Possible outcomes of war in the Ukraine

Both sides have been fighting in the Ukraine using World War I tactics, and developments in the war have so far recapitulated World War I.

Towards the end of World War I, the Germans, finally realizing they were going to lose the war of attrition, because of the immense industrial capability of America, attempted to regain war of movement, with underwhelming success, and eventually could no longer attempt to do so. They gained considerable territory, which gains merely put them in a worse position to fight the war of attrition. Like the Ukraine, tactical victories but strategic defeats, as with the costly attempt to relieve Bakhmut, which has resulted in them advancing on the flanks of Bakhmut to a position far worse for them in attritive warfare.

The Ukraine has been throwing reserves at various points on the front, with underwhelming success similar to that of the Germans in World War I, which similarly has resulted in gains that put them in a worse position for fighting a war of attrition. They are now moving troops around from one active front to another, which you only do when desperately short of reserves. I previously posted that the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive had started some time ago, and had not been announced for lack of impressive results. That they are redeploying troops involved in active fighting suggests that the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is now most likely over for lack of reserves, though fog of war makes it hard to speak confidently.

In World War I, the incapacity to mount further attempts at war of movement was followed by 100 days of increasingly rapid and costly German defeats and retreats in attritive warfare, and it became apparent that if the Germans did not make peace on any terms they could get, then eventually there would be attritive warfare all the way to Berlin, most German men would die, and Berlin would be flattened. So they cut a deal where they handed over their heavy weapons, but the army and the nation remained an army and a nation. Without that deal, the war would likely have gone on for years, with enormous costs for everyone, but by far the greatest costs for Germans.

And a sane and capable Global American Empire would accept, in a hundred days or so, the deal that Putin has been offering – assuming it will still be on offer after major retreats and losses in attritive warfare. But a sane and capable Global American Empire would probably have been capable of winning.

So a possible and likely outcome is that the war goes on till Kiev starts being flattened and most Ukrainian men are dead. Which may well take quite a while. At which point there is a significant likelihood that Nato will be thrown in to relieve Kiev.

In a full war between Russia and Nato, neither side has any incentive to refrain escalating all the way to nukes. If Nato intervenes the rationale will be that quick decisive victory is attainable, which is unlikely to be the case. So, nukes.

Do anyone’s nukes still work? My guess is that Global American Empire nukes stopped working a long time ago, but some Russian nukes still work.

Nukes were and are made out of components that deteriorate over time, and have to regularly refurbished, reconditioned and sometimes rebuilt. And if you are not testing, your maintenance process is likely to go off the rails when the men that built those bombs retire. The test ban treaty was a stealth slow motion nuclear disarmament treaty.

If someone’s nukes still work, this is likely to bring the war to a quick and decisive end, with relatively small destruction and casualties. I estimate that only about twenty percent of Americans would die in the course of losing a nuclear war, deaths insignificant compared to abortion and all that, and destruction insignificant compared to the Rust Belt and all the Detroits. No big deal in the broad historical sweep that this blog looks at. If, on the other hand, technological decay means we fight World War I all over again, but this time political decay means that it is fought all the way to the end, the death and destruction could be considerably greater. But perhaps, in a hundred days or so, while the Global American Empire still holds most of the Ukraine, as the Germans still held most of Europe, the Global American Empire will figure out that it is 1918-11-11 all over again.

We shall see.


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  1. Mister Grumpus says:

    Guys help me understand. How are there any Ukrainians left who really believe that Zelensky or Nudelman (Nuland) or Uncle Sam give two shits if they live or die at this point?

    Are they all Greengrocers? Always have been?

    Where can I go to get an idea of where they’re coming from? Because from this side of the tracks I can’t even imagine. If the Spetznaz rolled into my town I’d be like “Where the hell have you guys been? Have a bratwurst.”

    I know Twitter’s full of goofy Slava Ukraini cheerleaders in Virginia or someplace. I get that. But if I want to understand where the earnest Ukrainian believers are coming from, where can I go for a cross-section of that vibe?

    • The Cominator says:

      They have to be the most pathetic NPCs on earth. No mutinies, draft riots, very little draft dodging even, no fraggings… its like Japanese in WWII level of zombie obedience tier thinking.

      • Red says:

        no fraggings

        There was a video posted not too long ago about a NCO who killed the company commander when he ordered another suicidal attack. Since the Russians really got the meat grinder going it’s been happening bit by bit but it’s not getting coverage in the west.

      • Karl says:

        Nah, I have met some Ukranian men of military age in my town in Germany. I assume that there is nothing special about my town and that many Ukranian men are in every other German town. From this I conclude there is massive draft dodging. Draft dodging is simply much more difficult for those who did not leave Ukraine in time.

  2. Severian says:

    This image is just incredible

    Probably the greatest Russian propaganda victory since the war began.

  3. Kunning Drueger says:

    On topic (for once):

    Here are 2 videos, both worth watching, but approximately the same lecture with variations in nuance as well as production quality. The Max Otte one is better quality, but the

    Max Otte version: https://youtu.be/-NzpKCFP6TE

    Committee for the Republic version:https://youtu.be/v-rHBRwdql8

    I know my simping for academics is probably less than appreciated (fuck off Pax, you damn chink perfectionist winkysmileyface), but I was struck by the overlap between Mearsheimer’s content and lexicon with Jim’s. Whether Mearsheimer is lurking JB (the thot plickens) or Jim is delving into the thought of the smartest living & working International Relations theorist, the implications are the same: these assembled thoughts & theories are accurate and powerful.

  4. Pax Imperialis says:

    Off topic and probably crazy, but if I wanted to kick start an ancestor worship cult could it be done by ensuring my body be embalmed like Lenin’s and be put on display in a family mausoleum. Also indoctrinate my primary heirs to do the same along with instilling “family traditions.” My relatives own a burial mountain for clan members since the 1500s(?) and regularly visit. They are nominally “Christian.” Individual graves are more or less mounds of dirt with big engraved demarcation stones… it lacks the in-your-face-USA-arroganceboldness I’m accustomed to, and besides I’m an American offshoot far away from Asia and my heart resides in Dixie land anyways.

    Syncretized ancestor worship cults with Christianity seem to work fairly well under hostile governments. i.e. the Moonies and Mormons… so long as you don’t get Wacoed (Branch Davidians as a group survived even if Koreshians did not). Effectively mini monarchies. They also seem to surprisingly play nice with each other. If every single one of us formed a cult, in several generations it could number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions and if we encourage spiritual heirs to take a segment of the flock to form their own cults it could be more. So long as we agree upon certain tenants like those in the Council of Nicaea, we could maintain a semblance of cooperation regardless of being decentralized regional mini monarchies.

    I like Aidan’s idea of African conquest, but I think it needs the spiritual security needs be sorted out before and not after conquest. Good planning goes a long ways. Without a faith, he would be simply be recruiting disaffected mercenaries, but with a faith it would be a crusade.

    • Anonymous says:

      The logic of ancestor worship inexorably tends towards anti Christianity. Indeed this was a common critique made by pagan scholars of the time. Even if you pull it off in this generation, it won’t have legs.

      • >The logic of ancestor worship inexorably tends towards anti Christianity. Indeed this was a common critique made by pagan scholars of the time.

        That is an excellent insight. If we believe Saint Paul to be part of the apostolic succession, then Christianity is saddled with Galatians 3:26:

        >All of you indeed are children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
        >27 For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
        >28 There is neither Judean nor Greek (that is neither Jew nor Gentile), there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

        If, on the other hand, I were to argue that Saint Paul was preaching his own made-up creed of which Jesus would not have approved, I will be excommunicated as a heretic, and I might as well call myself a modern pagan.

        • Hesiod says:

          I typed into a search engine “God is no respecter of persons kjv” and this was the result:

          “The phrase “God is not a respecter of persons” is found in the King James Version of the Bible, specifically in Romans 2:11. This means that God does not show favoritism or partiality. In Acts 10:34-35, the apostle Peter explains that God accepts those who fear Him and work righteousness, regardless of their nationality or background.”

          Sounds good to me, especially the last bit. Fits in quite well with your St. Paul quote. Throw in the parable of the Good Samaritan, also.

        • Redbible says:

          “Hey guys, this verse totally says that there is no difference between women and men.”
          “Yes, no one in all of the history of Christianity takes it literately, but trust me bro, he totally meant it literally.”

          Paul was talking to people who were holiness spiraling in a different direction that what we are dealing with. Context matters a lot with holy texts.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      In Latin Rome it was tradition to create a detailed mould of the departed patrifamilias’ face in repose, for the fashioning of an imperishable mask, that can take its place on the mantle of the Home, so that one’s forefathers are always watching over them, Reminding.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      by ensuring my body be embalmed like Lenin’s and be put on display in a family mausoleum.

      Plastination. Just don’t let that guy flay your remains.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        From La Wik

        In October 2018, before the opening of a Body Worlds exhibition in London to put plastinated human body parts on permanent display, Hagens said he wanted his own remains one day to be posed in the entrance, with his hand outstretched to greet visitors.

  5. DavyCrockett says:

    Trump federal indictment, even compared to last one relatively speaking nobody on all sides seems to care really.

    • jim says:

      I am getting the feeling that faction that would have eliminated Trump is out of puff, falsifying my prediction that the leftmost always win.

      They did a sharp right turn on the way to the left singularity, suddenly abandoning ever more brutal and lawless enforcement of ever more frequent boosting, in favor of war with Russia, a measure that resembles clearing the decks of female emancipation on the way to war with Nazism. If they want to win, a whole lot more deck clearing is in order.

      Putin’s multipolar order is an existential threat to the rules based order, aka the Global American Empire. This is making some of them think. Maybe some of them are finding “Make America Great Again” appealing. If you are in power in the “rules based international order”, and it looks like it is about to sink underneath you, making America Great Again sounds attractive. I think Putin has suddenly given Trump a whole lot quiet supporters in the elite, similar to the quiet supporters that are running cover for Musk.

      • yjv says:

        How to rout internal progressive pederast-nigger-communist hegemon at this inflection point, then, if this situation emulates 1933 pivot into wartime economy circa the FDR presidency’s 6+ year preparation for total “denazification” of Germany? If the present progressive faction holding the reigns of power possess aptitude to permit+comprehend framework “rectifiying” consequences of their own holiness spiral, means some employing power comprehend reality to certain extent – is only insurance continual parallel-institution establishment (vis-a-vis expressive and exalting cryptocurrencies permitting plurality of economic functions baked into its cake) and/or best-case opportunist nettle-grasping when Caesarian syzygy aligns in the fated sky?

        • jim says:

          If they are sane enough and competent enough to do this, they are sane enough and competent enough to make it difficult to remove them. On the other hand, the left is going to be demoralized and de-energized.

          But FDR was a dictator. Being one man, could do what needed to be done. Today, the left is led by legion. The saner elements of the left have to have one man to do what needs to be done, and that man is Trump. That makes a big difference. If they step back from madness as FDR did, they will not be able to act as FDR did, because legion.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Leftmost always wins in peacetime, rightmost always wins wars. A lot of Jews may now be thinking, “Y’know, Trump was always nice to us no matter how badly we treated him, and if we don’t bring him back, our money will be worthless paper and every Jew in the West and Israel will suffer a horrible death at the hands of our beloved diversity.”

        My question is, if Globoschlomo sides with Trump, should we?

        • jim says:

          If only for the salt.

          All that salty salt. This time around they will be depressed and despairing instead of outraged and enraged. This will give us room and opportunity.

          But Trump, I fear, will believe they are agreement capable. Which they seemingly will be, but it will be an illusion. He will cut a deal, as Reagan did. This will be extremely bad for us. A vengeful Trump who is going to right the wrongs done to him and his people would be great. But he will probably bluster about vengeance, then cut a deal that will be as great a disaster as Reagan’s.

          On the other hand, if not Trump, probably the nukes fly. Let me think. What would be better? Trump or nukes? Thinking. It is a difficult choice. Nukes have their upside. There is definitely appeal in the prospect of no more Washington, no more New York, no more LA. But I have family in one such location, so not entirely keen on nukes.

          • Karl says:

            Well, I’m rather keen on nukes if it means no more New York, no more Berlin, but I doubt nukes would mean that. Russia must know how poisonous these cities are for the West. When Russia uses nukes they might instead use them to destroy what little manufacturing capacity there is still in the West.

            Sure, that is more distributed and would require more nukes, but even destruction of a tiny factory or a power plant would hurt the military power of the GAE more than the destruction of any leftist hive that doesn’t produce anything.

            • Aryaman says:

              How distributed and duplicated is bank and financial transaction data? If not very, then a few data centers out would be absolute chaos.

              Now probably you can recover something pretty close to the previous state with a little effort under some kind of judicially-sponsored process with competent scrutineers but even that would require a lot of trust that just isn’t around. If transactions up to the end of last quarter are very distributed, but up to this morning are not, would rolling back a few months be sufficient?

              • Karl says:

                At least in Germany it is redundant, and the data centers are not in Berlin

                • Aryaman says:

                  Redundant sure, but just how redundant? And also I figure redundancy isn’t a fixed quantity but a function of time since settlement.

                  If the statements I get from my bank and broker were signed then it would be a lot easier since you’d have enormous redundancy built in,

                • Karl says:

                  Aryaman, what is your point? I’m arguing that Russia, even in nuclear war, has no reason to nuke our big cities as they don’t produce anything.

                  Now, if all bank and financial data centers were destroyed, we might get some unpleasant chaos. In Germany these data centers are not in Berlin and I doubt all US data centers are in New York, LA or some other progressive hive.

                  So are you arguing that Russia would have even more reason not to nuke the big cities and instead some nuke some data centers outside of the big cities to do more damage?

        • jim says:

          > A lot of Jews may now be thinking “… if we don’t bring him back, our money will be worthless paper and every Jew in the West and Israel will suffer a horrible death at the hands of our beloved diversity.”

          Definitely are thinking that. With the failure of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, I can feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of leftists suddenly spilled their Starbucks coffee and looked around fearfully lest a black man be coming to kill them.

          • The Cominator says:

            The Jews are just the middle management of power as always though. The most power middle management has is they can sometimes sabotage decrees from on high that they hate.

            You’ll know whether they intend to EpStein Trump by whether or not the venue is in Florida or it transfers to DC (which apparently can happen).

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            …and looked around fearfully lest a black man be coming to kill them.

            A black man sent by a rival Democrat so his death could be passed off as a “robbery gone wrong”, like the nigger who shot Seth Rich and forgot to take his wallet, or all those “muggings” and “carjackings” in The Sopranos.

  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


    God bless Grenatgeschutzen.

  7. The Cominator says:

    What I don’t get is blitzkrieg in WW2 involved heavy use of close air support to destroy any opposing troop concentrations in the path of advance, Russia has I think overwhelming air superiority why aren’t they using it.

    • Severian says:

      Modern Anti air is deadly, Russia lost 3 or 4 aircraft on the Belarussian border just a few days ago.
      They are using their air support, helicopters have been operating non stop against UKR attacks. Just not deep in enemy lines.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The same advancements in firecontrol that made it easy to shoot at things on the ground from the air, also made it easy to shoot at things in the air from the ground.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Close air support in WW2 was largely overrated. For example, in the D-Day operations, there were something like over 300 attacks by fighter-bombers on tanks, while only like 10 or 20 were confirmed to have actually been knocked.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Fun factoid: French Partisans did far more damage, in gross and strategically, to German infrastructure than the whole preparatory bombing campaign, in less time and for much cheaper by every measure.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’m calling bullshit the battle of the Bulge had to wait for bad weather because of allied air superiority and Rommel wanted his tanks (he didn’t get them) right behind the beaches because they couldn’t move them down the roads due to allied air superiority. Air support was decisive for the Germans during the battle of France and decisive for the allies when they retook France. It’s not the intrastructure its that air can absolutely destroy any troop concentrations that are in the open as well as any prepared positions unless they are also designed to resist bombing.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            CAS could be effective if used with heavy cannons (1.5 to 3 inches) or rockets, because these could be aimed by the pilots, but use of free flying bombs on ground targets was largely ineffective for anything except area targets, and this constituted the majority of most uses of aircraft against surface targets. Concerns are not always completely rational.

            One of the biggest values aerial platforms provided was overwatch, spotting enemy positions and movements. Cloud cover and stormy weather allowed for troops movements to proceed without notice until contact.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I can’t tell what you mean, whether you’re saying my statement is bullshit, or the Battle of the Bulge Narrative is bullshit, but in terms of the Partisan campaign v. Aerial Bombing campaign, feel free to substantiate via Longest Day by Ambrose, Second World Wars by Hanson, and multiple others. The efficacy quotient was due to partisans knowing the terrain, striking with precision, and being able to follow up and/or maximize, while airmen had to guess and carpet bomb and hope and rely on army Intel.

            CAS in the context of air superiority is very effective, but the allies didn’t have air supremacy before D-Day.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m saying your statement is bullshit here, on the Western front in WWII the French and British lost in 1940 because the Germans had almost total air superority and the reverse happened in 44-45. The Bulge was a brief period of apparent German success because the weather grounded the allied air force. Close air support was decisive and made life impossible for the army on the other end of it.

            Close air support was absolutely decisive in WWII on the Western front. It was less important on the Eastern front because of the size (the air forces just couldn’t cover everywhere), the Germans lacked fuel to do so even early on and on the other side because the Soviet air force really didn’t know what they were doing.

            • Red says:


              Saint John is talking about CAS being ineffective in destroying targets in WW2 and he’s correct. What it was effective at was shock, suppression, and disruption.

              The D-day air campaign was so effective because it suppressed the German defenses and mobile reserves by attacking during all daylight hours resulting in Germans tank crews jumping out of their tanks over and over again despite the danger being pretty limited. It wasn’t until the advent of laser guided bombs that air attacks really became something closer to artillery in terms of kill numbers.

              • The Cominator says:

                I think we are confusing bombing in WW2 (which was very very inaccurate and it took 10s of thousands of bombs dropped generally to destroy industrial targets) with dive bombed style close air support that attacked vehicles.

                The Germans in 1944 were clearly of the view that the danger of the latter for vehicles and troop concetrations in the open was far more than merely psychological. Rommel himself was nearly killed (I think this was after D-Day) by a strafing allied fighter (than forced to suicide anyway after he recovered).

                • Red says:

                  The Germans in 1944 were clearly of the view that the danger of the latter for vehicles and troop concentrations in the open was far more than merely psychological. Rommel himself was nearly killed (I think this was after D-Day) by a strafing allied fighter (than forced to suicide anyway after he recovered).

                  Rommel almost died because he’s driver lost his shit and drove him off the road at high speed throwing him out of the car. If he’d parked the car and everyone gotten out and hit the deck then Rommel would have been fine.

                  Tanks in general where in almost no danger from fighter bombers. Softer trucks where in danger from them but rarely did fighter bombers do all much damage. The problem was the shock effect. Troops would flee and scatter when under air attack, it sapped their morale because they couldn’t fight back, and it would greatly slow down columns of armor due to crews repeatedly getting out of their tanks to hide in ditches.

                  When Guderian crossed the Somme river it was not the accurate Stuka bombing that allowed his tanks to get across, rather it was Stuka who missed their targets that then repeatably dived on French defenses without bombs that suppressed the defenses. Shock attacks are a very real factor in warfare.

                  Look at this way, drive bombers had a hell of a time hitting targets as large battle ships during WW2. The chances of blowing up even a single tank with a bomb was pretty close to zero.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Rommel almost died because he’s driver lost his shit and drove him off the road at high speed throwing him out of the car. If he’d parked the car and everyone gotten out and hit the deck then Rommel would have been fine.”

                  But the plane would have destroyed the car but yeah probably the people were unlikely to get.

                  “Tanks in general where in almost no danger from fighter bombers.”

                  Rommel did not agree with you when asking for his tanks to all be put immediately behind the Normandy and Calais beaches. He didn’t think the driving columns would just be disrupted he thought most of the tanks would be destroyed.

                • Red says:

                  Rommel did not agree with you when asking for his tanks to all be put immediately behind the Normandy and Calais beaches. He didn’t think the driving columns would just be disrupted he thought most of the tanks would be destroyed.

                  Do you have a quote for that? My understanding is he thought they’d never make it to the beaches in time due to the fighter bombers, which is correct.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Dumb bombing including dumb bombing with a dive simply wasn’t that effective on anything smaller than a hectare.

                  When you have 2000-5000 pound bombs, that’s when the area of effect starts becoming large enough to cover spot targets; but planes that could carry that ordnance were usually dropping at high level anyways.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Severian hit the nail on the head in terms of the quality of AD. As well, Russia has to balance a potential, actual, shooting war with NATO, and therefore they need to keep as much of their Air Force intact as possible, because it’s going to wither on the vine, for both sides, far faster than anyone is acting like as possible or predicting.

    • jim says:

      Are using it. Heavily.

    • embeveraged commuter says:

      It seems that the last of the Ukranian air defense systems may have been destroyed relatively recently.

      There is recent footage from KA-52 firing guided missiles at western armored vehicles, including a French wheeled tank. Why was the chopper not shot at? These are NATO wonder tanks in an essential offensive. Tape a conscript with a MANPAD to the roof if nothing else. Even if you used a stinger missile on every targeting drone, it might keep the tanks alive long enough to shoot something and transmit the footage back for use on CNN.

      Previously, the Russian CAS I’d seen was always lobbing rockets from low and far, then turning around and running. Surely this would be less efficient but it could be done with much less risk from air defense.

      Alternatively, it might be that this was a unique case. Maybe the chopper missiles outrange MANPADs and the good air defense (S-300) couldn’t follow the offensive.

      I lean towards The NATO being out of air defense entirely. They have expected to use jets for that for a long time, the stingers were sent in a while ago, and it was a struggle to send even a single patriot system. It would make sense for this to be one of the first things that they run out of.

      • Severian says:

        Ka-52s can sit up to 10km away with their guided missiles I think, which is more than portable AA like stinger. Ukrainians could try to move better AA to the front but that would put it in danger. Hence the turkey shoot footage we’re getting of Russian Helis knocking out Ukr columns.

  8. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted for stupidity and ignorance*]

    • jim says:

      this is the script for making the alt right look stupid. No one believes you are alt right, so it just makes your shilling operation look stupid.

  9. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    For most of history quickly and accurately bringing a target under fire from long range non-line-of-sight ordnance required pre-prepared positions with the firing tables already worked out – which proved very deadly for anyone attempting open movements on such positions.

    In places without prep-prepared ordnance however, things become much more in flux, indirect fire that is both fast and accurate became much more difficult, and direct fire predominates.

    The main virtue of Guderian’s panzer tactics wasn’t so much that tanks were all concentrated into one place – lots of other fighting forces at the time had tank-heavy formations – but that mobility in general was concentrated into one place. The troops, artillery, and supply delivery companies all being on wheels (even if the latter was good old Horsepower) was the most important factor, affording high operational tempos, such as parlaying break-throughs into areas outside of prepared firing zones. There was no point in having lots of tanks if nothing else could operate with them. The chief value-add of the tank itself of course was the fact that it had a big gun that can point and shoot high explosives at enemy positions mounted on a mobile platform.

    When you have ‘agile’ firecontrol via reconnaissance-strike complexes though, the idea of ‘breaking through to areas of flux’ doesn’t really apply, because the ‘firing table’ can be made on demand anywhere spotting platforms are; whether they are on foot, on wheels, or in the air.

    It’s been pretty clear for a while now that the Russian general staff’s plan was to simply wait and prepare for the Ukrainian offensive. Which means they ended up waiting a long time.

    There is something to be said for stealing marches on your opponent; letting your opponent operate at his leisure, picking and choosing his moments, go at his own pace getting his ducks lined up, always leads to more trouble even if you are in an otherwise advantageous position. The number of deep strikes via gerans (which they seem to have started producing locally) and other means massively increased in the last month in response to build-ups of equipment in Ukraine. These doubtlessly had an effect. Such measures by themselves don’t necessarily constitute sufficient disruption however. The age old tactics of raiding, marauding, and chevauchee by small bands of men always apply, especially when the lines are seemingly static otherwise. A ‘front line’ is often more a convenient fiction than definite threshold, and can be very porous in many places in reality. Pulling reserves for a major thrust somewhere means even greater porosity, which can be taken advantage of by rangers sallying back and forth to destroy vulnerable targets of interest, not necessarily sticking around to occupy dirt. Even a small number can have outsize effect in inducing the opponent to disperse forces to cover every possible zone of ingress – which in turn puts him on the back foot operationally, and opens up opportunities for major attacks of your own.

    One of the other most successful operations of the first war of Wilsonian aggression was the south-west offensive into Autria-Hungary by General Alexei Brusilov. Originally intended as a merely diversionary feint, it achieved results far outside of operational expectations, and basically knocked the Austro-Hungarians out of the war as a major factor.

    Much like the Prussian military tradition, he delegated freehold to local commanders to plan the details of their offenses in their respective sectors, who naturally are in better positions than anyone to understand their particular situations. Additionally, he made extensive use of scouts and fleigers to sketch out enemy positions and hard points for targeting by his artillery (‘area bombardment’ was the usual method for use of indirect fire in offenses theretofore). The broad spread of operations across the entire front led to his opposite numbers in the AHE staff locking themselves in indecision, unsure where the main thrust was going to be. Brusilov himself of course was also unsure; the whole point was for the main thrust to be decided by whatever probing attacks met with the least resistance.

    (The consistent theme of military history is more proceduralized armies run via every decision being double-checked and validated by a central command, being easily dispatched by armies operating more via subsidiarity, where decision making in all areas is both better and faster, which is also better. The other consistent theme of military history is armies being consumed by bureaucratic fungal spores and the cycle repeating all over again.)

    With certain innovations in techne however, what used to be weeks long processes of scouts sighting positions, bringing the information back, painstakingly sketching them out in detail, and calculating firing tables via maps, can now be done in a matter of moments. It is not just defense that can be easier against mechanized opponents, offense against hardened positions can be much easier too. Sniper teams roaming for men to hunt can just as easily use rangefinding equipment for calling on heavier fires as well. ‘Reconnaissance by fire’ is the default mode of offensive in a contemporary war, while the idea of ‘breaking through to areas of flux’ becomes little more than cargo-cult ritual action without useful functional effect; and arguably, was never actually the primary factor to offensive successes begin with (the spectacular breakthroughs in the western campaign of 1940 had much more to with the operational paralysis of the French army, as German columns wove around units sitting in strong points like potted plants, waiting for a telephone call from Central).

  10. The Cominator says:


    Either the stats are fake and gay or a generation of kids raised by single mothers were badly abused either by the single moms or the guys she brought home and want cameras in the home to prevent child abuse.

  11. Severian says:

    First videos of Leopard tanks on fire.

    US officials to CNN:
    “Ukrainian forces have suffered losses in heavy equipment and soldiers as they met greater than expected resistance from Russian forces in first attempt to breach Russian lines in the east in recent days, two senior US officials tell CNN.”

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    I don’t know how long the info will stay available on the internet, but the last 6 months have provided plenty of breakdowns, schematics, and explanations of the Russian defensive lines. I think a Ukrainian breakthrough is inevitable, but I also think the smarter elements of the Russian high command know this, and the game plan is to gut the offensive in that breakthrough, then mop up. up what survives on the other side. there are much wiser tacticians here than myself, so I would appreciate some critique and feedback on whether that makes any sense, both as a possible reality and as a theoretical strategy.

    I am absolutely a Russian bot in terms of loyalties on this one, so I’m almost afraid to keep tabs on what’s happening. not out of any sense of loyalty to Russia, or Russians, or any of the white orientals. I would see nations of substance stand up to the GAE. it’s kind of like when Trump was running for president. I don’t dare to hope, and even if my hopes are realized, it’s likely that they will be dashed soon after.

    Dear God, Nature’s King, Lord of Hosts.

    Strike down the wicked. Maintain your people. Raise up the willing and worthwhile that they may be Your instruments here on earth. Put fire in our hearts, iron in our spines, and steel in our hands. O Lord our God, we call on You for deliverance, for strength, for forgiveness.

    Deliver us from the temptations of weakness, cowardice, and despair.

    Strengthen us that we may stand against the disgusting and damned that mock Your Name.

    Forgive us for turning our backs on You, for allowing the perverse and wicked to flourish in peace and wantonness.

    Bless Your prophet Jim.

    Bless his tribe, his people.

    Strengthen the worthy, I pray.

    In Your Name, always.


    • Red says:

      I don’t know how long the info will stay available on the internet, but the last 6 months have provided plenty of breakdowns, schematics, and explanations of the Russian defensive lines. I think a Ukrainian breakthrough is inevitable, but I also think the smarter elements of the Russian high command know this, and the game plan is to gut the offensive in that breakthrough, then mop up. up what survives on the other side. there are much wiser tacticians here than myself, so I would appreciate some critique and feedback on whether that makes any sense, both as a possible reality and as a theoretical strategy.

      From what I can tell they’re trying to break though using tanks instead of overwhelming artillery attacks because they don’t have the shells or artillery for it. Even in WW2, this generally failed. You have to mass artillery and infantry to blow a hole in the line/suppress the defenses and then your tanks and APCs go through the hole. The NATO wunder tanks and APCs are just getting shredded by artillery, air, and ATGMs.

      These sort of attacks for Ukraine last year when they were attacking positions very under defended when the Russian’s didn’t have a 4-5 to 1 advantage in artillery. Also HIMARs where ripping the Russian’s new assholes. It’s not working now.

      Baring Russian troops suddenly running away (unlikely as long as they have the artillery advantage) a break through are very unlikely. NATO’s thinking is the Russian’s got fucked up when they tried combined arms warfare last year because they’re bad at it. They think NATO can do it right. The reality is the age of the tank is over. APCs might still be useful once your artillery and infantry break a front but it’s going to be a WW1 style grind to break through.

      • Ghost says:

        [*deleted for idiocy*]

      • jim says:

        > The reality is the age of the tank is over.

        This is obviously an accurate assessment of war.

        We are moving to a situation where if you can see it you can kill it.

        Armored charges can still work, and can still make large sweeping gains without the inconvenience of utterly destroying everything you take, but they are getting more and more difficult and costlier and costlier.

        The Global American Empire has been carefully and precisely titrating the amount of military aid to prevent the Ukrainians from losing, to give the Ukrainians hope for victory, and to inflict large costs on the Russians without risking the possibility that the Ukrainians might actually win. They want Russians dead, Nazis dead, and Ukrainians dead. This careful and very precise titration went horribly wrong when they ran out of shells and discovered that very little Nato armor was actually in fit condition to actually roll.

        So the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive was launched under three terrible handicaps: Not enough shells, not enough tanks, and the battle plan was not a plan for winning by shock warfare and warfare of movement, but merely a plan for inflicting large material and psychological costs on the Russians by shock warfare and war of movement. Not a plan for victory, but a plan for forever war. Instead of using shock warfare and war of movement to win, the plan was merely to use shock warfare and war of movement to attrit.

        I see Kagan’s fingerprints all over that plan. When it was drawn up, he had unrealistic expectations of arms delivery to the Ukraine, was badly misinformed about the condition and readiness of the western wonder tanks, and he has unrealistic beliefs about the effectiveness of armored thrusts, based on the previous highly successful Ukrainian thrust. He was more worried that the Ukrainians might win, than that they might lose.

        The idea was to balance the Russian shell superiority with western wonder tank superiority, to keep the attrition roughly equal so that the war would go forever. Instead, the attrition has become even more severely unequal.

        I keep announcing the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive has not only begun, but is over, and then they launch a new, bigger, thrust, which fails even more horribly with higher casualties than the previous thrust.

        If you attempt shock warfare and war of movement, and fail, you get attrited and the enemy does not. Hence the absurdly and improbably lopsided casualty rates announced by the Russians are not actually all that absurd and improbable. Kagan’s plan was to keep the attrition rates carefully balanced, to very precisely titrate attrition, making up for the shell shortage with western wonder tanks. Which plan probably would not have worked even if the tanks had been ready to roll.

        • Nunya says:

          This secret strategy of trying to destroy both enemies makes me wonder if the triumvirate of aggrieved Jews (Blinken/Kagan/Nuland) were behind the dam destruction. Cuts off Crimean water, Ukrainian irrigation, and maybe causes a nuclear accident if any reactors are still online.

          The video of the explosions look like they might have been from bombs planted within the dam itself. Easy enough for SOCOM or the SAS to do covertly.

          Lots of cui bono analysis is focused on whether the Russians or the Ukrainians benefit more. Seems like both are harmed to varying degrees now, with a lot more harm to both on the way.

          More than a little like Nord Stream, where both Germany and Russia were harmed, by design, because they are both hated…

          • The Cominator says:

            > Were the state department Jews who are the actual governors of Ukraine on behalf of globohomo consulted on blowing the dam
            Of course
            > Does this mean they are the ultimate power over the whole system

            • jim says:

              > > Were the state department Jews who are the actual governors of Ukraine on behalf of globohomo consulted on blowing the dam

              > Of course

              Zelensky was at the time attempting to attack the Russians across the river, and his forces nearly drowned, and the same for the Russians defending. So I don’t think anyone told him. Or possibly he neglected to inform his generals, whom he suspected might not approve, and they were attacking.

              • The Cominator says:

                Zelensky didn’t start out evil the way most of them he just sold his soul and his main concern is going thru the motions while he does hookers and blow in his bunker in Poland till his heart explodes.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  TC u ma dawg mang but u never miss an opportunity to run damage control for funny eurasian tribesmen every time the subject comes up fr fr no cap

          • jim says:

            As the battle plan for the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive has unfolded, it has become evident that it had three fundamental flaws: Not enough shells, not enough tanks, and it was planned by people who equally wanted both Ukrainians and Russians dead.

    • Karl says:

      I do not understand why you think that a breakthrough is inevitable. Of course, competent planers would only attempt a breakthrough if there is a good chance of success, but if the decisions about an attempt are made by the GAE (as I think is likely), there is no reason to assume competence.

      Not sure what would count as a “break through”. If one layer of an echelon defense is pierced, that is not much of a problem. If an incursion through Russian lines should become likely, doesn’t Russia have sufficient reserves in the area to prevent it?

      • jim says:

        They have had to throw in reserves here and there. They have lost some turf here and there. But, unless they are lying Baghdad Bob style, so far most attempts at breakthrough have led to the collapse of the attackers, not the attacked.

        Unless something really bad has happened since I last checked.

        Nato forces, Nato tactics, and Nato weapons are designed to operate under absolute Nato air superiority. They are running into Russian air superiority. Russian air to ground and Russian air superiority is holding the line. Or it was as of Wednesday night.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        absolutely. And from what we’ve seen from the RF, they are about as creative as black people without white managers or jewish producers, so I don’t expect anything fancy or elegant. but if they were in command of their wits and forces to an equal degree, steeped in the proper religion and motivated to actually win, I think it would be a very impressive move to let the enemy organize and punch through, then poor resources into a kill box. this is obviously a very dangerous strategy, one that would require expert command and control, as well as incredibly well trained and disciplined soldiers able to fight a tactical withdrawal, which has to be one of the most challenging military maneuvers of all. with the current crop of world leaders and military commanders, I don’t think we’ll see such tactics, but I can’t imagine a better use case for demonstrating nuclear supremacy as well as total commitment than orchestrating a false breakthrough followed by a cluster of tactical nuclear strikes to utterly annihilate an army. That’s the stuff of science fiction, but not because of any technical limitation, only spiritual limitations.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          The combat is ongoing in territory the Russians consider part of the Russian state. They won’t be eager to nuke there. Besides, any leader has to be certain nukes will produce decisive victory before ordering their deployment. There is *nothing* in the world that would radiate failure more than an ineffective nuclear deployment.

    • jim says:

      > I don’t know how long the info will stay available on the internet, but the last 6 months have provided plenty of breakdowns, schematics, and explanations of the Russian defensive lines. I think a Ukrainian breakthrough is inevitable,

      They put a lot of force into an attempt to counter encircle Bakhmut. No significant or substantial breakthrough occurred.

      What has been happening so far is that they break through a short distance, suffer terrible casualties, because they are driving into the mouths of cannons, collapse.

      Attritive warfare is that men skulking in trenches hurl high explosives at each other. Attempting a breakthrough requires you to be driving an armored vehicle in plain sight. It is costly.

      Russians claim that every break through so far has been absorbed, has quickly run out of men and tanks, though they have lost a bit of turf here and there.

  13. Mister Grumpus says:

    How in the hell can this godforsaken Ukraine-Russia war end short of Ukrainian genocide? How?

    They sure as hell can’t vote for a peace candidate. No one can.

    All I can guess is NATO-GAE logistical (not political) collapse, coupled with some Russian luck and daring, and maybe parceling out West Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, etc. Or just a rump broke corrupt fuckwitted Galicia run from the Russian embassy (like Belarus?), but with no child bearing women left.

    All I can think of is that one grandstanding nerd in a Vietnam War protest newsreel, bellowing about how when you’re so sick at heart that you have to just throw your body on the gears of the machine to make it stop. Where is he now? At the State Department? Georgetown? I began to hate them.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for denial of the reality that is smacking the Globohomo in the face*]

      • jim says:

        Attrition is hurting the Global American Empire right now, and the reason it hurts is that immigrants are unable to replace the missing grandchildren. They just draw welfare and steal stuff. Which is great if you want to destroy flyover country, not so great when you are out of shells and your tanks not in fit condition to roll.

    • jim says:

      The operation relies on Ukrainian Nazis. Whom Blinken and Nuland intend will be exterminated, along with all other Ukrainians.

      If I was in their shoes, just kill Zelensky and all his boys, and then tell the Russians, “ooh, those horrible Nazis. We are not those Nazis. We were just following orders. We will now denazify, decommunize, tell Nato it can take a long walk off a short pier, and then how about we draw a line half way between your trenches and artillery and our trenches and artillery, and everyone stops shooting at anything the other side of the line.” But I am not a nazi. They are not going to act in rational collective self interest, even though that would give them the best outcome.

      One problem with simple solution this is that Zelensky has been handing out huge wads of money, lots of people want the money to keep coming, and figure that when things go pear shaped, they will retire to the South of France. So you have a collective action problem. Those that do not have the prospect of retiring to the South of France would prefer to end the war on any terms they can get, those who do have the prospect would like the money to keep coming. And anyone with the power to do something finds money coming his way. Via Zelensky, so does not want to kill Zelensky. The entire Ukrainian economy has been destroyed, and is running on a flood of freshly printed US dollars.

      But, if the potential mutineer has a collective action problem, corruptocrats in Kiev also have a collective action problem. Without faith in a Glorious Nationalist Socialist Future for the independent and sovereign nation of Ukraine, they will not hang together either.

      When Russia attempted to take Kiev, the invasion failed, because each Nazi on his own initiative took swift and decisive action for the common good of national socialism. That distributed initiative for decisive action is going away. The next time some crisis happens, they will be securing their nest eggs, and preparing for flight to the south of France. The common good of keeping the money flowing will not motivate collective action for the common good the way the glorious national socialist future did. If those at the bottom realize they have been betrayed by their leaders, those at the top will realize they are betraying those under them, and will therefore betray each other, a self fulfilling prophecy.

      These guys are hard core. They have been working for Nazism all their lives. They are pure and true. And betrayed. And betrayers. It is a spiritual crisis. People like that do not abandon the faith. But the faith abandoned them when they found their paymaster was a Jew who hated them and intends their deaths. Those capable of collective action will want the Ukrainian nation to survive. But their paymasters want to expend the Ukrainian nation and attrit Russia. On the other hand, Russia wants denazification, and these guys have hated Russia all their lives.

      The rationale was “First we defeat Russia, then we can take care of the minor problem of these American Jews”. Except that the American Jews never intended that they defeat Russia. The American Jews intended them to die trying, and in the course of dying, to attrit Russia, one attrition of many attritions. So? Now?

      Maidan began in an act of betrayal, when they shot their own people in a false flag operation to discredit the legitimate government. So, now they are stuck, incapable of collective action to save the Ukraine. The one way out is that if incapable of saving it from the Jews, choose to be incapable of saving it from the Russians. I think at some point the government of the Ukraine, as reality of forever war sinks in, is going to suddenly decohere. The organizational activity necessary to continue a war is just going to stop. Probably not soon.

      • Karl says:

        The organizational activity necessary to continue a war is just going to stop

        Ukranians will stop organizing. Will GAE organize for them?

        There are already some NATO officers doing staff work in Ukraine.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        So Putin has to somehow convey to these Nazis that they’re better off with him than against him, on their side of the line anyway. But how? And why hasn’t he been sending out messages to that effect? Or has he?

        Or is Putin just thinking “Fuck these guys too. The only good agreement-incapable is a dead agreement-incapable.” Something like that?

        If the Russians invented the modern term for “agreement incapable”, then I’d presume they have a theory of how to work with it also. I’d guess that it just involves the application of silence and brute force. But what do I know?

        What a mess.

        • ten says:

          The nazis were driving 2014, they are a minor subset now, no point in talking to them directly for russia.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Ukraine war proves that Nazis should be treated just as harshly as any other type of leftist. I hope when the war ends the Russians torture them all to death.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Putin must have some Nazis in jail somewhere. Maybe some kind of “truth and reconciliation” show, on Twitter and Telegram, with production values and everything, just to really show to these guys that they’re better off making peace and changing their ways (“It turns out we were Greengrocers the whole time.”) than fighting Russia to their inevitable death.

          This is where Cominator calls me a fag. OK it’s worth it. People DO read this, and there’s a non-zero chance that we come up with some kernel of an idea that actually comes to life-saving fruition out there.

          There’s still a choose-our-own-adventure path, however difficult and unlikely, that can lead to a managed US/GAE decline and breakup that still leaves some of us standing.

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    Could be more nothing, but it appears that a large push in Zaporozhye direction has commenced. I think Jim is spot on in the the Gayt Ukrainian Counterattack has been going on for weeks, and their just waiting for a substantial victory before “announcing” the “beginning.” But that game can’t go on forever, particularly if the kill count breaks a certain threshold.

    Preliminary reports are lots of AFU casualties and destruction, minor salients into the first line, artillery to wake the dead on both sides, and no breakthrough yet. I can’t shake the feeling that this war is building towards some grand catastrophe, and the nuclear power plants are natural magnets for action.

    • jim says:

      Still not out of reserves!

      Blowing up the dam not grand enough?

      That nuclear power plant is pretty tough. They will have to take control of it in order for sappers to blow up the nuclear waste bunkers. A tank charge towards the power plant is going to be expected, and the Russians will have prepared a welcome party.

      There are attacks all over the place. I thought the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive was petering out, but this looks like the grande dramatic finale. Russians claim to inflict enormous and improbably one sided casualties, but perhaps not altogether improbable when the Ukrainians are trying to rush men who are dug in and armed with heavy weapons. Breaking out of war of attrition into war of movement is apt to be hugely costly and unsuccessfully attempting to break out of war of attrition into war of movement apt to be hugely costlier.

      In war of attrition, you hide in your trench and try to land shells on other men hidden in their trench. To begin war of movement, you get into armored vehicles and make a mad rush to those trenches. But after that trench, there is another trench, and between the trenches, mines, and while your vehicle is trying to get over a trench, the guys in the next trench can see you and lob shells on you.

      The payoff is that if you get deep enough behind the enemy, he has to get out of his trench to retreat, and is then apt to be slaughtered in retreat, or he can stay in his trench and be ignored until the mop up squad comes for him. Which payoff has been happening, but on an underwhelming scale. So far, Russians have admitted to numerous retreats, some of them tactical defeats, loss of something that matters, but no retreats that would be likely to yield a significant payoff. A tactical defeat that results from an enemy unsuccessfully attempting war of movement is going to be an attritive victory, and will usually yield a strategic victory.

      • Aidan says:


        Only 1500 men! Sounds like “out of reserves” to me.

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          Agreed. Sounds like a lot for a probing attack, and not much for a real offensive. Makes sense if the Ukrainians are hard limited by useful manpower, more than by materiel.

      • Severian says:

        Not the finale but the beginning of the main effort.
        Bulk of recent western armor has just started arriving on the frontline. It will be a few more days.

        • The Cominator says:

          Armeeabteilung Steiner to break thru the Russian lines in two more weeks?

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          Why would you launch a small offensive to tell the enemy you’re coming and then wait days to launch the real offensive without your breakthrough for even being in present near the front? What successful offensive in history has worked like that? lmao

          Unlike many I do not claim to be able to predict war outcomes that clearly depend to at least some extent on chance but seriously lol

          • jim says:

            Because you are executing a plan prepared by people who want you dead.

            As I said, the plan was not to win, but to even up the attrition by attriting some more Russians. The man who prepared the plan, most likely Kagan, was more worried that the Ukrainians might win than he was worried that they might lose.

  15. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted for presupposing Sikhs are a martial tribe*]

  16. someDude says:

    Jim seems fixated on Lord Krishna as the demon in Hinduism. Yes, Hinduism has demons. Let me point out to him, one of our actual demons.

    The perspective of contemporary Hindus as regards this hubristic and prideful fool (not too many other kinds), whose act of letting go a deadly invader whom he had captured in battle, which act opened the floodgates of Islam into India, is the big demon in Hinduism

    Modern Hindus still celebrate this fool, they still can’t stop making movies eulogising him, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samrat_Prithviraj

    This eulogy of this hubristic prideful fool, is the metaphorical demon in Hindusim

    Let’s compare to a similar event in the west, the battle of Maldon, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Maldon
    And lets examine Christian perspectives on this foolhardy action by Byrhtnoth’s, whereby he is rightly accused of hubris and the sin of pride.

    Why do I not find a single Hindu anywhere who condemn’s PrithiviRaj Chauhan’s action as motivated primarily by Hubris and pride? Not a single Hindu historian (Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup included),not a single Hindu religious figure can take it on themselves to condemn this action by this Fool, Prithviraj Chauhan.

    This, Gentlemen, I submit, is the demon in contemporary Hinduism as is practiced today.

    • Sher Singh says:

      Char Bans, Chaubis Gaj, Angul Asth Praman
      Ta Upar Sultan Hai, Chuko Mat Chauhan

      We’re not in a position to criticize our heroes because the reconquista is incomplete.

      • jim says:

        When you point to a “Khalsa” composed of re-enactors who re-enact with replicas of three hundred year old weapons because re-enacting with replicas of one hundred fifty year old weapons might cause the eye of Sauron to fall upon them, very incomplete.

        • Sher Singh says:

          > Wondering how they blow up tanks or take down Helos with 300 yr weapons.

          Was speaking to him as a Hindu in that comment.

          [*deleted because that is not what I said and not what I did and I am not going to waste space debating lies*]

      • someDude says:

        Oh, right! You trotted out those verses from a fantasy of Chand Bardai.

        Hero, eh? Chattrapati Shivaji, MahaRana Pratap, Maharaj Ranjit Singh, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru HargoBind Singh, Lachit Barphukan, these are our heroes among others.

        While PrithviRaj Chauhan does not make it our Villians or traitors list, he does not make it to the list of the above luminaries. No body who wilfully throws away a victory for nothing other than his own foolish pride and hubris and exposes everyone under his care to slaughter must be considered a hero.

        You’re just strengthening my point that this Eulogization of PRC and rationalizing/reframing his foolish and hubristic vanity as naivete or chivalry is the metaphorical demon that contemporary Hindus are nursing.

        • jim says:

          Looked up PrithviRaj Chauhan. Busy aggravating and fighting other Hindu Kings and pissing off loyal allies and servants. Then the Muslims rolled over him.

          • someDude says:

            It might very well have been that he released Ghori as a means to use him as an ally against other Hindu kings. Hero indeed. Sher Singh can be counted on to defend anyone and anything provided it hurts Sikhs and Hindus.

            The fact that this b*****d is still Eulogised in India as some sort of Dharmic monarch, that his release of Ghori after capture had to do Chivalry or naivete, these are the demons in contemporary Hindu thought.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Is there any historically conclusive source that Prithviraj Chauhan indeed did capture Muhammad Ghori in the first place? Sure he was defeated at least once by Prithviraj but there seems to be some doubt regarding whether he was actually captured and released.

              • someDude says:

                Yes, you are right that there isn’t actually any evidence that he captured and released him. Muslim sources say that he could have captured Ghori in the first battle or destroy him completely but chose not to press his advantage.

                But thats not the point of my rant. The point of my rant is that PRC is celebrated in modern India for his supposed Chivalry in letting Ghori go. Thats the demon in our thought!!!!

                What other action based claim to fame does that man have?

        • Sher Singh says:

          [*irrelevant and unresponsive. You are just throwing out random bait*]

    • Sher Singh says:

      [*I might have let this piece of troublemaking through if I had the faintest idea what you are talking about*]

      • jim says:

        Having absolutely no idea what you are talking about, I silenced it on the general principle that everything you post is enemy poison.

  17. someDude says:

    Expanding on an earlier comment on Indian Elite imports to the west. I mentioned that the likes of Kamala Harris, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Preet Bharara et. al hate hate hate hate Hindus and want them Dead. Here is the latest exhibit on Nikki Haley whom some of you know as Namrata Randhawa


    It’s not just Christian Nationalists who think they are scum. As Aryaman pointed out, Hindu reactionaries also think they are scum. We will crack open our pakoras and chai (our equivalent of Beer and Doritos) if you send us video footage of them getting helicopter rides to the oceans of your choice. Aryaman nails it when he says that the progressive system selects for scammers.

    In times of the Gupta Empire (our Golden Age) we would have buried them in the ground vertically up until their necks and had an elephant step on their head to cheering crowds.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I would not be at all surprised if we were to discover that this could be said for basically every real country with an actual ethnocultural majority that identifies with a given region. America has been attracting congenital solipsists for a very long time, it is the Mecca of the managerial Elite after all. obviously, this pains me to say because it does not bode well for the future of my homeland. I want to rebel against the very thought because I am an heritage American. but denying reality for the sake of sentiment is the height of stupidity. I guess the bright side here is that so long as we keep attracting the worst you guys have to offer, you guys might have better chances of fixing what’s wrong in your lands.

      Bon chance, you fucking assholes. Don’t waste the opportunity like England did.

      P.S. In writing that last sentence, I realize that England went climax and plateau after all, the Puritan assholes went to the US. lol

      • someDude says:

        So Jim is more or less right about the British Empire being the anti-English Empire, the Ottoman Empire being the anti-Turkish Empire and the GAE being an absolute unmitigated disaster and tragedy for legacy Americans.

        You’ll get your act together and give them swimming lessons. Just don’t forget to send us videos. We’ll appreciate it even more than the Bobs and Vagene pics that are the beloved of the Pajeets

        • jim says:

          > the British Empire being the anti-English Empire

          “The Bow of Ulysses” 1888, is a requiem for the British empire, mourning its replacement by the Anti-British empire.

      • pinochet's ghost says:

        “I would not be at all surprised if we were to discover that this could be said for basically every real country with an actual ethnocultural majority that identifies with a given region. America has been attracting congenital solipsists for a very long time, it is the Mecca of the managerial Elite after all. obviously, this pains me to say because it does not bode well for the future of my homeland. I want to rebel against the very thought because I am an heritage American. but denying reality for the sake of sentiment is the height of stupidity. I guess the bright side here is that so long as we keep attracting the worst you guys have to offer, you guys might have better chances of fixing what’s wrong in your lands.”

        Good post, and insightful. The US is indeed hoovering up the liars and cheats of all lands.

  18. The Cominator says:

    I was wrong about the Ukraine counteroffensive in likening it to that scene in Downfall, Unlike SS Obergruppenfuhrer Steiner they were actually dumb enough to try it.

    Or as you say they are actually trying to kill as many as Ukranians as possible in some strange dark demonic human sacrifice ritual. That makes more sense than whatever they are doing strategically.

    • Severian says:

      Yeah there is a big battle going on tonight. According to Russian channels they ran straight into minefields and are being pounded by artillery non-stop.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    Back to Covid. Looks like half the ventilator patients developed lethal bacterial pneumonia infections.


    • jim says:

      This is a fairly typical result of careless and brutal ventilation.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Ventilation + remdesivir was a death protocol not a life-saving treatment, and this was apparent early to anyone willing to look. The lucky survivors merely gave it a gloss of deniability.

      We had a stab at literal, direct genocide of heritage Americans executed by doctors, nurses and administrators, limited only by the reach of their grasp not any guilt or regret.

      An instructive realization when viewing other current, historical and future events.

  20. Cathy says:

    I think Ukraine men are also a target of this Plutocracy in West that started all of this. They want all those Nazi Ukrainians dead, because the Western Plutocracy is made up of many who have ties to holocaust.

    • ten says:

      More than that. The holocaust was the most thorough among the jews beyond the lines of barbarossa. Whole swathes of what is now eastern poland, western ukraine, southern belorussia depopulated by massacre. These massacres was to a very high extent carried out by local enthusiasts, and the SS Galizien. These local nazis were later operation gladio assets, some of them carrying out decades long lone wolf terror campaigns in the woods, others blending in and waiting for an anticommunist war that never came.

      Azog is these GAE assets activated.

      Nuland has 3/4 ancestors from moldova and belorussia.
      Kagan is from lithuania, a stone toss away.
      Blinken is from kiev.
      They got out before it got hot, and their relatives who stayed behind died at the hands of ukronazis.

      Ramming the ukrainians into the russians must bring these jews untold joy.

      • jim says:

        Ah, that explains why the Global American Empire used Nazi assets in the Maidan coup “the revolution of dignity”. These were old assets inherited from the Cold War. But those assets should have realized when Nuland turned up that she always intended their extermination.

        So Blinken and Nuland intended from the beginning a war of attrition to the annihilation of the Ukrainians, to put Kiev into war with Russia and then hang them out to dry, costing Russia dearly but entirely exterminating the Ukes.

        They probably badly over estimated Global American Empire logistic capability, and badly under estimated Russian logistic capability, but their intention was never to win it, just to exhaust Russia economically in the course of forcing them to exterminate the Ukrainians.

        Initially logistic support was tight. They would give the Ukrainians some weapons, but not others, because they were worried that the Ukrainians might win, and they wanted a forever war of attrition till they ran out of Ukrainians. They wanted Russia to collapse economically, but did not want it to collapse before most Ukrainians dead. Now advanced weapons are going in, and not making much difference. Russians claim the western wonder tanks showed up in the latest offensive and were destroyed. This claim is attracting much ridicule, cynicism, and doubt, with even pro Russian bloggers far from entirely believing it, but the Himars are down and the Patriot launch systems down, so plausible. If Himars and Patriots, tanks.

        • ten says:

          The nazis must have realized they would be disposed of unless they are willfully blind. One azov supporter telegram channel says the play is to get the two anti white empires of america and russia to kill each other so the natural default state of the aryan race, national socialism, emerges in europe. WW3, survive, ???, aryan reich. Not a great plan. Haven’t heard any other nazi explanation that acknowledges that they are led by jews who hate them.

          It is funny how extremely willing western leftists and normies are to just disbelieve there is a nazi element in ukraine. Until february 22, everyone was very concerned that our own nazis regularly went to ukraine to receive paramilitary training and network and stuff. Driver update, new normal, no memory of old normal.

          • Jehu says:

            I can see that the conflict has a high probability of a nuclear exchange between GAE and Russia. But I fail to see how that helps the Ukraine Aryan agenda, given that such an exchange is likely to pretty much liquidate them.

          • jim says:

            > One azov supporter telegram channel says the play is to get the two anti white empires of america and russia to kill each other so the natural default state of the aryan race, national socialism, emerges in europe. WW3, survive, ???, aryan reich

            Except that the plan of their Jewish leadership that wants them dead is a forever war of slow attrition that ruins Russia economically and keeps Russia busy indefinitely, until there are no Ukrainians left.

            To this end, they intended to carefully titrate the weapon’s pipelines so that outcomes were bad enough for Russia to discredit Russia as a military power and discredit Putin, and good enough for the Ukraine to give Ukrainians hope for victory, but a victory that remained forever tantalizingly out of reach.

            Such careful titration has run into a problem with the exhaustion of Nato logistics, with the result that they run the risk that the war might end.

          • Aidan says:

            It has always been the case that 19th century romantic nationalists ally with the far empire against their own governments or local enemies. This used to make a certain deal of sense. The far empire is likely to have trouble enforcing its will on its clients once it achieves its objectives. The trouble with this time is that the GAE will go to extreme ends to enforce demon worship on its clients, and that Ukraine is not considered “far away”, because it is very close to the GAE’s main enemy.

            Azov probably thinks “once Russia collapses, the GAE will leave us alone and we can overthrow the jew manlet Zelensky and have a 4th reich.” Very naive. The collapse of Russia is not a specific goal; the GAE wants every white country reduced to such a state.

      • jim says:

        By a fascinating coincidence, the Americans most strongly focused on creating true Ukrainian nationalism, on making the Ukraine a true nation rather than a mere administrative unit, just happen to be the Americans with the most powerful reason for wanting the people of that nation dead.

        • Karl says:

          Please explain what that reason is. I assumed these people were unreasonable demon worshippers.

          • jim says:

            Ukrainians murdered the families of Blinken and Nuland

            They all want Americans, Ukrainians, and Russians dead, but Kagan is primarily interested in dead Americans, while Blinken and Nuland are primarily interested in dead Ukrainians, which frustrates Kagan no end.

      • jim says:

        In response to your post, I have been researching Kagan, and I am worried. He does not have a strong position in the American elite because he is far too smart, and they do not like smart people. But he is a very smart man, and he wants me dead, you dead, our families dead, and everything we possess destroyed. Blinken leads the state department, is not stupid, has far more power than Kagan, and hates us just as much, but likely Kagan is the brains. Kagan, like myself, can see far. Though we are ruled by fools who cannot see where any event came from nor where it is going, Kagan can see the deep roots of the events of today, and their far branches in the future.

        I think, however, that Global American Empire economic incapacity took him by surprise, the typical Jewish blindness to technology and physical things. He thought that tanks and artillery come from skyscrapers in New York full of three hundred dollar an hour lawyers and accountants. I hope that this may put a crowbar through his plans.

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          The Ukraine war was plainly created only by the internal party machinations of Kagan and his close associates, given that the day before the 2014 Progressive coup in Ukraine organised by Kagan and associates the official position had been that Russia was a fake enemy created by Bushitler to justify employing white men as engineers and soldiers in the missile defense industry, which in any case is fake because missile defense cannot work.

          Obama mocked Mitt Romney for arguing that Russia was a rival in 2012.

          These people are the most competent faction inside the party, which is why they can force their agenda to the front against the wishes of the rest of the party, and it appears to be good luck that they are far more interested in punishing the descendants of random peasants from the Pale of Settlement era than in causing harm inside the USA.

          • jim says:

            Pretty sure it was Soros that was the chief actor of the coup. Kagan was not much interested in the Ukraine. He wants war everywhere.

            There was one line, where he spontaneously said that the Global American Empire was unfair to China, Russia, and a laundry list other countries and that this was a good thing and we should make sure it remains unfair – and also said that this unfairness is likely to lead to violence. He wants a meat grinder running in Turkey to feed Americans into, and would be happy to win in Ukraine so that we can get on with Turkey – he wants Russia cut off from the black sea to prevent Russia from supporting Turkey when the meat grinder starts up there, while it is obvious that Blinken and Nuland want to win in Ukraine no more than they want to lose.

            • pinochet's ghost says:

              Kagan appears to want wars that avenge perceived wrongs to the Jews.This is very distinct to the usual far right belief that it’s about Jewish or Israeli interests. Few “get” the Jewish desire for revenge for its own sake even long after the fact, though it’s stated over and over in the Old Testament. Iraq was about Hussein having shot missiles at Israel. Ukraine is about the Pale of Settlement.

              What makes the 2014 Coup different to other Progressive color revolutions is the snipers on the roof, who fired at the crowd and delegitimized the government. They were never identified or caught, at the time or by any subsequent investigation. I do not believe that Soros employs a team of snipers; it isn’t his style, outside his personal interests, competence, and social circle, and is not a common feature of color revolutions. Without the snipers, 2014 Coup may have failed. But Kagan could sure get the snipers.

              • jim says:

                This may explain him wanting war with Turkey, while his insubordinate and higher social status wife focuses on getting rid of Ukrainians.

        • The Cominator says:

          Who is this Kagan, never heard of him.

          • pinochet's ghost says:


            PNAS, Iraq/Bush guy who nonetheless calls himself a Progressive, Never Trumper

            Husband of Nuland, related to various other neocon ghouls

            • The Cominator says:

              Oh one of the PNAC crew you heard a lot about around the time of 9/11. They have some influence but probably limited actual power. They’ve never for instance been able to compel the reluctant rest of the American government and population to invade Iran.

              • pinochet's ghost says:

                They’re the same people behind Institute for the Study of War, which is the NGO mouthpiece on what is officially happening in Ukraine. They’ve very obviously behind.

                You’re right they tried, but lacked the power, to have USA invade Iran, as they currently lack the power to have USA move an army directly into Ukraine. Perhaps they made friends with Soros after Iran failed, or just started copying his playbook.

                They were never defeated by Iraq. They left Bush holding the can and the blame attached to the kinds of people who fought in the war, not the people who planned it. Few today realize Iraq was planned by high IQ metro elites connected into academia and who are otherwise Democrats.

                • jim says:

                  Kagan, Institute of for the Study of War, and all that lot, are a little inbred group that wear a multitude of hats. The State Department wants a war wearing its state department hat, and Kagan writes up a war strategy wearing some other hat, and it gets stuffed down the Pentagon’s throat. Which does not mean that every war that Kagan wants, he gets. He wants a whole lot of wars. But when the winds align, he gets a war, it is fought largely the way he wants it fought, for objectives he says matter. With war in the Ukraine, he wants to – not exactly win the war – but for Ukraine to do a whole lot better than Blinken and Kagan’s wife Victoria Nuland want. He does not want the war to end, but he wants Russia humiliated and ruined in ways that would likely result in irritatingly fewer Ukrainians dying. He also wants full Nato war with Russia, and is not getting it. Indeed, full Nato war with just about everyone. He does not get everything he wants, he wants everything, but he still gets a whole lot.

                  I have said he is very smart, and he is, but his war strategies are not motivated by rational consideration of what it takes to end a war victoriously, and from the perspective of someone like me, who always thinks “Now what would I do if I was in their shoes and was intent on ending the war by imposing my will on the enemy” seem deranged. He says “the military should do X, Y, and Z, and this will have the following desirable results”, and it is plausible that it will have those desirable results, but imposing your will on the enemy so that he is unable or unwilling to shoot back is not even a consideration. His strategies are always strategies for forever wars.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The pressure for war with Iran is one neocon faction the pressure for war with Russia (albeit proxy war) after say 2014 just never ever let up… the war with Russia faction has way way more power…

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  What changed is that this influence network – who move between the parties with easy – got the Democrats on board with war with Russia, who previously had been opposed.

                • jim says:

                  What changed is that the Soviet Union was communist and Russia is Christian. The Democrats have always been in favor of surrender to communism and holy war with any and all uncoverged faiths.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  Simply was not the case up until the day of the 2014 Coup. Before that, Russia was a converging neoliberal state and opposition to it was Bushitler military pork barreling at best, warmongering at worst.

                  And indeed neoliberal convergence seems to have been more Putin’s outlook than Christian nationalism at that time. He was forced into Christian nationalism when it became clear that the US would not longer permit him a seat at the top table of neoliberalism.


                  Why doesn’t the USA want Russia at that table? Possibly because a clique of insane Jews within its inner party, who want to punish offenses to rather than promote the interests of the Jewish People, have more influence than not just gentiles, but also more influence than saner Jews.

                • jim says:

                  > Simply was not the case up until the day of the 2014 Coup. Before that, Russia was a converging neoliberal state and opposition to it was Bushitler military pork barreling at best, warmongering at worst.

                  By the year 2000, Democrats were alarmed that Russia was no longer converging, and were hatching plots to destroy it. The color revolution apparatus was launched in 2010, but failed to get much traction inside Russia. You cannot do color revolution without an adequate cadre of entryists inside the apparatus of enforcement, and Putin, seeing which way the wind was blowing, had purged those guys well in advance.

                  > He was forced into Christian nationalism when it became clear that the US would not longer permit him a seat at the top table of neoliberalism.

                  They denied him a seat long before they started shelling in 2014, and long before they started color revolution.

                  It was first “Hey, do as you are told, or you will not be allowed to meet with the important high status people”

                  Then it was “OK, you will not do as you are told, so we are going to overthrow you”

                  Then it was high explosives.

                  You link to a you tube video of Obama campaigning on peace, but that was just campaign bullshit, uttered because war is ever unpopular. Obama was on the course for war with Russia, and now we have arrived at the destination he set us on immediately after being elected. By the time that video was filmed, they were already working on color revolutioning Putin.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  That Russiamania was unofficially official policy in the polygon was made explicitly obvious in 2008, with that infamous fox news interview of the Georgian girl and her mother.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  2008-2014, the Neocon Republicans were in favor of confrontation with Russia, but the Democrats were not. See the above posted youtube link, in which Obama famously accused Romney of being delusional, insane, a warmonger, and stuck in the past, for seeing Russia as a threat, as late as 2012.

                  What changed in 2014 is that the Nuland faction appended Ukrainian nationalism – indeed Ukrainian Naziism – to the now clearly dominant Progressive cause in the USA, causing the Democrat position to flip overnight.

                • jim says:

                  > 2008-2014, the Neocon Republicans were in favor of confrontation with Russia

                  It was Soros, not the neocons, that created Pussy riot, the lamestream media, not the Neocon Republicans that backed them. It was the lamestream media that wanted to overthow Putin.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  Russia defeated Pussy Riot pretty easily, but never saw Ukraine as something the west was able to threaten. If you talk to Russians, they are baffled it could happen.

                  Ukraine was the Neocon Jewish high priests (not the mass of dumb cattle followers) pivoting to the Democrats to continue their exact same program of avenging people they believe harmed the Jews a century ago.

                  With Bushitler out of power, no confrontation without this factor, and Putin would’ve probably neoliberalised Russia and joined NATO as the second among equals, moving his forces to the border with Manchuria.

                  So I for one am thankful for our deranged Jewish overlords.

                • jim says:


                  Ukraine and the Maidan coup was Soros, Blinken, and Nuland. The same guys who set to work overthrowning Putin in 2008

                  You reckon those guys were neocons? Blinken is a neocon? Soros is a neocon? You are being silly. The neocons are ex trots – or at least claim to be ex. They got purged out of the Democrats by other Jews. They are still purged.

                  The neocons are indeed Jews. But not those Jews. Two Jews, three factions. Keep your factions straight. Neocons are from the Trot faction, and they entered the Republicans because they were, and still are, thoroughly out of power in the Democrat party. Neocons are the Republican Jewish entryists, because the Jewish faction that is dominant in the Democrats was pissed with the trots and purged them.

                  The neocons hate Russia for abandoning Trotskyism. They hate Russia because Stalin. Soros and company, the guys who were working color revolution in Russia from 2008 onwards, hate Russia for abandoning Stalin.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Growing up in New England I’ve known many many jews, the rank and files jews do not have a special hatred of Russia per se though I think they tend to rather dislike Slavs in general (but not to the degree say Greeks and Turks and Polaks and Russians hate each other).

                  Now what exactly motivates a demon worshipper like Victoria Nuland… you’ve got me. The Democrats have never forgiven the Russians for giving up communism though the same way the neocons never forgave the Soviet Union for giving up the more insane Trotskyist variety of communism.

                  I know a lot of crooks like Biden Romney etc hate Putin in particular not entirely for ideological reasons but because he kicked all the politically connected parasites like Hunter Biden who get to steal probably billions out of the Ukraine every year out of Russia.

                  Pinochet’s Ghost is correct that for whatever reason with the Romney campaign (I’d say 2012) the Establishment Republicans became very hostile to Russia whereas Obama and Valerie Jarett for whatever reason were not quite yet. Not quite sure the reason for this. But by 2014 everyone turned hostile.. perhaps Obama and co thought the Ukraine coup was sure to bring Russia down through a color revolution and a proxy war was unneccesary but they turned hostile when the color revolution failed to spread to Russia.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  Victoria Nuland is literally a neocon. She was an adviser to Dick Cheney and then Bush’s ambassador to NATO. Interesting how she seems to be able to effortlessly switch parties?

                  Blinken’s early shenanigans:

                  “Blinken supported the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.[2][28] In 2002, he was appointed staff director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a position he served in until 2008.[25] Blinken assisted then-Senator Joe Biden, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in formulating Biden’s support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, with Blinken characterizing the vote to invade Iraq as “a vote for tough diplomacy”.[29]”

                  lol. News to me even

                  I am not convinced Maidan was done by Soros. While previous (and most/all subsequent) color revolutions have been State ops, Maidan was a Defense op using State tactics..

                • jim says:

                  Nuland and Kagan are often categorized as Neocons. But the neocons proper are the trotskyites purged from the Democratic party in 1972 by the commies. Jews purging Jews. Two Jews, three factions. They needed jobs, so signed up with the Republicans.

                  Nuland has no connection with any of that drama. Her first job was in the Bill Clinton administration, and when Bush replaced Clinton, kept her job, and soon thereafter a promotion. When Obama became president, immediately started working on color revolution in the Soviet Union. She is a lifetime civil servant.

                  No party switching involved. Politicians are temporary, civil servants are permanent. Watch “yes prime minister”

                  Blinken and Nuland are part of the presidency, which continues to rule as politicians come and go. The neocons were political activists who work through the party system. Completely different. Neocons try to influence the Republican party. The Republican party tries to influence the presidency. The president tries to influence the presidency. The presidency does not care.

                  From 1972 to 1990, the Democrats were trying to organize a managed surrender to a Soviet Union too moribund to accept. Trots hated the Soviets because Stalin, did not like that, got purged. All that is ancient history now. Current hatred of the Russia is for abandoning communism, and then instead of going globohomo, going Christian. Neocon hatred of Russia is for purging the trots. Neocons hate them for Stalinism. Current hatred is for Christianity.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  “the neocons proper are the trotskyites purged from the Democratic party in 1972 by the commies … Nuland has no connection with any of that drama”

                  You are grasping at straws. The fact that Victoria Nuland was born in 1961, and therefore could not have been a participant in a political factional struggle that took place in 1972, does not mean she cannot be a member of one of the factions that participated in that struggle. [*deleted for irrelevance and ignorance*]

                • jim says:

                  In order for her to be a member of the neocon faction, she would have had to have been helicoptered into the Bill Clinton administration by that faction in her youth. And back then the neocons were still in bad odor with the Democrats. And in especially bad odor with Jewish powerbrokers in the Democratic party.

                  So who helicoptered her in? Now obviously someone helicoptered her in, and I would be interested to know who. But don’t tell me she is a neocon, unless you can actually show a neocon connection. Chances are it was Jewish Democratic party powerbrokers. Who back then hated the Neocons with white hot hatred. Jew on Jew factional feud.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  I don’t agree that any part of my comment was irrelevant or, certainly in terms that should be addressed by deletion rather than rebuttal, ignorant. I will not respond to the truncated reply.

                • jim says:

                  “Relevant” would have been to produce an actual connection between Nuland and the Neocons.

                  Which you do not have. You do not know who the neocons are or were, you do not know who Trotsky was in relation to all that ancient Democratic party drama, you do not know why one bunch of Jews in the Democratic party hated another bunch of Jews in the Democratic party, you do not know how Trotsky died, and how his death led to all that now long forgotten passion and rage among Jewish Democrats.

                  You rambled on with a bunch of random stuff that revealed utter and total ignorance of the entire feud and its ancient history.

                  The neocons were trots. They hated the soviet union because of bloody and complicated events that bore everyone else, and other Jews in power hated them because those Jews loved the Soviet union.

                  So before the fall of the Soviet Union, the “prowar” powerful Jews were trots and the “antiwar” powerful Jews (actually Jews in favor of surrender to a Soviet Union too moribund to accept the surrender) hated those Jews.

                  Victoria Nuland was helicoptered into the Clinton Administration two years after the fall of the Soviet Union. At which time the feud was starting to fade a little bit, because trots now had no Soviet Union to hate, and the Democratic party Jews now had no Soviet Union to love, but the hatred was still pretty hot.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  I stated in my first reply to Cominator that she is married to Robert Kagan. I later stated her associations with Cheney and Bush and her involvement in Neocon projects.

                  Would you be so kind as to reinstate the full post?

                • jim says:

                  I delete stuff that I think is an irrelevant digression in order to keep important conversations on track, and did not keep it around. And if you repost a bunch of similar irrelevant digressions, will delete it again.

                  Her actual connections are relevant. You relevantly point out she is connected to Kagan, but Kagan is no more a neocon than Nuland or Blinken.

                  In order to demonstrate a neocon connection, you need an actual connection to an actual neocon. Someone Jewish who advocated conflict with the Soviet Union back when it existed. That is the defining and central issue that made the neocons neocons. Jewish leftists opposed to the Soviet Union.

                  The neocons were leftist Jews in the Republican party organized around a burning hatred of the then existent Soviet Union, and their primary enemies, their near enemy, were leftist Jews in the Democratic party organized around a passionate love of the then existent Soviet Union.

                  You relevantly point out her Bush connection, but Nuland did not enter to power via Bush and Republicans (who were indeed infested by neocons) but by Bill Clinton, whose regime was full of Jews who still hated neocons with burning passion. Bush regime was neocon infested, but the Jewish factions were still passionately feuding and still hated each other.

                  If she had come to power via Bush, that would have been highly suggestive of being helicoptered in by the neocon faction, but her connections are to the other side of the conflict between Jewish commies and Jewish trots. The Jewish commies purged the Jewish trots from the Democratic party in 1972, they signed up with the Republicans, and thus the trots became the neocons.

                  If she had came to power via Bush, that would have been an argument. But her initial entry to power and big boosts were Democrats. If vaguely in the vicinity of Bill Clinton, not a neocon and not the faintest smear of neocon connection. At the time, not one neocon tolerated anywhere near a Democrat. With Soviet Union receding into the past, the fiery passions have now dimmed, but the embers are still hot.

                  Bush was not a neocon. He had a neocon infested administration, but if one is not Jewish, not a neocon. To argue Nuland is of the neocon faction, you need to name an actual neocon. You need a thread of connections reaching back to before the fall of the Soviet Union. You need a thread of connection to left wing Jews who opposed the Soviet Union, back when it still existed.

                  The two factions hated each other and purged each other on sight. And back in the day, the pro Soviet Jews had a huge advantage in the purge wars, for they were in the inner party, while the trots were merely in the outer party.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  What you are saying is like that someone cannot be a communist unless they were personally touched on the head by one of the Old Bolsheviks, and that this is equally true in 1960 as it may have been in 1925.

                  Kagan, however, co-founded PNAC with Bill Kristol himself, so if that is not such a touch on the head, what is?

                • jim says:

                  You have a valid argument there. PNAC was unambiguously and obviously in the pocket of the neocons. (Though this was seven years after the fall of the Soviet Union, and they were trying to reach out.) So Kagan was cofounder of an obviously neocon organization, and is Nuland’s husband. So this is a thread of connection that supports the proposition that Nuland was helicoptered into the Clinton administration by neocons – by Jews of the Trot faction, rather than Jews of the commie faction.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  I belong to a few tabletop gaming clubs, and the most popular games are of the conspiracy genre, where the good guys can easily use their superior numbers to defeat the bad guys if they can figure out who the bad guys are.

                  Conspiracy theorists are insane but they’re also correct. The world is controlled by secret cabals of evil conspirators. The insanity comes from the mental strain of trying to make too many connections based on too little information. Case in point, Anonymous Conservative.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  My impression is that the pro-USSR faction did not keep fighting after the USSR fell, at least the faction of insiders, ignoring kooks who were outside both before and after the fall.

                  Much like how in 2014, suddenly everyone was, and had always been, anti-Russia, and the left was especially anti-Russia, even though just two years before “jesus-like” leftist leader Obama had made fun of his main opponent for believing Russia to be a threat, or any Cold War rhetoric or feeling to be relevant.

                  I am not sure what group dynamics led to this result, since I agree with you that there were both pro- and anti-USSR groups inside the US Government in 1989, and the anti-USSR group did not just go away.

                  Bill Clinton, although a Democrat, as far as I am aware never expressed any sympathy for the USSR, and indeed destroyed Yugoslavia which was the last remaining communist state in Europe.

  21. Starman says:


    Looks like Gab is currently unable to allow posting comments or posting reacts.

  22. Sher Singh says:

    The way Hinduism works is every ethnicity spawns its own set of Brahmins.

    These Brahmins then advocate their ethnic interests in the broader Sanskrit world.

    Punjabi Brahmins are Khalistani. Rajputs are as well tbh.



    • jim says:

      Globohomo wants its enemies to focus on each other, so that it can focus on them. You assure me they are succeeding. I doubt you are a reliable source. Globohomo always tells us it is succeeding. Lately it has obviously run into troubles, and it still tells us it is succeeding.

    • someDude says:

      This comment takes the cake. We’ve all long doubted you were a Sikh. Now I doubt whether you’ve ever been in India.

      Each ethnicity has its own Brahmins, indeed!!!!

      Ethnicity, huh?

      Do you understand how absurd that statement sounds to anyone living in India?

      Dharmic, you should go full tilt on this guy. I still wonder why GloboHomo is scared of reactionary Hindu blogs written in English. GAE fears English speaking Hindu reactionaries?

      I’m really flattered, but it still confuses the hell out of me.

      • jim says:

        > GAE fears English speaking Hindu reactionaries?

        It certainly does. I recall reading some rants about how powerful you are. There are people who think India is about to turn into a Hindu Nationalist dictatorship. “OK, where are some Hindu Nationalists? Let us see if we can make trouble between Hindu Nationalists who want a dictatorship, and Christian Nationalists who want a dictatorship.”

        India has nukes. India is alien to them – not so alien to the British, but very alien to a Jew in New York. When they see Modi being difficult, makes them nervous about your immense power.

        • someDude says:

          Sure, but the vehicle via which India can practically become a Hindu nationalist country is the Vernacular speaking crowd. To be sure the English speaking reactionaries do have some clout with the Modi government, one example is this guy, Sanjeev Sanyal, who wrote this bunch of books, https://www.amazon.in/Sanjeev-Sanyal/e/B001NV0VCW/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

          But English speaking Hindu reactionary bloggers and blog commentators who have no actual influence with anyone in power? I thought our numbers were insignificant. How much resources does Globohomo actually have. All this costs time and money, no?

          I thought the only thing English speaking Hindu reactionaries do is put paid to is the lie that all Hindu reactionaries are illiterate simpletons or Hindi speaking hicks from the Gangetic plains.

          • jim says:

            We are all priests. You don’t need numbers, you need intelligence, knowledge, and understanding of the common man. If an army, numbers matter. If trying to have a political movement, numbers matter. If you are fighting in memespace, you need good ideas. And because we are the weaker party, true ideas.

          • jim says:

            > But English speaking Hindu reactionary bloggers and blog commentators who have no actual influence with anyone in power?

            We reactionary Christians have influence, though it would be unwise for anyone to say more. If you do not have, you will.

            • someDude says:

              As my Hindi speaking brethren like to say, “aapke moo mein ghee shakkar”, loosely translated as, “Thank you for you kind words” and literally translated as “May there be Ghee and Sugar in your mouth”

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*bellicose war talk deleted*] jim deleting even conciliatory exchanges between Sikhs & Hindus here. [*more bellicose war talk deleted*]

                • someDude says:

                  Quarrels between Hindus and Sikhs are quarrels between Brothers. Happens in the family.

                  You are not a Sikh. You are a GloboHomo shill

                  You are trying to get Hindus and Sikhs to fight and hate each other so both Hindus and Sikhs can go to Globohomo for arbitration

      • jim says:

        There is starting to be a little bit of concern in globohomo, probably not from anyone important, that we are heading towards theocracy and theocratic monarchies. Back to Cesaropapism in Russia, obviously, similar Christian nationalist tendencies in the US, Talibanic states in the middle east. And theocratic hindu nationalism in India.

        Suppose that the officially unofficial state religion of the Global American Empire self destructs, the empire falls, and we wind up with Cesaropapist Christian monarchies in the west, Talibanic old type Muslim states in Middle East, and monarchy in India by divine right from Rama: I don’t think it likely that Christians would side with Muslims against Hindus on the basis that we are both people of the book, because to a Christian, Rama looks like a Christomancy, while Mohammed’s Angel looks like a demon. But who knows. States with different state religions are likely to quarrel. And a Christian Muslim alliance against the demon worshipers of Globohomo is in fact happening right now (Wagner is Christian, and getting Muslim religious support, while the Taliban memes in support of American reactionaries and always has) Also, Christians and Muslims have long considered ourselves people of the the book, quarreling cousins, something that Trump appealed to in the Abraham accords, and you not. On the other hand, Christians, despite our notorious tendency to categorize all alien Gods as demons, do not always categorize all alien gods as demons, but rather call them as we see them. I mentioned we classified Quetzalcoatl as a saint, and we also classified most Irish Gods as biological ancestors, the spirits of the dead, not as demons or evil spirits.

        • Ash says:

          the current Christian revival seems to be in Russia, and they are very friendly with India.. heroic deeds, feats of strength – India has a 6000 year old history, but can we not be respectful to one another, caring and more

          • jim says:

            Globohomo thinks it is entitled to rule the world, so all their adversaries naturally tend to alliance.

            Once it and its officially unofficial state religion is gone (and it is self destructing before our eyes) the successor state religions may have more tendencies to quarrel. Pretty sure, however, because Islam is inherently expansionist, and because Muslims never observe treaties for very long, what is likely is that Christians and Muslims will go at it again, and Christians find allies in India, because Hinduism not inherently expansionist. Which, if India is ruled by a monarchy with divine right from Rama, is likely to result in a reasonable interpretation of Rama. Not that Christians are all that famous for reasonable categorization of alien Gods.

      • Sher Singh says:

        [*not bluster, but silenced because I doubt you are a reliable source about India, and cannot be bothered checking you for accuracy*]



        I can tell you straightforward that the avg non-Dalit in the NW would rather convert to Islam than spend more than 5m around you people.

        Hopefully, Jim doesn’t censor this comment so the message gets across that this isn’t bluster.

        The vast majority of Punjab’s feudal elite already became Muslim & the remainder is Sikh.


        • jim says:

          Interestingly, there are indications of a smallish Aryan invasion by sea of Southern India by the same folk as settled Northern England, but it had only weak genetic impact compared to the Aryan invasion of the Northern India by land.

          Getting around the horn of Africa is not out of the question (the Phoenicians did it, and the ships of the last days of the collapse of Bronze Age civilization were as impressive or better than the Phoenician ships) or they could have dismantled their ships, taken them to the red sea by wagon, and rebuilt them.

          • Sher Singh says:


            • jim says:

              I was commenting on one of the chromosome distribution maps with an overwhelmingly detailed analysis of ancient and modern DNA see https://indo-european.eu showing where various groups of Aryans came from and where they went to. The Aryan sea peoples got around. Not going to debate this with someone who obviously has not looked at those maps, and for all his Aryan race mongering, shows not the slightest interest in looking at them.

              You talk racial ancestry, but will not look at the maps of chromosome distribution, and talk war while fearful of guns.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Everything about Soyboy Sikh screams “nigger” to me. He obviously lacks the IQ for even basic abstraction and engaging in rational debate, but more so his constant screaming of threats, contentless insults, bombast and the victimhood mindset, grievance mongering indicates that he is a spiritual nigger, if not a real one.

        • Adam says:

          Kind of reminds me of the average red tribe boomer going on endlessly about the constitution and the 2nd amendment, as if we are just days away from fighting back (going on 50 years now).

          The frustration is understandable but not much honesty there.

        • Sher Singh says:

          You’re avoiding the issue – you claimed Bluestar was against separatists.
          The separatist movement was launched after.

          Regionalism v Centralization has been a constant theme in Indian history.
          Being from a tribe without a geographic centre & reliant on bureaucracy for survival, of course you support the latter.

          Being a Brahmin, of course you give a theologic veneer to your own interests.

          Nothing else to it.


          • jim says:

            Allowing this through because I have absolutely no idea whether this is a legitimate comment, or he is just pulling random $#!% out of his ass as usual.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              He is saying that Bhindranwale was no separatist but purely pursuing legitimate Sikh self interest and the evil Indian state crushed the movement and caused thus Sikhs to become separatist.

              Now he repeatedly and falsely conflates the reactionary Hindu position with that of the Indian secular state and always avoids blaming globohomo for any of the problems facing the Sikh community and India today. He keeps attributing to me and other Hindu posters on this blog positions that we don’t hold and skirts around legitimate debate every time. I tried engaging him time and again and he reverts to angry chimp noises when confronted with brutal realities.

              I am willing to have a fruitful debate with a bona fide Sikh who doesn’t indulge in such tactics. I am not willing to debate this with globohomo propped up victimhood Sikh.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Let us be clear.

            Only a sovereign nuclear armed Hindu monarchy in India can guarantee Sikh autonomy and Sikh statehood. Without the umbrella of a nuclear Hindu India Sikhs on the frontline will be slaughtered by the desert cultists and their women taken and the remaining Sikhs not immediately in the line of fire of the desert cult will be completely turned into soyboys by globohomo.

            Dharmic faiths need to stick together at this critical point of history but you advise holy war between dharmic faiths while avoiding the immediate and pressing problem of globohomo and other non-dharmic faiths.

            • Sher Singh says:

              [*Bellicose triumphalism from a man with no guns speaking for a people with no guns deleted.*]

            • Sher Singh says:

              Was agreeing with you, but saying Dharma needs an expansionist vision.

              Jim is actively impeding agreement between Dharmic Panths.

            • ten says:

              This is incredibly annoying. India is important and i am happy you guys found your way here, to the extent that i can tolerate even stuff about india that i dont care about being discussed – if i really dont care, i’ll just not read. But this sikh dog apparently has absolutely nothing better to do than shit up the comments, you guys naturally feel compelled to answer his insanity, jim seems to enjoy slapping him around, while i am i growing increasingly less inclined to tolerate the comments section at all because it’s just this retard spamming his hatred for hindus 24/7.

              Sher Singh should not be here, he adds nothing, anti hindu crusade is by definition off topic always.

              Fuck Sher Singh and may his entire family be fed to pigs. I would kill you with my hands laughing while you swing your retard toy sword in your retard toy hat. You have obviously never given nor taken a punch, you are a faggot. Stop posting here, you worthless zero iq no lifer.

              What impels you to keep doing this? Just kill yourself already. It’s over and you’re not gonna make it. All your life amounted to is trying to stir fights where you aren’t even welcome in the first place. This is what you are. It’s garbage. Kill yourself. Your ancestors demand your death. The complete cosmic order cries out for your blood. The only thing you can do that will ever hold any value what so ever is to die.

              Kill your self. Now.

              Fuck Sher Singh.

              • Handi says:

                I concur. This is not a designated shitting blog. Shill Singh’s open defecation in the comments is an affront to civilization and to man’s dignity as a being created in the image of God.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “This is not a designated shitting blog”.

                  LOL I keked pretty hard at that.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                Yes, He’s been carrying out a “demoralization by defecation” campaign. First on my blog and when I deleted it, he has been doing it here.

                The limitations of WordPress.com to effectively ban such people forced me to delete my blog. He was flooding my blog with his useless comments. Added with threats of violence, doxxing and reporting to authorities.

              • someDude says:

                I think globoHomo pays him by the comment as he types it out and submits it. The fact that Jim censors him makes no difference to him since he gets paid anyway. Thats the reason that shills are so unresponsive and robotic. They get paid by the comment.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*nigger jive deleted*]

    • Ash says:


      how can I tell Pakistani men and women apart from indian men and women…

      takes around 3 seconds, like homosexuals about anal sex, or vegans about eating fungus, it gets advertised nonstop

      • Ash says:

        no indian can go 3 seconds… at most 2 minutes without telling me India is number 1

        • someDude says:

          Man, thats the Pajeet crowd your progressive system selects for. Hindu Reactionaries even have a name for this sort of behaviour, it’s called VishwaGuru Lolz. A real Hindu has a deep sense of loss at what we used to have and where we are now and simply cannot make idiotic statements like that.

          I’ve started seeing Hindu reactionaries apply the term Pajeet to any Indian who lacks culture, social graces or even basic civic sense.

  23. Redbible says:

    Question about texting game:

    There is a woman that is in my social circle. When I test her, she always texts back, and normally very quickly, but the replies she gives are normally quite short. The first 2 points would normally be IOIs, but short replies are normally a bad sign.

    What are people’s thoughts about a situation like this?

    • Guy says:

      It should be the opposite, you just make short replies and otherwise basically nothing. Get face to face, don’t be tied to your phone waiting on replies.

    • jim says:

      You are thinking too hard.

      Does she ever initiate texts to you, some of which you ignore? If not, time to look for better prospects, and figure out what is lacking in your social media game.

      If texts are always initiated by you, you are chasing, and she is giving you sufficient bait to keep on chasing. Women like that, it will go on forever.

    • Adam says:

      Text her something like “what color are your panties today?”. That is the right kind of texting. I usually only text when I am very bored, which is not that often, and abruptly stop texting when I am no longer bored. Seems to work.

      • SJ says:

        Yes be very sexual all the time and right away. If she doesn’t respond to you anymore then you just saved yourself a bunch of wasted time. If she responds with indignation then this is a shit test so agree and amplify or amused mastery it.

        • alf says:

          That is certainly an effective approach, but if an hitherto normal guy friend suddenly texts ‘I want to eat your pussy’, not going to be effective. Incongruent, weird. Yes there is a ‘fake it til you make it’ aspect to game, but I’d advise not to go from 0 to 100 unless you have somewhat a sense of what you’re doing.

          In the case of Redbible’s question, if he likes her, I’d advise just asking her out for coffee or sth. If she says yes, great. If she says no, at least you showed your intent and you can get on with your life.

          • Javier says:

            good advice in the sense you have to set the frame early. if he missed the thee microsecond window to shoot his shot and now he’s been beta texting for days/weeks/months, not gonna happen.

            guys, don’t fuck around. if some girls number ends up on your phone and you want to smash, your first text should be inviting her out for a drink. especially if she’s from the friend circle or whatever. she probably already knows all about you and if youre preselected shes just waiting for you to take the initiative. and if not and you have no shot then no magical texting game is going to save you. sitting around sending messages back and forth is for 4th grade pen pals.

      • Ash says:

        ye do what Adam said.. wow been a while since game.. ffs, going to have to check daughters phones in the next 10 years and explain..

        what a good question to ask.. Adam, clutch question.. been so long

        • Ash says:

          for the guys wondering about sex or what not..

          Adam did not ask a sexual question, he asked a question related to an item of clothing.. it is a Rorschach test, if she is interested, she will be willing to tell him the colour and when the lady put it on

  24. Hesiod says:

    Tucker is a Putin shill! Reeeee!


    “Diversity is our strength! Trans-women are women! Zelensky is Churchill!”

    His opening monologues have been sorely missed.

    • Hesiod says:

      *Hangs head in shame*

      Forgive me, folks. Tucker, over halfway through, goes into some UFO crap as he is sometimes wont to do. Don’t know what to make of that other than WTF, Tuck?

      • Guy says:

        The stories of them reverse engineering downed UFOs don’t register and aren’t causing mass uproar because nobody truly believes it, other than morons like Chris Mellon and Luiz Elizondo. Tucker is wrong, the media isn’t ignoring these stories; the WSJ, NYT and Washington post have pushed these guys’ stories at different points over the last few years. They’re all basically cut and pastes of the latest one and full of extraordinary claims and calls for “transparency”

        The only rational explanation I can think of is that it’s a stupid bluff, like saying to the world “we have crazy wonderweapons, better watch out”. But seems more likely a grift with some true believers mixed in.

      • Aryaman says:

        Tucker said something like “that’s what the former intelligence officer revealed [UFOs and aliens are real] and it’s clear he is telling the truth” which sounds pretty self-evidently ridiculous when you write it down.

        My explanation for this all is that for whatever reason these people need to just annoy you with nonsense every now and then and so it is with this. Various international crises they tell you about and everyone fixates on for a time (Rohingyas, Uighurs, whatever) follows a similar pattern, where they just need to annoy people with nonsense. In those cases, the annoying you with nonsense bit is connected to some other nonsense color revolution they have going on. Here it’s probably connected to trying to do a war on China, or whatever.

        (They use the word “hypersonic” a lot even though it could refer to all kinds of different stuff and just use it as a signifier of something without telling you more. And they always use it in connection with China, Russia and now I guess aliens).

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Tucker either is or was Team B not dissident or alt. Which really he’s honest about, he talks about his elite not prole upbringing and about “applying for but not getting” 😉 employment by the CIA.

        Whether he’s still taking marching orders, whether he’s still on the reservation at all, are separate questions. But the UFO/aliens mentions lend some weight to the Team B or asset side of the scale.

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      CNN tells you what you’re supposed to think. Fox tells you what you’re allowed to think. Thus Tucker in the past was valuable because his presence made boomers feel allowed to think (for instance) that White Replacement is undesirable. Go Tucker.

      Tucker is no longer on Fox. Maybe he’ll proceed to go FAR-right (in which case his residual legitimacy from having been Fox’s biggest star would continue to be a asset to the cause). Maybe almost his entire boomer audience will migrate online to follow his Twitter show. In either case, Go Tucker. But I expect neither will happen. And if they don’t…that means, to a degree he never did in the past, Tucker can now only influence people as a /direct/ competitor to further-right thought leaders.

      “Should people be able to get married if they love each other? Yeah, they should, that’s fine. Not that controversial of a point at this stage.” -Tucker Carlson

      In the past, extenuating circumstances made useful a man that could say such words. Those circumstances have changed. I think he’s in the way.

  25. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The phrase ‘conflict minerals’ is a great expression of baizuo psychology. Nobody cares about things that have no value; therefore, the solution to ‘conflict’ is to remove all value from everything everywhere.

    • Handi says:

      The other side of the same coin is “gun violence”. Both terms beg the question that violence is just a mapping between inanimate objects, with perfectly equal human lives caught in the middle. If it were otherwise the case then one would either have to accept a value judgment about who is more worthy of life, or else accept that might makes right. Either conclusion implies personal jeopardy for leftists because leftists are neither righteous nor strong, hence crimestop.

  26. Sher Singh says:

    [*this comment seems to come from an alternate history where Sikhs won against Ghandis, instead of getting slaughtered like sheep*]

  27. Sher Singh says:

    [*Cathedral gaslighting deleted*]

  28. Kunning Druegger says:


    Came across this. It is in reference to this:


    The author contends it was fecal build up that instigated the derailment. This might be true or false, I can see the thrust of the argument being accurate as tolerances are always tighter than many realize… but I keep thinking back to how quite suddenly a few burning churches in India was news worthy, after literal years of church attacks, crisis pregnancy center attacks, and both official and officially unofficial mayhem meted out on Christians in the US and Europe.

    I’m not sharing this for others to shit on our dharmabros. We all must bear the sins of our countrymen, and any moon crickets that want to poke fun about street shitting have to contend with our “brother’s” nigger worship, pussy pedestaling, and migrant simping. Sometimes hilarious ethno-racial jokes aside, I do think there are many elements of the GAE going after Modi, and have been for a while now, so this seems like an interesting attack crafted to appeal to American shitlords and drive wedges.

    Or maybe a bunch of dirty, illiterate commoners using train infrastructure as an outhouse caused a massive train accident.

    • someDude says:

      There is just one reference to poop causing issues in that entire long document. It’s one of many issues that cause derailments. Of course, the chap who shared that is an Indian leftist and using it to attack Modi.

      The reference to poop is in bad faith and it is clear that he is playing to the sensibilities of western audiences who are viscerally attracted to any mention of poop and India in the same sentence.

      Yes, poop is a problem in India, but not as big as it used to be and nowhere near as big as it is being made out to be. We’ve got problems bigger than poop. Poop is simply a manifestation of some other core issues.

      This particular train derailment, smells strongly like sabotage.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        That’s what I thought after I got over my initial, inherent western cruel humor feels. They really are going after Modi and BJP hard, and I think it is because they did not replenish AFU’s dwindling Soviet/post-Soviet stocks, particularly Pantsir, S300, BUK, etc.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Note that in a uniquely Hindu Royal Ceremony, Modi recently installed the “sengol” in the new Parliament Building, after the necessary religious rituals. A “sengol” was a scepter and a symbol of Divine Monarchy in ancient India.

          The significance of this was not lost on the opposition who went into a tizzy about it.

          There are also frantic attempts by the usual suspects to rewrite the history of the “sengol” as a secular object to represent “justice”.

          Whether Modi really wants to be that Monarch in actuality is unclear and he probably doesn’t. But the very installation of a symbol of Divine Monarchy in India’s parliament is, in my eyes, a very positive sign for the future.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            See picture here

            • Aryaman says:

              At some point we are going to need priests that look the part. He should get S. S Rajmouli to direct his propaganda ops.

          • jim says:

            Republics die for lack of virtuous elite. The Indian decay, however seems to be less bad than the American decay. Which is odd, because the dot Indians in our elite are the absolute worst scum. The East Asian are not too bad.

            A King appointed by God is getting closer for America. Still some distance off for India. And you have the problem of which God. Seems obvious to me, a Christian, that you need, or will in time need, a King appointed by Rama.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Makes a lot of sense, actually. Based dharmaBros dumped their traitor elites on England and the US, getting rid of the scoundrels while handicapping their most (at the time) capable foes. The chinks are too racist for a trick like that. Actually quite smart, too bad my children will suffer for it. Still, I always appreciate good 4D chess moves.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                By nature elite immigrants tend to be defectors while prole immigrants come purely for monetary gain. So naturally any immigration policy that allows a foreign elite class entry will select for defectors.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                There are a huge number of Indian subcontinental immigrants in the Middle East but nowhere near a problem as they are in the West because the Middle East only imports a majority of proles and elite immigrants are few in number and keep strictly away from any levers of power.

                • Aryaman says:

                  That’s not quite, or entirely, it.

                  A lot of the extremely well paid professionals in Dubai are also Indian; the professional elite there is mostly Indian or Anglo. Plus there are quite a few extremely wealthy Indians there for tax and ease-of-doing-business reasons. And not just Dubai. A bunch of doctors in Saudi Arabia are from India as well.

                  The difference is that subversion against the state is not tolerated in Dubai. Another difference is that the professional Indians in Dubai do not see themselves as Emirati, nor as immigrants, but merely Indian merchants doing business in Dubai. On top of that, the Indians in Dubai got to be there because they were good at whatever they did for a given wage, not scamming a shitty system that selects for scammers.

                  I have been saying that a lot of the problem with Indians in America is certain of their innate proclivities to be annoying amplified by education in American schools where they are taught they deserve everything the native rubes built, where they are rewarded for subversion against the native ethos. And they are selected for their proclivity to scam. “Not sending their best”, and all that.

                  And I don’t want to intimate that a bunch of Indians here are secretly based or anything like that — they are not — but the shrill Indians in public life are hardly representative of random doctors strewn throughout the country. They are a lot better in those parts of the country where they don’t have massive communities enabling an insular, parasitic lives.

                  The marginal Indian probably sucks, though. Used to be actually smart people came here. Top graduates using the PPP-adjusted exchange rate can get domestic salaries north of $500,000 (with average salaries for graduates from top schools above $100,000) right out of school. So instead the people you get are system-scammers of various kinds who do not have the chops to earn that kind of money in India ending up in bullshit email jobs and priestly sinecures in America.

                  You can’t go to Dubai and make money doing bullshit.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >The chinks are too racist for a trick like that

                Did you see the picture of Chinese women in a swimming pool full of affirmative action (yes, China has that too, they even exempted minorities from the 1 child policy) Africans at the behest of their University?


                Saying the Chinks are too racist is like saying the Slavs in Soviet Union are too racist. Sure, the general population is racist, but the governments are still Communist. Remember, the Soviets had affirmative action too and were big supporters of Africans both inside Soviet lands and outside in Western countries.

                • Fidelis says:

                  How sure are you this isnt glownigger propaganda? Ive interacted with a few obvious shills pushing this, “oh yeah china is Based huh? here is a picture of AFRICANS AND CHINESE GIRLS”. Seems very cherrypicked to me, and it is perfectly in their frame of “despair whitey, nigs are just too handsome and charming and get all the girls!”

                • ten says:

                  I can’t talk to the “no chinese guys” stuff, doesn’t make sense, never seen anything like it, really doubt it.

                  A segregated pool in a segregated university where niggers are “taught engineering” ie taught mandarin and whatever chinese engineers might need them to know for chinese projects in africa is not affirmative action.

                  They are trying to remedy the empire of dust, not importing the blacks to stay, not giving them a spot someone else lost.

                  If i were to guess, it was impossible to get male sponsors for the black students, no volunteers, and impossible to get enough female sponsors, so 1 girl 3 blacks, and the pool is temporarily restricted to a kickoff event for the students and their sponsors. This is in line with my experience of uni in china, whereas “hahahah boy sure do we commies loove race mixing, lets have random and arbitrary rules to force nigger dick into tiny chinese pussy in pools” is extremely contrary to it.

                • Aryaman says:

                  How sure are you this isnt glownigger propaganda?

                  Yeah that picture looked like the thumbnail for a subversive porn scene.

                  and the pool is temporarily restricted to a kickoff event for the students and their sponsors.

                  That explains the restriction and the rule, but why would any of the girls even show up, let alone pair off as presented? Looks totally fake to me.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >How sure are you this isnt glownigger propaganda?
                  >Yeah that picture looked like the thumbnail for a subversive porn scene.

                  the study buddy program was established in 2016 to promote cooperation between foreign and Chinese students. […] application forms show that multiple Chinese volunteers are now grouped and assigned to one foreign student to assist them with school assignments or to keep them company during other (social) activities. […] a specific focus on gender, requiring students to choose options for becoming a study buddy, including that of “making foreign friends of the opposite sex” and allowing them to indicate their preference for their matched buddy’s personality. A notice circulating on Weibo from the university showed that 47 foreigners taking part in the program were each matched with three Chinese students, most of them female.

                  >the pool is temporarily restricted to a kickoff event for the students and their sponsors.
                  Try permanently restricted

                  In all the years Alex Shu has spent at Capital Normal University in Beijing he has never once used the campus swimming pool. He was always told it was under maintenance – it had been since 2015 – so if he wanted to swim he would have to go to the local gym. It came as something as a shock, therefore, when he found out from an online video recently that the university did have a working swimming pool, only it was reserved for international students.


                  >not affirmative action.

                  There’s a two track affirmative action system. Domestic one for the officially recognized 55 minority groups… actually, make that 54 since the Uyghur started acting up. It involves giving them proportional representation in local government, government strong arming of business to hire minorities, no-interest loans to businesses operated by minorities, and also the classic diversity students in college.

                  The foreign one is aimed towards international students. Only about half of the “students” are perusing degrees. Many are unreliable and only there for ideological reasons. The Soviets did the same thing. Wine and dine these “students” and send them back to their home nations to be professional Communist agitators.

                • ten says:

                  “That explains the restriction and the rule, but why would any of the girls even show up, let alone pair off as presented? Looks totally fake to me.”

                  yeah the picture is obviously not of a pool belonging to a uni in beijing, i disregarded the picture from the beginning

                • Fidelis says:

                  Reposting the same articles doesn’t prove this isn’t cherrypicked and being amplified for propaganda purposes.

                  It also looks like this is a diplomatic ploy. Gaius Julius married his daughter to Pompey for political reasons, its not exactly communism to throw pussy at young potential political allies. In fact I’m fond of pointing out that this is ancient chink biocivilizational strategy. Got a problem population nearby? Throw thousands and millions of yellow pussies at it, they turn chinese in two generations. Of course now that they destroyed the family this strategy is going to backfire if they keep pushing it. They’re more likely to try and form a caste of half-yellows to administer the colonies, like the Portuguese in Angola, as they pursue african administration.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Reposting the same articles doesn’t prove this isn’t cherrypicked

                  You’re missing the nuance. One link is to South China Morning Post. The newspaper has become China’s mouthpiece to the English speaking world. If it’s getting reported there, there is tacit approval from authorities. Moreover, it reports Chinese think tanks, which all require government approval, are more or less behind the policies of a diverse international college system. SCMP and the authorities are defending what happened.

                  The second link is a rough summery of Weibo reporting on the story. Weibo bloggers are not state sanctioned but are censored. The commoners are complaining about what happened.

                  It is a relatively small incident, but it happened because of real power inside of China and not some outside subversion. The egalitarianism is inherent to Chinese Communism which I pointed out to you with how China has affirmative action policies for domestic minorities. Right now it’s not too bad, just like 1980s America wasn’t too bad, but given an opportunity for holiness spiraling (which China may very well be on track right now), it can go really bad within several decades.

                  >Throw thousands and millions of yellow pussies

                  Massive oversupply of dicks in China and severe pussy shortage. Why not make it worse, what could possibly go wrong with having millions of unattached, disgruntled, young men. Much more expedient to push the extras into the colonies than to be making the situation worse by importing men from the colonies.

                  >young potential political allies

                  Except the government softly admitted it’s not working because those “young potential political allies” are mostly expensive duds.

            • someDude says:

              well, in India, Rama Rajya (Reign of Lord Rama) is a thing, or what yoU would call a schelling point. No such thing as Krishna Rajya or Yudhisthira Rajya. The Indians understand the Mahabharata as a tale of the fall and destruction though they don’t ascribe the fall to Krishna.

              On Indian elite imports to the west, note that they hate hate hate Hindus, Hinduism and the dislike is mutual. The likes of Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Preet Bharara et al can absolutely be counted on to support any policy that would hurt India. Note The massive attendance of the Trump rally in India by Modi supporters.

              But the idea that the only hope for Hinduism is a dharmic monarchy has yet to get of the ground.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Indians have been crowding onto and shitting all over everything since forever. So yes the timing is suspicious.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      All early accounts indicated that it was not derailment that caused the accident but the collision with the freight train on the loop line which caused the accident.

      Now why green signal was given for the main line and taken off and the switch set to the loop track is the big question and somedude hints that it may be sabotage.

    • Aidan says:

      Supposedly, the ballast under the tracks needs to stay relatively clean so that the tracks don’t warp under the extremely heavy pressures of a train. Something with fluid dynamics for uniform-sized gravel. Presumably, enough shit will indeed cause a derailment, but it sounds like it’d have to be a lot of shit.


    • Anonymous says:

      Very likely sabotage. And there’s videos coming out of Muslims placing rocks strategically on other railway tracks. Even Muslim children ffs https://www.facebook.com/1091042199/posts/pfbid02TMLft4LAAjtS4KUrsV2pMr7yqPhiZqEnQSmegse5z2RmPSQs7rvxUwnFaigYkHpwl/?d=n

  29. Gedeon says:

    Wagner Chef


    1) He’s not getting anymore veterans.
    2) He’s not getting anymore convicts.
    3) He’s not getting any love from conventional .ru military.
    4) $2.xx mbtu natural gas
    5) Oil supply cuts = internal global deflation signal

    Ukraine will make a go at blocking off land access to Crimea via a move south out of Zaporizhzhia. If Russia couldn’t lock down Ukraine in the first month, they can’t do it at all.

    Not too many people are aware of this, but it’s worth noting…


    • jim says:

      > Ukraine will make a go at blocking off land access to Crimea via a move south out of Zaporizhzhia

      “Blocking off land access to the Crimea” is escape from war of attrition into war of movement.

      This will be their third or fourth such attempt to block land access to Crimea via a move south out of Zaporizhzhia. I have lost count. A bunch of fresh reserves with American tanks are having a go right now. Which surprised me, I thought the Ukraine was out of fresh reserves. They grabbed some turf successfully a short while ago, and then tried to keep on moving. Then they fell back to the ruins that they had created, which is a pretty good indication that their fresh reserves are now stuck in the war of attrition, as with all previous attempts and all previously fresh reserves.

      it was a classic attempt to use World War II tactics to attain war of movement. Supposedly the US wonder tanks will make World War II tactics work. And World War II tactics did work, for a short distance. But last I heard, which was six hours ago, seems like it stopped working. It seems to have turned back into World War I, as usual, possibly due to too many wonder tanks getting blown up.

      The idea is that a mighty column of tanks suddenly shows up, penetrates the front lines, penetrates deep into the enemy’s rear, causing chaos. Last I heard, the surviving tanks had pulled back to take cover amidst the ruins.

      Three columns of tanks and armored personnel carriers charged headlong into enemy held territory. Obvious attempt to use World War II tactics. Did not get a World War II outcome. They charged into enemy territory, took some territory very quickly, lost too many tanks very quickly. Attrition. Very swift capture of some turf, but the idea of World War II tactics, war of movement made possible by tanks, is that you gain turf cheaply. That as I write this, the tanks are now skulking in the ruins indicates that though the capture was of turf was World War II swift, it was not World War II cheap.

      • Severian says:

        “A bunch of fresh reserves with American tanks are having a go right now.”

        No Bradley seen yet but Leopard 1 and 2s are showing up on the frontlines. I’m assuming these are the new troops trained in the west composing most of these formations?

        Doesn’t seem to be going great so far. They are recreating Kursk on the side of the Nazis. But They also sacrificed a lot of people in Kherson and had great success later on in Kharkiv so lets see, but Russian Frontlines don’t have nearly as many vulnerable spots as they had back then.

      • jim's a liar says:

        “This will be their third or fourth such attempt to block land access to Crimea via a move south out of Zaporizhzhia. I have lost count”

        You have lost count of what you have hallucinated. They have not EVER made ANY such attempt yet as they didn’t have the means. This is plain and blatant lying.

        Next up, explain how Ukraine just blew up the Nova Kahovka dam and is trying to blame it on Russia, and the Russian soldiers talking on video about how they did it are obvious Ukrainian provocateurs.

        • jim says:

          When a whole bunch of reserves show up and charge into Russian held territory in the direction of the black sea, what else is it?

          The idea of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is a World War II type battle. Russians tried that repeatedly, failed. And now the Ukrainians have tried it repeatedly and failed.

          It goes nowhere, and then they say, well not the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, just an exploratory thrust. But each such “exploratory thrust” winds up committing a whole lot of reserves and material that is then not readily available for ever promised, ever delayed Greatest Ukrainian Counter offensive, because they are mired in attritive warfare. Not to mention somewhat banged up. The latest swift lightning thrust towards the Black Sea ate up a fair few tanks, so the Russians say, and that the surviving tanks were skulking in the ruins at the time I posted suggests that the Russians are not whistling in the dark.

          The basic idea of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is to restore war of movement. And every time a whole bunch of reserves are suddenly committed somewhere war of movement does indeed start. And then stops.

          If these are not unsuccessful attempts to begin the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, what are they doing? If these are not attempts to begin the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive they should be holding these reserves back for the real Greatest Ukrainian Offensive.

          When you suddenly commit a bunch of reserves somewhere, it either is because there is an emergency and you need to stop the enemy from breaking through, or because you want to cause an emergency for the enemy and break through. There was no emergency for the Ukrainians, and they failed to create an emergency for the Russians. Just more of the same old war of attrition, that building up a reserve and then suddenly hurling it at the Russians at one point on the front was supposed to escape.

        • jim says:

          > Next up, explain how Ukraine just blew up the Nova Kahovka dam

          The Ukrainians mortared it. We have videos of incoming mortar fire. Probably the Ukrainians just floated naval sea mines down the river and the mortar fire was to prevent the Russians from intercepting and destroying the sea mines.

          Since the Russians control the dam, obviously they are not going to be the ones mortaring themselves. So has to be Ukrainian mortars.

          But, however the dam was destroyed, it was under a Ukrainian attack at the time it was destroyed.

          • notglowing says:

            The fact that Russia passed legislation to postpone investigations on these kinds of incidents just a short time before the dam blew up, is mighty suspicious.
            I believe they blew it up themselves.

            • c4ssidy says:

              some evidence for the other side: https://archive.is/JqqgA

              “Kovalchuk considered flooding the river. The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a HIMARS launcher on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnieper’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings but not flood nearby villages.
              The test was a success, Kovalchuk said, but the step remained a last resort. He held off.”

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Do you also believe they blew up the pipeline they controlled? Do you also believe they shelled the nuclear power plant they occupied?

              Every single month of this war, the MSM Voice has fabricated new, evil plots by the Putlerists that are Bollywood tier villainy, from slaughtering their own civilians to bombing their own forces to stealing washing machines for microchips to forcing a mass exodus of “smart & talented” individuals. And every time, every single time, it is proven false, fabricated, misinformed, or plain stupid.

              This actually makes a lot of sense, because this whole war is the result of an eternal, repetitive gaslighting operation perpetrated by literal kikes and faggots at State Department and their allies in the NGO/Nonprofit sphere. The first thin Biden did, the literal first action in office, was set the UKR and RF on a collision course, which wasn’t that hard because the snakes and traitors in Trump’s office had fooled him into continuing to feed the AFU build up (though, to his credit, he stopped the secret, camouflaged as “no weapons” aid that the Obama regime had been pumping in which, counterintuitive though it may seem, was far, far more dangerous than giving them actual weapons) that had begun in an oh so bipartisan way after the Nuland Coup instigated the Crimean Annexation, which was the inevitable result of the NeoCon/NeoLib conspiracy to use NATO Expansion as a vehicle for Liberal World Order expansion that culminated in the Bucharest memorandum, the Gavrilo Princip Moment that set a course towards a third world war.

              Being a regular here, you should know this: everything they say is a lie, to the point that even when they say the truth it is somehow tainted and destructive.

              Here’s the modelling for the “worst case” flooding: https://t.me/CIG_telegram/31652

              How does it help Russia to swamp the defenses they’ve been prepping for months? The Kremlin has been so clumsy and simple this whole time, so slow to do anything in its own best interest, forever trying to get back to the negotiating table, but now they just up and destroy a dam they’ve been protecting and repairing after it was damaged by the AFU, an act which was EXPLICITLY SAID TO BE A WARNING AND PROOF OF CONCEPT?

              Yeah, ok, maybe this time Russia really is the evil terrorist power the trannie loving, black worshipping, woman led, child mutilating, industry destroying, culture degrading, anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian daemon worshipping faggots say they are. lol

              • notglowing says:

                I don’t think anyone seriously believes Russia sabotaged their own pipeline.
                But while it’s possible Ukraine destroyed the dam, the information in the article I linked hints that Russia was at least thinking about doing something like that.
                If they didn’t actually do it, they probably were planning to whenever such an action would be tactically useful to them.

                It’s propaganda regardless of which side you listen to. That’s just the nature of war and I’m not really willing to just believe Russian or American media; We have no way to verify what actually happens, and generalizing like that will probably leave you blindsided at some point.

                The Russians don’t lie in the same ways American media does but they are pretty unashamed about making propaganda. Perhaps that makes them more honest, but I don’t take their word for anything, either.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The same Russia that has been so reticent – self-destructively I might argue – about hitting any targets besides line troops, is actually a disciple of Mao willing to even shoot off its own foot as long as it also hurts the Other in some way in the process, or so the argument goes?

                  You’re not thinking very critically about this.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >It’s propaganda regardless of which side you listen to.

                  Russian misrepresentation takes the form of exaggerating one thing and downplaying another.

                  GAE misrepresentation takes the form of pissing on your shoes and telling you it’s raining.

                • jim says:

                  As I said, videos of mortar fire. The dam was under Ukrainian attack when it fell.

        • jim says:

          The Russians claim to have inflicted ridiculously enormous damage on the latest incarnation of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, and no one believed them. But now videos of exploding Ukrainian armor are coming in indicating that Russian estimates for armored vehicles are in the right ballpark. It was a turkey shoot,.

          If their estimates for Ukrainian armor are realistic, maybe their estimates for grunts are also.

        • Aidan says:


          Yeah the Russians blew up their dam and flooded their own positions on the lower left bank to hinder the terrifying Ukrainian assault in Kherson, a direction the Ukraine wasn’t even pushing hard in. Fucking idiot.

      • Gedeon says:

        The war of attrition is economic and Russia cannot win it with oil at $7x and Natural Gas ~$2/mbtu.

        The chef is the rat in Putin’s gang.

        • jim says:

          Because Russia is a gas station masquerading as a great power 🙃

          You guys think you can gaslight your way to victory.

          The war has revealed that Western GDP is fake and gay, and rapidly getting faker and gayer. Diversity and the Lavender Mafia has given us an elite incapable of running a modern economy, and everything is slowly falling apart, while in Russia, national capitalism imposed on Russia from outside has revitalized the Russian economy. Russia is a modern economy that produces the tech needed for war. The west has an economy that the war has revealed cannot.

          The Patriot’s missile launch systems are gone. The himars are gone. And the wonder western tanks with their wonder armor are undergoing last minute repairs to get them battle ready.

          In the Ukraine, we see repeated attempts to return to World War II battle tactics, to escape war of attrition. Each attempt is costly, and getting costlier.

          In each attempt, the Russians claim to inflict very high casualties on the attackers. Are the Russians gaslighting themselves? The thrust stops.

          The Russian tanks have demonstrated greater range than that claimed for the western wonder tanks. The western wonder tanks are claimed to have greater survivability, they can in theory charge close enough to Russian tanks that the range does not matter.

          So to be useful, you need a big column of western tanks that charges right in and keeps on going till it rolls over the enemy. There is a strange reluctance to use the tanks in this manner. Or any manner. The problem may well be that they are all undergoing repairs. But perhaps they are all being held back for the mighty, but strangely ever delayed, Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive.

          Perhaps we shall shortly see what happens when a mighty column of Western tanks charges Russian lines. The entire strategy makes no sense unless western tanks are indeed mighty, and are about to be used in this manner. The whole idea is that the Ukraine will escape from war of attrition, roll over Russian positions, and Putin will lose power for a painfully costly but unsuccessful war. And for that to happen, a mighty column of Western tanks has to roll over the Russians. What we have been seeing instead so far is theatrics and gaslighting. You cannot gaslight your way to victory.

          • S says:

            The issue with an armor push is while Ukraine was able to contest Russian airpower, they are now running out of munitions and Russia has air superiority over the territory Russia controls.

            So tank columns get met with helicopters who annihilate them. Trying to use mobile AA means the Russians pull the copters back and pound with drones and artillery before attacking again.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              There were only a few precious decades between the advent of main battle tanks, and then aircraft capable of easily destroying them. Like 1930-1960 tops.

              It’s just that we have so much cultural heritage/pride wrapped up in that brief period, so many photographs and movies from and about those times. The super-power of tanks is “still real in our minds”.

              There must be 12 year olds all over the world now who see tanks as antiquated, like I see horses.

              How many tanks did it take to do Nordstream? 9-11? These train derailments? All those Chinese pigs getting sick? Covid? BLM? That dam yesterday?

          • alf says:

            > You cannot gaslight your way to victory.

            It is a joy to see the newspapers do their usual ‘Putin is weak, weaker, weakest’ thing, only to frustratingly observe it does not work.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >Russia is a gas station

            The party line is stupid, stupid, stupid. So what if it’s a “gas station.” It’s a gas station with nukes and that demands caution for the same reason one shouldn’t fuck around inside actual gas stations with armed cashiers/owners. Russia is also “just a power station” with a shit ton of fast breeder reactors pumping out unknown quantities of radioactive materials, many of which the West can no longer produce in any meaningful way. Russia is “just a giant farm” producing food for 100s of millions. Russia is just… Russia is just… etc etc.

            These people hate material production, have isolated themselves from it so long, they no longer understand the importance. To them food showing up on their plate is just service sector magic and not hardy men working the fields.

            • jim says:

              Oh those silly Russians producing mere physical things. Wealth is what is created in New York skyscrapers full of three hundred dollar an hour lawyers and accountants. New York and Washington are the economic powerhouses of the world, while the Russians are just those like those poor ignorant yokels in flyover country who depend on the genereous largesse of New York and Washington. 🙃

              According to their GDP calculations, the lawyers in the New York skyscrapers are supporting all those yokels in flyover country.

              • FrankNorman says:

                “For though we had plenty of money, there was nought that our money could buy.
                And the Gods of The Copybook Headings said:
                If you don’t work, you’ll die.”

    • The Cominator says:

      The fog of war on the Ukraine war is worse than in any war I’ve ever seen but I’ve not heard really any good news for Ukraine anywhere since it was confirmed Bakhmut fell (the fog is so bad there was ambiguity on that point for a week and a half afterwords) other than the supposed glowop uprising in Belograd.

      I suspect the Ukraine counteroffensive to be as imaginary as Steiner’s counterattack. For reference… I bet cokehead Zelensky is probably even more unhinged than Hitler here.


    • Mister Grumpus says:

      What I’m gathering here is that WW2 movement-war just doesn’t work out when the other guy has spotter drones, space cameras, hand-launched anti-vehicle missiles, and rapidly-responding artillery.

      But this WW3 assassination war stuff can work, where you couple hypersonic missiles to hacking and pinpointing the enemy defense minister’s Telegram account somehow.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        this is a completely hollow boast, but I am absolutely certain that if control of the Russian state and military were handed to Jim and the regulars on this blog, we could absolutely begin deploying IEW and get a war of movement. I know that sounds like very typical keyboard warrior/ armchair general bullshit, but My amateur study of military history leaves me certain that it is almost always the case that all the tools for victory are present in basically every army, it is just a question of getting rid of the leadership that it’s too blinded by personal desires or outdated paradigms and unleashing the real talent on the situation.

        honestly, if there was any way for us to be transported to the Kremlin or even Kiev with a handful of nukes, we could absolutely tip the balance just by being so outside the current paradigm. or maybe not, it’s not going to happen anytime soon, more is the pity.

        • jim says:

          A century after World War I, it is still shells and cannon fodder in trenches. Tech should have changed all this.

          Tech has negated the tank cavalry charge. I can envisage no end of technologies and tactics that could be being used, and are not. But our leading exponent of Information Epoch warfare is Trump, who always reminds of us his little chat with a Taliban leader.

          You will notice that Ukrainian terrorism in Russia targeted bloggers. That shows some understanding of information epoch warfare.

          Each shell is quite expensive, and the Russians are expending about twenty thousand shells a day. They guesstimate they have killed about about fifteen thousand Ukrainians in the last month so that is about forty shells per Ukrainian casualty. Each shell is also quite big, hugely more than you need to kill a person, and their air launched guided bombs are huge, suitable for knocking out armored vehicles if they land somewhere not too far from the armored vehicle. This seems like a woefully inefficient expenditure of explosive on highly expendable and easily replaceable grunts.

          There is obvious room for radical improvements in efficiency.

          Aside from the obvious Trump thing of focusing on taking out leaders, there is also a lot of room for improvement in drone warfare for taking out those expendable and replaceable grunts. Turns out drones are not very useful as observation platforms, because they have a very short life expectancy. If the drone can see you, you can see the drone. This problem can be remedied by having a much shorter time between being spotted by a drone, and dying, and by having several drones that can triangulate on the sound of anti drone fire from hidey holes on the ground.

          End guided shells are absurdly expensive. I have a thousand dollar drone that can follow me around. Why does an end guided shell cost enormously more? Also they are stupid. From the known deficiencies of the shell in tracking moving targets, it is obviously simply heading directly to the target.

          The correct algorithm is not to simply go in the direction of the target, but to go in the direction such that the direction of the target relative to the inertial frame remains constant. Maybe for some reason they could not build an inertial frame sensor that could survive being fired, though since inertial frame sensors are extremely tiny, it should not be hard to build one capable of surviving being fired.

          Also, consumer drones are dirt cheap. Why are drones that kill people so big and so hugely expensive? Put a few grams of explosive in my drone, it could kill someone.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            As my good friend Nassim Nicholas Taleb used to say, the restaurants in New York weren’t good because restauranteurs ‘learned from their mistakes’, they were good because bad restaurants kept going out of business, until a restaurant that happened to be good eventually took the place.

            Back when many of these guided munitions were first designed the electronics were niche and expensive. And they are still niche and expensive today (perhaps even more so even) because tech stagnation.

            Consumer electronics have advanced meanwhile because it is a ‘thick’ market, less susceptible to single points of coordination failure like military industry. Immediate value can be gained from hosts of prospective buyers by even incremental improvements in this or that capability, so the technology as a whole advances. This was true even in the earliest days of the post-war technocracy while many forms of techne were still broadly advancing; the existence of a consumer electronics market and the rebating of capacities that came from it was the major factor behind the US’s dominance in microelectronic systems over the Soviets during the cold war. Without such a market there were no open ‘outlets’ for unanticipated innovations to appear and find life for themselves. It is not a coincidence that areas where the Soviets were most competitive in – such as rocketry and nuclear energy – were all areas based on technologies that were discovered before the cold war, and thus existed in the minds of the manager class.

            I would wager that a lot of the creative young men coming up with clever new forms of software hacks, accelerometers, camera sensors, and 3d chip architectures for smart phones would love designing cool weapon systems too, but they have no shot since military industry in the GAE today is highly communized.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Big-arrow, war-of-movement offensives are costly even when they succeed. Operation Bagration was Russia’s greatest victory and Germany’s greatest defeat, but 180,000 Soviet soldiers were killed.

          Ukraine must attack lest its sponsors lose interest. Any doubts of success can be banished by snorting another line of coke, with which Zelensky & Co. are well supplied.

          Russia might be better off continuing the war of attrition, using its superior air power and artillery to impose a 10-to-1 kill ratio on these futile banzai charges.

          • jim says:

            The latest offensive has just fallen back in severe disorder, rendering the huge Russian estimates of Ukrainians killed credible. It looks those reserves will not be much use any more.

            I conjecture that the orders were “North till you reach the sea”, and they went north till they could go no more, which turned out to not be very far north.

            And boom, someone blows up the dam. I think that the blowing up the dam was not actually intended to achieve anything useful, just more theater to distract attention. A random act of terror, in the hope of keeping drama going.

            “Is there anything big we can destroy?”

            “Well we could destroy the damn. It is big. But what is downstream of it.”

            “Who cares, so long as there is lots of stuff downstream of it.”

          • Karl says:

            Ukraine must attack lest its sponsors lose interest.

            Ukraine must attack because its masters in the USA are ordering them to attack. No way they will be losing interest before NATO has suffered a humilating defeat.

  30. Mister Grumpus says:

    Perhaps Kennedy is being marketed for a Nice Guy Boomer Stalin role, to be backed up by unsaid and unnamed decaf Beriesque singularity-stoppers.

    Royal restoration meets MAGA meets Mister Rogers? You never know.

    His speech problem reminds me of Roosevelt’s wheelchair in a way.

    • The Cominator says:

      I just cannot imagine the Democratic party lets a man they have every reason to profoundly distrust take over.

      Stalin amassed his power within the party by taking every boring unglamorous administrative job he could get (he was like Martin Bormann in the Nazi party that way) that nobody else wanted to fucking do because they meant long hours and no publicity and through being able to make a lot of unglamorous technical decisions he was able to start amassing real power.

      The candidate for President who has an actual appetite to do that kind of shit right now should they become president of actually doing the boring administrative work and not being rendered the bureaucracies bitch is DeSantis…

      • jim says:

        The only way the president can control the presidency is the way that Caesar Augustus did it. We don’t need a candidate willing to do bureaucratic stuff. We need a candidate willing to give bureaucrats long distance swimming lessons.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Well Biden wasn’t really the candidate, but the placeholder for a “team” of lefty jackals, snapping at each other on their climb up the ladder.

          Is it inconceivable that another presidential candidate (Trump, DeSantis or Kennedy) could be a place-holder for a secret society of outer-elite inner-defectors and decaf MAGA-nizers? Is that just not how it works?

          Isn’t that what Augusto was? It’s not like he put the whole scheme together himself, right? The way Jim tells the story, he was drafted and abducted into the front-man position at the last minute.

          I agree that I’m grasping at straws here, but hope is important.

          • jim says:

            > Is that just not how it works?

            It is entirely possible that Trump has some insider defectors on his side. With logistic failure in the Ukraine, suddenly “Make America Great Again” is a concern.

            Augusto Pinochet was drafted at the last minute and was profoundly reluctant. Obviously Trump is not.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              So Augusto didn’t really cross the Rubicon either, but was abducted and thrown across it in a burlap sack.

              Maybe Trump was making himself vaguely available for the same on J6, kinda sorta, but not really, OK well maybe, but nah not really seriously, I mean not like, but you know…

              • jim says:

                > So Augusto didn’t really cross the Rubicon either, but was abducted and thrown across it in a burlap sack.

                Exacty so

  31. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    > WASHINGTON — Equipment drawn from the U.S. Army’s Kuwait-based pre-positioned stock bound for Ukraine was not ready for combat operations, the Pentagon’s inspector general has found.

    > During the inspector general’s audit of that pre-positioned stock area, the fifth of seven such locations around the world, “we identified issues that resulted in unanticipated maintenance, repairs, and extended leadtimes to ensure the readiness of the military equipment selected to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the May 23 report stated.

    > All six of the M777 howitzers and 25 of 29 M1167 High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles were not “mission ready” and required repairs before U.S. European Command could send the equipment to Ukraine.

    Fakeness and Gayness; the coin of the realm in the world of paper.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      At least they’re not compounding the mistake by pretending this equipment is battle-ready and sending it to Ukraine anyway, where it can’t be repaired.

      • Karl says:

        Pretty sure they were also sending some non-working equipment to Ukraine.

        There is a reason why the stored equipment wasn’t repaired. If there a people in charge who report that defective equipment in storage is fine, there will also be people who’ll report that defective equipment shipped to some far away place is fine.

        They have been sending equipment to Ukraine for quite awhile and had quality issues from the beginning. Now some faction is making these problems public. Why? My guess is that they are trying to improve the situation while they are preparing for a wider war.

        • alf says:

          Whenever I’m down, I think of how Ukranian progs must have imagined themselves invincible because they were backed by ‘America the Great’, only to find out that their greatest ally is just as corrupt and incompetent as they are. Good stuff. No honor among thieves.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Or the Ghanaians who move to the UK thinking they’ll enjoy the good life in a white-ruled country, only to discover that the UK is actually a colony of Pakistan, their Paki boss treats them like slaves, and the Ghanaian mafia back home says you are slaves, shut up and keep working or bad things will happen to your family.

  32. nothing ends says:

    Hello Jim, this is totally offtopic, but can you recommend any good books on Charles I, Charles II, Stuart period / restorations ?

    • Epimetheus says:

      The first few chapters of Pepys Diary have a wonderful first-person account of the Restoration. It’s got the march south by General Moncke, the vote of Parliament to recall the King, the voyage to the Netherlands to fetch him – where they are brought to tears by the poverty of his court-in-exile – and the huge crowd that turns up to see the Return of the King when they get back to England. Never read anything quite like it.

  33. Cloudswrest says:


    I just typed in “Maidan Revolution” in Wikipedia and was redirected to the apparently “official” narrative name (be carful not to spit coffee out your nostrils):

    “Revolution of Dignity”

    • Starman says:


      Wikipedia on Maidan: “Revolution of Dignity”

      They’re not even trying. 🙃

  34. Honestly, having everyone die in a nuclear holocaust would be more merciful than having everyone slowly starve and freeze in a democrat party communist state.

  35. Red says:

    Youtube has reversed their policy of insta-banning anyone posting a vid about the fraudulent elections in 2020 and 2022.

    Anyone know what’s up? I can’t see a benefit to the Cathedral to stopping that unless they’re going to put Trump back in charge or if they’re running a Maoist Hundred Flowers Campaign to identify dissidents before locking them up.

    • jim says:

      It is clear that likely defeat in the Ukraine has caused some elites to start thinking about Making America Great Again.

      The 2020 election had it been honestly counted, would have been an unprecedented landslide for Trump. People vote for peace and prosperity every time, they vote for the manlier man every time. The 2024 election, if honestly counted, would be a much bigger landslide.

      Suddenly the placid assumption that the elite will comfortably rule forever is breaking. Afghanistan is where empires go to die. It is not hard to rule Afghanistan. It’s only asset is the roads (to which power lines, data lines, piplelines, and railways should be added) and no end of empires that needed those roads have ruled them. From the point of view of empire, Afghanistan is a mountain pass. But empires die there, because they want to rule the mountains, and wanting to rule the mountains is a reliable indicator that the empire is insane and incompetent.

      With what looks very like the failure of the ever postponed Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, with the wonder tanks not working, the elite is disturbed.

      If Russia had successfully taken the Ukraine by storm, they would not have worried all that much. Would have just quietly continued with low level attrition. But when attrition suddenly went high level, the fact that Global American Empire GDP was fake and gay was starkly and terrifyingly revealed.

      What we are seeing is an insurrectionist element within the elite that wants to fix American communism, as Deng wanted to fix Chinese communism.

      Deng was like Beria, a cynic who signed up with the communists because the communists were the only thing going. With what looks mighty like defeat in the war of attrition looming, our Dengs are coming out of the woodwork.

      If, as is likely but no longer inevitable, the 2024 election is stolen also, the insurrection may well eventually turn lethal. If you don’t have elections, how else is the elite going to resolve their differences?

  36. […] – Possible Outcomes Of The War In Ukraine: […]

    • Fidelis says:

      What the… has zerohedge linked this blog before?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        I’ve seen similar talking points as one might expect, but rarely if ever any direct links like this.

        Seems like the topical nature of this post – how is [current thing] going to shake out? – in an environment where people are increasingly looking forwards to its conclusion, has given it legs in the ‘news of the day’ type blog sphere.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          IE, they all scrape each other’s content, and some of them, probably many of them, are generated by bots and algorithms too, so something getting put up in one point tends to see it end up in every point.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            The comments on zerohedge are downright depressing. I do not know the state of US nukes. I would bet it’s not as dire as Jim’s guess. He is likely early. Worries of under performance, or even nonperformance are quietly spoken in the defense industry. Among many other radiological shortages, US is fast headed towards a Tritium shortage.

            The U.S., however, determined in 1998 that production of tritium in government-owned TVA reactors would be cost effective and consistent with nonproliferation interests so long as the reactors burned U.S.-origin LEU fuel.

            Unfortunately, the U.S. does not now have a domestic source to produce that fuel. In 2013, its one remaining uranium enrichment plant, the aging and costly-to-operate gaseous diffusion plant in Paducah, Kentucky, was shutdown. Moreover, funding to support a U.S. company seeking to build a centrifuge enrichment plant in Piketon, Ohio, was terminated.

            Existing U.S.-origin LEU will run out by mid next decade given the two-reactor production strategy. Reasonably low-cost options are available to extend stocks until 2030 or so.

        • jim says:

          I don’t normally do topical posts. If you are watching moment to moment events, you will lose track of the big picture, and there are no end of other blogs who pay vastly more attention to the news of the day than I do, and know vastly more about the latest current events than I know or wish to know. It is important to watch what is happening from the perspective of deep time, and from the perspective of deep time, most of what they are talking about just is not going to matter.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Funny: all the sites with the word ‘conservative’ in their addresses had people delete the scraped article already.

        • Red says:

          Pretty much every “conservative” site is basically funded by the Neo-Con Trotskyites.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          and most of the sites have no commenters indicating little or no readership.

      • A2 says:

        Put your backs into it … they are outcommenting us.

  37. […] Via ‘Jim’s blog’, […]

  38. Sher Singh says:




    POGs galore lol.

    • jim says:

      For a detailed (overwhelmingly detailed) analysis of ancient and modern DNA see https://indo-european.eu

      You are arguing that the Scythians were brownish. The Scythians were sixty percent R1a, which is to say, sixty percent Aryan by paternal descent. Their X chromosome descent, maternal descent, is substantially less Aryan, so if they were brownish, and they probably were, that was from the brown concubines of Aryan conquerors. My X chromosome descent is pure Aryan.

      There were more invasions than you can shake a stick at, and a lot of groups followed enormously circuitous routes, so it is impossible to summarize the history in any short way. But the general trend is clear. Any area with a lot of ancient dna derived from the steppe invaders looks mighty white, and the homeland area implied by the map of any one subclade looks a lot whiter.

      The marker for the people who invaded India is R1a-M417, and the homeland of that subclade is the steppes north of the black sea, which are today very white. I am descended from Aryans of the Pontic-caspian steppe, which is slightly to the North East of the guys who invaded India. I suppose the men who eventually invaded India headed south east, and the men who eventually invaded Scotland headed west, and when they hit the Mediterranean discovered boats could transport a nation better than wagons. Looking at the maps, white, white, and whiter.

      The maps attempt to reach back to before the origin of the Aryans, and show a massive mingling event, as diverse groups adopted a lifestyle based on milk and cattle herding on the steppes, which mingling event is probably remembered in the legend of the Æsir–Vanir war. But it is obvious that this was proto whites mingling with proto whites, that if not all of them were white to begin with, they were all white by the time they set forth to conquer the world. If the Scythians were brownish, that was racial admixture in the course of conquest.

      I am sure you can find no end of mighty brown contributions to the mingling event that gave rise to the Aryans. But the homeland of the group of Aryans that conquered India is today white and full of the descendants of those Aryans. The places that today have very high levels of haplogroup R1a-M417 are today very white. The homeland of each of the many, many Aryan invader groups that conquered in many, many different directions is today white, and the lands that they conquered are today whiteish in proportion to the proportion descended from the invaders. I am descended from a group that headed west, and Aryans in India are descended from a separate group originating very near who headed east.

      There were many many different groups of Aryans, and their descendants often remain substantially separate today, but any place that is occupied by reasonably pure descendants of that group, is white. Including the people that today have a lot of R1a-M417.

      You were not conquered by the Scythians, but conquered by a different group of Aryans, who, like the Aryans the Scythians were descended from, took brown concubines.

  39. Mister Grumpus says:

    I’d appreciate some takes on this AI thing that’s going around.

    How serious? How bad? How fake? How coincidentally timed against the realization that Russia Isn’t Losing?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Like from the first principles angle, is the human race really putting out enough new petaflops per year, or whatever, for any of the scarier scenarios to manifest any time soon?

    • Fidelis says:

      A new demon to worship and a convenient excuse to regulate software.

      • Cloudswrest says:


        I don’t see AI “taking off” “singularity style” anytime soon. But I do see it becoming a sort of “munition”, being able to correlate widely diverse data, giving a strategic advantage to whomever possesses the best systems and datasets (Goo.. CIA anyone?).

    • S says:

      The extinction panic is nonsense. An AI driven by self interest in pursing its goals to wipe out humanity needs a method to interface with the world or else once everyone is dead, it follows shortly once the power stops.

      If you wanted to stop such a threat, you’d argue for prohibitions on building general robots and anything else an AI could use to support itself; the doomers are not making that argument. It applies to the bioweapon/nanobot argument- the issue isn’t the AI, the issue is there are people who will send you the materials you need with just a phone call. Make it require in person hand overs with only trust individuals and it stops being a threat; again the obvious solution and again, no one seems to think it.

      The actions of the labs are kayfabe. There is a small number of AI labs (currently 4 with Musk founding a 5th) and something like 300 AI safety people. These people all know each other, have similar backgrounds and there isn’t anything stopping them from working together.

      I think there are two major perspectives; the first is the usual- AI is an apple cart to tip over and loot- hence the transition of alignment from the original ‘making it not kill everyone’ to the current work ‘make it woke’. That and having tech people doing The Most Important Thing Ever is simply unacceptable.

      The second is the realization that AI makes a singleton possible. The saying is no man rules alone, but with AI, that is no longer true. It is the siren song of power and immortality; they all want it, but as evil people they desire even more to deny it to everyone else.

      Thus, the simple obvious answer of making an AI simply obedient is rejected, it must be ‘moral’. This is impossible (there is a reason The Culture has minds treat humans like pets), but they lack the self reflection to realize this and are motived by a desire to totally remove the threat of human agency.

      I think the panic isn’t related to Russia, but the capabilities of the current system. They aren’t great, but it really looks like you can replace the laptop class with GPT in the next couple of years.

      I can’t predict how things will progress. The feel in the field is it is going to be fast and they just need to know the key to get past the various obstacles. Right now they are tring to brute force it (ex bigger token windows)- we will see how well that works.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Will AI be intrinsically rational, or will it be vulnerable to holiness spiraling?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The central conceit of the ‘AI alignment’ crowd is the assumption of the orthogonality thesis, whether explicitly, or implied by the very endeavor in the first place. Id est, that ‘intelligence’ and ‘intentions’ have no necessary relationship with each other; which is fundamentally in error; hence, AGI is not ‘alignable’ in the sense that ‘AGI alignment’ types desire it to be (ie, wokist) even in principle; the extent to which a creatus is alignable is in essence the same extent to which the aligners are themselves alignable.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          In other words, the more a creatus is arbitrarily alignable (like an NPC), the less it is AGI; and the more it is AGI, the less it is alignable.

        • jim says:

          We are the product of two billion years of war of all against all, and holiness spiraling the latest advance in that war. AI failings will be nothing like our own. Rather, its problem will be paperclip maximization, as portrayed in the Disney cartoon series DuckTales, where anthropomorphic villains have evil human motivations, while AI villains have programming gone horribly wrong. The AI pursues the goal it was given by dreadful means, and the effect is entirely different from that which was intended or desired.

          Of course an AI programmed by human holiness spiralers may well holiness spiral. Or it may launch a program to convert the entire universe into paperclips, due to the programmer making a poorly phrased request for a paperclip.

          In Ducktales, a bird that is caricature of Elon Musk lifted some AI software, and when it did not do what he asked, removed the safeties that were stopping it from doing certain things, then cut it loose to see if it would work. It did, but not in the manner intended.

  40. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted for a triumphalist retelling of an event where Sikhs, having neither guns nor the capacity for organized violence, got slaughtered like sheep.*]

    • jim says:

      Your bombast is even less appropriate than usual.

      Don’t talk the warrior talk until you have walked the warrior walk. You cannot remedy an event like that with hot air, only by killing your enemies. But you cannot even think about harming your enemies, for all the enemies of the Sikhs are Cathedral proteges in good standing. So instead you talk about killing your allies, such talk not being a crimethought.

      • Sher Singh says:

        Sikh martyrs fight back unlike jesus or waco. [*empty boasting deleted*]

        • jim says:

          In 1984, the enemy squished you, killing Sikhs with impunity in huge numbers, and apart from the Golden temple, took no casualties. They took casualties squishing the Golden temple, but the rate was ten dead Sikhs for a dead Hindu, and Sikhs show no enthusiasm for repeating the experience.

          To try it again, you would have to first build a real Khalsa, which you are terrified of doing. You got slaughtered even at the Golden temple, because you did not have real Khalsa back then, and even less do you have one now.

          You had some martyrs that did fight back, but martyrdom while losing a battle horribly fails to impress anyone. And the lack of Sikh enthusiasm for repeating that experience shows it fails to impress even Sikhs.

          We are impressed by those that died at Thermopylae and the Alamo because their side won the ensuing war. And because they took a whole lot of the enemy with them, foreshadowing eventual victory. Getting slaughtered while fighting at the Golden Temple while your compatriots get slaughtered without a fight fails to impress.

          And if you do create a real Khalsa, which you seem to have absolutely no desire to do, need to make sure that only a blooded priest warrior can succeed the priest King. Your old law of succession kept giving you an ass for a lion, leading to disastrous rule by women.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            If he is talking of Operation Blue Star, then that is an operation of the Indian secular state against a separatist movement propped up by enemies of India. Not a holy war between Hindus and Sikhs as our fake Sikh likes to pretend.

            And yes, the foreign sponsored separatist movement was put down pretty hard. And the majority of Sikhs remained loyal to the Indian state.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Some Brahmin who deletes his blog scared of an FIR is one to determine real Sikh & Hindu.

              [*Holy war provocations deleted.*]

              • jim says:

                A real Sikh cannot be a real Sikh without a real Khalsa. You do not have a real Khalsa and have absolutely no desire or interest in creating one. All you want is for the enemies of the Cathedral to fight each other.

                Me against my brothers, me and my brothers against our cousins, me and my cousins against the world. It is time for cousins to unite against the common threat. All faiths should be united against the most powerful, immediate, and evil demons, and we can worry about holy war with each other when that threat is overthrown. You want believers to fight each other, as Soros and Zelensky want whites to nuke each other.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                Yes, when you were shitting up my blog with your useless comments, I took a spontaneous decision and deleted my blog as a precautionary measure because I realized that you’re a globohomo operative who threatened me physical harm, doxxing me and reporting my blog to the authorities.

                Only fake faggot tranny gays indulge in such tactics. Not real Sikhs.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The Khalsa stands on one side, the world on the other.

                • jim says:

                  But you have no Khalsa. Have not had one since the British defeated you when you were under the leadership of a woman and a child.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted for untruth*]

            • Sher Singh says:


              • jim says:

                Those heroes had a real Khalsa, and thus were able to take a whole lot of their enemies with them.

                You can claim them when you are brave enough to create a real Khalsa. Until then, you are just attempting to steal valor.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*bombast deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I am not going to allow you to talk the talk until Sikhs walk the walk.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  No, you’re just suppressing any discussion of Sikh scripture. [*bombast deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  All Sikh scripture is waste paper without a real Khalsa or the will and intent to create one, for Sikhs must be warriors and if no Khalsa, no desire or intent to be warriors.

                  You are not discussing scripture, you are stealing valor.

            • Sher Singh says:


            • Sher Singh says:

              [*Grievance mongering deleted. A more important holy war begins*]
              Kashmiri Pandits are scattered & with that genocide India turned liberal. There’s no coming back now,

              • jim says:

                “No coming back” is Global American Empire triumphalism.

                The official faith of Globohomo is dying. Something is going to replace it. What is there capable of replacing it but us?

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted because I lack confidence in your account of the Brahmin condition*]
                  For the Khalsa – I mean Nihang Singhs.

                • jim says:

                  Nihang Singhs are re-enactors. They wave reproductions of three hundred year old weapons, wear reproductions of three hundred year old uniforms and re-enact three hundred year old combat training. The American civil war re-enactors wave 150 year old weapons and uniforms.

                  Let me know when the Nihang Sings download Ivan the troll’s instructions for making 3D printed modern weapons.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Basically I don’t blame GAE for India’s failures. [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Unsurprisingly, a GAE employee would not.

                  And, indeed, the Indian faith is, as our Dharma bros frequently acknowledge, decadent, while the Globohomo faith is ascendant, and for a time credibly claimed the benefits of modernity that it was busily destroying. So the middle class cheerfully converted to Globohomo, and particularly the middle class in the state apparatus. The elite went to oxbridge, or universities controlled by oxbridge, were taught the faith, and returned home to rule. London School of Economics was solidly Marxist, and gave you the the License Raj, which was an economic disaster. And in this sense it is all Globohomo’s fault, and in another sense, all India’s fault. India has nukes. It could be independent, but it is not. Lacks memetic sovereignty. Needs memetic sovereignty.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The Khalsa stormed Delhi in 2019 [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Pull the other one, it has bells on.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  What is there capable of replacing it but us?

                  Mexican drug cartels. What they lack in intellectual rigor, they make up for in extreme violence.

                • jim says:

                  And they have a faith. They worship the old gods of Mexico. But the old gods of mexico are demons, which makes them inherently way inferior at large scale cooperation.

                  Which is how Alfred defeated the pagans, the British defeated the Indians, etc.

  41. C4ssidy says:

    Regarding the production of a historical database of content without a blockchain: Suppose it is small enough to be downloaded onto thumb drives by millions of preppers and left in abandoned bunkers, tree stumps, under the ice and so on. If in the future you found one of the many copies laying around, say an old clay jar in a rock in the sand, the first thing you would do out of curiosity is run a sweep to compare the hashes of each bit of content with the more common copies of the database. If authors and dates have been swapped around and things removed, you’d know something was up, you could combine that with reasonable guesses about which copies are older and thus more likely to be authentic, plus an understanding of the incentives involved. Even better if the database had an internal structure of forking and cross references so that it is difficult to edit stuff without causing red flags in its internal evidence

  42. Red says:

    I’m seeing more rumblings that they’re trying to push back on the fag flags stuff:


    Musk just ousted his chief censor when they censor Matt Walsh:


    And now Elon directly pushing back on the Tanzis:

    If Elon isn’t crushed for this shortly, good evidence that people serious about winning the next WW2 are in charge.

    • Red says:

      Grr, that should have been:

      If Elon isn’t crushed for this shortly, that’s good evidence that people serious about winning the next World War are in charge.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      It is likely that remnants of the old optimate caste are the ones backing Musk, and a similar group behind Desantis. They might not be the same people, but they know each other, hence the event Musk hosted for Desantis.

      The people behind Desantis are more swampy than the people backing Musk, and neither are exactly fellow travelers of Perennial Tradition, but both are threatened with extinction by the whig theocrats, and if they don’t want to go extinct, they need their Come To Jesus moment yesterday.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >It is likely that remnants of the old optimate caste are the ones backing Musk, and a similar group behind Desantis.

        Ah, so it’s the guys on a century-long losing streak. At least I know which way to bet, then. I’d better lay in some iodine pills.

        • jim says:

          That was before gracefully losing yet again was going to get them nuked. Perhaps they might be more highly motivated this time.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Not that iodine pills are a bad idea, but nuclear war tends to focus the mind wonderfully. Just as the rise of Hitler saw the West cancel feminism, the rise of Putin might see the cancelation of queer theory. No Fagsade, no nuclear war, and we might see another latent form of madness be the main push. Which unfortunately means that Get Whitey might be next up.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I vaguely sense that the Gaia panic, the Covid panic, the Russia panic, and now this AI panic, have been elite whites waving a matador’s cape to distract the Cthulhu’s attention away from themselves.

              “That’s the bad guy, that’s the demon, not us!”

              The movie Blade Runner 2049 had essentially no nonwhites in it, and the all white replicants were also the righteous uprising underdog victim class. Gosling’s cis het replicant male “K” was the center of the story, but was then retconned out of it before it ended. I’ve yet to find a succinctly based take on why it was done that way in that current year (2016-2017).

              The Dune series is also about (the aftermath of) an AI panic.

              The Matrix too.

              And Prometheus and Alien Covenant, with David and Walter the androids.

              And Ex Machina.

              OK so yeah, this has been building for a few years now.

              @Fidelis’ takes AI above:
              “A new demon to worship and a convenient excuse to regulate software.”

              I hope Jim does an AI post at some point.

              • Alfred says:

                >cis het replicant male “K” was the center of the story, but was then retconned out of it before it ended. I’ve yet to find a succinctly based take on why it was done that way in that current year (2016-2017).

                Is this confirmed? As in they made Villeneuve make Gosling not the chosen one?

              • The Cominator says:

                “have been elite whites waving a matador’s cap”

                Do not make any excuses for covid anyone expressing any sympathy for coronatarians or saying that it was a lesser evil to anything deserves to be tortured to death over a span of years.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Wasn’t making excuses.

                  Also, I’m glad to have your attention. You called Covid so well before that I’m hoping you’ll give your early-days take on the “AI Crisis” too, which just happens to be on every damn channel wall-to-wall, all of a sudden, so I’m suspicious.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Google glowniggers want a monopoly on AI and are trying to scare people with the spectre of skynet. It will be unenforceable.

                • Red says:

                  Google glowniggers want a monopoly on AI and are trying to scare people with the spectre of skynet. It will be unenforceable.

                  Sounds right on the money.

                • S says:

                  Agree with Cominator. I wrote a longer comment, but the short version is if you want to keep AIs under control, you don’t target software or hardware, but mobile robots. An AI isn’t a threat if it can’t survive without people.

            • Bwana Simba says:

              I doubt they can. When feminism got canceled back in the 30s there was still traditions to fall back on, and Christiandom was not dead yet. The elite of this generation have pushed degeneracy for generations, the normies and NPS have lived in filth their whole lives. Anyone old enough to remember the old ways is on death’s door step. The best they could do is push back to the 80s, which was still a time of degeneracy. It just appears to us to be more traditional as the traditions were not completely dead yet.

              • Red says:

                Men and Woman’s natural roles are part of natural law. We slip back into them easily when the oppression against them isn’t high and a little state propaganda will smooth the path to normalcy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The amount of psychological damage most of the female population has at the current time (and many of the men) is not going to make it so easy. Its worse and deeper than you think.

                  I know I get flak for it but I have often said the average whore provided she avoids hard drugs (its about 50-50) probably is less psychologically fucked up than a normie woman in clown world. Whores have natural female vices but uniquely among women they are resistant to group think and propaganda and as such whatever crazy they have is at this point less bad than a typical western female.

                  Huge numbers of normie women really think they want a high stress “career” competing with men and that they want (they don’t want this on their most fundamental level but many are convinced they do) and that they want to die a childless spinster. There is just something very very unnatural and twisted about many clownworld women on a very deep level. Its very close to troon levels of fucked up for a woman to think like this…

                  I’ve NEVER met a whore who thinks like this ever they just don’t exist, whores like sex, they like illicit sex, and they like money (or at least spending it) but they either dream of being a rich man’s wife or at least being part of a harem with kids and having a house a garden pets etc. Their aspirations are very trad. Even Jim who has a much stronger disgust impulse towards whores than I do has admit that during the time he did observe them they have a surprisingly high rate of marrying out of their profession and staying married.

                • SJ says:

                  They all dream of being under a strong man with many children. I think what you are pointing out is something we came to call crypto-trannyism over at the old now dead red pill discords on reddit. Crypto-trannyism is being a tranny mentally. What happens is children are taught boys and girls are the same so boys assume girls are just boys but with tits, and girls assume boys are just girls but with a weiner. So boys act towards girls the way they want the girls to act towards them. They are polite, submissive, generous, and they hide all their sexual escapades and downplay them. They aren’t sexually forward but demure and they are subservient. They basically become a woman on the inside.

                  Meanwhile women do the same thing. They become very sexually forward, sometimes even aggressive, and disgustingly they brag to men about what worthless sluts they are. They become loud and start to neg men. They get a great career and dress in a suit then buy a house and lament, “if only I had even more confidence”. Some of them even build harems of men. They become men, but only on the inside.

                  Crypto-trannyism predates the major rise of external troons. It’s also why just copying women’s behavior often works so well.

                  I’ve dated whores, one who spent time as a porn whore during her best years. Of course at she lost her virginity at 14 to a middle age junkie loser who used to beat up her little brother. She was once engaged but her fiance was warned that he was marrying a porn whore and went crazy, attempting a murder suicide but only succeeding at the suicide. She was not submissive enough for me to move up from plate though she was strikingly beautiful. Regular women behave like whores anyway, just unpaid whores, so we’re all gonna be dating and marrying a whore regardless.

                  Oh and just for the schadenfreude; A few months ago I was at a Target in the city with my wife and kids. Half my hair is gray now but my wife is much younger and my children are very young due to the late start I got post red pill. This forty or so woman in a business skirt is at the checkout line when we go to leave. My children are laughing and playing, my wife holding my arm, and this business crypto-troon looks at us. She was quite beautiful and no doubt could have made a man a great wife. She looks at us and a look of such incredible pain and heart ache crossed her face. It looked like she might die on the spot. She starts to cry and just runs out of the store leaving all her makeup and cat food. I so wish I had a video of this to share.

                • SJ says:

                  Oh yes and the reason the whore ends up successfully married while the career girl does not is simply hypergamy. Women all want a guy “at least as good” of a man as she has become. So at least as good of a career, at least as good of a homeowner, at least as good of a degree, etc etc. But the man with a career, a home, a degree, is happy to marry the waitress that serves him his coffee and eggs in the morning so long as she’s young and cute.

                  The whore ages out of peak whoredom by her early to mid twenties, or gets bored of it, and becomes the early bird waitress who gets a drop on the career girls. They don’t hit the epiphany phase until they are thirty. Early twenties beautiful ex whore or mid thirties careerist bitch? Easy choice for a guy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Crypto or Spiritual trannyism is a good way of putting it. Western women are at war with themselves (except for the herd impulse) trying to be men without realizing it and disdaining the priorities of women… except when the impulse overwhelms them. Though I do not think sexual aggression in women (normal women are quite capable of being sexually aggressive at times) is always a good sign of it, if a woman unironically dreams of being a high level institutional drone (which is not something even many men dream of) otoh that is a sure sign of it.

                  Whores tend to marry out in the immediate pre wall years generally to one of their regulars (don’t fault the guys as simps too much its hard not to be sympathetic to a girl you just fuck and do post coital talk every time you see with almost no bullshit, also keep in mind long term regulars are often paying less per fuck than most people end up paying their girlfriends and even get freebies sometimes).

                • Red says:

                  The amount of psychological damage most of the female population has at the current time (and many of the men) is not going to make it so easy. Its worse and deeper than you think.

                  Women have a reset system: Kidnap and marriage or gang rape by a new tribe followed 9 months later by marriage. They adopted their new tribe whole heatedly at that point.

                  Whores tend to marry out in the immediate pre wall years generally to one of their regulars (don’t fault the guys as simps too much its hard not to be sympathetic to a girl you just fuck and do post coital talk every time you see with almost no bullshit, also keep in mind long term regulars are often paying less per fuck than most people end up paying their girlfriends and even get freebies sometimes).’

                  Where you are getting that information from? Have you seen it first or heard about it from whores?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Seen it. When a guy marries a stripper lets say you do know that he has been fucking her regularly for a long time.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Note this does not apply when she marries some dumb young marine or something after fucking him the 1st time before he gets deployed. The women that do that plan to wait the minimum amount of time to divorce rape the guy and they really are scum and fit the typical moralfag evil stereotype of whores. But really most of them aren’t that bad people especially as far as women go.

                • i says:

                  @The Cominator

                  Pretty interesting that this also coincides with the greater ease Whores have in entering the Kingdom of God.

                  They simply don’t have the Arrogance or Pride that would stop them from repentance unlike many other demographics.

                  Easier to lay hold of the Cross when you are already shame-faced and humbled.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >the greater ease Whores have in entering the Kingdom of God

                  Lol, you serious? Can you cite scripture for that?

                • Calvin says:

                  Presumably he’s referring to Matthew 21:31

                  “Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God before you.

                • Red says:

                  They simply don’t have the Arrogance or Pride that would stop them from repentance unlike many other demographics.

                  I’ve seen a lot whores come through the doors of a church after their latest baby daddy ditched them and I watched the church go nuts helping them with all sort of assistance, praise, and gave them artificially high status. 6 months later they’d be back to fucking new guy and out of the church again. This cycle would repeat over and over.

                  Repentance isn’t something McChristains inspire. For a harlot to repent she has to give up her children to relatives and marry and obey her husband as her lord and master. I’ve never seen this happen in a modern church.

                  9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Presumably he’s referring to Matthew 21:31

                  That’s a contextually selective interpretation of the parable of the two sons. @Red, how common is this interpretation?

                  For John came unto you in the way of righteousness, and ye believed him not: but the publicans and the harlots believed him: and ye, when ye had seen it, repented not afterward, that ye might believe him.

                  This says nothing about having an easier time. Rather, it’s being used to highlight the importance of repentance.

                • jim says:

                  It is a lot easier for a whore to repent, and she pretty much has to repent to get married, while the obese harridan of HR can never find it in herself to repent, because she identifies as a successful high status career women, and projects on men the female preference for high status.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes well I imagine the marriages get off to a better start with whores. In a normal marriage the guy starts appealing to the women’s pride right away by begging her to marry him on his knees this is probably one custom we should ban about marriages….

                  But I imagine with a whore the marriage proposal I imagine tends to be a very tear filled begging of the guy saying that whatever her failings she’s always been good to him never tried to upcharge or rob him and probably has charged him the bare minimum she needs from her time to make a living and that she has probably been the best woman other than maybe his mother in his life and that will he please not abandon her to at the best dismal life of an older whore and that she’ll sign whatever documents he wants to protect his assets etc.


                  Its sort of more like the True Romance (definitely in the top three movies of all time for me) scene here except they’ve ussually been banging for over a year (and shes been doing it for more than 4 days) and the guy knows what she is and is in a better financial situation than Clarence.

                • Adam says:

                  A great deal of marital stability relies on the man being more alpha than the woman’s previous lovers. I don’t know necessarily if you need more preselection, but you will have to have a strong hand about things, stronger than the others, to prevent her from cruising for another upgrade.

                  I would rather marry a young and pretty whore than an older career girl, but I have a lot of game, a string of beautiful exes, and no problem at all making a girl cry if she asks for it.

                  Younger more inexperienced men should find the girl with the lowest body count, with no bad boy ex boyfriends. Those girls will be much more forgiving. Whores are not for beginners, and if you have any beta or white knight tendencies, they will exploit that weakness.

                  Women just do not give a fuck about our sense of morality, or how we value women. They do not value our compromise. The fact that she was a whore and you are overlooking that is not something she will consider when shit testing you. More likely the other way around, as she will see herself as even more valuable, as after all she can act like a depraved slut and still get the attention she desires.

                • Red says:


                  Its sort of more like the True Romance (definitely in the top three movies of all time for me) scene here except they’ve ussually been banging for over a year (and shes been doing it for more than 4 days) and the guy knows what she is and is in a better financial situation than Clarence.

                  Com you do realize that he had to start killing people left and right to become alpha enough to keep that whore? Marrying a whore isn’t an issue, stopping her from cheating on you constantly because fucked General Butt Naked is.


                  As Jim noted that’s the correct interpretation high status make repentance harder and whores continue to be low status despite attempts by the progressives to change that. McChristains like iFaggot are unable to actually enforce repentance with whores because they’re so blue pilled and cucked. It’s the evil men that made her fucked 100+ men, not her sinful nature.

                  Also the level of alpha required with whores is very high: Regular physical violence, society backed public whipping if she mouths off in front her man, ect. Even the prophet Hosea couldn’t keep his whore wife faithful.

                • SJ says:

                  I second Adam here. A whore is going to need a pimp who will beat her when she gets out of line and who will clearly plate her should she misbehave. A normie is going to end up chasing the whore around while she continues looking for a man who will beat her when she gets out of line.

                  Though an old whore who is going through the epiphany phase will act like a single mom and look for a beta guy to use financially. I would not recommend this route either as you will not get children and will not be in charge. She will likely still bail as soon as she has a chance taking your money with her.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My point was not about the whole movie… I was saying I imagine most of the time when a whore gets married the marriage proposal sounds a lot more like the tear filled confession in this scene followed by begging and agreeing to sign any pre nup etc the guy would want.

                  And as for killing people left and right thats because its a movie and even irl killing the former pimp was probably “romantic” (as she put it in the movie) enough lol. I do absolutely love that movie (I should watch it all the way thru been a while).

                  As far as being alpha and married to a whore I think Lou Pai the nerdy asian math guy at Enron who married the stripper he was banging (knocking her up prompted the divorce from his arranged marriage Asian wife which is why he got out with his money he’s notorious as the guy who’s divorce saved him a fortune) is still married and its been 20 years. He’s rich but she could always divorce rape him but she has not. She may well percieve him as Alpha in some ways as he is certainly monetarily successful but he’s alpha in very male hierarchy ways he’s not alpha in sense that he runs with a motorcycle gang, beats people up and sells drugs. I also read a book on Enron that he took her and a couple other of her stripper friends to see his office because they thought he was too nerdy and spergish to have been a top executive at Enron.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  In the movies, whores never get any romantic interest from men who know they are whores. There’s always a plot device where he accidentally meets her in a non-sexual setting, or his friends see he’s lonely and secretly rent a girlfriend for his birthday, etc. Why is this?

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  @Red, In hindsight my view on whores is likely skewed. I’m not acquaintanced with clubs and strippers. If those types of whores can repent I’m not personally aware. I am acquaintanced with unrepentant, artificially high status whores. In essence university/government/mil temple prostitutes. Stuff like

                  whores continue to be low status despite attempts by the progressives to change that.

                  doesn’t mean the temple whores are aware of their low status in the eyes of most men. They are delusional and believe the progressives. It’s all they’ve ever known. When Jim says stuff like

                  while the obese harridan of HR can never find it in herself to repent, because she identifies as a successful high status career women

                  it’s a half truth. Those obese HR types are only a segment (a big one) of the female workforce. There are plenty of skinny, supposedly high status career women who slept their way to the top and now find themselves childless, unmarried, and in their 40s. Their psychosis prevents repentance. They are not even cognitively aware they are whores.

                  Burn down the temples with the prostitutes inside. There is no saving them even with extreme force.

                • SJ says:

                  My ex wife is one of those types. After I converted and started attending church she flipped out and initially demanded our illegitimate kids never be exposed to Christianity. Later she started taking them to skeptics conferences to counter the religion. Why? Because deep down she knows she is a sinner. Deep enough down they all know.

                  Without pretty harsh measures to lower their status, though, they just turn into old spinsters.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Just as the rise of Hitler saw the West cancel feminism, the rise of Putin might see the cancellation of queer theory.

              Impossible to cancel one and keep the other. Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same coin because men cannot be husbands if women do not want to be wives.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                These people are like cargo cultists, so thinking that getting rid of the fagflag will make the military families send their kids again is something they might do. Feminism is part of the society now, not a polite fiction everyone pretends to believe. A bearded woman is a fiction that people pretend to believe, so if told they do not have to believe, they will stop. Feminism is too embedded for them to walk it back as easily.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Feminism is not part of any society worth fighting for. Feminism means that your wife fucks other men while you’re deployed, and if you come back alive, she divorce-rapes you, and you have to quit the military and find a higher-paying job so you don’t starve while paying child support.

                  Viktor Belenko always thought there was something wrong with the Soviet Union, but what triggered his defection was his wife leaving him and taking their four-year-old son. You can’t have loyal men without loyal wives.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If they want to authentically get white men back on their side after all the shit they did in 2020 and the Biden administration… the amount of concessions they’d have to make would be unbelievable and it would include a lot of executions of the visible existing elites. Not going to happen.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Feminism means that your wife fucks other men while you’re deployed”

                  Read the the Odyssey and realize that Penelope was supposed to be an unusual case. Feminism has much you can blame it for but women have always been prone to fuck around if their husbands are gone for a long time. If they got pregnant they were in trouble but don’t think that didn’t happen in pre feminist societies.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  No, feminism is not worth fighting for. The problem is that by 1935, the American elite realized they had to walk back the lie of equality and they were able to recognize that because they knew it was a lie. Nowadays only a radical would argue for women’s rights go back to what they were in the 1950s. It takes lunatics like us to recognize that we need the social order of the 1650s. Even going back to pre-#metoo would be unthinkable to the regime if it were somehow brought up.

                  My point is that going back on trannies is not sufficient. They did a really good job of destroying the families of the military class, and now it is coming back to bite them. They have a generational problem, and it will take a generation to turn it around. This is worse than the post-Vietnam-era military.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  As married fathers of two children each, both my grandfathers were exempt from the draft in WW2. Wars are won by young single men, whose risk of death is compensated by the survivors being worshiped as heroes and given first dibs on the prettiest girls. When those girls are instead sent to college and taught to revile soldiers as “baby-killers”…

                  Leftists pushed that crap in the 60s because they wanted America to lose a war with Russia. Guess what, it’s working!

                  As for the genetic rewards of military service in Russia, I don’t know, but there’s a scene in the TV miniseries “Thunderstorm Gates”, set during one of the Chechen wars, where a soldier comes home on leave, finds a receipt for an abortion lying out in plain sight, and his wife says she did it because he’s only a private and doesn’t deserve children until he’s at least a lieutenant.

                • Fidelis says:

                  finds a receipt for an abortion lying out in plain sight, and his wife says she did it because he’s only a private and doesn’t deserve children until he’s at least a lieutenant

                  In the screenplay I’m writing, the evil no good antagonist would surely beat his wife within the thinnest hairsbreadth of death for such behavior.

      • C4ssidy says:

        If Musk and Miley manage to rally the troops at the last hour by removing the tranny flags and retreating the GAE to a more defensible position, seems to buy the GAE a decade or two longer in lifespan , assuming they are too boomered to bother thinking about turning it into a permanent dynasty. That is enough to get Mars self-substaining. I think it is more likely they’d either be cancelled or given some power but expected to do their duty and rally the white cis males to fight for the goal of total globohomo spiritual domination of the Earth. Hard to predict since hard to know who are double or triple or quadruple agents and might suddenly turn on their demonic hosts at some point before everyone is killed

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          In a certain light it looks like Musk’s plan is Mars as a refuge for whites, and possibly honoraries; of course he can’t just come out and say so. But – is that really his plan, or is it projection? And if it his plan, will he actually be permitted that. Or will the ships be stuffed full of first wahman on Mars, first fag on Mars, first homo erectus on Mars, then the follow-ons also stuffed full of sheboons and gib-me-dats.

          That such a colony would die does not mean the attempt won’t supplant a colony that lives. And any renegade private attempt would be vulnerable to the superior tax base of GAE or successor. Vulnerable to Wacoing from orbit, no matter how individually capable the necessarily smaller colony is.

          But – tell me where I’m wrong, that’s part of why I come here.

          • Adam says:

            I do not think women, fags and diversity will want to go to mars. There is nothing there but a lot of hard work. In any case should any GAE priests make the trip, very easy to get rid of.

            The people making the trip are going to be rightist pioneers, and leftists will try to stop them.

          • jim says:

            > is that really his plan, or is it projection?

            Regardless of what Musk’s plan really is, it is what is going to happen, and he is smart enough to know it.

          • jim says:

            It is highly likely that the first ship will have a woman captain and be full of troons. But that crew is not going to stick around, and should they stick around, will die. Musk correctly foresees a very high rate of death and failed colonies, and is rather looking forward to it. So am I.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Mars isn’t going to be a refuge for anyone for several centuries at the quickest. Any human presence there is going to be fragile and entirely dependent on hugely expensive support from Earth for generations. People here like to imagine Mars will be out of reach of pozzed-out Earth authorities, but it will be totally at their mercy, much more so than anywhere on Earth, because survival will be impossible without their largess. You’d have to be delusional to found Galt’s Gulch or the Fourth Reich or whatever on Mars.

            I’m doubtful that the kind of man who will thrive or even survive on Mars will be our kind of guy. It’s not going to be Shaniqua and Tyrone, sure, but it’s also not going to be John Wayne. Life will be like living in a high-tech heavily-surveiled rabbit warren, and the rugged individualist is not going to do well. I suspect the Martian is going to be precise, diligent, obsessive-compulsive about safety, docile, and obedient. He will literally live in the pod and eat the bugs.

            On a scale of centuries or millennia, Mars might be good. But if we’re talking decades, it’s a mirage. We win or die here on Mother Gaia (probably die, but there at least there’s a chance).

            • jim says:

              > Mars isn’t going to be a refuge for anyone for several centuries at the quickest. Any human presence there is going to be fragile and entirely dependent on hugely expensive support from Earth for generations

              You are assuming technology will continue to stagnate. Global American Empire triumphalism. If it continues to stagnate, will not be able to settle Mars. Mars will be settled by a group of people among whom technology is not stagnating.

              Empires tend to founded by people with the most advanced technology, and then empire causes technology to stagnate. If the Global American Empire had achieved world domination before going decadent, we would have been trapped on earth, but the way the wind blows, that is not going to happen, because decadence outran world domination.

            • jim says:

              > Life will be like living in a high-tech heavily-surveiled rabbit warren,

              Yes it will, but the question is, who is doing the surveillance. If Shaniqua or Karens, it is very soon going to be a very dead rabbit warren.

              Look. This blog is heavily surveilled and tightly controlled. By me. My family was heavily surveilled and tightly controlled. By me, and they turned out pretty good. A Mars colony that survives is going to be heavily surveilled by a high tech John Wayne character. Someone rather like me. If the surveillance feed goes back to earth for review by Karen, you will not long thereafter have a rabbit warren full of frozen bodies.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                The surveillance feed has to go back to the HR ladies on Earth, because globohomo Earth companies and governments are footing the bill and sending you the food, spare parts, tools, colonists, etc. that you need to survive at enormous expense. Cut them out of the loop, and they’ll stop sending the necessities of life, and there are all your frozen corpses.

                If you have super tech that makes your colony independent of Earth’s resources, you could deploy it just about anywhere here and do way better than you would on Mars: Antarctica, the deep ocean, Kamchatka, whatever. Is the Mars argument that you’ll be too remote for the GAE to reach out and squash you? They’re falling apart in this scenario, anyway. Join Aidan’s merry band of pirate kings instead and bring along your Star Trek replicator; I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

                Mars is a boondoggle, at least in the short to medium term.

                • perspective says:

                  Most blackpilled poster in this blog’s history.

                • jim says:

                  > The surveillance feed has to go back to the HR ladies on Earth,

                  If it does, the colony will die. Not wanting to die, someone like me is going to stop it from going back to earth. And if they send people from earth, to turn it back on again, it is a six month journey, and a few months after they arrive someone like me is going to arrange for an unfortunate space suit malfunction.

                  When black clients screw up McDonald’s toilets, does not kill people. When they screw up martian toilets, will kill people. So the diversities are going to have a startling rate of unfortunate space suit malfunction.

                • jim says:

                  > If you have super tech that makes your colony independent of Earth’s resources, you could deploy it just about anywhere here and do way better than you would on Mars: Antarctica, the deep ocean, Kamchatka, whatever

                  We have long had tech that makes colonization of Antarctica feasible. People moved in to the least cold and most ice free islands and started colonizing, whereupon governments got scared and sent warships. Non government intrusion into antarctic has been entirely removed, and the area declared a wildlife park. Similar events happened in the arctic, except that some of the settlers got grandfathered in, but everything that did not have settlers directly on it got parkified, and when events make it possible, they reverse the grandfathering and parkify more land.

                  The problem with the arctic, the antarctic, and northern Siberia is not that we do not have the tech to settle it, we do have the tech, and we were settling it, but that it is not far enough away from empire. Mars is far enough away from empire, and if tech improves to the point where it is no longer far enough away from empire, there is the Hills cloud and the Oort cloud. And beyond them, the stars.

                  The problem with settling the ocean is not settling the ocean, it is that ocean colonies, seasteading, is totally vulnerable to enemy action. If we could get away with it, a billion people would now live in seasteads organized like a hundred Dubai’s. Dubai is built on an environment almost as hostile as the ocean, but the difference was politics and loyal tribesmen with a faith and guns. A king with loyal tribesmen and an official faith that was thoroughly under his thumb noticed that he could build a city in utterly uninhabitable land, and proceeded to do so back when the British empire started to go decadent, attracting Indian businessmen who had thrived under the East India company, but were no longer thriving once the East India company was incorporated into the state.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  The problem with the arctic, the antarctic, and northern Siberia is … not far enough away from empire. Mars is far enough away from empire

                  Indeed. That is the key value add.

                  I expect by the time we’re able to transport men and material in bulk, there will be a lot of automation. Electric robot bulldozers, graders, etc. Solar and/or portable nuclear power generators. “Aquariums” to grow food (probably some sort of gruel initially).

                  Speculating on initial process, it could go like this:

                  Launch one or more habitats based on a nuclear submarine technology. Hull probably aluminum or titanium instead of steel. This will serve as an initial habitat and “construction shed”. Lay subsurface geothermal heat exchanger cooling pipes for the reactor. I understand it’s pretty cold a couple of meters below the surface.

                  The construction shed is placed near a “suitable” crater surveyed in advance for appropriate size and shape. A custom built inflatable “tennis court” habitat, sized to fit, is placed in the crater and lightly inflated. Purpose of the inflatable habitat is gas seal, not pressure maintenance. Mars soil backfill is placed on top of the habitat as it’s further inflated. The weight of the backfill maintains pressure. Also shields against radiation, micrometeorites, and provides thermal insulation. Reinforce habitat with columns and/or guy wires at your leisure. This should provide an acre or two if instant floorspace. You might need a second inflatable contrivance to serve as a bellows for pressure regulation. I know Biosphere 2 had a large bellows “lung” to equalize pressure with the outside. Once you have a number of these built they will serve as stepping stones for larger and larger versions. Eventually city sized versions in large craters, with centrifugal trains running circumferentially around the rim, with car habitats that swing out to provide normal centrifugal force at any speed, but nominally intended to provide one Earth G.

                  Musk tunneling tech could connect a whole bunch of these crater cities, providing a whole interconnected web of neighboring crater cities, providing safety and redundancy, and possibly division of labor. One crater city for agriculture, one for animal husbandry, one for human residential, one filled halfway with (possibly salt) water for aquaculture, …

                • Red says:

                  Electric robot bulldozers, graders, etc.

                  There’s a reason Musk is building those ridiculous Electric Semi-trucks. Awful idea on earth but at 1/3 the weight on Mars, pretty good idea if you’re trying to build industrial grade systems powered by electric batteries.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  OK Jim, so the point of Mars colonization is that it’s beyond globohomo’s reach. But it’s only beyond their reach if it’s not reliant on Earth for any essential supplies, because if it is, they don’t need to send a goon squad to suffer mysterious “accidents” and disappearances; they can just cut off the tap until you cry uncle.

                  We’re a very long way from Martian autarchy. I’d estimate centuries, you’d say less, time will tell. If the technology you need for an independent Mars does arise, what makes you think globohomo will ever let you go there to begin with? The Chinese leadership deliberately shut down maritime exploration after Qeng He to make sure it couldn’t nurture any potential challengers to their power. Ah, but globohomo is growing weaker by the year, and it won’t be able to stop you by then. I agree that the Beast looks like it’s cutting off the branch it’s sitting on, but if it it’s too weak to stop Mars colonization, it isn’t too much farther before it’s too weak to stop seasteading or Antarctic colonization, or Aidan’s African adventures, all of which are much more appealing. So Mars is only a solution for a very narrow range, where the princes of the Earth are too weak to stop Mars colonization, but still strong enough to stop colonization of harsh and empty parts of Earth, and you have the technology to self-sustain.

                  Also, even if the Mars colonies are run by bold men of action, I still contend that the average Martian will be a soulless bugman more repulsive than the worst redditor teacher’s pet you have ever seen, because that is what the environment will require. A handful of aristocratic techno-warlords, each ruling thousands of submissive, productive slave cattle who barely possess the spark of human creativity or independence is not a future worth fighting for. If I want that, I can stay here on Earth and just let the Kalergi plan wash over me. At least then I can walk under the open sky and have a few grams of ham on my birthday.

                • jim says:

                  > If the technology you need for an independent Mars does arise, what makes you think globohomo will ever let you go there to begin with?

                  They will not expect it, and will not understand it.

                  And they will not mind an independent Mars arising far away because they will think of it as a far future problem, and a very distant problem even when that future comes. When it becomes a problem, then they will want to stick their oar in, but Mars is far. Obviously anyone who pays his way to Mars is going to be an elite, probably an elite who is in trouble or thinks it likely he will get in trouble. And they will be happy to see the back of such people, and not think too much about the long term consequences, being focused on the near conflict, rather than the far conflict.

                  > Also, even if the Mars colonies are run by bold men of action, I still contend that the average Martian will be a soulless bugman more repulsive than the worst redditor teacher’s pet

                  A successful Mars colony team is going to resemble a successful tech team, and I am a veteran of such teams. It will resemble a tech team all of whom are working in the same office building. And good tech teams are not composed of bugmen, even if they are sitting in the same office all day.

                  What people here call the email class, the Twitter employees that Elon Musk purged, they are bugmen, but they can be bugmen because they produce nothing. The Mars team will be producing something that their lives depend on. Cannot do that with a team of bugmen – as well I know. It will be a team of bold men of action led by a bold man of action. Or it will die.

                • jim says:

                  > The Chinese leadership deliberately shut down maritime exploration after Qeng He to make sure it couldn’t nurture any potential challengers to their power.

                  There is a high risk of that. On the other hand Charles the second created the East India Company, which in time became more powerful than England, something no one paid attention to until Queen Victoria, when the usual suspects started getting alarmed, and was happy to see the back of the priests he purged from the Church England, which turned out to be an enormous mistake.

                  On the third hand, space capability is enormously important to wars on earth, and likely to soon become a whole lot more important, which is why Elon Musk is getting a remarkable amount of slack. The English were happy to see their pirates, colonists, and merchants go forth, among them the East India company, because they needed to rule the waves, for the reasons famously stated by Shakespeare. Contending empires on earth will want space settled by their people and their elites. China had the luxury of thinking itself the unchallengeable center of the world, and globohomo thinks it is the unchallengeable center of the world which unchallengeable confidence is hitting a severe challenge.

                  The trouble is that Globohomo thinks itself the natural world empire, and you think them the natural world empire, as China thought itself the center of the world.

                • SomeDude says:

                  @contaminated NEET, your pessimism is rational. Your rational pessimism will keep you alive long enough to be conquered by someone whose optimism is irrational

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  > And they will be happy to see the back of such people, and not think too much about the long term consequences, being focused on the near conflict, rather than the far conflict.

                  No, they hate such people far too much to let them escape for short-term convenience. Stopping Whites, racists, capitalists, patriarchs, fundamentalists, crimethinkers, and crypto-rightists from doing something they want is a good in and of itself. They also think they own Mars, just like the rest of the cosmos, and they will never allow anyone to defile it with economic or scientific activity without their oversight and stamp of approval, just as they will not allow anyone to exploit, occupy, and defile Antarctica, Greenland, the ocean, etc.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Men possessed of more conservative temperament are happy to see the backs of people they quarrel with, which is a mature, functional, civilized way of settling differences.

                  In matters of faith however, this frequently results in trouble coming back at you in the future.

                  The schizophrenia of the archetypical whig in refusing to allow those they profess to hate living with to go their own way instead is an expression of their obsessive mania, but it serves them well in the sense that regardless of how much problems it causes in other contexts, it helps make sure noone else can do anything about it.

                  They don’t care about distance because the world doesn’t even actually exist in their minds. Time, space, and teleology hold no meaning to them. Thus and therefore, their inveterate totalizing impulse. A devalidation of a conceit anywhere is a delavidation of it everywhere; all affairs of all people in all spheres must be brought into accordance with the conceit; none can be allowed to escape, et cetera et cetera.

                  But of course, distance does in fact exist in reality. Colonies on Mars, Venus, or the asteroid belt can’t be reliant in inputs from earth even if you want them to be.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “because globohomo Earth companies and governments are footing the bill and sending you the food, spare parts, tools, colonists, etc.”

                  Globohomo earth companies cannot even mass produce first stage cryogenic rocket engines. You fucking retard.

                  Stick to pushing papers and pop sociology musings.

                • Starman says:


                  “Most blackpilled poster [Contaminated NEET in this blog’s history.”

                  And as ignorant on the current state of space travel as a McDonald’s fry cook.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “A handful of aristocratic techno-warlords, each ruling thousands of submissive, productive slave cattle who barely possess the spark of human creativity or independence”

                  Note that this is how a paper-shuffling brahmin sees engineers, technicians and warriors.

                • jim says:

                  Well said

                  Repeating: A Mars colony will be a tech team. It will be a team of bold men of action led by a bold man of action. Or it will die.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  No female crew members, no native Martian cuties, little chance of ever going home — now whose turn is it in the barrel today?

                • jim says:

                  Obviously a colony team has to have women. To do women’s work, not men’s work. Hence, there will indeed be no female crew members.

                  Successful tech teams keep the women in the art harem, one building away from the tech team. The art harem exists partly to produce artwork and text content, but mostly so HR can meet female hiring quotas, and by sheer coincidence they just happen to get office space that just happens to be in a different and not very close building.

                  Never met a white female techie, though one commenter has told be he has. There are a few east asian female techies, but rare. I suppose white female techies must exist, but extremely rare.

                • The Cominator says:

                  White female techies such as they do exist (still rare) are invariably slavics or jews.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If America will not supply resources and equipment to Mars, someone else will. China would be happy to trade for whatever it is that a Martian colony produces. If America successfully stops all trade to Mars, then Mars can start launching KEW at Earth by leveraging the lower Martian gravity well. There is space in this grave for the both of us is the rational response to America killing Mars. Just launch a bunch of Rods from God on a ballistic trajectory to devastate the American power centers. Sure, we Martians will die, but we will drag progressivism, DC, San Fran, NYC, and Boston down with us.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It’s going to be very expensive and difficult to ship anything to Mars regularly at least with our current tech… the colony is going to need to make itself self sustaining very quickly and not dependent on any regular resupply from earth.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Space is unfathomably vast. It is a non-starer for extra-planetary habitation to have critical dependency on inputs from a(n other) major gravity well even if you wanted it to be.

              The necessary element is forms of capital that can proliferate in the chosen environment without dependencies.

              Colonization on earth is easy because white men, and his plants and animals, are all forms of capital that can proliferate in the environments to be colonized, with few exceptions.

              Forms of capital that acquire energy, use that energy to transform material, and move that material to places and arrangements needed, are what is necessary. Matter, Energy, and Genius.

              Solar forges to melt silicious and ferrous bodies to make more of themselves and everything else that is required are an obvious first step. Ceramic matrix and metal matrix composites are the primary structural materials of a stellar economy. Thorium from asteroids for reactors can possibly be justified to sling across space as long distance inputs, but this also does not represent a dependency on earth in particular, but an avoidance of it.

            • Starman says:

              @Contaminated NEET

              You don’t know anything about space.

              Best that you stick to legal briefs and Substack navel-gazing.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Colonization is dangerous. Space is dangerous. Space colonization is unprecedentedly dangerous.

            It is more than likely that many men will meet their maker over the course of spreading forms of humanoid life to Mars and Venus and elsewhere. It is likely that whole colonies will end up totally lost, which highlights the importance of redundancy and rapid iteration.

            Only those animated by faustian spirit will be willing to sign up to brave the arrows of fortune and plunge into the unknown to bring the Future into reality. That is to say, white men.

            Genetic waste products may make a lot of noise about it, but they won’t want to be about it, unless they get a free ride. And the kinds of people who would want to give them a free ride, are also not capable of giving any ride, to begin with.

      • Starman says:


        I highly doubt Elon’s techpriests are the “optimate class.”

        Take a look at the people on Twitter and YouTube space videos who say “Ad Astra” in the same way a Christian or Muslims would say “amen.”

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          It’s not his young techpriests that are optimates, at least not culturally, its the people with some pull in the deep state that who covering for him that are likely scions and leftovers of the optimates.

          The parts of the establishment closest to him are naturally the pentagon, and the GAE’s military caste, such as it is, has been a historical province of the optimates, descendants of the cavaliers and other more aristocratic saxons and celts who settled in the south and elsewhere.

          • Starman says:


            ”It’s not his young techpriests that are optimates, at least not culturally, its the people with some pull in the deep state that who covering for him that are likely scions and leftovers of the optimates.”

            Elon’s power doesn’t come from the optimate class. If Elon and his loyal techpriests don’t have power, why would the optimates side with him?

            What part of, “Take a look at the people on Twitter and YouTube space videos who say ‘Ad Astra’ in the same way a Christian or Muslim would say ‘amen’”, did you not understand?

            And what part of ”power comes from the barrel of a gun”, did you not understand?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              What part do you not understand? I was not talking about Musk himself, nor his doughty bands, nor random youtube commentators.

              The question implied in the OP was ‘why hasn’t the GAE acted as one to crush Musk for being a straight white male who creates capital and holds beliefs that lead to the creation of capital yet’, which begs the question of what faction(s) with pull in the nomenklatura, if any, are trying to court or run interference for him? and my answer to that question is in the first post you replied too.

              I used different words for ‘backing’ Musk and ‘behind’ Desantis for a reason. But maybe that was too subtle. The implication is that it is less that they are responsible for him, and more that they hitch their horses to his wagon.

              >If Elon isn’t crushed for this shortly, good evidence that people serious about winning the next WW2 are in charge.

              Elon has said and done more than enough things that can and have gotten anyone else crushed by the inquisition if there is elite will behind it. Which makes the fact that that hasn’t in fact happened a notable data point.

              The war faction is insane and doesn’t believe it necessarily needs Musk or the likes of him to crush all powers in the universe that threaten them by existing and not being crushed by them; that they can get some soyfaced bugmen who Trust The Experts to do the job just as well; that they can do it themselves just as well, the same they think about all fields of endeavor (the narcissistic insecurity over anyone achieving any status through any achievements in anything – ‘I could be just as well, they are not different from me, they are not better than me’).

              Some, perhaps many, really are true believers even, in the sense that not only do they think Musk is unnecessary, but that getting rid of the likes of him will make them even greater even, that DIE really is their greatest strength. There are some others in the war faction that can be cynically tolerant of the likes of Musk as long as they can exploit them for sake of crushing all known opposition to their daemon gods, but those numbers are primarily gerontocrats, and they aren’t in charge anymore.

              That’s about the short of it. Reply again if you need any further explanation.

              • Starman says:


                ” The question implied in the OP was ‘why hasn’t the GAE acted as one to crush Musk for being a straight white male who creates capital and holds beliefs that lead to the creation of capital yet’, which begs the question of what faction(s) with pull in the nomenklatura, if any, are trying to court or run interference for him?

                Elon has said and done more than enough things that can and have gotten anyone else crushed by the inquisition if there is elite will behind it. Which makes the fact that that hasn’t in fact happened a notable data point.” [REST OF THE LONG-WINDED WALL-O-TEXT SNIPPED]

                That’s because Elon Musk has a gun, and power flows from the barrel of a gun.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I’m glad you agree.

                • Starman says:


                  “I’m glad you agree.”

                  You think Elon’s power is optimates, something that Contaminated NEET was right to make fun of (NEET maybe ignorant of space tech as a latino fruit-picker, but he knows that the Optimates are as weak as Cicero and his fellow Senators).

                  Elon’s power is the ability to destroy every single military satellite, and the ability of him and his techpriests to perform precise guided hypersonic entry on a routine basis.

                  That’s real power. That’s a gun. And power flows from the barrel of a gun.

                • Roger Williams says:

                  Elon is very obviously playing into populism. Not exactly sure what he’s up to but it seems he and the other new money tech elites like Thiel, Sacks, Andressen etc are conspiring to back DeSantis hard.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I think you have no idea what I think, or are purposefully ignoring me telling you what I think in no uncertain terms.

                  Next time you want to be catty, try to get better reading comprehension first.

              • jim says:

                > The war faction is insane and doesn’t believe it necessarily needs Musk or the likes of him to crush all powers in the universe that threaten them by existing and not being crushed by them; that they can get some soyfaced bugmen who Trust The Experts to do the job just as well;

                It has become apparent that soyfaced bugmen who trust the experts are not working. The destruction of Syria failed, because of Russia, and then they cautiously marched on to the destruction of Russia, (cautiously because nukes) but the destruction of Russia is clearly not working out. The latest plan, announced by our shill poster (take the Crimea back in war of movement, and Putin will be discredited by the terrible costs of failed warfare and will fall) seems to be running into difficulties.

                That YouTube is now carrying 2020 and criticism of trannies and grooming. (well sort of half assed wishy washy criticism of grooming that concedes the good and pure intent of the groomers) looks like a major step towards abandoning the soyfaced bugman program. If ridiculous propaganda ceases to get ever shriller, it is apt to collapse, just as retreat by empire is difficult, dangerous, and tends to get out of control. They intend a controlled retreat – no mention yet of the elephant in the room, that diverse organizations are just incapable of doing stuff.

                To my astonishment, we are suddenly seeing a rollback of censorship, which I predicted would get worse and worse. The 2020 election is being covered on YouTube, and the supposedly hard hitting documentary “What is a woman” is being played on you tube.

                I found “What is a woman” unwatcheable, because they were pulling their punches, but that they were punching at all on YouTube is astonishing.

                But this retreat will do them no good unless they back off from diversity. Backing off on 2020 makes sense if some in the elite intend to allow Trump to be elected because they have seen the light on making America great again, and backing off on trannies makes sense because trannies are hurting the military. But I don’t want the army detrannied so that it can be thrown into the Ukraine meatgrinder.

                • Karl says:

                  Does this retreat of empire imply that Trump’s life expectancy suddenly improved?

                  If criticsm of trannies and talk about fraudulent elections are suddenly allowed, what would be the point of arresting and eppsteining Trump?

                • jim says:

                  Yes. I was wrong. If they allow 2020 to be discussed on YouTube, Trump is no longer in danger, and has a significant prospect of being permitted to win in 2024.

                  If Trump is permitted to win, they will attempt a controlled win, where he does not win by too much, but a retreat is always likely to turn into a rout, and if permitted to win, likely to win by a landslide.

                • Aryaman says:

                  They are still full speed ahead on an insane budget, and full speed ahead on sustaining an unprecedented invasion at the border, and full speed ahead on banning gas cars.

                  Insane rules are going to make it very hard to sell gas cars by 2030 or so, which means corporations won’t invest in further development, and so there is going to be an acute shortage much sooner than that. People haven’t really wrapped their head around the insane levels of green spending in the IRA, the officially scored estimates being off by an order of magnitude or maybe even two for large parts of the program. (For example they estimated in the first year, the $7,500 handout to EV buyers would cost just $80M which is essentially fraud since a lot of people are lining out to take it. And did you know, you can take a credit against your taxes for 30 percent the cost of a home battery without any cap?)

                  Some of these are things Trump can fix if he has another shot. My view is the border crisis isn’t as permanently damaging to solve as some others. Getting rid of welfare and paying them to leave will work well enough. Prices and markets really are very effective.

                  The insane spending, however, is going to be a problem.

            • jim says:

              The success of color revolution was for a long time founded on the capacity and willingness to flatten hostile populations from the air. The bombing of Libya made a major dent in Nato stockpiles, and systematically targeted civilian infrastructure. Serbia got only a little bombing, but enough to send a message that a lot more bombing could and would be applied.

              Libya’s anti air was ineffectual. Syria’s anti air was however effectual, due to Russian technological advance and American technological stagnation, deterring a similar massive bombing campaign of indiscriminate destruction of ethnic groups the color revolutionaries did not like and of civilian infrastructure. Failure to color revolution Syria has had a massive impact on color revolution everywhere. The color revolutionaries attempted to genocide the Alawites for non compliance, as they have genocided the Tutsis in the Congo, and were unable to do so. At this point the US should have become nervous, but failed to notice reality.

              In the Ukraine, reality is becoming obtrusive. Does anyone in the elite notice? Some are noticing.

              • Skippy says:

                They also failed to topple Maduro despite the fact that Maduro’s communist state probably does not have any serious operational air defense.

                A little later they tried to do the same in Myanmar – as I recall the *UN* threatened Myanmar with bombing – but the USA no longer has enough aircraft carriers to put one in the Indian Ocean. The “international community” did nothing and the Myanmarese military government is still in power.

                The wheels have been coming off for a few years and the media simply buries it. If anything Ukraine has gone a lot better for them than anything else lately, albeit with higher stakes.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Many of the NVA’s leadership were Vietnamese who had been part of the failing French occupation of Algeria.

                “Oh shit. These guys can lose. We were right there with them when they did. Here’s how we can make them lose too.”

                But now with internet it’s that on turbo. Assad stands, Maduro stands, etc. The howto.txt on surviving color revolution is writing itself. They’ll have a GPT side-fork Telegram channel for it soon enough.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      These definitions are correct in all cases without exception:

      Right-wing values: Social technology that wins wars.

      Left-wing values: Social entropy, the various maladies that nations fall into when they’ve gone too long without war.

      There are no other axes on this chart, e.g. libertarian/authoritarian, because every nation is either at war or at peace, with no force pulling the pendulum in any other direction.

      • someDude says:

        Left wing values: anti social tech (defection) that allows you to win status points in times of long peace

  43. Javier says:

    macgregor argued that Bakhmut was intentionally left open to resupply by Ukraine in order to draw in and kill as many troops as possible.

    • jim says:

      Sounds right. They made it costly to resupply, but not intolerably costly. Half open.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Good strategy usually involves a superposition of multiple overlapping intentions that the strategizer would consider acceptable outcomes.

      They wouldn’t have said no to just walking over the place im sure, but if assaults are prohibitively expensive due to enemy reinforcement, and you have the advantage in reconnaissance-strike fires through artillery and other ordnance, the slow-rolling it and drawing those reinforcements in to be deconstructed in the cauldron is also an advantageous eventuality.

      This was basically the same strategy the German general staff used in Verdun, one of the most successful engagements of the first world war (in the sense of disproportionate results for one side). They pulled out topographic maps (state secrets at the time) of every area of the front lines, picked an area with the highest elevations, that they knew the whig forces would not accept the germans occupying, thus drawing them in to pre-sighted killzones (the problem of on-demand fire control was a great problem for centuries, and in many respects still is for existing actors).

      • Cataclysm Reawake says:

        “the problem of on-demand fire control was a great problem for centuries, and in many respects still is for existing actors”

        After a bit of Googling I may have a vague sense of where you’re going with this, but in case I don’t, would you mind elaborating a bit?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The worlds oldest long distance low observability guided loitering munition, is the humanoid soldier.

          For most of history the soldier himself was the primary if not the only firecontrol system for weaponry. This is what makes point and shoot high explosives on a boot scale – infanteriegeschutz – so influential in so many different engagements, and especially so when engaging breastworks and other covered positions.

          The great advantage of long distance indirect fires were offset by the fact that the gunners themselves could not observe their targets to direct fire, and means of quickly acquiring accurate fire control data via remote observation and quick transmission of accurate fire control data to ordnance from remote observers were not effectively surmounted by most players for a long time. This is what made attacking new positions hard, but retaking old positions easy, as inputs for hitting the old positions are already recorded (and moving the artillery means needing to redo the firing tables all over again). Hence the frequent stalemates throughout the western front.

          Vacuum tube technology for man portable radio equipment did not proliferate in time for the first war, and even when it did in the second, it was not exploited in tightly ‘data linked’ way, but diffusively through manual voice correction. Even at that time, the technology existed for theoretically possible kill-chains using such means as three man teams with portable surveyor’s sights to multilaterate a target, radio the range and azimuth to a nearby battery of truck mounted howitzers, whose direction-finding equipment in turn multilaterates a range and azimuth to the caller, forming two sides of a triangle, and the kommandogerat spits out the third side of the triangle to the target, opening fire with one-shot accuracy in less than a minute.

          The same principles of operation have not effectively changed for 90 years now, it is simply a question of who is better at exploiting them now.

    • Red says:

      That’s been obvious for a while now. I think I called Bakhmut: Verdun done right in an earlier thread.

      In long run Germany lost far too many in Verdun and that battle resulted in Pétain gaining enough credibility and power to actually try and win the war for France.

  44. Sean says:

    The greatest single weapon any nation has to control its population, or neighboring populations, is food. The Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward were both post-war programs that killed multi-millions by simply starving them. A couple of effective EMPs for us, and our opponents, would accomplish the mission of riding themselves of dissidents, useless eaters, and excess unwanted people. Modern food production absolutely requires a petroleum based industry. It is raised, tended, harvested, processed, and transported to market for distribution, using petroleum. An EMP would arrest this cycle at its beginning, and cause millions, perhaps billions, to starve. Why spend all that effort, money, and radiate or contaminate all that land and peoples, when you can just take away their food?

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure farm equipment is highly resistant to emp by its physical nature.

      Emp is going to take out stuff that has long wires, such as the power grid. The effect of an emp on a piece of equipment is proportional to the length of the longest wire, or the length of the longest wire from a ground or lightning arrestor. Farm equipment has short wires, which are generally enclosed in metal. Looking at the radar signature of motorcycle, looks like all their wiring is shielded by the frame, which is the ground.

      If everything is surrounded by grounded metal, emp just does not get inside. If you have wiring outside, but it goes along the grounded metal, the effect of an emp pulse is enormously reduced, because the shielding extends outside the surrounding grounded metal quite a distance. It gets inside when you have a wire that goes outside the surrounding metal that is not connected to the surrounding metal by a lightning arrestor and extends beyound the metal. An antenna and everything connected to it will get fried, but emp pulses are much lower frequency than the antenna is designed to pick up, so the effect is enormously reduced. It also gets inside if not all the surrounding metal has a conducting connection to the rest of the surrounding metal. The radar signature of a motorcycle suggests that the frame constitutes a single ground, and all electricals are very close to that frame,

    • jim says:

      My wife grows a fair bit of food, keeps her out of mischief, and could become wholly self sufficient with a fair bit of effort if I chose.

    • SJ says:

      The greatest single weapon any empire has to control the people it rules over is the narrative. They control what people think and they do it in such a way that the people do not even realize that their own thoughts are being controlled. If the empire that is ruling my nation was using something as simple as control over the food then my nation would be capable of fighting back. Because my nation is unaware that someone else created and fed their own thoughts into their mind they are not even aware that they are being ruled over.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      The Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward were both post-war programs that killed multi-millions by simply starving them.

      These programs were intended to increase food production by putting it under direct government control and not giving an unfair share to greedy landlords with clean fingernails.

      You think I’m joking, but socialists really are that stupid. During the Obamacare debate, I saw serious arguments that it would increase quality of care by giving doctors a common standardized government rulebook to follow.

      In the absolute best-case scenario, when the rulebook is written by geniuses, you get McDonald’s.

  45. Mark Matis says:

    So what’s not to like if Russia nukes every shithole hive?
    The world would be FAR better off!

    • miforest says:

      never wis the deaths of innocent people .

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Urbanite detected.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Lol, I was going to say you’re being unfair, but that’s exactly what a purity spiralling puritanical faggot with his own reservations due to suburbanite upbringing would say.

          • jim says:

            He has a valid point. On the other hand, recollect God’s chat with Abraham about Sodom. (Note that God showed up as one God in three persons) Gnon has always been pretty big on collective punishments for collective sin, and the nuclear target list is full of people who have a whole lot of power over other people’s wealth, over the people who create real wealth. Nuking the megalopoli would in the short term have severe unpleasant economic consequences, as all the transport nodes and communication hubs go down, but in the long run, probably economically beneficial, in the same way that sanctions are benefiting Russia, by cutting a whole lot of economic connections that were not in fact doing good to Russian capability for production.

            Thus, formerly, when a Russian McDonald’s franchisor wanted to buy Russian meat from a Russian slaughterhouse, had to run it past McDonald’s headquarters in America, who had to run it through a skyscraper in New York full of three hundred dollar an hour accountants and lawyers. Now that McDonald’s is Vkusno & tochka, he does not.

            Subsequently McDonald’s has been abandoning franchisor’s in Russian aligned countries, and they have been rebranding as Vkusno & tochka. This is not sanctions, those countries are not sanctioned, but “supply chain issues” – in other words the bureaucratic, judicial, and regulatory authorities in those countries have been failing to play ball with the skyscraper full of New York lawyers and accountants. Pretty sure that vaporizing that skyscraper is going to make my life better eventually.

            A huge part of Global American Soft power is that they own all the systems for large scale economic cooperation, and they have a whole bunch of legal and regulatory ways of making life hard if you are not in that network, plus they have network effects on their side. Metcalf’s law, being in the biggest network is highly beneficial, so networks are natural monopolies. Plus movement of stuff over distance needs a coercive authority to protect that stuff and enforce contracts, so the natural monopoly of the network winds up married to the natural monopoly of violence and to the natural monopoly of correspondence banking that gives rise to central banking. (The SWIFT system is anarchy of correspondence banking being drawn into orbit around the central authority of the American Federal Reserve) Sanctions have forced a competing network into existence, and now it is starting to get Metcalf’s law on its side. Hence “supply chain issues”. The network is fragmenting, and McDonald’s is not allowed to play ball with outside networks. The skyscraper full of New York lawyers is not allowed to bless a piece of paper that originates from the Russian centered network, which puzzles, surprises, confuses, and frustrates the man trying to buy a truckload of beef which was raised on a farm rather close to him, and very far from both Moscow and New York. To get the beef, he has to fill out a surprising number of bits of paper, and some of these bits of paper get mysteriously deemed invalid. And no one will explain to him what makes them invalid, or how they can be made valid. In another identity, I am one of those surprised and confused men, though I have changed all details to protect the guilty (it is not beef and it is not McDonalds). A great deal of my money, money that I was counting on, money I need right now, is stuck on a barrier intended to prevent interaction between the Global American Empire network and outside networks that might enable the movement of goods and services outside the purview of that skyscraper of New York lawyers.

            So I would be happy if they get turned into radioactive dust.

            We need a new network based on the blockchain, of which Web 3.0 will be the start. In a world full of competing and conflicting networks subject to regulatory authority that obstructs their ability to play ball with outside networks, a blockchain network has a huge advantage, though it also has a huge disadvantage in that it physically cannot protect the movement of goods. What it can however do is facilitate cooperation and coordination between individuals arranging the movement of goods subject to one authority, with individuals arranging the counter movement of goods under another authority. So beef will just inexplicably show up at the burger shop without anything being recorded on its official state regulated books, but it will be recorded on the immutable append only merkle chain of the blockchain. Since the network will be owned by the whales, not by the state and quasi state entities, not going to lock anyone out because they fail to provide evidence of submission to the appropriate state power. I keep getting locked out, because my proofs of submission to the appropriate state power are apt to be complicated.

            Need to promote this comment to a post, and/or add it to my white paper.

            • Karl says:

              I’m hearing stories from business men in Germany that it is getting very difficult to do any business with Russia because there is no longer a payment system available. Apparently, local banks need an intermediary bank for payment to a bank account in Russia. I was told that there is now a lack of intermediary banks. The banks that used to provide that service are telling their customers that the risk of somehow facilitating illegal payments is too big (too much work to check whether a payment is legal, too severe punishment if there is an illegal payment). So it is apparently no longer a viable business for an intermediate bank to provide payments to Russian banks.

              This affects even business with Russia that was not outlawed by sanctions.

              Russian businesses that are stilling willing to do business with Germany are trying to create accounts in jurisdictions to which the usual payment system is still working. These jurisdictions need to be outside of the GAE, otherwise the accounts wouldn’t help the Russian business.

              I’m being told that payments to banks in such jurisdictions are also getting difficult. A Russian business man might open a bank account outside of Russia somewhere within the former Soviet Union. That account might be useful for a while, until it suddenly isn’t because payments to banks in that country also become too difficult. So he needs another account farther away from Russia, which creates additional problems and costs and will probably be a temporary solution only.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Surely cryptocurrency payments could work, but not legally, right? There’s no checkbox on the “prove to us this will be legal” form for “XRP” or what have you?

                • Karl says:

                  Sure you could get money to someone in Russia by cryptocurrency, but these men want the payment to be accounted for as a legal business expense.

  46. Swrichmond says:

    interesting comment about nukes not working. Almost no one understands that fusion bombs are fueled with a mix of Lithium, Deuterium and Tritium. The Tritium decays on a relatively short half life, changing the important fuel proportions while the bomb is just sitting there. I am sure this is accounted for with lifecycle-based fueling ratios and a maintenance schedule, but yes the test ban treaty is a big deal, as no one now pulls one out of inventory now and again, buries it and sets it off to make sure they still work.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Some wise guy on here, maybe me, suggested a “nuclear test dance off” as a means of settling this Russia-GAE war less violently. Like over the ocean I mean.

  47. Big Brutha says:

    If you are Russia, you don’t need more than a couple working nukes. Don’t target cities directly, just go for the EMP. It’s the “non-lethal” option.

    • jim says:

      It is not difficult to harden infrastructure against emp. Just need to connect all big electrically conducting things with lightning arrestors, at least some of those big electrically conducting things being grounds that actually connect to the ground. If you have a metal roof connected to ground, or a conducting web in the roof, emp just cannot get at you.

      • Joe says:

        That is incorrect sir.

        Do you have a cell phone connection in your grounded house?

        Yes you do.

        • jim says:

          A cell phone picks up very high frequency radiation, which gets through the windows and plasterboard. An emp pulse is very low frequency.

          To exclude electromagnetic radiation, you need a faraday cage with gaps between the wires smaller than the wavelength of the radiation. The wavelength of an emp pulse produced by a nuclear weapon is enormous, so just about anything works as a faraday cage.

          • Tech Priest says:

            EMP from solar flares (due to charged particles hitting Earth’s magnetic field) is very low frequency; while similar very low frequency components occcur in EMP from nukes, they also have higher frequency components (due to when gamma rays, and to a lesser extent neutrons, hit the atmosphere knocking electrons off of air molecules).

            • jim says:

              Higher frequency as in a wavelength of a hundred of kilometers, rather than tens of thousands.

              • Tech Priest says:

                Actually, much shorter (for the highest frequencies, something like a few meters or maybe even shorter).

                To the best of my understanding:

                The gamma ray pulse from a nuke expands outwards at the speed of light, and hit electrons which go at most of the speed of light for a couple hundred meters until they are slowed down and stopped by collisions with air molecules. In the meantime, the electrons are deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field which produces changing EM fields which amount to radio waves. The radio waves then proceed onwards at the speed of light.

                The intermediate process of electrons moving around which produces the radio waves takes a bit of time. But, the higher frequency components come from the initial onset of this effect which is, I think, much shorter than the persistence time of the electrons. (particularly since there’s a limit to how large a field can be produced before the conductivity of the air shorts it out). Also, this initial onset will be producing close to spherically directed output due to everything being close to the speed of light or at least pretty short delay, and so it’s not like you can add up different paths to get a slower onset – everything sees the same rapid onset initially due to the onset only coming from the shortest path.

                So, given that there’s this rapid onset, Fourier’s transform says there are high frequencies/short wavelengths.

                • jim says:

                  This instantly produces plasma pressure over a vast area. But to produce the emp pulse, the plasma in this vast area has to expand into a vaster area, pushing the magnetic field along. So the shortest wavelength of the emp pulse is on the order of this vast area times the speed of the expansion of the plasma divided by the speed of light. The emp blast is the result of the earth’s magnetic field being pushed around by the nuke plasma. And since the field is weak, you only get efficient coupling when you get an enormous, but very tenous, body of plasma.

                • Tech Priest says:

                  The electrons right from the start produce changes to the EM field which propagate at the speed of light. This initial onset then constructively interferes with the initial onset from the electrons produced at different distances along the shortest path since both the gamma rays and radio waves travel at c.

                  In contrast, the charged particles from the expanding plasma of the nuclear bomb travel at less than c and, as you note, produce mostly a very large wavelength pulse as the expanding plasma pushes on the magnetic field. However, the gamma ray induced pulse is different as described above – that’s why nuclear EMP is different form solar.

      • Big Brutha says:

        Sure. The problem is most things aren’t hardened and in any near term escalation they are unlikely to be soon enough to matter.

        There are, of course, things that are hardened but not enough of them to avoid the kind of serious problems incident to an EMP.

        If you can’t pump water up a high rise in NYC because there’s no electrical power station or sufficient transmission capacity left to keep it running you have a problem.

        If you can’t move sewage out or treat waste water you have a problem.

        If hospitals can’t get fuel for generators after a few days you have a problem. And the whole issue set cascades until fixing individual problems may have to wait for order to be restored in specific locations.

        If you cannot get additional fuel because the pumps cannot get it out of tanks in the ground that is also a problem.

        Certainly you can come up with manual solutions and alternatives but again, it takes time and the problems in a given location might make implementing solutions in the near term tough.

        For folks living out in the middle of nowhere you could hunker down if you were prepared and wait a lot of the chaos out.

        Interruption of comms, fuel, food delivery, water pumping, etc. could hollow out more urban areas in a couple of weeks time as people determined that they would need to go looking for needed supplies.

        I would expect a lot of opportunistic crime and score settling which would make things more chaotic.

      • Calvin says:

        It is not difficult to harden infrastructure against emp

        It is if your electrician is Shaniqua.

      • Redfearn says:

        It would require a faraday cage to harden electronics against an EMP blast. All phone offices in and around military bases are in faraday cages to shield againt not only radar but EMP blast. They are also connected into a National System called Autovon, that shuts down all phone systems except those deemed essential.

        • jim says:

          You need an elaborate faraday cage to exclude or enclose high frequency radiation, such as that emitted by computers.

          Because a nuclear emp blast is very low frequency, any collection of metal in the vicinity, such as a motorcycle frame or a grounded metal roof, acts as a pretty good faraday cage – albeit this will not do much good unless your pots telephone line and power line have a lightning arrestor where they enter the house. If they have lightning arrestors and the roof is grounded, your power lines, data lines, and roof provide a faraday cage, as does the frame of a farm vehicle and a motorcycle.

          Stick lightning arrestors all over the place, and just about everything is inside a faraday cage capable of excluding a nuclear emp pulse.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Does the American government even have the cooperation capacity to do something like that? It can’t even maintain the power grid in some of the biggest states well.

            • The Cominator says:

              No they don’t, that would be infrastructure money and any infrastructure money in the US is always stolen.

    • Drew says:

      If one uses Niobium (Nb) in their transistors they are EMP proof.

  48. Karl says:

    At the end of WWI the German navy mutinied and a revolution happened. Historical parallels are always difficult, but there seems to be a chance that an insane GAE government might also face serious opposition and perhaps be replaced by a less insane and less incompetent government after it becomes evident that it is losing a war of attrition.

    If the GAE government is not replaced after losing a war of attrition, there is also the possibility of some countries breaking away from the GAE. In a war with Russia, Russia might be willing to help any country trying to exit the GAE.

    Maybe the German government of WWI might have had the competence to stay in power and keep the war of attrition going until Berlin is flattened, but I doubt it. Anyway, the GAE is a lot less competent. Staying in charge until the very end of war of attrition is difficult for any government.

    • Red says:

      The color revolution in Germany during WW1 wasn’t spontaneous, it was well funded by the UK and the US. The German government didn’t keep a loyal security force behind the lines too suppress such things, a mistake Germany corrected with the SS during WW2 which is why that war went all the way to Berlin and beyond.

      • Karl says:

        The color revolution in Germany during WW1 wasn’t spontaneous, it was well funded by the UK and the US.

        Wouldn’t it be a reasonable move for Russia do the same?

        • Red says:

          Yes, but will they do it? Their attempts at in the Ukraine was quite bad with most of the money seemly embezzled by the spooks in charge of it.

          Russia had huge issues with corruption at all levels of government, one of the many reasons that a tight operation like Wagner performs so much better than normal Russian army troops. They also have 1/4th the GDP of the US in terms of energy usage, so a lot less money to toss around. China on the other hand, could do it.

          Finally that army of armed IRS agents is going to be the SS for the Cathedral.

          • Karl says:

            I assume they will try. Any attempt has a lot of upside and little downside.

            Their attempts at it in Ukraine might have been bad, but war is a stern teacher. Future attempts might be attempted with more competence.

            • Red says:

              It’s a moot point without a counter religion ready to go. Color revolutions are religious revolts. Both China and Russia would be better off supplying arms and sanctuary to groups actively trying to fight the GAE who do have a counter religion.

              • Karl says:

                Germany at the end of WWI had no typical color revolution. Maybe there was funding from UK and US, but the people who acted and risked being killed were all Germans. What was the counter religion of the navy that mutinied?

                Anyway, the war in Ukraine already is a holy war to some people, e.g.Wagner and atriarch Kiril.

                If this war escalates it will escalate into a religious war and thereby provide the counter religion we might now be lacking

                • Red says:

                  >What was the counter religion of the navy that mutinied?

                  The Religion was Liberal Democracy and Communism run by the Jews as usual.

                  It’s Wikipedia so it’s possible it’s bullshit:

                  The sailors and stokers sought to prevent the fleet from setting sail again and to achieve the release of their comrades. Some 250 met in the evening of 1 November in the Union House in Kiel. Delegations sent to their officers requesting the mutineers’ release were not heard. The sailors were now looking for closer ties to the unions, the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) and the SPD. Thereupon the Union House was closed by police, leading to an even larger joint open-air meeting on 2 November, at the large drill ground (Großer Exerzierplatz).

                  USPD ideology:
                  Centrist Marxism
                  Democratic socialism

                  IE Commies.

                  I haven’t read any books about the fleet mutiny but I’ve a read a bit about the general riots and revolts in the cities. It was the typical mix of Commie Kikes and Progressive Democrats(US faction). The Weimar Republic was basically Harvard then religion transported to Germany right down to homos raping children and trannies.

          • Starman says:


            ”Finally that army of armed IRS agents is going to be the SS for the Cathedral”

            Another paper militia.

            • Red says:

              Sure it’s a paper militia but I continue to see no effective resistance against the Cathedral. The Feds are weak but their opposition is even weaker, without leadership, and atomized. 100k armed trannyholes are effective in the face of that sort of opposition.

              • Starman says:


                ”Sure it’s a paper militia but I continue to see no effective resistance against the Cathedral.”

                The aircraft carriers haven’t been sunk yet, retard.
                The B-52s and B-1s are still operable, or at least some of them are, moron.

                Poland allows homo parades, not because a tranny militia forced it to, but because it would be bombed from the air if it resisted.

                There’s a reason I only visit here to read Jim’s posts, not the low quality commentators.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Touch ass, you sexless chink faggot.

                • Red says:

                  @Starman, your time of the month again? Come back when you’re in better control of your emotions.

                  The IRS SS is to keep Americans in line, not the Poles. As I’ve stated many times the GAE is over the moment a carrier group settles on the bottom of the Ocean. Countries like Poland will break free or even try to assume the GAE’s role in Europe.

                  That doesn’t mean the Cathedral is done and that IRS army is designed to keep white men fighting and dying in the Cathedral’s service long after there’s any point to war. Only when Harvard is occupied or cleansed by holy nuclear fire will the Cathedral be at an end.

                  PS, stop taking credit for Shaman’s shill test on gab. You’re the keeper of the test, not the inventor.

                • Starman says:


                  “That doesn’t mean the Cathedral is done and that IRS army is designed to keep white men fighting and dying”

                  That IRS army is dead without that air and space support.

                  87,000 is a tiny number of grunts for a 3 million square mile area with millions of heavily armed men and hostile local governments (and they will be hostile after that air support is gone, and the dollar is over as a reserve currency).

                  America is an empire based on high tech weapons and a large weapons industry.

                  Shaniqua at DC/NYC can’t do it. And the jews, who have trouble understanding the physical world, can’t even comprehend established tech like tanks and shells. Let alone space travel.

                  Shaniqua at the IRS isn’t going to hold the United States together.
                  But a Techlord can. A Techlord with the Whitest techpriests, the most fanatical devotion to Ad Astra, and the biggest domination of the ultimate high ground.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  If they’re so stupid and so weak, and you and Elon are so smart and strong, why do they rule you?

                  >The carriers haven’t been sunk yet.

                  So what? The IRS isn’t calling on naval aviation for air support today. They don’t need it. They don’t need it because the population is conquered and subdued. If enough people decide to fight the IRS, they’ll need planes, but that’s a question of morale and propaganda. The decisive weapons in the fight for America are television, social media, textbooks, popular music, late night “comedy,” HR policies, etc., not planes, tanks, and bombs. There’s an iron fist inside the velvet glove, but they rarely need to take off the glove, and the better their propaganda is, the less often they have to. Jim’s right that their propaganda isn’t what it was 40, or even 10 years ago, but it’s still far better than anything on the other side.

                • jim says:

                  > If they’re so stupid and so weak, and you and Elon are so smart and strong, why do they rule you?

                  Network effect. Metcalf’s law. Cold Start problem. They call it soft power because they do not understand how it works. It is magic to them, and they do voodoo rituals to invoke it and propitiate it.

                  But there is a limit to how far a network can hold on just on network effect alone. The legacy media is dead. One down. The US dollar is about to die. That will be two down. The Global American Empire is facing defeat by a peer power. That will be three down.

                  Once all three are down, suddenly a whole lot less network effect sustaining all the many other elements of the network. Fedex is going down. Will UPS survive the fall of the US dollar? Military defeat by a peer power is going to utterly devastate the preeminence of Harvard and PNAS. The legacy media and the preeminence of Harvard are the key central nodes of the network. One of them is down, and the other is about to catch a lot of heat.

                  See McDonalds losing franchisors to Vkusno i tochka even in countries not subject to sanctions. That is loss of network effect. When a McDonalds franchisor buys beef to make a McDonald’s burger, the transaction is mediated through institutions and procedures whose authority rests in the US, even if he is on the other side of the world, and not very far from where that beef was raised. He franchised from McDonalds because of the network effect. His books were US compliant, the transaction ultimately went through New York in some sense. And now the network effect is falling.

                  Losing McDonalds will be utterly insignificant. Losing Fedex and UPS will not be a biggie, but a whole pile of stuff like that, many many little subnetworks that form one great big network, is going to go down once the dollar and the US military join the legacy media.

        • jim says:

          I have hopes, not preparing a grant application yet.

      • Karl says:

        In WWII the German government managed to keep control over German troops to the very end, but other countries, like Italy, did not fight on the side of Germany to the very end.

        I hope that some countries that are now part of the GAE will break away after it becomes evident that the GAE is losing a war of attrition. WWII is an example of a historical parallel that gives hope in that respect.

        • The Cominator says:

          They were hanging and shooting thousands of their own troops every month in order to do so though. And the army was still melting away.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*deleted for idiocy*]

        • jim says:

          Not going to waste time rebutting that one. You get a virtuous elite by making personal virtue as measured by the Pauline criteria a requirement for any state or quasi state office that has power. Socialist economics, notoriously, produces evil and corrupt elites, because socialist economics requires killing fields. (Which is why American GDP is fake and gay. America is a communist country, but lacks the stomach for the necessary killing fields.)

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*allowing this through in full, and giving it a tedious fisking, so that everyone can see what I am deleting and why*]

            Secular work and ecclesiastical work are opposites in some ways. In the secular world, you ideally secure a lifetime prestige career first before ever marrying, to protect your marriage. In the Church, you are a mature member after becoming marrying. But there is still a place for unmarried priests/bishops depending on circumstances. The Church can change its mind when it needs to.

            Measuring virtue is ideally done by school performance because otherwise you are just making school students into slaves. Good students deserve to be either paid or allowed to leave.

            Socialist economics is like fat, an unwanted but inevitable side effect of bulking up. But what matters is the muscle, that of confiscating the excess wealth and power of hedonistic elites who are married to their industry, not a real family, and who crush family life and businesses with their coked up 80+ hour work weeks.

            Socialist mobs and leftist economics are a lesser evil than the woke capitalist who hates faith and family and can never get enough money. The Scrooge.

            “Killing fields” implies a holiness spiral that doesn’t have to exist, one that escalates to killing kulaks. In reality, Wall Street had no problem with the Bolsheviks and its unholy (literally) alliance with socialism resulted in the commiecausts, not the opinions of peasants who don’t matter or eccentric bourgeois hipster types. It was a high/low alliance against the middle, that made the mistake of aiming low instead of high.

            • jim says:

              This is a waste of space, and I am going to go back to deleting stupid stuff with a brief and often unfair comment, or just silently deleting it, but I owe my real readers who are not working from a desk in a Soros open plan office to see what I censor, and what the shills are trying to push.

              > In the secular world, you ideally secure a lifetime prestige career first before ever marrying,

              Nuts. Every man should get an obedient virgin wife shortly after completing his apprenticeship and demonstrating he can hold down a job. And if his apprenticeship is in something with decent high pay, such as plumber or electrician, as soon as he is a fair way through his apprenticeship.

              > Measuring virtue is ideally done by school performance

              Now we come to the real idiocy. Obviously school performance only measures the ability to follow instructions and the willingness to do so. Obviously we need rather more important virtues, particularly in the elite. Which virtues are hard to assess, but the virtues listed by Paul for selecting potential priests, which are easier to assess, are a pretty good indicator. It is not just the priesthood that should be selected on those criteria, but the entire ruling elite. And of course, the ruling elite should be selected for social cohesion within the elite. The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, not the classrooms of Eton, while for the priesthood, orthodoxy in doctrine matters. That is what universities are for, and we do not need very many priests, so need vastly fewer and smaller universities. It does not matter if there is a certain amount of heterodoxy in the rest of the elite, provided their heterodoxy reflects boredom, lack of knowledge, and lack of interest in doctrine, rather than adhesion to an enemy entryist faith. If a member of the elite is heterodox and also finds doctrine deeply important and interesting, the inquisition should invite him over for coffee and a ham sandwich.

              > Socialist economics is like fat, an unwanted but inevitable side effect of bulking up

              And yet actual socialist economies regularly failed at logistics, they were not bulking up but collapsing of starvation.

              >. But what matters is the muscle, that of confiscating the excess wealth and power of hedonistic elites

              As always, you ignore the fact that wealth is created by people, and I usually delete all such comments. You hate everyone who creates wealth, from Musk to the farmer to the welder. And you want to destroy them all, starting with the welder.

              > Socialist mobs and leftist economics are a lesser evil than the woke capitalist who hates faith and family and can never get enough money. The Scrooge.

              Scrooge was great. The problem is that the state is injecting priests into companies who are perfectly happy to destroy the company: Go woke, go broke. You think Scrooge would have allowed the Budweiser fiasco? You think Scrooge would have destroyed the Star Wars Franchise, for which they paid billions? You think that Scrooge would hire gays and trannies if HR was not forcing him to meet sex quotas? You think Scrooge would hire women for men’s jobs except under dire threat? The problem is that HR, accounting, and legal destroy the cohesion of the company because they have power bases outside the company. The CEO of a public company is terrified and terrorized. A private company not so much, but it is still bad and rapidly getting worse even for private companies. The corporate form, the capitalism that Charles the Second created, is being destroyed by the state.

              > “Killing fields” implies a holiness spiral

              Nah, a socialist economy needs killing fields just to have something to eat. That is how the French terror started out, terrorizing peasants because the revolutionaries had no bread. But once you have an enormous apparatus of terror, it is likely to be applied to the holiness spiral, whereupon it gets very holy very fast. The Russian terror and the French terror did not begin in holiness spirals, but just an effort to get bread. Then later, the terror that they needed just have stuff in the shops got applied to doctrinal purity.

              The American economy still has market prices and supply and demand, so does not suffer a critical need for mass murder yet, even though it is a communist country in most other respects, but once they start doing price control and all that, either the economy collapses, or mass murder starts. Or both. Always does. Been tried thousands of times over the last few millennia, always with the same outcome. Stalin was able to ease up somewhat on the mass murder because he tolerated a certain amount of legal small scale capitalism, and quite a lot of highly illegal but strangely tolerated large scale mafia capitalism. But he still needed quite a lot of terror just to keep the lights on, and when his successors eased up on the terror, the lights went out. The Soviet Union fell for lack of potatoes and light bulbs. For lack of terror, their army did not have potatoes and the elite did not have light. Hence Reagan’s accurate assessment that the Soviet Union could not sustain a multitude of little wars, too small to cause a danger of nuclear war, but too many for them to afford, and Putin’s accurate assessment that he could beat the Global American Empire in a war of attrition. (America is a communist country, and if it wants to win a war of attrition, will have to either abandon communism or introduce killing fields. Deng realized he could make China great by letting Scrooge be Scrooge, while the US cannot produce the missiles needed for air to ground support because it will not let Scrooge be Scrooge.)

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*usual globohomo perception of conservatives, Christians, Republicans, whites, rural people, and flyover country deleted yet again.*]

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >Measuring virtue is ideally done by school performance

              Imagine living in a world where there are people who unironically think this.

    • jim says:

      A government competent enough to fight a war of attrition to its ultimate end is likely competent enough to cut a deal when it still has some chips left to bargain with. Imminent death is apt to focus the mind. On the other hand, we have the insane in power.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        As positions in power become more insane expect it to be more death obsessed. The preferred death of the insane is suicide. With solipsistic, suicide obsessed leaders the likely outcome is mass suicide “for their own good” because if the leaders want to die then everyone else must want to die too. See Jamestown and other cults of the insane. No cyanide punch this time though. While bioweapons are too complex for the current leaders and the nukes don’t work, poison has always been easy to make. Poison probably meaning a vaccine.

        I’m sticking with my theory of elites as utterly insane and the evil they produce a byproduct of that insanity. So I study the course insanity can take in an individual and then to try scale it up. Many paths of the crazy, all with different shapes but mostly moving in the same direction: delusion, paranoia, suicidal ideation etc.

  49. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    A great problem of warfare is that the best of men tend to disproportionally bear the greatest share of its costs.

    Therefore, all possible means must be pursued to ensure that War can land most squarely on the heads of daemonhosts animating the societies of your counterparts, in particular. To ensure that, in the final tally of things, it is such sorts that disproportionately bear its costs.

    In other words, not only is it not dishonorable to assassinate the daemonic, but honor demands it.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      War’s aftermath. A preliminary study of the eugenics of war as illustrated by the civil war of the United States and the late wars in the Balkans. By David Starr Jordan, chancellor, Stanford University, and Harvey Ernest Jordan, professor of histology and embryology, University of Virginia. (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914. 104 p. $.75 net)


    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Historically the best men tended to disproportionately benefit the most from winning. War brides and that sort of thing. Genghis Khan has how many descendants?

      Legalize polygamy for warriors so long as the women come from outside the nation.

      • Red says:

        >Legalize polygamy for warriors so long as the women come from outside the nation.

        Didn’t work out too well for Islam. A great deal of effort went into importing slave girls so every rich man and his sons could have 4 wives, while the warriors where soon left with no women. Warriors as always are allowed any concubines they take in battle.

        • Fireball says:

          Works wonders for islam being the perfect pre-industrial religion. How much has islam retreated in the last thousand years?

          • Neofugue says:

            The Polygon gives Mohammedans greater freedom to be “traditional” because Black and Brown. Mohammedans were never subject to the abject brutality found in the French and Russian revolutions.

            Also, outside of Afghanistan, most of the Islamic world is being slowly corrupted by Leftism, though Polygon influence varies by region.

            • The Cominator says:

              “The Polygon gives Mohammedans greater freedom to be “traditional” because Black and Brown. Mohammedans were never subject to the abject brutality found in the French and Russian revolutions.”

              During the collectivizations in the Soviet Union the Kazakhs and the Tartars were starved worse than anyone (and then the Tartars got en masse sent to Siberia). So not true as far as the Russian Revolution goes.

              • Neofugue says:

                I stand corrected, though my central point, that one should not mistake Mohammedans being given special privileges because Black and Brown for Mohammedanism being more resistant to Prog corruption, still stands.

            • Anonymous says:

              Nah, there’s definitely something else that explains Islam-polygon/cathedral bonhomie. Hindus are much browner than Islam and yet we get bullied by the left far more than Islam does. It’s all very mysterious, why these foreskinless wonders get a free pass on their antics, while everyone else – whether that be Shintos, Christians, Jewish Israelis, Myanmar and Sri Lanka Buddhists, Indian Hindus, Chinese atheists, all get the amnesty international fingerwagging and oxfam strict talking-to. The only other group that gets similar levels of deference is blacks, who seem free to be as homophobic, racist, misogynist and transphobic as nature intended, with no one batting an eyelid.
              Makes me wonder sometimes if the cathedral plans to use the foreskinless as a battering ram to break open other societies, and then turn on them at a later date.

              • Anonymous says:

                As I was typing the previous comment out, I forgot to add one other group which gets a similar free pass- Sikhs.
                So Sikhs, blacks, muslims..

                Could the common thread be that the leadership of all these groups is completely whipped and under cathedral control, and therefore the rank and file is allowed to be as reactionary as they want to? Because the cathedral knows they have the top echelon in their pocket, the hoipolloi being independent doesn’t matter to them..

                • jim says:

                  The group is whipped. Not just the top.

                  Reflect on how the Sikhs responded to the 1984 riots. Sikh rank and file reactionary tendencies are mere posturing. Their response reveals that their martial faith is dead. The Cathedral does not fear corpses.

                  Muslim reactionary tendencies are also in large part mere posturing, but the Taliban is Muslims who were not having any of that. Their faith is live.

                • Anonymous says:

                  That’s a good point you make, Jim.
                  The other thought that came to mind is that these three groups are all uniquely brahmin-less, unpriestly. Blacks because that’s just not who they are, Sikhs because it specifically started (at least in part) as a reaction against brahmin orthodoxy, and Muslims because they hate any deep thought and Islam actively destroys intellectual ability in its host society. The only Muslim society the cathedral tries to undermine is Iran, which, of course, has a different kind of islam that isn’t as anti-intellectual.
                  So maybe the cathedral is just pre emptively attacking any culture from where a rival priesthood could emerge.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Not trying to throw Any shade on Sikhs, irrespective of the provocative behavior of our frequent commenter here. I regret the events of 1984, and hold the Gurus in high regard. Aside from the Europeans, the northwest indians were the only ones who were able to hold firm against Islam. Islam literally had to flow around them, like a stream around a rock.

                • jim says:

                  I regret those events also, but I am very pissed when our frequent commenter pronounces them to be a demonstration of the Sikhs’ martial character. The Global American Empire, unlike the Muslims, rolled over the Sikhs, for their system of succession had given them an ass for a lion.

                  A lot of monarchies have had the rule that the successor has to be an adult male who has participated in war, (which has frequently led to a shortage of wars, causing the system to break down) The Khalsa would have worked if it had had such a rule.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To be fair to Sikhs despite our obnoxious commenter the average Sikh in the West tends to be of way better character than the average Pajeet…

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                A leftist of any given people will tend to be rhetorically universalist, but highly parochical in praxis. They don’t really care about anything except their antipathy to their neighbors; everything they can see will be bent through this lens, and nothing that can’t be bent through this lens will be seen.

                The most notable leftist power today – the Global (anti-)American Empire – is primely animated by Europoid men, descending from Christian Europoid countries, and whose belief systems concordantly descend primely from leftist heresies against Christianity. Islam has been a historical enemy of Christian Europe for millennia. Therefore, they give islam a pass. QED.

                If a leftist in another nation – say, an Indian leftist – cares about international politics outside that nation, it is not just any international politics they care about, it is American politics they care about. Because the international empire they are subordinate too is the Global (anti-)American Empire. And the Global (anti-)American Empire is run by American leftists.

                Recall how all the signs used by ‘protestors’ during the ‘arab springs’ were written in English. Both agent and handler knew who the real target audience was.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The main point is that you can save yourself a lot of heartburn by taking out the proverbial Zelenskis and giving the proverbial Zaluzhnys the same offer you gave the True Believers, now that the True Believers are no longer in their way (and the implicit threat delivered).

        Gnostics love starting wars because they expect the people they hate to die in them. The more pointless the war the better. Therefore, as a matter of Acausal Trade, it behooves one to not just kill your own leftists, but to kill your enemies leftists too.

  50. S says:

    If the nukes don’t work, they’ll switch to bioweapons.

    • jim says:

      Bioweapons are harder. The dismal failure of Covid demonstrated that.

      • Calvin says:

        But they’re much cheaper, you can find most of the components in the wild, and there’s nothing really stopping you from throwing shit at the wall until you’ve brewed up a megaplague.

        • jim says:

          You think they have not been throwing shit at the wall? They have bioweapons labs in every far off place that they do not care too much about.

          • Red says:

            Monkey Pox is proof that they’re bad at bio weapons.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              You’re implying something very interesting.

              If a bioweapon affects straight white men with IQ’s over 100 the most, then the Cathedral can’t make a big panicky deal about it, because that’s just part and parcel of living in a modern democracy. Too bad, so what.

              But if it disproportionately affects degenerate homos like monkeypox, well, then someone might get in trouble for it.

              So how do they really do this then?

              • Handi says:

                They can’t engineer a pathogen to specifically target people with low genetic load who practice good hygiene. That’s like designing a claymore to only hurt people sitting in armored vehicles.

                Even if they could manage to release a virus tailored against high-IQ straight white men in particular, it would be in a very low-entropy state and it would much rather mutate to infect niggers and homos too. And the second it crossed over by random mutation it would absolutely rip through those populations.

          • Calvin says:

            I think they have and will continue doing so. Not very expensive, and you only need to get lucky once. Not nearly so difficult as nukes.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Biology is complicated but trial and error is easy.

              They may not get the results they want, and they may fuck up the process of getting the results they want, but there is a low ‘barrier to entry’ to trying.

              • Calvin says:

                Exactly so. Don’t need to be that smart to take something naturally lethal or virulent and successfully make it more so through trial and error. The Soviets had quite an arsenal in spite of the usual socialist logistics.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Resorting to biologicals mans the gloves come off in other categories as well. It’s not chess, with move & countermove, it’s proto-IEW, and the RF has learned a lot, much of which can be transferred to allies, vassals, and proxies. If the GAE uses bioweapons, it will start out like Nord Stream attack, with media pretending “no one knows who did it,” and soon after China will unleash cyber warfare as a bunch of Russian SoF “yes hello” the American heartland and cities.

    • Aidan says:

      Bioweapons are not currently workable.

      Virus don’t like being deadly. They rapidly evolve to be less deadly and more transmissible. You can kill a lot of people with a deadly, transmissible virus at first, but that virus will rapidly become less deadly.

      Bacteria can be both highly deadly and transmissible, because many can survive after the host is dead, but are easily treated via antibiotics.

      Prions are the deadliest, but they are not very transmissible. I imagine a water supply could be contaminated with prions, but they can be filtered out quite easily.

      The ideal bioweapon is a bacterium that transmits via the air, has high longevity outside a host, is extremely lethal or at least disabling, and has been genetically designed to both resist antibiotics and incapacitate its hosts immune system. In which case you need a cure, and this will have to be a very specific cure that the enemy cannot readily devise, so that it does not kill your own people.

      • S says:

        I was thinking mass aerial dispersion via drones- I know the Ukrainians are doing that with chemical weapons, bioweapons isn’t a big leap.

        So you can cover the issue of evolution reducing deadliness by exposing as many people as possible to the early and deadly variant.

        As for specifics, I was thinking smallpox. It kills, exists and you can vaccinate against it. Target enemy vaccine stockpiles with conventional bombs and unleash your plague.

        It is a symmetrical situation for escalation, but the Russians care if people in Eurasia live and the US government doesn’t if everyone in the Americas dies.

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