Genocide on the way.

White culture and white history is being demonized and erased. Historically, demonizing a group is usually a prelude to attempting to physically exterminate the group, to physically erase them after culturally erasing them.

Progressives, or at least some progressives whose superior holiness is such that progressives, and even conservatives, are unable to criticize them, are now piously advocating the next step, in the august pages of the New York Times, among other places.

These calls for extermination are couched in ambiguous language. But when someone ambiguously tells you he means to kill you, and fails to clarify that ambiguity, he means to kill you.

If you don’t intend to kill someone, and it sounds like you do intend to kill someone, you are going to clarify. The New York Times and the rest are not clarifying.

The usual terrified cowardly cuckservatives piously tell us that these terrifying threats are “clearly” intended merely to advocate our erasure from the culture and from history, but it is not clear at all. Rather, what is clear is that these terrifying threats are deliberately ambiguous, like the “Liquidation of the kulaks as a class”

Thus for example:

—BAP’s claim that a columnist for the Huffington Post “wrote an article titled ‘Towards a Concept of White Wounding,’ apparently calling for racial violence.” The article does no such thing; in context, it’s clear “white wounding” means something like “white guilt”

In context it is absolutely clear that “white wounding” does not mean white guilt. What it actually does mean is far from clear, but what is clear is that this cuckservative is grasping at straws to find rationalizations for the stream of threats and menaces that Bronze Age Pervert cites. I read the article as calling for racial violence, but maybe it means something else. If it does mean something else, neither I nor the cuckservatives have any idea what that something else is. It does not say “Time to exterminate the white race” in so many words, but neither did Hitler say “Time to exterminate the Jews” in so many words. If the article is not saying “Time to exterminate the white race” it is profoundly unclear what it is saying. What the article does, however say clearly is that whites simply by existing unavoidably and incurably oppress other groups. What the author proposes to do about this problem is unclear, but she does seem to be implying the obvious solution and denying the possibility of other solutions.

Bronze Age Pervert lists a pile of exterminationist screeds.

The anti-male and anti-White rhetoric of the new left is extreme. The racial attacks on whites in particular approaches exterminationist propaganda seen only in, e.g., the Hutu against the Tutsi in 1990’s Rwanda.

The cuckservatives reply that these screeds are not calling for extermination. Well, they are certainly calling for something, though what they are calling for is not totally clear. If it is not extermination they are calling for, what are they calling for? Nobody calling for extermination ever says plainly what they mean. These sound mighty like past calls for extermination, and they surely do not sound like anything else. If it is not extermination they propose, what are they proposing? They are obviously proposing something. The lack of clarity is par for the course whenever monsters propose monstrous deeds. These are all calls to action. If the action is not “exterminate whitey”, what is it?

Thing is, the left always has to have a new cause. Holiness spirals collapse when they cannot get any holier. As a shark has to swim or die, the left has to move ever leftwards or die. Puritanism collapsed when Cromwell halted the holiness spiral, and communism collapsed when Stalin halted the holiness spiral. Transsexualism has run out of puff after males wipe the floor in female sports and men in drag have sex with nine year old boys on the floor at Drag Queen story hour.. They have been casting about for a new cause for some time. Green socialism and nationalizing medicine are the biggies, not genocide. But genocide is on the table, competing with green socialism and nationalized medicine. I don’t think it likely we will go directly to genocide if a Democrat gets elected, but they will be industriously laying the foundations for genocide for when Green Socialism and socialist medicine runs out of puff. Nationalized Medicine and Green Socialism are not terribly sexy. Nationalized medicine sounds like “Take a number and we will get back to you in nine years”, and the trouble with Green Socialism is that it is just too transparently obvious that the greenies do not really believe their own bullshit. It is thirty years on, they are still announcing doomsday, and they are starting to sound bored. The mighty wrath of justly enraged Gaia has passed its use by date. The Greenies are starting to sound and look rather like the post Stalin Communists and the post Cromwell Puritans – tired, cynical, bored, demoralized, and transparently corrupt. So white genocide, being new, shiny, pure, and exciting, might well become the next big holy cause. If it does not, it is in the queue, to be the big holy cause after the next big holy cause.

The Khmer Rouge were full of wrath at foreign educated intellectuals, notwithstanding the fact the Khmer Rouge cadre were composed of foreign educated intellectuals, and very rapidly the Khmer Rouge cadre wiped out the Khmer Rouge cadre. I expect that when Scott Aaronson is informed, somewhat to his surprise, that he is white, he will agree that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If you are a progressive, and white genocide is on the table, then the way to postpone your execution is to be twice as enthusiastically in favor of it as everyone else. Observe the response of the cuckservatives.

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  1. The Cominator says:

    In not entirely political cultural news.

    Saw “Midway” with my old man yesterday, it was a great war movie entirely (other then at the VERY beginning an FDR speech about the global threat of the evil Axis) without Cathedral preachiness or propaganda or strong minorities or women of any kind. From what I recall the movie literally had no non-asian minorities in it, the only seen of a strong wahmin was of a pilot warrior chad’s wife somewhat angrily asking her husbands boss that now that its wartime and political BS should matter less why her warrior chad pilot husband hasn’t been promoted.

    Since it was made mostly under Chinese control essentially white civilization in its military prime is treated respectfully and without Cathedral propaganda.

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  3. Jatt Arya says:

    Hmm, Harvard having other cucks listen to them due to a status heirarchy makes sense.

    Never considered that because armed men don’t care about priest status games.

    One church conquering another makes sense.

    As for the dating statistics, the stats for white women have been pretty stable.

    Preference for white men and slight dislike of black & asian men while being neutral on Latinos.

    The main change has been that Asian & Black women prefer their own men significantly more now..

    Look at the charts yourself.

    • jim says:

      > Never considered that because armed men don’t care about priest status games.

      Actually armed men do care about priest status games. The cohesion of Dar al Islam, which is causing all other religions serious military problems, and has caused all other religions serious military problems for over a millenium, comes entirely from priest status games.

      Steel does not suffice to rule, and even less does it suffice to rule armed men.

      • Jatt Arya says:

        Sullahs haven’t won a battle in 3 centuries and are just propped up by Anglos.

        • Paavo says:

          Muslims are colonizing western Europe.

          Colonization of even the smallest amount of land is worth more than the loss of infinite number of battles, for if your genetic group is expanding, and other genetic group is shrinking, you are winning.

          • jim says:

            To win that one, we have to get not Muslims under control, but women under control, in order to impose cooperate/cooperate equilibrium between husbands and wives.

        • jim says:

          Dar al Islam defeated the British in Helmand province and in Basra in conventional military warfare.

          The successful attack on the USA Embassy in Libya was straight up conventional warfare with uniformed troops, chain of command, and the usual military weapons.

          The British defeat in the Gulf when the Iranians captured fifteen British marines was straight up modern warfare.

      • Paavo says:

        You spend all day correcting lower IQs.

        Intersperse a bible with your writings and get the ball rolling on a new Christianity before your mind decays with age.

        If you write a “Book of Jim” it would be too easy to cut out/ignore as a heretical section. But if you intertwine your writings with the bible, said writings would be impossible to remove. Especially if multiple editions of the bible were printed, where some editions had many changes, and some had few.

        I would do it myself but I am young and focused on family formation. And I would rather have an example to learn from than to go by scratch.

        And further, to get a new religion, or a better version of an old religion started, we’ll need several centuries of confusion and revision before something sticks.

        And lastly, once copies are made, there needs to be a subtle distribution network that makes it appear as if the bible changing an account of the unseen hand of God. Or at least enough fanatic support for the new version that it can be said that God acted through the hands of one or more divinely selected men to change the bible.

        But to get a distribution network, to get priests, there needs to be a initial rough draft to get a group of men interested. Christians say all it takes is 12. But really all it takes is one. And you could be that one.

        And one thing is for sure, to avoid entropy, leftism, universalism, it must be said that although we are all children of God, only active adherents of the religion, are part of the religion; and it must stated strongly that God hates casual adherents of the religion, that casual adherents are not adherents at all but wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

        • Dave says:

          Jim, please do write this book, but keep it short and to the point, with no arguments, no quotations, and a minimum of outside references. Save those things for the much longer Addendum to the Book of Jim.

          The U.S. Constitution is a good style to follow, except where the authors included an argument in the Second Amendment that was later twisted into an argument *against* the Second Amendment. You’re telling us God’s truth, and God doesn’t argue.

          • Not Tom says:

            Prophets never seem to write their own bibles; their followers do that. And really, having followers who are (a) willing to do that and (b) are successful enough to spread the religion, is the proof that they are true prophets.

            Does that lead to issues with interpretation? Maybe. But maybe that is part of what’s necessary for a faith to spread, and we’ve seen no shortage of false prophets willing to twist and contort the literal words of Jesus or Moses to mean neither what they said nor how their followers interpreted what they said.

            Besides, Jim has already stated he doesn’t want to be a prophet. Alf is more into the book-writing thing, you should check out his work to start with.

        • Allah says:

          That would expose him too much. It would be “The Anti-Reactionary FAQ” all over again except this time he wouldn’t be able to answer the disputations over and over again.

          And lastly, once copies are made, there needs to be a subtle distribution network that makes it appear as if the bible changing an account of the unseen hand of God. Or at least enough fanatic support for the new version that it can be said that God acted through the hands of one or more divinely selected men to change the bible.

          This is a consistent pattern in this blog. You use the words of medieval Christians, yet act if you’re the Central Committee.

          • jim says:

            Medieval Christians had a synod, which is to say a central committee, under a divine right emperor.

            Which is indeed what we have in mind.

            • Allah says:

              I didn’t say a central committee. I said The Central Committee. What else do you have in mind?

              • jim says:

                Obviously what I have in mind is similar to the synods assembled by Emperor Constantine.

                • Allah says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for presupposing what I believe.

                  What I say, each day at mealtimes, is that I am thankful to God for the meal in front of us, the companions with whom I eat it, and the beauty that surrounds us.

                  That I frequently say on this blog that saying such things is useful in returning us to normality, returning us to the way things used to be, that you have to bring a gun to gunfight and a religion to a holy war, is not in itself evidence that this prayer is not heartfelt.

                • Allah says:


                • Allah says:

                  Censored seems stronger than deleted, what’s the difference?

                • jim says:

                  I delete stuff because it is bandwidth wasted, for example unresponsive, repetitious, or contains obvious and unreasonable untruths – typically framing me or some commenter as already agreeing with something that we have just vehemently disagreed with.

                  I censor stuff because it might harm me or mine.

                • Allah says:

                  And here I was thinking I was shadowbanned anyway.

                  Very interesting. I did feel as if it was embarrassing you but harming you or yours? How?

                • jim says:

                  I don’t shadowban. I only silently delete after repeatedly deleting and repeatedly giving the same reasons for deleting. No one gets banned without being told repeatedly why – though people seldom seem to hear.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim I think a post is urgently needed on how these Groypers are enemy leftists and controlled op.

                  If sincere they would be attacking Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro for insuffiicent loyalty, but instead they are attacking Trump supporters including our crown prince Trump Jr. for insufficient wignat purity spiraling and attempting to fracture the right wing coalition.

                • not an FBI shill says:

                  Are you crazy? The only reason we all voted for Trump is that he promised us, “When I’m President, I’m going to empty our entire nuclear arsenal on the State of Israel. And I’m going to expose the USS Liberty incident, the 5 Dancing Israelis in 9/11, and the Holocaust HOAX. It was in fact the Jews who starved 6 millions Germans to death in forced labor camps.” The groypers are the real Trumpers.

                • Cuddlepie says:

                  Very basic, uninformed take, Cominator.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Okay explain to me why Fuentes and co are not enemy leftists and controlled op?

                • kawaii_kike says:

                  Can you explain how they’re leftists? I honestly don’t see it. The people they’re going against are the controlled op.

                  I think you’ve fallen for the Cuckservative framing when it comes to the Groypers. They’re trying to purify the right wing coalition of Cuckservative Inc.

                  You say they’re wignat purity spiraling, but their focus on Israel and the USS Liberty is less of a genuine jew obsession and more of a direct response to the Cuckservative worship of Israel. Groypers are attacking Charlie Kirk and Conservative inc for claiming to be right wing but advocating for all the things they should be against. The people I’ve seen groypers oppose are people who claim to be right wing but advocate for policies that would have made them leftists a few decades ago. These are people who support women in politics, endless legal immigration, gay sex, and fanatical support for Israel.

                  Groypers ARE the real trump supporters and they’re only attacking grifters, frauds, and entryists.

                • False Consensus says:

                  We all know, and all agree, that America is ruled by Israel.

                  We all know, and all agree, that Mossad is responsible for 9/11.

                  Except that these stupid Trump-supporting boomers want the current state-of-affairs to continue, i.e. they support ZOG, while we Frog People are against it.

                • False Consensus says:

                  We all know, and all agree, that the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 was instigated by Israel.

                  We all know, and all agree, that it’s the Happy Merchant who is feeding Spurdo Burger a harmful bait hanging from a rod, like a poisonous carrot before a draft horse, in exchange for Spurdo Burger doing the Happy Merchant’s bid.

                  We all know, and all agree, that the only thing preventing Trump from implementing “America First” policies are the Jews, the Evangelical Christians, and the unscrupulous Republican traitors who subscribe to “Israel First.”

                  Since we all know, and all agree, about all of those things, it’s important to harass Trump supporters with endless questions about the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents in 9/11 and about the USS Liberty incident from 1967, since that’s the core issue at stake: Israeli control over America, which, as we all know, and all agree, is the biggest problem of all.

                • Your Deodorant is a Zyklon B Canister says:

                  How much is Bibi paying (((you))) for this, rabbi?

                • rabbi says:

                  Found the groyper.

                • falcon says:

                  Why are you calling yourself shaman and not rabbi?

                • shaman says:

                  Why are you calling yourself shaman

                  Troll Kookanic.

              • The Cominator says:

                “They’re trying to purify the right wing coalition of Cuckservative Inc.”

                And purity spirals are fake and gay and when they attempt to split people away from Trump or arouse factionalism between us they probably glow in the dark.

                There is a difference between moderates and secret to semi-secret enemies. You may not like Charlie Kirk much but hes not an enemy the way Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro are enemies he had no associations and never did with so called Nevertrump Republicans. If Fuentes were sincere would attack and harass Ben Shapiro, David French, Jonah Goldberg, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio etc. That he and his crowd went after Charlie Kirk and Don. Jr. instead shows that he is a fake and controlled op.

                The question of Israel is not something that should be discussed in public in this way because it arouses such a difference of opinion, personally I stand with Donald Trump.

                The issue of fags is a coup complete issue as well and Fuentes himself is fake and gay. No point in dying on that hill. By all means attack immigration but don’t mix it with bringing up the Liberty or an unwinnable pre coup fight against big faggot.

                “Groypers ARE the real trump supporters and they’re only attacking grifters, frauds, and entryists.”

                Kirk is a dork but background investigation shows that he is a real Trump supporter, Trump has never bought into this wignat anti-Israel crap. I don’t want to give aid to Israel but I like Israel more then I like any of the muslims around them and I like Netanyahu far more then I like Nick Fuentes or any wignat.

                • Mike says:

                  Your take on the Israel obsession is correct, but you are way off the mark with Charkie Kirk. He’s a total fucking retard, in fact he deleted a tweet from April 2016 just s few days ago lamenting how Trump is a dumbass and how he wished he could vote for Rubio. IMO, he is just as pathetic as Shapiro, Kirk latched onto Trump late just like Shapiro did and then proceeded to water down Trump’s movement (through TPUSA) to basic-bitch classical liberalism and Post WW2 Buckleyite “conservative” globalism even when Trump was saying the exact opposite of these things.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m honestly not too familiar with him but internet searches for Kirk and Nevertrump didn’t seem to show anything (whereas with Shapiro he couldn’t keep his mouth shut for 30 seconds about how much he hated Trump) but yeah if he was EVER for Rubio hes not to be trusted.

                • Samuel Skinner says:

                  Pretty sure Kirk is pro-immigration which automatically puts him in the enemies list.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I really don’t like Charlie Kirk, he’s as blue-pilled as they come. But Zman, whom I honestly don’t know why I still occasionally read, linked to this:

                  Quoting them:

                  My take after watching this is that Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle suck as bad as Charlie Kirk which is why there is so much unrest boiling over at these events rather than any grassroots enthusiasm about Trump’s 2020 campaign. I still haven’t seen anything that has persuaded me to support Blompf 2020. I’m just going to continue to enjoy making fun of both sides.

                  These are the “real Trump supporters”, you say? No, I think not. These people are at best retarded, and probably enemy shills.

                  And make no mistake, they are actually succeeding in fracturing the coalition. I have some friends who are already taking their side.

                  What I find interesting about this incident is that no one who’s writing about it will actually quote what was literally said. Just how obnoxious were these idiotic “groypers” being?

                  In realpolitik terms, I understand that you want to embrace your extremists. But as VD found with the wignats, these people are unstable and won’t stop taking shots at the people who are trying to protect them – probably because many of them are literally enemy agents.

                • kawaii_kike says:

                  I’m pretty sure Nick Fuentes has been pro-Trump since the beginning and he’s solid on the WQ, so I find it hard to believe that he’s encouraging this Groyper war with ill intent.

                  Fuentes and the groypers just feel different, they don’t strike me as unstable retards that can be tricked into “screwing the optics, and going in”.

                  But I can see what you guys are saying, large scale ideological conformity is a coup complete problem and as long as someone supports Trump then there’s no point in infighting. But Kirk is a slimy fuck so he’s not doing himself any favors.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I care nothing about their feelings, I care about their intentions only to the extent it speaks as to whether they are deliberate enemies or merely stupid.

                • info says:

                  The groypers are dead on. In the questions regarding sodomy which tpusa promotes via their drag queen maga person or promoting legalization of sodomy in other nations. And mass immigration.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Attacking big faggot is a coup complete problem because of the female vote, Trump avoids the issue like the plague and he is right. Trump has slowed legal immigration. Them wanting to wignat virtue signal about Israel is retarded.

                • jim says:

                  Anyone wignat virtue signaling about Israel strangely fails to wignat virtue signal about Victoria Nuland, feral women, and Drag Queen story hour. They are all obvious fbi or ngo. If someone is worrying about Israel, he is strangely and mysterously failing to worry about Soros and Victoria Nuland.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I’m pretty sure Nick Fuentes has been pro-Trump since the beginning and he’s solid on the WQ, so I find it hard to believe that he’s encouraging this Groyper war with ill intent.

                  Fair enough; Nick Fuentes is not Occidental Dissent.

                  Fuentes and the groypers just feel different, they don’t strike me as unstable retards that can be tricked into “screwing the optics, and going in”.

                  I’m not willing to concede that assumption until I understand what actually happened at this event. No one is telling the whole truth. Even if Nick means well, if he’s egging the retards on and encouraging them to pick fights with DJT’s son and primary successor, then he needs to adjust his strategy. Even if Trump Jr is being a bit milquetoast, these little shits need to learn their proper place in the movement: shock troops against the academic and militant left. Not serious intellectuals who need and deserve to have their opinions heard and considered by the supreme sovereign.

                  Wignats are increasingly adopting a frame on Israel that is barely distinguishable from academic leftism. That’s a red flag for entryism. Real live fashies are not anti-zionist, they are very pro-zionist, they want Israel to thrive so that all the Jews will move there, and consider their defense of an ethnostate to be a good example for [insert white ethnicity] to imitate.

                  But the entryists have been partially successful at shifting the Overton window to Marxist criticism of Israel, and general fed-shill stupidity like (apparently) comparing Jewish deaths in and around Nazi Germany to cookie-baking. Yes, Jews should remove the sticks from up their asses and stop chimping out every other day because muh holocaust denial, but nevertheless, that is just lousy optics.

                • jim says:

                  All people who focus on nationalist Jews appear to be hostile entryists, fbi or ngo. It is reasonable to suspect that nationalist Jews are not exactly our friends – they have their project, and we have our project, but nationalist Jews are unambiguously supporters of Trump, and enemies of our enemy, while prog Jews are our enemy. If someone starts talking about nationalist Jews in a hostile fashion, he cannot commit thoughtcrime, which is a dead giveaway that his output is being scrutinized by Human Resources, which is to say he is being rewarded by our enemies for shilling. If he was just doing it because he has a bug about Jews, he would commit thought crimes to support his frequent pious cries of “hail fellow reactionary”.

                  If someone genuinely has a bug about Jews, he is going to want them all to move to Israel (and I want them all to move to Israel or convert) in which case he is going to want Israel to be strong, prosperous and Jewish. Progs, including the Israeli supreme court, want Israel to stop being Jewish. Anyone that wants Israel to stop being Jewish is an undercover enemy. America not being Jewish, probably on our side. Israel not being Jewish, enemy. Look at who lined up with whom when Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

                  And if someone says he wants America to stop being Jewish, what has he been saying about Victoria Nuland?

                • Not Tom says:

                  I think that a lot of otherwise decent people fall for the NGO bait, and that possibly includes Nick. I remember him being basically “alt-lite” at the beginning, and impressionable youth that he is, the shills (“groypers”) have taken their toll.

                  Any movement or ideology that does not fully understand and condemn holiness spiraling is going to be infiltrated and subverted.

                • jim says:

                  A groyper who worries about drag queen story hour is on our side. A groyper who worries about Israel occupying the Golan Heights is not. I suspect you will find that groypers complaining about the one do not complain a whole lot about the other.

                  Israel in Syria intervened on the side of terror, the expulsion of the Christians, and the genocide of the Alawites, but as soon as Trump was elected, they stopped, which should tell you Tel Aviv is not running Washington, Washington is running Jerusalem.

                  Googling Nick Fuentes, the first hits that turn up are him giving Donald Trump Junior a hard time, and complaining about Israel’s misconduct. Don’t we have enough misconduct in the US? Maybe he does some stuff that is on our side, but that is not what turned up in the first two hits.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Indeed, though Google has a severe recency bias, not to mention a severe shill bias, so it’s not surprising that his recent Israel nonsense is in the first hits. But that’s what I mean about lousy optics. People who aspire to be public figures and movement leaders need the understand how their speech and behavior will be portrayed by a hostile media.

                  And there are so many examples of this, it’s so easy to understand, that I am starting to suspect the ones who “appear” unable to learn.

                  Fuentes, a few years ago, was doing some good work, getting the younguns excited about Trumpism without the horrible wignat optics, or at least that’s how I perceived him at the time. I’m not sure if something changed, or if he was always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m inclined to believe the former, though, since the real shills are very good at creating more unwitting shills.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Fuentes, a few years ago, was doing some good work, getting the younguns excited about Trumpism without the horrible wignat optics, or at least that’s how I perceived him at the time. I’m not sure if something changed, or if he was always a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

                  The simplest explanation is that (if hes not a direct enemy agent) hes short, really short guys generally have way too much to prove.

                • Fuentes is gay. I don’t know if he’s into buggery, but he does not act or sound like a man should act or sound.

                  He is solid on the WQ, so I give him a pass on being a fed. If a fed, would not touch the WQ with a ten-foot dildo. But this may be an extension of a bugger’s disdain for women.

                  If he wants to attack Kirk, a cuckservative attempting to attach cuckservative ideas to Trumpism, let him do it.

                • jim says:

                  Gays and perverts always cause problems – which is not to say they cannot be very useful in causing problems for our enemies.

                  Yes, Fuentes is not a fed.

                  But he is trouble.

                  Also, seems to black pilled on the women problem. Women are wonderful in their proper role and proper sphere. But the feds are not pushing the black pill.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Unsure if anyone objected to him attacking Kirk – I’m certainly fine with that. But attacking Don Jr, not so much.

                  Also, important to attack for the right reasons; to attack for making “the conservative case for puberty blockers”, not attack for being insufficiently critical of Israel (or, for that matter, insufficiently critical of China, or of any other foreign country thousands of miles away that shills want you to obsess over while ignoring your own backyard).

                • kawaii_kike says:

                  “he does not act or sound like a man should act or sound”

                  Can you elaborate on this? He sounds fine, I suppose he flails his hands around when speaking but excessive gesticulating and being too blackpilled on women hardly makes him a faggot.

                  Fuentes’ core tenets seem to be demographics, Christian values, and signaling against dual loyalties, specifically Israel. I don’t think he can do much damage, if anything he’s galvanizing more people. Also he’s Catholic, not sure if that’s relevant in your analysis of him but there you go.

                • jim says:

                  “Dual loyalties” means loyalty to Israel.

                  George Soros and Victoria Nuland do not have “dual loyalties”. They want Israel and every Israeli to die in fire.

                  If you are rabbiting on about dual loyalties, you are either too terrified to talk about our real enemies, or in the pay of our real enemies

                • Mike says:

                  It’s hard to tell what they’re really on about, if they’re fed-posting wignats, tradcons, or legit Trump supporters. However, it did just get a little easier to tell, because apparently they got BTFO at the latest Charlie Kirk convention in North Carolina. So right now they are engaged with counter-signaling supposed “entryists” and trying to narrow down their ideology/plan of attack for the next Kirk meeting. Most of this is happening on Twitter though if you really want to follow it.

                • alf says:

                  Incidentally, I find twitter gay. It somehow makes men behave like women. Lots of drama, gossip, and making things bigger than they really are.

                • Mike says:

                  Lots of larpy trad accounts on Twitter so I totally agree. I just like it for the memes and a source of right-wing news.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Also he’s Catholic”

                  Generally not a good sign.

                  The best members of far right groups are ex libertarians or come from the manosphere.

                  The worst are former wignats slightly (but not much) above former wignats are the tradcats. Tradcats are a problem because they desperately want to exonerate their church’s role in the problem (the original open borders advocate was Pope John Paul II a thoroughly evil man) and thus tend to be like the wignats fanatical joofers… obsessed with finding jews (and masons) behind everything.

                • Mike says:

                  Murray Rothbard unironically has been the pipeline for 75-90% of the new right. So many lapsed libertardarians among them.

                • four-stroke sex machine says:

                  >but nationalist Jews are unambiguously supporters of Trump
                  ben shapiro, the designated right edge of the overton window, was a never trumper. to this day he accuses trump supporters of existential racism and bigotry. name a single benefit i’ve ever accrued by the activities of these nationalist jews

                • jim says:

                  > name a single benefit i’ve ever accrued by the activities of these nationalist jews

                  Votes for Trump.

                  Mossad, unlike the FBI, the CIA, British spies, Ukrainian spies, etc, was not involved in framing members of the Trump campaign. Mossad and US military intelligence are the only deep state organizations in Trump’s pocket. Maybe Australian military intelligence is in his pocket, hard to tell.

                  If you think that nationalist Jews are enemies, you are ignoring enemies far more dangerous and far closer.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ben Shapiro is an entryist NPC jew from central casting not a real nationalist jew.

              • Paavo says:

                If you really wanna complain about central committees, complain about early Muslims changing the holy city from Petra to Mecca.

                And observe the direction that early mosques were built in, that mosques in the middle east were changed to face Mecca, while early mosques in northwest africa/iberia were left facing Petra.

                And so long as the Catholic clergy is gay, in favor of open borders, in favor of whatever keeps their donations coming in, men like us are the central committee. Cucked churches lose membership. The word of God is eternal.

  4. Paavo says:

    Demographically, white genocide is not possible for the vast majority of the US (except in the sense of genocide through intermarriage). I think the impending normalization/left-wing singularity is much more likely to result in genocide/pogroms/out-grouping of African Americans. I explain more below. I would love to hear if any of you think I’m wrong/misguided/stupid in this.

    Non-hispanic whites remain 60% of the US, and 50% of the births. The only areas where white genocide is possible is small local environments like near-exclusively sub-saharan localities in the southeast or urban ghettos.

    The most rabidly progressive/Democrat demographic, the demographic with the most anti-white sentiment remains African American females. And African American females, in terms of health, physical fitness, IQ, wealth, etc., are an extreme outlier at the negative end of the spectrum compared to other racial/gender/ethnic demographics in the US. It should go without saying that African American (let alone African American males), are in no-position to fill the ranks of a modern Einsatzgruppen or NKVD.

    If non-hispanic whites, particularly non-hispanic white males, were an extreme outlier, they would naturally be easy to genocide. But non-hispanic whites are not an extreme outlier. Given intermarriage, historic demographic events, and Spanish language education, there is, especially in the southwestern United States, a continuum between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites. A tan white man, especially one with black hair or southern European ancestry is not-distinguishable from a white hispanic. Further, there is significant intermarriage, and IQ similarity between non-hispanic whites and east Asians.

    When normalization (the soviet term) hits, when left-wing singularity hits, it makes much more sense that African Americans, especially high IQ African Americans, the ones that fill democrat party ranks, are the ones that will become the target of genocide, of pogroms. That is to say, they would take the place of Jews in the Soviet Union, or non-ethnically Cambodian elites in the Cambodian genocide.

    African Americans becoming the target of the left in the event of normalization/left-wing singularity is natural given that they are an extreme population outlier.

    The evidence I put forth for this is the following:
    *Demographic data from Central and South America the past 50 years
    *The recent mainstream cultural meme, on reddit, and elsewhere that African Americans are in fact the most racist group.
    *Dating app/website shows racial groups becoming more biased against sub-Saharaners in the past decade.

    In regards to the demographic data from Central and South America, sub-saharaners have been in decline, both in terms of number of births, and proportion of births in near all countries. This is a result of
    1. government subsides/charity not providing enough resources to artificially boost their birth rate.
    2. sub-saharaners being disproportionately affected by crime, accidents, disease, drug overdose, and relatively worse nutrition leading to shorter life expectancies.

    The countries where data is most public, and readily accessible, if you want to verify this yourself are Cuba and Brazil. In the case of those countries you need not look beyond the wikipedia pages of their national demographics.

    • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

      In Central and South America, white is high status and black is low, so people with partial white ancestry identify themselves as white on the census and in real life. Unlike the US, where sacralization of blacks leads people with any black ancestry whatsoever to self-declare as “African-American”. That and intermarriage would lead to a declining black population in the official statistics for Cuba and Brazil unless their census has elaborate mixed-ancestry options as in the US.

      • Paavo says:

        Intermarriage/self-identification is not responsible for the decline.

        If intermarriage/self-identification were responsible for the decline, other minority groups such as east Asians or native Americans would be declining in number and proportion to as much as Africans were. But that is not the case. Africans are decrease in number and proportion of births to a much greater degree than east Asians are native Americans.

        Further, I argue that white status is high and black status is low, because whites are more genetically successful than blacks. In particular I mentioned dating website data. Readers of this blog know that women get the hots for the dominant group of men. The fact that women are turning away from Africans and towards east Asians/whites/latinos is a great indictor of demographic trends.

        • kawaii_kike says:

          “women get the hots for the dominant group of men“

          Women perceive status differently than men perceive status. White status is objectively high but women perceive it as lower because a woman’s perception of status is, to quote Jim, “similar to the way a small evil child raised by cannibal head hunters perceives status”. So as far as women’s perceptions are concerned, whites and asians are not currently dominant because they don’t act like cannibal head hunters. The dating website’s data is not lining up with the redpill on women.

          Link the dating website data.

          • shaman says:

            This is not really related to your post, but I’ve just had a pleasant “White-Pill on Women” moment: That women are not attracted — to say the least — to archetypal “nice guys” is a good thing. I mean, if you’re not a gelded Feminist poodle, and loathe the idea of ever becoming one, why would you want women to be attracted to gelded Feminist poodles? As I wrote in a previous post, women dig General Butt Naked, and are repulsed by men at the opposing pole. Now, we don’t want to encourage Sir Naked, but neither do we want the diametrical opposite type of personality to be selected for or held as high status. Thus, the old Manospherian whine: “Women hate nice guys!” is really a White Pill, because who the heck wants to be this exaggerated caricature of a timid gelding? Most men aren’t effeminate soyboys, and are comfortable enough being men – so why cry so many bitter tears about how women despise “nice guys”? This realization is encouraging. If women were only attracted to castrated miniature poodles, and unattracted to normal men, that would indeed be a massive Black Pill – because, again, no normal man wants to be a castrated miniature poodle.

            Now, of course these’s a tremendous problem with women fucking stony broke drug dealers, but that problem can be solved, or at least significantly reduced, by restoring lost social technologies. If, however, it were the other way around, and women had their snatches soaking wet for neutered poodles, that would be a depressing bummer. So, that’s our daily White Pill, and I conclude by noting that those who whine about how women “hate nice guys” deserve to be wedgie-hung from their own lockers by schoolyard bullies until their nutsack finally descends.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Nice” doesn’t necessarily mean cowardly or effeminate it just means a lack of dark triad traits… which for the most part I lack (though if in a long term fight with someone I BECOME coldly Machiavellian and am without mercy but otherwise I lack any malovolence dishonesty etc. I don’t even generally step on most bugs).

              So while I CAN BE ruthless it doesn’t come out until I’m attacked.

              • shaman says:

                You don’t strike me as a Feminist poodle.

                What I’m referencing is the Manosphere meme: “I am such a nice guy, a Supreme Gentleman, I always treat women so well, I respect their feelings as a woman and a human, yet they pay not attention to me at all. Life isn’t fair!” According to this meme, it would be excellent if women were turned on by geldings, and oh how horrible it is that they prefer men with minimal testicular fortitude. And I just realized that this meme is totally gay, because we don’t want women to prefer male Feminists over real men. It’s a good thing that women are hilariously turned off by poodles.

                Again, that doesn’t mean that women make wise sexual choices – obviously they need to be controlled and restricted severely, otherwise they run off to get gang-banged by Jeremy Meeks and his friends. But! It is better that they are attracted to men with balls, than if they were attracted to men without balls. Hence, it’s something of a White Pill.

                In a Bizarro World, Manospherians post memes about how “Women only like Supreme Gentlemen, and consider all other men to be too brutish and intimidating for their tastes – abloo.” And I definitely prefer our version to the bizarro version, because it’s totally contrary to our nature to be pathetic sad-sacks. Come the restoration, thugs will be low-status, and so will effete poodles. We want normal masculinity to be high status, and unhealthy deviations (in any direction) to be low status. The knowledge that women hate Supreme Gentlemen is greatly encouraging, in my view.

            • Paavo says:

              This has always been white pill for me too.

              The fatalism of some men, those intent on observing life through the most pessimistic lens, is divorced from reality. And it is right that evolution rids it from this earth.

              It is the spirit of bronze age mantis or chateau heartiste that needs to carried on.

              To be a muscled, intellectual bad boy that can hold down a job, or better yet, start his own company, is to be ideal.

            • jim says:

              Come civil war II, the women are going to fuck the warriors on the winning side.

              In the Crimean war and ever since, the priesthood has been lowering the status of our warriors, starting with making the heroic Lord Cardigan into an idiot, the whore Florence Nightingale into a hero, and putting camp followers (logistics) into warrior uniforms. Come civil war II, we are going to tell the warriors on our side that if they want to get their little men wet, they need a priesthood on their side.

              • The Cominator says:

                If we did it my way there’d be no shortage of pussy because we will spare no male leftists and all female leftists of fertile age and attractiveness will be become (“bound concubines” ie non hereditary slaves without the social statuses of wives).

                • jim says:

                  We don’t want to put our enemy’s backs to the wall, and we don’t want to lose Havel’s Greengrocer. Our enemies are likely to be driven by the holiness spiral into putting the backs of a very large number of people to the wall, including a very large number of their own people, as when Pol Pot ordered all Khmer Rouge in Eastern Cambodia liquidated. So, we want to give them an out, in plausibly swearing to the inquisition on a bible that they were Havel’s Greengrocer. But the inquisition should sniff around to make sure that when they so swear, it is not entirely implausible. We will need to kill or enslave true believers. But we will get into trouble if we discover too many true believers, so we don’t want to look too hard for true believers.

                  I don’t think there will be any shortage of pussy. A very popular female fantasy in romance comics is that by some improbable plot contrivance, they are magically transported to a social order where they are severely de-emancipated.

                  My plan is to re-introduce marriage 1.0 and de-emancipation as matter of faith and morals, and back it up with coercive de-emancipation for sexual misconduct.

                  As you, as an individual man, have to individually pass their shit tests, even though passing is frequently illegal and generally deemed grossly immoral, society has to pass their shit tests by coercively backing proper male authority of males properly in authority and able and willing to look after females for whom they are responsible. And just as they love it when you, as an individual man, pass their shit tests, they will love it when society passes their shit tests – as illustrated by a pile of romance novels set in a social order that does pass their shit tests. Check out, for example the webcomic “Goddess creation system”. Most of it is about incredibly alpha males doing incredibly boring stuff like playing go, partying, socializing, and organizing parties, but every so often their incredible alpha is demonstrated by cruelly, arbitrarily, and capriciously disciplining slave girls who long to fuck them. Every so often the insert character, the protagonist, appeals to society against brutal de-emancipation, and is secretly delighted by the ensuing total lack of social support, by the society passing her shit test. It is not just a fantasy about the love interest being incredibly alpha and incredibly pre-selected, but a fantasy about being abducted into a tribe where the love interest can be alpha. Not only does the love interest pass her shit tests, but the society passes her shit tests. That is what women want. They are profoundly depressed because our real life society is massively failing their massive shit test.

                • alf says:

                  “Goddess creation system”

                  Read the first twelve pages, and even though my girl has yet another excuse to call me a weeb, seems like good stuff. Already an alpha male has beaten an ugly girl to death and used her remains as flower fertilizer. Lol.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Already an alpha male has beaten an ugly girl to death and used her remains as flower fertilizer. Lol.

                  You piqued my interest, but I didn’t see anything like this. Did you mean “chapters” when you said “pages”?

            • Allah says:

              Women are sexually attracted to status and violence, everything else they put up with. Your intelligence, education, income etc. are completely irrelevant to them as long as it doesn’t increase your capacity for violence. You can indeed be a supreme gentleman sperg if you’re 195cm with a carbon steel jaw, they’ll even take your passivity as a costly signal.

              The complaint that “girls hate nice guys” stems from being deceived and betrayed by those you trusted most. The classic case is parents telling their son to be a nice respectful man and study so he can get a wife and kids and be happy ever after. When the boy grows up and finds out the truth the hard way, the boy gets mad.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              >Now, of course these’s a tremendous problem with women fucking stony broke drug dealers, but that problem can be solved, or at least significantly reduced, by restoring lost social technologies.

              Not really, that specific aspect of the issue has little to do with the general subject of social technology. If everything remained the same, but society wasn’t fighting a war against masculinity, the issue would resolve itself.

              It’s not about marriage or structure, it’s about the fact that I cannot smash the skull of the subhuman drug dealer into a blood pool while I could have had a couple of decades ago in my country (not American).

              Imagine I try to attack this subhuman for selling drugs in current year, what do you think will happen to me? I’m too high IQ to fail for the worst bait ever. But a few decades ago the police would have congratulated me, looked away and made the whole thing disappear.

              I’m still attractive to women because I am who I am so I look the par, because I’d genuinely still do it quickly enough to avoid prying eyes and then disappear from the scene. I give away that presence, I don’t shy away from it and women know it. My brother gifted me for my birthday a Toledo steel dagger, first thing that came to mind and said out loud is that I wish a robber came to my house so I could try it.

              Now, if I could do it openly, what would the status of the worthless druggie be? Minus 1. And even if you are not a warrior type like me, your status would increase tenfold, because people like me value people like you.

              There’s this quote from Rothbard that I particularly enjoy:

              >Again: unleash the cops to clear the streets of bums and vagrants. Where will they go? Who cares? Hopefully, they will disappear, that is, move from the ranks of the petted and cosseted bum class to the ranks of the productive members of society.

              Unleash masculinity, who cares? Literally make agreed upon duels to the death legal again.

              Instead we live into a collapsing, self-destructive and pathetic anti-regime of effeminate pedophile academics and womyn, where the stoner gets some degree of social status as dangerous because he is low IQ enough to be happy enough to actually spend time in jail like the dog he is.

              Criminals aren’t dangerous, criminals are pathetic trash. Special forces are dangerous, special forces would be forced to avoid confrontation with criminal trash because masculinity outlawed.

            • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

              1. The more blacks there are relative to whites, both in the population and in online dating sites, the lower their market value.

              2. More older people joining the dating sites.

              3. Gen Z and MAGA making the youngest new users more based. This is your point I guess, but as above, statistics iz multidimensional and need many controls to interpret reliably.

              • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                ok, 2 of your 3 links are pre-2015, but Internet (chans etc) has been driving the youth reality-ward earlier than that.

              • Paavo says:

                What happened in Central and South America was that the economy got worse and low IQ groups were less able to compete.

                In Anglosphere/Western Europe welfare/charity/a good economy dampen the negative effects of a low IQ. But, fortunately, the mass immigration in a short period of time of low IQ groups is exhausting the welfare/charity and wrecking the economy.

                The West is becoming the Wild West that Central and South America already are. And in that Wild West, there is no charity/welfare/a good economy that can dampen the effects of low IQ.

                The dating website data is one indication that the West is becoming a eugenic Wild West.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  It’s hard to distinguish the two explanations. Becoming more Brazil-like is about the same as “more blacks relative to whites”. Diversity + proximity = fear + mistrust (cf. Robert Putnam) long before it leads to war. The more everyone has to interact with average blacks and their culture, and not just the more functional ones who integrate first, the less the general interest in any aspect of blacks: dating them, paying them welfare, or whatever else.

                  I think IQ sorting counts for more on the dating market than the commenters and host here acknowledge. But I don’t think the weight on IQ has changed much from then to now. There has been a general upward trend of IQ importance since WW2, intensified under post-1980 globalism, but it will not have a big spike upward unless there is a severe downturn in economy and general dog-eat-dog Social Darwinization of society. In other words, I think your narrative will become true in future but is not the likeliest explanation for what is seen until now.

    • kawaii_kike says:

      I think you’re underestimating the insanity of a leftist singularity. They don’t genocide because it’s easy, they genocide because they’ve spiraled themselves out of control and are trying to not be next on the chopping block. The current trend of rhetoric is directed against whites, not blacks. The entire basis of Progressivism is white hatred, their spiral will probably go something like this: conservative whites, cuckservatives, white progressives…?

      Never forget that they are evil and insane. It doesn’t make sense to genocide the people that maintain society but they’ll try it anyway and wonder why the electrical grid keeps failing even after “equality” has been achieved and every power plant is run by Jamal, the transsexual pavement ape.

      “It should go without saying that African American (let alone African American males), are in no-position to fill the ranks of a modern Einsatzgruppen or NKVD.”

      The Progressives would either import Indians to do it or fill the positions with blacks and then wonder why no work gets done.

      Jim’s comment from further up also explains how the genocide would be implemented:

      • The Cominator says:

        The entire basis of progressivism is the demonic lie of equality. Whites doing better then other groups and not embracing the demonic lies of Tabula Rasa are going to be an unprincipled exception to be eliminated.

        The original progressives actually hated blacks more then “reactionary” type racists. Indians are not to replace blacks, indians are to replace jews who can no longer serve as the brains because they are white (at least phenotypically) and as such its evil to have them in command over people of color.

        • Dave says:

          Yeah, Indians like Saikat Chakrabarti will make great replacements for Jews. Only Whites and Jews can be entrusted with other people’s money. If you cut them out of the financial loop, all your organization’s funds will mysteriously disappear.

          (Bernie Madoff wasn’t evil, he just fell into the trap of exaggerating his performance and waiting for the market to catch up.)

          • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

            Madoff did God’s work insofar as he transferred money from 90+ percent prog individuals, prog foundations and at least one prog university (Brandeis) to the sort of people who do successful algorithmic options trading. The latter are higher IQ and lower (if still disturbingly high) percentage of Prog. Darwin wins and to some extent Gnon wins. Madoff did real harm to a chunk of the prog elite and that’s why he will die in jail.

            • The Cominator says:

              He was indiscriminate about what sort of rich people he ripped off, but his victims were disproportionately his fellow jews in the finance industry for the simple reason Madoff didnt advertise his scam you had to seek him out (one reason he didnt get caught so long) . I went out with this crazy jew broad whos father was a stockbroker they used to have money… Her father was literally a Madoff victim and couldnt really make the money back because the online brokerages took over the brokerage business.

              • jim says:

                Madoff’s scam was “Hail fellow Jew, all us Jews must stick together, so lets rip off the Goyim together”

                Jewish solidarity has collapsed, which is why they lost the diamond trade, and are now losing stockbroking. Though I still see that idiots promoted to official genius by academia are disproportionately Jewish, so Jewish solidarity is still a thing – but it is a lot less of a thing. Madoff was the bell ringing for Jewish solidarity in finance, and the bell is ringing for Jewish solidarity in Hollywood. Today, Hollywood is run by the gay mafia and social justice warriors.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Madoff’s scam was “exclusivity” because he didn’t advertise it beyond his initial group of suckers AT ALL (and this is why nobody figured it was a scam for years because who ever heard of a scam that didn’t advertise), but the people who knew about it by word of mouth tended to be jews within the finance industry.

                • jim says:

                  Who did Madoff rip off that was not a Jew?

                • The Cominator says:

                  I don’t have the whole list of people who got ripped off, but I’d be surprised if they were ALL jews. I was the one who made the point that the people he ripped off were MOSTLY jews something that is not known to the general public.

                  My point with the second post is he didn’t advertise or pitch at all… his pitch was secret elite club that doesn’t want or need your money.

                • jim says:

                  I would be surprised if any of Madoff’s victims were not Jewish.

                  Scammers play on trust, that is why they call it a confidence game, and Madoff was milking Jewish solidarity and Jewish hostility to non Jews. The central factor of any scam is how the scammer gets trust. Everyone investing in Madoff’s scam did so on the basis “Hail fellow Jew, lets rob the Goyim together”. The promised money had to come from somewhere, and had to come from somewhere improper. The sucker had to believe that the victims would be outgroup and he was in the ingroup.

                  It is hard to scam an honest man, and Madoff was not targeting honest men.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  > Who did Madoff rip off that was not a Jew?

                  In the US individual clients were Jewish, institutional clients were largely found through Jewish social circles (e.g. Jewish fund managers and Jewish charities).

                  In Europe it was a similar affinity scam but of aristocrats rather than Jews. Several royal families were Madoff clients. He first got some European institutional investors and then targeted the social circles of the institutions’ management and ownership. Madoff was probably getting nervous about becoming too visible in the US as the pyramid scheme expanded, and needed fresh meat from a totally different population far away.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  > the bell is ringing for Jewish solidarity in Hollywood. Today, Hollywood is run by the gay mafia

                  As I mentioned in an earlier comment thread, there is a cape/matador problem in that gays and the GQ are typically considered as such only in connection with cultural matters related to sex, religion, marriage, moral deterioration and so on. But the more salient aspect of gays is that they are demographically almost a clone of the Jewish population in numbers, per capita wealth, presence in elite (nontechnical) institutions, geographic distribution, voting and political donations, level of leftism and much else. Gays influence things in the same general direction as left-Jews, only worse (and far worse in entertainment, art and fashion), and without any of the benefits. Yet for every reference to gays in e.g. the local comment section, there are 50 to Jews.

                  Just as solving the WQ requires seeing it, it helps to conceptualize Gay as a second and more destructive Jewish population, independent of all the sexual-religious-moral-medical problems that it happens to also carry.

              • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                > Her father was literally a Madoff victim

                My favorite case of Madoff victimization is Brandeis University. The last I read about it they were in the process of trying to sell paintings from the art museum to make up losses. What would be really cool is if they laid off professors. Brandeis is a Jewish-funded university whose non-science departments have been in the business of leftist anti-Judaism for a very long time. If it turns out Madoff closed their transsexual studies program that would be a case in point of him doing God’s work. What’s for sure is that he made money for Renaissance Technologies (Jim Simons) and others who inferred it was a scam and got out early.

                • jim says:

                  Evil people got scammed. Heh.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  Madoff wiped out or badly damaged a mixture of Jewish prog charities that do active harm, and Jewish community charities that don’t much matter to Gentiles. If he forced prog Jews to spend money to reconstitute some bankrupted summer camps and medical foundations, instead of donating to Harvard and Hillary, so much the better.

                  It would be fun to learn how much of the Madoff profits to Renaissance turned into 2016 Robert and Rebekah Mercer donations to Trump (Mercer was #2 at RenTech). Jim Simons wasted his 20 million of donations on Hillary. Trump campaign was far more efficient at converting money into votes than HRC, so this was a net win for Trump even if dollar for dollar Simons and Mercer appeared to be cancelling each other out.

  5. Cloudswrest says:

    “But on many other issues—from gay marriage to abortion to pornography to the welfare state—public opinion has simply made winning impossible, if by “winning” one means “undoing those things.” It’s not that conservatives didn’t fight; it’s that they fought the culture war but lost the culture, democratically, fair and square.”

    What the heck??? This is an outright lie! “democratically, fair and square.” I think gay marriage lost in most, if not all, referendums. It was the court that enabled it.

    • OK, BOOMER says:


      All of this stuff has been shoved down the throats of the people very much in spite of elective processes. But Curtis loved to blame democracy for failing to fend off the creeping administrative state, so it’s elections that have done all of this, clearly. We should rage, RAGE against the dying of the light; incorporate the government as a chartered, profit-seeking entity; and establish an unaccountable “aristo”cracy whose power is secured by cryptoguns.

      Like all technodweebs, he thinks that more technology is the solution, not (one of) the problems.

      • Not Tom says:

        Technology isn’t the problem; priestly control of technology is the problem.

        And you have completely misunderstood Moldbug, to the surprise of no one, I’m sure. At no point did he ever claim that people voted for these things; to the contrary, his claim (and one of the core tenets of neoreaction) is that true democracy can’t exist for more than a nanosecond, it is a violently unstable equation that can and does collapse instantly into oligarchy. We are always ruled; what suffrage does do is obscure the truth of who rules, and promotes false narratives so that less-able individuals such as yourself project that power onto completely irrelevant entities – that is, the matador’s cape.

        Tech determinism is just another short-bus narrative invented by progressives and Marxists in order to help immanentize the eschaton, then eagerly swallowed by bluepilled conservatards who infected other parts of the right with their stupidity.

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        > Curtis loved to blame democracy for failing to fend off the creeping administrative state

        He says in dozens of places things like “democracy is always just a cover story for a stable oligarchy” and that elections themselves are merely a justification ceremony for the whole charade.

        The creeping all encompassing Beamtenstaat is just one of the possible end-states or late stages of democracy. Your man Curtis would probably say that this is only the neutered American (ie, original) form and that Export Democracy outside the Anglosphere leads to much more lethal endgames.

  6. Pooch says:

    Meh, limp wristed virtue signaling white liberal faggots calling for white genocide don’t move the needle for me.

    Blacks and browns calling for white genocide, now that would get my attention.

    • The Cominator says:

      Idiotic wignat thinking as the browns are not actually in so much of the cathedral priestly leadership (though more now in the political leadership) as white shitlibs. Also when the South African ANC kills and drives off white people to please the Cathedral priest that dominate the US state department.

      • jim says:

        The white leadership will be sucked into and consumed by the holiness spiral as the Khmer Rouge cadre were. It is in each individual progressives interest to support next big holy cause more enthusiastically than each of the others.

        • The Cominator says:

          My point is right now browns calling for white genocide would be FAR LESS then elite white shitlibs calling for it.

          Of course I’m comforted by the fact that if it happens they won’t in the end be exempt BUT its far more likely to become actual policy with the cathedral white priestly elite calling for it then the cathedral’s totem equality mascots calling for it (who are still not yet at this stage in the priestly elite though increasingly taking over the Democratic political elite).

        • Paavo says:

          The current Democrat senate and house are together 63% non-Hispanic white. Of course, that 63% is much older than the 37%, but its going to be very hard for the left-wing singularity to be effective in anything if they try to genocide half their leadership.

          • ten says:

            You imagine the violence will be principled and orderly, trying to kill every white on sight from day one. No genocide has ever been operated in this way.

            Look at christians being displaced in the middle east. A church falls to arsonists, a daughter is raped, a son is slaughtered, and the local mohammedans either don’t care or cheer, and the local authorities do nothing or too little. This is setting 1 on the genocide machine; it goes continuously to 10. You seem to think the only way for a proper genocide to operate is 1) declaring your intent openly and honestly so everyone is on the same page and 2) setting the machine to 10.
            Not the way genocides operate.

            • pdimov says:

              That’s because Christians are a minority there.

            • Paavo says:

              I am not arguing that the Democrats are going to attempt a genocide of half their elite in a very short period of time.

              I am arguing that division is inherent to the coalition of the fringes; And naturally, this division hinders group action.

              I am of the opinion that normalization/left-wing singularity is near; but I am not of the opinion that singularity is going to be very effective whatever its actions may be.

              As someone else stated in the comments here, South African whites are still alive, because the on-going genocide there is beng conducted at IQ 70 efficiency.

              • The Cominator says:

                You are right that it won’t be very effective and that they will lose…

                I think the Democrats pretty much had to win in 2016 while they still had enough of their “smart but evil” leadership left rather then the people below them promoted for insanity and fanaticism and not being white males.

                Now they are doomed to always lose, because their leadership at everything below the highest level is supremely incompetent and soon the highest level leadership will be incompetent.

              • ten says:

                Well, no, you’re arguing that genocide is impossible because there are too many whites on the side of the enemy.

                So call it badwhite genocide instead. All the goodwhites will call for an end to violence and racial harmony while letting the violence towards badwhites escalate, as is already happening.

                Unless it is stopped, by cromwell, napoleon or stalin, the escalation reaches rwanda – and all the goodwhites will still be in favour of peace and racial harmony, we just have to get rid of the worst badwhites, just after that things can calm down.

                I don’t see incompetent intentional genocide in south africa. I see incompetent socialism making vague excuses for criminal nogs, amounting over time to genocide of any market dominant minority. There is constant threat of actual genocide, which when and if it starts will have ten volunteering murder rapists per boer, killing all rural isolated boers day one.

                • pdimov says:

                  There most certainly is intentional genocide in South Africa. The blacks murdering the farmers are equipped with cellphone jammers. This is organization.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          ”It is in each individual progressives interest to support the next big holy cause more enthusiastically than each of the others.”

          Back to basics for a second:

          Jim buddy you just can’t repeat this point enough. Everyone needs to hear it, and often. The bigger-brain priests-vs-warriors stuff is great too, but just this is super helpful. It explains so much, but only a genius can notice it happening on his own.

          When there’s a One True King, he can call out “stop!” and everyone stops.

          But when there’s 1000 kings, the best we can do is to run with the herd, trust our own wits, and just try to avoid getting run over, and the one thing a herd-runner cannot do is stop (or turn around).

          As a congenital middle-class high-trust cuckservative sucker, I always presumed that someone was in charge somewhere, whether it’s the President, or the Comintern, or Trilateral Commission, or whoever. Perhaps my favorites Alex Jones and David Icke were essentially in the business of assuring me exactly this, that things looked crazy, but there was still someone in charge. Qanon too.

          But no. If this is actually a herd, and not a ”show”, then nothing is more frightening. Now I have to think and act for myself.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Imagine thinking that the utterances of the blacks and browns who get a pat on the head for repeating back what progs say matters at all.

    • pdimov says:

      Blacks and browns are not supposed to be calling for it (who will hear?), they are supposed to be doing it.

      That’s the whole point of the white wounding article. It’s a word salad that makes no sense because its target audience is not expected to read past the headline.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        They are doing it.

        They’ve ethnically cleansed most cities by they committing massive numbers of violent crimes against any whites unwise enough to live near them.

        They aren’t smart or driven enough to follow whites to their refugee camps – the suburbs – but the progressive leadership is intent on correcting this defect by paying them to do so (section 8).

  7. Catholic Reactionary says:

    This blog is full 100% kikery and you’re all damned to Hell.

    “Jim,” or should I say Judas, is a filthy Jew pretending to be a white Christian in order to disrupt Traditional Christian ethics and normalize fornication and porn. And I’m here to tell you, Judas of blog.judas, that we Anglo-Germanic Aryans know exactly what it is that you’re up to. You created this blog so you can pass off misogynist Semitic views of women as “Christian.” I am now going to expose your sick filthy Jewish lies, Judas!

    1. “Women are naturally prone to make bad sexual choices and to sexually misbehave, and their sex drives are volcanic.” Liar! This is a typical Semitic position, which no true White Man would ever make. In actual fact, it is men, usually predatory Jewish men like yourself, who cause women to produce pornography and to engage in promiscuous sex by randomly approaching them on the street and sleazily tricking them into it, by the hook and by the crook. We, white Christians from within the Hajnal Line, who have been specifically bred for late marriage and late adulthood, know that women, particularly Aryan princesses, are magical and beautiful and chaste, and that it’s men who are the lustful ones. Lust is generally a male vice, not a female one! And that’s what fathers are for: To protect girls from Semitic kikes (like you) who approach them on the street, or on the internet, and offer them money and so on to become whores.

    2. “If a woman is not willing to have sex with you pretty quick, she will never be truly attracted to you, because she fundamentally perceives you as a beta male.” Liar! There is nothing women find more attractive than sensitive, delicate, reflective, considerate, respectful men who court them like real gentlemen, bring them fresh roses every day, and shower them with endless platonic love. As a Semitic Jew, Judas, you are devoid of all romantic feelings (you have a brutish nature, because you were bred in the barren deserts of Zionist-occupied Palestine), but we whites know better: A woman will love you if — and only if! — you wine and dine her out for many years while you’re courting her, of course with her father’s permission, and always with a chaperone. Anything else is NOT OKAY, and is a violation of Traditional Christian ethics in favor of Jewish degeneracy. You, the damn pedophile Jews, have used your little Hollywood to brainwash the Baby Boomer generation into modern sexual immorality, helped by (((Birth Control Pills))) and (((Condoms))) and (((Abortion))). Come the Worldwide Catholic Restoration, we Anglo-Germanic Aryans, having unshakable pride in our pure-blooded ancestry, will hang you upside-down by your own little dicks, kikes!

    3. “Women go after men who are likely to abuse them.” Liar! You and your little loyal sycophant, “shaman” (Schlomo!), another detestable oven-dodging Chosenite who is not fooling anyone with his utterly unconvincing “I am a white man, trust me fellow goyim” shtick, truly a piece of garbage and f**king faggot, are constantly telling us that our women are bad, evil, and prone to run off with the nearest Pakistani, when in fact the exact opposite is the case. Women abhor men whose sexuality is crass and unapologetic and insensitive, and always prefer boys who cry. Yes, you heard me, Judas and Schlomo, you couple of clinical pedos and psychopaths – women love sensitive boys who cry! A streaming, visible waterfall of tears is how you get women to pay positive attention to you. Don’t believe what the (((PUAs))) are telling you; these are just greedy Quasi-Libertarian kikes who seek to deprive you of your wallet and bank account, because — as you know well, being an Israeli Zionist Turbo-Yid Mossadnik yourself — the only two things Heebs ever think about are cummies and shekels. The way to a woman’s heart is by deeply respecting her and taking her to picnics in the nature.

    4. “When I was 14 I banged younger women.” This is probably not a lie, but how horrible it is! You sick PEDO! Only a degenerate Jew would try to normalize such child abuse, as you are normalizing it all over your completely Jewish blog. As a white Aryan from within the Hajnal Line, bred for late sexual activity and slowly maturing, I instinctively know that such behavior is wrong. Why do you hate women so much, Judas? You need to be respectful, respect a girl’s feelings as a woman and a human. Yes, I’ll repeat this message for you, knowing that it super-annoys you: RESPECT HER FEELINGS AS A WOMAN AND A HUMAN. Now you understand? Again, Judas, I’m not letting you get away with your retarded chutzpah: RESPECT HER FEELINGS AS A WOMAN AND A HUMAN. Respect her gender. Respect her existence. Be nice and tender. Acknowledge how valuable she is, you pig. If you disrespect a girl’s feelings, gender, and existence, you deserve to be castrated by her father. I hope that this vile kike, “Not Tom” (more like “Not Tal-Or,” since he is obviously an Israeli Hasbara shill posting from a gay club in Tel Aviv), is reading and internalizing that women’s feelings and gender deserve to be respected. Fuck off, you pedos. Did you even kneel before your wife when you proposed to her, pig? Her life should be a bouquet, and you are the tender gardener.

    5. “Women don’t particularly like nice guys.” Liar! Women deeply appreciate it when their very existence makes your heart race and flutter, when you instantly want to give them all of your heart and soul. But of course you don’t get it, since you don’t have have a heart or a soul, Judas. You just want cheap sex, because you are Jewing Jewish Jew. A woman wants you to write her a new poem every day and read it to her before going to sleep. A woman wants to know that you are completely lost without her, like a ship lost at sea, and that if she is gone, you’ll have nothing at all in your life. She wants to grow old with you, she wants you to take care of her when she is sick, and yes, Uncle Semite, she wants you to let her stay in bed when the baby is crying. She wants to know that her departure will totally break your heart, and that you will long for the day when you two are reunited in Heaven. But you are telling us that women love “bad boys,” because — being Semitic — you just want to molest all of the girls in the neighborhood. Truly you are abusive, Judas, and I’m crying even as I write these words, thinking of all the women whose hearts you’ve broken by pumping and dumping them.

    6. “If premarital sex promptly leads to marriage, that’s not a big deal.” Liar! It is a very big deal, and to argue otherwise is sheer heresy, as can be expected from a dirty conniving kike. As everyone who is a real Christian (this excludes Anglicans and Mainline Protestants, obviously) knows, saving yourself for marriage is one of the greatest things in the world. This is how courtship should work: You meet a cute girl at Church, where all girls are chaste, and you ask the priest to introduce you to her mother and father. You need to give her dad a firm handshake, however, you should apologize (grovel, if need be) for being so rude as to expect him to give you anything – patriarchy means rule by FATHERS, after all, and the father is the ultimate alpha male. After you’re done apologizing for your insensitive and selfish boldness, ask for his permission to court his daughter. Note: This will be done exclusively with a chaperone, and needless to say, you’re paying for everything. Oh, you have a problem with that, greedy Jew? Thought so. Then, after 5 years of courtship and dating with a chaperone, you need to ask her consent to be betrothed to you. Of course, if you masturbate during those 5 years, and/or have intercourse with some loose woman, you’re going to Hell. And you need not worry about her own chastity, as we all know that without subversive Jewish influence, women don’t sexually misbehave. Then, after 5 more splendid and grand years of courtship and dating with a chaperone, ask her father for permission to marry his daughter. You will treat her like a lady and NOT like an object, get it Judas? Ladies are always first. Then when you are married, her being a 28-year-old virgin, and you a 30-year-old virgin who has never ejaculated (ejaculation is the number one killer of men, that’s a scientific fact), you can have sex. BUT! Only to have a baby. If you have sex for any other reason than to have a baby, that is fornication, and you are going to Hell. Overall, you will ejaculate about 3 or 4 times your whole life, to have those 3 or 4 babies. Ejaculation for non-reproductive, evil lustful purposes should be illegal, is against nature (St. Thomas Aquinas proved it), and generally we should adopt a worldview of “Ejaculation Minimization” for men. Restrain yourself! Wear a chastity belt, if need be. You must never even CONSIDER having sex for any other reason than to have a baby, and come the Catholic Restoration, fornicating with your wife will lead to your prompt public execution. Triggered, Judas, Schlomo, and Not Tal-Or? You guys should fuck off.

    7. “Capitalism is ancient.” Liar! You are just saying that because you hate poor people. Not only have you raped all those women, you also rape the proletariat and Mother Earth. This blog is being funded by billionaire corporations to spread Capitalist Ideology; Capitalism is completely against Christianity (as every real Christian will tell you), and is a Jewish ideology and system. So of course you “Jim” (Judas), “shaman” (Schlomo, who is strangely immune to flattery and compliments, because he’s obviously a sadistic psychopath who is only in NRx to rationalize his perverted kikery. Hey Schlomo, why won’t you swallow a bullet?), and “Aidan MacLear” (Avraham Moishe, whose disgusting blog is almost as Ashkenazi as this one) — another crypto-Semitic piece of s**t — are telling us that Capitalism is antique. You are greedy kikes who love environmental pollution! What about the hole in the Ozone? What about the Rain Forests? Why don’t you respect the animal kingdom? You have turned the parks into parking lots, the woods into shopping malls, swimming holes into sewer dumps, and deprived this great nation of its sensitivity. F**k Bush and Reagan, these worshipers of SHEKELS! All of the water is now polluted, and people will soon start eating babies because the Globe is getting Warmer. Yeah, thanks a lot, (((Capitalism))). If you knew Latin like me, you’d know that the Church Fathers have already proved that animals deserve as much dignity as humans, if not more-so. You just don’t care because you lack a soul and a heart.

    8. “Consent does not matter.” Liar! Once upon a time, a loose, fallen woman rudely asked me to go on a date with her WITHOUT A CHAPERONE. Can you imagine how violated it made me feel, to be so sexually assaulted? Consent obviously does matter, and without consent, as we all know, the marital state is null and void. When you child-molesters tell us about “Marriage By Abduction,” you spit your kosher spittle on the tombs of all the Saints, because the Saints — who were NEVER a great big pile of naked priests plotting in bed together — have established that this is how things should be – As Below, So Above. Confession time (did I mention being Catholic?): I am a sensitive, sensitive, sensitive boy. Sometimes it feels that people just don’t respect my boundaries. I’m sorry, but my body, my choice. No, holding hands is not allowed. No, I would only kiss my hypothetical wife on the lips AFTER the wedding, and not a moment before. It’s such a special moment, the first kiss on the lips, and I won’t let the magic be ruined by lust, which is totally Satanic in nature. I just can’t let any girl play with my heart like that, so I advocate a strict policy of abstaining from kisses until the wedding night, and preferably for a few years afterwards, since marriage should be pure and holy and and lust-free, and only vile Necro-Luciferian kikes would suggest anything otherwise. My heart is not a toy; I’m not that kind of boy! As I am fond of saying, “A kiss before the wedding is a kiss goodbye.”

    9. “Husbands should be more alpha than fathers.” Liar! First of all, Judas, you disingenuously ignore the semantics of patriarchy, which means rule by FATHERS, not husbands. If you disagree, you’re a cum-brain who probably ejaculates approximately once a day, rather than 3 or 4 times during one’s whole lifetime (you are going to Hell). A woman to settle down with is like an angel, and her love must never, ever be taken for granted; and if you don’t respect her father as if he were a King, you are unworthy of the angel’s love. As I said above, before you ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, you need to ask his permission to court her for about 5 years, you must promise to bring her back home before 8:00 PM, and you’ve got to always have a chaperone with you. Moreover, you need to demonstrate that you are better than every other man in the world, and that you’ve always dreamed of being a father and taking care of babies. After all, the Catholic Reaction is all about DADS, not CADS. Promise to never, ever make her feel sad, or even a little bit upset. And most importantly, you must explain with perfect clarity that you seek marriage not out of sinful lustful desires — “cummies” — but because you love taking care of sweet little babies. Then the father will allow you to court his daughter for 10 years, so you can marry her when she is 28-35, as the Lord intended, and as our (I mean, my own; you are a just a Heeb who should be holocausted) Anglo-Germanic Aryan Hajnal Line Manorialist programming tells us.

    10. “Make your mission, not your woman, your priority.” Liar! Chaim ‘Heartiste’ Shekelstein is another writhing maggot of Hebraic extraction. As a matter of fact, your woman is supposed to be your best friend. Yes, you read that right: YOUR BEST FRIEND. I will now say it again, because Judas, Schlomo, Tal, Avraham, Chaim, and the rest of the Zionists here just don’t get things unless repeated 6 million oy-vey-shut-it-down times: Your woman is your BEST… FRIEND. BEST FRIEND! It is natural for you to have a crush on a girl for years before starting to court her. Some scheming Jews, such as “Rollo Tomassi” (Re’uel ben Ta’assi), have coined a false anti-concept term such as “oneities,” but we real White Men who RESPECT WOMEN know that it’s nonsense; it is in fact perfectly natural and not creepy whatsoever to stare at a girl through the window for hours upon hours, to mature together, blossom together into flowers, live a lifetime together — PLATONICALLY — and only later on, to date with a chaperone for 10 years so that, if everything works alright, you can marry and have non-lustful coital ejaculations 4 times (and only 4 times) during that marriage. The “Friend Zone” is the best zone one can be in, and if you claim otherwise, it is because you are horny Jew who doesn’t recognize the inherent decency in our womenfolk because your sexual obsession clouds your judgement. Have you never bought ice-cream to a woman? Have you never given flowers to her mom? Have you never felt like a butterfly around your precious dear buttercup? She is your cuddlebunny, and she is your BEST FRIEND. You don’t need any male friends, and must not have any. Your wife must be your whole world, and then some. Hobbies and pastimes are forbidden. Yes, you read that right: Not only is she your BEST FRIEND, ideally she should be your ONLY FRIEND. That’s what makes Traditional Catholic Reactionary Marriage truly healthy and viable. Your wife is your reason to live, and if you haven’t written her several books of Platonic Poems, you’ve been neglecting your marriage, so get started immediately. Every Christian Aryan knows that to be a straight man is to sensitively RESPECT your wife, and all women, as a WOMAN and a HUMAN; if your views diverge, you’re definitely going to roast and anguish in Hell.

    That’s it, I think. I have totally abolished “Jimianity” (Satanism).

    Catholic Reaction!

    • S.J., Esquire says:


    • Corpuscular Refractionary says:

      You know you’ve made it as a blog when your trolls get their own parody accounts.

    • Not Tom says:

      Well done. A bit over the top, but I definitely had a chuckle when I got to the RESPECT WHAMEN parts.

    • The Cominator says:

      Literal lol i think you are a parody of a commie parodying a cucklic tradcuck, Jim please don’t delete this.

    • OK, BOOMER says:

      Imagine caring about the religious commandments of Iron Age sand Jews.

      • jim says:

        The point is to revive well tested and long working social technology, when our social technology is decadent and collapsing. That God commanded it just makes it easier to implement.

        • OK, BOOMER says:

          It doesn’t take a commandment from God to stop letting lawyers profit from the dissolution of society. It doesn’t take a commandment from God to stop dispatching cops to castles and roughing up their kings. It doesn’t take a commandment from God to stop making war on the collective mind of the populace.

          All of this is active interventionism carefully designed to thwart innate human social behavior. None of your favorite social causes require — or even imply — the necessity of establishing a fanatical theocratic state straight out of the Iron Age.

          Maybe to colonize space it might be useful to have a fanatical theocratic state. Humans probably aren’t going to like space at first.

          • jim says:

            > It doesn’t take a commandment from God to stop letting lawyers profit from the dissolution of society.

            Actually it does take a commandment from God. Lawyers and judges, primarily judges, are the priesthood of the state religion, and an ever holier state religion is destroying society, for example child protective services confiscating people’s children, selling the boys to gays, and pimping the girls. They could not get away with such extraordinary misconduct except they are backed by the latest holy commandments of feminism, transexualism, and gay liberation.

            You have to take a gun to a gunfight, and a religion to a holy war.

            • OK, BOOMER says:


              • jim says:


                You are framing the comment to which you purport to reply as if I agreed with the Marxist class theory that I specifically rejected.

                • AMERICA SECOND says:

                  What is your definition of Marxist class theory? The notion that economics matter? Did the Industrial Revolution vault the capitalist class to a position of radical superiority over the aristocratic class, or is that Marxist class theory?

                • jim says:

                  Marxist economic theory is the notion that people having the power to create value and capital is the same thing as political power, that the fact that you need a boss to tell you how to make a pencil and provide you with tools and equipment that is actually useful to make pencils constitutes political rule, a power struggle, and if the vanguard of the proletariat grab that power, they will be able to tell the proles to make pencils.

                  Marxist class theory is the notion that classes, in particular the capitalist class, can be usefully modeled as a single entity capable of making decisions that reflect the interests of the class, rather than the particular interest of that individual member of that class in the way that an effectively functioning corporation can be usefully modeled as capable of making decisions that are in the collective interests of the shareholders, that little capitalists are servants of big capitalists, so we should kill the cows of peasant with two cows and arrest the man who owns your local Domino’s franchise.

                  Marxist history is the notion that the industrial revolution was the replacement of rule by aristocrats with rule by capitalists, that capitalism is a recent political system, that can therefore be replaced, as political systems are always being replaced, rather than a Gnon ordained natural order that has existed for all of recorded history and semi mythical prehistory.

                  None of these are true, all of them are entirely ridiculous, and no Marxist will ever attempt to defend any of them with facts or evidence, because when you tried that over a century ago, you got cut to bits, so your communist organization of which you are an NPC script monkey forbids you to ever try defending any of these with facts or evidence ever again.

                • AMERICAN SECOND says:

                  [*Motte deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Try defending the bailey. Money is not power. Observe all the silicon valley billionaires angling for invitations so that they can attend the White House Press party with starlets in tow and suitcases full of used hundred dollar bills.

      • ten says:

        Imagine being so grotesquely retarded as to think the only thing to be said about “thou shalt not kill” is “iron age sand jew kookery”

    • Nikolai says:

      “the only two things Heebs ever think about are cummies and shekels”

      I mean, where’s the lie?

      “Ejaculation for non-reproductive, evil lustful purposes should be illegal, is against nature (St. Thomas Aquinas proved it), and generally we should adopt a worldview of “Ejaculation Minimization” for men.”

      This but only semi-ironically.

      I have to say though, I got a few laughs out of this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next. When’s my diss track coming out?

      • Not Tom says:

        I’d wager that most people in general think about little more than cummies and shekels when they don’t have enough, and don’t think much about them at all when satisfied. Hierarchy of needs.

        I know a few very wealthy individuals, and one trait that they all seem to have in common is that they are excited by the businesses they run and the innovations they create. To the extent that they want even more money than they have, it’s usually because money buys influence; indulgences-for-cash being one of the many holiness-spiraled heresies our society is currently saddled with, and further exacerbated by donor politics and crony capitalism.

        The “greedy Jew” archetype – to which there is plenty of truth, don’t get me wrong here – applies more appropriately to small-time snake-oil salesmen, price-gouging store owners (now mostly out of business thanks to Walmart and Amazon), and white-collar criminals like Bernie Madoff. The ones who make it to the big leagues of capitalism, Jew or Gentile, are usually not strictly in it for the money; it’s literally a lifestyle for them.

        Do you imagine that Elon Musk would ever be happy to just sit at home and enjoy his billions? Guys like that just can’t handle standing still, literally or metaphorically.

        • Nikolai says:


          • jim says:

            I am not going to allow any of your posts through until you answer that question.

            If Saint Paul did not mean what he said and say what he meant, what then was he saying?

            Answer me! If Saint Paul did not mean what he said about Bishops, marriage, children, and sex, what did he mean? Saint Jerome dodged the question, and you are dodging the question.

            1. This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.
            2. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
            3. Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;
            4. One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
            5. (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
            6. Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
            7. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.
            8. Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;
            9. Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.
            10. And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless.
            11. Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things.
            12. Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

            So Saint Paul tells us that Bishops and Deacons should normally and usually be married with children.

            In the epistle to Titus he tells Titus that elders of the Church must be men with wives and children. “thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee: If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.”

            Now perhaps Saint Jerome thinks that this should be a sexless marriage, and the children should be adopted and transexualized, so let us see what Saint Paul says about sex and marriage.

            1. Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.
            2. The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.
            3. Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

            So if Bishops and deacons should normally and usually be men with wives and children, they should normally and usually be banging their wives.

            Either you have to bury the words of Saint Paul, or you have to bury clerical celibacy and desaint Saint Jerome. Choose!

        • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

          > The ones who make it to the big leagues of capitalism, Jew or Gentile, are usually not strictly in it for the money; it’s literally a lifestyle for them.

          For virtually every single academic who makes it big in finance or technology, the dream is to retire and return to doing research, or at least write books if their skills are too far gone, because making money is boring by comparison. I know of many instances and no counterexamples to this principle. Priests wanna priest, left (Soros) or right (Thiel) makes no difference in that respect. The trouble is just that the leftists outnumber the rightists so for every Thiel and Mercer there are 10 Brins and Simons out-donating and out-megaphoning them.

      • shaman says:

        When’s my diss track coming out?

        Don’t flatter yourself over-much; that some of your familiar talking points have been incorporated into the parody, doesn’t mean that you’re the exclusive (or even primary) target thereof – the very prominent commie and stormfag elements are there for a reason. You’re not a commie or a stormfag, are you?

        the only two things Heebs ever think about are cummies and shekels

        I mean, where’s the lie?

        There is indeed a lot truth to that assessment, in general. The logical fallacy, however, is when one goes from “It’s common for Jews to be fixated with sex and money in their own privates lives” (true) to “If you are consistently pro-sex and pro-capitalism, ideologically, then you must surely be Jewish” (nope). I’d even go further and point out that, ackshually, leftist Jews are often enough ideologically anti-sex and anti-capitalism, being conversos into the Cathedral.

        Ejaculation for non-reproductive, evil lustful purposes should be illegal, is against nature (St. Thomas Aquinas proved it), and generally we should adopt a worldview of “Ejaculation Minimization” for men.

        This but only semi-ironically.

        Yes, I’m glad that this specific line has caught your eye, because this is the crux of the matter: Taken to its logical conclusion, Catholic morality leads to “Ejaculation Minimization,” to telling men that ideally their number of lifetime ejaculations should match the number of their wife’s parturitions; the “You should only have 3 or 4 non-lustful orgasms during your whole life” bit is intended to elucidate why I (and many others) vehemently reject your unnatural and holiness-spiraled morality. Such extreme allergy to normal male sexuality is Satanic and gay, and it’s sensationally parodied here so that those who have yet to grasp why the Jimian community considers Catholic sexual ethics to be completely pozzed will now be able to see the problem in all its cuckedness.

      • shaman says:

        By the way, Cuckolai.

        When 1 Corinthians 7 says:

        (7) I wish that all of you were as I am. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.

        Do you think that St. Paul is telling us “I wish that all of the men in the world were celibate”? Is that your insane interpretation of his words? That he wants all of humanity to die off within a few generations because everyone is celibate and childless? Lol, nutter.

        The more reasonable interpretation of that sentence, and of other similar stuff from the same chapter, is that he wished that all of us had the power to resist the temptations of lust, as he had that kind of power. St. Paul is emphatically not telling us that celibacy is holier than marriage. What he is telling us is that being able to overcome lust is better than not being able to overcome it, and that it would be better if everyone were able to overcome lust. He does not advocate celibacy and does not accord bonus holiness points to celibates.

        In verse 6 he implicitly recognizes that most people aren’t like him, and in verse 7 he explains that while it’s better to be able to overcome lust, most people cannot, and that abstaining from sex is dangerously apt to lead into Satanic temptations, hence people should get married and fuck their wives as many times as needed to be sexually satisfied. Catholics read verse 7 in the exact opposite manner as it should be read. What Catholics understand from the entirety of 1 Corinthians 7 is “celibacy is preferable to marriage,” when St. Paul is saying the opposite – that as a rule, marriage is preferable to celibacy, since unlike himself, regular people cannot overcome lust. At no point does he suggest or imply that celibates are holier than non-celibates.

        St. Jerome was a Satanic heretic.

      • shaman says:

        Jim is exactly right. St. Paul was warning us in 1 Corinthians 7 that celibacy will lead those who attempt it to Satanic temptations, as indeed the celibate clergy of your Church is full of homosexuals who fuck altar boys up the ass. St. Paul told us that normal people are unlike him, and that as such, they who attempt celibacy are likely to end up doing the stuff mentioned in Romans 1:26-27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9. He tells us that a celibate person is so much more likely than a married person to engage in sinful behavior!

        This is a nuanced position that you are unwilling to consider: That while it’s better to be able to overcome lust than to not be able to overcome it, celibates are extremely apt to do disgusting Satanic shit, hence it’s much better to be married and have sex with one’s wife than to be celibate. 1 Corinthians 7 serves as a warning to those who attempt celibacy: You are likely to end up with your cock inside a 9-year-old boy’s ass. Your clergy did not heed the warning, because your Church Fathers were massively holiness-spiraling, reading St. Paul in the opposite manner to how he should be read.

        Ditch St. Paul or ditch St. Jerome.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      The RESPECT WHAMEN talking point of progressivism is so fucking overused at this point that it actually makes me want to actively hurt women.

      Like when you listen to a faggot politician talking about muh womyn, right that moment I’d go down the street and starting punching women, for no reason.

    • gollum says:

      This is some epic shit lol. kudos.

    • Obake says:

      Hahaha what a ridiculous troll post. My favorite part was with the verbatim quoting of Sensitive Seth Putnam’s opus “Picnic of Love”.

  8. Yul Bornhold says:

    If such a thing were to come to pass, wouldn’t the massacres mostly occur in diverse urban areas?

    • kawaii_kike says:

      They would start in diverse urban areas but eventually spread out to the suburbs and then to more rural areas when the Progressive Utopia that was promised fails to actualize.

    • jim says:

      Top down plus bottom up. The bottom up would start in blue state cities. Top down was prefigured by Obama attacking the economy of flyover country. When bottom up attacks in flyover country fail to materialize, this will be declared to be white terrorism, which requires extremely drastic federal intervention to protect the oppressed minorities of flyover country. Section eight, bombing flyover country with rapeugees, and black lives matter prefigure the top down attacks. (Black lives matter was the feds leaning on the police to protect blacks burning down the supermarket. Without police protection for black violence, the Black Lives Matter mobs would have been dealt with in two minutes. Black Lives Matter was top down pretending to be bottom up.)

    • Dave says:

      And most urban white liberals would be caught unawares because their only sources of news — NPR, NYT, MSNBC, and Huffpo — didn’t warn them that a massacre was in progress because they were afraid of sounding racist.

      The genocide of armed rural whites must proceed *very* slowly, over many generations of de-industrialization, welfare benefits, race-mixing, and cheap fentanyl. Leftists being leftists, they’ll probably jump the gun and get annihilated Suharto-style.

      You can’t just parachute diversity into rural areas. You either put it all in one place, creating a pestilent “Little Mogadishu”, or you spread it out to quietly disappear into shallow graves and dog stomachs. If we go full Venezuela, refugees will indeed be welcome — as food!

  9. OK, BOOMER says:

    “There is no proletarian, not even a Communist, movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, in the direction indicated by money, and for the time being permitted by money—and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”

    Oswald “Influencer of Toynbee” Spengler

    • jim says:


      The priestly class rules or warriors rule, the Merchant class never rules. Where you see merchant power, as for example East India Company, Hong Kong, and Venice in the time of its greatness, that power came from warrior merchants.

      As Lenin said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

      When you look at a place where the warrior merchant class really did have no kidding for real power, for example Venice in its time of greatness, East India Company before 1830, it is absolutely obvious that merchants do not have power any other time or place.

      • OK, BOOMER says:

        As Lenin said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

        And did he?

        • jim says:

          Yes, Lenin hanged them. Hanged all of them. The entire capitalist class of Russia, every single one, was wiped out with the result that all the factories stopped working, every single one. So they had to make deals with multinational companies to re-open the factories for them.

          • OK, BOOMER says:

            What is your claimed date range?

            • jim says:

              Date range for war? I have regularly predicted war internal or external, and very likely both, around 2026 or so, if some comparably dramatic and catastrophic event does not change our course.

              • OK, BOOMER says:

                The Bolshevik Revolution was in 1917 and Lenin died in 1924. If I can find a counterexample to your claim that Lenin hanged all of the capitalists, will you accept that you are wrong?

                • jim says:

                  I suspect your definition of “capitalist” differs radically from my own. If you can find a counter example to my claim that the Bolshevik revolution found that all the factories had mysteriously ceased to function, and they could only re-open them with foreign experts hired from foreign multinational corporations, that would be evidence.

                  Surviving “capitalists” were not the capitalists you need to tell the workers how to make a pencil. To find evidence for the continued existence of capitalists, look for whom Bolsheviks found when they wanted to re-open a pencil factory.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  Just to clarify:

                  As Lenin said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

                  The Russian capitalists never sold Lenin any rope. All of his rope came from foreign multinational patrons.

                  Do you see where I’m going with this?

                • jim says:

                  This would appear to be evidence that communists killed or sent to Siberia every capitalist they could get their hands on. If they had to buy the rope from foreign multinationalists, no one remained within their power who could tell the workers how to make rope.

                  Before communism, Tsarist Russia was a modern advanced economy, building cars and planes comparable to those of the west. During communism, its exports were those of a third world country. Its only manufactured export was weapons, and it could only sell weapons because western weapons come with strings attached.

                • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:

                  Instead of responding to evidence and argument with evidence and argument, you reframe me as agreeing with Marxist history. No, I don’t agree.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  You’re censoring me because you think you’re smarter than me. You’re not. And you’re completely missing the thrust of my argument.

                  “This would appear to be evidence that communists killed or sent to Siberia every capitalist they could get their hands on.”

                  And what capitalists couldn’t they get their hands on? Hmmm?

                  “and they could only re-open them with foreign experts hired from foreign multinational corporations, that would be evidence”

                  What if this wasn’t a bug? Do you see where I’m going with this?

                • jim says:

                  Yes. Where you are going with this is “true socialism has never been tried”.

                  Supposing, as is very likely, that American capitalists wanted the alarmingly successful Russian capitalists knackered, Russia did not go communist because of a plot by American capitalists to knacker them.

                  All your arguments are arguments that capitalism is the problem, Not the deep state, not most holy faith of Harvard.

                  When deep state shenanigans come to light, when Global Warming shenanigans come to light, there is not a capitalist in sight, and not all that many Jews. When the tech giants censor news about Warmist misdeeds, the people they protect are the ones exercising power, not the tech giants.

                  All your arguments are “Capitalists have some vague and slight connection with X, therefor X is a capitalist plot.” No, X is not a capitalist plot. Our enemys keep leaking like a sieve, and we know who the plotters are.

                • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:

                  When the Harvard line abruptly and radically changes overnight, every tenured academic in the entire American hegemony turns on a dime, immediately followed by all mainstream media everywhere. When Jewish billionaire Zuckerberg tries to push back against a minor detail of the line, crickets.

                  It is absolutely obvious where the power is. The conspiracies of our enemies leak. We know who the plotters are. Some Jew get a sympathetic but vague reply from the British cabinet, with absolutely no indication that the British cabinet was actually going to do anything to help him, is not a capitalist plot that rules the world. Deep state letters plotting criminal acts to undo the result of the American election are an indication of plotters that rule the world.

                  Like the poster girls our enemies keep putting up for female accomplishment in male spheres, the weakness of your evidence proves the falsity of your claims.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  You’re a colossal faggot for your fucking censorship and I fucking hate you for it.

                  “When the Harvard line abruptly and radically changes overnight, every tenured academic in the entire American hegemony turns on a dime”

                  Change “Harvard” to “Party”, and I’ll agree.

                  Never before in the recorded history of the world has the locus of power been held by academics in a school. So there’s absolutely no a priori reason to think that the locus of power is in Harvard. Beyond your moronic Puritan Hypothesis, that is.

                  “immediately followed by all mainstream media everywhere.”

                  Correlation is not causation, you bumbling buffoon. Obviously the two structures are responding to the same authority, you mumbling mongoloid.

                  DAY OF THE PILLOW WHEN

                • jim says:

                  In much of history, the power has been in the state Church, and the priestly seminary of the state Church. Warriors or priests always rule. If you don’t have warrior kings and a warrior aristocracy, you have priests. Harvard was created as a priestly seminary to enforce conformity in the state religion of New England by priests kicked out of the English state church for resisting the authority of the King. It had the power then, it ruled then, and it rules now.

                  In the Mormon wars and the war of Northern Aggression, the state church of New England conquered the other state churches, its largest and most powerful enemy being the state Church of Virginia. In World War II, it conquered most of the world.

                • jim says:

                  We can see the chain of causation. Harvard decides, then every tenured academic everywhere in the entire western world abruptly falls into line, just as New England priests did when Harvard was first founded by refugees from the state church of England.

                  And sometimes, directives leak, and we can see who is directing, and who is directed. Not a capitalist in sight, and not all that many Jews.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  You’re silently editing your comments again.

                  “Some Jew get a sympathetic but vague reply from the British cabinet, with absolutely no indication that the British cabinet was actually going to do anything to help him, is not a capitalist plot that rules the world.”

                  You fucking moron. I’m not arguing in favor of a “capitalist plot that rules the world”. I could not give less of a fuck. Obviously the Balfour Declaration, which you fucking deleted, is not a promise of assistance; it’s a promise of permission. Zionism never would have gotten off the fucking ground without that letter, and you fucking know it.

                  “When Jewish billionaire Zuckerberg”

                  You say that like it’s supposed to mean something. A dynasty that’s been around for three centuries, a dynasty which has its own goddamn nation-state, and one nouveau riche tech lottery winner are obviously not even in the same dimension. “But muh they’re both Jews!” You deserved to be choked to death with a spoon.

                • jim says:

                  You are arguing that capital secretly rules the world. You are arguing socialism was never tried.

                  Rothschilds don’t matter any more, if they ever did matter. The British gave permission and did not give permission for a Jewish state in what is now Israel, They vacillated, and spoke out of both sides of their mouth, and in the end, it did not matter whether they gave permission or not. Israel was created by men with guns, not by Rothschilds. Capitalists do not have power, and Rothschild did not have power. Rothschild did not create Israel, and Britain did not create Israel.

                  And Zuckerberg has near zero influence over the political censorship that Facebook imposes.

                • ten says:

                  You want to make the point that the jew capitalists were spared, and that jew international capitalists sold the rope to hang the aryan capitalists, that jew capitalists are very, very powerful and do much evil, and that the terrors of communist russia is to be laid at the feet of the jewish race, or at least its masterminds in its anti aryan war.

                  But jew priests are more powerful than jew capitalists, and jew capitalists typically just sell me stuff that i want to buy. And the jew priests say the same thing as the progressive priests, in fact, they have converted to progressivism, do not hold jewish sacred things sacred, but do hold progressive sacred things sacred.

                  You say no power ever was held by faggy academics, and you are dead wrong – academics are priests, and they routinely rule over warriors, typically not very well, often disastrously poorly.

                  When you point your finger away from priestly progressive socialism towards the jew, because so many of the evildoers truly were jews, you exonerate socialism for its failings. Ethnic hostility and exile and the priestly nature of their race led the jews to socialism, but socialism would probably not have been terribly much better if it was a purely aryan affair, and aryans are very prone to it – as we see in our very day and age.

                  You think you are not excusing socialism, that you are not blaming capitalism, you think jewishness is orthogonal to these issues and that it is malevolence, stupidity or deceit to conflate them. But our problems are understood by looking at leftism, holyness spirals, and priestly rule – pointing at the jew obscures the truth, excuses aryan socialists, and blames jew capitalists. If we charge in this direction, we lose.


                  “You are arguing socialism was never tried.”

                  Stop lying.

                  “in the end, it did not matter whether they gave permission or not. Israel was created by men with guns, not by Rothschilds.”

                  Let me reformulate this so people can better understand how stupid it is:

                  “In the early 20th century, a time of coal-powered ships, U-boats, and telegraphs, a few thousand Jews picked up some rifles and fended off the collective might of the British Empire just like the American Revolutionaries did.”


                  “You are arguing that capital secretly rules the world.”

                  Stop lying. I’ve no idea what this “capital” is. I’ve never proposed such a ludicrous generality. Instead I’ve said things like, “Everyone knows that communism in Russia was sponsored by a handful of Jewish billionaires in America and the German High Command.” Everyone knows this, because I’ve linked to the evidence, which is undeniable.

                  “Capitalists do not have power, and Rothschild did not have power. Rothschild did not create Israel, and Britain did not create Israel.”

                  Meanwhile, I can give you first-hand accounts of people who were actually there explaining the pivotal role of the Balfour Declaration in the outcome of the First World War.

                  And you admit that the Balfour Declaration was sent to “Lord Rothschild”, do you not?

                  P.S. Strangely, while the National Jews clearly disagree with the International Jews on things like homo marriage, drag queen story time, and chemical castration, the two camps uniformly (and fanatically) insist that America is a land of Ideas and Principles and Values and Nothing More, and call all those who disagree names like “racists”, “neonazis”, and “antisemites”.

                  Why is that?

                • jim says:

                  The British empire was unable or unwilling to impose its will on either side in Palestine. Most of the empire fell apart in ways that Britain did not intend, desire, or even understand. If Britain was not in charge, even less was Rothschild in charge.

                  Nations are made priests and warriors. Israel happened because of Zionism, because of a shared belief in Zionism, the Soviet Union of because communism, because of a shared belief in communism. Empire fell because the British lost a shared belief in Empire, and because the people who had conquered the empire had become unpopular among the holy priesthood of Britain

                  Zionism caused Israel, and communism caused the Soviet Union.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Well when you observe the tech capitalists running Google and the rest of Silicon Valley, one can sort of sympathize.

            • jim says:

              Quite so, but he is pushing the Trotskite argument that true socialism was has never been tried, leaping from the notorious and well known fact that capitalists sold communists the rope from which to hang them, to the proposition that the Soviet Union was actually ruled by capitalism.

              Tech giants are necessarily incorporated into the state Church, as the mainstream media was necessarily incorporated into the state Church. When we run the state Church, they will fall into line and scarcely notice that the line has changed 180°. Also the state Church will be vastly smaller, so there will be more tech outside the most holy church.

              • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:

                  I am not going to have the argument that the Soviet Union was ruled by capitalists on my blog. It is obviously not true, and if anyone used to believe it, nobody cares any more, and it does not matter any more.

                  No one cares about Trotskyism any more. You lost to saner communists, and then the saner communists collapsed. No one wants to talk to the team that came third place. Censored as a waste of space.

                • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:


                  You are just re-asserting that your claims are obviously true, while your claims are so obviously untrue that you have to do motte and bailey on them.

                • AMERICA SECOND says:


                • jim says:

                  The Soviet Union was priestly rule of everything, including the economy.

                  Capitalists sold them the rope with which to hang capitalists, but capitalists don’t rule the US, don’t rule Israel, and quite certainly did not rule the Soviet Union. Repetitious assertions to the contrary will be silently deleted. Actual evidence will be allowed and answered, but evidence for the motte accompanied by assertions that this proves the bailey will be silently deleted.

                  You keep posting that the bailey is true and has been proven. Evidence for the bailey will be allowed, evidence for the motte is a waste of space and reader bandwidth.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        I mean if we are talking about Lenin it seems to me that both the quote and your argument are partially right, because Lenin was an agent sent by the German Kaiser to destabilize Russia and you can find articles about it even in the New York Times, because Lenin is not that fashionable anymore so even the Cathedral has no problem admitting it.

        It was in the direction indicated by money from a warrior ruler, to a degree at least.

        The problem in this discussion is a double digit mongoloid using a random out of context quote from an intellectual to try to make an argument that the intellectual never did. It’s especially funny because Spengler criticized the Nazis for their antisemitism and their pathetic bio-Nazism, so they banned his work.

  10. OK, BOOMER says:

    “White” isn’t a culture and it certainly isn’t a history. At most, it’s a fake&gay post-WWII Amerimutt identity manufactured for the then-nascent deracinated urbanite-cum-suburbanite “American dream” middle class.

    Perhaps the difference between us is that where you see ignorant and incompetent morons, I see clumsily orchestrated shadow puppets on a silky marble wall.

    Incidentally, does anyone know if since Mr. Trump’s election Rothschild is still publicly flaunting Cleon Peterson “art”work in France?

    • jim says:

      You presuppose that Rothschild’s matter. They have not mattered for a very long time. Soros matters, Victoria Nuland matters, because they are instruments of the state Department.

      • OK, BOOMER says:


        • jim says:

          Invisible phenomena are not evidence for invisible super powered Jews.

          If the phenomena that constitute evidence for magic Jews exist, you will need to specify and document observed phenomena in a rather more concrete and specific fashion. Your evidence sounds like troofers saying “molten steel, therefore Jews”

          Before asking if the conclusion follows from the premise, let us have rather more substantial evidence for the premise.

          • OK, BOOMER says:


            • jim says:

              If well documented, let us see the documents – and when I say let us see the documents, I don’t want to see troofer style documents that cheerfully assert that it is all well documented somewhere else.

              After we see the evidence, then we can discuss the relevance of that evidence, and the sanity of drawing the conclusions you draw from this evidence.

              • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:

                  This evidence is evidence for vastly less than was claimed.

                  To support your claims, you would need something like General Motors sending in mercenaries to establish Israel, and the place being continually defended by troops on the General Motors payroll since then.

                • AMERICA SECOND says:

                  “To support your claims, you would need something like General Motors sending in mercenaries to establish Israel, and the place being continually defended by troops on the General Motors payroll since then.”

                  Oh, I’m being trolled.

                  Good bye then. It was nice but I won’t be back.


                • jim says:

                  > It was nice but I won’t be back.

                  Promises, promises.

                • MAGIC DIRT says:

                  [*deleted because you attributed to me a position I do not hold, in quote marks as if you were quoting directly something I had written*]

                • jim says:

                  I interpret your argument as that if someone does not accept the Trotskyite version of Marxist class theory, Marxist economics, and Marxist history, hook line and sinker, he obviously does not hate Jews enough, and is probably Jewish himself.

                  But that is not why I deleted your comment. I deleted your comment because it presented the position that you attributed to me not as your interpretation of my position, but in quote marks.

                  If we disregard your quote marks, and treat you as saying “your position implies”, rather than a claim that I actually said such stupid stuff, my position would imply the absurd position you attributed to me if I agreed with Marxist class theory, that capitalists are capable of ruling, Marxist economics, that capitalism is rule by capitalists, and Marxist history, that capitalists came to rule in the industrial revolution, hence before that, no capitalism.

              • OK, BOOMER says:


                • jim says:

                  If nationalist Jews are responsible for drag queen story hour and such, let us see the evidence. Name him.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  Try actually reading next time:

                  P.S. Strangely, while the National Jews clearly disagree with the International Jews on things like anal marriage, drag queen story time, and chemical castration, both camps are uniformly insistent that America is a Melting Pot of Ideas and Values and Principles and Nothing More.

                  Why is that?

                  This is why people hate Boomers.

                • jim says:

                  Jews agree with the melting pot because of obvious self interest. They want one way inclusion for themselves, and don’t care one way or the other about one way inclusions for Muslims and so forth. No surprise there. But it is not evidence that the vast Jewish conspiracy is responsible for everthing – on the contrary, it is evidence that Jewish factions are just one faction among many trying to get the federal government to go along with them.

                • OK, BOOMER says:

                  So do you admit to having censored my words without reading having read them?

                • jim says:

                  I tend to read the first couple of lines, and think “Oh, predictable Trotskyite spam. Trots are a dead movement, no point in arguing with the dead”, my eyes glaze over and the rest blurs away. I have been arguing with Trots for a very long time, and got tired of it a very long time ago. I have seen all your stuff before, long, long ago.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Remind me: there were/are a lot of Jews in Trotsky’s camp, were there not?

                  I mean, not to be a Suspicious Schlomo here, but ALL-CAPS NAMEBRO’s emissions often sound like the distilled wisdom of Noam Chomsky, himself a bit of a snipdick, I’m told.

                  Could it be that Mickey McAnus is not just a potato nigger, but a hooknosed potatonigger? Food for thought!

                • OK, BOOMER says:


                • OK, BOOMER says:


  11. Jatt Arya says:

    I found this interesting and to clarify I don’t disagree that there is an anti-white bias.

    This bias should be understood from the perspective of the pro-white absolutism that has otherwise existed.

    Neo-liberal values have been assumed to be the neutral, and infinite focal point from which to judge all other values.

    Meaning third world countries are relentlessly and mercilessly forced to liberalize in order to gain access to the technology they need to prevent another physical invasion by the west.

    Many of the anti whites are anti liberal and view whites as the henchman.
    This is an irreconcilable hostility but not a fantastical or hysterical one.

    Furthermore, you need to realize the futility of trying to change the narrative and instead work on physically restoring certain areas and gaining prominence in corporeal infrastructure.

    It is better to lose the internet and win the physical-scape than vice versa.
    Material foundations for an alternative world system must be laid.

    That is all,

    • shaman says:

      Don’t forget to pick off your wife’s mulatto son from Dungeons & Drag Queens this evening.

      • BC says:

        >Don’t forget to pick off your wife’s mulatto son from Dungeons & Drag Queens this evening.

        Jesus Christ Shaman. That’s awesome.

      • Jatt Arya says:

        Yes, because saying to materially prepare for war & find allied governments opposed to liberalism abroad makes me a cuck.

        Both things are already happening with for example the visit of far-right MPs to Kashmir recently (EU).

        This is why amerimutts will lose everything but Europeans will be fine.

        • Not Tom says:

          I’d wager he is referring to this:

          third world countries are relentlessly and mercilessly forced to liberalize in order to gain access to the technology they need to prevent another physical invasion by the west

          Which, not to put too fine a point on it, is fucking retarded, and pretty rich coming from someone who admits he doesn’t understand the system and says we shouldn’t even try. And also this:

          Furthermore, you need to realize the futility of trying to change the narrative and instead work on physically restoring certain areas

          Because it’s a great idea to let a bunch of degenerates and savages wreck your shit and then keep rebuilding it over and over again. That’s what the broken windows analogy tells us, right?

          You keep talking about war, and preparing for war, and war being “fun and awesome”, but sound like a chickenhawk who’s never actually experienced any conflict and doesn’t even really grok the nature of human conflict.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            It’s my religion to prepare for war..
            Individually prepared and family network should be pretty good soonish.

            Community is also on war footing constantly.

            I just don’t see it coming here that soon, Jim is in like Texas I’m far far north of him and wish it were true but it’s not.

            There’s simply not enough non-whites or conservatives around..

            If I see something else I’ll change my mind I’ve been ready so :shrug:

    • Exa says:

      “pro-white absolutism” sounds mendaciously elastic.

      • Jatt Arya says:

        All that I mean by this is teenage white girls and their minions going abroad to preach abortion + feminism.

        Globohomo after all is pretty white looking, sounding and acting from a non white perspective.

        Chinese coined the term baizuo to mean liberal white person.

        Only whites have absorbed some or most aspects of liberalism as their civic religion.

        In other parts it’s still a novelty limited to “educated” classes.

        We want to save our own civ but we should not want to have other Eurasians get nogged.

        The strength of african fertility in the coming decades means all are in danger.
        The growing strength of foreign gov means any dissident movement will require foreign support + sponsporship.

        Why am I arguing with retards? Time to go lift.

        • shaman says:

          Fuck off, VXXC; it doesn’t take a gynecologist to sniff out that you’re a pussy.

          • Not Tom says:

            Are you sure it’s him? He sounds a little more coherent than that guy. Not much more perceptive or better-informed, but better verbal skills at least.

            I’d peg him at 105ish, not 85.

            • shaman says:

              I’m not entirely sure; but in his older posts, VXXC used to be more coherent than in his later posts, so perhaps he has finally managed to pull himself together back again, relatively speaking. The content — STOP TALKING ON THE INTERNET, START TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW IN REAL LIFE!!! — is quite similar, albeit not completely identical. So who knows.

              Starman should administer a WRPQ, maybe.

              • Not Tom says:

                Ah, did not realize he used to make more sense. I can definitely see the similarity – simple sentences, fragmented thoughts, unusual line and paragraph breaking, and of course the cabin-fever content. Maybe he cut down on the booze or something.

                Could be some other dude with the same condition, but definitely blue pilled.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  He also does that unnecessary spacing thing vxxc did. I think it is him.

                • alf says:

                  Shaman is usually very impressive in decrypting commenters, but I don’t think it’s vxxc either. Different vibe.

                • shaman says:

                  I was wrong.

                • polifugue says:

                  He reminds me of a guy I saw on a while back, who spammed 10-20 autistic screeds about Jews and Paganism in a comments section. He’s probably been lurking around this blog for quite sometime; something must have happened that set him over the edge. In a few months he may or may not spam again.

              • ten says:

                VXXC never used to paganfag openly – this disgraceful retarded sub-animal obviously lives for masturbating his unimpressive 22yo dick to paganLARPers on youtube, like the one he posted above – thomas has a nontrivial understanding of antique pagan worldview but is ultimately a larper happy to “convert” from his native catholicism, which stills shines through his eyes, to a “paganism” consisting of thinking in certain manners and participating in “ritual” – a way that the other paganfags are apt to angrily point out is as shallow as wearing a shirt, but i’m sure jatt arya is equally fangirlish to all sides of the paganfag spectacle.

                Jatt Arya, only a very certain kind of psychology would ever act as you do – and it is not the warrior. Go back to your mean churchian single mother for your daily rape. God save us from the nauseating faggotry of american “pagans”.

                • shaman says:

                  Yeah, you guys are right – despite some eerie similarities in terms of both writing style and content, it’s probably a different brain-damaged cognitively-impaired dysfunctional blue-piller.

                  A few words on LARPfags and Tradfags:

                  When one observes all of the 20th century Neo-Pagan and Satanist movements, one can’t help but conclude that these are all “Luxury Religions,” i.e., the central impetus for joining them is having an overall carefree existence and a penchant for edginess to abate one’s sense of meaninglessness and boredom. These “religions” have never provided any durable social technology, and they don’t even pretend to do so – it’s performance through and through, crafted for nihilists with nothing more interested to do in their spare time. Amid the comfort of an affluent, ethnically-homogeneous, and politically-stable nation, you have time to play with Odin, adopt Buddhism, and so forth.

                  Today, as things are demonstrably going south (heh) and societal disintegration progresses, we witness an opposite tendency: The revival of Trad Religion. Deracinated youths, involuntarily celibate Wojaks often raised by a single mother (i.e. raised by the internet) and invariably atomized, are now drawn to ol’-time religion, if only as a mental shield against the creeping encroachment of Modernity. While itself a healthy and good phenomenon — though a canary in the coal mine for the upcoming upheaval — the results are often lopsided. Over-correction, or blind zeal, often substitute a nuanced understanding of religion’s role as a vital social glue. Thus we end up with all kinds of excited newbie Tradfags, sometimes brilliant but lacking a proper perspective, a bit on the autistic spectrum, urging us to “Revolt Against The Modern World!” (reminder that in 2015’s NRx, Julius Evola was considered a “hot topic”) by conceitedly rejecting a great many facets of contemporary living, rather indiscriminately. “X, Y, and Z are totally degenerate!” holiness-spiraled moralfagging is the consequence.

                  After the current wave of Trad-LARPing subsides, around 2025 or so, possibly coinciding with the cataclysmic event prophesied by Jim, we’ll be able to more effectively make room for NRx’s truly Gnon-compatible and realistic weltanschauung. Till then, alas, we’re stuck with the LARPfest of comfy edgelord Neo-Pagans and mouthbreathing bluecon Traditionalists duking it out.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          Africans are only a danger if the government is trying to exterminate you. You can survive a country that is 95% African (Haiti before the revolution) for centuries.

  12. Jatt Arya says:

    One cursory look at the map shows you’re wrong.

    Outside of a few states in the black belt or south west white births form a comfortable majority.

    California and Texas are still holding out and NM & AZ rely on retirees.
    You live in a delusional fantasy where states like Michigan with heavy segregation will suddenly burst at the dam.

    You’re a priestly scholarly nerd who needs to delude himself into fantastical doomsday thinking just to get up in the morning.

    South Africa still hasn’t gone down in flames, and there’s not much indication that whites are specifically targeted beyond just general nog violence. Not with the efficiency and planning you suggest.

    Your rhetoric is frankly counter productive because it lures youth into wasting their energy on anger instead of becoming someone.

    It’s disappointing but expected because you presuppose a christian worldview of reality.

    If you were able to step out of cucked circumcision and view things from a warrior perspective you’d realize whites still have centuries left even in a worse case scenario.

    That doesn’t mean to say you don’t fight but you go to war smiling not frowning.

    Sacrifice is not violence.

    • jim says:

      > South Africa still hasn’t gone down in flames,

      South Africa has gone down in flames. The upper stories of high building are losing or have lost water and power. People camp in buildings without water and power or operating toilets as if they were living in the jungle. Goats crap on the marble in what used to be fancy buildings. Whites are being murdered at a rate that will eradicate them over a relatively short time. The blacks are unable to maintain and operate the modern civilization that white people created. The lights are going out. The skyline is going dark.

      It is genocide at black efficiency, plus what happened to Detroit and Ferguson.

      • Jatt Arya says:

        Genocide at black efficiency is still slow enough that a teen or early 20s white male would be better off getting a career or joining some armed organization to get training rather than packing his bug out bag and waiting in his basement.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          This isn’t a linear trend. It is one that accelerates over time.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            Agree, I’ve felt in my blood for a long time that 2025-2030 is the *make or break it* time for much of the world.

            However, when I also study the intricacies of social stability vs collapse,

            I think that large areas will see sporadic rioting.
            Complete systemic collapse a la even Soviet Union is not in the cards for much of the area (West).

            That’s my only point.

            We have a lot of people putting their lives on hold in case *the happening*

            A lot of these are the very young men you need to be fit & healthy to fight such a war.

            I’m only advocating for them and come from a more similar age group.

            The guys on here, from my inclining, are older and better established.

            The blackpilling of the youth is wrong & counter-productive.
            We still need them to get somewhere in life as that puts the entire group in a better position come what may.

            That’s really my only, and essentially central point.

            Most internet advice or writing assumes an era/environment where there was a singular social norm that could exclude miscreants.
            The advice then goes on to instruct the user to utilize this norm via *displaying certain traits* to exclude or disenfranchise rivals and WIN.

            However, today that’s not the case. A combination of bandit/warlord is the prevailing norm/desired trait in young men.

            The idea of an upstanding white man who can exclude non whites entirely is laughably dead.

            You don’t spit game to the black chick eyeing you, then she points out you’re a bitch to the white girl you do like.
            Same thing for the coal burner.

            Too many of these guys want to retreat from the society that is, to a society that will be more pure, and thus easier to inhabit or control.

            They’re ultimately not confrontational.
            Idk, what the reason is but that’s all.

            Society is headed for civil war but a strong leader still unifies everything around him.

            Seek to be King of the World and you may yet end up King of your people.

            Seek the latter and you’ll end up homeless. xD

            • TBeholder says:

              Complete systemic collapse a la even Soviet Union is not in the cards for much of the area (West).

              Are you sure? Here’s an interesting article: «Why Americans don’t trust government»
              The text is nothing outstanding in itself, the context was what shocked me: if a man like Lawrence H. Summers (read two notes at the end, too) of all people sees this happen in Cambridge of all places and publishes such musings in Washington Post of all outlets? It’s kind of like seeing a nut holding finger-thick grounding wire glowing red — not that it glows very bright…

              Also, one major factor in late USSR was dissatisfaction, on all levels from street sweeper to Premier Minister.

              The truth about the people who work for government is that, in general, they despise it. They are demoralized and disillusioned. They have slightly more excitement and energy than your average Stasi employee circa 1988, but not much. Working for the government in 1938 was incredible, unbelievable fun. Working for the government in 2008 is soul-destroying.
              — Moldbug


    • alf says:

      Impressive how you quote an article in which the author completely agrees with Jim, then explain to us how the article completely disagrees with Jim.

      • OK, BOOMER says:

        Jatt will sit idly in her drawing-room until the Haitians smash in her door, fuck her daughters, and then fuck her.

        She did have one good line though:

        ”It’s disappointing but expected because you presuppose a christian worldview of reality.”

      • Jatt Arya says:

        Genocide over a lifetime is still well, over a lifetime.

        Most of you guys are older and in a daily routine + have acquired wife and kids.
        I’m merely saying to not blackpill young men and to encourage them to do something beyond either play video games in a cellar or shoot up something.

        I’m saying that war is not happening tomorrow so it is better to behave that way.
        You take this as a cucked position because you’re a fucking civilian with no training.

        I’m saying in summary that the time for dialogue is well past.

        We CANNOT change the narrative that will lead to X genocide.
        Nor should we desire to because well war is fun and awesome.

        Instead encourage people to lift, learn to shoot etc.
        Enough with this talk of trying to understand the system.
        Nigga, we don’t need to..
        It doesn’t like or want us.

        W/e foe comes in front of us we will face.

        With the bow let us conquer near and far – Rig Veda

        • alf says:

          What is this nonsense about me being a ‘fucking civilian’? Fuck you. You know nothing about me.

          This place is about speaking truth, and truth is that South Africa is burning, South America is burning, and leftists in America and Europe are openly discussing to burn those places as well, most notably by spewing rivers of white hatred. What Jim says is that while they are not outright calling for white genocide (even though some clearly are), they are also not not calling for white genocide. That’s the simple truth.

          Of course, we still intend on fighting back, on winning. We are doing exactly that. But can’t do that if not honest about the situation.

          • jim says:

            > Genocide over a lifetime is still well, over a lifetime.

            Leftism is hyperexponential. We would reach infinite leftism in finite time, except that the system is apt to collapse before reaching infinite leftism.

            • eternal anglo says:

              > Maybe I’m being overly literal but why is leftism hyperexponential as opposed to merely exponential?

              For sufficiently large t, a hyperexponential function of t becomes larger than any exponential function of t, and a singular function of t becomes larger than any hyperexponential.

              Pretty sure that leftism is not merely hyperexponential, but singular.

              exp(t) is an exponential function, exp(t2) is a hyperexponential function, 1/(t-1) is a singular function.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            The honesty about the situation is that you should *always* be prepared for war.

            Beyond that, na he’s in the South there’s not shit going on around here.
            I’m not gonna meme or larp a civil war into existence in my vicinity.

            You don’t actually see how it’s more like a train going off the rails, and it hasn’t just begun to yet.

        • alf says:

          If you don’t understand the system, you are in no position to talk about it, let alone give advice about fighting it. That is all.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            The system is a bunch of priests brainwashing warriors into thinking they’re not the highest *caste*

            What else is there to grok?

            You don’t understand this because you want to suck the dick of some aussie christcuck who uses a chicken as his profile pic.

            This isn’t hard to understand, you’ll probably die fighting..
            It’s worth fighting anyway, better that way.

            No need to think beyond the fight, you’re the one who’s wrong.
            Pagan Rome did more to the Jews than 2 millenia of christians.
            You don’t defeat Jews using Jewish social tech.

            You are a Jew.

            Pitamah Bhishma roared: “Kshatriya Dharma is unique. It has no memory . Not of your sins, your past births or your failings..”..Fight bravely, and force Indra to share his throne with you. Even the gods envy the death of a kshatriya on the battlefield”..”

            We’re going to win the fight, and take everything.
            That victory doesn’t include you or the leftists.

            • Not Tom says:

              And there’s the fedposting. Dutchman is actually a Jew because he doesn’t hate Jews enough and want to kill Jews and JEWS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING JEW JEW JEW WHY WONT YOU BLAME JEWS

              • Jatt Arya says:

                O, he’s dutch..

                Fk why even bother convincing a Dutchman & an Aussie to not fvck each other in the ass??

                Anyone following an abrahamic ideology is a jew.

            • calov says:

              Jim is Australian? That explains the old Anglicanism and the laconic style of writing/speaking.

            • calov says:

              Also the meme that paganism will save the west is as obviously counterfactual as the various globohomo ones about equality. As a result it may actually gain a big following. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        • Not Tom says:

          Instead encourage people to lift, learn to shoot etc.
          Enough with this talk of trying to understand the system.
          Nigga, we don’t need to..
          It doesn’t like or want us.

          You’ve obviously never read anything from Jim other than this one post, because otherwise you’d know that is exactly what we advocate – along with owning women, which you consciously fail to mention.

          Lurk moar, bluepilled boomerfag.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            What do you mean by owning women?

            I’ve never tried to consciously manipulate them because that shit is gay.

            If they piss me off I let them know otherwise who gives a fk.

            They’ve always kinda acted a certain way when I’m around and Idgaf to over analyze it cuz it ruins the magic..

            • Not Tom says:

              What do you mean by owning women?

              It means shut up and lurk moar, you sad and pathetic incel loser, because it’s been explained at length on this blog no less than 7,845 times.

              • Jatt Arya says:

                I’ve read most of the posts you fucktard all the way back to emancipation of women was a fitness test, rape and the cervix, feminists and rape, feminists and jihadi etc.

                Trying to psyco-analyze bitches around me when they already wanan fvck is retarded.

                Should I demonstate it on ur daughter?

                Many men already naturally display these behaviours.

                The deconstruction process is only needed when

                1. You’re a beta
                2. Your programming is incorrect

                If you don’t have programming about this topic then delving into this stuff is counterproductive.

                The entire anglo cultural paradigm he posts from is foreign to many people.

                Hence, why I posted about liberalism being anglo cultural imperialism in most of the world.

                If in Afghanistan then I need to sustain the society not worry about its mores.

                If a society is on track enough then you uphold it instead of seeking to dissect every small detail.

                In your mind every man starts off a beta and can only be made *alpha* through ideology.

                Which is why you’re a nerd, and a priest.
                Which is why your type can never rule for the sake of all that is good.

              • Jatt Arya says:

                Here’s the TLDR we all play a character.

                Literally playing a jihadi on the streets of a western country, AK47 and all *WILL NOT* get you laid. It will get you shot,

                Jim, probably, tries to play the old anglo gentleman character and if he still has an aussie accent, that gets him chicks in texas or wherever.

                Beyond that, larping that you can magically be a unique special specimen is obtusely retarded.

                Women are society, there are masculine traits and characters.

                You’re a nerd and this is Jim’s fanclub most of you will not actually rationalize anything but what he says.

                If it helps you then so be it. :shrug:

                Half of you do need the gulag though, you just need it less than NYT/WaPo

              • Not Tom says:

                “Oh hai guise, I’m not saying go shoot up a synagogue or anything, just that all young men need to be prepared for war and by the way Jews are responsible for all of their problems! What’s the matter, don’t you trust me?”

                “But you know, warriors rule priests, that’s what you say, and I am definitely a warrior because I say so on the internet and all warriors make a hobby of bragging on the internet about getting lots of pussy from the ‘magical’ women around them, therefore I own you, hah! Check-MATE!”

                God, the quality of shills just goes down every day. It’s becoming the Eternal September of fedposting. The only thing that’s sadder than this witless display is the fact that some young men have such horrible lives – largely as a result of your meddling – that this roll-up-a-tard strategy actually sometimes works.

                Not here, though. Take it back to TRS or the fringes of Gab where you might have a chance.

              • How do you fellow right wing hate mongers says:


                I’m not encouraging anyway to commit stupid and futile poorly thought out “screw your optics” crimes today or tomorrow… I’m just saying get ready and do it nexts week.

                Anyone who believes in acting rationally and caring about optics is a jew much like Jimberg of Jimberg’s Blog, amirite.

        • jim says:

          War is coming. Not tomorrow, but within a few years.

          Peace is hard, war is easy, in the sense that climbing a cliff is hard, falling off a cliff is easy. Peace is a complex and fragile social technology, and leftism destroys every social technology, consuming order and turning it into more leftism, as termites consume a house and turn it into more termites.

          • Jatt Arya says:

            Hmm, it’s harder to let go than to keep climbing..

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              -t.never climbed anything higher than a box of empty pizza boxes to retrieve fresh tendies

              • Jatt Arya says:

                You just consider anyone not thoroughly depressed by life and blackpilled to be a beta fag.

                • Not Tom says:

                  No, we consider people who larp as conquering barbarians while actually living in their mom’s basement and crying themselves to sleep with their anime body pillows to be beta fags. The little fort you built out of used pizza boxes isn’t going to protect you in a firefight.

                  We know warriors, and we know preppers, and you aren’t either of them. When you tell us you’re going to lift, we assume you’re referring to the can of Mountain Dew that never leaves your side, although you might have some 5-lb weights stashed away somewhere.

                  Jim, and his commenters, talk all the time about avoiding black-pilling, about how the red pill is not a black pill, and then you come in with your persistent black-pilled faggotry (“you’ll never change anyone’s mind, religion is stupid!”) and tell us we’re the black-pillers. Absolutely retarded, and the kind of incoherent trash I’d expect from a college-aged NEET who drifts from one social fad to the next every 6 months or so.

                  Now go away and trim your neckbeard.

    • epstein didn't kill himself says:

      okay, boomer.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        Since this became a meme it’s been almost universally misused but it is exactly on the nose here.

        “Ok boomer” because “hey, the trend is towards total destruction but that’s the future, man, live in the now” is the most boomer possible sentiment.

        • Jatt Arya says:

          If you’re already prepared and prepare a little more every day, you should live in the now.

          Living in the now would mean enjoying the possibility of finding new wives and allies every time you step out the home. 🙂

          Don’t be black pilled you don’t fight as well..

  13. Steve Johnson says:

    The exact parallels with the Duranty statements about Soviet famine are striking:

    Describing the Communist plan to “liquidate” the five million kulaks, relatively well-off farmers opposed to the Soviet collectivization of agriculture, Duranty wrote in 1931, for example: “Must all of them and their families be physically abolished? Of course not – they must be ‘liquidated’ or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass.”

    Contrast with “abolish whiteness as an *idea* or a class doesn’t necessarily mean extermination”.

    • Stalin’s words on “liquidating the kulaks as a class” could also be interpreted charitably, that it is just about turning them into a different class. But this is not what happened. And I realized I was mistaken here, as I thought they were initially not killed, but rather later on when collective farms didn’t work, kulaks were scapegoated as saboteurs and then were they killed. Apparently it is not so: says there was one subgroup of kulaks who were more or less immediately killed and the other two were not simply forced into the collective farms but imprisoned in labor camps. So it was faster and more direct than I thought.

      Still I wonder if it is the right historic parallel as it was organized state action and the US state and other modern Western states seem to be more and more paralyzed and incapable of organized action.

      Maybe the Red Guards of China, a movement egged on from above but still largely unorganized or rather self-organized are a better parallel. Today SJWs and Antifa are egged on and protected from above, but not as organized as the OGPU by the state, but rather self-organizing like the Red Guards.

      • OK, BOOMER says:

        “Antifa ≈ Red Guard”

        I’m glad someone noticed.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        Yes, the modern left operates much more like the Red Guards – open blood lust and official support but not direction but this isn’t exactly right:

        Today SJWs and Antifa are egged on and protected from above, but not as organized as the OGPU by the state, but rather self-organizing like the Red Guards.

        SJWs are a swarm and act as individuals freelance probing for weaknesses usually with the help of their own personal network – some SJW in an org somewhere will see crimethink and the method of attack is to bring it to the notice of his personal network who amplify the signal then the personal networks of those people amplify the signal again or not, etc. so the swarm decision isn’t made by an individual but in contrast Antifa has much more top down direction. Look at cases where there’s accidental exposure of some individual in Antifa and trace the flow of funds – Eric Clanton had an official position in the California state college system, same for Dwayne Dixon at UNC Chapel Hill who then later gives a talk (obviously not for free) at Harvard.

  14. Karl says:

    Christians in Syria are rather white. South African whites are White. For the former group genocide has been tried, for the letter group preparations are pretty advanced. Arguably genocide is already happening in South Africa, but with black efficiency and not with, e.g. German efficiency.

    Genocide of whites has been on the agende for quite a while. Nothing new here. New is only that it is coming to the USA.

  15. >In context it is absolutely clear that “white wounding” does not mean white guilt. What it actually does mean is far from clear

    Well, maybe let’s look at what else is @JesseBenn writing. “oh fuck you @BillGates. we’re coming for every penny and your toothbrush you evil piece of trash. you’ll be lucky if you get to keep your head.” On Silicon Valley billionaires: “we’ll take every penny and they can keep their heads. final offer.”

    Benn is clearly in favor of actual murder, although so far that is restricted to the rich. So far.

    Against ordinary Trump supporters, “merely” violence:

    Conclusion: this is the type of guy who does not talk about wounding merely metaphorically.

  16. The Cominator says:

    Green socialism being the progressive version of Aztec demonic nature worship will lead directly to genocide if implemented by progressives.

    If implemented by an actual nature worshipping Tulsi Gabbard or Mariam Williamson type it will not (they are not progressives their religion is different and fundamentally less evil) but you will get much much poorer.

  17. Roland Horn says:

    “If This Goes On-“

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