Enormous move in bitcoin coming up

The good news is that in the not very distant future, everyone who matters is going to be using Bitcoin. The bad news is that if they will be using something resembling currently available software, they will still be net peons, not netizens.

Probably no dramatic price changes next week. Or next month. Maybe not next year. But we are on a big move up that will likely continue going up and up for a very long time.

The dollar is failing as a medium of international exchange.

Cannot do transactions internationally in fiat when the bankers are untrustworthy and untrusted. Cannot do international transactions in gold, because difficult and dangerous to move long distances.

Russia and others have been messing around trying to come up with fiat alternatives to the dollar. They just are not flying. The sovereign of country A agrees with the sovereign of country B for a deal that allows fiat transactions between A and B, and tells the bankers and bureaucrats to work out the details. But a deal that was actually workable would involve bureuacrats giving up power. So they work out a deal in which the bureaucrats of both A and B have complete power. Which means that in practice the merchant lacks the power to actually perform the transaction. You get a bunch of mysterious pieces of paper that are impossible fill out in a valid manner, your money disappears until you have met requirements that no one will explain to you because no one understands them, least of all the bureaucrats that created them, and your money gets frozen and eventually confiscated. So, increasingly, international transactions are getting done in bitcoin. Eventually bitcoin is going to replace to dollar as the medium of international exchange. Because sometimes, increasingly often, there is no useful alternative.

The US dollar is locked in place by Metcalf’s law. For it to fall, an alternative network must achieve critical mass. Bitcoin does not yet have critical mass but it is getting there. People are being forced into bitcoin because the international fiat money system is broken and getting more broken. Dollar dysfunction is likely to force a critical mass into existence. The more people using bitcoin for international transactions, the more useful it becomes for international transactions, which is likely to result eventually in a quite sudden transition.

This foreshadows a huge upmove in bitcoin. Also a huge attack to get state control through the dangerously concentrated miners.

Hodlers are generally betting on Wiemar style collapse of the US$ for everyday transactions, which is probably still some distance away. But a slow motion collapse of the dollar as medium for international exchange is happening right now.

For international transactions, the bitcoin blockchain suffices. The merchant sends you a public key he wants given value, usually over a highly insecure channel likely to leak information to all sorts of people who might want to rob you or just maliciously harm you. You transfer the requested amount of bitcoin to that key. Which should suffice because the transfer shows up on the bitcoin blockchain, which is a reliable broadcast channel, but the merchant frequently wants you to also send him a screen shot of the information that you just published on the bitcoin blockchain, after the transaction has gone through and received a reasonable number of confirmations, on the same insecure channel, because he wants the bitcoin transaction linked to rest of his highly insecure transaction metadata.

For everyday transactions, we need the lightning network. The cryptographically secure Nostr social network has recently been linked to the cryptographically secure lightning network, but the linkage is horribly insecure.

Nostr uses ssh style public private keypairs. Which is not good enough if there is money on the social network, plus people are used to wallet style public private keypairs derived from a master passphrase. People are used to doing it right, and SSH has forever been doing it wrong. And now Nostr is walking the footsteps of SSH. However, the one nostr client that integrates lightning wallet uses wallet style keys, and presumably eventually they all will.

Now if Nostr could be upgraded to use wallet style keypairs, and the linkage between lightning and nostr fixed up, and if lightning’s backup problem was fixed up, we would have a useful system for transactions. Unfortunately the people implementing the linkage were rightly aiming at user friendliness, mass usage, and getting it up in a hurry, and security got trodden under in the rush.

The linkage has now achieved critical mass, which is great, and may well soon show up on Twitter, which would be super duper great, but cleaning up the security mess is likely to be hard and will get harder the more the insecure system is adopted. Still, no one has incentive to do it right, until large numbers of people doing it wrong creates problems. And whatever is wrong with this system, it is a big improvement on what we have now. At present, you can only use nostr with certain peon wallets, though the underlying zap protocol is perfectly capable of supporting the real thing. Unfortunately the real thing is difficult, dangerous, and expensive to set up, which is why Nostr developers have not bothered with it yet.

If you use the standard easy to use lightning wallets, you are a peon. Someone else controls your money, knows what you are doing with it, is selling that information to all and sundry, and you are using your money by his permission. And some of the people buying that information do not like you very much. The real lightning wallets are Lnd and C-lightning. Which you really have to be a unix guru to use. And even if you are unix guru, you are likely to foul up and lose your money.

To use the money safely, you have to have a C-lightning wallet running on a dedicated always on machine, the wallet state has to be continuously backed up moment to moment to a nas running on another machine, (and the wallet is in the clear, and a nas is by its nature not very secure), and the ip address that the lightning network sees your machine at cannot be your home address, because then all manner of bad people know there is money at your home address, which can be physically taken by taking the machine running your lightning node. You are at risk of state authorities deciding that you must be doing something bad, taking your computer with your lightning bitcoin in it, and to get it back you have to prove you were not doing something bad, which is impossible to prove. Or random criminals may just take your computer.

So you want the transactions to go through the vpn, but you don’t want the backup to the Nas to go through the vpn. You don’t want the vpn blocking local network access.

Umbrel and Citadel use Lnd for the lightning network, and are designed for small cheap machines. Unfortunately Lnd is broken, because they never fixed the backup problem. It is only safe to run Lnd on a big expensive highly reliable machine, typically a nas, and not all that safe even on a big expensive highly reliable machine. It is impossible to backup wallet.db, because it is continually being written to, and if your machine dies, you probably have a broken copy of wallet.db. It can only be safely backed up when Lnd has done a clean shut down. And as soon as you start up lnd again, your backup is not only useless, but dangerous.

And wallet.db is where your money actually is.

channel.db is not a backup copy of your money. It is an overly clever and too complicated by half mechanism for recovering money lost in a computer crash, which might or might not work. Will likely recover some of your money. And after you have recovered some of your money, all your lightning channels, accrued reputation and connections are gone.

And if you are running it on a raspberry pi or something similar, you are likely running off an external drive attached to a usb port. And the port connection is going to start randomly failing from time to time sooner or later, probably within a few months. And boom, you have lost all your channels, and probably some of your money. Not to mention rasberries just keep dying.

C-lightning however uses the more reliable and crash resistant sqlite3 database format, and more importantly, allows dual sqlite3 databases. So you have your primary database on your local machine, and a backup with the same name in a different directory on a network drive in the basement on the other side of the house. The backup contains stealable money, and is in the clear, so probably not a good idea to put on the cloud, assuming sqlite will work reliably with a cloud drive, which I doubt.

A “successful” recovery on Lnd is painful, complicated, and no matter how clever and technically savvy you are, you will lose a great deal. A successful recovery of c-lightning will simply resume where it left off.

Lnd is experimenting with a database that is designed to run over the network, as part of their failure recovery strategy. But, last I looked, not yet ready for prime time. And the way Lnd is implemented makes it difficult to implement a reliable backup and restore facility.

What is really needed is a custom database that physically writes a new block on local and remote disks for every lightning transaction, and then from time time creates a packed copy of that data, and then, when the packed data verifies as correct frees up the blocks. Sounds like a big project. And you would want a social network with parity files so that each person kept a parity file (or parity data structure in sqlite) that would enable any one party to recover everything from his seed phrase the way you can with a normal bitcoin wallet. People expect to have a system where they can just download the software from the internet onto a new machine, type in their passphrase, and they get everything back. We know in principle how to accomplish this, but actually accomplishing it is hard.

At present what you need is a wireguard vpn server in the cloud, a dedicated computer on your local hard wired network running wallets, and another dedicated computer hard wired on your network acting as a nas. TerraMaster F4-210 is remarkably cheap nas that can store a lot of data, though you can go somewhat cheaper if you are only going to use the nas to backup your lightning wallet, and therefore do not care about big storage. You can also get a perfectly good fanless mini pc capable of running wallets for a whole lot less than a preconfigured umbrel or citadel strawberry.

To enable people without a pile of hardware on their local lan and good nix administration skills to operate a lightning wallet that is truly their own, and a monetized Nostr identity that is truly their own, without requiring them to do a whole lot work, and risk losing money if they mess up that work, requires a whole lot of software not yet written. We don’t have reasonably easy to use software that makes a man a netizen rather than a peon of big tech.

Demand is coming, while our software is still broken. And no end of people are happy to fill the gap with scam software and peon software. Bitcoin is about to hit the big time, and for international transactions it is good enough, but for lightning transactions, not yet ready, Nostr may well hit the big time, and our software is not ready. If you are on Nostr with a peon lightning wallet, still a peon.

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  1. Warren's Lols says:

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  2. Support Roger Ver says:

    Hello everyone.
    I’m writing to ask for the support of you and your extended networks for Roger Ver.
    As you may know, Roger was indicted and arrested this weekend by the USA.
    Roger is a principled man and does try as hard as anyone else, as any other Voluntaryist, to stick to those principles and do right by that, and in that there is no such wrong.
    Roger was singlehandedly one of the literally few biggest players responsible for getting Bitcoin and the infrastructure for Bitcoin seeded across the world in the early years. From radio broadcasts and billboards to conferences and exchanges and massive investments in Bitcoin startups and retailing commerce and genuine coin and coin technology development projects.
    Simply put, Roger’s early and ongoing work behind the scenes was formative and indispensible to cryptocurrency. Without Roger crypto would not have moved as far and fast as it has.
    This event is also a temporary setback at a moment when, upon the release and public recognition of the truths in his book “Hijacking Bitcoin”, many OG’s and new people alike have now been reforming towards a rebirth and restoration of the original cypherpunk goal and movement of creating a real P2P Electronic Cash, that Satoshi wrote of but was never able to continue the ongoing future development of. This movement is growing quickly, and all options to realizing that goal are now rightly back on the table again, and soon to be in the public discourse again.
    Roger is now subject to the extraordinarily persecutive witch trials and indefinite incarceration and torturous ways of the US Govt, and as such he is at severe risk.
    Regardless of your position re Roger’s extensive work,
    and wherever you think Cryptocurrency needs to go,
    Roger’s arrest presents a Human situation now.
    Please support Roger Ver.

    • jim says:

      Roger Ver is a non US citizen who renounced his US citizenship a long time ago, thus the tax charges are unjust.

      I vigorously disagree with some of Roger Ver’s extensive work. He is something of a crypto currency scammer. Nonetheless, on the side of crypto and crypto currency against the state.

    • Why They Persecute Roger says:

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      Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

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    • Support Roger Ver says:

      Hopefully this video, and the larger podcast, will give some food
      for thought, and maybe even some Anarcho-Inspiration…


      Roger often says something like “Code and Support and
      Use whatever you want, engage in free-market competition,
      and let the market choose which among them are working
      best for Human Freedom in the World.”

      It’s time to create and use things that work, privately, uncensorably.

      We are not alone in the world.

  3. Bitcoin Pathetic Failure says Olin says:


    • jim says:

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      • Miller says:

        Jim I casually read coin blogs and see you deleting too many peoples comments on bitcoin a technology.
        I seriously doubt the comments you are deleting are false. [*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          You are quite right to doubt that. They are full of entirely valid criticisms of Bitcoin, that urgently deserve discussion.

          But it became immediately obvious that they have a supervisor standing over them, and these criticisms come from a script, that they have no comprehension of the criticisms that they are robotically making, that they are incapable of discussing them, and/or are not allowed to discuss them. They have a script, and their supervisor makes sure they stick to it. No discussion with them is possible.

          To demonstrate that you can discuss these issues, simply pass the shill test described in the moderation policy Anyone can pass this, regardless of his religious or political beliefs, regardless of what issues he wants to speak about, anyone who is not reading from a script with a supervisor standing over him, can pass this.

          And then I will be very happy to discuss these issues, which do indeed need to be discussed.

  4. Bitcoin Etf SCAM EndGame says:


  5. Bitcoin Is DOOMED says:

    Thanks for listening to this rant and prediction 🙂

      • DOOMED says:

        Can’t because not interested in politics or religions or whatever.
        [*payload deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Not interested in women either?

          Everyone has to commit thought crimes in order to get their little man wet.

          The red pill is our greatest sales tool. (Though the jab comes close) The government is forbidding thoughts one needs to survive and reproduce.

          The red pill is a topic everyone thinks about and cares about. Though I really should add to the list thought crimes about the jab. I just don’t have accurate information on what the shills are forbidden to notice people saying about it.

          And then there is war in the Ukraine. The Ukraine is running out men, and there is a faction in the government that wants to conscript American whites to die in eastern Europe. No opinions on Soros’ role in getting this war started?

          • The Cominator says:

            Its amazing how effective shill tests are…

            • Cominator Reply says:

              > Its amazing how effective shill tests are…

              While normally that would be true, here you have no basis upon which to say that because you cannot see what he said, you are literally prognosticating and predisposing upon a position of which you have no knowledge of… literal proof of ignorance. When I can see what he said, is when I will debate and shill test him, out in public, where I can win, not in cowardice where I can only lose.

              • jim says:

                It does not matter what he said, nor does it matter what he says.

                I don’t block people on content, I don’t block people on what they say. You can say anything you like on this blog, (apart from stupid and repetitious insults – clever and entertaining insults are allowed) People of all faiths and political orientations are welcome, unless boring, ignorant, unresponsive, or irrelevant.

                The Cominator can see what he cannot say.

                I block people on what they cannot say, nor notice anyone else saying, or respond to anyone else saying.
                moderation policy

                No one gets blocked for what they said.

  6. Free Willy says:

    I’ve read some debate on this and you guys can chime in.


    Thanks for listening, at least.

    • jim says:

      Not listening to people who can neither speak thought crimes, nor notice that anyone else is speaking thought crimes. If you want your stuff to be seen and addressed on this blog, commit a thoughtcrime, or respond to other people’s thought crimes in a way that reveals what those thought crimes are. Why should anyone listen to you, when you will not listen to us?

      I have spoken about the problems with Bitcoin many times.

      The very real problems you point out with Bitcoin were immediately pointed out when first Satoshi proposed Bitcoin, Satoshi was aware of them, and many very clever people have been seeking solutions ever since.

      But Bitcoin as it is, warts and all, can, and probably will, replace the US dollar as the currency of international transactions. Satoshi figured that warts and all, it would suffice, and it is looking as if he was correct.

      • Only 220M Crimes Per Year says:


        • jim says:

          I am not going to discuss cryptocurrency with someone who is strangely unable to commit thought crimes, nor notice nor respond to other people’s thought crimmes.

          • jim says:

            One thought crime particularly relevant to the issue of crypto is the collapse of trust and trustworthiness among our elite, which is making international transactions in fiat particularly difficult, and, as we saw in the gamestop shenanigans, adversely affecting many other fiat based transactions.

            So if you want a comment on crypto currency to get through, you could, as part of that comment, discuss the thought crimes in my paper on sox accounting.

            You can argue against what I said, you can argue that Sox forces accountants to be honest, rather than forcing them to be dishonest, and that it prevents crimes like Enron, rather than enabling crimes like the Great Minority Mortgage Meltdown, but your argument has to reveal the positions being disputed.

            Or you could just cut and paste a thought crime from that paper where relevant to your discussion of Bitcoin.

  7. Best Monetary Cryptos says:

    Well ok, what do you guys think?

    What are the top-3 best long term Monetary cryptocurrencies we could buy right now today?

    Excluding Bitcoin-BTC, because that one’s already well discussed.

    Best Monetary meaning:

    – Sound-money austrian-economics fixed-known-emission hard-cap non-inflating, curve falling below 1% or less in well under 10 years.
    – Actually useable, from day one at scale as the network grows, through perpetuity ie 100 years from now, as P2P Electronic Cash, for at least 100s of Millions up to about 1-2 Billion users a couple times a week.
    – Privacy-enabled in-protocol, preferably by default, or transferable by users between private and non-private addresses.
    – No games… fair launch, no premine, no dev or founder or foundation award or tax.
    – No “features”, no capabilities dao governance stables vm’s smart contracts etc… just money, that’s it.
    – Preferably, if there are some proofs, ones that look more like hard of-work, than look like soft of-stake.
    – If any mining, preferably volunteer based on mutual interest in preserving value, if not, then mining based on fees (and declining subsidy) is still ok.
    – Preferably protocol committed and baked-in, a minimalist coin, really no more than bugfixes for the client.

    And then,

    What are the top-3 best Monetary cryptos that are not yet buyable but are projects in active development… ie with whitepapers and even some initial coders forming or working.

    Curious to see what potential candidates are thought to exist out there these days 15 years later 🙂

  8. Kennedy Ramaswami Milei Bitcoin says:

    Robert Kennedy Jr, Vivek Ramaswami, and Javier Milei are the only
    current Presidential candidates who emit pro Cryptocurrency sounds.

    Kennedy goes openly deep on Bitcoin as he does on many things.
    Vivek has been on the crypto youtube circuit, so he is grasping
    crypto reality, but is still shy to speak broadly in public for it.
    Milei openly supports Bitcoin from a Libertarian perspective.

    Trump is not a friend of Bitcoin and it’s unlikely that he will flip to support it.
    Nor are any other current Presidential candidates anywhere in the world
    supporting crypto afaik.

    Kennedy on Bitcoin…

    Ramaswami on Bitcoin…

    Milei on Bitcoin…

    Tulsi on Bitcoin…

    • jim says:

      Not seeing any difference on Vivek, Milie, and Trump on bitcoin.

      When Milei is asked about bitcoin, he starts talking the theory of money, which is important, interesting and relevant, but is a deflection and evasion.

      The question, after all, is about power and money. Who gets the power and the money? He is running away from the question. And so is Vivek. That is one of the many indicators that Vivek and Milei are not who they say they are. They emit pro crypto currency sounds, but I hear what is not said and read what is not written. They are evading like shills.

      Trump is who he says he is. Unfortunately what he says he is a deal maker, a very very good deal maker, and it is now Caesar time, for no deal can be made.

      • Nitup says:

        Milei is on video somewhere saying to buy bitcoin. None of the others you mention seem to have said that yet. Though it is an un-nuanced statement for anyone to say. Vivek seems more reform than revol. Milei is more revol than his countries current form. Trump is going to be pretty idle on his tired old throne. Kennedy could become interesting, at least for crypto.

        I’ve no idea if a nominally “pro bitcoiner” will win.

        Keep stacking your favorite units and check back in 9 months to see what kind of shit is going down 🙂

        • jim says:

          > Milei is on video somewhere saying to buy bitcoin.

          Is he now? That would be interesting, for every time I hear him speak, I hear him not saying what a shill and an entryist is unable to say. Can you find that video? Or did he, shill style, say something that would sound to a hodler something vaguely like “buy bitcoin”, while carefully and strangely evading saying “buy bitcoin” to anyone else?

  9. BTC Fail says:

    Bitcoin is under such years of malaise and being weak in fights against regulators banks fiats stables etc simply because it DOES NOT have in its current form the functionality of CASH… it does not have the in-actual-USAGE POWER to win.
    PERIOD end of story.
    When Satoshi died, and after AXA Blockstream and now LN and LQ all took over Bitcoin BTC development, and when the Libertarian AnCap Austrian OG’s all got rich and began ass-sitting instead of public advocacy circuit, Bitcoin ceased its OG CASH development path.
    BTC has been reduced to HODL HODL HODL bullshit mindprogramming, and it sucks because even actual physical GOLD has more than 7TPS in the world still today.
    Big online merchants used to accept BTC, now NONE of those big sites accept ANY crypto at all. That’s NOT from regulation, it’s still FULLY LEGAL for places to accept whatever they want. 7tps bit everyone in the ass.
    People want a SOUND AUSTRIAN coin that functions AS CASH. CASH means PRIVATE as in fully privacy enabled. CASH means direct bidirectional P2P over the protocol. CASH means having your full purchase power available to use and redirect at any time without fee and wihout locking it up in “channels”.
    There are only roughly 10 coins today that can serve as CASH.
    XMR ZEC BCH are a few of them.
    But they have some other issues, mostly unbounded growth of physical storage, that recognition will soon demand a new generation competition of coins to replace them all.
    99.99% of coins are nothing more than corrupt power-feeding Fiat Stables CBDCs CorpCOINs InflatoCOINs, or boring untransactably useless Gold.

    Please fuck all that and do some real cash coins next.

    Your freedom depends on it.

    • jim says:

      Cashlike properties, instant payment, is a hard problem. Lightning works, but the requirement to tie up money in channels means the channels have limited capacity. Large payments over lightning are apt to fail. Small lightning payments, no problem. There is a solution, based on snarks, which has the convenient advantage of sharding the chain, but I have not written it up.

      It requires a reputation system, so that a third party can prove that all payments it has signed as going to go through always have gone through. This is tricky, since the third party might issue a million shill payments to itself, all of which go through, so we have to page rank the recipients, which is tricky to do while preserving privacy. However, some recipients will be interested in building their own reputation for delivering goods that have been paid for, so if we have an ebay/amazon reputation system for deliverers of goods and services, the third party can prove that some portion of its payments were used in transactions with entities of high page rank. So if it has guaranteed a large number of payments, and some of those payments were received by entities of high page rank, then the payment is instant, in the sense the recipient knows it will go through.

      The third party can generate a recursive snark that verifies its reputation, without trashing privacy, or requiring other people to trash their privacy and without bloating the reliable broadcast channel with information no one cares about, because an ebay/amazon style feedback will have the hash of the payment, and the third party knows which hashes have preimages that contain its signature promising that the payment will go through. So an instant payment is accomplished by providing a snark proving that this payment is guaranteed by a third party that has never defaulted on any payment, and is used to make payments to entities of high page rank. But this requires a decentralized page rank system, whereby anyone can prove page rank. Which is another hard problem.

      Although page ranking is an algorithm, all the algorithm does is partition the graph into groups, and compute how close an entity is to a given group. And it is easy to create a shill group, hard to connect it to legitimate group. But a human has to identify the legitimate group. You have to start with some known good entities, and the algorithm will partition the graph – and all, or nearly all the known good entities will be in one group, and that is the legitimate group. So the root of the reputation system is still a human authority. But once the legitimate group is identified, the algorithm should be able to run by itself. Further human intervention should not be needed. So it is doable – but only doable after you have an ecology of legitimate sellers with reputations. Initially it requires a rather central human authority managing the reputation system.

      • Hard Problem says:

        CASH is king.
        I’m design agnostic.
        Yes, I think ZK protocols may well play a huge role in what succeeds as a cash.
        ZK protocols, or something else, may well also end up killing off the
        legacy idea that unbounded storing everything is needed… checkpointing,
        roll forward database, whatever.
        All I suggest is a total survey revisitment and any innovation needed.
        Get “blockchain”, “bitcoin”, regulators, foundations, etc,
        get all that crap unstuck everything out of people’s heads.

        Make CASH.
        TPS, privacy, austrian, unstorage.
        That’s all that matters in the end.
        (BTC is today only austrian)

        Maybe that will look like something already out there, maybe BTC is the best anyone can do, maybe not.

        But unless it’s CASH, it’s guaranteed it will amount to nothing to all the worlds people in 20 years.
        They’ll just fall back to using fiat, cbdc, etc… CASH is the only advantage that will move them off that abuse.

        I’d wager 1 BTC out on stake for 20y on that premise, up against todays nominal BTC price newly invested into the leading emergent CASH competitor as observed on the open market at a point 10y from now. IOW, I doubt that coin will be what we know as “BTC” and its layers today. (BTC leaving itself behind by turnstyling itself and its existing UTXO keys into a new CASH protocol is not accepted for this wager… the argument is that todays existing as shillvertised BTC+whatever protocols are not and will not ever be a P2P Electronic CASH for the worlds people.)

        “Instant payment”
        Get that out of peoples mind too.
        People have taken shitloads horrible abuses to get CASH in form of fiat.
        Give them digital CASH that does not abuse, and they’d be willing
        to trade fiat’s abuse into waiting a bit for some or all tx if need be.
        Finality on the screen is more important. No clawbacks, no rbf, go no go.

        I encourage everyone to continue writing and publishing and competing new protocols… simply CASH.

        Make Cash Great Again.

        It will be fun 🙂

        • jim says:

          Only recursive snarks can provide an alternative to an ever growing public broadcast channel (by keeping most of the blockchain private to the participants in the transaction)

          Instant payment requires that one party can generate a recursive stark that gives the recipient high assurance that the payment will go through. Which requires a reputation system, a social tech, integrated with cryptographic tech, and a third party with reputation to provide such a guarantee.

        • BTC Fail says:

          [*deleted for using tech terms without understanding*]
          So if Lightning-LN was so good then the honest BTC shills
          would bolt LN on top of those coins to make them even
          “better”, you’d see LN everywhere… obviously LN isn’t really
          that hot of a “solution” as what the LN people are claiming,
          else lots of coins out there would be using LN. They’re not.
          These BTC+LN shills don’t pass the smell test.
          [*deleted for being wildly unaware of what is happening in crypto currency*]

          • jim says:

            The reason other crypto currencies don’t have a lightning network is the same as the reason they don’t have BTCpay. Because bitcoin is the only crypto currency that is actually used as money. If you pay a merchant with Monero, he is using a payments service like bitpay that sells the Monero and pays the merchant in dollars. If you pay a merchant in bitcoin, chances are he has a peer on the blockchain running bitcoin core in the basement, is running sparrow wallet on his laptop, and is putting the payment in his bitcoin wallet.

            And lightning is unambiguously the most convenient way to pay someone who is actually receiving the payment into his own crypto currency wallet. I am using lightning. Works for me. If another network tried to create a lightning network, it would face the cold start problem No one would want to use their lightning, because no one else is using their lightning. A lightning gateway is not much use without lots of other lightning gateways. Metcalf’s law.

            If you are not familiar with Metcalf’s law and the cold start problem, I am going to suppress your reply.

          • BTC Fail says:

            Here’s another macro concept the BTC Maxi’s refuse to admit…

            At today’s fixed in stone max txrate of about 7tps,
            which is due to their fixed in stone blocksize,
            (combined with the fact that no coin can cut below the
            min txsize needed for at least 128-bit strength keying),
            all of which they’ve all sworn to never change
            lest they face as utter lying shilling hypocrites…

            That’s 604800 tpd max on their BTC L1,
            the planet’s most important layer that people want to use,
            Now given coinbase block rewards will effectively go to zero,
            that means fee block rewards are the only thing preventing
            monied mining attacks… censorship, disruption, 51%, etc.

            $10B/yr Global Govt Corp Competitor assault / 365d / 604800 tpd = $45/tx

            There will be many many millions more than 605k users per day
            for which the “channel” transaction modality of LN simply cannot
            fulfill their business, legal, or personal transaction type needs.
            Nor will any of them be willing to pay 10% on $450 or 4% on $1125,
            they’ll prefer to keep fucking themselves with their CBDC card.

            USA Govt alone blows $10B per day on useless shit,
            $10B/yr globally is nothing for cooperating vested legacy interests,
            $100B/yr would just make their evil smiles grow wider…. $450/tx.

            Therefore BTC is simultaneously both successfully disrupted,
            and it rejects and prices out 85+% of the worlds population with fees.

            A real P2P Electronic Cash is supposed to support humanity, not reject it.

            BTC is fake, and dead walking.

            So clean your slates, get back to the drawing boards.

            • jim says:

              Yes, if all goes according to plan, when I finally get my currency up and running, it will be unable to compete with bitcoin due to the cold start problem and Metcalf’s law, until the government gets control of bitcoin. At which point everyone who understands crypto currency moves into my currency. However, I am far from being the only man with a plan, and most of these plans are running under very deep cover, so there is a high likelihood that someone will beat me to it or just do a a better job. So far, however, none of the existing altcoins do it right, nor do any of the announced projects plan to do it right.

              The algorithms for doing it right have been found, though perhaps I have an edge with my unannounced plan for consensus. But since I am way behind, would be happy if someone beats me to it, for fear I might be late, so I will probably announce that consensus algorithm shortly.

              • Rindell says:

                Every system is subject to the cold start bootstrap “problem”,
                especially “distributed” “fair” “p2p” systems that aren’t
                backed by corrupt profiteering power rent seekers and centrals.
                It’s not really a “problem” though, since
                [*deleted for failure to understand the cold start problem*]

                • jim says:

                  The cold start problem has been discussed at enormous length elsewhere, and I am not going to discuss it again.

              • BTC Fail says:

                If you’re suggesting that ETFs and Banksters and Regulators are roping up BTC via a massive global governance get registered custody convenience lockup for censorship permissioned etc psyop… that is known.

                Just look at all the corrupt Maxi’s that are “up to” cheerleading those ETFs, and [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I see a whole lot of maxis cheerleading for EFTs, but I don’t see any maxis begging for regulation of bitcoin. If you think you see it, you probably failed to comprehend what they were talking about. Give me a link that supports your claims.

            • Noting BTCs Change says:

              [*deleted because a criticism of bitcoin based on incomprehension of what bitcoin is up to*]

              • jim says:

                I am not going to explain what is in fact going on, because lots of people are explaining what is going on, and rather fewer are comprehending the explanations, which are difficult to comprehend.

                Crypto currency is a hard project. Cypherpunks were working on it long before Satoshi, and the descendants of cypherpunks (the original cypherpunk mailing list was already overrun by shills at the time of Satoshi) have continued to work on it long after Satoshi.

                What makes a crypto currency work is difficult for midwits, or even ordinary smarties, to understand, so, in addition to the fog and squid ink issued by enemy shills, there is a whole lot of fog and squid ink issued by well intentioned midwits.

      • BTC Fail says:

        And I want to be clear
        as an agnostic who only cares about discovering the best solutions to a CASH that we can with current days bleeding edge novel research…

        I’m not bashing you or your design, contrare, I FULLY support you, and everyone else, in competing entries upon the field for Cash. I WANT you to get your systems out there to see what floats.

        I’m critiquing the BTC thing and people hard because I do not
        see it meeting Cash, and they are in fact now not only hiding
        their flaws and incapabilities as Cash, but are now also holding
        back competition by political lawfare and psyop means, which
        is evil, and is not what crypto was supposed to be.

        • jim says:

          Yes, but your criticism got into technicalities that very few people understand, and you are not one of those people. So I suppressed the comment to maintain the quality of discussion.

    • BTC Fail says:

      [deleted for not displaying sufficient knowledge of the hard problems that need to be solved to implement a crypto currency that solves the defects of existing crypto currencies]

      • jim says:

        I welcome informed discussion of the problem that Satoshi addressed. Unfortunately, there is not much of it.

        Your criticism of cryptocurrency opcodes is correct. But you don’t understand why they are a problem, let alone why they are currently needed and what the alternatives could be.

        • BTC Fail says:

          [deleted for being utterly unaware of the enormous amount of brilliant work that has been going on trying to find solutions to these very hard problems, before and since Satoshi.

    • Henry says:

      Good thread mates.

      Should be noted that people are lazy and didn’t want
      to do the real work needed to earn the real money of
      the time… gold. So they accepted fake money and the
      abuse that came with it.

      Which ultimately led to what we have today, a bunch of
      lazy bleating socialist couchsurfing handout welfare faggots
      stealing from other people.

      Real hard crypto cash fixes a whole lot of today’s faggotry by
      making people man up, and making socialist politicans eat a dick.

      Lol. But it’s true.

  10. Paulie says:

    [*deleted because not allowing people who are not regulars to comment on crypto currency without demonstrating understanding of it*]

    • jim says:

      All of the problems with bitcoin that you raise are bitcoin hitting scaling limits hard.

      So tell us, why a scaling problem, and how can a crypto currency solve that problem? As with all shill tests, this is an open book exam. You can just copy and paste the answer. Albeit this time I am testing for competence, not thought crime. Do you understand the problems you just rattled off, or are you an idiot reciting a script composed by idiots for idiots?

  11. Bitcoin Joke says:

    Bitcoin is a joke.
    It is now 14 year old.
    There is not a single physical merchant within 150km that accept any BTC (incl LN).
    There is no national merchant, online or physical, of any significant national name recognition that accept any BTC here.
    This is not a question of waiting or laws, everything with BTC is still 100% legal to do here, there actually were merchants, all of them are gone now.
    Nobody accept any BTC for anything.
    Bitcoin says it is “P2P Electronic Cash”.
    No!, BTC is a failure.

    • jim says:

      Satoshi created bitcoin to enable transactions over the internet without an intermediary having power over the parties. That is happening

      Face fo face merchants are downstream of that, there are a couple of merchants in the nearest town to me who accept lightning. And it is not a very big town. I find it very hard to believe that there are no merchants within 150 kilometers of you that accept lightning.

      But the primary use of bitcoin is not for face to face transactions, and that was not Satoshi’s target, but for international transactions done over the internet, not physical transactions. And I find it completely indispensable for international transactions, particularly since SWIFT started self destructing.

      Saying “no national merchants” is true. But, like the legacy media, they are going to be left behind.

      Big merchants prefer soft money, for the reasons that Tim May explained. Because they have power and you don’t. So they are going to be the last to reluctantly accept bitcoin. When the dollar stops being useful to anyone for anything.

      If no thermidor, the US government is going broke soon. Bitcoin is a bet on fiat money going away. It always does go away eventually.

  12. War Cunts Hate Bitcoin Love Fiat says:

    Here is the world’s biggest anti-Crypto Cunt Queen surrounded by three more of the biggest Warmongers the world has ever seen…


    They love their printing press because it funds their wars and lines their filthy corrupt pockets.

    They hate Crypto because it defunds them and lets you save your work from their robbery extortion and inflation.

  13. Why Crypto / Bitcoin? says:

    Why was cryptocurrency / Bitcoin created?
    What purpose was it meant to serve?

    • jim says:

      To transact over the internet without the state getting in the middle and sodomizing your transactions.

  14. Nope says:

    No, Bitcoin is not going to have an “enormous move” up.
    In fact, Bitcoin will experience a drastic drop from here, from which
    it will never recover, let alone even a fraction of its all time high.
    Cryptocurrency meme is fading out fast, urges are being spent
    elsewhere, moods of billions and prices are manipulated down by
    AI as living costs are being jacked up and extracted by same actors,
    Banks and Govts are competing with backed Fiat and CBDC against
    billions of sheeple, there will be no more mass new money coming in to move it.
    And Bitcoin has scale and other problems that no one trusts to be overcome.
    It’s actual hard-to-kill price will rest right down around the price of Gold.
    And if crypto meme ever rebirths, Bitcoin will be superceded by then.
    My advice would be to sell Bitcoin now while the price is still high.

    • jim says:

      This advice coming from someone who was saying the exact same thing when bitcoin was thirty dollars instead of thirty thousand, for everyone who says this has always been saying it. Nothing you say is new since bitcoin was thirty dollars.

      Lightning alleviates the scaling problem. There have been millions of real transactions on the lightning layer, the trend in number of transactions remains exponential, there will be billions, while the number of transactions on the base layer remains capped by intolerable scaling problems. The exponential trend in number of transactions foreshadows an exponential rise in the bitcoin price.

      We now have a solution to the scaling and privacy problem. And when a currency that implements the new technology competes with bitcoin – well I hope that bitcoin will integrate the new technology, which is entirely doable, for recursive snarks make side chaining safe and comparatively easy. But if it does not, or is slow to do so, then will be time to jump ship to a new and better crypto currency, which as yet only exists as a gleam in the eye of developers.

      • Peon says:

        [deleted for idiocy*]

        • jim says:

          The proposition that Blockstream owns bitcoin or has much influence over bitcoin development is silly. The proposition that it is managing an evil government plot to rip off bitcoin investors in a pump and dump scheme is too idiotic to be addressed.

          The proposition that shills are promoting bitcoin is obviously silly. There is an army of shills promoting scamcoins, among them Blockstream’s scamcoin, and an army of government and scamcoin shills condemning bitcoin for all the faults of the fiat dollar and the scamcoins that they promote.

          • Ok Jimbo says:

            Then why don’t you Your High Excellence In Jimly Idiocy tell us all who AXA Ventures is and who they control and employ. And tell us what actually happened to Gavin and some OG’s who got ousted from Bitcoin. Tell us how real development to continue OG Bitcoin then stopped. Tell us how Bitcoin then stayed neutered. Tell us who actually owns Lightning Labs. Tell us who is on the boards of directors of all these corporations and where they came from.

            ps: You don’t have to have hard “influence” to kill something, you just have to succeed at the psyop… claiming it’s your project and that you’re “doing somethings” regardless if that “somethings” actually does nothing, and effectively sit on the project doing nothing actual to address its fatal flaws.

            • jim says:

              Why don’t you tell us what AXA ventures and OG Ventures has to do with bitcoin.

              Gavin Andresen was ousted from the project for claiming that Craig Wright was Nakamoto and for creating the fork Bitcoin Cash. Craig Wright was not Nakamoto, and you are going to get booted from any project when you produce a competing fork. Bitcoin cash was a bad idea, that is being promoted by shills. So looks to me that he was booted for good reason. Lightning and segregated witness are better solutions. Craig Wright is a serial scammer, and has been an enemy of the bitcoin community as soon as Bitcoin proved to be a success, so Gavin was booted for disloyalty, hostility, and being palsy with a hostile scammer. Promoting Craig Wright as Nakomoto is part of a scam.

              I know who Nakomoto was and what his political and social goals were, and Craig Wright, who probably does not know who Nakomoto was, never having had connection to those circles, has been an enemy of those political and social goals from the beginning. Hence Gavin got the boot for backing Craig Wright’s scam.

              • Lol says:

                You don’t know who Satoshi was, let alone able to prove it.
                You don’t know his sociopolitical goals beyond his archive.

                Craig Wright is a Jackass Liar Fraud.
                May God have Mercy on the lemmings that follow him.
                Fuck Craig Wright.

                You know who knows who Satoshi is… the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, GCHQ, and also probably the owner of his email services.

                Bitcoin is being promoted by shills.

                • jim says:

                  The people who promote bitcoin can usually pass the usual shill tests.

                  The people who attack bitcoin fail them. You just failed them, again. So you guys call everyone a shill, just as the feds call everyone a fed.

                  Satoshi owned his own email service, and I think it improbable that the CIA, the FBI, and company have any idea who he was.

                  There are a lot of very grave problems with Bitcoin, which I have raised from the beginning. And very grave problems with Lightning. But none of the shills, nor their scriptwriters, have the foggiest idea what they are. Hence raise irrelevancies and speak in non sequiturs. Not only do you do not understand Bitcoin, you are not allowed to understand the reasoning and motivation behind it.

                  You are not allowed to notice the very real problems with Bitcoin, because you are not allowed to notice the problems it was created to solve. Which is the tell that reveals you as a shill, opposing Bitcoin because your boss writes your paycheck.

              • someDude says:

                Wait, what? You know who Nakamoto was? Like IRL?

                Are you him?

  15. White People says:

    [*I do not believe you. Pics or it did not happen*]

    • jim says:

      If anything like that ever happened anywhere ever, the media would never stop reminding us about it.

  16. Jehu says:

    Hey Jim, I hear tell a nuclear reactor has been built and come online in Georgia (the one in the US) for the first time in like 30 years and a second is supposed to come online next year (same general area). How did this happen? Is this just a little leftover Trump legacy or does it represent some sort of realignment? Or just less effective lawfare against nuclear than usual?

    • Hesiod says:

      AP article on it:


    • jim says:

      Have not looked into. But Musk rejuvenated rockets after near five decades of stagnation and decline.

      To my surprise, the reactor works, but it took longer and cost more: “but the cost of the Georgia power plant could discourage utilities from pursuing nuclear power as a path to a carbon-free future.”

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      The article asserts it’s 7 years late, 17 billion over budget. Here’s a normie scientist, an artistic representation of the plant itself in a sense as he’s not a product of the current era rather an echo of a bygone era, explaining the logic of Nuclear Power Plants:


      Trump has a massive impact on many things, but I think it’s really reductive to boil it down to him magically making it happen, purely because so much of the process occured well before his presidency. Still, easy to make the argument that only because of Trump did it finally come online, but a president Hillary *might* have kept it alive though as little more than a radioactive money pit.

      SLS is in the same category, as is James Webb Space Telescope, I bet a fair few others, and all are echos of a forever receding era.

      • jim says:

        If you are building the nuclear reactor that you built several decades ago, after building a similar reactor several times before, should be getting cheaper and cheaper, and you should be building it faster and faster. Instead, taking longer and longer, and costing more and more.

        I was surprised to hear we can still build nuclear reactors. But slower and slower, for more and more money.

  17. Neofugue says:

    Continuing with the pornography and whoredom discussions; first, one can find the Red Pill in the operatic repertoire.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Don Giovanni, arguably the greatest opera ever written, is a classic example of the Red Pill in high art. It depicts Don Giovanni, a young, arrogant, and licentious nobleman, who abuses and outrages everyone he meets until he encounters something he cannot kill, destroy, dodge, or outwit, ending with his death. In one instance, Don Giovanni chastises the stereotypical beta male Masetto for letting his wife Zerlina leave his supervision.

    Another great Mozart opera, Cosi fan tutte, or “All Women are Like That,” is a parody of the idea of “the good woman.” Two young officers, Guglielmo and Ferrando, wage a bet with Don Alfonso, that their women will be eternally faithful. They pretend to be called off to war, and return in disguise to attempt to seduce the other’s lover, with predictable (not to mention hilarious) results. Within two days, both women betray their fiancés, but Don Alfonso tells the men to forgive their women, for “all women are like that,” and both couples marry shortly after.

    Don Giovanni features many suggestive moments, in particular “Vedrai Carino,” translation linked here.

    Another piece which came to mind is Richard Strauss’ “An die Nacht,” which is a song of a wedding night, translation linked here.

    In conclusion, portrayals of sex in fiction are not a problem, because what matters is not the subject of the opera, but the way in which it is portrayed. Don Giovanni contains adult themes and situations, but presents them in ways that advocate patriarchy and proper morals.

    On patriarchy, it has been often said that female emancipation can observably be implemented and retracted quickly, but the reason as to why this happens was, in my opinion, not sufficiently explained to Pax:

    From Pax Imperialis:

    > We can’t just wave a ‘magic’ legal document to bring coverture back. That’s what anti-abortion proponents are doing in the US and it’s failing hard, hence they’re a cargo cult, they haven’t even begun to think about how to make it work or sustainable.

    From Jim:

    > Observe that female emancipation has been culturally turned on and off as abruptly as if someone flicked a light switch. Turn emancipation off culturally as it has been turned off before, and then we can make a legal document to make reality legal.

    Female emancipation can be turned off quickly because the true evil of feminism is neither the whore nor the Prog enforcer, but the parents of daughters, who are nothing more than procurers. Referring to many below, it is often stated that virgins are in short supply. However, the short supply is entirely artificial, kept in place by the age of consent, which prevents men from marrying virgins. Female emancipation can be turned off quickly because by forcing women out of the workforce and out of Western education, parents will lose the incentive to prostitute their daughters and be forced to marry them off instead.

    > We have set it here 100 times, but it remains the case that whoever figures out how to provide virgin wives for worthy men will literally own the future

    Simple, find the parents from all elite families with daughters under 15 years of age and tell them to have their daughters get engaged to the men of the new regime.

    • The Cominator says:

      In our new regime most of the current elite families (at least their active and older members) are all going to be shot and their children dispossessed and maybe exiled to Northern Alaska where they will never be allowed to leave.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        The parents are going to be shot, as well as the sons and the non-virgin daughters. The virgins we can keep. Give them a good fucking and they will imprint on their new masters. Never waste decent pussy if you can avoid it.

        • The Cominator says:

          I dislike the idea of killing children unless necessary and believe that God or the higher forces of the universe will punish the willing shedders of innocent blood… but with the level of (righteous) rage now perhaps its inevitable.

          I will say I’m not in favor of killing those of tender years but after that I wash my hands of it and will not try to argue against it beyond that. I would sterilize even the women of these evil families though… I think their bloodlines should die.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I regret the whole sordid topic (porn) that I opened up mostly on a tangent to a series of trends that I observed as a weak and pathetic attempt by GAE to rollback female emancipation, but let’s talk directly about female emancipation.

      Female emancipation can be turned off quickly because by forcing women out of the workforce and out of Western education

      Jim makes the claim female emancipation was turned off for WW2 and wasn’t turned back on until 1963. During that period female workforce participation increased dramatically as well as their participation in higher education. It did not decline but it did continue the long term trend from 1890. Women in that period also increasingly got involved in low level political operations like unions. Many of the initial feminist leadership of the 70s were former union activists. This was in spite of government encouraging women to be stay at home mothers all throughout the post war 40s and 50s. This is all on top of legislative efforts at the state level to fully remove all vestigial remnants of coverture from the law books. An interesting case example is Eisenhower’s likely affair with Captain Kay Summersby, a fully emancipated woman. Clearly, female emancipation was not turned off in the upper echelons of Anglo-American power. I do not see female emancipation being reversed suddenly in that time period.

      If you want to force women out of the work force, you’re going to need an army of men dispersed around the country enforcing that ban. I look at the state of Westernized men and see the same observation as Adam:

      The ability of even the above average to solve pedestrian logical problems has crashed through the floor. Even in small companies, even in construction, there is an extreme lack of order and uniformity. Guys don’t even talk like guys anymore, they talk like women and fags. Men take to order like a duck takes to water. But finding someone who can give and take orders is very rare.

      We don’t have a potential army anywhere large enough. We don’t even have a population that we could reliably draft an army from. We’d have to build an army from ground up and that takes time. In the meantime, coverture would be a practice largely isolated to the new elite that slowly reintroduces it to the native population as part of a recolonization program. Thinking we can simply turn female emancipation off is the same as thinking we will control a centralized governmental system that we’ve looted from out dead enemies after coup complete. We won’t because they’re too busy rotting out the entire command and control structure. If anything, there will be a small imperial core from which we will have to reconquer and recolonize the rest of the country. ‘Civilizing’ the Indians took over a century.

      >the parents of daughters, who are nothing more than procurers.

      What parents? 40% of all live births are to single mothers, by the time of coup complete, likely much higher. The father is completely out of the picture, and without a man to keep the mother in line, the mother might as well be out of the picture as well. We are not dealing with civilized people, but borderline near savages whose worst tendencies inclined towards outright barbarism are only mitigated by the welfare state and even that is falling apart. Again, going to need an army to deal with that and ultimately conqueror/colonize them. Where is our army? Are we going to mass draft every Amish and Mennonite man in the country?

      >parents will lose the incentive to prostitute their daughters and be forced to marry them off instead.

      Patriarchy only works because fathers marry off their daughters, if left to mothers, they prostitute their daughters, or worse turn them into trannies. Again, the fathers are out of the picture in a significant proportion of the population and more than half the “family household” population are run by whores. Is the proposal to shove 40% of the female population into the whore houses? Shot gun marry all of them to the suspected fathers? How does that even work when they have children from multiple men? Take their children from them to be raised by the state like what was done to the Indians? None of these solutions look immediately possible country wide post coup.

      All I’m pointing out is that turning off female emancipation is likely a multi generational program that will coincide with other problems that are also multi generational. None of this is akin to flipping a switch, even the timeline Jim cites of 1930-1960 is between 1 and 1.5 generations. People are not blank slates and infinitely reprogrammable. GAE programming is pretty much engraved in probably 1/3 of the adult population and they are simply, permanently ‘lost.’ We’ll have to wait for them to die off as we take measure to ensure they don’t pass down their practices.

      • jim says:

        > During that period female workforce participation increased dramatically as well as their participation in higher education

        Old type marriage was presented as normative and normal. Female workforce participation increased during the war for obvious reasons, but I find the claim that it increased postwar and prewar surprising and hard to believe. Give us some data.

        I suspect your information comes from whig history, which always a lie. Get back to us with data from old sources, or at least data that treats separately what happened between Hitler’s election and mass mobilization for war separately, and treats separately what happened after demobalization to 1963.

        What I suspect is that you have read this claim in whig history, which cites another whig history, which cites another whig history, which cites another whig history, which compares female workforce participation in 1939 with female workforce participation at the height of mobilization.

        You made the claim. Show me the workforce participation data.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Old type marriage was presented as normative and normal.

          Perhaps, but it was also being presented at the same time as male authority was being dismantled in the education system (which eventually carried to the home), and career girls were portrayed as a mix between funny but harmless and outright virtuous, lastly, anti marriage college was being promoted.

          On the topic of female workforce participation, there’s this link:


          Wartime female labor participation rate peaked in 45 at 36.1%, there was an initial drop with demobilization, but afterwards a consistent tick up which by 55 surpased the previous high at 37%. Perhaps you don’t trust U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or FRED. Fair enough, it’s enemy controlled bureaucracy, and with difficulty in making my case they are the only ones who have those statistics, but when viewed in conjunction of circumstantial evidence there’s good reason to believe the stats were roughly true.

          Old films from the 40s-50s point to much skullduggery. The most important is ‘Are You Ready For Marriage? (1950)’

          Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947)
          In this instructional film, male authority in the classroom is dismantled. Enforcing discipline via punishment is removed from the tool set and corporal punishment became a thought crime. Using a cane on students isn’t even entertained as a possibility. A major departure from traditional standards. What started in the classroom ended up in the streets. Also, note the coed schooling.

          Discovering Individual Differences (1953)
          In this instructional film the classroom is fully feminized. Teaching used to be a male profession, the war changed that. Contrary to Whig history that claimed the 1950s were all about crushing the individual, and there being strict rules and discipline, it appears the immediate years of Post War America and the 1950s were a liberalizing period with the direct consequence being the disobedience of the 1960s.

          Attitudes toward working women in the 1950s
          In this 2020s… I mean 1980s… uh 1960s? 1950s film you can watch the same girl power feminist narrative about how they should have a life and career outside the home. To the extent that marriage is possibly, or likely sacrificed. That maybe career girl can even correct the boss. Sure, she isn’t being taken seriously, but she isn’t exactly discouraged either.

          Office Etiquette (1950)
          Here’s a film promoting a gender integrated workplace trained in a gender integrated education system (and if you look hard enough, 1:22, it’s also racially integrated). It portrays a woman spending her most fertile years learning to do business as a virtuous path while henpecking men and portraying them as juvenile. See 9:55.

          The Trouble With Women (1959)
          In this film about the problem of women in the workforce, they go over all the same problems men have today with women in the workforce. Not only are the women in the film causing problems, they are in charge of men. Take note of this being in the aluminum industry, at the time a vital strategic resource for the military aerospace industry. They ultimately laid the blame on the men not being accommodating enough rather than having women in the workforce. My favorite part:

          Look Brad, you’ve got a new bearings inspector, who happens to be a woman, you need someone and there isn’t a man available. It seems to me that whether the gal adds up to trouble or not is pretty much up to you

          Now that sounds awful similar to: “Look Pax, you’ve got a new supervisor, who happens to be a [insert diversity category], […].” Companies don’t produce and distribute these types of instructional films to the company supervisors unless there really are problems, and it also implies those problems started years before 1959 due to the bureaucratic lag time between recognizing the problem and distributing training material.

          Last interesting film I want to bring up is:
          Are You Ready For Marriage? (1950)

          In it, there are many blue pills. ‘Wait to get married, in fact it’s ideal for women to wait until 25, but 30 and 35 are just as fine as well!’ (9:28) The real kicker is at the end (14:15) where the young couple are convinced to not get married or even get engaged in exchange for being sent to college together, and only to get engaged after they demonstrate being a good couple in school. That’s the exact same crap progressives preach in current day. This is anti-marriage and pro-whore. This is a good opportunity to segue into what was going on in colleges in the 1950s and earlier.


          In universities favored by elites in the period, Bard College is a prime example.

          On July 1, 1944, Bard became independent of Columbia University, and in September 1944 it admitted its first class of women students. It is well to pause at this point and look at the College carefully, for it is entering a new era of its history. The College had at last acquired the capacity to grow, it was to double in the next four years, from 137 students in 1944 to 293 in 1947. And, although the numbers were to seesaw during the decade of the 1950’s, the College was to be consistently larger thereafter by at least 100 students than it ever had been before the advent of coeducation. The College had become more self-consciously and more militantly “progressive.”

          Bard College had close ties to FDR who strong armed industrialists in the 1920s to fund it. Later, the college provided shelter to Marxist European intellectuals during the 1930s, and by the 1950s, it was described as “”the little Red whorehouse on the Hudson” by Walter Winchell, a fairly influential journalist at the time, after his daughter got knocked up there. When you look at many other small universities the elites were sending their daughters in the 1930s to 1950s, you’ll see they too had similar reputations. i.e “The little Red whorehouse on the hill” of Bennington women’s College for instance which opened in 1932.

          Or take the Margaret Hall’s Whitfield Papers, an account of her studies at Bryn Mawr in the 1950s. In 1951 she was engaged to a young man who believed higher education was meant to prepare women for marriage (does this sound familiar to the film ‘Are You Ready For Marriage?’). By 1953, during her second year, she wrote, paraphrasing here, that ‘life was so much more than the marriage relationship and that she had the right to cultivate her own garden.’ She soon broke off the engagement and proceeded to engage in the “dating culture.” I think you know what that means. Many other examples. They were clearly teaching female emancipation at these colleges. You can read all the lurid details of college female sexual exploits of the 40s-50s in this link.

          There were many “little Red whorehouses” in that period and enrollment remained strong indicating the elites did support the college environment. While the trend of women in American upper education started in the late 1800s, it really kicked off in the 1930s-1950s increasing from 16,642 Bachelor’s degrees given to women in the years 1919-1928, to 48,869 in the years 1929-1938, to 76,954 1939-1948. There was a relative percentile drop in relation to men post war due to the GI bill sending several hundred thousand men to university, but female higher education never declined in absolute numbers, hitting 103,217 in the 1950s. Data in the link:

          Again, enemy controlled bureaucracy is providing these statistics, but they seem to check out considering the explosion of feminism in the 1960s lines up with primary accounts of college life, including what my grandfather told me, in the 1930s-50s. Digging through the history of several women’s colleges, many had FDR’s fingerprints all over them. Take Vassar for instance which had a long term relationship with the Roosevelt family into the 1960s.


          What I suspect is that you have read this claim in whig history

          My grandfather was just commissioning from West Point in the early 50s and I remember his oral history. He showed and explained the falsehoods contained in a bunch of old films from the era full of blue pills. While he largely focused on the false narrative of the war, he did briefly touched upon the falsehoods on women and such. It was all progressive propaganda. It took me a long time to find some on YouTube so I could share. Many I can’t find. Perhaps I’m repeating 1940s and 1950s propaganda when I say:

          >During that period female workforce participation increased dramatically as well as their participation in higher education

          Yet it was very much the propaganda of the day, so it’s hard to see female emancipation being turned off at the top when it looks like it was being kept on. It certainly didn’t feel like that for my grandfather or for anyone he associated with in the upper middle class… allegedly. It appears progressives concentrated efforts of female emancipation into the college system, and then proceeded to funnel as many people as possible through that system. One of the realities that government statistics do not contain, is just how many young women at the time did in fact go to college or junior college. Many, according to my grandfather, went there just for a couple of years before snagging a guy and dropping out without a degree. Condoms did exist back then, and from what was described, it sounded like sexual chaos in much the same way the 60s to current day is sexual chaos, but a lot less people were going to college in the 40s-50s when compared to the 60s.

          The progressives endlessly proclaimed the 50s to be this horrid era of female oppression and use it as a cudgel against traditional values today. I look back at the 50s and see much of the same crap as today, and so I have to wonder: is the narrative of traditional 50s all propaganda cooked up by progressives of the current day? What if the 50s was all just a lie? I know WW2 was a lie so it’s not much of a stretch to be suspicious of the 50s.

          • jim says:

            > On the topic of female workforce participation, there’s this link:

            > https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS11300002#0

            This graph begins in 1948, thus is irrelevant to the issue in dispute.

            You need to compare the period before Hitler was elected, with the period after Hitler was elected.

            The relevant issue is what happened in 1933, and what happened in 1944.

            Which data seems strangely difficult to find. An absence that should make you curious.

            Your data does not stand behind your claim.

            > In this instructional film, male authority in the classroom is dismantled

            Cthulhu always swims left. The claim in question is that he was able to effortlessly and suddenly jump one hell of a long way right on one issue when the need to win a war loomed on the horizon. That culture is downstream of power, that power can effortlessly turn the culture upside down, and not a dog will bark.

            Cthulhu was able to move suddenly a long way right on women, because moving left on socialism. With socialism dismantled in 1944 in the US, and in 1949 in Europe, had to start moving left on the old issues.

            To dispute the claim that Cthuluhu could switch off emancipation like a light, you need to compare data from before 1933 and after 1963 with data in 1933-1963 period. That Cthulhu was swimming left from 1948 onwards is unsurprising, uninteresting, and irrelevant.

            1963 was culturally an abrupt return to 1933 before Hitler was elected. Boyish twiggy strikingly resembled what was being pushed on girls before Hitler was elected, then suddenly after Hitler elected, females got feminine role models. It was as if they brought out a play book written in 1932.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >thus is irrelevant to the issue in dispute.

              You say 1963 was an abrupt return to 1933. I see all on the same gradual trend line starting as early as 1948 if purely based on female employment rates.

              Which data seems strangely difficult to find.

              USG wasn’t sticking its bean counters into every single possible countable orifice until the 30s under FDR. They didn’t even count for employed women in the census data until 1890. There are some rough ball figures thrown out as a matter of curiosity in the Monthly Labor Review, but niche numbers like female policewomen in 1919 with figures countable on one hand gives little indication of overall picture.

              Data simply doesn’t exist in a consistent yearly form prior to the 1940s. There is decennial census data that include women from 1890 to 1940, but not prior. Yearly data including women starts getting collected in 1940 and ends in 45 and is reported in the ‘Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P-50, No. 2’ and points to around a 35% female civilian workforce or a 29% female labor force when including armed forces. Next data point is 48 using the relatively new ‘Current Population Survey (Household Survey)’ which has been used ever since. At no point prior to 1940 did female labor exceed 1940’s number.

              Of course raw employment numbers is not the same as labor force participation rate, but when comparing male (85%) to female (32%) participation rates in 48, a 2.6:1 ratio, it roughly matches with the 2.4:1 ratio of men to women in 45. A very dirty and rough approximation. The data appears to show only a small rotation of women out of the work force after WW2, rather it actually got worse in just 3 years.

              What was collected on a consistent basis was marriage and divorce rates since 1867. From which the ratio can be calculated.

              I see no return to pre-1930 female emancipation agenda. Divorce risk just steadily climbs up until it rockets up with no fault divorce. Since divorce is the ultimate indicator of failure to own, by all signs Cthulhu was swimming left of 1867 with no statistically significant pause. Apparent pauses are mirages created by marriage rate very temporarily dropping faster or dropping at the same rate as the divorce rate. Rest of the data here:

              • jim says:

                > You say 1963 was an abrupt return to 1933. I see all on the same gradual trend line starting as early as 1948 if purely based on female employment rates.

                Measure the culture. Fashion models, movies, movie stars, the plot of movies, the role of women depicted to women. Twiggy equals the last of the pre Hitler Gibson girls. Observe poster girls. To 1933 they were trumpeting the wife of the man who discovered radium, and a female pilot. In 1963, suddenly remembered them.

                I say 1963 was a return to 1933. The only evidence that would address the issue is to get data that compares what happened in 1933 with what happened in 1963. If you cannot find that data, ask yourself why?

                You are looking at the data that has been selectively made available. Why the selectivity?

                It is easy to find the cultural data. Strangely difficult to find the employment data. You should ask yourself why.

                Also difficult to find the pimp-your-daughters-out data.

                The cultural data shows change overnight. Androgynous Gibson girls suddenly replaced by extremely feminine girls, and in 1963, extremely feminine girls suddenly replaced by twiggy. Career girls slutting it up replaced by obedient wives and daughters in the media in 1933, then reversed in 1963,

                Gibson girls disappear overnight, Twiggy appears overnight.

                The employment data does not show overnight change – employment is not recreated every year like movies and school curricula. But if you want to look at employment data, not going to mean a thing unless you you compare the change in employment data over the thirties with the change in employment data over the sixties. If you see gradual change in the employment data, you should then ask what is causing it. And to know what is causing it in the fifties and sixties, you need to be able to compare it with the thirties and forties. Which you, and I, are strangely unable to do.

              • jim says:

                > I see no return to pre-1930 female emancipation agenda.

                If you start the clock at 1948, then today’s environment looks plausibly like a long term trend. If you start the clock at 1930, 1933 looks like 1963. Get some long term perspective.

                You are completely out of contact with 1930 reality. Pre 1933 was, like today, collapse of marriage and the family, only with old laws on the books being completely ignored. It was suddenly, abruptly and radically reversed last time, it can be abruptly and radically reversed this time.

                I am arguing from what happened when Hitler was elected. You are arguing from 1948. 1948 is irrelevant to what happened in 1933. Your evidence is irrelevant. Your arguments are irrelevant and unresponsive. You have to look at what happened to sex, marriage, family, and reproduction in immediate and direct response to military intent and military actions, and you are refusing to look at the relevant evidence, and presenting an immense wall of text full of completely irrelevant and unrelated evidence.

                Evidence against my claim has to cover the period for which I made my claim – that cultural changes occurred abruptly in response to political events. 1963 is arguably an arbitrary date, for there were no external events, the elite was slowly coming to change its mind about what the culture would be. 1933 is not.

                We have the media suddenly start presenting marriage to women as as normal, desirable, and important to lock down a good man, as a difficult and status worth accomplishment for women, having presented wives as having a duty of obedience in the media, and only wicked women disobey, or, like Lucy in “I love Lucy”, foolish wives disobeying in little matters foolishly,

                Having done that, we just wait a year or two for it to soak in and making de-emancipation legal will go through without a murmer from the masses. The authorities in Australia at the turn of the nineteenth century took ten minutes for the new rules to soak in. Women automatically, easily, quickly and quietly align with power, though they are apt to give it a shit test first.

              • jim says:

                > You say 1963 was an abrupt return to 1933. I see all on the same gradual trend line starting as early as 1948

                You are starting your trend in 1948.

                Start in 1930.

                My claim was a radical reversal in America after Hitler’s election, and this proved that the culture can be turned upside down overnight.

                Evidence about what happened starting in 1948 is an unresponsive irrelevant distraction. Cthulhu swims left slowly.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  And the marriage/divorce I posted data that goes from 1867 to 2012? You’d think a radical reversal in female emancipation would show up in divorce risk. It did not.

                • jim says:

                  > You’d think a radical reversal in female emancipation would show up in divorce risk.

                  It did. Divorce rates rose to 1933, fell thereafter. And then they started rising again, which fits your model of a long term trend, rather than a sudden event, though obviously something happened in 1933.

                  You presuppose that divorce is a risk for men, and a privilege for women. Which has not always been the case, and because so much hypocrisy around divorce, it is difficult to discern what was actually the case back then from a distance in time. The effective in practice rules seldom reflect the formal rules, and changes in the informal rules are piously denied and take a while for people to discover.

                  Stability and security of husbands is indicated by fertility trends. Which abruptly reverse in 1933.

                  Something fundamental happened to the family in 1933, and there was an overnight change in the depiction of women in the media. Suddenly everyone forgot about Amelia Earheart, and images of women suddenly become very female rather than the androgynous and liberated Gibson career girl. And something important happened to the family.

          • jim says:

            > Perhaps, but it was also being presented at the same time as male authority was being dismantled in the education system (which eventually carried to the home.

            Yes, Havard was working on a return to 1933 for quite a while.

            But the return to 1933 in the broader culture happened abruptly in 1963.

            And none of the data you are looking at of gradual change in the period leading to and following 1963 is meaningful unless you compare it with similar data following 1933. Employment data does support gradual change. Cultural data shows abrupt change.

            And if looking at indicators that by their nature do not change over night, you need to figure out what is causing them. And to look at that, need to compare employment indicators for 1930s, with similar indicators fifties to sixties. Which is oddly difficult to do.

      • Neofugue says:

        > Jim makes the claim female emancipation was turned off for WW2 and wasn’t turned back on until 1963. During that period female workforce participation increased dramatically as well as their participation in higher education.

        Female emancipation was halted for World War Two only as a half-measure, meaning the culture of first-wave feminism was suspended while the structural changes were kept. This is why the birth rate in the United States only rose to 3.2 children/woman, not 5-7 children/woman one would find in Europe before the First World War. When my grandmother went to [X] in the early 1960s, where she met my grandfather, she was expected to obtain her “Mrs.” degree and remain a virgin until marriage. This was not because my grandparents or any of their friends were religious, this was “what was expected.” Also, it is important to recognize America as a vast and diverse country even before Hart-Celler, so what went on for elite post-Christian East Coast Anglo protestants was different from what went on for elites in other areas.

        > If you want to force women out of the work force, you’re going to need an army of men dispersed around the country enforcing that ban

        It will be necessary for me to recruit, train and deploy an elite secret police division to kill enemies of the state, but heavy-handed overreach will simply not be necessary.

        What will happen, and why reversing female emancipation will be relatively instant, is that the emancipated whore will lose all ability to eat. Her bank accounts will be confiscated, she will be forced out of work, and she will lose all her rights. Once the emancipated whore can be beaten/shot/kidnapped without any recourse, she will either find a husband, join a monastery, flee to the ghetto pimp, be married by abduction, or simply starve to death. The secret police will simply kill cops, judges, or other degenerates who oppose these measures by trying to provide security, income, or social support to emancipated whores.

        > We don’t have a potential army anywhere large enough. We don’t even have a population that we could reliably draft an army from.

        When the HR woman loses her job and all her rights, when men no longer have to deal with whores in the workplace, I expect average testosterone levels to rise by a third within a year.

        The Socialists made up less than one percent of the vote in the Duma, yet managed to win the Russian Civil War. Sure, the average nu-male conscript will not be as formidable as the average Russian from 1917, but, with enough training and discipline, will be enough for his nu-male enemy. Also, it is important to understand that brutality does not correlate with manliness, so the beaten man today may seem unimpressive, but with the right training and guidance, can be turned into an effective killer.

        > Is the proposal to shove 40% of the female population into the whore houses? Shot gun marry all of them to the suspected fathers? Shot gun marry all of them to the suspected fathers? How does that even work when they have children from multiple men?

        The great thing about it is, that it is not up for me to decide.

        If we are referring to emancipated whores with offspring, they will either find a place in the new order or starve. Of course, we will give them an option to sell their bastards into slavery, which will make their task of finding a husband easier, but the 20th/21st century single mother is an abomination which must be destroyed by any means necessary.

        > Patriarchy only works because fathers marry off their daughters, if left to mothers, they prostitute their daughters, or worse turn them into trannies.

        Patriarchy works because carrot, fathers want to serve the state religion, and stick, because fathers want their daughters to be as high status as possible, and being a whore is being low status gutter trash. Patriarchy works because the single mother with her bastard demonspawn will starve as soon as she hits the wall, while the honorable widow is provided charity through her church. The human being is a fallen, corrupt, and sinful creature, but with the right order, violence, and hierarchy, can become closer to God. God commands that those who do evil be destroyed, and that is what we need to make happen.

        At the fundamental level, patriarchy works because men are naturally stronger than women, which is why feminism requires the Progressive police state. Once women who do not comply with patriarchy are no longer protected by the Progressive police state, patriarchy will arise automatically.

        • The Cominator says:

          ” Is the proposal to shove 40% of the female population into the whore houses”
          This would be sort of my proposal, that all women must either be married or be sent to a whore house within a year and they only get out of the whore house if someone marries them. If they are older and unfuckable they can work as a cleaning lady or something but no cushy office job.

          • Neofugue says:

            One year is too lenient, one month is good enough. It needs to be short because we want an immediate implementation of patriarchy. 99% of women only need a week, but it may take a fortnight or so for the news to reach everyone, so one month is just fine.

            > If they are older and unfuckable they can work as a cleaning lady or something but no cushy office job.

            Traditional women’s jobs such as that of cleaning lady will only be given to married women or widows of the lower castes. If the emancipated whore is older and past the wall she can work as slave labor or starve. Wayward women simply cannot be allowed to work outside the ghetto or slave labor camp, because wayward women are untouchables who cannot be allowed to breath the same air as we do, for if we do so will our wives and daughters.

            • Jehu says:

              A month would probably be enough, but if I were in firm control of entertainment, I’d probably go for a 3 month period. Basically on women’s entertainment I’d promote a fear of being ‘left on the shelf’ and a fear that if she doesn’t act fast, that ‘the better ones will be all picked over by then’. There’s no need to actually SAY this, just depict it in your mass entertainments.

              • Neofugue says:

                Her incentive will be her waking up to a frozen bank account, seized assets, and a missing paycheck. She will not fear being left on the shelf because there will not be a shelf when all is done.

                The saints tell us that the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by violence. Christ tells us that he became incarnate not to bring peace, but a sword. The word of God was spread first by the blood of the martyrs spilled by the Pagans and then the blood of the warrior saints fighting victorious over the Pagans.

                Patriarchy will likewise be imposed by violence on emancipated whores and their enablers. One month is all she needs, all she deserves, and should she fail to comply, she shall receive her just reward.

        • Western Taliban says:

          Once the emancipated whore can be beaten/shot/kidnapped without any recourse, she will either find a husband, join a monastery, flee to the ghetto pimp, be married by abduction, or simply starve to death. The secret police will simply kill cops, judges, or other degenerates who oppose these measures by trying to provide security, income, or social support to emancipated whores.

          I think this is the only sensible approach, everything else that is being said about the matter is highly delusional and questionable.

          I’m rather skeptical of tall claims about magical social engineering in which societies are magically turned by magic means into magic utopias that only live inside the head of the social engineer. Every time people play God they fail, any form of socialism fails because central economy can never work, I can’t imagine why the central social engineer will fare any better.

          When Jim mentions the disappearance of feminism, the disappearance was obtained with a slight legal touch (perhaps more informal than formal even) and entertainment, nothing about men with shotguns anywhere about it. The slight legal touch and the movies seem to work very well, just like little regulation on the market economy works best.

          The problem with feral women is that it’s illegal to do anything about it and they are actively empowered to be feral. The government has an entire power structure pointing a gun at you, stealing your resources, using them to empower the feral women and preventing you from recourse. Niggers, gypsies and other undesirables are the same deal. We need to annihilate every demon (they are not human) that points guns at honest men and empowers wickedness and all will fall in place.

          What we truly need is the option to organize and be our own faction and defend our own interests.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        In order to stop 1000 people from crossing a border, you do not need to kill 1000 people; you need to kill the first person that crosses, and the other 999 get the message.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The border is a long distance and America is huge in square miles. If a person is killed crossing into Texas, but not in California, they simply will cross into California. A persistent border enforcement is required which means a persistent presence, therefore a dispersed army. It need not be large, or kill many, but it needs to be felt.

          Likewise the rest of the country would need at least some garrison force to remind people, that yes, they are indeed under the rule of a monarch. Maybe in 10 years when everyone gets the message, they stop testing boundaries and the force and be majorly reduced, but my point is, you need an army at least for stabilization. Even then, I would prefer not to disband the army until the last generation who remembers progressive rule is dead, ideally mostly from old age.

  18. How Best To Eradicate Islam? says:

    Now that it’s clear to many with a clue that Islam is a scourge upon the Earth that must be removed…
    How best to accomplish this?
    The Jews won’t do it.
    India and USA are unlikely to. But USA might be an influence if they uphold Free Speech.
    Europe won’t till is gets much worse.
    Seems most peoples and religions won’t do it, not at least till the Islam problem becomes incredibly bigger and oppressive.
    So what is the way to start a movement dedicated to purging Islam?
    Do we have to start the equivalent of Madrasas… early youth indoctrination teaching centres, sponsoring Christian Jihadis, teaching 1488 Evropa?
    Honestly… what are the short and long term solutions to this growing global problem?

    • jim says:

      Not worried about Islam when we, and you, are ruled by woke, which worships demons. We have bigger problems.

      • How Best says:

        Woke does demons, yes of course, terrible disease of mind.
        But Islam is based in pagan worship wrapped up in shrouds of the Testaments for cult effect by the unwashed brutal murdering dictator pedo Muhammad.
        Woke is a major problem, but just because them laughable Mohammadens get to have four wives, and beat them, doesn’t make Islam right.
        Woke is a political fad, it will be gone, at least technically, within this election cycle or two (unfortunately it will live on in meme influence for a decade till the next fad hits).
        But Islam is not a joke, is growing for 1400 years, and must be considered an even existential problem given it literally seeks to murder all who are not Muslim (only unread ignorants still claim that is not the case, but it is, direct from the Islamic texts).

        Woke will die, or go broke trying. Either way, moot.

        Islam will literally kill you. It is a serious problem. And nobody has an answer.

        • jim says:

          > Woke is a political fad, it will be gone

          The insanity started in 1820, and has been getting steadily more evil and more insane ever since. Cthulhu swims only left.

          Demon worship in state power has only ever been removed with vast amounts of bloodshed. Muslims are not planning to desex my descendants and sodomize them.

          > within this election cycle or two

          Elections are over. The turnout of Biden voters who physically showed up at the polls in 2020 was comparable to the turnout at his rallies, indistinguishable from zero.

          A Republic can only work with a virtuous elite, but republics undermine elite virtue. Hence the cycle of history. Everyone used to know this. Now it is time for Caesar.

          • Fidelis says:


            I know I’ve seen you point out repeatedly the roundheads evacuated to the colonies following their disastrous first takeover of England.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            “Muslims are not planning to desex my descendants and sodomize them.”

            O yes, they are…

            Luckily, denying Christianity and accepting Islam is enough to escape that fate.

            • jim says:

              As I said, they are not packing Christian kids off to their schools and teaching sodomy to Christian kids when the kids are sent to school.

              Your daughter might become the additional wife of a Muslim, but they are not going to become whores, and if your son gets trannified, you can join the crowd tossing the groomer off a high building.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          The Chinese are having no difficulty dealing with Islam. They hang Communist banners on mosques, sterilize Muslim women, and send Muslim men to camps where they learn to eat pork and drink alcohol. Nor has Russia had any trouble with Islam since the Second Chechen War. Russia then sank the Somalia pirates and bombed the Islamic State out of existence without breaking a sweat.

          Fertility is collapsing in every Muslim country except Afghanistan. Woke is winning, turning girls into sluts and boys into slackers. The Taliban say “Help, we’re hungry!”, and Iran says, “Send your daughters to school first.”

          States beat tribes every time, unless they’re liberal democracies, which are incapable of anything besides grooming children for a lifetime of anal sex.

          • China v Islam says:

            Muslims actually do approve of sodomizing your children…
            [*deleted for presupposing the official line presupposed by the enemy word “pedophile”. It is pederasty that is the problem. Mohammed was pretty keen on breasts.*]
            Sterilization works. Banners put them underfoot of another entity. But Muslims are permitted to pork and wine under such circumstances so that does not change their mind from Islam, only makes them worse. Russia did right, but nobody else on the planet will step up and do the same… not even the USA could do in 25 years what Russia did in short time. Fertility… bullshit, they breed like cockroaches and are instructed by both Islam and garbage like CAIR to do so…. now if they ran chemtrails that could work, but again who is going to do that. Making them sluts doesn’t work, just ends up with more babymamas stealing more tax handouts and housing from you and more Muslims, not less Islam.

            You don’t want a State or Democracy, you want a Nation that transcends both those scams.

            Feminists are insane and need fucked.

            • jim says:

              Yes, but they are not packing Christian kids off to their schools and teaching sodomy to Christian kids when the kids are sent to school.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      It’s a matter of priorities. We can’t do a thing about the barbarians inside our gates until we deal with the parasites and traitorous leaders who brought them in. If we can take back our civilization, it will be easy enough to handle the muzzies however we see fit. And if we can’t take back our civilization, well, in that case I’ll take Islam over progressivism every day of the week and twice on Fridays.

      • jim says:

        Quite so. The Muslim problem is a result of woke, and a distraction from the problem of woke. After we have dealt with woke, then Crusade time. Starting with Albania. The Muslim minority in Europe and America will be a minor detail.

        • The Cominator says:

          The argument can be made (though it’s much less viable in the age of fast international travel that allows mass rapid migrations) that leftism while worse is a problem that self corrects though not without economic collapse or rivers of blood… whereas you can almost never ever get rid of Islam.

          • Western Taliban says:

            What do you mean you can almost never ever get rid of Islam? If it was impossible to get rid of Islam half of Europe wouldn’t have existed since a long time ago. Of course you can get rid of Islam, Islam is a deficient deal compared to Christianity 1.0, not hard to convert people to Christianity 1.0 and not hard for Christians 1.0 to destroy those who will not welcome Christianity 1.0. We know because that is the history of Europe after all.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The harvard empire itself is the number one sponsor of islamic terrorism around the globe.

      Al Qaeda and its 101 splinter groups; Islamic State and its 101 splinter groups; over nine thousands ‘moderate’ muslim terrorist groups; all instigated by glow nigger cutouts.

      Mobile islamic banditry simply can’t survive without the life support GAE provides in the first place; mobile islamic banditry is a fruit of GAE eminence.

  19. Chad Boomer says:

    [*not funny*]

  20. Pax Imperialis says:

    Collection of random shit:

    -US plans to ramp up 155mm artillery shells to 85,000 a month. A massive 6 fold increase! The catch, by 2028 and nowhere close to Russia’s daily production. Calling it now, it will be over budget and behind schedule. Just how long does GAE think the conflict will last. At the rate Ukrainian brigades are being liquidated…

    -Back channel communication claims Russian elites don’t know what victory in Ukraine looks like. All they know is that they must avoid an embarrassing defeat. That is the nature of war, the more costly the war the bigger the payout has to be for domestic satisfaction, especially if you’re wining hard enough for total victory to be on the table. Prediction, Russia takes nearly all of Ukraine with the Poles and Hungarians moving into Western Ukraine to protect ethnic NATO interests. Same back channel communication also claims the Russians would have certainly used a nuke if the Ukrainian counter offensive was successful and endangered Crimea. Lads, we avoided nuclear war. Time to pop the champagne bottles, or in my degenerate case, miller high life.

    -Cartels have been using drones and IEDs to great effect against the Mexican military. The government has largely retreated from most of Mexico. With any luck, entire DoD careers will be made out of dealing with this problem.

    -The 81 year old Mitch McConnell froze up mid-sentence and have to be escorted away. Brezhnevian decline continues. Btw check out Dianne Feinstein. Good God she’s beyond fuckable age. They’re having to move her around in a wheel chair.

    -LeBron James’s son, 18 years old, suffered a cardiac arrest. Totally not the vaccine.

    -California is prosecuting several guys who bought $1 million worth of empty soda cans in Arizona and redeemed it for $7.6 million through Cali’s environmental recycling program. Apparently, that constitutes illegal importation. I didn’t realize California was a different country with it’s own customs and border protection. Perhaps conservative states could use similar justifications to embargo liberal states.

    -RFK jr. is effectively running a populist Republican campaign minus religion.

    -USMC is destroying good men and is likely going to decrease standards because a few recruits died in what was likely incidents of recruit stupidity. Instructors fucking tell people to fucking hydrate. How does someone die on a damn PFT or from extreme heat or during a non-training incident? USMC OCS has historically (unofficially) conducted training events “near” “black flag” conditions and no one died. Command wanted to bring back I.T. to OCS but that plan likely got fucked.

  21. surprise says:


    In a controversial move, police officers in Virginia are arguing that they need to force a 17-year-old boy to get an erection to make a case hinging on, of all things, explicit text messages.

    It sounds a bit unconventional, but that’s exactly what lawyers are alleging the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne Richardson for Manassas City, Va., wants to do — apparently, because the Commonwealth believes it’s the best way to match the teenager’s genitalia to the photos he sent to a 15-year-old girl who was, at least at one point, his girlfriend.

    The boy in question, Trey Simms, has already been charged with two felonies — one for possession of child pornography (sexts from his girlfriend) and one for manufacturing child pornography (taking video of himself). If convicted, he will most likely serve a prison sentence and will be permanently placed on the sex offender registry.

    While the police have already taken photos of the teen suspect’s penis, as the flaccid does not match the erect, they now want to go even further by making the teen go to the hospital to be injected with a drug to force an erection so that they can adequately determine if the erection in the video matches his.

    “He said they took him to a room and took pictures of his genitalia,” the teen’s aunt Stacy Bigley told NBC Washington. “I asked if they’re allowed to do that, and [Trey] said, ‘I tried to refuse,’ which he did, he didn’t want to do it. They told him if he did not they would do it by force.”

    It’s very important to ban porn, especially “””child porn”””, amirite fellow right-wingers?

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      1) Private communication is not porn and 2) a 15-year-old girl is not a child.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Order of operations problem. Come the day we pass the collective shit test, repeal the 19th, restore coverture, and make age of consent synonymous with age of marriage, yes abso-fucking-lutely ban pron and institute the death penalty for child pron (dictionary definition of child, not 18).

      Banning it now, without doing anything else, is getting things out of order, and making yourself a useful idiot shock trooper for the Duluth model. Defending it under any and all circumstances is at least enemy memetics, if not direct enemy action. It’s the same people pushing porn and trannyism now who pushed porn and trannyism in Weimar Germany. As then, tolerance gets us nothing except an enemy win. This is not contradictory, the enemy has competing factions and competing idols.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    If true, a potentially huge economic benefit in many fields!


  23. Mister Grumpus says:

    Well now it’s the “Digital Ruble”. As someone official put it, now there will be three forms of Ruble: cash, bank accounts, and these Digital Ruble things.

    My take — given here to provoke your responses and correction — is that this is the Russian state trying to offer people an end-run around much of itself.

    So they can control the supply of these DR’s somehow, and operate a “redemption window” somewhere, but otherwise let people “wire” each other DR’s via crypto methods, neither through SWIFT nor a SWIFT knockoff, but just straight up wallet ID to wallet ID, whenever they want.

    Will it work? Could it work? I don’t know. But one way to get certain bureaucracies out of the way is to write them out of the loop at the nuts and bolts level, as an alternative to helicoptering them.

    The stuffed suits wouldn’t take that lying down, though. And the temptations to fuck it up by adding “oversight” and “safeguards” and KYC to the scheme, man I don’t know.

    • S says:

      It looks like a cargo cult to me- the point of bitcoin is it is hard currency- 21 million are to be made and that’s it. The digital ruble is 1 to 1 convertible with the regular one so it is subject to money printing. So it is giving private citizens the ability to run their own bank accounts with the running costs borne by the state. Only possible advantage I can think of is lower transaction costs for trade, but it is no more a reserve currency then the ruble.

    • Karl says:

      Bank accounts are not cash, merely a claim against a bank. For all their flaws S pointed out these DRs have an advantage over bank accounts.

      With DRs no bank accounts are needed, neither for storage of rubles nor for payment transactions. Without deposits the traditional business model of banks is in trouble.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        My guess is that the DR is just a stablecoin hooked to an “account” full of Rubles somewhere. More Rubles in, more stablecoins minted/released somehow. And also a redemption window of some sort, so people can trade back and forth. Of course the temptation to bullshit how many Rubles are really in there will be just excruciating.

  24. Snipes says:

    Any thoughts on the superconductor paper that just came out?

    • jim says:

      What paper did you have in mind?

      There are no end of bullshit and scam papers on using superconductivity to implement quantum computers, but last time I looked into the matter, actually doing it would require novel superconductors with rather remarkable properties that are theoretically possible, but not actually observed in practice.

      The problem is that active quantum error correction, which is what most of these papers assume, is not realistic. You need a system where error states are coupled to the thermal environment, which is kept extremely cold, and the energy of the error states is considerably higher than the thermal energy of the ultracold environment, so that the error state is passively forced into the ground (no error) state, while the nonerror states are isolated from the thermal environment. Physically realising this in actual materials is a very hard problem – which a lot of people have been working on, but last I heard, had no actual superconducting material with the required rather weird properties. Therefore, nearly all papers on superconducting quantum computers just assume this problem is magiced away – because otherwise they would not be able to write a paper, and it is publish or perish. Active error correction is just going put classical noise into your qbits unless you can have circuits that extraordinarily free from noise, error, and analog imprecision, astronomically better than anything that has ever been physically realized.

      • Snipes says:

        Sorry, the paper is this one here:


        I have no idea about the topic so can’t accurately assess. It seems to be doing the rounds on HN, LW, etc. and some people seem to be cautiously optimistic.

        • Karl says:

          Progress, if the results can be replicated. How much progress depends on how large currents this material can carry. Probably not much carrying capacity so copper won’t be replaced anytime soon.

        • jim says:

          World shaking. But fabricating it into useful devices is likely to be hard. They can only make thin films of it, though their model of how it works would imply bulk material would superconduct as well.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Jim, if it is in fact world shaking can we get an Explanation for Priests, Paladins, Midwits, and Morons who can’t into technology with the adults?

            From the Arxiv blurb, it is a superconducting material with Lead Ions in the crystalline structure that deform and reform in a unique way that allows for “fantabulous magik fuckery wot make no sense to me” (SQWs) which is apparently a big deal. Is that the proper interpretation, and if so, what does this mean for, say, cryptocurrency, multiphasic radar arrays, or pocket computing (RaspberryPi desktop or greater)?

            • c4ssidy says:

              ‘what would be the consequences of a room temperature superconductor’ is a highschooler science-fair question. We will have infinite power because we will get it from infinite reservoirs like the earth’s core or sahara desert without cost, which means almost everything turns electric, including home heating and vehicles. Second, a lot more stuff is going to float, because the levitation effect as used on Maglevs will no longer cost anything significant to maintain. Third, computering will be done without waste heat, so more power in everything, but with longer batteries

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                You do see how the picture you paint strains credulity, yes?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  That’s because all superconductors discovered to date have not only a maximum temperature but a maximum current density (amperes per cm²) above which they stop superconducting.

                  Maglevs are already a real thing; Japan is presently building one between Tokyo and Osaka. Their big problem is that the track has to be extremely straight, so most of this line is being tunneled through mountains.

              • C4ssidy says:

                What about floating cars and hoverboards and so on, F-zero? You would put it under the roads.

                Maglevs are not really a thing, as outside Japan, apparently children of the lower castes will run back and forth inside the train to get it to tilt side to side, so that the maglev gets replaced with old fashioned cable for safety reasons. Cheaper superconductors would give you a more powerful effect and let you build something with versatility to it so that not even joggers could knock it over

            • jim says:

              Nothing much for a considerable time.

              But in principle, super conductors allow super fast, super low power computers, they make nuclear fusion considerably less difficult, maglev trains (they levitated a thin film. Levitating a train is likely to be considerably more difficult) extremely compact, powerful, and efficient electric motors and generators, and lossless long distance power tranmission.

              The most interesting application of this technology – an enormous leap forward in computing speed and power consumption – will require some method of fabricating very small circuits of this stuff, which no one has any idea how to do, though they are presumably thinking about it.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                will require some method of fabricating very small circuits of this stuff

                Diamond based semiconductor is closer to implementation and that’s still pretty far away.

                • jim says:

                  There are some diamond based devices in use for high power applications, which is where diamond is better than silicon, but no use for computing, because large high quality diamond wafers are difficult to accomplish. This stuff superconducts while polycrystalline, due to tunnelling. So possibly you could make circuits that do not require large crystals.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  The list of promising high temperature superconductors is long. They all failed to materialize. Is it different this time? I’m not holding my breath. The paper is also out of South Korea which raises eyebrows for various reasons.

                  Diamond wafers are getting bigger fast and there’s growing international competition with big funding. Probably within 10 years to hit consumer computing markets.

                • jim says:

                  We do in fact have “high” temperature superconductors – just that “high” is liquid nitrogen temperatures rather than liquid helium.

                  Liquid nitrogen “high temperature” superconductors have been fabricated into useful forms, but last I heard were not yet in use. They are of the same family as this room temperature superconductor, so if one can be fabricated into a useful material, probably the other can also.

              • A2 says:

                It’s been a topic for computers for a long time


                If I recall papers read long ago correctly, the RSFQ-based proposal was projected to go at 100+ GHz, which is nice. Nothing much came of it back then (at least nothing public). But if this works, things would certainly look up.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                There are three sources of loss in an IC.

                1. Ohmic losses in conduction paths. Occurs during switching and due to leakage.

                2. Switching loss (not due to ohmic loss). During the interval when a gate changes state there is power being drawn. The shorter the switching interval the less power per gate. The more often the switching, more power. This is why power goes up when you raise the clock frequency.

                3. Leakage losses. This is due to the geometries being so small that material insulating ability goes to hell and they start to conduct.

  25. Western Taliban says:

    Sensing the weakness of the global faggot empire it seems as if the Muslims are starting to smell blood:


    Our ancestors spent centuries fighting Muslims but no one even entertained the idea of burning the Quran. Moderns are absolute vermin with no sense of honor or humility.

    But we already know who are the degenerates that gleefully burn sacred and religious texts, as we have suffered the traitors long enough. This people one day will be gone, and the entire world will be glad.

    • someDude says:

      Muslims were never a substantial percentage of the population in any western country and in those days books were hard to come by. How many copies of the Quran would you have found in Vienna in 1683? Those would have been scholarly copies with some aristocrat and would have been extremely expensive to procure and would have been seen as a means to understanding the mindset of the enemy. So out of question to burn something so expensive.

      Even so, Historically speaking, apart from Lebanon in the 20th century, has there ever been a case of Islamic-Christian civil war in the west?

      I’m wondering if there have been cases of Historical Quran burning in India by Hindu and Sikh opponents either and I come up blank on this. They probably never entertained the idea of burning one, because of the reasons mentioned.

      I did not completely understand the point you ate trying to make

      • jim says:

        > Even so, Historically speaking, apart from Lebanon in the 20th century, has there ever been a case of Islamic-Christian civil war in the west?

        Meaning “has there ever been been a case of Islamic-Christian civil war in countries with an insignificant population of Muslims.”

        Everywhere you have a significant Muslim population, you have low level civil war which from time to time becomes high level civil war, as for example Serbia. There is no country, nor has there ever been, where Muslims and Christians coexist tranquilly.

        Well Dubai might be an exception, but that is because all Christians there accept Muslim supremacy, and that you have to keep your Christianity quiet. Nearly all whites resident in Dubai are there in substantial part because they were unhappy with the level of protection provided by Globohomo, and prefer the protection of Islam. Which makes for tranquillity. Everyone knows they are second class to the men protecting them, and refrains from making waves.

        • someDude says:

          Ouch, you’re right, I completely forgot the serbs and Kosovo. So the question to ask is whether either of the groups have burnt the others’ religious texts. And an internet search throws up no results. Now Serbs have inexpensive access to the Quran as the Muslims have inexpensive access to the Orthodox Bible. Yet, no instances of any burning of these texts by either group.

          Why would you say this is?

          And why is the burning of a religious text of an antithetical religious group seen by Western Taliban as a degenerate act worthy of so much vitriol? Is it a case of riling up the opposing group and making them more cohesive while conferring no cohesive benefit to one’s own group?

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Muslims have demonstrated that they find it intolerable. Christians, as a whole community, offer up their sons for sodomy. Now, of course there are many Christians who do not, will not, and don’t tolerate this, but in the aggregate, Christianity as the World Dominant Religion is falling. You see high level religious leaders advocating for sodomite veneration. You have those utter cowards in Tennessee paying for the funeral of the mass shooter while the victim’s families were forced to do fundraisers just to get the bodies buried. You have female pastors in rainbow vestments celebrating Planned Parenthood and mocking God from the alter. All of this indicates a religion with no faith.

            After global Christianity collapses and the various mustard seeds sprout, you will see (I hope, brother) a reawakening of propriety, dignity, honor, and vengeance. There are bibles left in hotel rooms for niggers, whores, and degenerate riff raff to find. Think about that in terms of the nature of Divinity: the Holy, Infallible Word of Nature’s God, the Creator of all things, Author and Finisher of all life, the Alpha and the Omega… is sitting in a cheap dresser with cigarette burns next to a piss soaked bed waiting for some slattern with semen on her face to “see the light.” This lunacy is paralleled by many, far too many churches bending over backwards to bring Africa niggers “to the faith” while their communities rot from the inside.

            I went on a tangent. Burning any holy scripture is a statement of perspective as well as intent. If some Scandi cuck burns a Koran, I find it deceitful, disreputable, and in very poor taste, as not a single Scandinavian is worth a tinker’s dam in current era, they do nothing good, and their whole society needs to go away so their historical/legendary identity can rest in piece and inspire others. If Wulfgar Thundercock, third of his name, King of Appilachistan and Protector of the Midatlantic Reach, Breaker of Thots and Leader of Chads, burns a Koran, then I am putting on my gack and rolling with the homies to the rally point because we are going on Crusade.

            This is what the guy on Memri in the link is saying: the Swedish Government needs to have someone knowledgeable explain what’s at stake here, because Islam is a living religion that has plenty of loyal followers who hear, obey, and command deference from Jizyah-cels. Christians, again, in the aggregate, sit idly by while others desecrate their relics, symbols, and holy books, so the act is literally less shocking.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Jews and Scandicucks are burning Korans as a provocation to durka durka mohammed jihad and an impotent protest against replacement, respectively. If I start burning Korans, it is because I have kill zones set up on my property and I plan on feeding my trespassers-cum-victims to pigs in order to create a causus belli. Taking the lessons of how to properly commit genocide in a Christian manner from Jim and applying them to mohammedans.

              The reason I plan on immediately betraying the mohammedans is because I know they plan on doing the same thing to me. The only way to enforce a cooperate-cooperate equilibrium on Islam is to commit atrocities the first time they get unruly. They have a “mostly peaceful protest” or even a legitimately peaceful protest, and the only responsible move is to kill all of the protesters and their wives and children. They run over little kids at a Christmas market and you have to burn their mosques while they are at prayer. They look at you funny and you beat them to death in the street because they forgot their place and only lethal violence will remind them of that place.

      • Western Taliban says:

        Muslims were never a substantial percentage of the population in any western country and in those days books were hard to come by.

        I don’t think you know the history of Europe well enough for this conversation. Just so you know, Istanbul used to be part of Christendom for a very very long time. On the other side of Europe there was a similar situation. This goes on even after the printing press existed and every peasant was reading Luther or something.

        They probably never entertained the idea of burning one, because of the reasons mentioned.

        No, they didn’t entertain the idea because they were more honorable and humble than moderns, who are complete degenerates.

        I did not completely understand the point you ate trying to make

        It’s difficult to put into words if you’re looking for an explanation, like trying to teach a blind man about color, I am more surprised you don’t understand it instinctively. Just reflect on the fact that no one respectable and capable of producing advanced civilization has done such things even with the printing press available. Do you also go to graveyards to randomly piss on tombs? I don’t know what to tell you.

        When the Ottoman Empire was going on strong they didn’t go around randomly burning churches, setting bibles and monks on fire or putting castles to the sword for no reason. Reflect on your own faith and spirituality and consider the matter.

        • someDude says:

          I understand your point. What I don’t understand is your vitriol. Certainly there is a lot to dislike the progs for and spew vitriol on them. But Quran Burning hardly makes it to the top 10. Its your sense of priorities that is confusing me.

          Also, Don’t Mohammedans burn the flags of other countries during protests? For a nationalist, that is as incendiary an act as burning a religious scripture would be to the faithful. For many cultures the MotherLand or the FatherLand is a deity.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      The Spaniards burned all of the Aztec and Mayan holy books they could find. They went looking pretty hard to find as many as possible to destroy. Burning the books of demon worshippers is not a modern affectation. If I ever get the chance, the only Korans left in existence would be hidden in Inquisitorial vaults and Islam would be a religion practiced only in hell.

      • someDude says:

        Okay, Sanity restored. Though Jim does not seem to like it. I was wondering if there was some deep esoteric socio-psychological reason Western Taliban was hinting at.

      • Western Taliban says:

        Muslims respect Jesus Christ more than modern Europeans, it’s easier to spit on Jesus Christ in the West that it is in the Middle East.

        Books of demons are obviously not holy, but as far as I know the Spaniards didn’t burn “holy books”. They went there and told them directly and to their face that what they worshiped were clearly demons while inside their own city from the very beginning, directly to the emperor and the priests. It is a completely different context. Those very same men never even thought of burning a Quran, even though they spent centuries fighting them off.

        If I ever get the chance, the only Korans left in existence would be hidden in Inquisitorial vaults and Islam would be a religion practiced only in hell.

        Someone like you will never get a chance, you are not worthy.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Can you say something along the lines of, “Mohammed was a heretic demon worshipper who will burn in hell for his lies?”

          • jim says:

            The “angel” that appeared to Mohammed was demon, whether demons are real or metaphorical, for he represented an inconstant God. Which is why the Muslim world inherently has the problems that it has today and always has had.

            This does not necessarily make Mohammedans demon worshipers. It makes them deceived.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              It would necessarily make Mohammed himself a demon worshipper. I am not actually interested in whether or not they actually worship demons. Enough of them do for me to damn the lot. I want to know if Western Taliban is using his name semi-ironically, in the fashion of the White Sharia meme, or if he is a mohammedan in actual fact. Asking him to commit a mild blasphemy against the demon prophet of mecca is a shill test I am applying to him.

              • Western Taliban says:

                You’re no one to demand “shill tests”, but even then it’s not an actual shill test, it’s just some degenerate ramble.

                But I’ll tell you directly that no, I’m not a Muslim. My ancestors would turn in their graves if I was, I’d rather die. My people have done more to fight Islam than yours several times over, the blood feud is actually real and deeper than anything you can invoke.

                You don’t understand the issue because you have no honor and are extremely arrogant. My moniker is a form of respect to a group of men who, albeit my likely enemies in a different time period, have proven themselves. That is already more that can be said for westerners in general. In Anglin’s words: Americans are a bunch of fat worthless losers who do nothing but eat burgers, watch porn and masturbate all day.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It is absolutely a shill test. Even taking taqiya into account, it is not the sort of thing a mohammedan could say. That is the whole point of the test. Not saying it does not prove you are one, but saying it would prove you are not.

                  I save my honor for people worth it. They kill children, so I will not spare theirs. They destroy our holy things and places, so I will not spare theirs. They took our lands, so I will take theirs. If I ever get the chance, I will put Ghengis Khan to shame. He was an honorable man and he still made a desert and called it peace. God willing, I will be able to inflict a similar peace on them.

                • jim says:

                  > Americans are a bunch of fat worthless losers who do nothing but eat burgers, watch porn and masturbate all day.

                  Yes they are, but that is because of the women problem. If women get forever choice if consent is moment to moment, ninety percent of men will lose. So, since reproduction and survival is the most important thing, they adopt the lifestyle of a loser all round.

            • Jehu says:

              I don’t care much for Islam, but a while back I drove by an Islamic center with a squishy rainbow pride flag flying Lutheran church next door. I reflected to my wife and kids that I probably had more in common with the Moslems there than with the Lutherans. To wit, the Moslems and I both agree:

              There is a God that demands stuff of us in terms of behavior and I’m not Him.

              We all have a serious sin problem that we can’t address without Divine help. And we’re all going to face judgment by that same God absent help for that sin problem.

              I don’t believe that those Lutherans believe those two propositions.

              I also believe that the Moslems likely have demoted the Lord Jesus Christ far less than the Lutherans have. The Moslems demote Him to a major prophet, on the scale of Elijah or perhaps Moses, whereas the Lutherans demote him lower than a community organizer.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Comparing American Progressive Christianity to mohammedans is hardly a fair comparison. The sand people are inbred and barely above niggers, but they are still the picture of health compared with a GRIDS-and-monkeypox-infected faggot drug addict. Someone can be a piece of shit scumbag and still be less despicable than an even bigger scumbag.

                I am not saying we spare the female pastor and start burning korans like retards. I want to burn mohammedan and heretic alike, side-by-side on pyres kindled with pride flags and korans. In minecraft.

                • Jehu says:

                  The problem is that right now, if we rated Islam as a ‘Christian denomination’, they’d probably be in the top half in terms of orthodoxy and orthopraxis. That’s a sad state of affairs. I remember when the bottom half included JW’s and Mormons. Now pretty much all of the big denominations are gone or going that way. My view is that Moslems are way down my enemies list. Yeah they’re on it, but they’re way lower than GAE, progressive ‘Christian’ denominations and the like.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Islam is 7th Century Scientology and only appropriate for semi-human cousin-fuckers, but it’s still 1000 times better than Progressivism or pozzed-out mainstream Christianity. It also has a slight chance of actually beating the progs, which is more than we can say. Our best plan is to wait until the Lefties destroy themselves along with what’s left of what used to be our civilization, then fight it out in the ruins and rebuild. The muzzies might actually conquer them (and us) if they can resist turning into soyjacks for another generation or two. My money is on the Left, but Islam has a chance.

        • someDude says:

          This is what is bothering me. You are also spewing Vitriol on someone who is ostensibly on your own side over this issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      When the Muslims have no qualms about desecrating holy places and texts of other religions, why do you have these gay hang ups about paying them back in the same coin? You weak faggot.

      • jim says:

        That is one of the many very bad things about Islam. We should not imitate them.

        Unless, of course, state of war prevails, which it usually does, and they caused it, which they usually do.

        But in general a Christian should show courteous, but not religious, respect, to the sacred totems of other faiths, unless demonic. Peace on earth to all men of good will. There are, on the other hand, ample supply of men of bad will.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          After the past 14 centuries of their misbehavior, their religion is demonic. Allah is a demon of war and rape, and deserves no consideration from Christians unless they happen to live in occupied Christian lands. Then they must keep their head down and render unto Caesar. In Christian lands, we should burn their mosques and expel the believers. They kill little kids at Christmas markets. I will preferentially target GAE and globohomo over mohammedans, but I will not hold my fire if they so much as look at me funny.

          • alf says:

            What is your opinion on the Abassid empire, being how it is regarded as the golden age of Islam and all?

            • someDude says:

              While the Abbassid Caliphate was extant,

              1. Muhammad Ghazni attacked and razed to the ground several temples, massacred hindu non combatants in the 100s of thousands, sent untold Booty to Baghdad, had a lot of fun with Rape, slavery etc etc all very proudly recorded in Islamic records of that time

              2. Muhammad Ghori did the same about 175 years later

              These are the two Successful invaders. There were several more which had their asses handed down to them, but had they won, the results would scarcelay have been different. Whatever they say about the early Golden age of Islam was probably them consuming the social and human capital built up by the Persian Zoroastrians

              Thundercock’s point stands

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              I have very little trust in Islamic scholarship, and less in progressive scholarship on Islam. In short, my opinion on the so-called golden age of islam is three words: We was kangz.

              • alf says:

                I have very little trust in Islamic scholarship, and less in progressive scholarship on Islam.

                Ha, no doubt much truth in that.

              • TheDividualist says:

                There was *Persian* scholarship under Islamic rule which both Arabs and libs like to call “Islamic scholarship” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_ibn_Musa_al-Khwarizmi

                The man was Persian but living under Arab Muslim rule so he had to use an Arab name

                The Persians were a great Aryan-led civilisation, too bad that they got Islamized, but still it took a long time for even Islam to dumb them down. During that time, they had scholarship. Then, not. @alf

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  If a horde of desert nomads rode into America, routed its diverse military, beheaded every government employee, tossed the gays off rooftops, and told productive people, “Do as you wish, but give us five percent of everything you produce,” America would also enjoy a renaissance that the desert nomads would take credit for, with some justification.

                  Would this felicitous state of affairs be sustainable long-term? Probably not, but what is?

                • Aidan says:

                  Yes, the “great achievements of Islam” were basically just Persians in arab blackface. The Abbasid caliphate was just the Persian empire taking over because Rome was finally gone.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          I don’t want to burn Qurans. I want to expel all Muslims.

          “You can live here just as long as we’re allowed to offend you. That’s what freedom means.”

          Diseased boomer mindset.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I want to expel all mohammedans from existence. The abuse is to intimidate them so that genociding them in our countries is easier and dissuades other Islamic countries from trying to back them up. I am not offending them for offending them’s sake. I am offending them because it will make killing them all easier in the long run.

            • someDude says:

              Right, so you would burn a Koran as a rallying point for your own troops as a prelude to War. In a sense it’s like William the conqueror burning the ships after landing in England.

              You’re essentially telling your own side that you have burnt the ships and there is no possibility of a deal with the Mohammedans. There is no possibility of you selling them out to the Mohammedans either. It’s like crossing the Rubicon. There is no going back from that act

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                The message I’m getting here is that Swedes burning Korans is like Ukrainians burning Russian flags, an act of impotent rage that’s not going to get your country back.

      • Aryaman says:

        There is a difference between building cathedrals on the rubbled ruins of their mosques you set ablaze and burning their holy book.

        Larry David urinates on Jesus because he is impotent, has no sense of honor or integrity, lacks the vision and providence to actually raze churches to the ground and conquer what is left. This is much the same. The Mughals turned to rubble many Hindu temples and countless Hindu artifacts. Whereas modern feminists write demonic romances of Sita as a whore, and use the judiciary to compel Hindu temples admit women where they were not once allowed.

        did any crusader ever anywhere piss on the Quaran?

        • someDude says:

          There is no account of any Hindu warrior either pissing on the Quran or such like. And I was wondering why. Then I ask what would I do if I was in their place. Would I piss on a Quran or burn it publicly as a field commander or a General?

          And the answer is, that it will unnecessarily rile up the opposing force and provide them with cohesion that I do not want them to have in addition to making many on my side uncomfortable. The squeeze is not worth the juice.

          Higher priority is winning battles by motivating my own side with promses of unlimited Muslim Pussy and giving the defeated Moslem males the choice of conversion to Hinduism, expulsion, live in a ghetto as low status untouchables or death.

      • Western Taliban says:

        And yet, Muslims don’t burn Bibles.

        You are the petty, powerless and pathetic weak faggot here, just like the Swedes are pathetic weak faggots who burn holy scriptures while losing cities wholesale and the French even more so, and they’re getting replaced by the Muslims.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:


          19 So it was, as soon as he came near the camp, that he saw the calf and the dancing. So Moses’ anger became hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hands and broke them at the foot of the mountain. 20 Then he took the calf which they had made, burned it in the fire, and ground it to powder; and he scattered it on the water and made the children of Israel drink it.

          I am no iconoclast, but I make an exception for Mohammed and his book of lies and all his works. The Koran is no holy scripture. It is an evil book, it leads to evil works, and it has no value except as a warning.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          We Dharmics will always have a difference of opinion on this topic. The desert cultists are implacable foes of dharmic civilization and will be treated as such if we come to power.

          The fundamental of their religion is world conquest and domination. Unless you convert and (even after that) admit yourself to a second class slave like existence no peace is possible with the desert cult.

          No amount of temporarily allying with them will change their ways. Their rabid universalism is the biggest problem. Far worse and more fundamental than the universalism of Christianity. Jimian Christianity with national churches and capitalism should be incompatible with universalism of any kind.

  26. Red says:

    Off topic, I’m going to take a break. I hate arguing with good men (Pax and Starman) over stupid shit but I find it hard to restrain myself(Spergs are going to sperg). I’m just making myself hate men I really like so it’s best if I take off.

    My life is finally starting to fit into order and I wanted to thank everyone here for the solid knowledge on so many subjects that have both enlightened my mind and helped push in the right direction.

    I wanted to thank SJ for his game advice, I’m currently spinning 2 plates thanks to him, even if the spinning isn’t well done as I’d like. You may be a crazy with your talk about every other guy being a tranny, but your game advice is very good. Cheers.

    KD, I hope have a scotch and cigar with you at Jim’s blog gatherings/shooting range/camp out when we are able to come to power as the GAE crumbles.

    Com, you are a very bright man who should start lifting weights and move on from despair and whoring, you could be so much better than that.

    And of course thank you to our Teacher Jim. There’s never anyone like Jim with such a wide verity of knowledge on so many subjects and thought crimes, who can present things in such a understandable manner. Without Jim and his marry band of thought criminals the world would be a very depressing place.

  27. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Porn and whores are controlled by limiting the amount of women who can become whores. Whoring is an ancient profession and it was tolerated by our European forebears even as they shunned it. Something can be immoral and damaging to the individual, but banning it can still create more harm than good to the society. Wives knowing that neglecting their men will send them to spend their money on whores is a good incentive to be a dutiful wife. Seeing whores be socially shunned and excluded is also very informative for young girls; other women will shun you if you are a whore.

    Certain aspects of it urgently need to be curtailed, such as onlyfans whores manipulating young men into simulated relationships and then parasitizing them, but banning whores is not the proven method. Marriage by capture would be an effective method, or the modern version of coveture and keeping women isolated and at home. Men who have a fiance or a wife who loves, honors, and obeys them is going to do far more than banning porn will for keeping them from chasing porn whores.

    • Adam says:

      If the elites and the state religion can castrate a nations boys *by getting the parents to do it for them* then the porn issue is not a hard problem to solve. Without elite support it will more or less just go away.

  28. Kunning Drueger says:

    I hate to detract from the relentless pornography conversation, the Ghost-tier shilling, and the pathetic D&C poasting, but I feel compelled to discuss conspiracy theorization and it’s been a while since I’ve made some classic KD Terrible Predictions by the KD Terrible Prediction Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jim’s Right Metanational Based Conglomerate), so here’s the latest:

    I think Shoigu is firing all the good generals to free them up for Wagner, which will expand using Belarusian resources and manpower to sweep down into Ruthenia Proper and block the Neo Polish-Lithuanian Tardmanwealth.

    • jim says:

      That is certainly a possible outcome, but if it comes to pass, I doubt it will be the consequence of conscious intention at the top, but rather the chaos unleashed by the fall of empire.

  29. Don Jorge Sortinos says:

    Second week on the job as a GS14 in the IRS. I have no idea what to do. I don’t think they want me to do anything. Last week got caught up on my sleep. Any advice. My last job was picking strawberries in California. At least I don’t have to live like a street shitting Indian anymore, right! Or a gay hooker like Kunning Druger.

    • someDude says:


    • Dharmicreality says:

      Getting a lot of sock puppetry these days. Wish the script writers were a bit more entertaining though. This is cringe level spoofing.

    • Don Jorge Sortinos says:

      Chad says to pull yourself up by your bootstraps or he’ll eat your spleen.

    • Don Jorge Sortinos says:

      Three Pakis’ walk into an Indian restaurant ordering chicken tikka masala and naan-bread in a spicy curry. One of them sees Kamala Harris at another table eating a dog and suddenly gets the running shits. Asks the maître d’ where the toilet is and is directed to the street in the back alley where he is surrounded by human feces and maggots. When finished Kunning Druger, a makeshift bathroom attendant, offers him a towel because it’s the only job he can get.

      • Vlad says:

        And all my posts are deleted cuz I honestly don’t know which exact shit move of soros you hate the most lol

        • jim says:

          Tell us Soros’s role in the Blinken Nuland Kagan Soros conspiracy to give us another brother war.

          And, while you are at it, tell us what the problem is that ensues if a state, society, tribe, religion, people, empire, or faith emancipates women.

    • The Cominator says:

      This one is kinda true… worthless immigrants do get high level government (and “private” institutions the government controls) jobs.

      • Don Jorge Sortinos says:

        I can get you a job as my assistant GS9 making $90K per annum. But, you’ll have to help me dispose of the occasional dead hooker.

        • The Cominator says:

          Never killed one…

          • Don Jorge Sortinos says:

            Of course you didn’t… Did I say dead hooker? I meant to say meat bag with bones. My bad! HR says I can only hire a black woman. So… put on a lot of QT extra dark and a dress and heels. You’ll answer only to Tanisha Comintator, got that! And bring a large bag of lime from Home Depot, thanks!

        • jim says:

          You are now on moderation for lack of funny. Improve your act.

          Your persona is an undesirable recent immigrant. Keep in character, or flesh out a new character.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Where I was some years ago, almost everyone from GS-07 to GS-14 was White, male, and close to retirement, or even way past retirement age. USG can’t find nearly enough replacements for core DoD civilian engineering work, and the ones they could find just didn’t want to stick around. While they were good and capable men with tremendous experience, I couldn’t stand the work culture. The rules, the process, the boredom. 7-9k a month couldn’t ameliorate the pain of often doing absolutely nothing because of outside logistic problems. Say some government contractor, often a minority owned business, fucks up and delays the shipment of vital parts by a week. The result was having to sit in a SCIF alone for 15 hours a day that entire week with nothing to do.

        I was told it wasn’t always like that, and that they were trying to regain capability to do great things again. I observed that they were still capable of doing great things because the workforce was almost identical to the workforce 30 years ago, minus a few retirements and deaths, but hard to do anything when the minority woman owned business you’re mandated to contract out to delivers electronics that have the negative and positive wiring switched and several hundred thousand dollars of low production electronics go up in smoke as soon as you plug it in. They lost the capability to do stuff because the government killed the supply chain, and the most stupid thing about the whole situation is that higher DoD bureaucracy, the political appointed ones, decided the problem was simply a lack of funding. Of course everyone in the workplace knew what the actual problem was, but that didn’t matter at all.

  30. Pax Imperialis says:

    Apparently I’m a moralfag McChristian for being perturbed by this:

    2020 is effectively nigger faggot porn. What would someone from 1990 think about 2020?

    Here’s the 1967 Super Bowl:

    What would someone from 1967 think about 1990? To them, it would have likely been seen as scandalous as well. We can keep turning the clock backwards to see this degradation of Western morals started as far back as 1550 in England. Prior to that, Western society managed to maintain 1000 years of Christian moral standards. They were also, arguably, much more capitalistic as well compared to what ever mutated form of communism we have today. That’s not to say prostitution and other vices didn’t exist, or that heresies didn’t exist, but they were far from the public square, hidden away in obscure brothels, and actively suppressed by the authorities such that it was low status and coverture was high status.

    So when I see stuff like:

    “there should be a law…” or “the government should get involved with…” or some other statement of the same flavor, it’s a Whig idea

    I see an abdication of power due to a libertarian aligned philosophical mindset which itself originated from Whiggism. Anytime you abdicate power you give it to someone else… which in the case of the West are Progressive Whigs. i.e. listening to the enemy tell you to freely hand over power. The Taliban very much has laws enforcing moral standards, they are the government of Afghanistan and are involved with ruling. So no, it’s not a Whig idea, but a natural idea of power to lock down power. This is inherent to any government or any hierarchy.

    Some are saying coverture is the solution. On it’s own, this is cargo cultism. If you could magically install coverture today it would fall apart in less than a generation. Without actively suppressing the alternatives into low status it simply cannot work. This necessitates might as proscribed by law which is always some form of government. Ending the whore problem in colonial Australia did not magically spring out of the dirt, it was enforced by a patriarchal government with full legal right backed by might. There needs to be understanding on why coverture died and why active suppression of alternatives failed. As Jim points out, coverture was murdered by the Romance movement. I argue not directly murdered, but as a consequence of the effective dismantlement of active suppression.

    A brief overlook of publishing houses in the 1700s to 1900s reveals the Romance movement was largely subversive erotic literature produced by and consumed by male elites from within the British aristocracy. They provided a level of political protection to publishing houses. Monarchies found themselves ill prepared to handle the printing press and had difficulty developing legal pretext for removal of established but subversive aristocrats. Monarchies lost the arms race, and a minority of subversive elites were then able to use new communication technology to outflank the established communication technologies of throne and alter feudalism.

    In order to restore coverture you need to solve the printing press problem, which has morphed into the worse TV and radio problem, that has in turn gotten significantly worse as its turned into the internet problem. Hostile AI will only drive the problem even further. It can reduced to calling it the communication problem: Any mode of communication used by power outside the control of hierarchy ends up being used against the established hierarchy.

    The Saudis did not sufficiently close off their internet or the education system of their elites. Progressivism is slowly seeping in and they are likely not far from an end of Islamic version of coverture. It’s their lack of what Western leftists would call authoritarianism that is slowly dismantling Saudi Monarchy. Continental Monarchy was well on it’s way to solving the printing press problem and likely to solve the TV/radio problem, but they got murdered in 1918.

    My disagreement with allowing porn (really just enemy controlled communication) to freely proliferate is effectively a proxy for my disagreement with allowing any form of communication from proliferating after coup completion. All the doors of open society must be slammed shut and then welded shut with Chinese style Covid era brutality. Again, not a ban for I don’t advocate going door to door in draconian searches and burning people, just as the Chinese aren’t burning the Uyghurs, but transmission would be actively suppressed… although I’m getting increasingly partial to the Taliban’s proscription of throwing people off roof tops.

    • jim says:

      > Apparently I’m a moralfag McChristian for being perturbed by this:

      Bored now.

      There are no end of perturbing things and our society. Root cause or a major contributor to most of them is the abolition of coverture.

      I am not interested in talking about porn or thinking about porn. Lets stop talking about porn and talk about coverture, the family courts, and child protective services.

      You are crapping up the comments section with a discussion that is no more interesting than an election between Pence and Biden. (Neither of which could possibly get preselection in any honest primary, but we are long past having honest primaries.)

      If I get to be grand inquisitor, Romance literature and the depiction of sexual deviance will be mighty high on my list. What the inquisition does about porn is going to be so low on my list that the issue likely gets kicked downstairs to a minor minion.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Let’s talk about coverture. You say Romance literature is the root cause, I observes that Romance literature’s proliferation occurred at the same time monarchy lost ability to actively suppress subversion in the communication channels used by their elites. As soon as that happened, monarchical regime security took a nose dive because everyone could now openly scheme against the monarch. A condition that has plagued the West ever since the printing press and has only accelerated since. This condition is highly tilted to sustained oligarchy since once the king is gone, schemes are dispersed having no central target.

        Taking back control would require seizing the means of communication, ideally without brutality. That is a reasonable proposition considering how the traditional Amish and Mennonite communities can function with high levels of communication control, more if only they’d stop sending their kids out of their communities every so often. Although, we don’t have the cohesive homogeneity of the Amish, having divisions similar to Elizabethan England’s Protestant vs. Catholic conflict plus a dozen others, we’d need a massive security apparatus. An American monarchy would be extremely unstable for the first 20 years. Most efforts would be consumed by trying to hold onto power and stabilize regime security. Political program is the top priority before any, in order of increasing importance, social-culture-religious program. We talk a lot about solving the political problem here, so lets optimistically considered this solved with a pending execution.

        We can’t just wave a ‘magic’ legal document to bring coverture back. That’s what anti-abortion proponents are doing in the US and it’s failing hard, hence they’re a cargo cult, they haven’t even begun to think about how to make it work or sustainable. It’s similar to what I’m seeing here with a few lackadaisical proclamations that coverture is the fix, without a pathway to get there it’s cargo cultism. The many underlying social/culture/religious technologies that made coverture possible in the first place that we simply don’t have today.

        Coverture is a social program to solve problems between men and women, like shotgun marriage, but social programs rests upon cultural traditions and norms (that America has spent the last several centuries destroying) which comes from religious authority, which comes from power. It took the Russians ~10 years to stabilize the new regime and ~30 years to partially install Orthodox Christianity as the new state religion. They’re still not done. Orthodoxy has a clear hierarchical structure that is conducive for the demands of state religions. All successful state religions do. American Christianity simply does not have that. We’d have to create a Christian Nationalist Patriarchy. That’s probably a 10 year project on it’s own. The religious priority is therefore an American version of the Papacy. Only then can you start talking about rolling out new traditions and norms after which you can make legal documents that are really ‘magic.’

        We haven’t even begun to think about creating a Christian Nationalist Patriarchy and installing them as the state religion with a permanent council in DC along with a High Priest. I don’t even know where to begin with that one. Optimistically, ~50 years out. Until then, coverture, as nation wide policy, is pie in the sky cargo cult worship of an advanced bygone people. Tell you what Jim, maybe you should aim to be High Priest.

        • Red says:

          We can’t just wave a ‘magic’ legal document to bring coverture back. That’s what anti-abortion proponents are doing in the US and it’s failing hard, hence they’re a cargo cult, they haven’t even begun to think about how to make it work or sustainable. It’s similar to what I’m seeing here with a few lackadaisical proclamations that coverture is the fix, without a pathway to get there it’s cargo cultism. The many underlying social/culture/religious technologies that made coverture possible in the first place that we simply don’t have today.

          They’re failing because they don’t have state and the state religion’s backing. Their enforcers are not being told to enforce it and the state religions turns any attempts to enforce into a great moral panic giving the elites cover not to exercise power.

          Contrast with the protection the state and the state religion is providing for the faggot pride flag. Hit your break too hard on one when it panted in a public street and you’ll spend more time in jail than a murder would.

          • jim says:

            > We can’t just wave a ‘magic’ legal document to bring coverture back.

            Yes we can.

            Observe that female emancipation has been culturally turned on and off as abruptly as if someone flicked a light switch.

            Turn emancipation off culturally as it has been turned off before, and then we can make a legal document to make reality legal. It is just like passing a fitness test. In fact it is passing a fitness test. The drama will last no longer than any other time you pass a fitness test.

            There was a bit of high drama in Australia when they started shotgun marrying the whores, just as there is any time you pass a fitness test, but it went away almost instantly.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              They’re failing because they don’t have state and the state religion’s backing.

              I know, I pointed both out, but the issue of religion is a bit more difficult, as I said:

              We’d have to create a Christian Nationalist Patriarchy. That’s probably a 10 year project on it’s own. The religious priority is therefore an American version of the Papacy. Only then can you start talking about rolling out new traditions and norms after which you can make legal documents that are really ‘magic.’

              >Yes we can.

              The light switch rotted out and the remains are in enemy control. You can’t just flip the switch because first you’ll need to build a new successor state religion, then oust the current one when you take control, and finally build a new switch, a cadre of priests to run around the country proselytizing and telling people it’s all okay. It took 380 years to turn the hostile pagan Rome Christian. While they started from zero and we are not, it’s an example that building a state religion inside a hostile empire takes time. Not hopeless, but lots of work to be done.

              The switch could be instantly flipped in Australia because the social infrastructure of the governing body was already there. The switch in 1930s America could be flipped over a decade because the elite cohesively had a change of heart. Wining the war took precedent. The elites today are likely not capable of cohesively having a change of heart on feminism and will need to be comprehensively replaced. You’re looking at a complete reboot of government. I optimistically say 10 years to reorganize Christian Nationalism into a coherent Patriarchy, but getting all the other groups on board (or dealing with them), and creating a new priesthood to run around the country, will take much longer.

              I point out it took the Russians ~30 years to implement the new state religion and it’s still in it’s infancy. That was under ideal conditions where the previous hostile state religion committed suicide. Will Harvard commit suicide to make room for Christianity? Or will Harvard have to be physically removed? We are in a worse position than 1990s Russia and that’s going to be reflected in how long it takes to rebuild.

              There was a bit of high drama […]

              I’m not concerned about gnashing of teeth by women when coup complete. I’m concerned about how long it’s going to take for coup to be organized. From my location, kinda getting overrun by trashy Hispanics, Whites who’ve gone full Taco LARP, and growing number of full head to toe Hijab Muslims from Somalia. This is going to become very volatile.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                adoption or re-adoption of a state religion requires a massive blood sacrifice. I understand why you think it can’t just happen overnight, that’s my inclination as well. but I think you need to acknowledge, just as I must do daily, that my perceptions and intuitions are completely skewed because I have existed fully in the Whig Bubble, The so-called long piece that has tainted the perceptions and perspectives of pretty much everyone, with the exception of a few Gen. Bucknekkids. Russia has taken so long because they didn’t have a war, and I don’t mean to disregard the second Chechen War, but it was on the shoulders of that conflict that the true restoration of the Russian state began. The longer they went without a war, the slower, the progress and the increase in backsliding. but now that they are at war again, we can see that the re-adoption of orthodoxy is increasing a pace. this is the unfortunate reality of human society: until something truly new and groundbreaking appears (like maybe solar system colonization?), The only mechanism for paradigm shift in the physio spiritual space is war. so of course, if the brezhnevian malaise continues in CONUS, The tendency will be incremental change in the left word direction, Cthulhu swimming ever leftward as we all understand and expect. without a war, there will be no quick change to the state religion. but all the analysis here, as well as every other place with thinking men of substance and goodwill, points to a period of conflict in the near to Middle distance. when the blood starts flowing, religiosity will return to a degree that will make it seem like it never left, because in all honesty it didn’t leave, it has just been suborned to the Whig religion of Progressivism.

              • jim says:

                > The light switch rotted out

                Did not rot out. In 1963 emancipation was culturally switched on as suddenly and arbitrarily as it had been switched off. In 1973, the idea that a husband exercising his conjugal rights was “rape” was still so strange and alien that people just did not get it. It was incomprehensible, and our overlords had to keep on explaining to the masses.

                Switching emancipation on took far more effort and time than switching it off, because emasculating men takes a whole lot more time and effort than passing a woman’s fitness test.

                • Adam says:

                  I assume elites turn the light switch on and off by granting favor to those that can deliver them what they want. I imagine most things are somewhat indirect, in the sense that the elites are not necessarily sitting down and mapping out how to solve the war problem, or this problem or that problem, so much as they are backing those that can offer to solve the problems for them. I don’t know that they need to know or want to know exactly how the sausage is made.

                • jim says:

                  Hitler wins the election, first wave feminism is suddenly no more in the USA. Sure looks like elites sitting down around a coffee table and deciding where they are going.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I have a hard time seeing female emancipation being culturally switched on and off. American women were still voting in between 1933-1973. The few legacy coverture laws were still being scrubbed off the books between 1920 and 1960, and even during the war there was “moderate” feminist propaganda being produced by the government. It’s closer to a partial, environment induced, moment of sobriety rather than actual abstinence that, on the historical scale, immediately relapsed into full blown addiction. Stealing one of Yarvin’s jokes and refashioning it, the New England cohort decided the solution to radical feminist sexual terrorism was by supporting moderate feminist sexual terrorism, but what’s moderate and radical keeps shifting to more feminism.

                  I think personality is largely genetic even if it can be radically shaped by environment and experience. I think the forefathers of the New England cohort were a bit sexually deviant in 1500 as are their descendants today. Their policy of female emancipation is mostly a reflection of inherent personality traits allowed to run wild without a king to smack them back into place. Like how Russians and Asians have proclivity towards hard liquor, New England has a proclivity towards sexual anarchy.

                  Any restoration is likely going to be sourced from dissident elites… who, in America, are largely going to be New England descendants. Restoring sexual order is going to require working against their nature and that’s going to be hard. Or you can try to build a new elite which is going to take a lot of effort as well.

                  I can concede to the idea that a metaphorical switch could be flipped if we could outright loot a horde of traditional, swamp German, Mennonites, who more or less still practice coverture today, and strategically deploy around the country to do priesting, but I don’t think they’d appreciate being uprooted from their insular communities. I also don’t think it would be good for their people as well.

                  But back to the New Englanders, sexual deviancy can still be selected for in breeding patterns, above replacement rate, for a long time before something snaps and fertility falls off a cliff. We see that has happened with the elites. As a marker of fitness, not a good sign. I think it’s likely they’re going to be demographically replaced by some sort of German Scott religious hybred group, and if restoration is dependent on full elite replacement, that’s going to take a long time.

                • jim says:

                  > immediately relapsed into full blown addiction

                  On the contrary, the cultural de-emancipation of women soaked deeper and deeper into the culture, rendering the laws on the books increasingly irrelevant and incongruous, all the way to 1963, when the switch was suddenly flicked in the other direction

                • alf says:

                  Hitler wins the election, first wave feminism is suddenly no more in the USA.

                  But in England, although they were able to turn off the switch preceding the first world war, they had a very hard time doing so preceding the second world war. All signs of their appeasement policy pointed toward ‘on the path of degeneracy, no time for war.’ Had to haul in Churchill to do what they couldn’t. And Churchill, owing to his lifelong experience in politics, war and networking, pulled it off.

                  Where is our Caesar, controlled or uncontrolled today? Who has that kind of experience? Who can build it when everything in the public space is gay and fake, and has been gay and fake for a while?

                  I am not rejecting the notion that, on a biological level, emancipation can easily be switched off. I am always pleasantly surprised by how men instinctively act towards their woman as if coverture were legal, and obviously how women love that act.

                  Just saying that to actually accomplish that on a societal scale, within our lifetime — that’s a puzzle with a lot of moving pieces. You need:
                  – guns. Some kind of army. Loyal soldiers. Where are we to find them? Blackrock? The closest thing we have to a plan is Aidan’s plan, and that is not exactly a shortshot.
                  – a faith. Jim’s Christianity. Has to be Jim’s Christianity or something else very closely resembling it. The faith outranks the media, but how the faith translates to media is a non-trivial question. Need a dumbed down version for virality.
                  – money. Or more generally, enough societal functionality for coordination, but if you have adequately solved the money/crypto question, I think you’re in business.

                  If you have that, you can get started. Hell, once you get going, should be fun. There is a lot to do, ranging from but not restricted to:
                  – abolition of parliament, restoration or establishment of monarchy. Probably establishment though — are the European monarchical houses still fit for rule? I have my doubts. (But do note how even that almost footnote-like thought has a lot of consequences.)
                  – proclamation of the nation’s faith: Christianity. Appoint arch bishop and inquisitor.
                  – dissolution of the universities. Very much looking forward to this one.
                  – law changes: bring back coverture, death penalty, some other stuff. Get rid of laws strangling business.
                  – proscriptions.
                  – go to mars.

                  The list goes on.

                  It is not that that list is unattainable, far from it. On a long enough timescale, it is almost inevitable. But on a short timescale I do agree with Pax that we have a damn long way to go.

                • jim says:

                  Culture is downstream of power. If power decides to change the culture, poof, the culture changes. Look at Poland and gay. If a radical change in one direction can happen so fast (Poland being brought almost overnight into cultural alignment with Europe and Nato) cultural change in the other direction can happen equally fast.

                  Start throwing sexually aggressive trannies off high buildings in front of an assembled crowd and cameras rolling, the crowd will be cheering before they hit the ground.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  A long Alf comment. Nice.

                  I usually hate panaceas, but I cannot help but point out that a legit war, by which I mean casualties in abundance, long lists of the glorious dead, and a necessity to suspend “global” normality in an effort to have Normal Society “soldier” in, solves easily 75% of your concerns, and ~75% of the unsolved ones. Still a long way to go, but way easier.

                  For all parties, of course, which is why the Total Normie Death crowd still has juice inside the beltway.

                • alf says:

                  [a war] solves easily 75% of your concerns

                  Heh well ‘war is the father of us all’.

                  But I don’t want some temporary ruler whose sons will go at each other’s throats the moment dad’s no longer around. I want God’s Kingdom.

                  Also, forgot to add, but it is interesting to observe how different people go about working towards our general goals. I envy how you, KD, seem to be building (or at least attempting to build) an actual network of Christian gigachads. I on the other hand am instinctively bunkering; it’s not that I don’t try a bit of networking here and there, just that this blend of Neoreaction/Christianity is so alien to most of my countrymen that it takes too much talking for too little result.

                • alf says:

                  If power decides to change the culture

                  It’s not the culture change that I am zero’d in on, it’s the power change. That’s the kicker right.

                  Power is hard-earned.

            • Vlad says:


        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The basic matter is you make a variety of cogent statements about various things in general, but which are unrelated or merely tangentially related to your preoccupation with men’s choices in spank material in particular. Has not been made clear what if anything you are actually advocating in regards to this matter.

          A powersource lying on the table will be picked up by something, absolutely; but what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Not clear how Z follows from A. The link you presumably assume to be obvious has not been spelled out. You speak of A which is true, but then where does Z come into the picture? It sounds like a non-sequitur.

          Heresy is already proscribed in any case. What special dispensation is necessary? Surely you don’t think your interlocutors have been arguing for giving a special pass to communications if they take the form of smut; ie, ‘this is a porn parody so it is except from charges of heresy teehee’. If not that, then what?

          • dharmicreality says:

            I am also having difficulty in unpacking what exactly Pax’s point is. There is a lot of degeneracy around, porn being one of them.

            We are all in general agreement on the subject matter. But the point, again and repeated again is that, all the degeneracy that we see in society today is downstream of the main problem that is, unowned women, i.e. female emancipation and an evil State Religion that upholds those ‘values’. Everything else is a symptom of the disease.

            You don’t treat the symptoms, you want to treat the underlying disease. Simple as.

            We basically need to completely undo female emancipation, make women property again and all the rest will follow, but it is a coup complete problem.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              The 1500s Monarchical establishment didn’t establish control over communication channels the elite were using. The printing press problem. Back channels undermine the vertical communication of hierarchical command structure, too much and it pushed the king out and transforms elites into horizontal communication oligarchy. No longer up and down but side to side.

              With no head, moral authority breaks down in a way that political authority does not. Porn/degeneracy being a symptom but also a nasty positive feedback loop that accelerated traditional moral authority breakdown. Owning (property) women requires a source of positive moral authority because unsurprisingly, men can sympathize with and be influenced by property that can talk. Coverture died first, then marriage, now can’t even monogamously date.

              Directional causality stops mattering in the same way the question of the Chicken or the Egg becomes meaningless. Symptom and disease merge aesthetically. Who knows if Z follows from A, but they’re in the same picture smiling happily together, content in the presence of each other. Taliban didn’t concern themselves over which came first, they wiped it all away in one fell aesthetic swoop. Distancing myself from my Americanism, and looking at it objectively, fall of Kabul was beautiful.

              But once in power, the question of restoring Monarchical structure ultimately becomes a question of establishing control over communication channels and forcing them to be vertical again rather than horizontal. Removing Harvard is not enough. Removing the ability for communication channels to be weaponized against you in the future is imperative. Future academia likely has to be structured top down in a military fashion if involved in areas other than STEM.

              And then there’s the question of state religion, which I think was clear. It too needs to be hierarchical. The lack of hierarchical religion in America to act as a successor state religion precludes coverture being normalized. Creating a Department of Religion that is horizontal in communication channel is bound to result in Puritans running the show, but with 1000 schisms it will be hard putting together anything cohesive under one Patriarch.

              >Surely you don’t think your interlocutors have been arguing for giving a special pass to communications if they take the form of smut

              Having an ongoing major communication breakdown with Red.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                There is no communication breakdown between you and Red, their is a stubborn resistance on your part to contend with the fact that your extensive arguments are simply not compelling. You are doing that Boomer Con thing where you think that if you just cram in enough facts, if you just word your position beautifully enough, you will win over the other side. But that’s not going to happen, for two reasons that I can see.

                1) No one (serious and important) disagrees with your assessment of why porn is bad or that it (more precisely, the causal factors it represents by proxy) needs to be addressed. So all of that part of your argumentation is rendered futile after the first time it is deployed, meaning every re-deployment is adding Noise, not Signal. You aren’t just preaching to the choir, you’re singing the same opening line of an old hymn over and over again. This is tiresome.

                2) You are working from the priors of a demotist system. You are talking about “laws” fully within the Liberal World Order Frame, by which I mean a rime of populist representation over top a depth of bureaucratic operation. You keep talking about Parties and Laws and Governance with the assumption that a post-Restoration, or Coup Complete, government will very much resemble the systems in place now. Additionally, you assume rollbacks, “retvrns,” and reinstitutions of past models of constitutional democracy. To be very blunt, this feels like building sandcastles in a sandbox.

                There is no going back. The only way Out is Through. Of course elements of the past are useful to us, of course old methods can and should be dusted off, reinvigorated, and used properly. But there is no going back, and Jim has articulated very clearly why this is the case. Now, should their be a 7/8ths die off, and the only survivors are us and our guys, I bet we could make a go of running Constitution 2.0 … but why in h*ck would we do that?

                I am only speaking for myself here, obviously, but I am a Monarchist, an Authoritarian with White Christian characteristics. I see no need for volumes of law (English Common Law is trash, we could toss out the entire thing and have a better system from square 0), I see no need for lawyers, I see no need for legions of bureaucrats and box checkers and bean counters. I do see the need for Bureaucracy, as that is the extension of power by proxy and is unavoidable for any leader that wishes to lead people in absentia, control lands he doesn’t occupy, and hold down more territory outside of line of sight and vocalization range. But it’s more important to pick the right people, keep overhead and headcount low, and build systems that incorporate what has been learned the hard way over the last ~300 years, and one of those lessons, one of the most important, is to reduce regulation in all things. Each man is the King of his castle, and this is a very important thing that gets glossed over; the King lends a portion of his Agency to his Nobles, his people, when he yields to their autonomy within the confines of Property. Recall that CR thinks he should be allowed to tell the Peasants what food they should eat, to the point that he wants to outlaw Dominoes Pizza and punish Donny Domino, the guy running the pizza shop. He says this is because he cares about the health of the poor peasants, the ones too stupid to care about their own health and welfare. How is your position different from CR’s in terms of the tools you say should be used and the noble motivations? Please don’t explain “porn bad” to me again for the umpteenth time, that’s not the debate, that’s not what this is about. I’d rather hear and try to understand how what your advocating is any different than all the other “there should be a law for people’s own good” initiatives and crusades.

                Drunk driving is bad. Innocent people suffer because of the bad choices of lone actors. Law upon law, punishment upon punishment gets levied on the populace in the futile attempt to extirpate this badness and sate “the people’s” desire for “justice.” But drunks keep driving, and now good men who’ve had a few beers and are more than capable of operating a vehicle responsibly get their lives ruined, LEOs humiliate and abuse people with stupid roadside torture rituals, HR Karens & Catladies build careers and fortunes off of this pet issue, and miles of paperwork stream endlessly to and fro, all in futility, on the shoulders of Drunk Driving is Bad.

                You and I have so many hills at our disposal. Why you’ve chosen this one to die on, and on the spears of your hard won comrades no less, is utterly perplexing to me.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  There was communication breakdown. Red kept asserting I wanted to ban porn. I kept pointing out at no point did I ever say that or advocate that. I just want to sweep it into a corner out of sight. In the same way I would not argue for a ban on prostitution, but I definitely don’t want solicitation to be taking place on my front lawn, prostitutes should be swept into brothels out of sight. I’m not even saying it has to be that out of sight, just a couple blocks from the main road would suffice.

                  To be fair, I did the same to Red. Half of our posts are us talking past each other. At a certain point I got fanatically stubborn.

                  >You are working from the priors of a demotist system. You are talking about “laws”

                  I don’t think I’m working from the priors of a demotist system, but I am using their language to describe monarchical systems, which sucks and is an exercise in tedium.

                  Demotist systems “culturally appropriated” those terms from monarchy. The King did have laws, his law. The King did have parties, his party. The King did have etc. All these things suck because they got democratized. Law came from somewhere. Its origins is from Kings.

                  Like how our fathers were the government when we were boys. It was his roof and his rule. He was king. His wife the bureaucracy. Imagine if it became the public’s roof and the public’s rule, actually, you don’t need to imagine. Just look at Public Housing with heavy CPS presence. The result is that demotist law isn’t law, rule isn’t rule, etc. “Every man a king” really is a good way of thinking about it, but like how “law” got “culturally appropriated” by leftists, Huey Long used it for socialism.

                  I keep talking about pretext. A very dirty word today, but pretext is often what Monarchs used to removing pesky aristocracy/bureaucrats that should be removed without looking like a tyrant because that does matter. I think pretext has been given a bad name because it originated from monarchical systems and demotists naturally don’t like that. But here’s another way to think of pretext, think about some of the semi truths your parents told you as a child to obtain obedience. They needed your obedience to take care of you, but you were too young to handle the full truth. That is similar to legal pretext where a semi truth is used to facilitate rule. Like a child, there are things that don’t need to be aired out in the open when rule is administered, but a just cause is still required. That’s all pretext is. The bloating of law by lawyers may have happened due to spiraling on pretext.

                  Check out my comment here.

                  My idea of law is based on justice which is inseparable from sovereignty. But sovereigns are inseparable from other sovereigns. They inevitably will be in close proximity to each other on a frequent basis. A power game ensues. Individual sovereigns are what you might call the individual land/business/home owner. Scaled up we get what might be called local government. Scaled up yet further is federal. Because it’s possible to directly answer to one authority directly above you, it’s possible to be co-opted into power hierarchies. That makes Monarchy biased to being a friendly government of sovereigns that is interested in co-opting smaller sovereigns into a formalized hierarchy. That is how the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire could exist without being a system of constant ethnic conflict indicative of what we see today in multi ethnic democracies.

                  Democratic government sources it’s legitimacy from “the people.” Every would be sovereign being answerable to many is impossible, that inherently destroys sovereignty. Therefore, democracy is antithetical to sovereignty and the power game is highly biased towards crushing smaller sovereigns rather than co-opting them. This is unlikely to be a friendly government.

              • jim says:

                Not seeing it. Shakespeare’s company was known as the Kings men, because of direct royal control.

                In his plays within a play, he depicts Kings directly telling players what key parts of the play should say, and, given his job position and the structure of the theater organization in which he worked, that was likely autobiographical.

                If you look at his plays about Kings, there is a central message that the overthrow even of weak, unjust, and arrogant Kings is a very bad thing, for chaos is unleashed, and pressure of circumstances results in the new ruler doing very wicked things. The change in topic matter of his plays coincided with a change of the Royal personnel in charge.

                When Kings were in charge, and they were in charge all the way up to George the fourth, they had about as much control over messaging as we see in the legacy media today. But because they were not trying to immanentize the eschaton, it was considerably less obnoxious and intrusive than today.

            • Vlad says:

              It’s more than porn and it’s not related to how we own our women
              Jim’s point about romantic literature isn’t the example I’d have chosen but it’ll do. But I don’t see an easy fix. Replace porn with rock and roll but that would lead you down a musical ally jazz swing Elizabethan English country music. Maybe outlaw dancing how much license do we allow any sort of artist remember in their time the most conservative artist today were radicals. Maybe you say no problem we’re puritans once we’re in power we shall have bonfire of all the vanities
              But the problem is a civilization that can’t innovate adapt is as doomed as that of one that follows every nigger fad. Those men aristocrats into romance novels also into science theology technology industry etc and those things not morte d Arthur both accelerated us in good ways and bad.
              This is why I keep insisting you can’t set up an arbiter like Christ cuckery it needs to be more like church of Gnon. The test of every cultural change must be is it good for our people and the nation and culture they can not survive without. Church of gnon is church of reality unlike Christianity it recognizes hierarchy is fundamental rather than saying maybe we will anoint king if he acknowledges there are higher authorities.

              • jim says:

                > It’s more than porn and it’s not related to how we own our women

                It is completely related to how we own our women. Take a look at the art and literature from 1663 to 1820. Not much porn, and little or no romance.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Energy not wasted gaming women and teaching other men how to game women was applied to more productive endeavors. Men dearly loved their wives, but it wasn’t the be-all and end-all of their existence because it didn’t have to be.

        • jim says:

          > You say Romance literature is the root cause,

          Not what I said. It is a symptom, not a cause. There was no ban on Romance literature between 1670 and 1820, but there was no romance literature either.

          Romance literature is an immensely bigger and more hurtful problem than male oriented porn, but both porn and romance are primarily symptoms of something terribly wrong, and not themselves causal factors.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            I’m not separating (female oriented porn) Romance literature from male oriented porn, nor hard porn from soft porn. It’s all porn from the 1500 perspective. Some Churches today stand by Romance literature as being porn, but they are losing that fight badly.

            Speaking of 1500s, that’s the birth of English Socialism. Puritanism started spiraling as well with Levellers, Diggers, and Ranters by the 1600s.

            >primarily symptoms of something terribly wrong, and not themselves causal factors

            In biological systems there are many examples of bidirectional causation. Symptoms have an awful tendency to positively feedback into causes which feedback into symptoms. Sometimes have to treat both symptom and cause at the same time in order to get the situation under control.

            I’m not thinking in:


            but ABC…

            Breakdown in knowable causality direction pushes towards naive dialecticism and analysis based on aesthetics. Not that far from BAP and Mishima. Maybe I’ve gone a little crazy, but these are crazy times.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              I’m not separating (female oriented porn) Romance literature from male oriented porn

              You should be. The gender equality game leads only to dark and evil places.

              The male porn-viewer is well aware that what he’s watching is not real. It is not even fantasy. Porn stars look terrible off-screen, and the few who haven’t already hit the wall at 800mph are certainly not wife material. It’s just fap material, visual viagra, a drug to make whacking off a little easier or more fun. Which, yes, can be addictive, but so are lots of other substances.

              This is not at all equivalent to what goes on in a woman’s mind when she reads her Harlequin novels. The female protagonist is designed to be a self-insert; the female reader invariably imagines herself in the position, meeting her future husband. It very much colors her expectations and desires and changes her attitude toward real men. It conveys an image of men that a skeptic might claim is “obviously” impossible, but which women by their own words and actions clearly believe is possible: the invincible pirate king who does whatever he wants and can have any woman he wants, yet can’t seem to resist her charms in particular and will bring her power and riches and adventures she can scarcely dream of.

              Men don’t actually want porn stars, they want the physical act but in their minds they’re substituting the face of some other girl they know or like. Women form genuine expectations from the fiction they read. The closest analogy in men is not porn, but waifus. The typical Otaku is literally living in a fantasy world and becoming increasingly isolated from and confused by real women. Porn guy doesn’t compare the women he meets to some abstract ideal seen in the porn; Otaku does compare women to the waifu.

              I still wouldn’t ban anime, because it’s still just a symptom – these guys retreat to their fantasy worlds because the actual women they meet are a constant disappointment, obese and unfeminine and generally trash, and they either don’t understand plating or just can’t get into that mindset. It’s still very different from rom-com and rom-fantasy, but it’s at least a somewhat apt analogy.

              For the record: I did not say you were “a moralfag McChristian”. I said you were moralfagging, and may have compared some of your rationale to that of McChristians (I don’t recall that, but maybe), but that is not the same thing. Within the brotherhood, we criticize the sin, not the sinner. I believe you to be of good character; I just think you took a wrong turn. Our enemies want us in a state of perpetual impotent outrage and subject us to non-stop humiliations for that very reason; don’t be outraged, find the calm but ruthless Machiavellian center that coldly does what must be done when the opportunity arises.

    • The Cominator says:

      “What would someone from 1967 think about 1990?”

      The late 60s were a FAR MORE hedonistic time then now. You admitted at one point you were a drunk so are you still a drunk, the booze is starting to impact your thinking…

      “My disagreement with allowing porn (really just enemy controlled communication) to freely proliferate is effectively a proxy for my disagreement with allowing any form of communication from proliferating after coup completion. All the doors of open society must be slammed shut and then welded shut with Chinese style Covid era brutality”

      No that is some kind of totalitarian state, after the great helicopter ride of all leftists what you basically do is kill any and all leftists priests and intellectuals. Communications networks are pretty open but “ideas” especially among the elite are a quick death penalty matter. Basically you don’t restrict things you kill troublemakers, and anyone in government is briefed on why it’s absolutely necessary to kill troublemakers.

      • jim says:

        > The late 60s were a FAR MORE hedonistic time then now

        When emancipation was switched back on in 1963 the sales pitch for men was that you could get laid. Casual sex would now be available. Which men like. But, of course, as men lost status, the proportion of men for whom sex of any kind was available dropped, and has continued to drop. By 1973 this had become apparent, and men were beginning to complain.

        • The Cominator says:

          I mean the social control against casual sex was loosened in the early 60s before the second wave feminism thing came…

          • jim says:

            I don’t think so.

            Feminism was switched on in 1963, and they started telling men that this was great for men, because casual sex. And it was. It stopped being great for men rather quickly, and by 1972, 1973, men were noticing. 1967 was peak casual sex, four years after feminism was switched on.

            • The Cominator says:

              I wasn’t there but I always thought of second wave feminism as more of a late 60s if not early 70s start.

            • The Cominator says:

              To clarify I think in the early 60s they did the asian/slav thing… loosen cultural prohibitions against casual sex and control of women by male relatives but without actually elevating female status.

              • jim says:

                Women naturally have more power than men. If forever free to cruise for an upgrade, status will rise.

                • someDude says:

                  When you say this, everyone nods. When I say this, I get curbstomped or at the very least receive a wedgie 🙂

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        I wasn’t strictly pointing to sexual hedonism. Between 1967 and 1990 there was nigger emancipation that got so bad Rudy Giuliani, a Republican of all things, managed to claw his way into being the Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. Nigger emancipation got put on hold in the 1990s, but as you can see today, is back in full swing with far more radicalism. In the 1960s race riots were shocking and unusual and resulted in military force being employed to restore order. By 1990s, military force was only employed with great hesitance and after major destruction had happened. Today, race riots are frequent and we give them space to freely burn stuff down.

        Watch the change in TV from 1967 to 1990. The racial makeup altered a lot. As for the question of sexual behavior, you can look at fertility rates. Based on those, there’s more sexual dysfunction today than there is in 1967.

        As for my current status of intoxication. I at least have the decency to announce intoxication when posting, so currently no. Drunk posting is a bit of a personal vice. The shit that comes out of my mouth would get me lynched in “polite” company, or possibly I’m just immensely paranoid, and the people I could trust to keep my secrets are nearly all dead, and drinking only really has value when there’s someone to talk with.

        Apologies are in order though for shitting up comment section, though the drunk post was only a minor fraction of not so great posting. Main issue is being unusually and fanatically stubborn, once I dig into a position I find it nearly impossible to leave it. Ethnic trait. Can’t help it much sometimes.

  31. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted for all the same reasons as before*]

  32. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted for all the same reasons as before*]

  33. Chad Boomer says:

    [*not funny*]

  34. Dr. Faust says:

    Anyone see the eyeball coin launch? AI Jew is going to pay everyone UBI with it apparently whether they like it or not. Full scale cathedral rollout of eyeball coin across all known media.


    Russian-Ukraine war is winding down. Total victory for Russia. USA and Ukr look pathetic. Biden’s foreign policy will be used for decades as something to avoid. All the noise surrounding his other policies can be ignored but isolating the US and EU from the rest of the world will last much longer than him. There’s no denying the explosion porn videos were legit and that Ukraine got pummeled completely. Cheap drones destroyed billions in equipment and thousands of lives. The war will end within a few months or complete escalation to WW3. I’m guessing the blue tribe will stumble blindly into WW3.

    • jim says:

      The Cathedral wanted to get to the Azov sea to cut Russia off from Turkey, Syria, and the Mediterranean. If they cut the land bridge, they figured they could cut the sea bridge, and then Crimea would fall. Shortly followed by Syria. Airsea war is likely, now that victory in Ukraine is out of reach.

      At present the Cathedral is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that the offensive was a catastrophe – they have nowhere gotten a significant distance through the buffer zone to reach the first strong defense line. Their biggest advance was towards the Azov sea in the direction of cutting the Russians in the west off, where they from time to time sit around in a killing field, now named “Bradley Square” because of all the wrecked Bradleys in it, about half way through the buffer zone to the first line of defense, of three lines. Around Bakhmut, they are about a fifth of the way through the buffer zone. Elsewhere it is the same, or they have been pushed far from the buffer zone. It is not exactly world war I, because of defense in depth, but the net effect is similar.

      Pushing on Backhmut would make sense if they had any chance of reaching the line of defense because there is only one line of defense there, but it is a long way away, and while you are pushing through to it, you are getting shelled by artillery ensconced in the ruins of Bakhmut. Bakhmut is a very strong point in the buffer zone in front of that line of defense, and trying to get through that buffer zone leads to enormous casualties.

      They are likely to pursue the objective of cutting Russia off from Syria in another way, forgetting about Ukraine.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        If Jim’s analysis is correct, and I think I agree 100%, we should expect Iran to become the new evil adversary that must be defeated through rainbow power. The competing tanker seizures have been blipping up in the news, and I wonder if the GAE has the ability to pivot into that. honestly, if they had any brains at all, they would have ignored Ukraine entirely and focused on Iran. not that they would have been successful there either, for all the reasons they are failing in Ukraine, but it plays more to the strengths of a thalassocracy, least in terms of the battlefield.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          It would be pure insanity. Iran has already demonstrated they can hit Saudi oil facilities and US Mil is on record of saying it would require nukes to keep the Strait of Hormuz open in the event of a full shooting war. Who would even be the boots on the ground? The Saudis? Are they going to drive a huge armor convoy through Kuwait and Iraq into Iran? On extremely flat desert terrain under constant drone surveillance and missile barrage only to immediately come up against mountainous Iranian entrenched positions?

          Fuck no, if Ukraine was hopium on meth, Iran is copium on sufentanil.

          • Calvin says:

            Iran has the significant pluses (from the US perspective) of having no nukes and not much of an airforce. Sufficiently ruthless campaigns of infrastructure bombing could probably neuter any real offensive capability they have. Of course, I doubt the USAF is up for that any more but it’d sure be easier than Russia.

            • Western Taliban says:

              The only reason why Iran has no nukes is because their high priest, despite all the GAE propaganda that Muslims are crazy and deranged, is extremely sober on the matter and is against having recreational McNukes. Iran actually could have nukes in no time, if you give them an excuse that makes it reasonable for any sane person to have nukes they’ll build them quicker than the US can even imagine.

              People need to start waking up and realize that this is not the 20th century, the “backwards” people are not “backwards” at all anymore. Our rulers insist they are “backwards” because they aren’t gay and feminist, we know better. It is in fact the West that is increasingly fallen into barbarism and it’s only going to get worse.

              • Calvin says:

                Muslims are deranged and crazy, that’s not GAE propaganda, that’s just a well-known phenomenon that’s been reported by every Christian, Hindu, Zoroastrian, and communist culture that’s ever had the misfortune to have contact with them since Mohammad started robbing his first caravans. ISIS is the logical conclusion of Islam, as demonstrated by how many flocked from across the world to join them. That fact is also supported by the fact that the GAE says exactly the opposite about Islam.

                What, if anything, that says about Iran’s technical capabilities I have no idea. Persians are historically a pretty advanced people but otoh the mind-stunting effects of centuries of cousin fucking combined with killing anyone intelligent enough to see through Mohammad’s con job can’t be underestimated. If anything I would expect the Russians to lend them a hand out of spite.

                • someDude says:

                  Communist culture?

                  If there is one group that has shown itself more barbaric, insane, unhinged and deranged than the Mohammedans, it is the communists.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Muslims are not especially dangerous if you know how to deal with them. China and Burma have been genociding Muslims for years without breaking a sweat or being sanctioned by Muslim countries. When Rohingya refugees flee into Bangladesh, the Bangladeshis inject them with contraceptives.

                  The Muslim talent for breeding like flies creates havoc in liberal democratic welfare states. Not a problem in undemocratic police states, where trouble-makers are quietly eliminated.

                • someDude says:

                  What the Chinese and Burmese are doing to Muslims, I would not call it genocide. I would just call it keeping them under control. They just dispose off the trouble makers as a message to the rest who promptly fall in line. A genocide is when there is an actual drop in the percentage of the population of Mohammedans.

                  The last time this happened was during the Dungan Jihad , where the Muslim population as a percentage of the total population of China actually dropped quite a bit. That was a genocide. What China and Burma are doing now can hardly be called a genocide.

                • Calvin says:

                  If there is one group that has shown itself more barbaric, insane, unhinged and deranged than the Mohammedans, it is the communists.

                  From what I’ve seen of the Central Asian stans that were formerly Soviet vs their Islamic neighbors who weren’t, the Muslim world seems like the one place in the world where the application of communism wrought a genuine improvement.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  can you qualify your assertion with some evidence? I don’t believe communism has ever been positive or productive. reality, it is merely a case of external patrons propping up communist governments. we see this in Russia with the American socialists and communists making that regime viable And it is the same elsewhere. so I contend that the communism of the -stans was propped up externally. but that is mostly a gut response based on cursory knowledge, and I am fine admitting it if I am wrong, If that is in fact the case

                • Calvin says:

                  I look at places like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, or even those weirdos in Turkmenistan (true story, the current president got the job by being the last one’s dentist) and compare them to Afghanistan on their borders or Pakistan to the south of that and it’s pretty easy to say where I would rather live if I had to pick.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  okay, that idea of a gut check impulse makes sense to me. personally, I think that the -stans are uniquely suited to dominate the latter half of the 21st century after the current great powers implode and expend all of their wealth on the great GAE War. I think they have a much better chance of correctly answering the WQ, And this is not just because of Islam, though that does play a part. I think these people’s are inherently more war-like than either the Occident or the Orient, though they are markedly less sophisticated about it. I know this probably seems bonkers, but I think there will be a Neo Mongol empire that springs into being.

                  regardless, I I do think Muslim theocracies are better than any form of communism, though demonstrably inferior to Occidental monarchical forms.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Just as a point of order, Afghanistan today is just as much a product of the hands of gommunism coming down on it as they did the other stans in central asia; only difference is, they regained their sovereignty in the end.

            • dave says:

              In any big fight against Iran, Israel would be our natural proxy. They dont like Iran, they have force projection capability in the area.

              Not sure if Israel is willing to be a proxy, and whether SA would let them overfly into the straits.

              And the administration is in a pissing contest with Bibi, so they may sit this one out.

              Which means we might have to find another sucker to do the bombing or do it ourselves if we can (if we have any missiles left)

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I’ve never heard of a Jew fighting fair. I cannot imagine a Jewish State going to war with a near peer/peer in a standup fight. They might nuke them, or use an NBC panoply, but they can’t even fight Lebanon successfully. Just as the USM of 1991 is a memory only, so too is the plucky and seasoned IDF of ’67 and 73. The state of Israel has the same black dildo shoved up its metaphorical as as the US and EU. Look at the pattern: they potshot neighbors under GAE cover, then cry foul when they even look like they might hit back. An army with a bunch of faggots and kikettes in uniform is not fighting a war.

                The current crop of powerful Jews is demonstrating their capacity to make war right now in Ukraine, and they do it with cat’s paws & propaganda. The metastisized AIPAC is largely responsible for Iraq 2 and GWoT.

                Countries with gay pride parades can’t win wars, and it’s starting to look like they can’t even lose them in a traditional way.

                • jim says:

                  > Countries with gay pride parades can’t win wars, and it’s starting to look like they can’t even lose them in a traditional way.

                  I watched an almost unbearable video of elites talking to each other about resolution of the war in Ukraine. Their plan, in the event that military events go south, is total disciplined denial. They will simply march on behind the maximalist agenda – the return of Russian areas to Ukraine, reparations, and war crimes tribunals, as if nothing has happened. Only with NATO peacekeepers in Ukraine. If things go south, plan B is to pursue the maximialist agenda in smaller steps, and with Nato presence. Their idea of a peace agreement is Putin agreeing for Nato to make war on him without him making war on Nato. They figure they can just pursue a maximalist agenda forever, and the worst case outcome is that Russia occupies part of Ukraine while they get to pursue a maximalist agenda in what remains of Ukraine.

                  Which project is likely to turn into pursuing a maximalist agenda in what remains of Lithuania and Poland.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The Whigs don’t know how to lose a war because they haven’t lost one since the English Civil War, and even then they kept New England. The Vietnam War was an American defeat but by then the Whigs were on the Communist side.

                  Label the enemy Hitler and escalate until he surrenders unconditionally is Plan A, and there is no Plan B.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >Not sure if Israel is willing to be a proxy

                I’m sure they wouldn’t be. It’s America’s role to fight and die and spend for Israel, not the other way around. I doubt our leaders would have the effrontery even to ask Israel to join a war they dragged us into on Israel’s behalf. They didn’t in Gulf War I, nor the GWoT. Israel is a sovereign nation and it’s got to look out for its own interests, doncha know.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            >it would be pure insanity

            [Kill Bill siren noise over Kamala Harris laughing]

      • Aidan says:

        Not to nitpick, but WWI had defense in depth too, to a significant degree. It wasn’t too hard to take the first line of defenses, but the enemy would have firing tables for their own frontline positions ready to rock. One side would take a trench, and find that trench under accurate artillery fire from the second line of defense. The sophistication of artillery art in WWI was far beyond the level of intelligence and coordination used today, though today the artillery is much more accurate due to computers. The WWI guys with modern stuff would be massively outperforming today.

        • someDude says:

          The long course of human evolution and the load imposed by the survival imperative means that humans will not change unless the alternative is demise. Once survival is assured even for a short time, the best strategy in that environment was to relax during that time so as to conserve energy so as to be better prepared to face the next unexpected threat that came up.

          The advent of computers meant that you can perform at the same Level as earlier but with a much lower level of coordination and intelligence. Coordination and intelligence are after all tiring to maintain. Why maintain it at such mental cost? Just relax and conserve energy which will come useful when the next threat unexpectedly turns up.

          • Sher Singh says:

            The long course of human evolution and the load imposed by the survival imperative means that humans will not change unless the alternative is demise. Once survival is assured even for a short time, the best strategy in that environment was to relax during that time so as to conserve energy so as to be better prepared to face the next unexpected threat that came up.

            [*deleted for all the same reasons as before*]

        • dave says:

          Massively outperforming IF they had enough shells.


      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        The jews media says that Joe Biden won a free and fair election. They say that Covid vaccines are safe and effective. Why not say that Ukraine has routed the Russian army, regained its prewar territory, and overthrown the Putin regime?

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          It is not enough that the American people are cowed by the GAE, but that the rest of the world is, too. They could pretend that Afghanistan did not matter because Afghanistan has no force projection. Russia can project force, so they actually need to beat them or Vladolf Putler is going to kill 7 billion jews and oppress the noble savage and suppress the beautiful, creative LGBTQ+2IA community.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Because securing your own country against LGBT is the same as abolishing LGBT worldwide? I mean, theoretically, if Putin restores white Christian patriarchy and gets Russia’s TFR back into the 4-5 range, Russia could conquer the world, but that would take centuries, long after the last faggot dies of incurable super-AIDS.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >Because securing your own country against LGBT is the same as abolishing LGBT worldwide?

              To the nominalist, yes.

              There is no room for modulation inside the mind of the congenital solipsist. Neither time nor space exists. Being is a frictionless plane where all points intersect. Any ideal that it can ideate must be categorically imperative. An exception to the conceit anywhere damns it everywhere. None can be allowed to escape.

            • jim says:

              The Global American Empire is falling due to decadence.

              When Bronze age civilization fell, did take centuries, but they were not overwhelmed by one hostile government, but by a multitude of peoples that still had high fertility, either because they were Aryan’s who still had the old Aryan faith, or because they had something rather similar.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Plainly? Yes. If the Russians become a White Christian patriarchy they will use their evil mind rays to make niggers commit vast amounts of violent crime, make women helpless and confine them to the kitchen, kill 8 trillion jews, and make all queer folx die of AIDS and m-pox. The only reason that we still have all these problems today is because of the legacy mind rays of the fascist right wing MAGAts. If the Russians add their mind rays to the mix, then the brave warrior women of Sub-Saharan Africa and the beautiful transwomen will be irreparably injured, the jews will be put in death camps and pogromed, and all of their true achievements will be stolen, again.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Fuckin’ell that sounds awesome. May we strive to be what Chinese action movies and leftist faggots say we are.

        • embeveraged commuter says:

          The media is doing much the same for Russia as they are for media. You’re mistaking their little retreats and memory holing of facts for an actual reversal of narrative.

          Remember how vaccines were safe and effective,meaning they were better than natural immunity, and vaccine mandates were a crazy conspiracy theory. 1 year later vaccines offered maybe some symptom relief, and you were banned from having a job or buying food if you didn’t take it. They still said the vaccines were ‘safe and effective’ because that’s the non-disprovable part, and they still said mandates were a conspiracy because they weren’t dragging people out of their homes to inject them.

          In the ukraine they always say the ukranians are winning. they started by saying Russia had made basically no progress, the ukranians were killing Russians like it was a star wars movie, and biden’s genius sanctions would cause Russian blm pride protests to overthrow Putin and elect Navalny. In a year they will say ukraine won because peter zeihan predicts Russian GDP to go down 50% over the next decade, and that nato still has military dominance because of some wunderwaffen that has never seen actual combat.

  35. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Occasional anecdotes in cultural observation



    “Where is the resistance?” is the common refrain on many lips, both normiecon mugged by reality, and commissars on the lookout for the former.

    And the answer is: hounded, scattered, isolated, smoked out, running for their lives.

    It is uncommon for collapsing organizations to have internally sourced restorations, and the reason generally speaking is that it is easy to survive organizational collapse if you can prevent everyone else from organizing too; and indeed, one is generally a corollary of the other.

    No social circle is too trivial to be converged by assets; no namefag too obscure to be leaned on if they so much as get in smelling distance of anything that could lead to status, power, assabiyah.

    Groveling will of course not save you anyways in any case. Note how no amount of abnegation after the fact saves any of these poor saps from deplatformation regardless. Note also the hilarity of a ‘Charlemagne Institute’ that ‘believes’ in ‘saving western civilization’; and by western civilization they mean ‘western values’; and by ‘western values’ they mean destroying western civilization.

    the slightest hint of headwinds from even the least of preaching class acolytes will provoke a flurry of caesarean obsequiousness. Zero memetic sovereignty, because zero mercantile sovereignty, because zero military sovereignty, because zero memetic sovereignty. They all sense, in the back of their minds, that if push came to shove, Power would not come down on their side.

    Episodes like this, more than anything else, illustrate just how much of a difference forms of social infrastructure not Pwnable by the incumbent theocracy can make. Restorations happening require organization happening; and a real (in the classic sense of ‘valuable’) cypherpunk X application coming out yesterday is something that can go a long way to squaring that circle.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Here are some tidbits from the Wikipedia page (https://archive.ph/EUYj0) for Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador (this is a hilarious instance of tone deaf Cathedralites listing the strengths because they can only see them as weaknesses):

      – After nearly 80 people were killed by criminals during a single weekend in March 2022, Bukele’s government has since arrested over 71,000 people with alleged gang affiliations, leading to accusations of human rights violations being committed by El Salvador’s security forces. However, Bukele’s crackdown on gangs was credited as effectively “decimating” them, resulting in a nearly 60 percent decrease in homicides in 2022.

      – Bukele has maintained high approval ratings among Salvadorans throughout his tenure,[5][6] but has been accused of governing in an authoritarian manner.[7][8][9] In February 2020, Bukele was criticized by the opposition for sending soldiers into the Legislative Assembly to encourage the passage of a bill that would fund additional purchases of equipment for the police and armed forces.

      – In May 2021, he led a move to fire the attorney general and five supreme court judges of El Salvador, which the United States Department of State and Organization of American States (OAS) denounced as democratic backsliding.[11] Following the approval of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador in September 2021, protests against Bukele’s government took place. His announcement that he would run for reelection in 2024 led to criticism by constitutional law experts and organizations that presidential reelection violated the country’s constitution.

      – Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez was born on 24 July 1981 in San Salvador.[13] He is a son of Armando Bukele Kattán and Olga Ortez de Bukele.[13][14] According to The Times of Israel, Bukele’s paternal grandparents were Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and Bethlehem while his maternal grandmother was Catholic and his maternal grandfather was Greek Orthodox.[15] His father later converted to Islam and became an imam.

      – During his mayorship, he provided all adults of Nuevo Cuscatlán over the age of 55 a monthly basket to cover basic nutritional needs.[13] Before Bukele took office, Nuevo Cuscatlán had around 12 homicides per year, but during his three-year term, only one homicide was reported.

      – Upon taking office, Bukele reverted the names of two streets in San Salvador: Calle Mayor Roberto D’Aubuisson to Calle San Antonio Abad A La Vía and Boulevard Coronel José Arturo Castellanos to Boulevard Venezuela.[25] Both names were changed by his predecessor, Norman Quijano, during his term, the former being named after Major Roberto D’Aubuisson, who ordered the assassination of Archbishop Óscar Romero in 1980 during the Salvadoran Civil War and founded ARENA in 1981, and the latter being named after Colonel José Castellanos Contreras, who saved 40,000 Jews from the Holocaust in Central Europe by providing them fake Salvadoran passports.[25][26][27] Bukele began his “revitalization” of San Salvador with the relocation of street sellers, a change which was positively received by the public and the media.

      – On 10 October 2017, Bukele was expelled from the FMLN, accused by the FMLN Ethics Tribunal of promoting internal division within the party, verbally and physically attacking fellow party member Xóchitl Marchelli, performing defamatory acts against the political party, and heavily attacking and criticizing incumbent FMLN President Salvador Sánchez Cerén. Bukele did not attend the hearing scheduled for 7 October 2017 by the FMLN Ethics Tribunal, arguing that they were biased in favor of the plaintiffs. The FMLN lost 20 municipalities and 8 seats in the Legislative Assembly in the subsequent 2018 legislative election. Some political experts have speculated that the losses were in part due to the expulsion of Bukele from the FMLN.

      – Bukele’s Nuevas Ideas won a majority of the seats in the Legislative Assembly in the 2021 legislative elections, and on 1 May 2021, Nuevas Ideas made a coalition with three other political parties, gaining control of two thirds of the legislature. On the same day, the Legislative Assembly voted to remove the five justices of the Supreme Court’s constitutional court and Raúl Melara, El Salvador’s attorney general.[56] The event has been condemned as a self-coup by opposition politicians, accusing Bukele and Nuevas Ideas of committing a power grab.

      – Despite being described as an autocrat, a caudillo, an authoritarian, and a strongman, and despite proclaiming himself as the “Dictator of El Salvador”, the “coolest dictator in the world”, and the “Emperor of El Salvador”, by way of irony by the accusations, Bukele has retained a high approval rating throughout his presidency, making him the most popular president in Salvadoran history. He is considered by some journalists to be one of the most domestically popular world leaders and heads of state due to his approval ratings hovering around 87 percent.

      I am actually impressed with how expansive and positive the whole page is, and I bet it gets heavily edited if/when Bukelism takes off in Honduras and elsewhere. The positives here are obvious, but the negatives are daunting: El Salvador had to suffer for 3 decades before they were able to tolerate an autocrat. There’s no guarantee it will be the same in North America, but there’s also no guarantee it won’t take far longer/be much worse either. Bukele was able to coordinate to a level that he moved through the 2 major parties, took who he wanted, then abandoned them and caused great damage to them by confounding their criticism. The Left Wing party that kicked him out basically ceased to exist after the next election.

      Nothing about Bukele’s journey refutes Elite Theory or Canonical Jimianism. He is clearly an elite, an aristocrat, and he is a merchant that has successfully become a priest. One needs a thorough command of Spanish, but digging into local info sources, I suspect one would find a brain trust of warriors, priests, and merchants, all submitted to the Monarch. This is the sanctified configuration, the Way It Should Be, and requires cooperation, coordination, resources, and time. The Cathedral controls all 4 of those things to varying degrees, and to defeat that control, tools and techniques are required.

  36. Chad Boomer says:

    This morning I went to Golds Gym where I spent 20 minutes on the stair master because it works most of the lower body; glutes, quades, etc… Then after a brief stretch, I proceeded to the free-weights where I did 5 sets of 10, 315# squats; then 5 sets of 10, 225# bench press, then the same with deadlifts, followed by 20 minutes in the steam-room where I saw a faggot that looked like Kunning Druger eyeballing at my ass, so when no one was looking I choked him unconscious, then took my limo uptown to the office. I’m working for Goldman Sachs today billing $400 an hour on a merger contract. My $20K Rolex has stopped so I toss it in the trash and plan to pick up a new one later today.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      This is starting to look more like a DoS/forum-sliding attack than a few unorganized shills. Why is this post attracting such an enormous volume of shit, from what must be less than four or five individuals who won’t go away and yet clearly aren’t interested in anyone’s replies to them?

      Not sure if WordPress has shadowbans, but this is exactly why the concept exists. Their goal isn’t incitement, or even lulz, it’s simply to destroy trust and generate a huge amount of noise so that everyone is annoyed/on guard and the comments are no longer useful to anyone.

    • jim says:

      Chad, you have ceased to be entertaining. You are now going away.

    • Aidan says:

      Note the lack of familiarity with exercise. No self-respecting right wing bodybuilder would touch a stairmaster, let alone before doing heavy sets of squats lol

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        In theory a stairmaster would be great for high intensity training, but easier and more intense to find a set of stairs and sprint up them. Don’t even need a gym.

  37. Monero and Bitcoin Suck says:

    [*crypto currency FUD deleted*]
    Does anyone here want to do a real privacy coin,

    • jim says:

      The big problem with crypto privacy coins has always been scaling. They have scaled considerably worse than Bitcoin, and bitcoin’s scaling is insufficient to take over the world.

      The solution to both scaling and privacy is recursive snarks (implemented to in true potential, not implemented in the crippled way that ethereum is implementing them to preserve central control) With snarks and starks, we do not need to reveal the transaction inputs.

      A snark proves that hash represents data with certain properties, without revealing the data. A snark proves that someone knows a bunch of bits with certain properties, and the property might be that they are bits representing a valid transaction that gives rise to an unspent transaction output. With recursive snarks, the property can be that the inputs to the transaction were valid, and their inputs were valid, all the way back, without anyone needing to remember and evaluate all the transactions all the way back.

      That solves scaling. That no one except the parties need to know the inputs to a transaction or the value of an output provides privacy.

      Since this technology has become available, every smart guy, myself among them, has been working on a true privacy coin, a coin that is both scalable to far beyond bitcoin, far beyond visa, and completely private. An avalanche is coming, and I fear I will be late to the party.’

      I am going to promote this reply into a post, laying out an outline for the design, which I have not seen laid out yet, though quite likely by now it has been somewhere.

      • Fidelis says:

        At some point can you please outline how you plan to facilitate a ‘proof of uptime’ consensus that is resistant to capture and fracture? I see a lot of problems just naively implementing a consensus based on what filecoin has, and I don’t mind laying out my concerns if you think it’s prudent, but I want to see if you already foresaw and addressed these before wasting screen-space on it.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Bravo. This is real progress, both in terms of concept, and also the humility to not need to “own” it. Kick starting whatever sharper and hungrier young guys might be out there, for whom a little conceptual “push” like this in the right direction might be all they really need.

      • Unfair and Hypocritical says:

        To not let us see his post, while claiming the sole authority to reply to it… is unfair and hypocritical. [*deleted*]..

        • jim says:

          Posts on crypto currency will not be allowed unless you show some faint knowledge of what you are talking about. You crypto shills are flat earth tier. Should I allow flat earth arguments to be presented on this blog? They can never be rebutted because the flat earther, even if he was allowed to understand the reply, would not be capable of doing so.

          All my posts on crypto currency are full of vigorous and informed criticism of Bitcoin, and often enough, Monero. That is what informed criticism looks like. It just goes completely over the heads of the people writing your scripts. You cannot engage with it or respond to it, because you have not the faintest comprehension of it. You guys sound like a flat earther explaining perspective.

  38. someDude says:

    Off topic, but vegetarianism is also a schelling point in India. If not for this, everything in India will be halal certified in no time. Thats why Hindus simply can’t eat Beef. Religion is the one force that scares the state.


    I understand that this schelling point is useless against the Cathedral. We just have to make use of other schelling points against them. Horses for courses

    • dharmicreality says:

      We are in the unenviable position of imminent threat from both the desert cult and the Cathedral. Though the desert cultists are the nearer foe at the moment, we cannot afford to take our eyes away from the Cathedral either.

      Blue pilled Hindutva has been doing a decent job battling against the desert cult, but is rather ill-equipped memetically to handle Globohomo. We must hope that our Dharmic right memes spread faster.

    • Fidelis says:

      The buddhists next door don’t have this issue. The christians embedded all over the middle east don’t have this issue. I am not sure why you are attached to this as a shelling point. You’ll probably end up only chicken eating instead, or worse full vegan nonsense.

      • someDude says:

        The Buddhists next door have a Muslim population that is 4% and is not a democracy with an operational coalition of the fringes that muslims can join

        The Christians in the middle east are all disappearing at a rather alarming rate.

        We won’t go Vegan any time soon. The country is too poor for those sort of Food fads.

        The majority of Chicken or goat eating Hindus are eating Halal unless like Sikhs and some Hindu sects they have their own religious meat preparation rules such as Jhatka, which has been explicitly constructed as a schelling point in the sense that something can never simultaneously be Halal and Jhatka.

        • Fidelis says:

          >not a democracy
          Hinting at the real issue.

          >disappearing at an alarming rate
          Because of the same prideflag enemy, survived well enough in rather hostile states for over a millennium. Not ideal, and well persecuted, but they were and are far far more outmanned than you will be for another several hundred years.

          >We won’t go Vegan any time soon. The country is too poor for those sort of Food fads.
          Poor peasants are not important. You need to worry about the upper class. They will spiral onto veganism and the cthonic devouring mother.

          Distinction without much difference, but this is a far more useful coordination point than the starting post made inference to. ‘Vegatarian hindu’ is not a named relgious food preparation rite in the same way.

          All this to say I see this as bikeshedding. Wasting energy on focal points thst are trivial compared to the fact you have a ‘coalition of the fringes’ to deal with physically. Europe doesnt have a problem with halal butchers, it has a problem with an imported hostile population supported by an overseeing hostile class. The subcontinent has no issue with halal foods, it has an issue with a native hostile population being supported by a native and foreign supported hostile class. Food preparation is such a trivial thing to put some memetic locus on in comparison.

          • Sher Singh says:



            Um, no because halal is a moving goalpost – it eventually leads to food was never be in contact with non-muslim.

            Anyway, religions is real & let people be religious. You get excommunicated for consuming halal – 100% of Hindus & Sikhs in North India say you are no longer one of them after eating beef.

            More than 2/3rds want to stop inter-caste marriages.

            Found this interesting:


            The actual Caste hierarchy in India:

            Ashraf Muslims

            Christian clergy/rich Christians

            Creamy layer Dalits

            Pasmanda Muslims


            OBC Hindus

            UC Hindus (minus Brahmins)



          • someDude says:

            Not disagreeing with you at all

            Death to Democracy. Certainly that is the main problem. One day it will end, but we need to survive until that one day arrives.

            The issue with Jhatka is that a very small portion of civilizationally aware Hindus do it. If all meat eating Hindus went with Jhatka, there would be no issue.

            It’s North India which is mainly vegetarian and it is north India where most muslims are. To me, it is not at all far fetched to imagine that vegetarianism might well have evolved as a working schelling point against Muslims in a way that Jhatka meat could not.

            While Halal is not the main issue as you rightly point out, it being a symptom, I would not call it trivial. It is a pivot via which we can convince some of the Elite to Back Hindus by assuring them Hindus are a force that are waiting for a leader to rally around.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Fk convincing elites – we’ll become them.

              You’re correct on the veggie to countersignal Muslims.
              Indian peasants were never veggie till like 1700s.
              Introduction of potato also drove it – was simply not possible b4.

              @Jim Of course, partition happened due to Jhatka v Halal.
              ਸਿੰਘ were more or less fine joining Pakistan to avoid partitition.

              Sikh Jhatka is a rebellion against Mughal authority & Islam.
              Aurangzeb had decree’d that any who eat Halal are Muslim.

              That only Halal would be allowed in Mughal Raj.
              That as the Kalma or Shahada is read over the meat, consumption is a recognition of Islam.

              That we will not forcefully convert, but a Muslim cannot apostate. Practice of Dharma is apostasy from Islam & subject to death under Shariat.


              Proper Nihang Singh DO NOT eat any meat from a bazaar.
              Only meat that’s been killed among them.

              As far as promoting Jhatka in modern India one needs to strike a delicate balance. For Sikhs it’s not difficult as eating Halal is grounds for excommunication.

              Some of the problems are as follows:

              1. Sikh women were veiled till the 90s. The same cults which are pushing vegetarianism among Sikhs are also against the veil. The tfr only fell below replacement after unveiling.

              2. Alongside, those “Sikh” cults which are vegetarian are sincere Hindus who also are. For both of them, eating meat is akin to apostasy.

              3. Muslims definitely have a monopoly on meat processing & this is India – there’s no free market – your shop or stall/home/family will be burnt by competitors if you try to enter a new market alone

              4. Meat/Alcohol is associated with despondency, hedonism, apostasy in Brahmanical culture. Our Hindu friends are completely correct that FOR NOW it may be better to let the mass remain vegetarian.

              Why? We simply don’t have the religious infrastructure to absorb & guide that many people memetically – the mass. Sikh groups like Nihang Singhs (more or less one now too) are growing, and have a proper & disciplined way to encourage meat eating as part of a religious practice.


        • Sher Singh says:

          He’s right – without a religiously approved meat source like Sikhs or Shaktas the default position becomes veggie or meat.

          Beef from the cow is not even up for discussion – you’ll get lynched lol.
          From buffalo Idk, perceptions are changing as the Dalit issue overshadows the Muslim one.


          Good thread on which sectors muslims dominate – I’d joke & say this is hindus sending dowry – but snickers.


          • jim says:

            Law of manu has rules for killing animals. Pretty sure it would not be hard to come up with an interpretation that ensures the meat cannot be halal, and some hindus have done exactly that.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Na, expand Jhatka Board (Sikh Khatri & Amul Milk (Sikh Khatri)
              Hindus have no problems eating from Sikh hands.

              Like I said – the recent floods & problems in the NE = reset.
              Mass religion will follow commercial avail in this case.

              We must win first then we establish Dharma.
              This has always been the way from Raja Sudas of the Bharatas.

              There’s enough Hindus now who are Hinduvta but unhappy with BJP that they see eye-eye with ਸਿੰਘ now.

              *Advice on tactics that I think highly unlikely to be helpful deleted*]

            • someDude says:

              Halal is a new phenomenon in the west, so I do not expect Christians to have meat preparation rules that explicitly rule out Kosher and Halal.

              But do you believe this is something the Occident should look at or is it small potatoes as Fidelis asserts? Taleb feels that in the absence of anything like that, the entire west will end up eating Halal.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with Halal is that it is an animal sacrifice to the evil demon they worship. Even When a Hindu eats chicken or goat, the sacrifice is made to the demon, and it gets stronger.
      That’s the actual reason to oppose halal.
      We must offer the sacrifice to [*a deity that sufficiently resembles globohomo deities*]

  39. ErowidHitler says:

    Entirely off topic –

    I trust the denizens of this blog more than most anywhere else online which is why I ask here.

    I’m moderately intelligent but owing to a variety of maladaptations have never gone about learning anything in an active sense – I realise the necessity of now doing so my youth is fading and am liable to end up an unnecessary failure.

    Would like to become worthy and useful – financially supersufficent. how do you go about learning and then stick to it.

    I hope to die in having helped or in helping establish new lacaedaemonia but no reason to not make some money first.

    • Fidelis says:

      I’ve been in your shoes. You already have a focus, a vision to realize, which is the necessary precondition to all of this.

      Three words: Perceive. Decide. Act.

      You percieve the problem, you have intimate knowledge of your habits and mindspace, enough to decide on potential solutions. Now you take steps you decide on.

    • Aidan says:

      Most people say “learn to code”. If you had the brain of an engineer, you could not help but engineer things, and you would already be one in some respect. Good engineers I know spend their free time building things; it is fun and even an obsession to them.

      Many smart men are designed by nature to be “renaissance men” and be broadly capable in a diverse array of skills, but the modern world does not reward this, so many such men appear unpromising. Specialization is for insects, but we live in bugworld. My advice is to find an empty makework email job to make your fake dollars, if you cannot find a way to productively add value. I managed to find a position where broad but relatively shallow knowledge in a certain field combined with raw deductive power lets me do well and do something actually productive.

      I don’t stan “the trades” as much as some guys do, but if you go for them, find something that resembles an apprenticeship as much as possible, find a master who runs a small company and sees promise in you. Most of the best tradesmen run small operations, because they hate the red tape and regulations that come with running a big one, and double hate seeing a team of illiterate spics doing slapdash work under their names.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Adding on to Aidan,

        find something that resembles an apprenticeship as much as possible

        Wielding is a good one. Gunsmith was a good one but is increasingly dangerous. Lots of stuff that requires CNC machine operation is also good.

        Avoid trucking, you’ll be on your own with little opportunity for family life. Same goes for oil.

        >My advice is to find an empty makework email job to make your fake dollars

        Many places in America/the West, that’s likely a civilian government job. Best to keep one’s head down in that case. It’s also soul sucking boring. If you can get into private sector recruiting, it pays ~60,000 base plus commissions. Some guys bring in 200,000 per year. Best done in cities like Austin, Huston, Phoenix, Miami. Lots of growth there and low cost of living compared to say LA.

      • someDude says:

        “Most of the best tradesmen run small operations, because they hate the red tape and regulations that come with running a big one, and double hate seeing a team of illiterate spics doing slapdash work under their names.”

        Word! I know one with explicitly this viewpoint. Makes a good living. Takes on contracts that require actual brains rather than follow a procedure. Hired a fcouple smart young guys to help. Refuses to expand by hiring midwits to take up midwit level repetitive work just so that he does not have to deal with govt bureaucracies.

    • Western Taliban says:

      > financially supersufficent

      Shortest and most effective route to this is sales. Sales is a top three or even top two most valuable skill for money making and always in great demand. The only other two possibly better at this are banking/finance or logistics/organization (i.e. start your own business and make it big), but even these two skills are often dependent on sales, especially the second one, a CEO that can’t sell is garbage. The main problem with those two is that they have a huge barrier entry, especially banking and finance, while also being just about the most difficult skills to execute successfully.

      Sales requires nothing special except your own skill, there’s no barrier entry but the ability to do it successfully to some small degree. Since there is no real investment and no excessive requirement you can develop it at your own pace, as long as you are selling enough to eat of course, and comfortably scale. You can just about walk into any business and sell for commission if you are a decent salesman. You can sell complete worthless trash or you can sell Teslas and help Elon Musk reach Mars, it can be as useless or as meaningful as you want it to be, and you’ll always be valued no matter where you go. If you are good you can become 0.1% top earner in society overnight, it almost is “magical”, except you’ll need to learn how to sell for the “magic” to happen of course, so it’s not magic at all because it doesn’t come easy.

      In the process of selling stuff to people you also learn a lot about the psychology of people, about life, about different sectors, develop a great network, learn to hold frame and be charismatic, persuade people, communication skills, etc., it’s just all around one of the best things you can ever learn.

      • Western Taliban says:


        alf or jim, please fix this, I fucked up the blockquote.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Sales is low status and even if you’re charismatic as hell (and you probably are) you won’t get any women to respect you [*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Observed female behaviour is that salesmen wade through lots of pussy. Chick forebrains may have absorbed the progressive status hierarchy, but their pussys react to signals of status considerably more ancient. Signaling that stuff is part of the expertise of a successful salesman.

          By an interesting coincidence, smart, or evenly moderately competent, people in “low status” positions make enormously more money than you do, you having the high status lawyering (priesting) type degree that does not earn you enough to live in a tiny little box in a big city. Which is why you now have a job shilling. Which probably gets considerably better pay, but does not grant you any status at all.

          The ultimate in high status professions being legacy media journalist, who are apt to wind up sleeping on their friend’s couches, because they are paid with the smell of an oil rag.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          of the overwhelming amount of progressive priestly tripe you post, this has to be the biggest indicator/ red flag. I typically hate the sales guys, but that’s because they make so much money for so little work with the least amount of oversight and, in the case of the females and the gays, always make my job harder because they sell something we do not have or cannot deliver, leaving me holding the bag to explain why operations are the way they are. That being said, the sales guys that are good, the 20 of the 80, are absolute Chads, for all the reasons I said I didn’t like. anyone that has a real job outside of academia knows this, they know that 20% of sales is the business, and 80% of sales are dead weight. I’m guessing you are an associate professor at a public university.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            Salesmen are bridge builders. Managers are ladder climbers. [*usual wagon load deleted yet again*]

            • jim says:

              > Salesmen are bridge builders. Managers are ladder climbers

              Managers live in terror of HR, and fear of legal and accounting. The corporation is losing its cohesion under the impact of ever growing tentacles of the state inserted into corporation.

              It is a long slow climb into management, and in the course of climmbing that ladder, one has to give up one’s balls. If a smart, competent, industrious man wants to use his talents to make some money, sales is a quicker route with less personal cost. And because management requires you to give up your balls to Human Resources for safekeeping, managers get very little pussy.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                Politicians talk to corporate management all the time, never to salesmen. [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  We have the Clinton emails. They are shakedowns. Does it look as if corporate management has power?

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  Corporate management aggressively promoted sodomy because [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Obviously not why they promoted sodomy.

                  Sodomites tend to turn up for work drunk, stoned, late, and infrequently, as Milo jokes.

                  Also, if in a position of trust, will plot against you with other sodomites while naked in a great big pile.

        • Western Taliban says:

          When you say these things you let us all know too obviously that you are indeed a Cathedral creature after their own heart.

          You, like them, absolutely hate Trump. But Americans love Trump, have always loved Trump, they chose him to be president twice in a row (second time he was robbed) and the man swims and has always swam in pussy.

          What’s his favorite thing to say? “I make great deals”.

          You can salesman your way to a fucking presidency, look at that.

  40. Red says:

    Off topic, but given the very successful viral advertising campaign for the Barbie movie, it reminded me of why I hate those dolls so much. Providing baby dolls for young girls to practice being a mother is one of the oldest practices of humanity. Hell give a human baby doll to young female chimp and they behave much the same way that young human girls do, by practice being a mother to the doll.

    I grew up when little girls were still given baby dolls as toys but barbie was in the process or replacing them. Barbie dolls were designed to orientate little girls away from being mothers towards to being whores with careers, lots of material goods, random high status men and not create families. Today I see no little girls with baby dolls, even with Christian families. The expected ideal is little girls will grow up to be barbie whores.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Barbie? Hah! I remember walking through a Target ~30 years ago and literally doing a double take when I saw “Bratz Dolls” for the first time. Overt whore caricatures!!!!! Even more shocking, they turned out to be very popular!

      • Western Taliban says:

        your memory is failing you, Bratz Dolls did not exist 30 years ago. Perhaps it was something else?

        • ten says:

          They were new when girls my age stopped playing with dolls. 25 years ago. Close enough.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Looking them up on La Wik, they debuted 22 years ago. So that’s close enough.

  41. Kunning Drueger says:

    Two significant items and a modicum of analysis:

    – Wagner trainers/advisors/… pathfinders?… are on the Belarus-Poland border doing exercises.

    – Honduras is seeming to follow San Salvador in terms of methodology for criminal scum.

    Item 01 is interesting, because Wagner has one motivation, regardless of all the bullshit put out there: advance the goals of the Rodina. Sometimes this means supporting the Kremlin, sometimes it means executing people, sometimes it means fighting for 9 months to capture a small town. Most analysts assumed that Wagner would start to accrete on the northern border of Ukraine for bewegenskrieg towards Kiev. The fact that they’re on the Polish border is… troubling and exciting.

    Item 02 is a blip, not really a big deal… except that Bukele invoked a piece of forgotten history not long ago. Look at the Honduran flag. Now look back at me. No look at the history of the Americas from 1780-1850. Now back at me. the 5 stars represent the now-Countries of central America that were on a course to replicate the Democratic Republic system of their northern neighbors. Lempira and others wanted to do the same thing as the OG 13 colonies, and this trend was actually widespread, from Bolivar to the other mudbloods that those guacamole niggers idealize. Bukele, put of nowhere for most people, brought the idea up again, and it’s nothing big, not now, but history can get tricky, particularly when one knows about the actual dynamics at play and the “pieces on the board” in terms of demographics. Bukele becoming not-quite-but-kind-of King of Centroamerica gets super interesting if Mexico and Texas are suddenly in play. Not likely, but not impossible. Texas is controlled by a crippled faggot that thinks bussing spics to NYC is some kind of power move.

    • Red says:

      – Wagner trainers/advisors/… pathfinders?… are on the Belarus-Poland border doing exercises.

      It’s a warning to Poland about what might happen if they move into Ukraine, which seems to be NATO latest plan.

      That’s very positive news about Honduras. If it continues this indicates both weakness in the Gay American Empire and that sanity is returning to areas that might be good bugout locations.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        That’s some serious reactionary jiu-jitsu. Latin America exports its entire criminal class to the USA to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat, and in exchange they get based white Americans who’ll turn their countries into new Singapores.

        White liberals must be overjoyed that we Nazi hate-mongers are leaving their utopia, and all that wonderful vibrant diversity is coming to take our place. Everybody wins!

    • notglowing says:

      How long is GAE going to let Bukele do what he wants?
      Let’s hope their troubles in Europe keep them away for long enough. But central America is Uncle Sam’s backyard. I would not be so sure.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        It’s not a simple issue. Flooding the South with the worst Centromerica has to offer was a short term tactic of the Cathedral to swamp rurality and humiliate whites. But that also means the countries being drained are more stable, as they have less trash lying around, and there’s a stronger sense of identity and loyalty those who “stayed.” So the NGO/Nonprofit netherbeast has to work with what they have. Based solely on La Wik and random news articles, the “counter protests” that pop up every time he does something is described as “at least a thousand” or “more than a thousand,” and it is my sense that that’s what the Color Revolution Builders have to work with. The CIA is not what it was, and while the budgets may be bigger on paper, in all likelihood there is not even a fragment of the linguistic, geographic, or socio-cultural command that was needed for the meddling of the 1950-1980s. Further still, even the cigar rollers and banana pickers know about the shady gringos with briefcases of money, so the only real option is probably the college age sluts who call themselves aid workers, volunteers, or whatever performative priesting is popular this week.

        He has plenty of local enemies, and I cannot imagine he got this far with poor security and naivety, but there’s always the risk of assassination. They got to Bolsonaro and gutted his will to fight, they will probably try the same with Bukele. But I bet it will be sloppy, and imagine how bad, for the Cathedral, it would be if they tried and failed. That would catapult him to even further heights.

  42. Don Jorge Sortinos says:


    It is so good to be here in America. It was a long journey. The benefits are muy bueno! The party la Democratica has bought me a new house and car and placed me in a government job making six figures. America, land of opportunity!

  43. Enormity of Failure says:

    [*Soros shill script on bitcoin deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Take the Soros shill test. What has Soros been doing in the (((Blinken-Nuland-Kragan-Soros))) plot to give us another brother war?

      • nobody says:

        nobody has to take soros test bc soros is [*total and complete digression from the shill test deleted*]

        • jim says:

          I asked you a specific question about a very bad thing Soros did.

          Your answer amounts to: Soros is a very bad person because he is so much smarter and richer than you us dumb goy cattle. Similarly, no doubt, you hate blacks and women because blacks are magical and women are wonderful.

          • anybody says:

            [*total failure to pass the woman question test and the soros shill test deleted*]
            any questions?

            • jim says:

              > any questions?

              I asked you what has Soros been doing in the Blinken-Nuland-Kragan-Soros plot to give us another brother war?

              And you did not answer.

              And since you volunteered for the woman question test without being asked, why are women misbehaving?

  44. Cloudswrest says:

    I noticed this previously, and now people are actually commenting on it. Demon possession etched into one’s face.


  45. SJ says:

    In the matriarchy incentives are all wrong. Since women are unowned and uncontrolled they are “free” to choose to have sex with anyone anywhere at anytime, and they are all wandering around on their own. The biggest obstacle to sex with a matriarchy slut is simply logistics (after you have decent game). The biggest problem with being a player is keeping your booty call list constantly full and refilling. This means in the matriarchy the incentive is to spend all your free time meeting and picking up women.

    Being a player is a big commitment. I used to go out at least five times a week, sometimes every single day, just to meet new girls. Being in the middle of a divorce that rendered me homeless and destitute, with all my funds frozen, removed from my house and all my property, for years made this really easy to do. I had quit my job out of despair and just got a shitty part time job, which was great as I had so much time to pick up women. Since the actual goal is women, not money, and since money doesn’t help, but having a full time job actually hurts, being a “loser” in the matriarchy is actually being a winner.

    Now after I met my wife and she moved herself into my room, a room that had a sleeping bag on the floor next to a pile of laundry, one chair, and a suspiciously nice computer, my priorities started to change. Now the change was slow because at first she was just a plate and I was constantly planning on kicking her out. But once I decided to keep her now I started to work, and to work a lot. Fast forward to my mid forties and I had gone from a homeless destitute working part time as a warehouse guy at night to pulling in six figures and growing. If I wanted to make more money, then I would, because my priorities changed.

    In the matriarchy men’s incentives are to work as little as possible. In the patriarchy, and I created my own patriarchy illegally and painfully, my incentives are to work sufficiently for my goals and I frequently work sixty hours a week. Progs act as if we just have to give people more money to solve the problems but the economy isn’t money, it’s production, and men have no incentive to produce. If they did their is plenty of opportunity still. Unfortunately we are in the throes of matriarchy so most of the successful young guys I know are either Mormons or Mexicans, who still have remnants of a patriarchy.

    We don’t need to fix wages, or just somehow give people more money, what we need to do is get the matriarchal sluts under control so men’s incentive and goal is no longer to work as little as possible. In the matriarchy you actually harm your interests by working. Working hard actually makes your life worse, as all the woman including your future wife are busy fcking the men who are their picking them up which isn’t the guys who are working hard to build a future.

    • Reinhard von Lohengramm says:

      Zoomer here. Maybe T-Levels are outrageously fucked up, but 5 times a week? Why? Pussy is good, but it’s just not that good, especially assuming these women you’re getting aren’t anything special (either mid, hamplanets, or just no romantic connection).

      Being a player seems like way more work than would be worth it unless you’re on some other level of hornt entirely. Men’s incentives in matriarchy are to spend all time getting pussy, but only if you want pussy that much. Most zoomers I know either find some gf (who they cuck to, at least to some degree) or stick with the hub. The players seem to be socially maladjusted to some degree (or they’re just the only men with normal T-levels, not sure).

      • jim says:

        They are men with normal T levels. Which is increasingly rare.

        The normal response to matriarchy is to stay in your single mother’s basement all day playing video games and watching anime porn. Both of these depress your testosterone levels, the porn because you are watching a man immensely more manly than you bang someone hotter than any chick you know, which means you are suffering the psychological experience of being cucked. Which is going to %@^& up your mind.

        Since in matriarchy, ten percent of the men pop ninety percent of the virgins, the other ninety percent of the men suffer despair, which depresses their testosterone levels and makes them disinclined to work. The ten percent of men that mop up all the pussy are extremely busy and suffering immense stress, because no matter how alpha you are, there is always someone more alpha than you, “she was never yours, it was just your turn”, and so have no time to do any actual work earning a living.

        • Reinhard von Lohengramm says:

          I suspect you’re right about the stress the alphas are under. Huge number of zoomers who aren’t quite the mom’s-basement-anime-porn-watching dregs, but who also don’t have the desire to looksmaxx their Tinder and go out 5x / week and Game for products of dubious value. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort if you’re gonna get a 4/10 fat slut at best.

        • Western Taliban says:

          Zoomers who aren’t housebroken can just press some buttons on a computer and meet some whore for sex, I’m not surprised he is shocked at the concept of leaving the house five times a week, I myself am. Or maybe it’s an American difference thing? In Europe (including my country and others I’ve lived in) you don’t need to try that hard, at least not me.

          I think I’m less than half SJ’s age, and I think he is even younger than you are. The generational difference is so vast that our personal experiences have extremely different contexts even if the substance some times remains the same.

          I believe the normal response to matriarchy today is to: a) become a weeb/gamer as you say, b) end up a washout retard that does alcohol/drugs all day in a park like a nigger, c) accept slavery to the matriarchy or d) straight up become a full faggot. You don’t get the druggies or the faggots here, the slaves are the shills.

          Personally I went the criminal route, but the actual dangerous one. Kinda funny to go around terrorizing society, but it gets old fast because torturing Havel’s greengrocers and NPCs doesn’t feel so good, at least to me, so I had to do something else. Unfortunately I posses an inherent noblesse oblige that has always made me feel like I should try to make something out of the retards instead of blatantly abusing them. I wish I could do like some people and treat normies like cattle but it just isn’t in me.

          • alf says:

            I’ve known guys who went out many times a week. They all had good game and would walk around like they owned the night. Knowing bouncers and club personnel did not hurt either.

            It’s a double-edged sword though. Night life, alcohol and player burnout does not age well.

            For me, I would go out… I think tops three times a week? Probably averaging about 1 or 2 times a week. It’s a total numbers game and most nights the numbers are mediocre.

        • Franklin Porter II says:

          [*soros shill script deleted*]

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          the porn because you are watching a man immensely more manly than you bang someone hotter than any chick you know, which means you are suffering the psychological experience of being cucked. Which is going to %@^& up your mind.

          I say something similar, in slightly different terms, with a minor coup complete policy suggestion, and it’s like I shook up a hornet nest. Porn is obviously bad stuff for child development, and I get that boys will be boys and will circumvent the best efforts of parents, as boys should, but parents ought not have to live in a society of groomers that is constantly pushing porn, often of the worst kind, on their kids. You, in contrast, receive far less friendly fire than I do, and I suspect it’s to do with my writing style being disturbingly similar to esoteric priesting, yet I’m far from a moralist. Just the most mild degree of perspective indicates America went off the deep end.

          Japan, world’s premier purveyor and producer of degeneracies most obscure, enjoys far higher public decency than day to day American family life. Korea, a country with extensive red light districts home to hundreds of thousands of prostitutes, both domestic and foreign, also enjoys far greater public decency than regular American family life. America, where one can see exhibitionist hobo sex in major cities, beneath giant billboard porn ads, to the sound of nigger porn rap booming from passing cars, right outside schools who’s libraries are full of gay smut manuals with pornographic illustrations, has clearly lost any notion of decency, yet bizarrely Americans think Europeans, with their nude beaches, and Asians, with their strange porn and massive red light districts, are somehow disgusting sexual libertines and that America is overly Puritanical (in the enemy definition of the word) when the exact opposite is true.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            It’s not your writing style that’s the issue, it’s the prescription. Many of us may agree about porn being anything from “minor vice” to “spiritual poison”, and I’ve seen no one claiming it’s a healthy habit. But you approach it from a leftist frame: “this thing is bad, so the government should ban it.” Which itself is the product of an older leftist frame: “How can we force people to behave the way we think they should, given a system that is actively hostile toward that behavior?”

            Men don’t need to be forced. Don’t need to have their options restricted. Just need to have the crushing constraints on masculinity removed. Put coverture aside for a moment, let’s pretend it’s too radical to get the support of low-T normies; there are still a dozen other policies that would work wonders and gain near-universal support. Eliminating sexual harassment laws and HR oversight. Eliminating no-fault divorce. Legalizing anabolic steroids, de-stigmatizing TRT and making testosterone part of the annual physical exam. Making prostitution itself the crime instead of “soliciting”, and declaring OnlyFans, Instawhore and other e-thot services to be a form of prostitution. And so on. Men want to be men, they don’t want to be dropouts watching porn, but are constantly being browbeaten and henpecked into the simp lifestyle.

            Your delivery is fine – well, most of the time, anyway. But on this issue your priorities are all messed up. Banning drugs doesn’t stop drug addiction and banning porn won’t stop porn addiction. All it does is convert a loser element of society into a criminal element, accompanied by black markets and a multibillion dollar annual price tag for the new bureaucracy.

            And I’m surprised you would pick Japan, where hopeless “herbivore” men are buying used panties from vending machines, as a counterexample. Japan’s fertility was cratering even before America. Sure, it’s got a degree of public decency, and that tells us porn has very little to do with public decency; it’s simply not filled with niggers and spics and run by homo politicians and priests. But in terms of survival odds it’s not even in the top ten. Bad example.


            Korea seems to be doing better but only slightly; I still recall the whole scandal with their female PM a few years back, obviously a very feminized and blue-pilled society by historical standards.

            America is the most degenerate of all, because (a) demographics and (b) Imperial Capital. Degenerate porn is a symptom of degenerate people and degenerate culture, not their cause.

            • S says:

              ‘looks at wiki’
              There are two different sources for 2023 and one of them gives a TFR of .8 for South Korea. Whatever is going on there is worse then Japan.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              a leftist frame: “this thing is bad, so the government should ban it.”

              >it’s the prescription.

              Again, and again, I’ve pointed out I’m not arguing for a ban. Why people keep suggesting I favor a ban is beyond me. Children are the property of their fathers. It is the father’s right to determine what his children get exposed to. If he wants to give alcohol/cigarettes/porn to his kid, that is his choice and ONLY his choice, but if some adult stranger is trying to give his kid a minor vice, you know what the actual evil intention is and that is not fine.

              I said nothing about what the government should do about the actual content of the porn, its production, or even its distribution to adults. Only on its purposeful distribution to children by others not the father. This is hardly a leftist frame. All I prescribed was to make it illegal to give other people’s children shit the father doesn’t approve of, and to have a friendly government promote the creation of tools for fathers to have greater control. Unstated was my position that government should also provide proper legal recourse for the father to exact recompense against obvious groomers, and to have a pretext to lock up evil.

              Today the father is left with a choice, go to the authorities and hope they sort it out, or deal with it privately. Neither are viable because the authorities will protect evil men as well as screw fathers for taking matters into their own hands. My point being that Patriarchy, at a minimum, requires at least tacit support from the government. Turning a blind eye to Patriarchal vigilantism is really just government dispensing its authority to trusted men of good standing. That is what government of the people, by the people entails, and in turn means Patriarchy is a quasi government institution, but that requires a virtuous men in the first place which we do not have today. Patriarchy is not viable for the masses under a hostile government.

              >Men don’t need to be forced.

              That is a libertarian frame. How’s that working out for you? Virtuous men do not need to be “forced,” but we have very few virtuous men today. Virtuous men come from monarchs who enforced virtue by force. Eventually, the monarch finds he does not need to use nearly as much force as he once did for virtue is semi self propagating. Virtuous men then mistaken their virtuous nature as being innate rather than from monarchical authority. They get rid of the monarchy as they think authority is fake. Over time they lose their virtues and become the fallen elite we have today. On the contrary to your frame, virtuous men do not need to be “forced,” but boys do need to be forced to do the things that make them virtuous men in the first place.

              Men want to be men, they don’t want to be dropouts watching porn, but are constantly being browbeaten and henpecked into the simp lifestyle.

              That is true of normal men. We now live among men who’ve never had a father figure, never known what it means to have ownership and responsibility and actual freedom, never known anything else but vice and bondage. To them being browbeaten and henpecked is all they’ve known. Low T levels throughout their childhood development has caused permanent structural brain differences that can’t be fixed by raising T levels in adulthood. These are not men. These are permanently crippled and disfigured pseudo eunuchs stuck in adolescence. They compose of ~30% of young “men” today. A minority but a sizable one that will be baggage for generations. Sure, they semi know something is missing similar to how the blind from birth know something is missing, but no amount of intervention can change what was never there to begin with.

              Your libertarianism is going to have limited success with eunuchs. The only thing they respond to, like women, is force. Government issued whore wives would have zero chance of success like it did in Australia. Violent criminals, for all their faults, are still recognizably high T men capable of owning whores.

              And I’m surprised you would pick Japan [etc]

              As you pointed out America is the most degenerate, that is not the typical perception among middle age Americans. Common perception is that Japan is far worse, and it was 10 years ago, but the situation, especially for young American men, has quickly gotten worse and perception is lags behind reality. The point was to serve as comparison of perception vs reality and I was being a bit hyperbolic. I picked Japan and Korea, both among the worst of the worse to really drive home the point that America in comparison is in deep trouble.

              Japan’s hopeless “herbivore” men buying used panties is no different from America’s hopeless “incel” men buying ‘gamer girl bath water’ and shelling out huge amounts of money on E-girls. The Japanese VTuber industry quickly found out that America was a far larger market. Your focus on buying used panties is also indicative of outdated perception. Such an act is at least material. American incels are dumping their money on pixels on a computer screen.

              You bring up fertility rates, the US is at 1.64 and Japan 1.34. Japan is in the same ballpark as the Italians at 1.24. You might even claim America is marginally better, yet Japan’s birth rate is nearly purely Japanese while the American birth rate is is brought up significantly by recent immigrants, niggers, and spics. The White (non-Hispanic) birth rate is supposedly 1.54, but when looking at legacy Americans… Vermont is the one state that remains the most purely legacy White American, thus harder to fudge the statistics with fake Whites, it’s birth rate is 1.37, indistinguishable from Japan, and if you separate the 7 percent non-White from the stats it falls lower than Japan. It is likely America’s core White demographic has lower birth rates than Japan.

              >But in terms of survival odds it’s not even in the top ten. Bad example.

              I’d bet Japan has better odds than America. Keep in mind their circumstance of being an American vassal state. In spite of that, they have a more stable government and cultural-racial-demographic than America. They have great potential to rebound without major civil strife. America in contrast…

              • Red says:

                All I prescribed was to make it illegal to give other people’s children shit the father doesn’t approve of, and to have a friendly government promote the creation of tools for fathers to have greater control.

                If someone is grooming your child the correct response is to kill them. How is the government going to help with that?

                What sort of tools do you want? We already have tools to watch everything that gets put on kids phones.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  So you want to dispense justice.

                  In this case by killing a bad guy. The best scenario is that you have both government acceptance and a posse to back you up. Without the first you’ll be seen as a murderer and become a target of a posse yourself. Without the second is just stupid risky and should be avoided unless you really don’t have any other option. Superior numbers with superior firepower is how you get back home alive. If you don’t see how government can help with that…

                  Let’s say you’re a manly man who don’t need no government involvement. You assemble a band of armed men who approve of your righteous goal to hunt down the bad guy. By dispensing law, your law, you’ve effectively become a governing body, a contradiction in regards to no government involvement; however, you’re now a potentially illegitimate government within a greater governing body.

                  You’ll either need to make arraignments with the greater governing body which takes you back to the best scenario case, make no arraignment and become an outlaw, or outright conquer the space and become the sole power.

                  KKK had outright local government backing and, for a long time, tacit federal government blind eye to deal with niggers. It is why they were able to maintain the peace. In that sense they were a government institution that White Southerners could receive help from.

                  Government involvement is inherent to dispensing justice. It can either kill you, impede you, legitimize you, or outright aid you. Remember how I’ve repeatedly repeated the necessity for a ‘friendly government?’

                  Let’s get to tools.

                  Fundamentally, posses are social tools, and men don’t like being tools for bad causes. They’ll want to know you’re not just bullshitting them. This is why legal systems exist. To make sure you’re not just stringing people along to settle petty grudges rather than dispense real justice. Legal systems are social tools, yet only functions well when the spirit of the law is followed rather than legalism’s letter of the law. Meaning one has to often bend the letter of the law to carry out its spirit. Dirty Harry anyone?

                  This requires socially acceptable pretexts, another social tool. You might ask: ‘What could possibly be a good pretext to get rid of a groomer?’ See, it might be rather difficult catching a groomer in bed with a boy, but it’s much easier and better to catch them offering minor vice, one of their common tactics.

                  make it illegal to give other people’s children shit the father doesn’t approve of

                  huh, would you look at that… This is what ‘corruption of minors charges’ used to be understood as. It wasn’t giving alcohol to the minor that was the problem, it was giving alcohol with the intent of raping, yet intent is very hard to prove even if blatantly obvious. Today’s strict legalism wants to charge parent with corruption of minors for providing their kids a few sip of wine, necessitating a plethora of law makers who then bloat the law books, which eventually makes law unwieldy.

                  It’s possible to restore the spirit of the law in regards to ‘corruption of minors charges,’ but in relation to internet traffic, needs a minor update for dealing with the digital rather than the irl. In essence, new social tools are needed. Nothing major which is why I kept pointing out it was a modest proposal.

                  Red, I have no doubt you’re a good programmer, but damn it, its made you too formalistic in your thinking. Governing and leading men is the opposite of formula no matter how much the MBA wishes it could be replaced by ‘process.’ It’s a matter of spirit. You’re doing a literal reading of what I and others write, not to say the literal meaning is wrong, but you’re not reading double meaning encased in the spirit of what I and others write. So I’m stuck trying to explain to you the spirit in literal terms. A process that takes thousand of words and appears to go nowhere. It’s like I toss at you a phrase like “Mission First, People Always,” and you have a conniption because the literal meaning does not compute, and then I write thousands of words on the spirit and why it makes sense only for you to not get it because as it turns out, words cannot always encapsulate the totality of meaning hidden in spirit.

                • Red says:


                  >So you want to dispense justice.

                  To your wall of text that’s basically you cock sucking the “all powerful state” I say: Gary Plauché.

                  To this day the groomers in the school are very careful not to pick strong fathers who might come over and blow their heads for attempts to groom their children. No state program required, just a righteous man who was willing to suffer for punishing evil. This more creates much better deterrence far most than shitty laws do.

                  Almost all justice is private by nature. What we see from the state today is mostly injustice. Justice comes from men willing to violence those who do evil to their own. While they suffer for dealing righteous justice in an unjust nation, evil people quake at the thought of it happening to them and modify their targets accordingly.

                  To add to that, the Soviet Union had a program to recruit children to inform on their parents. This went on for a couple decades until a little boy who had his parents sent to the gulag was found beaten to death and tossed down a mine shaft. The Grandfather was unrepentant about what he did to the boy. He was punished by the Soviet Union but all such cases of children informing on their parents stopped.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >To your wall of text that’s basically you cock sucking the “all powerful state”
                  >Almost all justice is private by nature.

                  No, this is nothing about the “all powerful state.”

                  What I pointed out was that as soon as you impose rule you’ve become something akin to a very miniature sub-state. That’s all a state is, imposed rule on owned space. You become the miniature government of that space. Governments are naturally suspicious of competition within the same space which necessitate playing the power game and potentially coming to an accord, which I explained at length.

                  All justice, even if carried out for private purpose, is of government and will result in broader government reactions be it at the local, state, federal, or supranational level. When you scale this up you get things like Wagner’s march for justice. Prigozhin temporarily became a state powerful enough to negotiated at the same table as Putin. Of course Putin did not like this and Prigozhin got “exiled.” Who knows what the actual agreement was.

                  Governments, as I pointed out, have several options on how to deal with miniature sub-states. They can co-opt them, ‘ignore’ them, or crush them.

                  >Gary Plauché

                  Is a near horror story of what happens with an unfriendly government. A friendly government would have sanctioned his action. Contrary to the Soviet example, the American state has doubled down numerous times. Reporting on parents has become pretty frequent in some upper middle class places in the US as well. No gulag though.

                  >To this day the groomers in the school are very careful not to pick strong fathers…

                  Most grooming is just preparatory grooming. Schools teaching gender egalitarianism for example sets girls up to sluts and the boys faggots. It largely flies under the radar of normies. Try teaching in a school, it’s pretty easy to be a substitute. You’ll see any number of disturbing shit. The few strong fathers have fled from the schools and are increasingly insular. There’s very few of them which should tell you much about the state of American men.

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Unpacking all the strawmen and logical inconsistencies here would take all day, and I don’t want to keep responding with ever longer walls of text, so I will pick out the top 3.

                You want to “make it illegal to give other people’s children shit the father doesn’t approve of”. Have you given any thought to how something like that is going to work? If I’m running a grocery store and a kid wants to buy a soda, does he need a permission slip from his father to prove that he’s allowed to have sugar? It’s already illegal to sell porn to minors – you know that, right? That means either the fathers don’t care or the laws aren’t enforceable, or both.

                As I said earlier, if you really want to make porn more difficult to obtain then just tax and regulate it. Play to the bureaucracy’s one and only strength. There’ll be tons of kickbacks, favoritism and other corruption in the industry, but so what? Your goal in the first place was to fuck up the industry, so mission accomplished.

                You then argue in one paragraph that the men in question have never had a father figure – whether that means literally fatherless, or simply a weak father with domineering mother, isn’t specified. The former would fly in the face of facts: boys raised by single mothers are more violent, more aggressive, more criminally-inclined, and so on; they got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. The latter is a more plausible explanation for young men “checking out”, but then the solution is pants-on-head ridiculous: weak fathers beget weak boys because they are terrible role models and worse teachers, not because they failed to adequately restrict porn-viewing.

                I can’t even criticize the logic because there isn’t any logic. X is caused by Y, so let’s go after Z. Huh?

                And finally there’s the “libertarian” name-calling. Putting aside the absurdity of slapping that label on someone who just said “tax and regulate the industry”, libertarianism is an economic philosophy whose central conceit is the mistaken idea that personal decisions are always based on rational self-interest as opposed to the tribal, religious, emotional or magical modes of thinking under which people typically operate in reality. This then leads to the naive conclusion that systemic, organized defection (“aggression”) in society is an unimportant concern that will sort itself out once the NAP Eschaton is achieved.

                Exactly none of that has any relationship to what is going on with men in the sexual marketplace. Men are oversocialized, feminized, taught and forced to respec whamen. The problem is not too much aggression, but too little aggression. It is plainly obvious that men’s natural instincts are being suppressed because despite all this conditioning, People Are Still Having Sex. Take a 16-year-old boy, lock him in a closet with a 16-year-old girl, and they are eventually going to fuck. The problem with libertarianism is that we don’t have biological imperatives toward reason; we do, however, have biological imperatives toward getting laid. Libido can be suppressed, just as hunger can be suppressed, but both come back in full force as soon as the suppressant is taken away. Fathers need to control their daughters, not their sons, and it is not exactly difficult for a grown man to dominate a 12-year-old daughter when there aren’t other men with guns forcing him to stand down.

                Porn sucks, but there are a hundred other problems ahead of it in the queue. You’re moralfagging, and coming up with flimsy rationalizations for moralfagging, and we’ve called you out on it. You can get over it or you can keep being salty about it, but either way these incoherent drunk-posts aren’t going to persuade anyone to your side.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >If I’m running a grocery store and a kid wants to buy a soda

                  You obviously know I didn’t mean soda.

                  >It’s already illegal to sell [and give] porn to minors – you know that, right?

                  Except it’s not. The definition of porn has been watered down massively. “Soft porn,” which your ancestors would have considered beyond the pale, is massively distributed in the schools, the public square, and even at football games. Much of it being pushed by the state. If even the Super Bowl is pornographic, there might be a problem.

                  >That means either the fathers don’t care or the laws aren’t enforceable, or both.

                  I look at society a mere 30 years ago and it was more enforceable, 70 years ago and it was much more enforceable, 400 years ago and there would have been inquisition for public pornographic debauchery. The laws are enforceable but the state chooses not to and fathers can’t do much about it because power has dictated them to be the enemy. The problem isn’t fathers or the laws but the state.

                  >Your goal in the first place was to fuck up the industry

                  It wasn’t. The goal is to create legal pretext for removal of bad guys and to shove consumption out of the public view. To aid in creating a social environment conducive for installing Stoic values. The historical Western setup.

                  >I can’t even criticize the logic because there isn’t any logic. X is caused by Y, so let’s go after Z. Huh?

                  It was X, Y, Z logic, but a side observation that your view of human nature is wrong, and since we fundamentally disagree on that we have different logic sets. Not an argument on porn but is certainly tangential topic to the problem of porn.

                  You claim men don’t need to be forced. I’m sure you also believe in “free will” and “individuality.” Fake and gay concepts. Freedom, if such a thing actually exists, comes from being able to exercise ownership, which comes from being virtuous, which is itself is due to being answerable to an absolute moral authority… which means men do have to be forced. The deconstruction of moral authority has cascaded.

                  >libertarianism is an economic philosophy…

                  It’s a political philosophy. Go ahead and pretend it isn’t built on top of social liberalism. You’ll be wrong. Noam Chomsky has as much of a claim to libertarianism as Rothbard. Hoppe noticed the problem and went post libertarian. The mistake of libertarianisn goes beyond it’s view of human nature and lies in it’s goal to maximize autonomy and political freedom, and minimize the state. All that serves is to make inferior men and cede power of the state to the enemy. You may not have libertarian economic positions, but you are definitely, at least partly, libertarian philosophically.

                  >Fathers need to control their daughters, not their sons

                  Half true, sons require a firm upbringing to be virtuous men. Forced shared adversity and instilled stoicism is what builds warriors. Not freedom. Boys have been overly socialized by women, and completely under socialized by men. Violence is not the marker of masculine energy and vigor. Capability to organize as a tribe is.

                  >People Are Still Having Sex

                  True, but what people and at what rates. Over 60 percent of men under 30 are single, and 30% of men in total are incels.

                  >Take a 16-year-old boy, lock him in a closet with a 16-year-old girl, and they are eventually going to fuck.

                  And then what, is the boy going to marry the girl and raise children? Probably not. The very idea of patriarchy is foreign to many of these men. That Andrew Tate is famous for stating what was once the obvious means many of the boys today don’t have a clue. That girl will, on average, end up cucking the boy.

                  >Porn sucks, but there are a hundred other problems ahead of it in the queue.

                  Every major problem ultimately goes back to sex and reproduction of which porn is adjacent to.

                  >You’re moralfagging, and coming up with flimsy rationalizations for moralfagging

                  Every day I become more sympathetic to the Taliban.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Pax, it really comes down to this: if an idea starts with “there should be a law…” or “the government should get involved with…” or some other statement of the same flavor, it’s a Whig idea, or an idea with Whiggery Diggory under the hood. It really is that simple.

                  Completely unrelated, henceforth we should refer to all white progressives as “whiggers.”

                • Fidelis says:


                  There should be an Imperial Magisterium dedicated to eradicating the sources, man and idea, from which public pornography flows.

                  I cannot find the exact wording, but Marquis de Sade was a huge proponent of introducing porn into society with the intention of turning over the old order. Advocated for public sex shows.

                  It is a problem, it does need eradicating.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I don’t disagree, I just think that A) it’s symptomatic, not causal, and B) the Government should be small, narrowly focused, and overwhelmingly powerful. I’m not a libertarian, and to be honest, the only libertarian I’ll even tolerate for more than 5 minutes is my wife, because libertarianism is the political equivalent of a female fashion accessory. I think the Law should be memorizable, and enforcement schemes should be brutally efficient. So the idea of Porn Laws just seems silly to me. It’s a priesting thing, not a warrior thing.

                  I agree with much of the content of Pax’ statements, but that doesn’t really change the fact that pornography is way downstream from the actual issue, that being female empowerment. Above, he’s called Coverture a cargo cult. This is completely misguided blue pill faggot shit. So I’m not going to contribute any further to a masturbatory argument about porn lel. Unleash the Inquisitors on the pornographers, by all means, but their just going to come back and say “the issue is slut availability, not kikes with cameras.”

                • Pax Imperialis says:


                  What I’m saying about coverture, is that without any dedicated proposed pathways to rebuilding the underlying structures, we are doing the same thing anti-abortionists are doing. Clamoring for a more civilized people’s social technologies that we Americans are currently, on average, too decivilized and primitive to create our selves. That is inherently cargo cultish behavior.

                  I do agree with coverture, and I also agree with Christian Nationalism, but what I do not see is talk of creating a Christian Nationalist Patriarchy complete with a National Council (Papacy analogue) and High Priest, which is sort of a prerequisite to having an effective state religion. No Christian state religion, no religious program, no restoration of social norms, no coverture.

                  America’s original coverture practices came from the English, but none of the support structure came alone. It lasted for a good while until the metaphorical cultural logistic chain evaporated and we were left with the memory. Again, very cargo cultish.

                  America has had 2 centuries of Christian norm and tradition destruction with a side of 1000 heresies blooming and fragmentation of a 1000 schisms… I’m not saying it’s impossible to get a Christian Nationalist Patriarchy in our life times, but good luck on getting coverture in our life times.

                  If such a programs gets started, coverture will be only for a select few elites for a very long time before it’s deployed for the masses. Likely something to look forward for America’s children’s children.

                  Do you want to attempt to secure your bloodline by setting up your kids? I’d suggest Russia for that. If Mayflower Sperg is reporting true, they’ve already semi implemented it.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  There’s nothing to look forward to for “America’s children’s children” because they won’t exist. When globohomo finally gives up the ghost, America will look like wherever it got its last batch of immigrants from.

                  I don’t see coverture making a comeback in Russia either, at least not in places I’ve been to. Russian culture looks very much like American culture, minus the feral niggers, rainbow flags, and homos dancing in the streets. Teenagers dress the same, Russian rap sounds like nigger rap, and fat chicks wear T-shirts that say “Strong Independent Woman”. The career-girl problem may even be worse here because many office jobs require fluency in foreign languages, something women are generally better at.

                  Though I do see quite a few white children playing in the park, which supports Anglin’s claim that if you just remove the Jewish influence, white people will revert to doing what comes naturally.

                • jim says:

                  > I don’t see coverture making a comeback in Russia either

                  They shut down the gay parade, shut down pussy riot. There are significant voices in Russia calling for de-emancipating women.

                  War is the father of us all. A state with emancipated women cannot fight wars for lack of sons and lack of manly men. Female emancipation being culturally shut down preparatory to the war of Northern Aggression and the second world war shows that some people knew it back then. Do you think they have forgotten it now?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Russia gave Prigozhin just enough ammunition to save its bacon in Ukraine, and I worry that Russia will restore the patriarchy, by timid, hesitant half-measures, just enough to remain a viable country.

                  My wife wants to move to Belarus because she sees what a chad ❤️Lukashenko❤️ is compared to Putin. I chose Russia instead, reasoning that if Russia falls, Belarus gets color-revolutioned the next day and extradites me back to Biden-land.

                  Do you think they have forgotten it now?

                  Yes I do. There were many Americans in the halls of power in 1933 who knew what manliness was and what it was good for. No one alive today and working in the government has any clue.

                • jim says:

                  > Russia gave Prigozhin just enough ammunition to save its bacon in Ukraine, and I worry that Russia will restore the patriarchy, by timid, hesitant half-measures, just enough to remain a viable country

                  Probably. Putin is a 1990s liberal.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  @Mayflower Sperg

                  I seem to remember you mentioning Russians seeing their 14 year old daughters getting married being ok? That seems like good conditions for shotgun and arraigned marriages, after which coverture isn’t that far.

                  No one alive today and working in the government has any clue.

                  This is partly why I’m disagreeing with Jim on the speed of recovery, if there is one. At least 30% of young White men are likely permanently developmentally retarded, both in terms of cognition and masculinity. Add on the useless minorities and likely 50% of men are simply dead weight for the foreseeable future. They are chocking up resources both inside and outside the government.

                  Even if the government could be made masculine again, no amount of testosterone replacement therapy is going to fix that 50% of dead weight. They are incapable of ownership.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Russians seeing their 14 year old daughters getting married being ok

                  I don’t think so anymore, because I’ve not seen one woman with a baby who could plausibly be under 20. Maybe in Chechnya, maybe among the Old Believers, but not in my surroundings.

            • A2 says:

              Are public morals a leftist concept?

              Forbidding or deriding low-status behaviour is actually for the benefit of all you losers out there — don’t stay single until you’re an old; don’t get divorced; don’t get fat; don’t be a homo; don’t be a lesbian; don’t smoke weed or gorge yourself on drug candy; don’t sit around pulling your little rod and then nap.

              By the way, I do expect Japan didn’t have panty vending machines prior to being occupied by GAE. It’s social HIV that eventually turns into fullblown social AIDS.

          • Red says:

            No one disagreed with the idea that porn bad, any more than we think that binge drinking is good. But it’s the sort of bad shit people do to themselves that more counter productive to make illegal than it’s worth. Pushing it as the source of great evil that’s twisting minds is exactly the bullshit that the McChristains have been pushing for 40+ years now while as cover for the their embrace of women’s lib. You sound like a McChristain when you rant and rave about it.

            • jim says:

              Porn is a problem, a widespread private problem, and our enemies are subtly corrupting the free porn that they make at a loss to make it even more corrupt and perverting than it already is. But Romance literature and chick flicks are a bigger problem.

              The inquisition needs to make sure romance literature is imbued with the proper feminine values, and should depict protagonists who behave as women are naturally apt to behave as suffering severe social consequences and not getting their happily ever after. Camelot needs to be done with Lancelot and Guinevere as a tragedy where wicked character flaws result in everyone dying. Porn? Not an issue that I feel like thinking about.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >But Romance literature and chick flicks are a bigger problem.

                It’s all porn. I cracked open a few of those Romance books from the 19th and 20th century because you have mentioned it more than once. With titles like ‘The Nunnery Tales’ (1866) and ‘The Lustful Turk’ (1828) with female protagonists and many male side characters, the plots should be pretty obvious. I even found a book called ‘Gynecocracy’ (1893).

                We men view porn as purely a visual thing communicated by pictures, but for women it is mostly a mental process communicated by words. It is a mistake to make a distinction between porn and Romance literature.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                I remember back in the 1980s, in all the horror flicks, the whores were the first to die. It was cliché! It even goes back at least as far as Bram Stoker’s Dracula where the tart Lucy is the one who gets turned into a vampire and has her head cut off, while Mina, who is virtuous, survives, although she does fall under Dracula’s spell.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “Dracula” is really a Victorian novel about sex. Although one should note, it was written by a man.

      • SJ says:

        You spend a lot of time meeting women because you are not getting a girlfriend, you are getting plates. Or perhaps you set a goal to get same day lays. You have to meet a lot of women because after you have decent game then it is just a numbers game. Some women are in slut mode where they are mentally cruising for dick, and you need to meet those women in a situation where you can get them alone. I suggest everyone stop this boyfriend/girlfriend nonsense and start dating the red pill way right away. She’s either a plate or she’s a wife, and you marry her.

        Now you don’t get a girlfriend because you don’t stop meeting new women. You might have a plate that lasts a long time though. I had a plate that lasted years, sometimes she would get wobbly but she kept coming back to try to make me be her boyfriend. I started seeing her when she was nineteen, or I should say I had a reputation and she invited herself into my booty call list when she was nineteen.

        I think all men in the matriarchy who have an interest in women should master becoming the matriarchy man. I had that plate helping me meet new women and new plates, she would buy me gifts all the time, or other stuff such as once one of her orbiters got her concert tickets so she took me to a concert. You also realize women will come approach you and invite themselves into your booty call list brazenly. Including very young women, who you likely are not in the habit of checking IDs with.

        One very brazen experience I had was the store manager of Macy’s was aware of my reputation so she had one of her young employees approach be and offer to buy me an all expenses paid skiing vacation with her along with new clothes and a bunch of gifts should I spend that vacation banging this forty year old woman. I told her no thanks, as I had a roster of much younger women I was enjoying. Later I saw the Macy’s manager and she started to cry and babble to me about how sorry she was to have bothered me then she ran away.

        You get a different view of women when you are one of the men on the prowl. Women know you are, they can tell, and they will arrange for themselves to be caught by inviting themselves over to your bedroom alone. You also realize that the number one piece of sexual attraction for women is preselection. Because other women find you sexually attractive, other women will find you sexually attractive. It is like a circular feedback loop and the biggest takeaway I would want other men to learn.

        Dating the red pill way ensures the woman is following you when you upgrade her from plate. You have the hand and she knows you can and will defect on her and win, because men can play the game past age thirty or thirty five with much younger women. Then you can eventually choose a girl who passes your compliance tests and upgrade her. There is a reason I have a much much younger wife who draws all eyes in every room she walks into, who birthed another child for me only five months ago and yet yesterday was so happy as she just got back down under 100 pounds.

    • Doom says:

      >In the matriarchy men’s incentives are to work as little as possible.
      Yup. There are (modern) african cultures where men do absolutely nothing much at all, barely feeding themselves. Women do everything from farming to child rearing, all men have to do is be as sexy as possible.

      Similar to lions in a way.

      Here’s a question chain no one really ever seems to ask.
      What does a male lion do on average? Protect the pride, right?

      But the gender birth ratio of lions is 50/50. So if we have a pride of 9 females, 1 male, that means there are 8 other male lions that were born, so where are they?

      “I don’t like the patriarchy”, okay, so how many hours a day do you want to work, lady? All of them?

  46. Chad Boomer says:

    [*Soros shill script on Bitcoin deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Take the Soros shill test. What has Soros been doing in the Blinken-Nuland-Kragan-Soros plot to give us another brother war?

      • Chad Boomer says:

        Soros has been getting his dick sucked by Kunning Druger in between fucking Red in the ass!

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Noticed with Brother & Senpai, what a wonderful day.

          It must gall you that you can’t just spew stupidity like you do on Gab.



          • Pax Imperialis says:

            “Chad Boomer” reveals himself as Alexander Soros, the faggot son of George Soros. Really, look at the linked .jpg, you’ll get a laugh from it.


            • jim says:

              That is hilarious.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Alex Soros has fully taken over the fund. A brief look at the shilling operations he has taken keen interest in, and his own faggot adjacent proclivities, your Soros shill test is going to inadvertently, partially become a faggot shill test.

                That reminds me… Carlylean Restorationist’s (CR) positions are extremely adjacent to David Rubenstein’s views as expressed on PBS, a former Carter aid and founder of The Carlyle Group. The group is similar to Black Rock, that’s to say GAE but lesser known. So one might wonder, is CR taking his namesake from Thomas Carlyle, or more likely taking it from Mr. Rubenstein.

                I’d suppose that you now need to have a David Rubenstein shill test, but with a name like that, it’s bound to end up becoming a National Socialist shill test instead rather than a Rubenstein shill test.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  In other news, is your name from Pax for peace or SuperPACs? Or maybe Pakistanis?

                  When you say “imperialis”, do you mean the bars of soap that we turned all the kikes into, or do you mean Imperial Tobacco?

                  So a shill for the tobacco lobby operating in the DNC SuperPAC complex.

                  Wow what a shill.

                  (God it’s all so tiresome, this game of call everyone a shill. There are facts to be had here, but the strategy of muddying the waters is very effective…. and may I also say, very jewish.)

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Lol, I guess the flack means he’s over the target. Be honest, how similar is that picture to your IRL visage?

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  very jewish

                  Joo joo joo, joo. Joo joo? Joo JOO joo joo! Joo joo, joo joo joo jooJooJoo, joo joojoo joo.

                  It sure didn’t take CR very long to regress from “almost sort of coherent” back to “gibbering turd-flinging baboon with AIDS”.

                  I wonder if his account is operated in shifts, and the weekend guy is a full sigma lower than whomever we were hearing from a few days earlier.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  When I need an abbreviation for “the Western ruling elites who hate white people and want us all dead”, I sometimes say “the Jews”. Of course this Judeo-Bolshevik elite also hates nationalist and Orthodox Jews and wants them all dead, but the latter two have no power outside Israel, so not relevant.

            • Chad Boomer says:

              Cracker please! I look nothing like Alexander. I believe in taking care of myself doing 1,000 crunches everyday. I’m at the office now, working because the younger crowed can’t get it right. I’m wearing a wool three piece suit by Armani, black leather shoes by Allen Edmunds, and a $20K Rolex. Even though I don’t need to, I still work to fit in.

              • Western Taliban says:

                believe in taking care of myself doing 1,000 crunches everyday.

                Confirmed faggot, I guess Pax was right.

  47. Kunning Drueger says:

    Off topic

    IEW News


    Extremely long thread about FPV drones & the RF war effort. Worth the read because it shows, in real time, what Jim was saying last year is happening and how.

  48. Pax Imperialis says:

    The Canadian government has declared no limit on the number of Ukrainian refugees to be allowed in. They have already accepted 230,000 and are expected to accept another 800,000 in the near term. As far as migrants go, not a terrible demographic. They are even White. I must admit, there are some genuine silver linings to this dismal state of affairs. Com, if you’re reading this, I mentioned many months ago that Ukrainian pussy would flood the market and recommended you use this to get a wife on discount. It’s quite literally flying to the same continent as you. Don’t let this opportunity fly past you. I’d like to live in a world in which there are many little Coms running around… potentially out of purely selfish fantasy to hopefully give them a bunch of machetes, lock them into a room full of my unarmed political enemies, and pretend to not notice the screams…

    Anyways, some Vietnamese guy (@stevennguyen4993), likely US military as well, on YouTube pointed out the obvious to a West Point lecturer that:

    Nah, the military was ALWAYS a political body. The statues were removed WAS a political maneuver. Also, we give respects to elected members of the Congress, but they are inherently not part of the chain of command. The military is led by a few elected and appointed civilians, but don’t mistake that for a public-led military.

    to which @Justin_Taylor responds:

    I’m not claiming it to be “public lead” but congress is still part of the process. They literally approve our budget. There are congressional insights, any soldier can contact their congressman if things in the military are going wrong. Congressional bodies can tell us what to do, we can’t tell them what to do. They might use us in a political capacity as an arm of international relations, but we cannot tell congress what to do or what not to do. This is what apolitical means, it doesn’t matter who is sitting in the particular seat, we only care that it’s the person or people with the authority.

    Notice the logical conflict in the two bold sections? To which @stevennguyen4993 responds:

    I’m pretty sure “being used for political capacity” means you’re a political arm. The idea of being apolitical is you having no self-interest. But for the military, that is not the case. The DoD FIGHTS for budgets all the time, even if it’s Congress approving it […] but you can’t deem an entity “apolitical” because it acts as if it doesn’t have a head (even though the military DOES have one).

    There’s more and you can find the rest of the exchange near the top of the comment section to this video:

    It’s pretty insightful into the (official) mindset of modern West Point academia. This dogma of the apolitical military likely can be traced back to FDR. I remember hearing stories from my grandfather, a West Point graduate, that made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that the military was political circa 1940. Sometime after the 1950s, perceptions changed to the notion of apolitical. I can’t quite pin down the decade. This may have been done due to the problem Gen. Macarthur and Gen. Patton created for the FDR establishment. Clausewitz was required reading, and it still is, but somehow many officers don’t seem to make the connection with war being inherently political to that necessitating the military waging those political wars also being political in nature.

    Now in the case of Mr. West Point lecturer, he’s a blue tribesman through and through, and so there’s a case to be made that he simply can’t acknowledge certain truths openly, but I’ve also noticed he’s just not as smart as West Point men used to be from his other videos. It may very well be the case he too dumb, but I’ve also noticed an extremely pervasive notion of the apolitical military among red tribesman of all IQ levels with extreme sincerity. I guess propaganda works. Until that is shattered, expect a top military leadership (O7+) that is dominantly blue tribe because red tribe doesn’t even have the decency to lie about red tribe status for purposes of infiltration. They don’t even network politically.

    • Western Taliban says:

      It may very well be the case he too dumb, but I’ve also noticed an extremely pervasive notion of the apolitical military among red tribesman of all IQ levels with extreme sincerity. I guess propaganda works. Until that is shattered, expect a top military leadership (O7+) that is dominantly blue tribe because red tribe doesn’t even have the decency to lie about red tribe status for purposes of infiltration. They don’t even network politically.

      This is the reason why I feel no real attachment or affinity of any kind to the “red tribe” or any current “right-wing” faction, except perhaps avowed reactionaries.

      I had friends in high school who actually ended up joining the military even though they were going to be serving for faggots and wahmen and fighting for faggotry and feminism, and we all knew. I refused to join under such circumstances, but this people seemed content to ignore the fact. I feel only indifference if not contempt.

      If I have a wish and a hope for the future is that someday a new tribe is born, the crimson skull tribe, that proudly feasts on the blood of its enemies and tramples over all, including the “red tribe”. The apolitical “red tribesman” are as deserving of nine clan execution as the most fervent blue tribesman. If you are “apolitical” you’re just a fucking traitor, my bullet for you.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Pax, The era you are looking for is the McCarthy era. recall that the popular recollection of the end of the witch hunts is when McCarthy went after the military. The reality is that the military brass, contractors, and consultants were lousy with reds and pinkos that were connected to State Department, and a grand compromise was signed (unofficially) between State & DoD, a relationship that grew out of NSC 68. The Agency brokered the unholy alliance, and much of the wreck in military and foreign policy springs thence.

      • The Cominator says:

        Which agency, redpill me on this I’m not familiar with it.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Central Intelligence Agency.

          There’re a number of books about this time frame that can help paint a sort of abstract picture if what was happening and how, but I cannot at this moment dig up the titles. Here follows the story I have cobbled together from my own reading, research, and official & unofficial scholarship.

          World War 02 was an absolute mess. Looking back it seems like this powerfully united moment in American history, but that’s whig propaganda. In reality, there was almost no sociocultural unity whatsoever. FDR was absolutely loathed by many elites, so much so that he had to build his own elite, and he did so using the Managerial Archetype. Lots of good contemporaneous accounts of this process, particularly Burnham, but in short, he used the New Deal to construct a Managerial Elite, which then displaced the landed elite and mutilated the agronomic cultural identity. The killshot was funneling the seed corn of the interior into NYC and SF (these were the 2 gateways to the war theaters), but much damage and havoc came about from the 1930s, damage that would have been repaired (IMO) if there had been no WW02.

          So FDR builds this autocratic structure with himself at the top, his brain trust, and legions of managerial class zealots (lousy with communists, faggot apologists, and women), then gets called home to hell by Satan. In steps Truman. Lately, I have been seeing people on the Right praise the haberdasher, but I personally think he was a dunce, a moron, and an unwitting tool in FDR’s posthumous hand. As the war is drawing to a close, you have Truman and many people in the US thinking it was time to get back to what America was, but the managerial class wants to do the opposite. FDR tried many ways to force America to become the progressive socialist utopia, but largely fails until the War does all the work for him. It rationalized centralization of industry and government as well as titanic expansion of bureaucracy, incorporation of the Civil Rights DNA, and a host of other terrible things that the elites would not have tolerated. So in 1946-47, the managerial class and its elites are standing on the precipice, watching their domain teeter on the brink.

          NSC 68 is the key document, not the only one, but its importance cannot be overstated. I am being dramatic because I hate the Managerial Revolution, but in reality there were plenty of academics, managers, bureaucrats, and warriors that were not fully on board with the New Deal, but they went with the program because of the War. As these types started to waver, the brain trust needed a “next war” to get them back on board. Between ’47 and ’51 this struggle for dominance occurred, mostly behind closed doors (prior to WW02, there was substantially more “policy honesty,” like having a War Department instead of a Department of Defense, and a host of other little things; the managerial revolution ushered in the whole “top secret” memeplex, giving these meddlers wide latitude for their machinations) but in public as well, with a number of events being part of it, like the whole MacArthur thing and the Admiral’s Revolt. McCarthy was tilting at windmills, totally unserious in the context of the actual Red Menace, but just as the Cathedral went nuts over Trump’s rise, so too did the elite managers go crazy that anyone was even challenging their shadow regime.

          So the actual Reds (State Department), the Liberals (the new Deal organs of governance/policy), and the aging warriors (the upper echelons of military power) basically coordinate (distributed emergence, not evil summit meeting in volcano lair) to institute the regime we know and loathe today, the Cathedral. Allan Foster Dulles was instrumental in this, as were the daughter groups begat by the American Malvern[1], and the dupes like Truman. I beleive this is when the Cathedral took power completely, though obviously the conspiracy is far older, the demons at play being ever present in the American Elite.

          [1] https://content.time.com/time/subscriber/article/0,33009,801396,00.html

  49. Dr. Faust says:

    America’s best hope to produce semiconductors gets “postponed” to 2025. The plant that’s being built in Arizona is apparently a 1:1 copy of the plant in Taiwan.

    “We are encountering certain challenges, as there is an insufficient amount of skilled workers with the specialized expertise required for equipment installation in a semiconductor-grade facility,” TSMC Chairman Mark Liu said on a conference call after earnings.

    Relevant as this falls in line with Jim’s assessment of tech decay.

    • dave says:

      and have we made any new Tritium yet? We’ve had a lot of laws and policy made that we need more Tritium, but yeah.

      Maybe need Musk to get on this and rebuild both Semiconductor capacity, and enriched Uranium production.

      Looking more and more like 1973 was peak civilization.

      • jim says:

        When nuclear weapons were first made, they contained a lot of special materials and special components that no one had ever made before, so no one had any idea of how they would degrade over time. And, of course, they have been degrading, and expertise to replace them, for example the foam in which the components of a thermonuclear weapon are embedded, has been lost. Reading the report, I don’t think the people commissioning the new foam knew that they were trying to replace two different kinds of foam. Britain’s nuclear weapons are old, and it is unlikely that they still work. So they have launched a new program to produce brand new, radically redesigned nuclear weapons. Which, of course, will never be tested. A brand new super duper high tech design, with no actual testing ever. Every tech scammer in Britain is flocking like flies to dogshit.

        Reading between the lines, I read “We cannot do this stuff any more, so we are going to leap over it and do something way better”

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          jim, jim, jim…. I admit to being a little buzzed, ok very buzzed as degenerates do on a Friday morning, but what else is a downtime, injured, DoD affiliated, guy to do with no work and if the only people he trusts offline are dead?

          You’ve focused on inability to manage the supply chain at the level of nuclear weapons, and that’s indeed a problem, but the truth is, there’s an inability to manage even at the stage of reactors, an inability to manage even at the level of uranium mining. The stuff that makes nuclear weapons possible in the first place.

          Forget special materials, they can’t even source base materials! At a certain point the core itself has to be replaced and no amount of crafty tech solutions we know of for sure, i.e. lack of testing, can solve that. On the flip side, we can reasonably pray that’s there’s a non-zero chance that Russian nukes don’t work quite as well as they’d hope… maybe instead of thermonuclear they are only Hiroshima level boom… ah well, the Russian apparently can still make exotic nuclear materials, so maybe we can’t reasonably pray. Who know?


          For Musk to do what needs to be done, would need to completely overhaul the mining and nuclear industry without bureaucratic interference. While possible with space due to lack of congressional interest if only due to their immense ignorance, not so easily done with mining and power because the special interests are so much more well established.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            For anyone looking to get into mining, in terms of research and comprehension, here’s an excellent place to start:


            Unvarnished truth, nuance & details, sober acceptance of the dictates of reality, and just plain fascinating. This guy is an excellent resource for Thanksgiving Day gun battles with Karen and your gay cousin.

            I think Pax is 100% correct.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Bear with me, I’m going to quickly take this somewhere potentially more interesting than neurotic self introspection.

              >I think Pax is 100% correct.

              I cringe when I revisit the drunken word garbage occasionally spewed here, and Western Taliban is uncomfortably close when he says a normal response to matriarchy is:

              b) end up a washout retard that does alcohol/drugs all day in a park like a nigger

              The best internet forums, being in the spirit of the Roman Forum, are in fact digital parks, whereas traditional parks were inseparable from the forums, they were for all matters the same. My rants, while intelligent enough, I’d claim in pure hubris, to be similar to those of the likes of Diogenes, they’re also like Diogenes in so far the tangential behaviors associated are exhibiting nigger like characteristics. Thankfully, unlike Diogenes, I’m not so detached from standards that I’d masturbate and piss in public like a dog.

              It’s informative though, that shills like Anonymous Fake/Carlylean Restorationist haven’t directly gone to personal attacks on my drinking (I might be wrong about this), even as they’re getting flustered by my tame observations on universities, SAT testing (the ‘T’ which always meant test was retconned to be meaningless), participation trophies, and increasingly stupid elites. Overindulgence/addiction is the most easy and base methods of character assassination. The media peddles all of the most vile of slanders and hearsay, yet refuses to fully utilize this is low hanging fruit when attacking public figures. Even when it does to attack those like Matt Gaetz it falls completely flat and no one cares. On it’s own this doesn’t add up.

              Intoxication is one of the holy demons of GAE. Why they are perfectly fine with Cocaine in the White House and a million projected dead Americans from fentanyl OD. Why tweaking niggers who commit crimes are promoted as somehow more sympathetic than sober niggers who commit crimes, why Hollyweird drugged up whores are promoted as stunning, talented, and beautiful even as they are taking time off for rehab ‘vacations,’ and why coked up coomer Wall Street managers are portrayed as high status exercisers of absolute masculine bravado living outside the rules and king only to themselves (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM6exo00T5I).

              They don’t attack intoxication because to do so would be to partly undermine the theological underpinnings of GAE. If 1930s America was Puritan Feminism, post FDR America was 1960’s Orgy Porgy Feminism! Yet Orgy Porgy Feminism has morphed into sexless Orgy Porgy for the masses of men. A strange mixture of Coomer Gaymer Drinkey Porgy disconnected from feminism in totality, and so 1960’s orthodoxy has been unraveling and they (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLiYGUqHEb8) are terrified. When even inner party MSNBC apparatchik are attempting a partial roll back, this may be a sign of further partial roll back attempts to come. Just as feminism mysteriously disappeared in the 1930s, we may find ourselves in the mists of a similar scheme; however, it’s not the 1930s and there’s significantly more chaff in the leadership class… how the dominoes will fall is currently beyond me but betting against the aging 1960s orthodox apparatchik is likely a good bet.

              What I can do is observe possible, partial, and nascent roll backs corrupted with FDR like expansions of government control, well poisoning so to speak:

              -Porn (attempts at creating ID requirements, this is an obviously poisoned well)
              -Feminism/Masculinity (Attempts to retire ‘toxic masculinity’ and rehabilitate some form of masculinity while overall retain feminism, again a poisoned well)
              -Military organization (Patriot Front though I can’t tell if simply a honey pot or national security paramilitary initiative firmly under central control, more well poisoning)
              -Transgenderism (overseas Empire has been shutting this down without the usual media attention)
              -Industry (Musk hasn’t been broken and humiliated indicating protection, plus Jim points out feeble attempt to restart the nuclear industry on paper by paper)

              None of these attempts have so far shown any vigor, but they’re there and given enough of a system shock might find new life. Some think that aircraft carriers at the bottom of the ocean would lead to the collapse of GAE, but this is, due to a definitions shift, potentially a wrong mental model. Overseas GAE was shipped back to continental America, and Texas and California are similarly ruled from DC in the same way Hungary/Poland and France/Germany is ruled from DC. Even if all overseas GAE collapsed, continental America is still very much a GAE empire. Only now restricted to being a land power empire rather than a sea power empire. Land power empires shouldn’t be underestimated, even “progressive” ones.

              • jim says:

                I am well aware of the deleterious effects of porn, which are made considerably worse because it is overwhelmingly created at a financial loss by our enemies to undermine our minds, but it is not an issue of interest for me, because the market for porn is largely because most men cannot get laid, and because the damaging effects of porn are insignificant compared to the damaging effects of romance literature and chick flick movies.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                With no navy and no white patriarchy, the USA might continue to exist on paper, but its border with Mexico will be less important than the perpendicular boundaries between the various drug cartels.

                Liberals are never wrong, so they’ll react to the loss of empire by oppressing white people even harder and giving even more free stuff to non-white people, while pretending that America’s still a world power and a beacon of justice.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              From Mining_Atoms:

              We are buffoons,while Russia mocks us. While we wring our hands over “Nuclear Waste” and waste billions on Yucca Mountain and Interim Storage drama, Russia has spent the last 30 years developing Fast Neutron Tech. In Russia: Nuclear Waste Is Fuel.

              FNR when based on a closed NFC… fuck, that’s not good. That non-zero chance we can reasonably pray about, if based on supply chain related maintenance issues, practically went to zero.

              On the flip side, we can reasonably pray that’s there’s a non-zero chance that Russian nukes don’t work quite as well as they’d hope… maybe instead of thermonuclear they are only Hiroshima level boom…

              Well, would you look at that. I’m already having to retract statements. I keep track of Russian nuclear industry, but their fast neutron tech was a blind spot that Mining_Atoms helped illuminate for me. Thanks KD, I now know I’ll need to relocated much further away from city and strategic centers.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        France’s first generation EPR reactor began construction in 2007. It still hasn’t delivered any power and is now 5 times over budget and nearly a decade behind scheduled. If France, a country with one of the largest nuclear industries in the world can’t even build new reactors, Tritium is likely off the table for quite some time.

    • Aidan says:

      When Toyota first opened a plant in the US, the cars came out like shit, despite the US workers following exact spec. Turns out the spec was wrong, and it was human expertise in the Japanese plant that made the cars come out right. A 1:1 copy of a plant means little if the human expertise in making semiconductors isn’t transferred over, by having the key guys in Taiwan apprentice smart young men to them.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Toyota was able to diagnose and treat that issue. Something tells me that TSMC won’t be able to and, instead of realizing/admitting there’s a deeper issue, it will go down the “witchcraft” route, both in terms of negress voodoo juju being deployed to correct the humors and evil secret racists/fascists/heretics hiding in the trees and using hate rays to de-calibrate the Eschaton 9000.

        • Red says:

          They’ll have to make a massive list of exceptions for TSMC if they ever want to see a chip come out of that plant and even then it’s doubtful.

          • jim says:

            The plant has been delayed due to “an insufficient supply of skilled workers”

            Well, how do you get a skilled worker? You apprentice a smart unskilled worker to a skilled worker. But HR don’t like that. They don’t like hierarchy that elevates the status of skilled people. They don’t mind skilled people getting big money, but they don’t like them getting status, even though the only way for skilled workers to produce more skilled workers is by having status.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              You apprentice a smart unskilled worker to a skilled worker. But HR don’t like that.

              This is true, but I don’t think you’ve accounted enough for just how fallen the American man has become. I wish I could provide more than just anecdotal evidence, but I can’t. From the people I know, both at TSMC and recent grads, people simply don’t wish to work hard enough and are apprenticeship incapable.

              They can’t be mentored in the first place because they are either too damn lazy or got their heads so far up their asses that they can’t be mentored. Turns out that giving everyone a participation trophy lead to major entitlement. That and inhibiting the development of actual skill.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Why bother, when learning a trade doesn’t get you a virgin wife? At best it gets you a tired, overweight, tattooed 30ish single mother with badly behaved mystery-meat children who’s finally ready to “settle down”.

                On the flip side, the Indian medical or technical student doesn’t know anything about game or dating and doesn’t care. He trusts that if he studies hard, graduates with honors, and gets a good job, his parents will find him a wife.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Damn, your right. Married Appalachian guys are willing to spend 12 to 16 hours a day deep underground in coal mines so long as they got a wife to go back to at night. Cosmopolitan, university trained, engineers with no marriage prospects have no reason to commit to anything beyond 40 hours a week. Their free time being devoted to gaming or other solitary forms entertainment.

                  Well… in the previous post I’m still right in a sense. They are truly fallen in regards to lack of purpose.

                • someDude says:

                  “On the flip side, the Indian medical or technical student doesn’t know anything about game or dating and doesn’t care. He trusts that if he studies hard, graduates with honors, and gets a good job, his parents will find him a wife”

                  Not any more.

                  Gramma lives in a small town. I visit her now and then. Next to her apartment is a college, and some malls, and some clubs and some bars and I’ve seen some stuff. I don’t think a single girl in that college is a virgin. This is in a tier 2 town mind you.

                  Dharmic/Suones, Whats happening in the small towns around your area? The Metros are obviously doomed.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Well, there are still traditional families with girls brought up the traditional way (I.e. trained to be a good wife) but increasingly getting very hard to find.

                  We are behind the curve on Globohomo but not by much.

                • Jehu says:

                  I suppose it points to an opportunity for a reactionary employer to forge some alliances with some large homeschool families to provide virgin wives for smart guys of good character and appropriate religion who complete their apprenticeships. Highly illegal I imagine, but I bet you could build something 1973 wouldn’t be ashamed of.

                • someDude says:

                  @Dharmic , increasingly hard to find should be read as out of reach for a hard working, pro-social middle class guy that does not belong to the same community as the girl.

                  @Jehu , what you are proposing cannot be offered by any vaishya run business or any wing of the government. By employer, if you mean mafia or militia/paramilitary group operating outside of the state religion, you are right.

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                Your participation trophy meme is stupid and wrong.[*deleted for circular argument*]

                • jim says:

                  That they removed analogies from the Sat is compelling evidence that he is right. Similarly, I checked the geometry section of the MIT entrance exam, and its ceiling was midwit, about 105, It is not capable of distinguishing between midwits and smarties.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  I’ll just make it even simpler [*advice unlikely to be helpful and likely to undermine red tribe cohesion even further deleted*]

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  How would it ruin cohesion to be [*wiggers*]

                • jim says:

                  I have debated your program before. You were unresponsive then and you are unresponsive now.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  That they removed analogies from the Sat is compelling evidence that he is right.

                  And added in an essay section which amounts to a test on bullshitting ability…

                  Not only rewarding midwits, but deceitful lying midwits who, even more annoyingly, aren’t even self aware enough to know they are bullshitting resultingly leading to them lacking any sense of humility or remorse. SAT graders spend less than 2 minutes assessing the ~750 word mental spaghetti meaning they too understand the essay is an exercise in bullshitting.

                  >participation trophy meme

                  I quickly lost count as a child how many participation trophies, medals, and ribbons I threw away while involved in competitive sports and chess. That doesn’t even count the number I threw away for being in the top 10 or top 50 (yes, top 50 was a thing) because anything outside of the top 3 might as well be participation. The few times I did feel a real sense of accomplishment was when I outright won a few tournies and got prize money… which the state promptly confiscated because scholastic competitors must remain “professional.” If you want to absolutely emotionally crush a high performer, that’s how you do it.

                  I grew up with many boys who were destined to be great, many far greater than me, grow despondent and non-competitive because what’s even the point of wining if not only are the losers rewarded just as much, but anything of actual value is forcibly and unjustly taken away from you.

                  With no real reason to compete anymore, competitive sports and chess became simply a boy’s club, not a bad thing on it’s own, and there were still some damn good memories from that, but it exorbitantly lost cohesion and team spirit.

                  We look at the newer elites and wonder: “why can’t they cooperate well?” (besides being dumber) The answer may very well lie in the fact that they never had to function as an actual team as youth, for all the “team” activities devolved into fun social clubs.

              • Your Uncle Bob says:

                Pax, you’re not wrong at a merely superficial level, but the boomer in you is underestimating just how much would be fixed by paying people. Adjust for inflation, adjust for cost of living, allow for fedgov taxes taking more than they used to and correct for that, and you’re most of the way there.

                Getting rid of HR would get you the rest of the way there. Admittedly that’s harder, probably coup-complete, but it’s still less than half.

                And I say this as someone who shares your assessment of new young workers. But really, why should they work like I do, or like my parents or grandparents did, when they’d be paid a fraction for the same effort? “Lying flat” as the chinks call it, while morally deplorable, becomes the rational move.

                Admitting there’ll be some breakage, some men who’ve made it too much of a habit and can’t recover, fixing wages changes incentives and gets men trying for it again.

                • jim says:

                  > fixing wages changes incentives

                  Absent obedient wives and children, wages are irrelevant.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  > morally deplorable

                  No. Cooperating with people who are actively defecting on you does not make one moral. It makes one a sucker.

                • someDude says:

                  “Absent obedient wives and children, wages are irrelevant”


                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  “Fixing” wages would be an improvement, though the lack of virgin wives is the underlying, persistent, and primary issue. It’s fascinating nonetheless that they won’t even go after the low hanging fruit of better monetary incentives. They are losing all capacity for strategic reasoning, because the fish rots from the head, and the head is full of HR catlady parasites.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  how much would be fixed by paying people. […] why should they work like I do, or like my parents or grandparents did, when they’d be paid a fraction for the same effort?

                  Is quite possibly the most boomer take possible.

                  Nearly all your ancestors worked hard in good times and in extraordinarily bad times. Unlike the spiritual (it’s a mindset, not an age they will tell you repeatedly) boomers, they did not overly concern themselves with their particular generation making more or less than prior generations. This is because they got married and had children in both good times and extraordinarily bad times. When a man has family he has an ultimate telos. Money can’t fill the void of no telos. Religious fervor and military brotherhood can semi patch over the void, in young men, for a period of time, but patching isn’t filling and it will eventually wear away at the mind and turn them a bit strange.

                  Except today, we men in the West don’t even have worthy fervent religious causes nor manly militant brotherhoods. Both having been signed a death warrant by atheistic though spiritually bitchy witchy feminists and their cuckolded eunuch man slaves in the Cathedral.

                  This mess is partly the result of boomers mistaking the telos of family as simply a life style choice and educating future generations in that falsehood. It is partly the fault of the silent generation for being shockingly silent and not whacking some truth into their descendants. It is partly… well smoldering in assigning fault and motionlessness is the spiritual millennial mindset and will get men nowhere. One must ultimately be responsible for their lives and take action.

            • Aidan says:

              Not just that, it is probably thoughtcrime to acknowledge who the key guys are! Nobody wants to tell corporate “this one man’s skills are indispensable and the whole project will collapse without them”. Hell, they cannot even think to themselves that their success is personal and not procedural expertise

              • Carte Blanche says:

                Hell, they cannot even think to themselves that their success is personal and not procedural expertise

                Yes, this. It’s the Dilbertization of industry under the watch of MBA-certified “CEOs” with no entrepreneurial experience.

                What often starts out as a legitimate need with an informal solution – “we have too many people pulling in different directions, let’s get together and agree on one strategy/process” – can easily be subverted into ISO 9000, CMM, DMAIC, Six Sigma, TQM, “knowledge management” and a thousand other flavors of squid ink costing 10x or 100x as much for compliance as it costs to actually do the real work.

                It doesn’t help that these are hard requirements for any government contract, and then become requirements for partnering with any company that does government contracts, and then… etc.

                No prospects of a hot virgin wife are definitely a demotivating factor for the average American worker, but even the already-married and low-libido men don’t enjoy being ground down under the corporate equivalent of rectal cancer.

                Oversupply of priests, causing feedback loop of induced demand, loss of productivity blamed on non-priests and further overproduction of priests to compensate. Need a dissolution of the monasteries to break the cycle.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Here’s the latest from Razorfist:


                  It is a “status update” on where Disney is at as they HR Catladies run it ever deeper into the ground. I am not going to name names, but I have direct experience with 2 companies, and anecdotal info on at least 3 more, whose sole workable model is to do the same thing Disney is, which is:

                  -develop massive war chest
                  -purchase company
                  -cut corners, bloat the admin, sprawl like mad, reduce wages & hiring standards
                  -as consequences begin to arrive, purchase competitors outright, trade off of their good reputation even as you destroy what actually made them work

                  I’ve watched this happen twice, and it’s eerie how, though the were very different industries, the upper management was interchangeable, both phenotypically and teleologically. The anecdotes are the same. The key, to my midwit perspective, is that war chest, the ability to eliminate competition with a buyout. Without that option, these behemoths would collapse in on themselves.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Razorfist makes a good point about the Federal Reserve: No large company ever goes broke as long as the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low, so Disney can get as woke as it wants.

                • jim says:

                  The decline of the US$ as an international reserve currency limits the Feds ability to keep interest rates low. If it does not raise and keep on raising interest rates, the international exchange rate of the US$ is going to tank. If it tanks, this will likely accelerate the flight from the dollar, causing it to tank further.

                  When the tide goes out, you know who has been swimming naked. Though Disney will probably get a federal bailout.

              • someDude says:

                I’d say that the smart guys I’ve worked with and knew closely all knew that their success was personal and not procedural, but only a minority of them were outspoken enough to say it out loud. And those always got sidelined in a hurry. The rest were always “too diplomatic” if I am to put it politely.

                Being a smart guy and having a warrior mentality are a mutually exclusive set. A smart guy who can be outspoken is like a high IQ warrior and scares the bejeesus out of HR and management. As for as the state and corporate religion is concerned, a high IQ warrior is like a Kalki or a horseman of the apocalypse.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >The Destroyer of Filth

                  They’re right to be afraid.

                • Aidan says:

                  I meant by “their”, not the individual indispensable employees, but “their” as in the company’s success at making advanced technology

                • someDude says:

                  @Aidan, Oh, my Bad then.

                  The reason I interpreted your statement the way I did is, I recalled an article on men imprisoned in Jail for not paying child support in cases where the child was not theirs. Most men in there thought that the system was fair in general and only in their case some mistake was made.

                  So it is not so far fetched a claim that smart men themselves do not know that the process is “meh” and that they themselves are the ones that made it work. Not all competent men are secure in their competence.

                  But you are absolutely right, that HR and middle management would probably burst into flames if they even dared entertain the thought that perhaps the exceptional individual and not the process is to be credited.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Everyone can go on pretending that it’s the process that matters, not the people, until a key engineer is accused of sexual harassment and must be fired. What then?

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >What then?

                  Then the company goes into decline, but it takes a while for the rot to become obvious. Before it becomes their problem, the the idiots who caused it retire or go on to bigger and better positions at other companies and repeat the process. Nobody with the power to actually make decisions gives a ghost of a damn where the company will be in five years.

                • ron says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  > Nobody with the power to actually make decisions gives a ghost of a damn where the company will be in five years.

                  Why should they? None of them are allowed to have the one thing that matters, a wife.

        • Red says:

          Thinking this over, i bet SpaceX could get the plant built. Elon’s spent a great deal of time building probably the best high tech construction crew in America for Starship.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            In order to bake a cake, one must first invent the universe.

            The closer a polity circling the drain gets to going down the tubes, the more and more that a man who wishes to get into the business of any particular finds it necessary to refurnish an increasingly deeper tranche of such aspects of civilization he would theretofore take for granted.

            It is, for example, entirely obvious that Musk’s ambitions in space and on Launch Site 1 would be saluted by getting into the business of Our Friend, The Atom; yet the moment he does, the presently metaphorical calls for him to be killed would quickly start turning into literal calls for him to be killed.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              He’d never get there in the first place under the current regime. His success has been in lightly or pseudo regulated industries, or “holy” industries that the regime was willing to turn a blind eye towards. Today though? Semiconductors are far from “holy.” It’s seen as anti-green and materialistic, energy consuming, icky, low class dirty. Good luck on getting a blank check from the regulators… and that’s not even getting into the aspect of him being a marked man.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                One of the reasons Musk’s activities are tolerated is that, in the incumbent chattering class’s perspective, they don’t expect him to actually succeed.

                A serious effort to take civilization up the next step of the Kardishev Scale energetically, on the other hand, would be a major driver providing impetus for success. As dim as they may be, even they can intuitively sense the power behind Our Friend, The Atom – and power is the one thing they fear more than anything.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  To wit: they will tolerate and promote ‘green’ technologies over any else precisely because they are powerless and irrelevant.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  They also tolerate and subsidize fusion research because they know it’ll never provide abundant, clean, safe energy. Except for a few reactions that require exceedingly rare isotopes and insanely high ignition temperatures, fusion generates most of its energy as fast neutrons that kill every living thing within a large radius and quickly turn your reactor into a pile of brittle, radioactive junk.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Yep. The moment a form of techne stops being a powerless irrelevancy, is the moment it stops being ‘green’. You can see this in the growing restiveness over battery and EV development as well; what they expected to be another dead end to trap people in is somehow getting too close to actually being economically viable.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Kartik on EV sales growth.


                • Cloudswrest says:

                  BTW, I read somewhere the Tesla Model Y is the most popular car in the world right now according to sales figures.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I read recently that vast amounts of relatively easy recoverable Lithium was discovered in and around the Salton Sea in California. How much do you wanna bet Gavin Newsom, et al., get this wasteland declared some sort of protected wilderness?

                  Feinstein and company got areas in the dessert that were rich in Rare Earth ore declared a protected wilderness.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  California regulator rejects desalination plant despite historic drought … on environmental grounds

                  And heaven forbid you dump saline into the ocean, despite there being infinite sea water available to pre-dilute it with before dumping.


                • Ron says:

                  Elon is protected because Elon is essential in promoting EV. EV is essential bc it is an easy point of control given thst the entire machine is necessarily run by a computer that can be remotely accessed to shut down on State command or told to accidentally run itself directly into a tree.

                  Its the equivalent of marriage 2.0, you can have a car, until we decide otherwise.

                  And since it is so easy to implement an otherwise decision, it is easy and cheap to be a priest, which means more priests, which means more competition among priests, which means yet more incentive among the individual priests to “discover” more ways that “thou shalt not sleep with thine neighbors wife” actually means “thou shalt gang bang thine neighbors wife”.

                  Anything that makes it easy for the State is not good. EVs make it easy for the State.

            • dave says:

              the Manhattan project had to build a whole supply chain from scratch in 2 years. And they did it. We’ve been coasting on that 1940s supply chain ever since and its slowly been disintegrating and is almost gone now. Oak Ridge, Hanford Site, even Portsmouth Ohio were parts of it. and we havent actually tested a real warhead in a real test in years probably.

              First thing new Caesar needs to do after the assay of Ft. Knox is to tell generals to grab a random warhead and see if it goes boom.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I disagree. Manhattan Project, the Pentagon construction site, and scores of other initiatives and operations revolving around World War II were not fabricated whole cloth. FDR put a number of men in charge of taking command of the entire industrial output and economy and suborning it to his will. The pieces of the FDR war machine were all in place, what he did was take control of them, illegally and unconstitutionally but who cares right, And then use it to prop up Stalin, spread communism, destroy the English and French empires, and make sure all the good Germans died.

                I’m not trying to disparage Leslie Groves or any of the others involved in Manhattan Project. but it remains the case that the managerial takeover of the 20th century has coasted for so long because of the hard work of the so-called robber barons of the 19th century.

                • dave says:

                  Yeah I think we’re saying the same thing. The instantiation of the Manhattan project supply chain relied on the industrial infrastructure put in place by the robber barons, Rockefeller Oil, Carnegie Steel, Ford Trucks, Edison Electric.

                  Still, the instantiation of the chain to build the bomb in a short time frame is both proof of how impressive that infrastrucutre was and what we may not have anymore.

                  And im not even touching how much of that relied on High IQ managerial class that doesnt exist anymore.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Yet another persistent failing of the managerial elite: the stubborn yet unfounded insistence that, because a thing has happened before, or been done before, and because they occupy the skinsuit of that thing, they retain the exact capacity to do the thing. This is similar to a middle aged guy thinking he can snowboard or pick up chicks because he did it decades before and, when he dives right in, he is confronted by the fact that he is no longer what he was. I think we may be approaching that shit in the pants/ice water over the head moment for the GAE, or maybe I just hope we are.

  50. Basil says:

    Is the transfer of Danone assets to Kadyrov’s relatives a sovereign national capitalism or not yet? [*claim not in evidence deleted. Give us a link*]

    • jim says:

      France and Denmark shut down French and Danish owned businesses in Russia in order to harm Russia and Russians. Putin reopened them under new management. Looks like national capitalism to me. Albeit Putin is an extremely reluctant national capitalist. It is being forced on him from abroad.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        there is probably already a term for this, but if there isn’t, there should be one for the inverse of the No True Scotsman fallacy.

        “Oh, you’re a Christian? Then why aren’t you perfect like Christ?”

        “You’re a nationalist, huh? Then why aren’t you dying for your country?”

        “So you’re not going to drink alcohol anymore? Then how do you explain all the times prior to now when you drank, hypocrite?”

        GAE apologists like Basil the Faggot swallow gallons of DEI cum in between statements regarding the imperfect nature and track record of Putin and the Kremlin. Crab bucket mentality: they’ve resigned themselves to their fate, so they hate anyone trying to escape/survive far more than the fisherman that put them in the bucket.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          The term you’re looking for is tu quoque, maybe with a dash of false dilemma.

          Not that any kind of formal argumentation really matters in clown world; the round goes to whomever can shout the loudest, for the longest time.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Additionally, whoever gets the bigger laugh can win, and the nature of internet dynamics also means an in-person loss (being shouted down/harassed by a room of adversaries) can be converted into a win (when the clip goes viral). I personally dislike these mechanics and wish formal debate and formalized discourse was the order of the day, but here we are.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >Who is this relative?
      >looks up name
      >it’s Yakub Zakriev
      >mfw (topkek.gif) Yakub was White all along

      • jim says:

        Any time Putin does something to protect Russia and Russian interests, Basil finds a way to spin it as anti white.

        Trouble is that the Nazis in the former Soviet Union wound up working for the CIA, and when the CIA turned new type communist, performed the necessary intellectual somersaults to stay on the gravy train, with results most evident in Ukraine, where they drag sixteen year old boys, old men, and cripples off the streets and send them to die for a Jewish Globalist.

        Just as all CR’s arguments are supposedly right wing reasons for socialism, globohomo, and rule by Harvard, all Basil’s arguments are supposedly right wing reasons for the Global American Empire.

        Basil is of course correct that Putin has always wanted a seat at Globohomo’s table, and it shows. But, they did not give it to him, so here we are.

  51. Mayflower Sperg says:

    A fascinating first-hand account of crime, poverty, and malnutrition. Read the whole thing:


    • Red says:

      In fact, he told me that he had never once eaten at a table with others in the last 15 years. Eating was for him a solitary vice, something done almost furtively, with no pleasure attached to it and certainly not as a social event. The street was his principal dining room, as well as his trash can: and as far as food was concerned, he was more a hunter-gatherer than a man living in a highly evolved society.

      The sad thing is hunter gathers always eat as a group. Sharing food together is a very old mammalian behavior. Pretty interesting article.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      A food desert is a poor area of a town or city, in which there are few shops selling food, and in which those few offer a restricted range of unhealthy and unnourishing produce at relatively high prices. The huge supermarket chains, unwilling to carry out their social duty, have retreated to prosperous areas, where they can sell profitably to people who do not have to worry about what they spend on what they eat. Particularly lacking in a food desert are fresh comestibles: all food available is processed or precooked, full of salt and the worst kind of fat, and lacking in vital ingredients. The people who live in a food desert, therefore, have no choice but to eat unhealthily. Of course, the real—that is to say, ultimate—cause of food deserts is modern capitalism, the system that created and perpetuates the food deserts. [in context, sarcasm directed at GAE, but GAE still takes said position as reality]

      Published Autumn 2002… the more things change the more they stay the same.

      ‘It’s not the fault of niggers, but capitalism!’
      Trying to Eat Healthy in a Food Desert.

      • Aidan says:

        He introduces the idea of the food desert, and then debunks it, going on to correctly observe the subcon and asian groceries in the ghetto that sell fresh food for dirt cheap. He also correctly observes that modern malnutrition is single mothers attempting to starve their bastard children to death to free up time for gangsters to bang them, but blames this on “decline of culture”

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >The huge supermarket chains, unwilling to carry out their social duty, have retreated to prosperous areas

        Their social duty to be robbed and vandalized by swarthy southrons, of course.

  52. Kunning Drueger says:

    What are the chances the Midwits of Foggy Bottom are cooking up a Maine + Lusitania Event for the Black Sea?


    A note on this source: this guy is representative of the Boomer/Xer “specialist class” that keeps everything working in the face of the DEI influx and devolution of Society. If you watch his videos, he’s undoubtedly knowledgeable, he has relevant experience, he has a dedicated following and broad enough reach that certain trade, technology, and specialization organizations keep an eye on him, and he’s quite capable of noticing much… but somehow he is never in danger of actually Noticing. So he says something incredibly stupid starting at 03:15, the paraphrase of which is “there’s a huge flow of weapons into Ukraine, but it’s overland and airborne, the maritime channel is negligible.”

    If you took this guy and told him about some disaster somewhere that needed supplies, and that the aid was flowing via land, air, and sea from places scattered all over Europe, the Levant, and the globe, and asserted that the lift capacity of the maritime route was negligible, he’d laugh in your face. He’d tell you all about intermodal transport, lift capacity, and energy expenditure. Yet somehow, because the Voices That Speak have proclaimed the maritime component negligible, he parrots the line without a hint of irony or disquiet. It really is fascinating if unsettling to see, and you can see it in his recent catalog of failures & fuckups in American ports & shipping in the last year alone.

    Just like the Sheepdog Class that keeps the Cathedral inured from popular unrest and elite dissention, these Thrall Whites the tools of empire and control working because they’d rather tinker and fix than acknowledge the salami slicer coming for them.

    • Red says:

      Just like the Sheepdog Class that keeps the Cathedral inured from popular unrest and elite dissention, these Thrall Whites the tools of empire and control working because they’d rather tinker and fix than acknowledge the salami slicer coming for them.

      It sickening, but it has a logic to it. Without elite leadership, impossible to defect without being cut down even sooner.

    • Red says:

      Putin is very likely to back down again. All these events are designed to broaden the war and he’s very carefully trying to limit the war while still bleed NATO white. The only trump card the GAE has is air power and shutting down all trade with Russia.

      In war it’s always best to play to your strengths by preventing you for from playing to theirs.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Wake me up when Putin grows a pair and turns the Black Sea into a shooting gallery. Until then, no Lusitania Event

      • jim says:

        Well, he has said he will turn the Black Sea into a shooting gallery, and the Ukrainians have promised the same. Any ship, including those with third nation flags, is now a target.

        Since Russia does a large volume of imports and exports through the Black Sea, this promises to get interesting. Albeit the Ukrainian navy seems to have largely been sunk or captured.

        What they do have is anti ship surface and submarine drones, made by the British. And depending for their navigation on US flag drones watching from above. If they succeed in sinking any civilian ships, there are going to be Nato fingerprints all over it.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Putin is a standard-issue 1990s liberal. He supports the whole liberal agenda except trannies and overt homosexuality. Every time he does something illiberal, it’s because the Jews left him no other choice. Why don’t they just let Putin into their club? Probably because they need a villain with a square mustache to hold their shaky coalition together.

      • jim says:

        The reason they do not give Putin any choice is that he is a 1990s liberal. Therefore worse than Hitler. RFK Jr is a 2006 liberal. Therefore also worse than Hitler.
        Trump believes in National Capitalism, Putin believes in 1990s neoliberal globalist capitalism, but is being forced against his grain to implement national capitalism, but even before this happened there was a fair bit of outrage that he was not implementing the latest and greatest form of capitalism.

        I have elsewhere argued that the corporate capitalism of restoration England, starting 1660, was the best form, and all the reforms have been for the worse.

  53. Kunning Drueger says:

    off topic

    here is the copy /paste of a TGram post (https://t.me/grey_zone/19625) from Gray Zone (https://t.me/grey_zone) which is a pro-Wagner channel:

    Поистине эпичный момент сбора многотысячного личного состава «Группы Вагнера», перед которым выступил Евгений Пригожин и Дмитрий «Вагнер» Уткин. Можно наблюдать сплочённость коллектива и взаимное уважение от бойцов к командирам и наоборот.

    Евгений Пригожин:
    — «Приветствую, парни. Рады вас всех приветствовать. С приездом на белорусскую землю. Мы достойно воевали. Вы сделали для России очень много. Сейчас, то, что происходит на фронте (речь идёт о командном аппарате МО РФ) – это позор в котором нам не нужно участвовать. И сейчас нужно дождаться того момента, когда мы сможем проявить себя по полной программе.

    Поэтому принято решение, что мы будем находиться здесь, в Белорусии какое-то время. За это время мы из них сделаем, и я это уверен, вторую армию в мире. А если нужно, то вступился за них, если это потребуется. Я хочу всех попросить максимально обратить внимание, что белорусы встретили нас не только как Героев, но и как братьев. Говорят, местные девушки в магазинах шушукаются, что “вагнера” приехали. Поэтому отнесемся к белорусам также по-братски.

    Дальше готовимся, повышаем свой уровень и в новый путь – в Африку. Но возможно и вернёмся на войну на Украине, в тот момент, когда будем уверены, что нас не заставят посрамить самих себя и наш опыт. Мы привезли с базы в Молькино флаг, который передадим старшему здесь, в Белоруссии. А также две ленты русского и белорусского флага, чтобы никто не думал, что мы воюем без Флага и без Родины, как некоторых пишут. А теперь я дам слово Командиру, кто дал нам имя “Группы Вагнера”».

    Дальше речь начинает командир “Вагнера” Дмитрий Уткин:
    — «Да, если кто не знает, я и есть тот самый Вагнер. Большинство из вас знает меня, большинство из вас я знаю лично. Спасибо за проделанную работу. Благодаря этой работе имя “Группы Вагнера” прогремело на весь мир. Всем спасибо! Парни большое вам спасибо! Это не конец, это только начало – самой большой работы в мире, которая будет проведена очень скоро. Ну и WELCOME TO HELL (Добро пожаловать в Ад)».

    Here is the “translation” (for a number of reasons, I really don’t trust Google translate, most of it is just paranoia or gut sense, And I don’t have a command of Cyrillic nor do I speak Russian, but somehow these translations seem to be so much shorter than the actual text):

    A truly epic moment of the gathering of many thousands of personnel of the Wagner Group, before which Evgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry “Wagner” Utkin spoke. You can observe the cohesion of the team and mutual respect from the fighters to the commanders and vice versa.

    Evgeny Prigogine:
    “Hello guys. We are glad to welcome you all. With the arrival to the Belarusian land. We fought well. You have done a lot for Russia. Now, what is happening at the front (we are talking about the command apparatus of the RF Ministry of Defense) is a shame in which we do not need to participate. And now we need to wait for the moment when we can prove ourselves in full.

    Therefore, it was decided that we would be here in Belarus for some time. During this time we will make of them, and I am sure, the second army in the world. And if necessary, he stood up for them, if necessary. I want to ask everyone to pay maximum attention to the fact that the Belarusians met us not only as Heroes, but also as brothers. They say that local girls in shops whisper that the Wagners have arrived. Therefore, we will also treat the Belarusians in a brotherly way.

    Then we prepare, raise our level and set off on a new path – to Africa. But perhaps we will return to the war in Ukraine, at the moment when we are sure that we will not be forced to shame ourselves and our experience. We brought a flag from the base in Molkino, which we will hand over to the senior here in Belarus. And also two ribbons of the Russian and Belarusian flags, so that no one would think that we are fighting without a Flag and without a Motherland, as some people write. And now I will give the floor to the Commander, who gave us the name “Wagner Group”.

    Then the speech begins the commander of the “Wagner” Dmitry Utkin:
    “Yes, if anyone does not know, I am that very Wagner. Most of you know me, most of you I know personally. Thanks for the work you’ve done. Thanks to this work, the name of the “Wagner Group” thundered throughout the world. Thanks to all! Guys thank you very much! This is not the end, this is just the beginning of the biggest work in the world that will be done very soon. Well, WELCOME TO HELL (Welcome to Hell).”

    I share this massive wall of text because I think it is important to document what appears to be happening in “the New West,” specifically Russia, Belarus, and Novorossiya. To me, these seem like embers that can, and should, be kindled into the Flame of Empire. Each of these regions has a different contribution: Russia is the mass, Belarus is the mettle, and Novorossiya is the frontier, similar to England, the 13 colonies, and the Ohio River Valley.

    Seeing As I don’t speak Russian, I can only make inferences based on the footage and tone and my sense of the context, so I may be reading into things too much, or just hearing what I want to see. Nonetheless, I still get the sense that we are seeing the beginning of something historical and important. I do believe Putin is a good man, and the right man to save Russia from what the West did to it in the 1990s. but he has not been up to the task of the next step. For whatever reason, he can’t seem to let go of the neoliberal dream of the post historical West. obviously, the neoliberal project is heap big medicine for anyone who went through the university system of the late 20th century. but all the information and evidence, to anyone looking at it with even a shred of objectivity, shows that it was deluded and foolish. I don’t think he is the man to usher in the next era of human civilization. He’s absolutely 10 steps ahead of any other world leader on the main stage at this time, but so is Trump, and we hear no that Trump was not up to the task. neither man is Octavian. in the absence of a perfect option, the only option is the best option for the moment. I don’t think that’s going to be an obvious or traditional leader, rather it will be someone acting in their own self-interest, looking at the short-term, unaware that they are the prime mover of something so much bigger than what they perceive. It is sometimes the case that great things happen for simple or shallow reasons, like someone choosing to stand up purely because they are uncomfortable, not because they are trying to start some great movement.

    Prigozhin steals the spotlight, but I think the military commanders of Wagner are a much more interesting potential for mobile banditry in the 21st century. Here’s a video about them:


    That’s just a cursory review, but I think it is a good general picture of the men and what they represent, both at a personal and societal level. being an American nationalist at heart, I want to believe there are men like this in our country, but every day that candle burns a little bit lower. I think the generational project of the KGB May go down in history as one of the most successful plots to destroy a society, because it truly feels that there are no righteous, or even potentially righteous elites, just as there are no nascent warlords, just a teeming mass of managerial midwits, two cowardly to take action, not selfish enough to be effective, not cultured enough to be leaders, only capable of following the SOP and sitting obediently in the longhouse waiting for their serving of cantankerous, ran-through, birth-control-poisoned pussy.

    • jim says:

      > I really don’t trust Google translate,

      Use Yandex translate.

      (Which gives, somewhat to my surprise, essentially the same translation, but the Yandex.com translation is subtly more manly, dignified, and respectful of the past. Sounds more like a military commander, less like a faggot. Seems to have better preserved what must have been the flavor of the original.)

      A truly epic moment of the gathering of thousands of personnel of the Wagner Group, which was addressed by Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry “Wagner” Utkin. You can observe the cohesion of the team and mutual respect from the fighters to the commanders and vice versa.

      Evgeny Prigozhin:
      – “Greetings, guys. We are glad to welcome you all. Welcome to the Belarusian land. We fought with dignity. You have done a lot for Russia. Now, what is happening at the front (we are talking about the command apparatus of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) is a disgrace in which we do not need to participate. And now we need to wait for the moment when we will be able to prove ourselves in full.

      Therefore, it was decided that we will be here in Belarus for some time. During this time, we will make of them, and I am sure of it, the second army in the world. And if necessary, he stood up for them, if necessary. I want to ask everyone to pay maximum attention to the fact that Belarusians met us not only as Heroes, but also as brothers. They say the local girls in the shops are whispering that “Wagner” has arrived. Therefore, we will also treat Belarusians in a brotherly way.

      Then we prepare, raise our level and embark on a new path – to Africa. But perhaps we will return to the war in Ukraine, at the moment when we are sure that we will not be forced to shame ourselves and our experience. We have brought a flag from the base in Molkino, which we will give to the senior here in Belarus. And also two ribbons of the Russian and Belarusian flag, so that no one thinks that we are fighting without a Flag and without a Homeland, as some write. And now I will give the floor to the Commander who gave us the name of the Wagner Group.”

      Then the commander of the Wagner Dmitry Utkin begins the speech:
      – “Yes, if anyone doesn’t know, I am the same Wagner. Most of you know me, most of you I know personally. Thank you for the work done. Thanks to this work, the name of the “Wagner Group” thundered all over the world. Thank you all! Thank you guys so much! This is not the end, this is just the beginning – the biggest work in the world, which will be carried out very soon. Well, WELCOME TO HELL (Welcome to Hell).”

    • No Good Men says:


  54. Chad Boomer says:

    Clearly Jim is some type of homosexual serial killer that has murdered at least three wives and encourages others to do the same. He poses as a helper of young men. A father figure, if you will. But, his pathology is much more sinister and is more like a John Gacey persona. Who knows how many graves are under his crawl space.

    • jim says:

      Allowing this through. Because good advertising.

    • Hesiod says:

      I don’t know about all this, but Jim once did shoot a man just for snoring too loud. I’ve still got the scar to prove it. Can’t really hold it against him because chicks dig scars.

    • Western Taliban says:

      Here’s unreleased footage of Jim with well known mass murderer Sam Hyde attempting to kill his wife:


      Absolute menace.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I don’t want to sell you this lovely thread of jokes and banter, but that comment section reminded me that I have noticed an uptick in the use of the term “gay” as a minor pejorative, specifically on gun tube. The presenter will call some accessory or attachment gay, or some rule or ATF regulation gay. this is a very minor thing, but it is an important thing, because it denotes a shift back in the proper direction of using anything related to sodomy as being at best silly, in many cases pointless, and most likely destructive or dumb. this ties into where the boomer faggot wanted to insult Jim, knows that we do not take kindly to sodomites, and hoped that the allusion would cause him trouble, but he just had to throw in the gay worship at the end with the stacks of bodies (because obviously anyone who’s got a graveyard under their house is a badass, there’s really no way to parse it otherwise). My point being is that they don’t have a sense of humor, they cannot laugh at themselves, and they can never figure out why anyone would laugh at them because to do so would be to acknowledge all the clown makeup they wear in every situation.

        also, I will always see Nick as Jim now, so thanks for that.

    • Redbible says:

      You don’t know the half of it.
      Jim is the kind of man that makes fictional characters like Gaston and Mr. Grey seem like limp wristed faggots.
      Mr. Grey believes in Safe words. (Even if he does violate said safe word.) Jim thinks that even having a Safe word is cucked and gay.
      Gaston has oneitis. Jim doesn’t even have oneitis for his wife, and sleeps with other women while still staying happily married.

      To the Ladies:
      “Look at your demon lover, now back to Jim. Now back to your demon lover, now back to Jim. Sadly you Demon lover isn’t even half the man Jim is, but with Jimian Christianity, your man (Not demon lover) could be at least half the man Jim is. get Jimian Christianity today.”

    • Carte Blanche says:

      [*deleted for claims not in evidence*]

      • jim says:

        I don’t think Epstein’s whores were victims. I think their johns were victims.

        Take the woman question shill test.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          The women were victims after they hit the wall and no more powerful men were interested in fucking them. They were victims like Harvey Weinstein’s victims, in that they suddenly discovered that they had been raped right around the time that no one called them up for a casting call anymore. They don’t seem to have made much of an attempt to escape from Epstein’s island, or from his guests. 15 year old virgin gets fucked by powerful, dangerous man is the basis of every Disney princess story out there. I am sure that they were all horrified to learn that Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew wanted to fuck them.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          Well, that was unexpected. Of course the claims were not in evidence, the thread was just jokes and banter.

          But fine, if humor is not on the menu tonight, here’s your shill test: female mate choice has not evolved much beyond the chimp stage, where the alpha male is the most aggressive and violent in the group, and since women are hypergamous, they will keep shit-testing men in order to draw out the most aggressive and violent, and compete amongst each other for the top spot in the harem of General Butt Naked / Jeremy Meeks / Mr. One In Thirty. Monogamy is an absolutely necessary conspiracy imposed by men on women in order to achieve cooperate-cooperate equilibrium, whereas any system that leaves women in charge or even gives them free choice will immediately backslide into defect-defect. Many girls hit puberty as early as age nine or ten, and begin flirtatious or even overtly sexual behaviors earlier than that, and once they reach that stage, will crawl over a thousand miles of broken glass to be with their demon lovers, thus the only way to actually achieve something resembling monogamy and eugenic fertility is for women to be property, owned by their fathers until given to their husbands, preferably as soon as they show the first sign of any interest in boys. Marriage requires a woman to honor and obey her husband, reciprocal vows are gay marriage.

          Epstein’s girls were self-selected sexually mature but legally underage prostitutes and the entire operation was a honeypot. And the joke I made, or thought I made, was that the girls who washed out of the Epstein Academy of Entrapment because they lacked even the self-control to be decent prostitutes would be sent over to you for proper discipline, which for women already accustomed to nuclear-level shit-testing generally requires frequent and extreme violence, not because they are victims but because they are literally asking for it and will not relent until they get it good and hard.


          • jim says:

            > Of course the claims were not in evidence, the thread was just jokes and banter.

            Trouble is that there is so much genuine insanity on the internet, that it is hard to tell jokes from genuine lunacy.

            Which is why I always use emojis when saying something untrue.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              I guess no harm done except the loss of a few lulz. If the occasional hair-trigger response is the price we pay to avoid being overrun with shills then I’m happy to pay it. At least the appeals process is quick and direct.

              I thought the meaning would be apparent from context, but almost as if on cue, CarJooJooean Restorationist has popped up to remind us why context is no longer a reliable signal. It’s funny how totalizing progressive ideologies end up lumping everything into cartoon heroes and villains; there’s no such thing as a simple rational accounting of what Epstein’s operation was, you have to be either “pro-Epstein” or “anti-Epstein”. Always pro-X or anti-X, never casual indifference toward X or blissful ignorance regarding X.

              I’m firmly in the “don’t care” camp. He was a front-man for a state-backed op; big deal. His name is just a metaphor for weaponized prostitution. Looking at it that way, I suppose the joke was a bit off-color, even for Jimblog.

              Mea culpa, I hadn’t given much thought to the fed/spook connection. Just amused by the idea of girls being turned away from a well-known brothel for being too slutty and imagining what sort of Taming of the Shrew scenario could result.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                one of the many annoying little ironies of our time is how rigidly puritanical and endlessly moralizing the crowd of fools who incessantly crow about their opposition to morals actually are.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                [*matador’s cape*]

                • jim says:

                  Love is war. Love is a battlefield. All is fair in love and war.

                  For men and women to successfully reproduce, men have to conquer women and women have to be conquered. They are looking for a man who can conquer them, and not finding him. Gassing the Jews is not going to help

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            Wait, so this community is unironically pro-Epstein? [*deleted*]