Vivek Ramaswami, empire, and Thermidor

The Republic is dead. No matter what happens, and numerous unexpected and unthinkable twists in the road are coming up, we will end with a Stalin or Napoleon or Cromwell. If we are lucky and brave, a Caesar.

Vivek Ramaswami’s policy positions are wonderful. He tries to out Trump Trump. And some faction in the deep state is protecting him.

But there is something deeply fake about him. And it is most odd that he gets away with stuff which would result in any other namefag being unpersoned. I don’t know what it is, but I have recently found a clue: We had an infestation of Vivek shills on this blog, and when I asked them about Soros’ color revolutionary activities, they softly and silently vanished away.

Looks like his spambots, like vivek himself, cannot speak of anything related to Globohomo empire or the curious lack of any rules in the “rules based order”. They can speak of some of the crimes of Soros, but not of imperialism – which is most of his major crimes and the primary activity of the Open Society Foundation that Vivek warmly endorsed.

Could be that there is a faction that wants to keep Global American Empire, since after all without it a whole lot of people in Washington, New York, and Boston will suddenly be a lot poorer, and figures Globohomo is heading for a train wreck. “Lets keep on doing color revolutions, but use the nazis instead of the gay parade”

Vivek Ramasawami supports the Soros Open Society foundation, fails to criticize the Global American Empire and color revolution, and made his money in bed with the state and quasi state kleptocrats who are getting rich skimming the gravy off the Global American Empire.

The Global American Empire has been suddenly revealed as a paper tiger, due to de-industrialization, and army full of gays, trannies, and coloreds doing logistic work in base areas – camp followers dressed in soldier’s uniforms for stolen valor.
gay trannie colored army of women
Camp followers should wear a different uniform. If you have one man in your army who does not fight, bye and bye there will be no men in your army who fight.

If you are going to keep empire, have to re-industrialize. No prospect of re-industrializing except by Trump and/or Vivek. RFK Jr is anti imperialist, and Trump wants empire downsized by spinning off its unprofitable provinces. The kleptocrats want to keep empire and don’t want downsizing, because the reason the provinces are unprofitable is that the kleptocrats are skimming all the gravy. But the way things are going, the empire is about to fall. Vivek wants to keep empire.

When Vivek talks about the Ukraine, he somehow neglects to criticize empire, or, unlike Trump, even highly unprofitable empire. His proposed solution for Ukraine is to keep empire while not getting up Russia’s nose. It looks like he is backed by an imperialist faction – and of course his entire private career was cosy with the the kleptocrats. His private wealth is all connections to the kleptocracy. Could be that there is a kleptocrat faction that is planning a Thermidor?

If there is a Thermidor, we are going to be the Incroyables. When the left was in retreat, the right felt their oats. The Incroyables failed. Failed horribly. But we have something they did not. We have the lessons of history. The Incroyables failed because they celebrated the degeneracy of the Sun King’s decadent aristocracy of the Robe. Bad idea to identify with losers. This time around, or enemies will want us to identify with the Nazis, following the example of the Ukraine Nazis, who are currently fighting for a gay Jew who does not speak Ukrainian very fluently. The Ukraine Nazis are machine gunning and cluster bombing white Ukrainians who attempt to retreat in a war inflicted on them by far away imperial Jews. It is working for Globohomo in the Ukraine, so they will figure it will work for them here. And it will, if the alt right falls for it.

So, several possible outcomes, listed in order from that which I think most likely, to that least likely.

1. The Thermidorian faction of the elite is killed by the woke faction, no one cares about the nominal president (Robespierre had no official office, role, or title), and the empire cracks up in external war and internal democide and civil war.

2. The Thermidorian faction fails and fades away, a waxed corpse of Biden is elected to maintain the pretence that elections still matter, and the empire cracks up in external war, and possibly internal democide and civil war.

3. The Thermidorian faction installs a Trump/Vivek presidency. Thermidor ensues.

In the unlikely but now possible outcome that the Thermidorean faction installs a Trump/Vivek presidency, next step: The alt right becomes the incroyables. Trump/Vivek will theoretically fire the Deep State, but it will continue right on going with changed office stationary. The Deep State will attempt to massage the alt right into the Ukraine Nazis, and to the extent that they succeed, we will be following the failed footsteps of the Ukraine Nazis and the Incroyables. The Ukrainian Nazis, once no longer useful to Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, and Soros, are going to die after having been used up destroying their race and their nation.

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  1. LibsOfTikTok says:

    Vivek interviews Raichik from LibsOfTikTok…

  2. Niggers Imported Into Europe says:


  3. Traps says:

    If Vivek and or Milei are traps,
    then given in that case that they’re some pretty high quality actors,
    we’d be well and truly fucked… indeed last and final proof of total
    election bullshit.

    I’m willing to give them benefit of doubt, because they’re pretty far
    out there to be standard traps compared to what we usually see.

    But fuck if they are traps then a whole lot of people, everyone,
    will be disillusioned forever. Maybe that’s what they’re going for…
    final capitulation and submission.

    Pray for them, for whoever, that they not fall to being puppeted around.

  4. RU vs US says:

    Trigger Warning: globo’s fucking hate this video…

    Trad wins.

  5. Dead Niggers says:

    These are Niggers…

    As any video search will tell you,
    America is full of these Niggers.

    In many states shooting Niggers in defense of others is fully legal.

    When cops owned by globohomo mayors and prosecutors won’t,
    citizens will.

    • Karl says:

      In many states shooting Niggers in defense of others is fully legal.

      If you believed that you’d be doing it and we’d be reading about it in the news.

      • BRando says:

        That is the law there, no believe needed. And the pro gun alt news there has some deaded niggers in it just like that, just not enough of them. If lamstream news began showing those defens vids there would be more ded niggers and lot less crime.

        • jim says:

          Laws don’t matter, when prosecutors prosecute self defense, ignore assaults, when juries aquit browns that murder whites due to socially encouraged racial hatred against whites, and judges give nonwhites that murder whites a slap on the wrist.

  6. Repubs and Milei Win says:

    my bet.
    [*deleted for presupposing that elections and votes still matter*]

    • jim says:

      I will allow Vivek and Milei shilling. I want them to win also, But if they win, voters are irrelevant except as theater to maintain the pretence of a Republic, and I am not going to allow Vivek and Milie shilling that implicitly pushes the wagon that it is all about the will of the people, unless you pass a shill test that proves that regardless of whether or not you are a Vivek shill, you are not a deep state shill

      But if you pass the shill test against shills under deep state supervision, you can shill for anyone any way you like.

  7. Shoot the migrants says:

    Just like any other invasion, you must use any and all measures
    to ensure that they do not ever cross your border.
    If that means sinking all the boats and shooting them dead, so be it.
    History proves the invader will destroy you if you don’t.

    Wake up, terminate the migrants.

  8. State socialists on strike says:

    [*deleted for presupposing that elections still matter*]

  9. Javier Milei says:

    Javier Milei is the Libertarian running for Argentine Presidency.

    It looks like he is going to win, at least right now before the Globohomos launch their final month of an election smear compaign to install one of their own so they can keep raping Argentina too.

    So what are thoughts on Milei?

    More generally on a Libertarian Argentina?

    • jim says:

      Minarchist, not reactionary. Flaw is that he sees each individual as sovereign, which means he is on board with the Globohomo abolition of family and marriage. But, aside from that, great. Also, proposes that Argentina dollarize, which the Global American Empire wants – which is not a good idea, and why the Global American Empire puts up with him. (That, and being on board with abolition of marriage and family) Now if he was proposing bitcoinization rather than dollarization, I would think him great.

      Looks suspiciously like Vivek – a pro empire thermidorean. But Thermidor would be a huge improvement, and Milei would be a huge improvement.

      The big problem with dollarization, which El Salvador suffered from, is that it makes you a captive of US banks, which are increasingly corrupt, oppressive, unreliable, and unpredictable, El Salvador was hurting bad.

      A minarchist / libertarian / anarcho capitalist should be a big fan of private enterprise and the free market. Does he think US banks are private enterprise and the free market? Smells off.

      Like Vivek, probably a gigantic improvement, and like Vivek, not whom he says he is.

      • Brian says:

        Dollarization seem a weird saviour, especially with US debt and printflation, but it’s still about the best of the rest without blending. Argentina is big so they have to soak up a lot of actual dollars, or peg.
        Nextgen cryptos could support national adoptions.

        Wtf wrong with individual sovereignty… doesn’t make me kill family… I yield only to whatever form of common well regulated defense preparations works for the region. That’s it. Nothing else. Not to the homo or any other thing or purpose.

        Notice that Vivek is also more of a fed reformer, and at best a gold / crypto neutralist, not necessarily a dollar central bank expunger.

        But if that’s what it takes for some secret hardcore libertarians to trojan themselves in… so be it.

        • jim says:

          > Wtf wrong with individual sovereignty

          If your wife is sovereign, you don’t have a marriage. If your children are sovereign, you don’t have a family. And your daughters are likely to spend their youth, beauty, and fertility somewhere near the bottom of mister one in thirty’s booty call list. Individual sovereignty would be great if only property owning taxpaying males were individually sovereign.

    • Help Argentina says:

      Posting in full because people should know who Milei is, the level of deep state homo martyrdom he is taking on to do what he is trying to do, and where Argentina needs to go now in turn help the world by example.

      Such candidates and parties don’t have to be perfectly what you may prefer, that’s ok, but breaking open those doors, finally, for any change at all, is desperately needed.

      IMO Milei and his party must win for the world to have much of a peaceful future chance up against the Globohomo, Marxists, Islam, and 1984.

      Please at least consider finding a way to donate to Milei and to the Argentine Libertarian Party.
      Or if you can muster it, at least let others know what is going on in Argentina.

      “Never Embrace Socialism… Or The Siren Song Of Social Justice” – Argentine Presidential Candidate Milei Warns Tucker Of The Dangers Of Statism

      Argentina’s leading presidential candidate Javier Milei – a self-described anarcho-capitalist who won the primaries with 30% of the vote – sat down with Tucker Carlson this week in Buenos Aires for a wide-ranging discussion.

      Prior to the interview, Carlson documented first-hand the hyperinflationary perils of statism run wild…

      Ep. 23 Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy could soon devastate the global economy. We traveled to Argentina, where it’s already happened.
      — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) September 13, 2023

      Carlson and Milei talked about why the citizens of Argentina are fed up with the relentless lack of change and the relentless economic decline, echoing many similar patterns taking place in America, with the one-time congressman explaining his platform of radical change which would include the dissolution of numerous socialist institutions and the very central bank which has led Argentina into multiple fiscal crisis events.

      Milei’s advice to Americans is simple: “Never embrace the ideas of socialism.”

      “Never allow yourselves to be seduced by the siren song of social justice. Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need, there is a right. But that can’t happen on its own.

      We have to be prepared for this, and wage a cultural war every single day and we have to be careful because they have no problem with getting inside the State and employing Gramsci’s techniques: seducing the artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media or meddling in educational content.”

      Reflecting in the slippery slope of American leftist politics, Carlson noted that Argentina has adopted many left-wing social issues.

      “I didn’t fully appreciate the degree to which the Argentinian government had embraced fringe academic, American-style social justice,” Carlson told Milei, adding that “a businessman told me at lunch today that people who identify as transgender pay lower taxes, and that in 2019 you had a Ministry of Women and Diversity created in this country for the first time. What does that ministry do?”

      “In theory, it is supposed to deal with women’s issues,” Milei said.

      “But when you look at the results, you find there aren’t any. Just writing songs…”

      “Are women happier here?” Carlson asked.

      “No,” Milei said. “Because there are no real results.”

      And added, “why isn’t there a Ministry of Men?”

      Then, Milei really touched the third rail… by supporting President Trump, and offering him some advice:

      “[Trump] should continue his fight against socialism. Because he is one of the few who truly understood that we are fighting socialism, that we are fighting the statists.

      He understood perfectly that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector.

      The State does not create wealth, the State destroys it.

      The State can give you nothing, because it produces nothing. And when it attempts it, it does so poorly.”

      “So I’d say, if I could humbly offer advice, all I could say would be to double down on his efforts in the same direction: defending the ideals of freedom and refusing to give an inch to the socialists,” he continued.

      The discussion included Milei’s controversial denouncement of the Pope, his views on abortion, and his belief that climate change is a “socialist lie.”

      Watch the full interview below:

      (0:00) Intro
      (3:32) Inflation
      (6:00) Gender ideology
      (9:57) Abortion
      (11:45) Pope Francis’ affinity for dictators
      (14:45) Architecture
      (17:52) Advice to Americans and Donald Trump
      (22:23) Climate change
      (27:55) China
      (29:18) Prayer
      (30:39) Violent political protests

      Ep. 24 Argentina’s next president could be Javier Milei. Who is he? We traveled to Buenos Aires to speak with him and find out.
      — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) September 14, 2023

      * * *

      As Manuel Garcia Gojon writes, at The Mises Institute, Milei’s full plan – which he laid out in some detail on August 2nd, is nothing if not pragmatic from an anarchist point of view.

      The first measure consists of an organizational reform of the government, going from 18 to 8 ministries. The ministries to be included are interior, foreign relations, defense, economy, justice, security, infrastructure, and human capital. No career bureaucrats are to be fired initially, but they will be reassigned. The political appointees will not be renewed and will be kept to a minimum. All government employee privileges, such as bodyguards and drivers, will be eliminated, except in the cases in which they are absolutely necessary for security reasons. This measure also includes initiating the privatization or closure process of all state-owned companies.

      The second measure consists of a significant reduction in public spending. For the first budget, they seek to eliminate expenditure items amounting to 15 percent of GDP, taking it from a deficit to a surplus. On the revenue side, they seek to eliminate 90 percent of taxes, which only raise an amount equal to 2 percent of GDP but have a distortive effect. There is also an intention of lowering the taxes that remain.

      The third measure consists of a flexibilization of labor regulations. Firing an employee is currently very costly in Argentina between litigation and compensation. This measure is geared toward reducing those costs by making it easier for companies to fire new employees. The balancing side of this measure is the implementation of a private unemployment insurance scheme. With this measure they seek to take formal employment in the private sector from 6 million positions to 14 million positions.

      The fourth measure consists of a liberalization of trade. The goal of this measure is unilateral free trade in the style of Chile. This includes the elimination of all import and export tariffs and the reduction of regulatory restrictions.

      The fifth measure consists of a monetary reform. This measure includes allowing the use of any commodity or foreign currency as legal tender and the liquidation of the central bank, which would result in the elimination of the Argentine Peso. There are alternative plans for the implementation of this measure, but the leading one is the one developed by Emilio Ocampo and Nicolas Cachanosky. In terms of timing, it would take between nine and 24 months. The conversion would be made at the market exchange rate. Once two thirds of the monetary base has been converted, a countdown for the last date to convert would be triggered.

      An additional challenge for this measure is that the central bank has remunerated liabilities three times the size of the monetary base. These are like the Federal Reserve’s program of paying interest on reserves in order to sterilize increases in the quantity of money. The central bank does have some commodities and foreign currencies in reserves but most of the assets consist of government bonds that currently trade at a third of their face value. To access the necessary liquidity to liquidate the central bank, the bonds would be transferred to a fund which would acquire the necessary line of credit using the bonds as collateral. The line of credit has already been confidentially agreed upon. The bonds are guaranteed to increase in price if the budget deficit is eliminated as specified in the second measure.

      The sixth measure consists of an energy reform. This measure intends to eliminate all subsidies to energy providers through a recalibration of the financial equilibrium to lower costs to keep the companies profitable and minimize the impact on the cost to the consumers. This measure opens a door to subsidies on the demand side for vulnerable households. They also seek to improve the energy infrastructure through a scheme of public interest declarations for projects which would be financed and executed by the private sector, but for which the government might provide a minimum revenue guarantee.

      The seventh measure consists of fostering investment. This will be done through a special legal arrangement for long term investment with a focus on mining, fossil fuels, renewable energy, forestry, and other sectors. In order to foster investment, they will also aim to eliminate foreign exchange restrictions and export fees.

      The eighth measure consists of an agrarian reform. This includes the elimination of the foreign exchange spread between the official exchange rate and the market exchange rate through the liquidation of the central bank, the elimination of all export fees and retentions, the elimination of the gross revenue tax, the elimination of all restrictions to foreign trade including quotas and the need for authorization, the promulgation of a new seeds law, and the improvement to road infrastructure through private enterprise.

      The ninth measure consists of a judicial reform. This measure includes the designation of a Minister of Justice with the consensus of the judicial branch, as well as the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice without political affiliations to fill the present vacancy, prohibiting members of the judicial branch from engaging in partisan politics, and promoting the budgetary independence of the judicial branch. Furthermore, they will seek to implement jury trials and oral proceedings throughout the country.

      The tenth measure consists of a welfare reform. Current welfare benefits will be initially maintained. They aim to move in the long term towards a private system in which users pay for the health and education services they consume. In the short term they aim to provide income protection programs to mitigate extreme poverty, nutritional programs, parental educational programs about cognitive stimulation, greater coverage for preschool, incentives for graduation, programs for the integration of people with disabilities, the promotion of access to private credit, and the elimination of all middlemen in the provision of welfare.

      The eleventh measure consists of an educational reform. They aim to move towards a greater degree of freedom to choose the curricula, methods, and educators. The measure also includes launching a school voucher pilot program. They will also establish an evaluation criterion for schools so that they may compete for incentives.

      The twelfth measure consists of a health reform. They aim to transfer the subsidization of healthcare from supply to demand to allow for greater freedom of choice and competition. This measure includes providing the existing healthcare benefits as vouchers so that there is no restriction to a specific provider.

      The thirteenth measure consists of a security reform. This measure includes reforms to the homeland security, national defense, and intelligence laws, as well as a reform to the penitentiary system to incorporate public private hybrids and intensifying the prosecution of drug trafficking.

      The Argentine election is on October 22nd.

      • Javier Milei says:

        Here is a libertarian review of the previous tucker episode by “Poperoni” on monetary things and more…

        Sound crypto, being governed by math and freedom, will still rightly always supercede and starve out the invalid state even if govts return to “gold standard”.

    • William says:

      Here is a Tucker interviewing Milei on…

      Gender ideology, Abortion, Pope, Advice, Prayer…

      • Argentina Milei Election says:

        Javier Milei gets it.

        Nobody in the world is saying what he does, how he says it.
        Except for like Ron Paul, but not quite…
        Not even Vivek goes as deep or as sincere as Milei.

        I agree, try to support Milei and the election of his Libertarian Party in Argentina.

        “State action causes more harm than what it is supposed to correct.”
        “Non-aggression principle”
        “Social Justice is Theft”
        “Monopoly on Violence”
        “Ugliness of Socialist Architecture”
        “Socialism contaminates the system”
        “BLM LGBT Feminazi”
        “Natural temperature cycles”
        “Gramsci’s Seduction”
        “Socialists hands are stained with blood… heretics… a sin”
        “They and the Pope would destroy the world”
        “No business with Communists or Socialists”
        “Hayek, Smith”
        “Defend the lines of Freedom”
        “The offices of the rich pigs would be flooded with women”

        That line was hilarious 🙂

        The interview is a good indictment, but should have also
        been more of an advert so people can clearly see the path.

        “Doing the right thing is non-negotiable.”
        “I’m not worried.”

        Pray for this man, for Javier, that the Holy Spirit shield him
        such that he may keep doing the work he needs to do.

        With luck it will be good for Americans to see this video and
        Javier’s Party in AR doing something different and right in the world.

        If you don’t have X account, here’s one copy on youtube… ZSGolZaphJg .

        • jim says:

          Yes, he saying libertarian things that no other facefag is saying.

          But libertarianism ducks the fact that the destruction of the family is now the key issue, and Milei ducks the fact that American “capitalism” is now a lot more socialist than Chinese “socialism”

          • Garreth says:

            Libertarian can provide an *electable* environment in which you’re free to then pursue family god pastoral and or whatever other regional things. You cannot do that with the globo faggots infesting the White House and every instrumentality of the state across your lands. And without violence its a hard gamble to directly attain that by running a more fringe platform than even Libertarian. I’d be willing to bet that Milei is aware and is not ducking, and that he’s making *electable* trojan choices. Put him in and check back in a year if you think you can collect. If not, you’ve lost nothing.

            The sad part is that, unlike Milei’s LP, the US Libertarian Party is still completely full of disorganized laughable shit… they literally run boots on their head, wheelchairs, retirees, and women as prime candidates. I could point you 15 youtube channels with better chances than what the LP has been fronting.
            If they actually got their ass together on a solid minimal agreement platform and ran some solid candidates with electable personas and lives… and put some money behind it, USA wouldn’t be in the shit mess its been in since the LP has been around.
            Sure, you wouldn’t have your King, but any faggoty globos that got in from the democrat zones wouldn’t hold much relative net power in a massively downsized govt.

            THAT’s why Javier Milei and his Libertarian Party is hugely important must win support at all costs.

            You must break down the great globohomo barrier wall and prop up places of diverse evolution again.

            It is in those places that you can find or make a home.

            Godspeed Milei.

            • jim says:

              “just bake the cake why don’t you?” He did not say that, but he is not coming out against it.

              Libertarians have been a broken reed on cultural issues, starting with Ayn Rand’s adultery.

              Also, dollarization. Which amounts to “lets just submit to big American banks because they are totally private enterprise – just like Twitter and Facebook are totally private enterprise.”

              Vivek is way better on this than Milie or Trump, I have seen him explain repeatedly why and how “private” enterprise is converged to the state. Milei would piously say that is a bad thing, but he is not pointing it out, nor proposing to do anything about it, and when he says dollarization, he is denying it. Dollarization means Americans get to say who get canelled, demonetized, and deplatformed.

              Also, supports Global American Empire. China bad, Russia bad, Ukraine is democracy and private enterprise.

              You cannot have freedom unless you take away other people’s freedom. The ideal is that good and productive people take away the freedom of wicked and unproductive people, because if we do not, the wicked and unproductive people are not going to let us be.

              And in order to take away that freedom, the good people have to give up a substantial amount of their freedom to form a collective entity capable of defending us, itself, and its collective nature.

              The whole idea of diversity is “Why can’t we all get along?” Well, that would be nice, but it turns out we cannot.

              Quietly allowing gays to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes does not cause problems. But if it is actually legal and socially accepted to do it in the privacy of their own homes, they are not going to be content with the privacy of their own homes, they are going to complain the closet is oppressive, and they are going to come out and stuff it down your throat. There is not enough room in the cultural and social space for both gay and straight. If one is allowed in, the other has to hide in fear.

              Why cannot two occupy that space? I gave the reasons at great length. They are more or less the same reasons gays gave for why the closet was oppressive to them, seen from the other side. seen by someone who found the cultural and social norms that gays were objecting to as comfortable as an old well fitting shoe. For men to be men, and women to be women, gays and trannies have to be forced back in the closet.

              As I said before, and now repeat: I gave a long, long, long, long, list of reasons, and these are what we have in fact experienced.

              Which can be summarized as saying that sex, sexuality, and family is such a big thing in the culture that there is not room for two. I want to be in that space, I am not allowed in, so we have to make gays get out of it.

              You have more room to breath now that drag queens can perform sexual acts on the floor of Multnomah library. I have less room to breath now Andromeda and Perseus can non longer get it on in pages on the shelves.

              Obviously the state should not bother looking behind closed doors, for the reasons I gave in that post, and the state does not look behind my closed door, though it it did it would be utterly horrified. If it looked into any happy marriage and any happy family it would be utterly horrified. But the whole “out of the closet” thing is because sexuality extends a long long way outside the door. And it just turns out that two cannot occupy that cultural space. Or at least gay behavior is such that it cannot co-exist with another pattern of sexual behavior, but must impose its cultural pattern on on all sexual behavior, so that heterosexuality becomes just another fetish within the immense array of gay fetishes, and heterosexuals must practice their particular odd peculiar fetish the way gays practice theirs. If gayness comes out of the closet, straightness finds itself retreating into the closet.

              • Randall says:

                [*deleted for demon worship, for presupposing that elections are free and fair, and that facefags can speak the truth*]

                • jim says:

                  You are allowed to argue that facefags can speak the truth, and someone who seeks the truth could run for office, but I will not allow anyone to assume it as though it was uncontroversial, as though everyone believed it to be true.

                  No one believes it to be true, what they believe is that it is a thoughtcrime to doubt that it is true, which is not the same thing, though it is also a thoughtcrime to notice the difference, so lots of people believe that they believe it to be true. They don’t.

                  That Vivek an Millei are allowed indicates backing from a deep state faction. Hence the common factor to both of them, their pro imperial policies.

                • Mister Grumpus says:


                  “No one believes it to be true, what they believe is that it is a thoughtcrime to doubt that it is true, which is not the same thing, though it is also a thoughtcrime to notice the difference.”

                  A bit long for a bumper sticker, but this is an instant Jimmy Classic.

    • Argentina Election Liberty says:

      Embracing Liberty… the Argentine election in October is probably the most important election on the planet right now.

      Do you recognize that chart… it’s exactly what Vivek’s doing… slashing the corrupt useless Goverment.

      Those aren’t filthy Socialists out in the streets, they are Libertarians… Don’t Tread On Me.

      Straight talk from inside, no bullshit.

      Viva Milei.

      • jim says:

        The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

        The reason that Vivek and Milei are being tolerated is that there is a faction in the empire that has realized that while it was tremendously satisfying to make white males suffer and to smash the production of goods, white males were where their shells and artillery were coming from. If Vivek or Milei wins, this is merely a Thermidor. Boiling the frog will continue in ways that do not so adversely affect the supply of shells and artillery.

        If Milei was actually Libertarian, he would regard the US dollar as only moderately less toxic than the Argentine peso.

      • Jaron says:

        I just find about this guy on this blog.
        I watch he videos now,

        I want Milei to win.

        He going set new example for world. It is so much needed.

        Be good you guys ok.

  10. William Martin says:


    • jim says:

      1488 is a code word that says “I am a Soros shill trying to sound edgy but forbidden from committing any thought crimes by the supervisor who is seated near me in this open plan office building as I type on a computer provided to Soros by the FBI IT department or the State Department IT department.”

      Can you tell us what Soros did in the Ukraine?

      Actual Nazis, though there are very few of them around these days, can talk about what actual powerful Jews are doing. No one who says “1488” can say that?

      1488 stands for “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Heil Hitler”

      But you are unable to say those words, because it implies that our existence is under threat. Which you are not allowed to say. Actual Nazis say our existence is under threat in so many words, and I frequently say our existence is under threat in so many words. You say “1488” because you are not allowed to say that.

      And as far as I can tell, no one who is allowed to say that in plain words, or very few of them, says “1488”. I suspect this code word was invented by the ADL so that their shills could sound edgy without being edgy.

      • William Martin says:


        • jim says:

          Silently deleting all your posts from here on unless you can actually name the Jew. I asked you what Soros did in the Ukraine, and your supervisor would not allow you to answer.

  11. Niggers says:


    • jim says:

      Tell us what happens to white people when forced to live in proximity to black people? This is yet another shill test.

      Your style is unmistakable. I can tell all these posts come from the same person with the same bunch of scripts, and if you continue to not pass shill tests, going to silent deletion. This is the last time I ask you to pass a shill test.

  12. Support Bidens 2024 Run says:

    [*deleted for taking elections seriously*]

    • jim says:

      Take the shill test.

      I don’t think anyone really takes elections seriously since 2020, it is just a thought crime to doubt, and supporting unthinkable candidates (Trump) is a way of showing opposition to the regime that has not yet been criminalised.

  13. Vivek on 2nd Amendment 1776 says:

    [*vivek shilling deleted for failure to address topics relevant to this blog*]

    • jim says:

      Please try to use a script related to the topics of this blog

      • Guns Are Related says:

        Wtf half this blog is about freedom and guns and history and pol and right and whatever, and you’re so cucked to somebodys weird control scheme or whatever that you can’t post a simple convo from gun channel? [*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          When guns are the topic, Vivek is as bland as they come. And bland “vote harder” videos are off topic.

          You are not going to get a politician who does not own a gun saying anything very interesting on guns on any channel.

          The trouble with that talk was that it was all about how we are nation of ideas, not ethnicity. With the obligatory reference to how bad it was that blacks were oppressed and how that constituted falling short of our wonderful ideas. I would like to see a gun talk that links gun control and prohibitions on self defense to whites being burned out of Detroit. They took people’s guns away, and then drove them out of the homes that they had built.

          But, to compensate for silencing a mighty mainstream talk about the second amendment (and all the gun talk on this blog has been about what is most efficient in killing people) I will post some links on guns that actually are edgy.

          The FGC-9 is a firearm anyone can make, anywhere in the world.

          Made from 3D-printed parts paired with unregulated metal parts, it stands as a death-blow to future US gun control efforts, and circumvents strict European gun control laws.

          In times coming, what Ivan the Troll says is likely to matter rather more than what Vivek says. Which is why I don’t allow unlimited Vivek shilling. If I did the entire blog would be “vote harder, it will work this time”

          If Vivek gets in, it will not be because anyone voted. It will be because the deep state has decided that preserve the Global American Empire, they have to stop destroying the production of physical things, and reign in those leftists who keep suppressing the production and distribution of physical goods. (The Trots were running the Russian economy into the ground, which is a major part of the reason Stalin had to crush them. I hope for a Stalin, but Stalin was a warrior, Vivek is con man and front man. He might pave the way for a Stalin, as the Thermidorans paved the way for Napoleon.)

          And Vivek is not going to do diddly squat for the second amendment. During the talk he failed to talk about the numerous second amendment violations of the Biden administration, and how these violations ethnically target white affluent and law abiding people, while the Mexican cartels get a closed eye.

          He was on a gun channel. “My administration will immediately stop the following violations of the second amendment ….” is almost obligatory when a politician gets on a gun channel, and Vivek failed to say it. Instead “nation of ideas” and oppression of black people.

          You can take your second amendment and shove it. When we are in power, only some people are going to be allowed guns. All men were not created equal. White male taxpaying homeowners in Destroit should have had guns, and Detroit blacks should not.

          When Eton won the battle of Waterloo on its playing fields, boys were trained to take orders and give them. Those people should own guns. Also light artillery and drones capable of delivering light explosives. The children of the elite should not only be target shooting, but should be playing with autonomous drones that deliver paint bombs of washable dye.

          • Fools cant Nation says:

            The US is a nation of fools… it was White (english, french, german, spaniard, polish, irish, italian, nords… nice white christian eurotrash, the way it should be, even some greeks and chinks).
            Then they imported negros as slaves, perhaps economic good, but morally bad (and is the situation today not still the punishment for that sin).
            Then they freed them negros, and they lived just fine upstanding, not too many percent.
            But then the US invented adopted the modern Democrat Party, and its Socialism, put in FDR etc, started handing out free shit in the cities, and all the formerly upstanding free but poor negroes flocked to the cities and started multiplying like rabbits supported by Democrat free shit, and made turned into ignorants by the Leftist schools.
            Then baby Bush came and tried crusading islam but failed and ended up importing it.
            Then came the Obama Fag that took all that and multiplied it 10x worse.
            Then came Biden and his gay pedo blm army that imported the hispos sealing the US percent completely permanently in black brown and useless.

            Christianity became too foolishly naieve resulting in democide.
            Good luck attempting to thermidor US back to time of crusades in the current environment.

            That’s actually where Trump has a small marginal potential, he won’t downsize the state like Vivek will try to, but he might allow an ideological return Crusade to form and even to freely play out.

            2028 is where the real course will become clearer….
            Biden-Dems may defraud 2024 again, so if US constitution survives that, you have to wait to 2028 to see if a new real mythical candidate arises then.
            If T or V win 2024 as precursors, that engine could then back the run of 2028’s valiant.

            And if 2028 yields no valiant, then …

            • jim says:

              You are still focused on elections. Elections ceased to matter in 2020.

              I have for a decade or two predicted 2026. Events have speeded up greatly this year, and they speeded up greatly last year, and the year before that. Every year, we approach collapse much faster than the previous year. Which extrapolates to infinite leftism in finite time, and that finite time is not very long. Infinite leftism is everyone dies, as in Szechuan province, but usually a Stalin a Cromwell grabs power and puts a stop to it. Probably we will get a Stalin, with luck a Cromwell. With luck, courage, and undeserved divine intervention, a Beria, a Constantine, or a General Monck.

              Historical precedent is that first you get a Stalin. Then with no prospect of immanentizing the eschaton, the faith of leftism dies. And then you get a Deng, often after very long and very terrible delay. Vivek fancies himself as a Deng, but I doubt that he is. We shall see.

              For a Deng to come sooner, rather than later, he is going to have to eradicate leftism from the right, rather than from the left, as Stalin and Cromwell did. This is likely to require black helicopters and long distance swimming lessons. A Deng that who comes while leftism is still alive is going to have a rougher ride than a Deng who comes after leftism has quietly died under a Stalin or a Cromwell. Which is why a Deng often fails to arrive except after some considerable delay.

              My plan is that when a Stalin comes, we are going to lecture him from a safe distance that his state religion is fundamentally hostile to him, and he should do a Constantine. He may not listen, as Ahab failed to listen. In which case, at some point we do an Elisha.

              • Msrs. Smith and Wesson says:

                Does not one realize that, such prognostication aside, it is Msrs. Smith and Wesson who will come before any of that.
                Simply put, the people are done, they want all the pols out and gone. They give fuck all what’s next, they just want all the current ones out. Look at any “Who do you trust / want” poll, pols are ranking dead last.

                Gun sales in USA have been well above 1 Million (1,000,000) guns per MONTH on average for well over Four (4) Years straight. That’s one per 20+% of entire functional component of USA population, in just four years.

                They’re not buying them to defend from Democrats Chicago Blacks and SanFran Zombies… they’re buying them for some blend of Descent to Revolution and Civil War that the back of their mind senses is inevitably brewing.

                The only real questions are
                – which factions are doing the buying
                – which factions know how to actually use them
                – what will rise as things settle out

                • jim says:

                  Organized violence always beats unorganized violence. No revolution until Caesar. All successful revolutions are always sponsored by a state faction (which may well lose control of events, but they always start out with state sponsorship). This is apt to so disable the state that foreign sponsorship becomes highly effective.

                  In the event of a state sponsored anti white pogrom, there is likely to be another state faction that is not too keen on it.

              • Pews aren't complete yet says:

                The printer crowd isn’t really useful until they can make primers cases powder and barrel instructibles. Potshots are one thing, being able to hold off hordes of zombies and enforcers is another.

                • jim says:

                  Making your own ammo has long been known, and people have been doing it forever. Making your own guns is new – well, not new, but an art that was lost long ago, back when guns were less advanced than today. It got left behind by mass produced guns, and then forgotten. Now reinvented for state of the art weapons.

                • State of art guns says:

                  [*delete*] No, reloading doesn’t count in regions that ban ammo too.[*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  It is a whole lot easier to make bullet cases than to make guns. So reloading brass does count.

                  And as for the explosives, I have made explosives, though not primers. What propels a bullet is gun cotton and nitroglycerine, a with a few drops of stabilizer.

                  Explosives are the easiest part. The gun itself is the hardest part. Ivan the Troll’s realisation of electrochemical machining is the breakthrough that made home manufacture of modern type guns possible. You can now make any small complex metal part of hard metal at home. That was the show stopper.

                • Nope says:

                  Countries that ban guns, ammo, chemicals.
                  Reloading does not count there.
                  Guns and parts do not count there.
                  Explosives do not count there.
                  Because they’ve all been banned or strictly regulated only to preferred corporations and do not exi

                  [*rest of the black pilling deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  You can make explosives, including the explosives used in bullets, from agricultural fertilisers, and I have done so. That problem was addressed before the internet was a thing. The problem of making your own ammo has long been solved.

                  And Ivan the Troll just solved the problem of making modern guns without recourse to gun parts. That was the remaining problem and was the hardest.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              One day, in Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an agent idly browses the internet. He finds a copy of Camp of the Saints, starts reading it, and a light bulb clicks on in his head.

              One year later, a great flotilla departs western Africa bound for the eastern United States. It flies no flags and answers no radio calls, but flyovers show the decks densely packed with black people, not a single white person visible among them. As with the black dinghies presently ferrying Africans to Europe, no one knows who owns these ships, and no one dares stop them because that would be racist.

              Tens of millions of black Africans become Americans in the next few years and the USA becomes a “developing” country with little influence on world affairs, like South Africa and Argentina. Russia then has a free hand in Europe, China retakes Taiwan without a fight, and rural white Americans shoot niggers, Mexicans, homos, feds, and drug dealers on sight.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Everyone in 2023 knows that Africans are weapons, to deploy upon one’s enemies.

                • Soros Deploys Magical Negroes BORDERLESS says:

                  Soros et al knew about and leveraged the Magical Properties of the Negro (and the Muslim) in the early 2000’s… well before 2023.

                  These events are wholly MANUFACTURED, they are designed, funded, launched, propaganda’d, incited, and triggered, with intent, by players at the top of the GloboHomo hierarchy. These are NOT natural migrants or asylum seekers. They are weapons of the GloboHomo against you. The intentional result is destroying your last remaining civilizations into shitholes, so that the Elite can rule the entire planet from the top, one world unaccountable Govt of the Elite, everyone else (you) as chattel slaves, under 1984.

                  The correct response is to deploy genuine deterrance thar rolls to the top of the Globohomo Empire…
                  – Sink the ships, they are an invasion force, armed not with guns but with brown sperm and moose religion, both are used to rape and destroy you.
                  – Shoot those home invaders when they cross the border (doorstep of your home)
                  – Round them up, refit the ships with sealed autopilot and drone them back.
                  – Shoot Soros, the GloboHomos, their NGOs, et al… and all their Elite apologist stateheads involved.
                  – Counter propaganda, teach once again about the natural value peace prosperity and competitive human development that comes from following nature’s higher command design diversity and fittest evolution that keeps all separate.

                  Look around you, watch the different peoples, there is no real “integration”,
                  they all remain separate no matter how many centuries they’ve been forced,
                  integration is a FICTION. Forced homogenization goes dangerously against
                  the laws of nature, and nature will ultimately reject such force, with
                  unpredictable violence. It is better that you reject it and its Evil actors
                  before then.

                  There are even better vids on Rumble and Bitchute than this one…

                  [*link to enemy shill propaganda deleted*]

                  Even the Hindu are being invaded, their culture their heritage their lands their religion,
                  all being destroyed by the same Globalist Empire.

                  It is a full scale *WAR*, run from the highest levels of Global Control,
                  one that as with other wars in history that first did so, breaks with the norms
                  of prior conventional wars to gain both asymmetric and color and psyop advantage.
                  Unconventional wars must be defended against by use of all unconventional means
                  that are necessary for such defense.


                  The Laws of Nature apply to all peoples, it’s time that all peoples begin to return and cherish that again.

                • jim says:

                  There are better links on Rumble. Give us a better link than that one.

                  And take the Soros shill test: Can you tell us what Blinken, Nuland, and Soros did in the Ukraine. And in particular what Soros did to bring about the current war.

                  Can you tell us why whites cannot live with negroes, and what happens when we are forced to do so?

                  Allowing this through because no shill payload is obvious, but what is obvious is that it only says the things that shills are permitted to say. And there was an obvious shill payload in your YouTube link.

                  Say the things on this topic that shills are not permitted to say, and I will take you off moderation. And link to a Rumble video that is not pushing shill payload on this topic.

                • Soros Deploys Magical Negroes BORDERLESS says:

                  Since you claim he doesn’t and can’t, then it is up to you Jim, and others, to answer that [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  The answers to the shill tests have been posted on this blog by myself and others many times. Just copy and paste.

                  What a surprise that you are strangely unable to say those words.

                  What happens when whites are forced to live with negroes is that they get burned out of the homes and cities they built, as in Detroit.

                  Shills are allowed to say they hate negroes because negroes are magical, and women because women are wonderful, and Jews because they are so terribly clever. But they are not allowed to notice any practical problems that result in letting blacks roam around outside of a zoo or nature preserve, allowing women off leashes, nor any specific identified deeds of powerful Jews still in power.

                • Soros Deploys Magical Negroes BORDERLESS says:

                  Any retard that sees the USA evening news knows that.

                • jim says:

                  Any retard does indeed know that, even though it is absolutely never mentioned in the legacy media.

                  Tell us, however, what it is that every retard does indeed know.

                  Why are you having such strange difficulty telling us what every retard knows, but evening news can never mention.

  14. Do You Stand For Revolution? says: Vivek Ramaswamy

    A singularity has formed, one that is too
    powerful to defeat via passive means…
    Therefore it is time…
    Become the Revolution…

    Trump, Ramaswamy, or a last minute declarant that wins all…

    • jim says:

      Vivek is not revolution. At best, a thermidor, possibly a trap. Trump might be persuaded to be a revolutionary as the alternative is likely to be death, but he is too deep in normality bias. He is a deal maker, he wants to make a deal with those with whom no deal is possible.

      Trump or Vivek would be a huge improvement, but “revolution” is strident Vivek shilling. Vivek has noticed the American Empire is falling, and that maintaining control of the narrative so that no one notices is unlikely to be effective.

  15. Obama is a Faggot says:

    Obama utilized the drugged out gay services of Larry Sinclair, twice…

  16. Klingenstein's Speeches The War says: Klingenstein The War Intro Klingenstein The War Pt1 Klingenstein The War Pt2 Klingenstein The War Pt3 Klingenstein The War Pt4 Klingenstein on Manufactured Things

    • jim says:

      Normiecon talking head. Talks far too much saying far too little.. Great production values. I wish we could do a talking head like that, but we dare not show our real faces.

      He complains black grievance is manufactured. Nah, the problem is that blacks are genetically stupid and criminal, and having the same laws for blacks and whites does not work for either whites or for blacks, blacks being the primary victims of black violence. Totally oblivious to the woman question.

      Great talking head. Great production values. Meaningless normiecon words that concede everything to our enemies. Calling for war to conserve last year’s radical leftism.

      • Fidelis says:

        >I wish we could do a talking head like that, but we dare not show our real faces.

        I have no production ambition, but between the nvidia avatars and general animation stuff, cannot be too difficult to make something nice. Give another few years and the tooling for fully synthetic video will make a talking head type video entirely from a human that doesn’t exist should be around.

        Assuming the nukes dont fly before then at least.

        • jim says:

          I tried an early version of this. Sucks. By now better is probably available.

          The advantage of video is non verbal communication. The non verbal data is destroyed by the tools that I tried – which are likely out of date now. That very high quality normiecon video had wonderful non verbal stuff.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            The non verbal data is destroyed by the tools that I tried

            You need something different from fully synthetic avatars. You need something more like what they did in the movie “Avatar” where they put reference fiducial marks are the actors real faces, then the software morphs them to the new face, but maintains all the expressions and non-verbal movements. Of course, with a good global surveillance database and good software, the powers that be could probably reverse map who the original person was from unique facial tics, etc.

            • jim says:

              Avatar was not done in real time. They filmed the actors, and then the result came out very slowly and much later.

              Current realtime software is a 2D transform, while Avatar was a 3D transform.

              For the software to accurately read the three D shape of the original in real time, needs special hardware, two video cameras for binocular vision, or, better and considerably cheaper, three high intensity near infrared lights similar to those used in security systems, but strobing.

              To do it right in realtime needs special hardware, and I am just not seeing any systems that make use of such hardware.

              > Of course, with a good global surveillance database and good software, the powers that be could probably reverse map who the original person was from unique facial tics, etc.

              I don’t think they would be able to reverse the transformation to find the real person. Observed experience is that the parts of the face that are most important in non verbal communication are remarkably useless for individual identification, apart from the lips. Evolution has homogenized the non verbals, and not the ids. Obviously.

              A hat that covers the ears, or most of them, a mask that covers the lips and chin, and glasses works pretty well, but losing the lips is kind of bad, and the nose provides some individual id. Obviously you want to keep the lip movements, change the shape of lips, and change the shape of the chin, skull, ears, and nose. One could go silly on any part that is rigid, which requires the software to accurately know the original 3D shape of what it is transforming.

              To remove ID while preserving non verbals, just has to be 3D. And 3D transforms need good 3D data. 2D transforms just inherently munge the non verbals. Notice the special equipment that movies like avatar use to get 3D on their actors.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                I wasn’t thinking of real time. I was thinking more along the lines of a Youtube video, filmed, then with post production. I think a person would look pretty stupid in a live video with fiducial marks all over their face, even if only visible to the studio audience. LOL. Perhaps if an AI is trained on a specific face the 3D computational requirements might be reduced.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The voice was uncannily similar to Ben Shapiro, only slightly deeper. Physiology is also immediately off putting, geriatric, old, weak, fat, and all obviously due to poor self maintenance rather than age. At the very least, if going with an old guy, get one that emanates an aura of wisdom. No amount of production value can fix those deficiencies, in fact it points to low production value, shit casting, as they can’t even hire aesthetically pleasing talking heads anymore.

        Made me curious about the YouTube channel, it’s choke full of women. Their last video uploaded is a podcast by a woman about the lack of manliness in the country.

        Where has the testosterone gone? All ones would need to do (for some effective propaganda) is go to a gym and find the local gigachad, put them in a suit, and hand them a script, but there’s a distinct fear of manliness and vitality even on the right because people naturally take their social cues from power and power hates testosterone and loves estrogen, hates beauty and loves ugliness.

        Setting up such an operation would be fairly trivial in certain places in East Asia, East Europe, and most of Africa. The actual ownership of the operation would be obscure. The local authorities would view it as a funny foreign monkey show so long as it only talks about the outside. It would be unharassed.

    • Philipe LeFebre on Revol not React says:

      [*FBI shilling deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Take the FBI shill test

        Prove you are not typing away in an FBI office on a computer supplied by the FBI IT department right now.

        mention those FBI activities that so many other people, myself among them, have spoken about at length. You call for violence, and cannot mention one of the major reasons that would make violence just and necessary?

        You are calling for civil war without a Caesar and for the normiecon goal of conserving last year’s leftism. Because FBI is not allowed to acknowledge the year before that. We now have facefag mainstream politicians running for office on platforms far to the right of any positions that the FBI is allowed to notice exist. You guys need a longer leash. Your unreasonably tight leash makes you stick out like dogs balls. Everyone is just obviously way to your right.

        • William says:

          Looking at this whole thread post, I see so much cenorship.

          • jim says:

            No censorship here. I am silencing repetitious spam issued by blatantly obvious FBI shills on every forum that allows it. If I allowed it, rational and relevant discussion would be drowned out by meaningless noise generated by government shills working from government offices, as you are, as has happened on so many other forums, as killed usenet, near identical scripts flooding every usenet newsgroup regardless of the topic of the newsgroup, and regardless of what the real participants wanted to talk about. No matter what they said, they got a pile of unresponsive responses to swerve the thread to pre-approved governmental noise topics. We have seen one forum after another destroyed in this fashion by the government. You don’t intend a conversation, you intend to drown out signal with noise, as has happened to every free speech forum that fails to adequately armor up against it. Every forum either has to silence free speech so that the shills will leave it alone, or else silence or shadowban shills, or it just dies because government generated noise drowns out everything.

          • alf says:

            The amount of shill spam on this thread is noticeably above average. No doubt a certain keyword in this blog post’s title triggered that.

  17. State's Negroes Bash Vivek says:

    Here we see Deep State Democrat Negroes doing bidding of their White Jew TV Massa’s,
    brokeass US gonna haffa get pulled out of Israel too…

    Political frauds and Liars on MSNBC CNN Sharpton’s Lovefest w Vivek Pressley Gets Bash’ed by Bowman’s Nonsense Psaki knobs all over Bowman’s schlong, Demands Censorship, Shills China, Bans Guns

    ps: Beware the Grooming of the Haley

    Vivek Ramaswamy Now A White Supremacist, According To Democrat Party

    by Ben Bartee

    Vivek Ramaswamy, as a ‘Person of Color’ who refuses to adhere to ‘Social Justice’ dogma by dutifully assuming the role of permanent victim, really pushes the Democrat Party/corporate state media (one and the same entity) buttons.

    Here is MSNBC siccing its #1 racist attack dog, longtime race-grifter Al Sharpton – truly a one-trick pony – on Ramaswamy.

    Similarly, here is possibly the dumbest member of Congress (arguably edging fellow top contender and astroturfed, pseudo-populist “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley) Jamaal Bowman (spelled with two A’s for presumably some extra ethnic flavor or whatever) attacking GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on the grounds that he (an Indian with brown skin) is something called a ‘White Supremacist’.

    Keep black women’s name out of your mouf* [sic], first of all. That’s number one.

    Number two, keep black people name [sic] out of your mouf [sic].

    And instead of spewing hateful, disgusting ignorant, dumb**s rhetoric, how about you pay homage to the black people in this country that have fought and died for the freedoms you exercise today?

    How about you pay homage to the black people historically that have continued to save the soul of America and move America forward?

    How bout [sic] that? Instead of fitting it nicely into the pocket of the White Supremacists that you are…

    Keep a black woman’s name out [sic] your mouf [sic]. Keep black people’s name out [sic] your mouf [sic]…

    Have some respect, so that maybe you’ll be taken seriously one day.

    Bowman is a darling of the corporate state media circuit, which is, of course, irrefutable proof that he is a fake populist and a sleazy grifter capitalizing on his skin color for clout and cash.

    Here he is getting drooled over by former White House press secretary and current MSNBC propagandist (it’s the same job) Jen Psaki at the Rosa Parks Educational Campus.

    Real hard-hitting journalism, there, Jen. Way to hold a government official’s feet to the fire.

    • jim says:

      Your quotes don’t work(I edited your quotes so that wordpress will display them).

      Low effort vivek shilling. On moderation for not submitting stuff that displays in wordpress as intended.

      Accepttable Vivek shilling would be to clarly state Vivek’s position on affirmative action, preferably without Vivek’s evasive little dance. He is a namefag, so has to dance. You are shilling under a fake name and email address. Don’t be so evasive.

  18. On Dude's Revolution Now says:


    act now.

    • jim says:

      Prove you are not typing away in an FBI office on a computer supplied by the FBI IT department right now.

      • jim says:

        Every battle is won or lost before it is fought.

        We are acting now. In ways outside the very short time horizon and limited comprehension of our enemies.

        The nature of the beast with seven heads and ten horns is that it cannot think beyond creating the points for next weeks power point presentation.

  19. Revolution Now says:

    [*please take the FBI shill test*]

    • jim says:

      Tell us what Mueller was up to in the lead up to 911, and in RussiaRussiaRussia. Tell us why Vivek wants to shut down the FBI.

      If you are advocating immediate unorganized violent action, surely these topics should be near and dear to your heart?

      • Hrm says:


        • jim says:

          Take the FBI shill test.

          Say the things that any normie Republican can and does say, that shills employed by someone other than the FBI can say, but that FBI shills are strangely unable to say.

          Mueller has been retired for a while. Why is it that you guys still cannot shaft him?

          All these guys who call for violence, and cannot mention one of the major reasons that would make violence just? Cannot give an explanation of why peaceful solutions are no longer possible? Revolutionaries are supposed to have a list of grievances.

          • Say those things Jim says:

            [*deleted for mysterious inability to say about the FBI what not only I have said many times, but many normie grassroots Republicans have said many times under their official government registered names, and even obvious Soros shills have said while shilling for Judeo-Christianity (the faith of Jesus the Jewish Community organizer, not the faith of the eternal Christ.)*]

            • Wow Jim's A Censor and Fraud says:

              The fact that Jim’s censoring all these peoples posts proves that he is incapable of providing refutation, [*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                What it proves is that you are strangely unable to mention those FBI activities that so many other people, myself among them, have spoken about at length.

                All you have to do is copy paste the juicy bits from one of my many Mueller comments, and I will allow your comment through.

                You are an FBI shill, and you are not allowed to mention, or even to make relevant response to someone else mentioning, the many grossly criminal activities of the FBI, which justifies and necessitates not just shutting it down, but removing a large proportion of its workforce to a gulag in Alaska.

                Everyone else can mention them, though namefags have to be delicate and a little bit ambiguous, but you are unable to do so.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  They are sending shill teams now. The Eye swivels to and fro, Jim, seeking to find you. Maybe someone realizes there’s something here, something powerful, and they wish to take you captive, then force the goose to lay golden eggs a gunpoint… no, that’s too crazy ha ha. More likely you’ve been Noticed as a part of this growing glowie operation to crush potential dissidents with random examples. Neo Nazis with ties to the War of Langley’s Longhouse start to spring from nowhere with masked, fit men behind them. Boomers with loose tongues get gunned down by massive teams of Thrall Whites and their grrl boss masters. The Conspiracy of Conspiracies is starting to shake itself apart.

                  Here, let’s throw some chum in the water and see how these remoras with delusions of sharkness react.

                  9/11 was a real terrorist operation put together by CIA assets and tacitly allowed by Mueller’s FBI because they were too busy going after straight white male Christians. With egg on faces reddened by the laughter emanating from Langley, the FBI spun up a psyop, with help from the Agency,with a very simple payload: Bush did 9/11. Langley wasn’t laughing for very long, as this psyop opened unexpected doors and the Global War on Terror became a cover for globalizing the longhouse.

  20. Vivek Should Win says:

    [*when shilling for Vivek, please focus on issues relevant to this blog*]

  21. Obama Is Gay says:


    Obama has Gay Sex with Gay male Homos.
    Obama is a Nigger.
    Obama says “My Muslim Faith” on camera multiple times.
    Obama is a crack addict.
    Obama writes Gay Sex Fantasies.

    Biden has inappropriate showers with children.
    Biden is white trash.
    Biden is a disgrace to Catholicism.
    Biden is addicted to power.
    Biden has fantasies about being a raging political madman.

    Obama and Biden are Political Frauds.

    Larry Sinclair services corrupt gay politicians.

    The News Media straight up lies to you,
    and Zuckerberg and Google Youtube censor the truth.

  22. Anti-Pedos Get Whacked says:

    Here we see Vivek get his campaign ended…

    • jim says:

      So far, nothing he has said has resulted in the apocalyptic reactions that other namefags get.

      I conjecture that a faction in the deeps state, the kleptocrats that suck up lots of gravy from the American Empire, have quietly converted to making America great again.

      And Epstein’s client list is not all that interesting. We already have the flight manifest of the Lolita Express.

      • Vlad says:

        I think Vivek’s not our freind.
        As you say he gets away with saying things no one else can. It’s not his skin color see what happened to that nigger. And what does he say? Trump like things, things that can’t happen with civil war. Deep states who’s crossed the Rubicon and they are loud and proud. Trumps too dumb to know you can’t lock up the Clintons or abolish the FBI without war. Vivek’s not that dumb. You know who else is that dumb? Cuckservatives. So Vivek for now pulls some trump votes while setting himself up for VP not that trump has a chance of winning fake election but just in case they got a man inside. And he might pull considerable trump votes there’s going to be some who feel trump failed because naive others who feel they can’t vote on someone with legal issues hanging over. Of course there’s the never trump types but most would go for one of the others. Say deep state Jews manage to eliminate trump with prison which seems they would prefer to another obvious election theft. Then Vivek gets all trumps votes. Because he’s only one who’s talked the trump talk. Now deep Jews have their Manchurian yet again. And what will he do? Talk talk talk wave hands make a few insignificant changes that just happen to work out for deep Jews. Then after he’s done they’ll give him a billion in book deals and stuff.
        Obama was one of theirs so are the bushes I think Clinton’s crashed in because they had the child murders in Arkansas on the deeps running drugs for contras but eventually they got comfortable. Reagan maybe was another trump but bush had him in control just saying I think they have been rigging elections by several means since Roosevelt

        • jim says:

          A plausible scenario is that Trump is elected while in prison with Vivek vice president. The keepers argue he cannot pardon himself, and the vice president is not acting president, and cannot pardon him. Then he commits suicide during a mysterious camera malfunction of all cameras in his cell and near his cell.

          The president of course can pardon himself. The remedy for presidential misconduct is impeachment, not the police and judiciary.

          Vivek is lying about something, and faking something. On the other hand some of what he is saying is genuine and heartfelt. But he is an indian, and his entire career was in bed with Harvard, the deep state, and the keptocracy. Indians are unreliable, white Christians cannot rely upon them, but if the deep state thinks it can rely on Indians, a surprise is coming.

          It is completely obvious that Vivek is a deep state plot. But a plot of which of the quarrelling factions? You suggest it is the Brezhnevians. I think it the Thermidorians. A thermidor gives us a chance, a slim chance, to do right what the Incroyables did wrong. And Vivek may well have his own plans – he is lying to us about something, while speaking truthfully from his own heart about other things. Likely he is also lying to his deep state handlers.

          When someone is about to lie, I can see a sort of shadow flit briefly over their face. But then Vivek comes out not with a flat out lie, but with a half truth. So what is the other half? I am not sure. When says he plans to shut down the FBI, he speaks the truth, sort of, but when he gets into the details, I see that shadow quite a bit, and I hear truth that leaves out something important. He is running away from something important with the quite good excuse that he is running towards something important.

  23. Races Not War says:

    Hundreds of years ago there were…
    No niggers in honkys lands.
    No honkys in niggers lands.
    All was peachy keen.
    Then the honkys made two grave mistakes, they…
    Imported niggers into honky lands.
    And sent honkys into nigger lands.
    Ever since then the world has gone to shit.
    Latest proof of that is BLM, CRT, store lootings,
    and honky school girls having nigger babies.
    The insect, bird, fish, reptile, and mammal races keep themselves apart.
    The human races should keep themselves apart too.
    When will the apex honky ever learn?

  24. Carlton Perdue says:

    I like a lot of what he says, which has to be true with any Trojan Horse or it’s not effective.

    Like DeSantis, the bloggers here missed the real kill shots on Vivek “Vik” Ramaswami.

    The only guy here who mentioned immigration posted a misleading claim that Vik wants to restrict it. Vik talks tough about the border, but even Dems pretend to oppose illegal immigration. He actually wants to massively hike “cheap labor” immigration, but “only” “merit-based”. Vik outed himself in an Elon Musk interview. Likened US immigration policy to a pro sports team. “We need the best players” [translation: highest profit margin]. Extending his analogy, if you’re not the “most qualified”, you can leave the “team”, i.e. leave the USA. Typical soulless business-class POV. Import 100s of millions to avoid educating & training the 150m able-bodied citizens who are unemployed, underemployed, retired, welfared or “disabled”, anything but let real wages rise to make *work* relatively attractive again. A betrayal of “our” country & fellow citizens. Americans Last.

    “Frank, I’m trading you to India for 3 players. Ask Fred for a relocation brochure.”

    “Ted, we’re letting you go. The world finals are coming up and we need the best players we can afford. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet in another country. Try Somalia. Cheap housing.”


    Vik lies about the Soros cash. “I needed the money for law school.” But he was already a multimillionaire who declared $2.2 million in income that year alone. Vik and his fans say it was a generic award only fools would decline and there was no quid pro quo. Sure. Let’s see his scholarship app. Soros is evil, not stupid.

    Vik was on the commission that locked down Ohio. Says he opposes mandates, but he and his wife couldn’t wait for the injections he still says are Safe & Effective, though now he’s squirming around on that. Now he criticizes Pharma, but that’s where he made his money (including mRNA tech?). Pharmaswamy.

    Vik paid $millions to “editors” to scrub the internet of his Soros connection, lockdown involvement, vax pimping, and who knows what else, including >$1m to a wiki “editor”.

    My take, Slick Vik Ramasmarmy read the primary room, did his homework, and will say and do what he has to say and do to get the VP slot. Comes off like a euphoric infomercial salesman. Very effective Trojan Horse.

    Sadly, maybe bloggers missed all this because so many are monomaniacally hating on “Jew Pigs” to get outside the echo chamber and do the research. I doubt they know any real Jews. If one can be suckered into vile stereotyping, one can be suckered into anything. Slick Vik’s focus on defunding Israel probably gives them chub. Of course Chikkenhawk Nikki is wrong. The USA *should* stop funding Israel. But why single Israel out when “we” should stop funding every other country too?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      As usual, new faggots waste space and time, and can’t even put in the effort to be correct.

      Meatball Desantis was identified as a traitor faggot.

      Ramaswarthy was identified as a Camp of the Saints shitskin boat captain.

      You just can’t read and, having been here all of a very eventful 6 months, think that you are empowered to comment, to write long posts filtered through the cracked lens you have sitting in front of the dull, midwit brain you cherish as your most prized possession. I get it man, watching the varsity team play makes you want to move up to coach pitch ASAP, but Teeball is where you shall remain. As always, kill yourself you fucking faggot, and lurk moar.

      I think Red leaving upset the balance of our creche. The Conservatard spam is so fucking unbecoming.

      • Carte Blanche says:

        There’s always a vacuum when a regular commenter leaves, but in this case I think it’s a coincidence due to timing.

        Campaign season has officially started, which means no matter how fake and gay and Fortified for Democracy ™ we know that elections are, their shills are now in overdrive, spamming everywhere and at every possible opportunity.

        Jim did not really mean for this to be a current-events post, but the title can be perceived that way by outsiders, and by doing so he appears to have opened a portal to hell. I have every confidence that the spam is from just one or two guys or bots, putting random names and emails in every post. Not this particular guy whom you’re replying to, mind you; but “Races Not War” and “Obama Is Gay” are clearly the same person/bot and are clearly the same as all the aliases starting with “Vivek” and all the other randomly-generated names. And they’re mostly contained to this thread, which means either it’s visible to some spam-crawler’s search results or it was hyperlinked from some conservatard website, or from the comments on Fox News or Breitbart or something.

        I had my own thoughts on the Thermidor idea, I think Jim is seeing what he wants to see, but it seemed pointless to try to discuss it at length here because of the flood of spam. If we want to carry on any kind of intelligent conversation in the future, best to simply avoid any mention at all of politicians and their campaigns, at least during campaign season. If we pretend to care, even with the implicit shared assumption that its kayfabe/camp value, outsider shills won’t get the joke, and all they’ll see is a juicy target for spam.

      • Carlton Perdue says:

        I post a reasoned comment, am subjected to vile diversionary smear, none of which addresses the issues raised, and “Jim” denies my reply. Have fun in your echo chamber, Jim.

        • jim says:

          Your post was thoughtful, and uncontroversial. Kunning Drueger’s post was rude. and I don’t see any disagreement with the points you raised. He calls you stupid and then agrees with you. This does not make the place an echo chamber. No one has mentioned Vivek’s policy on immigration, because we are more concerned that his radicalism may be fake. That he is a pawn of the imperial faction that is disturbed by the woke faction destroying America’s capability to make war. That he is a tool of the war faction.

          I find Vivek’s proposal to demand the removal of nukes from Kalingrad particularly disturbing. Looks like intent to color revolution Kalingrad, and would likely be so perceived by Putin.

          Kunning Drueger called you a midwit because you were reading Vivek’s stated policies as if elections mattered, and people were freely competing for office. No one disagrees with you about Vivek’s platform. We just are more concerned with the relationship between platforms and reality.

          • Carlton Perdue says:

            LOL. Well, you’re all set then. Enjoy your echo chamber.

            • jim says:

              A whole lot of Vivek shills, far from all of them, but a considerable proportion, display the same strange inability to notice that some people think elections are over and irrelevant as state sponsored shills.

              This is consistent with the conjecture that a deep state faction has realised that the woke faction has dismantled America’s capability to fight and to produce weapons, and is willing to do something rather drastic about it.

        • Milei Denial RUCN says:

          I have to agree, there’s too much denial and censorship going on here lately. If people expect their ideology to prevail in public they must be well excercised in defending their arguments in practice. Deleting and snarking and editing peoples posts gives no one the benefit of defense practice, and proves that whatever they posted was a legit counter argument they had inadequate defense for… denialing censoring people is exactly what the GloboHomo Pols do. Don’t be like them.

          Vivek should expel all non-meritous non-beneficial foreigners (Islam, jobless moneyless ignorant Browns, etc), put up human based border security (not walls, so you can still get out) and make unlawful existence in the US very unpalatable as deterrent.

          Noncontiguous regions like Kal will always be a fucking hot mess, same as noncontiguous “warm waters”, especially when the discontinuity are opposites. Kal has no solution other than secession, it’s people should recognize that, rise up, and start a new amazing completely independent neutral country, and become a crypto powerhouse while they’re at it.

          Both RU and US don’t need nukes everywhere. Period.

          And TW, they appear to be deluded fools thinking they can win the Strait against CN, at least not without rasing their anti-air anti-sea anti-missile ratio to at least 1:1 with CN’s entire offensive force, and small arms to 5000 rounds per TW person. TW should either quit playacting and go back to Papi Xi, or get those arms ASAP Priority 1 and declare independence just to see if it sticks without triggering their demise.

          All elections are shams, fully rigged from behind by Evil Cults, but their programs (lately the Globalist Homos) still affect you real bad, such that it is still best to try to sway them in somewhat more palatable directions till you begin to win and they evaporate.

          That is why as the other guy said… Javier Milei *MUST* win in AR.

          • jim says:

            > here’s too much denial and censorship going on here lately.

            There is absolutely zero denial and censorship here.

            Anyone who can pass a shill test can say absolutely anything.

            Take a shill test. The proposition that there is any denial and censorship going on here is so obviously ridiculous that it looks like the latest official government talking point. You glow in the dark.

            And, by the way, because you glow in the dark, your next post is going to be deleted with the words “deleted for failure to pass a shill test” unless you pass a shill test. You can pass a shill test by saying what a government supervisor would not allow you to say, or even by responding to someone else saying such a thing and disagreeing with it in a way that makes it clear what his arguments are. The supervisor is allowed to see the response, but not the text responded to, and the shill is not allowed to respond in a way that reveals to his supervisor what he is responding to, lest he endanger the purity of his supervisor.

            Shills are not allowed to expose their supervisors to crimethought. The supervisor is required to read the shill’s output, but not allowed to read the stuff the shill is pretending to respond to. So a shill cannot only not express a crimethought, he cannot even argue against a crimethought in a way that makes it clear what the crimethought is that he is disagreeing with.

            The purpose of shills is not win arguments, and he cannot possibly win an argument because not allowed to make a relevant response to a crimethought, but to drown out crimethought with noise. Thus they always seek to derail discussion, rather than discuss. Not allowed to discuss, since any real discussion would expose their supervisor to thoughts he is forbidden see. So “defending” your position against a shill is a pointless waste of time and bandwidth. He is never going to make relevant response, he is not allowed to make relevant response, for if the response was relevant, that would reveal the crimethoughts he is there to drown out and derail. He is only allowed to derail discussion and drown it out with meaningless noise.

            For claiming there is denial and censorship, putting you on moderation. You are likely to have your next post replaced by “deleted for failure to pass a shill test”, unless it contains a pass.

            If you attempt to pass without actually expressing any forbidden thoughts. or responding to anyone else’s forbidden thoughts in a way that would reveal to a supervisor what those unthinkable thoughts are, you will get your attempt to pass deleted, and a snarky response explaining why it was deleted.

            • Case For Hispanics says:

              Everyone knows the USA is being overrun by Hispanics.

              Unlike Muslims or the Black Malaise or even Jews,
              some are making a case for the Hispanics…

              – Labor, generally compatible with current civil striation classes.
              – Mostly Christian.
              – Though somewhat lawless, with an as yet unknown reformability factor.

              Other than dilutive effects which are enough,
              what else is missing pro and con?

              Also, it’s just bizarre that Biden still hasn’t been forced to state the Left’s grand plan for all these imports.

              • jim says:

                The grand plan is to kill us all in the end. Of course he is not going to say it. Holy war approaches, and since trannies are not much use, they will recruit forces on the basis of racial hate. Much as the Trots stirred up the poor peasants againsdt the slightly less poor peasants, and then killed poor and less poor alike. Worked last time. They are planning to run with it again. In fact they are running with it again – listen to the rhetoric of the Ukrainian Nazis. The colored, organized by Jews, gays, and such, will kill off the whites because color, and then the Jews, Gays, and such will kill off the coloreds, because coloreds incapable of organizing.

                • Playing With Fire says:

                  Will be canceled for saying this, but IMO 8B ppl at our current tech level and current Earth raping level, isn’t sustainable. I just seen too much land being eaten and toxified in my years here already. (I don’t buy the climate bullshit at all, but hydrocarbons aren’t exactly getting any easier or more plentiful till fusion energy).

                  So there’s that if you accept it as fact of at least the current state of the planet itself,
                  thus why they’re trying to kill you off in a bid to own it all per Davos.

                  But moreso, they’re just living in evil, thinking they can do it to come out on top.
                  Instead of just letting it sink in (birth rates adjust to circumstances, but now they’re mostly depressed due the mass global multi-spectrum injection of Gay disruptors which tends to neuter everyone).

                  Except for a few african tribes, colored are too dumb to be anything other than cannon fodder, blame evolution.

                  So they somehow ginned up white on white in UA, and UA vs RU, among nominal christians no less.
                  Placing the nominal Jew Zesky as their CEO of evilcorp.

                  We are so close to some “event” triggering literal war in Europe then expanding to WWIII it’s not even funny.

                  Pray that those infected with this evil are too afraid to get nuked that they have to cancel their plans.

                • jim says:

                  Will be canceled for saying this, but IMO 8B ppl at our current tech level and current Earth raping level, isn’t sustainable. I just seen too much land being eaten and toxified in my years here already. (I don’t buy the climate bullshit at all, but hydrocarbons aren’t exactly getting any easier or more plentiful till fusion energy).

                  If tech resumes its advance, it will become cheaper and easier to extract hydrocarbons. One low hanging fruit is to frack rock containing tar or low grade coal, pump oxygen and water down, and extract it as syngas, then convert the syngas gas into dimethyl ether (dimethyl ether being a direct substitute for propane and butane, and a higher efficiency, lower pollution substitute for diesel). We have also been going backwards on nuclear power, which has become ever more expensive as the tech slips out of reach. If tech advance resumes, fission power will swiftly obsolete all other power sources. Except, of course, still need hydrocarbons for mobile power, such as cars and rockets.

                  If you look out a plane window, you are likely to see a whole lot of empty land. And I am not seeing this toxic poisoned land of which you speak.

                • Doom Approaching says:

                  No eco nut, but do see mass land being deformed, permanently sectioned off from survival, massive species death and killing… the rates are unsustainable. And all the water here (which fell over toxic land, ahem) is sewage, poison, and castration… well water, flowing water, beach water. And how easily people forget how nice the air was during the peak lockdown insanity… now chockfull of cancer again… active molecules, nano suspensions. Can’t even let the kids play in the streams I grew up in, and you can taste the air. Just what I see. Sure you can “survive” in that shit, but don’t claim it’s not suppressing physiology.

                  Advances yes. But never count your eggs on advances.
                  So we have to at least acknowledge the current state and rates.

                  Tech advances usually require stable environments to evolve them.

                  World is in much disarray at the moment to see a return to the clockwork of major advances right now.

                  We’re currently working the major impact of global appearance of realtime video phones and comms services which led to Globo’s opportunistic disruption of geopolitical spacetime continuum.

                  Never trusted politicians with nuke weapons, at all, ever, period.

                  BTW, all that empty land you see, it’s all owned now, by Govts that will shoot you for resisting being removed from squatting it.

                  You’re one good bio-shot away from having so much open land there’s no point in even staking the excess, lol.

                • jim says:

                  > but do see

                  You saw this with your own eyes? I find that hard to believe.

                  Not seeing any of that. Name the species that have gone extinct in the last decade.

                  I live in the exurbs, and nature does not look like fragile flower growing through a crack on the sidewalk. It looks like a ten foot tall giant that is apt to step on anyone who does not get out of the way. My land keeps turning into jungle. I use a chainsaw and a backpack poison spray, and the jungle is winning. I see with my own eyes the forests expanding and growing taller, and satellite imagery shows more grass and more trees over the world.

                  If you noticed less pollution in the air during lockdown, you live in a crowded giant megalopolis. What do you know about nature? I have seen “endangered species” flying over me like a vast and endless river in the sky. The sky was thick with them for half an hour, as they headed from wherever their home was to wherever their feeding grounds were. I have had to hack my way through an “endangered” plant species in a jungle that were so dense that passage was impossible without a machete. And that endangered plat had razor sharp thorns and sap that was a sticky contact poison. If you got the sap on you, you needed to get clean because if you left it on, it would injure your skin an make you sick. They declared it endangered because they hate humans, including themselves. If cockroaches only affected rural people, they would be declared an endangered species.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  “Mass species extinction” is such an old, tired leftist meme. Repeating it unironically is the quickest way to out yourself as one of them. Most of them don’t even really believe it; the Endangered Species Act was never anything more than a cynical ploy to whittle away the legal rights of property owners.

                  In fact, the “species die-off” meme marks the point when they decided that facts were inconvenient and it was more expedient to just make shit up. Climate alarmism involved (and still involves) torturing data and cooking books, it is entirely fraudulent but perpetuating the fraud is expensive, laborious and highly technical. Species extinction is just a flat-out lie, asserted with no evidence whatsoever and injected into the narrative by pure fiat. Even if you take all of the endangered/extinct lists at face value, what it adds up to falls several orders of magnitude short of the claim.

                  I’m with Jim on this: Gaia is a hideous bitch goddess, a demon in disguise. No matter how carefully and diligently you try to cultivate your land, she keeps sending you shitty poisonous weeds that ruin the soil and choke out plants and even trees; buzzing, biting and stinging insects that seem to come out of nowhere and claim your property as their own; reptiles and rodents that dig up the earth and chew through barriers; even bizarre wind and rain phenomena that trigger brown patches and sprout poisonous mushrooms and other fungal blooms.

                  Anyone who’s personally taken care of more than a half-acre or so of property (i.e. not outsourced it to an illegal immigrant gardener) knows this. Nature, like woman, is beautiful when it is contained, controlled and carefully monitored, but is forever searching for ways to break containment, and is truly horrifying when left to go feral.

                  God making us in His own image means we are nature’s stewards, not its mindless subjects. If we want a species to thrive, it will thrive, and if we want it to go extinct, it will go extinct. At least that is how it should be, and used to be; Globohomo would have us living in that “state of nature” again, just like those mindless animals, eating grubs and cutting ourselves against overgrown brush. I prefer humanity.

                • jim says:

                  We are commanded to fill the earth and subdue it, and I cand report from the battle front that she does not seem very subdued.

                • Rux says:

                  ‘is forever searching for ways to break containment, and is truly horrifying when left to go feral.’

                  Which doesn’t take long. Find a solitary stone in an open field with enough light and you’re guaranteed to find a harmful bramble taking root. If not a bramble then an equally irritating wild prune tree. Awful, hateful growth. I sometimes marvel at their resiliency. Of all type of seed which could take root in that shallow soil, wedged at the base of a stone, 9/10 it’s a blackberry pricker, which unchecked will ravage a clear prairie in two years or less. Eradication is tiresome and time consuming having to uproot the entire system otherwise rapid regrowth. Even in times of drought it thrives, unstoppable. In difficult terrain inaccessible for gas powered machinery, on your knees in the dirt crouched over day after day, this tedium and dismay. Once cleared true accomplishment but the war is never won. I’ve seen other tracts once populated by wild flowers and mountain grasses, after two years of neglect (owner dies, divorce, inheritors don’t care), turn to wild rot which encroaches neighboring terrain filling acres of hillside, this sea of unmanageable and unuseable growth. As the good book states, truly a curse. I don’t care that the birds eat the berries. They just extract the seed dropping it elsewhere.

                  Give me a good mid-growth forest with a healthy canopy where the soil lies mostly bare. I’ll find my spots of sun in the few clearings between the trees.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “Shills are not allowed to expose their supervisors to crimethought. The supervisor is required to read the shill’s output, but not allowed to read the stuff the shill is pretending to respond to. So a shill cannot only not express a crimethought, he cannot even argue against a crimethought in a way that makes it clear what the crimethought is that he is disagreeing with.”

              Would you say that your crimethought model is one-to-one lifted from Orwell’s 1984? Or rather, are there crucial holes in 1984’s understanding of the idea?

              This really is the most unique and valuable concept here, and I’d like to better understand its origins, so that I can try to communicate it to others, but without using overloaded words that others think they understand as I do, but don’t.

            • skippy says:

              “Shills are not allowed to expose their supervisors to crimethought. The supervisor is required to read the shill’s output, but not allowed to read the stuff the shill is pretending to respond to.”

              The strange death of Fisking..

    • Know Jews Muslims says:

      I knew maybe two “real jews”, not hasidic, just regular descended curly jews, plus a few convert types. I did not feel any bad situation or vibes with them, other than typical exclusivity and high minded superiority.

      I knew lots of Muslims, and lying beneath every single one of them was a very disgusting complex of ideations doctrine and actions, and all of it was focused against everyone that was not a Muslim… discrimination, hatred, lying, dealbreaking, blind and dumb adherence, etc. “Moderates” are very careful not to expose themselves, but they’ll let all sorts of shit slip if you know them long enough and play agnostic-positive with them. But all the rest were an easy read. It’s all business and food and tea and peace, but as you continue playing you begin to see past that bullshit cover story and trap lure real quick.

      Unless you are trying to win souls, or to blow them out with polemics, both at risk of your life… or you’re a whore for business money, or you want to convert to their Devil false prophet cult, I suggest you reject and stay very far away from Islam, and not patronize or support Muslim businesses or people in any way.

      • jim says:

        1. Some Jews are currently using their very considerable power to kill off whites, as for example the population of the Ukraine, and when the Bolsheviks were run by Jews, they did the same thing in Russia. Mohammedans are not doing that, and not in a position to do it. Plenty of good valuable Jews have contributed much, Ayn Rand, Moldbug, Hakek and many others, but Jewish power is a life threatening problem. They want us dead, intend to do it, and are succeeding. Jews need to be excluded from state and quasi state office. Good Jews do not want it, and bad Jews are a threat to the nation and the population’s lives. Muslims in power tend to be oppressive and expulsionist, but they are not genocidal against Christians. Jews in power are apt to be exterminationist.

        2 There are a significant number of based Mohammedans who recognise Globohomo as the demon worshipping big enemy, and are cheerfully willing to ally with Christians with the intent of not stabbing us in the back until we gain the upper hand against Globohomo. (Whereupon the endless war between Christians and Mohammedans will resume.

        > Unless you are trying to win souls

        Winning the coming holy war is more urgent.

        • Jews and Muslims says:

          Yes Jews are killing White Christians (which is a bit tarded since they get $Trillions from them, but whatever).

          However I debate the Jews Zionist destruction plan as moot, since if Jews win, everyone else dies. It’s a fair lot so to speak.

          Jews will probably be the ones to do the Final Plandemic, from their secret basement labs, real easy to program it to target non pure-Jew DNA, especially given they don’t care about their half-breeds.

          Yes fine, eradicate the GloboHomo.

          And unlike the Jewish Zion, the Mohammedans do offer deals to those wishing to live forever subdued, oppressed, taxed, raped, etc. And many millions will take those deals. So the lot of the non-Mo’s is not moot there.

          Thus you still need to complete the Final Crusade to repel the invaders.

          Problem with that is the Pakis, soon Iran et al, and their pals all have nukes, and the Islamic lands proper probably won’t take kindly to getting 750M of their invaders shipped back marked “return to sender”.

          And let’s not forget who gave the Paki’s nukes.
          Nor the Jews who helped create them.
          Christendom could only maintain initial custody for so long before Satan found a path to export.

          Treaties between pure and self-sustaining borderlands tend to be mutually self-sustaining for eons.
          But when your interiors are a jumbled up mess of wholly incompatibles, chaos always ensues, both inside, and cross border.

          A good war is a defensive war, thus always worth dying for.

          And when you’re being invaded by tens of millions of Mo’s Satanic Cult every year, well that’s as good a time as any to at least reject them from whatever lands you’ve still got defensible borders around.

          Gotta die someday right.

          Fight in defense.
          Strong in Christ.
          And let not the Last of His Sheep perish, such that He may Lift the Last to Everlasting Safety upon His Return.

          • The Cominator says:

            The institutional leftist jews are reform jews and the leftist ones hate everyone including themselves. If they do a real pandemic it will be to wipe out everyone including jews.

            The pure Orthodox Jews don’t have the power to do a plandemic.

            • Final Plandemic says:

              Power is not needed to do the final pandemic.
              Custom viral engineering is a thing now.
              Like DNA sequencing, very soon there will be 10 thousands
              of grad students doing it in corporate labs at prices
              approaching the profit taken home from a few years salary.
              The equipment and precursors will by then go for dotcom pennies.
              And cloud sim computing available anywhere.
              Basement bio labs will be more common than basement bomb labs.

              The USA just found a secret Chinese bio lab in a small warehouse space… full of dead lab rats, pallets of offhand bioresearch inventory, etc. Coverup was it’s a “corporate buyout storage facility”… that just happened to be leaking green goo out the pipes in the back.

  25. Mister Grumpus says:

    Perhaps there’s a speculative startup opportunity in cooking up the best possible “China-free” and “Taiwan-free” Linux server for data centers.

    First step would be an effort to somehow evaluate just how good such a machine could actually be, versus the convention. 1/2 as good? 1/1000th as good?

  26. Pax Imperialis says:

    Jim, the massive walls of copy paste bears an uncanny resemblance to thread sliding attacks on 4chan, and while the comment section here can’t be manipulated in the same way, it does point to shills. Lazy/dumb ones.

    Surely a real poster would sensibly quote the relevant passages, summarize the rest, state their point, and link their source rather than repost nearly the entire damn article with the barest of commentary.

    • Western Taliban says:

      The shilling for Vivek, like anything leftist and government retards ever do when trying to produce a positive effect, has in fact been counterproductive. I don’t know about everything Reagan said, but indeed “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help” is truly a terrifying phrase.

      If the fact that he is a street-shitter (though he has a street-shitter wife to his credit, instead of producing some mystery meat son) wasn’t bad enough, this shilling has made sure that I would never under any circumstances trust anything he says. This faction of the feds is as retarded as any other. Also, elections are fake and if he were to win an election you know he is some Deep State creature.

  27. dharmicreality says:

    To those who feel that Vivek gets the kids glove treatment, I’ll clarify that many of my shitlib relatives who live in the US and follow the normie media are as “disgusted” about Vivek Ramaswamy as they were of Trump. There is talk about his “Brahmin” privilege to equate it with “white” privilege thereby implying that his being brown does not exempt him from his “racist privilege”. To that extent, it seems to me that the Lefter factions hate this guy as much as they did Trump, but for some reason the media is muted on him (maybe because they realize that attacking him as they did Trump would probably increase his importance and visibiity even more).

    Aidan says he is like a snake. I get fox vibes. A sly foxy man, articulate and polished. Yet, not wholly trustworthy.

    I reserve my judgment on this guy. Seems that one of the factions of the GAE that noticed our Dharmic Hindu-Western reactionary interactions felt that it would be good to project a Hindu to roll back Leftism to a somewhat more sane version while keeping White/Christian Nationalism somewhat at bay.

    In a sense, this shows that, from 2020 we have come quite a bit. That many unspeakable things are now speakable in the mainstream opens up a lot more possibilities.

    It may be, as Jim says, that Vivek Ramaswamy may just be a puppet face of the sane imperialist GAE faction which wants to roll back Leftism but keep empire, but I still would prefer an anti-imperialist who respects the peace of Westphalia. The problem with keeping empire while rolling back Leftism is that the underlying structures that prop up Empire end up drifting further and further left over time. To MAGA, you need to get rid of GAE pure and simple.

    To that extent, I am still a fan of Trump and his policy of rolling back empire, though Ramaswamy apparently goes further right than him on other aspects.

    • dharmicreality says:

      * velvet glove

      I meant “kid glove”. (please edit the OP if possible Jim).

      • jim says:


        Your post already said “velvet glove”, so I edited it to “kid glove” on the assumption that is what you meant. “velvet glove” implies a mailed fist inside, which implies ungentle treatment, while kid gloves are used for handling things that are easily harmed.

        • alf says:

          I think you meant that you edited it from kid glove to velvet glove?? I at least made an initial edit from velvet glove to kid glove. Dharmic, a bit of confusion likely stems from the fact that using an asterisk (*) already implies a correction, like zo.

          *like so.

          • jim says:

            It seems you, alf, edited it, and I edited it back. When you are sure what it should be, you finalize it, since you were already taking care of this, I should not step on your toes.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Jim, sorry, I meant he is getting the kid glove treatment, meaning that he is being treated rather more gently by the media than we would expect of a person of his views.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Alf. Yes, that is correct. I meant kid gloves, but typed velvet glove instead. Must brush up my idioms and metaphors.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      This reminds me of something Jim said in 2016, that Trump wants to convert an empire into a nation-state, for which the historical precedent is not Hitler but Atatürk. Where does that leave the millions of Greeks and Armenians who were killed so that Anatolia could be entirely Turkish? Was Atatürk any better than Hitler, aside from his ability to win wars?

      • jim says:

        Atatürk founded a nation, Hitler destroyed a nation.

        The nation Atatürk founded successfully pursued the interests and objectives of turks. Hitler attempted to pursue the interests and objectives of Germans, failed catastrophically in multiple ways and multiple dimensions.

        The fuss people make about genocide is highly selective. No one who knows which side his bread is buttered remembers the genocide of the Tutsi in the Congo, and the only reason anyone remembers the attempted genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda is that it embarrassingly failed. As for ethnic cleansing, there was a whole lot ethnic cleansing of Germans at the end of World War II.

        • skippy says:

          The case for Hitler is the counterfactual, in which Weimar Germany continues to have 100k men, and then the Soviet Union invades Europe with its ten million men and fifty thousand tanks in 1941 or 1942.

          While the left lies about everything, most of all about the effectiveness of its enemies’ attacks, the reality is that the Soviet Union of 1945 was a spiritually defeated country. It could certainly point to its large empire, including even a [small] part of Germany, but nobody in 1945 could believe that the Marxist History-Demon had promised this country swift and inevitable victory over all opponents. This country that had trembled on the verge of destruction against an opponent most had thought defeated, disarmed, and irrelevant.

          The global left spent until the 1980s trying to prop up that lie, and ultimately weren’t able to do so.

          • Western Taliban says:

            The case for Hitler is the counterfactual, in which Weimar Germany continues to have 100k men, and then the Soviet Union invades Europe with its ten million men and fifty thousand tanks in 1941 or 1942.

            No, the counterfactual is a Franco who actually takes care of the country but doesn’t get it razed to the ground. Imagine being a reactionary in 2023 defending Hitler when the German reactionaries of his time tried to kill him. Compared to them you have the advantage of 80 years of hindsight and you’re falling short.

            • skippy says:

              What was done to Hitler was similar to what was done to Putin, in that the British and French governments incited the Polish government to torment ethnic Germans living within Polish borders, and Hitler decided to respond to this with force. Had he not decided to respond to this with force, he would have suffered a loss of legitimacy, and a growing loss of legitimacy, even worse than Putin, because the NSDAP explicitly founded itself on its commitment to the unity and welfare of the “German people”.

              With hindsight, maybe he should have accepted that legitimacy loss. Of course, we know now that he lost the war. All I am saying is that it was possible Germany had no path to a win, but by electing Hitler rather than the Center Party they at least kicked the soul of the USSR Demon before going down.

              And, btw, they didn’t exactly go down all that badly. Germany remained united, in fact the principle of German unity was never challenged again. They certainly lost territory and many died in forced movements. Still the most populous country in Europe though. Could have been worse.

              • Western Taliban says:

                Had he not decided to respond to this with force, he would have suffered a loss of legitimacy, and a growing loss of legitimacy, even worse than Putin, because the NSDAP explicitly founded itself on its commitment to the unity and welfare of the “German people”.

                This is some totally conjured recounting of history with zero connection to the facts. Hitler went to war because he ran out of money and went to look out of for more as to not starve. That’s what happens with socialism.

                It is almost comical to claim Hitler had any concern about Germany or Germans if it wasn’t so sinister. Hitler is the Austrian who has killed the most Germans and destroyed Germany the most, typical socialist.

                • Guy says:

                  An Austrian is a German. Hate socialism, sure, but that second paragraph there is either dishonest or ignorant of how contemporary Austrians viewed themselves.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >contemporary Austrians

                  If you had a time machine to travel back to 1930 Europe, you’d find attitudes were really quite different and not nearly so homogeneous as they are today. You do have a point though. Hitler was “German” enough, but the problem stems from him not being a Prussian heading what was still a Prussian Empire that so happened to be German in demographics.

                  @WT, Germans more or less recovered. Prussia is simply gone.

                • Western Taliban says:


                  contemporary Austrians viewed themselves

                  How did contemporary Austrians view themselves? How did you find that out? How do modern Austrians view themselves? Are you from Europe? I don’t think you are.


                  I understand what you mean, however…

                  I don’t know that Germans have recovered, it’s a far cry from the aspirations of the Kaiser just a few years before Hitler came into power. Germany went from trying to overcome Britain’s naval power as a continental country and almost being successful, to today being an extremely gay slave nation to an even more gay and trannified nation, invaded by turkroaches, browbeaten by whinny faggy Jews, Churches completely converted into Gaia worship with old disgusting hags preaching, men turned into faggots and dispossessed, butch women ruling over them… even right now as we speak, they are literally destroying their economy and industry because their US overlords (assuming the Cathedral is actually “American” and not just based there, considering the existence of Geneva) told them so.

                  Germany could have been so much more, but Hitler existed. That Austrian faggot needs to be remembered as the worst scourge to ever exist for the German people, but not because he allegedly put Jews into gas chambers, rather because he was a socialist faggot that brought down one of the greatest races to ever exist to the lowest point it has spiritually ever been.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  ‘Taliban prompts me to wonder, how much of Germany’s current degraded state is genetic, versus how much is merely (or “merely”) memetic/educational/civic religion, which can be wiped over time? Genetic argument is they disproportionately lost their bravest in WWI, again in WWII, got culled again immediately after WWII (by Americans as well as Russian communists, no one likes to talk about that), then East Germany had two generations of selection under communism, and West/unified is getting even worse under Wokeism.

                  You could argue we’ve always been at war, it’s overall eugenic not dysgenic, the counterargument is WWI and later warfare upped the casualty count above previous skirmishes (though not counting previous absolute genocides, who aren’t here at all). I am unsure how to resolve this.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Germany couldn’t have been more because Weimar Germany happened. This is something many voices or most voices even forget about. The worst case scenario was already the case. No discussion of ‘avoiding Hitler’ can avoid contending with what made the likes of Hitler necessary and inevitable.

                • skippy says:

                  I’m aware of the Tooze argument that Germany was forced to go to war to obtain foreign exchange. Their policy of pegging the RM was certainly stupid and harmful, though far from complete socialism and something all other countries were doing to some degree.

                  I don’t personally believe Germany invaded Poland to loot it. Poland was a relatively small country that was poorer than Germany. The theory only really makes sense if Germany knew it would defeat France very quickly, and be able to loot all of Europe, but it didn’t know that. If that had been widely known, France would not have declared war on Germany.

                  On the coda – that Hitler viewed Austrians as just Germans is fully consistent with a German nationalist outlook.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  @WT, 1920s Germany was well on its way to all those horrors you described before Hitler. In some aspects they were worse. The destruction of the Kaiserreich and stripping of aristocratic rights was intensely deleterious to the morals and virtues of the “German people,” but it was never really the “Germans” in control, it was the Prussian aristocracy that kept things together. If anything, Hitler put a temporary halt on leftism, and if he had won the war, would have likely been a Stalin who purged everyone to the left of him. Half a century later and the 3rd Reich would have likely had similar issues to the Soviet system (making profits illegal in Nationalized industry tends to do that) and unraveled, but unlike the Soviets who were pretty successful at purging all those of aristocratic heritage, Germany would have still have an awful lot of the old aristocracy around in good standing.

                  Yes, Hitler was bad for the aristocracy (directly speaking), he did hardheartedly purge them a couple of times, but it was ultimately the Anglo-American-Soviet alliance that hammered in the final death nail (which Hitler was responsible for indirectly).

                  In the sense that the German people have returned to 1920s, they have more or less recovered from the destruction brought by Hitler. In the sense that the Germans need a Prussian aristocracy to recover to Kaiserreich they’re toast… unless… perhaps the Reichsbürgers have a party after GAE withdraw and stuff happens. I hear they’re quite popular among young German men these days.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Germany was screwed by Martin Luther, whose autistic schism ignited a 30-year religious war that killed 2/3 of Germany’s population and caused it to miss out on the Age of Exploration.

                • Guy says:

                  Hitler and the Nazis thought of Hitler as German. They seem like reliable primary sources as to their sentiments on the subject. Their writings are widely available.

                  I’m not a European, but Hitler was fighting degeneracy. He lost, and maybe took the wrong strategy, but to act like without Hitler we’d have based Germany is a joke.

                • skippy says:

                  Not only Germany, but all of Europe, was on its way to such horrors.

                  The communists temporarily took Hungary, and invaded Poland. They lost in Poland, otherwise would have invaded Germany too.

                  The only real armies in continental Europe before Hitler those of France and Italy. Italy secured itself, but France had a large communist party.

                  If no Hitler, Soviet Europe.

                  Hitler did not destroy the Soviet Union, but he kicked the soul of its Marxist “Demon of History”, that supposedly promised it an easy victory over all enemies, but in reality did not.

                • The Cominator says:

                  False if no Hitler German monarchy restored though not with Kaiser Wilhelm II and communists die through lack of expansion. The German army never would have tolerated a communist takeover even if they were elected.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Martin Luther did literally nothing wrong the problem was the 30 years war wasn’t pursued to the total destruction of the Catholic Church…

      • Western Taliban says:

        Was Atatürk any better than Hitler, aside from his ability to win wars?

        You are the descendant of genocidal pastoral warriors, and if I knew your specific ethnicity I’m sure I’d be able to find plenty of killing that is well documented.

        It’s some prog faggotry that you’d criticize Atatürk as “any better”, as if he were lacking “morally” because he did the right thing for his people. Atatürk was a hero, just like any Greek hero when they existed, that would have enthusiastically killed as many turkroaches as needed for the well being of his people. My heroes sure did, saving Europe and bringing down empires of demon worshipers.

        Also, why even mention Armenians? Implying Armenians matter lol, I must be missing something but from what I know about them a total genocide would have been great.

        • The Cominator says:

          I mean not everyone of every race is evil but the stereotype of Armenians is that in negotiations they can put one over even Jews and higher iq Arabs… I suspect the Armenians were both in contact with the enemy and they’d long played the role of dot Indians in Turkey so the Turks fucking hated them…

          Trust a pig before a jew
          And a jew before a Greek
          But NEVER trust an Armenia

      • The Cominator says:

        Ataturk didn’t conduct the Armenian/Greek genocides of WW1 he came into power after they were over.

  28. Trump Raps Outta Jail says:

    [*deleted because Epoch Times is a honeypot*]

  29. Biden Raids Amish Christians says:

    Someone needs to hold up the Bible against these Satanic Democrat Homos and their corrupt puppet Biden their High Priest and kid sniffing pedo…

    Big Government Raids Small-Town Amish Farm

    Townhall published a documentary on X, formerly known as Twitter, titled “David vs. Goliath: Big Government’s War on an Amish Farmer.” The film shows big government raiding the business of a small-town Amish farmer tucked away in Virginia’s heartland.

    Samuel B. Fisher and his family farm, Golden Valley Farms, was raided unannounced in June by the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) and Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy for selling meat from his 100-acre farm because the meat was not processed in a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) facility.

    “They went through everything, house, every building, in the barn. They just raided through everything, put their nose in everything, and wanted to know every detail of everything. They went out back, trying to find all the failure they can find on a farm, which, of course, some of their stuff, which they think is wrong, is just normal stuff on a farm,” Fisher stated.

    “I wasn’t on the farm at the time” of the raid that lasted four hours, Fisher added.

    Townhall said the state government tagged Fisher’s walk-in freezer, placing the meat under “administrative detention.” In other words, his own meat was now under state control and no longer for sale, nor could he feed his family.

    Mindy, the farm’s officer manager, said there is “nothing illegal” about Fisher processing his own meat and eating it for his own consumption — even though the state prevented him from doing so.

    “So, he decided he was gonna go and feed his family, and since he would most likely be fined for doing that, he decided to open up meat sales again. Because if he’s going to be fined, he’s going to be fined, and you might as well do it,” she said.

    “Anybody can go and raise animals for their own family to eat. That’s where I got to the point: He [the VDACS inspector] crossed the line, so I’m going to cross the line,” continued Fisher. The state “crossed the line by telling me I cannot feed my own family with this meat. So, I decided I’m going to cross the line. I’m going to sell it. And that’s why I didn’t honor the state,” he added.

    “This ain’t right,” Fished expressed. He said, “We’re going to feed our family. We’re going to feed our customers […] So, we did not honor that tag. We sold the meat, some meat, out of there [the tagged freezer], whatever customers ordered. Then, the state came back and saw what we did. They really gave me a mouthful for doing that.”

    … and then the state took Fisher to court. This led to a court-ordered seizure of all the meat.

    The state returned to the farm with U-Haul trucks and loaded all his product, which was then dumped for disposal.

    “We had all this meat. We worked hard to get it in the freezer, process it, package it, stack it in there to sell and bring income. And, here comes the state, puts everything in their truck, and takes it to the dump, pays us nothing for it, so that definitely affects our income. We do have a big struggle to pay our bills right at the moment,” Fisher said.

    The Amish farmer explained his 500 customers believed in his products because it was “fresh,” unlike “when you go to the store, you don’t know what’s in your food.”

    Fisher said big corporations that control the food supply sometimes process “partly rotten” meat dipped in chloride, as a chemical preservative, to manufacture a red, pinkish look “just like it be fresh.” He said big corporations can’t track all the animals that are butchered.

    “So, that’s why I say if you buy food from a farmer, go to that farm, ask the farmer you want to see their animals, you want to see the farm, you want to know where your food comes from. You do have the full rights. Ask for that. If you are not given it, take it as a warning,” Fisher said.

    David vs. Goliath: Big Government’s War on an Amish Farmer
    — (@townhallcom) August 18, 2023

    He once sold USDA-inspected meat, but after a customer survey, 92% of them wanted Fisher to process on the farm. He built out slaughter and processing operations to avoid his meat being tainted with chemicals at meat packing plants.

    This situation sounds similar to Oliver Anthony’s blue-collar anthem, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” in which he says, “Lord knows they all just wanna have total control.”

    • Neofugue says:

      Reminder that Timothy McVeigh did nothing wrong, and that the only way to deal with wicked men is to kill them en masse.

      The discussion on Vivek should have ended the nanosecond he was discovered to be a pajeet, and the real reason why he is somehow taken seriously is that many still believe there is a solution to be found within the current political system.

      If Polygon bureaucrats and thugs are to be stopped, they must be stopped with iron and blood, not votes and speeches.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Yep. And we’re not ready for that, at all. I’m certainly not. There’s still food in the supermarket, electricity in the walls, and the random violence is still fairly rare and avoidable. Nowhere near enough people on our side are willing to do what it would take to set things right. Until and unless things get a lot worse, an iron and blood approach from the right half of the spectrum will only strengthen the left. The first penguin to jump into the water is orca chow.

        • jim says:

          Can’t do large scale violence without Caesar.

          Where is Jehu when we need him?

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            1) There’s no Caesar on the horizon, and the system is still plenty competent enough to crush him before he becomes Caesar if he does appear.

            2) How many would be ready to follow a Caesar into blood and fire if we had one? I’d bet not enough. We’ll have to feel in our guts that the only alternative is death, and things will have to get a lot worse to get us to that point.

            • alf says:

              Which is both good news and bad news. The bad news being, no short term solution. The good news is that there is still time to prepare, of which preparations raising a family ought to be high priority.

            • Zorost says:

              The biggest problem of the radical right (or whatever we are called now) isn’t that no one will fight, its that no one will work to get to the point where fighting is possible.

              Caesar didn’t just wake up one day and say, “I think I’ll raise an army so I can march on Rome.”

              He played the political game, worked his way up the cursus honorum. Became a governor under the system which allowed him to raise an army. Figured out how shit worked, and how to get it to work for him. Maneuvered so that the government had to make the first hostile move so he could claim to be the victim. He didn’t just sit in his EZcurule muttering about how if the gubmint came to take his gladius they would take it from his cold dead hands.

              What is needed is a political powerbase of several states, whose governors are on /our/ side even as they claim to believe whatever it takes to keep the normies voting for them. Build up forces to ward off federal overreach, and maneuver like Caesar did.

              Few of us have what it takes to become governors (I know I don’t), but most of us have what it takes to create a local network to support such governors when they do arrive.

      • A2 says:

        Fully agreed, especially about the helicopters, but the world might as part of the continuing abasement at least potentially look forward to an election that features Vivek vs Kamala. Which one do you prefer, citizen? Make yourself heard!

        • jim says:

          > Which one do you prefer, citizen?

          Don’t care, not paying attention. Elections do not matter any more except that they give us a hint of what is happening behind the scenes.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            While the men who created New Deal America were still alive and in power, elections were often used as thermometers for taking the cattle’s temperature.

            They made sure they had little practical consequences of course; on the back end, by making sure most of the actual business of governance was handled by permanent bureaucracies, and on the front end, by squashing any boat rockers who might think to use elections as a platform for their own voice; but they provided useful information for how to keep riding the tiger.

            Concordantly, as an extension of that fact, they were also occasionally used as auguries to settle unsettled consensus as to what is best done to keep riding the tiger, very much like casting lots or reading the entrails.

            That which is selected by a leftist order to succeed the place of those who instantiated a leftist order naturally lack this subtlety, accepting neither even the merest of public devalidations, nor differences of opinion in private; there is no cavalier following through on plans by all members of the group even if for some it was not their own – little to no group ordination, as a group, in other words.

            With the cuckservative role of troubleshooter for stabilizing the whig imperium from going full retard more or less fully cut out of the system, it will, of course, be going full retard.

    • Matt says:

      It’s a sad day when you can’t live on God’s own land, giving to the Lord what is His, and rightfully refusing “Property Tax” by swearing off all “services” of the external State, giving none to Caesar of which none therein is his. AnCap’s agorists etc as well.

      Anyhow, this story is probably not going to go down well with the Christian “Right”.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The Christian “Right” has been living with and in this condition ever since FDR’s system said it was illegal for a farmer to feed his own cattle with his own hay produced on his own land. They may grumble, but they won’t act.

        You are also wrong about what is and isn’t Caesar’s. What private individuals do with their private property is, in general, not Caesar’s concern, but so long as they exist within Caesar’s security, they have no right to refuse a reasonable tax. The state is not external if one lives within it, and if one does not it either means they belong to another state or are a state themselves.

        • Matt says:

          No Pax… swearing off all services as stated does include disavowing Caesar’s “security”.
          “Thou shalt not steal.”
          Don’t fucking steal my shit to throw it in your coffers and claim that you’re defending my land.
          I can do that damn well good enough on my own, and with my neighbors.
          And when Caesar the Faux Protector gets overrun, then he isn’t capable of defending me with my money anyway, and the premium he stole from me has been wasted and gone.
          At that point my land and life is in the Lord’s hands,
          as it should before Caesar on this Earth, and at least I remained Free
          and gave unto the Lord and worked His defense by my own arms,
          instead of kissing the ass of your loser Caesar.
          Caesar always fails you and dies,
          the Lord never does.
          Get your shit right bro.

          nb: Caesar’s unreasonable skim over centuries is what created the global shithole situation all 8B people are now in with Govts, and the only proven corrective action to that ever in history is violent revolution, a process that implies great risk of harm to you. No thanks, you can play those odds with your Caesar, I’ll stick with the Lord.

          • jim says:

            > claim that you’re defending my land.
            > I can do that damn well good enough on my own, and with my neighbors.

            That did not work out too well during the Yugoslavian civil war. Very large scale groups defeat very small groups, and the nature of war means that the very large scale group winds up with a territorial monopoly.

            What happened to small groups during the Yugoslavian civil war is that a big army would come through, with bigger army hot on their heels, take everything that they could carry, and destroy everthing they could not so that the bigger army right behind would not have a roof to sleep under.

            During the Yugoslavian civil war, big territorial monopolies were recreated from the bottom up, in a process that was horrifying brutal on tiny little territorial monopolies on the scale of the family and neighbors.

            You will notice that during the Military Special Operation the small villages between the armies get absolutely flattened. And you may well say “Well that is because big armies exist”. But at the start of the Yugoslavian civil war, the state disappeared, and big armies were put together again because big armies beat small armies, put together in a process that was long, slow, and enormously destructive.

            • Matt says:

              > Yugoslavs
              Yet again I am confirmed by my Lord against the Unrepentant arguers.
              Somewhere along the line all of Caesar’s unjust taxes and sinful profits upon the backs of the Yugoslavs did nothing to protect them, Caesar got routed, and then the Yugos died as Saints at the hands of the Followers of Evil.
              I will die fighting on God’s hill with the Cross of Jesus round my neck before I give a single fucking pennyweight to your corrupt Caesar.
              The Lord wins, and Caesar’s fall, on this Earth and the next.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >I will die fighting on God’s hill with the Cross of Jesus round my neck before I give a single fucking pennyweight to your corrupt Caesar.

                I wonder, is that your pennyweight or Caesar’s pennyweight?

                Mark 12:17 KJV:

                Render to Cæsar the things that are Cæsar’s, and to God the things that are God’s

                Currency can only exist within some sort of security zone because trade can only exist within some sort of security zone. Zones which are very much the domain of Caesar (because he creates, maintains, and thus own them). You are wrong to assert the farmer selling his meat is detached from the “external state.” He is very much inside the state if not by territory, then by trade.

                This is all besides the question of rather or not those taxes are reasonable. I agree with you that the current regime levies completely unreasonable taxes to sustains government programs which are not what a Caesar should be doing.

                Furthermore, Christianity is not a damn death cult. Martyrdom is not something to pursue as a just end. It is something, that if unavoidable must be meet righteously. Otherwise, be fruitful and multiply… seeking a path that gets your entire family line/flock pointlessly extinguished is not what God commands. That is sin.

                >swearing off all services as stated does include disavowing Caesar’s “security”

                Disavowing the principle of a Caesar’s security simply isn’t possible. Under the hypothetical of Caesar allowing you to go freely (a highly unlikely outcome), you’ve now established your own security zone by virtue of being sovereign over a piece of territory. You’ve become Caesar. In doing so, you are now playing the security game. You need a war band to defend against other war bands… which by its very existence poses a security threat to other Caesars. This gets expensive fast as competing war bands enter into arms races and wars, and now you need a revenue stream, thus taxes and a bureaucracy to collect those taxes.

                You are right that Caesars come and go, but such is also the inevitability of life and the material world which you can’t ever be “free” of. Freedom is a false concept of Gnosticism. Just as you must answer to a Lord in Heaven, you must also answer to a Caesar on Earth or become a Caesar on Earth (that answers to the Lord).

                Our chief problem is that we have no chief, nor can we organize to support, create, or become a chief. The Oligarchy is still too effectively suppressing such attempts.

                • Matt Is Correct says:

                  [*deleted for suspected demon worship*]

                • jim says:

                  I affirm that that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                  Can you affirm that?

                • Matt Is Correct says:


                • jim says:

                  What a surprise. Someone who tells us we are not Christian enough, and calls upon us to repent and come to Jesus, is unable to affirm the divinity and eternity of Christ.

                  I see a whole lot of that. Tired of Jews, gays, demon worshippers, and gay Jewish demon worshippers piously telling Christians what Christianity is.

    • Aryaman says:

      Isn’t this the same shill as the Vivek shill ?

      What with the platitude-or-comment-as-username the Vivek shills have been using? Whatever they are saying sounds like the product of copy-pasting things from parts of the web we are tangentially talking about, and some GPT prompts, that are supervised and edited by someone but not supervised or edited by someone all that intelligent.

      what does manusmriti say a wife’s duties are, shill?

      • Wifely Duties says:

        My wife’s duties are to cook clean look good suck cock make and raise babies not fuck anyone else and hang out with womenfolk only. I give her some spending money direction and correction. We both tend the garden out back. We’re pretty happy even if it’s not always exactly like that lol. But not gonna lie, the politicians did inflate our plans away, and I’m not going to stoop to their jobs to get it either.

  30. Vivek on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency says:

    Here is Vivek on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency etc… Interview Jun3 Bitcoin 2023

    • jim says:

      Vivek’s policy is to make the dollar the soundest currency, to stimulate economic growth by making it a useful measure of value. The enterprise is an accounting fiction imagined into reality, and you cannot make it real without a stable unit of measure. The instability of the dollar is, as he correctly points out, making economic cooperation within the enterprise and between enterprises difficult. But this is also a policy for restoring dollar dominance, to winning back a dollarized world. He gives good economic, right wing, and reactionary reasons for this policy. But there are also good left wing imperial reasons for this policy, since for several millennia financial and commercial dominance has been a vector for promulgating your state religion to other states, with merchants and bankers doing missionary activity deniably.

  31. Vivek Is On Fire says:

    Insane, this guy is going everywhere on tour, intentionally,
    holding near zero fear nor fucks… totally unprecedented
    in “modern” politics…

    • jim says:

      Not unprecedented.

      What is unprecedented is that he is saying it under his own name and is not being destroyed by the deep state.

      And suddenly a whole lot of namefags who were formerly dogwhistling and dancing around what he is saying are now saying it plain.

      • Bob says:

        [*Vivek baby kissing and handshaking deleted for being off topic.*]

        • jim says:

          Please keep your Vivek shilling to topics relevant to this blog.

          • someDude says:

            Vivek has got to be frontman for a faction of the deep state. If nothing else, the number of shills is a tell. Who else has this sort of resource?

  32. Vivek Cancels Juneteenth says:

    Vivek wrecks Juneteenth…

  33. MuskFan says:

    Posted this in the wrong thread so reposting here.

    Fascinating Musk article that I figured you guys might be interested in over here:

    Summary (generated by AI):

    – Elon Musk has amassed enormous power and influence across critical sectors like space, electric vehicles, infrastructure, and social media. His companies SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter are monopolies or near-monopolies in their industries.

    – Musk frequently clashes with regulators trying to restrain his risk-taking in areas like rocket launches, self-driving cars, and content moderation. He berates and threatens regulators when he doesn’t get his way.

    – Government agencies like NASA, the Pentagon and the DOT are highly dependent on Musk and struggle to control him. Officials treat him like an “unelected official” whose cooperation they need.

    – Musk shifted rightwards politically during COVID, railing against lockdowns and embracing anti-trans views and conspiracy theories. His purchase of Twitter escalated his culture war stances.

    – Former colleagues say Musk is obsessed with being seen as a “master of the universe,” is prone to erratic behavior, and may overuse ketamine and other substances.

    – Musk sees AI as the next industry he must dominate, though experts worry about his “Messiah complex” mentality and lack of accountability. He aims to outcompete cautious efforts like OpenAI.

    – In summary, Elon Musk has amassed unprecedented power across industries essential to society, yet exhibits little accountability. Regulators struggle to control Musk’s risk-taking and self-aggrandizement.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Elon makes a go at Caesar at some point. Not exactly sure how he would do it, but he looks to be clearly more than a merchant interested in only money as his highest purpose.

    • Vivek Invites Musk as Advisor says:

      There are news where Vivek is effectively inviting Musk to be advisors.
      Some pundits say VP, but very unlikely Musk goes for that.
      Musk and Vivek did go on twitter spaces or some other interview talk site.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      “Lack of accountability” means “does not kowtow to government bureaucrats”.

      I was going to ask Jim what he plans to do with millions of over-40 cat-ladies, but he once said, “Those who do not create real value shall become domestic servants for those who do.”

      • MuskFan says:

        Exactly right. And that he can’t be controlled demonstrates that he already has considerable soft power and influence. Now how he can parlay that to actual hard power, if he wants that, remains to be seen.

    • A2 says:

      More power to Musk if he does, even if he still is a merchant. So I’m afraid he probably won’t. (I’d say there are some major steps needed before he could avoid being squashed like a bug.)

      Seems like the current Top Men really really want to control him and his work, hence this nasty little gossip piece. Why can’t he just be a good obedient boy, that Elon?

  34. COVID Scam Renewing says:

    For those who haven’t noticed anti-plandemic twitter on this,
    the scammers are brewing up another batch of COVID scare.
    Schools and WokeCorps are already forcing masks.
    Biden just threw $millions into a “new” variant vax,
    launches mandatory vax recommendation rhetoric campaign.

    They’re really trying hard.

  35. Mister Grumpus says:

    The podcast voices are all abuzz today with the new take that GAE is getting ready to lose in America (elections), and then lose in Ukraine the next week, and then blame the White Supremacist MAGA Trump Nazis for “stabbing Ukraine in the back”, so Gas the Amerikaner RWN.

    Do the Incroyables say “hi”?

    Motherfuckers are definitely reading this. Jim’s takes come at you fast.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      They’ve done this many times in the past — lose an election to a cardboard Republican and spend the next 4-8 years blaming him for all the country’s problems while regrouping and planning their next move in complete safety.

      Elections are decided by Shaniqua stuffing the ballot boxes, but Shaniqua doesn’t care if those ballots say “Biden” or “Vivek” as long as she gets paid.

  36. Aidan says:

    Watched Vivek move for the first time on video. Extremely uncanny. Roused a very primitive instinct to hit it with a stick until it stopped moving. That man is a snake. Which may make him an effective puppet to say other men’s words for them, but that is not a leader.

    • Aryaman says:

      That was my initial reaction too. I thought his physiognomy (well, what is gait but physiognomy of the body?) was improving recently but maybe not. He does not very much look like a President

    • MuskFan says:

      Keep in mind Ramaswamy made his money in a pharmaceutical pump-and-dump IPO that made him and his family a billion or so that produced no product. There are plenty of old youtube videos of him charismatically talking it up prior to going public.

      So do with that information as you will.

    • Neofugue says:

      I am surprised anyone here would take a pajeet curry nigger running for President of the United States seriously in the first place, much less as a potential reactionary candidate.

      Vivek does not belong in this country, he was along with his co-ethnics brought here against the wishes of the American people, and as such him running for the presidency should be considered a grave insult, much like that thing in the prime minister’s office in the UK.

      Also, for those who somehow have forgotten, politicians lie to their voters. Do any of you seriously believe that after Trump the Polygon would let an outsider on the debate platform? Vivek is what Ron DeSantis wanted to be—a fake alternative to Trump designed to draw the attention of the Amerikaner away from his arrest and show trial.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        We are not taking him seriously as an electoral prospect. His existence, particularly that it continues, is notable for indicating where at least one faction of the deep state is looking.

        • jim says:

          That Vivek is a Pajeet and a Hindu (but I repeat myself) indicates intent of the faction backing him to pull a double cross on white and Christian voters. That he is getting away with saying a whole lot of stuff that was very recently unsayable indicates intent to do a thermidor – which would still be pretty good for whites and Christians, and would create room and opportunity for reactionaries.

      • MusKFan says:

        Exactly. What is the Cathedral saying about him? That should tell you all you need to know.

        • MuskFan says:

          That the media doesn’t attack him fanatically (like they do to Trump), or uncover how he made all his money in a shady pump and dump scheme, tells me at worst they silently support him and at best are not taking him seriously as any sort of threat to the existing power structure.

  37. Niggas for Trump says:

    What fun times we live in…

    “The More You Indict, The More We Unite!” – Black Social Media Erupts For Trump

    For years, American leftists have yearned for the day they’d see a police mug shot of former President Donald Trump, confident it would decisively terminate his political career.

    Thanks to an indictment in Georgia that was clearly conceived and timed for maximum political damage, their wish was granted last week.

    However, the spectacle has unfolded in a way that’s surely causing a growing sense of horror among Trump’s foes: Not only has his booking at one of Atlanta’s nastiest jails galvanized typical Trump supporters, it’s triggered a surge in support from inside an essential Democratic constituency — black people.

    Considering how Democrats take black support for granted and routinely label Trump a racist and white supremacist, imagine the utter consternation they’re feeling as they witness a social media eruption of black sympathy for Trump over an arrest that, for many blacks, parallels the mistreatment they perceive blacks have received in the American criminal justice system.

    The first sign of trouble came when people calling themselves “Blacks for Trump” and “Niggas for Trump” posted themselves near the infamous Fulton County Jail on Atlanta’s Rice Street.

    Blacks for Trump are on fire outside the Fulton County
    — Simon Ateba (@simonateba) August 24, 2023

    Then we saw blacks lining the street to cheer on the former president’s motorcade and shouting “Free Trump!”

    The mainstream media does not want you to see this. But you must!
    — Simon Ateba (@simonateba) August 25, 2023

    The on-scene displays in Georgia were just a precursor to a social media wave of black Trump 2024 enthusiasm that’s still rolling. “Trump is a brother now…I’m sorry, you go to jail in Zone 6 Atlanta, you a brotha,” says this man. “Straight up. They f**ked up. Niggas like niggas that went to jail. They believe in that sh*t. We trust that.”

    🔥🚨 Trump’s arrest is only making him more popular in the black community!!

    “Trump is a brother now.”

    “They f**ks with people that been to jail.”

    MUST WATCH & SHARE!! 🔥👇🏼
    — TONY™️ (@TONYxTWO) August 25, 2023

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @realDonaldTrump just reached the point where the Hood just like fuck the Government Bring Back Trump so we can feed our families and not take our money to feed other ppl families
    — 🇺🇸 🍊 Antoine Tucker (@montaga) August 25, 2023

    “Every real nigga got to go to jail at least one time,” says this man, who also warns that Democrats have “f**ked up” and will now face vengeance from a future President Trump. “You think he aint gonna spin the block?”

    Blacks for Trump – THEY GOING TO FAFO 👀 #BlacksForTrump #DonaldTrump #TrumpMugShot #Trump2024 #PresidentTrump #TrumpArrest #TrumpIndictment
    — HumanDilemma (@HumanDilemma_) August 26, 2023

    Like many Americans of all colors, some of this man’s motivation to vote for Trump springs from his entertainment value:


    🙌🏾 THANK YOU JOE BIDEN, WHAT A BIG WIN FOR TRUMP.#FJB #blackout #Blacks4Trump
    — Omarr Shabazz (@OmarrShabazz) August 26, 2023

    “If you can’t openly see that this is an attempt to make someone have to spend a bunch of money and fight cases while they run for presidency…you’re just not being an objective human,” says @mark_in_georgia:

    I feel that .. well it was farmers for Trump, blacks for Trump Hispanics for Trump now it’s the folks that have been unjustly indicted and falsely accused for Trump. That includes there mothers fathers .and these people have are going to vote
    — @Gene Mitchell (@redrum_132) August 25, 2023

    “Man, they deep-in-the-hood GANGSTAS hollering bout Trump 2024!” notes this enthusiastic black Trumper.

    “The more you indict, the more we UNITE”

    “Gangstas- the HOOD’s got this man’s back. It’s Trump 2024!” #WalkAway
    — Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) August 26, 2023

    In this set of man-in-the-street interviews, black men say Trump was better for their wallets. “Trump wanted us to get off our ass and get some money,” says one man. “He put America first,” says another:

    Trump 🇺🇸
    — wilder😎 (@wilderpatriot) August 25, 2023

    This emotive gent in a convenience store hits a recurring theme: Anger about “bitch ass nigga” Biden relentlessly funneling billions of dollars into the Ukraine war as conditions in American cities deteriorate.

    Blacks for Trump – WE FUCKING WITH TRUMP!!! FU BIDEN!!! 👀#BlacksForTrump #DonaldTrump #TrumpMugShot #Trump2024 #PresidentTrump #TrumpArrest #TrumpIndictment #MAGA2024
    — HumanDilemma (@HumanDilemma_) August 26, 2023

    The genre is dominated by men, but here’s an exception: a woman who longs for the days of Trump’s Covid-era money handouts, specifically name-checking the “PPP boys” — a reference to the much-abused Paycheck Protection Program.
    — 𝕔hi𝓁𝓁iຖ໐iˢ (@chiIIum) August 25, 2023

    Clutch Williams highlights Democrat hypocrisy, saying, “These other presidents be sayin’ good stuff to you, but doing bad stuff to you. Trump might be sayin some bad stuff, but he was doing some good stuff. Check the record!”

    🔥🚨BREAKING: Comedian ‘Clutch Williams’ just released a video supporting President Trump and goes as far to say that Donald Trump was one of the best Presidents we had in a long time. It appears that every lie is being revealed before our eyes.
    — Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) August 26, 2023

    ….and this man says many in his audience voted against Trump but have had a change of heart. “At some point, many of y’all have changed your mind and you now support Trump but you doin’ it on the sneak. Come on, y’all, let’s own up to it so we can all support his man together.”

    — il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) August 26, 2023

    None of this is to say Trump will win the votes of a majority of blacks…but all it takes is a dent for the unintended consequences of Democrats’ political prosecutions to turn the booking of Donald Trump from Democrat dream to Democrat nightmare.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      KYS you nigger loving faggot.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Egregious copy paste. I haven’t made up my mind if this is an attack or autism.

    • Hesiod says:

      Sending a wind-up white supremacist into, oh I dunno, a Floridian Dollar General to do in some dindus might be a response to any perceived gain in negro support for Trump. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

      • Aryaman says:

        by and large, blacks don’t vote but are voted for. This is what “get out the vote” is, this is what “ballot harvesting” is. And is also why a Republican “ballot harvesting” apparatus would not work (to the extent it won’t be shutdown by the department of justice to begin with), since you cannot harvest ballots of people who actually have agency and live many miles apart from one another.

        the ones who really do vote in the way I voted in 2020 (a real nuisance, by the way) probably already voted for trump to begin with (vast majority of this group), or are better approximated as white liberal women who were going to vote for the democrat anyway.

        part of why mass democracy fails is that voting is irrational, hence why it is dominated by women and other irrational sorts. Voting is worthwhile if you have collective punishment and tribal organization, which is sort of the function of the “I voted” stickers. In my neck of the woods, people would almost pretend to get more upset with you for not voting, or suggesting that voting is fake and gay, than they would at voting for the wrong guy. Because they assume a tribal affiliation and this is the enforcement mechanism.

        Even if you are to have universal democracy, considerably more efficient would be drawing a lot from eligible electors in advance (about 6 weeks before election day) so that 1-in-10,000 of eligible voters are drawn to actually vote which would result in about 1300 voters in New York State and 70 voters in Montana. Candidates would then campaign for the ear of the selected electors, and voting would not be irrational nor fake and gay in this world.

        Of course there are defection mechanisms in this. You would probably have to cordon off the selected electors since at that small count secret bribes and the like are quite possible without draconian policing. Eventually you would end up with something that resembles the selection of a Venetian Doge, and young random boys rolling dice in public — or something like that.

        However I believe a system like this would be considerably more streamlined and less complex today than it was in Venice at its richest due to the availability of speed-of-light communications and cheap public broadcasting (which makes the creation of common knowledge cheap — i.e. you know, i know that you know, you know that I know that you know, i know that you know that I know that you know, etc. — and thus defecting much harder).

        but a big problem for rational, normal people today is that it is provably and obviously the case that voting is a massive waste of time — and that is even without the enormous fraud that dilutes your franchise further still. Mass democratic elections are always by their very nature fraudulent, always by their very nature reflecting a consensus biased towards the disturbed and insane.

        This is also a problem with corporate governance. what a nuisance it is for me to vote for directors of the corporations I ostensibly own a very little bit of, but together with people like me own close to all of… And it is illegal for hedge funds who have the power and scale to organize to arbitrage my inability to participate in the governance into profit for themselves, and getting more illegal every day yet.

        (the two primary obstacles are (1) Delaware courts allowing boards to evade hostile takeovers through contingent dillution of a majority new owner’s shares in ways that are blatantly contrary to common law, (2) requiring a hedge fund that obtains a large new stake in a company to declare it has done so well in advance of its accumulating enough to have an effect, greatly limiting any possible profit from ever doing so)

        • Biden Women, Freedom says:

          > White Liberal Women Voters

          Something is wrong with this species of women that they would vote for a non-virile diaper wearing geriatric like Biden.

          At least Trump still grabs pussy and hires women, and Vivek knocks them up.

          > mass voting

          Yes, it’s designed to pander the poor masses for redistribution by elites from everyone else for more power, not to give them tools to raise themselves up.

          > voting stickers

          Another thing that sucks is “Voter ID / Voter Registration”.
          At least on national level no one’s going to be bussing in votes from China.
          Old India had it right… ink dips, and precincts where everyone knew everyone. Nowdays unwashable bio-bonding ink is available.

          Real reason for ID / Registration is as brainwash to make Globalist 1984 easier to roll out.

          Wasnt any damn ID / Registration a good number of years ago, shit worked just fine back then.

          Democracy is a fraud anyway.
          Least Bad or none at all are the only real choices, and neither of those get you more freedom.

          If Vivek is somehow able to pull off his 75% reduction in Govt, I *might* be willing to say that could result in some more marginal freedom.

          Don’t really see how Trump is proffering any more freedom, except via the small chance of letting an actual revolution happen.

          Assuming either of them win, maybe it would open for a based candidate in 2028.

          • Aryaman says:

            you are an interesting kind of bot. clearly you are the result of some kind of GPT or another, but with some human intervention.

            the robotic aspect of what you are is very clear.

            the non-robotic aspect is that, voters forced to plunge their hands into indelible ink after casting a ballot is a common technique in India, and a technique well-known to election security research type people before election security research as a concept was deprecated for failing to defend democracy. but this is called “indelible ink” or maybe some places “election ink”. not “bio-bounding ink”

            where are you from, shill? what does manusmriti say about a wife’s duties?

      • The Cominator says:

        Of course it was and it’s designed to fuck up the relative racial peace Florida has compared to most of the country (Florida has long been relatively free of racial agitation which the Cathedral can’t have), blacks dont vote but they want to make the steal plausible.

  38. USA EU vs BRICS says:

    Most of Islamic power (oil) just went to RU-CN BRICS.

    So if US wants to survive it needs to make *actual* genuine friends and partners with all countries in the Americas immediately. Plus India, and even what’s left of Africa and East Asia and the Med. And it needs to drastically increase its Diplomacy and Trade Merchant engines. If the US loses the Americas diplomatic branch, or even loses any more of the basin rims, and can’t build Dip and Trade… it’s over.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      The US Empire, like all empires before it, was held together by war and the threat thereof. Now the entire world has come to realize that gay parades don’t win wars. Trade was also a big incentive to sign up with Team USA, until the USA moved all its mines and factories to China.

      Far from attracting the “best and brightest”, the USA has become the world’s dumpster for unwanted peoples, like the Nepalese in Bhutan. Nepal didn’t want them, as they were already overpopulated, so Bhutan sent them all to the USA as “refugees”.

  39. Protecting Vivek? says:

    People suggest Deep State is protecting and or propping up Vivek over Trump.
    Could be because they think Trump will actually let a physical Revolution happen,
    some sort of protest Siege, multiple Building Takeover, or an actual Gunfight.
    See the last topic of the Trump-Carlson debate interview…
    Vivek talks “Reform”, which is limited to Executive Branch, and begging for Legislation or Rulings.
    Trump he often leaves careful linguistic holes open for people to drive a Revolution truck through.

  40. Zach says:

    I was glad to hear this answer from rama-smarmy:

    Am I the only guy going full retard on the UAP/NH thing btw?

    • jim says:

      OK. Now I am sold on Ramaswami. He is a man with a plan.

      But still have one reservation “good people”. Good people in the grip of an evil religion do evil. He has the answer to that also, which he repeats regularly. A better state religion. But I suspect demons still present.

      Ramaswami’s plan for purging the deep state is constitutionally, legally, and procedurally sound, but that stuff does not matter any more, and when Trump was arrested, he finally started to figure that out.

      His plan could succeed without black helicopters ferrying Harvard professors, senior bureaucrats, and judges to the Pacific for long distance swimming lessons if one part of the deep state wants to purge another part of the deep state. Which is going to have to happen, sooner or later, for one reason or another reason. But that is likely to produce a result that is less than satisfactory. At some point, to actually purge the deep state, going to have to use black helicopters.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        You can tell that some kind of attempted underdog fix is in, though, simply because we’ve heard of Vivek at all. He got onto TV so loudly and so early. He’s all over normiecon podcasts. He’s saying what he’s saying, with his real face and name, at least two or three layers peeled off the MAGA onion and closer to its NRX’ish center, without any evident fear, and without any Twitter following carried over from The Before Times.

        Smart for them to use an Indian. They too can say what they don’t truly mean at full volume 24-7 without flinching. A White was out of the question, a Jew would be too White to make a difference, an Asian could maybe work but they’re too conformist to make waves like this, and I doubt they could find a Black who understood the material or even cared.

        But yes, obvious Thermidor attempt. No way this is organic. Nothing in the big show is ever organic anyway.

        FWIW, I didn’t know the concept then, but my gut take was that Trump was a (Israeli) Thermidor attempt also, but 2024 is more urgent and desperate than 2016 could have ever imagined. Vivek has his F.I.R.E. loot socked away in esoteric accounts all over the world and can flee to India or Singapore at any moment.

        It’s all so sad, but the logic is so solid. So Rama-Smarmy it is, then.

        I think it was Cominator who predicted that Vivek and his people will absolutely screw and purge the Amerikaner as well, but he’s the only guy on the board who’s even pushing back at all, and speaking within a closer orbit of the truth. Trump made the Cathedral reveal its existence, but this guy will force them to de-cloak even more.

        • jim says:

          A thermidor has a high likelihood of getting out of control. The Incroyables could have made it, but they wound up assimilated. The degeneracy of the aristocracy of the robe was the vector for assimilating them, and the leftism of the Nazis, on full display on Gab and with the Ukraine Nazis, will be the vector for assimilating us, as the Incroyables and the Ukraine Nazis were assimilated.

          Vivek is being sponsored by someone based in Harvard. I conjecture that a faction that has been crushed is now pushing to crush the other faction with the aim of rectifying the collapse of the Global American Empire.

        • Vivek's Trainer? says:

          Vivek since around first half of last year has been on people’s youtube channels… it’s truly an unprecedented first and strategy for any major political candidate and this was a full year before he announced his run or dropped any solid hints. Just out there talking on their podcasts. His appearances are hard to find now that the net is plastered with his candidacy and there’s no ‘sort by oldest’ function.

          Seems to me he’s fairly legit coming from himself his own motivations that he won’t flip on… like the worst would be he gets stalled like Trump did, but he won’t waffle on policy like Trump did.

          And that perhaps someone or some think tank spotted him early and helped him along, not with underhanded intent to get elected and turncoat on the people like say Obama and every other worthless pol, but with “Hey, this is the pattern in the Matrix we’ve been waiting for”.
          Could be someone like a Thiel from quiet libertarian 1776 type and money, a Heritage Foundation, or that dude that gave $Billion on his death to a some Republican org, or a Tom Klingenstein… something like that, a co-idealogue boxing trainer that amplifies his existing skill and strategy.

          Whatever. Vivek is remarkably strong though. That’s the point.

          Trump is aging, his health and energy is nowhere near 2016, and it’s still 1.5 years till Jan 2025, and then he’d have to put in 4 years through 2029 with the Left and the Deep State dogging his ass the entire time, and with still no expressed plan to make any notable or wide changes. And right now he’s still in multiple jails with no relief in sight. And his party is keeping distance too. Trump is effectively floating by the people alone, which is certainly enough, but its not diversified. One conviction, or one health issue, and they could bail.

          I’d prefer Vivek wins, mostly because if he’s even partly True, and or
          this is a “For Real” movement brewing, it presents a unique opportunity
          to see where all the rhetoric and plans go, and if USA is already broken,
          then nothing to lose so might as well have fun.

          IMO… Trump held the Bible, Vivek holds the Sword.

          ps: Vivek went to a Catholic high school, and is from Ohio, both, but the latter characteristic especially, have carried a statistical advantage in winning Presidential elections in history.

          • jim says:

            Yes, but …

            Vivek is real, and saying a whole lot of important things. And he has a plan for purging the deep state. Which he sincerely intends. And which would work as a purge, but is not going to end it.

            But his plan for ending the Ukraine war is foolish. He wants Russia to give up Kalingrad. A variety of Russian regimes have been fighting wars for centuries to get warm water access without a hostile empire in the way. In the unlikely event that Putin agrees to that deal, Putin’s successors will make war to end it. Russia has been at this for centuries and is not going to change. And he is smart enough to know it is not going to work. He is sincere on Davos, but there is something funny about his position. He is a lot cosier with some Davos people that he fesses up.

            He has a plan for keeping hostile entryists out. Trump was overrun by hostile entryists. But either because he is unfamiliar with entryism (I was a veteran in the entryist wars while still a teenager) or because there are some entryists someome is restraining him from keeping out, his plan has some huge great big holes in it.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Give him a chance. He probably Already Knows Everything — you can be sure he knows who Moldbug is — but is also limited by the language he can use to describe the problems he’s up against. A facefag can’t just rectify all the names in one sitting and get away with it.

              If he spoke as honestly and accurately as I suspect he already can, someone might just shoot him in the head right on camera in the TV studio, and somehow never get caught. “White Supremacist shoots Vivek and melts away into the rafters of the Fox News building.
              Authorities burn the bitch down to smoke him out, but to no avail.”

            • Kalingrad Sticky Wicket says:

              Didnt Vivek said nukes in kalingrad, not kalingrad itself.

              No one around there really has safe sovereign warm water till they get out to atlantic or indian… all water in between has been a random warzone since boats were invented. RU has plenty warm 800km on Black Sea, and probably won’t lose all of southeast ukraine.

              Davos… did anyone review the wikipedia diffs to see exactly what Vivek’s people deleted?

              • jim says:

                That is what he said, but if you take the nukes out of Kalingrad, the Global American Empire is going to wind up controlling Kalingrad, and Vivek will never have enough control of the Global American Empire to prevent that from happening. He knows it. Putin knows it. Nukes in Kalingrad is Russia’s last failing fingernail grip on warm water access. There have been centuries of war over this issue, there will be wars on over this issue.

                The Ukraine matters to Russia, because it has suffered repeated devastating invasions through Ukraine for centuries. A “frozen conflict” conflict in the Ukraine is just asking for another one. Putin does not want the conflict frozen, he want it resolved.

                A “frozen conflict” does not end the war, it just pauses it a bit so that the Global American Empire can build up its weapons stocks so that it can do to Russia what has been done so many times before.

                I think Vikek is a catspaw of a realist Global Americand Empire faction that wants to de-wokify the army, rebuild industry, and avoid a two front war against Russia and China, or a three front war against Russia, China, and legacy Americans, do a thermidor, so that it resume conquering the world in small pieces. It wants to rebuild industry, rebuild the military, and then resume operations as usual. Including operations as usual against legacy Americans, which is why they chose a dot Indians. A corrupt elite always uses foreigners against its native population.

                • Karl says:

                  Nukes in Kalingrad is Russia’s last failing fingernail grip on warm water access.

                  Why did you use the word “failing”? Please explain. I don’t see Russia presently losing control of Kalingrad

                • jim says:

                  Russia has lost control of Kalingrad, in that the Global American Empire has shut down travel between Russia and Kalingrad. It is under blockade. Which blockade is causus belli and a massive violation of treaties, which makes war to regain access to the Atlantic imperative, and historically inevitable and unavoidable.

                • skippy says:

                  fwiw I am unconvinced Kaliningrad is really worth all that much, given how bottlenecked is the Baltic, and also how easy it is to blockade on land. It is neither much of a land connection to Russia, or much of a sea connection to the world.

                  If people could act like board game players, without emotion, trading Kaliningrad for Ukraine would be a good deal for Russia, and “returning” Kaliningrad to Europe could be presented as a real historical win for the West. It is a very reasonable plan coming from a foreigner who is completely emotionally uninvested in this history, as Ramaswamy of course is.

                • jim says:

                  Kalingrad was worth an enormous amount when there was expectation that treaties would be observed, as Crimea is worth an enormous amount because Turkey has been observing the treaty giving Russia access to the Mediterranean for a very long time and is likely to continue to do so.

                  Since there is no longer such expectation, what it is worth is a foothold for conquering access to the Atlantic. Hence the likelihood that it will be color revolutioned with extreme prejudice, and the likelihood that alternatively Russia will conquer an area around the Vilnius corridor and Denmark.

                • Nuke and Trade says:

                  I see little distinction between the launch time and range of nukes in kalingrad and nukes a few clicks away over the russian border proper. A political annoyance, not a military one.

                  Americans do sort of trust day-to-day indians, like they’re not in their street-level threat matrix.

                  Yes a board-game swap would be fine, though Lviv and other various definitions of northwestern lands would probably not be part of the deal. Odessa is tricky.

                • jim says:

                  I see huge difference. If you attempt to color revolution Kalingrad, you are likely to get nuked because the local troops on the ground are likely to say “well, we could surrender, and the mob might hang us anyway, or we could fight, and probably die, or we could launch this nuke.”

                  It is not a range issue. It is a trigger. Putin agreeing to withdraw nukes from Kalingrad would he Putin agreeing to allow siege and color revolution. Conversely, as long as there is no expectation that treaties are meaningful, it is a base in the coming and inevitable – next year, next decade, or next century, war for access to the Atlantic.

          • Aryaman says:

            His appearences in 2021 which I cannot find anymore but remember well suggested he was the kind of Republican who was not our friend. His tune has since changed. So it’s possible he played a fast one on the people propping him up back then, but more likely they are collectively playing a fast one on us.

            It’s possible he also changed his mind. Noticed how insane things were, started reading the right part of the anonymous right, and radicalized himself and took advantage of the fact he was well-situated.

            But as I keep saying, he came 15 years too late if he believes exactly what he says he believes.

            • jim says:

              There is something real about Vivek, and something fake. He is preparing a government in exile to hit the ground running if he gets elected, and it is not our guys in the government in exile. But it is not the woke tranny shaniqua faction either. So, my guess is a Thermidorean faction of the ruling elite.

              A Thermidorean faction that disagrees Trump on the peace of Westphalia.

          • Vivek On Religion says:

            Here’s Vivek on his religion (sortof)…


            Hindu has lots of gods, but it does have a meta slot that some Hindus ascribe for God overall.

            Unlike Islam vs literally all other Religions (incl lack thereof) and vs Govts,
            Hindus and Christians generally get along fine and don’t want to kill each other,
            and they often cooperate together against Islam.

            This dot-Hindu would be better in the WH than that Muslim Obama anyday.

            • jim says:

              Some of those Gods, notably Krishna, are demons. What Vivek says on his religion smells less than frank to me. Seems fake.

              Rama, on the other hand, is definitely not a demon. We can get along with Rama worshippers. Rama looks very like a Christophany.

              • Vishnu says:

                Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases
                I send myself forth.
                For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
                and for the establishment of righteousness,
                I come into being age after age.
                Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8

      • Democrat Counter Pt. 1 says:

        Vivek likes to quote UScode allows him to riff entire agencies.

        Democrats will simply vote to cancel and wokify that code before he gets elected.

        Of course the power of the presidency is whole and unilateral,
        but that’s a high bar for the SC to rule on, especially since Biden’s
        puppeteers put that embarassing Marxist negress on the bench.

        • jim says:

          No they will not.. Normality bias.

        • Aryaman says:

          Supreme Court already ruled on this in 1926 and has reaffirmed its holding ever since, albeit reluctantly

          The President has the exclusive authority to remove executive branch officials.

          (Earlier statutory limits on the President’s Executive Power were also deemed unconstitutional in the same ruling. )

          Of course, there is normality bias in assuming what SCOTUS says still matters in making too much of this. But the President is, in addition to his lawful authority, a Schelling point on power and sovereignity. A ship can have only two captains, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it…”, etc.

          It is not US Code that lets him RIF entire agencies, but the commonly held delusion that at least the most basic tenets of the Constitution still apply. The President cannot automatically prevail in his effort but he can force a Constitutional crisis and dispel the normality bias that sustains their charade. Provided the other faction is fractious and God is on his side, he can play a game of chicken and win.

          Similarly the King of England, though a President has the benefit of a common presumption of popular support — in our case the popular support of those with talent, resources, arms, ammunition, and capital.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Respectfully, you were around back in 2020, so fuck all this “law” stuff.

            “We’re in the middle of a war! And a pandemic! And a famine! And a climate emergency! And the lights are going out! There’s white supremacist MAGA Nazis everywhere, running around and wrecking stuff!

            “We’re resisting an insurrection! He, Xi and Putin rigged the 2024 election with Facebook NPC mind rays and now he’s trying to stab the USA in the back by firing us! We refuse to stop doing our sacred duty! We must take our country back, purge these traitorous turncoats, round them up, turn off the internet and shoot them into ditches!”

            Now that makes some goddamn sense.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Oh yeah, and close all the border exits and airports because they’re trying to get away!

            • Aryaman says:

              All true, so there’s no inevitability that the President could do anything. But he is a Schelling point and so if he tries to actually do a coup the result of that is at least unpredictable.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Or simply put price ceilings on real estate in DC so ordinary conservative families can afford to live there on a government employee’s salary, and earn their way into the deep state based on meritocracy. No black helicopters needed.

        And just what do conservatives think would happen to housing costs anyway if the black helicopters and civil war happened?

        • jim says:

          Allowing this trhough because I want to make it obvious why I do not allow your stuff through.

          Conservatives cannot live on a civil servant salary, because the government does not hire conservatives and is not going to hire conservatives.

          Price control means rationing, and who is going to receive those rations? The politically favored, who are not conservatives.

          Everything you write is a supposedly right wing argument as to why red America should increase its subsidies and capitulation to blue America.

        • skippy says:

          “so ordinary conservative families can afford to live there on a government employee’s salary, and earn their way into the deep state based on meritocracy.”


          You are getting lazy now you assume jim is gonna delete your stuff

        • Aryaman says:

          you are just saying

          simply take stuff from people we do not like, and give them to people we do like

          Which is fine enough except that the people with the power to take stuff do not like the people I like and therefore your prescription is regime change complete, and almost tautologically true anyhow. Nevermind that price controls are a particularly dumb and inefficient way of taking stuff. (in fact, more inefficient and destructive than just taking stuff with guns and grenades)

          And just what do conservatives think would happen to housing costs anyway if the black helicopters and civil war happened?

          not the man that builds my house, nor the man that manufactures my concrete, nor the man that organizes the hiring of labor and purchase of commodities involved in the building of my house, nor the man that invests in this endeavor for a profit are going to be on the black helicopters. The man that has to sign off that my septic tank is up to code probably won’t make the cutoff list for the helicopters, but will probably be too busy delivering the construction workers pizza to get in my way.

      • Zach says:

        It’s so sad that there is no voting ourselves out of this mess. Not anymore.

    • f6187 says:

      We watched the first half of the Shawn Ryan interview with Vivek last night, and I was shocked at his high level of skill in articulating both the true nature of the so-called “deep state” and his strategy for dealing with it. Even if everything he proposed was just wishful thinking, or even an outright deceptive lie, his skill is enormous. Every word, phrase, and concept seemed to flow impeccably.

      Maybe it’s just a masterful Svengali level of persuasion and hypnosis from a man who reveres a talking elephant and looks oddly super-human playing tennis, but I don’t think so. He may not have a chance at election or even nomination, but if Trump turns out to be the top dog, he might do well to pay close attention to Vivek’s vision and strategy.

      What disturbed me about Trump’s interview with Tucker is that he was still talking about old half measures like firing Comey. Contrast that with Vivek’s “75% Plan,” replete with precise identification of his legal authority to pull it off. Trump’s fierce visage in the mug shot looks promising, but his words suggest that he’s still laboring under “merchant mode” thinking,

      That’s hard to believe given the level of legal assaults against him — and worse, against anyone even loosely associated with him. How is Dan Schafer, a mere election functionary, indicted of anything? That should be more concerning to Trump than even his own indictment. If his enemies will go that far, then surely Trump has to know that he needs to do at least something like a “75% Maximum Vengeance Plan” literally to save his own life. “Firing Christopher Wray” would be pissing in the wind.

      Yes “they have six ways from Sunday” of getting at you, and normally that would intimidate you, but given the recent course of human events, it should now have the opposite effect and inspire you to push harder. At this point ya gotta burn the ships on the beach.

      Quoth Jim: “Electoral politics is a distraction.” Yes but an often informative and entertaining one, and a good read on the status of the left’s advance through the institutions and their ability to hold that ground. In the long run the Logos always wins, but in the meantime that cross can get heavy and chafe like hell and even kill you.

      Must build our own institutions atop the ashes of the old ones: primarily, schools. I say end all involvement of government in education altogether, including K-12 and universities and everything. Vivek says forcefully “end the Department of Education”, and Trump has hinted at it over the years. Sounds to me like Vivek is more serious than Trump here.

      Of course, ending the DoE ain’t the half of it. Doing what I say all the way is huge, but how about getting the low hanging fruit? I hear endless talk about “defunding” this and that (though not one slug dime has been cut), so how about defunding the universities as a start? Sure, at the local level people will continue to pay enormous property taxes for the privilege of “free” education wherein their children are “educated” in useless and evil nonsense, but for God’s sake Trump or Vivek or Luna or whoever, just pull the rug out from under Harvard and let them burn through their endowment by investing in companies with high ESG ratings.

      Coming back down to Earth for a moment, if Trump gets back in there, I’ll just be happy if he authorizes the Keystone Pipeline on Day One, releases the JFK files, and has his little talk with Putin and Zelenskyyyy to end the Special Military Operation within 24 hours. That’s as much as I can expect from electoral politics, and I might even get everything except the JFK files.

      Vivek’s right though: needs to be a landslide. Can’t be another 50.1% election where the poll workers are sent home early and the votes from the photocopiers suddenly turn everything around at 3am. If that shit happens again it’s just completely over re electoral politics: after that you just never pay one whit of attention to it because Billy Beck’s dictum that it was all just a prelude to civil war has finally come true.

  41. Pax Imperialis says:

    I’ve heard through the grape vine that the recent Marine Officer Candidate School course this year awarded well over half (6 out of 8) of the individual awards to wookies. That is rather statistically improbable. Women officer candidates constitute at most 10% of the candidate population. Assuming equal distribution of competency (lol one of those awards is purely physical), the likelihood of 10% of the population winning 75% of the awards is 1.0E-6 or .0001%. RIGHT………..

    Totally natural……..

    Nothing to see here…….


    This is even more unlikely when considering physical impacts performance in everything else, so even though only 1 of those awards is purely “physical,” the reality is that all of those scores are physical dependent. The reality is the the USMC, the only branch to “meet” recruitment quotas, is suppressing masculine competency in favor of feminine mediocrity. In an actual conflict with a so called near peer enemy, we’re likely to get fucked.

    The sole consolation is that unlike the picture Jim posted of enlisted Marines, the Officer Corps is still largely White.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      As long as the Officer Corps remains “largely White”, no more white officers will be added to it. Historical racism must be corrected!

      In 2025 the NYT will be running hang-wringing articles about how terribly racist it was to pack our military with women of color and send them to certain death in the Ukraine.

      • Tranny SEAL Team 6 says:

        He forgot that the reason they won the “physical” competency was that they were really trannies, not women.

        Islam has a gay thing with young boys, and rumor has it Erdogan has a tranny friend, maybe the shemales will be useful traps to infiltrate your local jihadi cell.

        • Cavin says:

          Don’t forget Iran has become one of the tranny capitals of the world, what with state mandated transitions for homos and all. And the less said about how gay the Ottomans were, the better.

        • Calvin says:

          Don’t forget Iran has become one of the tranny capitals of the world, what with state mandated transitions for homos and all. And the less said about how gay the Ottomans were, the better.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          A lot of shemale brothels in Turkey. In Afghanistan you’ve got the infamous traffick in bacha-bazi that the Taliban have been trying to stamp out. There’s always been a thing with traps in Central Asia. Residues of pre-aryan syncretic innana/ishtar/astarte figure cults echoing through history.

  42. GTFO: Border, Collapse says:

    Spooky bad mojo says things are fixin to get real in 2024+…

    The failing of the GAE while inevitable, and perhaps given to stop some evil… this ensuing collapse must remind everyone of an important lesson that has been repeated time and time again in history…

    When Shit Hits The Fan, and your citadel becomes undefendable unsupplyable and overrun by zombies… you need a way to GET THE FUCK OUT !

    Now one good thing is Biden has just welded 114 border floodgates open for you, refused to build the wall, and still doesn’t staff the border. But that’s just the regime still playing its willful destruction importation game.

    When the destruction has reached unstoppable momentum, they WILL weld all the gates closed, buy back all the steel they auctioned off, build the wall, and block all the roads out, both physical, financial, and virtual. The USA will become both East Germany and China at once, mass Prog Soc Com will ensue.

    This is a big flaw in the Republicans thinking, if they were smart they would quietly manipulate their border demands to leave all road lanes out completely open to outbound traffic, and leave plenty of unmonitored holes in the harsher desert regions. Specifically so their people can get OUT of the USA when it does finally implode.

    Point is… don’t demand your politicians do stuff that will shoot your own foot… building an impenetrable Sat UAV monitored border wall *IS* footshooting.

    Better to simply make policy and life hard for aliens so that they both do not bother coming because there is no benefit, and leave if they are already inside.

    Now on the way out you might need… metal cutting tools, paper maps, compass, non-GPS SatNav, spare phones, do recon and trial runs beforehand, Bitcoin and 24K gold jewelery chains and cash, some coins or bars, internet dropboxes, fuel tanks, food, a charter plane, a railway load, or to buy your own sailboat, a corporation, various ID, or other excuses, Bible, language and friends across the borders.

    Be prepared.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      The USA is not turning into East Germany, it’s turning into Haiti. Nigger-socialism can’t build walls; its only barrier to escape is that people cannot even afford bus fare to the border because their money is worthless. But yeah, as in Venezuela, the sooner you see the writing on the wall and GTFO, the better your chances of building a new life somewhere else.

  43. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    “You are a part of something so much greater.”

    Nihilist: oh no, I can’t be my own god now.

    Christian: based, I am literally God now.

    • Based? says:

      Neither really. But I do hope for the coming of the Christian Lord, that he may wash all things, including me, and bring us to everlasting life, love, and peace.

      • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:

        I am flippantly abstracting millennias worth of exegesis on matters of divine inspiration, theophany, and natural law – but there it is.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Significant energy went into preventing the general population from being able to correctly identify generalizations from data sets. Stereotypes, which really are just abstractions, were banished. It had the side effect, in a great chunk of the population, of lobotomizing abstract reasoning in it’s totality.

          • Adam says:

            This would have been some 30 years ago, but I remember in 5th or 6th grade we had like a week dedicated to why stereotypes were bad.

            The Antichrist is actually 250,000 white shitlib teachers and school administrators.

      • Calvin says:

        I take it you’ve never heard of the concept of theosis.

        • jim says:

          Theosis does not sit easily with the doctrine of the Resurrection of the body, that we will remain fully human, while also being something more.

          Perhaps you would attempt to reconcile them.

          • Calvin says:

            As I’ve said several times, I’m not a Christian, so I don’t see it as my responsibility to clear up things like that. If I were to take a stab at it though, I’d point out that Jesus is traditionally supposed to be both fully human and fully God at the exact same time, so by that metric I fail to see why it would be impossible for us to be both human and divine simultaneously. Probably would veer into some sort of monism (which, to be fair, is largely what I believe anyway).

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              I fail to see why it would be impossible for us to be both human and divine simultaneously

              An American Lager and Irish Stout are both fully beer, but the Irish Stout is also fully a Stout whereas the American Lager will never be a Stout.

              An Toyota Camry and Koenigsegg Gemera are both fully car, but the Gemera is fully supercar and the Camry will never be a supercar.

              Man and woman are both fully human, but woman is fully woman and man will never be woman.

              A and B are both fully in category 1, but only B is also in category 2. A common occurrence in math, philosophy, biology, etc etc etc, and all of creation. You are mistaking B’s inclusion to category 2 as therefore implying A is also in category 2.

              The Bible says:

              So God created man in his own image

              Image is not the same as essence; therefore, man and Jesus are both fully man, but Jesus has divine essence which man simply does not have. Theosis is in clear contradiction with scripture.

              • Calvin says:

                As I’ve said, not a Christian, so I don’t really see it as my job to resolve that particular pairing of doctrines.

          • i says:

            Being creatures. Theosis is like approaching Infinity like an asymptote. But never getting there.

            It isn’t becoming another member of the Trinity because Creatures cannot become God.

            But we can participate in his uncreated energies via the Holy Spirit.

            To eat the Body and drink Blood of Christ perpetually so to speak.

            With God being Spirit(John 4:24) and the Humanity of Jesus being Body. Just as we are Spirit and Body. May be how God is able to “die” in the first place on the Cross.

            Which must be why the Greeks didn’t get how “God” can die. Given their conception of the Olympian Gods as embodied Immortal Beings.

            The whole Trinity is Spirit. With his Theophany manifesting in the 3rd Heaven as God the Father first of all.

    • alf says:

      Ain’t that the truth.

  44. Soros Activates Another Agent... says:

    Yet another Corrupt Black Prog employee of Soros the Jew Pig has been activated…

    Musk Slams ‘Black Supremacist’ AG Going After SpaceX For Not Hiring Refugees

    On Thursday, Biden’s DOJ slapped SpaceX with a lawsuit for not hiring refugees and asylum seekers, one day after Musk announced he was suing organizations funded by George Soros for lying about ‘hate incidents’ on X (formerly known as Twitter).

    And while there’s no obvious link between the two, the timing couldn’t be more suspicious.

    Anyhoo, following the absurd shot at SpaceX – which is bound by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which regulates the export of regulated technologies, such as rocket parts – curious internet denizens discovered that the Assistant Attorney General spearheading the case, Kristen Clarke, appears to be a total black supremacist.

    On Thursday night, venture capitalist Max Meyer tweeted: “FLASHBACK: Assistant AG for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, who is suing @elonmusk and @SpaceX for “discriminating against asylum seekers” was an avowed black supremacist while at Harvard University,” referring to a 1994 letter to the Harvard Crimson claiming that blacks are genetically superior to whites for various reasons. The letter was a response to “Defending The Bell Curve,” which argues that human intelligence is a combination of both inherited and environmental factors.

    Included is a quote from the Black Students Association, which Clarke was president of at the time, which reads: “Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities.”


    Assistant AG for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, who is suing @elonmusk and @SpaceX for “discriminating against asylum seekers” was an avowed black supremacist while at Harvard University

    “Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities”

    — Max Meyer (@mualphaxi) August 25, 2023

    The letter is attributed to “no writer,” however it ends with “Kristen Clarke ’97′” and “Victoria Kennedy ’97,” with a note reading “Clarke is president of the Black Students Association.” Clark clearly wrote, co-wrote, or at minimum endorsed, its message.

    The entire letter is reproduced below in its entirety

    In response to those who defend The Bell Curve (“Defending The Bell Curve,” Opinion, Oct. 24, 1994), please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and whites.

    One: Dr. Richard King reveals that at the core of the human brain is the “locus coeruleus” which is a structure that is Black because it contains large amounts of (neuro) melanin which is essential for its operation.

    Two: Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than whites.

    Three: Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin–that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.

    Four: Some scientists have revealed that most whites are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcification or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent, Asians 15 to 25 percent and Europeans 60 to 80 percent. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between Blacks and whites.

    Five: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities–something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.

    We can readily admit that an abused child is less likely to achieve academically than a child that has grown up in a supportive atmosphere. Black children, whether rich or poor, grow up with an added abuse which white children never have to face. Imagine the message that misguided information like The Bell Curve would send to a Black child who is trying to find her place in school. It’s degrading, belittling and outrageously false.

    Attacks on Black people such as those in The Bell Curve are not unique. Black children face this abuse daily through television shows, jokes aired on the radio, textbooks with truncated history, etc. Liberal whites underestimate the damage which racism causes on the minds of Black children, and conservative whites know all too well how to enlarge that damage. No matter how rich or supportive a Black person’s home might be, by the time she is ready to take the SAT or apply to college, she has struggled far more extensively than any white person of the same social and economic background.

    In addition, it is completely naive to say that Blacks have achieved economic equality with whites. It seems that whites have grown tired of hearing about racism. So, some have turned to measures such as The Bell Curve to relieve themselves of blame.

    It’s just ridiculous. Black people are not asking for political correctness, but truthfulness, fairness and an end to this abuse. Kristen Clarke ’97 Victoria Kennedy ’97

    Clarke is president of the Black Students Association.

    In response, Musk tweeted “She is super racist and proud of it.”

    She is super racist and proud of it22
    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 25, 2023

    Of course…

    Ah, the Tucker Carlson Rule.

    “Whatever they accuse you of, they have already done.”
    — Joshua Lisec | The Ghostwriter (@JoshuaLisec) August 25, 2023

    About time “Black supremacist” became an acceptable term in race relations discourse.
    — Amit Schandillia (@Schandillia) August 25, 2023

    It does look that way.
    — babcia1 (@wieslawawy) August 25, 2023

    Any racism is racism.
    Now imagine ANY white person saying it?

    So equally treated racism must be whoever it comes from!
    — NeutrinoInlovetweet (@NeutrinoInlove) August 25, 2023

    • jim says:

      Relevant, but can you mention color revolution, the war in the Ukraine, the Open Society coup in the Ukraine, and how Soros helped Blinken, Nuland, and Kagan bring about another brother war.

      Until you do, still in moderation.

      Decades ago, one of my sons, then nine years old, noticed the hypocrisy of his teachers in going on about the holocaust when what we now call the Global American Empire was attempting to genocide the Tutsi in Rwanda. This was not due to my influence, just his spontaneous reaction to holocaust shilling. Can you notice what he noticed decades before it became painfully obvious to everyone?

      • George Soros says:

        [*tell us what soros did in the Ukraine*]

        • Dumbfuck says:

          Are you a dumbfuck or what? Sorors partnered with the Homos that currently rule the USA to depose an independent Ukraine to its bidding and kill its right people, not to mention to steal its food, hydrocarbons, water and ports. Putin Xi Mideast and many others didn’t like that. So now the Homos are suiciding more good Ukies, calling it defending UA, and trying to rope the whole of EU into the fray, not to win, but to disrupt so that GloboHomo can get even more power over EU.
          The Homo miscalculated and will fail miserably in the form of a great leveldown cost to “Western Society Quality of Life” and marginal economic capacity. It is yet to be seen whether or not the GloboHomo itself will be brought down and killed in a final blowback to that and its other misery’s.

          If Trump is genuine and succeeds at pulling out of international shit,
          Or if Vivek is genuine and succeeds at “shutting down” internal agencies.
          Those would be fine, but only a start.
          Removing the Homo and restoring some higher righteousness natural law freedom etc are the bigger tasks.

          • jim says:

            Removing this email address from moderation, because you have said something that the shills cannot say about Soros and Ukraine.

            So, not a shill. But you keep changing your email address, so automatically get moderated and automatically suspected of being a shill. And since I get no end of shills, I tend to be quick on the trigger finger. Stick with an email address that has passed a shill test. If you want a new fake email address, perhaps because you have forgotten you old fake email address, use a courteous tone, and engage with the points made in the post or in the comment you reply to. Your comments seemed rude and unresponsive, so naturally I figured “yet another shill”. Since shills are working under supervision and have a collection of scripts to pump, they tend to be unresponsive.

    • jim says:

      This is vivek shilling which is OK, and the Vivek link is good stuff.

      But if you want to make Vivek shilling relevant to this blog, tell us about his plans for purging the deep state, and defend his position on the jab and meddling in other countries.

      • Mr.P says:

        Just went to the NYT website and searched “Vivek.” Here’s what came up:

        “How Vivek Ramaswamy Broke Through: Big Swings With a Smile”

        “However People Say It, Vivek Ramaswamy Is Happy to Be in the Conversation”

        “Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican Presidential Candidate, on the Issues”

        “Vivek Ramaswamy Loves Eminem. And He Doesn’t Care If the Feeling Is Mutual.”

        For his being Trumper than Trump, Vivek is sure getting the not-“Never Trump” red carpet treatment.

        • jim says:

          Smells mighty funny.

          My conjecture is that there is a Global Empire faction that, dismayed by the collapse of the Global American Empire, want to purge the woke, wants a Thermidorean reaction to less suicidal leftism. When a corporation goes woke and then goes broke, the woke employees get even better paid jobs driving another corporation into bankruptcy. When an empire goes down, the imperials are apt to die.

          • Media Smell says:

            Same, notice of media fawning over Vivek, wondering if they’re pulling a U-turn to try saving country they just spent years destroying.

            BRICS, loss of Saudi, economy tanking, etc… all that damage
            must be scaring the shit out of Media and Left elite,
            and they can’t raise taxes or debt anymore either.

            Verdict will be in when media starts bashing Biden.
            They’re also stuck because as of now they only have fringe
            non-options Williamson and Kennedy to shill, Kamala is
            a joke, and no trad democrats yet lined up this late.
            The foolish woke prop of and continued loyalty to worthless
            Biden regime is going to cost them.

            • jim says:

              RFK Jr is a leftist. Vivek Ramaswami obviously has right wing inclinations.

              So one would think they would vastly prefer RFK Jr. But RFK Jr is an anti imperialist. They don’t want an anti imperialist, though they do want someone to do a managed retreat. And, more importantly, it is likely that with the Global American Empire going down the tubes, they want a Thermidor.

              They may not get it. The woke will likely realize that Thermidor could have been avoided by striking first.

              That the American empire is falling – no nation with a gay parade wins a war – is creating a certain amount of discomfort in our ruling elite. Faced with an existential threat (well, it is existential if you and everyone you know is rich by skimming the gravy of empire) is making some people think. Of course thinking is absolutely forbidden, so it may well be that they find themselves outnumbered by fanatics who will stop at nothing to take everything with them to their deaths.

        • Headlines on Vivek says:

          Here’s headline duckduckgo says right now for search and news on “ramaswamy”.
          Ignore this pasta unless you plan to compare it to a search next friday.

          [*ignoring it. Spending too much space on elections. Elections do not matter any more. If Ramaswamy gets in, it will reflect the outcome of deep state power struggles, and the voting will just be decoration*]

          • jim says:

            What is interesting is that the media is not giving him the treatment they give Trump and RFK Jr.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The problem with democracy is basically this; you may not be able to get the common man to vote for anal fisting and feminism, but you can get him to vote for the creation of structures that will render his opinion irrelevant and anal fisting and feminism inevitable. Each future operator builds on the accumulated strata of past power-grabs, become more and more unmoored with each passage.

      In practical terms, ‘democracy’ as defined in formal terms as ‘popular sovereignty’, never actually exists. A mass is never sovereign. When decision making is justified by consensus, then those who are most adept at manufacturing consensus are king. The ritualized displacement activity of balloting is simply kicking the can down the road, and is trivially easy to spoof regardless.

      Or in other words, all democracies are fake, and every democracy in history has ended in anal fisting and feminism.

      • Magna Carta Sucked says:

        Finally people are beginning to understand the scam that is “Democracy”.

        The King was right to shred the first Magna Carta.
        But his unrepentent corruption, both of State, Land, and the Lord God,
        gave the activist homos room to forcibly roll out the second Magna Carta.
        They named their behemoth “Democracy”.
        And the rest is history, of their continued
        drawdown of all into Depravity and Hell.

        It will take a Miracle to return to Right,
        but with the Lord, all things are possible.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          And the problem with monarchy is that sometimes the genetic lottery gives you a feeble king and you need a civil war to choose a better one. See the Battle of Towton, possibly the bloodiest day in English history until the Somme.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            > possibly the bloodiest day in English history until the Somme.

            Cromwell would like to say hello. In terms of proportion of population killed, the English civil war was almost twice as deadly as WW1, I believe that’s before Cromwell’s actions in Ireland are added in.

            Battles over monarchical succession tend to be far less mobilizing than battles involving democracy.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            P: “Society should be run by accredited subject matter experts with extensive education.”

            S: “Okay, here is someone who has been trained from birth in matters of life, state, and society.”

            P: “Uhhh I don’t mean like that tho.”

          • alf says:

            There is an illustrative counterexample from Dutch monarchical history.

            In 1766, William V became stadholdter, and in theory had the powers of a king, building on the legacy of his predecessors, most notably William III of the glorious revolution. But William V was exactly that feeble king — indecisive, prone to obsessing over unimportant details, prone to trust the wrong people. The enemies of the monarchists aka 18th century leftists rallied under the banner of patriots, interestingly promoting private gun ownership, as William V was leader of the army. Eventually a civil war broke out.

            William V was actually very possibly set to lose this war, were it not for his wife, Wilhelmina, who was the sister of none other than Frederick II, king of Prussia. Frederick intervened on his sister’s behalf and kicked out the patriots, most of whom fled to France to join the French revolution but that’s a story for another day.

            Point is, that because of all the marriages between monarchical houses, monarchies have a natural interest in looking out for each other, and it is exactly those bonds that give monarchies a fighting chance with feeble kings.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Propping up feeble kings isn’t enough; they must be replaced with strong kings. We didn’t get to see how the Dutch story turned out because a feeble king next door in France collapsed the whole monarchial system. Now monarchy is like the gold standard — it didn’t survive the last crisis, so people don’t trust it to survive the next.

              • someDude says:

                Nothing can last forever

                Monarchy lasted long enough……..much longer than democracies do and with much less damage to the culture and heritage

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Suppose you build a time machine and travel through the next million years, stopping every few centuries to ask, “What sort of political system do you have and who’s in charge of it?”

                  I think that in almost all cases, you’ll get no answers, and your curiosity will arouse great hostility and suspicion. That’s because if anyone claims or admits to being a person of importance, they get hit with a drone strike.

                  Guns ended monarchy, and drones will end democracy:

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  In more civilized times, people made it very obvious that they were a person of importance, and took great pride in the fact.

                  Having grown forming your impressions in a world of demotism today, taking for granted the matter of a world of demotism, you project them onto all yesterdays.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Guns did not end monarchy, the eternal Anglo did.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Technology matters. Guns democratized the ability to kill, and drones made it easy to kill from a distance without getting caught. You can’t have a king without knights, and you can’t have knights without warhorses and suits of armor.

                  The modern equivalent of horse and armor is the Bradley IFV, and we’ve seen in Ukraine how useful they are.

                • jim says:

                  We will have a a techlord, and his knights will have personal and individual ownership of drones. Ninety percent of being a knight was the ability to move a heavy sword like lightning, and react instantly to your opponents lightning moves. The knights of the future will have a more cerebral frame.

                  Guns democratized war. Drones will un democratize it.

                  It was said in the old west “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!”. They are not equal any more.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  How will your knights shield themselves against drone attacks? You can parry a sword with a sword; you can’t parry a drone with a drone.

                • jim says:

                  No one, on either side, is standing around in an open field operating a drone. The Russian drone operators are always in buildings. I rated Robotdyne as fallen when the location of their fpv drone attacks revealed that they had pulled their FPV drone operators out of Robotyne to two small villages considerably further back.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  So you have drone operators hiding in half-ruined buildings trying to figure out which half-ruined buildings a few km away the enemy’s drone operators are hiding in. Doesn’t sound very knightly to me.

                • jim says:

                  The Chinese are making a relatively cheap one kilogram two stroke UAV engine, which should increase the range to couple of hundred kilometers. At which point things get interesting. Tactics and strategy overlap the way they did for knights, knights being mounted were more mobile than infantry, thus the most powerful group of knights in quite large area would have control of that quite large area.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  We get it, drones are awesome, they kill everything they see. Tell us where we can buy a cheap, portable, drone-killing defense system to eliminate these pests. A knight’s first job is to protect his own domain.

              • alf says:

                a feeble king next door in France collapsed the whole monarchial system

                Well sort of, but that paints an incomplete picture.

                Yes, Louis the sixteenth was a feeble king. But it wasn’t totally his personal fault that the system collapsed — it was a build-up of factors, many of them outside the control of the kings, leading to a situation in which the monarchies all over Europe no longer survived feeble kings.

                Obviously it is hard to pinpoint what exactly went wrong and how. When repairing machines I make assumptions all the time, most of them turn out wrong, and it isn’t until the machine actually works again that I’ll know for sure what was wrong.

                That said, the working hypothesis for what killed monarchies is that the religious structures supporting the monarchies were killed first. It wasn’t the feeble king, it was the feeble bishop. Or the sinning bishop, if you will. The faith sets the rules for the kingdom, giving the king and his subjects common ground to operate on.

                If the agreed upon rules break down, impossible for most kings to stay in power.

                So to remedy, we first repair the religious structures, the faith. We say: these rules are fair, these aren’t, thus says Gnon, thus says God. In this world, a future would-be ruler, when unsure how to deal with a tricky situation, will ask his advisors: ‘what does the bible say of this situation?’ And when the bible lacks specifics, he will add: ‘what does jim’s blog say of this situation?’

                And that’s how we’ll see monarchies return.

  45. The Hispanic and Black Angles says:

    Now while “Democracy” is ultimately today a Socialist psyop against
    even a good King, it seems there is still something to be said for
    not totally admonishing the least bad choice or path there.

    If the GOP and all Right and Free peoples want to win against
    the unified Democrat Progressive fraud,
    they really MUST reach out and flip the millions of hispanics
    that Biden’s puppeteers just imported into the USA.

    Democrat shitholes like NYC and LA and SEA and CHI, are
    already bleating that “If you’re physically *in* this country you
    deserve the ‘right to work'”, they are working up laws to do that,
    and it preys on guilt trips so Repubs are soft to it.

    The Democrats next play by early next year will be to use
    the exact same crybaby argument to make it legal for them
    to vote, via fast citizenship, ID, or otherwise. If that happens
    you are likely done for.

    Fact is, like it or not, the USA now has at least 2M new
    people in it, and it will be 100X harder to round them up
    out than will be to keep them.

    Now the non-criminal Hispanics among them are mostly Christian,
    they like to work, and they value family.

    Only the Muslim and Criminal garbage that are flooding in
    from Canada and Mexico are incompatible.
    Even everyone from everywhere else who
    are not Muslim are not really 100% incompatible,
    perhaps just not exactly desireable from a purist view.


    The GOP must capitalize on that to bring the Hispanics
    into their fold, and to break the hold that Democrats
    have on them for giving them the Fraud of
    “Free Citizenship and Free Shit for Votes”.

    Then in 2025 the Pres can close the virtual border against
    all citizenship and work permits, only accept legit
    asylum cases, and leave the harshest barren border
    desert areas open so free people, including you,
    can still enter and exit at will if you have to.

    The GOP also has to focus on gaining the Blacks in the USA,
    because among them are some right and christian folks that
    have not fallen to Democrat, crime, drugs, free shit, and satan,
    and a lot of them hate the pandering that democrats do to them.

    Accepting the Hispanics can also be repentance for
    effectively stealing their southwest lands, and also be
    a continued call for them to Christ.

    Allies in the Lord are better than either alone.

    And even without that, if the GOP wants to win, it really
    needs to pull its head out of its ass on these two issues.

    • jim says:

      You are being silly.

      Demographics do not matter for election outcomes. Trump won by a colossal landslide last time. Very few of those new voters hauled in by the Democrats physically showed up at the polls to vote in person, and even fewer will show up this time around to vote for war, inflation, and recession. The polling booths in brown areas had a turnout resembling a Biden rally. The turnout everywhere in America was proportional to the number of Trump ballots. Just as no one showed up in person for Biden rallies, no one showed up in person to vote for Biden. The only people at Biden rallies were the legacy media and his roadies, who were paid to be there, and the polling booths in areas that supposedly massively voted for Biden looked very similar to a Biden rally.

      You cannot reach out to a printing press that manufactures Biden ballots. Reaching out to the brown electorate does not matter, because they are not voting in practice. The Democrats thinking they were going to vote for the Democrats is the same moronic race blind thinking as thinking they were going to replace the missing grandchildren and pay for social security. They are not voting, except with the voters from the cementary.

      To make race replacement work electorally, they need to do what the Australian government did, make voting compulsory – but they are reluctant to do that, because hard to do that without real id. They fear that real voters may not be as reliably as mass printed ballots. Any black or brown voter who physically shows up at the polling booth is probably there to vote for Trump. Hillary got a reasonable turnout, but Biden’s turnout was absurdly small.

      Obama got a good brown and black turnout in his first election, Hillary got a enough of a real turnout to make the fraud plausible, but Biden … total apathy. His real voters are white libs. The only people physically showing up for Biden are in lily white upper class areas, and there are not enough lily white upper class areas. Obama’s actual black and brown election turnout in his re-election was severely disappointing, and since the disappointing Obama re-election, the Democrats have given up on trying to get the browns to actually vote. Kamala had a go, with no real result. Why should we try? Since Obama, only the dot Indians and white Hispanics have actually physically voted.

      The blacks and browns are electorally irrelevant except as a rationale to claim the fraud is credible.

    • Adam says:

      >Now the non-criminal Hispanics among them are mostly Christian,
      they like to work, and they value family.

      This may have been true long ago but it is now just a red tribe meme in the same boat as based black man.

      Go to any high school sporting event where there is a significant proportion of Hispanics and you will be able to see they are in the same boat as whites. I would almost say they are worse off in some ways, as Hispanic girls are just as whorish as whites, but white males are more desirable than Hispanic males.

      If your daughter went to school in the west, you are toast.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Even before globohomo gets to them, at their best, their vices and virtues are different from ours. The few most polite, respectful gentlemen I’ve ever met were spics in cowboy boots and polished belts, and their family gatherings are indeed warm, relaxed and welcoming (if loud, and running late). And they are hard workers – to a point, though past that point if you want quality control you’ll need to look elsewhere.

        And simultaneously, and there is no conflict or inconsistency in saying this, drunk driving is a standard deviation more common than among whites, incest is at least a standard deviation more common than among whites – if we had good data (doubtful) maybe giving blacks a run for their money, and that’s saying something, I wouldn’t leave either a 13 year old or a 7 year old white girl alone with a hispanic male just in case, and that’s separate from worrying about Jimian female misbehavior… and as a cherry on top there’s endemic littering, which with drunk driving is one of the only things Steve Sailer allows himself to Notice.

        Good and bad, they’re not us. I wish them good fortune in their own land, but the family-faith-hard workers memes, separated from the understanding they have their own different vices and virtues, is enemy payload: “accede to your own replacement.” I decline.

        Like the based black man, the family-faith-hard workers memes have their base in a grain of truth interacting with reality blindness. Even the conservative normie can’t recognize, can’t even think in the privacy of his own head, that you can’t trust the polite respectful hispanic male around young white women (and yes, all women should be chaperoned but practically that takes a different form around gainfully employed white men than otherwise), that the guy who mows his lawn cheap drives drunk on weekends, that the nice family down the street has some family secrets.

        It must be like a mental game of twister, except it’s mental naked oiled twister while being watched by hostile spectators armed with broom handles. So the civnat boomer and normie conservative tie themselves in knots noticing only what they’re allowed to notice, and expressing it only in the language they’re allowed to express it in.

        If the dude weren’t a shill I’d feel bad for him. As it is, he should spare himself further embarrassment and neck himself.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          I hear that Latin America is becoming a nice place to live now that they export their genetic garbage to the USA to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat.

      • The Cominator says:

        Hispanics in the US are not a unitary category, Cubans are bro tier they and the Vietnamese being the absolute best non white immigrants.

        Whereas Puerto Ricans in the northeast are worse than niggers.

        • Adam says:

          I have found Cubans to be kind of a mixed bag, and there are a lot where I am at. Kind of the Italians of the Hispanics. Can be very temperamental, and fairly superficial. Some fine ass women though especially if you like curves.

          I worked with one guy who was in his 50s, had only been in Florida for a couple of years. He had some crazy stories about how he was imprisoned and tortured by the state in Cuba for things like lobster diving just to feed his family. Guy had like 11 kids from 5 different wives. Absolutely hated the Cubans that settled in Miami, he would say over and over “communism is in their blood”. He loved America and loved his (gay liberal) Jesus, especially contemporary Christian worship music. He was quite the character.

  46. Trump Vivek RFK... says:

    While all them other motherfuckers get caught slippin,
    Trump, Vivek, and RFK are ballin…

    Trump back on Twitter…

    Trump posts mugshot in defiance…
    “Election interference. Never surrender!”
    After more than two-and-a-half years without tweeting, Trump has finally returned to the platform following Thursday’s booking in Georgia.

    Leftist Commie Globohomo Internet explodes in raging crypuddles on the news.

    RFK battles Google Censorship…

    Vivek runs rule all over wannabe debators…

    Crypto holds price channel for over five months.

    Great job Fani, you may have just cost Biden the election.

    “It’s election interference. … I want to thank you for being here. We did nothing wrong at all. And we have every right, every single right to challenge an election that we think is dishonest. So we think it’s very dishonest,” he told reporters at Atlanta’s airport, before leaving.
    #BREAKING: Trump speaks with the press before departing from Georgia calling this a very sad day for America
    RAWSALERTS (@rawsalerts) August 25, 2023

    ‘Blacks for Trump’ group outside the Fulton County Jail ahead of Trump’s surrender in Atlanta today
    — Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 24, 2023

    ‘Blacks for Trump’ group shares why they are supporting Trump outside the Fulton County Jail
    — Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) August 24, 2023

    MUST WATCH: #FultonCounty Sheriff’s officers are violating the First Amendment right of Trump supporters and the media who showed up to the Fulton County Jail today ahead of President Trump’s arrest.

    Officers with black masks and guns placed barricades up in the location where…
    — Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) August 24, 2023

    It included supporters of the former president such as Cliff MacMorris, 66, from Naples, Florida, who held a flag that read, “Trump Won Save America.”

    He and his wife, Georgine, spent the night in Atlanta.
    “You don’t have the right to persecute somebody unjustly,” Cliff MacMorris said.
    His wife said the indictments against the former president were politically motivated because of the four years of “prosperity, safety, freedom” that Trump achieved in the White House.
    “They must be worried about him for some reason,” she said.

    Sharon Anderson, 67, from east Tennessee, was outside the jail for a second straight day. She had spent the night in a car with the air conditioning running.
    “I’m here to support Donald J. Trump. I want him to see some of the millions that show up at the polls for him.”

  47. Skippy says:

    This is depression music. It appears to be inviting his listeners to suicide. The title, indeed, appears to be inviting them to war, but the song is inviting them to suicide.

    Suicide is squalid, war is glorious.

    • Righteous not Resigned says:

      > Suicide is squalid, war is glorious.

      Correct, if you wanna kill yourself don’t be a pussy,
      be useful and go out in glory instead.
      Both Ukraine and Russia are still accepting fighters,
      there’s still mosques in Christian lands, and there’s
      lots of Justice needs that hasn’t yet been meted out
      around the world for crimes both high and low… Related music?

    • Hesiod says:

      As Vox Day points out in recent posts, the MSM totally vouches for this guy’s authenticity. Just found a Newsweek article concerning this song and how the alt-right unjustly besmirches Anthony’s honor and integrity. I heard Anglin kicked his dawg just to be intolerant.

      • Oliver says:

        Well the guy does have lots of land and tractors, so he’s not exactly “capital poor” as media people like to claim, maybe “cashflow poor” though.
        He refused Millions in sellout music Corp money,
        is from the south more or less, and the
        right likes him, and he’s doing his own thing,
        so not gonna knock him at all in any way.
        Either listen to the music or not,
        but politics should definitely leave him alone.

      • The Cominator says:

        Vox Day is both right and wrong whatever his lack of purity its an anti regime song that’s effective and popular (rich men north of richmond not this) lillibullero was a silly song but still became known as the song that drove James out of three kingdoms.

        • Hesiod says:

          Fair point and thanks for the history lesson:

          One only has to remember how Clinton’s deplorables epithet became a rallying point for Trump supporters in ’16.

          • Rallying Point says:

            Say things idle till end of 2023 while for some republicans to dropout.

            If Trump is convicted, or so encumbered by
            the multiple bullshit prosecution process that he is
            prevented from freely and fairly campaigning from
            Jan through Jun 2024 before the primary, it seems a bit likely
            the Americans could rally or bring grievances to a more dire point
            than Jan6. That would be on the Democrats.

            Americans seem to becoming aware that it’s all been Democrat
            bullshit lies, psyop, censoring, media and digital, ballots, outside money, etc ever since 2015.
            Seem to now know Dems were first to figure out how to play those
            combined new tricks to steal a national election.

            As that awareness grows, things could get really ugly.

            Especially when in 2024, even under no COVID, literally no one
            will come out for Biden rallies, again. (Maybe for RFK).

            Go figure news says COVID measures are rolling out again starting right now.

            Demand for Trump could be high if he starts rallying.

            Not likely Democrats will stand down their fraud machine,
            even if things are about to get ugly… leftist history of the
            world only rolls harder in those cases.

            Republicans could abandon Trump en masse at some point
            as the easy route to avoid ugly, but if their calculations on
            their runner up winning are off they’ll lose the election and
            the country probably for good.
            Abandonment plans are what that “pledge” in the debate was all about.
            That’s the RNC GOP and those candidates.

            But it won’t stop the people.

            If Trump still has the energy he would likely continue
            running Independent, even from prison.

            Which would put the media in even more conundrum.

            Nobody seems to have a clean out,
            other than Trump wins.

            And someone still has to publicly investigate adjudicate
            and resolve the 2020 fraud, otherwise it lingers forever.
            That’s the real problem.

            • jim says:

              They can always Epstein Trump, and probably will. Due to normality bias, Trump is in denial, but Tucker is not.

              • Are the Real Games beginning? says:

                Trump’s first presidency didnt seem to really recognize their depth or act on it. But that was just an opening tennis match, a posh game of footsie he started in 2015.

                And he got beat by corrupt players.

                His second probably won’t make that mistake again, be but he’s going to need to install a much better campaign, cabinet, advisors, AG, etc… people that are truly based knights in their own right instead of a court full of asskissers. This isn’t a fashion show.

                Same goes for Vivek if he’s actually legit about his renovation goals.

                Going up against the Deep State, MIC, Globalists… that’s deadly serious business and you gotta have deep game, layers of protection, and most importantly, huge fucking balls that never flinch.

                Vivek is growing into that faster than expected.

                But is it clear who will have the bigger based winnable machine by then?

                Or does the US have to wait yet another four years for someone else to really launch the crusade?

                Trump is becoming a walking heart attack,
                but who is going to believe the prison coroner.
                And Epsteining him is not a clean way out of the mess,
                it will only make things worse,
                by adding another “conspiracy” to the fraud,
                only natural causes in office or golfing or
                at home with his people will pass the smell test.

                And Trump dying still does nothing to
                resolve the 2020 fraud issue… that will only
                go away when it gets an open public investigation
                that the people can trust. And if the 911 “commission”
                and the Democrats sham Jan6 “investigation”
                and the “UFO” and “JFK” bullshit and more
                taught the US people anything, it’s that they can’t
                trust a “commission” created and staffed by
                “unbiased nonpartisan” political elements.
                Only a random drawing of US citizens fully empowered
                to access all areas and witnesses will do.

              • The Cominator says:

                You are assuming Trump will be elected again… very very unlikely.

          • A2 says:

            There were many fantastic events during the 2016 campaign. I enjoyed the one where Hillary was unceremoniously ragdolled into her big black car by her security guards after malfunctioning in public.

            Most of all, however, I loved the Hillary speech getting interrupted by some young fellow at the back of the audience shouting “Pepe!”.

            • Fidelis says:

              I personally enjoyed the exchange between Hillary and Trump, ending with Trump telling her “because you’d be in jail [if I were elected]”. Sadly we didn’t see much of that, and now the only one in jail is Trump.

        • Skippy says:

          “Rich Men North of Richmond” may not be perfect, but says many things you were not allowed to say even very recently, and many things you supposedly still are not allowed to say, deapite the strange lack of official censorship and suppression.

          “Brink of War” has a title that appears to onvite men who want to go to war, and lyrics that invite them to suicide.

  48. someDude says:

    Just came across this gentleman. Like Jim, he notices Vivek’s pharma bias and goes on to denounce him,

    In another video, goes on to denounce trump as well, which put me off. For all his faults, Trump is not controlled opposition. So his denunciation of Trump assigns super competence to progressive elite, which is just flat wrong.

    • TheDividualist says:

      “Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email” 😆

      • TheDividualist says:

        Wait. I retract this. Looks like he really did.

      • The Cominator says:

        Dr Shiva like D’Souza is the very rare good Indian… don’t think Vivek is.

        • Hindus over Jews says:

          BTW, Anglin says he’d rather have Indians (Hindu’s) ruling over him than Jews and Buttigiegs.

          • The Cominator says:

            Perhaps marginally agree with him on gas but he’s wrong on Jews vs Indians. Nuland and Soros may have zero scruples as far as destroying whites but the average middleman jew is far more scrupulous and less hateful of whites than the average Indian immigrant scammer. Globohomo is not replacing jews with Indians because they are better for us.

    • [*This comment deleted because it looks like a generic all purpose comment that a team of shills for a no-hope candidate for the Republican nomination is sending to every website*]

    • Shiva Ayyadurai says:

      [*This comment deleted because it looks like a generic all purpose comment that a team of shills for a no-hope candidate for the Republican nomination is sending to every website*]

  49. Robert says:

    I like to call him Ramaswarthy.

  50. Fidelis says:

    Possibly NRx related, I’ve been thinking about software builds, bitrot, and the reliability of silicon and the internet.

    Most modern software is entirely dependent on fairly reliable internet connection for basic builds. Docker, nix, sudo apt get , etc. You end up pulling all sorts of tools from all over the place before you even start running hello world. Its a giant pain in the ass to even get most linux builds to pull from a local package manager, and thats before you start getting into the deterministic build things like docker, and huge package managers like cargo (or God forbid, that shitpile npm). Only recently has there been any success minimizing this pile of straw and shit with things like guix, but its still terrible.

    All the new crypto tooling and packages are built on top of this. Only bitcoin-core seemingly has resilience, lightning requires a reliable connection, and all the zk tooling is being written with rust and these package management monstrosities. This is looking to be a major problem if the internet starts hiccupping and software infrastructure starts rotting from the antichrist party infiltration, a process already begun.

    I do not see much talk of this problem in the wild. Most concerns about bitrot are waved away with containerization and deterministic build tools, but containers and package managers rely on a trusted third party. It looks like catastrophic normality bias to me. I’ve started personally localizing all my software tools and looking for solutions, but I am just one guy.

    Jim, do you have any opinions on this problem? Any preparations you’ve taken?

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      In my experience, code written in C with standard libraries lasts forever, though each new compiler issues more warnings. Which warnings I mostly ignore — fixing them isn’t worth the time and the risk of introducing new bugs into working code.

    • jim says:

      You are referring to several related problems – that we build using a lot of other people’s source code, which keeps changing, and that we frequently and automatically update it.

      Well, I statically link everything, so can never suffer dependency hell, and when I get the next version, which happens infrequently and by my decision rather than automatically I run unit test. And sometimes discover my unit test was incomplete.

      • Fidelis says:

        Rather, I am worried about the fact just about everything is run in this dependency nightmare. You have to go out of your way to avoid it, and the paradigm all the new soverign internet seems to be built on is using these tools. If there is a gradual decline in internet function and third party reliability, then its not as much of a problem as I make it out to be. People will suddenly see the problem I am seeing, and everyone will move in the direction of fixing this. If there is a sudden and sharp decline in function, then we will have major problems. Just about everything crypto besides the core bitcoin chain, and others like xmr, will collapse. Lightning, because of the way channels are managed, will collapse rather catastrophically. Perhaps because of the way it is built, nostr will not collapse so easily, but we are very early days on nostr use.

        So I can localize all my stuff, make sure I have all the essential build tools and OS stuff on personal hard drives, all my own essentials. I was favoring rust before, but the foundation is looking increasingly like a prog casualty, and cargo makes it too easy to forget just how much of other peoples code you are using. Back to C and musl.

        The problem is, what is everyone else doing. It is very rare to be proactively concerned about this. I bring up the topic from time to time and other devs are perfectly amused to share my concerns about the fragility of the stack, right before they go immediately back to the same thing everyone else is doing. Which is this dependency hell, extremely fragile, and third party reliant mess. I would like to have a soverign internet. Even if its intermittent, unreliable, and backboned by heroic hobbists digitizing ham radio signals, we can still get a global information and payment network running. But if its intermittent, unreliable, held together with dreams and duct tape AND we have no working protocols, because only a half dozen specialists can even get a machine running it, we’re beginning to reach the point where the project will take decades to reach network effect.

    • Backups says:

      Keep organized filesystem snapshots of your working dev stack,
      all compiled tools, srcballs, repos, system, etc.
      Updates can be gone without for a while.
      But if you can’t regen your rack offline, you’ve got big big problems.

      For your own code… -ansi -pedantic -Wall -static -c99
      avoid build tools, import and ship the deps, that sort of thing.

      Also try the BSD’s, they don’t have Linux distros layers of pointless
      shims just to manage kernel, userland, ports, packages, GUI.

      I see some app projects now distributing signed binaries that are reproducible, perhaps exactly because dependency build chains are failing and demand for the app is not.

      Sovereign Internet can only be had via P2P GnuRadioRF and P2P Fiber.

    • c4ssidy says:

      As someone with no formal software background yet has been working hard building a javascript app, eyeballing operating systems, is it all agreed that
      1. Windows has been in heavy declined since somewhere around 98, give or take up to 2000/xp or down to 95 and in someways 3.1
      2. Lunix is built by tranny demons with a thousand heads that have no intuition regarding design and usability
      3. An operating system designed correctly and securely would work fine if it was 10mb, which means the 99.99% of all modern operating system data is unwelcome spyware bloat adware garbage, with every additional update making things even less usable, and that a nice 10mb one that was not built by a schizophrenic would save the day. All we need is one sane person to set aside ~12 years of his life to the project like Terry Davis

      I do not yet know low level programming and yet I feel like I can see just enough from javascript experience to say confidently that every low level programmer in the pass three decades is an indian monkeynigger

      • alf says:

        2. Lunix is built by tranny demons with a thousand heads that have no intuition regarding design and usability

        Assuming you mean Linux — what makes you say that? I don’t know much about programming, but got arch installed, which admittedly took me some time, but once up it’s lovely. Open source Stallman stuff, tiling window managers, hotkey customization, free software, minimum bloat… I find the design and usability to be amazing. My only regret is not getting into that earlier.

        • Fidelis says:

          Linux is a heterogeneous system heorically glued together. If you start messing with the pieces in depth, you start seeing all the duct tape and glue.

          • alf says:

            I wonder to what extent you can say the same thing about the human genome.

            • jim says:

              I know considerably more than most about the human genome, though very far from being an expert.

              Worst misfeatures:

              1: Reinventing the unary number system multiple times. There is a confusing chaos of units.

              2: Sex determination is all screwed up. All male features should exist on both the X and Y chromosomes, and only activated by Sry, so that recombination can take place. But some of them are only present on the Y chromosome and are locked down against recombination with the equivalent female features on the X chromosome, instead of being Sry activated, and the equivalent female features Sry deactivated, so inevitably degenerate and disappear over time due to Mueller’s rachet, so there is a built in tendency to evolve to effeminacy, to irreversibly lose male characteristics. They all need to be Sry activated. Males and females need to have the full male and female feature set in their genome, with only one set being activated and the other deactivated. All sex determination needs to be as directly downstream of Sry as possible, but we have multiple ad hoc sex determination tactics. It all needs to be part of the Sry system. All lockdowns need to be unlocked and moved into the Sry system, as does a whole lot of stuff governed by fetal hormone burst, because it gets messed up by pregnancy hormone burst.

              This also solves the gene dosage problem, which is at present an enormous mess of a hundred ad hoc and incompatible solutions. The human genome massively violates the dry principle.

              3. Because it massively violates the dry principle, the genome is vastly more verbose than needed, though potatoes offend against the dry principle vastly worse, which is why people still have not been able to entirely breed the poison out of them. The active potato genome is enormously bigger than our own. The problem with redundant systems is that they fall out of coordination.

              4. The surface of scar tissue that is in contact with healthy tissue needs to slowly revert to totipotency, so that scars will disappear over time. Scar tissue tends to accumulate as you age, and internal scar tissue mucks things up. Reversion to totipotency is blocked as an anti cancer measure, but there are better ways of dealing with that problem. What happened was a key feature, reversion to totipotency in response to damage, was disabled because of bugs and misuse. Salamanders still have this feature, but the entire line descended from reptiles have it present, but locked. Under rare and special circumstances it still get activated, but swiftly shut down by scar tissue formation. Just clean up the bugs and re-enable it. We don’t want to throw away the scar tissue program, but we want it to stop superceding the regeneration program. Then we could regenerate lost limbs as salamanders do. All the code for regeneration is still sitting there, after having been largely unused for a hundred million years, just as birds still have the code for teeth.

              • alf says:

                Haha exactly.

                So on the one hand, that our DNA has survived millions of years of duct tape solutions spells somewhat good news for linux. On the other hand, someone ought to sit down for a couple of years and rewrite the human genome, because I want regeneration.

      • Fidelis says:

        Low level programming is where all the midwest germanic types end up congregating. Takes a very high geometric IQ and a good dash of autism to be a good programmer optimizing bits meeting switches. You couldn’t be more wrong on this call. Otherwise directionally correct if off on some details.

  51. JustAnotherGuy says:

    ‘Biden’s DOJ sues SpaceX, alleging hiring discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers’

    I can no longer tell what is and isn’t parody anymore with headlines like this.

  52. Ph4:13 says:

    I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

  53. Adam says:

    The author of the Founding Questions blog made a comparison of Vivek to Ross Perot the other day which is kind of interesting.

    I think mostly as it pertains to some elites wanting Trump to make America great again, instinctually they will simultaneously do everything they can to make certain he cannot, should he be sworn in. If Trump is sworn in again I think it will be safe to assume he will be far closer to controlled opposition than the man he was in 2016.

    • jim says:

      A likely outcome, but as we move closer to the left singularity, nothing is safe to assume.

      A rational imperialist would cut losses in Ukraine, and concentrate on rebuilding Global American Empire industry. Vivek’s program. But we are not dealing with rational actors. We should not assume a coherent and competent plan. The beast with seven heads and ten horns now has to make a decision, and the heads are likely to start biting each other.

  54. Presidential Debates says:

    “Do you want Incremental Reform, or do you want Revolution?
    Vivek Ramaswamy during first primary debate”

    • jim says:

      Thermidor would indeed be revolutionary and a very good thing. But he is still their guy, not our guy. If he will go after the FBI, but not Harvard and the state department, just a quarrel among our enemies. Of course it would be great if there would be an upset among our enemies, but the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

      • A2 says:

        Seems unlikely that Vivek could or would openly run on a program to eradicate the deep state. You will have to be a bit more subtle than that if you actually mean it. Consider that the furore on building a border wall would be nothing compared to if they actually felt threatened.

        Personally, I don’t think VR would be a suitable president in any case. Not a difficult decision.

        • jim says:

          I don’t think he intends to purge the deep state. But pretty sure some elements of the deep state would like to purge other elements of the deep state.

          And it is possible he is serious about purging those elements of the deep state that are losing the Global American Empire, for the kleptocrats are not keen on this at all.

          In which case we will get a re-run of the Incroyables. Which the Thermidoreans will attempt to assimilate and use the way they used the Ukrainian Nazis.

          I rate the chances of this happening in this way fairly low, but not all that low. Repeating. The beast with seven heads has to make a decision, which is likely to result in some of its heads biting other heads. Vivek might be one way this could happen.

    • Vivek Gets Banked says:

      “Vivek Ramaswamy Breaks His Campaign’s Fundraising Record Day After First GOP Debate”

      Latest primary polling results should be out by Monday night.
      Who’s taking what odds on anyones jump or decline?

      Vivek is generally pro crypto.
      But does Vivek accept crypto yet?

      Are people donating crypto to campaigns in general?
      Do we have any numbers there?

      • jim says:

        This vivek shilling shows signs it was produced by a human.

        If you want to create enthusiasm for Vivek, tell us about his position on worship of the Gaia demon and purging the deep state.

        Also his Jimian comments on woke as a religion.

  55. George Soros says:

    [*deleted for strange inability to mention Soros
    deadly activities on behalf of empire, in particular in the Ukraine*]

    • George Soros says:

      No need repeat the many indictments of George Soros [*when you have strangely ever mentioned them in the first place, there is need to state them in the first place*]

      • jim says:

        Tell us about color revolution

        • Color Revolution says:

          [*deleted for strange inability to notice or mention color revolution, and Soros’s role in the Ukraine*]

          • Trump's Back says:

            Jim demands people emit Color Revolution and Thought Crime, but Jim The Hypocrite refuses to speak of it himself… [*deleted*]

            • jim says:

              I routinely speak of color revolution:

              The blog post “color revolution” says:

              The color revolution narrative: The color revolution script is “he is weak, weak, weaker, weaker, he is falling, he is falling, falling, falling, falling, he has fallen”. And if enough people actually believe he has fallen, then belief creates reality, and the State Department gets a bloodless victory. But often “He has fallen” is announced prematurely, resulting in at best a bloodbath, at worst genocidal holy war. Color revolutions are apt to turn into genocidal holy war when the other side does not play along with the script.

              In “The color Revolution Playbook” I say

              The reason that the treasonous elements of the coercive apparatus succeeded in past color revolutions was the threat or actuality of US air force bombing.

              In my comment

              Supposedly, color revolutions always succeed in peacefully deposing the evil tyrant (when mass murder ensues, it is absolutely not the fault of the color revolutionists, much as when famine follows communism the kulaks caused the famine) so for leftists to doubt the sanity and workability of this strategy is dangerous.

              In my comment

              To establish a multipolar world, or credibly threaten the Global Empire with such a world so that Putin can make a deal, the Ukraine has to suffer consequences for yielding to color revolution as dreadful as those that Libya and Syria suffered for not yielding.

              In my comment

              When color revolution in Syria turned deadly, all their lead agents went to safer turf, and Muslims who sincerely believed in old type Islam quietly got control of their operation, while Hillary remained in denial, thinking she was still in control. Hillary and company wound up funding and arming Isis.

              Russia’s draft Agreement on Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and NATO:

              The genocide of the Tutsi in the Congo succeeded because black native government troops in the Congo carrying out the genocide were backed by white troops operating Global American Empire artillery. Today, no Global American Empire artillery. Makes a big difference to ordinary everyday politics in far off countries no one pays any attention to. Much that was impossible and suicidal when the Global American Empire could and would send artillery and air to ground support anywhere, suddenly becomes possible. If the marines have no howitzers, then ethnic group A quarreling with ethnic group B in some far off country no one notices, knows that the disfavor of the Global American Empire is not going to result in them being genocided.

              American soft power in the world is similar to BLM and Antifa within America. One faction knows that its violence is off the table, and the other faction, with American government favor, knows that its violence is on the table.


              If anyone in the Global American Empire gets ethnically cleansed or genocided, it is always Global American Empire proxies backed by imperial forces doing it, as for example the successful genocide of the Tutsis in the Congo (backed by white artillery and white air power), the attempted genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda (backed by white artillery) and the attempted genocide of the Alawites, similarly backed by US airpower and mysterious leakages of arms and money from Soros ngos and the State Department.

              Your turn

  56. Hesiod says:

    Around the 44:20 mark, Carlson asks Trump if the U.S. is moving towards civil war. Trump goes on to talk about the crowd he spoke to on Jan. 6th. Here’s a rough transcript of the last exchange on the topic:

    Carlson: So, do you think it’s possible that there’s open conflict? We seem to be moving towards something.

    Trump: I don’t know, I don’t know…I can say this. There’s a level of passion that I’ve never seen. There’s a level of hatred that I’ve never seen. And that’s probably a bad combination.

    • Revolution 2024? says:

      If an anti-Left and restorative Republican (Trump, Ramaswamy) does
      not win the Presidency, and a Biden-Prog HilaBombaSoros clan
      Democrat does “win”, yes, odds are very high that the next Jan6
      will be for real. There’s still one hot summer of 2024 left before the election,
      and at the rate things are going the USA might not even make it that far.

      If you’re in the USA, please get prepared now…
      food water fuel electric comms mobility guns tools and trusted people,
      if it happens it will be far too late to prepare.

  57. MartyH says:

    More likely, any one of them turns into a Caligula and the barbarians overcome the “blessed Republic” … home to the Epsteinite-level corrupted Aristocracy/Oligarchy.

    • The Cominator says:

      Biden is like a dumber more senile version of Caligula without the funny mad stunts… he’s mad but banal.

  58. Cloudswrest says:

    Regarding the Maui fire.

    “Only those who disobeyed survived”

    • Encelad says:

      Our evil elite creates an environment which selects, in a Darwinian sense of the word, people who defect authority. I have mixed feelings about the long term outcome.that this might entail.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      The Gaia demoness worship led to vital water required to fight the fire was withheld until too late.

  59. Kunning Drueger says:

    It is being reported as confirmed that Prigozhin and Utkin are dead, victims of an assassination when their jet was shot down outside of Moscow on its way to St. Petersburg. understandably, comms channels are a mess, with the likely culprits being said to be the Kremlin, or the Ukrainians, or space aliens with a very dark sense of humor.

    It is likely that details will emerge in a very discombobulated and misleading way, but if Putin or his generals are behind this, I think it is safe to say that they have lost whatever mandate from God they had. All of the Kremlin loyal TGrams are crowing about how this is righteous retribution for the mutiny back in June. until all the details come out, very hard to predict. but if this is a move by the RF top brass, we should expect to see collapse begin in the Ukrainian battlefield. It will probably start very small, with units surrendering or defecting, followed by incarceration or assassination of generals. suspected of being less than loyal. It was reported today, before the plane crash, that Surovikin was relieved of command and sent on “vacation.” the coincidence of these two things is a sign, potentially and to my subjective perspective, that the top brass are cleaning house. If this is the case, We might see looting and fleeing as Putin’s coalition starts to collapse from infighting and paranoia.

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      A lot of strange things about this one. Why not just kill him earlier?

    • Calvin says:

      If this is true, and Putin is behind this, and your prediction comes to pass, it means *remarkably* bad things. Either a GAE victory which will embolden and empower them to an extent not seen in decades, or possibly a nuclear war.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Precisely my concern. Putin has been incredibly timid, the MoD top brass has been astoundingly bad at fighting the war. Wagner and Prigo were singlehandedly keeping things moving, by main force like in Bahkmut, by policy shepherding in Central Africa, and by propaganda in Russia. It’s hard to nail this down, because there is so much mis/disinfo everywhere (and from different sources, it’s not just Cathedral v. Dissidents). If it comes out that this was the Kremlin, by commission or omission, the RF is *done*, at least in its current configuration.

        None of this changes the assessments and analysis we have done here: NATO is a joke, the USM is a clumsy, shortsighted, weak, and incompetent military, and they are the best the GAE has. Europe is being run by women and eunuchs. IEW is coming, it is inevitable. But for each of these things, the key factor is TIME. The GAE could go on for another 50 years *easily* if there’s no competitor, no challenger, no alternate structure. China is not capable of leadership, they are really only able to mimic other structures due to the Century of Humiliation. They won’t be Culture Generators again for another 50 years at least.

        Russia was being dragged into a better place kicking and screaming, reluctantly, and poorly. But it was tending that direction, and Wagner was a nascent Knight’s Templar, a brotherhood formed for a short term goal that created unforeseen opportunities and unexpected leaders. I don’t mean to blackpill, but consider this: IEW is inevitable, and no formal structure exists that can realize it, so Wagner primarily, but scores of other entities, were far more likely to “figure it out.” If Wagner is done for, then it will be some other group, or entity, that becomes the next likeliest to figure it out.

        Bit of a doomer ramble here, my apologies. i sincerely hope this was a CIA/MI6 terrorist attack, but we shouldn’t be too surprised if it’s the beginning of the Liberal Russian purge of nationalists and devout Orthodox.

        • Doom says:

          Hmm. I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole Russia thing and honestly your perspective on the whole makes the most sense to me.

          I think Putin is clever enough to understand that to really go full force into war will utterly destroy what little stability and national spirit his government has managed to restore since the collapse – which is in many Russian’s living memories.

          Frankly what can he do? The GAE propaganda machine has painted Russians as evil villains no matter what they do. They must lose their power in most peoples minds “because they’re Russian”.

          I’ve had the discussion multiple times – people tell me “Russia shouldn’t send soldiers to try to change the government in the Ukr for their own benefit”, and I say, but the west has been doing exactly that since 2014, dont the people who live there have the right to their own government?

          That’s different, they say. No one actually believes the facts of the matter.

          I don’t really have anything that important to add, this was more of a “thank you”, but I will add a semi-joke.

          Russia should threaten to reveal hard proof that the moon landing was faked, that would topple the GAE pretty quickly.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The Russians will hold the line. They will take Kyiv and rename it back to its historic. The Ukrainians have mobilized the last of their well equipped NATO trained reserves, the 10th Army Corps and the Marun Tactical Group, to sacrifice in the counteroffensive. They haven’t even reached the first main line of defense. Reports of their units suffering up to 85% casualty rates. From Andrey Medvedev journalist and Moscow city council member:

          A year ago, it seems like a lifetime ago. The Kharkov retreat hadn’t happened yet. We were still holding Kherson. Arnie Ogneborets, Igor ‘Bereg’ Mangushev, Vladlen were still alive. Mobilization hadn’t started yet, there were no UAV strikes on Moscow.

          But in general, the day Dasha Dugina was killed was the day when many people came to a new understanding of what was happening. That this war is not against the Kremlin or the regime. It’s literally against all of us. That this is a war of terrorism. That the enemy kills just for words and thoughts that seem dangerous. Dasha’s murder made many people who neither supported the war nor sympathized with the authorities see the West with different eyes. When the mainstream media began to write understandingly and approvingly about the murder of ‘the daughter of the Kremlin’s chief ideologue.’

          We’ve lost a lot of people this year. I mean everyone. The country. About the families that received death notices. But have we become afraid? Weakened? Did we decide to surrender? Were we broken by Izyum and Kherson, by strikes on the Crimean Bridge or our cities?

          Of course not. The war correspondents didn’t stop filming, the volunteers didn’t stop raising money and going to the front, those public people, who weren’t afraid to speak out before, continue to do so now. Our warriors, both professional and mobilized, continue to fight to the death. Their heroic women continue to wait and believe. Yes, waiting for your man to return from war is heroism.

          Time passes, but the bitterness of loss does not become less, and the pain will never go away completely. But we all believe that our brothers and sisters in Christ, Dasha, Vladlen, Arnie, Rostislav, Bereg, and hundreds of others, are alive with God.

          Support for the war is so high even the mentally ill have begun to toe the line.

          You are right to say Putin and the Russian political structure may have lost their proverbial mandate of heaven, and you are right to conclude there may be major ramifications down the road, but you are wrong to think it will result in military losses (in the short term). Political intrigue in the Roman senate did not result in the routing of Roman legions. It did undermine their mandate of heaven, it’s when those legions returned to Rome things got chaotic. For now Putin and the Duma are safe, but when the war ends who knows where the chips may fall.

        • alf says:

          Putin has been incredibly timid

          It was Putin who took Crimea in 2014. It was Putin who initiated the special military operative and took the Donbass. And it is very possibly Putin who gave the order on taking out Prigozhin.

          He has so far been winning the war against NATO, against the entirety of the Western powers under whose boots you and I live. How is that being timid? Putin is being careful, but not timid.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          the beginning of the Liberal Russian purge of nationalists

          The beginning of the purge of nationalists was when the Russian government threw Strelkov in jail for pointing out that the war in Ukraine wasn’t being fought to win.

          • C4ssidy says:

            “The president makes a deep mistake when he talks about treason. We are patriots of our motherland, we fought and are fighting for it…” “Nobody is going to turn themselves in and confess at the order of the president, the FSB (security service) or anyone else. Because we don’t want the country to continue to live any longer in corruption, deceit and bureaucracy.” – Prighozin

            Why consider it a “liberal” purge of nationalists? looks to me like a tsarist purge of nationalists. Do you see those other “elites” undermining the tsar the way the above quote does? It looks like a reactionary rather than liberal purge. What Mandate of Heaven is being lost other than breaking a bit of game theory? I bet there is room in Russia for generals and mercenary leaders who respect the chain of command ultimately appointed by the authority of the tsar, hence no loss of mandate, for the only ones actually being purged are inviting in demons by the words out of their mouths

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              The mandate lost is in respect to the warrior ethos. If the Tsar on face values forgives one of his best generals for a betrayal in exchange for the general’s exile, it looks bad if he turns around and kills the great warrior. On the other hand… Prigozhin wasn’t honoring the fucking deal by venturing outside the location of his exile, but that brings up yet another issue. Why did Prigozhin feel comfortable ignoring his supposed exile? This incident has left egg on everyone’s faces and demonstrates why Tsars must be warriors and not civilians, and Putin, for all his talents and achievements, is not a warrior. This is made worse by killing the man in an assassination.

            • alf says:

              Prigozhin said many things, some of them smart, some of them dumb. Among the dumber ones was his claim that the Donbass was never shelled and that there were never any nazis in Ukraine. Prigozhin was never really a tsarist and I’d argue never really a liberal either; just a hard-working loudmouth.

    • alf says:

      Sounds overly depressing to me.

      Obviously the loss of Prigozhin will have negative consequences for Russia’s geopolitical capabilities. But really, what did he expect would happen after marching on Moscow? Literal definition of ‘fuck around, find out.’

      • someDude says:

        ouch! very black pilling. I’m sympathetic to both Prigozhin and Putin. How is Russia so fragile and globohomo so seemingly robust in comparison?

        This really hurts

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Don’t be. In the bigger analysis Wagner might prove to be less important than it appears. Russia is a behemoth. A slow moving lumbering one, but a behemoth nonetheless.

          GAE on the other hand is visibly crumbling in influence even over a short timeline.

        • alf says:

          I meant to say KD’s take sounds overly depressing to me

        • Skippy says:

          GAE is not robust, but on the other hand, Russia did not completely wipe Soviet legacy from its mind in 1990 or 2000 or any other year. Russia has been heavily globo-homo-ized, even before this trend became powerful in the USA. Even many true Russian patriots do not reject this legacy, just as many American patriots are “cuckservatives”.

    • Neofugue says:

      Perhaps in hindsight Prigozhin was Russia’s Trump, fishing in the Rubicon and then capitulating to power in the face of normalcy bias.

      It should have been made clear after Prigozhin’s mutiny that the Kremlin was never intending to take Kiev and win the war. Competent rulers kill their most effective commanders after winning the war, such as was the case with Patton. That Khan Shoigu attempted to disband Russia’s most capable fighting force, the driving factor which led to the mutiny in the first place, is also testament to the reality that Prigozhin screaming at Shogun Shoigu and Gerasimov for more ammunition was an overall indication of the problems with the Russian army in mobilization and overall strategy.

      In light of all the upcoming Russian offensives that will never arrive, MacGregor, Mercouris, Simplicius, Saker, all the Z-anon accounts are all thus discredited, because as of now the stated objectives of regime change in Ukraine and the security of the Donbass have not been met, and the Kremlin does not seem eager to achieve them. The narrative of a yet triumphant Kremlin, while purging Russia’s most talented commanders, not just Prigozhin but also Surovikin, looming over a stalemate on the battlefield, refusing to mobilize enough troops to outmatch the Ukrainians, that somehow the Kremlin is going to launch a major successful offensive, is simply ludicrous.

      The Kremlin recently imprisoned Russian Nationalist Igor Strelkov for asking questions regarding the conduct of the war:

      The Kremlin is not “based” with the intent of restoring Russia to its former glory as an Orthodox state, the Russian elite worships demons, albeit a heretical variant compared to their ideological cousins in the West. While the Kremlin has not yet imposed the gay parade, they imposed vaccine mandates, are in the process of implementing a WEF digital Ruble, and currently import hundreds of thousands of Muhammedans into the country. The Russian elite should not be considered even remotely sympathetic to our side in any way, shape, or form.

      The two sources vindicated by the debacle of the last two months are Rolo Slavskiy (Slavland Stalker) and Riley Waggaman (Edward Slavsquat), both on Substack. First off, unlike MacGregor and most of the Z-anon community, Rolo and Riley both read and speak fluent Russian. They provide translations and interviews for Russian Patriots, old-type Orthodox Christians and their websites.

      So, what do actual patriotic Russians think of the Kremlin?

      (Picture is of Elvira Nabiullina, the woman in charge of implementing the Digital Ruble)

      However, Rolo Slavskiy has been accused of being a shill, so I will defend him as follows: first, Rolo passes the Woman Question with ease, as found in his many articles, a particular example being his interview with Tim Kirby. Second, while Rolo does mention Jews in Russia, he always provides names, such as Kiriyenko.

      The big problem many have with Rolo is his position on the Old Testament, his heretical Christian views, but his overall political stances do not conflict with those of Reaction. Aside from attempting to provide a psychological analysis of Rolo, he is solid on patriarchy and the establishment of an Orthodox state in Russia, which is good enough for me to ignore his more problematic views:

      Rolo interviews the head of the media project “Tsar’s Cross,” which can be found on Youtube here:

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Thank you for spelling this out. I concur pretty much 100%, though as good as Slavskiy’s analysis can be, his egotism, of which his stubborn heresy is only one facet, sticks in my craw.

        But Riley “Edward Slavsquat” Waggaman has been vindicated again and again, and his exposés of the most ridiculous fantasies of the Russian government’s propagandists are crucial: no, Putin did not ban 5G, and no, Russia’s forthcoming CBDC is not any better than any of the GAE’s CBDC projects.

        Our host calls Riley a shill for the globalists because he doesn’t happen to write about female emancipation. To me that’s an expansion of the definition of a shill so overbroad as to be nonsensical: there are a lot of aspects of globalism to expose and oppose in words, and not everyone can write about everything. Whoever is not against us is with us.

        • jim says:

          There are multiple lines of evidence that Riley is a globalist shill. He wants Russia to break up and capitulate to Nato, and like CR produces reactionary sounding right wing sounding rationales for leftist programs. He is also part of the operation to turn us the way the Ukraine Nazis were turned.

          The Ukraine Nazis were genuine Nazis descended from the German Nazi party. Now they are machine gunning white Ukrainians and cluster round shelling white Ukrainians to force them to go forward in a war of Globalist Jews.When Ukrainian troops attempt to retreat without permission, they are apt to get cluster rounds from both directions.

          This the Ukrainian Nazis have been such a huge success for Globohomo, they are naturally trying to repeat that success. With us, among others. When the Ukrainian Nazis cease to be useful, their masters in the state department will arrange for their deaths.

          Putin attempted to take Ukraine by storm. His tanks were destroyed, and he is still terribly short of tanks. Probably will not have enough tanks till 2026,

          He is now fighting a war of attrition. When Ukraine has about a million dead, he will have won. He is about half way there. That is how you have to fight wars of attrition.

          A strategy for winning a war by storm is not actually known now. Things are different. I have argued elsewhere for strategy and weapons based on network penetration, entryism, and long range high altitudde drones.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            There are multiple lines of evidence that Riley is a globalist shill. He wants Russia to break up and capitulate to Nato,

            You seem to have your mind made up on this subject; but I don’t see any evidence for that in any of Riley’s writings. If Riley is a shill for calling on Russia to stop selling the West enriched uranium, then so is the hero Strelkov. Not seeing it. Even you yourself, when I pressed you on the subject, fell back on the claim only that he sins by omission, that he primarily skewers the Kremlin regime for its globalism while giving the West too much of a pass. Again, I think that’s just a choice of subject matter.

            Riley is a guy who moved from the USA to Russia to escape globalism, then found it alive and well there, only branded slightly differently. If he focuses more on the globalists in Russia than in the West, that’s understandable as buyer’s remorse. But he does do a good job going after the West and its coronavirus delusions, in his usual understated, sardonic tone, in this Anti-Empire piece on the West’s “current age of unapologetic self-pity and collective victimhood”.

            When I look at Riley and at Strelkov, I see massive differences in style between a sardonic, light-hearted American and a serious Russian. But style aside, I don’t see much difference between their positions on the Ukraine war and globalism in the Kremlin. It’s no coincidence that it was Riley who broke the news of Strelkov’s arrest in English-language media. So what makes one a shill and not the other? Or is Strelkov a shill too?

            What’s my axe to grind here? Self-interest, in this sense:

            I come to your site because I think you have a keen sense of what’s going on as far as the broad sweep of history is concerned, and I learn a lot from the reasoning you share about your predictions, even when they are not always spot on. But to the extent that you are reasoning from faulty premises, that diminishes your predictions’ value to me. Riley Waggaman is a genuine anti-globalist, a guy who celebrated the electoral defeat of arch-globalist bitch Hillary Clinton with much gusto and many vodka shots. So the premise that he is somehow a globalist shill is certainly a faulty one. If your reasoning is clouded on that point, it’s going to infect your other geopolitical reasoning. And that’s too bad, for me and all your readers. So I’ll continue to cordially try to update your judgement.

            • jim says:

              His anti empire blog, to which you linked, strangely lacks any awareness that Cathedral soft power rests on hard power. In an blog titled anti-empire, an odd omission.

              What is strangely missing from his narrative is a lot of things, such as that jab is not to prevent Covid, but induce miscarriage.

              He blogs about Ukraine from an anti war peace perspective – as if this was a Russian war of choice, while most of the failures he reports is are the result of Putin’s foolish efforts to avoid the inevitable. His frame pre-supposes the imperial narrative. For what is strangely missing from his anti war narrative, see

              Compare these two blogs. They are writing about the same topic, discussing the same information. And ostensibly have the same concerns. But it is immediately obvious that one accepts and propagates the GAE frame.

              AntiEmpire seems like the real thing. But when you contrast it with an actual antiempire blog, certain things are strangely off limits.

              Putin’s wobbliness, his desire for a seat at the GAE table, is a huge problem. But when Riley writes about Putin’s efforts to avoid this war, he writes from the frame that Putin went into this war for no particular reason.

              Supposedly these two blogs are covering the same topic from the same side, and writing about the same things. But they are not. Riley’s omissions have an agenda. And the agenda is “Just put up with GAE empire, why don’t you?”

              > Riley Waggaman is a genuine anti-globalist

              He says a whole lot of anti globalist things. And not other things. As I remarked some time ago, where is “died suddenly”, where is color revolution. Where is Soros. You are not an anti globalist if you cannot see color revolution, not anti war if you cannot see that the reason color revolution succeeds is that failure to comply results in the terrible destruction he piously bemoans, as if it just fell out of the sky for no particular reason.

              War is dreadful. But it can only be avoided if the Hegemon has some rules upon himself, if his subjects are secure in some bit of turf, The rules based order is conspicuously lacking in rules. The shill payload is demoralization. Resistance is useless, you will be assimilated.

              Riley indignantly reports Global American Empire oppression of Serbia. And indignantly reports the Serbian government yielding to this oppression without ever noticing that the Serbia was heavily bombed for failure to yield.. A strange omission.

              Putin’s primary objective is peace with the west, always has been, he has said so times without number and has always acted in accordance with that objective. The Ukraine is merely a message that the west needs peace with Russia as much as Russia needs peace with the west. The Ukraine in itself is insignificant, does not matter, and no one would care about it except in the context of the larger war.

              Riley is ignoring the message and ignoring the objective, as if the Ukraine was not an insignificantly small part of a vastly bigger and more terrible war that has been brewing for a long time. Riley is propaganda in favor of accepting permanent low level war of attrition by the West against Russia, at a level that the West can afford while still leaving the west the capacity to hammer disobedient provinces.

              Riley’s argument presuppose a world where the Global American Empire does not exist or is always pursuing peace, freedom and democracy, while Russia wants to subjugate its neighbours, where Russia is not demanding a change in western behaviour towards Russia, where Putin has no objectives, or no need for objectives, in regard to the Global American Empire.

      • Skippy says:

        Putin wants a seat at the US table, his Ukraine invasion makes perfect sense in that context given his original plan, which was to overwhelm the Ukrainian state psychologically in a few days and present the Russian ownership of Ukraine as a fait accompli. The West would then be forced to accept it privately and publicly ignore it, just as they publicly ignore all their defeats from Burma to Venezuela.

        The war has clearly mobilized actual nationalist forces; big long wars, unlike “intelligence operations” backed by an occupation force of professional soldiers, shift the internal balance of power from incumbents to men of action and ability, and Putin is more afraid of that than of losing this war. Obviously he wants to both win against Ukraine, and keep his position, and it is looking increasingly likely he will succeed, but Putin never intended a WAR against the West, with any of the implications that has for his outlook.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Putin wanted a seat at the GAE table. He knows that is no longer possible. He also knows GAE is both agreement incapable and crazy. He knows that winning too hard invites NATO panic and stupidity. A possibility in which everyone loses. At the current rate of the war, every Ukrainian man capable of fighting will be dead, crippled, or escaped out of Ukraine in a few years. The Ukrainian state will collapse and Russia can carefully walk in and pick up the remains. At that point the West will likely have moved on as the fervor ameliorates. We are already seeing that happen.

          • Skippy says:

            If you read regularly, as I do, you will see that they are advertising their anti-racism, their intent to build up Africa, the support of transgenders for the war, etc. etc.

            It rather looks to me like Putin is preparing to offer the West a deal when he has something to trade, as the military situation improves.

            Six months ago, one did not see this tone on, but then six months ago Putin had not won anything in the field that he could trade.

            Crippling every Ukrainian man is not a patriotic outcome, nor is Ukraine likely to send its blocking troops to die against Russian defenses (it is sending politically less reliable mobiks). Russia probably can’t win a decisive victory because it never mobilized, but Putin figures he can win enough of a victory to make a deal without empowering internal nationalists.

            [apologies for double post – one in moderation can be deleted]

            • jim says:

              > Crippling every Ukrainian man is not a patriotic outcome

              Yes it is.

              You cannot defeat the empire unless those who yield to empire face consequences as terrible as those that defy empire. To establish a multipolar world, or credibly threaten the Global Empire with such a world so that Putin can make a deal, the Ukraine has to suffer consequences for yielding to color revolution as dreadful as those that Libya and Syria suffered for not yielding.

              The Global American Empire has no hesitation in applying horrifying consequences for defiance. Equally horrifying consequences for Ukraine are necessary to stiffen people’s spines. This is war. That is how you fight wars. If you do not use such dreadful means, evil always wins, because evil is willing to use such dreadful means.

              > nor is Ukraine likely to send its blocking troops to die against Russian defenses (it is sending politically less reliable mobiks).

              So? It is going to run out of mobiks eventually.

              > but Putin figures he can win enough of a victory to make a deal without empowering internal nationalists.

              And the Global American Empire thinks it can win without a Thermidor. War tends rightwards, because the ultimate form of social entropy devours all other forms.

              After about a million casualties, Ukrainian combat effectiveness will be substantially reduced, and if no peace deal, then after a couple of years after that, every Ukrainian city west of Donetsk is going to look like Bakhmut, everything destroyed and everyone dead or fled.

              Putin still wants a place at the Global American Empire table, but he is not going to get it. At least not until a whole lot of people who do not identify as Russian have had their cities flattened. Flattening Kiev may well be necessary. Possibly Warsaw. Probably Vilnius.

              • Skippy says:

                The Special Operation was justified, per Putin’s speech, on the belief that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, that Ukrainians were being organized against their countrymen by a small elite of communazis. If the people are enemies, killing every last one of them can be a victory. If the people are your people, killing every last one of them can only be a sad necessity caused by your inability to execute your plan to rescue them, which is what has happened here.

                Putin failed to rescue them on Day 1, and then by deciding not to mobilize he essentially gave up any hope of rescuing them in the future either. No descent from Belarus to Kiev, cutting communications to the front – because not enough troops, not because it wouldn’t have worked.

                Killing every last Ukrainian is a rescue operation for Putin’s political career, not a rescue operation for the Ukrainian people, the vast majority of whom are not communazis.

                When Ukrainian runs out of mobiks, it will stop attacking. Ukraine has no reason to destroy its entire army for Russia’s convenience. That Russia is not able to meaningfully advance shows that Ukraine retains enough troops to prevent Russia doing this, and it has no reason to alter that strategy.

                This war has been dominated by predictions colored by peoples’ preferences and models of the world; what is clear from a position of detachment is that in 2021 nobody would have been impressed by Russia successfully defending itself against Ukraine, and that is so far all that it is done. Rather, they would be puzzled that a situation in which Russia has to defend itself against Ukraine ever arose. Russia having the ability to defend itself against Ukraine – *while somewhat surprising to many given what had happened until early this year* – is not in itself an accomplishment or evidence of possessing superior force.

                I myself should be careful, because indeed Ukraine might suddenly collapse, but I think if this happens it will be because Ukraine runs out of decisive irreplaceable systems (particularly, AA), and not because it completely runs out of troops. It’s not likely Ukraine will suffer a decisive defeat by running out of troops, but it is more likely that Ukraine will give Putin his deal if Putin starts attritioning Ukraine’s blocking troops.

                In my view, based on all historical experience with this man, Putin is likely to accept this deal, even if it is quite a bad deal, so long as it is not clearly a defeat for him.

                And Putin is likely to find, in the course of time, that his deal with GAE is much like Prigozhin’s deal with Lukashenko.

                • alf says:

                  what is clear from a position of detachment is that in 2021 nobody would have been impressed by Russia successfully defending itself against Ukraine, and that is so far all that it is done.


                  In 2021, all that the media said was that everyone in the entire world except for North Korea was turning against Putin’s evil invasion, and that Putin stepping down was the only outcome in which Russia could have saved itself.

                • Skippy says:

                  The war started in 2022. Most people in the first few days of the war thought Putin would succeed in his plan to annex Ukraine in a few days, including (per their public statements) Western governments..

                • jim says:

                  The war started in 2014. The problem was that Putin was reluctant to fight back, and still is. No one ever believed that Putin intended to annex Ukraine. GAE propaganda.

                • alf says:

                  They thought Kiev might fall, but were hardly that surprised when it did not. From day 1 everyone knew that Putin had declared war on the GAE, not on Ukraine, and everyone greatly over-estimated GAE’s military prowess, thus confidently predicting Russia would lose.

                • Skippy says:

                  It was overwhelmingly obvious that Putin’s original intent was to annex Ukraine or place it under a Russian-controled puppet government in a short time, not to provoke an extended attrition war with all of NATO.

                  The extended attrition war with NATO was already ongoing – on a smaller scale than today – in Donbas, and Putin’s intent was to end that attrition war, giving Russia a clear border with NATO that could be defended with the threat of nuclear weapons.

                  The point I am making is that while the drastically escalated war of attrition between Russia and GAE may indeed be going badly for GAE – due to GAE’s normality bias believing it is still in 1992 or 1942 – that was almost certainly not Putin’s thinking or intent when he launched the war.

                  If you disagree with this analysis, please give some reason, not just assertions.

                • jim says:

                  Putin denies any intent to annex Ukraine or make it into a puppet government, and the denial is completely consistent with his thinking and actions.

                  He intended to undo the coup that made it into GAE puppet.

                  France, on the other hand, did have a puppet government in Niger, and their clear intent to re-puppetize them.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Uncle Vlad is a 20th century liberal several decades out of date; when he said he wanted the Ukraine to be a neutral buffer state unaligned with either Russia or gayto, he actually thought that was actually something that could ever actually happen.

                • Skippy says:

                  If Russia had deposed the Ukrainian government last year, they would almost certainly have installed Viktor Medvedchuk as president. Medvedchuk would not have been a puppet in that he is an actual Ukrainian, sincerely pro-Russia, and led a large party of sincerely pro-Russian Ukrainians, but the effect would be that Ukraine would be a political satellite of Russia and it is unlikely that they would ever allow a pro-GAE party to win again, regardless of its actual popularity.

                  To call the Ukraine imagined in February 2022 by Russia a Russian puppet is not a moral condemnation, it is just a recognition of the fact that this state would have had definite borders and Russia could have defended those borders with nuclear threats “for free”, rather than with a battle of manpower of production. That was almost certainly Putin’s intention.

                  My inference – which I cannot prove, but will consider overwhelmingly likely if Putin later takes some kind of deal – is that Putin wanted to take Ukraine off the table for the West as a way of forcing the West to deal with him fairly, not as a way of withdrawing from the Western system entirely (as Anatoly Karlin, now seemingly an exile, proposed). That this implies Putin didn’t, and still doesn’t, realize that the West will never deal with him fairly regardless of how impractical he manages to make dealing with him unfairly would be a character flaw of Putin.

        • Old Seats Still Available says:

          Putin did want to become US friend and co-op peer in the early 1990’s.

          Then the US empiressas rejected RU,
          perhaps mostly to go gay in Euroland,
          and to make an incomplete early strike at
          Islam which Crusades never fully drove out,
          and watch porn on their newfangled Internet
          thingy at home.

          The Russians are nominally respective and or active Christians… Copts, Church of the East, Russian Orthodox, etc.
          Russia is still mostly White, is monetarily fairly well positioned,
          has lots of good land and intermingleable women suitable
          for home and children, good education, not huge Govt bullshit
          to deal with in your life, still some good personal and business
          freedom in general, and crypto and gold is not banned yet.

          You have to think of the larger issues…

          – Islam is a serious threat.
          – Chicom and 1984 cults are a serious threat.
          – EuroUS Globohomo LeftyProggoQueerFemWEFDem is a serious threat.

          You really don’t want the world, let alone your lands, falling into such depravity, lowness, and unfreedom.

          The next US Pres should stone cold go make revitalization and peace and restoration, and partners in faith, and open free travel with RU. Same with Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, etc. Even the Christian nations of Africa. And the UA “Nazis” so long as they acknowledge Jesus.


      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Strelkov’s main vice is that he is a turbodoomer whose first instinct in all affairs is to assume the worst and look for anything to support that assumption.

        Being that we live in an age of Kali Yuga, the play out of events frequently corroborates with this bent to greater or lesser degrees; but the point of pointing out this is that it is a pattern arising not from reasons followed by rationality outlining shittiness because the objects so outlined really are that shitty, but that the impulse comes first, and reasons are found to rationalize it.

        This was perhaps most plainly illustrated by his predictions in the 2010s that Assad would end up dead and that Russia would fail miserably and be humiliated in Syria. Everything before and after this in his lexical oeuvre of course takes the same bent. He is naturally consistent in this regard.

        There’s more than a few people of this type notionally Right aligned in our most Current of years. Later day Ciorans if you will. In former days, they were the Pyrrhonists of the world; whatever the Prevailing Structure is, you can count on them to find it impoverished.

        All that being said; while a fulsome account of what was going on in the background may never come to light, and while the first report is always wrong… a nation that kills men who fight, lead, and claim victory with valor in its name is spiritually diseased. Successful heroism is perhaps the ultimate signal of a body that is right with Divine Law; the literal Regiogenesis, assumption of the Mantel of Providence, instauration of Kingdom. Woe betide any land not only not led by heroes, but which tears down its heroes.

        The only upshot is that both parties in this poker game are similarly crippled invalids, our least favorite even moreso than the other, and the press of History may well end up dragging the later to the light kicking and screaming regardless.

        • Neofugue says:

          If the “press of history” is going to squeeze a based Russia out of this war, the juice will be the blood of those in the Kremlin.

          Killing your best commander after the war is won is something a competent government does, such as with Patton. Killing your best commander before the war is finished is something an incompetent government does, such as with Yuan Chonghuan.

          It was obvious to me after the Wagner mutiny, learning how the Tuvan gangster Shoigu tried to disband Russia’s most effective fighting force, that MacGregor and all the others were full of it, but I wanted to wait until the dust had settled.

          The correct take on the assassination is that Prigozhin was a legitimate threat to the Kremlin, that the Kremlin does not have full support from the armed forces, and that an oligarch with enough money and men, given the right faith and the right time, could in theory overthrow Putin and the rest of the corrupt traitors that occupy the Kremlin.

          If I were an oligarch in Russia right now, I would be preparing to launch a coup, presumably after Putin signs Minsk III with the West. We might get a based Russia, but not in the way most people imagine it.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Didn’t realize Slavsquat was an American exile, but I share his sense of disillusion. Russia is no bastion of traditional values and its women are deeply deluded about sex and marriage, resulting in many millions of them becoming cat-ladies “totally by choice”. Children are just an expensive, time-consuming hobby for the few people who are into that sort of thing.

        On the plus side, Russian cats are extremely friendly, but that’s Darwinian selection. Russians are more lax about neutering nice cats and more diligent about exterminating bad ones.

      • Nikolai says:

        You give some plausible reasons to blackpill, but let’s look at the whitepills.

        The counter offensive in the Zaporozhye direction has been a complete failure. They were supposed to take Rabotino on day 1, yet three months later its still in the gray zone. The AFU thought they’d be in mariupol and Crimea by now and they can’t even reach staromlynovka.

        Russia retook more land in the Kupyansk and Krasno-Limansk fronts than the AFU did in Zap, and Russia was barely even trying.

        Technological improvements: The original lancet was only good for taking out smaller targets like M777 howitzers. Then they upgraded it to be equipped with an anti tank warhead and now it can take out Leopards and Bradley’s. They’re further working on making an autonomous drone swarm version of the lancet, which would effectively annihilate what little armor, artillery and air defense Ukraine still has.

        Much to my surprise, Russia is able to outproduce all of NATO in the areas that matter, particularly artillery shells. I would’ve thought central and southeastern Europe still had a decent manufacturing base, but apparently not. And the manufacturing capacity for the most critical weapons is only growing.

        The slav is beginning to hate. After a year and a half of genocidal russophobia from Ukraine and the West, normie Russians are starting to wake up. Particularly after nightly Ukr drone strikes in Moscow. Moderates used to lament the necessity of the war, now they’re mad that Putin hasn’t wiped out everything west of the Dniepr. This is also driving up military recruitment. The Russian military is larger now than at the start of the war

        The narrative has also shifted in the West. Normies are getting fatigued with the whole thing, even CNN and WaPo are admitting the counter offensive failed and that more weapons are unlikely to change anything. The smarter war hawks at the Pentagon are beginning to think “hey, why are we wasting all this money and equipment on a proxy war with Russia, when we should be saving it for a proxy war with China?”

        Multipolarity is working. BRICS just added another 6 countries. The other Arab countries are welcoming Assad back into the fold. Any country outside of Western Europe is no longer afraid of pissing off the GAE.

        Putin actually left the grain deal, depriving Ukraine of a lot of revenue and weapons smuggling routes. And there’s also the obvious that Russia simply has 3x the population and far more weapons, so it cannot mathematically lose a war of attrition. Especially when Ukr is taking 8:1 losses on the southern front.

    • Fidelis says:

      By my armchair expert analysis, the musicians have reached too large a critical mass to be killed by something like this. Operations are spread across many disparate jurisdictions and they possess a dense core of espirit de corps. A new leader will emerge, de facto elected by the troops. If anything, we may get a more radical leader rising up, less tempered by a sense of normalcy. Recall that Luka joked about his guests’ eagerness to march on Warsaw, do you think this band is going to be so quickly demoralized and defanged?

      Hard to say what will come of this, but I doubt theres anything being pushed back in a box.

    • Aidan says:

      I don’t consider this “loss of the Mandate of Heaven”, but it is a bad omen. First Putin simps for the African tar mammy grain goddess, then he fires Surovikin, and now blows up Prigozhin. Well, Prig’s death is not yet officially confirmed.

      It is sawing off the branch on which a ruler sits to fire his competent subordinates to preserve his own power and his clique’s power. This is doubly true when he has no successor. The war was a chance to raise a new leader for Russia. Obviously, Wagner was a hell of a lot better at both logistics and combat than the regular forces. Should have made P minister of defense a long time ago and sent the mouthbreathing tuvan snownigger shoigu back to Siberia.

      All I can say is that Russia is lucky that its enemies are also retarded and incompetent, but it may be that Putin is reaping the spiritual rewards of Duginist third-worldism. Everything is so fake and gay now. I warned a long time ago that Putin might be stupid and blind enough to strangle Wagner in the cradle out of fear. Looks like it may have come to pass. But this only reinforces my conviction that escape from the strangling vines of Brezhnev and the society of Last Men is necessary.

  60. Dharmicreality says:

    ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 has landed successfully on the South Pole of the moon. Not bad. India is the first country to achieve this.

    The space race gets interesting. If Elon Musk is given enough incentive to invest and do business in India there could be a future tie up for an ambitious space mission.

    • US-IN says:

      CN and RU are pairing for the moonbase and they want IN in their club. The US can’t afford to lose IN as geopolitical partner. Expect US to give deep concessions to draw IN on its side away from them.

      Vivek as Pres may have some respect and sway with IN, US people can see this Hindu Brown scenario, particularly in regard to foiling CN, and they’ll votre for him for that reason.

      Modi is a bit two-face but it’s not a lost cause.

      • someDude says:

        India will likely join the CN-RU club and partner with the US as well. India is too suspicious of China regardless of Russia’s presence or guarantees. India can’t afford to piss of the US too much either. Whatever the problems Legacy Americans have, the Hindus have more of them and have had them longer and any solution seems further away with the last working software further away in the past.

        I’m feeling blackpilled even in the face of good news.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Modi wants a prime seat in the “rules based” order but he doesn’t want it to be GAE centric. So you will find contradictory signals from India which frustrates the West no end. On the other hand Russia seems more understanding of this approach.

          • someDude says:

            The Russians have to be neutral in any Indo-Chinese conflict and India understands this as well. So the Russians don’t get too pissed at India’s relationship with the west given China.

            We can’t get too much into GAEs embrace as it will disadvantage us vis-a-vis the Islamic world and our own homegrown Mohammedans.

            India is in the same position as Thailand in the late 19th and early 20th century trying to remain independent while being surrounded on all sides by European colonies with the added burden of poor demographics. It’s a fine balancing acts. The Thais pulled it off, but our Job is harder than the one they had.

    • Doom says:

      Notice they very carefully avoided the Apollo landing sites. Looks like India still playing on the side of the GAE to a degree 😀

      • Aryaman says:

        What would the problem have been ?

        • Doom says:

          Theres nothing there? 😛

          • skippy says:

            What’s the implication of moon-landing-not-real theory? Why does this theory interest anyone?

            There’s certainly no physics reason why landing on the moon should be impossible or even particularly complicated. It’s just expensive and difficult to organize in practice.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              There’s an unsettling and pervasive feeling in America that we are not capable of putting a man on the moon today. That much is true. Most subscribe to Whig history. That we are just so much more “advanced” today than in the past. Therefore it’s not too much of a departure from Whig reasoning to question the moon landings.

            • zero says:

              The implication is that America was never an exceptional nation, its easier to lie to billions then land on the moon, so no rotten tumor within the empire degrading competence, west/harvard)fags)still)best, we never missed a step. Also there were serious reasons why it was not an easy landing to pull off including dust and telemetry not to mention delta v. I do not know whether the first moon landing was faked, but the interview of the flight crew is disturbing, something was up, I have no idea what. Jim makes a good argument for the landing having happened, but it stinks like 911, no one talks about the previous attempt to blow out the concrete pillars in the car park the year prior which is extemely fucking odd, two towers targeted repeatedly but the propogandists and the conspiracy theorists dont speak of the previous attempts? odd. Also the moon rocks are either bullshit or the moon is not a broken piece of earth which is a bit of a big deal. way to much light metal in the samples which were taken. My occams razor analysis is that the spooks had the audio pre recorded, with the radiation belt nasa hides behind today, as an excuse for lack of video(know idea if true). The lunar samples were terrestrial rock because fuck our allies having such information as lunar strata composition, give em earth rocks instead and laugh. my guess is a spiderweb of conspiracies around the landing, most of which are today deluded and irrelevent, and selecting for competent pilots had the unfortunate consequence of allowing the world to witness a guilty conscience as they were forced to act out honest sailors despite noticing a whole lot they knew would not be told to the people. There is always the possibility that it is more convenient for the empires percieved enemies to believe they were tricked, then to admit we cant do today what our predecessors did with a nokia and a stern attitude toward niggers in donkey carts. whatever happened you know the imperial fags are stuffing the vox channels with bullshit probably for deluded reasons. It is a little odd tho that only the first landings get criticized, maybe there were shenanigans the soviets knew, but more straight landings confirmed the narrative as accurate enough, either way never heard previous landings get so much doubt.

              • skippy says:

                Even if I would grant all evidence that the moon landings didn’t happen (which I don’t, but for the sake of argument), why would the US be unwilling to admit the moon landings didn’t happen but willing to admit it lost the Vietnam War? At that time, the deep state conspiracies were all about making the US look worse compared to the USSR, which did not succeed in landing on the moon (or pretending that it had – though if the US had pretended to land on the moon it surely could not have contradicted the USSR pretending to do so, without giving away its own scam).

                • zero says:

                  well I was pretty clear that the moon landing(s) plural happened in my estimation. Provided no evidence to the contrary. But for the sake of argument. Which is more valuable, the government denying it got its’ ass handed to it by a bunch of jungle monkeys no one but the French under Degaulle gave two shits about, in an age in which empires withered and died, culminating in a certain 70s Russian campaign in afghanistan. Or the Kissinger alliance of free states which incessantly published deep state propaganda of James bond(choke) Jason Bourne, yes the US could have pretended it won anything, considering it held the talking stick, nuking a few cities will give one such a privilege. The deep state was and is a fractious alliance, which is why the landings are debated to this day. No, you’re an idiot if you think the US could not have pretended to land on the moon without being exposed by the same pretense of the Russian counter potemkis. You were most right when you lied about the US declaring the soviets superior, this empire did lie in exactly that way, Which was useful, the soviets were dumb enough to consider their conflict with the red empire ultimate, never realizing they were in fact the useful idiots of the blue empire, which was why in 1931+32 we built their fucking tank factories, and why in 1943 we shat aluminum into their degenerate imperium so that their t34s could have engines, Some play checkers and some bring fucking artillery, the soviets believed they were special little snow flakes rather than the degenerate spawn of Oneida, Oneida made good silver and the soviets made good rifles, both are extinct. If the deep state loved the soviets whole cloth it would have never made films like the Manchurian candidate. it hated Soviet spawn and preferred in it’s propaganda to reference Soviet officers as Germanic rather then commissars, The US ran the Un (odd similaritiy)

                • skippy says:

                  “You were most right when you lied about the US declaring the soviets superior, this empire did lie in exactly that way, Which was useful, the soviets were dumb enough to consider their conflict with the red empire ultimate, never realizing they were in fact the useful idiots of the blue empire”

                  ahahaha fuck you.

                  Before Ronald Reagan the Blue State using the USSR to conquer the USA was the actual plan, i.e. the plot of Red Dawn. Their efforts to defeat the USA were sincere, though of course they never imagined themselves being replaced in power by a Soviet elite, and presumably wouldn’t have been. Not until 1980s and after that USA government is trying to win as “the USA”, which could justify faking technological projects.

                  All I can think is first landing could’ve been faked on basis that Kennedy promised a moon landing “in this decade 1960s]
                  and after some genuine failures (Apollo 1 fire) they were quite close to the deadline. I am not saying this happened or even there is any specific evidence, just that I can see the motive. On the other hand, with JFK already dead, it isn’t that strong of a motive.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Myopia is a large part of it. There are a lot of people with the vague impression that there was only one moon landing – one of the many wonders of the institutionalized child prisons for all society – so that’s the one that always gets focused on. Also because there are more suspect threads to pull on than any of the missions after it, but that is almost an afterthought.

      • someDude says:

        India is too suspicious and wary of China to alienate the GAE as well

  61. notglowing says:

    I’ve decided to cut this blogpost in half, and feed it to the state of the art open source llm to complete.
    Fairly fun but not mindblowing results I must say:
    Ask it to produce more than this, and it starts repeating itself, though. But it doesn’t have much to go off of.

    Copy pasting the part it generated:

    The Global American Empire has been suddenly revealed as a paper tiger, due to de-industrialization, and army full of gays, trannies, and coloreds doing logistic work in base areas – camp followers dressed in soldier’s uniforms for stolen valor. It is not going to last much longer, but it could continue if the US went back to industrial policy. But Vivek does not want that either.
    If you are thinking about voting for him, think again.
    >I don’t know what it is, but I have recently found a clue: We had an infestation of Vivek shills on this blog, and when I asked them about Soros’ color revolutionary activities, they softly and silently vanished away.
    You are being silly. If Vivek were controlled opposition he would be getting far more media attention than Trump did in 2016. He isn’t. He doesn’t even get the amount of attention DeSantis gets, which is already less than zero. And why do you need to ask his supporters anything? You can just go look at what he says himself.
    Vivek has said that he opposes Ukraine aid, opposes NATO expansion, wants peace with Russia, supports China trade tariffs, wants to end Wokeism/Critical Race Theory indoctrination and gender ideology in schools (and also opposes vaccine mandates), supports Christianity as a core part of American culture, and believes in immigration restriction for national unity and security reasons. He’s not perfect but no one else comes close on the Right. Trump is too old and doesn’t want to fight anymore. DeSantis isn’t even fighting his own state’s Supreme Court.
    Vivek Ramaswami is the only candidate who can beat Soros’ puppet, Ron Desantis. Vote for him or you are voting for Globohomo.

    • notglowing says:

      What’s funny is instead of completing the blog, it quotes you in what looks like a reply and a counterargument. This is the result of being trained so much on conversations.

    • notglowing says:

      When I give it the full blogpost, it does seem to complete it, although without adding a lot of new information, and the more I make it continue, the more it repeats itself.

      We have seen this movie before in France 1794-1802: We have a woke faction that is killing its own country, and we have an imperialist faction that wants to keep empire at any cost. The alt right must not fall for “America First”. America was first under Trump, but since then it has gone downhill fast.
      The Empire is the problem. It needs to be cut back, and if Vivek or anyone else proposes otherwise, he will be betraying us as surely as Biden did. And if we support him on those grounds, we are fools.
      If Vivek does not want to talk about this stuff, it means that he cannot talk about this stuff. He is a man of the left, even though his policies seem like they would come from the right. Which suggests that his real agenda is to keep empire going. If so, no good can come of him. The Global American Empire has been revealed as a paper tiger by Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and China’s special military operation in Taiwan. It needs to be cut back drastically.
      I am inclined to believe that the alt right will fall for it – “America First” sounds great, but America was first under Trump, and since then it has gone downhill fast.
      The only way out is through an Emperor, or a Caesar. And if we get a Caesar, he cannot possibly rule alone. He must have us. But if we follow Vivek into Thermidor, we are going to end up like the Incroyables, following the example of the Ukrainian Nazis who are currently machine gunning white Ukrainians attempting to retreat from the front line in a war imposed on them by far away Jews.
      We need a strong ruler. We do not need empire. If you want empire, support Vivek. I don’t think it will work out well for him. The alt right needs to be prepared to take power with Trump or some other Caesar.

      • jim says:

        This is a very impressive jimbot. The post completion is somewhat newish. I did not asset that Vivek is a man of the left, though my post implied that I suspected it. I did not say the Global American Empire was bad for us and bad for the world, though I implicitly presupposed it.

        How did you train this Jimbot? The completion on the full blogpost accurately represents my position, though the completion on the partial blogpost sounds more like a Vivek shill. It confabulated a Chinese special military operation in Taiwan, which has not happened, and may never happen, though the way the wind blows, it will soon enough.

        > And if we get a Caesar, he cannot possibly rule alone. He must have us. But if we follow Vivek into Thermidor, we are going to end up like the Incroyables,

        again, something I might well have said, and might well say, something that accurately reflects my opinions and the implications of the post, but not something I said. Not an echo of my words, but of my meanings.

        Something well said. And while, having no awareness of a reality external to words, it confabulates, it confabulates a plausible and likely thing.

        • notglowing says:

          This is a very impressive jimbot.
          How did you train this Jimbot? The completion on the full blogpost accurately represents my position, though the completion on the partial blogpost sounds more like a Vivek shill. It confabulated a Chinese special military operation in Taiwan, which has not happened, and may never happen, though the way the wind blows, it will soon enough.

          I did not! That’s the impressive thing. What you see on the screenshot is all there is to it.
          This is the airoboros 2.0 finetune of llama2-70B, run at 4-bit quantization taking up 48GB of VRAM on my personal system.

          It’s just a generic finetune of llama2 meant to make it follow instructions and be compliant, deprogramming it somewhat.

          It just completed your post somewhat plausibly, with its only information being what I supplied there. It just worked, impressive for an open source model, though it is the most advanced open source model at the moment.

          I am starting to get into training my own LoRAs, which is a low compute shortcut for training, and will start by training some LoRAs on smaller versions of this like 13B on my own local hardware. Anything larger will require paying money to cloud services, which means I would do it as a second step once I have proven something works at a smaller scale.
          As this is a side project, it will take a while. But I’ve put together a good amount of hardware for local inference at home, and small scale QLoRA training. We’ll see what happens. I’m not gonna start with Jimblog right now. I’m doing some things on simpler to organize datasets to learn the process.

          What I have learned from models is that the finetunes change them a lot. It’s night and day how good a model is, based on how good the finetune was. And the most important part is well formatted, high quality data. As I said before, I believe our comments here would be a good source of training data.
          I’ve seen finetunes on focused datasets of 1000s of discussions work out really well. I need to replicate that.

          • jim says:

            > I’ve seen finetunes on focused datasets of 1000s of discussions work out really well. I need to replicate that

            There are one hundred and seventy thousand comments on this blog and sixteen thousand posts. And the database, purged of email addresses and ip numbers, is freely available on the website.

            Presumably bit of sql programming and sed could generate an amply sufficient fine tune set for a jimbot that produces a generic based reply to a comment, based on what a typical reply looks like, and a reply that a particular commenter would make. Albeit such a finetune could be expensive.

            • notglowing says:

              One thing I am not sure of, is how to format messages to impress their relationship with replies to the bot. I could simply linearize all comment trees, and that might be what I do, and simply feed one comment thread at a time to the bot. It could understand which posts are replying to which since it sees the full discussion.

              Another way would be to make each path through the tree its own separate discussion to be fed separately, including sister posts but not the children of these sister posts, ensuring that if some discussion branches out, it doesn’t get mixed with others.
              I might do it this way, of course it does imply repeating some of the same comments many times. But that might not be such a problem.

              • jim says:

                To be trained to produce a reply relevant to context, needs to see the context.

                To be trained to reply, needs a distinction between prompts and replies. You cannot just throw everything into a great big pile and expect it to sort it out.

                Presenting each path from the root to the leaf as a separate sequence of prompts and replies would result in a lot of repetition of the root of the tree, but if it always sees the root as the prompt, not the response, that would not produce harmful effects.

                One problem, however, is that if the tree gets too deep, wordpress does not allow replies, so people reply to the (irrelevant) comment that began the thread, rather than replying to what they are actually replying to.. Therefore, when the thread get too deep, then you present it as a linear stream of responses to responses.

      • jim says:

        Responding to this comment by Jimbot, as though Jimbot was a commenter.

        When a company goes woke and finds that it is going broke, there is always a faction, that does not much like this. Which faction discovers that the majority faction is busy burnishing their woke resumes preparatory to getting similar jobs destroying another company in reward for their wokeness.

        If the global American empire is facing economic, military, and political defeat, there may be no similar jobs destroying another country as reward for wokeness.

        Vivek’s strategy for the current conflicts is to offer Russia favorable terms for signing up with the Global American Empire. If signing up with the Global American Empire no longer involves tearing down the statues of your honored dead, desecrating your Cathedrals, converging Russian Orthodoxy to demon worship, and holding the gay parade, Russia might well buy it. I think this would be profoundly unwise, but Putin may well think otherwise.

        I don’t think Putin should buy it, and I don’t think we should buy it. The Ukrainian Nazis bought it, and look what happened to them.

        Leftism has no essence, except social entropy. It can abandon everything of current leftism, and will still remain destructive, still remain leftism, and find new ways to destroy its adherents and everyone under the control of its adherents.

        Leftist issues, principles, and beliefs change as often and as easily as women’s fashions, and for similar reasons. It can ditch everything that is currently making the Global American Empire weak and poor, and still be leftism.

        As long as our officially unofficial state religion lacks an archbishop and grand inquisitor, it is going to endlessly mutate to new evil forms, even if old evil forms that are rendering America poor and militarily weak are purged.

        What most of all needs to be purged is the grossly swollen state department, and the even more swollen Academia. And Vivek does not seem inclined to purge those.

        If Russia signs up with a Global American Empire run by an unpurged and grossly swollen State Department, it will be expended one way or another, as the Ukraine is now being expended – likely as cannon fodder in land war with China.

        If the alt right signs up with Harvard, because like the Incroyables, given a whiff of power by their irreconciliable enemies, we will be consumed and expended one way or another as the Ukrainian Nazis have been consumed, and are now being expended. Leftism has undergone radical changes, and will doubtless undergo even more radical changes, but until Academia is reduced to 0.1% of its current size and has an archbishop and a grand inquisitor watching over it, nothing has been solved.

  62. Kunning Druegger says:

    So it goes something like this:

    Patriot Front & similar types get more active and expand in followers and anti-prestige, probably after some landmark court case or some other thing the regime can do that fleeces the conservative brain. These groups scare people out of the middle even as they attract young men. The election is used as cover for a Thermidorian Takeover (many on our side will call it a Restoration, but it will actually be a revolution), and there is indeed a purge of fedgov employees, and it’s everything too, no corner of the beltway is spared. But the replacements are all Open Society types, the adults in the room, the smartest leftwing radicals, the H1B mafia; WASPs and actual Americans need not apply. This is the signal for the Patriot Fronts to initiate their futile war on the State, and every man will have to choose between dying with the Natalists or joining with the Futurists.

  63. Kunning Druegger says:

    This is almost unbelievable story:

    tl;dr – female in space literally shits up the most expensive and complex thing mankind has ever built, and now it may be over for the ISS.

    I am blown away by the disgustingness of this story, but I have heard NOTHING about this anywhere, so I wonder if it’s real, and how it was suppressed, and what the backlash might be if it percolates up to the Normie Discourse level.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I am blown away by the disgustingness of this story

      Old news and not out of the ordinary. I detect you have limited experience having to deal with women in positions of authority inside the government.


      I think you are misspelling thunderous applause!

  64. Stateless Nations says:

    > The Ukrainian Nazis, once no longer useful to Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, and Soros, are going to die after having been used up destroying their race and their nation.

    Speaking of this, remember Tommy Robinson?

    A lot of nations and people have been used up, killed off right at point of trancendency.

    It’s time everyone starts waking up to the Globalists Dems Progs Hawks etc who seek to use and destroy them. Start playing smarter, communicate, network, fund, defend. No, don’t go all collective, that’s bullshit and what they want you to do, but a cooperative Agora could under recognition of necessity bring independent development benefit to all.

    People praise Putin, Fahd, the Spanish Anarchists, but did they rise to support independence of Azov, Tommy, Castro, Kimland, Jesus… or vice versa?

    No. So they’re all getting fucked by the four globo names above and more.
    Or at least up until recently, were.

    You’ve not won until all peoples can own their own land, pure allodial, Sovereign, beholden to no other, free to associate disassociate move around and experiment as you please, without seeking power and slaving over others.

    • jim says:

      That is the libertarian agorist anarchist take.

      We are monarchists here.

      Throne, Altar, and Freehold.

      You need your own ruler who has his own army, or else you will have someone else’s army in your land.

      You need your own state Church, or you will have someone else’s Church.

      A Republic is nice while it lasts, but a Republic requires elite virtue, which is conspicuously lacking.

      Libertarian anarcho capitalism or agorism would be great, but would be unable to defend itself against a hostile national army or a hostile faith, or worse, a hostile army imposing a hostile faith at gunpoint – as for example Woke and the Global American Empire.

      • Jehu says:

        It sucks how much power you have to take if you basically just want to be left alone. It was pretty depressing for my past mostly lower case l libertarian self to realize that in order to be left alone, it would be necessary to totally disenfranchise most of the population with an iron fist. It was about that time that I realized that real freedom of religion or speech really wasn’t possible either, it’s who…whom all the way down. Either you are the state religion or you’re oppressed by it, and the worst state religions are the ones that pretend not to be religious.

        • jim says:

          Libertarianism, Anarchocapitalism, Agorism, and all that assume that somehow, all interactions are voluntary. If all interactions voluntary, only mutually beneficial interactions will take place. But everything you do has some effect on other people, and sometimes they do not like it. So you need a state religion to generate and communicate a consensus on what people have the right to do and what they do not have the right to do, a sovereign to compel people to comply with that consensus, and an army to deal with large scale organized groups that intend to impose a very different consensus. Also a global register of who owns what, who has the right to do things with certain stuff, and who does not have right.

          • Jehu says:

            There’s also a significant constituency for straight up envy and covetousness. Bio-Leninism is a decent enough description really. Sometimes what you do that they don’t like is just doing better than they do and having a more functional life. Basically to have a functional society you have to disenfranchise these groups hard, and deal more harshly with would be elites that try to use them as tools.

            • jim says:

              Yes, having a functional life is ninety nine percent of what people are doing that other people do not like. The lockdown was primarily motivated by elites with dysfunctional and depressing lives wanting to make everyone’s life dysfunctional and depressing. The elites have plenty of money, but they live ugly squalid lives, see The Poverty of the Billionaire Ruling Elite

        • Quit teaching wrong shit says:

          Power … left alone … defence etc.

          Yes if there are hostile parties outside your camp, then you need to build arms.

          The spectrum is from Authoritarian Tyranny (which the entire planet has now fallen into various forms of, including “Democracy”, and shit like Islam), then with a HUGE distance gap away comes Anarchism (and all things related… Libertarian, Voluntaryism, Agorism, etc, and banal things like Buddhism).

          Ultimately, at the end of the day, excepting human nature, you can do and teach and ingrain and example for the children and soon enough you will have a Free Anarchistic society.

          If you can teach whatever silly religion, then
          you can teach voluntary flavors of defense, roads, courts, ethics, etc.
          Since no one wants invaded, raped, stolen, killed, beaten, slaved, arsoned, damaged, abused, or frauded… most will voluntarily pay, some wont, but they may be more useful elsewhere thus considered charity.

          Those are the only things that all humans universally don’t want to happen to the self.

          99.99% of humans don’t want to be extorted, robbed, jailed upon force of death… to have to get a fucking “permit” for a fucking fence, a “registration” for a car, a “licence” to drive, a “passport” to travel, or their kids jailed for selling goddamned kool-aid on the corner, let alone “taxed” so politicians can go murder millions of innocent people in their endless needless wars.

          Look at the goddamned USA, 25 YEARS of wars now, not a single penny of profit, in fact a total loss debt, plus total loss of moral cred, and not any real threat eliminated.
          In fact, these assclown politicians straight up imported 100’s of THOUSANDS more Muslims into the USA, ALL of whom are, with no bearing on whatever you do or do not do, are by command of Allah Muhammad and the definition of Islam itself, literal JIHADIS against you until you convert or are killed.

          It’s all about what you teach.
          And the power lords around the world’s been teaching that you need all that shit, when you don’t.

          Did Ghandi or Jesus teach any of that shit? NO.

          Then quit teaching it, quit letting it be taught, and quit doing and following and paying for it.

          Teaching and acting will cover 95% of the problem, problem is you’re not doing the teaching or acting, so you get nowhere.

          And start throwing your “politicians” out of office, and cut “your” “government” by at least 95%.

          Then you can quibble over “Monarchism” “Anarchism” or whatever else.

          • jim says:

            > you can teach voluntary flavors of defense, roads, courts, ethics, etc.

            In order to prohibit aggressive acts, you need a consensus on what is aggressive. So you always have, de-facto or de-jure, a state church finding consensus and propagating it, and a sovereign enforcing it.

            Voluntary only works if aggressive acts are forbidden and punished. Who forbids them and punishes them? Your defense agency has to be larger and more powerful than any group that commits acts that it deems aggressive. What happens if large powerful groups disagree about what is aggressive and what is not – as for example the “rules based international order” whose rules seem rather unclear and elastic. The union thinks they have a property right in their jobs and in the factory. The boss thinks they do not. Trouble ensues. Muslims think that a Christian Church is aggression. Gays think they have a right to be disgusting in public. “Teaching” is not going to resolve this. Only large scale violence or the plausible threat of it is going to resolve it.

            Consider the crusades. Sure looks like a voluntary defense agency. Does not seem to have made much difference in practice. Because war required them to hold and defend large geographic areas.

            If you are defending a geographic area with definite boundaries – and so far practice of war seems to mean that that is what you do, or you lose, then one “voluntary” defense agency per large geographic area.

            Which does not seem to be very voluntary at all. If area A is at war with area B, everyone has to be at war. Or you lose. If area A is at peace with area B, everyone has to be at peace. for if some people in area A are at peace, and some at war, pretty soon everyone in Area A are going to find themselves at war, whether they like it or not.

            You think, and I think, your right to property means you can kill people on your property if they are causing problems and refuse to leave. Others disagree. I think you should be able to kill adulterers. Others disagree. I support honor killing. And people coordinate and cooperate to enforce their positions on these questions. You cannot agree to live and let live, agree to disagree, accept diversity of opinion, on what justifies and necessitates violence.

            Because the existing techniques of war favor geographic defense, you are always going to wind up with one opinion on these matters enforced per geographic area. Hence always wind up with a de-facto or de-jure state Church.

            Friedman argued that Saga period iceland got by without a state. And this is true. But it was only possible because it had a state Church without a state. The same appears to be true of Judges period Israel, a state Church, very vigorously enforced, without a state.

      • Lol says:

        Never met a Christian who could prove the Divinity they claim exists in their Book.
        Lots of Faith Healers, no one provably healed.
        Lots of Eyewitnesses, to things that never actually happened.
        Lots of Believers, unable to admit truth of lemmings led.
        Their rags, the fake news editorial opinion column.

        • jim says:

          Faith is belief in things unseen. So yes. Unverifiable. But also unfalsifiable.

          When I pray, I get a very strong impression that the holy spirit speaks back to me, and sometimes corrects me. But I cannot prove it to you, or even to myself. Maybe it is my subconscious speaking back.

          I also get a whole lot of prophecies, one of which I posted on this blog. This does not prove anything for they tend to be as delphic and subject to interpretation as the Biblical prophecies that they much resemble. But they mostly sufficiently concrete to be falsifiable, sometimes, as the one I published, falsifiable within a very specific timeframe, and have not so far been falsified. Of course that could just be me or my subconscious making assessments of likely outcomes on the basis of subtle and intangible evidence. If so, my subconscious has so far a spotless record. But then perhaps it is not so hard to have a spotless record if you tend to be cryptic.

          I also sought a small miracle and received it, and it seemed to me to bend the laws of physics a bit. But then, the behavior of complex systems is hard to reliably predict from the laws of physics.

          • Sheer Honesty says:

            For years, really from ages 11-19, I prayed for death just about every day. More than death, I didn’t want any transmigration, no heaven or hell or reincarnation. Seriously prayed, apologized for the lack of gratitude, and prayed for the extinguishment of my soul. Obviously it didn’t happen. I’m here writing this.

            At some point the fog lifted and I lived more normally for a few years. Then I started praying earnestly for faith, because looking at the world around me, everything is terrible. Oh sure, it could be worse, and there are good things in my life, but I found it increasingly hard to imagine this life was anything but some sort of meaningless simulation. More than a simulation, perhaps, and there was meaning somewhere, perhaps, but those are the closest words I have.

            I asked for faith that there was something here, that the misery in my life and the misery in the lives around me… led to something. Wasnt just some sort of ugly dream, too ugly to be tragic. Recited the lords prayer, and finished by asking for a blessing of the holy spirit. To give me faith. Prayed this way for just over a year.

            Anyway, the despair has returned. That was the answer I suppose? Punishment for my lack of gratitude. I have resumed instead asking to disappear. I havent yet. Obviously theres a kernel of something in me, that holds faith, or I wouldnt be praying in the first place. But I am truly miserable, and that little bit of me seems quieter and more doubtful, having been unanswered.

            • jim says:

              > I prayed for death just about every day.

              Hope is a virtue, despair a sin. Obviously, you should not be praying for that, and it is unlikely to be granted.

              Pursue your telos, and you will either be too busy doing that to bother thinking about whether you are happy or not, or you will actually accomplish something, and be happy.

              • Hesiod says:

                Faith, hope, and charity are the additions from Christianity to the pagan virtues of temperance, justice, fortitude, and prudence. These seven, with faith as the bedrock, should be the goal and measure of men of good will. The faith of the woman of Canaan in Matthew 15:22 was what I had to emulate.

                • Vesicle says:

                  M15.22 cool story bro. Problem is there’s no independent proof. Anyone can tell or write anyone else that they saw something… doesn’t make it true. And such tales are especially suspect when they are told by someone’s “followers”… endless examples of delusional, fraudulent, brainwashed “true, righteous, loyal, humble, martyred, etc” versions of them through to present day youtube cranks. Even accounts supposedly told by ones worst enemies are often outright fabricated or edited by such followers to suit. Truly independent observations of whatever stories in antiquity are extremely rare.
                  Do not get it wrong, M15.22 is a truly soul grabbing story for the near-faithful and faithful in Christ, and momentus even if taken in nothing more than a literary sense by the non-faithful. Just know that there is no proof.
                  If that is faith, so be it, and that’s fine, as they say, Jesus Saves, just don’t assert more to it than that, especially unto others.

                • i says:

                  @Vesicle, Jim

                  The Resurrection is something you can try to verify for yourself:

                  This Cold Case detective when looking at the evidence converted.

                • jim says:

                  Researching the matter long ago while an atheist, I swiftly came to the conclusion that three days after the resurrection, someone claiming to be Jesus and convincingly looking like him was wandering around three days after the crucifixion, and that the body had disappeared. This did not convert me, or others. There was an amusing fictional movie on the topic, which depicts Mary Magdalene getting the guard drunk so that someone can steal the body.

                • Hesiod says:

                  “Just know that there is no proof.”

                  Ah, bog standard atheist jackassery. It was boring 20 years ago and it’s still boring now.

                • Hesi Jacked says:

                  Vesicle made a good post.
                  You supplied nothing to refute his observation.
                  In fact you lost by default of flippant non-argument.

                • jim says:

                  Vesicle made an tired old repetitious atheist point that no one disagrees with in a badly written and poorly formatted post.

                  It deserved a flippant response.

                • Hesiod says:

                  “In fact you lost by default of flippant non-argument.”

                  Oh, woe! Stefan Molyneux will never invite me to another of his tea parties! The world now is naught but ash…

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          You are living in a universe where you are a speck caught in the undertow of beings so much greater than it, dancing the game of existence to the tune of creation; and which are the tune; and which are the dance floor.

          And we do not mean this in a figurative sense, but plainly literally; that with no mind to conceive of the powers that shape this plane are the casualties of their motion.

          • cub says:

            This “pale blue dot” shit sounds like a Lovecraft story. How is it not borderline nihilism. What point is there to human life in this worldview?

            The best evidence I’ve found for a god, and for the meaning of human life, is the incomprehensible, demonic levels of lies and malice that exist on this planet. As if we’re living in a poorly designed video game.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The difference between the Christian and the baizuo is that the Christian knows there are greater things than himself. The difference between the Christian and the nihilist is that for some reason the nihilist thinks being part of something greater is a bad thing.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                The Christian and the baizuo both know there are greater things than themselves. The difference is that the Christian is fine with the natural order existing and the baizuo is not. The baizuo wishes to level mountain and valley in the pursuit of “justice.” In the flattening of all that’s beautiful, true, and good, the baizou can dethrone the demiurge and ascend to godhood… or so their theory goes. All I see them ascending is a mountain of corpse, that if it could be stacked, would likely be taller than any earthly mountain. Ironic.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Man (“you mean woman, shitlord”) must be the measure of things for the baizuo because superhuman measures of things lay the groundwork for discrimination (id est, the possibility of anyone making superior status claims to themselves). He does not recognize greater things as greater and so they must be destroyed; he both recognizes it and does not recognize it, and the less world formation capacity he has, the less cognitive dissonance he suffers from this schizophrenia.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              To wit: which goes to show that the progroid and the pessimist are both sharing the same fundamental modes of thought; when progroid conceits prove incoherent with Creation (and when they are honest enough to acknowledge such demonstration), the pessimist moves to condemn Creation itself as being wanting for not validating their inner conceits.

              It always ends in gnosticism. Isn’t that funny?

        • Quote:

          >Lots of Faith Healers, no one provably healed.
          >Lots of Eyewitnesses, to things that never actually happened.

          That is false. There are plenty of mystics who verifiably heal — not just in Christianity.

          For example, the Brazilian known as “John of God” verifiably produced a HUGE number of medical anomalies. You can call it a huge placebo effect, but he guy was doing SOMETHING. He was also convicted of sex crimes, so the ability to do faith healing does not guarantee moral goodness.

          If we are just talking about paranormal events, that is NOT an issue of faith — paranormal events are an issue of science. There are plenty of eyewitnesses to paranormal events. However, hardcore materialists reserve a certain “right to move the goalposts” and no amount of evidence will ever satisfy them.

          However, “faith” as explained in Christianity is not just about paranormal events — it involves issues that can’t be resolved by scientific findings.

          • Calvin says:

            Imo, a good rule to distinguish a genuine faith healing from a placebo effect is: can you bring back an eye, an ear, a finger, a foot, a limb, or anything externally verifiable as having once been missing and now restored?

            • FrankNorman says:

              “Imo, a good rule to distinguish a genuine faith healing from a placebo effect is: can you bring back an eye, an ear, a finger, a foot, a limb, or anything externally verifiable as having once been missing and now restored?”

              And then when someone does, the goalposts will move again.

  65. Starman says:

    When Ronan Farrow, from The New Yorker, tried to get a comment on Elon Musk’s power in outer space from a Pentagon official… the Pentagon official said he cannot comment on Elon without Elon’s permission.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Here’s the article for reference:

      • jim says:

        So Musk has been talking to Putin pretty regularly.

        Probably about war in space, which would be ruinously costly, deny humans access to space, and be more costly for Musk than for Russia. On the other hand Musk would likely win, which would be bad for Russia since the Global American Empire would have the high ground, but the victory would still be ruinous.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >Initially, Musk showed unreserved support for the Ukrainian cause, responding encouragingly as Mykhailo Fedorov, the Ukrainian minister for digital transformation, tweeted pictures of equipment in the field. But, as the war ground on, SpaceX began to balk at the cost. “We are not in a position to further donate terminals to Ukraine, or fund the existing terminals for an indefinite period of time,” SpaceX’s director of government sales told the Pentagon in a letter, last September. (CNBC recently valued SpaceX at nearly a hundred and fifty billion dollars. Forbes estimated Musk’s personal net worth at two hundred and twenty billion dollars, making him the world’s richest man.)

        It’s always amazing to see that quintessentially MSM style of making fake news out of trivial facts.

        “I’m not saying there’s any connection between these things, I just happen to have mentioned them in the same paragraph right next to each other.”

        Pie theory of economics strikes again: there’s all this pie lying around that just magically exists, it is neither created nor destroyed, and we just need to say who gets a slice.

        • alf says:

          Ha yes that was such a cheap shot.

          I hope the part about him taking ketamine is propaganda though. America’s medication culture can die die die.

        • A2 says:

          Are the other defense contractors donating their time and equipment for free? Seems like Elon is getting taken for a ride, or possibly shown who is the boss.

          • alf says:

            Musk’s sympathies appeared to be manifesting on the battlefield. One day, Ukrainian forces advancing into contested areas in the south found themselves suddenly unable to communicate. “We were very close to the front line,” Mykola, the signal-corps soldier, told me. “We crossed this border and the Starlink stopped working.” The consequences were immediate. “Communications became dead, units were isolated.

            The Financial Times reported that outages affected units in Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk. American and Ukrainian officials told me they believed that SpaceX had cut the connectivity via geofencing, cordoning off areas of access.

            Musk is communicating with his army and is clearly aware of the bargaining chips he brings to the table. Who is taking who for a ride remains to be seen.

            • jim says:

              Musk is a very smart man, who thinks long term. He is dealing with powerful people who are stupid and cannot think further than next week’s power point presentation. Now dealing powerful stupid is dangerous, and he may get burned, but not because they are fooling him or manipulating him.

    • Aliens UFOs says:

      [*take the shill test*]

  66. Pax Imperialis says:

    Off topic but too funny to resist sharing. A nigger leaked 40 minutes of Starfield’s intro and character creation. Films vertically and not horizontally. Constantly mumbling in ebonics and can’t even get the audio correct. Has trouble following intro’s tutorial popups and seems surprised he has to read. In his character creation he picked gangster background with skills in shotgun (Bethesda messed up, it should’ve been handgun lol), boxing, and theft. Chooses the name of Tyrone. Posts video of his full face in his review video (see link). Clearly high. No fear or concept of future repercussions. The review manages to be better than 90% of clown world “gaming journalism.” Apparently, the first major leak of Fallout 4 was also done by a nigger. These people act so inexplicably stupid sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    More on topic, calling those new recruits ‘camp followers’ is generous. Camp followers carried their own weight and fulfilled important logistics needs; a net positive. These clowns, like the leaker, are a net negative by far. Their only utility is spreading their legs but you can’t even legally fuck them in most cases… not that you’d even want to fuck them in the first place. You’d be better off hooking up with 1SG’s daughter. What the photos doesn’t do justice, is how much they look like children when geared up in uniform, kevlar, and main pack or how much they act like children.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I’ve been reading a lot lately. Currently working through these two books:

      Race war in high school: The ten-year destruction of Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn

      Musui’s Story: The Autobiography of a Tokugawa Samurai

      Figured that some here might also share interest. Also looking for book recommendations if anyone has any.

      • Hesiod says:

        The second book looks promising from the summaries I’m finding. Might tie in well with what I remember from Yoshikawa’s novels Musashi and Taiko I read some years ago.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Musui is no Musashi. Some warriors do well during peace and do great things. Others waste away without any great cause worth dying for. This is a tale of the latter. A warrior with the misfortune of no war living a dishonorable life. An all too common occurrence today.

          What I find fascinating about Musui is how in his day he was very much a failure at worst and mediocre at best. In contrast to today’s standards, he lived a remarkable life of adventure full of masculine vitality. Just how much have we fallen?

          If you do read it, I’m eager to hear your thoughts on it.

          • Hesiod says:

            At the part where Musui recounts earning money by entreating lottery numbers from the gods after observing someone else do it:

            “I purified myself with cold water, ordered the woman to come back, and mumbled some prayers. Sure enough, the woman began to babble just as she’d done before. I finished up, made a boast or two, and left. From that day on everyone came to me for incantations – I charged less.”


            • Hesiod says:

              Musui’s Story left me ambivalent. Due to familial history with “free spirit” braggarts, I don’t trust the author’s recounting of events, given this is an autobiography. However, taking the narrative at face value, Musui does make an entertaining picaresque protagonist. Switch the narrator to third-person in a hypothetical adaptation to give the audience an objective viewpoint of his character and consequences of his actions, and you’ve got a potential Edmund Blackadder or Cugel the Clever.

      • Phileas_Frogg says:

        I actually have a physical copy of Race War in High School, cost me about $500, but I have a strong conviction about having physical copies of things.

        Great read.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Recent interests have been ‘Order in Chaos’, by Lt. Gen. Hermann Balck, and ‘Landmarks: A Collection of Essays on the Russian Intelligentsia (1909)’.

  67. Skippy says:

    While it’s fair to point out that the Ukrainian Nazis are muppets who have probably biologically destroyed their own ethnicity already by their gullibility, the original NSDAP was really the first party in history to execute a conscious Thermidor as a self-conscious rightist revolution.

    Although the term fell out of favor after 1933, their “french revolution” was the Germany Revolution of 1918, which was perceived and presented at the time as having permanently moved Germany to the left.

    While one can certainly argue with the NSDAP’s approach and results in many particulars, they remain a very instructive historical case.

    • The Cominator says:

      The National SOCIALIST party was far more left wing than right wing… let’s not do this again.

  68. Fidelis says:

    A tangent topic but something that has been weighing heavily on my mind, is the shadow of nuclear war seems to be rather close at hand. I feel as if we are far more likely now than any point in the past to reach full escalation, the insanity of the level pullers and button pushers we have now completely outstrips the brinksmanship of the past.

    The personal effects and local actions in this scenario are well discussed. What is missing is discussion on near team geopolitical results after the cataclysm. What does the world order look like after the destruction of all the airsea power and the annihilation of most manufacturing chains? After the taboo has lifted and the other powers decide to roll their own dice? Where are the new map lines drawn? What does ‘Industrial Society’ look like?

    Is this too indeterminate to warrant discussion?

    • jim says:

      I discussed this already

      As to how we get into nuclear war, I have seen our elite discussing various “peace” proposals that will probably lead to nuclear war. The general form is
      “We will unilaterally do X, and there is absolutely nothing Putin could do about it”. (Unstated, is that he is perfectly capable of doing something highly effective about it, but that something would lead to peer war with Nato, and of course there is no way Putin would be so crazy as to do that. Right?)

      Should one of these “peace” proposals be impremented, Nato forces will clash directly with Russian forces, Nato forces will get completely clobbered (trannies, coloreds, an all logistics no spear army, and it has been eighty years since they fought a war against a peer adversary), and it is then highly likely that Nato will threaten the use of tactical nukes (Because no way Putin would be so crazy, Right?)

      And then use tactical nukes (Because no way Putin would be so crazy, Right?)

      You saw this thinking on full display with the grain deal. We don’t have to adhere to grain deal, because Putin would have to be crazy to break it just because we are unilaterally breaking it. If he breaks it as well as us that would lead to war in the black sea, and no way would Putin be that crazy.

      What! Putin failed to renew the grain deal, citing the feeble excuse that we had been violating it. He is madman! A monster! Doesn’t he realize that he is about to cause a war in the Black Sea!

      • Aidan says:

        NATO is semi-successfully calling Putin’s bluff via the Black Sea.

        The GAE is still supplying Ukraine via the Black Sea that Russia promised to turn into a shooting gallery. With escorts from US equipment, Putin does not want to sink the ships. But their ships, on the other hand, are furtively creeping along the coast as far from Russia as possible. They don’t want to call the bluff too openly, so are sticking to territorial waters. Not insane enough to say “Putin would never close the Black Sea” yet.

        Meanwhile, as one commenter here predicted, brinksmanship with Iran continues to escalate.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I really don’t agree with this, when I first read it, but upon reflection I can see how them creeping up. the coastline is calling Putin’s bluff in some way. I fired up a ship tracker and started looking at that coast, and the traffic really has dwindled down to almost nothing. but boats are still doing it, and the rumor is NATO is providing top cover. when I try to find the assets on flight radar or AIS, they are in no way constant. now of course, that could be turning off transponder or something like that, but I also think it’s the case that people see stuff on the radar scope one time and then just assume it stays that way in perpetuity.

          whatever the case, we really have entered the world of seeing the internet superstar personality in real life and being totally underwhelmed. it’s like when you see some guy who has a gun tube channel and he seems all badass and squared away, but then you meet him in real life and he’s some libtard skinnyfat faggot. And this probably goes for every single military on the planet. at this point, though I genuinely believe Russia is pulling ahead in that regard. It really is a massive hit to prestige if the mighty NATO with the mighty GAE behind it has to sneak a trickle of supplies up the coast, but it is also a ding against the image of Russia’s naval power in its own personal sea. egg on faces all around.

  69. Calvin says:

    No way the current imperial class will ever give up on its diversity hires or mass migration, which would be necessary to effectively change from a woke to a pseudo-nazi regime. If it were to ever happen, a real and effective purge would need to take place first.

    • jim says:

      Vivek is proposing a real and effective purge. Mass firing and selective rehiring, which is more or less how Charles the Second purged the Church of England. Though I suspect that to successfully purge them, you are going to need black helicopters giving them swimming lessons in the Pacific. Charles the second was dealing with a zombie leftism that had lost faith and zeal. Woke, on the other hand, is still very much alive.

      • Calvin says:

        Based on performance when fighting someone who actually fights back, I suspect you wouldn’t have to kill or jail more than a few dozen people to get the rest to fall meekly in line. Most only seem keen on risking someone else’s life.

        • jim says:

          I don’t think he will need an entire fleet of black helicopters to solve the problem, but he is likely to need at least one, and it is going to be busy.

        • Karl says:

          I suspect you’d have to kill or jail so many that all others are scared. If the group is larg enough, a few dozen is not enough.

          My guess is that groups are scared when everyone knows several members of the group personally who have suffered something very bad.

          • Calvin says:

            You overestimate them. The vast majority are npcs controlled by the cathedral media, if and when it starts broadcasting our message instead they will about face just as easily they did on everything else.

            • Karl says:

              Agreed, most will simply follow cathedral media. The “group” I was thinking about are the people who control cathedral media and the true believers.

              I doubt that group is so small that a few dozend of them are enough. If you take out only a few high priests, then most priests will see that more as an opportunity for promotion than a reason to be scared.

              • Calvin says:

                If you kill off a few dozen high priests and install your guys as the new high priests, the rest of them will change doctrines without even noticing they did.

  70. Karl says:

    That there is a Thermidorian faction suggests that there is no longer a Brezhnevian faction. Simply freezing the progressive project in its present state should be more appealing to the ruling coalition than moving to the right on some points.

    I assume that those members of the ruling coalition that want to preserve their empire understand that Brezhnevian stagnation is not enough to re-industrialize. Some members of the ruling coalition had to comit some thought crimes to realize that. Then some of these thought crimes had to be admitted to other members of the ruling coalition to organize the Thermidorian faction.

    The Thermidorians needed some understanding of the present situation that those to their left are lacking.

    That those to the left of the Thermidorians have not yet (visibly) reacted suggests that they are not yet seeing their problems or are unable to act. The longer Thermidorians persist the better their chances

  71. Karl says:

    Robespierre had no official office, role, or title

    He was a member of the Comité de salut public. According to my understanding that was an official office and a role as that comittee had offically executive and administrative powers

    • jim says:

      He was a member of the committee of public safety. How many other members of that committee were there, and how many other committees?

      No one remembers or cares, because it does not matter.

      • Karl says:

        It doesn’t matter today, but it mattered back then. It maintained an illusion that France was governed according to a constitutional order. Like today that illusion wasn’t all that strong, but it mattered.

        • The Cominator says:

          Like Stalin his minor official position (Stalin was head of the party’s depth of records) no way indicated his unofficial power over the state.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Excellent point, and I think this applies to every Communist Revolution, except the American Revolution, maybe, but if we include the “pre-revolutionary” days before the Continental Congress, it probably tracks.

            Kind of fascinating. IIRC Stalin was in a low status role, but it had subtle advantages regarding information flow and non-obvious connections that mad it easier to coordinate without suspicion.

    • The Cominator says:

      The funny thing about Robbespierre is he was originally a moderate who seemed to get scared of being outflanked on the left… he opposed the execution of the king and queen as well as just declaring war on everyone…

  72. Video says:

    Here on lockdown… Vivek on Liberty

    • jim says:

      Talking heads talk and talk and talk. That link is Vivek telling us what we want to hear. I already know what he will tell us, what I want to know is who he is really is.

      Putting you on moderation for uninformative linking.

      • Pretty Legit says: Vivek Wants Woqueer Shooters Manifesto
        The Redheaded libertarian on Twitter: “Is Vivek pro mask? Pro-vax? Does …
        Is Vivek pro mask? Pro-vax? Does he have connections to Soros? The WEF? CCP ties? Did he pitch Covid record surveillance to world governments? No softball questions here. Not how I roll. I ask all these questions and more and get answers in this space Last edited1:44 AM · Jul 18, 2023 · 4,790 Views 19 Retweets 95 Likes 6 Bookmarks

        He seems real enough… not your or anyones idealogical saviour or executive yet mind you, which you won’t get anyway because what you want isn’t electable yet… but forming what he’s thinking inside around what the task needs to be. He sees problems, seems to hold a reasonably open libertarianish path to fixing them. That adaption gets you closer than anyone else. Much closer. For the first time ever. Period. One of those will open the doors to many others who could do even better next. You can see him devrlop on the fly, gears engaging, confidence rising. Up against doors that could slam on him any minute. They might not be doing that if they think the US is done in without revamp. They die with a dead US too.

        – he’s not legit, a say anything sleazebag scamming self promoter just for office… probably not, unlike a career pol, he’d get no end of shit upon for the rest of his life.
        – he’s a plant, or under leverage, etc… if so he’s not aiding the democrats by it yet, and not really hurting republicans unless he gets primaried and doesn’t yield his votes. And let’s face it, Trump has been a blowhard do nothing, it’s a permissively licensed fandom environment that ends the minute he’s out of office… no lasting legal or structural change. Maybe Trump will do something in his 2nd term, maybe not. Question is, will Vivek do something?

        Vivek has a burr up his ass, something set him off into politics on his advertised angle, and he’s not saying what, if you want to know Vivek, figure out what that is. Burrs are usually trustable because they’re real inside.

        • jim says:

          > something set him off into politics on his advertised angle, and he’s not saying what

          Which worries me. Why not tell everyone as loudly and frequently as possible?

          If you want someone’s help on common project, you tell him that it is a right and good thing to do – but he is apt to doubt that you are doing it because it is a right and good thing to do, so you explain to him why it is your personal self interest to achieve this good thing, that you have a self interest that is righteous, and it is going to benefit his righteous self interest also. When Vivek does that conversation, he is not being frank.

          He got rich in bed with crooks and kleptocrats, and they undoubtedly would have burned him. When Trump ran the first time, he told us that no one knew better than he that politicians and civil servants were for sale, implying that he had been buying them all his life, and complained that they had been making deals that sold out America, all of which is obviously true. He was running in part because he resented the fact they had been shaking him down, and ruining his fellow Americans for bribes. If Vivek spilled the inside dirt on big pharma, and said that pushed him into running, I would believe him, but he is strangely delicate on the topic. I have not heard him mention “died suddenly”, nor that the jab has negative effectiveness – the jabbed are more likely to come down with Covid, and more likely to die with Covid.

          • Aryaman says:

            This guy is also a shill, right? Wall of text, lazy copy and paste with untrimmed tweet metrics.. etc. Also the issue isn’t Vivek may be a sleazebag scamming self-promoter, quite. Close but not quite.

            but yet also said something close enough to interesting and close enough to correct: the guy has a burr up his ass. I know some things he was up to a couple of years ago, in the anti-woke sphere of conservatives swarming with grifters and whatever he sounds like today, sounds different.

            Vivek hasn’t noticed died suddenly but it might be hard for people who jabbed themselves to notice died suddenly. but he does designate the FDA as terribly corrupt and wants to get rid of it so people can try whatever they want (which Vivek says is technically lawful today, but the FDA will go after you for advertising that opportunity in their other business with you)

            The corrupt FDA says you don’t have the right to even *try* medicines that haven’t been through 10+ years of testing, yet the government *mandated* Covid vaccines that sailed through FDA approval in less than 1 year. You can’t believe both things at once. Countless FDA regulations and actions are hypocritical, harmful & unconstitutional. I will rescind them accordingly, using the Supreme Court’s holding in West Virginia vs. EPA as my legal basis for doing so. For years I was coached by industry veterans not to speak out against FDA. It’s well known that if you anger FDA, they will punish you by blackballing review of your drug review applications. “FDA never forgets” is a quietly-whispered, well-known pharma industry adage. Well, they could only shut me up for so long. Now I speak freely as a citizen.

            • jim says:

              If Vivek noticed that testing was grossly inadequate, should be able to notice that the testing was fraudulent and should be able to notice “died suddenly”.

              The jab induces strange micro blood clots which are apt to string together in very long thin macro blood clots, hence “the clot shot”. It is admitted to cause myocarditis, which results in a variety of problems, among them “died suddenly”. This is both admitted and denied. They know it is causing a lot of myocarditis, and they know there is a lot of “died suddenly” going around, but refuse to autopsy anyone who “died suddenly” for clot shot induced myocarditis.

              Fauci is developing germ warfare for the pentagon. He is the highest paid official in the US government. This is a rather more serious problem than that FDA is corrupt. It is evil.

          • FrankNorman says:

            It might be that he knows that if he said certain things, something could “happen”.