The Great Ukrainian Counter Offensive

Normally I do not report on or respond to the day’s news.  This blog is about what the news of decade or a century ago turned out to mean.  And no end of people are reporting on the day’s news, most of whom have researched it far more thoroughly than I am willing to do.

But, prematurely, I am going to report on what this offensive seems to have turned out to mean.

The original plan of the Global American Empire was to logistically exhaust Russia. “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a nuclear power” “Russia is running on Soviet leftovers.” “Russia’s GDP is less than that of (insert insignificant country here)” The latter meme was an echo of Reagan in the primaries. He did not believe the official story about Soviet GDP pushed by Harvard and the CIA.

Well that does not seem to be working out. Sanctions arguably improved the Russian economy by forcing national capitalism on it from the outside. Living standards have fallen, but not by much, and the Russian entrepreneurial class has been invigorated.

Soviet GDP was as fake as Reagan claimed, but this time around, it is Global American Empire GDP that has been revealed as fake and gay. Nato’s cupboard is bare. Gains and losses of a few square kilometers of chewed up dirt and shattered buildings do not matter. What matters is that Nato is running out. That the meme of “The Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive” was floated was a recognition that the Global American Empire is losing the war of attrition.

The objective of The Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive was to replace slow grinding war of attrition with decisive war of movement. The Ukraine would cut to the Black sea near Mariupol forcing cut off Russian troops to surrender, or at least to abandon the Black sea coast without a fight. They would make a counter envelopment around Bakhmut, forcing Russians to abandon Bakhmut without a fight. They would get turf without slowly and attritively grinding.

The offensive has so far achieved significant tactical Ukrainian victories, but looks increasingly unlikely to give them the hoped for strategic victory, which is probably why they announced it was postponed yet again. It has not been postponed. It has failed so far.

What has happened was that the Ukraine has hurled a good chunk of its reserves at some point on the front, attempting to restore war of movement, and a significant advance happened, often with Russian troops forced to abandon some important chunk of hard won land without a fight, and the the Russians would make some countermove to stop them, and war of attrition resumed. The retreats failed to create cascading weakness. And then they would hurl another good chunk of their reserves at another point on the front. Presumably if the Ukrainians had some important success, the rest of the reserves would have been thrown in and The Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive announced. It has not been announced because each such thrust, though it made important initial gains, soon got stuck.

The theory underlying the Great Ukrainian Offensive is that once reserves have been deployed to a front, it is mighty difficult to adapt to circumstances and opportunities by redeploying them elsewhere.  If you try to redeploy the normal foul ups of war ensue, those left to hold the front are apt to conclude that due to malice, neglect, or chaos, they are being abandoned to die, and decide to mutinously leave, turning the redeployment into a disorderly retreat.  So, if you have reserves, you have choices.  You can strike in one place and not strike in another place.  This restores war of movement when your forces penetrate behind enemy lines, forcing the enemy to swiftly abandon overnight turf won over months or years in the slow grind of attritive warfare. So the Ukraine built up its reserves, for a decisive blow restoring war of movement.

And the Russians were forced to abandon overnight quite a lot of turf that had taken them months to gain. In this sense, substantial tactical victories ensued, which no one seems to be reporting – because the Ukrainians were seeking turf that mattered, and got turf that has so far turned out to not matter much.

One of the big ideas that a lot of pro Ukraine bloggers were talking about was counter envelopment of the Bakhmut cauldron. Ukrainian forces would strike deep into Russian held turf north of Bakhmut and south of Bakhmut, threatening to surround Bakhmut, thus forcing Russians to abandon it without a fight. Or actually surrounding it, forcing Russians to surrender.

And they struck. And they penetrated behind Russian lines, causing a great deal of destruction. This threatened the jaws of Russian cauldron, forcing the Russians on the north and south jaws of the cauldron to abandon overnight much hard won turf, to abandon the jaws of the cauldron. But it did not threaten to envelope Bakhmut with a counter cauldron. On the northern jaw of the cauldron the Russians quickly captured some new turf to recreate a northern jaw for the cauldron in a new, smaller, position, but the Ukrainians successfully forced the southern jaw wide open.

The Russian cauldron that made it difficult for the Ukrainians to supply and replace troops in Bakhmut is no more. This is a big Ukrainian tactical victory. It is a strategic victory, but Bakhmut continues to fall nonetheless. And Ukrainians are still advancing on the flanks north and south of Bakhmut. But it is a strategic defeat, because now it is back to grinding attritive warfare on the flanks, so they have committed their reserves to more of the same old same old. More of the attrition that the Global American Empire cannot afford.

The Ukrainians are now able to pour more and more troops into the tiny little part of south eastern Bakhmut that they still control, and are doing so. They can now pour vast amounts of fresh meat into the same old meat grinder and have done so. That is their strategic victory. I expect the fresh meat to be soon pouring out again, if they are not doing so already.

The Global American Empire still attempting a counter envelopment of Bakhmut, attempting to create a counter cauldron. And they are attempting to recapture areas of Bakhmut that they lost in the little the south east corner that remains, and have had some success. Russians retreated in Bakhmut, and on the flanks. Russians were on the defensive, though they are now back to advancing into the tiny little part of Bakhmut that is still under Ukrainian control. But on the offensive, or on the defensive, on the retreat or on the advance, they are decisively winning the war of attrition. The fall of Bakhmut has been delayed, but probably not delayed a whole lot. Only a square kilometer or so remains in Ukrainian hands.

War of movement was always a long shot. The Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is far from over, but it is looking like a longer and longer shot. That it was tried at all means that the Global American Empire no longer has confidence in war of attrition. They have realized they are losing the war of attrition.

Normally a war of attrition comes to a negotiated end. The loser usually loses decisively, usually after making increasingly desperate attempts to change the war of attrition to a war of movement, the winner usually wins decisively, the negotiations are one sided, but the loser retains a nation, retains the capacity to recruit and arm an army, and learns from its failures. A decisive defeat in a war of attrition is seldom all that decisive.

But the Global American Empire lacks the capacity to negotiate. This war could continue for quite a while, and may well continue long after the Ukraine becomes a footnote like Serbia in World War I or Poland in World War II.

What they do when reality becomes painfully evident is avert their gaze and look around for some new shiny thing. They may well forget about the war, without attempting to end it, without allowing anyone else to end it.

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  2. Pray says:

    Pray that the White and Christian populace of the world will rise to protect itself and its purity and its culture and way of life from these Muslim Black Brown Jew Commie Democrat Socialist Mongrel “Migrant” Invaders.
    [*temporarily held back*]
    You will not replace us.We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
    You will not replace us. [*temporarily held back
    This post has not been deleted, but I am holding it pending you giving us the Christian affirmation and taking the shill test. How does the genetic distance between the chimps and blacks compare to the genetic distance between chimps and whites?*]

    • jim says:

      What is your position on the Azov brigade and Andriy Biletsky serving a Jewish overlord who seemes to want all Ukrainians to die, installed in the Ukraine by the Jews Soros, Nuland, and Blinken, installed by people who hate Ukraine and Ukrainians with every fibre of their being? Do you think that is entirely congruent with white Christian nationalism? How does your white Christian Nationalism see their white socialist nationalism?

      Do you think the the Azov brigade and Andriy Biletsky make Zelensky look bad, or do you think that Zelensky makes National Socialism, the Azov brigade and Andriy Biletsky look bad?

      Affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      • Pray says:

        [*deleted for entirely unsurprising inability to acknowledge the divinity of Christ or the biological differences between whites and blacks*]

        • jim says:

          This conversation illustrates what government shills are allowed to say, in order to pass as fellow right wingers, and/or fellow Christians, and what they are forbidden to say.

  3. Kunning Drueger says:

    Milley and Austin “personally” intervene to “halt” the drag show at Nellis in NV. This is part of a general, if slow and obscured, push back against the DEI ratchet by a faction(s) in the Pentagon. Milley has been going around like travelling preacher with a sermon about the Strength of Diversity, but if you actually listen, or read, it’s pretty obvious they are desperately trying to get back to just negros and faggots diversity because trannies are force reducers that enervate the remainder and animate the opposition. Every clown soldier picture increases doubt on the GAE side and gives credence to the Axis of Multipolarity rhetoric.

    I cannot go into much detail, but the faltering faith of Milley et al has been noticed by the Managerial Elite of the IC, particularly in the “civilian partners” camp, and the “consensus” is negativity, but there’s also more than a few Musk-style liberals who want to return to the ~2012 neoliberal world order.

    I said this a while back, and Starman references it when he refers to “sunken carriers,” but I repeat it for emphasis: the turning point will be on the seas, with the blue water navy. Whether it’s a double down on clownworld catastrophe or an attempt to salvage viability, I can’t say. Women are fully in control of the IC, the State Department, and the massive network of NGOs/nonprofits, but the military is in the frail, liver spotted hands of the generals.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Over three quarters of all the stryker vehicles delivered to the colonial administration in Kiev for The Greatest Ukrainian Counter-Offensive, are actually inoperable, duds, which would all require maintenance overhauls to do anything more than continue sitting in the motor pool to rust. And there is nothing i’ve seen that indicates things are any better for literally anything and everything else the GAE has under its remit.

      The USM is a paperworkocracy, and that means it is a system optimized for producing paperwork that says such-and-such has 100% readiness, rather than producing actual readiness.

      A bureaucrat officer thinks to himself, if [thing] is good, then having more ‘oversight’ for [thing] will result in even more [thing]. Which of course begs the question: what does ‘more oversight’ mean? What forms are created by the expression of this desire through the skein of reality? The answer, of course, is more paperwork.

      Notarized paperwork in triplicate, certifying that such-and-such has taken place. And the more certifications, the more the bureaucrat officer feels the yawning chasm of his fearful insecurities of control-freakery papered over by wood-pulp placebo.

      And in a paperworkocracy, the way you get ahead is by having better paperwork than the other guy. How to have the best paperwork? Simplemente; have the greatest willingness to tolerate the greatest of departure between the world of paper and the world as such. Good working order in things is not what brings advancement, good paperwork brings advancement.

      Any of those who suffer from sentimental attachment to notions like valuation of truth, virtue, or accomplishing the ostensible purpose of the organization, are duly ejected from the innards of the beast, while such sorts of beings that are least prone to thoughts that lead to verity, and most compatible with broad-spectrum, systemic, and sustained distortion about anything in particular, are selected for long rewarding careers all around, stocking the beast to the gills. The bureaucrat officer creates an earthly paradise for Bureaucratic Man to proliferate in.

      The great fatuity of wand-waving is not that what the wand-waver demands is not delivered – but that it is. The wave of the wand conjures great pusillanimous chimaeras, which fit the wand-waver’s criteria far better than the the desired [thing] itself, taking its place, and consuming it utterly, for more of itself.

      • jim says:

        Armored vehicles delivered to Ukraine are mostly dysfunctional.

        Interestingly, shells work, but manufacture of shells cannot be increased. I conjecture the factories were built by men long retired, and cannot be changed, nor can new ones be built. But you could just put them on three eight hour shifts, and run them twenty four seven. Seems like the obstacle to that is bureaucratic.

        The point defense system for the patriot missiles is a miracle of super duper high tech, and works great against ordinary missiles, but, as expected, fails against hypersonics. Hypersonics were not in its threat model, and are out of scope. Patriot missiles have a high failure rate and an alarming propensity to turn around 180 degrees and blow up something near their launch point, but mostly they work. America can no longer build warships, which is strange, for what is a warship but a regular ship clad in a whole lot of armor and carrying weapons.

        It is not that the US is lagging in high tech – well not by much. Lacks hypersonics, the drones are crap, and stormbreaker production is belated and very slow, while the Russian equivalent, which they misleadingly call guided bombs, is being produced in very large numbers. Rather there is an across the board incapacity to make stuff.

        As I said, US GDP is fake and gay.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I think things would have to get truly dire yet for them to fuck up even making shells. (Making them *at scale* is of course easy to fuck up, like anything requiring large scale coordination.)

          Has there ever actually been a single example in history where a patriot system was successfully used in combat? Any version at any time.
          Because the disturbing trend that I am starting to notice, is that not only was its original form a cargo-cult fetich of highly expensive bits mashed together into something that looks like a surface-to-air missile system but doesn’t actually perform such a function, none of its ‘updates’ have substantially changed this fact either. A decades long telephone game where every party is blowing smoke up each others asses to avoid looking incompetent to the other, all while the albatross just sits there.

        • Skippy says:

          Kinzhal isn’t really a “hypersonic”, it’s just a ballistic missile, not that different to Scud which was in Patriot’s threat profile and was used against Patriot thirty years ago. Patriot effectiveness has been heavily litigated; back in the Gulf War the “Patriot doesn’t work” crowd were bad guys, trying to argue that the fearsome communists could build thirty year old export monkey models that overcome the US air defences. Now they’re trying to argue that more capable, but not radically different, weapons can easily be shot down by Patriot. Who knows what is the truth?

          America definitely failed to build new warships, the Zumwalt being an open hard failure, and its key system – the radar that incorporates both X and S band – not only failed but has been recommenced under a different project name and will supposedly be installed in future, more conventional ships, decades late. That certainly looks like technological decline.

          The current pattern for a naval escort was set by the USA in 1984, when it ordered the first VLS Ticonderoga-class cruiser. At the time, a ship one to two decades ahead of its time. But today the USA is still building substantively the same ship, while a few countries (such as the British, the French, and the Italians) have actually deployed escorts with dual band radars, albeit it in small numbers.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Even if the Patriot system worked perfectly every time, at $5 million a shot, the enemy could easily overwhelm it with cheaper missiles. The US had total air supremacy over Iraq and was destroying many Scuds before they could launch, which greatly reduced the Patriot’s workload.

        • Skippy says:

          I don’t believe Patriot is a junk weapon, though whether it can intercept specific Russian weapons is another question. I suspect it’s less effective against Russian weapons than US media claims, and more effective against Scud.

          But Patriot is also an old weapon. It entered service in 1984, the same year the Ticonderoga class cruiser was ordered.

          If Russia had the same kind of SEAD/DEAD that the US and UK had in the Gulf War, Ukraine would be in bigger trouble than it is.

        • Karl says:

          Interestingly, shells work, …

          Some shells work, but there must be some duds. There have always been some duds in any shell production. Does anybody know anything about the rate of duds and how it changed recently?

          What is the Russian dud rate comapred to NATO’s dud rate?

      • Starman says:


        “And in a paperworkocracy, the way you get ahead is by having better paperwork than the other guy. How to have the best paperwork? Simplemente; have the greatest willingness to tolerate the greatest of departure between the world of paper and the world as such. Good working order in things is not what brings advancement, good paperwork brings advancement.”

        Very astute observation of the US military bureaucratic structure. It matches my own observations when I was in the military.

        There was sayings such as “training ‘documented’ is training done.” And then because all of that extra “training” got “done,” the senior officers would schedule even more training hours, further incentivizing this trend.
        A man would get promoted for being able to quote the most obscure instruction from random manuals and department organization manuals, better than the next guy.
        People who knew how to bullshit their way thru supervisory position qualifications, including knowing the right people so they could get qualification requirements blazed off, got the supervisor qualifications done faster than the next guy who did them for real. And the bullshitter then was able to get promoted.

        This is what I saw in the higher ranks.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Matches what I saw, as well. So many man-hours wasted in a pre-deployment cycle doing pointless computer learning classes, men promoted on paper merit instead of how capable they really were, pointless things like the fitness tests and uniform inspections being valued over qualifications related to job performance.

          Anyone who had been in more that a tour or two was almost certainly too incompetent to do the civilian version of my field, which was far more lucrative. The first-termers had to run pretty much everything, while constantly facing interference from above by people who did not know what needed to get done. My unit was also a dumping ground for the people who the special operations guys did not want, but had reenlisted anyway. I washed my hands of it about halfway through and gave up trying too hard.

          • jim says:

            This likely explains the logistic failure in medium tech (ships and tanks) and the incapacity to ramp up production of shells.

            There are probably some elderly smart guys on the edge of retirement still around in the missile factories.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              I am describing the opposite problem. The older men in my unit were the ones that could not leave the military to make more money in the civilian world. The young men were the most competent, and it was mostly the older guys who were out of the loop. There was definitely some learning/growing pains for the brand new guys, but within a year, the E3s/E4s were more capable than the E6s/E7s that had a decade of service. Then the good ones leave, the incompetent reenlist, and the cycle continues.

              The logistic problem is the opposite problem. High skill older men keeping the plant running and slowly retiring. No one has learned all the important stuff, so you cannot staff more shifts or more production lines.

              • former says:

                I was an infantry Army officer in the early 2010s. This is true of the officer class as well. The Army could attract competent officers for an initial term of service, which is about 3-8 years. The competents were white and east asian males paying for college and looking for adventure.

                After their obligation was up, all of the competent officers either got out or went Special Forces…and then got out because it wasn’t much better in SF.

                What remained were the mediocrities who knew they couldn’t do better in the private sector, plus a not insignificant number of morons who managed to avoid the small handful of things that will get you kicked out. This meant the entire regular Army officer staff from Major up to Colonel was mediocre to bad.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  There are a few competent fanatics that stick around, but they are surrounded by careerists and as a result never get to truly shine. They mostly end up doing damage control and is the main reason why DoD has been able to kick the can down the road as long as it has.

                  avoid the small handful of things that will get you kicked out

                  You definitely aren’t in the force anymore. My cousin is an Officer. Extremely competent and was a guaranteed promotion on the next board. He made one joke about gays while in a civilian bar off base. It got reported (by a female civilian) way up the chain of command and next thing he knows he’s off the promotion board. Now he’s being constantly sidelined and is as good as kicked out.

                  When I went to MEPS, I pointed out to a woman that if she lost some weight she would have a much easier time. She was borderline obese. That got reported to a SNCO at MEPS by one of the civilian volunteers (also a woman). The SNCO proceeded yell his head off me about respecting women. It got reported the OSO and I was nearly taken off the selection board.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                The logistic problem is the opposite problem. High skill older men keeping the plant running and slowly retiring. No one has learned all the important stuff, so you cannot staff more shifts or more production lines.

                DoD civilian logistic force is the same. No one learned how to deal with private sector. So the government that doesn’t know how to order stuff combined with a private sector that doesn’t know how to make stuff. The amount of paperwork just to buy an audio video system is mind boggling. Over a year just to contract and install routers.

                The older men in my unit were the ones that could not leave the military

                I know more than one SNCO currently serving while >50% disability rating. Many pill poppers. One is on something like 6 different prescriptions. Some of the young fit guys jump ship and try out for Special Operations. More capable E3s/E4s rings true in some units.

                >pointless computer learning classes

                What, you didn’t like the annual don’t rape women certification? 🙃

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  As was said in Blazing Saddles, “I like rape!”

                  Seriously, though, it was all a massive waste of time. Days of it, so while we were working up for a deployment, we spent man hours totalling something like 2 months doing training that was redundant by the time you were an 8 year old, let alone a grown man in a military unit.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            If there are three things you can say about any bureaucracy, it is that, 1, they don’t learn anything, 2, they don’t remember anything, and 3, they are always forgetting things.

            People can learn things, but Institutions are not people. ‘Peacetime’ militaries usually start wars as Institutions run by procedure, are thrown into chaos as procedure heedlessly dashes itself against the rocks of Being, repeatedly experiencing failure and catastrophe, and end the war, if they succeed and survive, as teams of people run by fiat, having relearned all the old forgotten lessons once again.

            Or to put it in more prosaic terms, victory in war tends to go to the side that can afford to make the most mistakes.

            Success in a bureaucracy marks you as a threat to be eliminated, not an asset to be cultivated. Actual accomplishment of the nominal purpose the institution supposedly exists for is a rallying flag for all the Bureaucracy Men to put aside their usual backbiting and come together in focusing their backbiting on side-lining the source of collective embarrassment. Decoration for valor in battle guarantees you will never advance far in the GAE’s janissary corps.

            In other words, you can’t ‘nudge’ a bureaucracy; it will sooner crash its ostensible responsibility with no survivors, than shed one iota of its accumulated sinecure, in response to changes in funding or ‘incentives’. Only personnel matters, the power to hire and fire. Changes in behavior means changes in personnel. You either kill it and replace it with something else – still using the same letterhead even, if you like – or be killed by it.


  4. Cloudswrest says:

    Remote relations appear to be dropping like flies recently.

    First cousin’s son in-law (43) dropped dead of “suddenly” a few weeks ago while brushing his teeth (dissecting aorta).

    First cousin of wife (late 50s) died earlier this year of a sudden fulminate cancer.

    Another first cousin of wife (early 60s) just dropped dead today of “suddenly”.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Sorry to hear that.

      I still, fortunately, lack any fatal cases of Suddenly in my immediate circle. Although a neighbor is back to work after an extended absence following a heart attack (known vaccinated, 50s so earlier than you’d like but not unheard of), and a vaxxie coworker of mine now has joint hypermobility syndrome (he blames on long covid but was vocal about vaxxing). The second one can’t be hypochondria, the wrists and thumbs visibly bend farther than they should and than they used to. It’s a little disturbing when he shows it off.

      I don’t mean to defend the vax by saying I haven’t seen Suddenly first hand though. I’m reminded of the extinction of the largest megafauna of the Americas after humans’ arrival. Did we literally hunt and kill every last mammoth in person, or did we hunt just enough we pushed them below replacement? For a large enough K-selected mammal, it makes no difference at all. Push fertility per breeding pair below 2 and it’s all over.

      Similarly, the vax doesn’t have to literally Suddenly every single recipient, it just has to push fertility below 2 (really, what, 2.3?) and it’s all over.

      • SJ says:

        I haven’t seen any suddenly first hand but my father suffered liver and kidney failure post vax and nearly died. The hospital was, of course, empty not overflowing and was never overflowing but was empty the entire time as I went and checked myself several times. Of the two LDS families I know who post vax are strangely infertile, early twenties couples, yet were fertile pre vax, one of them is now pregnant. I’ll post if she suffers a miscarriage.

        Fertility is already below 2 for the West outside of the Amish and the LDS. Though GAE was recently celebrating at getting the total baptized not ex communicated LDS fertility rate down to 3.3.

        • Redbible says:

          I know a couple that is Vaxxed that has had a baby… after 2 miscarriages and a heavy menstruation that might have been an auto-abortion.

          Also, I’m pretty sure that that LDS fertility rate you mention is either a global statistics, or includes lots of spics, nigger, and mystery meats. My personal observations lead me to think that the white LDS fertility rate is at or lower than 2.3

          • SJ says:

            When I lived in the city their were maybe five other children in my ward. The good men of church were married, by age forty to forty year old childless spinsters. Or rather they married young, by thirty, to single moms whose half breed baby daddy was in prison or deported.

            Now I live away from the city and when church ends it looks like someone kicked over an anthill as a carpet wave of children spill forth. White children, might I add. My neighbor with the least children has three and wants more. Alas his wife leads his household and he is completely blue pilled so she refuses his voiced desire but not command. We just welcomed a new marriage, a twenty one year old member to a nineteen year old virginal girl. We are already asking him when his first baby will be here. Soon, he assures us, they are trying.

            The blue pilled betas have thin virgin wives and three children. Though many arguments and both in the couple suffer from the “mysterious brain defect” of depression. Now you will not get a virginal wife if you convert and you will be hounded with a never ending horde of sluts until you get married, as everyone is expected to be married. But your children will have an entire community raising submissive girls who must follow the law of chastity. If you have game your can tell a single mom to give her bastard up for adoption before you marry her anyway.

            • Redbible says:

              I’ll take your word about there being based rural LDS wars, but it seems like there are engaging in unprincipled exceptions to what the LDS church leadership is telling them, such as:
              Gordan “Go to college, yes even the women” Hinckley
              Thomas “Women, you need to go on missions” Monson
              Russell “Take the clot shot” Nelson

              And perhaps they are rural enough that they can’t go to the temple except for their marriage. Then they wouldn’t have gotten the latest updates to the endowment such as Women no longer being saved through their husband and God (and not Adam) naming Eve.

              • SJ says:

                No not based, not red pilled, still progressive, still blue pilled. Many of the men are still servant leaders with unhappy marriages. Couples still get divorced after the women go crazy due to a servile husband who can’t pass shit tests and she still uses the old he was abusive canard. The men are still destroyed for it.

                Yet even the servile weak husbands still have three or four children before their divorce. The community still raises virgin daughters for my sons. The people still try, even though as you point out the progress of leftism is still the beat of the drum everyone is marching to if only five steps behind rather than one.

                We’ll know things are bad enough to bail once women are no longer expected to follow the laws of God/gnon where you can tell what is good because a good tree makes good fruit. Rather than the results determining morality, consent determines it and God is gone replaced with man who will do as they wilt. For now, children everywhere, my young children roam the neighborhood, and these people are not replaced yet.

                • Red says:

                  No not based, not red pilled, still progressive, still blue pilled. Many of the men are still servant leaders with unhappy marriages. Couples still get divorced after the women go crazy due to a servile husband who can’t pass shit tests and she still uses the old he was abusive canard. The men are still destroyed for it.

                  Yet even the servile weak husbands still have three or four children before their divorce.

                  Sounds like the Evangelical community in the 90s. I knew multiple Christian families that had 6+ kids even while pushing the servant husband shit. But their kids failed to have kid of their own. LDS is just behind the times but the road is still leading to the same hell on earth for them.

                  The community still raises virgin daughters for my sons.

                  Where I grew up there wasn’t a lot of virgin christian girls, well there where a lot of girls to pretended to be virgins while offering up their buttholes as a “sin” free way to fuck. But even the girls who were virgins when they married were infected with Feminism. They generally failed to have children because the men don’t know how to be men and give in to the standard feminist shit tests.

  5. Mayflower Sperg says:

    The neighborhood walk-in lawyer handling my case asked, “So why do you want to live in Russia?”, and I gave my usual answer about rainbow flags. He checked a dictionary and said “delusion”. This is how I’m seen by Russians who’ve never lived in a progressive fagtopia:

    • Roger Williams says:

      Are you really moving to Russia?

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Already moved there, see previous comments. On a three-year tourist visa but might as well apply for residency now and see what happens. Probably getting the 1/6 treatment if I ever set foot in the GAE again.

        • Roger Williams says:

          Shit man. Good luck. Were you in the crapitol?

          • Redbible says:

            Rule #1 of The Jim Blog Club: Don’t ask fro Doxx-able information.
            Rule #2 of The Jim Blog Club: Don’t ask fro Doxx-able information.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            No, but it’s not like the government needs a reason to lock you up. Being a right-wing white supremacist is bad enough, and I violate sanctions every time I buy a loaf of bread.

            I’ve already doxxed myself; the Russian government knows who I am and the US government will figure it out in about five minutes when Shaniqua gets back from her break.

            • Karl says:

              Does the Russian government mind that a resident is a white supremacist?

              • jim says:

                No, and we are not white supremacists. Enemy word. It is just that whites are the highest race, and that everyone wants to be ruled by whites. Everyone wants to move to countries with white governance. Lots of Africa is very empty, but when whites ruled South Africa, everyone wanted to move there.

                I favor an elite selected on the basis of demonstrated ability, virtue, (demonstrated by the Pauline criteria), descent from previous members of the elite (semi hereditary), and general acceptance of the state religion, rather than on purely racial grounds.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                The MVD men didn’t send me a copy of their report, but I’m still here, so apparently not.

              • Skippy says:

                Personally I would not move to Russia stating any political reason. That can only be used against you later. Say you like Russian girls, property is cheap and you think you can make business there. Everyone will understand.

            • Fidelis says:

              Do you have any blogs or other sources from someone with a similar perspective to yours describing their experience migrating to Russia? A first hand account would be very interesting to peruse. Thank you.

  6. Sher Singh says:

    > Dual citizens vote right-wing in India to strengthen the country they love, while voting left-wing in America to weaken the country they intend to conquer

    Right wing in India is in many ways Left wing in America.
    Certainly when it comes to guns and economics.

    Modi reinstated guilty first pro Dalit laws when the supreme court watered them down. Bjp was talking about raising the age for female marriage to 21.

    Every few years Modi attacks the cash economy & attacks the middle class with random taxes like a 20% fee on foreign transactions.

    Indians are the single most pro gun control constituency in America.
    That alone is enough to be anti Hindu.

    • someDude says:

      How fascinating that Indian RW = American LW on economics. How very Sagarika Ghosh of you. You guys really need a different script if you’re going to try to pass off as a Sikh warrior

      • Sher Singh says:

        [*Fake right criticisms of Modi, similar to the fake right criticisms of Putin, deleted as the fake right criticisms of Putin were deleted*]

        Also democrats are a capitalist party they’re far from socialist.

        [*deleted for total incoherence. Whatever you intended to say, you are not saying it.*]

        • jim says:

          > Also democrats are a capitalist party they’re far from socialist.


          America is a communist country.

          You tell us that Modi is bad for not being sufficiently right wing, though he is right wing enough that the Democrats and the State Department want to overthrow him, and then you tell us that the Democrats are not actually left wing. These narratives would be less transparent if you kept them separate.

          • Sher Singh says:

            India is overall a very leftist country & is constitutionally socialist.
            Modi has in fact [*triumphalist globohomo propaganda deleted*]

            • jim says:

              when globohomo is today desperately short of artillery, your victory announcements are unimpressive. Wrath of God incoming.

              I twitted you on your transKhalsa lacking men with guns, you switched to talking about men who do have guns. But suddenly the inability to make warships and tanks is biting them.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*an entirely valid attack on Modi from the right suppressed*]

                • jim says:

                  If I thought you were actually a rightist, rather than someone trying to get opponents of the Global American Empire to quarrel with each other, I would allow it through.

                  But you are a faggot. You can criticize Modi, because the Global American Empire does not like Modi. Just as Vlad criticized Putin.

                  Modi’s operations on money are horrifying, but government money is already screwed. To engage in organized violence, you need to be able to move money over distance, because flows of weapons, supplies, and war material have to be counterbalanced by flows of money, or else the weapons are going to go astray. Government paper money just is not very useful, and that Modi is making it even less useful does not make much difference. Taliban used the Hawala system. Crypto currency is a better solution.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Hinduvta, GAE & Jim christainity are all priest led movement.

                  [*deleted for presupposing your transKhalsa is a warrior movement*]

                • jim says:

                  If the people and leadership of your transKhalsa had the warrior spirit, they would be doing something about getting guns and money that the government cannot control.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  A Khalsa is a holy army whose mission is to establish and maintain theocratic governance in the Punjab. Your transKhalsa is not an army and shows absolutely no interest in becoming one. You are not a warrior, your transKhalsa is not composed of warriors, but priests. Priests who are far too comfortable with Global American Empire occupation.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  It’s funny all these “entirely right wing / valid” criticisms of Modi/Putin coming from these Basil-types end up with the payload that there is no alternative but to accept GAE as the de-facto global power as GAE is so much more decent and acceptable than the horribly evil Modi and Putler.

                • someDude says:

                  So that settles it, Sher Singh is the Indian Basil

                  Wow, Does Globohomo see Old type Hinduism as a threat? A serious enough threat that they deploy SS. Jim did say it earlier, but I did not take it seriously.

                  I’m flattered.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*argument from fake consensus*]

                • Aryaman says:

                  I don’t see businessmen complaining about Modi, despite his operations on money. The attack on paper currency was bad but was an attack not on businessmen, not on workers, but on ill-gotten resources of enemy political factions.

                  Modi is bad on economics because he does not yet realize that what he needs to do is give Tesla a large tract of land and tell Elon Musk that the government will not interfere with whatever he does, so long as he pays for any real and actual externalities and abides by his contracts. He can pay people what he wants, maintain conditions as he deems fit, and so on.

                  He should be offering white capitalists special visas that let them form their own communities and enforce their own law, because the only way to learn is to learn under those who have done. Under his regime Indian cars have been getting much better, and Indian defense has been getting much better and it is time to accelerate that much further.

                • Aryaman says:

                  In short what Modi needs to do is make it possible for talented white men to think to themselves “wow, I could get very rich if I did so-and-so in India” which is presently restricted to large corporations that know how to handle the bureaucracy and red tape though much less so than it used to be.

                  He needs to make it possible for them to hold the wealth they earn in a sound form they control, so that they can reasonably anticipate repatriation. And he needs to make it possible for them to have and bring families and coworkers with appreciably nicer living standards than what they are coming from.

                  It helps you do not have to worry about random thugs shoving your wife into the street.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  “I don’t see businessmen complaining about Modi, despite his operations on money. The attack on paper currency was bad but was an attack not on businessmen, not on workers, but on ill-gotten resources of enemy political factions.”

                  An attack on common rural people – for whom the state has always been hostile & foreign.

                  [*rest deleted because unresponsive, and projecting false consensus. You are attributing to your interlocutor a position that is clearly the opposite of the position taken by him, and by all the usual commentators here.*]

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*American Democratic Party line on Modi’s economic policy deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Your mind is enemy occupied.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Indian economic growth has settled into the low single digits despite the new formula & both agriculture + manufacturing have been stagnant.

                  The democrat line is that Modi is not leftist enough – not that he’s not leftist.

                  Modi is not the Taliban.

                  Aryas will not accept cow slaughter & these clowns on here will find themselves lynched.


                • jim says:

                  > The democrat line is that Modi is not leftist enough – not that he’s not leftist.

                  And they pay their shills to remind us that he is a leftist because he is not leftist enough.

                  > Modi is not the Taliban.

                  No he is not, but the Global American Empire is falling and war is coming. He may well have to become the Taliban, and if he does not, someone else may well step into a role and a job that events reveal as necessary.

                  > Aryas will not accept cow slaughter

                  Aryas have always accepted cow slaughter. Law of Manu says so. I am Aryan in both the male and female lines all the way back to the Pontic steppes, and my ancestors have always eaten beef, and very little carbs. You only banned beef as a result of racial admixture and the rise of demon worshiping holiness spiraling priests.

                  Obviously there were vegan faiths around at the time of Manu, but it seems likely that beef bans only made it into the state religions of the civilized and advanced Hindu states in the medieval period.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  At least you’ve finally started spouting [*not what anyone said, or is likely to say*]

                • jim says:

                  No one here is saying, or is likely to say, the stuff that federal shills say.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > You only banned beef as a result of racial admixture and the rise of demon worshiping holiness spiraling priests.

                  [*bombast inappropriate to a defeated and conquered people who have no guns, no money that their enemy cannot control, no will to fight, and are under hostile occupation by men with guns, deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  On this blog, people have fake names but real identities, and I am not going to let you pretend that you are a warrior or that Sikhs are warriors. Under the rule of a woman, they stopped being warriors in 1849, and are displaying a striking lack of interest in resuming that dangerous activity.

                  I have been telling Hindus that the law of Manu was a good thing, and I am telling you that the Khalsa was a good thing. If you want to posture as a warrior, Sikhs need to recreate a real Khalsa. Until you do, no posturing allowed.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  … make you eat bugs …

                • jim says:

                  You are just repeating triumphalist globohomo propaganda. Bored now. Going to silent deletion unless you provide some new material. If globohomo tries to stop us eating beef, the kulak with two cows is armed. Globohomo is too gay to anything about distributed local resistance, and Sikhs have no guns. Muslims in the Punjab continue to eat beef, which makes them manlier than sikhs are, and whites in the west will continue to eat beef. It will probably cost more, but taste better.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  Law of Manu, chapter five has a long, long list, of what may and may not be eaten. The rhinoceros and the pig get special mention, but all the usual meat animals are just lumped together, as animals with divided hooves. You have to kill them in the appropriate manner, but otherwise, it is open season:

                  28. The Lord of creatures (Pragapati) created this whole (world to be) the sustenance of the vital spirit; both the immovable and the movable (creation is) the food of the vital spirit.

                  29. What is destitute of motion is the food of those endowed with locomotion; (animals) without fangs (are the food) of those with fangs, those without hands of those who possess hands, and the timid of the bold.

                  30. The eater who daily even devours those destined to be his food, commits no sin; for the creator himself created both the eaters and those who are to be eaten

                  I doubt that the state religions of the advanced Hindu states prohibited beef until Hindus went decadent.

                • someDude says:

                  @aryaman, it’s okay to invite talented people to come settlement India and form their own communities. But to allow them to be armed to enforced their own law and order would the east india company all over again.

                  No state can permit outsiders, even benign ones to be armed within its borders.

                  Not allow

                • Red says:

                  No state can permit outsiders, even benign ones to be armed within its borders.

                  At one point about 1/5 of Americans where what they call the Pennsylvania Dutch, IE German immigrants who only spoke German. They settled in all German towns, passed German laws, and continued their own culture while being armed. They were a boon to the country as Germans are generally a boon wherever they go.

                  When their loyalty was in question during WW1, they were forced to fully integrate by the US government, but shutting down their German language news papers and governments.

                  Outsiders who bring a strong culture and productive work capacity are a danger when your state is weak. They’re a boon when your state is strong.

                  You continue to take the wrong lessons from the UK conquest of India. You were conquered because you were weak and couldn’t trade in a civilized manner. The very fact you where weak made it impossible for you to keep outsiders out. Focus on building cohesion and strength while importing the best people from outside.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I wouldn’t be opposed to an armed amer…indiakaaner state but not sure how good of an idea it would be for the hindoos to allow such a thing if they wanted sovereignty. A more symmetrical deal involves a base of support for a, totally hypothetical ultimate ebiil I disavow etc, anti GNC warband that is not to have any permant habitation in their lands or a martially powerless base of purely economic operations that is allowed to send material support abroad provided they pay up in taxes and goods to the hindoo state as well.

                  Imagine a role reversal, would you really want a hypercompetent martial force bred from the descendants of your former conquerers setting up shop in your country? It’s not really comparable to the germans who are and were a close cousin people to the anglo

                • Red says:

                  @Fidelis All very good points. Probably a bad idea to invite in armed Anglos to India.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The descendants of continental teutonics easily integrated with the descendants of island teutonics because they were both teutonics.

                  The word ‘dutch’ itself is basically a permutation of deutsche, and in past times peoples living in Germania, Britannia, and the low countries, were all called ‘dutch’.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Also democrats are a capitalist party they’re far from socialist.

          Saw an article in The Week titled “Are the Democrats doomed?” Hmm, looks interesting, so I read it, and it’s a college Marxist explaining how Democrats are insufficiently anti-white and anti-capitalist, and need to get with the program lest the Republicans clean their clock in the 2022 elections. Cuba and Venezuela aren’t socialist enough for these morons.

          • FrankNorman says:

            “and need to get with the program lest the Republicans clean their clock in the 2022 elections.”

            As if the people who consider the Demoncats not lefty enough would vote for the Republicans instead?

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              As if it matters who anyone votes for when Shaniqua’s counting the ballots.

  7. someDude says:

    This is a response to @i in regards to his query about the Christian problem in India. I fear that the comment I posted in direct response will get buried in the comments there

    Christians in India are part of the coalition of Fringes and can be counted upon to support any cause that would hurt Hindus and oppose any that would benefit Hindus even if such support or opposition comes at a cost to Christians themselves. Christians in India have exactly the same politics in India that you accuse Liberal Indians in the US of having. The same cognitive dissonance that Modi loving Trump hating Indians in the US do. These guys are Trump Loving and Modi hating.

    Let me give out a couple examples from Hundreds. They supported the Creation of Pakistan knowing that The Muslims there would cleanse them out and thats exactly what happened. They blamed Hindus for the Rape of their nuns in Bengal when they knew that the rapist was probably Abrahamic 3.0. And when it was revealed that it was illegal Muslims from Bangladesh who did, they never apologised or retracted but moved on to the next accusation and pretended as if the earlier event just did not happen. They are completely blind to any atrocities that Indian muslims commit on them while banging on Hindus for non existent ones.

    This is because for all the quarrels between Christians and Muslims, they see each other as cousins, albeit distant and hostile, but cousins all the same, closer to each other than to Hindus. Not so with Hindus who are polytheists and not people of the Book.

    Christianity might be great for the Occident, but for India, it is problematic. Problematic because, for all Indic religions that originated in India, India is the holy land. For Abrahamic religions, the holy land lies outside. In case of any conflict with any Christian powers, their loyalty is always in doubt. Given the Fog of war and the sheer number of problems war brings, this is an extra problem sane Hindus would rather than not have. Given past precedent, Any tolerance for Christians and Christianity that Indians display will only lead to a civil war at best and the extermination of Hindus at worst. War is the Father of us all.

    Regarding the Dalit problem, it is really an Elite Defection problem. Like women in the west and in India, Dalits have been given legal Superweapons in the sense that anyone they accuse of caste discrimination is in a hot legal soup with no consequence to the accuser in case of a proven false accusation.

    @Dharmic @anonymous, please feel free to chime in

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      Hinduism is fake and gay. What is the point of trying to build a good civilization when you are just going to reincarnate as a dumb cow?

      • The Cominator says:

        Hinduism is not the reason Pajeets suck its a racial thing. And anyway Catholics (and Muslims and Jews) should not talk about other religions sucking if you’re not Protestant Buddhist Orthodox or whatever Shinto-Buddhist hybrid the Japanese are your religion sucks and causes lots of problems.

        • someDude says:

          we lost a lot of social capital during the invasions and occupations of the last millenium. For any tribe, elites matter. We just lost too many pro social elites over the last millenia. What we were left with was defecting elites or common stock which does what it needs to survive.

          what we are seeing with Modi is an attempt to rebuild some of the Elite.

          Take out the Japanese pro social elite and the common stock will slowly degenerate over time.

        • someDude says:

          Take the example of what you call wiggers or white trash. Or the opioid epidemic. An epidemic of despair, really. What could have possibly caused that except for elite defection by Elite Whites? Or faliure of Elite pro social whites to look out for their own.

          What you call the Pajeet phenomenon, which manifests most commonly as a lack of civic sense is caused by exactly that. The loss of pro social Elites and Elite defection

          • Red says:

            Pajeets are more like an enemy tribe that’s invaded and working towards the destruction of Americans. It’s not exactly a dumb idea from their perspective, it’s just very annoying and damaging to the US. But again, our problem’s go back to the American elites wanting to destroy white Americans and the Pajeet is one of their many tools.

            • someDude says:

              Very much like Indian leftists wanting to destroy Hinduism and thus their use of Christian missionaries and Indian Christians as one of their many vectors to do so.

              • Red says:


                But much like the McChristanity I’m watching getting curbed stomped by the Religion of Sodomy in the US of A, only weak religions with major problems have trouble fighting back. People back strong horses in religion just like in politics and war.

                Time to make Hinduism great again with reboot with a version that worked better.

                • someDude says:

                  Thanks mate, but it’s a task way over my head. Smarter minds than me will have to figure this out.

                  Besides youre lucky that you still have literature describing the last working version of Christianity from Charles II. So many of our libraries and books were burnt during the invasions, that most of what we know of Indian history is from the accounts of foreign travellers since the Islamic invaders couldn’t burn those accounts sitting in china, Tibet, Greece Rome, Portugal, Japan etc.

                  This is not going to be easy and the black pill comes easy to me

    • Red says:

      We’ve long observed that over seas Christian missionary efforts are generally a state funded Gay American Empire activity. The sort of Christianity you’re seeing is the GAE sort.

      Secondly, @i is a McChristain faggot who’s completely blue pilled on woman and thinks that magical Negros can build civilizations. He gets beaten like a rented mule by men who know better, shuts up, but never learns anything new and continues in his sinful ways of spreading lies and discord in the service of the Gay American Empire.

      • dharmicreality says:

        This. Generally I think the agreement here is that this is a conversation between reactionary Christians and reactionary Hindus. We all can spot the difference between the blue-pilled faggot editions of our respective religions and agree not to insult each other using the blue-pilled edition as an argument.

        I have noticed serious efforts over the years on this forum by certain forces to disrupt these conversations and prevent engagement. Starting with certain fake “white Christians” (trying extremely hard to prove their “whiteness” and “Christianity”) insulting Hindus as street shitters and India as the land of street shitting in theological debates (which observation was true for a long time after independence, but in recent times considerably less true), and people like resident “Sikh” who aims to muddy the waters, there is no end of shilling to prevent us from having productive debates.

        I admit that we do have our legitimate differences and we do discuss those in a meaningful manner on JB. I have learned to ignore the blatant and contentless insults.

        I maintain that GAE is targetting Hindu Nationalism in particular since the efforts to remove Modi from power in 2024 were acknowledged by Soros himself. The recent weaponization of Sikhi and promotion of Sikhi victimhood against Hinduism is just another chapter in that story. Further all the “spontaneous protests” against the BJP government are a reflection of GAE efforts towards that end. Yes, the secular Indian state is bad because of socialism and being blue-pilled, but still less Left than the present GAE.

        • Sher Singh says:

          [*bombastic war talk in the name of a people disarmed and without the capability for collective action deleted*]

          • jim says:

            You, who have no guns and no capability for collective violence, are complaining about other people using guns and collective violence to get their way. A less bombastic tone would be advisable.

        • Aryaman says:

          Nah insults about street shitting are not coming from shills trying to disrupt honest conversation or whatever, but white reactionaries who really hold those views. The insult is probably extrapolated a bit out of context from its origin in chans filled with Indians blathering about being Superpower in year T+10.

          So I’d just get over it and move on to the extent there’s at all interesting or worthwhile in the conversation. Reactionaries really do not like Indians and whether or not that’s warranted I see the logic and don’t really care since they want what I want.

          • SJ says:

            Most Indians come to America because of the promise that the GAE is turning all our daughters, sisters, and future wives into worthless whores and they want to come fck our daughters, sisters, and future wives. Worse it rarely works out for them due to their low SMV. Then they open up a restaurant or a 7-11 or something with their family’s money, money they earned by being good hard working family oriented people back in their homeland. Then they blast their nigger lite music like that moosewahla or whatever other nigger lite shit that GAE is feeding them.

            How do you think the imported Indians are going to do in America?

            • The Cominator says:

              Don’t mind the convenience store ones as much as the others. They are dwarfed in number by the worthless ones who work in tech.

          • jim says:

            “Street shitter” is a crude and insulting form of a relevant and legitimate complaint that corresponds to the Hindu complaint of ritual cleanliness that fails to correspond to actual cleanliness.

            Concerning the likelihood of a future genuinely Muslim civilization allying with a future genuinely Christian civilization against Hindus, Christians have a notorious tendency to interpret everyone’s gods as demons, often quite unreasonably, unfairly, and arbitrarily, and I have no hesitation in interpreting Krishna as a demon, but we do not interpret all gods as demons. Quetzalcoatl got officially interpreted as a saint, which was obviously more reasonable than interpreting him as a demon, and Rama is an obvious Christophany. A Christian could, and probably would, deny Rama ever existed, but if acknowledging that in some sense he existed or exists, would be impossible to cast him as anything other than a Christophany, just as it would have been a considerable stretch to cast Quetzalcoatl as a demon.

            You have a horrible infestation of postChristians and McChristians passing as Christians in India, and we have a horrible infestation of postChristians passing as Christians here, and I share your concerns about (post)Christians in India.

            Casting Quetzalcoatl as a saint was undoubtedly in substantial part a cynical ploy by Spanish priests to ease their subjects into Christianity, but it would have been hard to sell a genuine Christian on the proposition that if Quetzalcoatl is in some sense real, he is a demon. Given that their subjects believed in these beings, the Spanish priests had to categorize them, and they categorized them appropriately. The ones cast as demons, very obviously were demons. It was not Christians being bigoted or manufacturing propaganda. When they cast most of the Mexican pantheon as demons, that was not a cynical propaganda ploy, but well founded. Christians continue today to so categorize them, not because of the authority of long dead Spanish priests, but because those beings, if in some sense real, are what they are.

            Krishna’s character is displayed by trickery and by seducing virgins and wives, probably in reality not ten thousand of them, but doubtless quite a few, while Rama’s character is revealed by his gratitude for partially eaten fruit given to him by one of his subjects when he has accepted unjust exile for the sake of peace. Both of these sound like a core of real events incorporated into legend. So no way Christians could cast Rama as a demon. The legend of Rama is in large part about patriarchy and stable and enduring marriage. The legend of Krishna is about subversion, adultery, and kinslaying.

            • Aryaman says:

              I personally do not get very bothered about the Christians in India. Hindus are converting, or at least were converting, not because of Christian trickery but Hindu failure to bring forth a coherent and effective religion.

              Rama is the ideal Hindu man, and Sita the ideal Hindu wife. Feminists have been shrieking at and burning the Ramayana since they first got their hands on it. For it shows the grace and devotion with which a woman proves her fidelity to her husband, and makes terribly clear how important it is not only that the king is not cucked, but that his subjects do not have a shadow of doubt about it.

              Thankfully, the lodestar of modern Hindu nationalism is Rama Rajya and after decades of interference by Leftist courts, Modi is consecrating a beautiful temple to Rama at the site of his birth. Cathedrals are being built.

              Re: Comminator

              Nah modern Hinduism is a whole bunch of the problem. The various castes today look very much like they did back when they were making good steel and inventing trigonometry, though in the past 50 years the caste distribution has probably changed somewhat unfavorably.

              What you complain about are not people who are dumb per se (maybe too dumb to do the jobs they are in) but who think they are smarter than they are, who cooperate poorly, and who are difficult to work with. That is a religious thing. And a lot of the problem is the ones you complain about are selected for being scammers.

              • The Cominator says:

                Indians are in a way uniquely bad here. I’m sure Vietnamese who come here tell all sorts of lies on their immigration papers but if we weren’t overcrowded in terms of housing and we didn’t have too many foreigners and nonwhites already I’d have no complaints about Vietnamese at all. They work honestly in non parasitic professions, they don’t scam their way into jobs they aren’t qualified for etc. I even think that unlike most Asians they vote mostly Republican if they become citizens…

    • i says:


      Christians in India have exactly the same politics in India that you accuse Liberal Indians in the US of having.

      Which is what I noted in my earlier comment. So called Christians who are Liberals are skinsuit wearing liberals.


      Secondly, @i is a McChristain faggot who’s completely blue pilled on woman and thinks that magical Negros can build civilizations.

      Ethiopia, Mali and current day Rwanda are Black African Civilizations.

      • Red says:


        Eurasian settlers from around 3,000 years ago:


        Tutsi are Aryan Bronze age cattle herders fleeing the bronze age collapse.

        No cities, just villages made of straw and mud. AKA not a civilization. Civilization means city.

        Try again faggot.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          In all fairness to i, the average White American (or just about anyone outside of Africa) is going consider an Ethiopian, Tutsi Rwandan, or any other Cushite descendant as Black and African. I seem to remember i being some kind of South East Asian? Indonesian? If so, nigger ignorance is a typical blind spot among those people in similar fashion to Swedish nigger ignorance.

          Pretty much the only people who care to know the difference between Bantus (our blessed nigger friends) and the others are either those who have direct dealings in the dark continent or anthropology nerds like us. But he should know better. The difference between Bantus and Cushite descendants has been pointed out to him, and he had no counter argument.

          He continues to slyly lump the groups together with linguistic tricks. This is Jewish behavior and not faggot behavior. Which in fairness to you (Red), isn’t much different these days.

          • Red says:

            I’m just surprised he’s hasn’t trotted out that Hebrew Gold mining operation that built a stone fort as proof of great Bantu civilization.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            I’m fairly sure Duckingman was the SEAmang.

            • Red says:

              I seem to remember that about Duck.

              @i never identified himself beyond his McChristain and we wuz kangz talking points.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                You’re right, I got them mixed up.

                Hebrew Gold mining operation that built a stone fort as proof of great Bantu civilization

                Dat’s rahght! We wuz da real jews a’ shaht.

                I’m not too sure on the ebonics translation.

                • Red says:

                  Actually there are a bunch of black jews left over from the women fucked by the Hebrew gold miners in Zimbabwe. They lost literacy but they still had a pretty good oral remembrance of Judaism.

          • i says:

            @Pax Imperialis

            But he should know better. The difference between Bantus and Cushite descendants has been pointed out to him, and he had no counter argument.

            He continues to slyly lump the groups together with linguistic tricks. This is Jewish behavior and not faggot behavior. Which in fairness to you (Red), isn’t much different these days.

            Where? I must have missed it. I didn’t pay too much attention to older threads.


            No cities, just villages made of straw and mud. AKA not a civilization. Civilization means city.


            • Red says:

              @iFaggot present an actual argument not just a faggotPedia link.

              • Fidelis says:

                I bothered to visit the page. Featured prominently is the magnificent architecture:

                Mud huts? Oh no no no. A giant mud temple!

                • jim says:

                  Well, the mud is reinforced with logs held together by mud, which is a step up. A rather small step up.

                  But presenting Wikipedia as an authoritative source is itself enemy action.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Not just a mud temple: a mud temple built by Frenchmen in 1907! Supposedly it’s a reconstruction of an older temple built by Africans and then allowed to decay into ruin. Honestly, this looks plausible, but even so, the great African Wonder of the World was built by White colonists. Civilization 5 doesn’t tell you this when you build it.

                • Red says:

                  Even the wikipage is reluctant to call them cities until the Arabs and Berbers show up. Places like Timbuktu became cities only under Arab warrior/traders rulers and where later conquered by Africans as the Arab intermixed with the locals. After which the cities became more like towns again as things broke down.

                • i says:

                  I used Infogalactic. Since it was a recommended Wiki alternative to Wikipedia on the Voxday blog.

                  But it was too convenient for me not to use.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, but it fails to demonstrate that blacks ever built anything other than mud huts.

        • Red says:

          Here’s a pretty good example of African life in a patriarchal setting:

          Not the sort of people who can build civilization.

    • jim says:

      > for all the quarrels between Christians and Muslims, they see each other as cousins, albeit distant and hostile, but cousins all the same

      And this cousinhood is being remembered now that holy war begins with demon worshipers.

      For Christians, Rama is obviously a Christophany, and Krishna obviously a demon, so Christians are not necessarily going to ally with Muslims against Hindus, but obviously there is something there. If Muslims were going at it with Krishna worshipers, Christians are going to be inclined to sympathy with their cousins.

      Once upon a time, Hindus led the world in science and technology. What did those guys think of Krishna and eating beef?

      • someDude says:

        Jim, in the post on Krishna, I did mention that no Hindu takes your interpretation of Krishna seriously. Krishna words were NOT an encouragement to kill kin.

        As for what ancient texts from classical India have to say on the subject, I just confess my ignorance. I’ve read Hindu classical drama from that period and to be honest there I found lots of references to Indra, Kama, varuna, Agni etc but none to Rama or Krishna. Ofcourse my reading is not exhaustive. I’m no scholar. I read them for fun.

        perhaps Dharmic can help. Perhaps Suones, if he is lurking here, if he can refrain from picking fights 😉

        • jim says:

          > Jim, in the post on Krishna, I did mention that no Hindu takes your interpretation of Krishna seriously. Krishna words were NOT an encouragement to kill kin.

          he British conquered India as an almost accidental byproduct of trying to improve the taste of English food, and the stuff that got in their way when trying to buy spices indicates that a whole lot of Indians do take my interpretation of Krishna seriously.

          • someDude says:

            The Chinese have defected on each other taking help from Mongols and Japanese without a Krishna equivalent

            The zorastrian preists of Persia defected on their shahenshah quite easily without a Krishna equivalent

            Machiavelli cautions the prince not to permit any foreign entity on their soil with the right to bear arms as it becomes a magnet for the coalition of fringes who invite the outsider to help their cause

            Had there been an armed Hindu Occidental company in Britain during the English wars, I all but guarantee the weaker of the two parties approaching this company for assistance

            No need to look to Krishna where Human nature will do

            besides there is no record of any king anywhere using Krishnas words as a justification for his allying with the Brits against kin.

            • Red says:

              >besides there is no record of any king anywhere using Krishnas words as a justification for his allying with the Brits against kin.

              You missing Jim’s point, the English Conquered India because you couldn’t act civilized enough to just to sell them spices. When your people can’t act cohesive enough to defend themselves or even do basic trading in a honorable way, there’s a problem with you.

              Doesn’t mean you can’t fix that problem, but the first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledging that it exists. Something we’re finding almost impossible to get American McChristians to do so it wouldn’t surprise me if Hindus have similar issues.

              • someDude says:

                Right, but the problem is not Hindus’ interpretation of Krishna’s words as saying that it’s okay to kill kin, let alone getting support from non Kin to do so.

                Defection as a strategy is as old as life. It’s pre Human. it’s a pretty successful survival and replication strategy and so we are stuck with it as explained in neurotoxins excellent post on the topic.

                The Hindus got conquered by the Brits for several reasons, part of, but not all of, which was their inability to act cohesively. Inability which does not arise from their interpretation of Krishna’s words.

                I mean no one, no Hindu in contemporary India interprets Krishna’s words that way.

                • Red says:

                  Defection as a strategy is as old as life. It’s pre Human. it’s a pretty successful survival and replication strategy and so we are stuck with it as explained in neurotoxins excellent post on the topic.

                  Defection is failure mode that typically results in wholesale replacement of people. It’s maladaptive. You lucked out it was the English and not a Mongol horde that rolled in when you failed.

                  The question is why are you in failure mode? We’re pretty well identified the spiritual and religious reasons the west is in failure mode.

                  Jim’s suggesting it’s worshiping a demon. If that’s not the reason, maybe you guys should work out where the defection is coming from.

                  You brought up the Song Chinese defecting to the Mongols, the reason for that defection was clear: Song China had devolved into hard core leftist socialism. The sickness was their state religion and thus they lost the mandate of heaven.

                • someDude says:

                  Yes, there is a reason for it and that reason is not our interpretation of Krishna’s words as permission to kill Kin.

                  I may not know the answer to what made Hinduism great and what is fundamentally wrong with it at the moment or where it went wrong or what the crux of th issue is, but I do know a fake answer when I see one.

                  You need a lot more intelligence to come up with a proof for a mathematical proposition than to figure out if the proof is legit. I am of the second category.

                  Besides I’m a Buddhist in personal space and a Hindu in the political space.

                • Red says:

                  Fair enough.

                • jim says:

                  Krishna’s words authorize, and indeed command, detachment from the here, the now, and the personal in dealing with immediate and pressing moral issues. The moral hazard of this should be obvious. The far perspective is the first resort of those rationalizing defection against near. Today in America and western Europe it is the rationale of those who want to kill the cattle and make us eat bugs.

                • someDude says:

                  you did speak about detachment in earlier comments. Thats just an injunction that in the case you find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to kill kin, don’t do it with glee and don’t get into a guilt trip and lifelong remorse either. It was just an injunction to avoid the extremes of emotion when doing what must necessarily done.

                  Sanskrit has several words that are loosely, but not exactly, translated to English as detachment just as it has several words that loosely translate as consciousness.

        • jim says:

          Speaking as a non Hindu ignorant of Hinduism, the Vedas are about seventeen centuries before Christ and probably mostly predate the conquest of India by a few centuries, the law of Manu about two centuries before Christ, about a millenium after the conquest of India, and I doubt you are going to find any trace of Krishna in the official state religions of the scientifically and technologically leading states until many centuries after Christ, even though Krishna is the beginning of the Kali Yuga, which is probably before Christ by a few centuries, though I doubt that Krishna lived and the Kali Yuga began nearly as long before Christ as Hindus would. like to believe. Krishna probably became a big deal at roughly the time of Christ, more or less, guessing wildly in the total absence of knowledge from the way religions work, though he lived at least couple of centuries earlier, and maybe a lot earlier than that. Because I think that Krishna reflected the Kali Yuga, and contributed to it, I conjecture that his religion would probably show up around the time of Christ, but the scientifically and technologically advanced states were centuries after Christ, and, in my complete ignorance, I would expect them not to be big fans of Krishna. Rama does not show up for several centuries after Christ, and no substantial Rama worship until about a millenium after Christ.

          • someDude says:

            I’m ignorant as well as are most Hindus. However I am apt to agree with you, in the absence of proof to the contrary, that Krishna became big in India during the mediaeval period.

            This is from my own reading of Hindu classical Drama where I just don’t see references to Krishna which means he was not as big then as he is now.

            Also the Vedas speak extensively about the geography and terrain and seasons of India. The only natural phenomenon they speak of which is not seen in India is that of fire under water which can be seen in Azerbaijan. So that would indicate that the Vedas were composed after the Aryans finally won India.

  8. jim says:

    I claimed that the Taliban, like the alt right, was born of the alt groups of usenet.

    But the alt groups were dead before the Taliban and the alt right was born. You misrepresented me by attributing to me the claim that the Taliban was born in alt.seduction. Very plainly it was not. The alt groups were horribly purple pilled, and the Taliban and the alt right never were. But the alt right is the alt right, because of its memetic ancestry. Which memetic ancestry has always been visible in the Taliban’s English language spokesmen attempting, unsuccessfully, to inform globohomo of their issues and demands.

    You are an impotent frightened transwarrior who dare not criticize globohomo, for globohomo is what is keeping you and your people alive when you have no guns, and no money except that controlled by your enemies. The Taliban had guns, money that their enemies could not control (money in the Hawala system) and organization for organized violence.

    A Khalsa that does not have guns, money that its enemies cannot control, and the capacity for organized violence is no Khalsa that the Guru Gobind Singh would recognize as a Khalsa. Your faith requires a Khalsa, you do not have one, and dare not create one because Sikhs are conquered, defeated, disarmed, and afraid.

    • Adam says:

      Unfortunately the Taliban public relations account on Twitter has been suspended.

  9. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Gayto prepares false-flag operation at Zaporhyzhia nuclear plant.

    • jim says:

      They already tried the false flag operation a short while ago. They sent saboteurs in disguise, who were intercepted with explosive devices close to the plant. Which plant of course has massive security against such attempts.

      To actually accomplish the objective, they are going to have to rush the plant with the sixty thousand fresh reserves they have for the purpose, which will make the falsity of the flag rather obvious and may not succeed, because those men have been sitting there for a while, and I expect the Russians have prepared a very warm welcome party.

      The basic idea of the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive is you build up a large reserve, and then a large chunk of that reserve suddenly shows up at one point on the very long front and cuts through the front into the Russian rear areas. But the “suddenly shows up” part does not seem to be working, probably due to shortages of war material and chaos in the logistic supply lines. What seems to be happening is that the troops show up on schedule, and their equipment fails to show up on schedule. And then they sit around twiddling their thumbs for quite a while while the plan is revised.

      War of attrition does not seem to have yet reduced the Ukrainian capacity to hurl fresh meat into the meat grinder, but it does seem to have reduced the Ukrainian capacity to hurl properly armed and equipped meat into the meat grinder.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Yep, I just have to riff on the blatancy of their ‘ground watering’ with headlines.

  10. The Cominator says:

    Proof glowniggers actually promote holocaust denial for whatever reason, probably the same reason they likely promote flat earth and the fake moon landing.

    The glownigger here failed all shill tests on covid could not say a slur (he could say glownigger but no slurs as seperate words) etc. He ended up unironically defending lockdowns and Biden’s election.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Feds promote holocaust denial the same way they promote election denial; purposefully cockamamie to throw turds in the punch bowl, ‘prebunking’ genuine voices via serving up mysteriously loud yet easily discredited and ridiculous voices to people first.

      • The Cominator says:

        I had always thought the adherents of the people who claimed that no jews were harmed during the filming of the 3rd Reich were just kind of dumb and I had always thought that lie would have been too un pc for the feds to promote but apparently not… its actually a glowop.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Holocaustianity is a critical plank of the modern religion, so it’s only natural they poison the well, like everything else vaguely right-wing.

          Zoomers today don’t really care about the victimology of khazars though, each passing year making it ever more divorced from generational experience, so it has been going away by turns here and there.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            And every year the Nazis get browner. The mall shooter, an indigenous passing Mexican. The White House truck attacker, a Hindu Indian. Zoomers don’t care about Khazars (outside of their big milkers memes) because they are increasingly nonwhite.

            • perspective says:

              Zoomers don’t care about Khazars… because they are increasingly nonwhite.

              Zoomers don’t care about khazars because when you’re an incel who can’t get laid to save his life, the medicine your society needs is a tad bit stronger and more radical than what Uncle Adolf had to offer.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Maybe that’s a part of it, but I think the main driving force has been a question of inheritance. Parents pass down religion to their kids. Most White Americans belong to some form of Holocaustianity cult, and I see that even today that most young Whites at least pay lip service to the icons. Hispanics (among others) did not grow up in the cult. If they believe it’s because they were converted by Jews or Whites. Most did not convert.

        • jim says:

          There is plenty of evidence that Germans committed enormous crimes against lots of people, particularly Jews – just very tiny crimes compared to communism, and without gas chambers in the camps.

          The holocaust is a myth based on real events – and what makes it mythical is the gas chambers, which were invented to make deaths from German socialism as different as possible to deaths from communist socialism.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes yes but I’m a bit surprised the feds are shilling it but reading the thread one of the deniers glows like a quasar. I’m agnostic on gas chambers there is no physical evidence but supposedly they were all blown up before the Russians got there. But tons of people said they saw them…

            I think their use was exaggerated and most jews starved died of disease or were shot but I suspect they existed. But in any case 4 to 6 million died so it’s mostly true.

            • jim says:

              I forget the exact date when everyone suddenly started remembering having seen gas chambers, but it was in the early seventies.

              A search of google books 1939 to 1959 does not show anyone claiming gas chambers in the camps. I researched this topic sometime back, but failed to record the evidence for when the myth suddenly burst onto the stage. Someone should redo the research and document the oddly late and oddly sudden appearance of gas chambers in the camps.

              Which I neglected to record and document because Jews bore me and everyone gives them far too much brainspace. If you think too much about Jews, your brain is enemy occupied. Jews do not matter and they have not mattered since the crucifixion.

              • The Cominator says:

                Gas chambers were mentioned in various places in the Nuremberg transcripts (have they been altered) and confirmed by a few hundred sources including SS men who had already been released and theoretically did not have to fear any retaliation.

                The one thing I think the revisionists are right about is that probably most killings were due to exposure, epidemics and starvation as while you can kill lots of people with gas keeping it up with the supposed consistency the germans did in the holocaustianity narrative was probably impossible far simpler to starve them.

                Even one of the SS men who confirmed the gas chambers I think mentioned difficulties in keeping them operating consistently, one was that after a couple loads the Sonderkommandos would essentially say fuck this shoot us. I cannot remember the source…

                • jim says:

                  > Gas chambers were mentioned in various places in the Nuremberg transcripts

                  What I recall seeing in the Nuremberg transcripts is

                  Question: “Did you set up gas chambers in the camps?”

                  Answer “Not that I know of, did not happen under me.”

                  So yes, indeed, they were mentioned.

                  And after that, no one talks about gas chambers at the camps again for more than two decades.

                  Jews bore me. If you want to do some homework on this topic, checkout first hand sources and get back to me. I recall finding a strange lack of anyone remembering gas chambers at the camps until after 1973 or so. Get the first hand sources. Not sources that claim some other source said that some other source said that some other source mentioned gas chambers.

                  It is entirely true that a whole lot of Jews were murdered in a multitude of ways, among them trucks with deliberate exhaust flow into chamber of the truck, “mobile gas chambers”. But the great majority of the deaths were due to malign neglect in the camps, exactly like the vastly larger communist killing fields, which needed to be rewritten to make their deaths as different as possible from the vastly larger killing fields of the communists, so after 1973 or so, gas chambers in the camps.

                  What happened, to the best of my recollection, is that no one remembered gas chambers at the camps until after the “Gulag Archipelago” came out, whereupon suddenly a whole lot of people suddenly remembered gas chambers at the camps.

                  Check me with first hand sources, for I checked first hand sources, but very quickly became bored with Jews. I really did not do enough homework, but I did enough that if there was any report of gas chambers at the camps, “stationary gas chambers”, in the decades immediately following World War II, I should have found it.

                • The Cominator says:


                  Here is one. Still agnostic on gas chambers but there was some immediate non physical evidence.

                  Its boring but my main point was for some reason (ie probably the same reason they promote Black Earth) there is a glowop promoting this stuff. Its overdone probably because of that.

                • jim says:

                  I stand corrected. This is Hoess testifying to gassing over a million Jews and murdering three million or so.

                  Still, rather odd that the only witness to the gas chambers of Hoess and the gas chambers of numerous other Nazis seems to be Hoess, and that Hoess claimed:

                  “During the first interrogation they beat me to obtain evidence. I do not know what was in the transcript, or what I said, even though I signed it, because they gave me liquor and beat me with a whip.”

                  I retract my claim that no one remembered gas chambers till 1973, but I still would like to see some evidence other than a confession. Industrial scale mass murder requires an industrial scale workforce. What did the rest of the necessarily numerous Hoess workforce say? Was there any physical evidence presented supporting the confession? If no physical evidence presented, a genuine confession is unlikely.

                  “Marie Claude-Valliant-Couturier, a former member of the French Resistance who spent three years at Auschwitz, provided the following testimony concerning atrocities she observed at the camp” …

                  But how she came to observe the gassing is not asked by the prosecution, nor the defense lawyer, nor explained by her. She testifies to thing happening that she could not possibly have been present during. She testifies to have herself seen the crematoria and explains how she could see them, but does not explain, nor is she asked, neither by the lawyers of the prosecution nor the defense, how she knew of the gassing.

                  Still, that the trial was obviously rigged and conducted unfairly is a far thinner case against gas chambers than I thought I had.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It’s pretty clear they *wanted* the narrative of specially unique evil to be there from the beginning, but had trouble actually getting it there, at least in that specific regard, so it like many other things was quietly shelved, until a few decades later when they pulled it off the shelf and succeeded that time around.

                  There are a number of reason for this –
                  1. the desire for it suddenly becoming that much more keen, due to the mysteriously stubbornly persistent image problem of the soviets.
                  2. in 1946 memories are fresh and the narrative gleischautung going forwards still inchoate and not yet fully solidified on a specific form; in 1970, anyone who might say anything otherwise – whether out of naivety or principle – is long since out of the picture (or part of the program to begin with)
                  3. related to above, the whig theocracy by this time has a much more solid grip on power; specifically in terms of what voices are heard and what voices are not heard

                • jim says:

                  Obviously the industrial scale factory of mass murder that Hoess confessed to would produce an industrial scale amount of physical evidence, and require an industrial scale number of workers who would have witnessed, and instead of that evidence we get an obviously coerced confession and the very strange testimony of Marie Claude-Valliant-Couturier and her even stranger cross examination.

                  So, no credible evidence, but I claimed, incorrectly no evidence.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  The first mass killings by gas chambers were supposedly jury-rigged by the equivalent of a sergeant and five or so subordinates, apparently on their own initiative.

                  All these stories – unlike the Wehrmacht disproportionately (but not without exception) shooting any Jews they encountered as suspected partisans, or detained Jews dying in large numbers of disease while in a state weakened by starvation, which is typical of every time a warring party detains people and isn’t clearly and overwhelmingly winning the war – smack of the kind of literary embellishment that Jews delight in and the complete lack of engineering competence exhibited by most Jews.

                • ten says:


                  I spent a few minutes slowly loading primary docs and just getting other ones than the one moldbug is quoting but i assume it could be found if i spent some more minutes.

                  SS Judge Georg Konrad Morgen testifies that Kriminalkommisar Wirth operated gas chambers in potemkin villages run by jews looting the dead jews at the Nuremberg trials.

                  ” At the last stop they reached a big room, and were told that this was the bath. When the last one was in, the doors were shut and the gas was let into the room.

                  As soon as death taken place in, the ventilators were started. When the air could be breathed again, the doors were opened, and the Jewish workers removed the bodies. By means of a special process which Wirth had invented, they were burned in the open air without the use of fuel.”

                  ..without fuel? wat mean. Whatever.

                  Might explain those pictures of happy jews in swimming pools and cinemas and soccer fields at supposed extermination camps. They were the vultures running the show.

                  Or maybe Morgen got kicked in the balls until he said all of this stuff. The denialists disregard every word from the nuremberg trials because ball kicking.

                • jim says:

                  There is overwhelming physical evidence of people in camps dying of hunger in very large numbers. It is just the gas chambers that were mysteriously able to vanish, and the bodies of the people killed by them that mysteriously vanished. Also the bodies of people shot tended to mysteriously vanish.

                  > the Jewish workers removed the bodies. By means of a special process which Wirth had invented, they were burned in the open air without the use of fuel.

                  Hence the strange lack of physical evidence for the industrial scale mass murder.

                • ten says:

                  Heh. All those holocaust survivors from the extermination camps. Did they work the camps? Were they the ones doing the killing until everyone starved?

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          “people who claimed that no jews were harmed during the filming of the 3rd Reich”

          Nobody claims that including the Nazis’ own records.

          The Nazi Government left behind huge amounts of records that say things like: we went into the village and shot 75 people; there were 48 Jews and we shot 45 of them.

          Which of course adds up to a whole lot of Jews, but does not add up to 1. a genocide or 2.a particularly weird kind of production line execution.

          Google ngrams shows “the Holocaust” is a narrative that was forced around the time of the Eichmann Trial, which is also around the time “Holocaust denial” appears.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      The most common thread of holocaust denial [*by government shills poisoning the well*] is that [*usual endlessly government pumped well poison*]

      • jim says:

        Yes, that thread is bunkum. Of course it is bunkum. It is intended to make anyone who doubts the official narrative look evil and stupid. The people at your shared desk in your open plan office full of shills are pumping it out right now. You are telling us what the guy next to you is typing.

        The big holocaust lie is not that a whole lot of Jews were wrongfully killed, murdered. Obviously a whole lot of Jews were wrongfully killed. The big holocaust lie is that the enormously larger mass murders of communism were just an unfortunate oopsie where despite the best of intentions a few greedy kulaks died due to the unfortunate umpteenth year of unfortunate crop failures caused by bad weather, while the far fewer deaths caused by Nazi socialism were totally and complete different.

        The big holocaust lie is not that there were a whole lot of deaths. The big lie is that these were deaths of racism, when in fact they were deaths of socialism, also known as envy and covetousness.

        It is no myth that a whole lot of people, disproportionately Jewish, died in the camps. What is a myth is gas chambers at the camps. How they died is a myth manufactured in response to “The Gulag Archipelago”, because why they died is a lie.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            Those are plausible and arguable claims, but the trouble is other people, especially me, made a bunch of contrary claims, and you are not actually arguing against those claims, but sailing right along as if they had not been made.

            So if I try to argue against your claims, you have successfully derailed the discussion. If I respond to you, I acknowledge that you made those claims, and they are arguable. But you have not acknowledged, and have no intention of acknowledging, that I made my claims, and that they are arguable.

            I asserted, among many other things, that socialism is simply envy. The socialist does not want to feed the poor. He wants the rich not to be rich. And the black wants the smart kids to be stupid. He wants to pull down that which is above him, but he has no desire to lift up that which is below him. Which is demonstrated by the actual behavior of socialists. Presumably you do not agree, but you do not actually mention what you are disagreeing with.

            • Fireball says:


              • jim says:

                Nobody knows what pleonexia is, everyone knows what covetousness is, everyone knows what envy is.

                However envy is worse than covetousness. Covetousness is the desire to have what rightfully belongs to someone else. If you want a wife like Trump’s, or a flying palace likes Trump’s, that is not covetousness and not envy. If you want his wife, and his flying palace, that is covetousness and if you passionately and insatiably desire it, pleonexia.

                However, it you want him to not have what he has, if you want what he has destroyed, that is envy. And socialsts and our noisy transwarrior display, and have frequently expressed in the most intemperate terms, envy. Ser Singh, has frequently expressed in the most passionate terms, the desire to destroy what white people have, and regularly gloats that globohomo is destroying it, which destruction he enthusiastically supports.

                Our big problem is not intemperate and extreme covetousness, it is that envy has become the center of the officially unofficial state faith.

                Marxist theory is that steel making facilities and the kulak’s cows were stolen – wall street allocated him those cows. Which is covetousness. But Mao destroyed China’s pre-revolutionary steel making facilities, and the kulak’s cows usually somehow wound up dead, which is envy.

                An important implication of Marxism, frequently expressed by our shills as a shared assumption on which all reactionaries agree, is that capital does not produce value, that it is merely and instrument of rule that oppresses the workers, a meme expressed in the term “sweatshop”. From which it follows that capital should be destroyed. That destroying China’s pre-revolutionary steel making facilities and the men who knew how to run them would actually improve China’s capability to make steel. A basic meme of the Great Leap Forward is that China did not need the stuff that Mao destroyed.

                Another form of this meme is the blue state meme about capital – that what red states have – land, cattle, mines, factories, and so forth is not capital, and is undesirable – causes global warming, rapes the earth, oppresses workers and minorities and is unproductive. Capital is supposedly bits of paper issued by quasi state enterprises in the blue state Megalopoli. Which bits of paper are immensely productive. Which implies that because America has so much of this immensely productive wealth creating capital, it was going to defeat Russia in attritive warfare. The left literally wants to kill the cattle, because global warming, and in parts of Europe are doing so.

                Our persistent shill, Anonymous Fake, who gets all his stuff deleted but keeps on commenting anyway, wants suburbia and exurbs destroyed and all conservatives relocated to giant government housing projects in the big blue cities. It is for our own good he tells us. Having a house and garden oppresses us, while living in a giant government housing project will empower us. A theme also implied in song “ticky tacky little houses”. People move to big cities because that is where the elite don’t have what their parents and grandparents had, because people without gardens tend not to reproduce, so most people in a little box grew up in a home with a garden, and they do not like the people who today have what they grew up with but no longer have, and they do not like the existence of what they no longer have.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  Envy is actually appropriate in my model, though! We want elite university degrees and prestige, because attempting to make Trump University etc is a complete failure. And we want elite cities like NYC and DC, because the right basically cannot make real cities at all, just endless suburbs and strip malls no one likes.

                  Envy of capital is (no sarcasm) unfortunately a side effect of legitimate envy. We want to elevate ourselves and tear down our enemies, duh! If this results in some capital burning then that’s just materialism, and it is beneath the concerns of warriors and priests.

                  Now destroying NYC and making everything a subdivision would be an interesting scenario, when you think about it, but if the morlocks can’t do it I’m not betting on it. There’s something architecturally significant about that place, and this is integrated into my analysis as a given.

                • jim says:

                  > endless suburbs and strip malls no one likes.

                  If no one likes suburbs, why the obvious envy? Why your obvious and admitted envy? As for “strip malls”, the shopping experience is unpleasant or pleasant in proportion to the right of shop keepers to deal with bad people and the number of bad people around. Very white red state areas with a law abiding population and/or a castle doctrine that allows malls to adequately deal with bad people have very nice malls – though not as nice as high end malls in poor countries where periphery security can shoot bad people and totes big guns. The shopping malls in Singapore are stunningly magnificent because bad people get flogged and there are lots of affluent shoppers who demand beautiful surroundings. Even in poor third world countries full of very bad people, if mall security can shoot such people, the shopping malls in affluent areas of those countries are very nice. Chinese shopping malls are wonderful, and red state shopping malls in very white areas are quite nice, though nowhere near as nice as they used to be before all this degeneracy and crime.

                  > attempting to make Trump University etc is a complete failure

                  It is a complete failure because we always have an official state religion, in our case an officially unofficial state religion, and universities are always seminaries of the official state religion.

                  Send some tanks into Harvard, and it will be Trump University.

                  Your own economic position is overwhelming evidence we have enormously more people with a useless training in priesting than we need, and a university by its nature can only train people in priesting, even if it is ostensibly training them in computer science, rocketry, theoretical physics, and so forth. So we need vastly fewer universities than we have, and vastly smaller universities than we have. We need instead the system of enforceable apprenticeship that the enlightenment official religion destroyed, where parents had great parental power, and apprenticeship tranferred some considerable portion of parental power to the master.

                  > a side effect of legitimate envy

                  Envy is never legitimate. It is far worse than coveting, and coveting is always a sin, and a disgrace. I have many very grave sins, but have never experienced envy, or even coveting. It is a sin that is complete alien to me. It is disgusting perversion, like homosexuality, or transexuality, an abnormal deviation that our officially unofficial state religion seeks to inculcate in everyone. Normal healthy people do not experience it. You are disgusting, and your sins disgust me. Everyone has lust, wrath, pride, gluttony, and sloth, but normal healthy people do not experience envy, any more than normal men lust for boys. If there is a lot of envy around, and there is, something is horribly wrong, just as the epidemic of obesity indicates something is horribly wrong. There are a lot of envious people around for the same reason as there are a lot of transexual children in school. It is entirely unnatural for this disgusting sin to be so common.

                  The reason covetousness is mentioned in the ten commandments while envy is not is because coveting is rather common, but in a normal society, which ours is not, envy is very rare. There were no homosexuals back in those days as far as any normal person knew, and no envious people either.

                  The state religion inculcates envy, just as it inculcates obesity by food regulation and the infamous food pyramid. Soon to become the Aztec pyramid of human sacrifice, and/or the altar of Moloch where people publicly incinerate their offspring. Probably the latter.

                • The Cominator says:

                  > “Envy of capital is (no sarcasm) unfortunately a side effect of legitimate envy. We want to elevate ourselves and tear down our enemies, duh! If this results in some capital burning then that’s just materialism, and it is beneath the concerns of warriors and priests.”

                  You people who think this way are idiots. As Jim said people who envy are basically spiritual fags, coveting yeah I’ve coveted but I’ve never experienced envy either its alien to me.

                  I would hypothetically in minecraft NOT burn down NYC to the ground though I would kill a lot of the population… but in minecraft DC needs to go. The Library of Congress can be spared but the rest of it absolutely needs to get the treatment that the Mongol meted out to the Persian cities.

                • Adam says:

                  >As Jim said people who envy are basically spiritual fags

                  Most notably the envious do not experience hope, gratitude and meaning. Those are the spiritual rewards that sustain a healthy person.

                  Every leftist is hyper stimulated yet spiritually dead, the way that morbidly obese are over fed yet malnourished.

                • SJ says:

                  Envy also stunts the growth of the envier. Much like homosexuality and usury envy takes what is fertile and makes it sterile. During my middle age I did attempt to help a few of the bucket crabs I knew from my poor youth as a gutter trash. Alas, they were filled with envy, and hence unable to lift themselves up. The envious look at a happy and wealthy family and do not think, ‘what are they doing that gets such amazing results?’ Rather they think I must destroy them so they are as unhappy and poor as me.

                • jim says:

                  Adults who live in little box seldom have an intact biological family, but usually grew up in a house with a garden and father. Which they miss terribly, but instead of thinking “what does it take to recreate what I enjoyed as a child”, they are apt to think that people who have such things are hateful and horrible, and houses that have gardens and are apt to contain intact biological families are hateful and horrible. They hate what they do not have, and conclude, as Anonymous Fake concludes, that the people who have such things are somehow cheating them and robbing them. The absolute central essence of socialism is killing the cows of the kulak with two cows. See also the Duluth model. Fathers and husbands are automatically evil and automatically in need of punishment.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’ll give one thing to AF that lots of those people now are tied in with the globohomo stealth communist system somehow and willingly support it lest they be exiled for heresy this was not true in the past but is largely true after covid and they should go not because of what they have but because they support globohomo.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The number six million is numerologically significant to the eurasian descendants of matriarchal demon-worshippers, so you see it constantly refrained in their writing over the centuries. You can find khazar newspapers in the 19th century talking about how ‘The Tsar is murdering six million jews’.

        Frankly, even one million deaths doesn’t comport with the census data.

        The mythology of lampshades, soap, electric train station floors, rollercoasters of death, masturbation machines of death, tom and jerry shotguns, showerheads, gas chambers, crematoriums… is exactly that: mythology.

        There are so many holes and inconsistencies in the mythology that it is almost passe to point them all out. But one ought to be able to anyways, since there may always come times where a truth becomes necessary. That, at least, you can never forget.

        Of course it is in fact quite easy to kill massive numbers of people; all you need to do, is just not feed them. Something the communists were very good at.

        • jim says:

          Pointless to discuss census data, too many official lies and too much falsification of history. And, in any case, one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. It was an immense human tragedy for those swept up in it, an insignificant minor inconvenience by the standards of socialism. It was a lot of Jews, an awful lot of Jews. If you worry about exactly how many, you have Jews on the brain.

          When we win, we will teach kids about democides roughly in proportion to their size, and no one is going to remember the Jews among so many. But they will remember that when sin is politically mobilized as holiness, the results are apt to be extremely bad.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Yes, a still notable if non-specific amount. The main point being it’s not a Magic Number.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Based on my readings and just gut check understanding, I think ~1.3 million total deaths of undesirables, most of which were executed by Einsatzgruppen. I would wager it’s 600-800,000 Jews total, the rest being the other groups. This is a massive bloodletting, not unparalleled but systematic in a gut wrenching way for outsiders, though very justifiable on two counts: the Jews of Europe were truly awful to their Christian neighbors for many centuries, and the Nationalist Socialists, like literally every other socialist regime, needed a particular Type to hang all of the ills and issues that resulted from their poor economic and infrastructural management.

          The devil of the lolacaust is really in the details, and once any rational white male looks at them, even at a cursory level, it just doesn’t add up. The gross total number of Khazars in Europe before and after, the resources needed to operate ~7 industrial death camps (every single one found by Russian communists), the dearth of labor in the Reich after Barbarossa, the physical limitations of cadaver immolation using wood and coal (a limited resource in desperate need in nearly every sector) using facilities with no hermetic sealing, the in fighting and factionalization between the Jews themselves. As usual, St. John nails it in a sentence where I take paragraphs to barely land the punch:

          6 million is a magical number on which to hang a mythology that is perpetuated to this day.

          Indeed, if Jews really were in control of a shadow, one world government, we should be expecting *another* hall of costs pretty soon to rejuvenate the mythos, as many of the OG Survivors are now in their 60s U+1F60F

          It’s a fascinating topic the first time you encounter it, but it becomes so tiresome, like an LSD trip that never ends, as there is truly no end of men out there who are completely ignorant of the whole affair. That might be another useful task for a Jimbot: always ready from a Square 0 redpilling on Holocaustianity.

  11. someDude says:

    I will repost my response to Sher Singh’s latest attack on the Brahmins here. There are several aspects of his writings that puzzle me exceedingly, if I am to be very polite.

    1. First, he attacked the Dalits and went as far as talking about burning their villages, raping their women and inflicting collective punishment on them for some misdeeds. Yes, we do have a Dalit problem, but it is drowned out by our Abrahamic problem and our Hindu Elite Defection problem by several orders of magnitude

    2. Then he took the side of Khalistanis against the Indian state. Fair Enough, death to the secular Indian state, I hate it too. But then when he knew those same Khalistanis take support from the Jehadis, he still persisted knowing that the Jehadis are Blood enemies of Sikhs in a way that the Secular state is not. The Secular problem is again dwarfed by the Jehadi problem

    3. Then he spent a bunch of time insulting White Christians on this blog knowing full well that several of us are guest students here, trying to learn from them so we can apply all those concepts back home and solve the Abrahamic and Hindu Elite defection problem. Why create ill feeling with such insults?

    4. Now he attacked Brahmins attributing to Buddha things he never said about them. I asked him to Link me to where the Buddha compares Brahmins to Dogs? To be sure The Buddha uses the Brahmins’ own reasoning (about their own superiority) to prove that they are inferior to Kshatriyas, that some Shudras may be superior to some Brahmins. He says that Brahmins are earning much demerit by saying that they sprung from the head of Brahma. But where does he call them or compare them to Dogs?

    It seems to be Sher Singh is trying to pit Sikhs against Hindus, Buddhists against Hindus, Hindus against each other (how else am I to reasonably interpret his writings against Dalits earlier and Brahmins now?), Reactionary Hindus against Reactionary Christians all the while ignoring the actual, bigger problems we have in India with regards to the Abrahamisms and Defection by our own Elites.

    You may attack the Brahmins for their failure to defend the Dharma against aggressors. You may attack them for their failure to interpret Hindu scripture by the spirit of the law rather than the letter. You may attack them for their inability to update their tactics in light of new data in the form of the Abrahamisms. You may attack them for their defection to the Progressive Cannon now and Marxist Cannon earlier. All these attacks are valid for it is the cross and Burden of the Elites to carry the shame of failure.

    The Brahmins’ (And the Kshatriyas) single greatest Failure is that they failed to mobilize Hindu society to counter the Abrahamisms and invasions. The Elites bear the full brunt and full responsibility of Failure. No excuses for them. No passing the buck for them. No hiding behind extenuating circumstances for them. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and so on and so forth. They were the Elite and they Failed.

    But this particular direction he is attacking Brahmins from tingles my spider sense. He basically all but wants the rest of Hindus to set up lynch mobs for all remaining Brahmins. Why do I never hear anything like this vis-a-vis treasonous Khalistanis, progressive newscasters, JNU professors, Abrahamic preachers, Jehadis and so on and so forth?

    • Sher Singh says:

      [*link to more nigger bombast by Sikhs with neither guns nor the capacity for organized violence deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Brahmins control the men with guns. What are you going to do? You don’t have guns

        And Brahmins control the money you use. You can’t organize collective violence without money.

        • Sher Singh says:

          [*nigger bombast deleted*]

          • jim says:

            This is getting mighty repetitious. If you want to relive the glories of your ancestors, first have to acquire guns, money, and form a Khalsa capable of organized violence.

            • Sher Singh says:

              [*racial envy deleted*]

              • Sher Singh says:


                From reduced prison sentences, preferential hiring & special weapons laws.


                • jim says:

                  What enrages the niggers is that despite the state’s thumb on the scales in their favor and against whites, they are still obviously inferior, and live inferior lives. Despite the state’s thumb on the scales against me, I am better off than you in many ways, and better than you in many ways.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Of course you’re better than me.
                  You invented the Taliban on usenet seduction boards in 1992.

                • jim says:

                  The English language spokesmen of the Taliban were obviously familiar with the modern red pill, and the non English language adherents of the Taliban are reported by their guests to be familiar with the modern western red pill, which developed from the information originally published on alt.seduction. But alt.seduction was horribly purple pilled and generally enthusiastic about the sexual revolution. However an implication of the information published on alt.seduction was

                  Which implies that the western sexual revolution was a really bad idea and should not be allowed.

                  Another implication of the modern western red pill, frequently expressed on alt.seduction is that the sexual revolution makes family formation difficult and dangerous, which is immensely frustrating to both men and women.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  God’s thumb is heavier. Case in point, America losing the Ukraine despite Russia having no advantage other than not being ruled by Jews, niggers, and homos.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*nigger noise deleted*]

                • someDude says:

                  Let Sher Singh’s plight be a reminder to all those who would act against Kin. None of your former kin will stand up for you when you are under attack from anybody.

                  Such are the wages of employment with GloboHomo

  12. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Biden’s handlers have been doubling down on Their Greatest Strength lately, helicoptering in Commander Trayquarius into every position of import in their military.

    Good news for anyone worried about USG’s ability to project force going forwards.

  13. dharmicreality says:

    One of the things I notice frequently is that attacks on the Brahmin class / priestly class is most vehemently and vituperatively conducted by other rival Brahmins/priests themselves, frequently wearing the guise of warriors, merchants or other lower classes. Priests can be chameleons when seeking to undermine other priests.

    Sher Singh’s obsession with certain topics, viz skin colour and lactose intolerance etc make me believe that he is a Priest wearing the guise of a Warrior. Merely wearing ceremonial warrior robes and bearing ceremonial weapons do not make a warrior. Reading Sher Singh’s various posts here make me believe that Sher Singh is of the Brahmin class, who is merely wearing the guise of a warrior to attack whom he perceives as rival Brahmins. This has been a tactic of the priestly class since time immemorial. The Brahmin – Dalit alliance is everywhere and has been a poison used against Monarchy and Warrior rule everywhere around the world.

    Kshatriyas mostly tend to be suspicious of Brahmin rivals, but rarely make priestly attacks on Brahmins. Rather Kshatriyas tend to resolve the problem by Kshatriya means.

    I acknowledge that society needs to be ruled by true Kshatriyas, and we need a Monarchy, but equally a virtuous priestly class needs to sustain the sane State religion and support the Monarch but never allowed close to the levers of power. Because power tends to corrupt even a virtuous priesthood over time. Power needs to be handled by the Warrior, not the Priest. The virtuous Priest should be accorded due respect in society but never allowed to handle power. Unvirtuous priests need to be helicoptered.

    I don’t think there is any controversy in this. We all acknowledge the ills of priestly rule on this blog, in fact that is the overriding theme of this blog. But equally amusing is how other/rival priests pretending to be warriors tend to attack fellow priests using thinly disguised priestly memes.

    • someDude says:

      Ouch, I intended to post my response to his attacks on Brahmins here, instead it went to a whole new comment and went under moderation. Oh, well!

    • Sher Singh says:

      The Khalsa is Sant Sipahi – both priest and warrior. [*nigger noise deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Not any more it is not, you ceased to be warriors in 1849 under the rule of a woman, and the Tut Khalsa failed to act in the manner of warriors when they were under the rule of a woman.

    • someDude says:

      He also seems to lionize the Nihangs and keeps going on about Nihangs this and Nihangs that.

      Yet the Nihang leader would recently wish to excommunicate Banda Singh Bahadur, who was a bonafide military Genius at the level of a Peshwa Baji Rao or a Gen. Barphukan. This is very Problematic.

      I did not realize that a military Genius like Banda Singh Bahadur was so controversial. And this without a leftist historian trying to rewrite history and posion the well. The Sikhs pretty much did this to themselves. Relative the size of their population, The Sikhs have about as many problems to fix as we do.

      Are you aware of any Sikh intellectuals that are talking about stuff like this the way we are re-evaluating about Ashoka’s legacy?

  14. Sher Singh says:

    [*nigger noise deleted*]

    • jim says:

      If Sikhs had guns and a real Khalsa, then those noises might be significant. One pays more attention to the barking of an alsatian than a chihuahua.

      But if you had a real Khalsa, I suspect its warrior priest King would not have any difficulty saying that Mata Sundari had been a catastrophe as leader of the Khalsa and had been enthusiastically in bed with her Muslim captors. The Tat Khalsa was almost as fake as your current transKhalsa, because ruled by women. How is a widow going to get any action when all the men around her are her subordinates?

      When women perceive the men around them as betas, they are apt to take action to get abducted by a strong man in a stronger tribe, and the way Mata Sundari led the Tat Khalsa makes total sense in the light of evolutionary psychology, and would make absolutely no sense were a man rather than a woman leading the Khalsa.

      A woman has no tribe, no faith, and no country. She has her husband’s tribe, her husband’s faith, and her husband’s country, and Mata Sundari had no husband.

      You are screaming meaningless insults and empty threats like any nigger, but I am not deliberately insulting your faith. I am giving you helpful advice. I telling you that you are in the hole you are in because you have departed from the faith of Gurū Hargobind. I know what he would have said about a female headed Khalsa.

      If he was around today, he would tell you what I am telling you. You need patriarchy, guns, ammo, crypto currency, and organization for organized violence.

      • The Cominator says:

        Why did Elizabeth I avoid doing this kind of shit is it just because she by all accounts had an extremely high outlier IQ for a woman.

        • S says:

          I’m guessing substitute husband- William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley was her main advisor for her reign.

          • The Cominator says:

            No her substitute husband was Robert Dudley and she probably had a bastard kid with him at one point…

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              The living arrangement points to fucking. The life long spinster behavior points to barren womb.

              • The Cominator says:


                There is corrobarating evidence he was in fact her son, Elizabeth went into seclusion once for about 7 months saying she was ill which would have corresponded to when she was born.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  There is far more corroborating evidence that Elizabeth had health issues, likely ovarian in nature similar to her cousin Mary. Ambassadors regularly reported on suspected royal pregnancy and described it in terms like “3 months swollen.” That wasn’t the case with Elizabeth. The Spanish ambassador wrote that Elizabeth was dropsical and “swelling extraordinarily.” I do not recall pregnancy ever being mentioned by the ambassador. Dropsical isn’t a word used to describe pregnant swelling. It’s used to describe illness by evoking images of rotten bloated fish.

                  I wasn’t being metaphorical when I speculated on a barren womb. Elizabeth was very likely infertile as was unusually common in the Tudor family.

        • jim says:

          Elizabeth I did in fact do a lot of shit, her sexual impulses led to much bad and foolish behavior. But she was rather keen on certain manly and martial Englishmen of her court, and wanted them to win and England to win. She presided over an England of pirates and adventurers, and she was great because rather keen on the pirates and adventurers who made England great.

          • someDude says:

            Please, delete the previous comment of mine. Let me rewrite

            So why wouldn’t Mata Sundari be similar to Elizabeth in this regard wanting Sikhs to win and wanting Sikhism to spread? Were there not certain manly and martial Sikh men in her court whom she would have wanted to win?

            When you say the way she led the Tat Khalsa, what specific actions of hers are you talking about?

            • jim says:

              Not resisting a Mughal empire that massacred Sikhs. Allowing herself to be detained. A man would have been much less inclined to be taken prisoner, and much more inclined to avoid circumstances that might make it possible to take him prisoner. If the Tut Khalsa had a man ruling it, would not have been able to take him prisoner without a battle.

              Evolutionary psychology. If a man is taken prisoner by the enemy, unlikely to survive and reproduce, if a woman is taken prisoner, likely to survive and reproduce with the jackpot of conqueror semen. Hence the disturbing and notorious response of women to invasion and invaders, and Mata Sundari’s response to invasion was disturbing.

              She, being a woman, naturally acted in an umanly fashion, and caused her Khalsa to act in a manner that was unmanly.

              Women ruling a Khalsa tended to get no end of manly, martial, and dangerous guests. Perhaps Elizabeth’s Spanish ambassadors were made of different stuff. English pirates and adventurers were attending Elizabeth’s court. Spanish pirates and adventurers were not.

              In one of her speeches, Elizabeth talked about the fact that she was a woman, and her job required manliness, implying she had difficulty supplying the necessary, but just had to man up. Mata Sundari’s job also required manliness, and she did not man up.

              • someDude says:

                This blog is the first I’ve heard about her. I’ve been looking up a bit more about her online. So far what I’ve looked up does not seem to indicate what you are accusing her of. I’m curious about what source you are using. Can you please share them with me?

                • The Cominator says:

                  The woman ruling when the Khalsa was defeated by the British was Jind Kaur not Mata Sundari. I know nothing of Mata Sundari and my most extensive source on Jind Kaur that I’ve read is the fictionalized portrayal given in Flashman and the Mountain of Light.


                • jim says:

                  Mata Sundari was not the one who caused the Sikhs to get into a stupid war with the British and caused them to be defeated.

                  She was the one who caused the Sikhs to be defeated by the Mughal empire.

                • someDude says:

                  So Jim’s talking about Jind Kaur and Not Mata Sundari?

                • someDude says:

                  I don’t think you can conclude that the Mughals defeated the Sikhs in Mata Sundari’s time. On the time line mentioned, the Sikhs were a small sect and the Mughals were at their zenith. From that vantage, survival is victory and the Sikhs survived, their best days ahead of them in the form of Emperor Ranjit Singh.

                  Also, can you please point me to the source you are using to look up Mata Sundari.

                • jim says:

                  Search Banda Singh. If you search Mata Sundari, nothing informative comes up.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*nigger noise deleted*]

                • someDude says:

                  After a bit of research, it does seem there is considerable controversy over her excommunication of Banda Singh. Some say it happened, others say it did not. Seems to be considerably controversial. Still, on the whole, she acted in a way that is above average for women. She did not disgrace herself.

                  Either way the point about not having women in charge is well taken. It is indeed problematic. A woman in charge means the men around are not stepping up. The Tipitaka is also clear when it says, “Doomed is the race that permits itself to be led by a woman”

                  The Sikhs may lionize Mata Sundari as the English do Elizabeth-I, or the Russians do Catherine, or the french do Joan of Arc or the Hindus their innumerable queens like the Rani of JHansi for propaganda purposes, but at least their Elites should not believe their own propaganda

                  However, to be fair to Mata Sundari, Elizabeth I did not face trials like this. The English were no way in such an inferior position vis-a-vis the Spaniards as Mata Sundari was in comparison to the Mughals. All the way from the start of their faith in the 1400s, to about 1730 or so, the Sikhs were always 6 feet from the edge. The English under Elizabeth 1, not so much.

                • jim says:

                  There were reasonable grounds for foresaking Banda Singh at the right time. She did it at the worst possible time for the Sikhs, and the best possible time for the Mughals, which looks like the typical female behavior “lets you and him fight”.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Singhs left Baba Banda Singh Ji when they were reduced to eating bark.


                • jim says:

                  Maybe if the Tat Khalsa had not excommunicated him at the worst possible moment for him and themselves, and the best possible moment for an invading Mughal army, his Sikhs would not have wound up eating bark.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*unresponsive nigger stuff deleted*]

      • Sher Singh says:

        [*nigger noise deleted*] I come on here to share Sikhi – not be lectured on it [*nigger noise deleted*]

        • jim says:

          You came here to posture as a warrior, and we called out your posturing. You are no longer warriors. Warriors have guns and the capability for organized collective violence. If Sikhs want to posture as warriors, they have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

          On this blog, people are not allowed to dress themselves in false identity – I will call out you as a fake warrior and delete your posturing just as I delete the posturing of the shills that they are reactionaries, and the posturing of “Christians” who are strangely unable to say certain things from the creeds. We have fake names, but true identities. I am what I am. You are not what you say you are.

          • Sher Singh says:

            [*nigger noise deleted*]

            Most of your woman advice isn’t actionable [*nigger noise deleted*]

            • jim says:

              I have been actioning it since before alt.seduction existed, and before I could consciously explain it.

              Conscious thought explaining my actions followed quite some time after the existence of alt.seduction. Action that needed explanation preceded alt.seduction. My instincts and the air that I breathed as child guided me, and much later I learned the reasons for my instincts. And most of game is still very difficult to express in words, for the mating dance long predates human speech, which is why Aidan Maclear cheerfully refrains from too much explanation.

              • Sher Singh says:

                You’ve literally claimed the Taliban arose from alt.seduction [*nigger noise deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  For as long as the Taliban have been trying to tell globohomo in English what they were about, and what their objections to globohomo are, they have been obviously aware of the body of thought that began on alt.seduction. Further, the Taliban appeared in 1996, some considerable time after alt.seduction appeared. So they did not arise on alt.seduction, but it is in their roots, as it is in our roots. We did not appear on alt.seduction either. alt.seduction was horribly purple pilled, and neither we nor the Taliban are purple pilled.

                  They did not appear on alt.seduction and we did not appear on alt.seduction, but the research and social engineering that provides empirical support for the red pill first appeared on alt.seduction

                  We and the Taliban both appeared long after alt.seduction was effectively dead.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*nigger bombast deleted*]

            • SJ says:

              All of the women advice is completely actionable. Many of us have wasted considerable amounts of time attempting to teach other men how to take the action. Alas, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

              Game in three easy steps;

              1. You are better than her.
              2. She wants your validation, you are her judge, so give her your validation.
              3. Always be sexual, immediately and non stop. If this makes her leave you just saved a lot of wasted time.

              Now go do it. Go do it a lot. Learn to pass shit tests. Hell the first time I cold approached a girl and asked her out, clumsily, back in college she laughed at me and said, “You?! Why would I ever go out with you?”. I cried in my car while I drove home. Mid thirties me would have banged that girl that night.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*nigger bombast deleted*]

              • Redbible says:

                Good information. Here is Aidan’s summery about game in 3 points:
                1. Pass her shit tests
                2. Don’t show weakness
                3. Dominate other men

                (from “SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT” pdf, page 58, which also goes into more detail about each point)

                • SJ says:

                  Maybe steps two and three works in a bar and as far as step one goes you’ve got to elicit the shit test before you worry about passing it.

                • jim says:

                  A neg works because it interprets an innocent statement as shit test, which you then pass. Also any dhv is likely to elicit a shit test.

              • Handi says:

                I have a corollary point to add based on my own retarded life choices and present circumstances. It should go without saying but I wish someone had said it to me:

                Don’t keep the company of bluepilled males, ever.

                It’s crucially important to have a group but only if it’s a maennerbund that has your back no matter what. Your old drinking buddies from college who conformed to the professional world, who became women respectors and hang out with faggots they met at the office, these men are not your loyal brothers in arms. They’ll always undermine you and run interference on you. In their own minds they even think their white knighting is actually for your own good to help you comply with women’s whims as the ultimate standard of acceptable behavior. It’s better to wing it solo than to have to deal with complications from your own side of the wire.

                The only end for these males and their genetic line is complete destruction, if not in this generation then in the 2nd or 3rd. Purge them from your social register so they don’t bring you down with them.

                • SJ says:

                  You become who you surround yourself with. I have had blue pill friends try to warn girls away from me because I’m a player, so a bad man who tricks women, which is great though. Really helps your game if other guys are warning her you are just a player.

  15. The Cominator says:

    I’ve come to a realization of how strikingly communistic America is, no longer a mixed economy its 90% what the Soviet Union was but by stealth

    – The majority of economic consumption above the level of basic subsistence is now done by the government sector backed by unlimited reserve currency debt, this is why I hope we lose reserve currency status as soon as possible
    – Most assets owned by Blackrock and Vanguard (I’m almost sure Blackrock is a government front) followed by major insurance companies (which are quasi state enterprises even in more truly free market systems) which may or may not be government fronts
    – While market elements exist these powerful government forces set the prices for everything behind the scenes, under Biden I’m almost sure they’ve been directly setting prices in such a way to kill the HODLers and mean reversion traders who used to be able to make money too (under Trump me and a lot of other people were doing well and under Biden me and all the rest of them I know are basically broke)
    – People in government and with high government connections all get rich, everyone else gets poorer
    – The decisions of any enterprise above more than say 15 people (basically everything above that of a small shop) are driven primarily political considerations as the managers fear the regulators more than their customers or shareholders (ESG, hiring women and recent immigrants in preference to white male natives, white male natives being the buergois class background people of the system) or if its truly a big corporation where the CEO has to be a globohomo priest with connections they fear being booted out of the club
    – Big companies are not allowed to fail
    – Law is byzantine subjective capricious and anarcho tyrannical. It always is to some degree because humans suck but its far more so now than in any period that has ever existed in any English speaking country.
    – Prices continously rising and standard of living continously falling as the system destroys private enterprise, price competition and private virtue (as there is no motivation to actually work hard)

    • The Cominator says:

      And yes I know Moldbug said long ago America is a communist country and I knew the country has been quasi socialist for a long time…

      But I never quite put together how by stealth we’ve become essentially like the old Soviet Union now in all but name and appearance until now.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        There’s still one major difference: If you don’t like living in the USA, you can get a passport and leave, unless you owe back taxes or child support. Do you think they’ll close that loophole anytime soon?

        • Skippy says:

          They will close it the second many people start using it.

          There is already an expatriation tax.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The entire economy is dependent on interest rates. Rate which are dependent on the Fed Funds Rate which is set by a committee without market forces. In effect a command economy lies beneath the illusion of market economy.

        • The Cominator says:

          The interest rates are only a part of it as banking is never really a free market thing.

    • SJ says:

      At my work we have a magic database filled with tiny minute instructions giving everyone in production baby steps for everything. Let’s call this program Dave, because it has a person’s name anyway. Our corporate forces all management to go to worship retreats, multi day, where everyone must have faith in Dave. Everyone has to believe in Dave and trust Dave. You see, Dave is a machine learning smart artificial intelligence like Skynet and it must be obeyed.

      It is not artificial intelligence of any kind, it is simply a database. Much worse every low level manager used to be able to input their own data into Dave. Well all the data they have inputted is bullshit. It’s just years of lies from every level of every department all meant to make that one manager look a little better to their superior for that one day. Dave is a database filled with bad data.

      Well corporate now worships Dave. Everyone at my company, a company with a twelve digit market cap, must have faith in Dave.

      A few weeks ago at a production facility a production guy finally got sick of following Dave’s idiotic moron instructions and quit. They replaced him with an obese single mom because they magic of Dave means we can now replace every straight white male with a defect. The new defect didn’t realize that much of what the old guy did was fake bullshit he had to do in order to trick Dave into thinking he was Dave compliant. For example he had empty bags with their RFID tags on them that he would put on the production line so Dave would be happy that they were going through production for a product that did not use that ingredient. Dave demands you add the ingredient anyway.

      Oh man I can’t even begin to tell you how stupid and bad this database is. It would take too long. But yes this is one small example.

      So the new defect who is running production actually adds the ingredient because you must obey Dave, trust Dave, have faith in Dave. Days of production is totally ruined before anyone figures it out. Corporate comes out to figure out what went wrong.

      I attempt to explain to a c suite guy a few of the problems with Dave. Let’s say their is a room with five switches and each switch needs to be flipped in order, one through five. Dave will instruct the worker to walk through the entire plant opening each door one time, ONLY one time so no backtracking, and then after each door in the plant has been opened only one time by this employee is he allowed to flip one switch. It must be the same employees badge opening each door one time each only before each switch is flipped. Why? In God the Father’s name, why would anyone do this?

      The c suite says, ‘you have to have faith in Dave. Dave has a computer for a brain. People like us just can’t understand but Dave is really smart’.

      Meanwhile they find the empty bags with the RFID tags on them stored by the old production guy so he can get his Dave compliance without destroying our production. This shows the c suite the sabotage they knew was going on because nothing else could explain the ruined product since it was Dave compliant. That straight white male must have sabotaged the obese single mom before he left!

      Worse the other managers at work are now crime stopping when I talk about Dave. See they must have faith in Dave so when I point out the ridiculousness of following this broken database, with specific insane examples, they then repeat back to me nonsense like, “sure Dave has problems taking day to day changes into account”. If I press on they go totally blank like they can’t hear me and just walk away. They are scared to doubt Dave. Legitimately they are afraid.

      Oh and of course after the team of straight white men created Dave they were immediately fired so a corporate diversity team could be put in charge. They are smart enough to watch youtube videos and that’s about it.

      The future looks like sheboons, fat gay cross dressers, and other defects blindly following the instructions in a broken database and then looking for the straight white guy to blame when it doesn’t work.

      • Adam says:

        I believe it. I left my corporate IT career in the early 2000s, after I had to spend two days in a conference room being talked down to by several HR cat ladies, told to stop raping women and stop being a racist.

        I sacrificed a good life as far as material concerns go and got a job in construction. Construction has a lot of down sides too but at least you are working with men and being honest and assertive still raises your stock among your peers.

        I really don’t know how guys can manage corporate life these days. I would rather be homeless than have to bite my tongue like that.

      • Starman says:


        ” The future looks like sheboons, fat gay cross dressers, and other defects blindly following the instructions in a broken database and then looking for the straight white guy to blame when it doesn’t work.”

        That future won’t last long after the carriers are sunk by hypersonics.

        • jim says:

          Some time ago we discovered that a diverse workplace cannot make chips, and America had to outsource its silicon foundries to Taiwan.

          We are now discovering that a diverse workplace cannot make shells and rockets.

          • The Cominator says:

            Communist countries cannot create wealth, diverse countries cannot create advanced technology. America is both so…

            • jim says:

              Without wealth, cannot make war. Without technology, cannot make war. War is the father of us all.

              • Sharpie says:

                Would love to see your frame on this subject Jim – McCarthy frames “war as the father of us all” in a demonic way orchestrated with his main antagonist Judge Holden. It doesn’t have to be seen in this light however, good men can wage war to protect their families, territories, and the sanity of our species… McCarthy is framing this necessity as a great American Evil – in reality it was eugenic and paved the way to the most prosperous country in the world (up until it was destroyed by Harvard). Engineering and politics can’t be separated – teams are made by people with common interests and viewpoints and this is by far the strongest when they are from the same ilk.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  McCarthy is like Orwell and many other writers of that era; they placed truth in the mouths of villains, as a way of resolving the psychic dissonance that arose out of the gnostic weltanschauung they were formed in.

          • someDude says:

            Wait, I though the reason that American outsourced Silicon Foundries to Taiwan was environmental regulations. They were doing IC design just fine. Are you saying running a silicon foundry is harder than designing Cutting edge chips? Or is this more a brain drain from American manufacturing thing?

            • jim says:

              Intel has been creating new US foundries to make advanced chips, and the chips fail to roll off the line. Their IC design is fine.

              • someDude says:

                This is now when leftism has hit its inflection point. But the US started outsourcing IC manufacturing to Asia in the 1990s when the US did Design just fine, the best in the world at that time.

                I thought that whole outsourcing of IC manufacturing to Asia was all about a combo of environmental regulation and Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage where the US decided to focus on Design and Design automation and leave that dirty polluting stuff to the East Asians.

                • jim says:

                  A great deal of money has been spent trying to get chip manufacturing in the US and Europe. It was outsourced in substantial part for environmental regulations, but now they want to insource at least some of it, and have been trying.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Sure environmental regulations was a part, but the silicon industry didn’t really fight.

                  I was always told by older American engineers that chip design was easy with high profit margins while the actual manufacturing was hard with lower margins. They outsource manufacturing thinking they could dominate the upper segment of the value added chain.

                  What they didn’t consider was that by sending all the designs to Asia (first Japan, then Korea, then Taiwan, and now China), that the Asians could simply ignore IP and reverse engineer. With local manufacturing, turn around time was fast and the rest is history.

                  How true is this story?

                • someDude says:

                  @Pax Once you got the foundry, you don’t have to go to the trouble to reverse Engineer the schematics. The Design house basically gives you the blueprints. You just have to manufacture to spec. You got the blueprint, you got the design. No need to decapsulate the package and put it under a microscope and regenerate the blueprint.

                  The manufacturing house can easily steal the design which is why the USG might have been worried about SMIC. I don’t think TSMC or the South Koreans have been doing any stealing of blueprints or passing them to other design houses or to the Chinese etc. TSMC has been around for over 2 decades now and I’ve never heard of anything like that from them.

                • someDude says:

                  @Jim, right! So trying to get chips manufactured in the US and failing to do so is a recent phenomenon. The US was perfectly capable in the 90s and 00s.

                  They just did not want to due to the burden of incoherent and malicious environmental regulations. No one like dealing with Federal bureaucracies, EPA being no exception. Its not necessarily the cost as much as how emasculating it is to genuflect before malicious, envious, parasitic bureaucrat-priests.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  “Comparative advantage” means that whites are better at inventing things but Asians are better at producing things. When everything that can be invented has been invented, whites become superfluous.

                • jim says:

                  Not everything has been invented until we have made the stars our own.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Would also be nice to have fail-safe thorium reactors down here on Earth, if white men can invent them before the whole world converts to what Aidan calls “Asian bugman managerialism”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well as I pointed out we are basically in a stealth communist country so Rand is relevant to some degree.

      • Cataclysm Reawake says:

        Who is John Galt?

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          An old barren spinster’s sexual fantasy. Randian libertarians have this odd idea that they can simply turn away and be in peace. Pol Pot does not let one turn away.

          • The Cominator says:

            Rand had many typically female shortcomings but was pretty based, John Galt didn’t suggest the state would leave you alone (AT ALL). Ayn Rand wrote We the Living a fictionalized account of her personal experience following the Russian Revolution (and almost everyone who reads it thinks its exageratted in terms of how bad the Bolshevik state was) she knew better than that 1st hand.

            John Galt basically says in a communist system do the bare minimum to survive but contribute nothing beyond that, you want to contribute to its collapse by not giving it any surplus to steal not help it out.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >John Galt didn’t suggest the state would leave you alone

              In the book they successfully hide out in Galt’s Gulch. A small town in Colorado. They have effectively disengaged from tyranny and are able to live in peace. This is unrealistic. History show every city, town, village, and isolated homestead inside a communist country gets raped by roving bands of commissars.

              In Pol Pot’s Cambodia, there were no Galt’s Gulch.

              >in a communist system do the bare minimum to survive but contribute nothing beyond that

              Sure… but it’s also shit advice. You either get out while you can, which is what Rand did, or you learn to play the system and crush those beneath you, which is what everyone left behind ended up doing.

              • The Cominator says:

                Galt’s Gulch was about getting out if you can.

                The town was secret and the regime in Atlas Shrugged was more soft globohomo than Pol Pot, in globohomo even the tyranny is mostly prancing faggotry. We the Living is about the hardcore version…

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Dagny Taggart is Ayn Rand. The whole book is her fantasy.

                  Galt’s Gulch is her dream of being able to remain in the country of her birth, Russia, yet remain untouched by Soviet Communism. A completely unrealistic scenario (unless you’re that one orthodox guy who escaped to deep Siberia).

                  It was never about getting out if you can. It was always a longing for what she left behind. A wish she could have been fucked by a counter-revolutionary. This is why Randian Libertarians are naive. They are reading fantasy too objectively (heh) when they should be reading it metaphorically. In fact, this is a common failure of libertarians. I love them, but they are autists.

                • someDude says:

                  It’s alright Pax, we all started Libertarian. We all got our start reading Rand. They we started thinking about Evolutionary biology and one thing led to another and here we are.

                  But we’ve got to start somewhere, right? Ayn Rand and Libertarianism is where most of us start.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Other than Hoppe (who is basically one of us) Rand is the most based libertarians since she basically makes an exception to “non agression” for leftist of all kinds and just says they should all be killed upon identification.

                  Not as good as Hoppe but she isn’t bad.

                • jim says:

                  Her basic flaw, which poisoned libertarianism at its root, is family and adultery. But on almost everything else, she is great.

                  She also argues that the state should be minimal because everything that the state necessarily has to do is necessarily wicked, which argument undermines the status of warriors. I say a state should be minimal because everything other than the military, war, taxation, and protecting taxpayers from other bandits is a distraction, and the state is necessarily far too big to afford distractions. A state always has terrible scaling problems so has to outsource everything that can be outsourced, including as much law enforcement and justice as possible.

                  Also bad on religion, of course. You need an official faith so that everyone is playing by the same rules. The primary earthly job of a priesthood is organizing consensus on right conduct, though it is an odd fact that the Christian consensus on purely other worldly matters is such a reliable tell about earthly alignment and activities. People do line up behind other worldly alpha males.

                  But I still say that Ayn Rand is great.

                  But the primary conflict of today is not about how the economy should be organized, but whether you line up behind Gnon or Moloch. When Deng came to rule China, we got world consensus that the economy needs to be run by entrepreneurs financed through the corporate form created by Charles the Second. No one except the usual fed shills is pushing socialism, and Ayn Rand is primarily the moral argument against socialism. Today, we need the moral argument for Gnon.

                  “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” is a whole lot more capitalist than Capitalism with New York characteristics, though Xi is mucking stuff up, injecting the party into corporations with effect similar to ESG and HR in the west. That is why he is having big trouble getting chip making inside China.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The Old Believers survived many attempts to exterminate them by settling in places that are ridiculously hard to get to. Socialists are cruel but also lazy, so most of their looting takes place in and around big cities.

                  The Amish are more vulnerable because America’s dense road network makes all arable land relatively easy to get to.

      • Skippy says:

        “your job is to cash as many pay checks as possible for as long as possible”

      • jim says:

        > That straight white male must have sabotaged the obese single mom before he left!

        Social justice requires hiring people who cannot make competent decisions. So, create a computer program to supervise them in minute detail. Which however, still requires competent people to make decisions from time to time that get into the database: “sure Dave has problems taking day to day changes into account” However, these are the people that the program was intended to replace.

        ChatGPT can replace a whole lot of the email class, which does not produce anything anyway. (Recall all the jokes about those twitter employees, and the out of touch multi million dollar moron who shot Budweiser in the foot.)

        Computers mean that a considerably smaller number of competent people can supervise a far larger number of diversities, but you still need those competent people. Which winds up looking even more sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic. So you fire all that oppressive straight white male privilege, and the computer slowly and mysteriously becomes increasingly idiotic.

        • Doom says:

          I keep getting ads on yt videos for the new version of Grammarly, which fully writes emails for you.

          Entire email threads between AIs, no human involvement needed.

          Crazy times ahead.

  16. Mayflower Sperg says:

    It sounds like Democrats are starting to think that turning the USA into Zimbabwe wasn’t such a great idea, and they’re desperately looking for a way to leash the monster they created. In the old days they could lose an election and spend the next four years blaming Republicans for the lack of “progress”, but that can’t happen with an army of Shaniquas stuffing the ballot boxes.

    • jim says:

      They are compelled by their internal dynamics to move ever leftwards, ever faster. There is no way out for them.

      But the big crisis is the Ukraine. They cannot cut a deal, cannot accept defeat, and cannot win.

      The current plan is “if Ukraine can disrupt Russian defences and impose a dynamic situation on them, Russian units are likely to rapidly lose their coordination.” (The much postponed greatest Ukrainian offensive)

      They just have no plan for losing, because failure to defeat Russia is just unthinkable and unimaginable. They can only escalate. Their war aims grow ever more extreme (war crimes tribunals for Moscow) at the same time as the objective situation deteriorates.

      They are concerned that failure in the Ukraine would “undermine allied confidence” (would result in countries all over the world abandoning the Global American Empire).

      • Gman says:

        “They are compelled by their internal dynamics to move ever leftwards, ever faster. There is no way out for them.”

        Or what? No, really, what if a dozen or so of the top dems and Biden’s handler sat down in a room together, said “we will do x because we don’t want to die” and then just dared the wokies to do anything about it? We all know democracy isn’t real anyway. Do they fear the rise of some fake and gay Red Brigades waging an actual physical insurgency against them? Hell no. Do they fear the media turning on them? Wouldn’t matter if it did (because again democracy is fake) but they can instantly stop that by just telling it not to. They’re not compelled by anything, they do it because they genuinely believe the things they say.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Wars are won by armies, and armies are made by shared faith. Everyone in or around the ruling classes who doesn’t share the whig faith is alone, even if there are millions of them, and are easily crushed; because the faithful can act as one to crush each of them if they raise their head, while they have no means of coordinating a change of course; because regardless of how disastrous the policy of a gnostic faith can be in practice, it can keep ensuring none within its sphere can get from zero to one to oppose it either, long after it has lost the ability to accomplish anything or stand up to anyone else.

          But the weaker it gets, the greater the opportunities become for the daring; and Interesting Times oft bring unexpected shifts in inertial trends.

          • Gman says:

            The faithful are told who to crush and when, and when to riot, by certain set means of communication which are wholly controlled by a handful of people. Supposing, per my example, tomorrow a dozen of the highest high meet in one private room and decide as one to surrender Ukraine to Putin. The media is told to downplay/ignore this as much as possible. Antifa is not instructed to riot. Who’s going to do anything about it and what are they going to do? Remember that right after Mao died Deng and co met in one room and all of a sudden the Cultural Revolution was over and Madame Mao and cronies were packed off to the slammer.

            • SJ says:

              The people in charge are likely more concerned with what butts they are going to put their weiner in after they smoke some meth tonight, or who can help them steal more money from whatever projects are going on, or maybe even what pretty young whore they are going to cheat on their shrew wife with this weekend rather than charting a good course for this empire of many nations. Should one of them decide he wants to grab power and chart a course he is now alone facing the combined faith of the demon worshipers.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Someone Doing A Deng would of course be a great scenario, but – is there anyone in the USG-NGO ecosystem today that looks like a Deng to you?

              People like Soros or Kissinger weren’t just cynically consequentialist hedonists, they – and more significantly, the people they select as their replacements – really are earnest gnostics, and will pursue their gnostic compulsions to their advantage if they can, but will never ultimately give them up even when it costs them, as it inevitably does.

              Which I believe you yourself are arguing too.

              They’ve spent their whole lives crimestopping around each other, they do it in their own heads too.

              They’ve spent so long coding their messages in dissimulation to avoid running afoul of rivals and underlings, that they’ve forgotten how to speak the truth.

              Even when they are alone with each other in a closed room, they still can’t communicate with each other anymore – cannot say what cannot be said.

              • Gman says:

                What I’m saying is they’re no more constrained to anything than the CCP’s Politburo was during and after the fanatically Maoist Cultural Revolution. If a handful of people near the top decide to do to the wokeists what Deng did to Madame Mao and the Red Guards nothing would happen to them. They do what they do because they genuinely believe the things they say, not because they are afraid of anything.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I think in certain respects an judeo-puritan style deep state is less well organized than a Politburo – which, whatever else you can say about it, at least represents a clear chain of command. But that degree of chaotic formlessness is also part of its staying power; organization which can potentially rival it is easily singled out for destruction, because openly organizing for anything is ‘fascism’.

                  A side-effect of this as an organizing principle though, is that the kinds of people who rise through its status hierarchies are also selected for genuine faith in the demonic idols – as you say – which is adaptive, as far as it goes, for such an environment.

            • jim says:

              The problem is that such a decision would indicate lack of faith in globohomo. They worship demons. Acknowledging defeat in this war indicate lack of faith in the power of Satan. Since their social cohesion is based on metaphorical and often literal demon worship, the problem that such a little group of men would face is maintaining internal cohesion against true believers.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Did they admit defeat in Syria or any of the other failed interventions? Nope, they quickly found a new distraction to expand blood and capital for no material gain. Purely for masturbatory purposes.

              • Gman says:

                Deng and co accomplished it under a regime every bit as fanatically dedicated to its own form of demon worship. It was literally less than a month between Mao’s death and Madame Mao’s true believers getting dragged off in chains. Completely doable.

                • jim says:

                  The Gang of four was not removed by Deng, but by Hua, who was a slightly less insane true believer.

                  Deng noticed that one form of insanity had been rolled back, and proceeded to roll back Hua. Hua was a sincere Marxist. I don’t think Deng ever believed in Marxism, but he reluctantly went along with it.

                  If the Ukraine war gets dumped overboard, likely to be dumped overboard by the boys who think that prisons are racist, police are racist, borders are racist, and whites owe reparations. Conversely, if Global Warming and reparations gets dumped overboard, likely to be dumped by the fans of Global American Empire.

                  But, on the other hand, if anything gets dumped overboard, it opens the door for dumping more overboard.

                • Gman says:

                  You’re correct, I did forget about that interim step. But still, Deng did get rid of Hua as Hua got rid of the gang, and nothing happened to either of them as a result of their disposing of more leftist than thou true believers. The bureaucratic apparatus was more than willing to comply in spite of being systematically stuffed to the gills with doctrinaire Maoists for decades.

  17. Starman says:

    Jim’s prediction that there will be some surprising happenings in the future, is bearing fruit.

  18. Cloudswrest says:

    In the news. A possibly bio-engineered pathogen?

    More than 90% of Calif. pot farms infected with ‘severe’ pathogen

    • jim says:

      Crops always suffer from lack of genetic diversity. Populations that lack genetic diversity always get plagues, because what works against one member of the population works against every other. It is a huge problem with bananas, because bananas reproduce clonally – their fruit is seedless.

      With seedless watermelons, they are sterile hybrids of a sexually reproducing population so it is less of a problem. We need to do the same thing with bananas, but sexually reproducing populations produce inedible bananas, and so no one does it. No one seems to have a population of sexually reproducing bananas whose sterile hybrids are predictable. Apple trees have a similar problem. Sexually produced apple trees are unpredictable, but there are a lot of sexually reproducing apples, and a lot of apple varieties, so when one variety suffers a plague, no one notices. There are not enough sexually reproducing bananas.

  19. Aryaman says:

    Evergren topic.

    I got around to reading the King’s Chapel Book of Common Prayer (1785) written revised by one James Freeman, who Wikipedia reports was in frequent communication with Socinians, and whatever his allegiance was convinced into nontrinitarianism of some kind or another.

    Of his prayer book, he said

    no Christian, it is supposed, can take offence at, or find his conscience wounded

    The wife’s vows in his revised prayer book published in 1785 were,

    Wilt thou have this Man to thy wedded Husband, to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony ? Wilt thou have him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health ; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live ?

    I N. take thee M, to my wedded Husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance, and the laws of the land.

    In the Establishment Book of Common Prayer it was obey, serve, love, honour, and keep — in that order. I didn’t realize the subversion was so blatant and manifest as early as 1785.

    As a reader of this blog I come across esoteric theological disputes that I don’t know much about, but was shocked when I came across this 1785 revision of the Book written by a prominent American minister who was apparently very in touch with Socinians.

    (Though I do understand how demoting Jesus from truly divine to a very early socialist rabble rouser who was pretty good for his time invites Jesus 2.0 holiness spiraling, and do get the merit of Anglican concern about works of Supererogation)

    • Aryaman says:

      Basically, I am reporting consilience.

      I hear Jim ranting about Arianism and Socinians and this and that and don’t really know the theology deeply.

      Randomly surfing the web, entirely independently of Jim, I come across some early prominent American minister, who apparently had his own version of the Book of Common Prayer in 1785.

      See what is in there, see the vows are all shockingly symmetric for 1785. I feel like I have glitched, spend an hour really making sure all normal versions of the solemnization of marriage as recently as the late 1800s were terribly asymmetric. Finally read about the 1785 revision and realize it is a prominent minister who was a nontrinitarian of some kind or another, probably Socinian but I don’t really know.

      Anyway the relevant point is the consilience.

      • alf says:

        Happens to me all the time. Makes reading about history a lot more fun.

        For example, been reading a biography on Winston Churchill. Guess who were the biggest disturbers of political rallies in the early 1900s — suffragettes, of course. They’d bang bells, crack whips or even throw acid in the faces of speakers.

        Another one; in the Boer wars, guess what was the single biggest issue the Boeren had with the British? It was that the British insisted on treating blacks and whites as equals, a policy the Boeren were sure would led to chaos and suffering.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          These heresies, Arianism and Socinians (among others), and these political actors, suffragettes and egalitarians (among others), are ancient demons that Moses chased out, Jesus chased out again, and the apostates condemned. The Gnostic, even demonic, impulse is embedded in humanity. Genesis touches upon that truth with Satan being around before Adam and Eve.

          Read up on the Babylonians. Ishtar and Molech. See how their idols now dote American aesthetics. Snake women on courthouses and child sacrifice as sacred political platform. None of this is new. None of this suddenly popped up in the 1700s, or the 1500s, or the 1100s, or the 400s, or the etc. Evil has been constant and ever present with us.

          • Bad Vlad says:

            [*Jewish account of what Christianity is deleted*] in all my years of catholic school I got the impression that [*Jewish account of Christianity deleted*]

            • jim says:

              If you spent years in Catholic school, the man writing your scripts obviously did not.

              I am heartily sick of Jews telling Christians what Christianity is. No it is not.

              The old atheism movement had a point that young earth creationism is obviously stupid and it is unlikely that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. The new atheist movement is just totally full of $#!%, and the Jewish story about what Christianity is has always been a dead horse. No one is listening to that stuff that Jews have been pushing since the sixth century. No one ever did. The Jews are in a bubble. For fourteen centuries Jews have been telling that story and for fourteen centuries Christians have been ignoring them.

              I will debate that story with a Jew who says he is a Jew and I have done so. I am certainly not going to debate that story with someone who says he learned it at Catholic school. No you did not.

              • Vlad says:

                -“ I’m heartily sick of Jews telling Christians what Christianity is” LMAOROTFIT

      • jim says:

        > probably Socinian but I don’t really know

        Socinians are thinly disguised nontrinitarians. Someone who actually says “nontrinitarian” has dropped the disguise.

        The Socinian denies that Christ has come in the flesh by coming up with a too clever by half overly complicated redefinition of Christ. The non trinitarian just denies that Christ has come in the flesh.

        First Epistle of John, Chapter four

        1. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        2. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

        3. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

        So, according the first epistle of John, that minister is a false prophet who probably has a demon inside using him a loudspeaker.

        And in addition to failing the short affirmation, would have also failed the Woman Question test. I have noticed near complete overlap between the results of the this worldly woman question test, and the entirely other worldly affirmation test. Which strange overlap could be argued as evidence suggesting that demons might be something a little bit more than metaphorical.

        • Vlad says:

          [*link to enlightenment story about Christianity deleted*]

        • Vlad says:

          [*Jewish progressivism and what Jews think Christianity is deleted*]

          • jim says:

            We have heard it all before. Even the left blogs don’t carry that stuff any more because it has been said too many times.

        • Calvin says:

          I have noticed near complete overlap between the results of the this worldly woman question test, and the entirely other worldly affirmation test.

          Speaking as a non-Christian who does acknowledge women need owners, I have to wonder why that is. I wonder if it’s the same in, for instance, prog Islam vs the real deal.

          • Redbible says:

            I think I’ve figured out why the christian affirmation test works: It demands that the person burn a pinch of (spiritual) incense to Christianity. To do so would be such a “sin” against their faith that they can not.

            On the other hand, those who neither hate nor fear Christianity would have no issues saying it, for it does not offend his faith.

            • Calvin says:

              Makes sense. I can say the words, openly admit I don’t actually believe them, and not burst into flames because I’m genuinely being honest and not attempting to cover for demon worship.

      • Skippy says:

        Every left wing political and non-conformist Christian position native to the English speaking world was expressed in English during the English Civil War and English Commonwealth i.e. in the mid 17th century.

        This uprising was defeated in the British Isles but not in the American colonies; it’s important to understand just how extreme Harvard was in the 18th century by not forgetting that positions normal now were not normal then. A university preaching Puritanism was like an NGO advocating Naziism in a world in which England itself only had two universities, that establishing universities was controlled by law (and never permitted), and those two universities could only employ Church of England priests as faculty.

        Parts of America have also had terminal birth rates and replenished their populations by immigration much longer than that immigration has been visibly non-white. New York is one example. Been doing it for centuries.

  20. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Was talking with some normies I know who are pretty right on many things (not vaxxed), and then one of them brought up this:

    A new anime seems to have come out, very popular here and in Japan it seems, and this iconic scene seems to call out the exploitation of a 17 year old in the entertainment industry. The director says straight up that she didn’t force her to do anything, and the main character here I presume went on a rant about child labor, minor exploitation, etc.

    There’s no reason for me to state the obvious about what I think of this (if you don’t believe me, just bring up the woman question and I will give you answer). I’m more concerned is that Japan seems to be going down the tubes along with America, but in this case, the woman question seems to become more and more difficult to answer or explain because there’s been a generation now who hasn’t got the subtext of what the past generations said, so they take to heart all this bs like in every anime of female fighters who are in majority of cases many times stronger than the average man or even superman shown along with them. I assume the reality check that comes after this shitshow will be a real wake up for most of them, or maybe they will keep on chugging on about thinking of girls like anime women, despite their lying eyes showing otherwise.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Kick-butt anime waifus are an adolescent ideal where two things teenage boys are greatly fascinated by – martial excellence and physical indicators of good breeding – are combined in a single figure.

      It is also a form of displacement activity, where the atavistic desire for a mannerbund is not consciously understood for what it is, and this yearning is sublimated into projecting characteristics of idealized brotherhood onto a feminine figure – they only kind of figure that comes to the conscious mind’s attention when imagining something that fulfills their yearning for deep bonds of brotherhood, in a world where it has been rendered all but extinct via SCALE, atomization, and open queerness.

      • notglowing says:

        I agree – fighting anime girls aren’t quite the same as “strong women” in American media, and they aren’t written the same way.

        It’s why western feminist commentators rant against them – they argue, correctly, that these characters are designed solely for the entertainment of men, rather than in order to push progressive values.
        The idea of a female character’s purpose being to attract the “male gaze” is seemingly intolerable.

    • Skippy says:

      Japan seems to have fallen off a cliff starting around the beginning of Covid. I guess America is threatening with feeding them to China, and their economy is only about a quarter what it was in 1990 in relative terms.

    • notglowing says:

      > and the main character here I presume went on a rant about child labor, minor exploitation, etc

      I doubt it. I haven’t watched the latest episode but such a rant doesn’t fit the tone of the show.
      The anime has a pretty unhinged premise by western standards, but it’s more of a drama about the dark side of the entertainment industry than something trying to preach to the audience.
      The MC is somewhat of a white knight saviour of women in peril, so the dialogue is pretty in character.
      The overarching story is about how a female star was killed by a crazy stalker fan, and he finds out her ex boyfriend who probably works in the same industry probably fed the weirdo information about her whereabouts. He wants to find the man and kill him.

      • notglowing says:

        > He wants to find the man and kill him.
        The ex-boyfriend that is. The stalker killed himself.

  21. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    For all that our polygonites screech about Russia being patrifascist ground zero, it can pay to remember that they, like almost every other country in the year of our Lord, 2011+12, are infected with a disease called democracy.

    Not many are aware of the fact that they have a round of elections for high office coming up in 2024 as well, which represent vectors through which the GAE can inject chaos into the situation.

    Congenital solipsists – both leftists and NPCs – are highly sensitive to the validation of numbers, consensus, which is why staging ‘elections’ and fixing the results is such an effective tool for defective factions, almost regardless of how asinine the execution may be. Of course at its core it is always an expression of conquest over a people by a faction, and the intended result is given teeth by the power of force possessed by the conquerors, regardless of the window dressing. There are nuances though.

    On one level it is a coordination point for their extended faith; ‘Democracy is too important to allow un-Democratic results’. Like priests of Jove reading the Auguries of bird carcasses, the theater of the Election is what groups of whigs use to give themselves permission to do what they always and already intended to do, and to finesse fence-sitters into standing by and letting them do it, for want of alternate coordination mechanisms.

    On another level, is of course the cynical veneer of squid ink; all elections are fake, whether subtly via conquest by the best mind controller, or blatantly via the best banana republican, the core is always conquest by forms of coercion; but the inveterately priest-ish character of demotism appeals to the sneak-thief instincts of the leftist; ‘this is the Will of the People’ *stabs* ‘its not a knife’ *stabs* ‘im not stabbing you’ *stabs*.

    And yet on another level, it is also a form of fetishistic projection; a whig will engage in theaters of demotism even when it runs afoul of its ostensible purposes or interests. The gnostically inclined tend to have a perverse need to make their victims validate their own victimization.


    It’s probable that the war faction is hoping the Ruthenian killing fields can be slow-rolled until election season, and they give their dreams of colour-revolutioning Russia a go. If or when the situation starts deteriorating rapidly for the NOG, there very will likely be sudden wide-spread public enthusiasm for a Korean style cease-fire and freezing in place.

    Which would of course be a wishful result very convenient for them.

    But there would be no good reason for Russia to simply stop when they no longer have means of stopping them.

    Bakhmut was on the last line of the pre-made 2014-2022 period fortification networks, and unless the hohols have been very busy the last few months, there is nothing but open fields past that all the way to Kiev.

    They’ve used up almost all of their reserves to symbolically keep it painted yellow, and troops presently standing the lines also being all there is, with little operational depth; a very fragile state of affairs.

    I suspect it is only the specter of the will-they-or-won’t-they offensive by NOG’s NATOized Legion(tm) that is staying the RuM’s hand at the moment, who have certainly been making an effort to entrench in every sector of the front in preparation. The prevailing feeling is probably that the correlation of forces favors them and so time is on their side, that the onus is on the GAE to attack and bloody themselves on prepared defenses, or suffer a worsening position anyways.

    • jim says:

      I do not know how big the Ukrainian strategic reserve was, but if it was two hundred fifty thousand, they have now committed most of them to grinding attritive warfare, and cupboard is looking as bare of men as it is of artillery and rockets.

      And if was considerably more than two hundred and fifty thousand men, it is now considerably smaller than it was.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      I enjoy watching Alexander Mercouris’ insightful commentary on the Ukraine war, but cringe when he starts boomer-splaining how these events will affect the upcoming US or UK elections. Electoral politics is a puppet show!

      I’ve been seeing more campaign billboards of late e.g. “Thou and I, United Russia, register to vote”, “LDPR – the first political party of the new Russia” (so named before “liberal democracy” came to mean “drag queen story hour”), “LDPR – telling the President the truth” (I guess that can be helpful sometimes), “KPRF – a society for everyone” (yeah, everyone who likes waiting three hours in line to buy a loaf of bread.)

      Most Russians, including Putin himself, generally believed in the principles of Progressivism until Western Progressive elites of the pre-Trump era needed a villain that epitomized white male heterosexuality, and they chose Russia.

  22. Sher Singh says:

    [racial bombast from a half breed deleted*]

  23. Sher Singh says:

    Lactose Tolerance is 60-80% in NW India incl Dalits.
    So there’s the skin color & now lactose thing debunked.

    Gonna go drink milk & OHP – on a Upper/Lower + Arms split.


    • jim says:

      The map you link to contradicts your claims, showing India eighty to ninety percent lactose intolerant.

      The map of lactose tolerance that you link to corresponds very closely with what us racists call whiteness, except for a big discrepancy in Africa from cattle herders with substantial semitic ancestry. It also shows a blob of Aryan ancestry in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, and Afghanistan, and though those guys are not exactly white, they look more like the rest of us milk drinkers than you do. Most of their upper class pass just fine.

      • someDude says:

        This is really weird. Growing up in India, every kid I knew drank milk and this term lactose intolerance was as unheard of as feminism. Of course, all milk then was unpasteurized straight from the cow’s udder. This whole lactose intolerance bit coincides with mass pasteurization IMO

        Intolerance to pasteurized milk is a good thing.

        • jim says:

          > Growing up in India, every kid I knew drank milk

          Every kid everywhere can drink milk. Some develop lactose intolerance later than others. And some of us never develop it.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Milk suppliers in Asian countries have a habit of adding lactase into the product to help with lactose breakdown.

            • someDude says:

              In the India I grew up in, it came straight from the milkman. They added just water to boost their profits.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Most lactose intolerant people can drink a cup of milk without noticeable side effect. They just won’t be able to benefit from lactose because gut bacteria is eating it. Cutting milk with water in effect lowers the lactose concentration which would make it easier to digest. That’s a low tech alternative to adding lactase.

                • someDude says:

                  Naaah, that was a profits thing. They were not diluting it with water to reduce the effects of lactose. They wanted to make more money. My mother had a running feud with various milkmen over this all my childhood. It was also a hot topic of conversation among my friends’ mother as well. They compared notes over which milkman/maid was known to dilute with water

                  I assure you, no one wanted their milk diluted. It just did not taste that good.

          • someDude says:

            So kids of all races are lactose tolerant and develop intolerance later as adults?


            Caucasians either develop lactose intolerance later or not at all, while Asians and Indians develop it earlier?

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Babies of all races need to be able to drink mama’s milk. Human breast milk contains more lactose than cow’s milk. Herders developed a gene mutation that kept lactose tolerance on. Caucasians do develop lactose intolerance, but at a very old age.

            • jim says:

              Yes. Most develop lactose intolerance before they are entirely adult, but are lactose tolerant when they are little.

              • someDude says:

                I see, so different races have genes that turn off at different times? Those that evolved pastoral, it turns off later, while those that evolved farming, turns off earlier.

                Must be a population density thing then. High population density areas cannot support the extent of milk drinking that pastoral areas can. It would make sense that those the civilized and settled earlier would develop lactose intolerance first.

                • Red says:

                  > I see, so different races have genes that turn off at different times? Those that evolved pastoral, it turns off later, while those that evolved farming, turns off earlier.

                  There’s also a use or it lose it factor. The Japanese make their children drink milk for as long as possible. Kids who stop drinking it early develop lactose intolerance in pretty short order, while the kids who regularly drink it can continue to consume it until adulthood and thus gain the benefits of milk drinking had for children.

      • Sher Singh says:

        [*silenced because a people defeated, conquered, and under occupation by the Global American Empire are in no position to gloat over what that empire is doing to its native people.*]

      • Aryaman says:

        According to various studies from the 1970s, phenotypical lactose tolerance was around 70 percent in the north and 40 percent in the south. More recent genotypic studies suggest a tolerance of 20-30 percent, much less prevalent in the south, and tilted heavily towards steppe enriched groups (so higher among brahmins in the south, and northwest populations generally). That said, most Indians also tolerate lactose intolerance very well, and lactose charged deserts (i.e. with lots of evaporated milk) are not uncommon at all. And in the mainstream media there is generally a sense of surprise at the actual rate of lactose intolerance.

        Part of that is, the relatively wealthy and mainstream adjacent population really has a fair bit of lactase persistence, but it is a big country and there has been massive population growth in groups where it is not so common. The old studies suggest a lot more phenotypic tolerance (hydrogen breath test) than the new ones.

        But it’s true that there is a lot more lactose tolerance in Pakistan and Afghanistan than India. And the upper class there, and the upper class in the north of India, passes a lot better than in the South — but then you have the problem that all the smart guys looked like Mahalnobis and Ramanujan. In Afghanistan you get the sort of denatured but distilled Aryan — what is to Aryan as what Sacha Baron Cohen tries to portray Khazakhs are to Whites — with improved versions found farther away.

        • Anonymous says:

          The smart guys in India are not purely “Aryan”, they are definitely the hybrids between aryans and the prior civilization’s elites. That’s why you get dumber the further northwest you go in the subcontinent. Max dumbness being afghanistan where even the smart fraction is mostly morons. Maybe there’s a contribution from too many wars killing off the best and brightest in the steppe and adjacent regions.

          • jim says:

            Afghans were making pretty good guns indigenously, when Indians no longer were. Still were making good guns quite recently, though now they have a flood of American guns. Looks to me that Afghans are not dumb. And likely, indigenous gun making reflected the fact that they generally have more Aryan ancestry than the Indians.

            The high civilization areas of India 200AD-800AD were initially regions of high Aryan racial mix, though they subsequently moved a fair way southwards – but high civilization is a reflection of the elite, and elites were racially stratified. (As our noisy transwarrior endlessly reminds us)

    • someDude says:

      Mate, learn to read maps. You’re not helping our cause.

      • Sher Singh says:

        I said NW India not the rest. He thinks I want Gangetics or Tamils in the same category.

        That’s on him & beyond pasteurized there’s also A1 vs A2 cows ie Desi v rest.

        The while thread bye Arya Amsha is on Panjabi milk consumption & he’s a Punjabi Khatri.

        I just find Dalit class whites claiming Nobleman lineage when they have even less pedigree by virtue of being in the new world.

        Really maps to the Western Right Varnaashram breakdown by Dharmic Reality.


        • jim says:

          > I said NW India not the rest. He thinks I want Gangetics or Tamils in the same category.

          The map shows a small area around Karachi in Pakistan with 70 to 80% lactose tolerance, falling off with distance from Karachi. It shows the part of India closes to Karachi, the part north west of Ahmadabad, as fifty to sixty percent lactose tolerant.

          So OK, you are only half descended from bread eaters – presumably the distaff side. Both my X and Y chromosomes originate from the Pontic steppe near the Caspian sea.

          The map hints at seaborn invasions by milk drinking people, perhaps the sea people of the collapse of Bronze Age civilization at work. We know the milk and herding lifestyle originated on the steppes, far from the sea, and we have lots of records of overland invasions by chariot riding people living in tents and wagons from deep inland, from far from the sea, but the current distribution of milk drinkers is strongly connected to the sea. Immediately after the collapse, no one was writing anything down. Maybe shortly after the collapse the sea people felt it was getting a bit crowded. The Israelites complained that when conflicts over turf got harsh, the children of Dan always hung close to their ships, prepared to abandon Israel if the going got tough. Maybe there was a whole lot of that going around. That was a time of mass migrations, when entire nations would travel very long distances, and if you want to transport a whole lot of stuff a long distance, due to unpleasant neighbors eyeing your cattle, your women, and your grass, shipping it is a lot more practical than trekking overland.

          • Sher Singh says:

            One third of that population is Dalits.
            You continuously fail at reading comprehension and recognizing caste.

            Should I get an average skin tone chart of ‘Americans’ (whites) by including blacks and Hispanics.

            Both your X and Y chromosomes have left Dharma. I would rather be one that follows Dharma regardless of ancestry than one who doesn’t.

            We choose Krishna you choose the Sena. We choose Hanuman you choose Lanka.



            • jim says:

              > Both your X and Y chromosomes have left Dharma.

              Your faith does not go back to the Aryans. Read the “Ancient City” for a reconstruction of the ancient faith. The Aryans believed in gods whose burial places they could identify, and they knew the patrilineage of their descent from those gods.

              Sikhī is a schism of a schism of a schism. It was the leftward edge of Hinduism, with touch of Islam. Sikhi became a martial warrior religion only with the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, and you lost that faith in war with the British in 1849 with a woman ruling you, so Sikhi is now no longer a warrior religion, but a transwarrior religion and the Khalsa is no longer an army, but a social event for transwarriors. When you have the faith back that you had from 1699 to 1849, then it would be time to argue the lineage of that faith from the Aryans. Your faith is not only not the faith of the Aryans, it is not even the faith of the Sikh empire.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*more transwarrior bombast deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  My medieval weapon is bigger than your medieval weapon, and I am not limited from above to medieval.

              • Sher Singh says:

                Aryans believe in the Khalsa [*No you don’t, The real Khalsa is a holy army, your Khalsa is a social event for transwarriors*] and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. [*No you don’t. He was a warrior King and High priest, what we call a Paladin. You have not had a Paladin King or Paladin priest since a woman ruled you during your war with the British. All your priests have big hats and small symbolic weapons useless in combat against an opponent armed with a real weapon.*]

                Enough with your sophistry –

                Hand over your women.

                Our shotgun is already loaded. [*No they are not. You do not dare possess guns and ammo, being under hostile enemy occupation and completely subjugated, I own guns and ammo, and I own crypto currency, while you have no money that could be useful in a conflict situation, putting you at the absolute mercy of your masters. If they close their bank doors, you have no means for large scale cooperation*]

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this comment through in full so that people will know what I am censoring and why.

                • jim says:

                  I wish some Hindus would weigh in on the topic of purifying the Hindu faith. There was time when Hindus led the world in science, mathematics, and technology, making the best steel in the world, and the best swords in the world. And strangely no one knows what their Hinduism was like. I find it hard to believe it was irrecoverably lost, I suspect that no one wants to know, for priests and lawmakers write everything down. What was their policy on cow worship? I suspect it was that mistreatment of other people’s wandering cattle was severely prohibited, but killing your own cattle and eating beef was entirely fine – I suspect it was the original policy of the Aryan invaders, that the cattle of the elite were free to wander, and conquered trying to grow bread had to suck it up. I know that some evidence exists for this, but I have only seen it mentioned vaguely at third hand.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Nihang Singhs own guns without license. [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Things get rather violent in North West India from time to time. Why do I never hear news of people using guns to deal with it? If Sikhs have guns, link me to news of them bearing them when there is trouble.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  It’s simple. Hindus must abandon the poisons of universalism going back to the Hindu reformers of Harvard days and revert to the laws of Manu and Varnashrama. The biggest problem is the subversion of varnashrama which led to the erosion of Hindu patriarchy.

                  The problem is that it’s coup complete. Only a monarchy can restore varnashrama. Democracy will continue to destroy us.

                  Hindu patriarchy and the original varnashrama are strongly linked.

                • Aryaman says:

                  I mean I think you are wrong that old Hindus put forth laws against eating cows to protect their own cows, but I also don’t see it as a terribly important point to argue over. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but the time when Hindus came up with cool math and astronomy and steel was well was well after they decided eating cows was no good.

                  I don’t have an answer yet but I have several leads, or rather funny phenomenon that point to possible answers.

                  For example, there is ritual cleanliness. Brahmins are very “clean” people (and, probably, also clean people — but do not promote a society of actually clean people). When you drink water, you pour the water into your mouth and your lips do not touch the glass you are drinking from. For touching another’s saliva would be very unclean (let alone a non-Brahmin’s) God forbid, you do not eat in a place where the food is cooked and handled by non-Brahmins. I do not know what the rules are but I am sure they are rather intricate and involved. And you certainly do not wear outside shoes inside the house. (This is a good rule, sensible, but there is a religious intrinsic regard for it that isn’t very rational). Okay well is it a clean country? Obviously not. Water purification confers cleanliness, so there is water everywhere, but water everywhere without thought and care does not create clean and therefore the result is not clean. Obviously God cares that we are clean, that we are hygienic, so the impulse and origin of what are taken to be rules and practices are good; but the point is to actually be clean and hygienic and people do not care enough about that.

                  There is also the problem of smart theology and very, very smart wordcels saying complicated things like the world is not real and does not matter. Well, that is a problem. This is not actually a doctrinal position, the doctrinal position is that a man who knows only the real world is much less lost than the man who knows only the mind bedeviled by theoretical questions about why the world is not real.
                  Hindus won’t like me for saying it, but I think there is also the problem of idol worship. It is not that I am actually opposed to it as a cultural or cultural-religious practice of becoming close to religion, but it turns religion into a technology of performing rituals, praying to this god for that and that god for this, and detracts from the ultimate fact that God ordained us to live a certain way, and it is no mistake that the religion at its very heart speaks to an Almighty and omnipotent deity as behind it all.

                  That leads us to the final problem. Which is that I mentioned a doctrinal position but there is no doctrinal position. When the British came to India they were shocked that the Vedas were preserved in perfect concordance among the Brahmins is Kashmir and Brahmins in Kerala, mostly due to a practice of rote memorization that resemble error correcting codes (you memorize it forwards, and backwards, and in streams of multiwords and streams of multiwords reversed, and so forth).

                  And so that is there, and that is possibly doctrinal but no one speaks that language anymore, and the people who do speak it and do practice it are not of and among the people. They are magic buttons to be called upon when you need to do things like get married, or mark an important moment in your life, or pray because something tragic has happened. And there is great value in that, but serious productive people do not take what the Sanskrit speakers who have memorized the ancient wisdom seriously, except to the extent that (if they are traditional) they think memorizing the ancient wisdom is a good thing. The priests are pot bellied and wear funny garb and walk in funny ways. This sounds sacrilegious. But it is true, and detracts from the true appeal of the religion over the mind and soul of its adherents in the real world.

                  Anyway, that is what is wrong with it. It is not an answer to what was right with it centuries ago. But the common explanation on is not correct: it is not admixture and racial failure that explains the problem today (though there has certainly been very dysgenic population growth in the past century). The admixture event, and strict caste endogamy thereafter, had been frozen centuries before the good stuff happened, and millenia before the good stuff ended.

                • jim says:

                  > the time when Hindus came up with cool math and astronomy and steel was well was well after they decided eating cows was no good.

                  Was it?

                  Take a careful look. Jews have a habit of dating stuff they came up with 2020 back to the precedents set by the people who built the second temple. I am ignorant of Hinduism, but I suspect you are equally ignorant of second century Hinduism in the kingdoms of relevance. Today’s Brahmins are like the Jews, legalists, so are bound to find very ancient precedents for the latest religious innovation.

                  Do you find, from a second century Kingdom of relevance, a straightforward prohibition from a sovereign or jurist or equivalent, against eating beef? Or is it just someone looking at ancient laws on cows, and saying “obviously this implies a prohibition on beef eating, in fact it is so obvious that no one needed to actually write that down”. Kind of like Christians looking at an ancient law saying that virgin who was forced has not herself committed the crime, unless she was strangely in circumstances where it was strangely easy to get away with forcing her, and interpreting it as “any woman can point her finger at any man and have him hanged”, jumping from “the woman is innocent if she plausibly says so” to the “the man is guilty if she plausibly says so”

                  If cows are allowed to wander around, laws against molesting wandering cattle (even if they happen to be eating your wheat) do not equate to laws prohibiting beef eating. Check if you can find early prohibition of beef in kingdoms that had science and technology.

                  I think you will find that second century Hindus with no end of strict laws prohibiting harming a cow, and sixteenth century Hindus saying “well, obviously if they could not harm a cow, they certainly could not kill it and eat it.” In a social environment with hungry cows wandering around eating anything they can find, does not follow.

                • jim says:

                  What you are complaining about is legalism, in the sense of Talmudic legalism (“Legalism” is a word with two or three very different and largely unrelated meanings, but in the context of religion, always means Talmudic legalism)

                  Christianity tossed legalism so thoroughly that for the most part it stayed dead. For example, replacing ritual cleanliness entirely with actual cleanliness. When camping in the wilderness, we don’t bury our poop outside the camp because there is a rule in the old testament telling us to bury our poop outside the camp. We bury our poop outside the camp because poop is dirty and attracts flies who spread the dirt. We don’t interpret the old testament rule about burying poop as a rule telling us to bury poop, but as a synecdoche for cleanliness. And while camping in the wilderness, apply the rule by trying to remain clean appropriately to the circumstances. We don’t think the Old Testament rule to bury your poop outside the camp means “bury your poop outside the camp”. We think it means “don’t do stuff that is likely to get poop on people or food”, leaving your poop around in or near the camp being one of those things.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I’m not Hindu Indian and perhaps only distantly of Aryan descent (~75% East Asian and ~25% Anglo America), so who knows if my genes bear any relevance.

                  I’ve been doing a small dietary self experiment. Only whole grain wheat bread I bake using organic flour eaten with dairy (milk, cheese, butter) from grass fed cows. I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last week with a very low level of exercise. A mere 15 miles of running and some weight lifting. I’m constantly feeling bloated from the sheer quantity of fibrous grain I’m eating and can’t eat more, yet still feeling hungry often. This isn’t sustainable. The nomadic conquerors clearly were meat eaters otherwise they wouldn’t have the energy to take India. The main source of meat for Aryan conquerors would have been herd animals, so cows and potentially the occasional lame horse. That Hindu Indians don’t eat beef today, or much protein at all, indicates something went severely wrong.

                • someDude says:


                  By Idol worship, you mean monotheism?

                  After all, isn’t the crucifix an idol?

                  Symbols are needed, no?

                  What I think you wanted to say is that the Hindus in one edge of India may not necessarily feel kinship with Hindus at the other edge because they worship different Gods.

                  In contrast you have Shia Muslims from India who travelled to Iraq to fight Isis when word got out that ISIS was destroying Shia Shrines.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*genocidal rant by someone utterly at the mercy of his enemies and frightened to do anything about it deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  You envy whites, for obvious reasons. Everyone does.

                • i says:


                  Okay well is it a clean country? Obviously not. Water purification confers cleanliness, so there is water everywhere, but water everywhere without thought and care does not create clean and therefore the result is not clean.

                  It goes to show that such standards has to be applied across the board.

                  And at least the universality of the requirement for proper hygiene would have contributed to greater cleanliness.

                  Including ensuing Water sources are clean. As well as the use of fire to purify the Plunder that wouldn’t burn are subject to.

                  And washing flammable objects in “waters of purification” which is just water with detergent from combining wood ash and fat mixed in water.

                  I think this is the original reasoning behind the ritual purity laws alongside uniformity of religion.

                  Cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. And the poor be damned if they don’t clean themselves up at least.

          • anonymous mouse says:

            You say your X chromosome is steppe. Haplogroup T?

            • jim says:

              My X and my Y chromosomes are steppe, near the Caspain sea., I forget the haplogroup.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*silenced due to irritating transwarrior bombast from a defeated and conquered people*]

                • jim says:

                  You are not going to get anywhere until you notice you are defeated, conquered and subjugated and need to do something about it.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The Khalsa will acknowledge defeat after [*1849]

                • jim says:

                  You were defeated. When you created a social event for transwarriors and called it, with approval and endorsement from the hostile enemy army of occupation, “the Khalsa” you admitted defeat, and disowned any intent or capability of doing anything about it, and assured the hostile occupying army that you have no intent to develop the capability do anything about it. You became transwarriors when you recreated a transKhalsa that the British approved as safely harmless and impotent.

                  Your faith is a left heresy from the warrior faith of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, which was a right wing heresy from the original pacifist leftist Sikhism, which was a left pacifist heresy from the fratricidal demon occupied Hindu faith, which was a demon corrupted heresy from the original Aryan faith.

                  You lost your faith when a woman stood in the shoes of a warrior King High Priest, and your Khalsa was defeated and dispersed by the British.

                  To have your faith back again, you must regroup, reorganize, and refund a real Khalsa with a real paladin leading it, and the real Khalsa must shoot the transKhalsa. And you cannot refund a real Khalsa with enemy controlled money.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  Mata Sundari is said to have thereafter issued another Hukamnama to the Sikhs, wherein she ordered Sikhs of the Panth to dissociate themselves from the man who had disobeyed the order of their Guru’s Spouse and had replied in rather insolent terms to her (“Banda Bahadur” by Sohan Singh) . No copy of this Hukamnama has existed and no one knows if it was genuine or a forgery on the orders of Farukh Siyar. The fact is that Mata Sundari’s supposed Hukumnama set in motion the wheels of the defeat of Banda . The Khalsa started deserting Banda Bahadur’s forces.




                • jim says:

                  You were defeated by the Muslims then because a woman ruled the The Tatt Khalsa, and defeated in 1849 by the British because a woman ruled the Khalsa.

                  A Khalsa has to have a warrior King high priest. Which you did not have when you were defeated, and do not have now.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > Your faith is a left heresy from the warrior faith of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, which was a right wing heresy from the original pacifist leftist Sikhism, which was a left pacifist heresy from the fratricidal demon occupied Hindu faith, which was a demon corrupted heresy from the original Aryan faith.


                  Info about 1st & 6th Gurus carrying weapons. 2nd Guru Sahib raised Akharas (Wrestling Gyms)


                • jim says:

                  Please present scriptural evidence predating the sixth guru for any earlier guru carrying weapons.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > Things get rather violent in North West India from time to time. Why do I never hear news of people using guns to deal with it? If Sikhs have guns, link me to news of them bearing them when there is trouble.

                  > Please present scriptural evidence predating the sixth guru for any earlier guru carrying weapons.



                • jim says:

                  Thought not.

                  You are heretics conquered by your enemies and thoroughly subjugated. Transwarriors, demanding that you be treated like the warriors you were, once upon a time.

                  Before the sixth Guru, Sikh’s evaded repression by being pacific. Since this became suicidal, the sixth Guru decided they needed an army. Now you evade repression by being disarmed and by not having an army though the faith of sixth Guru makes the army the central expression of your religion. You do not have a real Khalsa, and without a real Khalsa, you do not have a real faith.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  I asked for evidence of Sikh’s with guns today, and evidence of Sikh religious leaders bearing arms before Guru Hargobind

                  You were disarmed and lacked the capability for organized violence before his rule, and in 1849 under the rule of a woman, you became disarmed again and lost the capability for organized violence.

                  We are ruled by our enemies, and know it and say it, though we have guns, and money that is not under the control of our enemies. You are ruled by your enemies, disarmed, and have no money except that which your enemies control, but you bombastically pretend otherwise.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Women cannot join the Khalsa.
                  Forsaking Banda Singh for eschewing Meat & Alcohol is correct.

                  Listening to your mother is correct in certain situations.

                  Beyond that – you’ve shown an inability to have a good conversation – You want other demoralized. Misery loves Company –

                  The Khalsa knows only the company of Singhs & Saints – Demoralisation is the first step in conversion (to Christianity).


                • jim says:

                  > Women cannot join the Khalsa

                  You don’t actually have a Khalsa. If you did, your fertility rate would guarantee you eventual world conquest. You have a transKhalsa.

                  And when women ruled your Khalsa, you did not actually have a Khalsa either. Which is why you were defeated.

                  > Forsaking Banda Singh for eschewing Meat & Alcohol is correct.

                  It would have been correct if a warrior King Priest had excommunicated him, for subscribing to the holiness requirements of an enemy faith. But because it was a woman playing the “Who is more alpha? Lets you and him fight” game, it was a horrifyingly incorrect decision, which led to your defeat. She was metaphorically, and probably literally, in bed with a Muslim.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > It would have been correct if a warrior King Priest had excommunicated him, for subscribing to the holiness requirements of an enemy faith. But because it was a woman playing the “Who is more alpha? Lets you and him fight” game, it was a horrifyingly incorrect decision, which led to your defeat. She was metaphorically, and probably literally, in bed with a Muslim.

                  Mother of the Khalsa and wife of the Guru you’re talking about.

                  [*Usual bombast from a conquered, defeated, and impotent subject race who have lost the capability to even think about organized resistance deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  > > She was metaphorically, and probably literally, in bed with a Muslim.

                  > Mother of the Khalsa and wife of the Guru you’re talking about.

                  Young and horny widow of the Guru. Such women are dangerous in power, for they are unconsciously looking for someone more alpha to bang them. And, being in power, may have to look afar for a man who can measure up.

                  As for “mother of the Khalsa”, if your Khalsa has a mother instead of warrior priest King, it is no Khalsa.

                  Back when you really did have a Khalsa, your mechanism for transfer of power kept giving you an ass for a lion. Your female leaders betrayed you from within, and led you to defeat. And you have given up even thinking about what it would take to recover from that defeat.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m trying to find good info on the British Sikh wars, what I know about is mainly from reading Flashman and the Mountain of Light twenty years ago.

                  Wikipedia info seems to suck as it does not seem to mention the woman who was acting monarch of the Khalsa at the time (though in Flashman that was clearly the case and I trust that more than wikipedia nowadays).

                • jim says:

                  Flashman gives you more accurate history, as Conan gives you more accurate prehistory.

                  But Flashman is still a whig source, though he has no end of history that modern historians would prefer erased.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > [*Usual bombast from a conquered, defeated, and impotent subject race who have lost the capability to even think about organized resistance deleted*]

                  I can still personally kill you.

                  [*more bombast deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  You will have to get in line. There is a queue.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted for sheer irrelevance*]

                • jim says:

                  Nothing that Sikhs dare to do has mattered since 1849. You lost, and you have no interest in doing what is needful to get back what you lost.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Based Jim. “Please form an orderly queue. Attackers will be shot in the order in which they arrived.” What a flex.

                  Listen closely, brown dog; Jim is an old man, with many sons, many friends, and probably many enemies. None of his other enemies managed to get him. What makes a transwarrior like you think that you could handle him? Or survive the vengeance of his sons and/or friends?

              • Sher Singh says:


                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*nigger noise deleted*] o well you can’t kill every Sikh.

                • jim says:

                  No one needs to kill every Sikh. Only sufficient Sikhs to get his way. The Khalsa renounced the capability for organized violence in 1849. It is no longer an order of warrior priests, but an order of priests that put up shrines to women who were disastrous leaders.

                  And anyone with guns could kill ever Sikh except that Globohomo would stop him. You survive because your masters choose to allow you to survive. The Khalsa gave up guns in 1849, and since you gave up the capability for organized violence, he could kill them one at a time. The Sikh faith, the Khalsa will not stop him. The Globohomo faith will.

                  Sikhs are posturing under the protection of Globohomo, and are careful to keep their posturing Globohomo compliant.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      According to that map lactose tolerance is higher in southern Pakistan than in central France. I have to say, that rather tickles my funny bone.

      • jim says:

        Some parts of that map, notably Australia and New Zealand, are obviously wildly wrong.

        • anonymous mouse says:

          Yeah, I thought it was weird. Central Europe has a dairy culture; South Asia, not so much. But for what it’s worth I did some Googling and found that the map is from an article in Nature from 2013, which takes the map from a paper, which in turn takes it from this paper, which seems to be the source.

          It says they excluded “recent immigrant populations” so maybe Australia/NZ is abos/Maoris.

          • anonymous mouse says:

            Ok, here’s all the data used for the map

            The data used for the high estimate in Pakistan/North India is from a study from 1976 with only 5 ethnic groups represented and n=55. Nothing to put too much stock into.

          • Anonymous says:

            What are you talking about? India has the largest cattle population in the world and we don’t eat beef, what do you think all those cows are there for? Milk is absolutely central to the Hindu diet

            • jim says:

              Ghee and other milk products that are lactose free are absolutely central to the Indian diet – milk products. Not milk.

              The traditional recipe for ghee first removes all the lactose by letting the milk sour, then extracts butter from the lactose free milk, then removes the remaining milk proteins from the butter.

              • Anonymous says:

                I was referring to the guy who said South Asia doesn’t have a dairy culture- that’s the only kind of cattle culture we have, since we don’t eat beef.
                While adults chugging glasses of milk regularly is certainly more prevalent in the north west of India, fermented milk in the form of yoghurt and curd is prevalent across the entire subcontinent, barring the chinkis in the north east. And most traditional Hindu desserts are milk based (not just milk products, actual milk). Hindu religious rituals call for copious amounts of milk ( liberals give us grief about wasting milk in temples every year). Filter coffee and chai (though recent entrants into the diet) are full of milk and they are drunk on the regular by all strata of society. Everyone eats ice cream and does just fine.
                I believe the same is the case in Europe, with cheese and butter – I don’t get the feeling that chugging glasses of milk is something adult Europeans do regularly either, though I may be wrong.
                And I’m not even starting on all the other ways Hindu culture is entirely intertwined with the cow. Yes drinking cow piss is a thing. And cow dung is thought to be medicinal in some ways. I suspect it influences the gut micro flora in beneficial ways. The cow is thought of as a machine that processes grass into all kinds of beneficial end products.

                • someDude says:

                  Mate, I’m not very pleased with you calling NE Indians Chinkis. It is just not amusing. You could have banged away at them for converting to Christianity, but this, I just did not like.

                  Lactose tolerance or intolerance is not a hill I’d die on. The Japanese are even more lactose intolerant than us and have an advanced society. Our job is to figure out what made Hinduism great in the times gone past and try to get back to that.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I don’t get the feeling that chugging glasses of milk is something adult Europeans do regularly either, though I may be wrong

                  You are indeed wrong.

                  Mate, I’m not very pleased with you calling NE Indians Chinkis. It is just not amusing.

                  There is some mixture that is not dravidian or aryan in the northeast. Met quite a few from that region, it’s quite obvious. Not so obvious if it is chinese type or austronesian type, but definitely distinct from other regions.

                • Red says:

                  I believe the same is the case in Europe, with cheese and butter – I don’t get the feeling that chugging glasses of milk is something adult Europeans do regularly either, though I may be wrong.

                  I and pretty much everyone else I know drinks milk everyday, typically with breakfast. It’s also a staple when eating peanut butter product like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and any sort of breakfast cereal like oatmeal isn’t complete without milk.

                  I also use with protean powder/collagen and brewers yeast drinks. That stuff tastes a lot better when mixed with milk.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I drink tons of milk because I need the animal protein and unlike most of the far right don’t like tons of meat all the time and the one sympathy I have with left wing anything is believing that animal factory farming for meat is something of an evil abomination.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  The milk debate is much to do with the breed of cow that produces the milk. We Hindus across India can drink native cow milk and indeed our grandparents had cows at home from which they drank fresh milk every day.

                  I believe that mass dairy farming and mixing of buffalo and cow milk in packaged pasteurized milk has created health problems in this generation.

                • Fidelis says:


                  Sorry to say but milk is factoy farmed just the same. Find a local farmer if you haven’t already. Look for Swiss, Guernsey and Jersey cows, they produce the best milk. More expensive by far but very very worth it.

                  If you aren’t doing fairly intensive strength training, you don’t need a lot of animal flesh. Milk and eggs, particularly yolks, with the occasional steak is absolutely plenty. The lots of meat thing is really for people that are trying to maintain large amounts of muscle. That and instinctual hatred of the antihuman gaia cult is what gives rise to the all meat all the time memes.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I didn’t mean if you specifically chug glasses of milk, friends- I’msure you do, and so do I (though it makes me fat). I was just wondering if it’s part of traditional Europe cuisine, like would it be something a Russian or French peasant may do daily. Maybe they do.

                  @somedude- point taken, I said it in jest. I mean no disrespect to our mongoloid compatriots. And I’m not arguing for great lactose tolerance in Hindus or anything, I really don’t care about it- I was just wondering out loud because ours is a cow and milk and milk product centric society, which doesn’t fit well with the current understanding of lactose tolerance . No biggie, merely academic curiosity, whatever the truth turns out to be.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Mate, I’m not very pleased with you calling NE Indians Chinkis.

                  Our job is to figure out what made Hinduism great in the times gone past and try to get back to that.
                  Possibly, a move away from Brahmin led SJWism as displayed above, and a move back to Hindu Monarchy?

                  Most of the social damage done in India has been by the clerical – Brahmanical classes. From land reforms, to SC/ST the woman laws etc.

                  Brahmins will spit, froth at the mouth, and REE at any suggestion that they’re essentially the biggest fags (unmanly) beings on the face of Earth at this moment.

                  I can pretty much predict what sort of pajeetry this response will generate – possibly related to recent clashes with Nihangs?



                  Brahmanism is not the Vedic Religion, but a post-Buddhist post-Hunnic post-Gupta offshoot.

                  & it shows – for the average Indian, giving up meat/alcohol is the definition of piety. Watch the predictable responses flow in! LOL.


                • jim says:

                  > Our job is to figure out what made Hinduism great in the times gone past and try to get back to that.


                  And do not believe what today’s Brahmins tell you ancient Hindu’s believed. Check the holiness spirals of today and of five hundred years ago against the sources – and put yourself in the shoes of those sources, the environment they were in, the situations they were dealing with. A legalist will rip words from their social context, and find an directly opposed meaning by applying those words in a very different social context. Like Christians, you are going to have to try to understand the spirit of the law.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  @somedude- point taken, I said it in jest. I mean no disrespect to our mongoloid compatriots.

                  Don’t apologize – Bodh Avatar (The Buddha) compared Brahmins to dogs or worse than for a reason. Even a dog only mates in the same species.

                  There are tomes on the vaginal excretions of women of various countries but no proper histography of India unless by foreigners.

                  Brahmins are just massive coomers whose entire feminist Hindu unity spiel is an attempt to create whores they can share in a brothel.

                  Vedic Dharma has an ethnic core & ethnic hierarchy. All priestly classes today – whether Libtard SJWs, Brahmins or the Vatican seem to be importing niggers to spite/shit-test their own Warrior Core.


                • someDude says:


                  Mate, I will attempt to engage you in Good faith. There are several aspects of your writings that puzzle me exceedingly, if I am to be very polite.

                  1. First you attacked the Dalits and went as far as talking about burning their villages, raping their women and inflicting collective punishment on them for some misdeeds. Yes, we do have a Dalit problem, but it is drowned out by our Abrahamic problem and our Hindu Elite Defection problem by several orders of magnitude

                  2. Then you took the side of Khalistanis against the Indian state. Fair Enough, death to the secular Indian state, I hate it too. But then when you know those same Khalistanis take support from the Jehadis, you still persisted knowing that the Jehadis are Blood enemies of Sikhs in a way that the Secular state is not. The Secular problem is again dwarfed by the Jehadi problem

                  3. Then you spent a bunch of time insulting White Christians on this blog knowing full well that several of us are guest students here, trying to learn from them so we can apply all those concepts back home and solve the Abrahamic and Hindu Elite defection problem. Why create ill feeling with such insults?

                  4. Now you attack Brahmins attributing to Buddha things he never said about them. Link me to where the Buddha compares Brahmins to Dogs? To be sure he uses their own reasoning to prove that they are inferior to Kshatriyas, that some Shudras may be superior to some Brahmins. He says that Brahmins are earning much demerit by saying that they sprung from the head of Brahma. But where does he call them or compare them to Dogs?

                  It seems to be you are trying to pit Sikhs against Hindus, Buddhists against Hindus, Hindus against each other (how else am I to reasonably interpret your writings against Dalits earlier and Brahmins now?), Reactionary Hindus against Reactionary Christians all the while ignoring the actual, bigger problems we have in India with regards to the Abrahamisms and Defection by our own Elites.

                  You may attack the Brahmins for their failure to defend the Dharma against aggressors. You may attack them for their failure to interpret Hindu scripture by the spirit of the law rather than the letter. You may attack them for their inability to update their tactics in light of new data in the form of the Abrahamisms. You may attack them for their defection to the Progressive Cannon now and Marxist Cannon earlier. All these attacks are valid for it is the cross and Burden of the Elites to carry the shame of failure.

                  But this particular direction you are attacking them from tingles my spider sense.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  You can figure out where a man’s loyalty lies by figuring out whom he studiously avoids attacking or only offers token ineffectual attacks when prodded.

                  Our resident Sikh has “attacked” almost everybody in most vehement and vituperative terms except globohomo, which is the crux of the issue.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  He is a rabid dog

                • dharmicreality says:

                  He is a rabid dog

                  Well, a rabid dog is wildly indiscriminate.

                  Resident “sikh” is very careful not to step on globohomo’s toes. In fact, earlier he argued that it is justified for Khalsa to ally with globohomo to defeat the Indian State because apparently globohomo is the lesser evil if evil at all.

                • someDude says:

                  @Anonymous Good on you mate. I apologize for my own lack of humor. A day will come when we can take all these jokes and sterotypes in our stride. I mean stereotypes are fun. But in this charged atmosphere, the slightest thing seems to cause nuclear fission.

                  Our Mongoloid compatriots are the ones who defeated the Mughals time and again on Forays to the North East culminating in the magnificent victories by Gen. Barphukan. Their victories are our victories and most significantly, they achieved these victories calling themselves Hindus and their King called himself the Chatrapati. The chattrapti also derided the Rajput general of the Mughals as a sellout and a traitor to the faith.

                  Of course, their subsequent conversions to Abrahamism 2.0 distresses me most deeply. Again, a failure of our Elites and defection from Nehru. Our history over the last millenia has been a most discouraging tale. I know that Dharma does not take kindly to despair and yet, here I find myself…….

                • jim says:

                  Yes, you defeated the Mughals a lot, but when Mata Sundari was ruling, the Mughals got lots of gruesome revenge. The story puts the Sikhs in an embarrassingly bad light.

                  Banda Singh was obviously an entryist from an enemy strand of Hinduism, but it was very much the wrong time to pursue that quarrel. A male ruler, concerned about the likelihood of being taken prisoner by the Mughals, not to mention the likelihood of his subjects being massacred, would have pursued that quarrel at a more opportune time.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Resident “sikh” is very careful not to step on globohomo’s toes.

                  Admittedly, I stopped paying close attention to him some time ago. He reacts to reason with indiscriminate growling. There is no sign he is even contemplating anyone’s arguments. There is evidence he might not even comprehend the arguments in the first place. He can’t even understand a map far simpler than a driving map (lol, is Sher Singh a woman?). Hilarious in conjunction with his disdain for Dalits.

                  You can quibble that the growling isn’t as indiscriminate as a rabid dog, or that he doesn’t precisely have rabies. but subhuman like a dog he is, and foaming at the mouth he is too.

                  He could have been the Sikh Cominator. A prickly but interesting conversational experience. Instead, he’s just a disappointment that I see no use in further engagement with. That’s all I have to say on this topic unless circumstances change.

                • i says:


                  Yes, we do have a Dalit problem, but it is drowned out by our Abrahamic problem

                  Muslims you mean. The Abrahamic problem is just Muslims.

                  Christians just don’t do those kinds of things.

                  Although skin suited versions of them are definitely a problem. In terms of being vanguards of progressivism unfortunately.

                • i says:


                  Btw. Do you take issue with Christians taking Dalits off your hands?

                  They are a problem yes. So Christians will see what they can do with them. Although the stories I heard involves Dalits finally cleaning up their acts afterwards.

                  No longer living in filth and so on.

                • someDude says:


                  Christians in India are part of the coalition of Fringes and can be counted upon to support any cause that would hurt Hindus and oppose any that would benefit Hindus even if such support or opposition comes at a cost to Christians themselves. Christians in India have exactly the same politics in India that you accuse Liberal Indians in the US of having.

                  They supported the Creation of Pakistan knowing that The Muslims there would cleanse them out and thats exactly what happened. They blame Hindus for the Rape of their nuns when they know that the rapist was probably Abrahamic 3.0. This is because for all the quarrels between Christians and Muslims, they see each other as cousins, albeit distant and hostile, but cousins all the same, closer to each other than to Hindus. Not so with Hindus who are polytheists and not people of the Book.

                  Christianity might be great for the west, but for India, it is problematic. Problematic because, for all Indic religions that originated in India, India is the holy land. For Abrahamic religions, the holy land lies outside. In case of any conflict with any Christian powers, their loyalty is always in doubt. Given the Fog of war and the sheer number of problems war brings, this is an extra problem sane Hindus would rather than not have.

                  Regarding the Dalit problem, it is really an Elite Defection problem. Like women in India, Dalits have been given legal Superweapons in the sense that anyone they accuse of caste discrimination is in a hot soup with no consequence to the accuser in case of a proven false accusation.

                • jim says:

                  So? I never suggested that Hindus should tolerate Christians in India. Or Christians tolerate Hindus in America.

                • someDude says:

                  @Jim, yes you never suggested that

                  around 2021, I went to a wedding in India where the bride and groom and several guests were American citizens but originally from India. All enthusiastic Biden voters, all holding the same tiresome left liberal positions. All very proud of their enlightenment. Most of them were also Anti Modi to be sure, but the fact that the few pro Modi ones were also pro Biden was quite instructive.

                  No reactionary Hindu has ever suggested, unless with malice, that Americans should tolerate Hindu immigration or Hinduism. It is inevitable that they will become part of the coalition of the fringes.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Somedude… so you understand why right wing Americans and especially techbros hate you guys with a passion. It’s not for no reason. Anyone who supports Biden deserves not only death but to go to at least a temporary but a fairly long stretch in hell. Indians in America are generally far far worse than jews. There are a few exceptions like D’Souza but its like 95% of you people.

                • Red says:

                  Most of them were also Anti Modi to be sure, but the fact that the few pro Modi ones were also pro Biden was quite instructive.

                  They’re pro-Biden because they’re pro destroying Americans so they can replace them. Invaders tend to think that way.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Dual citizens vote right-wing in India to strengthen the country they love, while voting left-wing in America to weaken the country they intend to conquer.

                  Would America ruled by Indians be worse than it’s present rule by Judeo-Progressives? I’d settle for any regime that allows niggers and those who behave like niggers to be shot on sight, because then white people could have nice things again.

                • jim says:

                  > Would America ruled by Indians be worse than it’s present rule by Judeo-Progressives?

                  We have a whole lot of dot Indians ruling right now. When the elite want to do something dreadful to legacy Americans, they hire someone who perceives legacy Americans as foreign aliens, which means they used to hire Jews and now hire dot Indians.

                  The dot Indians in power are as bad for Americans as Jews in power, and for the past ten years Soros, Blinken, and Nuland have been doing their damndest to get white people to nuke white people. They want the people who hired them to do the dirty on us nuked. They want those they were hired to harm nuked, they want those who hired them nuked, they hate us all.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Would America ruled by Indians be worse than it’s present rule by Judeo-Progressives?”

                  Indians are the worst progressives there are and on the whole far far worse than jews, ordinary jews somewhat identify with the country though often in a misguided in fucked up way. Indians just want to replicate the slums of Calcutta here, there are a very very few good ones (mostly ones who don’t intend to stay and are into teaching meditation practices and such) but the rest of them the ones with permanent residency or citizenship in a country they intended to destroy… it would be best if they branded and set loose naked in the woods to be hunted for sport.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The dot Indians in power are as bad for Americans as Jews in power, and for the past ten years Soros, Blinken, and Nuland”

                  I would argue that while there were Nuland’s and Soros among them most of the jews had some scruples and some feeling for Americans. Indians are far far worse.

                • jim says:

                  > most of the jews had some scruples and some feeling for Americans.

                  Well, of course, but Soros and company got their jobs because they hate us – which also means they hate their masters. And the same is true of the dot Indians now in power.

                • someDude says:

                  yes, I understand the antipathy that Americans feel for left voting Indians in the US, which is most of them. And you also understand the antipathy Hindu reactionaries feel for Christians in India and missionary activity in India. Its not exactly a mirror image, but it’s pretty close.

                  But your problems like ours are essentially one of Elite defections. Both problems are coup complete

                • The Cominator says:

                  With Jews they had to search hard to find the truly evil and psychopathic frontmen and true fanatics they couldn’t take any jew as your typical jew’s politics were about the same as the typical potato nigger in Boston (although the jew was generally more intelligent) they had stupid political views but the monstorous deep hatred of the country and everyone else just wasn’t there. Most jews have authentic close friendships with non jews and the truly ethnocentric Orthodox just wanted to live apart not be the ruling class of a slum they created. Whereas the Indians the fanatical hatred and willingness to be the most obnoxious subversives they can be is almost universal among Indians here.

                  I’d MUCH rather have jews be the middleman class because other than the odd Soros and Nuland (and perhaps the moment in time of the post Bolshevik revolution when the Jews hated the Russians and wanted revenge due to pogroms and such) there is stuff that if asked that a normie jew is not going to want to be a part of. There will be no such scruples with Indians.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  When? They never stopped hating russia, and the bolshevik revolution was not a beginning either, but a culmination, of hatreds going long before.

                  Their hatred is generational. Nothing in this world will swerve them from their desire to see all of the Tsars/Kaisers/Caesars descendants and inheritors wiped from its face utterly.

                • Aryaman says:

                  They’re pro-Biden because they’re pro destroying Americans so they can replace them. Invaders tend to think that way.

                  Knowing many of these people, I think the actual reason is simpler and more banal. Now what I’m saying here does not include the odious, shrieking Indians in public life who have their position precisely because they hate the native country.
                  The reason Indians are the way they are is because they are taught to hold America in contempt in school, because they are not disciplined for their insular arrogance, because America itself does not hold itself up and teach itself as superior and its native people as a body to be feared and respected.

                  There is also the problem that aside from the really smart and productive ones, you cannot really lawfully come to the country without being a scammer of some kind or another (if you are being honest with yourself); at least not anymore. So the country attracts those with a predilection towards scamming.

                  Jim asked elsewhere – regarding the question of eating meat, and cows particularly, the answer has clear basis in Manusmriti holding to both the letter and the spirit, though possibly an unnecessarily strong interpretation of the spirit. The text makes it clear animals are to be eaten, but generally only out of necessity, to feed those you are bound to maintain, or in the process of a religious ritual, and specifically not to satiate ones own desire going so far as to offering strategies to substitute meat with other stuff that might satisfy this desire. It is pretty abundantly clear that eating meat for the sake of food and desire by itself should be avoided.

                  I would not holiness spiral about it, and I would feed my army all the good stuff whatever that might be.

                • jim says:

                  > the answer has clear basis in Manusmriti holding to both the letter and the spirit

                  “basis”? Sounds like legalism.

                  Where in an English translation of the law of Manu would I find the relevant text – the actual sections used to support the ban on eating beef?

                  > possibly an unnecessarily strong interpretation of the spirit.

                  Jews are always inventing new laws and boring loopholes in old ones, and when they create a new one, it is always justified as a strong interpretation of the spirit of the old one, when it is in fact a gross violation and evasion of the spirit, intent, and purpose of some other old one – they justify the loophole by very strictly adhering to something utterly irrelevant and meaningless that is vaguely related, then swiftly start boring loopholes in their new law. And Brahmin legalism sounds suspiciously like the Jewish legalism that Christianity was a revolt against. I have told many time the story of how the prophesied fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the temple came to pass, which began in the grossest and most direct violation of the Lord’s commandments and of the specific particular law that they were so enthusiastic about strictly upholding, spectacularly and thoroughly violating the spirit, intent, purpose, and letter of that law in order to very strictly adhere to an absurdly strict, but irrelevant, interpretation of the law, so that they could violate the Lord’s commandments on coveting, theft, and murder and feel extremely righteous about violating them.

                  What I suspect is that modern Brahminism is a similar evasion of the law of Manu, and Hindu civilization was and is decadent and its faith demon infested because (as the Jews of the time of Jesus and the Jews of today are not adhering to the law and the commandments) you are not adhering to the law of Manu. You complained that Brahmin ritual cleanliness failed to correspond to actual cleanliness. Perhaps Brahmin right conduct to fellow Hindus fails to correspond to actual right conduct to other Hindus.

                  I have been scolding our Sikh transwarrior because his Khalsa is no Khalsa. I am not scolding Hindus for not following the law of Manu, because I am utterly ignorant of the law of Manu. I know what a Khalsa is, no idea what the law of Manu is, other than that it is right about women. But I suspect that when Hindu civilization was great, it did follow the law of Manu.

                  What happens is that laws necessarily reflect the particular circumstances and people of a particular place and time, and necessarily need to be adapted to different circumstances, people, places, and times. It would be absurd to follow the literal words of the Old Testament about feces when flush toilets exist. The Christian way of doing this (spirit of the law) is obviously right, the Jewish way of doing this obviously wrong, and has repeatedly led them to catastrophe. I am ignorant of Brahmanism, but your complaints about ritual cleanliness suggest that Brahmans have been adapting the law of Manu Jewish style.

                  The British East India company based law for Hindus on the law of Manu. Coming from a Christian tradition, would likely have tended to apply the Christian method of interpretation, but, again, I have no idea.

                  You obviously need to re-activate the law of Manu on women. Perhaps there is a whole lot more stuff you need to re-activate. And a whole lot of too clever by half laws that provide rationales for not actually following the law of Manu that you need to de-activate.

                • Aryaman says:

                  Manusmriti Ch 5:

                  Lots of proscriptions against eating mushrooms, etc. that are no longer regarded as mainstream, which only the very pious follow. Probably based on sensible contemporary health practices at the time, and in any case not much reason is given for it, so probably not very important.

                  Then a whole bunch of stuff suggesting that eating meat is okay if it is first sacrificed. And even says it is a sin for a Brahmin to refuse to eat meat when he is officiating another ceremony or right, or as a guest, provided it is lawful. (Suggesting there was indeed a holiness spiral about this at the time that Manu put down).

                  But then goes on to make very clear that even if it is not unlawful, it is very virtuous indeed, to abstain from causing animals harm unless absolutely necessary, and that it is hard to eat animals without causing them harm.

                  The governing principles are, in short:

                  He who does not seek to cause the sufferings of bonds and death to living creatures, (but) desires the good of all (beings), obtains endless bliss.

                  Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to (the attainment of) heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun (the use of) meat.

                  There is no sin in eating meat, in (drinking) spirituous liquor, and in carnal intercourse, for that is the natural way of created beings, but abstention brings great rewards.

                  so it is not a sin to eat meat, your warriors and workmen probably should be eating some, it is virtuous to abstain from eating it, but you shouldn’t go around making a big deal.

                • jim says:

                  The eater who daily even devours those destined to be his food, commits no sin; for the creator himself created both the eaters and those who are to be eaten

                  And no special restrictions on beef.

                  The restriction on “village pigs” (not all pigs) probably refers to wandering pigs. Pigs carry parasites that affect humans, and frequently have quite a lot of such parasites. And vice versa. For some reason it is a whole lot easier for parasites to be capable of prospering in both humans and pigs.

  24. Kunning Drueger says:

    Here’s an academic paper that anyone interested in Aidan’s Neo Rhodesia should read:

    This caused a stir when it came out because it was considered beyond the pale, and it was very well thought out and reasonable. It was memory holed after the author’s institution declined to cancel him.

    If we look at “a new country in Africa” like being a startup, then we could use the example of mergers & acquisitions as a point of interest. By this I mean we don’t necessarily need to carve out a swath and form a country out of whole cloth. We could instead make entry as consultants and contractors, become indispensable as managers, then seize the memes of reproduction. This is similar to one of Ghiley’s proposed concepts, though he uses a European power in his example.

    Another dimension that needs to be considered is reproducibility. We almost always discuss scaling, and it is important, but reproducibility is critical. Waco got Waco’d because Waco was just Waco. If there had been 3 Wacos, or 5, or 100, the circumstances change dramatically. while I may come visit to buy wives for my sons, and I’d be happy to help with logistics and transpo, I’ll sadly not be moving to Aidanisia because I’m committed to fighting for Amerikaners. But there are parallels that stand out for both endeavors, the key one being the importance of diversification of holdings. Any successful trench building (Orania style operations) need to be replicated in many places, not isolated to a single place.

    St. John fully btfo’d Starman. I agree he’s interesting source of content & perspective, but I’m pretty sure he just drops in here when he gets frustrated with his Gab campaign or whatever. This blog is some kind of Formative Experience, so when he gets the mads or the sads he stops by for a round of Fuck You Dads, which is amusing if unproductive. Scholarship is vitally important. It’s the rare warrior that can articulate as well as he can annihilate, and for this reason alone there needs to be a symbiosis between men of the pen and men of the blade. Competitive sparing is fine, but holistic denigration is a game for women or faggots. The usurpation of the warrior elite by the managerial elite was predicated on the notion that the latter was better to have in all cases than the former. Synthesis and symbiosis. Any wordcel that esteems himself better than working men because he’s eloquent should get the rope, and any NonCom that thinks he’s smarter than the generals needs to ask himself why he’s only in command of the mop detail after 3 decades of “service.” There is not a single element of our extended synthetic-tribal network that doesn’t bear the shame of disappointing our ancestors. We have all failed to cross Rubicons of mind and body. Allowing atomization and Bioleninist-style faction squabbling is probably not the best idea.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >very well thought out and reasonable

      That’s an interesting publication you got there.

      On the good side, many rallied to his defense, including Noam Chomsky

      Huh, I don’t “believe” in guilt by association, buuut association with Chomsky (heh, guilt by association) is really setting the tone for this,

      the primacy of human lives, universal values, and shared responsibilities—the civilizing mission without scare quotes –that led to improvements in living conditions for most Third World peoples during most episodes of Western colonialism.

      (Now where have I heard “universal values” from before? Sounds rather puritanical!)
      and this,

      Colonialism can return (either as a governance style or as an extension of Western authority) only with the consent of the colonized.

      (Oh, a consent fag.)
      and this,

      Yet now that the nationalist generation that forced sudden decolonization on hapless populations has passed away,

      (oh no, evil anti-colonial Nazis harming poor black people. They must be stopped!)
      and this,

      The objective cost/benefit approach identifies a certain need of human flourishing—development, security, governance, rights, etc.

      (I wonder, what kind of “rights” are we talking about.)
      and this,

      In a brutally patriarchal society, for instance, access to justice for women may have been more important than the protection of indigenous land rights

      (Oh I see, women’s rights at the cost of land ownership. Suspiciously anti capitalist here)
      and, and, and, and…. every single paragraphed is tinged by a progressive crusade morality. That naturally plants the seeds for it’s own failure.

      >We could instead make entry as consultants and contractors, become indispensable as managers

      I see evidence this worked well in India, South Asia, and East Asia. Those people are capable of following directions without constant oversight. They are manageable, hence you cant make entry as consultants and contractors. I don’t see evidence this worked out in Africa. Those people are incapable of following directions. They are unmanageable, hence other than plantations under extreme oversight, anything slightly more complected ended up being done by imported Whites. The Chinese found out the same and gave up on hiring local Africans. Now they just import labor from the mainland.

      >Any successful trench building (Orania style operations) need to be replicated in many places

      Safety in numbers gets grilled into every service member. “Where is your buddy!” American military organization disintegrates as soon as the uniform comes off. The few historical examples where it did not rapidly evaporate were in highly religious groups (check out the lesser known Zarephath-Horeb). This points to a spiritual problem. Orania can’t be widespread replicated via capitalism or militarism. Only via spirit, one that is taught to a leadership cadre by a dedicated priest hood that also sets out with the cadre as it ventures out (hence its warrior priest nature).

      Aidan is not wrong, but he is jumping the gun so to speak. Need to create a warrior priesthood first. Steve Bannon was inadvertently doing that in Italy before getting evicted. He had even started moving into a monastery. What this says is, create your monastery outside of GAE, perhaps Russia. They are accepting American refugees and even building a small Americatown for them.

      • Aidan says:

        “ Need to create a warrior priesthood first.”

        The battlefield bonds of brothers who actually fight together are sufficient for elite cohesion in the first generation. By the time the second generation comes into power, then you need religion as a mechanism of cooperation.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          There’s great potential in you but terrible nativity. A shared baptism by fire will exact a terrible price. That’s if you manage to corral the faithless men there in the first place. Your endeavor would predominately attract the mercenary sort, and without obvious state backing, they are liable to flake at the worst time. Remember, Cortés had to scuttled his ships even with a shared faith.

          I encourage you, if this is what you really want, to dip your toes into Russian PMC work in Africa first. Conquest is a hell of a lot more than just mercenary work, but it’ll at least give you experience with the type of men you’ll be putting in extraordinary conditions and attempting to lead. It’ll also give you a good idea of the people you want to conquer. The Russians may even like teaching you quite a bit. You’ll also have a far better hunting ground for recruits.

          You want to be Cortés. You’ll be asking men to stick with you for the rest of their lives in some god forsaken land among a bunch of savages who want to fucking kill all of you. That’s a tall ask. You better at least have sheer force of will. A mystic. A cult of personality. Effectively a faith to pull this off. This takes you right back to my point. You need to create a warrior priesthood first, and as the leader of any aspiring war band, you’re the first priest.

          I cannot stress enough how much of a priest you need to be. One that retains a warrior mindset. The most expedient path for you is to be the based Jim Jones for American expats in Russia. You can organize far more openly there. As you are now this is all a terrible idea that is going to get you killed.

          • Aidan says:

            I am not going to hire a bunch of mercs, I intend to lead, if I end up leading, young committed men with no future in the West.

            • The Cominator says:

              Your plan is not likely to work without experienced mercs among you…

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Ukrainians are having a harder time against mercenaries than the proper Russian military. Not bad considering 50,000 were recruited from jails.

                a 26-year-old drone operator who asked to be referred to by his nickname, Chuck, for security reasons.

                Chuck said he was hopeful that Wagner forces, who adopted unorthodox strategies that they found hard to deal with, would leave. “Fighting with regular Russian forces is not as hard as fighting with Wagner,” he said.

                Chichen said it was easier to target regular Russian troops.

                “It’s interesting because the Wagner guys were sitting back in their little bunkers not coming out,” he said. “Whereas the Russians, they’re young, they’re fresh, they’re new, and they basically just walk out. Then we give them hell.”

                Wagner managed to inflict around 3 times their own KIA.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >I am not going to hire a bunch of mercs
              >young committed men with no future in the West.

              That’s a contradiction. You’ve just described what a mercenary is in the second part. Swap out West for Scandinavia in the 700s-900s and you just described the mercenary viking conquers of England, Normandy, and Rus.

              • Aidan says:

                Sounds extremely effective to me. A new Normandy on the Ivory Coast. What’s the problem? I am a humble man. It’s likely I’m not the best leader for such a task. I don’t enjoy leading others; I’m better at inspiring them. If a better leader arises among my followers I’d happily hand the reins to him.

      • skippy says:

        It’s a proposal to revert to the leftism of 1890, of Kipling’s White Man’s Burden, in which whites are allowed high status and Africa is allowed to be functional but only for the purpose of breeding infinity Bantus.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          It’s so much worse than that. It’s a reinterpretation of 1890’s White Man’s Burden by a liberal using a current year progressive looking glass. Take this ridiculous proposal for example:

          Suppose, then, that the $10 to $20 million in foreign aid wasted annually on the country were redirected to this new offshore colony to create basic infrastructure. As part of the deal, the Portuguese would allow a certain number of Guinea-Bissau residents to resettle on the island each year. Portuguese institutions and sovereignty would be absolute here for the term of the lease—say ninety years as was the case with the mainland parts of Hong Kong. A small European state would grow up on the African coast.

          Really!? A multiracial Hong Kong of Africa? This modern leftist is trying to take a colonial system that works in Asia and blindly transplant it into Africa. You can be fairly hands off in East and South Asia. That’s what made Hong Kong and Singapore and Macau possible. Africans are liable to tear up nice shit for no good reason. You can’t be hands off with them unless it’s they are out of sight and out of mind (far away in the jungle). Colonial Europeans practiced segregation in Africa for a damn good reason. The leftists of 1890 were well aware of racial differences, something which leftists today aren’t allowed to see. You are not giving Kipling enough credit.

          • Skippy says:

            Sure maybe.

            Just saying this is allowed because it’s a sincere attempt to bring back a dead leftism, rather than a dog whistle for more rightism. They maintain a small stable of such proposals so they have a backup plan if things go really badly wrong.

          • i says:

            Botswana copied Singapore and is doing quite fine. The thing with Africans in general is that they need a competent Lee Kuan Yew and Singaporean governance to function in a Civilization at all.

            • Red says:

              The Tutsi’s who now run Rwanda are fully human and were recognized as such when Europeans showed up in the area. The Hutu’s are more typical of the African races, IE worthless.

              It’s likely that that Tutsi’s genetic linage came from a group of cattle headers who escaped to Africa during the bronze age collapse based on genetic testing and their own oral history.

              Rwanda was doing poorly because the US organized a genocide against the Tutsi via the Hutus. With the Tutsi’s back in charge things have improved a lot.

              • jim says:

                Official science tells us “Genetic studies suggest that the Hutu and Tutsi of today are hardly distinguishable”

                Official science also tells us you cannot tell by looking at them, but obviously you can tell by looking at them.

                Belgians, back before truth was forbidden, theorized that the Tutsi were “Hamitic”. Which is Aryans and/or semites from the collapse of Bronze Age civilization heading southwards in Africa by land, river, and sea, taking black wives, and their descendants invading further and also taking black wives. It would not be hard to test the truth of this hypothesis by gene testing. Since we strangely seem to lack data proving it false, I suspect it has been proven true.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Much harder to tell the difference when you’re watching a Hollywood movie in which African-Americans have been randomly cast as “Tutsi” and “Hutu”.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I used to party with the wealthy international students in college. Many Africans from Ghana, Kenya, etc. African elites with little money sense… ah the parties, they were magnificent. Anyways, enough reminiscing.

                  @Mayflower Sperg
                  The differences between various groups are pretty stark. With Tutsi and Hutus, the nose is the biggest obvious definer. Now that I think about it, Bantu nose is really the biggest obvious indicator you’re around the wrong sort of Blacks in general be it in America or Africa.

                  >Hollywood movie
                  Hint, they’re all Bantus.

                  They want to do it with Guinea-Bissau i.e. Bantu land which betrays their intention. They want to uplift West Africa via Singapore method. Good luck.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*Whig history thinly disguised as reactionary history deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Before we digress to new topics in whig history, let us discuss old topics in whig history. You have been banging away on the topic of color revolution, big cities and “popular uprisings”, and I have been censoring you for utter detachment from reality.

        How does the Yellow Revolution, perceived by all the official media as a popular uprising, but perceived rather differently by Filipinos, fit? If you want to argue your account of color revolution, rather than presupposing all reactionaries agree, I will allow the argument through.

        I am interested in arguing these questions with you, but you never argue, you just post arguments that presuppose that everyone already agrees on an official narrative that no one believes any more. You argue X therefore Y, where the “therefore” presupposes universal acceptance of stuff that no one believes, not reactionaries, not mainstream Republicans, not mainstream Christians.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          I will say that popular uprisings alone aren’t sufficient, but are in fact a necessary ingredient, for a successful color revolution. [*deleted*]

          • jim says:


            You can always raise a mob to do very bad things when they know it is entirely safe to do very bad things, and you cannot get people to peaceably assemble for the redress of grievances when they know it is very dangerous to do so. So, the first step in manufacturing the color for color revolutions is to let it be known that the one is safe and the other is dangerous – which means that the coup is already well under way, and the mob is window dressing for finalization of the coup.

            A color revolution is just a coup with democratic decorations.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*hail fellow Reactionary deleted*] Mobs of angry peasants are supposed to be more than a catalyst, but are supposed to be a necessary ingredient [*hail fellow reactionary deleted*]

              • jim says:

                They are never a catalyst, never have been never will be, and are only a necessary ingredient if your official faith requires democracy, and you want to pretend your coup is democratic.

  25. Pax Imperialis says:

    Feudal lords historically held great sway over economic planning of their fiefs. Fiefs being something akin to hereditary, for both owner and worker, corporations. European peasants, having lived under such economic organization for over 1000 years likely developed some degree of genetic familiarity, or at least indifference, towards economic predestination. The separation and decline of feudal power over economy (end of seigneurialism, serfdom, noble monopolies, etc) led to economic uncertainty. Peasants do not like economic uncertainty, they do not like adventures. They certainty don’t like uncertain economic adventures that financialized capitalism promises with its endless rotation of faceless, and often quite powerless, Harvard CEOs to which no true loyalty can be formed.

    Desires for planned economies are really just ancestral peasant genes whimpering for lordship. The great irony of socialist worker politics, which claim to break the shackles of “oppression,” at its core desires predestination by a higher power. Unfortunately for true socialist workers, those higher powers full of priests and rabbis often want them dead. Fortunately for true socialist workers, there’s a solution that doesn’t want them dead. Monarchical neo-feudal planned economy. Corporations as fiefs with hereditary leadership positions. A formalized economic nobility that answers to a king.

    The City of London (not the same as London!) provides a semi-blueprint. Business voting power scales with employees. Employees are selected by the business to vote on their behalf. This selects for loyalty, while keeping leftist machinations under control. The city government itself is a corporation, one that answers to a (currently weak) king.

    • Aidan says:

      The manorial lord in the dark ages was a factory owner and CEO who coerced the serfs to work part time in his factory, the goods of which only his soldiers could safely trade with others in a very dangerous time, and left them time to work on a farm feeding themselves. As coinage began to recirculate, a result of greater peace and prosperity, serfdom rapidly declined. The peasant became a tenant on the land and paid his rents in cash, and the factory became part-owned by contract by the lord (he usually sold share in his property to raise money for warhorses, weapons, armor, and to pay soldiers) rather than controlled and operated by him behind his walls. Every element of modern capitalism was working healthily and in identifiable form by 1300.

      How did a peasant commune work? It was a legal entity that could itself be bound by contracts, and entitlements to the profits thereof were denoted by holding a piece of paper that granted part ownership of the entity. In other words, it was a strikingly modern corporation.

      • jim says:

        All collective groups were the personal property of someone, administered as part of his household. The enterprise/business came into being later as book keeping fiction, which fiction came to be made real by the participants believing it existed, and Charles the second merged the already existing concept of the corporation, with the already existing concept of the enterprise, to create the publicly traded joint stock limited liability for-profit corporation, creating modern capitalism. Which is now being eaten by postmodern capitalism, where the books track holiness (ESG) and the observance of talmudic ritual (regulatory compliance), rather than the movement and creation of value.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Every element of modern capitalism was working healthily and in identifiable form by 1300.

        Separating formal political power from economic power has been a major source of decline similar to separation of Church and state. An army marches on its stomach. Law is based in organized violence. A lord that cannot feed an army isn’t going to have one for long and will cease being the law. Separating a lord from economics effectively hands over political power to merchants who are infamously feeble practitioners of violence. While merchants are great at moving stuff, they are terrible at multi-generational stewardship. Law breaks down. Moral is based in faith. A lord without faith isn’t going to be able to convince the army to march. Separating a lord from religion effectively hands over political power to roaming priests. Such priests are well known to be Gnostics with gross appetites.

        Historical capitalism occurred with merchants and priests unified under a lord by being (partially) owned by a lord. A chronistically close approximate would be company towns of the 19th and 20th century America. Even Walt Disney’s company (a company town and a cult of personality based faith) although its clearly been hijacked by hostile merchant priests and is dying. We do not have company towns in modern capitalism. The CEOs of today are not lords (on average) no matter how much we desire them to be. They are a faceless cadre of merchant priests from Harvard ransacking value as they waltz through the revolving door of companies A, B, C, …, X, Y, Z. They have no true loyal to the company they command, a deeply unsettling experience for the common worker.

        America’s titans of industry had more in common with the manorial lord in the dark ages than what we have today. That America was far more capitalistic and innovative. Crime was lower, the streets cleaner, and the cities more beautiful.

  26. TheDividualist says:

    Haller was finally translated and the translator has a blog. Looks good to me:

    “First, personal power, since it derives from personal property, cannot possibly be omnipotent or omniscient, since the personal power of any man can reach no further than the extent of his personal means, and moreover finds natural boundaries in the means and property of others. The patrimonial ruler is the most powerful actor in the land, but never the only one. For the lowliest grunt with a home and family of his own, and a source of income to pay for their upkeep, enjoys a measure of personal power in his own right, and in fact exercises the same proprietary rights and privileges as the mightiest of Kings, only on a much smaller scale and in a much smaller sphere of influence.”

    Throne and freehold. Perhaps altar will come, too.

    I am not 100% sure I understand it fully, but it sounds like running an Occam’s Razor on liberalism/democracy. The power of an elected politician is of a different kind and from a different source than my power over my house. What if we were ruled by men who have the same kind of power and from the same source as I have over my house, just larger?

  27. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    How many people are aware of the fact that the amount of assets lost in bank closures exceeds now the numbers lost in 2008?

    The ground is falling out from underneath people’s feet, yet no mouthpieces say a peep about it in any of the ministry of public enlightenment’s outlets. Or rather, you could say that’s precisely why there is no Public Discourse about it.

    None of the coyotes want to be the first one to look down and check if they are still earth or airwalking over a chasm.

    • SJ says:

      All the local banks are putting up signs advertising the great rates they’ll give you on 3 month CDs around here. They must really be starving for cash.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Really makes me wonder why the Federal Reserve isn’t panicking yet and lowering rates in a hurry, but then I remember the lag time between the Fed rate and market rates and realize it’s probably too late.

      Or maybe they’re just confident they can create a little consolidation and everything will be fine.

      • jim says:

        A little consolidation, and great rates on three month CDs, is life support for the dollar exchange rate, which postpones the crisis of de-dollarization.

        They can kick the can down that road for quite a while longer, but the kicks are getting harder and moving the can less far each time.

        The government is trying to curtail the excess dollar in circulation by means that do not involve spending less money. Something has to crack somewhere.

    • notglowing says:

      Is that just by the numbers or did you adjust for inflation?

  28. Aidan says:

    Moving this to a new thread, because buried too deep to allow specific relies anymore

    Starman, none of your insults are even close to being on target. Your rage makes me think that you are coming up short on some aspect of your telos. But sure, the Bundys. Unfortunately, we have to step away from numbers and technology into the domain of intuition and character judgement, the domain of wordcel brahmins like myself. /s

    What happens when the US military looks like a weak horse, its imperial power collapses, but DC insists on bussing thousands of starving niggers over the shenendoah into West Virginia? How many white men living there are going to proactively take care of the problem? Do you think there is the collective stomach to burn the shanty towns and public housing, hear the screaming of African women and children in their death throes? Even the lesser option, to round them up and forcibly march them back over the mountains to Virginia at gunpoint?

    What happens when it’s not the FBI that gets sent in to defeat the evil racists, but the National Guard? Even if they don’t have tanks or planes and their highest tech is an M240 attached to the back of a pickup truck? What if rebellious areas are simply blockaded? They can feed themselves, but they won’t prosper.

    This is not the bundy ranch where LARPers can show up with their gucci operator gear once it is obvious that there will be no real violence and hang around. A locality will not be able to scare the Cathedral off by baring its teeth. The Amerikaner not submitting will lead to an incredible amount of very real, brutal violence. It is not that they cannot win (under circumstances involving good leadership), it is that the stomach for what this involves is lacking. In the same way that Britain can only field 100 men that can fight, the number of Amerikaners capable of resistance may be very low. There may be ten in your entire county. Plan for the worst case scenario.

    Red: “The moment our navy failure so will the empire and the part of the empire that want to be a land empire are the Red areas. We’re likly to end up with local elites with real power quickly after the first rusty aircraft carrier graces the bottom on the pacific.”

    This is more realistic than Starman’s fantasies of peasant revolt. But who are these local elites who can command enough loyalty? To prevent blockade by the fed, need either a self-sufficient area to secede at once, or mobile banditry. A state seceding raises again the question of sufficient will and loyalty to actually war with the USG. The presence of local elites even on the state level is not guaranteed. There are many formerly proud civilizations that degenerated into tax farms of slaves over which tides of blood regularly roll and the most brutal tyrannies are passively endured by the barely-human peasant.

    Mobile banditry on the other hand is the most likely outcome, and ultimately the future belongs to white mobile bandits. My intuition tells me that the possibility of mobile banditry abroad exists on a much shorter time horizon than the possibility of mobile banditry at home, if only by a generation. Most of the time, a civilization is conquered by another civilization before things get bad enough for internal mobile bandits to reestablish an aristocracy, but America is unique in that there is no other empire on the continent which threatens it. If we get nuked, if there is a sudden collapse, I will be be the first to raise the black flag, but colonizing Africa with a PMC is a solution to the contingency of Oriental stagnation and decline, which I today consider the likeliest outcome. I make the case for this long-form on my new blog and I’m happy to debate the practicalities and specifics but Brazil’s based military emperors that shot niggers did not a great nation make, nor is it clear that such would necessarily be reestablished in the absence of GAE power.

    • Western Taliban says:

      If you want to be realistic the PMC thing doesn’t sound like it at all either. While China and Russia don’t seem to be proponents of unified global government, they are still interested in government. They are talking about defending a multi-polar world order and produce real and viable international law, and they are indeed taking actionable steps in the physical world for this, it’s not just talk. What country in Africa are you going to colonize that will not bring this into the multi-polar international law council and complain? And why would Russia or China or the Arab League randomly let you take land like this? No, this is not viable at all.

      While I don’t 100% agree with Jim in some things, we are in his blog for a reason, he is indeed right about a lot of things and is a very wise man. As he has said multiple times, and I’m inclined to agree considering the options, what will be required is backing from a foreign elite, probably Russia as the proxy of such multi-polar world order. That would mean you’d get deals with everyone once you got in through them. And there is an increasing acceptance for something like this to happen in the Russian zeitgeist, because they are getting very sick of the shit that is happening with Ukraine. There was someone on TV only half-jokingly saying that Russia should be training terrorists in Scotland (perhaps he meant Ireland, but concept is the same).

      To be honest I’m not clear that after the continue collapse that is happening before our very own eyes the USFG will continue to have the logistic ability to bus niggers anywhere. They might not have the logistic ability to enforce law in general anywhere and especially not on states with something that resembles red government. This is kinda happening to a certain degree already in many places, at least that’s what I’m hearing. The US dollar will remain for some time, because the rest of the world has it entrenched in their gut like a cancer, but the multi-polar world order is already taking steps to solve this and it will not take that long, perhaps only a couple of decades or less. The condition the US will reach within this decade and the next is completely unpredictable at this point, too many variables and possibilities.

      One of the possibilities is that the USFG will absolutely squeeze Europe to the utmost poverty to maintain itself for as long as possible and their vassals will cooperate… hopefully not. Macron is an absolute faggot and I’d like to see him hanging from a post but he has already shown certain inclinations towards realignment, it would influence the rest.

      • Aidan says:

        The “multipolar world order” is a shibboleth that identifies resistance to the GAE and the petrodollar while couched in a soothing liberal frame. It has no ideological content. When the GAE falls, there will be a huge amount of war between nations. The analogy is the collapse of the Bronze Age. China does not give a fuck about the well-being of blacks. They will be happy to trade with us. The collapse of the GAE power will cause such an orgy of civil war, starvation, and brutality in Africa that our state would be a near-singular source of material.

        “I’m not clear that after the continue collapse that is happening before our very own eyes the USFG will continue to have the logistic ability to bus niggers anywhere”

        If there is gasoline in the station and food on the shelves, the USG will be bussing niggers as its highest priority. The last drop of gas and last loaf of bread will be spent in nigger worship. If there is no gas and no food, then yeah saddle up and be a warlord. But long before there is no gas and no food, there will be opportunity for conquest in the 3rd world.

        Now time for a potentiality you hadn’t considered. What if it is in Russias and Chinas interests to keep the US a shithole? To both nations a “militarist right wing resurgent Unites States” sounds like a nightmare to them. What if Russia and China, fearing an American restoration, instead give just enough high tech weapons to the Cathedral to maintain domestic order, but not enough to project power abroad? America as a communist shithole with tanks but no aircraft carriers sounds like a geopolitical dream for RU and CN.

        • Aidan says:

          America as what Egypt was to Rome is the worst case scenario.

        • Western Taliban says:

          I disagree with your reading.

          The Chinese are a mercantile people by nature, this is what they’ve always been and done long before Europeans set out to explore. They had the means much sooner, but instead they just went around trading. When the Mongols started invading, they did not think “let’s kill them all” like Europeans would have thought, instead they just built a wall to be left alone. The multi-polar world order is their notion of Mandate of Heaven as it relates to other nations, it means “we are here in our Middle Kingdom and the rest of you savages stay in your places and we’ll trade for money”.

          Syria getting re-accepted into the Arab fold and Iran and SA being all friends again goes way beyond the scope of resistance to the GAE. They are actively promoting stability and mercantile relations everywhere and they’ll continue. You claim that it could be in China’s interest to keep the US a shit hole, that’s how you think, that is not how they think. If they think about you, they’d think about who is a better trade partner, they don’t care.

          When the GAE falls there will not be a huge amount of war between nations, because China and Russia are actively working against it. China doesn’t care about internal affairs as long as they can trade, but they want to trade, they want peace and stability. Russia did not sit quiet in regards to Syria, they will not sit quiet for random war. This is not a Bronze Age collapse, the only thing collapsing is your government, no one else. The death of your government will greatly improve everyone else’s life around the globe, from day to night, many European countries might in fact fully recover because the base is there, it’s just being suppressed by State Department.. Whatever war we have not is not despite the USFG, all the war we have is basically USFG made.

          China does not necessarily care about niggers, but it cares about the mercantile deals it has already set there, you will not waltz in like it’s your house and they have no say. And if you believe Russia might think keeping the US a shit hole is good, what makes you believe your PMC would not be strangled in its crib?

          There will not be more war in Africa after USFG dies, in fact there will be a lot more peace and prosperity, as there used to be before the USFG set out to murder and destroy in Africa and the Middle East. There might be some conflict, but even conflicts will be mediated by China and Russia, and by extension the rest of the countries involved in this world order. The BRICS convention thing they are doing in Saint Petersburg is not a transient thing, I think they think they are serious about it.

          If you were to convince China that you’re a better trading partner then I think you get their support, but then you are again going the Jim route, getting backing from a foreign elite.

          What Russia’s opinion on keeping America a shit hole is, I’m not sure. China will not waste their time with that, perhaps the Muslims want revenge for the last few decades. Hard to say, I have a feeling Putin genuine believed in that he would be able to reach agreement with “western partners” and was genuinely surprised he couldn’t and had to go to war. He is still being genuinely and uniquely civil about it too. It doesn’t sound like the political player you are describing. As for Muslims, even after everything SA still wants to be friendly, establish Dubai as an international center, etc., etc., I don’t think they care enough. More than keeping it a communist shit hole, they’d be more likely to try to turn it into their faith.

          If there is gasoline in the station and food on the shelves, the USG will be bussing niggers as its highest priority. The last drop of gas and last loaf of bread will be spent in nigger worship.

          I don’t think so, there is still plenty of gas and bread and the elite seems to be increasingly disturbed at what is happening. Some of them are genuine demons that will continue until everyone is dead, but some others seem opportunistic actors, we’ll see.

          It seems to me Musk is getting an increasing support from different elites going rogue. Not all elites are worthless niggers or faggots with only the death cult sustaining their power.

          Personally I hope all hell breaks loose and I get an opportunity for total revenge, I don’t care that much about anything else at this point. I just want to crush my enemies.

          • Jamesthe1st says:

            With how much China exports to the US, it’s nuts to think they want to kill that golden goose by making the US a shithole. They would lose most of their economy if the US market collapsed. I agree that China would want a stable US government that can trade with them, they just don’t want a gay bully.

            • The Cominator says:

              Xi went along with the Fauci/Jesuit/Democrat Covid hoax so while probably all of China doesn’t Xi certainly does.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              This probably won’t happen because China has never been a colonial power, but if they conquered North America and ruled it as a territory, white people would become second-class citizens, a huge step up from the absolute pariahs we are now. Chinese over white over brown over black, with the other three shooting blacks on sight.

          • Western Taliban says:

            I conflated UAE and SA here talking about Dubai, but honestly I just think the Arabs are all in the same page.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >The Chinese are a mercantile people by nature

            Which is why they are/would be agnostic about whether the people they are buying minerals from are Igbo or Under Neuer Management – and if you watch Empire of Dust, you would get the impression that they would much prefer a return of the later.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Chinaman be like “It’s all so tiresome”

              PMC activity has been growing in Africa ever since the first mercenaries where hired during decolonialization. This is a trend that shows no sign of reversing or even slowing down. The Chinese have shown to be not very good at PMC operations in Africa while the Russians show great aptitude. Africa is a big continent, the Russians have many European obligations, and the Chinese a growing list of vulnerable investments. A small conquest, with Chinese backers, might be feasible in the near future.

            • Western Taliban says:

              Yes, if you offer better trade you might get a deal, this is part of my position since the beginning. As I said and I’ve been arguing for, you would require foreign elite backing, in this case it’s Russia/China since they have decided to walk together hand in hand. If you get it in Africa with China or you get it in America with Russia for restoration, one way or the other you are going to have to deal with China and Russia or they will deal with you.

          • Aidan says:

            Do you have any idea how much food aid is sent to Africa and what is going to happen to it if global trade networks are interrupted? A small Rhodesia-like state is not going to provoke the same reaction from RU and CN as America does. When it starts looking like a world-geopolitical threat, it will be too late. Those two just want to be left alone. We will not just honor extant deals with China, we will make them sweeter. No land ownership though. It is not that china wants to make the US a shithole, but if the US becomes a shithole, they may be very reluctant to sponsor right wing actors promising restoration.

            The Arab world had dirty tendrils in Africa before and during European colonialism and it will make another grab for Africa when the carriers go bye bye. But wouldn’t fighting the Arab hordes on the savannah be glorious?

            This is going to be a Bronze Age collapse. Without European navies, the seas are not safe for trade. Hell, I plan for my new state to make them unsafe for trade.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              I have the feeling the Russians will be pretty successful at convincing all the regional players on letting their grain shipment freely flow into East Africa. Unlike America, Russia is fairly popular in Africa. Getting the Arabs on board is likely as they’ve been reconciling with Iran which is already Russia friendly. Main issue is keeping the Turks from being flaky.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Arab civilization died with the Abbasid Caliphate in 1258, and its people became tribal, brown, and stupid, solving the woman problem at the expense of every other prerequisite of civilization. Now they’re losing their women too, as their daughters slut it up with smartphones.

              I foresee everything within 40 degrees of the equator becoming a fourth-world cannibal holocaust. White people need to retreat to a place with long, cold winters, regroup, and purge themselves of all modern perversions, especially feminism. After a few generations of high eugenic fertility, they can think about reconquering the sparsely-populated middle latitudes with a shoot-on-sight attitude toward diversity.

              • The Cominator says:

                Whites going north are not likely to purge themselves of feminism the nords have always been the great simps of all the races.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The nords were manly enough until their warrior class got wiped out in the Great Northern War.

                  As civilization declines, the urge to simp grows stronger as more men compete for a shrinking pool of fertile women. Assyria solved this problem, and survived the Bronze Age Collapse, by requiring all girls to be married by age thirteen.

              • Aidan says:

                The Arabs like money and slaves, have a lot of troublesome unmarried young men, and are smarter and better warriors than the Bantu. Them exploiting Africa is a no brainer, as it was a no brainer for them before the Europeans took it over.

            • Cataclysm Reawake says:

              Aidan, you strike me as a warrior, and not the keyboard kind. Have you written or can you write any actionable advice for males that are undeniably “spiritually fat” but have tried and thus far failed to acquire the strength of will to endure the interesting times ahead of us? Asking for a friend.

              • Aidan says:

                I do not claim that title as I have never killed a man in combat, but imagine you are sitting at a table with your ancestors, all the men who share your exact y-chromosome. There are enough to fit in a courtroom, about 40 for every millennium of history. Imagine they are watching your life and passing judgement- what would you have to do to make them proud? Brood on this often.

                • A2 says:

                  A good way to think, I’d say, though my ancestors would likely scratch their heads and beards in puzzled silence if I told them what I do and have done. Which means I’ll have to do better.

                • Cataclysm Reawake says:

                  That is an evocative image, thank you.

            • Western Taliban says:

              We will not just honor extant deals with China, we will make them sweeter. No land ownership though. It is not that china wants to make the US a shithole, but if the US becomes a shithole, they may be very reluctant to sponsor right wing actors promising restoration.

              This is as good as admitting you can’t waltz in, that you will indeed require foreign elite backing. But if you think China would be willing to make a deal with your PMC and allow you to conquer some part of Africa because it’s beneficial for trade, why would they not do the exact same thing for a restoration in America considering the potential of such a market? China was happy to deal with Trump, the Koreas would have declared peace already…

              Do you have any idea how much food aid is sent to Africa and what is going to happen to it if global trade networks are interrupted? A small Rhodesia-like state is not going to provoke the same reaction from RU and CN as America does.

              In my opinion, that food “aid” is a cancer designed to destroy Africa much like welfare in America has destroyed blacks and turned them all into niggers. Its absence would be an improvement, not a loss.

              Why would Russia and China completely ignore you randomly conquering a country if they happen to have deals with that country? It’s not reasonable, you need to get backing from either country, which will give you the other one or at least give ground for some options.

              The Arab world had dirty tendrils in Africa before and during European colonialism and it will make another grab for Africa when the carriers go bye bye. But wouldn’t fighting the Arab hordes on the savannah be glorious?

              And if you are dealing with China and Russia, it’s unlikely you would have open war with the Arabs. Though I wouldn’t totally rule out low intensity conflict between the PMC and some sort of Hamas to see who gets what mine.

              As for fighting Arabs, well, fighting Arabs is the national celebration of the land I was born and raised in. But I’d rather kill leftists, my bullets for the traitors.

              This is going to be a Bronze Age collapse. Without European navies, the seas are not safe for trade. Hell, I plan for my new state to make them unsafe for trade.

              The entire world is being degraded and held back by the USFG, its death is only a great boon for everyone else. This is not a collapse, in truth the world is at the cusp of a renaissance if the USFG truly collapses.

              It might seem crazy to Americans who live far away from here, but I assure you in Europe as soon as the Gay Tranny Aunt Samantha stops threatening the opposition to prog religion, many countries could have regime changes overnight. Greece is literally two days away from becoming “fascist”, but they have kept the “fascists” down using the projected power of Tranny Samantha.

              The USFG single-handedly has been wreaking havoc and bullying the entire western hemisphere into feminism, faggotry, niggers, climate garbage, poverty, misery and everything else. And they have also tried with the rest of the globe as much as they have been able to, which has not been a small amount.

              If Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, London, Brussels and Geneva get nuked the world magically turns into a paradise in a month.

              • Aidan says:

                “Its absence would be an improvement, not a loss.“

                In the long run. In the short run, hundreds of millions will starve and die in wars. China was not backing the Taliban, but when the Taliban won, China sat down at the table and signed deals with them to keep the roads open regardless of the Talibans “civil rights” record. The deal comes after the conquest. But of course we’d be amenable to signing on with the chinks to protect some asset in Africa, and then “hey well you asked us to provide security, one thing led to another, now we control the country and half of the neighboring one. By the way I own this mine now but we’re willing to offer you a sweet deal on the metal…”

                “why would they not do the exact same thing for a restoration in America considering the potential of such a market?“

                War comes before trade. The perceived threat of a strong America is scarier than the upside of prosperous trade with a strong America. If America strong, trade, but if weak, keep it weak. Again though this is merely a possibility, I’m not wedded to the idea.

                “I assure you in Europe as soon as the Gay Tranny Aunt Samantha stops threatening the opposition to prog religion, many countries could have regime changes overnight”

                Maybe. Good for you if it does. I note that Britain has 100 fighting men, while every mosque has a cache of AKs and RPG-7s in its basement. Europe may not get the regime change it’s hoping for. Though if you are Polish or Hungarian maybe, or somewhere in the Balkans (if fighting Arabs is your national celebration) then you’re right that your nation is likely to come out ahead. It may involve some modern Hussars against Islamic Western Europe.

                As an example of the “return of history”, if USG power disappears and the Chrysi Avyi wins Greece, it’s going to war with the Turks over Cyprus. India and Pakistan are going to war. India and China are going to war. Israel and its neighbors are going to war.

    • Fake says:

      The federal government maintains control of its empire at home using information era warfare. Any actual leader is immediately detected and neutralized. It doesn’t need aircraft carriers or jets to do that. It controls the religion of its subjects, preventing the will to organize. It surveils constantly for any beginnings of organization and grabs the leaders when they are at home, asleep. We haven’t seen any Wacos in 20 years, because no groups are allowed to get as far as creating a compound.

      These methods will still work when they don’t have a navy or airforce. They just need the nsa, money, and control over the narrative.

      • Aidan says:

        Largely correct, but people believe narratives that are backed by violence or by status symbols that imply the capacity for violence. Red and Starman are right that as the capacity for violence declines, so does faith in the narrative. But nothing can replace the old narrative without it winning in the arena of violence first. What remains when men lose faith in the narrative without a replacement is a savages worldview of primitive superstitions. The narrative has lost many Amerikaners, but instead of social justice, they believe in getting big and fat and important in a petty communitarian way like primitive tribesmen.

        • Fake says:

          I see, you are right. Maybe when Shaniqua runs the nsa into the ground, the Cathedral will have to fight Amerikaners with artillery and small arms, without control over everyone’s religion. We could hope a Jimian will become a local warlord that unites his neighbors ala Temujin. Or we could just maraud our way to the dark continent.

          Do you think any bit of 17th century Christianity will reappear if the Cathedral is too trannified to competently undermine opposition? The Amish might teach their neighbors patriarchy.

        • TheDividualist says:

          While the overall capacity of violence declines, the willingness to use violence to silence political dissent is clearly increasing. How to put it… the average Soviet citizen was silenced not by the tanks of the military, but by the KGB whose fighting ability was about equal to the police, but their willingness to use violence against dissenters was very high.

          When a kid is handing out Bibles and trannies attack him and they arrest him, not the trannies, people take note, I think.

          Of course, the Soviet citizen did not have AR-15s.

          The truly big, deciding question of our age will be whether they will attempt to disarm Amerikaners, and if yes, what will be their reaction.

          This ridiculous shit about Nazi flag guy crashing into the White House might be the first step towards creating an excuse for that, with the second step being a 100-men-strong fake insurrection. Of course with Nazi flags lol.

      • SJ says:

        They just demonstrated their massive power with the covid delusion. They can program the NPCs with whatever they want and we have no capability to counter.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Yes but: NPC’s instantly conformed because they were afraid of something. So get more clear about what they were afraid of. They weren’t afraid of Covid, or of white supremacy, or of Russia.

          Can that X that they feared change, or loose its teeth in comparison to something else? That’s the real question at hand here.

    • Karl says:

      TI make the case for this long-form on my new blog and I’m happy to debate the practicalities and specifics

      Where is your new blog?

      • Aidan says:

        Linked in my name now, or at least it will be when my comments are relevant to its scope

        • Karl says:

          Good stuff. I wonder how long substack will tolerate it.

          I don’t share your enthusiasm for conquest in Africa. Africa was called the white man’s grave fro a reason. Easy to die of disease in that region.

          A 1000 man might also be able to conquer a nice part of Europe. There aren’t many man willing to die for the governments of Germany or England, for example. And the climate is much more healthy for whites in Europe than in Africa.

          • jim says:

            > Africa was called the white man’s grave fro a reason. Easy to die of disease in that region.

            With adequate application of DDT on one’s clothing, habitation, and bedclothes, not so bad.

            DDT and personal hygiene prevents most tropical diseases, and ivermectin cures most of the other stuff.

            • Sharpie says:

              Jim what are your thoughts about mosquito spike protein transfer? Are the non vaccinated at risk from mosquito bites with jabbed blood?

              I could capture some mosquitoes in an urban area with a mosquito catcher and draw their blood for testing to determine if they are loaded with spike proteins, but I am unsure of how to test for it. Any advice?

              • jim says:

                The stuff does not replicate, so though contact is bad, and there is evidence of the possibility of undesirable effects from contact, a mosquito bite is not a lot of contact, and the amount so small as to be difficult reliably test for without a pretty good lab.

    • Roger Williams says:

      When USG can no longer be the extortionary force on the world that it is due to a no longer dominant military, the US dollar collapses because countries are no longer scared of US soft power, backed by US hard power, to not transact in dollars.

      This means:
      Prices rise 10x. The US can no longer print infinite dollars. Cheap Chinese goods become expensive Chinese goods. Only rich people can drive cars because the cheapest cars are now 80k. Mopeds, scooters, and various improvised motorized vehicles become the norm.

      Homelessness increases massively. Drug addiction increases massively. Gangs start taking over large swathes of the cities and fight for control of the drug trade. The police are bought off by the gangs (who are run by whites). The US becomes Mexico.

      • Aidan says:

        So rather than live in mexico, come conquer Africa with me. Being a gang lord in Mexico is pretty nice. Sitting on an ivory throne, wearing a leopard skin, with ten wives and a hundred children over ten thousand helots as a patriarkos of New Sparta is much better.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          With what force? As you’ve pointed out:

          Do you think there is the collective stomach to burn the shanty towns and public housing, hear the screaming of African women and children in their death throes?

          Unless their names are like Pedro, Jose, and Carlos you’ll have a hard time finding people willing to stomach conquest. If you want Whites, your operation in Africa will look like a PMC operation solely there to provide merchant security.

          • Handi says:

            Aidan, where can I sign?

          • Aidan says:

            There are enough men of exceptional capacity and warrior spirit out there. But, they are atomized and cannot coordinate. That is why I am spreading awareness of this. The barrier to cross is bringing them together and getting them on a ship.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          I am in. Once you start getting it together, hit me up.

          • Aidan says:

            There can’t be any attack surface- no organizations or even chats, channels dedicated to the project, which is on the timeframe of years. Likewise, no crypto funding or anything. I need to come off as a lone nutjob until the week that the ships sail.

        • The Cominator says:

          Re there will not be a total Bronze Age Collapse as Asia and Eurasia will be relatively intact and they may not like random would be conquistadors taking over their mineral supplies whatever you promise them. You’re chances of success are much greater as a mercenary company which already in a position of dominance in Africa over the governments there you “serve” can take over the perfect country at the perfect time. On whatever pretext… they didn’t pay you what they said or something.

          • The Cominator says:

            A coup by mercenaries over non-payment when you are already a power in Africa looks less radical to the Asian powers than you going in and doing a Cortez.

          • jim says:

            > Re there will not be a total Bronze Age Collapse as Asia and Eurasia will be relatively intact

            The Bronze age collapse was total because literacy was in the hands of decadent, immoral, demon worshiping priesthood that failed to reproduce, and whose adherents failed to reproduce. As a result, with the sole exception of the Israelites, who grabbed a couple of dissident Egyptian priests to lead them, we have no records from groups that survived except through the eyes of their enemies. Similarly, the barbarians that conquered to Roman Empire in the west were largely, though not completely, illiterate, and those few of them that could read had to move their lips while reading, so the dark age, though not completely dark, is rather dimly lit.

            This time around, the winners are going to be internet connected, even if most of the internet goes down, and they are going to be busily texting.

          • Aidan says:

            Yes Com, The Eurasian land trade routes are going to be fine (Aren’t you predicting socialist economic collapse in China anyway?) on the condition that CN and RU can provide security for them. They’re highly motivated to do so and they probably can, regional wars not causing huge disruptions.

            The sea trade routes are going to become very dangerous, as moving copper and tin at the end of the Bronze Age became very dangerous. Somali style pirates wherever people are poor and hungry, which will be many places. Nations with no navies will want navies, and realize the knowledge to build them has been lost.

            But it doesn’t matter that much. What matters is no more global policeman.

  29. A2 says:

    As an aside, I once again had lunch in the nearby university town. Jesus salvator mundi, this time it was a literal bearded tranny — in all visible respects a (slovenly dressed) woman except for her unkempt, scraggly beard. And a too low voice. Came with a reasonably normal looking girlfriend (hipster) too.

    I suppose this signals the hellbound “Pride” is coming up then. A good time to have my mid-day repast at home for a month or so.

    • Guy says:

      Speaking of trannys, I had posted earlier that I was going to be put in a position where I needed to interview one for a job. I got my subordinates to agree it wasn’t a good fit, but we had an issue as weeks went by without any other candidates.

      Pressure mounted to just give it a shot, but I basically waited it out without acting and other better interviews eventually came in. Way too close though never doing that again.

      The thing was disgusting and sad. It reminded me of some kids I had gone to school with, played sports with, now degrading himself because his disgusting fetish became a protected class.

      • jim says:

        A2, you might want to comment with a fake email and a third country vpn

        Everyone here is commenting with fake emails

        • A2 says:

          It’s an entirely fake email — at least if it’s the same one as this comment –and I think my problem was that I switched my VPN to a country that gets blocked by WordPress. Or it could be that the VPN IPs were used for spamming and blocked. The net result is my comments from there disappear or get sent to moderation.

      • jim says:

        If you are in a position to interview, you should be in a position to suggest candidates to HR.

        HR is likely to be unhelpful if you are dealing with barren women, but fertile age women are apt to be helpful.

        • Guy says:

          I am, have done so before, but don’t personally know a lot of people looking for the kind of work I’m interviewing for at the moment. I used to grab promising service industry workers that I’d come across but have come across less and less of them as time goes by.

          My HR is fairly decent, relatively speaking, we have been successful at keeping our heads down while not internalizing any of the insanity consuming every company around us…so far.

      • A2 says:

        That’s great news — rightwing thought successfully applied to the real world. Make sure to mention internally what an improvement it was to wait to find the right person rather than just hiring whoever turned up (or however you might want to formulate it).

        If anything, the problem was HR not sourcing enough good candidates. Let’s improve in that respect, in the case anyone complains.

        I do recall that in tech hiring a truism has been it’s superior to be choosy rather than just hiring warm bodies. (I would rank hiring a tranny as worse than a warm body, since it will inevitably also destroy the organization.) Use this to build the case for you being utterly right if need be.

  30. Mayflower Sperg says:

    In a healthy society, it is expected that every man who is not a criminal, vagrant, layabout, cripple, or imbecile should have a wife. If he doesn’t, put a young maiden in his tent and see what happens. If she comes out sobbing, it’s because he didn’t ravish her and make her his wife. This happens to a kissless virgin PhD in the 1994 movie Stargate, and it’s a real pleasure to watch. Welcome to the tribe.

    Russia is not a healthy society; the traditional values that the Jewsheviks destroyed did not magically reappear when the Jews packed their bags and left. Russians still have great difficulty getting married, staying married, and making babies. They should all re-read Anna’s Rocking Titties as adults to get some idea how courtship and marriage are supposed to work.

    So if you come to Russia, don’t expect a buffet of innocent young maidens. Actually, one old guy very much wanted to take me home and introduce me to his daughters, but he caught me at a bad moment and I declined the invitation.

  31. i says:

    Real wild stuff going on in the Lutheran Church right now or the LCMS:

    Equating “pedophilia” with a speck in ones own eye like all the other sexual sins here in this:

    This pederast pastor really is an imminent threat to minors. His name needs to be uncovered.

    Prior to 2011, all of the hits are false positives like “Asia Minor attracted x” or references to minor keys in music. It looks like the MAP terminology may have come from this 2009 book

    Of course those people are “Anti-racist”:

    Recommend following @treblewoe on twitter.

  32. Jehu says:

    Jim, I’ve a couple of modest requests:

    1) I don’t dispute your 1933 thesis. Clearly it happened. I’ve seen many of the specific movies and shows you’ve cited, and talked to people who lived in those times, who confirmed that a lot of women were jealous of John Wayne’s spanked costars. But how did the Cathedral get the whole media to stop on a dime and make that turn? Was it something that FDR could do because of the massive amount of power that he had?

    2) Have any of us actually dug into the 2022 Florida elections? There’s a very substantial swing there but I don’t think we really understand the pareto of said swing to the various causes. We know, for instance, that he outright removed several supervisors of Elections in high fraud counties. But is there evidence of suppression of ballot harvesting? Does the ‘honest’ part of high tech ballot harvesting rely on walking hordes of ballots around and pestering everyone likely to be browbeatable into voting for you until they do so, and closing the feedback loop by having the list of who has already voted leaked to you (I don’t think that the parties are supposed to have that information but I have little doubt that the Dems get it for free)? Is the blatantly dishonest portion of such basically jimmying up ballots for anyone that the harvesters couldn’t harvest for whom there is reasonable confidence they won’t show up on election day?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Everything that ever gets done gets done via cadres of men with personal relationships with each other. This is not less true when bureaucratization is involved, but even more true.

      Broadcast media changed over night because someone had a discussion with someone who had a discussion with network exes, studio heads, and other nodes of leadership. They simply started walking in a different direction, and everyone simply followed them. There was no ‘pushback’ because the polygonites were themselves the source of the pushing for feminism et all in the first place.

      • Jehu says:

        Presumably then there’s no way the Left could currently execute this because it lacks sufficient cohesion, even in the fact of an existential threat? 2020s left doesn’t have the ability to execute a strategic retreat like the 1930s left, or does it?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Both less cohesion amongst the daemon summoners, and also far more pervasive daemonic possession in the main – which in many ways are effectively the same thing.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          2020s left doesn’t have the ability to execute a strategic retreat like the 1930s left, or does it?

          It does not. Nor does it have the ability to realize that a strategic retreat is necessary, nor has it prepared any positions to retreat into.

          In the 1930s, the US elite was full of white men who knew what manliness was and what it was good for.

        • The Cominator says:

          They absurdly do, remember when they went from covid = nothing (the truth) to omg covid will kill us all.

          • The Cominator says:

            absolutely not absurdly

            • Cataclysm Reawake says:

              No. There are generations of momentum behind the axiom “woman good, it is impossible to have standards for woman’s behavior that are too low”. For Covid, there were mere weeks of propaganda the regime needed to deprogram in order to, most of which the

              Election security is a stronger argument for your position. “Muh Russia” was the party line for four years, until it successfully changed to “literally impregnable”. Even in that case, four years is very far from generations.

              • Cataclysm Reawake says:

                Ignore everything after “deprogram”. You and me both want an edit button – even if it expired ten minutes after posting.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Always leave the Name or Mail field empty until you’ve done a final proofreading, so that if you accidentally submit too soon, your comment gets rejected.

    • jim says:

      > But how did the Cathedral get the whole media to stop on a dime and make that turn?

      Same way it got the whole media behind emancipation and women’s liberation in the first place.

    • Doom says:

      >But how did the Cathedral get the whole media to stop on a dime and make that turn?

      It’s not hard.

      You simply construct an argument that is “don’t you think you work hard enough to deserve more or at least as much as those people over there?”

  33. Cataclysm Reawake says:

    About a month ago, I was hospitalized while unconscious. By the time I woke up some hours later, the health issue had sufficiently subsided that I judged further treatment at the hospital to be a cure worse than the disease, so I left ASAP.

    Did they clotshot me while I was asleep? Evidence in favor:
    1) In the days after my discharge I developed a LOT of skin rashes, Google claims this is cannot be a symptom of what put me in the hospital but is a known side effect of the jab. There are other possible explanations for these rashes – I’m very outdoorsy so I might have encountered some kind of allergy out in the wilderness. We don’t get a lot of summertime bugs in my region but we do get some, and I don’t use bugspray. However those explanations are somewhat dubious, because if environment irritants were the cause I really think it would’ve come up before now, in all the time I’ve lived here I don’t think I’ve ever had skin rashes so pervasive and long-lasting.
    2) The medical profession overall is known to be thoroughly captured by alphabet cultists and all their attendant ideological pathologies
    3) They had reason to believe I was homeless, and my understanding is that nurses (understandably) take a very paternalistic attitude to such people, utterly disregarding their consent or lack thereof if they perceive it would get in the way of “doing the right thing” (does a vet bother asking a stray cat whether it wants to be spayed or neutered?)

    Evidence against:
    1) I have experienced no other symptoms that cannot be credibly explained by the placebo effect.
    2) COVID hysteria has died down certainly in everyday life and somewhat in hospitals. This specific hospital is in a vaguely urban area, but the precinct it’s located in voted for Trump (according to the official account) by a decent margin. IIRC half or more of the personnel did not wear masks.
    3) My medical discharge papers record that I received no immunizations and none of the procedures they did were credible vectors for secret vaccination. (Then again, if they were willing to jab someone without asking them they’d probably also be willing to lie about doing it.)

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      Accidentally posted before I finished, just want to add: sorry for the off-topic probably-schizo post but this has been keeping me up at night and I’d like to put this issue to rest. Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some closure one way or another.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Easier but not certain, covid tests can come back positive after vaccination. Might have been better closer to the event, but then the whole problem with the vax is you keep producing spike proteins.

      Better but more expensive, find a private doctor, pay cash, and ask for blood work and ekg for preventive diagnosis of any heart problems before you increase a workout. If doctor isn’t sympathetic to anti-vax say it’s in relation to what you now believe to be mild covid. If you’ve got heart problems you didn’t have before, suspect vaccination, plus you know what to keep an eye on.

    • Aidan says:

      If they jabbed you, would probably have swelling and pain at the site of injection. The rashes are likely a fungal infection from nigger standards of cleaning and hygiene at the hospital. Maybe one resistant to antifungals. Hospitals are death factories. Probably Shanikwa was on her break instead of cleaning a bed that somebody died in not too long ago.

  34. SJ says:

    Per last threads discussion of the low IQ ‘elite’ here is a post from Ed Dutton over at Vdare;

    The discussion is centered on how leftists don’t breed but conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, do. I do appreciate that Dutton draws attention to the IQ destroying matriarchy, in this lovely quote;

    “Raised by an illiterate single mother, she recalled being accidentally given dog food as a child because her mother couldn’t read the label on the can. At 10 years old, she became her bipolar mother’s caretaker, then gave birth to her own illegitimate child at 16. Born in 1980, she was already a grandmother at the age of 37.”

    Feral women select breeding partners based on sexual aggressiveness and preselection, which indirectly selects for low IQ, impulsiveness, and an inability to consider the future. That’s high future time orientation, I believe, but the high/low in that always throw me off. Dutton goes on to make this claim;

    “Eventually, the dominant elite of the future will be filled with conservatives, who will occupy positions vacated by retiring high IQ leftists who are not replacing themselves.”

    I do not see that this is a given. The elite in the corporation I work for, the c-suite, came out to my facility a few weeks ago due to the magic AI database that now runs everything leading to massive product destruction. I had a chance to speak with the CIO briefly in a meeting. He was a total moron, barely able to string sentences together. I do not see this improving until after a collapse.

    As Cthulhu swings ever lefter the powers that be choose ever dumber and dumber ‘elite’ capable of believing the ever increasing leftism. Belief that gay men in dresses are actually women is now required to get into an elite position at my very very large company. Even being aware that you are pointing deer and making horse does not appear to protect oneself from the menticidal effects of the lie. I do not see the elite being replaced by an intelligent elite, but the opposite.

    • jim says:

      > I had a chance to speak with the CIO briefly in a meeting. He was a total moron, barely able to string sentences together.


    • Calvin says:

      That’s where the winnowing effects of natural selection come in. We don’t live in Africa, so the natural environment isn’t obliging to those with low intelligence when, as is increasingly the case, the regime’s ability to regulate it breaks down.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      High time preference, low future orientation.

      Yes it frequently trips people up, since we tend to associate moreness with betterness, but you can remember it as like a preference for ‘timeliness’, ie, ‘I want something right now, not later’.

      • jim says:

        Our elite is increasingly composed of people who lack the far future mental horizon. The New Washington Economic Consensus is an effort to gaslight elements of the elite that are worried about the future.

        America is de-industrializing because productive assets are under the control of people who are incapable of operating them and see no reason for their continued existence.

        Budweiser and Star Wars burned their brand in part because of self delusion, but they cheerfully entertained such delusions because they just did not care. Not having future orientation, they have no interest in being reality oriented to aspects of the present that merely have future impact.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          This is the Rhodesia/South African story, right here. It’s not even that they’re too dumb to be able to maintain stuff. They just don’t see why they should. They just don’t care. They care about other things.

        • Karl says:

          Maybe the people who burned Budweiser and Star Wars had no future orientation, but maybe this was simply a case of people destroying corporate assets for personal gain.

          My guess is some did it to feel holy and did not care about the costs that others have to bear. Some went along because the were cowed and didn’t care for company assets. In either case, this does not strictly show lack of future orientation

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Torching your future prospects prima facie shows low future orientation.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              It doesn’t torch their future prospects, though; it torches the company’s future prospects. The people who make the stupid/holy left-wing decisions prove themselves loyal followers of the state religion and do just fine.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                We are straining the definition of ‘future orientation’ now. People who care about (their) patrimony have future orientation. People who don’t, don’t.

                This, amongst other reasons, is why you cannot trust gays; they have no stake in the future, and so have no compunctions against actions that leave a wasteland in their wake.

                At the end of the day you are left with the simple fact that some men are Godly and some men are Ungodly, which passeth all understanding.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                No commissar ever got fired for tanking his temporary host/fiefdom.

    • Starman says:


      ”I do not see the elite being replaced by an intelligent elite, but the opposite.”

      The dumb elite will be replaced by smarter, more capable elites after the dumb elite’s aircraft carriers get sunk.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Why? Where are these smarter, more capable elites? Suppose a bunch of USG carriers go to the bottom, are our rulers just going to step down then? There’s no potential rival with both the will the and the power to replace them. If anything, our leaders will take a serious military defeat as proof they need to crack down harder on dissidents and wreckers, and redouble their efforts to tap into the world-shaking power of anal sex and black girl magic. The true believers will be certain all failures stem from not following their faith fervently enough, and the cynical sociopaths will be disappointed to have to limit their tyranny to domestic audiences and thoroughly conquered foreigners only, but they’ll make do.

        • jim says:

          The Ukrainians attempted to grab Russian nukes, as the antifa thugs attempted to take Kyle Rittenhouse’s gun. Had they been closer to succeeding, it is likely those nukes would have been launched to keep them out of enemy hands.

          That which cannot continue, will not.

          Trees do not grow to the sky, but they grow till they fall over.

          There is an increasing likelihood our elites being turned to glass.

          Suppose nukes are not used, but suppose Nato logistic exhaustion results in intolerable and enormous Ukrainian casualties. Moldova and Poland get thrown in to keep the war going, followed by Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czechia, and then Germany. Finland has a real army, but most of the rest have only symbolic armies, with absolutely no capacity for war, particularly Germany. Paris announces it is now a Tributary State of the Greater Han Chinese Empire. The US government announces universal conscription with mandatory sex change for draftees (because diversity is our strength) and bans coal, oil, and gas as part of the New Washington Economic consensus (since according to the consensus that stuff is bad for the war economy)

          And then escalation begins.

          And then real escalation begins. And after that …

          Your argument assumes that the unthinkable just cannot happen. That the new abnormal will just go on and on and on. Doubtless that was the Ukraine was thinking when it sent people to grab Russian nukes. What could possibly go wrong?

          History is one long stretch of the unthinkable happening and the unthinkable just going on and on, and on. When the Romans abandoned Britain, the Britons had three centuries of unthinkability.

          After twenty years of nuclear and information epoch warfare, I wonder what our elites will look like. A long period of general warfare is going to produce monarchic and aristocratic regimes. The current bunch of clowns are just not capable of running a war.

          War is the father of us all. Sooner or later, social orders more capable of warfare will prevail.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >wonder what our elites will look like.

            A 3-way competition for power among:

            Edward Escobar, the former cartel leader turned Arizonan warlord.
            Robert Musk, CEO of New Starlink.
            Jeb Kimball¡ the leader of New DC.

            Featuring side characters:

            Joshua Bateman of the FLDS of New Canaan.
            General Nolan Flynn of the American Legion.
            Arcade Bacow of Harvard Square.
            Papa Thompson of Hell’s Angles.
            Dick Nuland of State Department Contingency.

            On a more serious note, Jim talks often about tech decline. We even see this in games. Fallout New Vegas remains unparalleled in open world RPG experience. Sad!

            • TheDividualist says:

              Wait, you just gave me an idea. While I agree FONV wins if we are purely looking at the unmodified games, there fan made mods, very often total conversions out there, and the FO4 based total conversions absolutely beat any unmodified game in the series.

              My point is: fans are doing a better job at game development than game developers.

              My greater point: reserve elites. If there are so many great game developers who are not hired as a game developer, there are also like people running businesses who can absolutely take over the job of the elites when they fail.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            It would sure be nice if all nukes had an “oh shit emergency disposal” option where they take off and blow up over the ocean someplace. We’re gonna need that.

          • Karl says:

            Huh, when did the Ukrainians try to grab Russian nukes? I missed that.

            • jim says:

              Grayvoron is a nuke base in Russia near Ukraine. The Ukrainians attempted to capture it yesterday and the day before. Grabbed a good chunk of Russian territory, but got stuck in attritive warfare in the village around the base.

              Russian posted video confirmation of a whole lot of blown up tanks inside the Russian border, Belgarad region. Claim to have attrited twenty percent of the battalion. A second thrust followed after the first one was contained.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >Sooner or later, social orders more capable of warfare will prevail.

            Fair enough; I can’t disagree with that. But how long is sooner or later? Like they say, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

            • Starman says:

              @Contaminated NEET

              “But how long is sooner or later? Like they say, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”

              Every single rotten member of your insipid brahmin class, in the 1980s, thought the Soviet Union would last decades or centuries more.
              But my mother would always say, every time she saw a Soviet grocery store, that “their shelves are always empty.”

              You can’t even hold a candle to my mother. Fuck off.

        • Starman says:

          @Contaminated NEET

          ”Suppose a bunch of USG carriers go to the bottom, are our rulers just going to step down then?”

          Without those carriers, nobody will be obeying those faggot jew rulers.

          ”If anything, our leaders will take a serious military defeat as proof they need to crack down harder on dissidents and wreckers”

          Crack down with what? The Ghost of Kiev?

          You modern brahmins are fucking retarded. Go get your booster shot with TheDividualist.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Let’s discuss: The revolution kept progressing in Russia through WW1, until the people were more afraid of the revolution than they were afraid of the Czar. Similarly, the GAE is losing its teeth out there pretty fast.

            Still, I don’t know how to apply this analogy to our present situation.

            When some carriers sink in the China Sea, yes, people outside the GAE will lose the last of their fear/respect for DC-GAE, and it’s BRICS Uber Alles.

            But within the GAE, I do agree that it’ll be blamed on heterosexuals and SAT questions having only one correct answer each. “If the Navy had more Shaniquas then the Nimitz would still float today.” So yes, the Ghost of Kiev will indeed go to work, but only domestically. GAE as sealed kill-box, Cambodia style, for a little while longer, while the BRICS set up refugee camps for us outside Tijuana.

            No? Something different?

          • Aidan says:

            The carriers may sink long before the regime loses its ability to terrorize its populace. Decades or centuries of Brazil. But when the carriers sink, a group of armed whites that cannot overthrow USG can go take over an African country. Then after four generations of high fertility, you have an army capable of conquering the United States.

            • Starman says:


              “The carriers may sink long before the regime loses its ability to terrorize its populace.”

              The regime will have no ability to enforce anything beyond the DC/NYC city limits after the carriers are gone.

              The FBI is just a dinky little militia.
              A county in the middle of Appalachia can easily destroy the FBI, when there’s no magical F-35 to provide the FBI with air support.

              • Roger Williams says:

                Who is sinking the carriers? China?

                • jim says:

                  Starman’s point is that if the conflict in the South China sea goes hot, US will in the air and sea. America is an airsea empire. Such a defeat is likely to have consequences.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Appalachia? Maybe not; they have a long history of orneryness and lots of rough country to hide out in. But in every metro with 100,000+ people, and the vast majority of rural “red” areas, they can hold the reins indefinitely. Even after major military defeats overseas, they’ll still have all the planes and tanks and whatever other hardware they need to keep control of the USA. You don’t need an F-35 to back up the FBI; a Super Tucano will do just fine. I doubt they’ll even need to break out the heavy equipment very often: they still have a stranglehold on education and entertainment, and can put whatever programming they like into the NPCs’ minds. A fully controlled internet with accounts linked to real identities will come very quickly on the heels of a serious military setback, to protect us from misinformation, defeatism, and enemy propaganda, with draconian penalties for circumventing it. Yes, intelligent and motivated White and Asian men will be able to get around it easily, but most people will be either too dumb or too apathetic to bother.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “Even after major military defeats overseas, they’ll still have all the planes and tanks and whatever other hardware they need to keep control of the USA. You don’t need an F-35 to back up the FBI; a Super Tucano will do just fine.”

                  So does every State and County. A Super Tucano won’t do shit against a Russian Manpad, or manpads from the local armory.
                  You brahmins really have no clue about the wonder weapons, especially space travel.
                  I actually had a fellow member of your social class on Gab, argue with a straight face, that LEO satellites can stay over a single country. That couldn’t fathom that a geostationary satellite can see an entire hemisphere.

                  A Hollywood script writer was in total disbelief that Elon Musk controls 99% of all US medium to heavy lift to orbit. That Elon Musk launches 80% of all annual orbital upmass. That Elon Musk controls the majority of the world’s satellites, and that those satellites can reach every single other satellite in Cislunar space.

                  “I doubt they’ll even need to break out the heavy equipment very often: they still have a stranglehold on education and entertainment”

                  Nobody who is not a jew, a pedo-faggot, or a nigger, actually likes pedo-faggot nigger worship. The aircraft carrier forces them to bow down to that worship.

                  Kalogerosstilitis often says that Greece would immediately come under junta rule, if NATO actually fell.
                  Brazil and South Africa wouldn’t be Brazil and South Africa today, if the US didn’t exist.

              • Aidan says:

                Nonsense. The USG will be able to maintain an internal sovereignty on violence long after technological decline destroys its ability to project power on the world stage. Brazil has no overseas power, but it has enough police power to impose Nigger Communism on its productive white and white-ish populace.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The east Germany like surveillance is not easy to maintain and without it hard to keep anti government militias from forming and if militias form and the military is a pathetic shell of its former self… many things become possible

                • jim says:

                  Brazil is stabilized by the Global American Empire hegemony. Any internal movement deemed racist or sexist would have any cities it controlled flattened from the air. Also it would be demonetized, deplatformed, and cancelled. Uncut diamonds ceased to be money because Tutsi movements resisting Cathedral sponsored genocide and cut off from the banking system had been using them as money.

                  When it cut Russia off from Swift, the Global American Empire diminished its capability to do other disliked racial and ethnic groups what it did to the Tutsi.

                • Aidan says:

                  Question is, what do you think would happen to Brazil without GAE hegemony supporting its state? That is what will happen to the US when GAE imperial power fails. I don’t think anything based would come out of Brazil in the absence of US power. At best a lukewarm brown military caudilloism that causes Brezhnevian stagnation.

                  Or we could destroy savage nations, conquer land, tame a wild continent and have the power and freedom of ancient warlords.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  tame a wild continent

                  The megafauna (including human) is the least of your problems. Even more hazardous is the microfauna.

                  Tsetse flies
                  Mango Flies
                  Bot flies
                  Sleeping sickness
                  River blindness

                  Read Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.

                  A significant property improvement project needs to be done in order to open up tropical Africa to the general white population (and livestock). Extincting the predatory flies with gene drive technology would go a long way.

                • jim says:

                  If someone is researching something that will kill off dangerous tropical insects, he is an evil mad scientist destroying the balance of nature, and ethics committees will drop down on him like a ton of bricks. If someone is researching something that will kill people, no problem, and anyone who thinks there is a problem is a conspiracy theorist.

                • Starman says:


                  “Nonsense. The USG will be able to maintain an internal sovereignty on violence long after technological decline destroys its ability to project power on the world stage.”

                  The USG’s entire basis of power and centralization is on its techno weapons to dominate sea, air and space (and it needs to be nice to Elon Musk, if it wants to continue to dominate space).
                  Its FBI is just a militia, which can be easily stopped by any militia a flyover sheriff can muster.

                  “Brazil has no overseas power, but it has enough police power to impose Nigger Communism”

                  As Jim has already said, Brazil wouldn’t be Brazil without the USG’s techno military propping it up.
                  Brazil was once ruled by military emperors who killed niggers on a routine basis.

                  You failed pseudo-academics are really a cancer on this blog.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Aidan is a good guy I just think he’s wrong here.

                • Starman says:


                  “Aidan is a good guy I just think he’s wrong here.”

                  My contempt for academics and brahmins really began in early 2020. When that wretched class was dog piling you, when you were the first to realize covid deaths were a hoax.

                  You were 100% right about opposing the lockdowns, right at the beginning. But all these mediocre academic posters STILL dogpiled you, even after the BLM Letter (where the credentialed experts basically confessed that they were making shit up about the supposed “dangers” of covid).

                  The final end for my respect for the academic class, whatever political affiliation that they have, was when they hyped lawyer Sidney Powell’s stupid “Release the Kraken” bullshit.

                  “She will DESTROY the election fraud with this BOMBSHELL Kraken!” “BOOOOM, a piece of paper EXPOOOOOSES the election fraud!”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Aidan wasn’t one of them.

                • Aidan says:

                  The question is, how many men would show up in arms if the local sheriff called on them to fight the FBI? Today, none. If the fed looks like a weak horse? Nobody knows. I don’t know, and you don’t know. But I see gay flags flying in the deep heart of Appalachia.

                  There are no based classes anymore. Only based individuals. Your conviction in the will and virtue of the Amerikaner is commendable, but I think misguided. The number of men capable of acting as an elite in America today probably does not reach five figures. The physical fatness of the Amerikaner is soul-deep. They’re spiritually fat. They just want to grill, man. They have become slaves- and quality men can indeed become slaves.

                  The best hope is the concentration of high quality men, and their coordination in military ventures into an elite.

                • Starman says:


                  “The question is, how many men would show up in arms if the local sheriff called on them to fight the FBI? Today, none.”

                  1,000 militia men showed up at the Bundy Ranch in 2013, without being called up by a local Sheriff. While the US military’s reputation was still intact.
                  The FBI backed down.

                  A local sheriff in middle America or the South would have no problem calling up 1,000 militia men today.

                  You retarded brahmin pencil neck.

                • Red says:

                  1,000 militia men showed up at the Bundy Ranch in 2013, without being called up by a local Sheriff. While the US military’s reputation was still intact.

                  Sure back when the American civic religion still lived. With the death of Christianity and our shared civic religion the religion of the Sodomy is all that’s left. I kind of doubt they’d show up today.

                  America’s a sea empire. The moment our navy failure so will the empire and the part of the empire that want to be a land empire are the Red areas. We’re likly to end up with local elites with real power quickly after the first rusty aircraft carrier graces the bottom on the pacific.

                • Pax Imperialis says:


                  Aidan is massive understating here:

                  The physical fatness of the Amerikaner is soul-deep. They’re spiritually fat. They just want to grill, man.

                  When I ventured around legacy White America, and I mean really got to know the people, go to their churches, break bread with them on Sunday with their families, drink beer around a fire, I saw profane levels of promiscuity, inked up bodies, and many opioid habits. They are a truly fallen people, and I have severe doubts about them forming based militias. I really encourage you to get out more. Maybe not to the degree of fraternizing with the poor folk of rural small town White America, but at least visit Walmart and really look at the people.

                  Look at the BLM riots. You’d think the reaction would be far greater than some ranchers on horseback in the middle of nowhere, yet Kyle Rittenhouse was easily separated from a group. That happens when your group is small. Look at the reaction of Korean-Californian store owners during BLM vs their actions during the LA riots. It’s like based roof Koreans went extinct. The capacity for organized violence has severely declined in all groups not state backed.

                  You are hating on academics, but are doing the worst sort of academic malpractice, ivory tower pontificating. You have little real world experience with the people you’re championing.

                  Elite spiritual rot shows up as physical rot of the worst sort among the lower classes. While elites might champion the worst sort of filth, a significant chunk are smart enough to not practice what they preach. See how they often live in all White gated communities while advocating open boarders.

                  I often find your writing interesting, and find much of it insightful in areas I don’t have time to devote to study, but how about we don’t start calling others “failed pseudo-academics” unless they really deserve it.

                  I mean, man, that’s just… surprising complementary based on what actual “academics” look and sound like these days. Are you ignorant of those people as well? Must I link here a plethora of deviant homosexuals, screechy cock starved feminists, and all assortment of degenerates for you to understand just how much of a complement you’ve hoisted upon Aidan here? Not saying he don’t deserve it but… damn man, no one here gave me such wonderful accolades. Making me jealous. 🙃

                • Your Uncle Bob says:


                  DDT + ivermectin had us most of the way there. Problem is, like the green revolution in agriculture, they were deployed to give us more homo erectus, while home use was backpedaled.

                  Tangentially, that’s one of the things that got me through covid unjabbed. I knew ivermectin was handed out at the drop of a hat in Africa, sometimes prophylactically every year in river villages, so why was it being suddenly cracked down on here?

                  >gene drive technology

                  There’s something to that one, it’s not as bad as mrna vector vaccines or solar energy, but it’s enemy mindset to wait for the future tech to be perfected while the proven, engineered tech sits on the shelf.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  the future tech to be perfected while the proven, engineered tech sits on the shelf.

                  DDT and Ivermectin are fine. I’m not knocking them. But they are at best a “suppressive” solution. I’m more interested in a “final solution” to these fuckers.

            • anonymous mouse says:

              > But when the carriers sink, a group of armed whites that cannot overthrow USG can go take over an African country. Then after four generations of high fertility, you have an army capable of conquering the United States.

              Such a “group” would have to be nation-sized. And they would need to be able to manufacture military technology and develop sophisticated infrastructure networks without drawing the notice and ire of USG. Which is impossible.

              • jim says:

                There are no revolutions without either an outside base of support, or substantial internal elite defection. If the USG is conspicuously defeated, both are likely to be forthcoming.

                The “New Economic Consensus” is not an attempt to appease the voters about the destruction of the American economy and gaslight them into thinking something is being done. It is an attempt to appease and gaslight elites who are alarmed by the US losing the logistic race against Russia. They want war postponed and the economy rebuilt. (Which only Trump could do.) As the war gets hotter, those elites are going to become more discontented.

                With external defeat, internal revolt becomes militarily easier, and in this “a group of armed whites” would have substantially better prospects. But they would still need major internal elite defection or external support.