Another one bites the dust.

I don’t usually cover the events of the day, because one loses track of the big picture. The events of the day only reveal their meaning when viewed months, years, decades, or centuries later.

With democracy and freedom of speech dead, there is no way to resolve conflicts within the elite except lethal violence. Covering this incident because it is a significant escalation in inter elite violence.

ABC news producer and senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee raided by FBI, and not seen again.

Things are escalating far slower than I expected. But they are, as expected, escalating.

They have been escalating for a long time. I expected that following the stolen election of 2020, they would escalate a whole lot faster. They have not been escalating a whole lot faster, but it looks like they are escalating somewhat faster.

In these internal conflicts, and in the external conflict with Russia, we are seeing limited conflict for limited stakes. People are acting as if not everything was on the table, as if it was not winner takes all. This is normality bias. Escalation to internal civil war, and/or external world war III is inevitable until someone emerges capable of imposing order. Every time a rule is broken, a limit overstepped, there is more up for grabs on the table, until eventually the stakes for everyone are win or die.

For a very long time I have been predicting democide, genocide, civil war, and/or external war for 2025-2026. That things have been going slower than expected does not yet incline me to shift that prediction. Normality bias is that the 2022 elections will be normal, or that the regime will get away with pretending that they are normal.

I doubt it.

The regime took power on the basis that they would temporarily use extraordinary measures to return things to the way they were, and extraordinary measures would cease to be necessary. Obama normality would return. People in the elite believed they were returning to normality, and this belief is stabilizing things, like Wily Coyote walking off the edge of a cliff, but not falling until he looks down and sees the abyss beneath him. With members of the elite vanishing, the abyss is getting hard to ignore.

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  1. Kunning Drueger says:

    Thoughtcrime on YouTube

  2. Cloudswrest says:

    Liberals complaining Trump backers debating points are outside the Overton Window and can’t be debated. LOL

    On Page One of today’s @nytimes
    : “Trump’s Backers Use ‘Devil Terms’ to Rally Voters”

    : “They are using what are called ‘devil terms’ — things that are so unquestionably bad that you can’t have a debate about them”

    • Hesiod says:

      Briant Stelter, Monkeypox Patient Zero

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      Context shows that’s not what they’re saying, because in the very next paragraph they proceed to talk about Republicans demonizing the Democrat agenda. They’re saying that the GOP is forcing a dichotomy between themselves on the one hand, and unpopular epithets on the other hand – in other words, basically the Democrat “do whatever I say or you’re a racist sexist homophobic transphobe that probably sucks off Putin daily” strategy.

      • Bouncer says:

        Good. It’s about time Republicans stopped kowtowing to the Democrats on morality and took the offensive. Lines like:

        “The Leftists, who are authoritarians with a DNA that leans toward tyranny, believe that loading up the nation with unskilled workers from underdeveloped nations will provide Democrats with voters,”

        are both factual and strike right at the heart of the leftist theft of US democracy in the last century+. It’s needed to be pushed back with some anti-deconstructionism for far too long.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Musk comments that Starlink is under Russian attack in a series of tweets.

    • Red says:

      This isn’t news. Musk has been talking about Russian jamming attacks on Starlink since the early days of the war. An actual attack on Starlink would be on the Satellites.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Musk’s words in the second tweet above. Reading between the lines …

        Russia is actively trying to kill Starlink. To safeguard, SpaceX has diverted massive resources towards defense.

        Even so, Starlink may still die.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Ipso facto evidence Twitter is really a government front for domestic propaganda.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Sufferers of chronic backbiting syndrome can say the darndest things.

      >’Musk is rich why cant he just give XYZ gratis.’

      But of course, one of the biggest reasons for why there is such a thing as starlink which Musk created whose services he can provide in the first place and why our interlocutor does not have such a thing as starlink whose services they can provide is because he is not careless about value like this and they are careless about value like this.

      >’this man doesnt work for a living and has the gall to try and fleece the noble proletariate.’

      Perhaps ‘work for a living’ is defined as ‘taking a paycheck from someone’ in the email-jobs class weltanschauung.

      But of course, a man like Elon Musk does more real work, as in effective action that produces tangible real world results, than the spiritual bureaucrat could in a hundred lifetimes.

      People hate the ‘why dont you donate your own starlink’ argument because really it cuts strait to the heart of the matter leaving no room for response, except perhaps for marxian insanity that Musk must have somehow ‘stolen’ starlink from someone (and where did they get it?), rather than something which he is personally responsible for conjuring into existence and sustaining that existence.

      And really it doesn’t even need to be J. Random Twitteraddict either; where is Lockheed-Martin’s starlink? or AT&T’s starlink? or Larry Fink’s starlink? Verizon? Amazon? Boeing? Raytheon?

      There is no shortage of peers and potential or actual competitors in any area Musk has made endeavors, and this one is no exception either; yet, for mysterious reasons not clear to the initiated progroid, noone else is able to do what Elon Musk does except Elon Musk, so we are having all of these conversations about him in the first place, and not anyone else.

      • jim says:

        Musk is giving free Starlink to a government that thinks he is an evil capitalist overlord, and his possession of Starlink and two third’s of civilization’s lift to orbit capability is an act of theft deserving of punishment.

        He is getting as much gratitude as he should have expected.

        • Rando says:

          Musk should have never gotten involved in this Ukraine war business, and if DOD wanted him to send starlink terminals, should have insisted on payment in full first. Helping these globalist bastards just exposes starlink and Elon himself to unnecessary risk from a hostile Russia.

          Supposedly some Ukro-Nazi scumbags put him on a kill list after he proposed a peace plan that didn’t involve the annihilation of Russia. Which was subsequently removed, but that just goes to show you how unstable and dangerous it is for the Gay American Empire to support these assholes.

          I think Elon believes in at least some of the globalist, technocratic BS that is poisoning the minds of so many otherwise intelligent people these days. And there are legitimate objections to his Tesla company, as I see these EVs as a continuation of the drive to further limit free movement of people. An EV dependent on a crumbling electrical grid won’t get you very far, and what’s worse is a self driving EV that can drive you straight to the nearest government detention center if you commit a thoughtcrime.

          But what Elon is doing with rocketry is legit, and of great benefit to this country. A lot of supposed dissident right-wing people let all the stuff Musk does that they don’t like cloud their judgement of him. So they either ignore or dismiss his legit achievements in advancing human spaceflight. Can you imagine how things would have been if SpaceX never happened, and we were still depending on Russia to give us rides on their Soyuz spacecraft to get into space after we retired the Space Shuttle?

  4. Mister Grumpus says:

    Another one of those Peter Zeihan voiceover videos going around, about how tons of gold are flying around in private jets to/from Russia now since 1) “no one wants Rubles”, and also 2) because foreign paper currencies get auto-converted to Rubles once electronically received in Russian bank accounts, but physical gold does not.

    He’s gloating about it, but I’m thinking wait a minute, wow, if these oil/gas/metals traders get accustomed to this, then surely it’s a big deal.

    • JustAnotherGuy says:

      I just can’t take Zeihan’s convo on demographics seriously when he says that chinas and russias populations will soon be in shambles while US populations will still be in the green; did he ever ask where that population came from and what they are actually doing? It’s really hard to tell if its ‘genuine’ belief like his thoughts on our clotshot being amazing while the chinese clotshot being bad or he just knows he has to say certain lines to keep up with the revolution and not be left behind.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        You can tell he knows he’s lying sometimes, when he talks like a poor actor. Sometimes, he sounds more fake than a low budget soap opera. If he believed his lies he wouldn’t sound like that.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I follow Zeihan closely. He has been completely coopted by State Department faction and is now a dry well for info. He is actively shilling war faction propaganda, line by line, in concert with the likes of IOW and all other State Department NGOs/nonprofits.

      • jim says:

        Namefags always must lie.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Lying for self preservation is one thing. Zeihan has crossed that line and is now actively shilling disinformation with malice aforethought. While I still recommend his old books, and I will continue to monitor his analysis personally, I think he needs to be added to the category of voice/source we censor/disregard. If one does not believe me, sign up for his email newsletter and/or read the newsletter archive. He ate the poisoned fruit during Covid and destroyed whatever credibility he had with Ukraine.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Jim predicted this years ago, that the official reality would get so ridiculous (guns bad negroes fine, Covid, BLM, election fine, vaxx fine, Russia man bad, green shirt man good, transing kids fine), that namefagging in good faith would become just impossible to unbearable for the intelligent and sincere.

            So it’s idiots, psychos, homos and shills that we get.

            These know-it-all midwits out here, I don’t even try to argue anymore. I just burn in JEALOUSY over how great it must feel to know everything, and be on the good guys team of every issue, because it was in the Atlantic or on CNN.

    • Zorost says:

      Zeihan is good for historical perspective and raw data, but his takes are quite suspect. Either he is completely ignorant of the behind-the-scenes powers behind the thrones, or he is purposely doing the bidding of such people. Considering his work history and being buddies with Chrystia Freeland I strongly suspect the latter.

      For example, look at his electoral predictions from a few years ago. Trump will be the most left wing internationalist president for 50 years, due to the massive swing to the far Right that America is about to do. In large part because hispanics are so right wing when it comes to social issues, but also because we are going to reject globalism due to it not making any sense for an individual nation.

      How’d that turn out?

      He’s also 100% Pure proponent of regime covidiocy.

      The main use of his analysis is to see what the real elites want us to believe.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        This. I only continue analysis of this guy to know what not to believe. It’s a shame, really. He had a good thing going. But just like Milo, sodomites are never, ever, under any circumstances, good for your side in the long run. Their suicidal proclivity infects all that they touch.

        • The Cominator says:

          Don’t see how Milo really hurt us but they used his problems to hurt himself. Milo knew how to fight though… our side should have done the leftist thing and stood by him.

        • jim says:

          Even the best of sodomites, you cannot rely upon them. For sodomites, good conduct is not predictive of continued good conduct. But we should stick by our guys regardless, and Milo was and is our guy. We cannot save our guys from themselves, but we should stand with them against our enemies.

          • Hesiod says:

            Last I heard, he announced he was now straight but that was some time ago. Before that, he allegedly ended his abominable marriage, but the man was still living with him.

            Milo’s very entertaining with his sharp wit and I’ve bought and enjoyed several of his books. Even during the midst of his flamy-est of faggotry, he never said he was sinless or his Church’s teachings on sodomy should change.

            He’s an attention whore but he’s our attention whore.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Lie with dogs, rise with fleas.

            All sodomites are massive risk takers. Allowing them in is to open every email and click every link. “But the email came from a close friend!”

            The damage he did is far reaching, way further than I realized. Time teaches us that the damage from stupidity and recklessness will always outstrip what is done by malign actors. Put another way, a foolish ally will always hurt you more than a double agent.

            If a sodomite wants to be in the tribe, he must be celibate and forever under suspicion, always the first one accused and excused from the room, always challenged on every single idea and action, never trusted. If they aren’t willing to endure this, then they are not included.

            • Hesiod says:


              Some relatively recent news concerning the boy.

              I’m not saying anyone should sign their sons up for a camping trip with Milo as you are right concerning the necessity for continued suspicion.

              Just remember Saul became Paul.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                There must always be a path to redemption, even if it culminates with a bullet.

                • Hesiod says:

                  To deny the condemned a priest prior to the gallows would be evil, indeed.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Milo certainly was/is a odd duck compared to the median gay, in more ways than one.

                As a general rule, homosexuality is most commonly spread or caused by the molestation of prepubescent boys by old queers; unlike most gays who deny or repress their childhood abuses though, Milo basically came right out and said ‘yeah it happened and actually i rather liked it’.

                Ironically, it was this that also ended up getting turned into something to smear him with by parties looking to deplatform him. Of course as usual it was never exactly clear what exactly they were really upset about – whether openly attesting to the fact that old queers are going around molesting boys, or openly attesting to the fact that some kids (which is typically girls, but in this case was him) in any given cohort can start becoming sexual at alarmingly young ages, or the fact that he basically had no inner policeman and would talk about any topic regardless of prevailing social more.

  5. Pax Imperialis says:

    Trump has been issued a subpoena right after Bannon’s prison sentence. We’re going to see who blinks first real fast.

    • Red says:

      The only way the Dems can justify stealing 2022 midterms is by arresting Trump and/or a false flag they can pin on Trump. The subpoena is part of that effort.

      • Red says:

        Hmm, looks like they want his deposition scheduled 2 days after the election. They may wait until the election to arrest him after all.

        • Hesiod says:

          Given the results won’t be in for several days or weeks depending on locale, is two days after election day all that much of a significance?

          • Red says:

            My theory is they need a reason that all the races the GOP is winning are suddenly result in the Dems winning everything by fixing the election. False Flag, arresting Trump seems like the sort of excuse they need for the turn around. The other issue they’re banking on is abortion which polling consistently shows is a losing issuing for the Dems. That’s the excuse they used when they rigged the Kansas vote. I doubt it would fly in national elections.

            The other possibility is I’m wrong and they’re going to let the GOP win(they may rig it against the MAGA candidates). I think this is unlikely. Once you have a super weapon like vote rigging out in the open, I can’t see a reason it won’t be used by the Dem candidates even if the normality faction doesn’t want it used.

            But everything is strongly indicating a massive GOP sweep. Guess we’ll see.

            • Adam says:

              If the elite were smart about it they would let the republicans win. Keeps them invested in the system and prolongs normalcy until 2024. Trump is outside the elite/inner party/outer party dynamic so I don’t think whatever happens to him is a reliable indicator for anything else necessarily. Leftism is still moving lefter, and can still move lefter even if the republicans win this election. Plus with the possibility of war looming the elite need everyone in the red tribe on board. A massive fraudulent election similar to 2020 would undermine that. Better to give them this win, get them back investing, and assuming normalcy for 2024.

      • jim says:

        Do they have to justify anything?

        It has become increasingly obvious that Covid was an attempt at mass murder and the vaccine mass sterilization, and they are getting away with it.

        • Adam says:

          I actually think that’s the sane faction at work, Covid and the vax. Some of the execution and the details were done by the sodomites on the lower rungs, but the elite still seem capable of big picture long term planning. Not in any good way obviously. And not very cooperative with each other. But Bill Gates and the WEF are not answering to blue haired troons. There is only so much you can do when your ranks are filled with incompetent rejects.

        • Red says:

          It has become increasingly obvious that Covid was an attempt at mass murder and the vaccine mass sterilization, and they are getting away with it.

          The French and UK leadership got away with mass murdering their aristocracy in WW1.
          It’s almost impossible to convince people that their own elite is out to mass murder them. It’s just to contrary to natural law for people to believe.

          I think that narratives matter. Either they’re not going to fix the election or they need a cover story for while the Dems sweep after the election fix.

          • Hesiod says:

            Narrative uber alles, indeed, but the stage and props to put on the big show are wearing thin. Too much tukhta is coming to light and the in-fighting over the scraps becomes bloodier. We may be at the part of the story where the charming villain, thwarted, transforms into the raging monster.

            • alf says:

              Will be interesting to see if we get lockdowns this winter.

            • jim says:

              During the final days of a Republic, normality bias again and again leads to people making terrible mistakes. Things get ever more abnormal, ever faster. Thus the cards favor the 2022 election being even more severely abnormal, not less.

              Probably not going directly to raging monster, but getting considerably closer.

          • Cassando says:

            ” It’s almost impossible to convince people that their own elite is out to mass murder them. It’s just to contrary to natural law for people to believe.”

            Unless people feel they can act as their own “elites”, like us here, they have no possible response to it. So, ignore it. Most people do not have that capacity.

  6. Cloudswrest says:

    Remember a couple of months ago the subject came up of (perhaps mostly hyped) Boom Supersonic? Well there’s an article today in Business Insider that says they are having trouble finding an engine manufacturer to work with them.

    The first paragraph below sounds reasonable from a manufacturer’s point of view.

    President and CEO Gaël Méheust of CFM International told media at an industry forum on Sunday that the company doesn’t “see a significant market for an engine that targets a very small potential niche,” Aviacionline reported.

    But this second paragraph tells me these manufacturers certainly have no “Musks” at the helm. Seems their business plan is just to indefinitely tweak their current engines for diminishing returns in fuel efficiency and “greeness”.

    Rather, he said CFM wants to put its time and resources into developing an engine “that improves emissions and performance compared to current engines.”

  7. Hesiod says:

    Cominator’s reference to unprincipled exception earlier in discussion led me to reread Auster’s archived articles on the subject, particularly the many examples and discussions. What struck me most was these writings are only around 18 years old now and several of the examples of unprincipled exceptions that were fairly recent at that time are completely unthinkable today for the Cathedral.

    Perhaps I’m too thick in attributing cleverness to the elite such as my earlier suggestion concerning the upcoming election when in fact there’s nothing there but animal cunning and moral insanity. Hard to tell sometimes as their primary weapon is deceit.

    • jim says:

      Yes, good stuff

      Liberalism is a suicide pact. The only reason why America is still half functioning rather than wasteland of burned out buildings, rotting corpses, and skeletons, is a multitude of unprincipled exceptions, which can only exist so long as nobody thinks about them or notices them. And each of these exceptions, one by one, is necessarily being removed, because they keep being noticed, and no one can defend them.

      Equality is death, and diversity is war without end. To survive, we have to have not just inequality, but moral principles that demand inequality and valorize the enforcement of inequality by whatever means necessary.

      • Hesiod says:

        Hierarchy is the will of God. The Father delights in His Son; The Son looks to His Father.

      • Anon says:

        All things bright and beautiful,
        All creatures great and small,
        All things wise and wonderful,
        The Lord God made them all.

        The rich man in his castle,
        The poor man at his gate,
        God made them, high or lowly,
        And ordered their estate.

        • Anon says:

          “All Thing Bright and Beautiful ” hymn by Cecil Frances Alexander.

          • Hesiod says:

            Purloined from the Wiki article on Mrs. Alexander:

            “She was criticised, however, for her endorsement of the class system, as expressed, for example, in the original third verse of “All Things Bright and Beautiful”:

            The rich man in his castle,
            The poor man at his gate,
            God made them high and lowly,
            And ordered their estate.

            Usually this verse is omitted from performances of the hymn,[7][8][9] and was omitted from The English Hymnal (1906) and the revised edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern (1950)”

    • EH says:

      Now liberalism is nothing but exceptions, with no principles at all. Any argument toward consistency or evidence which might lead to such an argument is derided as “whataboutism”. The claim need make no sense.

      The closest thing liberalism has to a core principle is equality. From this directly follows that nothing and no one is better or worse than anything or anyone else.

      Inferior people like being treated better than they deserve and, even more, enjoy bringing their betters down to the same level as themselves but, most of all, they want to degrade their betters to the position of their inferiors. To do so requires abandoning the idea of equality which, after all, was nothing but a handy hook with which to raise themselves up and pull their betters down. So without missing a beat, they abandon the pretense of equality.

      Preference of the worse to the better because it is worse is the essence of evil. Liberals are the way they are because they are not only inferior but evil. Remember this, never engage them as equals, nor as potential allies to be won over. By their natures, they can never be anything but evil enemies.

  8. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Nominally, a state is a sovereign entity not subject to any other mortal power; hence, whether you may speak of it as truly sovereign or not.

    Which in turn, nominally, makes the phrase ‘rouge state’ an oxymoron; an emotionally hysterical way of describing different states having competing interests.

    The implication of course being that the atlantic empire apparatchik thinks of himself as speaking ex cathedra; that he angles for he himself to be the higher power that all else in the world should be subject too.

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    It’s always be obvious that Wikipedia was biased. But now they are publishing outright, over the top, propaganda! So much for “reliable sources”. What’s next? An article on impaling babies on bayonets?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      “Frantic activity as a defense against impotence. There is a term for that, but you can bet your career it won’t be on the test. Pass.”

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Did you see the one with the Tupperware of 20-30 ounces of pulled-out gold teeth that someone just found in the Ukrainian sticks somewhere? Because of course they just left them there. Uh huh.

      • zero says:

        you don’t leave a few million rubble worth of gold on a stump for the lorax?
        slavs are well known as a high trust society of idiots grumpus!

    • Valka says:

      Russians tortured their own people by the milions in peace time. Why wouldn’t they torture a few enemies in war? Of course they would and they do.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        No doubt, but I doubt it’s being done, as portrayed, in these aforementioned, so called, “Russian torture chambers”.

      • Hesiod says:

        Pussy Riot got everything they deserved.

      • skippy says:

        “Russians” did not do that. Shill.

      • jim says:

        Russians did not torture their own people by the millions.

        Jews tortured Russians by the millions.

        • King Lizard Intercourse says:

          So you can talk about the Jews, but I can’t talk about the Jews?

          What is this? The Soviet Union?

          Furthermore, I stand with Ye. (Ride or die.)

          • A2 says:

            Quod licet Jimbo non licet bimbo.

          • jim says:

            When you talk about them Jews, it is completely obvious you are following a script written by the Jew Soros, or by his Jewish employees. We have all seen that formulaic and repetitious script far too many times, and I have rebutted it far too many times. Waste of space, not going to rebut it again

            Soros, a Jew, organized color revolution in the Ukraine, and as part of that color revolution, Victoria Nuland, a Jew, installed Zelenskyy, a Jew who cannot speak Ukrainian very well, as ruler of Ukraine.

            Zelenskyy immediately fostered a third positionist Nazi movement, a movement spouting a Soros written story similar to your own, and similar to that of those people on Gab who are always saying “Rothschilds Rothschilds Rothschild Joo Joo Joo name the Joo” – but are somehow strangely unable to notice what Soros is up to.

            Just as the French socialists in World War I had as their number one objective killing off the french aristocratic officer class, and defeating Germany merely as their number two objective, Zelenskyy’s number one objective has always been getting Ukrainians killed by Russians, and defeating Russia merely as his number two objective.

            And in this objective, Ukrainian Nazis have been invaluable and essential. The Ukrainian government rounds up a thundering herd of poorly equipped, hastily trained, cannon fodder, herds them off to soak up Russian artillery, and standing behind them are Ukrainian Nazis, to shoot them if they run away.

            These Nazis are genuinely nationalist and socialist – while Zelenkskyy is globalist and internationalist socialist. But internationalists are rather useless in war, hence the cultivation of Nazis by Soros, Victoria Nuland, and Zelenskyy

            And thus I see no end of Soros shills on Gab, and no end of Soros shills on my blog.

            In the Ukraine we see national socialists fighting a war on behalf of a globalist Jewish overlord. Which explains why Soros is funding and sponsoring national socialists.

            • King Lizard Intercourse says:

              I agree with everything you’ve said here except the claim that Zelensky, a Jewish TV actor until 2019, can’t speak Ukrainian very well. I don’t have any idea about that.

              I’m especially glad that are finally openly asking the Victoria Nuland Question.

              Perhaps you have no idea what I think?

              Furthermore, I stand with Ye. (Ride or die.)

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                ‘Ukrainian’ is a pigdin language in the first place; everyone on tv spoke russian.

              • jim says:

                Well then, say it in your own words – or even in my words: That (((Soros))), (((Victoria Nuland))), and (((Zelensky))) just want white people dead, that (((Soros))) overthrew the Ukraine government, played a major role in overthrowing the American government, that the Gab third positionists and the Ukraine Nazis are tools of (((Soros))), and that when third positionists cry “Rothschilds Rothschilds Rothschilds” they are saying “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”

                • Vlad says:

                  [*deleted for ignoring the crimes of Soros*]

                • jim says:

                  You apply to Soros the generic condemnation of all Jews, and it is true enough that those causing the problems that you list are overwhelmingly Jewish.

                  But Soros is not doing any of that stuff to any noticeable extent. What he is doing is a lot more important, and a lot more deadly.

                  A lot of Jews are corrupt, wicked, and degenerate, and want us to be corrupt, wicked, and degenerate also. Likely a lot of Jews wish to harm us. Soros, however, is not just wishing, but doing something quite effective about the latter wish.

                • King Lizard Intercourse says:

                  George Soros is an ancient, decrepit Hungarian Jew from the Kingdom of Hungary, which hasn’t existed since 1946. Victoria Nuland is a Ukrainian Jew Yorker and Boomer who was right about the EU. Vladimir Zelensky is a Ukrainian Jew and Gen. X from the Soviet Union who was an actor pretending to be president until 2019 when he became president. I don’t know if any of these Jews actively want the Ukraine’s silly goyim (“whites”) to die en masse in the Russian meat grinder, because I don’t think they much care one way or the other if the Ukrainian peasantry’s men all live or all die.

                  The Rothschild dynasty remains obviously extremely powerful. I’ll have to take that one back.

                  I don’t know anything about Gab or third positionism.

                  Furthermore, I stand with Ye. (It’s time to ride or die.)

                • jim says:

                  “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

                  If the Rothschild dynasty remained extremely powerful they would not be Soros’ favorite whipping boy.

                  People can say “Rothschilds Rothschilds Rothschilds” all day log but they just cannot say Soros. Who then is more powerful?

                • King Lizard Intercourse says:

                  [*deleted for fake consensus*]

                • jim says:

                  You presuppose the Rothschilds are still very rich and very powerful.

                  If you want to argue the Rothschilds are still rich and powerful, I will let it through. But only if you first notice what Soros has been doing in America and in the Ukraine. Or notice that people are loudly and frequently claiming he has been up to various bad acts in America. If you search for “soros” you will get far more, far more recent, far more relevant, and far more plausible videos than if you search for Rothschilds.

                  Which, since it seems that anyone who claims that the Rothschilds are still big time players is in the pay of Soros, I do not expect that you will be able to do.

                • Lizard King Intercourse says:

                  [*deleted for strange inability to notice what Soros is up to*]

  10. Pax Imperialis says:

    We see in Ukraine many private paramilitaries formed around wealthy patrons. I don’t know enough about Chinese warlord period but I suspect it was largely similar. Banditry does not historically originate from farming communities who already have a food source and no need to risk life for it.

    Mcdonalds based banditry? People need to eat. Fast food companies are primarily vertically integrated logistics companies more so than restaurants. Logistic companies are effectively mobile distribution networks comprised of massive fleets of trucks. That’s a lot of potential need for security if the roads are not safe. Mcdonalds has brand recognition, plenty of physical locations to distribute aid, recruit from, and no shortage of applicants.

    Clown world mobile banditry lead by Ronald McDonald himself.

  11. Ted says:

    “With members of the elite vanishing, the abyss is getting hard to ignore.”

    Uh ABC producers are not the elite. Nothingburger.

    • jim says:

      One can make a better argument that we are governed by the media, than that we are governed by Jews.

      • Zorost says:

        Until one looks at who governs the media.

      • Ted says:

        The media is overwhelmingly run by Jews, who very obviously are not the elite.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          “The media is overwhelmingly run by Jews, who very obviously are not the elite.”

          Tell me more. Not arguing. I need these talking points myself.

          • Ted says:

            Jews need to work hard (for the elite) to make their money. Do you think the Clintons, Bushes, Pelosis, or Bidens need to work 60-70 hour weeks like lowly TV producers?

            • Zorost says:

              Work? What are you talking about?
              Look at who owns the media, not who splices video together.

      • skippy says:

        Today the media is for Zero Covid, tomorrow it is against.

        The media is a technical agency not an executive agency.

  12. c4ssidy says:

    These sort of disappearances have happened occasionally in Eastern Europe on the NATO side for quite a while. The same processes behind them, once set up and routine, would be easy to transfer over to domestic territory

    • Karl says:

      Really? I don’t doubt that disappearances have happened occasionally in Eastern Europe on the NATO side for quite a while, but Jim argues that this ABC news producer and senior counterterrorism adviser was disappeared because of struggle within the elite.

      I got the impression that any dissaperances in Eastern Europe on the NATO side were the result of a cohesive elite punishing outsiders, but I don’t know much about Eastern Europe.

      A cohesive Elite disapearing outsiders is stable situation. When there is struggle with the elite and they are disappearing each other, the situation is not stable and escalation inevitable.

      • c4ssidy says:

        The rule in the east has been that if elites are up to particularly perverse activities, better they go out quietly rather than make a public scandal and delegitimise NATO. Looks like classic red state apparatus. Epstein suicide was surely red state apparatus. But the institutions built to do this end up corrupted by the same mechanisms every other organisation goes through. So the left end up in command of professional kill squads for the same reason they end up in command of the nukes, and everything else

        • Red says:

          > Epstein suicide was surely red state apparatus.

          How do you figure? He was a FBI informant supplying them with blackmail material and had dirt on the Clintons. Looks like a classic case of the FBI or Hillary bumping off someone who knew too much.

          • jim says:

            A completely obvious Clinton murder.

            • alf says:

              Trying to meme on this with an embedded image but the image won’t show up…


              • jim says:

                you wrote:

                <a href=””></a>

                Should have written:

                <img src=”” />

                • alf says:

                  I tried a dozen variations, swear that was one of them. Eh I’ll remember for next time.

          • c4ssidy says:

            + British and Saudi royalty and whoever else. I do not see the need for private Clinton goons if we have patriotic army intelligence services ready and trained to protect the current year world order

  13. Encelad says:

    So, what about his coworkers? He has disappeared for six months and just no one asks questions? Are they carrying on as nothing happened?

  14. yewotm8 says:

    Why would they whack him after raiding him and getting him to resign? If they were going to disappear him, they would have just done it. I think he got spooked from the raid, then disappeared himself and fled the GAE.

    • zero says:

      A very important media figure with substantial responsibility within the regime believes dissapearing is preferable to staying around, that is not a good sign for regime stability. How many pozzed are havels grocer and are aware of whats really going on?

      • yewotm8 says:

        I thought about it more after I made that comment, and I realized that if true, it suggests that he already had an exit strategy in place. Relatively sane in comparison to his cohort. Of course he would have realized that he was openly criticizing The Biden Administration and had motivation to do so. An FBI raid seems as good a trigger as any to execute.

        I’m not sure you can rise to such a level by being merely a greengrocer, but his physiognomy does not look like that of a koolade drinker.

        • Red says:

          >An FBI raid seems as good a trigger as any to execute.

          What kind of FBI raid lasts 10 minutes?

          • jim says:

            Obviously, a snatch raid. When they found the man they were looking for, job done.

            • Red says:

              Yes. I’m trying to get the men posting like shills to acknowledge that.

              I’m sensing a lot of fear in people that even thinking the FBI disappears people is a capital level thought crime.

              • yewotm8 says:

                No idea how that was shillposting. I stand by what I said in the first post: if they were going to disappear him then they wouldn’t have let him resign his job and break off other engagements. I don’t doubt that the FBI could disappear people and I’m not sure why you’d interpret it as me being scared of it.

                I only post here when I disagree with the consensus because I don’t see the point in doing so otherwise. I take offense at being called a shill considering how much Jimian thoughtcrime I post elsewhere on the internet:

                There are lots of other sites/blogs I’ve posted similar things on, but most have been deleted or my accounts banned.

                • jim says:

                  Did he resign his job and break off his other engagements? His employers fired someone for asking questions about this disappearance.

                  Or did he just vanish and his employer decided to define it as “resignation” because they could not speak the word “disappearance”, perhaps not even think it.

                • jim says:

                  Unfortunately that account or thread has been deleted also.

                  So, it seems all your thoughtcrimes have been erased. Except for the ones on this blog, of which there are a reasonable number.

                • Red says:

                  I only post here when I disagree with the consensus because I don’t see the point in doing so otherwise. I take offense at being called a shill considering how much Jimian thoughtcrime I post elsewhere on the internet:

                  No offense was intended, but I noticed you’re not responding to the facts of the case and you’re inventing “facts” we have no evidence for. I wanted to see if you would respond to the facts and deal with them. Shills typically are unable to do so.

                  To summarize your idea after the FBI kidnapped the man, you think they let him go and he “bugged out” without a word to anyone. Is that correct?

                  First, what makes you think the FBI would let him go? They didn’t even bother looking for evidence at his apartment. They just snatched him and ran. It was a kidnapping not a criminal investigation.

                  If someone kidnapped your kid, then claimed he let him go and that he must bugged out, would you believe him? No. Seems foolish to treat the FIB differently.

                  Secondly how do you know he resigned? The FBI could tell his employer that he “resigned” or else they would have trouble. It’s telling that his colleague who tried digging into what happened to him was fired for it. That indicates official power is pushing his employers buttons.

                  I’m seeing a lot of people very reluctant to state the obvious and inventing far fetched stories about this crime. I think it’s fear. Thought crimes typically don’t result in your death, but this one might.

        • zero says:

          hmm that would also explain why he was targeted, if he is sane enough to have a bug out plan he is probably sane enough to know the rug has more than dust under it

      • Adam says:

        To an NPC, anything not approved by HR is a conspiracy theory. They will always obey their master.

  15. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The rise of Iran to predominance in the field of drone operations is a surprise twist of these recent festivities, but an interesting one. I imagine the assassination of Soleimani was a ‘Come To Jesus’ moment for them (if you’ll forgive the expression), and they made development of drone technologies a national priority.

    On a similar note, i’d hate to cause Musk any trouble, but Russia would be served well by using ‘grinding’ techniques on any satellites used by their enemies passing over the ukraine theater space.

    For such purposes, a radiation source doesn’t need to be able to instantly explode a target, it just needs to be just powerful enough to cross over certain thresholds in one or more components on the target; such that, every time it passes over the target area, its operation is interfered with, and damage accumulates, until eventually problems occur and the system is rendered non-functional.

    This can include gyrotrons, operating in the UHF to terahertz regimes; free electron masers, operating in the microwave to x-ray regimes; and more conventional solid-state lasers, operating in the infrared regimes.

    The use of multiple sources that can be all trained on a single target is also a very useful capability for these purposes.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      A little while ago, it was aircraft carriers that were an “obvious” waste of time for any self respecting military to bother with. Etc.

      • Red says:

        That’s not actually true. Everyone agreed that aircraft carriers were awesome, but the ability of airplanes to actually sink moving ships was not. So they built them for scouting and for the day when the airplane would mature enough to make them practical.

        The reason the Nazis never built any was the high cost of building them, the high cost of designing and building the airplanes for them, and high costs training pilots who wouldn’t kill themselves landing on them.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          I’d appreciate a better historical analogy, then.

          • Red says:

            I can’t think of any. America would have had cheap and effective battle field drones ages ago if it wasn’t for the graft and corruption in our system. Building something cheap doesn’t leave room for the elites to steal so only complex and expensive drones systems were made.

            • jim says:

              We have, of course, sent those drones to Ukraine. And it is evident that they did not work very well.

              I think it should be possible to create a very small supersonic kamikaze drone, launched by a reusable rocket, with external guidance from larger and more sophisticated nearby fully autonomous drones, with an all up cost of about a thousand dollars per delivery on target. Not possible right now, but possible after building an enormous number of them and continually improving the process. The drone would fly at very high altitude at mach 3, and then discard its wings and dive straight downwards onto its target. Because artificial intelligence lacks judgement friendly troops would need to carry IFF so that the guidance drones would refrain from friendly fire. Any large moving object would be at grave risk, but artificial intelligence is smart enough that most of what is targeted would be military.

        • Karl says:

          Nah, the Nazis started building aircraft carriers. Arguably they never finished them because of the high cost for building them, but I’d say they never finished them because shipbuilding during the war was difficult.

          • Red says:

            To make carriers effective you need a lot of them so you can overwhelm the foes carriers and escorts. 1 Nazi carrier wasn’t going to cut it which is all they were working on.

            • zero says:

              to add to the ww2 german discussion, they did develop and use wire guided kamikaze bombs to sink ships i think out of a condor with great success, but never enough, war economics and inteligence never were their strong suit.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      The use of multiple sources that can be all trained on a single target is also a very useful capability for these purposes.

      I refer to this as the “Slaver Sunflower” technique, from Larry Niven’s novels. Starlink satellites are in low Earth orbit. So the are sitting ducks for this.

    • Adam says:

      I would think hitting a satellite with a laser would be harder than it sounds. If your off by a thousandth of a degree that would be like 60 feet off target or whatever. You would need some kind of automated targeting system.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >You would need some kind of automated targeting system.

        Well, yes, as a matter of course.

    • Red says:

      The Russians are rumored to have the tech for this. They probably won’t use it until necessary against NATO.

      The rise of Iran to predominance in the field of drone operations is a surprise twist of these recent festivities, but an interesting one. I imagine the assassination of Soleimani was a ‘Come To Jesus’ moment for them (if you’ll forgive the expression), and they made development of drone technologies a national priority.

      Every nation that doesn’t have the capital and know how to build fighter jet engines is busy pushing drones to the max. The drones Russia is using is suppose to be a similar model to the ones they used on a Saudi Oil refinery a few years ago.

      • Adam says:

        Aren’t drones powered by the same engines?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The state of affairs has parallels with the introduction of aviation through the first war of internationalist aggression; a proliferation of relatively simple, low and slow platforms because there is little in existing inventories with engagement envelopes that effective cover the niches they’re operating it.

          This state of affairs will of course change, and prevailing drone designs with it. The spread of drone systems for shooting at drones, infantry systems for shooting at drones, and combined detection and interdiction RF systems, are the most obvious next steps.

        • FrankNorman says:

          No. Drones can be much smaller than manned aircraft, for the obvious reason that they don’t need to carry a pilot.
          Jet engines are for going fast. If you want something that will “loiter” – fly in circles until it spots a target – electric-powered propellers will do fine.

          And if you are using “kamakazi” drones, then you want to use cheap engines, not expensive ones.

          • Bouncer says:

            >”electric-powered propellers”
            Depending on the desired loiter time, one could even adapt the larger types of civilian RF aircraft to do the job, those are generally powered by a minuscule internal-combustion engine. There are even people who make basic turbine engines out of sheet metal – one I read about was made from tin cans. Slightly scaled up, one would easily power a kamikaze drone with good attack speed.

  16. Karl says:

    If things have been escalting slower than you thought in 2020 and you are still predicting democide, genocide, civil war, and/or external war for 2025-2026, things need to escalate much faster in the next two years than you intially thought.

    Violence tends to escalate very fast. For this reason I do not think that your predicition for 2025-2026 is unrealistic. Nonetheless, I am curious why you are expecting things to escalate from now on faster than you thought in 2020.

    The only potential for quicker escalation that was absent in 2020 is Ukraine, isn’t it? I guess that can escalate fast, but an external war might slow escalation inside USA at least until people realize they are losing that war.

    • S says:

      We have the possibility of economic collapse. That can escalate quickly but it is a needle to thread- too total and the military and security forces stop working. There is also the clot chot- if the lethality spikes, cumulative damage kicks in or they release a new virus, alot of people will die and things will get crazier.

    • jim says:

      I watch the hour hand, not the second hand. The second hand wobbles too much.

      The hour hand shows that the elite has sleep walked into a situation where the individually rational and individually optimal course of action for each of them is for each of them to kill all of the others until one alone stands supreme.

      if someone is near the top, and does not have plans afoot to murder everyone else near the top, he is going to die.

  17. Contaminated NEET says:

    We don’t even know what happened to this Meek guy. There’s a good chance he’s just gone quiet because he’s scared, and not in a shallow grave in the woods. Disappearing a moderately important network TV man is awfully bold; he surely has some friends with powerful voices. It’s better than even odds that he’s just laying low and will reappear in a few weeks or months with zero press coverage. Yes, I know this kind of uncertainty is the advantage of “disappearing” people, but are we really there yet? His lawyer sounds pretty calm about everything. Most likely he’s hiding out and hoping things blow over, or having some kind of breakdown.

    • Milosevic says:

      I agree, I think he’ll turn up in a few weeks.

    • Red says:

      Fair point. Though him Suddenly quitting his job seems odd. How is he paying his Lawyer?

      Lawyers generally only represent the Cathedral these days, there’s no reason to think his Lawyer is doing anything other than the role the government told him to do.

      The entire raid lasted only ten minutes, according to the neighbors.

      They spotted a large, armored vehicle, accompanied by some local county patrol cars.

      ‘They didn’t stick around. They took off pretty quickly and headed west on Columbia Pike towards Fairfax County.

      ‘Most people seeing that green vehicle would think it’s some kind of tank. But I knew it was the Lenco BearCat.

      ‘That vehicle is designed to be jumped out of so they can do a raid in that kind of time. It can return fire if they’re being fired upon,’ said neighbor John Antonelli.

      Meek worked at ABC for nine years before he suddenly resigned.

      In the past, he had also served as a senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee.

      He had also produced a documentary about a separate US military mission in Niger, which he believed exposed a cover-up.

      Another producer who worked on that documentary with him, Brian Epstein, also abruptly left ABC earlier this year.

      10 minute raid (snatch and grab; no evidence gathering), colleague of his fired for asking questions, no indication he ever left FBI custody (his last tweet was before the raid).

      Very likely he’s dead.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      “awfully bold”

      How many friends and associates of the Clintons died under mysterious circumstances? What did the FBI do about that, except for stand around saying “nothing to see here?” And that’s dating back to the 90s.

      I don’t rule out that he’s laying low, it’s a thing I just don’t and can’t know. But to assume they couldn’t have or wouldn’t have disappeared someone is ridiculous.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’ve also yet to see a proof of life for Tiffany Dover.

        • Red says:

          When you start looking, politically inconvenient people seem to disappear every day.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m not sure if you’re familiar with her case… She died of the vaxx wasn’t murdered per se, it was just that they covered up her dying of the vaxx and paid off her family to claim she was alive.

            • Red says:

              I was familiar with her. I looked her up to see if there was any updates before replying and she was either permanently disabled by the vax or died from it. Likely died.

              But officially she’s just disappeared from sight. She’s politically inconvenient to the people spreading the satanic vax, so they made her disappear. I’m sure they would have killed her entire family if they hadn’t taken the pay off.

  18. a suggestion says:

    Suggestion for meme purposes: call the shill test a vibe check

    “Vibe check! A B C D E etc”

    “You have passed/failed the vibe check”

  19. Zorost says:

    I think you are missing something.

    Spontaneous chimp-outs rarely happen, and are never successful. There are many studies on what happens after normalcy disappears (euphemism alert), and we have none of the things that lead to a good outcome for us. Political organization, nearby friendly country, enemy who worries about international opinion, etc.

    Until we have a contiguous region of states with governors on our side, who are willing to threaten force to push back on federal overreach, we have nothing. We aren’t even sure how to define “our side”, and can’t speak of it openly w/o repercussions. Few people are even talking about the need we have for local and state organization, almost everyone is fantasizing about Red Dawn or Mad Max. Taking classes on small unit tactics, while never talking to their neighbors who would make up that small unit.

    The Left isn’t pushing things foolishly, they are pushing things at a time when they know that there are no viable threats to them. Except of course other elites; that is what explains much of what is happening, elites jockeying for position with each other, completely ignoring our threat because we aren’t a threat.

    Any spontaneous chimp-out would be ruthlessly crushed, and the ringleaders would be made an example of such that the J6 people would be shocked.

    • Adam says:

      When normalcy completely disappears, one solution would be to form a tribe of nomadic mobile bandits. Possibly set up camp in a remote location like Ruby Ridge. If the left is busy killing each other it would be easier than ever to get away with coercion, so long as you are not a direct political threat. Not ideal and it would not scale well but smaller mobile bandits can survive where large incapacitated bandits cannot.

      • Zorost says:

        Until there was a winner, or a splitting up into Diadochi.

        Why do you people have to cling so tightly to the fantasy that all you have to do is go camping to keep a global conspiracy from genociding your people and erasing all evidence your culture existed? Just talk to your neighbors already, sound them out, get involved in local politics. It’s no fun to fantasize about, but it might actually work to make sure the things we care about still exist in 2100.

        • Adam says:

          Lmao just vote harder bro. If any of that shit worked, it would have worked by now.

          If the stationary bandit is incapable of regulating status, and incapable of reform, going to have to go another way. Going to have to do it yourself. Any attempt at becoming our own stationary bandit, and imposing our own status from that position is a coup complete project.

          Outside of a coup for our side, mobile banditry offers good odds for survival. When resources become scarce, have to get up early and get moving.

          • Zorost says:

            Local politics isn’t just voting.

            Real power is in organization, knowing people. Voting is just a part of that. Sheriffs and DAs have massive power in what actually affects people in a county. A regional 3rd party with a handful of governor w/ the support of sheriffs and local “activists” could be stronger than fragmented DC.

            Throughout history mobile banditry is only possible when every nearby polity is otherwise engaged, often fighting each other. Once order is restored, bandits get hanged or worse.

            • Adam says:

              Not going to be able to un-converge anything locally. Going to have to work with fags, blacks, Jews, women etc. Nothing other than progressivism would last 5 minutes.

              > Throughout history mobile banditry is only possible when every nearby polity is otherwise engaged, often fighting each other.

              Yes this is what we’re talking about. At least from there we could organize as straight white males in a sufficiently rightist manner.

              No group of straight white males can exercise soft or hard power until the elite are completely unable to cooperate.

              • Zorost says:

                If you are surrounded by non-Whites and cucked Whites, it might be time to leave.

                (purple are injun rezs w/ births per female around 1.2)


                When I say “politics” and “organization” I’m actually agreeing with what you just posted. When I saw “bandit gang” earlier I hear fantasy about Red Dawn and somehow winning because the Enemy decides to leave you alone.

                Another way to describe “organize as straight white males in a sufficiently rightist manner” would be “sheriff’s deputies.”

                Sad to say, very few people are willing to get violent when it’s illegal even to save their people. To earn a paycheck and a pension? That’s a different story.

                Perhaps the unemployed bandit thing might have to happen first, to clear the way for legit power…

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*deleted, yet again*]

        • jim says:

          Most of your posts are the same post.

          You argue that the right should live the life academia told you that you should live, and it will work out for them.

          It is not working out for you. It is not going to work out for us.

          It is an unproductive and parasitic lifestyle that can only exist by mooching off the productive.

          Living that lifestyle does not make one powerful. Rather, being powerful enables one to live that lifestyle, because power makes it possible to shake down the productive. You are not powerful, and when academia told you that you can and should live that lifestyle, they lied.

          And now you are telling us the lie that your masters told you. That lie harmed you, and listening to your repetition of that lie would harm us the same way it harmed you. Living in cities does not make people powerful. It surely did not make you powerful. Rather, cities appear around powerful people. Cities appear where power chooses to locate itself. When power moves, the city left behind fades, a new city appears around the new place.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            • FrankNorman says:

              Hmm… but where power locates itself is not arbitrary. A town might grow up around where the king built his castle, but the reason the king put his castle there was because the topography of the land made it a good defensible location, or something like that.

              Here in South Africa, the city of Johannesburg popped up around the gold mines. Before the gold was discovered, the center of political power in the Transvaal was the capital, Pretoria.
              Pretoria continued to be the center of political power – still is, it’s the executive capital (Cape Town is the legislative one) but Pretoria is a small town, while Johannesburg is a big city, and is very much the center of economic power.

      • Vlad says:


        • jim says:

          Your comment presupposes that wealth and resources comes from the cities.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Comrade, wealth and resources don’t exist until the cities’ bean counters magic into existence.

            No different from how Aztec priests, in the cities, create the world and the sun with every new sacrifice.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        “mobile banditry”

        Going to see some red on red action if you go that route.

        • jim says:

          Worst case (and extremely common) outcome is that you go through a long period of mobile banditry, then the mobile bandits settle down into stationary bandits. For example collapse of Roman Empire in the west, collapse of Song Dynasty China.

        • Adam says:

          That’s not a problem. Even the red tribe wants some leftism. With any luck the bandits that want leftism will be defeated by the bandits that do not.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Take the shill test.

  20. Red says:

    Now they’re talking about taking away starlink from Elon.

    I saw this first from leftist shills on reddit and now from the NeoCons. Someone’s thinking about doing it. The results would be spectacular.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Wonderful, another Trotskyite Jew. This one related to Paul Krugman. Maybe he thinks government taking over starlink would grow the economy when they find out if the kessler effect is real or not.

    • lambada equis says:

      Wyatt’s Torch

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Libertarian cope. Retreating from the world only makes one more vulnerable to persecution not less.

        Ride the tiger. Get close to danger but positioned on its back (either the fringes of the empire or within its very center) so that it cannot harm you. When it tires, kill it where it lay, and appreciated the free ride.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Libertarian cope. Retreating from the world only makes one more vulnerable to persecution not less.”

          Depends. If you retreat in a way that is mostly out of sight out of mind it does tend to make you safer…

          No one now on our side can get close to the tiger. Trump got close but did not try to ride it.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Before the presidency Trump was riding the tiger. You don’t get to ignore power when you have that type of wealth. He massively mistook what to do when he got off.

            Trump tried to shout the tiger into submission. Not even kill it. Just vague threats of killing. All that resulted in was him getting mauled and becoming a reinvigorating meal. He is currently being digested.

            Strategy does depend on the circumstances of the individual, but Ayn Rand’s book is predominately about characters already on the tiger. You can’t just get off and run away. John Galt doesn’t get miraculously rescued in real life. He gets eaten. The only retreat is towards power and not away.

            > If you retreat in a way that is mostly out of sight out of mind it does tend to make you safer…

            The kulaks were out of sight and out of mind… until they weren’t. The Lykov family was actually out of sigh and out of mind, but the cost was just as bad.

            If you retreat to the fringes of the empire you are not out of sight out of mind. You are now an overt target because why else would you leave our progressive utopia comrade?

            If you retreat into the Empire’s bureaucracy at a low enough level, you actually will be out of sight and out of mind. I would recommend the government controlled insurance industry. Tricare for example is an impenetrable mess that the government is content to keep around and not look too deeply into. Certain parts of the directly government run defense industry are also good options, but not as contractors or private run companies who are in constant danger of investigated and effectively nationalized.

            These bureaucracies are remarkably “apolitical” as they are in constant make work or hurry up and wait mentality resulting in little politics at the lower level.

        • lambada equis says:

          Sounds exciting, but that’s your alternative to Galt’s Gulch.

          I was alluding to Musk permanently bricking the entire Starlink constellation if GAE tried to force it from him.

          But apparently he’s decided that Paris is worth a mass

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Bricking Starlink is not an option for Musk. That’s a quick ticket to a federal jail cell for life, and unlike the books, no one is going to rescue him.

            • Red says:

              Musk won’t have to brick it. They’ll fire every white male in the place due to fear they’ll sabotage Starlink and replace them with faggot boys and Shaneqias. Rockets are always riding the edge of exploding and without competent people to to work and manage them, BOOM!

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Maybe they fire all of them, but slavery is a typical historical outcome.

                Tupolev, head developer of Soviet aviation and aircraft desing, was arrested and imprisoned in 1937. However, Tupolev was not held in a normal Gulag; he was held with many other aviation engineers in a special prison known as a sharaga and ordered to continue his work under the watchful eye of the NKVD.

                • Red says:

                  I hate to say it, but Stalin was probably more sane the current crop of morons running the GAE.

                • S says:

                  I think the woke are more like Mao; acknowledging expertise exists contradicts ideology; therefore expertise does not exist and peasants can smelt steel in their backyards.

  21. Anon says:


  22. Red says:

    There’s a small possibility they’ll let the 2022 midterms be “normal”. I’ve been predicting a false flag attack or Trump being arrested to give them cover for the sudden change in the vote totals, but the media is very widely reporting how unpopular the Dems and Biden are on economic issues and that’s not going to change overnight. I’m not sure what to make of it.

    • Hesiod says:

      A Republican sweep would reinforce normalcy bias which works for the Narrative. The establishment swine will side with the democrats as they always do, negating the effectiveness of any Trumpian candidate elected. The talking heads will go on about how it’s normal for congress, etc. to swing away from the party of an unpopular president, setting the stage that the ’24 elections going massively democrat as the routine arc back.

      • Red says:

        Could be, but people with the power to fix elections are unlikely to allow themselves to be humiliated in that way unless someone else is forcing them not to user those super weapons. There’s no way the Dems will report that a Dem rigged an election. So they should be able to use those super weapons with impunity.

        • Adam says:

          Seems like the elite still have control of their pets. If Russia is a big enough problem, or some other problem they won’t hesitate to apply the brakes with the red tribe. Republicans are always willing to create stability for their masters regardless of past treatment.

          If they actually do lose control of their pets they would probably do that too.

          This is all assuming the elites are still capable of working together to manipulate the republicans, which seems likely.

          • Red says:

            I don’t expect anything from the GOP if they’re allowed to take “official” power again. Even Red areas with full GOP control are seeing out of control crime, besides maybe Florida.

            • The Cominator says:

              No crime wave here even in places that are heavily nigger. Florida prettymuch has frontier justice.

              • Red says:

                Good to know. Other areas of the South have GOP control from top to bottom and crime is out of control. DeSantis might be the real deal.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well in this it has to do with “stand your ground ” laws more than anything that predate him (it was signed by JEB! of all people) though his officials support a very wild west view of the law.

                  There was an attempted smash and grab at a jewelry store the other day, the owner just shot two of em dead and the other two ran.


                  Needless to say he will face no legal trouble. They are looking for the two robbers he didn’t shoot though.

                • Red says:

                  Well in this it has to do with “stand your ground ” laws more than anything that predate him (it was signed by JEB! of all people) though his officials support a very wild west view of the law.

                  The main point is how the law is being enforced. Where I live I have stand your ground, CCW, the works, but everyone knows if you defend yourself the state will destroy you. The criminals have no fear.

                • Red says:

                  The main point is how the law is being enforced. Where I live I have stand your ground, CCW, the works, but everyone knows if you defend yourself the state will destroy you. The criminals have no fear.

                • The Cominator says:

                  What state… Florida doesn’t have the works as far as gun laws go. Open carry is illegal. I think the theory is its better if criminals don’t know who might shot them.

                • Red says:

                  Open carry is just asking to get your gun stolen solo. It’s legal where I am, but I would never open carry.

        • The Cominator says:

          Looks like plan to steal to at least hold the Senate and maybe some House races (I think that will be more difficult) is in effect.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Well, the baseline normal is not free and fair elections, it’s elections rigged locally, ad hoc, on a volunteer basis. It’s Shaniqua the clerk running a good stack of ballots multiple times with no coordination beyond no one looking too closely while she’s doing it, it’s ballot harvesters correctly interpreting their financial incentives without ever being told, it’s a county elections supervisor who knows what needs to be done, it’s every largest city in a state that waits until the rural votes are reported to “finish counting.” No chain of command or secret society required.

      In that sense, “normal” might well be on the table.

      2020 of course ripped the mask off. There evidently is a chain of command of some kind, or at least a chain of understanding, there evidently is an inner party if not a true secret society. But if “they” decide to back off and cool it for a while they can still do okay, outside of possibly Florida. Possibly flip the House, but as Hesiod says that just buys them some plausibility for 2024.

      It would be interesting to see the red wave that would come from real, guaranteed clean elections. 2020 made me question everything, it made me question whether certain deep blue states with late reporting capitals are really blue at all or if they’ve been tipping the scale for decades. But this is ultimately idle, the conditions for real fair elections won’t be met without a Caesar.

      • The Cominator says:

        “It would be interesting to see the red wave that would come from real, guaranteed clean elections. 2020 made me question everything, it made me question whether certain deep blue states with late reporting capitals are really blue at all or if they’ve been tipping the scale for decades.”

        Depends… Massachussetts I’m pretty sure is blue I grew up there (I do not think Cape Cod is though or that Central Mass was).

        New Yorkers didn’t seem nearly as liberal… and their election have been pretty f##ked up since the days of Tammany Hall.

    • Aidan says:

      That would be the case if the outer party was just the outer party. They hand off power time to time. But there are a lot of Trumpists running, who legitimately terrify the ruling elite, and it is likely they destroy the outer party to prevent its being taken over by Trumpists. If they let the fraud genie out of the bottle to stop Trumpists, well, Shaniqua at the local election office cannot tell the difference between MAGA and GOPe. Hell, at this point Karen in the DNC can barely tell the difference. The young democrats don’t get the inner-outer party dynamic, and upon destroying the outer party, will start to eat their own.

  23. Mary Grace Shabazz-Epstein says:

    The communist socialist elite (also known as the KKK, or as BLM, or Antifa, or the Democrats) are now committing gross insurrection in broad daylight and they don’t care about it because their media are running cover for them.

  24. The Cominator says:

    The FBI/Democrats disappeared some shitlib news producer who was writing a book on Biden…

    I mean why… they already found the diary that said Biden molested his daughter… hes a known bribe taker. What worse could they find.

    • jim says:

      There are some members of the regime who want someone other than Biden in the Oval Office. (Probably someone more capable of doing harm to America and Americans). The shitlib newsman was not whacked for knowing what everyone knows. He was whacked because some elements of the regime are in favor applying that knowledge, but other elements of the regime want stability. They don’t want their applecart knocked over.

      But, applying such methods undermines the stability that they seek. They just raised the stakes. It was the normality brigade that just revealed the new abnormal. Now there is more on the table. Now everyone who wants their guy in the oval office knows that if they fail, they die, and if they succeed, better kill off the other contenders.

      The Roman Republic continued to go through the motions of still being the Roman Republic long after the abyss opened beneath their feet. Everyone acted as though law and legality still existed, despite ever more grievous violations of law, custom, and legality. Then they condemned Caesar to death in absentia, he marched on Rome, and, thinking himself restoring the Republic and normality, held a free and fair election, forgave his enemies, hung out in the Senate as if was still the governing body of Rome, without armed guards around him, as if law and legality still existed. And, of course, they killed him, and then it was on.

      • The Cominator says:

        worse than Biden is getting hard to imagine without thinking Pol Pot now…

        • Hesiod says:

          If you want a vision of the future, imagine Stacey Abrams twerking in a human face – forever.

          • The Cominator says:

            A “hood as fuck” regime won’t be stable… And Stacy Abrams will be ousted by some other nigger real quick as I said Biden is the fucking pits.

            • Hesiod says:

              A HAF regime would of course just be the window dressing, not the real power. The gap-toofed sow I alluded to earlier recently intimated folks’ high gas expenses were caused by having children. Can’t you just imagine all the sodomites and cat ladies swooning over that bit of Carthaginian holiness? How they would savage anyone who dares question such a worthy president and her Gaia-blessed proclamations?

              • The Cominator says:

                A window dressing “hood as fuck” regime would be an unprincipled exception… it would become the city government of Detroit real quick.

                • Hesiod says:

                  It’s been years since I’ve read my Auster, so I’ve got my homework in front of me and make no mistake.

        • Zorost says:

          Biden as Pol Pot, or us as Pol Pot?
          If you think ahead to what is going to happen and what is needed, either is applicable.

          • The Cominator says:

            I said for things to get worse than Biden you’d pretty much need Pol Pot.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        Now everyone who wants their guy in the oval office knows that if they fail, they die, and if they succeed, better kill off the other contenders.

        “When you play the Game of Thrones, Lord Stark…”

    • Red says:

      I mean why… they already found the diary that said Biden molested his daughter… hes a known bribe taker. What worse could they find.

      A Dem Pol in Los Vegas recently murdered a reporter writing minor dirt stories about him. With things being so lawless, why not?

  25. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Trotsky was a threat to Stalin; and the rationalizations Trotsky used were an even bigger threat to Stalin, for many other people besides Trotsky could declaim use of those same rationalizations.

    So Stalin took the effort to whack Trotsky, because he was a threat; and he took an even bigger effort to whack the rationalizations Trotsky and his fellow travelers used, because they were even bigger threats.

    Men have ideas. If you have problem ideas, then you have problem men – no men, no problem.

    The wages of sin is death. Not killing a man for communism, leftism, gnosticism, or other synonyms is a violation of natural law; for, as surely as the sun rises in the east, it will be you who dies instead.

    • jim says:

      When beliefs are held for ulterior motives, it is pointless to attempt to engage in rational debate, but they are dangerous because of the things that motivate, so one engages them like a hostile animal, not like a rational interlocutor.

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