A retraction

I predicted that Trump would be arrested and Epsteined.

With defeat looming in the Ukraine, the future course becomes even more unpredictable.

Looking at those in power as the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive fails underneath them, I have no idea what the future holds, and I doubt that they do either. But we are no longer on the course that we were on a week ago.

Putin cured Covid. When he invaded, they did a sharp right turn on the way to the left singularity, suddenly abandoning ever more brutal, coercive, and lawless enforcement of ever more frequent boosting, in favor of war with Russia, a measure that resembles the way they cleared the decks of female emancipation on the way to war with Nazism. If they want to win, a whole lot more deck clearing is in order. I think Putin has suddenly given Trump a whole lot of people in the elite interested in Making America Great Again.

As the invasion of the Ukraine led to immediate radical change in the internal policies of our masters, a change that was immediate and obvious, though to this day denied, defeat in the Ukraine is likely to lead to considerably more radical change. Which will probably also be denied.

I am getting the feeling that faction that would have eliminated Trump is out of puff, falsifying my prediction that the leftmost always win. No one cares that he has been indicted, because it has suddenly become unimaginable to take him out of the election that way.

Putin’s multipolar order is an existential threat to the rules based order, aka the Global American Empire. This is making some of the apparatchiks of empire think. Maybe some of them are finding “Make America Great Again” appealing. If you are in power in the “rules based international order”, and it looks like it is about to sink underneath you, making America Great Again sounds attractive.

The obvious sane strategy is to allow Trump to win, allow him to make peace, postponing the conflict with Russia and China pending American re-industrialization. For it has become obvious that a de-industrialized America is likely to get its clock cleaned. Which does not mean the obvious sane strategy will be carried out, or that Musk will continue to be protected, but that Musk is being protected indicates that there are at least some sane people in the elite.

On the other hand, the natural trend of the holiness spiral is that the last vestiges of sanity always get eradicated.

Such a reversal would be akin to the Thermidor. Which did not solve anything, and left no end of disastrous policies in place, but considerably postponed the imminent catastrophe. Whether they are capable of carrying out such a reversal is uncertain, but that some of them are thinking about it is obvious.

Thermidor resulted in the Incroyables, a purple pilled reactionary movement that seemed potentially capable of taking power, that did in fact have significant power. Backing off from infinite leftism in finite time, backing off from the Eschaton, took the energy out of the left and for a while gave the “far” right room to breathe. In the end, the Thermidoreans crushed the Incroyables, who looked back towards an aristocratic culture hopeless decadent, with women depressingly emancipated. They should have looked further back, to the aristocratic culture before the sun King turned aristocrats into disarmed bureaucrats and courtiers. Their rejection of leftism was far reaching, enormously more radical than that of Thermidoreans or Trump, but nowhere near far reaching enough. Rather, they revealed just how far left pre-revolutionary aristocratic France had been. They rejected the revolution in toto, but failed to see that it was Aristocratic France that had been revolutionary, that the revolution, the Maximum, and the red terror was just the consistent application of the principles of the decadent aristocracy that they celebrated and sought to return to, the consistent application of their principles.

Re-industrialization requires more than Trump. It requires reversals on women, crime, and diversity in the workplace. Which is nowhere remotely near being on the Trump agenda. Allowing Trump to win merely because it is obvious to everyone that the overwhelming majority vote for him is, for most, radically unthinkable, but equally, it is nowhere near enough to attain the desired outcome. The desired outcome being that imperial apparatchiks will continue to enjoy the empire that the industrial might of America gained.

What really outraged the imperial apparatchiks about Trump was his support for a westphalian world, where each nation was allowed to be itself. Trump coming to power would be a Gorbachev moment, when the empire yields out of high principle that which looks increasingly likely to be torn from its grasp. Maybe not everyone everywhere needs to hold a gay parade. At least not until America rebuilds the industrial and technological base that gave it empire. Which it cannot do without measures unthinkably more radical than those contemplated by Trump.

Facing the collapse of empire, an abrupt turn towards sanity is obviously being contemplated by at least some in power. But it will not be enough, even if it is accomplished. Leftism gets lefter till expunged. The thermidoreans were not enough, even the Incroyables would not have been enough. But the Incroyables would have stalled things for quite some time. Conservatives will conserve abortion and the Gay Parade, even if Trump gets elected, and it will eat them, as the Incroyables got eaten. But if we walk that path, which is not likely, but has become quite possible, will take longer than I predicted to reach annihilation, and will create opportunities to do that which is actually needed. A change towards what is needed is going to demoralize and de-energize the left. Last time Trump was elected, it perceived as an outrageous aberration, and democracy had to be restored by stuffing the correct result down its throat. This time around, if his re-election is permitted, it will be because of external military defeat, not so easily corrected as an aberrant democracy that votes undemocratically. The left will reluctantly accept him, as the French reluctantly accepted Marshal Petain. His Westphalian external policies will not longer be seen as vile and intolerable anti american treason, but as accommodation to the realities of defeat, his internal National Capitalism will be accepted because re-industrialization has suddenly become desirable. His energy policies will not longer be sacrilege against the awesome might of the Gaia demon, but rather a military necessity reluctantly and bitterly endured to regain the capability to impose America’s will on a world strangely reluctant to be enlightened.

Unfortunately, if Trump gets away with all that, it will not be long before they want to enlighten the world again. It will be a breather and an opportunity to fix things. It is not going to fix things. It may be a start on making it possible to fix things, because the left will be de-energized and demoralized, but what must be done is unthinkably more radical than Trumpism. Women have to go back to the kitchen, diversity has to go, and homes, streets, and businesses made safe again.

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  1. Ghostrider says:

    You claim Andrew Anglin is with you. That is a lie! Anglin has supported Alex Jones, Chris Langan, Westboro, and even Brother Nathanael. Anglin has never mentioned Jims Blog. David Duke has supported Anglin though Anglin did not reciprocate.

    Look, what I’m trying to get through to you is, your blog would be better if you quit blocking everyone that comes in here. Name calling is fine though as long as everyone gets to do it faggot.

    • jim says:

      You are a shill. Your content is spam. It is completely obvious that you are operating from a Soros or ngo office with the mission of flooding every alt right forum and disrupting every conversation. And I am not going to allow my blog to be flooded the way you flood every medium everywhere. I, and Andrew Anglin, have bent over backwards for freedom of speech, and we have attempted to engage the shills in conversation, while you remain robotically impervious to genuine interaction in a way that reveals the supervisor looking over your shoulder and human resources monitoring your output.

      Freedom of speech is an unworkable ideal, for there are always organized industrial scale operations to pump some message, be it viagra, bitcoin scams, “The Ukraine is winning, Putin is falling”, or “Globohomo is inevitable, submit to the inevitable”

      And organized industrial scale operations to pump some message have been operating since Bronze Age civilization went decadent. The reason the invaders and revolutionaries wiped out literacy may well have been to stop the spam. (They clearly did not like scribes and priests, did not like people of the literate classes. Why did they not like them? The usual reason that the archaeologists suggest is that they did not like tax and debt records, but if your horses are grazing on standing wheat, you are unlikely to be worried about tax records. Perhaps it was more like governments being color revolutioned shutting down the internet.)

      I am engaging in an entirely pointless conversation with you, not to inform you, because you are a robot, but to explain to onlookers that freedom of speech cannot be allowed anywhere. The problem, rather is that we need freedom of censorship, decentralized censorship rather than centralized. This blog is decentralized censorship. Not freedom of speech, which is a completely unworkable ideal. The big benefit that people following this blog get is freedom from spam, not freedom of speech.

      The critical system that we need is a web 3.0, a system that will be a crypto currency in that messages can carry money, but will be primarily a system for conversations where you cannot read anything unless someone you are following has approved it, but you get to follow or unfollow anyone, a system in which transactions are carried in private human readable messages. From the point of view of the peers and the algorithms operating web 3.0, it will all be journals about money, but the human individuals interacting with those peers will see human readable messages and interaction with other humans, which interaction goes through the peers. Linking your crypto currency wallet to a peer will be about accessing primarily human, rather than monetary, information.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Just cheerleading, but yes. Freedom of censorship, team censorship, and decentralized censorship. You’ve been on these topics for some time, especially in your Social Networking white paper (only some of which I can understand, big surprise).


        the shill problem
        the spam problem
        (the ChatGPT hyper-spam problem?)
        the censorship problem
        the DDOS problem
        the “blockable domain name or IP address problem”

        (any more?)

        It’s a tall fucking order, but so was Bitcoin, and someone figured that out.

        Do what you want, obviously, but there’s never a moment wasted on re-phrasing and re-explaining what these problems are. I insist that there are guys out there with the raw ability to help, but who don’t yet comprehend the problems.

        Even if your solutions to these problems end up crap, your present understanding of them, and your ability to explain them to people, could very well lead this entire world.

        • jim says:

          > There’s:
          > the shill problem
          > the spam problem
          > (the ChatGPT hyper-spam problem?)
          > the censorship problem
          > the DDOS problem
          > the “blockable domain name or IP address problem”
          > (any more?)

          There is the reliable broadcast channel problem, which is huge, but the other problems are more urgent. (I have nowhere explained what a reliable broadcast channel is: I am using the term in its special cryptographic sense, which is requires a lot of difficult explanation. It is a term of the art in cryptography, which is poorly understood even among cryptographers)

          In order to not lose the past, and to make information readily available, we need to have a reliable pseudonymous broadcast channel. But a reliable broadcast channel, such as the Bitcoin blockchain, can only carry a limited amount of information at enormous expense, and the Bitcoin primary reliable broadcast channel is overwhelmed by carrying far too much useless and uninteresting, but necessary to Bitcoin, financial journal information. Segregated Witness is sort of sharding it, but does not accomplish much, cannot accomplish much because of the basic design of Bitcoin. So we need a full shardable broadcast channel, which will look to the user like an enormous number of different reliable broadcast channels, like a bunch of bittorents except hierarchically organized, like IPFS if IPFS had a “/”, and it going to be difficult for the primary broadcast channel to carry even necessary and interesting journal data when crypto currency is operating at scale. But we want eventually to have shards of the channel carrying terabytes of library genesis, old movies, all the old books that ever there were, and suchlike.

    • Starman says:


      “your blog would be better if you quit blocking everyone that comes in here.”

      All you have to do, to avoid getting blocked on Jim’s Blog, is to commit a thoughtcrime.

      Here’s a Redpill on Women Question for you, type out the whole answer in your reply:

      Should we make pornography illegal?
      [A] No, because male desire for sexual gratification is not causing society any problems. But we should ban romance novels (porn for women) and remove the word “romance” from the English language.
      [B] No, because porno allows us to learn about various fetishes and alt sex practices.
      [C] Yes, because porno was created by (((The jews))) to turn angelic White women into whores.
      [D] No, but child porn with 15 year old children should still be illegal.
      [E] No, but we should require porn actors and actresses to wear the proper PPE to protect themselves, especially from the sooper dooper deadly COVID19… because sex workers are often our daughters in college.

      • Fidelis says:

        [A] No, because male desire for sexual gratification is not causing society any problems. But we should ban romance novels (porn for women) and remove the word “romance” from the English language.

        We should still limit the overall number of whores whoring, primarily by implementing measures to allow fathers and husbands to control their daughters and stemming the overall rate of whore creation. Followed by intense shaming of a father or husband that pimps out women under their control. A bunch of men watching porn gives the whore fucking on camera higher status than a regular whore, and there are bound to be simps feeding into this; need to prevent this from becoming a growing phenomena. Similarly, not convinced its harmless for very young boys to have access to modern pornography, but this is more of a problem for a father than a state to implement solutions to.

      • someDude says:

        Ghostrider is extremely foul mouthed, rude and mannerless. What he really even more than a shill test is public lashes while tied to a post until he begs for mercy and promises to improve his manners

    • someDude says:

      You are extremely rude. This would have either led to a beheading or an unfortunate hunting accident in times gone by. People have been parted with their lives for less

      No one mentions Jim’s blog. It’s like fight club. You just don’t talk about it. I wouldn’t dare talk about it to normies who know me personally. Even when I mention Jim’s blog at the comments sections other reactionary blogs, what I get is silence which means censorship.

      There is something about Jim’s blog that makes it unmentionable almost everywhere. Everyone pretends not to see it. I doubt Anglin is an exception. There are things Jim says which even Anglin would not dare say. Mentioning Jim’s blog is one of them. Limits of being a facefag.

  2. Jim,

    I wasn’t following the fakenews closely, but all these “nuclear secrets in the shower (mixed with old newspapers and other crap, totally plausible, lol: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/world-news/2023/06/09/TELEMMGLPICT000338784662_16863407600110_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqYP-yEHEhjtPCwS59j6sPb1PAFSRU2fbP_NGNfbzcbEA.jpeg )” accusations do not look like backpedaling to me.

    • Red says:

      Jim’s Theory is they pulled the trigger sooner than intended and with crap that’s just plane silly because the US is losing in Ukraine due to our economy is fake and gay. They either have to get Trump now or not at all. There’s not a lot of evidence to support this idea and quite a lot of evidence the other way, but as Jim mentioned suddenly no one is taking Trump’s prosecution seriously.

      • jim says:

        > There’s not a lot of evidence to support this idea and quite a lot of evidence the other way,

        As I said, I retracted the prediction right when the evidence that it was true had come in, because I feel something in the wind. I have plenty of evidence that the prediction is about to be fullfilled, and absolutely no evidence to the contrary, just a feeling that the wind is changing.

  3. James Charles says:

    [*deleted because we heard it all before from the club of Rome*]

    • jim says:

      The social, cultural, and economic changes that we are suffering from are not the result of peak oil.

      The bottom line of that shill script is “Give up, the Gaia demon is just too awesome and powerful for you, surrender to your overlords”

      • James Charles says:

        Let’s hope your are right!

        • jim says:

          Trump proved me right. Stroke of a pen, price of gas went down, Biden elected president by the legacy media, stroke of a pen, gas goes up.

          Resources have been getting steadily and rapidly more abundant, in the sense that we have the technology to extract resources from low grade material that is immensely more abundant than the high grade material, the highest grades of copper and silver ore having all been used up in the bronze age.

          The question is, whether men (and it is always men, and usually white men, though some east asians) who are able to apply that technology will be allowed to do so.

  4. Red says:

    This is so weird. I’m watching the Dems going for the full arrest and then Epsteining of Trump right down to Hillary bragging about Trump being prosecuted for the same sort of crimes she committed. A massive propaganda campaign against Trump being run by DNC and NeoCon shills, and yet as Jim says no one is taking it seriously.

    • jim says:

      There is overwhelming empirical evidence that Trump is going to be taken out of politics by weaponized justice, and eventually Epsteined, something I have long,long predicted.

      And there is absolutely no empirical evidence that he will be allowed to contest the election, let alone permitted to win. And yet, for all that, I feel something in the wind, that the jail-Trump faction is energized by a sense that they are losing their grip. A wind blowing from Ukraine.

      When I made the prediction, I did not have much evidence that it was true. And now there is considerable evidence that it was true, and absolutely no evidence that it is false. And yet, I feel a change in the wind.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      You think that’s weird, in the near future large numbers of Democrats will be committing suicide or accidentally drowning in the Potomac, and the media and everyone else will treat it as a tragic but totally normal occurrence, like healthy young people suddenly dropping dead.

    • notglowing says:

      As I mentioned below, I have seen the same. Regular people, even politically active ones, who hate Trump, seem to just not believe it. What should be a chance for them to gloat over the end of Drumpf really doesn’t seem to be.

      I was lambasted here a short couple months ago for suggesting Trump could win the trial(s) on legal grounds at the time, but now the wind seems to have changed direction.
      There’s nothing concrete yet, though, and the evidence does point to things being objectively very bad. I remain cautiously optimistic about the medium future.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        This is some hard shit, but I suspect that normal people only hate-hate-hate Hitler and the Confederacy because they lost. Stalin and Mao were way worse in terms of body count, but people don’t hate them. They fear them. (And if people fear them then chicks are wet for them, but I digress.)

        They blew their whole wad tying Trump to Russia-Russia-Russia, but now Russia is not losing in Ukraine. So here we are, adrift in The Unthinkable, waiting for someone to say something.

        They might still Epstein him, but not with a bang, but rather with a whimper.

  5. NAPOLEON V says:



    Germany is dying and has been for 50 years! Germany should never have picked a fight with France! THE ANTI-WHITE ANTI-EUROPEAN SELF-DESTRUCTIVE GERMAN EVIL SHALL BE EXTINGUISHED FROM THE GLOBE!

    Gloire a La Patrie Immortelle!

    • Western Taliban says:

      In 20 years your government will be run by Muslims, shut the fuck up faggot.

    • notglowing says:

      I think it’s worth noting how since the war with Russia started, Germany has been given a similar position in normie online discourse as the UK has had since Brexit.

      Making fun of the UK and calling it a shithole has become the norm, it was always a thing among americans to some extent, but ever since Brexit they have become pariahs to the average very online person – to take every chance to clown on british people is like taking every chance to make fun of Drumpf.

      Now Germany has been moved into the same space due to their dependence on Russian gas and their insufficiently quick adherence to sanctions.
      Germany always destroys Europe, etc.

      It has to be at least somewhat demoralizing, even if most of the ridicule is superficial and hyberbolic, slightly “ironic” perhaps; but even with the veil of irony being clowned on constantly must have some effect on your psyche.

    • Anon says:

      France is the blackest and most Muslim country in Western Europe. 90%+ of French soccer players are black, muslim, arab, or a combinaton of the three. The remaining 10% are greeks and southern italians.

    • Aidan says:

      Keep quiet frog. If your shitty nation of Cathar degenerates hadn’t kept thwarting the unification of Europe under the Roman Empire we’d be living on mars right now

  6. ivanislav says:

    The blog is entertaining, but it’s all besides the point. Domestic politics, policy choices, what have you – all bullshit. We’re too far gone. The gene pool is too degraded. The social sphere is too degraded. The energy deposits are too degraded. The resource base is too degraded. The industrial base is too degraded. It’s all over but the dying.

    We can remove that Trump wall and give the entire southern hemisphere immediate citizenship by executive order and bus the entire continent north. Or we can finish the wall now that everyone’s already inside. Same exact outcome.

    There will be no great American revitalization.

    • jim says:

      > The energy deposits are too degraded. The resource base is too degraded.

      The resource base is fine. Recall that Trump revived coal and oil overnight, and suddenly the US became a net energy exporter. If you have enough energy, everything else is easy.

      There are plenty of very smart people around, they are just being systematically excluded from the decision making classes, because the issues of communicating over an IQ gap causes idiots to automatically suspect heresy, even if they are interviewing someone entirely orthodox – recollect Scott Alexander’s troubles. Put the smarties back in charge, everything will be fine.

      Smarties can do nuclear power, if allowed. Trouble is that there are legitimate issues with developing nuclear reactors the way Musk develops rockets, but it is completely obvious from what happened in the early days of nuclear power that cheap abundant nuclear power is not that hard. It was reasonably cheap until nuclear regulation metastasized. And with plenty of energy, all your other resource issues go away.

      • ivanislav says:

        >> The resource base is fine. Recall that Trump revived coal and oil overnight, and suddenly the US became a net energy exporter.

        You’re discussing flow, but stock is crucial, too. If you look at shale vs conventional production, you will see that the US peaked around 1970 for conventional. Shale has been great, but the first formations drilled are already in decline (with a long tail) after less than 10 years. Perhaps we have another 15-20 years of shale left, optimistically.

        Why do you think we’re pressing forward with Ukraine? From a geo-strategic standpoint, it would be better to rebuild our industrial base first, but we’ve run out of time. We need Russia’s resources (particularly oil) *now* to stave off decline. Why have we drained the SPR? Because we are running on fumes and need oil *now*.

        Sure we could do nuclear, we could do lots of stuff, but I’m pessimistic that we will – our system prevents it for many reasons and you name a few. So, where does that leave us? The investments and reorganization needed to advance to your tech utopia would lower living standards in the interim. So, it won’t happen. We will continue unsustainable resource depletion until it no longer supports the population, following the path of many illustrious civilizations before us.

        Or maybe we pull a rabbit out of a hat, decimate the world population with sterilization jabs and/or viruses, and engage in positive eugenics (IVF babies, with no Hitlerian gas chambers required).

        • S says:

          Resources don’t explain the war since oil is sold on the open market.

          • ivanislav says:

            Then I guess we can leave our bases in the eastern third of Syria alone and let them sell it on the open market. It seems you know something the Pentagon doesn’t. Smart chap.

            • The Cominator says:

              I understand being blackpilled because I do not share many on this blog’s… optimistic assessment of the situation I think things became very bleak when Trump failed to cross the Rubicon.

              But the resource shit is just a lie. A tip for shills spreading propaganda here, leave out outright lies we spot them almost immediately.

            • S says:


              The US is selling Syrian oil to Turkey. Turkey is not, nor has ever been part of the United States.

              This isn’t about resource depletion but screwing over Syria and making money.

        • Red says:

          Sure we could do nuclear, we could do lots of stuff, but I’m pessimistic that we will – our system prevents it for many reasons and you name a few. So, where does that leave us? The investments and reorganization needed to advance to your tech utopia would lower living standards in the interim. So, it won’t happen. We will continue unsustainable resource depletion until it no longer supports the population, following the path of many illustrious civilizations before us.

          There’s never been a civilization to suffer resource declines that didn’t first suffer tech and social tech decline along with demographic and IQ collapse. Tech improvement continually makes new sources of resources available but when you fall into tech decline even extracting existing sources becomes impossible (See the bronze age collapse).

          I’m really surprised to see this shill line now. I haven’t heard the we’re running out of resources lies since the early 2000s when it became clear they were full of shit. We’re in a full blown IQ decline which will shortly make resources harder to get along with all the other problems that come with that. Dumb people can’t mange a technological civilization.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            The line wasn’t the payload, the payload was “this blog is entertaining BUT” [it’s hopeless] [lay down and die] [Jim is ONLY entertaining nothing else].

            The takeaway isn’t arguing with the line, the takeaway is “It’s afraid.”

            • ivanislav says:

              >> The takeaway isn’t arguing with the line, the takeaway is “It’s afraid.”

              I intend to be the last man standing, actually.

            • Red says:

              The payload doesn’t work if the vessel is old scowl that sank 20 years ago.

          • ivanislav says:

            >> There’s never been a civilization to suffer resource declines that didn’t first suffer tech and social tech decline

            This is such a stupid statement, please read some history. I’ll give you an example: Germany in the lead-up to WWII was running low on resources (why they invented coal liquefaction) despite improving their scientific industrial base at the same time. Germany’s need for additional resources was a motivating factor in its territorial ambitions. Their oil needs also factored into some military decisions, but I won’t bore you with that.

            >> We’re in a full blown IQ decline which will shortly make resources harder to get

            This part I agree with.

            >> I haven’t heard the we’re running out of resources lies since the early 2000s

            You think we’re steaming oil out of sand in Canada while there are vast quantities of high-EROI oil fields left? Shale saved us from those early-2000’s predictions, which otherwise would have come to pass, but there’s not as much shale as there was conventional oil. It just bought some time. Sure we can transition to something higher tech like ubiquitous small nuclear reactors, but it requires brains, technology, and organization. There’s no guarantee we will make the cut. Maybe the military has something up it’s sleeve, but if not: tough.

            • Red says:

              There’s never been a civilization to suffer resource declines that didn’t first suffer tech and social tech decline

              This is such a stupid statement, please read some history. I’ll give you an example: Germany in the lead-up to WWII was running low on resources (why they invented coal liquefaction) despite improving their scientific industrial base at the same time.

              Germany didn’t have any oil so they used tech to produce it from coal. That example supports my argument, not yours as their production of oil increased.

              You think we’re steaming oil out of sand in Canada while there are vast quantities of high-EROI oil fields left? Shale saved us from those early-2000’s predictions, which otherwise would have come to pass, but there’s not as much shale as there was conventional oil.

              As we consume resources and improve tech, previously unobtainable resources become available to us. The world’s running out resources crowd has been wrong for over a hundred years now. We’ve got tons of resources, the question is can we continue to advance the tech needed to extract it?

              Your arguments are rehashed Gaia worship bullshit that was proven false ages ago.

              • Replenish says:

                Peak affordability rather than peak fossil fuels.

                [*bow down to the awesome and terrible might of the awesome and mighty Gaia demon*]

                • jim says:

                  That Trump overnight made gas cheap, and Biden overnight made it expensive, reveals that the resource issues are not the Awesome Might of the awesome and mighty Gaia demon. They are worshipers of the Gaia demon conducting human sacrifices.

        • jim says:

          > You’re discussing flow, but stock is crucial, too. If you look at shale vs conventional production, you will see that the US peaked around 1970 for conventional

          We have been hearing this since forever.

          The resources obtainable by Bronze age methods has gone down to zero.

          With ever improving tech, ever more resources are available.

          There are a lot of resources available with known tech that we are not utilizing. For example, you can frac deep coal and very low quality coal. You pump in liquid oxygen and water, start a fire deep underground, out comes producer gas. You can use the producer gas for power, make it into liquid fuel, and so forth. With nuclear power, limestone into gasoline. The tech was developed long ago, but because uneconomic, only run experimentally.

          All the high quality readily accessible iron ore was mined long ago. All iron ore these days comes from low quality ore unsmeltable by early nineteenth century methods. Iron ore was completely 100% exhausted, but no one noticed because worship of the Gaia demon was not a thing. We now have unlimited iron ore, because the deposit of lower quality iron ore are enormous.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Put the smarties back in charge, everything will be fine.

        Botswana has a far lower average IQ than Argentina but is a nicer place to live because it’s run by smart people. Alas, how are the smarties supposed to get back in charge? Cthulu always swims left and Mars always swims right, so fighting a civil war and winning is one option, but it’s extremely risky. If smart people can improve their lives by emigrating to a country not ruled by imbeciles, they’ll do that instead, and their homeland becomes another Argentina, forever.

        • Red says:

          If we have to leave, we or our children will come back with a war band to take back what our fathers settled.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Yes, if smart people ever solve the fertility problem, their descendants will return to settle the forests of North America, whose inhabitants all died when their EBT cards stopped working.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Keep reading here, especially the back catalog. There have been restorations. They’re not just about winning civil wars, but winning civil wars in order to restore/change the state religion and the priest class.

          There’s the English Civil War period which ended with Cromwell/Monk, and resulted in England having positive elite fertility for a century or two, and ever so coincidentally going on to discover, invent and conquer dang near everything.

          More recently, there’s the Tutsis fleeing Rwanda, getting their shit together with foreign help (in the Congo was it?), and then returning to Rwanda to restore their top-dog status.

          Plenty of others. It’s rare but it happens, and there are patterns.

          • jim says:

            Nah, the Tutsis fled to Uganda and got their shit together.

            In the Congo, the Cathedral successfully genocided them. Impaling Tutsi women on stakes bigger than themselves.

            It attempted to do similar in Syria to the Alawites, but at that point Russia intervened. The war in Syria continues. Russian tactics in Syria as in the Ukraine were aimed at exhausting NATO resources, but Trump did a deal for a lesser level of war – he tried to do a deal for peace, but the military flat out disobeyed their commander in Chief – Trump was agreement capable, but the regime was not.

            We now have Global American Empire exhaustion happening primarily in the Ukraine, but Syria remains a significant burden on Global American Empire capability, the wars are the same war in two theaters, Nato proxies versus Russia.

            Between the two theaters is Turkey, which is doing a balancing act between Russia and Nato. A major strategic objective of Nato is to recover the Crimea, so that it can isolate Turkey from Russia, and then bring Turkey to heel. Russia needs Turkey for warm water access. Turkey needs Russia, and needs Russian control of Crimea, to avoid Global American Empire attack and conquest. Russian intervention in Syria depends on Turkey allowing it, and Nato is really, really, really pissed. Turkey has intervened for Nato in Syria, and yet allowed Russian intervention against Nato in Syria. It has also been attacking Nato proxies that were intended to genocide the Alawites, which proxies are theoretically non Nato aligned, but the Global American Empire was really pissed. The Global American Empire did not want to own up to owning its proxies, since it was using them for attempted genocide of Alawites and ethnic cleaning of Christians, but neither did it want Turkey shooting them. Turkey is theoretically at war with the Alawite aligned Syrian government, but there is a strange and suspicious lack of shooting at the Syrian government, and quite a lot of shooting at enemies of Alawites, which Nato is getting more and more enraged by. There are multiple layers of denial. Turkey is aligned with official Nato policy, and shooting at officially unofficial Global American Empire policy. We have liars lying about lying, and pretenders pretending to pretend. The big strategic goal of Nato in the Ukraine is not to rule the Ukraine, but to rule Turkey. Insofar as the current offensive in the Ukraine has any sane objectives, it is to get to the sea of Azov in order to get to Crimea in order to get to the Black Sea, so that they can safely have a war on Turkey, so that they can, among other things, genocide the Alawites.

            If they cannot genocide peoples they do not like, people are not going to go along with Globohomo.

            Failure to genocide the Tutsis was a minor defeat, because no one cares about what happens in Africa. Globohomo does not care, so no one much cared. Failure to genocide the Alawites a much bigger defeat, because people start thinking, “Well, Alawites are kind of whitish, if they can get away with it, maybe we can get away with it also.”

            Globohomo failed in Rwanda, failed in Afghanistan, failed in Syria. Now it is failing in the Ukraine. Blowing the dam is futile destructive rage. The war in the Ukraine has now drawn down Nato stocks to a critical level, which may well lead to cascading defeats all across the globe. Nato could flatten Libya. It could credibly threaten to flatten Serbia. Now, can it flatten Hungary? Flatten anyone?

            Global American Empire depended on being able to make very bad things happen to you if you did not play along. Now?

            • Karl says:

              Now, can it flatten Hungary? Flatten anyone?

              Global American Empire depended on being able to make very bad things happen to you if you did not play along.

              Maybe it can with nukes. You keep arguing that its nukes don’t work. Maybe that is so, but if nukes decayed the way other equippment in storage decayed, some nukes should sill work. Maybe one in five, maybe one in ten. Whatever, there is plenty enough stored away to go through a series of attempts.

              That is for collective security. It is even worse for individual security. The GAE murdered some bloggers inside Russia. If they can do that in Russia they can easily do it to anyone outside Russia who is not protected like a member of government.

              • jim says:

                > Maybe it can with nukes

                It may well come to that. But Russia has nukes, China has nukes, India has nukes. France has three hundred nukes, and though I doubt that America’s still work, likely France’s still work, because their nuclear power program is going fine. Britain theoretically has a dozen or so, which may or may not work. Probably not. Once the nukes start flying, the political world will be much changed.

                If you cannot build nuclear reactors, likely cannot maintain bombs. France can build nuclear reactors. Once the nukes fly, states will probably be powers in rough proportion to how their peaceful use of nuclear energy is going today.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Why rule Syria? Why rule Turkey? Who gives a shit? Who ARE these boodthirsty freaks and why do they care so much? They all have zillion dollar mansions in Virginia. Just take it easy WTF.

              I must not have been paying attention, but what I have “noticed” is that the press has never even tried to explain to me why we have to X-Y-Z in Syria, oh God we simply have to, oh God Assad is such a bad guy because of… mumbo-jumbo-white-helmets.

              If you’ve explained why and I’ve missed it, then I apologize. But just like this Ukraine stuff, what’s simply shocked me is how there’s never been any attempt to explain why these places are such a big goddamned deal. Somebody’s not telling the full fucking story, not by a long shot, that’s for sure.

              (As for Yemen, and the zero reporting on that, yes that makes sense, because who has ever cared one bit about Yemen? Sand nigger versus sand nigger violence, yeah so what.)

              It was a pill for real, this Ukraine-Ukraine-Ukraine thing. These Jews have been so obsessed for so long with getting rivers of Slavic blood that they forgot there was anyone else in the world who had even heard of these places, let alone ever had any beef with anyone there ever. Like Marvel Comics fandoms or something. “No, dude, I assure you that I do not know who any of these characters and events are and are about.”

              This simply MUST be what foreign rule feels like.

              • alf says:

                These Jews have been so obsessed for so long with getting rivers of Slavic blood that they forgot there was anyone else in the world who had even heard of these places.

                Ha well put.

    • Ghost says:


  7. Epimetheus says:

    Jim, you might consider the possibility that your predictions, though brutally realistic according to the rules of entropy that ordinarily seem to rule the Earth, nonetheless fail to work out because of a confounding creative factor acting against the tide of pure mechanistic cause & effect, and sin & decay – ie. that “someone else is in the room with us” – that God is real.

    What if God is metaphysically real? And not just in the nihilo-pragmatic “mature” sense that you so often affect?

    I don’t know, I sure hope so. We could sure use more unexpected boons and favors and reprieves in the West, especially because we don’t deserve them.

    • jim says:

      I get prophecies all the time, one of which I have mentioned on this blog – albeit they are usually as darkly delphic and subject to interpretation as biblical prophecies, which they much resemble. And have myself been granted a small miracle that arguably seemed to stretch the laws of physics a bit. Let us pray that Americans get granted a larger miracle.

      Notwithstanding a whole lot of divine intervention, my faith remains as a mustard seed and my sins grievous.

      • alf says:

        And have myself been granted a small miracle that arguably seemed to stretch the laws of physics a bit.

        What gets to me is that, for more than one time now, I have been strongly pushed in a certain direction by forces arguably far out of my control, but which in retrospect, in the larger scheme of things, worked out so strangely well that it almost seems a necessity that it had to happen.

        It’s the kind of stuff that when you type it out loud seems a bit silly. But still, that and other stuff has grown my faith to slightly greater than a mustard seed.

    • pinochet's ghost says:

      God is entropy, entropy is a creation of God. Everything is dying because we are falling from God. If we could fall from God and not die, would be good evidence God does not exist. Everything we see is evidence that God exists, that morality ordained by God is not just a metaphysical but a physical fact.

      The universe is stochastic, which means that bubbles of unrighteousness can arise and persist for a time, maybe even a long time, and small things like individual humans can be swallowed by them, but in the long run the natural laws drive everything to God’s will.

  8. perspective says:

    A shark must keep swimming somewhere, so increased sanity on the one front must necessarily equal reduced sanity on the other front, or the shark dies. In a holiness spiral you can only ever get holier, or maintain an equilibrium of holiness for a time (as in the Soviet Union) – or else the spiral implodes. A change of trajectory is not an escape from the process, and for the spiral to implode, need altogether different circumstances than now available – an elite that can cohere around sane ideas, and leadership, usually a single authoritative leader, to announce that utopia has already materialized and we are now living in it, there accordingly being no “more work to be done” in bringing about the eschaton.

    For the holiness spiral to arrest in place and go no further left, need a Stalin capable of crystallizing it, someone to announce that we’re already living in a manifest magical LGBTQ ebonix utopia, and since everything is so perfectly wonderful as it is, let’s not rock the boat any further, now, shall we comrade? But none of the factions has a Stalin; there isn’t even a pale imitation to back up. The nature of the holiness spiral is that either it kills you, or you kill it. A step back from coronatarianism and vaxxology was necessary to fight Putin, and a step back from forever war in Ukraine and ultimately WWIII may be necessary to preserve our glorious magical tranny nigger utopia, but the entropic forces are likely to keep on sapping social capital from a different angle until there is nothing left to sap.

    Maybe they will summon a new demon or intensify the worship of an already summoned demon. The recent talk about UFOs and advances in AI could be testing the waters for new demons, or they’ll just double down on whichever flavor of currently existing leftism they most prefer.

    Since everything is really about sex (lest anyone forgets), the likeliest bet is that the faction most fanatical in its desire to eradicate biological males and maleness from the face of the Earth will win. Since trannies are biological males, you can expect the Cathedral to switch, all at once, from pro-tranny Feminism to anti-tranny radical Feminism, then redefine all heterosexual visual pornography as horribly abusive to females and make its possession and viewing strictly illegal (you know what the precedent is), immediately followed by making all heterosexual sex illegal de facto if not de jure, which at long last will culminate in a plan to place all non-gelded biological males in far away concentration and reeducation camps, it being a counter incel-terrorism measure as the pretext. Conservatives will be perfectly fine and cheerful with all that right until they themselves are locked away, because, after all, sex is so “icky” and we must protect our princesses from the sinister penises currently oppressing them.

    Abolishing biological males means no more capitalism (capitalism has a Y chromosome and he is a douchebag), no more environmental threats against our beloved sacred Mother Gaia demoness, no more warfare that only serves to boost the fragile male ego anyway, no more bros and dudes clit-blocking dykes from munching all of the carpet, no more patriarchal religions such as old-time Christianity, and, of course, the crown jewel of progressive aspirations, (((the extermination of the white race))). That the exterminators by necessity will be foisted by their own petard and exterminated themselves is of no relevance and is no impediment to collectively pursuing the lesbotopian trajectory; Scott Aaronson’s desire to self-castrate need not be rooted in self-preservation instincts at all! Indeed, they much rather be exterminated themselves.

    If Globohomo steps away from its role as global policeman evangelizing condoms on bananas and fag flags abroad, that will only hasten the domestic holiness spiral, probably in the direction I outlined above, though possibly in another direction currently unforeseen, and eventually in each and every manner conceivable to the leftist mind, ushering in the leftist singularity. Whatever faction wins, I don’t see GAE retreating on both the war against Russia-China-Iran and the domestic war against whites, males, heterosexuals, capitalism, industry, technology, and Christianity. Chtulhu may swim slowly, but he only swims left.

    So, in all likelihood, only two cards on the table: WWIII with nukes flying (probably unidirectionally), or Hetero Holocaust presided over by Karen Bobcut the upturn-nosed and downturn-boobed, Shaniqua the machete-wielding professor, and a coterie of geldings whose testicles made them think oppressive thoughts about women so they removed them. I share Contaminated NEET’s pessimism.

    A step back from WWIII means that the Soft Power of Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime, in concert with Youtube’s benevolent algorithms, now softly empowers the viewers to ever more radical Feminism right up until the electricity runs out and the zombies take over. This being the probable prospect, it’d be better if the Blinken faction were to stay in power, fail or never attempt to re-industrialize, carry out a spectacular false flag operation to invoke Article 5, lose WWIII, and end the progressive world order.

    If a Trump-Musk faction takes over and steps back from WWIII (no doubt a temporary step back which, as often happens, will become a permanent step back), expect the Prog Priesthood to finally go all in on all of its domestic leftist agendas: black lives will matter, the cake will be baked, the bugs will be eaten, your son will be castrated, Jihad will be discovered in the Constitution, diversity will be our greatest strength, the rights of furries to marry an attack helicopter will finally be enshrined, the peasant with one cow will be saved at last from the clutches of the peasant with two cows, another pandemic “100 times worse than covid, srsly” will mysteriously emerge from raccoon-chinchilla coitus requiring injection with 24 boosters annually and anally, and you may well grind up your money into a patty and indulge a delicious McDollar. And, ultimately, all heterosexual males will be accused of incel terrorism and destined for concentration camps, thus finally abolishing the Kyriarchy forever.

    The alternative to WWIII is not a return to sanity, but “the thing itself”: a leftist singularity of infinite leftism in finite time. The elite is not capable of sane coordinated action; whenever they coordinate, it is to do something insane, because their value system is insane. Scrambled eggs cannot be unscrambled; a thoroughly broken cognitive elite cannot be brought to its senses even on threat of imminent death, for it lost its self-preservation instincts a while ago and is now possessed entirely by demons who much rather enjoy and crave death.

    The information faction of the Cathedral, the inner party, the people who can snap their finger and make Netflix and Youtube broadcast pro-BLM and pro-tranny (or, as I expect shortly, pro-TERF) propaganda 24/7/365, is irrational – they much rather fear being alive than being dead, they much rather fear above-replacement reproduction than a non-existent TFR, and they much rather fear prosperity than impoverishment. They don’t worship Gaia because they are so fond of Nature and its preservation, but because they hate themselves as inheritors of a civilization they detest; they don’t support Socialism out of genuine affection for the proletariat (ewww), but because, in fact, they hate the poor, hate the rich, and most of all, hate themselves; it’s a demonic suicide cult for most of the members.

    And, since everything in life is really about sex, even matters supposedly totally unrelated to sex (and most people would publicly deny that sex is at the root of all things, as it’s inconvenient and politically incorrect to point this out, though in private conversation many will admit that, indeed, it’s all about sex, and has always been all about sex), the demon possessed seek to abolish sex. In large part, they are already succeeding.

    So, they will reason, if we can’t kill enough white men in the Ukraine meatgrinder, let’s instead do something else: establish a 1984-tier panopticon at home (oops, already did), declare that sex is icky and men in general are icky, and announce that it’s time to abolish the Kyriarchy and send the incels away from society to protect princess from their inherently oppressive penises. Cheered on by Conservatives, and probably aided by “aligned” “benevolent” “ethical” “friendly” AI, they will first make heterosexual porn illegal, then they will make heterosexual sex illegal, and then finally they will make being biologically male illegal. This is the plan, the one and only inevitable trajectory of progressivism, and all else has been a distraction.

    Let the nukes fly.

    • jim says:


      To evade that annihilation, need a Stalin.

      But, on the other hand, to avoid the collapse of the Global American Empire, which many in the elite are starting to get nervous about, also need a Stalin. And Stalin needs a Beria, as Cromwell needed a Monck.

      Ideologically, Trump is a Cromwell. He wants to move back to 2008 leftism. But unfortunately, his nature is a merchant. Cromwell was a warrior, Stalin was a warrior. Pinochet was grabbed at the last minute, stuffed into a sack, and tossed into the still smoldering presidential palace on top of the blood and spattered brains of Allende (I am using metaphor and hyperbole, but that is not far off what happened. He signed the coup order under duress, and was literally kidnapped to the presidential palace)

      We want a Stalin or a Cromwell. There are likely elements in the ruling elite that also want a Stalin or a Cromwell, to prevent collapse and to protect them from those on their left. But the only way Trump is likely to cross the Rubicon is if he is stuffed in a sack and thrown over.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      A good overview of various dangling threads at play. I disagree in one particular respect with the notion of trannyism being tossed overboard, in the course of leftist tidal forces approaching ever closer to singularity. Trannies may well get tossed overboard, but not for insufficient leftism. This is not to say that our later day gnostics are not anti-male as a matter of course – they are – nor is it to say they do not lionize females as a means of undermining target males as a matter of course – they do; but it is to say that they are not only anti-male in particular, but also *anti-life in general*, and all that is particular to Life, including creatures with sexual dimorphism, things that are either substantially male *or* female.

      Humanoid males are the most vitalized creative sparks on this globe heretofore, so it is only natural that the character of a gnostic’s leftisms will be most particularly targeted towards such sorts of beings, amongst other things. But by that same token, it also means that femoids are never real power players either, regardless of how artificially inflated their status may become. And at the same rate, ‘merely’ being gay will no longer be sufficient either, as they never the less retain hateful insistence on their sex being what it is. Therefore, the unholiest of unholies in a demonic priesthood becomes tranoidified males (in terms of chromosomes if nothing else). Greater sacrifices are required in order to prove sufficient faith.

      Females too will be obliged to take part in the sacrament of androgynated sexlessness, through physical, chemical, and social scarification, because to be ‘female’ is also to be part of something that brings forth Life, which is the last thing the archetypical gnostic wants to see in this world. The existence of a female form performing female functions implies the existence of a male form performing male functions. Lunar and Solar archetypes. In order to more perfectly exterminate ‘maleness’ from the world, ‘femaleness’ must also be exterminated.

      The tranny represents the culmination of the gnostic, puritan, whig weltanschauung; the sterilization of all that may produce existence. As in ancient babylonia before, so in our later-day carthage today.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Manny expression of LGB becoming increasingly restive over T in later days. The last decade has seen them find themselves suddenly outflanked from the left by these ‘upstarts’, and they can intuitively sense how things will end if the trend continues. Observe for example how being a feminist woman who retroactively makes children’s storybook characters gay is nevertheless insufficient unholiness to ward oneself from becoming damnatio memoriae.

        It’s also an expression of certain underlying demographic differences. The stereotypical faggot goes out to meet other faggots in order to have standard fuck parties in a great big pile, and in this respect can be construed as something of a social gadfly. The stereotypical tranny on the other hand is a socially isolated turbo-doomer, profoundly atomized and cut off from all contact with the wider world. The sort of men who have no hope for the future and have otherwise settled on This One Weird Trick for instantly arrogating themselves superior social status over their hated neighbors.

        Trannyism in abstract is an unquestionably unholy of unholies in the gnostic faith; yet trannies in particular are so often completely execrable, or more to the point, practically incapable of organizing coordinated action for power; which results in a kind of tension between object and subject, with interfactional struggles attendant thereto.

        This kind of tension lies at the heart of basically every form of bioleninism. Conspiracies for doing leftism live by unprincipally excepting themselves from the poison they prescribe to others, and inevitably die by drinking their own koolaid.

  9. A2 says:

    The news tell me Uncle Ted has died, found in his prison cell at age 81. Rest in Peace, old sage.

  10. notglowing says:


    Found this article while reading the previous one. So, it’s confirmed Trump will be tried in Florida? Am I missing something here?

    • Red says:

      Arraigned. They can transfer it to DC. In Roger stone’s case the judge kicked off anyone who was a conservative from the jury for “bias” while the jury foreman was a Antifa activist . Judges are biggest factor in the corruption of justice in the US.

  11. JustAnotherGuy says:


    NHS rolling back on puberty blockers for kids, I guess some of them are really trying to put a stop to the clown car going off the cliff.

    • notglowing says:

      Why is the NHS first in this? Is there really any chance the US will do something similar? Because I believe that would require legislative action. UK has centralized healthcare.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Holy shit its Jimmism being proven in real time. Like when they found the cosmic background radiation from the big fucking bang.

      Putin has cured Covid, Shaniqua worship (Top Gun Maverick) and now Holy Trannyism. What next? Name one, just one other person who sensed these changes coming, and gave a logical framework for them that made sense.

      When they start putting negroes back in jail and curtailing the divorce and child custody privileges of military wives, I’ll have seen everything, and the tomb is fucking empty from then on.

  12. notglowing says:


    Things are bad indeed. Their people are this demoralized and they’re having issues recruiting, but also western media is admitting it

    • Red says:

      Being massively outgunned by enemy artillery is enormously disheartening. Makes you feel helpless and defeated. And also dead.

  13. Aryaman says:

    <a href="https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2023/06/09/america-weapons-china-00100373"<Politico: The Pentagon Is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China (Because America might lose.). June 9, 2023

    The war began in the early morning hours with a massive bombardment — China’s version of “shock and awe.” Chinese planes and rockets swiftly destroyed most of Taiwan’s navy and air force as the People’s Liberation army and navy mounted a massive amphibious assault across the 100-mile Taiwan Strait. Having taken seriously President Joe Biden’s pledge to defend the island, Beijing also struck pre-emptively at U.S. and allied air bases and ships in the Indo-Pacific. The U.S. managed to even the odds for a time by deploying more sophisticated submarines as well as B-21 and B-2 stealth bombers to get inside China’s air defense zones, but Washington ran out of key munitions in a matter of days and saw its network access severed. The United States and its main ally, Japan, lost thousands of servicemembers, dozens of ships, and hundreds of aircraft. Taiwan’s economy was devastated. And as a protracted siege ensued, the U.S. was much slower to rebuild, taking years to replace ships as it reckoned with how shriveled its industrial base had become compared to China’s.

    The problem has come into sharp relief only in the last few years as Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to a prolonged war that has drained U.S. munitions stockpiles, and China dramatically escalated both its military spending and aggressive rhetoric against Taiwan. In the last year the U.S. has allocated nearly $50 billion in security aid to Kyiv, possibly cutting further into its deterrent against China. In other words, the failure to deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine and the stress this has put on the U.S. defense industrial base should be sounding alarms for the U.S. military posture vis-a-vis Taiwan, many defense experts say.

    But a swift response may not be possible, in large part because of how shrunken the U.S. manufacturing base has become since the Cold War. All of a sudden, Washington is reckoning with the fact that so many parts and pieces of munitions, planes, and ships it needs are being manufactured overseas, including in China. Among the deficiencies: components of solid rocket motors, shell casings, machine tools, fuses and precursor elements to propellants and explosives, many of which are made in China and India. Beyond that, skilled labor is sorely lacking, and the learning curve is steep.

    “We could throw a trillion dollars a year at the defense budget now, and we’re not going to get a meaningful increase in traditional military capabilities in the next five years.”

    Over decades of what many say was delusional thinking by both political parties about turning China into a friendly “stakeholder” in a peaceful international system, Washington heedlessly ceded shipbuilding, aircraft parts and circuit boards over to China and other cheap overseas labor forces. America’s new F-35 fighter jets, for example, contain a magnet component made with an alloy almost exclusively manufactured in China. China also totally dominates machine tools and rare earth metals, essentials for manufacturing missiles and munitions, as well as lithium used in batteries, cobalt and the aluminum and titanium used in semiconductors.

    • Aryaman says:

      Politico: The Pentagon Is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China (Because America might lose.)

      But the question is whether they are smart enough to realize more defense spending, more defense subsidies, won’t do it without capitalism. Need Ford to be able to manufacture great cars here to support the network of suppliers for the defense industry.

      So far the CHIPS act is just a whole lot of grift. What you need is very high– shockingly high– tariffs on things we need to be able to make here but do not, all the good stuff and let the investment happen here on its own. Not massive targeted subsidies to existing large corporations that check a whole lot of boxes that have nothing to do with quality production. Semiconductor problem solved by extremely high– bleeding– tariff on imported semiconductors and a wink-and-nod that the civil rights act does not apply to semiconductors.

      • dave says:


        “A gigantic technological race is in progress between interception and penetration and each time capacity for interception makes progress it is answered by a new advance in capacity for penetration. Thus a new form of strategy is developing in peacetime, a strategy of which the phrase ‘arms race’ used prior to the old great conflicts is hardly more than a faint reflection.

        There are no battles in this strategy; each side is merely trying to outdo in performance the equipment of the other. It has been termed ‘logistic strategy’. Its tactics are industrial, technical, and financial. It is a form of indirect attrition; instead of destroying enemy resources, its object is to make them obsolete, thereby forcing on him an enormous expenditure….”

        We used strategy of technology against the USSR, quite successfully. Now China is doing it to us…

      • jim says:

        > What you need is very high– shockingly high– tariffs on things

        What you need is entrepreneurs and capitalists. Which Globohomo has been vigorously suppressing. I know those guys. They live in terror of accounting, legal, and HR. Musk can do stuff because his companies are private companies funded by his own money, which creates problems for raising money – though not for Musk, because he is famous. If you or I were to try to take our shares public to raise money, we would have impossible problems. It would be impossible to do tech stuff, impossible to create physical things.

        • Fidelis says:

          If you or I were to try to take our shares public to raise money, we would have impossible problems. It would be impossible to do tech stuff, impossible to create physical things.

          From your vantage, is this the reason why they are focusing so hard on securites while they attempt to make crypto submit? Of the many laws in the books to throw at exchanges and companies, they primarily seem to be using securities laws as their bludgeon.

          • jim says:

            Not really paying attention, because they are aiming at institutionalized exchanges, the solution is defi, and any defi that is in fact institutionalized is scamcoin and I don’t care if it gets taken out.

            I am deeply worried that the blood diamonds attack will be aimed through the exchanges at bitcoin, but the bitcoin community is conscious of this threat, and is busy entrenching defenses. Lots of very smart people with a lot of money are organizing defenses, while I am working on another solution.

            • Fidelis says:

              At some point this defi has to manifest real world things, at the very least get traded for real world things. Exchanges are important and necessary at some level until people start using crypto like they use greenbacks, which looks to be a much slower process as most humans adopt new things very slowly.

              Besides an exchange where you swap local currency for digital currency and vice versa, capital is bridged into the defi system by founders selling token shares. So by attacking the bigger more liquid exchanges with securites law, they are blowing up two bridges.

              Just as you suggest martial organization is impossible within the bounds of the empire, need foreign patronage, I put forward that financial organization is similarly impossible without foreign patronage. There must be soverign territory somewhere allowing the digital currency to manifest into physical capital. That bridge into the physical world I believe is best served by exchanges with deep liquidity in pairs between locally valued currency and digital currency. This will be the state of things for a while yet, until more people adapt to a world where digital currency is valued for regular capital trades.

              • jim says:

                > At some point this defi has to manifest real world things, at the very least get traded for real world things.

                Bitcoin is getting traded for real world things. I regularly buy real things with bitcoin. Not for ideological reasons, but because paypal and company sodomize you if you try to do business outside GAE boundaries. If you do international transactions outside the Global American Empire, it is hard without bitcoin. The dollar is committing suicide, and the Russian and Chinese replacement is a horse designed by a committee.

                > I put forward that financial organization is similarly impossible without foreign patronage.

                Martial organization requires a dangerous and powerful foreign sovereign. Financial organization just requires merchants who want to be paid. People are doing business in bitcoin because it just works.

                > That bridge into the physical world I believe is best served by exchanges with deep liquidity in pairs between locally valued currency and digital currency.

                That is not how I am bridging into the physical world.

                Bitcoin is not nearly as readily spendable as fiat. But fiat comes encumbered with political boundaries and regulation. Sometimes, those are in the way. If we had a UPS replacement that would take bitcoin, it would all be smooth sailing. Russia, I suppose, will eventually launch a UPS replacement, but I fear it will insist on fiat money regulated by a committee.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Speaking generally, Bitcoin just works because people can still liquidate into local currency. I see very few merchants offer real world goods in exchange for bitcoin, what merchants are you using? Would these merchants be willing to accept digital currency if they could not liquidate into local currency? Would they be willing to accept it if made highly illegal and occasionally examples are made of those who ignore the dictat?

                  Soon we will live in a world where the major currencies are entirely digital and tightly monitored. If china wanted, they could make sure no firsr party players could exchange their RMB for BTC, and if no conversion to RMB, how do they afford the capital inputs necessary for a finished good? Need a circular economy, which I am conjecturing will take a long time to truly emerge, though could be proven wrong. Or you need a friendly place to exchange between currency pairs.

                • jim says:

                  > Speaking generally, Bitcoin just works because people can still liquidate into local currency. I see very few merchants offer real world goods in exchange for bitcoin, what merchants are you using?

                  Questions that could provide useful information for a dox are forbidden on this blog. I am dealing with merchants who are outside the Global American Empire, or far enough on the periphery that the Swift centered banking system is apt to give me and them a hard time. Not all of them appear to have officially legal access to exchanges between bitcoin and their local currency, though it may well be the case that people attempting to do international transactions in the face of a hostile, disorderly, and corrupt international financial system get officially cut some slack. Possibly they convert into American dollars in an American bank account that they do not declare locally, possibly they do declare it locally and eventually convert into local money. Very possibly they hodl, because they might prefer to hold bitcoin rather than currencies subject to inflation and regulatory obstacles. If they are selling stuff for bitcoin, likely buying stuff with bitcoin, in which case hodling is more efficient than converting back and forth and hitting regulatory requirements in both directions. I have no idea what they do with the bitcoin I send them. Maybe I would find out if I did some blockchain analysis. I suspect, however, that I would not.

                  Hodlers are a small minority, but not that small. I keep running into people in real life who are hodlers. If you are a hodler, and he is a hodler, then one pays the other with bitcoin from his savings, and the other stashes the bitcoin in his savings. It makes life a whole lot simpler if you are doing transactions over distance. So, since I run into people in real life who are hodlers, a fair chance that merchants that I deal with in bitcoin over the internet are also hodlers. If they are hodlers, makes life easier for them, with both the international banking system and their local banking system $@%#!^6 them over.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  I’d like to learn more about what a Russian-Chinese-etc super-currency even could be, given the game theory roadblocks to setting it up.

                  “We have XXXX tons of gold.”
                  “Oh really is that so?”

                  That kind of thing.

                  In my fan-fiction fantasy they’d just say “ahh fuck it we’ll use Bitcoin and Lightning, and partially redeem them for gold or something to trust-up the transition”, but I’m not seeing it. Too honest, too simple.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  It must depend on their priorities.

                  If they want to bring down the west, then just going Bitcoin-Lightning would do that quickly, by bleeding lots of uninteresting day to day “long tail” trade out of the dollar.

                  But more likely, they want to maximize their own power, which incentivizes all kinds of scammery and stonewalling and shadowy inscrutable mafia bs.

                  What keeps the nukes down? A swift fast decapitation, or a slow grinding bleed? I suspect the latter.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Forgive any faux pas, I did not expect any specific details and so did not consider it fishing for dox.

                  Possibly they convert into American dollars in an American bank account that they do not declare locally, possibly they do declare it locally and eventually convert into local money.

                  Both of which can be made significantly more difficult. Exceptionally so as fiat digital currencies are rolled out.

                  Hodlers are a small minority, but not that small.

                  A small minority *among those who are otherwise sophisticated enough to transact in BTC in the first place*. This is my point, circular economy is not there. Unless maybe you want to buy some coconuts in Da Nang, maybe some papaya in El Salvador, someone along the supply chain is swapping into a local currency. If we want sophisticated economic activity, we need a soverign willing to keep those exchanges open, or we need a much bigger circular economy.

                • jim says:

                  > A small minority *among those who are otherwise sophisticated enough to transact in BTC in the first place*.

                  Hodlers are a small minority among people I just happen to run into in real life, just in the course of hanging out, drinking, and making idle conversation. I am drinking, the other guy is drinking, we start talking about investments and saving, usually we start talking about land and stuff, and lo and behold, he is a hodler also. I then crack my much repeated joke about land, fiat money, and bitcoin, and he smiles pleasantly as if no one ever told that old joke before, because when you are drinking, you are just making friendly noises, so the jokes do not have to be all that new. Therefore not a small minority among those transacting in bitcoin over the internet.

              • notglowing says:

                I have often had issues doing any international transactions even within GAE, even when it’s only between accounts I owned myself. That’s not to mention how incredibly *slow* the banking system is, or how it just doesn’t work for two days of the week out of seven, or 16 hours of the day out of 24.

                The only easy to use and convenient bank transaction system I’ve used is SEPA Instant between European banks. Everything else has given me trouble; the problem is many banks do not support it.

                I never had issues sending money using cryptocurrency that weren’t my own fault and which I could not fix myself.

                I also regularly receive money from international clients, often in large amounts, at least by bank compliance standards written a few decades of inflation ago. Without cryptocurrency, it would be more difficult and expensive for everyone.

                With crypto, zero issues, the exception being the occasional mistake from the sender; I’ve seen someone send money to the wrong address and lose it. Nothing you can do then, but that’s the tradeoff.

        • Aryaman says:

          What you need is entrepreneurs and capitalists.

          Yes, though Trump found plenty of those around and willing to respond to his tariffs. The people that they will find around and willing to respond to subsidies are going to be scam artists.

          I worry they are not smart enough to realize that you cannot reindustrialize the defense supply chain without reindustrializing the supply chain generally. That the reason America prevailed in WW2 wasn’t a massive preexisting munitions industry, but that Ford was making a whole lot of great cars. And for that you need capitalism generally

  14. Calvin says:

    Counterexample: the CCP post-Mao has gone from perhaps the most insane of all the communist parties to a relatively stable and functional government capable of managing a world-class economy while keeping the prevailing demons of the West largely at bay.

    • notglowing says:

      It was easier for a country with a Politburo to change once the members of said power structure changed, compared to a relatively less organized US Cathedral.
      That’s been discussed recently.

      There’s no one like Deng in the US Government, but even if there was, what position within it would give him that kind of power?

    • Karl says:

      Chine achieved that after faith in communism had died.

      • Calvin says:

        And what caused it to die? It certainly wasn’t a titanic piles of corpses.

        • jim says:

          A bunch of slightly behind the times leftists decided the holiness spiral was going to kill them all, and killed the leftmost first.

          Premier Hua Guofeng put an end to the Gang of four, and leftism died.

          Among that bunch of slightly behind the time leftists was Deng, who was not really a leftist at all, but had signed up with Mao because that was the only action going. He saw that Hua Guofeng was only in power because of the faith that he had killed, and grabbed power from Hua Guofeng.

          • Calvin says:

            And so why would we expect the same wouldn’t happen to leftism here if a few notorious leftists got the Madame Mao treatment?

            • Western Taliban says:

              This would be nice, but I feel like the similes between communism and progressivism are very wrong.

              The communists were economically retarded, but it’s not my impression that they were necessarily retarded at anything else. In some way, their economic incompetence can be understood from the perspective of someone who is so power hungry and control obsessed, plus enough arrogance, they become convinced of the need to run the economy and they believe they will magically just do it.

              Look at progressives though? There’s just no way.

            • jim says:

              Well of course. Just off a few prominent leftists, and the holiness spiral comes to a sudden and total end.

              Or to say the same thing in other words: We and Trump cannot do anything until unequal enforcement of the law is fixed, and they can only be fixed by offing a few people in the Judiciary, Department of Justice, and the FBI.

              A few judicious killings, and centuries of ever lefter leftism will just suddenly go poof. It has happened before many times, most recently in China. But we have a very big problem for this needs a warrior, and Trump is a merchant who fled the Rubicon.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Then why did Stalin have to kill millions of leftists to end that holiness spiral? Poor aim?

                • jim says:

                  He did not kill millions. Conquest estimates he killed about one million, which is a drop in the bucket of those killed by socialism. Poor aim was part of it. But the biggest factor was that in order to provide cover for purging real leftists, he had to purge imaginary rightists, otherwise he would look like the Thermidorian he in fact was. His stance was that he was balanced between far left and the “right”.

                  So only fairly small portion of that million were the real leftists who posed a real danger to him. The rest were just collateral damage to provide a cover story, to keep the faith that they were killing people to ensure the eschaton.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Which implies that neither of us should ever again set foot on GAE soil, lest we become that “collateral damage”.

  15. Red says:

    I am getting the feeling that faction that would have eliminated Trump is out of puff, falsifying my prediction that the leftmost always win. No one cares that he has been indicted, because it has suddenly become unimaginable to take him out of the election that way.

    I’m really not seeing that. The GOP is likely to enact rules to keep him out of the primary or claim that his support disappeared because of the charges. I’m watching wall to wall shills on “conservative” sites claiming they’re not longer supporting Trump because of the charges. Hell even “NotGlowing” was repeating their talking points about the documents earlier.

    • Red says:

      Hmm, now that I think about it… this does smell like a desperation move by the NeoCons backing DeSantis and Biden’s faction to take out Trump as another faction is ramping up to protect him.

      Stuff like this shows the propaganda voices are not doing well defending it:

      It’s hard to tell if they’re just getting more blatant and incompetent about it or if they’re about to get their shit pushed in by another power base and they’re flailing around.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        The Indian media, no doubt sourced from international agencies, reports that in consequence of the latest indictment, the Republicans have united and closed ranks with Trump. De Santis is also supposed to be backing Trump. Is this true?

        • Red says:

          DeSantis is preying these indictments take out Trump while trying not to piss off the entire GOP base while voicing support for Trump while his paid trolls and influencers attack Trump over the indictment. It’s pretty transparent and it’s not working. DeSantis is losing support because of it.

          After the GOP forced Nixon to resign over what turned out to be a CIA/FBI to get him removed the Republican base stayed home for the next election and the party was almost destroyed. The GOP remembers that.

          Most of the party leadership want Trump gone, but they can’t say it without nuking themselves so they working with the Dems quietly against Trump.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            What is surprising is still the normalcy bias of it all, that elections matter and the courts matter.

            But perhaps if by some miracle, Trump is allowed to contest and 2024 turns out to be a honest election it would be time to reconsider the leftist holiness spiraling theory. But not before then.

            • jim says:

              I think that if Trump is allowed to contest, and he is allowed to win, there will be immense despair and loss of spirit on the left. But we shall see holiness spiraling will not be dead.

              Reflect on the Reagan “revolution”. The left doubled down on the destruction of the family, affirmative action, and immigration, while refusing to admit any retreat on soak the rich. To this day Reagonomics is scornfully denounced as a terrible failure and a disaster, even though in fact the entire west including the left accepted it and continues, more or less to follow it, nor did they admit they had given up on surrender to the Soviet Union until it fell, whereupon they instantly rewrote history to say that they had always realized that the Soviet Union was weak and failing.

              They went right on holiness spiraling then, even though they accepted the Reagan presidency because they were preparing a managed retreat on soak the rich and surrender to the Soviet Union. The holiness spiral is further advanced today, rendering a managed retreat more difficult.

              Albeit one important part of Reagonomics has been abandoned – that real interest rates should never be negative, or not very far negative, that government bonds should hold their value.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                I am extremely ignorant of the details of American politics.

                But I think if Trump returns to power, it could be far more significant than Reagan, because the far Left is insane now in a way that it wasn’t in the 1980s and the less insane Left will still be badly demoralized.

                Also, Orange Man drives the left crazy in a way that I suspect Reagan did not.

                • jim says:

                  There was no shortage of Reagan Derangement Syndrome. It was a lot of fun. But yes, Trump Derangement Syndrome is even more fun. If Trump is allowed to run and allowed to win, bring the popcorn.

                  Trump’s election was an unplanned anomaly. Reagan’s election was a managed retreat. Soak the rich and surrender to the Soviets had become untenable. The left was demoralized, which was delicious. If Trump is allowed to run and allowed to win, it will not be an anomaly, but a managed retreat. So they will be enraged, outraged, deranged and, this time around, demoralized.

                  The managed retreat under Reagan was a success for them, and in retrospect, an utterly devastating defeat for us, even though when the enemy retreats, it feels like victory. This time around, they are more insane, and we know our history, so the same outcome, though probable, is not altogether inevitable.

                  But I am crowing as if this was a done deal, when the only evidence that people in power intend to permit Trump to run and to win are some odd silences. There is absolutely no one in power suggesting that such an outcome is thinkable. I just have the feeling that they are thinking it.

                  I have long predicted Trump’s imprisonment and Epsteining, and the moment confirmatory evidence arrives, the indictment, I start to doubt it. I doubt it because I can smell the unease with the failure of the war of attrition.

              • pinochet's ghost says:

                A Trump victory will still be a defeat unless he lifts the boot off the neck of his supporters and his priests. Especially his priests. Rolling back trannies – which btw he barely did in office – lifts the boot off the neck of the middle class base, to some extent, but Trump never succeeded in allowing us to speak. In some ways, we are freer to speak now than we were in 2020.

                Trump victory will terrify, demoralize, and *in reality damage* the left if it permits open season on leftists memetically.

                • jim says:

                  > Trump victory will terrify, demoralize, and *in reality damage* the left if it permits open season on leftists memetically.

                  Trump victory will terrify, demoralize, and in reality damage the left if he ends selective enforcement of the law. And one of the many consequences of ending selective enforcement of the law will be memetic open season.

                  But it is going to be impossible to end selective enforcement of the law short of black helicopters giving the FBI, the Department of Justice, and judiciary long distance swimming lessons in the pacific.

                  If no swimming lessons in the pacific, the boot will remain on our necks.

        • jim says:

          It is true. More or less. DeSantis could hardly do anything less.

          This does not violates Moldbug’s model of the inner and outer parties. If he gets removed, the outer party is going to say “settled law” and conserve it, even though it becomes obvious that there is no law. But to preserve the illusion of democracy, they have to kick and scream before surrendering. Kayfabe.

          What makes this different, however, is that as with Democrat efforts to surrender to the moribund Soviet Union before Reagan, the Republicans may find there is no one to surrender to.

      • notglowing says:

        > Stuff like this shows the propaganda voices are not doing well defending it:
        The propaganda isn’t good at defending it, because no matter how you look at it, it isn’t something that could easily be used to paint Trump as a bad guy.

        Whether or not he committed what he’s being accused of, it doesn’t have the same propaganda impact as when they tried to make him look like a traitor to Russia. There was zero substance to it, but it was far more emotionally charged nonetheless.
        “Trump is evil” is what they want to say, and what they want to hear. “Trump mishandled documents” is not very much to go off of, or energize your base against him.

        Especially given far worse has happened with classified and private information in the hands of other politicians Trump has run against.

    • notglowing says:

      > Hell even “NotGlowing” was repeating their talking points about the documents earlier.

      It’s true. I work for Ron DeSantis as a paid shill on jim dot com. That’s why I asked why Trump had these documents, and how do we know he declassified them.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t personally care even *if* Trump “stole” some documents. It has zero real relevance to whether or not he’d be a good president, and he had the right to take these documents in the first place, and declassify them, if he wanted to.

      But there is reason to believe he didn’t follow the proper procedure and didn’t actually get around to declassifying them. The fact that they lie about mostly everything doesn’t mean this is false, and I’m not really convinced it is. I asked how *do* we know they were declassified.

      Could very well be he didn’t do his due diligence, and they’re using that against him.

      The law is applied selectively given no one else would’ve been indicted under this premise, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a case against him legally and I have yet to hear a good reason why they wouldn’t.
      For sure, it would be madness to try and put a presidential candidate in jail over a technicality during any other time, which is why it is a political witch hunt, but whether or not it’s legally founded is another matter.

      That clip with the lawyer is the lawyer deflecting from it by accusing Biden of doing the same. It’s a fair argument in terms of the law being selectively applied, but tu quoque is not usually a good legal defense.

      There are transcripts of recordings circulating where Trump admits he didn’t declassify the documents when he should’ve. I have no idea whether these recordings are legitimate or not. They could just be completely fabricated. But that doesn’t mean I can simply assume they are false. Because yes, I can imagine Trump forgetting to file some paperwork. It doesn’t *actually* matter at the end of the day, sure, it does give them an avenue to attack him, though.

      I’m gonna say that every liberal I have personally talked to is convinced that Trump is in fact “above the law” and that there is no way they can convict him, they are committing a blunder that will make Trump more popular, half the nation doesn’t believe in facts and thinks he is innocent regardless of evidence, etc. I’m not seeing as much celebrating as you would expect given their public enemy number 1 is going to jail. It seems to me they don’t actually believe it.

      There was more celebration back when the Russia investigation was still going on, without there being any substantial reason for it, compared to now, when it looks like they might possibly get him.

      • jim says:

        > asked how *do* we know they were declassified.

        Because Trump had complete authority to declassify them. Why would he not declassify them? The charge is that he committed a crime against himself. It is absurd.

        If you have a secret, on condition you do not tell it, and then you tell it, you have done a bad thing. He had a secret, but had complete authority to reveal it. He did not have that secret under condition of keeping it secret. The charge is that he revealed it without exercising that authority.

        > But there is reason to believe he didn’t follow the proper procedure

        Nuts. They have been going over mountains of Trump records with a fine tooth comb looking for obscure paperwork violations since the day he walked down the escalator, and have come up empty. You think they hit gold this time?

      • jim says:

        > Could very well be he didn’t do his due diligence, and they’re using that against him.

        Trump always does his due diligence. They have been going over his paperwork with a fine tooth comb since he walked down the escalator.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          I’m hearing “since he came down the escalator” on TV and YouTube now. Is that you echoing, or are you echoing them?

      • Red says:

        It’s true. I work for Ron DeSantis as a paid shill on jim dot com. That’s why I asked why Trump had these documents, and how do we know he declassified them.

        You’re repeating DeSantis shill talking points meaning you’re either a shill or a moron who’s easily taken in by propaganda. Which is it?

        There are transcripts of recordings circulating where Trump admits he didn’t declassify the documents when he should’ve. I have no idea whether these recordings are legitimate or not. They could just be completely fabricated. But that doesn’t mean I can simply assume they are false. Because yes, I can imagine Trump forgetting to file some paperwork. It doesn’t *actually* matter at the end of the day, sure, it does give them an avenue to attack him, though.

        The transcripts have already been shown to be edited. Checkout conservative treehouse coverage of it.

        Yes you should assume they’re false because a federal prosecutor is trying to nail Trump. They have no issues lying because there’s not consequences for lying in court against targets of the Cathedral.

        When Trump was first campaigning for president I had to regularly review videos for every so called bad statement by Trump. Every single fucking time the video said something entirely different than the transcript.

        In the future try not to be so gullible.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        All authority for classification of secrets ultimately derives from the office of the president to begin with. Every single entity down stream, nominally, from the DoD to the NSA to the FBI to your local neighborhood dog shooters, all have the authority to classify material because the in legal terms the President is delegating it to them in the first place. If the President doesn’t have authority to classify secrets, then they don’t either.

        Not that mere legal logic will stop them from grasping for power anyways.

  16. Halion says:

    I need advice… I have a girlfriend who is a good woman, I deflowered her myself and I plan to deprive her and impregnate her next year. The problem is that for work reasons, I am living 2000 km away since January. I told her to come live with me in August, but she refused and she told me that she would do it at the end of the year. I guess this is a bullshit test, what should I do?
    In case I fail to bring her, is it okay if I quench my desires with prostitutes?

    • Red says:

      This is some 3/10 trolling. Slightly above Ghost level, but not by much.

      • Halion says:

        I’m seriously asking…

        • Pete says:

          No, you must not contract a disease from a whore and pass it on to the mother of your children…next question.

          Having said that, how do you know she’s not quenching HER desires with niggers or other undesirables while 2,000 km away from you?

          • The Cominator says:

            Heterosexual STDs are 95% a meme but I understand being rigidly scrupulous here, you can just wrap it if you’re worried.

            If you deflowered the girl she’ll come back to you and she probably won’t fuck niggers but if you’re gone longer than three months she is probably going to fuck someone in the interim. Don’t go crazy at the thought women are just not going to go without sex for a year at a time in their prime years…

            • Red says:

              STDs from hookers is a real thing, but it’s mostly confined to woman who fuck niggers, faggots, or who inject drugs.

              • The Cominator says:

                “STDs from hookers is a real thing”

                Far less of a risk than you think… especially if you are not talking about street crackwhores.

                “confined to woman who fuck niggers, faggots, or who inject drugs.”
                Yeah if she uses heroin there is a risk and hard drug use is unfortunately common among them. Most faggots don’t fuck women but it can happen I suppose. Hookers tend to be far far more racist than normie women and to discourage them as clients.

                • Red says:

                  The number of blacks who get infected by whatever causes faggotry is pretty high especially in jail. Most come out and continue to fuck woman as well as men. I think the age of when you get infected is a factor or blacks are effected differently by the parasite.

                  I talked to an older black man who told me about a friend of his who ended up in jail in early 20s. When he came out he wanted to fuck men. A year later he was back to fucking women as well but still fucking men on the “down low”.

                  Hookers tend to be far far more racist than normie women and to discourage them as clients.

                  Sure they get gang raped and beaten by blacks and don’t get paid for their time(it’s the not getting paid is the part that upsets them). But the hookers who do see blacks are far more likely to be carrying around STDs because niggers, just like faggots don’t flee or at least wrap it when they see signs of a possible STDs.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “it’s the not getting paid is the part that upsets them”

                  Yeah well specifically its their experience that niggers and spics very often try to rip them off (I’m good at not paying them much but I have a certain way of buttering them up they like and thus get a super discount rate, they don’t mind you trying to get it cheap but if you want to pay them nothing or worse not pay yeah they get pissed off) and are often mean clients and not in a way that turns them on. They all find this out early in their “career” and so they try to get white and asian clients and avoid nigger and spic clients.

                  But I’ve done raw with a lot of strippers and never gotten anything. They all douche after they fuck raw which normal women don’t…

                • Red says:

                  >But I’ve done raw with a lot of strippers and never gotten anything. They all douche after they fuck raw which normal women don’t…

                  Most of the strippers you fucked probably already caught herpes and are on drugs for it. Most other STDs clear over time or with antibiotics. The drugs that suppress herpes also generally prevent the transmission or from catching it if you take them preventivelly.

                  Like I said, as long as your not ignoring obvious signs of STDs or get unlucky to get infected during the period when it can be transmitted before the signs show up the danger is pretty low.

                  >and are often mean clients and not in a way that turns them on.

                  I wouldn’t take their word for it. I always hear from women about awful behaviors their last boy friend did to them and then push me to do the same sorts of things to them.

                  The other issue is no one wants to fuck woman that a Nigger’s had. Hookers tend to shut the fuck up about it after the look of disgust they see in the faces of clients who never see them again if they mention it. Shame works even on hookers.

                • SJ says:

                  A ton of the black dudes at various red pill places were indeed fking other dudes as well. They did not consider themselves to be fags because they also fked women. They considered gays to be horrible gross people, and somehow did not consider themselves to be gay despite banging several dudes a week along with whatever gutter sluts they could.

            • Handi says:

              >If you deflowered the girl she’ll come back to you and she probably won’t fuck niggers but if you’re gone longer than three months she is probably going to fuck someone in the interim. Don’t go crazy at the thought women are just not going to go without sex for a year at a time in their prime years…

              Absolutely cucked mindset. You don’t own women, TC, so your detached attitude toward your favorite prostitutes is a matter of sanity preservation, but applying this attitude generally prevents you from ownership because if you applied it to a woman you did own then it would make you a cuck, and you would swiftly lose ownership.

              Because women are incapable of principled celibacy, a man must command of his wife(-to-be) whatever second-order behavior is necessary moment to moment to keep her in his zone of control and out of another man’s bed. If a man’s wife(-to-be) is unwilling to observe boundaries that he sets forth to ensure faithfulness, then she’s unwilling to be a wife and her infidelity can be presumed.

              Living on the other side of a continent is entirely outside the boundaries of his zone of control for any man of normal means, as you would practically have to have loyal bodyguards and assassins on your payroll around the clock to exercise ownership from that distance. Therefore if she won’t move it’s because her job or her studies or whatever it is are more important than you, and she’d rather be unfaithful than let you rearrange her life in order to keep her.

              It could be a passable shit test, but it’s a bunker-buster shit test in which she’s signalling infidelity and refusal of ownership. To pass it, assuming it’s a real scenario and not a troll, he’ll have to display equal willingness to maintain a man’s frame over this scenario, which is to unperson her and find a new bitch.

              It simply is not going to end with you shrugging off her indiscretions while you were away–the only way to stop a woman from torching something, if you want to salvage it, is to show her you’re capable of obliterating it even faster and more decisively than she can.

              • Handi says:

                If it were me, today, having the experiences I’ve had, I wouldn’t even entertain this woman. Let alone the 6 months apart, if she had refused to come with me from the outset then that would have been the last thing interaction she ever had with me. It’s not abandonment if she’s the one refusing to follow.

              • The Cominator says:

                Specops guys (pretty alpha you would agree) can’t keep their women from cucking them on deployments, I’m not a military guy but there are jokes about this in the military. Unless you can get her to move to you or find the time to go back there and kidnap her what chance do you have.

                • Handi says:

                  Spec-ops guys are not alpha men in an alpha tribe. They’re alpha men in a faggot tribe of historic proportions.

                  If you have to be physically separate from your wife for extended lengths of time, as in going to war, then you should be able to leave her with a male relative whom you can trust to beat her just as hard for misbehavior leading unto infidelity, as you would.

                  Spec-ops guys don’t have this authority over their own wives, and therefore should not be going to war to fight for not having authority over their own wives. That’s their problem, not mine.

                  Nobody recognizes our authority to beat our wives either. That’s why we need to keep them close at hand and consistently handle minor shit tests, so that they don’t escalate to ones that would require a beating to pass. Allowing a 2000 km distance is such a glaring abdication of ownership and monumental shit test failure that she’ll certainly escalate to infidelity. That’s why I personally would cut off and start over, because there’s no safe or reasonable way to come back from that.

                  In my view your example only supports my stance, historically fidelity and legitimate paternity have never been a true guarantee even for elite professional murderers backed by healthy societies. So in our much bleaker circumstances there isn’t room for even a shred of laxity on the issue. Revile cuckoldry with all your might and you may get cucked, accept a possibility of cuckoldry as normal and you’re guaranteed to get gigacucked.

                  I’m somewhat vulnerable to criticism on this because I’m not an example of success, I don’t have a wife or a family. What I do have is about a decade of my time down the drain failing with different girlfriends who in hindsight were obviously not going to work out because I demanded too little of them and wished they would magically fulfill my hopes of them. I know what doesn’t work, and I’m militant about it. If you’re not in the driver’s seat you need to get back in your own car and give her about 2 seconds to hop in before you make tracks. As long as you’re rationalizing infidelity you’ll never be in the driver’s seat.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The US military only became openly faggy recently, the jokes about military wives behaving badly when their husbands were away probably go back centuries.

                  Stalag 17 great movie from the 50s, one of the guys gets a note about his wife just found a poor little baby on her doorstep (and hes happy enough to here from her in the prison camp he believes her) now obviously the joke is she didn’t find the baby she not only cucked him she got knocked up doing it. Around 49:30…

                  Now yes but POWs are of course not totally alpha because getting captured was always consided a bit disgraceful but these are air POWs… which was considered more acceptable than getting captured as an army soldier. And anyway that they are POWs is not the point the point is they had jokes about military wives being bad as far back as WWII at least.

                • Handi says:

                  I don’t understand the logic you’re pushing. You seem to be coping that it’s nothing personal with examples where the man couldn’t stop it, but the question was how to stop it, and my answer is to divest from women who resist you putting a stop to it. Like I said before you have a sanity-preserving adjustment to a life of prostitutes, but it’s wholly inadequate for the problem of ownership.

                • jim says:

                  > my answer is to divest from women who resist you putting a stop to it.

                  No. The best of women will resist. And then you have to win. By any means necessary. It is a shit test, and if you pass it they will love you for it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  How you stop it is by not having long seperations and if you they have to be locked up or guarded by truly trustworthy guys 24/7 somehow.

                  Failing both those conditions you can’t stop it. No matter how alpha you are.

                • SJ says:

                  Even if you leave her with a trusted relative she will find a way to seduce him or any other man she meets or she’ll find a way to sneak out. If she isn’t with you physically then she isn’t with you. There are no long distance relationships just annoying guys that call your plates at three am to check up on them. When she says she’s just at home and forgot to call you earlier she means she just got fked all night long by some asshole she met earlier that day.

                • SJ says:

                  You guys really need to start dating the red pill way. This long distance slut is your first plate. Congratulations on your beginning. Sometimes you can meet up with her, maybe, and fck. In the meanwhile who gives a shit what she does. Now you need to meet more girls. Always be meeting new girls. Every girl you meet is a potential plate to add to your roster. When they misbehave, who gives a shit? They just don’t get promoted past plate. They can be a total piece of trash slut when they aren’t with you and who gives a shit at all. When they are with you then you get to have fun with them. It’s great fun especially when you get great plates that last four six plus months. They go completely crazy because you don’t dgaf about them but they can’t get enough so they just keep coming back.

                  Eventually one girl will be well behaved enough, good enough, that you can consider promoting her. Or she’ll scheme and find a way to move in with you and then beg you to not throw her out, meanwhile your girlfriend finds out and breaks up with you, but your plate commits herself to total obedience. That’s how I met my wife and after the first few rocky years things have been great

                • jim says:


                  In conditions of sexual anarchy, love is war, love is a battlefield, and dreadful means are permissible.

                • Handi says:

                  Okay it sounds like we’re all in agreement

                • SJ says:

                  I once had a plate in an LDR. She was engaged to some guy going to college for engineering a few hundred miles away. When he came out to visit she insisted I meet him and she really wanted my approval of him. Super sweet young girl. After he went back to college she apologized to me for giving him a BJ hahahaha then she went right back onto my booty call list. Later they got married.

                • jim says:

                  Poor guy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do you know if she divorce raped him later or not?

                • jim says:

                  Hardly matters. An unfaithful wife is going to give you more hell at home than in the divorce court.

                • SJ says:

                  Just checked facebook. Still married but she’s fat now and has purple hair and is childless.

                  Back during my player times I ended up plating a bunch of girls that turned out to have boyfriends. They are very keen on getting your approval of their boyfriends. A bunch of women turn out to be married as well including my wife, who was married to some other guy when I met her. The married ones don’t want your approval of their guy and don’t really talk about their husbands, but the ones with boyfriends talk about their boyfriends a lot.

                • SJ says:

                  So I’ve given this a great deal of thought. These women I was plating that had boyfriend or a fiance that they wanted me to meet, told me a great deal about, including telling me how much they loved them, and badly wanted my approval for their boyfriends were all quite young. They were eighteen to twenty years old with possibly a few accidentals that may have been a bit younger meanwhile this was my mid thirties. Most of these girls came and found me and were quite direct, for example one of them told me she really wanted a guy to tie her up and have his way with her. This was something she has t heard from a girl she knew that I did to the other girl. I had never met this girl before this.

                  But they wanted my approval very badly. They talked about their boyfriends a great deal. How they met, what they were doing for their schooling, career aspirations, what they liked and didn’t like, etc etc. I ended up knowing way more about their boyfriends than them and several of them wanted me to meet their boyfriends, which I did. I went over to one nineteen year old girls apartment she shared with her boyfriend, met him, this made her very happy, then I had sex with her in their bed.

                  What is this behavior? I’ve figured it is some remnant leftover coding from being taken by the chief and then given out to a lieutenant. Only the coding no longer works so they mistake the depressed alcoholic who dgaf for the chief. Anyone have any ideas on why women would behave this way?

                • jim says:

                  > Anyone have any ideas on why women would behave this way?

                  In a weak tribe in the ancestral environment, optimal and probable outcome is being abducted into a strong tribe and distributed as part of the loot. If a woman acts in this manner, she is hoping you are an alpha in the strong tribe who is going to assign her. If assigned, likely to be kept around, if unassigned, banged and abandoned.

                • Jehu says:

                  That’s a super hard use case honestly—you’ve got to practically be Odysseus to carry it off reliably. Long deployments like that would probably have fairly high cheat rates even in a functional society. It’s marriage on extra hard mode.

                  There are women who handle that sort of thing better than others, but it’s a relative thing. Even Penelope might not have stayed faithful for a Greek Hero lesser to Odysseus.

                • jim says:

                  I have noticed that all legendary and semi legendary women famous for their fidelity to dead or absent husbands were married to a smarter version of General Bucknaked.

                • Adam says:

                  >What is this behavior?

                  A woman’s favorite drug is attention, and if one is trying to manage for her lover to meet the boyfriend, probably a precursor to “let’s see you two fight”.

                  In a sense the boyfriend and the lover are both orbiting the female, as neither have ownership nor can they stop her from banging a third guy. Likely will happen if neither puts an end to it all.

                  That’s my guess anyway.

                • Handi says:

                  >No. The best of women will resist. And then you have to win. By any means necessary. It is a shit test, and if you pass it they will love you for it.

                  Jim, what do you actually do if your favorite girl lives 1200 miles away and declines to follow?

                  The shit test is obvious but I can’t think of an actionable way to actually force her to move. Meanwhile she’s fucking other guys and shredding her own value.

                  It’s a real Catch-22 because even something “unthinkably” direct and extreme to modern tastes, like extrajudicial extraction, would only seem to me to cement her self-perception of value. Women’s behavior ruins everybody’s interests while a man has to pursue value on behalf of both parties, against active resistance from his counterparty. Like a Chinese finger trap the further you go overboard only further reinforces the woman’s behavior.

                  A physical 1200-mile gap is utterly beyond my skillset. That’s why I said drop and move on. Or at the very least, plate and keep the waifu slot open. But what are the actual options to pass that particular shit test? Historically men were able to coerce things like this but how, just show up and smack her till she packs a bag? Is it that simple?

                • jim says:

                  > Jim, what do you actually do if your favorite girl lives 1200 miles away and declines to follow?

                  Twelve hundred miles is a bit far to physically abduct her, but on the other hand physical abduction usually turns out to be strangely easy. I would have a go at physical abduction, and if physically prevented from accomplishing it, cut my losses. You cannot take her through airport security in a fireman’s lift, but if you get to the airport with tickets and checkin, she will probably follow you quietly onto the plane. Just assume she will follow through security and do not look back.

                  If a land connection and no political borders requiring passage through security, no problem, stuff her into the car and drive.

                • SJ says:

                  I can’t think of anything other than if she doesn’t obey then plate. You need to move in with me and untill she does plate, after she does still plate, and will likely have to order her to stop all kinds of egregious behavior and likely have to pass shit tests that increase to corporal punishment. Luckily there are a lot of girls on youtube that will teach your girl how to cover that black eye.

                  Will have to draw a line, you obey me and call me master or my Lord, in all things, or gtfo. At which point she will likely initiate a shit test and respond to your response by grabbing her purse and leaving. At which point you do not respond and must write her off. If she turns around and comes back then proceed. The first few years turning an unowned slut into an owned housewife are very rough times.

                • Aryaman says:

                  I have noticed that all legendary and semi legendary women famous for their fidelity to dead or absent husbands were married to a smarter version of General Bucknaked.

                  What exactly is a smarter version of General Bucknaked? I imagine general bucknaked as a borderline retarded criminal by very definition.

                  Rama had a famously faithful wife despite his absence but that turned out to cause no end of trouble with his subjects later on (the trials he put her through to prove her fidelity to the people the stuff that makes feminists shriek and holler,)

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  What exactly is a smarter version of General Bucknaked?


                • The Cominator says:

                  Genghis Khan was. Odysseus was noted for being less violent than the other barbarian Greeks, he tried to “dodge the draft” so to speak for one thing by faking madness he had no great desire to go to war.

            • notglowing says:

              I had an argument among two friends regarding this a while ago.

              One of them wondered if paid hookers might actually have less STDs than your average woman, given there is a barrier to entry, since you have to pay money to have sex with them, and not be a complete bum. There’s also the fact that they’re probably more likely to use protection.

              My argument was that that’s probably not the case, since hookers will still have sex with anyone who has some money. Whereas, regular sluts will actually not fuck just anyone, but if anything would be fairly selective of men, only picking a minority of men they find attractive. No women actually just have sex with any man.

              Another friend, who is more of a player, came into the conversation and essentially used my same argument to claim the opposite. The regular, unpaid whore will have sex with men who have sex with a large amount of different women and are more likely to carry diseases. The hooker only has sex with men who pay her and who might not actually be having sex with many other women because then why would they pay for a hooker?
              The second guy did catch an STD without fucking any prostitutes so I guess his experience backs it up. In fact he might arguably be the hypothetical guy he is describing.

              • Red says:

                The US has some proper brothels(apartment girls) that do regular STD checks. Generally the more organized an operation is, the less risk involved.

                When you’re having sex with random sluts risk management is key. Don’t go down on them(throat cancer from HPV is becoming common), use good judgement, and use a herpes preventive drug. Also don’t expect that jimmy hat to 100% protect you, if the girl is disgusting, don’t fuck her.

                Hookers in general are not optimal. God tell us to go forth and multiply and that’s not happening with a hooker or Com would have 15 kids by now. It’s a bad idea to substitute easy to get paid pussy over the mission of trying to find a woman to own and make babies with.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Notglowing I haven’t gotten anything from them and I think hookers above the street level tend to fuck better men than normie sl00ts do.

                  Its a myth that most of them insist on protection especially if you do my stripper escalation method where I don’t ussually exactly ask them to have sex most of the time. And in at least one case (she was a very hot looking asian broad who also had big tits too… I assume they were fake but she looked good… I think she was rather selective on clients because she took a little bit of convincing to let me fuck her more than I generally put up with) she told me she hated condoms (I mentioned them because she was initially difficult) and she said no she fucking hated condoms and would take a condom dick.

                  Red… I’m good at pulling out and didn’t want to be hit up for child support. In no child support countries knocking up hookers is not all that rare.

        • Adam says:

          The line that men need to hold is that it is completely unacceptable for a woman to speak back to her husband (and men in general). If you cannot keep your woman from speaking back to you, then you cannot stop much at all. Living separate or long distance is not even in the conversation. You are just another orbiter at this point, another plan B.

  17. Aidan says:

    Though a pivot to trumpism is possible, I consider it unlikely. I notice a significant amount of unease in the media with the failure of the latest offensive, which since it is acknowledged at all must be extreme in terms of losses. But I think it’s even more likely that the elites will run around like a chicken without a head. They really fervently believe that the lawyers in NY skyscrapers magically make things appear. Not sure they can even restore manufacturing if they wanted to: see their lack of success with domestic chip fabs.

    • someDude says:

      Looks like the main issue is government regulation. You don’t think they can roll all that back in a Jiff?


      • Red says:

        At this point it’s expertise and diversity. Chip fabbing is an extremely low margin,very high efficiency industry. There isn’t enough extra money in it for bribes an diversity hires. Just a little loss in efficiency, results in a product no one buys and the real efficiency comes from building a 100,000 copies of the same chip. It’s basically the last sort of industry the faggot empire can handle due to their endless demands for worthless hires and greed.

        • SJ says:

          It isn’t even diversity hires anymore, it’s diversity management and diversity executives. The c suite at my company is stupider than you could possibly imagine. They keep coming in and projecting higher productivity while they also destroy our ability to produce anything. They are not smart enough to be in charge, yet they are in charge. Have to gut the entire executive suite and find some way to get smart people in those positions. I can’t see how it ends any way other than a slow collapse.

    • jim says:

      > I notice a significant amount of unease in the media with the failure of the latest offensive

      What offensive? The offensive has not started yet. It did not happen and no western tanks got blown up. 🙃

      The BBC tells me so, and that is a highly authoritative source, right?

      Not only has the offensive not started till the government decides it has started, it has not started till the government decides what the results were. And no western tanks were blown up until official government sources decide that they were. If they ever do.

      The biggest sign of unease in the media is not what they are saying, but that they are saying almost nothing. It is like Kremlinology. Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the only interesting thing in Pravda was what was strangely absent.

      They are waiting for the new official narrative. Obviously official narratives would have been prepared and circulated in advance, but there is a problem. Pretty sure all the official narratives featured a victory parade of western wonder weapon tanks inside at least one of the Russian fortification lines. The legacy media still awaits that photo, so it can run the official narrative. And, until they get that photo, nothing has happened in the Ukraine. Least of all the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive.

      When they say they are disturbed by the strange delay in the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, what they actually mean is “when do we get an official narrative that we can run?”

      • Red says:

        I just read a Neo-Con claiming the NATO WunderWupons would shortly break through and win!


        As a former tank commander, I can say one thing for certain: Putin’s demoralised conscripts are utterly unprepared for the shock action now hitting their lines. Ukrainian armoured formations are beginning to meet Russian forces in battle, and they are going to pulverise Russia’s defensive lines. I am confident for one simple reason: Ukraine will follow the Western ideology of manoeuvre warfare in a combined arms context, while the Russians will follow Soviet doctrine, relying on attrition and numbers. The Russians will find that the armour of Western tanks is far more resilient than flesh and bone, they will die in great numbers, and they will lose.
        Kyiv’s forces have proved far superior in their adoption of combined arms warfare. This means using tanks, infantry, artillery and air power in harmony to achieve their objectives. Each element brings its own capabilities, and together they are far greater than the sum of their parts. The effect is devastating. Nearly 4,000 Russian tanks have been destroyed because they were not properly protected by infantry and air defence. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have died because they were not properly supported by artillery and tanks.

        Getting this form of warfare right takes intelligence and training. You need the right equipment, and effective doctrine. The Ukrainians have this. I estimate that their tank brigades have had around eight weeks to perfect combined arms warfare, around the same time I would have allocated to train the Royal Tank Regiment under my command to be an effective combined arms fighting force. And they certainly have the right equipment. The Challenger and Leopard tanks leading the spearhead vastly outmatch what’s left of Russia’s heavy armour, while sophisticated precision artillery is providing withering fire for the advance.

        Conversely, Russian recruits appear to be given a few days of training, a little ammunition and are then thrown into the meat-grinder with a life expectancy surely measured in days. They might as well be gunning them down on the training fields; it would be faster, cheaper and about as combat effective.

        I love this crap. These people are so fucking retarded. What failed for Russia earlier in the war would suddenly work for Ukraine🙃

        It’s quite obvious that the only thing that really matters is artillery and how many shells you can produce to to supply those big guns and NATO can’t supply either.

        • jim says:

          I am entertained that the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive

          1. Has not started and nothing is happening

          2. Has started and is about to conform to the narrative that has been prepared.

          • jim says:

            One line in the report particularly amused me

            De Bretton-Gordon notes that Russian pilots seem to have chosen to sit out the conflict

            Ukrainians have noticed horrifying air to ground attacks that have slaughtered them.

            Two Ukrainian planes have been shot down. The Russians, last I heard, had not admitted any planes or copters shot down, nor have the Ukrainians claimed any, which is probably what De Bretton is explaining away.

            The Ukrainians moved their anti air very close to the front during the start of the offensive, to prevent air to ground attacks on their forces, and the Russians immediately blew it up. De Bretton perhaps thinks it is still there. If an event is not in the legacy media, did not happen. Expected slaughter of the Russian airforce. No slaughter, so unable to see cheerful impunity.

            One of the big ideas about the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive was that the Russians would be forced to use their air assets to the full, and that Western antiair wonderweapons would slaughter them, balancing the terrible, horrifying, one sided attrition that has been happening for lack of shells. Instead the western antiair wonderweapons got attrited with quite astonishing swiftness. De Bretton-Gordon is making a slight adjustment to the official narrative, the official narrative being huge one sided attrition of the Russian air force.

            So, some guys are running with the official narrative, but most of the legacy media is holding tight for a new official narrative.

            I saw a copter’s eye view, thermal infrared, night column of tanks. The pilot launched two missiles, and hung around to watch the fireworks. He seemed unworried by anti air. It looks like not all copters have thermal infrared, which gives night columns more chance of survival. But obviously, some do have thermal infrared. Now that western tank warfare has begun, I expect that the Russians will soon all have thermal infrared, but they do not all have thermal infrared yet.

            • Halion says:

              The Russians have an important deficiency as far as optics are concerned. Before 2014, infrared views from France for their tanks and other weapons systems. I guess they will correct that weakness by China.

              • Red says:

                Russia needs to build their own optics and my guess is they’re busy with a crash program to do just that.

    • Roger Williams says:

      Lack of US chip fabs is not that they don’t have the technology. There are high-tech fabs built and being in Arizona by Intel and TSMC right now. It’s lack of staffing them with workers willing to work long hours for a low enough wage.

      Taiwan has an endless amount of chinks willing to work 12 hour shifts for 3 dollars an hour. Hard to compete with that in US.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Taiwan has an endless amount of chinks willing to work 12 hour shifts for 3 dollars an hour.

        It’s not a pay issue.

        TSMC pay is comparable, if not slightly higher, to American standards for engineers on a per hourly basis. Typical fresh out of college American engineers can expect $50-80,000 (not including 20-40k in benefits) which is about ~$20 to ~$50 on a per hour basis (if you live in Cali double or triple those rates). TSMC is paying as high as $50 per hour for interns (benefits are likely similar) with lower cost of living compared to America.

        Yes, the chinks are working 12 hour shifts, like doctors, but they are also getting paid like doctors. The problem is that American engineers tend to be quite efficiently lazy. They like to min max. They are not workaholics otherwise they would be doctors making far more money. Nearly every engineer could have been a doctor but chose not to. Very few doctors can be engineers.

        So why the fuck would a young American college of engineering graduate, who wants the life style of comfortable 9-5 lifestyle with lower but relatively good pay, choose to then work like a doctor at TSMC?

        It’s an expectations issue.

        >Lack of US chip fabs is not that they don’t have the technology.

        This is wrong for reasons I won’t get into.

      • Red says:

        @Roger you need to go learn a bit about modern chip making.

        Asianometry has a series of excellent videos on the subject of TSMC:


        Yes, the chinks are working 12 hour shifts, like doctors, but they are also getting paid like doctors. The problem is that American engineers tend to be quite efficiently lazy. They like to min max. They are not workaholics otherwise they would be doctors making far more money. Nearly every engineer could have been a doctor but chose not to. Very few doctors can be engineers.

        You’re not wrong. I was on a fast track in either Law or Medicine before I discovered programming. I much prefer to write something to do my work for me instead of spending an insane amount of time working. Though I often work for 10-16 hours at a time when I’m very focused on solving a problem but once the problem is solved I relax and scale back how much work I do for a while to recover. I couldn’t deal with 12 work hours every week. My brain needs down time.

        • Roger Williams says:

          I know about modern chip making you fat doughy sexless faggot. Intel is on pace to surpass TCMC on the 1.8nm process (in US fabs) by beating them by a year to it. They have a history of delays so we’ll see if they can actually do it, but their test chips are exceeding expectations.

          • Red says:

            Listen you moronic aids infested cock gargling faggot, the ability to produce test chips isn’t the same of mass production of said chips at a low cost. TSMC does that better than anyone which is why they dominate the market.

            I would be very surprised if intel could produce anything at a low cost in the US using the required diversity staffing.

          • jim says:

            > Intel is on pace to surpass TCMC on the 1.8nm process (in US fabs) by beating them by a year to it.

            Intel keeps opening new, super duper high tech plants, and nothing rolls off them. And after a while, they are forgotten.

            Let me know when it is not “on pace” to do super duper high tech, but is actually shipping chips that you can buy.

      • jim says:

        > Lack of US chip fabs is not that they don’t have the technology. There are high-tech fabs built and being in Arizona by Intel and TSMC right now.

        And for a long time, nothing much has rolled off their lines. These are cargo cult fabs. They are implemented by people who do not understand the difference between magic and technology. They cast all the right spells, invoke all the right demons, and yet chips do not ship.

  18. If the HillaryObama crowd does manage to imprison President Trump, or (heaven forbid) assassinate him, there will be widespread LEGITIMATE riots. And perhaps the GestapoFBI is counting on that, and helping to plan the riots, so that MAGA will finally be the “domestic terrorist” movement they have been trying to convince everyone that we already are.

    The deep state needs to be smoked out and guillotined. They are the true enemies of America. Joe McCarthy tried to warn us.

    • The Cominator says:

      After January 6th nobody is going to fight for Trump… he displayed cowardice and fled the field. People certainly prefer him as President to the current one step above Pol Pot puppet we have now but Trump ruined that for himself he should have been crowned king in the ashes of the Capitol building.

  19. Sher Singh says:

    [*Trouble making deleted*]

  20. Roger Williams says:

    Not sure where you are seeing elite support for Trump. He is looking extremely fucked. I’m sure they are going to offer him all kinds of deals to just drop out of the race and all the charges will go away or he can get pardoned.

    • notglowing says:

      Why did Trump have those documents in the first place?

      • Roger Williams says:

        He claims he declassified them. Could be dirt on Biden, Hillary, Obama, etc crimes he was hoping to hold on to for a rainy day.

        • notglowing says:

          I fail to understand how whether or not he declassified them is a matter that is being disputed. Did he do it or not? Is that not something that can easily be established before he’s arrested?

          • Roger Williams says:

            The DOJ can just pretend to not know and destroy any evidence of declassification, bend the law, etc. After the Russia stuff, do you really think they care about adhering to the law as written?

          • Red says:

            I fail to understand how whether or not he declassified them is a matter that is being disputed. Did he do it or not? Is that not something that can easily be established before he’s arrested?

            If the president says he declassified them, then he declassified them. That’s how classification works. Biden actually re-classified them once in office. Classification doesn’t apply to presidents or former presidents as it only applies to government employees.

            The documents in question is the evidence of Obama and Hillary spying on Trump in during the Presidential campaign and the FBI trying to railroad him with the Russian Collusion Hoax.

    • jim says:

      Seeing it? I don’t see it. There is not a thing I can show you. I can feel it in the wind. But the wind is not blowing. Rather a change in the wind is imminent. Where it will blow, who knows?

      When the Nato realized it was losing the war of attrition, there were two counter plans to deal with: One. Stop crushing the market economy, Two. Use tanks for attrition. Plan one was crushed, but they had to take movements to crush it, which showed there was substantial elite push behind it. Substantial push within the left ruling elite. Plan two is being tried. So I have more than the smell of the wind to reveal that the elite was thinking about clearing the decks. They squished the idea of reversing course on de-industrialization. Will it stay squished now?

      But to truly change course on de-industrialization, requires measures unthinkable and unimaginable. Are they thinking about that? I see no sign of it. They still think diversity is our greatest strength. Rather it is only most recent movements left, the most recent attacks upon capitalism, the market economy, and the production of physical things that are an issue – the Trump economic program. Which is a bandaid.

      But if they roll back the most recent attacks on the real economy, that de-energises the left, which makes possible further changes. The movement within the elite is for a small, managed, and minor retreat – merely Trumpism and Maga. But a retreat under fire has the potential to turn into a rout.

    • Your_Uncle_Bob says:

      Elite’s first choice for Team B placeholder appears to be DeSantis. I say the following with slight regret as I liked DeSantis’s moves as governor, but early campaign staffing and publicity moves show a strong jew + chamber of commerce vibe, so basically the second coming of Bush the Second, but with even less charisma.

      Only downside (for them, not us) is the rubes aren’t buying it. He’s going nowhere with MAGA, or with anyone else. He’ll stay in just in case the original plan sticks and Trump gets disqualified via lawfare or Epsteining, but without any credible legs under DeSantis that moves Trump into consideration as a fallback.

      • jim says:

        The elite is not united. There is the arrest and kill Trump faction that has indited him and everyone vaguely connected to him, including his lawyers. There is the DeSantis faction, there is the stay the course faction, and I can feel in the wind the Make America Great Again faction, even though there is absolutely no visible sign of it and absolutely no concrete evidence of it whatsoever.

        The pro DeSantis faction is planning on throwing trannies overboard, so that they can recruit white men for the meatgrinder. But the Ukraine reveals that the meatgrinder will not work for a de-industrialized America, so they must now be reconsidering. Blinken and company just want white men ground up, and would be fine with the Global American Empire falling, provided that lots of white men die in the process, but there are a whole lot of apparatchiks who find this disturbing. Not the feed white men into the meatgrinder part, but the empire falling part. “Hey if we send lots of white men to die, and lose, we are going to lose our jobs.” The problem for them is that the Blinken and State Department faction, the faction currently in power, seems alarmingly indifferent to the continued survival of the empire. They just want lots of killing and dying, while there is a faction that would like to keep the empire around. The less insane faction want us to die for empire, not regardless of empire.

        • The Cominator says:

          Desantis also has Musk and Thiel we should count on him betraying the neocons once in office… Musk and Thiel hate Ukraine.

          • Red says:

            Musk and Thiel want someone less insane than the faction that’s running Biden. Musk is trying to buy time so he can get to Mars and Thiel is still working on the tech to live forever.

            DeSantis seems to be mostly run by his wife and would likely be Bush 2.0 in office. But as it stands, he’s never be President. They’re going to blatantly rig the primaries to make sure Trump doesn’t win and the GOP is going to implode in the counter reaction to that. DeSanti’s Neo-Cons are hoping Trump being locked into a cell will finally end him but unless they kill him no one is going to take the GOP primaries as anything other than a farce.

        • someDude says:

          This must be more than a gut-feel from you that you can feel the MAGA faction with no visible sign or evidence of it.

          What is the source of this gut feel? Something between the lines in the news? Some chance conversations with people connected to the Elite?

          • Aryaman says:

            Well there is how he is polling (a fake manufactured result) versus how anybody else is said to be polling. There is the fact that fancy hedge fund guys are liking tweets about sending the military into Latin America to crush cartels and defend the border (wherein noting weapons sent to Ukraine somehow end up in Mexico). There is the whole lot of stuff making Biden and Democrats look pretty feckless.

          • Red says:

            Gut feelings are gut feelings. Your brain spends a great deal of time putting stuff together at a sub conscious level with very incomplete data.

  21. alf says:

    It requires reversals on women, crime, and diversity in the workplace

    All of which is just unthinkable beyond unthinkable. They are bargaining, but without men aiming guns at those they are bargaining with, they will only get a fraction done of what needs to be done.

    But hey I’m not complaining. Every day that shittopia is delayed is a day I count my blessings.

  22. Yul Bornhold says:

    “It will be a breather and an opportunity to fix things.”

    In my mind, Trump making our enemies stronger and more capable of imposing their will can’t be a good thing.

    • notglowing says:

      But whichever way they become stronger, it has to come at the expense of their ideological purity.

      Does it make our enemies more capable, or does it make the structure of power less evil?

      Jim often talks about how it’s impossible for the left to stop spiralling without dying. What about that?

  23. notglowing says:

    It appears that this constitutes another win for the faction of “the least dramatic development is the most likely outcome”. Fortunately or unfortunately, the out of control spiralling could be delayed for a few more decades.

    Is it going to be a pleasant experience, where the world once again becomes just sane enough to be bearable during day to day life, giving us the illusion of a better future?

    Or, is this going to be very unpleasant, with those around us thinking that everything has turned around, that the issues have been solved, while we are able to see that all the major problems are still there, quietly crushing countless good men, and slowly carrying us towards certain doom?

    I have always wondered how the more “aware” people felt during the 80s. It seems like a much better time looking back, and it is remembered as a period of reactionary measures and technological optimism.
    However, we now know that it merely constituted a progressive new normal; everything was still going down the drain.
    Still, living a “normal” life was easier then. Right now, that could not be further from the truth.

    But, there is some comfort in thinking that, if the situation keeps getting worse ever faster, the worst of it will be past us at some point in the near future. That we are witnessing the end of the process of decay and can understand it more clearly than those who lived in the early stages of it.
    That there is a turning point coming soon.

    Now, if there is a temporary pivot, that makes me wonder. Will my future children end up in the same situation I’m in right now?

    • notglowing says:

      As an aside, I want to raise the topic of political fatigue. Politics has been very intense and fairly omnipresent since around 2015. That was an important turning point, especially on the internet.
      Before then, one could easily ignore it. It didn’t feel like you were affected by it quite as much, and it was not a very common topic of discourse. You had to look for political arguments if you wanted to have them.
      Europeans also didn’t have as strong of an opinion on every matter related to american politics.

      Ever since then, avoiding american politics *anywhere* has become impossible. Being part of any online community you do not share the political values of has become increasingly difficult.
      *Every* place of discussion inevitably devolves into fights regarding recent events almost daily. Everyone is very forward about what they believe, at least as much as they can get away with.

      Every internet microcelebrity is eventually forced to either pledge their loyalty to whatever cause is currently the most holy, or face backlash and ostracism. And at the same time they have their past dug up either way in order to find out whether they were as progressive 10 years ago as people are now.

      Trannies have made this even more pervasive since they themselves demand personal worship in the form of being sufficiently good at pretending they are women, even if the discussion is unrelated.

      You have the choice between joining public communities, which will inevitably be leftwing, or be made leftwing by force if they are not, or join groups of people who you know share your ideas, but that also ensures politics *will* be a frequent topic of discussion given the nature of this group, where people were selected because of their allegiance.

      This situation has caused a lot of fatigue in myself and I think most other people. I never thought it’d be possible for it to continue for *almost a decade*, but it has. It’s only gotten worse.

      But I wonder if this fatigue will eventually lead to people no longer caring as much about holiness, at least in certain environments, and once again try to segregate political discourse from everything else. It certainly can’t continue forever.

      • Jehu says:

        I wonder if the fatigue model that you describe or the pressure cooker model (where there’s just a tremendous amount of hatred and wrath, floating in the atmosphere like latent lightning, just waiting for a path to ground) is more correct. Certainly conditions are Weimar-esque, like someone read 1920s Germany and thought, hey lets give it a sequel.

        • notglowing says:

          One model involves people getting increasingly demoralized, and seeing their passion about politics as revealing itself to be pointless, without real consequence.

          The other presumes a progressive escalation of problems and reactions to those problems, more energy over time leading to more action and state repression against those actions.

          Are we moving towards a low energy state or a high energy state? The increase in depression among young people suggests the latter. They’re in their homes more often, doing less, in general. Pursuing fewer goals.

          On the other hand, the increase in random violence suggests the former. But it’s not exactly systematic and organized.
          Parties were formed during the Weimar republic. Men organized. Where is that happening? Patriot Front?

          • Jehu says:

            If there weren’t so damned many glowing feds and volunteer secret police floating around, I suspect you WOULD see such organization. I can confirm the widespread anger, rage and feeling of alienation and humiliation is there, its just the any organization or leadership of it has been successfully suppressed.

            Perhaps a good operational definition of an ‘elite’ is that only an elite can believe that they are fully justified in using massive violence to achieve their political objectives AND convince their supporters of the same. Amerikaners for instance have plenty of physical ability to do plenty of violence, but pretty much totally lack the will to do the same. Other groups have the opposite problem.

            • jim says:

              > Amerikaners for instance have plenty of physical ability to do plenty of violence, but pretty much totally lack the will to do the same.

              Not the will, the leadership. To do anything, needs, collective, organized, violence.

              Need Caesar.

          • jim says:

            Patriot front is a glowie operation. Enemy entryists. Impossible to organize under this level of highly efficient repression.

          • jim says:

            > Are we moving towards a low energy state or a high energy state?

            The dominant, overwhelmingly dominant, faction in the Democrats want a high energy state. Every holier holiness, the Immanentization of the Eschaton coming real soon now.

            But there is a change of course faction. And there is no change of course that could produce useful results, could get the Global American Empire out of the way of the oncoming train, while retaining energy. People are looking around for a way to sustain energy, and at the same time get out of the way of the oncoming train.

            No changes that could deplete energy is a non negotiable sticking point of the ruling faction. Changes that could avoid the oncoming train are demanded, and there is real will to implement them.

            FDR had a something in his pocket: The New Deal. A full on socialist command economy, which they needed anyway to tax above the Laffer limit during the expected war. That was the replacement eschaton. One solution is to reverse course on some things, while going after a new shiny thing.

            Thermidor, however, was a decision to back off from the eschaton. Which massively depleted the left’s energy, but failed to end the progress ever leftwards. The Incroyables just wanted a roll back to aristocratic leftism, which was unworkable. General Monck and Charles the second rolled leftism back entirely, and it went down smooth as butter. Not a dog barked.

            And if we get, as is likely, a real effective and powerful right wing movement allowed that wants to restore the Republic, it is going to die of the same causes as the Incroyables, and if it does restore the Republic, which I think unlikely, it will be an undead zombie Republic like that which Sulla restored.

      • Rux says:

        One thing I learned here, among many other lessons, is that when dealing with nitwits it’s helpful to realize that the moment the grand narrative changes direction the nitwits will follow suit. As infuriating as this lot is they’re best considered retarded children and approached as such. Short of the lash you’ll never get through to them until the wind changes. There’s nothing more agreeable than dreaming of the guillotine but when you consider just how plain stupid people are, en mass, one realizes that forbearance and a proverbial pat on the head (good dog) is the best medicine for ones own sanity.

    • Jehu says:

      I remember the various conspiracy types in the 80s and 90s. They weren’t nearly paranoid enough. The thing is, the country and the people thereof in general still commanded their affections—they viewed these conspiracies as horrible aberrations not the natural evolution of an unholy process. I’d say Waco was the event that caused me to basically never trust the deep state ever again. Arguing against gun control in the 1990s is what caused me to come to the depressing conclusion that ridicule trumps reason and most Americans aren’t worthy of my affection.

  24. jdgalt says:

    Among things that really need to be done are two big ones you didn’t name, and they’re closely related. First, we need to restore the Constitutional system of separation of powers, and by that I mean, sweep away administrative law permanently, and fire the permanent bureaucrats it has given us. En masse. And second, do away with the bad precedents that the New Deal gave us, in particular the redefinition of “interstate commerce” as including anything that might ever affect interstate commerce (Wickard v. Filburn). The Federalist Papers explain perfectly well what the constitution means in both those areas.

    Even with these reforms I expect that some blue states won’t go along, and if they decide to secede, Congress should permit it.

  25. Aryaman says:

    They are spiraling further and faster with abnormal and insane spending policy and abnormal and insane border policy however. I think it is plausible Trump can manage the border but no one knows what to do about the spending.

    Hedge fund guy Bill Ackman liked a post from Vivek Ramaswamy saying,

    I’ve said countless times that I’m willing to use our military to annihilate Mexican drug cartels south of our border if necessary. But now it turns out that the US military weapons that we sent to *Ukraine*, including Javelin anti-tank missiles & missile launchers, are ending up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels south of our border. This is an embarrassment. I will restore basic strategic sense to our foreign policy & that means gutting the existing establishment.

    Larry Summers has been talking a lot about how the Federal deficit is way too big and implies spending might be a little too high but can’t quite get to saying it hoping instead taxing rich people more would work (it will not, in the long run anyhow).

    And it was brought up that there has been a sharp shift in attitude regarding trannies generally and gay stuff in schools ever since Elon bought Twitter. I thought the trend had started earlier but have come around to the idea. States are banning all sorts of stuff and there has been much gnashing of teeth, but the New York Times is not reporting that there is much gnashing of teeth. (I doubt the bans are very effective at accomplishing much until public education is gutted and left to rot, but symbolically something). Having long ago conceded the point a lot of Republicans are converging back on the idea of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

    But leftists having deprecated Larry Summers and Bill Ackman in favor of the likes of AOC, I don’t see how it matters.

    • Jehu says:

      At this point I’d be amazed if even Trump could get control of the spending. Trump’s plot during his first term was to try to unfetter the economy enough by taking the boot off it’s throat to grow faster than the debt. That mostly worked, but I don’t know if he could do that now, unless he was allowed way more latitude than in his first term.

      The central requirement—getting spending under control—is something that basically can’t be done in the political economy. Doing so would crush whatever group did it as a political force indefinitely.

      • Aryaman says:

        Crowds of people earning loads of money from grift and scam and largesse need to be delivering my pizza and selling their houses to welders with families. Problem is, the economy kind of relies on things tomorrow looking a whole lot like things yesterday.

        So you need to get rid of a whole bunch of regulations (and remind people of this! it’s been so long, people have all forgotten what a world where you could just go build things, and then sell them look like) to blunt the blow of such a huge reordering of things.

        Sensible fixing of medicare and a 20 percent cut in welfare spending by year should be manageable though

        • Jehu says:

          Getting Medicare and Social Security under control would kill the political party that did it. Trump understands this, which is why he’s been adamant against touching them.

          • Aryaman says:

            Medicare (and certainly Medicaid) in addition to costing a lot is plagued by enormous fraud, waste, and misaligned incentives. Healthcare costs driven by a small number of lowlives and there not being prices. So you can fix that without much chaos.

            Social security is another story but it’s far down on the list of things to improve. Give people the opportunity to receive what they’re owed as a discounted lumpsum and you’ve improved the budget situation and make people happy at the same time.

    • Karl says:

      Trump receive backing because some parts of the ruling coalition want re-industrialisation. As soon as those parts see excessive spending as an obstacle to re-industrialisation that will attempt to do something about it.

      My guess is they won’t see excessive spending as a problem any time soon. Eventually excessive spending gives governments a choice between hyperinflation and rationing. They’ll try rationing, like in the Soviet union, arguing that the Soviet Union was able to produce a lot of military hardware, at least more than NATO nowadays.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        >Eventually excessive spending gives governments a choice between hyperinflation and rationing.

        Don’t forget the third option: unmitigated violence in all possible directions.

        • Karl says:

          Frankly, I don’t see that third option without either hyperinflation or rationing happening before. Then is not a third option, but rather a possible consequence of either hyperinflation or rationing.

          Excessive spending by itself is not a schelling point for violent action. There must be a consequence of excessive spending, before anything happens. I mean, at which excessive billion would you draw the line that now it is time for violence? A billion or a trillion more of excessive spending has no emotional value. There is no schelling point in an arbitrary number.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          There are two ways to resolve the spending situation: (a) Print money without restraint until it’s all worthless and the government fades out of existence because its employees don’t show up for work, and (b) Suspend all payment on the national debt, print just enough money to pay the men with guns, and tell everyone else to get a fucking job.

          Socialism carried Venezuela from first world to fourth world, but now that foreign currencies are allowed and local militias suppress crime, the country has recovered to third-world status. Not likely to improve much beyond that because the entire professional-entrepreneur class has emigrated and won’t soon return.

          Picture America in 2050 as a giant favela where you can buy a 10-year-old girl to be your wife, and people who act like niggers just sort of disappear. You can do pretty much anything you want that doesn’t require large-scale organization.

    • NoopsiclopPolBoy says:

      Vivek Ramaswamy may end up being some sort of underdog opt-out option that somehow rises to win. Trump is obviously leading the repubs, but he has vision forming and effectiveness issues, and DeSantis is kindof a pussy. If Trump fumbles or is tackled, Vivek The Youngest might just run the touchdown play over top of the rest of the unelectable republican lifer candidates.

      Most curious would be a Trump-Vivek pairing resulting in a 4+8 year outsider presidency.

      Kennedy is a real sleeper and could easily primary or dethrone Biden, if the media or debates let him have an audience, or something happens that forces that, such as Biden blowing another blood vessel or truly getting impeached.

      Could even result in an outsider triumvirate with Trump Vivek Kennedy somehow alighting to various roles.

      Other than Libertarians, all the remaining candidates are lifers that suck.

      Wanna gamble long odds, bet on Elon announcing at the last minute.

      • jim says:

        Trump is running on peace and prosperity. And has a track record to prove he can do it. That is vision enough for most people. If votes were honestly counted, he would win ten to one. There just were not very many Biden voters physically showing up in person last time around, and there will be considerably fewer this time around.

        But votes do not matter any more. The only thing that matters is whether our ruling elite decides to do a Thermidor. Which, the way the wind blows in Ukraine, they might.

        • PolBoy says:

          Enough? Sure. But Trump is not making much motion to revert the damage and power from woke tranny blm antifa democrats, could be a strategy though.. And he’s showing clear signs of entering a geriatric stage, and is morbidly obese, so might be dead, possibly dead in jail, before then. The USA falsely “elected” Biden with his major brain, medical, psychological, and policy issues. The point of mention is that the US people are now against all that Dem nonsense, but to turn that mind into the courage to make a big electoral shift they need to see a clear P-VP lead that embodies that… Trump alone may not be that, and he’s got some J6 and Docs shade to overcome. There’s also no religion faith left in USA, COVID and the rest of their BS destroyed that… so a quiet faith Pence type in VP probably won’t draw definitive votes either. Ramaswamy is almost the only one from any party even close to talking Trad American Values.

          Ukraine may or may not matter, since it’s a proxy, and stale, so the proxies may survive, they will fight a similar proxy or real fight in future. Dems will either end the war to take credit, or throw EU countries into it, rather than let it pass stale to Trump to declare it’s over.

          Votes are now just the outward evidence that what went into generating the votes is not the people’s self-determined choice, but a massive active on-the-ground vote mechanics “law”, corrupt funding targeting polls, and likely ballot fraud manipulation, and moreso a full-spectrum psyop upon the people.

          The elite must likely pull back their color revolution, else the USA literally goes physically bankrupt, which given all the guns, would probably go quite bad for them. They can fuck around, but not into the laws of hard economics. And if they keep pedotwerking and generally disgracing and defiling the US internal, they could face massive potentially hot backlash.

          None of which address the elephant… ever growing Authoritarian Big Govt Democracy, ever shrinking Freedom, and monetary problems.

          Vivek does at least mingle in Libertarian circles.

          Now a few good crypto-funded Libertarian Trojan Horses into high House and even Senator positions…

          • jim says:

            > The elite must likely pull back their color revolution, else the USA literally goes physically bankrupt,

            Elements in the elite want a Thermidor. A reversion to less suicidally insane leftism. Without a Caesar unlikely to get it. Or unlikely to keep it for very long. A Thermidorian regime has trouble from its right and its left. Ditching the worst of the insanity exposes all the other insanity. A Thermidorian regime without a Caesar is trying to back half way up a slippery slope.

  26. Ghost says:


  27. Kunning Drueger says:

    Absolutely stellar post. In a better world, it would start a counter movement in multiple schools of thought and theoretical families in the Academy. Alas, we are currently at the Worst Possible moment on the spectrum.

    Here’s my question: should this “retraction” (I’d identify it as a “correction, but this is your blog and we’re all just posting in it) be interpreted as localized, or should it be applied to all your other positions. Specifically, are you changing your ~2026 prediction?

    • jim says:

      That is a potential change in the wind.

      If Trump’s election is permitted, and the left is de-energized and depressed with the Immanentization of the eschaton being postponed indefinitely, war and/or democide internal and/or external is avoidable. But the left is not de-energized and depressed, and if it encounters de-energizing and depressing circumstances, likely to take extraordinary measures.

      So even if Trump is elected, and a powerful faction in the left wants to give him a quiet ride, a quiet ride is not very likely.

      So not retracting that prediction. Trump’s election is being considered to avoid losing external war, and to postpone that war to a more opportune time, postpone it for a long long time. But the holiness spiral continues, the loss of cohesion in the elite continues and will get a lot worse if an elite faction decides to capitulate to Trumpism. They will not really be capitulating, it will just be a temporary strategic move, a strategic move on which not all of them will agree. They want to absorb Trumpism as they absorbed Reaganism. They permitted Reagan because ever greater taxing the rich had turned into a ruinous dead end, and the managed capitulation to communism that Star Trek envisaged was not working out because of Soviet incapacity. So they absorbed Reaganism so that they could focus on demographic transformation and the destruction of the family. They never actually surrendered to Reaganism, they assimilated important elements of it. And some of them intend a similar assimilation of Trumpism. But if assimilation successful, still on course for holy war.

      • jim says:

        The election of Trump would resemble the election of Reagan. Reagan was permitted because soak the rich had become an economic disaster, and surrender to the Soviet Union was not working out because the Soviet Union was dead on its feet. Could not surrender to it because it needed them to prop it up. But they intended to assimilate Reagan, and they did. We got no fault divorce, amnesty, and open borders in place of soak the rich and surrender to the Soviet Union.

        They would intend a similar outcome, and a similarly quiet and undramatic outcome. The outcome, however, may well be unquiet.


    “Leftism gets lefter till expunged.”

    No doubt.

    Now, about that expungation . . .

    Because let’s say we take a couple of months hard work and truly expungate . . . most of our problems go away.

    But if we don’t . . . nothing has been solved . . . only postponed.

    The left is like a cancer. You’ve got to get it all. Excise. Otherwise . . . . . . . . .

  29. The Cominator says:

    If Trump is indicted in DC and not Florida the plans to railroad him and then Epstein him are still a go.

    • Roger Williams says:

      Yeah he still looks fucked to me.

      • The Cominator says:

        You’ll know it by the venue, if Trump is tried in Florida there is just no fucking way he gets convicted here unless his lawyer is stupid enough to allow a jury of purple haired lesbians.

        If he gets tried in DC he is doomed.

        • notglowing says:

          When will we know? Isn’t the trial going to happen after the election anyways?
          It’s less than a year and a half away.
          It would not be hard to at least stall the trial until it’s time to vote.

          • Red says:

            When will we know? Isn’t the trial going to happen after the election anyways?

            They fast tracked the NY state trial to happen in a few months. They’re trying to put Trump in jail before the primaries get going.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Very astute observation. Unless someone can counter it, I think this is an exceptionally bright demarcation for assessing “where we are at.” If the radicals are allowed to go after Trump, it will propagate outwards. If they are stymied, it will give more opportunities to more elites to change sides.

  30. Fireball says:

    So 19th century France but gayer?

  31. dave says:

    China then has an 18-24 month window to make some serious moves while the US is at its most vulnerable without a strong leader and before the military supply chain spins up. And they know it. Dangerous times.

    • ivanislav says:

      >> “Before the military supply chain spins up”.

      Yeah right. Nothing is getting spun up. You think the US military is going to get a bunch of new recruits because the Pentagon postponed some drag shows? Or that a few factories will turn the tide? The current state of affairs has been generations in the making and will not turn around overnight. In fact, it will not turn around at all.

  32. Karl says:

    Even before they abandoned covid policies, the GAE allowed Sweden an about face on imigration policies. Suddenly even leftist parties in Sweden are against open borders. Moreover, Sweden never went along with bullying the population to get the clot shot.

    Your explation for the change of Trump’s prospects doesn’t explain Sweden at all. Maybe changes in Sweden were allowed to happen simply because the bureaucrats usually handling Sweden were busy with Ukraine, but maybe parts of the progressive coalition haven been losing faith for some time – or rather the more insane parts have been losing power for some time.

    Difficult for priests to keep power and control about what people are allowed to think when they are visibly retreating. When they manage an orderly retreat about Trump and Gaia worship, speaking out against trannyism and other demons will be punished, perhaps even more severly than before. If not, the retreat might turn into a rout.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Exceptions prove rules. Sweden, a particularly loyal vassal in terms of the spiritual leadership of Harvard, had, and may still have, far more local latitude than other vassals. Therefore, quick turnarounds and deviations are actually more likely, not less likely. Just as with all the other normicons that think things are turning around because the gays wrest power from the trannies, or AWFLs from black lesbians, or liberals from progressives, any rightward drift in Sweden is just a temporary whorl in the left spinning maelstrom.

      • Sher Singh says:


        • jim says:

          That is an arguable case that globohomo is rational and we could live with it. And I would debate it with someone who was not also arguing that every opponent of Globohomo is an intolerable enemy of each other and we all should be murdering each other, and that appealing to the Greater American Empire for arbitration is highly effective and beneficial and has been hugely empowering for Sikhs.

          • Sher Singh says:

            Huh, why would America arbitrate?
            A Sikh encouraging violence isn’t really out of character.
            [*deleted because rebuttal would be a digression and a deflection*]

            • jim says:

              A sikh encouraging violence between opponents is out of character. It is Jewish tactic, was not Sikh tactic back when Sikhs were warriors and had a real Khalsa. Which suggests that you are not an actual Sikh but a New York Jew posing as a sikh to stir up trouble between enemies of the Jews.

              And every day you gloat that as brown pet of Globohomo, sikhs have been indulged. Sikh’s have not been indulged. We have guns, they don’t

              • Sher Singh says:

                Our Guru has taught that the final war will be fought with Sabre and Spear.

                • jim says:

                  This was obviously metaphorical, just as I frequently say that Caesar will come to power by the sword. You are rationalizing the permissions that Globohomo has so generously and benevolently granted the Sikhs.

                  When the Sikhs were fighting the British, did they use seventeenth century weapons? They thought it a metaphor. Your literalism is in the service of Globohomo.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Nihang Singh actually did fight as cavalry.
                  17th & 18th century India has guns.

                • jim says:

                  But the historical re-enactors of Nihang Singh do not.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*boasting about being a Cathedral pet deleted*]

    • ten says:

      This is not true.

      1993 disaster immigration year: 30k immigrants.
      2015 disaster immigration year: 150k immigrants.
      2022 “strict turnaround immigration” year: 100k immigrants.

      More sand niggers every year than people born here. People got scared and the state started saying they were now very strict, but made only minor changes. No turnaround.

      Sweden absolutely 100% went along with bullying people to take the clot shot. A vast majority of companies would fire employees if they didnt take it.

  33. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Wonder what’s going to happen around all the AI discussion as reality sinks in for these guys.

    Are they still going to be allowed to ‘regulate’ the whole field or are they going to get the shove like the gaia worshippers? I am guessing since no one has the balls to deal with ‘ AI ethicists ‘ *bleh* , they are quietly going to implement some nice software and hardware controls that have nothing to do with AI regulation or whatever, and USG’s chip factories will still be strangely unable to work in America, perhaps because other places magic dirt is stronger. If they do somehow manage to make a chip factory work in America, I will be shocked that they managed to take Shaniqua off tech lead, because that opens up whole lot of opportunities.

    • jim says:

      > I will be shocked that they managed to take Shaniqua off tech lead, because that opens up whole lot of opportunities.

      That is the biggie, which Trump may not be man enough to address. It was Russian hypersonics and air to ground missiles that enabled them to win – not that they have won yet – fog of war, and wars always have surprises, but that is the state of play at the moment. Victory is a long way off, but right now, if nothing much changes, and no big surprises, inevitable.

      Russia has been firing four times as many shells as the Ukraine, which likely means Ukrainians have been attrited nearly four times as fast. And an unsuccessful attempt at war of movement is attriting them a whole lot faster. What few western tanks are in condition to roll are evaporating before our eyes. Ukrainian troops are mutinying. And the fundamental cause is western war tech is inferior, and western war production inferior.

    • S says:

      AI makes thinking cheap; it represents a status threat and it allows the replacement of people and concentration of power; represents a physical threat to the people at the top (since someone else on the top is now incentivized to kill them)

      Gumming it up with ‘AI ethics’ and making it useless is a short term grift, but AI is uniquely adoptable so other countries will go ahead. The only stable situation is one person in charge- this has always been true, but AI escalates the degree and shortens the time before it is blatantly obvious.

      • Redbible says:

        I tried to explain to my libertarian friend that big companies like Disney want to stop things like AI Art because it mean that they would lose their sudo-monopoly on Triple A movies. I didn’t bother with trying to explain that since Hollywood is the state propaganda arm, that the government ALSO doesn’t like the potential damage it will do to them.

        Also a white man using AI can produce more and better than Shaniqua can, and that also scares them, but they won’t admit this fact, for it is a thought crime.

        • Red says:

          It’s the memes they really fear. We’ve been wreaking them with shittly drawn frogs, and MS teared paint stuff for a while now and then we moved onto 3ed Modeled Gigga Chad. Imagine what we could do if it was cheap and easy to produce movies with good visuals, scripts, and AI generated voices and to spread ideas?

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