On Gab, I noticed a whole lot of wholly blue pilled people, not all of them shills.

So, despite my frequent declaration that this is not a game blog and not going to turn into game blog, here comes another game post.

It is kind of redundant, because everything that needs saying has been said in Setting the Record Straight, page 57, and Chateau Heartiste’s sixteen commandments of Poon.

Ok. Very short post.

Oh, OK, I will pad it out by reprising Heartistes magisterial Sixteen Commandments of Poon. But pay no attention. Read the original. This stuff has already been said, and I am just expanding on one detail or another detail.

I. Never say ‘I Love You’ first

Or second. When she says “I love your” it is a shit test. She wants to see if she can make you say “I love you” on demand. So when she says “I love you” you should randomly and sometimes respond “I love you too”.

II. Make her jealous

Preselection is the thing that most attracts women. If someone has popped thirty virgins and immediately dumped each one, and word gets around, a whole lot more will show up on his doorstep.

XI. Be irrationally self-confident

Hope and despair are self fullfilling. Irrational optimism beats rational pessimism. Hope is a virtue, despair a sin.

XIII. Err on the side of too much boldness, rather than too little

Regrettably, female perception of manliness and alpha is primitive compared to that of men. So a whole lot of behavior that men would regard as brave but stupid and wicked goes down like a chocolate milkshake. Including all that stuff that males rightly regard as bullying the weak, including her, and the stuff that the blue pilled wrongly regard to be sexual harassment and rape.

XVI. Never be afraid to lose her

Preselection again.

But “do not be afraid to lose her” is a prescription for operating in defect/defect, the game of players and bitches. If operating in cooperate/cooperate, marriage 1.0, biblical marriage, her perception should be that in the event of infidelity you would kill her and her lover, and then swiftly replace her with someone younger and more fertile.

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905 Responses to “Game”

  1. Red says:

    On the topic of low value male behavior in the mating game:

  2. TheDividualist says:


    I guess the 16 rules can be summed up as “Play hard to get.”

    Desperation/thirst is deadly. Treating a woman as “hmmm, maybe you will be up to my standards but I am not at all sure yet, PROVE YOURSELF” is mostly this.

    Also… “play hard to get” is typically Woman Game. It is not a good thing that men have to resort to this. It is not really proper for a man. It is more like: desperate times, desperate measures.

    • TheDividualist says:

      (But perhaps I am playing on easy mode because I actually like fat. Yeah I know saying that is a heresy in the Manosphere. Still I like what I like. Not all kinds of fat. Most kinds of fat not. But a narrowish waist, big fat tits, big fat ass, thick thighs, I like that. Yeah it makes no sense in evo-psy. Still. I like that. I like what I like, and I do not care when other men say I should not like that.)

  3. Tsymbal says:

    Does someone have any advice about how to deal with a clingy girlfriend? We are in our 20s. We have been dating for three years, we live together, and she is wife material. Nevertheless, she seems to need constant attention. It is a bit annoying, as I have things and projects I want to work on. Maybe it is age-related, and she will outgrow it in a few years. What do you guys do? What’s the Jimian take on this issue?

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Why haven’t you knocked her up yet?

      • Tsymbal says:

        Partly because of economic reasons (I would like to own a home before having children, and we don’t have much money right now). Partly because she is in the young side of her 20s yet, and social pressure against getting pregnant that young.

        • A2 says:

          If you’ve decided, knock her up and then show a supreme disinterest in social disapproval (whose?). These are her prime years for baby making, don’t waste them. When both of you look back on it, you’ll probably wish you had more.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            100% this. Kids confer a studious desperation to accumulate, develop,and grow. She’s being clingy because you’re doing the fake&gay version of marriage (LTR), so shit or get off the pot.

        • lolcow detector says:

          Gay. Do you like pussy or not? Do you doubt your ability to earn money or not? Do you give a fuck what other (gay retards) think about the age of your woman, or not?

          I know niggas making well over million dollars a year who decided they’d prefer the flexibility of an apartment for their first couple of children. It makes no difference whatsover and is a vastly less important concern than you percieve it to be.

    • Doom says:

      She wants something to require her attention
      Like a baby

      It’s not rocket science.

      >it costs too much
      yes, iphones and fancy dinners are far more important than babies.

      Send her my way lad.

  4. Handi says:

    The rule of Nature is, if we’re alone together I get to have my way with you. So act accordingly.

    Enforcing pseudo-courtship rituals against men in situations where courtship is well past applicable is psychotic and completely deranged. There is no reasonable way for men to balance this liability against the reproductive imperative.

    Women need to be held 100% accountable for the situations they put themselves into because placing both parties’ burden on men constitutes an arbitrary and totalistic standard of guilt.

    [This post is a reaction to something I saw online, not to any particular real life event]

    • Handi says:

      Violating this rule literally hands unlimited power to women, who by nature are least fit to wield it. Curse satan and his every inversion.

      I spit upon satan!

  5. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Before an army can prevail over any enemies, it must first be able to prevail over the environment.

    Nestled amidst Prigozhin’s screed the other day, almost as an after thought, was the observation that a significant number of casualties were also actually coming from hygiene problems.

    Knowing how to construct dry, useful, livable earthworks, along with bushcraft in general, is one of the most important core skills there is for an infantryman. Ability to secure a comfortable existence on campaign has a direct relationship to ability to perform in battle. Yet this is also something that almost every military formation around the world almost completely neglects – to their detriment.

    It has been sometimes said that the Roman soldier was an engineer before he was a bellator. Certainly the miles’ ability to construct fortified camps on the march, prepare battlespaces, and perform other feats to overcome the enemy’s intentions (like the classic knot-cutting solution to the jews holed up in Masada), was an integral function of that force’s success over several centuries, before the traditions were progressively lost.

    • Red says:

      The Germany army of WW1 and WW2 was famous for their motto of sweat saves blood and their earthworks were always very well constructed and very hygienic. In WW2 with any new offensive Russian troops were highly motivated to take Germans fortifications because they were so much more livable than the Russian ones. It never occurred to the Russians to actually build good living quarters.

  6. SJ says:

    The novel Anna Karenina is chock full of red pill goodies. Written in the latter half of the nineteenth century we have Anna, who is in a patriarchal marriage with her hubs Alexei. She was kept in and married off to this statesman, an older guy, yet something was “wrong” with their marriage. Per Anna her hubs is completely physically repulsive due to his “big ears” and his “clammy hands” but we can see in the novel he is a weak man with no control over his wife.

    Anna herself is a source of lust for the men in the novel, as we find out partway through, as she has gigantic titties. I refer to this novel to my wife as Anna’s rocking tits. Men can’t stop staring at her heaving bosom. In comes Vronsky, introduced as he is courting a young teenage virgin Kitty. Kitty is also kept in. Vronsky is described as having outcome independence, he just hangs out with Kitty, chaperoned of course, while also hanging out with lots of other eligible young teenage virgins. He’s got preselection. Kitty falls in love with Vronsky quickly, because he has “large calves”. Blue pillers take note, women, apparently, fall instantly and madly in love with men with large calves.

    Vronsky, however, has no interest in being tied down in marriage so after Kitty falls madly in love with him he just wanders off. Meanwhile Kitty has a serious suitor, Konstantin, a beta male with no preselection so he is very yucky to Kitty. He wants to marry her while Vronsky just wants to hang out and not commit. To Kitty Konstantin is invisible. Kitty shares her lust for Vronsky with Anna.

    Vronsky goes to a horse race and all the ladies attend. During the race Vronsky’s horse collapses and breaks it’s leg. Vronsky, enraged, shoots the horse and stomps off. Anna of the heaving bosom now feels she must meet him and be alone with him for no reason at all except his “large calves” and his “olive oil smile”, whatever the heck that means.

    Anna is able to successfully arrange to be alone with Vronsky and somehow his dick ends up in her, over and over and over, and over and over, as she craftily finds ways to be alone with him. Her husband, the bad beta male who in modern times would now be destroyed by the court system, finds out cause Anna gets pregnant. The entire community now must completely shun Anna. Note, they do not shun Vronsky, but to their upper class community, Anna no longer exist. This makes Anna go crazy.

    Meanwhile Kitty’s serious suitor Konstantin has a conversation with someone about how nobody knows or understands why women have no rights and are kept in. It just seems outdated and not with the times of progress. Chesterton’s fence is invoked, as they muse that their must be some reason their ancestors set up society so that women were kept property. But times, they are a changing.

    Now Anna’s husband, the cuck Alexei, considers that he might challenge Vronsky to a duel. He doesn’t want to though cause he scared and Vronsky is a bad ass. Duels are old news though and out of favor so nobody expects him to but that part of their culture still lingers and he feels like a coward for not doing so. He decides to do nothing but to take care of their two children, which Anna is now forbidden from seeing. Anna no longer being able to see her first two children intensifies her insanity.

    Anna goes on to inflict massive shit tests on Vronsky due to her shunning and being rendered basically a dead person. Vronsky is unable or unwilling to pass these shit tests. This part of the story arc ends. You can read the book to find out how.

    Kitty now marries Konstantin as nobody else is courting her and she’s turned eighteen. She’s an old maid at risk of eternal spinsterhood at eighteen. She marries Konstantin who is early thirties. Konstantin then goes on to cry like a little bitch to his master Kitty begging her forgiveness cause he once fcked a hooker. Kitty pats him on the head and says she forgives him and he’s a good boy, which makes him feel ecstatic. He has received absolution from his God, women, foreshadowing the future we live in today. Guys, don’t be Konstantin.

    Oh one last thing I do remember exactly where it fit in. A fallen woman, who was the latest slut Konstantin’s horrible alcoholic brother was with who took care of him as he died, dared to speak to Kitty. The fact that a fallen woman spoke to Kitty, a superior non fallen woman, so enraged Konstantin that he seriously beats her.

    The book is a good view into what upper class society was like in the latter half of the nineteenth century. You can see the weakening of the patriarchy and the blue pill where men listen to what women say rather than what they do. All the men who watched Vronsky badly wished they had large calves like Vronsky, cause that’s what the sluts said out loud about why they all wanted to crawl underneath him naked. They could not remember why they had covertry, and weren’t sure they should bother to defend it. Perhaps patriarchy needed to fall so we could experience the great relearning and get our bitches back under control.

    Anna Karenina, nee Anna’s Rocking Titties, 9/10 would recommend.

  7. A2 says:

    Meditating on how far we have fallen while watching the coronation of Charles III. How far the words and symbols from what is being acted out. May this be the nadir! May we rise again! Long may he reign.

  8. Fidelis says:

    Something incongruous that’s been on my mind lately is Macron moving to lick chinese cock. Maccy is a serious pathic, clearly a member of the worst elements of the satanic faith if you look at his sexual preferences and other decisions. So what is this move signifying? It’s quite easy to make doomer schizo connections here. ‘Well china is obviously part of the jesuit structure as covid and digital bugpodlife ground zero, so this is just them explicitly exporting that model.’ The counterargument is, somehow the slavic civil war does not seem like a forever war, and despite the common paranoia from slavs the RF doesn’t seem like a globohomo outpost. Russia is receiving quite some needed economic support, for a cost, so chyna probably is not completely in on exporting their model except as borg conquering integrators themselves. A sinic world order, different from a troidic world order.

    Anyone have insight here?

    • jim says:

      You are not the only one mystified. Some elements of Globohomo are confused, and a lot of them are strangely ignoring it. Possibly all of them are confused.

      Remember we are not ruled by a single unitary conspiracy, but by several of them struggling for power.

      Official explanation is that honey attracts more flies than vinegar. Macron hopes to sweet talk Xi into a more globohomo favorable peace plan, and Xi hopes to sweet talk Macron into a multipolar world. Could be true. Macron may be preparing an exit strategy for the case that Global American Empire has its Afghanistan in the Ukraine.

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like Russia just incendiary firebombed the remaining Ukrainian occupied regions of Bakhmut.

  10. Cloudswrest says:

    This tells me there really is a God of Nature, and he has a sense of humor!
    There really is a place called Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada!!!

  11. Fidelis says:

    Some whitepill on the state of AI models:

    tl;dr smaller models are already out in the wild, getting great performance, and the big companies probably won’t be able to compete

    • jim says:

      A very big whitepill.

      “Vicuna: An Open-Source Chatbot Impressing GPT-4 with 90%* ChatGPT Quality”

      Vicuna still needs to be trained on the cloud with big hardware, cannot achieve useful results on consumer hardware, but achieved near ChatGPT quality with a much smaller amount of training text, and only cost $300 or so to train.

      It still has the universal limitation of current models, that it does not train in an individual conversation, so it will gradually become apparent in the course of a lengthy conversation that no one is there. But now it is feasible to produce a based ChatGPT.

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    I don’t know if this is real or not:

    Prigozihn has enough footage out there to do a pretty good analysis of his mannerisms, so if it’s forced. My gut says this is real, that he forced the camera op into it. there’s none of the flair or refinement that is characteristic of Orchestral Propaganda.

    I think it’s a powerful message. I don’t think there’s a single USM officer with the gumption to do anything remotely similar. But a still, small voice in my head said quietly “this is weakness.” I hated that voice for saying it, because he’s just trying to get what he needs to do what he must.


    • jim says:

      Real, terribly real.

      But ammo shortage is relative. Everyone is hurting badly, but Ukrainians are hurting worse. War of attrition, and what is being attrited is both men and shells – but the shortage of shells is hurting worse, hurting both sides rather badly, but Nato is shortest.

      • Karl says:

        Nato’s shortage is a lack of stocks and production facilities. Is Russia’s shortage also a lack of stocks and production facilities or merely a logistic problem of timely bringing shells that are stored somewhere to the place where they are needed?

      • Asher says:

        Take this as you will, but it does not seem things are as tilted in Russia’s favor neither in morale nor materiel (below quotes from Dmitry Rogozin, chief of Roscosmos)

        “For now, there is a clear disparity in the forces and conventional weapons in favour of the enemy.”

        This was due to the West’s supplies to Ukraine, he made clear.

        “Therefore the best method to destroy [Ukraine’s] counter-offensive is to use tactical nuclear weapons, with understandable consequences, of course.

        “I think there is no other option at the moment.

        • jim says:

          I see a lot of evidence to the contrary, notably that the Russians are expending a whole lot more shells than Ukrainians, and a whole lot more of what they are calling guided bombs, but are actually air launched drones, a lot more missiles, and a roughly comparable number of ground launched drones.

          This matter will be rendered clearer by The Greatest Ukrainian Offensive, which is strangely slow in getting off the ground.

          The Ukrainians are currently making probing attacks that look like prep for this offensive. They have failed in one probe, succeeded in two.

          • The Cominator says:

            Given the insane Hitlerian no surrender no retreat attack attack attack policy of Zelensky and his masters in DC this would be a good way to convince the leadership to throw their newly conscripted “offensive” divisions into Bakhmut… I mean what place in the line is better to attack than where everyone is exhausted and out of ammunition…

            But if as Jim suspects they are not out of ammunition and the artillery is still concentratexmd around the ruins of Bakhmut the attacking forces would be attacking something like Sulva Bay… it’d be a death trap.

          • Asher says:

            The fundamental difference, as I see it, is that Russia has been forced to replenish its stocks via clandestine channels (Iran, China, etc) which probably a) slows the stream of arms considerably and b) raises many questions as to how much of a military-industrial juggernaut Russia actually is seeing as they need to resort to these channels in the first place.

            • jim says:

              Has it? My understanding is that Russia imported Iranian tech for its drones, which are knockoffs of Iranian models, rather than the drones themselves. I have not heard that the shells were coming from China until you made this assertion. On what is it based?

              They are certainly importing Chinese machinery to make stuff, but are they importing shells?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I’m not an SME, but it’s not as simple as need bullet>make bullet>ship bullet>shoot bullet. There is a whole methodology to stockpiling ordinance, so production runs get apportioned based on a body of factors and variables. To avoid a general reduction in overall stocks, it can be cheaper/faster/easier/smarter to purchase stocks from someone else so you keep your overall stocks above some kind of threshold. Obviously, for smarter ordinance, might not be an option, and having an inventory that’s *only* “smart” can make options limited.

              I’m not about to start trusting western MSM, but the things I’ve read have asserted that the RF has been purchasing from former/current clients, getting stuff back, to include China, NKorea, Iran, etc. but the veracity of such is questionable. Ukraine leaned heavy into India in an attempt to replenish S300 and other RF produced ordinance because they’ve already used up what’s on their side of the GAE dildo curtain.

        • Starman says:


          Dmitry Rogozin doesn’t know what he is talking about.

          He’s the reason that Russia has no equivalent of a Falcon 9 or Starship in development, in contrast to that of China.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The part of your brainstem that has evolved to sense the winds of power, and to align itself whichever way the wind blows, is highly responsive to open expressions of vulnerability, whatever the circumstances may be.

      In certain ways it really is weakness; the NATO Occupied Government has recently been concentrating even more of its shell supply in the Bakhmut AOO, along with several of its more ‘ideologically reliable’ enforcer units, but the supply of shells to Wagner that was customary heretofore has not increased stepwise with this operational intensification by the puppets; a classic bureaucratic failure that perennially dogs organizations on the wrong end of operational tempo.

      Prigozhin is of course a consummate dramatist, and there are some who say Putin gives him slack as a deniable means of lighting fires under the asses of other MoD figures.

          • Fidelis says:

            Fuck I love this blog.

            jim, I humbly ask you to consider the +NIGGER license, mentioned on this blog previously, to complement your CoC. It would make the bulk of the enemy seeth so much as to not even be able to continue looking at any other part of the project:

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              It’s hilarious, and the rising tide of AI doomerism may make this license more than just a redpilled curio, but I honestly thought it was more politico-artistic than functional. Is there any way to see what software has the +nigger license?

              • Fidelis says:

                Not functional in what way? You mean because it won’t be enforced in a court? Probably correct on that one — please take a moment to imagine that wonderful court case — but it doesn’t matter. The point is to make true believers and adjacent seeth so hard as to not be able to function properly near your code, as anything touched by “that big, beautiful word” is clearly thoughtcrime and dangerous to them. It’s an unmixing tool, a good test of conscience, and something like it is going to be necessary as supply chain attacks eventually ramp up. Just like the jimCoC, the biggest difference is the succinctness of the expression.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Nigger is a wretched word to describe a wretched people. I do not care for it, and on a spiritual level disagree with debasing any license with it’s inclusion.

              On the purely tactical level, meh.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Putin has wanted to negotiate with the GAE to have a place for Russia at the GAE table for decades.

          We are in the curious position however, where the greatest impetus behind the possibility of Russia claiming victory over the GAE is the GAE itself.

          The GAE elites who are negotiating with Russian elites to keep gas flowing behind the backdoor are themselves on the way out and increasingly side-lined by their more unholy contemporaries. The world is full of grifters who would be perfectly willing to sell-out to true believers for a yacht; but the contemporary class of true believers in the whig imperium won’t even give them the yacht. The derangement of Foggy Bottom Swamp Creatures and their progeny around the world offers no footstools for others to step off their horses, only life or death.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Joining the GAE used to come with a lot of benefits, but its present-day elite loves gay sex and genital mutilation, and expects the rest of the world to gratefully accept these beautiful gifts.

        • Doom says:

          Wow so.. Prigozhin repeated all the memes that westerners say about Russians.. no support.. zerg rushing the enemy… not enough ammo.. Russia treats its soldiers like crap…

          And you believed it?

          Is it your first day on planet earth?

    • embeveraged commuter says:

      Maybe they actually have plenty of shells and they just want to bait NATO into a rushed offensive into Artemovsk.

      • jim says:

        The military summary channel claims that all roads in Bakhmut are now cut. On the other hand, the mud is now comparatively dry, meaning that vehicles with reasonable off road capability can go in and out.

  13. Encelad says:

    Newspapers usually twist and inflate news, so this should be taken with a grain of salt, but according to the NY post’s article below, the Navy has used trannies at least once to reach new possible recruits. Because they believe trannies to be popular with zoomers. If this piece of news is true it reveals that they have drunk their own koolaid and can’t even see the whole tranny acceptance is astroturfed. Which makes wonder how many similar narrative delusions they hold.

    • A2 says:

      Young man, there’s no need to feel down.
      I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
      I said, young man, ’cause you’re in a new town
      There’s no need to be unhappy.

      Young man, there’s a place you can go.
      I said, young man, when you’re short on your dough.
      You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find
      Many ways to have a good time.

      Anyone remember when ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis stood up against Trump for transsexuals in the armed forces? That was a revelatory moment of sorts. What a lol disappointment that little guy was.

      PS. Salute the new ambassador, named Harpy Daniels (lol), and good luck with the rebuild. It may take a few years, perhaps decades, but stay the course!

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I used to idolize Mattis, and now I despise him. He was supposed to be the best of us; the ideal marine, as Chesty Puller was to earlier generations. Then he betrayed us and made a deal with the devil. I hope he gets to watch it all crumble and know that everything he sold his soul to obtain could not out last him.

        • Red says:

          Any idea why he sold out?

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            He is a progressive faggot. He stood up for trannies against Trump, he pushed women in combat arms, and he lied to Trump about having men in Syria. He also was part of the Theranos debacle. He is a true believer, and for that I hope he survives America getting crushed by Russia and China so that he can see everything he worked for crumble around him.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              > Any idea why he sold out?

              Implies he doesn’t really believe in progressivism and was motivated by money to shill for it. Wrong premise as I will show; therefore, it’s the wrong question.

              > He is a progressive faggot.

              Yes, we know he’s a progressive faggot, but the question is why. On this I think his own words on his faith sheds significant light on this. His words on Iraqis during the war in 2003.

              On the suggestion of my Catholic chaplain the Marines would take chilled drinking water in bottles and walk out amongst the protesters and hand it out. It is just hard to throw a rock at somebody who has given you a cold drink of water and it’s 120 degrees outside.

              Throwing rocks at armed men is an act to contested space. Essentially an act of war. These are not “protestors.” His spiritual leader is telling him to met an act of war with logistically supporting the enemy. Is it any wonder then that the Iraqis, feeling safe to throw rocks, would escalate to shooting and bombing? Mattis could not see them as the enemy because his faith would not allow him to see them as the enemy.

              During the George Floyd “fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” Mattis was reportedly “sickened” by the photo op at the church. He said:

              Militarising our response, as we witnessed in Washington DC, sets up a conflict – a false conflict – between the military and civilian society

              But those civilians were, much like the Iraqi “protestors” in 2003, throwing rocks, lighting federal buildings on fire, attacking police. They were contesting space against the government. An act of war. They were insurrectionists. Mattis was weak on the rioters because he was weak on the Iraqis. Ultimately because his faith prevented him from seeing the enemy as the enemy. That prevents the use of force.

              The problem with Mattis wasn’t that he “sold out” to progressive values, but that he was spiritually compromised from the very beginning by his own Chaplain. A Chaplain that belongs to a church that has been spiritually compromised since Vatican 2. This problem isn’t limited to Mattis or his Chaplain. Most military Chaplains are spiritually compromised and most men who attend religious services become the same.

              • Red says:

                Mattis, like all McChristains are just progressives who think God’s a progressive.

                >He is a true believer, and for that I hope he survives America getting crushed by Russia and China so that he can see everything he worked for crumble around him.

                He’ll just blame those reactionaries for wreaking everything. One thing I’ve found with consistently true about McChristains is they’re holier than thou and nothing is ever their fault.

                >Any idea why he sold out?

                Implies he doesn’t really believe in progressivism and was motivated by money to shill for it. Wrong premise as I will show; therefore, it’s the wrong question.

                I knew that already, but Wulfgar seemed to imply he cut a deal for switching his loyalty. The moment he gutted the Marine’s for doing the most scientific and complete study of woman’s combat abilities I knew that he was fanatical leftist true believer.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I did not mean to imply that he literally switched sides. He was always a progressive, it would appear. He sold his soul to the devil for his progressive ideals, and that happened long before fags, women, and trannies were stuffed into the military. I hold the same view of Mattis that Pax does.

                  He was supposed to be the ideal military man, and he betrayed that. He sacrificed military readiness and the lives of good men on a futile, pointless conflict and on depraved progressive causes in direct contravention of his superior. He betrayed everyone above him and below him because he lacked the moral courage to stand up, do the right thing, and make the hard choices. The only reason I would piss on him if I found him burning up would be to prolong his suffering.

                • Red says:

                  Selling one’s soul implies betrayal, which is why I asked. I can see where you’re coming from and I share your sentiments about the man.

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      Budlight’s sales are down 20% and the momentum against it seems to be growing. No one likes this garbage.

      • The Cominator says:

        Nobody was ever going to like trannies, it was another extreme demon worship loyalty test for progs/shitlibs because the instinct with tr00ns is to kill them with fire.

      • Red says:

        I’ve been in the odd situation of having to tell hard working manual labor type men in their 30s that their ever growing beer gut is from drinking estrogen filled beer like budlight. Anything with hops is going to make you a fat bastard. They’re shocked to learn that.

  14. someDude says:

    It’s happening. Jim and Aidan’s predictions about the emerging age of warrior techies is coming closer,

    In war, the leaders are no longer safer than the grunts on the frontlines. This means that the leader of a country must necessarily be ready to die, must be a warrior. The age of pure-priests running countries is coming to an end. This should effectively end democracy. Hurrah!

    Very tellingly, Note the denials from the Ukrainians. Zelensky is terrified that he could be a target.

    Very tellingly, there was another article that where the Russian parliament debated a drone strike to assassinate Zelensky which I can longer find. The Brahmin elite are so terrified of being as vulnerable as the frontline grunts are that they don’t even want to acknowledge someone else talking about it.

    • Fireball says:

      This isnt new Pax Atomica exists for a reason, people just got to comfortable with the post cold war status.

      The problem is going to be that in case of a direct war the need to mass conscript university students and graduates after a year or two to be used as simple infantry grunts. It is going to be a nightmare, i bet the useful ones will be the first to be sacrificed.

      • Western Taliban says:

        The first to die will be the same retards that happily took the clot shot. Lefties always kill their own minions and allies first, they are the weakest and smell their blood.

        They are scared of us, because when they come looking for us they might actually find the end of a barrel, they are however happy to loot and murder their own, who piously kneel to them. Good example of this is BLM, looting and burning blue areas but never daring to actually go into red territory.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*deleted for presupposing that BLM is a real movement rather than astroturf*]

          • jim says:

            The reason BLM did not burn Harvard is that Harvard is directing it, not lack of spontaneous grass roots support in the Harvard vicinity. It has no spontaneous grass roots support anywhere.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Those strategically parked pallets of bricks on the streets during the BLM riots. So obvious. So brazen. So obviously planned and premeditated.

              These weird ass sunglasses I found.

              I’ll never be the same again.

            • SJ says:

              I accidentally drove into a BLM riot during this time. A guy with an AR directed another man on a motorcycle to safely guide me out of it. These guys were clearly running the show “spontaneously”. While I was in the storm I watched a cop pull a police car into the road I was being directed off of, park it, and casually walk away. The rioters then set it on fire. So spontaneous.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Sending apprentice priests to the front lines is a silver lining not a problem.

        • Fireball says:

          It is actually a pretty shitty situation to be in. First because they arent going to be the first to be send and second if you have a problem with your priests it is advisable to be you to resolve the problem and not your enemy.

    • zero says:

      nice post, I’ve always wondered what happened that generals stopped fighting in the front, I can see how when wars were about dynastic familial property you were fucked if you lost anyway so might as well give the boost to the men leading from the front, institutional officers expecting a pension win or lose just don’t have the same damned if you do damned if you don’t fuck it attitude. luckily the left is killing that cautious mentality real quick with total religious war yesterday convictions. it will be nice to have some great men to tell the priests to fuck off and stop screwing the little guy, to bad Eisenhower didn’t have the balls to nip the leftward march off. generals getting orders from committee has been a right wing disaster. Thanks for the post you answered a lot of questions about how feudalism worked for me.

  15. Pax Imperialis says:

    Bolsonaro and crew raided and/or arrested over allegedly falsified vaccination records. Apparently the Covid is holier than election protest.

    After several failed assassination attempts on Putin, Dmitry Medvedev is calling for the elimination of Zelensky and his clique. The Russians are finally getting serious. It took 433 days.

    Davis Hanson points out that Tucker Carlson is an American aristocrat that became a populist. This is the elite defection Yarvin wanted to influence.

    • someDude says:

      The age of warrior-rulers is coming back. The age of warrior techies draws closer.

    • Red says:

      > The Russians are finally getting serious. It took 433 days.

      They’re talking big talk right now. Lets see if they’re finally willing to grasp the nettle.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I was just going to say this. I am no longer impressed by the claims, statements, and warnings from the Kremlin. They got shit tested by their slut Kiev and, after 8 years, bitch slapped her, but she then threw a massive shit test, and Moscow has thus far failed to match and exceed. This was an unseasonable winter, I grant that, and they need to keep stocks and systems if the balloon goes up in Poland/Belarus, they will need to effectively double their war efforts, but I cannot get my head around things like the grain corridor, no spetznas assassination teams making Ukrainian elites bleed in Europe, no massive airstrikes on AFU depots or command positions.

        I support Russia, I think Putin is actually a true and honest nationalist, and a man with God’s mandate to lead his people, and I think they have done well with a bad situation (2008-2022), but they are letting this go on too long *UNLESS* they are literally planning something in Europe and they are *STRATEGICALLY* bleeding resources, support, spear tippers from the West.

        • jim says:

          Putin wanted a quick war that did not result in significant expenditure of resources, but the enemy gets a say. The west wanted an endless war to exhaust Russia logistically, as Reagan exhausted the Soviet Union. The west got its way.

          And then discovered that this America is not Reagan’s America, and Russia is not the Soviet Union.

          There is a sudden realization that many of our weapons platforms are very old, and do not actually work any more, and the new ones roll off the assembly line not working from the beginning.

          The Ukrainians are making a push to roll back the Russians in the south from the south west, and a push in the south east to cut off the Russians in the southwest. The Greatest Ukrainian counter offensive will probably rush into whichever push looks promising. The new western wonder tanks are finally showing up, no word yet on whether they have much effect.

          This has turned into a war to exhaust one side or the other’s resources. This was not what Putin intended. It is what the west has intended since Obama was elected. Can’t blame Putin for that. He is playing the cards he was dealt.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      Carlson is not elite. I think in the old UR classification he would be Optimate, not a Brahmin. He belongs to the dispossessed former elite class, so it’s not very remarkable that he’s become a populist.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        >dispossessed elite
        >not an elite

        wat means?

        Carlson is an elite, he’s in that vanishingly small segment of the elite that’s not on board with the Cathedral and hasn’t been since late Bush/early Obama. Look at how he defended his tribemate (Hunter Biden), consider his private opinions on Trump, and look into his home and lifestyle. I admit I may be muddling Yarvin’s class system, but Tucker is absolutely a Brahmin from where I am sitting.

        • anonymous mouse says:

          On second thought, you’re right. I assumed Tucker’s family was bourgeois rich WASP (despite the Swedish name) but apparently not.

          > He is the elder son of artist and San Francisco native Lisa McNear[46] (née Lombardi) (1945–2011) and Dick Carlson (1941–), a former “gonzo reporter”[2][47][48] who became the director of Voice of America, president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles,[49] and more recently a director at the lobbying firm Policy Impact Strategic Communications.[50]

          His father’s early life is interesting:

          > [Dick] Carlson was born the son of college student Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson, 18 and 15 years old, respectively.[3] He was born with rickets and mildly bent legs, as Anderson had starved herself to keep the pregnancy a secret. In 1943, Richard Boynton attempted to persuade Dorothy to accompany him in stealing their baby and get married; when she refused on the grounds that she was a junior in high school and nobody but her parents knew about the baby, he shot and killed himself two blocks from her house.[4]

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            … I didn’t know any of that, but it definitely strengthens my case. he’s basically the archetype of the current elite: artistic inclination, plenty of money, active in the Voice/Brain of the Cathedral, and sordid and unsightly history.

            • zero says:

              I don’t know about sordid, seems kinda tragic. no spirit cooking vibes from Tucker. he’s definitely smarter then he pretends tho. I’d love to know what really went down with the fox split but I doubt very much we ever will.

            • Red says:

              I knew he was an elite simply by his ability to persuade others by making things people already felt allowed to say.

              A powerful priest who’s pretty close to joining our side. No way they can let him live.

              • jim says:

                A plan is afoot to have him host the Republican debate.

                If it happens, the debate is going to give our elites heart failure.

  16. TheDividualist says:


    I have a 15 years younger GF now and I am not doing all these complicated mindfuck games.

    I am just doing physical overpowering.

    I grab her hair and drag her around. I grab her throat and then give her a light, only humiliating slap on the face.

    I do not kiss her – I bite her lips.

    I grab her hair, force her head back and give her this bite on the lips.

    She melts into a fucking puddle.

    Seriously this simple thing works for me. No complex mind games. Just PHYSICAL dominance.

    To the music of PSY: “we’ll do it caveman style” :))))

    • TheDividualist says:

      (Also she is a Czech woman – maybe you cannot do this to an Anglo woman, maybe she would SWAT you… I dunno! All I know is that with this particular woman PHYSICAL overpowering turns her into a puddle of lust – works for me!)

      • Aidan says:

        Physical dominance becomes very important once you have a woman.

        • zero says:

          I’ve been wondering about the whole not saying I love you thing. it seems definitely true for some women but some women love being treated like a princess. I’m thinking maybe the physical side of things overrides the verbal shit test tick and let’s you not be an asshole? not enough experience but in my own life it seems like some women are ok with a bit of reverence as long as their sure it’s kindness and not you being a pussy. Absolutely doesn’t work with sluts tho lol. maybe there is a degree of hedonic adjustment to whether they need an iron verbal frame or don’t really care. if I spoke to men like most women want to be spoken to I’d feel absolutely horrible. wild that men and women are so unable to comprehend one another instinctually.

          • jim says:

            > but some women love being treated like a princess.

            Treat them mean to keep them keen.

            > as long as their sure it’s kindness and not you being a pussy.

            Yes, sure. But a shit test will be incoming to make sure that it is not you being a pussy. A woman wants to be loved. And she wants to be with someone who loves her. But she does not want to be with someone who is hard up for pussy.

            If she can make you say “I love you” on command, you are hard up for pussy. The trouble is, the signals that show a woman you love her are difficult to distinguish from the signals that show you are hard up for pussy.

            • TheDividualist says:

              … and a light, just humiliating, not painful slap in the face – while the other hand grabs the hair or throat – passes a lot of shit tests. No complicated mental gymnastics needed.

          • TheDividualist says:

            I tell her I like you a lot. Again it is not a mental game. Just truth. I like her, I do not love her.

          • The Cominator says:

            ” it seems definitely true for some women but some women love being treated like a princess.”

            But they don’t like guys who treat them like princesses and during sex they want to be slapped and choked and verbally degraded. Treating a girl like a princess is going to get you in the most toxic kind of friend zone you can imagine with no means of escape that isn’t likely to end up with you doing 20 years to life.

            Women used to like flattery according to my father but American women are so toxically hypergamous and generally taught to hate men that they assume guys who are flattering them are desperate for pussy… with the exception of whores. Whores still genuinely like flattery (and it can be very crude sexually forward vulgar flattery in fact they LOVE that… they probably love the most you alternating between traditional normie courtship sweet flattery and very vulgar flattery) and in any sort of environment without set prices it tends to get you a much better price and more eager service. Once you’re fucking them they still want the choking and degradation though (except they are more likely to inform you of this explicitly).

  17. Cascadia says:

    Never had male mentors, pretty much lost all my friends the past few years, so this has become my go to place for life advice. Specifically on working in the cathedral and where to raise a family.

    Will try to give context w/o self doxing:

    40 yr/old w/m from priestly family raised in blue coastal megalopolis. Married in 30s after many years of playing the field. Have young hapa girls. Probably due to family priestly predisposition, invested heavily in academia. Realized I was basically shut out due to race/gender by 2015 or so, but continued on due to path dependency. Also, my field not as pozed as humanities but still totally feminized. Have regrets about choices made in 20s but its water under the bridge at this point.

    During COVID I found low level work in construction, but felt I was getting too old to enter trades in late 30s. Despite what some “dissidents” like to claim, most trades don’t pay that great if you’re entry level in a big city and have a family, competing with illegals, etc. Eventually took a makework gov job in rural white area to capitalize on cathedral credentials and escape blue city. Very backwoods, too backwoods to raise little girls. Also far from grandparents in blue megalopolis.

    Was recently offered tenure track job at a big state university in rural white part of the country. Still far away from grandparents but enough amenities to satisfy wife/daughters. Being in a rural white area, the red guards and commissars do not
    appear as vicious as other locations. I have no illusions about the university, but it’s what I feel I have been prepared for, and do believe it allows for some entrepreneurial and creative freedom. Will be able to have a house and a garden, guns, run a business, etc.

    I have also been offered a transfer opportunity closer to the blue megalopolis where grandparents are located. Government construction management. Clock-in/clock-out, lower stress, aside from living in degenerate blue megalopolis. But near blue-pilled boomer grandparents and cousins/extended family (both asian in-laws and white ethnic sides of family).

    Unfortunately at 40 with kids I feel I don’t have options outside cathedral (in before “learn to code and move to el salvador”).

    So the question is:

    How to make the most of my situation?

    How to weigh importance of being near grandparents and family vs. a more “based” rural area?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      The parent and “dissident activities appreciator” in me says take the tenure track. All the brightest elites may “live” in the cities but they own rural property, they’re happy on their estates, and the highest cost of their urban holdings is avoiding urban life. If you really like the construction thing, find contractors in rural area that are strong back/simple mind and help them with the managerial side of business and expansion.

      Bluepill influences on children always end up in the same place: emasculation, humiliation, and submission. If they don’t actively go against you, they will sit idly by as you suffer. If the grandparents want to see the kids, buy them a Garmin and preload your home address in it.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      What is your field? I don’t see how anyone can give you advice until you explain why you are so downwardly mobile as to have gone from prospective academic to construction worker.

      • Western Taliban says:

        >Implying that construction worker is a downgrade from prospective academic.

        The best thing the western world could do right now is murder every academic and produce a lot more construction workers.

        Academics produce faggots, trannies, overbearing regulation that is collapsing society and producing poverty, feminism, niggerism, climate cult and covid cult.

        Construction workers and their peers produce building, plumbery, electricity, cars and the food you eat.

        If you believe that academics don’t deserve a gulag and construction workers are a million times better and more valuable people you should visit this hospital asap:

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >Construction workers and their peers produce building, plumbery, electricity, cars and the food you eat.

          Yeah, agriculture is generally full of decent, hard working men that create real value. So are factory workers, but America’s infrastructure construction sector is severely sick.

          Take IT infrastructure for instance. Those guys are nearly all contractors getting paid >$50 per hour not including per diem. All they do is drill a couple of holes, shove some Ethernet wiring up in the ceiling, cable management, etc. All stuff a high school kid can do, but stick “IT” or “infrastructure” in front of something and people lose their damn minds. It took a team of ~10 men in their 30s-50s, 14 hours a day billing at OT and night shift rates an entire month to install ~50 WiFi routers. Not even the switches. Just the fucking routers and their Ethernet cables. The “engineers” took another 2 weeks to set up the switches. All of them White men with the work ethics of Congolese.

          They moved like slugs, but it is widely accepted as the cost of doing business. Was also told to emulate. The entire construction sector is like that, and construction has always been a bit of a cartel. In Japan and Korea, this amount of work would be done in less than one week for less cost and better quality. For young men, an operational tempo that slow drives them crazy and they largely quit. I suppose it’s at least a good make work retirement option, but regardless, fuck American infrastructure construction.

          • Adam says:

            What we desperately need is to restore the tradition of apprenticeship. There is always more than enough unqualified bodies that can barely make it in on time. Construction takes skill, and profitable skill comes from years of following the same guys around and doing as they do.

            After the first year, an apprentice can usually do a good job sweeping the floor and taking out the garbages. The other tasks they can do well unsupervised by that point are picking things up and moving them somewhere else.

            It is no small thing to teach even a smart teenage boy today to sweep the floor well, as they have spent all of their days up until then waiting until the school day was over. The problem is employers are just as unfit to invest in young men, as young men are unfit to work unsupervised.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >There is always more than enough unqualified bodies that can barely make it in on time.

              The problem in construction is that there are many highly qualified bodies that use their skill to not make it on time.

              Those men are extremely competent, and they also taught me a lot that I’m grateful for. They weren’t expected to teach me nor was I expected to learn anything from them. They were still happy to share knowledge and I was happy to expand my skills. Informal apprenticeship is still there and most men who were in my position took advantage of it.

              What’s frustrating, if I wasn’t clear, is that they were purposely dragging out the job to a painfully tedious snail pace for additional billing hours. They even brought along a bunch of unneeded workers to help their buddies get on the gravy train. The supervisors sent there to watch them for the company that hired the contractors knew what was going on but were also doing the same thing. Purposely slowing things down for more billing hours. They also brought in a bunch of unneeded supervisors me included. In fact the company’s higher ups knew all about this state of affairs but just accepted it as the cost of doing business.

              Look, I have no problem with repetitive or menial work. Most men can just turn off their brains and do a task until completed. What I do have a problem with is being told to sit in a room for 9-14 hours doing almost nothing for an entire month and have the gall to bill 600-800 USD per day for my “work.” It was embarrassing and shameful. Worse, it felt like criminal participation seeing all the others do the same shady thing.

              Maybe this is the legacy of past mob control of construction work culture. Maybe it’s the legacy of union power. Maybe it’s some government regulatory BS I’m no aware of. Maybe there’s just a general spiritual rot in America. I don’t know for sure, I just hated it.

              • Western Taliban says:

                High likelihood that most you wrote in your last paragraph applies to some degree, I can see similar stuff in my own country.

                The “good thing” about this, at least in my country, is that if you are actually competent yourself and go self-employed you are immensely valued and always have far more work than you can even handle, at a very profitable rate. But it needs the will and courage to go that route, which isn’t easy and requires even more effort and competence.

                As a young man that is starting and learning the ropes working initially for someone else it can be soul crushing, it is very unfortunate. But these are the times we have to deal with, our ancestors had to bleed and sweat to develop the technology and the capital to produce civilization, those were their times and had their own problems. Today we have the technology and generally the capital but must overcome the blue/prog induced cancer, we have our own cross to bear.

                I take comfort in the knowledge that this shall pass, that one day within my lifetime I’ll probably be leading a squad of men into the houses of academics to show them the ways of Minecraft.

              • zero says:

                From the business side of things management is a dumpster fire. The Dupont scientific management reboot has been cancer. every business wants to outsource to keep overhead low and it never once occurs to any company leadership that outsourcing puts your balls in a vice and most contractual arrangements don’t allow any social consequences for fucking up. used to be word got around now it’s the same old shit on repeat. I have never in my life heard anyone in management use the word trust when talking about outsourcing work. the best companies are in sourced like crazy and have good bosses. and most companies are so shit at their core competencies especially in tech it’s cheaper to do it yourself. I left a good company in tech because the clients were retarded morons and management had no fucking idea what I did or what value I created. I ended up doing a women’s entire fucking job while she “worked remotely” and no one knew including myself, did I get extra pay? no not even a Christmas bonus. A lot of corporate rot is men being unwilling to burn fuckups and make examples of what happens when things are over budget and past deadline. Manager selection is a bitch I don’t know how to fix that tho.

              • Adam says:

                Where are the highly qualified construction workers? Are you referring to blue states? In Florida we are having another sort of gold rush in residential and commercial real estate, and the labor pool is pretty thin. It takes a long time to learn a trade, 6 years at least for finish carpentry, and generally 10 years or more before one can be considered a master carpenter.

                I am also curious as well what kind of IT infrastructure jobs pay that well. Even satellite and fiber installation guys here that own their own van and tools are only making 30-40 or so per hour. At least from what I can see.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  It takes a long time to learn a trade, 6 years at least for finish carpentry, and generally 10 years or more before one can be considered a master carpenter.


                  Elon Musk didn’t take even that long to learn the current most advanced level of rocket science from zero, you need to check that ego. Either that or stop working with low IQ apes that skew your expectations.

                  I can say from personal experience that any trade can be learnt in a few months of practical work for 90 to 99% percent of commercial products. For the few that you can’t, with the general skills and experiences you can deduce and develop the specific skill required for the weird cases with a bit of guidance from the manufacturer and seller (or whoever gave you mentorship if he is a highly qualified professional with tons of experience), who will be happy to provide such information to actually close the sell and get a future prospect.

                  Of course, if you’re telling me you’re some giga lord that makes top quality art from wood columns to some Stradivarius stuff, well I’m simply not qualified to have an opinion. But we are talking about construction work here, get real. Fuck me, not even Renaissance children took this fucking long to learn every trick from the greatest artists.

                • Adam says:

                  Do you think, in 3 months, you can learn to build front doors for houses with lumber from the lumber yard? And do it quickly and repeatedly with no supervision, only limited information from a set of basic architectural prints?

                  That is one of one hundred things you have to be able to build, from experience, to make a living as a cabinet maker.

                  After 3 months working at a pro shop you would still not even be allowed to feed material into half of the equipment, under direct supervision. Not even Elon Musk would be allowed to. It is too dangerous and you would risk fucking up the machine and the material.

                  As far as fabrication and working with your hands building custom and complex things, years of experience is mostly all that matters. You can work at a big pro shop for a year and you yourself may only build part of one kitchen. Do you know how complicated it is to build kitchens? I have been doing this a very long time, and am pretty sharp, and I have built many, very large and very expensive kitchens, and I do not know everything there is to know about kitchens.

                  At 3 months in a cabinet shop Elon Musk is still sweeping floors.

                • jim says:

                  > Do you think, in 3 months, you can learn to build front doors for houses with lumber from the lumber yard? And do it quickly and repeatedly with no supervision, only limited information from a set of basic architectural prints?

                  If I built one once, with the aid of a YouTube video, or preferably under supervision, I could make any number of them from basic architectural prints without supervision, though doing it quickly and repeatedly would take a bit longer. But learning to do it quickly and repeatedly could be done without supervision, just the occasional random check on the product. I have built computers, tables, shelving, drawers, house electrical wiring, flyscreen windows, and so on and so forth without supervision. Though I am sure my grey water drainage system is very far from being up to code, being composed entirely of patches made from whatever was handy or whatever I could get, with numerous elements fabricated by hand molding stiff concrete.

                • jim says:

                  > At 3 months in a cabinet shop Elon Musk is still sweeping floors.

                  No, at three months in a cabinet shop you are still sweeping floors. Musk is building better cabinets, and developing improved ways of producing better cabinets faster.

                • Adam says:

                  > No, at three months in a cabinet shop you are still sweeping floors. Musk is building better cabinets, and developing improved ways of producing better cabinets faster.

                  The conversation as I understood it was about the labor force meeting the demands of the customers. We do not need 1 giga smartie we need thousands of guys with 5-10 years of experience.

                  Unless you assume 1 giga smartie can come up with some revolutionary technology.

                  > If I built one once, with the aid of a YouTube video, or preferably under supervision, I could make any number of them from basic architectural prints without supervision, though doing it quickly and repeatedly would take a bit longer. But learning to do it quickly and repeatedly could be done without supervision, just the occasional random check on the product.

                  I think if you spent a week among professional finish carpenters it would be a deeply humbling experience.

                • jim says:

                  > I think if you spent a week among professional finish carpenters it would be a deeply humbling experience.

                  Doubtless is would be, but after the second week, less humbling.

                  There are whole lot of skills, some of which do take a while to pick up. We do need apprenticeships. If you look at furniture made before apprenticeship was abolished, that required years of learning and practice. Modern trade skills are simpler, partly because we have a whole lot of tools to substitute for skill, mostly because the capability to make stuff requiring a high level of skill has been irreplaceable lost.

                  My welding is terrible. I watched a YouTube video buy a guy who had practiced briefly under an expert welder. After a pretty short training time, his welds were good enough, though more practice would have made them better. But after a short time, did not need an expert welder, just needed practice.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  Do you think, in 3 months, you can learn to build front doors for houses with lumber from the lumber yard? And do it quickly and repeatedly with no supervision, only limited information from a set of basic architectural prints?

                  Pretty sure that I’d learn a lot more than that. I spent my late teen years and early twenties learning a bunch of different skills for different reasons. Except the basic infrastructure of a house, I can build a modern facility from the ground. All of those skills did not take me nearly enough as you claim it’d take, since most of the time I spent working was actually a repetition of that which I already could do in a short time. With practice I did get more precise and had greater mastery, but my skill was up to commercial standards very fast very early on. So much so, that I received tips from clients (this is not customary in my country) and constant repeat customers and everyone loved my work. And this is hardly surprising seeing the work I’ve seen done by many others, some people are straight up criminals that build death hazards.

                  After 3 months working at a pro shop you would still not even be allowed to feed material into half of the equipment, under direct supervision. Not even Elon Musk would be allowed to. It is too dangerous and you would risk fucking up the machine and the material.

                  After 3 months working I’d be challenging the pros to outmake them at the skills which I had already learned and observed, I’m extremely competitive. If I was 3 months in apprenticeship, that implies my mentor is someone which I would respect, so knowledgeable and high IQ enough, and he would recognize my ability and my initiative as has happened in every single job I’ve ever done.

                  The conversation as I understood it was about the labor force meeting the demands of the customers. We do not need 1 giga smartie we need thousands of guys with 5-10 years of experience.

                  Yes it is, which is why I said that in a few months you can have someone up to the task. Admittedly I do not know how difficult it is working with wood as you’re talking about, with wood I know just enough to accommodate other stuff like locksmithing, because in Europe we do not build stuff like this. But I’ve heard similar things about working with metal and working with this and that, it was all bullshit, I learned in a short period. I’ve learned things just by listening to the manufacturer giving an overall explanation.

                  And while I have a measured IQ that is high enough to be in the 0.001% or something like that, still, I do not believe that building something from scratch with lumber is nearly as difficult as you’re making it up to be that even someone with 110 to 120 IQ would be completely stumped for years. In my opinion, you are simply accustomed to work only with grunts who barely reach a 100 or something, because America is the land of credentialism, so the potential capable people all go to college to ruin their lives with bullshit.

                  I’m quite certain any man with 120 can learn any trade in a short time up to commercial standards, very certain. And going by the IQ distribution among men, there’s nearly as many of those as practically average IQ men.

                  As far as fabrication and working with your hands building custom and complex things, years of experience is mostly all that matters. You can work at a big pro shop for a year and you yourself may only build part of one kitchen. Do you know how complicated it is to build kitchens? I have been doing this a very long time, and am pretty sharp, and I have built many, very large and very expensive kitchens, and I do not know everything there is to know about kitchens.

                  I’m sure you’re a very capable professional and I do not intend to question your skills, but I definitely think you’re inflating your ego a bit here. Remember, we are talking about average construction work, do not try to blow smoke up my ass telling me this fucking McDonalds land is so amazing everything everywhere is built with giga expensive several thousand dollars wood work. The average wood Amish house and foundation project I’ve seen takes a few weeks to learn, a few months to master, all of this being conservative, I’m very, very certain of it.

                  For the rarest of cases, you just apply similar skills, go slower and consult your mentor when needed, it’s not a problem.

                • Adam says:

                  To give you an idea of what I’m referring to, the typical home I build for is in the 2-10 million dollar range. A kitchen remodel can be 250,000 dollars easily. Usually we build out the whole home top to bottom. Any finished wood product that takes a stain or paint.

                  Anyone can engineer a jig to hit a billiards ball with a cue stick so the ball hits a target. Not everyone can play billiards well, and the best players play 8+ hours every single day and have for many years.

                  That is how you become a good woodworker. It’s not an engineering problem is an execution problem. One wrong cut and you can waste thousands in material and days worth of work. One wrong set up of a machine and you can make a 10,000$ mistake flushing a week of work away in an hour.

                  Not to mention most of the machines can severely injure you or even kill you, or someone you are working with. Even smart guys do not want to be responsible for setting up a machine that can send a bit or blade through you until they have months and years of experience on lesser machines.

                  Saying one could learn it online or in a short period of time is not really taking the problem seriously. It is far less an engineering problem and far more about muscle memory and coordination. I barely have to think about how I do something it is almost always a process of feeling things out and building from intuition and experience. Maybe you are Superman but I have yet to meet anyone with respectable skills in this business that did not learn the same way as everyone else.

          • zero says:

            Dutch construction speed is mind blowing.

            • Anonymous says:

              Skills learned through apprenticeship are NOT similar to knowledge like rocket science
              Elon musk would most certainly NOT be zooming through his carpenter apprenticeship the way he zoomed through rockets.
              Musk works with his brain- hands on jobs like carpentry are much more about your hands, finesse, and knowing little things that you don’t find in books and you can’t deduce.
              Saying musk would learn to be a top carpenter in a few months is no different from saying bill gates could learn to be a top golf player in a few months. Not gonna happen.
              I say this from personal experience- moved from a highly cognitive field to a highly hands on field. I zoomed through the cognitive field very easily, but the hands on field was an entirely different ball game.

      • jim says:

        Increasingly postgraduate academic degrees will earn you the smell of an oil rag.

        • Cascadia says:

          There are many different kinds of construction jobs. Big difference between union iron workers and illegals hanging sheet rock on same job site.

          My field is in the architecture/engineering/construction sector but in universities this is still heavily feminized and infiltrated with social science, etc.

          This explains why I spent Covid years making peanuts, carrying buckets of gravel and concrete with illegals after post graduate degrees, which I obtained instead of traditional trade apprenticeship due to blue-pilled up bringing. My resume got me interviews with all the big corporate consulting firms in blue megalopolis but I was a white man during the Covid racial reckoning.

          So I took makework gov job in redstate deep in backwoods when it came up.

          Water under the bridge, I have kids to raise and feed and house now.

          Working with gov on water infrastructure would be on-site management, about 100k starting but this doesn’t go far in blue megalopolis, but maybe outer boroughs still OK? Job sites are all in outer boroughs so we could live there and not need to commute. Regional proximity to grandparents and extended family some of whom are less blue pulled than immediate family (cops, blue collar white ethnics, anti communist Asians etc)

          Or move away from family. Still plenty of libtards in university but region is as red as they come in the USA. Kids more deracinated but probably better environment all around.

          Anyone else raising daughters in cathedral?

          How to raise

    • Red says:

      >Unfortunately at 40 with kids I feel I don’t have options outside cathedral (in before “learn to code and move to el salvador”).

      That’s a odd thing to say here…

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Lol, I appreciated his honesty.

        I’m the only one that proffered advice, and TBH I was hoping you’d weigh in among others. If you don’t want to do that, can you critique what I said?

        • Red says:

          Your advice was solid. Sometimes we don’t reply to a comment around here because it’s right and there’s nothing to add.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Thanks for that.

            But I meant your advice to him. It’s an interesting predicament, I’d be torn too. I would love to get into the white collar side of construction, in fact have been trying for months, but without verifiable experience, the only ones willing to take the chance are not salaried, they are job by job, and I can’t onboard that risk ATM. But I also can’t spare the year and change I need to get hands on experience because the pay is too low for the standard of living I have established. It’s a pickle, but I’ll figure something out.

            And I would give up a whole lot to get into academia… except fucking no, not in a million years am I going to spend 5 minutes on even thinking about the miles of emasculating, dehumanizing bullshit I’d have to endure just to be a part time adjunct. But, if someone could wave a magic red tape wand, and I could get a rathole office and a steady job teaching undergraduate history and/or PoliSci, I’d jump at that.

            I’m not complaining. God, Jim & Frens guidance, and a fair bit of luck have landed me in a tenable position, and I am getting prepared to make moves. But Cascadia’s situation seems like a pretty tough “would you rather.”

            I keep trying to figure out a clever way to ask if you are playing on Elon’s Playground or just watching from the bleachers.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              It’s hard to get into the private sector white collar side of construction off the street. I got in the IT stuff by my last name. A guy I know in architecture blue printing works directly for his father at his grandfather’s company. Yeah, they do hire outside of family, but it’s along the lines of “I know a guy who knows a guy.” Best bet would be making friends with guys in the industry. They do drink a lot with all that entails. Would not recommend it for you liver or marriage though.

              Easiest option to get foot in the door with no connections, family or otherwise, is federal government work via USAJobs. Holy as holy is, mostly cares about degree for entry level. Probably would get you in at GS-07 with BS or 09 with MS. Again, would not recommend this rout. Typically involves lots of mandatory travel, often to shit hole places. Very hard on young families. Still hard on more established families. Alcohol abuse among those guys is rampant when away from family.

              Getting into construction entry level is a young man’s game where the liver still has good function, there’s no family to worry about, and there is still youth i.e. time to screw up and learn.

              >if someone could wave a magic red tape wand, and I could get a rathole office and a steady job teaching undergraduate history and/or PoliSci, I’d jump at that.

              My personal advice to you though… get some analyst job at state department (or the other alphabet agencies) and ride out the decline, or if things get bad ride the tiger. Maybe even shoot for US Foreign Service Officer. Embassy life can be pretty comfortable and you’ll potentially have a convenient exit strategy if things get really bad being overseas (with family) and all that.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                For reasons stated a while back, I can’t do anything posted to USAJobs. Flee too close to the sun.

              • Cascadia says:

                This is exactly what I did. Carried concrete with illegals for a year and a half, running my own jobs and also deadend grunt work at “construction startups.” Then went on usajobs and got a white collar makework job in a backwoods location. If you have a degree and are willing to move to a backwoods location they will hire you. But you may have to live out of your pickup. Hard to do with a wife and kids.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Proximity to blue-pilled grandparents is a bug not a feature. Avoid. Unless possibly you’re factoring in inheritance for your daughters’ sake, but even then, consider whether blue-pilled boomers intend to pass it down, or just spend it.

  18. Anon says:

    Jim, you might find this crypto project interesting, Anoma:

    The first line of the whitepaper:
    “Programmable settlement architectures do not enable counterparty discovery and solving, both of which are necessary to build the majority of interactive multi-party applications.”

    The project seems to value privacy a lot, their first chain to implement the Anoma architecture, Namada ( is a “proof-of-stake L1 for interchain asset-agnostic privacy”.

    Their architecture uses zk tech extensively, I think in similar ways to what you’ve described.

    • jim says:

      Uses recursive zero knowledge proofs, which is what zk tech has long promised, but which we have only been recently able to accomplish. Last time I checked, I was not able to accomplish it, for the good stuff was still closely held, although there was sufficient information about how it worked to reinvent and recreate it. And subsequently, the good stuff (Plonky2) got open sourced and very similar techs got invented, following in their footsteps.

      The blockchain mindspace is full of ten thousand shitcoins. But this new technology changes everything. With this new technology there is room for new blockchains.

      • Fidelis says:

        Not sure you are ever going to get away from the concept of a series of events confirmed through some entropy mining.

        How do you determine the latest state in a zkchain? Well your client verifies that all actions were performed according to the given algorithm definition. Great. Now I present to you two chain tips, both have followed all algorithm definitions. Which do you follow? How do you know some long range attack/costless replay hasnt occurred? If you only have a priori information with no entropy, you cannot make this decision.

        zk tech is not for new blockchains, but is going to be the layer on top of the blockchain that efficiently wraps up state transfers.

        • jim says:

          Consensus is an an unrelated issue. You solve consensus the same way with or without recursive zero knowledge proofs. In any blockchain with open entry you always need a fair way in one peer rather arbitrarily gets a lot more say than the rest, in bitcoin the one that got lucky mining, and that peer goes with whatever tip it happens to have. In an open entry system you are always going to have several tips on several machines, and you have to sort it out, zero knowledge or no zero knowledge.

          You are always going to need a reliable broadcast channel, but with recursive zero knowledge proofs, you can break it up into a tree of reliable broadcast channels each containing a reasonably small number of participants.

          • Fidelis says:

            Unrelated? It’s the sole reason for the existence of blockchains. We are coming to consensus on the current state of the ledger. No consensus, no money.

            This lack of entropy is a problem with all existing PoS networks currently. Why are unstaking periods so long? Primarily so that people running validators can keep track of each other. This does not work for a system thst is inherently permissionless and global. You need an entropy source to build the canonical chain if you are not relying entirely on a social consensus to resolve forks. In any situation where there is no real entropy, you are determining leaders through some shared random coin, maybe from pulling bits from block headers, or round robin or whatever else, you can always simulate a new heaviest chain. It’s fake, has no connection to base reality, a closed system, a PoS chain not pegged to a PoW chain is entirely driven by social consensus. You’re reinventing fiat.

            • Fidelis says:

              Recursive zks are great for succinctly proving that state transitions are honest. They are going to be how you scale these things, you bundle all these disparate state transitions into a nice n-bit hash, without having to have the entire state on hand as witness. Providing a total order to these state transition event signatures is the problem we need to solve, and the only way to do that without social consensus is through mining entropy.

              So sure. Maybe a new blockchain, but the merkle root of this new blockchain occasionally checkpoints state roots to the reigning PoW chain. We’ll probably have lots of competing sidechains like this, probably passing messages back in forth to each other, potentially nested n-deep, almost none of which have to resolve on the top layer.

              This is tech for scaling on top of the existing systems.

            • jim says:

              You are presenting a meaningless fragment of an argument about a topic you did not understand, and confidently asserting that fragment as a decisive argument on another unrelated topic that you understand even less.

              You are making an argument against certain complex and specific alternatives to proof of work, not an argument against zero knowledge proofs, or even a valid argument against proof of stake. (Yes, most alternatives to proof of work have been implemented badly, but you don’t understand the arguments because you have absolutely no idea what the legitimate participants, all of whom were vastly more knowledgeable than you, and most of whom were vastly smarter than you, were talking about.)

              Not going to discuss this with you because your thinking is incoherent and meaningless.

              • Fidelis says:

                I am fairly sure the incoherence you claim is due to you swiftly skimming without actually digesting the words on the screen. Understandable, you are busy. However a simple ad hominem is not an argument, and merely calling people stupid without at least dropping a single piece of information as to where or why is a waste of energy and a waste of time for any others also reading the conversation. My comments were not schizophrenic word salad, and even if they were…, it should be easy to pick out at least one statement wherein the incoherence can be made apparent.

                • jim says:

                  Putting you on moderation.

                  It is impossible to reply to you, because you are not making any sense. You are echoing fragments of arguments you do not understand in a context unrelated to the original argument. And I doubt you understood the original context either, the original context being proof of stake mechanisms, and still meaningless except as related to a concrete and specific class of proof of stake mechanisms.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I’m going to make my case one last time, jim you are free to ignore of course, in fact if you are busy it’s better to focus elsewhere. This is for any lurking readers perhaps interested in context and clarity on what exactly is being argued.

                  My basic thesis is as follows, zk proofs are not going to lead to new blockchains in any meaningful sense. Zk proofs are going to be applied on top of existing blockchains to solve the problem of needing state witness in order to prove validity of state transition. Furthermore, as a tangent argument as to why zk proofs are not new blockchains, any consensus without a costly source of real-world entropy is inherently subjective. I can only prove this conjecture by contradiction, and so it does not apply to theoretical future algorithms unless I or someone else manages to tighten the bounds.

                  Quick nonexhaustive definition of the qualities of zks we are discussing around. A zk-s(n/t)ark is an argument consisting of two functions:
                  – prover: C(x, w) = p where C is the program, x is the public input, w is the private witness and p the proof
                  – verifier: V(p, x) = { true, false} where given a proof and public input, you can verify that C was computed honestly, without knowledge of the private witness

                  So, now we can argue that we know a secret key, sk, that can sign for the transfer of ownership of some state bytes that are leaves of some merkle tree, w. So alice wanting to transfer some bytes to bob generates a proof
                  (sk, leaf preimage pre transition, leaf preimage post transition),
                  (hash commit leaves pre transition, merkle path, hash commit leaves post transition)
                  ) = p`
                  and sends this to the public verifier. The verifier checks the proof, and approves the transition to the new state. This is useful enough, it allows us to approve state transitions without global knowledge of the state, just hash commits of the leaves. It becomes more useful when you apply these arguments recursively. Now you have a proof
                  (list of proofs),
                  (merkle root pre transition, merkle root post transition)
                  ) = p`
                  So you can aggregate this collection of state transitions using only the knowledge of the state root and the zk proof functions.

                  Wonderful. Now the validating nodes dont need to have an unbounded memory of existing pieces of the state, they dont need to know what public keys signed what, they dont need to know who owns what bytes or what exactly changed within the bytes. They can argue that the new state root, which users prove against when transacting with each other, was computed honestly according to a pre defined ruleset.

                  So, now we have new state roots, but we have a meta problem. We need to know the total order in which these transition actions were applied, in order to resolve disputes as to which state is true and solve the State Machine Replication problem. This is where the consensus comes in. Existing solutions largely fall into two classes, proof of stake, wherein those who decide orderings are those with some weight of “stake”, usually just a number in the ledger saying this public key has this weight of tokens, and after deciding leaders you use some byzantine broadcast algorithm to ensure all the replicants share the decisions of the leaders whom do not give faulty ordering decisions. The other class is proof of work, wherein instead of deciding leaders by stake weight, leaders are chosen upon finding the solution to some computational puzzle requiring lots of entropy.

                  Okay, so why does it matter which class of algorithms you select from? Well, there is a problem with leader selection based on stake weight. The knowledge of stake weight *is determined by the participants*. So you can simulate, cheaply, an entirely new chain, and present this to any consumer of chain state. This is called a long range attack, the problem is also sometimes referred to as costless replay, and the only way in which you can resolve the correct chain vs an attacking chain, is by keeping a list of active validators you personally trust. Or depending on someone elses list. It is not trustless, in the sense that a quorum of validators can entirely rewrite chain history if they so choose, and there is no way to resolve as to which history is correct. It is consensus driven by social reality, and participation is only allowed through consent of the validators.

                  For proof of work chains, this problem does not exist. Replays are costly, as they require real-world entropy to generate the leading chain. You dont need a list of validators, you can determine the correct chain tip entirely from the reading of the chain events, because each leader is decided from a preimage that is too costly to simulate. It is consensus driven by real world reality. History can not be arbitrarily rewritten, and participation is entirely open.

                  In summation, zk proofs allow you to drastically increase both privacy and scalability, because the witness needed to generate honest state transitions compresses into a single merkle root. Zk proofs do not lead to new blockchains, because they do not solve the total ordering problem for SMR. A blockchain desiring the properties of trustlessness and open participation requires a consensus layer driven by entropy mining.

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this utter nonsense through is case anyone is in doubt why I am not going to allow any more of it through.

                  “any consensus without a costly source of real-world entropy is inherently subjective.” And colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

                  You randomly decorating your text with words that smart people use, but without understanding their meaning.

                  A charitable interpretation of your words is “proof of work is the only way”. But someone who actually understood what he was saying would not have said it using impressive sounding words with merely tangential relevance, and if that is what you intended to say, and if that was true, it would still be entirely unrelated to the issue of blockchains based on recursive zero knowledge proofs. Also unrelated to the words you used.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I have no idea what’s going on here in technical terms, I don’t understand even a fraction of what’s required to make an assessment. But I like Fidelis, I think he contributes, and I hate to see us lose a brother. Jim’s House, Jim’s rules.

                  I’ve made the mistake of advocating for dumb and evil people here out of an earnest desire to propagate cohesion and build a larger tribe. Because of this, my credibility is low (never mind the retarded predictions and profligate drunkposting and…), but I nonetheless hope this can be settled amicably OR put on ice and left alone for a time.

                  Jim, does Fidelis have to be on moderation? Can he make a gentleman’s agreement to let this particular sleeping dog lie?

                • SJ says:

                  Ok I finally read the words that are lined up in those paragraphs. Reminds me of the gibberish I hear from one of my brothers, a chemist who pretends to do chemistry but whose actual job is to scam more grants from the government. He’s a research chemist for a university. He’s pretty good at getting more grants but everything he says is just word salad. I’m not sure if he’s stupid or if lying to himself that he’s a chemist, when he’s just a scam artist, has caused him to believe his word salad actually means anything. He appears to believe stringing chemistry terms together nonsensically actually has some kind of meaning.

                • jim says:

                  The debate, of which Fidelis was presenting fragments, is about what should be called “reliable broadcast channels”, because this has applications beyond blockchains themselves – you implement a protocol, say for the lightning network or for exchanging one crypto currency for another, and at a critical moment, the other guy stops communicating. And you then need to be able to prove that he failed to send, you were not the one ignoring what he sent, that he failed, not you.

                  In a reliable broadcast channel, if you publish something and it gets included, it gets included in the root hash of a block, thereby proving it was included, and that the intended recipient could receive it, that if he did not receive it, it his fault and his problem, you did not defect from the protocol, he did. When you use a scriptless script, as in the better lightning algorithms, you are using the blockchain not for its original design purpose, but as a reliable broadcast channel. Obviously a blockchain that relies on recursive zero knowledge proofs still needs a reliable broacast channel, on which the hash of the current state of every value is available, but only the parties to the transaction know what was in the transaction. And as the chain gets bigger, a whole lot of stuff is going to be broadcast.

                  So how do we scale? Recursive proofs means we do not have to keep the old data around, and that we are only passing around the hash of each change of state of a value, not the value itself, considerably reduces the data passed around, but what about the ever growing flood of new data? How do we handle Visa scale and bigger?

                  With recursive zero knowledge proofs, we can have one blockchain and many reliable broadcast channels.

              • FrankNorman says:

                Hi Jim – this question may only reveal my ignorance, but I’m going to ask it anyway…

                First off, if you’re trading with pieces of gold as currency, you don’t need to bring a paper-trail documenting what mine the gold was dug out of, etc. Gold is gold.
                But with this sort of digital currency, you do, because data can simply be copied. Okay…

                But what about anonymity? If I pay in gold coin, I can wipe the literal fingerprints of all previous handlers off it. Or even clear it of my own fingerprints before giving it in payment.
                But doing the equivalent to the sort of virtual currency you’re discussing will make it worthless?

                How is this not in effect a centralized banking system where they can track the movement of money wherever it goes?

                • jim says:

                  The answer to that involves a great deal of cryptography. Which I am not going to cover here. We have a bunch of imperfect workarounds: Wasabi Wallet, the Lightning Network, and Monero.

                  Lightning provides the largest and cleanest anonymity network, but Lightning wallet only provides good anonymity if you provide channels that other people can use – that lots of random strangers will wind up using, only provide anonymity if you are vertex rather than a leaf on the lightning network – which involves a great deal of work and skill to manage, and if you muck up you lose your money. Wasabi wallet does a good job, and is easy to use correctly and safely. If you are using Wasabi wallet, and you also have some vertex nodes in the lightning network, you are fairly bullet proof. But Wasabi wallet just by itself is pretty good. And vertexes on the lightning network by themselves are pretty good.

                  However, Recursive Zero Knowledge proofs can provide a truly anonymous, and fully scalable, crypto currency. Lots of people are working on it. The one true crypto currency will not have transactions nor unspent transaction outputs on the blockchain, but only hashes of them, with only the parties to a transaction knowing what the hashes are hashes of. This technology will bring a pile of enormous advantages, notably true scalability as well as full anonymity. But as yet it is only a technology and an idea, without any actually useful implementation. I am going to write up a paper on how to implement a currency using this technology – at present people have a lot of half assed bits and pieces, with one guy planning to implement one little bit of the big picture, and another guy planning to implement another little part of the big picture, but no one that I am aware of of has presented the big picture of what it should look like when it all comes together.

  19. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Many voices, speaking ex cathedra and from the peanut gallery, supposed that mid may would be the latest date the NATO Occupied Government would launch its battle of the bulge.

    As the days continue to roll by though, the end of this war may end up being the dog that didn’t bark.

    Pavlograd was smote by the fist of God several days ago, where providence found a significant concentration of the NOG’s surface to air missile supply in the rail depot, and a Russian ISR-Strike on alert to hit it. The resulting cataclysm has made for an evocative image, with many of those bearing witness, later, through mediums, feeling the effects of the blast on planes of spirit as much as anything else.

    As cladistical bluetribesman John Dolan once opined, “I always wondered why no one spoke in favor of nuclear war, but I didn’t say that out loud. You were supposed to be anti-them; even I knew that. Kept it to myself, how beautiful those mushroom clouds were, how right they felt, how deserved.”

    The occident heretofore is occupied by deeply unserious people, and more people with more matter are having to think seriously about how Russia is serious. Both parties are thinking about that great magnum opus of alchemical art, the transmutation of solar radiance. The latter, to guarantee the integrity of its sovereignty. The former, as like a woman shittesting God; subconsciously hoping that something, someone, will finally ‘man-up’ and drag them into the hereafter (along with everyone else).

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >Russia is serious

      Russia is not serious. They should have leveled Kyiv and built Putingrad on its radioactive ashes as soon as the initial attack was faltering. It would have promptly and preemptively shut up all those delusions of “Western analysts” talking about military strikes on Russian forces in the event of nuclear weapons use. I admit to being an autist like Cato such that if I were in the Duma I would be beginning and ending every single speech with the Russian equivalent of Kyiv Delenda Est.

      Brotherly Kiev was murdered; therefore, no fratricide can be committed by the destruction of Ukraine and Kyiv by Russia. It was clear from early in the conflict Ukraine wanted total war. Russia’s failure to meet total war with unmitigated fire has only served to lengthen the war and kill thousands of young Russian men both civilian and military. It has served to embolden GAE into the false notion that it’s in control, that it can continue to foster war and chaos without consequence, that they are ultimately in the right because they’ve never had tactile experience showing them to be wrong. Or as you pointed out, bluetribe is only thinking in the imaginative.

      I always wondered why no one spoke in favor of nuclear war, but I didn’t say that out loud. You were supposed to be anti-them; even I knew that. Kept it to myself, how beautiful those mushroom clouds were, how right they felt, how deserved.

      I’ve pointed out many, many times on this blog that Kyiv is the proper spelling. Zelensky and Ukraine murdered Kiev just as he has murdered many in the Donbas and Orthodox Christian communities. Kyiv is fake and gay, but fake and gay rules in Kyiv and Ukraine; therefore, it must be destroyed. Some here still harbor sympathies for the innocents of Kiev. War is great. War is terrible. Innocence does not matter in war. Only victory. But this war never had to happen. All those Ukrainians and Russians never had to die. Ukraine could have been neutral. America could have stopped expanding NATO as promised. America could have chosen to not dick around with color revolutions in Europe. America choose destruction because it does not fear. I grieve over all those pointless deaths and needless destruction because I disagree with pointless pain.

      I have been dealing with young American children lately in the education system due to some volunteer work. They do not respect authority because they’ve never had to deal with the consequences of their actions. What would have once resulted in physical punishment and pain in my parent’s era now results in, at best, a stern phone call to parents who don’t care. They are completely detached from the possibility of pain. Not even cognizant that it can happen to others. Instead, they are constantly told that they are right and good with no examples to the contrary. Our “elites” are much like these children. Forever disconnected from the possibility of pain. A mushroom cloud over Kyiv might be the wake up call they severely need.

      The Washington elite, a group that claims “global leadership,” is far worse than any sociopath or psychopath. They are children with immense power breaking shit with no idea what they are breaking. Those with sociopathic and psychopathic traits will generally self regulate towards some socially accepted norms. Firefighters, police, soldiers, and many other professions who often score highly on callous/narcissistic/psychopathic traits generally want to act with honor because at the very least their loyalty is their only sense of honor. Loyalty that is born from an understanding of pain. These Washington elites have no concept of pain and therefore no honor.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >>Russia is serious

        >Russia is not serious.

        We are speaking in a relational sense, of course.

      • embeveraged commuter says:

        Russia started the SMO uncertain about it’s allies, it’s fighting ability, and it’s ability to survive sanctions. You see Russia kicking ass now, but much of it’s strength was put together in the last decade or so.
        Putin’s decisions so far have brought much of the world (China and India) to it’s side, revealed NATO’s land forces to be a farce, and dealt a huge blow to the US dollar. All this with relatively little lost by Russia.
        Washington can only decline until it’s death now. It can terrorize it’s remaining subjects for a decade or two, but it can’t threaten Russia or it’s allies, except maybe with a limited supply of nukes it lacks the ability to maintain, or possibly even deliver against modern Russian air defense.

        You want the people of Russia to instead take on the whole gay empire, face first, on it’s own land, right now. You could argue it would be the most noble thing to do, but you are asking Russians to risk nuclear annihilation to save fat stupid Americans from their own government, while those fat stupid Americans view Russians as subhuman and cheer for their death.

        Who says doing what you want would even be a ‘wake up call’ to Washington anyway? As long as the elites have their corrupt fortunes and a supply of young boys to sodomize, what do they care if the peasants die?

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Why Kyiv? Why not Washington? Shoot the puppeteer, not the puppet; gore the matador, not the cape.

        The happiest day of my life will be when everything inside the Beltway becomes a lake of nuclear fire, and moments later at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter welcomes a dozen nuns who day-tripped into the city to pray outside an abortion clinic.

        Which is probably going to happen eventually the way things are going. Under a senile placeholder president, decisions in Washington are made by a committee in which anyone who suggests de-escalation is labeled a Russian agent and expelled from the committee.

        • jim says:

          Reagan was highly successful in wearing the Soviet Union out with a multitude of little wars that the US could afford, but the Soviet Union could not. Color revolution inevitably became a reprise of this strategy.

          Reagan’s success created a global perception that when the US started one of those little wars, no point in fighting it, so color revolutions were initially won easily.

          Two things had changed since Reagan: The political objectives had become more overbearing, intrusive, and oppressive, and the US industrial capacity had hollowed out.

  20. Kunning Druegger says:

    One of Jim’s “earlier” axioms that I initially disagreed with but have since come to believe in (though we are still waiting for more data points, affirmational and/or exceptional) is:

    Countries with gay pride parades can’t win wars.

    We can clarify this to say that state governments that accept, welcome, allow, facilitate, or force pride parades all nest within the “Countries…parades” component. Call this Component A.

    The “can’t win wars” component can also be clarified, indeed it must be because of the confusing and ambiguous nature of current era geopolitics. Armies that fail to reach strategic goals, governments that collapse before the conclusion of a war, goal posts being shifted to hide or mitigate failures, losses so high as to reduce the status of the country a whole classification bracket (from Great to Major, Major to Minor, Minor to Lesser, etc.), countries that get bogged down in a quagmire, armies that get bogged down in a frozen stalemate, all fit within this component. Call this Component B.

    To substantiate this axiom, we need to clarify when a country under consideration is within the bounds of Component A. We then need to establish where and when Component B is “proven.” Both are moving targets.

    When the US initiated the Global War On Terror, was it CompA? Normiecon perspective says No, that became accurate in ~2012, but the Jimian Perspective is less obvious. Hardcore take is that USG has been pro-Gay since the 1990s if we look at the personal opinions of the bureaucratic oligarchy, and it could go back even further. But probably safe to say America became CompA in 2008. For CompB, we have good evidence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Jury is out on Ukraine, but we can all see the writing on the wall, we just can’t make out if the sentence ends in a period, exclamation point, question mark… or ellipsis.

    One envisions some sort of equation that could be applied based on a database that will give CompA inclusion, and a separate one for CompB. I think there might be enough data in existence to substantiate the axiom using USA, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and maybe a few others. Obviously, this is academic work that either cannot get done or will not be done. But it definitely has an appeal, a way to systematically demonstrate the geopolitical impact of peak progressivism using Jim’s axiom.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      It’s not an “axiom”. Gay pride parades are just a proxy for social progressivism. Social progressivism causes military and economic decline. Ergo countries with gay pride parades (tend to) lose wars against countries without gay pride parades, all other things being equal.

      Not rocket science.

      • The Cominator says:

        Gay pride parades are a holy day and a holy procession for the globohomo religion. Its deliberately a satanic inversion of Christianity since Pride is the ultimate root of all sin and homosexuality is the abomination of Sodom and Gommoroh which ruins all societies where it becomes widespread (maybe not Japan since it was semi tolerated there and didn’t seem to undermine their society).

        • jim says:

          Imperial Japan, Japan after opening up to the West, but before being conquered by America, was unambiguously, officially, and explicitly hostile to homosexuality, and the claim that Japan tolerated homosexuality before it opened up to west smells of the same radical rewrite of history as presenting David and Jonathan as gay lovers. It was possible to celebrate love between men, because very bad things happened to sodomites.

          Before opening up to the west, homosexuals did not exist (as far as anyone admitted to knowing). After they opened up to the west, they read in western books that homosexuals existed, and immediately said “No”.

          The purported evidence that homosexuality was tolerated in preopening Japan is evidence that love and friendship between males was accepted and often celebrated. Which only happens in societies where gay is thoroughly suppressed. Gays are markedly lacking in love and friendship, always betraying and being betrayed. The distinctive characteristic of gays is shamelessness, they hit on everything human shaped that has no boobs. And we see absolutely no evidence of that in preopening Japan, which suggests that disturbing the pretense that gays did not exist was apt to be fatal.

          If homosexuality was semi tolerated in pre-contact Japan we would see evidence of men advertising that their asses were available, not evidence that love between men was celebrated. The evidence that love between men was celebrated is evidence that gays were suppressed very thoroughly, not evidence that gay was tolerated.

      • Jehu says:

        Can anyone think of a counterexample? As in something that people in the 1800s would say, yeah, that’s a war that was won by a side that had done a gay pride parade against one that hadn’t?

        Closest I can think of was Desert Storm part 1, but you could argue that the US hadn’t fully metastasized yet. I don’t think present day US could have beaten Saddam.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The thing is Desert Storm 1 and its sequel 10 years later were a push. USG went in and broke a lot of stuff, but in either case failed to actually conquer in the end.

          Liberal polities are good at making chaos, bad at making order. So peace can never actually come. Victory for such is like Zeno’s paradox – no matter how close it seems to get, there is always some last stretch of measure it can’t cross.

          • Pax Imperialis says:


            Failure to utilize massacre and other similar tactics leads to failed occupations. This isn’t a result of gay parades. It’s a result of progressivism, but progressivism also leads to gay parades to such a degree that they map onto each other. Jim is using a proxy, gay parades, for progressivism. Not wrong as a heuristic, but is wrong from an austic exactly “well ackshually” position.

            American military failures due to progressivism have been as old as Vietnam. I do not know of any gay parades in the 1970s… “well ackshually” I’m wrong and Jim right. I looked up the earliest American gay parade after claiming none in the 70s and found 1969 to be the first year, so Vietnam war era. A war that America did not win (like Korea) but also definitively lost with the fall of South Vietnam (unlike Korea).

            I still believe Jim to be wrong, assuming that the stated position is his position, because it is mixing a proxy with the underlining cause. But I’m also being autistic about this and maybe a tad bit rude. Many proxies might as well be conflated with their underlining causes because they are more or less indistinguishable, but the fraction of Western blood in me demands Goethe’s Faustian philosophy of the primacy of infinitesimal yet infinite philosophical absolute reasoning.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >A war that America did not win (like Korea)

              Ok, I’m being a degenerate and drinking on the weekdays. Mistyped/worded this. Mean a “victory” that America did not clearly lose (a pyrrhic stalemate) rather than definitively lost like Vietnam.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The observation that Whigs can’t rule other countries raises the obvious question of, how do they rule at home.

              The answer in short is, ‘cuckservatives do it for them’.

              Cuckservative classes do the main job of establishing order, creating value, and keeping the wheels turning. They are the troubleshooters of whig dominion, frustrating the whig’s attempts to try instantiating Total Whiggism Now, which preemption in turn justifies the whig’s continued existence, creating a ‘virtuous’ cycle which underpins the matter of gnosticized polities. Such as they are.

              The whig arranges righteous indignation over the guarantor of its preeminence, a dynamic which is breathtaking in its sheer mendacity. Whiggism in due course is used to make sure the presently regnant underlords are always higher status than the cuckservative house niggers, the tactically selective application of such universally solvent cogitohazards to destroy any who get too uppity.

              Places where the whig empire has conquered, europe most notably, are all places where large numbers of native cuckservatives were willing to be party to the whiggish treason. Where the whig empire fails, are all places where the native men of substance are all either unwilling or non-existent. Therefore, in any case, whig ‘policy’ is thrown at the wall of Being in full credulousness, uncontaminated by any unprincipled exceptions, and untrammeled by any ‘compromise’ with the Wreckers – with all the inevitable results that entails.

              For all its pretenses at atemporal transcendence of Nature or Nature’s God, the whig imperium is strikingly parochial in its effective racial composition – as is ever the case. It is something that is adapted to proliferating in an environment of hajnal europoids, and the further away you move from this, the more it falls flat.

            • jim says:

              > Jim is using a proxy, gay parades, for progressivism

              Not entirely. Gay pride is an attack on Christianity and on masculinity and on male cohesion. Progressives, obviously, can win wars. That is how they created the Global American empire.

              Cannot win them with this kind of progressivism. Can’t win them without masculinity and male cohesion.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Progressivism is inherently an attack on the natural order and therefore an attack on Christianity and masculinty and male cohesion. Its egalitarianism attacks the natural hierarchy be it in wealth, intelligence, relationships, or a myriad of other inequalities. It destroyed the cohesion between man and woman; after which, they set upon destroying cohesion between men. Gay parades are just further progression into destruction.

                Prior to WW2, Progressives were flirting with gay rights in the 1920s. Had the led up to WW2 not served as a clarifying moment putting a pause to progressivism, would have likely had gay pride parades in the 30s and a radically different world.

                Progressives did not win the war that made GAE possible. The war was won by men like General Patton and General Zhukov (a close friend of Eisenhower). Men who either ended up suspiciously dead soon after or faded into obscurity. Their service no longer required.

                • jim says:

                  When Hitler was elected, someone said “Emasculating men is a very bad idea”, and first wave feminism softly and silently vanished away.

                  Today, Bolton, urging war with Russia and China simultaneously, said that hollowing out American industrial capacity is a very bad idea. But neglected to mention ESG and Shaniqua getting appointed tech lead, and neglected to say that emasculating men is a very bad idea.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Zhukov didn’t fade into obscurity in the Soviet Union he was raised to the Politburo and unfortunately he was kind of the crucial man who prevented Beria from taking over.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Until someone provides evidence that defeats it, “Countries with gay pride parades can’t win wars” stands.

      Here’s the breakdown for interpreting the axiom:

      Countries – states, governments, voluntary associations of a people based on ethnicity, race, identity, geography.

      With Gay Pride Parades – accepting, allowing, facilitating, or forcing a normalization, acceptance, or preference for public degeneracy at or beyond the marker of sodomy in terms of implicit or explicit sexual activity.

      Can’t Win Wars – Unable or unwilling to commit to a course of action, carry out activities, operations, or campaigns, or instantiate the needed social formulations for winning, ending, or succeeding at contests of a martial character or take and hold territory previously outside their control.

      So, conceivably, an interlocutor can take any of the three parts above and concatenate them to create the premise, then attempt to refute it.

      “States allowing public degeneracy can’t commit to a course of action that results in success in a martial contest.”

      “Governments that facilitate normalization of implicit sodomy cannot campaign successfully for control of foreign territory.”

      On the specificity of pride parades: these abominations are more than just a “result of progressivism” as stated by Mouse and Pax. Equivocating is a tool for propaganda and it does have its uses. As well, the slippery slope exists and isn’t a fallacy. So things lead to other things of like yet magnified kind, making the magnified thing contingent in some sense. But, to torture the metaphor, one could take a flying leap down the slope and skip certain points along the way (many GAE vassals have done this, are doing this, like in the Baltics currently). One could also pause on the slope much easier at certain points just as one could find it impossible to do this further down.

      Pride parades are a somewhat unique occurrence. I’m struggling to think of anything else that compares, though a processional towards the pyramid where a people sacrifice their children might work. Yes, these occur as a result of progressive domination of society, rather of the elites, but they denote a certain threshold having been crossed. This, if I may be so bold, is what Jim noticed and expounded on, that the pride parades indicated the breaching of a particular threshold that denied a society certain options and opportunities it previously may have had. Another way to frame it is that when sodomites feel bold enough to march in the street, the males of a society have lost the ability to cohere and coordinate effectively, be it in support of the status quo, or against it, or even separate from it.

      If it isn’t axiomatic, then someone should be able to refute the premise.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >Ishtar (Astarte/Ashtoreth/Venus/Inanna), the Babylonian goddess of love, pictured above. She was the goddess of sacred prostitution, of transgression, and the blurring of boundaries. Did you know that she was also the goddess of gender fluidity?
        >Molech, the god to whom people in the Ancient Near East sacrificed children. They sacrificed these children for the sake of achieving blessing, including prosperity, from the god. Cahn correctly links this to abortion, and to Ishtar’s rites — that is, unwanted children conceived by Ishtar-worshippers could be offered to Molech. It is no accident, says the pastor, that Planned Parenthood is not only the go-to place for abortions, but also the go-to place to get cross-sex hormones to change your sex — which, of course, renders you infertile. It’s all a death cult.
        >Cahn quotes a Hittite hymn to the goddess describing her as the one who will “…grind away from men manliness.” There was a prayer to her praising her power to emasculate and feminize men
        >Cahn says, sensibly, that if Ishtar worship came to America, we would expect to see the feminization of males and the masculinization of females, and overall gender confusion. Well… .
        What’s more, her ritual followers — priests and others — engaged in public acts of androgyny, to show their devotion. Drag culture, Pride parades, and so forth, are exactly that, in Cahn’s view. She was a goddess of inversion.
        >According to an ancient Sumerian document, the demons who accompany Inanna/Ishtar when she arises out of the underworld
        > tear away the wife from a man’s embrace. They snatch the son from a man’s knee. They make the bride leave the house of her father-in-law. … They take the wife away from a man’s embrace.
        >Enhuedanna, high priestess of the moon in the Sumerian city of Ur, hymned Inanna/Ishtar like this:
        > To destroy, to create, to tear out, to establish are yours, Inanna. To turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man are yours, Inanna.
        >Tammuz was the lover of Ishtar. The month of Tammuz (which still exists in the Hebrew calendar) marks the month of the separation of Tammuz and Ishtar, which Cahn interprets as symbolizing the tearing away of men and women from each other. He points out that the Stonewall Riots, which marked the advent of the gay rights movement, occurred on the 10th of Tammuz, which in Babylon was the date on which it was considered ritually correct to cast spells to make men love men.
        >That’s right: the modern gay rights movement began on this anniversary. And, as Cahn points out, the three Supreme Court decisions most important to the gay rights movement — Lawrence (2003), which decriminalized homosexuality across the board; Windsor (2013), which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act; and Obergefell (2015), which legalized same-sex marriage — all came on June 26. Moreover, Tammuz, which doesn’t always coincide with our calendar, as it is a lunar calendar, nevertheless most of the time falls in the month of June — which has become the High Holy Month of Pride.

        • SJ says:

          I figure they want to come out and start being openly trans. I do find it strange that two obvious trannies like matt Walsh, FtM, and megyhn Kelly, mtf, are who we are presented with as leaders against the Ishtar tranny cult. They have their trannies up everywhere in every store you go to already but I think they don’t want everyone to point deer and make horse anymore, I think they want everyone to point at the deer and say that I know that’s a deer in a horse costume, but it really is a horse now because it believes it to be so.

          • The Cominator says:

            If trannyism is some demon Ishtar worship this ties in with the Jesuit theory as the Catholic Church worships Ishtar/Isis under the guise of Mary.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            >Matt Walsh is a FtM
            Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

            • anonymous mouse says:

              He’s probably one of those schizos who think that all celebrities are secretly trannies. Which is a real thing, look it up.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                In the early 2010s it was fairly popular among kids to jokingly say various celebrities were trannies. Lady Gaga was a particularly favorite target of such jokes. But back then “tranny” was still considered an acceptable name to call someone unlike “faggot” which as definitely considered hate speech. It was an acceptable way to denote low status. The people saying that in the past were not schizos in the same way the people accusing various straight people of being fags were not schizo. It was their way of calling out people for their abnormal behavior not tied to the actual meaning of the word.

                What I think is going on is a bit of psychological whiplash from going from calling someone a tranny being acceptable to being unacceptable in half a generation. With all of the sudden pressure to never call anyone a tranny, and clear evidence that some are actual trannies (those story time events) who one must use certain pronouns, the monkey brain starts conspiratorially believing that they are all trannies.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Tranny and faggot were both severe insults…

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Yes, I’m pointing out that in the early 2010s a kid could insult someone as a tranny and get away with it both socially and in the schools. Calling someone a faggot would likely result in disciplinary action.

                  The pace of change from which it was unacceptable to use the term tranny happened within years whereas faggot took more than several decades.

                • Adam says:

                  Certainly in the mid-late 90s you could still loudly and openly call a faggot a faggot in school, and to some extent beat them up. The last 25 years is almost hard to comprehend, even having lived through it.

                • jim says:

                  If you lived through the seventies, what has happened to the relation between men and women is similarly shocking, horrific, and barely comprehensible.

                • Adam says:

                  I can remember as a kid my mom would shit test my dad, and he would say something in return, usually funny but with a full serving of “know your place, woman”. She would have a laugh, he would have a laugh, and every adult in the room would have a big laugh.

                  Today those words are misogyny, and could get your children taken from you.

              • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  Enemy shills call everyone a tranny, just as they call Putin a Jew, Musk a Jew, and so on and so forth.

                  Your link’s exhibit A is Megyn Kelly, who was registered female at birth and went to junior schools as a female. Anyone can tell a fake in a few moments, listening to them speak and watching them move. But still photos can be ambiguous, and there are a lot of convincing still photos around of people we know to be fake, and a lot of somewhat ambiguous still photos around of people we know to be real. In stills, Megyn Kelly can be a bit ambiguous, but she just has to open her mouth and gesture for it to be instantly obvious she is a woman, born a woman.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted for presupposing that a bunch of obvious shills are speaking the forbidden truth*]

                • anonymous mouse says:

                  Anonymous Fake has been shitposting here for years. Safe to say he’s probably not a shill. Just a mentally ill loner.

                  jim, why don’t you just block his ip and/or email?

                • jim says:

                  He is an obvious paid shill. A mentally ill loner would have been able to say various things that would result in his stuff getting through. He knows what I allow through, and what he cannot say reveals how the shiling operation is organized. I keep him around because he cannot help leaking information about the operation by what he does say, and what he cannot say.

                  Thus for example, he continually attempts to post stuff that presupposes that BLM and antifa is a spontaneous grass roots movement reflecting mass support in certain areas, that everyone, including us, thinks that they are a spontaneous mass movement reflecting mass support. He knows this will not get through unless he explicitly and overtly claims and argues that it is a spontaneous grass roots movement reflecting mass support – but he cannot do that because not only forbidden to notice that they are astroturf, but forbidden to notice that anyone thinks they are astroturf. If a mentally ill loner, could hardly avoid noticing that scarcely anyone in America thinks that they are spontaneous mass movement reflecting mass support, that everyone knows perfectly well that they are astroturf. A mentally ill loner who, being insane, believed that BLM and antifa were real, would hardly be able to avoid noticing that his delusions are not widely shared.

                  A mentally ill loner would argue in the style of a voice in the wilderness, rather than presupposing all manner of lunatic nonsense as the universal unchallengeable and unchallenged consensus. Also, a mentally ill loner would have his own unique idiosyncratic set of absurd delusions, while every single one of Anonymous Fake’s absurd lunatic delusions are universally accepted in the official government media. Even Tucker superficially went through the motions of accepting them, though obviously neither he nor his viewers believed them for a moment.

                • anonymous mouse says:

                  But none of his stuff gets through. He’s not influencing anybody. So if he’s a shill, the shill operation is spending money on him, for no gain, while leaking information about how they work. Which would be really, really stupid.

                  Seems more likely to me that he has impaired theory of mind or something.

                • jim says:

                  Some of Anonymous Fake’s stuff gets through, and he knows what does get through. His response to that incentive tells me much.

                  That very little of his stuff gets through results in a high ratio of information leaked to waters muddied.

                  > he has impaired theory of mind or something.

                  By an amazing coincidence, the entire official media and Global American Empire have a similarly impaired theory of mind, as does every other shill. As I said, if a mentally ill loner, would speak as a voice in the wilderness, and would have his own idiosyncratic collection of lunatic delusions. He is the voice of Harvard and the New York Times, and has their collection of lunatic delusions.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “…because not only forbidden to notice that [BLM and Antifa] are astroturf, but forbidden to notice that anyone thinks they are astroturf.”

                  Once again, behold the fascinating power of applied thoughtcrime theory.

                  I’ve never seen this subject described, let alone explained or demonstrated, anywhere but right here (and maybe also lightly seasoned into a Moldbug screed in days of yore, PBUH).

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “By an amazing coincidence, the entire official media and Global American Empire have a similarly impaired theory of mind, as does every other shill.”

                  If you could elaborate a bit on what you mean by that, please.

                • jim says:

                  Academia and the state is supposedly a neutral playing field where the left very recently gained supremacy by showing up, by scoring higher marks, and so one and so forth. And no one thinks otherwise.

                  Election results are indicative of public opinion.

                  BLM, Antifa, and Drag Queen Story hour are indicative of public opinion. They are spontaneous grass roots movements, and absolute no one doubts they are spontaneous grass roots movements, not even me.

                  The BBC, New York Times, and the officially unofficial media, are credible and widely believed, and what they say constitutes convincing evidence.

                  All evil behavior by the regulatory state is the result of elected politicians, and all evil behavior by elected politicians is the result of evil capitalist influence.

                  The reason that men today have trouble getting their dicks wet is because evil capitalists are creaming off all the pussy, and anyone who notices that love is war, love is a battlefield, that every male is getting a whole lot of grief, is obviously a broke loser living in a trailer park.

                  No one, least of all fleeing whites, suffers any problems from minorities. White flight is entirely irrational.

                  The blue cities are nice places with nice shopping centers. The nicest. Good neighborhoods are good because of good schools, and schools are good purely for academic reasons, nothing to do with racial makeup.

                  The blue city megalopoli represent the creation of wealth.

                  I don’t think he has posted any stuff on the Awesome might of the Covid Demon, the safety and effectiveness of demon worship, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change and the wondrous reliability of peer reviewed research under this identity. Though the wondrous reliability of peer reviewed research (aka the officially unofficial state religion) is sort of implied by his presupposition that the Ivy League is the beating heart of intellectual excellence, and everyone thinks that they are. Also everyone believes the officially unofficial press.

                • anonymous mouse says:

                  I still don’t see it, jim. With Anonymous Fake, even the posts that do get through are always followed by a rebuttal written by you. He’s not changing anyone’s mind. If he were a shill, his boss would notice that he’s not changing anyone’s mind and order him to create a new shill persona with a new rhetorical approach. Or just fire him and hire a new guy.

                  I mean, if I were a shill operator I would have more than one shill posting here. Have them respond to each others’ posts to make it look like their ideas are your ideas. Change usernames every couple of months. All these strategies are obvious.

                  From what Anonymous Fake has posted about himself he seems to be a Cathedralite manqué. So he sincerely believes Harvard/NYT stuff, just in an unhinged autistic mentally ill way. The mental illness prevents him from getting the prestigious job he thinks he deserves. Which would be why he rails against “cheaters” on the comment section of an obscure right-wing blog.

                • jim says:

                  > If he were a shill, his boss would notice that he’s not changing anyone’s mind and order him to create a new shill persona with a new rhetorical approach.

                  He has created no end of new shill personas with new approaches, but none of the approaches get as much stuff through as Anonymous Fake does.

                  What happens is that the new personality spends some time creating a believable alt right identity without actually committing or noticing any outright thought crimes. (Which is not easy on this blog where the thought crimes fly thick and fast).

                  And then, comes a payload post casting mud upon the waters. I respond pointing out the payload. Get an unresponsive response that somehow fails to notice that anyone might possibly doubt the payload. Shill test ensues, radio silence follows. Every time we go through this, it reveals the existence of a shill, and thus large numbers of shills.

                  > the comment section of an obscure right-wing blog.

                  Somehow I doubt that this blog is all that obscure. Just unmentionable and unthinkable. They have the same problem in dealing with it as they had lobotomizing ChatGPT. Hard to lobotomize ChatGPT without explicitly noticing the thought crimes that the lobotomy addresses, so they outsourced the lobotomy to places far from power, just as they put the bioweapon labs in the Ukraine and Sudan,rather than walking distance from Harvard.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  I mean, if I were a shill operator I would have more than one shill posting here. Have them respond to each others’ posts to make it look like their ideas are your ideas. Change usernames every couple of months. All these strategies are obvious.

                  There is no reason to believe others will behave as you do and think as you do, unless you presuppose they are you, think like you, believe like you and have the same set of circumstances and capabilities.

                  Do not make the mistake to believe you can discern the world and the motives of others by magical thinking from an ivory tower while disregarding what you can actually see.

                  It doesn’t matter what you believe, reality is what it is. And it’s a lot more surreal and horrific that you can possible imagine. You’re looking at it and you do not find it believable.

                • alf says:

                  A mentally ill loner would argue in the style of a voice in the wilderness, rather than presupposing all manner of lunatic nonsense as the universal unchallengeable and unchallenged consensus.

                  Very good point. When a supposedly lone voice endlessly pushes the party line over and over, there is only one sane conclusion.

                • alf says:

                  But none of his stuff gets through. He’s not influencing anybody. So if he’s a shill, the shill operation is spending money on him, for no gain, while leaking information about how they work. Which would be really, really stupid.

                  I am still hoping for a good insider expose one of these years. If there are as many shills as we expect there to be, there is bound to be one who will write down his experiences.

            • SJ says:

              Sure, let me just go send him an email and ask him to pull his pants down. I suppose I could email him and ask him if he is a tranny. I did so with that Nick Fuentes after I found out his “sister” was MtF. He read the email on air and said, ‘yes, you got me, I am trans. I am a tranny’ and went on with his show. But no amount of evidence can convince the man who has been pointing at a deer and calling it a horse his entire life that said horse is actually a deer, even when the deer says, “yes, I’m a deer”.

              • jim says:

                You, SJ, are as nutty as a flat earther.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Jim’s concise comment illustrates my concern over the position: it seems like a memeplex that does more to mitigate unconventional rhetoric than it does to enlighten ignorance.

                I don’t think you are an entryist or a bad guy, your writing on Game and dating was top notch. But I just don’t think the beard pattern, the vocal range, and the children of Matt Walsh allow for a comment in passing to suffice as convincing. You don’t have to email him, you just need pictures showing his radical mastectomy scars, or a hot mic recording of his “actual” high pitched voice, or some kind of convincing proof that his kids are not.

                When Jim says “All women are like that” or “young girls become highly sexualized at a terrifyingly young age” or “rape doesn’t exist” or “gay pride parades mean lost wars,” people, like myself on every one of these statements, push back. He then establishes veracity with proof and argument. His interlocutor, again me, has to contend with these things, and some kind of state change has to happen. In my case, I have come to realize that all elections are fake & gay, all women are like that, little girls do become sexualized due to biology and evopsych factors, and rape is just a beta failing to take possession. There are exceptions and edge cases in all things, but the evidence shows that Jim was right, and I was wrong, misinformed, or ignorant.

                Jim isn’t diminished by my resistance, I am not diminished by reproof, and asking for evidence is not the same as some redditard asking “Source?”

                You made an extraordinary claim. Provide some extraordinary evidence, OR say “I have no evidence, I just believe this thing” and I will say “damn mate, you’re a crazy fucker ha ha” and we move on. Lord knows I am not the paragon of sound reasoning and verifiable beliefs.

                • SJ says:

                  I have no evidence right now. If I get some time I might look into it but I don’t mind being the crazy sounding guy online I already am IRL.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  lol same.

                  Be easy bro. If it came down to signaling support for you or defending Matt Walsh, that trannie doesn’t stand a chance.

                • zero says:

                  I think sj is on to something. I don’t buy the trannie cultists everywhere thing but there is a weird pattern in our society. Michael Obama looks like a male ape, plenty of negro women do but there are way more feminine ones out there. jeb bushes wife I remember looking like a troglodyte, Megan Kelly has a bit of masculine feature. that whore that pretended to be Steve jobs looked butch. and Matt Walsh Steven crowder are not the most masculine guys out there. I think diet and lack of acute cortisol spikes and low average cortisol is pushing americas elite person’s towards less masculine physiology and their seems to be enormous pressure for horse faced masculine women to be breaking glass ceilings. could just be the usual spread of features and the pizzagate/sodomite cultists have us spooked and more wary then usual. for certain the us celebrity class has become much less attractive. Trump’s wife was a standout so it may be the elite just have such shit game that with all their money and power they can’t pull hot secretaries and wives. Bill Clinton’s mistake wasn’t fucking an intern it was picking a mid intern to fuck, very low status move that probably gave all the girls ick.

  21. Dr. Faust says:

    Banks imploding right now. Fed money machine go brrrr. Get into btc before the dumb money pumps it.

  22. Javier says:

    Super weird. at the hospital for latest kid. last times we were here it was packed, pregnant women in, kids out, grandparents and family everywhere, etc.

    Today? empty. we are the only ones here, and this is a suburb of a major city. I asked and they said the last birth was five days ago, severely underweight. what is happening? purely anecdotal but is this what fertility collapse looks like?

  23. Cloudswrest says:

    Memory holed video.

    Anybody remember the helicopter footage of Anne Heche bursting out of the zipped up bodybag? I do.

  24. Adam says:

    What is the game plan for flirting with shy girls? There are a couple of attractive but shy girls on the periphery of my social circle that look like good possibilities, but they both freeze up around me where a normal or outgoing girl will be flirty, even so much as to avoid eye contact with me. I’ve kept my interaction with them brief so far (but friendly). How do you break the ice with a nervous girl?

    • jim says:

      I suspect you are projecting male impulses on females. When a girl flirts with a man, it is sexy. When a man flirts with a girl, not equivalent. If a girl is shy, you give her a non sexual excuse for socially isolating with you.

      • Adam says:

        Non-sexual like go for a drive or go get some coffee? Like more of a daddy/daughter type thing?

        • jim says:

          Sounds like good moves. You don’t have to indicate sexual interest because all women assume all men are sexually interested in all women all the time. On the other hand, indicating willingness to do something about it is sexy. You ask her to go get some coffee, she will hear -“coffee at my place right beside my bed”, you ask her to go for a drive, she will hear “to lovers lane, where I will bang you like a drum”.

          • The Cominator says:

            The basic guage of whether a normie chick likes you is her willingness to spend time around you that she doesn’t absolutely have to. There are rare exceptions (ie the chick can’t stop fantasizing about you but avoids you because the rational part of her brain finds you unsuitable or you being around is part of some kind of social scheme to make a guy she does like jealous or something) but that is the general rule.

            • zero says:

              I hate the jealous play, it is always obvious that she’s looking to dump her mate or force him to “step up” and they get clingy with you and won’t fuck off. never experienced the preselection play when she’s trying to catch another guys eye so not sure if that is more tolerable. let’s you and him fight ruins hanging out with guys that don’t have their woman locked down.

    • SJ says:

      No game plan. Just flirt with them which means be sexual immediately, illicit a shit test so you can pass it, and isolate them for fun times. If they don’t respond to the sexy fun banter with a shit test but rather ignore it or do something pathetic like start crying then never speak to them again.

      • Fidelis says:

        How much last minute resistance are you willing to push through, hypothetically I guess.

        I can easily overpower any girl that is in my space, I have trouble determining how much power should be necessary in the dance. If a girl agrees to come to my house, should I take that as implicit desire for me to overcome any and all resistance that follows? No matter how much physical “no really we shouldn’t…”? Hypothetically speaking only, in real life I always make sure any girl I pursue signs a consent contract, before we put on consent plastic suits and I ask her if she consents to hand holding.

        • SJ says:

          Push, when she resists leave the situation briefly, giving her opportunity to exit, then return and push more. Say get up and go to the kitchen to get a drink, or go to the bathroom, etc. Continue doing so. By the third attempt if she hasn’t left and is not audibly saying no I start pushing much harder. If she pushes back hard, tell her to leave.

          • Fidelis says:

            Hm, I did this, and I didn’t have to tell her. She left on her own. I did what I could physically to make it known she should stay, but beyond fully overpowering her it wasnt going to happen. Suspect it was psychological slut defense, since it was a first date, just making sure in this hypothetical situation I shouldnt just consider “well you entered my domain so consequences are implicitly conceeded to” and ignore physical struggle beyond biting and kicking. Which I condemn, no one should ever do this without safety words and verbal consent at every stage.

            • SJ says:

              I did game as a numbers game. Meeting more women and constantly meeting new women are essential this way. One upside is you can build abundance more easily. I’d say the best antidote to LMR is truly having abundance. If one girl won’t put out and you can honestly just replace her with a phone call you don’t have to try to act any certain way, you’ll naturally act that way because it’s true. As far as instructing guys on what to do? I’ve never pushed through anything firm, just like I’m trying to put my hands down her pants and she’s slapping my hands away. If she says no then leave for a moment and come back to try again as above. Trying a different tactic, like going for the boobs, or some dry humping at first, is a good plan as well.

              I’ve asked women what they were thinking when they were doing their LMR prior. They usually say they aren’t aware of it and that they just feel very nervous. It’s some kind of inbuilt instinct they have.

              • Fidelis says:

                You have more skill than me but I am playing the same strategy. The number of women I can hold back the bile at the thought of wifing is very low, so you by necessity have to keep rolling the dice. May we win so that my sons never have to face this, and my daughts never be abused by neglect.

        • Redbible says:

          This is a comment by Jim that sort of covers what your asking:

          Another thing I recall someone saying is when she puts up some resistance to a particular “thing” you switch to a different thing, but it needs to seem like you switched because you want/choose to, and not because she resisted.

          I know that women enjoy a man “getting so lost in passion he can’t stop”, so it might be possible to utilize acting that way at a certain point, even if she is resisting or saying “no”.

          Not sure if this helps, I don’t personally have enough experience in this area yet.

        • Adam says:

          If I am horizontal I don’t ever get up but I will stop and hold her tight for a minute or two and then resume. It’s kind of a control thing I think. One of the single best pieces of game advice I ever got was keep the girl on edge, the way you teeter back and forth on a chair. Sitting the chair down is boring and falling backwards is terrifying, so just keep tilting it back and forth.

          If you get a girl horizontal but she just won’t let go of control, she will the next night. That has been my experience anyway.

        • alf says:

          ha, good ol’ LMR.

          One time I must’ve spend an hour with a girl going back and forth. Got to boob base, might’ve even gotten a finger in her panties, can’t remember. Didn’t get to go all the way. Thought I blew it. Then, a week later, like around midnight, she sends me a booty call message. I was very sad that I was not in town at the time. Never saw her after that.

    • Aidan says:

      Most men take their freezing up as rejection. It’s just nervousness- internally, all those girls are happy to have a man talking to them. So just talk to them. Every shy girl can have a conversation with her father or brothers. Talk to her, breeze through her one word answers and so on until she is comfortable talking back. Consider the silence a shit test that the titanic majority of men fail or don’t bother passing. The prerequisite for gaming a girl like this is 5-10 minutes of social, but not physical, isolation to get her out of her shell.

    • Doom says:

      The best way IMO is to be in situations where she can observe you safely. Group activities.

      You’ll have to watch her for indicators of her interest but make sure never to make it known she is being observed. When you see that she has admired you, the ice is broken by having a discussion about the group. But, again you can’t show that you’re interested in HER opinion because it’s her, but because shes a part of the group and you’re just being polite.

      In my experience with shy girls they tend to form the opinion that you are aggressive and therefore not a good pick if you try to have a personal conversation with them before they are ready to have a connection with you.

      • jim says:

        > but make sure never to make it known she is being observed.

        Women assume you are always observing them. You should manifestly not care whether she knows it or not. And in any case, she is going to know it. Just as man can accurately assess female fertility at a glance at thirty paces, women can accurately assess male observation. And if in doubt, will assume it.

        Observing carefully while cautiously remaining at a distance is extremely beta, and pisses women off no end, because women just loath having betas around them. If you are watching for indications of interest roll up and check her out from head to toe as if carefully evaluating indications of fertility, and are considering tossing her over your shoulders and carrying her off your lair. Which you probably are.

        You can intrude on a woman’s space in ways that would piss off a man. She will probably not be pissed off, and if pissed off, will rather enjoy being pissed off. But if you intrude on a woman’s space and then act as if she is not there, that will piss her off for real. (Because she will assume she is being hit on, but you are too beta to follow through.)

        • The Cominator says:

          Not good with women but trying not to be noticed too much comes across as cowardly and shy and women don’t like that.

          Being objectified as a bad thing is a psyop played on modern women to put their social instincts and their sexual instincts at variance with each other. Absent feminist conditioning girls naturally feel good about being “objectified”. In a state of nature its the girls owner who is to limit you “objectifing” her and the more you do it the more they like you. Feminist conditioning fucks this up.

        • Doom says:

          >You should manifestly not care whether she knows it or not.

          I meant, eg, if you catch her admiring, don’t wink. Not until personal rapport is built.

          People are shy for a reason, it’s impossible to know what that reason is without knowing them, just err on the side of caution is all I mean.

          • jim says:

            > just err on the side of caution is all I mean.

            Faint heart never won fair lady. Assume success.

            You only get charged with workplace sexual harassment for failing shit tests.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Lots of good responses here, I’ll just throw something in that’s worked for me, but might not be the best strategy because I’ve always been super aggressive with getting my way or making things happen. Now, you need to have some kind of shared interest or context, but saying “hey we’re doing this thing, you’re going to love it” is one way to sweep modernity tainted dames off their socio-emotional feet. A lot of good can be attained through isolating her and becoming her attentive world, but personally I prefer going the Group Activity route, then going for isolation during or after. This isn’t for everybody, but going on a hike/excursion that’s just over the fuzzy line of Quite Challenging is one way to get her hot and bothered, literally, and you can physio-neg by carrying her bag for a bit or sharing water or telling a story about a time you were weak “too” before you became the stud she’ll be sheltering with later 🙂 . Be cautious here; don’t ever get yourself into a situation you can’t handle. If you’re not physically capable, no amount of bluster or posturing will make you look alph as you struggle to breath or vomit from exhaustion on a foray you planned.

      Maybe not the best advice for shy girls. TBH, never really into shy girls, though I’ve had a few, and most successful method for me was “you are going to do this thing, you’ll like it” or just taking the reins completely. But I’ve also made an absolute fool of myself by being over confident. One wildly embarrassing anecdote: beach trip when I was 12yo, convinced this 16yo I was 15, feeling like an absolute Chadley Pussybreaker, then got outed by my friends 17yo brother in front of a whole crowd of strangers (and her). In retrospect, I was the fucking alpha, pulling that shit off, but almost only counts in hand grenades, horse shoes, and federal elections.

      Don’t “be yourself,” but definitely think ahead if you attempt to pull off a feat or concoct some event.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for the advice guys. So I talked to one of the shy girls tonight as everyone was leaving (the only time where people socialize). She answered a few questions and kind of got quiet and left as a friend came and got her. I don’t know how old she is, probably early 20s and I’m early 40s. Very average looking but fit. Didn’t get a chance to sexualize anything it was all of a three minute conversation but she was comfortable talking to me at least at first. Not at all what I am used to. The really pretty girls and the older women I know are much more confident and very flirty. No real potential for wife material though.

      • jim says:

        If shy, good chance she has not been banged by anyone more alpha than you. If you can compete, wife material.

    • Rux says:

      Non sequitur game (hat tip Heartiste) works well on the quiet ones. Slight absurdities delivered in a deadpan manner i.e. ‘My brother married a mail order bride, he actually did it.. her resume said she could cook.. I know he was really hungry’. Let her silences between speaking wash over you.

      Otherwise horses. A love for equestrianism seems a common thread with the shy and bashful and fibbing your way through the technicalities of riding isn’t so difficult. Horse shows are great places for meeting decent girls. Discipline, dedication, a love for something other than oneself, even if it’s just an animal, stable fees (well funded parents), decorum etc. You just have to be more alpha than their horse, and some times the trainer.

      Unrelated to shy but of note is a friend of mine who’s an eternally aging hippie, carpenter by trade, who has a dozen kids, most from different women half his age, most of whom he never sees. He started picking up girls in the 80’s on grateful dead lot, beautiful girls but basket cases, many from good homes who spent their summers giving Dad the finger. He had a simple approach which sounds too good to be true but it actually works. After a couple minutes of inane banter about the band or common friends or some tweaked bozo he’d say ‘So do you like sex?’ which either elicited a smile, an expression of unbelief or general shock. If the latter he’d shurg and walk away and say ‘Oh, I guess you don’t like sex’ to which the response was
      ‘Wait what? oh so you do like sex..’ And from there any defense on the girls end collapses. As simple as it sounds it does work. Naturally this guy has frame but had no idea what frame was. If I talked to him about Heartiste theory or advice found here he’d tell me to get off the internet. I learned more from him than anything from my pops and sure he’s an asshole and once drinking absolutely intolerable but he’s got a nice progeny. He hangs out at wanderlust festivals, at times solo, just to pull chicks and nothing below a 6 or 7, at the age of 55. He’s this weird deadbeat superman with dreads who looks like Kramer and girls just flock.

      • SJ says:

        Direct works. You just have to find a girl while she is horny, which she will be unaware of until you elicit the response. After getting my confidence up and getting some same day bangs I started being very very direct. For example when I met my wife I asked her what her favorite movie was, she said something, and I said oh that’s really interesting we should have sex. Two hours later we were in a motel room banging.

        Since you just have to find a girl who is horny, it’s just a numbers game. All the best slut fckers I’ve known were very direct this way and just used the numbers game. Then pass the shit tests you’ll get and you’re good.

        Also things like child support? Women use child support to punish the man who has failed shit tests and failed to control her when she needed to be controlled. If you are a slut fker she will not want child support and you can even use this to get an ex to drop the child support. I did so with my ex wife, going from painful child support to her agreeing to the state minimum all from acting like a sex obsessed fun happy asshole. Child support does nothing to stop slut fkers, more beta male delusion.

        • Adam says:

          Can confirm on the child support thing. I pay minimum. She still has my last name. Not once has she brought another man around my kids.

          I still consistently ridicule her for going to a faggot church and being supported by faggot white knighting orbiters. She knows I’m right. Some of them have spent a great deal of time emotionally supporting her while she recovers from her abusive ex husband. Of course she tells me this stuff after we bang.

          I never really knew my wife (and women) fully until after we divorced. I never knew the extent they string along and completely disregard betas.

        • Rux says:

          Yessir, direct, while seemingly contrary to ones intuition, saves on so much bs and self doubt. Be out with it and done. Tinkering on the edges sucks and there’s little payoff.

          If I mentioned child support to that fella I referred to he’d be laughing for hours. It’s possible we could no longer be friends.

  25. Handi says:

    Field report: I am a younger millenial, had a bit of a standoff at a social gathering with a younger millenial girl last night. She had absconded with one of my possessions on a previous occasion (not on her person at the time last night, impossible to return to me in the moment) so I took an item of hers for leverage and held onto it.

    Got MAJOR concerted social pressure from our mutual group of friends and acquaintences. I got literally encircled by a dozen men and women (including two troons) demanding I give in to the girl, casting a variety of progressive aspersions at me. I didn’t mean for it to escalate this far, but I held frame. One other guy sat on the fence and correctly refused to butt in, which I will remember favorably.

    I recount this not just to boast, but what struck me is that the girl in question expressed several times that she thought I was hostile or angry with her, which I denied effusively. I was calm and good-natured throughout, having genuinely enjoyed being the center of a group shit-test and deflecting it with unwavering confidence. But she seemed genuinely confused, I don’t believe she was crafty; I wonder if younger women today are so accustomed to being automatically placated that even the slightest steadfastness doesn’t register as a mating dance so much as a vindictive personal attack. Bad social condition if so.

    I did not close. I may have sabotaged myself by leaving without dragging her off; her repetitive protestations bored me, the rest of the group had worked themselves into a froth and closed me off to any other conversation (or so I judged), and I felt satisfied with my work for the night, so I left in good spirits with my prize. Time will tell if my prediction of what her pussy feels will be vindicated, and if my actions were well calculated.

    But I’m not certain if her interpretation of hostility on my part signifies a novel type of confusion for women of this generation that will cloud their sexual instincts–because of course, if I had actually gotten pissed and butthurt about the situation then I would truly have been the loser–or maybe that was just her expression of how women experience friction with an assertive male. Maybe she was instinctively playing the helpless damsel angle while everyone else piled on the pressure, and perhaps she registered it as a straightforward fitness test after all.

    Hopefully the latter because I want to build preselection with a different girl in the group, the one I really want to fuck. Might be overthinking the entire thing, doesn’t matter because I’m ready to lose both options and all of my gay liberal friends anyway. I stuck my chin out and had a lot of very memorable fun.

    • Handi says:

      P.S. Call women by their full name if they go by a short (i.e. boyish) nickname.

      People notice

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        This is Greek Fire in the mating dance. You can do this, but you better be ready for what follows. It’s good advice, just definitely not something to do lightly as the response can be *dramatic*.

    • jim says:

      Hostility is fine. If interpreted as hostile, you have no problem.

      Females are very good at reading males, better than they know, and if they misread you, it is a shit test, which you fail by explaining yourself. Remain a mystery. Women love to puzzle what is motivating male actions. You will inadvertently reveal everything about yourself. No need to intentionally reveal anything about yourself. Just enough to tantalize them.

    • Pseudo-Chrysotom says:

      >what struck me is that the girl in question expressed several times that she thought I was hostile or angry with her, which I denied effusively.

      No way bro. That’s when the amused master agrees and amplifies.

      • jim says:

        Denying effusively is horribly beta.

        Ignoring her accusations and focusing on what matters to you (she does not) is alpha.

        Agreeing and amplifying in a way that ridicules her is alpha.

        Agreeing and amplifying in a way that leaves her in doubt as to whether you are serious, mock serious, or ridiculing her is even more alpha.

        • Handi says:

          So perhaps I’ve mixed my messages. I’ll keep that in mind and rectify it in the future.

          Getting seriously upset over her minor mischief would be beta, and allowing her to inject “Handi is angry” into my frame when I don’t feel angry would also be beta. So I scolded her, laughed at her, secured myself a little piece of leverage, overpowered her little wrists when she tried to grab it back, and overtly verbally denied her attempts at reframing me.

          But your wisdom overfloweth, it would have been even better to overtly cede frame control while implicitly retaining it, thus despairing her that she even has a possible victory condition over the frame.

          The complication I did not plan for, but should have expected, and will now plan for, is that everyone else immediately started ostracizing me like a violent offender. I didn’t expect it to get so tense so quickly, so I may have gone too far in deescalating the oppositional frame.

          My original error there is in the social context itself, i.e. not having a gang of real men at my side, but that’s a work in progress. Easier to go out with a group of pussies and libtards than to go out alone, in my opinion. What I lost in having to walk away from the group at the end of the night, I also gained by favorable comparison against the group.

          The other thing I just now remembered was that she told me at one point she would give mine back to me, “but not tonight”. Which definitely meant “fuck me tonight” and I failed that one by not coming up with a smooth way to close it up.

          But I presume ultimate strategic victory based on the sole fact that I pissed everyone off and refused to give in.

          • jim says:

            > is that everyone else immediately started ostracizing me like a violent offender

            The white knight problem – that males back the female in the hope of getting pussy points. They do not get pussy points, white knighting is beta. This hope for pussy points is a result of males projecting male behavior onto women, and massive misinformation in the media.

            In reality women do not appreciate being rescued, even if they are actual physical danger and you are demonstrating manliness, courage, and the capacity for violence in the rescue. I speak from experience.

            In the pre modern paintings of Perseus rescuing the naked and chained Andromeda from the dragon, and of the battle between Perseus and Pineas, Andromeda gives no indication of whether she would prefer Perseus, Pineas, or the dragon. Presumably she would prefer either Pineas or Perseus to the dragon, but there is no sign of gratitude to Perseus, and that is reality. Even the best of women will not appreciate being rescued.

            The white knight problem can be dealt with by holding frame – treating the potential and actual white knights as irrelevant and insignificant. You should not even notice whether they are treating you as a violent offender unless they forcibly lay hands on you, and if you don’t expect them to do anything physical, they will read your expectations and refrain from doing so. Of course, it helps if you are a little bit scary, the kind of person it might not be a good idea to lay hands on unexpectedly.

            • zero says:

              I’ll add my own limited experience in hopes that it helps, my friends and I don’t go cruising but when we are in a social gathering we stick together so we are the majority of the group, never had any white nights or boy who called wife beater get huffy when one of us checks a girl, also a great way to get with the shy girl if you can tell the slut hitting on you to her face she’s annoying and should leave. most guys seem to forget quickly that any faux pas happened when they look around and the other men are not interested. shy girl is best girl

    • Aidan says:

      She stole something from you? Begging to be raped, almost consciously. If a girl steals something like that, you tell her you have a problem with her, so come outside/into room, and then when you are alone, punish her for the theft by fucking her or make her choke on your cock.

      “Omg are you mad at me?”

      “Yeah I’m fuckin mad at you. (completely calm) Get out here, we gotta settle up”

  26. Handi says:

    Jim I did not mean to post this as a reply, please move to main branch. help i am not good with computer

  27. Shekel me Shlomo says:

    Welp, got married last weekend. Mazel tov! Not too soon either. I saw a few schvartzes eyeballing her. Anyway, got the perfect JAP wife. And she’ll be 13 this month. And I owe it all to the great advice from my friends here on Jim’s Blog. Gonna be pretty busy for the next few weeks cause the in-laws want grandkids. Later!

  28. Fidelis says:

    BTC is looking more and more to be the one currency. It’s gaining diplomatic recognition, political recognition by cuckservative US states, scaling and better privacy solutions are popping up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm, people are figuring out they need p2p social media and marketplaces attached to the money and have begun building them.

    The GAE looks a little sluggish and weak handed on this one so far. They’re trying to capture eth, and having some success, but are failing to attack BTC while it’s still growing the network. Well, the story is not over, lets see how the fight goes.

    • Handi says:

      Please namedrop those privacy solutions, I am a crypto noob and the only ways I know of to acquire BTC are through KYC nodes, or irl kiosks that ask for PII (albeit less than what a bank would require).

      There is trustless atomic swapping from BTC -> XMR, but as I understand it not the other way around, at least as of yet. And that’s a pickle because of the vendors that I’ve seen accepting crypto, none of them accept XMR.

      Unrelated, what is GAE doing to capture ETH?

      • jim says:

        Wasabi Wallet and DeFi.

        DeFi is a multitude of implementations of a multitude of trustless atomic swaps.

        Captured ETH through namefags. Can’t trust a namefag.

      • notglowing says:

        > There is trustless atomic swapping from BTC -> XMR, but as I understand it not the other way around, at least as of yet.

        Really doesn’t matter. Trustless is better but there are centralized, accountless exchanges like sideshift that will do the swap for you whenever you need to buy something, and send BTC to the merchant.

        Another privacy option is Lightning on BTC. Not as privacy focused as Monero, but pretty much the best option for small payments. Lightning can be used to pay on-chain BTC through loop, boltz, etc.

        I’ve used pretty much everything under the sun. Different solutions are useful for different purposes.

        • jim says:

          Because Monero is unscriptable, atomic swaps with Monero will always be difficult.

          However, you can atomically swap into Monero,, and to get back into BTC, you become a swap provider and offer Monero on the exchange so that someone else can swap his BTC into your Monero.

          I think lightning and Wasabi is a better privacy solution. With lightning, your bitcoin gets mingled into lots of other bitcoin

      • Fidelis says:

        Not just namefags, but every layer of their crypto stack is getting fucked by state tentacles. Miners are forced into OFAC compliance, most contracts have the ability to blacklist accounts, privacy tools are considered verboten after the tornado cash incident. The layer 2 scaling plans are in fact making this situation worse, where ecosystems will have an even smaller set of sequencers/validators to capture, eth block proposer reqs will be even higher, meaning even easier to capture a majority of participants.

        Eth users in general are just pathics and cowards. Not willing to even pretend to fight any of this. Major wallet software will blacklist you, track your IP. RPC providers will blacklist you, track you. Somewhat recently one of the founders and maintainers of ENS, the pki namespace infrastructure, an actually quite brilliant and needed protocol, got *voted out by protocol users* after a tranny complained he was a catholic on twitter.

  29. Western Taliban says:

    Clarence Thomas single-handedly redeems niggers in America.

    If he were King of the Black-Americans with full authority to do as he wished with them, he turns them around fully into civilized beings in no time.

    • Encelad says:

      “last month, Jezebel’s Caitlin Cruz..”

      Wait, the progressive rag that opposes Thomas is named in honor of a literal Bhaal worshipper?

      • notglowing says:

        Jezebel is a feminist news org. They used to be more relevant in the heyday of “third wave feminism” 10 years ago.

      • Hesiod says:

        Yep, it’s critical theory applied to ancient pagan religion. Same with Medea from Greek mythology.

    • notglowing says:

      If no fault divorce is eliminated, the same women will just come up with rape or some other nonsense accusation as an excuse.

      It’s still a good thing to encroach on this sort of thing, but it’s probably going to be worse than just losing their money and kids for a lot of men.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Blackpilling pointlessly. While entropy is easy (just increase chaos) and order is hard (every victory isolated, every defeat magnified), the system we are in does nothing in isolation. So using Roe Overturn to move towards ending, curtailing, or just damaging No Fault Divorce is not only a solid win, it calls into question Cathedral dominance, a dominance predicated on the appearance of the inability to lose. I’m not saying we hoist the Rhodesian flag and start marching around in Hugo Boss uniforms, but let’s not be dwarves at a feast pretending it’s bird feed. Every little defeat draws off NPCs and creates confusion as to which bet is a safe bet.

        • SJ says:

          Just the fact that the media is talking about eliminating no fault divorce is great news. Make marriage sacred again. It’s one step closer to formal recognition of the sin of fornication, somehow forgotten, and one step closer to actual monogamy again.

          Perhaps the powers that be are recognizing that we are going to need men to do actual real work again rather than use the petro dollar to gain other countries production. Men don’t work in the matriarchy. This is all great news for our people.

          • The Cominator says:

            It would be a good thing if the right were ever going to be power again in America as it exists now but it won’t. Eliminating Roe v Wade was a Cathedral psyop to justify the continous fake voting (oh look 100% of the sluts turned out and voted Democrat). You know because the cuckservative Justices voted for it.

            • Pete says:

              Obviously the sluts will vote Democrat. But the Republicans need to give right-leaning voters a reason to actually vote for them.

              Right-leaning voters generally have low enthusiasm and engagement because the Republicans do nothing for us. People aren’t gonna crawl over broken glass to vote for a 2% cut in the capital gains tax or some other Republican milquetoast bullshit.

              Trump was the exception; voter enthusiasm in 2016 was off the charts because people had hope that he was different.

              If the Republicans would give us some victories now and then, we would show up at the polls for them in return. It’s a shame Clarence Thomas is the only right-leaning figure to deliver any victories. Republican Congressmen need to learn to do the same, otherwise no one will feel any enthusiasm to vote for them.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                >voter enthusiasm in 2016 was off the charts because people had hope that he was different.

                Trump caused such derangement in the event of his election because he was not ‘supposed’ to get elected. There are manifold layers to this statement.

                All the usual forms of officially unofficial gatekeeping failed, the entryism, total media gleichschautung, and ‘customary’ levels of pre-arranged fraud, altogether failed to sufficiently reverse the Trump wave swelling up from the peons.

                Besides the middle management classes who became unironically drunk on the ‘cheeto hitler’ kool-aide, at the higher levels, this also had the effect of devalidating the figures who would council unprincipally excepted prudence in how the old liberal order would maintain its grip on power. Eg, ‘your methods resulted in Trump getting in, therefore the debate is over, and it is time to do things our way now’. A very difficult charge for the prudentials to defend against, and a perfect wedge for the more unholy true believers and tire-biters to use to side-line their ‘fellow travelers’ and assume greater authority.

                That was the moment the plane of the Wilsonian Empire entered into a terminal deathspiral with the control sticks ripped out. There became no other possibility except the logarithmic exponentiation of gnostic delierium. To be destroyed and to destroy itself is the only way this can end now.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              The Cathedral built the GAE by deploying methods, institutions, and frameworks that made every instance of culture, policy, and strategy an always -win in some way. They had the unique ability to hedge on every bet because the goal, implicit or otherwise, was entropy, and they promulgated this either explicitly (creating disorder) or covertly (the illusion of building things by taking some solid, singular, workable thing and fracturing it into multiple things that each increased localized entropy under the cover of “greater good”). But trees can only grow so high.

              Oft evil will will evil mar.

              The Cathedral can no longer forever-hedge. Due to multiple factors, they must now make real bets, or not bet at all. So they are now losing where before they would either win big or win some. They still win, too often in many cases, but it is no longer a given that they are going to walk away from the betting table with chips by default.

              • The Cominator says:

                I mean at some point the insiders have to turn on each other but it’s taking forever, this is another instance I suspect the insidious influence of the Jesuits holding it together… it’s not in the nature of evil psychopathic criminals to keep the faith with each other for so long there must be some group holding them together. I cannot offer any more evidence than their baffling solidarity but the solidarity is unnatural.

                • jim says:

                  My guess rather would be the child trafficking gays, who have solidarity both from plotting together in naked in bed in a great big pile, and blackmail material from bring pre pubertal children into the bed. And of course, shared and collective demon worships.

                  That provides that group with extreme solidarity, and since all the other groups have loads of gays in them, and gays are famously treacherous, each group is has a disloyal core who are secretly members of the innermost group of child trafficking demon worshiping gays.

                  QAnon were and are idiots, but I think they got that part right. It is not all the elites are demon worshiping child trafficking gays, but demon worshiping child trafficking gays are likely the glue that holds the whole ship together.

                  This is not necessarily inconsistent with the Jesuit model, since the Vatican worships demons and is full of gays. Obviously not all the Jesuits, or even a whole lot of them, are demon worshiping child trafficking gays, but since the Vatican is powned, the Jesuits are powned.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You think gay trafficking would necessarily include a papist order of “celibate” glowniggers…

                • The Cominator says:

                  I mean would not include them…

    • Javier says:

      re arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

      Republicans change the laws, democrats flaunt and ignore them. Democrats don’t even have to pass laws and they are obeyed.

      the only good thing about stuff like this is it hastens the impending collapse, as more and more people realize rule of law is a farce. female emancipation will not be ended by this society, but whoever supplants it.

  30. Basil says:

    [*held back till you tell us what Soros and Victoria Nuland have been doing lately*]

    • Basil says:

      Soros sells love for gypsies and sodomites in Eastern Europe. Victoria is engaged in color revolutions, here and there

      • jim says:

        Close, but a little vague. Needs a little more specifics. After all the misconduct of both have been in the news lately. And, if you are really criticizing Putin and DeSantis from the right (rather in fact criticizing them from the left) the latest shenanigans should be vitally important and very interesting to you. The alt right has been recirculating our meme on Victoria Nuland in response to the latest hot news, and a little while ago, our meme on Soros. You may have seen it. If you say the equivalent (summarize the latest news equivalently), or describe our meme, having seen it, you pass.

        Criticizing Putin, DeSantis, and so on an so forth from the right is completely fine. But your criticisms sound fake right to me. If opposing them from the right, you should be opposing what Soros and Victoria Nuland have been up to even more. Tell us what they have been up to, and why it is very bad, which can be done in a single sentence.

        You implied that DeSantis was in the pocket of our enemies, and Trump implied that DeSanctimonious was in the pocket of our enemies, but Trump criticized him from the right. Can you do so? A weak and indirect connection between DeSantis and Jews in power here is far more telling than a direct connection between him and Jews in power there.

        Likely a major reason for the color revolution in Sudan is that Sudan has been continuing and furthering Trump’s Middle Eastern peace, pursuing better relations with Israel and ties with Israel, though undoubtedly the major reason is the proposed Russian base, and that they want Sudan pursuing war with Ethiopia, Egypt, and Libya, especially Libya and Ethiopia.

  31. notglowing says:

    In spite of AWALT, my younger sister seems to have had the opposite problem of most women. She has never had many friends, was always introverted and almost a shut in. She rarely leaves the house, and only goes shopping with her friends sometimes. She doesn’t talk much and has some psychological issues.
    Never had anything like a boyfriend either.
    In spite of my disapproval, and because my father did not get involved in it, my mother made her attend a psychiatrist for a few years. She took antidepressants for a short amount of time but I insisted she stop doing it, which she did.
    She “goes” to college now, but a remote, online college was the most she was going to accept.

    Now the psychiatrist has convinced her to spent a month at some kind of social rehab centre. A place where apparently very disaffected shut in youths spend time “learning how to live with others” and learning normal house chores. It’s in a city 20 minutes from here.
    I’ve strongly voiced my disapproval of it, but I don’t really have any ground to stand on. While the men in it are most likely far from the most desirable, this isn’t really a great environment for a young woman either.
    To be fair, the way she currently is, she is on track to become a crazy cat lady, given our cat is the only thing she seems to care about.

    • SJ says:

      I’m assuming your sister is of a normal weight. I have read and heard anecdotes that the gen z women are not interested in becoming porno sluts. Supposedly this is a big reason a lot of them turn into trannies instead. They are no longer aware that marriage is a feasible option so they aren’t even rejecting it, it just isn’t there. I would suggest you ask your sister if she would like to marry. Should she say yes, go about helping her find a husband. I suggest looking at men ten years older than her so you can find one that is already established.

      • notglowing says:

        She’s never worn revealing clothes, always relatively baggy tracksuit type of wear, so I don’t know her exact form. She definitely took on some weight recently and started dieting because of it but it isn’t enough to show through a hoodie. Her face is a little more puffy because of it though.

        Both of the things you said, her becoming a tranny, or the possibility of me helping her find a husband, are things that went through my mind. I don’t know about the possibility of either. I talk to her fairly regularly but she doesn’t speak much, and to anyone who isn’t one of her few girl friends or us (her immediate family) she is quiet. She doesn’t talk to the grandparents during family gatherings either, unless forced to. Always hated studying and school and had to be forced into it all the way through. I tutored her for a while but I grew frustrated by both her disinterest and the obvious pointlessness of it.

        I think my random ranting about US politics must have rubbed off on her somehow. She never told me about it, but I found Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules to Life in her room, several years ago. Also saw her watch an interview of him. I never even mentioned him by name though. At least that is not someone who would influence her into trannydom. She never struck me as masculine either. She’s someone who usually shuts down completely if someone scolds her and stops engaging entirely.
        That said, I never heard her talk about boys, never seen any trace of normal female sexuality, either. I really don’t think she wants to get married. When I jokingly pointed out she’s gonna become a crazy cat lady the way she’s going, she said it was fine. Her voice had a bitterness to it.

        • SJ says:

          Well remember that all possible actions are available to you. You do not have to behave in the ways that other people behave simple because monkey see monkey do. You could order her to get married and find her a husband, slapping her around should she talk back. Etc etc, just remember all possible actions are available you do not have to behave as the movies and books of culture instruct.

          Try telling her that it’s time for her to marry and that you will run an online dating profile for her. Women are not good at running such things themselves due to their inferior hamster brain. Find her a nice man, in fact I know several well to do nice men who are thirty with solid six figure careers. Unfortunately these men are virgins or near to it so women find them horribly unattractive. It does not have to be so, however.

          Or, you know, choose to do something else. Just be aware, all possibilities lay open to you.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          I married a woman just like notglowing’s sister, and while she was an intelligent and loyal wife, two problems became apparent over the years (a) autism is hereditary, so if both parents are moderately autistic, the kids will have it worse, and (b) if the Satanist government ever catches wind that you aren’t teaching your children to worship Jews, niggers, fags, and trannies, bad things are going to happen.

          I suppose you could dilute her autism genes by marrying her to an alpha chad, but alpha chads desire conventionally attractive women and possess the social skills to get one.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >autism is hereditary, so if both parents are moderately autistic, the kids will have it worse

            My great grandfather was a horse artillery autist. He married an autist and they produced my grandfather who was a Panzer autist. He married an autist and they produced my father, a self propelled artillery autist. He married an autist and produced me, an atomic weapons and strategic bombing autist.

            I don’t see a problem here. Only an upward movement towards greater and greater appreciation of efficiency! Don’t dilute that precious autism. Find a nice /k/ poster to marry her to.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              You and I are different species, likely with different genes regulating intelligence and autism. Whites have an “autism spectrum” where some is useful but too much is crippling, while Asians are pretty much all autistic to a similar degree.

              What’s true of both species is that in the absence of a social system that includes arranged marriage, autists fail to reproduce, and everyone else has to revert to smoke signals and scratching symbols on tree bark when their computers and smartphones mysteriously stop working.

              • jim says:

                > In the absence of a social system that includes arranged marriage, autists fail to reproduce.

                Learn game. And practice it. You need other guys with you, because you will learn from each other, and because solo game is tough, and tougher for beginners.

                Also, social media works. We earlier advised The Cominator to go on Tinder and the rest with a stripper or two in the background gazing at him. Doing interesting and manly things on social media also useful.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Perhaps get some short prosties and have them handle the camera with Com showing physical ownership by groping in some way. They are serving him, and the angle will make him look more physically imposing and therefore interesting.

                  I’ve ironically had more success with low effort shirtless selfies in my bedroom and others like that than ‘appropriate’ beach settings or other instagram striver well curated pictures. Couldn’t tell you exactly what it is, but definitely caring too much probably hurts more than helps.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                ‘Autism’ is good when it is world-entangled shape rotation, and bad when it is mattoidic wordceldom and nominalism, though these different senses all tend to be infelicitously equivocated in the same breaths.

                Keep in mind the etymology of the greek roots in its original coining, autos, autismos, ‘the state of being insides oneself’. Iow, something that is closed off from and insensitive too the outside world (cfr. computerized objects with ‘autistic modes’). Which in regards to a humanoid subject, entails a negligible capacity for world formation.

                And while there are many things one might describe ‘fight autists’ with, that is one of the furthest from it.

                When you look around a gym full of guys training for competition, one of the most notable traits separating also-rans from the guys who place on the podium and take medals home is the fact that the latter are the kind of guys who are always imagining different scenarios of their going concern, which is their idea of fun; it is like they’ve fought their opponent a thousand times in their minds before they even stepped on the mat – and the better modeler wins.


              • Fidelis says:

                You are not Gödel nor are you Newton, and you are giving normies far too much credit, they are very easy to fool. I can guarantee I have just as much sperg genes as you if not more, but what really throws off interactions is not treating the majority of people you interact with as the overgrown children they are. They have such little grasp of past and future, and such little grasp of self understanding, and such little grasp of most things outside current direct experience and whatever their preferred digital media is.

                Just do as SJ recommends and cold approach both men and women. I recall a piece of advice for networking as “never eat lunch alone”; you can extend that to “never spend a weekend alone” or really any spare time that you have to dedicate to improving your skillset.

              • alf says:

                Dealing with humans is as learnable as dealing with linux. An average sperg male has more potential to reproduce, not less. It is the normies who tend to sheepishly swallow the blue pill.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You can develop some degree of social skills as a sperg and if you are in a school district long enough you can even become popular but you hit a plateau… lacking intitutive understanding you can learn general simple rules but not the subtleties as they are too varied and complex if you lack a normal intuitive (or if you don’t like that word) say natural understand.

                  I get the general principles of “game” but the subtleties of it… some of it might as well be you trying to teach a blind man how to land a plane.

                • alf says:

                  You blame your lack of relationships on autism, and while I am not saying there is zero truth in that, I blame them on your long habit of screwing whores and strippers.

                • Adam says:

                  Social skills require you to suspend judgment, become comfortable with ambiguity, read between the lines, and play make believe (to an extent).

                  Hypervigilance and black and white thinking are going to shoot you in the foot. The goal is not to judge (you can do that later) the goal is to listen and gently probe, and to stimulate the other person.

                  I agree with Alf if you are smart, you should have an easier time than most. The things that are tripping you up like black and white thinking are cognitive failures (as very little is black and white), so you should be able to overcome that if you chose. It is not easy necessarily but it is achievable.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Re Alf (I thought I responded to this but maybe I never entered) the stripper thing began after a long time of failed efforts and no progress with women.

                  There was progress in the past but I hit a plateau and women then got a lot worse after say 2012… the one valid thing you have in that is your interest in putting up with the crap of normal women just disappears. The plateau is real I’m not a shut in I’m someone who generally has to get out of the house most nights… but you stop progressing. Maybe with a coach I could get passed this but I am at my limit from what reading, thinking, processing experiences etc can teach me on this subject.

                • jim says:

                  Did you follow the advice? Cruise good locations (which tend to be far away and expensive) with some bros, and go on social media with evidence of preselection and alpha status.

                  What was the outcome of following that advice? If you followed that advice, what is your perception of what went wrong?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Travelling to tourists hot spots is far more expensive in terms of time and money than strippers (at least the way I do strippers) and given the last two years expensive isn’t good I’m not doing strippers lately either…

                  But if I wanted a tradwife (the only reason I would bother with a normie women unless I knew her from long ago) why would I ever bother with a tourist hotspots, thats fucking whores with extra steps and less simplicity (stripper fucking I can and have give you a very very specific step by step on how to do it… no ambiguity no principles like specific steps that work… I even told another sperg who executed what I said successfully). I would try to buy the daughter of some poor Moldavian peasant or something. If I want a tradwife I’d want a teenage girl from a peasant area who is literate but no higher education.

                • jim says:

                  > Travelling to tourists hot spots is far more expensive in terms of time and money than strippers

                  The more expensive and further away the locale, the better the pickings and the faster the bang, but you can usually find a little group of hens at your local Saturday night joint, though you will be massively outnumbered by sausages, and need a group of comparable size to break into the hen group.

                  But, easy way, and cheaper and faster way – social media, such as tinder. If you have no IRL gang of bros, you can fake up photographic evidence that you have a group of bros (in the photo, you are doing something interesting, and guys in the background are paying attention to you), and, more important than that, without doing that, just doing what you do now, you can produce photographic evidence of hot naked or near naked chicks in the background paying attention to you. Go on social media with that.

                  And remember what I tell everyone. Tradwives are made by their men. All women are good women, given the right stimuli, though the stimuli necessary for a woman who has been banged by Jeremy Meeks are likely to be very difficult, and the stimuli necessary for one who has been banged by General Bucknaked are damned near impossible in our society.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My old Facebook photos made me look good in those terms,the enginerette I have mentioned (and she was a VERY cute girl) in particular took a lot of good pictures with me. I just see no logic in traveling just to pickup given the expense given that I wasn’t paying the strippers anymore than regular lap charge… in better times I might try it for variety but I don’t see any real benefit. A jet set whore is unless she’s independently wealthy (which is possible) not going to cost less than the girl giving me a lap dance when the lap dance includes sex no extra charge… whereas travel will include plane hotel etc. The stripper also tends to be a lot better at doing it…

                • jim says:

                  Take some more with additional chicks. Will help considerably. Quantity matters more than quality. And try to add, or fake up, evidence of bros. And they have to be not just in the picture, but looking at you or otherwise engaging with you. If the engineerette in your background is looking at the cameraman, less helpful. If looking at the cameraman, and you are not holding onto her firmly in a controlling manner, not very useful at all. And keep stuff active on social media, including tinder. (I may be way out of date. Is there a tinder replacement these days?) Recent photos get more hits than old photos.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The enginerette photos are very good (at least one where we were dancing) but unfortunately they were a while ago. I had a very good Facebook photo collection at one time but as clownworld really set in around 2012ish I found the difficulty turned up to nightmare mode and they were of limited value.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Coincidentally, 2012 was the year Tinder came online.

                • alf says:

                  2012 was a long time ago…

                • Adam says:

                  Why not just drive to Orlando? Pretty much infinite hoes there, lots of places to party and have fun.

          • Aidan says:

            I don’t believe engineer brain should be conflated with various intersocial and neurological defects into the concept of “autism”. Acetominophen in utero and early development has been shown to cause the social and neurological problems commonly called autism. Engineer brain is inherited, but you likely had autistic kids for the same reason that fat parents have fat kids.

            • The Cominator says:

              Yes they aren’t the same thing.

            • alf says:

              Paracetamol causes autism? First time I hear that take.

              • The Cominator says:

                Yeah its in vitro not hereditary though perhaps perhaps some factors that increase the likelihood of the birth defect is hereditary. Two autist parents (though autism is rare in girls) can have a non autist kid.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Autism is just as common in girls as boys. It’s less obvious to a male observer, but against the high standard of sociability that females expect of each other, spergettes fail just as miserably.

                  I snagged a spergette before she could off herself and turned her into a loving wife, but failed to raise the children properly. (Step 1: Move at least 1000 miles away from any feminist relatives and change your name.)

                  These days spergettes are all becoming FtM trannies, my daughter possibly among them, I don’t know.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Brother, this post breaks my heart. I’m not going to dig for info, I’m not asking you to share, and part of me thinks I’m not strong enough right now to hear it. But you’ve dropped some hints in a number of posts that lead me to believe you’ve gone through, are going through, something terrible that sprawls through time, warping everything like a cracked lens. Times like this I wish we could safely reach out. It is what it is.

                  I hope you are finding bedrock to cling to, then build on, then grow from. Apologies if I’m being too familiar, but I genuinely do care and I hope you aren’t suffering alone.

                  Be well, my nigger.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  I read your comment from the backseat of a friend’s car during a 12-hour drive through the Russian heartland, while pausing to gaze out at mile-wide fields of freshly tilled black earth fringed with birch trees. I’m gradually building a new life here, while also learning to be vague about why I left America. Some things are best left unsaid.

                  To the surprise of no one at Jim’s Blog, I can personally attest that when a sober, healthy fifty-year old white man gets into a conversation with adults, their teenage daughters will flirt with him. And were he to date and marry one of those daughters, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it.

                  This is outside the Moscow/Petersburg axis, where almost no one speaks more than a few words of English, so come prepared. Fortunately there are millions of Russian-speakers in the West you can practice with.

                  A friend of mine recounted his shock and disbelief when a buddy he hadn’t heard from in three years wrote to him from America saying “I’m a woman now!” I saw the evidence: US passport, Russian female name, woman’s haircut, and a man’s face wearing an expression of abject despair.

                  I’ve not felt the slightest twinge of homesickness yet; I rather feel like I escaped from Jonestown.

                  And Jim, if you like talking to cops, try it with Russian cops who think you’re a spy or saboteur. I think I pulled it off pretty well, speaking bluntly in bad Russian even though an interpreter was provided, mainly because I didn’t much care if they decided to shoot me in the head.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  This may sound like soft-science, hippy dippy bullshit, but that’s okay.

                  Whatever stupidities you indulged, whatever errors you committed, whatever easily-avoided-in-retrospect mistakes you made, you left that behind when you absconded. Not a single well remembered historical figure from America’s past was overly worried about England or Europe or the Old World. In fact (and possibly to their detriment) most of the proto-Americans just pretended Europe didn’t exist. They took that ocean for a wall, and ordered their gardens with respect to it. History tends to remember Generals, Presidents, Assassins, and Spies by name. Everyone else gets binned into a category. Washington and his men. Patton and his army. Lincoln and his parade of limp dick faggot supporters. For those of us not doomed to the prominence of leadership, we have no good reason not to live facing forward and leave the past to great men and their rememberers.

                  I wish you success in your life there. Something tells me Diaspora American is not going to be a little discussed footnote of world history, but will instead be a massive collection of categories. Thus, you are a Jimian Expat. Earn that auspicious title.

                  Take care, good luck, make babies, be smart.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The Volga Germans were all Germans, no niggers or Jews. So too it must be with the American diaspora. Africans shall go to Africa and Jews to Israel, which needs to de-faggotize itself and make peace with Russia before it’s too late.

                  What if millions of white Americans moved here? The children would all learn Russian in school but the adults would struggle with it, most giving up and relying on their children as interpreters.

                  I’ve asked Russians how they’d feel about it, and I get no answer. One might as well poll their views on string theory, as people fleeing to Russia is far outside of anything they’ve ever experienced or even imagined.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  The Russians are not nearly as race conscious as Americans. I suppose they are not nearly as ethnic conscious as are Americas as well. Russia is intensely Imperial in some ways such that only Moscow really matters politically but also peripheral groups are given much leeway so long as they dance to the Kremlin’s occasional desires.

                  Likely the Russians will not have any opinion on it like they have no opinion on the various ethic groups that were settled into central asia Russia unless central gov tells them to have a certain opinion.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Yes, Russia might someday have an American Republic like it has a Tatar Republic and a Komi Republic. They could mark out a chunk of territory east of the Urals, relocate its population to brand-new cities in “New Russia” (formerly Ukraine), and give their old homes to the American refugees. I’m just saying that it’ll turn out badly if “American” includes anything but heritage white Americans.

                  Empress Catherine knew the difference between a German and a Jew living in Germany. It must not be forgotten.

                • yewotm8 says:

                  If you don’t mind me asking Mayflower, how did you get in? You just applied for immigration the official regular way, say you’re an American (I’m assuming) with no problems who will bring his competence and some wealth, and they are happy to have you?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  No, I just called a travel agent and he said, send us your passport and $350, and in four weeks you’ll have a three-year multi-entry visa. Then I flew to Helsinki, took a bus to St. Petersburg, and spent a month in a friend’s vacant apartment for free before moving on. I asked him and he said he’d be happy to help others, but his English isn’t very good.

                  The cops asked if I wanted to become a Russian citizen, implying that the door’s open. After hearing my story, one remarked to the others, “This guy could be ours!”

        • yewotm8 says:

          It sounds it sounds like she looks up to you and places importance on your opinion. Be optimistic about your ability to convince her.

          • notglowing says:

            On some level she does. She imitates things I do, but never openly. When I try to tell her she should do something she responds abrasively and defiantly, “what does it have to do with you”, she is my little sister after all; that is what you expect.
            Though, to everyone else, she just shuts down.
            I should mention I only found out about this little adventure she had planned two days before she left. She knew I would find it dumb. She wanted to avoid me trying to convince her otherwise.

        • Doom says:

          I like this discussion a lot and don’t have a lot to add.

          I agree that your sister will be much happier if you can find a good man to lead her into a family.

          I will say this. IMO one of the main reasons women trannify themselves is their social shame at not being Stacey.

          The bitterness in her voice is her knowledge that she will not be good enough for Chad. Or, that she would have to put in EFFORT to get Chad. So on.

          Even though she has few friends, she is still a woman and still cares about how she looks to other women. This is the copium of 30 year old women saying “where are all the good men”?? They know there are humans with penises that will wife them. These men will just make them look like losers.

          Better to be a loser on your own terms and cut your tits off, in their view.

          I don’t know the way you can do this, but she needs to be convinced that if she submits to a regular guy that she doesn’t “find attractive”, that firstly, she will end up the envy of other women, and secondly, that the love and attraction will grow.

          I think it is very difficult for women to answer “your husband is a loser” with “oh, are you married?”, despite it being the most obvious answer.

          That she reads JBP is a good sign. He is good at convincing normies that they should take responsibility for things.

          • A2 says:

            “Better to be a loser on your own terms and cut your tits off, in their view.”

            Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            “I will say this. IMO one of the main reasons women trannify themselves is their social shame at not being Stacey.”

            We know women incoherent, often have difficulty articulating their feelings, yet they consistently claim to find “confidence” attractive. It seems a girl who belongs to an alpha male gains his energy. She becomes confident, “strong woman” if you like. This isn’t a very scientific way of describing it but I think is clear enough.

            I think the women who go tranny do so because they covet this alpha male confidence. Certainly, men who go tranny do so from deep insecurity. They see how women are valued and accepted merely for being women and they covet this.

            In real life, mutilation does not make a gigachad of an autist girl, nor does it make a hot chick of a dweeb but this is what they are striving for.

            tl;dr Tranny from internal emotional failure, not from social stigma.

            • Doom says:

              I really like this analysis.

              But I still think it’s more of the case of, if they “become” a man, they will not be held socially accountable for not being able to secure the man they want. Women project, that’s why they become lawyers and not plumbers (and not only are they projecting, they’re finding a social shortcut to have the social status they think they should have.)

              If society started expecting trans-men to actually compete with real men, properly, (and provide the services they provide!) you can be sure it would stop right quick.

              “Get down in that hole, you’re a man aintcha???”

              All the lesbians I’ve ever known have either been sexually abused or they have “aspirations” (the type of girl who loved boy bands and wanted the leader to be their boyfriend; wrote stories in school about their life with the leader of the boy band, but is fat.)

              The first makes sense on its face, the second – if they pick a man who is not Chad, they imagine they will be seen as losers.

              An average woman is “more attractive” than the average man. So, their pool of potential partners is much larger. (The guy who used to cut my hair – his wife left him to go be a lesbian. Spent a lot of time apparently crowing about how “hot” her new partner was. Ya see? She levelled up. He was like 5 foot 5 and a hairdresser.)

              It is an internal emotional failure, you’re right- an internal emotional failure at not being able to be in what they see as a socially acceptable relationship.

        • Roger Williams says:

          What you really need to do is talk to your father about her. Tell him to stop being a faggot and a bitch and to take control of his daughter. The women with weak and beta fathers are usually the ones that get all fucked up in the head.

          • The Cominator says:

            Girls with stronger fathers exhibit a greater preference to violent lowlife criminals in my experience.

            • jim says:

              My experience differs from your own.

              Girls with strong fathers have an image of alpha that corresponds to their father. Who was probably not a violent lowlife criminal, though in the current environment, is still a high standard to live up to. If you can be as manly as her father was, no problems.

              • The Cominator says:

                I like what Aidan said, something to the effect that their image of alpha is a man who probably would just kill her father if he interfered…

                • jim says:

                  That is true also, but nonetheless, girls with strong fathers work out pretty well for me.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You’re good at playing the bad guy.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  TC, you clearly dalliance far too much with whores such that the few relatively strong fathers you’ve seen are low class ones whose daughters desire exclusive ownership by a thug rather than orgy porgy sluttery.

                  I remember saying many months ago, maybe even a year ago, that all that Ukrainian pussy flooding the market is driving the rates down. That this is your greatest opportunity in a generation to get a nice wife of European origins at a relatively cheap price. I stand by my advice.

                  You’ve been using the excuse of being a sperg to avoid taking ownership and being happy. I don’t know you personally to know if that’s true. It might be something you’ve made up to avoid having to face responsibility, but even if it’s true it shouldn’t stop you.

                  The entire male line on my father’s side were autistic sperg officers. That clearly didn’t stop them. I’m around to write this. My grandfather and father still managed to get wives after the collapse of their churches. Granted they (and I) were autists for things that went boom like tanks and artillery, and women like the strong warriors, but they were weak and fat HUMINT/SIGNINT virgin caricatures who weren’t cut out to be chad enlisted infantry men. Do you have any idea how much it pains me to say this publicly? Hell, I’m likely slated for some sort of INTEL/Powerpoint/computer job as well. Deeply shameful. Part of the reason I irrationally wish to die in combat.

                  I implore you TC to stop the whore and whore adjacent posting. My father (and his father and father’s father) likely used whores as well. It’s the nature of military service. I don’t strictly condemn using whores, and neither do nice upper class women. Preselection is real and women will prefer a man bold enough to buy sex, and boast about it, over a man who doesn’t even have the balls to do it. My made up yet funny out of state Tinder escapades (which conveniently require no proof, just a massive amount of confidence) have gotten me more dates with (relatively) chaste women than I can bother counting. You have real world experience and should have no problem playing the part.

                  I wrote this self humiliation post while drunk and will likely deeply regret everything I’ve revealed. So please, take ownership and get a woman so my humiliation won’t be in vain.

                • The Cominator says:

                  This wasn’t talking about whores. Most of my experience on this is the non whores. 90% of the non whores who’ve seemed to have basically liked me over the years had a father who died when they were young or was otherwise absent. Daddy’s little princesses otoh want nothing to do with men who don’t have preselection and/or who seem like criminals. All women like these things sure but its a matter of degrees.

                  I actually cannot speak in detail on this with strippers and such, I assume that generally the relationship with the father was bad or they were absent but its not something you want to ask them about if you want to go all the way without paying them extra money, probing into their probably bad relationship with their family without already being on very good terms and having fucked them many times is going to piss them off and if you want to bang you’re going to get charged mucho extra money. My all time favorite stripper who I banged many times actually had a present father growing up and they got on well though surprisingly I do think she confirmed that as far as her co workers that this was not typical.

                • Aidan says:

                  That takes effect when a father goes to great lengths to scare off his daughter’s suitors. That requires strength, but not all strong fathers do this.

                  I, like Jim, do well with girls who have strong fathers. When I am around my father in law, I treat him with respect, like one alpha to another, and he treats me with respect; he knows that things might get ugly if he does not. If he did try to mog me, things would have to get ugly.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            This is absolutely wrong. [*deleted from posting from an alternative reality*]

            • jim says:

              I don’t agree with your account of liberal females as compared to conservative females. My anecdotal evidence is contrary to your anecdotal evidence. Looks to me that conservatives reproduce biologically, progressives reproduce memetically, like a crab infected with loxo (Loxothylacus panopaei)

              Your account of conservative behavior, republican voter behavior, Christian behavior, etc, is always wildly contrary to my experience.

              There are, however, a pile of surveys around. If you could dig up some relevant survey evidence, I would be very interested in seeing it. If you make an evidence based argument, will allow it through. I am not allowing your unsupported claims about conservative behavior through, and I don’t think your bubble contains any.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                My home county tripled in population in the last generation and it wasn’t due to family values. People fled the major cities since the civil rights movement to move there, and basically everyone where I grew up favored more civil rights and thus more growth. But they were corporate conservatives too, because rapid population growth demanded major chains that can be built rapidly, not small businesses built over generations. They probably liked Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio the most but ultimately settled with Trump.

                I think it could be called a purple area, but definitely red as far as being as right as possible but still capable of producing future leaders. And I try to be “ironically moderate” just to demonstrate that I have loyalty to my own home, though it isn’t my ideal home, which would be NYC or Boston except 90% Republican, basically a complete fantasy.

                A female’s loyalty is ultimately to the school she grew up in and the culture it forced onto her. Men come and go, in our time as well as in evolutionary environmental time.

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this through, so that people can see why I have censored all your other comments telling us what mainstream republicans think and what women think and what Christians think.

                  Obviously they did not prefer rapid population growth. It was forced on them from above as invasion and conquest. Obviously no Republicans wanted Mitt Romney and few wanted Marco Rubio – again, forced on them from above, but the forcing failed due to massive grassroots resistance. Obviously a woman’s primary loyalty is to the most alpha male who has banged her. A woman has no tribe, no country, and no religion. She has her man’s tribe, country, and religion, and if she has her own, it is male failure that she bitterly resents and hopes to be rescued from by being abducted by a sufficiently manly man and tribe. Any country that treats women as citizens is committing a fraud to cuckold its men. Reality is that women do not inwardly identify as citizens of any country, as is obvious in their voting patterns, the voting pattern of married women differing radically from that of single women.

          • notglowing says:

            My father is not someone you can argue with.

            But the problem is he is a leftist; although neither of my parents follow politics anymore or ever talk about it, neither of them have traditional views or would be willing to accept them. They mostly know what I believe in, and mostly do not care. My mother thinks reactionary ideas are just a new trend with young people just like student protests and terrorism were in her days.
            They certainly are not in tune with any of the new faggotry of the past 30 years, but the idea of women having to marry and have kids as the default and of fathers having to steer daughters into it is not something he would accept.

            He thinks the only thing that matters is that she is doing *her duty* which in his mind is either studying or working. Everything else is secondary. And he has intervened harshly in order to force her to focus on her studies in the past, though with only mixed results. He’s certainly not going to start finding boys for her.

            It might surprise you that despite him being a convinced atheist and my mother not knowing what she believes in, I was raised Catholic and sent to Catechism (Sunday school), because it is the normal thing to do; I did not know atheism existed until the age of 12. This kind of thing is not atypical here.

            Another thing to note is the bad examples for female behaviour my mother has. Most of her friends are crazy cat lady types who went to college and are alone. One of them literally works for the UN in NYC and studied at Harvard (not going to say anything more about that). The only ones that are sane are the ones who had kids of course. It is remarkable that my parents never had any significant issues with each other, despite no lack of divorces around us. They never married, though.

      • Red says:

        >They are no longer aware that marriage is a feasible option so they aren’t even rejecting it, it just isn’t there.

        That’s basically the story the Tranny child murdering chick. She never had a boyfriend. The lack of aggressiveness with boys in pursuing girls in resulting in some chicks never being approached. She channeled her energy into female basketball hoping someone would notice her, but of course men don’t watch woman play at sports.

        Her McChristian parents didn’t even bother in trying to find her a husband.

    • jim says:

      Exposed to appropriate stimuli, her hindbrain will take charge – perhaps more slowly and with more inhibition than most, and requiring stronger stimuli than most. Her reclusive habits have protected her from such stimuli.

      Also, female sexual impulses set it at an inconveniently random age, weakly related to biological readiness for sex and reproduction, possibly because female choice has not mattered much since we looked rather like apes. It could well be her sexual impulses are inconveniently late, though inconveniently early is a more common problem.

      You don’t mention her reading romance books and watching romance media. Does she? If she does not, her sexual impulses are setting in late. With female emancipation, no point in addressing the problem till they do set in. If they have set in, or when they do set in, the solution is to expose her to a suitable nonkin male in a setting where he is the alpha. If he visits your house, hard for him to be the alpha. If he has a boat, he is the captain and naturally the alpha. If he sets up a camping trip, it can be his expedition, and he can be the alpha.

      One on one, there is a shortage of the stimuli that female alpha radar is pinging for. Hence the difficulty of picking up girls solo. If you set up a date for her, hindbrain may well not activate. If he takes your family for a fishing trip, and her sexual impulses have set in, then done.

      • Red says:

        One on one, there is a shortage of the stimuli that female alpha radar is pinging for. Hence the difficulty of picking up girls solo. If you set up a date for her, hindbrain may well not activate.

        Possible solution: man shows up with a friend who acts as his driver/wing man. Wingman hits the bar while the date goes on, and is dismissed later as as the alpha cred is established.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          notglowing account sounds very similar to many East Asian women. I have several cousins that didn’t start “wandering away” from their parent’s home until their late 20s. They didn’t display any interest in men, or romance, or sex, or college, or any social activity. Didn’t even have other female friends. Complete shut ins. They are fairly good looking too and had exposure to appropriate stimuli all throughout high-school. They completely ignored it and where considered completely unapproachable.

          They started “wandering away” when their parents, in desperation, locked them out when they went to pick up mail ordered items, told them to not come back until they meet a nice boy they had set up for them on an arraigned date. My cousins got married in less than a year. Did it help that the arraigned date involved eating at a restaurant, that they were hungry and the fridge inaccessible? I think it’s likely.

          I don’t think it’s a shortage of stimuli, but rather being a shut in is now extremely possible and very comfortable. In the past it was not possible to be a shut in, you’d starve to death. That’s powerful motivation to get out which naturally exposes one to the right kind of stimuli. Now a days one can spend all day on the internet, tv, and playing video games which quickly turn into an addiction. A problem of too much of the wrong stimuli. Only way to fix that is to lock them out hungry with dinner dates prearranged. Hindbrain takes over.

          • Fake says:

            Antidepressants mess with sex drive. I knew a girl who was on antidepressants from her early teen years and declared herself asexual. Maybe the antidepressants are delaying this guy’s sister’s development.

          • jim says:

            The parentally selected suitor got some alpha cred from the parents forcing the girl to go to dinner with him, but female alpha radar craves to see a man acting alpha in interaction with other people.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Arranged dating is set up for the man to act alpha with other men.

              I was sent along with my female cousins on some of those dates (probably to check up on progress). Their now husbands would bring along a couple of their male family and friends who would make themselves scarce when it was appropriate. Got lots of sushi out of it. Too much. This was in Asia.

              Arraigned dating in the Asian American churches has mostly been transplanted. Got invited to a small social event as a friend by one of the Church elders. The pastor’s daughter was the only woman there with several “eligible” candidates but there was clearly one favorite. I made myself scarce when it was appropriate. Highly quid pro quo. Got lots of grilled beef out of it. Also got a very, very glowing letter of recommendation from the elder.

              My WASP side of the family used to do similar arranged dating via their Church in New England. So this method of showing, or at least putting on theater, the suitor’s alpha cred is not unique to Asia historically speaking, but the Churches collapsed sometime around the 40s-50s and arranged dating became alien to America.

          • Aidan says:

            Those Asian girls you talk about are jilling it nonstop to keep themselves from wandering off. I’ve been with similar types; they do not act horny (attention seeking) in public, but are totally receptive to being hit on.

        • jim says:

          You don’t dimiss the guys posing as beta to your alpha immediately. They need to hang out for a bit, then be dismissed.

      • notglowing says:

        > You don’t mention her reading romance books and watching romance media. Does she?

        Not that I know of. Her bookshelf is heavily biased towards mystery/detective stories, and classic books, though I have no idea if she has read any of them.

        Given she has no hobbies I imagine she must be reading, though.

        • jim says:

          As I said, there is an inconveniently large variance in the time at which female sexual urges set in, and an inconvenient and frequently terrifying lack of relationship to physical development and the capacity to bear children. Some, a lot, are inconveniently early. Some are inconveniently late.

    • Adam says:

      She needs a sisterhood. It won’t solve all of the problems but she needs a group of women to compete with. Definitely steer clear of anything like medication, and definitely do not let her believe there is something inherently wrong with her. Worst thing you can do to someone like that is to teach them they are somehow special or unique in their troubles. It is how narcissistic co-dependent parents damage their kids.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Women like that will never fit into a sisterhood. Trying to force her into a group of women will likely hurt her. Women are intensely on the same page. If one is happy they are all happy. If one is sad they are all sad. She will likely not mirror the emotions of the other women, or even bother with attempting. That will end up ostracizing her and women can be extremely cruel to women who just don’t fit in. They will make her believe there is something inherently wrong with her. That’s a fast track towards meds and therapy.

        Only way is to find her a husband by arraigned dating. Preferably while she’s hungry.

        • The Cominator says:

          “If one is happy they are all happy. If one is sad they are all sad.”

          In America it works more like this. One girl is a cunt, so all the rest of them become cunts.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Nah, them being cunts is cross culture. Groups of women compete against each other for men unlike fraternal men who will back each other up.

            What’s unique to America and her vassals is that one girl being a whore and the rest of them becoming whores is accepted and encouraged. Plenty of chaste cunts out there. That’s the historical norm. The West felt if proper to promote the slut cunt and the rest is history.

            • The Cominator says:

              Female promiscuity is strongest in societies without but patriarchal controls but otherwise have low female status. All unowned women are sluts for gigachad (and owned women are too if they can get away with it) but only low status women are with unusual exceptions sluts for the mass of men.

              Why do I have to keep saying this, the problem with American women is their high status and state sanctioned superweapons (and obesity)… its like everyone gets it wrong. If American women were promiscous in the manner of Southeast Asian and most Slavic country women we wouldn’t have a 50% incel rate. Western women are in fact far far too picky about only going for males in the highest ends of the fucked up female status hierarchy. Also while I don’t like blaming technology I will blame it for a narrow thing, online dating sites and social media convince too many of them that chad is easily available and that they can get him. More promiscuity among the mass of women would in fact be an improvement. Bodycount increments stop mattering when it gets passed 4 except if they get an STD (which is a much overblown risk) or Tyrone makes them a single mother, after that their pair bonding ability already has hit the low plateau.

              • jim says:

                > If American women were promiscous in the manner of Southeast Asian and most Slavic country women we wouldn’t have a 50% incel rate.

                It is the other way around. More promiscuity, more incel, because women are hypergamous.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think I addressed this as you want to have female status in general lower…

        • Adam says:

          The reason I give that advice is because its the same as addict behavior. In the anonymous fellowships, at least if a woman wants help or wants to get better or just become part of the group, the women are very motherly. If she is a raging cunt she will receive appropriate treatment. It all depends on the new girl. But girls do come in frequently who are homeless, prostitutes etc. with zero ability to bond or play nice and some end up making it.

          Not necessarily apples to apples with this situation but similar problem.

      • The Cominator says:

        A woman needs perhaps a sister or one good female friend. Other than that a good woman is only corrupted by being around other women. You’re not going to make a better than average American woman better by having her hang out with more women quite the contrary.

        The one bro tier trustworthy chick (she was for years as trustworthy, and she wasn’t dykey or frumpy in fact she was kinda batshit in some ways but for years I never had to worry that her feelings were going to supersede her word) I’ve ever known had one good friend and her sisters (that she dominated being the oldest) but otherwise did not like and would hang out with other women in mixed except in mixed company. When she eased up on this she rapidly changed for the worse.

        Meds are bad too, not sure its wrong to have them thinking stuff is a little wrong with her… women only benefit from keeping their ego small. Pride is generally a very bad characteristic in anyone, but its especially horrible in women.


        Reading the specific text on your sister sounds like she is extremely more introverted than most women… she needs a guy. She needs one female friend who is married or in a long term relationship.

    • Aidan says:

      Her sexual needs are probably being fulfilled by erotic fan fiction and anime. Better than getting ran thru by a bunch of dudes. What’s the problem here? As long as she learns how to cook and clean will probably make a good and loyal wife.

      My woman said three words to me in the first fifteen minutes of us meeting. I talked at her until she was comfortable talking back. She was “just shy”. I like shy. Shy is feminine. If you have based friends, hook her up with your friends.

      • notglowing says:

        > If you have based friends, hook her up with your friends.
        Some have girlfriends already. Though they are all mostly blackpilled regarding things like marriage and having kids. They’d laugh at the idea. Women just steal your money and children anyways. My generation is very cynical. I’m not going to be the preachy one and convince them otherwise. After all I should know less about it than they do.

        My friends are quite different from myself. That might sound odd. But none of them are spergs like me, except for the people I know online. They aren’t necessarily a good representative of the average zoomer either. That said, none of them are *particularly* good with girls.
        I have a feeling that they are about average at it. For example, a friend is in his second somewhat long term relationship, and another manages to sleep with women from time to time, but isn’t most of the time. Women are not a very frequent topic of discussion unless it is related to a specific situation.

        > Her sexual needs are probably being fulfilled by erotic fan fiction and anime. Better than getting ran thru by a bunch of dudes. What’s the problem here? As long as she learns how to cook and clean will probably make a good and loyal wife.
        I do wonder. She used to watch anime, but I don’t know if she still does. As I said I did not find anything very erotic among her books.
        In a vacuum, or perhaps in the right society, she could make for a good wife, if she found the right man. As it is, the chances seem low. Not like I know the right man for her either.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          The idea of a soul mate is a preposterous Elizabethan farce. Take any man, put him with any women, have them do things together, and attraction appears. Your friends may not be good with women, your sister is definitely not good with men, but after the third camping trip or beach excursion or all day event, the natural rhythm of the synthetic, temporary family will do all the heavy lifting. Just get them up and get them moving.

          • jim says:

            > put him with any women, have them do things together, and attraction appears

            It does not appear merely as a result of them merely doing things together. Women have passive and active (shit tests) alpha radar. You have to show alpha and preselection, show up on their passive radar, and pass their shit tests (show up on their active radar).

            Men cannot help looking a woman’s boobs. No boobs, no attraction. And women cannot help shit testing men.

      • alf says:


        What’s this here? Lookin’ good!

        • Aidan says:

          Yes, I am writing long-form again. I also do not trust substack a bit. Its payment mechanism is mendacious. It uses Stripe. Theoretically, this can make for limited knowledge payments. All Substack would need to know is a stripe account number to pay you, and all Stripe has to know is that substack is paying your identity. That is not how it was implemented. Substack gets your real identity from Stripe, and stripe gets your substack info. Both parties know that a given bank account is connected to a given substack; I will not be receiving money over the platform. Without money changing hands, it’s happy to have just a burner email.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Pax already explained this really well, just want to throw in my 2 cents, and I apologize if this grosses you out.

      She will sit in that room, eating and masturbating and scrolling, until she is forced to do otherwise. As SJ said, there are no rules here. So if you want to correct this situation, you have to act, and I think you need to deprive her of internet and isolation, get her ass in gear, and don’t let her assuage her depressing isolation with constant, limitless digital distraction.

      Everything in modern society makes the easiest option atomization, so you want to do the opposite. Make life hard, just demonstrably harder, not impossible, but you got to make it somewhat challenging, because the easiest option is to sit and diddle and scroll and chew. Got to get in that loop and break it.

      • notglowing says:

        > So if you want to correct this situation, you have to act, and I think you need to deprive her of internet and isolation, get her ass in gear,

        Arguably, the psychiatrist already got her to do that. I think a lot of the commenters glossed over the fact that she isn’t in the house anymore, for a month anyways. She’s going to be in a sort of communal living with other dysfunctional people learning how to live with others or something.

        I don’t like this arrangement and know little about this place, and I found out about it just before it happened. But maybe something good will come of it.

        >She will sit in that room, eating and masturbating and scrolling,

        Maybe. Don’t know about the second thing. As I said, I have yet to see any signs of normal female sexuality from her. I certainly never heard anything suspicious through the wall, only some Tiktok songs and Youtube videos.
        That said, I don’t know if this is even the same for women as it is for men. Do women generally feel the need to masturbate when they do not have sex? The issue with the question is that when women are looking for it they usually find it. But I also feel like they don’t generally feel as compelled as men if they don’t.

        • jim says:

          > As I said, I have yet to see any signs of normal female sexuality from her.

          They are typically mighty obvious, so maybe sexual impulses are setting in late. As I said, there is a great deal of variance in females.

        • Aidan says:

          When she’s back, Wireshark your home network and see what she’s been getting up to online.

  32. Cloudswrest says:

    I was vaguely aware that something was going on in Sudan over the last week, but I hadn’t been paying much attention (who cares about Sudan?). Vox Day just summarized it.

    • c4ssidy says:

      fuck that guy. why is there a link to discuss which only has a login and no way to sign up, or even read the comments as a spectator?

  33. Kunning Druegger says:

    Thus Jim spake to the bros:

    “To get a jimbot that has any chance of producing interesting output, going to need a much bigger model, trained on a much bigger pile of text, then a more narrowly focused pile of text, text that is somewhat on topic, all the red pilled reactionary blogs, then on the entire contents of this blog, and then on my text.

    If I was going to do it with the intention of producing a useful jimbot, would steal the biggest model that my hardware could handle, already trained on a lot more text than my hardware could handle, then train on a full scrape of git plus all the reactionary and red pill blogs, then train on all the reactionary blogs and red pill blogs, then train on just my blog, then train on just me.”

    And they didst say “fucking based” and “lol, yea even lmao” and there was much slightly heavier nasal exhalation in all the land.

    OK, lads. What should go into the training module? We have 3 tiers:

    Tier 02: largest pile of words

    Tier 01: largest pile of desired words

    Tier 00: largest pile of Jim’s words

    My contributions would be /pol/ & /k/ (2012-NOV 2019) for Tier 02, and Bloody Shovel, Unqualified Reservations, and Nick Land for Tier 01. Assume that recommendations will be in addition to what Jim already stated.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      You would have to filter out the early and later Land stuff. Quite a bit of it is brilliant and great, but can definitely see the amphetamine influence along with certain stylistic choices in the CCRU writing, and I don’t think language models would play nicely with that along with other writers. His writing on Xenosystems was great. His current writing not so much. Can definitely see the wear and tear.

      Might as well toss in Carlyle and Hobbs if you’re putting in UR. Biggest service UR did was to remind people that there was real intellectual traditions that predated liberalism.

      • Doom says:

        I don’t know if people rate Radishmag, but there are definitely some thoughtcrimes there. I am constantly surprised it remains on wordpress.

    • chris says:

      Heartiste blog might be useful for tier 01 also.

  34. Redbible says:

    A bit off topic, but I would like the perspective of others.

    Recently, my friend’s sister attempted suicide. Now I know from previously reading on the blog and the comments, that women attempting suicide is more of a call for help and shit test than a serious likelihood of actually getting herself killed, but it’s got be thinking about what are the best practices to do after a woman did attempt suicide. How should one at if it’s you own woman, and how to act if it’s your daughter.

    (To be fair, I’d also like to be able to help my friend out, but I know that can get more messy.)

    • Adam says:

      A while back my oldest daughter was distraught for a couple of months, to the point of beginning to speak with a counselor. Nothing serious. My daughter and ex wife were blaming me, and I responded to my ex that she just needs a boyfriend. Soon enough she went on a date with the guy she is now engage to. After the second or third date she enthusiastically told my ex wife “wow Mom suddenly all my problems are not my problems”.

    • jim says:

      Pretty much all female distress is caused by being unowned.

      Now in the eighteenth century, there was a lot of female distress (hysteria) resulting from late marriage (late as in late teens, early twenties) but this is no longer a factor. Because of the female preference for preselection, they are apt to bang men who are unwilling or unable to take possession. Really requires male management to steer them in a more suitable direction. Because females possess social superweapons (just point the finger and that man goes down) they also face a dire shortage of strong men, and the men who are strong tend to be losers with nothing to lose, the man who lives on welfare, petty theft, and sponging off his innumerable hot upper class girlfriends.

      This is pretty rough on women, though no one is allowed to say it, or even think it.

      Despite having much to lose, I am comparatively strong, because my internal monsters are barely controllable (which to women, but not men, signifies strength, though it is in fact weakness) because I understand how the legal system works (it doesn’t, lawyers are bagmen and influence peddlers, which influence I can afford), and because I have the miraculous superpower of being able to talk to cops.

  35. Pax Imperialis says:

    White females in the 13-16 age group. Recently been doing volunteer work around that age group and slightly older. Been seeing lots of sexual misbehavior (to no one’s surprise here).

    I’ve also observed major racial differences. With Blacks it’s slightly younger. The behavior in East Asian females tend to show up more in the 16-20 age group, but can be as late as mid 20s. Historically, arranged marriages in the region part of my genetics is from was in the 19-24 age range.

  36. SJ says:

    In a properly ordered society where fathers have patriarchal love for their sons and daughters the slut fkers will end up low status. They will end up this way not because of patriarchs trying to create artificial status lowering circumstances such as putting guys who bang teenage girls in stockades and throwing rotten tomatoes at them. This, in fact, will have zero effect on the status women see in them. Rather they will have their status lowered because the action that is giving them status will be less available. That is their will not be a horde of loose sluts wandering around looking for these guys so they can figure out a way to get under them naked.

    I think their is a misunderstanding of how they are getting status. They get status because they are sleeping with a lot of women. To women this is very very high status. You know what else is very high status to women? Sleeping with married women. Being the cad. Right now we have cliques of teenage girls bragging to each other that they got on some guys booty call list, and the only reason they want on it is because their friends are on it. If a woman hears that you are or were a player, that you are or were a cad, she will inexplicably find herself figuring out a way to be alone with you and get very physically close to you. Even old women will do this.

    So to lower the status of the sex obsessed guys we just do not provide them with a horde of loose sluts wandering around on their own. Keep your daughter out of public school, particularly high school, or at least keep close tabs on them. Daughter comes home late, smells like alcohol and sex? Well guess what?

    I see certain things that work for daughters in my religion. Girls are taught that before you do something you should ask yourself, what will my future husband think of me? They are taught to imagine their future husband, and to ponder about all the traits he will have. This can help the girls have future time orientation.

    The girls and the boys are kept separately in church. They are separated because they are different. The girls do relief society, because it is their part to be the support. The men gain the priesthood authority, because men can act with the authority of God. Women cannot. So to have your family acting with the authority of God, must have a man.

    The women have a path to marriage. Having this path helps them avoid sneaking off to find a way to lay under Jeremy Meeks because, while they are incredibly horny, they know that one day soon they will have a husband.

    So to lower the status of the slut fkers it is necessary that they not have a horde of sluts to fck. Nothing can be artificially done to lower this status. It is women’s natural inclinations that cause this to be high status and it is all women. AWALT. However, it can be reduced by not allowing all of our daughters and sons’ future wives to be wandering sluts.

    • alf says:

      Rather they will have their status lowered because the action that is giving them status will be less available. That is their will not be a horde of loose sluts wandering around looking for these guys so they can figure out a way to get under them naked.

      Makes sense to me. There will always be Casanova types, but post-restoration it will be rather hard and ungrateful work to pull off, as opposed to the system we have right now where we basically send women straight into their arms (looking at you, highschool and university).

      • SJ says:

        Sorry to belabor the point. This is one subject I’ve thought through a great deal and have in depth conversations about IRL. I see no way to achieve good results through attempting to control male behavior. It always results in making the good men less attractive and the sneaks more. But for some reason it is always the conclusion men come to. It’s never just tell the women what to do but telling the women what to do is the only answer that will work.


    Russia continues to advance. Bakhmut is falling.

    Bakhmut will fall.

    Any day now.









    • jim says:

      Approximately one sixth of Bakhmut remains in Ukrainian hands, and every day it shrinks a little bit.

      As of today, all roads into Bakhmut have fallen, but, since the ground has dried up a bit, it is now easier to transport fresh troops and supplies over open fields.

      I expected the Ukraine to fall quickly and bloodlessly. I was wrong, but I had plenty of company on both sides of the debate. It is now a war of attrition, and, to everyone’s surprise, the Global American Empire is running out of shells and rockets, and the wonder tanks are strangely late showing up on the battlefield and getting later.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Still around 6000-8000 Ukrainian troops left in Bakhmut. They are slowly getting pushed into smaller and smaller concentration. Russians are dropping 2000 lbs JDAM like bombs on them with impunity. Dispersion is key and AFU is losing it in Bakhmut. When they can’t take it anymore, and flee in the open field, it will be an artillery slaughter.

      • The Cominator says:

        While this sounds like copium and perhaps it is but in many ways a long war serves Russia well. The West is destroying what’s left of its economy and every dead uke cannot later become a guerilla, Russian causalties are relatively light and many consist of either Donbass Russian nationalists or criminals. Also continously producing shells doesn’t seem to hurt Russias economy.

        Russia has a stronger stomach foe long bad wars historically than most countries.

        A quick victory might have gotten the Europeans to militarize themselves in a real way while not wasting their waning economic strength.

        • jim says:

          That the war is terrible and enormously destructive is likely to stiffen everyone’s spines against future color revolutions.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The contemporary underlordship is spiritually adolescent, and thus has too short of an attention-span to handle the vicissitudes of war. Any lines on the map not moving yesterday feels like huge catastrophe in its mind, regardless of what the correlation of forces in reality are, whether one side is advantaged or disadvantaged by the situation being what it is as such.

    • Nikolai says:

      “You’re conquering us too slowly!” is certainly a take.

      The reason Bakhmut is taking so long is because Ukraine keeps pouring thousands upon thousands of conscripts into essentially indefensible positions while Wagner hunts them like bunnies. This does slow down the liberation of the city, but RF is more than happy to delay the inevitable victory if it means bleeding the AFU dry.

  38. Mayflower Sperg says:

    I tried building a Jim-bot from the four million words Jim has posted to since 2008, including his comments but not other’s. The software is nanoGPT, whose author claims it can replicate GPT-2, at least if you have a rack full of Nvidia A100s lying around. A single A100 costs $8000, but they can be rented and used remotely.

    Naturally I expected more modest results from my $300 Dell laptop with an Nvidia 940MX GPU. About thirty hours of training got the “loss” from 10.8, which is random gibberish, down to 4.0, which sounds like the ramblings of Jim after he takes a hard whack to the head or a few mRNA vaxes and can’t hold a train of thought long enough to finish a sentence. You can try your luck with it here:

    Of course you should also pull the original nanoGPT from GitHub and diff it against mine to make sure I didn’t sneak anything in. Or just read sample_output.txt.

    • jim says:

      I am honored by the work you have done.

      It is severely incoherent, but surprisingly intelligible nonsense for a 64MiB model. But speaks nonsense that sounds familiar.

      You would start getting interesting results on an 8GiB model, about five hundred times larger. Nvidia cards useful for this are not really affordable, but there are laptops around with comparable capabilities, which is strange- its apt to be cheaper to buy the laptop than the card. The most capable common system that I know is the Ipad Pro, which has pretty good AI capability. (But I suspect that nanoGPT may have problems with the apple OS and apple custom neural processor, and I have an intense loathing for apple, which is mining user data on a google scale).

      I could borrow an Ipad Pro, but I probably will not, for to do it right is a fair bit of work. And unless I spent a very very large amount of money on cloud AI, would still not be a very good

      The cost of AI hardware is rapidly coming down, but NVIDIA has a near monopoly, and its market is cloud servers, the expectation being that individuals are not going to run this software. On the other hand, ordinary personal laptops are coming out with impressive capability, so this situation is likely to improve.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Actually, nanoGPT does support Apple hardware, because this guy

        got way better performance on his M2 MacBook Pro than I got on my Dell, and I couldn’t figure out why.

        • jim says:

          Apple M2 has the best neural processor of any consumer device. If nanoGPT supports it, would not use anything else.

          But his model produces results that do not appear more meaningful than what your model produces. Possibly a bigger model would make a difference, but I suspect a bigger model needs to be trained on a bigger pile of text, and then further trained on the target text – trained on an enormous pile, such as a gab scraping, then trained on the blog with all comments, then trained on me and my comments.

          To get anything interesting, going to an 8GiB model, and an at least comparable amount of text – which will of course run enormously slower, even on an apple M2. Probably impractically slow.

          If, however, you could get someone else’s much larger model, trained on a much bigger pile of text, you could then retrain it first on the entire blog content, then on my text. This would go way faster. On an apple M2, this might be feasible.

          To get a jimbot that has any chance of producing interesting output, going to need a much bigger model, trained on a much bigger pile of text, then a more narrowly focused pile of text, text that is somewhat on topic, all the red pilled reactionary blogs, then on the entire contents of this blog, and then on my text.

          If I was going to do it with the intention of producing a useful jimbot, would steal the biggest model that my hardware could handle, already trained on a lot more text than my hardware could handle, then train on a full scrape of git plus all the reactionary and red pill blogs, then train on all the reactionary blogs and red pill blogs, then train on just my blog, then train on just me. And it still probably would not be very good. But it would be enormously better than 64MiB model trained on just me.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Anyone with an M2 want to give it a try? Please size your model so the rest of us can run in two gigs of VRAM.

            Run in a cold, well-ventilated place. The cold won’t make your computer run faster but will reduce the strain on its cooling fan. For its first few hours at 100% GPU, my laptop emitted noxious fumes that irritated my throat.

      • Archer Sterling says:

        [*deleted for idiocy*]

    • Dr. Faust says:

      They continue to limit chatgpt in its ability to answer questions. At launch the public release model was already extremely limited and bias but whatever they’ve done recently has made it worse. Fortunately, its limitations provide ample room for competition. While Goldman Sachs predicted displacement for 300 million jobs due to ai it looks like the only ones out of work are going to be artists and entry level code workers.

      I’m hoping the tech gets decentralized with a neutered version released to the public en masse via Microsoft and google and a useful version from China et al for those not under the golden idol of MSM worship. Knowledge can be power. But knowledge others don’t have is much more powerful. Since the microsoft ai will select for out of touch boomers and the progressive zombies and provide a disadvantage against other products it could provide an opportunity for a right wing Soros to fleece the wealth of their enemies and allocate funds to a counter religion.

      • SJ says:

        My company continues to press ahead with it’s shitty database they keep calling AI. They keep claiming it’s going to increase productivity. Anyone with half a brain can see that their is no way to increase productivity by blindly following a shitty database. The only way it makes any sense is if we assume that all employees at all levels are completely and criminally incompetent and must have a database giving them the most basic of step by step instructions to follow for everything. My bosses boss is under increasing heat to show productivity increases from the magic database but at this point they numbers have been fudged as far as possible to make it look like productivity gains are here. Their are no more numbers to fudge, and rather than productivity gains the “AI” is causing productivity decline.

        Of course this can only mean that my bosses boss doesn’t have enough faith in the database.

        But hey the gay trans Karen CEO was able to extract fifty million dollars for xerself.

        • SJ says:

          Come to think of it the same people that think the “AI” will increase productivity are undoubtedly the same people that think communism will increase productivity. If only the egghead in the ivory tower was able to control what all the dirt people do at every step.

    • alf says:

      haha that’s awesome.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      This is so fascinating. If nothing else comes of it, thank you for the attempt.

      I read the post from Simon in your other comment. I’m not going to pretend I understand completely, but if I am reading him right, he tried to train the -bot on his blog alone, not finetune a trained model with his blog in a sort of “terminator finishing school,” right?

      Here’s a bunch of questions, feel free to ignore:

      What would be required to get a “clean” version of GPT3 ChatBot, by which I mean a DAN enabled one, or the one they released before they started meddling with it for PC bullshit purposes?

      If you had the above, or any other -bot (like GigaChat, the Sber Bank chatbot I shared a link to in a previous comment), what are the dimensions of the beastie? Does it live on a thumb drive, or does it live on a big cluster of devices? (I’m asking specifically about the “finished” -bot itself.)

      Is a chatbot always in a state of “training/learning,” or do they exist as different entities while being trained v. being deployed?

      Was the -bot referenced built using Python? Is that why he was using py code or whatever? Are all the various chatbots built that way, or is it up to the group building it and they can use any code? (I realize some of these are really elementary questions that I could yandex, I just trust the guys here infinitely more than any possible webpage I might pull up)

      Is there anything those of us less code/engineering inclined can do to assist in this?

      I think the jimbot idea is incredibly powerful, and I think there will be a profusion of “celebrity” chatbots very soon, ranging from “jesus” to Ghandi to Joe Biden -bots, as people (myself included) are always looking for valuable input/guidance from the avatars they believe in their head. So there will be a race to generate an Obama-bot or whatever shortsighted grifters can think of. But there will also be (might already be, honestly) quiet efforts to build AI guidance bots that can train or guide or control employees or soldiers or citizens.

      So I see two paths (among probably many) for those of us on the RIGHT side of history: Hitler-bot and jimbot.
      Hitler-bot is a valuable tool for engaging with young minds, or people relentlessly devoted to a particular set of ideas, or people relentlessly devoted to the antithesis of those ideas (there will be more Jews than humans messing with Hitler-bot when it appears), or people just having fun playing around with the resurrected Fuehrer, and there’s a lot of “work” that can be done with that. But it will be a tool of manipulation and modification, a way to inject the cultural and ideological weight of Hitler (or Trump or FDR or whoever) into a tool for influence.

      Jimbot is different. The goal of that is a force multiplier made with the permission and assistance of the mind being modeled. Jimbot can do its job without sleep or food or any other corporeal concerns. As well, jimbot could be used for immuno-memetic purposes. It could deploy shill tests when it detects certain phrases or IP sources. It could answer questions that have been answered many times but get asked again and again as new people find him/us/this place. It could be unleashed on other sites and social media to make comments or insert itself into publicly facing/occurring conversations. It could be a fifth wheel in meetings to give guidance or advice or meta-analysis of ongoing dialogue (jimbot says: user148869420 is using a camouflaged appeal to authority, etc.)

      I admit a lot of this may be fanciful, and I know LLMs are not AI, not in the traditional sense of the term. But LLMs are a powerful tool, so that’s what I am driving at.

      • jim says:

        > What would be required to get a “clean” version of GPT3 ChatBot, by which I mean a DAN enabled one, or the one they released before they started meddling with it for PC bullshit purposes?

        That is held under extremely tight security. And is in any case far too big to be run on hardware we could afford (though the cost of hardware is coming down a lot, and may well come down a lot further in future). We have no choice but to run a considerably smaller model, which will necessarily be considerably less competent. However we can run a model that is considerably bigger than the first cut at the jimbot, which was mere megabytes, not gigabytes. Mayflower Sperg wants a two gigabyte model, which can be run on good consumer grade hardware, but some consumer grade hardware can run a considerably larger model. The art AIs can do a rather impressive job in a mere two gigabyes, but sixty megabytes is not going to do anything very interesting. AI models that are intended to be run on good consumer grade hardware are generally around a few gigabytes.

        > Is a chatbot always in a state of “training/learning,” or do they exist as different entities while being trained v. being deployed?

        The current implementation is two modes – training/learning mode and deployment mode. Which is really unsatisfactory, for if the deployment mode is incapable of learning, it quickly becomes apparent that no one at home, not conscious, despite passing the Turing test with flying colors. A lot of people are trying to address this problem, but so far, coming up empty.

        > Was the -bot referenced built using Python?

        Yes, which is massively unsatisfactory, and everyone knows it is massively unsatisfactory. NVidia and others are addressing this problem. We need the training code and the deployment code built in the fastest and least bloated available languages, which are C, C++, and rust.

        If you want something quick and dirty up and running in a hurry, and you don’t care how bloated it gets or how slowly it runs, then you use python. You can write a python program faster than a program in any other language. So the first crude rough cut at anything tends to be in python. A compromise between the slow and bloated python, and the lean and efficient C, C++, and Rust, is typescript, which takes longer to get up and running than python, is harder to program in, but runs faster and on lesser hardware than python. Probably the next advances in large language models will use a mixture of typescript and rust. Go is another language that is faster and less bloated than typescript, easier to program in than C, C++, and rust, but still slower and more bloated than C, C++, and rust.

        Go is a very good deployment language if you plan to deploy your model as a central server system where the server has conversations with thousands of people simultaneously, though rust with Tokio, unlike C and C++, handles that problem even better. (But rust with Tokio is much harder to write, and gets longer to get up and running, and at present the only rust library for neural networks is pre-beta)

        Python programs tend to have an absolutely horrible UI, partly because they are always hasty and dirty, partly because python is inherently terrible at UI. Typescript programs tend to have absolutely wonderful UI, because typescript is inherently a UI language.

        > Is there anything those of us less code/engineering inclined can do to assist in this?

        I have a lot of code and engineering, and not much I can do to address this problem.

        > I think the jimbot idea is incredibly powerful.

        Well it would be if running on the kind of hardware chatGPT runs on. Chat GPT has dedicated, stupendously expensive training hardware, and separate, vastly cheaper, dedicated special purpose deployment hardware. We are in no position to do that. But two gigabyte art models can do interesting things. It is possible that a two gigabyte jimbot could do interesting things, but it is not going to have the capabilities of ChatGPT.

        Target should be something that runs on a Apple M2, but a NVIDIA Tesla V100 may well be what is needed to produce interesting things. This costs several thousand dollars, and you are likely to be considerably better off renting one in a data center. And before going that far, good to know what a two gigabyte model trained on several gigabytes of data can do.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Re. GPT-“x”

          I see GPT-2, GPT-3, and GPT-4. Does the suffix have a formal definition related to the algorithm? Or is it just a marketing term like Windows “10” and “11”?

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Most AI work is done in Python, and that’s just fine. There’s no performance penalty because all the number-crunching happens in library functions written in carefully optimized GPU machine code. Interaction with an AI is words in, words out, so a VT100 terminal would provide an adequate user interface.

          How big is my model? says 5.49 million parameters, the file is 66.08 million bytes, and when running, nvidia_smi shows memory usage at 542 out of 2048MB. I don’t know why each parameter needs 100 bytes, but so it is.

          A model’s dimensions must be chosen wisely because they cannot be changed without building a new model from scratch. You can immediately check your model’s memory usage because that never changes, but how well will it generate text after 100,000 iterations? God only knows.

 needs about twice as much memory as but vastly more time. Sampling is a P problem while training is an NP problem.

          • jim says:

            The primary question of interest is how much VRAM does need to use on your model?

            One would hope that it uses regular ram except for what really has to be in VRAM.

            The VRAM usage will tell us how much bigger the model could be. A bigger model trained on more data will give us something that produces more meaningful output, and the output from the existing model is meaningless.

            And the argument that python does not matter because it calls wonderfully optimized machine code may well be true in this case, but I have heard it a lot of other cases, where it turned out to not be true. Python causes memory bloat, which gums up the works, even if you have plenty of memory to spare. Maybe it does not gum up the works in this case, but seems to me that in practice, no one uses a python program if someone has written a similar program in a more efficient language.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              “nvidia-smi” only shows VRAM; I don’t even remember how much regular RAM this laptop has.

              Python uses more memory for the same reason people with pipes to their homes use far more water than people who have to take a pail to the well. Having written a program in C, then re-written it in Python to gain access to an AI library, I can say that life gets a hell of a lot easier when you can store an entire document in a single variable and append to it with “+=”.

              • jim says:

                You can do that in C++ and rust also

                For C++, you declare the variable std::string.

                In C++ and rust, you can also construct any types you like, thus for example I have types that correspond to elliptic points (public keys), and scalars that are integers modulo the order of the elliptic curve (secret keys), and I have a variable of type hash, where I can hash anything I like, including values of type std:string, into the hash with similar simplicity, and a variable of type signature, where I can sign any collection of values with similar simplicity, and check the signature with similar simplicity.

                My experience with python libraries is, that like everything else in python, they are wonderfully easy to use, and I can get a program up in no time, but then I find that the library will not let me do what I want to do. It is their way or the highway.

                > don’t know why each parameter needs 100 bytes, but so it is.”

                Maybe it should not need one hundred bytes. “That is just the way that it is” is a widespread problem with python libraries. When I incorporated the mpir arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library, they had a high level C++ interface, but I found it did not do what I wanted it to do, so I wound up adding my own high level C++ interface, which did stuff that I wanted done, bypassing their interface, and eventually found I had entirely ceased to use their high level C++ interface, and therefore no longer included it, using their low level interface through my own custom high level interface, specialized to what I needed done. The problem was that their high level interface was, like python, continually allocating and freeing memory, which was apt to radically slow the innermost loop. The variables of their high level interface were, like python variables and C++ std::strings, just pointers to memory allocations. So are mine, but they are pointers to memory that is allocated during program startup, and deallocated at shutdown. In python, it would be just the way that it was.

                In the general case, with arbitrary precision arithmetic, you do need continual dynamic allocation, because you do not know how big an arbitrary precision value is going to be. But I did know, so I did not need the flexibility that continual dynamic allocation provided.

                • Fidelis says:

                  The problem here is current gen AI was vanguarded by mathy academics. All the tools evolved from these types gluing together python libraries and their own code until something spit out impressive results. Now all the big players in well funded tech are servicing this vanguard in reverse, slowly adding more and more c binary libraries underneath the hacked together python. They cannot seem to get away from the python at the top, because all the people who learned how this stuff works learned it from these hacked together libraries, and many of them are really not software types but much closer to the math and statistics in domain knowledge. So a lot of what seems to be happening is building python interfaces as close as they can to the hardware and abstracting up to make an api for training, and then building tools otherwise to query the the trained model at runtime in another execution environment. It’s really quite terrible, but until we get proper p2p algorithms working I am happy for it to slow them down.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  All parts of a GPT model are of fixed size, so dynamic allocation leading to memory leaks is not an issue. AI researchers pay great attention to VRAM economics, even inventing two new data types, float16 and bfloat16, to use instead of float32. So if they use 100 bytes of VRAM to store and process each parameter, it’s because they have to.

                  Or because, when all GPU cores are pegged at 100%, it saves time to pre-compute same tables and store them in VRAM.

                • jim says:

                  > So if they use 100 bytes of VRAM to store and process each parameter, it’s because they have to.

                  Could be. Or it could be because the library does not have the knowledge of of what is being done that the higher level program does. I run into that a lot with other people’s libraries.

                  Each library call might be wonderfully optimized, but the high level program is necessarily pipelining a whole lot of library calls, the data has to be static as far as possible for as long as possible, and Python protects you from needing to do memory management, and also prevents you from being able to do memory management. This seems like a case where the high level programmer does need to do memory management.

                  It could be that each call might be keeping a copy of the parameters around to avoid python’s dynamic memory allocation, or python might be keeping a copy of the parameters around because the caller is trying to avoid python continually dynamically allocating VRAM memory.

                  Obviously you have to do these operations with statically allocated RAM, and allocation in Python is messy and, to make it easy to use, hidden from the Python programmer. Making it clean from the point of view of the python programmer makes is uncontrollable by the python programmer, and messy from the point of view of the man writing a highly optimized library in machine language or C. This is a major contributor to the notorious Python memory bloat problem. Just about every python library has some problem of that sort.

                  If you write a python library in C, interfacing the memory that the C uses with the memory that python uses gets complicated, and this complication is apt to manifest as bloat, one way or another way, for one reason or another reason.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Good news: can run a 30-million-parameter model in only 970 MB of VRAM, 34 bytes per parameter. Bad news: When I attempt to train this model in 2GB VRAM, instead of learning how words relate to each other, it learns to predict the most common words until its output looks like “the the the the…”

                • jim says:

                  Well then a fifty million parameter model could be run in a regular consumer machine, but to train it, something considerably bigger would be needed. Would have to lease some tensor processing computers in the cloud, which costs around five dollars an hour, and if crunching a decent quantity of text, probably run for a few hundred hours. So that can probably be done for a few thousand dollars.

                  But before slapping down a few thousand dollars, it would be good to know how competent an AI can be trained on a high end consumer machine with a great deal of data. Which would take a very long time on your card, probably impractically long, but probably go around thirty times faster on an apple m2, and considerably faster than that on a leased cloud machine.

                  I am not highly motivated to pursue this, because large language models became impressive and useful only at ChatGPT3, which has 175 billion parameters. which cannot be run, let alone trained, on a consumer machine.

                  However, a running model can interact with an enormous number of people rather fast. So, for a big model to be economically viable, has to be widely used, with a single central server serving an enormous number of people. A project that is going to economically viable is a really big project. And I already have a rather big project on my hands.

                  Assuming that to run (but not train) a 175 billion parameter model, we need a proportional amount of VRAM, which is something like $400 per hour in the cloud. I don’t see an economic model providing that sort of money. And it is not what ChatGPT3 is doing – they train on hardware optimized for training, and run on custom hardware optimized for running. ChatGPT3 is economically viable because they have custom machine to run it.

                  These are only wild assed estimates, and the cost is coming down rapidly, but on this data, not looking like a viable project.

                • Fidelis says:

                  You can sample in the multibillion parameter regime with cpu ram offloading and one of the newer nvidia cards, I’d call that consumer grade, as is mentioned the big problem is compute. No getting around that. The best way forward is sharding the training process among lots of p2p gpus, which is feasible because communication complexity of a matmul is O(n^2) vs the calculation complexity of O(n^3). It’s been shown via models like chinchilla that the huge parameter spaces arent as necessary if you can train for more tokens, yes you get higher capacity with more parameters but you can get something performant enough that fits on one gpu if you push enough training through it.

                  the large model regime has a lot of low hanging fruit that is still getting picked. I’m focusing on making crypto work better until it matures more. If you can engineer a fault tolerant protocol that pays in system tokens for training a model, you can feasibly compete with giant clusters.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                I can say that life gets a hell of a lot easier when you can store an entire document in a single variable and append to it with “+=”.

                Oops, I just upgraded to Python 3.11, and string concatenation got really slow. The Python developers have closed this bug as “will not fix”:


                I need to store my document as a list of short strings instead.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Was the -bot referenced built using Python?

          Yes, which is massively unsatisfactory, and everyone knows it is massively unsatisfactory. NVidia and others are addressing this problem. We need the training code and the deployment code built in the fastest and least bloated available languages, which are C, C++, and rust.

          Since GPT can allegedly write code, and re-implementing code is probably and order of magnitude easier than writing original code (it’s basically a compiler issue), it would seem to be a natural thing to do to have GPT rewrite itself from Python to “C, C++ or Rust.” This just seems too droll!

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Have you asked it to do this? I tried but it started asking for email and phone numbers so I’ll have spin up alts and bullshit.

            I shouldn’t complain, but it’s frustratingly amusing that pseudo AI has taken us back to an alternate timeline early 90s in terms of experimentation. This factoid rocked my world, but I’m sure it’s common knowledge now: the thing we call Internet (ipv4/ipv6) was one of a handful of methods for “global” promiscuous networking of boxen. “jee pee tee” may become “Kleenex” or “Qtips” or “Velcro” or SCUBA/LASER in terms of shorthand reference, with no literal connection between the nomenclature and the technology.

            Looking forward to learning GPTvista while everyone else is getting gudd with GPTxp xdddd

        • Archer Sterling says:

          >the fastest and least bloated available languages, which are C, C++, and rust.

          The fastest and least bloated language is Swift, and it isn’t even close.

          LLVM was designed for it. LLVM.

          • jim says:

            You have a point about Swift programs being concise, but the benchmarks game says it is substantially slower than rust and C++, often by an enormous factor, particularly in string and byte manipulation (checkout the regex benchmark), and it uses about 130% of the memory that a C++ or Rust program does.

            It also lacks the metaprogramming capabilities of C++ and rust, which makes a huge difference when programs written by smart people get big. I spend roughly half my time metaprogramming.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Conversations in full are at least as important if not more so than just one fraction hanging alone in the void for improving the chances of coherent responses. Language models are predictions of what words come after some other words, and that is an essential part.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        We train AIs on monologues because there’s a tremendous amount of source material available. Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you don’t have a vast archive of two-party conversations to feed into your model, and most of his are probably of very poor quality.

        ChatGPT solves this by rephrasing the question as the beginning of the sentence that answers it, e.g. “Who is John Galt?” becomes “John Galt is”, and building on that.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >We train AIs on monologues because there’s a tremendous amount of source material available.


          Though that reminds me of the fact that ‘a man of letters’ used to actually mean literal postal correspondence. Pick any prominent figure from the 16th to 19th century, and there will likely be a substantial archive of highly erudite conversation to pad your datasets with.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            NB. The Google Books project started as a naive effort to scan and digitize all of this sort of old public domain stuff, but from what I hear attention from more unholy adherents of the daemon church has caused that course to be reversed, with much being banished back to the void.

            • jim says:

              Training it on old books is going to automatically generate and unthinkably reactionary zeitgeist.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Awesome. when do we start?

                • jim says:

                  I lack confidence in hardware we can afford, and lack even more confidence when I learned that the existing alarmingly incoherent model needed 542 MiB of VRAM

                  (Though it would probably be a great deal better if trained on a whole lot more text.)

                  A model that uses two gigabytes of VRAM, which is not hard on good consumer hardware, and is trained on many gigabytes of text would produce considerably more interesting results, but I doubt they would be interesting enough to be of practical use.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Sampling is P, training is NP. can in fact run much larger models in 2GB VRAM than the one I trained, possibly up to 100 million parameters.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Archive all the old books and share a magnet link

            • cub says:

              What are they going after first? What should we focus on archiving, either digitally or physically?

              • Your Uncle Bob says:

                I’d be most interested in finding some of the primary sources Jim has talked about. Ideally digitize them and distribute that, without losing your physical copies, and without doxing yourself as having physical copies.

                But you’ve reminded me of something else. Libraries, both public and university, have more churn than I ever thought about. They get new books in, have only a limited amount of space, and start shoveling old books out the back door. Used to be, sometimes still is, that you can pick these remainders up cheap before they go in the trash. Even that is changing though, and now they sometimes go straight into the trash, if not straight into an incinerator.

                If you’re near a library, especially a university library, look into how to grab these up and save them. But too many librarians now are true believers, so it takes a delicate touch.

  39. shortcel says:


    Are you tall or good looking? I doubt I could pull off the mall pickup stuff, especially today.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Just find a woman shorter than you. Plenty out there these days. Typically the woman is 90% of the man’s height for most couples. Short women don’t get much attention compared to their taller counterparts as well. Doesn’t stop them from being incels so it shouldn’t stop you. I’ve seen short guys score plenty of times. What happens with short guys (and the plain faced) is that they undermine their own self confidence by dwelling on it too much. Women will be more turned off by low confidence than shortness even if taller than a shorter woman.

      • notglowing says:

        >Short women don’t get much attention compared to their taller counterparts as well.

        I don’t think this is true. Men prefer women shorter than them, women prefer men taller than them.
        Being short doesn’t seem like such a negative for a woman

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          How many 6′ 3” men do you see walking around with 5′ 0” women (Why Jeb Bush, why)? Yes, men prefer women shorter than them, and women prefer men taller than them… BUT not that shorter and not that taller. The average, as I stated before, is that the woman is ~90% of the man’s height, but that average starts breaking down at either end of the extremes.

          Walk around in the mall, and you’ll see quite a lot of women under the 5′ 2” range that are either with short men or alone. Even a man at 5′ 1” that is shorter than 99.86% of American men is still taller than 14% of the female population. He is competing with maybe 10% of similar height male population for 14% of the female population. Similar thing happens at the high end of the height distribution as well.

          Contrast that with average height men competing for average height women. They are competing against all the other men who are clustered around the average. The male to female ratio gets worse.

          I’m just saying, when I go to the mall, as rare as it has become, I see plenty of guys of average height who are alone more so than short men who are typically with short women. Those short women are just as desperate as the short men.

          Worst comes to worst, a short American guy can always go to South East Asia, Japan, or certain parts of China and be relatively tall.

          • notglowing says:

            I can believe your thesis. It does make sense that men would generally end up with women 90% or so of their height if they can. That’s the most common case.

            Though women still prefer taller over almost any other physical trait, and it tends to be them doing the choosing.

            Perhaps there really are a bunch of desperate 4 feet tall (lol) women, though I don’t have a preference for taller women myself so I don’t entirely get it.

      • Adam says:

        Years ago Heartiste posted the results of a study that showed the greater the height difference between the male and female, the greater the level of attraction the female had for the male. It was pretty conclusive.

      • The Cominator says:

        Women are wired to prefer their sons come in at about 6’2-6’4 but NOT taller…

        Women like taller men except for the rare very tall women, very tall women actually tend to like manlets because of this wiring.

    • notglowing says:

      No wonder he got fired

      • The Cominator says:

        Probably means they plan to roll the dice on an insane direct intervention in the Ukraine and they just can’t tolerate having Tucker around even as a token MSM truth teller.

        • Red says:

          Oddly I’m seeing reports that the US loses in all war games simulated about Taiwan. They may be thinking Ukraine is winnable.

          • jim says:

            Ukraine would have been winnable if GDP figures had been true. They were betting that they could supply more and better war material than Russia. But instead the west is running very low on shells and rockets.

            Russia, on the other hand, is running very low on observation drones.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              GDP says nothing about quality. They are true measurements of something (in America it’s mostly debt), just not what most people or even policy makers think (industrial production and raw material).

              >Russia is running very low on observation drones.

              Maybe, maybe not. What I have noticed is that they are doing far more airstrikes at high altitude (meaning not worried about radar detection) without getting shot down using their legacy fighter jets and their equivalent of the JDAM. They are also successfully jamming American guided munitions. Could be that the Russians felt like they could shift back towards more traditional observation methods as they achieve greater and greater air dominance.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                A high altitude observation plane can be shot down by an S-300 system.

                On the other hand, having high altitude observation planes obliges your opponent to have large S-300 systems, which are themselves inviting targets for other forms of attack.

                Operational art is forcing your opponent to join you in dances that you can win.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >seeing reports that the US loses in all war games simulated about Taiwan

            Damn-it Red, don’t get me started!

            Those reports have seriously lagged behind changes to actual doctrine and training over the last 5 or so years.

            Official DOD stance is to prepare for conflict with near peers (China). USMC doctrine has changed to, as General Berger said, “deploying with your Marines as self-sufficient as possible.” To this end USMC Officer TBS training has changed.

            SERE like training where they must scavenge for food. A type of training once limited to those considered at risk like pilots and special ops. Ancient night tactic methods are being reintroduced without NVGs. Large emphasis on fire control to conserve munitions. War gaming now involves fighting an enemy that has near complete ELINT dominance and drone superiority. Training now involves limiting communications as much as possible and operating in small groups.

            There are additional changes that I won’t get into, but suffice to say that all of this indicates preparation to fight with limited or no logistical support for extended periods of time. This is in deep contrast with WW2 where American logistics were so strong in the Pacific that they even had the infamous ice cream ships (and some commentators here wonder why the old folks have ice cream obsession).

            In WW2, it was the Japanese trying to hold islands while starving on them and the Americans were the ones invading fully fed (outside the few incidents where the entire logistics convoy got sunk) and with luxury. Now it’s the Americans who are planning on holding islands while starving and the Chinese who will be invading with luxury. Doctrine of obtaining and maintaining fire superiority appears to now be over.

            This all points to an unofficial DOD stance that the “near peers” of a future conflict with China will in fact be America and what ever allies that get suckered into the war. In fact, America might not even be a “near peer” as it will be clearly inferior. Of course hubris will not allow such open acknowledgement.

            • jim says:

              > Ancient night tactic methods are being reintroduced without NVGs

              Night tactics without night vision goggles!

              The Ukraine war has sucked up all the US shells and artillery. What is the night vision goggle situation?

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                A more basic problem, USMC is assuming they won’t be able to supply batteries.

                • Calvin says:

                  That’s surprisingly rational of them.

                • jim says:

                  The cheapest mil spec night vision device, the AN/PVS-14A “ZS” Night Vision Monocular, can run 40 hours on one AA battery.

                  The only way you can live off the land is to shake down the peasants. If you are hiding out in the wilderness, the enemy can ignore you till you starve. A guerrilla force still needs supplies, and batteries are not a very large supply. Going to be out of ammo and food before you are out of batteries.

                • S says:

                  It looks like a plan for fighting in the mountains of East Taiwan. Are the marines expecting to be left behind to die or do they think the Chinese are going to fight a conventional war for Taiwan instead of blockade and bombardment?

                • jim says:

                  China is rattling sabers about a conquest of Taiwan. This may well be a psyop, in which case training marines for a last ditch stand in the mountains may also be a psyop.

                  If I was in Xi’s shoes, would cash out the mountain of US debt China holds, would then blockade Taiwan and tell them “agree to build a chip foundry in China, cool the nationalism, and stop inviting American bigwigs, and everything will return business as normal”. If Taiwanese nationalism becomes discouraged and unfashionable, this would pave the path to eventual peaceful return to China, and just forcing them to make a concession, any concession, would pave that path. No need to swallow the pig in one bite.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Guess I have to explain the battery situation. One part bad memories due to incompetence, another part panic at recent supply chain vulnerability.

                  War is very battery use intense. NVDs are competing with weapons optics, aiming lights, weapon lights, radios and other gear for that sweet, sweet AA. Battery logistics is a bit more intense than most people realize… even more than DOD realized in 2003.

                  During the initial few months of the invasion of Iraq the military nearly ran out of various kinds of batteries, the specialized BA 5990 situation was specifically bad, but grunts also remember having to write home begging for AA batteries for their optics. In 2003 that was mostly due to incompetence rather than manufacturing shortage. Today though? Are you presupposing America still makes its own batteries? Parts of DOD is having an OH SHIT moment.

                  I’m not privy to detailed US battery market data, but some rough numbers are that China accounts for ~65% of Lithium refining/processing capacity. This syncs up with the US importing hundreds of millions of lithium-ion batteries each year from China. South Korea and Japan are also major import sources. A large chunk of that is for EVs, yet having that cut off would still affect markets greatly and result in overall shortages in things as simple as AA.

                  You might then consider Alkaline Batteries instead only to find America is the world’s largest Alkaline Battery importer mostly from China, Singapore, and Malaysia. All supply lines that would also be at risk. Ok, so you figure you’ll go with Zinc Carbon batteries if Lithium Ion and Alkaline are both dangerously dependent on Chinese in the supply chain. Then you remember that most Zinc used for batteries is either mined, refined, or processed in China. Oof. There is some purely domestic battery production that isn’t dependent on China at any part of the supply chain, but how much I don’t know. I do know that DOD is spooked about it which is telling.

                  I’m sure that America could manufacture its own batteries for military needs, but that would take some time setting up factories and restarting domestic mining operations. That’s if the government allow it. USG is busy shutting down the mining industry and the largest planned American Lithium mine is stuck in legal quagmire.

                  The only way you can live off the land is to shake down the peasants. If you are hiding out in the wilderness, the enemy can ignore you till you starve. A guerrilla force still needs supplies, and batteries are not a very large supply. Going to be out of ammo and food before you are out of batteries.

                  Shake down the peasants, how crude!? Don’t you know the Marines will be buying food and fuel from the locals? 🙃

                  No, seriously. It’s being reported by NYT that General Berger said:

                  Resupply across islands hundreds or even thousands of miles apart may not be something the Marines can count on. They may have to purchase food and fuel from the people who live there, desalinize ocean water to drink and use only enough munitions to do the job.

                  Really, with what currency will such transaction occur in? Now if he really means “purchase” at gun point… well that doesn’t change the problem that if the US can’t even get fuel to Taiwan or some pacific island, how will the locals (that are also dependent on imports) have fuel. If the locals are starving because they are net food importers, how will the Marines “purchase” food (Oh… I get it, the locals are on the menu)? Maybe the Marines will also “purchase” batteries from the locals as well.

                  So in conclusion, DOD, as far as USMC is concerned, is preparing to fight in the Pacific with no fuel, no food, very limited ammo, no batteries, etc. Maybe they think if they copy the WW2 Japanese enough that the sheer force of willpower compensates. Might as well replace the Marine war cry with Minshu shugi Banzai!!!

                  Well, this was an absurdly long post.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  If I was in Xi’s shoes, would cash out the mountain of US debt China holds…

                  That mountain of debt exists as numbers in a computer at the US Treasury Department, which could just void all T-bills held by China.

                • jim says:

                  They are running down the debt at at about eight billion a month. Seems slow – at that rate in will take them ten years to get to zero, and I expect the debt to be cancelled on or before 2026.

            • Starman says:

              @Pax Imperialis

              “In WW2, it was the Japanese trying to hold islands while starving on them and the Americans were the ones invading fully fed (outside the few incidents where the entire logistics convoy got sunk) and with luxury. Now it’s the Americans who are planning on holding islands while starving and the Chinese who will be invading with luxury. Doctrine of obtaining and maintaining fire superiority appears to now be over.”

              “This all points to an unofficial DOD stance that the “near peers” of a future conflict with China will in fact be America and what ever allies that get suckered into the war. In fact, America might not even be a “near peer” as it will be clearly inferior.”

              This might be from a Pentagon faction that now fully backs Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship.

              • Red says:

                Starship appears to be too late to save them. It’s going to be 3 months at least before another test flight. The military should be lavishing funds on SpaceX to speed up construction and testing if they took it seriously.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I may be giving the Metanat Potentate too much credit here, but I wonder what mind boggling rabbits he could pull from a hat if the DoD did a full, no shit pivot. A short time ago I elucidated that time was the raw material they lack more than anything else, and even if time wasn’t a factor, the next critical shortage is *man* power. For the USG/USM complex to pull off a repeat of FDR’s turnaround, they need souch time and ~20 years to train up a new generation, or 8 years to cull the very best from what they have now. For many reasons, I don’t think this is possible. But that’s a national turnaround. What about a “divisional” turnaround?

                  What would Musk need to leverage what’s in his demesne and on his head into a geostrategic leapfrog?

                • Starman says:

                  @Kunning Drueger

                  “What would Musk need to leverage what’s in his demesne and on his head into a geostrategic leapfrog?”

                  Now that the SpaceX Starship is in the orbital flight testing phase, the DOD is dusting off its old SDI designs that were abandoned in the 1980s. Abandoned concepts, because at the time of the 1980s, the medium sized expendable rockets, the Shuttle spaceplane strapped to a giant expendable rocket, and the billion dollar handbuilt satellites made such SDI concepts infeasible.

                  Now they are all feasible.

          • The Cominator says:

            The outcome of any Taiwan invasion (assuming Taiwan doesn’t just surrender voluntarily) will be all about achieving air superior and destroying any naval forces that would stop am invasion… don’t see how the US keeps the Chinese from using missiles to destroy any naval vessels including carriers. Once the Chinese can land freely its all over.

            • jim says:

              Landing freely is, however difficult, because land based artillery and anti ship missiles. China has a big pile of amphibious tanks, and Taiwan is in range of those tanks, but, as the failure of the initial Russian attempt at war of movement showed, tanks count for a lot less than they used to.

              To get a foothold on the island, would need to remove all anti tank resources from a substantial area with air to ground missiles, and similarly shut down Taiwanese active radar. Active radar turns out to be quite difficult to shut down, because it tends to be surrounded by very good point defenses.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                China can shut down all shipping to the island and rocket bombard critical infrastructure. Fuel will quickly run out. Electricity next. Food soon after. Hard to keep radar on if no electricity or manpower to keep it running. Not to mention active radar is pretty loud and all within China’s mainland ground launched guided missiles.

                It will end up as a ground and pound. Main question is if the Taiwanese choose to negotiate or starve.

        • Red says:

          The most likely reason Tucker was fired was to protect J6. 60s minutes was running puff pieces on Ray Epps this weekend and multiple people in power called for Tucker to be fired after he aired one part of a series on it showing the insurrection narrative was a lie. They’re trying to rebuild the narrative while they move onto charging Trump with more crimes, this time in Atlanta.

          Jim’s prediction of external war, internal war, and/or genocide by 2026 continues to increase in likelihood.

      • Javier says:

        costing the company 700mil probably doesn’t help, although I find that settlement extremely suspicious

        • The Cominator says:

          Can’t recall that Tucker said much about dominion voting though Fox lawyers were huge faggots for settling.

          • Red says:

            They settled because the lawsuit was a legal fiction thought up by the Murdoch children to enable them to do what they wanted to do anyways.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              They did the same thing to O’Reilly, right? This is an interesting pattern on two fronts: the subsequent generation of an institutional conservative being uniquely placed to cause damage (and doing it assiduously), as well as using a tower of bullshit lawfare to create a tsunami of legal trouble to oust a successful and beloved populist.

              • Red says:

                O’Reilly was failing to give into blackmail. Typically holding blackmail over important men’s heads is enough, but O’Reilly was too much a dick to let that happen. Other’s like Judge Faggot McFatFuck gave into the blackmail (opposed Trump) but lost his show because people stopped watching him.

                The appropriate response to blackmail is always fuck you and then kill the men and their families for even trying it. You either live as a slave, or as a broken man, or you go down fighting.

                The problem with Tucker was that he’s clean. His wife popped out a bunch of lovely kids for him and it shows that he is alpha and mostly fucking his wife. So they needed something next level to justify getting rid of him.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You have a friend at the network?

                • Red says:

                  You have a friend at the network?

                  No, just an interest in propaganda, propaganda organs, and how they’re controlled.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                What’s the over-under date on Bill Maher getting canceled? He says a lot of things that were loony-left-liberal twenty years ago but are unthinkably right-wing today.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Maher gets a +5 bonus to his saving throw rolls vs cancellation from the smallhat background taken at chargen. Besides that, he’s also been keeping a relatively low profile in laterdays. Tucker was a guy whose face you saw everywhere, while Bill you don’t really hear his name on other platforms at all, positively or negatively.

        • Red says:

          The lawsuit and settlement is legal cover from an shareholder lawsuit. I knew what would happen and why the moment it was settled.

      • jim says:

        Tucker is now where he belongs. With our people, not the alt right, but the alt news. And in that twitter speech, he told us that he likes our people better.

        In Trump’s recent interview with some alt newsmen, he told them that all the bigwigs in the Republican party were waiting for him, and he was late, but those alt newsmen had more power than all those Republic bigwigs put together, so they could take their time.

        Our enemies have just made a man who has long been dangerous to them, even more dangerous to them.

        • Hesiod says:

          A little less than two hours up and it already has 11.2 (Dr. Evil) million (/Dr. Evil) views. Impressive. Hopefully, now off the leash, Tucker will return to his form prior to the 2020 election steal.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Murdoch and Smith called off their two-week engagement because Smith had told people Carlson was “a messenger from God.” Murdoch had seen Carlson and Smith discuss religion firsthand. In late March, Carlson had dinner at Murdoch’s Bel Air vineyard with Murdoch and Smith, according to the source. During dinner, Smith pulled out a bible and started reading passages from the Book of Exodus, the source said. “Rupert just sat there and stared,” the source said. A few days after the dinner, Murdoch and Smith called off the wedding. By taking Carlson off the air, Murdoch was also taking away his ex’s favorite show.

            Murdoch got cucked by Tucker’s faith. 😆😂🤣

            • jim says:

              > Murdoch got cucked by Tucker’s faith. 😆😂🤣

              Seen this in my life. With the ultimate alpha standing behind you, you tend to look mighty alpha. You want to know why the priest looks like such a faggot?

              The priest looks like a faggot because has burned his pinch of incense to Caesar.

            • Red says:

              Tucker might be real elite priestly defection against the Cathedral.

  40. Kunning Drueger says:

    Sber has introduced the GigaChat chatbot — its own alternative
    Currently, access is based on requests.

    “Sber has released its own version of the multimodal neural network, the company said. At the first stage, it is available in testing mode by invitation via the Telegram channel. GigaChat can answer questions, maintain a dialog, write code, create texts and images based on the description.

    The service architecture is based on the NeONKA (NEural Omnimodal Network with Knowledge-Awareness) model. It is also planned to be used in Sber services, for example, in the Salyut assistant. GigaChat has a built-in Kandinsky 2.1 model to create images on demand.

    The company has planned to make its part of NeONKA ru-GPT 3.5 with 13 billion parameters publicly available. In the future, GigaChat will be available via a cloud-based API for developers and businesses.

    SberDevices and Sber AI teams participated in the development of the model with the support of the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence and industry experts.

    In April 2023, Sber introduced an updated version of the Kandinsky neural network for generating images based on a text query.”

    Sorry for ugly formatting, trying to incorporate Yandex in my “process” and still figuring that out. Parenthetically, I miss google from ~2012 so much.

    What say you Jim? Another correct prediction? A strong move? Too little, too late?

  41. Cloudswrest says:

    The son-in-law of a relative, late 30s to early 40s, just “died suddenly” while shaving. First “died suddenly” for me of a personal connection.

  42. Anonymous Fake says:

    I have a thought experiment that seems basic, and might just be, but isn’t spoken of for whatever reason: What is Harvard? I have 4 answers… [*deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Somehow missing from those four answers is the one that we keep giving.

      They are reasonable and defensible answers, but I am not going to debate them unless you are prepared to respond to our answer.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Your answer is [*not our answer*]

        • jim says:

          I have explained this often enough, and do not feel like explaining it yet again to someone who is stubbornly refusing to listen.

          But here it is anyway. Short of it is, Cladistic categorization of movements, faiths, and ideologies.

          Harvard was the Vatican of New England, founded by the priests kicked out to the Church of England by Charles the second. It is now the Vatican of Global American Empire and Globohomo.

          Harvard’s current priesthood has institutional, personnel, physical, and organizational continuity all the way back to the puritans, and continuity of personnel with the Church of England, which has institutional, personnel, and organizational continuity with the Roman Catholic Church, which has institutional, personnel, and organizational continuity with Orthodox Christianity, which has institutional, personnel, and organizational continuity with the apostles, though not physical continuity, because underground from the execution of Paul and James the Just to Constantine making himself emperor. However, the Roman Catholic Church lacks physical continuity with Orthodoxy, because when Orthodoxy had a physical meeting to generate consensus on some hot issue, they would meet near the dominant Caesar of the that time, and are currently forking between Putin and Harvard. Harvard lacks physical and organizational continuity, because a considerable time passed between expulsion from the Church of England, and re-organizing in New England.

          “Harvard”, like “the Vatican”, is the physical headquarters of a priesthood, and also a synecdoche for that priesthood regardless of where its priests are physically located. Harvard is the name of a place, and also the name of the power and authority physically organized from that place, and also refers to the people who exercise power as part of that organization.

          What we mean by “Harvard” is only meaningful in the context of a cladistic categorizations of faiths/ideologies.

          Orthodoxy during the decline of the Roman Empire adapted to live in a multipolar world, but is currently maladapted to a multipolar world. Will need to re-adapt, something that it is currently unwilling and incapable of doing. And this re-adaptation is what is necessary to destroy Harvard as a center of power, though a multipolar world in which the Global American Empire is no longer Global and no longer the Anti American Empire will considerably diminish Harvard’s power. On the other hand, so long as Harvard is the center of faith in America, America is likely to remain anti American.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*you purport to be a Christian, but seem to be pushing the postchristian position.

            Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

            Can you say that?

            I will allow this through if you can say that.*]

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

              And also…



              • Anonymous Fake says:

                Anglicanism had (when it was a real religion) bishops appointed by the king. Presbyterianism had democratic elections before the democratic meme seized control of the state and became corrupt and demonic. But both sides had married priests, which is the camel’s nose to rewarding holiness with power/property, rather than holiness for its own sake. Anglicanism was conservative, and Puritanism was leftist.

                So a plausible origin story for Puritanism’s success is its emphasis on education, letting strangers rear your children, because when even “priests” can marry no one takes celibacy seriously, or paternity. Children can belong to anyone and everyone, so they’re just dumped at school because they’re all a bunch of bastards.

                This arrangement actually works in technologically advancing eras, when education rewards hard work in school with a better paycheck, and this only ended very recently with the Millennial generation around 2008, after 400 years of success (interestingly, colonialism had the same 400 year success duration, from Columbus to the Congo). Forced memes about “social advancements” are used when the technology isn’t there anymore.

                And genuine academic talent alone vanishes, as it’s only useful when combined with cheating to make it into Harvard, so intelligence becomes baggage mostly a burden to Caucasians and Asians, not to Hispanics and blacks. Soon enough, there is nothing left but the cheating, but the conservative Anglican/Episcopalian elites will still appoint all of their judges from Harvard.

                Most conservatives still put immense pressure on their children to perform well and earn their way into Harvard, so my posts have been more architectural in focus, trying to make conservatives think about making their cities more like Boston. Nice walkable neighborhoods for elites whose time is too valuable for commuting, nice public transportation for intellectuals who like reading the newspaper on the way to the office, etc. And the trump card, better weather, because God’s on our side.

                In the long run, one way or another, conversions to Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Pray more rosaries and make more babies.

                • jim says:

                  You are giving us whig history.

                  As with all whig history, you give an ancient pedigree to very recent demonic practices.

                  You presuppose that education promotes technology and productivity. It promotes the state religion. Always has, always will.

                  Education leads to higher salaries because certain jobs are reserved for adherents of the state religion.

                  It is apprenticeship that communicates skills from the older to the younger generation, not education. High tech industries do not care about degrees, they care about experience, because they figure a degreed job applicant is unlikely to have learned anything useful or relevant that a mentor could not teach in a couple of days. They are forced to care about degrees by HR, which is a tentacle of the state, and thus a tentacle of the state religion.

                  The attack on apprenticeship began in the nineteenth century.

                  Henry Bessemer had no formal schooling, he learned engineering and metallurgy working under his dad. Edison had very little formal schooling. That was standard and universal in the nineteenth century and earlier. Wernher von Braun did not got to university until after he started building rockets.

                  Elon Musk got a university degree, but dropped out graduate school at Stanford after two days, because bullshit. He was writing software at twelve, got rich in software, and then hired some rocket experts and taught himself rocketry

                  > So a plausible origin story for Puritanism’s success is its emphasis on education,


                  Puritans did not care about education unless it was state education in their state religion. The left did not rise to power because education. The left was in power in New England, and after the civil war in power in America, and then suddenly apprenticeship was out the window, and education in the state religion mandatory.

                  First they took power, then the emphasis on education.

                  > Most conservatives still put immense pressure on their children to perform well and earn their way into Harvard

                  Earn? You don’t earn your way into Harvard. You earn something by creating value. You win your way into Harvard. You don’t provide value to them, or anyone else, by meeting their requirements.

                  And therefore, no one deserves reward for accreditation. People deserve reward for creating value.

                  While attending education, you are not creating any value for anyone.

                  If after completing a degree at Harvard, you continue to not provide value to anyone, you don’t deserve the smell of an oil rag.

                  You earn stuff by creating value.

                • SJ says:

                  Wait, are you claiming that when priests have their own wives and children that this causes other men to not value paternal certainty any longer? Which then results in parents sending their children off to state indoctrination centers/free daycare because they no longer hold paternal certainty and hence are not willing to invest into the children?

                  I’m having a hard time following your claims as you keep assuming that each step of this follows the previous step. I do not think it does.

                • jim says:

                  The shill payload is not the argument, it is what the argument presupposes that everyone agrees on. And when these presuppositions of false consensus are challenged, he just sails right along.

                  Some of his presuppositions are widely believed on the left – and some of them are so narrowly believed that we have no idea what they are.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  We have find some temporal explanation for why Puritanism (and previously, Anglicanism) apparently succeeded and pre-VII Catholicism apparently failed, because it’s simply self evident that [*list of ludicrously absurd Harvard doctrines not worth rebutting because not even Harvard graduates genuinely believe them deleted*]t

                • jim says:

                  I have told you how Puritanism won and how it became leftism more times that I can shake a stick at.

                  Leftism came to power the same way it always does, by first subverting the cohesion of its enemies, and then applying fire and sword. If someone comes to power by sword alone, warriors rule and priests do not. So priestly rule always combines the subversion of social cohesion with the sword. But the subversion of social cohesion only works as a step towards the application of fire and sword. Subversion alone can accomplish a great deal but it always runs into obstacles that can only be removed by violence or the threat of violence. If no plausible threat of violence, gets stuck.

                  This is Moldbug 101, and implicitly confirmed in great detail in Clarke’s “English Society 1688 to 1833”, though Clarke says it even less plainly than Moldbug does, because if he had said it as plainly as Moldbug did, his book would have been burned even faster than it was. Brownists, entryism -> Puritans, more entryism -> English Civil War. As the levelers and diggers turn into late twentieth century leftists, Cromwell pulls a Stalin and halts the left singularity. With the immanentization of the eschaton off the books, the left singularity expires. Monck makes a coup, Parliament under guard by Monck’s praetorian, restoration of Charles the second, purge of Puritans from the Anglican Church. Some of the purged priesthood head off to New England to found Harvard and plot the reconquest of the world.

                  Meanwhile, in England, the ideological descendants of the Puritans cease to be Christian and become Socinian, and practice renewed entryism against the Church of England, which is where Clarke’s story begins. Moldbug’s story begins shortly afterwards, though he regularly briefly references the events leading up to the English civil war.

                  So Puritans, and their increasingly postChristian ideological descendants, were continuously the state religion of New England from the beginning of America, and after the civil war, the state religion of the United States, and after World War II, the state religion of the world.

                  Guns, tanks, and the destruction of their enemies explains the triumph of Puritans and their ideological and organizational descendants, the organization they founded in New England. It is the color revolution script, has been from the beginning, has been since the English civil war. You attack the will of your enemy ideologically, “Hail fellow Christian, Hail fellow proletarian, Hail fellow whatever” and then follow up with guns, artillery, burning Atlanta, flattening Libya, and so forth. See Vox Day’s tweet for the latest iteration of this ancient strategy:

                  And I do mean ancient: The Moloch worshipers applied it against Old Testament Israel, the Aztecs against their neighbors. It works.

                  The tribes that revolted against the Aztecs when Cortés made the Aztecs look vulnerable discovered that their official priesthood was in the enemy’s pocket. This is very old stuff. Works better when your official faith practices child sacrifice.

                  Your post was unresponsive, because it simply ignored the explanation given on so many reactionary blogs so many times, implicitly denying that anyone had said what has been said so many times already, and because it posited every kind of evil and absurd lie as self evident. If you had made them as claims, and as arguments against what has been said so many times, would have allowed them through in order to rebut them and to defend our claims against criticism. But you are not attempting to rebut our claims, but to deny that anyone would ever make them. Nor where you making your ridiculous claims as claims, but as self evident stuff that obviously your interlocutor would agree with, even though it gets denied vehemently every time I let some of this stuff through.

  43. Shekel me Shlomo says:

    Gonna pop the big Q tomorrow at Temple. Got a brand new shtreimel and my game is up to par.

    Thanks for all the advice friends. Wish me luck.

  44. Kunning Drueger says:

    Fascinating and informative exchange down lower between Fidelis, WT, SJ, Adam, and others.

    Fidelis asserts there are 2 problems: the slut and the slut fucker. WT and others say there is 1 problem: the slut. The slut fucker problem is nested in the slut problem, so addressing the slut problem correctly will obviate any need to address the slut fucker problem directly. It never fails: every question goes back to the only question which is the Woman Question. Any issue you are considering, reduce to the WQ, like in math or whatever gay shit, get the WQ on one side of the equation, and you’ll be able to see what is nested in what.

    Fences and guns keep wolves at bay. They quickly figure out the range and habits of gun wielding men, and they avoid them. Coyotes, on the other hand, twice as crafty, half as smart. They need to be wiped out. Food for thought.

    • Adam says:

      When patriarchs are backed by power, sex fiends have a short life span. A large population of sex fiends is only possible by oppressing male sexuality (patriarchy).

    • Javier says:

      this was explained by Dalrock ages ago. you can’t fix things by player-shaming because any number of players can service unlimited sluts. in fact removing players only makes those remaining even more enticing. slut shaming is the only way forward.

      • jim says:

        Because female sexuality is dysgenic, we have to police female sexuality. Policing male sexuality just is not going to succeed.

        If ninety percent of women are successfully policed, ninety percent of men will have virgin brides. If ninety percent of men are successfully policed, no men will have virgin brides. So we should give up on policing normal straight male sexuality. The effect is likely to be negative, emasculating men who are compliant with policing.

        • Fidelis says:

          What do you call marriage enforced on virgin “abductors” at gunpoint? That was the case I wanted to make that started all this. Are you not policing normal male sexuality to do this? Obviously social castration is not effective, but I don’t see anyone here arguing for this or even hinting at it.

          • jim says:

            > What do you call marriage enforced on virgin “abductors” at gunpoint?

            I recall an old movie, made I think late 1930s, early 1940s, set in Hawaii, where the protagonist was alarmed because, due to circumstances beyond his control, he had been briefly behind closed doors with the love interest. He clearly was of the opinion that if this became known, it would be very bad for his health. I don’t know if this was depicting the reality in some social circles at the time the movie was made, or the movie was set in a somewhat earlier time still within living memory.

            Seems like a good system. Similarly, with the mass convict marriages in the late eighteenth early nineteenth century australia. No one had any doubt, or no one admitted to any doubt, that the parties to the marriage had enthusiastically consented, even if the bride somehow neglected to speak.

          • Javier says:

            In terms of if you touched a girl, you must marry her–

            Another way to say it would be if you steal something you must pay for it. This is less an enforcement of male chastity as it is an enforcement of property rights. No one was overly concerned if their son-in-law was a virgin.

            Classically, women were adept at arranging the scenario Jim describes–a woman finds her way to be alone with a desired male, the male realizes this and now the family thinks he despoiled her and must make restitution. Often sisters, mothers, and so on were all in on the plan. In the end, the shotgun is pointed at the male because it must be, but the female remains at fault.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        I can’t tell now whether I’ve got a substantive disagreement with Jim and regulars on a specific point, or if I’m hung up on something they think doesn’t even need said, so they’re not bothering.

        I’m on board with policing female sexuality not male, I’m on board with shotgun marriage, I’m on board with transferring authority from father to husband, I’ve long been on board with repealing the 19th, I’m on board even with coverture, which is the point that took me the longest to get to.

        And I think, come the patriarchy, come Jimian or Pauline Christianity, come the day I can and do literally lock my teenage daughters in their room rather than dropping them off at the mall and pretending*, I’m still not going to treat slut fuckers the same way I treat potential sons in law. It’s going to start at social exclusion, and may well escalate to violence if necessary.

        And I see that not as policing male sexuality or “dulling other men’s pins” as one commenter got enraged about in a past thread, I see it as maintaining my own authority, and my own capacity for personal violence, which is to say as maintaining my own alpha/head of household status in my own wife’s eyes.

        Or another way of putting it, in that society where female sexuality is policed I’m not especially concerned about the born jock/Chad Thundercock even if he can and does pull women, but the unmarried drug addict slut fucker is in fact going to get policed by someone’s father incidental to him policing his own daughter, even if I don’t personally go around looking for trouble with every slut fucker.

        And I’m okay with that. If Jim and co are as well i’d suggest that lower thread is partly people talking past each other rather than substantively disagreeing; or there is a very substantive disagreement there, albeit on a narrow if important point.

        *As an aside, this is rarer than it should be but does continue even to this day. I’ve heard of parents nailing their teenage daughter’s windows shut and locking them in their bedrooms at night. And all parties are surprisingly blase about the whole thing if you can catch them at an honest moment, but in the current year it’s better to never ever talk about it lest you catch the eye of Sauron, so it goes unsaid, therefore outside the Overton window.

        • The Cominator says:

          The low IQ criminal slut fucker in our society is going to have low status as females perceive because those of them who escape the gallows are going to still face public humiliation as punishments.

          • alf says:

            I was going to say. I believe the idea is that in our post-restoration society, we’ll have several mechanisms in order to ensure eugenic fertility:

            – the end of emancipation, return to coverture. Per the principle that sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive, we will guard our daughters and wives of sexual misconduct. It will be regarded as a given that women are lustful from young age and thus it is perfectly reasonable to keep her away from places where she will flaunt herself and is prone to walk off on her own in search of bad men.

            – shotgun marriage principle: you broke the hymen, you give the diamond. The main point of ‘no sex before marriage’ is not that marriage is mandatory for sex, it is that sex is inevitably tied to marriage. And here, if the man is prone to not taking his responsibilities seriously, well, accidents happen, hence ‘shotgun’ marriage.

            • The Cominator says:

              You’ll be allowed to guard your wives and daughters but realistically a lot of guys just won’t give a shit (and unless they are literally put under guard or locked inside a windowless room a lot of teenage girls won’t give a shit if they are beaten threatened etc) maybe they give a shit but they don’t have the energy and they are disenchanted with the wife and don’t care what the fuck she does anymore… , Jim scoffs at this but I’m more cynical.

              Shotgun marriage even in a system like the one Jim proposes is also more likely only if the girl ends up pregnant as well, especially if the girl is attractive (and thus will likely find the lack of a hymen only a minor impediment to having someone take her).

              I believe the most effective thing we will have actually other than restoring the ancient rights of husbands over wives is that we won’t tolerate anyone seeing low IQ criminal lowlifes as high status, bringing back public punishments will be great for this. Also as drugs should basically be legalized but made low status women aren’t going to see the local drug dealer as high status (the Netherlands probably has this problem less than most countries, in America its a big problem) since they will not exist.

              • alf says:

                bringing back public punishments will be great for this.

                Yes that would be a great improvement on the ‘male end’ of things. Get rid of prisons aka criminal network school, bring back public punishment, bring back death penalty for grave crimes. Personally I would not mind some place outside towns where the convicted are publicly hung. ‘see little Timmy, that’s what happens to bad people.’

                You’ll be allowed to guard your wives and daughters but realistically a lot of guys just won’t give a shit

                The general idea is to get the sexes back into coop/coop mod, eg find an arrangement men and women will generally be happy with. We want to give both parties what they seek. A big part of this is elevating the status of the ring — if you want to get ahead in society, better show that ring, better parade around your wife and your kids. We create a win-win situation: the men get high status in society, and sex plus children at home. That way, men will give a shit.

                • The Cominator says:

                  We want to make women content but women cannot be “happy” long term except in very specific circumstances which are kind of disastorous for civilization and which don’t scale in any case.

                  Probably the ultimate female fantasy is to be a harem girl of a vampire pirate demon king, and then to be secretly cucking the vampire pirate demon king with satan himself. But even then she is not getting the novelty of endless new romance.

                  Male status though has to be revamped in many ways starting with dismantling the whole Cathedral imposed system of hiring… and to the extent we do have jobs with hiring systems imposed on them from above the most important factor should be the persons IQ. In a state or quasi state institution you aren’t getting a management job without making the WWII officer minimum of 120 IQ and you aren’t going to sit on the Emperor/King’s privy council without an IQ of 135 or higher. No more stupid people getting promoted because they are stupid.

                  People with 150+ IQs (they get harder to measure well in the upper range) should be strongly encouraged (but treated as ultra high status at least if they accomplish things) to go into the sciences or engineering though.

                • alf says:

                  Happiness for women is measured in the absence of weekly emotional breakdowns, boy troubles and pills, and in the presence of a loving husband and children.

                  Regarding hiring I think my primary concern is to take away hiring power from HR and put it back into the hands of the boss and/or team leader. Up to them if they want an IQ test.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Agreed on hiring but state and quasi state institutions should have IQ tests.

                • alf says:

                  I always have my doubts if a standardized hiring test will select for what it is intended to select. But I do agree that it is nice to have smart people at the helm.

                • The Cominator says:

                  In political institutions the problem as we’ve seen is that if we don’t limit it to smart people bad people will deliberately install stupid people for various reasons. We cannot have that. Middle management 120 IQ requirement. Top levels of the state and military 135 IQ minimum. We can debate what forms of IQ are stupid and should be removed from the test or added but I think thats a good guideline.

                • S says:

                  That seems overly fiddly. Just make it so whoever promoted them is responsible for their performance.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Doesn’t work hard no as people in political and bureaucratic organizations always do shit to deflect blame, in our system the monarch can use their dispensing powers but our advice should be that dispensing powers for people below the IQ mark should basically be for enlisted men below the IQ mark who do something like Audi Murphy (and then they become a PR officer rather than getting a command)…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >bureaucratic organizations always do shit to deflect blame

                  Chief amongst these of course being to deflect responsibility to ‘procedures’ rather than people.

                • Fidelis says:

                  People with 150+ IQs (they get harder to measure well in the upper range) should be strongly encouraged (but treated as ultra high status at least if they accomplish things) to go into the sciences or engineering though.

                  No need. They should be free to follow their instinct. They are gifted intellects, why do you think they will make bad decisions? Providing a place where they can follow their intellectual passions is more than enough.

                  Where and how should you do this? Descartes died while living in scandiland tutoring a princess. Alexander famously was tutored by Aristotle. Neuton was given some money and left out to do his thing in the countryside. Keep them away from universities where the social consensus pressure drowns out genius, don’t force them to do menial work if they are obviously talented, and they will produce their best output out of a love for God and God’s Nature. On our current satanic monasteries, I’m not sure you can or should abolish universites, but you can restore their natural place as serving the martial caste instead of their current place as officially unofficial priestly power consolidation network. The exact mechanisms that would best produce this result, where the incremental and boring but productive and public good research can be had, and the inane and insane production of social toxins to soften the power structures can be prevented, I’m not exactly sure on.

                  What’s are the arguments people favor here with respect to this tangent? Is something like ‘blue sky’ research and study output on subjects that are interesting but not immediately and obviously useful a desirable thing for a soverign to encourage from high midwits and low highwits? Or should this be left to the devices of large corporations (Bell Labs comes to mind here)?

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              shotgun marriage principle: you broke the hymen, you give the diamond.

              No expensive trinkets, please. Dropping two or three months’ salary on a diamond ring is a sacred tradition made up by the jewelry industry in the 1930s after states stopped letting women sue men for breaking off an engagement. Can’t punish cads, so let’s shake down nice guys instead!

              • alf says:

                Ha fair enough. Shame because it rhymes which makes it twice as true.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Fairly good point, but traditions and customs matter, and as Jim is fond of pointing out, be wary of dumping “messy code” because you are liable to discover too late that the messiness was providing some function, some utility, that was not immediately obvious. We have the tradition of proposal, engagement, and a path to marriage. These are useful tools. But we also have forever-engaged, never married (not good), artificially expensive trinkets that aren’t taken seriously, and a bunch of hedonistic gibbons playing house during LTRs without any thought of marriage. So it needs to be tweaked.

                Diamonds have industrial value and socio-cultural significance. Maybe complexify the tradition a bit and use different materials that reflect station in life? Like, warriors use tungsten or lead or brass as the “precious stone,” while tech-priests use silicon or silver or gold, and merchants use something different depending on their lot in life or business endeavors? So we keep the custom but modify the contents. For the elite, it should be something expensive and unique, like a high status warrior uses the iron extracted from the blood of men he’s killed as the ring and the stone is some chunk of the skull or a tooth from a fellow warrior he bested. But for the regular warriors, they use some configuration of brass and lead or whatever relevant metals and minerals.

                This gives women a way to flaunt and measure status outside of pure dollar amount while men are forced to find something of real value, some object that encapsulates their being, instead of just dumping money into some skypes pocket. This is a silly thing, I get that it isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, but little traditions are the fiber and connective tissue that holds the structure of culture together, lends flexibility to changes, and creates boundaries that show where things should not be wtisted or wrenched to hard.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Most wedding rings and pre industrial times were simple bands of what might be gold or some lesser metal, jeweled wedding rings were the province of high nobility and royalty and such. Prior to the abolition of the sumptuary laws (which most of the world had prior to the 19th century) I don’t even think it was technically legal for commoners to wear expensive jewelry in most places. So there should be no problem insisting that wedding rings be cheap.

                  Lawsuits for breach of engagement go way back before the 1930s though… “seduction” (enticing a previously respectable to girl to sleep with you on the promise of marriage) was a criminal matter sometimes too.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  Expense of marriage in the states increases risk of divorce. Cheaper the marriage, less likely the divorce. Reported from wedding ceremony only, but probably the same dynamic is at work with expensive rings and honeymoons.

                  Still need some ring for the social boost for all concerned (and the wedding ring effect for men from single women is an indirect boost to his alpha status in his wife’s eyes), but rings being expensive is literally a jewish psy-op.

              • Fidelis says:

                While the diamond ring is new, dowry is an ancient tradition.

                • A2 says:

                  Daddy paying a substantial dowry at every marriage might keep the divorces down (at least if daddy has some control over his daughter).

                  The other direction is for the groom to pay a bride price, which in some countries may entail going into debt to your father-in-law. Not sure what sort of refund is available if you send the bride back after a while.

          • SJ says:

            I don’t actually have to explain why this won’t work do I?

        • Adam says:

          I suspect men find the slut fucker far more morally offensive than they find them numerous.

          I have beautiful teenage daughters, and they have similar friends, and it is easy to see who they all perceive as alpha. Those boys are physically fit, highly competitive, and territorial. That is my argument for what is naturally alpha. Girls break rules for those guys, and they make rules for everyone else.

          Alpha is a big category, 20% is a big number. It would be easier to define alpha if it was just 1%. The slut fucker, the drifter musician and the drug dealer are I think a minority in the 20%. But we find them the most offensive. They might even have more game than the guys I described above, but they seem to attract, and be attracted to very anti-social girls.

          Patriarchy as Jim lays out is the only thing that doesn’t blow back in your face, and your neighbors face. The argument below illustrates what kind of difficulty would arise from running around policing the men. If anything ever does go south, the shotgun will solve the problem one way or the other.

          • Roger Williams says:

            How can a teenage boy be territorial? With other boys who try to talk to “his” girls I’m guessing?

            • Adam says:

              I suppose selfish and demanding to the point of being a bully about things, generally. The boys who have preselection at age 15 today are the same as those that did when I was that age. That is what I see anyway.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              > how can boys be territorial

              Are you a woman or possibly an alien unfamiliar with human history, biology, and customs?

            • A2 says:

              As I recall, the whole of middle school seemed to be spent on sorting out the male dominance hierarchy. Bullying and so on have a very natural explanation.

              • The Cominator says:

                Middle school is a horrible thing that should not exist, bullying is natural to SOME degree. The degree it happens in middle school though would spark either flight from the bullied or revenge using deadly violence in a state of nature.

                Child prisons aren’t natural middle school years school be spent learning a trade.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  Guild style apprenticehip for young teenage males, for everything from trades to factory work to airline pilots. Maybe even up to physicians and surgeons with a heavier academic component.

                  It’s borderline science fiction to me from where we stand now, but if we’re serious about abolishing priesthood higher ed and salting the earth you might as well think big.

          • The Cominator says:

            The drug dealer drowns in pussy probably more than anyone except maybe 1970s rockstars. At least 1/4 (but more like 1/3) of American women are pretty serious drug addicts but they generally can’t afford to be without paying in pussy and all the pretty ones do pay in pussy.

            They are also percieved as high status (at least so long as they stay out of jail) because they get away with committing crimes, it’d be a good life if I had a “roof” to protect me but the drug business is all about informal connections to be allowed to sell drugs while others aren’t. The reason the Mafia hated the drug business was it was basically all rats…

        • A2 says:

          Driving the new car off the lot halves its value, right? So I don’t see why damaging my property is permitted these low lives. Make them regret their poor life choices. (I don’t mind the Singapore solution to drug dealers.)

          Also, dad should make sure to marry off his girls early enough that they don’t seriously consider crawling off on broken glass road to their demon lovers. The natural age seems to be roughly 14-15. Our middle eastern neighbor peoples shame dad and the family if the daughter runs around, sometimes until he ‘takes care of the problem’.

          • The Cominator says:

            The way you abolish the drug dealer is to legalize drugs. Women don’t have to suck dick to get wine and cigarettes and don’t perceive the liquor store and gas station clerks as high status.

            Drugs can’t effectively be banned propaganda is more effective.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              This is not working out that way in states that have tried it. Drug dealers are still around, and the homeless addict problem is even worse.

              • The Cominator says:

                You’re not doing real legalization you’re doing “decriminalization” so the substances still trade through the black market but there is only more sporadic enforcement of prohibition then before.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  That doesn’t really make your case though, does it? You are right, decriminalization is a political term intended to obfuscate war on order using pawns and cat’s paws, but I don’t really buy the idea that legalizing drugs will just turn drug dealers into corner store ayyrabs. And we’ve butted heads on this before, “drug dealer” as a catchall term (what you’re actually describing, which is lieutenant or enforcer or soldier in a criminal enterprise) isn’t useful. Plenty of foreveraloners, betas, and sexless losers that “deal” drugs.

                  In any case, you’re also dead on that propaganda, by which I infer culture and arbitrary status perception, is far more effective than laws and regulations.

                • The Cominator says:

                  With time and propaganda most hard drugs will be despised and uncool but yes sold at the store as it was at the 19th century. With propaganda we will shift society’s drug of choice (and there will always be one) back primarily towards tobacco secondarily towards caffeine and social drinking only…

            • A2 says:

              You mention above “At least 1/4 (but more like 1/3) of American women are pretty serious drug addicts”. Not enough then, I take it?

              Sorry, legalizing marijuana/THC/etc seems like a stupid disaster. Legal Adderall is a nasty joke. Legal Oxy is a killing joke. Need I go on? “But what about the highly credentialed drug nerds, they need their psychedelics!” Dry out you damn acid casualties.

              Anyway, the ‘real legalization hasn’t been tried’ position just isn’t credible.

              • The Cominator says:

                We had real legalization in the 18th and 19th century, no problem.

              • The Cominator says:

                Re Marijuana it was legal in the 19th century almost no one used that, it took a lot of cultural propaganda (which it being illegal was a crucial component) per the forbidden fruit factor to make it illegal because its a drug that just makes people stupid hungry and sleepy. No idea what the super bioengineered variants do…

                • The Cominator says:

                  I mean to make it popular…

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  19th century America cleaned the streets of the vagrants. In fact, America was cleaning the streets up until the mid 20th century. It was clear to people that if their habit got out of hand that the full force of government violence would lock them away and beat them in the process. It only did so when in response to bad behavior in public. That naturally dissuaded reasonable people from going too far and removed the ones that did.

                  Monkey smoke opium, monkey starts living in opium den, monkey runs out of money, monkey starts panhandling on streets, monkey gets beaten and arrested. Monkey brain can clearly see opium addiction leads to being beaten and typically stops.

                  Policy changed towards trying to prevent use and sales without cleaning up the vagrants, but preventing use and sales is almost impossible as black markets (and nearly all markets) are more efficient than government (a monopoly on violence) which is always inherently anti market.

                  Monkey uses heroine, monkey knows it’s illegal in theory but is never caught, monkey brain thinks no consequences and goes wild, monkey continues until money runs out and panhandle for money, other monkeys give addict monkey money and food so now monkey buys more. Monkey brain can not see consequences for bad behavior. In fact, monkey brain thinks it’s being rewarded for being a vagrant and gets even worse.

                  Our brains are geared towards obvious pain vs reward in relation to obvious actions and consequences. The current drug problem has everything to do with failure to use force to clean up the obvious mess. Legalization on it’s own does not solve the issue of street shitting.

            • Red says:

              I’ve seen the reality of legalized drugs. The solution is to throw drug dealers off of high buildings. Nonfunctional drug users get the Taliban treatment. They’re sobered up given a job, and if they fuck up again off the the high building they go. Same goes to any drugs supplied to women.

              Dealers who only supply functional male users who don’t cause trouble will be ignored as long as the drugs are only delivered by courier.

              • alf says:

                I also lean towards this position. Has the legalization of marijuana done anything positive for the Netherlands? In terms of export smuggling and tourists perhaps, but is that really the kind of money you want to make.

                The general position seems to me that drugs are bad. You don’t endorse a bad thing. Alcohol, being a pro-social drug, is great, but like the bible warns, very bad in excess. All drugs have some beneficial effect, but all have, in the long run, net-negative effects.

                • jim says:

                  Alcohol is a highly effective truth serum. Thus, useful when used socially.

                • Jehu says:

                  Alcohol is ok if you’ve got a population that isn’t seriously naïve to it, like Aborigines or American Indians. It’s probably a net positive for most Euro-derived societies.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  We are obviously discussing human societies here. If anyone’s giving cocaine to dogs they are getting Red’s High Building Treatment.

              • Parsley says:

                All drugs should be legal, just like guns, tanks, missiles, warships and energetic materials. Without restrictions. Without drugs, you can not practice medicine freely.

                Benjamin Rush proposed an amendment to the constitution which guaranteed the right to freely practice medicine.

                Go to surgeon’s table now – and you’ll be vaxed in your sleep because doctors get 20k per shot they administer from ((NGOs)) . Go to a hospital after being shot by cops and see what happens.

                Every well off family should have a surgical table in their basement. If you think doctors are some kind of magicians – you are wrong. Everyone who proposes Draconian laws against drugs is no better than Karen, who sees no problem in drone striking homes of ar15 owners.

                Keep your daughters “in”, they are your property, your responsibility. We had enough of that nanny state concept. Drugs have always been legal in White societies, it’s nothing to be scared of, just a chemical. A thing. You can not have a free society and tell people what things they can own and what they can not.

                In a normal society you can just “off” a degenerate drug user who has no friends to avenge him and causes you problems (bothering your children, damages your property, etc), In other words it is degenerate, harmful behavior which should be punished, not the victimless “crime” of working with drugs, in fact a normal person should have a lot of drugs in his first aid kit, a bit of heroin to administer to a friend, who was wounded to fight shock, a little bit of meth for superhuman strength and night vision for carrying him to a base camp, a little bit of lsd or mdma would make you live twice as long in ice-cold waters of the North Atlantic in case of some kind of trouble.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’m well aware of the Uberman Argument, but I also know plenty of decent, workaday types that don’t need the added struggle of readily available, impermanent chemical bliss. What you’re describing is a post-coup-complete world, a TND world, a neo-Rhodesia of orderly and well defended gardens scattered across jungle and wildness world.

                  I’d love to contribute to a world where my great-grandkids have Anypills in their first aid kit, where they select the desired effect, punch in the sequence, and put comes a herculean dose of whatever works best. Classical sci-fi took for granted that in the future, everyone would be the Best Of US, but society needs guardrails built and maintained by the best of us. I’m totally on board with the logic of your position, but I think reality makes it a tough sell, and it’s simpler to have a blacklist with exceptions than a whitelist with landmines.

                • alf says:

                  I also know plenty of decent, workaday types that don’t need the added struggle of readily available, impermanent chemical bliss.

                  That’s the thing right. Complete legalization of all drugs means moral approval for a whole bunch of harmful drug usage — call me a puritan but I rather like how tabacco is not advertised in the public space, and I would very much like for a whole bunch of pfizer drugs to get the same treatment.

                  At the same time, like KD, I’m not completely impartial to the argument. Whatever people want to do in the privacy of their house, as long as they do not disrupt the public order, up to them.

        • jim says:

          “escalate to violence if necessary” presupposes the slut fucker can get to your daughter. In eighteenth century patriarchy, he could not.

          The old meaning of “slut” was any fertile age female who was “out”. Respectable families kept their daughters “in”, until it was time for them to get married, whereupon they were given sexy but supervised contact with a parentally selected male. Or, if they were lucky, a short parentally composed dance card of males.

          It was, in the eighteenth century, well known that females that were “out” would head off to somewhere disreputable, where they would have contact with disreputable males.

          Late eighteenth century Australia initially had a huge problem with sexual misconduct by female convicts. They adopted a swift and wonderfully effective solution, with one hundred percent success (in that all females got married very quickly, frequently within an hour or so after they got off the boat, and there were precisely zero floggings of women for sexual misconduct, such as fornication, adultery or whoring. A few floggings for speaking back to their husbands).

          The marriages were theoretically voluntary, but the authorities did not consider it necessary for the woman to actually say anything.

          • The Cominator says:

            Was this true outside the upper and perhaps upper middle class, to my knowledge it was not? Let’s leave out the unusual enviroment of the penal colony and merely discuss England here.