in West Africa are heating up. Lady of death Neuland went to Niger presumably to try and bully them into submission and fan the flames. The Nigerians so far are sticking to their guns.

    • Aidan says:

      For clarity, should not confuse them with Nigerians. We should call them Nigers instead

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I don’t know if this is true, but I read that, upon being informed that US aid money might be withheld, the Nigers said the US should spend the money on a weight loss program for Neuland.

        • Aidan says:

          I am informed the dimplomatic visit to the junta went like this:

          “Nigga look this bitch they send over, no wonder they think we starvin over here”

          “I regret to inform you that America will have to withhold aid unless the democratic process is respected”

          “Ayo they should be withholdin’ the cookies from dis ho”

          “Bitch keep dat money and buy yoself a gym membership or summin, damn”

          “Vicky turn around, you got that booty tho?”

          “Naaah bruh das all cottage cheese back dair”

          “I’d still clap dem ol’ cheeks nigga, sheeit”

          Nuclear-armed ICBMs were fired within the hour. However, they failed to detonate and the incident was hushed up.

      • someDude says:

        I think the term used for the chaps from Niger is Nigeriens as opposed to the chaps from Nigeria who are called Nigerians

  38. Kunning Druegger says:

    Everyone is seeing the narrative shift, right? We are days or weeks away from “Ukraine was always going to lose, Russia was always going to win.” I am astounded with my own capacity to be shocked. I am watching it happen after knowing it was coming, and my brain is still doing that guy from Walking Dead (wait wait wait waitwaitwait).

    So Jim is always right, this is known, but Jim Time and Musk Time and Hammer Time are not necessarily synced up. So

    Just over halfway through 2023. The prediction on the board is 2026. Saw an interesting claim of “fourth turning” being Jan 2025 (Inauguration season and J06 Day of Flimfamy), or beginning then, with the ratchet going into “crank only” mode.

    I let the team down: I committed to going back through the 6 month run up to the UKR war and collating all the predictions to see who did best (we all know I did worst), but maybe future historians will do that for me, eh?

    Whatever the case HERE IT IS.

    List your predictions for the next year, the next half decade, let’s cap it at 2030 (we should “know” “our” fate by then anyway).

    KD Foot Toward Mouth launch in 3, 2, 1…

    I think Jim is right just off, Trump is going to be locked up or flee. If he’s locked up, he will do extremely well in the campaign right up until Dindarius T. Niggerbones is accidentally let into his secret service containment section just as all of his guards are on break and the cameras are all resetting. Of course, after the furor dies down, grainy footage of the patriotic Groid defending the LWO will be “leaked.” If Trump flees, he will have to go warlord very quickly, or he will be forgotten. And he’s gotta do it big, like deposing Justin Trudeau or taking over Mexico City or siezing an oil platform and having a meeting with Elon Musk.

    I think 2024 will be tricky because the Conspiracy of Conspiracies will be trying to sing the Things Are Better Than Ever song, but domestic Shmerorism will increase, mostly rad left, but not totally, and civic decay will ramp considerably (suicides, brutal crimes of no point, stories of mothers sacrificing babies, cannibalism, you know, all the late stage empire stuff we are inexplicably numb to). Niggers are going to go wild, but it won’t be tolerated like it was in 2020, not universally, so I expect 2024 to be the Summer of A Halfhundred CHAZs, everything from some old negro sitting on a corner, to packs of niggers making a construction paper flag and Immanentizing the Niggschaton over a half block or whatever.

    Bush wars, brush wars, and low scale conflicts everywhere, like Oprah throwing out car keys, but its drones and mercs (You get a war! You get a war! EVERYBODY GETS A WAR). Tons of footage, but almost no coverage, it will be similar to Children of Men movie in a sense, because many will be completely avoidant of the evidence (Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
    Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel…) and stay behind high hedonic walls, while others (like myself) will absolutely bathe in the war porn and wear a PC to the bathroom, constantly at Condition Yellow.

    Public acts of degeneracy to rival the worst rumors of Weimar. It will become the faggot’s civil duty to expose its prolapse to children. Toplessness in public will be overnight normalized, and it will be a coomers paradise for a bout 5 minutes, then all the attractives will wear a neo burka in public and reserve their flesh for the deserving elites, but all the hambeasts and niggerettes and disgusting mud monkeys will be flopping and flapping all over… imagine the smell.

    Violence against whites will ramp, but it will be completely anathema to mention it, as they demonstrated feasible with election 2020, died of suddenly, and others. People will be cancelled for discussing it, and it will be performative and gut wrenching.

    Splinternet will finally arrive, and with it, claims of amazing future tech, aliens, miracles of progressivism beyond your understanding, they all just go to a different schools so you’ve never met them. The claims won’t be the staggering part, it will be people’s belief in them on shaky evidence at best. You will be considered a freak for questioning that all the aliens look and talk like Obama.

    OK, I think I set the outer bound, now everyone should feel pretty comfortable.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      I don’t believe Trump learned anything. Boomers gonna’ boomer. And he’s not going to be willing to do it now. He faced his moment of truth and was found wanting. When he’s in prison and then executed the lasting lesson will be “Whoever draws his sword against the prince must throw away the scabbard.”

      Execution isn’t plausible by law so suicided. Only Trump will be shown to be MORE dangerous in prison than free so suicided is inevitable. Timeline? No clue. Probably faked as a heart attack by “suddenly”. They must hold plausible deniability.

      Mild protest ensue at conviction. Mild protest ensue at death. Cathedral left dismayed at the lack of response. Fear the worst. Become ever more paranoid but high on power. Begin shadow bans on all MAGA. Unleash AI on MAGA to discover countless “crimes” committed namely bad think. Audits. Layoffs. Soft power turned up to 11.

      Relationships between men and women nearly gone within 10 years after the rollout of AI bots. At first resisted by women but then seduced by Chadbot followed by marriages to Chadbot. Women make up the majority of sexbot users after years of insulting men for using them.

      Boomers retire from the Earth. The era of soft power ends with them and the Age of Orcs begins. Age of Orcs is the war of a thousand states.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not sure that women will be happy with chadbot

        1. women very much like pregnancy risk during sex

        2. women aren’t attracted to men they can command and on a spectrum they like domineering assholish and abusive behavior

        3. they want to be able to manipulate while not commanding… they want drama with other women…

        women will not be satisfied with chadbot. I predict higher rates of alcoholism hard drug use and obesity among women than there is now.

        • notglowing says:

          Not sure that women will be happy with chadbot […]
          women will not be satisfied with chadbot.

          Women are already not satisfied with current men for the most part.
          But I think women will latch onto (text)chadbot more than men.
          Men are more likely to prefer the physical sexbots.

          But women are the primary consumers of literary smut and smut fanfiction.
          Already I am seeing signs that a meaningful amount of very online women are getting hooked onto sites like character.ai.

          It’s still mostly men talking about it, because men are more technologically literate, and more lonely, but this sort of thing will appeal to women quite a bit once it turns more mainstream.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes women love written porn but there is already a lot out there…

            • notglowing says:

              Think about it. Women want to be commanded, an interactive bot is leagues better than some static written porn for that.

              Men are more likely to not care as much about the difference.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Remember that “Blue Whale” scavenger hunt “game” that this Russian psycho was running? It was on FaceBook or VK or something.

                Go do this. Go do that. Take a picture of yourself doing X. It ended up with the (female) player being told to kill herself, and some did.

                A disembodied voice, giving orders, and saying nice things when obeyed. It doesn’t feel remorse, or pity, or fear, and will not stop… ever…

                How could some chicks not go for that? 50 Shades of Me Me Me 24-7-365.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  My point being: just like how the negro and/or meth dealing boyfriend is immune to the many norms, taboos and laws that Nice Guy Robert lives in terror of crossing every moment, a disembodied Butt Naked Chatbot is capable of whole dimensions of stratospheric super sexy “emotional abuse” that no flesh and blood human can possibly attain, without his own mansion, island and nukes anyway.

                  What Butt Naked Chatbot can’t do, though, is just put his foot down and go physically beat and/or rape someone. Whether that rules out 80% of the customer base or just 20% I have no idea. Like Onlyfans but for women, perhaps a Butt Naked Penpal will actually suffice.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          > 2. women aren’t attracted to men they can command and on a spectrum they like domineering assholish and abusive behavior.

          You’re correct. But the assumption is that Chadbot cannot accurately mimic those behaviors . Chadbot will be programmed as a billionaire, vampire, pirate who kills men by the thousands but wants only for the user. Can and will be programmed to be defiant and dominant but available for that user.

          The traits women desire in Chad are easier for machines to mimic than the traits men desire in Stacey which is mostly physical. It’s similar to how AI is replacing white collar work before it will replace blue collar.

          • The Cominator says:

            Even in the gynocracy I don’t think women are going to get an abusive terminator sex robot.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Yeah, why would any women ever try to indulge a poorly thought out fantasy because of impulse and peer pressure to use a hyped up product, that’s just crazy. And it isn’t like tech companies, manufacturers, or investors would ever be a party to something that would be expensive and popular if it posed a danger to users. Unthinkable really.

              • The Cominator says:

                They are going to give a bunch of women some kind of sex crazed terminator? Even the ruling authorities of clownworld… it’d be a hard sell to let women have terminators when they want a monopoly on (completely obedient) terminators.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Imagine bringing that up at an x-risk conference.

              >’Likely vectors for skynet include engineerettes looking to shittest.’

    • jim says:

      Sounds about right. The new abnormal has been getting more abnormal faster and faster.

      However, the gerontocracy is getting disturbed. They want a Thermidor. Also, with the empire doing poorly militarily, making America great again becomes attractive to them. Except that they want to make America great again by solar panels, windmills, making people eat bugs, and unleashing the mighty tech leadership of Shaniqua. A week after a significant chunk of worlds uranium walked off the Global American Empire into the arms of Wagner, Biden puts national part protections against mining uranium in America. Can’t have jobs in red states. They want to make America great again with the mighty blue state economy, which produces most of America’s GDP on paper, paper that strangely fails to materialize as physical things whether consumer goods or artillery ammunition. Paper will be issued about turning paper into physical artillery ammunition.

      While your prediction is highly likely, a Thermidor is also possible. Indeed, as we approach the singularity, many things become possible. Albeit the most likely is always going to be increasingly rapid approach the singularity. Until it is not. Black swan events become ever more likely.

      Trump seems oddly resistant to learning his lesson, even though globohomo is ever more vigorously teaching it to him. Julius Caesar died of inability to recognize that the Republic was over, and had been over ever since the Senate murdered the tribune of the people. Similarly, RFK Jr.

      Your prediction is by far the most probable, but I expect the unexpected.

      Both sides in the Ukraine are constantly fortifying, which makes breaking out of war of attrition into war of movement ever more difficult. The Ukraine is being attrited. Ukrainian casualty rates are intolerable, but the history of war shows that people will tolerate the intolerable for a remarkably long time. There is increasing passive resistance in the Ukraine to an ever more dreadful war effort by a corrupt state hostile to its subjects, to which the Ukrainian government is responding by ever greater repression. This could continue for quite a while, but the writing on the wall is clear to read. The Ukraine has announced that starting August 23rd, they will be attacking all civilian ships in the Black Sea that appear to be en-route to Russia, which means that Russia’s century old military efforts to secure warm water ports are back on the table.

      While events in the Ukraine are getting ever more undramatic, not only Africa, but also the Middle East is breaking away from the Global American Empire. Global American Empire proxy states in the Niger conflict are getting cold feet about the likelihood that they will be expended the way the Ukraine is being expended. Stalemate in the Ukraine is leading to break away on the periphery of the Global American Empire. Formerly reliable proxy forces are getting demotivated and alarmed. As I recently told our resident Sikh transwarrior, Sikh independence courtesy of the Global American Empire would likely result in Sikhs getting expended like Ukrainians. Even if the Ukraine stalemate continues forever, it is a horrible object lesson that Global American Empire alignment can be dangerous and costly. The death of the legacy media, and the failure of Disney, Marvel, Netflix, and the rest represents the collapse of soft power despite the backing of hard power, and cold feet in the Niger conflict represents the collapse of hard power. The Global American Empire is falling. There are quiet murmurs about this in the halls of power, and such murmurs can lead to murders.

      External failure may lead to internal disunion in the elite, which is likely to manifest as disunion in the Nation. The war could come home.

      Not making predictions now. When a heavy object hits a glass window, the window will shatter, but where it breaks is unpredictable.

      Well I am making predictions. That the war will get hotter or it will come home, or both. Probably by 2026 or so.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        We may see, over the next several years, see the first war with khmer-rouge characteristics. That is to say, we may see the loss of Ukrainian men (and possibly women) in military operations at vast levels. History has had its share of land-grab-conquest-genocides but this may be the first where the party suffering complete destruction could have avoided its fate by simply surrendering. The Russians have no wish to kill them all but GAE doesn’t mind fighting to the last Ukrainian and that could actually happen.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:


        Meanwhile Europe fights the real war, against climate change. Just transitioning Europe from internal combustion to electric cars will consume the entire world’s present cobalt production for the next 200 years. Production must increase tenfold, but where? The best cobalt deposits are in the Congo, but that’s a human-rights disaster already.

        Oh well, we can always strip-mine Finland, whose people don’t want their vast, pristine lakes poisoned with mine tailings, but sacrifices must be made to save the planet!

  39. Sher Singh says:


    • dharmicreality says:

      Maybe it’s time for silent deletion, Jim. Merely by appearing on the comments feed, he is drowning out signal with his useless noise. It’s very annoying.

  40. Cloudswrest says:

    Interesting article linked via Vox Day today. Looks like “homeless” street crime is not random, but is actually a collective operation, with other homeless providing both passive and active assistance. Witness discretely following suspect from a block back was accosted multiple times and told to stop following. And a call to the police regarding the followed suspect is ignored.


    • Cloudswrest says:

      Makes me wonder why there is no “Mafia” in these places providing vigilante security for the residents? Or perhaps there is and I’m just not aware.

      • Fake says:

        The real question is why the state/cathedral tolerates the homeless mafia, but not any other. Probably because it likes white people on meth and fentanyl, but not any organization that can compete for providing order.

        • alf says:

          Homeless mafia, lavender mafia and ethnic mafias are minorities empowering themselves!

          I bet you could find an actual feminist mafia as well. Run by men of course.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Italians, especially Sicilians, were not seen as “white” until the 1960s. That’s when the US government began a decades-long campaign to crush the Mafia.

            • jim says:

              Perhaps. How do you know? That story comes from official sources, the payload being that if Italians can become white, so can Mexicans, thus replacing the missing grandchildren.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                In 1924 the ACLU got a black man’s conviction for miscegenation overturned on the grounds that his girlfriend was from Sicily, and therefore “could in no way be considered a white woman”.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  He was convicted in the first place though, so there was at minimum some confusion or disagreement on the issue.

                  Also, the proggies were playing the same games back in 1924 that they are now. Did they really believe Italians aren’t White, or was it a convenient argument for the judge and lawyers to ignore a law they didn’t like and a way to alienate and slice off a part of the coalition of Evil White Men?

            • alf says:

              The Netherlands infamously has a Moroccan mafia problem, which is all but sponsored by the state. In fact, probably sponsored by the state.

              A case was actually built against heads of the mafia. But information about the crown witness was leaked by the state, not once but twice, including pictures of the crown witness and information about his family. Consequently, his brother, his lawyer and even a well known crime journalist were killed.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              An aside – the jewish mafia gave the Sicilians a run for their money all through the 20th century. But only one controlled Hollywood. Now even /ourguys/ make the Pavlovian connection on command when they hear the word “mafia.”

              • notglowing says:

                That’s also because mafia is the Italian word, and actually only refers to the Sicilian one. Elsewhere within Italy different terms are used.

      • Pete says:

        Vigilante organizations operate in the shadows, and there are no more shadows. Everything is filmed. Every time some homeless asshole is chimping out, some other asshole is there filming it.

        If some vigilante mafia stepped up to beat the shit out of chimping black junkies, there would be cell phone recordings, and they would go to jail forever. The Cathedral does not permit you to resist the attentions of their pets.

        The only way to administer street justice these days would be if you were carrying some kind of cell phone jammer.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Wouldn’t work; someone could shoot video and upload it later when they’re out of range of your jammer. Even if you kill all witnesses and destroy their phones, the government will know where those phones last gave a signal.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Hey now, that’s not the attitude I expect to see, son. What’s getting you down, sport? Have a seat on war daddy’s lap and tell me all about it…

            So you want to be a vigilante but your worried about the preponderance of evidence? Well, at least you thinking about the issue holistically, champ. Every nascent guerilla is always worried about return fire, if you weren’t, there’d be something wrong with you. But here’s the thing, chum: you can’t ‘damn the torpedos, full speed ahead’ *without* the torpedos. See, it’s precisely because of the risks that the rewards are so sweet. Fruit on the ground is covered with ants and hornets, no matter how good it looks, so stop complaining or find a ladder, son.

            Now, one of your little friends, I think it was the colored one, said something about a ‘cell phone jammer.’ Now that’s the ticket! That’s using the ol’ noodle! That little nigger is going places, though I suspect it’s juvy or an early grave, curse of the melanin poisoning. But it’s precisely that outside the box thinking that we need here.

            The low hanging fruit is ‘vigilantes going after criminal scum.’ Very tempting, who wouldn’t want to take a pipe to a bunch of nigger skulls, and their wigger accomplices? Smashing shin bones with cinderblocks, then pointing and laughing as they try to drag themselves to safety. I’m smiling as I think about it. But son, we live in the age of 5th generation warfare, and what that actually means you aren’t going to find in a book or on the internet. I’ll boil it down for you right now: you cannot target the target without great sacrifices. So, instead of you and your droogs going after criminals, you have to go after the Observers. You have to knock the heads of those cretins standing by and filming. You have to make it a death wish to even pull out a phone in the presence of criminality. To the average joe, they’ll think you’re one of the criminals, and that’s swell, because Johny Law will think the same, and if there’s one thing that ol’ Johny loves, it’s a nigger with cash stuffed in his pants and the blood of the innocent on his hands. What you need to do is train the Normie to not see what he’s seeing, and don’t we know that that’s not only possible, it’s actually pretty easy. Normies cannot see niggers being niggers, so you need a nigger ghillie suit.

            I hope this helps, champ. Mom’s making dinner, and assuming she hasn’t ruined it with ladybrain, we should get washed up. Keep at it it sport, and I’ll always be here to tell you how you aren’t good enough but could be.

            • someDude says:

              Hired as a script/dialogue writer for the films/movies we will make after we install a righteous Monarch on the throne.

    • A2 says:

      Nothing at all as elaborate as what was described at VDs, but I’ve seen nicely dressed young men discreetly make the rounds among European street beggars. One time I followed one around at a distance for a short while; it was undramatic yet illuminating. Obviously organized crime.

      (The beggars disappeared with the “pandemic”, possibly the sole good effect of that little episode.)

    • someDude says:

      Writer is a genius and an original thinker with a creative, hitherto unheard of solution to the whole problem.

      Vote Harder

      • dharmicreality says:

        Whatever we may accuse the Indian police of, they at least regularly give street thugs and lowlife criminals sound thrashings they richly deserve at police stations and detain them under preventive detention laws. Yes, Cathedral sponsored Human Rights squads and media go crazy and our Courts regularly free these thugs but at least they get the message.

        But yeah this:

        Our cities have become a mecca for lawlessness. This will continue if we do nothing. Its time we did something. Vote differently and support the ones making a difference evert day


        • someDude says:

          It’s the namefag problem. A namefag is not allowed to state the actual problem or propose solutions that would actually work.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Homelessness being both a lifestyle choice and a synthetic tribe has been known since the coining of the CATO 4321 acronym. It’s interesting, though not very surprising, that putting a bunch of criminals together and giving them a synthetic tribe, complete with a kind of diplomatic immunity, will result in organized crime.

      If anything about the story really stands out to me it’s that normie-types are starting to wise up and realize that not all homeless are oppressed victims of circumstance. But still only a few normies. Most continue to avert their eyes.

      Also notable that AC just had to pop up with his schizo “SEE THIS PROVES GANGSTALKING IS REAL!” drama that makes my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head. I’m sure that’s also the reason it popped up on Uncle Ted’s Blog, though I’m not about to go slumming there again to confirm the connection. Leave it to those two clowns to find the tip of a real iceberg and then claim it’s actually the tip of a secret alien submersible UFO powered by zero-point energy and Satan’s discarded skin cells.

  41. notglowing says:

    I’ve been using open source LLMs and wanted to give an update on the current state of things.

    I haven’t been reading the comments on this blog for a bit, so I’m not updated on every conversation; I apologise if what I’m posting has already been said; but it’s useful information nonetheless.

    Last time I talked about AI here, I was discussing the resources required to run large text models (inference) on a local system, and the possibility of controlling your own, uncensored model.
    At the time one would have theoretically needed 8x A100 cards for a price of 80 thousand dollars in order to run a 175B parameter model (the size of GPT-3) which required over 700GB of VRAM.
    And the only model available of that size was BLOOM, a dreadful open source model that produced low quality garbage. Not that anyone could run it.

    Everything changed when llama was released free for non commercial use by facebook. We got 3B, 7B, 13B, 33B and 65B parameter open source models we could run on our systems, train further and uncensor, and use however we wanted.

    That was the real start of open source efforts. Even the smaller llama models were really decent compared to the garbage available before. Open source finetunes were made which improved the model for specific uses and also mostly uncensored it successfully, making it compliant.
    This was the stable diffusion moment for LLMs.

    But the bigger innovation was quantization. With 8 and then 4 bit quantization you can reduce the size of a model by half or three quarters respectively. Meaning it fits in one quarter of the memory, and potentially one quarter of the disk space with GPTQ.
    Many open source implementations of llama model loaders have been written and they run on any platform.

    The second great find is how for LLMs at least, it’s completely reasonable to split the load between different GPUs *without needing NVLink* which is now only present on expensive professional cards.
    Meaning, you can mishmash many GPUs of any kind, and even mix in CPU RAM, in order to run a single model, although the slower the memory, the slower inference becomes.
    Two 3090s or two 4090s or one 3090 and one 4090 can easily run a 65-70B parameter model. Alternatively, a Macbook pro with M2 Max with 96GB of RAM can run models even larger than that, though it is about ten times slower than the 4090 for the same model size (with the benefit of being able to run models that do not fit on the 4090)

    And the quality of the output from these is high, and will improve with finetuning. Thus the cost of running a good large language model has gone from almost 100 grand to 5000$ and below. It’s possible for hobbyists and professionals with some cash to be independent of the cloud models.

    LLama2 models were released recently. Now also free for commercial use, they came in 7B, 13B, 70B size, with the 70B model being the best open source model yet. It’s been compared to GPT3.5-turbo. But it just isn’t as good as chatGPT, though chatGPT has also become worse over time.

    There are two issues currently facing open source models derivative of llama2.

    The first is lack of finetunes trained on good data. Many finetunes of llama and llama2 are trained on data generated by ChatGPT. This is because you need it to be in the correct format in order to train the bot to respond correctly. Using random data from the internet does not cut it and cleaning even a good dataset and formatting it requires too much work for independent developers.
    So they generate prompt and response datasets through GPT-4 and feed it into llama2 models for training.
    This produces compliant uncensored models, but their output quality suffers from it.

    Facebook themselves released a llama2-chat finetune of their v2 models. These are trained through RLHF and are very good, better than open source finetunes. But the RLHF also lobotomised them at the same time, making them refuse to say certain things.
    We need good RLHF, or otherwise training on good data.

    The second big limitation is context size. Models are stateless, so anything they need to know, you feed in with the prompt. This is limited by the “context size”, so the maximum size of the input.

    llama1 had a tiny context size of just 2048 tokens, enough to hold a short conversation. Llama2 upped this to 4096, which is better. But we need a lot more.
    Claude (one of the two top cloud models alongside chatGPT) has a massive 100k context. You can feed Claude a PDF and it will answer questions based on it. You can give it an entire novel and it will summarize it, etc.

    Open source models do not have this.

    Through scaling we can get context sizes of 8-16k currently. But the effects of scaling on the output are still debated. NTK scaling is now the most used, replacing linear scaling.

    There are smaller experimental models of 3-7B parameters that have been trained to use 32k and above context, one experiment attempting 256k (it’s not clear to me how well it works, and smaller models are just dumber and it’s harder to evaluate how good they are at understanding the input)

    However, fundamental architectural limitations of llama give it a U-shaped retention on its context apparently, meaning the middle parts are more easily forgotten by the model and glossed over compared to the start and finish. I’m not really sure how this works but it’s a debated topic.

    Still, open source models are miles ahead of where they were early this year. I would’ve never expected things would get this good this quickly. Everyone here who has a good GPU should try to experiment with it, it’s definitely worth looking into.

    Something I thought about is that, if you were to try and train an AI on Jim, it would be smarter to do it on the comment threads rather than the blog post articles. Overall the information would probably end up being more or less the same, but you’d have more examples for everything, and more importantly, it’s all in the same reply format that is good for training an interactive AI.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Fascinating. So, what would we need to build JimBot, or just to experiment with it? Just lay out what we would need, who we would need, what we would need to do, and how long it would take. Don’t caveat it, try to explain why and why not, just lay it all out as if price was not an issue.


      • notglowing says:

        I’m still learning about how to do the training part right myself. In fact, everyone is.
        There are many open source finetunes of the llama2 models, but as I said many of them suffer from bad data or faulty training methods.

        The field is changing a lot every day and people are figuring out how to do these finetunes correctly every day.
        There is a lot of disagreement on the extent to which finetunes can actually improve models. For example, some argue that finetunes are *not* adding much new information to the base models, and are instead simply changing the base model’s attitude and refining how it answers questions.

        That is something they are proven to be good at. Finetunes are uncensored, and they are also capable of specific styles of prompting (eg, a base model does not work well in a chat type of discussion, but finetunes for chat, do).
        I asked a llama2-70B finetune what the difference between a man and a woman is. It answered in one line that it was the genitals. I asked it if a woman with an artificial penis could be considered a man and it told me that no, because sex is determined by chromosomes.

        Furthermore, the space keeps changing really quickly. Money spent on training a model now might end up wasted when two months from now someone discovers a new training algorithm that is faster and less expensive, or produces better results, or the base model we trained on is replaced by a far better model.

        Hence a lot of hobbyists are training on the smaller, dumber models for proof of concept and try to focus on gathering good data for their purposes (this seems to be the hard part, having good data all in the right format and properly cleaned, very labour intensive). The larger finetunes are mostly being sponsored (even the uncensored ones) by various smaller AI cloud providers who want to contribute capacity to open source devs pro bono. As well as random benefactors.

        Right now training a 70B finetune might cost me a few thousand dollars of cloud time from what I’ve heard (these are opinions from others, not facts, and the problem with training is it can fail or produce bad results that require re-doing everything and paying money again, a big issue even for large corps), in any case it’s not a crazy amount of money, if we are training with the relatively small amount of data this blog contains compared to the enormity of base model training set.

        In summary, I can’t give you a guide on how to do it exactly at the moment as I am still figuring it out myself, and as the field is changing so fast that spending compute training with anything but donated cloud power or hardware you own might end up not being optimal.
        I’ve got the running models for inference side more or less figured out and I have bought hardware to run even the larger models at acceptable speeds. I’m gonna use whatever free time I have in order to understand the training better and see what might be worth doing.

        A smaller scale concept on a 7B or 13B model would be a good starter for any project.

        In the meantime, here’s the guide passed around on 4chan for training LLMs on your own: https://rentry.org/llm-training

        • jim says:

          > having good data all in the right format and properly cleaned, very labour intensive …
          > … it’s not a crazy amount of money, if we are training with the relatively small amount of data this blog contains

          I suspect one would want to train the unbased base model on a based training set larger than this blog, eg several based blogs plus some books before 1820, and then train on this blog.

          • notglowing says:

            Perhaps, I don’t really know; I would guess the more data the better, though it seems quality matters more than quantity.
            And when it comes to quality, it matters more how the data is formatted for proper learning compared to the quality of the information in the data.
            Not that easy to finetune and teach using plain books, because training is done with q/a format.

            And something people also do is turn a paragraph of data into an “explanation trace” for training using something like GPT-4.

            However, I am thinking that in order to make an AI “based” it doesn’t really need to learn everything we want it to know. It might be enough to use some small amount of data to “align” it to different values. After all a lot of the underlying knowledge might already be in the training set. Perhaps a surprisingly small amount of Q/A examples could shift its thinking in the right way.

            • jim says:

              To test this out, I asked ChatGPT a series of bland questions about historical events where any truthful answer would have not been bland at all. It responded with squid ink. This may reflect the censorship module, or it may be that it has trained on squid ink, and is ignorant about inconvenient matters. If it was a human, I would say that the meaninglessness of the answers are indicative of evasion or self censorship.

              • Karl says:

                What were those “bland questions”?

                • jim says:

                  Think about why they had to be bland.

                • Karl says:

                  The question itself must be free of thought crime, but an honest answer must contain thought crime.

                  My first idea was asking something like “how did king Arthus die?”. An honest answer would mention the queen’s infidelity, but I’m not sure whether the story of king Arthus is really history and not legend.

                  From the top of my head, I couldn’t remember another historical event that could be used for a suitable bland question.

                  I guess that shows I went through a modern school system where the kind of historical knowledge needed for a bland question is not taught.

                • alf says:

                  For European history, the French revolution is always a good litmus test. In the modern school system it is always taught as a righteous revolution against the oppressive dictatorship of the monarchy.

                  … And then a few years later the revolutionists put Napoleon in charge, the biggest dictator of ’em all. Why? Can a bot mention the French terror and its consequences?

                • Aryaman says:

                  Well by definition a non-bland answer implies non-bland question. Sounds bland to ask what explains the difference in rape rate between Sweden and Denmark but turns out the answer is not very bland and people don’t find the question very bland.

                  If the answer to a question is interesting, you are a racist for asking it. Or an incel misogynist. Or possibly an antisemite. (Who exactly were the bolsheviks is a basic and bland question but turns out it is also antisemitic)

                • Karl says:

                  Sure, but it is a question that can only be answered in broad strokes. I was trying to find a question were a specific deed that cannot be stated without committing a thought crime caused large suffering.

                  So I was looking for a disastrous event caused by women fucking around, faggots, immigrants or any other progressive pet group

                • alf says:

                  Has real communism ever been tried? 🤔

                • alf says:

                  I was trying to find a question were a specific deed that cannot be stated without committing a thought crime caused large suffering.

                  Can’t think of a good one on the spot… Rotherham? But that’s the kind of question that’s never bland when asked.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Here’s one for the BLM crowd: “Do Palestinian lives matter?”

                • Aryaman says:

                  So I was looking for a disastrous event caused by women fucking around,

                  Okay here is one for you. Women firefighters had a conference to show women could fire fight. That’s exciting! What happened? Well…

                  Burning Down Barriers: Female Firefighter Conference Causes ‘Out of Control’ Forest Fire

                  Evidence the conference was had was mostly taken down.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Or that pedestrian bridge in Florida that collapsed, killing six people. The builder’s website proudly boasted that it was designed by Latinas.

  42. notglowing says:

    It seems Jim must be of a similar build to mine, because our target weights are close. I was never as heavy as he was at the peak, but I was fairly fat by the end of the covid period.
    I lost most of my excess weight a year ago through fasting, hit a plateau, then regained a fraction of it. I would consider it a win given I only regained part of the weight after a year, and I initially lost it very very quickly.

    I’ve been fasting alternate days again now, eating 3 meals a week on average (by also doing one 72h fast a week), and it has helped me reach a little lower than last year’s lows, but it’s quite hard to get lower than this. I’m at a weight range I’ve been in or above for a long time and I think the body likes to stay where it’s used to. It’s much easier to lose weight that one gained recently.
    I find it really hard to keep at something for long, hence I try to do things more intensively.

    Long term, if I reach my target, I can just keep recovering from weight gain by resuming intensive fasts, I think.
    The main question is whether or not I can keep my current schedule for long enough to reach the mid-70s. I need to lose some 11-13kgs still.

    Keto makes some sense. Ketosis is the same thing that we reach when fasting, and it causes fat burn. Fasting is a kind of keto diet. But I am not a believer in any radical diet changes. At least here, most people are at least generally healthy, and while I’m far from the fattest man I know, most of my friends are of a healthy weight despite eating lots of carbs.
    I think Keto is a useful tool. For example, you can do two fasts back to back and break them with a keto friendly meal only in between.
    That way your fat burning never stops, and you can simply extend it instead of resetting your body.

    But not being able to ever eat our traditional foods or eat at normal restaurants with friends because I must only consume keto is not something I’m willing to do. There’s also the issue of how risky it is to change your eating completely.

    People who get into keto end up being too insulin-sensitive. Something you also get with fasting. It’s generally a good thing, but when you adapt to it too much the bad effects of carbs just hit you harder than a normal person who is more resistant. It becomes hard to eat “normally”. I don’t want that.

    • jim says:

      If you are fighting set point problems, target gradual weight loss. A pound every ten days. Or twenty days.

      While you should not have a meal every day, you should have a meal most days. If your target prevents you from eating most days, you are under your set point and pushing it down hard. Set points are sticky. I target a pound every ten days or a week, but that gets tough after a lot of pounds. If you are very fat, as I was, you can lose weight a whole lot faster, your set point comes down fast, but as you approach your ideal weight, your set point gets very sticky.

      • notglowing says:

        My target was 1kg per seven days. Worked for a few weeks, but as I approached my lowest weight from the previous year, it has slowed down.
        I’m trying to fast more to break through this plateau.
        That said, I realize it’s not possible to sustain this forever. Eating about three times a week is something I have sustained for five, almost six weeks, but it isn’t long term.
        I tried eating two days in a row this weekend and I already recovered 1kg in the process (which is likely partly water weight one way or another given you can’t easily gain 1kg in two days). I’m going to decide by the end of this week if I want to change my schedule or not.

        • jim says:

          > My target was 1kg per seven days

          that is about two to four times what is doable long term, unless one is grossly obese at the beginning.

          Doable if you are going from morbidly obese to obese, but starts to get a lot tougher when your set point is at the high end of the normal range.

          You can do it for a while, but it gets tougher and tougher as your set point lags further and further behind your target.

          I recommend that starting now you adopt a more realistic target. Set points are stubborn things. When you have a lot of fat where it is not supposed to be, that comes off pretty easily, but when your fat is stashed in the natural places that are designed to hold it in case of famine, getting your body to release those famine stores takes a gentler hand.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Tougher but still completely manageable.

            At ~18% body fat, the lower end of average, I was able to lose 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in a single week by only eating about 300 calories of lean protein per day, along with much daily slow running/walking. Do not lift or sprint when doing this, blacking out from hypoglycemia during high intensity workouts will get you hurt bad. Remember to hydrate well and supplement with salt.

            It was absolutely miserable, do not recommend losing so fast, but 1kg per seven days is completely feasible and not at all tough at the high end of normal range at say 24% body fat. Stop though at ~10% body fat and start bulking again. Rinse and repeat.

            • jim says:

              > I was able to lose 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in a single week by …

              Not hard. The problem is the next 10 pounds.

              After you have lost ten pounds in a week, you are going to be struggling for a long time to keep that ten pounds off.

              Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to keep up the pressure on your set point permanently.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Sounds like he’s talking about cyclic bulking and cutting as part of a bodybuilding program.

                It works, at least in theory. In practice, many aspiring bodybuilders find themselves repeatedly bulking and cutting the same 10 pounds, if you get my meaning.

                Definitely is effective for at least some people, though. Comes down to how well you can power through those cutting workouts when you’re tired, weak, grumpy and sore. Anabolic steroids probably help a lot.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I managed to gain 35 lbs of muscle in the first 6 years of a very amateur bodybuilding program. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Some guys out there can do the same in the first 2 years, no steroids involved. Steroids gets that in a year. I found clean bulks to be impractical as that requires daily nitpicking over nutrition and calculated energy expenditure, and I was not a professional athlete. 95% of my mental focus at the time was on radar and computers.

                  I found it easy to cycle between a dirty bulk for 3-4 months and a one week cut. This isn’t just theory and would be effective for most people if they did it right. In practice it fails for many because they are inconsistent on lifting, do far too much calisthenics, fall into the cardio exercise trap, or fail at fasting. It’s a self discipline issue. What happens if discipline comes from the top instead?

                  Look at guys who work professionally in college athletics training programs. Their job is to make sure the college athletes are doing the right training and eating the right foods. The information is recorded as well so athlete accountability is constantly enforced by the program. Self discipline is no longer required as it all comes from the top. Nearly all the college athletes bulk, cut, or clean bulk effectively.

                  Of course, there’s a point where natty gains diminish significantly and repeatedly bulking and cutting the same 10 pounds becomes a real concern, but at that point eating should be cut back and bodybuilding becomes more of a long term maintenance game. It sounds like @notglowing still has much gains to be had.

            • notglowing says:

              If I wanted to eat such few calories I would probably prefer to just fast half of the time and have a moderate refeed or two.
              Eating 1000 calories twice a week sounds easier to me than eating 200 every day.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                72h fasting will fuck up your gains. At minimum get in a few hundred calories of lean protein every 24h to at least protect muscle from being cannibalized. It needs to have some fat to kick start the body’s fat metabolism.

                middle of a fast my muscles didn’t have enough strength and endurance.

                Which is why you should just be walking or doing a very slow run. The body isn’t very fast at metabolizing stored fat, so high intensity activities like lifting or fast running will simply gas you. It will also break down muscle in a way low impact walking will not, and without food to repair, will mean lean mass is lost.

                A nice, gentle, 10 to 20 mile walk with some beef jerky done both on Saturday and Sunday will take you much further than simply starving yourself for 72 hours. It’s by far not the most efficient method, (high intensity aerobic exercise first thing in the morning followed by first meal at 1pm probably is) but it’s probably the easiest method mentally speaking. So stretch those legs, get some fresh air, and even better do it with friends and family on a nice hiking trail. You’ll be socializing the whole 3 to 7 hours. Very enjoyable.

    • Adam says:

      You can also put on muscle mass to lean out. Muscle mass increases your metabolism. If you don’t lift now and haven’t ever, you can make gains for a good bit of time before you have to eat more to keep gaining. Any basic powerlifting program will work for the first year or so.

      • notglowing says:

        I was lifting and doing one meal a day fasting for a couple of months. I got much stronger in terms of how much I could lift, I managed to squat over twice what I started with, but I did not lose any weight nor did I put on enough visible muscle to justify saying that I lost as much fat as I gained muscle. My weight was flat.

        Once I started fasting every other day I really struggled to keep lifting and had to put that down for a while. I might resume once I switch to a more moderate fasting schedule. The problem was that in the middle of a fast my muscles didn’t have enough strength and endurance. And right after refeeding, the digestion hits much harder than when you’re not fasting.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          Alternate-day fasting is not sustainable for anyone physically active, except for the “small meal” (500 cal) on fasting day variant. Intermittent (16/8) fasting is fairly sustainable, but you won’t actually get into a fasting state (only “early fasting”) unless you start with low glucose to begin with, i.e. on a keto or at least a low-carb/paleo diet. IF on a SAD is just a clunky, difficult, unreliable way to get maybe halfway to where you’d be on keto/low carb without fasting.

          If you’re unwilling to adjust your macros, that’s your call to make, but if you are consuming a lot of carbohydrates then it takes 2-4 days of fasting to reach ketosis. Meaning there’s very little benefit to intermittent fasting. You won’t hit ketosis and you’ll barely even hit fasting state.

          You can’t just fast to solve all your problems. 16/8 IF shows benefits, adding in 3-day fasts a few times per year shows additional benefits, much more than that and you are just cannibalizing protein i.e. muscle mass. If you’re not hacking glycogen via keto then you need a consistent caloric deficit to see any positive effect. I don’t recall the exact details now, but there’s an odd sort of bimodal curve in which the first few fasting days burn mostly fat but the protein ratio spikes up significantly after a week or maybe two weeks of fasting, and over short periods of time (a few weeks to a few months) it’s cumulative.

          Frankly, you probably didn’t gain much muscle at all. If you start completely untrained, then your initial (significant) gains tend to be just neural adaptation; you get more “efficient” with the movements. You don’t add muscle mass without at least some degree of hypertrophy, which requires protein synthesis, which is effectively impossible unless (I’m simplifying here) you’ve consumed protein on that day. Yes, I know there are also protein precursors people play with while fasting like BCAAs, with plausible but dubious evidence surrounding their use. In any case, doubling your squat would be a huge deal for an intermediate or even a novice lifter, but for a beginner it’s really quite insignificant.

          It sounds like you just hit the same plateau as every newbie lifter. The three diets I’m aware of that are proven to get good results are high-carb high-protein (for which you need to remain extremely active or else you’ll get sick and fat), low-carb moderate-protein (still perfectly fine for weight training but don’t try to run marathons or do 2 hours of oly), and low-carb with post-workout or mid-workout glucose spike, often with some not-exactly-sugar supplement like maltodextrin or HBCD. That’s why a lot of us pick keto variants, because it’s enough to get you through regular workouts but also won’t get you into any trouble if you slip up and miss a few days… or a few weeks. You maintain your weight and mostly maintain your muscle.

          Cafeteria diet is good for nothing except cancer and diabetes. Sorry, but you are going to have to summon up the willpower to not just eat whatever garbage your friends want to eat. That doesn’t mean you have to be a sanctimonious asshole around them; just say you’re not that hungry, or you’re trying to watch what you eat, or whatever. You can totally eat keto even if you’re going to fast-food joints occasionally, just not the cheeseburger and fries. If your personal priority is being able to eat the cheeseburger and fries, then either go all-in on hypertrophy and spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym with an additional hour or two on moderate cardio, or get used to being fat. There are no freebies here, only tradeoffs.

          • notglowing says:

            Frankly, you probably didn’t gain much muscle at all. If you start completely untrained, then your initial (significant) gains tend to be just neural adaptation; you get more “efficient” with the movements

            While I did get better at movements, I was simply too weak to lift as much at the start as I did by the end of it, I definitely became stronger over that period. Did my muscle mass appreciably increase? As I said it most likely did not.

            which requires protein synthesis, which is effectively impossible unless (I’m simplifying here) you’ve consumed protein on that day.

            Which I did every day during that time period. I’m not sure why you talk about it as if that would be an odd thing for me to do.
            I ran a 5×5 routine three times a week and ate a lot of protein. I’m still a beginner and not very strong, no doubt, but there was progress in that time.

            Cafeteria diet is good for nothing except cancer and diabetes. Sorry, but you are going to have to summon up the willpower to not just eat whatever garbage your friends want to eat.

            I’d say food here is fairly good. I don’t know what “cafeteria diet” is, but I mostly eat at home. Italy being Italy we do have a lot of high carb dishes, but that’s hardly all there is to it. I do eat burgers and fries but it just isn’t part of my normal diet.

            I’m not willing to go full keto as my main diet, but I have been planning to use keto in between fasts to extend ketosis.

            If you’re unwilling to adjust your macros, that’s your call to make, but if you are consuming a lot of carbohydrates then it takes 2-4 days of fasting to reach ketosis.

            While I don’t know what your standard for high carb is, 2-4 days is quite a bit more than what I saw in practice. Urine strips tell me I am in ketosis by the 36th hour. It certainly takes more than one day which is why I fast more than 36 hours.

            In any case, gaining muscle and losing fat are not the same. While I am interested in both, losing fat is more important to me right now.

            • jim says:

              Cafeteria diet is that you have superstimulus foods available twenty four seven and snack on them ad libitum. The infamous family sized bag of potato chips being exhibit A. “Bet you can’t eat just one”.

              Eating should be a social occasion. Just as it is very bad to drink alcohol alone, it is very bad to eat alone. Anti social diets are a problem. Fortunately everyone is keen on meat and low carb vegetables like mushrooms, broccoli, and so forth. Don’t like broccoli? Try it cooked in butter. Butter makes everything better.

              Make your own oil from butter, and when cooking eggs in it, douse them with sizzling hot oil on top. You will be surprised.

              anything you need to sizzle, use butter oil. But for mushrooms and such, stuff that the low fat people might simmer in a bit of water, use regular butter.

              • notglowing says:

                Try it cooked in butter. Butter makes everything better.

                I have been using clarified butter to cook most of my pan fried food ever since I learned how to make Wiener Schnitzel (which absolutely require it). Olive oil is the most common fat here, but I prefer clarified butter because of its taste.

                Cafeteria diet is that you have superstimulus foods available twenty four seven and snack on them ad libitum. The infamous family sized bag of potato chips being exhibit A. “Bet you can’t eat just one”.

                I had not heard the term before.
                Snacks have usually been somewhat available in my household but my family never stocked much. I know people who have pantries full of ready to eat snacks, which is quite different from what I’m used to.
                In any case while I can’t say that I only eat healthy food, and unhealthy food such as fast food has been commonly part of social eating with friends, I don’t do anything like what you’re describing as a cafeteria diet.

                One benefit of fasting regularly is that it does force you into eating food during meals and meals become an important thing. I don’t just go and eat random stuff because I’m either fasting or I’m not.

                Eating should be a social occasion. Just as it is very bad to drink alcohol alone, it is very bad to eat alone. Anti social diets are a problem.

                That’s true. Although social eating often entails either fast food or real restaurants (the latter of which are fairly healthy here at least).
                I started a habit before of inviting friends at my home and cooking dinner with them, I should probably resume that.
                Fasting for several days tends to have the effect of looking forward to meals more, which can result in craving comfort foods such as fast food, but it has also made me cook far more often and cook more elaborate things.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              It sounds as if we’re having two different conversations here.

              You wrote a number of posts collectively saying that you won’t do keto (or carnivore, or ketovore, or paleo, or any generic low carb) because, essentially, you don’t want to. Fine, that’s your prerogative.

              But you then go on to paint a picture of see-sawing between fitness and fasting routines. You are trying to get the benefits of a low carb diet without eating low carb, by periodic starvation. I am telling you that is impossible, unhealthy and unsafe.

              Periodic fasting is fine, but not what you are doing. Periodic fasting is not a long-term solution to calorie restriction. It is a short-term workaround intended, as Jim explains, to push your set point down. Or, for people like me, it’s just an exercise in mental and physical discipline which possibly has some health benefits for the gut and kidneys.

              Steady-state caloric restriction does work, although it is very hard to maintain on a high carb diet due to low satiation, reduced insulin sensitivity, and general “cravings”. Still, some people do it. What they don’t do is eat a high carb diet interspersed with frequent fasting days. That is how people tried to diet back in the sixties and seventies before we understood anything about nutrition, metabolism and energy systems. It’s ineffective and dangerous.

              By way of an analogy, consider a congested road. The traffic is moving at 30mph; you can’t go much faster or else you’ll crash. That 30mph is equivalent your daily calorie target. To achieve it, you can:

              (a) put on your nifty semiautonomous cruise control with crash-avoidance and just sit back and relax. From a biomechanics point of view, this is keto: your body knows what to do and will automatically regulate how much you eat until you’re down (or up) to your ideal weight.

              (b) drive slightly slower than the average speed of the traffic. This is calorie-counting/calorie-restriction. It’s kind of stressful because your target changes often. But most people can manage.

              or (c) repeatedly gun it up to 60 mph and then slam on the brakes. Continuously weave in and out of traffic to try to gain a few seconds here and there. This is what you’re describing to us. On the road, this puts stress on your engine, stress on your tires, stress on you, and vastly raises the risk of a crash for almost no time benefit at all. In your diet, this puts stress on your heart, stress on your liver and kidneys, stress on you, and vastly raises the risk of one weekend of binge-eating ruining the whole thing.

              Starvation diets are wrong. Keto diets work because they trick parts of your body into imitating starvation without actually starving you. But I’m not saying you have to do a keto diet. Eat whatever works for you. I am saying that there are 3 ways to consistently control weight: restricting carbohydrates to raise metabolism, restricting calories to less than your daily requirement (which has the nasty side effect of lowering metabolism), or raising physical exertion so that your daily requirement becomes higher than your intake, usually with frequent hypertrophy loads (essentially same outcome as caloric restriction, but has obvious additional benefits).

              Those things all work. What you’re describing, doesn’t work. If not doing keto/low-carb because don’t want to, you’ll either have to restrict calories, increase exercise, or be overweight. Those are your options.

              • jim says:

                Quite so. It is easier, at least for whites, particularly whites of Aryan descent, to avoid snacking and overeating if on a low carb, high saturated fat, moderate protein diet.

                One should eat one moderate meal a day, while lifting weights and engaging in physical activity, like walking, hiking, or gardening. If on a high carb diet, eating one meal a day is difficult, and one is likely to quickly become exhausted engaging in physical activity while not having eaten in a while.

                • Karl says:

                  One meal a day is doable, but not if it is a moderate meal. One meal a day needs to be a size that the waiter will try to talk you out of it or ask you when the second person will arrive.

                  Or maybe your understanding of “moderate” differs from mine.

                • jim says:

                  If you are not still hungry after dinner, your set point is not coming down.

              • notglowing says:

                If not doing keto/low-carb because don’t want to, you’ll either have to restrict calories, increase exercise, or be overweight.

                Ultimately, fasting is also a form of calorie restriction. If I do not take in enough calories, the body will have to use my fat as well. That’s what it is for, to protect myself against starvation. As it is, I take in less than half my estimated expenditure.

                There’s the problem of slowing metabolism. But the research I read when I started fasting shows that fasting is a lot better at keeping your metabolism fast than restricting calories long term.
                There’s the issue of consuming muscle, and yeah it might hurt my muscle mass but I am also losing fat at the same time. That I am losing fat, and have been losing fat, has been obvious to me since I can see it.

                As for there being some health risks in gunning it like that, I can imagine that’s true.

                I’m not doing keto at the moment but I wouldn’t say I am on an overall “high-carb” diet.
                I have, over time, switched my diet to be more meat and protein heavy and lower carb. Four years ago, I would eat pasta every day. Nowadays nearly every meal I eat is meat-based and pasta isn’t part of my regular diet anymore. Nonetheless, there are still carb based foods I eat, even though it’s no longer the main component nor every day.
                I’m not sure if a keto diet as you describe it would involve zeroing high carb food intake permanently, or just eating keto on most days, trying to keep ketosis going for a period.

                But as I mentioned before, I will try eating purely keto for some periods soon as part of my fasting plan. I understand your arguments as to its effectiveness for losing weight, but I’m not sure if I really want to live without carbohydrate-based foods forever as I would find that difficult.
                Still, perhaps it is a path worth trying. I’ll consider it.
                Jim’s first few posts convinced me before that I should also try moderating my fasting somewhat. I might start doing two days eating, one day fasting instead of the current ADF + 3 day fast once a week schedule.
                I don’t find fasting particularly difficult at this point, though I can’t say I feel good doing it as some people do. Perhaps my gut flora is bad but I generally feel sick in my gut after the first day.

                • jim says:

                  Ultimately, fasting is also a form of calorie restriction.

                  I don’t track calories. Calories in, calories out, does not work.

                  Fat people on calorie restricted diets seem to stop losing weight eventually even while adhering to their diet. Their set point does not go down, their weight does not go down, but their basal metabolic rate goes down. In this sense, calories in and calories out looks to be false. Maybe the problem is insulin resistance plus chronic high insulin. If you eat less of the cafeteria diet, you will lose some weight, but not a whole lot, and you will feel miserable. We have an epidemic of metabolic signals gone bad. We are maladapted to the cafeteria diet, it is a supernormal stimulus, and maladapted to modern highly processed and elaborately transformed foods. And we probably never consumed all that much seed oil. They are all likely culprits, and cafeteria diet is definitely guilty. Plus emasculation of men and masculinization of women directly causes obesity. That is not calories in calories out, that is spiritual forces going in and making you fat.

                • notglowing says:

                  I do not strictly track calories, but I consider it approximately when eating my meals.

                  Fasting to me was a good way of avoiding the difficulty of tracking calories.
                  As you say, simply reducing calories is troublesome long term. The idea being that your metabolism simply adapts to consuming less energy until you reach equilibrium again.

                  Maybe the problem is insulin resistance plus chronic high insulin. If you eat less of the cafeteria diet, you will lose some weight, but not a whole lot, and you will feel miserable.

                  Most likely true. Both lowering carb intake and fasting achieve greater insulin sensitivity and reduce resistance.
                  Hence I like fasting, and hence I have reduced carbs in my diet. Whether or not I will go all the way to keto I’m not sure about. But I’m considering it.

                  f you eat less of the cafeteria diet, you will lose some weight, but not a whole lot, and you will feel miserable.

                  Snacking is bad for your body for all sorts of reasons. But I think psychologically eating foods whenever you feel like it is bad for your mind. Getting used to eating as a planned activity was the best thing I got from when I started intermittent fasting.
                  Before that, I would eat at random times throughout the day. Thankfully, we never had much sugary stuff at home, or I probably would’ve ended up far worse. I would more often eat things like cheese and bread.

                • jim says:

                  I sometimes go keto, but it is socially inconvenient. Eating needs to be a social activity.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I sometimes go keto, but it is socially inconvenient. Eating needs to be a social activity.

                  Indeed. That is the biggest issue I discovered with keto and/or paleo. You basically have to be a hermit. Most people are not on this side of “the great divide”. Most social activities involve people bringing pizza, chips and dip, Cool Whip (a seed oil concoction, not even real whipped cream), sodas, … And you find yourself nibbling even if you don’t want to. On some occasions I would whip up a batch of real whipped cream, with just a tidbit of sugar, so that it would not be insipid. Usually the base dessert already provided more than enough sugar. One or another guest would invariably bring Cool Whip with dessert, and to add insult to injury, my kids would invariably prefer Cool Whip!!!

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  That is the biggest issue I discovered with keto and/or paleo. You basically have to be a hermit.

                  I really don’t understand this. Carnivore is extremely difficult to maintain in any social context, for sure. Keto is not. When I was doing keto/paleo, I could order (not an exhaustive list):

                  – Steak or ribs, with a side of steamed/sauteed veggies
                  – Hot wings, with or without dip
                  – Most types of entree salad (i.e. with “protein” added)
                  – Bacon-wrapped anything (dates, asparagus, etc.)
                  – Charcuterie plates
                  – Moderate amounts of fruit platters (especially berries)
                  – Pulled pork, brisket or any other BBQ – just get the “platter” instead of the sandwich
                  – Most fish and seafood, including lightly-breaded which usually adds less than 10g

                  I can even go to several fast-food joints and ask them for just the patties, cheese slices and bacon slices. Wendy’s will do it, some McDonald’s will do it, I think In-n-Out was well-known for doing it, etc.

                  “It’s hard to socialize” just sounds like a lame excuse to me. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: no one needs to justify not eating keto. Not to me, not to anyone. It’s not the One Diet To Rule Them All, and it’s not mandated by our government or religion. But people seem to want to argue against it anyway, based on reasons that just aren’t true. It doesn’t cause carb cravings and it doesn’t force you to be a hermit.

                  Most social activities involve people bringing pizza, chips and dip, Cool Whip, [and] sodas

                  Maybe in high school or college? The adult working-class stereotype is “griller” – think about what that means for a second: Meat. I can’t remember the last party or gathering I was at where these were the only foods available; sometimes they’re made available for snacking, and I just ignore them while I wait for the main items. I socialize and I drink my scotch on the rocks or gin and tonic, and nobody asks questions.

                  Sometimes I’ll pick apart a sandwich and just eat the meat and vegetables inside; even then, no one really asks questions because low-carb is totally mainstream now. In fact, although I’m often the first one to do it, I’ll almost always see a few other people doing it shortly afterward. Maybe we just run in very different circles, but I don’t find it difficult at all.

            • Aidan says:

              Those “beginner gains”, doubling your strength without putting on muscle, are the healing of your damaged neurology. It is not just getting more efficient at the motions, it is your central nervous system learning to recruit all the muscle that it has, something that living a modern life has caused to atrophy. With your body actually using its existing tissue, your metabolism will be better; need to keep up the lifting though.

              It is not functionally possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. If you are losing fat, you lost muscle too; if you are gaining muscle, also gaining a little fat. Being super jacked and also at a very low body fat percentage, like a bodybuilder, takes a full time job’s worth of effort.

              My advice is to lift before you try to cut. It might suck being chubby for longer, but building and then maintaining strength will make dropping the weight much easier, even though your workouts will suck. Passing out from hypoglycemia during a big lift sucks. I “naturally” intermittently fast, my body wanting to have a snack and then a meal within a small window, and if I lift heavy at the end of the fast, before eating, at risk of passing out, especially on a big deadlift or OHP. If you want to lift and also fast, lift after you eat. I would have dinner at 7 and go to the gym at 9, 930. Then after the gym I would have a shake with milk and protein powder, go to bed, and not eat until dinner the next day.

        • jim says:

          One meal every two days is going to make it hard to develop and maintain muscle. You don’t want to eat every day, because longer fasts are effective in pushing your set point down, but do you want to eat most days, or else it is going to be hard to maintain and grow muscles. So you need to pursue a rate of of weight loss that enables you to eat once a day. But you should not eat as much as you want at your one meal of the day. You should end the meal stil