Decline in GDP per capita

Your grandfathers could enjoy a house, a garden, children, and stay at home wife looking after the kids. Their grandchildren are dual income no kids, but live in a little box with Ikea furniture Not only did we land on the moon in the 1970s, we had nicer cars, nicer toilets, and better clothes washing machines, though today we have nicer phones and computers.

But Americans can no longer make the cpus and ram for those computers, which come from Taiwan and South Korea, and our war planes cannot fly as far, as high and as fast as the warplanes of the seventies.

The US and Europe have thrown many billions at the collapse of chip technology problem, and repeatedly had the leading chipmakers in the US empire come here and to Europe to give us their technology, and they attempt to do so, and are strangely unable to do so. Their smarties cannot cross the IQ gap between themselves and the normies running our chip foundries.

“China’s top chipmaker SMIC has successfully advanced its chip manufacturing by two generations and is now exporting 7nm chips, despite US sanctions attempting to block its rise, a reverse engineering analysis from techinsights on its products has found.” This puts China four years behind the current state of the art. Close enough to support modern information epoch warfare weaponry, while the US is utterly dependent upon Taiwan and South Korea.

Compare the old malls with the new shopping centers. These are places built for poor people. I recently revisited San Francisco, having been away for a decade or so. That the streets are full of human shit and crime is governmental failure caused by browns in government, but that the buildings need some maintenance and a coat of paint indicates everyone is getting poorer.

I recently visited a high end jewelry shop. It was a shop built to serve people poorer than the people of my youth. Prosperous people demand nicer surroundings. The ambience was a lot more Walmart than the places people shopped long ago. Compare our shopping centers with the old malls. Obviously built to serve poor people.

“The mall was big and beautiful and comfortable and even a little overwhelming. All of the wide passages, lined by stores, were multi-level – two in most places, but three at the food court and the movie theater. Everything there was new and gleaming and clean and safe, and automatic sliding doors and escalators were all around the place. There were walkways suspended in midair over wide indoor plazas and courtyards.”

“The decline of the mall coincided not only with the rise of the internet, but also with the rise in earnest of Walmart and other big-box warehouse stores. There are no skate parks or indoor waterfalls at Walmart. The increasingly impoverished remnants of what was once our middle class shuffle in to buy cheap junk”

Biden tells us everyone is getting more prosperous. That lie comes from the same people who are denying space travel and arguing for flat earth, and is as plausible as that the earth is flat. I can see that ordinary people are poorer, for middle class is a wife, a house, a garden, and children.

“Don’t you know that it’s 2015? That means gay marriage! Women in combat! Even the first rumblings of the normalization of pedophilia! Say what you will about the Classical Marxists of the past – Lenin, Stalin, Mao – but they built massive hydroelectric dams, intercontinental missiles, skyscrapers, and atom bombs. Yet in The Current Year, they and their grand projects have been replaced by the Cultural Marxism of Gramsci, Marcuse, and Alinsky. To the leftists of The Current Year, global warming means we can’t build big impressive things anymore, so now we simply declare the cutting edge to be increasingly degenerate sexual and cultural practices. There is nothing of The Future in The Current Year – any caveman could have smoked dope, had weird sex, or dressed up like a girl.”

A holiness spiral peaks suddenly, and then it is over. Sometimes no one survives, but usually it is abruptly terminated by a Hitler or a Stalin before it gets to that point.

A dark age sets in slowly, at about one percent a year for centuries, From time to time there are dramatic crises, and even turnarounds, but these make little difference to the long term trend. We have a holiness spiral and a dark age setting in.

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  1. […] is related to an earlier post on the fakeness of American GDP afflicting American consumers. Used to be that every moderately competent, moderately industrious, man could afford a home, a garde…. Now they look like shopping centers for third world people. I was very recently in a big top […]

  2. Mary Robinson says:

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  3. Veritas says:

    my dearest mentor jim,

    i would like to implement a tls specifically for blockchains such as xmr, btc, and dot.

    How do you feel about the writeup you ha e already made, how would yourate its completeness.

    what whould you say is the most pragmatic approach: forking quic or a brand new codebase (would be in rust, as that is the language I have the most familiarity in)

    where shalt I store the repository? current plan would be a paid-in-monero server, though I would have to figure out admin for a git server,and mirrored on say, both gitlab and github. open to better ideas.

    any other considerations or advice welcome

    • jim says:

      > How do you feel about the writeup you ha e already made, how would yourate its completeness.

      Terrible. Needs more work. And right now, financial and family real life events are pressing me hard.

      > what would you say is the most pragmatic approach: forking quic or a brand new codebase (would be in rust, as that is the language I have the most familiarity in)

      On the one hand, lifting someone else’s codebase is always quicker.

      On the other hand, quic needs extensive changes to be useful for the intended purpose, and a solution based on rust, Actix, and/or Tokio is obviously going to be vastly superior.

      Being a C++ man, my natural bias is quic, but if you are a rust man, well, you need massive parallelism, and C++ totally sucks (and don’t I know it) at massive parallelism, while Tokio supports massive parallelism in rust. Tokio by itself, or Actix under Tokio

      Cloud servers are cheap and anonymous. I always pay with bitcoin, but recently cash cards that you can buy with cash (limited to small sums, and having high fees) have shown up.

      I have in the past written highly parallel massively concurrent code for C++, and am not looking forward to repeating the experience.

      If anything, the recent changes in C++ to support parallelism and massive parallelism have made things worse, not better. They do not supply a solution, but pile of matchsticks and glue from which you are supposed to build a boat, the matchsticks do not actually fit together, and get in the way of older, machine and operating system specific solutions.

      The C++ model machine was always a single threaded machine executing a single process, with multithreading added on top and hoc. Now the model machine is multithreaded and has atomics, but unfortunately it also has a collection of incoherent and poorly thought through ideas on what to do with multithreading and atomics. The poorly thought out ideas are written around the case where one has a single unitary task, and one wants to throw thirty two cores and sixty four threads in parallel at that one single task, not for the case where one has ten thousand tasks running concurrently, most of them not all that active. I suppose they are well thought out and coherent in that particular case, but these ill fitting ideas are likely to get in the way of performing ten thousand tasks concurrently.

      • Veritas says:

        If forking quic does not seem untenable to you at first brush, I believe I shall do that. I still regard myself a novice in the grand scheme of things, so better to have some scaffolding. Not sure when exactly I will find the time, but it is very high in the pipeline. I’ll post somewhere about it when I have further questions or progress worth witnessing. First iterations will contain a very limited feature set, mostly ablation of the openssl and related. To be followed with whatever seems most useful for the extant core crypto networks I am interested in.

  4. TheDividualist says:

    Meanwhile they are building flying cars in Turkey and in China tablets replaced paper menu cards in restaurants.

    We are quickly becoming like Africans in 1925 marveling at the white mans magic car and airplane.

    Countries who hold Prides do not win wars. Except maybe if they fight with drones. But the drones are made in Turkey. Oops.

    Doctors in Austria fail at first aid, stopping bleeding after 5 years of ueducation. Comparison: Combat Medic training is 10 days. And I was not bleeding as hard as someone shot with an AK. They had to find the senior doc who knew about pressure bandage.

    • TheDividualist says:

      Oh and these days I am getting used to self-diagnosis, showing docs stuff I googled on my phone. Where is Galt’s Gulch, where the competent ones live?

  5. Kunning Drueger says:

    I’m going to do my own dice on the topic, but does anyone have an opinion or valuable observations on the transportation of migrants from TX to NYC? It seems to be percolating into the normie sphere to some degree.

    I’m not trying to be lazy, I just prefer to have a basic Jimian frame before I start going through a bunch MSM and Cathedral sources.

    • Red says:

      Looks like political theater to me. Even areas where they’re not being shipped to are being over run by an army illegals. I see them on the street corners all over the place now.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        That was my initial thought, too. But the more I ponder it, the more I think there’s actually a potential for some demographic hybrid war. Bussing border jumping illegals is funny because it forces Sanctuary City cucks to juxtapose their fantasy with reality. But it is also giving foot soldiers to the Blue City mayors, which was my original objection when this topic first came up on this blog back in April or May. The program has been running for a while now, and Texas claims they’ve bussed ~6500 illegals to primarily DC. MSM reporting says DC mayor Bowser attempted calling out the national guard, but DoD declined the request. If Texas keeps at it, and the rest of Red Southwest joins in, they could swamp the Blue Cities relatively quickly, creating more white flight and decay. This is a mixed bag, as those fleeing crackers are all blue voter scum, but collapsing the fiefdoms of Blue Mayors is a good thing IMO.

        The real strategic value of this scheme would be an expansion of the program. Imagine if TX, FL, and AZ could offer a free ride and a pocket full of monopoly money to any foreigner, minority, spinster, sodomite, and negro that asks. You could reduce population of blue cucks from their strongholds in Red States, and you could run a false flag meme campaign encouraging these welfare babies to “flee the backwards, racist, shithole Red States” for the “progressive utopia of DNC controlled cities.” I wonder how quickly you could realize an intentional demographic shift with a tool like this. You could even offer it to misdemeanor level criminals and crime inclined minors and minorities. They either get the book thrown at them, or they get some cash and a one-way bus ticket to NWC, DC, SanFran, or Chi-Raq. I think there’s potential here.

        • Red says:

          It’s a good idea if the GOP wasn’t just as soft on crime as the Democrats. The GOP is 2/3s undercover Dems and when the holyness spiral shifted on crime everyone shifted together. GOP governors still have to pretend to be tough on crime while they’re emptying the jails. This leads to less public disorder but ultimately the same out of control crime rate.

  6. Megatherion says:

    Nice to see Antidem getting some attention.

  7. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Nothing gives me a clearer view of the rot than smart dudes like these working at Mcdonalds and Shaniqua who couldn’t do basic algebra being at the head of chip manufacturing. Really makes me seethe sometimes when I think about it.

  8. dave says:

    I’ll give you another data point. recently learned of a situation where a police officer in the mid-sixties, while supporting a very large family on a police officer salary, was able to buy a one/third share of a Cessna 150 and fly it enough to qualify as a pilot. Not possible today with price of aviation gas, regulations, requirements to keep plane in the air, and the cost of the planes. General Aviation is hard and getting harder, but people are committed to keeping planes in the air.

  9. Adam says:

    I don’t think this is as big of a problem as it seems. Big problem if you are average. Big problem if you are incompetent and dependent on society to survive. Big problem if you are an NPC.

    For the guys here that have a pioneer mindset, smart, red pilled with faith in God, really not that bad. It should be easier now than ever to out compete your peers.

    If you are fit, have game and a skill, shouldn’t be tremendously difficult to find a wife and have kids. The competition is really thin. And the worse it gets for NPCs, the worse it gets for women, and the more motivated they will be to hang on to one of the guys that can keep his cool throughout hard times.

    We were built for this. And in a lot of ways we still have it very good. If you just want to be a boomer and have everything handed to you, yeah your not gonna make it. But if you keep it together and let the adversity make a man out of you, you will live a better life than they ever did.

    It’s not like you have to put all your stuff in a wagon and head west. Worse you have to worry about now, maybe is the feds. But that seems like worrying about the boogeyman.

    Plenty of raw materials for you to build something and live a very comfortable life. Think of what the settlers had to go through to make it, what our ancestors had to face. We have it made by comparison.

    • Fidelis says:

      Boomers are completely detached from the reality young men face today. Lucky fucks.

      • Milosevic says:

        lmao got to agree mate. I agree with his general argument but fk me

        • Leon says:

          Dude lives in a parallel universe. The worst thing to deal with isn’t the feds. It’s the third worlders making a shithole of American cities and bat shit crazy white women with their white knight enforcers. It’s the complete depravity of modern western culture, especially American. It’s the lgbt bullshit areas that are in every city of a certain size. It’s the rising prices of everything not just in blue states but in red states next to blue states that are being invaded. It’s every form of media turning against straight, white men and any attempt to build a family. It’s the corporations pushing out what little small businesses remain while promoting degeneracy. And worst of all, it is the cluelessness of Republicans who have no idea what is coming their way.

          Must have been nice to live in a country of 90 plus percent European heritage. Too bad it is gone and has been for quite some time.

          • Adam says:

            Victim mentality. Civilization is a prison where the guards are scarce and pay very little attention to you. You can do almost anything you want without consequence if you are smart about it.

            If you really want to be free, go live in the woods. You’ll find out real quick how worthless you are.

            The only people who bitch about society are the ones who are dependent on it. If you actually had to look at what you bring to the table, versus what you are getting out of it, you would be very grateful.

            • Fidelis says:

              No one can live in the woods indefinitely without there being an eventual manhunt. Let alone could you live well in the woods. They’re even starting to come after Amish for “illegal” farming practices. You’re being an unrealistic faggot typical of your generation. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps young man!

              I would gain far more from the boot of the state being lifted than I currently get from fucking shitty grocery stores and plywood housing.

              • Adam says:

                I’m 42. I have an ex-wife, 3 kids and 2 boomer parents that depend on me. The shop i work in is between 90-98 degrees all day every day. Don’t tell me about how hard it is.

                Life doesn’t owe you anything except death. I bet you don’t even lift.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t talk pompous its useless and stupid and nothing about pozzy clownworld makes life better and not sure why you seem to be making this argument.

                • Pooch says:

                  He is saying learn to accept the world as it is and become productive or your genes will be selected against. The deeply rooted underlying economic incentives and conditions mean nothing will change really even with a Caesar.

                  Fantasizing and putting all your energy into some absurd political reactionary restoration is not a viable reproduction strategy and is largely pornographic, self-masterbatory, and therapeutic. If that is your long term strategy, your line dies with you.

                • jim says:

                  Working for me.

                  As individuals, we implement reaction within our personal power. Enough people do that individually, then as the social order collapses, favorable conditions for implementing it collectively on larger scales arise.

                  Advancing technology overwhelmingly favors a reactionary social order. The state religion is pushing shit uphill, attempting to reverse technological impact with demonic magic, obstinate denial of in-your-face reality, and suppressing technological advance.

                  The latter tactic being suicidal in a world of Information Epoch warfare.

                • Adam says:

                  Alright. I’m making the argument because nothing good comes from the blackpill.

                  Winning is hard. Losing is hard. It’s all hard. I know it’s hard. I’m not denying that. I’m not denying any of the legitimate complaints here.

                  Complaining doesn’t do any good. And it’s bad for your health. If my attitude sucks, I’m going to fail. If I focus on all the negatives, I’m going to bring that into my life. Same for anyone else.

                  The blackpill is not a solution and it is not acceptable.

                • alf says:

                  As always, a line to walk between delusional optimism and paralyzing pessimism. Hard to be optimistic when society is collapsing around us. A bit easier to be optimistic when you feel like Indiana Jones escaping the collapsing temple.

                  At the end of the day, our faith is white pilled. Obey Gnon’s laws, have faith. God will provide.

                • Adam says:

                  I’m not accepting defeat. I’m not doing it. I’m never going to accept defeat. If I have to make America great again all by myself I’m going to do it.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I want to say that TC’s blackpilling is fucking gay and I am not dog piling that bullshit, but…

                  Your model disregards the overwhelming crush of runaway population. Understand, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “overpopulation” or at least we are nowhere near it. But there is such a thing as elite over production, and there is a way to crowd out the Middle from making something of itself. Bringing browns in, smashing everyone into the public university system, telling everyone they have a shot at literally whatever they can dream up, and putting lifestyles and life stories on a pedestal that are fundamentally impossible to emulate, pursue, or attain; all of these are facets of the same strategy, similar to forcing an mRNA vaccine on everyone. Get everybody in the same predicament, and everyone will very likely act similarly, thus predictably, thus manageably.

                  There was a window in time wherein you could capture a good mix of land, skills, and connections to forge a middle class existence to weather the storm of the Great Decline. It appears that you have done so. Many others did not, even though they were in the window. In a way, you are sitting atop the cliffs of Normandy and saying “well, that was easy” and expecting everyone else to do as well as you did, regardless of the fact that there are far more defenses, fewer fox holes, better technologies for repelling invaders, and worse methods for assaulting the beach.

                  I fully admit to being soft in comparison to previous men of my own line. It is a significant problem that I am attempting to address in the next generation. But don’t pretend that a little bit of elbow grease and resolve will magically change demographics or the midwit crush.

                • Fidelis says:

                  You’re making nonsense fluff arguments completely detached to reality.

                  >If you are fit, have game and a skill, shouldn’t be tremendously difficult to find a wife and have kids. The competition is really thin. And the worse it gets for NPCs, the worse it gets for women, and the more motivated they will be to hang on to one of the guys that can keep his cool throughout hard times.

                  Detached from reality. Women’s tastes have gotten noticeably worse even over the last few years. Game requires ever more absurd acts to keep a woman around. There are less and less females even capable of mild pair bonding as society continues to collapse. Red queens race gets faster. You, witnessing your own children struggle with this, should know, and maybe not make nonsense statements. Not impossible, not easy, getting harder.

                  >It’s not like you have to put all your stuff in a wagon and head west.

                  That would be a dream. Virgin territory, weak government far away. Allowed to actually be a man.

                  >Plenty of raw materials for you to build something and live a very comfortable life. Think of what the settlers had to go through to make it, what our ancestors had to face. We have it made by comparison.

                  I have a friend that is trying to build a house, very basic stuff, in a red state, and they are getting assfucked every step of the way. Absurd property taxes, absurd zoning requirements, permits for things that don’t even make sense. You will live in a pod and eat the bugs if nothing changes.

                  >He is saying learn to accept the world as it is and become productive or your genes will be selected against.

                  That’s all well and good, and stated as such I would agree. He is making statements that show total detachment from the world young men are actually facing and frankly are just fucking stupid. Like living in the woods is a terrible punishment instead of an impossible dream even in the 70s per Uncle Ted’s attempt.

                  “Just build a small business and date the local tinder/bar slut young man! In fact it is your fault that life is declining! Oh society is bad huh? Why don’t you just leave then! Hahaha thought so!” It’s typical bullshit spouted by everyone from scheming RHINO neocons to boomers who are in the middle of getting ethnically cleansed in their formally 99.99% homogenous — beyond white alone even, but even the specific white ethnicity — neighborhood. If I wanted to hear it, I wouldn’t fucking bother with this blog, I would just follow whatever talking head is on the talmudvision.

                • Milosevic says:

                  Here is a description from the front lines on one simple aspect of modern life.

                  I am cold approaching at the moment, which is as good a strategy as any for an autistically inclined young male to find a mate. What was already a difficult and time-consuming task has been made orders of magnitudes harder with the female distractions of current-year smartphones, ubiquitous earphone and headphone usage, and now 30-40% of the fertile female population wearing fkn face masks! It is completely insane.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Way too many are fat.

                • Adam says:

                  I don’t own my own home, or business. I always have a month or two of paychecks in savings but that’s all I have for a cushion. I’m not complaining I’ve had it worse.

                  My son is a young man and we are much in the same boat. Need to get him a house, myself a house. Need to start our own business. He needs a wife and kids eventually. I’ll have something like a wife again, maybe more kids. I say this to show that I am not ignorant about our conditions.

                  Overcoming demoralization is among the hardest things I’ve ever had learn how to do. It’s a daily battle. If I look at everything I still have to do and everything that could go wrong, and how hard it will be, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

                  That said, I’m still going to do it. I know it’s going to be hard. I accept it. Monday is going to be hard. So is Tuesday. If by Wednesday society collapses, whatever. I was going to get up early and get after it anyway.

                  I accept that it’s hard and getting harder, I accept that it’s unjust and unfair. I don’t care. It’s not going to stop me. I am not going to quit.

                  We have some guys here like that. We need more guys here like that, or to become like that.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  No man succeeds alone; to survive we must either found a new white nation whose religion is neither liberalism nor nigger-loving Judeo-Christianity, or join one that’s already lasted a long time, such as the Amish or the Old Believers.

                  I think the Old Believers have a better chance of surviving the next 200 years because America has always protected the Amish, while Russian governments have repeatedly tried and failed to wipe out the Old Believers. Russia has much bigger gaps in its road network, so if you settle in a place that’s really hard to get to, government agents, immigrant hordes, and urban faggots will tend to leave you alone.

                • jim says:

                  Old belief is authentically Russian Russian Orthodox, and the changes that pissed them off represent failure of the Tsar and of the official Church to maintain memetic sovereignty.

                  Which loss of memetic sovereignty eventually led to the death of the Tsars.

                  But we are not Russians. Each nation must have its own national Church, and the universal Christian Church must reflect the collegial consensus of the Bishops of each national Church.

                  The Old believer priesthood, among others, have legitimate apostolic succession going all the way back to the apostles. Anyone with apostolic succession can grant someone else apostolic succession, though he should do so in a way that reflects the consensus of others with apostolic succession. So we need an American Orthodox Church, whose apostolic successions runs through the Russian Orthodox Church.

                  If you look at American Christians at prayer, you will notice that white Christians pray with white Christians, and black Christians pray with black Christians. The integrated Churches are fake Christian, post Christian, converged to globohomo. So we need a white American Orthodox Church, and an Afro American Orthodox Church, with the black Bishops of the black church in collegial consensus, communion, and mutual recognition with the white Bishops of the white Church.

              • Ghost says:

                I wouldn’t say live in the woods. But, I also think it’s important not to loose connection.

                For instance, if you’ve never been camping, you should learn. Outdoor cooking, bow hunting, fishing. Just being out there in nature can be restorative. And give you a confidence that you can make it. If you’ve never been before, study up. Try it for a half day working up to a full weekend or more.

                Even if you live in the city, always know your shortest path to the woods. I’ve been to a lot of places throughout the US and always enjoyed fishing.

            • Leon says:

              At no point did I say give up. It is not victim mentality to know what one is up against. Ignoring the enemy and battlefield circumstances is incredibly short sighted. Also, civilization is a prison? What the fuck man.

              • Adam says:

                Look at it as a scale of rights and responsibilities. Wilderness -> rural township -> city -> county jail -> state penitentiary.

                So yeah it’s not much different than jail. Just more autonomy and more responsibility, depending on where you live.

                And I am not ignoring the enemy. I acknowledge our enemies, and I am determined to succeed anyway.

          • The Cominator says:

            The feds make that all possible.

      • Aidan says:

        Adam is right. Facing hardship is a man’s lot in life. Successful reproduction and prosperity today requires a different type of hardship than our ancestors faced, it is more internal, more spiritual and social, but still need to man the fuck up and do it.

  10. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


    The pivot to Putler with ukraine probably seemed like a good idea to them at the time. Of course many expected that they could just continue surfing the wave of mania all the way to cannibal holocaust, but it was getting increasingly difficult for the gerontocrats to keep the circus tent around the clownshow. And while you can reasonably anticipate what things will be leading too crisis points, they are like the event horizons of a black hole, in that what happens during and after moments of crisis are so often unanticiple[…]Their conjured spirit became too big, too entangled with every level of the theocracy’s organs of legitimation, to just quietly walk back;

    But at the same time, there was no option to just *not* walk it back, either; the plane was crashing with no survivors, and would take the whole plankwork of ‘independent disinterested experts who all agree with each other on the (((important issues)))’ that much of the whig regime rests its authority on with it.

    A crisis point was being approached, as things would inevitably come to a head; so they jump on distracting from the collapse of the Awesome and Mighty Coof Daemon by turning to war with Russia; and likewise in turn, they ump on distracting from the collapse of the war with Russia by turning to war with China.

    Like trying to pay off a loan by taking out another loan from the sharks on the other side of town; like an addict coping with their withdrawal by taking more of their smack; like an airplane with engine failure; the pilot can try mashing the rudder any which way he likes, all directions the craft is capable of going lead into the ground.

  11. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Why are so many people giving in to despair and acting like this style of existence is inevitable? Look how much effort that have to expend to maintain it, and then look at how badly the strain is showing.

    • Adam says:

      If I was dependent on leftism to survive I would be terrified. It might get tougher for for the Amerikaner, but it’s definitely going to get much tougher for every leftist.

  12. Ruddite says:

    Where does a guy go to enjoy the decline poolside? Butthurt Belt in Europe? Central Asia? Japan?

    • jim says:

      Search me. I never attempted to enjoy the decline poolside. But the best place for picking up chicks involves a literal poolside – hit up an international tourist resort with crew, where you take it turns being the alpha male of the group, and break into a group of chicks and take it over.

      • Ruddite says:

        15When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) 16Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: 17Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: 18Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. **19And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! **(…) 24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

        Not really looking for chicks. I just want to not be harassed, injected with mystery gene mods, castrated and then killed. Postcommies seem the most likely to have both food and lack of seriously insane DNA based 1984, but I don’t know. Russia seems to be a vaxx monster as well.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Romania and Bulgaria are the least injected in Europe (aside from Ukraine of course).

        • Varna says:

          Russians get the adenoviral clotshot, Sputnik, which is Astra Zeneca and J%J style, but not the RNA mutagen serum.

          The Chinese get the dead virus flu shot tech, but not the adenoviral clotshot or the RNA mutagen serum.

          So it’s a bit of a balance. Simply connected mentions correctly Romania and Bulgaria as having under 50% vax rates, but 50% of the vax itself is Pfeizer and Moderna.

          Whereas in for example Cambodia, they are officially 87% vaxed

          But no RNA vax. Only adenoviral clotshots and trad vax

          In places like Indonesia and the Philippines it’s all types, like a choice of a dozen shots, the whole spectrum from mutagen to flu shot. Unlike in the, hehe, free world.

          This CNN link, let me paste it again

          Data for refuseniks like Bulgaria and Romania is completely missing though. Nice info management.

          Moldova is also missing, a few others.

          • Ruddite says:

            I’m not worried about the safety of this current vaxx. I am worried about the next one, or next whatever the fuck they decide to impose on the population. You like to eat food, prole? Get your fucking chip implant then. Russia was all too happy to make hay and do QR code bullshit with this. Fucking terrible. What a nightmare world we inhabit.

            • simplyconnected says:

              My plan in that case is Romania or Bulgaria. You want a place where you can buy your injection pass because everyone there knows it’s poison.

  13. Pooch says:

    I can see that ordinary people are poorer, for middle class is a wife, a house, a garden, and children.

    Th result of a civilizational shift in economics, in the nature of production, and
    in the nature of slavery. The slave class in medieval europe was agrarian and the slave class in modern europe was industrial.

    Now we have a post-industrial slave class and family values as a reproductive strategy for social administrators is no longer needed. As we head further into the post-industrial automation age, the less people reproduce, the better for the social administrators.

    Therefore, if morality is no longer needed and promoted by the aristocracy, it falls away because morality doesn’t maintain itself. There are certain pressures against it just as there are pressures against every moral code otherwise it wouldn’t need to be a moral code if there weren’t pressures against it, so these things fall away.

    Sadly, the reactionary response is ultimately superficial and futile because of the underlying economic arrangement and unless you change fundamentally the incentive structure on that deepest economic level then you’re trying to build a sandcastle against the tide and it’s going to be washed away.

    • jim says:


      The future belongs to those that show up. Someone is going to show up.

      The elite, like everyone, wants families and grandchildren. We have an elite incapable of the male hierarchy cooperation against women that make grandchildren possible. And, increasingly, incapable of the cooperation needed to stay in power. The latter problem may well solve the former.

      The world is going to be ruled by an elite capable of technology and information epoch warfare. And it is, eventually, going to be ruled by an elite capable of successful reproduction. The only question is will we be part of that future?

      The future is up for grabs. Someone, sooner or later, is going to grab it from the shaky and faltering hands of those running our declining civilization into the ground.

      • Travis says:

        The documentary “Idiocracy” is the future of the west.

        • jim says:

          Fortunately the society depicted in “idiocracy” is incapable of defending itself.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*deleted for total detachment from reality*]

            • jim says:

              You lack any awareness of what the right is thinking and doing. Not the reactionary right, not the radical right, not the normie Republican voter, not the Make America Great Again right, not even the RINO right and the cuckservative right. You are telling the right what they should be thinking without any awareness of what they are thinking.

              • Starman says:


                I wonder if Agent Anonymous Fake only posts here?

                He can go on Gab or the Chans and not worry about being zapped off for being a fed shill.

                • Aidan says:

                  I think it likely that he has clout in some other right-wing space, and he keeps coming back because getting shut down here is a major blow to his ego.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      The elite class is failing to reproduce and failing to recruit the kind of people who make an Information Epoch civilization possible. They need morality, but they are evil degenerates and refuse it, instead. The result is that they pick fights with people much more martially capable than themselves, their bloodlines die, and they invite their replacement. Without 17th century values you cannot maintain 21st century technology.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The Amish are fast growing and slowly adopting information technology. The growing expense of agricultural land is driving many away from the traditional communities into wider America.

        Don’t know if they have the martial capability to displace the elites, but the fertility rates are good.

        Similar thing is happening with Mormon communities.

        My personal biases would prefer the Amish win out on this over the Mormons, but it’s at the point where almost any religious group is better than the child sacrifice cult of the modern lgbt left.

    • ten says:

      What the fuck pooch?

      Follow your logic to its end. Nothing remains. No social administrators. So your logic is retarded.

      If you are right, that this is our trajectory, then our system will eventually weaken so much that another system topples it.

      You sound like you mourn a lost moralfaggotry. Weird. Chin up mate.

      • Pooch says:

        If you are right, that this is our trajectory, then our system will eventually weaken so much that another system topples it.

        Obviously, and likely several centuries from now. If Rome is the model, 6 centuries from now.

        My point:

        • S says:

          The US can’t beat the Taliban now. What the heck is stopping the cartels from just taking power in couple of decades?

        • jim says:

          Rome is the model for Dark Age decline. But the the Roman and Bronze Age dark ages occurred because there was just no one around who could maintain technology. And we are not only facing a dark age, but a left singularity.

          Bronze age civilization folded a whole lot faster than Roman, because though there was no one around who could maintain technology, there were plenty of groups around that could and did maintain marriage and family.

          We are in the situation where there is no one around who can maintain marriage and family, but plenty around who can maintain technology. And the resolution of the left singularity may well make a recovery of marriage and family possible.

          • Pooch says:

            The “dark ages” was a transition from the free movement of goods and trade economy of the Roman Empire to the self-sufficient agrarian economy of the feudal system where everything had to be on premises and could no longer be imported over long distances.

            When the American Empire eventually collapses, we will again return to a self-sufficient economy but preparing and hoping for such a future now is grossly inappropriate.

            We are looking at several centuries (at least) before the inevitable decline of the American Empire and a return to a feudal system.

            • jim says:

              The American Empire is not going to have a dark age of several centuries when other nations have the technological capability for information epoch warfare.

              Analogously, when the Song Dynasty elite lost the capacity to reproduce, they were conquered by the Jurgen whose elite had absolutely no problem reproducing, (even though the Song had gunpowder and all that and the Jurgen did not) and this restored Han Chinese reproductive capability.

              But China continued to suffer technological stagnation and poverty until Deng cured the problem seven centuries later.

    • S says:

      If only there was some human feature that machines couldn’t replace and that men have an infinite demand for. Like attractive young women to have sex with.

  14. Cloudswrest says:

    Horrific example of holiness spiraling. Look how happy she looks. “Come little girls to my gingerbread house!” They used to burn women like this at the stake.

  15. Anon says:

    Hope this on topic
    I follow a blog by an army guy, this is his take on the IRS hiring

    “Republicans are focused on this as being a bid to catch more tax cheats. They’re wrong. You don’t need armed agents to grab tax cheats. If anything you’d hire more computer programmers. Accountants. Lawyers. Hell even more analysts. But armed agents? This many? I believe its about gun seizures. Remember all those guys shouting “come and get them”? Others were asking who the govt was gonna get to do the deed? Well they can’t plus up the ATF. That would be a dead giveaway and Congress would be forced to react. But the IRS? That’s just perfect. I could be wrong but like I said. You don’t need this many armed agents to do tax collection. Uh you do know that’s bigger than a fully staffed Marine Expeditionary Force (legacy…don’t know how big the retooled force is gonna be). It’s bigger than a US Army Corps! Whatever the real deal is one thing is certain. The US govt just added a helluva number of forces to its domestic security force.”
    ” This is just a quick hit.

    If you ain’t alarmed by the fact that the US Govt is about to hire 87K new IRS Agents (that have full arrest powers!) then you aren’t paying attention.

    At the height of the war on terror we didn’t see this many new FBI Agents hired and they were worried about terrorist doing everything from a suitcase nuke, to a dirty bomb, to chemical attacks, multiple hijackings, kidnappings etc…

    87K new agents mean that you’re putting more than 1K agents in EACH STATE!

    That’s a freaking Army!

    Pay attention people. This is NOT normal. Normalcy bias is NOT your friend!”

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Do we all agree that this post rings of Rightwing Shill script? Even so, I think it is an interesting take, not in the way outlined, as it is written like a bad 4chan post or Facebook screed, but the idea that a raft of new Series 1800 agents (in any executive protuberance) combined with the rollout of Red Flag Laws means political proto-violence usually hidden under the guise of “mental health issues” or “civil asset forfeiture” or “domestic disturbances” perpetrated by regular police.

      • jim says:

        Seems like a reasonable take to me.

        But I think it more likely that what happened is that federal government figured they needed to collect a lot more money, and someone told them that hiring a lot more IRS agents would do it. (It will not)


    WHEN the Globohomo regime falls at last, we shall live like Kings and drink wine from goblets made from the skulls of the vanquished.

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