Steve Kirsch was a big time Democratic Party donor, who has given tens of millions of dollars to left wing causes.

As you no doubt know there has been a huge rise in the young person death rate, and there is a curious lack of curiosity about this enormous number of deaths. “Death of unknown causes” has risen from being a very minor and extraordinarily rare cause of young person death, to being the major cause of death, which should tell you that they know damn well exactly what the cause is.

Steve Kirsch, suffering some deaths of “unknown” causes in his circle, started looking into it, and very quickly came to know the cause of death. So he wrote some letters to the usual beneficiaries of his generosity.

Which went unread – or at least no one admitted to reading them.

Now if someone who is in the habit of making gifts of tens of millions of dollars was to write me a lengthy and heartfelt letter, I would read it with great attention, even if it was about flying saucers and space aliens. No way would I not read a big donor letter, and in the highly improbable event I did not read the letter, no way am I going to tell the big donor I did not read it.

It seems very puzzling that shills are stopped by shill tests. Why do they not just lie? In the great self cancellation of enemy entryists in Russian organizations they burned their bridges behind them as they fled to the west, stealing any organization funds and small portable assets they could grab from the enemy organizations they had successfully entered, and lying with casual abandon. Why not just lie? After all, everything a shill says is a lie.

The inability to tell Steven Kirsch that they had read his letters reveals the answer. It is not that the enemy cannot lie. They lie all the time, they lie continually. It is that the enemy cannot truth.

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  1. A2 says:

    Somewhat off-topic: The Economist actually used to be quite good and well worth reading (well, a couple of decades ago). Intelligent analysis by experienced people. Then things happened, I unsubscribed and now we instead find well-written but entirely banal seethe about Trump. What a decline.

  2. Kunning Druegger says:

    I’d like to start a book club. Nothing too fancy. I’m going to pick the first book, and all subsequent books need to be able to be found here:

    The first book is The Storm Before the Calm by George Friedman.

    The King of Hungary told me to read it (, and when the King of Hungry tells you to do something, you should really try to do it.

    I’m thinking 3 weeks to read the book. If you’ve already read it, brool story co. When we discuss the book, you need to state whether or not you’ve read it, and how long ago. I will try to remember to post on or about 08 September. If I forget, feel free to remind me.

  3. Kunning Druegger says:

    I think we should put some thought and effort into a “Compromised Canary” as a tool for tribe members who may get forced into an untenable position IRL. This is a complex issue, and it behooves us to prepare for the ongoing and increasing thaw of the Cold Civil War.

    The Canary needs to be formulated in a way that Jim, primarily, is notified and can take whatever measures he deems appropriate. As well, the Regulars need to have a protocol for dealing with a loss and/or attack like this.

    My initial thought is that it needs to be some kind of boilerplate statement or message that would not be remarkable to passing posters or lurkers, but notifies Regulars of the dangers of interaction with a compromised avatar. As well, it needs to be something a handler or investigator would not grok as being compromising, but this is pretty tricky and may not be possible given the very discussion I am attempting to initiate here. So, if at all possible, we should figure it out, then delete the thread.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Just start posting like a shill and insert the payload, then insist that you are not compromised and refuse to answer when asked to pass a shill test. That is the most straightforward way. The shill test needs to be applied more regularly to even regulars if it turns out Pooch is compromised. Treat it like a passphrase for a military outpost. Call and response.

      “Say something a shill cannot.”

      “Blacks are not represented in high-IQ positions due to their genetically low IQ and lower standard deviation, and most of them currently occupying those positions are diversity hires that do no real work. Reversion to the mean and dysgenic American fertility caused by female “liberation” across all racial groups means that blacks will stay in this position for the foreseeable future.”

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Had some trouble with my browser, comment should be part of the answer above.

      • Red says:

        Just start posting like a shill and insert the payload, then insist that you are not compromised and refuse to answer when asked to pass a shill test. That is the most straightforward way. The shill test needs to be applied more regularly to even regulars if it turns out Pooch is compromised. Treat it like a passphrase for a military outpost. Call and response.

        I’m not sure that regular shill tests are needed, not that I’m opposed to taking the shill test myself(Women love rape and there no such thing as pedophiles, just faggots being faggots). I’d noticed that Pooch’s comments had become boring instead of fun and I’d stopped reading them. When someone’s posting demeanor suddenly changes a lot, probably time for a shill test.

        Wulfgar I’m 100% sure isn’t a shill because no Fed wants his response to the possibility of being raided to become the norm. Promoting that idea isn’t something they’d ever do.

        We’re just going to have to get used to the idea that the Feds are going to be rounding people up on trumpped up charger and they will either employee them against the Americaner or they’ll lock them up and take over their handles to spew their memes. This is the norm in communist nations like America.

        • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

          Wulfgar I’m 100% sure isn’t a shill because no Fed wants his response to the possibility of being raided to become the norm. Promoting that idea isn’t something they’d ever do.


          We’re just going to have to get used to the idea that the Feds are going to be rounding people up on trumpped up charger and they will either employee them against the Americaner or they’ll lock them up and take over their handles to spew their memes. This is the norm in communist nations like America.

          I’m returning to this thread to signal-boost this — it’s possible that “Pooch” is missing-in-action, and some rando(s) hijacked his identity.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Actually, thinking on this, we can probably create a shill response copy-paste that has all the major shill avenues covered. If you are compromised, you can delete the lines your handler would find offensive, and that deletion is the warrant canary.

      Only high-class European and Asian men have the necessary characteristics to the maintenance of civilization; women, queers, and the more savage ethnicities are only ever hired as an attack against civilization. Women need to be controlled by men, as the female sex drive is maladapted to the civilized male status hierarchy. Their sexual instincts awaken uncomfortably early, are ambiguous if not opposed to notions of consent, and result in population collapse. Jews, particularly Soros, are the bagmen for progressives and are not running things. They are given their money by government manipulation so that they can fund things the Cathedral would rather not have tied directly to itself, even if the agents are employed by both NGO and USG. Jesus Christ always was and always will be, is wholly Man and wholly God, is the Logos of the universe, was born to Mary and died on the Cross, then ascended to heaven to sit alongside the Father and Holy Ghost, which are Three and One.

      That get all the major shill tests? What do you all think? Comment and critique are welcomed, because it is a long one, and it would be nice to abbreviate it.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I agree on an effort to shorten it (only because people, even good people, are so damned lazy these days), but I also think a line about sodomites being pedophiles or something on those lines should be included for full coverage. A “call and response” configuration might be useful for “seeing” the canary clearly on our end while obfuscating it to outsiders, with the “call” side being cuckservative compliant and the “response” side being Jimian imperative. So removal of one or more “response” sides gives a possible opportunity to indicate who or what has initiated/effected the compromise. This may be an irrelevant feature, as the key importance is friends and allies being notified that an avatar is no longer who he was.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Yeah, you are right. I meant to throw one in there how pedophilia is just a way to conflate young but sexually mature women having procreative sex with degenerate homos lusting after and buggering little boys.

        • jim says:

          Creeds are pedagogical, and are also shill tests. Shill tests need to target the antigens of the current entryist conspiracies, while creeds give the full intellectual framework in the shortest possible form within which the thoughts expressed in the shill test hold their meaning. Creeds develop from shill tests, while shill tests are extracts from creeds.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I understand that, but there is a minimum length to this because of the multiple attacks. We need to cover Women, Jews, Coloreds, Queers, and Christians, and with sufficient detail that shills cannot mentally squeeze around it. The length also helps hide which part gets deleted, so that under duress it can still be used as a signal. I am not totally satisfied, but as a general purpose copy and paste job it does not need to be short enough to type quickly. As far as I can tell, copy and paste into a comment is as bad as typing it by hand is, so that is not a bug. If you keep it on a sidebar we can adjust it as needed when new shills and new scripts show up.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        A skype is not a teuton and can’t be expected to act like a teuton. They are good at play-acting civilization but bad at actually being eucivic; trees on which the actual fruit of civilization are one way or another found to be curiously vanishing in its flowerings. The question of how much or how little they are in charge of is in many respects irrelevant on a strategic level, because like any other alien species a permanent presence is deleterious at any concentration larger than a rounding error. Elements of Farther in a host society are vectors for exploitation by leftists against Nearer. They have to go back. A shill can say he hates jews(women/niggers/queers/whatever) all day long, but is curiously unable to explain the reasons for why he finds them execrable, nor name such shining illustrations of such execrableness like Soros himself, or even acknowledge the reality of other people acknowledging those reasons, not even to argue against them.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          One of the reasons it is so long is that I made sure to put the why of the matter in each test. Niggers ar bad hurr durr is easy for a shill to say. Much harder to point out that the Negro is incapable of maintaining civilization due to his poor intellect, high time preference, and general savagery. Likewise for the rest of the tests.

  4. Neurotoxin says:

    Below, Pooch advances the notion that we have a future of alternating left and right in power, with each side alternately purging the other. This is obviously idiotic. The short version is: The left doesn’t play that way. When they have the power to kill people by the millions, they do so.

    Here’s a longer version, because I’m anal-retentive about some things:

    Does the following make sense?

    1) X gets into power, kills 10% of Y.
    2) Y gets into power, kills 20% of X.
    3) X gets into power, kills 30% of Y…

    No, because such foreseeable escalation is not an equilibrium: Pretty soon one side gets into power and, realizing that the other side will go on a killing rampage the next time they’re in power, decides to pre-emptively kill all the other side before they can take power again.

    The idea of a half century of slow escalation of violence – starting from the level of violence we’re already at – is absurd.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      On that note: A cop named Adam Plantinga wrote a book called 400 Things Cops Know (fascinating reading, btw). One practice that leads to violence frequently is “mean mugging,” which in certain areas means making an intimidating face at someone. People have been shot dead for “mean-mugging” someone. Why?

      Because – in certain neighborhoods – it’s anticipatable that there will be a process of escalation if you respond more moderately. If someone “mean mugs” you and you insult him, then he shoves you, then you punch him, then he pulls a gun, you’re dead. So you either do nothing or you shoot him immediately upon him making a bad face at you.

      From a cold-bloodedly evil point of view, this is why the left always kills people by the millions as soon as they have the power to do so. It’s the insane-and-evil version of rationally anticipating and forestalling an escalation process. Try to put yourself in the mind of someone who is pure evil and utterly obsessed with exerting power over others. You reason as follows:

      1) I want to rule other people.
      2) But those disgusting right-wingers don’t want to live in a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by me, for some reason.
      3) If I take power and allow them any freedom of action at all, there will be an escalation process that will eventually lead to lethal violence. That’s risky for me.
      4) So I’d better just kill them all as soon as I can.

      Given the history of the 20th century, the thought process is obvious. But it took me decades to really figure it out, because it’s so hard to put yourself in the mind of a being who’s so radioactively evil.

      • The Cominator says:

        Here is the right wing counter…

        1) I want to be left alone by the government unless I violate natural law or fail to kickup a minimal % to the stationary bandit

        2) The left will not leave me alone if they get into power

        3) Every spare moment every leftist schemes to get into power by long game or short game so they can persecute and kill me

        4) Given that this is their only real interest I can’t really outcompete them politically under normal circumstances

        5) As such we cannot peacefully coexist and given any chance to annihilate leftists ENTIRELY it should be done

        • jim says:

          The fallacy here is treating leftism as a biological kind which needs to be physically eradicated. It is a strategy. When circumstances are unfavorable to this strategy, vanishes like the morning dew.

          Tenth commandment: Don’t cook up rationales for violating the latter six commandments.

          Socially and coercively enforce the tenth commandment. Ridicule envy in the media, crush organized “do gooder” groups as criminal conspiracies the instant they are found concocting accusations against those they envy, and as heresies when they start claiming superior holiness to King and Bishop. Support do gooders from a distance if they are doing good far from the halls of power. The moment they start throwing their superior holiness inside the halls of power, then it is time to burn some heretics at the stake. When they start vilifying and harassing people for having what they want, heresy treatment is inappropriate, but they need to cool their heels in prison for a while. We need to enforce the old and now forgotten crime of barratry against lawyers and judges. If a few senior judges find themselves breaking rocks in a chain gang, you will amazed at how few people will find leftism attractive.

          • The Cominator says:

            There is a biological component though.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Indeed, but at the current moment we lack the technology to extirpate it. And to be quite honest, I don’t think we should if we could. It is hard to fathom this in current year, but there is a place in society for those of leftist bent, it’s just not in power. they make excellent court jesters. As well, there are creative and silly endeavours where they can actually contribute. Consider Jimmy Dore, a man I would put on the first chopper to “Sway-on,” rather would have, if not for a clip I saw of him on JRE. I predict that he will come around to Seeing/Speaking The Truth, on any possible topic, long before a Ben Shapiro or Dan Crenshaw type. Dore is a complete leftist.

              Some things are unnecessary and can there for be expunged. Other things are just too numerous and need to be paired down to acceptable levels. We cannot fall into modes of utopian chasing. This is what let the Evil into the world.

              • The Cominator says:

                Even if every last Biden voter were to go on the great helicopter it would not eradicate the leftist genes there are those with the predisposition who do to wild winds of fortune ended up on the other side…

                But having large amounts of leftist genes around in the age of mass media has proven dangerous throughout the 20th century. Social harmony and prosperity requires the proportion of these genes in the population to be massively cut down in proportion.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Completely agree. The issue is, on this side of the Restoration, there’s no way to know who should Go and who should stay. Early 20s me was definitely a candidate for da choppa. What I’ve become… well, I am sure I have at least 1 or 2 “fans” in our tribe that would gladly give me a groupon, but that’s probably factional, not existential. I had to take the long way around the barn, and thanks be to Almighty God, I took that path. So my own story arc poses an interesting predicament: do I carry the “leftist gene” (I would be inclined to say Yes), and is the “leftist gene” something that can be mitigated or treated, and what should that treatment be?

                  There are those who will never respond to treatment, and those who will attempt to hide and carry on a resistance. There will also be those that can be weaponized if the Incurables somehow take/regain power, but pose no threat if they don’t.

                  A Cleansing must happen, but it will not solve the long term problem. that requires something bigger and more comprehensive, a plan and methodology that renews and continues across generations.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “There will also be those that can be weaponized if the Incurables somehow take/regain power, but pose no threat if they don’t.”

                  My opinion is that looking at the 20th century and on and given how easily these people are weaponized and how delicately things must be managed in advanced societies to prevent them from being weaponized… that most of these people have to go. Particularly all the men have to go.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  This leaves astral expansion in a bind. We need ever higher amounts of population to create the psychological and physical pressure to expand. If there’s no population pressure, there’s no colonization and exploration.

                  Let’s look at this like family dynamics. Our national population is a family: Father is governance, Mother is culture, and the various social constructions are the Children that result from the interplay and collaboration of Mother and Father. Right now, Mother controls the household, Father is a bloated bitch, and the Children she supports are… not good at all, not to themselves, and not to their Siblings, the best of which are suppressed, starved, or retro-actively aborted. Some of those kids have to go, but the solution is not One Child Families (Nations that can only do one thing), and it’s definitely not Single Motherhood (Sub-Saharan African countries in name only, Kosovo-type ‘nations,’ Ukraine, etc.), nor is it Childless Families. We want Big Families (large, industrious nations capable of mega-projects, etc.) with healthy, productive Children (eusocial social-constructions) that spread out and spawn more big families.

                  To some degree, we have to take the bad with the good. Utopian Idealism is a dead end.

                • The Cominator says:

                  We can make up the numbers soon enough…

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I can agree to disagree on that one; I think Musk, and many others, are correct in saying that it is terrifyingly easy to wreck the global population very quickly, and if you include global cataclysms in the calculations, it’s abundantly clear our population even now is too low.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The population of africa was roughly 500,000 in the late fourties, to over a billion just 50 years later.

                  Starting numbers are not a real impediment to population expansion, gnostic ideology is.

                • The Cominator says:

                  America also won WW2 with 132 million people.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “Embarrassing admission: I enjoyed the latest movie”

                  The look and feel of it were unsurpassed; it’s far and away the best visual treatment of it. If only it had been made in an era without de rigeur race- and sex-swapping.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Crap, that was supposed to be responding to Kunning below, on the Dune movie.

                • The Cominator says:

                  David Lynch Dune was better IMHO. Dark skinned Fremen were in the books… so I can give them a pass on having the Fremen be a bit “diverse” in a way I can’t give Lord of the Rings.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Yeah, but they turned Liet Kynes into a black chick!

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “there is a place in society for those of leftist bent”


                The more practical question, as always, is identifying who’d have to be resolutely and firmly excluded from social decision-making.
                – – – – – – – – – – – –

                “that requires something bigger and more comprehensive, a plan and methodology that renews and continues across generations.”

                Bene Gesserit witch!

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I haven’t read Dune, but I know enough to feel equally insulted and smug.

                  The social technology of Exile, temporary as well as permanent, needs to make a comeback. Add in honor based dueling and rigorous corporeal punishment, and I think we have all the tools we need to manage things with as little hands-on cultivation as possible. This is after the great account deletion, though. Nothing matters if there’s no Restoration, and there cannot be a Restoration if the rot is not excised and burned. Funnily enough, the Cominator Solution is not a Final Solution. I remain convinced that there is no final solution to the pernicious effects of ideological entropy. Each, let’s say, third generation will need to redress the issue.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “I haven’t read Dune, but I know enough to feel equally insulted and smug.”

                  Wait, you got that I was kidding, right?

                  “The social technology of Exile…”

                  Yes, leftists should be totally, and permanently, exiled from society.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Yeah, I got that you were busting my balls, but I am embarrassed that I haven’t read Dune, partially because, I mean, it’s fucking Dune, but also because the Dissident Right fellas, our estimable if somewhat pussified intellectual cousins, have decided that Dune is their anthem.

                  Embarrassing admission: I enjoyed the latest movie. I have honestly never read it, and the sum total of my knowledge comes from /b/ and /tg/ references, so for me it was just a scifi movie and I thought the sound design and set design were great. Those fellas with the strange voices and that banging freestyle hip hop human sacrifice priest were absolutely based, and ornithopters are the coolest idea (my totem is the dragonfly by choice because totems are a silly thing that you choose to take seriously), and it just seemed like a resplendent and mysterious world-build… until that subhuman cunt was introduced, the one that looks like an abbo spawn. I will probably not be watching any further entries in the franchise unless they recast that dumb shrew.

                  Look, living leftists in current year have to go. Anyone that tries to stop that has to go too. But 40 years hence (2 generations), there will be a new breed of leftists with which to contend. If the Cominator Solution is trated/enacted as a final solution, I imagine the outcome will be something like this:

                  This is pretty presumptuous on my part, but I am reasonably confident that if one were to collect all of St. John’s posts together and arrange them to be a book, the best path forward would arise from it. His offerings regarding the nature, composition, and tendencies of the “congenital solipsists” are expansive and profound. If the result of such a work were to enlighten us in this regard, I would just go with it, even if I didn’t like it.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          Indeed, self-defense is morally valid.

          @Jim and Cominator on biology:
          We know there’s a genetic component to personality. And leftism is much more a personality type than an ideology. Of course it’s not entirely genetic, or no one would ever change their political beliefs.

          I need to dig up the diagnostic list that some psychologist created for some anti-social pathology, IIRC it was malignant narcissism. It read like a description of a prototypical leftist.

          • The Cominator says:

            Lets say there is a few components to leftism or that makes one much much more likely to be a leftist.

            1) Envy
            2) Herd conformity
            3) Narcissism

            The 1st three traits are of course stronger among women but not exclusive to them.

            4) Midwittery (you have to be smart enough to know what you’re supposed to believe but not smart enough to see that there is bullshit among it immediately)
            5) The component of susceptibility to propaganda/hypnosis that is separate from conformity
            6) Genuine complete lack of interest in the truth (you can be gullible and prone to propaganda and herd thinking but eventually get over that if you still have interest in the truth)

            I would argue that nearly every one of these separate traits probably has strong genetic components.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              I don’t disagree with any of these but here are ones where I think the case for a genetic component is particularly strong:

              3) Narcissism
              This is the one in which they lack empathy, right? It seems obvious that that’s a genetic defect. And there are no “made” narcissists, IIRC. They’re pretty much born that way.

              4) Midwittery
              Definitely a strong genetic component to intelligence. Even the academic literature (in the “sciency” disciplines) affirms this.

              6) Genuine complete lack of interest in the truth
              Seems like you’re born damaged goods if you really just do not care.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                I think Narcissism, like Psychopathy and Sociopathy, are political weapons to assassinate character. I fully acknowledge that there is almost definitely an underlying pathology, and that it is very likely genetic, but I would want to see many, many years of effort by coup-complete scientific societies, and use the tools they develop to go about the culling.

                It’s almost like there are two Restorations that need to occur, and I don’t think one necessarily indicates the other.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “I think Narcissism, like Psychopathy and Sociopathy, are political weapons to assassinate character.”

                  They certainly can be used that way (cf. the long-distance “diagnoses” of Trump) but see my post below at 2022-08-19 at 02:38. It’s a psychological diagnostic list that could function equally well as an SJW diagnostic list. The very fact that this comes from Psychology, which is one of the most converged fields, gives credibility to it. It’s an “admission against interest,” as it were.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  It’s not a hill I’ll die on. The list makes sense to me, and the left is feminized in the extreme, so it comports well with the evidence. I’m just “traumatized” from the Trump years, when the whole of media and academia was operationalized against the Big Meanie, but that’s an internal bias on my part. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

                  I’ve said it before, and others have said it better, but I yearn for scientific exploration of the universes, internal and external, in a world freed from the congenital solipsists. Having robust taxonomies, studies that can be trusted, seminars worth attending… I don’t dream of a perfect world, just a world that is allowed to be imperfect.

                • Red says:

                  I’ve said it before, and others have said it better, but I yearn for scientific exploration of the universes, internal and external, in a world freed from the congenital solipsists. Having robust taxonomies, studies that can be trusted, seminars worth attending… I don’t dream of a perfect world, just a world that is allowed to be imperfect.

                  It was the lying about reality and history that drove me to the right. I read the bible and it felt quite normal to me that the Israelites wiped out the Canaanites but I read an endless stream of bullshit history of stuff like the Mayans where really peaceful people who didn’t fight wars and that Islam was the religion of peace. It was the endless lying about everything and then overnight switches from one lie to another that pissed me off.

                  When I was a kid I read a book every week but by the time I was in my 30s I’d stopped reading books because I spent most of my time trying to filter out the bullshit from the truth. The older I got the more bullshit they seemed to pack in and it it was exasperating. Everything was bullshit lies and the liars didn’t even bother to keep their lies consistent.

                  For a brief moment in the early days of the internet real hard information was everywhere. Wikipedia was overflowing with it, message boards had truth everywhere, and there was a new blog every week advancing real knowledge. It was a Golden age of freedom, brought crashing to end with Obama started the first hard clamp down on the internet.

                  I hate the left for it. Information wants to be free and I want to be free to know that can be known and that can’t be as long as those bastards are in charge.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Narcissist is another way of saying nominalist, which is another way of saying solipsist.

                  In popular discourse, ‘narcissism’ is often used as a synonym for grandiosity, which isn’t really true at all.

                  What makes a difference between someone being called a ‘narcissist’ and someone being called a ‘larger-than-life figure’, is, in essence, the degree to which their narrativizations are more or less in coherence with Being. That is to say, whether it is morbid or salutary.

                  Such beings one may describe as narcissistic are creatures of intense insecurities and the vast majority are depressive and superficially reserved. This is sometimes clunkily referred too as ‘covert’ or ‘inverted narcissists’, due to the aformentioned popular equivocation (eg:

                  (The word ’empathy’ is a similar example of this dynamic, where when people (ab)use the word empathy when what they are really talking about is sympathy. Sympathy is seeing a she-boon orc get all het up about how terrible her conditions are feeling sorry for it; empathy is understanding the modes of thought that led to those conditions, and not feeling sorry at all. Indeed, empathy is one thing the teeming ranks of effusively sympathetic martinets most especially *don’t* have.)

                  When such creatures describe an object of their ire as a ‘sociopath’, they are simply mixing in projections of traits about themselves that they instinctively feel are despicable; because, in many real respects, they are not capable of modeling any kind of person *except* parts of themselves, such is their paucity of world-formation capacity. (Eg:

                  When working with others, they act as if other can read their minds, and become irrationally angry when others act in ways that demonstrate they are not reading their minds (and submitting to what is read).

                  When speaking with others, they are not looking for dialogue, but mirrors, that will reflect themselves, back at themselves, and become irrationally angry when others respond as active agents.

                  They conduct themselves through life under a unconscious presumption that the processions of Being in general conduct themselves in accordance with their thoughts about them; and experience intense bursts of psychic dissonance whenever events contradict this impression, when they give the impression that they motions of the world are *not* a subject function of the motions of their ideation.

                  The narcissist, which is to say nominalist, which is to say solipsist, is a creature of validation, which it craves above all else. It reasons only to rationalize. It twists in a perpetual dance of bending themselves to the winds of validation beyond their person, and trying to bend others to provide validation with regards to their person. There is no inherent principle in this dance, and any substantial achievement involved is an irrelevant coincidence – the validation itself is what matters. Little to no conscious grasp of what teleologies they are participating in, what ends they are serving, even as superficial totems that may puport themselves as such things are signaled by them, such is the paucity of world-formation capacity.

                  The self-narrative is what it is; to change it would imply contradicting it; and contradiction of the self-narrative is devalidation, which is the one thing it absolutely cannot tolerate; and thus likewise, it is incapable of mounting functional responses in accordance with Being. In the case that awareness, more or less dim, of such contradictions intrude into its bubble, the only thing it can fall back on it denial; either denial of the reality that contradicts the narrative – or, denial that *they ever believed what they said they believed*. This is, perhaps, one of the most crucial aspects of the profile.

                  With the collapse or threats of collapse of a narrative comes the experience of a subject discovering limitations to its power, and that is something the modern subject seeks to avoid above all else. They have no real tool-box for dealing with overturning preconceptions, no narrative for dealing with defunction of narratives; they are, in effect, enslaved by them, and thus lack in real agency.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Pseudo, I feel that such a thorough comment requires a more thorough response than this, but this is what leapt out at me:

                  “When working with others, they act as if other can read their minds, and become irrationally angry when others act in ways that demonstrate they are not reading their minds (and submitting to what is read).”

                  Pure feminism. Romantic advances in the workplace are literally a crime if they’re “unwelcome” to the person at whom they’re directed. Otherwise they’re OK. “Read my mind and obey what you see there!”

              • Adam says:

                Narcissism absolutely is made and can be un-made. If your self image, the way you look as you imagine it, determines your identity and how you act, that is narcissism.

                To remove that you have to do a bunch of things, mostly you have to be aware of it, and start orienting your behavior around something else. All the while you have to stop trying to manipulate and control how you look, and get comfortable with possibly looking stupid.

                It’s really self destructive though. You can’t competently control your body if your motor functions are determined by how you imagine you look. Your imagination takes over and you end up failing and looking stupid.

                Selfishness and self-obsession is common, but utterly retarded. You can’t learn about anything if your only focus is on yourself, your ego or your self image. This is why boomers make such shit parents. Their desire to look cool inhibits their ability to teach. To teach you have to orient yourself around the student. You have to study them and listen to them to discover what they are missing, and then explain it in a way that makes sense to them.

                Self-obsession, narcissism and other ego centric behaviors are hard to change, as most people develop that way as adolescents, and live many years even decades before ever noticing (if they notice at all). To change, all of the work is on the inside, so you have to both kick bad internal habits and responses to stimulus and form new ones at the same time.

                Very difficult and very time consuming, takes years to change this stuff. Very difficult even if you have an admirable role model (which is hard enough to find).

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “Self-obsession, narcissism and other ego centric behaviors are hard to change, as most people develop that way as adolescents…”

                  Hold on, plainly not most people. Most people are self-interested, natch, but aren’t clinical narcissists.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            Here’s the thing I was trying to find, Dr. Tara Palmatier’s description of women with Narcissistic or Borderline (Cluster B) Personality Disorders. Someone in the comments at Vox Day’s old site edited it and replaced “women” with SJWs:

            1. The Big Bamboozle. Emotionally abusive SJW begin a conversation/attack with one topic. When you present facts that contradict her beliefs, she changes the subject or makes a brand new accusation.

            2. SHUT UP! Narcissists, borderlines and bullies not only “can’t handle the truth,” they go to great lengths to deny and obliterate it.

            3. Name-Calling. Because they can’t intelligently defend their position or their behaviours, they resort to emotionally-based personal attacks. Cf. “racist,” “misogynist,” etc., etc., etc.

            4. Projection. NPD/BPD SJWs accuse their targets of things that they themselves are actually guilty of.

            5. Splitting. NPD/BPD SJWs see people and the world in all-or-nothing, good vs. evil, black-and-white terms. They have no capacity for context or nuance. Either you see things his way or you must be crushed into the ground.

            6. Smear Campaigns. First, they split, then they smear. It’s not enough for NPD/BPD SJWs to disagree with and despise you. Everyone else is the world must hate you and see how wrong you are, too.

            7. Gaslighting. SJWs both deny things they’ve said and done and accuse you of the very same transgressions they committed. See also DARVO: Deny, Accuse, Reverse Victim and Offender.

            8. Increasing the Volume; Not the Logic. The more wrong an emotionally abusive NPD/BPD SJW is, the louder and/or more resolute she gets. Her level of fake outrage is in direct proportion to how accurate you are.

            9. Blame and Shame. NPD/BPD SJWs blame others for everything that is wrong and never consider how they contribute to and often cause the issues and their own unhappiness.

            10. Playing the Victim. When NPD/BPD SJWs are called out for their bad behaviours and dishonesty, they play the victim. They claim they’re being unfairly attacked for “standing up for the truth” and having the “courage” to speak out.

            • Adam says:

              She must have met my ex-wife.

            • The Cominator says:

              Headshrinkery is imprecise at best.. I’ve known a couple women who fit the BPD descriptor and loved em both they were genuinely hilarious in a way women never are don’t lump them in with the other cluster bs….

              They do split and its initially kind of terrifying.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      It sucks to see someone fall from grace, but it is sadly not an unfamiliar feeling. Such blatant Marxist bullshit wouldn’t really be tolerated from a stranger, but one always wants to give a brother another shot at redemption, looking for some sign of the man that was in the man that is.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        And yet if he’s an infiltrator, what’s the payload? 19th century Marxism? Someone’s trying to get away with that here?!

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          This one is tricky, and I am really loathe to do this “out in the open” because, though Pooch and I have had many adversarial moments, I considered him a Regular and an Inner Member. But there seems to be a noticeable change in his posts. Where once there was brusque, insulting, on-the-noise hot takes, comments, and ripostes, now there is a more relaxed and even handed timbre. I have not done a deep dive and crawl through posting history, this is just my own hot take on recent events. A while back, he got put on moderation for some very sketchy comments about financial theory (IIRC). Things seem to have changed.

          Pooch, I am not trying to be a woman about this. Our forum is not conducive to interventions or intimate discussions. If this situation were occurring at work or something more traditional, I would have invited myself over awkwardly and at an inopportune time with expensive booze and a rare book or some guns&ammo. If I am being a faggot or missing something, please tell me so. If you have gone through a significant change in your outlook that is impacting your stance and interpretations, I won’t begrudge you that. But you have always been a hardliner, calling me out for my stupidity, pointing out when I was being too accommodating of sleeper shills, or just straight up leading the mob that wanted to keel haul me as a Fed (lol, no ill will at all, m80). So can you explain why the fuck you are taking an 19th century Marxist position? It seems very uncharacteristic and… brazen really. Maybe my Boog canary idea wasn’t so far off the mark, eh wot?


          All *kidding* aside, if Pooch was a sleeper, why would he burn his cover with entry level shill tactics?

          • Red says:

            Pooch said he was going to attend the rally back when the hope was Trump would cross the Rubicon rather than fish in it. Not the first time the Feds have used the threat of jail time to create a glowie over such bullshit.

            Not that I’m saying that happened with Pooch but his posting style has changed a lot in the last year or so. I’m inclined to leave it alone without something more solid. Lots of posters outlook were changed quite a bit events since 2020.

            • jim says:

              Yes, that is plausible. “Play nice with us, cash in your reputation on Jim’s blog, inject our scripts, and you will not rot in jail with the rest of them”

              OK Pooch. Time for a shill test.

              You know the drill, say what cannot be said with HR and a fed supervisor looking over your shoulder.

              Or you could give us the warrant canary. I will not hold it against you, these things happen.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                What is the warrant canary in our case? I know the usual form, but does the warrant canary statement operate as a tacit admission of inability to pass shill tests? Using it as a way to say, “I am compromised,” by saying the opposite?

                • jim says:

                  That is what I expect. We shall see.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t think Pooch is a shill, I do think hes kind of a midwit…

                  T. “High” midwit myself.

                • jim says:

                  His odd response to the Stonetoss meme might be just not understanding what makes things funny. Jokes work below the conscious level, and understanding them requires smarts – the same kind of smarts as one applies talking to normies. But it looked awfully robotic and NPC, as if Stonetoss meme was an off script topic.

                  Just about everything that is discussed on this blog is off the script. If he is strangely incapable of noticing certain topics of discussion, he has a handler, a handler probably acquired after Jan 6th.

            • Globalist Power Terminated II says:


            • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

              Lots of posters outlook were changed quite a bit events since 2020.

              I vaguely remember you commented that some random fed/glownigger used to comment here for years and say all the right things until one day — out of *nowhere* — he attempted some entrapment scheme by sharing a people-to-kill-list or something like that.

              What year was that? 2020? 2021? or 2022?
              Seems relevant.

              • Red says:

                That was Atavistic Morality who tried to entrap Com. Reading his posts up until that point he was 100% reactionary though an infrequent poster. He hasn’t posted since he was called out as a glowie. He may have suffered a similar fate as pooch.

                I’d warned Pooch back in the day to stay away from the rally. I had no idea what the feds were going to do, but it felt like Charlottesville type bullshit. I felt no good could come from it.

                • A2 says:

                  Atavistic Morality was my favourite commenter while active, but the last I saw of him he got chased off by Jim (presumably for excellent reasons, but I don’t recall the circumstances). A pity.

                  If this pseudonym starts posting glowing stuff, send a thought for me at Loltanamo Bay and hand out the shill tests.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Hilariously I don’t recall this. Its hilarious that some fed thought I was some stupid wignat who could go to me “hail fellow reactionary white man” now go and commit stupid counterproductive crimes.

                  I have my weaknesses but I ain’t dumb enough to fall for that.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Atavistic Morality was chased off after failing to answer a demon worshiper test. Some time after that, he gave Cominator a list of people he should be targeting for the woodchipper, but the latter incident was not what turned him away in the first place.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Hi Jim, a couple of my comments seemed to have been blocked, was wondering if you could unblock them. Thank you.

                • Red says:

                  Atavistic Morality was chased off after failing to answer a demon worshiper test. Some time after that, he gave Cominator a list of people he should be targeting for the woodchipper, but the latter incident was not what turned him away in the first place.

                  I don’t recall the demon worshiper thing. Though he commented so in frequently, I could have missed it. The wood chopper bit is when Jim agree with my description of him as a shill or a fed and I never saw him again after that. I was shocked about it, AM had been one the oldest commenters around here.

                  AM comments were generally thought provoking and interesting. I didn’t detect anything shill like from him until the attempt at entrapment.

          • jim says:

            > All *kidding* aside, if Pooch was a sleeper, why would he burn his cover with entry level shill tactics?

            Red has suggested an answer. I find that answer plausible. We shall soon have a very good idea as to whether it is true.

          • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

            Never negotiate with terrorists! 👺 👺

          • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

            A while back, he got put on moderation for some very sketchy comments about financial theory (IIRC). Things seem to have changed.

            I think it was these comments here?

            Pooch started a commotion by poasting this:

            The American military defeats China and/or Russia right now in battle.

            Until I see actual evidence to the contrary, I’m not changing my opinion of that.

            In that same thread Jim shared a link to a stonetoss comic

            And in that same thread Jim also said, “I see lots of things Pooch is studiously not looking for.”.

            I never really followed that thread too closely, but maybe you’re on to something…

            • jim says:

              His reaction to the stonetoss meme was complete Non Player Character.

              Complete shill behavior – inability to notice or hear forbidden thoughts.

              His mind stopped at the punchline.

            • Neofugue says:

              This revelation shines a different light on the discussion with Pooch regarding military superiority. Based on his “military superiority doesn’t matter” line, I assumed Pooch was a complete moron, but if he is a shill, perhaps he is rationalizing America’s decline into something not existential for the regime.

              • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                but if he is a shill, perhaps he is rationalizing America’s decline into something not existential for the regime.


                • Red says:

                  Not really. The standard shill line is the US crushes Russia and China in convention and nuclear war which is what Pooch’s comment actually said. Check out the shill comments in most Ukrainian related youtube videos.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Yeah, they’re still trying to hold on to an image of invincibility.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Take the compliment Red, ya fukkin hardcase. 🙂

          • Aidan says:

            Pooch’s earliest comments were of a 19th century nationalist or 20th century fascist worldview, and he came around to our way of seeing things. Perhaps recent inflation has put him in financial duress and reignited some Marxist ressentiment. I think he’s been solid on the WQ even recently, saying things a shill could not say, but a shill test can’t hurt.

            • Adam says:

              He was always good on the woman question it seemed. But when it came to priests vs. merchants, just could not see what everyone else was seeing.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “But there seems to be a noticeable change in his posts.”

            So it’s not just me perceiving that.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              No, it is definitely there. The Stonetoss episode was merely the most obvious. I wonder if he has been intentionally trying to get us to notice. Saying such ridiculous things that only an idiot or shill would say to try and warn us.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                The lack of engagement with this thread, or meta-comments in the thread that precipitated both Neuro’s and my comments, is notable. Could be he hasn’t seen them yet.

                Part of me is frustrated that we didn’t catch it earlier if he was trying to warn us. But another part is… not proud, per se, but maybe impressed? For a group of hardcore racist sexist fascist patriarchal colonizers who hate everyone and all good things, we seem to be incredibly tolerant of diversity of perspective. Notice how Jim responds to nearly every interlocutor that shows up, no matter how hamfisted, ignorant, or malicious. We engage and qualify. Quite honestly, I’d really enjoy it if we got more people to disagree with and debate at length, but that’s probably unlikely.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                If the worst has happened, I hope our talking about it doesn’t get him into trouble. But we have to talk about defense against shills, etc., so it can’t be helped.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If they caught me and told me to spy on you all, I would totally agree. Until I got home. Then I would tell you all what was going on the first chance I could and when they came to pick me up I would kill everyone who came, until I was myself slain. That

                  If he turned on us, then he betrayed us and he deserves everything he gets. There can only be one punishment for a betrayal like this. If it is just someone impersonating him, then Pooch is already screwed, and it does not matter.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  That is how I would respond to inducement to betray Jimian NRx and all of you. That is how everyone should react.

                  This was supposed to follow after, “That.”

                • Red says:

                  I’ve always said that if someone tried to blackmail me I’d just kill them and deal with what comes from my actions. It’s not worth living life as a slave. No matter how well you server your master you will never be a free man again.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Hmmm, interesting.

            • jim says:

              Yes, after Jan 6, Pooch was more ingratiating, made more effort to be likeable and not piss people off, engaged in Marxist memeing, failed to participate in, or even notice and respond to, reactionary memeing. Boring because of failure to participate in, respond to, or even notice, reactionary memeing.

              I should have applied the shill test when he failed to get to the final panel of the Stonetoss meme.

              • no says:

                I read that thread. You are smoking crack. I’ve known a fair number of directors, VPs, and a few C-suite people – and seen more in action on a regular basis. They are not afraid. They BELIEVE. They are fervently in favor of wokeism. They think losing a bit of money is fine if the corporate power can be used to push a moral good.

                [*no one pisses away ten billion dollars to push a moral good. Let alone people whose cynicism and hypocrisy is obvious. Disney did not buy Star Wars to burn it to the ground. I have seen fear, up close and personal, where you say you have seen sincerity, and I have heard terrifying unveiled threats, when you say you see voluntary cooperation.*]

                They have no problem with this and they select and retain the HR people because the HR people are pushing the same values.

                I see the interaction between top management and HR. In larger businesses, they do not get to select the HR people they want, or let go the HR people they do not want. Musk gets to choose his HR. Zuckerberg, whatever his values may be, does not. HR is a hostile tentacle of a hostile state, inserted into the corporation, the American equivalent of the Chinese Party inserting party members into businesses. Do the people whose business it is love their party members?
                Doubtless they say they do.

                The point of the stonetoss comic is that the business should be making burgers but has been hijacked into selling ideology instead, and the boss is dimwitted enough to barely perceive that there’s soemthing wrong with this approach but it doesn’t occur to him to do anything to stop it.

                [*not what the Stonetoss comic shows, let alone the point of the Stonetoss comic. Not the chain of events depicted. Since the Stonetoss comic was unimaginably politically incorrect, you invented a new and different comic to replace it.

                We are not shown the Merchants reaction to the failure the priests failure to provide the lie. You invented the bit where “it does not occur to him to do anything about it”, invented an imaginary epilogue where the Merchant has power but fails to use it, to provide a politically correct Stonetoss comic.

                A joke is funny when the powerful and important are suddenly revealed as powerless, impotent and afraid. The Priest’s failure to give the Merchant the expected face saving lie suddenly reveals the balance of power. At which point the joke and the story ends. We are not shown the Merchant’s reaction or lack thereof, for the Priest’s failure to lie reveals that it does not matter.

                The punchline and the joke is that the priest does not need a lie, that the Merchant’s reaction does not matter, implying that the Merchant is powerless and afraid.*]

                The comic also is not particularly funny [*your imaginary comic that you made up to evade the unthinkable political incorrectness of the joke is not particularly funny*]

                [*Assorted fake history and fake news deleted. We get plenty of that on the lamestream media. I don’t cover current events here, but there are plenty who do.*]

            • Red says:

              Pooch’s comments had become boring and I’d largely stopped reading them.

    • The Cominator says:

      “The left doesn’t play that way. When they have the power to kill people by the millions, they do so.”

      BTW reading this do people start to realize that my position on what should happen to leftists when we get the chance is the one of perfect historical and political logic, and that anything else is weakness and sentimentality that will leave their children facing the same struggle.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        For my part yes, but I still want to hear your thoughts on this, from our dialogue earlier:

        “How’s this for a Cominator Solution Lite? Just excise the managers and admins. If they have that title, their account is deleted. No discussion or further qualification. Only bodily exemptions, meaning to keep one around, you have to delete a non-manager/admin. Do you think that would suffice, or be a sufficient event to halt and reverse the spiral, or would it just slow things down?”

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “reading this do people start to realize that my position on what should happen to leftists when we get the chance is the one of perfect historical and political logic”

        I’ll bet there are tons of people who totally agree with you, but don’t want to explicitly say so in an open forum.

      • The Cominator says:

        My insistence on being comprehensive is my knowledge that the only right wing society that really permanently solved its leftist problem was Indonesia. And Suharto’s orders were to kill them all.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Where most of us diverge is when you fail to see the difference between true believers and normies trying to stick to the party line. No one is going to shed a tear if you subject the entire IRS to the Cominator Solution, but once you start stalking the storefronts on Main Street for BLM or Pride stickers, you have gone too far. That is where the disagreement is. If we start sweeping through the organs of the GAE, then we will get the people we need. Antifa, NGOs, and USG is where the rot is.

        • jim says:

          The instant leftism is no longer rewarded, most lefties will not only cease to be lefties, but remember themselves as never having been lefties. There will be a core, probably a substantial core, of true believers, but with no central hierarchy running them through Harvard and the New York times, they will not be capable of causing huge problems. But they will have to be thoroughly rooted out from state and quasi state office at every level, and then we will have the problem that Charles the Second had, that they wander off to form a new Harvard in exile. Similarly, the people Franco purged set up office in the Anglosphere and American empire, where they got power and money to work at subverting Francoism and plot their triumphant return. I am not in favor of The Cominator’s solution – there will always be more leftists where those came from. Leftism is a strategy, not a race. But we will need to rusticate their priesthood and restrain their movements. We don’t want them re-organizing in exile.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I see no purpose in keeping them alive. Their labor is worthless, they are too evil-minded to trust, they are not capable of running their own businesses, and they are too envious to work for someone else. They will gleefully turn on you the instant your back is turned. We can give them to Cominator up in Alaska, then retire him with a medal and a pension once he is finished with them. Look at the Harvard professoriat and Antifa. If every single one of them were killed, can you really say the world is in any way worse off?

          • The Cominator says:

            > “The instant leftism is no longer rewarded, most lefties will not only cease to be lefties, but remember themselves as never having been lefties.”

            And the believers will plot in secret to return to power, leftists NEVER give up. Mountains of skulls aren’t pretty

            • jim says:

              Well, yes they will plot in secret. Which is exactly what happened last time around. But you don’t want to kill all of Havel’s Greengrocers to make sure you have nailed every last true believer.

        • Karl says:

          No one is going to shed a tear if you subject the entire IRS to the Cominator Solution, but once you start stalking the storefronts on Main Street for BLM or Pride stickers, you have gone too far.

          Any government needs to collect taxes and therefore needs an IRS. Simply working there is nothing that justifies any harsh treatment. Not everyone working at the IRS is an enemy priest.

          But BLM or Pride stickers are a serious thing, relgious symbols of a hostile faith. If such symbols show up anywhere the inquisition has good cause for an investigation and application of the Cominator Solution.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Taxes were collected before the IRS in this country, let alone throughout history. Root and branch.

  5. London Guy says:

    Jim censored my comment as “[*”The Biden economy is all Trump’s fault”*]”

    Right, Joe Biden forced Trump to shut down the country for a year. Joe Biden forced Trump to allow Tony Fauci to lead him around by the dick for a year. Joe Biden forced Trump to push the clot shots for 18 months.

    Your excuse-making for Trump is embarrassing.

    • jim says:

      And yet strangely the terrible consequences of this shutdown only manifested in a spectacular fashion when Biden was installed.

      The economy was still doing decently, America was still energy independent, the rust belt was in large part quietly ignoring the shutdown, which primarily affected the big parasitic blue cities that do not actually produce anything, until Biden was elected by the media and installed by the deep state.

      If you look at production and distribution, factories, farms, mines, warehouses, and trucking, it is bypassing the big blue cities except as endpoints where the red economy delivers tribute to the blue economy.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “Tribute” is a beautiful word for it. Because really, what comes out of the blue cities that anyone actually needs, but is rather simply required to pay for?

        My vague understanding is that the “money changers” that Jesus whipped out of the temple were trading “real” money from nearby provinces for a particular/special currency used for the temple tax. Strangely reminiscent, and surely there was some kind of scam to it.

        One thing I’ve learned, over and over, is how wildly affordable many things are in poorer and “more corrupt” countries. If someone made a map of the world, color-coding the countries for how much lunch or a mobile phone bill costs, it would blow your damn mind. So few try to actually answer the question of why the costs are so varied, but if you really try to answer the question, just the effort inevitably leads into some very red pilled places.

        It’s not “standard of living” either. Is Singapore a dump?

        One of the more shocking things Trump ever said in a speech, referring to something like NATO, or some scandalous trade deals with somewhere, or something like that, was simply “We don’t need it.”

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*same old line deleted yet again*]

          • jim says:

            Your program, as I have said far too many times before, is that we solve the problem of the oversupply of priests by giving all value to priests doing meaningless artificial fake priestly jobs, and all power over who gets value to academia. The flaw in this program is obvious, (who produces the value) and you never respond to me pointing it out yet again. Going to silent deletion unless you respond to this criticism.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              My response is that people are NOT signing up to be priests. They’re wage chasing, looking for the maximum possible salary for their labor, as every rational and optimal economics model would predict. They are exploited by [*the kulak with two cows, totally not the priesthood that lied to them, robbed them, wasted their youth, and saddled them with usurious debt that cannot be expunged through bankruptcy.*]

              • jim says:

                You got burned by a ponzi scheme. And you want the Ponzi operators rewarded with power and money, while everyone else has to make good on the false promises that the ponzi operators made.

                No one is responsible for making good on a Ponzi scheme except the Ponzi operators. Go after the endowments.

                The promises they made “everyone gets a piece of paper making them affluent and higher status than everyone else” are inherently unfufillable. Some people are not much good for anything except flipping burgers and greeting at walmart, and we are seeing a whole lot of such people coming out of Harvard these days, looking for the jobs they think they deserve, and winding up sleeping on someone else’s couch.

                They tell some stupid kid who is too young to be allowed to buy a beer that if he signs on the dotted line for an enormous debt inexpungeable in bankruptcy, everything is going to be golden, and surprise, surprise, everything is not golden. He gave away four years of his life and a promise of indentured servitude for a piece of paper that has been rendered worthless because niggers get it for saying “I hate whitey, I beat up whiteys every night”, and not ever showing up in class. Why is kulak with two cows, who was not party to any of these lies, on the hook for making these lies good?

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  It isn’t just me. It’s every conservative and his children who had anything to do with a school after 1985 or so. And it was a ponzi scheme over a century in the making. And everyone was (and is) involved in it, even to the point of allowing schooling performance to be reflected on housing values, an indirect form of child labor that contributed to the ongoing Ritalin epidemic.

                  Good businesses that fail unfairly deserve a bailout or just bankruptcy treatment. Employees by definition are good businesses, human beings with rights, and corporations are not people.


                  This is just absolutely disgraceful (public policy and law being the worst of all) and the fact that it’s on Wikipedia, that they openly show this, proves my point.

                  The kulak who actually is a kulak, who rejects meritocracy and who homeschools his children, is not our enemy. Our enemy is the old conservative who still believes in the old prestige of the elite universities (and not just as a temporary measure to pay reparations to recent grads) like Mitch McConnell, or the principal of a typical high school. The hippie grad school left is beneath us and we know it.

                  Schools that technically follow the letter of the law, and offer a fake return on investment based on [*evil kulaks who need their cows killed*]

                • jim says:

                  OK, you are making arguments, so I respond.

                  > It’s every conservative and his children who had anything to do with a school after 1985

                  You have no contact with any conservatives anywhere, so have no idea what they think and how they act.

                  If you read old books, up to the late 1930s, you will discover that the upper class attitude to the priestly activities of schools and universities was contemptuous. The battle of Waterloo, it was said, was won on the playing fields of Eton. It was not won in the classrooms of Eton.

                  After World War II, our rulers cracked down hard on this attitude. But to the present day, the crackdown has been left wing, and the resistance has been right wing. The beliefs and attitudes that you refer to are no more conservative than sex changes for kids in junior school and Drag Queen Story hour. Yes, conservatives are now today conserving sex changes in junior school and conserving Drag Queen story hour because of left cultural dominance, left social dominance, and left wing violence, but there is nothing conservative about them, and there is nothing conservative about Academia being the center of authority and prestige, and the primary hiring criterion. I was born and raised in an upper class culture of contempt for academic authority and prestige, so stop telling me what conservatives think, or I am going to return to silently deleting your posts.

                  The values and attitudes you say are “conservative” are a manifestation of violence against the right by the left, and violence against employers by the state, manifesting in the terrifying power of HR, which I have seen cause the top boss to physically tremble.

                  > even to the point of allowing schooling performance to be reflected on housing values

                  Schooling performance has absolutely no effect on housing values. Every realtor knows that academic school performance is code for “will my children get beaten up by niggers at school while old fat childless child hating teachers laugh”. The buyers don’t give a damn whether the school has high academic performance because it has good teachers. They only care whether it has “high academic performance” because it has white kids. “Good schools” is code for the race and class of the kids.

                  When I first came to the bay area I was looking for a house, and the realtor gave me an elaborately coded spiel about good schools, and I was confused because I could tell she was not saying what she was saying, but was saying something she could not say, so I asked her “do you mean …” and she was instantly very afraid, suspecting that I was an agent of the state monitoring realtors for thought crimes, what on this blog I call a shill or a entryist. I laughed, and told her something like the things I demand suspected shills say on this blog, pre-emptively passing a shill test, and she relaxed. I saw her fear, and I saw her fear drain out of her.

                  When realtors talk about “good schools” they are lying, because they fear punishment for speaking truth, because we have a vast, intrusive, aggressive, threatening and menacing apparatus to silence the truth, which apparatus terrifies realtors, and the buyers are smiling and nodding, pretending to believe the lies. This is completely obvious when buying and selling in the Bay Area, both the lies and the fear.

                  No one except the quite small number of true believers on the left gives a $#!% about good schools. They care about school racial and class composition. There is near zero interest among buyers in whether schools actually teach anything. No one believes this $#!%. I and the realtor smiled and laughed after I gave her a passing shill test. I have spent a fair time looking for houses, and a fair time selling them. “Good” schools is a code, and everyone knows what the code really means.

                  The buyer and the realtor are terrorized into pretense of going along with our master’s values, and I have seen and smelt the terror of realtors. Like sex changes in junior school, it is leftist terrorism, not conservative values.

                  > corporations are not people.

                  For a significant part of my life, I have been a corporation, and may well be one again. Corporations are people. They are an instrument through which several people jointly act as one through one man. That one man is the corporation, and the group is the corporation. The group is people, and the one man is a person. The corporation is people, and to the extent it succeeds in acting as one, it is a person, incarnate in the person of the chief executive officer.

                  And, like realtors, chief executive officers are being terrorized, and I feel about those terrorizing them the way The Cominator fells about leftists in general.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  #2. We can take racial statistics for granted here.

                • jim says:

                  No we cannot, because the race problem is absolutely central to all the issues that you describe.

                  The problem is that you start off assuming that the lies are the truth, that no one, not even me, doubts these lies, and then proceed to demand more vigorous enforcement of official truth, because people are doing stuff that, if the lies were the truth, would be wicked and foolish. You attribute to those people, who are acting sanely in a desperate and horrifying situation, wicked and foolish motives.

                  You say you are a social conservative? Are you? Give us the unspeakable and unthinkable reasons why people are socially conservative on race and sex.

                  You are not required to agree that we should throw gays who come out of the closet off high buildings, but any discussion of schooling has attempts to keep the slightest contact with reality has to notice facts that might make some people think it is a good idea. Similarly restricting the movement of black people outside of certain ghettos, and applying different laws for different races.

                  Lets not take the racial statistics for granted. Let us instead discuss the real issues that parents face with schooling.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  People DO accept lies as truth, and that’s why lying is always intrinsically disordered and you cannot have a reasonable conversation with a liar or anyone who makes excuses for liars. [*then why do you never blame the the academics who lied to you, took your money, and wasted your time.*] And you can point to all those Ritalin prescriptions for proof that people DO believe in the “good school district” meme without detecting any racial tension.

                  If enough people openly said they want to avoid dangerous black people, just like Israelis want to avoid dangerous Muslims, it would work. [*we would be murdered if we tried it. The people paying you to lie to us would pay other people to murder us. And I notice you say “avoid dangerous black people, but the problem is that most blacks are in fact dangerous, and if you are lucky enough to be dealing with a non dangerous black person, how do you know.*] It must be enough people to form a critical mass, but still to be a minority so it can maintain group cohesion. Just copy the Jews, and it might not end well, granted, but it will end.

                  The family is an institution created by God and races are extended families. This is the heart of social conservatism.

                  [*if you were actually a social conservative, you would have noticed that Academia has long been attacking the family, and is now running gay brothels in the junior schools. Actual normie social conservatives notice that niggers are attacking their children while teachers turn a blind eye, and the teachers are selling their kids sodomy

                  If you were actually a social conservative, you would notice the differences between races that make coexistence difficult, and especially difficult for white children mingled with black children, or at least notice the difficulties ensuing even if unable to speak of their cause.*]

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted for persistently using the term “meritocracy” with a non standard meaning not widely accepted, as if everyone, including normie conservatives, including us, accepted your definition*]

                • jim says:

                  Argument by false consensus deleted, because you never respond to rebuttals but just sail right on as if everyone accepted the false consensus.

                  Your “meritocracy” has been getting less and less meritocratic for two centuries, and back when it actually was meritocratic, the elite never took its claims of merit too seriously, measuring merit by a different, and considerably superior, standard. The seriousness with which people take its claims of merit is proportional to the violence and intimidation with which they are enforced, and the greater the lip service, the less the belief.

                  Your program is a vast escalation in the violence and intimidation with which its claims of merit are enforced. Unlikely to persuade, and unlikely to result in actual merit, though likely to create the appearance of persuasion.

                  Your proposal is that value should be seized from those who create it, prosperous working class men doing work in fields where entry is difficult, because it requires smarts, experience, and good character, and prosperous businessmen organizing those valuable working class men, and given to those that Academia deems meritorious.

                  Musk has merit, and the welders he employs to build rockets have merit. You do not. Musk is the world’s greatest rocket scientist. Those who have official accreditation as rocket scientists are working at or for NASA, and are strangely unable to build rockets. In the event that the Senate Lunch System rocket eventually gets off the ground, it will be lifted by very old engines that NASA has long since lost the capability to build. Should your proposal be applied, Musk and his welders, lacking official accreditation, will be denied the opportunity to build rockets.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  The truth is that we don’t know how violent academia is willing to be yet because we don’t have mass homeschooling yet, I mean serious resistance. We have already seen Covid beat academia. Low status Amish do too. Compulsory schooling (from the state, not parents) like in Germany is very low status, as Germany is a complete failure to both reactionaries and Cathedral types.

                  I will admit my standard of merit is not exactly universal, because I hold conservatives who still support their local public school to a higher standard than the hopelessly natural left who just show up there by instinct, not agency. But merit does in fact exist.

                  [*Academia is composed of priests, who are inherently only fit to train people for priesting. So, if Academia was working as it should, it would select people who make good priests.

                  We only need about one thousandth as many people trained in priesting as we have, and the people who make good priests are generally not the people we need to make good rockets. The problems you complain about are that we have a vast oversupply of people trained in priesting, and a serious shortage of jobs for them, despite massive state intervention creating priestly jobs in every organization.*]

                  People with more capacity for responsibility should be judged based on this.

                  [* Yes they should. But who should judge that capability? If you look at well paid working class people, the kulaks you hate and would destroy, they generally have a lot of capacity for responsibility, and it was not academia that selected them.

                  If you look at the typical graduate, no capability for responsibility. If Academia was working as it should, they would have considerably better capability for responsibility, but academia would still not be all that useful as a filter for the vast majority of jobs. It is filter that HR filters on. It is a poor filter, and has quite recently become a great deal worse, but a century ago, when it was working pretty well, it was not the filter that elites and employers generally relied upon, because no one was forcing them to rely upon it. It is use as a filter has increased by state violence, at the same time as its usefulness as a filter has diminished.

                  People never believed its use as a filter, and as its usefulness as a filter has diminished, they believe even less, even as they are coerced into using it more.*]

                  [*deleted for all the usual reasons.*]

                • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                  The truth is that we don’t know how violent academia is willing to be yet

                  This man isnt serious 🤦‍♂️


                  This site is one of the first to properly outline the concept of a “Holy War” and how the Intelligentsia organizes (para)military violence to further it’s domestic and international political objectives…

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            AF is is Slate Star Codenigger. Prove me wrong.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              That has the ring of truth.

            • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

              The thing is, SSC isn’t dumb and has a knack for coming up with all kinds of clever reasons to believe the most absurd leftoid nonsense. This persyn obviously has none of those qualities.

              I remember a thread from a some weeks/months ago in which Always Fabricating suggested for _real_ that “the capitalist desire for profit!!1!” was what actually caused corporations to use drag queens to market their products… 😐

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                He’s definitely not Scott Alexander himself, but he could be one of his commenters or hangers-on.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “I remember a thread from a some weeks/months ago in which Always Fabricating suggested for _real_ that “the capitalist desire for profit!!1!” was what actually caused corporations to use drag queens to market their products…”

                I remember that. That’s from AF’s Greatest Hits reel as far as I’m concerned.

      • Doom says:

        Trump had little control over the money printer
        the economy is the fault of the people who debase the currency

        You can’t really blame Biden for it either.

        • jim says:

          Trump turned out to have a surprising amount of control as to whether people in the Rust Belt were allowed to create value.

          • Guy says:

            When Trump won my CEO, in a company doing huge amounts of work for the state of MA, sent a memo to all employees saying they felt Trump’s pro business attitude would be a boon to our business. We really heavily on construction projects, but also on state accreditation. He was right of course. The memo was sent because many staff had expressed concern that deregulation would hurt our industry.

            Trump’s actions to stop the money printer when the “pandemic” was on full blast would have had to have been drastic and would likely be used as fodder to remove him. The media scared his nominal supporters in the Senate who were looking for any excuse to remove him already.

            His success in rejuvenating the rust belt, among so many other things, pushed the enemy to escalate to the point where he might have lost the ability to affect monetary policy without violence.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              >…he might have lost the ability to affect monetary policy without violence

              This is, an essence, why mainline conservatism cannot win. You cannot name a single category, subject, or issue wherein anything less than violence is required. Whether it’s tanks in Harvard Yard, honor killings, lynchings, or just sodomites getting beat for being near children, they all require some level of implicit or explicit violence. The system is set up to the point where violence from anyone is considered “inexcusable,” and violence from anyone on the left is universally excused. This was the great victory of the Warren Court and their use of the 14th Amendment. By establishing 2 separate classes of citizen under the auspices of historical correction, they operationalized the theories of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School. That blueprint was then forked for each social issue or event of relevance.

              3 negroes believe a white man is stealing from them, so they chase him down and kill him; this would be defended by pretty much every mainstream voice, assuming they even deigned to acknowledge it. The reverse has played out just recently, and those white men will keep getting life sentences until they are murdered in prison.

              Until white males and their conservative fellow travelers dispense with the pen and take up the sword, every conservative victory will inevitably turn into a cultural/political defeat.

              • Adam says:

                Totally agree. Everyone respects violence, even fears it, especially the priesthood.

                I would add, as far as post-restoration, a certain amount of personal violence should be excusable. Men should always have the option to hand out a beating when necessary, or settle things in the parking lot without fear of imprisonment.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  It has to be, though I find it annoying and reprehensible (and I would say that, being raised a yankeefag). With no consequences for buffoonery and niggory diggory, buffoons and nignogs proliferate. While an inner city ghetto is not at all the goal, I found that while living in a third world enclave, wherever the police were the alpha proxies, there was no end of “mean mugging,” verbal diarrhea, and small time criminality and minor violence. Wherever the actual bangers were the alpha proxies, it was a dirty shithole in disrepair, but the petty criminals were not to be found.

                  Personal violence should always be just around the corner, like a leopard or pack of wild dogs, and men of substance should always be armed and ready to engage with and in it. While it is counterintuitive to the modern, I think a framework like that would actually result in more stability in the long run.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Let’s check in on “Hurr Durr Trump’s a stoopid” :

      “So, it’s already worked better than I’d imagined, because Trump has thoughtfully endorsed establishment candidates.

      It probably won’t make it to NYT/CNN, but this progressive organizing happens on Twitter. If Trump managed to swing the primaries for any of these candidates, it would be awesome. And even if he doesn’t swing any races, he’s inflamed a lot of tension among scorned DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) people, who have already been encouraging people not to vote if there is no progressive candidate. […] These people are almost as disenfranchised as nationalists in the Republican Party. Unlike some retards on the internet, I don’t think there is going to be any nationalist-socialist alliance, but the Democrat Party is in total shambles and doing anything to promote these far-left extremists is a good idea for the right-wing.”

  6. Kunning Druegger says:

    Col. MacGregor Interview. Very worth a watch for a number of reasons. Ostensibly about the UKR fiasco, but I link it here for the discussion that comes later, when MacGregor relates what happened when President Trump attempted to pull out of AFG and was stymied by the Military and State Department Bureaucracy. Pay close attention to the chronology and names involved.

    As we see more and more Cucksantis and Cuckservative shills show up, like that faggot from London, they will attempt to portray Trump as universally weak and incompetent. This is the #01 tell of a shill (I think): adherence to script. The payload is the mission. Juxtapose that with myself: I definitely shill for ideas here, as well as certain products (buy Glock, buy body armor, eat meat, make babies, dig in don’t run,etc). But I am not being compensated for my efforts. My goal is not to sell Glocks or Plate Carriers; my goal is to enable dissidents to hold the fucking line and carry products I can use if/when they get “dropped.” The cuck-shills are being compensated to be here, and their benefactors have a vested interest in keeping Trump out of the Campaign. Trump is like a rogue planet that meddles with the otherwise stable gravitational balance, causing wobbles and perturbations that the status quo is unable to contend with. His mere presence, in rooms of plaster or rooms of the mind, drives people to act irrationally and enthusiastically. The status quo defenders become rabid morons, and the normies become rabid Trumpian enthusiasts. This is the result of Trump + Media, and it is in our best interests to keep that rogue planet zipping in and out of the space.

    …but it also must be said that Trump as president, though he did many, many great things (yuge things, things that thing’d like no thing before), he was only a C Suite Merchant, fully in thrall to the expertise of his subordinates. He was not, and will never be, Caesar. But Trump is a prerequisite for the rise of Caesar, or Cromwell, or Stalin. He is absolutely required to drive everyone out of the center and into the extremes. At the end of the day, the single biggest factor in the downfall of the Occident was complacency. Allowing multiple, successive generations to act as if nothing really mattered because nothing actually changes because nothing ever happens gave the forces of Bezemenovian Subversion[1] a massive suite of exploits and all the time and room needed to trial&error there way to dominance.

    Trump is the great disruptor. We need another 2016. Try and think back to what life was like and where the world was going in 2015. All the well laid plans of Mulatto Messiah, all the delicate and integral frameworks constructed by the uniparty status quo, the whole massive sentiment of “always had been, always will be,” shattered and forgotten. Even the most remote chance of that happening again is worth the effort. The FBI raid is just the latest silliness Trump has inspired. This is excessively optimistic on my part, but I think he realizes what he did in November 2020, and he is completely motivated by his zeal for the spotlight and his legacy. So he is going to dance right into his political, and actual grave. The willing sacrifice for a country he loves. Quaint and endearing, no? Irrelevant to us; his antics accelerate the collapse of the GAE like no other catalyst known in current year.

    Trump Campaign 2024. The best is yet to come. Don’t vote harder, troll harder.

    [1] or watch both if you can

    • Neurotoxin says:

      This notion that Trump functions as a chaos agent, which is to our advantage in the current situation, is interesting.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I know this is an appeal to emotionality and actually quite thin, but as a meme war veteran I cannot let go of the craziness of 2016. The birth of a son, the bone tired satisfaction of tilled earth, the mind numbing ecstasy of inseminating my woman, shooting guns until my fingers hurt; these things make me truly happy. But I cannot let go of the unfettered joy of walking around campus the day after the election. In terms of political victories, that was quite the mountain top. We won. We won so hard, the country hasn’t really recovered from the psychic dicking we gave her. So maybe this is just an artifact of that particular nostalgia. Nonetheless, I think there’s real meat to the idea that the Campaign, and not the Election, is what we should be thinking about in terms of both tactics and strategy.

        I’d like to get behind Desantis, as he seems to have real potential as a leader. But we have to know that he is not a creature of the RINO establishment, and I think the one, decisive way we can know that is if he stays out of Trumps way, continues fortifying Florida, and prepares for the aftermath of the 2024 campaign cycle. If he interjects himself, or allows himself to be interjected as an impediment to the Trump Train, it will be really hard to portray him as anything but a supporter of the status quo. The wildcard issue would be VP Desantis. Would he take the nod in the hopes, rather expectation, that Trump would be removed? Would he decline it to stay clear of the fallout? If Desantis plays his cards right, he could inherit a huge amount of Trump’s “magical 30%” support. But that is a tough row to hoe.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          It’s a fact that elections are irrelevant in any direct sense; they’re fraudulent.

          But as you noted a couple of threads back, “Campaigns are an excuse to organize.” That’s potentially important in all kinds of ways.

          It’s also possible that Trump 2024 would create enough hysterical overreaction among leftists to wake up any normies who aren’t already awake. DeSantis wouldn’t create the circus show, the pure spectacle, that constantly surrounds Trump, but…

          If we think about campaigns being an excuse to organize, it’s almost irrelevant who the candidate is.

        • jim says:

          DeSantis, being younger, is more capable of adjusting to the new abnormal. He also has time enough to wait for Trump to retire, die, or be murdered.

          Though, if we are so fortunate as to follow the Caesar model, Trump’s heir may well be Don Junior. Chances are that if we get a leader to replace Trump, he will not follow old path of elected office, which has been locked down hard.

          I think DeSantis may well be at a dead end, because he has been grandfathered into a locked down political system. If he does not rock the boat on anything that matters, he may be allowed to keep Florida until term limits kick in, whereupon he will be replaced by a rino. If he wants to get anywhere beyond Florida, he is going to have to act outside the existing political and legal apparatus, as Caesar Augustus did.

          Betting on DeSantis is normality bias, and betting on the old paths to power is normality bias. But DeSantis has power and legitimacy. He could cash those things in to do what is needed in the new abnormal. But if he tries to walk the old paths, not going anywhere.

          The 2024 Republican nominee is likely to be a Bidenesque figure. Could be they drop the pretense altogether, and we get the the deep video fake of Biden as the joint nominee of both parties, though more likely they will have different deep video fake candidates for both parties, to preserve the form of the old republic.

          • Pooch says:

            I am expecting Marius and Sulla before we get Caesar and Augustus, which means a period of time, likely lasting decades, where control of the government goes from left to right back to left again, etc with accompanying persecutions of the extremists from each side.

            When the left is in control, the extreme right wingers will be persecuted and jailed as they are doing now. When the right gets control (temporarily), expect Antifa to be persecuted harshly.

            Best to stay away from the fringes during this time is my advice.

            • The Cominator says:

              Sulla requires a class of soldiers who do not give a fuck about the Republic but who are very enthusiastically attached to their commander Sulla.

              • Jehu says:

                I kind of wonder how big of a class of such soldiers this would require. I’m almost certain that 100k would be more than enough, and I suspect that 20k would be plenty if they were led by an commander that was willing to be exceptionally ruthless, forcing the normies to either get behind him or lose even the dream of comfortable lives, and maybe even burning the boats a la Cortez behind them.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It should be noted that Sulla’s soldiers were exceptionally attached to him. Having awarded him by acclamation the grass (or blockade crown) at the battle of Nola which was awarded to a commander who by smart and wise decision making had saved the army.

                  There is nobody quite like this today. Sulla’s Senatorial officers all resigned (all but one Lucullus) but the army enthusiastically with him.

                • jim says:

                  That Augustus Caesar was able to acquire an army indicates that by that time, you no longer needed what Sulla had.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I wonder what position MacGregor holds in the minds of the military officer class. Not the negros, ladies, and sodomites, as they do not likely read anything that isn’t about themselves or concern their selfish interests. Rather the remnant of jr grade officers that keep things going, even though they shouldn’t.

                • The Cominator says:

                  There is nobody in the US military considered anything like a Sulla.

                  Nobody since Sherman or Grant (maybe MacArthur not for WWII but for Inchon) had anything close. Sulla was acclaimed and awarded the blockade crown by his troops for saving the entire army from being wiped out. Then politicians tried to deprive him as a sitting Consul of his command… his troops shared his personal outrage.

            • Mr.P says:

              “… where control of the government goes from left to right back to left again, etc ….”

              When has your so-called right ever had control of the government?

              Not in my lifetime (and I’m high up there age-wise).

              • jim says:

                The most successful “right wing” president was Reagan, who rolled back taxation which was far above the laffer limit, and ended price control and uncontrolled issue of money, but who allowed the abolition of marriage and the criminalization of masculinity.

                The reason Reagan was possible is that the left realized that the redistributive state was headed into full on socialism, which they knew was a dead end, because it had bitten them hard in 1949, and the Soviet Union and China were clearly not going anywhere. So a new direction for leftism was taking shape. They were willing to lose on price control and taxation far beyond the short term laffer limit, because plain old socialism was no longer plausible as the immanent eschaton. That faith was walking dead, so time for some new applecarts. Cultural Marxism in place of plain old fashioned Marxism.

                Reagan pushed on a door that was falling open. The deficits were unsustainable, the taxes unpayable, and the US dollar was heading for shitcoin status. Everyone knew it, though no one could say it, so there was no very great will on the left to resist basic sanity.

                Nixon was not a right wing president, but of a heretical sect of leftism. Leftism has endless heresies, its orthodoxy is one successful new heresy after another, but most heresies wind up losing, and in losing, are deemed right wing, as fascism came to be deemed right wing after 1944.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Reagan also enabled the Mexification of California and the Southwest, which in turn excused the mass importation of lesser mestizos into the East Coast and the interior. As good as Reagan may have been for/on somethings, to me he is the archetype for conservative cover for left wing action.

                • Adam says:

                  California was also the first state that implemented no-fault divorce, which Reagan signed off on as governor.

                • Anon says:

                  Indifferent on Reagan
                  I am biased toward Nixon, the way the Cathedral went after him tell me he scared the sh*t out of them.
                  I donn’t know what/why exactly?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Nixon despite being somewhat leftist himself scared them because he understood the nature of the enemy in a way that almost no one did before Moldbug Nixon understood the Cathedral the links between elite academia and big media and even intelligence. The reason he talked about Jews sometimes almost like a wignat is the Cathedral then actually was much more heavily jewish than it is now.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              Pooch: “a period of time, likely lasting decades, where control of the government goes from left to right back to left again, etc.”

              1) There is no control of the government by “the right.” As just one example: When Trump was President, the Supreme Court told him that enforcing immigration law is against the law.

              2) There will not be “decades” of anything remotely resembling what we grew up with as normality. The situation has decayed too obviously for that to return. Republicans don’t trust elections or institutions, so the US government is now in a crisis of legitimacy.* And as Jim points out, the left can’t settle their internal power struggles by elections now that the fraud is so flourescently obvious. So the violence is only going to escalate and become more widespread.

              You know, or should know, both of these things.

              “When the left is in control, the extreme right wingers will be persecuted and jailed as they are doing now. When the right gets control (temporarily), expect Antifa to be persecuted harshly.”

              As if. It will be a shock if Antifa is prosecuted, or persecuted, at all, let alone “harshly.”

              * “Crisis of legitimacy” is an overused phrase because leftists are a bunch of cunts and they shriek it whenever they don’t get their way. But now at least a large plurality, if not a majority, of the population does not accept the current US government as the rightful government.

              • Pooch says:

                So the violence is only going to escalate and become more widespread.

                You know, or should know, both of these things.

                I am not predicting normality. As happened in the final century of the Roman Republic, I am predicting a period of intense political violence and alternating violent purges and persecution of the extremists from each side until it is finally resolved by an Augustus, which I believe we are no where close to yet.

                Being at the fringes is going to be dangerous as Jan. 6th forshadowed. Being just a moderate establishment Democrat/Republican is also dangerous as the most killing will be in the center as well between the radical centrists of Musk/Trump/Biden/Clinton/Thiel/Bezos whoever other billionaire steps into the ring.

                I predict it gets resolved by 2070 or so.

                • S says:

                  What right wing extremist? Seriously, who on the extreme right is going to have power and be able to use the secret police to murder their enemies? All I see are different factions of the left, the outer party and people outside the system with no one to get in.

                  As for 2070, no. The left is eating their seed corn- trannies, the vax- they do not have a future and know they need to take everyone with them NOW.

                • Pooch says:

                  No one on the extremes has any power. Even though Antifa and Proud Boys are fighting in the streets, the real power struggle and hatred will be in the center.

                • jim says:

                  When teenaged Augustus Caesar walked into a military base in the boondocks, the power struggle suddenly ceased to be in the center.

                  The power struggle was in the center, till it was not.

                  Because the power struggle was in the center, they paid no attention to fact that the base of their power on the periphery was falling apart. The cop on the beat and the grunt at the tip of spear gets ever more disillusioned and pissed off.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Yeah, I think you are using history as a map, Pooch. We are not Rome, we are Carthage. If anyone is Rome, it’s either China or Russia, and that is obviously a stretch as well. We are on a terminal trajectory (as Carthage was), and if we get a Hannibal, it will probably be someone like Dan Crenshaw who stumbles into power after a bloody civil war, then goes on a global “Sherman’s March” before China is forced to invade Texas to “salt the earth” and make an example for other extremists. But that’s only if we are going to follow historical norms. To understand how off map we are, attempt to watch 15 minutes of Kamala Harris Q&A with no pauses, then internalize that an Alzheimer’s stricken AARP member is all that stands between her and control of the military. She’s everything wrong with Hillary with none of the cunning or experience or connections or IQ. Milley would be honored to serve her, and all the sodomites promoted by Obama’s regime are too busy predating children to really care.

                  All very extreme, and maybe off base, but I think we are not operating under any recognizable historical precedent at the moment. We are more like Atlantis than Rome. So it’s just inconceivable that we would slouch into a cyclical pattern like you’re describing. It’s not impossible, per se, but imagine the foundational cultural shifts required to even see a resurgence of cuckservative dominance of the uniparty: that means Hollywood, Harvard, and the Civil Service would all have to seesaw to some degree. I guess it could happen, but I don’t think it’s likely.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Jim says: “The cop on the beat and the grunt at the tip of spear gets ever more disillusioned and pissed off.”

                  Evocative. I wonder what a list & map of critical job + low status + male would look like. Maybe a “top twenty” based on holistic and long term productivity? I’m not quite sure how to phrase it properly, but a heat map of disaffection in populations that “matter.” Obviously, the left has a different understanding, but we know so much about the placement and position of blacks, gays, single moms, illegals, and perverts, and we also know that a statistically insignificant number are actually critical to sustenance, energy, and stability, so… The left builds maps of places you should avoid and tells you the opposite. Building useful maps of where you should go* might be a useful exercise.

                • Pooch says:

                  It’s not impossible, per se, but imagine the foundational cultural shifts required to even see a resurgence of cuckservative dominance of the uniparty: that means Hollywood, Harvard, and the Civil Service would all have to seesaw to some degree.

                  The Elon Musk Empire is not going to be the reactionary right wing shift that those on this blog imagine it to be. Trump, Musk, Thiel, etc all these people aren’t ideological neo-reactionaries. They are essentially all just moderates. Gay Republican support doubled with Trump.

                  Under Elon Musk/Reddit Fascism, trannies and gays won’t be in your face as much but they aren’t going away. The underlying economic incentives mean that the morality will not change all that because it can’t which was the exact position Augustus was in when he became Emperor.

                • jim says:

                  I have often sarcastically remarked that Xenophon should have tried killing priests until the auguries came out the way he wanted them, rather than sacrificing bulls until the auguries came out the way he wanted them, but this is not intended seriously, for Augustus Caesar did that, with the result that what little life remained in the state religion of the Roman Empire expired.

                  What you are arguing is that we are stuck with the state religion we have.

                  We are not stuck with the state religion we have, for it is on a course of self destruction, and will die spectacularly in the quite near future, the only question being whether it will take the rest of us with it.

                  The question then will be whether we will stagger on with an undead zombie state religion, like Xi’s China, or bring in a new one, or, like the England of Charles the second, restore an old one.

                  You are saying we will stagger on with an undead zombie state religion. Possible, but seems unlikely. The Roman State religion died quietly after a long period of decline. That is not how ours is going to die.

                  Restoring an old one is likely to be more difficult for us than it was for Charles the Second, because Old Type Christianity is rather more thoroughly extirpated, but it lives as a mustard seed, and is good at resurrection. I talk to normies and I see them thirst.

                • Pooch says:

                  The state religion is downstream from economics:

                  The economic incentives of feudal Europe including the England of Charles the Second required a pro-natalist morality that protected the family and successful reproduction in order to increase the population who could work the land.

                  An increase in the serf population was directly correlated with higher economic output for the Crown and the aristocracy. More serfs = More GDP, so there was every reason and incentive to protect Christianity. For example, Catharism, an early feminism and attack on Christianity, was violently suppressed by the aristocracy during the time of feudalism.

                  So we can see why the religion of Charles II died around the time of the Industrial revolution in England. Changing economic incentives for the elite.

                  Our economic situation is even more advanced today being in a post-industrial society. There is just not much incentive for the aristocracy to have the native population to reproduce. There is not enough jobs for people to do. Factory jobs are offshored and low skilled service jobs are filled by importing cheap Third World migrants.

                  Similarly, the situation during the time of Augustus. The Roman economy was entirely dominated by imported slaves and there was not a whole lot of jobs left for working class free citizens. The aristocracy had little incentive for native Romans to reproduce and naturally pro-natalist family values eroded and were no longer protected. There was nothing Augustus or Caesar could do to reverse that transition.

                  So no, we will not be returning to the religion of Charles the Second, unfortunately, and yes our current religion will continue to stagger on, even with Elon Musk Fascism, until something new comes a long, as Christianity did.

                  What will be that something new? Impossible to know what sort of socio-economic forces will be at play during that time in the centuries ahead where automation is heavily adopted and man is possibly inter-planetary. If you can predict that then you are a literal avatar of God.

                • jim says:

                  > The state religion is downstream from economics:

                  Obvious utter nonsense. You are being silly. The history you quote is Marxist nonsense, utterly detached from historical reality.

                  The state religion is driven by the holiness spiral, and mutates rapidly in unpredictable directions, while the economy changes relatively slowly. Over millennia, state religions have frequently suffered rapid, radical, and fundamental change – which tends to produce a slow decline in the slowly changing economy.

                • Neurotoxin says:


                  “No one on the extremes has any power.”

                  People, what are we to make of such a brazen falsehood, apparently uttered with a rhetorical straight face?

                • Aidan says:

                  Pooch, the economic incentives do not favor leftism at all- the fake economics expounded by blue urbanites favor leftism, but that is a mound of lies designed to extract tribute from red states and productive people. Americans are poorer now than they have been in a very long time. Only the parasite voodoo numbers go up from importing darkies and discouraging fertility. Measurable economic prosperity has plummeted.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The state religion is downstream from economics:”

                  95% of the time nuts. Look at Xi… on the cusps of Chinese world domination hes ruining China in an attempt to bring back leftism.


                  Also Trump proved there was no organic job shortage.

                • Pooch says:

                  Americans are poorer now than they have been in a very long time.

                  Americans? Which Americans? Are we talking about the plebs? What about the billionaire class of Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc? What about every member of the US Senate who are worth tens of millions?

                • jim says:

                  The Soviet elite had unlimited bank accounts, but there was nothing for them to buy. They would fly to Finland to buy light bulbs.

                  America produces fewer cars than China, and the cars are inferior. Not radically inferior, the way Soviet cars were radically inferior to western cars, but it is subtly noticeable.

                  The American elite has unlimited dollars, and yet, their lifestyle is not all that great. A lot better than the lifestyle of the Soviet elite, which got sick of flying to Finland to buy lightbulbs and being chauffeured around in crap cars, but if you look at the backgrounds of Hunter Biden photos, pretty ordinary. His chair is newer than mine, but mine was a nicer chair when new, my scenery is way better than his scenery, and my computer screen is better than his computer screen. If you took a random photo of me in my office, I look wealthier, even my net worth is infinitesimal compared to his.

                  They lack the social environment necessary to turn unlimited dollars into a pleasant physical environment, crap furniture, have vast mansions surrounded by high walls and armed guards, but live in little boxes.

                  This is analogous to the fact that the successful third world peasant with a wife, kids, a garden, a machete, and unlimited bamboo and mud is apt to have a nicer home than the first world incel webmaster.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “The state religion is downstream from economics”

                  95% of the time nuts.

                  Not to mention, it’s distilled Marxism. “The material structure creates the ideological superstructure,” etc.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Oh almost forgot that, economic determinism as the be all end all is one of the aspects of Marxism good catch.

                • Pooch says:

                  This is analogous to the fact that the successful third world peasant with a wife, kids, a garden, a machete, and unlimited bamboo and mud is apt to have a nicer home than the first world incel webmaster.

                  The first world incel webmaster is but a mere peasant for the elite of the 21st century. So yes you can make quite a strong argument that the third world peasant is living better than the western first world peasant.

                  But unless the third world peasant produces a summer home on the water and a 80-foot yacht, not a strong argument that the third world peasant is living better than the western first world elite.

                • jim says:

                  As I said, look at the candid camera photos of billionaire elites living their lives. That eighty foot yacht is rusting in the marina. They buy the stuff the old elite had, and do not know what to do with it.

                  That they are stupid evil people, surrounded by stupid evil people prevents them not only from creating value, but even from turning unlimited freshly printed US dollars into value.

                • Aidan says:

                  I’m reminded of the leftist meme circulating in normie spaces that “corporate profits went up, therefore inflation is just greed”. The US dollar is not an accurate proxy for value. It is hard to turn the dollar into valuable and useful things, and it is getting harder.

                • anon says:

                  Jim, could you give me an example of a real, true billionaire with a rusting yacht that I can look at the candid background pictures of? Hunter Biden is a bad example because he’s a druggie bagman and doesn’t actually have independent bank accounts, and even the limited access he’s provided to is probably not in the billions.

                  I need to see real verified billionaires with shitty rusting yachts and shit backgrounds to fully grok this.

                • Michael Jackson says:

                  Jim, could you give me an example of a real, true billionaire with a rusting yacht that I can look at the candid background pictures of?

                  He won’t and he can’t. Jim often pulls shit out of his ass when he is beaten in debate.

                • jim says:

                  “Rusting” was a metaphor. The billionaire pays an expensive team of people to keep it painted and shiny while it sits forever in the marina. It rusts, his people remove the rust and give it a paint job.

                  But if you go to a marina, and there is a really big yacht that is not available for rent, it has not set sail for a very long time. It is rusting endlessly, but the rust is being cleaned up endlessly, while the billionaire lives in a little box and visits his vast mansion infrequently, and his yacht not at all.

              • Neurotoxin says:


                I am not predicting normality… I am predicting a period of intense political violence and alternating violent purges and persecution of the extremists from each side until it is finally resolved by an Augustus, which I believe we are no where close to yet.

                There cannot be “alternating” purges because at some point someone is going to use the state apparatus to try to exterminate all their enemies. If this attempted extermination succeeds, then one side has won. If it does not succeed then we are in a fully hot civil war.

                The very idea of “alternating” violent purges makes no sense, because if you know the other side is going to kill you the next time they get power, you are going to kill them before they can take power again. That is, you will do that if you can. If you can’t – if you don’t have the power to accomplish that – then you have already lost.

                I predict it gets resolved by 2070 or so.

                No way in hell do we have another fifty years. Bloody obviously.

                • Pooch says:

                  The very idea of “alternating” violent purges makes no sense, because if you know the other side is going to kill you the next time they get power, you are going to kill them before they can take power again.

                  Was the norm during the late Republic and when Caesar defeated Pompey everyone expected the same, but he spared his enemies in an attempt to end the feud and rule for both sides.

                  Ended up biting him because of it. Antony/Octavian didn’t make the same mistake and did a final purge. So yeah eventually when we get to an Octavian at the end, there will be a final purge.

                  The winning strategy for an aristocratic Roman at the time was to not get too caught in the partisan feud too strongly and show a willingness to cooperate with whoever was in control.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  The radicals on the left have not, and will not, spare anyone if they have the opportunity to purge adversaries. No one was “spared” in the Twitter purges. Vaxx decliners weren’t spared in the labor force or military.

                  The fact remains that, for there to be an alternation between opposed factions, the institutions and structures of power must change hands. There is no basis, no precedent, for converged institutions to de-converge. It is actually kind of silly to even assert that they would or could. Regardless of the positionality of the factions, whether it is moderate left or radical left, actual restorationists or just de-accelerationists, the idea that each will be given a turn at power is on its face retarded.

                  What basis do you have for this projection, besides your interpretation of Roman history? What facets of the political landscape or recent, relevant examples can you point to to illuminate the mechanics of a “seesaw” dynamic?

                  The current progression is a ever increasing holiness spiral on the left with moments of slowing or near-halting. To date, there’s been no reversal of direction in the cultural milieu, as well there’s has been a steady leftward tendency in the permanent bureaucracy. These won’t magically cease to be.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Things are different these days, for whatever reason – modern technology makes everything proceed faster or whatever. This has been obvious since the Communist genocides of the last century.

                • jim says:

                  We can communicate over distance faster, and we have vastly more data available. So, you can see where things are going, and attempt to go there before the other guy does – and the other guy is trying to do the same thing. This speeds up the historical process.

                  We are now in the death of the Republic phase. People are going to see the wars of the second triumvirate coming, and jump directly to that.

                  This is how Russia proceeded so directly to civil war – people were looking at the events of the French Revolution, and skipped directly to the end point. I expected the same things to happen in the US, but the Brezhnevians do not want to go there, and the faggots are too busy sodomizing your pre pubertal children.

                • Neurotoxin says:


                  for there to be an alternation between opposed factions, the institutions and structures of power must change hands. There is no basis, no precedent, for converged institutions to de-converge.

                  Bingo. The left converges institutions because it wants to hold those institutions. That’s the whole point! It doesn’t converge them so that a few years later it can cede them back to the right!

                  So the right would have to seize them back. Then the left would re-seize them from the right. Etc. Pooch’s scenario makes no sense.

          • London Guy says:

            > Though, if we are so fortunate as to follow the Caesar model, Trump’s heir may well be Don Junior.

            Based on what? Junior has never accomplished much of anything — and he’s accomplished nothing that wasn’t a direct result of his last name — and he’d be a lot easier to sideline than his old man.

            Worse, Junior is a beta, at best. He’s 44 years old but he’s spent the last four years dating a 53-year-old gold-digging skank who was married to Gavin Newsom, the faggot governor of California.

            • jim says:

              > > Though, if we are so fortunate as to follow the Caesar model, Trump’s heir may well be Don Junior.

              > Based on what? Junior has never accomplished much of anything

              Augustus Caesar was beardless teenager who had never accomplished anything, never exercised command, until he walked into a military base, and with no military rank, no military connections other than that he was the adoptive son of Julius Caesar, no experience, and no public office, spoke to the grunts and took command.

              As the Republic dies, strange and surprising things are apt to happen. Probably not that, but likely something even more improbable. Trump was big surprise, and bigger surprises are likely.

              Don Junior, for all his faults, does pretty well in front of a crowd, and unlike his Dad, and like Augustus Caesar, seems to be aware we are in the new abnormal.

              Most importantly, our enemies fear him. You fear him. The people who denigrate him denigrate Trump as a fool and buffoon, an argument so moronic as to need no rebuttal.

              He makes our enemies afraid.

              In the end, someone acting in the new reality is going to seize power from those acting in the old reality. And it is likely to be a young man, because it is easier for the young to recognize the new reality. Augustus Caesar acted in the new reality while all the older, more powerful, better connected men around him were lost in the old reality. Their experience, their power, their expertise, and their connections trapped them in unreality.

              • London Guy says:

                I fear Junior?

                Nobody fears Junior.

                What the hell are you talking about?

                • jim says:

                  If you guys did not fear Junior, we would not see all you shills telling us you are not afraid. Your criticisms of him are true enough, except that you deny he handles a crowd as well as he does. But that whenever I say the name, the shills are triggered, reveals fear.

              • Globalist Power Terminated II says:

                Zoomer Czar — lul

          • Anon says:

            I would have not believed the deep fake video stuff to actually work until they actully did it last month, where a video of biden they released and you can sense somthing was wrong especially the eyes. But everyone played along.

  7. London Guy says:

    > No one can make an argument for why you wouldn’t at least try to get Trump in in 2024.

    Trump is a confirmed pussy who surrounded himself with grifters and clowns in the White House and remains, to this day, surrounded by grifters and clowns.

    Worse, there are Trump supporters still rotting in jail ALMOST TWO YEARS after Jan. 6 that Trump hasn’t lifted a finger or donated a dollar to help.

    Fuck Trump. He’s not your hero. Wake up already.

    • jim says:

      He is the leader we have.

      Got a better alternative up your sleeve?

      You go to war with the leader you have, not the leader you want. The key problem with Trump is a failure to go to war, when war is upon him.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Is he our leader, though? He doesn’t give a damn about us and he doesn’t have a clue what he’s up against. We elect him again, and he’ll just hire more “experts” and “professionals” and “career civil servants” who will constantly betray him again, but hey, they went to the right schools and everyone knows they’re The Best People. Then he’ll denounce us as extremists and domestic terrorists and sic the secret police on us. We have no leader, and I don’t see where one’s going to come from. Forget Caesar, forget Bonaparte; the best we can hope for is a Stalin.

        • jim says:

          compare the governance we got when Trump was president, to the governance we are getting now. The invasion, the collapse of law and order, the collapse of the economy.

          He had big impact. He fell short, but he accomplished much. He was our leader, is our leader, but did not comprehend what he was up against. Probably still does not, though now with considerably less excuse.

          • London Guy says:

            “The collapse of law and order”?

            Who was president when Antifa and BLM destroyed city after city?


            What did Trump do about it?


            He’s a pussy.

            • Anon says:

              Really, because i remember black vans pulling up, men grabbing antifa then vanishing.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                I remember city blocks burning and all of American society and government lecturing us about how it was a good thing and we deserved much more of it. I remember Trump impotently whining about how someone should do something to stop it.

                What happened to those goons grabbed by “unmarked vans”? Not prison time, and no, not an unmarked grave in the woods – they were back on the street in a matter of days or hours.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I remember small towns full of white bois with AR15s. I remember Biden’s limp bus caravan getting surrounded by massive diesel pickups with Trumpian Livery. I remember stadiums full of happy MAGA motherfuckers cheering with legitimate enthusiasm.

                  Two critical things come to mind: at least half of those “apprehensions” you saw were ICs and undercovers getting picked up. That’s how you bring them back in to protect their cover. AND, if anyone encourages you to reminisce, but only a single theme or perspective, they are trying to convince you of something and they aren’t confident or capable enough to do it with the whole story.

                  After Coronahoax happened, Trump fell. Prior to that, he was doing amazingly well. Remember, 2024 isn’t about President Trump, it is about the Trump Campaign. These RedGov entryists are no different than CorrectTheRecord shills from 2016. They demand the resumption of normalcy by reinstating the Uniparty status quo.

            • alf says:

              Except of course that he did, and it scares your masters to no end.

            • Pete says:

              The responsibility of stopping the riots belonged to the mayors and governors of the affected cities. They chose to have the police kneel before the rioters rather than arrest them. If the people of Minneapolis wish to correct this, they need to vote in a law-and-order mayor/governor.

              However, Trump did try. He held a meeting in which he told the military to prepare to intervene in the riots. The military chiefs, Milley among them, told Trump they would not obey this order.

              The military showed that their true loyalty was to the GloboHomo project, not to the President. Or more to the point, the military will obey the President ONLY so long as the orders he gives are consistent with the principles of GloboHomo.

              Trump had his blind spots and his problems, certainly. But in the end he was nothing but a figurehead. He was told that he was steering the ship, but he was given a tiller that was not connected to anything.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                A small correction: the military leadership showed their true colors. That was a framework introduced and expanded by the Obama Regime, and it worked exactly as they wanted it to.

                These are super long articles, but if you can get through them (and buckle up for some very heavy blackpills), you will gain a deep understanding of the evil and awful introduced by Valerie Jarret’s marionette.


                “When you understand what documents President Trump was/is holding, the desperation of the DC response will make sense.
                First, we need to remind everyone where the documents originated. What was President Trump asking the Office of Director of National Intelligence, Dept of Justice and FBI to release for the past four years? What is contained within those documents?
                This is Part 1 that explains the actions in the background of those documents. This is the activity outlined within the evidence contained in the documents.
                Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized DOJ and FBI; the institutions were already weaponized by the Patriot Act. What Obama and Holder did was take the preexisting system and retool it, so the weapons of government only targeted one side of the political continuum.
                This point is where many people understandably get confused…”


                “It is critical to understand that foundationally our corrupt political system is built upon a network of surveillance. It is through monitoring information and people, together with intercepting risk, that operations can continue to maintain a corrupt administrative state; what some might call the Deep State.
                Within the system information is key, and the actions taken by DOJ and FBI officials are an outcome of this information. As Edward Snowden explained, the surveillance state is critical to power retention. President Trump carried documents that outlined how this process took place as it pertained to his entry into politics, thus the raid to retrieve them…”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Normally this weaponizing the security state for faggotry thing wouldn’t work, normally security states that are weaponized just sort of take over eventually and fuck the party that sponsored them especially if the party is weak and effeminate (see Putin).

                  But the American security state is full of fags, trannies, women and progressive Mormons.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Interesting. It’s actually pretty obvious after you laid it, but I hadn’t though of it like that. Do you think that was by design, or is bioleninism the gift that keeps on giving?

                  Alternatively, do you think the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is actually attempting a takeover of the Government? If there’s a nuclear FF, and Biden just happens to be having tea with Harris in the blast zone, Pelosi ( a member of the SSCI) becomes Dear Leader. I guess that’s one way for the topmost organs of the permanent bureaucracy to instantiate their legitimate control over the country and, by default, the whole of the GAE.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If you want elaboration…

                  Our government is dominated by a social network/club of elite people often bonded by blackmail… the Cathedral the state church of progressive academia and media is part of the government informally but its not the whole government. This social network has weaponized the security state against outsiders trying to achieve political power especially and against dissenters who get big enough to get noticed secondarily.

                  But other than George HW Bush they are generally NOT members of the security state themselves. In a normal security state dominated by high IQ upper class men and military veteran type men and a dysfunctional government like this the security state would eventually decide that they didn’t need these faggots in the ruling social network of crooked blackmailed incompetents and just take over… but it seems like a security state of faggots, women and progressive Mormons is incapable of doing so.

                  Senators are 99% of the time part of the “elite” social network so they don’t need to “take over” the government they are part of the group that runs the government (Rand Paul is not).

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  That’s… actually, I now totally understand your obsession with the the Jesuits. I still think the Cathedral Elite is a distributed conspiracy, but working from your frame, it is actually trivial for Jesuits (or Quakers, or Jews) to capture huge portions of the Elite. We could break the whole elite into two groups: potential elites, and kinetic elites. The more of either you have some sway over, the better. But if you had to pick, for concerted targeting purposes, you’d want kinetic elites. The Jesuit influence constellation (the schools, universities, etc.) seems to be primarily focused on Kinetic Elite capture, going after lawyers, diplomats, judges, and thought leaders.

                  Going back to your initial thesis, the Security State of the immediate post-WWII/initial Cold War era was absolutely the pinnacle of Elite control. The Dulles brothers, a double handful of Episcopalian leaders and Senators, and the remnants of the FDR brain trust; these were the leaders. But over time, the dominance fell into the hands of academics and their disciples, and the Security Apparatus became lapdogs and natural servants, even if they had control of powerful assets and mechanisms of state, espionage, and warfare. Now, as you say, the Security Apparatus is full to the brim of trannies, HR catladies, and sodomites. Each of this sub-species is thoroughly obsessed with self-aggrandizement and personal perception of value. They aren’t concerned with anything but themselves, and their moment by moment desires. So their conspiracies and efforts are predicated on this aspect, not in the instantiation and reification of generations long efforts or goals. Thus, we can now adequately explain the short-sighted, arguably insane efforts and initiatives they take. Simple and elegant, they way GNON prefers it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The security state like the rest of the leviathan originated under Woodrow Wilson and it was originally used to go after Bolsheviks (Wilson and Colonel House were Fabians) trying to outflank Wilson on his left, the “Palmer raids”.

                  Its emergency powers actually got revoked after Wilson and WWI but J Edgar Hoover gradually built up the FBI (blackmail files were a part of it)… thankfully J Edgar Hoover despite ambigious homosexuality appeared to have no leftist sympathies. Hoover like most of the state apparatus was greatly helped by FBI empowering him as early as the 30s (and like most of what FDR did unlike Wilson there were some good things to come out of it, Hoover’s early FBI greatly greatly cut down on kidnappings a very nasty trust destroying class of crime).

                  The intelligence apparatus only started with WWII… there were more leftists here initially as William Donovan felt that communists were reliable agents when it came to fighting the Nazis. There was a right wing faction too but they lost influence after the Bay of Pigs (which was sabotaged by the left wing faction, John F Kennedy ordered that air support was to be given to the Bay of Pigs invasion but this was not carried out).

                  I’m not quite sure when leftists took over the FBI wholesale but it was pretty converged by the late Obama years, and they had almost unlimited power (other than unlike the early Soviet Cheka/NKVD they couldn’t just kill people at random) since 9/11.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  FBI was heavily Catholic for a long time, at least the LEO side. I bet if you found that decline, you could pinpoint the rise of the managerial FBI. At this point, managerial takeover is synonymous with Pozzed. I wonder if there’s any converged institution that became so through *not* managerial takeover.

                  How’s this for a Cominator Solution Lite? Just excise the managers and admins. If they have that title, their account is deleted. No discussion or further qualification. Only bodily exemptions, meaning to keep one around, you have to delete a non-manager/admin. Do you think that would suffice, or be a sufficient event to halt and reverse the spiral, or would it just slow things down?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “FBI was heavily Catholic for a long time, at least the LEO side. I bet if you found that decline, you could pinpoint the rise of the managerial FBI. At this point, managerial takeover is synonymous with Pozzed. I wonder if there’s any converged institution that became so through *not* managerial takeover.”

                  Probably our friends the Jesuits had a bit to do with this… they can play the long game (Louis Freeh the man perhaps most responsible for 9/11 ahead of even Mueller was Opus Dei). But that is speculation and the institution didn’t really go bad until after Hoover died.

                  As Hoover’s personal fiefdom as opposed to being run by bureaucrat priests it mostly did okay. I cannot imagine J Edgar Hoover letting 9/11 happen.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                So he’s a loser and a weakling; he understood and accepted that he wasn’t and shouldn’t be in charge of the executive branch. What would FDR have done in that situation?

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Jim’s take is best take, but apparently it needs to be spelled out, again, for the umpteenth time, that democracy is fake and gay. The votes don’t matter and the elections are fraudulent. The *campaigns* matter, as they are the auspices under which right wing organization can and does occur, left wing and bureaucratic overreach gets thrust into normieVision, and rash decisions and actions occur that would normally be less visible or better thought out or more subtly executed.

          They will not allow Trump to win, so supporting Trump is not about taking back the presidency. Trump as candidate did way more for the Long Game than Trump as President did. *That’s* why this blog and all true reactionaries should shill for Trump.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Got a better alternative up your sleeve?

        In 1995, Viktor Orbán was an unknown member of parliament. Three years later, he was prime minister.

        In 1997, Vladimir Putin was a municipal employee in St. Petersburg. Three years later, he was acting president.

        One could certainly hope that a better alternative than Trump arises within the next three years.

        • jim says:

          Midway through the Republican primary season, politics was locked down against outsiders throughout the Global American Empire. We have what we have, not going to get any new ones through the political system. Any new leaders will have to come from outside the system – from the military, from a private military corporation, or as a result of foreign funding and foreign headquarters for an American insurgent force, as the Bolsheviks got sponsorship from the Kaiser, the Taliban got sponsorship from Pakistan, and innumerable groups have received color revolution sponsorship through Soros and the State Department.

      • London Guy says:

        First, Trump isn’t “our leader” anymore. He’s a pathetic pussy who abandoned his own supporters on the battlefield. It’s embarrassing that anyone still defends and supports him.

        Second, Ron DeSantis served alongside a SEAL team in Fallujah and now, as governor of Florida, punches leftists in the mouth on a daily basis. He’s a better candidate for being a Caesar than Trump ever was.

        Could DeSantis disappoint us? Sure. But we KNOW Trump will disappoint us. It’s all he did for his four years in the White House.

        • jim says:

          Trump’s number one accomplishment was to radically and rapidly reverse economic decline, and reverse the great centralization. In this, I was not disappointed. That was his big promise, revitalizing the Rust Belt, and he succeeded, to the outrage and horror of our masters. Within months of him coming to power, he achieved energy independence.

          He also radically cut back one of the biggest pains for engineers: H1Bs, by enforcing the law as written.

          He ended the bleeding in Afghanistan. America suffered a huge number of dead and maimed in Afghanistan, and he stopped that completely.

          These are huge accomplishments, and those accomplishments threw our enemies into screaming hysterical rage, frantic maniacal rage, particularly that he halted the bleeding in Afghanistan. Our rulers want the men who are the fighting edge of the army dead. He saved an enormous number of soldier’s lives.

          Our men’s gratitude gives him an enormous edge over every other leader, which edge he failed utilize and shows no sign of utilizing.

          He failed to complete the wall, but made a pretty good start on it.

          • London Guy says:

            [*”The Biden economy is all Trump’s fault”*]

          • A2 says:

            The undeniable weakness is the incredible shallowness of the bench. Trump had to resort to hiring some ridiculous people, while the serious people mostly turned out to be traitors and scum. (“Mad Dog” Mattis, anyone? I also saw that Mark Milley confessed to being a traitor a couple of weeks ago.) Was there anyone except Steve Miller who turned out to be good? I assume this problem will persist.

            With that said, I’ll add the following accomplishments.

            Trump made the best start at resolving the Korea conflict we have ever seen, until the MIC realized their sweet grift was being threatened.

            Personal favourite: During his years, the arabs quietly halted their terrorist campaign in Europe. Better than before when the US went to war in Europe for muslims against Christians several times, eh wot?

            Trump also topped up the SC with the three chickens who, at least, voted correctly on abortion. RBG is screaming in hell. There is some comfort in that.

  8. Mike in Boston says:

    Thanks to TheDividualist below for mentioning Viktor Orbán’s speech to CPAC.

    But more interesting to me, and probably to other readers of Jim’s blog, is the speech Orbán gave in late July.

    Orbán, like Jim, has the balls to put dates on his predictions. And as a national leader he probably has some inside information informing those predictions. That makes the time frame he maps out especially interesting:

    the four years ahead of us will comprise two periods of two years each. There will be the first two years, between 2022 and 2024. In 2024 there will be a presidential election in America, and that is when I think the first really serious prospect of peace will come. And then there will be the two years from 2024 to 2026. We need a plan for the first two years and a different plan for the second two years. […]

    Hungary will only succeed […]if we stay out of the global tax – I will not go into that at length for lack of time, but they want to impose it on us […]

    …while we are juggling with dates… the most important horizon and time limit for our thinking is around 2030. Our analyses suggest that this is when the problems of the Western world will accumulate and multiply in terms of tension. There will be a very serious crisis in the United States….

    I would …. recommend to everyone a book by the American analyst George Friedman, also published in Hungarian, entitled “The Storm before the Calm”. In it he outlines the various challenges that the US will have to face, which will peak around 2030…. Dear Friends, around the year 2030 we will have to be in top form. That is when we will need all our strength: diplomatic, economic, military and intellectual strength.

    It is not too hard to connect the global tax that Orbán mentions and the army of IRS agents that USG is recruiting.

    Beyond that, it’s also noteworthy that he divides the near future into the period before the US election in 2024, the two years following it, and then the run-up to 2030, the date mentioned in the ominous 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They mouth the words “Sustainable Development” but the words I hear are “population reduction”.

    • jim says:

      The plan is a world spanning dictatorship which imposes massive rapid population reduction on the whole world, with whites number one in the population reduction.

      Russia is the largest number of whites in their sights for world spanning dictatorship. Orban’s Hungary is also in their sights, and unlike Putin, he knows what is up.

      I expect war in 2026 or so. Orban appears to be suggesting the war will be resolved around 2030 or so.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Thanks, Jim, I quite agree. A very sobering situation.

        Another two reasons I think Russia is in their sights is that (1) as you’ve noted, the Soviets were the major competitor to the Western progs for the lead role in global leftism, and the old rivalry dies hard; and (2) Russia is the only global player where state backing of Christianity, however superficial, is at least on an uptrend.

        But when you wrote:

        Orban appears to be suggesting the war will be resolved around 2030 or so.

        Hmm… I think Orbán is smart enough to know that there’s no way to predict the end date of a war.

        Maybe he’s saying that the fighting in the Donbass represents the early stage of a war that’s not likely to end soon, which is why 2024 is when “the first really serious prospect of peace will come.” Failing that, the war reaches maximum intensity in 2030.

        In any case, whatever interpretation is more accurate, I’m not sure the practical implications for us are any different.

      • JJ says:

        The plan is a world spanning dictatorship which imposes massive rapid population reduction on the whole world, with whites number one in the population reduction.

        It is hard to reach any other conclusion than this one.

    • A2 says:

      After the Obama shutdown of offshore, eagerly followed by the “international community” of course, things have looked quite bad. Ever more difficult to do business. Anyone with ideas for where to relocate? Is Hong Kong bad now? Singapore? UAE and environs?

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        No war was ever won by yielding the high ground or retreating. There’s nowhere left to run, and who would want to take in the losers who refused to fight for their culture or land? The abominable cruelty of neo-Protestantism is perfectly encapsulated by the zombification of the shattered Indian tribes. Only an ideology so wholly given over to spiritual annihilation would keep a menagerie of their conquered foes.

        • The Cominator says:

          Retreat and yielding the high ground can be winning tactics (Mongol feigned retreats, Austerlitz) its just they are not winning as a grand strategy.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Just so. A feint is not a retreat, it just seems like one. But there must be a goal and a plan to get to the goal, for things like feints, false surrenders, fake capitulations, or double crosses, to be worthwhile and constructive.

            It is no small burden to plant the back foot and brace for impact. I remember my first time on a football team practice wherein I was ordered to stand still and let a teammate “clean my clock” at half speed (protip for dads out there: there’s no such thing as half speed before the hierarchy has been established). The anxiety of watching that kid bear down on me, lift my ass off the ground, and then slamming back into it has stuck with me. But after the third time, the mystery and blind anxiety was gone. Yes, it still hurt, but it also kindled a fire, knowing that if I held on, held in the tears, stood my ass back up and got back in line, I’d get my chance to do the charging. And I did. I’ve never been in a gun battle, but if it is half as exhilarating as running down a quarterback, seeing the expression of prey in his eyes as you and the lads close in, and just running through the guy… not running into him, not tackling him, just blasting through the mother fucker… well, Churchill’s writing begins to make a lot more sense.

            I know that the fate of our race, our faith, our culture, is more than a football game, or even a campaign of battles. There’s no guarantee of victory, for GNON is no respecter of persons. I am not talking down to anyone feint of heart, for this is something I must constantly remind myself of: it is worth it to hunker down and hold on, because the worm always turns, and going on the offensive is what we have been bread to do, no matter how much they try to deprogram us. We have to hold on. To do that, we need a faith and a leader.

            Leave it to Anglin to take the most trite, overused nothing I can think of and turn it into an amazing expression of faith, tenacity, zeal, and strength:

            God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

            TC: I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been praying for you… did you get that million bucks and AR-15 I specifically asked God to send? Stupid joke. I seriously am, though.

        • Fidelis says:

          You have a blog comments section not an insurgency. Are you going to go around giving out white feathers?

          I absolutely am getting out of here. You can go ahead and support your local nigger and women worshipping cuck red team. Normies in the US are absolutely fucked in the head and would not stand for the lightest of Jimian policy. Your only hope is indeed some hidden based man getting rocketed to the top through massive intereleet killing. Until someone like that appears, not going to be fighting side by side with the retarded and deranged.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Of course, you are free to act as you see fit. God judges the righteous and the wicked as he sees fit. I have very little reasonable hope, and none of it is based on any of the current elites, institutions, or movements. Every day I wake up, and I want to beg God to let this cup pass from me. But that’s just a request to let my children suffer instead of me. So, I have made a decision, and that’s mine. I have faith in GNON, which is cold reassurance for anyone that wants ease and plenty. I just don’t see the point in running away, and I will continue to encourage others to stay and dig instead of turning and fleeing.

            My only hope is that those of your constitution are outweighed by others of sterner stuff. That, and that God sees fit to offer redemption to my people. It is fair to call it a fool’s errand. And I wouldn’t give out white feathers, just helicopter groupons 😉

            • Fidelis says:

              I find it foolish to fight and die with deranged people idol worshipping negros and women. I do wish you and yours the best.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                No army has ever been composed of all true and correct believers in what the army stood for, much less what they actually accomplished. I’ll stand next to any nigger lover that will fight for negentropy and restoration. Life isn’t a video game where you build your campaign from drop down menus, so one must work with what one has. I appreciate the sentiment.

        • A2 says:

          Sorry guv, I’m just a provincial in an international community satrapy without any strong allegiance to being patriotically taxed until my pips squeak in any jurisdiction. I haven’t visited the US in a decade and feel no great desire to go there again. But it’s still a shame things are going the way they are.

  9. The Cominator says:

    Trump’s passports taken, plan to arrest him is more advance than I thought as they want to make sure he can’t leave the country.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      Holy crap!

      He should not have surrendered his passports. They might as well be saying, “We’re gonna Epstein you.”

      • The Cominator says:

        Well they were at Mar A Lago… I’m surprised he didn’t have them with him.

    • yewotm8 says:

      If Donald Turmp of all people flies in to some other country on his private plane, is his ability to present his passport going to determine whether or not he’s let in? I fail to see how it’s not just an extra “fuck you” that they’ve given him.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        You’re right. There’s nowhere for him to run. Any country in the GAE would hand him over in heartbeat for brownie points regardless of legality, and taking refuge outside the GAE would be treason in the boomer minds of Trump and his followers.

        • A2 says:

          His plane just might be shot down by Globohomo en route, whereafter Russia gets the blame, as is traditional.

  10. Hi Jim!

    Just delurking for a while. Thank you for keeping on carrying the torch. I lost interest, I can analyse things to death and beyond and yet cannot make an influence on them. And analysing things to death without an influence leads to impotent rage.

    Biden is the perfect President figurehead for the Cathedral. He cannot wipe his ass. He will sign anything put in front of him. My prediction is they will sooner or later find a similarly demented black woman for candidate.

    So focusing on private life – I agreed to divorce and chasing chicks plus the usual every second weekend daddying. My daughter is living in super conservative rural Hungary, best thing I can do for her.

    LOL at Viktor Orban PM of Hungary becoming famous in America. Seriously what he told to CPAC was not even a big deal. But they are not used to this even less-cuckservative stuff. Or a man who sounds like a man.

    The CNN went after him for Anti-Semitism, but he is best friends forever with Netanjahu and Yoram Hazony because he thinks Israel is a good role model of how to do nationalism right. The actual Anti-Semites in Hungary call him Viktor Likud. So not gonna work.

    I have lost a ton of weight and can fit into XL now. How is your life going?

    • If you can, try to find a non paywalled version of Kissinger’s recent, about 12 Aug interview to the WSJ. (I have read it in translation.)

    • alf says:

      yoo Div good to see you’re alive. Sorry to hear about the family. Sounds you’re doing well all things considered.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      try to find a non paywalled version of Kissinger’s recent, about 12 Aug interview to the WSJ

      Do you mean this?

      The actual Anti-Semites in Hungary call him Viktor Likud.

      Aren’t the “actual anti-Semites” of Jobbik a bunch of opportunists who joined up with the Globohomo anti-Orban coalition? The Cathedral rewarded them with the qualifier “former far-right” for doing so.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Imagine what our world would be if Kissinger had chosen to serve GNON instead of satan. He is intensely interesting and is amazing with his prose. He is the brightest and best thrall of the great deceiver, his artistry shining through the iron maiden he put himself inside. The most tragic aspect, for me, of Cathedral dominance of the 20th Century is the many luminaries and visionaries it seduced, molested, and twisted. It is ubiquitous. In every category, they took all the potential and creativity, the sacred capacity of our species, and twisted it into a mechanism for control of human animals at the level of the soul. Kissinger: “A kind of balance of power, with an acceptance of the legitimacy of sometimes opposing values. Because if you believe that the final outcome of your effort has to be the imposition of your values, then I think equilibrium is not possible. So one level is a sort of absolute equilibrium.”

        The only goal of the Cathedral is an imposition of their values as the final output of all converged efforts. They’ve spared nothing in their relentless pursuit to usurp God. All they touch is turned to evil, and evil will will evil mar. The cost is our collective humanity, our stellar birthright, and our very souls. Nature cries out for justice, and God will give it, in time. If ever you tire of pursuing the fulfilment of Natural Law, try and remember that to know what evil lurks and choose to do nothing is to tacitly engage in blasphemy against Nature and Nature’s God.

  11. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here is the Wikipedia explanation of a Warrant Canary:

    For non-clickers, a Warrant Canary is a linguistic notification that a significant legal action is going to occur, is occurring, or has occurred, that will fundamentally impact privacy, data integrity, or some other core aspect of a service being provided. The Warrant Canary is often times an automated thing that needs to be manually updated, and if it isn’t, the “signal” goes out, and the users/customers are passively warned without the company/entity violating the “letter of the law” in terms of gag orders or what have you.

    I am starting to feel like chicken little. I feel like the literal sky is about to come crashing down, and while I have a fair amount of preparation underway, there’s no amount of preparation a single man can do. The only viable success strategy is to form a synthetic tribe, or operationalize an actual tribe, so that hard times can be weathered as a team. But it is hard to form a team to face a disaster that many are just plain unaware of, or perceive as unlikely or even impossible. This puts a lot on the shoulders of lady luck. I am very confident in my silver tongue, as I have used it to great effect IRL. But that doesn’t really solve the problem, because there’s no guarantee that I will get the moment to woo with words.

    I know that there’s no scheme, no method, no approach I can take here to build IRL connections. I tried with one of our fellows, and it turned into a hullabaloo that was really regretful, at least for me. I also know that Jimian Christianity is more of a synthetic tribe of leaders and wizzards, meaning each of us would probably be best deployed solo or in small groups to influence a larger group. All of us together would probably be chief heavy and redskin light. So organizing here is out. But I also feel compelled by GNON to volunteer myself and my holdings in the service of something greater. That doesn’t mean donating money or wearing a tshirt, but it might mean deploying as a QRF or SAR to help out a good man or men. The thought of finding out, after the fact, that I could have done something, been somewhere, but didn’t or wasn’t, weighs heavily on me. To whom much is given, much is required, and God has blessed me greatly, at least, far greater than I feel I deserve given my past.

    What I keep coming back to, as I chew tobacco and watch my slaves toil, is that I need to know when to drop the façade and act with judicious expediency. Act too soon, and you get locked up for disorderly conduct or operating while racist or something. Act too late, and you’re just hollering in the wind. The best course for now seems to be to act quietly, stock up, prepare mentally and spiritually, and “stand down and stand by.” But soon, and it may be terrifyingly soon, the best course of action might be to max out credit cards, cut corners, show power levels, and call the banners.

    Is there any utility to setting up a Boog Canary? At this point, I trust Jim’s judgement implicitly. If he gave out orders, I’d follow them. If he asked for volunteers, I’d step forward. If he said “contact forward” or “take cover,” I’d respond. I feel he has earned that, and I don’t think I am alone in this. Maybe I am, but if so, what a sad and sorry lot you’d all be, eh wot? Point being, there might soon come a time when we all need to transition from cold war sleepers to hot war operators.

    Does it make sense to plan for this? Is there any realistic way to plan for this?

    If this discussion never starts, fine. Message received. But I also have a set of “break in case of” plans, and notifying the lads here is a part of those plans. I genuinely give a fuck about you nameless, faceless strangers, scattered across the globe though you may be. I’d watch every single former classmate die if it meant pulling Starman’s feet out of the fire, though I’d never let him live it down lol.

    • Varna says:

      Yeah yeah, love you too, silver tongue.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I’m serious yo. Back in Marchish, I brought up the idea of a domestic false flag with a nuclear device. Now FBI and their handlers are seeding the discourse with dirty bomb talk. NY local government ran that PSA. They are priming the pump. If the progression continues, I’m going to start lining my tinfoil hat with lead.

        P.S. I framed your response. My wife hates it.

        • skippy says:

          you should step away from the computer for a bit

        • jim says:

          Seems improbable, but since they tried biological warfare against us, nuclear war can scarcely be ruled out.

          The Ukrainians are currently shelling a nuclear power station in Russian controlled Ukraine attempting to secure the release of radioactivity, though the Russians seem to be taking out that artillery.

          Their ideas of what a radiation spill will do are grotesquely exaggerated. If they go ahead with it, the basic strategy will be Covid. Announce disaster, and use it to impose despotic measures. It is certainly being considered, but I doubt they will go ahead with it.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            We know they are dangerously incompetent. We know that they are blind to the consequences of their actions. We know they released a lab fabricated disease. We know they will transfer billions of dollars in weapons and cash to literally the most corrupt government on the planet. We know they will repeatedly attempt to initiate a hot war.

            Their stupidity is boundless, and their strategic thinking is not bounded by reality. At some point, some midwit “wunderkind” will float the idea. Nuclear calamity is terrifying to both the intelligent and the stupid, regardless of the lies and exaggeration so common in the discourse. It’s kind of a perfect storm for false flag, because a dirty bomb is not that bad when viewed in the greater context of population and landmass. So when boy genius is grilled on the “fallout” he will say “10,000 dead! Tops! and every one of them a dissident! it can’t fail!” And he will be believed, not because he is right, but because there will appear to be no better option. The in power elite consistently over estimates its capacity and underestimates the consequences.

            If Miami got schwacked, and the media maintained the same methodology they used for covid in terms of tenor and time, do you really think normie America wouldn’t just accept that Christian white nationalists had attacked the poor latinos with an evil dirty bomb? As covid hysteria taught them, they just need to sell a “2 weeks to flatten the curve” style arrangement, and they will get a massive expansion of powers. Remember, they always need an excuse to expand powers now. The system they’ve built is one of quagmire and bureaucratic paralysis. Just like a sodomite lying to his beard, each new lie must be as exaggerated as the degree of perversion or consequence it is intended to cover for.

            I accept that I am Chicken Little. I think the sky is going to fall, and I am becoming convinced that it will Glow when it does.

            • Karl says:

              Dirty bomb is a buzz word. How dirty would it have to be to qualify as a dirty bomb?

              Say there is an explosion and some measureable radioactivity. Maybe enough to kill someone who has already a foot in the grave, enough to plausibly raise the incidence of cancer a bit.

              They don’t need damage, some plausible reason for causing panic is enough. Covid was basis for causing panic, but not a serious killer.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                They need the visual, not the actuality. So they need an image similar to or greater than the 9/11 tower collapses. By my estimation, that means clicking Geiger counters, rows of sheeted bodies, and some kind of a big plume of smoke. They need something for the soy-based media to hammer home. Take a look at any catastrophe or Habbening, and you can always come up with at least one but often times three images that memetically suffice for carrying the whole affair. It is a simple list of ingredients, but each time it gets used, the intensity of each factor goes up.

                • Karl says:

                  Covid caused panic without visuals. Sure there were videos of collapsing people in China, but videos of people suffering from radiation are easy to produce.

                  It is easier with the visual, but people can be scared of something they don’t see. Radiation or virus is not much of a difference.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Certain things are easy to visualize, particularly if there’s a cultural backlog of masturbatory crisis fantasy. I wonder how many people watched and re-watched Contagion and Outbreak during the Corona build up? How many people inserted those fiction scenes in their head when the lookity box used words like “spread” or “containment?” The real power of the Hollywood Industrial Complex is that backlog of fear, and how the fictions we consume guide our perception of events. In the next 20 years, we are going to be confronted by objects in space coming near to, brushing, or even hitting the planet. I posit that the fictions we all share will have more of an impact on what the Public feels, does, and is willing to accept than anything “real” that is generated or discussed.

                  Just to be clear: the Visual is the most necessary component, but it isn’t required to be Real, so long as the fiction catalog is sufficiently populated and spread. Just look how many boomers and normies believe in the Good Guy Black Guy myth. No matter how much raw footage you show people of negroids being negroids, they stubbornly believe that cinema is more correct than real life. Urbanites literally get mugged/stabbed/molested by negro males, and are documented saying “the most important thing is that we not be racist,” even as they bleed and suffer at black hands.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Their ideas of what a radiation spill will do are grotesquely exaggerated.

            And right on cue, this [5 billion to die due to nuclear war] is all over the news. They blame famine caused by nuclear war.
            I must be overly cynical, but did you know that 67.4% vaccine uptake x 7.97 billion world population = 5.37 billion? What a coincidence!
            I would think they will try to bury 5billion vax deaths under the “nuclear fire” carpet, but since they mention famine, maybe that’s what they are trying to whip up now. Surely not!

        • Pete says:

          Their problem now is that if they nuke a blue city as a false flag, everyone will just point and laugh. Lots of jokes about roaches getting fumigated with extreme prejudice.

          • skippy says:

            They are not going to do a kooky 9/11 conspiracy false flag nuke attack.

            They might start an actual nuclear war with Russia if they decide that getting rid of a load of white people at once (on both sides) is advantageous. But I think they mulled doing this early in the Ukraine war and were disappointed how many whites would be left given the remaining deliverable warheads, and the very possibility that their government wouldn’t survive the exchange.

            They also need those whites to fight China.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Ok… that is coherent and believable. I really, really want to be wrong on this one, and your picture is equally bleak when viewed holistically. Maybe I am seeing monsters creeping where only shadows tread.

              I will drop it here, but I don’t think I am wrong, I just hope I am.

              • skippy says:

                They have certainly normalized nuclear war to a greater extent than it has been normalized since 1945.

                They want this option on the table.

                Why would they launch a false flag nuclear attack on a US city rather than just provoking Russia to start an actual nuclear war? What would be the purpose of a false flag attack on the US other than to justify a nuclear retaliation?

                I think there’s a very real possibility they will launch a US-Russia nuclear war as the opening move in the white genocide. Do you think they’re ready to launch it yet? I think they would kill a lot of whites and then lose.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  >They want this option on the table.
                  Agreed. I would go further and say it has been on the table, and at least one faction is trying to pick it up and use it.

                  >Why would they launch a false flag nuclear attack on a US city rather than just provoking Russia to start an actual nuclear war?

                  This may be giving them too much credit, but a FF nuke attack is a single event that is horrific in terms of the visual but, in a technical sense, almost insubstantial in terms of gross total capacity and productivity. There are multiple cities in the US whose only real value is tax base and consumption, meaning no real industrial or commercial value, just consoooomers and tax payers. The public discourse is so wildly misinformed about nuclear devices; everyone sees Tsar Bomba when they imagine one going off. In reality, you could hit one part of a big city with a low yield device and the city as a whole could chug along, at least technically.

                  A false flag is supposed to initiate the fear, wrath, and retribution sentiment of the populace without actually having to deal with a legitimate attack by outsiders. Sending a mentally raped sperg into a school with an AR is not scary to Them, because they sent him there. Having a swarm of active shooters unleashed on multiple soft targets in a wide area would be a catastrophic nightmare, and you’d see the elites turtle up in a way completely inconsistent with prior events. I actually have some interesting data on this, but I am disinclined to share for a few reasons.

                  >What would be the purpose of a false flag attack on the US other than to justify a nuclear retaliation?

                  They want to get back to what they had in early 2020. they want to be able to dictate, control, and guide the populace with as little resistance as possible. Initiating a nuclear exchange with an actual adversary is the opposite of that, as they would be fundamentally reactionary. Fomenting a controlled false flag means they get to dial up the totalitarianism and emergency overreach without actually having to pivot to a war footing.

                  When they spin up a school shooter, they get to act terrified and be decisive without actually being terrified. Their decisiveness is calculated and pre-planned. If there was an actual, complex terrorist attack on multiple soft targets in a short period of time, they’d actually have to respond with no foreknowledge or planning with the assets and operators they have.

                  When a SWAT team goes on a raid, usually, there is a ton of planning, surveillance, discussion, and walkthroughs. They pick the time and conditions, then stack the deck as much as they can. This is why SWAT doesn’t have anywhere near the attrition rate of Domestic Disturbance calls. If a SWATteam was out having lunch, even geared up and everything, and an active shooting event happened, they’d be wrong footed and likely owned hard before their “training” kicks in. The great lie of television and movies is that Operators are these always on, always ready super warriors. In reality, they are highly trained teams who operate within the confines of immensely detailed plans and thoroughly rehearsed operations. As I’ve said before, if you dropped seal team six into the Somme, they’d die like dogs, just as the regular soldiers do, because artillery and trenches don’t care about your BUDS scores or breath holding abilities.

                  A FF nuke attack would allow them to do whatever, say whatever, and not endure any criticism or backlash in the short term. So, let’s say what they actually want to do is go on a spree of apprehensions and purges, like St. Anglin says. They would need a massive justification. They could effect some kind of “2 weeks of terror,” with a score of different attacks all over the place and get that result (that being overwhelming fear and paralysis). But they couldn’t even pull of the Buffalo Grocery Attack without their whole operation being exposed and having to memory hole the whole thing. As much as they might prefer a “Buffalo times 20,” I think they are realizing that they lack the cohesion and capacity to do so. The Dirty Bomb Plot cuts a lot of corners. It would be totally unprecedented. Even if it comes out months later that the whole thing reeks of “Fake,” all that would matter was the immediate aftermath. Consider Sandy Hoax. Within literal hours of the “attack,” people were already noticing inconsistencies. The Op was sloppy and they got found out, so they had to mobilize a national campaign of cover up for there state level operation (the doc on Stormer is pretty comprehensive in arguing that Sandy Hoax was planned out at multiple levels in the State of Connecticut. Dirty Bomb Plot is far simpler, and it cleans up loose ends if “placed” correctly. Then it just has to be hammered home by MSM, and, historically, the body politic just goes with it. Dissenters will be literally dragged out and lynched, any elites that even attempt to disagree get assassinated, body or character.

                  I am trying to outline what I think they are thinking. I am not saying they will pull it off, but I am saying that it is becoming more and more likely that they will try. It may come down to the Auto-genocide faction v. the Brezhnevian Faction v. the Radical Leftists in terms of what the next “big thing” is. With every new lunacy meted out by these monsters, the opportunity of a political strongman arising increases. Gun to my head, I’d say that eventuality is what finally undoes the clerical oligarchy of the GAE.

            • The Cominator says:

              “They are not going to do a kooky 9/11 conspiracy false flag nuke attack.”

              Don’t be so sure there was an article hinting at it the other day.

              • jim says:

                Some people are thinking of doing it. I don’t expect it to be done, but after Covid, anything is possible.

    • jim says:

      The time for war approaches. But it is not that close yet.

      I am not Caesar, and am highly unlikely to become Caesar.

      Trump chickened out due to normality bias. De Santis is being managed. I hope he might have a surprise for those managing him, but his entire background is of operating in normality. Caesar died of normality bias, and his adoptive son Augustus took a while to fully adjust to the new reality.

      Historically, the winners tend to be those who first accommodate to the new normal. There seem to be plenty of those on the left, no one on the right, but if someone on the right has adjusted to the new normal, he is going to keep that fact under deep cover.

      We are seeing people on the conservative right who expect the coming election to be stolen.

      Assuming that they, and I, are correct, what then?

      If the ruling elite is united, then they rule. They are not united, and without elections, have no means for resolving internal disputes, which will escalate to violence, and violence will escalate to soldiers. This may take quite a while as normality bias takes a while to dissipate..

      • Karl says:

        I hope he might have a surprise for those managing him, but his entire background is of operating in normality

        Is there anyone whose entire background is not operating in normality? Even Caesar’s entire background was operating in normality, until he crossed the Rubicon.

        What would an ideal candidate worthy of support like like whose entire background is not of operating in normality? I suspect I don’t understand what you wanted to say. Pleae explain.

        • alf says:

          That an *ought* does not make an *is.* Both the left and right are waiting for their respective Caesar, but both are incapable of the needed cooperation to make it happen. We’ll have a lot more shit happen before a possible Caesar emerges.

          KD is looking for a sign of something greater, but the writing on the wall is that we’re on our own. That’s what breakdown of cooperation means.

          The bad news is… Well it’s obviously bad news.

          The good news is that the social technology on this blog is not just meant for cooperation with friends. It’s also meant for cooperation with strangers, who might not necessarily share all your beliefs, but who prefer survival over death.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          No one expected Pinochet. They thought his entire background was managed. Turns out it wasn’t.

          Hence “Historically, the winners tend to be those who first accommodate to the new normal.”

        • Pooch says:

          What would an ideal candidate worthy of support like like whose entire background is not of operating in normality?

          And how are you going to “support” the ideal candidate? By writing strongly worded comments on the internet? By marching in the street for them like useless cannon fodder?

          When billionaires start fighting each other for control of the Republic and ultimately the Empire, they won’t need your “support”.

        • jim says:

          Normality is normal, so everyone’s entire background is operating in normality. And then normal goes away. Pinochet dithered until after the last minute, but events rolled on while he wandered off to spend what he feared might be his last day on earth with his grandchildren, which he rightly decided was a higher priority than addressing the crisis. When normality decisively ended, he did not take decisive action, but he realized normality had decisively ended. Has Trump realized that normality has ended? It is not apparent that he has, he is acting as if he has not. DeSantis, maybe. Maybe not. Creating his own paramilitary suggests he acting in the new abnormal.

          These sudden realizations that normality is over tend happen to an older person when someone encounters a bunch of young people, in Pinochet’s case the junior officers, who are acting in the new normal.

          The more skills and experience one has in the old normal, the harder it is to turn on dime and act in the new extraordinary reality.

          Republican politicians are comfortable as the outer party, gratefully receiving some crumbs from their masters from time to time. They are not going to change even if their masters turn on them, and their services of conserving the latest advance of leftism are no longer needed.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Historically, the winners tend to be those who first accommodate to the new normal. There seem to be plenty of those on the left, no one on the right

        Well duh! “Conservatives”, if not the Right per se, is the group that believes IN normality and the status quo, so you are unlikely to find many radicals in this group. Dabney quote,

        American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader

        The real function of “conservatives” is *ballast*. They’re sort of a viscous political medium that radicals have to plow through.

    • alf says:

      I genuinely give a fuck about you nameless, faceless strangers, scattered across the globe though you may be.

      Feeling’s mutual, talky man.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I apologize if this is too winding. I’ve read a deceased Marine’s older brother killed himself and it hurts. I’m drinking and my mind is disjointed. I don’t know the Marine or his brother, but somehow it hits too close to home.

      You seek fraternity, but we here are part of a thousand islands of civilization. Both are righteous, but neither are completely healthy. Fraternity in these time highlight discrete targets for the regime to target, yet fraternity is the ancient and noble organization of men from which action springs forth. Islands of civilization lack coordination to challenge the regime, yet provide many possible schematics for a future. How can we bridge the two benefits without carrying over the detriments?

      In a sense you propose a possible solution to the problem with a Boog Canary. I wholeheartedly disagree with it being applied here; although, I do not disagree with it in principle. What we have here is not a fraternity. There is too much idiosyncrasy and anonymity for there to be fraternity. As you point out:

      “All of us together would probably be chief heavy”

      Idiosyncrasy and too many chiefs are not a problem in nature as any group of men will naturally form a hierarchy regardless of how chief heavy for a good chief knows to submit to a better chief. Internet based anonymity prevents proper hierarchy formation because recognizing better chiefs requires more than just words. The regime makes meat space meet ups too risky.

      What is being achieved here is an unexpected and significant level of synchronization in spite of idiosyncrasy and decentralization. We are reading and sharing Samizdat with a capital S in an environment that jim has well provided, hopefully safe, to keep the shills at bay in diametric distinction from 4chan or similar. The shill test is perhaps the greatest old innovation jim has reinvented. In practice it’s no different from asking if one believes in Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior, but it’s massively updated for Information Epoch Warfare and current culture. It is what allows for unfettered sharing and criticizing of decentralized Samizdat on the anonymous internet without it being bogged down by shills. Vox Day had something similar going on although far less effective; he never fully accomplished that important step of a formalized shill test.

      So where does that leave a man who wishes to volunteer his services to Gnon?

      I would say firstly the family. One must create the future by having children and just as importantly homeschooling them. Secondly a slowly expanding thousand islands, one must expand the homeschooling to a cultivated and trusted community. Bible studies merge into calculus studies merge into English literature studies merge into political science studies merge back into the Bible or Arete (Moral virtue of the Biblical sort). Thirdly the thousand islands you belong to must be kept in general sync with the wider dissidence of the thousand islands of which places like this help accomplish.

      Thus you might ask where does the Canary need be? I would argue at the individual islands for that is where Major Sergey Yevdokimov found himself. The regime will find an opportunity for a Canary to present himself. A foolishly brave and suicidal individual within the regime that will attempt to martyr himself only to surprisingly find he does not die for the regime no longer has will to power. There is no shortage of lower rank military men like that. There is no shortage of men like that in the regime at large. Regardless once that failed martyr appears, due to the internet, we will all know it is time.


      “I genuinely give a fuck about you nameless, faceless strangers, scattered across the globe though you may be”

      Don’t. It makes you weak.

      “I can take here to build IRL connections. I tried with one of our fellows, and it turned into a hullabaloo that was really regretful”

      I remember that. I wanted to reach out. I chickened out. I’m too close to the regime by both heritage and current predicament. Electronic communication is too heavily monitored… and guilt by association is not something I wish upon anyone.

      “Is there any utility to setting up a Boog Canary?”

      Yes but there is no need. There will be plenty of suicidal of men to serve as Canaries, that I’m sure of. The regime will provide for you the right time when it fails to persecute a Canary. Trump may very well be such a Canary. A lower level Officer who refuses to shoot might be another. Time will tell.

      “There’s no amount of preparation a single man can do”

      A man can prepare for a good death. An honorable death. That is all that a man needs to do.

      “am very confident in my silver tongue”

      You write too much and think too much. Yes I will be a hypocrite about this while recognizing that people who write too much are very much needed. Right now Samizdat is what’s need most. If rumor is to be believed then BAP’s book was distributed to Trump aids. I seem to remember you are an academic. Perhaps it’s time you set up your own website and write your own book. We have a prototype schematic for a non Christian future, but not a comprehensively Christian one. Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents by Rod Dreher is too much of a guide to the thousand islands but not what comes after.

      Jimian Christian is a schematic but still needs to be put in book format. Perhaps you could write it. Ideally jim would write it, but my rough assessment is that he is too busy fostering the foundations for someone who will write it. Alf is too much of an historian to craft art, he documents rather than paints. I’m too focused on death. Most of the other commenters have health balanced lives (at least more so than me).

      • alf says:

        Alf is too much of an historian to craft art, he documents rather than paints.


        • Pax Imperialis says:

          We all must be shown our place in the world. Ideally with the same nails Christ was to the cross.

          I know my place is to likely die in some mass unmarked grave. I know historians are far more important.

          I do no profess to know what your place will be (there is only the rough internet assessment), so if what I said upsets you so, then prove us wrong. Create art. Brilliant art! For we only have art to save ourselves in mortality.

          • alf says:

            No worries I appreciate you taking the time reading it and offering your insight. I daresay I’ve hidden a little bit of art in it though, but perhaps you have not gotten to that part.

  12. Mister Grumpus says:

    One can’t review and re-diagram enough what Crimestop/Thoughtcrime are and how they work. This is the exploit, the hack, the chink in the armor.

  13. Kunning Druegger says:

    On the topic of shills and immuno-memetics. (I’ve become an Anglin shill. I accept this) Here is an excerpt [1] of his thoughts on Trump 2024:

    “What we do know is that it is just basic strategy to get Trump as the nominee in 2024 if that is possible. We should do everything in our power to make that happen, because there is simply no reason not to. I see people saying “well, I’m just not even going to vote” and it’s just like, “well, then you are just a scorned woman who cares about nothing but their own emotions.”

    No one can make an argument for why you wouldn’t at least try to get Trump in in 2024. It’s not like we have something else going on we should be focusing on. Even if you want a collapse (I want a collapse), it is still the logical thing to support Trump. I can’t think of any single angle anyone could come at, other than a womanly emotional angle, where they could argue against supporting Trump.

    Maybe there is a real argument, and if someone presents it, I will respond to it. But I can’t think of anything.”

    I agree with this. Yes, voting is fake and gay. Yes, the Cathedral will rig it as they see fit, as much as they can actually follow through on the Goals. Yes, I will not be voting myself because voting is stupid. But organizing, collaborating, antagonizing, socializing, propagandizing, and laughing are all political operations. So I think we should go Full Trump, no exceptions on this blog as another layer of defense against shills. No ill speech regarding Trump. Period. Insiders and regulars can discuss nuanced points, fine details, and general strategy in positive or negative frames, but no outsider is allowed to to speak ill of him. We stick hard and fast to this rule, and we will get the RNC shills and entryists to break cover, particularly as Meme War II heats up. We saw it in both ’16 and ’20; the hot takes start flying, the bantz roll out, the salt mines open up, and shills just cannot resist engaging in overdrive. Imagine the butthertz when two or three regulars are honestly discussing Trump but gang up on an outsider who tries to inject anti-Trump Payload.

    “Hey, why am I being censored I just [*deleted for being a trannie apologist. we know all about your dilation problems and are bored with hearing about them.*]

    So I think this would be a good strategic move, and, if somehow the fates align and TDawg does ascend to the throne, we can point back and say “My Lord, we never denied you, and never will. Trump ad astra.” And if They just steal again, or he gets assassinated, or he cucks out, so what? Politics of the moment are not our politics. We are future historians that dabble in faux-punditry for fun. I think St. Anglin is right on this one, and I think we can weaponize the Loyal Frame to further increase our memetic sovereignty. I but Trump Loyalty Statements will have the same effect as the RPWQs and the recitation of the Creed.


    • alf says:


      Trump blinked once in the game of chicken. Chances are he’ll blink twice. But, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  14. Cloudswrest says:

    Re. “Crimestop” Hilarious Twitter poll that gores the top Left wing shibboleths.

  15. Sexy Rexy says:

    How secure are my ordinary phone calls to friends, family, customer service, business clients, and such?

    • jim says:

      Observed enemy behavior at the top is that they rely on personal conversations. They believe they are being spied on by each other.

      • Chad says:

        What about phones listening in to conversations while not on a call? I have found myself being offered ads for obscure products many times that I mentioned while around my phone the day previously, but are they just listening for ads or for more sinister reasons?

        • jim says:

          Mostly to sell you stuff, but interesting conversations get sent to the thought police.

          • Sexy Rexy says:

            iPhone vs. Android? Systems-level, or app-level?

            I’ve locked down the app-level.

            I literally haven’t seen an ad in 10 years so I have no idea how good the targeting is now.

            • jim says:

              that you have not seen an ad does not mean you are not being spied on.

              • Sexy Rexy says:

                If you have an iPhone with Siri disabled, a DNS ad-filter, and no third-party apps with both microphone and background-refresh permission, how likely is someone slurping your audio?

                • jim says:

                  Google has been detected ignoring microphone permissions.

                  A closed source OS cannot protect against people who have leverage of the writers of the OS – android run a whole lot closed source at OS level.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  And Apple?

                • jim says:

                  I am insufficiently knowledgeable about Apple, but my instinctive assumption is that the more it is closed source, the more it is hostile. By which measure Apple is likely very hostile indeed.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Call me crazy, but I’m a lot more worried about open source supply chain attacks than I am Apple or maybe even the NSA.

                  The NSA has some crazy shit, that I can tell you. That’s obvious from reading declassified documents from decades ago. If I told you what I think they probably have now, you’d dismiss me out of hand.

                • jim says:

                  I have some small knowledge of what the the NSA is up to. I am very sure that you do not.

                  Long ago they were run by really smart people, who successfully and thoroughly penetrated every computer network on the planet.

                  Today, Shaniqua is in charge. When new cryptographic tools come along, they are lost.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                As well, seeing the ads doesn’t mean you are being spied on. So much of OSINT collection has been automated, but there is still a finite number of eye holes and HR managers. The way I portray this IRL is that looking up Mein Kampf and Turner Diaries doesn’t necessarily put you on a list, but once you engage the Eye of Sauron, all your past digital indiscretions are searchable…

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Define the Eye of Sauron. Who has access to the universal digital archive?

                • jim says:

                  A great many people, and no one quite knows who – they are all spying on each other, and do not know how far the information leaks.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Access to the Ultimate Database seems like something that would be extremely tightly controlled and reserved for very few people.

                  Tens of thousands of people would be needed to build it of course, but they would never have access to the end product.

                  So how can no one know who has access? I’m skeptical.

                • jim says:

                  > Access to the Ultimate Database seems like something that would be extremely tightly controlled and reserved for very few people.

                  That was the intention, still is the intention, but it is leaking like a sieve.

                  It is not that the boat is leaking, it is more that the bottom fell out. It is a sieve that has fallen apart.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  [*misinfo deleted as unworthy of rebuttal*].

      • Sexy Rexy says:

        They rely on personal conversations, how? As espionage? If they believe they’re being spied on by each other, why don’t they do encrypted calls?

        Most importantly, what about my calls, unless specifically and judicially targeted?

        • jim says:

          Typical strategy is to meet over a round of golf – so that you are naturally out of hearing range of people around one and there is no room to be bugged.

          • Sexy Rexy says:

            Good call.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Hello, next level shill. Before you go back to ground or delegate, can you tell us what drew you here? I’m just kidding, lol. Real quick, can you tell me why, precisely, it’s a bad thing for a 13 year old girl to be married off? She’s like, super hott qt 3.14, which is all that should matter, amirite? You do think young girls are sexy, right? Again, be specific. While you’re at it, please outline what Hitler got wrong, and what he got right.

              • Sexy Rexy says:

                [*uninformative and unexplained*]

                • jim says:

                  You, predictably, ducked the shill test.

                  And when you are pressed to explain stuff, your explanations are nonsense unworthy of rebuttal.

                  A response to a shill test is a pass if acknowledges the thought crime, if only to disagree with it. You disagreed without acknowledging what you were disagreeing with.

                • Sexy Rexy says:


                • jim says:

                  You are strangely unable to say things, or even make relevant response to other people saying things, which cannot be said, or even noticed, by those working behind an FBI desk and typing on a computer maintained by FBI or Soros NGO IT.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            “Typical strategy is to meet over a round of golf – so that you are naturally out of hearing range of people around one and there is no room to be bugged.”

            I believe that a shotgun microphone would’ve picked up such conversations decades ago. Lord knows what they have now. I’d do something similar, but not in a predictable place like a golf course. Some place where you’re out of range of normal microphones and the conversation is over before they can get one positioned on you.

            • jim says:

              shotgun microphones are big and obvious, and the further their range, the bigger and more obvious they get. Not a very useful tool for spying, unless you built it into the embassy walls or otherwise camouflaged.

              One could construct a wall that functioned as shotgun microphone, by embedding into it a large array of pickups. Then, however, you want the people you are spying on golfing on your golf course.

              • FrankNorman says:

                But if you meet and chat on a golf course, how can you be sure that the other guy doesn’t have a tape recorder in his pocket?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  If the person you’re talking with can’t be trusted, you wouldn’t be talking with him on the golf course in the first place.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          The DC establishment uses Signal. The Biden campaign required all operatives, agents, consultants, and contractors to download it *in their presence* and use it for all comms. You can find plenty of arguments against it; Moxie Marlinespike is a bit of a tool, and they are funded by DARPA, but the fact remains that no one has broken Axolotl yet (please, before you start pasting links you google up, read the fine print: having/owning one side of an E2E encrypted connection is not, in any way, breaking the encryption itself), and open source encryption is historically better than closed (Telegram is compromised. Deal with it.).

          The safest device is one that is bricked. Privacy only exists inside your literal head. Trust networks can only be built through long experience or shared faith. If one is paranoid enough, get a faraday bag.

          • Sexy Rexy says:

            [deleted for stupidity]

            • jim says:

              If you have an argument against signal, need to give it.

              Circumstantial evidence is that signal conceals the content of your conversation, and nothing else does, at least against most of our enemies, though not necessarily all, but the trouble is it allows contact tracing – they know who talked to whom when, even though they do not know what you talked about.

              • Sexy Rexy says:

                The argument against Signal, as elegantly articulated by Kunning Drueger, is that it successfully secures the D.C. establishment’s communications against…someone.

                • jim says:

                  It secures their communications against each other. Our enemies are very far from united, and the time approaches when they will be murdering each other in considerable numbers.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Bingo. They aren’t afraid of Someone, they are afraid of Madison over at the opposition’s headquarters who went to school with Kelsey who worked with Chatham over in Kenya who knows all about Bryant and Lee when they “paged” for the Senator. When you only hire snakes and sycophants, the threat of ankle biting becomes ever present.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Indeed. The Petty Remainder at HN were able to say as much without being censored. I believe it was the “Phone number requirement as vulnerability” argument. Which was/is valid. But Facebook and many others have deemed Axolotl “sufficient” for their purposes, though they MITM the data, whereas Signal servers *purportedly* retain nothing but what Jim outlines. Signal is the best you could ask for from a peripherally converged cryptography sector.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  [*deleted for stupidity*]

                • jim says:

                  You expect us to believe Snowden is an enemy?

                  Try more plausible lies. We are not that dumb.

                  A left composed of stupid ignorant people models its enemies as as stupid and ignorant as themselves. You just revealed how dumb our masters think we are, and thus how dumb they are.

  16. Redbible says:

    I’ve seen my friend and his sister (that I’ve mentioned previously), and I’ve thought about yewotm8’s comment* about what my friend thinks and/or having his blessing/approval on it.
    *link to comment:

    In simple terms, I’ve realized that escalating her or isolating her without him being on board will make it super hard to pull off. So getting him on board seem like an important step. I’ll need to handle it tactfully, since he recently mentioned to me a couple of “just out of high-school” “friends” he knows who got married, and he used both the words “weird” and “gross”. (and not because of their chemistry.)

    While I was there and she “started” acting mean, I was reminded of a PUA article I read some time ago about how “Mean women are horny”. (The article add that mean is different from Cold, which is different than indifferent.) So yeah, I do think she’s almost certainly horny, and which likely mean that she won’t “calm down” until she gets a good fucking.

    Which gets me to the point where I am in unfamiliar waters on this. Part of me feels like that in her current state, if I were to initiate sex with her, it would be like a hatefuck, and I uncertain that is a good way to “kick off” a relationship. I’m also pretty sure she’s a virgin, since she still lives with her father, and was raised in a church with strong traditional values. (other than the blue pill on men and women being equal.) Her being a virgin makes me think I’ll have to use more “Pressure” or “Force” to make sex happen, which makes me think that I might have to out right force her the whole way. (and I’m more used to having a woman being more openly on board.)

    I feel like I’m missing something, and any ideas or advice would be helpful.

    • A2 says:

      It seems from here like she is trying to provoke you (in a somewhat counterproductive way). If you’re saying you hate her for it, then you’re getting too provoked and in the wrong way. See it as trash talk or cat yowling or something; the point is arousal, not to get wounded by the insults. Move closer and claim her unhurriedly but firmly. (If you get the old knee in the balls, you have misinterpreted things.)

      Also recall that females ovulate just a few days in a month and when that’s over she may act a bit cooler and choosier (until next month, presumably).

      • Redbible says:

        No I don’t hate her, I do see it as provocation, it just seems that she has been holding to the verbal frame of “I hate you, you’re so annoying” (while periodically seeking to provoke me by poking or hitting me in a non-harmful way). So I guess I’m left wondering about at what point she will drop acting this way? (Yes, I get that after some time, she’ll likely act that way again.)

        I don’t think it’s just ovulation, since she has acted kind of like this the last few times I’ve been over.

        • A2 says:

          Well, it seems to me she’s trying to provoke you into acting. When she drops the act, she has probably lost interest.

          • Redbible says:

            I should clarify what I was trying to ask:

            If I move forward and ignore her saying “no”, at what point could it be expected that she might stop acting like she doesn’t like/want it?:
            after a first kiss?
            after a make out?
            after getting her completely naked?
            after penetrating her?
            after ejaculating in her?
            a few days after that?

            I’m not sure if I have the whole stomach needed to go all the way through if the whole way she is going to be acting as if she doesn’t like or want any of it.

            • alf says:

              Sounds like a toughie. Comes down to your risk/reward assessment.

              Would be nice if the friend had your back. Doesn’t have to be a big deal. Maybe test the waters with a ‘hey I think your sister likes me’? If he’s cool about it, that’d get a lot of pressure off your back.

              I wouldn’t expect her to say ‘no’ all the way.. If you get to first base, I’d expect her to be at least a bit more open and flirtier.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I am at a complete loss in terms of understanding here. Are you asking internet strangers scattered across the globe to give you a predictive roadmap for a specific female’s behavior during a seduction?

              Overthinking is going to fuck you up. It’s the mating dance, not Bob the fucking Builder Erection Set.

            • jim says:

              Chicks acting like they don’t want it are complicated. If she keeps giving you shit tests, pass them.

              If you can isolate a chick, she wants something to happen. If nothing happens, she is going to be disappointed. But a “don’t want it” shit test can go on forever. If actually do not want it, not going to be able to isolate her.

              • Redbible says:

                Thanks for the advice Jim.

                Her “willingness” to be isolated give a simple but clear indicator that can be utilized.

    • Adam says:

      Really nothing wrong with a hate fuck. Hate is a powerful emotional investment.

      Try giving her shit about her attitude. Joke that your going to give her a spanking. See what happens. Very likely she is not aware herself what she wants so your going to have to figure that out for her.

      Do you have a problem imposing your will on her? Have you tried it? If not, make her do something trivial for you, see what happens.

      What do you want with her anyway? Just some fun or is she wife material? You should figure that out. Once you decide it will be easier to frame the issue and start pushing her around, and pushing your buddy around if necessary.

      • Redbible says:

        I have done some “giving her shit about her attitude”, but I’ll need to try out “joking about spanking her”. I’m not fully sure I get what you mean by “Very likely she is not aware herself what she wants so your going to have to figure that out for her.”

        I haven’t tried getting her to do something for me in a while, but several months ago she was compliant.

        I see her as potential wife material, so I already know where I would want a relationship to go.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Be very careful with the “joking about spanking” superpower. If you are confident and capable, you will cause Katrina in her panties. If you act at all like that guy in the YT clip I linked, you will literally get arrested for rape.

          Many years ago, I wasted a bunch of time with a dumb leftist cunt. She was hot, and I was messed up from a major life reversal, and I generally regret the whole thing. I swear to you, I would be married (and unhappy and probably unfaithful) to this slut if I had followed Jim’s advice. Instead I pussyfooted around and tried to be chivalrous and kind. Of course, sensing weakness, she tortured me. One episode sticks out though. After one of many breakups (she would “end it” repeatedly, a brazen and painful shit test that is most often not worth dealing with), I finally threw up my hands, sent her a text saying something like “Good. If I saw you again I’d probably rape you and beat you anyway lol.” Imagine my shock when the dumb cunt is at my apartment 30 minutes later. So what do I do? Instead of carrying on with the “act,” I shower her in affection. Guess where that got me.

          Confidence is a weird thing. I am perfectly comfortable saying things in certain mediums, such that I am 100% believed, even if I spoiler with an admission that I am 100% joking. Being a man is to constantly move between states of belief & respect and unbelief & disrespect. When you are on your own turf, you *should be* respected as a man and believed in your statements. When you move into unknown ground, or ground controlled by “alpha proxie”*, no one will believe you and no one respects you without visual aids or variations in local equilibrium. This is why seclusion is so essential to seduction. It is hard enough to find and hold female attention at all, and doing it in public, in a crowded place with many men all jockeying for respect and believability, well that’s quite challenging. Here is where fiction holds a big clue for the mating dance.

          Picture a plane smacking into the ocean. 2 survivors swim from the wreckage, crawling onto the beach, sandy and in shock. It’s a young white dude and a half Asian girl with blue hair and an “Occupy” shirt. Done. I have ended my story, as we all know what is going to happen. Female alpha radar is so primitive, that isolation is enough to recalibrate it to literally any man. Further still, it recalibrates as quickly as the females attention span resets. Here’s a secret to Game: isolation + exceeding the attention span reset = dick wet. Literally every time. There are other factors, but the younger the lady, the fewer the factors. This is how alpha chads plow through the herd of virgins so effectively.

          I know I have written too much again, but I like words so fuck off. Isolation and perceived sincerity are of great importance. If you are quiet, brooding, and unengaging, and then you blurt out “Someone needs a spanking!”, unless she is the most horny, feckless (probably overweight) virgin, so desirous of any male attention that she’s making eyes at tubular vegetables, you are going to crash and burn. It has to escalate naturally. Just take her aggression level, and add a bit on your return fire. This isn’t hierarchical competitiveness, and you get no points for “winning” the engagement. It is like play fighting with a toddler; just keep a bit ahead and keep poking, don’t drop kick the tyke across the room, yeah?

          OK, so I just noticed this statement: “I see her as potential wife material, so I already know where I would want a relationship to go.”

          Everything I said stands, but you must also record all the info she drops during the mating dance to ROM instead of RAM. When you’re just pumping and dumping, you can ignore the chatter (it will just come back to haunt you years later anyways). If you are actually seeking to wife the broad, then your conquest of her body is not the end goal, rather it is the beginning of an occupation of her mind. Nothing about what I said changes, just keep in mind that if you make a bunch of statements about yourself, your character, and your capabilities, and you wife her, she will not forget them, even if she forgets them. This will be the yardstick by which she measures you going forward.

          No matter what, have fun with it. Seduction shouldn’t be the chore many men on the internet make it out to be. Each new stage with a valuable woman should be exciting and fun, and both of these things are mostly in your head anyways.

          *Alpha Proxy is the police in public. They may not be there, but if you cross certain lines or escalate situations, they will inevitably show up to prove to all the females that this is their turf.

        • Adam says:

          Just assume she doesn’t know why she feels what she feels, what it means or what to do about it. She’s sort of flailing around hoping someone will solve the problem for her.

          I would just try have fun with her. Pick in her, tease her etc. If she reacts positively and you can isolate her just keep going. If your frame is stronger than hers, and it should be, it should all come together nicely. They can get kind of moody when their frame breaks, until they are comfortable in yours, just have patience and don’t waver.

          Always remember they make rules for betas and break them for alphas. So don’t really listen to what they say too much. Try to feel the vibe and use your intuition. Watch what she does.

  17. Fidelis says:

    Surprised to see Zero (0) comments on the ongoing blood diamonds attack on ETH via the US Treasury sanctioning Tornado Cash (zk based coin mixer).

    All the big defi frontends are filtering tainted addresses. There was a dev arrested in the Netherlands. Interesting stuff.

    • jim says:

      I don’t care what happens to ETH.

      Anyone who does business with evil people is going to get burned in the end. Usually in some way no one could have predicted.

      Tornado is good software, good design, worthy of being applied to a more deserving ecosystem.

      The successful attack on ETH may well foreshadow a more determined blood diamonds attack on bitcoin. This may cause considerable inconvenience and financial loss to me personally. Possibly it is Monaro time.

      • Fidelis says:

        There’s a difference between distrusting something and completely ignoring the biggest developer ecosystem in crypto. Clearly they aren’t as evil as you say, or there would be no need to do this attack in such a hamfisted way.

        I liek monero too. Needs payment channels, there’s work being done in the background on it. Maybe a slapdash L2 system can be made from pushing merkle roots and some other info into the tx data. Imperfect but allows using it as a hub to build more scalable infrastructure until better crypto arrives.

      • Jim, I’m curious what the problems are with ETH. I’ve tried to search your archives for previous mentions of this but haven’t found where you talk about this.

        Obviously if the ETH ecosystem is run by evil people I need to divest myself immediately.

        • jim says:

          If I had an investment in ETH, I would not divest immediately. I would divest over time. The outcome of the Tornado business will reveal much. Tornado is the creation of good people, and I had not expected such to be found in ETH.

          Polygon are not entirely good people, but they have some good people on board, and are thigh deep in the ETH ecosystem. I expect these people to be purged out of it, or are going to wind up making wicked compromises, but we shall see. Before taking precipitate action, I would watch to see the way the wind blows. I watch polygon’s projects with interest. Plonky2 could fundamentally revolutionize blockchain technology – in ways that if Tornado pisses off the ETH establishment, would really piss off the ETH establishment.

          • notglowing says:

            I don’t have as much trust as you have in Polygon’s engineering. What they did before this zk stuff is unimpressive.

            Although I like the technology behind Plonky2, I have been following a different group that has been working on the same kind of thing for years now, Matter Labs, and their product zkSync. zkSync was already doing zkRollup transactions in early 2021, and they have had a testnet for zkSync2.0 online with full smart contract capabilities on their zkEVM since January.
            I find it more promising, especially as a developer in the space, because I have read their documentation and I like some of the features they have added such as account abstraction, and ability to pay for transactions in tokens that are not ETH.

            They also have a more long term plan for going beyond the efficiency of zkRollup with zkPorter, which will scale further.

            Much like Plonky, zkSync will not need a trusted setup, and be turing complete.

            • Fidelis says:

              Kek they dont even have a token for you to baghold and you are shilling them anyway.

              zkPorter is just a bog standard data availability layer, chill out. There’s going to be loads of these things, and it’s going to be a bitch to figure out the best one. Need better DAO and VC-like contracts, need incensorable private social media, need better packet routing and obfuscation. Need to be able to host git censorlessly. Fuck theres so much work to be done.

              • jim says:

                Gitea would seem to be a solution to hosting git censorlessly.

                The big problem with git is that it is insecure – the signing solution is cumbersome, and lacks direct linkage to getting the repository version than you want, signed by the people you have decided to trust

              • notglowing says:

                I am not shilling them, as I am not paid by them. I have followed the project and like it, and I am convinced they are competent.
                Which one ends up being the best remains to be seen.

                > zkPorter is just a bog standard data availability layer, chill out.
                What about that contradicts what I said? Yes, I know how it works.
                What’s your issue?

                • Fidelis says:

                  Your post sounded like every other advertisement that I’m tired of reading. Everybody, and I mean everybody, is doing this onchain zk verifier with data availability sidechain pattern. The way you phrased

                  >going beyond the efficiency of zkRollup with zkPorter

                  Sounded like illthoughtout advertising in that context.

            • jim says:

              I keep worrying about reading “will be”

              You need a proof generation and verification engine that operates on virtual machine.

              And you need a programming language for this virtual machine, so that you can do actual operations on immense piles of data, and produce a concise proof that you did the operation on a pile of data presented by the root of a merkle tree, that the merkle tree has a certain property – even though no one party has the full, and potentially vast, merkle tree, rather every party has those branches of the merkle tree that he cares about.

              And I am just not seeing a description of the virtual machine and its programming language.

              Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.

              What I am seeing is claims that they have systems that solve particular problems – but it is hard to believe someone could solve these particular problems without a turing complete system. Where is that turing complete system? What is that turing complete system?

              I expect to see a language, and a compiler for that language, that produces provers and verifiers for programs written in that language. And I don’t think anyone can do the claimed things without a language and a compiler.

              For full scalability, we want to end with a proof that a merkle root is the root of the set of valid transaction outputs, with no one person having the full set of valid transaction outputs, nor the full set of transactions necessary to prove that those outputs are valid. Rather each full peer keeps around those branches of the merkle tree that contain the outputs and transactions that he cares about.

              We want to prove that each transaction output is an output from a transaction that is facially valid, its inputs are equal to its outputs, that each transaction input was consumed in one, and only one transaction, and that this merkle root represents a collection of transactions with a certain weight of stake or weight of work, so that if there are competing merkle roots, which should happen from time to time due to one merkle root containing one branch of a double spend, and another merkle root containing the other branch of a double spend, everyone takes the heaviest root as authoritative, and building the next merkle root on the heaviest merkle root of which he is aware, so that the total weight grows forever, each merkle root having its own weight, plus the weight of all the roots on which it is built.

              And we need a language in which to do that, and compilers for this language. I see people claiming to have produced very very specific programs, but what did they write those programs in?

              What is the language, what is the virtual machine on which it operates, where are the compilers for this language that generate provers and verifiers?

              To do what they say they are doing, they have to have what I cannot find. To do the specific things they say they can do, they have to have the general thing that can potentially be programmed to do anything.

              “We have this proof system that proves this very very very specific thing.”

              “How do I know it proves this very very very specific thing? Where is the source code for the proof? What is the language for that source code?”

              I expect to see source code that proves the specific thing, in a language that could be used to prove anything.

              OK, they have a language that can be used to prove very very specific things about the ETH blockchain. But that language has to be written in a language that could prove anything about anything.

              In order to prove that their domain specific language proves what it proves, need to prove it in a more general language.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Are the definitions/explanations contained here [1] correct in terms of “Turing complete?”


                • jim says:

                  Yes, but …

                  The interesting thing is that almost any sufficiently capable system winds up being Turing complete as an accident of adding feature after feature. No one intended that CMakeLists.txt would be a language. No one intended that template metacode would be a language. They are accidental languages. I suspect the configuration file for Dovecot is turing complete. Emacs was intended to be Turing complete, but vi is accidentally turing complete.

                  These accidental languages tend to be extremely user hostile to program in. Rust learned from the accidental template language of C++, and is implementing its own metaprogramming language, which unfortunately is also subject to accidental design. Even though it was intended from the beginning to be language, people keep discovering useful ways to torture rust features never intended to be a part of that language, using or abusing them to write metacode, and then the rust designers, seeing a pile of code that they never anticipated, make changes in the metacode language. C++ template language is slowly evolving into a more useful metacoding language, with some C++20 features that enable one to write far more intelligible metacode, far more easily. C++23 is intended to have a metacoding system that will obsolete a whole lot of extremely weird, unobvious, and unintelligible metacode that I have written.

                  The root language for zk rollups needs to be not Eth scripts, but rather a language that drives a virtual machine operates on merkle trees, and written in this root language, there needs to be a domain specific language for each particular blockchain, which blockchain must be structured as a roughly balanced merkle tree, rather than as a chain.

                  Unless you have a more fundamental root language, it is impossible to know if the domain specific language does what it purports to do.

                  Fundamentally ZKstarks prove that the prover knows a solution to an np complete problem. Unfortunately the proof is quite large, and the relationship between that problem, and anything that anyone cares about, extremely elaborate and indirect.

                  So you need a language that will generate such a relationship. And then you can prove, for example, that a hash is the hash of a valid transaction output, without revealing the value of that output, or the transaction inputs.

                  But if you have to have such a proof for every output, that is a mighty big pile of mighty big proofs, costly to evaluate, costly to store the vast pile of data.

                  So, rollups. You produce a proof that you verified a pile of proofs. You organize the information about which you want to prove stuff into a merkle tree, and the root of the merkle tree is associated with a proof that you verified the proofs of the direct children of that root vertex. And proof of each of the children of that root vertex proves that someone verified their children. And so forth all the way down to the bottom of the tree, the origin of the blockchain, proofs about proofs about proofs about proofs.

                  And then, to prove that a hash is a hash of a valid transaction output, you just produce the hash path linking that transaction to the root of the merkle tree. So with every new block, everyone has to just verify one proof once. All the child proofs get thrown away eventually.

                  Which means that peers do not have to keep every transaction and every output around forever. They just keep some recent roots of the blockchain around, plus the transactions and transaction outputs that they care about. So the blockchain can scale without limit.

                  ZK-stark rollups are a scaling technology plus a privacy technology. If you are not securing peoples privacy, you are keeping an enormous pile of data around that nobody cares about, which means your scaling does not scale.

                • notglowing says:

                  Keep in mind there is a big difference between using zk proofs to prove any *particular* program (which has been doable for a long time),
                  and creating a single zkEVM arithmetic circuit that can prove *any* generic program. That’s what Matter Labs and Polygon have been working on, and it requires recursion.

                • notglowing says:

                  I’ve worked with zkSNARKs in the traditional sense, making circuits that prove *particular* programs, to make specific applications.

                  One example of what that is used for is services like Tornado. Tornado’s proofs can only be for the particular program that verifies deposits on Tornado, and nothing else. So they can move money. I did not know of Tornado at the time, but I designed a similar system for message privacy based on zkSNARKs back in 2019.

                  In order to make zk proofs on any generic Ethereum transaction, that’s where the zkVM/zkEVM technology comes in. The difference is you are no longer proving just one particular program in your application, you need to be able to verify the execution of *any* program the user submits using the same circuit.
                  And another way of expressing that is of course, to say you are proving the correct execution of a virtual machine.

                  (To be clear these posts are meant as replies to Fidelis, context being I am pretty sure Cairo was designed for the simpler case)

                • notglowing says:

                  Regarding decentralized messaging using zk technology, I encourage you to look into the concept of the RLN – Rate Limiting Nullifier.

                  It solves the first problem with decentralized public messaging, which is rate limiting to prevent spam and denial of service, while keeping every message anonymous.

                  You can combine this with an on chain contract where users deposit funds to register themselves into the network.

                  Their messages are anonymous and not connected to their deposit, by means of a zero-knowledge proofs, but they must have deposited to send messages.

                  If they send more than one message during the same epoch, which can be defined however, they will automatically reveal their secret in the process, which can be used by anyone to unlock their deposit, steal their funds, and by extension link the two posts to their real (on-chain) identity.

                  On top of such a messaging system anything can be built, including private encrypted chats, or simply a public forum. There are still problems left to solve, though.

                  There are working implementations of the RLN available already.

              • notglowing says:

                > You need a proof generation and verification engine that operates on virtual machine.

                They do. That is what you use on their v2.0 testnet. They developed it, and have talks describing their development going way back.
                But the actual code is kept closed source until the auditing is finished.

                > And you need a programming language for this virtual machine,

                They managed to be EVM compatible. It can be programmed with solidity.

                • notglowing says:

                  Before the solidity compiler, they also came up with, and still support, Zinc, a domain specific language developed for their zkVM.

                  Here’s a link to the solidity compiler:

                • jim says:

                  “This repository is public, but the compiler cannot yet be built from source.”

                  Which is to say, closed source.

                • jim says:

                  No one should trust closed source code on a blockchain.

                • notglowing says:

                  I do not expect you to trust it until it is actually on mainnet, and open source. But the testnet is already usable, in order to try the technology out.

                • jim says:

                  But if you do not know, and cannot know, what the prover is in fact proving, what are you testing out?

                  If someone open sources a recursive zk-snark, a zk-rollup, many things become possible. Including a truly private crypto currency with unlimited scalability. If they decline to open source it, then the holders of the secret source have total power over that blockchain, and could potentially do anything. It is covert centralization, an unregulated bank, not a blockchain.

                  This is a technology with enormous potential. But it cannot do much, unless set free.

                  The proofs are nothing unless any sufficiently smart and industrious man can check them.

                  And we are not even sure that they are actually doing zk-rollups, or taking a few shortcuts here and there, because they expect to be able to do zk-rollups, and are mocking up the capability pending sorting out a few small details.

                  We have long known in principle how to do zk-rollups – but actually doing them has been rather more difficult. People tend to announce these technologies when they know in principle how to accomplish them, but are a few little steps short of actually accomplishing them. Every time I check out some open source zk-snark technology, I find it is a little bit short of the generality claimed, and can in principle accomplish – not yet ready for prime time. No end of people claim they can do things, and often they can in fact do these things, but not quite in such a way that other people can do them, and thus not quite in such a way that other people can end to end verify that they are in fact being done. Which is the whole point of zk-snark technology.

                  Similarly, the idea of full flow closed cycle rocket engines has been around forever, but so far, none have flown to orbit.

                  We have no end of zk-snark solutions for particular problems, but so far nothing usefully turing complete, let alone turing complete and capable of doing rollups reasonably fast. People say they have closed source usefully turing complete zk-snark solutions, and now claim they have usefully turing complete zk-snark solutions capable of doing rollups reasonably fast, but if closed source, falls short of being an “argument of knowledge”.

                  If your zk-snark system is closed source, it is a zk-snark for you, but not for anyone else. A closed source blockchain is no blockchain, and a closed source zk-snark is no zk-snark.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  OK, I don’t understand most of what’s being discussed here, so I can’t take a side, nor would I want to. But I find it immensely interesting that whatever “zk-rollup” is, it is worthless unless proven, and can’t be proven unless released. How do you end up in a bind like that?

                  If someone has this thing that is immensely valuable, but is only realized value if it is released to everyone, what possible motivation is there to not release it, unless they don’t actually have it, or they refuse to live in a world wherein they can’t control all the value? Also, wouldn’t bugs be hunted and problems solved faster if it were “in the wild” for mass tinkering?

                  Maybe I am missing the point due to ignorance of subject, and my mental framework is filling in the gaps incorrectly.

                • jim says:

                  Your understanding is correct.

                  If they have what they say they have, it has immense potential value. But only if they share most of that value, and take what they can get from first mover advantage. First mover advantage being a tiny part of the value, but still an immense amount of value.

                  I think they probably do have what they say they have. But the crypto currency world is full of scammers, and full of honest people who announce stuff that is not actually quite ready for prime time. And it does look like Polygon is full of scammers, and full of honest people who are little bit too optimistic. So I do not know, and quite possibly Polygon itself does not know either.

                  It is genuinely hard to know if source code is doing what it is supposed to be doing, and hard to know if your design is even capable of doing what you intend it and expect it to do even if you were to fix all the bugs, because some of those bugs may not be bugs, but inherent in your subtly flawed design.

                • notglowing says:

                  > If your zk-snark system is closed source, it is a zk-snark for you, but not for anyone else. A closed source blockchain is no blockchain, and a closed source zk-snark is no zk-snark.

                  We both understand this, but there is a reason for the secrecy, and it is the first mover advantaged that you already mentioned.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  That is a dangerous game to play in the world of software, no? State level actors/entities have two distinct advantages: massive budgets and massive bulwarks against intrusion, espionage, and theft. Olympic Games was a rather small team (IIRC) but it was wrapped in many layers of protection with a massive pipeline of dollarydoos to burn. And for all that, some “bug” was still planted in the final product that destroyed the “mystery” surrounding its formulation.

                  If the fellows behind this concept/process/code have a concrete timeline, I could see keeping it closed being a good strategy. If, however, it is more in line with what Jim is saying (great idea, sound principles, optimistic forecast, not actually complete), and they are trying to buy time while waiting for a solution to appear…

                • notglowing says:

                  They currently seem to have a tight timeline with their system being released in stages throughout the rest of this year.
                  We will see whether it is really any good or not afterwards.

                • jim says:

                  We will not know if it is truly any good until it is truly open sourced.

                  Until then, cannot verify the verifier, so not a zk-snark.

                  Does “release” mean “release the source”?

  18. Pax Imperialis says:

    If The Rings of Power is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, is full of strong-independent-gay-black-womyn, one must wonder what happened to all that diversity by the Third Age as seen in the Lord of the Rings.

    Perhaps they all became Easterlings or maybe they found the brave and diverse orks and goblins as allies and integrated into their communities.

    Joking aside, anyone planning to watch at least some of the Rings of Power and the surrounding fallout out of morbid curiosity?

    The corruption of Tolkien use to elicit pure disgust, now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • The Cominator says:

      No…I’m sure I’ll see some clips and memes. I don’t even plan to watch the Gay of Thrones House of the Faggot prequel because Season 8 of Game of Thrones is when globohomo just said fuck it no more good content all propaganda all the time.

      • Varna says:

        Before that they were filming it based on a book by an author who may be no god’s gift to pulps but is an actual pro of the old generation.

        Once they overshot his stuff and started making up their own stuff, this is when it became apparent how utterly talentless this generation is. The dialogues became people standing stiffly ten feet away from each other.

        Any 1950s ACE pulp novella has more talent and professionalism in one chapter than a contemporary mini-series has as a whole. They are completely inept. It’s mostly hidden by effects and dramatic shots and shitty epic music, but below this, on the level of structure and function, they have slipped below the level of Turkish tv serials.

        Women love inane soaps. This is now a female civilization. Everything is an inane soap with endless story arcs. Self-contained TV episodes are masculine storytelling. Endless soap shit is female storytelling. Jews also default to female storytelling if not constantly disciplined by an institutional environment.

        Classical music and heavy metal are masculine music. Inane dance music is feminine. Owner of a Lonely Heart is fucking Beethoven compared to today’s shit. Smooth Operator is fucking Sibelius compared to today’s shit.

        Not to mention 50s Elvis. The opening seconds of Can’t Help Falling In Love is a testament to a fallen civilization.

        A Mickey Spillane pulp has more real writing in it than a hundred random modern bestselling thrillers put together.

        Game of Anuses showed not only the propaganda angel, but the utter, merciless, irredeemable lack of talent in today’s pop sphere. You’ve got 3-4 film directors today who are on the level of a decent midlevel director in the 1990s and 1980s, and today they are geniuses. Everything else in every sphere is just a bag of meat with defective circuitry going through the motions.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I have it on good authority that every major player in movies right now will not countenance any script without some literary IP (intellectual property) as its foundation. Most of the best movies come from books, but this is not the same thing. A book can be good, and its filmic adaptation can be trash. The converse can also be true.

          I have 0 love for the author or the series, but Harry Potter could have become timeless if the author had stuck to the theoretical trajectory. Now, Rowling is a midwit doofus, and I am not advocating for HP as some kind of amazing literary endeavor, but a book series that grows up with its core following is actually pretty magical (lol) when you think about it. Rowling got very lucky, as the Cathedral Propaganda Division, or the Hollywood Industrial Complex, was looking for ways to attack resonant Christianity impulse. This is why it got so big. But I remain convinced that if the author had been a skilled male, instead of a lucky female, and if the series had progressed all the way, going from kiddie magic books to sophisticated, mind bending horror magic books, the series would have made the leap into Timelessness.

          I derailed myself. Here’s the problem with making predicate IP a qualification for consideration. It means the literary work will be tainted and manipulated for ease of adaptation. A manuscript and a script/screenplay are fundamentally different things. As they get merged, the essence is lost from both. Like him or not, Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men was itself a stunning work, and the Cohen Brothers filmic adaptation was as well, but wholly independent in terms of its genetic makeup. There’s an art to taking literature and making films, and this can be best demonstrated by Peter Jackson’s treatment of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Sadly, the same director, using the same author, in the very same world-build, shows us that it can be done terribly as well (The Hobbit should have been one movie, and in fact a number of edits have been created and released that condense the three films to one, and people generally like it way better).

          I believe creativity will come back to the Occident, but it may require a cataclysm or series of terrible events. The best artists are battered shells of men, beaten bloody by time and tide, who are nonetheless compelled to create. This compulsion is what makes the true artist, as opposed to the mercenary content creator. If you take a true musician and throw him in solitary confinement, he will compose in his mind, making music with whatever is to hand. He has no choice but to create, as it is an inevitable consequence of his existence. The same goes for authors. If you cut off his hands and poke out his eyes, he will be forced to exorcise his stories from within his being, and will “magically” become an oracle, a source for the fiction that flows through him. Artistry is a compulsion, and art is the result.

          • alf says:

            Sadly, the same director, using the same author, in the very same world-build, shows us that it can be done terribly as well (The Hobbit should have been one movie,

            In Jackson’s defense the production of the Hobbit was a shitshow compared to LOTR.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              There’s a common practice in film production, and I’m sure it is present elsewhere, of “pricing yourself out” of work you don’t want to do. Say my day rate is $400 with a kit rental charge of $1K per week (so, it costs you ~$3K a week to hire me). I can reduce that rate for dudes I like and want to help, and bump it up as needed for bigger shows. But there’s this Producer I really hate, and I know he wants to hire me, so when he calls, I tell him my day rate is actually $800 with a $400/day kit rental. He will ask around and see that it is double what everyone else pays, and (hopefully) take the hint and move on. But sometimes, there really is only one option. There are a number of set jobs, techniques, or capabilities that are singular for one reason or another (once upon a time, a steadicam operator was basically a regional monopoly, but that is no longer the case; ditto for Fischer dollies), and you have no choice bu to cough up if you want those services.

              IIRC Jackson really didn’t want to do it, and he attempted to price himself out, and the project met his ask. Womp womp. The idea of pricing out is to set the number high enough that if they acquiesce to your ask than at least it’s worth your time. In practice, I don’t think it works out well. All the money in the world won’t make working for stupid and/or evil people any better.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                hmmm…. Now that I think about it this should loosely tie back into ‘Decline in GDP per capita.’

                We know these people are not stupid. Jeff Bezos isn’t simply pissing away 1 billion dollars for nothing. He might not be gaining direct profit but he must be gaining something.

                These works of cinema are really works of holiness shakedowns. Bat Girl or Rings of Power are not designed for profit but virtue signaling. Thus the fact that it use to only cost 200 million to signal whereas it now costs 1 billion is evidence of inflation.

                “In practice, I don’t think it works out well.”

                In practice it shows how much is costs to virtue signal.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  This is a tricky topic, and I have almost no handle on finances so don’t expect me to qualify the following assertion, but the modern, professional film industry is a fabricated universe overlaying a capital shell game. Movies, as a holistic structure, are vehicles for hiding and moving and growing cash, with the memes and signals actually taking a backseat. At least they were. The pozz was an additive, and the point was the money. While many, many aspects of film are hellishly expensive and specialized, by far the biggest costs are “above the line.” This is not to say there’s no grifting and corruption “bellow the line,” but the real corruption, as defined by largest amounts, are Above.

                  Say I want to make an action movie. The technical requirements based on a budget breakdown of the script are equal to X. This is for wages, gear, insurance, permits, locations, and all the nuts and bolts. When I seek funding, I will need X + my above the line expenses. The Director, the Executive Producers, the A List talent, and other big ticket expenses are above the line. So if I calculate X to be $20 million, and I want the latest A List superstar whose going rate is $20 million, my budget, in terms of public disclosure, is still just $20 million, but my funding is by necessity at least $40 million, and I still need to figure out marketing and distribution, which can often be double the technical budget. The opportunities for corruption are ubiquitous at every stage, so much so that the industry is shaped to skim, carve, hide, and steal by default.

                  It is an industry of deception and greed at every step. Full stack chicanery. We shouldn’t be surprised that there are bad movies made, we should be flabbergasted that any movie at all ends up being good.

                  But things have changed or are changing, as video games have eclipsed film in a big way in terms of ability to hide cash transfer. As the Hollywood Industrial Complex grows ever more moribund, the opportunity for film to become weaponized rhetoric, *by design and intentionally* as opposed to incidentally, reappears.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          This is now a female civilization. Everything is an inane soap with endless story arcs.

          That is the best succinct summary I have ever read of what’s happened to TV/film lately. Thanks.

  19. Pete says:

    I thought I saw in the last topic where someone said the FBI are stupid so people like us should be able to fool their questioning. I can’t believe I saw this on a dissident blog so with our ineffable host’s permission I’d like to correct this grievous misinformation.

    If the FBI come to your home, here are the steps to follow:
    1) “Oh wow hi guys. Stand out here on the porch while I call my lawyer.”

    2) Wait inside the house for your lawyer to arrive, while the agents wait outside. Do not offer the agents water. Do not let them use your bathroom. Do not respond to anything they say through the door. I don’t care if it’s 110 degrees full sunlight, pounding rain or a howling blizzard. You do not let them inside.

    3) When your lawyer arrives, consult briefly with him in private so he understands what this is all about. If you haven’t paid him recently, pay him now.

    4) You and the lawyer go outside to the agents. Your lawyer speaks. You do not speak. Every time they ask you a question, you keep your mouth firmly shut and look over to your lawyer.

    By the end of all this, the FBI agents will be miserable and they will regret that they ever bothered you at all. However if you deviate from these rules, you will likely go to prison, whether or not you have done anything wrong. That is all.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      “while I call my lawyer.”

      It’s all great advice, except, this is the part I never understand. Who has “a lawyer” just waiting for one’s phone call? Like if this ever happened to me I would have no idea how to produce “my lawyer”.

      • Pete says:

        Maybe you will have occasion to contact a lawyer with regard to a power of attorney, a tax dispute with the IRS, your will or divorce, something like that. If so you could discuss with him who might be good to talk to if the cops ever show up.

        Just make sure the guy is NOT jewish, nor some kind of FBI bootlicker or fanboy.

      • The Cominator says:

        1) Very rich people

        2) Drug dealers and people in organized crime (who tend to be richer than normal people)

        • jim says:

          Anyone who does business needs a lawyer and an accountant.

          If you are doing business, you are breaking the law, and need a lawyer and accountant to make lawbreaking slightly less dangerous.

          • FrankNorman says:

            “If you are doing business, you are breaking the law”

            Do you mean that the regulations are so complex that you are probably breaking some of them without knowing it?
            Or that the intent of the laws is to stop people doing anything economically profitable?

            • jim says:

              Mainly the former, but the latter is also a major problem. Production of physical things is basically illegal in the west. Everyone who produces anything is breaking the law.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              Additionally, as we saw with Trump, once your crowd is in power it’s advantageous to have a bunch of laws that effectively make everything illegal, because you can just ignore those laws when your crowd breaks them, and enforce the laws when the wrong crowd breaks them. Look at what Trump got railroaded for, compared to what the Clintons got away with.

              It’s this sort of thing that creates Cominators by the millions.

      • jim says:

        Most lawyers are crooks, are not on your side, and will shop blow ins to the authorities.

        But if you regularly do business with a lawyer, you have probably smelled him out as slightly less crooked than the rest of them, and if you are a regular customer, he probably will not burn you. This is what people mean by “Your lawyer” – the lawyer whom you figure is less likely to burn you than the rest of them.

        When I moved to my current location, I got a recommendation from a local who was born and raised here, looked the law firm up, and found it was the oldest law firm in the nearby city, which sounded like it might be less dangerous to its customers than most, and I have been using them, cautiously, ever since.

        But when I get legal advice, I research that advice fairly thoroughly to check for hidden mines. So far, such research has not turned up anything too terrible, which gives me a good feeling, or at least a slightly less terrible feeling.

        • accountant says:

          Does this comment apply to CPA’s as well?

          • jim says:

            CPAs are accountants. Not all accountants are converged. Accounting is, however, turning into a priestly activity, and correspondingly losing interest and capability to track value and the movement of value.

            Bookkeeping is the foundation of the corporate form. If you don’t have meaningful books, you do not have a business, large scale extended cooperation to create value collapses.

            Large scale extended cooperation to create value is collapsing. You are just not allowed to trade your shares on the stock exchange if you have meaningful books. Private corporations with meaningful books and valuable accountants are still, however, possible, or were possible last time I had good info on what was happening. Publicly traded corporations also tend to keep a secret and unofficial set of illegal parallel books that do meaningfully track value.

  20. j says:

    >It is not that the enemy cannot lie. They lie all the time, they lie continually. It is that the enemy cannot truth.

    This is very insightful, and it’s eerie how close it is to John 8:44.

  21. skippy says:

    “As you no doubt know there has been a huge rise in the young person death rate, and there is a curious lack of curiosity about this enormous number of deaths. “Death of unknown causes” has risen from being a very minor and extraordinarily rare cause of young person death, to being the major cause of death”

    Where can I find the data on this?

  22. i says:

    It is not that the enemy cannot lie. They lie all the time, they lie continually. It is that the enemy cannot truth.

    Just like in the days of the coming Anti-Christ. God I believe allows their delusion to trap them. In order that those who love wickedness will be damned:

    9The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, 12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.

    Likewise Pharoah hardened his heart 6 times before this verse where God assists him in hardening his heart and ensuing the irrevocable Judgments come upon him:

  23. Contaminated NEET says:

    >It seems very puzzling that shills are stopped by shill tests. Why do they not just lie?

    Cynical pragmatism and true belief can coexist in the same heart. They want to fool you, and they’ll lie about lots of things to do it, but they don’t want to sully their true and living faith. Words are magic, and proggies know it better than most.

    I’ve been similarly confused by the progs’ love of lying without technically telling a lie. They’ll use very specific private definitions of words while trying to make the listener think they’re using the same definitions he is. The hostage negotiator at Waco swore up and down that the helicopters were absolutely not firing on the compound, but eventually admitted that what he meant was that none of the choppers had mounted weapons. The Federal government and NPR assured us that deportations reached an all-time high under the Obama administration. The NYT said that Alicia Machado never made a sex tape and Trump inexplicably invented this idea in his diseased and failing brain. Technically, depending on what a “deportation” is, what a “sex tape” is, and what “helicopters fired on us” means, all these are true, but they are deliberate lies. If one is going to lie, why bother with this nonsense? I’ve come to think they really do consider themselves honest and ethical people devoted to the truth, so a naked and unabashed conscious lie hurts them. If a misleading “truth” deliberately gives you the wrong impression, though, that’s your problem.

    • S says:

      Alternate explanation- James Bond had a license to kill because he was part of an organization that trusted him. Progs will turn on each other if they sense an opportunity, thus they attempt to maintain a fig leaf of deniability; the level of which is determined by what everyone else is doing (because to stand out is to die).

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >I’ve come to think they really do consider themselves honest and ethical people devoted to the truth, so a naked and unabashed conscious lie hurts them

      The solipsistic narcissist flatters itself to think that, while it may not actually be a chief executive officer, or four star general, or doctor of philosophy, and so on and so forth, it is just the same sort of person as one who is; that it could do just as well or better even in the same place; that the only difference between it and them is ‘opportunity’, ‘position’, or ‘privilege’.

      And yet, at the same time, there are also parts of it, further away from its consciousness, but closer to sensation of reality, that ceaselessly torments them with the thought that it really isn’t. That sticks a shiv in their soul every time the narrative they have constructed about themselves, is devalidated by feedback from Being.

      This inherent insecurity, and concomitant mania to paper over it, to make reality in general, and his neighbors in particular, provide validation for the narratives they have constructed about themselves, constitutes a perennial animus for leftish subversions throughout the ages.

      Its lower world-formation capacity affords its lower inferential horizon, which in turn affords the greater ease with which it may engage in double-think; it can engage in all manner of different contradictory lines in different contexts, different times, different objects, because, to one degree or another, it is hardly sensible of any connexion between them in the first place; such is its inherent nominalism.

      >”What a mistake, to have said *the* Id.”

    • jim says:

      > I’ve come to think they really do consider themselves honest and ethical people devoted to the truth, so a naked and unabashed conscious lie hurts them.

      Surely modeling them as demon worshipers who fear the truth would cause them to burst into flames gives more accurate and reliable predictions

      Let us suppose you are a doctor, and your patient requests a D Dimer test. You know that if you administer the test, and it shows your patient is seriously ill, you are going to get in trouble for “Promoting vaccine hesitancy.

      But if you don’t know you are murdering your patients, how can you know that a D Dimer test is going to “promote vaccine hesitancy”? How do doctors not know what the jab is doing, and at the same time know what to not test for and what to not diagnose?

      The epidemic of “cause of death unknown” reveals mens rea. If they did not know that they were causing those deaths, would have no difficulty in diagnosing them. that everyone is averting their eyes from a huge rise in the death rate reveals that they know exactly what is causing it. That you cannot get the relevant tests done reveals guilty knowledge.

      When your loyalty test and your sacrament is point deer make horse 指鹿為馬, you have to know you are the bad guys, that you are liars and frauds who intend to harm people, that you hate humanity, life, and creation, that you are the enemy of everyone and of existence itself.

      The reason shills cannot speak the truth is that the lie is their loyalty test. In order that shills can pass they have authorized them to say things that are ordinarily forbidden, because dangerously close to the truth. A shill test zeroes in on truth that is forbidden. Forbidden for them to speak it, forbidden for them to even hear someone else speaking it. The lie is not only the lie, it is that no one anywhere ever sees the forbidden truth.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >But if you don’t know you are murdering your patients, how can you know that a D Dimer test is going to “promote vaccine hesitancy”?

        Every test involves a risk of false positives. It’s a wasteful misuse of scarce medical resources. Agreeing to provide it is a tacit admission that the patient’s deluded misinformed beliefs are worthy of a serious response, which encourages them; we don’t provide tinfoil hats to delusional schizophrenics for good reason. Well-respected expert authorities have looked into it much more thoroughly than I have and they unanimously concluded that it’s unnecessary and counterproductive.

        It’s easy enough to rationalize decisions that are in your interest, and the smarter you are, the easier the rationalizations come.

        • Redbible says:

          “It’s easy enough to rationalize decisions that are in your interest, and the smarter you are, the easier the rationalizations come.”

          With “smarter” actually meaning “Having more college degree and certificates than those filthy proles”

          Which can then be used to justify an infinite amount of lying, stealing, cheating, and killing. “Because it’s for your own good.”

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Yes, definitely. Is the a more sinister sentence in the English language than, “It’s for your own good.”?

    • The Cominator says:

      “I’ve been similarly confused by the progs’ love of lying without technically telling a lie. ”

      Thats old fashioned type jews not modern progs in the past 10 years. Progs have embraced the ethos of Frank Booth in the past 10 years.

      • The Cominator says:

        Why did I say Frank Booth I meant Senator Roark.

      • jim says:

        You nailed it. Lying without lying is distinctively Jewish, not distinctively prog – it a result of a mental framework of violating Old Testament law by following it. It is Talmudic, not prog. It is part of the problem that Jesus was ranting about.

        • The Cominator says:

          Jews on a personal level are generally no problem to deal with once you realize you need to make sure they word their promises to you in an airtight way, jews tend to be MORE RELIABLE than normal people about keeping to the letter of their promises. Also doing so (haggling over the wording) doesn’t irritate them they tend to respect you for making them do it.

        • Sexy Rexy says:

          Lying without lying is the lawyerly art.

          • jim says:

            Only to the extent that lawyers tend to be Jewish.

            • Sexy Rexy says:

              All the best lawyers are.

              • jim says:

                Depends on one’s definition of best. Best at cheating their clients and shopping them to the authorities?

                The biggest risk with a lawyer is not that he might lose the case. If he is a good lawyer, the matter is just going to go away. The biggest risk with your lawyer is that he will win and you will lose.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  If you can’t manage your lawyer, do you really deserve to win?

                • jim says:

                  There is no managing crooks who intend to shaft you.

                  A lawyer is essential, also your biggest vulnerability. General Flynn was railroaded by his lawyers, not the FBI or the prosecutors, who just rang up his lawyers and told them what to do. Similarly Alex Jones. Just about everyone who gets in trouble with legal system, his troubles come from his lawyer.

                  Even if they caught you standing over the corpse with a knife in your hand and covered in the victims blood, they are going to find it too much like hard work to convict you unless your lawyer is their pocket.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Become the lawyer, you must.

                • jim says:

                  Oh I do, as far letter of the law matters.

                  But it does not matter. What matters is your lawyers connections, which he has, and you do not.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Yes, lawyers and judges are often mutually cooperative, there’s no question of that.

                  But hypothetically, how would you be able to tell the relative contribution of a great lawyer’s personal connections as opposed to certain extraordinary facts he may know?

                  If I didn’t know what I know, for example, I would think that the only way to achieve what I’ve seen achieved is by bribing a judge or something.

                  And yet, in reality there was no special personal relationship or bribery or anything, just some people arranging some words in a certain way and pushing some papers around.

                  How would you know?

                • jim says:

                  > But hypothetically, how would you be able to tell the relative contribution of a great lawyer’s personal connections as opposed to certain extraordinary facts he may know?

                  Because after doing my homework, I am apt to find that I know the relevant law and precedent better than he does – and also that such knowledge is fairly useless, which is probably why he did not bother knowing it.

                  A good lawyer is a courtier to power. He has a word with the prosecutor in corridor, or a little chat with the other guy’s lawyers, and the problem goes away.

                • jim says:

                  > I would think that the only way to achieve what I’ve seen achieved is by bribing a judge or something.

                  You don’t bribe judges. You pay lawyers, who have totally legitimate and legal financial arrangements with judges and prosecutors that somehow result in judges becoming strangely wealthy.

                • jim says:

                  > And yet, in reality there was no special personal relationship or bribery or anything,

                  In several legal cases that had outcomes cheerfully inconsistent with the facts and the law, I know well what happened, and there was special personal relationships and bribery. I paid for them, and I like to know what I am paying for. The system is riddled with corruption from top to bottom. It is Hunter Biden from top to bottom.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >And yet, in reality there was no special personal relationship or bribery or anything, just some people arranging some words in a certain way and pushing some papers around.

                  In reality, not even other wordcels really respect each others word-magic, they are just more given to using and coordinating around such means as convenient excuses – just as long as they remain convenient, of course.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  A good lawyer is a courtier to power. He has a word with the prosecutor in corridor, or a little chat with the other guy’s lawyers, and the problem goes away.

                  On wonders if they will ever have AI judges who run a “constitutional/law” program. The AI’s have no non-human enforcement means. They just render judgements.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I think it was Vernor Vinge who speculated (negatively) on “automated law enforcement” in one of his novels.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I tried to find a clip of Tokugawa in court from GITS anime. I think it was very well done, at least in terms of the 1990s perspective of the future and jurisprudence.

                  On a related note, coming to grips with the fact that the peak of our (American) society was probably a 3 year span in the 1990s has been really depressing me lately.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  We should be more precise; the irony of the wordcel is that he ultimately *doesn’t* in fact respect word-magic: a principled relationship with The Word is a province of men beyond the ranks of mattoids, jacobins, gnostics, nominalists, and sundry other congenital solipsists, in natural nobility.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  They relish in the perception of a studied verbosity while inwardly reviling the very concept of static definitions. They worship words they secretly find worthless, like a Pharisee on the corner, beating his breast and crying out to a God he spends every quiet moment loathing.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >Thats old fashioned type jews not modern progs

        I see progs doing it all the time. It’s their go-to move. Some of them are Jewish progs, I admit.

        >Died with COVID
        >Jobs saved or created
        >Not one Japanese American committed sabotage in all of WWII (which btw is more than we can say for you filthy whites).
        >Inflation is 8.5%.
        >Bees are fish.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      Cynical pragmatism and true belief can coexist in the same heart.”

      Sure, in the short run. In the short run you can say, “I am telling this person ‘X’, even though X is actually false. I don’t believe it; I’m lying to him.”

      In the long run, continual lying does something to your brain.

      It destroys your ability to perceive and focus on the truth.

      The evidence is all around us, in the increasing insanity of the rulers of the western world. Their grasp of reality has become very tenuous indeed. Is this not obvious, NEET? They’re provoking unnecessary military conflict with Russia and China, either one of which alone would be a devastating opponent to get into a serious war with. Let alone both of them simultaneously!

      These are not evil geniuses who are in control of the situation. They still have some control, yes, but obviously the reins are rapidly slipping out of their grasp.

    • Neurotoxin says:


      Suppose you’re trying to learn to play and sing a random song on the guitar. Say, “All She Wants to Do is Dance.” You tell yourself, “I do NOT in fact believe that all she wants to do is dance. In fact, I believe she hates dancing. But I am going to play and sing this song like an expert to deceive my enemies.”

      To do this you practice, that is, play, the song hundreds of times. You sing the song hundreds of times. And now when you say “All she wants to do is, all she wants to do is…” the next word that comes out of your mouth automatically is “dance.”

      If the chord progression is (making up something at random here) EBABGB, the next time you play EBAB the next chords your fingers shape are automatically GB.

      It has become part of your muscle memory. And muscle memory is involuntary.

      Practice something enough and it becomes something you can’t avoid, or can avoid only with deliberate effort. And that effort is cognitively burdensome; it distracts you and consumes processing cycles you could be using for other tasks.

      Speaking of pop music, if I may quote Van Halen:

      “I don’t have so much to remember. That’s how it is when you tell the truth.”

      • alf says:

        Reminds me of a comment made here once on the ’emotional’ journey of women. In that comment it was said that women may treat the same man very different depending on how far they’ve journeyed into serial monogamy. Eg, they compare a man with the biggest alpha they’ve had, so while at first she can fall in love with an average man, later in life she finds it impossible.

        The comparison being that for a modern prog, the deeper they journeyed into the world of bullshit, the harder it becomes to see and speak truth, and at a certain age it may well become impossible.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          I believe that at some point it becomes impossible for them.

          One KGB defector from the Cold War said something similar. Something like,”After the useful idiots have swallowed enough Soviet agitprop, literally nothing, no amount of evidence, can un-convince them.”

          • The Cominator says:

            Uncle Yuri.

            And I believe he said that when their own side puts them in a camp where survivability is at a very low rate that can wake them up… but nothing short of that can. This is why I advocate treating leftists NPCs as I do

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        You’re making a lot of sense. I think they mostly start out lying in service of what they genuinely believe is the greater good and the higher truth. They do it too long and too often, though, and it hollows them out and turns them into ringwraiths.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      “Words are magic, and proggies know it better than most.”

      Words are the great blessing and the great curse of the human race.

      Yes, leftists have a firm sense of the power of words. That is, as you suggest, one of their strengths. But like all dark magicians, they are insane people messing around with extremely powerful forces. They’re like monkeys playing with dynamite.

      For fuck’s sake, half of them are feminist women trying – and succeeding! – to convince themselves that if they reproduce they’re being oppressed! (“I’m not going to be some man’s brood mare.”) They’re “clevering” themselves into extinction!

      • Contaminated NEET says:


        Progs don’t reproduce by bearing children. They reproduce by using those words of theirs to convert your children.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          This is true. But there’s a genetic component to personality, and the fewer there are of them, the harder their job gets. Or so I fancy. In any case, controlling the Narrative while physically reproducing would be better for them than controlling the Narrative while not reproducing. But they’re too insane.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Such is the great filter event; those forms of life which are susceptible to the psyop pass out of existence, by various means – while those forms of life that are insensitive or antithetical to it come to predominate in their stead.

  24. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Twitter announces preemptively that they are taking steps ahead of the midterms to “protect civic conversation on Twitter.” Prebunks, they call it. So there we go for the election. No need to bother to try and vote. They are setting up the rigging farther ahead of time to make sure they get the results they want.

    • Ghost says:

      Maybe, but I’m still going to vote regardless of what they do. They want you to lose hope. Never give up, never give in.

      Most of any future election fraud will occur at the drop boxes. And there are alternate ways to communicate.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        I suppose you still need to make posts like these now and then to let your handlers know you haven’t gone fully off the reservation yet.

        • Ghost says:

          After the last election, I even unregistered to vote. But, after thinking about it, getting black pilled doesn’t help. I’m voting.

          • jim says:

            Voting is pointless.

            • The Cominator says:

              I’m voting in Florida because our elections aren’t rigged (it will pain me to vote for Rubio) but i suspect the presidential election will be rigged.

            • Ghost says:

              I understand Jim. Pseudo is correct. After rereading my post, it does sound like some slogan. When your my age, its not easy to overcome your programming. Just leave me on moderation.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted because bored now*]

              • jim says:

                I am tired of responding to your stuff, when you do not respond to my responses.

                All your posts are the same post. That the right should deliver on what academic priesthood falsely promised those who followed the false life plan.

                It cannot be delivered, should not be delivered, and if we were to deliver, making our enemy’s lies the truth, that would empower our enemies and disempower us.

                Let us look at those at the bottom of the priesthood – the comics artists and writers who write converged Marvel comics.

                They live in public housing in the big blue megalopoli, surrounded by criminals and similarly poor people, or sleep on their friends couches. They get power and status, but no money. And they don’t get any actual power over people around them, just over the invisible to them readers of converged comics.

                And I gloat at their suffering.

                Similarly, all the losers with worthless law degrees, who hang out in the big city sleeping on their friend’s couches. We owe these people nothing except a free helicopter ride to a swimming lesson in the pacific ocean.

                The priesthood gives morons priestly degrees, but cannot give them all priestly jobs. No one can. They hang out in the big blue megalopoli because there is power and status there, and they were told they were entitled to it. But that is not now how that power and status is actually stolen and handed out.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  It’s easy to criticize someone for wanting a priestly job in an evil religion for its own sake, and justifiably so. It’s much harder when that person grew up with strict conservative parents who put maximum stress on him to perform well in school [*usual spiel deleted as usual, after being allowed through too many times and rebutted without response too many times, wasting too much space*]

                • jim says:

                  Your complete lack of awareness of how conservatives think, act, and speak indicates you did not have conservative parents.

                  The problem is that academia, regardless of whether they are nominally teaching computer science, business administration, electrical engineering, whatever, teaches one thing only: How to be an academic, which is to say, a priest.

                  So we have a gigantic oversupply of people looking for priestly jobs, and a state sponsored intrusion of priests into everything – now accounting has turned from tracking value into tracking holiness, rendering books at best unreliable and at worst, as in the great Minority Mortgage Meltdown, worthless.

                  We have ten thousand times as many priestly jobs as we need, and twice as many people looking for such jobs and not finding them.

                  Your solution is to forcibly allocate wealth from those who produce, to those who priest. The problem with this solution is that there will be nothing to eat.

                  The solution is to stop excess priestly training – return to the enforceable apprenticeship system so that people get trained in production, instead of holiness. Universities have always been for nothing but training priests. They also performed a useful function as a place where the smart people hung out, but are no longer performing that function.

            • Fred says:

              Voting is important if for no other reason than it forces the regime to rig it – which plays into our hands.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              I tried to de-register after 1/6 but was told it wasn’t possible unless I moved to another state and registered there. I suppose if the other state is the one Ghost lives in, I could then de-register there and be off the voter rolls completely.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Just to spell it out for anyone following.

        >They want you to lose hope. Never give up, never give in.


        >[which means that] I’m still going to vote regardless of what they do.

        Take that potentially dangerous active energy and canalize it into safely inconsequential surrogate activities.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          This is the brick wall I encounter in my monarchical evangelism. Good, American, Christian men just cannot accept the notion that the very system of safeguards, checks&balances, what have you, is the thing that’s being used to manipulate procedural outcomes. It’s like they lack the code, and they just follow the pointer right back to “$then use Democracy to fix”

    • notglowing says:

      Twitter lost a lot of its power by this point. Trump is no longer there, neither are his voters. It’s an actual echo chamber. It was hugely beneficial for them to be able to control the conversation but not ban mainstream conservatives, since it could actually influence the discourse.
      Statistics show most of twitter is women over 50 with a college degree.
      I don’t care what they think.

  25. Kunning Druegger says:

    Very off topic. I found footage on YT of a woman being raped. I have to warn you, the footage is incredibly triggering:

    Graphic, I know. Take the lesson, betas. Don’t fall into the same trap as this sorry sack of shit.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for denying what is in front of your nose*]

      • jim says:

        Kunning Druegger’s link depicts a loser losing.

        Women want to be conquered and taken. Equality ceased to be a successful reproductive strategy when we came down from the trees and walked out onto the savannah, and it is not a successful reproductive strategy today.

  26. Mike in Boston says:

    the enemy cannot truth

    Some woman in Canada namedCaylan Ford, who has had her own run-ins with the regime, expanded on this rather nicely today:

    I consider truth to be a form of the good. It’s noble to try to apprehend the order of the cosmos and the laws of nature—which are beautiful and just—and attune ourselves to them. In a disagreement, I take for granted that truth is an authority to which both parties can appeal.

    People in thrall to ideology do not believe that truth is a good. They don’t think the universe is well ordered, or that the laws governing it are just. Because they perceive reality as defective and wrong, appeals to truth are meaningless. It has no moral authority.

    As I was once told by someone who participated in my own cancellation: it doesn’t matter what’s true. What matters is what *should* be true.

    In Marxian terms, “philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

    Proponents of cancel culture believe that if they can stop the accurate observation and description of reality—e.g. by corrupting the meaning of words, delegitimizing hard sciences, and through the threat of social ostracism—they can actually change reality.

    Sadly for them, and happily for the rest of us, the fundamental order of being can’t be actually changed, because it lies outside man’s control. In the war against reality, reality always wins.

    • notglowing says:

      > They don’t think the universe is well ordered, or that the laws governing it are just. Because they perceive reality as defective and wrong, appeals to truth are meaningless. It has no moral authority.

      Sounds a lot like Gnosticism.

      > Proponents of cancel culture believe that if they can stop the accurate observation and description of reality—e.g. by corrupting the meaning of words, delegitimizing hard sciences, and through the threat of social ostracism—they can actually change reality.

      In my experience leftists often try to turn arguments over real things into arguments over definitions, and try to poke holes in definitions instead of poking holes in objective things. The problem is any definition, like any description, cannot be perfect. It is an approximation created by our minds, and it does not need to capture the entirety of the real meaning of a word. That can only be understood, not explained.

      They will argue women are not real, because if you define a woman biologically as something like a human with an uterus or a vagina, well, there are women who lost their uterus or never had it due to a birth defect, they might even argue the definition of a vagina, since that is what they call the axe wound inflicted on trannies. By this logic, defining a human meaningfully is impossible as even a simple statement such as humans having two arms is contradicted by humans born with a single arm, or who lost one in an accident.

      In the same vein leftists will deny the existence of white people by arguing there is no clear line to define white, and that it has somewhat changed over time. In this they are doubly hypocritical, because they have no problem attacking white people for being white whenever it is convenient; they also argue that denying the legitimacy or hiding the existence of trannies and homosexuals is akin to encouraging their killing.
      Similar allegations against someone who talks as if trannies do not exist, and calls men humans with a penis and women humans with a vagina, even by accident.
      Meanwhile they deny that their words are dangerous slander against whites.

      In both situations they actually understand which is which, but they simply choose to ignore the differences and try to use sophistry to poke holes in the definitions of words, in order to try to make an argument about the reality of things.

  27. notglowing says:

    It’s over. If the CDC does this it is likely other countries will follow. There have been suggestions of this in my own country too for months, and they will only get louder. It has been considered and now it will be more easily accepted.

    If quarantine for positive individuals is scrapped, then covid no longer has any meaningful impact on lives.
    After all the consequence is that testing is now irrelevant. Since it has no consequences whatsoever.

    Testing will drop, numbers will become meaningless. There will be no easy way for them to rekindle the panic at that point. Plus I do not believe they would take these measures if that was the intention.

    Meanwhile, I mentioned Japan’s record cases this month a while ago, and how they are the only ones to still implement entry restrictions besides China (which doesn’t count as they do not listen to us at all). It is still at its peak, but appears to have peaked.
    To their credit Japanese authorities have not changed anything regarding entry requirements, though they have not made it easier either, due to political reasons.

    I will correct something I said earlier. I mentioned that Japan seems to have a much worse time dealing with covid according to their own numbers compared to Italy, while having a big wave at the same time, despite having the same rate of vaccinations. So my point was, they are struggling because vaccines were ineffective and they had few infections prior, reducing immunity.

    I still think this is true, and their cases are higher. But I trusted the numbers I read a bit too much and did not look into it. According to a big japanese news outlet (though meant for foreigners), admittedly the only reason why there are many hospitalizations and why the hospitals are overwhelmed is bureaucracy.

    The issue is covid is still classified as a dangerous disease with special measures. They have to do contact tracing on every single patient, and they have to keep patients in the hospital in circumstances where they would not keep them with other diseases. According to the same article the number of patients in the ICU in the entirety of tokyo is *40*. There is pressure to reclassify covid since this is wasting a lot of resources.

    The fact that this is discussed in the mainstream is certainly positive for them. If they took that step they would be close to being out of it entirely.

    • Fred says:

      >If quarantine for positive individuals is scrapped, then covid no longer has any meaningful impact on lives.

      This is obviously on the way out – they were letting coof-positive people play at the Commonwealth games just then.

      And the Australian women’s team won too. Great game, btw – went down to the wire.

  28. Don Harrington says:

    I have, on several occasions, made donations in the 4 to 5 figure range to causes or individuals I considered worthy. (Only one was explicitly political – a group whose focus was advocating for domestic national preference and against Muslim immigration.) In each such case, I also (after the donation) had occasion to send them some feedback and/or commentary on their operations and what struck me as priorities that were being treated less seriously than they should be.

    In NONE of these cases did the recipient of the donation take the slightest notice of my input.

    Perhaps I have bad judgement when it comes to picking recipients for donations. In any case I don’t do that anymore; I only give money after whatever I want to see done has been achieved, and I don’t permit myself to expect any kind of special treatment afterward.

    Mr. Kirsch’s experience therefore strikes me as entirely unremarkable.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      You solved your own quandary there. The time to discuss and plan with a contractor is before the money has changed hands. The nanosecond a contractor takes possession of the funds, he has moved on to the next deal. I find NGOs and nonprofits to be the same: they are people or groups with a range of skills that are requisite to “fix” or “formulate.” This is all they do, and they pretend that they operate in a vacuum. A plumber pretends the electric guys aren’t going to deal with his choices and messes. The drywall guy just assumes everyone else is stupid and lazy, unlike him. The delivery trucker has a schedule, and everything else is just a weather event to be encountered. So too with NGOs, foundations, trusts, and what have you. Nothing in the world matters to them outside the Donor Class… until the donation is made, then you no longer exist.

      • notglowing says:

        > You solved your own quandary there. The time to discuss and plan with a contractor is before the money has changed hands.

        True for a contractor, but every activity needs capital to begin with in order to function. It’s the difference between an investment and a payment.

        If you are paying in advance, you need to be given control of what they do in exchange for that.
        NGOs do not offer that. Why? You have to ask yourself who *is* controlling them.

    • skippy says:

      4-5 figures is also not a lot of money, like 1/10 of an employee-year maybe. So while it’s often a lot for an individual to give, not necessarily worth courting by changing the whole direction of the organization.

      I understand Kirsch can bankroll entire organizations.

  29. Red says:

    They’re explicitly threatening Trump with execution with the “he tool nuclear secrets” gambit.

    • Pooch says:

      Trump is actually in good shape all things considered. The GOP, even the establishment, to my surprise, is rallying behind him but he needs to declare now. The DOJ/FBI are hoping to get him on something before he declares in 2023. If he declares, with majority GOP support behind him, the DOJ will back off and the raid will have actually helped him.

      Additionally, it looks like Musk will end up buying Twitter and may allow Trump back on. Interesting times.

      • Cataclysm Reawake says:

        Maybe you’re right, but any chance that Trump declaring in obvious reaction to the raid would be perceived as acting fearfully and from weakness?

        Just spitballing here.

        • Pooch says:

          I’m not seeing that. He even has people like Pence and McConnell defending him now. The GOP is basically begging him to wait until after the midterms to declare, as to not risk influencing them in a negative way so I guess that is one risk.

          The other risk would be that if he declares the GOP does not rally behind him as the candidate and he becomes more isolated than anticipated. DeSantis is a big factor in that. Trump would need DeSantis to support him and get out of the way. With DeSantis out of the way, the establishment GOP would have no choice but coalesce behind him in support.

          Winning back the House is huge for Republicans. The Jan. 6th commission expires at the end of the year and it will not be renewed if the Democrats aren’t in control. Additionally, the Republicans can then start a counter investigation-committee into the DOJ and FBI. McCarthy has already said as much.

          If the GOP wins the Senate they may even be able to impeach Garland, but its looking like the Democrats will just commit mass fraud to keep the Senate.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            2 points:

            The GOP is RINO-riddled, no matter what happens, they are a force for evil. We should keep this in mind.

            American political landscape is always uniparty in nature. Barring an insurgency of ultra-MAGAs or leftwing radicals, the status quo is now safe to deploy show trials to punish the losers of any given electoral fight. If the RNC “wins” in 2022, we should expect show trials and leftwing urban violence.

      • The Cominator says:

        Except for the vote fraud that will be deployed… and his age.

    • Aidan says:

      Raid was a perfect opportunity to plant some nuclear secrets in Mar a Lago- maybe the Jim timeline was closer than even he thought

  30. FrankNorman says:

    So they literally can’t type:

    “Dear Steve, I have read your letter and cannot agree with it.” ?

    • Starman says:


      ‘So they literally can’t type:
      ‘Dear Steve, I have read your letter and cannot agree with it.’ ?”

      Even acknowledging that the thoughtcrime question and answer exists in order to disagree with it, is also a thoughtcrime.

      In my encounters with fed shills, they will often refuse to respond, or they would reply as if the question doesn’t exist. As it was shown when one of the posters here posted a link on a 4chan archive, one ran away after implying the questioner of being a “kike,” a couple others shouted random insults in multiple back-n-forth replies with the questioner.

      • FrankNorman says:

        So they’re not necessarily insane, just terrified of the thought-police?

        I wonder if it occurs to them that a MAGA victory would mean freedom, even for themselves, from such tyranny?

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          “not necessarily insane, just terrified of the thought-police?”

          I think that these are kind of the same thing for many people, two sides of the same coin if you will. The fear makes one insane.

  31. Karl says:

    If anyone of them admits having read Kirsch’s letters, they would have to answer. Conceding that the letters contain truth would be a thought crime. If anyone claims that the letters are wrong, an explanation is needed why they are wrong.

    Any midwit should be able to produce a few pages of obfuscation and pseudo-arguments detailing why these letters are wrong. Problem is that providing clever reasons why Kirsch is wrong might not be understood by dumb priests in power, and any midmit receiving Krisch’s letters knows that.

    Instead of providing clever reasons, dumb reasons might be provided, like climate change is killing all those people and causing mycarditis. Problem with this approach is that admitting that there are excess deaths and more myocarditis cases than a few years ago might also be considered a crime by some dumb priest.

    That’s why they can’t do truth and admit hving read the letters. They’d have to agree on a lie and they lack the necessary coordination.

    • Yul Bornhold says:

      Top analysis. There’s no power motive to filling the gaps in their theories, so they don’t. Still, the climate change causes myocarditis theory has the potential for fueling their eternal thirst for a crisis. Wouldn’t be surprised if they end up latching onto this theory but it would need something else leading into it. Perhaps “climate change causes crop failures.”

      On that note, Kirsch went on Fox News, thinking they’d be interested in his claims about vax lethality. Nope. Fox only wanted to spin “democrat donor says democrat party no longer value free speech.”

      Would hate to be stuck in the two party system. You leave one because it consists of lunatics only to find the other inhabited by cucks.

  32. Calvin says:

    Truth is infectious. That’s why it has to be constantly surprised in any holiness spiral – otherwise the priests would just be laughed out of the building.

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