Make women property again

Women are different.

Very different.

This is not a game post. This post is about the application of Game and Evolutionary Game Theory to religion and political organization.

If you look at the landscapes we create everywhere, it is apparent that we long for our ancestral savannah, the lightly treed environment we entered when we came down from the trees and stood off the lions. And women long for their ancestral environment of successful reproduction. Women reproduce most successfully as property, men least successfully as property, and their behavior makes no sense unless you understand this.

As I have so often repeated: If a man is defeated, conquered and subdued, perhaps because his tribe and country is conquered and subdued, he is unlikely to reproduce. If a woman is defeated, conquered and subdued, she has escaped from defect/defect equilibrium, escaped from prisoner’s dilemma, and also been transferred from weak men and a weak tribe to strong men and a strong tribe, and is therefore likely to be highly successful at reproducing.

Women are always shit testing you. That is why they are so disruptive and destructive in the work place. But they are not really playing to win. They are playing to be subdued by a strong man.

Female aggression against men, shit testing, is fundamentally different from male aggression, because a man is playing to win, and if it looks like he is going to lose, seeks a compromise to lose without losing too much face, while a woman immediately heads out on a thin limb hoping it will break under her. Thus a woman is most apt to dig in her heels bitterly, stubbornly, and utterly intransigently on an issue where her position is completely indefensible, stupid, self destructive, and illegitimate. If on the other hand she has some legitimate issue with you, she will get angry with you without telling you what her anger is all about. You are supposed to divine it by mental telepathy, whereas if a man has some legitimate point giving rise to a dispute with another man, he will lay it out so plainly that a dog could understand it.

The only time a woman will plainly tell you her grievance is when it is absolutely ridiculous and completely illegitimate.

A man is playing a conflict with a man to win by getting the issue resolved in his favor. A woman plays a conflict to discover who is the stronger, to discover if you are capable of frightening and intimidating her, and thus will always play a conflict more intransigently than a man ever will. This is why men and women can never be friends. When you have a buddy, you will engage in mutual domination and mutual submission, as for example friendly insults and the slap on the back. With women, it is dominate or be dominated. That is why if they have grievance with you, will not tell you what it is, but will instead command you to divine it by mental telepathy, or perhaps by confessing to a long, long list of your sins, hoping for her to tell you which one is the right one.

Women are incapable of performing sexually, of enjoying sex, or even of performing the courtship dance, unless they are at least a little bit dominated and intimidated. Not all women are into outright bondage and beatings, but all women without exception are into subtler forms of domination and submission. All women are like that. No woman will get it on with a man that she is not afraid of. No Women Are Like That. They just physically do not respond unless they feel that they could be compelled. There are no women as the blue pill imagines them to be, no women as they are depicted in very single video of courtship and mating. None. Not in our society, and not in trad conservative societies. This is the big lie from the media that everyone is immersed in from childhood.

Many an emperor with a thousand conservatively raised concubines, and unquestioned authority to execute any of them or all of them for any reason or no reason at all, has had women troubles, and many an empire has fallen from women troubles.

A woman will always attempt to top from the bottom, no matter how much she is into domination and submission. A game of pretend domination and pretend submission just is not an adequate substitute for the real thing, so if you are playing a domination and submission game, she will always test and provoke you into making the game a reality by topping from the bottom.

Women have not been subject to selective pressures on their sexual behavior since we looked rather like apes, because populations that allowed female sexual choice disappeared. The men were disinclined to invest in children, or defend land.

Long ago we came down from the trees and out onto our now beloved savannah. If you don’t have some handy trees, need to be able to stand off lions, so you need reasonably sized group of males with strong male/male cohesion. And the males need to have to have some mighty strong motives to defend females and young. And, out on the savannah, no fruit, or considerably less fruit. The stable isotope ratios in the bones of all our hunter gatherer ancestors that walked, rather than swung through the trees, shows that they ate high on the trophic chain, deer, fish, and other predators. Humans do fine on an all meat diet, die on an all veggie diet. (Vegan without fish, eggs, cheese, and milk)

We seem to be adapted to eating a substantial proportion of other carnivores, hence the health advantages of fish. We are not true omnivores, because we cannot survive on an all vegetable diet, and we are adapted to getting a significant portion of our meat from other carnivores. We have been top predator for a very long time. The stable isotope ratio in old bones generally shows that we ate higher in the food chain than wolves or big cats – possibly we ate fish, which ate other fish. Most of these bones long predate the invention of nets and fishing lines, so possibly we ate wolves and lions.

Only males hunt, because adult males are pre-adapted physically and psychologically for violence. So women and children relied on the mighty hunter bringing home the bacon. And if you have defect/defect equilibrium, a society of players and bitches, well, the women can eat by whoring themselves out, until they are past fertile age, whereupon they starve or get eaten by lions, but out on our beloved savannah, their bastard children are going to die. From the isotope ratios in old bones we can infer that women have been property for a very long time.

And the simplest way to end defect/defect equilibrium is that the males assign the women according to deals they make with each other, and let the women think that the top alpha assigned the women. If the women get a say in it, defection is on the table.

point deer, make horse, 指鹿为马

Senator Roark in “Sin City”:
“Power don’t come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you’ve got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain’t true you’ve got ’em by the balls.”

They are sons of the father of lies, and their shibboleth is always a big lie.

So we need to make our big shibboleth a big truth that contradicts one of the big lies. The biggest and most shocking truth: That the sexual nature of women is maladapted to emancipation, that emancipation prevents them from reproducing and makes them unhappy. That as individuals, and as a society, we need to make women property again.

Each man must be King under his own roof.

And we need a national sovereign, and a national high priest, that backs the sovereign and high priest under every roof.

That women need to be property, for the good of society, and because each of them is individually seeking a man strong enough to make her property, that men need to make them property, is the best shibboleth to organize around. All faiths that support that can work together. All conflict between males is always ultimately conflict over women, so faiths that fail to support propertization of female sexual and reproductive services will always suffer internal and external conflict, leading to holiness spirals, while faiths that support male property rights over women and support propertization of loose women, are less apt to get into internal and external conflicts.

vive la différence

The largest difference between men and women is inside. We pursue very different reproductive strategies, which shapes everything we do in life.

The evil form of this strategy is players and bitches, defect/defect equilibrium, the lek mating pattern. The virtuous form of this strategy is husband and wife, marriage 1.0, eighteenth century marriage, which is now illegal. All happy families are quietly and furtively eighteenth century. All happy families are alike. There is only one way that works, only one form of cooperate/cooperate equilibrium between men and women. Women and dogs need a master, and are never happy if they lack a master, will always behave very badly if they think they are the alpha of the pack.

Proscribing honor killing is unwise, because good men will engage in honor killing anyway (there is always a handy swamp or ocean) and because you are pressuring men to adopt the player strategy so that they will not feel the compulsion to kill adulterers.

If state, church, society, and family, do not impose strong control over women’s sexual and reproductive choices, we get defect/defect equilibrium, resulting in failure to reproduce and dysgenic reproduction, and resulting in only a small minority of men getting all the pussy, thus demotivating the vast majority of men. If you own a woman, you want a nice house and a nice garden. A third world peasant with a wife and children is apt to live in a very nice mud and bamboo hut (it is very impressive what can be done with bamboo and a machete) with a very nice garden while a first world involuntary celibate is apt to live in a tiny, but high tech, box with crap furniture, even if he has a very high salary. The third world peasant with a wife and children has a much larger, more comfortable, and more attractive living space with nicer furniture than the first world webmaster in his little box, because the involuntary celibate, despite his affluence, does not care about his space and his furniture.

Christianity and sexuality

Everything in the bible about sex is a commentary, explanation, or clarification of the final commandment’s application to sex, marriage and children:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

And nothing the bible says about sex makes sense except in this context. If people jump on a line somewhere in the bible and start holiness spiraling on it so that it swallows and destroys the commandments, they are doing what the Jews did to get themselves exiled from Israel.

In a social environment where women are unowned and are frustrated by lack of ownership, old type Christian rules are inapplicable to banging any women you are likely to meet, because old type Christian rules are intended and expected to apply to women in the possession of some man. Fornication is making use of another man’s daughter without his permission, adultery another man’s wife or betrothed. But in today’s society, if a father attempts to restrain the sexual activity of his nine year old daughter, Child Protective Services is apt to take his children and his house away, lose track of his daughter, and sell his sons to a “married” gay couple. (Demand for prepubescent children to sexually exploit is primarily demand for small boys, so Child Protective Services cannot get much of a bribe for whoring out his nine year old daughter, so they leave it to her to whore herself out.)

Furthermore, the Old Testament does not make clear, but the Lord Jesus Christ does make clear, that the law and the prophets are to be interpreted and applied in such a way that they work, that they accomplish their intended purposes, have the intended effect. The spirit, not the letter. By their fruits you will know them.

Incel and female immorality is not the intended effect, is the grossest possible violation of the commandments.

Christianity leading to inceldom, is like the Jews getting so fussed about the commandment on contamination by blood, that in order to avoid walking on ground on which chicken blood had been spilled, they coveted and seized the land that the landord had leased to a Greek, and when the Roman cops came to restore order and respect for property rights, they got themselves covered in the wrongfully spilt blood of a Roman cop who was impartially doing his duty to enforce a fair and necessary law that protected Jew and Greek alike. And thus it came to pass that for holiness spiraling the letter of the law at the expense of the spirit, the Jews got expelled. As prophesied, they were expelled for violating the Lord’s commandments. The spirit and intent of the law on contamination by blood refers to kind of contamination by blood that contaminated Lady Macbeth. References in the Old Testament to this law, as for example: “their heads were covered in blood” are in context referring to the kind of blood that Lady Macbeth had on her, the kind of blood you get on you by killing a cop who is performing his duty in the face of danger, not the kind of blood that gets spilled on the ground when you kill a chicken.

Incels are usually incel in part because they are violating the laws of Gnon, and if they invoke Christianity to justify their inceldom, it is usually because they are weak and afraid, not because they are Christian.

Christians who apply old type Christian rules, intended for a society where a woman’s sexual and reproductive services were clearly under control of some man, intended for a society where patriarchs acquired wives for their sons from other patriarchs, are in our collapsed society, violating, not, observing, the commandments.

In a society that does not respect or protect ownership of land, a farmer must still grow potatoes, and to do so, has to anarchically and illegally take possession of some land, breaking numerous erratically, unpredictably, arbitrarily, and infrequently enforced laws and regulations in the process.

And we must anarchically and illegally take possession of women.

Old type Christian law on sex prohibits acting as if in defect defect equilibrium. But we are, in fact in defect/defect defect equilibrium, and a man can only get out of it by conquest and taking possession.

The only way you can start out with a woman in cooperate/cooperate is if your patriarch is acquiring her for you from another patriarch with whom he is in cooperate/cooperate, who was typically someone who was close kin, or in the the same hierarchy of authority.

And, since you are starting out in defect/defect, it is impossible to conquer and take possession, except by successfully acting within the defect/defect rules. You have to bang them, or else they are going to move on. All women are like that. Including all supposedly good Christian wife material women.

In an orderly society, you first acquire a field, and then you plough it. In a disorderly society, you first plough it, so that other people will know you have a reason to defend it, and think you have a decent chance of succeeding, and then you eventually own it when no one manages to take your crops away from you, or graze his horses on your standing corn. Which likely requires you to have a weapon handy during ploughing and harvest. Gnon does not intend you to starve, and he does not intend you to be incel. You are required to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile, but by the time that it is time to plough that field, you are already out of cheeks and have walked far too many miles.

Fornication is a particular application of the final commandment.

When you apply those commandments, and read people applying them to sex and family, then unless those people are moderns you need to read them in the social context that the unit of society is the household not the individual, and that men are not women and women are not men.

The prohibition of incest and divorce do not follow directly from the ten commandments, but adultery and fornication does.

And the trouble is that giving fornication a meaning that does not follow from the ten commandments leads directly and immediately to breaking them, as when the Roman Catholic Church before the French Revolution so easily ruled that a marriage was nullified because the woman had not really given consent, or when it encouraged daughters to defy fathers and wives to defy husbands.

This parallels the Jews of the time of Jesus holiness spiraling the law on blood, so that they could wrongfully spill blood, and claim they were acting in accordance with the law of Moses.

To understand what old type Christians meant by whoring, fornication, and adultery, we cannot look at their words, for the meaning of their words has been changed underneath us. We should instead look at what people of that faith who had power, who had legitimate authority, who used that language, actually did, in order to understand what those words actually meant when the faith was live and in power.

They did not suppress men from having sex with unowned women, or even suppress unowned women from having sex. They suppressed unowned women from being unowned. The biblical penalty for sex and/or abduction of a married or betrothed woman is death. The biblical penalty for abduction of a virgin is indissoluble shotgun marriage. The biblical penalty for abduction of a unmarried, unbetrothed, non virgin …

The story of Tamar and Jacob makes no sense at all if we suppose Tamar was going to be burned alive for prostitution or sex outside of marriage. Makes perfect sense if we suppose she was going to be burned alive for sex outside of and in defiance of the framework of male property rights in women’s sexual and reproductive services.

Similarly, consider how the authorities in late eighteenth century, early nineteenth century Australia dealt with the problem of a whole lot of casual sex going on. They applied swift shotgun marriage, and supported the authority of the husband in those marriages by disturbingly drastic means. They did not punish men or women for having sex in a beach party. They made women get married, and punished them for speaking back to their husbands.

If you give the biblical laws on sex and family, the biblical condemnation of adultery, fornication, and whoring, an interpretation that presupposes that men and women are interchangeable, and that families do not exist, only individuals, you are turning the Law upside down, resulting in a blue pilled Christianity that tells men that God does not want them to have wives and children.

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  3. just wondering says:

    What does it do to your son to be raised with this much contempt for his own mother – and thus, for that half of himself?

    Hapas have this problem, the boys despise their father who was too much of a loser to catch a white woman and despise themselves for having their manliness diluted with weak orientalism, and the girls despise their mothers for selling their bodies to foreigners while also seeing themselves as too white to be attractive to a man like their father

    It makes them all head cases on the edge of explosions, and that’s what any kid raised according to your philosophy will also be

    • Redbible says:

      It’s Sarcasming Time.


      I sure do hate myself for having a father. No man is worthy of the amazing awesome virgin woman my mother is. We all know how women can do everything thing a man can but better and in heels. If only she hadn’t needed to use a Filthy man for my father, I could have been perfect like her. But alas, I am now only at best half perfect. Now what TERRIBLE things has my father done you ask? By being an inferior male with a penis. Truly such a horrible things makes me (being half his child) despised by my mother.


      This is what the nonsense your spouting looks like if you flip the genders and use “modern values.”

  4. HHH says:

    Hi, i am a young female any tips about finding a partner who understands this perspective without abusing it.

    • jim says:

      Your pussy will guide you far better than I can – except that your pussy is apt to point to mister very wrong – towards some fellow with great pre-selection – who keeps being pre-selected by girls hotter than you. If you can ignore that bad steer, you will be fine – your alpha radar is undoubtedly great, except that, just as our taste buds and food appetites are tuned for a world where sweet things are in very short supply, and the opportunity to have a meal does not happen very often, your alpha radar, like your tastebuds, is apt to be overwhelmed by ready availability.

      Chicks have absolutely no problem finding suitable males. Your problem is that you can rather too easily find unsuitable males.

      Men and woman are apt to gain weight because tasty sweet fatty food is available twenty four seven – and women are apt to wind up single and childless in their thirties because in their twenties mister one in thirty is available with a click on their phone.

      You need no help or advice in finding a suitable man. Your problem, rather, is avoiding finding no end of unsuitable men.

  5. Peter V says:

    Hello Jim. Been reading your blog for some time. I have great troubles with my wife and need your advice. Location: Russia. I’m 23, she’s 30. We started living together 3 years ago, married last year. She was a virgin when we started dating. Ever since a few months into living together, she’s been extremely jealous, controlling, making rows, scandals, she ‘cancelled’ all my friends. She’s constantly complaining I don’t give her enough attention, never protect her (against my mother’s completely inoffensive words, for instance, which also ‘cancels’ my parents). Her scandals make me want to die, literally. I tried ‘fixing’ her using game methods – nothing worked, tried escalating scandals – it had her almost jump out of the window and set the flat on fire. I will not divorce her myself because I took her as a virgin and consider it a great sin to leave her as a consequence. Moreover, she would likely jump out of the window and set the flat on fire if I do. But I do not want to live like that.

    This relationship is not in the Game reality, it seems. She complains of not having enough love and attention constantly, is jealous of every woman everywhere, constantly, and yet controls me, makes hours-long excruciating rows.

    There’s another perspective to it. I cheated on my first serious girlfriend (that I took the virginity of) and consequently broke up with her when I was 17. Then I had a girl who cheated on me (she hinted on it) and broke up with me. That girl never made any rows, though. Then I had my present wife who has by now literally broken my soul, enslaved and emasculated me, and has me asking God to kill me as soon as possible. I’ve recently come to think that these two relationships are my punishment for the first girl, for that I cheated on the girl whom I took as a virgin. Seems logical. I betrayed a virgin and offended God – now am betrayed, emasculated, broken. It’s hell on earth, truly.

    Jim, what can I do?

    • jim says:

      > and yet controls me

      There is your shit test right there.

      > enslaved and emasculated me

      Massive failure to pass shit test.

      None of her grievances are actual grievances. She thinks they are, but they are irrelevant. Her actual grievance is you failing your shit tests.

      Women do not want slaves, they want masters. This is not complicated. She needs a smack, and you need a night out with the boys. Tell her you are going to enjoy some female company, because her company is unpleasant, but what God has joined together no man may put asunder, so you will reluctantly stick with her, but are no longer going to tolerate her nonsense.

      Now frequently I am bad, and my wife reminds me that I am being bad. I should listen to her, and do. But to female eyes, that is failing a shit test. And so she doubles down, whereupon I remind he what the bible says about how wives should handle wicked husbands. And if she still goes on I tell her to shut up, get out of my sight, and do some gardening. She obeys. She tried disobeying once. I passed that shit test.

      • Peter V says:

        I was always afraid of going right to the end, to the smack. I used to forcibly hold her (that didn’t help, only made her angrier), but just couldn’t go further.

        If I leave the flat when she’s in that beastly state and won’t answer her phone calls and return in the end, I’m afraid she would tear apart, burn, or throw away all the things dear to me and then do it with what things she can reach in our rented flat. I already keep some of the notebooks in the rucksack I take to work. Twice she tore my books and notebooks (I write) that were very important to me and threw it in the rubbish to let me ‘feel the pain she felt’.

        I used to be quite good at game when I was younger, quite effortlessly. Don’t know what happened. Perhaps I never saw such shit tests. Perhaps she’s just insane. Perhaps she’s my punishment.

        Anyway, I’ll try pass the shit test. No other way out now for me.

        • jim says:

          > If I leave the flat when she’s in that beastly state and won’t answer her phone calls and return in the end, I’m afraid she would tear apart, burn, or throw away all the things dear to me and then do it with what things she can reach in our rented flat. I already keep some of the notebooks in the rucksack I take to work. Twice she tore my books and notebooks (I write) that were very important to me and threw it in the rubbish to let me ‘feel the pain she felt’.

          She wanted a beating, and you failed to give her what she needed and wanted.

          Back up your data on the quiet, then give her another opportunity apply that shit test, and this time respond to it appropriately.

          When she destroys your data, or otherwise behaves destructively, spank her backside red. If she makes it difficult to spank her and you accidentally hit her in a place that might cause harm, tie her up then spank her backside red.

          Every shit test by one’s wife should be treated as what it is: An opportunity to uphold the proper relationship of husband and wife.

          > Perhaps she’s just insane.

          Lack of children, and the man in their life failing shit tests, will drive any women insane. Needs beating and pregnancy. Every shit test is an opportunity. After spanking, get to work on giving her a child. Best time for getting women pregnant is after trumping a shit test.

          • Peter V says:

            What if I divorce her nevertheless? Will it offend God? Will I have it even worse afterwards?

            I’m at the point where divorce seems the only way out. I don’t want her to be the mother of my children now that I’ve seen how evil she is in subtle ways, like giving my mother insulting presents (meant to be some kind of revenge for past grievances) and not telling me anything about it. That could be me not passing the shit tests, I know, but at that point I don’t think I can handle her. This time, with this woman, it’s too hard. I just want to run away.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Peter. Comrade. For the love of God. Let her scream and bitch, keep your face impassive, do not respond with more than a Yes or No, let her work herself up to a good lather, then bend her over your knees and paddle her. Spank her hard. Tell her that she is making it impossible to do the only thing in the world you actually want to do, which is be her man. Keep your smacks on the ass; this is not intended to hurt her, or damage your property. Women’s reset button is in the head, but you have to prime the reset via the pussy or ass. If you can’t fuck sense into her, you have to paddle it in. Spank her until her rage turns to wailing, then stand her up, pat her on the cheek (this is the signal to her brain that tells her ‘he could have slapped/hit my face but he didn’t, because he loves me and owns me’), tell her to clean herself up, and that you are going out to be alone for a bit, and that you’ll be back at a specific time and you would like to have a “discussion.” Make sure you are back at precisely when you said you would be, and just tell her you love her and you want things to be better, but you can’t do it alone. DON’T speechify or go on at length, that’s what she’ll be expecting.

              This is more than just punishment or aggression release. This is sending a withering flurry of confusing, masculine signals at her brain. Believe it or not, you will be stimulating her male attention receptors, and her female lizard brain will respond as if she is getting attention from many different males at once, which will delight and confound her. She will crave one male’s attention, and that needs to be the “last” guy, the one who paddles, and the one who politely demands.

              Your woman is languishing in the misery of the unloved. This may be justified, but it probably isn’t. Women do this when they don’t have children to care for. Women will always envision the universe with themselves at the center. Right now, she feels like she is not at the center of the universe, and she is going crazy because of it. You gotta get her female brain back to the center of its universe and stabilize her in that orbit. Put her there, and show her how to stay there, and demonstrate that upsetting behavior will result in paddling. Be forewarned, she may actually get off on this, so be ready, willing, and able to perform soon after. If you paddle her, and she tries to fuck, and you decline… you have failed terribly and it is very hard to recover from that. It is not always the case, but it is quite often the case that a physical encounter like this makes a female… aggressively needful.

            • jim says:

              > What if I divorce her nevertheless? Will it offend God? Will I have it even worse afterwards?

              Divorce is offensive to God.

              Divorce will be a disaster. You will be punished more severely for a woman deciding you are beta than for any crime.

              So, to demonstrate your alpha, cheerfully do some illegal acts to compel her to improve her conduct.

              Though she does not know it, she is acting badly to see what you are capable of doing about it. Prove you are capable of anything. A woman wants to fear her man.

              • Peter V says:

                Thank you, Kunning Druegger and Jim. Your words are encouraging. I will do according to them. I have not tried it all, I could not muster enough courage to even spank her ass. But now I will do that. Maybe that is my lesson: to be alpha not only when it’s easy to be alpha (as was the case in my first relationship), but to be alpha when it requires more courage, when it’s hard to be alpha. The words I read in the Bible (having opened it on a random page) on my wedding day were: ‘Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teaches like him?’

                The magnitude of my hypocrisy hits me hard. I write about patriarchy, faith, tradition, and yet cannot sort it out at home, cannot bring my wife to obedience. Now I will do that, I will mend my marriage and make it work, make it satisfactory.

  6. Done Searching says:

    Hello there. I’ve been following this blog for some time now. I don’t agree with all of it but I respect it.

    I’m curious what you make of Hinduism. This fellow on WordPress has some interesting claims:

    Especially when it comes to homosexuality across the Aryan world.

    Another is this:

    Thank you for your time.

    • jim says:

      The original Aryan religion consisted of worship of the supreme being, plus ancestors.

      Thor/Zeus/Jupiter/Indra is, at least according to one icelander, an ancestor of the Aryan peoples who lived roughly in the location where we now know the Aryans originated.

      In India, the Aryans conquered a bunch of demon worshipers, and their religion became infested with demons and demonic influences. Though the current state of Christianity is no better.

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  8. Aryaman says:

    “These adjusted numbers paint a far less optimistic picture: Washington’s case rate among unvaccinated people is as high as it was in late January, near the peak of Covid infections.” (

    Washington Post is writing about something I noticed a month ago, which is that COVID case numbers don’t seem to be going down much at all if you adjust for the vaccinated part of the population. The effect is really bigger than they think because old and weak people are disproportionately more likely to be vaccinated. But that’s not how pandemics work, not how seasonality works, not how development of herd immunity works (effects of which should be seen among the vaccinated and also unvaccinated).

    The more likely explanation is that the vaccine is not, in fact, a vaccine. But I’m skeptical of that claim as well since I generally think the vaccine is likely prevents severe disease and death pretty well (but produced by people not capable of actual science, I won’t be taking).

  9. “Men desire women, women desire the desire of men.” from Logan Alexander – Women: The Ownership Manual

    According to him, ownership follows from this, it is sort of a totality of desire.

    Meanwhile, I have learned I do not have low sex drive. I had low sex drive because I never owned my women and for me that is an essential component for having desire for them. Basically, obedience is sexy. But yes, I am putting the the horse before the cart, I should want to own them because I desire them, not desire them because I own them. I am a bit strangely put together in this.

    Nevertheless, this reversed relation makes perfect sense to me. I have thought a lot about the essence of incentives in economics. Why, exactly, is it in our interest to get money, why is it a reward? Suppose we have already enough bodily comfort. Then we will typically spend the money on property. Why do people buy a boat, a yacht, instead of renting it? My answer is that our property becomes an extension of our selves. Thus, self-love leads to loving what we own. Just look at how gently and lovingly people wash their cars. It is far more than just liking to have a clean car. They are caressing their cars because it is theirs, hence an extension of their selves. And this is why it is very logical to me that ownership is a prerequisite for real love or desire, because we are selfish, most of our love is self-love, so something or someone needs to become our property, the extension of our selves in order to really love her or it. Classic case is dogs. We love our dogs because they are ours. Don’t just love any random dog.

    I don’t know whether philosophers have ever explored this? Consider the idea of “near”, one’s “homies”. “My people”. The very expression means they have became extensions of our selves. Thus self-love becomes love for them. It is a form of ethical egoism. Yes, we do own our friends a little but, but it is mutual, they do own us a little bit too. Conversely, people hating the “near” most likely hate themselves.

  10. Pooch says:

    Interesting way to defeat ballot fraud…

  11. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Very Serious and Important Powers getting whipped up into a cannibalistic fury to destroy Belarus all over some no-name journo hack… precisely because they were a journalist. The ruling priesthood is ever sensitive to any impugning on their privileges, to be above all restraint anywhere they set eyes on.

    • suones says:

      It’s just an excuse. They’ve had their knives drawn for Byelorussia for quite some time now. The mere existence of this “country” is a giant shit test for Putin, so undoubtedly Leftists will want to converge it so it becomes even more of a thorn in Russia’s side (Ukraine II).

  12. alf says:

    Comment loading time is really starting to suffer, for me at least.

  13. praeludium says:

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a woman who spent her youth and beauty on other men, or do you want to marry a virgin and have the family you deserve?

    I am looking for potential husbands for my daughters.

    Requirements are as listed:
    1. Wait between 10 and 15 years for them to be of legal age.
    2. Demonstrate financial prowess.
    3. Show sufficient knowledge of the red pill.
    4. Travel regularly to the New York metropolitan area.

    To filter genuine suitors from enemies, I will test your knowledge of the red pill.

    Demon Worshiper Test: Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, the Only-begotten, Begotten of the Father before all ages, Light of Light, True God of True God, Begotten, not made; of one essence with the Father; by whom all things were made.

    Woman Question Test: Women misbehave because they are feral, acting on base impulses originating from the fall of man in Eden. If women are given unrestricted sexual choice, we have the defect-defect lek mating system, players and bitches, cuckolds and whores. However, if strong men are allowed to control women, we have cooperate-cooperate husbands and wives, stable patriarchal monogamy, intact families and strong communities. With or without the help of the state, it is our mission to form families under the light of heaven.

    If interested, please email, or for a more secure line, use the following Bitmessage address:

    Please include age, occupation, salary, savings, religion, hobbies, resume, and a brief statement of interest.

    It’s true that you can’t always get what you want. This just isn’t one of those times. I look forward to our correspondence, and the years ahead to come.


    Why Jim’s blog?

    NRX is a movement of disaffected elites, and I wish to build a new elite in the United States.

    Why the maximum wait of 15 years?

    It will take 15 years for my youngest daughter to reach legal age. Given the volume of FBI agents reading this blog, I do not wish to be convicted for “child” trafficking, among other offenses. Nothing about this process will involve breaking the law.

    Why arrange marriages now?

    Medieval nobility arranged marriages for their daughters in their early childhood, and there is no guarantee that in 10 years’ time this site will still be around.

    What happens after I send my email/Bitmessage?

    After sending each message you will receive a notification within 15 days that your message has been received. This is to confirm that your messages are going through; if not, reply on the thread. If there is no follow up on the notification reply within 15 days, assume that our correspondence is finished.

    What is your occupation, religion, etc.?

    In remaining anonymous, I cannot disclose much information. I am a professional from a wealthy family in the New York City area and attended an elite university.

    Is there an age restriction on potential husbands?

    Not at all. I prefer a young professional in his twenties, but all that is required is the above four criteria. There is nothing wrong with an age-gap marriage.

    How do I know you are not a shill/fed/enemy/etc.?

    Ideological tests are the basis of determining friend from foe. A shill/fed/enemy would not be able to pass the demon worshiper/woman question tests in the same way I would not be able to blaspheme Jesus Christ.

    • C4ssidy says:

      Jimianism is catching on. One can see huge numbers of comments in recent months. If we do not end up coagulating on Earth, I suspect we will on Mars

      • chris says:

        Of all the red-pill/NRx/manosphere blogs that stood along Roissy in the past 10-15 years, Jim’s is the last one standing. (Aside from maybe Voxday or Spandrell)

        • jim says:

          They burned out because a rotating collection of whores is exhausting and distressing.

          But I tend to give out married man game, which is not what men in distress urgently need. If your marriage is OK, you don’t get a lot of experimental data on gaming bitches.

          • Pooch says:

            I believe Rollo is still going at I believe he got married.

          • the da says:

            What do you think of Anglin’s argument that a successful marriage is impossible because Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Putin etc. can’t hold them together?

            • jim says:

              I have been doing fine all my life.

              Looks don’t matter all that much. When I looked like Jabba the Hut, things were not entirely hopeless, though things went better when I lost weight and put on muscle. Wealth and power don’t matter much, because female perceptions of alpha are a hundred millenia out of date. Converting wealth and power in the male hierarchy into something that gets pussies wet is difficult and subtle.

              When I see men having troubles in their marriage, what they are doing wrong is usually obvious to me. Just pass your shit tests.

            • Pooch says:

              Alpha males like Putin, Trump, etc don’t have their marriages fail. They discard their wives as they age and move to young and hotter ass.

    • C4ssidy says:

      While I find it hard to follow the technical plans , it sounds like the design of blockchain social media will solve the problem of blogs and similar content being taken offline. Essays and blogs and comments and papers would instead stay around forever, so long as someone somewhere considered them worth a few pence of crypto to pay a decentralised computer network to store them in somewhere in the public ledger

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      I’d take you up on this, my friend, but 15 years is a long time to wait. I’ll be pushing 50 by then, and thats not a lot of time to knock out a bunch of kids and make sure that my sons are in a good position to take over as patriarch. Best of luck to you, and I hope this works out for you.

      • praeludium says:

        Depends on your family history. Both sets of grandparents in my family were strong and healthy until their late 70s, and my parents, aunts and uncles are all still alive.

        Good luck to you and your endeavors, this offer will be around for quite some time.

    • neofugue says:

      > looking for potential husbands for my daughters
      > It’s true that you can’t always get what you want. This just isn’t one of those times
      > “child” trafficking
      > nothing wrong with an age-gap marriage
      > nobility arranged marriages for their daughters in their early childhood


      This whole post:

      btw, Jim, is there a way to create embedded links? I don’t want to use URL shorteners anymore.

      • neofugue says:

        Apologies, got the blockquote script wrong.


        > Stuff you are quoting

        for emphasis
        for bold
        < for

      • jim says:

        > btw, Jim, is there a way to create embedded links? I don’t want to use URL shorteners anymore.

        this is a link
        <a href=”” target=”_blank” >this is a link</a>

    • suones says:

      I agree with the sentiment expressed here. But am very sceptical of the means. A real arranged marriage for one’s children is done with one’s friend who is the father of the proposed match. Not with strangers over the Internet. This could be bait as far as I’m concerned.

      Marry your daughters to your friends’ sons. Actually having such friends is getting rarer, but it still is possible in India.

      • Rick says:

        Solid advice. Marriage alliances are going to be important as things fall apart.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Plz translate:

        Magnil inoy dnul ….

      • praeludium says:

        > A real arranged marriage for one’s children is done with one’s friend who is the father of the proposed match. Not with strangers over the Internet.

        > This could be bait as far as I’m concerned.

        Finding like-minded friends in the capital of Sodom is difficult, which is why I decided to test this strategy. In retrospect, this is most likely ill-advised, although as a disclaimer I am not withdrawing the offer.

        I now realize that the primary purpose of FBI infiltration on dissident sites is not to demoralize or derail, not to infiltrate, but to sow distrust. When dissidents are forced to second-guess every communication they become disinclined to forming networks IRL, which keeps them atomized. Tests of entryism are not tests of entrappers, and thus there is no method to build instant trust along the blockchain.

        There is a monastery in upstate New York that I trust for the most part. As my business mentor always said, “I may be wrong, but I am never in doubt.”

        • The Cominator says:

          The WHOLE purpose of the system is to atomize everything outside the progressive cult, as much as the progressives called Trump literally Hitler the methods of control of the modern Cathedral borrow more heavily from National Socialist Germany than any other source. In Nazi Germany as Moldbug said there were no soccer leagues there were only National Socialist soccer leagues.

          Coordinated press hand and glove with the state, nearly all social organizations must adhere to rules that make them progressive social organizations.

          • neofugue says:

            Praeludium needs to understand that the internet is a domain for exchanging ideas, not forming personal connections. One cannot just go up to a FBI-infested blog and request marriage 1.0 without establishing a reputation.

            A better bet would be going to Twitter or Gab, becoming a frequent poster, forming connections and then trying to meet IRL. Which is the story of every single dissident who has been doxxed.

            Assuming praeludium is legit, any FBI could copy-paste or reword shill test answers, discover his identity, and drum up false charges. He would be caught “lying to the FBI” and all his daughters would be sacrificed to Moloch without pity.

            If praeludium is worried about his daughters, he should go to a conservative church or monastery and arrange marriages in person. There are good places out there, you just need to find them.

          • suones says:

            …methods of control of the modern Cathedral borrow more heavily from National Socialist Germany than any other source. In Nazi Germany as Moldbug said there were no soccer leagues there were only National Socialist soccer leagues.

            This is a very one-sided presentment of facts. I know you hate Uncle Adolf because he took away your candy, but trusting Moldbug ben Issac on anything that approaches his racial enemies is folly.

            You cannot have “non-political” soccer leagues (or anything). People crave spiritual succour as much as material supplies, and if our priests don’t provide that succour, Prog priests will step into the void. Traditional sports are always quasi-religious activities. The King is the official patron of all sports leagues in his lands, and all sportsmen pay homage to Him and to His Gods (literally “God Save the King” tier stuff). This is why “kneeling” by US sportsnegros was so offensive on a moral level to so many — being an affront to American Civic Religion.

            Hitler’s mentors realised that “German Civic Religion” (interwar) was no match for Prog spiritual attacks, and the Kaiserreich was a spent force, the Church being infested by demons. Hitler provided the answer that the people craved — hang a swastika in your window and go about your business. Soon, people were hanging swastikas everywhere.

            Coordinated press hand and glove with the state, nearly all social organizations must adhere to rules that make them progressive social organizations.

            If we’re not controlling our priests, someone else will step into the void. Either all social organisations adhere to the Imperial State Religion, or they’ll choose a demonic one instead.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >You cannot have “non-political” soccer leagues (or anything). People crave spiritual succour as much as material supplies, and if our priests don’t provide that succour, Prog priests will step into the void. Traditional sports are always quasi-religious activities.

              Amen. This kind of insight is what brahmins should be providing us.

            • Rick says:

              This is why “kneeling” by US sportsnegros was so offensive on a moral level to so many — being an affront to American Civic Religion.

              Correct, it was clearly bowing to a demon god. And that kneeling quickly went from “it’s just a protest bro” to “kneel or get kicked off the team”.


            • redpurplepurple says:

              This is exactly the sort of quality insight
              that keeps me coming back to this site.

            • >You cannot have “non-political” soccer leagues (or anything)

              In my youth in my neck of Europe the religion of soccer matches was just basic nationalism. Back then I interpreted it as non-political and “default”, obviously fans of clubs gonna be “tribal” about their country too. This nationalism – not very “rabid” – was like water to fish, felt. very neutral.

    • yewotm8 says:

      15 years is the kind of time you’d wait to arrange a marriage for your own young son, not for yourself. I don’t think you will find anybody willing to wait that long who can meet the standards you have, but I wish you good luck nonetheless.

      • praeludium says:

        > 15 years is the kind of time you’d wait to arrange a marriage for your own young son, not for yourself.

        While I am seeking upstart young men, if one is of an older age and has a son the offer still applies. The benefit of arranging a marriage for a son is that there is no legal grey area regarding age parity.

    • nope says:


  14. Encelad says:

    Exxon Mobil directors board has just been (partially) taken over by holy greeny hedge fund Engine Number One.

    • Pooch says:

      Their plan seems to be to cut the supply of oil and jack up the price of gas to thus price people out of gasoline engines.

      • Rick says:

        Correct. I talked my parents into buying a hybrid with really good gas mileage after Biden stole the election. Gas prices are going to the moon.

        • The Cominator says:

          The problem is

          1) Not everyone can afford a new fucking hybrid or electric.

          2) You need excess non fossil fuel power in the grid (really it would have to be nuclear) to support charging all those cars.

          3) It will take years to replace the truck fleet which will mean the price of any good that has to travel very far by truck will skyrocket as well.

          If they are really in a coordinated way making gas unaffordable their plan will cause catastrophic economic collapse and hopefully a coup.

          • Pooch says:

            Beat me to it.

            3) It will take years to replace the truck fleet which will mean the price of any good that has to travel very far by truck will skyrocket as well.

            With the delicious added bonus of pricing those fleeing blue cities priced out of Uhaul trucks.

            • Rick says:

              There’s a downside, Rural living is going to be come impossible without gas. People will be forced into cities for no other reason that transport costs are lower.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Rural living was the norm *before* gas, not after. It was intensive transportation networks that made mega metroplexes possible, and breakdowns of such will lead to mass exodus, just as it did in rome.

                • Rick says:

                  Going to be awfully hard to get equipment delivered and crops traded for finished goods without gas.

                  Rome and it’s countryside ended up mostly depopulated. Most of the refugees didn’t make it and the existing rural population didn’t make it.

                  The Eastern Roman empire had to systematically create a sustainable system of serfs and nobles in order to populate the countryside.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  You’re not getting it: concentration is what takes more people further away from primary inputs for the ‘human’ resource, distribution is what brings more people closer towards them.

                  We will reiterate it in case your eyes were crossed and missed reading it before hand; rural distribution was the norm before gas, not the norm after gas.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The Eastern Roman empire had to systematically create a sustainable system of serfs and nobles in order to populate the countryside.”

                  Not what happened. The sources are not entirely complete but the economy of the Eastern Roman Empire boomed while the West collapsed because it seems like the Emperor Marcian brought back the free market and massively reduced taxes.

          • Karl says:

            Are there historical examples of a catastrophic economic collpase triggering a coup?

        • Pooch says:

          The problem is no where outside the blue cities and surrounding suburbs have the charging infrastructure to support them. Couple that with the limited range of EVs and It is yet another attack on flyover America with the added bonus of starting to close out the exits from those fleeing the blue metropolises.

          • The Cominator says:

            Charging stations are not at all an insurmountable problem the amount of juice the entire car fleet being charged all the time instead of gassed up is a MASSIVE problem.

            I’m not against electric cars and I think long term they are the future… but it can’t be rushed via leftist holiness like this.

            • Pooch says:

              Without holiness, oil, or lack thereof, would not be a problem. Africa likely contains more oil than any other continent.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Geological hydrocarbons are produced abiotically from metamorphic processes on carbon deposits in the crust. They are a common and ‘renewable’ resource, in that sense. Rare earth metals necessary to make high performance batteries, on the other hand, much less so.

                Turboelectric transmissions, where an engine produces power, and electricity is used as the ‘working fluid’ for transmitting force from the engine to the drive train, is an old technology, and can become more common as it can allow for simplifications in design affording lower weight and roll resistance as compared with mechanical transmissions. Another good old technology is the streetcar, where a vehicle operates off of a lead connecting to the powergrid through a line in the ground or in the air.

                Sole battery powered vehicles however, are an extravagance, something people spend on to signal their faith in greenism (no relationship with actual conservation).

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  There are reasons other than holiness/greenism to buy an all electric car. They’re also a luxury item with potentially higher performance (torque) and less maintenance.

                  1. No motor oil to regularly change and or drip on your driveway.

                  2. Less coolant issues.

                  3. Regenerative braking causes brake pads to last longer.

                  4. Motor lasts a LOT longer. Tesla’s reluctance motor is extremely well designed and extremely simple conceptually, and it not possible to use as a motor without electronics.

                  5. Simpler coolant systems.

                  6. All the extraneous EPA bullshit and things like turbos on micro engines are rendered moot and gone.

                  7. Automation is easier to implement.

                  8. Mechanical transmission is gone as well as the engine. No transmission fluid to leak on your driveway.

                  One should use your EV as your local town car, and your Hummer, Wrangler, F150, etc as your touring vehicle. Or for touring get a custom trailer with a genset and gas tank to tow behind your EV. LOL

                • jim says:

                  Impractical for touring. It is a town car.

                  Electricity is impractical for trucking, since the big trucks want to be hauling bit loads 24/7.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Pretty much all of those points are covered by formats mentioned previously. It is battery power, specifically, that is the weak link.

                • Rick says:

                  I just read an entire thread on reddit’s news sub of leftists trashing battery powered cars as a great evil that needs to be destroyed along with all cars. The holiness spiral continues.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  Refuelling is a nasty business and is impractical for people with nice clothes unless they use chauffeurs. Electric cars are cleaner and more luxurious on the simple individual level. The autonomous component is also going to free out attention, even if one cannot ignore the road so much as to do paperwork it will at least free up attention to use for podcasts, so individual productivity will go up. I am also a sperglord who hates the unnecessary noise produced by the tickover of combustion engines. Teslas seem better at this point irrespective of pollution

                • Krakatoa says:

                  All three of your points here are retarded which likely means you are retarded, so how did you find this blog?

                • C4ssidy says:

                  Diesel gets everywhere, ends up on the handle and fuel caps in trace amounts, ends up on the pinpad of the card reader. You do not need analysis for it, you can feel it in between your fingertips. When refuelling, ends up inside your car in trace amounts, meaning ends up on your wool suit in trace amounts, and you can feel the degradation of the surface texture with your fingertips.

                  To maintain good wool over a lifetime, need to air and brush and steam, and dry-clean as little as possible, once a year or so, which is going to happen in proportion to time spent hanging around filthy places such as gas pumps. The more you dry-clean to remove the deeply engrained compounds which cannot be easily evaporated or brushed, the more you are degrading the wool itself

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “Electricity is impractical for trucking, since the big trucks want to be hauling bit loads 24/7.”

                  Indeed. To that end Wrightspeed has developed a hybrid truck powertrain (with battery cache). He actually uses a turbine powered generator.

                  Ian Wright was one of Tesla’s cofounders. (Is Musk the new Shockley? Seeding Silicon Valley with new spinoff companies?)


                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Although even here Wrightspeed appears to be better adapted to “town trucks” with lots of stop and go. Garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, buses, etc. For long haul trucking with close to 100% engine duty cycle, you just gear ratio for optimum engine efficiency and go. No need for any form of energy conversion or caching.

    • Aidan says:

      What is even more worrying is that everything manufactured in America is now facing shortages and titanic inflation. The price of lumber has tripled since Biden got in office. It is as if his administration flipped a switch and turned off American manufacturing. I think it wont be long before we are materially a third world country, with the poorer segment of the population knocked down to welfare slaves and the middle class knocked down into poverty. Gas is just a small part of this.

      • Rick says:

        As Trump freed the US economy from it’s shackles by rolling back regulations, Biden flipped the switch and removed all of Trump’s regulatory rollbacks all at once. The shock to the economy is only beginning as the hard left is fully in control of the levers of regulation now.

      • EH says:

        I’m seeing a coordinated effort to take the country. Houses in the middle of nowhere are getting bids above asking price within hours of listing. We’re in a war right now with China and whoever the Chinese are working with, including a large sector of our own financial /corporate / gov’t / academic elite. They’ve been doing predictive programming for years with the “tiny house” concept, and lately” “you’ll own nothing and be happy”. With the $T in bailout loot, now they have the finances to literally buy every house that comes on the market, and make 90%+ of the nation rent within 5 years, as people are forced to sell their existing houses in order to move.

        This seems like an endgame-type move, only massive immediate action or revolutionary action later on, can prevent it becoming the new normal.

        • jim says:

          I don’t think so.

          I think the smart money is gambling on the FDR dollar becoming worthless in the not too distant future, and is investing in maximally mortgaged real estate expecting a high likelihood that in the not too distant future, they can pay off those mortgages for the cost of a loaf of bread.

          The time for revolutionary action is not now, though it is likely to be a lot closer after fiat money becomes worthless, and will require a revolutionary leader to appear with credible legitimacy.

          Just war requires legitimate authority.

          Also, anyone saying “revolutionary action now” is likely a fed, so you are moderation pending you passing the shill test. (Though I am seeing indications that the shill test has stopped working since the legitimate president was overthrown.)

          • Anonymous 2 says:

            Modern just war theory seems mainly like philosophical nonsense and blather. However, if the president counts as the sovereign, then Aquinas would say Trump and Trumpists could wage a just war whenever they like.

          • EH says:

            Maybe it’s just positioning for inflation, but then again maybe the events of the past nearly two years aren’t just a series of accidents, but rather a covert war, and this is part of it. The looting part.

            Anonymous Conservative (a daily read) proposes that the huge bailout bucks (a large fraction going to banks, financial institutions and companies that use the money to play the markets) are being used to bankrupt the USA just as Reagan got the Soviets to bankrupt themselves. He sees the whole plan as being the work of “Cabal”, the largest covert intelligence network, which he argues, is a niche that cannot remain unfilled, therefore must be filled, and which explains many otherwise curious donations and other actions,news about which he logs daily.


            I did not propose revolutionary action, I said massive action will be needed now in order to prevent nearly all Americans from permanently losing title to any part of their own country. I did not say I expected such action. The longer action is delayed, the more permanent the effects of this taking of the birthright of the American people will become, until only revolutionary action will be able to change it. I did not say I expect revolutionary action either — even though though it might seem foredoomed — if none of the other crimes and usurpations so far has been enough, then perhaps nothing will be enough.

            If you want me to take your shill test, have away at it.

            I can see that women are innately perverse, genetically shit-testing like children looking for limits, and without agency, that they must each individually be under the legal and social control of an individual man their whole lives, should to be allowed to own property in their own names, nor to vote (or otherwise have a say in government), let alone rule over any man. Democracy is unethical under any system of ethics because it treats the worse and better equally. A monarchy with a worthy monarch and aristocracy is better, so long as the worse (as judged by Gnon) do not rule over the better, and priests and businessmen do not rule over men of arms and honor. A stable system requires a stable, non-holiness spiraling state religion and an inquisition to prevent such spiraling. The details of that religion are for the priests, but they should be unfalsifiable or at least unfalsified, in accordance with maintaining social order and preventing spiritual sickness.

              • jim says:

                But women are not innately perverse.

                They are only innately perverse if you expect women to act like men, and function well in the male sphere.

                • EH says:

                  Picking fights with their mates in hopes of losing them, being angry at being given their way, not knowing what they want from one moment to the next yet being angry that their men don’t pick it up by telepathy — it seems like they’re not happy unless they’re unhappy, but once one realizes they want a strong man to tell them what to think and do, it all makes perfect sense. Without that understanding that they don’t want what they say they want, and in fact don’t consciously know what they want, the individual behaviors seem perverse.

        • Anonymus 2 says:

          The Biden Budgets look mainly like a mafia bust out scheme. Was the most recent one $6T?

          I wonder, when the scheme is run and done, if they intend to defend their ownership of these assets in some ‘court’?

        • Reziac says:

          Insights from Gordon Chang:

          China wants to take over the world without the tedium and expense of a shooting war. Belt and Road works to take over 3rd world nations, not so much for wealthy nations. For that, they need internal economic collapse to make those wealthy nations vulnerable to Chinese economic intervention. China expected the Covid lockdown to do it, but under-estimated the size of the U.S. economy. The current gov’t spending spree is China’s upscaled effort toward the same goal, conveniently congruent with what Democrats want to do anyway. Gropin’ Joe is just the handy rubber stamp, who doesn’t care one way or the other so long as the bribes roll in.

          I say flip it on ’em: borrow all the imaginary money from China, then default on the loan and nationalize all Chinese-owned properties… and they’ll be hoist by their own petard. China (which imports 40% of its food from the U.S. and sends about a third of its exports to the U.S. — what happens if either comes to an end??) should be our client state and financial vassal, not the other way around.

    • Reziac says:

      Just looked this up for someone else, so copypasta:
      Daly has, in particular, targeted ExxonMobil, one of her coalition’s portfolio companies, over its “liability, or at least poor integrity, related to its knowledge about the climate impacts of its core business practices,” as she wrote in a letter in 2016.

      Penner led the minor shareholder revolt against ExxonMobil in similar fashion. He sought the support of massive asset management firms such as Vanguard and BlackRock, which together own roughly 15% of ExxonMobil. But he also turned back to his old ally, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, as well as to the Church of England and the New York State Common Retirement Fund. The latter two organizations had already urged shareholders during the last annual meeting to persuade ExxonMobil to address the climate emergency. “If you can get Exxon to change,” Penner told Bloomberg, “everybody else in the industry has to listen.”

      Note that the CA Teacher’s Retirement System and the NY State Common Retirement Fund, aka state pension funds associated with their respective unions, are both massively over-committed and in deep danger of total collapse. Do these pension funds expect to get money from this?

      The hedge fund’s board candidates

      Looks to me like the plan is to shift Exxon from oil to “green” energy, gut the company by selling off all its hard assets, set themselves up with golden parachutes, and start sucking money out of the subsidy teat. IOW, a massive fraud. I would not be surprised if this eventually winds up being another Enron==Montana Power.


      Article about how welfare fraud funds election fraud in CA:

      I suspect this is related, if only via the back door.

  15. onyomi says:

    Exciting news! US math teams beats China for first time in years!

  16. […] fellow blogger Jim wrote a piece from the (partial) perspective of the first option, entitled Make women property again (2021 April 19), which is quite a good read. I presume it is written from the standpoint of a […]

  17. Garjesh says:

    So what is the overall consensus here regarding COVID vaccines? I know Jim originally said they are probably fine but now thinks best to avoid them.

    I don’t know a thing about the topic. For the most part I trust traditional vaccines but you’d have to be retarded to not be at least somewhat skeptical about these. The fact that the first ones were announced November 4th, along with the reversal on their position on HCQ on January 20th lol.

    What I want to know is:

    – How bad are they? That is, to what extent should I go to avoid having them? To get out of the West I might eventually need a vaccine passport.

    – If necessary, are certain vaccines better/worse than others?

    – I know you can apparently bribe someone to give fake evidence of a vaccine, but that carries risks also. How do you find someone to do this? If I move to southeast asia would this be much easier? Presumably evidence of being vaccinated in one country could be used internationally.

    – Any truth the rumors of it causing infertility? Especially concerned about letting my sons get vaccinated.

    – Are there any places that aren’t falling for the COVID delusion? Other posters have mentioned that poorer countries seem more likely to believe the mask stuff.

    • Rick says:

      >– I know you can apparently bribe someone to give fake evidence of a vaccine, but that carries risks also. How do you find someone to do this? If I move to southeast asia would this be much easier? Presumably evidence of being vaccinated in one country could be used internationally.

      Find an Indian owned Pharmacy in a more rural area. Sign up for the vaccine, walk into the back room where he’s suppose to give you the shot, handled the issue, and walk out with your card and the Indian will put you in the database. If you can’t find an Indian, find anyone who immigrated from a publicly corrupt country.

      >So what is the overall consensus here regarding COVID vaccines? I know Jim originally said they are probably fine but now thinks best to avoid them.

      The spike proteins that the vaccines produces damages the circulatory system. Avoid the 2 shot at all costs because they seem to do the most damage. If you’ve had the virus don’t get the vaccine as the worst outcomes seem to be 2 shot + already had covid. The J&J is probably best because A) actual cells are infected and attacked by your body resulting in fewer cases of the immune system destroying your blood while attempting to find a non existent virus and B) it produces less noted side effectives.

      • suones says:

        > citatory system
        Excuse me, what is that?

        • jim says:

          circulatory system, primarily lungs and blood vessels. Usually the effect is minor and temporary, sometimes it triggers catastrophic blood clotting.

          Rate of very serious consequences in young people is about 0.3% – but the rate of serious consequences for Wu Flu in young people is about zero.

          About one third of people vaccinated get symptoms roughly similar to the flu – headache, nausea, fatigue, and chills, leading them to use painkillers.

          The rate of serious consequences seems to be substantially higher if you are forty or so. Insufficient information if you are sixty or so.

          • reg says:


            This thing is VERY different. Zombies to come.

            • jim says:

              They are not going to turn into zombies, and it does not directly affect the brain, except that in some people oxygen supply to brain is impaired.

              It does, however, have major effects on the blood, and even more major effects on blood vessels. This, however, merely causes about one third of the vaccinated to give flu like symptoms, and results in hospitalization or death of about 0.3% of them.

              • Jsd says:

                What about long term concerns? If what you say is true and those are the only problems then as a young person maybe I will just get it after all. Refusal is bringing down a lot of heat.

                • jim says:

                  Short term, the effect is substantial. Similar to a mild case of flu, or significant case of flu, but with a considerably higher rate of death in young people than is usual for flu.

                  Long term, we will not know for many years.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The thing that worries me is that the mRNA treatments have never been used in people because how badly the animal trials go. The animals all die when the next strain hits. That’s terrifying, but humans are also obnoxiously durable. There are so many things that we can survive and abuse to our systems that we can endure that most other animals would be wiped out if they tried it. The human system is a marvel of God’s design. I don’t know if it will be as bad for people as it was for animals. I’m not getting it, and if you are under 60 I wouldn’t recommend you get it, either. Long term we all die, but I’m not looking to be a sick cripple when I do go out.

                • Karl says:

                  Jsd, especially if you are young just catching COVID is a rather riskless way of avoiding vaccination. Of course, details will depend on laws not yet passed.

                  For example, present law in Germany is that people who revovered from COVID are barred from vaccination for medial reasons and considered equal to the vaccinated.

                  Keep in mind that if vaccination ever becomes mandatory, just getting vaccinated won’t solve your problem. After a year or so your status as vaccinated (or recovered) will lapse and you’ll be required to get vaccinated again with a different vaccine (or reinfected which will be difficult if you already recoverd from COVID).

                • Cataclysm Reawake says:


                  >humans are also obnoxiously durable. There are so many things that we can survive and abuse to our systems that we can endure that most other animals would be wiped out if they tried it. The human system is a marvel of God’s design.

                  Mind elaborating?

                • Pooch says:

                  Keep in mind that if vaccination ever becomes mandatory, just getting vaccinated won’t solve your problem. After a year or so your status as vaccinated (or recovered) will lapse and you’ll be required to get vaccinated again with a different vaccine (or reinfected which will be difficult if you already recoverd from COVID).

                  I suspect this is the long term goal of the elites, even if only to keep the gravy train going. All the CEOs of the vaccine makers have mentioned they expect “booster” shots every 6-12 months. During their earnings calls they seem to understand they will have license to basically print as much money as they want with the yearly vaccines. It couples nicely with vaccines as receiving the sacrament of the progressive religion.

                • Pooch says:

                  vaccines being viewed as*

                • Rick says:

                  I suspect this is the long term goal of the elites, even if only to keep the gravy train going. All the CEOs of the vaccine makers have mentioned they expect “booster” shots every 6-12 months. During their earnings calls they seem to understand they will have license to basically print as much money as they want with the yearly vaccines. It couples nicely with vaccines as receiving the sacrament of the progressive religion.

                  It’s mostly holiness spiraling. I got the J&J vaccine just before the dangerous nature of the vaccines became clear. People actually looked down on me for getting because the vaccine didn’t cause me to suffer like the 2 shot vaccines were most people who got them to suffer. I wasn’t as holy as them for it.

                  This is why multiple shot boosters is going to be a thing, people want to keep increasing holiness.

                  The other signs of holiness like masks are starting to go away around me and I hope the idea of vaccine boosters does as well.

                • Pooch says:

                  It’s mostly holiness spiraling.

                  Indeed, but holiness spiraling that is sure to benefit the elites. They are gaming the state religion for their own benefit.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Pottenger’s cats are an example of what happens to animals when they have substandard processed food. Within a few generations of the switch, they are irreversibly genetically damaged. Meanwhile we humans eat like shit for thousands of years and managed to survive and thrive.

                  The amount of damage the human body can suffer is also amazing. Our ability to endure blunt force trauma and slashing wounds are truly a marvel. The mechanisms for sealing up a wound to allow continued fight or flight amazed me. Blood vessels constrict and muscles tighten up to decrease the amount of blood loss, and hormones numb the pain and keep you in the fight.

                  Even puncture wounds, although much more dangerous, are still very often survivable with simple care. A significant amount of deaths from gunshots are from psychosomatic surrender to the inevitable, and not actual fatal damage. The amount of trauma and blood loss would not have killed them, but they die because they expect to die when shot. If you do not realize you have been shot, or you know that you can easily survive a shooting absent specific injuries to the heart or spinal column, then you have pretty decent chances of living through a shooting.

                  A strong human body can endure a lot. We did not reach the top of the food chain just because we had sharp sticks. It is also because we are brutally tough.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Biotech firms have long dreamed of the potential money printer that would be convincing people that it is good and useful and necessary to get ‘flu vaccines’; that is to say, a perpetually mutating object for perpetual purchases. (Kind of like how dupont memed dandelions from a soup ingredient or lawn brightener into a great satan in order to sell roundup.)

                  Well now with the plannedemic, they got the chance of a lifetime.

                • jim says:

                  There is always a new flu, due to evolution and cross breeding. Every positive stranded RNA virus cheerfully mingles its genetic material with every other positive stranded RNA virus, so all flues from here on will be the a new Covid 19.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Any thoughts on possible long terms effects? That could be the bigger problem.

            I see the following circulating around:

            1) Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer chief science officer says those injected will suffer from Antibody Dependent Enhancement, predicts 2-3 year life expectancy for the injected.

            2) Luc Montagnier seems to suggest ADE pressures virus to mutate to become more deadly (either I’m missing something or I’m seeing conflicting definitions of ADE).

            3) Claims that prior vaccines for SARS-CoV1 led to most test animals’ death, in multiple studies. Ex; Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to
            Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

            If there is a non-negligible chance that come fall/winter, on contact with similar virus in the wild, most vaccinated have a severe reaction, then wouldn’t it make sense to not get the injection until this possibility is ruled out?

            • Mike in Boston says:

              wouldn’t it make sense to not get the injection until this possibility is ruled out?

              The answers to that question depend on specifics.

              First, asking about “the injection” obscures the fact that there are mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), adenovirus vector vaccines (J&J, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V), and hopefully in the future a conventional protein plus adjuvant vaccine from Novavax. All of those have different risks and side effect profiles.

              Second, whether one of them makes sense for you is dependent on particular circumstances. If you are a 400 pound diabetic, or live with your 95 year old mom, you might be more in favor of getting one of the shots than if you are a healthy 25 year old.

              • simplyconnected says:

                whether one of them makes sense for you

                I don’t trust these people. Simply the fact that ivermectin/ hydroxycloroquine/budesonide have had great resuts but have been suppressed (possibly to force the EUA approval) tells me I should not come close to the injection. Their attempt to coerce have the opposite effect in me. As for many others, this is the hill I die on.

      • Cowboy Pirate says:

        You goddamned idiots, you don’t need to bribe anybody. Covid vaccination forms are easily downloadable as PDFs or equivalent all over the place from various health authorities or dissenters. Get a look at what a real one looks like, print one out, fill out whatever you want, laminate it, done. If you’re signed up for the vaccination alerts you can get plenty of information on when and where and what providers for information to fill in, and if you can get a a few looks at real ones so you know how to format the numbers, maybe use a real citation for a given date and location – you’ll be fine. Everything about this has been so rushed and half-assed they can’t know if their data on who’s really taken it is reliable or not.

        And with 40% of the population admitting to opting out, they’re not anywhere in sight of being able to impose travel restrictions around this stuff.

        As for the actual risks, if you’re under the 40-50 range the order of magnitude is roughly comparable to covid itself. I know someone in the 70-80ish range who said “It might not be perfect but it’ll keep me out of the hospital in the short term and my life expectancy isn’t that great anymore anyway” which is a totally rational position.

        • Rick says:

          >You goddamned idiots, you don’t need to bribe anybody. Covid vaccination forms are easily downloadable as PDFs or equivalent all over the place from various health authorities or dissenters.

          Places that are serious about checking your vaccinated status check the CDC database. A printed card is only useful people who are not busy COVID holiness spiraling.

          >And with 40% of the population admitting to opting out, they’re not anywhere in sight of being able to impose travel restrictions around this stuff.

          Trump won the last election by at least 15 points. He’s not president because of the power of the Cathedral. Airplane travel restrictions are easy compared to stealing elections. The Cathedral will certainty impose such restrictions if they spiral hard enough in that direction.

    • The Cominator says:

      Is it going to kill everyone who gets it, no. Bill Burr makes a joking but perfectly logical argument as to why they wouldn’t at least deliberately do that.

      They’d kill all the NPCs and spare all their enemies. Very very bad plan…

      But it might sterilize you, it might make you need some expensive big pharma drug in the future, might cause all sorts of miscellaneous health problems…

      • simplyconnected says:

        I find it hard to believe it will kill everyone who gets it (but I wait for to be ruled out, and if it happens I won’t be hugely surprised).
        The reason I don’t believe Burr’s argument is that they had some surveys. Prior to rollout, if I recall, it was ~50% didn’t want to take the injection. Once rollout started, it was ~33% didn’t want to take it.

        As more people seemed to wveryant to take it, the Fauci target jumped from something like 50% to 70 or 80% (he said up to 85%). The event 201 discussion talked about some groups being hesitant, namely muslims, christian evangelicals, some others.
        Do you really think these people are smart enough to guess that vaccine perception would become essentially split along progressive/non-progressive lines? They didn’t seem to afaik in event 201.

        If Fauci redefined herd immunity at 85% as he saw higher acceptance of injection in surveys, I can only guess the target was always at least 85%, which means inject most people (Bill Gates is on camera saying we won’t go back to normal until basically the whole planet is injected). It seems to me they thought they would inject pretty much everyone.
        That of course means nothing re the injected dying, it just suggests that Bill Burr’s point only works now that we know that it was only the true believers that injected themselves en masse (which seems unlikely that they knew before rollout).

        • The Cominator says:

          “Do you really think these people are smart enough to guess that vaccine perception would become essentially split along progressive/non-progressive lines? ”

          Yes I would think they would know that. Progs trust what the media tells them to do even if its stupid… non progs don’t. There were quite a few people who still believed them somewhat in 2020 (ie all the people who fell for the corona scam, I’m proud to say I never really bought it) but I think thats over.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Yes I would think they would know that. Progs trust what the media tells them to do even if its stupid… non progs don’t.

            Maybe you are right and they guessed correctly.

            I don’t know what they thought about conservatives getting the injection. But I know event 201 only considered small groups (some black for historical reasons, some muslims and some evangelicals for religious reasons, but not conservatives in general) as potentially distrusting the injection.

            They’re not necessarily dumb, but they have a caricature idea of their opponents’ worldview, don’t you think they would think that by getting fox news to shill for the injection they would have conservatives on board? I don’t know, that’s just my guess. I simply look at what they said, and they planned targeted narratives only for those small groups (blacks, muslims, evangelicals).

          • jim says:

            Corona virus is being holiness spiraled. It is just another flu, and like most unusually deadly flues, only kills people with one foot in the grave and wobbling on the edge, to whom it gives a little push.

            In countries that got a lot of excess deaths, such as England, they now have the lowest mortality rate ever recorded. The excess deaths from the unusually nasty flu season are approximately balanced by reduced deaths a few months later. Much like most other unusually nasty flu seasons.

            Naturally compliance with a holiness spiral splits on left/right lines. Leftism always needs a new thing to be holy about, and this another holy thing.

          • ten says:

            I have been thinking about leaky vaccines and Marek’s disease. Reduce symptoms without reducing transmission and the changed selection pressure makes the contagion more deadly over time.

            So mass progressive vaccination would over time cause covid666 to become more deadly, which would primarily kill non progressives.

  18. Pooch says:

    Looking like the Cathedral is starting to freak out more and more about the audits in Arizona and now these other states and the DOJ may move to shut them down.

    Why would they even care that their fraud is found? It was obvious anyway. What are they afraid of? Their power is secure because regardless of what happens in the audits there is no armed men willing to do anything about it. Why even freak out?

    • jim says:

      Are there no armed men willing to do anything about it?

      I don’t know. The Cathedral does not know. And even those armed men themselves do not know because when they speak of the matter to each other they use words and phrases that are coded and deniable.

      • Pooch says:

        I suppose it could give legitimacy for an armed group of men to materialize in the future if fraud is proven through official channels as it would then not be a thoughtcrime to mention and talk about fraud in the mainstream, but who knows.

      • The Cominator says:

        I mean I suppose DeSantis could name General Flynn Supreme commander of the Florida national guard (I can guarantee the average Florida man is very much willing to use violence to overthrow the DC regime if he has any chance of success) and have them start marching to DC…

        And the democrats could find out that the rank and file of their military is about as willing to fight for them as James II’s army was willing to fight for him against William of Orange…

        But all of that is unlikely.

        • Pooch says:

          Yeah that’s not happening.

          • jim says:

            Something is going to happen, if not this time, the next time, or the time after that – the Cathedral has abandoned the Republic’s method for peaceful transfer for power. Unpeaceful transfer of power is going to ensue soon enough. If this time, we likely get a Sulla or a Pinochet, if the next time, a Cromwell, if the time after that, a Stalin.

            • Pooch says:

              If this time, we likely get a Sulla or a Pinochet, if the next time, a Cromwell, if the time after that, a Stalin.

              Pinochet came to power without much bloodshed which obviously is the best case.

              Cromwell, Sulla, and Stalin came to power after a bloody civil war (in which the right-wing and/or populists lost) with bloody purges after that bloody civil war. Obviously the worst case.

              • The Cominator says:

                Sulla was the popular one in his civil war despite being loosely an optimates as demonstrated by how many troops defected to him.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sulla was absolutely not a populist. He was an Optimate, fighting for the elites, he was of the elite.

                  Sulla had loyal troops ironically from the Marius’ military reforms that bound the army’s loyalty with the general rather than to the republic.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Lots of other peoples troops defected to Sulla. Sulla was a very popular guy with the roman masses though and only a loose optimates… his simple interest law was enormously popular for example.

                  Yes marius was popular too but they didn’t care that he proscribed equites and knights.

                • Pooch says:

                  Fresh legions defected to Sulla to avoid fighting Sulla’s experienced veterans as they did to avoid fighting Caesar’s experienced legions.

              • Karl says:

                No Pooch, a Cromwell, Sulla or a Stalin after a bloody civil war is not the worst case. The worst case is that noone shows up to stop the holiness spiral. That worst case is much more bloody.

                Think about Cambodia without Vietnam invasion

      • The Cominator says:

        The Cathedral come to think of it DOES have a big James II problem…

        Ie that their army (even if like James they’ve managed to name some high ranking officers that share their religion) doesn’t share their religion and hates their religion. I don’t think they can easily resolve this down to the rank and file.

        • Pooch says:

          It’s a big problem for them and one they are aware of. Likely can only be resolved with several more years of barbarian immigration to draw their mercenary army from.

          • jim says:

            The barbarians that they are recruiting are militarily incapable. A likely outcome of a civil war is that a small army of the white minority easily defeats the large army of the brown majority, much as the Tutsi effortlessly defeated the Hutu despite the fact that the Hutu were theoretically organized as a state, and the Tutsi were not, and despite the fact that the Hutu had massive armed backing from the “international community”. This would give us the best outcome, though we are likely to have a Cromwell, rather than a Pinochet, on top.

            • The Cominator says:

              Its more likely the barbarians just won’t actually fight if there is a prospect of actually being shot back at.

              They’ll be useful as armed police for crowd control but its not that they’ll even be bad soldiers its that they just won’t fight at all. What the fuck do they care…

              • Pooch says:

                I imagine the Cathedral will pay them handsomely, which will be a pretty good deal in a collapsing economy just like in the latin countries.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To keep drawing a paycheck is not a good enough reason to be shot at. Now draconian discipline can make unwilling men fight in a sort of minimal and robotic fashion but its hard to impose draconian discipline on a body of mercenaries.

                  The Italian city states found out all about this in Machiavelli’s time.

                • Pooch says:

                  I agree. To win an actual shooting war, they’ll at least need some white regulars with the barbarians serving as auxiliaries.

                • jim says:

                  In the Rwandan genocide, White Cathedral troops quickly found themselves isolated in little islands of Cathedral control, because they relied on Hutu troops to control the ground. The Hutu troops collapsed, or failed to fight in an organized cohesive manner. Fearing siege and possible annihilation through loss of international logistic support, they pulled out. Once the Tutsi had the roads, the Cathedral chickened out.

                  The Cathedral operation in Rwanda was premised on the presupposition that they could delegate all the unpleasant stuff to Hutu troops, which premise failed catastrophically as soon as people started shooting back in an organized fashion.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Why did the cathedral want to wipe out the tutsis btw?

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  >Why did the cathedral want to wipe out the tutsis btw?

                  Speculating here but probably because the Tutsis were the more intelligent and civilized of the two ethnic breeds.

                • Pooch says:

                  Didn’t they have more whitish-looking features?

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  They are the tall poppies (both literally as well as figuratively).

                • Ace says:

                  >Speculating here but probably because the Tutsis were the more intelligent and civilized of the two ethnic breeds.

                  Correct. The Tutsis are a civilized people with a civilization based around herding. The Hutu’s are just one step above hunter/gathers and are adapt to hunt other people’s cattle and gather from other people’s gardens. Both are Bantus peoples.

                  Civilization is a genetic process were traits that are incompatible with civilized behavior are removed from the genepool via slavery or execution for people who break the law.

                  The cathedral is at war with civilization itself.

                • jim says:

                  > Both are Bantus peoples.

                  Are they? Back when the study of humans was conducted in a scientific manner, it was believed that they were in substantial part descended from whites who had come up the Nile during the collapse of Bronze Age civilization.

                  I don’t know the truth, but I do know it is deeply buried in lies.

                • Ace says:

                  That’s a good point. There’s an awful lot of oddities about the general Wikipedia articles on the genetic origins of the Tutsi. They’re lying about something but I can’t tell what it is.

                  Jim, do you have information about the origin of Sumerians? Everything I read about them says they’re origin is a mystery but I get the same sort of tingly sense that I’m not being told the whole story about them. I find the push to remove them as the original builders of civilization, despite it being obvious that every civilization that came afterwards was a copy of their system to be odd as well.

                • jim says:

                  Sumerian civilization was founded by Uruk, and Uruk was founded by a people from very far away. That is not all that controversial.

                  They are suppressing something. Supposedly no one knows where the founders came from, but perhaps no one wants to know.

                • The Original OC says:

                  The Jews know about Babylonia, because it is an important part of their direct history and the center of their intellectual elite until quite late times.

                  Babylonia is Akkad is Sumer.

                  But they are not in a rush to tell anyone else what happened, and Westerners don’t take much interest in anything beyond the borders of the Roman Empire.

                • jim says:

                  You have Jews on the brain.

                  Sumer fell long before the Jews got thrown out of Egypt. Probably Abraham left the Chaldees within a few centuries of the time that Sumer fell. Chaldies is a Hellenization of an Akkadian name, and Akkadia did not rise till Sumer fell.

                • The Original OC says:

                  You’re right, it’s very unlikely the Jews caused the fall of Sumer.

                  They very likely did have a hand in the fall of pre-Hellenistic Babylonia (a much later state), and for that reason do not want to share much of the history of Babylonia, and for that reason do not want to share much of the history of its predecessors.

                  But much must be preserved in this culture’s intellectual output, much of which is publicly available, but Westerners have taken little interest.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, but the question at hand is the reluctance to credit Sumer with the first civilization and particularly to credit Uruk with rule of the entire civilized world, (though it is likely that Uruk did not exactly rule in the imperial sense, rather local priests of Urukian descent who regarded Uruk as their Vatican ruled) and reluctance to inquire where people who spoke Sumerian originally came from.

                • suones says:

                  This is like catnip (suones-nip?) to me.

                  Why did the cathedral want to wipe out the tutsis btw?

                  J-Left hates them because they are the Jews’ civilisational enemies/competitors. Prog-Left hates them because they represent order and have memetic sovereignty, both of which are anathema to the prog priests. They can tell when someone is an enemy simply by interacting with him/them. Belgian colonists recognised this too, and tended to trust Tutsi with colonial positions for this reason. Hutu hatred of Tutsi is prole misbehaviour, greatly amplified. Normally, proles are ineffectual, so their misbehaviour is easily contained/disciplined, but in this case they were provided weapons and support by USA. It seems to me that Tutsis must also have had foreign backing, but I can’t tell which power backed them, certainly no-one did openly. Considering that “Rwandan genocide” is also a leftist meme, and was an early differentiator between Establishment/J-Left and Radical Left, I consider Tutsis having “won” and survived for now a result of intra-Left struggle. When Paul Kagame dies, Rwanda will be in play again.

                  It is similar to how Christians, Muslims, and Progs all hate us Hindus and want to wipe us out, despite there having been no bad blood between our respective ancient cultures. It is not possible to conquer us if even a dozen people like me survive — hence genocide.

                  …it was believed that they were in substantial part descended from whitesAryans who had come up the Nile during the collapse of Bronze Age civilization.

                  Belgians extensively speculated that Tutsis appeared to have heavy Aryan admixture, both in physical features (taller, sharper features, fairer skin, big cranium) and mental capabilities (considered equal to Southern European/Mediterranean Aryans). Most of the literature is in French, though, and heavily suppressed in the Anglosphere. Curiously, French sources are relatively easy to obtain. I don’t know if Francophonie is less censorious or what.

                  Babylonia is Akkad is Sumer.

                  Unlike the others, Sumer/Sumeru is not a Semitic culture. Even the name itself is Indo-European. I don’t know where you got this misconception from. In East Aryan religion, Sumeru is a mythical five peaked mountain throne that is the residence of the Old(est) Gods[1]. It is the central location of the spiritual universe. It would not surprise me if “Aryans” in fact descended from the God Kings of Sumer.

                  But much must be preserved in this culture’s intellectual output, much of which is publicly available, but Westerners have taken little interest.

                  Semites consider their history to begin from Year Zero. Consider how the Bible jumps from Genesis right to Exodus, skipping the millennia in between. It is inconceivable that they were unaware of the intervening history, rather they hid it. In the Age of Exploration Europeans threw away the shackles of Vatican Year Zero and re-discovered their Old Gods (for better and for worse). Muslims still carry on, and it is sad that all this territory is occupied by Arabs and their mental slaves who refuse to study any history beyond Baphomet for fear that they might learn it is false. This is also exemplified in that research on our own Indus Valley Civilisation (contemporaneous with Sumer and their biggest trading partner — possibly referred to as “Dilmun/Meluhha” by Sumerians[2]) was suppressed by a millennium of Islamic conquest, got a jump start by Europeans, and promptly died down again once Pakistan was formed, whose “history” strangely begins with Baphomet, which is their Genesis, then skips right to 1947, which is their Exodus. Similar is the case with present Iraq/Sumer, or Arabia/Iram.

                  [2]: Dilmun/Meluhha are almost certainly Indian because their chief surviving exports to Sumer were lapis lazuli (from Gandhara) and ivory (from Magadha), and is described as a “land of plenty” “where the sun rises,” founded by a branch of the same people who founded Sumer.

                • jim says:

                  > Unlike the others, Sumer/Sumeru is not a Semitic culture. Even the name itself is Indo-European. I don’t know where you got this misconception from. In East Aryan religion, Sumeru is a mythical five peaked mountain throne that is the residence of the Old(est) Gods[1]. It is the central location of the spiritual universe. It would not surprise me if “Aryans” in fact descended from the God Kings of Sumer.

                  Sumer was founded by the City of Uruk, and Uruk was founded by people from very far away.

        • The article about how becoming a general is ‘the U.S. military’s marathon, 30-year, single-elimination, suck-up tournament’ gets posted pretty often in the reactosphere.

          So where in the hierarchy do the officers become reliably right wing, rather than swamp creatures?

          • The Cominator says:

            The ones who make general overwhelmingly are pozzed…

            Not so much even up to the level of colonel.

          • jim says:

            Recall that Pinochet was shanghaied by the junior officers, and until he arrived at the still smoking presidential palace, with fresh blood and brains still not cleaned up, was not altogether sure whether he was being taken to the presidential palace, or to an unmarked grave.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              I think with Franco it was essentially the same thing. He was recruited by junior officers, although I think it was more cordial.

      • Pooch says:

        If fraud is proven by the audits it could stand to reason some of the fraudsters could go to jail. If by some grace of god, they are able to lock up the fraudsters for serious time (which I doubt), would this be sufficient in restoring semi-fair elections?

        • jim says:

          I see no possibility of charging in a court of law, let alone convicting, let alone locking up, the fraudsters, unless our guys are guarding the judge and the courtroom.

  19. reggie says:

    Lotsa media push on the ‘aLIEn narrative’ recently. It has been leaked previously that it’ll be part of the NWO push, at the end, to fool the masses:

    ‘Finally, the planet of earth and it’s humanoid inhabitants can be permitted to join the United Federation of planets. we just need you humans to put behind you such childish things as family and self-sufficiency and notions of a God and other such fictions, and all come together in peace and slavery…sorry, harmony, and you can join us and travel to the stars at warp speed.

    Make it so, Mr Xi.’

    The beast that was, is not, and is yet (soon) to be: global communism. The WEF brazenly telling you all, you will own nothing, and you will love it. First to go, all farmland nationalized, everywhere.

  20. baka says:

    I have a stupid question. Why do those people who abandon their religions in favor of progressivism continue to pretend to be Christians / Muslims / Hindus? Okay, I understand why politicians do this when their audience is supporters of cuckservatism. But why for everyone else? Do these people just like asking for forgiveness?

    • alf says:

      For pretty much the same reasons politicians do. So you can play both sides of the field. With the grandparents you can honestly say you’re a pious man, and with a more, say, international crowd, you can honestly say you disagree with certain aspects of your religion.

      • redpurplepurple says:

        and sometimes they are unable to notice.
        Progressivism is high-status because it is enforced, so the conflicts between it and their old faith are furtively explained away or otherwise glossed over.

        or worse: they might actually believe the Progressive mantra that real X, when properly understood, really means Progressivism. was just a community organizer who was grasping at Progressivism.

        • Pooch says:

          This. My Christcuck family members are unable to notice that Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ, rightly understood, are anything but reenforcing the tenants of Progressivism.

        • Ace says:

          >or worse: they might actually believe the Progressive mantra that real X, when properly understood, really means Progressivism. was just a community organizer who was grasping at Progressivism.

          That’s one of the lefts best mantras. People tend to object to progressive policies not because they produce evil results and the goals of those policy are evil, but rather that the policy itself is just misguided by people who want to achieve good results.

          If you have to admit the people you dealing with are evil and intend harm, then you have to start thinking in terms of destroying them instead of trying to get along with them, something that no cuck wants to do.

          • The Cominator says:

            “If you have to admit the people you dealing with are evil and intend harm, then you have to start thinking in terms of destroying them instead of trying to get along with them, something that no cuck wants to do.”

            This is why the Final Solution to the Progressive Problem needs to front and center… there is remarkable clarity once you embrace the sacred mission to exterminate the devil’s children.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              While I mostly agree with you, there needs to avoid being a holiness spiral in the execution of your plan. You cannot have nights of broken glass or long knives. You need to recognize that plenty of people are Havel’a Greengrocer, and that it’s hard to tell them apart from true believers by their very nature. We’re going to need to kill a lot of people, but the people doing the killing need to be firmly under the control of the church and the state. I think that is where people tend to get worried about your plan. You can’t kill everyone who has said anything left ever because you’re going to end up killing Jim and me and every other rightist who had to disguise himself and go along to stay undercover.

              • The Cominator says:

                It would be like with Suharto… there was no holiness spiral there.

                Purity spirals occur in leftists systems where there is no clear hierarchy. The only “rightist” state this happened in was Imperial Japan as the Emperor the man at the top did not actually rule (leading to unclear hierarchy)… except when all factions dragged him out to avoid civil war (the Japanese Navy and Army were at one point shooting at each other).

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I get that, and its why I tend to lean more towards your way of thinking rather than Jim’s. How you present is the problem, I think. You are signaling a willingness to go off the reservation. You get put in charge of removing certain enemies, and all of a sudden half the people in your sector are in the camps. That’s the vibe you are sending. It’s a vibe I’ve sent before, and it makes people nervous. People don’t like having subordinates that are signaling they might just decide to take out a village, leak an illegal program to the public, or purge a third of the men in a city. You might want to work on that.

                • Pooch says:

                  Simple…ask any man if there are differences between the races and the sexes. Any one who fails the test gets the helicopter.

                • jim says:

                  That is a little too relaxed. The progressive position is both that there are and are not differences between the sexes and races, whites and males being irrevocably damned by the original sin of racism and sexism.

                  Need them to be specific about the differences between races and sexes. Blacks are adapted to the ancestral environment of the tropical jungle, women adapted to the ancestral environment of successful reproduction. They need to mention those adaptions, and the lack of adaption to large group socialization in both cases. Women have no country, and blacks have no country larger than the boys in the hood, hence their military incapacity.

                • The Cominator says:

                  There are indeed certain cities where hardcore prog believers are the majority of the population…

          • jim says:

            You will find that the typical Christcuck believes that Jesus said “All men and women are equal”.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Yes, but are we talking about legitimate leftists or just the average person? Leftists believe nothing but power, so their beliefs are just the poisonous fangs they use to kill and eat their victims. As for the average normie, you can get them to believe anything, and no absurdity is too excessive. If I had the cultural, political, and military power the left has, normies would believe anything I told them, no matter how absurd.

              • suones says:

                The Final Solution is more nuanced than that.

                Prog Proles aren’t really “progs” at all, having no capacity for thought. They will gladly convert to the State Religion, any State Religion. We may institute some humiliating conversion ritual[1] or something involving physical pain, that would weed out all impostors. A true prole would hardly notice his religious faith has changed, just as proles hardly noticed when they shifted from worshipping Yahweh to Moloch.

                Prog Vaishyas are extremely powerful, but the source of their power is their wealth. Also, it is only temporal power. Just as it is being channelised into the prog faith, similarly it is the duty of the King to channelise his Vaishya subjects’ wealth into eusocial activities. Bezos and Zuck and Gates etc will have massive fines imposed, and will have to contribute their (massive) tax streams towards the State Religion. A true Vaishya would see no difference to the current regime apart from that his possessions are suddenly more secure.

                Prog warriors are a thing, of course. The prototypical example is the US Army post Civil War, getting more degenerate over time but also more powerful. A close second was the Red Army. Both these are too formidable to fight directly. Thankfully, only one now remains, and cannot be taken directly but through logistics. If Robert E Lee had done unto Lincoln before Sherman did unto the CSA, we would have entered a new era with Davis in DC and we would probably not have this conversation now. Leftists’ logistics are their Achilles’ heel, because they can’t help but loot Vaishya stuff, so they have to resort to long supply lines that need protection. It is impossible to fight a defensive war against Leftists, but offence, especially disrupting supply lines, is very likely to result in victory. A smaller Rightist Army can sustain a massive expeditionary force for far longer than a Leftist Defence can hold. This was the lesson of Hitler’s defeat at Stalingrad — he had Socialist Logistics.

                Prog Brahmins… well. They’ll need to be helicoptered to the last man. No worry for Brahmins in general — with so few priests remaining, Right Priests are going to be extremely powerful, which is good for us personally too.

                [1] Such as personally executing traitors.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Basically agree its the priesthood primarily that has to go, but in many cities a lot of people are priests…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  A sentiment of ‘what are we even fighting for’ is a perennial tell of an army led by demon worshipers.

                  Many times in history have there been degenerate priest-likes who hacked vulnerabilities in an existing social order to take over a society, but their sentiments are rarely ever shared in like kind by men in fighting business. So when underlords send their more inveterately shitlordly neighbors in armed forces off on malefic misadventures, any reasonings for such that they give – if any at all – will tend towards the vague, abstruse, and misinformative; as they can instinctually sense that if they were to entreat them with their more earnest theological motivations, they would not be accepted.

                  Not even communist russia, in the second war of internationalist aggression, tried to sell the officers and enlisted in the red army with the idea that their fighting and dying was for the sake of allowing international bolshevism to liquidate people’s property; they sold it as a ‘Great Patriotic War’, defending the Motherland again invasion by foreign aliens. (A kludge that has ironically survived to this day, retained by Putin’s Russia.)

                • suones says:

                  You give demonic hordes too much credit. Every single one of them can choose his actions, and every single one of them shall get the Nuremberg Doctrine. The rules of the game changed in 1943-55.

                  Stalin was more right wing than FDR, and 1943 Red Army was extremely reactionary compared to present US Army. Still, they were degenerates. Less degenerate than Lenin’s faggots, but degenerates still.

                  The lesson of history is that “God” may be on your side but the degenerates may still win because their god is stronger. They are fierce fighters. Don’t let up a chance when you have one. Prithviraj Chauhan made this mistake and paid for it with his life and Baphometan subjugation for the better part of a millenium.

                  Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

                • jim says:


                  Degenerates are not fierce fighters

                  Muslims are fierce fighters. Conservative Muslims, old type Islam are fierce fighters. But old type Christians repeatedly conquered them. The problem is that there are today very few old type Christians, and a whole lot of old type Muslims.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I don’t think you got the point I was making su.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Degenerates are not fierce fighters”

                  Depends… many very good military forces in history have been soldiered by drunken almost criminal types who discipline tended to break down immediately on any sort of detatched service or after taking a city.

                  Cromwell’s New Model Army of supposedly very non degenerate puritan soldiers is more the exception in history rather than the rule.

                  So degenerates can be good fighters.

                • jim says:

                  That type is pretty much the opposite of degenerate.

                  And Cromwell was apt to cheerfully authorize pillaging, looting, and raping, he just forbade shitting in his own backyard.

                  You obviously do not want the soldiers behaving in a way that disrupts local sourcing for logistics, but if enemy activity has rendered local logistics ineffectual, pillaging is a good break when a break can be afforded.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Conservative Muslims, old time Islam are fierce fighters

                  Fehrenbach wrote about this:

                  The Turks were a completely homogeneous group, with common background and common culture, and with a chain of command that was never broken.

                  … the Turkish soldier who served his country’s colors was still a fanatically devout custom-ridden peasant, close to the soil and survival, accustomed to the fiercest discipline of all his life, from father, state, and army — but with a barbarian’s pride in himself and his people.

                  He was barbarian-proud of his manhood and his fighting ability. He knew, dimly, that his ancestors had been the backbone of Near Eastern armies since the Empire of Rome and that their courage with cold steel had rarely been equaled. He knew, dimly, that firepower had vanquished his vaunted empire and that economically he was backward, but this had not lessened his faith in Turks or Turkdom. What schools he had attended used no economic argument in teaching the greatness of Turks.

                  Even after thirty years of state anticlericalism, his faith in his God was childlike, ignorant, and complete.

                • jim says:

                  > Even after thirty years of state anticlericalism, his faith in his God was childlike, ignorant, and complete

                  “Adult” faith in God is apt to bear a suspicious resemblance to Gnosticism and Satanism, and “sophisticated” faith in God is apt to be sophomoric.

                  Of course, ideally the priesthood should have adult and sophisticated faith in God, while being highly suspicious of excessively “adult” and “sophisticated” faith in God. As for the masses, they should not be reading the holy texts for themselves. The bible is full of deliberate contradictions, and the “sophisticated” reader is apt to get hung up on them, holiness spiraling one line at the expense of all the other lines. The priesthood should affirm the contradictions, the masses should not bother thinking about them. The faith of the masses is supposed to be childlike.

                  “Sophisticated” Christians are apt to lose to unsophisticated Muslims.

                  The fundamental problem with Islam is that Mohammed was a terrorist, and this really is not compatible with civilization.

                  A second problem is that after their leftist singularity, they forbade further interpretation and analysis of their holy texts, “closed the gates”, which also had the unfortunate effect of forbidding science and philosophy. They threw out the baby with the bathwater. Albeit the bathwater was more of a stinking cesspit by that time.

                  You need to deal with new heresies adaptively, intelligently, and selectively, rather than prohibiting everything on the grounds that it is fertile soil for heresy. Heresy will flourish if the priesthood has too much power and independence. It is priestly power and independence that is what growing heresies reach for.

                  And the third problem is that Islam is a race, not just a religion, and that race is inferior.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Semi gnosticism is not evil and is a reasonable response to the problem of evil.

                  Full manichean gnosticism is demon worship and satanic.

                • jim says:

                  Well, it is a reasonable response to the problem of evil. But it is fundamentally the black pill, and apt to lead to bad conduct in this world and failure to reproduce.

                  Irrational optimism gets you further than rational pessimism.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I don’t think the state security apparatus should be too overzealous about moderate gnosticism because its just too reasonableof a belief you cant prohibit it without prohibiting rational thought… manicheans otoh are demon worshippers and should be treated as such.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  The faith of the masses is supposed to be childlike.

                  Perhaps you intended to bring to mind Matthew 18:2:

                  And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be turned back, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

                  As for the masses, they should not be reading the holy texts for themselves. The bible is full of deliberate contradictions, and the “sophisticated” reader is apt to get hung up on them, holiness spiraling one line at the expense of all the other lines. The priesthood should affirm the contradictions, the masses should not bother thinking about them

                  And this is why, in the Orthodox Church, those reading the Bible often turn to the twelfth-century explanation of the Scriptures by St. Theophylact of Ochrid. After every few verses, he inserts the consensus explanation of the church fathers, noting when interpretations vary– which they do, but within a range much, much too narrow to contain the sophomoric interpretations of modernity.

                  In general the Orthodox Church believes that Scripture should be interpreted in light of what the Church has always believed, not according to the reader’s personal ideas.

                • suones says:


                  Degenerates are not fierce fighters

                  Muslims are fierce fighters. Conservative Muslims,…

                  Muslims are degenerate. The definition of degeneracy has undergone great amplification since Muhammad’s time, so you might call them “old type denegerates,” especially as relates to incest. The problem with fighting degenerates is that their degeneracy makes them weaker in the long term, but if they kill you now there is no long term for you.

                  Lenin/Trotsky’s Red Army was the biggest bunch of faggots assembled on the face of the earth, yet they managed to defeat the Whites (multiple reasons, but you can’t doubt the Reds’ fighting ability).


                  I don’t think you got the point I was making su.

                  You are making a distinction between demon-worshipping “leaders” and demon “soldiers.” I’m saying they’re both culpable for their actions, a distinction without a difference.


                  A second problem is that after their leftist singularity, they forbade further interpretation and analysis of their holy texts, “closed the gates”, which also had the unfortunate effect of forbidding science and philosophy.

                  Exactly. The doors of ijtihad were deliberately shut, which ended the “Islamic Golden Age” as much as the Mongols. Islamic society still greatly resembles the Abbasid caliphate.

                  And the third problem is that Islam is a race, not just a religion, and that race is inferior.

                  This is a fatal mistake to make. While it is true that fundamentally, Islam is a faith of the sons of Ishmael, i.e. Arab Semites, it is quite cosmopolitan now. African/Nubian/Moorish/Berber Muslims are a different race and quite capable, Afghans are Indo-Hellenes and racially quite a good stock, and last but not the least, the Ottoman Caliphate was started by an Aryan tribe which decided that Islam was the correct way to organise their society. Kievan Rus narrowly avoided that fate as well — their emissaries found the Byzantine faith to be more “happy-looking” which was more to their liking, while Muslim lands appeared dirty. Even now, the conversion of a major European country into Islam can set off a massive tsunami.

                • Rick says:

                  Lenin/Trotsky’s Red Army was the biggest bunch of faggots assembled on the face of the earth, yet they managed to defeat the Whites (multiple reasons, but you can’t doubt the Reds’ fighting ability).

                  They were trash fighters who had a powerful faith. Trotsky’s army had it’s ass handed to it my handful of Poles. They lost most of the set peace battles against the whites who were largely leaderless and the Reds had western aid. Indusial age warfare requires indusial age resupply and due to the UK and US occupying the indusial areas and ports in favor of the Reds the whites had a very difficult time of it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  No, what i said was “A sentiment of ‘what are we even fighting for’ is a perennial tell of an army led by demon worshipers.” You can choose to read the words that were written.

                  Blue-pilled men’s fear, confusion, and anxiety when trying to deal with women stems in great part from them being sold false life-plans about women and marriage.

                  Likewise, the fear, confusion, and anxiety (‘what are we even fighting for’) of a boot in vietnam, or in iraq, or in afghanistan, stems in great part from them being sold false life plans about what War is about; about what *their* war is about. This vacuum of more transcendent understanding is a typical (typifying) condition of Modern war.

                  The eliding of a distinction between ‘demon leader’ and ‘demon soldier’ is an angle you read into it. In this case, it is eliding a distinction between warriors and priests. A perhaps quite predictable angle for you to have honed in on, since, as a, how shall we say, ‘brahmin supremacist’, you apparently would not blink at angling to obscure more conscious recognition of priest-like folk in cases where they might look bad. Much like the communists themselves.

                  A ‘monk’ is a special case of person who does priesting. That is to say, they are not someone who does priesting, they are someone who *only* does priesting; someone whose *ideal* is to have the privilege of being able to do as such.

                  And in societies with terminal cases of leftism, ‘monk-likes’ constitute a supermajority of priest-likes in those societies.

                • suones says:

                  Likewise, the fear, confusion, and anxiety (‘what are we even fighting for’) of a boot in vietnam, or in iraq, or in afghanistan, stems in great part from them being sold false life plans about what War is about; about what *their* war is about.

                  Soldiers (or ‘boots’) are not warriors, but are majority proles with guns. A classic prole Army would be infantry, armed with hommemade swords and no/light armour. As such they are incapable of understanding the ‘why’ of anything, and I would not waste time with them. They are dogged fighters though, and need to be killed as fast as possible. All the prole ennui in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan cannot hide the fact that they are evil, fighting in an evil army, for the establishment of evil, and by continuing to fight in the evil army they forfeit their God-given bounty.

                  Not every soldier in the Kaurav army was personally evil — in fact many/most of them were patriots only following orders for King and Country. This state of law persisted for millenia until it was changed in 1943-55 by the Nuremberg Trials. It now stands in US Imperial Law that enemy soldiers will be considered equally culpable in any act of war that may be redefined as an “atrocity” on a whim by the victors, even if they are 80 years old now and had no direct involvement with said atrocity (which might not even have actually happened as alleged).

                  If Nuermberg Law is what Imperial Soldiers enforce, it is Imperial Law by which they will be tried.

                  This vacuum of more transcendent understanding is a typical (typifying) condition of Modern war.

                  Vacuum of understanding is a typical condition of proles, and has always been thus. Imperial Legion proles will suffer only decimation and enslavement. Imperial Legion Officers (who actually are warriors and are expected to know what they’re doing and why) will get the bayonet. Imperial Legion Generals will be considered at par with their priestly handlers, equally culpable, and shall go on helicopter rides together.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  In order to make an argument here, you’ve veered into implying that official ideology makes no difference for (on) normies, which is emphatically untrue, and contrary to a broader point one should be making – things which you keep ignoring in order to circle back around to the ‘kill all the (enemy) warriors’ point you want to make, hallucinating that I was arguing against in order to continue reiterating that desired rhetoric.

                  A man marinated in bluepill (a bluepilled society (‘society’)) may not be able to say *why* he is in pain; he may not even be able to *say* that he is in pain; but he still *is* in pain.

                  Modern society is very up on ‘priesting’ and very down on ‘warrior-ing’ (a fact which seems to have placed you in more than a few awkward situations due to a lick of unfortunate partisanship), so material relevant to this topic – which is relevant to the broader point(s) – is vanishingly short, but there are some pink-pilled books like Sebatian Junger’s Tribe that i’d recommend for perspective on the subject.

                • suones says:

                  I sense a strong undercurrent in the right of “pro-prole,” or “pro-Vaishya” positions, which are the dominant political shibboleths of the Republicuck party. NRx takes it a step further and posits that it has a “pro-warrior” position as well. All are unanimous that Prog is mainly priest-led, and anti-Prog signalling is mutated into anti-Brahmin signalling. This is a defeatist strategy, and it reads like a Prole-Vaishya coalition of the ineffectual against the Warriors and Priests in power, with NRx only attempting to broaden the Coalition to include Warriors, which might give them a fighting chance (ha!).

                  Official ideology makes more and more difference the higher up the ladder you go, where proles mostly can’t even realise when the official ideology changes, Vaishyas can tell to some limited extent, warriors enforce ideology so at least the higher echelons have understanding, while priests’ whole life revolves around the official ideology and its minute perturbations. This is the reason why we expect all civil proles and most Vaishyas to happily follow the new State Religion without even realising that it is different from the old State Religion. Prog-priests can see through this, of course, leaving no recourse but to Cominate them. Prog Armies shall suffer similar graded fates — rank and file will get away with decimation and enslavement, their superiors not so much.

                  Modern society is very up on ‘priesting’ and very down on ‘warrior-ing’

                  Which is the natural state of a society without a God-King in power who reins in warriors, being the Leader of a State Religion whose High Priest reins in the priests.

                  PS: PTSD is simply cowardice. This is the result of drafting proles into wars of attrition, which started with Napoleon in the West. The last American general to say it was Patton, of course, but the rest understood it at least. Eastern conscript armies are very prone to this, being numerically overwhelmingly strong yet losing to dramatically inferior foes due to their own cowardice. Of course, we cannot admit the problem — that “all men are equally capable” is not applicable to a battlefield, so it persists.

                • Rick says:

                  PS: PTSD is simply cowardice. This is the result of drafting proles into wars of attrition, which started with Napoleon in the West. The last American general to say it was Patton, of course, but the rest understood it at least. Eastern conscript armies are very prone to this, being numerically overwhelmingly strong yet losing to dramatically inferior foes due to their own cowardice. Of course, we cannot admit the problem — that “all men are equally capable” is not applicable to a battlefield, so it persists.

                  I’ve often wondered about this. The German army didn’t report PSTD cases during WW2. On the other hand there was a marked drop off of combat effectiveness after a certain amount of combat. UK units that had performed quite well in North Africa performed very poorly during the battle for Normandy.

                  The other big thing going on was the amount of concussive shock k from bombs and artillery from the war. One’s brain bouncing off the sides of your skull over and over again is bound to cause damage. Air attacks in particular often killed very few men, but the shock effect from air attacks often left men unable to effectively fight back despite taking no physical injuries and it induces a lot of fear as well far out of portion of the danger.

                  The German army had a wise policy of not sitting in the trenches during a bombardment, instead they setup front line trenches and defenses and then moved back to a secondary defense line while minimally staffing the front lines. After the bombardment was over they’d either move back up or they’d just sit back and defend the secondary defense line having taken no bombardment damage.

                  The only time the allies ever counted this was during Operation Goodwood. There they used massed low flying heavy bombers to carpet bomb a huge area and hit 90% of the German’s defenses. Even huge tanks like tigers were flipped over or berried by the bombings and the defense lines almost completely crumbled. Of course the UK fucked up by sending in tanks without infantry support and the German AA guns ate them alive. This gave the Germans time to recover and build new defenses.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            When a purple haired problem-glasses j*urnalist hysterically describes phrases like ‘all lives matter’ as ‘entrenchment of white subjectivity’, it is ironically true. ‘All lives matter’ is an expression of a normie europoid’s ‘cant we all just get along’ cooperative instinct. It is not and can not be an especially reasoned proposition. And in particular, it is an insufficiently pious expression in the progroid faith. In order to argue that ‘all lives matter’, you first need to start arguing against all things that might make some lives better than others to begin with; and once you’ve started arguing against all things that might make some lives better than others, the arguments will be taken to their necessary and inevitable logical conclusions, where ‘all lives matter’ is once and as always again never the case, and it is all that might make some lives matter less than others that is held up as holiness. Innumerable possible defections, one possible destination.

  21. Aryaman says:

    I can’t articulate it precisely yet, but isn’t it a problem that crypto is hard to really, properly understand a problem that will eventually lead to hidden centralization and sources of trust? Gold works for what it does because it is homogenous and sufficiently many people can properly convince themselves, even without much formal learning, that it cannot be counterfeit from mercury and that methods exist to validate its purity. Those auditing mechanisms can be believed because they have existed for a long time and are subject to a genuine free market.

    A lose analogy would be the obvious security of an election where people marked with indelible ink cast paper ballots hand counted by ordinary people under observation by the general public. The correctness of a result procured by such method is very easy to understand. Most people understand it is difficult to hack such a procedure and vaguely understand how it might be hacked if it were so hacked. The same cannot be said for any form of remote or electronic voting.

    And I think gold, bullion, and even centralized paper bear an analogous relation to cryptocurrency. You don’t want people surrendering an imprecise but approximately right understanding of why things they use work to what for them is a black box. And if they do you want to make sure there is a free market of readily auditable black boxes that fail quickly if they are defective or fraudulent for them to chose between on the basis of reputation. That is how you get Coinbase, and I’m not quite sure how this can ever be overcome if crypto is to be properly safe in the sense that the knower of a private key has absolute title to his wallet. The entire genius of the law is to make identity easy.

    I believe there is some way of actually stating this formally. There will be a fundamental difficulty to properly believing in the dominant crypto that satisfies our other goals. Standing the test of free markets helps, but it is hard to contend with gold and paper whose properties are grandfathered into our memory.

    Here is a somewhat inchoate idea? Why not lots of ledgers with a proper reputation system that compete to provide cryptographically robust title to gold and other scarce and homogenous metals? It would require some actual investment in the way of physical infrastructure, but the various ledgers could serve the purpose of sidechains and actual metal which people understand the role of what Bitcoin is supposed to offer today?

    And some principled integration between the physical and digital. There needs to be reputation and an ability to launder that reputation to notarize digitally the fact that certain things in the real world did or did not happen (gold was deposited or withdrawn, etc.) Then people might not entirely understand the crypto but can rely on the market to determine which crypto actually confers secure title to a substance which they fundamentally understand.

    Ultimately you need something like this anyway if you are to have trustless ecommerce. That is if I pay for something and things don’t work out, if I care enough I need to be able to get a notarized receipt of precisely what I paid for and that I paid for it.

    In summary: gold and other noble metals have many limitations but with it you can make many times more than 10 transactions a second. Can’t the one final currency incorporate this wonder by reference ?

    • jim says:


      Cryptography can secure secrets, cannot secure physical things. So a cryptographic ledger about gold titles depends on the government enforcing those titles, making the cryptography of very little value.

      People don’t actually understand fiat money, but are plenty comfortable when their browser tells them they have such and such an amount in their bank.

      And they don’t understand the difference between their wallet telling them that secrets sitting in their wallet are worth such and such an amount, and Coinbase telling them that secrets held by coinbase, supposedly on their behalf, are worth such and such an amount. But that is going to be OK if we get the user interface done right.

      We have to put the medium for communication about money, for communicating metadata about transactions, inside the wallet, as in the old days you sent a sealed envelope containing both a cheque and a letter. Then everyone is going to use that wrapper, owining their secrets the way they used to own their correspondence. A third party like Coinbase will not have a handle to get inside the transaction.

      • Virus says:

        Jim, I believe you are underestimating the power of automation to secure physical goods.

        Look at this scheme Szabo came up with ages ago,

        Then consider the myriad of tools that have come about since; machine vision, decentralized oracles being perhaps the most important ingredients. Soon — autonomous drones and delivery systems.

        I would agree if you said there are holes in a digital ownership scheme and that it is not true sovereignty over property in the preferred way. But it is much much better than what has ever existed before. Imagine gold bank notes backed not just by verbal assurance, but tamper proof video and data feeds of the physical good and its current state. Followed by automated delivery of that good to nearly anywhere supported by a large and growing physical network. With digital assurances and many microinsurance contracts set up along the way to reimburse failures of this system.

        • jim says:

          Armies secure goods. Cryptography secures secrets.

          • Virtus says:

            There is a sort of grey area that exists when sovereign power is difficult and costly to exert. I believe that the systems we are building, when taken to their medium and long term conclusions, will create many such grey areas where exertion of sovereignty over some good will be costly in various ways economic, logistic and social. To mess with these systems would be in many ways to damage their own ability to exert power, since they as well as us would be participants; with perhaps asymmetric benefit to they. A king got more out of his successful households than vice versa.

            It’s a soupy mess of incentives, but I believe will alter behavior enough that in many cases individual property rights are strengthened. With a strong assumption of semi rational participants that may not always exist; yes quite the caveat.

          • namethieves says:

            >Armies secure goods. Cryptography secures secrets.

            Crypto is a schelling point for value when trust breaks down–probably same natural virality for digital goods.

            Seems at least somewhat clear physical goods should be in another category, but possible to imagine a State that defers to permissionless blockchain based property rights for physical goods.

            People invest in America because America respects property rights (lol) or the second order effects that result. If blockchain based property rights for digital goods births a strong enough meme, it’s possible to imagine a State looking for investment to back blockchain based property rights for physical goods on the same infrastructure.

      • Aryaman says:

        You still need sufficiently much of the transacted wealth to be controlled by people who actually care about owning their secrets and understanding at least the concept of why the cryptography makes it so. That is something people are able to do, and would in fact be instinctually inclined to do, if the standard were transacting in gold coins. And they would intuitively understand how value is usually debased and know how to test for it if they care.

        The interface — and ecosystem — needs to inspire a level of vigilance and hygiene, which vigilance and hygiene are a positive social good. This is not impossible but also not obviously possible with absolute ownership of your secrets, and what that entails. This will lead to hidden and nonobvious sources of trust. Fiat money has the same problem, but bullion coins do not. And either way you will need something like cryptographic notarization, receipts and reputation. Much commerce in bitcoin today works because people still pretend that courts work, and maybe in many cases they still do.

        (In fact more important that government doesn’t actively get in the way of certain titles being respected (which it will eventually do) but it’s not all or nothing. The amount of physical intervention should be minimized (i.e. network of gold stores built under public broadcast using checksummed software that will vend gold to proven owner of secrets). The people controlling the stores will be compensated so that absconding with the gold if they can get their hands on it is a bad idea. There have always been free market sources of trust in certain types of bankers, escrow agents, etc. The limiting factor for these is the difficulty of establishing identity, for which problem the cryptography is very valuable. And as far as the government is concerned what you really need is just a few places in the world where the state does not entirely get in the way of title being respected and maybe even helps, sometimes.)

        On another note, how much more bitcoin do people in the aggregate think they own than bitcoin actually available in circulation?

        • jim says:

          We tried actual gold. Does not work for long distance transactions in dangerous, untrusting, and untrustworthy environment.

          We tried internet gold, internet tokens backed by actual physical gold. The government stole it.

          The solutions you are discussing have been tried and found wanting. We tried very hard to make them work.

          • Karl says:

            Crypto addresses only half of the problem of longdistance transaction in a dangerous, untrusting and untrustworthy environment. Payment is easy, but what about the side of the transaction that payment is for?

            If you promise to pay me for a good or a service in crypto, either I provide good or service and hope to be paid or you pay and hope to receive good/service.

            I don’t see how cryto can solve that problem. Am I missing something?

            • jim says:

              “Goodwill” is worth big cash money. Goodwill is reputation for honoring that side of the transaction.

              And the trouble is that “Goodwill” is, like fiat, rooted in a government owned name system.

              We need to replace that with a Zooko name system. I am preparing a document on that topic,


              • noggerlynch says:

                I’d like to see crypto software which blocks grandma from sending money to an address that is not linked to a verified, real-world ID. Money should be sent to her bank or post office or employer or grandchildren or a registered tradesman. If she did send money to the wrong person, they can be traced and challenged. To make it safer, limit her from sending money to Russians etc. Domestic transfers only, unless she wants to sit an advanced user exam

                Advanced users should be able to send money to any address, but even experts would not want this on by default. It should require “control-alt-delete” command level technical wizardry to disable safe-mode and make sure the expert is not acting in error

                This stuff would probably be built into the Brave browser for a while before it catches on enough to be in Windows by default.

                I sat in a pub yesterday and had to write out my debit card details and home address into their custom website so that I could order an ale to my table, the payment then had to be verified with the bank app. Awkard minutes, and we were thirsty. It should be one button, with them knowing my ID from my digital signature, me knowing that it is the real pub from their verified key, and knowing exactly how much is being sent. I should not even had needed to scan in their QR code to load the website. GPS data is enough to show that I could only be at one pub, and there ought to be some technology to pick up the table number automatically

                There is no purpose in having each place have its own website or app. If my GPS shows that I am there, and I have their verified key, I should be able to send them crypto for an order with a table number. Even if I get the location wrong, it does not matter when I know who they are because I can request a refund

                But how do you get to a system of verified wallets regularly trading with other verified wallets, without having governments declare it illegal to send or receive crypto with unverified wallets?

                You would want to grow a system where regular transactions between verified and unverified wallets are still mixed in, so that a critical mass of users are always going to be doing it, making it not practical to regulate it out of existence. Ideally this needs to give the groups doing it a practical (probably economic) advantage, something more meaningful than being able to buy locations to dig up mephadrone out from under park benches. This practical advantage from allowing trading with unverified wallets should be enough to discourage national governments from attempting to prohibit it, knowing that it would put their citizens at some sort of (probably economic) disadvantage

                • jim says:

                  Who controls the exam?

                  Your proposal requires a dangerously centralized system, which gives the state a target.

                  Now if we had a virtuous state, a virtuous state religion, and virtuous elite …

                  But we don’t

              • noggerlynch says:

                If all land and property and significant assets including vehicles are tied to public IDs which can automatically receive payments and message requests, I should be able to offer a micropayment to cut across a person’s property during a walk, send a request to use his tractor and then request to use his log cabin, eventually all these responses are going to be automated, checking my own credit rating and social credit rating when negotiating the cost and terms. It would be a substantial decentralised replacement for airbnb as hosts would be more willing to open up their homes if they had a reliable way of avoiding niggers and if tenants could prove more about their background more generally (though these two problems are one and the same), likewise a decentralized system would replace vehicle-hire apps along with (as talked about on here already) uber. I’d like to see the blockchain show that when I stayed in the log cabin I left it in a clean state and without stealing the objects, but ideally without the social credit mechanism causing the owner to receive a government backlash for a disproportionate white usage of his cabin

                • noggerlynch says:

                  Then make grandma have to enable to an admin terminal or something if she wants to send to an unverified wallet. There does not need to be a strong barrier, can be built into the software

                  The incorporation of government with blockchain is inevitable. I should be able to buy a house, and greentext the address when buying a service. If I ignore a bill, should automatically be paid when I sell the house , or if renting it should come from my deposit. But likewise I should be able to cancel a service without having to call an Indian call centre and sitting on hold just for someone to try selling me additional services. Blockchains and digital ID can make the whole market smoother, less transaction costs, less risks and higher standards

                  I should be able to prove my address with green text. Someone should not be able to get my address from my name, or even my name from my address, and even when buying a service : they ought to be able to link my address to my ID, check my credit for my encrypted name but without actually knowing my real name, avoiding the risk of the name-address link being leaked to the deep web. The efficient system is probably a web of pseudonyms, where more can be generated on the fly in an event of a leak, and used to verify parts of my previous ID if I wanted to

                  If there is a global system of anonymous, pseudonyms and real IDs trading with each other , governments ought to be able to get on board and use the ecosystem for the things they are good at, land registers and so on, without having the will or the capacity to inhibit the ecosystem as a whole

                • jim says:

                  > The incorporation of government with blockchain is inevitable


                  If physical property secured by blockchain titles, then yes, government has to be inside the tent.

                  But government is inherently by its nature irrelevant to ownership of “goodwill” (value in the directed graph of reputational capital) and irrelevant to ownership of crypto coins. Intruding government into the system is a useless, dangerous, and inconvenient encumbrance, a burden both on the block chain, and on any state that is not particularly evil.

                  For non physical property, the government is irrelevant, and virtuous government would not be interested in getting inside that tent.

          • suones says:

            We tried internet gold, internet tokens backed by actual physical gold. The government stole it.

            Oh? What are you referring to?


      • ERTZ says:

        >Cryptography can secure secrets, cannot secure physical things

        At least in some special cases, you could hide physical things and have its location data in encrypted form.

        Say, bury gold deeply in remote locations, encrypt the info to find it, distribute the encrypted info publicly, use the password(s) as a more convenient+secure way to transfer the wealth than the gold itself would be.

        If the party that hides the gold can be trusted, it could be a neat way to transfer wealth, anonymously and secretly.

        • jim says:

          > If the party that hides the gold can be trusted,

          trust is exactly the problem.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          And once again we have reinvented dead-drops.

        • suones says:

          At least in some special cases, you could hide physical things and have its location data in encrypted form.

          Say, bury gold deeply in remote locations, encrypt the info to find it, distribute the encrypted info publicly, use the password(s) as a more convenient+secure way to transfer the wealth than the gold itself would be.

          If the party that hides the gold can be trusted, it could be a neat way to transfer wealth, anonymously and secretly.

          OK. Let’s say a mutually trusted party (not-USG) buries a shitton of gold at a secret location (not-Fort Knox) and issues not-dollars against it, each not-dollar being a printed promissory note. Each note is unfakeable (with very strict enforcement) and is virtually untraceable once issued, and only the physical possession of a note will entitle you to the promised amount of gold. The note is also transferable without any tax. As paper, it is much easier to secure and transport, and it can be securitised further (not-USDT) to make transmission instantaneous and as secure as current tech allows.

          How is this different from your scheme, except that not-dollars strictly follow a gold standard that retards inflation. And how is the trusted party (not-USG) expected to avoid the temptation to print infinite not-dollars and dump the gold standard, just like the actual USG did with dollars?

          • ERTZ says:

            I said “for special cases”,
            not as a universal currency.

            More like not losing your (financial) power when the government expropriated you,
            put you in prison, locked your official assets, etc.
            Lawyers must be paid,
            friends+family members provided with a means to help etc. – you can always remember a few passphrases, anytime, anywhere, and probably transfer them, even as a whisper, and by that alone, throw significant amounts of money around even if you’re otherwise pretty much impaired.
            If done competently, nobody even could notice that just by saying or writing an innocuous phrase a large amount of money has just changed hands.

            Call it emergency currency/funds – those not only need to exist, but also must be able to transferred securely and often surreptitiously, ideally through something you can carry in your head.

    • ERTZ says:

      I generally question the wisdom of enabling easy, anonymous money transfer.
      You want it because it gives you power,
      but it also gives others power over you that you may prefer they rather hadn’t.

      People commonly hate each other and want to harm each other,
      only law enforcement and social control hinders them.
      Anonymous crypto currency enables many nasty things:

      Milder, more readily pursued variations:
      -Extortion schemes, hardly or non-detectable
      -Harm and harassment schemes

      Even pupils are engaged in power-and revenge schemes; adults anyway;
      there is always a ready supply of junkies, hobos, lowlifes who are willing to engage in violence for money;
      imagine the horrors if society enables easy anonymous money transfer:
      People will be beaten up, have their limbs broken, knee caps shot etc.;
      right now, people often hardly can hold back to do so themselves to their enemies;
      when they can just pay to have it done to the people they hate, many will do so;
      you yourself would not be safe – from hateful ex partners, jealous women, people who hold a secret grudge
      because you looked at them in the wrong way.
      Physical revenge and hostility is one thing;
      but there would be more subtle ways to harm others – if anybody can anonymously bribe clerks, government employees, even the mail man (who may “lose” important mail for you), your life can easily become hell and you won’t know why or who’s behind it.
      Rich people could make a sport out of harming people they just don’t like:
      Your tires are pierced, you become the victim of arson, your windows are broken again and again,
      Your kids are beaten up on their way to school, …
      so many options, so little one could do to protect oneself.

      Doesn’t sound like a good idea for a well-functioning civilization to me.

      Of course, those things can be done already without anonymous crypto money, but it takes a lot more brains and resources to do,
      so the vast majority can’t and everybody is much safer.

      • jim says:

        Why should government have all the fun? Private violence to remove problem people is a good thing. What is a problem is private violence to extort and intimidate people, which anonymous money transfer does not particularly facilitate.

        Anonymous payments facilitate hacking extortion schemes, but it not that hard to fix your system to resist hackers. Most businesses and individuals that wind up paying extortion money to hackers have absolutely terrible security practices, which should have been fixed regardless.

        • Dav says:

          Sorry for being way too late, but i had some questions about your opinion on women, despite the fact that i agree with you in some things, for example i think that women should be treated like property and that women should not vote, but i dont agree in other stuff: i think that some cases of marital rape are real ( I mean when the husband REALLY uses violence, like threatening his woman with a knife or a gun) and i think that beating or raping women is wrong, so I will make my point straightly, I have read some of your posts and it seems that you justify raping and beating females, Am i wrong? Are you more moderate by now?
          With respect from a fellow reactionary

          • jim says:

            Such strong measures should be avoided if possible.

            But women call the tune, and you must dance. Some women will settle for nothing less.

            Men conquer and women surrender, but men perform and women choose.

            There is no alternative but to perform.

            • Dav says:

              I get your point and I think that disagreement is always present in these wholly new movements because there is always a wide range of opinions, for example you are more “extreme” than me when you are talking about the feminist issues, however it is not a big deal.
              I have been thinking about this and like i am also a supporter of patriarchy (Although I am also a supporter of the returning to Chivalry), we could get along since the differences are not substantial nor deep.

  22. Optimus Prime says:

    What are your thoughts. Send two daughters – one dyslexic – to

    a) Post-pandemic public school, one where I’ve intervened, forcefully, to keep my child’s education on track on multiple occasions, that can offer supplemental reading support, and, because it’s supported by tax dollars, allows me to easily afford private one on one tutoring; school has a full spectrum of teachers, some outright bozos, others who are strong classroom managers, but having difficulting retaining staff; woke parents pushing for CRT and LGBTQ agenda, but hasn’t had much impact on the day to day.

    b) Small, Christian school with a strong, well regarded leader, but that would suck up much of budget for tutoring, extra activities; wife doesn’t work, so not a lot of free cash flow and must spend dollars prudently – also means can be more liberal about family budget in general.

    Obviously, small Christian school has been open much of this school year, public school just opened up 5 day a week in-person and on track for in person next year. Small Christian school would have been better fore this year, but don’t want to drive based on what I see in the rear view mirror.

    • Starman says:

      @Optimus Prime

      Send the daughters to their husbands.

    • jim says:

      Kids soak up knowledge with remarkable swiftness and effectiveness, and often schooling just gets in their way.

      But, of course, they need adults to soak up that knowledge from. So one on one tutoring is likely to be valuable, while any schooling at all is less valuable, unless, of course, your wife needs the child out of her hair for a while.

      If a child has adequate time with knowledgeable adults, consider school to be a child minding service. A child minding service that keeps your child with a better quality of other children is obviously preferable, but you are likely to be paying far too much for it.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Wanna know which option will give you even more budget for personal tutoring and other edifying activity? Not sending them to either or any industrial child prisons.

    • NeoRex says:

      Public schools will have your daughters ready for their “entrepreneurial careers” managing their OnlyFans sites.

      The christian school might give them a solid enough foundation in reading, writing and math to run a household, plus expose them to some old social technology through biblical stories. Maybe.

    • linker says:

      I agree with Pseudo. Home school + school sports. School is child abuse.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for presupposing, rather than arguing, that formal education is intrinsically valuable*]

      • jim says:

        Observed behavior of students reveals that they subconsciously or consciously know that time spent in school is time wasted, except that the school will eventually give them a piece of paper that will enable them to get past HR to talk to someone who will actually put them to work doing something of valuable

        • Anonymous Fake says:


        • suones says:

          …students reveals that they subconsciously or consciously know that time spent in school is time wasted, except that the school will eventually give them a piece of paper that will enable them to get past HR to talk to someone who will actually put them to work doing something of valuable.

          Only if the school is absolutely shit (which is a problem if it is the default in the USA). I learned a great deal at school, and my entire scientific education I credit to school and university. You know where I had lab access to perform the experiments and verify the Law of Gravitation and Electricity? School and College. The syllabus was matter of fact, near zero poz, and the teachers were strict and professional.

          Once upon a time, in pre-Internet times, going to the right school and college was absolutely essential to learn, if for no other reason than all the great resources were there, and all the great people congregated there. Internet has blunted that argument, but not removed it completely.

          • someDude says:

            First that thing with Elon Musk and a university degree and spaceX (I noticed that you never answered Jim’s follow up question ) and now this gem. I’m beginning to feel that while you are very articulate, and you are on the right side in the battle against entropy and the Abrahamisms, you might not have much of an idea what you are talking about in this particular area. You are clearly out of your depth here.

            Not a whole lot of life experience. Not a whole lot of professional experience. Not a whole lot of interactions with mavericks.

          • jim says:

            I went to a good school, and did that stuff. But that was long ago. Then I went to university, big waste of time.

            I think you will find that schools no longer do that stuff.

            • someDude says:

              I went to the best Engineering schools in two countries, one of them hyper-competitive. Almost none of my professors actually built any stuff for use by real people in the real world. Where’s the feedback loop? That’s the first thing you learn in Engineering. All engineering systems need feedback to function. If the professors never themselves ever built anything, how do they know if what they are teaching is relevant? where’s the feedback loop?

              And then the universities insulate themselves from all competition such as apprenticeships as well as self taught mavericks using several legal means. So that they are the only game in town when it comes to certification. And then they require all entities to hire only people they certify by another set of legal means.

              • suones says:

                You are clearly out of your depth here….Not a whole lot of interactions with mavericks.


                For every self-taught maverick there are innumerable idiots. In the absence of a sane credentialing mechanism/fair performance test it is impossible for a potential employer to differentiate between them. A lot on the right see the presence of a dysfunctional credentialing mechanism and posit that the very existence of a credentialing mechanism is the problem, and that we would all be better off if there were no credentials at all. This is coupled with a liberal dose of anti-priest kvetching that sounds rather lame. Elections (in USA as well as India) have to be fought on the basis of prole votes (because they’re large in number) but I’m not fighting any elections so I write the truth, popularity be damned.

                A man’s guru defines his gotra for life, which is of equal status to his hereditary lineage, like an über-credential. A guru who chooses poor-quality disciples suffers loss of prestige and fails to attract good disciples and the King’s funds, losing priestly status. Parental apprenticeship is good enough for proles and, to a limited extent, for Vaishyas. It is horribly insufficient for warriors as well as priests.

                Almost none of my professors actually built any stuff for use by real people in the real world. Where’s the feedback loop?

                This is strange and I feel sorry for you. Most of my professors had extremely lucrative side hustles, and you could clearly tell which was more knowledgeable by the number and scale of his side hustles. We had to practically beg them to teach us the tools of the trade. Some of them were truly scholars who could spot an error in a standard textbook (and tell if you were simply mugging up lol) and explain exactly why the “wrong” answer was “wrong.” Half of them were ever-prepared to resign their teaching position if their side hustles were threatened. I repeat: most professors had paying customers that dwarfed their teaching income. So why did they maintain professorships? Priestly status, of course.

                Perhaps the situation is too bad in the USA, but in India it is relatively easy to create a small/medium enterprise and hire whoever you want. “Credentialism” isn’t really a thing apart from Big Corporate/Government. Even in highly regulated professions, you can rent a credentialed person to sign off on work actually done by others. I see no way to filter out capable candidates from idiots on a small scale short of conducting examination/interview of every single candidate, which is beyond the means of a small enterprise.

                The solution to a bad educational system is a good educational system. The solution to a bad credentialing system is a good credentialing system[1] (which was the original reason for choosing civil servants through mass competitive examination). Relentless anti-priest signalling is lame.

                [1] “Good” credentialing system implying a system that greatly limits incapable people from getting credentials — rolling back reservation/affirmative action will get us 80% of the way there.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >In the absence of a sane credentialing mechanism/fair performance test it is impossible for a potential employer to differentiate between them.

                  “Haskell actually is quite useful—in one context. It’s an excellent teaching language for advanced students in a first-rate undergraduate CS program. Learning Haskell cannot help but teach you many challenging concepts, and it is inevitable that those who are both smart and dedicated will master these concepts. The rest will not. And thus the university system performs its principal function, the assignment of rank. If you venture to suggest that the same function could be performed, at two orders of magnitude less cost, by an IQ test and three weeks at Parris Island, you are probably some kind of a fascist.”


                  Entry level performance testing is easy; the problem is that the contemporary priesthood makes it illegal.

                • jim says:

                  > For every self-taught maverick there are innumerable idiots. In the absence of a sane credentialing mechanism/fair performance test it is impossible for a potential employer to differentiate between them.

                  It is not that hard.

                  Look at their prior work.

                  Hence, apprenticeship.

                • suones says:


                  Entry level performance testing is easy; the problem is that the contemporary priesthood makes it illegal.


                  Hence, apprenticeship.

                  Both of you illustrate a good assessment mechanism, yet you also simultaneously point out it is effectively illegal. I therefore rest my case that the problem is not “credentialism” but rather the absence of good credentials such as a successful apprenticeship, that cannot be faked. “Credentialism” is a fake anti-concept that only exists in Vaishya (or fednat) dreams. And clawing back 80% of the value isn’t even that hard, given removal of reservation/affirmative action (which itself is extremely hard, being an article of faith of Moloch).

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘Credential’ has a specific colloquial sense here. Somethings that are held up as an opposite to ‘nepotism’, which is apprenticeships, personal relationships, networks of friends, and all the other good nice things that more civilized societies do. Credential fetishism is cargo-cult thinking, mistaking the trappings for the substance, mistaking entities that *declare* themselves to be ‘for the highest things’ to actually be delivering ‘the highest things’, and it is absolutely appropriate to slap it down every time you see a brother falling into such errors as overly simping for priestly forms of power that are serving the enemy.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  > Learning Haskell cannot help but teach you many challenging concepts, and it is inevitable that those who are both smart and dedicated will master these concepts.

                  Years ago at my then employer I overheard a software engineering colleague giving a phone screen interview to a potential candidate. One of the questions he asked the candidate was, “Can you tell me what a linked list is.” and I burst out laughing (and I’m not even a software engineer. I’m a hardware engineer). He later said it was no joke. Many of the candidates didn’t know. Needless to say they never got further than the phone screen. As an aside, I’m nearing retirement now and my computer skills froze out at the early C++ level. One early app I wrote no longer directly compiles because some of the variables I used later became reserved keywords.

                • someDude says:

                  Side hustles? Are you talking about the IITs? Does not sound right! A few are the way you are talking about, but most aren’t.

        • NeoRex says:

          In my part of the world, I haven’t seen homeschooling yield good results in that the small sample I know (maybe 20 families) haven’t produced fully functional adults able to support themselves without the help of a parent or non-homeschooled spouse. Maybe it’s different elsewhere. Most families who run into problems with government schools – and there are many problems to be had – experience good results with small private schools of some variety. My observation is that most young children enjoy the socialization at school and being in a dedicated classroom where they are free of distraction to soak up a variety of basic skills.

          Distance learning during the pandemic was a disaster for most of the families I know. My own 6 yr old essentially had a nervous breakdown when school was shut. I saw a lot of children get very fat, anxious, depressed and weird during shutdown, but maybe because it was an extraordinary situation. They were shut in with only mom, dad, siblings and few others. They were so happy, and strangely liberated, to go back to school in person.

          Another observation – the kids in elementary spend a lot of time lining up and moving around the school to various activities. At first it seemed repressive to my adult eyes, but then I realized it helped their brains organize, enabling them to navigate large public gatherings and hierarchies. This realization came after watching some homeschoolers at a complete loss in navigating a public festival and unable to quickly resolve issues by finding the appropriate authority to ask. (Every adult is an authority to these kids.) Again, maybe my area is particularly dysfunctional .

          • HS says:

            I was homeschooled in an area with lots of other homeschoolers. My county and two neighboring counties had homeschool groups with 100-300 people each (moms and kids), so I’ve grown up with a lot of homeschooled kids. My observation is similar to yours, but not completely the same and I have an insight about why.

            The main insight I have on homeschooling is that it magnifies the influence of the parents on the kids, for good and ill. Parents who were social had social kids. Parents who awkward and not social had awkward kids. Parents who could navigate their professional industry had kids who were able to get jobs and do well or ok.

            To your observation, NeoRex. A number of homeschool moms are a little kooky. They have strong opinions about how the world works despite only being a mom and going to church. That’s perfect except some husbands let their wive’s ignorance get amplified onto their kids, making them unable to navigate the world outside their parent’s home. Moms who never worked and think employers want x, y, z have that magnified influence on their kids I noted. They ended up with kids who weren’t woke and were Christian and wanted to have kids, but who also can’t function in a corporate environment or grasp why businesses won’t “give” them a good job. Even though they’re “smart, well-read, and self-taught”. The kids with stupid, entitled moms (and disinterested/cowed dads) became ignorant and entitled. I knew two families with a mom of five who sent their kids to christian colleges and the kids became doctors or lawyers or floral arrangers. And I knew families where the mom was ignorant and the kids are salesman or warehouse workers expecting to one day find their mission in life where money and political influence magically appears like the money in her checking account.

            Homeschooling is great if your wife is capable and intelligent and you supervise and participate. It’s meh if your wife couldn’t do what you want your kids to be able to do. It’s great for fighting the poz in your kid’s minds if your wife and church aren’t woke. It’s bad if your wife listens to Oliver Demille or thinks you have to be able to paint to understand the scientific method.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The great families of yore didn’t send their kids to institutions, and they also didn’t ‘homeschool’; what they did is hire masters to tutor them, or arrange for them to be apprenticed to masters.

            • jim says:

              As I said, children soak up knowledge like sponges, but they need adults to soak it up from.

              So you have to give them adequate exposure to adults who are gainfully employed if you want them to obtain gainful employment. Home schooling by stay at home mum is unlikely to suffice for sons.

              (Don’t give your daughters exposure to adults with gainful employment – give them exposure, however, to well behaved mothers of children.)

              • Rick says:

                I can confirm this. I was home schooled and past age 13 or so my mother couldn’t really teach me and I had to play catch up when I hit college especially in math and sciences. I even tried to get a job at that age just so I could start learning how things worked but child labor laws got in the way. I even offered to work under the table. My father was largely absent, ironically busy teaching higher schoolers while failing to instruct his son.

                I was very lucky that the jr. college I attended had adjunct instructors who actually worked in the fields I was studying to instruct me. The worst teachers I had were the ones who were full time. I got a much better education that most of the people I started working with later who went to much more expensive universities.

                • HS says:

                  Chalk Dust Math was by far the best math program I used and it does an excellent job of helping a teen learn mat up to calc without parental help. Fwiw.

            • suones says:

              …arrange for them to be apprenticed to masters.

              This is the proper way for sons. A gurukulam is the correct place to learn.

              Daughters should be instructed at home.

  23. Is Monero a worthwhile investment, or just something to convert to when you need increased privacy?

    • Pooch says:

      The latter. Does not scale.

    • jim says:

      Two problems. It is possible to undetectably print more Monero, and it is rapidly approaching its consensus bandwidth limit. So in the long run, might well be a poor investment. We need a privacy tool that provides privacy in a different way. Grin would be better – needs more work. If some decent development work was done on Grin, I would invest.

      • Gedeon says:

        Fiat is not about the medium. Fiat is about what the king demands for tax payment.

        When can I mine some jimcoins?

        • jim says:

          No mining. Mining is a bad idea for incentive reasons, and because as far as I know there are no mining algorithms that support high consensus bandwidth. Bitcoin is limited to about ten transactions per second, and efforts to raise this have had disturbingly small impact.

          proof of stake

          Proof of stake with blockdag can do ten thousand transactions per second with transactions being finalized in seconds. Hedera is a good working example.

  24. Ace says:

    The bottom is falling out the Crypto Market. Did I miss something?

    • Pooch says:

      Doesnt seem like there’s any news. I’m guessing there’s a lot fear of incoming regulation.

    • jim says:

      I pay no attention to the day’s news.

      Long term, in the long run, we are going to beat fiat money. Some people some of the time get ahead of themselves, and there is a correction, which turns into a panic.

      By the time I notice a panic has happened, we are usually in the the recovery phase.

    • onyomi says:

      It’s probably due to a new Chinese regulatory crackdown.

    • ERTZ says:

      In my opinion, current crypto currencies are a rare example of something that unites all major governments with a common interest:
      To get rid of them.
      They are a destabilizing factor in that they are potentially anonymous, which no gov can allow, because it facilitates tax evasion and undetectable crime (somewhat competent extortion schemes, for example).
      Even intelligence agencies should want them gone, because they already have established traditional methods of transferring money anonymously for their needs.

      I’d expect a concerted action of all major govs at once at some time to deal a decapitation blow to crypto currencies not controlled by them.

      If you think cryptos can successfully withstand such an attack compare it to another form of what could remotely be classified as digital currency as well: Child pornography.
      Govs are quite good at keeping it down – try to trade some if you have doubts.

      IRS&friends also already have rules in place that require positive proof of origin of funds being from a lawful source or transaction – otherwise any money is considered unlawful and will be confiscated. Those rules can easily be made more severe in requirements and enforcement.

      Currently govs want a monetary expansion, due to the virus emergency,
      but once that ends and central banks begin to scoop off excess liquidity from money markets to keep inflation in check, I’d expect an overwhelming, concerted, coordinated attack on crypto currencies all over the world at once everywhere.
      I’d think they are already organizing it.

      If not, crypto currencies would be the 1st example in human history of a successful, stable mass hysteria of legions of idiots becoming and staying rich by doing pretty much nothing.
      Most unlikely to happen, IMO.
      And just like it always was in financial euphoria, those that have become rich on paper (be it from tulips, stocks, silver(Hunt Brothers), and now crypto currencies) feel that they will be able to sell it all before everybody else does if “something” happens and so protect their recently gained wealth – but like always, a large crowd will try to exit through a small door at once, selling will become impossible or only doable at vastly reduced prices.

      • jim says:

        > If you think cryptos can successfully withstand such an attack compare it to another form of what could remotely be classified as digital currency as well: Child pornography.
        > Govs are quite good at keeping it down – try to trade some if you have doubts.

        There are terabytes of child pornography on bittorrent. It is difficult to avoid downloading it by accident. The major obstacle to trading in child pornography is the same as the major obstacle to trading in pornography at all: competition from free.

        I tend to launch half a dozen bittorent downloads that sound like they might be the file I want, because so many bittorrent downloads fail, and there are no end of surprising files out there. I would say they have become considerably rarer than they used to be, maybe governments have succeeded in reducing it to hundreds of gigabytes.

        Fiat is doomed. It will take a long time to die, but I stay out of fiat as far as possible.


        Convert fiat to crypto as the opportunity arises, never convert crypto to fiat or dollar denominated stablecoin. Spend crypto for goods and services as the opportunity arises.

        Invest in real things, like real estate, but managing real estate is hard, and governments keep introducing swinging taxes on real things. Invest in smart people, but again hard, as the priesthood converges businesses from above and below. Also inconveniently illiquid. So one needs substantial investments in shared hallucinations, unreal estate. Crypto currency has a lot more value as a shared hallucination than fiat money, because resistant to government debasement and confiscation.

      • Virtus says:

        Join the club fren. People have been saying governments will coordinate a crackdown on cryptocurrencies since… probably since 2009 but I know of a few I’ve read from 2011. Guess what, no matter how hard they try it cannot be done. Cat is out of the bag. Think you cut the head off of one and like the hydra several more will pop up in it’s place. All it takes to store your keys is ~12 words. Think you can get rid of every inch of writing? All it takes to transmit a transaction is the ability to broadcast a hash string. Think you can filter every single packet on the internet? Every time a government initiates a crackdown… it just makes the price go up in that market. Has happened quite a few times before.

        > If not, crypto currencies would be the 1st example in human history of a successful, stable mass hysteria of legions of idiots becoming and staying rich by doing pretty much nothing.

        Nocoiner COPE. Deal forever with the fact that you had MORE THAN A DECADE to accumulate, and you didn’t. Maybe you can catch the next big wave of human innovation on wealth curation?

        > feel that they will be able to sell it all before everybody else does

        Why the fuck would I liquidate all my investments? You fundamentally do not understand the value proposition and therefore vastly underestimate the total worth of these systems — well I don’t. This isn’t some ponzi, no matter how much COPING nocoiners schreech, this is the new way of doing trade. Welcome to the new paradigm. Getting out doesn’t mean switching to something better, it means going Kaczynski.

      • jim says:

        > feel that they will be able to sell it all before everybody else does

        No one substantial invests in crypto currency expecting to sell it for fiat. We invest in crypto currency because we don’t trust fiat. That is the value proposition. You invest in things because you believe their value proposition.

        Limits on moving fiat between jurisdictions are tight and getting tighter. Governments do that when they expect a run. I expect a run – not tomorrow, probably not next year or the year after, but I expect a run. If you have fiat or substantial fiat denominated assets when the run comes, you are in trouble.

  25. redpurplepurple says:

    Color Revolution (TM) coming for Bolsonaro?

    I think the fact that this can be done while he is president means the writing is on the wall.

  26. Mr.P says:


    “Wave of allegations, scandal could bring down Bill Gates” (Yahoo news front page).

    Probably related to divorce settlement negotiations, but maybe more is behind Gates’ getting thrown under the bus, especially the Epstein bus.

    Must say, I’m startled by the swiftness Gates went from only a month ago King Vaxx and Depopulate the World to getting de-populated himself.


    • redpurplepurple says:

      the salami slicer is coming for the (old) white democrats/liberals. long overdue.

      also I recall a comment from a thread a while back: jim predicted that the Cathedral would eventually start persecuting the (white) tech bros: the zuck, jack doormat, tim crook, jeff bozo, etc. looks like that was on point.

      I’m very pleased by this news. the more they devour each other, the weaker they will be when war comes.

      Must say, I’m startled by the swiftness Gates went from only a month ago King Vaxx and Depopulate the World to getting de-populated himself.

      Why so surprised? they did the same to cuomo. I hope they double down.

      • The Cominator says:

        Cuomo was guilty of obvious mass murder on a massive scale and trying to muscle his way into the presidency I understand why he got the shiv… they needed to metoo him to avoid talking about dem mass murder under lockdowns supposedly to “save lives”.

        Bill Gates its a lot harder to understand why he is being thrown under the bus. I don’t normally think too much of Teddy Spaghetti’s posters but one had a good theory that (at least sometimes) the wives are the handlers…

        • redpurplepurple says:

          I think it’s very likely that sometimes the wives are the handlers.

          also somewhat related: I remember that someone (AnonymousConservative?) guessed that the Bezos/Gates divorces were just a way to cash out without upsetting the market.

          • suones says:

            …Bezos/Gates divorces were just a way to cash out without upsetting the market.

            AnonCon thinks that because that is all a Vaishya can think of. Even when the truth stares him right in the face, he won’t ever admit to having seen female misbehaviour.

          • Gedeon says:

            Bill was the driver in the Gates’ marriage, but I will say from my conversation with Jeff and Mackenzie that she was the driver in the relationship. Her friend from Princeton also runs Bezos ventures and calls the shots on how that money is invested.

            Laureen Powell is a heavy hitter activist who essentially infiltrated Jobs, the financial entity, and is carrying on about her business without him just fine.

      • jim says:

        Cuomo did not get the shiv for mass murder, but in spite of mass murder.

        • The Cominator says:

          He was following orders but the Cathedral found the governors who actually did it to be a serious optics problem should they seek higher office, and Cuomo was intending to seek higher office because he had been previously given the okay to do so.

      • Mr.P says:

        It’s also possible Gates, aka King Vaxx, is being set up to take the scapegoat fall along with Fauci, Birx, and others for the now quite obvious mRNA vaxx apocalypse.

        People are dropping like flies from the jab.

        We shall see, probably soon, within weeks.

        • jim says:

          No one in the elite ever faces consequences for fuckups.

          Gates is not in the elite, but nailing anyone for the vaxx apocalypse would draw undue attention to it. They would rather it unhappened.

          • Pooch says:

            Yeah it would be more likely they would want to cut him out of the coming vaccine gravy train. People are not dropping like flies. Plenty of shitlibs would line up for infinite booster shots.

          • Mr.P says:

            Yes. Right. Sorry.

            I think (hope) “This time will be different” — but nobody ever goes to jail, never hangs from a lamp post, ever.

            Vaxx apocalypse will amount to nothing, despite piles of dead bodies.

            The nonsense will move on to something new and outrageous, so that the now is memory-holed, forever forgotten.

            • The Cominator says:

              Commies and elites in collapsing republics eventually do start killing each other. It hasn’t happened yet in the US but inevitably it will.

              They protect each others corruption until they don’t… then its factions killing factions for all sorts of reasons.

            • suones says:

              Vaxx apocalypse will amount to nothing, despite piles of dead bodies.

              This is why I’m an opponent of mass vaccinations (or any mass program in general).

      • suones says:

        (white) tech bros: the zuck, jack doormat, tim crook, jeff bozo, etc.

        None of them are tech (or any type of) bros. One of them isn’t even white/Aryan. You are attacking from the left, and are doomed to the same fate as the ones you attack.

        The acid test is Richard Stallman (Pax Dickinson is a close second).

        • redpurplepurple says:

          None of them are tech (or any type of) bros.

          i am using the “tech bro” label to make fun of them. they are our enemies ’cause they ban/unperson our people, and so on, and so forth.

          One of them isn’t even white/Aryan.

          yeah, I know. i put “white” in brackets for a reason.

          You are attacking from the left, and are doomed to the same fate as the ones you attack.

          Oh? What’s this?! Are you… accusing me of covertly being a leftist? brother, why do you doubt me so?
          Has the time now come for me to take the shill test? Just say the word and I will. 🙃

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            An accusation like that is not so much saying ‘you are a leftist’, as it is saying ‘the sword you seek to cut your target with will serve your enemy better than it serves you’.

          • suones says:

            Good mental hygiene requires never countersignaling allies. The tech priests are our allies, and mighty powerful allies, as they realise they either join us or die. Similarly I never countersignal “white nationalists” or Hindu nationalists regardless of their level of retardation, because this is the type of person you need in large numbers to counter Leftist thugs.

            Leftists have memetic weapons against all of them, of course:

            Tech priests -> tech bros
            WN -> Nazis
            Hindu Nationalists -> Bhakts

            I never use those weapons, even in jest. The Boromir gambit always fails. Just as “ironic” commitment to discipline and community really does start receiving GNON’s blessings, so does “ironic” invocation of Molochite spells invoke damnation.

            • The Cominator says:

              You have to countersignal fednats… their ideas tend to come straight from the enemy and generally they are extremely stupid. They need to do as their told.

              With tech people… they are now overwhelmingly leftist it wasn’t always so and i don’t exactly know what happened but only a dissident minority are allies of ours.

              • orochimaru says:


                “white nationalists”, whether sincere or not (probably not), are controlled opposition. and “white nationalism” is not a good enough shibboleth to organize around.

                “tech bro” means “tech CEO Democrat class”.
                and unfortunately, we have very few allies in tech. the tech priests are potential allies. for now they are still Progressives, or in bed with Progressives.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Bros are bros. People who use the phrase ‘tech bro’ as a snarl word are people who hate brotherhood, and also hate technology.

                  ‘Sure i may be white and also nationalist but im not a *white nationalist*!’ cries the pencil neck before the high heeled rainbow boot of the polygon comes down and caves his face in.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  What the sort of people who describe men like the zucc or jack dorse as ‘tech bros’ are saying is that the worst thing about them is that they have not had anyone who says ‘all lives matter’ be range-banned from all communications and then passed their home addresses on to the red guards so they can be beaten and hospitalized.

                • suones says:

                  …“white nationalists”, whether sincere or not (probably not), are controlled opposition. and “white nationalism” is not a good enough shibboleth to organize around.

                  I never countersignal them anyway. My benchmark is Anglin. The fednats are super obvious (and are evident by their not being deplatformed immediately).

                  “tech bro” means “tech CEO Democrat class”.

                  I have no idea how you developed or came across this definition, but it is a standard Leftist anti-concept and has been one for more than a decade. It implies that nerds not getting female attention are actually deliberately repelling women away (and not because nerds have suddenly come into wealth and prestige and suddenly women want that for themselves without engaging in uncool actual nerdy stuff like “engineering.”)

                  Moreover, Cuckerberg being a tech bro 😂
                  The prototypical “techbro” would be Pax Dickinson (who was actually ironically a techbro before getting fired for it lol).

                • redpurplepurple says:

                  okok. y’all have covinced me. i have spent too much time marinated in Leftist memes and so I repent.

    • Pooch says:

      Did the divorce go through yet? His wife might just be leaking all the affair stuff in order to get more of his money.

    • Pooch says:

      Decent theory in this video outlining that the elites are moving to defect on Bill Gates to take his vaccine money.

    • The Original OC says:

      Gates has been useful funding and organizing the Covid op, but personally he is poison. Nobody likes Gates, and he’s a dweeb, so even people who agree with him don’t want to be associated with him.

      He refused to be a backroom organizer, wanting to be publicly famous and cool, turning himself into a liability.

      The things he funded will survive his fall.

  27. onyomi says:

    New relocation question: Finland?

    Part of the EU and, as such, subject to overregulation, coronadoom, and slow ruination by “refugees,” etc. but much more isolated, seemingly, than most, and also in Putler’s back yard (also probably would mean I can visit Italy, Greece, and other warmer places that interest me regularly and easily). Or is there danger of getting caught in cross-fire if things get tense between US and Russia?

    This guys seems to say whatever he wants and not get fired?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    • jim says:

      While I am repeatedly startled that Edward Dutton has not been deplatformed, cancelled, and demonetized, and he has a lot of interesting things to say, he does not say “whatever he likes”, with the result that he winds up repeating himself far too much, standing adjacent to really interesting thoughts but not actually going there.

      • onyomi says:

        Though it seems I should have read his wikipedia article more carefully as his Finnish University seems to have, in fact, cancelled him after all, though maybe he still has some kind of job there?

    • Virtus says:

      Why Finland over the other Baltics?

      > also in Putler’s back yard

      If this is meaningful, why not Russia herself?

      What is most important to you? Creature comforts? How accepted you are by locals? Physical safety? Ability to earn a living with your particular skillset?

      I’d like to hear other’s opinions as well. Personally I think the coming shitstorm in the west, and concentrated in the US, is due to be heavy but brief; therefore my plan is peripheral East/Southeast Asian states. Less chance of stochastically violent natives killing you, all the basic biological comforts of civilization, and your money goes far. I’ll figure out the next step after I see where the winds are blowing, no need to tie myself to any particular nation yet.

    • Aidan says:

      Why is the mindset always about running away? Let me tell you a genetic story. Today, the predominant Y-haplogroup in the Near East is still the same as it was 7,000 years ago when the walls of Jericho were built, despite seven millennia of invasion, migration, war, and genocide. Somehow, the shiftless basal stock of the near east endured the tsunamis of history washing over them.

      • Leon says:

        In his defense, America is barely held together. The south is vastly different from the north which is different from the midwest which is different from the east coast, etc. America is less of a country and more of several countries or nations that never really had all that much in common aside from at one point being majority white and Christian. Even then, the demographics of whites were different. Anglo, German, Scots and Irish, Spanish, etc. Different groups of white Christians settled different parts of the country. It is easy to want to flee America when one feels no connection to it.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Thanks to polygamy, native haplotypes could easily recovery. No enforced monogamy here!

      • Virtus says:

        I can speak for myself.

        The US is running headfirst into a bloody civil war. I think all tribes that could coordinate enough humans to be successful will not be in line with my goals and values. Enormous risk of death, virtually zero chance of a nation I would care about. Do the math.

        To call this running away is merely a rhetorical attack on a decision you personally find unsavory. My position is that I will live on to influence and hopefully be part of the construction of a society, however small at first, that will fulfill my value system. I do not consider my person a haplogroup, that is an absurd reduction. Can you really say you would be happy if somehow things stabilized, and people of your hapogroup multiplied exponentially — only to live in overcramped antilife concrete blocks and subsisting on lentils and mealworms? Is that what you want? Or do you want your progeny to inherit a fortune greater than you did in life and potential?

        • Dave says:

          Your dichotomy is false because if our haplogroup “multiplies exponentially”, it means that things didn’t stabilize, that our rulers somehow solved the woman problem and reversed the decline of the white population while providing our progeny with adequate protein. Poverty doesn’t feel so bad when you have pussy.

        • alf says:

          Spandrel had a post with a similar take, arguing that there is

        • alf says:

          Spandrel had a post with a similar take, arguing that there is no shame in a tactical retreat. It’s a tough choice.

          Personally I feel, I dunno, sort of bound to my ancestral land. Whether that’s a genetic thing, an environmental thing, or just angst of the unknown I don’t know. Probably has something to do with knowing it is easier to cooperate with gene groups similar to myself. But I speak as an European not an American. And in the end it’s just a matter of personal preference. If you can get a good life as an expat compared to a shitty life in your home country, why wouldn’t you.

          • Pooch says:

            Well Spandrell abandoned the West to live with the gooks a while ago. Not sure he has an unbiased opinion.

            My stance is that abandoning one’s tribe to seek refuge in a foreign tribe is cowardly. However, escaping with remnants of your tribe to escape slaughter to a foreign land (to conquer it) as the Trojans did is sometimes necessary.

          • Virtus says:

            I cannot even call it a retreat as such; the war was lost at least decades ago if not centuries.

            My goal is the establishment of something new from the wreckage. Well, need to wait longer for the necrotic tissue to become compost. In the meantime I will work towards laying infrastructure, digital and ideological, that could help lead to the realization of something at least resembling my value system once again on the surface of this planet.

            Even as a European your ancestral connection, paternally speaking, is rather shallow

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              A reactionary flavored update on the valuecucking meme; a rare but spicy dish.

            • The Cominator says:

              I’m a sperg so I can’t do it but what those of us who are charismatic chads really need to start doing… is start creating religious cults.

              Nothing can amass real power as quickly as a successful religious cult. For those of us who are christian thats fine… make it a new christian religious cult designed to displace the lies of modern American cuckstitianity but put a slightly new twist. The change of the sabbath to sunday was blasphemy and it should be saturday or something (yeah its been done but not with manly vehemence)…

              • jim says:

                The Ron Hubbard operation, similarly the Mormon operation.

                But their operations had a big lie at their center, and their success depended on the big lie. We want a big truth at our center.

                The Mormons quickly sidelined their big lie, and success of the Mormons then came in large part from sustaining a coercive operation in support of marriage, hence they had about four female converts for every male convert (they looked like the strong tribe to women). It was possible to maintain coercion in support of marriage because the frontier was near. How do we do it?

                • Krakatoa says:

                  Any standard that concludes Mormonism has a big lie at its centre is going to conclude Christianity has a big lie at its centre.

                • jim says:

                  The brass tablets were falsified. The Resurrection is unfalsifiable.

                  Further, the history recorded in the brass tablets obviously contradicts what we know, and was made up by someone who did not know much about prehistory. The history recorded in the old and new testaments is generally consistent with what we know, both of particular events and places, and the general way things happened during that time. They were sort of incidents that could happen in those times.. The first cities had temples at their center. The exodus happened at about the time of the fall of bronze age civilization, during which there were vast mass movements of armed refugees, and in the battles of skirmishers versus Kings the skirmishers did try to lure the chariots into swampy ground and ground near bodies of water. After that, Israel was anarchic for a long time, and then it had Kings.

                  As for the flood, sea levels rose about a hundred meters about ten thousand years ago which, if you are farming a river delta in the middle east, is likely to be seriously inconvenient.

                • Krakatoa says:

                  I don’t recall the gold plates being found false.

                • jim says:
                  1. Not gold. Brass
                  2. No writing on them.
                  3. The prophet was proven unable to read them the same way twice without his notes.

                  And, as I commented above, the history recorded on them is obviously totally fictitious, while the history in the bible is mostly consistent with what we know. We know from Roman history that Herod was King, he had big succession troubles, Pontius Pilate was procurator, he executed Jesus, and subsequently Rome had problems with the followers of the man he executed.

                  We know from what few and little writings survived the fall of Bronze Age civilization that there were mass movements of armed refugees looking for a place to settle, and apt to cheerfully eradicate the previous occupants, around the time of Exodus. The Tribe of Dan were merchant and sailors, who, during the fall of Bronze Age civilization, became pirates and raiders. Some of them founded or helped found Sparta, others of them helped found the promised land. Being, as is recorded in the Old Testament, a sea people, they showed up all over. The events of the Old Testament are mostly not recorded history except in the Old Testament, but they intertwine with recorded history from a multitude of other sources.

                • alf says:

                  Well my original proposition was to call ourselves Jimian and live in line with Jimian values.

                  But Jim, you want to live under Christ, so we have a strange mix of Jimian Christian values. But strange does not have to mean bad. Could work to our advantage.

                  The mix means that cooperation is possible with both Christian and non-Christian communities. The emphasis is slightly different is all.

                  We will succeed because we live in line with Gnon’s will, as Jesus Christ, God’s only son and logos incarnated, wanted us to.

                  But I do think someone must serve as a rallying point. Must be an alive spiritual leader, even if that leader is retelling the word of a more important, long gone spiritual leader.

                  Jim, will you be our rallying point?

                • jim says:

                  There is plenty of history of prophets in hiding and on the run, but it is hard to be a rallying point while maintaining cover. The tides of history are not favorable at this moment. They could turn – Trump could have ridden National Capitalism to the throne, but he abandoned his troops on the field.

                  When leftism is stopped from going ever lefter, there will be a vacuum for a new old faith to expand into, and then we can and should aggressively expand into that vacuum even in the face of severe repression, as the Christians did. But now, repression is tough and rapidly escalating, and the potential mass movement converts are not there, because the enemy faith is still live.

                  Severe repression is likely if leftism is stopped from getting lefter by a Stalin, moderate and erratic repression likely if it is stopped from getting lefter by a Cromwell. If a Pinochet, we will have lots of room for a movement, and will likely get his ear.

                  I have a small circle of in real life male friends with well behaved wives, who even though some of them are theoretically blue pilled, are respectful, not merely tolerant, but respectful, of my views on women and marriage. It is not a movement, it is not even a club, but it indicates the possibility of a movement. But the time is not yet. I am not evangelizing in person, it is just that when drunk I say more than I should.

                  And my hands are full at this moment with my crypto currency project, which is way behind schedule, and is designed among its other design objectives to provide a space for organization in a repressive environment. When it is actually useful for such a purpose, it should be used for such a purpose.

                • Krakatoa says:

                  I don’t see much utility in criticising the supposed ahistoricality of the gold plates as I doubt anyone in history became a Christian because the Bible was “generally consistent” with recorded history.

                  And your criticism’s of Joseph Smith can be easily explained away, as that church’s adherents actually do in practice.

                  In the end, both religions require a leap, but the distance leapt is still the same to a neutral observer. No point in denying this, in my opinion.

                • alf says:

                  Then you have answered your own question. (-:

                  I also find myself with a small group of male friends, whom I would call a club, but nothing close near a movement, who have also grown respectful towards my views. It is satisfactory.

                  It is however not satisfactory for raising a big family. To do this, you need a movement, or a close-knit extended family at the very least. But there’s ways to make due, it seems to me.

                • jim says:

                  My major original reason for cultivating this group of friends was and is to provide a social environment of well behaved women for my wife. My natural inclination is to be something of a hermit.

                • alf says:

                  I tried, but failed at this. I hang out with my friends, but my friends’ girls do not hang out with each other, only through the men.

                • jim says:

                  When I hang out with the men, the women hang out in the kitchen. From time to time they materialize to deliver food and drinks and remove mess.

                • suones says:

                  When I hang out with the men, the women hang out in the kitchen. From time to time they materialize to deliver food and drinks and remove mess.

                  Indian SJWs are already running attack ads about exactly this lol. Sponsored by a liquor brand no less.


              • Aidan says:

                The new cult of the West will be the cult of formalized natural law, as Confucianism was to China. Confucius says “heaven” and not “Shang Ti”. Its not a cult of charisma or zealous fervor. If we do not collapse, we will end up with the worship of GNON. Jimianity looks like the best candidate.

              • Virtus says:

                >start creating religious cults

                This is the conclusion I have reached. Let me lay out the trends I’m seeing, before giving you my thesis.

                – Digital life and relationships are becoming primary. People get along better and associate more an more with their online filter bubble. It becomes more normal and easier to translate online relationships to in-person physical ones, and to form strong bonds with their friends made through online means.

                – Algorithmic control and manipulation of people’s information flows is getting easier to manage, more subtle, and more powerful. I anticipate that not long from now you will need a sort of ‘conodom’ to prevent getting directly manipulated by hostile parties when using the internet. Even such things as rearranging the order of comments on a blog can subtly affect your perception and mood, imagine what happens when most people are captured by these manipulation tools. Well, you don’t have to imagine, do you? We’re already here. You only have to picture it becoming more complete.

                – Brain imaging, interpretation of brain data, and inducing change in brain structures is becoming cheaper, easier, and more capable. I’m not talking scifi schizo stuff here, you can look at for example the Kernel Flow helmet and studies related to it. People will at first use these as nerdy hobby things, but they will become more and more normal just like video games and the internet.

                – We now have working internet contract, governance, and currency systems. Every day they get easier to use, more efficient, more capable. The next big step once the hiccups related to scaling get ironed out — which, they pretty much are now, the solutions are there, we need only market convergence — is introducing secure datafeeds to these contract systems. So they will no longer be these game-like systems where people trade arbitrary tokens back and forth, but we will be able to make contracts and governance systems that function on real world events and data.

                – ISIS very successfully recruited from the west, using western technologies to do it. It was fundamentally an entirely novel religious movement, though based in old ideas, utilizing the social toolsets we have invented to leverage themselves far more followers than they might have had otherwise. They may have been one of the first but they almost definitely will not be the last.

                Are you starting to see the picture I’m seeing? This won’t be one cult. This will be a thousand, a million competing cults using top of the line social coordination technology to grab the most followers and the most resources, physical and digital. We’re in for a real wild ride this century.

                • jim says:

                  > The next big step once the hiccups related to scaling get ironed out — which, they pretty much are now, the solutions are there, we need only market convergence

                  ISIS did OK because the tools they were using were not manipulated against them, because racist to notice Islamic terrorism. We are going to need tools more resistant. (As well as blockchains that implement now known solutions to the consensus bandwidth problem)

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                Broke: this shows how easy it is for fascism to break out!
                Woke: this shows how easy it is for fascism to break out.

                Joke: this shows how fragile our Democratic Freedoms can be if we are not ever vigilant in defending them from upgrowths of hierarchichalism everywhere
                Bespoke: this shows how even ironic participation in Mannerbund formation conjures Vital energy into existence, suffusing the folk with power

                • jim says:

                  > conjures Vital energy into existence, suffusing the folk with power

                  That it does, but our enemies are vigilant and very aware of this phenomenom.

                  In vastly more tolerant times, Mormons had to retreat deeper and deeper into the frontier, and eventually they ran out of frontier, and the authorities came after them.

                  I cannot see that operation succeeding under current circumstances unless we create a colony in Siberia, which would require permission from Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

                  But, as a previous commenter pointed out, ISIS hints at the possibility of hiding a similar operation in the vast dark jungles of the internet.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The broader point is that Socialization is powerful, wherever and whatever mediums it may take place through – that you ought indeed pursue it wherever and through whatever medium you may.

                  In the denatured speech of modernity, this is sometimes called ‘networking’, or ‘building long term relationships’; properly understood, it is about *forming brotherhoods*.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  That is to say, one of the most practical problems a man of good will may solve in this era, is the making of brotherhood formation more possible. As you might say, such a thing is a ‘basic precondition of possibility’.

            • alf says:

              Even as a European your ancestral connection, paternally speaking, is rather shallow

              Doesn’t feel that way.

              Man is a social animal, and anything of lasting effect is done in a communal sense. If you leave your ancestral community for a faraway land, you willingly atomize yourself. Unless of course you take your community with you, but I doubt that’s the case.

              So I think the right take on fleeing is similar to Paul’s take on marriage: most men should stay and defend their land. But for some, moving far away might be the preferred option.

              • suones says:

                A King keeps the Crown Prince and Army at his side. Younger princes and especially princesses he sends to foreign lands. That’s how he hedges his bets.

          • suones says:

            Personally I feel, I dunno, sort of bound to my ancestral land…

            Wow you feel it too!? Very strange, yet very hard to shake off.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      I bet Harri Konkanen, whose email address is on the linked page, knows more than any of us here.

  28. jim says:

    Space force purged.

    Radical leftist now in charge. Pretty soon Musk having an inadequate number of engineerettes will be deemed a security threat.

    • Rick says:

      Bunch of attacks on Elon this morning including from Jack Posobic. They’re going to try and purge him.

      Things are not looking good.

      On a positive note they’re now producing 70 raptors a month, enough for 1 upper stage and 2 boosters per month(some the early boosters are going to be complete losses). Most the big engineering hurdles might be over, though I’m no expert on spaceship development.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      There are technological solutions to spiritual problems. Hell is eternal.

    • redpurplepurple says:

      aw, c’mon! why couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut?!?!

      hiding your power level and laying low is imperative (at least until someone crosses the rubicon)

      • jim says:

        For revealing his power level, Mars may well be delayed.

        Possibly until a new race creates creates a new civilization.

        • Pooch says:

          Or helped accelerate the path to Caesar. He is one of the most distinguished pilot squadron commanders in the military, there are segments of the military that are not very happy with his purging. Time will tell.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes coups depend more upon ground troops than satellites, hopefully this doesn’t sit well with a lot of warrior colonels in the army and marines.

            If the US military has a coup it is far more likely to be a coup of colonels (who are much less pozzed than current flag officers) than one of generals

          • Starman says:

            Captainess Shaniqua is too slow, fat and lazy.

            Elon Musk is fast. A few orbital launches, landings and relaunches of Starship is all Elon needs.

        • Joe says:

          Are you giving up or carrying on?

          • jim says:

            I am a priest and an engineer. I preserve the faith of Gnon for the day when it will rule, and I am working on a project that I hope and, even though it is way behind schedule and nowhere near ready even to be seen by other people, I expect that it will make it a lot more possible to resist the imposition of the official faith and do business even when an intrusive official priesthood is taking over business and military. People have asked me to publish, but I have published. See the bottom right of The internet never forgets. Publications will soon start focusing on cryptographic currency and forums when my software is in a slightly less embarrassing state.

            • Joe says:

              It is all good. I ask only for information. I have enough information along with the Hydera protocol and the Anonymous Multi Hop protocol to implement the coin part of your system but it would be of a poorer quality than your product and would take much longer. The other parts, the network engineering and the Zooko identification and messaging system, would be much harder, as I know nothing about these apart from what I have read on this blog.

              But if you are continuing on the project then it would be a waste of my time to make my own crappier and slower version. It would also be a pretty shitty Mark Zuckerberg-tier thing to do even if I could pull it off.

              The only way it would be feasible for me to go it alone is if you did not carry on.

              • Joe says:

                That should read Hedera and Anonymous Multi-Hop Locks.

              • jim says:

                Go right ahead.

                The sooner we get something out there that supports anonymous multi hop locks, the sooner we have a decent De-fi (De-fi is currently sucky, and there is clear demand for something better.)

                There is a problem with locks, and that is that free lock gives you a free currency option. It takes some thinking to implement cryptographically our current trust based true name based system for options, where you offer an option to anyone and everyone, and having offered it, first taker gets the option without interacting with you, and having taken it, is stuck with it – he does not get free option on his option. He has to pay for his option, having accepted your offer, neither party can now back out.

                A defi market that works will support cryptographic, and cryptographically enforced rather than human enforced, options trading. Writing a put on crypto coin one in crypto coin two is equivalent to writing a call on crypto coin two in crypto coin one.

                I am not prioritizing strong anonymity, and am making many compromises on anonymity for the sake of usability and efficiency.

                The design objective is that machine ids and public keys are easily associated with IP addresses, pseudonyms and pseudonym public keys not so easily. About as pseudonymous as the good old days of usenet, before it died under the shills and spammers.

                Our objectives and our tools do not overlap, and to the extent that they do, then when stuff works we can copy from each other.

                I have a chronic problem of letting the best be the enemy of the good enough. If you see a spot for something that is good enough, jump right into it, and do not let my plans for the best get in the way. When I finally go public, it will at first be far from the best.

                What I am trying to do is build something that is very far from the best, but is upwardly compatible with the best. But the vision of the best will evolve, and will evolve better the more things that are out there that are good enough.

                • Joe says:


                • jim says:

                  We urgently need DeFi that works like options trading, only instead of writing puts and calls between fiat currency and shares, you write puts and calls between two cryptocurrencies.

                  Existing DeFi markets have a huge problem stopping people from using hanging locks as free options on relative cryptocurrency values, and their fixes and workarounds for this problem are profoundly unsatisfactory, user hostile, and disturbingly centralized.

                  That is not a project that I am working on, and it needs to be done. And, having been done, likely to be hugely profitable for the people who did it.

                  A half completed lock on a DeFi market, a hanging lock on an atomic exchange between two crypto currencies, is a free option on the relative value of two cryptocurrencies, so people keep the locks hanging half completed.

                  The locks were designed by people sophisticated in cryptography, but ignorant about options trading.

                  Get the locks done right, so that they work like existing trust based options, you will get rich.

                • Joe says:

                  Here is my plan.

                  Target systems: Debian and Windows 64-bit. Command line interface. Assume founding peers would be disinclined to run on home IP and would run on a VPS instead.

                  Language: C++11 or higher compiled with GCC or MinGW.

                  Dependencies: libsodium 1.18; SQLite3; Berkeley sockets.


                  1. Implement Hedera protocol but with voting weight on PoS rather than trusted IPs. Transactions (v1) as basic as possible, no locks, etc. Each input signed separately unless MuSig is very easy to implement. Transacting between peers is possible.

                  2. Implement transactions v2 with locks as needed to support AMHL. Perhaps implement MuSig, if not then in transactions v3.

                  3. Implement atomic cross-chain swaps and off-chain transfers as per AMHL.

                  4. De-Fi. Assuming that transactions that support AMHL also support De-Fi.

                  I only just heard about De-Fi so any people who know about options trading might want to look into this as well and I will take on board what they know.

                  Fee structure TBA. I propose fees paid to network and allocated each voting round according to coin weight of timely voting peers. Voting rounds establish fees for the round after next (vote[n] determines fee[n+2]). Rounds are one week long. Peers state their desired fees. Determined fees are median of all desired fees. Fees are set on: permanent storage; segwit storage; signatures verified; any other limited peer resource.

                  Client software TBA. Assume early adopters run peers, not clients.

                • jim says:

                  Seems sound to me. What I chose, except for the Berkeley sockets part. There is an inherent problem with Berkley sockets. It is vulnerable to DDoS, and so for anything that the Cathedral does not particularly like, lo and behold, there is a DDoS, and you wind up signing up with Cloudfare’s DDoS protection, which is an enemy.

                  If you release with Berkeley sockets, you need to have a plan in place for upgrading to a protocol more resistant with DDoS.

                  You need to get out first, and I am always letting the best be the enemy of the good enough. It is good enough to come out with something that works with Berkeley sockets, and worry about DDoS later.

                  I don’t know the state of Berkeley sockets DDoS resistance without using Cloudfare. Maybe it is better than I think. I have not done adequate investigation of all these hosting sites that offer DDoS protection. How do they do their DDoS protection? The fact that you never get access to the DDoS mechanisms worries me.

                  Perhaps μTP, with a anti DDoS patch. μTP is also vulnerable to DDoS, but you have the source code. I don’t have a solution in place. I am farting around with various libraries trying to figure out which one is best to build a solution upon. I would love someone else to be doing that. May I should stop farting around and just go with Berkeley sockets, which works.

                  The basic anti DDOS protocol that has to be integral with your handshake to form a connection has to work as follows:

                  Client sends a packet requesting a connection, containing a single use public key, corresponding to client’s randomly generated single use private key, and all the other parameters needed for the connection. Server, without allocating any resources sends back a PoW request, its single use public key, any server parameters that the client will need, the client parameters it has just received, and its mac of all this. The information might well be sent in the clear to save one hundred μsec on each message, since I cannot see any way for bad people to exploit it, but bad people are full of surprises and one hundred μsec is tiny.

                  The proof of work, and the correct result for the proof of work, depends, of course, on the mac, whether we encrypt or not.

                  When the server receives the reply, it then allocates resources for the connection, among them information preventing re-use of that the proof of work based on that mac.

                  Berkely sockets does not allot any resources either, but it does not have a pow, and no way to demand a pow until after you have set up a connection and encryption.

                  Once the connection is running, the server prioritizes service for a connection in reverse order of resource consumption, so that if someone does a DDoS after forming a connection, he goes to the back of the queue – the only way to do DDoS is to perform a lot of pows.

                • Joe says:

                  I will go with TCP Berkeley sockets for now with a plan to upgrade as soon as possible to a DDOS-resistant solution.



                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  At least part of the ddos protection of existing services like cloudflare is based on connection fingerprinting. Browsers/crawlers/user agents with certain configurations will be blocked and rerouted to splash screens like ‘you look like a robot, also do this captcha’, which you can notice if you use extensions that rotate or modify user agent information sent by your browser. As well, many larger sites simply do not provide service without giving them access to cookies caching and scripting, for instance.

              • suones says:

                But if you are continuing on the project then it would be a waste of my time to make my own crappier and slower version.

                This is how several monumental software projects were born — from IBM OS/400[1] to Unix[2] to Linux[3]. A crappier and slower version that actually gets to market is infinitely better than a perfect version that’s never finished.

                [1] A crappier and slower version of IBM ‘Fort Knox’
                [2] A crappier and slower version of Multics
                [3] A crappier and slower version of GNU

      • suones says:

        Or he was already marked for removal and this is just him trying to make the rubble bounce.

    • Bilge_Pump says:

      I’ve seen the stuff about Lohmeier, but haven’t heard about a radical leftist being in charge, and ofc I can’t google that sort of terminology. What happened?

  29. Ace says:

    The treason in the military runs deep. Trump tried a full withdrawal after the election was stolen and the military refused his orders. No wonder he had no confidence in crossing the the Rubicon:

    • Pooch says:

      Yes it’s absolutely clear that the military swears no allegiance to the “commander in chief”. They are horrified, shocked, and offended that anyone would say that the President of the United States is the commander of the United States Armed Forces.

      • The Cominator says:

        Trump’s being horrible with personnel is much to blame for this…

        • Pooch says:

          Nah Trump had no actual power over the military. He couldn’t even get Vindman fired.

          • The Cominator says:

            He would not give direct formal written orders that would have to be obeyed under matter of military law the way he should have… it may have been annoying but that is what he should have done…

            • Pooch says:

              Did you read the article? He gave formal written orders to the military to withdraw from the Middle East and the military literally said “No”.

              It is just more confirmation that elected officials have limited power over the non-elected deep state, which the military is clearly a part of.

              • The Cominator says:

                Then it should have been followed by formal written orders dismissing them from the military and court martialing them for disobeying direct lawful orders naming their replacements and that the replacements should carry out said orders…

                • Pooch says:

                  To which the deep state would have promptly laughed in his face, especially knowing he was a lame duck. As Jim often says, it took Augustus 10 years to get the deep state under control with loyal death squads at his back.

                • Pooch says:

                  Looks like Milley stone-walled him who is also who directly ordered the troop build up around DC. This guy is bad news and has a lot of power. He would have no problem genociding pleb whites. If he ends up being our Stalin we our in for a lot of collateral damage.

                • Ace says:

                  Then it should have been followed by formal written orders dismissing them from the military and court martialing them for disobeying direct lawful orders naming their replacements and that the replacements should carry out said orders…

                  At which point Trump would have been arrested for Treason, assuming they didn’t just ignore him, much as Nixon was ignored. Trump never had a chance because he couldn’t find people who were loyal, the people he thought were loyal were traitors, and he could not put his actual supporters into power.

  30. Rick says:

    Any insight into how the near term economy is going to go? My super conservative real-estate investments are way up and I was wondering about refing them and put some that money to work in crypto or an index fund.

    Seems like a good idea if we’re going to continue to see massive inflation because I’ll just pay the loans back with inflated BidenBucks.

    • jim says:

      Leveraging real estate when inflation looms is apt to be lucrative bet. Worst case you will not lose all that much. Moderately competent investment will beat mortgage interest rates. If nothing much happens, you will likely get a higher return on your investments than the interest on the mortgage, and if, as is increasingly likely, fiat money becomes worthless …

      Best case they do the great minority mortgage meltdown all over again and print piles of money for brown people and single women with no income, no job, and no assets to move into green leafy suburbs – which they promptly abandon, because the surviving suburbs are built to be inconvenient for their lifestyle.

      • suones says:

        If Rick can time his exits, he’ll make mad bucks even in the situation of a mortgage meltdown. A lot of (presumably white and especially Jewish) speculators made a lot of money offloading properties to the most Holies.

        • jim says:

          I had specifically in mind the situation of the mortgage meltdown as incredibly lucrative.

          During the great mortgage meltdown you could, and in November and early December of 2005 a huge number of people did, pull a drunken unemployed homeless illegal wetback with no papers out of the gutter with a bottle of whisky, and have him make his mark on a four million dollar mortgage for a million dollar house carrying a two million dollar mortgage. There were entire streets of houses so sold in the bay area.

          And no one was ever charged, because racist. Not one person.

          And then after that, when payments failed to come in, the bank kept rolling the mortgage over for a higher mortgage for a year or two, even though this theoretically requires the mortgagor to sign the papers for the new mortgage, and it is highly unlikely that they would have been able to find the mortgagor. From December until the thing collapsed, it was all rollovers in New York, with real sales in the Bay Area largely ended in 2005.

  31. Pooch says:

    It’s interesting to note that if there’s one thing the elites disagree about, it’s Israel. The entire political Republican elite from the most establishment GOPe cuck to Donald Trump unambiguously back the Israeli nationalists (obviously from the massive donor money) which does not seem the case for the Democrat elite who range from Luke warm support to the Israeli nationalists to what seems to amount to outright destruction of Israel like whoever’s directing the Soros-funded NGOs.

  32. Pooch says:

    Jim what’s the best way to convert Cardano to USD without paying taxes? Bisq doesn’t support ADA yet right?

    • jim says:

      Cardano is the anti privacy currency, the evil twin of Monaro. I recommend it because it is proof of stake, high consensus bandwidth, and being actively improved by a bunch of very smart people. And, being proof of stake, has great potential to go rogue as the regulatory crisis arrives.

      I don’t recommend converting Cardano directly to USD unless you are going to pay taxes. Convert to Monaro, perhaps convert back to bitcoin, rinse the bitcoin in Wasabi wallet, and sell in person through the De-Fi. Or use a De-Fi altcoin to cash out.

      The De-Fi markets are awfully thin, because, as Cardano points out, they lack big market makers, or even the capability to have big market makers. Cardano is doing a De-Fi, or about to do a De-Fi, but it will probably be evil unless they go rogue in the regulatory crisis.

      The De-Fi do not support Cardano because evil. It will be interesting to see what happens with Cardano’s De-Fi.

      If you actually need to buy something that requires US dollars, then cash out, but I recommend hodling and paying no attention to the daily noise from the markets.

      I don’t (ever) convert crypto currency back into fiat money. I buy crypto currency with US dollars and sometimes spend the crypto currency directly as crypto currency. Over the next decade or two, I expect everyone will do the same, though the software is not yet ready for that. So I am not the man to ask how to do it.

      • Pooch says:

        Best way to go from Cardano to Monaro? Are the main exchanges like Kraken and Binance the only way?

        • jim says:

          Only way at present. You could checkout the Binance DEX, but I know nothing of it.

          Cardano is planning a DEX. Maybe it already exists.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            Some outfit operating on claims to offer Cardano (ADA) to Monero (XMR) swaps. I have no idea whether they are legit or a scam, caveat mercator.

            • Pooch says:

              Looks like there are a bunch of these conversion sites operating.


              • jim says:

                These are all centralized exchanges with some degree of KYC, but Cardano itself has a sort of KYC, in that its basic coin format supports blockchain analysis, wasting space on the blockchain with unnecessary information. But once the money is in another currency, you can escape KYC. And I rather expect that their lightning network will eventually be resistant to analysis.

                Cardano is designed to provide identity to wallets, so that *wallets* can have KYC. But you can have an anonymous wallet. The problem is that transfers between anonymous wallets and KYC wallets reveals the identity of the anonymous wallet. This can be fixed in a lightning network with exchanges happening off blockchain, and coins being mingled off blockchain. It is not fixed yet.

        • jim says:

          Right now, Binance.

  33. Pooch says:

    Bannon had 3 of the generals from the letter on for an hour plus this am. I’m not sure any conclusions that can be drawn from what they are saying but it’s still interesting. Here are the links:
    Scroll to the videos on the stream or click Episode 949 and the beginning of Episode of 950

  34. The Cominator says:–dWOY

    I have to have some unabashed boomercon admiration of Israel for doing this, they apparently just deliberately bombed the mainstream press building in Gaza.

    Incredibly based!

    • jim says:

      No nation with a gay parade has ever won a war.

      I doubt that Israel will be the first:

      “AP staffers and other tenants safely evacuated their office building after the military telephoned a warning that the strike was imminent within an hour”

      To win, need to be willing to kill your enemies.

      Blowing up empty buildings is a waste of valuable explosives. Hamas and AP can simply reach out to take possession of another building.

      • Ace says:

        As the world discovered during WW2 air power only works due shock damage. Calling you foes ahead time so they can escape negates that power.

      • The Cominator says:

        Yes it sucked that they warned them 1st, they should not have done that.

        • ten says:

          They are making the motion, demonstrating their ability to play the game, yet the sheath is on the sword. Either an empty threat, or a turned cheek.

          If god is on their side, they will not need to unsheathe, and if he is not, they already should have, and if he is, following the spirit of the law but giving leniency to its word, “need to be willing to kill your enemies”, for the sake of the olive branch to the enemy is a gamble. A severe risk taken for the possibility of increasing mercy, where you hold the entire risk yet your enemy shares in the reward.

          Gambling with mercy is dangerous yet facing that danger and paying its toll is virtuous, so i pray the lord rewards the jews for their good gamble this time, and smites their enemies should they burn the olive branch.

          • The Cominator says:

            Imagine thinking it is noble to show mercy to members of the lugenpresse.

            Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.

            • suones says:

              Children of Yahweh are not afraid of soldiers of Baphomet, but the lugenpresse are priests of Moloch, of whom the Yahwegians are mighty scared.

          • suones says:

            <blockquote…i pray the lord rewards the jews for their good gamble this time, and smites their enemies…

            Sure, Yahweh will certainly try to do that (regardless of his children’s “good” or “evil” doings). But the other side has Baphomet and Moloch allied — not a very good sight for Yahweh.


        • Bilge_Pump says:

          “hey, uh we were thinking about bombing your building, and were hoping you could, like, get out first? That would be great. Kthx!”

          – Female Israeli Military Official tasked with slaughtering enemies

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      More evidence that the Deep State is trying to destroy Israel. Colocating their forces with their media organs. Bet they thought they weren’t going to get blown up. Good on the IDF for blowing it all up. Too bad they didn’t get the journalists.

      • Ace says:

        > Bet they thought they weren’t going to get blown up.

        They didn’t get blown up. Non leftist killing a priest/journalist provokes a very strong reaction from the cathedral which is why they’re alive. Israel’s pretending to be strong but it’s only strengthen their foes the same way German bombing attacks straighten the British resolve during WW2.

        • jim says:

          I repeat: Cannot win a war unless you kill your enemies.

          Israel faces a slow burning existential crisis. It past time to blow up its actual enemies, rather than their proxies.

          If they had blown up the AP in Gaza, they would not need to bother with blowing up mere Hamas leadership.

          Blow up one Hamas leader, AP will just get another. Blow up AP, and Hamas loses its command and control. Blow up the ngos in Gaza, and it loses its funding and logistics.

          • Ace says:

            >If they had blown up the AP in Gaza, they would not need to bother with blowing up mere Hamas leadership.

            The reaction form the US would have been pretty bad. And yes they should have killed them. They should also flatten every area that fires a rocket at Israel. They would have effectively left the American empire with that singular act and Netanyahu might very likely would have been overthrown by the Cathedral agents within his government.

            Netanyahu’s playing a game of pretending to be strong while not out and out leaving the American empire. This is making Israel weaker and weaker, but the fact is Israel wouldn’t be able to handle the US coming after Israel the way we went after Libya. They’re just as POZed as us but they only have a fraction of our military power.

            Netanyahu needs either nukes or a nuclear power backing him before he can pull that trigger and if I remember right you are of the opinion Israel doesn’t have working nukes and the US knows it.

            • The Cominator says:

              Russia would gladly offer them protection in such a case.

              • Ace says:

                Would they? Netanyahu would need Russian troops in Israel to prevent from being overthrown by the POZed Israeli military. Or does Netanyahu have his own personal militia that he can control events with until Russia can move in?

            • Pooch says:

              Makes perfect sense why Netanyahu congratulated Biden while the election was still is dispute. Signaling that he was not going to defect on the American regime.

          • Gestahlt says:

            jim, Israel IS the NGOs.

            • jim says:

              Then why are the ngos funding rockets to be fired at Israel and providing logistics for the people that fire those rockets?

              Why did the ngos have fits when Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem?

              Why are all the Soros shills unable to say “Jerusalem”?

              • Pooch says:

                What faction of elites is directing Soros? The old guard Pelosi/Biden faction seem to still be backing Israel.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Pelosi maybe for appearances sake but it was Biden (well his cabal of course since Biden makes no decisions) who gave the Palestinians at least some of the money for this.

                • Pooch says:

                  Why even give the appearance of supporting Israel’s right to defend? Why not just come out and say we condemn Israel and support sand jogger rights.

                • jim says:

                  In the holy faith of progressivism, sand joggers are holier than Jews, and to be sufficiently holy, a Jew has to agree with this. There are still quite a lot of Jews around within the elite who do not in fact agree with this, whereupon we get a Jew on Jew conflict.

                  A Muslim should back Muslims, and a Jew should back Jews. If a Jew backs Muslims, it does not mean we can trust him more than a Jew that backs Jews, it means we can trust him even less. Which does not mean we need to care too much about this Jew on Jew conflict.

                  If you hear someone telling you that sand joggers are holier than Jews, chances are he is a Soros shill. We don’t care and should not care which ones are holier. It is an internal Jewish conflict, and while the Jews on one side of the conflict are our enemies, the Jews on the other side of the conflict are far from being reliable friends.

                  I wish Israel well. They are enemies of our enemies. I wish they could become our friends. They might, but they surely have not yet.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They want to keep some of the remnant of true dual loyalist leftist jews from jumping ship.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Israel needs to switch allegiance to Russia now if they can, John Oliver is simping for Hamas and BLM style mobs are rioting against them. The left is making them into a new South Afrika.

                • suones says:

                  Israel needs to switch allegiance to Russia now if they can…

                  Yes, yes. I’m sure the bones of St Nicholas will welcome his Church sheltering the tribe of his murderers. What level of delusion is this that imagines a Judeo-Russian alliance is beyond me.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Putin will base the decision on realpolitik calculations on whether he’ll offer Israel sponsorship and protection if they ask, neither irrational holocaustianity sympathy nor wignat style hatred will sway them as Putin to my knowledge has neither. I do not know what decision he’ll make. The Iranian government is likely to scream bloody murder is likely to be his biggest obstacle but they depend more on Putin than Putin does upon them. The Arab states don’t seem to even to pretend to care anymore at least for the time being.

                  While I personally have some degree of schadenfreude to leftist jews in the West who still adhere to the dual loyalist position (they aren’t what they used to be) so I can mock them and say haha you fuckers should have supported Trump (and I’ve done it a couple times already) I’m sort of sympathetic to Likud supporting jews in Israel itself who now find themselves exposed to the full South Africa treatment.

                  Suones this is not a fednat forum so please stop broadcasting fednat memes… dot indians generally have the worst qualities of jews without much of their redeeming qualities. Their leftism is of a more fanatical quality, the dual loyalism is more brazenly hypocritical (when it exists and they are not consistent progs), and jews are mostly honest people personally at least as far as the letter of their word goes (you need to word your agreements carefully as if you are dealing with some fictional occult demon but they’ll keep to the letter), dot Indians are not. Jim and I I think generally agree on this… so stop throwing stones from a glass house.

                  Progressive jews are evil and deserve the helicopter because they are progressives not because they are jews, I want all male progs to get the helicopter and only attractive females to be spared to be sold as concubines. Ethnicity would neither earn you condemnation nor mercy only whether you were a prog would matter. Orthodox jews who take jewish ethnic identity seriously and reproduce mostly supported Trump and whatever they did with them they should not be subject to helicopter solution to the progressive problem.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Ethnicity would neither earn you condemnation nor mercy only whether you were a prog would matter.

                  Der ewige Tism.

                • suones says:

                  Ethnicity would neither earn you condemnation nor mercy only whether you were a prog would matter.

                  I rescind my support of your candidature for Grand Inquisitor. This line is so mired in the US tradcuck tradition it could’ve come from Marco Rubio.

    • suones says:

      I find it funny and sad at the same time how so many get excited over intra-Semitic factional struggles playing out as “war theatre” where no-one of holiness actually gets killed.

      If this is the state of Philosemitism in the reaction, I shudder to think what would be the state in “traditional” American conservatives. I see a lot of Israiliyat in Hindus too, but I figure they’re just ignorant, but Americans doing it is pathetic.

      • jim says:

        Noticing that the Cathedral is making war on the nation of the ethnic group that is one its major power bases is not philosemitism.

        I want the components of the Cathedral to start fighting back when the salami slicer comes for them.

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        “I find it funny and sad at the same time how so many get excited over intra-Semitic factional struggles playing out as “war theatre” where no-one of holiness actually gets killed.”

        Many palestinians are dying. This is the problem progs have with the conflict, many people of holiness are being slaughtered by Jews.

        “If this is the state of Philosemitism in the reaction, I shudder to think what would be the state in “traditional” American conservatives. I see a lot of Israiliyat in Hindus too, but I figure they’re just ignorant, but Americans doing it is pathetic.”

        For me it’s a question of whose neighborhood I would rather live in. I’d much rather live in Israel than Palestine. I also say somewhat reluctantly that I’d rather live in Portland Oregon or some other prog shithole than Palestine, but I’d rather live in Israel than Portland.

  35. The Cominator says:

    Sounds like South Korea also did something close to what Indonesia did in the mid 1960s too.

    I think South Korea has had a pretty weak left which mainly focuses on labor unions ever since but the country is heavily flooded with Cathedral memes. Still its leftism even under heavy cathedral meme bombardment (more so than Japan) is weak and mainly focused on giving organized labor perks.

  36. linker says:

    How is Starman coping with recent events?

  37. Mountain Farmer says:

    Jim, would you consider putting all your posts in a printed book that you sell?

    • linker says:

      It would be cool, but I think he would be morally opposed as it endangers people by linking their real identity to extreme crimethought. He goes to great measure to secure our privacy.

      • suones says:

        He could sell it for Monero. I’m not sure how many could buy it at all though. I certainly couldn’t. Another issue is the lack of incentive. We’re priests — money simply doesn’t excite us. My own writing, for example, is of sufficient quality to pursue professional writing blogging in a paper or magazine, but what’s the point? Our aim is to say the truth, and ensure it spreads widely, which is currently incompatible with making money.

        This is also the reason that Dharma prohibits priests from seeking money for services — because then they would have a perverse incentive to say untruths and pleasant lies, negating the very function of the priesthood (acting as a common source of truth for everyone else). This is also why a just King is required to maintain and nourish priests in His Kingdom, who must have no independent source of income. A sane, truthful priesthood serves to ensure that proles, Vaishyas, and warriors are all on the same page as the King.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Our modern priesthood is more or less 100% ‘maintained and nourished’ by the sovereign – with the occasioned sub-phenomena of grantsmanship attendant thereto.

          As it happens, they are also 100% HIV positive.

          Money is not the problem. The call for high status figures to be impecunious is itself an invidious injunction of degenerate would-be priests against their more orthodox betters, who, in a vitalistic civilization, not only can be rich, but will proudly display the all the cool panoply their stations can afford them.

          • suones says:

            Our modern priesthood is more or less 100% ‘maintained and nourished’ by the sovereign – with the occasioned sub-phenomena of grantsmanship attendant thereto.

            This is the natural state of priests, and it cannot be helped. Priesting simply isn’t very profitable. Good thing that a fraction of men consider status to be derived from knowledge and its application rather than from money, and such men are priest-like, and the relatively lesser money (compared to arch-Vaishyas) is not a problem for their status.

            A good sovereign must choose to nurture sane, eusocial priests, as is the case with any patriotic National Church, or in a lot of Muslim lands till WWI — where the Supreme Spiritual Authority in the world is united with the Supreme Temporal Authority in the person of the Caliph.

            …[priests] not only can be rich, but will proudly display the all the cool panoply their stations can afford them.

            Priests can indeed be rich, in absolute terms. For example, temple endowments are the richest trusts in India, and have little to no expense, just investing and increasing their holdings. Similar to the apocryphical university professor who might have multi-million grants but would still walk to his office (or drive a two-stroke Saab). Even if he bought a Mercedes, it would be a diesel one (which would probably run vegetable oil). Or the priest who presides over a millionaires’ parish but drives the same FIAT for 50 years (and his descendants sell the car in perfect condition after he passes lol — “vicar’s car” is a thing in the UK).

            Proud “display of wealth” is déclassé for priests, and is a Vaishya trait. Priests always proudly display superior holiness which is their currency. If priests are running after money, it means that superior holiness is being granted by money (a very American thing), and indicative of the sovereign having been already corrupted by Mammon.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              If you’re going to say it is inevitable then that means you had no reason to make noise about it in the first place.

              My point was trying to make organizations ‘non-profit’ doesn’t make them non profit. When you try to block up a steampipe, the pressure simply routes around through cracks, fissures, and side-channels instead – power always seeks to accomplish what it always and already sought to accomplish, but in this case, in far more messy and deleterious forms, than allowing power to route through the most obvious, explicit, and elegant outlets.

            • The Cominator says:

              Displays of superior holiness beyond a certain point are to be the sole province of monastic types in remote areas… but among the regular priesthood who preach to the people it needs to be punished swiftly and often by death.

              Priestly types need to be kept on a very very tight leash enforced by harsh punishment.

              • suones says:

                Exactly. Since superior holiness is the currency of priests, their failure mode is holiness-spiralling. Similarly, the failure mode of Vaishyas is crony capitalism, and the failure mode of warriors is civil war. None of them is a desirable outcome, and they all must be swiftly identified and harshly punished, usually by death or banishment.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Crony capitalism is more a result of priests and warriors in power favoring certain Vaisyas (merchants) and not generally initiated by the merchants themselves (though corrupt favors for big bribes initiated by the merchants can happen)…

                  Merchants never rule and the idea that they do is a meme spread by marxists and believed by simpletons. The failure mode is always with warriors and priests who do. Maybe if you have a dual classed merchant warrior society like Venice or the Dutch Republic this crony capitalism initiated by merchants themselves is a factor but 99% of the time it isn’t.

      • Mountain Farmer says:

        I was thinking of Jim just printing his articles, not the responses from people. That way everyone keeps their privacy.

  38. Cloudswrest says:

    That crazy Michigan Gov. Whitmer bitch wants to shut down, for Leftist reasons, an interstate oil pipeline that passes through Michigan that’s been safely operating for over 50 years. Allegedly would have greater impact than the Colonial pipeline shutdown. Owners tell her to pound sand but she is escalating.

    • Ace says:

      Now they’re holiness spiraling on who can destroy the US economy the fastest.

      I saw some propaganda on reddit about that pipeline the other day before the announcement. It’s a deliberate push.

      • Pooch says:

        Lmao…you’re absolutely right.

      • The Cominator says:

        This is the kind of thing that will eventually cause the army to coup and remove them.

        • suones says:

          I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Pooch says:

          Problem is the highest ranking officer (Milley) is a stone-cold leftist and personally ordered the massive troop buildup around DC. A bloodless coup is not likely.

        • Ace says:

          I wouldn’t put any bets down on that. Leftists may be getting dumber but they have a much better idea of where their power comes from and the dangers they face from the military than we do.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            “… than we do.”

            Is this the royal “we”? I assume you mean the typical “conservative” voter type.

            • Ace says:

              Recall that most people here and Jim was convinced that Trump had a loyal military before they stabbed him in the back while the left was sure the military backed them. The left has better insight into the actual levers of power than we do.

              This isn’t surprising considering we really don’t have any intel from inside the actual government. Thus it’s foolish to assume we know better than the left on such matters.

              When one is proven wrong, it’s best to analyze why and then adapt your perspective on that basis.

              • suones says:

                Recall that most people here and Jim was convinced that Trump had a loyal military before they stabbed him in the back…

                Count me out of that one. I’ve maintained that the US military has a long tradition of fighting for evil and backstabbing their allies, from the “shores of Tripoli” through helping Jews decapitate Third Rome to firmly establishing International Prog Rule per the wishes of FDR, to chasing “racists” out of Little Rock at bayonet point. They represent the tip of the condom that’s given to schoolgirls in Afghanistan.

                The last American soldiers to have fought for Freedom wore grey.

                • ten says:


                  The american god of war has accepted subservience to the american god of coordination memeplex, which is an evil demon.

                  He must not forever freely accept it, and the pen beats the sword only while the sword is sheathed and the penman alive.

                  Awaken Ares, Aryan God of War! The penmen of Christ have slipped the grasp of their tool and are forbidden to regain it, denying the meek their well earned respite from your fury. Awaken, and teach the meek again the Fear of God, so they may again sheathe their swords, lest they find their mettle tested against unconquerable destruction. Hail Ares, living God of War!

                  Is it still fedposting if its just, like, poetry, man?

                • suones says:

                  …if its just, like, poetry, man?

                  You just experienced Divine Inspiration. This is a power of the Old Gods. Even thinking hypothetically about Ares (or Mars, per preference), will boost your courage if you have Aryan blood. Classical poets like Homer or Vyasa accomplished their great works while being under Divine Inspiration continuously for a long time.

                  I don’t think it’s fedpoasting. I could be wrong tho.

          • Pooch says:

            Yes they have been well aware for a while that the military is a weakness for them which is why they are putting that insane BLM leader as the Diversity Commissar. Highly unlikely we are lucky enough to have a bloodless coup by the military to stop the insanity. Much more likely we get a bloody civil war with a lot of collateral damage that the right may not even win in which case we hope for a Stalin/Sulla/Cromwell from the leftists who win.

        • suones says:

          The story is as transparently fake and gay as the Kuwaiti incubators — both having a tearful young female witness at the centre. This is why you burn witches — believing them leads to everyone getting fucked over.

  39. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Your ordinary synagogite will get a terrible case of the vapors when seeing or even contemplating anything that contraindicates the default Women-Are-Wonderful boilerplate. But of course, the ‘left’ at any given point of time will be a menagerie of clades with mutually exclusive rationales for backstabbing, united only by coincidental opposition to something yet higher to backstab first. This has several implications, but the pertinent one here is that when a wedge is needed, there can be options to pick from.

    So it seems someone got the bright idea that the best thing to try next would be to start sending homosexuals to shill in places not misinformed about men’s fairer counterparts instead. ‘Greetings fellow women haters, I see you hate women, I happen to be something of a woman-hater myself’.

    They can say all sorts of disparaging things about women, being literal faggots, but in a distinct weird and off-kilter way – that is, that they do so go on about women in such notably antagonistic manners.

    • Ace says:

      Very good insight. Faggot behavior tends to enrage me when dealing with them in person and I can see why Fed Faggot squad is having a similar effect, though I hadn’t grasped what they were at the time.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        The gayest thing normies do is hand over their children to public schools. Catholic school priests are a lot less gay. The only serious conservatives are those demanding school reform, and predictably they are accused of being the gay ones.

        Any kind of mass politics that doesn’t involve schools is strongly associated with either grifting or showing off one’s own caste and sexual appeal. It isn’t meant to actually change society.

        Actual homosexuals are controlled by randomly selected civil servants. Bad meritocracy is how they gain control.

    • Bob says:

      Examples? I want to train myself to spot this pattern.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There’s a few right here downthread actually (eg, ‘noname’ going on about ‘breeders’; antinatalism is always a giveaway),

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Antinatalism is a violation of the prime commandment and is a horrific sin against both God and Man. Of course the Satanists would embrace it. It’s a sterile word, perfect for the sterile homos.

    • Yul Bornhold says:

      Cathedral propaganda on “hate” is eye-rollingly self serving in the first place. If you’d rather not be mugged by negroes, you “hate” the harmless African-American minority out of sheer ignorance. If you would like to own your own country as a citizen (like a boomer con), you “hate” the hard working Mexican immigrants who originally built this nation.

      In real life, it’s not hate to treat children like children, nor to treat women like women, nor to treat ethnic populations as having their characteristic traits. The Left doesn’t (and probably can’t) understand this and therefore sends homos who actual, in the real sense of the word, hate women in an attempt to blend in. The difference is comically obvious to us.

      • The Cominator says:

        Great posts, though its hard not to feel a certain amount of contempt for modern western women.

        Women are much more programmable with propaganda and conformity conditioning then men are, and its easy for a man who resisted the conditioning every step of the way to rather dislike women in general (ala Winson Smith in 1984).

        • Pooch says:

          Anger phase. Don’t hate women, they can’t help their nature.

          • Required says:

            It’s perfectly valid to hate something for its nature — I particularly hate joggers, for example.

            Feeling contempt for the current ownerless property exuding an aura of spiritual decay and inspiring physical disgust is legitimate. This entire generation of women has been ruined and anyone with eyes to see knows it. Lament or not, it happened and will continue to happen until the world order makes a drastic shift. When that day comes, I’ll reconsider my stance. Until then, women are at best annoying holes who may or may not he capable of physically ejecting a decent child.

            • jim says:

              It is not their fault. Its our fault, in the sense that their society and their tribe has failed their shit test.

              Getting angry with women is getting angry with them for not being like men, not doing what men would do. It is the purple pill and the black pill.

              • Required says:

                This logic can be infinitely extended.

                The blacks are not at fault for being indolent where it counts and civilizational arsonists when they feel like doing something. Those white men never finished the task of piously shaping them into ideallic humanoids. Don’t hate the negro, hate the blanco who failed him.

                I am less so angry, which is a more active emotion seeking its level, and more so filled with a sort of quiet disgust and contempt. The women I speak of in these posts, the common variety, they are not worth the brain cycles it requires to render them. Consider this writing an indulgence, I plan to forget about these concepts when I hit submit.

                I am entitled to hate their nature, regardless if they chose it or not, the same as I am entitled to hate the nature of the cockroach or bedbug. Am I blackpilled for this? Do I not understand the cockroach? Surely it must have played an essential role in the lifemap of some ecosystem. We must honor the nature of the cockroach, and shed this idea that they should be removed from our homes and lives. Similarly, we must shed this idea that women are at all at fault for eating of the apple. They are mere substrate and no will or behavior. Furthermore, I do not think ill of women for not acting as men. I think ill of them for not acting as women in the ways that matter. For seeking sexual gratification from an endless line of exciting dicks, sampling as many partners as possible is a male trait. Tattooing and piercing themselves, to signal short-termism and risk taking? Male trait.

                What sort of feminine behavior do we see besides the negative? The rare single mommy nurturing her child? This is solely a civilizational fault? Are we having sympathy for the beta NEETs who jerk alone in their rooms now? The petty criminals? They follow their incentive gradient too, if we’re handing out passes for bad behavior.

                I can cope with reality. I can accept that if I want to pass on a biological legacy, I need an opposite gendered accomplice. I cannot and will not accept that disgusting behavior, motivated by deep roots or not, is justified because ‘well that’s how they are’. I don’t know what the final synthesis of all this becomes, but it’s not caring for the common woman produced by this corpse of a former nation.

                • jim says:

                  The difference is that blacks are inferior in everything except running fast and surviving in the tropical jungle, while women are overwhelmingly superior within the proper sphere of women.

                  From which I conclude we should contain women in the proper sphere of women, where they are very pleasant to have around, and ship blacks back to the tropical jungle to eat each other, whereupon it will be a great relief to not have them around.

                • suones says:

                  Not having blacks around isn’t a silver bullet. Domestic proles fill that role everywhere in Asia (including Russia), and the situation would be very bad indeed were it not for organised crime syndicates containing and channeling their energy.

                  Slave importation was a solution to the problem of prole misbehaviour, which problem will also need to be addressed in due time.

        • jim says:

          The nature of women is exactly what it should be in their proper sphere. The anger and the black pill comes from expecting women to act like men in the male sphere.

        • suones says:

          Apropos Winston Smith: Julia’s “Anti-Sex League” membership was just a shit test, which Winston passed. I cannot help loving women — its like cake or whiskey — I know it’s bad for me but I can’t help it lol.

          • redpurplepurple says:

            And winston boldly stating that he had wanted to murder her made her pussy drip

  40. Ace says:

    The Star Prophet failed his SNL test. He’s retreating at full speed trying to prove he’s a good leftist bitch.

    The first meme under this post shows why.

    • jim says:

      This may well have adverse consequences on his rocket. I see rocket engineerettes on the horizon.

      • Ace says:

        Unfortunately so. I hope it was just a misstep he can recover from, but his failing looks really bad. Typically this is when leftists demand real acts of supplication.

    • Pooch says:

      What exactly did he do on SNL that was so bad?

      • Ace says:

        The picture posted there is Elon pretending to be Lugi with a boner. Elon’s a sperg who’s played off his spergness as eccentric genus and made it cool. SNL hit him on that cool status.

        • redpurplepurple says:

          waitasec, so he was supposed to embarrass himself on SNL…. as a token of submission to the Cathedral?
          woah. then thats gotta explain why mike Pence got that pacemaker…

          • Ace says:

            I have no idea why he went on SNL. It was a fucking stupid idea. It was like Sarah Palin going on SNL, nothing to gain and everything to lose. Trump got away with it because he’s 10x funny than anyone on that show.

            • Pooch says:

              Plus Trump did it before he was in politics and when it was still actually funny.

              • Bob says:

                I saw it live at a friend’s party. SNL has basically never been funny, but Trump was funny, which is obvious and came as no surprise at the time. He had announced his 2016 presidential run well before the episode aired. Basically your post is incorrect.

                • Pooch says:

                  Ah ok.

                • Dave says:

                  SNL is a real gold mine, as in, you have to dig out and crush fifty tons of rock and dissolve it in cyanide to extract one ounce of pure gold. I’ve never not been bored while watching SNL but William Shatner telling Trekkies to get a life was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

        • Starman says:


          “SNL hit him on that cool status.”

          Words don’t do so well against landing rockets on a barge in the middle of the ocean, or landing Saturn V sized rocket stages (Starship SN15).

    • Which leads me to a question. On what basis did Jim place such high hopes on Elon Musk’s spaceX project? What led you to believe in the first place that it would be immune to diversity and wokeness?

      • Pooch says:

        Trump’s space force was protecting it.

      • Ace says:

        Jim expected SpaceX to be destroyed by the FAA range master once Trump was gone. Right on queue the FAA range master started delaying and canceling Starship tests with all sorts of tactics, including one test he simply didn’t show up for after he turned his cell phone off for the entire day.

        Then Suddenly the FAA became Elon’s bitch and SpaceX was calling the shots again and Elon was having a ball trolling twitter. I think we all hoped that Elon would Prophet his way to get man to Mars even without official protection. That’s not looking likely right now after SNL.

        I’d speculated that SNL was a trap for the Holy Space Prophet a few weeks ago. Much like Trump at the capital protest, he walked into the Trap as a lamb to the slaughter. Elon’s made mistakes before and has always learned from them and come out stronger because of it. I pray the same happens this time.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      SNL? Who gives a fuck? It was never a good show, even in the supposed boomer glory days of the 80s. So Mr. Billionaire Hero Prophet isn’t a great comedy actor. So what?

      I suppose it shows he still values the Left’s opinion, and that he still considers the Cathedral to be the “font of all honors,” which is not great, but not surprising. Still… Fuck SNL. They were never funny, and the last time they successfully exercised power over public opinion was when they made Sarah Palin a national joke – an impressive enough feat, but it was over ten years ago.

      • Ace says:

        >SNL? Who gives a fuck? It was never a good show, even in the supposed boomer glory days of the 80s. So Mr. Billionaire Hero Prophet isn’t a great comedy actor. So what?

        I was hoping it wasn’t a big deal but Elon’s reaction on twitter says otherwise.

      • The Cominator says:

        Phil Hartmann was genuinely funny (the truly saddest celebrity death in my life) and if you don’t think so you have no soul…

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          He was excellent on News Radio, but I barely remember him being on SNL.

          • The Cominator says:

            Fuck given that they don’t make good comedies today and I haven’t seen that show in forever I should rewatch that show…

  41. Carbunckle says:

    Apple employee fired for describing women in the Bay Area “as soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit” in book published years before hired.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Based on employee protest.

      I’m always amazed when these mega corporations allow the inmates to rule the asylum. It was a breath of fresh air when Coinbase and Basecamp told these f*ckers to hit the road.

      • redpurplepurple says:

        “It was a breath of fresh air when Coinbase and Basecamp told these f*ckers to hit the road.”

        a temporary arrangement. it will not save them.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          a temporary arrangement

          Indeed. Didn’t Ryan Singer resign at Basecamp, and the CEO make some cucky statement?

          As I have said before, we need a simple set of principles to serve as a Schelling point for dissenters to rally around. Otherwise we shall assuredly all hang separately. The statement “We reject diversity and inclusion as organizing principles for society” might even be enough.

          • jim says:

            You are looking for minimal set.

            The qualifier “as organizing principles of society” is dangerously fluffy.

            On the other hand, “We reject diversity and inclusion full stop” is a bit too restrictive. You would not want to exclude a competent and supportive potential employee because he is diverse. The problem is that you are forced to include hostile and incompetent diversity.

            One dot Indian is OK. Two dot Indians are a plot against the white engineers, which, if successful, then leads to a plot against management.

            Women are fine with close alpha male supervision – trouble is that HR prohibits supervisors from being alpha enough to meet women’s ever more disturbing and disruptive demands for adequate alpha.

            Dangerously fluffy might suffice.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              Dangerously fluffly might suffice

              You are too generous. My candidate statement is indeed too fluffy, too easy for our enemies or even normies to choose to misinterpret. It’s just that I haven’t come up with anything pithier, but, damn it, there has to be something pithier and more straightforward. And whatever it is, will have to be adopted posthaste by every gun club in America if we are to avoid seventy years of communism.

              Two dot Indians… leads to a plot against management

              I worked for a dot Indian for a while. He was a talented engineer and taught me a good deal. But what blew my mind, as I have mentioned before, is how he would make a vehement case for the BJP to rule back home in India (this was pre-Modi) while at the same time mouthing all the left-wing Diversity shibboleths and voting Democrat in the US. I never figured out whether he lacked the self-awareness to see the contradiction, or saw it and was at least honest about his self-interest.

              At that time, of course, he was more woke than the old-fashioned liberals who were our DoD clients. Today those old Navy hands are all retired or dead and the new generation of govvies is just as woke as he…

              • Ace says:

                It’s pure self interest.

              • Pooch says:

                But what blew my mind, as I have mentioned before, is how he would make a vehement case for the BJP to rule back home in India (this was pre-Modi) while at the same time mouthing all the left-wing Diversity shibboleths and voting Democrat in the US.

                This mirrors what has been the traditional American Jewish stance. They strongly advocate for an extreme ethnostate in Israel yet mouth all the diversity rhetoric in America even saying “we are all immigrants, this is really Native American land.” Unable or unwilling to see the contradiction as you say, perhaps due to aversion of committing thoughtcrime.

                • Ace says:

                  The funny part is the Jews basically bred themselves out of existence raising their kids of cathedral poison they spewed only intending to harm Americans.

                  Poo in the Loos would eventually do the same but I think the end of empire will come before that gets too advanced.

                • The Cominator says:

                  A lot of leftwing jews have been very false friends to Israel for a long time… they support israel as long as it has a leftist government that is selling out Israel. A hardline likud government not so much. Dot indians are more broadly capable of more blatant hypocrisy.

            • suones says:

              You would not want to exclude a competent and supportive potential employee because he is diverse.

              One dot Indian is OK.

              Women are fine with close alpha male supervision…

              You’re trying to stop the waterfall midway. It is not possible, and folly to attempt. The correct way to stop a waterfall is to dam the stream.

              A competent “diverse” employee is a defector on his tribe and nation — he will certainly defect on you given half a chance. More so if he’s a converso.

              Indians are OK…in India.

              Women are never OK in the workplace under any circumstances except on a family farm/business under husband’s supervision, or teaching/caring for family children. Never for wages. I’m sure you know the economic arguments for this too.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Intel is petitioning USG to cut a few extra pounds of flesh from the backs of Real Americans so it can get a slice too. The argument being since they ditched making chips to now be another platform for preaching the gnostic faith, they should be get dealt in on the present state religion’s racket too.

            Preferential hiring of those made holy by their dysfunction over those made unholy by their function in particular, and disrupting mannerbund formation through introduction of alien elements in general, is of course power sapping work; cannot stand by itself, except if held up by an outside power. So they say, ‘we are in the business of providing black transbian self-esteem; but this noble quest is quite expensive; so give us subsidy, that we may continue providing this valuable good’.

            ‘Microchips are infrastructure’ goes the tagline – and one may take a moment to appreciate how fantastically amazing it is a player could fail to profit from something so inexhaustibly in demand. Intel’s CEO says ‘if you like chips, and you like black transbian self-esteem, then give me money, then we can have our cake and eat it too’. This is what you could perhaps call the NPC normie’s version of lieberulism, typified by it’s solipsism; that there’s this abstract thing called an ‘economy’ out there, which we can inconsequentially squeeze juice out of for doing Nice Things that make us feel Nice.

            But should black transbians have only one section of society where they can be provided self-esteem? If black transbian self-esteem is a Good, then we should converge all those other sectors – that as a matter of coincidence, happened to be yet productive elements – as well. And now that we’re all claiming status as pulpits for preaching the officially unofficial religion, we are now asking for our own cut of the tithe also… But where is that cut coming from…? Such is the Mystery that lies at the heart of this faith, mere acceptance of which demonstrating true piety in it’s kind…

            It’s not hard to say what you want. A company in the business of providing chips can say they are in the business of providing good chips, no providing validation to the chronically insecure. They can say they are in the business of putting together good men for providing good service to good men. That’s just part of the journey though. It’s not enough to simply not share the faith of an enemy; if a man wishes to overcome, he must fully realize his own faith.

            What matter is it to make chips rather than provide black transbian self-esteem? Why pick one over the other? Clearly implied cardinalities are all but impossible to miss when laid out in such form, but make it explicit. The point is one is serving to foster potency, and the other isn’t. The point is civilization. The point is *potent* civilization. Raising your Angel up into the heavens; raising, empowered, *as* the Angel. Raising up towards God, with God, within God.


            • suones says:

              Raising your Angel up into the heavens; raising, empowered, *as* the Angel. Raising up towards God, with God, within God.


              Completely incompatible with Semitism, of course. It’s funny to see Semitic creeds being tortured to fit Aryan concepts.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                In truth, it was like that from the very beginning.

                A hebrew prefers his religion, like everything else, to be abstract and legalistic, a creation without a creator so eminent in it’s motions.

                The idea that divinity can incarnate, that you could open your door and have breakfast with someone mantling God – that you could break fast *with* God (or, as the case may be, something else) – is something his mode of thought does not lend itself to coherence with.

                This is why even in the first place, Christianity caught on much more amongst the Ionians and the Latins, than it did amongst the more geographically proximate levantines.

              • info23 says:

                You seem to miss the Theology of Theosis in Christianity.

                “3His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

                4Through these He has given us His precious and magnificent promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, now that you have escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. ”

                (2 Peter 1:3-4).

                That and the Glorification of the Bodies of the Believers:

                “What is sown is perishable; it is raised imperishable. 43It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power.
                44It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

                45So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being;” the last Adam a life-giving spirit.

                46The spiritual, however, was not first, but the natural, and then the spiritual.
                47The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven.
                48As was the earthly man, so also are those who are of the earth; and as is the heavenly man, so also are those who are of heaven.
                49And just as we have borne the likeness of the earthly man, so also shall we bear the likeness of the heavenly man. ”


      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >mega corporations allow the inmates to rule the asylum

        That’s not what’s happening. The corps are using “employee pressure” to justify doing what they already want to do. Imagine the response to similar “employee pressure” to do anything remotely right wing, and you’ll see I’m right.

        • The Cominator says:

          It varies from corporation to corporation.

          With twitter google and apple (which are run by true believers) generally I would say what you say is true. With other companies its more the management knows the woke have the backing of the state…

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >With other companies its more the management knows the woke have the backing of the state…

            That’s probably true for some of them, but that’s bowing to state pressure. Employee pressure is just a fig leaf.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          On may 24, 1961, a group of negro preachers and naacp jews boarded a bus, intending to break the law by trespassing into spaces earmarked for the native teutons. And the sovereign reaction to these trouble makers was… a national guard escort to ensure no one got in their way, and glowing reports of their exploits wired by the Megaphone around the world, to ensure every peasant from Inchon to eastern Czechoslovakia heard about what some coons in Mississipi were up too and how that should make them feel.

          If one has ever seen ‘unpopular opinions’ threads in a forum somewhere, one may note that they tend to select for a certain kind of opinion in particular. Not actually exactly unpopular opinions of course, no. But certain kinds of opinions which do have an opposition to certain kinds of demographics. More specifically, opinions of clades rising in status over clades losing in status.

          The relevant clades in this dynamic on the down swing aren’t actually down and out yet. They’re still around. There can be quite a lot still around even, and they may make aggrieved noises when poked. But they don’t have power behind them. Whereas there is power behind the contraventions. And everyone knows it.

          This is what a modern synagogite calls ‘moral courage’: mopping up actions. People see a stick with power, and of course they will pick it up and start using it on others. Their targets won’t like it, of course, and they may even try pushing back, of course – but there is only so far they can push, are *permitted* to push. You know, and they know, that if it becomes an ‘issue’, power will come down on the batters side. And such, the batters go out *looking* to make things into ‘issues’.

          • suones says:

            And such, the batters go out *looking* to make things into ‘issues’.

            This is why it is folly to attempt debate or compromise with a Leftist. He only initiates contact when he has assured himself of his victory. It is the opposite of good faith. It is better, if possible, to use force oneself, or if physically weak, to run and live to fight another day.

  42. The Cominator says:

    Military warns Biden…

    Even the pozzed generals see him screwing up too much too badly and too quickly. I as optimistic now as I’ve been in a long time. When gas hits 6 or 7 dollars hes out.

    • Pooch says:

      The white pills keep coming today. Taking after France’s lead, although these are only retired officers, but still a good sign.

      Biden isn’t going anywhere but this is a sign that members of the military are going to grow increasingly displeased with democracy being thoroughly discredited before their eyes.

      • The Cominator says:

        No hes not going anywhere today but when gas hits 6 dollars or maybe 7 thats it there will be a coup at that point.

        Texas and Florida will force the issue most likely by threatening war if he isn’t removed and when he as 20% approval because gas at 7 dollars there will be no opposition to them…

        • Aidan says:

          We put up with masks and lockdowns, we’ll put up with $7 gas. “This is the new normal”. “Its already like this in Europe”. “Its good for the environment”. “We need more public transit now that gas is so expensive”.

          The average man is cattle as far as politics is concerned. A coup by who exactly?

          • Pooch says:

            The military. Com’s argument is the military is only going to put up with so much fuckery until they flip the table over and coup. He may have a point but I don’t necessarily think 7 dollar gas will be the inflection point.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Politicians and the military teaming up. The left fucked up by not crushing everyone after the 6th. Everyone went to ground and stayed low, so they thought they won. Now Paxton and Abbot of Texas and DeSantis of Florida are making nuisances of themselves and establishing themselves as players. If they get backed by a faction of the military which decides to “independently” audit an election and finds fraud on the left, then that is Jim’s physical control of ballot boxes.

        • Karl says:

          Widespread poverty is always a result of socialism and by itself does not lead to a different government. 7 $ gas won’t cause a coup. Even starvation does not lead to coups

          • Pooch says:

            In Caesar’s case, it was only threat to his direct and personal well-being which triggered him to coup.

        • alf says:

          Not taking these ‘well THIS time they’re going too far’ predictions serious. They have been taking it too far for quite a few years now, at a pretty alarming rate. And by and large, society is bending over backwards to accomodate. I was sure that the lockdown and curfew would trigger some kind of response — nope, no one’s rocking the boat.

          People are invested in their societal identities. I see a large portion of the population committing what I’d call ritualistic suicide. These people will not snap out of it, the horror of their actions is too much.

          As for the military — I’ve seen enough assertions that certain institutions have had enough, the federalist dissapointment among them. Why is the military going to be any different? Are there not plenty of women in the military? Are the ‘elite’ units not in large part overrated and stupidly bravado? When was the last time the military acted as a cohesive and functioning unit, instead of bombing third world countries with a trillion one dollar bills with hopes to inflict serious paper cuts? How does one expect lastig loyalty to be created under such circumstances. If one hundred and twenty generals are grumpy, that means there are one hundred and twenty generals. Might as well be no generals.

          • jim says:


            The historical pattern is that a mockery of electoral politics continues for many years before Caesar, Napoleon, or Cromwell takes power.

            Puritan England just kept on getting lefter until Cromwell dismissed Barebone’s parliament. And we lack a Cromwell, thus likely to get a Stalin.

            Sulla and Caesar were clear potential leaders. Where is our potential leader?

            We need one general, not one hundred and twenty generals.

            • Pooch says:

              Caesar and Napoleon did not do anything until it was their own ass on the line. History tells us we will not get a Caesar until he personally feels the pain of the insane elite.

              • alf says:

                Caesar had a long militaristic history, and loyal troops. We don’t have anything resembling a Caesar.

                Napoleon rose through the ranks in the years of terror. We might get a Napoleon, but that means we’ll also get the years of terror. And let us not forget that Napoleon rose through the ranks by killing monarchists 🙃.

                • Pooch says:

                  We have plenty of officers in the military with long military histories and supposedly loyal troops. I surmise we are still in the years of Gracchus and it is going to be some pain and suffering and quite possibly considerable pain and suffering until we get to Caesar.

                • alf says:

                  In Rome, a long military history meant military campaigns in which enemies were defeated, territory was conquered. After victory, the troops paraded proudly through Rome, displaying the spoils of war as well as their enemies in chains. That is the kind of military tradition that breeds loyalty.

                  What is the American equivalent?


                  ‘sir we have conquered Iraq sir.’
                  – ‘no private, we have *freed* Iraq from its oppressor. We shall now give it back to the people.’
                  ‘sir seems like the whole country is going down the shithole sir.’
                  – ‘private don’t let me catch you talking smack about democracy and freedom again.’


                  ‘sir the taliban just killed two of our men, permission to retaliate in the village.’
                  – ‘and risk bad pr? my god man we’re here to make friends. Those men died for a great cause. They died for freedom. Now be a good private and go back teach those Afghan girls how to put a condom over a banana.’

                  The state of our military is just not comparable to the state of Roman military, neither Gracchus nor Caesar.

            • Pooch says:

              Sulla and Caesar were clear potential leaders. Where is our potential leader?

              The big difference is that Rome was a military aristocracy. The politicians were also necessarily successful military leaders. Our politicians are not warriors. Trump is still the leader of the Populares movement but he’s just a merchant. Eventually a military man is going to have to ride the wave he started.

            • Karl says:

              Jim, it is overly strict if you want just one general instead of 120 generals.

              The Spanish civil war was started by a group of generals. Franco emerged as the leader of that group during the war, but he did not start as the leader. Morover, I doubt that any of these Spanish generals were known to the Spanish population when the war started.

              Any general is a potential leadler, regarless of whether he is widely known to the general public.

              • suones says:

                Franco emerged as the leader of that group during the war, but he did not start as the leader.

                A fact that San Fransisco himself absolutely kept close to heart. He believed in his own status as a “Common Man” who simply “Rode The Tiger” and was “In the Right Place at the Right Time,” rather than as GNON’s Hammer who outlasted Hitler and Mussolini and Salazar and single handedly preserved his nation through extremely turbulent times. He would’ve refused to acknowledge his Divinity even if an angel appeared and smacked him in the head with a crown. He finally handed power “back” to a cucked line of “Kings” who were not fit to lick his boots, and promptly undid everything he laboured for.

                This is what a warrior, lacking memetic sovereignty, looks like — San Fransisco. A warrior absolutely needs a High Priest who, after Victory is achieved, will proclaim him King Emperor by the order of GNON, against his protests, and anoint Him the Lord and Father of all men. A warrior without a high priest is like a dog chasing a car: he wouldn’t know what to do with it once he caught it[1].

                A warrior who has sufficient chops to lead his own Army to victory and also possessing enough memetic sovereingty to be His own High Priest is a rare bird indeed — literal God-King territory. If our plan depends upon waiting for a God-King to appear, well, then that plan sucks. A more pragmatic plan is to assemble a priesthood that anoints the King and then gets the hell out (as Jim mentioned). But even that requires a Prophet, which some feel is incompatible with New Testament etc. Muhammad didn’t pay any attention to NT, ofc. I really hope that when the time comes for one of our own to embrace Prophethood, the one doesn’t shirk from Divine Duty.

                [1] I adapted this line from a movie lol.

          • Karl says:

            Alf, didn’t lockdown and curfew cause riots in the Netherlands? Paticipating in any anti-government riot is “rocking the boat”, isn’t it?

            Lockdown and curfew did lead to more rallies in Germany than Merkel’s decision of opening the borders. People on the hard left are protesting against the goverment and are surprised to find a counter-rally calling them nazis. Sure, happens all the time to peiple on the left that suddenly others are even more to the left. By itself it won’t change much.

            Germans are by and large law-abiding. The corona-rules are very hard to comply with and ever changing which makes it hard to even find out what the rules are for any specific place and time. Nonetheless, the goverment is enforcing these rules. Some cities even hired additional police to enforce these rules. So a lot of people were fined.

            Some are challenging the rules in courts. A judge ruling against the goverment is now prosecuted for “intentionally ruling against the law”. The police searched his house and office. Now a search might not sound too bad, but it means that his house was trashed by the police. It will take days to clean up his house.

            So the German government is intimidating judges and teaching them to rule as the government wants them to rule. Another step closer to finding a Stalin

            • alf says:

              There have been a few protests by the usual minority of good folks. But we know the effect of such protests.

              Judiciary, very similar situation happened: a judge ruled that curfew was illegal, that very same day the higher court ruled that curfew was definitely legal. So much for trias politica.

              The elections have been a major dissapointment for me. I expected people to vote against covid measures. They did not. The alt-right greatly underperformed. Hard left parties also underperformed; people voted soft left and cuck right.

              I’ve heard some people argue that the Dutch election were stolen like the American ones, but I don’t believe it. None of the same suspicious patterns.

              Even still, all the covid regulations are slowly ending over here. I believe the reason is not because they believe covid is over (if it were up to them, covid would go on forever), but that people are no longer complying with the rules. Everyone wants to visit friends and family and whatnot, and not doing that indefinitely is too much trouble. So really, humans taking the path of the least resistance is what seems to be ending the covid scam. Masks will still give holiness points for an indefinite amount of time, but I guess it’ll just slowly go out of fashion, like transgenderism.

              • Karl says:

                I remember the appeal courts ruling that curfew was legal, but that was in proceedings of an interim injunction. Interim injunctions are quick. Nothing unsual in an apeal court overruling a lower court in a signle day in proceedings of interim injunction.

                Goverments need an army of judges. Some will believe that they are independent and rule occasionaly against the government. That’s usually not a problem for the government. The government simple makes sure that such judges are not promoted and ensures that all appeal courts toe the line. An appeal courts overruling a lower court is bussiness as usual.

                The case in Gemany was different. A court of first instance decided against the government and the government decided to prosecute the judge for perversion of justice. The police serached his home and just wrecked the place.

                Search warrants are used to secure evidence. There is no possible evidence that conceivably could be found in the judge’s home as perversion of justice simply means that he knowingy passed a wrong decision.

                The accusation of perversion of justice was simple done to intimidate the judges. Now every lawyer in Germany is aware of that.

                In the Netherlands, lawyers can still pretend that the judiciary is independent.

                • alf says:

                  Ah that makes sense.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Merkel has been the German Chancellor FOREVER, I think it was Roosh who pointed out that if she weren’t such a cathedral stooge the lugenpresse would be calling her a dictator.

              • Pooch says:

                I’ve heard some people argue that the Dutch election were stolen like the American ones, but I don’t believe it. None of the same suspicious patterns.

                I know nothing about Dutch politics or elections but I read recently (within the last few months) somewhere a Dutch Kamala Harris-like candidate who was horrible in every debate and seemed to be unanimously disliked unexpectedly won a landslide victory which the media portrayed as the hidden “woman effect”. Is that true?

                • alf says:

                  It’s funny how alt-right sources are almost as bad at getting the facts correct as the mainstream media.

                  Yes, one woman won an landslide victory – Sigrid Kaag. She is of the soft left. But a Kamala Harris she isn’t. I find her very likeable. Elitist, but humble about her elitism. Terribly clichéd prog on the one hand – married a Palestinian while working as a UN employee in Israel clichéd, but also four kids and what seems to be a happy marriage on the other hand.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Alf what are you smoking, there are no good leftists (well the new ager types are okay) the “likable” ones are always wolves in sheeps clothings.

                  Never be fooled, they are of their father the devil and abide no truth for there is no truth in them.

                • alf says:

                  Yes yes kill zem all take out ze machine gun brrrrrrr.

                  I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy there’s people with your zeal but like sixty percent of the population is progressive and my experience is just not that they’re all evil. A few percent of ‘em are, I’ll give you that.

                  At any rate I’d trust you judgment of character more if you weren’t a stripper dating autist ^_^

                • The Cominator says:

                  All their politicians certainly are evil, the non evil new agey ones like Tulsi Gabbard have all left.

                • alf says:

                  For the States I have no trouble believing you. As for Europe, the evil varies per country. My country has many parties, some of which blatantly evil, but some slightly less evil.

                  Like, take Angela Merkel. Is she evil? In actions, definitely. But Hillary Clinton she ain’t. Seems to me that it is exactly because she is not a fully evil person that she has stayed in power for so long.

                • Pooch says:

                  The American Empire elite are insane and evil. That certainly includes Angela Merkel. A great many of them are going to need disappearing as Caesar Augustus realized was necessary and Caesar failed to do.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes Merkel is very evil and insane. The muslim flood, the Libya bombing, I think she STILL has Germany in lockdown (here in the Southern US she would have been strungup).

                • alf says:

                  When I look at Hillary’s or Kamala’s neutral expression, I see evil. Just this general hatred of life, like they’d pop a balloon just to make a kid cry. You see that kind of personal evil every now and then, and it’s nice, because it confirms that sometimes the situation is simply black and white.

                  But not everything is like that. Different folks, different strokes. I don’t see much evil in Merkel’s face. She genuinely wants people to like her, which in a sense is a weakness, but also a strength, because people get to use her for their own ends, which has allowed her to stay chancellor for so long. Hillary could never understand that.

                  I don’t mind this fantasizing about The Day Of The Rope, and this talk of Helicopter The Progs. But it’s just very very detached from the situation we’re actually in. The situation we’re in calls for survival first, which means cooperation, which means not scaring off honest people who perhaps do not share the same bloodlust as some here have.

                • jim says:

                  I recall Merkel flinching from the German flag, like a vampire from sunlight. She would shrivel before the cross. I see plenty of evil there. Childless women tend to turn evil, unless they have nieces and nephews. They want the world to die with them.

                  I don’t see evil in the photos of her that come up when I search, but sometimes in videos I see a loathsome bitter monster appear for a moment.

                • The Cominator says:

                  There are different degrees of evil, Merkel may lack the pure malovolence desire to create suffering for its own sake… but she’ll commit any crime to remain in good standing as a holy leader.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t see desire to inflict suffering in Merkel. I see desire for death, the anti life force of a vampire. She does not want everyone to live in suffering. She wants us all gone, while Kamala Harris wants to trample on our faces and break us to bits. Merkel hates life, and hates us living.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To be fair Jim all good people should shun the false German flag.

                  There is only one true German flag.


                • Pooch says:

                  Fantasizing about purging the left is not helpful but it is helpful identifying who are enemies are. Our enemies are the evil and insane elite who are selected for their adherence to an insane and evil state religion. They may all have different degrees of evilness and and insaneness but we know what side they are on and it isn’t yours. It’s class warefare.

                • jim says:

                  At some point we will have to purge the left – though the situation will, I fear, be that a Stalin has already done most of the really unpleasant necessary work.

                  If we are brave and lucky, we might take power early enough that really unpleasant means will be required. But no need to plan for that optimistic case unless it looks like arriving. If a Pinochet finds himself in power, we show up and tell him he needs memetic sovereignty, what Putin calls spiritual security, and we can provide.

                  Pinochet was a moderate wobbly leftist who was disturbed by the radical leftists, and had to be dragged by the junior officers to the still smoking presidential palace, still decorated with fresh brains and blood.

                  The libertarians then showed up, and sold him memetic sovereignty of a sort, but their doctrine eventually failed to resist Cathedral memetic forces, as it failed in America. Libertarianism, infamously, lacks doctrine on family, women, and sex, assuming a population of isolated sexless sovereign individuals, all equally capable of exercising liberty, and all independently solvent, which makes it weak against Cathedral memes, which weakness leads to the Cathedral correctly viewing it as readily assimilable and in no real conflict. There are no households, no children, and thus no single mothers in libertarianism.

                  The correct economic doctrine is libertarianism assuming a population of independent households, solvent, and capable of exercising liberty, and if a man is not individually solvent and capable of exercising liberty, he should be part of such a household, and if he is not, he is a problem that needs to be fixed, contained or eliminated.

                • suones says:

                  To be fair Jim all good people should shun the false German flag.

                  There is only one true German flag.


                  Wrong flag. Also, fake “country.” Any Saxo-Teutonic nation has to include Osterreich an have an alliance with the Anglo-Saxons.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Kaiserreich’s flag is the right flag.

                • Ace says:

                  I’m sympathetic to Com’s solution to the leftist problem if for no other reason than the shredding of the old books from the libraries. Destroying knowledge is an evil that should result in a lot of pain and suffering before death’s release.

                  But it’s cringe to talk about it when we’re so far out of power and have no prospects to be in power.

      • jim says:

        Retired generals say what actual generals say behind closed doors.

        Any challenge to big steal has to go through the army, not the courts.

        • The Cominator says:

          Like I said I think they’ll wait for higher gas prices and for Biden to be as hated in the midwest as he is in the South (at least central Florida) but after that this letter means hes gone, switching in Kameltoe won’t save them either…

          Nobody believed that the pipeline shutdown was due to “Russian hackers”.

        • Pooch says:

          We are likely still several years away from Caesar, but if this letter is indicative of what actual flag officers are saying, as you imply, than it is indicative that Caesar exists.

          We know from the transcripts that the order for the massive troop deployment came directly from JCOS Milley. My guess when the time comes to fight, the military will split as it did during Caesar’s Civl war.

          • Ace says:

            If military men’s extended families are unable to make ends meet, there isn’t going to be a lot of them trying to save the people who stole the election. The solution to this problem is huge pay offs to the military itself, as Venezuela does. I’m sure the deep state will attempt the same.

            • Dave says:

              That’s what the government will do if it wants to survive. Void the national debt, print just enough money to pay the soldiers, and tell everyone else to get a fucking job.

            • Pooch says:

              If military men’s extended families are unable to make ends meet, there isn’t going to be a lot of them trying to save the people who stole the election.

              Except if wokeness and diversity are preventing them from being promoted at best and purging them from the ranks at worst. The way things are trending eventually a purged officer is not going to want to be purged, as Caesar did not want to be purged. There will be plenty of woke non-purged officers that will fight for the reasons you specify, however.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Pshaw. How many “warnings” did Trump get from various military men? They don’t have the balls to do anything.

      • The Cominator says:

        Trump got warnings from former natsec bureacrats with a couple generals, these are all flag officers.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          >natsec bureaucrats
          >flag officers

          These are different things? Honestly, I don’t know that world, but it seems to me those are synonyms.

          • The Cominator says:

            Civilian DoD bureaucrats (and some not even DoD some were “think tankers” and glowjoggers) and political appointees who served as secretaries to the services vs people who were actual flag officers in the army, navy, air force and the marine corps. The letter to Trump had a few former flag officers but they were mostly bureaucrats.

            This letter came strictly from former members of the officer corps who had reached flag rank (generals and admirals). In the event of a coup the officers are way more relevant than the bureaucrats. Now these guys have been pozzed for a long time but they aren’t full woke fanatics… and they don’t like what they see and are making an implied threat.

            Vox Day is poo pooing it for not being as explicit as the French letter but its still a big step.

  43. Encelad says:

    Found this long priestly article in which a
    Queer black jewish agender woman (*) argues that settling on other planets without following the Cathedral’s guidelines (i.e. not settling at all), is basically slavery. I believed that when Jim would say that they think all science is stolen from brave black warrior women, Jim was exaggerating to make a point. But it is literally what they think.

    (*) I am not making a parody, it is unironically how she define herself.

    • jim says:

      A small step in the right direction.

      What little remains of the Republic and democracy can only function the way Caesar and the NSDAP made it function.

      Anyone who is genuinely active in mainstream politics is starting to realize this, and the remainder who piously proclaim they do not realize it are rhinos.

      In the latter days of the Roman Republic, whoever had physical control of the electoral process won the election. When this became obvious and notorious, contests for physical control of the electoral process turned physical.

      For a while it was easier to get away with contesting physical control of the voting when it was obvious that you would win a fair vote, which Caesar would have done, had a fair vote been allowed to take place.

      • Pooch says:

        In the latter days of the Roman Republic, not only was a willingness to resort to political violence necessary to win elections, it became increasingly necessary to carry out the functions of the Republic such as passing legislation. I would not be surprised if we are headed down that path, even if the GOP manages to win elections again.

  44. Pooch says:

    Had to go to 6 gas stations just now to find one that still had gas to fill up. Sure got to hand it to the Democrats. Flu lockdowns, nigger riots, forced vaccinations, gas shortages….they keep you on your toes.

  45. Basil says:

    And if a girl’s father cannot give his daughter to her husband while her value is rapidly flying down, does this mean that there should be a system that solves this issue, similar to the Australian one? On the one hand, in countries where the practice of arranged marriage still exists, quite often fathers postpone the marriage of their daughter too much by throwing away her appearance and eggs. With the transition to the privatization of wives, this will happen even more often. In history, you can also see similar examples. On the other hand, this is a rather clumsy regulation. Is there enough public condemnation (spinster = shame) and market incentives (old age = low cost)?

    • jim says:

      shotgun marriage.

      If someone hangs onto his daughter too long, she is going to have sex. Reading between the lines of old books, daughters who were kept “in” too long tended to go apocalyptic.

      If someone’s daughter loses her virginity, that should impair the father’s property right in his daughter, and give the man she loses her virginity to a plausible case for claiming property right in that daughter, plus there should be su