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My blog has been down for a while – the perils of being your own system administrator.

Because of political events, I have moved the blog onto a server physically located on the boundary between the US empire and the Chinese hegemony, in a country that piously proclaims fealty to both, and tends to be left alone by both.

(Which means we are now being spied on by twice as many people, but they will probably forget about shutting me down and all that.)

While I can blame lots of other people for lots of things that went wrong in the move, the chief errors were my own.

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  1. simplyconnected says:

    Perusing the chans, saw this thread that got deleted, discussing Lin Wood posting the transcript of an interview his firm conducted.

    Talks about Rod Rosenstein, Pence, etc.. corruption, spying, other nefarious stuff, including a plot with Pence from 2016 to oust Trump. Link is from Lin Wood’s telegram.

  2. Ace says:

    More evidence that Trump can’t lead:

    McConnell reportedly told people he can’t believe Trump is “stupid enough” to endorse his favorite candidate (Timken).

    Jane Timken also said that the vote to impeach Trump was “reasonable” until Portman announced his retirement.

    Trump isn’t the guy and never was.

    • Pooch says:

      This could be wishful thinking, but maybe Trump is conceding the Senate to the Optimates while focusing all energy on Populares gaining control of the House. Maybe he sees what we see, in that the fraud is too great to overcome in state elections while House districts are still somewhat winnable in non machine controlled areas.

      Even if a few Populares candidates pick up seats in the Senate it hardly changes things. Optimates are still firmly in control. The House is a different story however. 2/3 of the House GOP are Populares. Winning the House likely means a legitimate Populist like Jim Jordan becomes Speaker which would be significant.

      • Karl says:

        Why should that be significant?

        At best, the house can pass or prevent laws from being passed, but those kind of laws no longer matter

        • Pooch says:

          The Speaker of the House has considerable power and influence over the affairs in Washington (especially funding), arguably more than the President. I would imagine political violence would intensify as it did in Rome post-Gracchus if the Populists were to get this position.

          • Karl says:

            Influence the speaker might have, but power? Do armed men obey his orders?

            Funding is done by passing a budget, i.e. by law.

            Why do you think that a law about a budget would be observed while laws that prohibit election fraud, arson, looting, etc are not observed?

            I imagine that if there were a budget law that cuts funding to any progressive cause, the law would simply be ignored and the budget overdrawn.

            I also imagine that political violence will intensify – no ifs about it.

            • jim says:

              > I imagine that if there were a budget law that cuts funding to any progressive cause, the law would simply be ignored and the budget overdrawn.

              Been happening for near a decade.

              The budget has for near a decade been an empty ritual similar to the Queen riding in a stagecoach to open parliament.

            • Pooch says:

              Influence the speaker might have, but power? Do armed men obey his orders?

              It was revealed by Jan. 6th that the Capital Police take orders from Speaker Pelsoi. To be seen if a Republican Speaker would have that same chain of command.

              The budget may be an empty ritual but failing to pass it can be used to shut down the government, as has been done in the past.

              Although the authorities looked the other way during the election and pretended not to see voter fraud, I am seeing plenty of them continuing to act like the Republic will operate as normal as did the late Roman Republic.

            • Pooch says:

              Why do you think that a law about a budget would be observed while laws that prohibit election fraud, arson, looting, etc are not observed?

              Depends who’s enforcing it. No laws in blue cities, complete Anarcho-tyranny. However, red areas and governments are still very much acting as if the Republic still lives.

              • jim says:

                > However, red areas and governments are still very much acting as if the Republic still lives.

                History tells us this delusion is apt to be fatal.

                The Nazis won in Germany because they knew the Republic had already fallen, and their electoral campaigns were realistically premised on the assumption that democracy was not working.

                • Pooch says:

                  Did they not win through republican means proper legal authority?

                • jim says:

                  Yes, nazis won through Republican means with proper legal authority, but that cannot be done without the Proud Boys having their guy at the top, as the brownshirts had their guy at the top.

                • Pooch says:

                  and proper authority*

                • Pooch says:

                  If we are the Weimer-path and the Republic has already fallen, nothing less than the NSDAP will be sufficient.

                  If we are on the Roman Republic path and Trump is indication of the beginning of the fall, as Gracchus was, we hope the Populares can hold off the holiness spiral long enough for Caesar to arrive.

                • The Cominator says:

                  In the Weimar Republic (and Italy after WWI) the Deep State and the executive authority were generally in the hands of reactionary monarchists people who thought like me you and Jim (as Moldbug pointed out long ago) this is what paved the “fascist” way to power (I mean once it became clear they could not get real reactionaries into power).

                  The opposite is true in the US where the deep state tends to be full of communists and progressive radicals.

    • Pooch says:

      Scratch that. Don Jr talked him out of it. Might be confirmation of the reports Jr is replacing Kushner as his top advisor.

      • Ace says:

        That’s good news. Though I think he needs to get Bannon back in there. Trump needs to punish his foes and reward his friends and Bannon knows how to do that.

        • Pooch says:

          I agree. Robert Barnes, who seems to be pretty plugged in and has access to him, seems to suspect Trump is still surrounded by people giving him bad advice. In his opinion, Don Jr is his best political advisor and has the best eye for the snakes and the back stabbers so Trump elevating Jr’s status in the inner circle is at least one encouraging sign.

  3. Ace says:

    Rolling for a new cat.

    The Junta has to arrest Trump soon if they have any hope of holding onto power. The failure to start killing or arresting Republicans through a terror campaign while Trump’s opening proclaiming he’ll win a 3ed time is going to result in people taking the next logical step as things get worse. Biden/Harris junta are destroying the economy and unleashing the largest crime wave in US history and the man who rightfully won the election is standing right there ready to resume office.

    The downside to the Democrats not having to care about winning elections anymore is they no longer have to offer things that voters want. This makes them immensely unpopular, so much so that no amount of fake media and fakes news can hide it. With the myth that the popular will is determines who’s ruling America, it’s a great excuse to remove the riggers for someone has the balls and power to do it.

    The dem terror campaign is likely to start very soon if it’s going to happen.

    • jim says:

      Leaderless resistance is not going to be effectual. Trump, Don Junior, or General Flynn would have to start leading.

      And, as yet, they are not.

      The overthrow of the Junta is going to need a Cromwell, a Napoleon, a Hitler, or a Stalin, and I fear we are not going to get a Cromwell, or a Napoleon, or even a Hitler.

      And the time for a Stalin is not yet. We are likely to get an Allende or a Kerensky, who cannot control those to his left, but betrays those to his right.

      The worst outcome would be a Republican party that follows Scott Alexander’s advice, and betrays those to its right, but is not rewarded by cooperation from those to its left.

      • Ace says:

        Rolling for a new cat.

        Leaderless resistance is not going to be effectual. Trump, Don Junior, or General Flynn would have to start leading.

        And, as yet, they are not.

        Trump is testing the waters. Though what I’m talking about is lower level military guy or an actual political elite decided they’ve had enough and end the junta and restore the legitimately elected President to power. The troops guarding the capital will soon the the sort will run after the first shot is fired, assuming they don’t piss themselves and run when they see actual warriors driving into town.

        You can’t let the king live without someone using him to overthrown the illegitimated and unpopular government.

        Trump has probably decided to follow the Andrew Jackson model of firmly taking over the party and reforming the system at the state level so that he can return to power in 2024. This model doesn’t seem likely to become reality, but we haven’t seen the level of oppression against the outer party and Trump that we expecting. Our model isn’t reflecting reality, yet.

        The Roman model is still the most likely one, but our deep state has failed to murder the Gracchi brothers, yet. They’re primed to do it, but they have not pulled the trigger. The longer they wait the worse the blow to our national civic religion as Trump is doing the normal American thing of trying undo the wrongs done against him via elections and politics. He’s not raising an army, he’s not fomenting rebellion, etc. Killing Trump would be a highly disrupted blow to Americans’ civic religion and normality shattering blow.

        What the Gracchi brothers did was illegal. Trump has committed a single crime. Killing Trump is likely to result in something we haven’t seen before.

        • Pooch says:

          I think they do what TC suggested and go after Trump on some technicality on his taxes or something to prevent him from getting any publicity in a show trial. They seem to be smart enough, at least currently, to not flagrantly break norms and arrest him on something ridiculously fraudulent, although that could soon change based on his behavior. He is not really hurting them yet though.

    • Pooch says:

      Interesting NRx video here discussing Biden’s loyalty tests…

      This sort of lines up with the theory that we are only in the beginning of the fall of the Republic and Trump is acting as a Gracchus figure, a leader of the Populares political movement, but not any type of military leader.

      They go on to say Biden’s loyalty tests now for the warriors are similar to the Marian reforms where troop loyalty shifted away from the state and to individual Generals, creating the path for a Caesar to come later.

      This makes sense to me. The military as currently constructed is loyal to the idea of the Republic still. We are still a bit away from them being reorientated to perform proscriptions on the political opposition.

      • jim says:

        So, on that model, we get a Marius, and if we are lucky, then a Sulla.

        That makes sense, since Marius was left singularity, and Caesar came after Sulla ended the left singularity. Similarly, Napoleon came after the Thermidorian Reaction, and the Thermidorean Reaction arguably stabilized leftism, halting the singularity. (Despite the name, Thermidor was not Reactionary, just a bunch of leftists crying that they needed to go slower on the path to utopia.)

        Deng, on the other hand, really was at least somewhat reactionary in some ways, despite crying he was as left as Mao. “Learn Truth from Facts” is reactionary, being a fundamental and radical rejection of communist and progressive epistemology.

        Cromwell did not halt the left singularity until he purged Barebones Parliament, but he was quick enough off the mark when leftism started getting seriously unchristian and absurd, when Puritanism started to prefigure 1960s leftism. It offended his sanity and his faith.

        • Pooch says:

          That makes sense, since Marius was left singularity, and Caesar came after Sulla ended the left singularity.

          What was it that made Marius left singularity?

          • jim says:

            > What was it that made Marius left singularity?

            Among other things, inviting the Samnite army to the walls of Rome.

            The underlying theory being that the Samnites would be happy as pigs in mud if granted Roman citizenship.

            The Samnites would not have been happy till Rome was ashes, its walls rubble, its menfolk dead, and its women slaves, and were not shy about saying so.

            • The Cominator says:


              Marius the Elder was dead by the time Carbo started wholesale recruitment of Samnites. I think you are too hard on Marius the elder who when he was younger was one of Rome’s great heroes and when he was older was something of an unwitting senile puppet deranged by extreme old age and strokes.

              Keep in mind that Marius during his sixth consulship (when he was still able lucid etc) violently put down a radical populares revolt though the revolt was theoretically in his name. Marius despite being a populares wanted no part of the radical populares not till he was really old and insane.

              • Pooch says:

                My amateur reading of Marius is that he was someone playing both sides in order to keep power (7 consulships).

                • The Cominator says:

                  His 7th consulship was born of demented insanity, but yes essentially Marius was more interested in military command then domestic ideology but in conniving to swindle Sulla (formerly his most able subordinate and right hand man) out of his command in the mithradatic war while he (Marius) was old and unfit (while sulla was still in his prime) was when he 1st really crossed the line and he got worse after that. Still Carbo not Marius brought the Samnites. Marius I think rampaged through the city towards the very end with savage and fanatically loyal (probably German) freedmen of his.

                  He should have been happy to see his protege succeed him as Romes best general not trying to relive his days as successful general when he was a stroke survivor.

        • The Cominator says:

          The people who used Marius when he was senile and somewhat crazywere more of a left singularly, carbo especially… Marius before then only cared about politics because he had to for military reasons.

          • Ace says:

            Jack Posobiec reported that Harris wasn’t informed about the airstrikes before they happened and she’s been the person handling all the foreign leader calls. There’s multiple groups using Biden for their own ends, a bit like Marius.

            • The Cominator says:

              Late Marius was indeed like Biden, except Marius was a genuine military hero once Biden was never anything but a crook…

              • Ace says:

                True, both held official power which makes controlling them useful. The leftist singularity is still picking up speed despite the deep state just wanting things to calm down enough for them to continue looting. Crime is spiraling out of control.

                How did leftists capture Marius? I almost nothing about the real history of Marius, most of the historical sources I’ve read about it seem to gloss over what was actually going on.

            • Pooch says:

              I almost doubt that Biden was informed prior as well.

      • yewotm8 says:

        >They go on to say Biden’s loyalty tests now for the warriors are similar to the Marian reforms where troop loyalty shifted away from the state and to individual Generals, creating the path for a Caesar to come later.

        My first thought is that they can’t be that dumb. That’s pretty much the only way they lose.

        But of course, they can always be that dumb.

        • Ace says:

          There’s only 2 things solders are loyal to: The state and it’s civic religion or their generals. They’ve destroyed the state’s civic religion. The only thing left to be loyal to is a general.

  4. […] flaw, explained by Prince Charming and checked by me is that the salt does not salt – it is same salt for every user, and the salt is quite short, and can be reversed. Given one known email, one can reverse the salt. Given the salt, one can […]


    Makes the case whites invented monogamy. Now, while patriarchy is clearly an older invention than the emergence of whites, monogamy might indeed be a white invention. They are not the same thing. But when the author says polygamy is our natural instinct, I think he does not get entirely precisely how exactly it is not the same thing.

    It is like this. Patriarchical monogamy means 10 women are arranged-married to average dudes. Patriarchical polygamy means 10 women are arranged-married to Bill Gates and it is right that it is kind of closer to the natural instincts of women than patriarchical monogamy is. But lacking patriarchy, those women will not marry Bill Gates, they will fuck Jeremy Meeks. Or perhaps will marry Bill Gates for the shekels but not fuck him, fuck Jeremy Meeks instead. So even patriarchical polygamy is not entirely same as what women with their natural instincts do. But definitely closer, especially if the rich man who can afford ten wives is not Bill Gates but a warlord. In such a situation it could be close enough to women’s natural instincts. But in e.g. Chinese history, where it was not only the warlord but also the rich fat merchant who purchased multiple wives, it is not close at all.

    • Ace says:

      >Once societies began to practice agriculture and increasing inequalities between classes emerged, with some men appropriating large tracts of land worked by low status peasants, the acquisition of multiple wives by a few men intensified. Only 15 percent of agricultural societies in the Ethnographic Atlas are identified as “monogamous”. With the rise of complex chiefdoms and civilizations, it became customary for the high ranking men to have multiple wives, with some kings having a few elite wives and several thousand secondary wives.

      He’s way off on his pre-history. Women were mostly acquired through warfare. You went to war with a other tribes mostly take their fertile age women and to protect your own. The amount of hunting a man could do wasn’t that big of a limitation, rather the tribes ability to win in warfare was the primary limiting factor, not food resources. Humans are apex predators and our evolution was mostly shaped through conflict with other human groups mostly over women, not acquiring food resources.

      Africans are different in this regard since their preferred prey was well adapted to Africans limited hunting abilities. Humans who left Africa’s driving revolutionary force was warfare and in the north increasing intelligence in order to survive the winters.

      >Females want to form a pair-bond with those males who can best guarantee support for her during pregnancy and during the maturation of the child. They want security and comfort. Therefore, they are psychologically inclined to gravitate toward high status men with resources. This means that in a world where high status men are always seeking and acquiring multiple wives, and many low status men are being deprived of sexual mates, young females will have a larger pool of males to choose husbands from than would be available in a society where monogamy was the law. While they would prefer to be the singular wives of high status men, given the option of marrying a low status man who can’t provide security, or becoming part of a polygynous household with lots of resources and much to learn from older co-wives, she would prefer to be the wife of a married man.

      LOL, wut? I’ve known this was a lie since I first figured out the key to get bitches horny was acting like a thug, not a providing for them.

      • Right, I missed those parts. BTW I have a hypothesis about human evolution, I wonder if anyone can say whether it is plausible. So, the evolution of human intelligence was a runaway process, which is rare in nature, implying selective pressure from other humans, not other animals. Indeed, it has been discovered that human intelligence is in many ways social intelligence, leading to ideas like the Ecological Domination – Social Competition model. The question is, how could selection pressure for intelligence become a runaway process?

        My hypothesis comes from me observing cats giving birth and humans giving birth. Man, the cats have it a LOT easier. Pretty much every animal has. Because human babies have big heads. So intelligence, resulting in big heads, made childbirth harder, not only more painful but also more deadly. Human females died in childbirth a lot, it does not happen with other animals.

        So my hypothesis is that the runaway process is that human intelligence evolved through competing for women, but the very process made childbirth far more deadly for women, meaning human or relatively more intelligent hominid females had fewer children on the whole than their less intelligent ancestors. This made them more scarce and more valuable.

        Thus, runaway process. As men competed for women with intelligence, intelligence itself as in big baby heads made the childbirth capacity scarcer and scarcer, making competition more intense, making selective pressure for intelligence harsher, resulting even more women dying in childbirth, and so on.

        Is this plausible?

        • Although the weirdest part is how long it takes for human babies to learn to walk. Apparently it was unimportant enough so that evolution could redirect the resources for it somewhere else. Meaning they had to be carried. Which limits the number of small children a woman can have. Indeed, it is not common for humans to have triplets or even more twins. One or two kids at the same time. WTF. Sounds like a huge reproduction fitness setback? If small kids would not have to be carried, easily 4-5 twins at the same time.

          • ten says:

            A helpless child forces K-selectiive rearing. It hinders group mobility too, you can only carry so many toddlers for so long. Probably does other things as well.

            Spawning swarms of twin zerglings at full auto probably doesn’t result in great social cohesion or memetic transfer across generations.

        • Prince Charming says:

          As a fed, I must gain the trust of my fellow white supernationalist terrorists, plus this is a slide thread, so here goes:

          Love your hypothesis, love it, love it. There’s probably something to it. I feel it is one of the constituent factors in sexual selection.

          The evolution of homo intelligence was as gradual as one would imagine, going all the way from the pan-homo common ancestor. Six million years of very gradual evolution. (And the pan are wicked smart, too, they have not been just dicking around either. But they are adapted to a different niche.) And once we’ve all evolved on this beautiful branched tree of life, where everyone is so wonderfully diverse, we formed bands, fucked the shit of our enslaved captive wives, swelled our ranks, and genocided all the subhuman apes that we could throw a spear at. Then we made captive slaves of *their* women, and went for a round two, now with even more genocide. This process is still ongoing. The gap between homo and pan has the same origin as the gap between the different human subspecies: slightly different niches, and genocide. But of course, to point out that will soon have you pointing out that — gasp — human subspecies are not just something one may find in the prehistory textbook, so you get this handwaving about evolution in leaps and bounds, social interaction, and overhyping of sexual selection.

          > intelligence, resulting in big heads, made childbirth harder, not only more painful but also more deadly

          Humans basically are marsupials. Ever seen a kangaroo give birth[1]? Our babies gestate outside the womb for the first year or so (which means ~2 years per baby — will that not dominate the cost per baby, much more than the maternal mortality you hypothesize)? The prevailing theory is that the cortex needs to develop/grow in size, and there is a tradeoff between birth canal size, and the ability of the mother to walk in a bipedal fashion (but what do I know, it’s all boomer science). Surely the tradeoff is about which side of the birth canal the gestation goes on, rather than the gestation period per se?

          As long as the reproduction rate of an intelligent woman significantly above replacement (TFR 2.1 nowadays, probably something like TFR 5 in the ancestral environment), you will always have surplus babymakers. With about 20 years of useful fertility, you can sqeeze out 10 kids at 2 years per, which is 2x surplus each generation, compounding. Things that can be farmed aren’t scarce. You loved her, and she was the mother of your highly intelligent children, but you ain’t a faggot. Why can’t you continue making babies with her daughter?

          [1] <– view through tor or not at all!

      • i says:

        “He’s way off on his pre-history. Women were mostly acquired through warfare. You went to war with a other tribes mostly take their fertile age women and to protect your own. ”

        Its also to prevent that other tribe from take future revenge so all the males were slain and the women taken.

        When dealing with a potential threat in regards to future raids and potential extermination of your own tribe.

        That other tribe is extinguished and their women taken.

        Similarly to how the Israelites took the Midianite female virgins after slaying the rest of the Midianites for their treachery and attempt at destroying Israel similar to Amalek.

      • suones says:

        Once societies began to practice agriculture and increasing inequalities between classes emerged, with some men appropriating large tracts of land worked by low status peasants …

        Marxist drivel. I addressed the origin of landlord-peasant distinction in my article[1]. An excerpt:

        Farming: much more than tilling

        There are a lot of crucial decisions to be made about farming, starting from which seeds to sow and when, when and how to irrigate, when and how to apply which pesticides/insecticides/weedicides, best method to ensure high yield, most efficient harvesting techniques, etc. Ram is a good farmer, and he assiduously studies the conditions of his farm, weather patterns, and accounts for uncertainty in product and sale. Over time, he is blessed with high yields and a surplus income. He invests his surplus into increasing yields of his farm by using the most modern tools and capital-intensive farming, that greatly amplifies his yields still. Ultimately he builds a large surplus.

        On the other hand are other farmers Shyam, Mohan, and Rajesh. They work hard, but they don’t grasp the nuances of farming quite as well, and as a result live on subsistence-level yields for long periods. When crisis strikes, whether flood or disease, they teeter on the brink of starvation. Farming is clearly not the right vocation for them. They go to Ram, and request him for guidance on how to farm so that they may also get high yields. Ram knows that one technique isn’t enough, and land must be managed and improved continuously. So Ram asks them for control over the entire land, to be used and disposed as he alone sees fit, and the others to become tenants, working as directed by Ram. In this way, Ram’s efficient farming now spreads to four times the earlier area, and the total yields are now much, much higher than before. The tenants receive their share of the yield, which is much more than they could grow by themselves, while Ram receives the remainder.


      • Pooch says:

        LOL, wut? I’ve known this was a lie since I first figured out the key to get bitches horny was acting like a thug, not a providing for them.


      • Snowdensjacket says:

        [*terrible advice on game deleted*]

        • jim says:

          All of your advice reveals the purple pill: Reread my post on endangering women.

          • Snowdensjacket says:

            Tell you what, you don’t want my posts here. So I’ll go.

            • jim says:

              I don’t want your posts here, because I do not believe you to be the person you represent yourself as being.

              Your game is woeful, though it is good enough that you probably do better with women than someone entirely blue pilled, and it is far too good for you to be working for HR.

              You never gave me the promised discussion on usury.

    • suones says:

      Makes the case whites invented monogamy.

      Aryans enforced monogamy. I have no doubt that some primitive tribe or the other had at least tried monogamy (until it got destroyed), but it was the Aryans who made it a defining characteristic of society.

      Dharma shastras tell us that marriage is not just a social ceremony, but a spiritual union of a man and a woman, which necessarily must only take place once. Kings may take multiple wives for political reasons, but only the mother of the Crown Prince is considered his “wife,” the rest are “sub-wives.” Common people are not permitted this exception. The very rich may hold concubines as property, but that’s it.

      This radically differs from Semites, especially of the Arab variety, who consider women as “persons” capable of entering into “contracts” with “husbands” in a “marriage,” and Islam arbitrarily assigns a limit of four per man to stem the ridiculousness this entails.

      But when the author says polygamy is our natural instinct, I think he does not get entirely precisely how exactly it is not the same thing.

      Maybe the author is a woman, faggot, or both.

      • clovis says:

        It really doesn’t radically differ from Semites; the primary Semitic text says: “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” It’s pretty clear from a reading of Genesis that multiple wives is a sinful deviation from the original order. In the new Testament Jesus forbids the taking of multiple wives through divorce and remarriage, as Jews were in the habit of doing then. So I’d say it’s part of the natural law rather than an Aryan idiosyncrasy.

    • Snowdensjacket says:

      [*purple pill on women deleted, as I don’t have time to fisk it.*]

    • ether says:

      see when dealing with those levels of behavior, I wouldn’t consider her as a human being so much as something closer to like a dog. at a certain point women’s “natural instincts” seem like a bug in any world that isn’t mud huts, old world obsolete programming that needs to be reformatted. given what I’ve learned about neurology I think this formatting is entirely possible but the conditions need to be neat because you’re trying to build on the neocortex which is largely new territory for life on earth ,with only humans having it and only a small portion of them able to actually have some activity in that part of the brain.

      maybe it would take some sort of hybrid poindexter social engineer warlord who will brutally kill off entire families who don’t fit the mold of next generation mental firmware and exhibit too much base animal behavior without any need for it.

      I understand the necessity for human savagery in uncertain times and circumstances. we definitely live in some uncertain times and we don’t have the technology to make savagery completely obsolete, I’d argue that when things like combat robots that can literally replace and supersede a trained soldier is when the brain will have enough power differential over raw savagery and it starts to truly become a recessive, losing evolutionary trait, and culturally seen as deplorable rather than “alfa status”. call it a sci fi fantasy but I don’t see the human race with a future outside of its repetitive cycles of time unless there’s a point where the collective outgrows its savagery, on a level as thorough that I described. Like I understand why a woman would choose a barbarian at any point in time, but she doesn’t understand that evolution means adaptation means throwing things, traits out, when they become obsolete or on the cusp. I can be a stubborn fuck myself but I understand that for the human race to have a future I can’t be just a savage and have to actually put on a tie and behave civilly towards other people, as a choice rather than due to the fear of punishment. it doesn’t even cross my mind that maybe I should breed with a gold digger because once upon a time it was evolutionary advantageous for a woman to try to drain resources from every man she comes across like a leech. that was then this is now, and I’d rather look at the future.

      bill gates was a bit of a warlord though some of the shit he did to build his empire sounded outright criminal. I know steve jobs was pretty vicious too. they just didn’t have foot ball bodies and used their brain. it also has to go this cultural idea that being smart somehow makes you weak. the moment intelligence is seen as actual superior genetics is a good thing for the culture. actually now that I think about it I’ve known high achieving academic type women who got with really dumb dudes because it was easier on her ego that was gifted to her by the system. also smarter dudes just didn’t wanna deal with her shit since it could also land him in jail if the coin lands tails, while the jeremy meeks just doesn’t care because he has literally nothing to lose since he has nothing going for him anyway. these are the kind of women who if you try to have a relationship with her, you’ll have no choice but to beat her to put her in her place physically because she’s been trained to just hamster wheel forever. think it’s easier to just play the victim of the thug toxic masculinity narrative since its so celebrated than to just accept that not only is he stronger than you, but smarter too, no matter what your college diversity hire professor said about you.

      • jim says:


        Why would we evolve cooperation if we entirely lost our killer ape nature?

        As birds are shaped to fly, humans are shaped to cooperate.

        And what has shaped us to cooperate is a band of brothers cooperating to kill the men on the other side of the hill and take their land and women.

        We need to resume that activity from time to time, though in the modern era with better transport and communication, we need to travel further than the other side of the hill, and somehow organize on scales much larger than brothers and cousins can organize.

  6. The Cominator says:

    I love how some idiots think there is any chance of bond vigilantes beating central banks, or that the government can ever allow interest rates to rise at its current debt levels.

    There will be inflation but interest rates will stay low.

    • Pooch says:


      • Pooch says:

        I would not at all be surprised at seeing Weimer-like hyperinflation at some point based on what the elites have already put us through.

        • The Cominator says:

          70s inflation not weimar.

          • Pooch says:

            The amount of money printing is insane and they don’t really seem to understand why that’s bad.

            • The Cominator says:

              Hyperinflation weimar or Zimbabwe or Venezuela style is not in the cards 70s inflation is happening…

              I’m not sure what the best play for it is though… silver miners?

              • Pooch says:

                Crypto. Listen to Jim.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I have a lot on my crypto miner I can’t tie up a lot on a single crypto… because no options to hedge and make income. I put some on carano per Jim’s advice though…

                • jim says:

                  As I said, Charles Hoskinson is totally in bed with our enemies, and if he continues on that course, Cardano will not get far. It will be crippled by the regulators. But he is also on a course that will put him at war with our enemies. I am gambling on divisions in the ruling class. Such gambles are always chancy, but can yield rich rewards. He is playing ball with those who want to supervise and control other people’s transactions, and at some point, playing ball with them is going to get very difficult.

                  He also does not have the best technology, though substantially better than Bitcoin. But being there first with good enough technology counts for more than having the best technology. He is running on old type Practical Byzantine Fault Resistant consensus. Which suffices, though I do not like it. He is running the biggest crypto currency that solves the scaling problem – and also works as a foundation to sovereign corporations.

                • Pooch says:

                  Commodities in general are usually good during inflation. Oil might be good.

                • Pooch says:

                  He is running on old type Practical Byzantine Fault Resistant consensus

                  What is the difference between his PBFT and your PBFT?

                • jim says:


                  Blockdag algorithms, or at least the interesting ones, are either provably equivalent to PBFT or substantially similar, though they are superficially completely different, but in theory should achieve higher rates of consensus because the leader does not do the entire job of totally ordering transactions, and because the leader is selected retroactively, as the final step in establishing a total order of transactions. His is the block that orders all the orders of all the other blocks.

                  Also, in old type PBFT, no one ever implements the leader selection phase correctly, because it is damn near incomprehensible. I never quite figured it out, and I have read people who implemented it complaining.

                  ADA is old type PBFT with a new, interesting and clever leader selection algorithm. But the leader selection algorithm could bite them at scale.

    • clovis says:

      That was a good article. And even more interesting is that has Scott Alexander on its front page:

      • jim says:

        Scott is piously telling Republicans to move left and get outraged about class.

        But, as I am fond of telling the commies, no one is short of bread. They are short of family, sex, children, sex, homes, sex, gardens, sex, and grandchildren.

        Trump talked about class plenty – but it was not the commie division into classes he was talking about.

        • The Cominator says:

          Scott’s proposal (and I’ve never liked him the way you at least seem to want to like him) has some merit… this is the 1st time I kind of want to like him.

          The right needs to name the priest/brahmin class particularly those on its upper levels (exempting a few genuine dissidents) and define them as enemies of the nation who must be disempowered and perhaps more… Not as the economic upper class but as the ruling class. The war on college and stuff is a good idea…

          Trump sort of named them sometimes… but it needs to become a consistent theme. Good politics needs to have an enemy and if the right is ever to gets its act together and do what is needed (the kind of NSDAP brute tactics needed to ensure honest elections, and uniting most of the non priests against the priestly class, their religion, and their agenda) we need to name the enemy.

          I’ve never liked Scott before now but with a few modifications I mostly agree with him here.

          • jim says:

            The trouble with Scott is that he doubletalks because he doublethinks.

            That is not the class Scott had in mind.

            Or not the class that he admitted to himself he had in mind.

            • The Cominator says:

              He is definitely doublethinking but at least subconscious crimethink comes through when he mentions colleges and credentialism…

              And his proposal should be adopted with the modification that we are explicit on who the real enemy class is… though we need to be vague about what proportion of lawyers the most powerful subclass in the priesthood we mean when we call them the enemy (in reality 90% of lawyers need to go, including the federalist society lawyers the election cases proved them to be when push comes to shove part of the enemy, and the entire legal system needs to be burned to the ground).

              I’ve never liked him or even wanted to, not being a former leftist I’m much less tolerant of leftists (and cannot comprehend why anyone falls for their lies, I can understand people who fall for the less obvious lies of centrist cuckservatives or Trumanesque genuine pro labor leftism) and would be much less merciful to them than you seem inclined to (I would not spare youth and sex would be spared only as concubines who could never be freed or raised to the status of wives and I would be Suharto thorough about hunting down all who believed) but I do want to like him here. And with a few modifications to his intent he is absolutely right.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >I’ve never liked him the way you at least seem to want to like him

            Why do internet right-wingers crave this particular effeminate mediocrity’s approval so much? Are we so starved for any official validation that we worship this dork because, unlike anyone other “respected” thinker, he sometimes grudgingly tosses us a crumb of respect? It’s pretty pathetic.

          • I think I sort of want to like him for the . It is not that he figured out something no one else did. It is just that he had written so well, so poetically, so graspingly about it. Being good at rhethorics is an important political virtue – just should be employed in the service of a good cause…

          • suones says:

            @The Cominator

            The right needs to name the priest/brahmin class particularly those on its upper levels … and define them as enemies of the nation …

            This is a very confusing statement. Moldbug defined “Brahmin” as people who define status by “scholarly achievement, success in an intellectual profession, or position of civic responsibility.” A lot of us belong in that group! The whole of NRx is basically “our Brahmins” (i.e., us), vs their Brahmins. We cannot get “official” credentials from official places because official places are all converged, but we absolutely do value learning and intellectual achievement more than the average prole shudra or the money-grabbing vaisya. How do you run a society if you declare “Brahmin class” as “enemies of the nation?”

            The replacement of an insane priesthood is a sane priesthood, and prevention of priestly holiness spiralling is ensured by making a warrior King hold memetic sovereignty over the priesthood. What you propose is somehow vaisyas vs brahmins+dalits, or M vs H+L, which is a proven losing strategy.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Puritans belong tot the Calvinist clade. Calvinists belong to the Protestant clade. Protestants belong to the Christian clade. Christians belong to the Abrahamic clade. Moldbug taken to the logical extreme requires eradication of the Abrahamic clade.

              • jim says:

                > > Christians belong to the Abrahamic clade.

                > “Christians” are not a clade, regardless of whatever fantasies are entertained by Aryan philosemites.

                Christians are not in the Abrahamic clade, which is a biological clade.

                However, we reactionaries not only classify races into clades, but ideologies into clades.

                Christianity is intellectually and culturally descended from old type Judaism, starting as a revival of old type Judaism against holiness spiraled Judaism.

                Puritanism is descended from Protestantism, Protestantism started as revival of old type Christianity against Papism.

                Progressivism is descended from Evangelicals, who are descended from Puritans.

                • suones says:

                  I think Jim edited my reply.


                  Christians are not in the Abrahamic clade, which is a biological clade.

                  You can stop right there. That is the main thrust of my argument. There is a great tendency among our enemies to somehow identify “Abrahamic” as a karass in contrast to “Dharmic,” where nominal “Christians” somehow become part of the same group as Jews (Israelites) and Arabs (Ishmaelites), the actual, Semitic, Abrahamics. This coalition actually exists in various parts of the world, in various proportions. But it is a granfalloon, a false grouping. That a fellow is “Christian” tells you nothing about his biological nature or beliefs. He may be a Scandinavian atheist, or a Nigerian prince.

                • jim says:

                  I am sorry,

                  I hit the update button thinking I was hitting the reply button, I do that a lot.

                  Thus losing the original comment

                • The Cominator says:

                  This sounds like a bunch of rhetorical navel gazing that would only appeal to academics… I don’t mind big words or complex thoughts but this is a way of putting it that makes it less intelligible.

                  Yes of course politically Muslims Jews and different Christians have almost nothing in common and tend to often be enemies (Muslims are enemies of everyone always if given half the chance) despite being Abrahamic faiths, and often subgroups of these groups hate each other… no need to make it overly complicated.

            • The Cominator says:

              There are some dissident priest and brahmins but the vast majority of them have to go. They are not useful and they will not be missed.

              The brahminate will have to be rebuilt entirely from a small remnant as it stands now only fire can cleanse it. Don’t knock the money grubbing Vaisyas that is precisely the kind of attitude we will have no tolerance for if we ever get to make the new brahminate/priesthood.

              • suones says:

                Without our own Brahmins we are not going to win anyway.

                Anti-intellectualism/Anti-Brahminism is a marked trait of “right-wing” style movements, ostensibly to attract proles/shudras to their cause. Fake right and fake cause. Failure to have a loyal cadre of Brahmins will result in defeat as certainly as failure to have a loyal cadre of Kshatriyas/warriors. Our enemies know this, and deliberately force our Brahmins/scholars underground for fear of prison or worse, and then they can pretend that we have a “human capital” problem.

                Rule by Vaisyas (corporatocracy?) is a recipe for disaster. Vaisyas cannot generate memetic sovereignty, and more importantly, cannot even preserve it, once granted, and will be rapidly converged by enemy Brahmins, as has happened to a large extent in the USA.

                In ancient times, even the richest merchant would be low-status compared to a learned Brahmin. In modern times, Bill Gates is low-status compared to the NGO Brahmins. The status of the Vaisya remains the same. We can only choose if the Brahmin is sane (i.e., one of us) or insane (prog).

                Any strategy that depends on Vaisyas or especially proles “rising up” and taking initiative, any initiative, is doomed to fail.

                • jim says:


                  We need warriors, and we need priests. We are the priests – but the time is not ready for evangelizing. We are an analysis movement, not an advocacy movement.

                  When the warriors are ready, then it will be time for an advocacy movement.

                • The Cominator says:

                  We more need warriors. The priesthood should be small and advisory.

                  The warriors are more the hard part than anything else… the US doesn’t have a huge pool of pissed off veterans who hate the government the way Germany had. It has SOME but not too many.

          • Pooch says:

            Trump sort of named them sometimes… but it needs to become a consistent theme. Good politics needs to have an enemy and if the right is ever to gets its act together and do what is needed (the kind of NSDAP brute tactics needed to ensure honest elections, and uniting most of the non priests against the priestly class, their religion, and their agenda) we need to name the enemy.

            If you ignore the anti-white holiness spiral for a second, we are looking mighty like the class conflict of the Populares vs the Optimates, with Trump being Tiberius Gracchus, instead of Caesar. What’s even more interesting is if the right-wing Populists take the House in 2022 (someone like Jim Jordan would be made Speaker) we basically have the House acting like the Concilium Plebis (People’s Assembly) and the Senate acting like the Roman Optimate Senate.

            • jim says:

              > if the right-wing Populists take the House in 2022

              Electoral politics is over, unless the opposition uses the tactics of the national socialists to keep electoral politics open.

              • Pooch says:

                In blue areas yes, but not yet in red areas, which is why the GOP was still able to make gains in the House.

            • The Cominator says:

              Some similarities yes.

              Rome had good and bad populares (Caesar good right wing populares, Carbo bad) and it even had some good Optimates (like Sulla).

              The US has good and bad populares (the radleft being bad populares) but we have NO good optimates. The last good optimates type the US had was probably Eisenhower.

              • Pooch says:

                The big difference being that Rome was a military aristocracy and our political class lacks any type of military virtue for the most part. There are probably men like Sulla in the military now though.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I do think part of the problem with much of the cuckservative crowd is they just can’t stand the idea of being even a reluctant populares… they’d rather let the commies win then start agreeing with the prole riffraff on everything.

                  The problem is the prole riffraff turned on the left with a fury decades ago, and the ruling priestly class is pozzed that to be politically right (I mean in terms of good policy not in terms of winning) you have to be a populares.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ie the idea of being in 100% agreement with rednecks in flyover country offends them so much it causes us a lot of trouble in terms of getting elite defections.

                  Tucker seems to suggest this as being a problem at times. Elites who would sort of want to defect just feel icky about defecting to the side of flyover proles and rednecks.

                • Pooch says:

                  This is right. They are generally disgusted at the idea of being associated with the deplorables/Plebeians.

                • Pooch says:

                  As just like the Optimates of Rome, they know mass importing foreign slaves for labor hurts the Plebs and they genuinely don’t care.

              • jim says:

                Trump was a good optimate

                • The Cominator says:

                  Trump was a populares… Tiberius Gracchus was rich and from a good family too.

                  Caesar was from the most aristocratic family there was (though only got rich later). Still populares.

                • jim says:

                  True, we are getting confused about terminology.

                  Trump’s economic class was optimate.

                  His alliance within the Republican party was optimate – but they betrayed him at the end.

                  But his political movement was populare, as was Caesar’s

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah I wish Moldbug hadn’t used Optimates when describing his class system. Leads to confusion when discussing the Optimates/Populares of Rome.

        • Nicodemus Rex says:

          He’s actually not saying that:

          > Economic class warfare is Marxist, but here in the US class isn’t a purely economic concept. Class is also about culture.

          > Aren’t I just describing well-off people? No. Teachers, social workers, grad students, and starving artists may be poor, but can still be upper-class. Pilots, plumbers, and lumber barons are well-off, but not upper-class. Donald Trump is a billionaire, but still recognizably not upper class. The upper class is a cultural phenomenon.

          Not that the essay is any less mendacious.

        • I don’t think he is talking about commie class: people short of bread. I think he is very clearly talking about cultural class: people short of respect, status and political influence which is largely conveyed through education and wokeness. To use the Hirschman-Land terminology: the voice of normal men is not being heard, is basically considered hate speech.

          The bigger problem is that he is recommending Middle+Low against the High, while only High + Low against the Middle actually works, or High + Middle + Low against another High + Low or something like that, but High is a necessary component. That is, Republicans must become High first, nothing else can work.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement?

      Because at the end of the day, they are *not*, in fact, confident in their own beliefs. They, too, are all too aware of how febrile their whole business is, and desperately desire the validation of others, in manic effort to paper over this gnawing insecurity – most especially that of *their targets in the first place*.

      • Ace says:

        Their reaction to people stating the obvious about the stolen election is so counter productive, for them. When you oppress people for say it, it just makes it more obvious that it was stolen. They were just to blatant about the steal this time. Worse they realize it wouldn’t take a too many troops fedup with the Biden junta to restore Trump to presidency.

        • In my part of Europe Holocaust denial is a crime. Your model would predict a lot of people saying “hence it is obviously fake”. It is not happening. Because people do have a strong tendency to agree with power.

          No one likes to think they are cowards. Hence when fear of punishment is the reason for people to do something, they end up rationalizing it. This is why it is so hard to base a society on truth.

          E.g. obviously every society needs laws like stealing is not allowed. The intended purpose is that those who would otherwise steal, will be restrained by fear of punishment. But all those people then will obviously say they have never intended to steal. Because it is better to think of yourself as honest than as dishonest and also cowardly. This immediately sends the message upwards that this is a super honest society. This message is false. Rulers who believe it might make the mistake to ease up on those laws since everybody is so super honest.

          So this is the core level of dishonesty in every society, power requires fear, everybody denies they fear power, they just say they agree with power voluntarily.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            And that is why Fear of God is so important.Hell is eternal…

          • Ace says:

            I’m not seeing the reaction you describe from people on the right. Americans are stuck with a fundamental problem: Our differences are suppose to be decided by the ballot box but not only was that ballot box stuffed, but every organ of the so called American Republic helped stuff it and did so in a very public manner.

            The US system is managed democracy that requires some level of religious belief in the system for it to continue functioning. Without that, the typical spontaneous order that arises from shared beliefs breaks down.

            Power and fear only gets an elite so far. Religion both civil and supernatural create the required order for civilizations to function and on November 4th the already ailing American Civic religion was murdered on national TV.

            >E.g. obviously every society needs laws like stealing is not allowed. The intended purpose is that those who would otherwise steal, will be restrained by fear of punishment. But all those people then will obviously say they have never intended to steal.

            Without law saying you X punishment for stealing, people just grab the thief and kill them. I don’t think you understand how human order arises and operates.

            Functioning laws follow natural civilized behavior as informed by religious ideology, dysfunctional laws disrupt that order. A law stating that a thief can’t be beaten to death if caught stealing is harmful to civilization. Most of our modern laws exist to protect the criminals from the people they’re harming and are in turn harming civilization by their their enforcement.

            • suones says:

              Most of our modern laws exist to protect the criminals from the people they’re harming

              Spot on! Crime-friendly penal codes are a pet peeve of mine. The modern legal system not just deviates from dharma, it is the literal opposite of dharma.

              As an example, restriction on ownership of arms in India only enables criminals and terrorists to act with impunity, because they don’t procure legal arms anyway, while preventing law-abiding taxpayers from buying and keeping arms for killing said criminals and terrorists. US is probably the only country where this is still a live issue, most of Europe has already surrendered.

              • The Modern day value system itself is adharmic. It follows that the legal system that upholds the value system will necessarily have to support adharma.

  7. Catholic Sheepdog says:

    Ah yes the F-35 has failed

    But why? I am beginning to hope that the american establishment who may indeed want more wars might find themselves unable to fight them – which is better for the rest of the world.

    However, what are the consequences for patriotic americans if american should lose a major war in the future?

    • clovis says:

      I thought that was interesting too, but when you think about it the first generation stealth planes took forever to get made and then never worked that well either, so maybe American military tech was degrading even before Shaniqua enlisted.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Technology was degrading before the Second War of Internationalist Aggression was even over. Pretty much every ‘wartime innovation’ was more like finalizing things that were already in the pipeline before the war started.

        • Ace says:

          The war and the military indusial complex after the war had the great virtue of concentrating very smart people together so that they and their kids could do great things, like Silicon Valley. The social decay was also much weaker among the lower middle ranks of civilization until the 70s. The elites were already in trouble before WW2 and in freefall after the war.

          The pace of technological advancement peaked around 1820-30 and been slowing ever since with a few pickups here and there caused by wars or big pushes into a tech field by governments that were still somewhat competent.

          • jim says:

            I just suddenly realized that the rate of technological advance peaked at or shortly after the attempted divorce of Queen Caroline.

            Before the attempted divorce of Queen Caroline, George the Fourth ruled by divine right, and everyone took for granted that women were lustful creatures who needed to kept under tight control for their own good, the good of the family, the good of society, and the good of the state. After his attempted divorce, he was a fat cuckold, and women were naturally pure and chaste, and would never engage in sexual misconduct unless some evil man made them do it.

            • The Cominator says:

              The rate of purely scientific advance probably peaked in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the rate of technological advance probably peaked in in the late 19th century if not the early 20th century.

              • Ace says:

                the rate of technological advance probably peaked in in the late 19th century if not the early 20th century.

                The leap to steams engines and mass production of iron was far larger than the leaps that came before or after it. Things like electricity have been known since bronze Egypt but it wasn’t until we could build machines that could produce electricity in huge quantities than it became useful for anything more than plating wood with gold.

                Once a big leap in a particular field is taken it takes decades and sometimes centuries to plum all the smaller benefits that come directly and indirectly from the really big breakthroughs.

                After 1830 we continued building new and better tech as a incredible pace and find more and more useful ways to exploit the breakthroughs, but the big breakthroughs were starting to slow down in terms of rate of discovery.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Since the discovery of fission in the early 20th century I don’t think there have been any discoveries in fundamental physics that have had any import or effect on the general public.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                Well, maybe lasers/lasing, but that’s the latest I can think of, and it’s arguable whether that is fundamental physics.

            • Snowdensjacket says:

              Perhaps that’s when the ruling class moved fully, philosophically, into a matriarchy?

              Though if you have any more thoughts on this I’d appreciate hearing them. From my perspective it appears the silents, the boomers parents did not know why Chestertons fences existed, so when their children tore them down they thought, good. Now I watch boomers crime stop with the most incredible look of utter confusion and bewilderment when I tell them half of mothers are single mothers, and I want to change it, so I’m not raising my daughter to be a slut.

              Incredible every time to see crime stop in action. It’s like you just hit them in the face and they have no idea if they should be scared or they should fight. Shock and surprise combined with stunned confusion. They always just readjust and it’s like you said nothing.

              • jim says:

                They will not remember you saying it.

                Or will not admit to remembering you saying it. Noticing one is in the presence of crimethink is a crimethought. No one can possibly the thinking crimethoughts, so whatever they said, they must have said something else.

                • redpurplepurple says:

                  this has not really my experience with crimethought. curious.

                  i have observed that people do indeed forget or feign forgetfulness, but when i attempt to communicate crimethoughts i frequently encounter a sort of theatrical, performative anger. (from which i infer that people are dimly aware that others are Watching, and insufficient indignation will be met with severe political persecution.)

  8. Pooch says:

    So Trump is not in jail yet and we having Republicans praising him, groveling to meet him, and begging him to speak at CPAC. Looking very much like he’s not finished. What is the take here? Can he actually avoid political prosecution? Right-wing talking heads seem to say the cases against him are beatable.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The older and whiter and smarter faction of tranzis, which is not yet completely dead, want to just quietly mute Trump/Trump adjacent reporting and quietly rig elections so they can go back to quietly boiling the frog.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There are many ways the future can go – cold civil war quickly going hot due to leftist feedback loops; leftist feedback loops provoking a Cromwell; leftist feedback loops provoking a Caesar – and they are all options i am pretty sanguine about.

        ‘Beige totalitarianism’, as was like typical of the 20th century, would be a worst case – where the essential factors that would ensure the eventual destruction of a (humanoid) civilization are imposed in place (id est, feminism and immigration), while ‘everything else’ is maintained by unprincipled exception.

    • jim says:

      Well, the cases for winning the rigged election were unbeatable.

      Judicial process is dead. Normality bias means people do not see this.

      As long as Trump is out of jail, a restoration is alive – and he could win, in an event that would look suspiciously like a coup, though if successful, not one would deem it a coup, or openly think it a coup. If it were to fail, no one would doubt it a coup attempt.

      Therefore, it will eventually become necessary for our enemies to imprison him, and eventually necessary for them to kill him.

      The time has come to close the courts – and were they not already closed when the Trump team launched the election lawsuits? It is just that we are still pretending that they are still open, an activity that is as irrelevant as the Queen arriving in a stagecoach to open the houses of parliament, but without the entertainment value and uplifting pageantry.

      • Pooch says:

        They seem to be pouring through his taxes now looking for a tax crime. Why all the effort to get him on a legitimate crime?

        • The Cominator says:

          Most likely they want to indict him on some technicality of a byzantine crime that nobody has ever heard of or prosecuted that technically conforms to some bizzaire statute no one has ever yet read. They want an actual crime so that they can get cuckservative publications to piously proclaim that this shows nobody is above the law and all that bullshit.

          They want to do it probably in New York with a jury composed of Shaniquas and prog priests only. They’ll make sure there are no Italian guys on the jury.

          • Pooch says:

            Why not just get him on something related to Jan. 6th like McConnell is asking for?

            • The Cominator says:

              Hitler was best able to attack the Weimar system when he was on trial for trying to overthrow the government (and yes I know the problem with Trump was that he was unfortunately NOT trying to overthrow the government). They definitely want to avoid any trial on that point… they want to get Trump on boring technical bullshit and then Epstein him.

            • The Cominator says:

              I’m not a fan of Hitler but Hitler won a lot of people (especially previously reactionary monarchists leery over the socialism in national socialism) over to his side when he said (and it was reported) at the trial for the Beer Hall Putsch.

              “I alone bear the responsibility. But I am not a criminal because of that. If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the revolution. There is no such thing as high treason against the traitors of 1918.”

              They are afraid Trump will produce a similarly toxic soundbyte for the now fakely elected government and word will get out.

          • jim says:

            As I said, it is just that we are still pretending that the courts are still open, an activity that is as irrelevant as the Queen arriving in a stagecoach to open the houses of parliament, but without the entertainment value and uplifting pageantry.

            We have now reached the point of decay where a restoration will need to close the courts (rectification of names) and institute a new system of justice. Which should be copied from the quite smoothly working system used in Australia to deal with border crossers, visa overstayers, and visa violators, which is itself a conscious or unintentional copy of the effective and just judicial system implemented by Henry the First, the lion of justice, with the immigration minister performing the functions of Henry the First, from which our current bloated, byzantine, ineffectual, and destructive judicial system is distantly descended.

            The just, efficient, and smoothly working system in Australia dispenses indefinite, and sometimes very lengthy, imprisonment from time to time, though only to non citizens. We can use a similar system to take anyone causing problems out of circulation, citizen or not.

    • BaboonTycoon says:

      Sounds like the same grift that was being run while Trump was in office. It’s yet another extension of our gerontocratic, vampiric system. So long as the base stands with Trump, the Republicans will want to leech off of that energy and vitality, co-opting it for their own purposes. They won’t allow Trump to go to jail. He is still useful for them, still an avenue by which they can boil that frog and they know that an actual indictment would radicalize his supporters even further. There is somewhat of a problem, however. Trump himself is not inclined to accept that role, particularly after he was repeatedly stabbed in the back. He has far less incentive to play by their rules now that he is out of power and the signs are that he wants to spend his post-presidency truly committing to destroying the establishment like we all wished he’d done in the first place. I had been hoping for that statement he made against Mitch McConnell last week for the past four years.

      Trump may well have been able to go quietly into retirement with the occasional sinecure from speaking at a conference every now and then, but if he attempts foundational destruction, he will almost certainly force the system’s hand once again.

      • Pooch says:

        Well said.

      • Snowdensjacket says:

        [*commie economics deleted, having been fisked before many times*]

        • jim says:

          Commie economics was always absurd, but hungry people wanted to believe it. Now no one is hungry, only envious people want to believe it.

          Commie economics is Trotsky, a Jewish urbanite from the big city and failed moneylender, telling the peasant with one cow:
          “Hail fellow peasant. I too am a peasant, and I am with you against your enemy, the peasant with two cows, who has two cows not because he is a better farmer than you are, but because he was assigned those cows by your great enemy, Wall Street capital, fellow peasant. Let us strike a blow against capital, fellow peasant, by killing those cows.”

          Then Trotsky and his fellow peasant kill the two cows. Then they kill the peasant who had two cows. Then Trotsky kills the peasant with one cow, who is now alone with no one at his back, and takes his cow.

          You, Snowdensjacket, are obviously not Trotsky. You are the peasant with one cow who listened to Trotsky. Don’t be the peasant with one cow.

  9. Ace says:

    Wait, now they’re talking about defunding the military? I can’t tell if it’s leftist pushing the idea so they overthrow the government or the deep state worry so much about being overthrown that they’re taking a chainsaw to the branch they’re sitting on.

  10. Ace says:

    The left pretending to care what happens to Texans is interesting. They’ve got a bunch of tiny food drives going on with massive media coverage while Biden Junta did jack and shit about it. I’m not sure if means that electoral politics is still going on or if they’re recruiting people they plan to use to overthrow the deep state. Maybe a bit of both.

    The left is likely grab up the proles now that the populist right is powerless and discredited.

    • Pooch says:

      Everyone wants to laugh at me that electoral politics is dead but the number of populist/American First candidates in Congress after the midterms is going to increase, especially in the Senate.

      • The Cominator says:

        All city votes will have 200% Democrat turnout from now on. Maybe the house is still winnable but forget the Senate and Presidency.

        • Pooch says:

          Wrong way to the think of it. Aside from Trump, We, the populists not the establishment GOP who hate us, have a very small number of actual candidates in office similar to the NSDAP post-1928. That number is surely to increase in 2022.

          • The Cominator says:

            Winning the primaries is meaningless if they can’t win the general then and in the Senate (in the vast majority of states) and the Presidency they won’t be able to.

            The best thing the right can accomplish electorally that is plausible is capturing the House (which might still be doable getting all non urban seats plus some dissident urban areas like right wing Italian Long Island it’d not be easy but its impossible) and then refusing to fund almost anything…

            • Pooch says:

              If a mass of Trump supporters can breach the Capital by force (even if it was a false flag), then a mass of Trump supporters can breach the counting centers by force, or so I hope. The key is having the new rebuilt party direct that violent energy into something meaningful, avowing political violence like the left does.

              For me the fat lady has not sung until the Republican Party is deemed illegal and all party members are jailed. I am prepared to flee when that happens, but not before.

              • The Cominator says:

                The problem is one of organization, how are a bunch of proles and merchants going to organize to do anything like that under the eye of Soros…

                I mean miracles can happen but its best to plan for things as if they won’t…

                • Pooch says:

                  The Proud Boys have done it, but a willingness to incorporate them or an organization like them into the party apparatus in a way that avoids fed infiltration is another thing.

                  I have prepared for all eventualities as Jim has recommended, but I am not losing hope on right wing victory quite yet.

                • Pooch says:

                  The interesting difference between this leftist singularity and other leftist singularity is diversity incompetence. As they become more extreme they also become more incompetent. Russian and French revolutions did not have that problem.

                • Ace says:

                  >The interesting difference between this leftist singularity and other leftist singularity is diversity incompetence. As they become more extreme they also become more incompetent. Russian and French revolutions did not have that problem.

                  Competent enough to rig the election against Trump and slam the door on every institutional avenue of redressing the stolen election. Trump got bamboozled at every turn by them.

                  What you’re describing as incompetence, I think is lack of cohesion among the members of the deep state. They were cohesive in stopping Trump. Not so much in other areas.

                • Pooch says:

                  Competent because they had white Republicans obstructing Trump at every turn and level. The obvious poorly hidden sh’boon fraud is stopped easily without GOP complicity. Once the GOP is liquidated they lose that competence to carry out ops against the populace.

                  Spandrell had a good recent article in which he describes that if whites just exit the left, involuntary or otherwise, they aren’t really all that scary even with institutional power. They essentially become Jewish/Indian leadership with black and brown FBI and police.

                • Pooch says:

                  Jewish/Indian/female leadership*

                • Ace says:

                  >Spandrell had a good recent article in which he describes that if whites just exit the left, involuntary or otherwise, they aren’t really all that scary even with institutional power.

                  That’s an interesting post by Spandrell. From what I’ve heard 3ed hand they’re purging every white male warrior from the military rightwing or not. Going to be a lot of out work white warriors.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Chinese helped them rig it but now they have a blueprint even Shaniqua can follow.

              • Karl says:

                Pooch, I don’t understand why you think making the Republican party illegal would make such a big difference.

                In eastern Germany, the socialists were firmly in control of everything. Eastern Germany was part of the Soviet sphere and the SED ruled everything. Yet, the other parties that historically used to exist in Germany were never banned in Eastern Germany. These “opposition” parties existed and were even in parliament. The government was satisfied to control those parties.

                If a citizen in eastern German wanted to join, e.g. the christian democrats, that was no problem at all.

                • Pooch says:

                  No holiness spiral then. Had already been halted by Stalin.

                  If ours is not halted, eventually all Republicans will be on the chopping block.

            • Pooch says:

              The best thing the right can accomplish electorally that is plausible is capturing the House (which might still be doable getting all non urban seats plus some dissident urban areas like right wing Italian Long Island it’d not be easy but its impossible) and then refusing to fund almost anything…

              Was listening to Barnes, and he made the astute observation that in complete contrast of the Senate, Trump actually has 2/3 loyal support of the House GOP. If the GOP wins the House in 2022, that number is surely to increase, with cucks being primaried out. The result would be almost complete House loyalty to Trump/populism and the ability to sustain presidential electoral objections. If I’m not mistaken the vote would then go to House delegations, which they would also win, right?

      • Ace says:

        Unless the populists have a leader and a militia, McConnell will rig the primaries for his faction.

        • Pooch says:

          You need the state GOPs complicit in the rigging, and they are the ones that seem to be leading the revolt. It will be an interesting dynamic to follow.

      • We need more America first candidates, and we canm’t count on the GOP (aka Bitch McConnell and Fox News) to supply them for us. We’re still at war with the BushClintons, and they must be destroyed before they destroy us.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Democrats will not stop industrial fake vote production you are not going to win future elections… people need to fully and truly realize this and not delude themselves that 2020 was a one off.

      • Nicodemus Rex says:

        All the populists can possibly accomplish is destroying the Republican Party (which is a great and noble effort and I will cheer them on in that.) If they succeed in replacing the Republican party as the outer party then it will only be because the outer party is about to be rendered politically irrelevant.

        • Big Brutha says:

          Optics are not real. But they are not unimportant. Many in the public still believe that what happened with the 2020 election was some kind of anomaly.

          The efforts to “reform” the GOP will have a salutary effect in demonstrating that A) it cannot be reformed and B) even if it could be the fix is in with mass fraud.

          As Spandrell points out, many of these people are going along to get along. They don’t or won’t notice because their paycheck depends on them not noticing. But when they get purged anyway? When they learn firsthand that you may not be interested in “woke” but it is definitely interested in you it will simply add individuals to the ranks who have nothing to lose.

          All it takes is the right domino falling to initiate a preference cascade. I was in Egypt in 2011 and saw that first hand. A spark in Tunisia was enough to start a fire burning all over the Arab world. You can argue about whether or not the outcome was useful but I think the mechanisms in all of these things is similar: disaffected population that believes the power centers don’t care about them + petty daily annoyance of getting ripped off and humiliated by the powers the be + the right inciting trigger.

          Everybody knew there were problems but there seemed to be no reason why a guy burning himself up at a market a couple of countries over was able to set of such a firestorm.

          The U.S. is looking at an extended period of whites and people on the right having their faces rubbed in shit by the triumphant Left/bioleninist/woke crowd. The more obnoxious they are about this the faster it will set off a response.

          Letting those on the Right exorcise their belief in the responsiveness of “democratic structures” to their plight will go a long ways toward helping them understand that the system cannot work for them.

          • jim says:

            I don’t think that is how it works.

            What happened in the Arab world happened because the revolutionaries knew they were backed by outside power, which provided leadership, organization, large amounts of money, and the promise of a safe and comfortable exit for the leadership should things go pear shaped.

            • Big Brutha says:

              At least in the case of Egypt that’s not exactly what happened. Morsi, the Muslim Brother, got into power with the tacit approval of the U.S. but it didn’t go beyond that. The U.S. refused to condemn Morsi which was about as far as it went. The real perfidy of the U.S. in this instance was not in leaving Morsi alone but in failing to support Mubarak who was ostensibly an ally. Additionally, there was no safe or comfortable exit or anything like it when Morsi’s rule broke down and the faction that was previously in power simply re-imposed its authority and imprisoned him without a great deal of difficulty, al-Sissi put him on trial, and allowed him to die (or possibly killed him) in custody.

              • jim says:

                That is because neither Morsi nor the US expected his rule to break down. The state department thought everything was going swimmingly. Safe and comfortable exile was waiting for Morsi if the revolution failed, but the US believed it had succeeded.

                But the failed revolution in Libya resulted in massive US area bombing to remove the status quo ante, and they were maneuvering to do the same for Syria, but were interrupted by the election of Trump. Having successfully removed the status quo anti in Libya, they thought everything was going swimmingly in Libya, and were again caught with their pants down when it was not.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      They’re using it as an opportunity to crucify Cruz, who has so far been an unexpectedly sticky thorn in the side of that gangrenous beast.

  11. The Cominator says:

    Jim are you betting big on Cardano or just a small amount?

    What do you think the upper limit approximately will be (I know you can’t predict this of course but I would like to hear your guess)… I just bought some last night.

    • jim says:

      Betting big.

      But they worry me. I am watching them and ready to get out if they fart around doing academic exercises instead of doing what needs doing.

      There is a market opportunity for Cardano, but their close links to academia may stop them from taking it. It is likely to be the one if they do what needs doing. If they just turn into another foundation for academic grants, going nowhere.

      They need to do what the commercial shitcoins are doing – make it easy to run a payments receiving service on lemp that operates without human intervention, so that your computer can automatically sell services over the internet using cryptocurrency.

  12. Pooch says:

    LOL Russia calling out the human rights abuses of the Biden regime against Trump supporters…

    I wonder if, when SHTF in the US, Putin would make a play for accepting white Americans as refugees. That would be interesting.

    • Noname says:

      Interesting article. The full weight of BigGov could have been brought down on Antifa and BLM at anytime since GF. But now the Feds show their power. What’s the difference? Democrat vs. Republican? White vs. Black? There is a double standard, but where?

      @Jim, What is your purpose with this blog? Do you seek solutions to problems? Do you merely try to compare history? What is your end game here?

      • jim says:

        > @Jim, What is your purpose with this blog? Do you seek solutions to problems? Do you merely try to compare history? What is your end game here?

        We want to make marriage 1.0 legal again, so that men and women can once again fulfill their deepest and most heartfelt needs.

        We want to restore patriarchy, for otherwise we will have few grandchildren and no great grandchildren, and our race and civilization will perish.

        We want to restore the scientific method, so that we can conquer the stars.

        We want to restore the corporate capitalism of King Charles the Second, the restorer, to continue industrialization and conquer the stars.

        We want to conquer the stars – which will require star capitalism under the rule of the star emperor. Because that is the social technology that gave us the industrial revolution, the British empire, and the scientific revolution.

        • Grey says:

          There are a couple of times Heinalin points out that human exponential growth means a star empire could fill Galaxies in fewer thousand years than most would think.

          I don’t think it matters, but he makes a big deal of it. In some ways it feels like sci-fi is always a proxy for a kind of determanistic defeatism. Even Heinalin who conservatives like has a major degenerate streak and pedestalizes pussy.

          I get that your goal isn’t science fiction but a kind of extrapolation of the trajectory we were going before progressivism. I think progressivism stole that reality and fictionalized it, and convinced the masses that it offered the very thing it took away.

          • jim says:

            With current, but not yet widely used or widely available, technology, the earth can support five hundred billion people in a modern western suburban lifestyle. When you are flying and look out the window, you realize how thinly populated the world still is. After we fill the galaxy, we will convert it into Dyson spheres.

            And after we fill the Dyson spheres?

            My plan and hope is not that property rights in female sexual and reproductive services are enforced for every man, but for every taxpayer, soldier, and man of property. After we fill the Dyson spheres, it is going to become considerably more difficult to become a taxpayer, soldier, or man of property, thus stabilizing the population.

            • The Cominator says:

              Its hard to predict what man will actually be like if our civilization ever reaches that level…

              Leftists think they can ignore human nature and fundamentally transform man… but at that level of civilization it might be possible to really do it.

              • ether says:

                that’s just it is the so close and yet so far. they’re so off in their approach to the issue it’s completely backwards. I can argue basically everything they claim to want could be possible if they just approached the issues head on and honestly rather than in ignorance of the truth.

                sometimes I have wet dreams of a society that sees intelligence as the most genetically and sexually attractive trait either gender can have. someone like nikola tesla dying as what I can only assume was a mgtow and with no kids to carry on his gene or his legacy, is fucking a crime against humanity if you ask me. we’re basically stuck waiting for genetic mutations to meet perfect storm conditions for anything progress in a society. all we have to show for this generation is fucking iphones and vr porn.

            • Grey says:

              I’ve been innawoods 500 miles from any major settlements. It gives a good sense of vastness and the smallness of human society. I expect you are correct in your estimation.

              I was fortified against overpopulation when I was young and read the classical era Romans hand-wringing over how the earth is overpopulated. But it seems like imperial elites, be they Roman, English, or NWO, always fall into the oppinion that overpopulation is immanent or already happened.

              I know lower-eschelons U.N. elite that are very much true beleivers in it as well. And the most paranoid overpopulation ideas are found in their internal documents. So it seems to me that they believe their own poison, it’s not just a myth for the masses.

              Do you have a view on why they often tend to think that way?

              • jim says:

                Reproductive failure.

                They are disturbed by their reproductive failure, and rationalize it. Our elite and Rome’s elite became worried about overpopulation precisely when overpopulation was ceasing to be a potential problem and they should have started worrying about their reproductive failure.

                It is people with no prospect of grandchildren and great grandchildren that worry that other people’s grandchildren will be crowded, just at it is incels that worry about me ravishing other men’s daughters.

                • Grey says:

                  Keen insight, and it squares with what I know. I once thought Juvinels satires were exadurations, but I’ve seen the current year and now don’t really doubt the insane levels of literal cuckoldry he describes, nor how little the aristocrat husbands cared about it.

                  Then I get into John Dee who was into cuckoldry, then you read Bertrand Russelss folks were all into it, and it seems to be clear it’s a perennial problem. Of course there is no overt reason this class should suffer reproductive failure, they just get clogged up with weak men. It did teach me that money and status isn’t actually what women care about. It’s a proxy for it, but not an accurate one.

                  Do you think there is a way to keep weak men out of institutional power? They seek institutions and credentials incessantly and seem to inevitably form the aristocracy/plutocracy of peoples in decline. I can understand being a strong man in our time and raising strong sons while giving daughters to strong men, but I don’t think we can form any tradition, government, or institution that is subversian-proof

                • jim says:

                  Hitler got this one right.

                  Weak men rise to power in an environment of committees, where power is divided into tiny bite sized pieces, no one is responsible for anything, and when things go wrong, or wickedness is done, no one is to blame for anything.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Leading Roman families weren’t large in the late republic generally because of the senatorial property requirements…

                  And for patrician families it was even worse as they could not make a name for themselves as plebian tribunes they generally had to make a name for themselves as aediles and doing so was ruinously expensive.

                • Snowdensjacket says:

                  A man’s ego is his greatest enemy. Rare is the man who can accept that he is not the best one. Hence the technology of Jesus, and all martyrs. Now men can say, I am not the best one. But I can try to follow the advice of the best one who could never fuck my wife.

                  Now every man can solipsistically think they are the best one, at least the best one around, while still being led and led by a man who can not fuck his wife.

                  Jim I have often wondered why men will follow a woman, and desire it, while refusing to follow a man. Said man will refuse all other men’s advice whether good or bad, and even speak with women to inquire the woman’s advice, even to inquire her advice about the advice men are giving said man.

                  Your thoughts as an elder?

                • jim says:

                  I just don’t see that. I see beta orbiters.

                • Snowdensjacket says:

                  I see beta orbiters and have spent a great deal of my life trying to help them become patriarchs.

                  Instead I’ve gotten a lot of bragging online and a lot of people irl getting angry and projecting on me that I’m actually a bad man who tricks women.

                  Eh this is my crusade and at this point it’s no longer a crusade but fatherhood and husbandry. I think I can make it work here.

                • jim says:

                  Since your game is so bad, I find it unlikely your bragging is based on anything real.

                  The purple pill leads to nothing but frustration.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Usually the Singularity is viewed as superhuman artificial general intelligence. We already have superhuman entities in the form of civilizations, or even just corporations. Assume you were dropped naked into a benign virgin wilderness with all relevant natural resources. How long would it be before you could build yourself a microprocessor? How about a fully functional and fueled orbital rocket? Perhaps you could breed yourself a civilization (if you brought a wife) patriarch style and slowly do it that way. Otherwise, never, even if you had access to all human knowledge via an Internet terminal and the ability to understand it.

              Separate and apart from AGI is artificial life, e.g. von Neumann machines. Settlers of old founded new colonies by bringing along there own support natural life, e.g. chickens, cows, sheep, sheep dogs, horses, ducks, seeds, etc. The time scale for building a civilization this way is rather slow. Many generations. With high tech von Neumann capable spacecraft a single man could found a civilization (the man himself could be redundant, but I’m assuming the machines are in the service of a human colonizer). A single man could be his own star seed, civilizationally complete (one assumes the colonizer carries with him a human germline library.)

              • jim says:

                I figure on the latter – a matter compiler or general fab of reasonable size that given energy and pure raw materials, can make anything that you have the code for. Including equipment to process crude raw materials into pure raw materials. The machines make clones of the people who launched the expedition and upload copies of the minds of those who launched the expedition into the brains of the clones. The first few people then manage the process of obtaining raw materials, more energy, and refining the raw materials.

                You can make just about anything, including materials stronger than steel and materials that conduct electricity considerably better than copper, out of chon, out of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Of which there is a lot in the universe. Of course this requires the ability to manipulate matter on the atomic level, and at present, and for quite some time to come, we can only use biological processes for such fine control. But we are getting there. The DNA readers contain actual nanomachines, built from a combination of advanced organic chemistry, biologically produced very large molecules, and the technology used to produce very small integrated circuits. The technology used for integrated circuits is getting close in size to the larger biologically produced molecules, and the DNA readers are an integration of biological nano control and IC fine control.

                An acorn contains the machinery to build an oak tree, and trillions of redundant copies of the information needed to build an oak tree. If technological advance resumes at the rate it was going until about 1950, we should soon be able to create acorns that can grow a civilization.

    • suones says:

      …accepting white Americans as refugees.

      That would be a grave mistake. A worse mistake than accepting Californians into Texas. “Americans” are by and large evil-worshippers, and have been fighting for evil for so long that even their history is blind to reality. Accepting them as citizens would be folly. Recall the “grandfather fought in WWII and saved the Jews,” “Greatest generation,” myths. One of those wars helped Jews decapitate Third Rome, while the other helped Communists (though not any more explicitly Jewish) consolidate power against powerful adversaries.

      Americans fucked over their own sons like George Lincoln Rockwell (denied honourable burial despite being a warrior — that’s what you get for fighting in a dishonourable bandit “army”), and even Charles Lindbergh (had a swastika inside the Spirit of St Louis original nose cone). FDR gets a lot of flak in these circles, but the American people were with him all the way, and later with Dalton Trumbo. Moldbug has this absolutely right: America is a Communist country.

      Any right-thinking Amerikaner should fix his society, or die trying (of old age, of course). A start could be a religious purge, because I don’t see any “based” churches (high or low) in America.

      • The Cominator says:

        Indians should not criticize ANY other group, your people are the worst kind of cancer outside of your own country. As bad as reform and east european jews ever were without any of their redeeming qualities.

        You vote the worst of any group and you’ve absolutely ruined engineering and most of the tech sector in general…

        Almost all Americans inclined to flee would not be progs, almost all Indians in America are fanatical (and I mean the fanatical of the fanatical) progs.

        • suones says:

          …your people are the worst kind of cancer outside of your own country.

          🙇 We learn from the best. 😂

          I also take my own advice. When people earlier advised me to leave my hell-hole of a country, I didn’t. I couldn’t. Unlike Blood and Soil LARPer fleas, we really feel it. I will fix my country, or die trying (of old age, of course!). There is no honour in exile, even a self-imposed one. Hell, I even debated my father once, on this very issue, where he reluctantly conceded.

          The people you get as “immigrants” are the worst genetic and moral refuse of their nations. And your glamour attracts more and more good stock to the merciless IQ shredder of your immoral, non-functional society that prays to Mammon and sacrifices to Moloch. And you both deserve each other. I felt naive optimism that Trump could at least slow this down, but it all came to nought. But he at least put up a fight, and for that we’ll remember him.

          • Pooch says:

            There is something to this. To leave one’s own land, where marriage and ownership of women is legal, to come to the degenerate, decadent West where marriage is illegal and homosexuality runs rampant for the mere increase of one’s own creature comforts is a special type of pathetic unvirtuous weakness.

            I’d gladly trade it all to live in a hut with proper patriarchy enforced if such a place existed for my people.

            • jim says:

              I have hung with people who live in huts but have patriarchy.

              It is very nice, and the families are big and happy, but I much miss the internet, hot water on tap, and reliable electricity.

              My aim is that we get patriarchy and space.

              The problem is that proper patriarchy only exists on earth today where the reach of the state runs thin. Such places are dangerous for travelers, and dangerous for merchants, so cut themselves off from the world economy.

              But that is not inherent in the nature of the large scale state. late eighteenth, early nineteenth, century Australia had iron patriarchy with an alarmingly powerful state.

              My world traveling adventurer persona needed some actual adventures on his resume, which gave me some practical information about anarchy. Hard to scale order in anarchy. Works rather well small scale.

              Maybe anarchy could be scaled, and I would really like to see it scale, but the simplest solution at scale is the holy emperor – and in our current situation, we need to go with the simplest solution. No society has yet successfully scaled anarchy very far, though we have a small number of historical examples where they scaled order in anarchy considerably further than it is usually scaled successfully. They were all theocracies. The priests managed the scaling.

              Republics scale, obviously. The American Republic was designed for scale, but a republic can only exist with a virtuous elite, which we lack.

              • The Cominator says:

                “Republics scale, obviously.”

                I don’t agree historically Republics always become very unstable when they scale beyond a small homogeneous state.

                Venice did okay with its maritime trading outpost but if Venice became like Rome it would have ended up like the Roman Republic after it found itself in charge of all Carthage used to rule outside Italy…

                Monarchy is the only system that scales well to diverse large states.

                • alf says:

                  I’d think republics and oligarchies work when backed by a cohesive elite. But they cannot guard as well against entropy. The more diffuse your chain of command, the weaker it is against entryism, so it seems inevitable that elite grows decadent over time. Monarchy is the best guard against entropy. Then again, monarchy has the weak point of succession by a bad king.

                  So, there is not really one 100% waterproof solution. Depends on the context, depends on the time. Right now, our elite is near-universally corrupt, so clearly we need a monarch or a Cromwell to fix things, and in time people will cry out for such a leader.

              • suones says:

                I have hung with people who live in huts but have patriarchy.

                It is very nice, and the families are big and happy, but I much miss the internet, hot water on tap, and reliable electricity.

                I have also lived with such people, and such places have superb 4G coverage and 24/7 solar-backed power. Hot water is not generally an issue in most of India. We prefer cold showers most of the year, and electric/gas heaters for the few months where hot water is needed.

                My point is, if you have patriarchy, all the rest can be layered on top, and is only fundamentally limited by the IQ level of the population. Aryans have the desire for, and capacity to manage, extremely complex technology as part of our daily lifestyle. 80-IQ peasants find those too complex and/or superfluous to their low-tech life. Proper segregation leads to maximal happiness for all. In the absence of patriarchy, however, society is going to hell and no amount of tech can compensate. Querelle des femme is the fundamental issue from which all others derive.

                Republics don’t scale. They’re fundamentally catabolic creatures. Whereas Empire is anabolic. Where republics have appeared to succeed is when previous Kingdoms have created enormous stores of value that tempt the population (who, in succeeding generations, becomes less and less aware of the reasons for the existence of so many Chesterton’s fences), who promptly form a Republic and start consuming that value. The greater the Empire, the more powerful/glitzy Republic it degenerates into. The Lefter the Republic, the faster the stored value dissipates.

                USSR lived on Russia’s stored value for almost 80 years, at a very high dissipation rate. USA lives on Britain’s social technology and the continent’s natural bounty till today, d/t a lower dissipation rate. “Republic of India” has been living on accumulated social capital for 800 years and counting. But the stocks won’t last for ever.

                • Kings build nations because they enforce cooperation between individuals and between groups/tribes too.

                  After a while, cooperation does not have to be that much enforced, as it becomes a habit.

                  Then eventually, after a long habit of cooperation, they tend to think themselves as one ingroup, one nation, who have an automatic habit of cooperation, they think of it as virtue, that they are a virtuous, patriotic people.

                  So they can afford to get rid of the king and have a republic. Why not, when everybody is such a great patriot cooperating well with others.

                  This works for a while, then cooperation gradually breaks down. More and more squabbling, things drifting towards first a cold civil war. This is sometimes described here as circled-wagons politics, ingroup, outgroup, who, whom. Then it is getting increasingly hot.

                  Then people are WTFing, why can’t we be that virtuous as in the early days of the republic, are we that much worse people? Poets e.g. Roman poets vax rhethoric about the virtue of the patriotic forefathers who were so much better than the current rotten bunch of people who can only think about their personal gain. They don’t notice that their old cooperation was built and enforced from above.

                  I think it must be stopped at the third step. It is great when cooperation becomes a habit and does not much need to be enforced, and it is also great if people who cooperate well with each other think of themselves as one people. But they must remember it is not their inherent virtue but it was and is the King’s doing, even if in that phase the King does not actually have to do much.

                  But this is hard. Just like when you see the network guys in the IT department playing games it just means everything is working well and it is a mistake to think that then they are unnecessary and should be fired, when a King is mostly just grilling it means he is doing the job well, but then people make the mistake of thinking why do we even need this guy.

                • suones says:

                  An excellent analysis. This is why I mock British, Norwegian, etc “Republicucks.” That the King is only ceremonial is a good thing! Props for your “IT guys playing games” metaphor.

                • Gauntlet says:

                  For the record, it is still The Kingdom of Norway.

                  Proles are asking the question “why doesn’t a group of 100 smart MEN run the country?”, describing the old aristocracy without even knowing what it is. It was abolished in the 1800s.

                  My people are craving a powerful king and a virtuous aristocracy.

                • @suones patriarchy and India: my perception is that the Laws of Manu get it quite right, while the Kamasutra is about as blue-pilled as possible. It gives one advice on how to seduce married women, it recommends women to have absolute authority over the finances of the household meaning the husband is already relegated to a supporting beta role. And then it even tells husbands that if their wives cheat on them it is their fault for not being attractive enough and gives them advice how to be attractive enough. WTF.

                  Same as in European culture really, many leftist ideas are modern inventions but as for being totally blue-pilled on women I can find really old sources as well which really makes me wonder and I often do not know how to explain that…

                  Do you have an explanation why the Kamasutra is so terribly blue-pilled?

                • Pooch says:

                  USSR lived on Russia’s stored value for almost 80 years

                  The USSR was a republic?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  But of course comrade, a union of republics, even!

                  It’s actually the latter point that is not as correct as the former point; the soviets were living not just on the inertia of Russian’s surplus capital, *but that of American’s, as well*. (Cfr. ‘the great grain robbery’.)

                  Such is perhaps the single greatest irony of the ‘Cold War’: that the US was in fact the SU’s greatest ally, a consistently helpful pillar of support, the single biggest factor that kept them afloat and prevented their collapse at multiple times throughout history.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It’s hard to understate just how much belief in performance competence or stability of the USSR was overstated amongst the ‘expert consensus’ of the time. The myth of ‘soviet power’ is perhaps the single most enduring bit of self-serving propaganda promulgated by commies (small c) from that period.

                  Why was the soviets finally managing to go kaput in the late 80s so shocking the regnant credentialed class? Because A, by then most of them had started drinking their own kool-aide; but even more importantly B, if they did suspect that the USSR was in big trouble, *they would have taken action to help prop it up yet again*.

                • jim says:

                  The Soviet Union fell largely because its fall took our elite by surprise.

                  They were unable to believe it for some time after it actually happened. Kind of like what happened in Libya, where they could not believe that their color revolution had gone pear shaped.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘By’ instead of ‘amongst’ would probably read better, but i figure the idea was communicated in any case.

          • The Cominator says:

            Not true of every immigrant group though, people who fled the Soviet bloc and Cubans tend to be pretty right wing.

            One can return from exile in strength when one can fight… whereas if one stands in a hopeless situation they might just die uselessly.

            • Pooch says:

              I think he is refering to immigrants coming to the US purely for the material comfort of a 1st world country, which essentially is a screen for unvirtuous material-seeking peoples.

              People fleeing socialism and communist regimes are the inverse. They are generally morally good people fleeing evil, like we would be if they start white genocide.

            • suones says:

              People who “fled” the Soviet Bloc and brought Marxism to New York? Or Irish machine politics? Or Italian mafia culture? Not to mention the Chinese takeover that is currently underway. There was a reason immigration restrictions were imposed in 1924(!) when immigration was already seen as a huge problem.

              Ex-Cuban Aryans are probably the only exceptions for whom I’ll take your word, as I’ve very little knowledge about this community. I assume they’re more akin to Spaniards than Cubanos.

              Oh and Ayn Rand, too. Who was a degenerate, but otherwise all right.

              • The Cominator says:

                “People who “fled” the Soviet Bloc and brought Marxism to New York? Or Irish machine politics? Or Italian mafia culture?”

                These people you are talking about came to the US before the Soviet Union was established, the only bad group that came directly from the Soviet bloc while it existed were neoconish jews. They hated the Soviet Union because it abandoned pure communism (which would have led to Pol Pot’s Cambodia eventually) for a technocratic (but still inefficient and long term badly run) command economy.

                But most of people who escaped the Soviet bloc are based and redpilled.

        • Pooch says:

          I am not seeing Prog Indians pushing degeneracy like the secular jews are.

          • The Cominator says:

            Degeneracy is an ill defined tradcuckish meme and somewhat misleading. Do you mean the pushing of homosexuality aka what I call the big faggot.

            Jews still have disproportionate influence in “entertainment” (Indians who want to work in entertainment have their own domestic film industry Bollywood) whereas Indians are moving more into big tech, academia and into the role of Democratic party commisars not so much American entertainment.

            I dislike the general term degeneracy because it implies the near universal that we have a “whore” problem. Whore problems are in societies like Asia and Eastern Europe which have abolished effective patriarchy but a non cathedral ethos still enforces generally low female status compared to men, and thus most women are quite willing to fuck most men. Such societies are not Jim’s ideal patriarchy but men (and women) would be happier in them than what we have. We have a matriarchy problem and the women wait chastely for Jeremy Meeks for months and scorn and despise other men because they are higher status than most men.

            • Pooch says:

              My definition of degeneracy is anything that has a negative correlation with birth rate and marriage rate of the native population. Homosexuality, Transexuality, prostitution, pornography, open borders, race mixing, etc.

              • The Cominator says:

                You can’t lump prostitution in with the rest of them, banning prostitution is feminist and progressive not reactionary… prostitution if kept in limited confines walls off vice into what the Japanese call the “floating world” and keeps it out of the respectable world. Even the church fathers recognized this.

                Extreme calvinists regimes banned it sometimes (but generally ended up lifting the ban) The only time pre progressive European societies that weren’t extreme calvinist lifted a finger against prostitution was during the height of the 18th century syphilis outbreak.

                I think widespread pornography is a symptom of too many people not getting regular sex plus the convience of the internet… homosexuality is a perversion which should not be allowed to be talked about openly for the most part it should be pretended like it doesn’t exist (though educated men should know the pathologies typical of the homosexual). Transexuality is dysmorphia a mental illness.

                Open borders is a stupid policy of corrupt utility to our ruling class and justified by Cathedral holiness (but ironically they imported the religious and holy doctrine from John Paul II the Cathedral actually used to oppose open borders) but I wouldn’t put it exactly in the moral category.

                • yewotm8 says:

                  I can’t see prostitution not being a problem when such a large proportion of women are literal prostitutes. Not to mention how much wealth is being transferred to them (though I suppose this is also a result of status as you mentioned) due to the rates they can charge nowadays.

                • The Cominator says:

                  This is more I know better than our ancestors and the way they did it and the progressives and uplifters were right moral arguments… they never are, go back to the ancestral way of brothels in red light districts.

                  Camgirls might be a problem the old fashioned kind should be allowed if they are unowned…

                • Ace says:

                  >I think widespread pornography is a symptom of too many people not getting regular sex plus the convience of the internet…

                  I’ve got a friend who was a natural player who would do shit like bang his his Girl Friend’s friends, pick up women in bars, clubs, and even off the street. He used a shit ton of porn too and talked about it endless, bored me to tears. But when he settled down with an traditional Asian girl who fucked him every day and would make him food afterwards and he really stopped talked about porn.

                  The average medieval peasant got laid more often and was happier than the average player today.

                  >You can’t lump prostitution in with the rest of them, banning prostitution is feminist and progressive not reactionary… prostitution if kept in limited confines walls off vice into what the Japanese call the “floating world” and keeps it out of the respectable world. Even the church fathers recognized this.

                  Correct. Whores needs to be very low status and kept in their districts away from girls from good families whom they might corrupt. They shouldn’t be talked about or given any exposure beyond a red light district.

                  >Camgirls might be a problem the old fashioned kind should be allowed if they are unowned…

                  Women shouldn’t be allowed the internet without supervision by their husband’s or older women from their families. Thing facebook where the number of people they can interact with is limited and monitored. Camgirls are highly destructive to both men and women’s ability to build families.

                • Pooch says:

                  The worst thing now is OnlyFans, where women can be camgirls, prostitutes, whores, whatever at the click of a button on their phones for infinite money if they are mildly attractive. Seminars are organized at universities to show them out to do it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I can’t understand guys who pay for onlyfans… if you are going to pay a girl make sure she is actually fucking you…

                • Ace says:

                  >I can’t understand guys who pay for onlyfans… if you are going to pay a girl make sure she is actually fucking you…

                  Onlyfans is starting to dry up market of attractive girls who get payed to fuck. Women prostitute themselves looking for ever greater highs from fucking alpha males. The betas they fuck along the way just pays the bills and the drug habit. Onlyfans let whores pick to only fuck alphamales and whales, while still collecting money from the average beta. It’s similar to alpha fux and beta bux but with far less effort for the average woman.

                • Snowdensjacket says:

                  [*purple pill deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Pornography is not the problem. Romance is the problem. Focusing on bad male behavior is a distraction from focus on your own game failures.

            • ether says:

              See I’d define degeneracy as the culture’s women thinking trash like jeremy meeks is “high status” because she found a nice picture of him on social media and a criminal record when all the signs point to him just being your average retard. even the photos glorifying him were touched up a candid shot he looks like any other rat in the hood, and some rich bitch with divorce money decided that he was better than some 70 year old fat white guy for a fuck. People say that women like “bad boys” because alphas are antiauthoritarian but personally I don’t think that’s true, because those so called bad boys are so predictable and fit into neat little boxes and also tend to be pretty dumb like literally if you wave one of those red matador flags they’ll run head first into a wall like a retard. maybe if she fantasizes about controlling some dumb animal that can understand human directions then I can understand that. actual antiauthoritarian stances seem to frighten women though, or at least most of the ones I’ve met, because it means the man actually can’t be controlled including by her.

              call me a blue pilled social engineering idealist, but I think the day a future without the cycles of decadence is possible is the day that a woman can look at someone like him and see a loser rather than “high status alfa”. then again good luck finding a woman that can even conceptualize outside her feels.

              I actually really like your definition of the word degeneracy as “we have a whore problem”, I think that really does encompass the word the way people use it entirely. I never thought about it that way that it’s the second world or whatever they call it that has the whore problem. what problem does places like the usa have then, an elite corruption and beta slave problem? I wouldn’t call it a matriarchy problem since the women have the illusion of power because I wouldn’t call eating your own shit a display of power, if you get me. likewise their power is state sponsored and doesn’t actually exist outside of being enforced by men. indoctrinated slave men, but men nonetheless. it’s an easier sell to hold the men responsible since they were the ones who had the power and handed their balls right into their women’s purses. on the other hand it would never have mattered what the men had done at any point if the women weren’t so easily corruptable/corrupted.

              • jim says:

                In order to prevent women from lusting for criminal losers, we need males that have high social status in the male hierarchy to have a superior right to use violence – policing needs to be in substantial part distributed to the male social hierarchy, and we need the punishment of criminals to be public and humiliating. They need to be beaten through the streets, pillories, ducking stools, and tar and feathers. To control the spread of HIV to fertile females, men who lie with males as with a woman need to be thrown from high buildings.

                Woman have not been subject to selection to make wise sexual choices since we looked rather like apes, because white people and east asians are entirely descended from peoples whose women were not allowed to exercise sexual choice, and blacks substantially descended from such peoples.

                If you allow women sexual choice, you get defect defect equilibrium between men and women, sons do not have fathers, fathers do not have sons, whereupon the society loses the military capability to defend itself and fails to reproduce.

                Further, it is probably wise for a woman to choose a criminal loser in a society where the man in the corner office at the top of the tower is not much more successful at reproduction than his office drones. It is certainly wise in the kind of society where women are allowed to exercise sexual choice, for in such a society, it is difficult and dangerous for a man to invest in family and children, so a woman should have sons by the sexy man, in order to have sexy sons. In such a society, selecting for resource acquisition and accumulation is likely to fail.

                If females are allowed sexual choice, you wind up with most men being incels, a few being players, and the women bitches. A society of players, incels, and bitches cannot reproduce, and cannot defend itself from hostile outsiders.

                Natural selection has shaped human males for extended large scale cooperation, because that is how human males succeed at reproduction. However it has not shaped human females for extended large scale cooperation, hence the curse of Eve, the weaker vessel, because during those brief periods of history that women were allowed sexual choice, males who engaged in extended large scale cooperation were losers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Female sexual choice is bad outside of a situation of violent collapse and anarchy but we must always call attention to the fact that the problem is beyond choice the western cathedral countries and especially Anglo and nordic countries also artificially boost their status. Thus making most women unable to even notice most men and the men they do notice tend to be lowlifes with badboy appeal.

                  The situation would be much more livable if the last part wasn’t the case. This should always be emphasized because nobody really states it.

                • jim says:

                  Hence the Pauline prescription for teaching and churches – make women artificially low status, and whomever their father assigns them to looks pretty good to them.

              • Ace says:

                People say that women like “bad boys” because alphas are antiauthoritarian but personally I don’t think that’s true, because those so called bad boys are so predictable and fit into neat little boxes and also tend to be pretty dumb like literally if you wave one of those red matador flags they’ll run head first into a wall like a retard.

                Your pretty young and have few experiences with women. Let me share a few: I’ve known a couple of female prison guards. Both of them were getting fucked by the inmates and loved it. I’ve never seen women so enthusiastic about their jobs.

                Women love violent evil men the same way that chimp females love violent alpha males who lead the chimp troop.

                Women stopped evolving their sexual preferences back when we still resembled chimps because men banded together and took away their ability to pick mates. Because of that whenever women are given the freedom to choose… they choose men who most closely resembles violent alpha chimps.

                When I was young I discovered the fastest way to bed a woman was to act like a violent shithead and the fastest way to lose a woman was to act nice and loving. All my friends discovered the same.

              • jim says:

                > People say that women like “bad boys” because alphas are antiauthoritarian


                That is not what people say.

                That is what progressives say that people say, because they dare not acknowledge what people actually do say.

                What people say is that female alpha radar evolved back in the days when we still looked like apes, and has not advanced much since, so women mistake bad for alpha.

                See my post “The trouble with Rotherham

      • StJtheMS says:

        “One of those wars helped Jews decapitate Third Rome, while the other helped Communists (though not any more explicitly Jewish) consolidate power against powerful adversaries.”

        3-4 years ago I would have responded to this defensively in a similar way as The Cominator did. As much as it hurt to learn this in recent years, let alone to admit, what Soanes writes above is true.

        My only issue with Soanes’ comment regards based churches. There are small but growing numbers of Catholics in the US (and Europe) fleeing the pozzed Pope’s Novus Ordo church for Latin-rite orders hierarchically unaffiliated with the modern Roman Church. They are based, albeit small now in absolute numbers.

        • suones says:

          It was a bitter realisation for me too, friend. We venerate our war dead, and the “India Gate” in New Delhi commemorates all those who lost their lives in WWI, a fundamentally evil war. I console myself that those who fought were not evil men themselves, but they were certainly fighting on the side of evil.

          WWII was a different issue for us, as half the political energy in our country was aligned with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who himself was aligned with the side of truth and progress — Imperial Japan. The Indian Army remained loyal to the British, but the Navy was on the verge of mutiny. Containment of the Indian Navy was the reason British/NATO allied with Pakistan and built a US naval base in the Indian Ocean.

          As for based churches, I see no future for peasants forming their own churches and hoping to be allowed to live. This line of thinking, “The Benedict Option,” is fallacious. Christians didn’t survive universal “persecution” in Rome — it is a revisionist account of the Roman factional struggle that ultimately resulted in a Pyrrhic victory for Constantine the Great’s faction. No-one survives universal persecution — see Cathars. Any church needs an army behind it, and all the Western armies currently stand behind degeneracy. Russian Orthodoxy is backed by the Russian State, Russian Army. Even the Indian Orthodox Church can only survive under the Hindu nuclear umbrella. Anyway, I generally leave Christianity to Christians, and am only interested in it as much as the Churches are interested in harvesting my countrymen’s souls and aborting our women’s babies (the last part specifically refers to US-based “Catholic Relief Services” that sponsors “family welfare” programmes in India lol).

          • clovis says:

            The fate of Japanese Catholics after Tokugawa would be a historical argument in your favor concerning whether or not Christianity can survive universal persecution. There was only one empire-wide persecution in Rome, under Diocletian, while “normal” persecution was sporadic and regional, like it tends to be in Muslim countries today. But it’s not clear to me that your claim is proven. Christianity was universally persecuted in communist countries. It’s true they didn’t round up and shoot every Christian, but generally clergy were tortured and killed, churches were closed, and Christians were ostracized, their children subjected to anti-Christian propaganda in schools. But Christianity wasn’t destroyed in these countries. It was greatly weakened, externally and politically. But that can be read theologically as the winnowing out of those who were only Christians because it paid to be, which is sort of obviously out of step with the central symbol of Christianity–the cross. Iow persecution didnt destroy the church but revealed the true church. Besides this, what happened to Christianity under communism is not a lot different from the weakening of Christian churches in the globohomo west.

            • jim says:

              The true Christian Church remains as mustard seed in the west. In the east, it wakes.

            • i says:

              Suones was referring to wholesale massacre when talking about Christian persecution just like it happened in China. Setting back Christianity until the coming of future missionaries:

              “At first the citizens of Khanfu held out against him, but he subjected them to a long siege-this was in the year 264 [877-79]-until, at last, he took the city and put its people to the sword. Experts on Chinese affairs reported that the number of Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians massacred by him, quite apart from the native Chinese, was 120,000; all of them had gone to settle in this city and become merchants there. The only reason the number of victims from these four communities happens to be known is that the Chinese had kept records of their numbers.[2]”
              — Abu Zayd al-Sirafi

              If the communists hunted down every single Christian they could find and kill them. Entire congregations alongside the clergy.

              Except for women who would end up in harems

              Then matters would be different.

              Its not total persecution unless every single Christian was to be hunted down and killed.

              That luckily didn’t happen in the Roman Empire or the Soviet Union.

    • They are taking in Boer refugees. I was following that for years. First they wanted to go to Australia but then the Cathedral told to Australia they do not get to racially discriminate between immigrants, if they take the Boers in they will also have to take the Tamils or whoever comes on boats in. Australia apparently backed out from the offer. Then they talked with Hungary and Bulgaria. Hungary look like a culturally well compatible place for them as they are Calvinists and Debrecen in Hungary is sometimes called the Calvinist Rome, I tried to pull some strings in their favor, talking to Hungarian conservative Internet friends who do have some influence, but apparently Orban showed no interest, despite himself a Calvinist. Too bad, how cool way it would have been to troll the Dutch progs who keep criticising Hungary for not taking in Congolese refugees. Eventually they ended up going to Russia and I have no links at hand but the first batch of refugees have apparently arrived already.

      • @jim is this feature of randomly assigned pink cats as avatars something you consider adding value to the place or you could just turn it the fsck off?

        • Thales says:

          Testing for pink cat avatar…

        • Grey says:

          I’m sure it’s a premeditated dig at Fuentes or some kind of strategic aesthetic initiative.

          Or perhaps its just targeted irony aimed at pooch.

          Let us consider the deeper reasons for the catatars.

        • clovis says:

          If you get a pink cat maybe you need to start taking supplements. Mine is black, so I’m fine with the cats.

      • C4ssidy says:

        And Russian wheat exports are exploding. Hopefully they also breed. Russia’s major weakness has always been the lack of Western European stock. Slavs cannot really cohere, they backstab each other not much differently from Arabs

        • suones says:

          Slavs cannot really cohere, they backstab each other not much differently from Arabs.

          Slavs, though “white” in appearance due to northern sun-less climes, are Easterners in culture and behaviour. Any group of people can cohere, even Africans. It is just that the level of coercion needed to make coherence self-sustaining is very low (only) for Western Europeans, possibly due to extensive winnowing of the stock through warfare or disease. Easterners require significantly stronger leadership to establish Dharma, which appears “brutal” to effeminate Westerners, so is shunned and prevented from happening by any number of NGOs and a UN backed by the military might of USA. Russia under an autocratic Tsar was a very different place from Russia under, eg. Gorbachev. Similarly for Libya under Gaddafi or Iraq under Saddam.

          This problem occurs on a very large scale in the USA, where blacks are prevented from establishing black-ruled societies due to forceful integration, and lawful black violence is curtailed in favour of gangbanging. It is particularly bad for blacks as their natural elite class is a vanishingly small proportion of their population, and given state opposition, prefers to flee to white-aligned territories. The continuous meddling of the West is the reason no ordered society exists in Africa either.

  13. INDY says:

    A friend is pretty hot on Theta because of some Bix Weir videos he watched.
    What is the point of linking online video platforms with a crypto currency?

  14. Pooch says:

    Small whitepill that Georgia passed election reform through their state legislature…

    At least one state seems determined to fight the fraud.

  15. Ex says:

    I learned today of the proposed ‘No Glory for Hate Act’.

    I’m told it’s bad form to pass a law that singles out one specific person by name for punishment. So this instead singles out “any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment of this Act”.

    Its sponsors evidently hate Trump with a driving passion. They demand that he should get no public memorials and not be buried at Arlington. Step, step, step down the slippery slope of what new punishments they try to bring upon him.

    • Humble Acolyte says:

      Still trivially unconstitutional because ex post facto (not that it matters)

    • Javier says:

      It’s like the ‘no Homer’s club’ joke on the Simpsons:

      “No presidents with impeachments allowed!”

      “What about Clinton?”

      “ImpeachmentS. Plural. You’re allowed to have one!”

    • The Cominator says:

      Damnatio Memoriae.

  16. Space Ghost says:

    Well well well, looks like Scott Alexander just got Dolchstoß’ed. Someone released private emails from 2014 and all I can say is, lol. Our lovely host even gets called out as someone Scott *didn’t* want commenting at his site.

    • suones says:

      LOL indeed. Jim was also unwelcome at ESR’s blog, while it lasted (no updates since Sept 2020).

      FWIW, the same happened to me on “liberal” Indian blogs. I was under the impression that “open-mindedness” and “rationalism” were these really cool things. How little did I know!

      • An example of how the liberals quickly find themselves out-liberalled despite their protestations of being holier-than-thou when they transgress the powers-that-be. Eventually all Leftists die at the hands of those to their Left and especially those whose Leftism is backed by State power, unless the Leftward movement is halted by a Stalin.

        Another example of a liberal getting out-liberalled:

        LOL indeed!

        • suones says:

          There is a difference in my case: I was never a left-liberal, as the term is defined currently. I distinctly remember being right of even classical liberal for as long as I can remember. My father attested that I was a monarchist as a kid (lol), which surprised even him, at times.

          My misconception was that since I am a nastika rationalist, that I would be able to convince the “rationalist” community of the rational benefit of monarchy and a hierarchical society providing satisfaction for the largest number of people (which is what “utilitarianism” purports to strive for). I learned that the “rationalists” actually care no more for reason than “utilitarians” for utility, but they’re all facets of anti-Hinduism, a branch of anti-Aryans.

          I was a right-wing Kantorovich, so to speak. 😀

          • I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to the blogger Scott Alexander, who got outliberalled and outed.

          • Every kid is a monarchist, just look at the fiction they consume. OK you were perhaps more seriously so, but my point is that the fiction people consume tends to be to the right of modern reality and modern ideology. It has been shown that much of it is based on Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces, with the main themes largely unchanged through history.

            I mean GRRM tried adding the poz to his ASOIAF and Hollywood tried to add even more poz to it and it is pretty interesting how they did not really succeed because the narrative itself resists it. So yeah there is one stronk independent womyn defeating men in combat left and right, but there is only one, a huge exception, a weird mutant, not a social norm, not something expected. And the queen going on a crusade to liberate oppressed brown slaves is at the end of the day still an authoritarian queen. The narrative resists adding too much poz.

            Or Star Wars, sure muh democracy rebelling against the evil monarch, but in order to make it compatible with the Campbellian myth, an aristo-monarchic element had to be added, Luke, the magic prince and the Jedi Order whom he is gonna rebuild. Both the idea of having been sired by a monarch(‘s second in command) but growing up without knowing it and having extraordinary abilities are standard Cambellian myth. In a standard myth the lost prince eventually takes the throne, in this one not, but I suspect few things will happen in the Second Republic that the Jedi do not want to happen. So just shadow king. Still appreciate the irony how far they had to go into the direction of a heroic-monarchic story even though they wanted a democratic story, but this was necessary to make it compatible with the standard myth – otherwise people would find it boring.

            This could be a way to redpill a lot of people. To somehow tell them the fiction, the legends, the myths you consume are relatively reactionary and the world could be like that.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Or Star Wars, sure muh democracy rebelling against the evil monarch, but in order to make it compatible with the Campbellian myth, an aristo-monarchic element had to be added, Luke, the magic prince and the Jedi Order whom he is gonna rebuild.”

              Nerd rant incoming

              In the Pre Disney expanded universe Star Wars the Emperor (though what headshrinkers would call a pure psychopat) did what he did (militarize the galaxy at the expense of his original massive popularity) because he knew a huge extragalatic invasion was coming. Also the reason people didn’t like the Empire was primarily because of tax increases and in some cases (in order to tax beyond the laffer maximum) nationalization of some industries in order to reorient them to military production.

              In fact the Empire used a supposed extragalatic threat as one of the reasons to justify their enormously expensive military buildup, the problem was the details of it were not revealed (and only Palpatine Thrawn and maybe a couple of other people in the Emperor’s Inner Circle knew, and its not even clear whether say Vader was told) and nobody believed them though it was actually true.

              So in the old EU Star Wars Palps was a necessary evil and his evils were the evils of socialism. Blowing up Alderan was a deranged act by Tarkin who was supposed to blow up some sparsely populated backwater…

              Nor was the galaxy all that Democratic, many planets had hereditary governments and such even during the Republic.

              • suones says:


                Excellent rant lol. A tiny nitpick…

                Palps was a necessary evil and his evils were the evils of socialism.

                They were the evils of a command economy, which is superficially similar to socialism, but is a response to an existential crisis, and ideally, is temporary. If the invasion occurs when the gay Republic is in charge, the galaxy is doomed.

                Dharma demands Kings refrain from any mercantile activity (including farming), hence a Hindu army would rely on camp followers and local merchants and farmers for support. While this is excellent from a long-term perspective, the result was that each of these trades takes up a wee bit more of time and effort than a looting/requisitioning army, and we lost the Third Battle of Panipat because the Hindu Army could not march to the Jhelum river in time to prevent the Muslim forces from crossing.

                Blitzkreig really does have something going for it. We corrected our historical mistake by 1965, when, under Prime Minister Shastri, the Indian Army’s response to Pakistani aggression in Kashmir was getting our artillery to within shelling range of Lahore (a major Pakistani city). And this was when half the country was starving as a result of Nehru’s agro-Marxism. Of course, Shastriji quickly got the Green Revolution rolling and food shortages have become a thing of the past, but it was a big, big accomplishment in 1965.

                • jim says:

                  > Dharma demands Kings refrain from any mercantile activity (including farming), hence a Hindu army would rely on camp followers and local merchants and farmers for support. While this is excellent from a long-term perspective, the result was that each of these trades takes up a wee bit more of time and effort than a looting/requisitioning army, and we lost the Third Battle of Panipat because the Hindu Army could not march to the Jhelum river in time to prevent the Muslim forces from crossing.

                  Extracting food from uncooperative peasants who are hiding it and running away requires the army to disperse, which costs time and exposes you to defeat in detail, what we would now call guerrilla war, which is what bit Napoleon in Spain. When things went pear shaped for the ten thousand, Xenophon did not think that the worst thing was that they were now at war with the emperor of most of the known world. He thought that the worst thing was that they would now have to have socialist logistics, and his most urgent priority was to obtain market logistics.

                  During the Crimean war, each army’s primary military tactic was to obstruct the market logistics of the other. Socialism for the enemy, capitalism for the camp followers.

                  During one part of the march to the sea, Xenophon ordered that they would penalize the obstruction of their market logistics by burning everything and killing everyone.

                  When Rome fired Sulla, he did not resort to socialist logistics except through dire necessity. Rather, he shook down Kings, and used the money to pay camp followers.

                  In the current war in Afghanistan, the British army, which has about a hundred generals, discovered it could only put about a hundred boots on the ground. If you rely on socialist logistics, not everyone in your army fights, and pretty soon you discover that no one in your army fights. The rest are doing logistics.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “They were the evils of a command economy, which is superficially similar to socialism, but is a response to an existential crisis, and ideally, is temporary. If the invasion occurs when the gay Republic is in charge, the galaxy is doomed.”

                  Here is another nerd rant.

                  The Empire was a mixed capitalist and command economy (and semi feudal to boot). Being that it was on a galatic scale with thousands if not millions of inhabited worlds it could not be run centrally the scale was too big (and Palpatine found administration boring anyway and once he had things set up he withdrew almost entirely from day to day administration). The local sector and planet governors were like gods in the worlds they governed they could do almost anything they wanted unless someone with a higher rank interfered. Most of the time they only interfered if your taxes or military production levels fell short of production quotas.

                  The Emperor did not per se believe in socialism (in fact Sith beliefs on economics were semi Randian the Sith thought egalitarian ideas were as stupid as we think they are) but he did believe that the galaxy needed to be ready for total war soon and that fear was a good motivator.

                  So if you were an imperial planet governor and had orders to assemble so many tie fighters or such on your planet and the local companies still found it more profitable to sell speed bikes and export them its more likely that a lot of factories on your planet would find themselves nationalized and ordered to make tie fighters. Whatever other effects this had on the economy they didn’t much care, what the governors didn’t want is a visit from the ISB (the secret police) or worse someone like Vader and being called on to explain why they were short on their production quotas.

                  The pre Disney Star Wars Universe is quite realistic about economics and human nature the problems of scale and the problems of democracy unlike say Star Trek. Palps was not a nice man but the reason he became unpopular was not because he was a scrotum faced looking Sith Lord (almost nobody knew what he actually looked like because whenever he did give public speeches he used a filter to make it look like his old Ian Mcdirmid face) but because of the taxes and the high military production quotas, the high military production quotas and taxes were necessary though for an invasion he knew was coming and the invaders were way worse than he was. And no he didn’t really believe in socialism as anything other than a short term smash and grab for a military buildup.

                • jim says:

                  > And no he didn’t really believe in socialism as anything other than a short term smash and grab for a military buildup.

                  Sometimes you really do need a short term smash and grab for an urgent military buildup. But if the war continues for a few years, it is going to bite you.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Sometimes you really do need a short term smash and grab for an urgent military buildup. But if the war continues for a few years, it is going to bite you.”

                  Well that was the problem is the Emperor did not really know WHEN they were coming and he kept the socialistic military buildup policy going far too long, he knew they had a huge fleet and planned to attack but his intelligence was limited. And in fact they delayed their attack until the galaxy was fractured… they (the Vong) specifically did not want to fight the Empire which they called “a much more rational government” then the New Republic.

                  But still the Emperor’s militarizing the galaxy left it (even fractured) left the Galaxy much more prepared than the old Republic would have been.

                  I’ll end the Star Wars talk now… but I like how realistic the old Expanded Universe Star Wars was and how the evil psychopathic dark sorcerer emperor was actually despite being all that a rational actor rather than some deranged lunatic who did it all for the lulz.

                • jim says:

                  Well, it did bite him.

                  And in “The Mandalorian”, which for the first part of the series was a continuation of the preDysney star wars realistic universe, the collapse of the empire was a total disaster. The Republic just was not able to get its stuff together, and all the peoples celebrating their liberation from the oppressive emperor several thousand light years away got a big shock.

                  This is related to the way the Cathedral got burned in Arab Spring. Having blown up Gaddaffi, imprisoned their ally Hosni Mubarak, and treacherously murdered their ally Zine El Abidine Ben Ali they were required to believe that everything would now go smoothly, and when things started to go pear shaped, nobody near the Clintons dared notice it, because they are required to believe in a universe resembling the Disney Star Wars universe.

                • “Extracting food from uncooperative peasants who are hiding it and running away requires the army to disperse, which costs time and exposes you to defeat in detail”

                  Yes, and moreover, the troops won’t just finish the mission and return with the food ASAP, rather they will use the opportunity to do some personal looting, raping and drinking, making it cost even more time, longer-lasting dispersal.

                  Which is largely how Josip Jelačić was defeated in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1848, simply too many of his troops were out in the villages chasing peasant girls while under the orders to requisition food and not present at the decisive battle. Because of course the H. forces knew what was going on and wanted to force decisive battle ASAP before he can gather his forces. Which is sort of the opposite of the guerilla stuff but worked.

                • And also the presses of Hungary were full of stories of Croatian soldiers raping the pure local virgins, which made recruits pour into the Hungarian army in order to save the damsels in distress. So sending out soldiers to gather food resulted not only reducing his own forces for the decisive battle, but also adding to the opposing forces.

                • suones says:


                  Any recommendation for a good (English) critical edition of The Ten Thousand/Anabasis? I’d like to read this myself, and the abridged version I read leaves much to be desired.

                  Re: Mandalorian

                  When Werner Herzog asks everyone about how the world seemed to have gone to shit post-Empire, I found myself nodding along.

                  Re: short-term smash and grab

                  Which was exactly what Hitler intended with Blitzkrieg, but got bogged down in a prolonged war and lost.


                  Agro-feudalism is a solved problem. Industrial feudalism is not. A non-rooted, non-landowning “Capitalist” elite class is a recipe for continuous intrigue. The most successful so far has been the British East India Company, which was very nearly an Empire itself, or a “sovereign corporation” in Jim’s terminology.

                • @suones

                  Industrial feudalism is unnecessary and a bad idea. Feudalism is a political order. Why should the capitalists butt into politics? The deal is simply that the Capitalists should have no say in politics, the ruling classes are warriors and priests and in return the ruling classes mostly leave them alone. They will be allowed to do what they are good at without much fetters, but not allowed to butt into politics.

                  As for agro-feudalism, meaning, whether it is a good idea or necessary for the ruling warrior class to own estates, I suppose it is becasue the alternative is the state buying them their weapons and stuff, i.e. socialism or at least the known inefficiency of centralized procurement.

                  Also, it is the rural kids who make good soldiers and I think a King and aristocrats should rely on them to counterbalance of the urban people, the priests and capitalists. So I think yes, the idea of military officers owning large landed estates, and recruiting household troops from the guys working on them is a good synergy.

                  The problem is I would still prefer small family farms. I am much influenced by Distributism, wage labor should be a temporary thing in a normal average mans life, most men should get their own farm or shop going.

                  Perhaps the military officers, warrior aristocrats should be simply tax farmers. Given that the state, the King owns the country in the sense of owning the land and does not own the people as slaves, the best tax is a Georgian land tax. Tax farming feudalism is possible, a count-general simply owning the tax collection rights to a county, sending part of it up the crown. Uses the rest to govern the county, train an army there that works as SWAT type police, solving the problems that armed fathers cannot, and the King can call upon them if there is a war.

            • suones says:


              Thanks! Added to my reading list.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >In one post, he aligned himself with Charles Murray, who proposed a link between race and IQ in “The Bell Curve.” In another, he pointed out that Murray believes Black people “are genetically less intelligent than white people.”

      Now when you stop to think about it, it doesn’t seem to make much sense does it? ‘[Person 1] pointed out that [Person 2] believes [heresy]’. What could be heretical about that? Could that not imply the opposite even?

      It’s because you’re *not* supposed to stop and think about it of course. You simply put [Person] and [heresy] in the same sentence together, never mind the details, and let the lemming’s reptile hindbrains form a semiconscious association between the two.

      Under a totalizing ideology, you are not in fact supposed to even *mention* heretical topics, lest you be suspected of being contaminated by them.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >This seems like a weirdly brazen type of falsehood for a major newspaper.

        Oh you sweet summer child.

        • BTW Aurini has a pretty interesting idea that poz is not merely about virtue-signalling, rather the political ideology du jour can also be used a replacement for talent.

          Like, suppose you are in 1918 in England, your father owns a fiction publishing house, so if you could cobble together something sellable you could get published, but you have no talent at all, no creative ideas whatsoever, so what do you do? Well, let’s see, in $current_year = 1918 the political fashion is patriotism, hating the Hun, and that women are pure. Okay, so how about writing a novel that some evil German colonel kidnaps a pure damsel but just before he could rape her a handsome English hero rescues her, blows the bad guys to bits, and the she gratefully marries him and they live happy ever after? Compared to the absolute zero the lack of talent could produce, this, just turning the fashionable ideas of the day into a carbon-copy story, song or film can actually have some amount of popular success. Plus authority approval and some political status points.

          I borrowed this idea from Scott A. who once found that in the 1918 summit of the APA some doctor made a speech that what is wrong with psyichiatry are the dastardly Hun with their fake psychiatry. Guy wanted to get some political status points? Sure but I would also borrow Aurini’s idea that he made this speech simply because he did not know shit about psychiatry and could not have made a speech about that.

          So anyway, evil pozzed journalism also might not be evil pozzed journalism purely because virtue-signalling and spiralling left, but also because these people are simply unable to do journalism at all, thus really either they do this or cannot write anything at all.

          Poz leads to dumber elites, dumber elites leads to elite being unable to produce anything but poz.

          • jim says:

            Since Moldbug became Yarvin, he is boring and uninformative.

            Doing real journalism would be extremely dangerous, so they don’t

            • Pooch says:

              Yarvin did have a piece sort of interesting about this very thing in that journalism is the market place of ideas for those in power and the ideas that increase their power win.

          • suones says:

            Compared to the absolute zero the lack of talent could produce, this, just turning the fashionable ideas of the day into a carbon-copy story, song or film can actually have some amount of popular success.

            You just described every Bollywood film ever made lol.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >poz is not merely about virtue-signalling, rather the political ideology du jour can also be used a replacement for talent.

            Rather, this is all but always and exactly what pseudosanctimonia is for, which is usually what is being referred to specifically when people speak of ‘virtue signaling’ in pejorative senses, which is a broad label that can include very good things as well.

            Where one might find pharisees, gnostics, leftists, or other synonyms of congenital solipsism, in any particular vocation, they will be competing, not in terms of the vocation as such, but with *you, personally*.

            They might be on a football team, but they are not ‘about’ football; they might be in a company, but ‘the company’ is not what they are about; they might be in Germany, but ‘being German’ is not what they are about.

            Whatever particular positions they might happen to fill, subjects they might be embedded in, topics they might appear occupied by, is a mere function of historical contingency; any and all serve only as equally inerchangeable vehicles for expressing the vituperative animus of their chronic backbiting syndrome.

            They can never ‘talk shop’; whatever object a given band of men is ostensibly ‘for’, they will all but inevitably derail by inflating the scope of discussion with simplistically adulterated ideograms that they are capable of wrapping their heads around, which they might fain to call ‘universal principles’, in order to furnish such pretexts for such poison of spirit.

            The more parochial a matter, the more deterministic it is, the easier it may be for such kinds to find their empty charlatanism exposed as devoid of any real virtue. Whereas, matters much more transcendent are often also comensurably more difficult to verify; and hence, a perverse irony; that such kinds are so often most attracted to such fields that they are also least qualified to traffick in; indeed, the very *last* sorts one would ever want.

      • Prince Charming says:

        Jim, please set ‘avatar_privacy_salt’ to something random and hard to bruteforce, perhaps a hex representation of 64 bytes from /dev/random.

        The cat avatars are the cutest. Reading their source code on github[1], the default is a single global 32-bit salt with ~4 bits of randomness; which doesn’t seem to be the live code on this website though: the salt for my avatar is, I kid you not, UINT32_MAX (bigger numbers are harder to guess… I guess?), but other avatars here have different salts.

        On a related note, some people have shared their e-mail over the years, sometimes perhaps by accidentally inputting it into the wrong comment form field.


        • jim says:

          According to the source code of the Avatar privacy plugin running on my site:
          * Filters the salt used for generating this sites email hashes.
          * If a non-empty string is returned, this value is used instead of
          * the one stored in the network options. On first activation, a random
          * value is generated and stored in the option.
          * @param string $salt Default ”.

          Glancing at the code, looks plausibly true.

          • Prince Charming says:

            Yes, that’s what I see as well. But I would not describe “4292907985” (the current salt) as random. I wonder why they would be touting sha256, talking about switching to sha512, poo-poohing gravatar for using md5, all the while using a sitewide 32-bit salt.

            • jim says:

              You are not supposed to be able to see the salt. How do you see the salt?

              Everyone’s salt should be different, in which case a thirty two bit salt is ample.

              • Prince Charming says:

                It’s only 32 bits; I suppose I could have been clever, but a simple for loop did the trick. Because the e-mail is known plaintext, the salt really ought to be treated as an encryption key (sufficient size, sufficient secrecy), if the public hash is not to leak information.

                It is site-wide; for example, these 3 commenters’ avatars have the same salt (“4292907985”):

                Prince Charming:



                Now, as to the question how I got vxxc’s address, he is amongst the people who would put their e-mail in the “website” form field.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  I think that a realistic threat model is that you can do a chosen plaintext attack against avatar privacy, with a precomputed rainbow table for the 2**32 salts and a certain e-mail. So given a list of e-mails to check against a website that uses avatar privacy, I will make a comment, sign it with an e-mail address I have precomputed the salted hashes for, look up the hash in the rainbow table, which will give me the salt. I concatenate the salt value with each of the list of e-mails to be checked, and see if any of the avatars on the website have that hash.

                  The list of e-mails will come from companies doing background checks on their (prospective) employees and clients, journalists doing background checks on their targets, and analogues of what we’ve seen with the recent Parler leak of user-submitted data in the aftermath of the Capitol sightseeing trip.

                • jim says:

                  Does not work.

                  There are only a limited number of cats. For any cat avatar, every possible email is going to match about five hundred million times over the four billion possible salts.

                • jim says:

                  If each commenter has the same salt, it is a bug.

                  But, again, how did you find the salt? You iterated over the known email and all possible salts till you got a match, a match with what? If there is a bug, how do I prove there is a bug?

                  Show me the code and the source of your data.

                • The Original OC says:

                  “Now, as to the question how I got vxxc’s address, he is amongst the people who would put their e-mail in the “website” form field.”

                  Is it efficient to mass delete all “website” entries with “@” in them?

                • jim says:

                  I would not believe anything Prince Charming says. Did anyone put their true email address in the website field?

                  I suppose I should check, would not take very long at all and yes, creating an sql query to erase all such records takes no longer than to create an sql query to find all such records, but I think that prince charming is just a fed trying to sow paranoia, distrust, and suspicion, so am disinclined to do anything in response to his stuff.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Show me the code and the source of your data.

                  Jim, you have probably figured this out by now, but your reply to Alice’s comment provides the email address “”. If I then:

                  print hash(‘sha256’, ‘’) . “\n”;

                  PHP prints “cccccff181f438bcd1b5be475e806a5e80e1687b5098e2c8fc680d8ae8ea0f54”, and sure enough, Alice’s avatar for the linked comment was avatar-privacy/cache/cat/c/c/cccccff181f438bcd1b5be475e806a5e80e1687b5098e2c8fc680d8ae8ea0f54-32.png.

                • jim says:

                  I deliberately leaked Alice’s email, because it was obvious that she was up to no good, and her avatar is unsalted. Try posting with a new made up email address and see what avatar you get.

                  Post the message “Hi, this mike in Boston, fake gmail“, and let us see your avatar when you post using that email address.

                  You and Prince Charming have a point, in that the plugin Avatar Privacy only assigns avatars randomly for new email addresses.

                  It is not a site wide salt, it just that all old commenter email addresses are unsalted. Which is bad, but since there is a limited set of avatars, not all that bad, the number of possible avatars being far fewer than the number of possible email addresses.

                  So unless the attacker already knows, or strongly suspects, the commenter email, the avatar does not help the attacker.

                • Fake Mike in Boston says:

                  Hi, this mike in Boston, fake gmail

                • jim says:

                  What should happen, and what I think is happening, though I have not yet confirmed it, relying on you and Prince Charming to test it, is that everyone who posted before I installed Avatar Privacy got an avatar that leaked a few bits of the hash of their email address, enabling a hostile party to confirm a guess as to their email address, and Avatar Privacy continues to leak the same bits as originally leaked.

                  It only shuts off the leakage, and it is only useful to shut off the leakage, on new emails with new avatars.

                  I will check this eventually if you don’t check it, but I would love you to test it for me.

                  I have some other, rather more urgent, security tasks to address that are not directly related to this blog.

                  Checking that Avatar Privacy is working correctly is important but not urgent.

                  I appreciate you checking it. I have a pile of security issues in my in tray, and have just been tasked with another which has to be dealt with very soon.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Checking that Avatar Privacy is working correctly is important but not urgent.

                  I agree that this is not the most urgent thing in the world; we should all be using email addresses than can’t be linked to our real identity. And I am glad that your considerable talents are getting applied to stuff more important than blog maintenance.

                  But for what it’s worth, the post from “Fake Mike in Boston” got the avatar 08c306f83d718a87a6e0dbfb8cc9af8caba1b44c1512a89be6aaccd089df42cd-32.png and indeed:

                  $ php -r “print hash(‘sha256’, ‘’) . \”\n\”;”

                  So it seems to me that both new and old email addresses may be getting concatenated with the fixed salt “4292907985” before hashing.

                • jim says:

                  I have purged all email addresses in the comment author url, of which there were a large number, but seemed to be mostly or all scammers, spammers, and shills.
                  SELECT `comment_author_url` FROM `wp_comments` where `comment_author_url` LIKE ‘%@gmail%’ LIMIT 10;
                  UPDATE wp_comments SET `comment_author_url` = ‘fake’ WHERE `comment_author_url` LIKE ‘%@%’;
                  SELECT `comment_author_url` FROM `wp_comments` where `comment_author_url` LIKE ‘%@%’ ;

                  If the avatar privacy plugin is not doing its job, I have far more important code I need to fix.

                  But you are right, it is a problem.

                  But yes, you are right. It does seem that avatar privacy is not doing diddly squat. It is supposed to generate an unpredictable hash for each new email address.

                  If the attacker has no suspicion as to what a commenter’s email is, does not help them, but can be used to confirm a suspected identity.

                  Of course, if your address is, does not matter, since google is sharing all your emails with your enemies. I assume all the gmail addresses are fake.

                • jim says:

                  I tried BuddyPress with BP Local Avatars on my development server (I now have a development server after having broken my actual server far too many times), and it did not do diddly squat. Everyone got the same avatar, and that avatar was broken.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  For what it’s worth, I am grateful that you provide this blog, that you allow us to comment, and that you engage with this issue, Jim. This is about the best security incident response I’ve seen.

                  You should be able to easily fix the issue for good by setting ‘avatar_privacy_salt’ to something random and hard to bruteforce, perhaps a hex representation of 64 bytes from /dev/random. It’ll make the avatar obscurity plugin work the way its NSA sponsors intended it to work for sites where they actually want the privacy of emails.

                  $ echo -n | sha256sum

                  Which, yes, you’ve guessed it, the hash in

                • Prince Charming says:

                  @Mike in Boston sorry to basically repeat your post, should’ve read the whole thread first

                  boring technical details follow

                  > For any cat avatar, every possible email is going to match about five hundred million times over the four billion possible salts

                  The avatar pictures are not unique, but the hashes are, and the hashes are put in the URL in whole. A given e-mail will be exploded into a unique corresponding URL, which will map reductively onto one of the limited numbers of avatars.

                  > prince charming is just a fed trying to sow paranoia, distrust, and suspicion

                  My supervisor says to demand an apology. My job doesn’t define me, Jim.

                  > what I think is happening […] everyone who posted before I installed Avatar Privacy got an avatar that leaked a few bits of the hash of their email address

                  the gravatar plugin uses an unsalted md5 hash, so given an e-mail, one can conclusively confirm whether that e-mail was what was originally entered by the user

                  > enabling a hostile party to confirm a guess as to their email address

                  >If the attacker has no suspicion as to what a commenter’s email is, does not help them, but can be used to confirm a suspected identity.

                  Yes, and no. There are < 2**33 people alive, with < Avatar Privacy continues to leak the same bits as originally leaked

                  avatar obscurity plugin was made by the nsa in the time-tested fashion where friends and foes alike are given the same code, but the defaults are insecure

                  it uses a salted sha256 hash, where the default hash is trivially bruteforced, so given an e-mail, one can conclusively confirm whether that e-mail was what was originally entered by the user

                • jim says:

                  I stand corrected. This is an identity leaking tool, not a privacy tool.

                  My paranoia was insufficient.

                  You have demonstrated techie cred, and demonstrated which side you are on.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  [WordPress interpreted some of the comment as markup]

                  >If the attacker has no suspicion as to what a commenter’s email is, does not help them, but can be used to confirm a suspected identity.

                  Yes, and no. There are < 2**33 people alive, with much less than 2**10 e-mail addresses per person, so the adversary can also use a big list of all the email addresses of all the people, and check all of them.

                • jim says:

                  Looks like your original privacy proposal (use Avatar Privacy but force it to use a strong secret salt) is the only workable solution.

                  The alternatives are no avatars, or a total hole in security.

                • jim says:

                  Your advice has been very helpful, though I was reluctant, hostile, and difficult about being helped.

                  Could you recommend what to do about avatars?

                  I don’t want to try to fix enemy software. I have turned avatars off, and deleted the Avatar (no)Privacy plugin.

                • jim says:

                  How about Buddy Press with the BP Local Avatars plugin?

                  But I think Buddy Press only handles avatars for registered users, and users should not register.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  @Jim your response is better than I’ve seen elsewhere to more blatant security incidents; it’s refreshing that you fixed this quickly, on your dime, and with acknowledgement

                  > Could you recommend what to do about avatars?

                  > I don’t want to try to fix enemy software.

                  The technological quick fix, with hard-coding a magic secret number into the source code is about as good as it gets. Going forward, I think a review of the plugin’s source code would be in order. There is of course the risk that the hashing code path is flawed in a similar way the salt generating code path is. Using the documented way of putting the secret in the ‘avatar_privacy_salt’ variable will avoid the obvious problem with putting it in the source code, including that site’s code will end up in backups, which are much harder to keep confidential than a single text file.

                  But I do not expect that there is a secondary problem once the defaults are removed. NSA is famous for its dual-use technology output. For various reasons, they produce good tech with an achilles’ heel, and if you know to avoid the achilles’ heel, you are using the tool they themselves are using, which is better than anything that you could reasonably hope to roll yourself (they likely spike competition they cannot co-opt, so you really have no choice).

                  This being a WordPress website on Linux, it’s all enemy software, and it’s all buggy, but we’re smarter than them, at least some of the time. They will converge all software the same way they converged Linux, so whatever.

                • jim says:

                  I am unaware of any documented site wide method of changing the salt.

                  Which salt is presumably in the database, and probably not at all hard to find, but the avatar privacy database is backed up also along with the WordPress database, though I could turn that off.

                  The backups are under my physical control, in my private home, and the database is regularly purged of IP information. The server is backed up through rsync, which is secured by my private key again under my private personal control on my desk. The primary source of leakage is that no end of unknown and not particularly reliable people have access to the data center in which the actual computer is physically located. There are not supposed to be any on site backups. Perhaps a Hong Kong location would be more secure, since Cathedral spies are apt to be shot. On the other hand, Hong Kong is more overrun with active Cathedralites, because they are targeting it in an effort to overthrow China.

                  I don’t want the server in my private home, because its physical location is visible to the entire world. If a data center becomes unfriendly, I can just do a restore to another data center in another country.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  @Jim You’re right, it’s not a config variable in a text file; looks to me like avatar_privacy_salt lives in the wp_sitemeta(?) table in the WordPress database[1].

                  It looks like we are employing the plugin for a purpose that it was never designed for. Because it was not designed along best cryptographic practices, but rather started as a classical opensource hobbyist scratch-my-nonexistent-itch piece of code, is maintained to meet an urgent business need and placate regulators and lawyers, now trying to use it for hard privacy, we discovered its technological debt.

                  Not developed by our enemies. I’ve done some archaeology. The plugin seems to have been developed in 2012 by some guy [2] for his personal website, as his “first WordPress plugin” (published to WordPress in version 0.3 in February 2013, i.e. before Snowden[3]); the original author never published any other software, and never updated the code. In 2018, at the height of the GDPR “compliance” panic, an Austrian consultancy[4], saw a customer need, saw that gravatar flagrantly was in breach, took over the package, completely rewrote it, and adapted the original marketing spiel, not reflecting that their rewrite subtly reintroduced the very problem the original author had tried to address. Or perhaps they did notice, but the customer need here was regulatory compliance with what was then perceived as draconian, unworkable privacy law in the era of still-open Internet, and reassuring marketing literature was the product. I’m pretty sure that none of the authors thought of Austrian hatespeech laws or cancel culture. The Staatspolizei may or may not have requested a meeting in which they explained that 4 bits of entropy were enough, historic memory of Anschluss still being painful, but that is not necessary for the story to make sense.


                  [2] … who probably wouldn’t appreciate being linked directly; the link to his website is on [3] below, at the bottom of the page



                • jim says:

                  > @Jim You’re right, it’s not a config variable in a text file; looks to me like avatar_privacy_salt lives in the wp_sitemeta(?) table in the WordPress database[1].

                  There is no `wp_sitemeta` table. Though there should be.

                  It is the `wp_options` table.

                  Avatar Privacy uses to the excellent Sodium library, which can and routinely does, generate strong 256 bit secrets. How come the secret it installs is not 256 bits?

        • Anonymous says:

          I liked the cats too.

    • Javier says:

      He seems to have learned zero lessons from his banishment.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        It’s not that the thoughts don’t exist, it’s that ultimately on a limbic level he desperately wants his abusers to be his friends, the loudest criers getting the most appeasement; very much like a woman.

        • Snowdensjacket says:

          He’s a lesser prog. And before you judge most people are, including most of the people here. Resisting the prog is resisting your own inner nature. But he wants to talk with others, as we do as well, or we would not try. It does get tiring to try. Talking is akin to thinking, and thinking is the enemy of the prog, the beast, who feels his way through life, like a woman.

          His attempt to talk is an attempt to think and it is a masculine attempt, in a feminine world.

          Think, talk, speak, reason! Cries out the last man before rhe feminization, the beast, the animal side of man, cries back, no! That feels bad!

          • Joe says:

            You are a pitiful creature.

          • “Resisting the prog is resisting your own inner nature.”

            I am pretty sure I don’t have the prog in me. My closest thing to the prog was when I was a teenager 25 years ago, I wanted a brutally nietzschean social darwinist society where the smart rule and the dumb perish, Nick Land style, and back then I thought social conservatives who oppose gheyrights and feminism are dumb, so they will be the ones to perish. While that view had a lot of similarities to the prog virus in its surface proteins, and I think it was so because I was loyal to the ruling paradigm, its deep structure was entirely different and was not at all difficult to move away from that and to discard those surface proteins. Back then I was an “IQ fascist”, although I hade no idea about HBD and race in my monoracial Eastern European society, I have actually mellowed out since then, now I have no problem with 100 IQ people surviving and reproducing and now I can even wish them honestly well, especially if they are of my race and culture.

            Although the 25 years trip from “IQ fascist” was more complicated and had more twists than that.

            But I was never ever a “political nice guy”.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        It’s not that the thoughts don’t exist, it’s that ultimately on a limbic level he desperately wants his abusers to be his friends, the loudest criers getting the most appeasement; very much like a woman.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >I don’t want to accuse the New York Times of lying about me, exactly

        Well then they don’t need to stop.

        >Please don’t cause any trouble for the journalist involved

        Well then they don’t need to worry about anyone stopping them, either.

        And so on.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Scotty will never learn. Never. He will walk to the guillotine talking about how we can’t let a few understandable mistakes sour us on the glories of the Revolution.

  17. Pooch says:

    “Netanyahu allies with Jewish supremacists ahead of Israeli election”

    Jewish supremacists? Well that’s a new one. The Cathedral never fails to impress with it’s narrative spin.

    • suones says:

      Jewish supremacists

      Interesting play on words. There actually are Jewish supremacists who believe that Jews are the Master Race YHWH’s Chosen Ones destined to rule over all animals, four legged or two. But the article doesn’t refer to those people, as they’re probably allied with leftoids so much as makes no difference. What they actually mean are Jewish nationalists of the Zionist/Nazi variety. And that group actually did support Hitler during WWII.

      • The Cominator says:

        That group was willing to support Hitler for a while (and especially willing prewar), became not willing to support Hitler when it became apparent that Hitler decided that every jew who fell under his control had to die (most of the holocaust narrative is true, but the use of gas is probably at best greatly exaggerated).

        • suones says:

          That group was willing to support Hitler for a while (and especially willing prewar), became not willing to support Hitler when it became apparent that Hitler decided that every jew who fell under his control had to die.

          Not this pozpaganda again. Lehi[1] supported National Socialism till founder Avraham Stern’s death, and switched to National Bolshevism thereafter. Lehi leader Yitzhak Shamir later became Prime Minister of Israel.

          Also, this statement “Hitler decided that every jew who fell under his control had to die,” I have no horse in this race, but I would like to see you debate Anglin on this subject. If there were no gas chambers, there was no “holocaust.”


          • The Cominator says:

            I’ve looked into the claims of holocaust revisionist extensively, they may have a leg to stand on in regards to the gas chambers but its clear they are full of shit on everything else. Its clear that in most countries that ended up under German control most of the jewish population died, and its clear from the meeting between Hitler Ribbentrop and Horthy that Hitler knew about it and that it was his policy (and the idea that Himmler would do it in secret is absurd, Himmler was a leading opponent of killing all the jews up until when the order was given as was the SS leadership in general actually. The SS leadership were actually the most genuinely right wing and sane faction in the Reich’s government). If you want to blame the communists and think they Katyn’d the jews to make the Germans look bad that does not explain what happened to say Holland’s jews.


          • jim says:

            Hitler did not exactly decide that every Jew who fell under his control had to die. His plan was that every Jew who fell under his control should go to Israel, but the allies blocked him.

            And then, the usual famine of socialism hit, and Hitler decided to de prioritize feeding Jews, among others.

            • The Cominator says:

              Yes that is how it started. But then he decided the jews are black marketeers extrordinaire and thus will always be able to divert food left to their own devices, and thus all those not in essential war industries must die.

              • Divert food when already locked in labor camps ran by Himmlers cherised and assumed uncorruptible SS?

                No, I think David Code has it right, a ~4M Holocaust did happen, 100% intentionally, not just socialist neglect but conscious murder, Operation/Aktion Reinhardt, much as the mainstream narrative, but it happened earlier, before 1943, then the evidence was hidden and buried, and then Auschwitz and Dachau are fake evidence made up by the SU and US.

                Because this fits some patterns I think tend to be true. That conspiracies exist but smaller than thought, more on the “normal human scale”. E.g. Yarvin recently, Obama’s birth certificate is fake, but he was bon in the US, his maternal grandpa was embarrassed that a black communist friend of his knocked up his daughter, so he had a Kenyan student marry her.

                Similarly, there is a conspiracy about Auschwitz and Dachau, but not faking the whole thing, the core thing is real, just the Nazis had buried the evidence at Sobibor etc. so they just made up fake evidence for the real thing.

                Because I think this is realistic…

                • David Cole, not David Code, dammit…

                  And I think he has it right because for the known feature of conspiracies, that they are hard to keep in secret. Call it Div’s Law of Conspiracies: assume the minimal conspiracy necessary to fit the facts.

                  Facts 1) lots of obvious bullshit in the TV about Auschwitz/Dachau. Wooden doors and all that 4chan tends to ridicule.

                  Facts 2) Jewmath does not check out without the Holocaust. There were these big Jewish communities in Prague, Lvyv etc. and then if you count the survivors, the ones who moved to America and moved to Israel you end up with millions missing.

                  Smallest conspiracy to fit the facts: they really did run a Holocaust up to 1943, then they buried the evidence, so the US and US made up fake evidence for TV.

                • jim says:


                  They did run a holocaust, not necessarily six million but something in that ballpark, and they made no serious effort to bury the evidence.

                  But they did it communist style, starvation and overwork, so history had to be radically rewritten, by a large highly centralized command and control conspiracy to reinvent it to be as different as possible from the communist democides.

                  So the evidence had to be buried. By us, not by the Nazis.

                  The past is always changing, only the future is certain. I observe history being radically rewritten on a wide variety of topics. This is only one of them. We are the biggest book burners, though the internet that never forgets has cramped their style.

                  When I linked to and quoted from some recently obsoleted books in Wikipedia, the response was so swift that I conclude that there is computer monitoring for references to pre-revision versions. You can still find the older versions, but they are not easily found.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The camps were to prevent them black marketerring and to make sure only those who were doing hard physical work got food, the others who couldn’t work were often killed (i believe gas was used sometimes but not to the extent the orthodox narrative claims) immediately to make sure food wasn’t wasted on them.

                • jim says:

                  Hitler price controls food and guarantees supply of food.

                  Mysterious food shortage ensues.

                  Obviously caused by witches. Burn the witch!

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ie the conscious murder when it did happen (at least till late) was largely driven by the socialist food shortage and Hitler’s belief that Jews left alive and not in tightly controlled camps would divert food for themselves so to save the food he had to be proactive about killing jews who weren’t doing useful war work.

                  And later when he realized the war was likely militarily lost it became his main priority as Hitler believed that the Jews were behind FDR and Churchill.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Hitler price controls food and guarantees supply of food.

                  Mysterious food shortage ensues.

                  Obviously caused by witches. Burn the witch!”

                  Hitler blamed many things on the jews but I’m not sure he blamed them directly for the food shortage (he just probably figured that the British blockade was causing it and the Reich agriculture policy was fine and of course totally different than the jewish Marxist collective farm socialism that caused shortages) per se, but he blamed them for lots of other things believed they should starve first and believed that if he merely revoked their ration cards without stronger measures they would find ways to divert food anyway (he was probably right about this)…

                • jim says:

                  Hitler’s error was that he believed that black marketeers were causing the problem, rather than solving it.

                  And the black market was indeed largely run by Jews.

      • ether says:

        you sound like you know a fair deal about the whole jews vs nazis meme. i’ve heard as much as outright holocaust denial and the claim that the jews and their agents were the ones that held the holocaust on the germans systematically trying to wipe them out and germany barely scraping through it as a serf nation, their media is apparantly under the control of the usa and other ally powers until 2099 so it does give me some thought.

        do you have any solid resources on the subject? as far as I’m concerned it’s a coin flip and what paper documents say and whether or not those documents were true etc. all I know is that you’re not allowed to say a fucking word against a jew without being labeled a bigot , and that sounds like privilege if you ask me. I’m part jewish myself and the people on that side of my family is where all the psychotic bastards were. my father’s a real bastard and even he hates jews, his jewish father was a bastard and all his jewish relatives were such a mess that he decided to get away from the culture entirely and marry some dumb ukranian girl from the third world who didn’t know better than to get involved with him.

    • Noname says:

      There was also a Jewish lead effort to boycott everything German during that period which forced Germany to deal with it. WWII was an extension of WWI and the primary spark was poverty imposed by a brutal treaty. During that war Western Civilization destroyed their own fighting spirit even to this day.

  18. Ace says:

    Jim any idea why they’re allowing Cuomo’s mass murder to be investigated? They came down hard on ignoring that for almost 12 months now and repeatedly honored the guy for his “holy” murders.

    • Nils says:

      As a Yankee, my perspective. I know I’m not very welcome on this blog, but I’m born and raised new jorvik, I know things of this state only a peasant of the State can. Cuomo is hated(negro/offwhite/english alike)he is foreign without any pretense, the negro is more a part of this polis then “fredo” senior, only on long island north do the Italians truly have a grip, and I know of mafia slicks under the blanket, they get ate out of LI and SE Nyc pretty hard. You repubs think you’ve discovered your elections are fake, we were born knowing it assuch as real clam rolls from fake. He is a pawn controlled by a coalition, and hes declining. The only thing preserving him is the lack of replacement, there are the true Yankees and the neu jar clans and the Adi’s are a real and potent hold out of the old English kind in NY stretching east, you lot haven’t heard of the bundies of this state but they exist.

      • Nils says:

        Watch out for a “new” Cuomo in this state, wrapped in the rat shit ladden store shelves of NYC and the bureau Potempkins of Albany and Saratoga springs legislative money. He’ll probably be an Andrew Yang cons’ ultra melting pot Asian/Arab,. The tell will be the “unveiling” of corruption in the msm everyone already knows exists.The old guard in the SUNY/DEC which control a great deal of this State were purged severely starting a decade or so ago, and Cuomo stamped off on the state absorbtion of local municipalities about the same time through phosphate restraints on municipal waste streams(some of the most successful small sewerages on earth) this effectively threw out a few billion USD in 80s investment and bankrupted counties across the state, a few were forsight wise enough to realize the phosphate limits would halve, between that and the commie 15% increase in “public” school burden and 2/3% effective limit to tax increase

        • Nils says:

          You get the gist, grifters gonna grift, most of the good men purged and dead, mostly trade monies sustaining the largess, Cuomo is a marked man, but his kind aren’t yet done.

      • suones says:

        As a Yankee, my perspective.

        A wild Yankee appears! Thank GNON people like you (still) exist. Your forefathers built New England, the rest of the inhabitants are just visiting😉.

        I know I’m not very welcome on this blog…

        I found your present comments relevant. Oh, and welcome to the new site.

    • jim says:

      The time has come for them to start devouring each other.

    • Prince Charming says:

      The narrative seems to have shifted from *nothing to see here* (what you’re referring to) to *we did it, and this is why it was a good thing* (the Time article) to *mistakes have been made*. This is a bold, winning move, and requires some footsoldiers to be thrown to the wolves. Cuomo looked to be gunning for the top job, but wasn’t he also signing the death warrants himself?

      The previous narrative is that Cuomo killing people is a conspiracy theory, but unfortunately it is also an article of faith for the Trump base. This is unsustainable. The conspiracy theory meme only works if the theorists are predominantly kooks/feds. If they can switch to the the *mistakes have been made* narrative, we’re basically back to pre-2016 when it comes to narrative palatability.

      I am welcoming it as well, for two reasons. It looks like we do have a competent elite faction after all, and the alternative is denazification 2.0.

      • Ace says:

        This seems to fit the facts. Cuomo’s more leftwing than the people eating him which isn’t typical a leftist singularity.

        Of course he’s an incompetent boob, no one else was dumb enough to sign the death warrants for the nursing home murders.

        • The Cominator says:

          Yes the one political whitepill of our time is that Cuomo represents one of the most loathsome and truly evil (if not the most loathsome) who also spans both the far and establishment left.

          Cuomo getting taken down by some sort of sane and less evil remnant within the leadership probably won’t halt the purity spiral, but it may delay it as when the Bolshevik leadership reluctantly agreed to accept the NEP.

          • jim says:

            I find it hard to believe that the sane remnant could or would take anyone down. Maybe it is happening, but if it is, I will have to update my priors.

            More likely the even more radical left has a momentary alliance of convenience with the relatively sane left, and when Cuomo is disposed of by this alliance, the relatively sane left will find themselves next to be disposed of.

            • The Cominator says:

              Very much look like the cathedral is calling out Cuomo for murdering and then lying about murdering people in nursing homes… the why is speculative but they are taking him down.

          • Pooch says:

            Cuomo, although without any bit of morals, doesn’t strike me as radical left in that he still is able to maintain a veneer of masculinity as a white male. Masculinity tends to be strictly forbidden on the radical left these days, especially for white heterosexual males.

        • linker says:

          It’s the opposite of what you say. Cuomo is being punished for being insufficiently leftist. He is trying to end the lockdowns. The people punishing him are advocating for more and more holy lockdowns, holy masks, and holy vaccines in the name of stopping the fake virus. Cuomo is like Stalin, leftist, but not so leftist that he wants to destroy the country. He is also a masculine white male, as another commenter mentioned.

          This is textbook leftist singularity.

          Btw by saying “OMG CUOMO MURDERED GRANDMAS!!!” you are just being hysterical and playing into the left wing frame that coronavirus is a super deadly pandemic. Those people were all on death’s door anyway. Cuomo did nothing wrong. It’s the equivalent of saying “OMG DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL RACISTS, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS HORRIBLE BECAUSE IN THE LONG TERM IT HURTS THE POOR BLACK PEOPLE WHO ARE LITERALLY ANGELS AND EVERYTHING WE DO HAS TO BE FOR THEM!!!”

          • jim says:

            > those people were all on death’s door anyway. Cuomo did nothing wrong.

            Almost everywhere, the increased deaths from China flu are, by a strange coincidence, exactly equal to the mysterious decrease in deaths from the other ailments of old age, and social security payments show no shift from trend.

            But in New York, there were massive excess deaths for the first couple of months. Cuomo really did murder Grandma.

            I attribute this to murder, not to China flu, which merely provided a cover story for bumping off irritating, inconvenient, and wrong-voting old people.


            He did not do it by giving her China flu. He murdered grandma by giving her China flu and then giving her unnecessary and inappropriate medical treatments that would be dangerous and harmful even for a young healthy person.

  19. Green Fields says:

    Hey Jim, or anyone knowledgeable about crypto, do you have any preferred “eth killers” for long term holds? I recently got out of AVAX after the double spend fiasco (still got 4x), looking into primarily Algorand or Cosmos.

    Also smaller projects like Hedera Hashgraph and Mina Protocol (this one I’m working on running a node).

    • jim says:

      Buy Cardano ADA. I have been recommending Bitcoin, but the time to jump ship has arrived. Install a Daedalus wallet, but don’t keep serious money in the Daedalus wallet, but in a ADA hardware wallet.

      Bitcoin has hit its scaling limit hard. Its consensus algorithm can only do about four transactions per second, no matter how powerful the machines you throw at it, and the cost, delay, and unpredictability of transactions have gone through the roof.

      Cardano (Ada) has been positioning itself as an ether killer, and it is better than ether, but now the time comes when it is better than bitcoin. Their scaling limit is way higher than Bitcoin’s, higher than anyone’s.

      Its consensus algorithm, however is still not the technology we need. The technology we need for six thousand transactions per second over an ordinary internet connection to peers each with a large raid 6 array of eight terabyte disks, is blockdag, but it is new, and no one is implementing it yet – at least none as a useful currency. But the transaction limit on Cardano is still way higher than anyone else’s. This gives it the potential to replace Bitcoin as The One Crypto Currency. Forget about ether. Being the The One Crypto Currency is where the money is. (Though taking down the exchanges would be a good start.)

      It is still using ed25519 cryptography, because, again, ristretto25519 is new. This makes a true lightning network hard, and last I heard it has not got a lightning network at all. But if anyone other than me implements the One True Lightning network, it is going to be Cardano. And then the exchanges are going to bite it.

      They are playing nice with our enemies, but they have moved their center of operations to Mongolia, between the Russian Hegemony and the Chinese Hegemony, which hints at an intention to defect on our enemies. At the moment they are totally in bed with some very bad people, while creating instruments that are likely to prove remarkably useful in undermining the power of those very bad people that they are in bed with.

      Cardano is implementing smart contracts, in order to position itself as an ether killer, which seems to me to be a bad idea, because scriptless scripts have rendered smart contracts obsolete. With scriptless scripts the only smarts you need on the blockchain is transactions that cannot be executed until a certain time, or and/or a certain time after they first appear and the capacity to attach priorities to the inputs, so that a transaction waiting on the blockchain for its time to arrive to be executed will void the execution of a transaction with the same input and lower priority on that input. Everything else, including a lightning network that reaches between blockchains, reaching cryptocurrencies with older technology, thus destroying the exchanges, can be done with scriptless scripts. Albeit they are using ed25519, and it is a lot easier to implement scriptless scripts with ristretto25519. With scriptless scripts, you don’t have the smarts on the blockchain, but in the client wallets and on the lightning network. With scriptless scripts, adherence to contracts is enforced cryptographically, rather than through the consensus of the blockchain, which helps with both scaling and privacy.

      • Nobody says:

        Thanks Jim. Any thoughts on DOT?

        • jim says:

          Gavin Woods, the architect of POLKADOT, is just farting about, not going anywhere.

          His concept of making scripting more general and powerful has been obsoleted by scriptless scripts. From here on, we need scripting that is limited purely to time and precedence of transactions.

          Scripts implement and enforce contracts, but this implementation and enforcement belongs in the client and in lightning network nodes, not on the blockchain.

          His efforts to address scalability are good in spirit and intent, but lack adequate concern that the resulting complexity will leak through to the business and end user interface. An efficient consensus algorithm is the way to address scaling. We now have designs that can handle six thousand transactions per second on peers connected by good consumer grade internet connection, though they will need bigger disk storage than usual for consumers. That is enough scaling to take over the world financial system, and we can worry about scaling for a multiplanetary system later.

          A good high bandwidth consensus algorithm is enough to replace the dollar for every transaction, and a lightning network on top of that can scale it a lot further.

          Everyone, myself included, thought that storage and internet connection would be the bottleneck, but it turns out that consensus is the bottleneck, largely because all the consensus algorithms are designed with total lack of awareness of the problem.

          The consensus algorithm turns out to be the big problem in scaling. You need high bandwidth consensus, that is the bottleneck on existing blockchains. No one has been thinking about consensus bandwidth, and they are still not thinking about it. As for storage, we don’t have to keep all transactions forever. We can get by with keeping the total state of the blockchain for several months, and anyone who cares about spent transaction outputs can store those transactions he cares about plus the Merkle chain connecting them to the current state of the blockchain. At six thousand transactions per second that is a roughly dozen ordinary hard disks worth.

          This is probably the first time anyone has said the words “consensus bandwidth” in this context. Bitcoin is limited to about four transactions per second, no matter how much computing power, high speed storage, and big internet connections you throw at it, and if some other blockchain consensus algorithms are faster, it is merely by accident, not design.

          People have just started to talk about the problem, and they don’t have the words to talk about it yet.

          The technology of scriptless scripts and anonymous multihop locks renders scripts on the blockchain pointless, and ninety percent of what Polkadot is doing is cleverness related to scripts on the blockchain. Waste of time.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            On a side note, the phrase ‘scriptless scripts’ offends my instincts on an aesthetic level.

            • jim says:

              I see your point. It sounds silly to you, but to me it sounds exactly right, for they actually are scriptless.

              A script tells every single peer on the blockchain to execute the script on the attached data, and fail the transaction if the result is “failed”, and execute the transaction if the result is “success”. Which means that a pile of privacy violating information gets put on the blockchain, wasting a whole lot of scarce blockchain storage and massive amounts of CPU.

              A scriptless script is the parties involved executing a complex cryptographic tango to generate Schnorr signatures. Which results in fewer, shorter, and simpler transactions being put on the blockchain.

              It is scriptless because it is indeed scriptless, and it is a script because is accomplishes the same functionality as a script.

              Which tango is too complex for Schnorr ed25519 signatures. Not only am I likely to screw it up, but so is everyone else, which is why I keep banging the drum about Schnorr Ristretto25519

              The scripts are scriptless in that they are not on the blockchain and enforced by the consensus of the peers, but rather are enforced cryptographically. Human obligations are translated to cryptographic capabilities, cryptographic keys whose use depends on other people making appropriate use of other cryptographic keys. The basic enforcement is that if someone breaks the rules, the transaction multilaterally fails – it cannot fail for honest party and succeed for the dishonest party.

              In scriptless script, there truly is no script. Each of the parties does different but complementary things with their private and shared data. And the peers on the blockchain don’t see it and don’t have to care about it.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                A few hoots and yelps from the cheap seats:

                Is this 8TB RAID array something that every individual would need to participate in a “blogdagged” network? He “syncs” his mobile wallet to it so he can walk out and buy candy bars? Well if so, I imagine that eventually these disk machines would be pre-engineered and sold as household appliances, like Xboxes or microwave ovens. “I had to buy it so uhhh… so I could buy candy bars.”

                As for scriptless scripts, can we say that a contract therefore “compiles” to this wild cryptographic construction that effects the intent somehow? And is the problem that even making that “compiler” work, and knowing that it works correctly and securely, mysteriously hard to do now?

                Surly Mr. Hoskinson knows what a “blockdag” is, and why a “scriptless script” is a big deal, and can tell a “ed25519” from a “ristretto25519”, etc. Perhaps his move to Mongolia is about his deciding to keep Cardano going as a front operation, but to also start a boiler-room posse to fold this esoteric unobtanium into v2.0.

                And finally, my spirits are buoyed by all this crypto stuff blasting off as soon as Trump “loses”. It’s great. The big brains are getting their heads into the endgame. I’ve tried to casually learn about some of this stuff, but got clobbered right to the face with 100 more vocabulary words that I’ll never be able to catch up with.

                “Dead giveaway! Scram, retard!”

                I can’t imagine that anyone who’s willing and able to work on this stuff could ever do it for Shaniqua. Surely those Venn Diagrams don’t overlap even one little bit. This is some Underground Antarctican Manhattan Enigma Glocke Machine type shit and I love it.

                • Joe says:

                  I found this article on scriptless scripts to be quite clear.


                  If you want to know more about why these things work then this book is a good place to start.


                • jim says:

                  > Is this 8TB RAID array something that every individual would need to participate in a “blogdagged” network?

                  Well, we are not going to need anyone to have an array of eight terabyte hard drives until after we pass bitcoin.

                  When a crypto currency starts, everyone is a peer, and the blockchain only eats up a few gigabytes.

                  As it scales, the blockchain becomes enormous.

                  Initially, everyone a peer. At scale, a few hundred full peers and a few billion clients.

                  Which level of centralization is dangerous.

                  After a while, you get fewer and fewer peers and more and more clients.

                  An important scaling problem is that you do not want the rather small number of peers to be in a position to screw the rather larger number of clients.

                  I have a design for this, that the immutability of the blockchain is maintained by a collection of balanced binary merkle trees rather than a chain thus any client can evaluate the merkle path from any data in the blockchain to a current or recent root very quickly with a very small amount of data – about one kilobyte and a millisecond or so for any one location in the blockchain – but a client cannot evaluate all the data in the blockchain to the current root, whereas a peer can and routinely does. Which means that consensus (or conspiracy) of the peers can issue new currency.

                  To prevent consensus of the peers from causing the problems that we have repeatedly seen with the fiat money system where the financial system keeps issuing large amounts of money to itself, the cure is proof of stake – that you want the consensus of those that have money over the issue of new money.

              • Joe says:

                Which tango is too complex for Schnorr ed25519 signatures. Not only am I likely to screw it up, but so is everyone else, which is why I keep banging the drum about Schnorr Ristretto25519

                Well it’s up and running in libsodium so anyone who wants it can start using it today.


                • jim says:

                  Ristretto25519 scalars and points map to ed25519 scalars and points, which map to curve25519 scalars and points, though the reverse mapping does not work. So a lightning network based on ristretto25519 can do all the other currencies. You can transform a ristretto25519 key pair to a key pair in another system, though it is a one way transformation. Everyone these days uses some form of 25519.

                • Joe says:

                  That is useful. How do we handle Bitcoin though?

                • jim says:

                  I do not know how Wei25519 fits in. I kind of hope that Ristretto25519 can map to them all – it should be able to, but I have absolutely no idea of how to map it to Wei25519, or even whether it can be mapped.

                • Joe says:

                  I think this paper provides a workaround. It describes an atomic swap between Monero (ed25519) and Bitcoin (sec256k1) using partial secret keys, and using Bitcoin scripting to make up for the lack of Monero timelocks and scripting. Zero-knowledge proofs are used to prove that the secret key halves correspond to given public keys in both curves, and that the secret key halves are less than the minimum group order.


                  Sections 4.2 and 4.3 are most relevant. The swap between the One True Coin and Bitcoin will be a little different as I understand that the One True Coin will have timelocks, but the key exchange should still work, albeit using ristretto25519 instead of ed25519.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Thanks, Jim. Do you have a sense of what side Charles Hoskinson is on? I would be very glad if crypto exchanges were all to die in a fire, closing the KYC portals through which demons impinge upon the blockchain. I invested too much in ZCash based on hopes that Zooko felt the same way; but I have been disappointed to see ZCash spending years doing nothing towards that goal. I suppose Zooko has made his peace with the System.

        And, if we are not getting too far off topic, any thoughts on the best place to swap into Cardano? A quick search turns up which looks promising but the good reviews could be astroturf.

        • jim says:

          He is supposedly absolutely positively definitely on the enemy side, but appears to be making preparations to switch sides.

          ADA is not going anywhere until he does, and being an ether killer is a distraction. He needs a lightning network and I am not hearing about one. But what he does have is the most scalable consensus algorithm.

          Adaptor signatures can be used to perform lightning network transactions that create signatures on any arbitrary crypto currency, making trustless atomic exchanges between chains possible on the lightning network, which technology would make exchanges obsolete.

          • Pooch says:


            Although the video won’t load for me, it appears Charles honored Rush today on Twitter. That’s a pretty good sign.

          • C4ssidy says:

            Hydra in the pipeline, references to Zimbabwe and deplatforming in his AmA, good paintings on his wall. All the subtle clues seem to point towards being a defector

            • jim says:

              When I bet on Cardano, I am betting on Charles Hoskinson defecting on the Cathedral.

              Cardano, being a proof of stake currency, is a sovereign corporation. It is not yet organized as a sovereign corporation, but rather as a group of Cathedral corporations and foundations. But it looks to me as if he is doing the groundwork for transition to actually functioning as a sovereign corporation, which would be a massive defection from the Cathedral, though it would take them a while to realize what had happened.

              I lost a little bit of money on Trump. If Cardano does not transition to actually functioning as a sovereign corporation, I am going to lose a lot of money on Charles. If it does transition, I am going to win a great deal of money.

              Hydra looks like it will be a lightning network, perhaps the one true lightning network. Voltaire looks like it may well be a transition to actually functioning as a sovereign corporation.

              We shall see.

              • Jsd says:

                Just a question, but how much Cardano do you really need (and do you still recommend it at the moment)? You can buy 500 coins for under $1000 and if Cardano takes off then that much will make you a millionaire many times over. Is there a reason to buy substantially more? Do you not anticipate it reaching bitcoin levels of worth?

                • jim says:

                  I am betting as much as I can afford to lose.

                  This is a high risk, very high reward, gamble.

        • Pooch says:

          I know Binance allows Cardano trading. I am in the process of moving assets there to swap for Cardano.

      • Joe says:

        Bitcoin fees have been high since Musk made his announcement. The fees are killing anything that relies on bitcoin transactions to work.

        The Cardano minimum fee is about $0.15. We won’t be using it to buy a lolly pop without the lightning network but it is low enough to use for buying consumer goods or crowdfunding our people.

      • Pooch says:

        Install a Daedalus wallet, but don’t keep serious money in the Daedalus wallet, but in a ADA hardware wallet

        Do you recommend joining a stake pool for passive ADA income? Are there risks that come with that?

        • jim says:

          It is safe, but I have aesthetic objection to his proof of stake model. Because it sucks, albeit less badly than proof of work.

          You lose some privacy, but you have no privacy to start with. Bitcoin mixers are provide better privacy than ADA mixers, though now that bitcoin transactions are so expensive, I expect more people to move to ADA, and better mixers to appear eventually.

          And my reading on his work is that if he implements the lightning network he will do it correctly – which is something you can only do from somewhere like Mongolia, or with an identity that is hard to find plus a few backup identities.

          But if he implements the lightning network correctly, which he vitally needs to do, there is going to be a rupture between him and the Cathedral, which he is bending over backwards to avoid.

      • clovis says:

        Just downloaded Daedalus and am stoked. Thanks Jim

      • notglowing says:

        I’ve looked at Cardano before, but I am more impressed by Solana in terms of high throughput blockchains. It has a smart contract VM like Ether or DOT.
        Solana is already a large project with a smart contract ecosystem (and a working DEX with AMM) forming around it, it has higher tested throughput compared to Cardano, at 50-60k TPS, without requiring sharding (and losing atomicity of transactions as a result).

        It has the most interesting consensus algorithm I have seen yet, PoH, which is based on a verifiable delay function, essentially letting clocks synchronize trustlessly on different machines, which solves a whole set of scalability problems. It can accelerate smart contract execution using SIMD instructions, and therefore GPUs, and it has basically solved the problems with block propagation delay.
        The only bottleneck is the network throughput, and the latency to include a transaction is less than a second.
        Currently it’s doing anywhere between 500 and 1500 TPS on mainnet at any given time (with the ability to support far more) and has monetary incentives for validators to participate in the network.
        I’ve tried to write smart contracts in it, and the programming model is quite interesting. It implements rent for everything to reduce blockchain bloat.
        Fees are less than a cent per transaction.

        It’s impressive how much they optimized it at every level, I really recommend you check out their posts about it.

        As for the people involved, I know the CEO of FTX (Bankman-Fried) is working with them.

        • jim says:

          They have spent some time seriously thinking about what I call consensus bandwidth – a lot more time and thought than I have spent on it.

          They don’t seem to have spent much time thinking about Byzantine failure, Byzantine defection, and economic incentives for correct behavior.

          Byzantine defection is a very hard problem in an append only data structure with open entry, and Satoshi spend a long time thinking hard about it. And came up with a consensus algorithm that focused totally on solving that problem, while ignoring the problem of consensus bandwidth, which problem is now biting us hard.

          No blockchain algorithm is complete without discussion of Byzantine defection.

          Seems to me that they are implementing a version of Practical Byzantine Fault Resistant Consensus. Which is good, but very easy to get wrong, very easy to break, and very difficult to adapt to a system with open entry, because the leader selection process is complex and easy for bad people to game. I would like to see some discussion of how their leader selection process handles the issues that become so complex, subtle, and difficult to get right in Practical Byzantine Fault tolerant resistance.

          It is very easy to make a system that works great if everyone does what they are supposed to do, but with open entry, you have to ask why should everyone do what they are supposed to do. Why should anyone do what they are supposed to do. And I am not seeing discussion of what happens when they don’t do what they are supposed to do, and not seeing discussion of why they should do it.

      • notglowing says:

        “They are playing nice with our enemies, but they have moved their center of operations to Mongolia”
        I cannot find any information on this. Do you have any links?

      • Pooch says:

        Jim is it crazy to have near 100% of ones assets in crypto. There seems to be growing signs of a market bubble forming, that the Fed is not going to keep rates artificially low forever and when they finally raise, the market will crash. I’d imagine that would crash everything globally as well. No where else to go besides crypto if that is the case unless I’m being paranoid.

        • jim says:

          Money is a bubble that never comes down until it it does.

          I diversify my assets, but keep as little in Federal reserve dollars as possible. I keep plenty in crypto currency, in land, in houses and in shares, though lately I have been moving out of US headquartered shares as fast as legally possible, which is not very fast. Moving into crypto currency is faster.

          Right now the real world bitcoin economy, buying things for crypto coins, has crashed, because we have hit the scaling limit hard. So. Watch for the next genuinely decentralized coin that you can buy stuff with.

          There are lots shitcoins that you can buy stuff with, because they are highly centralized and have a marketing department making sure you can buy stuff with them, but they are not investment opportunities.

          The One True Crypto Currency will be scalable, (which means it will be blockdag based), decentralized, will have a Byzantine Fault Resistant consensus mechanism, will have sound economic incentives against Byzantine defection (Satoshis great insight) and will have the One True Lightning network, as rather vaguely outlined here.

          Contracts will be on the lightning network, not on the blockchain as with Ethereum, and will be implemented as scriptless scripts. You will start to be able to buy real world stuff with it through shops connected by lightning network.

          When that currency arrives, government fiat currencies will vanish in a puff of smoke.

          • Joe says:

            It seems as though none of us truly trust Cordana Ada to become the One True Coin. I am keeping a portion of my stash to the side in case the blockdag, proof of stake, true lightning network coin shows up, and I am studying all of these things so that I can identify it when it does.

          • Pooch says:

            Thank you.

          • Pooch says:

            Right now the real world bitcoin economy, buying things for crypto coins, has crashed, because we have hit the scaling limit hard. So. Watch for the next genuinely decentralized coin that you can buy stuff with.

            What if we don’t get the One True Coin but we do get the Lightning Network done right for Bitcoin? Does this get us to a point where it is at least usable?

            • jim says:

              If the lightning network works as it should, bet on Bitcoin. Another crisis is coming after this one, but Bitcoin will go one hell of a lot higher before it does, and all the altcoins lower.

              If I see some real life in the lightning network, moving back into Bitcoin.

              • Ace says:

                Bitcoin is starting to look like gold and the other coins like silver currency. Gold was hard to spend but sliver was the daily currency that kept things moving.

                I’m no expert, but things with wide adoption tends to be kludges of multiple systems rather than the one true thing.

                • Pooch says:

                  It seems altcoins like Litecoin are sort of like a temporary de-facto Lightning Network right now for Bitcoin. Good for transacting but you want to convert out of them back to Bitcoin if you plan on holding.

                • jim says:

                  In the long depression, silver stopped being money.

                  When you stagger along on multiple kludges, which is indeed the usual situation, the kludges are apt to change over time, and you have to be prepared to change horses when needed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Silver (the currency of free people, merchants and gentlemen) stopped being money during the long depression (the depression being caused by demonetizing silver) because of government and central bank collusion to get everyone onto gold (which though the currency of kings was not good for ordinary people) and so they could eventually force them on debt (the currency of slaves).

                • suones says:

                  @The Cominator

                  This was an enlightening comment. Thank you.

                  Personal debt is indeed equivalent to bonded labour/slavery. In a just economy, debt must always be against an asset, never a person. A debtor’s obligations must always end with stripping of all his assets, via death, or bankruptcy.

          • f6187 says:

            > The One True Crypto Currency will be scalable, (which means it will be blockdag based)

            Are you following Hedera Hashgraph? Is the Hedera blockdag algorithm pertinent to your ideas for the One True Coin? Supposedly it can scale to SNOTS (significant numbers of transactions per second).

            • f6187 says:

              I am pleased to discover that I am Bandana Blue Cat.

            • jim says:

              I could not easily find a description of the underlying technology and algorithms.

              There are one thousand scamcoins out there, many of which claim to implement impossible algorithms using unnamed cryptographic methods, so my reflex is to assume that if no white paper explaining the technology, and why this technology is better than anyone else’s, I just assume scamcoin. Maybe there is a great white paper explaining a great algorithm, but not immediately finding it, my eyes glazed over.

              • f6187 says:

                This may help:


                Here’s one that focuses on the technical spec:


                You might enjoy watching this video first, which looks rather thorough and illuminating:


                I’d be interested in hearing what you think about this sort of “gossip” protocol, and if it bears any relation to what you’ve already been contemplating.

                • jim says:

                  Hedera is an implementation of a sound blockdag algorithm.

                  Hedera is almost the algorithm I am implementing, and has actually been written and is working, while mine is still largely undone.

                  Only difference being that my events are two way gossip events representing two peers agreeing about the past, and are therefore jointly signed, while his gossip events are one way, leading to a slightly different graph structure and slightly different resolution of byzantine faults, but they are essentially the same algorithm, with one of my two way gossip events mapping onto a pair of his one way gossip events. One way events are simpler, though they double the amount of the stuff on the blockchain that has to be sorted through to reach consensus. On the other hand, two way events lead to more complications, more code, and more bugs. If you want to get your system up and running, there is much to be said for one way events. My two way events are arguably a premature optimization.

                  Hedera is not currently a proof of stake currency, though it intends to become one. It currently has one peer one vote, leading to the sybil problem, and as a result, joining the peer network is currently permissioned. Which is really bad, They intend to become a proof of stake currency.

                  The envisaged consensus of stake rule requires that all or most currency be held by peers active on the network. Not going to happen. You need stake owned by the client with the stake vote delegated to the peer hosting that client. They intend to do something like that. It is not yet implemented, and perhaps not entirely thought through, but then mine is even less implemented.

                  There is a significant difference in the way in which consensus is determined, but they are similar, and may well be equivalent. His consensus takes place in discrete stages, while mine is continuously formed, but this may be more a difference in the description and analysis of what happens, rather than in what actually happens.

                  Hedera tries to attribute a time to each event, and relies on a supermajority of witnesses of witnesses about the time. I don’t care about the time.

                • jim says:

                  Sound algorithm, scam implementation. They are missing no end of stuff needed for actually useful cryptocurrency, and promise to implement it real soon now. But they seem too focused on cashing out, and not focused enough on actual delivery. If they actually implement the stuff needed for actually useful cryptocurrency, would be a great buy. I just don’t feel real intent to do the stuff promised. (Which would be totally great if they did.)

                  But I will certainly be keeping an eye on them. And copying their source code.

      • Joe says:

        With scriptless scripts the only smarts you need on the blockchain is transactions that cannot be executed until a certain time, or and/or a certain time after they first appear and the capacity to attach priorities to the inputs, so that a transaction waiting on the blockchain for its time to arrive to be executed will void the execution of a transaction with the same input and lower priority on that input.

        I can’t quite parse this sentence.

        • jim says:

          The simplest example is an atomic exchange.

          Ann agrees to perform a transaction which well benefit Bob, if Bob will perform a transaction that will benefit Ann.

          Who goes first?

          So Ann constructs a data structure such that Bob can perform the transaction that will benefit him with Ann’s authority, but if he does so and posts the transaction on the blockchain, his signature will reveal a secret that enables Ann to perform the transaction that will benefit her with Bob’s authority.

          So far so good.

          But if Ann or Bob just go away, we want all this infrastructure of secrets and conditional revelations to just go away after a certain time. So, the partial transactions that they have generated to perform this dance, transactions that would be playable on the blockchain if each knew the other’s secrets, and thus could put them into final form, need to be transactions that will become worthless and unusable after a certain time.

          So they need to be able to construct transactions that cannot be played on the blockchain before a certain time or after a certain time, so that the deal will fail or succeed within a time limit.

    • Snowdensjacket says:

      [*deleted because that is not the Christian doctrine on usury.*]

      • jim says:

        The Christian doctrine on usury is that money is sterile – meaning that debts against the person do not produce wealth – unlike cattle or houses and such which do produce wealth.

        The communist doctrine, which you just gave us, is that work is the sole source of value – so any wealth obtained by the wise application of wealth to its most productive use must be stolen.

        No it is not.

  20. Ace says:

    @Pooch don’t put your faith in Trump.

    He’s a Merchant, not a warrior or priest. He can’t rule effectively. He doesn’t have the right instincts. Bannon had the right instinct but Trump chose his thieving Son in Law over Bannon. When Trump’s arrested and dragged before the trans-revolutionary clown court, Jared will in Israel with his ill-gotten gains he stole from the Trump campaign laughing that the stupid Goyim who trusted him.

    • Pooch says:

      Oh I’m not. He has already shown he does not have the temperament to be a military leader when the time came to lead men with guns with the way he handled Flynn during the election dispute.

      However, while party politics still matter before the period of One-Party Democratic rule, I think he can still be a major asset for us by leading an insurgency against the GOP and replacing it with an actual right wing party, if only in a few red states that may be enough for a secession in an attempt to coax the Left into a preemptive winnable civil war. We really don’t have any other option except Trump and party politics right now, he’s the best we got even if it’s just to delay the inevitable.

      • jim says:

        We don’t have party politics any more.

        We have, however, a lot of people in both camps acting under the illusion that we still have party politics. In past left singularities, that illusion has been remarkably stubborn, and has persisted for a decade or two after it became blatantly false.

        Nazi party came to power through party politics, though to make party politics actually work, they need a big bunch of violent men. That path might still be viable, but nothing less would suffice. Democrats would have to be physically afraid to exclude Republican vote scrutineers, and afraid of immediate violence if they do bad things in front of a scrutineer.

        • Pooch says:

          Do you think, under the right circumstances, that the catastrophic leftist singularity/civil war/genocide/democide can be put off for a decade or two?

          • jim says:

            Sure, we are now in a situation where predictions become increasingly difficult. But the left keeps getting lefter, and has reached the point where it will require a great deal of violence to halt the process. Even if tomorrow we got a general with balls and support from the troops, he would have to close the courts and keep them closed.

            The way this usually works is that an ever holier and ever less legitimate government purges a dangerous high ranking officer who has been active in warfare somewhere for a considerable time, and he refuses to be purged. But usually he has no idea how to deal with matters of faith and politics. Steel alone does not suffice, with the result that he eventually loses power, leaving chaos in his wake. Suppressing a dangerous religion requires more than fire and steel. You need paladins, people who can apply organized violence, but also give a fiery sermon, and have God on their side. And the general is usually a leftist himself, just a few years behind the times, and is mighty short of paladins.

            You might say that Sulla and Suharto did not have any of that, but they had the old state religion live and ready to roll. In Indonesia, the left started killing generals, and the generals took action – which action succeeded because of an alliance between the military and Islam. The rule of the generals was also the rule of old type Islam. In Indonesia, the army had plenty of paladins, and relied on them heavily. In Rome, they fired Sulla, but he did not need to rely on Rome for logistic support, because he was shaking down kings and looting cities, so he remained unfired.

        • Karl says:

          The people who are acting under the illusion that we still have party politics are out of power. I don’t think that those who have power are under the illusion that we still have party politics. They successfully organized the election fraud. They know how to do it, they know someone of their group will do it again as needed.

          I assume that the various people pulling Biden’s strings are under different illusions, especially about how to resolve disagreements of the various string pullers. If so, violence within that group will escalate slowly. If not, quickly until there is Stalin.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t think that those who have power are under the illusion that we still have party politics.

            Party politics are not dead until it is illegal and dangerous to be a Republican. The Democrats are getting close but notice their obsession with Impeachment and Trump still even though he is out of office. He is mentioned in the press more than Biden. They would not be doing that if they thought their power was absolute and permanent.

          • Pooch says:

            The illusion of party politics is not dead I should say, and to expand upon my previous comment, election fraud is party politics. It is nothing new for the Democrats, they have been winning elections with fraud for 100 years, only this time they used it to win the presidency.

            • Karl says:

              Some local election fraud does not kill party politcs. As long as campaiging for votes in elections is a reasonable strategy to get someone into office, party politics is alive and well.

              In the last presidential election fraud was so large that it is no longer a reasonable strategy to campaign for votes. Money and effort spent on election campaigns in the future is wasted. This is what I mean wirth “party politics is dead”.

              Of course, someone still has to hold office and politics one way or another determines who gets which office. From now on the means to get someone into any office are bribery, threats, murder, fraud – whatever anyone can succeed with. Arguably such means have always been an element of party politics, but now these are the only means anyone can get into office. This is a huge difference.

              • Pooch says:

                From now on the means to get someone into any office are bribery, threats, murder, fraud – whatever anyone can succeed with. Arguably such means have always been an element of party politics, but now these are the only means anyone can get into office. This is a huge difference.

                Yes exactly. For lack of a better term, we have transitioned into a new phase of party politics where fraud, political violence, and the threat of violence become the norm as it did in 1920s-30s Germany and the late Roman Republic. The NSDAP understood this and engaged in the necessary means to win through that phase of party politics.

                It is not over yet because fraud and violence can be met with fraud and violence by the outer party for as long as it is allowed to exist. Once the outer party is fully ejected and it is illegal to be Republican, no longer is the case. I am holding out hope that a new rebuilt populist/nationalist GOP, with Trump’s help, will understand the situation and do what’s necessary to win. Nothing less will suffice, as Jim has stated. Maybe too difficult to pull off that it’s not even viable, who knows.

      • Ace says:

        I’d look to leaders like DeSantis instead. Trump’s going to make a good martyr or someone to rally around, but actual elite with balls will need to be in charge. Voting probably isn’t going to mater going forward as it’s rig or lose to riggers, so the voter won’t have much say in that. The party apparatus will actually become more important as it will control the vote creation, so look for people like DeSantis to make a grab to control the machinery of the party if he has the balls for it. But the party will also need it’s militia if plans to survive and a leader to organize and direct it.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes well said. If Trump aligned elites can take control of the party apparatus then some interesting things could happen that were not possible before.

          • jim says:

            Nothing is possible unless they are proud boys, or something very like the proud boys. And even then, difficult.

          • Ace says:

            I’d say rather we’d need a DeSantis armed with a some hard violent men willing to do organized violence endorsed or rather blessed by Trump as the leader going forward.

            Again, this is a pretty unlikely scenario. Far more likely is dead Republicans and single party rule. Or civil war, or auto genocide. It took the Nazis a decade to build up their military street strength and I don’t think the country has the time for it, we’re far deeper into the leftist singularity than Germany was.

            But hey, who the fuck knows? It’s getting harder to predict anything.

            About the only thing I know for sure is what they’re going to do to Trump and I’m pretty surprised at how bad they’re are at it(impeachment was such a joke), but that won’t stop them from going down that road. Looting Trump and those who supported him through the courts seems next on the agenda. We’ll see how that works out, but I still think it ends with Trump being arrested and killed even if they fail hard at all the steps leading up to that. Maybe they’ll fail on that step too, but they’re still going to end trying to do it.

            • Pooch says:

              It took the Nazis a decade to build up their military street strength and I don’t think the country has the time for it, we’re far deeper into the leftist singularity than Germany was.

              Germany was arguably going to have Soviet-style Bolshevik takeover if Hitler didn’t win.

          • The Cominator says:

            Florida man here, DeSantis isn’t the type to build a violent organization even if he was in the military.

            What DeSantis has that Trump didn’t is a willingness to pay attention to administrative details, but he also lacks Trump’s charisma.

            • Pooch says:

              We don’t need the politicians to build violent organizations, we need them rubbing elbows behind closed doors with people who build violent organizations, and preferably Proud Boys.

  21. C4ssidy says:

    Does Musk have an incentive to invest in proof-of-work currencies considering that the cheapest computational energy in the solar system will be dyson swarms, close to the sun as technically possible, crunching hashes and transmitting them to outer solar system? After all, he is going to dominate the rocket industry

    • Prince Charming says:

      As we can see all around us in the current year, you cannot get wealthy by printing money.

      The Star Prophet is playing to win the Martian throne for himself and his heirs, in perpetuity. He seems to believe that crypto will help him do that, but an allodial title to a planet is worth more than all the crypto combined. If we ever get to the point that the Star Fleet can print BTC the same way the US Gov can print USD, it will come down to whether the Star Fleet has as much military wherewithal as the US Gov has now. Which is likely.

  22. RedBible says:

    I’m glad this blog is still around for now. So many truths here that can’t be found so easily away from here.

    A bit on that point, I haven’t found any space on the web that enables talk about the women question that’s even half as good as Jim’s Blog. I get that Jim’s blog isn’t a blog about Game, and I don’t want to change that, but it can be frustrating that the only other game websites out there are either:

    Forums/Blogs that have been dead for years
    Faggy Pick Up Artists only interested in getting another notch
    MGTOWs who think all men should avoid women

    Add to that fact that you can’t say things like “Women choose and men preform.” or “My 9-12 year old niece is making moves at me.” or “I want a (1.0) marriage and am going to discipline my wife when she is out of line.” and these websites become even less useful.

    If anyone know of a site that’s focused on Game that of good quality would love to hear, but part of me thinks that it would be good to make a site that’s focused on Game/The Women Question in a “Jim’s Blog” way. (as in having the general goal be pro-civilization strategies while acknowledging the defect/defect world we live in.)

    I also know that I’d like to be able to make a guide for helping move blue pilled inclined guys to accept more and more red pill thinking. (I have some nephews and friends I’d like to be able to see not wallow in blue pill pain, but feel sometimes unsure how to start distilling 10+ years of Game/Red Pill study to them.)

    I’d be willing to run/manage such a site, but I do not trust my current technical knowledge is good enough to host a site in a way that evil people will reasonably be unable to do bad things to commenter of the site.

    • Pooch says:

      Red pill subreddit was a major part of swallowing the red pill on women for me. It’s quarantined but still has good content from what I hear (I haven’t had a need for it in years). It’s amoral though and most members are not looking for reproductive sex.

      Also, this black dude on YouTube Alpha Male Strategies is mostly spot on with everything regards to women. I think they leave him alone because he’s black.

      • RedBible says:

        My biggest issue with the “Red pill subreddit” is the high amount of shills and “totally not pushing MGTOW in the hopes of making you gay” posting I’ve seen growing (even before the quarantine). Still there are old posts that are quite good.

        I watched a couple of videos from “Alpha Male Strategies”, seems like that he has decent Game info, will have to take a deeper look.

    • Nicodemus Rex says:

      Aidan Maclear’s site was a reasonably good place for red pill discussion from a trad frame before he took it down.

      If you want a red pill resource for blue pill guys, the “Book of YaReally” (taken down but you should be able to find it online) is the best one I’ve ever been able to find. It’s as red pilled as they come (not purple pilled nonsense like Mark Manson or JBP) but it doesn’t immediately trigger as many alarm bells as, say, reading Heartiste before he stopped writing about game.

      • X says:

        Is Mark Manson’s Models worth reading?

        • jim says:

          The purple pill does not work.

          To successfully perform Game, you have to reject Cathedral doctrine at gut level.

          The two big gotchas with game is that it is 90% non verbal and inexpressible in words, and that you have to live heresy.

        • Pooch says:

          Rational Male is much better.

      • RedBible says:

        Indeed I quite enjoyed what I read on Aidan Maclear’s site. (I saved a copy of the pages from that site before it went down.) (For those that don’t have a copy, Aidan MacLear posted a link to a PDF of his site down below.)

        Started reading the “Book of YaReally”. So far seems like great stuff, I feel kind of surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. It might be a bit too… “crude”… for my church going blue pilled friends, but still would be easier to get them reading this than Heartiste for sure.

        • jim says:

          My blogroll now links to a copy of his PDF that is hosted on my server

          > still would be easier to get them reading this than Heartiste for sure.

          I have not started evaluating “Book of YaReally”, but it seems to me that if a book on game is not disturbing to modern sensibilities, it is not a book on game.

          The female environment of evolutionary adaptation, and the family law of the Old Testament, is unthinkably politically incorrect. If you cannot think the unthinkable, you will not get far, and if a book on game does not tell you the unspeakable, it is not going to help you think the unthinkable.

    • clovis says:

      I need to discipline my wife but I don’t want to beat her. Is this possible?

      • C4ssidy says:

        If you have read Jim, would know to use strap or thin stick on buttock, thighs, upper back

        What alternative is there that doesn’t communicate the sort of weakness and fitness test failure that will lead to you being put sent to prison?

        • clovis says:

          I have read that but I always got the impression it was some sort of sexual thing. Of course that will land you in prison too if your wife reads it as “abuse.”

          I was asking if there was a mental or verbal form of discipline tied to game.

          • Snowdensjacket says:


          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Part of game is also understanding that straitjacketing to mental or verbal abuse alone is a feminine frame meant to emasculate, and that there are in fact plenty of situations where the most elegant, appropriate, and effective means of handling some parties actions is to Physically handle them.

          • C4ssidy says:

            The essential doctrine is wooshing over your head

            It is not sexual, and there is no safe word, you hit so it hurts and go a little further, then you pass the test, no jail

            Stick to words and you’ll fail the test and probably get accused of hitting her anyway but it will be thrown out for lack of evidence . Go halfway and then start apologising and then you are really in trouble, because now you fail the test and get reported and there is physical evidence to back it up. Go all the way, and you get no report, just adoration. Now you are in the club of the reactionaries who are able to rule over 10/10 supermodel wives even as relatively ordinary people. I have applied Jimian doctrine with tremendous success as a relatively young man.. Jim was able to apply it despite being in his 60s and gaining weight, and no surprises there. My only concern is with occasional young people who pick up on game without understanding it fully, because it could conceivably be quite dangerous if a man only went half-way

            • RedBible says:

              What advice would you have for a man who hasn’t before spanked a woman to punish her?

              I’ve read that spanking her until she cries is “good”, but most site out there that talk about “domestic discipline” (as side from a site like Jim’s) seem pretty purple pilled, which makes it hard to sort out the good advice.

              • jim says:

                It is not so much “spank her till she cries”, as demonstrate a complete willingness and ability to physically overpower her even if she is really seriously trying to resist.

                The point is spank her till she really seriously is trying to prevent you from spanking her, and is powerless to prevent you.

                The point is not pain, but capacity and will to physically dominate. No safe words, metaphorical or literal, no consent. Women really do not like consent culture.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think one of the things about game I’m only now grasping is you have to be willing to go dark… very dark (a way that I’m very not naturally). Women like the dark the forbidden and the fucked up. If a girl says she has a boyfriend tell her its good that you have a sucker who’ll raise your bastard.

                  That may be a little over the top but only just… and if she is laughing and flirting with you and then brings up the boyfriend probably not over the top. I’ve had a bit more success lately realizing this truth.


                  I found this article is a pretty raw redpill (except for the end where it tries to cover itself up with some PC bluepill content). Though not true for all girls in the feminist West, a lot of them have been medicated into frigidity.

                • jim says:

                  Conduct that is officially bad, and conduct that really is very bad, is equally attractive to women. But you should not succumb to the progressive frame that behavior that is officially bad is dark. When a woman calls out conduct that is officially bad, I start telling her stuff from the Old Testament.

      • Snowdensjacket says:


        • jim says:

          You don’t know game, any more than you know crypto currency. You cannot pass as one of us.

          As far as a woman should know, the only emotions their man feels is hungry or horny, both of which require her services.

          Well, actually it is more subtle and complex than that. The hard outer shell should contain a soft gooey core, but it should be very difficult for them to reach that soft inner core.

          • Snowdensjacket says:

            [*deleted because I do not believe your account of yourself. It lacks internal consistency*]

      • Green Fields says:

        What I do is wrestle/manhandle my girlfriend. I grab her arms, push her, wrap around her, carry her. I rarely have to get too serious, she is much more afraid of me leaving her than vice versa (this latter dynamic in my favor would necessarily shift were I to get married).

    • chris says:

      “If anyone know of a site that’s focused on Game that of good quality would love to hear”

      Heartiste was good. Although his blog got shutdown in one of the first internet purges against alt-right/neo-reactionary blogs you can find archives of it on the net (e.g. He also posts on gab under the handle @Heartiste.

    • Prince Charming says:

      Game is a skill, acquired by practise. It is a thorn in the side of the cathedral because it teaches us to see the world in a way that is irreconcilable with the prevailing dogma, but you cannot be a theoretical lover. But also, the cathedral tolerates game, but absolutely will not tolerate marriage, as the Roosh debacle has shown.

      Best way to lead the younglings is to be charismatic yourself, and winging for them. And pushing them towards marriage. You don’t need that much theory, as long as you keep the art alive.

      There is nothing wrong with old books, and there is nothing wrong with old forum posts. If anything, old is better, because we live in an unprecedented era of mind control, and men of letters are not free to think clearly, definitely not free to write clearly. Reading old comments is like breathing fresh air. What new insights do you want to read anyway, the WQ is a solved problem.

      • Snowdensjacket says:


        • jim says:

          Your reading or your recollection of old books differs from my own.

          The rot set in during the early eighteen hundreds, but has become considerably more rotten since then.

    • linker says:

      Alex Kierkegaard at is equally redpilled. He’s working on a PUA book that will solve every unsolved problem about getting women. It’s 25%-50% done and you can read it in that forum.

      Aidan Maclear is the only other person who is good about this stuff.

      • jim says:

        No one posting under his true name can speak the truth about women. Namefags all. Even Roosh these days.

        • linker says:

          You are correct, but he’s the exception that proves the rule 🙂 he recommended this blog as well as Aidan’s blog. Has commented under the name

    • I was banned, but about two weeks before I was going to take the blog down anyway, so no big deal. An archive in pdf form can be downloaded here:

      Talking about the red pill on forums stops doing you much good. Need to go out there and practice it.

      • suones says:

        Thank you very much.

      • jim says:

        I have updated the link in my blogroll, which now points to your pdf of your blog hosted on my blog.

        You might want to amend your pdf to give it the creative commons license or else someone claiming right to all your intellectual property might order a takedown.

        • As far as I am aware, now that wordpress has taken my site down, there is no proof anywhere that the document is the intellectual property of anyone, and thus I find it unlikely that mega would comply with such a request.

          • The Cominator says:

            But in more immediate terms we are trying to survive the time of darkness and the leftist singularity, since there is very very little prospect of any immediate restoration.

          • suones says:

            As far as I am aware, now that wordpress has taken my site down, there is no proof anywhere that the document is the intellectual property of anyone, and thus I find it unlikely that mega would comply with such a request.

            That’s not how the DMCA works. A provider has to comply with all requests, even obviously fraudulent ones, or be prepared to become party to a lawsuit. It falls on the uploader to challenge the copyright claim. As seen widely, when even Goolag YouTube and Micro$haft ShitHub fold like paper napkins, it isn’t a wild leap to guess mega will fold too.

            I don’t see how adding a CC licence would prevent that from occurring though.

            • jim says:

              > I don’t see how adding a CC licence would prevent that from occurring though.

              It has worked so far. Of course times are changing, but I rather think they will change more slowly where I have located my server.

              At the moment sticking a CC license everywhere has substantial protective value. And if it loses its protective affect in the US, I will just move my server a little closer to the Russian or Chinese hegemonies.

      • Snowdensjacket says:

        [*deleted for patronizingly giving incredibly bad advice to someone who is clearly good at game*]

    • jim says:

      > I’d be willing to run/manage such a site, but I do not trust my current technical knowledge is good enough to host a site in a way that evil people will reasonably be unable to do bad things to commenter of the site

      If you are seriously interested, I can make you a blog on this site. or something.

      • Snowdensjacket says:


      • Redbible says:

        Guess it’s about time I finally return and comment again.
        So I’d like to apologize to you Jim. Even though it may very well mean nothing to you, I am doing so since it matters to me.

        You made me an offer, and I never responded. I saw your comment within a few days of it being posted (can’t remember the exact details) but I at first wanted to think a bit on how to respond in a way that seemed right. Over the next few weeks I was very busy in my life, so it never re-entered my head to respond or I figured that I’d have a better window of time later. After those few weeks I realize that it’s been over a month, and I still haven’t said anything. At that point I didn’t respond, since I felt embarrassed by how poorly I felt I had treated you by not responding sooner. I’ve recently been working on improving myself in the area of no longer avoiding things, which is why I’m typing this now.

        So I want to say I’m sorry that I didn’t respond in a timely fashion, and for how long I avoided responding. It was not polite of me to ghost after you made an offer that I had implicitly asked for.

        I would like to say yes to a “” site, but I don’t think I’ve shown myself recently in a way that shows proper commitment. For now I’ll resume commenting on the blog, and if you feel like it, maybe in the future I could run “”.

        Thanks for your blog Jim, it’s been a useful place to learn truth, as well as stay up to date with news, without having to watch any news channels or such.

        • jim says:

          The mysteriously vanished comments seem to have re-appeared, so I guess it was just wordpress caching bugs.

          Which is why no one else is complaining about comments disappearing.

          Or it could be that I just backed up and updated wordpress and just received a bugfix – at any rate they were not lost for good.

          Back on topic

          Any time you want a blog at, I will be happy to provide one.

          If you put up any decent content, will link to it from the sidebar

          • Redbible says:

            Thank you for your generosity. I at least want to have a post or two ready before putting such a site up, so I currently figure that I won’t be ready for at least 2 weeks or so, but who knows.

  23. Octavian says:

    Awesome, great to see you back.

    Have you considered investing in an Urbit presence as well? (If you haven’t done so already).

  24. Cloudswrest says:

    Hey Jim,

    You might find this interesting. It’s concerning the power supply fiasco in Texas right now. It reminds me of the coal fired train in the tunnel segment from Atlas Shrugged.

    • Ace says:

      Pretty good Market Ticker post. I haven’t read Carl since he started trying to sell his daughter’s “art”.

      • Ace says:

        Here’s a intresting tidbit:

        @Crossthread – No power, no pumps. No pump, no gas moves.

        They USED to use the gas IN THE PIPE to power the pump. Greenies screamed and thus they’re now almost all electric.

        There’s stupid and then there’s REALLY ****ING STUPID, and this is the latter.

        The problem is NOT supply — it’s inability to move it without grid power, which of course the gas when it gets to the other end PRODUCES THE GRID POWER.

      • Ace says:

        That whole thread is gold. I’m going to have to start reading him again.

        @tickerguy..,, read this,, LMAO!

        EOG Resources using solar power for natural gas facilities as New Mexico fights pollution..

        A major natural gas operator in the Permian Basin planned to use solar power to run its gas compressor stations in the region, hoping to reduce emissions from extraction operations.

        EOG Resources announced it would use solar arrays to operate compressors throughout southern New Mexico which would normally be powered by natural gas.

  25. Pooch says:

    Thank you Jim for taking precautions on our behalf. Much appreciated.

  26. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The aggrieved affrontery the career lawyers on The Donald’s case had to DNC pseudopods simply making shit up and daring anyone to say otherwise, and then blithely moving on to keep making up more shit regardless of what anyone has said, was somewhat amusing. There are a lot of upper-middle types in the world that haven’t yet realized how things work at the top ’round these parts; which is increasingly how things work everywhere.

  27. Ryan says:

    Bruh, delete this blog again. You are negatively influencing my friend Jacob.

  28. Ace says:

    Welcome back Jim.

    In the world of current events the deep stated failed to get the GOP to comply fully with it’s demands with impeachment. Local level GOP is acting hostilely to the shitstains who betrayed their voters and it appears a remnant will of the party base continued to hold to power in Red states for a while. Not the complete capitulation the deep state wanted, clearly the GOP isn’t frightened enough, yet.

    They’re ramping up the domestic enemy talk against the GOP. I said a while back that they’re going to need to start killing people to stay in power and it appears they’ve decided on killing at least a few Republicans who that don’t get with the program. They’ve got their supporters and the media primed for it but they’ll probably outsource the killings to “crazies” as usual. GOP reps would be wise to get armed security and to arm themselves.

    When they murder some republicans this of course won’t result in a return to normality, which they’ll continue to blame on the “wreakers”, like Trump.

    • jim says:

      Movement ever leftwards will rapidly continue.

    • The Cominator says:

      My governor DeSantis seems a likely early target…

    • Pooch says:

      They still seem too Trump-obsessed to go after other targets to me. They need him convicted of a crime first to rationalize future persecution when normalcy doesn’t return. That he beat impeachment means he’s still a “threat”. McConnell essentially declared civil war on him with his speech.

      Trump still does seem to carry power over the future of the GOP though. He’s a kingmaker of sorts and go one of two ways. He can work to destroy the GOPe or he can align himself with them and promote shitty Uniparty candidates, in which case he will be actively working against us in order to save his own skin from prosecution. To be honest, he seems to be leaning towards the latter.

      • The Cominator says:

        They will likely eventually prosecute Trump in NYC with a jury composed entirely of journalists/priestly type and sheboons. Not sure whether it will be NYS or SDNY. If Trump has a good attorney they will target the attorney (that precedent started when the government wanted to get John Gotti in NY).

        The attempts to go after his other supporters through lawfare will accelerate after that.

        • Pooch says:

          McConnell/Graham seem to be signaling that they will work to keep prosecution off of him if plays nice and uses his still enormous popularity with his base to promote Uniparty cucks. Obviously that will not work forever but it may work in the short term.

          • Ace says:

            I note he didn’t directly call the election fraudulent. I’m sure twitter would censor any such statement if he made it.

      • Ace says:

        There’s 3 things going on right now:

        1. Humiliate and destroy Trump. Failed to do so at the trial but they’re moving right into phase 2 which is lawfare to strip him of his assists. The lawsuits are starting now. Arrest will follow Trump being stripped of his assists.

        2. Force the GOP into compliance. They gave a compliance test with Green, which the GOP rejected though in meek terms. Next they gave them a compliance test with impeachment, which against the GOP rejected though mostly out of fear of the GOP base throwing them out of office. Clearly the GOP isn’t that afraid of the Deep state, yet.

        3. Separate Trump from his base. That’s main thing the Impeachment trial was about and they lost their shit when all their own words of incitement was tossed back in their faces. They truly think that Trump’s screaming incitements while they’re peaceful, having that reality hit them in the face was painful for them. They filled utterly in this goal.

        Goal 1 will continue and there’s no real way to stop it but they have bigger problems with goal 2 and 3. Goal 2 is going to require some blood. Goal 3 is what the cancel Trump supporters campaign is about, but it’s just pissing people off. Time publishing about how they stole the election really didn’t help them.

        • Pooch says:

          I know others disagree with me but I’m sort of whitepilled in the since that Trump is in the interesting position that he can absolutely destroy the GOPe in the midterms. There’s a ton of empty Senate seats that could be filled with Trumpian candidates even with fraud, if Trump chooses to really put all his energy into it. Now of course that quickens the prosecution axe coming down on his head but making him a martyr only empowers the movement I think.

          The worst case would be Trump making a deal with the McConnell faction like I posted above to TC, in a sad attempt to keep him out of jail which actually would be a huge hinderness to getting actual Trumpian Nationalist candidates in office. The more we can get in, the harder it will be for them force compliance like you say and the quicker we get to a new elite actually willing to fight for us.

          • Ace says:

            The game being played here is return to “normality” which is what the deep state so desperately wants. There’s room for Trump to play there. But once factions that have no desire for normality start gaining control Trump’s head will be on a pike.

            The interesting thing is conservatives show no signs of wanting or believing there is anyway to return to normality. They don’t see a way back from the death of the republic. Jim talks about how Romans didn’t believe the Republic was dead until after Caesar but at least on the Conservative right, everyone seems to believe the Republic is dead. There just at a loss of what to do about it.

            • Pooch says:

              Yeah I see a path forward where the new nationalist Trump GOP is no longer playing to return to normalcy and now playing for keeps, just as the NSDAP was playing for keeps. The end goal for both sides rightly understood is a one-party state.

            • Pooch says:

              Going to require a great deal of cohesion and quite possibly Proud Boy cohesion. It is a long shot but it’s a shot.

              • Ace says:

                Was it confirmed that head of the proud boys was actually a FBI informant? If so, it appears the proud boy where probably just a FBI trap set for Trump. They show there’s a lot young men willing to fight, but the left continues to co-opt them.

                • Pooch says:

                  What I read was that he informed on drug crimes and such years ago which is fine if that’s the case. I could be wrong, but it wasn’t convincing to me that he was trying to entrap right wingers for wrongthink. He was leading his followers and burning BLM signs all over DC during the 2nd MAGA march then fell on the sword to protect any of his other members from being arrested after DC wanted to charge people for it. That doesn’t seem like glowing behavior.

                  Now the Oathkeepers seemed like a legit honeypot operation. The leader involved in the actual seige turned out to be a FBI section chief which is like the head of an entire city’s office if I’m not mistaken.

                • Ace says:

                  >He was leading his followers and burning BLM signs all over DC during the 2nd MAGA march then fell on the sword to protect any of his other members from being arrested after DC wanted to charge people for it. That doesn’t seem like glowing behavior.

                  That arrest from that “confession” kept him away from the riot at the capital. Doesn’t the FBI normally remove their guys before shit goes down, so they don’t have to arrest them for the primary crime?

                  It also would have been harder for them to scream white supremacy if one of the first guys arrested was a black proud boy.

                  That whole story disappeared so fast, I never got to the bottom of it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The problem is there is no ‘direct’ pathway to presenting yourself at the disposal of the ‘Trump Legion’; or nominal ‘Trump Legion’ to begin with.

                  All pathways to putting yourself into a position where you could have even the slightest impact on the leading edge of events are diffuse, orthogonal, and circuitous. Which is to say, all ‘official’ pathways to ‘official’ bodies have this quality.

                  Where did Trump look to find personnel? Lawyers? Judges? Military? Cops? For anyone hopping on the treadmill and jumping through the hoops to join such classes today, it would be years, perhaps decades even, before they might even arrive at positions relevant to a sovereign’s here-and-now, when they would need to be there yesterday – and this is before the fact of those being filtered out by the selection pressures of such bodies, and being twisted to fit if not.

                • Pooch says:

                  If he was an actual fed asset I’d imagine they’d want him in the front lines breaching the capital and inciting the riot with John Sullivan and the Oathkeeper leader who were both arrested anyway. If he wasn’t fed, it would be smart strategy to decapitate Proud Boy leadership before the event so he couldn’t stop Antifa infiltration. He may have been able to spot Sullivan and other agitators who knows. The fact that he’s not white in a sea of trump supporters hardly matters just like it hardly mattered for Sullivan. Even if he’s not fed I’m sure The PB have all kinds of fed infiltration problems though since they are such a big target.

                • Ace says:


                  I find your spin on the proud boys more convincing than mine. Fit the facts better.

          • Atavistic Morality says:

            Imagine how psychotic normie Americans have to be right now if even the American users of this blog suffer massive normalcy bias and still talk about elections, midterms, offices, voting… hahahahaha

            You will actually end up in a gulag because you’re already being herded there and you refuse to acknowledge reality, you’re the gentleman in this story:

            Good luck friend, and to the rest of Americans I recommend you listen to Jim and get yourself an emergency way out of the country with some assets ASAP.

            • Pooch says:

              Take my assets and go where? To Asia and live amongst a bunch of gooks. No thanks. I’ll take my chances fighting alongside my countrymen. Elections are the only option for the time being until war, which the time is not yet.

      • Pooch says:

        Well this answers that. Trump going after McConnell hard in this seething letter.

        Long live Trump.

        • The Cominator says:

          Unfortunately fraud will forever control who wins at least most statewide offices in the future. Its somewhat possible the GOP regains the house but the Senate and the Presidency are gone forever until the war or whatever comes and destroys even the skinsuit of our current government.

          People seem to want to forget this but forgetting it won’t make it go away… the Democrats will not forget that fraud works.

          • Pooch says:

            Yeah it’s hard to see a way forward electorally without combating the sh’boon fraud. Having said that, the GOP was still complicit in the conspiracy against Trump in a very big way. The GOP controlled many levers of power enabling it at the local level all the way up to Congress. At this point, I’d get satisfaction from seeing that traitor faction thoroughly burned and destroyed.

          • Pooch says:

            Also I don’t know if the Dems can sh’boon fraud every red state. Not enough big cities in alot of those states and it requires a governor complicit in it to certify the fake votes.

          • Ace says:

            >People seem to want to forget this but forgetting it won’t make it go away… the Democrats will not forget that fraud works.

            The solution to fraud is everyone uses fraud. Cernovich pointed out there’s plenty of rural areas that could suddenly come in at100% turn out. The Dems were very careful not to exceed 100% turn out when fixing the election. They want to maintain that fiction.

            I think the GOP is going to try it, just like all sides in Rome did.

            • Pooch says:

              Plus the big thing is to never count all your votes before the other guy so he doesn’t know how much he needs. The red counties could just sit at 99% reporting just like the Dems. Then it’s just a waiting game. There are ways to beat it like Texas and Florida showed. I think it’s more nuanced than to just say electoral politics is completely dead. Honest electoral politics is surely dead, but the Dems are certainly not acting as if electoral politics is completely dead and they are a one-party state.

              • Ace says:

                The Dems are calling the GOP Domestic enemies and terrorists on a daily basis now and the comments on reddit are running 9 to 1 that even lawyers defending republicans in court deserve to be harmed, but as people are adapt to ignore such threats when there’s no actual blood on the ground to back it up.

                They have all the power, but they’re reluctant to take the velvet glove off because, normality must be restored. I think if the don’t start killing to solidify their power someone more leftwing will do so and out flank them on the issue. Or they’ll do something stupid like try and take everyone’s gun away and might actually trigger a civil war with actual elite support.

                • Pooch says:

                  They probably can’t just start openly murdering people until they get the gun grab legislation passed and throughly purge the military, neither which they’ve done yet. If they start doing that now, they are risking it backfiring into civil war with our side having elite backing.

                • Pooch says:

                  The way they acted with the National guard shows they are paranoid the military is not loyal. The purge they need is probably something that would take considerable time. For the time being, their form of violence is still going to be flipping the BLM/Antifa switch back on.

                • Pooch says:

                  With police protection.*

                • clovis says:

                  Do you really think grabbing the guns will trigger anything? They’re talking really big that they’re going to do buybacks on AR’s and take away magazines larger than nine rounds. Or something like that. I’m afraid they will do that and nothing will happen.

                • Ace says:

                  >Do you really think grabbing the guns will trigger anything?

                  Yes if the Feds return to their kill em all and burn it down as in the days of Waco. The real question resolve around elite support or not. If no elite support, it’s going to be a peasants revolt that will be put down very hard by the military.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >If no elite support, it’s going to be a peasants revolt that will be put down very hard by the military.

                  But what could possibly make you think the elite wouldn’t support it? Fear of commies, BLM, and the other assorted apple-cart-tippers? If the elite are in fact afraid of them (I think instead that they’re arrogant, foolish, and complacent enough to assume they can control the spiral – after all, they have degrees from the best schools), they’ll go along with it out of cowardice.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >I think the GOP is going to try it,

              That’s just the kind of uselessness and stupidity I’d expect from the GOP. They’ll be crucified if they try large scale fraud. “But Mom, he did it first!” isn’t going to fly. You have to have the press, the universities, the bureaucracies, and the courts to do what the Dems do. Accept no substitutes.

              • Ace says:

                The GOP already rigs elections already in Red states. Though typically the rigging is for people like Bitch Mitch or the cunt Senator from Alaska. Having acknowledged widespread fraud on either side harms the illusion of Democracy.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Sure, yeah, in the primaries, and a smidge in the generals where they can sneak it in. But the kind of large-scale, national-election-swinging fraud the Dems just accomplished? Not a chance. That is not going to be allowed. Prison sentences, purges, ever-tighter speech restrictions, and the total destruction of the party are the only things that would accomplish. Now that I say it, that actually doesn’t sound so bad…

                • Ace says:

                  >Sure, yeah, in the primaries, and a smidge in the generals where they can sneak it in.

                  They rigged the primary election in Alaska after the cunt lost the primary. She won through a “write in” campaign in the general election.

                  Look at it this way, what does the GOP have to lose? The party either dies as the Democrats rig alone, or they attempt the same and maybe die.

                  Secondly, the Democrats have been threatening to arrest and murder Republicans of good standing, but they haven’t done it yet. People can only hear the same threat so many times before they stop believing it. This makes it likely the Republicans will try it.

                  How it turns out, I don’t know. Rome had fraudulent elections year and year and it just keep clunking along for a good while.

                  >Sure, yeah, in the primaries, and a smidge in the generals where they can sneak it in. But the kind of large-scale, national-election-swinging fraud the Dems just accomplished? Not a chance.

                  They copied it in CA. That’s why they won back most of those seats. The Dems took them to court but it quickly became clear they were just doing what the Democrats did in ballot harvesting and the courts dropped the case.

                  However, it’s guys like Mitch the Bitch who control this sort of rigging. They’re going to rig the primaries too if they do it. Populist candidates are not going to win.

                  For us electoral politics is effectively over beyond observing the beating of the dead horse that is the American Republic. Our hope is civil war or military dictatorship instead of leftist auto genocide.

                • Pooch says:

                  However, its guys like Mitch the Bitch who control this sort of rigging. They’re going to rig the primaries too if they do it. Populist candidates are not going to win.

                  The difference now is a 100 Proud Boys can show up to the counting centers with rifles so controlling the police are important. In the blue cities the police will arrest them with overwelming force, in red areas they’ll need to do this too if they want the fraud to not be stopped.

                • Pooch says:

                  Messed up the blockquote.


                • Ace says:

                  >The difference now is a 100 Proud Boys can show up to the counting centers with rifles so controlling the police are important. In the blue cities the police will arrest them with overwelming force, in red areas they’ll need to do this too if they want the fraud to not be stopped.

                  Who’s going to order the Proud Boys to do it? Not Trump. He failed to reward his friends while punishing his foes. Such a man doesn’t have the instincts to order the Proud Boys into action.

                  You’re going to need to find your elite leadership elsewhere. The proles love Trump because he’s one of them, not a political or military elite. And based on what we’ve been learning, the elites manipulated him the same why they manipulate the proles all day long.

                  When the rally at the capitol was being talked about I thought it sounded like another potential Charlottesville trap. I saw no upside to it unless Trump was planning a coup using the mob as leverage, which he clearly wasn’t. Trump walked right into that trap and you know he blamed? His supporters, not the people who tricked him into it. He’s a bozo, not the sort of elite leadership we need.

                  Trump’s a good and honest man who wants nothing more than to do good for the American people so they will love him. Such people seldom if ever rule.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes the new Nationalist party leadership that coalesces around his lead is going to need to be prepared to use NSDAP-like tactics. Trump doesn’t need to order them but he needs to not disavow them, so I’m looking at Trump as more of an asset now than an actual tactical right wing leader. I understand, It’s a pipedream at this point and it’s alot to ask for but having Trump with us helping destroy the GOP is going to at least make it somewhat possible. A Trump-GOP alliance would make the task insurmountable.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  > he needs to not disavow

                  He’s been denouncing us since day one, and it’s proven habit-forming. The only people he didn’t denounce were Proud Boys, which he encouraged people to join, before also denouncing them and throwing them to wolves, along with all the other Capitol sightseers (which personally includes some of the people commenting here).

                  Abandoning one’s own army in word and deed is treason. He doesn’t even have the nerve to mention Ashli Babbitt. Can you name one other leader who so cravenly sold out his supporters and came back to gain victory?

              • I says:

                GOP are enemy agents by and large. You think they are going to fail their jobs as heels?

                Their job is to demoralize And to act as pressure release valves for the enemy which they are very good at doing.

                Wasting their bases time and energy as they are meant to.

  29. redpurplepurple says:

    What’s your take on the state of other Western nations? Are Australia, Canada, and Europe also headed for genocide, democide, or civil war?

    (Damn it Jim. You were gone for so long I started having withdrawal symptoms; jittery hands and everything.)

    • Karl says:

      The present holiness spiral is part of Western culture. Thus it is also present in Europa, Australia, Canda, etc. Some parts of the US emipire are lagging a bit more than others in the holiness spiral, but they are all on the same path.

    • Pooch says:

      The farther the provinces you are from the center of the empire the more the ruling class signals holiness for status, thus you see NZ and Australia locking down entire cities and states over a single case of wu flu. I’d expect that to continue with vaccines.

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        ***The farther the provinces… the more the ruling class signals***

        I am sure there’s something to this, and yet, interesting to consider how it relates to Jim’s theory that an Empire’s provinces are likely to experience less turbulence in times of upheaval – the drama happens at the centre.

        At some point, during my university days, I guess, some 20-odd years ago, I became aware, through participation on internet forums, that there was some qualitative difference in the way Americans and Canadians interpret with the world. This sounds like a vapid take, of course; there are many differences. You could get into Albion’s Seed-style genetic analysis and so forth.

        But I am talking about a je-ne-sais-quoi that I could never put my finger on until I read about it at Jim’s, that what I’ve been observing for years, when I interact with Americans on the internet, is the difference between living in a province of the Empire, and living in the heart of the beast. There is a qualitatively different way that you view the world when you live, and work, and have theoretical control over, the levers of the Empire, compared to provincials who don’t.

        This might seem tangential to what I quoted, above, but it’s connected, in the sense that, if you’re a provincial official, without any real, tangible control over the Empire, I suppose the next best thing is to signal hard that you’re really really on-board with The Program and they might throw you some scraps of power.

        Meanwhile if you’re a provincial pleb, with no control over anything really, may as well hope for the whole drama to pass you by.

      • suones says:

        Statements like these make me wonder about our (Indian) position. We haven’t had lockdowns for a long time now, the central Govt absolutely refused to extend them once it became clear the whole thing was a Chinese hoax. Markets have already surpassed pre-lockdown levels. We also have our own developed vaccines, which may or may not be effective, but since Indian casualty rates are so low (near zero at present), it may be moot. We aren’t dependent on imports for any pharma, including cutting-edge stuff.

        Does this make us less dependent on the Atlantic Empire than, for example, Australia?

        • Pooch says:

          Yes. India is not American Empire. It has its’ own nukes and military which is a good proxy for not being under control of the Cathedral. Attempts are clearly being made to subvert and influence it, as are being made in Russia for example. Jim is the expert here so maybe he would classify India as on the fringe of American hegemony maybe.

          Australia has little or no military and wholly depends on the US for protection. American forces and fleets regularly carry out exercises there so it is wholly a province of the empire.

  30. bomag says:

    Thanks for your efforts. We need blogs like this to clear the air and keep truth in sight.

  31. Ex says:

    Good to have you back.

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