Russia’s draft Agreement on Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and NATO

Russian war aims are vastly broader than the Ukraine: In December of 2021, Russia proposed an agreement on “Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”

The American reaction was shock, indignation, and genuine surprise. Surprise that Russia had the outrageous effrontery to ask for security. The proposed agreement is on its face a completely reasonable deal, just the normal boring behavior of normal states to each other, that should normally go without saying. It was just asking for everyone to act from henceforth as normal neighbors at peace act to each other. But normal neighbors are not the relationship of a hegemon to its subject states, so from the point of view of the hegemon, this was a revolutionary proposal. Subjects of the hegemon get security conditional on doing what they are told, and Russia had failed to hold a gay parade, failed to allow its Churches to be vandalized with rainbow flags, failed to allow the statues of its honored dead to be torn down.

A peace proposal implies the threat of war: What goes unsaid is: “If we cannot have security, neither can you”. And shortly thereafter, Russia gave effect to that threat by invading Ukraine.

The Ukraine does not matter that much, Turkey does not matter that much, Syria does not matter that much. Attriting the population of the Ukraine is a terrible human tragedy, and even if Russia defeats the Ukraine, everyone in Russia and the Ukraine loses. But attriting the Global American Empire’s military capability is an enormous world shaking victory, and Russia has already accomplished it. Russia has already militarily won the big prize, the prize it had its eye on from the beginning. The Global American Empire is no longer militarily capable of doing the things that had so alarmed Russia. Russia has not yet defeated the Ukraine, but it already has already inflicted an enormous defeat on the Global American Empire.

I have repeatedly said that Ukrainian reserves are near exhausted, that the counter offensive is coming to an end. Putin, however, who probably knows better than anyone, and certainly knows better than me, recently stated that they are very far from exhausted, and the analysis coming from people who have been following the war much more closely than I have is that if Ukraine turtles up now, it would likely be years before Kiev is flattened the way Bakhmut was flattened. It does not matter. It is an enormous tragedy that may well go on very a long time. Nato, unable to create shells and tanks because of worship of the Awesome might of the Gaia demon, and because Shaniqua is in charge of the tech team in order to prove that all our tech was stolen from Wakanda, may well try conscripting enormous rivers of meat and hurling them into mouths of cannon, in which case it will matter rather more, but while not much changes in the Ukraine, there has been a quiet but vast change in the world.

The west has run out of shells, and is running out of artillery systems. The US Marines have no M777 howitzers, they have all been sent to Ukraine, where most of them have been destroyed. This means that if the Ukraine turtles up for a long, long war of attrition, a whole lot more shells are going to land on Ukrainian troops than American shells on Russian troops. But, more importantly, far more importantly, it also means the US has no capacity to threaten to destroy any other nation, the way it destroyed Libya. Russia can only intervene directly on its borders, but by winning the war of logistic attrition, it has indirectly intervened everywhere in the world. It might be a stalemate in the Ukraine, but in the world as a whole, an enormous victory. Which means that the Global American Empire is now slowly and quietly coming apart at the seams. If Israel, Thailand, and Hungary take care of their color revolutions, they need not fear any consequences for so doing.

The peace faction in Global American Empire has noticed this, and wants to return to something like the Minsk accords, to allow them to deal with insubordinate subject states elsewhere in empire, but after what happened with the Minsk accords, it is not likely that Russia would be interested. Probably Russia will ask for “Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”, plus the Russian speaking areas of the Ukraine, and, most importantly Crimea. The Global American Empire is likely to find this unacceptable, but will not necessarily go to full war with Russia, for a full war would not magically materialize shells and tanks. They might just kick the can down the road, as usual. But if the can gets kicked down the road, they will be facing a dire shortage of ammo along that road.

The genocide of the Tutsi in the Congo succeeded because black native government troops in the Congo carrying out the genocide were backed by white troops operating Global American Empire artillery. Today, no Global American Empire artillery. Makes a big difference to ordinary everyday politics in far off countries no one pays any attention to. Much that was impossible and suicidal when the Global American Empire could and would send artillery and air to ground support anywhere, suddenly becomes possible. If the marines have no howitzers, then ethnic group A quarreling with ethnic group B in some far off country no one notices, knows that the disfavor of the Global American Empire is not going to result in them being genocided.

American soft power in the world is similar to BLM and Antifa within America. One faction knows that its violence is off the table, and the other faction, with American government favor, knows that its violence is on the table. If you hold an actually peaceful, but “fascist” protest, you will get beaten up and imprisoned. If you burn down Kenosha, because black lives matter, fiery but mostly peaceful protest. Now governments know that if they repress “fiery but mostly peaceful protests”, the protesters are unlikely to get artillery and air to ground support. This does not help those that the government is oppressing, but does help the government to pursue its own policies without suffering fiery but mostly peaceful color revolutionary protests.

With the death of the legacy media, and the swift disintegration of SWIFT, the soft weapons of deplatforming, cancellation, and demonetization are ceasing to be effective. When the Tutsi tried to organize to resist genocide, their organizations were deplatformed and demonetized, so they used uncut diamonds as money for international arms transactions, because diamonds can be transported through airports, which led to uncut diamonds being demonetized in the blood diamonds attack. A reprise of this operation seems considerably less likely to succeed. If a genocide against some group similar to the Tutsi in the Congo were attempted today, they would not only have no reason to fear American artillery, but the crime would be all over the alt media. They could not be cancelled and deplatformed, and they would have no big problem doing international transactions. That it would not be likely to succeed today is a tremendous blow to American soft power.

The hegemon needs to make things nice for those that go along with its power (remember the scene in life of Brian “what have the Romans ever done for us”), and very unpleasant for those that do not go along with its power. Lately the Global American Empire has been rather less successful in making things nice for those that go along with its power, and its once enormous and terrifying capability to make things very unpleasant indeed for those that do not go along with its power has been exhausted in Ukraine. When color revolution threatens Viktor Orbán, he can tell Hungarians that there will be no consequences for suppressing it, but allowing it to succeed is likely to result in them being fed into the Ukrainian meat grinder. There will be no fiery but mostly peaceful protests in Hungary, because if there were, they would be instantly crushed. Turf in the Ukraine seldom changes hands, but turf in Hungary has quietly changed hands.

People are accustomed to violence blessed by the Global American Empire being safe and fun, and violence, or even peacefully assembling for the redress of grievances that the Global American Empire disapproves of, being terribly dangerous. They have internalized this, accepted it, and take for granted as normal, normative, and expected. And the overwhelming majority still think like that. But suddenly it is not necessarily true. The vast majority of people in the world have not noticed the change, and it will take quite a while to sink in. But it has changed. Nothing dramatic will ensue immediately. It will take a long time for the new reality to percolate down and sink in. But the new reality is here, at least for governments on the periphery of empire who no longer need fear color revolution. For peoples on the periphery of empire, will take a bit longer. For people at the heart of empire, in the belly of the beast, longer still. When the Soviet empire fell, it started with people making trouble far away, and getting away with it, which led to people not so far away making trouble and getting away with it, and eventually Moscow itself fell.

The current proxy war is not only taking place in Ukraine, but also on a much smaller and quieter scale, in Syria. Between the two theaters is Turkey, which is doing a balancing act between Russia and Nato. A major strategic objective of Nato is to recover the Crimea, so that it can isolate Turkey from Russia, and then bring Turkey to heel. Russia needs Turkey for warm water access. Turkey needs Russia, and needs Russian control of Crimea, to avoid Global American Empire attack and conquest. Russia is theoretically an enemy, America theoretically an ally, and they are theoretically a member of Nato, but they have more reason to fear America than Russia. Russian intervention in Syria depends on Turkey allowing it, and Nato is really pissed. Turkey has intervened for Nato in Syria, and yet allowed Russian intervention against Nato in Syria. It has also been attacking Nato proxies in Syria, which proxies are theoretically not American proxies, but the Global American Empire was really pissed. The Global American Empire did not want to own up to owning its proxies, since it was using them for attempted genocide of Alawites and ethnic cleaning of Christians, but neither did it want Turkey shooting at them. Turkey is theoretically at war with the Alawite aligned Syrian government, but there is a strange and suspicious lack of shooting at the Syrian government, and quite a lot of shooting at enemies of Alawites, which the Global American Empire is getting more and more enraged by. There are multiple layers of denial. Turkey is aligned with official Nato policy, and shooting at officially unofficial Global American Empire policy. We have liars lying about lying, and pretenders pretending to pretend. The big strategic goal of Nato in the Ukraine is not to rule the Ukraine, but to rule Turkey. Insofar as the current offensive in the Ukraine has any sane objectives, it is to get to the sea of Azov in order to get to Crimea in order to get to the Black Sea, so that they can safely have a war on Turkey, so that they can, among other things, genocide the Alawites.

A lot of people have noticed that the primary attack direction of the Ukrainian offensive is in the direction where the Russian defenses are strongest. The reason they are attacking in that direction is the same as the reason the Russians put the strongest defenses there – because what lies in that direction is Crimea, which what Globohomo most wants to take, and what Russia most wants to keep. They want to take it, and Russia wants to keep it, for that gives Russia access to the Black Sea, and Turkey permits access from the Black Sea through Turkey to the Mediterranean and Syria. The people who planned this offensive have their eye on their highly unreliable ally, Turkey, an unkind eye. Ukrainians are hoping to reach Melitopol, but Kagan, who probably planned this offensive, is hoping to reach Turkey.

If they cannot genocide peoples they do not like, people are not going to go along with Globohomo and soft power. The empire needs the carrot and the stick. The carrot is not very nice and has been getting worse, and the stick just broke. People have not yet internalized that the stick just broke, but they eventually will.

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  1. Jew Saudi Lovepuddle is Your Demise says:

    [*deleted. Take the Mueller shill test*]

  2. Neurotoxin says:

    Those of you who bit down on the “net worth” question failed a shit test. The correct response was to ignore it. Treat people like that like women: The rule of thumb is not to be reactive when they try to get a rise out of you.

  3. Jamesthe1st says:

    The media has moved from saying that accusations of gays being pedophiles is homophbic to now saying it has always been this way and here’s why that’s good.

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      *pederasts. “Pedophile”, like “racist”, is an ahistorical word invented in the 20th century.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for reporting from a parallel universe*]

      • jim says:

        A universe where all dead white males were faggots and anyone who admires dead white males is a faggot. Also all indications of intelligence and wisdom are indicators of faggotry.

  4. TheDividualist says:

    Wagner Mutiny: what if the whole thing is fake? Russian troops driving 800 km a day on Russian roads, with Russian-maintained vehicles? With tanks, whose tracks would have to be replaced twice for such a distance? Not even with trucks. Why would the state even give them that much fuel? They claim they basically teleported from Bakhmut to Rostov.

    Oh and Prig apparently forgot about $48M lying around in cash, in a location that is quickly found. Because when you are trying a real coup, cash to bribe people or reward loyalty is an option you don’t want to have?

    • SJ says:

      Well I think the whole thing is fake and it’s just a big TV show but I think a lot of things everyone here would consider batshit crazy.

    • S says:

      That was Cirno’s (twitter) theory- a massive psyop. Get people to declare loyalty, have Wagner be seen as independent, ramp up, and mess with Western intelligence.

      I don’t have the background to evaluate any of the claims. It sounds plausible but they could have done that in other ways that don’t involve military units shooting at each other.

    • ten says:

      Tanks were on their transport trucks unless deployed, like in rostov.

      They probably have a lot of fuel and can get a lot more relatively easily, don’t see how that would be a problem unless they get cut off, which there was no time for.

      They were not in bakhmut, and did not teleport. There are hours between prigozhins “missile strike aftermath” video and rostov.

      Prigozhin has an office building in saint petersburg. Obviously his office building gets raided. And obviously he did not have time to make a detour twice as far away as moscow.

      Bad points.

      There just aren’t any realistic gains for russia to psyop this. But sure, it looks weird and dumb, so you wonder if there’s something more to it.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      The “Russia is a gas station with a nuclear arsenal” memeplex is so tired. It’s been demonstrated, very clearly, that Russia is not a backwards shithole full of dumb people. Of course they are a real country, meaning there are all manner of losers, layabouts, and lascivious harlots. But there is an honest to God move towards nationalism, natalism, and a reawakening of the elites. The idea that Russians are incompetent is pure projection on the part of negrolotrous GAE shills trying to obfuscate the decline in the West. One need not become a Russophile to acknowledge that they are actually fighting to survive, and that they are withdrawing from the GAE sphere.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        “Russia is a gas station with a nuclear arsenal” memeplex is true which is why GAE is having such trouble dealing with them. “Flyover states are just farmland and ranches” memplex is in spirit true. Blue coastal cities do not sustain life. GAE, in true Gnosticism, sees material production as evil, uneducated, backwards, and all other manor of inversion.

  5. Adam says:

    I stumbled onto the wiki page for Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen President and a general in the Russian national guard.

    On 10 March 2011, Human Rights Watch reported that since Chechenization, the government has pushed for enforced Islamic dress code.[96] The president Ramzan Kadyrov is quoted as saying “I have the right to criticize my wife. She doesn’t [have the right to criticize me]. With us [in Chechen society], a wife is a housewife. A woman should know her place. A woman should give her love to us [men]… She would be [man’s] property. And the man is the owner. Here, if a woman does not behave properly, her husband, father, and brother are responsible. According to our tradition, if a woman fools around, her family members kill her… That’s how it happens, a brother kills his sister or a husband kills his wife… As a president, I cannot allow for them to kill. So, let women not wear shorts…”.[97] He has also openly defended honor killings on several occasions.[98]

    Jimian word for word. I wonder if those guys are looking for help.

    • TheDividualist says:

      Thinking aloud. Is it really nothing vs. killing? How about just beating women? But beating without a real threat of killing might not suffice. In fact, women like to get beaten. (One firm slap in the face > 10 PUA crap about being ripped and talking all dominantishy. Slap and they *swoon*.) Only if the beating carries a threat of escalating to killing it works for changing their behaviour.

      Of course true patriarchy would be legalising killing. Note that it would be actually done very rarely as just beating with a threat to escalating to killing should work.

      It is really like if you want peace with women, prepare for war.

      Given he admits he cannot do that even his regime is not 100% there.

      • Adam says:

        Anything is better than nothing. Passing an easy shit test will hurt a woman’s feelings for a moment, and that is certainly better than failing one.

    • jim says:

      Legalizing what has already been happening.

      The use of digital currencies is limited in Russia due to restrictive legislation including President Vladimir Putin’s 2020 law on digital financial assets, which legalized cryptocurrencies but banned their use for goods and services.

      However, Russia’s Finance Ministry has recently pointed to the benefits that digital currencies can offer, such as no correspondent accounts, instant transactions, and practically no compliance procedures, which should be taken into account in foreign trade.

      “Russia’s Finance Ministry … benefits … no compliance procedures, … foreign trade.”

      Yup. Been there, done that.

      Countries cannot transact in fiat, because they cannot trust each other’s bankers. They cannot transact in gold, because moving it is difficult. So …

      I am already finding bitcoin useful to purchase physical things internationally from countries outside or on the borders of the Global American Empire.

      In the long run, the price of bitcoin is ultimately driven by its usefulness a medium of exchange in international transactions. The price of bitcoin is currently above that which is justified by its current use in international transactions, because I and many others expect that use to increase.

      The current price of bitcoin reflects expectations of its future use a medium of exchange. The events that followed the events in the Ukraine has resulted in considerably more use as an international medium of exchange.

      • notglowing says:

        The thought of Russia eventually legalizing Bitcoin worried me for a while, because sanctions and the war could have constituted the perfect premise to find the political capital and the coordination to crush crypto in the west.

        It would be a problem if it was evil Russian currency used to kill homosexuals.

        However it seems like China (at least through HK), Singapore, and the US are turning in favour of cryptocurrency at the same time as Russia.

        And this is *after* we suffered the worst attacks yet from regulators, who appear to be relenting.

        If BlackRock and Fidelity are filing for ETFs it must mean the Cathedral is turning in favour of it.

        • jim says:

          The enemy’s plan now is co-option and entryism. As they did with Christianity and, with partial success, did with Islam. The embrace of the enemy is more deadly than suppression.

          • notglowing says:

            If Bitcoin cannot survive attempts at controlling it, it was never going to work as a global currency.
            Because there is no such thing as a fair and free market between countries.

            What needs to happen is having multiple countries fight for control over it, reaching some sort of equilibrium, where, for example, China, Russia and the US have state sponsored miners trying to prevent the others from gaining 51% control allowing for censoring and reversal of transactions.

            Miners in each country will approve transactions their sovereign approves.

            If anything, I believe that if they try to control it, it will turn out to be a poison pill for the US financial system.

            • jim says:

              This outcome has me worried. Mining is dangerously concentrated.

              But, repeating. Cannot do transactions internationally in fiat when the bankers are untrustworthy and untrusted. Cannot do international transactions in gold, because difficult and dangerous to move long distances.

              This foreshadows a huge upmove in bitcoin. Also a huge attack to get state control through the dangerously concentrated miners.

  6. Red says:

    I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this video on the Wagner Mutiny because it’s on youtube but I found it quite interesting:

    This youtuber regally gets shit on by the NAFO fags on youtube, so he might be somewhat on the money.

    The number of troops sent to Moscow was quite small, it was never coup from the looks of it.

    • alf says:

      This is the obvious explanation no?

      We live in an era of politicans and bureaucrats. As much as Russia has a more live warrior society than the west, its bureaucrats still wield more power than the warriors. Prigozhin was fighting an uphill battle from the start, and that he lost his Russian PMC privileges is in retrospect not the biggest of surprises. But through the mutiny he did give them a last middle finger and no doubt a minor heart attack.

      • Red says:

        The ironic part is copying Wanger tactics while doing away with Wagner. I doubt that will work out well. The Wangerates will chafe under the rule of a of thousands of faceless Bureaucrats who are safe thousands of miles from the front. Warriors want leaders who share danger with them and Prigozhin did that.

        In putting down one PMC and taking the best of it’s men into it’s army, they may find those men in the army now have ideas of their own.

        Putin should have put Prigozhin in charge of the war after his repeated successes and told the Bureaucrats to obey or get fucked. Ukraine would quickly fall. Alas, being insecure an elected dictator, he’s more afraid of competent men than he is of losing a war.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          “The repairing of things is often the older work to which the newer work of making the same things is added. The Japanese used this method with great success when they began imitating Western Goods during the late nineteenth century. At that time, Japan’s economy was suffering severely from cheap Western imports with which her own manufacturers could not economically compete – or could not make at all. Among the imports were bicycles. They had become enormously popular in Japanese circles.

          To replace these imports with locally made bicycles, the Japanese could have invited a big American or European bicycle manufacturer to establish a factory in Japan, much as the Soviet government has recently invited Renault and Fiat to establish automobile factories in the Soviet Union. In short, the work could have been transplanted into Japan from somewhere else. Or the Japanese could have built a factory that was a slavish imitation of a European or American bicycle factory. They would have had to import most or all of the factory’s machinery, as well as hiring foreign production managers or having Japanese production managers trained abroad in foreign factories. In short, theirs would have been an elaborate and costly enterprise, and one more likely than not to bog down in other, unanticipated difficulties.

          What the Japanese did instead was to build up their own bicycle manufacturing industry by adding new work to older divisions of labor, just as if they had been innovating. It has become a classic example of successful “economic borrowing,” as imtation is called when it is encountered historically.
          After bicycles had been imported into Japan, shops to repair them had sprung up in the big cities. In Tokyo, the repair work was done in great numbers of one-man and two-man shops. Imported spare parts were expensive and broken bicycles were too valuable to cannibalize for parts. Many repair shops thus found it worthwhile to make replacement parts themselves – not difficult if a man specialized in one kind of part, as many repairmen did. In this way, groups of bicycle repair shops were almost doing the work of manufacturing entire bicycles. That step was taken by bicycle assemblers who bought parts, on contract, from repairmen: the repairmen had become “light manufacturers.”

          Far from being costly to develop, bicycle manufacturing in Japan paid its way right through its own development stages. Moreover, most of the work of making appropriate production was added to the Japanese economy too, gradually and in concert with the development of bicycle manufacturing.

          The Japanese got much more than a bicycle industry. They had acquired a pattern for many of their other achievements in industrialization: a system of breaking complex manufacturing work into relatively simple fragments, in autonomous shops. The method was soon used to produce many other goods and is still much used in Japan. Parts making has become a standard foothold for adding new work. Sony, the enormous manufacturer of communications equipment, began, at the end of World War II, as a small-parts shop in Tokyo, making tubes on contract for radio assemblers, and was built up by adding to this the manufacturing of whole radios (for which some parts were bought from other suppliers) and then other types of communication and electronic goods.”

          “In 1975, the Shah of Iran signed a contract to build an immense helicopter factory in Isfahan. The chief contractor was Textron, which set up a subsidiary in Euless, Texas, to handle development of the helicopter itself. The factory construction was subcontracted to Jones Construction Co. of Charlotte, North Carolina.

          Jones delegated the electrical portion of the factory to Howard P. Foley Co. of Washington DC; Foley in turn employed six electrical wholesalers– e.g. S-Tran Products of Alexandria, Louisiana, which in turn subcontracted the switching gear to General Electric, involving plants in Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Iowa. Jones subcontracted the air conditioning and plumbing to Sam P. Wallace Co. of Dallas, Texas, whose net of sub-subcontractors embraced 150 companies.

          The Shah thought he was buying development, making Iran into an advanced nation. But all he was buying was a factory, though an immense one. What he needed in order to actually be developed was what he couldn’t buy: the web of thousands of companies that together enabled to US to build that factory. ”

          Trying to get Wagner results by copying Wagner ‘tactics’ is like trying to make Urban Youths into mathematicians by copying mathematician tricks. Cargo-cultism. You are never going to get the same results without the same generative principle.

          The force structure/OrdBat of Wagner is famously opaque to outside analysis beyond the fact of ‘they’re all wagner’. This is mainly because it operates largely as a cell network where the commanders/local lords can dispose of his cell as he sees fit, with the CEO/king acting in like kind for the organization as a whole, having the choice to take on or get rid of anyone in their team for any reason or no reason at all, and the adaptiveness of disposition to a situation is downstream of this discretion.

          Which, obviously, does not pattern-match with any particular configuration of a more stultifyingly proceduralized bureaucrat-army.

          • Fidelis says:

            What a fantastic exerpt, what are you quoting from?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Jane Jacobs, “The Economy of Cities” and “Cities And The Wealth of Nations” primarily. Many tasty nuggets like this couched in purple-pilled framing, the typical frailty of 20th century works even when relatively above average.

              In this case the red-pill is the perennial observation that it is organization, not labour, that is the primary limiting factor in capital creation, which is then purpled with a blue-pilled equivocation of this dynamic with the magic dirt of the city itself. Recommended reading for a critical eye in any case.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Bonus round:

              “Workers could only build cars as good as the parts they were given. At NUMMI, many of the parts came from Japan, and were really good. At Van Nuys, it was totally different.

              The team concept stressed continuous improvement. If the team got a shipment of parts that didn’t fit, they were supposed to alert their bosses, who would then go to suppliers and engineers to fix the problem. All the departments in the company worked together.

              But Ernie’s suppliers had never operated in a system like that. If he asked for fixes, they blew him off. And if he called Detroit and asked them to redesign a part that wasn’t working, they’d ask him why he was so special–

              they didn’t have to change it for any other plant, why should they change it for him?”

              “There was no vocabulary, even, to explain it. So I remember, one of the GM managers was ordered, from a very senior level– came from vice president– to make a GM plant look like NUMMI. And he said, “I want you to go there with cameras and take a picture of every square inch. And whatever you take a picture of, I want it to look like that in our plant. There should be no excuse for why we’re different than NUMMI, why our quality is lower, why our productivity isn’t as high, because you’re going to copy everything you see.”

              Immediately, this guy knew that was crazy. We can’t copy employee motivation, we can’t copy good relationships between the union and management. That’s not something you can copy, and you can’t even take a photograph of it.”

              “You had asked the question earlier, what’s different when you walk into the NUMMI plant? Well, you can see a lot of things different. But the one thing you don’t see is the system that supports the NUMMI plant. I don’t think, at that time, anybody understood the large nature of this system.

              General Motors was a kind of throw it over the wall organization. You know, each department– we were very compartmentalized, and you’d design that vehicle, and you’d throw it over the wall to the manufacturing guys.

              And they had to deal with it. And, I mean, you’re in there. You’ve kind of put your heart and soul into making this whole team concept work. And now you’re the messenger that has to go out and say, look, guys, even though this is the way the system’s supposed to work, and these are my issues, I’m not going to be able to solve them, and you’re going to have to deal with it.

              And it was destructive. It was detrimental. I mean, no question about it.

              You know, they never prohibited us from walking through the plant, understanding, even asking questions of some of their key people. I’ve often puzzled over that– why they did that. And I think they recognized, we were asking all the wrong questions. We didn’t understand this bigger picture thing.

              All of our questions were focused on the floor, the assembly plant, what’s happening on the line. That’s not the real issue.

              The issue is, how do you support that system with all the other functions that have to take place in the organization?”

        • TheDividualist says:

          100% this whole thing is really a throwback to the old Moldbuggian “insecure power is bad” – Wagner is not the only private army there. Kadirov has one, too. And others. Putin is not secure.

          And this why I think the whole shit is fake. Prig does not need that much fuel to fight in Bakhmut. Why on Earth would Putin give him enough fuel to go from Bakhmut to Rostov?

          • alf says:

            The fuel thing sounds silly to me. How hard is it to save and/or buy some extra fuel.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Logistics is the most important part of war, and fuel is always at a premium. Having enough fuel to move a significant amount of men hundreds of miles A humvee gets about 8 miles per gallon. that means to move one 800 miles you need a hundred gallons of diesel. Scale that up so you are moving thousands of men in hundreds of similar vehicles and bringing tanks, which get their fuel efficiency measures in gallons per mile, and that is a significant logistic burden. Probably in the hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel.

              • zfnb says:

                A bunch of armored vehicles carrying men with guns roll into your truck stop, fill tanks, and roll out without paying. Who’s going to argue with them?

              • Aidan says:

                Presumably they stopped at the gas station to fill up. American gas stations on interstates handle daily traffic from hundreds of long-haul semis that get 5mpg. Should be able to accommodate a small army of 5-7000 men.

  7. Red says:

    Off topic, pretty good DS article:

    KD link:

    They decided to downplay it for a while, but this is what homosexuality is, and the fact that some people who claim to be Christians have gone along with this is beyond the pale.
    You have to either:

    * Surrender your children
    * Ban gay

    There is no third option.
    You either follow the Bible, or you are in league with the devil.
    It’s not currently clear where these people pushing back actually stand. Maybe they’ve realized what is wrong. The “two consenting adults in their own bedroom” hoax was very popular among the boomers, and these Jewish “conservative” news outlets are still pushing that.
    I don’t know if these people are canceling pride only because of the kids stuff. But there is something happening.

  8. Red says:

    Big Serge on the “The Wagner Uprising”:

    KD link:

    ;TLDR Russian government was nationalizing Wagner, IE eliminating it. Wagner rebelled against it and lost. If this take is correct, Putin’s shooting himself in the foot in getting rid of Wagner.

    • Roger Williams says:

      This guy is a midwit. Wagner didn’t lose. They got to the Rubicon unopposed and decided to head home for reasons unknown. My theory is Putin had Prgozhins family at knife point. I believe his daughter lives in Moscow.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        You are too dumb to be a shill. Shills have better scripts. So you are just an idiot that posts dumb things.

        It doesn’t have to be this way. You could lurk moar for a few months and then start posting again, and I bet you might actually contribute. as it stands right now, you should probably head back to Reddit.

        • Red says:

          I don’t know KD, we’ve been getting some really stupid shills of late. Had one pushing resource depletion the other day. I have to wonder if it’s the first generation of NiggerFaggotBot AI being tested here.

        • Roger Williams says:

          What are both of your net worth? Remember, wealth tracks closely with IQ.

          • Western Taliban says:

            wealth tracks closely with IQ

            If you believe this you are quite stupid yourself. While Elon Musk’s wealth comes from his talents, Obama’s wealth comes from being a nigger that can vocalize like a human being and read from a teleprompter. Let’s not even get into all the rest of the gay swamp creatures, each more worthless and degraded than the previous.

            But since you’re talking about it, what is your net worth? Common sense demands you start with yourself if you’re asking such questions, just like giving your name before asking someone else. And provide proof, I want to verify the information on that portfolio.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              There is a 70-90 IQ wealth cluster but outside of that dead zone correlation becomes very, very small. Practically zero.

              >Obama’s wealth comes from being a nigger that can vocalize like a human being and read from a teleprompter.

              A surprisingly hard task for the common folk. My first job was in the trucking industry. We had to read out loud the safety regulations. Most had trouble doing that and were very stilted in their recitation. They weren’t dumb, well most of them weren’t. They had very good intuition and fairly average reasoning with good hand eye coordination. They were just average joes, but vocalizing like a human from recitation requires a certain level of acting/grace which they just don’t have.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            Make sure to stay up to date with all your vaccinations.

          • Aidan says:

            Considering the open market prices for teenage virgins, I am a multimillionaire.

            In reality, the correlation between wealth and IQ inverts, and higher IQ predicts less wealth, once you get past midwit.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Correlation for wealth is r=0.16, or pretty damn small. The correlation also does not invert with higher IQ as it appears correlation goes to zero. I interpret this as high IQ individuals can choose how much wealth they wish to accumulate while low IQ are more dependent on “fate.”


              • Aidan says:

                Sorry, I meant relative to the midwit- average income declines after 130iq

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  meant relative to the midwit- average income declines after 130iq

                  The reason why is interesting. Partly due to breakdown in correlation, sample size issue, and market distortion.

                  The Genetic Studies of Genius found about 50% of high IQ kids became doctors, lawyers, and other high income earners. The other 50% ended up as pool cleaners, janitors, and similar. A coin flip on being high income or low income (ok, I might be exaggerating but it’s a simplification that’s true in spirit). Separating the data from <130 doesn't give a negative correlation. It finds a very flat correlation. Average income declines after 130 IQ partly because correlation between intelligence and IQ almost completely breaks down.

                  Sample sizes after 130 start getting really small really fast. Say you've got a million normies with about a .0001% chance of becoming a billionaire. You'd expect at least one to massively pull up the average. Top 1% of earners skew average income upwards. US median income is only $31,000. The average is more than double at $71,000. Suppose geniuses were 100 times more likely than normies to become billionaires. With a sample size of 1400, about the same as the study, you'd likely not even get one. Even at 1000 times more likely there's still something like 25% chance probability of not getting one.

                  Then there is the empire I mean government factor. WW2 minimum IQ requirement for Officers was 120. The 120 guys were the dumb ones. There were many well above that. Even with declines by 1980 the average for Marine Officers was 131 and if there was a standard distribution around that… that’s a lot of the nation’s geniuses (and above 130 generally) getting paid not much more on an hourly basis than a well off janitor. A quick estimate puts US military Officer population in 1980 at 330,000 (let’s assume half, or 165,000, are above 130) or so. US population in 1980 was 226 million. Faction above 130 is about 4.5 million… so about 3.65% of them got soaked up by the military Officer Corps at military pay scales (not great). SNCO. Special Operations, and other highly specialized technical enlisted MOS tend to be pretty smart too. Their pay is even worse. So let’s suppose ~8% of the nation’s brightest ended up in military. Then add in about a million DoD civilians who skewed towards technical jobs, 100,000 various types of engineers. Now we’re about ~10% of the smart faction in DoD alone not even counting contractors. Add in State, FBI, etc, etc. All those people being paid at below market rates for cognitive ability. So let’s pull some number out of our asses as say ~15% of >130 is serving the empire uh, I mean government in 1980. While the government on average has definitely gotten dumber, the empire cough government has only gotten much, much larger. The size has roughly doubled since 1980, so again let’s pull a number out of our asses and say ~20% of the smart faction is working at GS pay scale. That doesn’t do wonders for average income distribution for above 130…

                • Jehu says:

                  I know a reasonable number of folks in this category. Most of them haven’t really chosen to maximize income or even wealth. All of them are very comfortable though. Some are priests, quite a few are technical folks, a few were military officers (pretty sure they aren’t anymore), and one is even a homeschool mom.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  The Priesthood takes a few. A great theologian is going to be very smart, but the Priesthood doesn’t take that many men in general, nor that many 130+ men overall. Nothing like managing the imperium argh democratic free world.

                • Skippy says:

                  Smart people should be smart enough to understand the game, so they should optimize for reproductive potential rather than raw income.

                  May say more about the utility of income than the utility of IQ in achieving one’s goals.

                • Aidan says:

                  The reason why is quite simple. Imagine being in college and stating something in what you consider plain straightforward English to a professor, and their response is a nonsequitor that shows that they did not and could not understand the point. Makes you real disillusioned with sticking it out for a higher level degree. And pushes you toward doing a job in which, as long as you are creating value, you don’t have to explain yourself to somebody who is dumber but more powerful than you. Which rules out most fake email jobs.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Smart people should be smart enough to understand the game, so they should optimize for reproductive potential rather than raw income.

                  Exactly. A million dollars a year is worthless if it obligates you to live in a country controlled by homos.

                  My kids in the US got rainbowed by people I trusted, so I moved to Russia to start a new family. There’s no overt faggotry here but there are strong independent women and female judges. Feminism and homosex are two sides of the same coin because men can’t be husbands if women don’t want to be wives.

                  If I find a decent wife in the city, great, Russia gains a bunch of loyal nerdlings who’ll become missile engineers or some such. If not, I’ll give up computers, cellphones, and internet, and join the Old Believers. Reproduction is more important than electricity.

                • Skippy says:

                  On a less extreme level what’s the return of pumping iron 15-20 rather than studying? Reproductively, probably greater.

                  Of course there’s no reason you can’t do both. But yet the nerd stereotype of men who actively avoided making themselves sexually attractive, but were smart, is and was very real. These people didn’t understand the game. That they went all-in on working to serve an employment system that never even promised them pussy shows they are more domesticated than smart.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                …high IQ individuals can choose how much wealth they wish to accumulate

                Plausible. The slightly-above-average seem to have a way of getting mired in details and losing the big picture. An acquaintance of mine is obsessed with accumulating because of this reason or that reason, always looking for some new money-making scheme, always willing to try to shake down or backstab employers or peers to get ahead, and never seems to be satisfied with what he gets. Meanwhile, I set things up so that my cost of living is near zero (just food and utility bills, really) and work Dutch Hours on whatever projects tickle my fancy. Which of us do you suppose is happier and less stressed?

                I’m sure I could earn more, but why should I – just to have more money to buy Globohomo’s gay plastic trash? Nah.

              • Skippy says:

                “I interpret this as high IQ individuals can choose how much wealth they wish to accumulate while low IQ are more dependent on “fate.””

                Basically this – they also get better at spending money. Most of the worst deals are aimed at the middle classes.

          • c4ssidy says:

            chud will have marble fountain-palaces and virgin wives on mars in the 2080 dome city of Jim which will have laws generated by high priest AI interpreting this blog and its comments, which with its superior social tech will eventually envelop the solar system and then the vacuum pretty much at C until Christ re-arrives, until then it is no shame to be broke because we’re oppressed, is that not basic doctrine? Where would Werner von Braun be positioned if he was born in current year?

          • Red says:

            If wealth tracked closely with IQ then Issac Newton and Richard Feynman must have been the richest men who ever lived. Wealth tracks closely with men who can organize other men into creating value. It takes intelligence but it’s a different skill set from what most really high IQ men have.

            For instance: Woz was much smarter than Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs created far more value than Woz was able to create on his own and was much wealthier because of it despite not being all that smart. Woz never did anything useful with his life after he left Apple. He played Tetris and sent his scores to Nintendo Power instead of inventing better computer systems because he didn’t have a man like Jobs directing his talents.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Richard Feynman (125 IQ) is a really interesting outlier in Nobel Prize winners (145 average). He had the highest score in the nation on the Putnam mathematics competition exam by a big margin and reportedly the highest scores on record for the math/physics graduate admission exams at Princeton, yet his notes contained misspellings and grammatical errors. Then when one listens to him speak, he’s kinda average and it’s clear that he has difficulty at times.

              This indicates high Spatial IQ but Full Scale IQ getting tanked by much lower Verbal IQ (does someone want to work out the math on that?). This is unusual for Whites who tend to have similar Spatial and Verbal IQs. They are either both high, both normal, or both low. In that regard he is cognitively similar to East Asians who tend to have higher Spatial but lower Verbal, the opposite of Jews with low Spatial but high Verbal. Feynman becomes even more remarkable in light of this since both of his parents were Jewish.

              Wealth tracks well with ability to social network which tracks well with Verbal IQ. If a person is the best Violinist in the world, do they really exist if no one else knows about it? If they don’t exist there won’t be concerts with paying audiences. Feynman, for all his fame, had a paltry $1-$5 million in wealth by the time he died. So roughly $13 million by today’s money when adjusted for inflation. Stephen Hawking in spite of his disability managed to monetize his fame much better than Feynman, the better Physicist. At death he was worth $20 million in 2018, or say $25ish million today (God Damn that’s a lot of inflation in just 5 years!). Had Hawking been able to speak freely without machine aid, he’d likely have made even more money.

              What this demonstrates is that highly competent men who are bad at social networking really ought to hire good publicists… but they don’t because they’re generally too socially awkward to even do that. Or in the case of Woz, too damn lazy/addicted to Tetris.

              • Red says:

                What this demonstrates is that highly competent men who are bad at social networking really ought to hire good publicists… but they don’t because they’re generally too socially awkward to even do that. Or in the case of Woz, too damn lazy/addicted to Tetris.

                Pax you fail to grasp how flighty super intelligent people can be. Given a lack of something useful to focus on they’ll spend their time with crap like alchemy like Newton spent 1/3 of his life on. To get the most of out intelligent people they need to be focused and motivated, which is what people who are good at organizing men do, which is why they end up the wealthiest. Even with Newton it was his friends who were poking and prodding him to ground breaking mathematics and science, without which he didn’t produce much of anything.

                Woz wasn’t given anything innovative to do at apple in the last 5-10 years he was there so he just got lazy and eventually left.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Pax you fail to grasp how flighty super intelligent people can be.

                  Stop acting like an overly legalistic pharisee. I was clearly talking about a subset of high IQ people who were not great at monetizing their cognitive value. Feynman is a clear example of an under monetized yet industrious and non flighty super intelligent people. On that topic so was John von Neumann (well sort of, he was in a class of his own).

                  Super intelligent people know they can just coast through life and at the same time be fairly comfortable. Therefore many end up perusing any number of their fancies. Even in that case my comment on having a good publicist still holds.

                  his friends who were poking and prodding him to ground breaking mathematics and science

                  A good publicist isn’t just outward focused, but also someone who pokes and prods the talent into success. Anyone in Hollywood will say the same. Steve Jobs was Wozniak’s greatest publicist. Without Jobs, no one would have known Wozniak even existed and he would never had been given interesting tasks to work on. People have to know you exist in order to utilize you.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The problem with highly intelligent people is they have trouble functioning in midwit hierarchies and real high IQ often has some kind of price where you’re a sperg or bipolar or something and actually sometimes are not particularly good at low level menial task.

                  The midwit hierarchy problem was not so bad before the civil rights movement when IQ tests were actually used and lots of high positions required high IQ (as it should be) but in clownworld its a crippling problem especially with women everywhere.

                • Red says:

                  Stop acting like an overly legalistic pharisee. I was clearly talking about a subset of high IQ people who were not great at monetizing their cognitive value.

                  We’re getting into another argument where we talk past each other points and getting no where besides pissing each other off.

      • ten says:

        Looks like your media is reporting on your circle jerk speculations/disinfo.

        “Only by being so very evil did those dastardly russians survive being so very weak. We were entirely right despite looking entirely wrong, we just could not envision such evil.”

        Tell it to Darya.

      • Red says:

        Lets your Wife’s boyfriend know his aids test came back positive.

  9. notglowing says:

    Please let my far-too-long post asking questions about ISIS through, I seem to have misspelled my email and it got moderated. I don’t have a second copy of it, unfortunately.

    Also I’m gonna take this chance to ask how do you properly quote on this blog?

  10. notglowing says:

    Now that the dust has settled, what the hell was going on with ISIS and muslim terrorism during the 2014-2016 period? I believe everything started when they beheaded those american journalists and put the video on the internet.

    Attack after attack, with authorities officially condemning them, but really condemning the awful verbal violence against muslims in response, and jailing people for leaving bacon in front of a mosque or expressing any amount of dissatisfaction towards the most peaceful religion.

    At the same time, ISIS, who were ostensibly inspiring (organizing?) the terrorism from far away, were gaining ground and basically created their own pseudo-country.

    Some here pointed out that ISIS folded soon after Trump got elected, and the terror attacks stopped at the same time. I beg to differ.

    I clearly remember how the latter stopped several months *before* the 2016 election. Not after.

    I also clearly remember some (was it the official media?) speculating that muslims or ISIS had stopped their terrorism before the election because they didn’t want it to cause Trump to gain votes.
    ISIS cares so much about Infidel’s opinions now? They stopped in order to stop Trump’s election? They can just stop these?
    Nah. That’s an absurd idea.

    ISIS did reveal itself to be a paper tiger as soon as Donald stepped in and had them destroyed, apparently.

    But ISIS being a paper tiger is not the real issue here, at least it’s not the whole story.

    Were governments complicit in intentionally letting terror attacks happen?
    Because at the time, that would’ve seemed a little odd to me.
    They were certainly complicit in the sense of wilfully not doing enough about muslims *in general*, but that is very different from actually wanting said attacks to happen.

    Back then, every muslim terror attack seemed like a crack in the official narrative of liberal european governments, that muslims were nice and we could live with them. Politicians spent time even sometimes minimizing them. With Khan famously calling it “part and parcel” of living in a “modern” big city.

    The attacks actually served to energize the right wing, and legitimized their concerns.

    Some countries never experienced any. Was it just a matter of demographics? If this was planned from the top, why would that matter? Italy for example. Maybe you can prove me wrong and look this up, but there were no major incidents of terrorism that I remember. There was just one incident with a bus driver which was stopped and seemed very improvised.

    Italy should be a prime target for muslim terrorism, however at the time the official explanation was that our secret services are just that good at stopping them, because we had decades of political terrorism, and then mafia related stuff.

    If this was not just tolerated, but actively allowed by governments, why? I can come up with an explanation, which is basically the same as leftwing riots. Being punished for criticizing them, and being punished for defending yourself against them, results in lefties gaining power. So we could call these events just another humiliation ritual, where accepting them and moving on despite its objective horror is the whole point.

    It does fit the general leftwing modus operandi, but it doesn’t really work because muslim terrorism itself was never openly glorified the way rioters were. And it didn’t really help their cause overall, in my estimation.

    The most straightforward explanation would be that ISIS did in fact inspire these acts through its existence, by energizing radical muslims against the country they happened to live in.
    For some reason the US government was unwilling to actually do something about ISIS so they decided to condemn anyone complaining about terrorism instead.
    Trump stepped in, made them do their job, ISIS lost, and the energy dissipated.

    It doesn’t explain why they stopped prior to the election. Maybe the truth is, the US was already dealing with ISIS just fine, and they just happened to deal the final blows around that time.
    This is just my occam’s razor, simple explanation that assumes little foul play.

    The final issue is how right after muslim terrorism was out, “white nationalist” terrorism was in. These pretty much didn’t happen at the same time. One stopped, and the other began afterwards.

    It’s probably the most suspicious problem. I’ve always wondered how much “right wing terrorism” is legitimate, and how much was inspired by government agents, and how much of it is entirely a psyop.

    People on our side like to claim all of it is fake, but only in some cases is there concrete proof. I do feel like the general public has stopped believing it, especially with recent events like the pajeet dropping a nazi flag or “nazis” supporting deSantis.

    • notglowing says:

      I may have misspelled my email but it is definitely me.

    • Adam says:

      I don’t know what kind of answer you are looking for, but there is Muslim terrorism in every city in the west every single day. They are conquering their enemy with demographics.

    • The Cominator says:

      Muslims were on a rampage from a little before 9/11 until Bin Salman’s coup when he stopped funding it and also stopped letting other Saudis do so.

      • Bwana Simba says:

        Wikipedia paints that guy as modernizing the Saudis’ empire, bringing feminism and other values to the land. Is that true? Does that mean the Saudis lost the fight with the west? Will Islam fall to progressivism?

        • jim says:

          Islam has been falling to progressivism for some time.

          Check out the proportion of females in whore school.

          But I don’t think Bin Salman is in their pocket. My interpretation of his policy is that he has blown off Islamic legalism, not Islam, and they are interpreting this optimistically, much as they are reporting the war in the Ukraine optimistically.

        • The Cominator says:

          He let women drive cars but I think you can still beat your wife in Saudi. I think a lot of the purdah rules were eased but purdah and the dress code were always the kind of gay elements of Islamic law on women… beatings being legal and arranged marriage are more important.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      ISIS like al-quaeda before it primarily derived animating impulse from the USIC. The chaos of the whig empire ‘fighting terrorism’ with one hand while creating it with the other is its typical mode of being throughout its existence.

    • jim says:

      Isis was primarily armed and funded by the Global American Empire, but this was not for the most part a conscious act of cynical real politic, but rather self deception and self delusion. The money and arms they poured into various places to kill people and destroy stuff in areas controlled by governments that declined to submit to color revolution went astray. They seemed awfully relaxed about it going astray, and to this extent, cynical realpolitic. But they did not consciously think of it that way. They did it, they knew they were doing it, but they did not altogether admit to themselves that they were doing it.

    • embeveraged commuter says:

      I kinda remember a fair share of the muslim terrorists were set up by glowies. Those glowies might have moved on to trying to create right wing terrorism instead. Would be interesting to compare timelines of muslim attacks slowing down, articles about ‘right wingers are the real terrrorists’ from journos and glowie agencies, and the Christchurch shooting.

      Muslim terrorism helps because you take people’s rights away on the premise that you’re fighting against brown invaders. Switching to right-wing terrorism makes sense if you are too far down the purity spiral for a less than perfect narrative.

  11. The Cominator says:

    MacGregor on the Wagner mutiny. Also he pretty openly thinks the elections are rigged.

    • alf says:

      My takeaway from the whole incident is that big men used to communicate with their army. This is a lost art in the West, I think, certainly I was just not expecting that kind of communication. But that’s how it used to be done, and that’s the future we will inevitably return to.

    • Red says:

      MacGregor has been consistently wrong about the war in the Ukraine. I stopped listening to him ages ago.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        He’s been consistently predicting big Russian advances, powerful punching attacks, which Russia has simply not attempted since the opening of the war, right? Or has he been wrong about more than that?

        • Red says:

          There’s been 3 phases to this war:
          1) Russia half ass the invasion without shock and awe, takes a lot of ground but without the manpower to hold it and fails to decapitate their foe because Putin is too soft.
          2) Russia tries blitzkrieg and gets their asses kicked.
          3) Russia turns to traditional attrition warfare and is slowly winning.

          MacGregor continues to predict massive Russian advances every other week. These advances will eventually come but not until the attrition campaign is near completion. NATO continues to trickle high tech weapons systems in to keep this phase going forever.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            St. John explained it very well, and there’s no way I could do better, but I would like to comment on Macgregor specifically because I think it applies to a lot of other conservatives, Patriots, nationalists, and other potential /ourguys/.

            I have noticed this trend in a lot of analysis. however smart the analyst may be, however eloquent or studied their perspective may be, they always seem to come to these wild conclusions that make no sense when the totality of the circumstances are brought into the picture. I have to imagine it is incredibly frustrating for them, like weather forecasters with great equipment looking at all the data and making reasonable predictions that never comport with reality. this is because they don’t read Jim’s blog. They keep operating from priors that are out of date. They see all the facts on the ground, but because they do not acknowledge that every state has a religion, no matter what, and because they cannot see that the constitutional republic with Democratic characteristics has been completely subverted by a permanent bureaucratic oligarchy, a PBO that has been fully owned and operationalized by a Gynocratic Bioleninist Mafia, all of their brilliant analysis and observations mean precisely dick.

            It is actually quite similar to dealing with a group of people using LSD and trying to get a car started so they can go to McDonald’s or something. They have all the pieces they need, the car, the keys, the money, the desire to go to a place, and the correct knowledge that the place does in fact exist. but because they cannot fathom that the LSD is making everything unpredictable and strange, they will continue to build ever more complex plans and rationalizations for why those plans don’t seem to come to fruition. from my perspective, this comes down to acknowledgment and application of the WQ. If an analyst or observer or leader disregards the WQ, or pretends that it doesn’t exist, or refuses to acknowledge that there is even a Q, It does not matter how smart or capable or lucky they are.

            I realize that this is an observation that doesn’t do much. It is also pretty obvious and everybody here already knows it. but if I can take the Liberty of giving guidance to a bunch of anonymous shitlords, I would encourage everyone here to find ways to demonstrate and reify simple truths of biology and culture to the people they interact with. Big things, big concepts, are very important, but the Cathedral worked very hard to demolish the foundation of society in the West, because they knew that if that foundation was gone, everything else was incredibly weak. so we need to rebuild that foundation. The only question that matters is the WQ.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              they always seem to come to these wild conclusions that make no sense when the totality of the circumstances are brought into the picture.

              An old problem the Greeks took note of.

              The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing


              Today there’s good empirical evidence in a long running series of experiments by Philip E. Tetlock. Turns out experts perform worse than than monkeys. The more specialized the expert, the worse the outcomes. A shocking revelation for the time!

              The Greeks, in contrast to us moderns, did not need such experiments to know the fox is better at prediction. Perhaps that’s why they relied on the Oracles of Daphne because even wild guessing gives better odds.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              Jim has made some bad calls, and admitted it. What is notable with Jim, compared to abject retards like Humanity’s Greatest Genius, is that Jim exercises a modicum of self-control and doesn’t feel the need to get out in front of every single clickbait story with his too-clever-by-half hot take.

              I think it is a disease brought on or accelerated by social media, or simply by being too plugged-in to the legacy news cycle. If you only have 24 hours to write your spiel and grab those sweet sweet upboats and retweets before the public loses interest, then you’re constantly compelled to blurt out the first thought that pops into your head, frenetically spamming opinions with either a shallow understanding or none at all.

              There’s also the foolish desire for novelty, almost an informal publish-or-perish phenomenon. Severian – not the shill of that name here, but the blogger on Jim’s roll – demonstrates that failure mode very well. Obviously understands the disaster of female emancipation, and subsequent and incipient demographic disasters, but I guess that everything that needs to be said about those subjects has already been said, and so it feels slicker and smarter and more exciting to jibber-jabber about “information velocity” and the “bicameral mind”. His analysis is often good, but he’s reliably wrong with his predictions… and it doesn’t seem to faze him at all.

              Prediction is surprisingly hard, not due to a lack of information (although information is often lacking) but because motivated reasoning sneaks in the back door so easily and never makes a sound. The only effective counter seems to be patience. On the related topic, Putin seems to be an extremely patient man and while that may frustrate some friends and well-wishers, it’s clearly been working to his advantage.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            When did Russia attempt option (2) blitzkrieg? I don’t remember that at all. I do remember a Ukrainian offensive in September. They took back Kherson iirc. Was that not a phase of the war because strategically insignificant?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Steel is cheap, blood is expensive, and dirt is worth less than both.

              The NATO Occupied Government has been very cavalier about killing lots of Ukrainians to make colours on a map look a different colour, and kill lots of Ukrainians to prevent Russia from making colours on the map look different colours, and to date Russia has been willing to accept those trades.

            • jim says:

              > When did Russia attempt option (2) blitzkrieg? I don’t remember that at all.

              Good for you, means you are not paying attention to shill sources, because they have been talking about the failed Russian Blitzkrieg forever. Supposedly demonstrated Russian incompetence and technological backwardness, and therefore its failure was a good sign, not a bad sign, for the coming Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          He is not wrong in the sense of his grasp of the balance of force dynamics being in line with reality, nor is he wrong in the sense of his recommended/predicted Russian actions being in line with a rational strategy of bringing events to conclusions that are conducive to the long term interests of a Russian state.

          Where it goes wrong is that the Russian establishment as such has not been taking those actions, and the story of this war to date has been consistent refusal to fully grasp the nettle on the part of incumbent decision-makers in the Russian establishment.

          Factors of the whig empire have an imperial mindset, in the sense that they see all places as belonging to them, and especially the highest. With such self-given sanction, no lengths are beyond the pale for the sake of their accrual, and likewise anyone standing between it and them is by definition invalid and in need of physical removal.

          There are none who will prevail except those who have similar conviction, informed by the faith of carrying out Divine Law, expressing the Will of God through the Ways of God, through which comes the Power of God.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            In other words, Russia is still not treating this as a holy war and bringing faith to the field of battle.

            Makes sense why any sane regime would back off from a full fledged holy war at least initially. Taliban brought faith to the field of battle, but they were contending with a reluctant foe that was already preparing to leave their country and that made their job much easier. Also the desert cultists have been treating globohomo as a civilizational foe, which is fundamental to their worldview.

            There are three possibilities why countries opposed to globohomo with notable exceptions refuse to indulge in holy war:
            1. Normality bias.
            2. Fear of the GAE’s perceived military and economic might.
            3. The costs of waging a full fledged holy war is quite high.

            But I believe the biggest weakness of all these leaders opposing globohomo is only normalcy bias, a belief that ultimately it is possible to make a deal with the Adharmic Empire.

          • The Cominator says:

            Mac’s been wrong about total Uke collapse because

            1) Russia has not been willing to advance out of the Donbass since the Ukrainians were actually stupid and crazy enough to fight (confirming my very very dim view of nigsocs) and I think until the mutiny Putin decided he in fact wanted to fight a war of economic attrition against NATO where he used cheap shells and some Chinese supplies against whats left of the American economy in a reverse Reagan. The mutiny will likely as he says force an offensive.

            2) To touch an economic point NATO and the West started really draining everything to supply Ukraine and the Ukranians haven’t mutinied and rioted yet… any reasonable person would have thought before this either Western supplies or Ukranian morale would have been cut.

            Neither has happened…

            • jim says:

              > any reasonable person would have thought before this either Western supplies or Ukranian morale would have been cut.

              Well, it is happening. The offensive began with far too few shells and not enough tanks and armored personnel carriers, and now has rather fewer, and as for morale, I recently watched a video where a Uke officer goes into a trench with a roof on top and orders the men to get out of the trench and attack. They refuse. He walks out, and throws a grenade in. Which confirms the video of a Bradley firing upon three Ukrainians in a trench looking after a wounded soldier in the trench.

              When you are doing that kind of stuff, collapse is not far off.

              The declaration of total mobilization in the middle of the offensive indicates a reversion to Bakhmut tactics of grabbing fresh meat off the streets and throwing them into the front line a few days later after they have had a training that consisted of firing five practice rounds. The idea of the offensive is that they have a large reserve of fresh troops long trained and well trained in wonderful Nato tactics with wondrous Nato wonder waffen. “Total mobilization” indicates that in the middle of the offensive, that reserve is running short.

              Ukrainians are continuing to advance. And continuing to run out logistics and men willing to fight.

              • Red says:

                When you are doing that kind of stuff, collapse is not far off.

                I’m seeing the same thing and I’ve barely been paying attention to the war in the last month. How that collapse plays out, harder to say. But once it starts Russia will advance largely unopposed unless NATO forces are tossed into meat grinder. Russia’s winning this war and the tide of attrition will soon enough turn into a wave.

      • Jamesthe1st says:

        When he describes the state of the battlefield and current strategic positions he is good. The predictions he makes are more unreliable.

  12. Roger Smith says:

    [*formulaic Global American talking points about the Russian peace deal deleted*] It is a FUNDAMENTAL principle of Anglo-Saxon law that no Anglo-Saxon lawmaking body is permitted to impose binding conditions on the future actions of that body. [*formulaic Global American talking points about the Russian peace deal deleted*]

    • jim says:

      All your points are the same point in endless different variations.

      Every peace deal that has ever been made is a violation of that principle. Which does not prevent future governments from changing their minds, but does cause them embarassment when they do so.

      Similarly that it would be a violation of the Nato treaty if Nato gave up the right to engage in hostile warlike acts against Russia.

      Your arguments do not just rule out the specific Russian proposal. Every argument you make is the same in that it rules out any peace with anyone who is not a loyal subject of the Global American Empire. They are all arguments for war without end till the entire world is conquered or destroyed. All your arguments are the rules based international order argument. If anyone is not subjugated and crushed, they are breaking the rules. Every rule you invoke is the same rule, that commands endless war till the world is conquered or utterly destroyed.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Many years ago I read a news editorial saying that it would be wrong for the Palestinian Authority to negotiate a lasting peace with Israel because every new generation of Palestinians deserves a fresh chance to realize their dream of destroying Israel.

        • notglowing says:

          Muslims holiness spiral about destroying non-muslims. It’s why long term peace with muslim countries is difficult. If the sovereign is not willing to wage war, someone else who is more holy than him will, and will push him out under that pretext.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            If that happens within or near an empire that’s not in terminal decline, your people get annihilated. See Jews in the Roman Empire or Uighurs in modern China.

          • Pete says:

            Is this what happened to Trump?

            • jim says:

              They killed Kennedy when he ordered withdrawal from Vietnam. Arguably they removed Trump because he would not make war with Russia and exterminate the Alawites.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      The Entryist with a Thousand Faces

  13. de Tatershall says:

    Apparently Shoigu is out as Russian Minister of Defense as part of the Wagner deal. It will be interesting to see if a hardliner replaces him whose first order of business is a massive series of strikes on the Ukrainian power grid. If most of Kiev is without power, and this “grand counteroffensive” keeps bogging down I wonder if DOD types start thinking really hard about coming to the negotiating table.

    • jim says:

      Probably. I hope so. I cannot see why he was not removed earlier. But we do not actually know.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      If anyone could give the Cliffs Notes on what the Prigozin-Shoigu beef has been about, I’d appreciate if he would.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Shoigu is a bureaucrat and tries to make everyone’s business his business. The Contractors don’t like that.

        That’s the short version anyways. Getting into details can carry you down multiple rabbit holes of 30 Xanatos Pileups.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I think it is important to remember that Shoigu was also pushed out and replaced by some guy whose name I cannot remember. That guy is responsible for building the military machine that executed the brilliant annexation of Crimea, as well as setting up the institutions that now form the foundation of the modern Russian military. for a bunch of reasons, that guy got sidelined and Shoigu was brought back in. I believe that guy had or has some pretty close ties to Wagner. Shoigu also has a PMC, but I don’t know the name, and I don’t think they are very special or notable.

  14. Red says:

    Off topic:

    Interesting data point on the covid vax front. A developer I work with who was jabbed 4X is no longer sick all the time after almost a year of endless low level covid infections. Several months after he stopped being sick and I’m starting to see improvements in his ability to write code. He was never the brightest coder around but after the the vaxes he consumed more resources in assistance from other developers than he produced in output. It got to the point where I urged my boss not have him work on almost anything because he was net drain on every project. He’s no longer a net drain on projects. I reviewed the code from his last project and it was much closer to what I expected from him pre-vax.

  15. zer says:

    We’ve just witnessed the greatest nothingburger in all of modern history.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      LMAO. I can’t agree more. If Putin did this to draw out the rats and moles it’s brilliant. If he didn’t then it’s still brilliantly lucky as the chance of any real color revolution in Russia is gone. No CIA garbage is going to be possible for years or decades. By then it won’t matter. How many CIA sleepers got made over this? How many dissidents got put on lists over their virtue signaling? It looks like the west got played as fools. Intentional or not or won’t matter.

      Props to The Cominator for seeing this clearly before anyone else.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m not the smartest poster here im a mere high midwit but I always ask myself if something is definitely fake and look for ways it could be before I emotionally react… and this one had a lot of shit that looked fake just like with covid.

        • Red says:

          Whatever happened, I think we can safely say that the CIA paid for a coup, got their shills to promote it and they got ripped off. Putin played the GAE again and probably all the remaining CIA assets are now burned and the bribe payments were probably transferred directly from the people “bribed” to the Russian government.

          I had been wondering why the Russian government was trying to force Wagner to join the Russian military. Seemed like a nonsensical move and now we know why.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            The agency was more blindsided by this than they were the fall of the Berlin Wall. You could see in real time as they tried to exploit what they thought was a coup. Langley is nothing more than diversity hires and thrall whites.

            this was not a Psyop. It was not 4D chess. this was a free company reminding the Lord that broken contracts have consequences.

            • Red says:

              They’d been pushing the Wagner vs the Russian government stuff for a while now. Seems like the sort of thing they’d reach out with pallets of newly printed $100s to fund.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >CIA paid for a coup
            >Putin played the GAE again

            I sort of doubt CIA is competent to even pull that off. No, what likely happened was that they tried to rhetoric magic Prigozhin’s MoD/Shoigu protest into a coup. There is real friction between the fighting men and Shoigu’s clique. Prigozhin never stated he was starting a coup and he never acted like he was starting a coup either. He even seemed caught off guard when Putin showed up very pissed off and mediation started almost immediately.

            CIA found out that magic words have no power over Russia. They are still trying to magic dissent in Russia by claiming Putin looks weak, isolated, and afraid. It is so false it became parody.

            • Red says:

              >CIA found out that magic words have no power over Russia. They are still trying to magic dissent in Russia by claiming Putin looks weak, isolated, and afraid. It is so false it became parody.

              That’s so fucking stupid of them that it might be true. I was thinking of when the CIA paid a random Russia cop 600 million in $100s to fund a color Revolution and the Russian government picked up the money and added it their national budget for the year. Just assuming they could magic up a coup without a bribe money is completely delusional thinking on their part.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >>CIA found out

                I’ve got to walk back what I said. They didn’t find out. They’re delusional. Take a look at this twitter and the retweets:

                I got no idea who this woman is, but she stinks of CIA affiliation.

                Born in Seattle, half German and half Korean-American, she was raised “between three cultures”. After a decade living and working abroad in Rwanda, China, Afghanistan, the UK, and Myanmar, she is now based in Berlin.


                She retweeted Vindman who is trying to magic a Kadyrov coup. This is even dumber and more unrealistic.


                • Red says:

                  Thinking they could magic up a coup without funding is them drinking their own cool aid. The CIA’s always paid for coups and color revolutions.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  The CIA of history is long gone. Obama completed the purge Clint started. I think the whole IC is playing catch up trading on perceptions based on opinions from the ever more distant past. Girl Boss appointments have consequences.

        • Red says:

          It was an excellent call. I can see why you’ve done well doing market speculation.

          • The Cominator says:

            Not lately… Under Biden literally no one has except insider short sellers.

            • Red says:

              I hear the same thing from my friends who do stock trading. They’re basically at break even or below hoping that things stop getting more fucked up. Inflation should be good for speculation, but Biden managed to fuck everything up.

              • The Cominator says:

                I made two bad assumptions based on historical logic… one that they’d back off on interest rates because it wouldn’t work given debt levels, two that any decline in stocks prices due to inflation would be short lived as historically it ALWAYS has… but outside of megacaps its been 30s tier. My friend who also did it was only saved by buying deep puts.

                Biden and his clique is literally a step above Pol Pot as leader and anyone who ever supported him should be crucified. I’m going to drive a truck for a while…

                • Red says:

                  >Biden and his clique is literally a step above Pol Pot as leader and anyone who ever supported him should be crucified. I’m going to drive a truck for a while…

                  I’m been reading that Biden will be replaced by Gavin Newsom and there’s signs that’s happening with the press actually started to mildly attack Biden over his open corruption with his Son to encourage him to not run again. Team B is trying to line up Newsom and DeSantis to be the candidates, part of railroading Trump is to get him to agree to drop out in exchange for dropping the charges. If not, they’ll just rig the primaries against him. Realistically Trump has no chance at winning without an army at his back.

                  Of course Newsom is the guy who destroyed California, so hard to tell if that’s an upgrade.

                  DeSantis has enough big money behind him now to buy the election, but when they rig the primaries against Trump he may lose just because no Republicans will show up to vote at all. We’ll see if DeSantis’s election stealing team is better than his campaign team, which so far has been hot garbage.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “DeSantis has enough big money behind him now to buy the election,”

                  Obama basically said Biden will be the nominee again. Obama is just an actor but he’s a mouthpiece for far more powerful people…

                  As far as the money this is why I think Trump’s old gang should switch to DeSantis, without the bribe money to buyout the vote counters Trump has no chance. DeSantis problem is he’s a sperg and too many other Republicans are running and Trump won’t debate.

                • Fidelis says:


                  what makes you think desantis is going to be of more use as president than FL governor? He’s done pretty good for the state but still has a ton of room for improvement. He has actual control over the place, why should he give that up to play swamp politics that he will likely lose? He’s not a caesar, and we need a caesar to play commander in chief, not a a bugocrat to lose legal games. He can take bites of imperial power, while the hive is infighting and uncoordinated, and expand the power of the florida state if he keeps picking winning fights.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Gavin Newsom? Yeah, let’s put America’s enemies on notice that the gay parades will continue at least through 2028, so any American territories, allies, vassal states, etc. that they can put boots on are theirs for the taking.

                  Except the Lower 48; the Mexican drug cartels have dibs on that!

                • The Cominator says:

                  I just don’t think Trump can win this time… his plan seems to be vote harder and some vague allusions to ballot harvesting but what the Democrats did was not limited to harvesting ballots from real people and that isn’t going to work.

                  We need to get Biden and the clique around him out ANYTHING would be an improvement and I don’t think DeSantis will be a neocon tool I expect them to get a knife in the back based on some of who his other allies are.

                • jim says:

                  Recent events show Washington, like Rome at the time of Sulla, is a city for sale. The big faction is the faction getting rich from empire. Likely Trump was removed for the same reason Kennedy was murdered: getting in the way of empire. Empire is now in big trouble. This will likely result in changes. What changes, no one knows, for if anyone knew, would have already happened.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The American empire has ALWAYS been run at an enormous loss (Trump wanted to change this a bit it was one of the best things about him) its mainly used as a pretext for our elite to fleece American taxpayers.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >They’re basically at break even

                Is that before or after taking inflation and capital gains into account.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Break even is only if they were doing iron condors or had deep puts against their stuff… most are probably afraid to say they are way down with this strange species of inflation accompanied with 80%+ declines in non megacaps.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think they used their pet funds especially Blackrock to make the market decline YUGE because stock trading independents tended to be Trump type people.

                • Red says:

                  I’m sure they’re way down when factoring in inflation. No one wants to admit how fucked they are.

                • Red says:

                  Inflation been hell for me as well. I typically don’t budget, I just naturally spend far less than I earn and put the surplus in investments or savings. This last year I started eating through my savings without changing my habits at all and by the time I realized what was going on my savings where getting very low.

                  I missed that bitcoin buying opportunity because of it. I’m still kicking myself over that.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I bought more than a few structured notes in 10k stacks a while ago. 100% down protection and 20-25% max upside after 3 years. Sounds good right? Well even if (an increasingly big if) I get max return it’s a loss when adjusted for inflation and that’s before taxes.

                  Inflation has been horrible for food. Costco was the hallmark of middle America and always managed to provide quality at affordable prices. Their quality control is slipping. Cheese, among other staples, is noticeably lower quality and increasingly flavorless. A mozzarella I bought recently had less flavor than 2% milk, wtf?! Costco stopped selling bags of whole walnuts and now sells bags of half walnuts with 20% walnut crumbs. Breaded meats are increasingly more oil and less actual meat. They recently had to do a recall of frozen berries due to sourcing from contaminated Mexican farms. Many more examples.

                  I’ve had to resorted to buying from whole foods just to have a normal dining experience.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  Where are these 80% declines? I’ve been incredibly lazy about active management lately and just went to check my account for the first time in around 4 months, and it’s up about 20% for the year.

                  This is literally from doing nothing, so I don’t attribute it to any special skill or anything other than luck and circumstance. It’s not about me. It’s just that these reports of Great Depression style crashes seem more than a little exaggerated.

                  The Bidenreich definitely has been terrible for the stock market vs. Trump’s stint in the white house, but – and I don’t mean to offend – it sounds like you’re discovering what every over-exuberant trader discovers as he gets older, which is that it’s easy to win in the short run or in a bull market, but over a longer timeline you’ll get wrecked by unexpected (timing or magnitude) downturns and other black swan events. It’s gambling, and you might find yourself on a 5-year-long hot streak but eventually you will lose unless the game is rigged to let you win.

                  The whole stonk market is a giant credit bubble waiting to pop, maybe already starting to pop. Only thing I regret is not buying more crypto when it was half-price, but it’s such a pain to do on the P2P exchanges and either I don’t understand how the KYC-into-tumbler approach is supposed to protect me or I do understand and am just more risk-averse vis-a-vis the IRS than some of you.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Every non megacap that isn’t in oil basically the indexes are all heavily weighed to megacaps.
                  “The whole stonk market is a giant credit bubble waiting to pop, maybe already starting to pop.”
                  God I hate normies… there is very very little credit in the stock market now and its mostly on the short seller side. Real estate values are the ones propped up by subsidized credit. Even at the height of bull markets the amount of credit in the stock market since the 30s crash is limited.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  there is very very little credit in the stock market now and its mostly on the short seller side

                  This is supposed to be a joke, right? Or maybe you’re misinterpreting “credit”, and you think I mean dimwits using actual credit cards or lines of credit or buying penny stocks on margin or something.

                  Most of the actual dollars going into the market are not individual investors paying cash. They’re from a combination of institutional investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions, and even the individual investors are generally doing it under a 401k or some other tax incentive that works hand in glove with the above-mentioned actors. All of this is propped up by the massive credit economy and low to negative real interest rates. It cannot exist without those things, the entire FIRE economy has negative inflation-adjusted ROI and must be covered up through trade sequestration, national debt and money laundering in Ukraine.

                  I’m obviously not going to post my entire portfolio here, but one of the stocks in it is AMD. I just checked the chart and it appears to have nearly doubled since the start of the year. AMD is a “megacap”, I suppose? They’re a tenth of Google and a fifth of Facebook and certainly have nothing to do with oil, but ok, sure.

                  My biggest gainer (not going to say which) is an ETF aggregating a bunch of small cap stocks. I usually only keep it for selling covered calls, but like I said, this past half year I’ve been slacking and not doing the calls. Again, just luck.

                  Making excuses, lashing out against people with more experience and calling them “normies” doesn’t change the reality of the situation. I’ve watched dozens of people like you rail against everyone from BlackRock to the market-makers and even the fed, blaming them for all their losses, but attributing all their gains to their unparalleled skill. Ok, just supposing that’s all true — so what? That’s the risk you take when you bet against the house. How do you know that last quarter you weren’t just coasting off the same insties who screwed you this quarter? You don’t, can’t, unless you’re privy to a lot of confidential information and computer code that should either be making you a billionaire or an inmate in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison, or both.

                  You’re talking nonsense, and accusing anyone who objects of talking nonsense.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Most of the actual dollars going into the market are not individual investors paying cash. They’re from a combination of institutional investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions, and even the individual investors are generally doing it under a 401k or some other tax incentive that works hand in glove with the above-mentioned actors. All of this is propped up by the massive credit economy and low to negative real interest rates.”

                  Yes I’ve said before in the thread I think the government is fucking with the market. All that “credit” is government funny money disguised as private money. That credit (public credit funny money) was imho mostly on the short side for the second half of 2021 thru 2022.

                  “I made money in American small caps under Biden” unless you had very good inside information no you didn’t you’re just lying. If you claimed you did it in global funds or something you’d be believable. You’re the one talking nonsense here. Big caps (and oil companies, maybe natural gas… i’d say defense stocks but they are all big cap) kept their value or a few like GE even went way up. Small caps were overwhelmingly massively down.

                  “Making excuses, lashing out against people with more experience and calling them “normies” doesn’t change the reality of the situation. I’ve watched dozens of people like you rail against everyone from BlackRock to the market-makers and even the fed, blaming them for all their losses, but attributing all their gains to their unparalleled skill. Ok, just supposing that’s all true — so what? That’s the risk you take when you bet against the house. How do you know that last quarter you weren’t just coasting off the same insties who screwed you this quarter? You don’t, can’t, unless you’re privy to a lot of confidential information and computer code that should either be making you a billionaire or an inmate in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison, or both.”

                  The experienced people ain’t making money either (I was one of them) unless they are in the club anymore and this was NOT the situation before Biden.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And the problem with you going hurr durr you lost playing a rigged game find a better way to make money… there aren’t that many good ways to make money anymore. The Biden administration extending the stealth command economy to stock prices (after their friends got taken for billions on the Gamestop fiasco) prettymuch makes getting ahead in America for a non-connected white guy impossible at least if you’re not willing to risk being a drug mule.

                • Aidan says:

                  The credit bubble is banks giving out an insane amount of credit to drive consumer spending and stave off economic collapse. I am a tax delinquent and have a bad credit score, and my bank is begging me to take out credit cards with ever more desperate offers when not all that long ago I had a lot of trouble getting a loan for a car despite solid income.

                  The banks unwisely giving out credit is ultimately the government giving out free money, the “maximize inflation to prevent depression” strategy, but the consumer is not quite biting. They are taking the free credit, and using it to pay their electric and grocery bills.

                  I know of some people making money by wisely short selling and day trading certain macros, but I do not have the time for that, and I don’t think they’re beating inflation by much if at all.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Most note trading games are not going to beat inflation because the inflation is not just money expansion but a giant contraction in actual goods. The physical economy is rotting away.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  my bank is begging me to take out credit cards with ever more desperate offers

                  Indeed. I have good credit, so I’ve always had the standard Amex and Capital One credit card offers every other month trying to get me to sign up, but there’s been a huge ramp-up this past year in my own banks, that I already give money to, trying to get me to take on more credit traps. Credit raises, lines of credit, home loans, auto loans, student loans (I haven’t been a student for 25 years), none of which I could possibly need in my situation, but they’re not doing any research and they’re desperate.

                  Every month I also ignore another call from their investment branch trying to take over that part of my finances; my trading strategy may be totally half-assed but it’s a fair shake better than the pathetic returns they promise to their retail customers, and that’s before the money managers take their cut.

                  There is a tremendous amount of money, I want to say trillions but certainly many billions of dollars in the stock market that doesn’t want to be there. Gramma Blanche would rather put it into high-interest savings accounts, GICs and CDs, if they actually paid anywhere close to the inflation rate. Savvier traders used to play around with T-bills, T-bonds and Forex. The biggest wheels buy improbably expensive art, wine and commercial real estate, always have and probably always will. The idea that every construction worker and high school English teacher needs a professionally-managed stock portfolio is very novel, and totally ridiculous. I’m quite comfortable with options and other derivatives, but I’m a math nerd, and giving those tools to the average person is like giving them grenades — they’re just going to blow themselves up, and you have to wonder if the person giving it to them intends it.

                  Banking is supposed to be a boring, low-margin business, but it’s been infested by parasites going all the way back to Bank of England days, and their general strategy is use credit as an enticement for raising the “capital” needed for all their other silly-buggers games. Some of them don’t even seem to bother with the Chinese wall anymore, they’re just openly leveraging your home equity to fund their HFT adventures (amongst other bullshit).

                  I’m not going to waste any more time arguing the obvious: credit bubbles inflate asset values and by extension, credit crunches deflate them. FIRE is more than 20% of the US economy not because the service they offer is so valuable, but because the government gives them debt-fueled superpowers and boy, do they use ’em.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Inflation is fun when all the freshly-printed money goes to rich people, causing their stocks, real estate, wine, fine art, and yachts to appreciate in value. Not so much fun when you need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.

                  Which might never happen because John Deere, Fritz Haber, and Norman Borlaug made grain cultivation almost as easy as printing money. Instead of worrying that our children will starve, we worry that they’ll be murdered by the hordes of wild apes created by all that cheap food.

                  Thus we spend most of our money buying homes in ape-free neighborhoods. Or we emigrate and pay a fraction of the price for a much nicer home in an ape-free country.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >greatest nothingburger
          It was a pretty good bellweather test

          Doesn’t matter if fake. It demonstrated how the rank and file reacted to a war hero marching in the “wrong” direction so to speak. They did not resist Prigozhin, most cheered, and some even joined. Of course, this was never a coup, but one must ask “what if?” Americans are far more discontent with their leadership than the Russians.

          What this demonstrates is that America is far more coup possible.

          >How many dissidents got put on lists over their virtue signaling?

          None. As it turns out, there is no internal Russian opposition. Every single civilian government official and political figure rallied to Putin. He even got support from the communist party of all things.

        • Starman says:

          @The Cominator

          “I’m not the smartest poster here im a mere high midwit but I always ask myself if something is definitely fake and look for ways it could be before I emotionally react… and this one had a lot of shit that looked fake just like with covid.”

          You seem to have a pretty good grug intuition on stuff like this.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >grug intuition

            Being able to detachedly look at information and draw conclusions is a rare trait. Talking to the masses of Discord demons one quickly finds it can’t be taught. Not grug intuition. TC has aristocratic traits, now if he would just stop fucking whores and makes a nice woman his own…

        • Dr. Faust says:

          CNN has made itself look ridiculous. They were ready to report Putin being arrested and charged for crimes against Transkind. I woke up yesterday reading posts about “Russian Civil War II” on reddit and comparisons to the arab spring and other nonsense. BBC was more conservative in their posts which shows how detached CNN has become. I would love to say this woke people up to the nonsense they peddle but I doubt their viewers ability to reason at all. Too much vax brain fog, maybe. Or just dumb. I expect this all to be memory holed.

          • Hesiod says:

            While the headline for the initial Fox News article on this was almost “Evil and crazy Putler fires on own troops because, well, what do you expect evil and crazy people to do?”, the content was pretty vague and half-hearted. Later on, though, it got sexed up for the neocohen circle jerk. Read the exact same verbiage from the shills haunting Unz, particularly Anglin’s articles. Alas, for GAE dreams, this “coup” is a doomed pup.

      • alf says:

        Also to Jim, whom the news bored. lmao. Shill flurry went from 0 to 100 to 0 real quick.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        But seriously now. Is anyone telling me that actual GAE plants, still inside Moscow right now after all of this, would still run out, give their games away and publicly signal as pro Wagner coup after less than 24 hours of stalking horses on Facebook from far away Rostov on Don?

        If they were still over 100 miles from Moscow and no one had shot at anyone yet, that does seem like a ridiculously wasteful and risky thing to do. Way more self-incriminating than putting a Coexist bumper sticker on his purple Prius.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          I can imagine Prigozhin marching to Moscow, deposing the government with little bloodshed, declaring himself Tsar of all Russia, and restoring patriarchy. What I can’t fathom is why the CIA would support such a coup. The CIA wants to put Navalny in charge, triple Russia’s population with African immigrants, and turn Russia’s churches into gay nightclubs.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Anyone feel like posting a plot synopsis for those of us who didn’t bother following in real time? When all of the official press starts chanting in unison, that’s when I tune out, and it happened very early in this story.

      From what I read: Prigozhin took a company back to Moscow, and they met with Putin and talked? Is that it? Was there some kind of grievance addressed or agreement reached?

      • Red says:

        Wagner stages a bloodless mutiny/protest, negotiates a deal where no one involved goes to jail and the leader of Wagner is exiled to Belarus. Exactly who got what from the deal is unclear. Western media claimed it’s a coup that will overthrow Putin but it didn’t show any signs of being a coup. Why they claimed it was a coup when no one involved was claiming it as such is probably wishful thinking on the GAE’s part.

        We still don’t know the details of what was going on, but Wagner is quite upset the Russia high command’s management of the war and a reshuffling may result due to the mutiny.

      • jim says:

        Regular ground forces were strangely passive in response to the mutiny. Akhmat, not the regular army, was sent to oppose them. But somehow managed to not fight them. Some elements of the air force did fight them, but were defeated by ground to air. President of Belarus, Lukashenko, was talking for many hours to Prigozhin who was at the time rather close to Moscow with rather a lot of troops. And then the mutiny quietly evaporated.

        Meanwhile an entirely real, and obviously Global American Empire sponsored, coup was being launched, and instacrushed with barely a murmer, in Belarus. Which has led to speculation that this was a faked up effort to draw out the Global American Empire operation in Belarus. I have no idea.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          Sounds almost as opaque as it did before all the coverage started. I’ve re-read yours and Red’s replies and my only real takeaway is “gay ops”, or GAE ops.

          I guess there was some sort of dust-up, more like a labor strike than anything resembling a coup, and the brain-addled, Monkeypox-infected faggots at Harvard/State believed that narrative magic could somehow amplify it into a real color revolution or provide plausible cover for a real one. That sound about right? Henry Kissinger must be laughing his ass off right now.

  16. Severian says:

    Negotiations held with Lukashenko. Seems Wagner returning to base for now.

    • notglowing says:

      Returning to base meaning what?

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I read that they’re actually breaking up into groups and setting up field encampments. there’s a distinct difference between turning around and heading home, and taking the next exit and getting a hotel.

        • notglowing says:

          Which is why I asked. However I don’t understand how Wagner thinks they can survive a longer campaign within Russia.

          Where do they get their supplies?
          If they were serious they should’ve been in Moscow by now.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            So many clips of people cheering Wagner, hugging, waving their flag. I’m glad it hasn’t come to fighting, but if there wasn’t organic support for them, that column would have been annihilated. Either the order to bomb wasn’t given, or it was ignored.

          • jim says:


            This presupposes it was a coup attempt. It was not a coup attempt. It was a mercenary mutiny, which are as common as mushrooms after rain.

            • notglowing says:

              “If they were serious they should’ve been in Moscow by now.”
              So, you’re saying they’re not. Which one has to conclude by their recent actions.

              But I don’t think presupposing it was a coup attempt was absurd given what they were doing.

              Now that they decided to negotiate and retreat somewhat, it’s become clear it can’t be an actual attempt at a coup because it wouldn’t work this way.

              “he who draws his sword against his prince must throw away the scabbard”

              • jim says:

                “coup” was a shill presupposition that I never thought plausible for an instant.

                And I, and you, would have saved a great deal of time and thought by paying absolutely no attention till the dust settled. My instinct was to ignore the matter until its meaning became apparent, but first the army of shills showed up, and then you guys got agitated, so finally I took a look at the Russian language news, which had accurately reported the matter from the beginning. Yep, mercenary mutiny. How very unsurprising and unremarkable. And the shills are still posting “failed coup, failed coup, failed coup”, all of which I continue to silently suppress.

                > I don’t think presupposing it was a coup attempt was absurd

                Thinking that there was possibility that it was a coup attempt was reasonable. Presupposing it was a coup attempt was absurd. You were sucked in by shills. Ten sock puppets say a man is a woman ten times each, and it starts to sound reasonable.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >mercenary mutiny

                  When they initially went to Rostov and then sat down to talk with military leadership, it looked more like a professional and polite protest rather than outright open rebellion. It was weirdly corporate businessman in style.

                • Calvin says:

                  Wagner literally is a business.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Wagner is a business but it’s also a paramilitary by necessity. Paramilitaries operate differently due to being command & control and that affects the culture and more importantly the expectations.

                  Look, if you got a bunch of armed men talking about marching on you, you’d be worried about safety. This is what mutinies tend to imply. This is what SMD initially thought they were dealing with and why they release a video of a visibly upset Russian General chastising Prigozhin and telling them to stop.

                  If you got a bunch of upset business men talking about renegotiating a deal, you’d be worried about business disruption. When SMD realized this is what they were dealing with, they sat down and calmly talked with Prigozhin. It even looked friendly.

                  Militaries and paramilitaries generally do not promote a culture of renegotiation. This is why SMD was initially perturbed because Prigozhin acting like a businessman was a subversion of expectations… which ironically plays into your point that Wagner is literally a business.

      • Severian says:

        Apparently Peskov is saying Prigozhin will have free passage to Belarus. Wagner units who refused to mutiny will sign contracts with MoD. The rest will not get prosecuted.
        This sounds like the end of Wagner as it used to be. Remains to be seen if Gerasimov and Shoigu remain in charge.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          If you thought, Wagner under Putin was interesting, You’re going to have so much fun with Wagner under lukashenko.

          • Red says:

            Considering the very real threat of NATO invading Belarus, they’re exactly where Putin needs them to be.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              That is actually a pretty good point. I think it’s going to take a while for them to ramp back up. I have no evidence of this, but my gut says that about 3/4 of Wagner is probably going to sign on with Russia. so it will take some time for them to get back where they were.

              A lot of people see Russia and America as similar countries in different places on the globe. The reality is that Russia is a multi-ethnic society that requires a strong man to lead it because there are just so many factions. most the time it looks like a country, but it is a collection of countries that are united by choice or by force.

              • Red says:

                Lukashenko is going to need a tight military force that can’t be bribed to protect him and advise his military. Any NATO invasion will probably start with an attempt to take him out.

              • Karl says:

                The reality is that Russia is a multi-ethnic society that requires a strong man to lead it because there are just so many factions.

                Agreed, but isn’t America multi-ethnic as well and doesn’t America also require a strong man to lead? In this respect, Russia has what America lacks.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Harvard is a decentralized strongman. Everywhere and nowhere at once. Far more oppressive yet “tolerant” at the same time. A thousand minds and a thousand heresies, it wants to go in a thousand different directions at once.

    • Tom Thomason says:

      [*sounds like Q*]

    • Aidan says:

      The Landsknechts mutiny after the emperor threatens to put an incompetent general in charge of them. They march towards the palace. A third party ally negotiates with them and promises that said incompetent general will be fired. The Landsknechts set up camp while they wait for that promise to be fulfilled.

      Sounds like a totally normal happening that has occurred for as long as semi-private militaries have existed.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        this whole time, I could not stop thinking about your latest piece, among a few other things, If it had all gone pear-shaped 😉

  17. Severian says:

    I thought he was going to sit on Rostov and negotiate, but he’s rushing to Moscow with a few thousand men and is already north Of Voronejh. Like Caesar speeding to Rome with a single legion.
    I wonder if the Russian Elite will also run like the Senators did.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      You’ve been a source of blackpill info before, I don’t want to contribute to psyop bullshit. Not trying to hurt your feels, just being upfront.

      Rumors already circulating that Elites are quietly exiting the capital. But the ukrop propaganda army is in overdrive right now, and the CIA assets are all rallying to the side of Prigozhin… Online. This makes little sense, as if he did take over, they are the first going up against the wall.

      This is going to be incredibly messy. I’ve decided to only go on updates with footage attached. one liners and blurbs aren’t trustworthy.

      On that note, footage of Wagner column documented to be ~5 hours from Moscow. Footage of a strella missing a Ka-52 then (presumably) slamming into a refinery by accident. Footage of Wagnerites in control of Rostov, doing crowd control, planting mines, detaining/disarming Axmat scouts, moving in columns, and getting bombed at least once in transit.

      • Severian says:

        The two presidential planes Putin had been using have left to St Petersburg. So not out of the realm they are indeed leaving.

    • Roger Williams says:

      If he’s successful this is a good sign on the world stage for a return to actual warrior rule and end of suit rule. Faggot Putin fleeing with rest of his billionaire suits.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Yes, fellow right winger, anyway globohomo is way more preferable to all these not-right-enough faggots amirite?

        • Aidan says:

          The shills are going to line up behind Wagner whether NATO caused this or not. Those in charge can’t think farther than “bad for putler means good for us”.

          I don’t think they realize that Prigozhin would be a far more dangerous enemy of the GAE than Putin, though they might use this as an excuse to pre-emptively nuke Moscow to stop nukes from “falling into the hands of terrorists”.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            I am not quite up to date on all this as we get little of independent news from Russia here. News about Russia Ukrainian war is sourced only from Western agencies. And the Indian media is anyway preoccupied with Modi’s US visit.

            But I did notice the posting pattern here.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Yes, I got your point now once I figured out who Prigozhin is. The situation is unfortunate and any instability in Russia is beneficial only to the GAE, even if only short term.

      • notglowing says:

        The fact that Prigozhin is jewish doesn’t bode well for Russia.

      • Western Taliban says:

        This explains why you were incapable of recognizing female emancipation as the source of infertility while you kept insisting that buildings magically make people stop having kids, your crimestop activated.

        How much do you get paid for this shit?

  18. Kunning Drueger says:

    Probably worth listening to (live now at 0700 PST):

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Jim, please tell me explicitly to stop if that’s what you desire.

      Unless something new breaks in a related but different situation, I’m going to restrict my panicposting to this thread.

      Kremlin foreign ministry just released a statement. pretty standard fare: it would be super unfortunate if anybody fucked with Russia right now. nothing special to mention, but they did the same thing Putin did in his message: they didn’t name anyone, not people nor organizations. Americans have verbal diarrhea, and don’t speak succinctly. Russians don’t, and do. This is a conscious choice, but what it means, I cannot say.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Police specifically, not Rosvgardia, ordered to *NOT* engage Wagner.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Column possibly halted.

      Radio silence from all corners.

      Axmat not posting to TikTok.

      Quotes/comments coming from different RF forces, enlisted & officer, contacted & contract, that no one wants to shoot at each other.

      This is a powder keg, a big lump of plastique. the question is, is it in a bombvest, a school bus, or under a bureaucrat’s desk chair?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I am breaking my own rule here, cuz I’m just an anarchist like that.

      rumor just dropped that lukashenko was briefed by Putin and is acting as an intermediary between the Kremlin and Wagner. initial assertions say they are working towards a compromise, and that this is why the column has stopped. additional assertions say the meetings have been ongoing, even during the initial advance, which might need some to speculate optimistically that they’ve reached some kind of agreement. we should be cautious to take this as definite, but it is not like lukashenko is some kind of dove, and he is on the board as being a survivor of multiple color revolution attempts. He’s also the guy, in case you haven’t been paying attention, who has been vaguely?hinting that he is going to nuke the shit out of Poland if they look at him wrong.

      • The Cominator says:

        Obviously it was all fake… were any shots fired.

        Lukashenko is in a weird position, his job in Russia is to be a haven for people who are nostalgic for the Soviet Union (they do exist over there) to go. He’s a leftist but of the technocratic Stalinist kind… strangely the rest of the left hates the Stalinist more than us because Stalin wiped them all out with extreme prejudice in Russia as most on this blog know.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Not my read at all.

          MoD shit tested Wagner with threat of dissolution. Wagner said ” hey baby, I’m driving over to your house, You’re going to get fucked harder than grandpa Stalin could even dream of.”

          • The Cominator says:

            I don’t know how insider Russian politics goes enough to comment on that… but I don’t think the Wagner head (I can never remember how to spell his fucking name) did this on his initiative.

            It was either an attempt to bait Ukraine into another offensive or setting up some kind of pretext to purge the military leadership and perhaps even the spook leadership. Some twatter chatter that Shoigu and Gerasimov are going to go.

          • jim says:

            Because of a storm of shill reports, which I am silently suppressing, because this is not a latest news blog, and because the meaning of such events can only be known after time has passed, I finally got off my ass and started reading the Russian media. Who are all carrying the Wagner version of events:

            The founder of the Wagner PMCs, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced a strike on the PMCs camp by the Russian armed forces. He announced the beginning of a rebellion against the leadership of the Russian army. PMCs announces the seizure of military facilities in Rostov and Voronezh. Anti-terrorist measures have been announced in Moscow.
            Uzbek Tilida O’zbek Tilida Today, 12:34 World
            On the evening of June 23, the Telegram channel “Unloading Wagner” published a video with footage of the alleged consequences of a missile strike on the camp of the Wagner PMCs – an armed group led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, who stands for Russia in its war against Ukraine.

            The video says that the strike was carried out from the rear, that is, by the military of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Defense Ministry said that this is not true and is an information provocation.

            Yevgeny Prigozhin said that a targeted strike led to the death of “a huge number of fighters” and announced the beginning of a rebellion against the leadership of the Russian army. He said: “There are 25 thousand of us, and we are going to figure out why lawlessness is happening in the country.” The PMCs decided to “stop the evil that the country’s military leadership is carrying,” Prigozhin said. About Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, he said: “This creature will be stopped.”

            Основатель ЧВК Вагнера Евгений Пригожин заявил об ударе по лагерю ЧВК со стороны вооружённых сил России. Он объявил о начале мятежа против руководства российской армии. ЧВК заявляет о захвате военных объектов в Ростове и Воронеже. В Москве объявили о проведении антитеррористических мероприятий.
            Ўзбек тилида O‘zbek tilidaСегодня, 12:34 Мир
            Вечером 23 июня в Telegram-канале «Разгрузка Вагнера» было опубликовано видео с кадрами якобы последствий ракетного удара по лагерю ЧВК Вагнера — вооружённого формирования во главе с Евгением Пригожиным, выступающего за Россию в её войне против Украины.

            В видео говорится, что удар был нанесён с тыловой стороны, то есть военными Министерства обороны России. В Минобороны заявили, что это не соответствуют действительности и являются информационной


            Евгений Пригожин заявил, что целенаправленный удар привёл к гибели «огромного количества бойцов» и объявил о начале мятежа против руководства российской армии. Он сказал: «Нас 25 тысяч, и мы идём разбираться, почему в стране творится беспредел». ЧВК решила «остановить зло, которое несёт военное руководство страны», заявил Пригожин. О министре обороны РФ Сергее Шойгу он сказал: «Эта тварь будет остановлена».

            Is this true? And if it is true what preceded the strike? The Ministry of Defense denies the strike, thus if it happened, was not authorized.

            Don’t know. Will know by and by.

            Not reading further, because though this is big and important news It will take a while to know what it means. But the Russian media are not reporting a coup. They are reporting a mutiny. And mercenary mutinies are pretty common. Big important event, but less important than these guys are making it. And more common, and less important, than a mutiny in the army itself.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Wagner breaking up column and deploying to field camps.

      I think the next thing to look for is what happens at MoD, what Putin says, and where the, for lack of a better term, BRICS Axis lands. Putin is going to look weak no matter what, but there are bad v. worse options for him here. Of course, I’d like to see most the brass lynched and a demonstration nuke chain detonated in Siberia, but I bet there are less aggressive options too.

      World is watching. If Putin can come through with the perception of stability, continue winning in UKR, and maintain his internal favorability rating, a significant number of elites in the West might start scheduling golf trips for some friendly meetings.

      This crisis is latent until someone comes out in top and/or Wagner is back on the line of contact.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Footage of Wagnerites loading up and leaving Rostov. Crowds cheering, not jeering, taking pics with operators, waving flags.

      A lot of sources saying it’s over.

      a lot of egg on faces: USG suspended sanctions on Wagner, many Russia Libs declared for Prigozhin. All of NAFO declared him /theirguy/. MSM said Russia is finished, Putin lost. I don’t think it’s over, but we’ll have to see what comes of this event.

      • The Cominator says:

        “many Russia Libs declared for Prigozhin.”

        Yep looks staged as a pretext for a good ol purge.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >many Russia Libs declared for Prigozhin

          False, every single civilian faction within Russia declared for Putin. Even liberals and communists supported Putin. The military in SMD was silent only because they realized they were dealing with a business dispute and not a mutiny and were trying to softly renegotiate terms with Prigozhin. The only “Russians” that declared for Prigozhin was the GAE and fake Russian exiled government and various “expats” outside of Russia.

          No one is getting purged in Russia because there is no one to purge… well except Prigozhin who is being “exiled” to the Belarus-Polish boarder. He’s not even being censored. If anything, it looks like a redeployment.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The only people talking about a purge are CIA affiliates in the West trying to conjure up divisions in Russia where there are none.

  19. Kunning Drueger says:

    Here’s what’s been confirmed:

    – Wagner column moved into Rostov On Don
    – Moscow region (every region between Rostov & Moscow) has declared a Counter Terrorist regime
    – Clashes between Wagner & MoD. The severity of which can’t be ascertained
    – Attacks on AFU through the night as usual

    it’s really hard to predict. part of me things that this is so foolish to do, it just gives the GAE the opportunity to say that the control of the nuclear arsenals and question, for the good of humanity blah blah blah, article 5. that would be a pretty bold move, and nothing that what we said about the GAE’s force capabilities is incorrect, they are in a shambles, so would it really change that much? The other part of me wonders if this is what someone else suggested, a move by Putin to mitigate the MoD and Shoigu. The rhetoric definitely doesn’t sound like a coup to replace Putin. not that I recommend anyone should watch MSM, but they always say the opposite of truth, so that might be a helpful indicator.

    I have always thought that Prigozhin was on the level. Even if he himself is a Skype, he always made the choice to put the correct imagery, and to sacrifice his troops for victory instead of PR. I genuinely hope this is going to lead to better things, but we also need to prepare for the fact that Russia might be betrayed by Jews yet again.

    • jim says:

      It is not a coup (yet) it is a mutiny. It is a big mutiny, and last I heard the mutineers were in possession of the military head quarters for the war in the Ukraine. And seem content to stay there.

      • smurfissimus says:

        “And seem content to stay there.”

        Doubtless that’s why/how they moved from Rostov to Voronezh overnight, by staying where they are.


        “I’m bored!” screams Jim. “The sky’s not falling! Ow! Ow! It’s not! I’m bored! It’ll all go away if I stop thinking about it! I’m bored! Bored! Bored!”

        I’ve never seen a man telegraph unreasoning fear quite as strongly as you do.

        • jim says:

          They did not move. They are occupying military headquarters in both places. If the matter is not resolved shortly, next the banks. This has happened before times without number. Maybe things are different in the twenty first century, but history so far appears to be repeating itself.

          • embeveraged commuter says:

            No way this is a ‘coup’, at least in the sense most people would use that word. Wagner is not as independent as they like to present, nor is Prigozhin all that powerful or important. Then there’s the matter of them lacking combined arms or access to supply beyond what they are issued. They would achieve nothing and all get executed dishonorably.

            At most it’s a strike, like workers staying home strike not as in missile strike. My money’s on it being a psyop.
            -It wouldn’t take 50D chess, just coordinated public statements, brief control of telegram bloggers on the front line, and troop movements they would have done anyway as Wagner is rotated out.
            -There were remarks before that it was weird Prigozhin got away with his public complaints previously. It makes more sense that this is part of the plan, rather than Putin just ignoring these threats.
            -If the GAE stops it’s big offensives and sticks to putting conscripts in civillian buildings, that will be much slower and more expensive for Russia.

            • The Cominator says:

              This is the way I think too, let’s say Wagner has better infantry than the Russian army and some supporting artillery? Where is their air force?

              There is something very fake about this… and I don’t think it’s against Putin but its either setting up for a purge of would be dissidents or it’s baiting Ukraine into another stupid offensive.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Yes. Something’s not right. The timing is too perfect for GAE purposes, and no one’s trying to stop these guys or it’d be on Telegram somehow.

                My understanding is that Putin goes further back with Prigozhin than he does with Shoigu.

                I can see Erdogan and Putin in the sauna somewhere and Erdogan says “OK Vlad, here’s how I did it.”

                But boy have I been wrong about stuff before.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I mean it seems like almost that can go wrong in the world in the past few years has gone wrong in a way that things never have in history except for the time around World War One… but this does seem all rather fantastic.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Just checked /pol chatter is now that the “coup” is over… supposedly Lukashenko acting as intermediary brokered peace between Wagner and the current Russian government. I wonder if the peace is that Putin gets to purge his defense ministry…

      • Basil says:

        This is a mutiny attempt, which shows that even people who risked their lives for the sake of Russia’s victories in the war, and people who are directly connected with Russia’s successes in certain sectors of the front, took a huge risk, because they see in which direction they are being led their own military leadership. (which is more likely to squander)

        Chechen cock suckers were sent to fight Wagner, which is a sufficient indicator that this is the rarest precedent for a Jew not being the worst case possible.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I remember reading a long time ago that Putin already removed Shoigu years ago for incompetence and corruption allowing some oligarchs to get away with poorly supplying the Russian military. The new guy he put in took out the trash and came down on the suppliers which ate into their profits bigly. Putin was shortly coerced into removing that guy and re-installing Shoigu after their complaints.

      Putin is probably in on it and is happy to leverage Wagner to remove the problem parties from his military permanently.

  20. Severian says:

    This Wagner Coup is real. They are taking over the HQ in Rostov. Several videos with gunfire in the background.
    Just not sure what this lunatic thinks he will accomplish.

    • jim says:

      I will look at it tomorrow. Not interested. Too much stuff coming from sources that glow in the dark.

    • Roger Williams says:

      Looks like the beginning of the end for Putin. He’s been incredibly incompetent anyway.

      • Red says:

        Give it a rest. Something’s going on, but far too much propaganda from glowies to tell what.

      • alf says:

        Anatoly Karlin has been shilling for I don’t know how long. On this blog too, it is the shills proclaiming a Prigozhin mutiny.

        But it is also over every major news site. And they are claiming that the Kremlin has officially responded to Prigozhin’s mutiny. So either a very blatant psy-ops, or something going on.

        It wouldn’t be out of character for how events have unfolded so far. But to really have the most effective Russian PMG mutiny like that… Gives off some serious late stage Roman collapse vibes.

        But as always, best to wait a couple of days and see what about this story will stick.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Prigozhin’s initial statement said; “Presidential authority, government, ministry of internal affairs, rosgvardia, and other departments will continue operating as before.” Summarizing the rest, after they get their justice they will return to the front.

          Coups do not start with promises to preserve the regime. He was filmed in SMD chatting with Colonel General Yunus-Bek, Deputy Minister of Defense, and Lt. Gen. Vladimir Alekseyev, deputy chief of Russian military intelligence. Body language is friendly and he is armed. It doesn’t even look like a mutiny.

          What I think is happening is that Shoigu pissed off a lot of people and they are professionally and politely asking for his removal.

          • jim says:

            I will figure out what happened once the dust settles, because impossible to know what is happening or has happened when the shills and mainstream press is shouting noise.

        • jim says:

          The Ministry of Defense ordered Wagner merged into the regular army, which was a really bad idea. Wagner, rightly, refused. Drama ensued, and is probably escalating. Boring. When the dust settles on this quarrel, we will know whether it mattered. Probably not. That is the small grain of truth on which the usual disinfo campaigns have announced a mountain. More likely a molehill, and we will not know how small the molehill for quite some time.

        • smurfissimus says:

          “they are claiming that the Kremlin has officially responded”

          Why is it so hard for pro-russian commentators to actually go and check what the Kremlin has and has not said?

          The fact that the Kremlin has said something that requires a thing to be true that you don’t want to be trued is not the Kremlin’s problem. It is your problem. You need to drop the wishful thinking and face up to reality. You can’t impose words on reality and reshape reality to your will. Words are for describing reality, not shaping it. Attempting magic, as Jim has been doing, will get you nowhere.

          • alf says:

            This is a dumb and unnecessarily antagonistic response.

            Obviously a thing is true or false outside of whether an institution says it is true or false. But whether things one thousand miles outside of where I live are true or false, I can not smell. Thus, reliance on words of others.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            You should go watch Putin’s address. Pay attention to his mannerisms, and compare with his many other speeches. Now look at the words he’s using (I don’t speak Russian, only going off translation). This is not a cut and dried situation, and Putin is in a spot because Prigozhin has stated, explicitly, that he’s not interested in compromising the structure of the state, but he is going after the high command. because you seem like a smart guy, let me know of previous coups that have said, explicitly, that they aren’t interested in state power.

            Shoigu is a corrupt mud blood fool. Putin needs to be punished for allowing that up jumped migrant laborer pretend to be a general. But Prigozhin is Putin’s creature, this is known to anyone that has even a cursory understanding of Russia.

            I know you’re just going to shill nigger platitudes and CNN talking points, but The Column is, as of now, 4 hours away from Moscow. at every checkpoint they’ve hit thus far, they are allowed to pass, sometimes with the blessing of the regulars. recall how the narrative about Napoleon changed as he approached Paris.

        • A2 says:

          “Anatoly Karlin has been shilling for I don’t know how long.”

          He started out on Putin’s side and now seems to have swung over to the other, or at least some anti-Putin stance. Well, if he thought he bet on the wrong horse it would have been a lot smarter to just shut up. Literally nobody likes a turncoat.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The gnostic lies even when telling the truth would serve his interests better.

      Them saying that a coup is happening means that while *they* may be planning for a coup, Prigozhin himself does not consider whatever it is he is doing as involving coups.

    • Fidelis says:

      Leaving a prediction now to test against later

      Not just for show, prigo is there under graces of putler faction to remove shoigu. The why is rather opaque, maybe putler wants shoigu gone for incompetence but cannot simply fire him, maybe shoiboy has a faction of his own that has gained too much strength.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        That’s plausible enough. Convoy on an open road to Moscow is easily solved via airpower. That it hasn’t been obliterated suggests someone high up is either dithering, orders being ignored, or more or less okay with it.

        Simple mutiny is a plausible start though. Wagner is halfway to being a prisoner battalion already, them taking casualties while doing the heavy lifting is a win/win/win situation for Russia. Might be Prigozhin went native with his troops and got tired of that. Except mutiny only leaves the question of how he’s still standing. Is it all a worked shoot from the beginning, or is Putin scrambling behind the scenes to make use of an unpleasant surprise?

        Really I have no idea what’s going on, too far outside my culture so I’ll wait and see.

  21. notglowing says:

    What’s with this story that Wagner is waging a coup against Moscow I’m hearing from western media?

    How real is this?

    • notglowing says:

      I struggle to believe he is waging a coup against Moscow. I see no proof right now.

      That said, aside from this, there has been some conflict brewing between Wagner and MoD.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Known glowie telegram channels are megaphoning the “coup info.” Otherwise trustworthy, or at least restrained, TGram chnnls reporting same.

      Glowies saying fighting has begun

      Others saying a massive column of Wagner vehicles (50-70 km long) moving on some highway somewhere.

      • The Cominator says:

        Wagner is tiny compared to the main Russian army, no coup would be possible unless lots of lower commanders were backing Wagner for a coup against Putin. I find this all very hard to believe…

        • notglowing says:

          Is it even clearly a coup against Putin? Who knows what power dynamics are happening within the MoD.

        • Asher says:

          Wagner is comprised of a great number of Tier 1 SMU operators (greater in number than the FSB’s Alpha Group) and have several elite recon battallions, those that did most of the fighting in Bakhmut (to say nothing of mechanized infantry, artillery, copters, close air support and so on). To discount this in favor of “muh raw numbers” is naive, and history bears this out. I don’t believe Prigozhin has any interest in upturning the apple cart in Russia based on his statements and goals (note that he still threatens Ukraine while cursing the Russian MoD), but if Wagner were to attempt to “march on Moscow” betting on them would be far from crazy

          • zero says:

            Asher you are a strange guy, how is betting on a wagner coup anything but batshit insane, the russians are as legalist as the old tier 1 american guard. You need some links my guy because it seems like you are smoking crack. Putin/donbass is not going to be overthrown by some fag balkan miltia captain, know your place, fight for the federation or get chechnya’d, whatever is going on it is not russian, someone has soddomite blackmail on that merc and you should not be shilling against the federation, its blowing your cover as an ost agent. The russians suck at american psy ops, its very weird. But no one is dumb enough to say they are marching on the capital ruled by a guy who thinks stolypin is soft. In your world either the 90s russian naval oligarchs are eliminating the merc threat to their primacy in military matters or their is some strange combination between a lesser american faction and a shit russian psyops campaign to deligitimize wagner and the russian anti-nato war. my small money is on the same anti-blackwater play from the rus mil-oligarchs combined with nato fag-mail. Why are you referencing bachkmut, you dont post like any ukrainian I know but sound an awful lot like an expat drinking the coolaid. Everyone in the federation is terrified of the boss, they are not terrified of a little prince with an ugly face and compromat. I’ll call my big money on some morons trying to color rev with blackmail without realizing or caring that they have a card they cannot burn effectively and they are playing into one more flash in the pan. How many have a finger in the pie is a question of how many are playing the British game. Russia as always is at both ends of the spectrum. You are not at both ends but firmly in the pot of stupid. Betting on some black knights against a revanchist polis with more asabiyyah then you could shake a stick at is fucking retarded, and far from being crazy anyone that discounts some wagfag of dubious import out of hand from crippling the worlds 2nd greatest hegemony is perfectly sane. Russia will continue to bleed a purple shade of grean.

            • Asher says:

              1) I don’t particularly care how this shakes out one way or another, so save the autistic agent crap.
              2) The US and West in general are notoriously clumsy at subterfuge, and have demonstrated as such for the greater part of the last half-century. As someone whose country is undergoing a color revolution I can confirm this first hand
              3) What manner of “compromat” would turn an entire militia inwards and begin shooting like they’re Al-Nusra in Syria fighting the government one day then their own spooks-in-arms, ISIS the next. If Russia with its thumbing of nose at Western hegemonic influence and supposed asabiyyah is somehow thrown for a loop by homo blackmail of some random merc as you describe him, then that should speak a million words on its own.

            • jim says:

              This presupposes that there is a Wagner coup. Wagner says there is not and last I heard, were not acting as if there is one.

              Wagners were scheduled for an offensive on northern front in the Ukraine, and pay for July was not forthcoming. This reaction is a pretty standard behavior in mercenary armies, and likely it can be resolved by pay and equipment being forthcoming. We shall see. People, lacking history, are not used to mercenary armies. Looks like business as usual to me. But hey, in a few days we will know better.
              Perhaps I am whistling in the dark, or perhaps you lot are being stampeded by shills.

              If you stop paying mercenaries at short notice, this happens. Don’t stop paying mercenaries at short notice. But very few Kings were overthrown because they stopped mercenary pay at short notice. Although often what happened was that mercenaries would help themselves.

              • Fidelis says:

                Re-reading Anabasis and it is striking just how fickle mercenaries can be even if you pay them well.

              • Asher says:

                I’m not sure how apt the comparison is, but this rings quite similarly to the situation of the Janissaries in Ottoman Turkey, who did, in fact unseat not one, but two separate sultans under very similar circumstances. The first being grievances over wages and the second being the threat of subordination to the national military

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  For now, I’m with Asher on this one. Foolish to bet against Wagner. Imagine if Blackwater had been allowed to have artillery and tanks, then had been tasked with taking Fallujah, and allowed to expand to 100,000+ soldiers. Are you telling me you’d bet on the multikulti marine corps over a force like that? naw nigga

                  we (by which I mean Russia, but this directly impacts US in this tribe) are in a state of play. this is the most important thing happening across every front. we are on the bleeding edge of the paradigm change, as it pertains to IEW, as it pertains to GAE dominance, as it pertains to state religion transition, as it pertains to bureaucracy versus military aristocracy, as it pertains to the new face of modern nationalism, and most importantly as it retains to media and perspective.

                  Jim is right to wait till the dust clears, and I don’t think this is a traditional coup, but I want to be very clear here: the future of everything hinges on this moment. It could be that Prigozhin Is a deep cover asset, and they had him liquidate 80,000 Ukrainians as a cover story, but I think it is more likely that the felon cook is actually a warlord who happens to wear a tiny hat occasionally. I guess we talk about it. too much to take it seriously when we see it, but Russia is on the razor’s edge, and they could fall on either side, which is precisely what GAE has been praying to Ba’al for.

                  for Wagner speed is the key. If they hesitate, if they wait, if they do not grasp the nettle, if they try to control the narrative without controlling the high ground, then they are lost. Of all the entities and people operating in our world at this moment, I genuinely feel they have the best handle on reality.

                  Lord knows I’ve been wrong about a lot of things during this war, but I am depressingly certain that if Putin fails to see what this moment means, then all will be lost regardless of the outcome in the Ukraine War.

                  May Nature’s God bless good men and punish the wicked.

        • Asher says:

          Further, it appears that based on his previous statements against Shoigu, his assumption is that he does in fact have the support of those “lower commanders”. Who knows if this is true or not though

      • Dr. Faust says:

        This shit stinks to absurd degrees.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      On one hand, Prigozhin has been working for Putin for a long time, and you’d think that nothing he does is not on the level is some way.

      On the other hand, given that Prigozhin is a skype himself, telling the difference between his ‘theatrical’ fractiousness and actual fractiousness is something of an academic exercise.

      On the third tentacle, maybe it’s all a tempest in a teapot.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      My instinct, of course, is to throw up my hands and declare, “It’s over, God Himself is on GAE’s side! Here comes the last-minute deus ex machina to pull their bacon out of the fire and teach us all a lesson about democracy and the healing power of mulatto buttsex, just like a sub-moronic Marvel movie.” Every word I’ve read or heard about this stupid war has been a lie, though, so I’ll wait and see.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Judas always swings from a tree for his bag of silver.

      • jim says:

        Not going to bother looking into this. Too much glowie disinfo to chase down every report.

        The glowies have been flooding this blog with these reports, and I have been silently suppressing them, because if I was to let it through, would have to look into it, and I cannot be bothered.

        Last I heard, Wagner and Ministry of Defense were preparing new offensive on the northern border with the Ukraine, which is where Wagner’s troops are now located. A long way from there to Moscow. Might be true, but far more likely the Global American Empire has been smoking too much crack. We shall see.

        The glowie accounts have been industriously posting that everything is going to plan, and a Globohomo coup in Moscow was always the end point of the plan. So this probably just some more of the plan being announced. There have been no end of suppressed comments announcing the great success of the plan.

        • The Cominator says:

          Coup’s almost never work unless you can very quickly kill the current head of state or he rapidly flees the country. One thing these glowies aren’t spamming is that Putler has been killed in a bomb attack or something. Even if the coup is real (which there is almost no chance of) it’s going to fail.

          • jim says:

            Bored now.

            If there is still excitement about this alleged coup attempt tomorrow, will take a look at it then, but all the news I am getting so far, and suppressing so far, comes from people who are always pumping disinformation.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              For about a week, the YouTube homepage was flooded with videos boasting of Ukraine’s hugely successful counter-offensive. Then, just as suddenly as these videos appeared, they were gone.

              Good liberals know not to talk or think about anything the media hasn’t mentioned in the last 48 hours. Jim knows not to talk or think about anything the media has mentioned in the last 48 hours.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                The timing of this, against the DOA “counter offensive” and the Hunter Biden stuff, it’s just too much to take without going a little schizo.

                Why now?

                The take about Prigozhin being (or having been acquired to become) a Jewish GAE agent, actually working for “them” to kill off Ukrainians, and then turn around and do a regime change in Moscow, I can’t hold it all in my head for long.

                What’s Q-anon saying about this? Anyone?

                But he is certainly a man of ego, so he can be flattered and tempted and manipulated. Why wouldn’t he have started talking to the other side a long time ago if he had the chance?

                Parallels with Jan 6th and the Gulenist “coup” in Istanbul — which many people are quite certain Erdogan kicked off himself to draw out his haters — are hard to miss.

                But the timing. The timing. It’s just so “on the nose”.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  It’s not that complicated. When the offensive stopped, so did the pro-Ukrainian propaganda because it was obvious to everyone that Ukraine had lost the war. For this, Russia owes a huge debt to Yevgeny Prigozhin, and he decided it was time to pay up.

                  Soon I’ll get to see first-hand what I’ve long wondered: As the Wagner boys come home victorious, what effect will all their testosterone have on Russian society?

                  My guess is, a post-war baby boom as nubile women rush to marry these Wagnerites, and if they can’t get one, they’ll marry any man who isn’t a raging faggot.

                  And to anyone who’s considering a quick solution to the Wagner problem, first ask a history nerd how many of Caesar’s assassins died of natural causes.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Maybe it’s a fake coup in order to round up dissidents.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Off topic, but not for the blog. I stumbled upon this 1960 soap opera depiction of female teen interaction with adult male (Larry Hagman) interesting.

    • The Cominator says:

      If you want a movie about sexually aggressive behavior from a supposedly young teenage girl (of course in reality Alicia Silverstone was a lot older… wait I guess she was only 16) towards a male with preselection The Crush was made as recently as 1993. Of course Alicia Silverstone in the movie is supposed to be a touch psychotic but not to the serial killer level.

  23. S says:

    Off topic- crypto

    I’ve been avoiding bitcoin (yeah, yeah, I know- overly paranoid. I expected the Chinese to make an e-Yuan and get all that economic surplus for themselves), but I’ve been tracking the price. It has had a recent spike; Black Rock is starting to invest.

    Is that good (price goes up), bad (blackrock gains control of the network), really good (sign asset prices are going to crash because the US is going to back down) or really bad (assets are going to be vaporized in WW3).

    My gut is telling me things are going to come to head extremely soon-thoughts?

    • Red says:

      GAE is opening planning to blow up the largest nuke planet in Europe at Zaporizhzhia, which is under Russian control. It’s shutdown, but needs constant cooling even while shutdown. Jim thinks NATO is planning to invade Belarus which Putin had given nukes as a deterrent. They’ve convinced themselves that Russia will never use nukes and so far they’ve been right. These 2 events if they come to pass will almost certainly require a nuclear response. If Putin’s fails to respond in kind, he may be replace by someone with the balls to do so.

      • S says:

        I know the destruction of the damn means there is now a way across and its been drying out, but no idea how likely it is Ukr can pull it off since every other attack against Russian Army positions has been hitting a brick wall.

        I’m just trying to figure out how to keep from having my money evaporate with the dawning horror of realizing its probably not going to matter. I’m hoping for a course change, but I haven’t seen any breaks.

    • notglowing says:

      I think the best time to buy Bitcoin was a while ago, and the second best time is probably now.

      I’m holding a large amount of crypto and hoping for new all time highs sooner rather than later. I think this will be a short affair before a longer bear market in the next few years but I do think we’re going to all time highs and beyond.

      If you want to buy, better now than when it’s higher, it would be far riskier then.
      I can’t predict the future. So I’m not going to say I’m certain regarding what will happen.

      But we just witnessed one of the largest exchanges collapsing in the same year as one of the largest cryptocurrencies, no end of bad news for an entire year, a coordinated attack from US regulators against all the major exchanges and all the major currencies, a higher interest rate environment and stock market crash, and crypto went as low as it could already.

      At some point it kept going up even while under fire and with only bad news. The sellers have been exhausted. It’s a good situation for bitcoin to rise in value significantly. I would avoid altcoins until Bitcoin reaches all time high prices though.

      Now, Blackrock seems interested in it and they think it might be part of the future.
      Whether or not Blackrock was in bed with the government when it came to attacking crypto in order to buy it cheap, I think this is a good sign that it has a future, even if our enemies want to co-opt it.
      If they’re trying to gain some control over it, it means it’s valuable.

      More importantly, Hong Kong and Singapore are now very positive towards it, with the former lifting their ban and even forcing banks to accept cryptocurrency related companies as clients.

      If both sides try to get in on Bitcoin, it might become a useful universal currency. And it might escape total control by one actor.

      • jim says:

        > I’m holding a large amount of crypto and hoping for new all time highs sooner rather than later. I think this will be a short affair before a longer bear market in the next few years but I do think we’re going to all time highs and beyond

        The dollar is going to cease to be useful. Crypto will replace the dollar. The only question is will it be bitcoin, or a currency based on recursive snarks.

        • notglowing says:

          I work with zk related stuff, not going to say any more than that. But it is likely ETH will rely on it for its scaling (through L2) from here onwards. The technology has matured and is rapidly progressing even further.

          Still, BTC and LN is currently the best system for pure payments. It works great. It’s private, less controllable than ETH. Instant, no hard limits on scale. It also works well for large institutions who can build channels with each other.
          It’s possible to have an LN node in the cloud now while you hold the keys to authorize actual payments on your devices.

        • Fidelis says:

          A constellation of pegged sidechains, at first using less technical means to meet scaling demands in shorter development timelines, eventually converging on a smaller constellation of highly specialized pegged sidechains, the payment chain in this constellation likely to be recursive stark.

          • jim says:

            In order to talk about chains of recursive starks, we need a new terminology.

            The huge advantage of recursive starks is that you can shard the “blockchain”, both into arbitrary shards that are no different from each other, and into specialized shards that serve particular markets and purposes. And I think this is what you are saying, but do not quite have the words to say it. Because a sharded blockchain is not exactly a blockchain.

            I will shortly promote this comment into a post.

            The bitcoin blockchain is both a merkle chain, and a reliable broadcast channel. When recursive snarks are being used, these are two different things.

            A reliable broadcast channel means that everyone knows that he is seeing the same broadcast as everyone else, and that if something is broadcast on this channel, and intended recipient denies receiving it, it is the recipient’s fault, the sender was not $@%#&!^@ him over.

            A merkle chain is a sequence of merkle trees, blocks, forming one big ever growing merkle tree, and for any data in that tree, you can prove that that data existed at the time of the block, and get a total order on that data. And for a merkle chain that contains appropriate recursive snarks, you can prove that that data satisfied certain conditions (that fungible tokens were not created or destroyed, just had control reassigned)

            In a currency based on recursive snarks, very little, as little as possible, of that merkle tree is going to be on the broadcast channel, and nearly all items on the broadcast channel will expire, will cease to be accessible, after a certain time, or after certain conditions are met.

            To achieve scaling, you have one gigantic merkle tree, but no one has all of it, and most of the data that it represents has been discarded forever. But parts of this gigantic merke chain are visible on many different reliable broadcast channels, different parts on different reliable broadcast channels.

            • Fidelis says:

              I have perhaps words but not patience. To use proper technical vocabulary, which might end up needing new definitions in the process, would require a lot of effort, which would not necessarily be properly rewarded in this comments section. Would rather write under my real name and get some form of credit. So I very lazily stuffed a lot of meaning that doesnt belong into the word “sidechain”.

              I am anticipating that these specialized zk based proof-of-execution like protocols take quite a while to actually come into use. They are a total disaster in eth land, centralized and brittle for what is actually quite a simple application of a complex technology. The first successful use case will be simple token allocations, just like the first use case of a ‘blockchain’ was just the same. Eventually they will specialize and become useful for all sorts of applications, but not soon. Right now we dont have scaled single-token payements properly implemented and proven.

              In the meantime we have lots of other tools that are more polished to tackle the web3 problem with. Why use very expensive zk tech, expensive in both compute and developer talent, when you can use what the bitcoiners call pegged federated chains, with lightning channels between them, to shard out and specialize the safe ordering provided by bitcoin. These are proven, have less technical barriers, can utilize all the advancements made in improving the bandwidth and latency of other PoS chains, and can directly import the working use cases like simple lending pools and custom tokens and namespaces.

              The near term is building out this ecosystem into its minimum viable state *now*, integrating it with the communications layer *now*, and then reaching for specialization, better privacy, higher bandwidth and lower latency, later.

              • jim says:

                > In the meantime we have lots of other tools that are more polished to tackle the web3 problem with.

                We have the federated lightning social network, which is getting a lot of use, though infested with our enemies, it was not designed by our enemies, who came in late. It was designed so that our enemies could not own it.

                Attempts to use recursive snarks on the ether network are inherently failing, because Ether totally owned by our enemies, and they want to use recursive snarks only in a convoluted, artificial, and unnatural way that does not undermine their control. But the inherent nature of snarks and starks is to protect privacy, and the inherent nature of recursive snarks is distribute power. Ether does not want power distributed.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I completely agree w.r.t. pride chain zk protocols. That does leave the problem however that actual working protocols cannot be simply cloned and patched, but involve intense redesign. At most the fundamentals can be imported: the VM-like prover verifier systems are still rapidly improving, and fairly modular. We are not yet ready for prime time, but prime time is coming faster than we could collectively build using the latest and greatest practice. Instead the gap must be bridged with last/current generation solutions, which means a clunky heap of federated chains, lightning, and some other things glued on top.

                  The big problem with lightning is channel prices scale with chain usage, and in fact tend to need maintenance at the worst possible times. The stopgap solution is distribution of this cost and stabilizing channels using federations.

      • S says:

        I know. I’m just paranoid, lazy and risk averse and saw Bitcoin lose 75% of its value during 50% inflation. I shouldn’t have trend watched; the short term drives the long term from your mind.

    • jim says:

      I am finding bitcoin useful as money.

      Which was the plan all along. It is becoming real.

      But the limits of the network are in sight, it does not scale to the required size. It is handling near as many transactions as it can handle. Solutions to that problem have been discovered. Exciting times lie ahead.

      The biggest security problem has always been that the transaction metadata goes outside the crypto currency network. This is now fixed. Merchants can now have a social media presence over which they can accept bitcoin fast. Zion, sphinx, and a horde more coming. Torba needs to get aboard.

      But lightning network to the rescue. Lightning network has hand the capability for messages inside the network added. Name capability, unfortunately, rests on the domain name system.

    • Fidelis says:

      Not just niggerstone, lots of big players are suddenly interested in offering “exposure to the bitcoin asset class”. Well, it looks to me like people know the dollar reserve is dead. The corpse is not yet smelling, but the heart has stopped. They may have some ideas of making BTC the new reserve asset, or at least one of many new reserve assets, and are having power centers suck up more now before moving forward. Or they see convergence already moving towards national banks stacking gold and RMB, would rather they stack gold and BTC if not USD, and so are trying to steer the ship a bit.

      What is really interesting is the new GAE ‘chief economist’ berstein has made noises in the past about the damages a reserve asset currency does to domestic manufacturing. A sign someone in the swarm of locusts understands if the dollar system is not given up gracefully, it will be given up disgracefully.

  24. QRXP says:

    The submarine thing is suspicious. It seems very far fetched that a bunch of billionaires would take such a risky trip to check out the titanic ruins. I mean surely they have more pressing things to do as billionaires… And now they’ve disappeared. Sounds like an escape plan.

    • Western Taliban says:

      I don’t know if they were billionaires, but there are billionaires (Elon Musk) and “billionaires” (George Soros). “Billionaires” are giga retarded faggots that only have what they have and find themselves where they are by coincidence and willingness to be a retarded faggot slave to the system.

      That is to say, the death of people like Elon Musk would be extremely destructive for civilization, if enough Elon Musks die you’ll find yourself starving, a handful of such men make the world go round. However, every single George Soros is in need of summary execution and it’d be of extreme benefit for society, because we would get rid of the extreme parasites living at the expense of the productive.

      I fully believe a bunch of progressive faggots who have money because they are children of children of children of someone who actually did build something, but they themselves make their money by being progressive faggot parasites would get high on their own supply and end up dead in this manner.

      This is literally how GAE has started its fall in the world stage, they truly thought that the magic of faggots and diversity made them powerful and Russia would just roll over easily because they don’t have faggots and diversity.

    • Adam says:

      The visceral hate for these poor bastards on social media is astonishing. I don’t remember anything like it.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        It’s been a long time brewing. The idea of White privilege is inherently linked to class warfare. It was only a matter of time before the masses went from hating White people for being relatively wealthier to hating wealthier people for being relatively wealthier. In fact it even provides some much needed catharsis for racial guilt as now all those White progressives can now join the niggers guilt free in hating rich people together.

        I must say though… all the times I’ve been banned for “bigotry” just for stating simple facts with no hate behind them, and to see social media moderators jeer at their deaths in exaggerated bigotry is painfully hilarious. What more, they have no self awareness.

        • Red says:

          We’re reaching that state of chaos where order and goodness is actively hated. I’m seeing jury verdicts in areas that are not pozed shitholes that are letting murders walk now.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      welcome to Jim’s Blog. feel free to not post again for another year or so.

      The submarine incident is a perfect illustration of what Jim has been discussing. vis-a-vis tech decline. You have an industry /technology that was pioneered by white men who had seen the stakes (thresher, scorpion, & hundreds of German, Nip, Brit, and US subs in WW02), applied the principles of their fathers, their race, and the culture bequeath to them by hard men of grit and determination, and built a methodology, a set of networked protocols, and managed, for approximately four decades, to not have a single incident. not one. then along comes some pseudo kike, some dumb nigger rich pretender, that thinks he can steal a march by cutting corners in fabrication, by hiring college whores, by pretending to use a few checklists from flying multi-engine airplanes to manage one of the most complex and comprehensive technological undertakings, and do it all using the religio-linguistics of the progressive faith. The only reason the story is still being covered is because it offers an opportunity for the bureaucratic oligarchy to expand into territory it didn’t think it would ever have a chance to do it in, And because stupid faggot niggers like yourself post stupid faggot nigger opinions about rich people, real technology, and actual progress. CNN will ring this story out for as long as mud people complain about it, and then they will drop it.

      The discovery of the Titanic was a cover story for Bob Ballard using his innovation and technology to discover /recover the USS scorpion and the USS thresher. The fact that he actually found the Titanic was almost dumb luck, and you can look this up on YouTube all you’d like.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The new coverage was suspicious. When things go wrong at those depths, they go deadly wrong with no survivors. The idea that they might have survived and it being a race against time due to oxygen reserves was fake. It is now being reported that the government detected the implosion and knew them to all be dead from the get go, but propagated the possible survival story anyways.

        The submarine incident is also a perfect illustration of government control over the fake media. QRXP instinctually recognizes something to be off, but draws bizarre conclusions.

        • Red says:

          The sub had a built in system of weight releases that detached based on a chemical process after 14 hours. If they were alive it would bobbing around on the surface and they’d be quickly found that way. There was never any chance they were sitting on the bottom.

    • Starman says:


      ”The submarine thing is suspicious. It seems very far fetched that a bunch of billionaires would take such a risky trip to check out the titanic ruins. I mean surely they have more pressing things to do as billionaires… And now they’ve disappeared. Sounds like an escape plan. [DENIES THAT APEFIRMATIVE ACTION AND WHORES COSPLAYING AS ENGINEERETTES LEAD TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE OCEANGATE SUB]”

      Time for you to answer a RedPill on Women Question. Type out the whole answer:

      Complete the following sentence:
      Women misbehave because –
      [A] Capitalism makes them misbehave, by economically incentivizing reckless high time-reference behavior over long-term planning. The capitalist class benefits from one night stands and sterility, as it benefits from third world immigration of spendthrift cheap labor to replace frugal Whites. If it weren’t for capitali$m, women would totally be completely sinless angels.
      [B] The (((jews))) make these totally innocent angels misbehave, since the jews own the media and the entire entertainment industry from Hollywood down to the tiniest pornography studio, and use them to direct propaganda at women, telling them to fuck Blacks and lowlifes. There’s no way that pure White women desire to be on OnlyFans to whore for money. The jews forced these angels on that website.
      [C] Sorry, but this is a misleading question. Women don’t misbehave at all. All misbehavior is done by men, who are vile pigs.
      [D] Lecherous men make them misbehave, since men are ultimately responsible for all female behavior (including misbehavior), and unlike women, men have self-control and moral agency. Thus it logically follows that any female misbehavior would merely reflect bad decisions taken by irresponsible and lustful men. It is men’s fault entirely, so men must be forced to pay for every bad decision done by any random women.
      [E] They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival.

  25. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted for denying what everyone can see*]

  26. notglowing says:

    A sad, disgusting vignette into the “married” life of prog degenerates (furries).
    At least I will never be as pathetic as the husband who to his credit was not a willing cuck.

    I’d say this is a good learning example but the people in this are a bit too far gone even by modern standards.

    As a sidenote, the guy who cucks him has a girlfriend who he’s been dating apparently for a long time since she was 13 years old, leading to “grooming” accusations.

  27. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Looks like that submarine that sank to the bottom had the same problem as USN ships crashing into civilian vessels.

    • Red says:

      LOL. Reminds me of that all female bridge engineering team that killed a bunch of people in Florida. I wonder how long it will be before they remove this tweet?

      • notglowing says:

        They probably won’t, they media already have their enemy in the only white man, the CEO, who also proudly disregarded safety regulations and is easy for them to mock.

    • Red says:

      I read today that they only white male engineer they had warned them that the view port seal wouldn’t survive paste 2,300 meters while the titanic dive is around 4,000. He recommended testing it at that depth before taking people out. They fired him 10 minutes after he sent the email.

  28. notglowing says:

    Is remote work better or worse for a relationship?
    On the one hand, it means being at home most of the time, which means far fewer opportunities for your woman to cheat on you, and the ability to give her more attention.

    On the other hand, I’ve heard some in the manosphere argue in favour of making her believe you are capable of cheating on her, might be cheating on her, not just in terms of being desirable but in particular by leaving the house by yourself often enough and making her wonder about it. A man who is usually at home all day is one she can take for granted, and has less opportunity to find other women in general.

    On the other side of the argument I’ve heard some purple pilled arguments regarding how the fact that men are disrespected in the family is due to industrial society forcing them work far away from their house, their job involves abandoning the family for most of the day and the actual effort they make is not as evident, whereas the mother would be at home all day with the children.
    While there is logic in this latter reasoning it definitely isn’t the reason fathers are disrespected, however I think we can consider it a big issue with office/factory life in the cities compared to farm life.

    • Adam says:

      If I could, I would raise my family on a remote property where I also work, save for the weekly trip to town for supplies and a bit of fun.

      Remote work from an apartment would suck, and even in the suburbs with a little yard it would be uncomfortable, but if you live out in the country it would be pretty great.

    • Roger Williams says:

      I remote work with a wife who is home as well. Sometimes it’s great when she has breakfast, lunch, and dinner waiting for me but other times she is coming in my office to pester me about something. During those days I wish I was in an office.

      Working remotely allows me to make the most money with the lowest cost of living which is why I do it.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      being at home most of the time, which means far fewer opportunities for your woman to cheat on you

      Historically that was the wife’s mother/father in law’s job when she moved into the multi generational home.

  29. Stanley says:

    What means if girl brings up kids very very early, like before we’re even really dating?

    Seems like should be good sign, but feels suspect.

    • Red says:

      Personally I would take this is a good sign, but I’ve never had a girl say that.

      Women tend to say the opposite like “I don’t want kids, so use a condom or pull out” and don’t seem upset when I ignore their demands.

    • Adam says:

      It means they are healthy and want to bang, so get to it.

      • Ash says:

        I am semi disgusted at how well you can read these things..

        get married man

      • Ash says:

        jealous how good you are at it

      • Stanley says:

        You don’t think she wants to trap me in some child support arrangement?

        What if I know she’s sleeping with other guys? (we’re not in a relationship)

        • jim says:

          Women are always sleeping with other guys. Make her stop. If she plans to have kids, must stop. Permanently.

        • Red says:

          You don’t think she wants to trap me in some child support arrangement?

          I’ve long observed that men who are willing kill a bitch if she tries to enslave him with child support, don’t seem to pay child support.

          I’ve also known men who are paying child support for a kid that’s not theirs despite DNA tests. The system is corrupt and evil and the only way to win is an open willingness to commit violence to protect your interests.

  30. Pax Imperialis says:

    The ugly mug. Ostentatious gold jewellery. Incoherent rage. Unusual hand movements. Comedy.

  31. Dharmicreality says:

    Biden it seems won’t “lecture” India on democracy and human rights:

    Seems that the sane faction is strongly pushing to make deals with Modi despite the shrill noises from the further left factions to condemn Modi’s “human rights” record.

    Interesting times. I didn’t expect Biden to openly say so. Shows that they are more worried about China.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Jim, is the sane GAE faction winning this round? The shrill holiness screaming of Far Leftoids seem to have no effect so far. Or will the Biden admin back off from embracing Modi too much?

      • jim says:

        If anyone knew the answer, it would already be accomplished fact. That Biden’s handlers are dithering indicates that they do not know the answer.

        It is clear that at least some people are planning direct Nato invasion of Belarus, which is the insane GAE faction that believes that trannies make your army more powerful, and diversity is our greatest strength. And they think they are going to be able to go right ahead.

        Zelensky has redeployed Belarus border forces, which would seem to suggest he expects, (or his handlers, being insane, expect) Belarus to fall fairly quickly. Or at least be mighty busy for a long time.

        Ukraine successfully pushed in a broad front towards the Azov sea, to the first line of Russian fortifications. Where they stopped. They forced the Russians to fall back from the fortifications in a few places, and then tried to pour troops through the holes, but their troops got cut up badly, and fell back to the Ukrainian side of the fortifications. And with that, the Azov sea offensive seems to have been put on the back burner. And with the Azov sea (threatening Russian access to Turkey, Syria, and Mediterranean) off the table, need to come up with some other big thing. Belarus fits the bill.

        To sustain an empire that suddenly looks very fragile, need to prove that lining up against empire is a very very bad idea. If they cannot make lining up with empire a good thing for the Ukraine, they might be able to make lining up against empire a bad thing for Belarus. So, dire punishment for Belarus is on the table. That way lies nukes. I expect the sane to knock over the table and do something about the insane, but the sane imperialists need a leader. Can they find one?

        • Karl says:

          I expect the sane to knock over the table and do something about the insane, but the sane imperialists need a leader.

          A leader is necessary whenever a group needs coordination to achieve a goal. Simply preventing another group from doing something, in that case punishing Belarus, needs far less coordination, if any.

          I there are enough sane imperialists they can prevent the insane imperialists from acting against Belarus. Obstruction need not be constructive and is therefore possible wihtout coordination.

          In the long run (which may not be all that long) the sane imperalists need a leader to prevent getting purged by the insane imperialists. But that has nothig to with Belarus. Without a leader they will be purged anyway.

          • The Cominator says:

            The last sane Imperialist the American elite used to listen to while technically alive is literally 100 years old (Kissinger). There aren’t any besides him… not anymore. America’s foreign policy establishment has always been one of the more leftist and insane branches of DC.

  32. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Based Aidan, sending all the faggot, tranny, and women worshippers over the edge. Rock on dude.

    • Fidelis says:

      Shoutout Com, I picked the former prostie as least evil. Something about the psychology of a woman willing to fuck any animal seems worse than the more natural instinct to sell pussy for simp bux.

      • Red says:

        You’re a fool like Com then. A woman who’s fucked hundreds of guys is sure to cuck you unless you happen to be Odysseus or General Butt Naked. Also a whore sure to have fucked by and been raped by plenty of black men.

        Com’s constant attempts to refine his vices into a virtues is just sick.

        • Fidelis says:

          Any woman raised outside some fundie commune is sure to attempt to cuck me if I dont keep a close eye on her. You’re a fool to expect any level of loyalty out of a woman raised in the current standard, I dont care how long youve had her in line or how many times youve fucked her yourself. You literally cannot distinguish the modern cock carousel roastie from a street whore; they were the same clothes, have the same tattoos, have the same empty eyes. It’s nothing but an endless sea of whores out here.

          >but the prostie also was raped by niggers/took money from niggers for pussy rentals
          defeats the point of the question entirely, we’re presuming non-animal clients

          Probably equally hard to keep in line as your average CC whore. If we’re pretending the dog and nigger fuckers are virgin otherwise, sure, but that was not made clear in the survey. I looked at it as ran through roastie + took money, or ran through roastie + fucked an animal willingly.

          • Red says:

            Any woman raised outside some fundie commune is sure to attempt to cuck me if I dont keep a close eye on her. You’re a fool to expect any level of loyalty out of a woman raised in the current standard, I dont care how long youve had her in line or how many times youve fucked her yourself.

            It’s the level of game and surveillance required to prevent her cucking. With a used up hooker you’re never going to excite her in bed the way that Butt Naked did and when she runs across an old client she’ll fuck him out boredom.

            • SJ says:

              There really isn’t a difference between a literal whore, which I have dated, and a girl who has a few years “single”. The only difference is the whore got paid and is more interesting to talk to.

      • Aidan says:

        The prostitute is the hardest to get to pair bond to you and the hardest to keep in line; need to be like general butt naked to reform a whore. The chances that I’m more alpha than some random nigger are quite high on the other hand

        Women get hot for dogs when the dogs act alpha; they get demanding, boss her around, and take up her space. For a woman to actually fuck a dog usually requires that she be sick or depraved, yes, but women get attracted to dogs for the same reasons they get attracted to men.

        • Javier says:

          I recall an old interview with a prostitute claiming she would make a loyal wife because she’s been around the block so many times she’s aware when men are approaching her and can shut it down before “one thing leads to another.” I had one friend who was quite good at this, he would come on to other friends GFs and engage them through classic PUA escalation techniques all the way to having sex. so a girl agrees to hang out for coffee and next thing she knows 2 hours later they’re in a hotel room smashing away.

          one argument against this is female agency, i.e. no chick agrees to having lunch with their boyfriends friend unless they already want to fuck him, but I don’t think it’s quite that conscious. the woman agrees to go along with the offer because it’s fun and excites her vagina, and as long as she is supplied with enough plausible deniability she figures she can smooth it out later. the argument for the hooker is thus that she has the wherewithal to refuse surreptitious date offers, mainly because she’s already done it a million times and the novelty is gone.

          said friend has never and will never meet my wife, simply because she’s the kind of person who treats asking as an obligation, and would be more likely to go along with such an offer purely to avoid the ‘conflict ‘ of turning it down. she can’t even hang up on telemarketers.

          • The Cominator says:

            “I recall an old interview with a prostitute claiming she would make a loyal wife because she’s been around the block so many times she’s aware when men are approaching her and can shut it down before “one thing leads to another.”

            Tend to think this is bullshit. My whole technique for cheap stripper banging involves filling their horny meters without them per se agreeing to sex ussually up until the point it happens. Women always know how to shut things down at least by 20 (teenage girls maybe not) but they don’t always like shutting it down.

            The best character aspect of prosties is they generally learn humility and a good sense of their SMV in a way modern western women don’t have… and also they learn that the system is evil and not to be trusted. But sexual restraint is not their best virtue.

            To sum it up a lot of whores like the idea of spending their life playing 50s housewife with kids and the whole 9 yards (and far more than modern women do), and they probably won’t deny sex ever even when they are fighting with the husband and they won’t really be planning on divorce raping you either in most cases… but they want to play 50s housewife while fucking Chad the milkman while your at work… or they’ll want to convince you eventually that you should join a wife swapping group or something. Jim definitely would end up killing such a girl if he married her.

            • SJ says:

              A woman denying sex is a shit test. Just overpower her. But yes a whore is actually aware of the idea that men want a loyal wife while the slut is unaware. The whore may be aware that she can not allow herself to be alone with any man ever, the slut will not be aware of this and you will have to make her aware and aware of the consequences. Might as well wife up a whore, as the other women are all basically whores anyway.

            • SJ says:

              Oh and it is good that your wife knows you will kill her if necessary. I have told my wife I will kill her if she tries to use the power of the progressive faggot state against me and she believes it. This is a turn on as well as helping keep her in line. What works better though is she has to keep chasing you and she has to make sure you don’t cheat on her so she does not have time to fantasize about cheating on you. I suggest you cheat on your wife early and make sure she finds out and then you make sure she was aware that other women want you and she better mate guard you, cause if she doesn’t you’re gonna fck these girls

    • notglowing says:

      As he himself points out, it’s not a real option. Women who have had sex with dogs and zero men are not exactly common. Usually it comes as a package deal.

      • Red says:

        He’s not 100% right about that. Some young girls first sexual experience came from riding a horse at 8-10 after which they became horse crazy until they’re old enough to attract men. Not that they’re not fucking the horses at 10. I’ve heard of stories of young girls who fuck the family dog for similar reasons. It’s extremely fucked up but better than a whore.

        • notglowing says:

          > first sexual experience came from riding a horse at 8-10

          They’re not literally fucking the horse unlike with dogs so I don’t see what you mean

          • The Cominator says:

            Woah okay I somehow get brought into to weigh in on the questions as to whether a used whore is better than a girl who fucked her dog before anything.

            I would say that while being a girl’s 1st human gives you a hold on her there is something very very degenerate innate to the soul of a girl who not only fucked a dog but who did it as her very 1st sexual experience. I mean normally I would think women would turn to such unnatural and blasphemous sexual acts (the equivalent of gay sex for men… as lesbian sex is probably not quite as bad though if they go hardcore lifestyle its as bad). It’s hard to say. A girl who breaks her hymen and cums horseback riding otoh no special degeneracy at all.

            Fidelis high bodycount isn’t always a prostie, my reflections on prosties is mainly to point out the fact that most modern women are worse than the type of hedonistic and impulsive but somewhat traditional in mentality girls who gravitate to the oldest profession.

            “The prostitute is the hardest to get to pair bond to you and the hardest to keep in line; need to be like general butt naked to reform a whore. The chances that I’m more alpha than some random nigger are quite high on the other hand”

            Not sure this is always true unless you are trying to reform them in the 1st half of their “career” in the early 20s. Lou Pai’s (of Enron) former stripper wife (I’m sure almost everyone including his family assumed she was purely a gold digger and probably at times Lou Pai himself) is apparently still married to him. The guy was an asian autist math nerd who started going to strippers probably same as me. I remember in the Enron book he ended up taking them into the offices once because the strip club girls thought he was such an awkward nerd that he couldn’t possibly be a senior executive at Enron.

            • Red says:

              A girl who breaks her hymen and cums horseback riding otoh no special degeneracy at all.

              Absolutely degenerate. There’s a reason women were not allowed to ride anything other than side saddle.

              Not sure this is always true unless you are trying to reform them in the 1st half of their “career” in the early 20s. Lou Pai’s (of Enron) former stripper wife (I’m sure almost everyone including his family assumed she was purely a gold digger and probably at times Lou Pai himself) is apparently still married to him. The guy was an asian autist math nerd who started going to strippers probably same as me. I remember in the Enron book he ended up taking them into the offices once because the strip club girls thought he was such an awkward nerd that he couldn’t possibly be a senior executive at Enron.

              Com, if this is true where is you whore turned wife?

              • The Cominator says:

                You think a woman getting surprise excitement from the feelings of the vibrations of a saddle on her lady parts as a side effect of riding is at the same level of degeneracy as her actually fucking a dog?

                Can’t agree with this one even a little bit. Didn’t know about the side saddle custom before now at all.

                • Red says:

                  You think a woman getting surprise excitement from the feelings of the vibrations of a saddle on her lady parts as a side effect of riding is at the same level of degeneracy as her actually fucking a dog?

                  Side effect? Such girls spend all the time possible with their horses dry humping them and fantasize about them. They called it horse crazy, which oddly only effects girls. It’s just not physically possible for woman to fuck anything smaller than pony or they would be fucking them like they fuck dogs. It’s typically younger girls that behave this way and once they develop boobs they start fucking men instead of dry humping horses.

                  Lets put it this way, if you were dry humping a dog but not actually penetrating the dog, would you be anything less than a dog fucker? Degenerate behavior is degenerate behavior even if penetration doesn’t happen.

                  Can’t agree with this one even a little bit. Didn’t know about the side saddle custom before now at all.

                  You apparently don’t know anything about woman’s sexual desires either. Woman are much more depraved about sex than you can possibly imagine.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Red lets keep it civil neither of us are shills.

                  Women are depraved yeah… hence the dog fucking and hence why they like being choked hence why when a lot of them fuck they suggest doing it in public places where they might be caught. I do consider the lack of penetration important though. Only a few very rich girls and girls who work on horse farms get to go horseback riding regularly anymore. So only a very small minority of the general population of women actually gets to regularly masturbate via being in a saddle. For the overwhelming majority of them there are cheaper and more effective ways they can be depraved.

                • Red says:

                  I do consider the lack of penetration important though. Only a few very rich girls and girls who work on horse farms get to go horseback riding regularly anymore. So only a very small minority of the general population of women actually gets to regularly masturbate via being in a saddle. For the overwhelming majority of them there are cheaper and more effective ways they can be depraved.

                  It’s not masturbation, it’s dry humping a horse. Masturbation is where you get off thinking of sex with someone who isn’t there. Dry humping an animal is bestiality and I know from talking to women who were “horse crazy” that they were thinking about the horse not some guy they knew.

                  It’s stupidly commonly when girls are given access to horses and not forced to ride side saddle, which is why that was such a big thing to make sure women and young girls never road a horse normally for most of history.

                  Again the primary point when it comes to who women is the likelihood they’ll cheat on you. You can out alpha a dog or a horse, but not General Butt Naked. Whores are not good choice if you want your kids to be your own. All the cases in that poll are disgusting choices for a wife, but we’re talking about the least bad.

              • SJ says:

                My ex wife grew up riding horses and trained in dressage. She fantasized about sex with horses and told me about it. I was blue pilled but likely she was hoping I would make her do it. Women often fantasize about degenerate shit but are too afraid to do anything unless someone else tells them to do it. So they will try to find the person who will tell them, at which point they will follow through

            • Red says:

              Formatting error with the the other comment.

              They’re not literally fucking the horse unlike with dogs so I don’t see what you mean

              They would fuck the horse if they could. Studies on women’s sexual arousal shows that pretty much any large animal that they perceive to be strong turns them on. Woman are far more deprived about sex than men outside of faggots are.

              • notglowing says:

                That does not surprise me that much. I knew there was something odd about horse girls, and the whole story about their hymen being torn horse riding. I didn’t realize they were basically getting off to dry humping it.

          • Red says:

            They’re not literally fucking the horse unlike with dogs so I don’t see what you mean

            They would fuck the horse if they could. Studies on women’s sexual arousal shows that pretty much any large animal that they perceive to be strong turns them on. Woman are far more deprived about sex than men outside of faggots are.

    • SJ says:

      Just read through this and Aiden’s twitter. Figured I’d tell this shameful story since I’m anon. After the birth of our first son, after we were married (told her to spend fifteen dollars on Amazon for a ring and make an appointment at the court house), one night my drunk wife brags to me about losing her virginity at a disturbing young age in a threesome with another junior high girl and a middle aged nigger. Later I got the story. She had heard from other girls bragging about this guy fcking them and she wanted on the booty call list as well so she found an excuse to invite herself to his apartment. She moved up the ranks to number one on the booty call list, which she was very proud of, by becoming more available then the other girls. Eventually he was meeting her at the school during lunch to get extra fcks in and got caught. He was already a registered sex offender so her blue pilled McChristian parents had him sent back to prison, but did absolutely nothing with her. They did not even speak to her about it.

      Anyway she tells me she fcked a nigger, no bragged about it, and I lost my mind. I beat the shit out of her, not a calm punishment, not a slap in the face, a full on beating from a large man to a tiny 95 pound girl. I broke her hand and busted her face up. Then distraught I chugged a bottle of liquor and passed out. In the morning she goes to hug me as I leave for work and I spit in her face and call her a race traitor. I finish work super hungover and don’t go home I go to a bar and figure I’ll just cheat and dump her but I’m not in a mentally good place to pick up anyone so I go home drunk. Her face is a mess and she’s just crying saying she’s sorry. Then she starts saying he was a blonde white guy and she just got confused for some reason, which is the story she still says today though she knows I know what she said.

      Anyway I hate her right then and hate fck her by sodomizing her without lube, which is not fun but I’m drunk anyway, and spit on her and tell her she should kill herself. She just cries and says she’s sorry over and over. This goes on for two weeks while I refuse to talk to her and her keep saying he was a blonde guy and I’m sorry. Maybe two weeks later I don’t remember exactly her face has healed up so I get home from work and she had rigged a rube goldberg machine to rebreak her hand, as it was broken this entire time. She fcks her hand up badly and asks me to take her to the hospital because she just broke her hand in an accident. So I do.

      As I’ve said the first few years married to a stupid whore were very rough. But things are very good now. Hilariously enough I was charged with domestic violence for being a beta by my ex wife, and that story above is true. So I guess I get to choose to wife up a nigger slut.

      • Red says:

        That’s super rough. Might be the nastiest shit test I’ve seen outside of the woman who put a rattlesnake in her husband’s bed. He broke her jaw for that. This story was related to me by a close friend and I asked how she was after getting her jaw broken. He told me he’d never seen his mother happier than the next 9 months after his father passed that shit test.

        • SJ says:

          I dunno how happy she was I spent a long time asking her why she hasn’t killed herself yet and telling her I should burn her face off with acid so she would be as ugly on the outside as she was on the inside. But it all worked out. I was surprised her idiot parents didn’t even talk with her about it. Didn’t get her on birth control, no pregnancy test, nothing at all. She said she was surprised cause she has to spend a lot of time talking with the police and she thought she was in big trouble. She was confused about why she wasn’t

      • notglowing says:

        > Then she starts saying he was a blonde white guy and she just got confused for some reason

        There’s something about this specific way of lying that I associate with women.
        When I read that it somehow lit a lightbulb in my head. They very brazenly try to change the story when something in it rightfully upsets you. Impossible to believe, though. I have to laugh at her specifically saying he was blond to distance him as much as possible.

        Breaking her hand was probably too much, it could cause complications and involve authorities, though I understand you did it while drunk and mad. Still, I think you got fairly lucky there.

        Can’t really argue with the rest. You managed to wife her and make many children with her so maybe you can give yourself a pat on the back.

        • Western Taliban says:

          She’s lucky she’s breathing, she should pray and give thanks to God every single day of her life for every single molecule of oxygen she gets to consume. Breaking her hand was a great mercy, she deserved a broken skull. I won’t say more because its his wife. Disgusting.

          • notglowing says:

            > she deserved a broken skull
            She deserved, maybe, but he didn’t deserve to end up in jail because of a woman.
            Though I can understand the perspective of doing it anyways. Keeping your pride or keeping your life.

            • Red says:

              Did you note that he didn’t end up in jail for it? The only time I’ve been accused of DV is when I didn’t hit my girl when she wanted me to hit her.

              • notglowing says:

                Sure, she had to go the extra mile to defend him, though, coming up with an excuse and breaking her hand “again”.

                Hitting doesn’t need to involve broken bones which get the attention of the hospital and authorities.
                Better to hit women with an open hand rather than a closed fist. I’m not blaming him for it, just commenting really. I think his actions are justified and understandable.

                I heard stories of men who didn’t hit their women, their women insisted they weren’t hit, and yet still they were judged as wifebeaters by people around them after word spread that the wife went to the hospital after “tripping on the stairs” and had their reputation stained. You could argue that this is the same as in your example, but my point is how your wife perceives it isn’t always the issue.

                Not to mention, you could kill her by accident fairly easily, which is another problem altogether. Being a husband seems pretty tough.

                • Red says:

                  The very fact she’s still alive shows that he pulled his punches despite being in a drunken rage. Women die all the time from a single full force blow from a man. They are not built for combat. I’ve seen woman beating first hand, and I got hit harder in the 6th grade school yard fights than the blows I saw men tossing at their bitches.

                  Sure it’s better not to break bones or leave visible damage. No one disputes that.

                  I heard stories of men who didn’t hit their women, their women insisted they weren’t hit, and yet still they were judged as wifebeaters by people around them after word spread that the wife went to the hospital after “tripping on the stairs” and had their reputation stained.

                  Yes, if you deny it then you’re guilty, that’s how feminism works. If you say she she needed correcting in a laughing high status alpha manner… I would expect that crime think would cause their brains to seize up and they’d decide you’re innocent.

      • Aidan says:

        Pretty brutal, but I won’t say you went too far. Takes a lot to come off as more of a man than an older guy who took her virginity when she was 13. I’ve never used that level of violence on a woman, but I’ve never been thrown a test that nasty either.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        She bragged about it and you got upset. Understandable, and no shame on you for reacting like any normal man. You hit her in rage. Also understandable and no shame on you. She lies and tries to gaslight you. You sodomized her. I don’t get that. Shit is so viscerally disgusting I don’t understand how someone could ever shove their dick into an anus.

        • Red says:

          That’s the biggest downside of porn, degenerate sex has becoming common. It’s highly degrading and painful to women, which is why they often love it. It’s also high status now thanks to faggots being high status.

          The worst bit about it how common it is with Christians. Waiting until marriage clap trap was translated into taking it up the poopshoot until marriage so the girls could still be virgins(TM). Those promise/purity rings might as well be “I do anal” advertisements.

          Women know that non faggots find poop dick disgusting and most will douche themselves in prep for it.

          • notglowing says:

            >It’s highly degrading and painful to women

            Which is why he did it, I’m not gonna argue you should be having anal sex, but I didn’t see an issue with his story. Maybe I am just too desensitized to the idea myself.

            > The worst bit about it how common it is with Christians. Waiting until marriage clap trap was translated into taking it up the poopshoot until marriage so the girls could still be virgins(TM).

            This is pretty much them taking the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law, fairly jewish.
            I don’t know how common it actually is, but it’s more of a rationalization from the woman herself rather than an actual thing their fathers/priests believe makes any sense.

            I think the worst problem with it is that it almost makes vaginal sex sinful/abnormal. It’s quite the subversion.

            > Women know that non faggots find poop dick disgusting and most will douche themselves in prep for it.

            Faggots don’t? I didn’t realize the expression “poop dick” was meant to be completely literal, as opposed to just being a gross term for anal sex. There’s no turn off bigger than poop, except perhaps gore. You’d figure they would try to minimize it.

            • Aidan says:

              The ass always has poop in it unless an enema is used beforehand. Fags fuck each other at total random in public, so logic suggests there is a lot of literal shitdick.

              I did not grow up in an environment where girls were “saving themselves for Jesus”, but I have heard reliably that the Christian anal slut is very common. Muslim anal sluts (saving themselves for marriage, hijab is left on) are definitely common.

            • Red says:

              I don’t know how common it actually is, but it’s more of a rationalization from the woman herself rather than an actual thing their fathers/priests believe makes any sense.

              I think the worst problem with it is that it almost makes vaginal sex sinful/abnormal. It’s quite the subversion.

              Christian Boomer parents couldn’t even conceive of the idea that their daughters would take it up the ass and because they were not popping out babies and becoming single mothers thus they must be pure as the wind driven snow. Part of what was going on was women wanting to have fewer children as their status increased to match men’s. Also Christian parents were not going to give their daughters birth control.

              Finally, women wrongly think they won’t get STDs from anal sex since it’s the more holy version of sex. The media never reports on gays getting STDs, while all the STD propaganda is aimed at reducing reproductive sex because it’s unholy.

          • Aidan says:

            The ass is a lot less enjoyable to fuck than the pussy, and a woman will want you to fuck her in the ass when she feels like she is not being properly dominated. If you are fucking them right, their desire for weird and kinky sex goes away. Women “have kinks” when they are not getting banged, or not getting banged by men they consider alpha.

  33. Dr. Faust says:

    Zelensky says things going badly which video evidence corroborates. Of course he’s angling for more money but that goes without saying. I expect his cries of a few dollars more will get diminishing returns. The western media needs a pivot away from the war but nothing is presenting itself.

    Question for all: what, if anything, do you expect to be the next “current things?” for the official narrative.

    • jim says:

      If I knew, they would know. If they knew, would already be on it. Leftism is like women’s fashions.

    • Calvin says:

      My guess is either tone it down for war with China or else advocating for the state to openly take kids from parents with incorrect opinions en-mas, starting with a homeschool ban.

      • The Cominator says:

        They have to kill Clarence Thomas or wait for him to die before they go full unhinged radical (more than they have in the US) in a way that everyone will notice right away.

    • Adam says:

      If I were an up and coming communist I would go straight after the boomers. They have the money and land at this point. It would have to be done from the right of todays cultural Marxism and have to acknowledge a whole lot of unspeakable truths like “why good things happen” but it is a big apple cart and the boomers are vulnerable.

      Or straight up start nationalizing industry for whatever reason.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >Or straight up start nationalizing industry for whatever reason.

        The thing to understand about the whig state of mind is that they will never do this, in form.

        And at the same time, they have already been doing this, in substance.

        Their allergy is against anything that is ever done ‘directly’. Anything with straightforwards solutions. Anything with obvious chains of responsibility.

        • Adam says:

          I have wondered why not a push for national healthcare like in Europe and Canada. But they have already done it in function like you said, and can still blame the red tribe for its woes.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Why not just pivot back to global warming?

            For something fresh, leftists hate suburbs because they’re full of racist white people who kill the planet by driving everywhere. Maybe it’s time to bring BLM to suburban America.

            And of course carry on with mass immigration, money-printing, and vote-rigging; that’s all working great!

            • jim says:

              Our elite got stupendously wealthy leasing off the power of RomeWashington to powerful people in foreign countries. Zelensky got billions. How much of those billions stuck to the fingers of those who raised him from nothing and installed him in power? They seriously do not want to let go of the empire whose capability to terrorise insubordinate provinces the crazies have destroyed.

              When they planned the Ukrainian offensive, they believed that while the US had a strange shortage of shells, rockets, and warships, it had a vast supply of wunderwaffe tanks and armored personnel carriers. Only to suddenly discover that the vast majority of these were permanently in need of just a few teensy wheeny minor repairs before they could actually roll.

              It must be absolutely obvious to them that the US needs a hefty dose of Make America Great Again, and in the back of their thoughts, that Make America Great Again needs a hefty dose of racism, sexism, homophobia, and trannyphobia.

              Repeating: To have an empire, you need the capability to make things reasonably nice for those who submit (Monty Python, “what have the Romans ever done for us” is historically accurate) and very very unpleasant for those who do not. Suddenly their capability to make things unpleasant is falling apart, at the same time as their ability to make things pleasant has long been in decline.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                that MAGA needs a hefty dose of racism, sexism, homophobia, and trannyphobia.

                Along with a hefty dose of cheap brown energy, mining permits, and neutering the EPA.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Mobs of basketballs can be used on anything in wandering distance of their spawning pools, but rapidly lose cohesion the further out you go.

              During the Summer of Looting, Outrage, Violence, and Extortion, there were later efforts to expand the fallout of cluster nig munitions outside of blue urban centers and into suburbs, but this would also not infrequently result in homeowners pulling guns on dazed and glassy-eyed savanna transplants shuffling around cul-de-sacs (see le McCloskey affair for example), which provoked much screeching and hollering, and also quietly stopping any further such efforts.

        • Adam says:

          > The thing to understand about the whig state of mind is that they will never do this, in form. And at the same time, they have already been doing this, in substance.

          This comment stuck with me. In Cuba and Venezuela the industries were outright taken over by the state. Healthcare in the US has been too, but through the universities and quasi-state agencies like insurance. So why the difference?

          More females in power in the US, and more feminized males. That was my conclusion anyway. So it may be relevant when predicting the direction of the holiness spiral is to ask what would a woman do? Assume females are in charge of the holiness spiral.

          Just a thought.

  34. Handi says:

    A woman hopes to hear “I love you” but she needs to hear “You must love Me with all your heart.” This is the greatest of all commandments: once given by God to man, and thence given by man to woman. And no other commandment can follow if this first one is not obeyed.

    I and many men like me are struggling, because we do not know how to give this command in a language she can understand. Our signals are lost into outer space and never returned. We were lied to by those we trusted most about where to point the antenna, and what frequency band to broadcast on, and that it was even a radio signal in the first place. We should have been doing it with our hands and not our brains. And we are learning better but it is very slow and very hard.

    • Handi says:

      And a man is not to love his wife with all his heart, but to love God with all his heart, the glory of whose bounty encompasses his wife, and so she will surely be cherished. A woman dimishes her man’s achievements when she burdens his mind with her insecure appetite for conflicts that test the boundaries of where the relationship between the two is able or unable to exist.

      • Handi says:

        God made man in His image and woman in his image.

        • jim says:

          I find this modification of the biblical wording suspicious.

        • Redbible says:

          Let’s see what the Bible actually says, shall we.

          Genesis 1:27

          So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them

          So this verse neatly breaks down into 3 parts.

          So God created man in his own image

          Since man is sometimes used to mean mankind or all humans, this would put us at a good start for both men and women are in God’s image, but at teh same time, man could indeed mean just men.

          in the image of God created he him

          Uh oh, this sound like only Adam was created in God’s image, and not Eve. Unless something else shows up to contradict this, we’ll have to assume that only man (and not woman) is made in God’s image.

          male and female created he them

          Oh no! This line says that man wan women were created by God, but fails to mention anything about his image. This is a terrible day to be an feminist.


          Also, when Paul talks about head coverings in 1 Corinthians 11 he says:

          Verse 7: For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

          Paul uses the fact that men are made in the image of God to declare they should NOT use head coverings while praying or prophesying. In that same charterer, he say women ARE to cover their heads while praying or prophesying, indicating that Paul thought that women were not made in the image of God.

          In short, burn in hell you gender equalist faggot.

          • Handi says:

            I said God made man in *His* image and woman in *his* image

          • SJ says:

            You can see the lie of equality causes the liar to debase himself, so as to lower himself to allow women to appear higher.

            Exactly the same as the progs celebrating that they have finally taught the blacks in Mississippi to have a higher IQ cause they kept teaching phonics in Mississippi while everyone else was taught the mind destroying common core.

            When you can’t teach the blacks higher IQ, and you can’t teach the women to stop being half beast, just make the white kids stupid and the men into weak servile faggots.

          • Ash says:

            the gentleman refers to Lilith, briefly refered to in the bible but no elaboration

            • Handi says:

              You’re a stupid illiterate nigger. Eve was created in Adam’s image from his rib. Man has the authority to command love from woman the same way God has the authority to command love from man. The way to do this is not verbally but physically. I wrote all of this in my original comment but it seems to be fucking opposite day around here. I wasn’t trying to be cryptic.

          • Triskele says:

            There is nothing gender equalist in saying “Man was created in God’s image and woman in man’s,” which is what Handi’s capitalization indicates.

            Woman has an indirect relationship with Divinity. What she intends for God must go through a man. She thus plays the role of the Church in relation to Christ symbolically. If she “complains to the manager” and skips over a man, much like Muslims or Arians skipping over the God-Man Christ, trying absurdly to love the Father and not the Son. That’s an unbridgeable gap.

            Not theologically wrong to say woman must love her husband with all her heart, treating him as a stand-in for God:

            >Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

            • jim says:

              > There is nothing gender equalist in saying “Man was created in God’s image and woman in man’s,” which is what Handi’s capitalization indicates.

              His words, however, say the other thing.

              > Not theologically wrong to say woman must love her husband with all her heart.

              A lot of things are not theologically wrong, but are nonetheless Christcuckery.

              Husbands are told to cherish their wives like their own flesh, which makes total sense from the Darwinian standpoint, assuming you are stuck with her, and she with you. Love not mentioned.

              Wives are told to fear and obey their husbands. Love not mentioned.

              Christ told us to do the hard thing. Christcuckery is an excuse for doing the lazy, cowardly, and easy thing.

              • Triskele says:

                You are right. Additionally, if a corrupted term like love is used, a risk of propagating that corruption is taken. So better to use uncorrupted terms. Since we have “love” so prominently in the Bible, best to indicate that it’s void without evidences, much as faith (a similarly nebulous and corruptible concept) without works is dead.

                The love of a master for a servant is to cherish. This springs from ownership. The love of a subordinate for a superior is evidenced by fear, submission, obedience. This springs from being owned. Men called to first fear and obey God and second to love Him; parallel requirement for woman to man, “as the Church be subject in every thing.” First is to see if there is fear and obedience. Then draw conclusions.

                If we can’t call a subordinate’s fear and obedience an evidence of love, how are men to evidence love of God?

              • Handi says:

                >His words, however, say the other thing.

                Bullshit. I said that men have authority to give the same command to women as God gives to men, which is true as delegated by God Himself. And I said that women owe men total devotion that men do not owe in return.

                I accept your point about “love” being an overloaded word in modern fagworld times and “fear” does the point across better, but love is the word the Bible uses for man’s submission to God, so I was not symbolically nor substantively wrong to use the exact same phrasing to draw a parallel from woman to man.

                I do not accept any of the accusations against me of cuckery and gender-equalist faggotry. They are utterly absurd and outrageous, based on hasty readings of what I wrote.

      • jim says:


        Not what women want.

        Not what the bible commands

    • Calvin says:

      Women don’t know what they want, but if they did it would be to be owned by a man who does legitimately care about them and shows it, but who also periodically shows himself to be dangerous and domineering, with degrees ranging from “stern father” to “basically a serial killer”. We as men naturally prefer the former to the latter, but more than a few women lack the sense required to do even that.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        Very well said.

        Blue-pilled men should get the first sentence tattooed to the insides of their eyelids so they never forget it.

    • Javier says:

      Florence nightingale said women desire to be loved, but have no capacity for loving others.

      another way of seeing it is female love is acquisitive. they love what they want, not what they have, so make sure your woman never fully has you.

      or it’s just biological; women love the dick that produces the most oxytocin in their brain via stimulation of the mucous membranes.

      I met a girl who said “we cant” and I just went ahead and had my way with her, and now we’re married with three kids. the animal kingdom has no concept of “friendzoning”. You’re more likely to get a happy loving family following heartiste than this gay shit.

    • SJ says:

      Wtf is up with unsuccessful guys trying to give advice? You should not be giving advice, your advice is wrong because it does not work. You know how I know my advice is good? Because I know it works. I realize that the gay faggot police have erased most of the red pill but you can still find it if you look. Hell I already gave you some advice, which you clearly didn’t take.

      I just don’t get it. Your advice doesn’t work because it hasn’t worked. Your tree makes no fruit, it is a dead tree. My tree makes a lot of fruit and gets results. I have the results. Yet even other guys IRL who can see the results of my tree still think they need to blather on about their idiot ideas that make a dead tree. Your ideas suck and are obviously wrong so why do you have these ideas? Why share your idiot opinion rather than ask for advice and then follow it?

      • Handi says:

        I’m surprised by the responses here and I don’t think I’m being understood. I said that the way to command a woman to love you is by actions, and not by trying to communicate verbally, which latter avenue I pursued when the only advice I had was the gay faggot police. If I’m not recapitulating your type of advice correctly then please put it into retard-clear language because I thought I was getting it.

        • The Cominator says:

          Look what we’re saying is you’re fucked up, you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.

          You’re cleary not happily married or a chad. I’m not either and I don’t give advice on normie women… I can give advice on how to bang a stripper as cheaply as possible because despite my pretty severe autism and social awkwardness I know how to do that.

          With normie women all I can say is that from observing others that Jim’s advice that a very very high % of them like guys who seem convincingly dangerous and violent (almost above everything else) is accurate. I personally would certainly end up dead or in jail if I tried to go this route. I used to have some success with the bipolar/bpd types (bpd types in particular actually like spergs and I actually like them) but they were always rare and in clownworld they just get put on these drug cocktails immediately that keep them at home and make them fat… so now rare as unicorns, I hate the antichrist.

        • jim says:

          Your advice does not seem very good, and you are interpreting Christianity in ways that support your advice, which interpretation is a quite noticeable stretch.

          Bad game, and bad Christianity.

          Men are created in the image of god, which includes women, but includes women indirectly. Hence Adam raised from dust by God, but Eve created of Adam, which is backwards from normal biology, but which I interpret as spiritual truth, and not necessarily a biological fact. That the eucharist is “literally” the flesh of Christ does not mean it was not baked from dough in an oven. And chances are Adam was born from a female speaking plains ape.

          A spiritual truth that your paraphrase evades. And your account of game similarly evades important truths about women, which lack of truth will result in one winding up watching anime porn in one’s single mother’s basement.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      because we do not know how to give this command in a language she can understand.

      imao just call her “my female.” Also gently but firmly squeeze her knee cap while driving and she’s riding shotgun. If she doesn’t like it, even better.

  35. The Cominator says:

    Looks like the vax is effective as a sterility plague at least to some degree.

      • Red says:

        Big drop but not as quite as big as we feared. We’ll see if the trend continues downward or stabilizes after a time.

      • Roger Williams says:

        It’s not just the vax. The economic effects of inflation on single family housing (and rents) means couples need to wait longer to afford a house big enough to raise a family.

        I know a few newly weds living in tiny box apartments because they can’t afford anything else. If you want to force people to not reproduce, that’s exactly where your want them living. Also couples were forced to marry a year later than they would have normally done with the lockdowns.

        • Red says:

          Economics down times isn’t a major factor in making babies. My grandparents lived in tiny places when they started having kids, as did my parents. What is needed is a garden but you can do without that for a couple of years after having your first kid.

          >Also couples were forced to marry a year later than they would have normally done with the lockdowns.

          Why would that stop them from having babies?

          • Roger Williams says:

            People don’t reproduce as much when they are packed into tight urban places. There is lots of data on this in many countries. More space = kids. This is why the WEF is pushing for people to live in tiny pods, no cars, highly urban, etc.

            • Western Taliban says:

              No, people don’t reproduce as much when they become emasculated faggots and vulgar butches. The way you are presenting the data is like watching a bunch of niggers and claiming that their criminality is because of poverty like leftists do, when it is both, the criminality and the poverty caused by the stupidity of niggers.

              How wrong your claim is can be seen further looking into your claim that more space equals more kids, it does not. Plenty of people with McMansions with zero children while plenty of Mexican types living in 10m2 with five children.

              Men are not having children because they are gay and women are not having children because they are gay. People in my country had more children in the middle of a civil war than they do today, because we have all been turned into a bunch of faggots.

              Also, cities do not degrade people, cities only reflect the decadence of its inhabitants. Old cities were completely different, if you are European with a smidge of story in your country you know what I mean because you can go see it with your eyes. We have the cities that we build. Bug cities built by elite bugmen, and the pleb bugmen play along.

              People in rural places have more children because they are a lot less gay, all the less gay urbanites escape the hellish bug city and all the faggot rurals run off to join their fellow bugmen in bug city, it’s completely self-selected.

              • Fidelis says:

                further looking into your claim that more space equals more kids, it does not

                At the very least it’s correlated. Look at any fertility stats and rural areas are always out ahead, all over the world. I would bet both are true, the antilife faith and living in a box are not good for inspiring families.

                • jim says:

                  Obviously it is a lot easier and more comfortable to raise kids if you have land and a garden.

                  But nothing makes a substantial difference except the accomplishing cooperate/cooperate equilibrium between men and women.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  Yes, and poverty and criminality is also correlated because stupid people are poor and criminals, like niggers. Everything that poor people suffer is self-selected.

                  Fertility stats in rural areas are always out ahead because bugmen run to cities and non-bugmen run away from them. Bugmen are happy to live in boxes, less gay men are not (current rural men are still very gay compared to their own ancestors)

                  Even then, when less gay men from Latin America run to other places and have to live in 10m2 boxes because they can’t afford anything else currently they are still having several children anyways, they don’t care. Lack of space is not a problem, faggotry in your soul is.

                  I was watching Mel Gibson’s “We Were Soldiers” a couple of weeks ago and it was funny to see how family life was understood to be in the 60s and look at the complaints of modern bugmen, it’s just fucking hilarious. In the movie they have like five children and they just have them all in the same room with bunk beds, fuck it.

                  The Simpsons, that represent the 90s, already shows a separate room for each kid, even the baby, making then of course impossible for any middle class American to actually have children if you self-impose this humongous faggotry on yourself, you render yourself infertile.

                  Infertility is caused by faggotry and other soul problems, nothing else. Of course, being a faggot and having other soul problems will cause a whole of other symptoms. But the root of the problem is the sickness in the soul, not the other symptoms.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  I’m not inspired today and my English is coming off complete garbage, hopefully the arguments are being properly communicated…

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >poverty and criminality is also correlated because stupid people are poor

                  Not quite. That correlation exists mostly in the West (strongest in America) and is used to hide a truth. Niggers are extremely criminal (at all levels of IQ), and niggers are poor. There are plenty of poor White areas in America and Europe with very low crime rates, even lower than their White city dwelling counterparts. Moreover, those poor Whites are slightly above average as far as IQ goes. Remove niggers from the data, and poverty and criminality correlation nearly goes to zero.

              • Western Taliban says:


              • Roger Williams says:

                There are a lot of factors contributing to the decline in fertility and packing people in tight spaces is one of the contributing factors. Look at China/Russia where there is less gay and we see the same urbanizing effect on fertility. Among other things, putting people in skyscrapers does not inspire families.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  Look at China/Russia where there is less gay and we see the same urbanizing effect on fertility.

                  China and Russia lack government enforced homosexuality, but they are also faggots to a high degree. There is no such thing as coverture in Russia, Putin himself is divorced, which means they are all faggots. Women in politics and such, giga gay. As far as I know, it’s the same in China. Additionally, they become even gayer through the cultural outreach of globohomo.

                  China and Russia have started to realize this fact. Putin is building churches and reviving Orthodox Christianity, Xi banned Kpop and Jpop faggots from its media and is set to promote masculine values.

                  Even so, Chinese and Russians living in cities are far more gay than their rural counterparts, all the GAE faggot shills in that part of the world are living in places like Moscow and Shanghai. It is not the urbanizing that made them gay, they are gay so they are happy to live like faggots in concrete boxes.

                  You also have the fact that China had the one child policy thing until recently, so there has in fact existed government enforced infertility among the Chinese.

                  Now go look at fertility before Putin and after Putin in Russia. If Putin and Xi were to recover their own cultural versions of coverture and execute faggots brutally on the streets the fertility rate would multiply several times.

                  There are a lot of factors contributing to the decline in fertility and packing people in tight spaces is one of the contributing factors.

                  There’s a lot of symptoms but only one sickness. Just like only faggots took the clot shot, only faggots pack themselves in tight spaces. Now the faggots that took the clot shot are bound to be infertile, just like the faggots who put themselves in concrete boxes are bound to be infertile.

                  Among other things, putting people in skyscrapers does not inspire families.

                  If your ancestors were the ones building those skyscrapers they would look completely different. In fact the skyscrapers pre 50s and post 50s are already insanely different. Skyscrapers don’t magically mind ray magic you into being gay, skyscrapers today are garbage because they are built by faggots, and they don’t inspire families because they are built and inhabited by faggots.

                  Many men today are completely unwilling to understand and recognize their own faults and shortcomings compared to their own ancestors, or are happy to be so lacking and ignore the fact. Your male ancestors four generations back would think you are a giga faggot. I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m just letting you know.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Population density is only the main factor in crashing fertility (at least pre vax) in only one country imho Japan. Japan resisted feminism pretty hardcore only going through the motions of the bare minimum imposed by the allies. Japanese never really accepted the idea of women having equal “careers” and exceptions where women actually got promoted were rare.

                  The other countries its mostly kept down by feminism.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Orthodoxy is better than Catholicism in 99% of ways but Orthodoxy has always allowed a man to divorce. I’m sure Putin initiated it to get a newer model…

                • jim says:

                  Yes Orthodoxy is better than Catholicism in 99% of ways, and Russian Orthodoxy is better than 99% of protestant sects, but one way it which it is very bad is that there is a large judaizing faction which interprets Christianity as not including the Stoic Logos, (“pagan addition, like the sacrament of marriage”) which is as insane as the Roman Catholic claim that the Bishop of Rome was always the Bishop of everything, and the Patriarch of the West was always the patriarch of everything. (The early Christologists were all discussing Stoic philosophy) And without the Logos, you get, like the Jews, an ever growing pile of scribbler droppings burying the Bible ever deeper.

                  On this issue Roman Catholicism was correct, though because the Pope coveted Kingdoms, while the Patriarch of the East merely coveted farms, Roman Catholic doctrine swerved this way and that according to the needs of war and politics, accumulating an ever growing pile of heretical and wicked doctrines.

                  Sola Scriptura is bad, but, as the Jews demonstrate, an ever growing pile of scribbler dropping burying the bible ever deeper is worse.

                  Without the Logos, the biblical position on women is just an arbitrary and inexplicable Chesterton’s fence, and down it comes. And when that fence comes down, Christians stop reproducing.

                • S says:

                  Counterpoint- Kowloon Walled city. People will have kids even with insane density levels.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Another counterpoint: 19th-century Eastern European Jews, who achieved high natural growth in an urban environment largely thanks to a mutation that protected them from tuberculosis.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > Orthodoxy is better than Catholicism in 99% of ways but Orthodoxy has always allowed a man to divorce.

                  Orthodoxy only allows divorce as an oikonomia or “economy,” which is only allowed for adultery or extreme cases. I made a mistake on this blog a while back where I said divorce was acceptable in case of infertility, but I misread the original Canon. Also, it is important to remember that Roman Catholics have the “annulment,” which is the same thing as divorce except with a different name.

                  So in Putin’s case, if he divorced his wife to get a younger model, that would not be acceptable.

                  (Other than it being true, of course), Orthodoxy is better than Catholicism because of its extreme rigidity, which prohibits any evolution of doctrine or interpretation. Thus, our shared enemies cannot destroy Orthodoxy in the same way they abolished Roman Catholicism in Vatican II.

                • jim says:

                  > Orthodoxy is better than Catholicism because of its extreme rigidity, which prohibits any evolution of doctrine or interpretation.


                  Interpretation keeps changing. New scribblers tell you what old scribblers thought. And old scribblers thought lots of things, so it is easy to expand and expand and expand on one offhand phrase by one old scribbler, while ignoring everything else.

                  Judaism illustrates this process, where they endlessly issue new laws while boring loopholes in old and new ones. They have repeatedly turned their position on the woman question upside down, and the ten commandments have been completely buried by endless expansions of the prohibition against an old pagan ritual meal kid boiled in its mother’s milk, and endless expansions of the ruling of a second temple high priests prohibiting the movement of carts of dried fish through Jerusalem city gates on the sabbath.

                  Orthodoxy is not as bad as Judaism by any stretch. But excluding the Stoic meaning of the Logos as pagan addition seems to be quite recent. And, of course, eighteenth century Orthodoxy was one hundred percent red pilled on the woman question. Today? It is Christcucked – Greek Orthodoxy is totally Christcucked, Russian Orthodoxy, almost equally so, but there is a bit of resistance. No one in the Russian hierarchy is red pilled – red pilled Russian orthodoxy is an outgroup like Latin Mass Roman Catholicism, and in Greek Orthodoxy, utterly eradicated. How is that not a radical change in doctrine and interpretation?

                  And it is Christcucked in part by dumping the stoics. That is a recent and radical in doctrine and interpretation. Without stoicism, you are apt to go other worldly, and that way lies gnosticism, dumping the inconvenient necessity for the ordinary this wordly virtues of right conduct with friends, kin, coworkers, and allies. Paul demanded this worldly virtue in candidates for priesthood. Not seeing any current Christian church adhere to this recruitment doctrine. How is that not evolution of doctrine and interpretation?

                  Rigity in doctrine and interpretation is always alarmingly flexible, because what the doctrines mean depends on what shoes you are wearing, and it is easy to put on some very strange shoes. To know what the other guy actually meant, you have to think yourself into his shoes. So you can be as rigid as you like with the words of the doctrine, while endless giving those words very strange meanings.

                  To know what the words mean you have to discern the spirit of the meaning. Rigid application of the words is apt to be a cover for radically changing the spirit. Exhibit A being Christcuckery versus the Red Pill. Albeit in all Christendom the only opposition to Christcuckery is coming from a Russian Orthodox faction – an out of power Russian Orthodox faction. Keeping the words does you no good if the meaning of the words gets turned upside down and inside out.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > Greek Orthodoxy is totally Christcucked, Russian Orthodoxy, almost equally so, but there is a bit of resistance. No one in the Russian hierarchy is red pilled – red pilled Russian orthodoxy is an outgroup like Latin Mass Roman Catholicism, and in Greek Orthodoxy, utterly eradicated. How is that not a radical change in doctrine and interpretation?

                  The difference between an Orthodox bishop being an heretic and the Roman Pope convening Vatican II is that an Orthodox Christian may reject what the heretical bishop says but a Roman Catholic cannot reject what the Pope says. Traditional Catholics are heretics according to their own dogmas.

                  An Orthodox Christian may quote St. Athanasius, “if the world is against the truth, then I am against the world,” and live accordingly. A Roman Catholic is bound to honor and obey whatever the Pope says otherwise be a heretic.

  36. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Very amusing to me that guys like Zeihan will say to look at demographics to know who will be more successful in the future, pointing out that India’s demographic charts are much healthier than China’s who went all in on female emancipation. At the same time he completely neglects that many of the insane elites in the GAE think of India as a very sexist nation in need of Harvard-style democracy. I’m sure if India was converged you’d see the same demographic hell that China has.

    These alphabet soup agencies speakers talk a whole lot about this kind of stuff like ‘unhealthy demographics’ or ‘industrial incapacity’ of say Russia, without batting an eye that the world they wish for is where this stuff is the most likely to happen (to everyone).

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      China’s who went all in on female emancipation.

      China is very similar to 1980s/1990s America… of course 1980s America would absolutely kill current day woke America, but we know where 1980s America ended up. If China continues on its current trajectory, it’s going to have many of the same problem America is currently having.

      • Jehu says:

        The will of the people in the US is for a return to the 1980s. Unfortunately in this case, the will of the people doesn’t count for anything. The present elite freakout was all about being infuriated that the MARS might actually get representation and actual power. I wonder how often historically that ordinary people are less insane and have better judgment than their elites. I doubt it’s a historical norm.

  37. Adam says:

    Recently I watched the newly released movie “Nefarious” based on the plot summary.

    In short, a blue tribe priest interviews a serial killer to determine if he is fit to be put to death. The convict is claiming he is actually a demon, the psychologist is an atheist. The demon promises that by the end of the day the psychologist will commit three acts of murder.

    About a half hour in it started to smell like a Christian bookstore movie so I looked it up and it is. I haven’t seen one of these in years but they are all pozzed. Glen Beck even makes an appearance. Of course the atheist has a crisis of conscience by the the end and is *almost* becomes a believer.

    The thing that I noticed, and it runs so absolutely through the core of today’s mainstream Christianity, is this belief that if we just pray enough, and evangelize enough, maybe hopefully my enemy will finally validate me. And through my enemy’s validation I can finally have the certainty and the conviction that I so long for.

    I have seen that sentiment among Christians since I was a child I just could never put a finger on it. It seems to walk hand in hand, maybe even necessarily with blue and purple pilled consent based morality.

    It is entertaining and worth watching if only to know your enemy. All Christian bookstores (save for the Holy Bible) need to be burned to the ground.

    • The Cominator says:

      I’ve only ever seen a clip but the blue tribe shrink is told by the prisoner (who is apparently a demon) that prog world is evil. I’m surprised it got made…

      • Adam says:

        It was weirdly contradictory. The atheist was what you would expect. The demon was the more truthful. There was a priest (presumably catholic) in there for a minute who explained that they no longer believe in demons as their beliefs have been updated to the times.

        I don’t even know what the message the film makers were trying to send. I suppose God is real, atheism is bad. The demon was the only interesting character and he did say some truths certainly as we explain them.

        It was retarded the way everything conservative is retarded, in that it attempted to win the enemies game playing by the enemies rules.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Putting truth in the mouths of villains is a classic technique of bluetribe auteurs to salve their cognitive dissonance.

        • The Cominator says:

          Or sometimes if they have heretical thoughts its their way of airing them while maintaining deniability.

          Tarantino is the one I have respect for among them, he made a comically over the top racist unapologetic Confederate one of the few good guys in the hateful 8. I don’t know how they let him do that…

          • Pete says:

            The Walton Goggins character wasn’t really racist, he was simply an average man of his time. He used the word nigger because he grew up in the South in the 1840s and that’s how things were.

          • Pete says:

            But no, you should not have any respect for Tarantino. The scene involving an oral rape of a man dying of hypothermia was revolting, and the audience is supposed to be totally fine with it since the dying man was racist.

            Let me remind you that libs see US the same way and would be fine with having US raped for our badthoughts about blacks.

            • The Cominator says:

              I find it revolting because it was homosexual though the dying man had originally set out to kill the nig and the story may or may not have been true (I find it unlikely to have been as nobody wants to expose any unnecessary skin in that kind of weather) he was trying to provoke the other Confederate guy to draw so he could shot him legally in self defense (it worked).

              • zero says:

                that might be the lib brain explanation but the notion that defiling a corpse with soddomy would not immediately result in execution and be accepted as completely lawful use of force in the given circumstance is stupid, idk. just seems like typical dem cult bullshit to excuse repulsive depictions for whatever weird inner demons posses them.

    • Red says:

      It is entertaining and worth watching if only to know your enemy. All Christian bookstores (save for the Holy Bible) need to be burned to the ground.

      I hated those stores as a kid. My mother blew so much money at such places and the fucking books were worthless. I think they became popular as Fathers gave up their leadership roles in the family so woman tried to fill them with the predictably stupid result.

    • BobtheBuilder says:

      >The thing that I noticed, and it runs so absolutely through the core of today’s mainstream Christianity, is this belief that if we just pray enough, and evangelize enough, maybe hopefully my enemy will finally validate me. And through my enemy’s validation I can finally have the certainty and the conviction that I so long for.

      You are commanded to love one’s enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. Love means willing the good. It is supremely good for the souls of your enemies that they come to Christ, repent, and cease their sinful behavior, which coincidentally means you stop being persecuted.
      The big problem is that mainstream Christianity is effeminate and suffused with liberalism, so either the enemies don’t take Christ seriously, or they misunderstand what they are supposed to repent of.

      • Adam says:

        The Bible also tells us not to cast pearls before swine, and as Jim puts it, never interrupt the devil while he is destroying someone. Am I really supposed to love a blue tribe intellectual that is hell bent on sodomizing my children? They are not going to stop on their own. Evil has already turned down the blessings of good, all it recognizes is the stick. We will stop being persecuted when we start killing heretics in broad daylight, until there is no more.

        • BobtheBuilder says:

          > Am I really supposed to love a blue tribe intellectual that is hell bent on sodomizing my children?

          Yes. Pray that he repents. If he won’t repent, Luke 17:2 is also a loving action after two cheeks.

          >when we start killing heretics in broad daylight, until there is no more

          Aquinas says:
          TLDR: yes, but you should do so because you are concerned about the heretic and his victims, not because you like murder.

          • zero says:

            The tradition of the executionars sword seems a little like a parrelel to turning the other cheek, if you have to kill an evil bastard, say a prayer acknowledging God’s ultimate judgement and put in a prayer that he really was a good boy and just a victim of circumstance and let the big guy sort it out. Done. If we had rifles with such a prayer for when some 9 year old burkete with a mortar shell just had to be iced, and chaplins that told soldiers their prayer was enough and their duty was to move on and stop being a pussy, we would have a lot less ptsd in vets. If you have to get old testament, the lord wants you to ponder a moment that the goal is the new covenent and you may have made a mistake, but its also not your judgement which is eternal so dont be an athiest with a god complex, touch grass and continue. No point flagelating yourself because some pedophile lost a bicep. Prayer is nice like that. Keeps you based and Cristos pilled when somalian ideas have somalian outcomes, just part of God’s mysterious plan.

      • Redbible says:

        The bible tells us to love OUR enemies, but it also tell us to hate GOD’S enemies.

        Those who want to kill you are God’s enemies, Those who want to steal from you are God’s enemies, Those who covet or envy what you have are God’s enemies, etc.

        When Jesus was using the word enemy, it was within context that we are talking about a sane rational person with whom one has issue with. But as Jim tells us, after two cheeks, all of out cheeks, so if they want a third, go old testament on them.

  38. Dharmicreality says:

    I don’t know what to make of Modi’s state visit to the US. But lots of focus on China’s reaction in the Indian media.

    Seems that the GAE is worried about China and wants India’s support in the Indian Ocean. Lots of talk in Indian news channels about the “strategic” implications of deepening ties with the US. Despite India’s continuing relationship with Russia.

    Modi also seems to want to assistance to curb Chinese influence in India’s north east and the the US to back India in its border disputes with China.

    Also seems that Modi wants to sit on the fence for as long as possible.

    Is the sane faction of the GAE ready for deal making with Modi? Or will this turn out to be another diplomatic nothingburger?

    • someDude says:

      The US Gov is divided on Modi as in other things. One faction wants him on their side against China. The other faction plans to fortify India for democracy or vaccinate Her against Fascism in 2024.

      If globoHomo (I don’t like calling it GAE for some reason) is not agreement capable with Putin, why would they suddenly become agreement capable with Modi?

      • Karl says:

        Does Modi know that they are not agreement capable?

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Ideally he should be knowing that, but I doubt it. To be fair even President Trump didn’t know that the GAE is agreement incapable.

          Modi also is a deal maker. He makes good deals and in that way similar to Trump and got on famously with Trump during Trump’s presidency. But somehow he will be disappointed if he expected the same rapport with Biden. But he is an inscrutable guy and hard to figure out what exactly he really is thinking.

          What I know is that Modi is also scheduled to meet Elon Musk among other prominent folk. He is expecting growth of business investments and manufacturing in India.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        I think the term GAE refers specifically to the Empire aspect while “globohomo” is used when talking about the religious doctrines and the cultural aspects of the Empire.

      • jim says:

        Globohomo wants to destroy Modi for insufficient faggotry. Global American Empire for being too buddy with Russia.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Whigs belatedly realising they’ve fucked themselves by prodding China and Russia (and Saudis and Iranians) into each others arms, and casting about for a useful piece that will help them get back on track for Great Resetting all humanoid civilizations.

      • Aidan says:

        On the flip side of regime sentiments towards India:

        Not all of the holy on the US side are happy about an alliance with “the worlds most dangerous country for women”. Of course in their minds, they can color revolution India and make it even better and more effective. The sane faction cannot say “we want India patriarchal and nationalist to make it a more effective industrial and war ally” in response. So I expect the elections in India to be heavily fortified, and if Modi takes the necessary measures to clamp down on US interference, that will mean the end of that friendship. I don’t believe the mechanisms exist for the sane faction to conduct foreign politics and diplomacy.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Yes, that is absolutely par for the course on how globohomo views India.

          Modi probably naively believes in “diplomatic continuity” and thinks he can “build on” the rapport created in the past with Trump to improve ties with the US. The media in India is still talking of how US-India ties improved in the Bush era. But equally India has been a notorious fence sitter and had consistently and stubbornly refused to wholly endorse the West’s political and ideological stand. This frustrates the West no end.

          Modi wants greater strategic and business ties with the US without the globohomo strings attached. But Globohomo will never accept Modi and wants him removed. Whether the saner faction of GAE can still strike a deal with Modi is the question, though seems highly unlikely.

  39. Kunning Drueger says:

    I may have already shared this link:

    Mearsheimer continues to be the brightest light in the American International Relations academy. As the Constructivist School continues down the path of being an explicit cargo cult (it was always bullshit, Fukiyama was always wrong), the Realist School will rise again in both status, influence, and numbers, particularly under the Russian and Chinese nuclear umbrellas. This is good for us in the long term as it opens the door and greases the skids for other forgotten or suppressed modes of thought and being.

    Mearsheimer has been on a roll lately. Search his talks on YT and you’ll find plenty. His style s simple and methodical, so you can observe his positions developing over the last year.

  40. Red says:

    Looks like Biden’s handlers just told China they can have Taiwan. Doubling down on Ukraine is seeming more likely. Poland might end up being the cause of both WW2 and WW3.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >Looks like Biden’s handlers just told China they can have Taiwan.

      What makes you say this?

    • dave says:

      the war faction has a different opinion… We also secured basing rights in the philippines, are taking the shackles off the Koreans and Japanese, moving B-52s and nuclear subs to Australia, and have given Taiwan more weapons on the shopping list.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        That’s a strategic withdrawal, and not a good one. That’s basically ceding the First Island Chain. Anyone with a brain knows the US cannot old Taiwan. Of course, Kool Aid drinkers will tink THAAD and aircraft carriers and F-35s will reign supreme, but look at the hard facts:

        – US ammunition, across the board excepting 5.56, is too expensive and complex to mass produce
        – US weapon systems are too expensive and complex to mass produce
        – US soldiers are to few, expensive, and spiritually compromised to mass produce (I mean actual soldiers, not camp followers in uniform)
        – USG is an atheistic theocracy, a meta-factional bureaucracy that can only reliably produce paperwork and can only reliably defeat solo leaders every other endeavor s a crap shoot dependant upon untouched/unused legacy systems and isolated specialists/SMEs that have dodged the cultural revolution
        – US allies are good for little more than stopgap supply/infrastructure/logistics/support, and only to the extent that they have a remnant of martial culture (Korea, Norway, Japan, Israel). Additionally, useful allies like France, Turkey, Vietnam are more likely to defect or declare neutrality than go to the mattresses. Further still, the thalassocracy model only works in a peaceful world with the current paradigm. Nowhere near enough ships, nonexistent martial culture/nobility, and a state religion that isn’t conducive to building consensus or armies past cancel mobs and focus groups.

        My personal opinion is a split deci, one I haven’t figured out yet: is the US more like Tsarist Russia under Nicholas II, or Soviet Russia under Andropov/Gorbachev? Add to this elements of the UK in 1930s and South Africa in the 1990s.

        The countries that matter the most are the ones that can be reasonably believed to stand without FDI (foreign direct investment) from the Great Powers (US, RF, PRC), which includes but isn’t limited to France, Turkey, and Argentina (though each of these has systemic issues and only one has nuclear options). There are a host of countries that have significant value, or good geographic positions, or other positive points, but are beholden to patronage of Great Powers or global institutions or Pax Americana dynamics.

        Short, sharp wars are not on the menu unless they start with nuclear decapitations or fully realized IEW, so it’s just WWI dynamics with WWII casualties post Civil War/pre WWI strategy. A lot o balderdash to say the real players are the countries with natural resources, big populations, and a state religion that will enable using the former to weaponize the latter. Pursuing SDI may have defeated the USSR, but failing to achieve it may be the deciding factor in the downfall of the US thalassocracy. They just don’t have the coordination/cooperation capacity, and no amount of press statements or headlines will change that.

        • Calvin says:

          “Anyone with a brain knows the US cannot old Taiwan. ”

          Which would imply that the regime does not, in fact, know that. As to how true that is, though, I don’t know. I know all about how worthless the current US regime is but the Chinese haven’t actually done any warring since 1979 so I have no idea how they’d actually shake out and I suspect neither do they.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            can’t find the article, I saw it on Twitter thread, but if you poke around, the US can barely build 2 warships a year, and it can barely produce 5 tankers or cargo ships a year. It no longer has the port facilities, intelligent labor, or skilled logistical managers. In 1942, the US had to start from almost scratch building the civilian tonnage to get troops anywhere, and they had to over defend each ship. So they built everything all at once: skilled labor, port facilities, ships, and warships. While the US submarine fleet remains powerful and numerous, they are not built for protecting freight shipping from the full spectrum of threats. The surface fleet is degrading rapidly, n terms of both equipment and expertise, so it will be a question of priorities: build ports, build boats, or build weapons. We’re talking years, not months, and I don’t believe it’s doable given our 1990s South African culture + 1910s Russia OR 1980s Russia government. The USM could barely hold Kabul, it’s not going to hold Taipei.

            • Red says:

              They’ve being told by the Pentagon that there’s no chance of beating China and with our utter failure in Ukraine, it’s sinking in even to the State department that the cupboard is bare.

              They have only few choices now: make a temporary peace with Russia and China and then make American great again, double down with war with Russia(Poland may have offered to join the war with Russia apart form NATO) in order to cut off China from the natural resources it needs and try to win economically, or give up on both conflicts and pretend we’re still the Hegemon while they triple down on getting rid of white males and trannifying the GAE because clearly it’s all those evil white males that are making the GAE fail.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Option 03 is what the radicals in the US want, and I think both Russia and China would prefer it as well. It solves their problems rather elegantly, as they are already very able to pay lip service and act humble around bombastic Americans, and they can feed any and all sides of an American Balkanization to keep that smoldering for years.

                If it goes Route 03, we will find out how far the American Elite has actually fallen. If this were to happen “now (1-3 years), then you would see an “unexpected” coalescence around Trump and a rebirth of MAGA. I am of the opinion that there are far fewer True Believers in the pile than it seems, at lest in the upper levels of the elite. Not that they are all innocent, not by any measure, but I think a significant number retain enough brains, wealth, and foresight to hold their nose and go along with patriotism and nationalism. As we always get to in our discussions, it comes down to available leadership.

                Route 01, Temporary Peace, gets the Occam’s Razor badge, as kicking the can, hedging, and waffling are the great American pastimes. If my above assertion is correct, this is the most likely. But if there really is a plurality of psychotic daemon worshipers (as opposed to a vocal and zealous minority) then they will never countenance a single voluntary step backward.

                Route 02 would be in line with the track record for this regime. They seem to double down on pretty much everything, and only desist when they cannot pull it off. With a Trumpian Foil present, they can maintain enough cohesion between factions to coordinate.

                As terrible as it would be for most of us, Yellowstone Eruption is probably the most optimistic potential outcome.

                • jim says:

                  Russia is unlikely to accept temporary peace.

                  The basic idea of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is to force Russia to accept temporary peace by threatening to take Crimea, thus threatening access to Turkey and the Mediterranean. Chances not looking good so far.

                  Doubling down not good either. It is more cannon fodder, which is not very effective without more shells and tanks, and/or NATO air intervention. Looks to me that the only effective NATO air intervention would be to bomb civilians in the Russian hinterland who are outside the rather small area of Russia covered by Russian antiair. Libya style indiscriminate counter value bombardment. Russia’s only effective reply to that would be counterforce nuclear strikes on Nato bases.

                  Which is to say, the only effective doubling down option that I see is a mighty big step towards nukes.

                • Red says:

                  Putin might be weak enough to accept a “peace” offer. More than anything he wants a seat at the liberal world order.

                  I think option 2 is the most likely and nuclear war is the most likely outcome and much preferred to option 3.

                • jim says:

                  He should know by now he is never going to get it.

                  Those guys hate us all and intend to destroy us all, regardless of what it costs them. They have turned into full on demon worshippers, and anyone who is not a full on demon worshipper gets purged.

                  I hope the slightly less insane left will stage a coup against the frothing at the mouth batshit insane left.

                  It not looking like that is going to happen, but historically it was usually what did happen.

                • A2 says:

                  A seat at the table would certainly be the great booby prize at this point.

                  What would provide sufficient assurances for non-fake, non-gay peace? Permanently posting the whole UKRAINE WAR faction of the US to Alaska, as a show of good will. Long-term regime change in the US. (Disintegration of the GloboHomo empire.)

        • dave says:

          No its a buildup from where recent situation in APAC. hear me out. post WWII we had bases all over APAC, the Pacific was American. we’ve been gradually withdrawing until all we have left is Guam, Okinawa and a few other places.

          Your right we cant hold Taiwan. China has the numbers, and if they want to pay the butchers bill they can take Taiwan. but geography of Taiwan and the fact that its an Island will make the butchers bill extremely high. China and the PLAN need to be able to control the seas around Taiwan.

          the main obstacle to that is American, Australian, Japanese, Korean Torpedoes and Tomahawks, assuming they work. but they are mostly old technology and proven in previous wars. Only question is a) whether we have enough and b) whether we can get them in theater. b) is where the basing gets in. we are clearly prepositioning equipment within standoff range of torpedo platforms and tomahawks for the USAF and USN.

          Forget about THAAD, F-35s, and Aircraft Carriers…. this is going to be about B-52s and LA and Virginia class subs serving as weapons trucks to get Torpedoes and Tomahawks to the south china sea.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            China can enforce A2/AD around Taiwan fairly easily; this being exactly the sort of capabilities they have focused strategic development around. Any USG water asset trying to get to Taiwan can be sunk by China if the balloon goes up. Both China and Taiwan know this; so from China’s perspective, whether it is peace or war, time is on their side, and they can impose pressure to bring about the inevitable conclusion, without needing to escalate things themselves.

            • dave says:

              by water assets do you mean surface assets? I suspect we can still get subs in the area, and subs can carry a lot of torpedoes and Tomahawks.

              China threw a fit over this announcement:

              Shortens the reload time for each sub.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                In a short, sharp war, subs would be very capable. In a long and drawn out conflict, I don’t think they can really last. Subs are unparalleled First Strike assets, and they are very good clandestine platforms. But performing sustained missile barrages… if they can sink the whole PLAN in one or two salvos. But Ukraine is showing us that nothing goes as planned, and logistics & industrial capacity are everything.

                Every sub lost would be permanently gone. The US does not have the capacity to replace them in any meaningful amount of time. Further still, China has near limitless options for sabotage and attacks in the US mainland, from physical attacks to bureaucratic tangles to labor disputes.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Can you feed people with torpedoes?

                What i’m trying to impress is that all the GAE functionaries fixiating on the idea of an amphibious invasion of Taiwan have a poverty of strategic vision. Otherwise they’d grasp the fact that China is in a position where it barely has to lift a finger to get what it wants in time. They can’t quite seem to comprehend the idea that the whig empire is not in a position of strategic dominance, not the one with the initiative, not the one whom the onus is on an other party to shoot their shot or lose their opportunity.

                All the wargaming about China throwing assets into an amphibious invasion, right now, as things stand, is to distract from the fact that this is the only scenario where the GAE *can* do something about Taiwan. Texas sharpshooter as a form of psychotherapy.

                • dave says:

                  you are not wrong. D-Day style invasion is extremely unlikely. A US carrier battle group or two taking on all comers in the south china sea would be extremely stupid. PLAN is coming along but not there yet and is likely no match for the torpedoes – China plays the long game, normally. Any overt dustup just ends up with a lot of dead sailors and sunk ships.

                  However… in the next 18 months, USA is in a position of extreme weakness. Military is depleted, ammunition stocks are low, and the US government is leaderless.

                  If China was going to make a move in the next five years, they should do it in the next 18 months. And the most likely move is an economic blockade of freight shipping to and from Taiwan on some pretext. Not going to call the odds, but if they wait longer, they risk the US beginning to re-industrialize, and to regain strong leadership (Trump or similar). Its a risk they may not want to take.

                • Calvin says:

                  Eh, I dunno. China’s a big importer of food and energy itself, which need to go through a bunch of narrow straights, and thanks to the absolute retardation that was the one-child policy, their future isn’t looking terribly rosy either.

                • Adam says:

                  >they risk the US beginning to re-industrialize

                  Yeah I don’t know about that. I just read a resume today, 20 year old male with a couple years experience in construction and he noted that he “tends to be reliable”.

                  The left always projects itself onto the right, and they have depleted and consumed the population the way they accuse capitalists of doing to natural resources.

                  We need a solid decade of bring your son to work to turn things around.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The capabilities exist to end shipping as an enterprise around the globe, and noone at present has more of that capability than China, who have devoted significant resources to the matter.

                  The whig empire’s own attempts to interdict shipping would certainly hurt them, much as the empire’s attempts to interdict Russia hurt Russia; but China has means of recovering and continuing to grow; whereas, saying the same thing about the GAE is, how shall we say, a much dicier proposition.

                  Chief amongst these reasons being the fact that its very identity, in the form of its state religion, is predicated on undermining what makes for growth.

          • jim says:

            We have not had submarine warfare in a long time. Things have changed.

            New anti submarine methods are now possible. Has anyone implemented them? We shall learn.

            The Ukraine reveals that an invasion of Taiwan would likely destroy that which China wishes to capture. A blockade, however…

            Suppose submarines are still effective? (No one knows.) China can still blockade from the air.

    • Ash says:

      I think.. decent chance a few warships push to Taiwan straights.. if sunk, USA retreats and says they are “pro peace, love, freedom.”

      but I think china really wants to wait until 2030 or so.. what do I know?

  41. Kunning Druegger says:

    “We need to keep a few foreigners around for the sake of diversity and as a cautionary tale for future generations.”

    This is incredibly stupid and risky. This is the kind of decision that haunts your progeny, the same way many of our ancestors’ choice to use what appeared by every measure to be a subhuman animal that would never in a thousand years be able to overwhelm them.

    Someone else, St, John I believe but also Aidan, explained how having poors, muds, and single moms in groups are just an armory waiting to be unleashed by elites trying to upset the status quo.

    If you want diversity, go be a missionary. If you want to relearn old lessons, go on a safari to the jungle. Or just watch a fucking NatGeo documentary. There is no good reason Indians should tolerate european enclaves on their clay, and if blacks ever level up, they have no healthy need of white minority populations. The chinks are fine swimming in a sea of yellow. There is no need to mix contaminants into the alabaster (“but it looks so interesting!” fucking gay JFC).

    Ever race has more than enough diversity to stay healthy. Coverture is a much better plan than keeping a ghetto of niggers or spics or liberated women around as an object lesson.

    This is so elementary I am having a hard time not interpreting as le ebbin troll or straight up enemy payload. Based minorities don’t exist.

    • Red says:

      I have to wonder if Com’s fucking a black stripper.

      • The Cominator says:

        Lol I’m not. I’m just not sure news reports from Africa will do it.

        • Red says:

          Whites will flip 180 on blacks the moment the propaganda starts showing reality and any white who’s been around niggers knows the score even if they’re unwilling speak it. It’s really not a major issue.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            The Cathedral spent trillions building an apparatus that forced whites to ignore the evil staring them in the face and raise their children to do so, and the machine breaks constantly and is so ineffective that a substantial minority of white males always, Always, start noticing as teens. The only effective counter to this is white pussy, the number 1 reason white males go along with The Message. If the constant reinforcement stops, the Relaxing halts almost immediately. No white population anywhere in the CONUS has lost the term “nigger,” and it comes out so easily, whether it is an old hicklib, a SanFran yuppie, a true believer Karen, cuckwhites, or thrall whites.

            Keeping a population of them around is a ridiculously bad decision, akin to the “send your daughters to college for the experience and wisdom” type arguments.

            • The Cominator says:

              The ones who nootice have some contact with the joys of diversity. Perhaps its not necessary but northern whites living a comfy existence among themselves… they always fall pray to various kinds of retarded idealism of retarded idealism and eventually they will destroy the Chesterston’s fence we’ve built based on the various cynical grotesqueries of human nature. How do you stop that. That is the main post victory problem we are going to have.

              I do not know the perfect answer but I do know its going to be a problem.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                It’s the social equivalent of building a machine that never breaks down or wears out. E.g. Heinlein’s idea of “only veterans are allowed to vote” eventually succumbs to an extremely loose definition of “veteran”. The best you can ever hope for is to recruit a cadre of ultra-chads and found an empire that follows the ten-generation, 250-year story arc described by John Glubb.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      I don’t think i’ve ever said this but my first impression of James Comey’s best friend was that he started out as a glowniggy plant but over time ended up ‘going off the reservation’. You can tell there are still some sentimental residues of that weltanschauung internalized here and there though.

      • Red says:

        Funny, that fits the facts well. “Comey’s really on Trump’s side and will save they day” does sound like a Glowie Meme, though it’s a really stupid one, on par with the stuff @ivanislav is spewing.

        TC struck me as a Sperg getting obsessed with the sort of weird shit Spergs get attracted to. I don’t see any reason to change that view.

        • The Cominator says:

          Comey fucked them over BADLY a lot of times and he seemed at least to me to genuinely not want Hillary to win he also blew in his book that there really was zero evidence for Russiagate very very early (of course we know there wasn’t but he confirmed it in a very specific way long before Mueller Trump should have harped on this but did not), I think perhaps he did want to jump ship to Trump but Trump administratively was hopelessly incompetent (brilliant at economics and foreign diplomacy but there is no milder term to describe his administrative ability besides incompetent) and it was just impossible, its hard to tell. Perhaps Comey was just an incompetent leftist but he was a lifelong Republican going back to the era when Beltway Republicans at least tried to be different from the ruling part Democrats on some things. I’m a self admitted sperg. I’m not a glowie and I’ve never been unable to express no end of thoughtcrime.

          Christopher Wray (who Trump has appointed) has never failed to be a good cog for the left and has made no such mistakes.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Comey is a literal tool, his personal beliefs (assuming he has them, which I doubt) are in no way a factor. He bungled the situation because of the factional issues inherent in the Clinton/Obama coalition. He was probaly a Clinton operative that crossed over to Obama in the heady days of 2008 when racism was defeated and utopia was settling o’er the land. Lots of thrall whites, technocrats, and bureaucrats who had been beltway bandits for a long time jumped onto the Obama Bandwagon. When they came out of the post-orgasmic haze, they were confronted by the fact that Barry was a limpdick pederast that was functionally retarded and had to be closely managed by Big Mike and Valerie Jarrett [1]. This book [2] is a glimpse into what was actually going on. The jew author got to publish it because of the heeb exemption on hate facts, but it has since been marginalized and buried. Very worth the time to read it *if* one has a clean and well ground Jimian Lens, as the facts between the lines are more important than the words on the page. It is important to note that this book was rushed to print and came out *during the first term*, meaning someone up high wanted mud on Obama’s ivory pant suit. This was prior to the unholy union of Clinton (legacy faggots) and Obama (new, multikulti faggots) gangs.

            I think it is safe to assume that anyone that jumped ship on Clinton was quietly worried about Hillary’s ascendancy, and would be looking to ingratiate themselves in time for the coronation, or flee to a non-extradition country. We sometimes forget just how bloody certain everyone in the establishment was of Hillary’s victory. If there was any doubt, the procedural assassination of Bernie’s campaign cleared that up ricky tic. They juiced Trump’s campaign because they believed he was the easiest to beat, and they threw absolutely everything and the kitchen twinks at him. Absent any hard evidence, I am no less confident asserting that Comey was not some rogue right winger, or crypto Trumpian, and he definitely was not an unbiased civil servant just trying to do the right thing. He was high enough up to have agency, and owned enough to have direct orders.

            You know in movies or books when some lone assassin is sent out to kill a guy, but then events change and the guy becomes integral to the side trying to off him, and then they’re having a wedding or birthday party and the assassin strikes? He thinks he’s saving the day but in actuality he’s ruining everything; that’s what happened to Comey. Whether he was dispatched by Obama or Clinton, I have no idea. But that labradoodle in human form thought he was being a gudd boi when he tracked shit and mud into the house and literally ruined everything.

            A quick note on “Trump administratively was hopelessly incompetent.” This may be a fair assessment, but I think the truth is closer to the fact that Trump is hopelessly Boomer. He stubbornly believes people can be bought, that titles and party affiliations mean something, and that Progressivism is a political position, as opposed to the state religion. This distinction only matters to people like us, because the outcome is precisely what we saw happen: he brought in traitors, trusted traitors, and spurned loyalists. Trump believed bureaucrats in government were the same as bureaucrats in business. Very stupid from our point of view, but so much has changed since 2016. I can’t forgive the cowardice, but I completely understand the ignorance. Everyone of us here knows at least one Boomer that believes the constitution matters, or that college prepares one for life, or that women have a concept of time.


            • The Cominator says:

              “A quick note on “Trump administratively was hopelessly incompetent.” This may be a fair assessment, but I think the truth is closer to the fact that Trump is hopelessly Boomer”

              Is there a difference.

    • Adam says:

      I will say blacks have a couple of things going for them, one is that black men are the funniest comedians, and listening to rap music (at least stuff in the 90s and 2000s) will help you score. Tupac was right about women.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >black men are the funniest comedians

        No way. The best Jews and the best Whites are way funnier than the best Blacks.

        • Vendat Tunicam says:

          Back in the 90s and 2000s black comedians (and to a lesser extent Jewish comedians) were the only ones allowed to be funny, they were the only ones allowed to notice black and female misbehavior, you were allowed to comment on gays but not in a crass way (good luck calling them fags). Now not even black comedians are allowed to notice black and female misbehavior and commenting on gays is totally verboten. Comedy sucks now because it’s
          eiither progressive priests telling white men to die or it’s sluts complaining about their unwashed pussy.

          • Pete says:

            I may have gotten through to one Boomercon when he came up to me at work and started talking about going to see some black comedian that night.

            I just shook my head and said black comedians are boring and not funny at all. They only have one joke: “White people are soooo stupid! Let me explain how stupid they are!”

            He looked like he’d been shot, kind of sputtered for a second, then walked away.

      • Carte Blanche says:

        listening to rap music (at least stuff in the 90s and 2000s) will help you score

        Only because the iron fist of state power prohibits polite society from beating and lynching the scummy gangsta rappers. Being wildly disrespectful to one’s betters and getting away with it looks high status.

        The original, much older variants of rap music weren’t as bad. I can’t listen to any of that either, personally, but relatively speaking it was the emergence of gangsta rap specifically in the 90s and 00s you’re referring to when it transformed from “quirky negro subculture that was probably a degeneration of jazz” to “ridiculous pompous trash that would get the shit kicked out of them in high school, except…”.

        As for comedians, sure, they’ve put out some funny guys like Dave Chapelle and Eddy Murphy, but most of what they do could be described as a more authentic minstrel show, and the ones willing to satirize their own tribe like that are rare. They do exist, but they are few and far between, and even their best and brightest can hardly compare to the likes of Mike Judge, Monty Python, the Abrams/Zucker team, John Swartzwelder, Steve Purcell, Lesley Nielsen, Chris Farley, any of the old SNL writers, or even some of the annoying liberal shits like Seth Rogen.

        Even if you’re strictly talking about stand-up comedians and want to rule out all scripted and sketch comedy, you’re still comparing to the likes of George Carlin, Bill Burr, Bob Newhart, Sam Kinison, Steve Martin, Jim Gaffigan, Lenny Bruce… it’s not much of a contest. The negros contributed something, but just like all those famous negro inventors we keep hearing about, American society would have hummed along just fine without them.

        • A2 says:

          “Being wildly disrespectful to one’s betters and getting away with it looks high status.”

          For a recent example, old man Biden’s belated pro-forma wheezing at the tranny WH disrespecter does look quite weak and foolish. Tranny wins (and WH threw the game).

        • f6187 says:

          “… Jim Gaffigan …”

          Yes, the instant I read “to the likes of” I anticipated seeing him on your list of greats.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            I tried to pick a decent cross-section of old vs. new, highbrow vs. lowbrow, dry humor vs. dick jokes, etc. I certainly was not equating Gaffigan to Carlin; he’s on the list to show that whatever it is that one might find appealing about negro comedy, there is almost definitely a white guy with a better routine. Except maybe in the narrow genre of comedy about negros.

            There are hundreds of possible names to choose, many worse than those on my spur-of-the-moment list, some better. Wasn’t meant to be a Who’s Who of comedy, only to make a point.

            • Adam says:

              I wouldn’t argue necessarily that blacks are funnier than whites, but they are better at making fun of blacks and better at making fun of whites. Some of their best material is about blacks both men and women.

              Black humor, like rap music, has other qualities about it that are amusing, it is more juvenile and more direct. Take any famous black rapper, and that is pretty much an uncensored look at any competitive 14 year old male psyche.

              My musical taste is about 20% rap, and I usually listen to it on the way to see a girl, or anywhere fuckable girls will be. It gets my attention focused on pussy.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >but they are better at making fun of blacks and better at making fun of whites

                Try making fun of blacks as a White person. You’ll be lynched. Heck, try making fun of other White people as a White person… just make sure not to step on the toes of feminists, homosexuals, trannies, woke Whites, White urban managerial class, etc, etc.

                Whites are not funny because they are not allowed to be funny. Growing up, when I was an American highschooler, I said in a completely serious tone: “homosexuals are genetically defective and will eventually remove themselves from the gene pool.” Being Asian, nothing (besides shocked staring) happened to me. One of my White friends in the same year jokingly said “no homo” and got detention and a stern phone call home.

                Humor is a skill, and it takes practice to develop it. White kids are actively punished for most humor. Blacks get a complete pass no matter how disruptive. Asians are just to alien to be funny (at least 10+ years ago).

  42. Anonymous Fake says:

    Now that RFK Jr. is running and appeared on Joe Rogan the NPC left has been rapidly reprogrammed to be skeptical of vaccines, and even *autism* is mentioned openly on Twitter. Next year they’re all going to swear they never took the “Trump Shot” the way they claimed in 2019 before they got reprogrammed the first time. That they stuck to healing crystals and transcendental meditation or something.

    [*Payload deleted*]

    I think there’s been a change in the whole Matrix since the Ukraine offensive got iced. Something’s different.

    • notglowing says:

      > Next year they’re all going to swear they never took the “Trump Shot”

      Nah they won’t. I’m hearing many people saying this, I don’t believe it.

      It will probably become more socially acceptable to mock covid measures, the vaccine, and call them bad or ineffective. That’s already happening. But it will remain a low status meme.
      I just don’t believe they will reverse course on it, not openly, because they put too much social capital into the vaccine and they have nothing to gain from being honest.

      It will gain the same status as saying “bush did 9/11” or “epstein didn’t kill himself”, regardless of what the truth is it will never be the official truth. They might walk it back a little and say the vaccine wasn’t very effective, but they’ll always keep enough of their “fact checking” around to dismiss anyone who actually disagrees with the covid stuff and treat them as low status. And it won’t change anything in practice.

      The thing is, the more time passes, the less the average person cares about covid and covid era regulations. They can easily get away with pretending there was nothing wrong with it.

      • SJ says:

        Sudden death syndrome will become just like sudden infant death syndrome and autism. It’s normal and always has been. Just like I expect them to at some point say that a fifty percent miscarriage rate is perfectly normal and of course it takes two years to get pregnant, always has.

  43. The Cominator says:

    FANTASTIC video from Tik. Most illuminating video on demon worshippers I’ve ever seen.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >Everything I don’t like is Gnosticism.

      • jim says:

        As a matter of fact, usually is gnosticism

        • The Cominator says:

          I’m on record myself that I’m sympathetic to a soft form of gnosticism… but clearly there is a more typical demonic form of gnosticism behind almost all leftist ideologies…

          • jim says:

            Remedy your sex life, and you will find yourself less sympathetic.

            • cub says:

              Jesus himself seemed to think [*Gnostic Jesus deleted*],but do you have an actual refutation of gnosticism aside from this cunty feminist-sounding reply?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        A pretty remarkable expression of Carcinization, innit?

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          If you squint, there are similarities, no question. Mostly though, it’s right-wing Catholics patting themselves on the back for a centuries-old win and trying to pretend their current enemy is the same as their ancient and defeated foe.

          What’ve we got for similarities?
          A great hidden truth
          A sinister powerful enemy hiding this truth from the masses
          An elite group of the enlightened that understands this truth

          That’s all pretty general, and you can fit it to most belief systems without much effort.

          • Red says:

            Child sacrificing, demon worshiping Trannies is a very old foe.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Child sacrifice is pagan, not Gnostic.

              Trannies can be Gnostic, but they can also be plain old pagan.

              Demon worship is just a term for faiths we don’t like.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Actually, scratch that last one. It wasn’t fair. Demon worship is any faith that does not promote the flourishing of its believers.

                • Red says:

                  My point is old religions seem to return with regularity not that they were Gnostic. Communism and Hilterism certainly where Gnostic. Trannyism goes back to the old Ishtar Cult in Babylon and probably father back than that since there were so many proscriptions against it by a lot civilizations. Being able to transform one self between sexes is a very odd belief, but I don’t know it’s exact origin or basis. It’s certainly religious in nature given the way it’s become a point of worship.

                  > Demon worship is any faith that does not promote the flourishing of its believers.

                  Though that leads to a kind of an interesting question, where the Aztec gods Demons? They Aztecs were growing like crazy because they only sacrificed their foes to their gods, while the rest of the tribes around them sacrificed their own children to their gods when they couldn’t capture foes to appease them.

                • jim says:

                  Aztecs sacrificed their own in considerably smaller numbers. But the basic thing that made it demonic is that all the tribes had the same religion, and the priests of each tribe were in the pockets of the priests of enemy tribes. Not national religions, but effectively a single religion with a single priesthood arranging for their congregations to kill and eat each other.

                  When the tribes joined Cortes against the Aztecs, their priesthood was not too happy, because Cortes was outside the system.

                • SJ says:

                  Gnostics are an old cult. They believe Adam Kadmon, Adam pre Eve, was a man-woman and that when Eve was removed from Adam that was the fall. Adam Kadmon was created in the image of God, so God is a man-woman. By becoming a tranny they become closer to God. Then for Christian gnostic butt pumpers they say look Jesus was a shape shifter just like allegedly Taylor Swift is. They couldn’t find him and had to have him betrayed by Judus because he was dressed up like a girl! Plus Mary had a virgin birth because zir was a hermaphrodite man-woman that impregnated zirself. Etc etc.

                  Hey look we’ve got this secret knowledge if you just lay down and let us pump your butt you can reach the magic of an orgasm from your butt and pierce the veil. We aren’t a bunch of gay fags, no it’s spiritual, so dress up like a girl pull your pants down dude. You’re becoming closer to God!

                  They do have some seriously good cooperation though. I’m still confused how they manage that. Demonic possession? They are all infected with a behavior altering parasite passed through the butt? They make their plans naked together in a great big pile? They sodomize children and have blackmail on each other? I dunno

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                If you want to make a point about rectification of names you’re undermining yourself by using the highly non-specific term ‘pagan’ in some apparently special private sense.

                • jim says:

                  Contaminated NEET is using the terms correctly. Gnostics are not pagans, and pagans are not necessarily Gnostics, though they often are.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Pagan is not a very well defined term. A common banal sense of the term is anything that is not precisely Christendom. Traditions of many peoples pagan in this sense, which, to the extent they are adaptive in their comportment with Divine Law, do not involve child sacrifice.

                  So what does CN mean by paganism then? Defining child sacrifice as implying paganism and not gnosticism, and defining paganism as involving child sacrifice, leaves us with a whole host of things that do get historically described as ‘pagan’ at times that do not get a fit this mould, most particularly traditions of folk descended from People of The Sky Father.

                  When you say the word ‘pagan’ the first thing that usually comes to most people’s minds is Greco-Roman or Norse religious forms, which don’t square with this putative sense. A definition that makes no distinction between Julius’ legions and the druids they stomped into the mud has some practical issues. Same problem with Dharma, Shinto, or Buddhism.

                  Seems to me like it was just casting about for rationalizations to justify continuing his argument, doubling down on the initial knee-jerk dismissal of describing the recurrence of characteristically antinomian antinatalist anticosmic flavors of dobadders as simply ‘gnostic’ after the fact.

                • jim says:

                  Pagans worship miscellaneous assorted gods. Some of them but far from all of them, demons. Even the Aztecs had a god that did not get classified by Christians as demon or evil spirit, and Christians classified most of the Irish gods as ancestral spirits.

                  Gnostics hold the world to be the creation of an evil God, and are therefore excused from right conduct in this world. So, sort of like monotheist. Except Christians give thanks for the things of this world while gnostics seek vengeance for them.

                  Gnostics are not exactly Satanists, but they are not exactly not Satanists either.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Certainly. My impression is that CN however would be keeping the definition of gnostic as a prosaic reference to a certain sub-culture of late antiquity syncretic cults; whereas, the way it is often used by others lately – such as myself – is in a more phenomenological sense as well, identifying a like nature between those peoples, and certain peoples after them, and certain peoples before them, using those peoples as typical examples; an extension of the essential logic to sketch out a natural kind.

                  A subject could have never heard of Valentinus or Marcion or Mani in his life, and yet we find him converging on the same modes of thought all the same. That is the remarkable thing.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  This is probably a rabbit trail better left until we control the world again, but I do wonder about the pantheon of lesser gods, daemons, and eldritch forces beyond the confines of the strictly human. To a primitive man, to an atheism addled modern, to an uncontrolled female, to the mud people, the bar for inspiring deific reverence is very low. Angels and daemons are indistinguishable from God (or satan) if there’s no possibility of nuance or preparation.

                  Is it more likely that satan is just a master of disguises and all manifestations of anti-God are just him playing with human consciousness like toys, or are there many powers, many entities populating the not-quite-void? Just as it is foolish for McChristians to act like the Bible was divinely inspired by a God that didn’t know Civil Rights was going to happen, it is folly to assume that God’s Word cannot account for the granularity with which man would be able to observe His world.

                  I personally believe that something is Out There, but I am undecided on what, precisely, that means. We are called to conquer the stars. Is it likewise true that we must march down the scale as well? He’s a buffoon, but Eric Weinstein’s Unified Geometry is an enticing thought. And if one delves into the various conspiracy theories, be they Inner Earth or the Gravitational Power cover up, one gets the sense that there may be forces at work who, when compared to mere mortals, seem god-like. They too must be in the game of souls, and there’s a particular eloquence to the idea that some rival for satan’s anti-throne might be mixing it up on earth, handing out poisonous gifts to work its fell deeds.

                  For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son. This promise speaks of two constants: God’s gift to us, and our greatest desire. To the Hobbesian Man, one need not offer life eternal, as the promise of life at the end of the current trial is more than enough. We know that satan, daemons, lesser gods, what have you, cannot create, only manipulate and twist, so they too would only really have one thing to offer: immortality.

                  Oh bother, did someone drop a pair of green gloves?

                • Anonymous says:

                  @Kunning- since you wondered out loud, here is the Hindu tantric position on that very question about other realms and beings. Explained in very easy to follow English. The same host and same guest have several other podcasts on related topics, very authentic.


                  This is an aspect of Hinduism, perhaps THE central aspect of Hinduism, that our dharmabros here do not touch upon much. Which sometimes makes me wonder if they’re practicing Hindus or theoretical, cultural, “born into it” Hindus.

                • jim says:

                  Well I, a Christian, would say, that if that’s the central aspect of Hinduism, it shouldn’t be.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Hinduism seems to be a very “big tent” concept.

                  A bit like as if someone took traditional Christianity, liberal McChristianity, the Mormons, the Secular Humanists, the Jews, the Marxists, the Intersectional Left, the people who believe crystals have healing energy, etc, etc and lumped them all together under a label of “Westernism”.

                • Anonymous says:

                  It is certainly a big tent, but that’s probably how all world religions before the advent of Zoroastrianism and Judaism were. The same diversity of thought could be seen in Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese religion. Zoroaster challenged the worship of the ancient Aryan Gods, much as Judaism challenged the worship of the ancient Semitic Gods.

                  The main unifying factors in Hinduism are the (sometimes begrudging) acceptance of the Aryan Brahmin-focal social order, and recognizing cultural descent from Sanskrit/Prakrit Aryan culture of India. This definition would include Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains within the broader Hindu fold.

                  Now the more specific definition of Hinduism, as we see it in practice today, would be the respect for ritualism and direct communion with the Gods, which is the point being made in that video I linked above. That would certainly cleave out Sikhs, though Buddhists and Jains have had the Gods bleed through into them over the centuries, though they started off atheist.

  44. Radulescu says:

    [*Link to shill deleted*]

  45. SJ says:

    Follow up on the two young couples I know who successfully had children, got vaxxed, and have become strangely infertile. Both couples were successfully pregnant, one of them suffered a miscarriage over the weekend. The other is still pregnant so far. Speaking with the father whose wife miscarried, he said he thought they were infertile. They had been seeing a fertility clinic, who was strangely unable to give them any answers.

    • Adam says:

      One of my family members is trying for a second child, the guy is not vaxxed but the wife is. It’s not happening.

      • The Cominator says:

        Future generations are going to be descended mainly from redneck girls, nigs, yoga chick’s and whores…

        • notglowing says:

          There’s nothing to celebrate about there. If a lot of women have suddenly become sterile, the pool of possible wives has decreased massively for every man who wants a family.

          And our enemies don’t mind that at all.

          Thankfully it doesn’t seem quite that dramatic. If the vaccine really does reduce fertility, it hasn’t happened for everyone who took it.

        • Guy says:

          A couple women I work with who were Vaxxed and boosted were successful in having a child afterwards. Of course, I don’t know all the people who failed to, but I was waiting to see what happened there

          • Red says:

            Life tends to find a way. My co-worker who was vaxxed 4x and had 2 awful cases of the WuFlu has stopped declining in health. IQ is permanently lower, but he’s no longer sick all the time after 12-16 month period where I expected him to drop dead because he was in such bad shape.

          • Calvin says:

            I would expect a sterilization drug from a diverse lab to be about as effective as anything else coming out of one of those.

  46. TheDividualist says:

    Today’s comedy gold. Swedish “scientists” worried by summer Arctic ice disappearing because of globohomo warming travel to the Arctic in “one of the best conventional icebreakers”, but have to turn back because there is too much summer ice in June and the ship cannot deal with it. They are also too often visited by icebears (a species globohomo warming is supposed to endanger)

    • notglowing says:

      Surely, they have some kind of explanation for this. They wouldn’t report it that way otherwise.

      There’s going to be some explanation where if you point it out they will call you stupid and claim that there is so much ice because it broke off from the north pole or something.

  47. Sher Singh says:

    Mughals claimed to be followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    Sided with Khalsa against Banda Bahadur trying to destroy Sikhi

    • jim says:

      That sounds like good reason for taking out Bairagi Banda Bahadur. But not a good reason for doing so when Mughals were up your ass.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      I suppose you have your reasons, Jim, but why not permaban this schizo nuisance? Unlike the Anonymous Fake and Ghost sorts, it’s not even interesting to see it dissected or refuted because it’s all wildly off-topic, or bugfuck insane, or both.

      • ten says:

        I too am sikh of the moron.

        Apparently he feels very compelled to prove his people are absolutely fears