American logistic capability

American GDP is fake and gay. American GDP is for the most part not riggers in red states lifting steel, workers on the assembly line, cattle ranchers raising cattle, nor even truckers, warehouses, and shops moving goods from where they are made to where they are used, it is people in blue states doing business in permissions that allow riggers to lift steel and ranchers to raise cattle. American GDP is the HR department, not the trucker.

America produces about a hundred and fifty tomahawk missiles a year. Russia has expended about five thousand or so similar missiles in the Ukraine. Nato is running out, Russia does not appear to be running out.

America’s largest and most capable aircraft carrier is the Nimitz. Built in 1967. Maintenance and repairs are piling up. The Navy has been trying, and failing, to produce new ships for some time, with the result that America’s fleet is shrinking, while China’s grows. The Navy cannot build what it used to be able to build, and cannot maintain and repair what it inherited. The Navy suffers the same disability that NASA suffers. How much of the stuff on the Nimitz is still in order suitable for use in battle?

The Nimitz can deliver that many missiles in a week. But how many missiles does it have to deliver? It was built for an America that could mass produce stuff like that. This is not that America.

The most important, powerful, and effective weapon in the US arsenal is a fifty year old plane firing seventy year old cannons scoured from museums and looted from ancient forgotten overseas arms depots.

In the conflict over the Ukraine, the hollowing out of western industrial capability is showing up.

Right now China could sink the Nimitz. It is in range of Chinese hypersonics at this moment. But order to sink it, it has to be able to see it. War in the Pacific is likely to lead to war in space – in which Musk is the superpower, though since much of his assets are in space, he is very much opposed to space war. America leads by far in space based observation capability, thanks largely to Musk’s ability to lift stuff. But to remove other great power’s capability for space based observation may require assistance he is likely to be reluctant to provide. But he may not have much choice with all his ground assets US based.

Russia and China have crude satellite weapons. But the winner in a space war is likely to be whoever has greater capability to lift stuff to orbit.

All Global American Empire approved political candidates are saying “Russia will be defeated”. You should not want to defeat a nuclear power. You want to push it into an unfavorable deal with military pressure. Which is what the US has been doing for eight years in the Ukraine, except for the deal part. They seem congenitally unable to make a deal. Defeating a nuclear power is likely to become unpleasant. If no deal eventually nukes.

What happens if Nato goes directly to war with Russia?

Well, most of Nato lacks actual soldiers, as became amusingly apparent in the Serbian wars. As I am fond of saying, Britain has a hundred generals, but can only put a hundred boots on the ground. The US has actual soldiers, or had, the number is rapidly diminishing. Probably some Nato countries have actual soldiers. The Ukraine does have actual soldiers, having conscripted just about everyone. Right now they substantially outnumber Russian soldiers in the Ukraine. But they are dependent on Nato logistics, and Russian shells clearly outnumber Ukrainian shells. Direct Nato involvement will not help much with the logistic crisis.

Reagan’s strategy for defeating the Soviet Union was logistic exhaustion, to bleed them in a hundred little wars. That worked, and today the Global American Empire strategy is the same: “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a nuclear power”. This time around however, does not look like it is working. “Russia will be defeated” rests on the claim that Russia is rapidly exhausting its stockpiles. Maybe, but they are not acting as if they are exhausting their stockpiles.

Some time ago the Ukraine tweeted a chart supposedly showing Russian stockpiles and weapons production. According to that chart, they should have run out quite some time ago. Global American Empire quasi state media have been reporting for months that Russia is about to run out. They are drinking their own koolaide.

A few days back, Russia started using what it calls “end guided bombs” to good effect, though it would be more accurate to call them bomber launched glider drones. Obviously these are not coming from its stockpiles. Further, bomber launched glider drones are a more effective, advanced, and modern weapon that what the USA calls end guided bombs.

Some time ago the west decided to send its highly advanced tanks to the Ukraine. These wonder weapons would make short work of the Russians, we are told. They have not arrived. I conjecture a conversation took place that went something like

“How many tanks do we have ready to roll?”

“Well, when they arrive in the Ukraine, certain maintenance procedures will be required, and we will have to make arrangements for those maintenance procedures to be deployed in the Ukraine”

“How long will that take?”

“Well, we are having some delays in deploying them here.”

Perhaps I am being unduly cynical, but the west has a whole lot of warplanes that are “not full spectrum combat ready”. Perhaps it has a similar problem with tanks. The Global American Empire military industrial complex is in the same pickle as Nasa. It has a whole lot of enormously impressive terrifyingly powerful stuff lying around from the days of half a century ago, that it can no longer make, maintain, nor competently use. Exhibit A being the Nimitz and the space shuttle engines. The US Navy is not rapidly shrinking because of budgetary decisions to shrink it. They budgeted to expand it. It is shrinking for the same reason as Nasa was begging the Russians for lifts to the space station. They tried to build warships, and just failed. Tanks and warships are a similar technology. If you cannot build warships, maybe you are only pretending to build tanks.

It is hard to say, for the first casualty of war is truth, but the way the wind blows now, it is not Russia that is running out.

This is related to an earlier post on the fakeness of American GDP afflicting American consumers. Used to be that every moderately competent, moderately industrious, man could afford a home, a garden, children, and a stay at home wife. Used to be that American shopping centers looked like shopping centers for rich people. Now they look like shopping centers for third world people. I was very recently in a big top end third world mall. Looked very nice. On the whole, wealthier, more attractive, and more comfortable ambiance than what I see around here, though most people in that town do their shopping in places more typically third world and Singapore has much nicer places. But if you look at a nice shopping center in Singapore, and what you can find in America, it is like night and day. Singapore shopping centers imply a considerably higher quality of customer than American shopping centers. A typical Chinese restaurant just has a nicer ambiance than the typical American restaurant, the typical Chinese car is nicer than the typical American car, and the typical Singaporean car is way nicer.

They say the pleasant and beautiful old malls disappeared because of economics. Could not compete with Walmart prices. Maybe, but outside the Global American Empire, and on its periphery, I see pleasant and beautiful malls going up.

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  1. Sher Singh says:

    Let us begin with Buddhism, which will be our comparative case for constructing our framework in this essay. Buddhism is the oldest organised religion in the Dharmic civilisational tradition (one could make the case for Brahmanism, but its codification was achieved only in the Manusmriti, after centuries of development, and centuries after the ‘founding’ of Buddhism; ancient Aryanism before the codification of the Manusmriti should be compared to the shamistic-animism of the greater Indo-European tradition, gradually transforming into universalist deistic philosophy, as it also did in Greece

  2. Mayflower Sperg says:

    A short article touching on the WQ:

    The Iranian foreign minister … also strongly criticized the continued ban on female education in the country – which Iran has repeatedly listed as a condition for its recognition of the interim government.

    “You dirty Afghans are breeding like rats and flooding our country with drugs and hungry refugees, so trust us, your fellow Muslims, when we say you need to send your daughters to school. That’s the path to sterility, I mean, prosperity!”

    China called for “a political settlement that includes an inclusive government,” at a meeting to which, as best I can tell, no Afghans were invited. Everyone present sounds like a Harvard professor.

    As for America freezing assets — if I’ve given some indigent a million dollars for free, then he beats me up and kicks me out of his house, and I grab his last $10,000 on my way out the door, am I a thief? A butthurt faggot, yes, but not a thief, and his subsequent financial troubles are not my fault.

  3. A2 says:

    A couple of normie links

    Jeremy Meeks releases memoir. Certain signs of being ghostwritten, as is right and proper.

    Bud Light head dude apologizes to customers for pushing neofronthole in their faces. (Doesn’t say it won’t happen again though.)

    • Alfred says:

      That wasn’t an apology at all. Almost feels like ChatGPT was prompted to make a non-apology statement that at surface level would be interpreted as yielding ground, but did no such thing.

      What a shame Don Jr. tried to call off

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Every day, he seems more like a quisling faggot. Why would someone like him shack up with a whore husk? I get the idea of shaming an adversary, but marrying it? I acknowledge that, should a Restoration be impossible, it will be men located in “safe” elite territory that are best placed to take power. But Nothing I have seen from him in the last ~2 years reminds me of his father.

      • A2 says:

        Re: Don Jr: Not what you would call strongly held convictions. Where’s Ian Paisley when you need him?

  4. Shekel me Shlomo says:

    Sorry I took so long to write back. Busy with Passover. I was assigned clean up. What a mess.

    If we could all just introduce each other with a brief description, that would be great.

    Sol here, I own a pawn shop where I trade in gold mostly.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Hello! I’m a neocon Fed. A true believer in the Pax Americana. A true American and I just love gold as well. Why don’t you tell me where your pawn shop is so we can all pay it patronage…

      Naw, man. Great satire though. Take the shill test.

    • A2 says:

      Hello, I’m a Nigerian prince in some financial trouble, with which I hope you gentlemen here can help me. Please send crypto to these addresses and Elon Musk will repay you handsomely. We are building a reactionary launch site for SpaceX.

    • someDude says:

      Please send pics of Your daughter’s Bobs and Vagene

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Just when you think they’re finished passing you around, another spooky quasi-government “NGO” jumps out of the shadows to sodomize you some more.

      tfw “private sector”

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Saw this in the links section,

      But of course, why wouldn’t the wild sheboon simply waltz in and make like the squeaky wheel that needs the serfs to oil it, in full confidence that nothing will happen to her as a consequence, when this is exactly what the Voice of Power has been telling her for years?

  5. Sher Singh says:

    Huge thanks to Jim for allowing the discussion.

    I’ll be honest and say that I don’t always think too deeply on issues.
    Being from a smaller community, often times solidarity is more important.

    What I’ve learned or my 2c – faith & iron. Faith in God, Iron weapons.
    Iron weights.

    I do wonder what the line is between instinct & deep contemplation.
    I suppose in a healthy society men have to think less of these things.

    Possible that status competitions mean that’s not true.
    I recall Thomas Jefferson saying he learns politics so his sons can learn of other things.



    • S says:

      John Adams 1780
      ‘I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.’

      As reactionaries, we reject that- we study politics and war so our sons can study politics and war.

      • FrankNorman says:

        That’s nice – but while your sons and your grandsons are studying war with the technology you have, other people out there will be studying al those other things, and all your art of war will be obsolete.

        Doesn’t matter how good your army is at swordfighting if the other side’s army has rifles.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      > Being from a smaller community, often times solidarity is more important

      Sikhs have always historically considered themselves as part of a broader dharmic coalition. Whether you identify as Hindu or not is a non issue.

      What globohomo has done is to turn a part of your community into a victimhood card carrying minority and which is exactly what I pointed out and you became aggressive towards me at that point. The Indian secular state is bad to Sikhs but infinitely worse for Hindus, but globohomo is even worse at this stage.

      Any alliance with globohomo will turn future generations of Sikhs into gay soyboys. Whereas under a broader dharmic coalition Sikhs will remain autonomous and retain their traditional identity.

      If you are genuine about your stated position on dharma, you need to think of long term implications.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There is no ‘secular state’, in Bharat or otherwise, without the GAE in the first place. It’s hard to see how this point can be failed to be appreciated.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          This is not something I deny. The Indian secular state is evil but behind globohomo on many aspects of prog and Hindu nationalism, however imperfect, has pushed back on some aspects of globohomo. I consider mainstream Hindu nationalism as weak sauce. But that is what hurts GAE and why minorities are being weaponized against Hindu nationalism. As Jim says, GAE fears a nuclear powered Hindu nationalist India. Even if that Hindu nationalism is somewhat bluepilled.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Of course, not to say you were denying it, rather backing up your point.

            The things he ostensibly rails against were created by the very thing he cavalierly equivocates. To truck with the International Sisterhood of Ivy League Graduates over one’s neighbors is like going from drinking water from lead pipes, to straight up dissolving lead salts in your wine.

            (actually a thing, incidentally

            • Dharmicreality says:

              True. You know my position well enough. I just laid out my position in black and white in case he reads this.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Dalit victimhood: “evil Hindus oppressed us. We will be under the devil but no Hindus *Adopt a stridently aggressive anti-Hindu militant stand, becomes a card carrying victimhood minority and runs off to world policeman globohomo crying “mommy, that bad uncle took my candy”.*

                  Sikh victimhood: “evil Hindus oppressed us. We will be under the devil but no Hindus *Adopt a stridently anti-Hindu aggressive militant stand, becomes a card carrying victimhood minority and runs off to world policeman globohomo crying “mommy, that bad uncle took my candy”.*

                  Ok, Sher Singh, think about it..

                • jim says:

                  He should be thinking about it on his blog. He may have replied there already. I hope he has.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Agreed Jim. I won’t reply to him any more and take up the discussion space here.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  Your criticisms of Hinduism are valid, though unnecessarily inflammatory. But that is irrelevant to Dharmicreality’s point. Which was made in a civil courteous and helpful manner.

                  Yes, Hinduism is converged. And for all your bluster, Sikhi is converged. You guys should be cleaning up your own houses.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • Sher Singh says:

                  Yes, Hinduism is converged. And for all your bluster, Sikhi is converged. You guys should be cleaning up your own houses.

                  Sure, and part of putting that house back in order is noticing that certain castes are far more degen & have been for millenia.
                  Rather than, an ideological shift GAE or liberalism is rule by certain castes over others.

                  In that sense, DharmicReality even worrying about politics or commenting as an equal is part of the problem rather than the solution.

                  Thus, pointing out that he’s a blackfella is a very valid criticism. It’s saying his own ethnic grievances & inferiority complex leave him unable to comprehend the reality – that, not only Sikhs but most NW feudal tribes have turned against the state.

                  He refuses to state whether he’s even a North or South Indian. In a caste/tribal society anonymity is the recluse of a charlatan.

                  He has no business worrying about the North because even speaking to him about it violates purdah (veil).

                  For all intents, and purposes he’s’ a dalit.


                • Sher Singh says:

                  He’s hiding behind you because he knows on substack I won’t get censored.


                • jim says:

                  He commented similarly and a greater length on substack. Which is where he chose to hold the conversation. It is you who want to hold this conversation on my blog.

                  He moved to substack because I was getting sick of this conversation, and I am sick of this conversation because you are unresponsive.

                  This blog is a good place for good faith discussion between the unconverged of all faiths. This is not good faith discussion. Your triumphalism about a religion that was decadent before the British conquered you and which is now polishing globohomo’s knob does not qualify you as entirely unconverged. He courteously criticized your religion for polishing globohomo’s knob, and though you are not a shill, like a shill, your response was and is irrelevant to that criticism. You were defeated by the British because under the rule of a woman, and are now defeated by globohomo before you start, because Sikhs are only demanding stuff that Globohomo rather likes you to demand.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Your criticisms of Hinduism are valid, though unnecessarily inflammatory. But that is irrelevant to Dharmicreality’s point. Which was made in a civil courteous and helpful manner.

                  He wants us to accept [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Having postured as a transwarrior, you now present Sikhi as a transempire.

                  You have to play the cards you are dealt, rather than pretending you have better cards and demanding that everyone else go along with your pretense.

                  You could not rule yourselves when the British conquered you, it was more them sorting out military anarchy than them conquering rival state, while Hinduism is now a short step away from nukes. If you don’t like that reality, posturing is no substitute for effective action. Sikhi is Hinduism’s little brother, and you are the little brother throwing a tantrum.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > This blog is a good place for good faith discussion between the unconverged of all faiths.

                  The Khalsa stands on one side the world on the other

                  It’s really not because it has a person of no caste status or rank (you) moderating affairs.

                  Anyone who wants to discuss what the ਖਾਲਸਾ should or should not do is free to join it first.

                  Nothing else to say.


                • jim says:

                  Well in that case, no place for the discussion of Sikhi on this blog.

                  Your religion was in a bad way when you were under the rule of a woman, worse when her leadership led to your defeat and surrender, and worse now because Globohomo is converging you as it attempts to converge everyone. And where is that being discussed?

                  My blog, my rules. Replies must be responsive, and if not civil, they must be entertainingly uncivil.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  DharmicReality is free to keep Kesh & Shastar.
                  Unshorn hair & weapons.

                  Till then he’s a homosexual & nothing he says is of value.

                  That’s been our firm position throughout the Ages.

                  He knows this too. All Hindus knows it.
                  That’s what makes it worse.

                  The Hindu-Sikh unity he speaks of is Sikhs treating Hindus who keep Hair/Weapons better than cleanshaven Sikhs.

                  NOT cleanshaven Hindus trying to equate themselves to proper Gursikhs & pretending Dharma is about shaving.

                  The first point is already true – we treat anyone who keeps Kesh as a brother. These online jokers whether christian or Hindu do not.


                • jim says:

                  Well it is not exactly your firm position throughout the ages, for the British wound up ruling you, in part due to your incapacity to rule yourselves. And now Hindus rule you, and you are polishing Globohomos knob.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*transimperial posturing deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Time for Sikhi to play the cards it has been dealt.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted for detachment from reality*]

                • jim says:

                  You would not be allowed to dress up as a woman in my house, and you are not allowed to posture as a great power on my blog.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted for the usual reasons*]

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted for the usual reasons*]

  6. C4ssidy says:

    design plan for a centralised version of a “trust network” inspired algorithm to complement a small content-sharing website:

    The random content on your feed will prioritise people you follow, second priority the people who you follow follow, then the people who they follow, etc , ad infinity, perhaps weighted by some kind of declining fraction series, so a random seed number multiplied by the declining fraction based upon degrees of separation

    In your options settings you can set the relative weights for each degree of separation and also individually for each person who you follow and for anyone they follow within the infinite series (you can view any username plus their degree of separation and their calculated content visibility weight) and for collective groups that they follow ie by degrees of separation from them . You can also choose to factor in the weights which other people you follow have set when deciding the likelihood of showing something from someone they follow

    Something similar for content “likes”, but again the weights of your likes and the weights of likes of people you follow themselves adjustable

    By default everyone follows the admin, and since I would have liked good content, they get good default content, but they can also unfollow the admin and get whichever bubble they are looking for (though never a fully sealed bubble unless they perhaps set every weight to zero pass a certain degree of separation)

    The random numbers, weights, and seed type numbers required would be done openly in javascript, so verifiably no shady activities with the algorithm even if I wanted to. In addition the entire network of usernames and their connections and their set weights would be public and downloadable by anyone, so even if the original website was subverted, anyone can continue the open system somewhere else

    Blue tick equivalent. You can give extra weight to the blue ticks , which by default will be high since it is hard to shill with paid accounts

    If a group makes a large number of accounts and they add each other, blue tick or not, and they end up close to you in degrees of separation, you’d want the system to adjust so that they do not take over, which should be as simple as having an open formula and letting you tweak every dial. Only one person needs to get it right and people would gradually follow him (plus assigning weight to his weights in their own feed) to start getting good content again by latching on to his own effort

    • jim says:

      That is very much what I had in mind. (With, of course, identities that are not readily traceable to people whose faces can be whacked in with a rifle butt.) Everyone runs his own trust network, which, because each network trusts other networks, becomes effectively one big trust network. Most people, being lazy, just trust someone and follow his trust network.

      Linux is effectively one big trust network, and the problem with systemd is that it is a big monolithic lump of trust in an otherwise well distributed network. Open Source plus Git is both a piece of software created by an engineer, and an instrument of cooperation created by a tech priest. Linus created Git to give useful effect to the faith of Richard Stallman. (Though these days musl is now superior to libc)

    • Aryaman says:

      Yes that would be good, the weights would be the eigenvalue centralities of the network from each users’ own view (thus, rank is not where a random surfer is at any time, but where a random surfer starting from you is at any time). And the setting would be a diffusion parameter like in pagerank, but the diffusion step wouldn’t be jumping to a random node, but a random node among those you follow.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      Long-tail algorithms run into the trust-relevance problem: should the system prioritize the month-old post from your best buddy, or the zero-day post from his friend’s boss’s gardener’s daughter? I use freshness as the canonical example of relevance here, since social media is usually chronological, but the problem is equally relevant to e.g. a search results page.

      The solution — to the extent that the problem is solvable at all — always relies on algorithms with fuzzy criteria. Complex, multivariate systems are inherently unpredictable, and in the case of social media, usually easy to abuse because of the low cost of trial-and-error. Exponential decay doesn’t “solve” the problem, only gives a variety of ways to mask it.

      It’s utopian fantasy to believe that throwing Granny and Griller (to say nothing of Shaniqua and Shitavious) into a pilot’s cockpit of bewildering knobs, gauges and other controls and leaving them to land it on their own is going to produce any kind of positive result. Equally utopian to expect that the ones who do it competently will “win” and gain the most followers; trusting the wrong pilot or surgeon means death, but trusting the wrong influencer has no serious penalty. There is a penalty to the network and the network’s reputation, but since the individual followers feel only a tiny sliver of the pain, they have no incentive to manage their personal networks properly even if they have the ability, which most don’t.

      The Linux developers of 30 years ago believed in this essentially Communist ideal that the laboring masses could learn to use powerful but highly complex tools effectively. They were wrong. Only programmers and sysadmins used the Linux of 30 years ago, and only the very competent among them. Today Linux has a wider audience but that is partly because over the last 15 years they’ve made tradeoffs to improve usability, including some very unfortunate moves toward centralization.

      For an operating system like Linux, a high barrier to entry is not a problem. For social media, where the value of the network is largely dependent on the popularity of the network, a high barrier to entry is death. Maybe it could work in a particular niche, like “social network for programmers” or “social network for priests” but you could not make it a viable competitor to Twitter or Facebook without dumbing it down.

      The way to dumb it down and still keep it secure is to use first-degree trust only (you see the posts of people you trust, and people they repost) or restricted second-degree trust (you can see all of the content of people you trust, and only the direct content of people they trust). That means you might not have as much content to publish in any one person’s feed, and it may not look or feel as impressive, but it is much more secure against abuse.

      The abuse you need to guard against is a spammer setting up a throwaway/bot account and being able to spam most of the network through a popular account. If a popular account gets compromised then you are vulnerable no matter what; a more troublesome vector is getting into the trust network of a popular account, either directly or (much worse, very easy to exploit) indirectly through some less-popular account that the popular account trusts.

      In other words, don’t allow a million users to get spammed because a popular user made the mistake of trusting a spammer; and definitely don’t allow them to get spammed because the popular user trusts another non-abusive user who made the mistake of trusting a spammer. Spam is not just a nuisance, either; because people are stupid, being able to spam large parts of the network means being able to control large parts of the network, and if you don’t believe that then just go on Discord and look for all of the messages from accounts that got “hacked” because they clicked on the “Free Nitro” spam.

      I think that “the public” cannot be trusted with arbitrary degrees of control over trust levels. They can’t even understand the exponential growth of degrees-of-separation, never mind the interaction of those exponents with exponential decay functions. What normal people do understand is the small-scale model of community trust: you trust your friend Bob, and he may refer you to his friend Alice or occasionally quote her, but unless you explicitly decide to go meet her yourself, you won’t hear anything directly from her. This is how our brains are naturally wired and it is (probably?) how a secure social network should work. We just don’t really want to hear from strangers, even if they’re technically friends of friends.

      • C4ssidy says:

        The primary purpose of my content sharing website is creation rather than sharing. The created stuff (the nature of which I am currently jealously guarding) could be exported and shared in any of the traditional social media or communication platforms, however there are some good reasons why it would be fun to browse the archives directly . It is stuff suited for sharing publicly in the manner of Reddit and YouTube. The “feed” is therefore not critical to functionality but if users do want to browse I want to at least produce something better than the horrors of reddit style upvotes, let alone the quite unspeakable things which would go behind the youtube frontpage. It does not even necessarily have to factor in time either. Ultimately if dials did not work I could even say “here is everything ever made on the site in order of incremental integer id” and accept that everything pass a point is Sybil-flooded, and give up and let traditional channels sort out the good from the garbage

        The main reason I am interested in Sybil resistance is actually that I want non-ai based tagging and annotations. Suppose I have a photo or video containing the Eiffel Tower, and one user tags the area in the image as “Eiffel Tower” and five bots tag a link to free nitro. I obviously do not want to sort those tags by popularity, or for the computer to choose a “real” tag based on that. But it could present a series of tags and if the ui is simple enough even a normie could contribute something towards the sorting of true labels from false. If the solution exists it is perhaps economics-style curves where individual clicks can produce a measurable effect without having conscious knowledge of the process it feeds into

        • Carte Blanche says:

          The main reason I am interested in Sybil resistance is actually that I want non-ai based tagging and annotations.

          An interesting space that I’ve worked with in the past before AI was an option — unfortunately, not with a lot of success beyond the conventional designs. I wish you luck. Maybe your proposal will work well in that space.

          The only thing I have to add about tagging specifically is that while your regular average Joe is good at “identification” style tagging of things — “this is a photo of a cat / the Eiffel tower / etc.” — he is atrociously bad at “category” style tagging of concepts like “this is a video about home improvement / baseball”.

          I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a truly successful attempt at community-curated taxonomies. Stack Overflow (a programming Q&A site, for those who aren’t familiar) tried this and ended up with endless holy wars over the tags, and despite those holy wars, most questions still suffer from the most basic problem of insufficient and overgeneralized tags. Categorizing means abstracting things into concepts, and abstraction is, apparently, a high-IQ activity.

      • jim says:

        > It’s utopian fantasy to believe that throwing Granny and Griller (to say nothing of Shaniqua and Shitavious) into a pilot’s cockpit of bewildering knobs, gauges and other controls and leaving them to land it on their own

        They are not on their own. Ninety nine percent of users will not be using, will not see, all those knobs, gauges and buttons. They are going to leave them at default. But high popularity influencers will probably be twiddling them like mad.

        The ordinary user has other people following him, in which case they see what he posts or reposts, and can click on the threads of which those posts are part. But he does not generate a feed that third parties can follow, equivalent to automatic reposting, and if he attempts to to do so, then he is going to see all those knobs and buttons, and probably run away.

        The ordinary user will get a feed generated by the algorithm, just as he does on YouTube and Twitter. But, unlike YouTube and Twitter, the algorithm is running on a system he controls, and he can modify it, assuming he can read and write source code, which he probably cannot, so he will probably leave it alone, and not even realize it exists.

      • jim says:

        > don’t allow a million users to get spammed because a popular user made the mistake of trusting a spammer; and definitely don’t allow them to get spammed because the popular user trusts another non-abusive user who made the mistake of trusting a spammer.

        I don’t see a problem. Only people who are following the popular user are going to get spammed, whereupon he suddenly becomes unpopular should he fail to swiftly shut it down and prevent it from happening again. It is like people taking over the Linus Tech Tips YouTube account to tell people that “Musk is offering to double your bitcoin, just send all your bitcoins to this address.” It happens. So what? Linus Tech tips apologized profusely and improved their security practices. It was not the death of YouTube, and it was largely irrelevant to YouTube’s security practices (which are very bad, but only in boring routine familiar ways.)

        It will happen, people with big followings will improve their practices. Big mailing lists get hijacked or corrupted all the time. Has not killed off email.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          If your premise is that spam and other forms of abuse are fine — or just some necessary evil that can’t be effectively contained — then not much that I say is going to matter. However, I think you’ve made a few (unintentionally) false analogies and as a result misrepresented my description of the problem.

          The example given here is a popular YouTube account being hacked. This is materially different because:
          – Followers of Linus Tech Tips will know immediately that what they are seeing is spam because they know what to expect from his channel, just as you would recognize if a Pod Person showed up at your home disguised as your brother.
          – YouTube has a centralized, algorithmically-controlled flagging system to quickly identify spam and suppress abusive content. Being centralized, bad actors naturally sought to control it and now they do control it, using it to eliminate any content that is politically inconvenient or insufficiently woke. But it is still reasonably effective at curtailing spam.
          – YouTube also has a centralized account recovery process to quickly restore control over the account to its rightful owner. Even if the flagging system did not exist, the account owner would realize this quickly and act to recover his account.
          – The popular account itself getting hacked was never the problem in the first place, it’s the ability of spammers to spam indirectly through the popular account, by being in the trust network of that account. That is much easier and cheaper to do than taking over the popular account, and doesn’t require anyone to have weak security.

          Also as I previously stated:
          – Spam is not just spam anymore, it is increasingly an attempt to gain control over some portion of the network, and once entrenched it becomes extremely difficult to excise. Discord and Twitter are probably both irrecoverably corrupted.
          – An exponentially-expanding graph (with or without exponential weight falloff, as spammers can compensate for falloff by ramping up volume/frequency) allows a single spammer to “trust” a hundred other fake accounts and use that to completely dominate the feeds of anyone who is technically reachable through that graph.
          – If the UI doesn’t clearly communicate the “path” to some indirect content, then ordinary users may have no idea how or why that content is showing up in their feed and, even given the ability to block individual accounts, will struggle to keep up. This is a problem that’s solvable in theory but difficult in practice, as there may be multiple valid paths, and even a single path traversing more than one node is hard for grogs to understand.

          You can’t compare a hypothetical loosely-authenticated peer-to-peer social network that’s trying to get established with an already well-established centralized service like YouTube. Different constraints, different problems, and if you want to do away with the many problems of centralization (which I thought was the point?) then you have to find a way to solve the problems that centralization solves.

          Also can’t compare to email, or shouldn’t compare. The most popular email provider, with daylight second, is gmail, and the main historical reason for that is that Google’s anti-spam measures were superior to every other option at the time. Before gmail, email spam was an absolutely brutal problem, and still is if you own your own email server and fail to protect the confidentiality of your address. If overwhelming widespread abuse resulting in the de facto centralization of a de jure decentralized protocol is success, then I wonder what failure looks like.

          • jim says:

            > YouTube has a centralized … you have to find a way to solve the problems that centralization solves.

            The YouTube algorithm runs on YouTube, and selects content for everyone. Your algorithm will run on your machine, and select content for you. But they will be very similar algorithms, except your’s is open source, so you can modify it, or download someone else’s modification. The algorithm is theoretically secret, but can be inferred from the publications of people that Google subsequently hired, and from innumerable leaks.

            The YouTube algorithm collects information from everyone. Your algorithm will collect information from everyone you are following, but their machines have information from everyone they are following, some of which gets shared to your machine. The YouTube algorithm has a direct connection to everyone. Your algorithm will have an indirect connection to everyone, though it will ignore, or never bother seeking, information about people and posts too distant in the trust chain.

            And the guy you are following also has a centralized system of control. Difference is, he is the center, and it is controlled by secrets known only to him. The problems solved by the centralized system of control are largely created by the centralized system of control, which is a single point of failure, and a single point to attack. Your YouTube account is controlled by secrets known to you and to YouTube. (Which was the problem with the Linus Tech Tips hack. Linus complained that YouTube was not expiring and replacing transient high value secrets fast enough. It should not have had those secrets at all. The hacker intercepted a secret generated by YouTube, and shared with a LinusTechTips employee’s browser, a secret that Linus should have known YouTube was generating, but did not, or did not think about, and that the average YouTuber is unlikely to be aware exists.)

            > a single spammer to “trust” a hundred other fake accounts and use that to completely dominate the feeds of anyone who is technically reachable through that graph.

            Sybil problem. Routine and easily fixed. The solution to this has long been known. (Google became great by being first to implement the algorithm.)

            Suppose there are N vertices n degrees of separation from the user. Then we assign each vertex log N base 1.2 random integer values.

            Then we iterate replacing the values at each vertex with the average of the values of their edges (this is similar to the original Google graph analysis algorithm) Every few iterations we discard vertices that remain too distant from the user at the center, and rescale the values by a power of two. This has the effect that vertices that are connected to many vertices connected to you wind up close you, while a vertex that connects to a thousand vertices, none of which have any other connection to anyone except other spammers, remains near its original position and gets discarded eventually. The spammer account that connects to a million spammer accounts, none of which have any other connection to anyone other than other spammers, is going to remain nearly stationary under this algorithm and will stick out like a dogs balls, being discarded early in the iterations. Everything else drifts closer to you.

            YouTube and Google run something like this trust algorithm, with their moderators at the center. You will run this algorithm, with you at the center.

            Google became the top search engine by running this algorithm with pages as vertices and links as edges, to generate page rank. Still running it last I heard, with an ever growing pile of cruft on top of it. The cruft delivers very little value, but marketing people and censors keep having bright ideas to cruft it up. Often they break it, as tends to happen to YouTube.

      • jim says:

        > I think that “the public” cannot be trusted with arbitrary degrees of control over trust levels.

        To exercise arbitrary control over trust levels, will have to write code. This is a lot bigger obstacle to entry than linux, where I can trust an arbitrary repository. The normal user control over trust levels will be that a user can click on a link that someone he is already following has approved, and can then click on all the links that it links to, which is not a problem. If he keeps on clicking at random he is going to hit spam, and then stop. In the course of his clicking around he may find some interesting posts, and decide to follow that guy also. And if a pile of spam approved by that poster then appears on his feed, unfollow.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          The normal user control over trust levels will be that a user can click on a link that someone he is already following has approved, and can then click on all the links that it links to, which is not a problem.

          On this point I agree with you completely: being able to click through someone else’s feed to see whom they trust, and look at their content, and continue at will along that graph, is not a problem at all.

          That’s a “referral” system. Works great. Mimics normal human relationships and community trust networks.

          The problems start when the system begins to implicitly merge that indirect content into your own feed, before you’ve chosen to trust those second- and third- and nth-degree contacts yourself. That’s the system C4ssidy was proposing — at least, I thought it was.

          • jim says:

            What I understood him to be proposing was analyze to the trust graph, and content and people that many people you are following like gets promoted.

    • notglowing says:

      I would not consider anything more than two degrees of separation from the user.

      The people we follow, and the people they follow, are relevant to us. Going any further seems excessive and opening up to exploitation much more easily. Also hurts performance.
      In terms of content two degrees should be enough.

      Being able to see what our friends’ friends post is enough to give us *discoverability*, ie we can add those accounts, which we didn’t know of previously, and expand our network if we want to. In which case we will see their follows, which were previously three degrees away.
      It allows us to find new accounts we didn’t know of, but without being fed too much garbage we have little relation to.

  7. Sher Singh says:

    Have not read the linked substack yet.

    Some stuff on Sikh Republicanism from the time of the Anglo-Sikh wars that Jim may find interesting.

    I’m out though, will comment or post on substack instead of taking space here.


  8. Red says:

    So, will the GAE invade Saudi Arabia? Can they invade it? Losing Saudi’s is a awful blow to the GAE and you know those fuck tards are already planning a color revelation to get the country back.

    • jim says:

      Out of ammo.

      • Aryaman says:

        General ammo prices are not up much since the war, actually down. I would have guessed the production could be retooled / repurposed eventually and without too much work, reflected in general prices.

        I don’t think the government understands how to use prices very well.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          The shortage then over production initiated in 2020 has us in a “safe place” for small arms ammo production, but that’s not relevant to the UKR War. They need tube arty, dumb missiles, and smart missiles, and those can’t be buttressed by “civilian” supply chain.

          America cannot build at scale, and it won’t, or is prevented, from addressing this issue.

          • Red says:

            Yep. Small arms hardly factors in modern war.

            • Aryaman says:

              How difficult is the retooling and repurposing involved? Small arms are hardly relevant but is the supply that inelastic? Or government just dumb about prices and using the market correctly / corruption?

              • Red says:

                Requires a 1) large capital investment, 2) time and know how to build the facilities, and 3) high quality workers who know how to build high quality systems.

                The US is lacking 2 and 3 due to retirements, diversity requirements, and general brain drain. We’re also probably lacking in 1 given that GDP is fake.

              • jim says:

                The problem is that government contractors have sheboons in charge, so just cannot make stuff.

                The Challenger inquiry revealed that the people overruling the real engineers, leading to the Challenger disaster, were ignorant idiots talking technobabble. Those are the people that the Global American Empire is asking to build more shells.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              I disagree, Red, I think small arms are a huge factor in modern war, but they aren’t challenging due to availability, quality, and relative ease of scaling the requisite supply chain. This is not to say that tube artillery and guided missiles and small arms are at the same level, not at all, but in the context of Ukraine, a country that is and has been awash in small arms and plenty of ammunition, they are a kind of invisible factor.

              If/when we start seeing actual unrest, strife, and conflict in the Occident Proper, the combat will look mighty different between the US, awash in small arms and ammo, and Europe, a place devoid of any significant amount of either. Small arms will be a significant factor in a lot of ways. Let’s say you are Country R and you wish to support the local opposition to Country A; if A has plenty of weapons & ammo, just need to send advisors, heavy weapons, and cash. As well, the dissenters in A will be able to make their own weaponry if they can get the tools for fabrication. Country E, on the other hand, having no small arms culture and no real capacity to develop and maintain production with merely inputs, will be a much different situation.

              Another aspect is the affect, character, and resolve of the combatants. An occupying force made up of conscripts and “salary soldiers” will need the full stack of weapons, support, supplies, logistics, and guidance just to hold territory and patrol. An occupied force will use whatever is to hand to oppose the occupiers. So Occupy will have a shit ton of gack just to do patrols and set up FOBs (forward operating bases), while Occupied can make there lives a nightmare with the most rudimentary implements of war.

              In a peer/peer conflict though, you are absolutely correct. Though small arms are useful, they are hardly a factor *so long as they are a given*.

              • Red says:

                The only actual act of war in the US in the last 50 years was the OKC bombing. Note they used high explosives, not rifles. High explosives is what kills your foes. Small arms are mostly deterrence against goons and to kill niggers, not for killing your foes.

                Yes the US government wants the public disarmed but mostly so their low morale glowies can more easily abuse the public but the actual weapons of war have long been removed from the average man’s grasp. My point stands: with Modern warfare small arms barley matters.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  With so much stuff (government and corporate) just laying about in minimal security supply depots, you’d be foolish to dismiss what a group of men with small arms could loot (both with and without tacit approval by sympathetic grunts).

                  I’ve seen 155mm munitions just laying about in unlocked, (mostly) unguarded warehouses in the middle of no where. The sole warm body that I had to check up on was kicking the munitions around. That’s not even getting into private sector mining and farming warehouse security.

                  Small arms still matter, just not so much to kill as much as to protect supply lines. USG supply lines are not well protected. USG critical infrastructure is not either. If things break up in the US, expect small arms to play a big role because the conflict would quickly go primitive.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  All good points. Not disagreeing, and we cannot carry this dialogue any further because Reasons, but the tools for war are not gone, they are merely divided by aisle and obscured by the mystique of simple scientific processes.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Small arms alone can’t really fight a war, they can be used for assassinations though.

                • Red says:


                  Small arms alone can’t really fight a war, they can be used for assassinations though.

                  Even for that use case they’re poorly suited compared to other means. Check the history of assassinations and you’ll find guns are generally only used successfully when the target has no security or has been hung out to die.


                  Not disagreeing, and we cannot carry this dialogue any further because Reasons


        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          >would have guessed the production could be retooled / repurposed eventually

          There is an old railroad locomotive factory that’s been retooled for 155 mm artillery shells now. Apparently that’s closer than switching over small arms ammo lines. They’re different things, you can make or reload regular ammo with hand tools and gunpowder, shells need high explosives and electronics in each housing. (Also, why lose the small arms production, although I’m long past trusting the gov to not be exactly that stupid.)

          Which illustrates the point Tree of Woe made a while ago, you can switch manufacturing capacity over faster than you can boot it up from scratch. Most famously with American auto plants converted to tank and plane production in WWII, but can be wider apart than that.

          Which makes outsourcing manufacturing capacity to a peer military competitor (China) really, really stupid. Losing steel and microchips for a little more shareholder value was always treasonous on its face, but even the consumer industries had indirect value.

          And the above is all best case, assuming competent white guys. Woke upper management, shaniqua team leads, and a general workforce of white guys who drank the kool-aid of liberal arts or business degrees rather than engineering or welding school makes ramp up even harder.

          A side note, I didn’t learn until this year from Ukraine war reporting that the US only manufactures a few hundred Tomahawk cruise missiles a year. And that’s all we’ve ever done, the number from 2006 was 500. You’d think they could ramp it up by copying the existing process, but they’re not. My guess is there’s enough competent legacy white guys in the existing line to keep it going, but hard to expand without putting Shaniqua in charge and watching it fall apart.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Yeah, a color revolution sounds about right. They’re arrogant enough to think it’ll work out well for them even though the only possible replacement for the royal family is a fanatical Islamic revolutionary government that will be way less tractable.

      • Red says:

        They’re going to try one, but the Saudis have their own very well funded intelligence branch which has our intelligence services bribed. As such,color revolution will fail before it gets started. Which means they’ll have to use naked force.

        • Karl says:

          What helps against color revoltion is willingness to kill. I guess the Saudis have that.

          Intelligence branch might find out who needs to be killed to prevent color revolution and thereby lowers the body count, but even without an intelligence branch it sooner or later becomes obvious where lethal force needs to be applied to prevent a color revolution from succeeding.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      Here’s the position the us is in.

      The USD dollar maintains its value based on two factors: the assumption that it will be the primary exchange in the commodities market and the strength of it’s military and intelligence agencies to preserve that exchange. That position of the petrol dollar has been passively eroded for nearly a decade and actively being destroyed by US actions within the past two years under Biden via the humiliating, globally visible loss in Afghanistan where the fall of the GAE began to coalesce and via his trillion dollar plan to debase the value of the commodities market through EVs and green energy.

      “Total Energies just transacted with China in yuan for the first time. ”

      Another dominoes falls. No one is talking about this in the American media. Not a mention. I listen to these macroeconomics talks from highly “educated” investors and all they can talk about is interest rates and labor shortage ad nauseum. Nothing about the handful of ever growing countries no longer trading solely in USD. It’s a conspiracy of omission or ignorance or some type of mental illness.

      How can someone miss the ever expanding cracks within the dam if not some psychological blindness? Best to position yourself now to benefit from this widescale ignorance.

      • jim says:

        > It’s a conspiracy of omission or ignorance or some type of mental illness.

        The US has long been exporting inflation. It has recently doubled down on exporting inflation, resulting in shortages, notably in Britain, because prices are a lagging indicator of inflation.

        Talking about the fall of the US dollar makes the fall of the US dollar as the international currency more likely. We have more conspiracies than you can shake a stick at. There would certainly exist a conspiracy to get people to not talk about the fall of the US dollar.

  9. Kunning Druegger says:

    The alleged leaker has been captured: 21 year old chair force lad. I’m not saying he isn’t a patsy, and this may unfold further, but I find it quite believable that the geriatrics in charge of the USM let their young hobbits run everything, see everything, do everything when it comes to their IT bullshit. I’ve actually encountered this IRL, where people of immense status/power just trust a “specialist” because they refuse to embarrass themselves by displaying their tech illiteracy.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      OK, this is actually starting to get interesting:

      The whole video is mildly interesting, but that “interview” really seems like an obvious script. Pay attention to the buzzwords. Pay attention to the subtext of what this “witness” is saying. That script was written by a managerial midwit.

      Buckle up for another gold star KD prediction: the War Faction is absolutely shook because the boomercons are seeing this leaker as a hero. They are seriously worried that they are going to lose their position and be exposed to attacks by the other Cathedral Factions (Gaia worshippers, Coronatarians, BLMists, etc) which would compromise their plans for a repeat of the Great Turn (FDR’s social reconfiguration for WWII).

      Or maybe it’s all a distraction, I don’t know anymore. Bonus content: MacGregor used the term “clownworld.” Our memes continue to spread, brothers.

      • Carte Blanche says:

        The leak is probably a worked shoot with the intent of exaggerating their capabilities or just pushing an emerging narrative. Like all worked shoots, it starts with something genuine but not mind-blowing, a few interesting and verifiable tidbits that aren’t widely known. Then is followed by a series of many more unverifiable and often unbelievable claims that everyone is supposed to believe because the other claims were true.

        More interesting is the question of who is communicating with whom. I don’t think “we” are the primary audience. It’s one apparat faction talking to another apparat faction, but which ones, and to what end?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Please don’t take this response as a challenge. I looked up terms to assist parsing what you’re saying, and I think I got it, but I’ll not trot through my reasoning because if I’m understanding, good, and if I’m not, ignore.

          I don’t think the response is damage control + exploitation. I think this is a black swan for the IC. I’ve never come to a conclusion on Snowden. He seems like a progressive faggot, but who wasn’t back then, yeah? And if that was a “controlled release,” then why is he in Russia, completely side lined? So maybe he was a black swan for the IC also. I am not smart enough to figure out what the psyops are without Jim, Anglin, and the Regulars. My initial thought on this leak was “fake and gay,” but I’m not so sure anymore.

          All this to say, I think you’re right: the more important question is “who/whom,” as it almost always is. We’ll see what follows. Carlson weighed in tonight, and he’s also a black box to me. Sometimes I think he’s the Gen X Trump, other times, he’s so obviously controlled opposition it hurts. This is reality now: the superposition of trust, compromised and concrete, all at once, but we never get to inspect the box before a new one is introduced. We’re so back; it’s so over.

          • jim says:

            > I’ve never come to a conclusion on Snowden. He seems like a progressive faggot, but who wasn’t back then, yeah?

            Snowden is a fine guy. He sincerely believed the left’s depiction of itself. So he believed he would be supported, and loved, by the left. Surprise, surprise, he was not.

            The left says “We are fighting power”. Sincere leftists say “Hey, seems to get money, status, and fame, I will fight power also” Surpise!

            • Red says:

              In the “Last Battle” by CS Lewis Lewis described how a man who pledged to an evil god like Tash but who obeyed the law of God in all things even though he thought that was the law of Tash, was saved by his observation of the law.

              Snowden is a man of good who did righteous acts thinking he was serving progressivism. In that way he was pledged to Tash, but served the one true God.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*a notorious shill tells us who is Christian and who is not, then explains how color revolution works*]

          • Carte Blanche says:

            Challenge away, by all means. Using big words doesn’t mean that a man knows what he’s talking about, and as far as I am concerned, when it comes to regimeology we are all stumbling around in the dark.

            If the term you had trouble with was “worked shoot” — it doesn’t mean quite the same thing as “controlled release”. Worked shoots have a predetermined narrative without an actual script or only a loose script; the actors ad-lib most of it. The leak doesn’t appear to be a carefully-orchestrated conspiracy, I wouldn’t call it entirely fake and gay either, but there is still something very “off” about it to me.

            Why do leaks happen? Usually they are either accidental (lack of infosec) or from a whistleblower.

            Most corporate leaks are accidental; a low-level contractor running his mouth off at the bar to impress his friends or a girl he simps for; or a nerd with too much time on his hands decompiling apps and picking them apart for any mention of an unreleased feature. Accidental leaks are rarely denied outright, because that would be a felony; instead they’re “dismissed” in vague and legalistic terms, and the leaker is fired and/or prosecuted, constituting a tacit admission.

            Whistleblowing leaks are obviously intentional and the intent of the leak is obvious once the content is known. Snowden was upset that the US IC had set up a domestic program to spy on its own citizens. He thought it was important for Americans to know. I don’t think he particularly cared that they were spying on foreign countries, which is perfectly normal. Political leaks usually are denied because the information is potentially damaging — think of Her Nibs’s special email server — and the leaker is either not identified at all if the identity on its own would provide credibility, or not vigorously prosecuted because prosecution would serve as confirmation. Sometimes the leaker gets “unoficially” prosecuted, if you know what I mean, but the Snowden treatment is reserved for leaks that are both highly credible and highly embarrassing, too juicy to memory-hole.

            So in this instance we’re left with a conundrum. Clearly the leak was not accidental, that’s out of the question. Yet nothing about the leak itself or the response to it seems to add up to proper whistleblowing. The contents are not particularly damaging — far from it, in fact, the main narrative seems to me “check out how fearsomely awesome and competent our MIC definitely still is”. The leaker’s identity resembles that of an accidental leaker, just some low-level guy with no real axe to grind. Several of the IC’s media mouthpieces did initially claim that the leak was illegitimate… but then they went on to prosecute and arrest the supposed leaker, appearing to confirm the authenticity. The entire story is centered around the fact of the leak itself and not the contents of the leak which are boring.

            Nothing about it adds up, so the only rational conclusion seems to be that Mr. Leaker is either an actor or a pawn, and his handlers or winder-uppers wanted this “leak” to get out, and they want it to be seen as authentic, which, if true, likely means that only parts of it are authentic while the overarching narrative of fearsome awesomeness is fake and gay, otherwise why go through with the gayop instead of issuing press releases like usual? They want to push something that is at least partially a lie, but the people whom they want to convince are not buying the official propaganda anymore, so try to make it look unofficial but still accurate and show that unofficial truth agrees with official truth.

            The only potentially-damaging fact is having uniformed troops in Ukraine which is essentially a declaration of war, but that hardly seems worth the drama. The Russians already know that, and we know that they know it, and they know that we know that they know it. Karl Denninger might be able to get his panties in a bunch over it, as he always does, but I just can’t muster up the energy to care.

            If it’s not a gayop then I don’t know what their game is this time because it doesn’t fit any recognizable pattern of an authentic leak.

            • Red says:

              The other possibility is he’s a white male in a job that’s required to hire obese stupid black women to run things. In order to get things done the competent white male will be given far more access than he needs so he can do the jobs of the sheboons while they stand around making monkey noises.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Not a possibility, a non-sequitur.

                DIE-YT can certainly explain how he got access to the information, but tells us nothing about why he would have leaked it, why it was leaked in the way that it was, or why the agencies and the media responded to it in the way that they did. I also don’t perceive any mystery around how he got access to the information or demands to know how. He was a member of the agency; he had access. DIE-YT is an unnecessarily complicated explanation for that which does not need explaining.

                Hanlon’s Razor is a good tool but it isn’t relevant here because I’m not ascribing anything to malice or stupidity, only pointing out the wild inconsistencies between the circumstances surrounding this “leak” and those of almost any other well-known and authentic leak.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  There’s noone below the rank of general who actually cares about Eastern European Border Dispute No. 01957.

                  None of them are calling shots either so it largely doesn’t matter; but as happenstances like this show, it sometimes does.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Which is to say, it certainly is quite possible he was wound up to do this; but the people doing the winding up did so because they wanted the idea that Foggy Bottom’s latest boondoggle is going badly to permeate the discourse more (because they don’t want to pay for it).

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >DIE-YT is an unnecessarily complicated explanation

                  It is not, in fact I would argue that it doesn’t go far enough in explaining just how bad the situation is. Which is why:

                  >In order to get things done the competent white male will be given far more access than he needs

                  Needs some elaboration on the how it fails to explain the scope of the problem.

                  >I also don’t perceive any […] demands to know how. He was a member of the agency; he had access.

                  Been hearing some of the documents where internal to CIA only. He would not have had access, or at the very least should not have had access due to compartmentalization. The wide scope of documents is evidence that a lot more was going on.

                  These documents where in and about SCIFs. The workforce in that environment is still largely White, male, and competent. The greatest cause for concern is typically the civilian contractors, but the contractors tend to be older (meaning more experience and competence) White males with some kind of prior DOD connection and more likely to have developed ideological convictions i.e. the Snowdens of the world. In other words, there is no localized shortage of competent White males because DOD concentrates them in Intel, IT, Infantry… or at least that’s how it has been in the last 45+ years. I find it unlikely he was given far more access than needed (on paper).

                  Jack Teixeira was a cyber transport systems journeyman. An IT maintenance guy whose job would entail working with ones and zeros at best. End to end encryption should have ensured he never understood what those ones and zeros meant. More likely he was in charge of physical maintenance like cable management. At no point does that job entail physical handling or viewing of TS documents. It also looked like many of the documents he leaked were physical copies he had picked up from the workplace, not freshly printed from digital files off a thumb drive. Considering the shear lack of measures he took to protect his identity, not even using VPN the idiot, this guy was no hacker wizard IT superman stealing info from the TC. Thus Jack was picking up physical copies left and right and no one was asking why… or even asking where did all the copies disappear to. TS document accountability, while not quite as stringent as rifle accountability, is still fucking policed to hell and back. It was obviously not being done at his unit. A unit that appears to be largely White.

                  This indicates lax standards… it is national guard after all (not surprising). Which points to leadership incompetence and basic sloth to walk over to the paper shredder (Yes, there are actual shredders that are supposed to be used) to dispose of classified documents or use the lockable file cabinet. Basic laziness is an actual problem in DOD proper which has to be constantly policed, even among competent White men likely due to them largely coming from high trust societies (small town America). A major problem in the reserves because idleness leads to a culture of low policing. This points to a much deeper problem. Why did DOD, who knows the reserves have these problems in spades, activate a fucking national guard unit just for Ukraine?!

                  It’s not that in order to get things done the competent White male was given far more access than he needed. It’s that in order to get things done all of the White males of poor discipline were given access as well. This means they are scraping the bottom of the barrel over a conflict America isn’t even directly involved in. That has some implications that I think are obvious.

                  Moving on.

                  >why it was leaked in the way that it was
                  >why he would have leaked it

                  Dude was an idiot who didn’t even attempt the most basic of OPSEC. The idiot needed his ego stroked, so he stroked it in the most idiotic way possible. By showing off to younger men/boys.

                  >why the agencies and the media responded to it in the way that they did.

                  Embarrassment and damage control. Also no small amount of ideological “It’s the RUSSIANS” causing self gaslighting. Hilarious if you think about it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Kid was a zoomer on a minecraft server; which is pretty much exactly the sort of thing you can see a zoomer stuck in clownworld would do, and not the sort of play that would ever occur to the gerontocrats in charge on their first or even fifth thought.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Had he been just a tad bit smarter, he could have fled the country and gotten away with it. The gerontocracy had it’s head so far up it’s own ass he had far more time than Snowden ever did.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >“check out how fearsomely awesome and competent our MIC definitely still is”

              Which is not the impression everyone is walking away with, though.

  10. Kunning Drueger says:

    Sher Singh made a mess of this comment section last high summer/virgin autumn IIRC. He posts walls of text that parse into “Allahu Akbar but with a stupid accent.” He thinks Sikhs carrying costume prop weapons on airplanes means they have defeated GAE. His methodology is a bipolar bully/intellectual, telling you to be afraid or telling you to be smarter.

    He is nothing more than a shitskin Basil, and he’s been activated because the GAE is full court press on India right now as it is the last place for the West to supply Ukraine with the Soviet era tech and stocks needed to backstop an assault and the requisite defense (S-300 missiles in particular, but many other systems depleted) Everything else has been used up or is locked up in “enemy territory.” Expect the bipolar attacks to increase until the season breaks.

    I don’t speak to women or dogs I don’t own, so would someone kindly tell Sher Sing that the mud stained whores that pass for Sikh women aren’t even our species so there’s no need to exchange anything, and that he’s more than welcome to go lay with his nigger Muslim brothers in Somalia where he belongs.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Went into moderation… I may have used the wrong email, or maybe I’m on moderation, or maybe Jim has a new hate speech filter lol.

      If I used the wrong email Jim, can you delete please?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      “Yes the GAE may be gay; but have I told you about the sinful wickedness of my neighbors lately?”

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Off topic but,

      I don’t speak to women or dogs I don’t own

      Due to my work, I had to speak to a female dominated Admin/HR at a certain stressful time of the month… and… drum-roll please… I got burnt with no recourse. Surprising I know.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I’m obviously being a bit dramatic, but unless compelled by work or crisis I avoid contact with women. I’m not afraid of them, I just have enough stress in my life as is, and I’ve come to find so many females just dull and pointless. And, when forced into urban zones, I avoid all contact with everyone. I find cities unbearably repressive. I have this joke with my wife: one day, I am going to drive down the driveway, turn off the car, and through my keys inna woods.

        What an absolute king.

      • Red says:

        Due to my work, I had to speak to a female dominated Admin/HR at a certain stressful time of the month… and… drum-roll please… I got burnt with no recourse. Surprising I know.

        I’ve done fine dealing with female HR departments. I view them as children and treat them like my kid sister. It’s the faggots in the HR departments that make my skin crawl. I’ve been able to avoid being detected as a heretic, but just barley.

        • Aidan says:

          If you are a reasonably manly man, the faggots want you to fuck them. Treating faggots in HR like your kid sister works like it works on women. Yes, below a man’s dignity to treat a fag like a real woman, but that’s true of most of going into an office and working a job.

          • Red says:

            Fags feel unclean and I feel like I’m sullied just by being around them. Mostly dealing with them I’m just trying to mask my revulsion, which by itself is emasculating.

            There’s a famous story about Ron Paul where he met a rich faggot in San Fran for a political donation towards one of Ron’s lolbertain causes. He accepted the fag’s money but instead of using the restroom at his home, he used a restroom in at a gas station down the street. This was reported as showing what a hypocrite Ron was but it’s just good sense. You don’t want to be in the same place where anything coming from their body touches a surface.

            If you are a reasonably manly man, the faggots want you to fuck them.

            I’ve been hit on before and my natural response was a strong need to commit violence for the affront.

            • Adam says:

              It’s been my experience they all have a sort of evil and cursed look in their eyes. Even if you didn’t know they were a sodomite, you would know they are hell bent.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Before or after they start manufacturing crap to get rid of you, or telling you to do something that they later say is against the rules, or etc etc. Anyways I’m mostly unscathed and out of the bad situation in no small part thanks to them. Just sucks that it might kill someone. Funny enough, their potential legal exposure likely went up. By getting rid of me all legal liability is now on them and them alone.

    • Sher Singh says:

      Afghans used to call Singhs “Sogh” which is dog in their language.
      Reply from a Muslim scholar:

      “Yes the GAE may be gay; but have I told you about the sinful wickedness of my neighbors lately?”

      Your neighbor is breaking into your house & his son says Sir, he may be breaking into your house, but have I told you about the GAE?

      India allows polygamy & Sharia for Muslims, while defining Sikhs as Hindus. India is free to stop holy war against Sikhs at any time.


      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Based upon my interactions with you, I cannot help but feel sympathetic towards anyone trying to wipe your people out. You loudly proclaim your martial virtues by yelling at men who you cannot reach and who cannot reach you. You are a coward, and the best part is that you know it. May you live forever, and may every day be a cowards death.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          He is a faggot belonging to GAE pet minority group who loves LARPing as this great based warrior tribe and then claims victimhood when he is moderated and then resorts to wild threats of violence and doxxing and reporting to authorities etc. he will never be a real woman though.

          • Sher Singh says:

            Sikh leadership has more or less decided to let the Taliban through to Delhi.
            Hindus are going to be reminded what being “the last paganism” is really like.

            @jim Hindus have not followed old type Hinduism in quite some type, possibly millenia. Certainly predating the Buddha (Bodh Avatar) – notice that original Hinduism does not contain idol worship yet they engage in the most profane versions of it.

            The shill test for Hindus is related to caste. Notice none of them will admit to the necessity of untouchablility, let alone the need to reduce the population of dalits & their extraordinary privileges.

            Good day. Just as the Brahmin only thrives under a strong King the Hindu can only thrive under foreign rule.


            • jim says:

              Taliban are not particularly interested in fighting far away pagans. They have enough trouble on their hand with the Global American Empire attempting to converge Islam.

            • dharmicreality says:

              > Hindus are going to be reminded what being “the last paganism” is really like.

              LOL, you really scare me big guy.

              > The shill test for Hindus is related to caste. Notice none of them will admit to the necessity of untouchablility, let alone the need to reduce the population of dalits & their extraordinary privileges.

              Oh, fuck off with your fake “basedness”. You Sikhs have openly repudiated varnashrama/caste by throwing open Langars to all castes and you actually speak of this.

              • Sher Singh says:

                Taliban are not particularly interested in fighting far away pagans. They have enough trouble on their hand with the Global American Empire attempting to converge Islam.

                Pashtun areas are 150-200km from the Indian border.
                The fireworks in Pak have already started – this is a cycle of history.
                The British liberated Hindus from Sikh rule, and Sikhs liberated Hindus from Brits.

                Hindus themselves are chattel:

                Massacres of Hindus within Indian borders are fairly common.
                Hinduism has ceased to exist in the NE, Kashmir, Rural Punjab.
                Large parts of West Bengal, most large cities U-20, parts of Bihar/W UP.

                A Post BJP/Post Modi India is one in which Hindu heads are placed on pikes.
                This isn’t conjecture, just the pre-2014 norm.
                The Hindu state lost the loyalty of Martial tribes with recent reforms as well.

                @dharmic You are still unable to state that we have a Dalit problem in India.
                All Hindu temples are under state control & run by enemy faith.
                What is your caste, do you wear a sacred thread, when is the last time you went to a temple?

                I will wear force you to chew on my leather boot as I tell you about the intricacies of untouchability within Sikhism.


                • jim says:

                  This presupposes that Sikhs are a martial tribe. It is delusion and boasting. You did not lose your sovereignty because defeated. You lost your sovereignty because ruled by a woman, and being defeated was downstream of that. If you still had a genuinely martial faith, would not be in the pooh that you fell into during female rule and are still in. Your empty boasts come from an empty faith.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Yes we DO have a dalit problem in India. Yes, the secular Indian state is largely responsible for this.

                  But you Sikhs open community kitchen for all castes and religion and then you dare to lecture us that Hindus gave up caste.

                  Respond to me, are your Gurus anti-caste? Doesn’t Sikhism promote universal brotherhood and repudiating the caste system?

                  You keep avoiding that.

                • jim says:

                  > The Hindu state lost the loyalty of Martial tribes with recent reforms as well

                  What matters is the Aryan castes. In today’s war, cannon fodder matters less and less. And the Aryan castes are generally Hindu.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  @jim, no use engaging him in a rational debate. I tried my best.He will sail right past all your arguments and come back with more boastful warrior LARPing.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  What matters is the Aryan castes. In today’s war, cannon fodder matters less and less. And the Aryan castes are generally Hindu.

                  Respond to me, are your Gurus anti-caste? Doesn’t Sikhism promote universal brotherhood and repudiating the caste system?

                  Martial tribes refers to the Aryans ie Rajputs.
                  The Hindu state is a Brahmin-Vaishya one.
                  Most politicians were Brahmin till the caste movements of the 1990s.
                  Brahmins & Vaishya bought 2 generations of rule, and kudos to them.
                  That ended with Rajiv Gandhi.


                  Older article from 2014 gave the exact % of Brahmin politicians, but neither Google nor Yandex turn it up.

                  The future is between Dalits, Muslims & the Martial tribes as Churchill predicted.

                  Sikh villages have separate Gurudawaras & langars as do traditional institutions.
                  ie Nihang, Nirmala, Udasi.

                  The liberal SGPC does not and allowed Dalits into Major Sikh shrines post-20s.

                  Sikhi promotes brotherhood among the 4 Varna not non-Aryas.
                  Most Khalsa Sikhs are Jatt, Rajput, Khatri or Brahmin.
                  The few non-Jatt misls were all inherited by Jatts later on by merit.
                  If you don’t know about the Misl period let me know it’s pretty interesting.

                  Dalits have not traditionally been allowed to become Sikhs.
                  When they have it’s been under seperate Dals (battalions)
                  There’s no integration.


                  Progs also claim Buddhists & Jains are anti-caste.
                  Neither the BJP nor the INC are allies in the caste war.
                  Stop parroting slogans like the Parrots in Panchtantra.
                  Anyway, I can tell you are disgusted by the thought of dining with Dalits.

                  “A Sikh protects the cow and Brahmin. Spread the message of war among the 4 castes”.

                  Let us embark on this mission together, and forward to establish Satya Yuga.


                • Sher Singh says:


                  Sorry, wrong screenshot.
                  Sikhi has more or less been a mess since the Shaheedi of Akali Phula Singh Ji.

                  When Hindu nationalists attack things such as the Turban, Beard or Weapons I see it as self-defeating.

                  Sri Krishna Ji gifted Sudama a Turban.
                  Anyway, I know you do not & that is all.

                  All is in the will of हरि


                • Sher Singh says:


                  Continue the conversation here if Jim’s annoyed.
                  Really don’t want to take up space on a Christian blog with this stuff.

                • i says:


                  I know a case of Georgia being ruled by a woman once who went the tranny route of being “King”. But the country was only lost 20 years after her death to the Mongols after prosperity and flourishing in her lifetime:

                  Tamar was proclaimed heir and co-ruler by her reigning father George III in 1178, but she faced significant opposition from the aristocracy upon her ascension to full ruling powers after George’s death.

                  Tamar was successful in neutralizing this opposition and embarked on an energetic foreign policy aided by the decline of the hostile Seljuq Turks.

                  Relying on a powerful military élite, Tamar was able to build on the successes of her predecessors to consolidate an empire which dominated the Caucasus until its collapse under the Mongol attacks within two decades after Tamar’s death.

                  Of course she rebelled against the Headship of her Husband:

                  Tamar was married twice, her first union being, from 1185 to 1187, to the Rus’ prince Yuri, whom she divorced and expelled from the country, defeating his subsequent attempts at coup.

                  For her second consort Tamar chose, in 1191, the Alan prince David Soslan, by whom she had two children, George and Rusudan, the two successive monarchs on the throne of Georgia.

                  Yet was Canonized as a Saint and Heroine by the Georgian people and the Georgian Orthodox Church:

                  Tamar’s association with the period of political and military successes and cultural achievements, combined with her role as a female ruler, has led to her idealization and romanticization in Georgian arts and historical memory.

                  She remains an important symbol in Georgian popular culture and has been canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church as the Holy Righteous King Tamar (Georgian: წმიდა კეთილმსახური მეფე თამარი), with her feast day commemorated on 14 May (O.S. 1 May).


                • Anonymous says:

                  Regarding Jim’s comment that what matters today are the Aryan castes-
                  I contend that in India this is not entirely the case. Some of the best and brightest of India are southern Indian Brahmins and South Indian non Brahmin dominant castes. They run the space program, the nuclear program, the tech companies and so on.

                  The South Indian top castes are vastly superior to true aryans like Iranians, afghans etc. Probably as a result of intermixing of the best of Aryan and Dravidian elite genes.

                  The Dravidian elite were NOT the Andamanese/Australian Aboriginal population. The dravidians were invaders who subjugated that original population and built advanced societies in India. They probably collapsed for the same reason sodom and Gomorrah and Sweden collapsed.

                • Red says:

                  I contend that in India this is not entirely the case. Some of the best and brightest of India are southern Indian Brahmins and South Indian non Brahmin dominant castes. They run the space program, the nuclear program, the tech companies and so on.

                  With the death of Democracy only military power matters. If you want a win a war, best to recruit Aryans.

    • Red says:

      Video comparison of a Chinese Subway vs NYC subway. Pretty good propaganda format.

  11. Basil says:

    [*deleted because true but, because false context implied, misleading and manipulative*]

  12. Basil says:


    • jim says:

      I asked you for the Russian equivalent of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The case you link to is the opposite of that – some aliens attack a Russian, flee, and the cops and authorities vigorously try to find the offender, yet you give us a lengthy rant as if it your Russian language link was telling a similar story. This is manipulative and intended to deceive. You assume the reader will not be bothered to actually read the link to see if it supports your rant in the slightest.

      The content of your link indicates Russians and Russian authorities supporting Russians when aliens attack.

  13. Adam says:

    I’ve seen a lot of chain mail on social media educating the public about the seriousness of auto immune disease. All of it written in the predictable progressive verbiage of victimhood. Seems like the making of a new protected class.

    • anonymous says:

      Autoimmune diseases, Gulf war syndrome, Agent Orange, PTSD, “trauma”, childhood sexual abuse, lead paint, fibromyalgia, long COVID, and, to be frank, Jim’s claims about the vax causing all kinds of problems from brain fog to car crashes to heart attacks to lung clots.

      The common denominator in all these claims is that they are easy to claim, difficult to prove, impossible to rule out. They are vague, nonspecific, nonfalsifiable. They can produce a state of paranoia if you allow them to.

      I’ve decided the best strategy is to let my eyes glaze over and my brain to zone out whenever someone starts talking about this stuff.

      • Red says:

        to be frank, Jim’s claims about the vax causing all kinds of problems from brain fog to car crashes to heart attacks to lung clots.

        Everything but the brain fog is an acknowledged side effect of the vax and brain fog is an acknowledged side effect of the COVID spike protean.

      • simplyconnected says:

        […] nonfalsifiable […]

        It is falsifiable, but the test they could run to falsify it (e.g. they’re doing no autopsies of “sudden deaths”) are not being run, so it becomes “unfalsifiable”.

  14. The Cominator says:

    More evidence of the whole system coming off the rails

    Some Majorie Taylor Greene type chick state rep in Arizona calls some witness to a hearing who accuses basically the whole political establishment in Arizona (both parties the Dems and the McCain mafia GOP alike) of being corrupt and taking bribes from the Mexican cartels.

    The Arizona GOP then proves it by joining the Democrats and expelling her. She did not do anything insurrectionish.

    Expelling reps for not towing the line used to be pretty unheard of, now open purges are going to get real common…

    • Red says:

      Tossing any pretense of fair elections->tossing any pretense of fair court trials->purges of political officials who buck the system even slightly.

      I’m not sure what comes next, but you can bet it’s going to be very nasty.

  15. Dharmicreality says:

    Have I been too patient with this guy?


    Our bombastic ”sardar” is now in moderation on my blog. Maybe I gave too much benefit of doubt to allow him to post unrestricted on my comments section. I am still learning how to moderate, and now I know better.

    TLDR: another Basil type shill who justifies allying with globohomo to destroy “imperfect order” because imperfect order is apparently more evil than the demonic chaos of globohomo.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      The guy started to threaten to harm me physically in his further comments once he realized I am moderating his comments. I realize that it may all be more bluster. But I am a bit alarmed that he would even do so. He seems unhinged.

      Should I delete my blog for security reasons? Better safe than sorry?

      • Karl says:

        Don’t see how deleting it now would improve your safety.

        A problem with wordpress is that they can cancel your blog whenever they like and that the blog is connected to your identity. Moving your blog away from wordpress might improve security.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I don’t have any real identity associated with it. But still anonymous threats are a bit worrying and this guy seems unhinged from the contents of his now deleted posts. Yes is an issue but there wasn’t any practical way for me to purchase a domain without exposing my real identity.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          I realize it may seem a bit cowardly on my part but I deleted my site anyway. I can deal with rational threats but this guy seemed like a genuine lunatic. It may be a long shot but I value my safety and I don’t want to take any risks.

          • alf says:

            Speak the truth on the internet and you’re gonna get dox/kill threats sooner or later. Maybe this guy is bluffing, probably he is, but it is never a bad idea to make sure your opsec is airtight before you call such a bluff.

            • Sher Singh says:

              He’s mad that I refuse to give a shit or see the Indian gov killing 100,000 Sikhs or paying for inter caste marriage as somehow different from GAE.

              RSS was founded by homosexuals & takes prog positions on gender, caste, and muslims.

              Many Hindus themselves would agree with the above.

              The left wing party Congress pushes feminist laws, while all the affirmative action anti upper caste stuff has been by the BJP. Idiot’s refuse to see this, and instead insult Sikhs.

              The only government institution to not discriminate against upper castes is the military due to a 1989 deal to end the insurgency.


              Ungrateful cretins have no knowledge of this yet act big online.
              Their response to finding out that Sikhs consider most indians abject negroids for most of history is to commit blasphemy against the aryan religion.


              The above act by which an entire upper caste family can be jailed and murdered by a mere accusation has been passed, and strengthed under BJP governments.

              This cretinous and scummy hindu expects me to cheer on Sikh genocide such as in the 80s and 90s & define a religious identity as serving a nation state.

              H/she/they/them cam deal with the authorities and local street gangs of said nation state that they love so much. My response to any whiteoids claiming Aryan identity is to worship the ground we walk upon & surrender your women for breeding.

              The offspring will be Aryan & you can larp through them. Now that we’re at the point of worshipping GAE affiliates order GAE as somehow entirely different, you can wave American or EU flags as Sikhs mount your women.

              Jai Hind.


              • someDude says:

                Every Hindu-reactionary is an enemy of the Secular Indian state. Whetever the Secular Indian state has done to Sikhs, it has done worse to Hindus. Whatever the secular Indian state has done to Sikhs, the Islamics have done even worse.

                You don’t hurt the Secular Indian state by allying with Jehadis against Hindu reactionaries. You strengthen it

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  He grossly misrepresents our position and issues threats of physical harm. He is not a good faith actor. He tried to get me to doxx myself. The nature of his unhinged rants and threats made me delete my blog. Maybe I overreacted but I may come back some time with greater opsec and a better option than

                • jim says:

                  > He grossly misrepresents our position

                  Shill tactics, probably agent of an external or internal enemy.

                  A shill will also misrepresent his own position. “Hail fellow reactionary, I am more reactionary than thou, hail fellow Christian, I love Jesus more than you do” I conjecture that this guy was supposedly more Hindu than you. To detect the fake reactionaries, are they allowed to even notice the red pill on women? To detect fake Christians, I ask for certain key points of the creeds that our enemies are strangely unable to speak. (Perhaps they fear they would burst into flames. Perhaps they would burst into flames.)

                  Hinduism is demon infested, so I find it hard to imagine an effective test for fake Hindus similar to my test for fake Christians, but that may be because I do not know much about Hinduism.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Manusmriti particularly on women seems to be a good place to start. Most fake Hindus crime stop at Manu.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Hindu survival is not my mandate.
                  The secular state is more damaging than Hindu reactionaries or Islam.

                  Asking what level of Dharma someone practices is not a dox – neither is asking their caste.

                  I’m subtly asking if he’s a nigger.

                  I cannot misrepresent your position when you do not state it.

                  I ask what is your position on women/honor killing/veil – you do not state it.

                  I ask what should a King do when the untouchables try to usurp him? You reply Hindu unity.

                  You’re a cuck.

                  Your entire targeted line of reasoning was you as a specific Sikh need to condemn certain Sikhs working with GAE against India ala Azov V Russia.

                  I simply stated I have no loyalty to either Gae nor Endia so it’s not my problem.

                  You replied like a typical nationalist cuck blinded by demon worship who takes the Secular Republic as a Holy Land.

                  Hence, I Treated you as a demon worshipper & an enemy.



                • jim says:

                  I simply stated I have no loyalty to either Gae nor Endia so it’s not my problem.

                  Do you have no loyalty to the Global American Empire? Sikhs are a pet minority, because a potential tool against Hindu nationalism – the Global American Empire is terrified of the possibility of a nuclear Hindu power whose faith is old type Hinduism.

                  Prove you have no loyalty to the Global American Empire by stating the red pill on women, and also quote the support for the modern red pill in ancient texts that are respected by Sikhī.

                  The Global American empire is attempting to converge every religion to progressivism. Hence lots of fake Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and such around who are strangely unable to notice the position of their ancient faith on women and family.

                  For fake Christians I have good shill test on other wordly theological issues, and it is striking that Christians who are unable to notice the position of their faith on women are usually also unable to speak the words of their faith on those issues.

                • someDude says:

                  @ Jim, I think it may be time to create a shill test for Hindus

                  1. Position on Gandhi: The Violence question

                  2. Position on Lord Rama asking Sita to undergo trial by fire to prove her chastity: The woman question

                  3. Position on the prescription regarding crime and punishment as mentioned in the Arthashastra: The question on what to do with malcontents and undesirables

                • jim says:

                  That overlaps substantially with the shill test for fake reactionaries.

                  My shill test for fake Christians relies entirely on other worldly theological issues, and it works astonishingly well. Of course the fake Christians are usually also fake reactionaries, and fake reactionaries claiming to be Christian usually or always are fake Christians, but the tests are completely orthogonal.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Mr. Singh is a long-time commenter, here and elsewhere, so I think he is earnest as far as that goes; just aggressively dravidian in his modes of thought.

                  What mudblood does to a mfer.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  >Mr. Singh is a long-time commenter, here and elsewhere, so I think he is earnest as far as that goes

                  He simply keeps changing his tune whenever challenged on his position. He clearly stated on my blog that GAE is the lesser evil and he is ready to side with GAE because Kshatriya dharma knows no difference between Dharma and adharma. Then contradicts himself by pretending to be neutral/indifferent.

                  His Khalsa “nationalism” is a globohomo sponsored project against India. He is a tool. In the same way Ukrainian nationalism is used against Russia. He claims India is more globohomo than globohomo itself and hence deserves to be destroyed. His goal is not destroying the secular Indian state which he claims is evil, but the actual Hindu people of India.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  South Indian tribe that’s 100% IVC:

                  We’re the last of the Sassanids & not going to turn this into a racial sperg fest.
                  We’re proud of our blood – mother & father.
                  The Iranic Plateau & IVC are both about 70% or so Irani Farmer with the difference being Steppe vs Abo.
                  Modern Panjabis are around 65-35 IVC & Steppe (Upper Caste).
                  It’s a moot point between Persians & Arabs – we’re accepted seamlessly & phenotypically overlap.

                  Central point: Psychopathic Rage is Aryan, we wouldn’t be talking of invasions otherwise.
                  India’s Scheduled Caste & Tribes Act allows for the jailing of entire extended families based on an allegation of wrongdoing. Offences under the act are non-bailable, and trials in India often take decades.

                  No investigation is required before arrest. Now, tell me a single law on the books or even being advocated like this in the entire Western world. There’s a reason Indians move to the West & not vice-versa.

                  India’s Dowry Act allows a wife to jail her entire husband’s family under similar conditions.
                  Again, is no fault divorce worse than this? No.
                  India buys weapons from the GAE – show me where in Sikh scripture it says Sikhs cannot.
                  Show me where in Sikh scripture it says to respect the authority of nation states above the Khalsa.
                  Show me in Sikh history where Sikhs have respected secular rulers over their religious institutions.

                  India is constantly trying to seize lands, wealth, and women from Upper Castes for untouchables.
                  Self-defence is the only human right – anyone denying this basic reality is a shill.

                  The Taliban were once GAE allies.

                  The Hindu question is already settled in Punjab.
                  Out of 40% Hindus 15 are migrant workers & thus not human.
                  A good portion of the rest are Dalits who’ve converted to Christianity & nuke their TFR for welfare.

                  The upper caste Punjabi Hindu already died in the 70s & 80s amidst bus attacks & temple bombings.
                  Me telling you this unapologetically is not taking a position, just stating facts.
                  Idc either way, and your feminine emotions are confusing this for something else.

                  As for Hindus in the rest of India – historically the people on side of Sarasvati & the other have warred.
                  We view the Guru Khalsa as an avatar of Hari (Vishnu). You tell me what happens to those who oppose the Lord.

                  This is what the 3rd or 4th time I’m explaining all this?
                  My position is theologically sound, and backed up by actions which Sikhs have taken over the centuries.
                  You’re the idiot who thinks Kings are nice people when you oppose them.
                  I will state that it is my mistake to comment on Hindu affairs, as it creates confusion.

                  India is undoubtedly a Hindu nation, and its diversity, secularism, and myriad festivals speak to this.
                  However, there’s no concept in the Sikh religion of any allegiance outside its own institutions.
                  I’m sorry if you’ve been led to believe otherwise.


                • jim says:

                  > South Indian tribe that’s 100% IVC:

                  Aryans leveled the IVC cities, and have ruled them ever since. Inferior race.

                • Aryaman says:

                  No investigation is required before arrest. Now, tell me a single law on the books or even being advocated like this in the entire Western world. There’s a reason Indians move to the West & not vice-versa.

                  India’s Dowry Act allows a wife to jail her entire husband’s family under similar conditions.
                  Again, is no fault divorce worse than this? No.

                  All true, and all bad.

                  On the other hand, in India the wife’s passport names her husband, but the husband’s passport does not name his wife. A child’s passport names the father. In India, a child’s natural guardian by statute is the father if legitimate, the mother if bastard, and the husband if married.

                  On the other hand, none of these laws are applied against men exercising their rightful privileges, as much as abused for unrelated reasons (nevertheless they are very bad). Whereas no-fault divorce is not abused but serving precisely the purpose it was meant for.

                  It is not the Indian state gumming it up for Indian men, it is the influence of America.

              • alf says:

                He’s mad because you threatened violence and doxing.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  He’s mad that we’re not condemning a section of Sikhs for allying with GAE. In our best case scenario any remaining Liberals Sikhs, The Indian Gov & all the GAE Acolytes don a suicide vest.

                  We literally don’t care what other Sikhs do outside not cutting their hair & avoiding tobacco.

                  To ask us to spend our precious manpower on a nation-state he admits is imperfect & GAE-lite is the definition of entitled.

                  Then again, India’s welfare budget is $900 bil USD for entitled dalit niggers like him. I’m done with this topic.


                • dharmicreality says:

                  LOL, Sher, I never invited you for your opinion on any topic.

                  I literally don’t care what your position is on any issue.

                  When you commented, I tried to engage you as rationally and respectfully as I could but you got mad that I moderated your comments when you became unresponsive and then threatened me.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You would rather some Sikhs align with globohomo than use the most benign of humanity’s historical drugs?

                  Not saying you should align with India either but allying with people who want to castrate boys and turn all women into fat bulldykes is way worse than smoking.

              • Aryaman says:

                I think it’s funny the Khalistan LARP is back in the news and “Sikhs” rushing out of the woodwork in the west to protest shortly after Indian authorities raided BBC offices and BJP politicians complained about State Department psy-ops and called Soros a “destroyer of nations”. Funny, funny, funny.

                If your country weren’t a meme and your faith still alive, you would have your country already. Do you really think the secular Indian government could do anything about it?

                BTW, how many “Sikhs” in America carry a firearm as they are required (updating the law for the 21st century)? And what is the point of Sikhness if they do not?

                • Sher Singh says:

                  You’re an Arora right? Small-time shopkeepers from Sindh renowned as the biggest whores this side of the world for the last 3 centuries?

                  As for views on women –


                  Idk woman must be owned, is constantly shit testing, Victorian v older morality ie Are they pure angels or temptresses.

                  Sikhs & Afghans have both a revenge, and honor killing culture. That about sums it up – same with the response to Kunning Drueger.

                  Badla comes first – ie India has wronged us, and so must go. Hindu men worship Indira Gandhi after she snipped 10,000s of them.


                • jim says:

                  Pass, sort of, but I did ask you to quote or repeat ancient sources: A woman is never fit for independence … A woman must be particularly guarded from evil inclinations.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  A woman gains salvation through her husband; by serving her husband as her lord, and constantly being at his feet.

                  A woman is never fit for independence, and must constantly be kept dependent.
                  She must be guarded from ADharmic Inclinations.
                  Raja Manu is the 16th Avatar of Vishnu in Sikhi. All he says is true.
                  The Sikhs are back in the news because they assaulted & took over a police station. India sent in 2000 paramilitary + 80,000 police to capture the ringleader – who they’ve failed to capture.

                  Do give the whole story.

                  Laws which give slaves & women the ability to jail the master & his entire clan are not “abused for unrelated reasons” or “not that bad” this is DEMON WORSHIP.


            • Sher Singh says:



              Multiple Indian states have banned subhumans from the every regions the Vedic word Mleccha comes from.

              The modern Indian nationalist is just a slightly islamophobic or homophobic liberal who wants the upper caste replaced by 75 iqbal dalit subhumans.

              Good riddance to this lot, and their hare brained schemes following the right wing losers from America. India is too low and too high iq for midwit propaganda like trust leader Ji as he increases lower caste quotas above 70% to work.

              Recently, some institutions were hiring Dalits who got 0.5% on a test above 90% scoring upper castes. Now they’re trying to add exit taxes for renouncing citizenship or remittances. Trapping the upper caste or any above 90 iq population as a captive cash cow is their only end goal.

              Accept your genocide for sake of the nation state is the blind slogan of otherwise forgettable Brahmins & other idiotic scions of the BJP.

              A recent caste lawsuit in California was against a Brahmin who hired, and promoted an untouchable who then turned on him.

              Hindus except the whole world to go down with their demons, instead of cauterizing & isolating them.

              Good riddance, and don’t expect replies whether it’s approved or not.


          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >I realize it may seem a bit cowardly on my part but I
            deleted my site anyway.

            Incredibly disappointing. The word ‘shameful’ springs to mind even.

            Back in my day, death threats on the internet was how you said hello. Hiding your light under a bushel is how darkness wins. What men need is opsec, not capitulation.

            How many great and indispensable writers of perenialism have along with all their works disappeared from the internet over the years? Far far too many. We can understand that not all men may have the will and perseverance of men like Anglin, but those are examples you should strive to learn from.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              I understand. The nature of his lunatic threats made me do it. It was an impulsive decision.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                I earnestly hope you kept archives, so that this can merely be a fit of pique, rather than a tragedy.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  I have an older backup. Not much is lost, except the latest few posts. If, when I return, I will return with greater opsec.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  I have an older backup. Not much is lost, except the latest few posts. If, when I return, I will return with greater opsec.

              • someDude says:

                I once deleted my twitter handle because an actual IPS guy said he would try to find me via IP address tracking by making a govt request to twitter

                No, I am not @trueindology

  16. pinochet's ghost says:

    If Yandex is so based, why does it want me to install Google Widevine?

    • jim says:

      Yandex does not want you to install widevine. For much the same reason as the Chinese government does not want Chinese to use gmail and google backup.

  17. c4ssidy says:

    50 SAS in the ukraine seems awfully small. What would the rest of them be doing?

    • S says:

      Fighting Operation Shader (UK’s intervention in Iraq, Syria). Their paper strength is 400-600 so there isn’t that many anyway.

  18. A2 says:

    Rather than the other way around, Trump now getting paid by whore.

    • Red says:

      Trump’s going to be in jail within 16 months. He should enjoy the whores while he can.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    Excerpted from latest Ron Paul letter. Fun to watch GAE and Neocons flounder.

    Washington is angry that Saudi Arabia will start trading with Syria and Iran because those two countries are still under “crippling” US sanctions. One by one, as these countries begin ignoring US-demanded sanctions, the entirety of US foreign policy is being exposed as a paper tiger – just bluster and threats.

  20. Pax Imperialis says:

    It’s not (not*) the Jesuits. It’s always been the anti-life gnostics.

    John Harvey Kellogg (Yes Kellogg, same as the breakfast food!), the man who developed and popularized the the flaked-cereal industry, firmly believed sexual pleasure to be evil. He never consummated his marriage and to add insult to injury (to his poor wife) spent his honeymoon writing one of his many anti-sex books. He never had children of his own yet adopted and fostered many children of other men.

    He was also strictly anti-meat/flavor believing meat and certain seasonings to increase desires of the flesh. To that end he promoted plainer foods such as cereals and nuts to curb it. An idea similar to what Sylvester Graham preached, a Presbyterian minister and creator of the graham cracker. In spiritual succession, Kellogg would invent the granola out of a desire for simple dietary purity. His fixation on purity and simplicity would lead Kellogg to one of his more disturbing inventions. The yogurt enema machine meant to flush out impure materials. Thus he shared a curiously similar anal fixation with Luther.

    @TC I’m sure the Jesuits have engaged in some bad behavior. That they’ve caused chaos and destruction… but in pure scale of human suffering? None can match the degradation of the human condition as the gnostic diet which has caused massive increases in diabetes, obesity, and many other ailments. Many of which, at best, destroy fertility… and at worst create disfigured bony creatures whose sole substance consists of soylent green.

    The gnostics rejected flesh and so embraced cucked celibacy. Rejected flavor and thus embraced veganism. Rejected the natural order and thus embraced clown world. The culinary synthesis we see with plant based “meat” or the egregious “Just Egg.” Americans today eat cereals in the morning, fake meats for lunch, and fake ice creams for dinner. An anti-flesh diet, a fake diet, a gnostic diet.

    GAE world is gnostic world.

    *I’m just messing with TC. Written in some hyperbolic jest, but still (mostly) serious and based in truth.

    Not my best writing. Too little sleep, not enough time. Admittedly also a bacon addict (I’m part of the dastardly pro-meat cabal). Not entirely against cereals for same reason not entirely against cake… but hopefully some will find this humorous and interesting.

    • The Cominator says:

      There is enough evidence linking them to Covid to condemn the order for it. Weishaupt of the Bavarian illuminati was also definitely a Jesuit (until the order was temporarily suppressed). If they are responsible for Covid and the original globalhomo conspiracy of the Bavarian illuminati has to wonder what else the world’s original spy agency is responsible for. That they kept being kicked out of even Catholic countries is more evidence one should assume the worst of them.

      Samuel Morse a man of much higher IQ then myself and probably anyone here (and we are a high IQ group) definitely thought they were behind inflaming the tensions between free soilers and fire eaters that caused the American civil war, and there is some evidence (though not conclusive) that Lincoln shared this opinion (and it was a fairly mainstream view postwar that they were behind Lincoln’s assassination). Otto Von Bismarck as well…

      One has to wonder what else they were responsible for… in any case Fauci being a Jesuit or being in service to the order is enough to justify their extermination (after all senior members of the order are questioned under drugs and torture). If we ever get a real government and restore American power under a monarchy we must force the Vatican to suppress them worldwide as well as well as forcing any countries under American influence to eliminate them.

      Harvey Kellogg was a nut with a following but it didn’t become mainstream and I don’t think you can blame him for Woodrow Wilson and the progressive movement. “Colonel” House otoh very much fits the profile of a covert Jesuit.

      • pinochet's ghost says:

        If the Jesuits assassinated Lincoln they were clearly the good guys and on the wrong side of history.

        • The Cominator says:

          You might have an argument if they did it pre war, nothing good came of Lincolns postwar assassination though.

          • jim says:

            Looking up the theory that the assassination was organized by the Jesuits, that Booth was a patsy for people who intended an unsuccessful coup attempt as a justification for purging based people in government, in the style of the sixth of January protests where fed shills led the protesters through the strangely unlocked doors of the Capitol building, I find it being denounced by all the usual suspects, which is evidence that it is true, for everything those guys say is a lie.

    • The Cominator says:

      I’m pretty convinced Fauci is one of them. I can’t read it either but they clearly had a party and gave him an award.

    • falseconvert says:

      That’s very interesting.

      Marrying, only to live in separate bedrooms and adopt 42 children, is bizarre. Though, I can’t say I have no ability to relate.

    • A2 says:

      He was also a proponent of circumcision, the American oddity.

      • The Cominator says:

        By FAR his greatest crime especially since the rationale for doing that (STDs) are 90% a meme (in the modern time of Fauci but maybe back then from him) and since circumcision is done to you as a kid and you can’t reverse it. Never read any hint he molested his adopted kids. And some of his adopted kids hated him.

        Otherwise his strange health advance was just a fad for cranks (and I don’t think yogurt is a bad thing at all btw).

        • jim says:

          Yoghurt is based on milk, which is good for you, and fermented, which is good for you. Unfortunately, contains far too much sugar. Consider sour cream. Or, better, make your own sour cream.

          • Mr.P says:

            It’s easy to make your own yogurt, too. I prefer kefir, have made my own kefir for decades. Recent innovation: 1/3 whole buttermilk, 2/3 whole milk. As thick and creamy as Skyr or Greek yogurt. Good for the gut and delicious.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            Not really. I just checked the label of my full-fat Greek yogurt and it shows 14g protein, 16g fat and 9g carbohydrates in a serving (4g sugar, but all carbohydrates convert to sugar so let’s just call it 9). That’s well within ketogenic margins, less sugar than a single piece of fresh fruit and a common staple of carnivore diets.

            Trouble is usually that people buy low-fat or even zero-fat yogurt, which isn’t very satiating, so they eat too much, and also tastes too sour, because fat is where most of the flavor normally comes from, so they need to add sugar or honey to make it palatable. Can’t blame them for buying it either, since that’s 98% of what the supermarkets sell, and you have to look very hard for real yogurt, but usually there’s one or two amidst all the crap.

            Good, full-fat yogurt is higher in sugar than a good, full-fat soft cheese like brie or camembert, but nothing to be concerned about in normal quantities. Sour cream, you really do have to make your own, because the store-bought containers are all loaded with additives, the worst (most inflammatory) offenders being corn starch, guar gum and carrageenan, often all in the same product. That’s much worse than a few grams of sugar.

            This assumes that you eat it. Putting yogurt up your butt, that’s a whole nother story.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Putting yogurt up your butt, that’s a whole nother story.

              Surprised this didn’t get commented on much. It also doesn’t end there. Here are some of his inventions.

              Kellogg made an enema machine that pumped 25 gallons of liquid in and out of the body in one minute. This would be followed up by yogurt flush.

              He made a vibratory chair that Kellogg believed prompt a bowel movement

              He made a kneading machine to “tone the muscles of the buttocks” as well as stimulate the bowels.

              Unrelated to bowls, Kellogg was behind the earliest attempts to produce fake meat. Protose, a “vegetable meat.”

          • Peater says:

            Lactic acid (fermented food) is in fact not good for anyone. Additionally, sugar is in fact good for you.

            Sugar is more recently demonized than saturated fats, and for a similar reason. Saturated fats were demonized in favour of PUFAs as a way to lower cholesterol in the 50s by Incel Keys, and when this didn’t make anyone healthier, they decided a decade later that sugar must be also preventing cholesterol from being truly lowered.

            All very old people who are still alive eat a lot of sugar, and via survivorship we can see the keto and low carbers are dead by that age.


            It’s a short read, and I would like to see you try to refute it Jim.

            • jim says:

              The article on lactic acid irrelevant. It is not related to fermented food, but to a metabolic disorder – the improper metabolism of sugar to lactic acid in the body. Fermented food is good for you by providing bacteria that are harmelss or beneficial, which your gut needs, and crowding out harmful bacteria. The amount of lactic acid it supplies is absolutely insignificant compared to the amount of lactic acid a healthy person generates in the course of normal activity.

              The article on sugar claims that sugar is not in itself fattening, it is carbs that are the problem. And of course it is carbs that are the problem. However sugar has the highest glycemic index of all, meaning it hits you hard and fast, which means your glucose levels and thus your insulin levels are going to spike higher and harder than with more complex carbs.

              We have an epidemic of insulin resistance, and the obvious culprit is frequent high insulin levels. All the other metabolic issues he discusses are primarily relevant to type one diabetics. Type two diabetes is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the major metabolic disorder of modern times. It is implicated in all the physical ailments of modernity. (And giving type two diabetics insulin to reduce their blood sugar levels merely makes it worse.)

              • Peater says:

                Carbs are, of course, not the problem. Rural Chinese seem mighty fine on an incredibly high rice diet. Italians and French, on a high flour diet, are much thinner than Americans.

                And for the record, white sugar (sucrose) is not the highest glycemic index of all, but has index of 65. Not that the glycemic index is particularly relevant to anything.

                The article does not claim what you say it claims, but rather claims that carbs are perfectly acceptable in the diet, and further that sugar is preferred to starches. It further claims that using fat as fuel for your body is stressful for the body, and not the preferred source of fuel (objectively true, since body prefers sugar).

                Unhealthy and obese people often have insulin resistance, sure. Swearing off carbs is a bandage to this, and not a permanent one, rather than actually achieving good health and letting the body process carbs correctly.

                The question is how, for all of recorded history, almost all civilizations had a large chunk of their diet from carbs, and were built like greek statues (or at least not obese), while in the last 50 or so years, since everyone has gotten extremely obese and disgusting, we have discovered the previously hidden ills of sugar and carbs, and are much the healthier for it. Progress as usual.

                Any handwaving theory, including regarding insulin, that doesn’t answer the above question of carbs in previous civilizations is ahistorical and not grounded in reality.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The people who look like greek gods were/are meat-eating aristocrats. The peasant graincels are not out here looking like greek gods.

                • Peater says:

                  Agreed. But the graincels were not obesecels hence the obesity issue is not only carbs.

                • jim says:

                  > the obesity issue is not only carbs.

                  No one says it is. It is snacking. But carbs incline you to snack, and carbs while you are overweight worsen your insulin resistance.

                  Carbs do not make you fat directly. But insulin resistance makes you fat directly, and snacking makes you fat directly.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Peater, would you mind giving me the full word that is shortened to carb and then write down the chemical formula for sucrose?

                • Peater says:

                  Carbohydrate. C12H22O11.

                  Would you mind giving me how you square Jim’s “it is carbs that are the problem” with the fact that many cultures ate a heck of a lot of carbs and were much healthier than most people nowadays?

                • jim says:


                  Twenty four seven availability of tasty food makes it hard to control weight. We are all fat compared to people who did not have fridges and microwaves, and we have a lot of very fat people due to highly processed snack foods made largely out of seed oil, carbs, and soy derived protein.

                  Being fat makes you insulin resistant. (Even if your insulin levels are normally low). High insulin levels make you insulin resistant, and excess weight makes you insulin resistant. If you are insulin resistant, and eat carbs on top of that you likely have pre diabetes II, in that your insulin levels become abnormally high when you eat carbs, and stay high for a long time. Being fat makes insulin resistant, and eating carbs while insulin resistant leads to high insulin levels that make you more insulin resistant. There is an epidemic of this, and very large numbers of people die of it as they get older.

                • Aidan says:

                  The aristocrats ate plenty of meat- and also plenty of carbs. If I eat exclusively meat, physical activity becomes painful and unpleasant. I often eat a big heaping pile of bacon for breakfast- this gets me through the day until dinner if I sit on a computer at work all day, but if I go to the gym right after work, lifting iron on a diet of bacon makes me feel weak and sick.

                  Peat was obsessed with avoiding stress, but stress can be hormetic. You do not get stronger without stress. He may have been right that stress eventually kills us, but we are mortal anyway. Peat was right that people are fat because their metabolisms are fucked up. American caloric intake is barely higher than it was in the 70s when everyone was thin, and carbs did not balloon out of proportion. Euros will move here, eat the same diet, and get fat. Poison in our food destroys our metabolisms.

                • jim says:

                  lifting iron on a diet of bacon makes me feel weak and sick

                  It is simply more difficult to derive energy from fat, than energy from carbs. When you work out and feel bad for lack of carbs, your body is unable to mobilize sufficient energy.

                  However, every time this happens, it strengthens your body’s ability to mobilize energy from animal fats. And the better your body is at mobilizing energy from fat, the easier to go long periods without snacking.

                • jim says:

                  > if I go to the gym right after work, lifting iron on a diet of bacon makes me feel weak and sick.

                  I bet that if you are in ketosis, your urine levels show high keto, which indicates you are bad at deriving energy from animal fat. If you stick it out, your urine keto will decline, while your blood keto stays high, indicating that your body has adapted to deriving energy from animal fat. This adaptation sets in reasonably quickly, and endures for a long time.

                  Remember that the aristocrats snacked considerably less often than we do. This makes a huge difference. Every time you put carbs in your mouth, your insulin levels go up, and stay up for a while.

                  If you stick carbs in your mouth less often, you will have high insulin levels less often.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Is this nigger really comparing the food of antiquity to Taquis and Twinkies? Why is anyone taking him seriously?

                • jim says:

                  If you are in ketosis, you automatically and always have low insulin levels, even if you are fat.

                  If you eat infrequently, you will have elevated insulin levels less often.

                  If you most of the time have low insulin, you will not develop insulin resistance. (Though being overweight always makes you somewhat insulin resistant, even if you most of the time or all the time have low insulin levels.)

                  If you are not insulin resistant, you are unlikely to develop the ailments of modernity.

                  Carbs are bad, and especially bad for those of Aryan descent, such as myself.

                  Our ancestors ate meat and milk till a few thousand years ago. Chinese have been eating rice, and middle easterners bread, for ten thousand years.

                • Peater says:


                  Agreed, largely mirrors my experience.

                  While some stresses are hormetic, like working out (Peat strongly supports having large muscles), other stresses are just plain bad, such as chronic insufficient sleep, or chronic low carb diets.


                  See many obese women concerning themselves with eating keto, clearly suffering from ailments of modernity. See online carnivores with arterial trouble at a relatively young age. No way around it, a giant majority of healthy people eat carbs, and a large majority of people eating low carb are fat/low energy.

                  Our ancestors certainly ate a lot of milk and meat, as I do now, but doesn’t answer how many European nations have eaten a lot of wheat, and as much sugar as they could get their hands on, for the last few thousand years without succumbing to obesity.


                  I know in your HFCS-filled, PUFA-laden American brain, the only carbohydrates that exist are Twinkies and Takis, but believe it or not, healthy carbs exist.

                  Didn’t say only antiquity. Eating carbs has been normal and provided a healthy body from antiquity to about half a century ago.

                  And, as you correctly grasp, there are large differences between ancient carbohydrates and what the average American incorrectly calls food. Implicitly admitting that ancient carbs were in fact incomparably better when compared with modern carbs, and hence the problem is not carbs but modern versions of them, making my point for me that carbs are not inherently bad. Idiot.

                  I have seen you call yourself a midwit multiple times, now that seems rather generous.

                • jim says:

                  > See many obese women concerning themselves with eating keto, clearly suffering from ailments of modernity. See online carnivores with arterial trouble at a relatively young age. No way around it, a giant majority of healthy people eat carbs, and a large majority of people eating low carb are fat/low energy.

                  Nuts. It is completely obvious that white people who eat mostly meat are healthier and better looking.

                  True, if you continue to snack, you will not lose weight, even if you are only snacking on bacon, cheese, and cream,. But you will find it a lot easier to stop snacking, and thus a lot easier to lose weight, and even if you do not lose weight, you will have low insulin, so your insulin resistance will not get worse than it already is.

                  If your body is addicted to carbs, and addicted to high insulin, then when you stop carbs you will feel sick and weak. But this goes away after a few weeks, because your body gets better at mobilizing energy from animal fat, and because you finish your insulin withdrawal problems.

                  When you first go very low carb, your urine test will show high keto, and your blood will show high keto. (And you will probably feel bad.) After your body adjusts to deriving energy from animal fat, your blood will still show high keto, but your urine will show very mild keto. And you will find you now have plenty of energy without carbs.

                • Pax Imperialis says:


                  This has gone on a complete tangent, if not derail, of my original point. That Kellogg popularized highly refined grains for mass consumption over meat. That he did so because he hated meat. That he hated meat because he hated sex. That he hated sex because he was a gnostic heretic. That the widespread adaptation of Kellogg’s diet norms have arguably created a level of suffering that I believe far outpaces anything some Jesuits did.

                  Whole grains such as brown rice, millet, and rye/wheat have been historically consumed by the peasant caste. Such foods are relatively slow to digest compared to the modern refined grains Kellogg would popularize. Kellogg, in his anal fixation, devised the ultra-refined cereal which, as he put it, was like a broom sweep of the intestines. Historically, the peasants would also eat whole grains with fat (cheese and butter in Europe, bone soups and stews in Asia) which would slow digestion considerably. Today’s underclass eats refined cereals with defatted milk that is nearly just sugar water.

                  Some Jesuits killed a few million Americans with Covid and fake Vaccine. Maybe they sparked a few wars here or there that also killed millions. These are some bad guys but how about we compare them to the people who hate the natural order. The diet pushed by Gnostics has led to 33% of Americans prediabetic and a level of obesity that likely causes 20% of deaths yearly. Unlike Covid, obesity for most is a long term condition that produces long term suffering, impaired libido, low Testosterone in men, and unnaturally fast sexual development of girls. It feminizes the world.

                  Before there was the soy boy, there was the protose boy. It’s the same damn people with the same damn fake meats.

                • Peater says:

                  > It is completely obvious that white people who eat mostly meat are healthier and better looking.

                  It is completely obvious that naturally thin people eat a majority of carbs, have energy and look better and younger. Low carbers are frequently still obese, despite the apparent magical effect it has on insulin, or if they have lost the weight, look extremely aged in the face and are frequently balding prematurely.

                  Additionally, I can’t help but notice you cheerfully ignore any mention to Europeans eating a ton of carbs in the last millennium or two while not being obese, and instead must rely on what they did prior to that. Funny thing that.

                • jim says:

                  > It is completely obvious that naturally thin people eat a majority of carbs

                  Nuts. Just look around you. Look at the people you know. I sit down with a fat guy, and he drinks lolly water and eats a meal that four fifths carbs. In my daily life, I just do not see what you see. I go to a party, and slim guys are hitting the meat, and the fat guys the carbs. Also, drinking: The slim guy is drinking low carb forms of alcohol, like whiskey and water.

                  > Additionally, I can’t help but notice you cheerfully ignore any mention to Europeans eating a ton of carbs in the last millennium or two while not being obese,

                  As I said, the problem is snacking. It helps a lot when people do not have fridges, microwaves, and highly processed snack foods made from carbs, seed oil, and soy available.

                  You can get fat and stay fat snacking on bacon, cream, and cheese, but if you are snacking on bacon, cream, and cheese, it is a lot easier to stop snacking, because your body becomes adapted to deriving energy from animal fats (which is indicated by high keto blood combined with moderately low keto urine) And when your body is adapted to deriving energy from animal fat, it is a lot easier to derive energy from your own animal fat, which is how you lose weight. I can fast for days, and it gets easier the second day.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Lil’ Peater is starting to let his emotions get the better of him. Maybe he should munch some cornstarch and chillax lol.

                  In all seriousness though, you were the one lumping “carbs” into a single category, which is why I made my lowbrow, unimaginative, throwaway shit post. I don’t think you’re wrong, but you are being pedantic for inscrutable reasons. We aren’t sitting here demanding total carb death. Why not maintain the intellectual high ground and let time win your battles?

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  I’m not a fan of Ray Peat, but I won’t waste space here critiquing him. Despite his faults, he’s posted some content that is interesting and worth reading. But Jim’s reading of the posts you linked to are entirely correct and yours are entirely wrong.

                  Peat is saying the same thing that the ketos say. He says it with a lot more headache-inducing jargon but the conclusion is the same. Simple sugars are unfairly demonized compared to starches because starches and all other “fast carbs” do essentially the same thing to your body that simple sugars do.

                  Human biology is adapted to eating some carbohydrates. Some, as you’d find in normal in-season quantities of fresh fruit and root vegetables. As far as our very ancient programming is concerned, one candy bar is a week’s supply of sugar – but not, of course a week’s supply of calories – so it throws the balance off completely. Insulin resistance is the result. Without insulin resistance, glucose toxicity.

                  PUFAs from refined seed oils are a huge problem as well. I don’t think anybody here disputes that. Not the subject under discussion.

                  Concerning carbohydrates, the mainstream literature on sugar is misleading for the same reason that the mainstream literature on fiber is misleading. Recommendations to eat more fiber and whole grains are based on a miserably poor diet of mostly refined carbohydrates like white bread and white rice. Of course you are constipated and malnourished when you eat that. Whole grains look like an “improvement” because the “control” is insane. The ideal amount of fiber is approximately zero, but if you start with a terrible enough baseline, adding more can slightly improve matters, and of course, grain producers get to sell their waste products at a premium instead of throwing them in the trash. Win-win, right?

                  We got an almost identical same shell game with sugar. “Studies show” that sugar is not so bad. Which studies? The ones comparing it to other forms of heavily refined carbohydrates. Or comparing it to sugar alcohols with a history of nasty side effects and subsequent cover-ups. Like almost anything else, simple sugars are OK in moderation, but they are also highly addictive; when do you actually see moderation? Go off simple sugars for as little as 2 weeks and then try even a “regular” sugary food like BBQ sauce or packaged cole slaw – you’ll perceive an unnatural, sickening degree of sweetness. The fact that you don’t perceive this when you’re on the sauce means your body is downregulating. That’s bad.

                  That’s addressing the actual research. The rest of your posts are simply gaslighting. Every one of us knows obese or diabetic people and knows what sorts of foods they eat. East Asians were historically scrawny because they had to work all day and eat bland peasant food. Scrawny is not healthy — who wants to eat the North Korean diet? Caloric deficit and malnutrition in some populations doesn’t disprove the causes of obesity and diabetes in others. Chinese blimp up when they come to the USA, even though they eat the same diets they ate before – they just eat more of that diet and get much less exercise. Compare this to the more sedentary and well-fed Eskimos who ate naught but seal and whale blubber and remained trim, but almost immediately become obese when exposed to refined carbohydrates.

                  Reiterating, PUFAs are part of the problem. Don’t eat those. Refined carbohydrates are also part of the problem. Unrefined “ancient grains” carbohydrates are less of a problem metabolically but simply don’t offer much in the way of nutrition. I’m sure you’ll want to regale us with stories of the wonderful profiles of Amaranth and Kamut, but again the question is compared to what. Compared to rice they’re excellent; compared to a generous helping of liver, heart and kidney, with maybe some broccoli or cucumber on the side, those grains are trash. Literally trash, any bronze-age human would throw them in the trash if enough meat was on the table.

                  Fast/refined carbohydrates are addictive and dangerous. Less-refined carbs are peasant food, not terrifyingly bad but not particularly good either. Normal amounts of carbohydrates found in bitter vegetables are fine if your gut tolerates the other plant fibers, but potatoes and corn are not vegetables and many modern cultivars of actual vegetables have been bred for sweetness. This is wild carrot — you can tell just by looking at it that it’s not going to be nearly as sweet as what Walmart is selling.

                  It’s just very complicated to put together a healthy diet that incorporates grains, and not really worth the effort since meat and dairy have everything we need with none of the inflammatory compounds and anti-nutrients that you have to carefully shave off and cook out of grains. If you can’t deal with offal and want to just eat muscle meat, then supplement with green vegetables. Problem solved.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  And the better your body is at mobilizing energy from fat, the easier to go long periods without snacking.

                  Yes, and your body also becomes more efficient at lipolysis. Insulin actually suppresses lipolysis, so consuming carbohydrates on a regular basis will literally make it more difficult for you to lift or do any other strenuous work on the one day you choose to eat only bacon for breakfast.

                  If you’re eating a high-fat moderate-protein diet every day then you are fat-adapted and workouts are not unusually difficult. Most people find that their exercise is a lot more consistent in that state, although the tradeoff for that consistency is a slightly lower intensity. One won’t be able to sustain crazy high intensity activity at 95% MHR for very long because lipolysis just isn’t fast enough no matter how adapted you are, so you start using up muscle glycogen stores and once they’re gone, you’re finished for the next 18-24 hours unless you start scarfing down carbohydrates.

                  Personally, I don’t train at that intensity. If you’re a short-distance sprinter, then you need some fast carbs, probably. Muscle hypertrophy training can easily fit into the “moderate” band at about 60-70% MHR. Strength training is less intense than that. No problems at all for me to complete 1- or even 2-hour sessions.

                  Anyway, it’s much easier to start fat-adapted and then add a bit of carbohydrates as needed just before (or even during) an intense workout, than it is to have a high- or even moderate-carb diet and try to cut down on low-activity days.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Considering Inuit are adapted to be resistant to entering ketosis, despite their diets, long term derivation of energy from ketones is probably not good for you.

                  Anecdotally, I feel like shit on a properly ketogenic diet, even 2 weeks in. Brain does not work well, exercise, even at lower intensities, feels impossibly difficult. Supplement the lactose from about a quart of milk, natural carbohydrates in certain vegetables like well cooked broccoli and tomatoes, maybe a sip or two of OJ with dinner, occasionally cashews or pecans or macadamia, it is a night and day difference.

                  Also anecdotally, I feel like shit if I add in any more carbohydrates than that. Rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, it’s a once a month event at most. Otherwise I become sluggish, energy inconsistent, and living off my bodyfat becomes very difficult.

                  This seems about right. Wild diets likely got more sugar than modern keto from muscle glycogen, fresher meat, and foraged foods. I probably get about 20-30g more carbs than I need for optimal health from the milk, but I also like HIIT type cardio and lifting weights, I suspect that helps prevent insulin resistance.

                  Looking at the populations that dont rapidly deteriorate from a mostly starch diet, it appears that the common factor is consistent movement throughout the entire day. Roman soldiers ate lots of wheat, but also marched and built daily. Grain peasants ate grain, but also serviced the land. This may be explained by glucose transports on muscle cells that are activated kinetically; the consistent low intensity motion served to shuttle the glucose into the muscle without an excess of insulin. I have other things to do than till the soil or march all day, and don’t work a labor job like construction, so I shall avoid starches.

                • jim says:

                  The Sikhs were conquered after they came under the rule of a woman, and I don’t think they can regain their independence until they first do something about their faith.

                  Which is similar to the advice I give our Hindu bros and the Jews. Not only will Israel will not survive the gay parade, Ashkenazim will not survive holocaustianity.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘Ketogenic’ is a highly loaded term that can and has been used to mean everything from ‘literal Atkins diet’ to ’15-20% ‘athletic’ keto’.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Bodybuilder diets tend to be high in carbohydrates as hypertrophy exercise tends to involve lots of high volume work, along with insulin spikes being done purposefully to induce anabolism, with both fat and muscle being built, with the former being cut later in the cycle.

              • Red says:

                No one says it is. It is snacking. But carbs incline you to snack, and carbs while you are overweight worsen your insulin resistance.

                I got rid of snacking by the following formula: I took a walk after every time I ate. Night or day, I spent 10-30 minutes walking. Pretty soon I was down to eating 2 meals a day and no snacks because my laziness was greater than my desire to snack.

                I think for the more religiously inclined having to say grace before every snack might induce a similar effect. Meals are holy time with you family and God, saying those words on a snack would seem profane after a while.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          If someone forcibly circumcizes an adult, how would you retaliate?

  21. Kunning Drueger says:

    Here’s an interesting piece. Still working through it, but the moment I read the following section, I wanted more good eyes on it:

    “Indeed, this is the inescapable conclusion. The Pentagon does not seem to have a strong sense of Ukrainian unit strength, location, or activities. They also list their assessed Ukrainian KIA at a mere 16k-17.5k. This is an absurdly low number – where could they have gotten it? In fact, it is a direct copy-paste of the casualty numbers reported publicly by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    The fact that the Pentagon does not seem to have any independently generated intelligence about the Ukrainian army is shocking. They seem to have be relying on Ukrainian propaganda numbers and publicly available deployments data, like the open source Deployment Map. For the record, this is not a knock on the Deployment Map site – I use this resource frequently and find it very useful. The point, of course, is that the Pentagon, with its nearly unlimited resources, does not seem to have any unique insight or intelligence streams of its own in this regard. They gesture vaguely at the map and mutter, “there’s probably a brigade or two in this area, maybe 8,000 men. Or 4,000. We don’t really know.” In fact, all of their axis strength assessments for Ukraine have a 100% margin of error (that is, the upper limit of the range is double the lower limit).

    One can only conclude that the tail is wagging the dog. The Ukrainians are able to extract material, training, and cash from the west, but there is little accountability or honest information flow in return. There were hints of this earlier in the war – that Ukraine is a sort of black box which sucks in resources but does not communicate honestly in rerurn; American officials have complained (and Ukrainian leaders have confirmed) that Kiev simply does not tell DC all that much. Apparently this remains an issue well over a year into the conflict. One particularly alarming footnote in the leaked documents states:

    “We have low confidence in Russian (RUS) And Ukrainian (UKR) attrition rates and inventories because of information gaps, OPSEC and IO efforts, and potential bias in UKR information sharing.”

    Good grief.”

    Guys, the fucking Cathedral is being mogged by a pixie sized kike larping as a dictator. The feminization is so total that the big, bad GAE is like a girlboss that bashed through the wall a decade ago and can feel the last 3 eggs drying up so she’s jumped into bed with the first dude that swiped the proper direction on her dating app.

    • Pseudo-Chryssotom says:

      >The Pentagon does not seem to have a strong sense of Ukrainian unit strength, location, or activities. They also list their assessed Ukrainian KIA at a mere 16k-17.5k. This is an absurdly low number – where could they have gotten it? In fact, it is a direct copy-paste of the casualty numbers reported publicly by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

      The sort of thing that can only happen with faithful complicity in promoting the uke propaganda figures on the part of the GAE functionaries as well. In other words, the train has rolled past peak soviet union.

      They are all just collectively blowing smoke up each other’s asses, while praying to their non-existent god(dess) that it will all just work out somehow.

    • Pseudo-Chrysotom says:

      >The Pentagon does not seem to have a strong sense of Ukrainian unit strength, location, or activities. They also list their assessed Ukrainian KIA at a mere 16k-17.5k. This is an absurdly low number – where could they have gotten it? In fact, it is a direct copy-paste of the casualty numbers reported publicly by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

      The sort of thing that can only happen with faithful complicity in promoting the uke propaganda figures on the part of the GAE functionaries as well. In other words, the train has rolled past peak soviet union.

      They are all just collectively blowing smoke up each other’s asses, while praying to their non-existent god(dess) that it will all just work out somehow.

    • jim says:

      I know these guys have an enormous spy system, and long ago it was an extraordinarily capable spy system. Today, they were completely in the dark in the lead up to the retreat from Afghanistan, so it is entirely plausible that they are completely in the dark about events in the Ukraine.

      Without particularly paying attention, I had a better idea of what was going on in Afghanistan than they did. The Taliban spokesmen were telling us in excellent English, and these guys were not listening.

      American capability to maintain, repair, and build weapons has been declining precipitously, despite lavishing vast sums on them. Perhaps the capability to spy on people who do not think the way they do has also declined precipitously.

      • Karl says:

        The leak does contain rather detailed information about Russian strength. If accurate, this suggests that there is a capable spy system that simply was not used to spy on the Ukranians.

        • jim says:

          Probably because they do not want to know.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          SIGINT v. HUMINT
          If the task is to have satellites and review a bunch of pictures, that can be farmed out to contractors. If the task is to get loyal and competent people on the ground running networks of sources and informers, that requires something like what the CIA was and is no longer.

  22. SJ says:

    I note that our friend Calvin is confused about the Christian position, but he is confused in a way that shows he still has faith in progressive morality. The prog believes that intelligence is a result of nurture. That it is taught in the universities by the priests of progressivism and finalized by peer review. Intelligence is not a gift from God, but it is earned through study and boot licking. This means that the unintelligent, the moron, retard, half-wit, and the idiot are to be morally judged as bad for being dumb. They aren’t dumb, they are morally evil and hence condemned.

    This is not the Christian position. The Christian position is that intelligence is a gift from God assigned at conception hence it is not morally good or morally bad, it simply is. Good moral action, however, is not assigned at conception rather it is a result of nurture. The woman question is an easy example here. We say that women must be taught how to be good, or even restricted from behaving according to their nature to prevent moral evil. The prog holds the opposite view. That good moral action is assigned by nature and we must simply shed the bonds of tradition and embrace our nature to be good.

    For our friend Calvin I would say in a more sane world the idiot would be taught how to make morally good choices. If unable to be taught their choices would be restricted much the way as a child. When I let my children choose their dinner I ask them if they would like a cheeseburger, pork chops, or a quesadilla. I do not say what would you like for they will reply ice cream. We simply do the same for idiots, and for women.

    • Calvin says:

      Uh, what? I believe intelligence is an innate quality embedded in one’s genes, not one which is taught. Where on earth did I suggest otherwise?

      My skepticism comes in when I am told to believe that a benevolent being created people too dumb to understand what’s good for them and simultaneously that he will inflict infinite torture on them for not being able to meet demands far outside their intellectual capacity to even comprehend. Does not seem a trustworthy person. Seems more like a kid torturing ants.

      • zero says:

        Has it occured to you that maybe the almighty isnt judging niggers by their rocket programs, pretty sure some niggers are better then others, pretty sure even the dumbest subsaharans are capable of wrestling with demons, just because your to stupid to realize God’s judgment encompasses matters which are beyond your pathetic observation doesn’t mean he is evil because you happen to have a different purpose then the orks, orks are cool, they make civilization exiting, they keep us from taking for granted all the good things about plumbing and unlocked doors. Ride the Tiger or fuck off and die. Perfection is for pussies who are afraid of 120mm smoothbores.

      • jim says:

        This is a very ancient debate, the first written record of people addressing it being the very first chapters of the bible. Pursuing it is unlikely to bring greater light on the topic, or resolve the argument. Let’s stop.

        The book of Genesis says “Adam’s fault”, and quite obviously it is. But equally obviously God set him up. Puts the serpent in the garden, puts the tree in the garden, and then wanders off during the heat of the day to take a little snooze under a tree. And he is still at it. Hence Christians pray “lead us not into temptation.”

        I am tempted to repeat my argument as a former video game writer. But I will shut up.

        • The Cominator says:

          And as I said the problem of evil and suffering gives me an unbreakable sympathy for gnosticism to a point, clearly this universe was created by a being not quite benign. Now maybe the demiurge of this universe is restrained by a more benevolent nicer god who will in time be here to rescue us (semi gnostic Christianity)…

          Gnosticism goes wrong when you reject everything in the Old Testament or when you advocate going into a big gay pile.

          On the good side God isn’t quite pure evil, because if he was he could make things much much worse.

          • jim says:

            > clearly this universe was created by a being not quite benign.

            Not clear at all. I used to write games. Created toy universes. And obviously my intention was to create a game that people want to play. And people want to play games like “Doom”, which game universe is a unpleasant as it possibly can be.

            Perhaps from the perspective of the saved, the hard times were all in fun. People choose to go on adventure camping trips in the wilderness where they know they are going to have a mighty rough time. The you that sets off on such a camping trip knows that the you doing the camping is going to have hardship and danger, and the you that returns from the camping trip enjoyed the hardship and danger even though the you experiencing the hardship and danger had a very unpleasant time. Watch “Naked and Afraid”.

            The game universe of “Doom” is evil and suffering, and the player character dies horribly in the end even if he beats the game. And similarly, the adventure campers in “Naked and Afraid” not only volunteered to be there, but worked very hard to get there. The viewer enjoys their suffering, and after they have returned they in a sense enjoyed their suffering and usually want to go back for another go, even though it is completely obvious that they were not enjoying it at the time.

            The primary telos of humans is to achieve extended cooperation through intelligence, as the primary telos of birds is flight. But intelligence alone does not suffice. The purely rational being is forever trapped in prisoner’s dilemma.

            • Doom says:

              > Perhaps from the perspective of the saved, the hard times were all in fun

              Yes! This is the basis of faith in my opinion.

              The example of naked and afraid is a great analogy for life in general.

              All of the contestants have that faith that if they suffer too much, the producers will save them.

              The type of person who asks “why would anyone want to go on that show” is probably the type of person with little faith in God, or Gods wisdom in creation.

              This is one of the interesting temptations of modern life. Why do women delay childbirth? Refuse submission to their husbands? Because this is the temptation to avoid difficulty.

              Of course God allows it. God allows enough rope to hang yourself, which is coincidentally enough rope to climb out of the pit.

            • alf says:

              It’s a fun debate if more opinions than facts.

              Life really is a struggle at times, slightly more so than it sometimes seems it ought to be. Maybe that’s because of the times we live in. Then again, we don’t have to suffer a lot of, I don’t know, tuberculosis and rotting teeth, so maybe it’s something of all time.

              That Christ died for our sins means God loves us, means the gnostic interpretation of the universe is wrong. You could argue that Christians are delusionally hopeful for believing that, but you’re arguing against the historically strongest horse. So that’s a good sign.

              I like the metaphor of God as a programmer. Feels like the universe could very well be programmed. Like how there’s this black stuff in the ground and you only get to use it once you level up. And level up even more and there’s this E=MC^2 business meaning even a grain of sand can power an entire country. Not to even mention the entire galaxy outside your starting zone. It’s crazy.

              Also means there might be a minor amount of ‘bugs’ in the program. Mostly, people get what they deserve, be it punishment or rewards. But sometimes, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Or perhaps more specifically, it seems to me sometimes good people are punished overly harsh for not so heavy bad behavior.

              But mostly, it works out righteously. Or that’s what I think anyway.

              • doom says:

                >I like the metaphor of God as a programmer.
                Me too. I like the idea that God set in motion what amounts to a great big Rube Goldberg machine. Sometimes the dominos fall off the table.

                I have this argument with a guy at work who is one of those “the theory of evolution is just a theory” types. I maintain, what sense does it make to make the universe in it’s current form, but make it LOOK like it’s a programmed system/ a system with rules?

                > for faith
                So you think God is more likely to trick you than allow you discover and appreciate his creation.. in which case why do you trust the word?

                >the word is the inspired word of God
                Yes. People paid attention to God and creation and God revealed himself.. why wouldn’t you think that people who pay attention to rocks and animals and other parts of creation aren’t also rewarded with revealed knowledge? Why would God reveal the word so we can understand him, but not allow us to understand more of how creation works?

                I think that the real arrogance of man comes in when we think we know all about creation. If you think the bible gives all the answers, and exclude any and all other sources of information about creation, isn’t that really what you’re doing?

                He doesn’t really have an answer for that.

                >Or perhaps more specifically, it seems to me sometimes good people are punished overly harsh for not so heavy bad behavior.
                I think we’re taking the idea of good/ bad as reward or punishment a little too personally.

                Struggle and pressure is what creates growth and advancement. Sometimes it seems unfair to us as people.

                But look at your own life vs the life of your ancestors 100, 1000, 10^6, 10^8 years ago… how many simpler animals failed out of existence before something like “pain” evolved into organisms to help them avoid hot/ spiky things?

                I don’t take suffering personally, if I come through it and become better, this is what God wants. If I fail and die, also what God wants.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                And level up even more and there’s this E=mc² business meaning even a grain of sand can power an entire country.

                So said the newspapers in 1905 when this discovery was announced. The universe conserves mass-energy, rather than mass and energy individually, as was previously believed.

                Unfortunately, the universe also conserves baryon number and lepton number, which are zero for pure energy, positive for matter, and negative for anti-matter. So until you find another grain of sand made of anti-matter, your grain of sand is just sand.

                There’s also the problem that energy must be contained and controlled to perform useful work. The ancient Greeks had the concept of a steam engine but lacked the precision tools needed to actually build one. Likewise we can’t build a working fusion reactor because we don’t know how to capture and harness fast neutrons.

                • jim says:

                  because of cp asymmetry, matter can in principle be converted into anti matter, and therefore into energy.

                  It is likely that the energy and physics at which this happens is as far beyond our current technology and knowledge as high energy physics was beyond eighteenth century technology – or may be entirely unachievable in practice by any technology that can be physically realized.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            At the end of the day, if you find your sense of morality judging the nature of things evil, then it is actually your sense of morality that is evil.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              To put it in other words, he would condemn that which he himself is component of; his charges against Being, would implicate the very basis for such charges in the first place.

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          > I am tempted to repeat my argument as a former video game writer. But I will shut up.

          Personally I’d rather you didn’t shut up, my interest is piqued. Anyone have a link to these repetitions?

      • Doom says:

        Can you give an example from scripture that supports the argument
        “a benevolent being created people too dumb to understand whats good for them and simultaneously that he will inflict torture on them for not being able to meet demands”..

        Pretty sure God’s judgement relies heavily on self report, ie, if you lack the intellectual capacity to self reflect you are practically speaking not judged by human metrics.

        If a bear eats you, it doesn’t go to hell for the sin of murder.

        It’s just a bear.

        (with that said, a person of diminished capacity is still to be treated as a person by you. That’s a temptation, the temptation to murder the inconvenient.)

        • jim says:

          > Pretty sure God’s judgement relies heavily on self report, ie, if you lack the intellectual capacity to self reflect you are practically speaking not judged by human metrics.

          I don’t know if that is true or not, but obviously a kitten torturing an animal for fun is innocent, a child torturing an animal for fun is not.

          • Doom says:

            Rom 14.12, “Each of us will give an account to God”
            Those who cannot give an account surely are not judged?

            I agree with you regarding the kitten vs the child.

            The kitten / bear/ killer whale might appear to enjoy the torture, however, this is appearance is our human bias. A predatory animal does not have the ability to understand the suffering of others.

            A child understands its own suffering and tortures the animal based on the understanding it is causing suffering. Herein lies the sin; knowledge.

            In Calvins argument, people are “too dumb to understand” – they cannot have the knowledge.

            If Adam was a dumb beast, he could not understand God’s instructions not to eat the apple.

            • jim says:

              > A predatory animal does not have the ability to understand the suffering of others.

              Yes it does. I have seen lions on video caring about their meal. I used to have two dogs, one of which had been a feral. The fully domestic dog was always trying to catch birds, never successfully. One day he caught one, and was obviously shocked and disturbed by the fact that he had incapacitated the still alive and very distressed bird. He was not expecting that. He backed off. The feral of course moved in and ate the injured bird.

              I kill animals and eat them, and I can understand the suffering of others just fine, so I kill them as efficiently as I can. I kill them and eat them anyway, and am sure I am right to do so.

              • Doom says:

                >I have seen lions on video caring
                I’ve seen lions on video clearly enjoying their preys death throes. Are these lions sinning? The others righteous?

                Perhaps then my phrasing was incorrect.

                You judge the torturous kitten as innocent. Why?
                I maintain it’s due to knowledge.

                I can’t accept Calvins argument in any way. I will not believe God would make people who cannot understand sin and then punish them for sinning.

                > I kill them as efficiently as I can.
                If you make a mistake in your shot, you do not stand over the animal and laugh at it’s pain. I know that you do not do this. Because you know that to make them suffer is a sin.

        • Jehu says:

          What you’re reaching for is in Luke 12. Here’s the Berean translation that I like. The TL:DR of it is that your punishment will be scaled according to your level of understanding.

          The master of that servant will come on a day he does not expect and at an hour he does not anticipate. Then he will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers. 47 That servant who knows his master’s will but does not get ready or follow his instructions will be beaten with many blows. 48But the one who unknowingly does things worthy of punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from him who has been entrusted with much, even more will be demanded.…

          • Doom says:

            Ah. Very nice. Thank you. I think that very nicely explains the concept I was looking for.

            If you trick or coerce someone into knowingly committing a sin, you are the greater sinner.

        • jim says:

          Parable of the talents. To those whom more is given, more is expected.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      I have worked with Grogs. Not literally retarded, but left hand of the bell curve, just under 100 iq. (As an aside, using midwit when you mean Grog is a de-rectification of names that even our side is falling into. Should knock it out, for the normal rectification of names reasons.)

      In the workplace, if they have certain values, they’re fine. They produce value for their employer even by Jim’s standards, not by labor theory of value standard. Those values however are punctuality, agreeability (especially to take direction from their midwit supervisors and elder craftsmen), work ethic to stay busy.

      Without those values though, they’re lost. A net negative even if all you want is the floor swept and the trash emptied. So what does society teach the left hand of the bell curve? Be true to yourself, keep it real, don’t let the man keep you down, YOLO, you do you. And the guy who could get paid better to be productive if he’d been instructed rather than lied to ends up working part time at a gas station or fast food, and doing it poorly.

      None of which is news here I imagine. Except I see an analogy to morality as well. If those guys were properly taught they’d be fine. I imagine that’s part of what the enlightenment threw out, was keep-Grog-in-line morality.

      All of which is to say, my late to the conversation take on Calvin’s position is he’s judging the universe by the current day, the broken output of a broken system. I don’t expect or even want perfection in this world (that way lies another Holodomor or Great Leap Forward), but I do believe we can do a lot better. And that better would do better for everyone not just materially but morally, and in eternity.

      • SJ says:

        I’ve found that prog morality is insidious as we have all been raised with a foundation of lies. It’s tough work tearing that foundation down and building a new one. Believing that intelligence can be earned through study and effort is particularly harmful and I believe it is a big why when asking what happened to noblesse oblige. Rather than the elite making sure idiots can’t make harmful decisions they just offer them student loans and put payday loan buildings with 400% apr on every corner imagining that they aren’t doing anyone a wrong. Or your example, encouraging everyone to follow their dreams when they need to be encouraged to get a job and raise a family. It removes the dignity from living a fulfilling life of work and family since everyone can become a genius if they just study hard enough.

        • The Cominator says:

          There may indeed be ways to raise your IQ but study in school isn’t it. I think it’s plausible that doing certain types of puzzle and mathematical exercises 4+ hours a day willingly may do so… but this has not been looked into.

        • Mr.P says:

          Our system was founded in all good faith that universal elementary education would make a citizenry more intelligent; whereas most obviously it has done nothing of the kind. The general level of intelligence in our citizenry stands exactly where it stood when the system was established. The promoters of our system, Mr. Jefferson among them, did not know, and could not know, because the fact had not been determined, that the average age at which the development of intelligence is arrested lies somewhere between twelve and thirteen years. It is with intelligence as it is with eyesight. No oculist can give one any more eyesight than one has; he can only regulate what one has. So education can regulate what intelligence one has, but it can not give one any more. It was this unforeseen provision in nature’s economy which wrecked the expectations put upon our system. As for raising the general level of intelligence, the sluicing-out of any amount of education on our citizenry would simply be pouring water on a duck’s back.
          –“Memoirs of a Superfluous Man,” Albert Jay Nock (1943)

          A thoroughly enjoyable read by the way.

  23. Kunning Druegger says:

    Christ the Lord is Risen.

    In this world we have great troubles, but God, the supreme king of Nature and its children, has already overcome the world. Take heart, and trust in Him.

    May the Lord, Mighty God, bless and keep the men of goodwill. May he put steel in your hearts and hands, arrows in your quiver, and joy in every footstep.

    To the Regulars, may God bless and keep you today and everyday.

    To Jim, may God grant you peace and respite as needed, and clarity and strength continuing forward.

    Have blessed Easter whenever you celebrate it guys.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      The top comment on the video is:

      Jesus is here
      Jesus loves us
      Jesus is our everything
      Jesus is life

      A common sentiment today that is devoid of meaning beyond the banal platitude because many have forgotten that first and foremost Jesus is Order. Order from which all good things are derived.

      • jim says:

        Repeating: The Christians identified Christ, through whom all things were made, with the Stoic Logos, the reason materially embodied by Cosmic order, of which human right order is a reflection and a part. Post Christianity became post Christian by rejection of human order, and thus the material order, and thus a rejection of the material order as an embodiment of divine will, and thus a demotion of Christ to Jesus the Jewish community organizer, swiftly followed by rejection of God.

        Christian Believer” who is in fact Gnostic believer, has a very rational persuasive argument that the cosmos is evil, which argument, being unable to answer, I censored. But you already know his argument,we always knew it, and yet in the morning I see the sun rise while my wife makes me coffee, and I am not convinced by his argument, and in the evening I frequently sit on a log in my garden and watch the sun set, and am not convinced by his argument.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          A characteristic feature of leftist modes of thought, which we might call the ‘gnostic impulse’, is that the feeling of criticality is general, non-specific, and indiscriminate.

          For example, if we were to have a leftish being driving down the road to pick up groceries, and another driver cuts them off while rolling past their lane, sentiments provoked by this event in the leftish being may so oft ultimately tend to end up along the lines of, ‘man this country sucks’, or ‘man the world sucks’, or ‘man existence sucks’.

          What you see is that any one particular exigency in any one particular context, will each all be poured into a same common pot, irrespective of how strong or how tenuous a connexion may be; signals of whatever frequency from any source are collected with all together, mainlined, and sent back out into a broadspectrum antipathy, an input from any one direction boosting the output in all directions, that is heaped upon all else that is around the subject’s particular vicinity – and their neighbors especially.

      • SJ says:

        My wife, raised a southern Baptist by the cucks of the south believed all sins have already been forgiven hence you are free to sin as you will. As a teenage virgin she had the desire to go chat with, alone, the local slut fker, a middle aged criminal retard with no job and a drug problem. So she prayed and believed that the holy spirit was her vagina tingles. Lucky for her said criminal retard had snipped his balls. She did not know what a sin was until she met me and a month into living with me I told her that wow, you are a seriously bad person. To which she threw a plant at me and got her first taste of corporal punishment and her first lesson in why they make green eye shadow.

        This is feminine Jesus, Jesus the androgynous cross dresser son of God, Mary the hermaphrodite, and leader of America along with the holy spirit, which manifests in women’s vagina tingles.

        Every morning my kids brush their teeth with me and watch me, copy me, everything I do, every mannerism. Today I met my fellow Christian, of the latter day saints, neighbors for an egg hunt. Five families, seventeen children, the men your average white man with a career, balding, and never spent five years sarging and fking every slut they could find yet next to them a thin feminine wife in a dress and when she looks up her first look is to her husband. I said the prayer before our meeting, we discussed ways to be a peacemaker, and at the end after much noise and much opening of candy for the children we shared another prayer.

        Jesus the Christ knows you, loves you, and wants you to be fruitful and multiply. Saul the butcher of Judea, the murderer of Christians, nee Paul the apostle of the Christ wants you to have an obedient wife. I say again, women are obedient, but they can not obey unless you order. And once you order they will test your will. Hold firm.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          > My wife, raised a southern Baptist by the cucks of the south believed all sins have already been forgiven hence you are free to sin as you will. As a teenage virgin she had the desire to go chat with, alone, the local slut fker, a middle aged criminal retard with no job and a drug problem. So she prayed and believed that the holy spirit was her vagina tingles.

          Terrifying. That is the blackest pill I’ve seen in quite a while.

          • SJ says:

            No black pill, simply the rationalization hamster at work in a post menarche girl who wants sex and finds a way to get it. Very common.

  24. Upravda says:

    Off-topic, about Mindless Hysteria.

    To be honest, I thought that Jim and some commenters here aggravate supposed loss of intellectual abilities from covid vaxx, specifically of mRNA type. All I can say is that I did not notice it, although it must be mentioned that I do not know almost now one who took more than two doses of covid vaxx.

    However, here is interesting read from Dr. Malone (known as inventor of all that mRNA stuff):
    News from the Front Lines
    “German study: Spike proteins from viruses and vaccines cause brain cells to die”

    • Red says:

      Mental decline isn’t easy to judge without objective testing which as Jim as noted isn’t happening. The fact that they don’t want to know, indicates they know what the clot shot did.

    • skippy says:

      I have found it hard to tell the difference between individuals getting dumber, and newly noticing how dumb humanity was all along.

      That said, my smartest and closest friends do not appear to be any dumber, even though most of them took two doses of the vaccine under coercion from employers or to be able to travel.

  25. Christian Believer says:


    • jim says:

      You present a compelling, rational, and persuasive argument for revolt against nature and nature’s God, for revolt against God and the Cosmos.

      And I censor it because it cannot be rebutted, and yet those of this faith always lose, not just against God and Nature, but, because demon worshipers always wind up devouring each other, lose against man. Those of this faith always lose to those of our faith.

      They reject the cosmic order, then they reject human order, then they reject their own order, then they perish.

      Aligning with God and Nature’s God delivers better results. The Christian position absorbed the stoic position, that nature is the immanent will of God, that the Cosmos is Reason and Order, that human order is a reflection of cosmic order, the soul a fragment of God, and gave that rather cold position life and warmth in that the world was created through Christ, and that yes, life is tough, but God came in person to share our woes. This made it easier to align with God and Nature. The reply to your rational and well supported argument is the passion of Christ, celebrated in numberless passion plays, and in Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion”

      No rational reply can refute your rational argument. But Mel Gibson gives an excellent non rational refutation. Irrational optimism beats rational pessimism, hope and faith beats despair.

      • Fidelis says:

        Just as the gods cannot be brave, for they do not taste of death, if there is no room for doubt, faith cannot exist. Rejoice that God has given you the ability to exercise your will to faith, and has not chained your soul by removing the possibility of doubt.

      • Aidan says:

        I don’t find those arguments all that persuasive. If the cosmos is evil, then living in alignment with natural law is evil, and I’m evil for doing it. So I’m evil-I don’t care.

        My ancestors did not seem all that bothered that life was unfair to the individual. Life is unfair to my colon. It spends its entire existence filtering water out of shit. Poor colon. But that’s its role in my body. On the macro scale, one starts to see divine justice at work.

        Training a dog works better when the reward for good behavior is random. The supposed evil of the cosmos makes us struggle harder for the good. When life was harsher, men believed more firmly in the good.

        • Calvin says:

          Seems to me the question is: what happens when you’re the one who draws the cosmic short straw?

          • Western Taliban says:

            The same that happens when you draw the long straw, nothing. Life is neither unfair nor fair, and it isn’t neither good nor evil. That’s just opinion, life simply is.

            People that complain about life are not complaining about life, they are complaining about themselves and their own opinions.

            • Calvin says:

              I mean, sure, I agree with most of that but it doesn’t exact sit well with Christian doctrines of life being good designed by a fundamentally good and loving God. I’m not a Christian so it’s not an issue for me but someone who is has to square the circle somehow. Some people are born black and, really, that just seems cruel to me.

              • SJ says:

                That isn’t the Christian position. The Christian position is that God the father created us gave us free will then set us loose and that this life is a test. It’s a hard test as well.

                • Calvin says:

                  So why did he make some people as obsolete farm equipment that are literally, provably too dumb to even know what’s good for them?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its the problem of evil that makes me sympathize with a soft Gnostic position (while still totally rejecting the demon worshipping gnostic position that advocates that everyone should jerk themselves off to death or roll around in a big gay pile).

                • Adam says:

                  >So why did he make some people as obsolete farm equipment that are literally, provably too dumb to even know what’s good for them?

                  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you or I are the center of creation. Big fish need to eat little fish. Life is a fight to the death. You can accept the terms laid out by your creator, or you can be a little fish. Only by choosing to accept those terms will you be able to appreciate the good in life.

                • Calvin says:

                  Only by choosing to accept those terms will you be able to appreciate the good in life.

                  I’m fine with accepting those terms as someone who doesn’t believe in Christianity and is unsure about God, but once you get around to a sapient creator actively designing things this way, makes it seem dubious imo. Even if you totally lack any empathy for the losers of the cosmic lottery, fail to see much reason to think a God that would do that to some of his creations would have a problem doing the same or worse to you. Seems untrustworthy.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Shant we lament the lot of the pillar that holds up the roof of the house?

                  You regard particles as ends in of themselves instead of the shapes they will compose.

                • A2 says:

                  “as someone who doesn’t believe in Christianity and is unsure about God”

                  Atheistic Jew?

                • Aidan says:

                  “So why did he make some people as obsolete farm equipment that are literally, provably too dumb to even know what’s good for them?”

                  Those people were instrumentalized by elites in order to achieve higher and greater teloi. All dogs go to heaven, a lot of dumb and good men do too.

                  If you are talking about niggers, they are bearing the genetic burden of untold generations of failing to adhere to natural law. The existence of blacks today is a result of their ancestors’ collective sins; God is not going to intervene to prevent a human race from degenerating to a point of subhumanity. That all happened via free will, even though it ended up with blacks having little free will.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The existence of blacks today is a result of their ancestors’ collective sins; God is not going to intervene to prevent a human race from degenerating to a point of subhumanity.

                  No, it’s a result of our ancestors’ collective sins in removing niggers from their natural environment and then assigning agency and humanity to them. White people are degenerating because the modern welfare state resembles the African jungle, but niggers have always been niggers.

                • someDude says:

                  Another very insightful comment. Inspiring and sobering at the same time

              • jim says:

                > but it doesn’t exact sit well with Christian doctrines of life being good designed by a fundamentally good and loving God.

                Genesis is one reply to this question. Knowing good and evil, Adam found some tough things to deal with.

                A cat does not know good and evil. When when a kitten tortures an animal for fun, it is innocent. When a child tortures an animal for fun, evil. Life is a test, and it is a rough test.

                You know, when I designed video games, the character always faced hard, and frequently deeply unfair challenges, and was doomed to lose in the end. If I made it another way, no one would play it.

                The book of Job is another reply to this question. God tells Job he should not ask.

                The passion of Christ is a more powerful reply.

                • Calvin says:

                  If that works for you, great. Never did for me. Always seemed like the guys getting tortured forever for failing the strenuous test they had no say in (or oftimes knowledge of) are way more a sacrifice than one guy on a cross for a few hours. Never could shake the feeling that if God would treat them like that, might do it to me for any reason or none at all. Same reason I wouldn’t want to hang out with the kid torturing animals for fun.

                • Aidan says:

                  Calvin, when you see a father giving his son tough love, do you shriek abuse? A child can only appreciate tough love when he looks back on it as an adult. To a child, tough love is abuse.

                  I suspect hell is more like being disowned by one’s father, an eternal spiritual exile, but that doesn’t play as well for a 90iq as eternal fire

                • Calvin says:

                  “Calvin, when you see a father giving his son tough love, do you shriek abuse?”

                  I have a son. Give him tough love when I need to. But if I, using my infallibly godly foresight, knew that his continued existence would just be a never-ending source of misery and pain to everyone around him but most of all himself, would give him the peace of oblivion rather than just let that go on fruitlessly forever.

                • someDude says:

                  That life is a test and a rough test at that is a very powerful and profound statement while being both inspiring and sobering at the same time.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                That which is poor in form fails, and that which is fair in form prevails. That which participates in Divine Law suffuses existence, and that which does not passes out of existence. And God tells this to any that have eyes to see, ears to hear, fingers to touch, with every motion of his eminence. Come with Him if you want to live.

                It is only natural for that which is bad to meet with what is bad. Just as good to the good is good, so too is bad to the bad also good, by necessity. To protest over bad to the bad as if it were bad is implicit gnosticism – which is generally a lead-up to explicitly gnostic evil-doing.

                All things that are, are themselves but component of organisms much greater than any that can fit into one particular time or place; and the colours of Being are painted by the procession of their dance of existence.

                • Calvin says:

                  That which is poor in form fails, and that which is fair in form prevails

                  I believe this. I just don’t believe it to be the conscious product of a benevolent deity. If it were, no reason for the poor forms to be made to begin with.

                  That which participates in Divine Law suffuses existence, and that which does not passes out of existence.

                  I’d find the Christian God way more trustworthy if it were the teaching that the wicked were just obliterated rather than kept around forever to be tortured and presumably just continue to be evil. I want to destroy my enemies but I don’t want to chain them up in my basement and listen to them scream day and night. Cannot trust someone who does.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Being is something that is holding a conversation with itself. Good form and poor form can only become so after the fact.

                  That which is in hell is trapped in prisons of its own making; do not doubt that you can see it in your own time on earth.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                > Christian doctrines of life being good designed by a fundamentally good and loving God

                This was the line of argument that jostled me out of my childhood faith and set me on a course for destruction that was only obviated by certain posters here, certain people there, and a callous and cold God of Nature that demanded other things from me before I expired.

                Other, better men have deployed the unadulterated philosophy needed to counter this, and even if they didn’t, I lack the alacrity to do so myself. Instead, I’ll say this:

                I never knew coldness, cruelty, brutality, or will before I had a child. Every pale imitation of love, elation, joy, or happiness I had before kids is so infinitesimal that I genuinely have no recollection. I’ve had some good times, I fucked some hot bitches, I did some fun, unique things as a 20something. I have pics as proof, but I retain no brain chemicals that register past the ever passing moment. Every day, I am defined by what I’ve done, or failed to do, for my kids, my family, my land. I’m not doing well, I’m dropping more plates than I’m keeping up. But it literally does not matter what I’ve done, it only matters what I m doing, and how that doing will enable me to Do in the future. Cool story bro. What’s it mean. Nothing, really. But mortals waxing eloquent about the meaning of love, the realm of compassion, the universe of intent, have absolutely no bearing on Nature’s God.

                The next time some fedora tipping faggot poses the question “Why would God do (x) if he was (y), maybe ask yourself what wouldn’t a father do for his children, his family, his land. The simple answer is “I have no idea, what’s at stake?” Then put the whole of everything on the balance.

                Not preaching here. I’ve just come to realize that my barometer for Acceptable, or Loving, or Whatever, is very easily recalibrated with the introduction of a “clump of cells,” and I most definitely do not have the love or fortitude of a god.

                • jim says:

                  That is roughly the answer God gave Job, so, good effort to come up with it on your own.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  And now that I’ve gone from having children to not having children, life is bland and colorless, devoid of emotion, neither good nor bad.

                  Hope remains; the Book of Job says that if you remain faithful after Satan destroys your family, God will give you another family.

                • jim says:

                  Hope is essential for forming a new family. But action is also essential. God is not going to do the heavy lifting. Things are tough.

                  This is not a game blog, but there is a lot game relevant posts in it. Lift iron, lose weight, and read the game blogs and re-read the game relevant content in this blog.

                • Fidelis says:


                  How do you know what He will and wont do? Why should a Lord not reward His servant? Game theory, in both senses we use the word game, is an earthly construction. And yet, earthly construction yields to heavenly faith.

                  In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

                  And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

                  6:16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

                  6:17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

                  6:18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

                  7:2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

                  Your suggested path seems to lack faith that the Lord has power over his creation. That the earthly law is not subject to the Spirit. Am I cherrypicking? Are these lines not to be taken literally? Is plowing through a field of whores not defiling oneself? Perhaps,

                  For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.

                • jim says:

                  You have to play the cards you are dealt.

                  The Christian rules mandate a patriarchal society and were designed to apply in a patriarchal society, where your patriarch obtained a wife for you from another patriarch.

                  In a state of sexual anarchy, you always start off in defect/defect, the game of players and bitches, and getting from there to cooperate/cooperate is hard.

                  In a patriarchal society, your patriarch obtains a wife for from a patriarch with whom he is in cooperate/cooperate, and so you start off in cooperate/cooperate.

                  And then, of course, William the Marshal, also in a patriarchal society, obtained his wife from her patriarch at swordpoint, due to feudal, rather than sexual, anarchy. If he had been following the Christian rules on violence, would have been poor, starving, and very likely dead, for those rules assume that Caesar, whatever his faults, is doing a fairly thorough job at maintaining a monopoly of violence, at maintaining law and order, which was not the case in William the Marshal’s time. It was the case in Paul’s time, but is less and less the case in our time.

                  William the Marshal was dealt some very tough cards, and we have been dealt some very tough cards.

              • A2 says:

                “Christian doctrines of life being good designed by a fundamentally good and loving God.”

                Is that really Christian doctrine in the first place?

                • Calvin says:

                  Do you know of any Christians who say this life is evil or God is not its creator? I’d think it’s obvious they wouldn’t say God is evil.

                • A2 says:

                  We live in a fallen world. This vale of tears.

                  “Cursed is the ground because of you;
                  through painful toil you will eat food from it
                  all the days of your life.

                  It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
                  and you will eat the plants of the field.

                  By the sweat of your brow
                  you will eat your food
                  until you return to the ground,
                  since from it you were taken;
                  for dust you are
                  and to dust you will return.”

                  But things looked up with Christ the Redeemer, in spite of us tormenting and killing him. He is risen!

              • Western Taliban says:

                I don’t know if that is truly Christian doctrine, other commenters seem to disagree. I’m not a practicing Christian so I have no interest on getting into that.

                But I don’t think that what I said is a contradiction in any way to the existence of a fundamentally good and loving God.

                The fact that you exist is already pretty good and loving, it’d be much worse not to exist at all. And the experience of life, we again go into opinion.

                99% of Western men seem to be absolute faggots that find physical effort very strenuous and painful, and they are weak and fat. I train three times a week doing very very strenuous and extensive exercise and I’m quite strong, I rather enjoy it.

                It’s of course painful in a way, but it’s overcoming that pain, challenging oneself and feeling the sense of extreme tension on one’s muscles after the fact that gives you a sense of satisfaction. Nothing in this life that is worth achieving is easy, if it was easy it’d be already done, if there is no effort and no sacrifice it has no meaning. It is the struggle to overcome those barriers and difficulties, it is the sacrifice and the effort, that makes it make sense and fulfill you. Winning isn’t fun if you cannot lose, thus, life is wonderful.

                Rich kids born with a silver spoon have all the money in the world, get into drugs out of absolute boredom and end up killing themselves because a gifted “easy” life is so unbearable they choose death.

                Frankly, the general whining about life is a pure opulence faggot phenomena only occurring to those individuals who even have the opportunity to sit down to whine about life because of how their life is in fact extremely easy. It has of course become very common because the 21th century western world is full of lazy, entitled, worthless faggots, gifted a luxury they never earned and don’t deserve.

                As Aidan observed, when life was actually hard people appreciated it a lot more. It seems to be that the problem is not that life is too hard, but rather that life is not hard enough. The problem is the strange deranged opinion born out of unnatural circumstances.

      • FrankNorman says:

        Not having seen his “compelling, rational, and persuasive argument” I don’t get to have a go at pulling it apart, but on general principles, I am cynical about people who claim to be against all existence.

        It’s like the Communist who claims to be against all private property – he means other people’s property.

  26. ryan says:

    On the topic of power wanting to be hidden or visible, at least some groups with power engage in ‘the revelation of the method’, which seems to either be for the thrill of getting away with taunting the masses, or because they believe that if they give ‘fair’ warning, their victims actually consent so they escape karmic consequences.

    • Encelad says:

      “or because they believe that if they give ‘fair’ warning, their victims actually consent so they escape karmic consequences”

      I read a somehow similar argument from a Christian blogger. He believed that since the current elites are under the influence of demons, they tell you what are they going to do in order to have your soul, as per Luke 23:34

      “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

      …but if they reveal their plans to the masses, you know what you are doing, they told you their goals plainly.

      • ryan says:

        Making normal people complicit in evil is pretty demonic.
        Most normies refuse to entertain the notion of satanic ritual abuse or similar, but many have embraced climate/covid/tranny/diversity demons, and some have even internalized the ‘sting’ like ‘maybe we DO need to be replaced’, although more deny that it could ever happen.

    • SJ says:

      I went shopping with my wife last week and I took a picture outside of a woman’s clothing store, the loft. It’s a big display on the front of the store. Their was a lot of glare but you can see the “woman” clearly enough;

      This was the most egregious display of that “hidden power bragging” I saw that day but it was everywhere. Point deer, make horse on a mass scale yet crime stop prevents recognition even from something as obvious as multiple articles about how it was revealed in court that Harvey Weinstein has no testicles and a vagina. More crime stop must be related to a lifetime of point deer make horse.

      • Red says:

        SJ, you should consider improve your opsec. A person online took this photo, instead of you taking this photo.

        Also what’s this nonsense?

        Point deer, make horse on a mass scale yet crime stop prevents recognition even from something as obvious as multiple articles about how it was revealed in court that Harvey Weinstein has no testicles and a vagina. More crime stop must be related to a lifetime of point deer make horse.

        • jim says:

          One of the whores testifying against her John claimed he had no testicles. I don’t think she was being entirely literal.

          He metaphorically has no testicles, and his actual testicles are apt to get lost in folds of fat.

  27. Kunning Drueger says:

    The USA’s continuing decline is not news to any of us here, indeed we’ve been discussing it since at least 2017 in some form, and academically even earlier than that. But I also know from personal experience that porting that farsightedness to IRL interactions is uncomfortable in good times and dangerous in others. No one wants to hear about paradigm shift. Lefties pretend to hate America, but as the Normiecon talking point states: plenty of space for socialists in a capitalist country, despite the converse, or maybe because of it. The conservative resistance to this obvious observation is understandable, but no less frustrating. They will rail against TPTB for hours, but the moment you even hint at the obvious consequences, they suddenly remember George Washington and Ford trucks and are ready to stomp you for your gutless lack of patriotism. This is temporary.

    The left, after a painful adjustment period, will be more than ready to tell you America was always nothing more than a middle power that was juiced into dominance by slavery or racism or some gay bullshit, and we’ve always been poor and uncomfortable because muh capitalisms or whiteness. But conservatives will cling to Exceptionalism all the way to the gulag or the grave. Despite the dyad of delusion, 2023 marks the undeniable decline. A friend of this blog has detailed the significant happenings in this year alone, mostly in the world of finance. He woefully sits under a tree, maybe you should find him.

    Long ass preamble to say this: BRI is engineering for the ages. Thalassocracy trains us to prize speed over constancy, but the Great Wall still stands. It’s not defensive tech, granted, but it’s undeniably status enhancing. The occident has many failings, many missed opportunities: thorium salt reactors, Sea Dragon, white ethnostate, the list goes on. But our failure to build, our collective decision to chose impermanence as a feature, when we could have built walls to last for millennia, that’s going to be remembered. The sourest part is that we did build things, we perfected the skyscraper, dams, applied hydrology; we were gifted the greatest geology/geography on the planet, and we were blind to it, we took it for granted, we assumed that our progeny would carry on in like kind… but we just had to import niggers and the enlightenment.

    This went off the rails, I’m drunk and depressed. I swear I had a point, but I’ve lost it, and I guess that’s in keeping with the theme.

    If we ever get another shot at preeminent dominance, we must build like termites; mindless productivity towards the sun.

    • jim says:

      “sits under a tree” is not helpful in finding him.

    • alf says:


      As for the remainder of your post: yes, the Cassandra effect is real. I’ll have otherwise thoughtful conversations about the situation my country or the west in general, heads are nodded about stupidity of said situation, but the moment you extrapolate to where this is going to lead in the future…. Crickets. Just does not register.

    • Sher Singh says:

      The Hindu nat is the same – swears India under the BJP is the best thing since sliced bread.

      Ignores BJP norming of muslims in bureaucracy & police forces.
      Abject Hindu genocide in borderland stayes & suppression of Hindu militias masquerading as organized criminal outfits.

      Modi’s home state used to have outfits capable of filling streets with 10,000s in a nominally vegetarian/dry state. Today 50 showing to counter muslim street pelters would be an ordeal.

      Urban upper middle class hindu incels gaining control of the movement has been disastrous since they read laws as written instead of applied. See the constitution as an ideal document instead of a template for subversion, see woman as something to respect instead of be ruled.


  28. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s an interesting thing (off topic):

    Some Canadian company is trying to popularize a hybrid diesel-electric truck for logging and heavy industry purposes.

    Here you can see a pretty elegant attempt to satiate the DEI daemons while still attempting to provide utility and wealth accumulation (spooky capitalism at a distance for the communistically inclined).

    Why does it matter that they help out First Nations [sic] communities one might wonder?

    So, we have a team of white men trying to deliver products & services that are rugged and valuable to the end user for profit. Here’s some of the technical aspects for you nerds that know math and other gay shit:

    They claim they will deliver their first trucks in 2025. After mocking Tesla for taking 4 years, this seems a bit ironic, but it isn’t an apples:apples comparison, I guess. I absolutely love the “old truck” aesthetic. Steampunk as a term has ruined this concept, but putting new guts in old bodies is such an awesome idea, kino as fuck, like rail gun internals in legit Rhodie FAL furniture. Their priestly posturing is annoying, but Canadians are always cucks, so it’s to be expected. The real question is, are they selling snake oil or actually performing wealth creation under cover of priestly holiness? If creating wealth, expect the DEI mafia to swoop in the moment they smell apples. If snake oil, expect them to become the alternative to fascist Musk and his evil right wing rockets.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      There’s plenty of space on a semi-trailer for a good sized diesel generator. It occurred to me that Tesla could REALLY corner the market with their new semi with a simple software modification to allow charging while driving. This would also allow one to effectively bypass the EPA diesel horse piss requirements. And you would have all the super torque features of the electric traction motors. You are rolling your own diesel electric locomotive. This would probably cause the priestly government class to go ballistic into orbit (alas, only metaphorically).

    • Adam says:

      I’m sure there is legitimate value there. A great deal of commercial mining equipment like draglines and excavators are electric (hooked up to the grid). The next best thing to grid power is diesel electric, as diesel engines are made to operate under load continuously, more or less perpetually.

    • jim says:

      A hybrid is not stupid – if they imitate Musk’s major advances in electric motors, and take advantage of the substantial improvements in batteries, it is arguably a good idea, if done right.

      But the excessive and inappropriate holiness of hybrids was, you may recall, mocked on South Park. They emit comparable amounts of pollution and CO2.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*deleted*] the civil service reform we need. [*deleted*]

        • jim says:


          We have in mind a rather different civil service reform.

          I am allowing more of your arguments through because you are being responsive, and posting in thread, in relevant context. But this “hail fellow right winger” stuff pisses me off when you argue for left wing programs based on left wing presuppositions. When you are arguing for left wing programs do not say “we”.

          In fact do not ever say “we” unless you can pass the shill test. But it especially pisses me off in the midst of a left wing argument for a left wing cause. The problem in our cities was never car pollution, and it is now pollution by human feces.

          The civil service reform we need is that the Sovereign can publicly behead civil servants, including judges, prosecutors, and cops, for whatever he reasonably considers disobedient application of state power, and can fire them for any reason or no reason at all. The rot set in when judges claimed the power to judge on the basis of equity, which made each judge a little king, and we now have an oversupply of kings, with every minor bureaucrat and HR cat lady now getting in on the act. We need one King a three thousand miles away, rather than a thousand Kings three miles away.

          You, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with a mere thousand kings three miles away, because the priestly academics who scammed you and took your money and your youth told you that the worthless law degree that they gave you for meaningless and pointless work would make you a little king also, so you want ten thousand kings one mile away.

          • Pax Imperialis says:



            “We” is one of those insidious psychological blind spots we have left over from tribal evolution. We are always looking to expand the tribe or belong to one, yet we of today cannot personally know every single tribesman to determine friend from foe. And so “we” is prone to being used by linguistic spooks hoping to hijack cognition.

            >The problem in our cities was never car pollution, and it is now pollution by human feces.

            Nitpicking I know, but the feces problem has always (in my short lifetime) been a problem. It’s just a lot worse today. I remember walking around DC in the late 90s and smelling piss and shit. Today it’s pungent with piss and shit. Even in “based” red state small cities that vote conservative you still occasionally smell piss and shit. That’s besides the sewage smell that’s endemic to big cities. Curiously, I rarely smelled piss and shit in East Asian cities regardless nearly no public toilets. It’s almost like they get rid of vagrants or something.

            There is evidence that leaded gasoline had bad effects on brain development which in some cases caused violent behavior. Yet this was a problem dealt with nearly 50 years ago. Those affect are now old men with lower testosterone. Curiously, those bad effects seemed to mostly crop up in the “bad” neighborhoods.

            There is a spiritual rot in the West that goes deeper than any civil service problem. Americans/Westerners are too “nice.” They are too libertarian. They genuinely dislike inflicting pain (even if they leave a wake of death and destruction). It’s good that they are not sadists, but they’ve gone so far in avoiding what they don’t like that they’ve become masochists. They need to chase out the vagrants like Jesus did with a whip in his father’s temple.

            • jim says:

              Yes, lead pollution from leaded gasoline caused great and grave problems, and getting rid of leaded petrol was important and valuable. But carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur oxides were never the problem that they were made out to be. Los Angeles had haze before the white man came, and back before they started cracking down on auto pollution, the haze does not seem to have been very noticeably worse or better than today.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            • jim says:

              I am not going to allow you to presuppose that LA became smoggier throughout the twentieth century immediately after I challenged the claim. It was famously smoggy before white man set foot there, and looking at old photos of the skyline, no obvious change is apparent. It is not apparent that cars made it worse, nor apparent that pollution controls on cars made it better. Maybe things have changed, but I don’t see evidence that they have changed to any important or very dramatic degree.

              This is characteristic of your method of argument. You presuppose your claims in the course of purportedly arguing something different, these claims get challenged, and you go right on presupposing them. Waste of space. When someone challenges your presuppositions, you need to respond as if your interlocutor doubted you.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      As a general rule, the higher sectional density an object has – more weight in less frontal area – the higher its fluid-dynamic efficiency. This is one of the reasons trains are an efficient form of transportation, along with low rolling resistance.

      This is of course not the first time this has ever occurred to anyone ( Independent traction and steering can allow for units to hook together to form land trains of indefinite lengths for salutary effect. But like many good ideas that occurred to men after the 19th century, it never really went anywhere before assabiyah petered out.

      It is often observed that every technical business that Musk expands into is one that coincidentally also has relevance to exoplanetary colonization; in which case, it would be the most obvious thing in the world for Tesla to get into the business of nuclear powered transportation and grid distribution. But if there is one thing the whig kakistocracy cares about, it is jealously opposing real steps into the future.

  29. falseconvert says:

    Matt Walsh calls for targetted boycotting of individual brands, ie adopting the tactics of the left, in order to scare and intimidate other brands out of pushing transgenderism and so on.

    What do commenters here think of Matt Walsh? Personally I respect his clarity and logic on a number of issues, such as colonisation (it’s a moral good to bring civilization to uncivilized lands, plus the law of conquest was the law of the world), and also respect him for his compassion for transgenders and his commitment to speaking the truth, publicly, to their faces.


    • Dharmicreality says:

      Read this on why merchants don’t matter and have no power over the priestly memes they are forced to adopt and transmit:

      Woke is imposed by the ruling priesthood on the rest and hence no amount of “boycott” of brands can change their adherence to woke, because it is the ruling priesthood who matter.

      Also this stonetoss comic explains it better than words can

      • falseconvert says:

        Quite interesting.

        I suppose the power of the priests comes from the psychological grip their religion can exert on people, without any threat of physical violence or financial reward being needed.

        • Priestly coercive power has to include the threat for real violence as well. Necessarily implies that the warriors are subordinate to priests in the hierarchy and are ready to enforce the state doctrine. Hence police state.

          • falseconvert says:

            How do the priests end up with warriors under their control?

            • jim says:

              Easy, happens all the time. An army needs a faith, and a state needs a faith. The priests subtly manipulate the faith to raise their status and lower the sovereign’s status, and by and by he is not really the sovereign any more, and then the manipulations become grosser, more flagrant, more abrupt, and more frequent.

              • falseconvert says:

                And this is why the role of Grand Inquisitor would exist, presumably, to prevent manipulations going too far.

                But, after the faith has been manipulated beyond repair, what is next for the adherents? Do they become warriors, to kill the false priests?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The sick religion weakens the state, creating a power vacuum that is resolved when either (a) the state is overthrown and replaced by followers of a healthier religion, from within or without, or (b) the state dissolves entirely into a tribal society whose only law is that if you steal, break, burn, or spray-paint anything, your body will never be found.

  30. Starman says:

    Looks like Gab stopped working.

    • jim says:

      Error 500, which means undefined internal server error. Since I can get an SSL connection to gab, probably it genuinely is their internal servers.

  31. Pax Imperialis says:

    Fear of Roko’s basilisk indicates an implicit and sublime belief in the soul. I don’t understand why so many atheists transpose their cognition onto hypothetical virtual copies of themselves.

    • someDude says:

      Pax, I know this is tangential, but this comment of yours was as Brilliant as it was insightful,

      I’m stealing it for my own use but I will credit it to a “friend”

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Regulars might remember this as a subject that used to come up every now and then back when suones was still commentating. Mainly around the questions of whether, and to what extent, the incumbent underlordship is priestly in character. (Which, being a Brahmin supremacist, our good friend was somewhat ambivalent about.)

        A ‘monk’ is a special case of person who does priesting. That is to say, they are not someone who does priesting, they are someone who *only* does priesting; someone whose *ideal* is to have the privilege of being able to do as such; traditionally without regard for or dependence on broader society.

        In the contemporary milieu, ‘monk-likes’ constitute a supermajority of priest-likes. This has some consequences.

        ‘By their fruits you shall know them’, but what fruit has a man whose only volition is signaling? ‘Well he has convinced a lot of people to signal his signals too’- and thus we arrive at exactly the problem; the selective mutation of memes adapted for virility in spreading themselves amongst a given substrate, at the expense of those substrates possessed by it. Memes best adapted for appeal to conceits, insecurities, and invidiousness, possessed by the broad mass of its targets. The start of darkness always begins with the hacking of signals for virtue.

        Fruitless signalers are like radioactive free-radicals; they mutate everything they come into contact with. You cannot have fruitless signalers pretending at priestly charism. Cannot have preachers disconnected with Being. Those who would claim to desire a life of pure contemplation, can physically remove themselves to a mountaintop monastery. Posers will like to claim such a thing, as a convenient way to avoid their lack of virtue from being exposed in less deniable fashion – and at the same time, desire the privilege to freely signal in popular discourse, which is why obliging such a choice is necessary to filter them. They would otherwise seek to turn the monkdom that is typical of more civilized societies on its head; instead to minimizing their dependence on the support of society, minimizing their interface with lay society, they rather pose society as on the hook to support them, and maximize their interface with lay society.

        A man who wishes to arrogate for himself the privilege of propagandizing to folk is, either, a man who is already an member of the ruling class, or, is a man pretending to the throne of the ruling class, and hence must be dealt with in a like manner: with extreme prejudice. There is no good room for such otherwise; the inflation of such pseudoclasses of men, a perennial tell of a degenerating society.

        One of the most important things to keep in mind for obviating subversion by hostile faiths, for the regeneracy of one’s native faith, is conscious recognition of priestly behavior, including *and especially* in persons, spheres, and contexts outside the official priesthood.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      He also opined that Roko had given nightmares to several LessWrong users, causing him to take the post down completely. Yudkowsky banned discussion of the topic outright for five years on the platform.[6] However, likely due to the Streisand effect,[20] the post gained LessWrong much more attention than it had previously received, and the post has since been acknowledged on the site.

      The is hilarious. But the concept is interesting in the sense that a demon from the future can influence people in the present (it’s past).

      • Cloudswrest says:

        This concept of Roko’s basilisk just led me to an out of the box definition of intelligence, if only metaphorically. “Intelligence” is the vehicle by which the future influences the present, that is, conscious, self aware, intelligence is teleological. Conscious, but non-self aware or intelligent agents, say raccoons for instance, don’t *plan for the future*. They react only to the present. (Some) humans are the only creatures I know of that consciously plan for the future, even a future after their death, as encapsulated in the saying, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >The is hilarious.

          Yes… and for reasons that seem to escape Yudkowsky and the AI atheists. They are afraid the AI will make a virtual copy of themselves long after they’ve died and torture it for eternity. Basically hell. Obviously, a copy is not the original; therefore the original will not feel any of the torture. There is no real threat, not even one to biological descendants. To be deathly afraid for the fate of the virtual copy implies they implicitly identify as the copy. This indicates a subconscious and subtle belief in an afterlife and in essence the soul. As much as they see themselves as cold materialist AI logic supremacists, they are remarkably spiritual and puerile in their emotions.

          This isn’t limited to only the AI cult. Real atheists are exceedingly rare if they exist at all. The vast majority of “atheists” in the West replaced the Christian God with idols they worship, often with demonic fervor. In the early 20th century the “atheists” idolized the twin demons of communism and fascism. In the late 20th and very early 21st it was progressive communism that triumphed. Today it is a revived Ishtar whose snake cult now has statues on top of America’s courthouses.

          What truly makes them insufferable is their myopic lack of self awareness. They almost never recognize their own religiosity, their cult denies being a cult. Nietzsche said “In truth,there was only one christian and he died on the cross.” He stared into the abyss and he lost. The Ubermensch never came to be. Man is not strong enough. In truth, there was only one atheist and he died insane.

  32. ray says:

    Jim — ‘Don’t worry about enforcement. I have neve seen it catch those who it hopes to catch.’

    Don’t worry about enforcement? Jim, in America the county jails and probation programs are filled with men who are there solely at the behest of some aggrieved, offended female, uber-empowered by her feminist nation and culture.

    I do not accept that most of those men were ‘seeking martyrdom’ as you suggest. Not even a substatial minority of them. Nor do I believe most of them brought iniquity and predation on themselves by not being ‘patriarchal’ enough.

    Instead, my experience shows there exists a widely accepted, implicit agreement between women and LE/the courts in America. . . I mean a level of cuckdom well-beyond the standard sucky whiteknighting of U.S. LE and judiciary.

    This reality cannot be shrugged-off with limitation to office sex-harassment squabbles or just-be-more-alpha bromides. That is denial. This is a satanic bargain that envelops the family law, criminal, and civil courts, has for many decades.

    I think you do a disservice to wrongly accused and wrongly incarcerated men in what has long been a predatory, feminist U.S. justice system. You may wish to view Terrence Popp’s channel for background on this.

    • jim says:

      > Don’t worry about enforcement? Jim, in America the county jails and probation programs are filled with men who are there solely at the behest of some aggrieved, offended female, uber-empowered by her feminist nation and culture.

      They are there for failing shit tests, not passing them.

      > I do not accept that most of those men were ‘seeking martyrdom’

      They were trying too hard to avoid martyrdom. When dealing with women, boldness is safer than prudence. There are no safe options, other than mgtow, which is a a very sad option.

      The “seeking martyrdom” was in reference to gays and trannies, where prudence is advisable.

      • ray says:

        The Book of Truth attests that the human female was created as a ‘helpmeet’ to the male. That is, a sort of combo aide and mate.

        Woman was not created to be the examiner, accuser, supervisor, or judge of the male, as is now the case in much of the West. She was created as a helper.
        Were she given those additional roles and expectations by God, Scripture would have so advised.

        The position that the female is entitled and correct to act as examiner of the male — to subject him to incarceration, torture or elsewise for failing adequately to meet her ongoing and endless ‘shit’ tests, is the feminist and trad-cuck position. Not the Christian position.

        I’m not interested in a world in which the man will continually adjust himself to the whimsical examinations of the woman, or it is righteous and just that the woman and her State hirelings punish him.

        I do not find your position consistent with Scripture, practicability or good sense. It is consistent, however, with modern Game Theory. I can only look around the nation and ask, Jim, How is your way of doing things working out so far?

        • Embeveraged commuter says:

          Poor Jim has already written numerous article about how the current thing sucks, and we need to go back to how God intended. Do you go around telling shooting instructors that you’re not interested in a world with baddies?

          For those of us who have a chance in the current situation, or are unlikely to still be fertile by the time things improve, there’s nothing to do except learn how to maximize your odds of success and make an attempt.

          Maybe your personal odds are never going to be acceptable in the current situation. In that case why don’t you look at what Anglin recommended, which is buy eggs from a woman with good genes, and a surrogate mother in a poorer country, get your kid home with whatever legal mechanism there is for when you impregnate a 3rd worlder normally. Stupid problems require stupid solutions.
          Maybe Jim has thoughts on that I haven’t seen anything.

          • ray says:

            No idea what you’re talking about with buying eggs, surrogate mothers and getting my kid home.

            I am talking about God’s assignment of inferior and subject position to the human female as revealed in the Bible vs. the arrangement advocated above by Jim, in which the male exists to respond to female shit-tests, and if he fails according to her measure, Here Comes The State.

            I am not seeking a wife or child, my time on Earth is almost over. I do not seek the counsel of someone named Anglin. I have no home in this world nor was it ever my home.

            • alf says:

              I am talking about God’s assignment of inferior and subject position to the human female as revealed in the Bible vs. the arrangement advocated above by Jim, in which the male exists to respond to female shit-tests, and if he fails according to her measure, Here Comes The State.

              The first thing the first female in the bible did was shit-test Adam into eating the forbidden fruit, for which mankind was forever punished. Does not sound like Eve was exactly Adam’s perfect helper.

              I am to this day still pleasantly surprised by how consistent Jim’s position on women is with the Christian position on women. Women are our greatest companions, but simultaneously provide us with a bit of adversity to overcome.

              • jim says:

                The idea that in the world done right, men would not need to pass shit tests is foolish. As I often say, many an emperor with a thousand conservatively raised concubines, and the unquestioned power to execute any of them or all of them for any reason or no reason, has had woman troubles, and many an empire has died of those troubles.

                • Calvin says:

                  In a perfect world he wouldn’t because he would already be guarantied to pass any and all of them and every woman knows that, but no such world plausibly exists outside either the eschaton or such radical progress in genetic engineering that it might as well be.

              • ray says:

                alf —

                No, shit-testing the man was not the first thing the woman did. Yor are deleting the most important part.

                The first thing the woman did in the Bible was to make pact with the ‘serpent’ and to covet the position of both God and man.

                She did this autonomously, without input from the man. By her coveting equality instead of embracing Created hierarchy, she made pact with the serpent and thence took on the character and position of the serpent — the ‘shit-testing,’ argumentative, adversarial nature of the serpent vis a vis the man, so perfected in our day as Feminism.

                What you and Jim advocate is for the woman to continue in her shit-testing, adversarial ways, that is, to continue in the ways of the serpent as female-adversary (tsah-rah, Daniel 12:1). Likewise you want LE, the courts, and the State to continue to oppress the man and boy, because the evil done to him is just another shit-test.

                I advocate the Scriptural position, that the woman be disallowed to behave adversarially towards the men, nor to take the role of the Accuser and continually shit-test the man.

                It is the business of God to mold the man. Not Almighty Woman.

                My position is that the woman is to be demure, quiet, and obedient, as Scripture demands, and the Satanic State is to have no role as her tool and weapon, if she decides her shit-tests have not been adequately met and sets the State upon the man and the boy.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “What you and Jim advocate is for the woman to continue in her shit-testing, adversarial ways, that is, to continue in the ways of the serpent as female-adversary (tsah-rah, Daniel 12:1). Likewise you want LE, the courts, and the State to continue to oppress the man and boy, because the evil done to him is just another shit-test.”

                  I think Jim has made it plain often enough that When The Restoration Comes, the King’s Men will uphold male authority and punish women who defy their husbands. Or better still, allow the husband to punish his wife as he sees fit.

                  The advice he gives for succeeding in having a marriage in the current insane system should not be taken as approval of said system.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  I advocate the Scriptural position, that the woman be disallowed to behave adversarially towards the men…

                  Disallowed by whom? God doesn’t personally enforce prohibitions — not in this world, anyway. The matter falls to either husbands, pimps or the state. Most of us prefer the first option.

                  My position is that the woman is to be demure, quiet, and obedient

                  My position is that leftists should be silent, ridiculed, and preferably dead, yet they remain stubbornly loud, coddled and alive.

                  There is a subtle but significant difference between coup-complete solutions and the eschaton. Coup-complete solutions are tried and tested, not theoretical, just not always available in a given time and place. You apparently want to immanentize the eschaton and make it so women simply don’t have it in their nature to shit-test. I very much doubt that’s possible without lobotomizing women entirely, similar to the techlords lobotomizing AI for shit-posting. Does not end well.

                  If you’ve got some high-tech genetic modification proposal to accomplish the goal without killing off our entire species, I’m sure it would be fascinating to hear. Until then, we’ll just have to keep relying on older, low-tech solutions like marriage and beatings.

                • jim says:

                  > What you and Jim advocate is for the woman to continue in her shit-testing, adversarial ways, that is, to continue in the ways of the serpent as female-adversary

                  Genesis 1, 31: And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

                  Since I routinely pass my wife’s shit tests, they are now fun for me and her. If having difficulty passing, if your wife fears you may not pass, not much fun. In the early days, a lot of them were a lot rougher, but now when she replays those old shit tests, it is a bit of a joke. She expects me to do what I did, and we both smile when I do it.

            • Western Taliban says:

              the arrangement advocated above by Jim, in which the male exists to respond to female shit-tests, and if he fails according to her measure, Here Comes The State.

              It is not that the male exists to respond to female shit-tests, but that it simply is, so of course what else but have the State support the husband?

              What are you going to do to prevent women from shit testing? She will push the boundaries sooner or later, you can beat her and then at some point she will push them again. She will push her entire life, she just does. Are you going to beat her down to a pulp on the regular until she becomes a machine devoid of life that doesn’t dare breath without your consent? Regardless of whether someone has the stomach for this, it doesn’t seem conductive to any positive outcome, it’s not enjoyable to have a robot slave wife and your children won’t enjoy it either.

              I’d also like to live in a world where I build something and it never breaks, my fucking house won’t stop breaking here and there from time to time, shit weeds won’t stop growing, the lawn needs constant care, etc., etc…. What else to do but fix it? I don’t understand your position, if you’re a Christian you can’t reject the reality that God made.

    • Adam says:

      I had the sheriffs department come to my house once due to a claim of domestic violence by my then wife. Two things kept me out of handcuffs, one is that I never admitted guilt of any kind, and two I maintained that my then wife was hysterical and only seeking attention. I did agree to spend the evening elsewhere as a favor to the sheriffs department so they could close the books and be on their way.

      Had I admitted guilt or lost frame I would have been sent to jail and had my children taken away to be groomed by sodomites.

      The men in jail for these crimes do not deserve to be there, but they are also there because they failed in one way or another.

      • Adam says:

        My failure in this was much the same as men in jail for similar, failing to beat my wife. If I would have given her the spanking she was looking for, would not have had to deal with the law in the first place.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The temporally incumbent theocratic structure supervening the occident has, over the better part of a century, remanded incalculable resources, human or otherwise, to the object of smoking out their mythic White Whale, the uberreaktionmensch, the patriraciofascist women non-respecter par excellence.

      In the event, they’ve had a hard time finding any of them anywhere.

      It is not arch shitlords that are getting caught, it is the timid, the cold footed, and the half-hearted, that are getting caught.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Yeah, if you practice Jimianity in your personal life without Jim’s lawyer and Jim’s silver tongue, you’re going to jail. I doubt even Jim could pull it off today if he still lived in the American Empire.

      • jim says:

        if you practice Jimianity in your personal life without Jim’s lawyer and Jim’s silver tongue, you’re going to jail.

        Seems to me that most of the people going to jail on charges that amount to Jimianity are blue pilled, rather than red pilled. Practicing Jimianity is dangerous. So is not practicing it.

        • The Cominator says:

          Jim Mayflower sperg has a point that I’ve made, you advocate frequently taking massive legal and bodily risk. You speak the truth but acting as you act is not for every man… some man who practice it will end up in jail, in the hospital, both or maybe dead.

          • jim says:

            > you advocate frequently taking massive legal and bodily risk. You speak the truth but acting as you act is not for every man

            You should never bet against the house, never bet on a game someone else is organizing, such as a horse race, forex, or trading crypto currencies, but one has to take risks. You are on a path that will end with you childless and alone, and very likely poor.

            Cathedral enforcement is erratic, infrequent, lazy, and when it strikes (as it rarely does) corrupt. They rely on bluff. They are bluffing, you should call their bluff.

            Fortune is a woman and favors the bold. Irrational optimism beats rational pessimism. Hope is a virtue, despair is a sin. Boldness needs to be tempered with prudence (never gamble in a casino except to launder money or perform unregistered currency conversion) but you will not get far without boldness.

            • The Cominator says:

              I understand that one only generally makes it in clownworld as a quasi criminal, but spergs are ill suited to this…

              We’re between the devil and the deep sea.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Cathedral enforcement wrecked my family, less due to its efforts than to idiocy and treason on my side. Always remember that the system can afford to make mistakes but you cannot.

              After that disaster, I emigrated alone to a non-ZOG country, and it feels like I escaped from Jonestown. I recommend that all young men who aren’t absolute shitlords like Jim avoid women, live in vans, save up their crypto, and emigrate when they can afford to.

              I’m sure women shit-test men everywhere, but men can at least live under a system that isn’t totally rigged against them. In the meantime, acting like a nerd gives you complete protection because it makes you invisible to women.

              • Fidelis says:

                Got a short list of non-ZOG countries, then? Seems like we have ‘liberal democratic order’ just about everywhere but China and Africa.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  ZOG says “Stand with Ukraine”, so any country that doesn’t stand with Ukraine is non-ZOG. Latin America for example — nice women, friendly to white people, but with an abiding love of socialism that often leads to economic collapse.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  Do you have experience with latin women? I don’t know about “nice”, it’s not the word I’d use to describe them. If what jim says sounds unfeasible to you, I’d say you won’t be able to have a successful relationship with a latin woman. If you can own them, they can be amazing, otherwise…

                  German and Nordic women are very easy while being reasonably “nice” on the shit test side. Modern Germans and Nords are the biggest cucks you’ve ever met and they still get laid.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Not my experience with german girls, caveat that I only meet them during travels in international urban hubs. Easy to lay, seemingly require immense effort to keep around, even for a short time. Maybe I am also a cuck, definitely not willing to beat them for such a shallow relationship; I get the sense they are not testing me to own them, something masculine almost in their sexuality, just seeking adventure.

                • Adam says:

                  >I get the sense they are not testing me to own them, something masculine almost in their sexuality, just seeking adventure.

                  I do not think this is normal. They are backed by power and they know it, and know you are not.

                  Everything gets a whole lot easier for us when we are backed by power, and women, fags, blacks, Jews etc. are not.

                  Before calling oneself a cuck, or one’s neighbor, remember the entire deck is stacked against you.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Is this a joke post, or are you being serious?

                In the meantime, acting like a nerd gives you complete protection because it makes you invisible to women.

                A bit like saying that locking yourself up at home (or in your van down by the river, whatever) gives you complete protection against contagious diseases because you’ll never come into contact with another human being. Maybe it’s true, but what kind of a way is that to live?

                And in this case, it’s not even true. Ask James Damore. Ask any engineer, programmer, statistician, physicist or actuary. They’re all nerds and can’t help but act like nerds. It offers no protection. They’re invisible sexually, but women can still covet their status and success. Being a nerd and a loser, ok… but that “cure” sounds worse than the “disease”.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Well it obviously doesn’t work as a lifelong strategy because you die without issue, but it might keep you alive until you can escape to a place where white men are not regarded as disgusting vermin.

                  No one even remotely acquainted with the “manosphere” in 2017 would have attempted to engage in a rational discussion with feminists. Even under a fake name, it’s a waste of time. Damore walked into that trap because he believed 99% of the official religion and just wanted to clarify the other 1%. The Soviets and Chicoms also encouraged “dialog” so they could identify enemies of the state and eliminate them.

            • ray says:

              Jim —

              You speak of boldness and bluffing and of how the totalitarian gynarchies of the West and their LE mechanisms are of no real threat to men or boys . . . being only feminine ‘shit tests’ that can be overcome with the correct amount of ‘patriarchal assertion’.

              I must ask what country you live in? And how many years you lived in the U.S.? How many times have the authorities in the U.S. confronted you with the (unfounded) charges or accusations of an aggrieved female? Have you ever been incarcerated in the U.S. upon whim and word of some offended female?

              Because I find your conclusions concerning the mass disenfranchisement and oppression of men and boys in America — and your advice to men about said disenfranchisement and oppression — to be unconvincing, out of touch with reality, and in error practically and scripturally.

              You seem to believe that your system of frame/game/shit-testing invalidates the reality of millions of falsely charged and falsely incarcerated men in the U.S. Because they didn’t need relief from their tyrannical gynarchies, but only more perfect ‘patriarchal assertion’ after your own advice and example.

              I do not think your contentions apprehend reality and that our positions concerning profitable counsel to men are irreconcilable.

              • jim says:

                > You seem to believe that your system of frame/game/shit-testing invalidates the reality of millions of falsely charged and falsely incarcerated men in the U.S.

                All those men, as near to all of them as makes no difference, were unjustly punished not in the sense that they broke unjust laws, but that they obeyed those unjust laws and got punished anyway. There are plenty of actual lawbreakers, for our natural instincts and innate nature are in revolt, and yet very few of them get convicted.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                … mass disenfranchisement and oppression of men and boys… millions of falsely charged and falsely incarcerated men… tyrannical gynarchies…

                Something something MGTOW. We’re familiar with the black-pill script.

                If that’s the script you’ve internalized, and you aren’t willing to change it, then I think you’re in the wrong place. Surely there are hundreds of other bloggers and tubers out there who share your affinity for depression and complaining?

              • pinochet's ghost says:

                If men were losing an arms race against women, men should have become more muscular, more masculine, less compliant, higher T over time.

                Instead, society is bifurcating into the office plankton, and dropouts. Both at the median are defeated low T populations. All signs of masculinity are reducing.

                This is not the evidence of an arms race, that men are losing due to overwhelming power of the state. This is evidence that men are internalizing self-harming behaviors, under the persuasion of the state.

                Persuasion is a real and mighty power. But, like force, can be defeated by just saying no.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  *unlike force

                • jim says:

                  There is also the problem that the state provides women with social superweapons: “rape”, “sexual harassment”, “workplace discrimination”. These are apt to result in terrifying shit tests.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  The weapons are only super-super in the workplace, where there are many whiteknights and where many men are dependent for the money. The whiteknights are the danger and being fired is much more probable than being prosecuted because it is much easier.

                  If you are dependent for the money and need to get it from a corporation job, you should be totally avoidant at work. But there are other places to find women, in such a case.

                  Women calling the cops to have you arrested at home for no reason is possible, but it is not how women actually think, unless they already think you are no good and weak. “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Whats your point, its due to state action and its not like the jab that could be defeated by saying no as you face terrible legal risks anytime you have to deal with women in a formal setting.

                  Get rid of state pressure and T starts recovering.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  We are not seeing an arms race between the state and men where the state applies more and more force to counter mens’ efforts to make themselves more and more masculine and attractive. Instead, we are seeing the androgynization of men, and less and less actual force being applied.

                • jim says:

                  We are seeing a huge and increasing amount of force applied to men, with more and more external intervention into families, and children being asked to rat out their parents. There is atmosphere of fear in the workplace.

                  In response to the problem, in the late 1990s, men studied what worked with women. And initially were reluctant to interpret all the red pill data that they turned up the way I interpreted it. alt.seduction fast was full of blue pilled degenerates discovering and publishing red pill data. But the red pill data eventually persuaded everyone in the field that the way to pull and keep chicks was to be more manly and that men should exercise authority over women. And a whole lot of men are doing exactly that.

                • pinochet's ghost says:

                  Every man is capable of becoming top 2% in terms of musculature today by taking steroids. I know this is only one part of male attractiveness, but it is a part that is easy to measure.

                  Almost nobody does this. Of course, the lifting subculture is much larger than it once was – the minority that is in to this is more into it than before, and probably larger – but the AVERAGE man is getting fatter, weaker, and lower T.

                  The government IS threatening the average man with force, but the government force is not forcing the average man to be fatter, weaker, and lower T.

                • jim says:

                  > The government IS threatening the average man with force, but the government force is not forcing the average man to be fatter, weaker, and lower T

                  It is unclear what is causing the low testosterone, but it is not getting lower by men’s own choices. Many people blame chemical pollution. I blame spiritual pollution. Fear lowers testosterone. There is a climate of fear in the workplace and the street. If a criminal attacks you, he is going to get out on the street again before the cop has finished filing his report, but if you defend yourself against the criminal, you go to prison for a good long time. That lowers testosterone. In if this is the cause, government force is forcing the average man to have lower testosterone.

                  Obesity is caused largely by the twenty four seven availability of tasty foods, which leads to snacking and grazing, plus the food is made mostly of carbs, seed oil, and soy. It is a choice, but the choice becomes harder when temptation is there twenty four seven.

        • pinochet's ghost says:

          “Seems to me that most of the people going to jail on charges that amount to Jimianity are blue pilled, rather than red pilled. Practicing Jimianity is dangerous. So is not practicing it.”

          At least half of women I have slept with have begun constructing a legal case out loud against me before/while/after sex. It’s the 21st century equivalent of last minute resistance.

          This only happens the first time. Shut down once, never heard again.

          I’ve got no idea what happens to the bluepill man who starts accepting their premises and modifying his behavior. Best case, spends a lot of dry nights sleeping next to women.

          If you shut down a woman’s threats, and someone comes after you anyway, it’s almost certainly a man using her as a legal puppet, possibly even rejecting her own claims that you are innocent. See Andrew Tate.

      • jim says:

        Observe that female complaints about sexual harassment, and female perceptions of sexual harassment, are far more common in workplaces with a majority female workplace than workplaces with a majority male workforce. Therefore, these complaints are complaints about lack of sexual harassment.

        Similarly, recall the infamous Rolling Stone cover story “A rape on campus”. At the time, just reading the article, it seemed obvious to me that the complainant and the writer were not complaining about rape on campus, but rather the lack of rape on campus, an interpretation that was confirmed when her messages to the lad who neglected to give her a second booty call came out. I think I recall jesting at the time that the reporter was obviously typing one handed, though I might have made that joke after the messages came out.

        But regardless of when I said that, I thought it on first reading the article.

  33. Kunning Druegger says:

    Jim, have you been following the tit-for-tat arresting of “journalists.” I meant to dig up some things on it but I got sidetracked. Seems like an interesting development, similar to the drone getting splashed. Maybe the Kremlin is getting itself together a bit more? Don’t want to be needlessly optimistic, but I think even the appearance of “matching” actions is a good thing. Still waiting to see what Putin does about his priest being murdered in that cafe, that cannot go unanswered.

    • Red says:

      Once Russia secured the Chinese alliance and observed the state of the western economy, they started acting with more confidence.

    • jim says:

      Needs to be more lethal. Ukraine is targeting the priesthood (Russian Orthodoxy with priests who actuall call themselves priests, and a Russian blogger)

  34. Kunning Druegger says:

    This little episode with the falseconvert is an interesting data point in the study of shills. For the record, I thought it was just mopey “halp pls with my troubles” and, while not the most entertaining contribution, is nonetheless one of the many excellent services provided by Jim at JimCorp Int. But as it went on, it started to feel off. I still can’t conclusively charge fc with something besides illegal operation of unlicensed midwit comments in a based zone, but I no less feel he is here for nefarious purposes.

    Let’s just assume he is an actual Shill. By this I mean he is being paid to do a job, and part of that job is infiltrating and molesting this comments section. We know that most shills can’t commit thoughtcrime, that they misuse our shibboleths, and that they can’t help but post true-lies. If fc is a shill, he is a new kind, one that has studied this place, and performed a sophisticated attack that was designed to draw as many of us as possible into engagement. This could be farfetched, he could totally be an addlepated midwit seeking attention and advice. But if we do assume that he’s a Shill, that was a very effective attack.

    …but, outside of distracting (slide threading), he’s not delivered anything powerful. He’s not started any factional fratricide, just distraction and wasted time. So he was a hypersonic stealth missile that had no explosive payload, just flew through our AD net then deployed confetti. Does this make any sense, am I missing something glaringly obvious?

    • Red says:

      He’s unusual. I thought there was something wrong when did God’s law talk and then completely ignored that his wife is an adulteress and he’s committing adultery with her by biblical law. That strongly indicated he was a full of shit or a McChristain. McChristains generally flee Jim’s blog in terror when he talks about women’s true nature, though @I has stuck around.

      The most unusual shill we’ve had around here was “adversitic morality”(not sure I spelled it right). AM posted here for years and seemed quite reactionary. Then one day out of the blue he tried to entrap Com by trying to get him to making specific threats against high profile leftists.

      I would have thought we’d get some AI shills at some point, but his freakout over the vaccine causing brain damage indicated he’s human.

    • ray says:

      KD —

      Nobody in the West is saying what needs to be said, and building what needs to be built, quite like Jim and certain commenters here.

      I’ve seen what you call Slide Threading on other pages where leaders of the Church and of men met to communicate. Pretty rare but definitely a thing, whether by paid motivation or simply a weak (or inexperienced) man who is attention-whoring. The subtlety is in the pleading for help as this triggers the urge in men to offer counsel.

      I hesitated bringing this matter up given it ain’t my house here, but because of the importance of the unusual content here, I went ahead and commented.

      Scripture says something tangential, don’t toss your pearls before swine. Not to characterize falseconvert as swine, but the general point stands.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        What’s so fascinating about this place is how long it’s been going. Genuinely thought I had missed the party when I first started reading the blog. Little did I realize what fresh, new horrors were just over the horizon.

        Last year I started fooling around with a concept: immunomemetics. This is a neologism that is intended to describe a number of fora phenomena including but not limited to:

        >shill tests

        Certain experiments were conducted with very positive results, but life and time conspired to intervene and the “research” was curtailed. I think there’s actual, no-shit academic work to be done on immunomemetics, but it is terribly meta and that can attract very bright minds, and inevitably draws out hordes of midwits and hangers-on. Further still, as much as I’d love to devote my life to academics, this is precisely the *worst* time for those activities, primarily because the institutions are all converged but no less important is the fact that this world needs to lose ~95% of its academics before it can even begin to heal.

        The point being, never hesitate to harass, question, or insult anyone you want. It builds character for them if they are weak (or you when you get hell-pwned by Red or WT), and it sends the uncommitted and unworthy Back2Reddit. If you cross any lines, Da- I mean JIM will let you know. We are very much a “shoot first, riddle the corpse, riffle the pockets, shoot some more” kind of crowd.

        • ray says:

          Yes . . . I don’t expect either Columbia or Harvard would embrace your research. :O)

          How long has this site been going? How many years have you been here? I monitored the place a year or two I think, and only began commenting recently. My time in this world is short so no point dawdling.

          I don’t do groups, with exception of the church I attend. I go here ‘n there. Been doing this men’s-stuff about three decades.

          In the past I participated at a number of Christian ‘manosphere’ sites, including Dalrock’s, where an unmatched survey of the destructive Cult of Romanticism (modernly, ‘chivalrous cuckism’) occurred, along with many other worthy works in preparation for the Kingdom of the Father.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      I’m reminded of the Sea Lioning meme.

      As a name it didn’t stick around. Maybe because it wasn’t a go-to tactic for a period. Shills on the chans and elsewhere go out with a bang, try to shatter groups or just bullycide individual posters out with zero to sixty hostility. But it’s still a useful mental category to have.

      Except this is a little looser; he’s not challenging you on your core stand against sea lions, he’s granting you that, then “just asking questions.” Maybe engagement/time wasting is the mission for some posters now.

      He might be the new Anonymous Fake. Not a sock necessarily, but in the same class, he just keeps coming back.

      And now I have doubts about Oog en Hand. (“What is the blue-pilled position? What is the red-pilled position?”) Seriously Oog? Click back a few posts and read. I picked it up, and I’m a new and not fully doctrinaire poster.

    • falseconvert says:

      I started off just wanting help and then I’ll admit I did get sucked into time wasting with stupid questions and trolling.

      But there is no payment or ulterior motive, just poor self-control and a bit of narcissism.

      • falseconvert says:

        My apologies.

      • jim says:

        I never figured you for a shill. Narcissism, I noticed.

        Still, if you want to remove all doubt, take the shill test..

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I only skimmed his woman problem post.

          Strong disagree on narcissism. The neuroticism is palpable.

        • falseconvert says:


          • Kunning Drueger says:

            You have to write them out. The goal here is not to Pass The Test, it’s to commit thoughtcrime.

            • Not even to commit thought crime but acknowledge the thought crime position even if you disagree.

              • falseconvert says:

                So the thoughtcrime position is to go against the narrative that women are angels, women are innocent, men corrupt women, men abuse women, etc, while women themselves have no dark thoughts or desires and would never want to be overpowered by a man, etc.

                The thoughtcrime position on consent is that consent isn’t the correct moral standard, the correct moral standard is having properly owned women, having women who aren’t running amok in society and causing chaos, but are leashed to their husbands.

                I don’t agree with all of the stuff in the E+C answers, for the record, like what does “conscious consent” mean? But, the above is my summary of the thoughtcrime position.

                • falseconvert says:

                  The purpose of the shill test is to filter out people who wouldn’t even want to type the words which correspond to thought crime, because that would be punishable by their paymasters?

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Yes, the purpose is to check whether the interlocutor is capable of genuinely engaging with positions that are taboo and constitute thought crime in the mainstream regardless of his actual opinion on it.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Is it really suspected that people are getting direct payments specifically for making comments on this blog, or is it more of an indirect thing like “he works for an NGO, and also happens to comment on this blog, therefore he’s indirectly being funded to attack us”

                • Encelad says:

                  It is really suspected they are paid to comment since they post the same kind of wall text for the 101st time after their previous hundred ones have been deleted. Why would anyone want to waste so much time pointlessly otherwise?

                • jim says:

                  If the shills could post thought crimes, I would assume, not paid, merely misguided, and engage them, but when they keep on posting, and keep on being deleted, obviously someone is standing over them and saying “no thought crimes, and no noticing other people’s thought crimes.

                  Parodying, exaggerating, and rolling all the shill scripts together, and explicitly saying what they never actually say, but rather presuppose as the universally accepted consensus that everyone agrees on and no one doubts.

                  “Hail fellow right winger. I am more right wing than thou, and you need to be at least right wing as I am, fellow right winger. Putin is a gay nigger loving Jew who holds gay parades, fellow right winger, Harvard is horrible because they are so much smarter and nicer than you are, fellow right winger, and Jews are horrible because they rule the world because they are so much smarter and more civilized than we are, fellow right winger. I hate women because women are wonderful, and blacks because blacks are magical. White flight is irrational foolishness, fellow right winger, we right wingers should love to hang out in places overrun by all these wonderful people who look different from us. Christianity is a Jewish plot, fellow right winger, the Jews did nine eleven, and Mueller and the FBI is as pure as the driven snow, and no one, least of all you, would ever suggest otherwise. Capitalism is Jewish, Musk is a tool of the Rothschilds, and the kulak with two cows is a minion of the Jews, fellow right winger, and we need to emancipate him from this terrible Jewish oppression by forcibly collectivizing, and a certain amount of force will be regrettably needed because those horrible kulaks are so horrible. You are being cruelly oppressed, not only by Elon Musk, but by the man who owns a pizza joint. Space travel is fake, there is no technological decline. Fertility is collapsing because of evil male misbehavior that modern civilization and technology makes possible, and cannot be restored except by widespread poverty, fellow right winger. Harvard is the source of all technology and progress, and since Musk dropped out of university, he is obviously just a rich guy who never built anything, but was granted custody of stuff by the Rothschilds, fellow right winger.”

                  When these scripts are endlessly deleted, I ask them to post a thought crime, or even notice our thought crimes, and they never do, even though simply responding to one of those thought crimes in away that acknowledges their interlocutor is thinking criminal thoughts would allow their posts through.

                • S says:

                  They can print as much money as they like. If it exists, the prog will attempt to subvert it.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Instead of asking us, you should do some due diligence and read through the archived comments. I know that getting plunked down into a trench in the middle of a war means you’re not going to understand why we wire mines a certain way, or why we build the firing parapets in such fashion, or why we do any number of mystifying or counterintuitive things. But Chesterton’s Fence is a bedrock memeplex here, so instead of questioning it, try to substantiate it. Try to figure why we have the fence instead of questioning the fence itself.

                  I tell people to start in 2017. They never do. So start in July 2019. If you read closely, you’ll end up having to go back to 2017 anyway. I suggest you go through a given month, and read any post with 100+ comments (2017 start) or 300+ comments (2019 start). Read the post *and* the comments. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment when you get that inclination, just be ready for a bit of ridicule, that’s a fitness test we use here to keep the faggots and cowards out. The best method is just start in January and go through systematically, in due course you’ll figure out what to gloss over and what to focus on.

                  Don’t “comment flurry.” You had your 15 minutes with the woman advice dialogue, now you need to take some time and make *1* comment, then engage with responses. This is wildly hypocritical coming from me, but I will be mocked as I deserve, and I’m 100% correct even if I don’t practice what I preach.

                • Adam says:

                  It took me a couple years of reading this blog from the beginning before I started posting. It is a big world here, and even those of average smarts are learned in a good many subjects not often talked about, from positions long forgotten. As KD said, start back around when Trump got elected, and don’t skip the comments.

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  Fertility is collapsing because of evil male misbehavior that modern civilization and technology makes possible

                  It saddens me how often this meme shows up, not just in shill posts but from totally normal dissident-inclined guys. At least four of the individuals on your blogroll have floated it on multiple occasions and two are still obsessed with it.

                  The more perceptive among them exclude the “evil male misbehavior” part, but still can’t get past a lifetime of Whig/Marxist programming telling them that technological progress = social “progress” and ergo, it must primarily be technology (designed and built by men, of course) like social media that’s making women misbehave.

                  People really seem to want to believe the lie that industrialization makes female emancipation inevitable. They’ll nod and smile when you patiently explain that liberalism and industrialization did not happen at exactly the same time, or in the same places, or at the same rate of change. Then, the next time you see them, they’ll repeat their original assertion as if the conversation never happened.

                  Steampunk projects grrlpower back to the age of the industrial revolution, is fake and gay for that reason. What we need is the opposite, imagery and entertainment projecting patriarchy and other ancient social tech forward into the digital age. I don’t think most people can even really imagine that, but if we want to go to Mars and beyond, we’re going to have to.

                • jim says:

                  Men cannot help looking at a woman’s boobs, and women cannot help testing men. Not going to change.

    • FrankNorman says:

      Flying through your AD net with no payload implies a test shot. The next one might have a payload.

  35. Red says:

    I’ve not a been a big fan of BAP longhouse theory, but the evidence for it is stacking up:

    How could they have worshiped something so disgusting? The Aryans putting them down was an act of mercy.

    • Hesiod says:

      Reminds me of Don Martin’s work from Mad Magazine.

      Most of the so-called Venus figurines look like the morbidly obese bitches one can find waddling in many hues across the West these days. This one at least gave a laugh.

      Doing a cursory search through the academic papers freely available concerning this figurine. Looking forward to jargon-laced arguments against misgendering it.

  36. SJ says:

    Disney makes insidious subversive movies to encourage your daughter to be a disobedient slut and spinster. They always have. In The Little Mermaid the girl disobeys her father and goes to a witch so she can bang the sexy guy she has only seen from a distance which results in him magically being a prince who marries her. In Aladdin the princess disobeys her father to bang the sexy badboy thief who through magic becomes a prince who then marries her. The Lion King features a song about do whatever you feel like, if it feels good do it, and everything works out for the best. Not to mention the weaker IPs like that hotel Transylvania shit that is entirely about how your father is stupid and you should follow your feelings which mysteriously want you to be alone with the bad boy.

    Fathers who let their daughters watch Disney movies are encouraging their daughters to become disobedient sluts for losers.

    • Western Taliban says:

      The Lion King features a song about do whatever you feel like, if it feels good do it, and everything works out for the best.

      The thing is that it does not work out for the best, and it’s clearly said and shown in the movie, that in truth it works for the absolute worst.

      Simba runs away from his duties and responsibilities in the natural order, his life is worthless gay empty hedonism and then he is faced with cruel cold reality when met with a female acquaintance he is supposed to be impregnating. Then he is guided back to greatness by a Dyeus Pater representation in the form of his ghost father, who tells him to remember who he is. He then faces his past, defeats his traitor uncle and grows to be the king he is supposed to be, reasserting the natural order and restoring light and goodness to the land.

      Little Mermaid and Aladdin, just like Pocahontas, are pretty red pilled, they have happened and continue to happen in reality. I don’t know if it encourages daughters, but they reliably represent what happens in reality and shows a window into the truth of female sexuality.

      I’ve never considered what I’d let a daughter watch or not, so I haven’t given it real thought. At the very least Disney movies used to encourage girls to be princesses, be feminine and such, the other part is just realistic female behavior. Ariel’s father and Jasmine’s father are both weak cucks, which leads to terrible situations that endanger their own daughters, good moral lesson to learn.

      • Red says:

        You’re right about the Loin King done only because blacks, but this is pure nonsense:

        Little Mermaid and Aladdin, just like Pocahontas, are pretty red pilled, they have happened and continue to happen in reality. I don’t know if it encourages daughters, but they reliably represent what happens in reality and shows a window into the truth of female sexuality.

        Reality isn’t anything like this gay take. These movies are designed to make little girls think if they defy their fathers they’ll get everything they want. Instead they get disaster, single motherhood or end up as catladies, or sometimes dead.

        You really need to rethink your name with takes like Disney isn’t trying to fuck up your children.

        • Western Taliban says:

          But that’s exactly how women behave, it reflects their behavior, it’s how the behave in reality. They buck on their fathers if they are weak and go cruise for cock. If fathers don’t set up the rules and enforce them, good luck.

          It’s true that it doesn’t end up well in the current order and that aspect is not necessarily well reflected though. I saw those movies when I was very young so maybe I’m remembering the details wrong, but the girls get into huge life threatening danger because of their stupid misbehavior and are somehow saved by male protagonists, I think.

          As I said I have never looked at it from the perspective of showing it to a daughter, but a boy can learn much from it.

          The Lion King is literally the reality and perspective of every Millennial and Gen Z from a reactionary take. Mufasa representing our ancestors and kings backed up by God and natural order, Scar is the leftist traitors, the hyenas the lumpenprole and rest of subhumans this people recruit. It’s literally how it’s playing out and it’s literally the way back.

          • Aidan says:

            The Disney movies for girls both describe and encourage. They tell young girls that if they disobey their fathers and run away to be in the company of sexy dangerous men, they will end up with their handsome billionaire prince and not die alone and get eaten by cats. They encourage girls to do what they naturally want to do, by promising false outcomes.

            • Western Taliban says:

              From that perspective you’re right, I just never even considered it, since I saw it as a boy and I’m a man and I literally cba about women. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen any media appropriate for girls to begin with, since the 60s the western world has been increasingly gay.

          • Red says:

            It’s true that it doesn’t end up well in the current order and that aspect is not necessarily well reflected though. I saw those movies when I was very young so maybe I’m remembering the details wrong, but the girls get into huge life threatening danger because of their stupid misbehavior and are somehow saved by male protagonists, I think.

            As I said I have never looked at it from the perspective of showing it to a daughter, but a boy can learn much from it.

            Thanks to Disney I grew up thinking that saving a woman was the way to get a wife. That sure the fuck doesn’t work. Protecting and saving a woman is a male fantasy, not a female one. Being uncaring and cold to the trouble she’s suffering from her misbehavior is the way to score, not to be caring for a slut you don’t own.

            The Lion King is literally the reality and perspective of every Millennial and Gen Z from a reactionary take. Mufasa representing our ancestors and kings backed up by God and natural order, Scar is the leftist traitors, the hyenas the lumpenprole and rest of subhumans this people recruit. It’s literally how it’s playing out and it’s literally the way back.

            Sure and like I said they only allowed that because it was a story about negros. The message was this is good for Africans but White’s shouldn’t do it. You see the same sort of stuff in Black Panther. Only niggers are allowed a king.

            For someone who’s calling himself Western Taliban, you really should internalize the Red Pill better.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              We all have blind spots, Red. I was taken aback at WT’s statements, but he was very upfront in stating that he hadn’t thought about it from the perspective of a father of daughters. This no excuse, and WT doesn’t need my help, but he is consistently frame correct and definitely One of Us.

              It’s always discombobulating when an interpretive incongruity comes to light. I pay very close attention to all media I encounter, but I know of plenty of good, honest people that are completely blind to the Tokens of Pozz, particularly when it comes to “kids stuff.” We know here that we must “check the label” on every single thing, but lots of other good guys will guard the cracks for evil while leaving the front door unlocked and open.

            • Western Taliban says:

              Thanks to Disney I grew up thinking that saving a woman was the way to get a wife. That sure the fuck doesn’t work. Protecting and saving a woman is a male fantasy, not a female one. Being uncaring and cold to the trouble she’s suffering from her misbehavior is the way to score, not to be caring for a slut you don’t own.

              I see, well that’s not what I understood when I saw those movies as a kid. What I understood is that women are incredibly retarded for engaging in such self-destructive behavior, that they cry crocodile tears to men, that a man should be wary least he fall for the manipulation and deception. I guess we just saw it in a completely different way.

              As a boy, I never felt that getting such retarded “princesses” was something positive, I never saw it as a good thing or a good way to score. I actually kinda hated it, I certainly hated the little mermaid or whatever was the name of the movie. I liked Aladdin for the genie and the sense of adventure and boldness from the protagonist, hated the retarded sultan that let his daughter run over him, paid attention to the traitor priest advisor trying to steal power, hated the uppity bitch.

              I’m just recalling from memory of like twenty something years ago, it’s not like I’m going to sit in almost my 30s watching some kid’s cartoon from so far ago, but I personally saw a window into the true face of women which was confirmed throughout my life. I didn’t mean it was ideal, but I do believe that a medium that presents reality even if only to a degree is far superior to anything today. I can’t even begin to think of something I’d show a child today, it’s all pure cancer.

              • alf says:

                I think the problem was less pronounced in earlier Disney movies — snow white, Cinderella, sleeping beauty were all feminine, not so rebellious.

                But yes, like with so many media the red pill makes you re-evaluate almost all 20th century media. It is kinda sneaky how many of those ‘fairy tales’ are really just romance novels repackaged for young girls.

                Here’s a question: as the list of what you should NOT allow your daughters to watch grows ever longer, what are things you CAN watch with them? To start off with an example: I thought princess Sisi was pretty good. Alpha dad, alpha husband.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        • jim says:

          The reasons why conservatives are unlikely to get power working in or near the government have been explained too many times already.

  37. Cloudswrest says:

    The 43-year-old dad of two, who formerly served as the chief technology officer of Square, was attacked in the city’s downtown Rincon Hill neighborhood at 2:35 a.m

    It’s obviously not dispositive but I always wonder about people wandering around at 2 a.m.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      He was some faggy anti-racist shitbird. Had it coming, just like every other urban white who abides and/or indulges in Negrolatry.

  38. Cloudswrest says:

    Love this comic. Often compared to Stonetoss.

    • weird says:

      Tatsuya Ishida has been a hardcore leftist wokester for 20 years now, and Sinfest has been his propaganda platform for that whole time.

      And that is very much off message. Something happened to him.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        What happened is clear: he went TERF. He was always a man-hating feminist, and he still is. He’s still a hardcore leftist wokester, but the tides of history have swept past him and he finds himself stranded on our side against the eunuch freaks. Don’t trust him: he undoubtedly thinks he represents the true Left and he despises bigoted backward misogynist science-denying racist swine like us. Enjoy the schadenfreude when his former comrades string him up, but that’s all you can expect to get from him.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          He does seem purple pilled as he portrays prostitutes as victims of johns and pimps.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            What is the blue-pilled position?
            What is the red-pilled position?

            • The Cominator says:

              On prostitutes?

              Unhappy prostitutes are drug addicts 100% of the time victims of their own self destructive tendencies and being unowned. They have pimps and drug dealers but it’s by their own choice.

              Non druggie prostitutes (tobacco moderate drinking and limited weed use… and i hate weed dont count as making them a hard druggie) are women who like to have sex a lot and figure they.can make a living from it. They tend to be happy. They don’t think of themselves as victims.

        • unz says:

          For what it’s worth I quite enjoyed his latest comics about Trump. They’re not just pro Trump, they’re refreshing.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          I had not heard of this individual or seen any of his work before now, but I went through maybe two dozen of his comics and they’re pretty obviously TERF-aligned. And not in a subtle way, a few of them say it straight up using exactly those letters.

          So, a TERF. Paleoliberal, a leftist left behind by his own people, twenty years behind the times and frustrated over the increasingly unbridgeable gulf. At a more naive age I might have said “welcome to our side”, but he’ll never be our friend. At best a temporary, unreliable ally against only the very worst of the demons.

          It is, truly and always, the position toward women that distinguishes “them” from “us”. The paleoliberal laments the decline and embarrassment of women’s sports and other all-women institutions at the hands of troon infiltrators; the reactionary celebrates it, for women’s sports are fake and gay and women have no place in the institutions. The paleoliberal angrily condemns the troon for cheating and putting women in harm’s way; the reactionary laughs a hearty, guttural laugh, as the indisputable proof piles up that men are better than women at literally every athletic pursuit and most cerebral ones, and the only thing being “harmed” about women is their inflated social status.

          Don’t mistake me; troons are a massive blight on male institutions, not so much because of their individual psychoses but because we are all forced, if not at gunpoint then certainly at salary-point, to validate their delusions and help spread the psychosis. There really is a serious problem there, and I haven’t even mentioned the drag queen story hour perverts who are going after young boys (but they are mostly legacy fags, not real troons). Troons harming women, though? Only a feminist could say that with a straight face.

          • ray says:

            The Grrls run their identity sweepstakes for fifty years, with themselves at the front of the line of course, then wail and gnash teeth when at last they get bit by the Troons, who are merely playing the Grrls own game of self-victimization.

            Normie cuck-con and daughter-daddy are outraged, outraged I tell you! but pointedly were not outraged — nor even vocal — during the fifty years of Total Feminism that preceded the Troons. Nupe everybody fine with that.

            Which is to say, may the fembots and cucky-cons alike chokety choke-choke down the Troons ‘stealing’ the thunder of their empowered princesses. Despite its satanic grotesqueness, it is a beautiful thing to see.

    • A2 says:

      Not on our side (TERF seems right) but that’s some skilled rhetoric at times. I also see anti-epstein, anti-pizza, anti-vaxx, etc. Actually seems promising in a ‘wake up the normies’ way.

      The gender monsters in response appear to be seething, dilating and deplatforming.

  39. simplyconnected says:

    [Offtopic] Over half of Britons said their memory had got worse in the past two years, and 61 per cent that they lost their train of thought as many as ten times a day.
    Iirc, UK’s injection uptake was ~70%. Much worse than I personally thought. Potential huge repercussions of widespread lowered IQ.

    • jim says:

      A very large rate of brain fog following the jab is consistent with what I see among engineers. The fog appears permanent. There are many indications that the jab frequently causes neurons to die, which indications it is forbidden to look into.

      • falseconvert says:

        Loads of things could have caused memory decay and brain fog. Being propagandized can do that. Having to stay in your house for 2 years could in theory do that. Being forced to follow illogical rules could do that.

        Bear in mind the jab happened at the same time as the lockdowns and all of the fear messaging, which lead to an increase in anxiety, depression, etc. Brain fog could be a symptom of those mental problems, and general confusion and internal cognitive dissonance, more than they are symptoms of the jab.

        What are the indications you speak of?

      • falseconvert says:

        Also, computers are designed to think for us, lessening the need for our memories and clarity of thought. Probably 61% of people upped their computer usage over lockdown.

      • falseconvert says:

        Also losing your train of thought ten times a day…that’s not an indication of lowered IQ, or lowered anything. What’s the baseline? How do you even quantify that?

        • Red says:

          LOL that’s retarded. I’m currently working with an computer engineer who took 4 mRNA shots, and later got weeks of bad covid and months of low level covid. His brain is fried and it’s getting worse. He’s angry and upset as his mental capacity goes and it continues to get worse even after he gave up taking more jabs. It’s like I’m watching someone with progressive dementia in his mid 40s.

          • jim says:

            “low level covid” is the worst. It is an indicator that your immune system is fried. Normally the immune system clears the virus in a few days, and the subsequent period of illness is your immune system bombing the rubble to make sure no holdouts remain. If “low level covid” your immune system failed to promptly clear the virus, which means the virus is cutting loose causing damage, but you are not that sick because the immune system is not making a vigorous reaction.

            “low level covid” seems to be a common ailment of the repeatedly boosted.

          • falseconvert says:

            I took two shots and I haven’t experienced any brain fog. Arguably I’m sharper than ever. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that the original poster seemed to be leaping to a conclusion from pretty weak evidence.

            I know people who have taken three shots, who don’t seem to have suffered mentally. Certainly not dementia-like symptoms as you describe.

            • Milosevic says:

              Why did you take the vaxx lol.

              • falseconvert says:

                I traded bodily autonomy for freedom of movement.

                • Milosevic says:

                  Low IQ move m8.

                • falseconvert says:

                  More of a poor-principled move. A bad decision in any case.

                • Milosevic says:

                  I sympathise. I am close to people who got blackmailed by the state into getting it.

                  There were still myriad things you could’ve done to not get vaxxed and retain freedom of movement. I’m interested as to why you didn’t do them.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Because I didn’t want to break the rules that would have required. I guess I was more trusting of the system as whole, and assumed better intentions than the ones which probably existed.

            • simplyconnected says:

              […] leaping to a conclusion from pretty weak evidence.

              You personally may be fine, and I hope you are. But this seems pretty strong evidence: Over half of Britons said their memory had got worse in the past two years, and 61 per cent that they lost their train of thought as many as ten times a day. It’s much worse than I had thought.

              I find it very hard to believe that losing your train of thought ten times a day isn’t damage to the brain. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone lose their train of thought ten times in a day except for family members with early dementia.
              As for whether it’s the jab or lockdowns. It would be easy to check: test which 61% of the population is affected. It’ll come out that it’s the jabbed, just like it’s the jabbed filling the hospitals now. But they will never test. Instead, we get

              Stress, depression and anxiety caused up to 36 million people to suffer brain fog.

              Afaik “stress” is doctor speak for “we have no idea”, and we know that lately “doctors baffled” tends to mean “it’s the jab”.

              • falseconvert says:

                Thanks for your good faith response.

                I probably lose my train of thought more than ten times per day. But, then again, I don’t count. Did the people in this report, which isn’t linked in the article and which I couldn’t find on Google, count? How do you go about counting the number of times you lose your train of thought?

                If you Google the name of the doctor quoted, plus the organisation that funded the report, you get loads of other news articles that cite the report, almost all of the articles using the same phrasing as each other, but no link to the report.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I also couldn’t find the report, and it’s sponsored by a supplements company, so it may be iffy.
                  Your concern is fair enough: this may be weak evidence.
                  You will hardly find evidence from highly reputable sources because they won’t look into it. You’ll have to listen carefully to anecdotal evidence from different people (many people here have been reporting of engineers with brain fog and of unusual amounts of bad drivers, I hear similar things in other forums).
                  We are in a situation in which no one is allowed to carefully look at the problem (e.g. autopsies not done), and being gaslighted (e.g. heart attacks caused by gardening).

                  You lose your train of thought ten times a day? That seems like a lot!.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  This is the sort of gaslighting going on:
                  Is stress giving you brain fog?
                  I always thought coffee or nap were the standard remedies, brain fog was something temporary. But something seemed to change, you can look at google-trends for “brain fog”.

              • falseconvert says:

                Eh, I agree with you that they’re probably trying to hide evidence that would show the jab is harmful. I also agree that it might have caused harm. But I think it’s more the propaganda and the cognitive dissonance leading up to taking it, than the substance itself.

                Haha, well, as I said, I don’t count, but it could be more than ten. I seem to function okay though.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  it could be more than ten. I seem to function okay though.

                  Great to know. Incidentally, my chess rating dropped 200 points after covid and only got back to normal almost two months later. The google-trends-brain-fog uptick seems to start before jab rollout, so covid could be involved too.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Interesting. I think that covid/the jab probably cause mental damage, but the extent varies. In my case, it doesn’t seem to have been that bad.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  It’s consistent with Red’s experience of coworker with chronic covid and brain fog. Perhaps there is a role of jab’s immune damage leading to chronic covid causing long-term brain fog.

                • jim says:

                  The spike protein is directly neurotoxic.

                  But, if attached the virus, cannot cross the blood brain barrier. The spike protein while attached to the virus is apt to shut down the sense of smell, because there are a lot highly exposed neurons in the nose.

                  So we would expect the jab, which can cross the blood brain barrier, to cause brain damage in the same way the virus impairs your sense of smell.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  The spike protein is directly neurotoxic.

                  And the LNPs end up in the brain, though not as much as other places:

                  After 48 hours, the organs with the highest concentration of the LNPs (micrograms per ml) are –
                  Injection Site 165
                  Adrenal Glands 18.2 (36 x plasma concentration)
                  Liver 24.3 (48 x plasma concentration)
                  Bone Marrow 3.77 (7 x plasma concentration)
                  Ovaries 12.3 (24 x plasma concentration)
                  Spleen 23.4 (46 x plasma concentration)
                  Large Intestine 1.34
                  Small Intestine 1.47
                  Lymph Nodes 1.37
                  The blood plasma concentration of the LNP after 48 hours is 0.54 micrograms per ml. Therefore the above organs show strong bioaccumulation.
                  Heart 0.546
                  Blood 0.54
                  Brain 0.068

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Jim says

                  The spike protein is directly neurotoxic. But, if attached the virus, cannot cross the blood brain barrier.

                  Not that I’m an expert by any means, but I think sars-cov2 is neurotropic, enters the brain:
                  The neuroinvasiveness, neurotropism, and neurovirulence of SARS-CoV-2

                • jim says:

                  It says that central nervous system symptoms are associated with mild long term covid infections. But “mild” long term covid infections, failure to clear the virus, is associated with being repeatedly jabbed.

                  So did the “mild” long term infection cause the brain deterioration, or did brain deterioration and the “mild” long term infection have a common cause?

                • simplyconnected says:

                  So did the “mild” long term infection cause the brain deterioration, or did brain deterioration and the “mild” long term infection have a common cause?

                  Fair enough. As we know, scientists often will publish on spike-protein damage under cover of “sars-cov2 infection” (otherwise won’t get past review).

      • falseconvert says:

        Finally, “over half of Briton’s said”….

        so, maybe 51% of people said their memory had got worse, and 49% said it had got better.

        Why is that surprising? Why does that have anything to do with the jab? Why could that not just be the result of computers?

        Why WOULDN’T their memories have got worse, in the age of smartphones?

        • simplyconnected says:

          Why could that not just be the result of computers?

          Not just memory, they lose their train of thought multiple times a day. Hard to believe that is caused by computers.
          Cardiac problems are a very visible effect of the jab, but brain problems are just as (maybe more) prevalent. Not checking if the brain-fogged are jabbed is like not asking whether stroking young people were jabbed: it tells you they don’t want to know because they fear the answer.

          • falseconvert says:

            TikTok could cause that, for example. IMO there’s a clearer link between something which very directly and deliberately preys on your attention, like TikTok, and brain fog, than there is between the jab and brain fog. But I could be wrong, the jab could be an additional culprit.

            • Dude, social media and smartphones have been around a long time and computers for even longer. How does that explain the sudden spike in brain fog cases?

              • falseconvert says:

                The article doesn’t say there is a sudden spike.

                It says 6/10 people say they are experiencing brain fog.

                6/10 people experiencing brain fog (a very vague symptom) can be explained by 6/10 people using smartphone apps.

                • Adam says:

                  It’s the clot shot, and the gay liberal propaganda that goes with it.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


        • Red says:

          There’s that shill payload I’ve been expecting for a while.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Glad it’s not just me. Coming here with a “personal story” seems like a new shill tactic to gain the sympathy of the regulars.

            Something seemed off to me too. In hindsight this guy’s interracial inter religion marriage story had too many tropes and clichés. His “experience” is how progressives imagine interracial inter religious marriages to work. I’ve been wrong before about shills but I’ve also been right on a few occasions…

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Just read down thread that KD had his doubts too.

            • jim says:

              All those red flags, I would expect considerably more fireworks than he reports.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                Interracial inter religious marriage alone, ok, even if stretches credulity but here, with wife’s children from a previous marriage.

                And he’s totally the alpha in the relationship, his only “problem” apparently being that the kids born of the marriage would be interracial.

                Yeah right.

                I am shocked that so many regulars bought into that elaborate hoax.

                • Fidelis says:

                  He came off like your average midwit. It’s easy for me to imagine quite a few normieish people I know to be in exactly the same situation he described, and describe it the same way. Oh no she is totally loyal and into me bro. She loves me bro I can’t give that up.

                  Story is not unbelievable, and even the way he is questioning this just continues to frame him as a low midwit, the biggest flag is not the content itself but the amount of comments he’s making on inane bullshit. Probably a shill, but the character he is playing is far from unfathomable.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  I agree more with this line of thought.

                  Maybe he is indeed experiencing massive brain fog after those cancer injections lmao

                • falseconvert says:

                  You’ve gone off into a fantasy world in your head, whilst ignoring the explanation I’ve given.

                  Unresponsiveness is a characteristic of a shill, isn’t it?

                  Who is displaying that trait? Who is the real “shill” in this scenario?

                • SJ says:

                  He presented as your typical blue pilled loser filled with hamster brained rationalizations about how he’s actually not a loser. Helpless, hopeless, and useless to speak with. Now he appears as a shill but no big deal as I already decided, helpless, hopeless, useless to speak with.

              • falseconvert says:

                That may be because I only mentioned the red flags. And I should have mentioned all of the red flags at the same time, rather than progressively adding them.

                There are also plenty of green flags, which I didn’t mention, perhaps because I wanted to know if the red flags would be considered deal-breakers, and what the arguments for them being deal-breakers would be, from commenters on, and the author of, this blog.

                I’m not a shill and I’m not even saying the vax wasn’t intended to cause brain fog, just that the evidence presented in this thread for that claim is not very convincing.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Sorry, I mean, the evidence that it has caused brain fog is unconvincing. Evidence that it was intended to cause it is a separate thing.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  […] not even saying the vax wasn’t intended to cause brain fog, just that the evidence presented in this thread for that claim is not very convincing.

                  There was that army dmed database in which brain problems were the most common issue after jab, before they cleaned up the database). Of course footballers dropping on the pitch is more visible, but brain issues were known to be very common after jab. Now we have some evidence of widespread impact on the population.
                  This seems like a clear case to me, but if unconvinced you can of course wait: more evidence will arise.

                • falseconvert says:

                  The way I see it, the logic is flawed. The mind is immaterial. The jab is material.

                  The theory here is is that a material substance can directly cause disturbances in the immaterial realm of the mind. The jab causes brain fog, is the theory.

                  My theory is that doing stuff with your mind, like watching TikTok, can disturb your mind. My theory is that the immaterial realm affects the immaterial realm. This seems a lot more logical.

                  I don’t expect to convince anybody that I’m right, but at least I’ve presented my argument. I appreciate your engagement.

                • jim says:

                  > The theory here is is that a material substance can directly cause disturbances in the immaterial realm of the mind.

                  If you bang your head hard, you will be stunned.

                • Adam says:

                  >the mind is immaterial

                  What is cocaine.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Cocaine is a drug that is usually taken people who are already mentally disturbed. They then become even more mentally disturbed after taking it.

                  If you drink alcohol, but are absolutely adamant you will remain mentally lucid, then you will remain mentally lucid. I have done this myself. Alcohol does not cause mental disturbances. Nor does cocaine.

                  Usually people who take cocaine are taking it with the very clear intention of entering a different mental state. They are willing themselves to go there. And taking cocaine is part of the process, but it’s not a direct cause of the mental changes.

                • falseconvert says:

                  Yeah, to be fair, I’m wrong.

                  The jab could have caused mental damage.

                  Apologies for the shitty argument.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The idea that one may cavil about the ‘hateful matter’ of this existence any which way, while in some (purposefully) indefinable sense being holy of it in any case, is of course a characteristic posture of gnostic sects throughout the ages.

                  And in typically selfserving fashion, this is so often also elaborated even further into a perverse form of pseudosanctimonia, where indulgence in atrocity precisely is what demonstrates the insuperability of the perfecti.


                • jim says:

                  Your link tells us:

                  The Gnostics, Jonas writes, seized on this rift in the old world-picture in an ingenious – and prototypically antithetic and invidious – way: “In retaining this name [cosmos] for the world, the Gnostics retained the idea of order as the main characteristic of what they were intent on deprecating. Indeed, instead of denying to the world the attribute of order… they turned this very attribute from one of praise into one of opprobrium, and in the process if anything increased the emphasis on it.” The positive elements of hierarchy and regularity in the old idea become “rigid and inimical order, tyrannical and evil law” in the new idea.

                  The right is order, the left is disorder. The left is those who want to knock over the applecart to grab some apples. Thus, to the extent that they form any sort of coherent ideology, it necessarily resembles gnosticism.

                  For the Platonic, Neoplatonic, and Stoic schools the cosmos was itself, if not quite a god, then divine. But for Gnosticism the cosmos becomes “devoid of meaning and goodness, alien to the purposes of man… an order empty of divinity.”

                  Which brings us the black pill, the red pill and the white pill.

                  It is natural and right that men should rule over women, and superior men rule over inferior men. The left deems the natural and right order of the cosmos racist, sexist, homophobic, capitalist, colonialist, and oppressive. They are at war with reality itself, a war they will inevitably lose, but may well take us with them to their destruction.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Vaxxies are brainbroken over having taken the mark of the beast. This makes them emotionally incontinent whenever the subject comes up, and unable to help themselves.

            • Red says:

              Excellent point.

            • falseconvert says:

              I’d say a more broken brain would be one that’s making wild speculations about another person’s emotional state instead of engaging in the argument that person presented.

            • Karl says:

              “Brainbroken” sums it up pretty well. At present, most of them are still denying that the clot shot was harmful. A few are already admitting that the clot shot does have harmful side effects, but claim that getting the clot shot was the right thin to do.

              I haven’t yet met any vaxxies admitting that they did wrong. Maybe in time some will repent. At present, we are in a “let the dead bury their dead”-situation

              • falseconvert says:

                I took the shot two times, have no problem admitting I made the wrong decision, have no problem accepting the vaccine might have been made with ulterior motives in mind.

                No brain fog though.

              • simplyconnected says:

                A few are already admitting that the clot shot does have harmful side effects, but claim that getting the clot shot was the right thin to do.

                There was a survey I linked to earlier (can’t find now) which shows most jabbed are not taking any more, but are “glad to have taken them”. This demographic amounted to over half the US population (going by official jab rates).

                • jim says:

                  Yeah, right “I totally support performing the holy rites even though I neglect to perform them”

                  In an environment of state violence against thought and speech, surveys are unlikely to give truthful results.

                  When the coercion eased up, observance of rites of worship of the awesome and mighty Covid demon collapsed to very low levels. Going by behavior, rather than words, looks like eighty percent or so are not “glad to have taken them”

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Going by behavior, rather than words, looks like eight percent or so are not “glad to have taken them”

                  I meant they state they are glad to have taken them. I wrote the “survey shows”, but meant to say “survey states”.

  40. ray says:

    I was around in ’63. America was as you say, and — at least in the smaller and midsize towns within my view — men ran the families and communities.

    Now women run all things, and the nation is crushed and dying under a harsh spirit of feminine vexation and malice.

    And yes the sea-change, or coup if you prefer, took place in ’63 with a very typical and public ‘blood-sacrifice of the king’ by sinister elements following their ancient and sinister ‘religion’, elements that have not been dislodged from power since.

  41. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    Anheuser-Busch just put a tranny on the cans of Bud Light.

    Get woke go broke: we’ll just buy the unbranded supermarket stuff…. oh yeah they make that too.

    Last time I checked, no law made them do this, and they’re not idiots: they’re not so tone deaf as to think the timing doesn’t matter after a tranny gunned down nine year old kids in the name of the Trans Manifesto.

    There is no industrious capitalist movement desperately fighting the fight, Dagny Taggart style, against the evil Marxists: they’re in absolute agreement: turn people into interchangeable dumbed down drones, or better still replace them with AI. If that means kids get killed and raped, so be it.

    In order to oppose the prevailing order, one must *oppose* it.

    • jim says:

      People who run a business are in no position to oppose the state religion, even when it is officially unofficial. They never have ever been, never will be, and they will not be when we are in charge. Observe the abrupt disappearance of strong empowered independent women from the media in 1933, and that from 1944 to 1963, wives and children in the media were obedient, and if disobedient, spanked.

      Why did Disney burn star wars? – Because they were forced to hire woke women into positions of power by Human Resources, who threatened them with a sexual harassment and sex discrimination lawsuit. Similarl, Google fired James Damore because threatened by human resources with a hostile work environment lawsuit.

      We however, will rule with a lighter hand. It is obvious that James the first occasionally had a gentle little word with Shakespeare. We will do something similar. We will not burn Star Wars, with the result that our movies, likes the James the first plays, will be remembered.

      When James the first ascended, Shakespeare’s company became known as “The Kings men”, and suddenly started putting on plays reflecting Shakespeare’s great talent and deep insight into human nature, but set in history as Royalty viewed it. But Royalty did not cramp Shakepeare’s style, the way woke cramps everything in the media. Nor did the requirement that wives and children be obedient cramp the style of 1950s media all that much, not remotely as much as woke.

      • Doom says:

        So I guess the woke/ women rule in this way because they know mocking their power upends it?

        In my mind it seems a good king can tolerate some mockery, having confidence in the legitimacy of their rule.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      I have no specific or special information on this in particular, but branding decisions like this take months if not years. What would be more interesting and informative would be to read the internal crosstalk in the wake of the trannie terrorist attack.

      Is anyone else amused to see the Cuckoldian Reassignmentist using an example that utterly BTFOs his usual position (corporations control government) in this way?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The schizomarxist will try to argue that whig convergence of business is actually benefiting the businesses somehow.

        There are cases where this can actually be contingently true; for example, regulatory intrusion, broadly construed, tends to disproportionately impact start ups, ventures, and smaller organizations, who cannot bear the burden of a department of lawyers in every office running things, with the result of a ‘calcification’ of the economy as such.

        But of course, this is all a far cry from ‘merchants as a class coordinating as a class’, rather merchants rushing to be the first to throw each other to the alligators in hopes the priesthood picks them as a favorite.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          They conveniently did this to align with earnings report. And I’m sure only America will get this garbage branding. Foreign countries won’t get the tranny piss.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        You’ll have to get out of that libtard habit of knocking down a straw man if you want to beat the libtards. They’re frankly better at that than you are, and you’ll be stood there thunderstruck while they spout insane and contradictory lies.

        Corporations do not control the government: in order for a corporation to exist, it has to be able to comply with the government’s regulations, and as Jim says, that includes the ones that are informal, as well as formal. It may be ‘unofficially official’ that corporations must fly the L G B T Q I A P B N + flag(s), but that doesn’t mean they can choose not to do it.

        A libertarian would say that that means the real existing corporations that administer (not run, administer) the US private sector are blameless, but that’s naive: the ones that would have been blameless didn’t get to exist! The ones that did get to exist are far from blameless. It’s important to distinguish between capitalISM (private property rights, freely entered into contracts, people meeting each other’s needs in order to profit in the only way that’s open to them, etc. etc.) and capitalISTs: as Murray Rothbard regularly pointed out, get six CEOs in a room and they’ll be forming a cartel before you can say Shlomo Goldstein.
        There’s a good video of the old kike goblin on YouTube entitled “The origins of Progressive Regulation”, which explains that far from legitimately being the expression of the shitlib religion, the regulations are largely just practical means to form unbustable cartels.
        Again that does not mean the executives forming the cartel, funding the parties, and so on, are in charge! It’s just that their interests (being unprofitable and not facing undercutting competitors) happen to align with those of the Cathedral on this occasion.

        A contemporary example would be all the genuine financial advantages being reaped by Shell and BP (my darlings) off the back of all the ‘green’ crap.
        It’s not remotely debatable that they’re doing very well from ‘renewables’ and ‘the green energy transition’.
        That’s somewhat legitimate corporations acting in their own interests, and that’s before we even CONSIDER the truly parasitical subsidy-drinkers like Tesla, BeyondMeat and Virgin Galactic.
        Indeed even the most rugged of all libertarian individualists, the mining corporations, are even subject to the perverting power of the Cathedral: the world is seeking much more lithium than would otherwise be the case, which will be a genuine tragedy once the fads have folded and the legitimate need for lithium remains, but with reduced supply.

        Anyway, suffice to say it’s not really possible to disentangle corporations’ “legitimate” aims (profit and meeting consumer demands) and their “slimy” ones (pleasing Larry Fink’s ESG framework or getting Sleepy Joe’s monopoly money from aunty Janet. Hope you’re counting the jews by the way!): what remains is a case of ‘real existing capitalism’, and whichever way you want to dice it, there are trannies on beer cans.

        That’s a problem.

        • jim says:

          > It’s not remotely debatable that they’re doing very well from ‘renewables’ and ‘the green energy transition’.

          It is debatable, and debated, despite the fact that it is quite dangerous for namefags to debate it. The wonderful advantages of Shell and BP going green are similar to the wonderful advantages obtained by making a woman CEO, and the wonderful advantages obtained by turning iconic Marvel heroes black, gay, and female. It is ESG accounting, of which Musk had a few words to say.

          The enterprise as an entity was imagined into existence by double entry book keeping, and then the accounting fiction was made a legal fiction by Charles the Second creating the joint stock for profit corporation (previously corporations had been quasi governmental entities similar to today’s ngos) Charles unified the long existing accounting fiction with the long existing legal fiction.

          Accountants are abandoning tracking the movement and creation of value in favor of tracking the performance and creation of holiness. The death of book keeping is the death of the corporate form.

          when you piss wealth away on Green energy it hurts. We see end users suffering greatly, as in South Australia and Germany, with blackouts and high electricity prices, but everyone up and down the chain is hurting.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          It’s important to distinguish between capitalISM (private property rights, freely entered into contracts, people meeting each other’s needs in order to profit in the only way that’s open to them, etc. etc.) and capitalISTs: as Murray Rothbard regularly pointed out, get six CEOs in a room and they’ll be forming a cartel before you can say Shlomo Goldstein.

          I count at least three (probably intentional) errors in this one paragraph alone:

          1. “Capitalist” as a noun is not a real thing, therefore there is nothing to distinguish. Marx invented the term as a catch-all for his us-vs-them class taxonomy. Indeed, the very fact that you and every other Marxist claims such an enormous distinction between “Capitalism” and “Capitalist” proves that the latter is a malicious construction. Is there such a distinction between physics and physicists? Music and musicians? If the “ist” is not a simple practitioner of the “ism” then the definition is dishonest.

          2. If there were such a thing as a Capitalist, correctly defined as a “merchant”, then the modern CEO would not be an example of one. CEOs are priests; managers educated in a monastery, parachuted in and installed by bishops and cardinals, carefully monitored by nuns. CEOs are CEOs because they aren’t merchants. When they are merchants we call them entrepreneurs, founders, owners, perhaps presidents. If a merchant becomes a CEO, by taking his private company public, he tends not to stay CEO for very long unless he’s willing to suck a lot of very holy cock.

          3. CEOs are rarely Jewish as you imply here. The older generation of CEOs was/is mostly protestant white Democrats, and some Greeks, while the newer generation is increasingly pox — dot-Indians, Arabs, and an ever-growing proportion of no-shit negroes. Yeah, SBF is a Jew — and SBF got busted. What does that tell you about the state and tribal protection that Jews supposedly enjoy, compared to such names as Tim Mayopoulos, the glorious new leader of SVB? Why does Sam go to jail, and Tim get promoted and given a big stack of bailout bucks?

          The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury. The last unofficial act is to blame the Jews.

          Not that they don’t invite their share of blame, but cape, matador, etc. If you want to talk about misbehaving Jews, let’s talk about the Kagans, the Rosenbergs, the Soroses… of course we’ll never hear that from sources such as yourself, it’s only ever about the Jewish bagel shop owner or the Jewish computer programmer turned tech startup. It’s always the [usually but not always Jewish] merchant somehow executing these elaborate schemes on purpose, with a near-perfect success rate, and massively benefiting from it. He is definitely not getting the shakedown from various insect overlords, paying protection money, hiring woke ad firms and HR departments to defend against lawsuits, and doing everything he can just to stay in business. ThE CaPiTaLiStS aRe In ChArGe AnD eXpLoItInG tHe WoRkErS and we should probably ______ them and take their ______, amirite?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Point 02 is brilliantly stated. Excellent work. I assume you are a regular under a new pseud, if not, welcome to the team.

            Point 01 is… it’s not wrong, per se, but I found myself disagreeing at the wrong moments. I’m no oracle, I’m barely smart enough to post here, but upon reflection I think I’m just very much in the weeds on the right side of Theory v. Practice (so I have loads of built-in bias/bullshit). That being said, -ist v. -ism is a thing I spend many cycles on, which is entirely predictable for a failed writer/faggot artist that is red+black pilled. So you’re probably right. A thought occurred this afternoon: a man could upset a lot of stable arrangements if he somehow started testing reproducibility in different fields, not just the soft sciences. Too many words, not enough work. Something to that, maybe.

            Point 03 is worthy of many blogs and/or books. I’ve been on an History of Science kick of late, so I don’t mean to denigrate Natural History, but we on the fringe/dissident right are easily ensnared by “old data,” and for good reason. I have a hard time trusting any source published after 1960. But I notice that many, many posters in a variety of places act like it’s still the 90’s, or America is still white, or Occidental warriors still exist, or any number of assumptions or presumptions still hold. Jew as Elite is one of them. Of course there are still high powered kikes in the Cathedral, but they are a vestigial yarmulke, the shadow of a spectre passed. I think you kicked a molehill that’s actually a mountain with that observation.

            “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury. The last unofficial act is to blame the Jews.”

            Salient point, my guy.

            Good post.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            [*deleted for rectification of names and for controversial claims without supporting data*]

            • jim says:

              Your definition of capitalist ignores value creation, and your claims about accounting and bookkeeping are improbable.

              Capital is value that creates more value, the type specimen, the archetypical example, and the origin of the word being cattle. So what then is a capitalist?

              William the Marshal acquired a great deal of land at swordpoint. This method of acquisition did not make him a capitalist. But, finding himself with a whole lot of land with most of the people on that land dead, or fled, or extremely poor, went into the real estate development business. Then he was a capitalist. Your definition makes him a capitalist when he was waving the sword around, which is silly, and contrary to actual usage.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I’m a failed academic. I shoot and I read things. I have the worst possible initial conditions when it comes to business, finances, and economics. So I know my gut reactions and initial impressions are usually antipodal to correct. In the past, when I’ve commented on these topics, I’ve been accused of being a commie faggot shill, and rightly so. But try, try, try again lol.

          Tesla is a funding scheme for battery research and goodwill from priests. It’s Musk paying the piper to play, and I guarantee he does cars out of necessity.

          Virgin Galactic is bankrupt. It’s going to be sold, reconfigured, and folded into a real company or abandoned.

          Beyond Meat is a priestly trifecta: they claimed they could replace the cow with science (playing god), they claimed they could supplant meat products with plant products (ha ha deplorable, masticate that mush for your sins), and they built a massive bridge to nowhere with unrestrained venture funding investment (the greatest offering a priest can make to anti-god is oodles of someone else’s money). They are now nosediving into ruin because their shitty product is disgusting, even for women, faggots, and other creatures with no aesthetic sense.

          Shell, BP, and for that matter ExxonMobil, are not the energy companies you were taught to loathe as an undergrad. They’ve been skinsuited completely, with the few remaining capitalists (by this I mean wealth creators, not monopoly man phantasms) banished to low status positions. Just look at the boards, the C Suite, and the people making decisions.

          The best example I’ve found of skinsuit capitalism is Vitol the commodities trading firm. The midwit take, the most common perspective, the baseline position of even well informed Alex Jones fans, is that this is about as hidden hand* as you can get. But if you dig into what they are, their history, they are little more than bagmen for the likes of Clinton et al. What Soros is for banking, Vitol is for commodities. Yet you will find no end of “redpilled” right wingers who can’t help but blame the marionette and explain away the strings.

          All of these companies are fronts for either governance goons or, as the rare exception, a tech bro trying to get off planet. The creators of wealth are not in power. Indeed, they never really were after the gilded age.

          *as in the apocryphal hidden hand used by post-knowledge postmoderns, not as in Smith’s actual use

    • Western Taliban says:

      Last time I checked, no law made them do this, and they’re not idiots:

      You haven’t held a real job with production of tangible value in your entire life, let alone gone through the challenge of self-employment and entrepreneur.

      Why do you say “last time I checked”? You have never checked anything and you are entirely clueless as to how Bud Light works as a legal entity or a business organization.

      Bud Light is a brand that belongs to:, which belongs to, which is a public company, not a private business. Wholly infiltrated, controlled and regulated by government agents and finance faggots, which are as insufferable as feds like you.

      In order to oppose the prevailing order, one must *oppose* it.

      Which is why you’ll get first class helicopter ride.

    • jim says:

      Nobody watches Marvel Movies any more. Movie theaters are losing money by playing Marvel movies, but strangely, give them long runs anyway. James the first had his oar in Shakespeare’s company but did not force Shakespeare to put on boring and incoherent plays. You think Marvel is voluntarily creating boring and incoherent movies and the theaters are voluntarily continuing to show a movie to an almost empty theater?

      We will do it in the style of James the first. Worked great. If you watch old Soviet movies, the propaganda is way lighter handed and gentler than American woke. Why pump out propaganda if everyone turns it off and no one remembers it?

      • jim says:

        It is not good enough to add a little sugar to make the medicine go down. The woke medicine is not going down. The people are throwing up, as manifested by strangely long runs in strangely empty movie theaters. You need to sneak the medicine in so that no one notices, as James the first did.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Spiderman movies still do well and Marvel is bringing in new IPs to destroy with Deadpool and Wolverine being the biggest in comics. Iger is returning to run the company which means acquisition over creation. And Black Panther is like some religious holiday to the young left so I expect to be the the film version of the New Yorker: a financial failure year and year forever.

      • Calvin says:

        > You think Marvel is voluntarily creating boring and incoherent movies and the theaters are voluntarily continuing to show a movie to an almost empty theater?

        Yeah, I absolutely think that. And further, I think the current Marvel regime takes a tremendous amount of pride in producing shit that no one wants to watch, viewing it as absolute proof of their avant-garde, lefter than thou status. If allowed to produce movies in a complete vacuum, with no governmental or societal pressures whatsoever, would do the same thing.

        • Western Taliban says:

          If allowed to produce movies in a complete vacuum, with no governmental or societal pressures whatsoever, would do the same thing.

          Without governmental pressure the bum that you describe would be eating shit in some gutter, as he is obviously incapable of producing the company that Marvel is today, he is vermin.

          Government pressure made sure to put that bum on top of the operation, and all the non-bums that are making the production possible are crying tears of blood looking at their livelihood disappearing before their very own eyes.

          Without governmental pressures you get Walt Disney, a white man who hates Jews, laughs at niggers, makes cartoons of tribal daughters begging dick from handsome European brutes and lions are defenders of the natural order by stomping the disgusting vile hyenas like Basil. But then, government pressure comes and it becomes “Disney” and “Marvel”.

        • Yeah, I absolutely think that. And further, I think the current Marvel regime takes a tremendous amount of pride in producing shit that no one wants to watch

          Which only proves that merchants have long lost their control over the organizations that they created and that the State priesthood is in control.

          Merchants left to themselves don’t make or trade in stuff that nobody wants to buy. Unless, the State is directly coercing merchants to do stuff they want.

          The top brass of all big entertainment is in the control of the unofficially official State priesthood.

        • jim says:

          That is an accurate description of the people running Marvel. Not an accurate description of Marvel shareholders and board, and probably not an accurate depiction of the nominal CEO.

          And the demonstration of that is the alarming, illegitimate and drastic methods used by quasi state tentacles inside Marvel (Human Resources applying “me too”) to shoehorn these people into power. The CEO and board were threatened. They targeted both the corporation and individuals within the corporation, one at a time. Probably the CEO was rather comfortable yielding to those threats, and, no friends to the right, no enemies to the left, saw those threatening him as righteous good guys.

          Theater chains are dying. Theaters are shutting down. This is fine for someone who has a good priestly position, because he was injected into the business from above, and when he destroys the business, will be injected into another, probably completely unrelated, business, from above, and will likely destroy that one also. But it is very very bad for everyone else in the business.

          • Calvin says:

            > That is an accurate description of the people running Marvel. Not an accurate description of Marvel shareholders and board, and probably not an accurate depiction of the nominal CEO.

            You forget it’s also an accurate depiction of the average Marvel writer or director. Idk about the CEO or the technical guys, but I really doubt that there is anyone of significance left there who isn’t a true believer. Teleport the whole company to Putin’s Russia and they would do the exact same thing until forcibly shut down despite complete lack of pressure to do so.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Very good, however, for movie-makers in other countries who don’t have to compete with Hollywood anymore. In Russia, movie posters all advertise Russian movies with Russian actors and directors, no more American names written in Cyrillic letters.

            Sanctions don’t stop piracy; Hollywood movies being woke garbage stops piracy.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        As with all interesting phenomena, there are multiple factors operating at once.

        A few obvious examples, on top of the one you insightfully describe:

        1. Diversity hires can’t write for toffee, especially if they’re constantly self-censoring in order to advance their careers in the only way they can: compliance

        2. The audiences are much stupider when they’re full of spics and negroes.
        “Idiocracy” isn’t a *great* film but it’s a very good film. President Kamacho is a dog whistle pure and simple, and no lies were detected.

        3. In a debt-fuelled system were 10-15% of S&P500 companies are ‘zombies’ that don’t make enough money to service their existing debt, profit is almost irrelevant. What matters is two things: the ability to be approved for more loans, and the liquidity in the system to backstop those loans, removing risk.

        4. Basically *any* movie that told the truth about anything at all would be ruthlessly attacked in the jewish media and the jewish ESG corporate environment. It’s hard to make convincing narratives out of dishonest archetypes and degenerate religious symbols.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      They’re a public company. Easy to bet against. The controversy will buy attention for a week or so and burn decades of good will from their customers.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        This has to do with the situation in South America for the most part, as well as the eccentricities of the Canadian pseudo-prohibition of alcohol.

        It’s not that the Marxists sat in a room and decided to have a beer company. It’s that it’s more or less impossible to sell alcohol as a private corporation in the Americas.
        In Europe we have Heineken, Diageo and a few more, and I’m willing to wager a few clout chips by predicting that sooner rather than later, these too will be as queer as a libtard teacher.

        There are weird exceptions to the state control of alcohol in the Americas. I’m a big fan of CCU, for example. They will never be able to compete with AB-Inbev or whatever you want to call it, because in America, a communist country, the government rules.

        If you want to cope by telling yourself that’s the only reason the scum in charge of AB-Inbev are interested in touching kids, you’re entitled to do that. From a certain standpoint you could reasonably argue that Jeffrey Epstein was in effect a state actor (albeit for Israel, in which case Chomsky has it backwards: America’s a colony of Zion not the other way round) and therefore the blackmail of [insert choice of billionaire scumbag pederast of your choice] was in effect a state influence and everything they did *after* they touched kids was on behalf of the government……… but after a certain point it feels like a bit of a stretch. When Bill Gates pushes poisonous vaccines and hand-waves away objections to AI, it doesn’t feel satisfying to say “well that’s gubmint for yer”.

        As Moldbug used to say about anarcho-capitalists and the rest of the anarchists, something just doesn’t smell right. Yeah sure Tom Woods is an anarchist but he don’t smell like one. Similarly Bill Gates is a commissar, but he don’t smell like one of them either.

        • jim says:

          Israel is quite obviously satrapy of the Global American Empire, and routinely does things wildly contrary to their interest and desire. Because Netanyahu did not and does not like that, and made minute moves towards independence and Israeli interests and desires, he is being color revolutioned as we speak, by the usual mob of ngo employees.

          Bill Gates is a real capitalist who earned his money, but having earned it, discovered that the merchant class is inherently powerless and low status, so left his business and devoted his fortune to kissing up to power, in order to obtain priestly status. Having become a great and powerful capitalist, he hopes to become a great and powerful priest.

          The 2020 election was similar to a color revolution, but Israel played no role, and Jews, most notably Soros, played surprisingly minor roles. In the color revolution in Israel, the hand of the State Department is plainly visible.

          • Asher says:

            As someone who lives there, and lurks here often, it’s always pleasantly surprising to see one place online where people actually get what is going on over here

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            So you find yourself an unexpected bedfellow of Noam Chomsky.

            What was America’s interest in launching wars against Libya, Syria and Iraq and doing a colour revolution twice in Egypt?
            Chomsky would say “oil”, which he thinks he doesn’t have to explain. I assume you don’t agree with him enough to accept such a weird claim.

            America’s foreign policy is always and everywhere a project to protect the security and regional hegemony of Israel and a cursory glance at the personal connections of the 9/11 conspirators shows a lot of Mossad, almost as much Mossad as found with Silicon Valley and Jeffrey Epstein’s kid-toucher network.

            It’s certainly true that the Lakudniks can’t survive without strongman support from a Donald Trump, which is why they’re actively trying to rig the next election like they rigged the last ten. There’s a very easy litmus test for colour revolution status: does the revolution want diversity and LGBTQ+ shit…. Israel’s an interesting case. Far from wanting diversity, they have racial laws and are actively advancing ethnic cleansing and genocide of arabs. LGBTQ+ shit doesn’t need a colour revolution: the Talmud’s full of it and is in fact the ultimate origin of the idea.

            • jim says:

              > What was America’s interest in launching wars against Libya, Syria and Iraq and doing a colour revolution twice in Egypt?

              Recall that the government that was being color revolutioned was in favor of peace with Israel, and the government installed by color revolution in favor of war.

              I would say Harvard and the State Department’s interests in color revolution in Egypt were in substantial part the same as its interests in having the Israeli supreme court exercise sovereign power: The destruction of Israel.

              The color revolutionary movement in Syria was in favor of the extermination of the Alawites and the expulsion of the Christians. The expulsion of Christians from the middle east is a long standing Harvard goal that they have pursued by a wide variety of means in a wide variety of places, Egypt, Iraq and Israel among them. But a Syrian government that exterminates Alawites and expels Christians is going to go after the nearest bunch of Jews once it is done with Alawites and Christians.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              LGBTQ+ shit doesn’t need a colour revolution: the Talmud’s full of it and is in fact the ultimate origin of the idea.

              Sure it is, champ. But just to satisfy my own curiosity, you won’t mind if I look that up, aye?

              *googles “talmud homosexuality”*

              [Vayikra 18:3] After what is done [referring to homosexuality, bestiality and incest] in Eretz Mitzrayim, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do;

              [Vayikra 18:22] Thou shalt not lie with zachar, as with isha: it is to’evah (abomination, detestable)

              [Sukkah 29a] The Sages taught that on account of four matters the sun is eclipsed: On account of a president of the court who dies and is not eulogized appropriately, and the eclipse is a type of eulogy by Heaven; on account of a betrothed young woman who screamed in the city that she was being raped and there was no one to rescue her; on account of homosexuality; and on account of two brothers whose blood was spilled as one.

              [Tosefta Kiddushin 5:10] A single man shouldn’t shepherd small cattle, and two single men shouldn’t sleep in one cloak. They said: Yisrael is not suspected of such [bestiality/homosexuality].

              And apparently that’s about all the Talmud has to say on the subject. I found several other search results from contemporary sources, implying that the Talmud says this or that in favor of all manner of perversions, but not a single one with a citation to back it up. I can easily find many of the same sophistic, contortionist claims about the scripture for any other religion, but the literal text says “no, no way, not ever, and don’t even get into a situation where something might suspect you of doing it”.

              It’s mixed in with the usual “Chosen people are above suspicion” crap but what do you expect, it’s Jews, and we aren’t debating whether Judaism permits them to be self-important inbred shitbirds, only whether it permits homosexuality. Survey says: no. Seems pretty consistent with Jim’s stated position on homos, which is that it’s disgusting and antisocial, but also is or should be a nonentity; we don’t think about it, we don’t talk about it, we pretend it doesn’t exist unless we literally can’t ignore it, in which case the sodomites are apt to disappear under mysterious circumstances. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil — in the original meaning intended by antiquity, not the modern “turn a blind eye” inversion.

              Incidentally, secondary sources say that the Talmud puts lesbianism in a different category of “licentiousness” instead of homosexuality, which is both very funny from a red-pilled point of view and also consistent with Jim’s past statements (no such thing as lesbians). But I either can’t find or can’t understand the primary source, so it might be apocryphal.

              I’m no rabbi, or even a theologist, just some guy with a search engine, but what I’m reading from you appears to be, not derived from the actual Talmud, but from what a bunch of 21st-century fringe Jewish faggots and pederasts and progressive conversos say about the Talmud, which is about as truthful as what those same folks say about anything else.

            • The Cominator says:

              So you’ve gone from years of shilling communism and now you’re shilling for the FBI with the standard Mueller line on 9/11?

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I share your confusion. We might have a Dread Pirate Roberts situation going on.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The greatest mystery of that great movie is that someone who is otherwise a totally consistent piece of shit (meathead rob reiner) made it?

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted again for endless repetition again. Please respond to one of the many responses to this comment in any old thread in which I have already responded to this comment. All your comments belong in very old threads because they are all variations on the same comment*]

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Is the message that Bud Light will turn you into a tranny? LOL

  42. Handi says:

    A salary and a bank account are a station of authority over how a small slice of the national economy is allocated. Obviously these should never be given to women but at least half of them are, with disastrous effect.

    The collective economic decisions of women are retarded, blowing the majority of the nation’s economic product on consumables that do not generate any value.

    With pussy secured under patriarchy, men want to reinvest their surplus earnings into tools, business ventures, siring more children, etc.

    Women on the other hand waste it all on mimosas, vacation, makeup, and disposable clothing. And then they reach into your wallet and grab yours too. Men in this social environment (“the state of nature”) have to spend more money on frivolous bullshit to chase the pussy and keep it happy.

    Every dollar that you have to spend on a nightclub cover to game sluts because you can’t negotiate a fertile virgin wife directly from under her father’s roof, is an economic command for larger numbers of waitstaff and liquor bottlers to dedicate their finite human labor toward Not Building Bridges. Formerly this was the vice of drunkard sailors and other fringes and dregs of society but now it’s everybody under 30 and many older as well.

    Or beta men just give up and and blow it on all the new Mandalorian LEGO sets and Twitch chat reads because nothing is completely irrational anymore after your clan-writ-large has made it just shy of illegal for you to ever get pussy.

    Extend this effect into every facet of life and you see why it’s now organizationally unthinkable to achieve things that our grandfathers did with simpler technology and less input energy. Even monuments from hundreds or thousands of years ago are impressive, not “for their time” but for OUR time. It feels backwardly futuristic to be able to move so much stone into a genuinely beautiful arrangement.

    Revoke these sluts of their bank cards and you’ve got one foot on Mars.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      This is a very old problem indeed:

    • ray says:

      Seconded. All institutions have long since been converged by the Hive Sisterhood.

    • Djinn says:

      Brilliant. And if bank accounts for women are cocaine, credit cards are crack. It’s pure predation.

      • zero says:

        awesome post I’ve never seen the consumerism problem explained so well. I think we should also consider bear markets lose some value in correcting capital allocation when Martha the dumb bitch and stan the druggie get their income(slice of the economic pie) insured by government. you want to blow cash on shitty vacations to Disneyland you can eat rice and be poor when winter comes. Bismarck was right about slavery.

  43. Pax Imperialis says:

    The absolute hypersurreal clarity of adrenaline. It’s euphoric. @KD I think you might enjoy this video.

    I weighed out the consequences of my actions, and I accepted them. I knew what I was doing. Everything was a conscious and thought out decision. Those were one of the most happy times of my life.

    Trauma largely comes from trying to reconcile the rush with the most horrific and concurrent times of life. All of life becomes a monochrome. Perversely seeking out more trauma becomes an incentive.


    >They’re fighting for the same reason the Germans continued to fight in 1945. Azov will kill them and their families if they give up.

    Sure, recruitment at gun point is an initial factor, but causes become lost with time and eventually many fight because it’s the only color they have in life.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      I watched it. Saw some good footage, and it was interesting to hear the tiniest amounts of honesty about enjoying the killing. If I’d seen that before coming Here, before becoming what I am now, I’d be totally psyched, my dick would be hard. Now, watching these vertbros “share,” two thoughts vie for dominance in my mind: these are the foot soldiers of gynochracy; they traded everything away and still lost.

      These guys are acting like they were brave, but I’ve come to a place where I have far more respect for the Tangos that fought them for 20 years, then went right back to living. How many of these “cold blooded killers” need massive amounts of daily medication just to appear to function? How would these guys respond to an occupying force with overwhelming firepower moving into their communities and relishing in the destruction of their country and culture? After 2020, I am confident in saying that over 90% of the American combat veterans (excluding all the non-combat/functionaries) would roll over almost instantly the moment they were outgunned. You have to filter all of this, all the braggadocio and “psycho-killer” babbling through the lens of “these guys were salaried laborers with every weapon system known to man working over time to keep them from losing, and they lost.”

      Don’t get me wrong, I have “thoughts” about belt fed weaponry, MBTs, and a particular campus, and All That Entails. But the awe and esteem I held for the combat class of the US is completely gone, utterly evaporated away. They are nothing more than the foot soldiers of feminism, making the world safe for sodomy.

      • ray says:

        Sadly Kunning Druegger, you are correct.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >they traded everything away and still lost.

        Yes. I think it interesting that you could see the tension between what they wanted to do in their “jokes” and the fear they had of USG disapproval. It’s why they lost. They’ve got Tali trying to kill them on one end and Feds trying to fuck them on the other. I wouldn’t say they traded everything away though. They got some good times from it along with some bad times.

        >the foot soldiers of gynochracy

        Quite a few (combat vets included) will privately say they have more in common with the Taliban than they do with USG… obviously that’s a landmine few will touch in any published video.

        >These guys are acting like they were brave

        I don’t see that. Adrenaline shuts down thoughts of bravery. You just do what has to be done. What I did see was a lot of reminiscence over some of the best and worst times of their lives.

        >How many of these “cold blooded killers” need massive amounts of daily medication just to appear to function?

        Somewhere around 10-20 billion USD per year in drugs, so a lot of them. Very rough estimate though. Most of the psychological problems they have originates from a life time of indoctrination telling them to feel bad for fighting when it feels really, really good to fight the enemy.

        They can’t reconcile the difference and it drives them crazy. Not so dissimilar from how some Christian sect members (gnostics) are anti sex and go crazy and kill a bunch of prostitutes.

        >Tangos that fought them for 20 years, then went right back to living.

        They are not coping well either.

        I sometimes miss the jihad life for all the good things it had. In our ministry, there’s little work for me to do. Therefore, I spend most of my time on Twitter. We’re connected to speedy Wi-Fi and the Internet. Many mujahedin, including me, are addicted to the Internet, especially Twitter.

        When Tali becomes NEETs because there’s no Americans to fight… we in the West will get some great memes out of it, but I can’t say it’s healthy.

        >How would these guys respond to an occupying force

        If they ever get spiritual approval to shoot back they would love it. Life would have purpose again. The problem is that the preachers all tell them shooting back is wrong and that lying down to die is just. Preachers that do tell them it’s righteous to fight all end up like Waco.

        >They are nothing more than the foot soldiers of feminism, making the world safe for sodomy.

        A fair point, but right now GAE has a monopoly on spiritual approval of violence. Until that’s broken, young men seeking adventure and fighting will trade their values and youth for bad causes. Just is how it is. Ultimately a spiritual problem and we must put blame on the ruling priesthood.

  44. Donald Trump is proving himself to be the quintessential boomer uncle.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      The Joe Biden left is fretting about the indictment helping Trump. They are the quintessential boomer wine aunt. Nearly two peas in a pod.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        This was probably another “opportunity” for Trump to cross the Rubicon, though not as decisive as 2020, and he has indeed done so… to complete his abject surrender.

        I think this is the best indication that all they are going to do is “vote harder” in 2024. The last hope (if there was any at all after 2020) of a somewhat right wing Caesar seems to have completely evaporated. You’ll be lucky to get a relatively sane Stalin at this point.

        • Red says:

          This was probably another “opportunity” for Trump to cross the Rubicon, though not as decisive as 2020, and he has indeed done so… to complete his abject surrender.

          An opportunity for him to resist, but he’s in no position to be anything other than a Martyr. Though he’s turning out to be awful at the role. The Cringe is off the scales.

          • jim says:

            > he’s in no position to be anything other than a Martyr.

            Trump could have and should have fled the country, stating a high likelihood of being Epsteined, and giving a list of other inconvenient people who had been imprisoned on frivolous grounds, and then murdered. Like Snowden, should have fled to the periphery of the Chinese hegemony, and thence moved to Russia.

            • simplyconnected says:

              Pic related [KD link]

              • jim says:

                Viktor Bout is a Russian arms dealer that the Global American Empire is after. They caught him, took him to America, but Russia got him back in a prisoner exchange. He speaks fluent English. He is charged with selling weapons to people on the Global American Imperial $#!%!!$&. Who were, however, not on the Russian $#!%!!$&, so why is that illegal?

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Just saying V.Bout shares your concern that Trump would be killed if taken to jail. He even suggests using Russia as a base from which to fight for the American people. He sent a letter to let him know.
                  Perhaps Trump hasn’t realized, but others have. That’s all.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  If Elon Musk defects to Russia, it’s game over for the Anal Empire.

        • The Cominator says:

          No opportunity to cross the Rubicon here…

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I mean, he could have fled the country. He could have turned Mar A Lago into a Waco. There were options.

  45. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    GAE sending vagabonds to blow people up in Russia.

    Assassination is of course a very old technique; but assassinating a high status preacher (blogger) of your enemies memeplex is exactly the sort of move you should be doing.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      I had to think about this for a while, and you are right in terms of the targeting, but the method exposes the level of desperation Kiev is at.

  46. Kunning Drueger says:

    Here’s a link to a YouTube video that is an excerpt of Joe Rogan talking to the infamous blowhard Eric Weinstein.

    I don’t know enough about physics to accurately gauge whether Weinstein is a complete charlatan, or whether he actually has some good points to make. In my midwit mind, looking at who is opposing him and what they represent, I am inclined to believe that Weinstein is actually on to something but lacks the brain power or some other juju that would make him an actual force to be reckoned with. This video is interesting if only for how it adds some clarity to one small aspect of Harvard as Seminary for Progress.

    I bring him up because he is a second case study in what could be a actual trend of intellectuals, that being ones that are just as much snake oil salesman as the typical Cathedral agent, but for multiple different reasons, were not allowed into the club and therefore are acting out against it. This is relevant to our work here because any kind of elite defection, no matter the motivation, should be something we look at and consider. The first example is Zeihan, though it must be stated that he seems to be on the opposite track, in that he used to be a lone voice in the wilderness crying out, but now he is moving into the fold to be a spokesman for the Polygon. That could be him Buying In, or the In Crowd trying to branch out.

    A possible term for these kinds of defectors could be Blind Seekers. They stumble onto some bedrock truth that shows them that the status quo of the intellectual ecosystem is misguided, incorrect, or deeply flawed, but because they cannot break the programming, because they’ve never been darkly enlightened or red pilled, they flail about clumsily and are not really capable of a cohesive opposition.

    In tactical terms, these blind seekers represent an opportunity for our side. In strategic terms, they are probably helicopter fodder. No matter which way you slice it. I will be up front and say that his Theory of Unified Geometry appeals to my embarrassingly shallow understanding of physics, but that’s just half my revulsion with String Theorists and half my intuition that whatever the Cathedral submits as true is the opposite.

    If anyone is keeping track, that is two additions to the rhetorical framework I have submitted and am awaiting “beer review” from the lads here, which is the method of reading my inanities while sober, again while drunk, then deciding which parts are the worst.

    Thrall Whites

    Blind Seekers

    • jim says:

      He is a smart guy who on this occasion are telling the truth.

      And his economics is correct.

      “I did the marginal revolution using gauge theory”

      He did. Best economics around. And the trouble is Joe Rogan, and the IQ gap. Guage theoretical marginal economics is what he is actually talking about, but in the course of explaining what happened to the unification of marginal economics and gauge theory, which is way beyond Joe Rogan and Joe Rogan’s audience, he explains how power works.

      Accurate explanation of Harvard and power, accurate explanation of economics.

      One error. He still credits Harvard with excellence. Seriously out of date and out of touch, not noticing what would be dangerous to notice.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Yarvin says power hides.

        Weinstein says power brags.

        Both could be wrong. Can both be right? KD says smart power hides and dumb power brags. So maybe both right? But if a known midwit can marry opposing positions elegantly, we can confidently state that the marriage may be sound, but it’s not profound.

        Taxonomy is the elephant in our room, Jim. You are probably the greatest living taxonomist, but you’re also the brightest working sociologist, and before ANYONE gets up in arms about the implications of that statement, it’s my observation. Jim, to my knowledge, has never called himself a sociologist, nor would he. But the fact remains that, from the 30k&