National Capitalism and Sanctions on Russia

The Global American Empire thought sanctions would ruin Russia. Still think that, though they now think it will take a little longer. Formerly talking weeks, now talking years.

The Russian economy has, according to statistics, been knocked down ten or twenty percent. Seeing a Youtuber chatting to Russians on the ground, sounds roughly accurate. The question is, is it, like the ruble, bouncing back, or going over a cliff? The ruble bounce back came as a shock to the Global American Empire, and they are still in denial, though the denial is getting mighty thin. I rather think that the effect of sanctions on the Russian economy is going to be similar, is already becoming similar.

The effect of the sanctions has been to impose National Capitalism on Russia from outside.

A modest dose of national capitalism worked great for the Trump economy. It spectacularly industrialized South Korea.

National Capitalism defined

National Capitalism is self sufficiency in the organization of people for production, and self sufficiency in the skills and equipment needed for production, that relies on internal free markets and supports local businessmen.

If your people are being organized for production under a businessman subject to a foreign sovereign, that foreign sovereign is going to make him pursue the interests of that sovereign rather than your sovereign, such as exporting his state religion to you, and the interests of that sovereign’s people, not your people.

If the skills and equipment needed for producing one thing are in your country, rather than in a foreign country, production of that thing has large beneficial externalities, making it easier for others of your people to produce other things, creating opportunity and incentive for the talented among your people. These externalities are not part of the profit and loss of the business, so businesses are apt to make decisions to offshore stuff where the offshoring has harmful externalities onshore. And if the business is run by a foreigner subject to a foreign corporate headquarters, he is going to keep critical skills and equipment close to his foreign headquarters. Hence close to a foreign sovereign, and far from your people, who are thus unable to take advantage of those skills and equipment to compete with that business, or start other businesses producing related products.

So how is this working out for Russia

A builder in the middle of a one horse town found that nails and screws were unobtainable or absurdly expensive, because they had formerly been imported from the west. He also found that metals, which had formerly been exported to the west, were now considerably cheaper.

According to Global America Economists, that builder is now going to stop building. And for a little while he did stop building. What he did instead of building was go to China and buy a self contained computer controlled machine that turns metal into nails and screws, and now he is back to building, and also in the business of selling nails and screws.

If millions of Russians are doing something similar, then the short term effect is that the sanctions will have rapidly diminishing impact, and the long term effect will be to create Russian skills and jobs repairing, maintaining, upgrading, and eventually building those machines.

Similarly when the McDonalds franchise pulled out of Russia. The former franchisees organized a new franchise, and their burger joints ripped down their McDonald’s signs and put up the new signs. They also renamed, and slightly altered, their menu. Which means that Russians are a whole lot less likely to be forced to watch black people, mixed race couples, transexuals, and faggots, eating burgers on television.

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  1. someDude says:

    The Muslim conquests of India took a rather long time. The first assaults started against Afghanistan (which then as now was rich having been on the strategic silk route) when it used to be Buddhist. That took about 350 years and Afghanistan had to be converted to Islam twice. The Buddhist Afghans of that time did not eat Beef. Would they have still been Buddhist had they eaten Beef? I don’t think so.

    I’m not opposing Beef eating for Occidentals. Rather, I’m arguing that it has a marginal effect on the Hindu warrior spirit. Besides, since the Muslims consume Beef, it provides the Hindus with a very convenient schelling/rallying point against them. I would not give up the prohibition on eating beef just yet.

    • Sher Singh says:

      Eliminate cow slaughter in the whole universe.
      Ugardanthi, Chakka 5


      • jim says:

        Well now I know what you are doing here.

        You are attacking the peace of Westphalia.

        Putin’s program, and ours is to restore the peace of Westphalia. (Since Harvard, having imposed one state religion on all the states of America, is now attempting to impose one state religion on the world, and this is pissing off a broad coalition.)

        If Old Type Christianity wins in the west, and old type Hinduism wins in India, and the peace of Westphalia then fails, you will wish you had been ruled by Harvard.

        Also, if your faith is incompatible with peace and alliance with any foreign sponsor, then when war comes, and war is coming, you will have no foreign sponsor. The first two steps to making the holy army of the Sikhs real rather than merely an empty symbolic ritual is to have Sikhi compatible with foreign sponsorship and a means for performing transactions and managing collective assets that the Indian state does not control.

        The latter I am working on, or was working and intend shortly to resume working on, though real life events have got me busy on other matters for the last couple of months, and are likely to keep me busy for three more months.

        • someDude says:

          If Sher Singh thinks that it is the duty of Dharmic warriors to end cow slaughter everywhere in the world, then it is indeed a state of perpetual war and one in which annihilation is a real possibility. The general understanding is that cow slaughter is prohibited within the historic borders of Old India, which includes modern day Afghanistan.

          There are no historical precedents to Hindu Emperors invading Persian Zoroastrians or the Scythians of Central Asia because they ate Beef. Ranjith Singh did not annex Khyber Pakhtunwala from the Afghans because they ate Beef. He did so because he recognized the eternal nature of war with Islam. He of course found banning cow slaughter in Khyber Pakhtunwala a very convenient schelling point to humiliate Afghans and grab their land and property whenever they were found in violation.

          If ever Old Type Hinduism wins in India and Sher Singh goes about haranguing people to invade countries to stop cow slaughter there, he would find no takers. And if he refused to be ignored, a Sikh Monarch might order some with a sufficiently scary reputation to have a chat with him over Tea.

  2. Aryaman says:

    Making this a new comment for legibility. I do not think Hindu proscription on eating beef is a holiness spiral. I am in a position to say this because I am, as much as one can be, an old type Hindu who does not eat beef (or meat, but I have eaten both beef and meat several dozen times in my life), nor do I begrudge anyone in the west who does, and find the organized movement against the eating of meat rather demonic and repulsive.

    But that other Aryans elsewhere do not have a proscription on eating cow does not mean that the Hindu proscription must have been so imported from various demonic or “Dravidian” influences. And the Indians who were exporting steel to the Mohammedans the Christians were very impressed by were Indians who, by and large, did not eat cow among the higher classes, and had not done so for quite a while.

    Reason without faith is demonic, especially where the faith is not falsifiable. Beef is obviously very healthy for you, and very good for you. But it is probably rather possible to be vigorous and fit without it, and I am vigorous and fit without it.

    • Red says:

      But that other Aryans elsewhere do not have a proscription on eating cow does not mean that the Hindu proscription must have been so imported from various demonic or “Dravidian” influences. And the Indians who were exporting steel to the Mohammedans the Christians were very impressed by were Indians who, by and large, did not eat cow among the higher classes, and had not done so for quite a while.

      You had the best steel and yet your warriors were garbage. That rather speaks to their lack beef eating.

      • Aryaman says:

        No it doesn’t, and you don’t know your history. Christian conquest of India happened well after the ability to produce the world’s best steel was either lost, or became rare and marginal at best.
        Nevermind that producing good steel is correlated with having good warriors; for both require a social technology that emphasizes science, industry, and cooperation. Which technology was lost in India well before Columbus sailed.

      • Sher Singh says:

        Indian soldiers have never been called garbage by any serious militaryman.
        There’s more VCs in a couple Indian Regiments than the entire commonwealth.

        You took 2 centuries to win & 90 to run. Mass immigration has gone on longer..
        Let’s fight after another century of mass immigration :shrug:


        • someDude says:

          Listen Sher Ji, this exaggeration does our cause no good. To be sure the British Indian Sikh, Gurkha and Rajput regiments punched above average in VC awards, but

          1. That’s hardly something to boast about, having won it in service to a foreign power that hated Dharmics and favored Muslims at every turn.

          2. Its absolutely incorrect that a couple Indian regiments won more VCs than the entire commonwealth. And you know it.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        During the period to which he is referring, I believe that the Indian warriors were rather fearsome, which is why the Mohammedans were trading, not raiding.

        • Red says:

          He didn’t give a time range and around the time the Arab world was raving about Indian steel is also around the time that the initial Muslim conquests of India were underway.

        • someDude says:

          The Mohammedans started raiding India within 50 years of Islam having become a thing. They were raiding the North Indians (who they had a border with) and trading with the South Indians. The South Indians at that time had a rather fearsome Navy and the Muslims, not so much. Had they had a decent Navy, pretty sure they have raided the southern coasts.

          However, after having taken about 600 years working their way through North India, they did raid the South Indians, by land, by which time, both sides had a rather shitty Navy.

          While the Islamic conquest started North and moved south, the European conquest started South along the coasts and then moved North, the Europeans being fearsome at sea and the Hindus being too exhausted and having lost too much quality human capital (Islamic slaughters took place in cities which is where high IQ people congregate) to resist.

    • Red says:

      > But it is probably rather possible to be vigorous and fit without it, and I am vigorous and fit without it.

      Not that I’ve observed. Every white vegetarian I meet looks unhealthy, smells bad, and has bad hair. Warriors should eat meat if they want to be strong and powerful. Workers don’t necessarily need meat to be productive but who wouldn’t want to be strong if given the choice?

      • Aryaman says:

        Oh come on. The white vegetarians you see that are fat and smelly are weird Gaia worshippers, and are fat and smelly for that reason, and not because they eat lots of egg, cheese, rice, lentils, and vegetables cooked with ghee and butter.

        > who wouldn’t want to be strong if given the choice?

        I am plenty strong. And stronger than the vast majority of people that eat beef, though maybe not as strong as I would be if I ate beef, but strong enough that it does not matter.

        • Red says:

          I am plenty strong.

          What sort of weight do you pull in the gym?

          Oh come on. The white vegetarians you see that are fat and smelly are weird Gaia worshippers, and are fat and smelly for that reason, and not because they eat lots of egg, cheese, rice, lentils, and vegetables cooked with ghee and butter.

          Fair enough. Lets talk about Indians. I work with several Indians who don’t eat meat. The women have bad skin and the men are short and puny. The quality and quantity of protean you get from vegetables isn’t enough to really build good height and strength. The dairy and eggs help, but it’s not enough to hit your full potential.

          On the other hand I worked with a Muslim Indian woman who loved meat. She had fantastic skin and was very attractive.

          • Aryaman says:

            > What sort of weight do you pull in the gym?

            More than 405 for a couple reps.

            Ok. To the extent Indian women in the west have worse skin (and I don’t necessarily think they do, but don’t insist on arguing the point) I have no reason to think it has to do with beef or diet. I know quite a few Indians close to a foot taller than their parents, which I chalk up mostly to dairy and eggs not beef (for which claim I have evidence).

            > On the other hand I worked with a Muslim Indian woman who loved meat. She had fantastic skin and was very attractive.

            May well be but I don’t think you’re going to find that the women in Islamabad are more attractive than the women in Bombay. In fact I suspect you would find the opposite.

            • Red says:

              Pretty good weight. I think you’ve proved your point, though beef is still a better. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to handicap your people by avoiding it. The coming age is going to need a lot of strong warriors.

              I know quite a few Indians close to a foot taller than their parents, which I chalk up mostly to dairy and eggs not beef (for which claim I have evidence).

              Cheap animal based protean results in large jumps in height for everyone.

              • someDude says:

                Be that as it may, The prohibition on beef eating and the veneration of the cow provides a very convenient schelling point to all Dharmic Indian faiths (Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists) and castes when rallying against Beef eating muslims.

                I would keep this prohibition for the time being. The schelling point gives us gains far greater than the extra physical strength beef eating would give us. Its a matter of priorities. Besides, I doubt westerners eat milk producing cows. I think Y’all eat the Bulls.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You should look into protein farming, a lot more nuance than many people think. All steak isn’t created equally.

                  I find the Schelling Point argument incredibly persuasive, given that my people seem to have an inborn resistance to having or recognizing them.

                • jim says:

                  It is a good schelling point against Muslims. Terrible schelling point against the Church of Harvard.

                  For the Church of Harvard, Woman Question.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • Aryaman says:

                  Actually it is a decent Schelling point against Harvard, too. Eating meat, and beef specifically, is the paradigmatic protest against traditional Hinduism and the patriarchy implied thereby. Harvard promotes the eating of beef in India in very much the same way it forces temples to admit women.

                  Leftists in India are very perturbed when they learn I do not eat beef or meat and feel themselves in unfriendly company, because it implies heresy, and suggests I might actually believe the things I chanted at my wedding.

                  Perhaps it is different in America, where there is an actually existing and wholly Western holiness spiral relating to meat into which the Indians who happened not to eat meat are absorbed. They are, by the Cathedral, taught to think themselves better than their hosts: and too much of the time more than happy to do so.

                  But that is not how it is in India. A man who does not eat meat (but does eat dairy), and is nonetheless fit and healthy, is reliably sane and a Hindu who does eat beef is invariably a feminist that wants to abolish marriage, expropriate private wealth, and use that money to insist all girls go to college. Invariably.

                • jim says:

                  > Eating meat, and beef specifically, is the paradigmatic protest against traditional Hinduism

                  Not for much longer it will be. Harvard’s war on meat is escalating

                • Aryaman says:

                  Well, Harvard can walk and chew gum at the same time. Just as a man cannot save himself from a feminist mob by claiming to be a woman (unless he actually emits the necessary demented aura) simply because they have authorized transgender.

              • Aryaman says:

                Cheap animal based protean results in large jumps in height for everyone.

                There is something about drinking milk when you are growing, specifically, that really spurs growth. Don’t think it’s the protein. Though animal protein is of course very good.

                Note that I’m not disputing and nowhere have disputed that beef is very nutritious. And it seems like a very wholesome, healthy part of western society. (Though I do find some kinds of factory farming rather cruel and unusual).
                I am saying it is not a holiness spiral (there are other, actually palpable and harmful holiness spirals in Hinduism at hand). And I am saying that “strong men eat cows, period” is not generically true.

                • i says:


                  Don’t forget the importance of seafood. Especially with the Zinc. In addition to dairy and eggs.

                  Although Seaweed, Algae and Mushrooms are also good.

      • Aryaman says:

        In any case, warriors do and always did it meat. They did not eat cow, and they did not eat cow in the glory days.

        • someDude says:

          Eating a cow makes as much economic sense as eating a hen. Witness the Cuban laws in cow slaughter. You get 2-5 years imprisonment for slaughtering a cow without authorization. It used to be worse before. To be sure, I’m not arguing solely the economic angle, just that it is an important angle. The biggest angle is the schelling point.

          Besides, I think even the westerners eat the Bull and not the cow unless they have money to burn.

          • Sher Singh says:


          • Aidan says:

            We eat the bull. One bull can knock up an infinite number of cows; most bulls are fair game to be eaten. Sometimes we have to go deep into out history when we wonder how long we have been pwned. Jim wants us to ditch Saint Jerome, and the crap in Hinduism is much older. However, I recognize that an Aryan focused revival would upset the relative peace of the caste system.

            • someDude says:

              Thanks, that what I guessed. Why would anyone want to eat a cow and lose the lifetime supply of milk? Traditionally Hindus did not eat the Bull either as they needed the Bull for tilling the field. This was before tractors and mechanised agriculture which are so recent. So in a sense, they felt that both the Bull and Cow have been their benefactors for so long. Eating the Bull for Hindus is like eating the Dog for westerners. We just can’t get ourselves to do it.

              Then there is the Schelling point against Islam to consider. As long as we hope to expel Islam from our lands, the prohibition against beef will remain. If we give it up, it would be because we have either driven the Mohammedans from our lands or we have surrendered to them and to the inevitability of us turning into them. Zombie apocalypse

              • jim says:

                Fair enough, but cows produce more cows, and at some point you have to regulate their numbers to the supply of grass. Cows in India tend to be starving. Their population is regulated by lack of food. This is not a rational or productive way to manage cattle.

                You want well fed bulls to pull ploughs, and well fed cows to produce milk – which requires that they produce calves. And if you have well fed cows producing well fed calves, the time arrives for a feast.

                And the reason Sher Singh is banging on this Schelling point is that it is a point that prevents peace between groups equally oppressed by the Global American Empire, whose faiths are being equally converged to Harvard.

                It is also a Schelling point that makes it improbable that you will get foreign sponsorship when war comes, and war is coming.

                As a schelling point for organizing armed conflict, it means interfering with the agricultural practices of locals who are practicing more efficient forms of agriculture, which is going to get up the noses of potential foreign sponsors.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*empty bold talk deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  You are not going to conquer us, when you show absolutely no interest in doing what is needed to prepare to reconquer the Punjab.

              • jim says:

                > Then there is the Schelling point against Islam to consider

                Islam is not your immediate problem. In Pakistan, Harvard convergence is being subtly and not so subtly resisted, in Afghanistan, flamboyantly and violently resisted, but in India, both Islam and Hinduism are rapidly converging to Harvardism.

                • someDude says:

                  To be fair, In India, Muslims are being rapidly converged to Harvard with the active encouragement and cooperation from the Modi government which no Hindu has any “beef” with (pardon the pun). Hindus recognize this as vital to putting the brakes on the Islamic fertility rate.

                  To publicly oppose the convergence of Hinduism to Harvard while at the same time cheer the convergence of Islam to Harvard within the same country (India) is a political feat which no democracy is capable of. If there are some counter examples you can point to, I would be delighted to take a look.

                  The obvious step is to end democracy in India, and it is recognized by right wing Hindus, but Modi himself appears to be a worshipper of Democracy. So, it seems we are stuck in a bad equilibirum.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  That is a bad idea, to try to wield an evil blade to good ends. It is liable to end up cutting you worse than your enemy. Better to effect a lowering of Muslim fertility by killing the men and fucking their women. You know, like the Aryans used to do.

                • jim says:

                  To lower Muslim fertility by Cathedral means involves allying with your more powerful and more dangerous enemy, against your less powerful and less dangerous enemy.

                  The outcome of such alliances is invariably the disappearance of the ally.

                • someDude says:

                  @Jim @Wulfgar

                  You’re right. But it seems to us that the Cathedral converging Hinduism is no longer an option. Whether or not we assist Harvard in converging Muslims, we’re getting converged anyway. So this is just taking the Muslims down with us.

                  Also we are hoping that in time we will get a prophet who will kill call out demons in Hinduism and issue a call for killing them. When that does happen, we do not want the Muslims to have too much of a head start on us.

                  Also you can’t convince the average Hindu that Muslims are less dangerous than the Cathedral. We’ve been fighting them now for 1350 years. In our mind space, they are now assuming the proportions of the mythical eternal enemy. The Cathedral is just an amorphous Johnny come lately in the minds of most Hindus.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Bull sacrifice allowed in Vedas, stopped by Sri Krishna Ji.
              Hindu fall dates to Nanda Raj who made Brahmins cut hair.

              Hindus kept unshorn hair till Jahangir Time even & a Katar too.
              Sikhs & Gurkhas eat Buffalo so this is semantics. Fk Cow slaughter,


              • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  Just not going to allow you to post anything that looks vaguely related to attacking the peace of Westphalia on my blog.

                  Now that you have revealed what you are about, which is destructive and self destructive, not going to allow it to waste space on my blog.

                  Alliance between Old Type Hindus and Old Type Christians would be very handy in overthrowing the Global American Empire. You are here to attack that by stirring up trouble between Christians and Hindus, who are both being crushed by the super holy faith of Harvard imposed by Global American Empire.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*declaration of holy war on everyone including some great powers censored*]

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  He has got a bad case of, “me big dum,” but is he really stirring up that much trouble? He is being such an ass in comparison to SomeDude or Aryaman that he does his argument no favors.

                • jim says:

                  I want alliance between Old Type Hindus and Old Type Christians, against the common threat to us all.

                  But it is mighty easy for evildoers to create trouble between men of goodwill, but very different faiths. So, censorship.

                  Everyone of all faiths needs to adopt the Christian principle of “Peace on Earth between all men of Goodwill”, because otherwise, nukes.

              • jim says:

                Krishna is demonic Davidian entryism into Hinduism. Everything inserted by Krishna is demonic and weakened you.

                His speech to Arjuna is not an explanation that “this is war, because of the evil deeds done by your enemies, and in war you must do bad things”, but the universal all purpose rationale for doing bad things.

                Henry the fifth’s speech telling his men it is time to do bad things is Christian. Krishna’s speech to Arjuna is demonic.

                Henry the fifth’s speech presupposes the state of war, and says that in war different rules apply. Krishna’s speech is about the decision to go to war, and tells Arjuna that the decision to go to war does not matter, for nothing matters.

                And as a result, when the British were in India, one Rajput would go to war with his brother, and one brother or the other would invite the British in, and when the dust settled, the British had the palace and both brothers were sitting bare assed in the dust.

                Hence the Christian admonition “Peach on Earth to all men of good will”. Had Krishna at least mentioned bad will on the part of Arjuna’s opponents, that would not have been demonic. But instead he tells Arjuna that killing your brother does not matter.

                By stirring up trouble between old type Christians and Old Type Hindus, Ser Singh is self destructively displaying bad will.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  It is a wee bit early to declare holy war on Christianity, and even if you were in power, would be unwise, and if we were in power, suicidally unwise.

                  Christians of any kind are not going to submit to a Khalsa full of foolishness, and Old Type Christians are definitely not going to submit to a Khalsa containing demonic stupid $#!%.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  “We bombed a few of their ships, and they dropped the sun on us! Twice!” –Japan, 1946

              • Aidan says:

                Krishna huh? Color me surprised. You are furious about beef because getting mad about more substantial violations of your religion would get you killed.

              • Neofugue says:

                You will never be a real Aryan

            • jim says:

              Saint Jerome is not too bad at all, the trouble was that a holiness spiral built on his writings.

              If interpreted as arguing that widows and neglected wives should grin and bear it, he is OK. If we could ditch the holiness spiral, we could keep Saint Jerome – with appropriate caution and framing.

              • Aidan says:

                Looking at the roster of saints and their diversity of opinion, clear that a man can be in theological error but still attain God’s grace. We do not have to condemn Jerome to hell to acknowledge he was in error on celibacy and put his teachings next to the sump in the basement.

                • i says:

                  Cannot quite trust Augustine or Jerome on the topic of sexuality.

                  Their views are quite deranged and unbiblical.

  3. Kunning Drueger says:

    Neofugue says “Creationism should not come into conflict with Darwinian evolution, because if you believe that the world is ~7000 years old you should be able to abrogate when causality begins. Miracles themselves are an abrogation of the laws of nature, so it is not as if Christianity can use science to prove itself. It is thus possible for Christianity to have its cake and eat it too, so long as science and theology are kept in separate domains.”

    Can he, or anyone, elaborate on this? I don’t understand, and I have never met an explicit Christian who has stated this position or anything similar, particularly keeping Science and Theology separate.

    • Albert says:

      “Miracles themselves are an abrogation of the laws of nature …”.

      Not necessarily. Most miracles in the Old Testament can be viewed as highly improbable coincidences. A meteor just happened to explode over Sodom as Lot was leaving. A landslide blocked the Jordan River just as the Israelites were ready to cross. An earthquake destroyed the walls of Jericho just as the Israelites were marching around it. ‘On the Reliability of the Old Testament’ by Kenneth Kitchen offers naturalistic explanations for the plagues of Egypt.

      The New Testament miracles are a little harder to explain. ‘The Physics of Christianity’ by Frank J. Tipler tries. Control of quantum effects and neutron flows could explain healing, walking on water, and more.

      The idea is that miracles don’t violate the laws of nature, they just use effects well beyond our capabilities.

    • jim says:

      I do not keep theology and science separate. Evolutionary psychology endorses the spiritual meaning of the Book of Genesis, and Genesis spiritually endorses Evolutionary Psychology. Material and effective causation is God creating the world through Christ and continuing its existence.

      The moral and social implications of material and effective causation is the will of Gnon manifest in the material world.

      The separation of “is” and “ought” is a gnostic heresy. Anglicanism from 1663 to 1820 vigorously and effectively rejected this heresy.

  4. Kunning Drueger says:

    I’m starting to think the Nord02 thing was very likely the US, maybe GAE. This flies in the face of my, and others, previously stated position that the DoD/Pentagon/Brass whwre in opposition to the Wat Faction at State Department. Did they relent, did they cross over, are they being ignored?

    This is a really big deal. If the war faction is now commanding the Navy or SOF, then we need to seriously consider that the GAE might be about to do some very dumb and dangerous things.

    On that note, multiple countries, as well as the US, have warned their citizens to leave Russia, per Russian Telegram…

    • The Cominator says:

      “This is a really big deal. If the war faction is now commanding the Navy or SOF, then we need to seriously consider that the GAE might be about to do some very dumb and dangerous things.”

      Specops command goes right to the White House not so much thru the Pentagon…

      The Navy traditonally is more under bluegov than redgov as well.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      Also, the anti-war faction can’t be everywhere all the time. If orders go from the White House directly to some Spec Ops unit or whatever to blow up a pipeline, it’s not as if General Idontwanttostartanuclearwar in the Pentagon need even be told about it. The anti-war folks in the military might have heard about this the same way we did, by having it pop up in their news feed after the fact.

    • Red says:

      What we’re seeing is the people warning about the dangers of escalation being silenced by Putin’s repeated failures to strike back. The insane continue to push insane escalations safe in the opinion that Putin’s too much of a pussy to really fight back. The people slowing down this process or blocking seem like fools as their predictions of retaliation don’t happen, so they’ve started to shut up or stand down.

      The GAE shows every sign that they’re getting ready to formally accuse Russia of the pipeline bombing and they may even invoke NATO article 23 and declare war on Russia.

      • S says:

        The Russians enacted partial mobilization and openly state they will use nuclear weapons to defend Russia. I’m not sure what more escalation you want.

        Also, the idea of claiming an attack on a Russian owned pipeline is an attack on NATO is hilarious to me. I’m not claiming they wouldn’t do it, but it is the absurdity that makes clownworld clownworld.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          NATO attacks Russian pipeline to NATO country, accuses Russia of attacking NATO, goes to war with Russia for attacking NATO in an attack that everyone knows was committed by NATO against NATO, but will not admit it. Future history students are going to read about this debacle and just wonder what the fuck was happening.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            This post made me wonder how much nuance can be conveyed through cave painting and oral tradition, which then reminded me of how cinema translated the existential terror of the late Cold War. Some really well done films in that era.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          “The Russians enacted partial mobilization and openly state they will use nuclear weapons to defend Russia. I’m not sure what more escalation you want.”

          Apparently not enough people in the US government believe the Russians mean it. Or they think that it will be a nuclear war which will only kill European-descended populations whom they want to genocide anyway.

  5. Severian says:

    Someone blew up the Nord Stream pipeline big time.

    There is no doubt this was intentional.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      According to VoxDay it was an *U*nidentified *S*tate *A*ctor.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Here’s the list of state level actors with the capacity:

      Top 10 Countries with the Largest Military Submarine Fleets (Global Firepower 2021):
      China – 79
      United States – 68
      Russia – 64
      North Korea – 36
      Iran – 29
      South Korea – 22
      Japan – 20
      India – 17
      Turkey – 12
      Colombia, Greece, United Kingdom (tie) – 11

      Taken from:

      Not included on that list are the countries listed here:

      The question is, who benefits most from NordStream being unable to return to operation for the foreseeable future?

      • Aidan says:

        Anybody who wants continued NATO support for UKR; any NATO member could have taken it on themselves to close the door of potential capitulation to Russia. Not necessarily a submarine either, a drone-dropped torpedo or kamikaze unmanned underwater vehicle could have done the job. The Baltic Sea is quite shallow.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I was explaining this to Lady Druegger, and everything I “know” comes from this book [1]: doing anything on the seabed is very challenging, even in “shallow” seas. The capacity to do construction undersea is roughly similar to doing construction in space, or on the top of a mountain, in that you must get to the location, you must have people who can work at the location, and you must have tools that work at the location. Here’s a great mini-doc [2] on the raising of the Kursk. Well worth the half hour as it is just a fascinating little operation, but it also demonstrates a consistent element of all undersea work: there is no consistency. Each operation, whether it is connecting pipelines, placing foundations for pylons, or bending data cables so that the signal “spills out” and can be “harvested” for surveillance, must be incepted, planned, provisioned, and completed.

          Russki Telegram has already pointed out that a US/NATO sea squadron was “in theater” so there would be ample cover for a submersible SOF, but it is kind of sloppy operational planning to do it that way. It is possible that charges were planted a while back, and they were activated remotely, but why would they do it with a GAE squadron in theater, that would just add unnecessary circumstantial evidence. I think details of this might leak out later, but it could also be the case that whoever did it fully expects their tracks to be covered by some bigger event, you know, like, World War Next or something.

          Hard to know, but “qui bono” is almost always the correct approach. I don’t see how Russia benefits from forcing Germany and many other European countries firmly into the Adversary column. Maybe China wants Russia to commit, and is removing any potential offramps? Maybe Qatar shelled out to get some wildcat undersea contractor to do it, just to continue the general destabilization and collapse of the Occidental Empires? When I first heard about it, I thought it was too challenging for the GAE, both because of a decline in capacity as well as the (more likely IMO) fact that the skills and assets required are under the “WW03 no thank you” faction at DoD. But the clips of both Biden and Nuland emphasizing that “If Russia invades Ruthenia, Nord02 will not happen” definitely lend credence to GAE war faction meddling.


          • Yul Bornhold says:

            Russia 100% did not bomb their own pipeline. If they wanted to stop the oil, they could just flip a lever.

            NPC: “Ah, but this way Russia could turn off the oil while avoiding European resentment for tumbling them into darkness.”

            For this to be true, the Russian elite who (hypothetically) ordered the bombing of their own pipeline would have to be dumb enough not to realize the GAE would blame Russia regardless. The Russian elite is not that dumb.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            No one but Ukraine and GAE have anything to gain from this so they did it. Russia did not blow up their own pipeline as a false flag. False flags are used to start wars or escalate them. My money would be put on Ukraine soldiers, riding US ships, backed by CIA directors.

            Is winter more or less of a deterrent than in past wars? It seems like any day this could escalate into open war. I’m surprised it hasn’t already. I think Russian nukes are the only thing stopping it.

            • The Cominator says:

              The US did it, though for “legal” purposes they probably had a Ukranian or Polack on hand to press the detonator.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Rumor on chans is US-UK special operations did it so when Germans freeze in the winter, their government won’t reach a deal with Russia for more gas, which would bring Germany and Russia closer.

        • The Cominator says:

          Almost 100% a Navy Seal mission…

          Wish one of them would go public.

        • Red says:

          It’s also an inducement for Germany to invade Russia if they want the gas turned back on.

      • Starman says:

        @Kunning Druegger

        “Top 10 Countries with the Largest Military Submarine Fleets (Global Firepower 2021):
        China – 79
        United States – 68
        Russia – 64”

        Keep in mind that all US submarines have nuclear propulsion. That is not the case for the Chinese and Russian submarines.

      • Red says:

        It’s really bizarre that you’d consider anyone besides the GAE as the source of the attack. They have the most to gain from it, blowing up pipelines is quite easy with divers and they’re barley hiding that they did it.

        The reason this sort of stuff is so unprecedented because it’s very easy to destroy underwater transport objects but once you start doing so a game of tit for tat quickly degrades everyone’s infrastructure.

        Russia could responded by cutting the transatlantic fiber cables in multiple places really screwing up the west, but I think they’re going to continue grinding down NATO in the Ukraine instead of responding.

        • The Cominator says:

          I imagine that to take the heat off Biden (as this is going to make some people outside of their usual whipping boys of American tax slaves in the US and Russians VERY angry) some Ukranian group that theoretically is a non state actor will take responsibility…

          • Red says:

            Their official line coming from the shills is that Russia did it. That’s more point deer say horse stuff and they’ll stick with it.

    • ten says:

      American navy currently at the local swedish submarine harbour, straight line from the attack site. We do have the best stealth submarines around. Probably not necessary to employ them, unless russia has detection capabilities for lesser vessels. Idk.

  6. JustAnotherGuy says:

    personal blackpill thought of the day for me:

    So Jim once mentioned here that everything has been getting considerably worse except for computers, but I want to touch on that considering the news we heard of the new AMD chip line up:

    Some of you might already know this, but the new AMD chip’s are very powerful, very heat intensive, and take up a lot of power consumption. It seems a lot of the new computer tech is taking up immense power, which is moving people to get bigger PSU’s to fully utilize their machine’s capabilities. But I feel this is the end of the progress for computers because the infastructure to support the power demands is no longer there and is getting actively destroyed.

    Cathedral’s goal is of course a world population of 500 million, and they have been hard at work destroying critical energy infastructure to facilitate this. This means the need power to run the new computer tech will only really be available to the high class personnal like the military, while the civilian sector gets absolutely rekt on this front. This is probably why military tech is the last thing to degrade, as they have top priority for infastructure needs, they are the last to see the decay that continuously piles up around them.

    I can afford the ddr5 ram, new mobos, and new chips, but I’m going to be sticking with my current stuff since it runs everything just fine still.

    • jim says:

      Coolers have been getting more and more enormous, and have ceased to be practical. The cooler for the machine I am now building is absurd, and I am not going to any bigger with air coolers. On the other hand, a separate water radiator is practical if we keep on going along this path – have a long pipe that dumps the heat outdoors in warm weather, and a short pipe that dumps the heat indoors in cool weather. Talking very big, inconvenient, and entirely immobile cooling systems.

      On the other hand, the arm64 architecture simply produces a lot more computations per watt than the x64 architecture (known to windows people as x64 and to linux people as amd64)

      This appears to be the last useful generation of amd64. More power, more heat, lots of heat in a very small area. However, arm64 holds potential for future advance.

      We could go to vastly lower power usage with asynch clockless designs, where circuits that are not doing anything use near zero power, but this would require a radical cpu redesign from the ground up.

      • A2 says:

        Well, everyone has known since 2006 that the jig is up. (End of Dennard scaling.)

        The process shrinks nowadays are not even related to feature size anymore. But it allows everyone to claim Moore’s Law is still around, in some form. In spirit, perhaps?

        There is of course a lot of struggling with various ways to optimize what we have but what we really need is a replacement for CMOS. There seem to be none on the horizon.

        • Severian says:

          Nvidia’s Jensen is openly saying Moore’s law is dead, justifying the big price increases of the new cards.

          • jim says:

            Yes, Moore’s law is dead.

            EUV was not an advance, but a surrender.

            The time has come for contact lithography. That should have been the next generation after they reached the highest frequency that matter can manipulate.

          • A2 says:

            Lol, they still bravely soldier on for their customers, though at a slightly higher cost. But Nvidia’s providers (TSMC et al) still act as if Moore’s law is there.

        • jim says:

          We know that carbon nanotubes can do electronics on a vastly smaller scale than silicon CMOS – but to utilize this requires extremely precise and specific control of carbon nanotube structures, which we do not have.

          This requires nanotechnology. We do have one working nanotechnology – DNA readers where the key component of the sensor is an individual very large molecule, that interacts with a single DNA molecule, resulting in readout from a single DNA molecule as it passes through the sensor.

          It is a long way from that to fabbing carbon nanotubes. Not close, but it is vaguely in the same ballpark.

          If we were doing contact lithography, that would be a good path to the very small scale control of matter that makes nanotechnology possible. Shrink contact lithography, you are doing much the same thing as when constructing a DNA reader, except doing a whole lot of it in parallel.

          • A2 says:

            Carbon nanotubes might be the most promising technology at this point in time but it still seems far off until production. However, MIT has apparently built a 16-bit 14,000 CNFET processor.


            We would need something much more precise than a DNA reader to build these sort of structures. It may be possible, but not investigated as far as I know. I’m not familiar enough with contact lithography to say anything useful about it.

            Graphene, to take another example, seemed like a potential miracle material but … no band gap.

            • jim says:

              Their carbon nanotube processor is big and power hungry, because they lack precise control over the nanotubes. So each gate contains thousands of nanotubes, instead of two.

              Graphene has no gap, though its egg carton equivalent does have a gap. Carbon nanotubes can have a gap, which can be engineered, adjusted to whatever is needed. They can be fully metallic, or fully bandgapped, or zero bandgap like graphene.

              A semiconductor is intermediate between a metal and an insulator, and a zero bandgap material is intermediate between a semiconductor and a metal. A zero bandgap or very low bandgap material can in theory support logic gates based on ballistic electron movement, which can approach the theoretical limit for gate power costs – current gates consume millions of times more power than the theoretical limit.

              The ideal processor would use metallic carbon nanotubes to distribute power and signals, and zero bandgap carbon nanotubes for the gate output line, with the ballistic electrons in the gate output line being controlled by the magnetic field of the current in the metallic gate line.

              Power rather than size is what is hurting us. There is room for astronomical improvement in speed and power consumption.

              A processor based on ballistic electron gates would consume quite a bit of power, but it would have an very high gate switching speed – enormously faster than current processors, but only moderately lower power and moderately smaller.

  7. Encelad says:

    Cuba has legalized anal marriage
    I thought Cuba was outside the GAE influence and they were instead old type leftists, what’s going on?

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Remember, all communism springs forth from Harvard. It may take a circuitous path, it may phase change repeatedly, but the source of Global Communism has always been the Cathedral intelligentsia. GAE soft power is almost wholly the provenance of the State Department and their tentacular menace of NGOs. I have no evidence to give you, but I am fairly certain the NGOs made significant in roads during the Obama administration. If you want to know who is behind any initiative, effort, or operation, you have to dig into the organizers and benefactors of the effort. I can almost guarantee that there is a network of US based NGOs and nonprofits who are behind cavorting sodomites in Cuba.

      Completely and totally unrelated, check out these shining examples of conscience based patronage facilitators:

      You can’t find a more upstanding and wonderful group of money launderers and influence peddlers. The holiness of these folks is off the charts, and I bet you’ve never heard of them.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Upon consideration, Paris could also be a source of International Marxism, but I am not well versed in French History, so they principle actors may have shifted outward from there. “France sneezes, and Europe catches a cold” is an old saying.

      • jim says:

        Not following your history.

        Perhaps you are thinking of more recent events.

        The descendants of the organization and the religious and political apparatus of the false Popes of Avignon holiness spiraled into the Enlightenment and the Church of Reason. French Revolution. The Thermidorean reaction attempts to restrain the holiness spiral, has a rough ride, calls in Napoleon for a helping hand, Napoleon shows them the door, and terminates the holiness spiral at pretty far left.

        Napoleon loses, arguably because of leftism destroying his logistics, Anglos eradicate the memetic descendants of the Church of reason, but they have their own holiness spiral running entryism against them.

        Marx, seeing the entryists take power within England, moves to England, digs up the roots of the current mob in power, which were the ideological descendants of the leftists that Cromwell suppressed, and creates a Judaised version of it, or equivalently does to Judaism what those guys did to Christianity.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Is Protestantism a byproduct of communism?

          • clovis says:

            We use the word “protestant” inaccurately in the English speaking world. It originally meant Lutherans who protested at the Diet of Speyer in 1529 the repeal of the religious tolerance Charles V had extended to them during the previous decade or so. Only later did it come to include Calvinists and radical Independents like Cromwell.

          • jim says:

            No, communism is a toxic byproduct of protestantism.

            That said, I am a protestant. Orthodoxy had accumulated a small pile of heresies, and Roman Catholicism a much bigger pile of heresies. Of course the explosion of protestant Churches led to an explosion of heresies, the demon worshipping church of Harvard being one of them, but the criticism of then existent Christianity was correct.

            Mary and Joseph had the sexual relations proper for husband and wife, and if they did not, no one should admit it, because to doubt that Christ had biological brothers is an attack on every man’s marriage, every man’s capacity to reproduce, and will of God expressed in Genesis 2:24.

            Similarly, the failure to give effect to Paul’s commands on the recruitment of Bishops and Deacons.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Sidestepping the theological points (which sound very compelling to me, obviously a man sleeps with his wife, exactly as God intended), how can communism be a byproduct of protestantism when the will to entropy through greed and envy is as old as time? I am not trying to be a legalist, I am trying to order my thinking. Marx didn’t invent Communism just as Smith didn’t invent Capitalism. But Protestantism was invented, maybe developed is a better word, within written history (Clovis says 16th Century, I myself couldn’t produce a date). Wouldn’t protestantism be a byproduct of entryism into the orthodox Christian faith(s)?

              • jim says:

                > Wouldn’t protestantism be a byproduct of entryism into the orthodox Christian faith(s)?

                Not entryism when you come out in open opposition. Within the Roman Catholic Church, people got pissed with ever increasing blatant self serving heresy, and proceeded to say so in plain and straightforward words. Promptly got expelled, and would have been killed, except that a whole lot of Kings were getting pissed with the Pope’s grabs for earthly power.

                Protestantism was a originally a restorationist movement, to ditch various heresies, in particular and especially the heresies that led to the great schism, but they were none to keen on various lesser heresies, most of them long predating the great schism, that Orthodox Christianity still subscribes to.

                Of course a whole lot of them proceeded to holiness spiral into assorted grave heresies, which eventually became nineteenth century postchristianity, and twenty first century demon worship, but the basic point was glaringly obvious – that the Church needed to reform ad return to its roots.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                The basic problem of protestantism is that, in the attempt to repudiate the say so of a heretical bishop in Rome – which, at the time, concerned specific points one might quite reasonably object too – they ended up introducing forms of argument for repudiating the say so of anyone anywhere on anything; germinal seeds of nominalism that, in time, came to bloom into the gnostic whig theocracy we know and hate that rules to day.

                • jim says:

                  Quite so.

                  But the say so of that heretical Bishop needed to be repudiated.

                  We need to restore one universal Christian Church on the model that existed in the first millenium of Christianity. And actually existent Orthodoxy is not converged to demon worship, unlike the Vatican, and its governance model is national Churches united by the consensus of the national Bishops. Need some more national Orthodox Churches. We are not Russian, nor Greek, nor Armenian.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  The basic problem of protestantism is that, in the attempt to repudiate the say so of a heretical bishop in Rome […] they ended up introducing forms of argument for repudiating the say so of anyone anywhere on anything

                  Quite right. As Jim writes below, the solution would have been to return to the consensus of the universal Church of the first millennium, which consensus had already been shattered during the Great Schism.

                  As I have apparently been pointing out for eight years, Khomiakov made a similar point, calling the Pope “the first Protestant” for breaking that consensus.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              I am sorry to see Jim misunderstand about Joseph and Mary. Mary was thirteen when she was betrothed to Joseph, a widower of over eighty years who already had at least seven children, simply for her own protection. As an Orthodox writer explains:

              for her protection she was betrothed to Him (otherwise she would be considered a prostitute or a mistress, being found in the household of an unrelated man.) Thus we call Joseph “the betrothed” to set him apart as the chosen protector of the Virgin Mary and her divine Child.”

              The priest told Joseph, “Take the virgin of the Lord and keep her for Him.” So we can see that their relationship was not that of a normal husband and wife.

              The fact that Mary was ever-virgin does not attack marriage. The atypical marriage of Joseph and Mary shows the uniqueness of Mary in human history.

              But Christ’s presence at the wedding in Cana shows marriage to be an honorable estate. And in every single service of the Orthodox church, Mary’s parents Joachim and Anna are remembered during the closing prayer.

              So it’s not necessary to contradict the teaching of the Church to try and make a point in favor of marriage, when the Church gives us many other examples to show its esteem for marriage.

              • i says:

                @Mike in Boston

                The source for that I think is dubious. And doesn’t hold up compared to the 4 selected Gospels.

                The Protoevangelium was the earliest example of virginity in perpetu mentioned that we know of.

                But it is fan fiction. Like the other forgeries of the life of Jesus.

                • jim says:

                  At least it is a fan fiction that reconciles the commandments on women and marriage with perpetual virginity.

                  But the trouble is that Joseph is normally depicted as a young man, twenties or early thirties, with a fourteen year old wife. And if that is the mental image that people have in their heads, perpetual virginity is an attack on every marriage, every family, every man’s capacity to reproduce, and on the basic commandments of the bible on these topics.

                • i says:


                  Since Mary our Lord’s Mother is held up as the model of femininity.

                  This sets up the Madonna-Whore division that has ruled the West ever since.

                  The perfect woman therefore cannot ever be sexual especially with her Husband. But all sexuality then is monopolized by the whore.

                  I think its like setting up a feminine counterpart to the masculine God by having her virginity mirror the ever-virginity of the Lord Jesus.

                  But I think the difference is that the Lord Jesus Christ never married.

                  But is pledged to be married to the Church.

                  It would make more sense for Mary to be ever-virgin outside marriage and single like Christ in that case. Then it wouldn’t be a problem.

                • jim says:

                  The ever virginity of Mary is an attack by faggots upon straights. It was inevitable that when the Church abandoned Paul’s command to recruit priests from married men with well behaved children, that the church would be overrun by faggots, because the Church and schools give access to other people’s children.

          • Neofugue says:

            Communism is a byproduct of holiness-spiraled Lutheranism, a descendant of the evil which began the German Peasants’ War of 1524 to 1525, the uprising which Luther condemned and was later crushed. Marx and Engels built Communism off of Müntzer; “to each according to his need” is plagiarized from Müntzer’s omnia sunt communia.

            • clovis says:

              The proto-anabaptist Muentzer had little to do with Lutheranism. The thing was that Luther’s willingness to confess the faith and risk death opened the door for others to ride his coattails

              • i says:

                Seriously those Communist cults keep arising through the ages. From its roots since the beginning of the First States.

                Those demons keep wanting to bring back communism.

              • Aidan says:

                The willingness of German nobility to hide Luther behind sharp pikes and stone walls opened the door for others to ride his coattails, in the same way that the House of Saud protected Wahhab and gave him the legitimacy to spread his sect.

              • Neofugue says:

                Luther wanted to reform the Catholic Church but in so doing he opened a can of worms which metastasized into demon worship and post-Christianity. If faith is based on scripture alone, no one has authority to define truth—Protestants do not and cannot follow absolute sola fide as they require creeds and consensus to maintain unity. Luther believed in the perpetual virginity of Mary, do modern Protestants?

                Without the church and the consensus of the saints there are infinite ways to bend scripture to fit demonic purposes. That being said, the converged churches are in competition to see which branch pimps out the most women and sodomizes more of its sons, so there is a balance between consensus and individual discernment.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Can the argument be made that there is a significant utility in forming a “new” church, a new faith, that cherry picks what is valuable and discards what is worthless? I am not arguing that this should be done, rather theorizing whether it should be something that needs doing. It would need to be a project for the ages, like a cathedral, built up over time and across generations. We need a faith to carry to the stars with us, so it will need to be resilient, simple, sturdy, and dangerous. Having grown up in a Protestant family, I am rather confident that Protestantism is almost certainly NOT that faith. I am much enamored with ROCOR, but I worry about the opposition to Darwinism, given how much of our reality, the tenets of the Reactionary/Dissident Right interpretive framework, is predicated on observable evolutionary elements.

                  I am not trying to be excessive here, and maybe this topic is better left untouched, but I can’t help but consider how powerful a tool it would be, to have a “new” faith that is steeped in tradition yet constructed to be deployed in the current era. This could just be a facet of week faith and/or modernity poisoning. The Evolution Issue, in my mind, is the single biggest handicap to the Christianities. It is the exploit by which Equalism, Communism, and Feminism do so much damage.

                • Yul Bornhold says:


                  Trying to engineer a religion is tricky business. The main strength of faith is the claim to divine revelation–the higher than human authority. If you’re just making up what you think best, you’ll undermine divine authority.

                  Joseph Smith incel: “Emma, why you not happy with me fucking other woman?”

                  Joseph Smith chad: “God COMMANDS his handmaid Emma Smith to accept her husband’s righteous polygamy.”

                  (Yes, there’s some sympathy to polygamy in reactionary circles but there shouldn’t be towards Smith. This guy would send his followers off on mission trips to Europe so he could get at their wives.)

                  Then you’ve the practical problem that the vast majority of religious start-ups fail. The products of deliberate state-oriented religious innovations fail even when they succeed. The Phoenicians worshiped Baal for millennia. The Church of England imploded in centuries. Scandinavian Lutheranism not so hot either.

                  Long before Darwin, people were plenty racist. Early Portuguese explorers didn’t need evolution to notice that Africans were different.

                  Also worth pointing out that most reactionary insights function from the perspective of game theory even without evolution.

                  I suspect we’ll experience the literal end of the world within a century. If I *knew* that, obviously, wouldn’t bother with much of a space program but suspicion isn’t certainty. In any case, the immediate problem is America going Rwanda. If possible, the use of political force (in the broad sense) should be used to create a sane state with sound social policy (patriarchy, flow of authority, deterrence of crime), along with infrastructure and military.

                  I suppose expansion into space is almost an alternate eschatology. Final frontier as ultimate purpose, which puts it into competition with traditional eschatology.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > Can the argument be made that there is a significant utility in forming a “new” church, a new faith, that cherry picks what is valuable and discards what is worthless?

                  Who are you to cherry pick what is valuable and discard what is worthless? Why follow you and not Muhammad, Joseph Smith, or Charles Taze Russell? You could try something similar to what William Luther Pierce did…good luck.

                  > I am much enamored with ROCOR, but I worry about the opposition to Darwinism, given how much of our reality, the tenets of the Reactionary/Dissident Right interpretive framework, is predicated on observable evolutionary elements.

                  Modern post-Christians are feminist, equalist and corrupt because of fear, pride and subversion, not Creationism. Exegeting Genesis to feminism is akin to exegeting Galatians to negro-worship.

                  Creationism should not come into conflict with Darwinian evolution, because if you believe that the world is ~7000 years old you should be able to abrogate when causality begins. Miracles themselves are an abrogation of the laws of nature, so it is not as if Christianity can use science to prove itself. It is thus possible for Christianity to have its cake and eat it too, so long as science and theology are kept in separate domains.

                  If a post-Christian is arguing feminism on the basis of Genesis, ask him whether or not the Fall applied to women. If he gives you nonsense, ask him if women do bad things. If your interlocutor states that all bad things women do are the fault of men, inform him that he is a Gnostic and leave him if he refuses to engage.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Excellent points, Yul and -fugue. Much to consider.

                  Post-Christianity pilfered everything they wanted and left out everything inconvenient. In so doing, they were able to port followers and impetus, maintaining a façade of piousness and tradition, while planting the seeds of daemonology to be reaped by future generations. A more clinical and holistic study and explication of this process is necessary to understand what happened and how it happened. But we know why it happened: the prince of lies forever ensnares the hearts of men. Thus will it ever be.

                  The inclination I feel is not to “make” a new religion. It is more of a desire for reformation, a reordering of principles and precepts. I assume that all here agree *we need to rollback the social software to a build that works*, and I acknowledge that those 12 words describe and contain a veritable universe of concepts and actions. This is, in essence, The Restoration. In order for that restoration to be successful and persistent, there are things from the “healthy build” that have to be altered, fixed, and possibly abandoned. If that fails to happen, then all of the original exploits and weaknesses will remain.

                  In the long run, Luther’s movement of reform ushered in far more ill than good (right? how not, given the state of Things? maybe not, I cannot say), so an inclination towards reformation should be viewed with critical and expansive skepticism. If we fall into a new dark age, the silver lining is that restoration becomes much simpler as an operation. But if we don’t Fall, we will need to move forward with lessons being learned as much as is possible.

                  Jimian Christianity is a start to that process. Maybe it’s best to just let things happen as circumstances demand. But it is a deep concern that infighting, purity spiraling, and legalist/factional recalcitrance will be exploited by adversaries. It might be better to have a concerted effort, something taken up by a council of men from the Acceptable faiths with a set of ground rules, minimums and maximums as a boundary for going forward, to address some of the exploits that were used to defeat the GNON compliant faiths.

                • jim says:

                  > In the long run, Luther’s movement of reform ushered in far more ill than good (right? how not, given the state of Things? maybe not, I cannot say)

                  Luther immediately found a holiness spiral running underneath him, which he successfully urged the princes to put down with fire and sword. It stayed put down.

                  Long after Luther, the Brownists started a new holiness spiral in Anglican Christianity, which now rules the world.

                  But long before Luther, a holiness spiral started running in the organizational descendants of the organization of the false Popes of Avignon, which undermined French feudalism, and eventually gave rise to the Enlightenment and the Church of Reason. One can reasonably say the Brownists were in a sense Luther descended, though descended from Luther imitators rather than directly Luther descended, but the Church of Reason was not. That Church is a descendent of Papism.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Protestants don’t give a shit about unity, people who can define truth leads to things like Fauci and anyone who accepts someone else’s ability to define truth wholeheartedly is subhuman…

                • i says:


                  Plenty of heretical communist cults like the Cathars and Albigensians arose prior to the Reformation.

                  The Reformation simply gave them more room.

                  Collectivism that is anti-individualist, Anti-family, Anti-sex differences. Etc. Is a false demonic unity through and through.

                • Lambada Equis says:


                  Interestingly, this is the topic of Gene Wolfe’s Book of the Long Sun (a generation ship is launched toward the stars with an “engineered” Catholicism to organize the human affairs of the cargo. The punchline is that it is hinted that God is willing to work even with this).

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for unexplained and absurd presuppositions*]

      • jim says:

        You write as if it is perfectly obvious, and obvious to everyone here, that the US has a strong motive to invade Cuba, rather than protect its government from overthrow, and that it had no strong motive to invade Syria.

        The motive for invading Cuba is incomprehensible to everyone here. You are going to have to explain your reasoning, and explain your presupposition, rather than confidently assuming that we all agree with some point of Cathedral doctrine that not only no one believes any more, but no one even remembers any more.

        The motive for invading Syria is obvious. The motive for Cuba is incomprehensible – I suppose there is some long forgotten point of Harvard doctrine you are pushing, but cannot guess what it is.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’d invade neither but I think the US if I had to pick I’d rather we invade Cuba than Syria…

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          The American Nationalist in me sees Cuba, and the entirety of the Caribbean and Middle America, as rightful American clay. But America is a skinsuit empire, so of course she would only be concerned with useless clay in faraway places for the sole purpose of displaying evangelizing holiness.

  8. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim, can you comment on why female conservatives get to speak and act like this? As well, can you confidently state whether or not lady-leaders such as this are actually what they say they are?

    I will be honest, I find her rhetoric incredibly inspiring, her delivery was excellent, and she seems to speak from the heart (there’s a language barrier but she still seems real). As a rule, I don’t trust female politicians, and I generally think the need to be post-menapausal to have any kind of chance at competency and rationality. I just have a hard time believing a badbitch can be married to a real man. When you get those incredibly rare women who can lead a patriarchy, they are always barren, and they always have a male wife. Otherwise, the powerful female rules from behind and beneath. Both are exceedingly rare.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I am so tired of this sentiment. Support for Israel is unavoidable if you want to be politically active in conservative circles. i don’t like this, I don’t agree with it, but I am tired of worthy people having their support undercut by “anti-Zion” shills, particularly when being anti-Israel is quite often a cover for fed shills. It is Divide & Conquer tactics. Every time any conservative starts making headway, there’s a massive campaign to undercut their support over supposed purity. The net result is a Cathedral agent beating them, and I don’t see how that is a good thing.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          In a conflict between civilized men and savages, side with the civilized man. The anti-Israel position is as ridiculous as the pro-Israel position given the obeisance of Israel to globohomo. Acting as if anyone talking favorably about Israel is being commanded by Zionists is retarded because Zionists are helpless and pathetic. As you say, most of the anti-Israel believers are either retarded and being led around by leftists, or leftists themselves.

          I am certainly not going to go out of my way to help Israel, especially as they have no more right to the Holy Land, which should be held by Christians. However, I am just as certainly not going to criticize them for bombing Muslims. No friends to the left, and no attacking anyone from the left, even Israel. That is what most of these criticisms come to in the end.

          • i says:

            Anti-gentile behavior however should be called out. And dealt with.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Absolutely. Christians and Christianity should come before Israel every time. For an example, Palestinian Christians should be protected while the Muslims are pushed into the sea. That goes doubly for Christian countries. I am of the opinion that after we take Jerusalem we let the Jews purge the Muslims in the area and they can settle down there. Then we expel the Jews from Cristendom and send them to their new lands in the Middle East. Israel is where we will put all the Jews so we do not have to kill them all. Let them visit their holy sites in the city, but not live there. Jerusalem belongs to Christianity.

              The reflexive anti-Israel stance is either a relic of incorrect Judocentric theories of leftism(Elders of Zion) or is government entryism(hello fellow right-wingers). Either way it is not conducive to a useful conversation. If it is sincere, it is still incorrect, because if the Jews were really running things, then Hamas would be running scared and hiding in the desert. If it is shill talk, then it should be silenced.

              • Ash says:

                This is fundamental misunderstanding of how the Israeli establishment operates. They genuinely do not want to throw the Muslims into the sea. For instance, if Syria offered peace tomorrow in exchange for full transfer of the Golan, they’d evict every single Jew in the area immediately and return that land in order to secure that treaty. They mistakenly and unironically are desperate for peace, and war-weary after fighting virtually nonstop for the better part of a century

    • Yul Bornhold says:

      Political lesbianism? When no man playing the male role, a woman will sometimes step up and run a domestic-abuse flavored larp of masculinity.

      Or to think of it another way, single motherhood, women having children on their own, feral, is *bad* but widowhood, a mother having children on her own isn’t *bad* in the same moral sense. It’s an accident. A tragedy. I think (or hope, because optimism) that a widow can do a decent job raising children on her own but, even so, the hardship will grind on her far worse than if she had a husband.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The polygon isn’t afraid of women, naturally, so it’s often willing to let them get away with more of their feminine uppityness before slapping them back down into the plantation (which they always bow down too in the event).

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Women in charge is emasculating even if the woman is a “conservative.” It is in opposition to the natural order and against the will of God to have a woman lead. Therefore, it is a degenerating–and thus leftist–occurance to which the left does not have much objection. They are perfectly willing to let a woman emasculate her own men, because they can route the apparatuses of state around her.

        • The Cominator says:

          Female leaders should be viewed with suspicion and not ideal but at the same time I’m willing to be pragmatic… female queens always occasionally ruled even when every other woman in the society was property and some did okay…

          They tend to do far worse as Democratic leaders…but so does everyone. I’d certainly prefer if the Italian lady was president as opposed to say Biden.

          • Neofugue says:

            Female monarchs often become whores because of a lack of male ownership, in particular the Romanov whores, with avid equestrian Catherine creating the first female university in Europe.

            Among the few noble Queens, what is your take on “Queen of the Night” Maria Theresa? IMO the Roman Catholics should have made her a saint along with her daughter and Louis XVI, but Catholicism being Catholicism they were too gay to do it.

            • The Cominator says:

              Not a fan of Maria Theresa at all. Am a fan of Elizabeth I.

              Catherine the Great was pretty successful as far as her civil score but given that she reduced 95% of Russians to a state indistinguishable from de jure slavery (and it was far worse than it was before) she was a nasty ruler.

            • i says:


              What is against the Natural Order. Is that the Husbands of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth the II is that they aren’t actually Kings. Rather they are consorts

              By virtue of the Headship of the Husband. It should be that the Husband should be King and overall Head.

              If a man marries a princess. He is automatically to be the King and overall head of the Kingdom.

              • francophone says:

                That’s what the Hundred Years’ War was about. “France is too great a kingdom to pass through the hands of a woman,” and the peers of the realm awarded the crown to a cousin rather than the daughter. The English disagreed, and you may judge for yourself how much of that was justified by greed at the prospect of grabbing the richest kingdom in Europe. Regardless, the precedent of it being acceptable for the monarchy to be traced or defined by female descent equally with male descent was set then, and the English monarchy has been defined by that ever since.

                The French monarchy is in many ways a better and more successful model than the English, and required a much more brutal and overt communist attack to bring it down.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Louis XIV killed the French monarchy by

                  1) Bureaucratizing it and also bureaucratizing economic life

                  2) Emasculating their aristocratic officer class but still keeping them as theoretically pre-eminent (theoretically the Sword nobility was still higher than the Robe nobility)

                  Getting rid of the Hugenots didn’t help him out either. It didn’t die right away it was more like a slow spreading cancer.

                  The “July Monarchy” of Louis Phillipe actually would have done great (since Louis Phillipe on matters of economics was practically a Randian) if it just wasn’t brought down by the Jesuit 1848 plot.

                  The English monarchy arguably survived more troubles than the French monarchy.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  True, but England is also the second worst pernicious source of cathedral meddling after Harvard. The Eternal Aenglo has been in on every single terrible happening of the 20th Century, and their track record in the 21st is not looking to be any better, as their insidious effect is only dampened by their loss of empire and influence.

                  I was going to point and laugh at the Honhonhon poster, but he makes a great point: France was converged, in the end, through blood and fire; England was converged with ink and ballots.

                  While this is an interesting and valuable discussion, it is further reinforcing the fact that All [white countries] have sinned [against their peoples, cultures, traditions] and fallen short of the Glory of God [==the blessings of GNON].

                • francophone says:

                  No, that’s false.

                  France was an impossible tangle of conflicting regulations and local privileges and contradictory requirements and overlapping taxes, none of which had been addressed by the preceding centuries of royal expansion. Louis XIV regularised much of that. To the extent a bureaucracy was installed it was required to administer the more orderly (and less oppressive in total) system that replaced the previous jumble of local administrations, hundreds of local courts that duplicated government expenditures and tax burdens and attempts at pomp and splendor by local big shots.

                  The military aristocracy was very much in the ascendant under him as well. One need merely consider the life of Prince Eugene, who at nineteen considered being refused the command of a regiment such a surprising and unexpected insult to his honor that he departed at once for Austria, swearing never to return to France except with weapons in hand. Turenne and de Saxe exemplified and made the best use of French martial qualities – de Saxe’s advice was that soldiers should not fire their weapons when attacking, but rely on bayonets instead, because French soldiers closing at a charge always had the fury to carry the day. De Saxe won enough battles to prove his point, and it wasn’t until the better firearms of a century later that the balance shifted.

                  I have no idea to what you are referring about the Huguenots. That rebellion ended and had no further consequences afterward. “Une foi, une loi, un roi” was the motto at the time for good reason.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m less and less thinking Harvard more and more I think that all roads lead to Rome or at least most of them. When I refer to the American Cathedral my tendency in the future will be to say Georgetown…

                  English fuckery in American politics almost always involves their glowniggers (I remember their involvement with McCain and Hillary in trying to frame Trump) but if English glowniggers were so subverted it probably involved the original glowniggers of the world… our friends in the society of Jesus. Also England wasn’t always so so bad it became that bad with Tony Blair. And Tony Blair like Fauci is something like a Jesuit.

                  Tony Blair after totally ruining England converted to Catholicism (because Roman Catholics can’t be prime minister old Glorious Revolution law) and apparently was always secretly did some Catholic observances…

                • The Cominator says:

                  Did Louis XIV’s killing localism in favor of a centralized state make France richer or poorer? The Hugenots were France’s most productive group. Don’t take my word for it, Louis XIV’s most able minister Vauban (Colbert was a cancer) said so publically.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Strategically, is it possible for a woman to re-instate a Christian patriarchy? My elementary understanding is that the answer is No. A female could potentially introduce the circumstances that might lead to a Restoration, but nothing more than that. As you say, they always eventually bow down.

        • Neuropoison says:

          Everyone should keep in mind that

          (1) politics is the art of the possible. Given that Jesus taking over the world hasn’t happened yet, we must choose among the options that are actually available,
          (2) our enemies are screeching in rage about her political ascension. That’s a good sign.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          Went to moderation. Did I use the wrong name?

        • Adam says:

          >Can a woman re-instate a male dominated social order designed to explicitly suppress female hypergamy?


          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I’ll belabor the point for the sake of discussion:

            Why not? Males can instate an order explicitly designed to enhance female hypergamy, why can’t it work the other way around? Could it theoretically be analogous to the Stirling Cycle Engine, as in, couldn’t it be run “backwards” to achieve the opposite reaction?

            I acknowledge that it is unlikely to the point of silliness, but I have personally seen a woman shame men into being more manly. It wasn’t some bull-dike pretending to be one of the guys, it was a stay at home mom thumping a bible, and it worked. But that was an isolated incident and the female probably had selfish reasons for doing so. Nonetheless, I have to wonder if it is possible for a female to become worthy, accept power, then hand it off to the proper male dominated institution. Typing it out feels a bit silly, but we are in a state of affairs wherein only females are even allowed to think thoughtcrimes, and only rarely. Marjorie Taylor Green seems to be more on message and pure than the overwhelming majority of her male peers. Ditto for the wopette firebrand.

            Upon consideration, it could very well be an impossibility, and one that the upper echelon of the Cathedral (the Octogenarians) were well aware of, and so they established the precedent of letting “conservative” women have their say because there’s no risk of them transferring their power to a man. But that seems awfully risky. All it would take is the right woman to sweep to power then place a crown on the head of her most favored warrior before jumping into bed, or off a cliff.

            • Adam says:

              Because they cannot resist the temptation to reach for power.

              Because female authority is a shit test that men must pass. Females cannot pass a shit test for you, nor resist the temptation to shit test you.

              A woman cannot dominate a man while the man simultaneously dominates the woman.

              Can a woman halt a holiness spiral? I don’t see why not. But that is a long way from a Christian patriarchy.

            • yewotm8 says:

              I can theoretically see a man whose powers of game, dominance, and muh dick are so potent that he convinces his President wife to gradually roll back laws regarding women. But eventually a public shit test would be issued against him and passing it would require backing by the rest of the male elite, meaning that such a transfer of power would be inevitable anyway.

        • francophone says:

          Jeanne d’Arc did. The Dauphin had signed a treaty renouncing the throne. She put him back on it, and the dynasty lasted centuries more, to great success.

          • Adam says:

            I won’t speak on the particulars of something I do not know, but sounds like she had a title, not power. Sounds like she submitted to an alpha male, or group of alpha males.

          • The Cominator says:

            Her case is so exceptional in history (female queens and rebel leaders happen sometimes, women actually commanding the army and seemingly being good at it no other examples but her) I question the tales authenticity.

            Also she claimed she had divine guidance and that is why she could do what she did… but her 2nd in command was the serial child torturer and murderer (who claimed he was sacrificing them to demons) Gilles De Rais. And yet the English DID seem to think she was the actual commander and not just a mascot…

            Its all a very strange case which is not at all consistent with the rest of history.

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    Off topic, but does anybody here remember J. Orlin Grabbe? I used to read his blog until he apparently suddenly died in 2008. It was on his website that I first read about Bitcoin.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Some early mass media presaging mentioned in Wikipedia.

      Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, produced an investigative segment about misinformation on the Internet that aired on March 2, 1997. Grabbe was interviewed on the show and presented as a representation of misinformation found online. Her comments about the dangers of anyone being able to create content on the Internet, rather than relying on mass media, led to further commentary online.

    • Albert says:

      I remember when he first appeared, pre-web. I checked his website everyday once he started it. The photos were a nice addition to the libertarian, crytography, and digital money content.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        I seem to recall reading his site during and after the Clinton-era crypto wars. Plus, pics of hot chicks.

        IIRC, he once referred to the media as “the cloaca of the ruling class,” LOL.

  10. restitutor_orbis says:

    Patriarch Krill of the Russian Orthodox Church has declared that soldiers who die in the line of duty have all their sins washed away.

    • jim says:

      Yes, Patriarch Kirill is reading it better than Putin.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:


      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Respectfully, Jim, I disagree. The Patriarch has a lot more room to speak and act, as he is the unquestioned Leader of his “organization.” Here’s a quote from Putin on 24 February 2022:

        “Citizens of Russia,

        The culture and values, experience and traditions of our ancestors invariably provided a powerful underpinning for the wellbeing and the very existence of entire states and nations, their success and viability. Of course, this directly depends on the ability to quickly adapt to constant change, maintain social cohesion, and readiness to consolidate and summon all the available forces in order to move forward.

        We always need to be strong, but this strength can take on different forms. The “empire of lies,” which I mentioned in the beginning of my speech, proceeds in its policy primarily from rough, direct force. This is when our saying on being “all brawn and no brains” applies.

        We all know that having justice and truth on our side is what makes us truly strong. If this is the case, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that it is our strength and our readiness to fight that are the bedrock of independence and sovereignty and provide the necessary foundation for building a reliable future for your home, your family, and your Motherland.”

        I draw attention to that last line: Strength and readiness to fight are the bedrock of independence and sovereignty and provide the necessary foundation for building a reliable future for your home, your family, and your Motherland.

        That is on fucking message. A few days or weeks ago, in response to a question about “the future” and Putin’s plans, Sergey Lavrov, easily the greatest statesman of our era, stated that Putin had laid out everything in his speeches on the 21st and 24th of February. Here are links to English transcripts provided by the Kremlin:

        Here’s a link to all of the publicly available addresses:
        I have begun working my way through them, and it seems to me that Putin is very much aware that this is leading to a global showdown.

      • clovis says:

        I thought only the pope arrogated to himself the right to declare plenary indulgences. This is disappointing.

        • jim says:

          It is a holy war,

          Not exactly heresy. He will be retroactively interpreted not as issuing a plenary indulgence, but as issuing a well founded opinion on this particular war.

          • clovis says:

            My son tells me that Stalin forced the patriarch of Moscow to make a similar statement during the Great Patriotic war. At any rate, one does not wash his sins away through fighting a war. Sins are washed away through Christ’s blood and merit, and His merit is offered in Baptism and the Gospel and received by faith. Not through self-sacrifice. Luther wrote much better about holy war in “On War Against the Turk.”

            I appreciated Kirill’s gay parade sermon. That was phenomenal. This statement is a reminder that Orthodoxy and Rome only manage to be Christian at funerals when they plead God’s mercy alone.

            • clovis says:

              IOW the idea that we wash our sins away by self-sacrifice is a denial of the atonement.

    • Sher Singh says:


      • jim says:

        Not going to argue theology with you, because you always make such discussions unprofitable and disruptive.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Second time asking this to a different, combative poster: Sher Singh, what is your goal here? What do you hope to accomplish through engaging in dialogue?

        I am starting to think that this is a good but soft shill defense. I have used this in IRL discussions; I attempt to force a person to state what their goals are, specifically, and if they are bad faith trolls, merely adopting an antipodal position for the sole purpose of fostering dissention, they are forced to come up with something more substantial on the fly. They often get lost in their own muddled mind and come up with something very stupid, or they reach for the stars and say something ridiculous, or they squeak by but invalidate their own stated purpose later. So it is more of a “dye pack” shill defense. Regardless, looking back on our many shill corpses, I feel somewhat strongly that if they had been forced to “state their business,” we would have had more flags/indicators to go off of. One thing to consider is the honest answer changing over time. The reason I came here is not the reason I stayed here, but I did come to it honestly in both cases.

        • Sher Singh says:


        • Sher Singh says:


          • jim says:

            deleted for triumphally boasting of empty symbols of power, authority, and capability for violence that been systematically stripped of any
            real substance.

            You were beaten, and your boasts are an accommodation to defeat and subservience, not resistance to it.

            To resist, you need to look at your actual chains, instead of imagining them away. You have been stripped of the capability for collective violence and your faith has been converged, and when you boast of the empty symbols of authority and power, you are submitting to that convergence.

            • Sher Singh says:

              ਖੰਡਾਪ੍ਰਿਥਮੈਸਾਜਕੈਜਿਨਸਭਸੈਸਾਰੁਉਪਾਇਆ ॥
              kha(n)ddaa pirathamai saaj kai jin sabh saisaar upaiaa ||
              At first the Lord created the Khanda and then the whole world.

              We can work as Foederati against you, we’re not Puritans.
              Khalsa grows either way – anglosphere is being broken lol.
              Liberals are more against cow slaughter than christcucks.



              • jim says:

                You triumphantly boast of the empty symbols that the Cathedral permits you, while ignoring what it has taken away from you, and utterly abandoning the thought of taking that back.

                Real men eat beef. Sikhs worrying about cow slaughter is like Jews worrying about milk products contaminating meat products.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  The center of the Sikh religion is not the holy cow, but the holy army engaged in holy war. You have lost your center, and are engaging in displacement activity.

                • someDude says:

                  Jim, Sikhs have never eaten beef from the day their religion started until today. When it comes to protecting cows and not eating Beef, the average Sikh is definitely more particular about it than the average Hindu and in all likelihood, more particular about it than the average Brahmin.

                  They were not eating Beef while, led by Emperor Ranjit Singh, they conquered and held on to Khyber Pakhtunwala (Afghan territory). You can’t accuse Sikhs of that period of not being real men.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > The center of the Sikh religion is not the holy cow, but the holy army engaged in holy war. You have lost your center, and are engaging in displacement activity.

                  Losing sight of why you fight is how whites become christian

                • jim says:

                  Given that old type Christians conquered the world, including you, created science, technology, and industrialization, I think their sight was demonstrably clearer than yours.

                  If you are fighting to prevent people from eating cows, there is something terribly wrong with your vision.

                  Your endless pot shots at Christianity are stupid, unproductive, disruptive, dishonest, and mysterious. No one here takes pot shots at old type Sikhi – we merely point out that new type Sikhi is as converged as new type post Christianity.

                  Why are you taking potshots at Christianity, without distinguishing between the old type and the new type? What is your business here?

                • Sher Singh says:


                  You’re encouraging cow slaughter & insulting the Khalsa.

                  [*bombastic arrogance deleted*]

                • jim says:


                  A wise, martial, and right religious instruction under the circumstances, which Sikhs are not following.

                  Under similar circumstances, Russian Patriarch Kirill issued a similar ruling, which Russian Orthodox Christians are following.

                  > You’re encouraging cow slaughter & insulting the Khalsa.

                  Damn right I am. The original Aryans ate beef and slaughtered cows. Made them big and strong. Cows were indeed holy, but slaughtering cows and eating them was even holier.

                  The Hindu belief in sacred cows represents a demonic attack or internal holiness spiral on the ancient Aryan faith.

                  And in fact old type Sikhi does allow and encourage beef eating, you just have to slaughter the cows in a suitably sacred manner, which is not hard at all. That Sikhs are not slaughtering lots of cows and eating lots of beef, that your rules on cows have been holiness spiraled to discourage cow slaughter and beef eating, rather than encourage cow slaughter and beef eating, represents the intrusion of a hostile holiness spiral.

                  You need to purge the cow holiness spiraling out of your Khalsa, as we need to purge priestly celibacy and the desexualization of virtuous women.

                  When the Europeans dropped in on the Japanese, the Japanese immediately wanted to get bigger and stronger, so they researched what made Europeans big and strong, and decided it was partly genetics, but also partly beef. So they valorized raising cows and eating beef, encouraged the raising of cows with state action, and encouraged eating beef culturally and socially. High status people ate beef, and eating beef was made high status.

                  The Japanese government encouraging the raising of cows by state action was the equivalent of the sacredness of cows in the original Aryan faith, and socially encouraging eating beef and making it high status was the equivalent of the Aryans holy cow slaughter and holy eating of beef. The ancient Aryans were following the same social policy for the same reasons as the modern Japanese.

                  Modern Hindu cow sacredness is a demonic holiness spiral on the original Aryan cow sacredness, which was originally intended, like the modern Japanese policy, to produce bigger and stronger warriors.

                  Everyone ridicules the modern sacred cow doctrine. It is transparently silly, it makes you weak, physically and mentally.

                  The original Ayrans ate mostly beef – they were meat eaters, and cows were their biggest meat source. The holiness spiral on cows, like the Christian holiness spiral desexualizing virtuous women, is in line with Harvard policy..

                • Sher Singh says:

                  The longest composition in Dasam Bani is Triya Charitar.
                  Tales about the character of women.

                  Discussion on the WQ begins & ends with male authority.
                  Women need to be tied like cattle.

                  Sati Mata Ki Jai


                • jim says:

                  This is a vital and central point of Sikhi, and the holy army is supposed to enforce it.

                  Unfortunately your holy army has been out of action since we old type Christians defeated you, and Sikhs are not enforcing. Not individually, and not collectively.

                  Recommended corrective reading on individual enforcement of ownership: Mate Guarding Game Everyone should apply this, and Sikhs should apply it while working towards a holy army that can collectively enforce it – which you are not working towards, instead adapting your holy army to purely symbolic and ritual role, entirely detached from securing individual authority over your land, your gardens, your homes, your wives, and your children.

                  Female Sexual Preferences covers the same material while providing a larger context and covering related matters.

                • Aidan says:

                  The ban on eating beef is a demonic entryist attack on the ancient Aryan religion. The ancient Aryans were pastoralists who drew their strength and wealth from ranching, they were the cowboys of the ancient world. Could only have been dreamed up by Dravidian demon worshippers to sap the strength of their conquerors.

                  Every Sikh I have met is rail thin and unhealthy looking; cows are wonderful machines that turn nasty weeds into delicious milk and beef, which makes a man big and strong.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  A neo-primitivist future where the genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced crew of a reaving ship raids the O’Neil cylinders that hold the livestock and women of a rival fleet. Raiding goes back and forth, tit-for-tat, and and begins to escalate into more open warfare. Eventually the local military lord demands that they trade hostages and exchange daughters to end the feud. The marriage celebrations entail a massive feast and party, drinking, and the men carrying away their new women to their new homes.

                  In that future we will bring the greatest of beasts with us to the stars. Alongside the dog and the horse, the cow was responsible for getting us where we are today. We will bring their strength with us beyond the sky.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*deleted*] It’s war then [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  It is not war, because you are defeated, because you are making your holy army’s role ever more symbolic and ever less real, and because you have failed to expunge modern and ancient demon worship and holiness spirals from Sikhi, rendering you ever less militarily capable.

                  I am primarily concerned with modern holiness spirals and demon worship in Christianity, but the ancient ones on celibate priests and the ever virginity of Mary are pretty bad.

                  For your war threat to be real, rather than impudent boasting about nonexistent martial spirit, you would need fix Sikhi in ways analogous to old type Christianity and the old type Aryan faith – which would of course diminish or eliminate your theological reasons for war.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Sikhs probably would have done very well for themselves IF they weren’t up against the British army in its prime.

                  Probably there wasn’t any non-white force at the time that could have beaten the Khalsa… I like Sikhs overall everyone I meet who deals with them closely tells me they are generally good honest people (exact opposite of typical Indians) but this guy shouldn’t come here to cause trouble.

                  Treating tobacco as a major sin (the most benign of drugs because it doesn’t negatively warp the mind) to be met with mob violence is obviously holiness spiraling.

                • jim says:

                  Nicotine is the original nootropic

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I would caution you against war with people like me. My ancestors beat yours as a side effect of shopping for spices. That was not a holy war, that was just negotiation. A holy war of Christendom versus Hinduism would be the end of your world.

                  Plus, I like fighting people and fucking people up. You are threatening me with a good time. It would be a nice, straightforward fight. “They worship strange gods that are not the One, True God. Show them the error of their ways.” No heart and minds bullshit, just some old-fashioned conquest.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Tobacco & Beef have been banned since First Guru.
                  Brits fought a Sikh Army depleted by 10 years of civil war.

                  Nothing more to say, stop deleting theological responses.[*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  > Tobacco & Beef have been banned since First Guru.
                  > Brits fought a Sikh Army depleted by 10 years of civil war.

                  Exactly so. That is how Christians have been defeating everyone for the past two millennia. Failure of cohesion by non Christians.

                  Civil war is a form of incohesion. Incohesion reveals there is something very wrong with your state religion: By their fruits you will know them.

                  King Alfred did not kill any pagan leaders that I recall. The pagan leaders killed each other and King Alfred converted the survivors at swordpoint – thus considerably improving their life expectancy.

                  > Nothing more to say, stop deleting theological responses.

                  Kindly refrain from confidently telling us that our theology is wrong because a bunch of gurus whose religion is infested with Dravidian demon worship and ancient holiness spirals disagree. This argument is unlikely to persuade.

                  Also stop telling us that Christians and Christianity is unmanly. It was manly enough to conquer the world, including you, and keep women in their proper place. It is today’s postchristianity that is unmanly.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*attack on Christianity deleted*]

            • ten says:

              Well no, the ban on eating cows is the aryans telling their shitskin subjects to stay the fuck away from their cattle, the shitskins internalizing their masters wishes like good little fucking bitches, and over time, you get sher singh, the dumbest shitstain to ever wear a retarded hat and a toy sword, prancing about and feeling mighty that he is kept as a pet and sees his retarded hat mirrored in other pets of the cathedral (when not conflating his shitskin cousins beating up some cow farmer with himself conquering the british empire).

              Shere kahn, king of the jungle, you’re pretty damn dumb.

              • Sher Singh says:

                Untouchability begins with cattle consumption.
                Other civilizations like the Persians & Egyptians protected cows.


                • jim says:

                  Successful civilizations protected cows because they are tasty and nutritious.

                  You have holiness spiraled cow protection, in the same way Christians holiness spiraled chastity from protecting and supporting marriage, to subverting and attacking marriage.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Untouchability in the sense that no one can even come close to touching our records and accomplishments? Hindus did not land on the moon, or build the nuclear fusion bomb. Hindus did not conquer the entire world. Christians did that. Christianity is the social technology equivalent of the first protohuman to throw a rock as weapon technology. “The evolutionary arms race is over; this is my planet now.” So say all you want, confined to a single subcontinent. It is all cope.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*attack on Christianity deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Your attacks on Christianity are unworthy of discussion.

                  Your faith is no more the original Aryan faith than today’s Judaism are the original faith of nomadic pastoralist patriarchs, and an Indian is no position to ridicule us for allowing race mixing. The Aryans were tall and white when they conquered India, now their descendants are brown and short.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  Your prehistory is too silly to be worth rebutting. We know what second wave Aryans looked like. Aryans left their genes all over the place, and populations with those genes fairly pure can be found all over the place.

              • jim says:

                Your account is more plausible, because nomadic pastoralists conquering grain farmers. The cattle continued to wander, and the nomadic pastoralists told the grain farmers to let them be.

                But the primary reason that the pastoralists were keeping cattle was to eat them.

                Tasty and nutritious.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Which Aryan invasion are you speaking of?
                  Pathans & Baloch came in the 6-800s, Scythians before.

                  Christianity builds institutional cohesion by attacking kinship
                  The rule of law surpassing blood feuds, this is well known.


                • jim says:

                  The first wave of Aryan invasions happened at the beginning of Bronze Age, three thousand before Christ, but did not reach India. There was a subsequent wave of Aryan and culturally Aryan peoples whose racial background is somewhat complex at the end of the Bronze Age, thirteen hundred BC. And Aryan and sort of Aryan peoples have been at it the whole time and for a long time after.

                  The Indian Hindu religion is descended from the Aryans of the second wave who invaded India around 1700 to 1400. Unfortunately they got a large infestation of the demon worship of the conquered Davidian peoples.

                  The evidence for this is linguistic, genetic, and in the religious rituals of Aryans of this period. Indra=Thor=Zeus=Jupiter. They had a lot more in common with paganism of Greece and Rome that lasted in Iceland to 1000AD, than they had with modern day Hinduism, of which Sikhi is an offshoot. They were ancestor worshipers.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • Aryaman says:

                  But note, the zenith of Indian civilization as far as science, mathematics, and industry go happened well (as in, millennia) after the latest plausible point of admixture. And the best science, mathematics, and industry came from parts of India now called Dravidian (though the differences are not all so simple), though it came from the less admixed among those, who were nonetheless still more admixed than people in the North.

                  Also, ancestor worship very much remains in all the most relevant sacraments, the performance of which look more or less identical to the way they were done a very long time ago, and would not appear alien to other Aryan-derived groups.

                  There is holiness spiraling in Hinduism. The place to see that is an obsession with cleanliness whereby Brahmins will not drink from a glass of water used by non-Brahmins, will not eat in the kitchens of others, and will throw water around places to symbolically clean themselves while becoming less clean in the process.

                  And there is demon worship in Hinduism too. (Though Krishna is not the source of that). But the real problem is that it is a muscular religion that has forgotten its muscularity, and does not have anything remotely resembling a pope or college of priests professing the religion to the people. Chanting ancient words while important is not enough, and now everyone makes up their own stories about what the precepts of the religion mean in the common tongue.

                • jim says:

                  > the best science, mathematics, and industry came from parts of India now called Dravidian (though the differences are not all so simple), though it came from the less admixed among those, who were nonetheless still more admixed than people in the North.

                  The faith of those in England that accomplished science, technology, industrialization, and world empire is amply recorded, and reading it I can see what worked and why it worked. There were lots of colorful, illustrative, and dramatic incidents showing the interaction between faith, science, industry, and conquest.

                  You do not seem to know what the faith of those that achieved the best science, mathematics, and industry in India was. It does not seem to be well recorded, and if it is recorded, you have not been looking. Yes, it was Hinduism, but there are a lot of very different kinds of Hinduism. It is considerably more diverse than Christianity.

                  And far from all versions of Christianity were comfortable coexisting with science, technology, and industry.

                • someDude says:


                  It’s indeed beginning to look like not having a pope is the same having too many popes.

                  Can we make something of the Shankaracharya tradition? Or the Tatacharya tradition? There has got to be a solution we can use.

                • jim says:

                  Orthodoxy does not have a Pope.

                  What it does have is national leaders who are answerable to Caesar.

                  That works.

                • Aryaman says:

                  You are right that I have only a foggy sense of what was going on around the time there was science, mathematics, and industry in India. But we do know that this time was millennia after admixture ended, and after extremely strict endogamy that survived through the 20th century began. So, genetically, those guys are pretty similar.

                  But I can gather some of what worked there by looking at what worked for England in the time of the industrial revolution, by projecting the successful part of Christianity on to the successful part of Hinduism, to the extent there is not a contradiction. Of which there is plenty, but not on issues such as marriage.

                  There are a lot more demons in Hinduism as it is practiced today, and obviously there are dramatic material deficiencies that follow as a result. So the mustard seed might be obscured by a lot more muck, but it is alive and well — and in some ways more so than in the west. You do not believe it, but the important sacraments which govern Hindu life are not usually filled with demons, and observed as they were observed a very, very long time ago. And the meaning contained therein is fully compatible with patriarchy, indeed ordains it.

                • someDude says:


                  Then what comes first? The caeser or the Prophet/Archbishop. Past precedent/Historical record/Folklore from India is that the Archibishop came first and he mentored the Caeser. I can readily point to three cases. Other Hindu commentators may correct me.

                  1. Chanakya-Chandragupta (Maurya dynasty/Empire)

                  2. Vidyaranya-Harihara&Bukka Raya (Vijayanagara Empire)

                  3. Baba Ramdas-Shivaji (Maratha Empire)

                  We’re hoping for another one, but one that calls out demons in Hinduism and instructs Caeser to do his thing.

                  Also, whether Hindus should convert to Sikhism en masse may also be something worth looking into. Sikhism has considerably fewer demons and we don’t think of them as different from us and Sikhs themselves claim to be the only real Hindus left in India. We could be Hindu-Sikhs.

  11. Mister Grumpus says:

    Notice how Russia might be pulling off a more fair election in Donbass than Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania can.

    Then notice how much organization, firepower, and ready capability for violence — right up to nuclear — have been required to make it possible IRL, just for an opinion poll.

    One fair vote, one fair count, one time? Do I remember that from somewhere?

    Eye opening and disturbing.

    Now that the “sham election” meme is out there… God 2024 is going to hurt.

  12. Severian says:

    Looks like something might really be happening in China.
    From a very pro China account just now:

    • Severian says:

      Actually disregard this.
      I completely fell for a sarcastic post. Better off deleting this thing.

  13. The Cominator says:

    Re China coup, the flight cancelations add credibility to the coup rumor I was wondering why they’d cancel flights then I thought they’d do it if they intended to arrest all Xis political allies.

    Good hopefully the Maoist scum is gone.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I call you brother, so don’t hear what I’m not saying. We need China to be whole. We need them to throw off the plans and efforts of those that would neuter my sons and put you in a shallow grave. If They coup Xi, you, Desantis, us, and everyone good and honest is fucked. I know Covid is the only thing that matters to you, and I don’t begrudge you your victory, but you’ve been here too long to be that shortsighted without someone saying something. Don’t be the stable dinner dwarf, my friend.

      If the State Department can unseat Xi, the nukes are going to fly. Russia is playing for table stakes. I hope I’m wrong.

      • The Cominator says:

        if xi is coupled its not globohomo but Dengist in the army and party. Xi is more an ally than enemy of globohomo.

      • Sher Singh says:

        @Sher Singh
        As I’ve said before, I remain impressed by both the Sikhs and the Gurkha. But it must be pointed out the teaming mass of barefooted paupers and the only 20th century weapon we saw was the horse. My point stands.

        So, Singhs carrying guns & sabres in India is a result of Globohomo.
        The Brits giving up on banning Kirpans in the 1910s is as well.

        56D wignat chess where everything is the cathedral rather than their empty existence.


        • jim says:

          I am allowing the comment through, but it is unresponsive, and I probably should not.

          The point in the comment that you are ignoring and failing to respond to, is that you get to carry a big knife, because you are perceived as brown, and are indulgently granted brown privilege as one of our masters pets (because you look like the other pets, even if you are not in fact a pet) and no one takes your big knife seriously, while they do take our guns seriously – and if we carry some other weapons, they take them seriously also, because when whites riot, continents burn.

          Perhaps they should take you seriously, and before 1840 they did take you seriously. But, perhaps because ignorant of history, they do not take you seriously now. You are not being respected, you are being indulged and patronized.

          • Sher Singh says:

            I carry a 3ft Sword. Nihang Singhs carry guns openly no license.
            White social technology is to respect the state & love thy neighbor.

            That’s how Europeans lost their tribes, clans & now “race”.
            W/o politicized kin-ship units, whites fail to see how every other group resists state authority inherently – they don’t internalize orders the way Hajnal whites do.

            More a case of shooting the messenger – whites don’t riot, they march.
            The state makes them march, and the state is woke.

            That’s my only point, and I don’t care to belabour it further.


            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Fascinating. Years of respect cultivated by living and working amongst Sikhs all being undone by one goal post shifting, bitchmade mudskin. You knew exactly what I meant, and you made Jim explain it to you, only to stick up your nose and pretend you are above it all. The fact that you ported your response from a past comment to this one, and lack the skill, tenacity, or sense to connect the two different topics is proof positive that this ride is too big for one track dirt people. Go wave your sword at the clouds while you play bouncer for your Hindu betters. Your only here to wave the pendant of a people who never asked you to. Anti-white invective is the only tune you have, and you aren’t particularly good at singing it.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              You can carry a sword or a gun because it does not matter if you carry a sword or a gun; you are not a serious threat. You would very quickly find that your license, while unofficial, is still very real should you step out of line. Any resistance to the Cathedral would see that unofficial license revoked, and police coming to enforce upon you the same laws they enforce upon whites. You are more a slave than the disarmed whites because you cannot even see the chains and bars keeping you in.

              • Sher Singh says:

                > Any resistance to the Cathedral would see that unofficial license revoked, and police coming to enforce upon you the same laws they enforce upon whites.

                What like the 10 of thousands of Sikhs killed in the 80s & 90s?
                [*unresponsive, boring, and endlessly repeatitious abuse deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  No, like the millions of Tutsi genocided in the Congo by Cathedral funded proxies provided with close ground support by Cathedral aircraft manned by Cathedral pilots, and artillery support by Cathedral artillery manned by Cathedral troops.

                  What made this genocide possible was the blood diamonds attack. The Cathedral deplatformed and demonetized the Tutsi large scale self defense organizations, so the self defense organizations switched from US dollars to uncut diamonds to purchase weapons and organize logistics, so the Cathedral demonetized uncut diamonds.

                  And they have demonetized you, so that any time they get irritated by their brown pets getting uppity, they can, and will, exterminate you man woman and child as they exterminated the Tutsi in the Congo.

                  They laugh at your toy swords, which are toys because they have taken away the means that would allow you to use weapons in a large scale organized collective way.

                  Which is why Plonky2 going open source is a huge deal, because it makes possible a crypto currency that is strongly resistant to the blood diamonds attack.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Do not forget Waco. They will burn you, your women, and your children alive, bury the evidence with bulldozers, and pose for victory photos above your graves. Your entire religion within the West poses less of a threat to the Cathedral that the Branch Davidians.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  We had Bluestar & the Partition. Lakhs of Muslims in body bags wasn’t a GAE plan – you can tell from their telegrams.

                  Some states such as Italy or Denmark still oppose the Kirpan. A Singh was arrested in North Carolina for it yesterday. It’s definitely a struggle for basic religious dignity. However, no place above 0.5% Sikh bars it at all.

                  The references to toy swords are uncalled for and blasphemous. Sikhs are better armed than all groups but White Americans – who Imo are that way due to a historic accident, only 1/3 of Americans own guns.



                  “Your entire religion within the West poses less of a threat to the Cathedral that the Branch Davidians.”

                  Within the decade, there’ll be more Sikhs proportionally within Canada & Australia than the Indian Republic. Like I said, I’m bullish on Sikhi because the Khalsa has defeated hordes of white & black attackers in alliance before such as DasRajna (Battle of Kings)


                  A new post-Industrial (Victorian) white phenotype is emerging which is immune to GAE propaganda, and state efforts – I’m bullish on its growth & expansion.


                  “Western Europe, State Formation, and Genetic Pacification” by Peter Frost & Henry C. Harpending.

                  We’re anti cow slaughter, anti inter-caste marriage, pro Dharmic etc. Neither pro nor anti GAE it varies by issue – however, the Khalsa bows only to the Guru.

                  “The Khalsa is never a satellite to another power.

                  They are either fully sovereign or in a state of war and rebellion. ”


                • jim says:

                  > “The Khalsa is never a satellite to another power.
                  > They are either fully sovereign or in a state of war and rebellion. ”

                  But you are not in a state of war and rebellion, while the plain meaning of your faith is that you should be. Your faith is being converged. Your militarism is merely carefully symbolic, and your fertility rate is plunging.

                  And if you were in a state of war and rebellion, you would be crushed like an ant, because entryism and the fact that the state has complete control of your money makes collective violence difficult.

                  > Within the decade, there’ll be more Sikhs proportionally within Canada & Australia than the Indian Republic

                  The branch Davidians posed more of a threat than any number of Sikhs, because they were collectively organizing to give effect to old type Christian marriage. You can start boasting when being a brave and loyal member of the Khalsa guarantees one an obedient virgin wife.

                  You are preaching old type Sikhi to new type Sikhs, just as I am preaching old type Christianity to new type post Christians, so I am going to censor all your anti Christian Sikh triumphalism, and all your anti white Sikh triumphalism.

                  White Christians beat you, and you are still beaten and still under the thumb of the degenerate successors to White Christians.

                  Well, we are under that thumb also, so let us not take potshots at each other. You started taking pot shots first.

                • Jatt Arya says:


                  Also, I thought I was using Sher Singh here but it Was Jatt Arya.

                  You can see I’ve just been away for a few years, but am a longtime commentator.

                  Don’t appreciate the censorship. 3 years on, I still haven’t separated the White Mass from GAE (worship/minions). However, a non-GAE White faction has emerged, and it’s appreciated.


                • Jatt Arya says:

                  Your faith is being converged. Your militarism is merely carefully symbolic, and your fertility rate is plunging.

                  And if you were in a state of war and rebellion, you would be crushed like an ant, because entryism and the fact that the state has complete control of your money makes collective violence difficult.

                  We have no reason for collective violence [*triumphalism deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I don’t see anything to be triumphant about. You are under the thumb of Harvard, as much as any mainstream Christian Church, and in the stuff I deleted you implicitly admitted what you explicitly denied. A whole lot of Sikhs were willing to act as their religion demanded, but in the end, unable to act, for the reasons I described. Harvard has taken away your capability for collective violence, even though collective violence is the very center of Sikhi.

                  And you are not going to get it back until being a brave and loyal member of the Sikh military reliably gets one an obedient virgin wife.

                • Jatt Arya says:

                  > I don’t see anything to be triumphant about. You are under the thumb of Harvard, as much as any mainstream Christian Church, and in the stuff I deleted you implicitly admitted what you explicitly denied. A whole lot of Sikhs were willing to act as their religion demanded, but in the end, unable to act, for the reasons I described.

                  The state withdrew the farm bills.. So we won.
                  [*empty boast deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  You are and were in chains, and were protesting a change in those chains. The state has a monopoly of buying and selling those farm products. This is sovereignty? Avoiding unfavorable change in your chains is winning?

                • Sher Singh says:

                  You can start boasting when being a brave and loyal member of the Khalsa guarantees one an obedient virgin wife.

                  Why boast about it? Women belong [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Sikhs have the symbols but not the substance – your reproduction rate is collapsing.

                  Much as you have the symbols of an army, but not in fact the substance, as has been repeatedly demonstrated in recent times.

                  Which is why the Cathedral feels comfortable indulging your empty pretenses.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Idk why you’d delete [*deleted again*]

                • jim says:

                  Because the soldiers of the taliban have authority over their land, their gardens, their homes, their children, and their women, and Sikhs do not.

                  As I said before, empty boasts. The Cathedral smiles and gives you a pat on the head for being boastful and brown.

                  The Cathedral left you the empty symbols of your army, your land, your homes, and your women. It left you your weapons, but took away the capability to use them collectively. As it did our weapons.

                  You substitute the symbols of army and authority for an actual army and actual authority, and when the Cathedral pats you on the head you boast you have intimidated it.

                  This is akin to the Jews substituting the letter of the law for obedience to God’s commands, a violation vehemently denounced by Jesus, and forty years after his death demonstrated in blood literal and spiritual, resulting in their prophesied expulsion. You need a prophet who will tell the Sikhs that they need an actual army that will enable them to take actual authority. He will probably get the treatment Jesus got, but perhaps be more violent about it.

                  You need to start with money that the government cannot control, then proceed to logistics and advanced weaponry, and then organized collective violence to establish an order that gives you real individual and collective authority over your land, your gardens, your homes, your women, and your children.

                  Your boasts are irritating to us, disruptive of this blogs community, and harmful yourself and your fellow Sikhs, for they are acceptance of Cathedral fake reality.

                • Anon says:

                  You are like a bull in china shop.

                • alf says:

                  Your boasts are irritating to us, disruptive of this blogs community, and harmful yourself and your fellow Sikhs, for they are acceptance of Cathedral fake reality.

                  Nail on the head. Pride is the original sin.

                • Starman says:

                  @Sher Singh

                  “ho Imo are that way due to a historic accident, only 1/3 of Americans own guns.

                  That statistic is just as fake and gay as the fake FIRE GDP of blue cities.

                • Guy says:

                  I’m constantly amazed by how many people have guns. I’m surrounded by progressives who hate 2A but make a principled exception for themselves. After all, what if some savage breaks into THEIR home?

                • Sher Singh says:


                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Hi, I am Sher Singh! You may remember me from such hits as [deleted for gross stupidity] and [unresponsive, endlessly boring]. Today, I am being paid by [not a real group] to tell you all about [Cathedral propaganda masticated then spit out by some ethnicity somewhere] and why you, the whites, are responsible for [dumb shit we did to ourselves].

                • Jatt Arya says:

                  I don’t need money to yeet on whites. They do it to themselves.

                  Jim said you shouldn’t burn niggers for marrying white.
                  Christcucks are ok with a biblical Brazil.

                  Not like this punk will approve any responses.
                  O well, demographics stay ticking. 🤷‍♀️⚔️


                • jim says:

                  How are Sikh demographics going, now that you have lost authority over your land, your gardens, your homes, your wives, and your children, and, contrary to your religion, failed to go to war, Taliban style, over it?

                • i says:


                  I’m surrounded by progressives who hate 2A but make a principled exception for themselves. After all, what if some savage breaks into THEIR home?

                  They don’t actually believe what they profess. What they believe is demonstrated by their actions.

                  And of course they are against 2A for you. Not for them.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  > How are Sikh demographics going, now that you have lost authority over your land, your gardens, your homes, your wives, and your children, and, contrary to your religion, failed to go to war, Taliban style, over it?

                  Nihang Singh demographics are fine.
                  There isn’t a generation without rebellion in Panjab.

                  The Taliban have mountains & a foreign sponsor or 3.
                  You’re showing your misunderstanding of war.


                • jim says:

                  > > How are Sikh demographics going, now that you have lost authority over your land, your gardens, your homes, your wives, and your children, and, contrary to your religion, failed to go to war, Taliban style, over it?

                  > Nihang Singh demographics are fine.

                  Sikh population of the Punjab declined from eighty percent in the 1970s to fifty seven percent in 2011. You are probably a minority today. Don’t lecture us on white displacement. You have lost your homeland.

                  You are beaten, old type Christians beat you, and you have failed to rebel against the proxies of the demon worshipping memetic descendants of Christians. The Sikh leadership are also converging your religion to the Harvard ruled Hinduism of those proxies, and you personally and individually are converging it on this blog – posting cow worship while dismissing the things that make it possible to use collective violence as a Jewish plot.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  55% in 1961 & 57 today. You have no clue who or what Nihangs are.
                  Sikhs were always a minority in greater Punjab.


                  Women belong behind the veil, if the state wants to take em into its harem – you fight it.


                • jim says:

                  Image search on Nihang shows a gross under representation of young men, and holiness spiraling on ridiculous turbans, rather than impressive weapons. What happened to the shoes with metal points for lethal kicks?

                  Those turbans are the same stuff Christ called out, when he said “they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,”

                  > Women belong behind the veil, if the state wants to take em into its harem – you fight it.

                  But you are not fighting it. And if you did, the state would be on to you like it was on to the Branch Davidians.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  You are focusing on irrelevant, trivial, and minor aspects of the Sikh faith that will not get you in trouble with Harvard. I am suppressing this stuff as I suppress the material from the fake Christians.

                  You in tones of triumph and the language of victory announce your weakness and surrender.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  The younger gen supports em, and war will fix the rest.
                  Endia’s given up on quick cultural change due to 80s.

                  You’re right in pointing out how bad things are,
                  I’m comparing it to how much worse things could be.

                  The Kirpan could be outright banned or made dull.
                  Italy tried pushing plastic ones, Rajputs can’t carry arms.

                  The Large Turbans are a few men who do it to encourage youngsters. I don’t do it, but will not condemn nor see it insulted.

                  “A Singh protects cows and Brahmans.”


                  You’re not one to tell us which parts of Maryada we follow or not.


                • jim says:

                  > The Large Turbans are a few men who do it to encourage youngsters. I don’t do it, but will not condemn nor see it insulted.

                  You urgently need a prophet who will insult it as Jesus Christ insulted broad phylacteries.

                  The clothing code for Nihang requires impressive weapons and armor, impressive turbans are a detail, a detail ridiculous if disproportionate to the weapons and armor. As I type this there is hanging on the wall opposite me a medievalish weapon more impressive than any of the medievalish weapons that came up on the first page of image search for Nihang. If the old men carried that it would encourage the youngsters.

                  > You’re right in pointing out how bad things are,
                  > I’m comparing it to how much worse things could be.

                  No you are not. You are boasting as if you were following, as if Sikh’s were following, the martial commandments of your faith while running away from them as hard as you can.

                  > war will fix the rest

                  there will be no war, for you, you personally and the Sikh leadership, are running away from the things you can and must do in peace and in defeat to prepare for war and victory.

                  Talking as if you were actually martial and actually in a state of war is a substitute for what what your faith requires, and I am not going to allow you to wave this substitute around on this blog, and even less should your religious leaders allow it at home.

                  You are defeated and occupied. Your faith requires you to never allow this. Having allowed it, your faith should require to act in the reality of today, while preparing for a different reality tomorrow. Empty boasting is not what your faith requires. Real preparation is what your faith requires.

                  What you have been doing on this blog is the equivalent of what the Jews did under Roman occupation – their faith said that foreign conquest was a punishment from God for disobeying his commandments. They had been Jewing God, and they escalated their “obedience” to the Lord’s commandments by Jewing God twice as hard.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  [*empty boasting deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Sikhs are converging, not following, Sikhi, and you are converging Sikhi in the direction away from conflict with the Cathedral and towards Harvard’s hindu proxies in India.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  You urgently need a prophet who will insult it as Jesus Christ insulted broad phylacteries.
                  The bigger problem is Vegetarian Fake Sikhs who push gender equality, inter-caste marriage & Symbolic Kirpans.

                  An empty symbol being the antithesis of the Sikh religion, and Kshatriya Dharma in general.

                  That falsehood is destroyed with every tobacco or beef lynching done by Nihang Singhs. The Dal (warband) is also pushing back against heresies & Christian missionaries – coming off a victory against the state in 2021 where the Guru’s Flag flew atop Delhi’s Red Fort.

                  A Sikh is one who eats meat, a Brahmin is one who does not.

                  The Veggie Sikh bs is a product of British times & institutions.
                  It’s a spent force though – elites either support Nihang Singhs or liberalism. Morale is very high following the farmer’s agitation.

                  No you are not. You are boasting as if you were following, as if Sikh’s were following, the martial commandments of your faith while running away from them as hard as you can.


                  We’re allowed to fight on the run. You can’t make men fight who don’t want to – a peacetime army’s job is to maintain customs, and traditions.


                  With the Pathans in Kabul war will surely come.
                  Sikhi spreads during war.


                  I’m just someone who carries a Sword. My life’s changed since I started doing so, make of that what you will.


                • jim says:

                  Fair enough, but I am not going to allow you to $#!& up the comments with triumphalism, when you are merely enlarging your phylacteries.

                  Sikhi does indeed spread during war, being a religion adapted for a continual state of war, but you are not going to get anywhere without a foreign sponsor, and you are not going to get a foreign sponsor while running away from the center and core of your faith, which is the capacity for collective violence.

                  Instead of preparing your religion for a return to state of war while adapting it to defeat and hostile occupation, you are adapting it to permanent defeat and and permanent hostile occupation. And being obnoxiously triumphant about this adaption.

                  Well, no alternative to adaption to defeat and hostile occupation, but boastfully celebrating such adaption as if in martial state of war is not going to be allowed on my blog. The problem is to distinguish between concessions to reality that keep you alive for better days, concessions to power that make better days improbable, and adaptions to defeat that make future victory possible. And your boastful triumphalism is the reverse of this.

                  Holiness spiraling on safe things like absurd turbans is an adaption to defeat that makes better days improbable. Similarly cows. Should be holiness spiraling on control of women, not protection of cows.

                  Aryans eat meat. Refraining from cow slaughter is an ancient holiness spiral on respect for property rights in roaming cows – a holiness spiral that denies, rather than upholding, that property right. Much as priestly celibacy is an ancient holiness spiral on respect for men’s property rights in women, a holiness spiral that results a Church infested by faggots who deny, rather than uphold, those property rights in women

                • jim says:

                  > > You urgently need a prophet who will insult it as Jesus Christ insulted broad phylacteries.

                  > The bigger problem is Vegetarian Fake Sikhs who push gender equality, inter-caste marriage & Symbolic Kirpans.

                  All Kirpans are symbolic for the core of the Sikh religion is organization for collective violence, which you are running away from. A ridiculously large turban is just as empty a symbol of superior holiness as vegetarianism. The vegan sikh is displaying superior holiness in a way that violates obvious precepts of the Sikh faith, and the man with silly hat is displaying superior holiness in a way that subtly violates the precepts of the Sikh faith.

                  > > You are boasting as if you were following, as if Sikh’s were following, the martial commandments of your faith while running away from them as hard as you can.

                  > We’re allowed to fight on the run.

                  You are not fighting on the run. To the extent that there is Sikh violence, it strikes at what the Cathedral does not care about or would prefer to be suppressed, and fails to prepare for large scale coordinated violence. Sikh violence is itself converged.

                • jim says:

                  > That falsehood is destroyed with every tobacco or beef lynching done by Nihang Singhs.

                  Going after tobacco and beef merchants is a displacement activity, akin to the outrage of shills on Gab about “pedophiles” – meaning straight men having sex with fertile age females, while those shills piously ignore the faggot schoolteachers who are sexually attracted to all people without boobs regardless of chronological age who are surgically removing their daughters boobs.

                  You guys need, and your faith requires, control of your land, your gardens, your homes, your wives, and your children, and the capacity to organize large scale collective violence, a job that Christianity assigns to Caesar, but a job that is part of Sikhi. The Cathedral which hates meat and hates tobacco smiles benignly upon you when you go after its targets.

                  Going after targets that the Cathedral does not like either is less silly than wearing ridiculously large turbans without the weapons on display that make a big turban considerably less ridiculous, but it still a displacement activity from the demands of your faith. It is still convergence.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  > You’re not one to tell us which parts of Maryada we follow or not.

                  If this is the case, who are you to tell us anything? Again, I ask you, why are you here? If you want to poke fun at suffering white people, why not go on Black Twitter and make fun of a dead queen or regale your fellow browns with witty anecdotes of once being Kangz? This place has a purpose, and a synthetic tribe with things to contribute. I am struggling to figure out why you are here, what you want, and what you have to offer. You may not realize this if you don’t have any experience with western media, but we get a metric fuckton of depressing news, divide & conquer propaganda, and just the worst memetic garbage basically 24/7. So there’s really no for another mentally colonized crybaby shitting up the comments section.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  You are telling me that you are fighting against beef and tobacco? Impressive! That will sure show the Cathedral! Are you going to go beat up people to protect homos, next? Or maybe you could send your daughters to school instead of getting married. With enemies like you, what will the Cathedral ever do?

                • Sher Singh says:

                  @jim Agree on everything but cow slaughter. We still eat buffalo, and cattle raiding is encouraged.

                  @kunning Came back to comment due to a blog post elsewhere, normally just read. Pulled in now,

                  @jim Could you do the courtesy of offering suggestions?

                  The situation as it stands is Sikhs have 2 1/2 armies.

                  1. The SGPC (Gurudawara comittee) Task Force is arming as the state pulls away from bodyguard activities

                  2. Nihang Singhs

                  3. Avg initiated Sikh

                  1 & 2 mostly have bolt actions & double barrels.
                  3 has melee weapons in a country which lacks even those.

                  1 & 2 can co-ordinate on a semi-mass scale. 3 has village panchayats or councils which can mobilize manpower.


                  However, none have any artillery or air (drone) power.

                  Indian laws related to lower castes & women are weaponized.
                  Either can get an extended family arrested on an accusation of insult & are non-bailable.

                  A few thousand Sikh youth have been arrested under anti-terror laws often for made up things. The above & these laws are all non-bailable. Trials can take decades,

                  Personally, think we’re staring at the abyss as every issue but the woman question is a distraction.


                • jim says:

                  Can they use violence at scale? Or can they merely celebrate the empty rituals of violence at scale?

                  Fairly frequently push comes to shove. And what I see is that the Indian state can push and not get shoved.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  As far as killing over beef & tobacco – violence & challenging the state’s doctrinal monopoly on it is good.

                  All things are solved by violence, and it is the solution to all problems. Weapons are the physical aspect of the Goddess.

                  Escalating violence as the state pulls back is how you end up with Raj. It’s always a back-forth.

                  You cannot separate women from violence as the Goddess demands blood.


                • jim says:

                  > As far as killing over beef & tobacco – violence & challenging the state’s doctrinal monopoly on it is good.

                  Is antifa and BLM a challenge to the state’s monopoly of violence?

                  The traditional monopoly has always been state monopoly of large scale force, and state restraint of private violence to those targets the state finds appropriate.

                • Sher Singh says:


                • jim says:

                  Last time that I am aware that Sikhs used violence at scale was partition, when the British just gave up and left you to your own devices, and that was not really violence at scale. Just lots of small groups independently wiping out lots of small groups.

                  Any good examples since then? Any good examples before then, but after white Christian warriors defeated you?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Take it easy. Flight cancellations suggest that something is up, but gives us no clue as to what it is and which direction it’s going. One could just as easily peg it as Xi’s side winning, and trapping their enemies inside the country.

      That said, wherever you’re getting rumors and information about the China situation, please share, because I have no idea where to even start.

      • The Cominator says:

        No solid info other than lots of flights being cancelled suddenly (and not due to muh zero covid) so no idea whats going on… but its something. Xi is not appearing… he could be trying to trick his enemies into coming out before the party congress though.

  14. Kunning Druegger says:

    Wagner Group is interesting in terms of memetic sovereignty:

    There’s something going on in the cracks and around the edges of this war. An identity is taking shape and it may supplant the dominant Occidental Dissenter meme that has existed for quite a while. The biggest and best critics of the West have always been in the west, but that may be changing. We talk a big game, on this blog and elsewhere, but these Slavic warriors seem to reserve talking for jokes and instead co-locate their money and their mouths. Just a thought, and it could just be some well crafted propaganda.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Sorry for the samefagging y’all, just working my way through updates now that I have time.

      Notice… well, notice everything. The harsh and antiseptic décor of the building, the ill fitting clothes of the released POW. The trim bodies of the 2 women. The unabashed physicality as these owned women are restored to their possessor, and I am not referring to some twisted, western masturbatory fantasy; his wife and his sister had lost him, and he has been restored to them. They were on the fast track to lonely babushka, and now they get to be women again.

      I get the sense that every “Russian” soldier has a place, a purpose, a life on hold while he is away fighting, while every Ruthenian partisan is totally absorbed by his act of resistance. When this war ends, the Hohols will go back to non-existence on the periphery of the GAE, and every Russian will go back to their life. Subjective and biased in the extreme, I know. But no one dies nobly or valuably for sodomites, and anyone can get to Valhalla if they choose to face the foe.

      Maybe it is just my perennial emotional vampirism, but those sobs felt real, completely blind to the camera. When Western women cry, my first thought is that they are trying to manipulate someone; it always feels like an act, and an easy one. When these Occidentals weep, it is so begrudged, like the tears have been extracted from them at great cost.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      interesting in terms of memetic sovereignty

      This reminds me: I was reading the Evil Vizier/Undead Odalisque blog on female beauty
      and toward the end there’s a picture of a Jackson Pollack painting with a caption that begins:

      “Never forget that the rich fell for modern art. Wealthy status-seekers lack memetic sovereignty…”

      The ideas and language are spreading.

      • Aidan says:

        Pretty sure John Sanilac at least reads jim, I think I’ve seen him comment here before. We had some discussions on Twitter- I can’t get behind some of his taste, like favoring plastic surgery to cartoonish proportions for women.

        • someDude says:

          I’m not sure I care for his use of memetic terminology without offering proper credit as to the origin of the term. I understand if he does not want others to know that he comes to this blog, yet, I can’t get behind it. I can;t get myself to endorse that sort of thing. Something feels off.

          My original dislike of Harari was also this, that he passed of ideas originating elsewhere (some from MoldBug) as his own. I don’t much care for that sort of thing.

          Hell, I found Jim’s blog because couple Hindu nationalist bloggers readily credited Jim and even linked to his blog, especially his posts on Leftism. Hell, DharmicReality and Suones also both readily credit Jim even if in opposition to his ideas. They don’t pass of Jim’s ideas and the ideas originating in the comment section of this Blog as their own.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            Giving credit where credit is due is good. But using a word or phrase as if it’s already well-known is an effective way to spread it. It’s how the left gets insane neologisms like “homophobia” etc. into common use. They just act like it’s so well known that if the reader doesn’t know what it means, the reader is a weirdo. So the reader looks it up, or guesses its meaning from context and starts using it himself.

            (I remember “homophobia” appearing, like a switch had been thrown, during the Matthew Shepard affair. One day that word didn’t exist. 24 hours later it was in every newspaper.)

            Since the left is evil and their language is designed to obscure reality, this tactic is evil when they do it. Since we are good and are trying to spread language that illuminates reality, this tactic is good when our side uses it.

            • jim says:

              > Since the left is evil and their language is designed to obscure reality, this tactic is evil when they do it. Since we are good and are trying to spread language that illuminates reality, this tactic is good when our side uses it.

              Rather, this tactic is good when applied to achieve the rectification of names, to ensure that people can speak about unspeakable concepts, and bad when used to promote anticoncepts, to make it impossible to speak about reality, independent of who is using it. It is just that we ordinarily use it for rectification of names, and they usually use it for anticoncepts, nuspeak, doubletalk, and doublethink.

              It is not good when we use it because it is we are the ones using it. It is good or evil according to the purpose to which it is wielded, and we are wielding it to good purpose, while they are wielding it to evil purpose.

  15. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here’s an interesting post from ASB (Canadian Russophiles):

    “Another thing that needs to be said, the war will be very different once the new Russian Armed Forces troops touch down in Ukraine.

    Up until now, majority.. and we mean a huge majority of the fighting was carried out by Wagner, Rusich and the people’s militias. Russian Armed Forces were carrying out a supportive role. They were in the background. They were providing air support, logistics and possibly artillery strikes, etc — like we said, they were in the background. Probably 70-150+ KM behind the front lines. (With some exceptions)

    However, this time, as Kadyrov said — “the war will start now. Up until now it was child’s play” (or something along those lines, don’t recall the exact words he used) — and this is true.

    Those who watch closely, nobody knows where Russian troops are in Ukraine. There’s no information about this. However the Russian MOD regularly includes divisions, battalions and units of the LPR/DPR in their reports and their areas of operations. There’s basically no information on Russian brigades and their place of deployment, because realistically — they are not deployed on the front lines. They play supportive and specialized roles.

    This is all about to change now, it is going to be Russian army proper doing the fighting.

    This will show in terms of operational security (unfortunately for us, this means the fog of war will be real because the leaks will be non existent), logistics and equipment, and highly likely — modern technology used on the battlefield in form of EW, drones & aviation.”

    Additionally, ASB states that what is being reported about China is bollocks. To be fair, ASB maintains a tight political line: anti-GAE and pro-[anti-GAE]. They are very consistent about this. I have received temporary bans and stern warnings for things they thought were not properly worded, and I’ve also received grudging admissions. They axed their comment section every time the doom posting got too heavy, and they have maintained a significant degree of separation from the obvious RF-shill accounts. I trust them implicitly to “be themselves,” though I don’t necessarily trust them, if that makes any sense. their tack seems to be “GAE MSM is always lies” and that’s an excellent lodestone in these times.

    • Red says:

      The GAE is currently trying to take down Iran with their usual color revolution crap. Wouldn’t be surprising if they tried the same in China. The Chinese public is very unhappy with Xi for his attempts to bring back Marxism. That’s fertile ground for Cathedral fuckery.

      That being said, I don’t know what going on in China if anything.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        Game is up on color revolutions. States know how they work and how to stop them. Recently, the cathedral tried a color revolution in somewhere-stan (Kazakhstan?). The supreme leader there begged for Russian. When the opposition saw the armed might of Russia incoming, they realized the moral arc of history wasn’t going to work for them and they disintegrated.

        At this point, any leader who doesn’t have a plan for color revolution is a fool. Pretty dumb of the cathedral to color code their little operations. People might not have noticed the pattern if they hadn’t.

        • Red says:

          Color revolution street roits where cover for GAE agents overthrowing the government. The GAE doesn’t need in order them to overthrow a government.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*deleted for presupposing that antifa is a manifestation of spontaneous outrage at oppression, and presupposing that your interlocutors take it for granted*]

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              I did *NOT* say Antifa was spontaneous or oppressed! They are the children of middle management deep state workers, whose interests are opposed to the nominal rulers of the nation [*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                Antifa is astroturf, funded and organized by Soros, who is a laundry for government money. They are the instrument of the state.

                I said this many times, and you keep writing as if no one said it.

        • Wolf says:

          Recent color revolutions also failed in Myanmar and Thailand, correct?

          • jim says:

            Yes, color revolution strategy worked great for a while, but people got wise to it.

            It was a crude escalation of methods that Global American Empire has been using in a more subtle and clever manner for a very long time. Which crude escalation has damaged the effectiveness of those methods.

            The sovereign smells a color revolution, he looks for foreign tentacles, and cuts off those tentacles.

            Our media tell us that Russia is a totalitarian terror state, but there is more freedom of speech in China than here, and lot more freedom of speech in Russia. Far too much. Putin needs to get chopping on those tentacles.

            Spiritual security requires memetic sovereignty. Putin is not memetically sovereign, that is his enormous weakness. Building the great Cathedral gets him half way there.

            • Publius Discretius says:

              Does patriarch Kirill announcing holy war counts as memetic sovereignty?

              • Jehu says:

                If Russian Orthodoxy was the spiritual hegemon in Russia, it would more or less grant memetic sovereignty for the duration of said holy war. But it’s not the spiritual hegemon, it’s probably only got 20-30% spiritual market share. So it helps, like having enough air power to contest enemy air supremacy helps, thereby getting it to just air superiority against you. But it’s not sovereignty or even close to it, although it’s moving in the right direction.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            That Shanghai Cooperation Organization is surely running whole seminars on color revolutions now. Maybe even a proper school/institute just on the subject. What they are, how they work, and what to do, backed up with clear and concise case studies.

            “Come with us if you want to live.”

  16. Cloudswrest says:

    Anybody know what’s going on in China right now? Seeing rumors/reports of a lot of top level political instability.

    • Red says:

      It’s not clear what’s going on. My guess is the GAE ordered a coup of some sort.

      • The Cominator says:

        Xi Is a bad guy, the Woodrow Wilson of the 21st century and if it’s true I’m glad he’s gone. I don’t think it’s true but I hope so.

        He helped out the dems/jesuits with the covid hoax and has been inching back communism to his own country.

  17. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:*)

    ‘Member when, only a handful of years ago, ‘democracy is fake lol’ was Official Cool amongst tastemakers?

    We ‘member.

    (“vote not guaranteed to count”)

  18. i says:

    Jolly Heretic does pretty based videos on the group selected nature of Christianity:

    Genius Group Strategy that Christianity entails enabled the conquest of the world.

    Although he does comment on modern day maladies too like this so called “MAP” phenomenon:

    Is MAP some shill movement or something? Its like normalizing pederasty and at the same time lumping in normal sexuality and perversion. It is popping up more often on twitter and other I think shill discourses like on 4chan.

    • jim says:

      Yep, MAPs are shills.

      The word “pedophile” was created to normalize faggotry and pederasty.

      Since all straight males are attracted to all fertile females regardless of chronological age, all straight males are “pedophiles”. Replacing “pederast” with “pedophile” was intended to deny the obvious difference between faggots and straights. Faggots are repelled by firm bouncy breasts the way normal people are repelled by shit, and are attracted to male children and female children without breasts, straights are attracted to females with breasts.

      Observed behavior: I have dated, over a considerable age gap, chicks that looked fertile (boobs) and looked jailbait. No one blinked an eye, no one paid attention. The supposed rage against “pedophiles” is a displacement of the rage we are not allowed to express against faggots.

      No one reacts in real life to men dating fertile females regardless of chronological age, even though they theoretically know they are supposed to be horrified, outraged, and shocked.

      Yay boobs!


      • jim says:

        The real difference in sexual attraction between normal males and faggots is that faggots are allergic to breasts, and are attracted to adult males, boys, and girls that have not yet started to develop breasts. All normal males are pedophiles, in that they are attracted to all fertile females regardless of chronological age, and all faggots are pederasts, in that they are attracted to men and to children without breasts, regardless of chronological age.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        There are small beginning boobs and there are fully developed breasts. This seems to be agecuckery. Mohammed was attracted both to Aisha and Khadija. Many men who use bacha bazi also impregnate their wives.

    • Red says:

      I insist on using the term pederast when people talk about pedophiles. NPCs are unable to attack the term because thinking about what the word implies is a thought crime. Causes them to short circuit.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    Cool pictures of Iranian drone batteries. Apparently the Russians are using these drones to great success in The Ukraine.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has stripped the Iranian ambassador of accreditation. Ukraine has recalled a large number of its diplomatic staff from the Iranian embassy in Kiev.

  20. Fidelis says:

    beginning to see the idea of shill tests finally take hold. More whitepilling than almost any other meme of this place leaving the bubble.

    • jim says:

      “Jesus Christ is Lord” was the original shill test. Goes all the way back to the apostles. Does not get all of the shills, but it gets a lot of them.

      And has the great advantage of being mighty short. The shill tests of the holy wars of the seventeenth century were apt to turn into open book examinations.

      • Fidelis says:

        I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible.

        And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of His Father before all worlds, God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made; who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary and was made man; and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate. He suffered and was buried. And the third day He rose again according to the Scriptures and ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father. And He will come again with glory to judge both the living and the dead, whose kingdom will have no end.

        And I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified, who spoke by the prophets. And I believe in one holy Christian and apostolic Church, I acknowledge one Baptism for the remission of sins, and I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come. Amen.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Intensely whitepilling to scroll through the responses.

      Jesus Christ is Lord. This does not stop, no matter your failings or victories, whether it is bright or dark, under the barrel of guns or standing behind them. There’s no secret message, no special routine required to make it so, and should every throat on Earth be cut, all the blood of men running down to the sea, the very rocks cry out in overwhelming mineral silence

      Christ is Lord.

  21. C4ssidy says:

    If Jim’s prediction is correct that America nukes do not work, what options do they actually have if Russia escalates up to tactical nukes?

    GAE talking point right now is that Russia will not dare use tactical nukes or they’d be completely destroyed. Easy bluff for Putin to call. If he uses them, GAE either have to use tactical nukes themselves (and even if they were working, it seems to put Russia on a much more even playing field) or escalate up to using them on population centres which means Russia escalates up to population centres as well

    But if Jim’s prediction is correct, they can hardly escalate at all, not to the tactical level and not to Armageddon either. Seems like a clear cut win for Russia at that moment. It would be like if rocketry had been the trump card in a world where America still had its teams of NASA sheboons but was not fortunate enough to get Musk

    • Red says:

      Does the GAE know that they don’t work?

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I had this same thought. Is it permissible to note that perhaps Dr. Shaniqua has not been keeping up on the maintenance checklists? Is Capt. Sugartits’ flirting with the Marine guards instead of maintaining launch readiness ever going to make it into a status report?

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        In my opinion, it will not be readily obvious that they don’t. A fizzle from a big enough bomb will still be visually terrifying and it won’t come out that something is awry right away.

        I see the logic of a decapitation strike. I don’t see the logic of handing the GAE the perceived moral high ground. The RF is not on the ropes, why would the use tac nukes in UKR?

        • jim says:

          What is likely to happen is Nato intervention in the confidence that an army run by faggots and women will wipe the floor with the Russians.

          It is likely to fail miserably, because Ukraine realized that it needed nationalist leftists, literal Nazis, but the Global American Empire is drunk on its own Koolaide.

          Nato troops likely get slaughtered far more easily than Ukrainian troops, who are getting cut up rather badly. Nato surrenders disgracefully or uses tactical nukes. If it uses tactical nukes, Russian tactical nukes are likely to turn out to be more effective, for much the same reason as its army has been more effective, and much the same reason as it has been producing the best rocket engines until Musk – still the best flight proven rocket engines – Musk now has theoretically superior engines, but they have not flown yet.

          Attritive warfare appears to be costing the Ukrainians substantially more than the Russians.

          Attritive warfare is grunts stopping enemy movement, artillery killing grunts. Artillery is now better than it was in World War I, due mainly to drones. So stopping enemy movement with grunts more expensive. Russia is disinclined to use this tactic, seeking to conserve grunts, which is why the Ukrainian’s succeeded in regaining war of movement in their latest offensive. Willingness to expend grunts in large numbers enables to Ukraine to do OK so far, but you eventually run out of grunts.

          Nato has long been allergic to attritive warfare, and will likely attempt war of movement against Russia. But Ukraine is rapidly expending Nato war of movement assets, and they are running short.

          One likely possibility is that when a Ukrainian grunt shortage enable Russians to resume war of movement, the presidency orders direct Nato intervention, and DoD, which has long been in better contact with reality, says “No!”, Nato countries on the periphery of Russia then scramble to make separate peaces with Russia, and the outer parts of the Global American Empire start peeling off around the world. Russia is preparing the ground politically for this outcome.

          That, collapse of the “Rules based order” (where Harvard makes the rules, and does not announce what they are, and the New York Times proclaims rulings ad hoc case by case) is the Russian strategy.

          But just as the problem with Global American Imperial strategy was what its enemies might do about it, the problem with the Russian strategy is what its enemies might do about it. What the Ukraine did (cultivate literal Nazis) was quite effective.

          • JustAnotherGuy says:

            Something strange to me is the peripheries of the empire, despite being cucked on the woman question, still believe in male supremacy for combat arms, I am referring to south korea here.

            I hear a lot about south koreans whining about being conscripted into the army and spit back out, I am genuinely shocked the practice is still restricted to males and despite this, South Korea is still the ‘most feminist country on earth’.

            Also something intriguing to me, is that south korean novels (web novels I have read so far) focus on the male protagonist being a cunning mastermind, rather than a brute like Tarzan or something. Lots of them still end up with harems and banging multiple women with all sorts of Jimian-like / Dark-Triad personas being shown for this purpose. So it isn’t like the south korean male doesn’t *know* he isn’t being cucked, it is just he is unable to do anything despite society at large having many unprincipled exceptions telling him that the reality he is constantly told to uphold too, is a lie.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Excellent comment. Should be a post that is turned to an open letter.

            Consider that UKR needed 8 years and intensive investment and observers to be the army in the field now. The very presence of the UkroNazis shows that the Cathedral barely tolerated them and were not in full control of the process. many solid Russian memes have pointed out how the Voices that Speak for the Cathedral railed against the UkroNazis, and this is probably just the outward sign that Ukr wasn’t being as holy as required in the 8 year build up. Ironically, if Ukr had been as holy as required, they probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      “GAE talking point right now is that Russia will not dare use tactical nukes or they’d be completely destroyed.”

      This is completely stupid since the GAE obviously intends to destroy Russia anyway. How stupid do they think Putin is?

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Very stupid. Have you ever listened to someone gibber on about something that is so patently nonsensical that you can only conclude he is an absolute idiot listening to a crowd of fellow idiots? That is what crimethink is doing to the GAE leadership. they must not hear what he has to say, so all they can hear is stupid rambling from Putin the moron.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          They must not hear. They must not see. So true.

          I’m too old to be surprised by these things, but I still am. The Machine gives such material and worldly rewards, such warm and comfy approval and acceptance, but only if you never hear or see or notice anything true.

          It ends badly.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          Bad, if true. It means they’ll keep escalating, secure in the belief that Putin will back down eventually, until it really does go nuclear.

          It’s like the fuckheads who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse even though they could see that he was holding a firearm.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God
            Have mercy on me, a sinner.

            Lord Jesus Christ
            Remember your servant Jim
            Remember your servants in all the land
            Remember that there are at least 10
            Please spare the land for the devout that remain
            Lord God, please spare your servants, that we may take up the sword to do your will
            Almighty One, we ask not that this cup may pass, but that we drink deep fully, and swallow, and rise again renewed, ready to do your will
            Father, if You decide to take mine, I beg you make it swift
            Abba, Father, should you grant us stay from our just deserts, I beg you fill our hearts and hands with the Holy Fire, the unquenchable rage left only for the most deserving.
            Lord God of Hosts, I ask not for forgiveness or grace
            God Most High, I beg you give us a King, a leader, and a will
            That we may stand against the principalities and powers
            God, our Maker
            Forgive our failings, make whole our weakness, that we may stand against the powers arrayed against us
            All this i ask in Your name, we pray
            Not our will, but thine, forever, AMEN

            Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Neurotoxin, if you really want to sleep well tonight, consider the following points. One: three of the four attackers chased Kyle down and tried to kill him after he had already shot and killed someone. Two: the children of several American politicians were identified or arrested while attending Antifa riots.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              “three of the four attackers chased Kyle down and tried to kill him after he had already shot and killed someone.”


              Many on the left have pathologically bad risk assessment. This is both a strength and a weakness of the left. A strength because it means they pick lots of fights and often either win or get the other side to back down. A weakness because, e.g. two of Rittenhouse’s assailants went to the Big Rock Candy Mountain in the sky and another got shot in the arm. And for what?

              • jim says:

                The war in the Ukraine is a manifestation of bad risk assessment.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Indeed. The second point was to bring attention that the same type of people that are running America were running after Kyle Rittenhouse.

            • Red says:

              three of the four attackers chased Kyle down and tried to kill him after he had already shot and killed someone.

              The people chasing Kyle down had no idea he shot anyone as they testified at the trial. The crowd that was with faggot boy slinked away after Kyle’s righteous slaying. They were properly intimidated.

              The other chased and attacked Kyle because they viewed running as weakness and like dogs they attacked. Even Gaige “the disarmed” didn’t attack Kyle until he saw Kyle refused to shooting anyone not currently attacking him. He saw that as weakness and tried to shoot him.

              The problem with dealing with low IQ men is their reaction to behavior is very primal. They don’t see nuances in behavior, just weakness and strength via direct action.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “It means they’ll keep escalating, secure in the belief that Putin will back down eventually, until it really does go nuclear.”

            Do they even care if Putin backs down? It’s “the right thing to do” either way, right?

            From Kyle Rittenhouse to this in two years.

            What more does anyone need to see to understand that this is a religious war? The Holy Harvard Woke Jihad?

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Remember, near the end of WWII, the Allies were holding conferences on the ultimate fate of Germany?

    • Leon says:

      The east is rising. Mikhail the Taxiarch, Perun the Thunderer and Sun Wukong the Monkey King are gearing up for a fight.

    • C4ssidy says:

      In more literal terms, to even point out that Russia was en route towards destruction anyway leads to an immediate ban and deletion from their places. It is very similar to saying something “racist”. Except they have long stopped bothering to spell out what the rules are, or to give reasons for the ban

  23. Anonymous Fake says:

    Speaking of military matters, isn’t the dominance of places like Harvard over military schools like VMI most telling? The military is most capable of violence, and it has intelligent people too, but what I’m guessing is Harvard’s edge is its capacity for both violence and autonomous, personal agency, needed to assassinate people, every once in a while literally. Collective, conformist violence for the masses doesn’t seem to translate to political power. And intellectual prestige doesn’t matter now the way it did in the late 20th century, assuming it even did then, but it felt that way to me growing up.

    Memorable assassinations (MLK, JFK) of the 1960’s changed the world. But collective violence that ruined some of the nicest cities in the world, actually located in flyover America too, is forgotten. No one remembers the death of Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, etc, cities that could have plausibly been capitals of new nations if they had continued to thrive. They don’t matter. People look up to New York and Boston and San Francisco so much because what should be their own cities are ghettos and ruins.

    There’s some kind of hidden force that prevents violence against evil priests, even when they can use violence against anyone else, even against warriors. Or even entire cities.

    • jim says:

      We remember the destruction of Detroit very well. You need to get out of your bubble.

    • Epimetheus says:

      Spiritual warfare is real. People are terrified to confront evil to its face. There’s something beyond human – preternatural – in the malice of leftism. Dark forces sponsor them. We need something extra to face up to it, something that isn’t just ironic and stylish and tongue-in-cheek. We need God to back us up.

  24. Texas Banana says:

    215 Ukrainian Azovstal personnel just got returned in a prisoner exchange.

    Since Ukraine killed some of these guys earlier by missiling the prisoner compound to shut them up, was this to make sure to get them into controlled custody before fatal action to prevent unnecessary headlines?

    • Red says:

      No, it’s just more examples of Russia’s weak leadership. They should have tossed those glow niggers in a dark hole and tossed away the key. Instead they worry about their captured men and trade the Nazis to get a few of them back. Lots of Russians seem very willing to grasp the nettle and fight a hard and ruthless war, but the leadership of Russia just continues signaling weakness this sort of actions.

  25. Pax Imperialis says:

    With no end to the war in sight, and long term elevated animosity likely to last a generation, it looks like Russian vodka will be off the American market for a very long time much in the same way Cuban cigars are contraband. There’s just something about Russian winter wheat that no one else can emulate. Perhaps national capitalism will fix this problem and America will start producing quality Vodka with the finest of Michigan winter wheat, but I have a suspicion that will not happen. There are limits to national capitalism and it’s not an end all be all.

    I know this is an absolutely shameless post veiled behind the thinnest of geopolitical and economic discussions, but I must ask:

    Where can one still buy Russian Standard Vodka or Beluga? Mexico?

    • Ted says:

      Stop drinking. Get it to together man.

    • Neofugue says:

      Speaking as someone with many Russian and Ukrainian contacts, the consumption of vodka is for the purpose of socializing with others and is never served alone. As someone who only drinks in the company of others when socially required, I cannot attest to the quality of different vodkas, but most Russians and Ukrainians admit to vodka being terrible, hence it is always served with food.

      The French make the best vodkas. Go to your local store and buy a bottle of Grey Goose. Do not refrigerate it; it is meant to be consumed at room temperature. If you cannot afford Grey Goose, which is relatively inexpensive, you should be thinking about making more money, not drinking.

      If you wish to consume alcohol in a socially productive manner, find a sommelier and become a proper wine connoisseur. If you are drinking Russian vodka alone, please seek help before alcoholism destroys you.

    • Adam says:

      AA and it’s cousin NA have meeting locations worldwide, and daily meetings. The meetings can be quite a lot of fun for the socially inclined. A significant percentage of the patrons, quite a bit more than average are fairly based and red-pilled.

      “Fuck you” is not a life strategy, and “not progressivism” is not a faith. Quite a few people do use that strategy anyway, and lacking a faith end up needing to go to meetings for a time. The 12 steps being founded primarily on honesty, and courage, and openness offers a new spiritual life to those that said nope to progressivism and churchianity.

      They are converged to a degree on the face of it, they are open to anyone. But it is also full of dissidents. Members that start going and stick with it often find themselves married and begin having kids.

      It may seem low status, but it’s a great place to practice game. Excellent place to practice public speaking. Excellent place to network. Lacking a real Christian church, it’s potentially a worthy substitute.

    • Aidan says:

      You should drink wine like a proper aristocrat, or gin, the fuel of empire. Vodka is too neutral a spirit, it does not inspire any interesting passions or useful thoughts.

      • jim says:

        I am a big fan of my moonshine, because I like what is mine. Similarly, I enjoy the fruits of my garden. Next: chickens.

        My dad was big fan of expensive wines, and attempted to cultivate in me a taste for “good” wines, and to this day, I have no difficulty telling when someone is giving me a “good” wine. And I still don’t like “good” wines.

        • Aidan says:

          I do not care very much about the difference between cheap wine and good wine- wine brings intense passions to the surface. It is the right drink for revelry. Before I went to parties in my partying days, I would drink a bottle of four dollar wine.

        • Red says:

          I’ve never enjoyed wine or beer. Just too bitter for my taste and I’ll only drink it to be polite. I love scotch and gin.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        I have no strong feelings one way or another on wine, but port or sherry, i’ll stop over on a visit for.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        I like scotch, but I wish I knew more about brandy, it sounds cool. When I was drinking every day, years ago, it was room temperature Russian vodka. I don’t recommend it.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I personally rate fortified wines the highest when it comes to drinking experiences; cognacs, sherrys, brandys, ports, marsallas, et cetera.

          When it comes to distilled spirits, rum is usually the safest bet. It’s kinda hard to fuck up fermenting sugar cane; though Lord knows, some outfits try.

          On the other end of the scale, it is really easy to fuck up scotch. I’ve had wee drams of Bunnahabhain that i quite enjoy, but there are far too many companies that think making their paint thinners taste like a coal mine is giving it ‘character’. It’s hard for people without taste to sense what people are really going for in things, and so often they fixiate on factors that are ‘loudest’, most obviously in your face. Like adding turpentine to absinthe to ‘give it kick’.

          Sake is a sleeper that can make a good diversion every now and then. Of course like with many things in the world of yeasty metabolic waste, there’s a certain minimum floor of quality you should endeavor to buy above; the different between the bottom dollar brand, and a brand only a few dollars more, can be oft quite dramatic. Some corners cut start taking pieces of the baby along with the bathwater too.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Interesting. This ties to your thoughts shared on clothing choices. If I were 10 years younger, I’d be less set in my ways and more amenable to refinement. Bear with my praise, I beg, but your posts have a way of sticking with me, and I found myself staring at the closet, looking askance at my wardrobe on offer. My wife finally asked if I had bought a new gun or something, and I said that I was wondering if maybe a change in style were in order. When she pressed, I said I was thinking about dressing a bit less… utilitarian. She asked if they made tactical suits, and the conversation ended.

            I still may explore a more refined drapery for my corporeal form, but in all honesty, I feel like a poseur when I wear my suit to work. I have to dress in formal attire due to the circumstances, but as soon as it is done I am back in flannel and cargo pants or polo and jeans. This was giving me no end of frustration until I realized that no amount of lipstick will change the nature of the pig. I am a country bound homebody that puts holes in my knees and needs a minimum of 8 pockets to feel prepared. It is not the type of clothes I wear, but the quality of clothes that gets to the heart of what you were saying. When I put my suit on, it is black on black on black, because I must blend into the “blackground.” It just so happens I like black, but it is still work attire worn to make others respect what they expect to see.

            My drink tastes are probably in the same category. I like peat scotch. I know it doesn’t taste “good,” but I enjoy attempting to keep a strait face while I drink it. I do think I am going to move towards brandy, but for me part of the fun of certain diversions is the horror that creeps onto people’s faces when they realize what it is you call “fun.”

            The “loudness” of which you spoke is one of those obvious things I didn’t notice before, and I see it in gun culture too. I bet it is everywhere. There are only so many ways to do a thing, so marketeers grab few aspects and turn them up to eleven, building a campaign of identity differentiation couched in product choice and loyalty. People dress boring with small aspects of flare because the wish to be respected as expected. They drink the excessive thing to signal who they are and where they stand. This isn’t bad on people’s part, it’s just a function of garbage in/garbage out. We have a junk’d culture. We’ve been cutting corners for so long that all things are just rounded blobs of gray.

            I wonder if rum could be made of beets? I can’t grow sugar cane, but I do grow beets, and the wife has been moving heavily into fermentation lately, so naturally we will be making some alcohol (for science, lol) as I would like to start generating our own white vinegar (which starts life as vodka, who knew?), which would take yet another product off of our grocery list. I want to build a nice distillery to have on site, should someone come along with the skills but lack the tools. Homestead rum might be fun.

            Unrelated, and no big thing, but we’re having another child. God heard my prayers and answered, but with a twist. I can only assume he will be mailing me strength along with the challenge 😉

            • Fake says:

              Congratulations on your kid!

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              You might look into Tanner Guzy’s Masculine Style blog and any free content he has put out lately. He has some really good ideas on style that works for men and if you feel like paying for his consults, his results seem pretty good. It might help get you into some clothes that do a better job of communicating yourself. His free stuff was great back when he was just a blogger, but I have not kept up with him as much lately.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              To be quite honest, the idea that the one way there is to ‘dress up’, is to wear a business suit, is itself another aspect of The Issue.

              Just reprising some of what was mentioned before, but even simple things like layering can made a dramatic difference in look. A collared polo under a collared button down, a turtleneck under a jacket, a vest and button down combo, et cetera et cetera.

              When circumstances require blending in, even subtle deviations are still possible, like dark greens and dark reds. You can get away with all white suits like you’re the long lost lovechild of Tom Wolfe and Colonel Sanders too.

              And of course, patterning. I’m a big fan of paisley patterns myself, though of course i’ve got geometric and plantic patterns in stock as well (coincidentally, you will also be hard pressed to find anything outside those generas; believe me i’ve looked). A nice patterned shirt and pair of slacks alone will have you providing nicer eye candy to everyone in the store than 99% of anyone else there at the same time.

              An other thing to keep in mind though, is matching your style with your bund. Rather than a single generic sense of dressing up you transplant in every situation, you express your style through the lens of the clades you will be party with at the time; you dress up in ways that are dressing up the themes of your compatriots. The Montana ranch king and Texas oil baron certainly dress themselves up, with their lapis bolo ties, tooled leather boots, and giant shining belt buckles; yet at the same time, you take one look, and there is no mistaking the signal for anything but Country. Porter Wagoner had warehouses full of graphic suits dripping with shining stones; and it all shouted Country.

              Finding an embossed deerskin blazer to go to work in might be difficult, but certainly, one could think of few better ways to improve the visual space of your environment while signaling *whose* kind of taste in particular it is, at the same time.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                This all sounds so enticing, and I will be editing and sending to my house keeper, but the real challenge is the clientele I most often deal with. Think of who we rail against the most, the base cause of our loathing, and that’s basically it. How to dress in an uplifting, elevated style without lighting up their radar. Of late, I find the 1950/1960s gangster look quite appealing. It would be easy to explain away (“yeah, totally, I loved the Madmen”) and it is understated while being lavish.

            • alf says:

              we’re having another child

              Congrats! Best of luck to you and the wife.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              Congrats on the issue of your loins!

          • Aidan says:

            I’ve never acquired a taste for whiskeys- it makes me sad and bitter. Tequila provides a confidence and will-to-action similar to cocaine, and rum is fairly neutral but leads to a happier drunk. I prefer gin, it instills a heady confidence and rip-roaring contempt for one’s fellow man. Beer is mellow, and mead, the blood of heroes, uplifts the spirit and courage.

            • Red says:

              Drinking mead from a shared drinking horn makes for a wonderful party.

            • Guy says:

              Almost all whiskey varieties are delicious, but my life has almost ended so many times due to it that a few sips a year is enough now. I used to say it was ridiculous when people suggested different spirits affect your mood in different ways, but it’s definitely the case, what’s curious to me is…. why? Attempts to explain by saying it’s just different levels of Tannins seems inadequate.

              The big craft beer boom of the late 00s-mid 10s brought a lot of great stuff to market, but there’s nothing more annoying than walking into a micro and looking at 30 varieties of Double IPA.

              • Aidan says:

                Hops in beer are highly estrogenic, which is why heavy beer drinkers look like pregnant women. Fortunately, the craft beer boom led to lots of interesting traditional beers with lower hops content

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “Hops in beer are highly estrogenic, which is why heavy beer drinkers look like pregnant women.”

                It really is disgusting. How can they not notice what it does to them?

                I went through a brief whiskey phase, but it made me fall asleep. Now just wines and gin and tonic mostly. Beer occasionally, a couple of times a month.

                Alcoholic beverages are like anything else; music fiction, an intellectual subject of interest, etc.: It all follows Sturgeon’s Law – “98% of everything is crap” – or if not that bad, it certainly requires experience and discernment to figure out What Works For You.

                “I used to say it was ridiculous when people suggested different spirits affect your mood in different ways, but it’s definitely the case, what’s curious to me is…. why?”

                I don’t get it either. E.g. why is tequila so fucking lethal? It’s all just ethyl alcohol, right?

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  They are called spirits.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Huh? I don’t follow.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It would appear that they have an ephemeral quality beyond their material components. Much like the expression, “the spirit of the age,” there is a spirit that inhabits each type of alcohol. The imbibing of the alcohol thus imbibing its spirit, as well.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Maybe I’ll try jet fuel. I hear it packs a killer buzz.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Cannot recommend. All I know about jet fuel is that it cannot melt steel beams.

              • Vendat Tunicam says:

                It’s a bigger problem for people who imbibe ales and other hop heavy, high calorie beers. Lagers on the other hand tend to be low on the hops and calories. IBU is a good measure of hops, here is a chart showing ordinary ranges for a wide variety of styles.


                Does anybody know if smoking marijuana estrogenic? Lots of heavy pot smokers have flapjacks and beer guts, though it might very well be the pothead lifestyle causing it.

  26. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Absurd amount of clean water issues popping up everywhere to be a coincidence. This time its an aircraft carrier of all things…

    Was Rome’s water getting this bad as well in its late stages? These guys get told the ‘water is fine’ when everyone is having stomach issues, just like the ‘vax’ is fine, and the economy is fine, and all sorts of other lies. It’s a good thing we lie about the past all the time so I can never find out how to prepare myself for when even the water is toxic/irradiated/or something worse.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Water supply being fucked is a military tradition. You’re just hearing about it because social media allows word to reach widely outside the military community.

      What is concerning is the breakdown in the civilian supply.

    • Anon says:

      logistic and maintenance are collapsing, because it is the first and easiest to introduce diversity, collapse is slow and long so you can pretend everything is ok
      Here is the US Army

      • jim says:

        Ukraine’s ability to find troops willing to fight is diminishing. Nowhere near collapse or incapacity yet, but collapse and incapacity is in sight. At which point we likely go to direct peer conflict, with Nato directly marching into Ukraine. What happens then will be revealing. Is our army still capable of peer conflict?

        Ukraine’s capability for peer conflict rests on the Nazis – nationalist leftists. There is no equivalent group in the US. The purge of the US military was a purge of everyone who cared about military capability.

        We could see an abrupt change of course, as when Hitler came to power first wave feminism quietly and silently completely disappeared in the US. Or nukes.

        If they see peer conflict coming up, then suddenly the purge of the army is problematic. Consider how the very Jewish Ukraine government, anticipating war with Russia, decided to go with the Nazis. This is somewhat analogous to the sudden, mysterious, silent, and total disappearance of first wave feminism.

        The Global American Empire strategy on Russia was based on converging Russia with agents of influence, while pressuring Russia with low level war. Direct peer warfare was never on the table. But these strategies were incompatible. When low level war went considerably higher level, sanctions cut off most their agents of influence.

        Direct peer warfare is still not on the table, but if the Ukraine runs out of men willing to fight, the proxy fig leaf falls off. At which point they have no alternative but retreat, or direct peer conflict. As yet, no preparation for direct peer conflict. Nor is retreat thinkable.

        One possibility is to go with the Ukraine tactic, a Nazi (left nationalist) force within the US army. Another possibility is the feminism, gay, diversity, and transsexuality softly and silently vanishes away as first wave feminism did, with everyone strangely not noticing. This however would require focus on some new leftist cause. The strangely silent vanishing of first wave feminism was made possible by the radicalism of New Deal leftism

        Another possibility is to use nukes, but I think these are likely to fail.

        Another possibility, for which Afghanistan is the precedent, is that they simply retreat. Let Ukraine fall. This is likely to lead to cascading retreat, as happened to the Soviet Union. If one retreat, suddenly everyone gets uppity. one retreat is likely to lead to another.

        • alf says:

          Another possibility, for which Afghanistan is the precedent, is that they simply retreat. Let Ukraine fall. This is likely to lead to cascading retreat, as happened to the Soviet Union. If one retreat, suddenly everyone gets uppity. one retreat is likely to lead to another.

          Which is why I can’t imagine them doing that. No one cared much about Afghanistan. Everyone cares about Putin, that evil white man who is rapidly becoming the symbol of misogynist patriarchy worldwide. I don’t think they’ll stop. Brrrr goes the money press.

          On the bright side, NATO cooperation probably resembles the Babylonians building the Tower of Babel more every day…

          • jim says:

            Yes, likely they will escalate the Ukraine war, rather than retreat. They are doing it now, with English speaking troops spearheading the recent successful Ukrainian offensive. They are likely to escalate further and further, as Ukraine runs out of troops willing to fight.

            But our army is in dreadful shape. Putting Nato boots on the ground is likely to be disastrous. Which, if they will not retreat, is likely to result in nukes.

            Global American Empire strategy was always based on not engaging in a major war, hence the current state of our military. Their strategy was glowies backed by small scale proxy wars and proxy genocides. This strategy has an obvious flaw. What if the enemy refuses to play by your rules?

            So, retreat or change strategy. They are reluctant to change strategy, because worried about Caesar. They are also reluctant to retreat, because of the likelihood of cascading retreats.

            A change in strategy would require a general who gave the capacity to fight priority over putting women in men’s jobs. Such a general is a potential Caesar.

            • Aidan says:

              The ideal outcome for us is that we escalate in Ukraine short of nuclear weapons, and the disaster forges Caesar, who comes home and does what needs to be done.

              • The Cominator says:

                We’re almost seeing the plot of the origin of the society in Starship Troopers (which was a kind of Democracy but in a more right wong way, i suspect it couldn’t work but it was interesting) play out in real time…

                • S says:

                  Starship Troopers government is the Roman Republic + egalitarianism.

                • The Cominator says:

                  No the Roman republic was very very oligarchical not really Democratic at all most of the time.

              • Karl says:

                A beaten general can’t be Caesar. A general who wins in Ukraine against the Russian armies, will cause Russia to escalate to using nukes.

                You might get your Caesar after a few US cities have been nuked, but I don’t see how escalation in Ukraine short of nuklear weapons can produce a Caesar.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  A general who pulls the fighting men out of a deathtrap and brings them back intact will be a good candidate for Caesar. Chesty Puller is partly famous for his success in the Chosin Resivoir, where the UN troops had to retreat from numerically superior Chinese forces. A fighting retreat that kept the Marines alive but was considered a loss, and he is famous for it. Someone who does that for US troops when the shit really hits the fan with Russia would have massive popular support among the fighting men.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Trump of the Roman Republic not the Caesar Tiberius Gracchus as a legato negotiated the release of surrounded troops under condition they not fight… he was either a legate or tribune at the time.

                  It apparently made him popular enough with people..he. but like Trump he couldn’t conceive of forcibly overthrowing the government.

                • Aidan says:

                  Not an exact prediction, just a story on how things could go down.

                  An American officer gets his troon force cut to pieces, but rallies capable fighting men remaining and fights his way out of Russian encirclement, earning him the undying loyalty of his now personal troops. GAE leadership denounces him as a coward and the man responsible for getting the holy trannies killed, and knowing that he will be arrested if he goes home, he keeps marching west, and with a hungry, landless army in tow, there will be trouble wherever he marches, but it is likely he will find himself king of a European nation soon after he marches into a country with sufficiently degraded military forces. Every European country has a Saracen contingent planning an armed coup, which will go into motion when that country runs out of gas and weapons, so it is likely our hero shows up, shoots a lot of ragheads, and suddenly finds himself with territory resembling the empire of Charles the Great.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Something like that…

                  Sulla was able to be the 1st to March on Rome because he was loved by his army for saving them from encirclement and destruction during the Social War. The details are vague but Sulla won the grass crown, the only Roman military award given by acclamation of troops to their commander and only when they believed their commanders quick thinking Valor etc prevented the destruction of the whole army.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I was thinking something similar, except that he flies back to DC, army in tow. There he commits to being Caesar.

          • A2 says:

            Where is the breaking point for European support of this little State Dept adventure? It is something of an imposition as it is.

            • jim says:

              I don’t see any breaking point. They got away with Covid. They can probably escalate all the way to most Europeans starving and freezing to death.

              What they probably cannot get away with is significant battlefield deaths of Nato troops in Ukraine. They are nervous about their troops.

              • A2 says:

                People already seem less than enthused about the situation and it is steadily (and alarmingly rapidly since spring) getting worse in most every way. This time the crisis du jour is not a massive vacation over flu season. And for what?

                • Karl says:

                  People of Europe by and large do not support this State Dept adventure, but the European governments do and they will keep supporting it regardless of what their populations think

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Karl, can you comment on why this is the case?

                  I spend a fair amount of time being an “American” in forums wherein America is the unified target of hatred. I analyze the chat, identify the thought leaders, then engage them when they make an error, force them to acknowledge it, then reveal that I’m in fact an American and that we aren’t all the same here. There are other tactics, but this one has a “burn time” wherein I see reams of commentary on why I am stupid, evil, misinformed, undereducated, primitive, and on and on. So I have a thick skin to it, but I also relish in demonstrating that there are in fact intelligent, cultured, and versatile Americans out there. maybe this is where my patriotism has gone after the fed gov finally destroyed it.

                  I used to hold Europe in high regard, particularly my Germanic cousins and the Scandinavians, but the last 5 years has wrecked that. My mental picture of Europe is a cowed, sullen, and ineffectual lot of childless socialist leeches, handing off their girlfriends, mothers, and land to mudskin invaders. Can you tell me if that’s close to true, or am I falling into the same trap that my foreign interlocuters do?

                • Karl says:

                  Can’t say much of Europe outside Germany, but your mental picture is correct for about two thirds of the German population.

                • Karl says:

                  Your first question is easy as far as it refers to governments. The people in those governments share the faith of the US government. Some of them don’t care about the opinion of their populations because they want to do the holy thing according to their faith, the rest because they do not dare opposing that faith. The most those cowards will do is dragging their feet in supporting this State Dept adventure. Scholz is showing some signs in that direction.

                  Why the population by and large does not support the State dept adventure is more difficult and people have different reasons. Many simply don’t care. Others see the costs and know they are losing what wealth they have. Germany also has a lot of Russian Germans who come here some 20 years ago. These people are German, but support Russia in this matter. I’ve seen pro-Russian rallies in German, none in support of Ukraine.

                  Anyway, Merkel’s opening of the borders was supported by a majority and there was a lot of purity signaling going with this support. Now there are no holiness points to be had by supporting Ukraine. I guess because it is harder to be delusional about the costs.

                • alf says:

                  KD you’re pretty much on the mark I’m afraid. And Karl’s explanation hits true as well.

                  I’ll add in defense of Europeans is that there is a lot of ruin in a formerly prosperous continent. Boomers have been too spoiled to imagine things could go to shit, and younger generations have somehow also squeezed by, although recent years have been getting much trickier. Only with the very recent escalations are most Europeans starting to realize that things are not as well as they seemed. A bit too late, methinks…

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Before you two get too depressed or, more dangerous, hopeful about us burgers, we are in no better shape. I fully expect most police and military to mindlessly crush resistance with about the same proportion of the citizenry turning in their guns to fight racism or some shit.

                  Every day, it seems more likely that we need to consolidate somewhere, draw hard lines, and use it as a pivot point to weather the storm then push out from. The problem is that the whites you actually want to have are the ones that refuse to pull up and pull out til the very end, meaning you will only get the cowards to rally to you.

                • alf says:

                  The one murican thing I do draw inspiration from is that you guys seem to have formed much more developed pockets of resistance. In Europe, resistance barely exists, and insofar it does, a mess.

                • A2 says:

                  I wrote the above just before the most recent happening so I’ll add that getting your gas pipelines bombed by what strongly appears to be your allies (UK/US is my bet) would test the patience of a saint.

                  What do you think will happen, Karl (or other German)? Any signs of spirit or will there be just huddling in the cold dark while the authorities are puzzled?

                • jim says:

                  Official reality will be the Russians blew up a pipeline (which they had shared ownership with Germany, and had the valves, so they could have just turned the thing off) People will huddle in the cold and dark, and pretend to believe.

        • Karl says:

          Instead of NATO using nukes they can deliver nukes to the Ukranian army. If these nukes don’t work, Shaniqa will blame Ukranian incompetence. If these nukes work (or some of them), escalation will continue.

          • S says:

            Russia will treat that as if they were nuked by NATO.

            • Red says:

              Russian leaderships continues to signal weakness with their poor track record retaliation for NATO provocations. This weak behavior enables the insane to argue that Russia won’t strike back.

              • jim says:

                Russian strategy appears focused on winning the war of attrition with Ukraine. If they win, which seems likely, Nato will escalate. Then it will be time to strike back.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It also needs to be noted that NATO is blowing its load before it ever takes the field proper. They have been pulling equipment from the best the GAE has to offer to keep the Ukraine Army in the game. All of those high-tech weapons and equipment that NATO troops are trained to use got used up by Ukranian conscripts or blown up by Russian artillery. When GAE/NATO goes to war they will do so without being recently trained on their systems and with low stocks of that equipment.

                  Professionals study logistics, and the logistics advantage in WWIII is absolutely held by Russia. They have a stronger economy, shorter supply lines, better stockpiles of arms, and every day that they extend this early stage of the war, their position just gets better. Putin waited long enough that attrition ate through western stockpiles and forced GAE/NATO troops to take the field directly before escalating. Whether or not that was intentional can be disputed, but the result was to shift the logistical advantage far in Russia’s favor. GAE enters this war with a cratering economy, food and fuel shortages in the provinces, and their best weapons already spent.

                  Putin, by delaying and appearing weak, has drawn the GAE deeper and deeper into a trap. This is an opportunity not to embarass the GAE, but to force it to stand and fight. There can be no retreat from Ukraine for the GAE. There is no abandoning them to Vladof Putler and maintaining the facade of GAE military supremacy. GAE has to fight or die, and do it in a place of their enemy’s choosing.

                • Red says:

                  Great analysis Wulfgar.

                  To be clear, I’m interested in the US not getting nuked, which Putin’s behavior isn’t helping. As a strategy to destroy the GAE, it sounds like a winner.

                  I’m less than convinced that the US getting nuked will be a good thing. We’re Carthage rather than Rome and I think it likely they’ll apply the Roman solution to the Demon worshipers problem. There may not be be much left of the US after the missile fly. The GAE will go down as one of the most evil empires in history once the full accounting is in.

  27. Starman says:

    Lookie here! What does my slanted eye spy?
    (Ht: Hugin2017 and TrevorGoodchild)

    Back in August 2013, the U.S. Government planned the modernisation of Sevastopol naval base. They were mighty sure it would become a U.S./NATO base.

    “Federal Contract Opportunity for Renovation of Sevastopol School #5, Ukraine N33191-13-R-1240. The NAICS Category is 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction. Posted Aug 20, 2013. Posted by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (DOD – Navy). The work will be performed at Sevastopol 99000”

  28. Richard W. Comerford says:

    Which means that Russians are a whole lot less likely to be forced to watch black people, mixed race couples, transexuals, and faggots, eating burgers on television.

    Ooooooh Jim, you are making me want to move to Russia.

    Go Russia! Beat Ukraine!

    • Basil says:

      Try to get your head out of your ass, faggot.
      The only thing that really does not exist is the dominance of sodomites.

      Some officials and state propagandists began to talk openly about the need to eat insects, and some innocent sectarians are tortured in prisons and their children are taken away from them, because they were in no hurry to give injections to their children. There was plenty of evidence for vaccination, here are the bugs.

      Translation from Yandex
      “Russia needs to develop the production of products from vegetable protein and larvae, and consumers need to change their mentality towards them, said Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade at the Innofood exhibition in Sochi. This is reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta .

      The Minister said that the country needs to keep up with the trends that are being formed in the world. Including the replacement of animal protein with vegetable protein.

      “It’s really surprising when a protein from a black lion larva is used in the world. Probably, all of us present here need to work a little bit with mentality, and the black lion cub can come in,” Manturov said.”

      Even if we are not talking about marriages between Russians and Caucasians, the Russian Federation continues the Soviet policy of promoting “friendship of peoples”, from every iron you can hear about how mixed children are “smart and beautiful”, including with Negroids (for whom the border is open ), and the local media being created is about 100% praising the arrogant female cunt, including when she literally cheats on her husband and does the right thing, because she is driven by “love”.

      None of this has stopped since February 24th. Will mobilization change this? We’ll see soon.

      Modern decadent Japan, under the hood of global government, allows itself more. An excerpt from the description of a fresh anime:
      “However, on one snowy night, Tamahiko’s insomnia is interrupted by someone knocking at the door. He then meets the 14-year-old Yuzuki Tachibana, who announces that she has come to be his future wife! Suddenly, Tamahiko remembers his father promising to send him a bride to assist him with impediments to his daily life.”

      Although she was sold as a bride to repay her family’s debts, Yuzuki proves to be thoughtful, diligent, and dedicated to Tamahiko. ”

      And you know what? Yes, Yuzuki is happy to be sold at fourteen and be a wife and serve and obey her husband. You will not find anything closer to a Christian marriage in today’s Russian media.

      • jim says:

        Please give Yandex translate links.

      • jim says:

        What is the date on the bug protein link?

        Following sanctions, there was a sudden purge of Cathedral agents of influence from Russian state and quasi state institutions, and a mass self cancellation, with glowies fleeing to Western Europe on their own initiative, frequently stealing everything not nailed down and setting what was nailed down on fire before they left.

        There was a radical change in the Russian atmosphere when a few of the glowies were purged, and a huge number of glowies fled to western Europe.

        Give us Yandex Translate links, or I am going to start silencing your material containing links.

        You keep citing glowies in Russia. There were a lot of glowies in Russia. There are now suddenly far fewer.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Jim, when I hear “glowies” I think “CIA assets”. But just as the Soviets made a distinction between their assets and the “useful idiots” who helped advance the KGB’s interests because they were true believers in communism, I think the real problem in Russia is not the active collaborators with the West but people in power who have bought into everything Globohomo is selling.

          To get Yandex translations you can paste Basil’s (or my) links into . Basil’s article summarized coverage in a major newspaper, Rossiskaia Gazeta, of Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade for the Russian Federation, wanting Russians to eat the bugs. Yandex Translate does a lot of redirection and keeps giving me captchas, but if I have not screwed up the linking, a Yandex Translate link to the original article is here or possibly here. The machine translates his last paragraph as “Probably, we need to work a little bit with the mentality of all of us present here and the black lion can come in”. “Black lion”, черная львинка, is Russian for Hermetia illucens, the black soldier fly. I would translate his words as “Probably all of us here need to work on our mentality a little bit and we can bring in the black soldier fly”, presumably meaning its larva. The article is from September 19th.

          Clot shots are right up there with eating the bugs in the Globohomo priority list, and well-placed Russians are pushing not just any clot shot, but a clot shot with ties to Bill Gates. Here’s the Yandex Translate link dated September 21st. The “Konvacel” clot shot was developed by Russia’s Federal Medical and Biological Agency. Its head is the creepy Veronika Skorstova, who as Riley Waggaman notes:

          is also a proud member of a Bill Gates-funded global scamdemic planning committee, which boasts some of the world’s most distinguished parasites, such as Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.

          Call me blackpilled if you like, but even if there are indeed fewer glowies in Russia these days, there are still plenty of very highly placed useful idiots who can’t wait to surrender to the oh-so-virtuous West. I think President Putin has a real fight ahead domestically.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            In Russia, Western ideas are widely seen as superior to backward Russian ideas. At his press conference in Samarkand the other day, Putin himself said that Earth will turn into another Venus if we don’t stop global warming!

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            It is rather curious how we so often take for granted the nuance in our own communities while we maintain the assumption that foreign communities are monoliths. It as obvious as daylight that there are many factions in Russia, regardless of the reach and strength of Putin. I have a vast garden, far larger than most here, I imagine, and this fact my inspire envy in some. “It’s full of weeds, I bet” they say to themselves as they stare at there government approved 10’x10′ patch of GMO grass. And they are right, I have far too many weeds and far too few hours in the day. But in my garden, we rip the weeds out when we are able.

            Russia’s garden has weeds, no doubt, and they do need to be located, identified, and removed. But pointing out the presence of weeds and pretending that this somehow invalidates the concept of gardening or gives lie to the ambitions of the gardener is, quite obviously, enemy shilling. Basil is an enemy, not because he questions Putin or criticizes Russia, but because of *how* he chooses to do it. As JJ and Milosevic said to me, quite fairly, be wary the plank in your own eye when going out to point out specks in other’s. I stand by my crass exhortations in that conversation, but in this one, I feel strongly that Basil has no good defense for his. He only comes here to sew discord when something positive about Russia gets posted by Jim, then slips away as the conversation topic turns.

      • Neofugue says:

        And yet, there are courageous Russians who fight Western decadence, of whom you fail to mention. They managed to get a Polygon outlet to apologize for including diversity in their advertisements.

        Link from Russian state propaganda site:
        Link from Polygon propaganda site:

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Basil is a shill, so do not expect him to offer any evidence of victories by the right. He is here to demoralize you. Andrew Anglin has been mentioning these types of people lately and while he thinks they are just being foolish, I think they are being paid. Basil has been ducking a proper shill test for a bit now and he spells Kiev like a faggot leftist.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          there are courageous Russians who fight Western decadence, of whom you fail to mention.

          There certainly are. But there are also courageous Americans who fight Western decadence. Arthur Schaper springs to mind. The issue is not the people, but the governments they are saddled with.

          Still, I hope you would agree that the American government is dominated by the Woke and their collaborators. The question at hand is how much the Russian government is subject to them. The fact that Manturov and Skorstova still have their jobs means that they are not powerless.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          And the courageous Russians in the linked RT article were associated with the мужское государство (“Male State”) organization. That organization was banned by the Russian government as extremist last fall. Whatever departures of glow niggers there may have been since then, they are still banned.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I just recently discovered that there is, apparently, some Russian guy running for president (or chief bear or whatever) on a platform of reinstituting monarchy and declaring war on the West. he has run many times.

            Putin’s regime seems to suppress both CIA fronts as well as organic elements, be they far left or far right. This is natural and intelligent, unless you think he should acknowledge that there are people who are farther to the right than himself and resign so they can have their say. If you are the captain of a ship, you have to hold your position and do your job, regardless of the people onboard who think they can do it better.

          • skippy says:

            I cannot read Russian, but it always seemed implausible to me that 70 years of communist ideology would simply be replaced immediately and with no specific effort to do so. Of course, the communist structure was discredited politically, but that does not mean everyone leaps to reject deep premises let alone replace them with a specific alternative without organization.

  29. Calvin says:

    Anyone watched Putin’s speech today? Dude is not giving up, explicitly threatened the use of nukes if Russian territory is threatened. Says the West has been threatening Russia with nukes.

    Odds someone slips up and this truly goes hot?

    • jim says:

      Highly likely. Areas that sign up to join Russia are under its nuclear umbrella. Nato declares that they are not under its nuclear umbrella. Acts as if not under nuclear umbrella. Boom!

      • Dr. Faust says:

        The succession voting should have happened before or during the initial launch of the operation with a shadow government waiting to take over. Then roll out a new leader to draw attention off Putin. The new leader can placate western leaders with shouts of “democracyourvalues” and set up optics for Russia the liberator.

        Not taking these steps adds weight to the Putin as conqueror meme. The fact that it took so long for this to happen means it was not a priority before or they were incapable of it previously.

        So did the vax take out any key peace party members from the cathedral?

        • S says:

          There were already two separatist republics that had spent 8 years at war with Ukraine.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            They needed third party support from Russia via financing and advice, an established chain of command, formal declarations of secession, tax structures, and a vocal media person iterating policy and position. They failed at the optics and logistics of state formation. This all needed to be present and presented in a way that could reach western audiences and erode any support for a war. It all leads me to believe support for secession was not fully thought out or not handled properly. Annexation is a good move at this point as it will likely free up Russian legality but the fact remains they failed at fourth gen warfare.

            My guess is they underestimated the western hysteria which followed the initial invasion, expected the Ukraine to crumble and submit and it all to be forgotten in a few months. Instead they got billions of dollars from NATO sent to their enemies and twitter filled with Ukrainian flags. They made Zelensky a celebrity and offered no counter. It’s the pivot from covid to Putin that I don’t think Russia predicted. If their goal was to engage in a long proxy war with NATO then they got it.

            Cui bono? Not sure really. Maybe China but that’s some 4D chess conspiracy type stuff. War is likely to lead all countries involved destitute so whoever wins and uses the least will benefit.

            • S says:

              What optics? The Western media is run by people who hate Russians and want them wiped from the face of the planet. The rest of the world doesn’t give a shit about ‘self determination’- that is crazy white people stuff. Right opposition is opposed to democracy. Who exactly are they supposed to be targeting?

      • Calvin says:

        Well I always wondered what playing fallout in real life would be like. Got any advice beyond the obvious stay away from major cities and have decent stocks of necessities?

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          If you can, get a good general chemistry and organic chemistry textbook. Being able to make simple antibiotics and helpful chemicals is a huge bonus. If you can ferment alcohol, also an excellent skill to have. Keep in mind the Fallout stage will only probably last a year or two if it happens at all, but that is plenty long enough to end up dead. There is a good long form article from a survivor of the Bosnian or Serbian war out there. Read that, because it talks about what it is like.

          • Calvin says:

            I admit chemistry isn’t my specialty. Got any recommendations on specific books?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Not really, but I will ask around. I know some people. I would recommend checking YouTube for chemistry channels and practicing yourself. Nothing wild, but understanding mole conversions and being able to predict extent of reaction is a good, basic skill to have down that you can test with baking soda and vinegar reactions.

              • Dr. Faust says:

                Maybe we’ll be able to trade antibiotics for sports cars soon.

                “Yes, Mr. Millionaire-down-the-block it is tragic your son is sick. Maybe you can trade me your Porsche GT3 for a month supply of full spectrum antibiotics.”

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  More along the lines of, “In return for protection, food, and raw materials, I will provide you with enough antibiotics to keep your men protected and still have some for trade.”

            • A2 says:

              I have to say organic chemistry was really beyond me, but I thought Solomon & Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry was a good undergrad intro.

              The field itself is utterly vast and I found that I hated the lab assignments, but the following texts seem to be respected.

              Vogel’s Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry

              Organic Syntheses. This one has literally more than 60 volumes but has its heart in the right place

              Since 1921, Organic Syntheses has provided the chemistry community with detailed, reliable, and carefully checked procedures for the synthesis of organic compounds. Some procedures describe practical methods for the preparation of specific compounds of interest, while other procedures illustrate important synthetic methods with general utility. Each procedure is written in considerably more detail as compared to typical experimental procedures in other journals, and each reaction with its characterization data has been repeated several times and carefully “checked” for reproducibility in the laboratory of a member of the Board of Editors.

              For medications, I haven’t read this one myself but it looks most promising in certain scenarios: Synthesis of Essential Drugs. Beyond that, search for how to synthesize generics.

              (All of the above can be examined at leisure through libgen.)

          • Aidan says:

            That was a good article, but it was specifically about a city under blockade. Major US supply lines take every effort to circumvent cities. I live near enough to a city that I would have to spend a week in the basement after a strike, but my water and electricity come from a very long way away, as far from a city as it is possible to get in my region. My concern is that the state diverts food and energy from normal people to feed and keep comfy useless urban refugees. Barring autogenocidal policies, the economy of real America can only be improved by nuclear warfare.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              I assume you are spending the week underground to avoid radioactivity? Assuming airburst nukes are used, 3 days should be sufficient. The half-life of radioactive fallout decays about 90% in 8 hours, 99% in approximately 1 day, and 99.9% after around 3 days. Even after a single day you can start making short trips outside to dump the shit bucket, replenish supplies, check on animals, etc. Just make the trips short.

              If they use surface nukes or especially sub-surface nukes near you, you need to get the fuck out of there. Airburst nukes are most effective at damaging an area, but a subsurface nuke spreads a lot more fallout and make an area less livable. The area is going to be much more irradiated for longer, and while it will be in a more concentrated area, you will have to deal with wind carrying fallout around for a while.

              • jim says:

                Note that no one in Hiroshima took any precautions. Nearly all deaths from radiation appear to have been a result of irradiation that happened in the first few hours, and it mostly killed people by blowing them up and setting them on fire. If you are not blown up, get the hell out and wash yourself.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I am aware. The first few hours are the most important. From T0 to T+8, you clean off, stay inside an area with thick walls, and hunker down. T+8 to T+24 is pretty much the same, with trips for necessities within the immediate area and washing down and changing clothes afterwards. After H+24, you are free to decide your own level of risk, but best to stay in shelter as much as possible. After T+72, you are for all intents and purposes back at normal.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t have any thick walls, but as I have frequently said, am as far from power as I can get without treading water. One of my sons is in a more hazardous location.

                  The trouble is that a single layer of brick has rather limited effectiveness. Unless you are in the basement of big reinforced concrete building, not much radiation shelter afforded by walls.

                  If you get dust on your body, you get beta radiation, which is really bad. If you are inside, only gamma radiation, but that is still bad, and a single layer of brick is not going to much diminish it. The body of a car is going to shield you from beta radiation, so what I would do is get in a car and get the hell out with the windows up and the air conditioning set to off and to internal circulation only. Head upwind, then shower or take a swim.

                  But the major hazard by far is likely to be getting blown up and set on fire. If you are not blown up or set on fire, radioactive fallout is unlikely to be a huge problem. I repeat. Not a huge problem in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Looks like the really serious radiation casualties got fresh dust on their bodies. Radiation casualties small compared to blast and fire casualties.

                  For big thermonuclear bombs, the radiation fallout is likely to be relatively worse than it was for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs – considerably more radiation casualties relative to blast and fire casualties, so the Hiroshima experience may not be an adequate indicator. Head upwind.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Additionally, besides the people exposed in the initial burst, the cancer rate was not meaningfully changed by the nuclear blasts. In an airburst detonation, the initial blast and fallout is the only real risk. This is given a sample size of 2, so who knows what is different with modern bombs. Still, I would expect that the best response is to react to a modern bomb as if it was just a larger version of the Manhattan Project bombs.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Gamma rays are limited in range, and do not last that long. If you survive the initial blast and the raging superfires that follow, then alpha and beta radiation are your biggest threats. That means cleaning yourself as quickly as possible, and sheltering where the least amount of dust can reach you. You do not need a lead lined safe room; basements are fine. Basically, if you get hit by gamma rays, then you are already fucked and nothing can be done about it, so do what you can about alpha and beta radiation.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The real killer is not radiant radiation, but ingestion of radioactive particulate matter. Clean air, clean water, clean body, and you will not notice any problem, outside of extreme situations.

                  In the effort to fix the Chernobyl accident, a team of three volunteers was needed to go down into the flooded basement floors to shut off the broken water mains, which threatened to cause a massive steam explosion if the flooding reached the extremely hot melted down reactor material. The men volunteering for this did so with an understanding that this was, basically, going to be a suicide mission.

                  In the event however, all three survived, and in fact lived to long age. The diving suits they wore provided an impermeable layer against any particulate, which meant they avoided ingestion of any contaminated material; ironically, they were even safer in their mission swimming through radioactive water than their fellows on the surface not using any PPE.

              • Aidan says:

                I forgot my numbers- the three day figure is what I meant.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              The disruption of supply lines after a nuclear exchange might be similar in effect to a blockade or siege. It is a good lesson in what is most difficult to get in a disaster.

              What it is best at getting across is the way that society breaks down. The article is telling you what a civil war looks like from the inside. The social dynamics of such an event are much more useful than any list of items ever could be. Do not play the game, play the man. If you understand hownthese things work, then you are at a marked advantage.

            • Yul Bornhold says:

              “Major US supply lines take every effort to circumvent cities.”

              Do they? Serious question.


              Article says: “Union Pacific, one of the country’s largest railroad companies, says it may avoid operating in Los Angeles County following the spike in thefts, which it blames on lax prosecution of crimes. The containers and trains are locked, but can be broken into.”

              It seems that supply lines do not (yet) route around Los Angeles as much as possible. Maybe places like Chicago were worse earlier.

              • jim says:

                Los Angeles is a port city. A port that is far too large and suffering severe diseconomies of scale, quite apart from the breakdown of law and order characteristic of blue cities. You cannot route round ports. You can, however, build more ports – except that our government is too dysfunctional to build anything nor allow anything substantial to be built.

                • Yul Bornhold says:

                  If Union Pacific says it will stop operating in Los Angeles, then Union Pacific is not picking up or depositing goods from the harbor.

                  “Like our customers, UP is now contemplating
                  serious changes to our operating plans to avoid Los Angeles County.” (

                  If your endpoint is the harbor, you can’t reroute around the harbor and yet they’re suggesting rerouting, which means they were shipping through LA when it wasn’t a specific start-point or endpoint.

                  As a railroad company, this makes more sense. In modern California, it must be an enormous pain to lay new tracks. If the company is using legacy warehouses and loading points, they’d stick around a lot longer than more flexible trucking companies.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  There were schemes to build up ports on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Mexico, and bring the goods up via train into Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.

                  Narco’s or the Coastal Cathedral, take your pick.

              • Aidan says:

                Like I said in my first post, ports would get ruined. So no imports, and gas and food likely to get extremely expensive. Life would get a lot worse, but it would be bombing America back to the third world, not the Stone Age.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  America had a similar technology level as the third world as recently as 150 years ago. There are shitholes in Africa with more electric power today than America had in 1900. It will not be pleasant, but America can more easily return from being bombed into the third world than being invaded by the third worlders. It will be interesting to see what happens.

        • Aidan says:

          Nuclear war is not as bad as pop culture makes it out to be. The most important thing beyond what you mentioned is willingness to shoot people, because this country is full of useless mouths looking to eat you, but not much of value will be lost if our cities get nuked, aside from some useful ocean ports. Our governments reaction may well be insane and unhinged, amounting to an immediate attempt at autogenocide, though there is a chance they dust off the old and sane plans put together during the Cold War.

          • Calvin says:

            If it comes to a nuclear war I have no doubt that the Russians will successfully decapitate our government. Regionalism in whatever is left standing seems an inevitability, if for no other reason that the sheer number of would-be Caesars that will have been handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to make dreams of empire real.

            • Aidan says:

              Unfortunately, the US is a theocracy; decapitating the nominal government will allow any “public servant” who has not had its skin irradiated off to claim the Mandate of Harvard. It is not that caesarism becomes impossible, it is that at least some remnant of the GAE will be around to contend with

              • Calvin says:

                Even if there is, and personally I doubt it, in conditions where immediate daily survival is actually a question rather than a given I cannot see anyone seriously devoted to the legacy of the GAE surviving long. Those cities that are not radioactive ash pits will be crawling with hungry mud people seeking effete urbanites to devour. Will someone try to use it as a cloak for a Caesarean takeover? I dunno, maybe. But an actual believer in GAEism cannot build, can only decay and pervert.

                • Aidan says:

                  No, cannot build, but can rally every red blooded man in America for a retaliatory war on Russia using impeccably patriotic language, which will in fact be a war against rural whites who do not want to feed infinite urbanite refugees

                • Calvin says:

                  Russia has either the most or second most nukes in the world, depending on how many are active and ready. Between radioactive flash, supply disruptions, and starving browns, will not be many urbanite refugees. Will not be much of a Russia left after a nuclear exchange to wage war on either, or a means to get there after the ports and airbases have been leveled.

                • jim says:

                  This assumes our nukes still work. I much doubt that they do. When the old engineers retired, I do not believe the bombs continued to be functional.

                  And in the event that Russia gets beheaded, Nato will also be beheaded.

                • Calvin says:

                  NATO without the US is nothing, and I fully expect that if a nuclear exchange occurs the US will be beheaded. So I agree with you there. But I also think more American nukes are working than you figure. Russia is pretty concentrated, would not take all of them to glass the populace bits.

                • Tech Priest says:

                  Jim, if your concern is about the tritium (as I believe you mentioned before), as I understand it the tritium enhances the yield, but is not needed for the nuke to go off.

                  So if US nukes have decayed tritium, but are otherwise in working order, they will still work, just not with as big a boom as designed.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It is not the tritium, but that tritium is an obvious indicator of technological decline. Consider also the terrible state of American rocketry, and really any high technology dealing with nuclear science. Those are harder to notice. Decay can slip in and it is not noticeable until the launches fail, and even then you may never hear of the failure. Tritium is what you can point to and say, “They could make tritium in the 1950s and now they cannot. What else made in the 50s is no longer within their reach?”

              • Starman says:


                ” Unfortunately, the US is a theocracy; decapitating the nominal government will allow any “public servant” who has not had its skin irradiated off to claim the Mandate of Harvard. It is not that caesarism becomes impossible, it is that at least some remnant of the GAE will be around to contend with”

                Goddamned low T midwit statement.

                A nuclear war destroying the blue cities will be the permanent end of Harvard. They will have no army.

                • Aidan says:

                  Calm yourself, the fighting words are unnecessary. The men who do the killing for Harvard are recruited from the areas that will be unaffected by a nuclear bombing. Harvard uses your beloved rural yeoman class as trannissaries. History says that being devastated by an external enemy that does not have boots on the ground causes the survivors to fight harder against the enemy, not undergo civil war unless there is a backup elite trying to take power. I personally dream of warlording it up in the ruins of a nuked America, but I am being realistic. Will the janissaries rebel? That is a big question mark, and I say at least some of them will be loyal to the remnants of the GAE.

                • jim says:

                  In the ruins of big blue cities, their pet blacks are going to eat them while the Mexican cartels take power. The Old Gods of Mexico walk again, and the new state religion in areas of cartel rule is likely to be worship of the Old Gods.

                  Meanwhile someone obscure will point to the official line of succession and plausibly claim to be commander in chief. Which is likely to succeed so long as the rural yeomen believe the myth of the Republic. If Mister Obscure Civil Servant succeeds, he will eventually reconquer the ruins, because the rural yeomen will have little difficulty dealing with blacks and cartels.

                  But the Republic is dead.

                • Aidan says:

                  As we need to remind Anonymous Fake, blue cities are the result of Harvards power, not the cause of it.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Did you read his explanation? It is very feasible that they can rally a good chunk of the military and conservatives with a dream of revenge. “Two can fit in this grave, Putin.”

                • Starman says:


                  ”The men who do the killing for Harvard are recruited from the areas that will be unaffected by a nuclear bombing.”

                  Limpwristed urbanite bugman detected.

                  A Harvard in ruins and the blue cities in ruins means they won’t be recruiting anyone from Real America. Rural America was cheering when DeSantis stuffed Martha’s Vineyard with 50 migrant invaders.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  “Limpwristed urbanite bugman detected.”

                  Aidan has a point.

                  Right now, normality bias is still running rampant in the military, “Real America,” and the rural.

                  The military, O5 and under, is fairly based (and ironically one of the most politically aware segments of America). They still largely believe in the Republic and therefore follows orders, follows orders, and follows orders. I cannot stress that point enough. Until there is a complete breakdown in command structure or regime faith, don’t expect that to change much. In the event of a nuclear war, command is decentralized enough that the nature of American military leadership would not change overnight.

                  “A Harvard in ruins and the blue cities in ruins means they won’t be recruiting anyone from Real America.”

                  Nearly everyone O6 and above, as I’ve written before, are highly selected for ideological adherence. Moreover the rank and file won’t exactly be thinking too hard in the event of a major war. They will be following orders of what ever surviving leadership there is because a major crises has that effect on people (even more among military sorts), and while Harvard might be physically gone… it would live on spiritually among the remaining top military leadership. In effect, Harvard might live on long after it’s physical death. What that would look like in a post nuclear war America is debatable, but I imagine one of the worst case scenarios might be General Milley rallying to Supreme Leader Buttigieg.

                  I also caution against notions of “Real America” or rural America coming to save the day.

                  “Real America” is a bunch of isolated pockets of semi stable and semi traditional legacy Americans who haven’t realized, or come to terms with, the sheer degree of decline that has occurred. “Real America” has consistently retreated from the reality since FDR in part because the accumulated generational knowledge and wealth allowed them to mostly shield themselves from the decline rather than fight it. What that looked like in practice was a continuous retreat from progressive encroachment for the last 100 years. Legacy Americans are now massively outnumbered even by White Rural Americans. Anecdotally, I still remember the stories of my grandfather and my great grandfather. That America is dead and dead. If you’re so lucky to have heard first hand living memory of what was, you’ll know what I mean.

                  Rural America is having a massive drug and despair problem at the moment. National capitalism would change that which is why so many of them rallied around Trump, but that’s just about the only thing uniting them at the moment. There has been a severe breakdown in morals and well being in rural America such that it bears no resemblance to “Real America.” I would go as far as say it bares no resemblance to traditional American values at all. Rural America has become a retched place full of people who behave more like the inhabitants of Latin American favelas than Citizens of a Republic. Just more spread out, White, and much higher baseline IQ.

                  Hell, I would argue that you’re suffering from normality bias too because “Real America” doesn’t exists anymore in any real unified or contiguous measurement. All that you call “Real America” is just a memory and a shadow of an America that might have existed in the distant past but is beyond dead at this point in time.

                • S says:

                  The US military has a higher vaccination rate then the general public; I’m not sure how they can be in any sense count as ‘based’.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Starman gets a little spastic when people point out that reality is not going his way.

                  When people are dealing with the reality of a post-nuclear exchange America, they are going to be pissed off. They are not going to be thinking, “Well, I guess we kinda had this coming.” No, in the name of freedom and apple pie and Ronald Reagan, we need to show those damned commie Ruskies what America is made of! That it is not a rational position will matter not one bit.

                • Tech Priest says:

                  In the event of a nuclear war, for sure there will be rallying to the symbols of the existing order against the external enemy. But, I think that with enough destruction of the existing order’s centers of power, the referents of those symbols will change over time. Local official claims the mantle of Harvard, but is not Harvard and is ruling over a constituency that is not Harvard-oriented and without external backing outside that constituency.

                  Like I said before, hoping this will not happen since I live in a city myself.

                • Pax Imperialis says:


                  As I said, the military follows orders. Sometimes those orders are to take an entrenched enemy position on a hill with no artillery or air support. Sometimes those orders are to take a fake and dangerous vaccine. Either way you’re fucked.

                  A different mindset takes hold, and military men tend to thus play fast and loose with their own lives but not with their brothers. I encourage you to look past the physical actions, and look at their thoughts and spirit. On average, service members are fairly based in what they think. There is an awful lot of thoughtcrime going on just under the surface (lower to mid level Officers are very happy to ‘not be aware of’). Far more than in the typical civilian world, but as I said before, there is still much normality bias going on.

                  The rank and file were largely highly unenthusiastic and pessimistic about the vaccines. Much more so than civilians. Quite a few jokes about future VA disability claims. But orders where orders…

                  It’s tragic. In the military you’ll find some of the most aware men in America who know we are in major civilizational decay, yet are completely powerless to act even though we like to think of the military as men of action.

                  I guess the purpose of all this writing is less about convincing you about the military being ‘based’ or not, and more about pointing out that a would be inner party defector would have a military ready made to enforce a restoration. The only problems are getting that inner party defector in the first place, and cleaning out the upper levels of Cathedral control over the military so the would be Caesar would be able to issue direct commands.

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III
                  “No, in the name of freedom and apple pie and Ronald Reagan, we need to show those damned commie Ruskies”

                  Hate to break it to you but freedom is racist [1], America eats cricket pie now [2], and I don’t know who this Ronald Reagan guy is but he sounds like an old👏white👏male. Partly joking, but I would be surprised if the government rallied behind DEI even in the aftermath of nuclear war. Shock and wartime scarcities might mean most American would go right along with it.


                  @Tech Priest
                  “the referents of those symbols will change over time”

                  I don’t disagree, but timescale matters. Got a horrible gut feeling that even with Harvard destroyed, nuclear or domestic reasons, we are still looking at more than 3 generations after the fact.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I hate to have to explain the joke, but I was sarcastically referring to the kind of blind jingoism that so many red tribe Americans have. The sort of attitude that says that because we won two world wars we can do anything to anyone. The kind of person who wears a shirt that says back-to-back world war champs and conveniently forgets that America lost Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Strongest military in the world, except for planes that crash or cannot fly, ships that crash into each other, and generals and admirals more concerned with pronouns than with fitness standards.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I got the joke and was throwing a more depressed joke back at you. My sense of humor is a little dark at the moment.

                  Had some conversations about the fitness standards in the last couple of years. Some commanders are worried about fitness standards being too high of all things and have taken steps to reduce physical exertion in training. This comes after decades of limits being imposed. At this point is just looks like a weakening military.

                • S says:

                  “I encourage you to look past the physical actions, and look at their thoughts and spirit. On average, service members are fairly based in what they think.”

                  So are the liberals of Martha’s Vineyard. The difference is the lack of agency and we have a term for people who lack agency- NPCs. If command is commies, they will kill for the hammer and sickle. If command is globohomo, they will kill for the rainbow. If command is Charles the Hammer, they will kill for Christ.

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III
                  How? Are we going to naval invade Kamchatka like a demented game of Risk? Zerg rush against tactical nukes in Europe?

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  S, it is not a particularly good idea, but maybe. The kind of person I am talking about is not going to realize that the GAE Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps have more in common with the Soviet military of the early 1990s than with the American military of the early 2000s until that Zerg rush gets hit with a couple of tactical nukes, and by then it is too late. The GAE bugman sending them to die in a futile quest for revenge is doing to them what Zelensky is doing to the Ukraine.

            • Dr. Faust says:

              Gangs and organized crime will attempt to fill a power vacuum. The cartels out of mexico will take out a section of the soutwest and maybe more. GAE remnants will remain for a long time but nothing like now. The gelatinous urban body of the white liberal cannot maintain itself and so will be culled within a month post starvation. The map is not the land as they say and I expect most people will still point to the map longer after it resembled anything real.

              • A2 says:

                I wonder if the cartel business model survives the collapse of the US. Far fewer degenerates with valuable dollars to spend afterwards, is my guess.

                • Calvin says:

                  Probably will transition to more traditional warlording, likely with some Santa Muerte or other Catholic/Aztec hybrid religion as their foundation.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  “Catholic/Aztec hybrid religion”
                  Toss in some Mayan for good measure


                • i says:


                  Jesus Christ will not share his glory with another. Let along Santa Muerte.

                  Demons have no fellowship with God. Darkness has no fellowship with light.

                  Those religions will be purged in due time.

        • jim says:

          The primary hazard is not fallout. Fallout was a minor problem in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It will be a considerably bigger problem with modern nukes, but not enormously bigger.

          The primary hazard is the likely collapse of order following a nuclear war.

          You are going to have to engage in micro state organization, preparatory to state organization.

          Look for armed households under the authority of a patriarch, and cut a mutual defense deal between patriarchs, based on the corporate form. After a nuclear war, if the nuclear war leads to the collapse of order, need organizations to defend people and property, and these organizations then have to be scaled up.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “Areas that sign up to join Russia are under its nuclear umbrella. Nato declares that they are not under its nuclear umbrella. Acts as if not under nuclear umbrella. Boom!”

        So Putin becomes the nuclear Kyle Rittenhouse.

        Because of course. It makes so much sense. The memes draw themselves. I’m speechless.

  30. Basil says:

    [*Official history deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Russia was a great power before the revolution, massively lost ground as a result of the revolution, and has been clawing its way back since.

      • Basil says:

        These are literally fresh quotes from Putin.

        With your statement that the Soviet Union / Federation are a shadow of the power of the empire, I agree. The peak of Russia’s power falls on the time of the Holy Alliance.

        • jim says:

          You gave an untranslated Russian link, and neglected explain how it supports your claim.

          In future, please provided a yandex translate link, and explain how it supports your claim. I do not appreciate you setting me homework, and if in future you provided untranslated and unexplained links, I am going to delete your responses without regard for relevance to avoid doing homework.

          The linked material contradicts my claim, but fails to support the Cathedral account either, since it credits Nicolas with making Russia a great power.

          • Basil says:

            This version contradicts the Council’s version, but it’s just a different left version.

          • Basil says:

            This version contradicts the Cathedral’s version, but it’s just a different left version. Lenin, who “turned Russia into a Great Power”, is there.

  31. i says:

    Why are Russian Tycoons falling dead so often?

    What is with this glowie stuff?

  32. Ryan says:

    Jim, are there any good resources for helping to interpret the Bible, i.e. providing cultural context and what words meant at the time of writing?

    Also, is the KJV the best translation?

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Straight and based traditional Catholicism with commentary. Douay Rheims: Accept no substitute.

      KJV is acceptable in certain Anglo contexts for its epic and majestic literary style, in certain verses, but it’s still a bootleg and not acceptable theologically. Read it alongside a real Bible if you want to think like a 17th century gentleman but without the errors of the 17th century, which are numerous.

      Avoid anything associated with Talmudic Jews, like the Masoretic text.

      • jim says:

        The Roman Catholic bible, insofar as it deviates from the Orthodox Bible, is heretical. Orthodoxy is happy to use the King James Bible, which is more or less a straight translation of the Greek Orthodox Bible. Will not touch the Roman Bible.

        Your site correctly calls out a multitude of heresies in a multitude of Protestant sects, and a multitude of heresies in a multitude of modern bibles.

        But its central heresy is of course, the Pope as Caesar and successor to Peter. He was not. When Peter went underground, leadership passed to James the Just, brother of Christ (who popped out of Mary’s womb, perpetual virginity of Mary is of course a faggot heresy) and as soon as they had Churches in multiple distant cities, leadership became collegial, and remained collegial to this day. Each Church is or should be local church united in a national church, all nationa churches united by the consensus of the Bishops.

        For the first five centuries, the Bishop of Rome was one Bishop among many.

        In the fifth century, Pope Leo the first sought and gained the title of Patriarch of the West. Subsequent Popes claimed the title, but it is far from clear that they were entitled to it or that this was generally recognized, because Emperors, Kings, Lords, and powerful vassals went right on appointing their own Bishops and the governance of the Western Church went right on being the consensus of the Bishops.

        In the eleventh century the Pope claimed spiritual authority over everything, and broad secular powers everywhere. Which was immediately disputed in blood, (Easter Churches and Kings ignored it, and Western Kings forcibly resisted from the beginning) It continued to be disputed in rivers of blood, which rivers eventually washed over Rome itself, in the sack of Rome by the Holy Roman Empire.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          The greatest argument for the idea of the pope is how often popes can run their mouths (even to the point of heresy) without ever making a formal declaration of infallibility, like there’s something that’s holding them back. They can be corrected with all due respect just like anyone else. And they are supposed to have some fair amount of temporal power, just like temporal kings wielding the sword against evil in the spiritual sense.

          And there’s no reason for you to attack Mary like that at all. Of all miracles, perpetual virginity is so tame that there’s no reason why to doubt it unless you doubt everything else. The idea that Joseph had children from a previous marriage makes the most sense too.

          I don’t know of any difference between Catholic and Orthodox Bibles deviant enough to be called heretical on either side.

          • jim says:

            > The greatest argument for the idea of the pope is how often popes can run their mouths (even to the point of heresy) without ever making a formal declaration of infallibility

            Over the past millennium, the Roman Catholic Church has accumulated an ever growing pile of heresies. After the sack of Rome, most of them were buried in the basement behind the water heater along with Saint Paul on the recruitment of bishops and deacons.

            The protestants correctly called out most of the heresies, and in the counter reformation following the sack of Rome, they were quietly stashed behind the water heater, but they are still there.

          • Aidan says:

            Disturbing that you consider the suggestion that Mary performed her wifely duty by bearing her husband’s children an attack on her.

            AF as a tradcath converso actually makes a lot of sense as to the shill-like argument style. Many such people, focused on the moral and spiritual aspects of their faith, let their guard down when it comes to politics, economics, and theory-of-history, and their brains end up colonized by enemy memes.

            • i says:

              The typology of Mary being the Ark of the Covenant has the implications of sexual relations with her even in marriage to be sacrilege. Although personally I don’t believe the typology quite fits. Since the Ark is symbolic of God’s Throne surrounded by his Cherubim Throne Guardians which was present on the lid of the Ark while God’s Glory literally manifested between the Cherubim ministatues

              They went so far as to forge a fan fiction story called “The Protoevangelium of James”

              that differs greatly from the Gospels including birth in a cave and the teleportation of baby Jesus out of the womb of the Theotokos preserving her perpetual virginity. The fact that they even cited that forgery as a reliable source is a bit bizarre.

            • i says:

              Here is the text here:

              However this doctrine wasn’t accepted universally by the Church Fathers like Tertullian, Victorinus and Helvitius.

              Even Polycarp, Ignatius and Irenaeus didn’t affirm that doctrine. In addition.

              As for Jerome:

              The New Testament evidence is still debated, but the great majority of critical scholars are agreed that his [Helvidius’] interpretation of it, and not Jerome’s, is the correct one.

              Jerome’s efforts to get round the obvious meaning of the texts strike most people today as special pleading, the by-product of his prior conviction that sexual intercourse is defiling.

              His roll-call of orthodox fathers who supported him was a dishonest smoke-screen typical of his debating style; it is doubtful whether he had any close acquaintance with the writers he listed, more than doubtful whether they held the views he attributed to them.” (Jerome [Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson Publishers, 2000], 106-7)

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The idea of virgin birth was one of the earliest signal attenuation loops in the church’s history, which went something like:

            Primus: Wouldn’t it be cool if God did this cool Thing?
            Secundus: I don’t think this would have happened
            P: What, are you saying God isn’t *cool enough* to do this cool thing?
            S: Err…

        • Shooter McGavin says:

          Have been an Orthodox catechumen for about a year now. From what I have gathered James the Brother of Christ is not considered to be the biological brother of Christ but his cousin. The early church fathers always affirmed the perpetual virginity of Mary, an affirmation which has continued to be the official doctrine of the Church and is recited by most Orthodox churches every Sunday:

          “Commemorating our most holy, pure, blessed, and glorious Lady, the Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary, with all the saints, let us commend ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God.”

          Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

          • The Cominator says:

            St Jerome’s bullshit, the perpetual virginity of Mary was the original bluegill on women and people who claim to be Christians and insists on it should probably be burned.

      • The Cominator says:

        The whore of Rome worships Satan and the Jesuits should suffer the fate of the Templars.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      There are “daily bibles” that break it up into 365 little chunks that you read one day at a time. What’s nice about many of them is that each entry is preceded with an introduction “Ok here’s what’s going on here and what it’s about.”

      And most of those intros are somewhat pozzed too, because how couldn’t they be, but they’re better than nothing.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      there are a number of resources on this stuff, and in fact I cut my teeth as an internet young’un on forums discussing this stuff 20+ years ago. back then the best scholarship was being done by a group styling themselves the “Context Group”:

      a cursory Google turns up this blog post, I know nothing about this blogger but the list seems like it may be a good place to start:

      but some of those books threaten to be a bit heavy and plodding. I know for certain (because it is on my shelf) that this is an easy intro to the subject:

    • jim says:

      KJV is the best translation – Modern bibles rely on modern academic scholarship – which got excessively creative. Modern Academia dug up old variants from obscure places that had long been one the domination of Muslims, bibles maintained by heretical Christian sects under the thumb of Muslims, found lots of variants, used the variants as an excuse to go hog wild.

      The KJV is a translation of the Byzantine copies of the original Greek, as maintained by the Byzantines, which was protected against copyist errors and pious fraud by pulling in bibles from all over the place from time to time, and reconciling differences. Modern scholarship threw that overboard, and said to themselves “we will do that, we don’t trust the Byzantines.” Well, whom do you trust? Orthodox Christians to reconcile variants resulting from copyist errors and pious fraud, or Harvard?

      KJV deliberately errs on the side of overly literal translation of the original Greek, and some of the Greek does not have a good literal translation into English. Sometimes a bit of creativity is required. Which creativity moderns again went hog wild on.

      • The Cominator says:

        One thing I don’t trust about the KJV exactly is they translate the commandment as thou shalt not kill, when it’s definitely thou shalt not murder.

        • Redbible says:

          My understanding of that is that during the time of KJV being written, the word kill meant what we now call murder.

          And make no mistake, translating it as “thou shalt not murder” will still result in a holiness spiral of “all killing is murder” at some point. The key it to “take care of” those who holiness spiral.

          • jim says:

            The ten commandments flatly forbid all graven images, but no one except the usual holiness spiralers seem to ever have interpreted it as forbidding all graven images. It seems to have from the beginning been interpreted as forbidding religious images likely to be worshipped and cult of personality images of kings.

          • Ex says:

            Indeed. KJV English: “Thou shalt not kill. David slew Goliath.”
            Modern English: “You shall not murder. David killed Goliath.”

          • The Cominator says:

            the reason why it’s important that it says murder as opposed to kill is murder only means wrongful killings ergo the commandment recognizes rightful killings… and you don’t need to tell me that we need to be harsh on leftists and subversives…

  33. Starman says:

    Speaking of which, a Russian troll is live-streaming his gas oven continuously burning gas, and noting it only costs him the equivalent of 1.4 Euros per month to do this. Doing the same in Britain and Germany would cost a thousand Euros a month.

  34. Kunning Drueger says:

    There are ~40k AFU forces abroad being trained. These will start to be rushed home if the GAE actually believes a mobilization is around the corner. The GAE has ignited conflicts in 2 places in the CSTO. Both are perpetual conflicts, in both places each side blames the other, and reports of flagless, black clad militants have emerged from all sides. Georgia is experiencing “totally organic” protests, as well.

    Russia mobilizing would not be WW01 tactics unless the GAE mirrors it, and can you imagine how the social welfare class would react to that lol. If Russia mobilizes, it is because they are done attriting the GAE and need to pivot to the the next stage.

    The RF gave the GAE an option to deescalate in December 2021. Spurned, they activated the SMO *after* recognizing the DPR/LPR. The GAE has preemptively discounted the plebiscites planned for the next weeks. This is the mirror of the “exit ramp” from December 2021. So November is my guess for the Big Shift in the new normal globally, but RF may be hasty for historical fun in Oct.

    Tangentially, the “end of Covid” is a domestic signal for the false flags and escalations of suppression of dissent to increase. This will be predicated on Russian Collusion 2.0. I think Putin knows this, and is positioning himself to take advantage of an increase in craziness in the core GAE.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Partial mobilization. 300k reserves activated, starting today, only men who have already done their term of service. Shoigu says this is ~1.1% of their available reserves (~25 million, which is roughly the size of Best Korea’s “standing” army). The referendums are going to be a critical marker in this, as the SMO precedent is the checking of boxes.

      Does anyone see it as possible or likely that EU or NATO will mirror the move? I could see the Balts doing it. I could also see some of Eastern Europe doing it, but that’s a tricky situation. Civilians in Romania are purportedly harassing and blocking NATO trucks.

      300k are about the minimum needed to fully invest the Breakaways while keeping the “slow grind” posture. If Belarus goes kinetic, then we may see a transition to offensive style operations. According to Macgregor, Poland has made it known that, should the Breakaways become Russian clay, they will “re-nationalize” the portions of Western Ukraine they claim. Romania also has certain claims on what is now considered “Ukrainian” clay. So maybe the GAE does a mirror land grab instead of attempting a mobilization? It would be quite the counter move, and a further reduction of peaceful off ramps.

      I want to reiterate that I am predicting a marked increase in the suppression of dissent across the GAE. This will probably take many forms, from anti-Russian laws and regulations to censure, seizure, and raids on suspected RF sympathizers. I think Twitter will be a good marker to watch for tone and intention. This was how the GAE drummed up war fever back in March. If there’s some big changes coming, like a draft or new sedition rules, I expect they will audition it on Twitter first before the campaign is deployed on the MSM.

      Those of us who pray, let us pray that God honors the righteous and smotes the wicked, and ask for strength to bear the burden that entails.

      • Old Roger says:

        That’s it. You’re a deliberate troll. McGregor has been outrageously wrong on every single prediction he’s made going back to Feb 26 or so when he was insisting Hostomel airport was under full Russian control and the war wouldn’t last another week. Continuing to cite him at this point isn’t hope, it’s not credulousness, it’s just deliberate malfeasance.

        • jim says:

          Douglas MacGregor has been pretty good. He recently had to eat his words as a result of the recent successful Ukrainian offensive, which caught the Russians with their pants down
          and proceeded to do so: Perhaps less fully than he should have.

          He correctly observes that this offensive cost the Ukrainians substantial casualties, and the Russians very few casualties. Nato sought an attritive war, and successfully imposed it. In a war of attrition, what matters is casualties, not turf.

          It cost the Ukrainians five thousand to ten thousand dead to force two thousand Russians to flee, and to capture a couple of tanks.

          He previously claimed that Ukraine is losing to the south of Kharkov. And then the counteroffensive happened. Despite the recent counter offensive, I would say he was right and is right, because Ukraine continues to suffer unsustainable casualties, largely on that front and sustained unsustainable casualties during that counteroffensive.

          If he is so full of shit, prove it. Give me an example of him predicting something (with a link to him predicting it) and the prediction turned out bad.

          This war is taking a lot longer than I expected, than most people expected. Yes, we were all wrong there. Nato has for eight years been fighting a war of attrition against Russia on the Ukraine front, which Putin sought, and failed, to end with a war of movement.

          And now it is back to war of attrition, at a much higher level of attrition. And, what do you know? Nato is getting attrited. Going to be a cold winter in Germany, and a very sad winter in Ukraine.

          Russia reports nearly six thousand dead, and claims sixty thousand Ukrainian’s dead. I doubt anyone, even the Ukrainians, know how many Ukrainian dead, but whatever it is, it is a clearly a lot of dead.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Right now the attrition is only occurring between Russian soldiers and Ukranian soldiers, with a few NATO/GAE soldiers probably getting hit. It will be interesting to see what happens this winter, when German and English civilians start joining the casualty counts due to freezing or starving to death.

            Old Roger, mind taking the shill test? Just so we can be sure, of course. Say something that no HR department would allow you to say.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Let’s see a list of McGregor predictions with sources and refutations friendo. While your at it, would you be amenable to taking the shill test?

  35. Texas Banana says:

    Russia inviting foreigners to join its military, reward of Russian citizenship after one year of service:

    Anybody here inclined to take them up on it?

  36. Mayflower Sperg says:

    I read that Argentina had a major manufacturing boom during WW2, but the factories all failed after the war ended and imports became available again.

    • jim says:

      Not what happened. Peron immediately, following World War II, created a policy of import substitution, which initially was quite successful, but failed because strangled by regulation and state intervention – national socialism, rather than national capitalism.

      Socialism was hurting people, and strangling the economy, so around 1976, they abandoned, not socialism, but import substitution. The economy crashed.

      What happened in Argentina when they abandoned import substitution was similar to what happened to Russia when communism fell. All the knowledge, skills, and capital was in big quasi state enterprises, and when these went away, the genuinely private sector did not pop up to replace them. Right now in Russia the small scale private sector is popping up to replace imports.

      It rather looks like import substitution works if it is part of a pro capitalist policy, national capitalism rather than national socialism, but replacing socialism with international capitalism, as in Argentina in 1976 and Russia in 1990, is disastrous. If you don’t have local capitalists, international capitalists are an unsatisfactory replacement for local socialist factories. The transformation of raw materials into elaborately transformed goods moves overseas. Skills, knowledge, and opportunity is lost.

      If you try replacing local socialist production with international capitalist production, production winds up being done overseas, and formerly productive people have nothing to do, lacking local capitalists to hire them for jobs doing similar things to those that local state and quasi state enterprises formerly hired them to do. Production falls, and living standards fall. Living standards fell in Argentina, and they fell in Russia. The local socialist apparatus of production goes away, and is not replaced by a local capitalist apparatus of production.

      The temporary but severe failure of capitalism in Argentina and post soviet Russa makes sense if we suppose that local capitalists producing elaborately transformed goods have a large local externality making it easier for other local capitalists to produce other elaborately transformed goods. If you desocialize local socialist production, need to have local capitalists to organize local capitalist production. International capitalists just will not do it, or, due to diseconomies of scale, will take an unreasonably long time to do it.

      Small scale local capitalists can organize things locally a lot faster than large scale distant capitalists, due to diseconomies of scale and distance, and when desocializing, need to reorganize production. So need national capitalists.

    • jim says:

      The Rand document is obviously fake. They might well be thinking those thoughts, might well have plotted that plot, but if they are thinking those thoughts, would not use those words to express them, and if they indeed plotted that plot, they would use doublethink and doubletalk words to make the plot pious.

      • Guy says:

        Exactly. Reminds me of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

        • jim says:

          “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is an obviously fake document that depicts what was probably a real jewish plot – but a plot funded by Rothschild with his depositor’s money, not by the Elders of Zion.

          The massive failure of Soviet economic policy may well have contributed to the Rothschilds going broke and losing power and influence in 1930.

          When Stalin took charge and disempowered (and frequently executed) the Jewish Bolsheviks, Russian economic policy became considerably less insane and self destructive. I conjecture that Jewish hatred of the goy caused them to shoot themselves in the foot, and the Rothschilds bank suffered collateral damage.

          The document supposedly from Rand is also an obviously fake document that depicts what may well be a real plot.

          Communist evil from 1916 to 1932 was demonic evil, self hating and self destructive. Communist evil from 1932 to 1987 was rational evil, the rational pursuit of self interest by wicked means. Ukrainian war policy has so far been demonic evil, unnecessarily expending troops in a long term war of attrition, and bombarding a nuclear power plant with a very large store of fission waste products.

          I have monsters inside, and sometimes I take them out for a little walk on a very short leash to impress the chicks. Sometimes, when me and mine are threatened, they break the leash and I become indeed the monster. I have a big problem with wrath. But my monsters are me, and fight for me and mine. The Global American Empire does not have monsters inside, but demons inside. That is their great weakness, and that is the great danger of their rule to us.

          I think the self destruction of the German economy is better explained by self hating self destructive evil, rather than by rational evil.

          • Adam says:

            The monster in you protects the saint in you.

            This almost came up in the last blog post. It’s not necessary to impale your fellow man for every insignificant slight, in order to ping female alpha radar. Just be capable of it, and like you said, take it for a spin once in a while to refresh everyone’s memory.

  37. Basil says:

    Can Russia solve the problem with high-tech things and their quality in a reasonable enough time? Doesn’t this require a choice of scale, which in the country is 140 million is simply not there. In the case of South Korea, it had the advantage of a very low start, and was not closed to the international solvent market. The production of cars, high-precision equipment is not fast food.

    • jim says:

      Technological change is moving towards considerably smaller scale production, with the important exception of computer chips.

      Russia has long been the leader in rocket engines, though Musk leap frogged over them – notice however that he ignored NASA tech and proceeded to improve on Russian tech – his engine is the Soviet engine plus a fuel rich preburner to achieve higher engine pressures.

      Russian fighter planes are now the leading edge, though for a very long time their fighter planes lagged.

      China, rightly suspecting backdoors, has long been struggling to build its own computer chips, not very successfully, but they are good enough to run modern equipment. This is an area where Russia has not been attempting to compete technologically. Should it now get off its arse, it will take a long time to get up to speed.

      By and large, for most specialized high tech goods required for manufacturing, such as the nail making machine of which I spoke, the primary world supplier is China, which is not sanctioning Russia.

      The transition for fast food and nails was mighty quick. Some things, many things, will take considerably longer. But Russia has considerably longer.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      “Russia is lost without modernity, for there can be no success without the high and holy affluence of the City on the Hill.”

      The shill always clutches at rotted pearls. Remember kids, value falls from the sky whole and complete!

  38. Basil says:

    [Deleted for inaccurately representing a foreign language link*]

  39. Oog en Hand says:

    Leicester. Now.

  40. Severian says:

    It looks like Putin will finally escalate now.
    Referendums on joining Russia next week. Mobilization laws going through the Duma.
    Dugin saying an important decision has been made and pretty much all Russian telegram channels are expecting it now.

    • Karl says:

      Mobilization means more WW1 tactics. It is an escalation that will simply be met by another NATO escalation.

      Killing every man and woman drafted into the Ukrainian army might suffice to end this war, but NATO drafts every Ukrainian they can find. Minimizing civilian losses is pointless, if every civilian is drafted into the army.

      A few nukes would kill fewer people than continuing WW1 tactics. Killing a few key people would be even less bloody.

      • Severian says:

        Why not WW2 strategic bombing?

        • Karl says:

          Lack of good targets. WW2 bombing an army in trenches doesn’t do much damage, much less than a tactical nuke on the entrenched army. Bombing cities won’t do any damage to the army at all and it won’t make NATO give up.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Strategic bombing was largely a failure. While it killed people, it also hardened public opinion because there was no man on the ground to take advantage of the destruction. Need to kill Zelensky, then kill his successor during his first public address. Put 1kg of high explosive next to the Ukranian deep state nodes, preferably after you got their wife and kids. Attrition warfare is draining GAE arms supplies, but also the genetic quality of the Ukraine. Probably a worse situation, long term, than simply executing every Ukro-Nazi/GAE Ukranian leader and their families.

          • Severian says:

            Strategic bombings can still turn a country into a failed state.

            • myrtle says:

              Russia doesn’t want a contested hinterland, hence the entire invasion in the first place. Reducing Ukraine to rubble would actually help the US/NATO – they could convert to the muhajadeen/ISIS playbook they’d been trying to perfect in Iraq and try to bleed the bear with terrorist attacks.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                This was always a GAE pipedream. They can use muslims, but they don’t have Islam. They can import them, but they don’t control them. Ukraine has two faiths: Orthodoxy and globohomo. I wonder which one will motivate young men to throw themselves under tanks with “vests” on.

                Forever Wars require specific ingredients, you can’t just make it happen anywhere with anyone. Europe traded faith for godless hedonics. They got sluts but gave up strength. The A3OB types are faithful after a fashion, and they have always planned to lynch their pet kike and takeover. Regardless their faith is weak. Muscular Nationalism is just a refinement of Regional Faith-tradition. This is why Islam is so powerful. Ba’athists crawled right back to the Imams as soon as they weren’t Kurd-stomping an enemy 2 centuries behind them. You cannot name an effective insurgency that isn’t faith based. I know our analysis here is that effective insurgencies are a product of foreign intervention, but I think we may have failed to notice that, in a sea of insurgents, the Faithful outlast the others, every single time. If there’s a refutation, let’s hear it.

                • i says:

                  How the Qing Dynasty defeated the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom may prove to be a good case study in dealing with Islam.

                • DavyCrockett says:

                  The problem I see with is that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) has declined rapidly and now openly denounces the Russians for invading Ukraine. There is virtually no institutional pro-Russian Church in Ukraine now.

                • jim says:

                  Shortly before the war began, a considerable number Orthodox Russian Christians fled Ukraine as a result of increasingly violent and lethal persecution, in which quite a lot died. It is not as if the Russian Orthodox Church in the Ukraine spontaneously was persuaded by Globohomo, it is more like every single Christian Church in the West suddenly walking away from Marriage 1.0 after the Branch Davidians were burned alive.

      • S says:

        Three other possibilities
        -the Russians want to defend the front better; they are spread thinly on the ground.
        -casualties have been significant
        -preparing for a general war with NATO; troops needed for other fronts.

        • jim says:

          I do not know what they are preparing for, but they should be preparing for a general war with Nato, that will likely go nuclear.

          • S says:

            It looks like Putin is trying to force NATO to the table. He is proposing the annexation of the separatist republics to Russia (with the understanding that if you shoot at Russia, they respond with nukes).

            • jim says:

              > It looks like Putin is trying to force NATO to the table.

              Normality bias. Nato is not agreement capable, it is not even table capable. In the end, this is likely to go nuclear.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                At this point, it really just feels like Putin is dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts for his opposition and the Chinamen before he goes Total War. Honestly, how would you distinguish that from normality bias?

                • S says:

                  By looking at what is set up in advance. Normality bias won’t consider everything going to shit, while intentional escalation plans on it.

                • jim says:

                  That is a plausible interpretation of Putin’s conduct. I was responding to a different plausible interpretation of his conduct.

                  He could well be anticipating nuclear war, and trying to minimize the extent to which history and the Chinese will blame him for it.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  My thoughts exactly S. The RF went into Ukraine under mistaken assumptions, but they didn’t go off half cocked. When reality shattered their assumptions, they had to fall back on what preparations they made. They didn’t suddenly mobilize and go crazy, the assessed the battlefield and adjusted accordingly to continue working towards their ultimate goals. I believe this next stage will be a continuation of that. That doesn’t preclude normality bias, as their lost normal may be quite different from the GAE’s forced normal.

              • Jehu says:

                What I don’t understand is why, if you think it’s going to go nuclear, you don’t seek to nuclearize it under your best terms. Do you think that the Russian military would balk if he ordered a decapitation first strike? That’s not a rhetorical question, I don’t actually know the answer. Or is it a transcendental objection to being the one that launched the first big nuclear strike? (also a real question).

                • jim says:

                  The rational self interested decision, if you expect defection, is to immediately escalate defection, and since your opponent will do the same, escalate defection to the maximum immediately.

                  But this is going to involve a great deal of unpleasantness that might have been avoided, so as long as there seems some prospect of avoiding it, one should delay and stall and hope that something turns up. If Putin is able to stall to 2026 or so, there is a good chance that something might turn up.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The ancients, knowing the example of King Oedipus, understood retrochonicity; how looking for the future can give it a bridge for invading the past.

                  Something which, in this kali yuga, modernes have forgotten, as in so many other things as well – but nuclear game theory, in other words, brought it back into consciousness.

                  Throughout the cold war soviet russia – while certainly not above rattling the saber over how they might be ‘forced’ to make a first strike over this or that American advancement ‘upsetting the balance of power’ (an excuse self-abnegating regressives running the place were more than happy to pounce on as yet another pretext for stopping any and every upgrowth of their neighbors advancing boldly towards The Future) – overall maintained a ‘no first strike’ doctrine of nuclear strategy, which we might venture to surmise was less an expression of communist character, and more an expression of Russian character.

    • jim says:

      I do not think escalation now is wise. It may very soon become wise, but not wise yet.

      Global American Empire strategy has always been a long war, and current Russian weapons and tactics are incapable forcing quick resolution upon them. So, just slowly attrit the Ukrainian army.

      As the Ukrainian army is attrited, the Global American Empire is increasingly inserting English speaking troops to make up the shortfall – looks like the recent successful Ukrainian offensive was spearheaded by English speaking troops. This is increasingly becoming a direct conflict between Nato and Russia, rather than a proxy war between Nato and Russia, because the Ukrainian proxy is rapidly running out of men willing to fight, and Nato is unwilling to let them fall.

      The real escalation will not be pushing harder in Ukraine, it will opening the front on additional Nato countries in response to increasingly direct and increasingly open Nato intervention in the Ukraine.

      • Severian says:

        Escalation probably not now, but the political steps necessary at home for escalation.
        There’s talk of hundreds of additional aircraft being sent to the region. I think probably a big infrastructure bombing campaign after Putin’s speech.

        • Aidan says:

          Seems like bombing has been obsoleted by precision missile strikes, like the single missile that took out the Krivy Rog dam. The utility of aircraft nowadays seems to be in finding targets you do not know the exact location of, and hitting targets that are likely to move between being spotted and a missile arriving at their location.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Strategic bombing has its place, see the CIA/Air Force campaign in Afghanistan in 2001-2002 8 week war. This may be excessive optimism on my part, but look at the RF dam busting operation last week. Those were on the target list, but Putin has tied the hands of the SMO, until he didn’t. I think it’s possible the 800+ air assets shifted into theater will be similarly tasked, and when the balloon goes up, Ruthenia will get Stone Age’d real quick. It won’t defeat the Zelenskyites, it will just make them intensely unpopular and sore pressed to achieve the most simple logistical operations.

            • Aidan says:

              If you send a plane for a strike, you risk an expensive plane and an elite pilot. Send a missile, you risk nothing. RU has planes, so might as well use em. Send a plane when you know there is something worth bombing nearby, but not sure exactly where. I’m very heartened by RU drone surveillance and nod footage that suggests a canopy of trees provides excellent concealment. But yes, moving to strikes against critical infrastructure is the right move, though it suggests Russia will not seek to annex all of UKR

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                If they deindutrialize whatever they do not own, then offer the parts they want to be hooked back up to the grid if they will only join the RF, that could work. Plus, if you kill the power everywhere, places that still have power stick out like dogs balls. Power sources means possible command posts and other areas of interest.

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