Now we are in trouble

It is not over till the fat lady sings on January 20th, but things do not look good.

We inevitably lost because our people did not have legitimate authority to use lethal force, and the other side did.

In order to grant our people legitimate authority to use lethal force, Trump needs to proclaim the insurrection act and call out the militia. I was hoping that yesterday would provide a good occasion for that, though it needed to be done earlier. General Flynn should have had an appointment to organize the unorganized militia several weeks ago.

The battle was lost for lack of a leader with plausibly legitimate authority.

Well, Trump did not, and it looks like from here on, such a proclamation becomes more and more difficult and less and less likely.

I was very much hoping and praying that civil war would start early, because in a left singularity, the earlier you get the inevitable civil war, the more likely the right is to win.

However I have long predicted civil war or catastrophic international war, or genocide, around 2026 or so. That prediction still looks on target.

Leftism will inevitably implode, it always does. Trees do not grow to the sky, but they grow till they fall over. And the further leftism goes before it self destructs, the greater the collateral damage.

We are likely in for quite a lot of collateral damage before the light dawns.

If, as is likely, everything goes to hell in a handbasket, I will focus on building a counter economy and counter society on the blockchain. To preserve the economy against pillage, and the truth against lies, we will need to deploy cryptographic methods.

Bitcoin is deeply flawed. Posts on this topic coming when the fat lady sings.

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  1. The OC says:

    Trump repealed the Act for the Protection of the Republic

    Biden had the Brownshirts.

    Trump set fire to the Reischstag.

    Biden crossed the Rubicon, and became Elagabalus.

    Stay safe friends.

  2. R7 Rocket says:

    Just to get a sense of scale. There are 30,000 heavily armed troops in DC right now. That’s quite an enormous Prætorian Guard.

    In contrast, Canada’s entire standing army is 23,000 troops.

    • Pooch says:

      I expect a mass purge of Trump supporters, conservatives, and white Christians from the military. Special Forces likely to be abandoned. If the military brass can resist this in anyway that will be telling on their future as a power broker.

      • Ace says:

        Will Biden/Democrats/Deep state have control of the Military? With the loss of legitimacy, the military itself unlikely to obey civilian commands that harm them.

        • R7 Rocket says:

          With the civilian government openly ignoring the law and the elections clearly fraudulent, there’s less and less reason for the military to submit to the civilian authority. After all, they have most of the guns, tanks and bombs.

          The FBI is a tiny force of 14,000 armed men spread across the American empire, meanwhile the huge 30,000 DC Praetorian Guard is merely 1% of the US Military.

          • Ace says:

            That’s my point, unless the military is criminally stupid and acts against their own group interest, then it doesn’t seem terribly likely. But I have no insight into the military and can’t predict their actions. I had thought there would have been major push back against Obama’s purges, but there was almost none. I guess we’ll find out the first time Biden orders a purge or sends the FBI after military officers.

            Anyone know if the Military is now handing intel to China Joe’s team of CCP spies?

            • R7 Rocket says:

              During Obama’s purges, it wasn’t obvious that the law is dead and Presidential elections fraudulent.

              • Ace says:

                True. However, we just watched the suprema court and all other courts completely destroy their own legitimacy by refusing to hear any cases about election fraud. They continue to operate under the delusion that somehow they can will people to ignore it, and normalcy will return. It makes me wonder if the military might operate under a similar such delusion.

                Again, I don’t know shit about what’s going on with the military, but so far I haven’t noticed a single American insinuation fully grasping that the rules have been destroyed and that adhering to the old rules will result in destruction shortly. Normal basis is a real destroyer.

      • jim says:

        This would parallel Kerensky’s destruction of the Russian army – which destroyed the power base on which the deep state’s power rested, rendering them and Kerensky powerless against their dangerously useful allies in the far left.

        If the right is purged from the army, Antifa will start using massed gunfire.

    • Ace says:

      According to Jack Posobiec they haven’t said why the capitol is locked down, it simply is.

      Qanon shaman strolling into the Senate chamber with police escort:

      This is a really poor Reichstag fire.

  3. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    When US falls, Europe will be swarmed with Arab invaders. Canada is close enough to US and already so cucked as to rule it out as an option.

    So how will Australia and New Zealand fare? The one advantage I see is they’re far enough out of the way that Muslims can’t stroll across the border when SHTF.

    There were stories a while back about billionaires buying up parts of NZ for retirement and in case things go pear shaped. Seems like a nice place, but probably pretty cucked given their PM.

    Australia seems pretty based – I believe you lived there at some point Jim. How do you see it going during America’s collapse? Might be considered part of the Chinese Empire by then. Aside from that, I probably wouldn’t be optimistic about either.

    • Aussie (he/him) says:

      Australia is a mixed bag. The Federal Government is controlled by the centre-right Liberal Party which has a strong left faction. They came to power in 2013 under a Roman Catholic candidate, Tony Abbott, who promised to “stop the boats,” “axe the [carbon] tax” and clear the “debt and deficit.”

      The boats are such an election loser that they are off the table now. So no more boats. Although we do have airports. So they just fly the shitheads in now. Thankfully they are a higher quality of shithead, who can pick fruit and work in chicken processing, rather than the kinds of shitheads the left want – welfare parasites who vote for more welfare.

      Abbott axed the tax. Murdoch has a stranglehold over the media and he is against carbon taxes. But the government does “believe the science,” so has a policy of direct action rather than funding globalist climate orgs.

      Abbott didn’t clear the debt and deficit because the kikes won’t allow that. Trying to do so got him switched out for Malcolm Turnbull, a Goldman Sachs man. Turnbull got faggot marriage done. He got destroyed by Murdoch because of his position on the climate hoax. Now we have a Zionist Pentecostal fanatic as PM. This was the same guy who was in charge of stopping the boats. So he’s not so bad. Just a fat fatherly managerial type.

      The country is Covid-free. The only infections we have are from people in hotel quarantine. But they are just holding back the inevitable because the vaccine is useless and Coronachan will not be denied forever. The Boomers will pay.

      Our states are fully pozzed. Our universities are the same as everywhere else – enemy enclaves. Although thankfully in the last year the Federal Government has begun creating disincentives for humanities degrees, so at some level they realise that these are shitlib breeding facilities.

      Nicotine vape is ILLEGAL in Australia. We are a nanny state. The city centres are full of Asians and the inner suburbs are full of niggers and Jihadis. But you can still live a nice white existence in the outer suburbs or regional centres. It’s a big country. People are very chill here (which is a mixed blessing, because they are lulled to sleep whilst their country is taken from them) because there is so much space and opportunity. We are a peaceful society where people are culturally equalitarian & left-liberal, with a little belief in social welfare, but overall fiscal conservatism. The Liberal Party caters best to this dynamic. We are bombarded with multicult agitprop from cradle to grave but no one engages in it. All the ethnics live in their enclaves.

      The weather is awesome. Lots of sun year round. The occasional drought but always plenty of water reserves. Occasional floods. The only reason we have disastrous bushfires is because environmentalists forbid proper forest management and backburning. Fertile soil. Abundant food. Rich in mineral wealth. The Triune God has blessed us richly. Which is why it is such a shame that we are going to lose it all.

      Our entire society now is based around worship of the Abo – the most cursed and degenerate race created on the Triune God’s green earth. The Abo is the Australian totem of *Liberal-Democracy*. It’s the cultural cringe imported from America. The Magical Abo, if you will. You can’t even enjoy a cricket match now without having to bend the knee. So you stop watching cricket.

      The solution is to throw off the shackles of Communist China and Communist America, implement deportation squads, bulldoze the family courts, clear the faggots out of the churches, and then impose a total autarkic martial industrial state. Or – so at least one can dream.

      • jim says:

        > Nicotine vape is ILLEGAL in Australia.

        No it is not. They keep planning to make it illegal, the date at which it is going to be illegal keeps being pushed back.

        It is illegal to sell nicotine vape juice, but keeps being legal to import it.

      • Chosen Podium says:

        @Aussie, Other than the “he/him” crap, that is the finest post I’ve ever seen here. Points out the problem, who is responsible, and the obvious solution.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      No island is too far away for desparate middle eastern immigrant. Though only the brave soul go to australia using illegal ships.

      If you are white better buckle up because australia will follow europe when SHTF.

    • chris says:

      Australia will be 10 years behind wherever the US goes.

    • yewotm8 says:

      When the US falls, won’t European nations be able to keep migrants out without fear of US government reprisal?

      • R7 Rocket says:


        The fall of the US will result in migrants and their enablers hanging from European bridges.

    • Leon says:

      I am also curious about Australia. I have been told repeatedly that I would love it out there and fit right in. How would Australia fare Jim? Do you agree with the pronoun Aussie who posted below?

  4. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Guys, I’d like your advice now that it turned out things are gonna go to the shitter.

    I’m currently going to college up here in the north, but I’m not sure if that matters anymore as things are gonna go to hell real fast. Should I make a run for it out of the city and go to some rural land and live my life there? I’m just thinking of booking out of my college shit because I know that paper won’t matter when they come looking for me for heretical thoughts.

    • jim says:

      Just keep a low profile, and hope that they are too busy looking for other leftists to bother with someone who has no applecart to knock over.

      University degrees have been debased, and are now mainly valuable to employers as insurance against being charged with thought crimes.

      A university degree that gets you into some state sponsored cartel, for example accounting, is still valuable, and there are no end of state sponsored cartels, and more springing up all the time.

      Job experience, particularly experience in a job that requires good conduct and smarts, is always valuable. So whether you should make a run for it or instead become Havel’s Greengrocer depends on your degree and your job prospects.

      During Obama’s reign, it was war on flyover country. If the green new deal goes through, flyover country is likely to have its access to world markets impaired, partly because transport will become expensive and unreliable, and in flyover country, you frequently need to travel long distances, receive goods over long distances, and send goods over long distances.

      But if you are betting on self sufficiency, none of that is likely to matter.

      While self sufficiency is a good fallback option, if the worst comes to the worst, as in French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Yugoslavian civil war, the collapse of Han Dynasty, etcetera, there are going to be large groups of heavily armed men roaming the countryside, taking all that they can take, and destroying all that they cannot take so that the next large group of heavily armed men hot on their heels has no food to eat, no water to drink, and no roof to sleep under. In the Yugoslavian civil war and the French Revolution, the small provincial cities were the least dangerous place to be.

      My advice is more along the lines of bitcoin, monaro, foreign passports, foreign residence permits, and alternate identities. Expect the unexpected, and keep your options open.

      • James Thorton says:

        Any advice on acquiring foreign passports, foreign residence permits, and alternate identities?

        It seems like the usual ways of getting foreign passports and residency are through blood, marriage, or money (ie put a million $ in the country’s stock market), which all appear out of reach to me and many people at the moment. Perhaps for example one could work for an Asian software company as a foot in the door?

        For alternate identities in the US, sounds like you’re referring to driver’s licenses with a different name, SSNs with a different name, etc. How can we acquire these, without say knowing the right person to bribe? Can these be obtained on the dark web?

        • jim says:

          If, for example, you get an overseas job, you almost automatically get a visa, followed by visa extension, followed by a longer visa extension, followed an effectively indefinite visa extension.

          Countries that suck and are dangerous issue one month visas automatically, with automatic extensions, which tend to be longer and longer, almost automatic, though often far from cheap. If you are world traveler, visas readily convertible to residence permits drop into your lap.

          If the proverbial hits the fan internally, the safest place to be will be on the borderlands near, but not in, the Russian or Chinese hegemonies. If the it hits the fan externally, such places are likely to be still quite safe, since shaniqua is charge of high tech weapons maintenance, though a little closer to an alien hegemony might be safer. But the closer you are, the more you are an alien and an exile. If it hits the fan both internally and externally at roughly the same time, the enemy will likely be too busy to come after you.

          Dubai is expensive and has the world’s worst climate, but is otherwise a nice, well governed place. They like importing foreign experts.

          Dubai have an up or out policy. They expect foreigners to be upwardly mobile over time, and if you are not, you are out.

        • Pooch says:

          Track your family genealogy. Many countries allow you to claim a 2nd citizenship If you have a grand parent or even a great grandparent who was born there. Even if it gives you a citizenship that is no better than your present country it could be used as a means to pass through to Another safer place.

      • I remember an Argentinian guy talked about that in their regular economic collapses, it was better to be in the city than in the country, because the rulers are in the city, they are afraid of hungry, desperate masses, so they take food from the country and give it to the city. But he specifically meant the big city, not the small provincial city and it was a purely economic kind of collapse, not that of political ideology.

        And I think he talked from a prole perspective. For a prole, Paris was a good place to be during the French revolution, because fearing the wrath of the masses, the elites would somewhat feed them, and as just one faceless member of the masses one would not be picked out and guillotined.

        But for everybody over that mass prole level, Paris was dangerous. And yes, both governments and roving bands find small villages easy to rob of their food.

    • James Thornton says:

      If you’re working towards a degree which can give you access to a remote job, such as in software or accounting, I recommend finishing. Remote work allows you to make a good income while staying nimble and keeping your options open, and helps preserve your sanity and quality of life because you are much more insulated from the poz and don’t need to spend as much effort maintaining the Havel’s Greengrocer facade.

      • Dave says:

        My standard advice is to learn a trade that’s too complicated for Mexicans, too dirty for women, and cannot be outsourced to Indonesia. Plumbing, HVAC, electric, etc. Which has the advantage that you don’t have to mouth progressive pieties, but the disadvantage that young women don’t want to marry a man with dirty hands even if he earns three times her salary and has no debt.

    • The city needs specialists, the country needs generalists, keep this in mind. The country needs a generalist doctor or an generic IT guy and men with good toolmanship, the city needs eye surgeons and Angular.js developers and car body men.

      We know this since Adam Smith. That is sort of the point of cities to begin with. Adam Smith wrote that the blacksmith in the Scottish Highlands made basically anything that could be made of iron and on the side he raised pigs and brew his beer and all. Because, not many customers within a travel distance, and each wants different things. The blacksmith in London could specialize on making just nails because enough customers for nails in London, and had to specialize, because a generalist would be outcompeted for a specialist who works faster and cheaper. If the nailmaker specialist moves to the country, he has a problem, he does not know how to make all the other things. If a generalist from the country moves to the city, he is outcompeted by far more efficient specialists.

      So one needs to make this decision to study something in a generalist way or focus…

      • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

        This is one of those inductive-reasoning exercises that sounds plausible, like the humors and the elements, but isn’t really a reliable guide to reality.

        There are some differences between urban and rural levels of specialization, but much more subtle than what you imply. In practice, “angular.js developer” is the same kind of “specialization” as “short-order fry cook”, the latter being a designation indicating that its designee probably doesn’t know anything about cooking, and the former implying severe incompetence around web development and software in general. And you can find both of these “specializations” out in the country, because you can find both McDonald’s restaurants and lousy IT companies out in the country – maybe less of the latter because rural America is less wealthy and decadent and has less of a use for that whole industry which is basically a luxury, but that’s got nothing to do with specialization.

        You’ll want to go somewhere where your skills are in demand, obviously, and due to higher population density, it’s generally easier in an urban area than a rural area to find a local business in need of your skills. But that’s becoming less and less important with today’s hyper-mobility and remote work opportunities (you’re more likely to find fiber-optic internet in the country than the city, because there’s less regulation), and if you are one of those unfortunate talentless souls who goes after roles like “angular.js developer”, then your “skills” aren’t likely to be in demand anywhere you go for very much longer, I’m sorry to say.

        Successful companies want smart generalists, they only invent these hyper-specialized titles where the talent pool is too shallow or inconsistent to get that. The titles and certifications give them a measure of consistency while trading away competence, a good tradeoff for bloated bureaucracies. No matter what profession or industry you’re in, it’s better to be smart, adaptable and quick than it is to be massively overtrained in one narrow area.

        Do you think Jim’s little corner of Australia is one that’s well-known for its booming cryptocurrency industry? Somehow I doubt it. Jim went where he wanted to go and found a way to put his skills to work for him. I did the same, minus the Australia bit. So can you. There’s no need to tie yourself to some giant metro area, all it does is breed helplessness and despair.

  5. Ace says:

    SLS just failed it’s rocket engine test 60 seconds of an 8 minute in with engine failure. Even using solid old tech, NASA can’t make anything fly. The decline continues.

    • Pooch says:

      So what happens to SpaceX now without Trump protecting it with his Space Force. Surely the progs will notice he has too many white males employed for him won’t they?

      • Ace says:

        That’s a good question. My guess is Elon will probably be sending large sums to both congress and President Select Biden shortly, but that may not be enough. The biggest danger for SpaceX is the Biden dictatorship shutting down starlink, which wouldn’t be hard to do for the regulatory agencies.

        • R7 Rocket says:

          ”So what happens to SpaceX now without Trump protecting it with his Space Force. Surely the progs will notice he has too many white males employed for him won’t they?”

          Methinks those progs who oppose SpaceX will end up like Occupy Wallstreet. Does anybody even remember Occupy?

          “My guess is Elon will probably be sending large sums to both congress and President Select Biden shortly, but that may not be enough. The biggest danger for SpaceX is the Biden dictatorship shutting down starlink, which wouldn’t be hard to do for the regulatory agencies.”

          The Pentagon won’t allow the civilian government to jeopardize its dominance in space (interfering with SpaceX and Starlink is jeopardizing US dominance in space). Bombing Poland/Hungary with the US Airforce or the US Navy fighting an air battle over the South China Sea is going to be mighty difficult after US space assets are destroyed, and responsive launch is ended by Shaniqua.

          The Pentagon has already told Congress to pack sand, and now it has a rather handy Prætorian Guard stationed in DC (currently at 20,000 heavily armed troops).

          The Starship livestreams are a useful barometer on whether the Pentagon can control the civilian government in an orderly matter, or will have no choice but to bomb the civilian US government and roll tanks against the DOJ and the regulatory agencies.

          If the SpaceX Starship progress is stopped, I suggest moving all investments out of the United States and getting off the US dollar.

      • suones says:

        Surely the progs will notice he has too many white males employed for him won’t they?

        Oh they’ve been noticing[1] since at least 2018. The question is, what’re they going to do about it now.


    • R7 Rocket says:

      ”SLS just failed it’s rocket engine test 60 seconds of an 8 minute in with engine failure. Even using solid old tech, NASA can’t make anything fly. The decline continues.”

      That test involved the SSME hydrolox liquid rocket engines on the SLS core stage, not the Solid Rocket Boosters.

      The failure of the SLS static fire is a huge contrast to the the SpaceX Starship SN8 flight where the Raptor engine (an FFSC methalox liquid rocket engine) fired for over five minutes in an actual flight. Next flight test is for Starship SN9.

  6. Have Faith says:

    [*deleted because posted from the frame that you are Christian*]

    • jim says:

      I see no end of holier than thou posts and comments from people who clearly are not Christians criticizing other people for being insufficiently Christian.

      So, I don’t allow such any comments unless the commenter takes the affirmation.

      Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Wholly man and wholly God, God is three and God is one.

      Of course someone who is a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, or a communist can make comments critical of Christians and Christianity all he likes, but he has to do so from the frame that he is an opponent of Christianity, not an advocate of a Christianity that is purer and holier than the other man’s Christianity.

      Because, in actual fact, the vast majority of these more Christian-than-thou comments come from people who hate Christians, hate Christianity, and hate Christ.

      • Joe says:

        I do not claim to be more Christian (or more Gnon compliant) overall than any regular poster on this forum. I do claim to be more Christian than most of the people I meet in real life who call themselves Christians. I will recite the creed to remove any doubt.

        Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Wholly man and wholly God, God is three and God is one.

      • suones says:

        Wholly man and wholly God…

        Isn’t this miaphysitism, which is the opposite of mainstream “Western Church” doctrine? Just curious.

        • jim says:


          There is no possible way that the distinction between the positions of the first and second councils of Ephesus could be encapsulated in four words.

          What is miaphysitism? Upon looking it up, it becomes apparent that you do not know what it is and I now know, but do not care.

          No “wholly man and wholly God” is not miaphysitism, and I doubt that you or any other modern knows beans about the difference between miaphysitism and the Chalcedonian position, about the difference between the first and second councils of Ephesus.

          On reading up about the dispute I find a pile of hair splitting, some of it declared heresy, some declared orthodoxy, and frequent complaints that hair splitting orthodoxy is apt to be interpreted as hair splitting heresy. Which is unsurprising as it is difficult or impossible to figure out the difference between orthodox splitting hairs and heretics splitting hairs.

          Boring stuff and no one today understands it or cares about it. These debates, incomprehensible to moderns, have no obvious connection to the phrase “wholly man and wholly God”.

          Well, if Jesus Christ is one person, is that person human or divine. And the answer, of course, is yes. As soon as you get into hair splitting, you are qualifying your answer, and if you do too much qualification, you are not answering “yes”.

          I would say that the first council of Ephesus was engaged in far too much hair splitting, but was nonetheless arguably orthodox, since they were clearly answering yes, and the second council of Ephesus engaged in even more hair splitting, and was arguably heretical, because their “yes” was even more muffled than the rather muffled “yes” of the first council, but none of the Churches that are today descended from the second council could cogently explain the difference, so Christians have stopped arguing about it.

          In all these debates, each side accused the other of denying the divinity or the humanity of Jesus, and both had a grain of truth in the accusation.

          When you accuse me of miaphysitism, you are accusing me of supporting the second council of Ephesus against the first council of Ephesus, but you do not know the difference, I now know but do not care about the difference, and neither of us are interested in the difference, nor care about the things they disagreed about.

          To explain the difference between the first and second councils would take a small book, which book would be an utterly unintelligible discourse on questions beyond mortal comprehension. There is no possible way that the distinction between the first and second councils of Ephesus could be encapsulated in four words.

          To explain why you think “Wholly man and wholly God” is miaphysitism, you would need ten screenfuls of opaque philosophizing, during which you would unavoidably commit half a dozen heresies, because the issues are all booby trapped.

          • suones says:


            When you accuse me of miaphysitism, you are accusing me of supporting the second council of Ephesus against the first council of Ephesus, but you do not know the difference, I now know but do not care about the difference, and neither of us are interested in the difference, nor care about the things they disagreed about.

            Haha I’m not accusing you (or anyone else) of anything lol. I just found your formulation to be, curiously, more similar to Old-type Orthodox belief rather than Catholic/Western Orthodox.

            I only mentioned the dichotomy in the context of the schism causing Misr’s fall to the Muslim Arabs. And I state that the real reason for the “schism” there was underlying ethnic tensions rather than useless hair-splitting.

            I see you agree with Alf that intra-Christian doctrinal differences are unmitigated pedantry at best!

            And I agree.

        • clovis says:

          “Isn’t this miaphysitism?”

          No. First of all, Chalcedonian Christology is not just “western”, it is the doctrine of both the western and Eastern churches. The Copts and Armenians were miaphysitist, but these days Rome and Constantinople both seem to agree that the separation was really a disagreement about words and not about teaching.

          Second, Jim’s formula is orthodox. The Chalcedonian formula is that in the one “person” (persona) of Christ there are two natures –the divine and the human, which are separate and distinct but united in the one person.

          Miaphysitism says the two natures–divine and human–are not mixed, but there is only one nature in Christ, consisting of the two natures.

          The reason it is important is that to fuse the two natures makes Christ something other than truly God (and truly human)–and it is necessary for Him to be both in order to redeem human nature.

          • suones says:

            Rome is evil, and Constantinople lost its authority when it bent the knee to the Caliph.

            Jim’s position “wholly man and wholly god” seemed curiously miaphysitic to me, that’s all, which is orthodox, as you say, of course. Non-Chalcedonian, but orthodox.

            Although this is a highly interesting subject for me, such debate will necessarily bore everyone else, and be too pedantic. Maybe, when the ideal society is in place, we’ll meet in some seminary and discuss such things for months! 🙂

            • jim says:

              OK, if people smell miaphysitism, then let us make it truly man and truly God.

              Why do you smell miaphysitism? Can you explain without committing a dozen heresies in a dozen screenfuls of opaque philosophy?

              What do you think miaphysitism is? Can anyone today explain the difference between the first and second councils of Ephesus?

              Explain to me the difference between the first and second councils. Give me your translation from the opaque Latin, using twentieth century words with twentieth century meanings.

              Any time people split hairs so finely, they are drifting towards heresy, because when you qualify and complicate your position on the trinity, you are not exactly affirming the essential paradox of the divinity and humanity of Christ, and both the first and second councils were sliding away from trinitarianism.

              The miaphysitism complaint sounds to me like “You are not complicating and qualifying your position enough”, but the historical record reveals that complication and qualification was an attempt to compromise with various not quite trinitarian factions, and just did not work. Both the first and second councils of Ephesus were an attempt at compromise, and neither compromise could satisfy.

              The dispute was never resolved. The non trinitarians are still at it after all these centuries.

            • clovis says:

              “Fully man and fully God” is perfectly Chalcedonian.

  7. Mister Grumpus says:

    I hope someone IQ-me+30 can do an analysis/post-mortem on Qanon. Namely something using religious/purity spirals and game theory as analytical tools.

    There’s that Medium piece (“A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon”), but it doesn’t try to answer just who the hell did this and why. It only asserts that it was a very smart and well-resourced team of someones, and I can’t disagree.

    For me, the biggest dog that never barked was that Trump never said “OK guys, I appreciate it, really, but you all need to step off this Q thing.”

    My best guess today is that it’s some IQ-500 enemy entryism. A radioactive turd in the punchbowl, pooped by galaxy brains. To start what’s essentially a toxic Manchurian mystery religion, within the R side, that would grow too large too quickly for Trump to disappoint and morally abandon his people by disavowing it.

    Or they did it themselves to try to keep up support and steer people away from the media, but then the golem got out of control somehow.

    Now there’s a great many perfectly decent people, who we’d all happily be neighbors with, with red “Q” letters sewn onto their digital clothing. And soon it’ll be a “dangerous mental illness” that will lose them their lobs, gun rights, credit ratings, kids, etc.

    21st Century Emmanuel Goldstein.

    And finally it’s a great accusation weapon. “Prove to us you’re not one of those Q people! Right now! Not good enough!”

    And finally, if these enemy galaxy-brains were longsighted enough to know that anonymous internet was going to be the very last means of resistance communication and coordination, then Qanon has done the work of preemptively humiliating people to run away from anons/non-namefags for a very long time.

    That’s my take, but you guys know I’m a depressive.

    And also, on the other hand, plan-trusting has surely kept a lot of desperate people from “screwing our optics and going in”, if you will, so there’s also that.

    (“False hope is better than no hope.” –Vox Day)

    I’ll tell you this: Qanon would definitely fail the Red Pill on Women test.

    • jim says:

      I don’t understand why my wordpress installation keeps putting you in the moderation queue, and am trying to fix it.

    • The Cominator says:

      If that is the tack the left is going for I’m perfect safe, I’ve probably denounced Q as retarded bullshit and enemy propaganda on facebook a hundred times.

    • Pooch says:

      I don’t think the enemy is/was smart enough to invent Q. It did seem to have a religious following though providing hope to the hopeless, perhaps filling the void Christianity use to have. I’d like to see if any of the Q tards were also practicing Christians. My guess would be not.

      • Pooch says:

        Q is a good example why we need a religion for our side. The holy war started and Some of our people Bought into retarded Blue/Purple-pilled cults because There were no better options.

      • The Cominator says:

        Strangely there are plenty of at least somewhat Christian Q tards…

        But in the absence of established religion people have always been prone to mix cults…

      • suones says:

        It did seem to have a religious following though providing hope to the hopeless, perhaps filling the void Christianity use to have.

        A good assessment. In the absence of a legitimate Imperial cult, Qanon was the nearest that many normies got to actually worshipping the God Emperor they needed (but didn’t deserve). “Trust God, because everything happens as he has planned” mutated into “Trust Trump, because everything happens as he has planned.”

        On the positive side, it was sheer force of will that made it a power to contend with. To all the moralfags who contend that “Eastern-style” autocracy is somehow “alien” to the Western mind, Qanon is a living counter-argument. The Czar isn’t God, but is a Saint worthy of veneration nonetheless. Of all the theoretical “Trump supporters,” only the Qanonists had the courage to take decisive action by marching on Washington. They also had the good sense to avoid mindless violence, which is the indicator of a “good” cult. If we know cults by their fruits, Qanon is certainly not the worst, and among the best.

        Trump’s capitulation was the reason for failure, not Qanon. All who deign to throw stones must first show a valid alternative cult.

    • jim says:

      > I’ll tell you this: Qanon would definitely fail the Red Pill on Women test.

      Anyone who fails the red pill on women test is no friend, even if he is an enemy of evil people who are your enemy, his detachment from reality means he is likely to do you harm.

      And Qanon’s detachment from reality caused him to do us harm.

      • suones says:

        I’ll tell you this: Qanon would definitely fail the Red Pill on Women test.

        Anyone who fails the red pill on women test is no friend, even if he is an enemy of evil people who are your enemy, his detachment from reality means he is likely to do you harm.

        [citation needed]

        What proof is there that Qanonists would fail the Red Pill on Women test at a higher rate than the general population? We’re talking normies here, who will generally fail the test. Does Qanonism make a normalfag more likely to fail the querelle des femmes?

        • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

          We could start with every Qanoner’s near-fanatical obsession with powerful heterosexual men having theoretical sex with young fertile-age women. Pizzagate, Epstein, the UK grooming gangs, Trump supposedly rounding up all the “pedos”, scarcely any Qanoner would shut up about any of these things. It’s Omega-tier sexual frustration or, in the case of the few female Qanon types, standard petty bitterness over their diminishing SMV.

          Maybe one or two of them were willing to Name the Gay, but very few. Most were the type to go into a white-hot rage, real or affected, over “sex trafficking” and, God forbid, “child sex trafficking”. Can you GET much more blue-pilled than that?

          I also lost count years ago of the number of memes featuring some pretty girl carrying a gun (often incorrectly) or wearing a red hat. It might be a subtly different flavor of simping from what you tend to see on mainstream social media, but it’s still simping.

    • Joe says:

      Q is a demon. It neutered Vox Day and may have destroyed an entire movement. Do not engage with it.

      • Pooch says:

        The fact that VD continues to push Q crap saying Trump will be POTUS Jan. 20th is starting to get to the point he’s acting in bad faith. He’s an actual enemy agent or trying to just profit off of it, but I wouldn’t trust anything he has to say going forward.

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          Agreed. He thinks having a high IQ and reading some theory makes him an expert on a lot of issues. A little bit of experience with the issues in question and you realize he doesn’t know nearly as much as he thinks he does. He is right on plenty of things, but his dedication to Q is either a sign that he is an enemy agent or that he is suffering from a huge amount of confirmation bias.

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          I have begun to think the same about the commentariat on this blog, who have greatly disappointed me in recent days. I would go so far as to say that we have really seen who one would want to share a foxhole with, and it ain’t the commenters here, who almost to a man have panicked and fled the field.

          As for VD, in my years of reading him, I have almost never seen him be wrong. I’m willing to indulge him a little further.

          Question for the blackpilled: what do you think the troops are in DC for?

          • Anon says:

            Holy hopium Batman!!!

          • jim says:

            The troops are there because Obama’s generals in the Pentagon are worried that what I have been hoping and praying for might happen.

            They are there to make sure it does not.

            There is a time to fight. The right needs legitimate leadership in order to fight. It has not got it, and it is getting mighty late for such leadership to arrive.

          • The Cominator says:

            The problem is Trump panicked and fled the field on the 6th…

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              Barnes said he never intended to take the field. That is the worst case scenario. We thought he might be suffering from normalcy bias, and that kind of proves it. He is–again, according to Barnes–very upset with the people who protested in the Capitol, which means he is not the man to lead us. We need a warrior, not a merchant, and in the end he really thought he could reform Washington.

          • Joe says:

            … the commentariat on this blog, who have greatly disappointed me in recent days. I would go so far as to say that we have really seen who one would want to share a foxhole with, and it ain’t the commenters here …</blockquote.

            Question for the blackpilled: …

            What a rude way to prelude to a question. Drop your attitude and ask it again.

    • Podium of Peace says:

      Q originated on 4chan and 8chan. It was random jews posting inside government information for shits and giggles. Some true, some fiction. The Q narrative became distorted once a platform became established.

      Q was appealing to the boomer class due to a desire to believe that there was someone behind it all in control.

      There is no one in control! The country is in freefall.

    • Ex says:

      I think Q and Qanon were not one thing, and it’s a mistake at the outset to try analyzing them that way. There was no single puppet master or organization, no unitary plan.

      I think there was probably someone who had an initial plan,
      and someone else who tried to hijack it with a different plan,
      and quite possibly multiple someones trying to hijack it in conflicting directions,
      and some true believers in an abstract idea who noticed the hijack and convinced themselves “I know the original and best Qanon” even as they were inventing a new kind of Qanon patched up with good things from elsewhere,
      and some plain old trolls who found a community ready to take the bait because the Democrats were so obviously wrong and evil that any anti-Democrat statement received the benefit of the doubt,
      and some human psychology of self-justification that when the arrest of Hillary Clinton has been promised and never manifests they double down on inventing excuses so as to believe they weren’t wrong – the arrests are just delayed,
      and some other factors.

      The Medium piece asserts it was cleverly planned to play people. I disagree. People played themselves, for the most part. Q had no essence, it spread and mutated to fit the contours of men’s minds. The good fit with some personalities was from evolution, not design.

    • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

      The “dog that didn’t bark” makes perfect sense from the frame of Qanon being a psyop, not by the establishment, but by Trump or his surrogates against his own base, in order to keep them from noticing that he really just wanted to govern as a moderate and improve his favorability among minorities and soccer moms, and was not really making a lot of aggressive moves. To keep them hitched to the rusty square wheel of democracy.

      He made moves that sounded aggressive, as we all know, but very few that actually were. Events such as Lafayette Park were the very rare exception to the rule. If his plan all along was to go Fishing in the Rubicon, then can you think of a better way than Qanon to keep his followers hooked, thinking non-stop for four years that he was mere days away from crossing? Having people think you’re going to cross is essential to the charade, and without something like Qanon, a whole lot more people would have written him off a whole lot sooner.

      False hope is not better than no hope. Hope is inaction, and false hope is pointless and destructive inaction. Given that the “screw your optics” events are almost invariably false flags and/or fed manipulation, I find it highly unlikely that Qanon prevented any real optics disasters – which, with the benefit of hindsight, we now know wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

  8. Ace says:

    They do appear to be rounding up the left as well:

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    This needs to be pounded in repeatedly.

    • Ace says:

      It’s illegal to mass pull phone data without a warrant for individuals. But legality has been out the window for a while now. I wonder if they’ll finally outlaw burner phones? Last time I checked you could still buy a burner and some prepaid cards with cash.

      • C4ssidy says:

        They’ve caught so many criminals just by thinking up clever ways to label burner phones, such as tracing the shop it was brought from, nearby phone signals at the time etc. They have probably become somewhat of a honeytrap

  10. Obake says:

    Just realized I still had Aidan’s last post up on a brave browser window. Hopefully you can load the wayback version if you want to read it. It’s quite good:

  11. onyomi says:

    Is the currently extreme level of security in DC because they’re actually afraid of serious attacks on the inauguration or because they want people to think they are?

    One thing’s for certain: the façade of normalcy has been punctured.

    • Ace says:

      It’s to quell the left the left and to establish the Democrats single party dictatorship on the basis of hard power. Can’t have people protesting when the dictator officially takes power.

      • Pooch says:

        Yes massive show of force to let it be known Biden has the complete backing of the military. This is needed in banana republics so the legitimate authority of the leader is not questioned by the population.

        I also would not put it past the deep state to orchestrate a glowing false flag militia “attack” for which they can then claim they were prepared for it to qualm the feminine elite’s fears.

        • Ace says:

          I don’t have any particular insight about the military, but when the military refused Pelosi’s orders about the nuclear codes that indicated to me that they intended to be independent power brokers, not slaves to the Dems in our new age without law and legal authority. I’m not sure Biden and the deep state is going to be able to control them.

          I think Biden and the Deep State’s best bet to keep in power is to cut a deal with the Military to protect against the left, just as Hitler did, though after Hitler cut a deal with them, he made sure to remove their their best and brightest top level generals to ensure he really did control them, which cost Germany a lot in Russia(Halder, LOL). Biden’s in a much weaker position because his militia is Antifa, a group who would gladly dispose of him if the Military decides not to defend him. The German military had a real fear that the Storm Troopers would replace them if they didn’t cut a deal with Hitler to be subservient to him. I can’t see how Biden and the Deep state can force a similar deal on the US military.

          As it was, the German Military was always ready to remove Hitler the moment he fucked up, but after the fall of France victory after victory had resulted in a military no longer in a position to do so, after which the SS grew unchallenged to ensure it was no longer possible to challenge Hitler. I have a had time believing that the Deep state will result in anything other than one bloody mess after another, not victory.

          • Pooch says:

            I think Biden and the Deep State’s best bet to keep in power is to cut a deal with the Military to protect against the left,

            If the Sullivan release is any indication, they are not doing anything to defend against the left but maybe that will change when Biden gets in.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t have any particular insight about the military, but when the military refused Pelosi’s orders about the nuclear codes that indicated to me that they intended to be independent power brokers, not slaves to the Dems in our new age without law and legal authority.

            Milley’s comments definitely seem that way, that they are not beholden to any individual, their only allegiance is to the vague “Constitution”.

    • R7 Rocket says:

      The Pentagon should make the 20,000 strong National Guard troops in DC a permanent feature. Maybe increase that force to 100,000.

      Make it a command equal to CentCOM, StratCOM, NorthCOM, SpaceCOM, etc.

      Its commander should be given the title, “Praetorian Prefect.”

      • The Cominator says:

        20000 is enough for a Praetorian guard. Dont think the guard at its height was more than that.

        • R7 Rocket says:

          I think the original Praetorian Guard was 16,000… for a city of 2 million Roman Citizens.

          • R7 Rocket says:

            The DC metro area has 6 million+ citizens.

          • The Cominator says:

            Don’t think Rome had more than 1 million at the time of Augustus, might have gotten slightly bigger by the time of Trajan but probably steadily declined after that.

            Don’t think too many premodern cities were over 1 million people for long even if big imperial capitals… MAYBE Alexandria (which pretty consistently had a larger population than Rome) but nowhere else.

            Sounds like the guard under Augustus was only about 5000 men (don’t know if this included his German personal bodyguard) and it got to 15000 under the Severans.

      • Pooch says:

        Yes the mayor is hiniting that this is not just a temporary thing. The barbed wire doesn’t seem like its going anywhere.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      There seems to be quite a bit of fear along with petty rage. An article with a number of interesting quotes.

      Of course, they never mention, say, Democrat theatre of activists hammering on the doors of congress at the Kavanaugh hearings or Jimmy Carter pardoning the Puerto Rican terrorists who actually attacked congress in a previous era, or that unmemorable Scalise incident a few years ago. But I shall refrain from empty point scoring; the fallout is what is interesting here.

      • The Cominator says:

        What a POS Kavanaugh turned out to be though, imagine not supporting the Texas case after Trump stood by him through that bullshit. Gorsuch and Barrett did not have a super duper leftist chimpout but Kavanaugh has absolutely no honor.

        • Ace says:

          It’s a class thing. Kav, Gor, and Barrett are part of the political elite and the Merchant Trump and his proles are not. That was Regan’s basic problem too, even though he worked his way up the ranks of the political elite job by job and was considered a member of the class… he didn’t have the right priestly credentials to rule. That’s why Bush Sr. tried to have him murdered and why he got so much push back. Trump never had a chance because when push came to shove, the elite cohere around their class to make sure the other was not allowed power.

          Trump spent years getting ready to win the political game by honing his personality and political skills on TV, when he should have bought his way into Harvard and gotten a MS in some shitty field to get those priestly credentials.

          • R7 Rocket says:

            Trump should’ve had military command experience. No bonespur excuses.

            • Ace says:

              It should have been a Red flag to everyone that Trump and his Sons didn’t have any military experience. Being a tough guy is a different sort of thing than being a warrior. Even Joe Kennedy made sure his Sons served and he prepped them for elite politics.

              I’ve been in tons of fights, beaten up people who needed it, and faced down someone threating me with a gun but that’s a different experience from commanding men in battle. I don’t have any confidence in my ability to command men in battle or performing as part of a military unit. It’s just outside my experience despite my intense interest in military history.

              Rather makes me wish I’d signed after college for a few years.

              • suones says:

                I second this wholeheartedly. I would make military service compulsory, even if a nominal one- or two- year round, for all adult men and unmarried women. Very similar to the Israeli policy.

          • “It’s a class thing. Kav, Gor, and Barrett are part of the political elite and the Merchant Trump and his proles are not. ”

            Yeah. “Newbug” i.e. later Yarvin is not of the same quality as the old one, but called this.

            “In the 1980s, Republicans realized that the revolution of the 1960s had swept away all of America’s prestigious institutions, and nothing was left. Since they still had a fair dose of 20th-century energy left, they set about producing a new leadership class. The cream of this crop—the absolute cream, completely top people, sharp as a tack—are the Court’s core conservacon majority: Roberts, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett.

            The deep conservatives on the Court—Thomas and Alito—came of age when there was no right-wing establishment at all. So they had to learn to think for themselves. Like many, they became addicted to this awful habit. Even when it is obviously not in their best interest, they cannot give up thinking for themselves.”

            “Most Republicans do not understand their ‘80s leadership class and its ‘80s philosophy. Besides their realtor souls—a charming, unimaginative type of human being, not at all inconsistent with the highest levels of energy and intelligence, not at all revolutionary material—their primary flaw is philosophical and even educational. They have simply been taught the wrong things. This bad philosophy has burned itself into their brains and they are too old to fix.

            Young conservacons are taught to believe that America has the best government in the world, ever; that its ideas are the best ideas in the world, ever; and that its institutions are the best institutions in the world, ever. Yes, sadly, these institutions are ailing. But it is not their present form that is ideal—only their ideal form is ideal, of course…”

            “The power of the Federalist Society to get jobs for its members is not at all in question. By this standard, the Federalist Society is a smashing success. As for do them right—what does that even mean? When you get there—you don’t even know what it means.

            Maybe you don’t know what it means. You do know what it means to get bad press, though. As well as good press. Your institution is what it is; naturally, doing your job well means defending your institutions. Which means getting them good press… and soon, you’re wagging your tail like a dog at the offal-door of the Truth Department.

            And yet since at least the ‘80s, it has been obvious to even the dogs in the street that America’s clear human decline is caused not by damage to her ideas and institutions, but by those ideas and institutions themselves.

            The conservacon always gets nowhere, not because he is a bad person, but because he has the wrong goals. He is trying to repair what he should be trying to obliterate. He is oblivious to what he should be trying to preserve, which is not our garbage ideas and our corrupt, bloated institutions, but our beautiful land and wonderful people. What if America prevailed not because of its philosophy, but despite it? A heavy thought, man.”

            • suones says:

              What if America prevailed not because of its philosophy, but despite it?

              Treason doth never prosper. America “prevailed” due to massive natural resources and human capital, but it has been expending those gifts at faster and faster rates.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          One might reasonably consider all of Trump’s picks to be failures. Lack of character.

        • Kavanaugh’s been part of the Deep State since he helped cover up the Vince Foster murder. After the original lead investigator resigned in disgust, they brought Kavanaugh in and he did exactly as he was told.

      • Ace says:

        The only fear is media induced. People are being told to be afraid and thus they act afraid. Anyone who’s watched the videos are both confused at why the cops keep letting people by and why there’s almost no violence. The average Antifa mob is 10x more violent.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          I meant the deep state is evidently shaken. See article.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Obviously, since our ‘non-governmental’ governing apparatus is what’s payrolling antifa in the first place. They are their own guys, instruments of policy, while Amerikaners who showed up at the capitol are not, so of course, they feel concerned about the latter, but not the former. Why should they be concerned by allies?

            (They should feel concerned of course, by those, by the life choices that have led them to such circles they find themselves in today in general; the greatest killer of communists is other communists.)

  12. R7 Rocket says:

    More cracks appear on the fringes of the Cathedral’s empire.

  13. Ace says:

    So it looks like their little Reichstag fire storming of the capital plot is falling apart and the death count wasn’t the size they wanted in the first place. I think this increases the likelihood of a second false flag ease the passage of the enabling act.

    • onyomi says:

      I think the overall effect and optics of the Capitol raid were positive, even if there was an extent to which it was a false flag. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to remedy this, but I think that, after the Summer of Floyd, people are a lot less quick to react with the shock and horror expected of them after e.g. Charlottesville.

      • pyrrhus says:

        The Capitol “break-in” was led by Antifa/BLM including leader John Sullivan, which was known since Jan.6, and accompanied by CNN personnel, including Jade Sacker, pictured inside the Capitol with Sullivan….

        • Pooch says:

          Sounds like John Sullivan is on CNN’s payroll.

        • Pooch says:

          I wonder if John Sullivan’s crew was passing these out…

          His video conveniently starts after the police line was already breached.

        • onyomi says:

          I think most of those participating were real Trump supporters, though it’s possible they were egged on or aided by sympathetic/scared police, agents provocateur, politicians hoping for false flag, etc.

          What’s interesting about the latter possibility is it could be conservatives falling for a false flag that doesn’t work out as the planners hoped. That is, Charlottesville had the intended effect on normies, seemingly, of a “wake up call”–a feeling “we’ve gone too far.”

          After the summer of Floyd, however, the optics of people stealing a podium and a guy dressed like a buffalo storming around while geriatric congresscritters cower with bags on their head is great. Everyone who doesn’t have to namefag loves it, and conservatives are ready to stop being browbeaten.

          I disagree with Moldbug about right wing activism as cargo cult, though he’s right in the sense that we need right wing figures willing to publicly act like left wing figures and make excuses for our militants rather than condemning them.

          • Ace says:

            Most of the mob were Trump supporters, but the people pushing the mob into action and the shitheads like the guy with the Confederate flag were agent provocateurs’. This was the Reichstag fire designed to give the Democrats the ability to pass an enabling act which is what the terrorism bill their pushing is.

      • Javier says:

        Anon normies loved it, namefags hemmed and hawed and wrung their hands.

    • Pooch says:

      Apparently fake bomb threats are going to be the new norm now to increase fear as well.

  14. Jerking Off says:

    Monero solved Bitcoin, the only problem is that you don’t own hundreds of millions in Monero.

    • jim says:

      Monero has a worse scaling problem than bitcoin.

      The crypto currency that will replace government issued money has to solve the scaling problem.

      The solution to traceability is a lightning network that supports onion routed transactions, because that scales all the way to seven billion people using it to buy a lolipop.

      • qwerty says:

        Does this mean that you’re working on making a new cryptocurrency?

        • jim says:

          Yes. No. Maybe.

          • chris says:

            Let us know so we can buy and be bitcoin rich.

          • Oakman says:

            Would love another article on buying crypto soon (i.e. what coin is best and when should we buy it).

            I very much regret not buying bitcoin when you recommended it years ago. This is one of very few sources I trust, and not only on politics.

      • notglowing says:

        I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Lightning Network already supports onion routed transactions:
        And it is quite effective at that. The creator of Monero previously commented that the most private type of transaction in the future would be on a lightning network built on top of Monero, where the channel creation/closing transactions are also private due to Monero’s inherent privacy.

        • jim says:

          The bitcoin based lightning network is excessively reliant on central authority, and does not provide privacy unless one takes extraordinary, and potentially attention attracting, measures.

      • Jerking Off says:

        Monero has dynamically-sized blocks. Problem solved.

        But Monero doesn’t solve the fundamental problem, How can we get people using this stuff? and you are just one among many who have tried to “fix” Bitcoin while curiously ignoring its technological apotheosis, Monero.

        Because we may have government money, but we don’t have government currency; rather, we have MasterVisaCard, a private, corporate duopoly with the authority to decline 74 million Trump voters’ transactions at will, or transactions unsigned by a “vaccine certificate”, or transactions conducted in a city, county, or state insufficiently acquiescent to the Party Line, and whose business model is inherently and intrinsically the clipping of the digital coinage.

        Let’s stop trying to fix crypto”currency”, which is not technologically broken, and ask the one, obvious question, How can we get people using this stuff?

        Once you ask the obvious question, you reach the obvious answer, You need to pay them with it.

        And because most people are slaves, the question to solve the problem, We need to get people paid with this stuff, is, How can we get the corporate owners on board?

        No one ever has asked this question but me, because no one but me is a serious person.

      • suones says:


        I would like to read a blogpost about the problems you see with Monero. BTC fails my rudimentary analysis completely, but I thought Monero was better.

        • jim says:

          Monero is undeniably better than bitcoin, but it has a scaling problem.

          The solution is not to obscure the blockchain, which inevitably requires padding it, worsening the scaling problem, but lightning network and sidechaining integrated with the lightning network, because this solution keeps information of the blockchain, easing the scaling problem, while the secure blockchain solutions such as Monaro waste space on the blockchain with camouflage misinformation to prevent blockchain analysis

          The big problem is scaling.

          There can only be one.

          One cryptocurrency will replace all national currencies. The solution has to scale, requiring order of ten thousand transactions per second.

          I hope and plan that the one true cryptocurrency will shield transactions from prying eyes, but first and foremost, the one true cryptocurrency has to be able to scale to replace fiat money. We can put privacy in the lightning layer and the lightning sidechain layer.

          • suones says:

            Thank you.

            So you think the problem with Monero is due to its poor scaling (a necessity given it masks the blockchain). I thought it had some major privacy issues I was unaware of. I agree it cannot be the basis of a current-year replacement of fiat currency, which seems to be you primary goal.

            But stil, computation advances have got to count for something. Do Monero scaling problems go away, or at least get mitigated, with exponential growth in computing power? People used to be gloomy about BTC scaling too, but then GPU-mining broke on to the scene, shortly followed by FPGAs and later ASICs, so the network has held up pretty well, though it has now become extremely capital-intensive, akin to a real gold mine.

            • Dave says:

              No, because the limiting factor is network bandwidth, not computing power. Everyone in the first world now has enough bandwidth to stream six high-def movies simultaneously, but that’s still not enough to run a Monero node if more than 0.1% of the world population starts using Monero.

              You have to somehow partition the network so everyone doesn’t have to keep track of what everyone else is doing with their money.

              • Y says:

                We need off blockchain blockchains, but how do you transact between one off chain blockchain and another? It would seem that it is not much use if it only supports half a dozen people transacting with each other.

                The answer is that such transactions reach other people’s off blockchain blockchains through the lightning network, that you are usually transacting with one particular person in that off blockchain blockchain, who is a well connected lightning node. An off blockchain transaction can only directly reach someone who is participating in that particular off blockchain blockchain, but it can reach anyone in the world through the lightning network if one person of the small number of people in that small blockchain is connected to a dozen people in other off blockchain blockchains and through the primary blockchain.

                The lightning network naturally results in lots of repeated blockchain transactions between stable small groups of people, because you are always sharing new cryptocoins between the same group of people when a lighting gateway overflows.

                So every time you have a stable account with someone, your pub, your club, your fiber connection, your bank, the shopping chain that delivers your groceries, you form a lightning network gateway with them, whose shared cryptocoins are likely in an off blockchain blockchain much of the time. You participate in roughly as many off blockchain blockchains as you have accounts with people.

                The solution to all these problems is a lightning network done right, to support both scalability and pseudonymity. Multiparty lightning network transactions have to be trustless and full circle. Ann pays Bob to pay Carol to pay Ed to pay Frank, and Frank sends a receipt to Ann, and all of them go through, or none of them go through, and if someone breaks the circle, then either none of them go through (non Byzantine failure, as with a poor connection to the internet, or someone’s computer goes down), or if someone breaks the circle in a Byzantine failure suggestive of Byzantine defection, then, and only then, it goes through on the primary blockchain.

                The problem with the existing lightning network is that it has a hidden and unexplained central authority, whom you have to trust, and which does stuff that is never explained or revealed. This is not stable, and does not scale. Not only is it evil, it is incapable of connecting everyone in the world to everyone in the world. The existing lightning network has the same problem as Tether.

                Tether is not a ponzi scheme. It is a bank, and it is the best capitalized bank in the world, but it is still doing marginal reserve banking, and will implode sooner or later due to insider fraud or maturity transformation, and something analogous is bound to happen with the existing bitcoin lightning work, because of the inherent fragility of centralization. The moral problem of the existing lightning network is the same as the moral problem of marginal reserve correspondence banking. Scaling requires trustlessness. Or rather you are trusting that if enough people see and process the transactions in full, then, because they are not parties to that transaction and don’t have a dog in the fight, they will process it correctly. And as soon as you have a central authority that you have to trust, you have a party with an interest and capability to not process it correctly.

                So we don’t want everyone in the world, or even every full peer in the world, to process every transaction in the world. We want every full peer in the world to process every transaction in the world where the parties quarrel. And we don’t want everyone in the world to be a full peer. We want enough full peers that the vast majority will not have a dog in the fight, and we want anyone in the world who is reasonably affluent and wants to be a full peer to be able to be a full peer, which is likely to be most with substantial amounts of cryptocurrency. At scale, nearly everyone will keep his money in his client wallet, but if it is a lot of money, his client wallet will likely be a client of a peer that he controls.

            • jim says:

              The lightning network, done right (and it is not being done right) has the huge advantage that privacy transactions look like completely ordinary transactions, and that everyone will use lightning network transactions for reasons unrelated to privacy.

              The lightning network, if the blockchain is capable of supporting a lightning network done right, makes everyone a full reserve correspondence bank, with no central authority aware of who is performing banking functions and who is correspondence banking with whom.

              Done right, you can make any block shared, with no indication on the blockchain or with any central authority as to whom you are sharing it with, and move the shares around without anyone except the parties knowing. And if people routinely do that to buy a lollipop, blockchain analysis will cease to be dangerously useful.

              You can do shared blocks on Bitcoin easily enough, though not trustlessly, but the problem is multilateral transactions. Ann sends money to Carol through Bob. These greatly increase the problem of trust. We need a blockchain that supports trustless multilateral lightning network transactions. (If a multilateral transaction goes bad, then and only then it gets dumped on the blockchain) And we need a blockdag, because it is easier to make a blockdag that scales to full bandwidth than a blockchain. Looks to me that six thousand transactions per second are possible on a good home connection with a blockdag, though you would need a good deal better than a typical home set of disks.

              With a lightning network reducing the number of on-blockdag transactions, and regular folks discarding older expended transaction outputs, we could do a blockdag capable of supporting everyone in the world using cryptocurrency to buy a lollipop, with regular home machines and regular home internet connections, though it would stress them to the limit. It is inevitable that at scale, most people will be clients and a few will be peers, because they will be using their phones to buy a lollipop.

    • onyomi says:

      I make no claims to it being super private, untraceable, and decentralized, but I’m a big fan of BSV and the social networking site called Twetch. There’s an urbit-like quality to it in that if Twetch gets captured/taken down others can create an instance of it and the data’s still immutable. Would like to see more NRX/altright voices on there (already are some), so let me know if anyone needs an invite and/or BSV to get started. RelayX and Handcash are the best wallets. Moneybutton is user-friendly for desktop but unfortunately already shows signs of trying to deplatform e.g. Ali of the StoptheSteal, who was asking for donations.

  15. Gravelord says:

    Hi Jim!

    I have been following your blog silently for some time and greatly appreciate many of your writings. It was recently brought to my attention that you have featured my website ( on your blogroll, and I wanted to thank you for the shoutout.

    God bless.

  16. breel says:

    I don’t see how it can’t be recognized that Trump set-up his own supporters by luring them to DC.

    Going to Wash DC to protest wasn’t going to change the vote outcome in Congress and any fool could anticipate Antifa types would show up (apparently Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and DC Mayor were advised they were planning to come and riot. So Trump had to have known too.)

    Now, neither POTUS or Congress members will publicly identify the organized Antifa thug element. So, Trump supporters are being widely labeled as “domestic terrorists’. While Trump releases another video today lecturing about violence which implicates HIS supporters by no mention of the other elements there.

    Despicable! He threw them under a bus.

    • jim says:

      It most certainly would have changed the vote outcome had men with guns not started shooting the protestors.

      • Pooch says:

        How so?

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Because your side getting shot, without painful consequences for the shooters, means you’re the losers. So the Congress people had to run away from the cause. Hurts doesn’t it?

          • Pooch says:

            I have trouble believing Trump would have had the votes to sustain an objection even if the siege didn’t occur.

  17. breel says:

    On Wednesday, Jan. 13th, Trump denounced his own supporters, for the second time. These people are going to prison, and he’s denouncing them

    Trump insisted that “no true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement.”

    “There is never a justification for violence no excuses no exceptions,” Trump said. “America is a nation of laws those who engaged in the attacks last week will be brought to justice.”

    Once again, Trump failed to mention the name of Ashli Babbitt, the only person who lost their life in the Capitol building after being shot in the neck by police while unarmed.

    Trump put out those statements just days after he chose to pardon (((Philip Esformes))) known as “the king of medicare fraud,” and release traitor (((Jonathan Pollard))) from parole to “make aliyah” in Israel.

    • jim says:

      Trump is a broken man who, due to normalcy bias, thinks he can stay out of jail, or at least survive if sent to prison.

    • Pete says:

      At this point he’s just saying things that he hopes will keep him out of jail. Won’t work though.

    • Pooch says:

      Trump’s normalcy bias was much worse than we thought. He actually thinks he will be allowed to affect and influence the 2022 elections (which will just be fraudulent anyway). But then again, the people here reading Jim’s blog in these circles seem to be the only ones not suffering from normalcy bias.

    • Javier says:

      Senators: “Gracchus is asking for a crown.”

      Gracchus: “No I wasn’t, I was pointing out how you’re all out to get me.”

      Senators: “lol too late.”


  18. alf says:

    OK, still continuing. Let’s see if we can drive this thing home.

    Jim says this:

    The Dark Enlightenment is not a Christian group.

    But it needs to be respectful of Christianity, and needs to purge entryists against Christianity, such as the Socinians.

    It is largely composed of atheists who think that old type Christianity was damned good social technology for a state religion.

    ‘Atheists’ is a bit of a contentious definition because an atheist denies the existence the existence of God whereas we are generally agreed on the existence of God, at the very least of Gnon. But it’s close enough.

    I can get completely behind this. I think what this is all about, and I feel sort of like a child in saying this, but I just want an identity I can… well in Dutch you’d say ‘uitdragen’. An identity I can ‘dress’ in, so to say.

    I mean we’re talking about survival and fleeing and making yourself a small target. And that’s all good and important. But there is also something else, something we have not yet finished. Namely, the need to walk through life with a straight back, with an identity that puts fear in your enemies, love in women, admiration in men and hope in all. Excuse me if that’s cheesy, but that’s the way I feel.

    And if there is any place I identify with that feeling, it is this place. This place is… Fair. Just. That is such a rare thing in life, but it is what I try to emulate in my own life at well. Makes me enjoy life.

    That identity is not old type Christian. It has many similarities, but it is not the same, and I feel wrongly typecasted when I am put into that category. That I think, is really all I’m saying.

    • David says:


      • jim says:

        I don’t allow any “I am a more perfect follower of God than you are” comments from people who decline to reveal which God it is. Demon worshippers always announce loudly that they are holier than thou.

        If Christian, affirm that Christ was born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Wholly man and and wholly God. God is three and God is one.

        • David says:


        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Any comment as to why the protestant translations seem to be off? All of them, in a spooky way. Douay-Rheims is the only one that feels right…

          • jim says:

            Translation appears fine to me.

            Hard to translate without a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation. Impossible to give a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation without committing heresy.

            Therefore Jesus gave the scribes short rations, and the translators give us short rations.

            It is not only untranslatable now. It was untranslatable when Christ spoke to mortals.

            • Yankee Dissenter says:

              >> Hard to translate without a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation. Impossible to give a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation without committing heresy.

              Seems like either a tacit admission that the post-Nicene trinitarian doctrine is an unphilosophical mishmash, and since this doctrine can’t be explained in any epistemologically-coherent manner, it’s best to just ‘leave it alone’ as an untouchable ‘mystery’, or more cynically, that: whether or not the Trinitarian doctrine makes any inherent sense, it’s had centuries and centuries of sharp swords behind it, and that’s enough to make it legitimate. (i.e. the darwinistic-materialist view on what makes a religion right or wrong)

              Those of us who do bother with inquiry and are willing and able to dig through inconvenient memory holes might come to conclusions like the following: That in the pre-Nicene era, there was no one Christianity (in terms of unified doctrine and belief), rather there were many different Christian churches with different doctrines, some more or less like the others, and some others rather divergent from the average belief. And that post-Constantine, the various churches were homogenized into one body and to accomplish this, one ‘true’ doctrine was needed in order to get everyone on the same page. Of course this process of creating a one-size-fits-all state religion required a ton of book-burning and rewriting of history in order to erase all the evidence that might contest the assertion that the post-Nicene doctrine came as a pure, unbroken chain straight from Jesus on down to the 4th century, and of course in possession of the state-sanctioned Church. As students of how totalitarian belief systems and psy-ops work, an inquiry into this process should be all-too-familiar territory.

              So about those pre-Nicene days…

              Much evidence points to the idea that the Christian philosopher Origen adapted the Trinitarian doctrine from Middle Platonic ideas that were commonplace among the sages of Alexandria during his time. In fact, it’s likely that Origen himself was a student of the great sage Ammonius Saccas (the founder of Neoplatonism, the philosophical school that become the gold standard among late antiquity thinkers and mystics of the Roman Empire). And it should come as no surprise to anyone that the great innovator of Christian trinitarianism was more than a century after his death declared a heretic. To admit that a doctrine was innovated by a mere human philosopher and not something that came straight out of the deity’s mouth, is the ultimate haraam for any Abrahamic cult. Semitic monocultism demands that believers just accept every doctrinal assertion at face value, on their knees before their oriental potentate version of godhood. Anyway I digress.

              I see the clear logic of your view that Christianity is useful social technology and thus a desirable belief system of the masses, and thus to question its doctrinal plot holes undermines the narrative, but I’m afraid that this type of religiosity isn’t genuine and won’t hold sway in the minds of followers for very long. Without genuine faith being a thing any longer, a religion is going to die one way or another. We may have pockets of people attending church out of a pragmatic sense of ‘cultural patriotism’ and obligation-to-community, or some other superficial reason for a few more centuries, but this is not going to be the type of religious approach where people actually believe in the dogmas. And thus heterodox interpretation of the bible will continue along its current trajectory until there is no religion left, i.e. ideas like Jesus was a bisexual Jewish community organizer.

              (disclaimer: I’m not a Christian)

              • jim says:

                > > Hard to translate without a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation. Impossible to give a long philosophical dissertation on the trinity and the incarnation without committing heresy.

                > Seems like either a tacit admission that the post-Nicene trinitarian doctrine is an unphilosophical mishmash, and since this doctrine can’t be explained in any epistemologically-coherent manner, it’s best to just ‘leave it alone’ as an untouchable ‘mystery’, or more cynically, that: whether or not the Trinitarian doctrine makes any inherent sense, it’s had centuries and centuries of sharp swords behind it, and that’s enough to make it legitimate. (i.e. the darwinistic-materialist view on what makes a religion right or wrong)

                But why did the sharp swords of Trinitarians win?

                If we look at the history, it is apparent that the non Trinitarians tended to be bad people, whose evil deeds tended to eventually result in self destruction, the wrath of God manifest through material cause and effect. By their fruits you will know them.

                Why bad people? Well, I have explained many times why the Socinians were and are bad people.

                Much evidence points to the idea that the Christian philosopher Origen adapted the Trinitarian doctrine from Middle Platonic ideas that were commonplace among the sages of Alexandria during his time.

                Nuts. This is history made up to discredit Christianity. It is as bogus as black Egypt.

                Christianity had a self contradictory position on the divinity and humanity of Christ from the beginning. And when it became a state religion then Emperor Constantine said “Yes it is self contradictory, so shut up about it”. (Not his exact words, obviously) He had the priests say it, not himself, and his actual words are closer to the affirmation of faith that I demand from commenters purporting to be Christian. Then the sharp swords came out.

                But the reason the sharp swords came out, the reason that in the end it usually came down to sharp swords, is that the non trinitarians were from the beginning, and still are, a problem that leads to self destruction.

                Poking at the inconsistency between a God big enough to create and sustain the universe, and small enough to be flogged through the streets of Jerusalem was always done by entryists, people who really were not Christians, really did not like Christianity, really did not like Christians, and entered it in order to destroy it and Christians.

                • Yankee Dissenter says:

                  >>But why did the sharp swords of Trinitarians win?

                  Great question. Why did Stalin and his gang BTFO the Trotskyites?

                  >>But the reason the sharp swords came out, the reason that in the end it usually came down to sharp swords, is that the non trinitarians were from the beginning, and still are, a problem that leads to self destruction.

                  If the non-trinitarians were more unstable and unreliable priests, you might not be wrong on this question. Maybe a good case study would be to look at the protestant churches around today which have disposed of trinitarianism and see how they’re faring and what sort of ideas they push. BTW, I’m of the position that the early church councils happened primarily to iron out the ideological differences between priests of the various antecedent churches that were being merged into the singular state church. Perhaps the councils were a good way to weed out potential troublemakers and subversives, and the priests most loyal to the emperor were good at correlating bad priests with particular doctrines.

                  >Nuts. This is history made up to discredit Christianity. It is as bogus as black Egypt.

                  I’d agree that it certainly discredits and undermines the form of Christianity that survived Constantine and the team of scribe-priests serving him. About it being factually bogus though? I’m not so sure. I can say it’s an alternative historical narrative that might be right or wrong.

                  >>Poking at the inconsistency between a God big enough to create and sustain the universe, and small enough to be flogged through the streets of Jerusalem was always done by entryists, people who really were not Christians, really did not like Christianity, really did not like Christians, and entered it in order to destroy it and Christians.

                  Not even entryists necessarily. In the 3rd and 4th centuries, pretty much every non-Christian philosopher and intellectual (people with zero interest in joining, much less subverting Christianity) of renown was poking and prodding at the generous collection of plot-holes in factual assertions and mythemes of the churches around at the time.

                • jim says:

                  > > Nuts. This is history made up to discredit Christianity. It is as bogus as black Egypt.

                  > I’d agree that it certainly discredits and undermines the form of Christianity that survived Constantine and the team of scribe-priests serving him. About it being factually bogus though? I’m not so sure. I can say it’s an alternative historical narrative that might be right or wrong.

                  That you are posting such ignorant idiocy, and are unwilling to produce a shred of evidence to support it, makes this conversation pointless, and I am ending it. As I said, it is “Black Egypt”, “We wuz Kings” crap.

                  I could produce evidence from the gospels and the early history of the Church, but it did not seem likely to be profitable to debate someone who did not appear to care about facts and evidence. If you cared about facts and evidence, you would have come back against such a dismissal with something better than it just repeating that alternate history could be true.

                  I was disinclined to provide evidence to reply to someone who did not produce any evidence in the first place, and you evidently are not inclined to provide evidence when challenged.

                  The Dark Enlightenment is about speaking truth, and finding truth. To find truth about stuff that happened long ago, you have to quote or link to what people long ago said, not what twenty first century historians deduce from what late twentieth century historians said about what early twenty century historians said.

                  No end of things “could be true”, and to figure out what was true about what happened long ago, you have to quote from what people who there said and did.

                  In this case, the relevant source material is the book of John.

                  And, to fit with your story, the Gospel of John has to be written really late, centuries late, which is stupid and improbable.

                  If any of the four Gospels were written after the fall of the Temple, they would have covered the fall of the temple and the flight of the Jewish Christians, had they been written after the martyrdom of Paul and James, they would have covered the martyrdom of Paul and James.

                  And if any of them had been written after the fall of Jerusalem and the temple, Jesus’s prophecies concerning the temple and Jerusalem would have been covered in a less Nostradamic manner.

    • Karl says:

      The identity you want to “dress” in will be illegal the moment anyone manages to define it – just like Christianity is illegal.

      Of course, it is still legal to claim being a Christian, but that is merely because our enemies will treat that claim as an affiliation to the the progessive heresey that is preached in public. The moment you clarify that you mean Christianity with respect to the role of women, their rights and duties, you commit hate speech and you will be prosecuted for it (at least in Germany, depending on where you live you might merely have to deal with someone stabbing the tires of your car or some other vandalism).

      So what do you hope to gain from an indentity that you would have to keep secret?

      I agree that there is a need to walk through life with a straight back, but I don’t see that from this springs a need to spell out a “rereformed Christianity” (for lack of better words)

      • alf says:

        so what do you hope to gain from a secret identity?

        Are you so dependent on the state that you keep everything you believe a secret? I could never live like that.

        One man cannot turn the tides, not without an army. But there’s a million ways to resist without needing to turn the tides.

        I have reached the point where basically 80% of my daily activities are illegal, especially considering the ever evolving rona rules. I am illegal not because I want to taunt the state, but because I want to do what is right and survive.

        An illegal identity is a necessity for survival. Making money independent of the state is illegal. The act of making and raising children is illegal. If you want to be legal, have to participate in an elaborate suicide ritual.

        My identity is not exactly secret, not exactly not secret. People I trust know, although they rarely believe me when I say the apocalypse is around the corner. Most people don’t know, and I have no need to bother them with my opinions. But through my deeds they know some of my opinions, and that’s enough.

        • Karl says:

          Well, yes, of course what we do is illegal and our identies are only partially secret, but I don’t see the need to spell everything out. If you say that through your deeds some of your opinions are made known and that’s enough, you seem to agree.

          The finer points of theology your are discussing here are not the kind you’ll likely make known by your deeds in daily live.

          Moreover, it is far more easy to get away with an illegal deed than with a public announcment endorsing an illegal deed.

          • alf says:

            I don’t see the need to spell everything out. If you say that through your deeds some of your opinions are made known and that’s enough, you seem to agree.

            Yes and no.

            Now is not the time for proselytizing. People, by and large, are still too much on a ‘civilizational high’ to reconsider their modernistic values too intently. So in that sense, no need to spell everything out.

            Yet at the same time, people notice something is up, especially in America, and spreading to the rest of the West. With people close to you, you should be able to spell out the important things. Important to get somewhat on the same wavelength.

          • alf says:

            Here’s a different way of saying what I’m thinking: if anyone would ask me my identity, I’d summarize as ‘Jimian’. I mean, I’m an individual own values blah blah blah, but I identify as Jimian.

            So when Jim himself tells me I should be Christian, does not compute.

            Now there is a middle ground here, and perhaps we have found it. The middle ground being that I respect Christianity, the trinity and the unfalsifiabity of Christ’s miracles. But Jim respects my wish to self-identify as Jimian.

            • Karl says:

              Sure I can spell out such things to people that are close to me, even to people that are not that close to me, but only if they have already rejected the cathedral and commited a crime by saying something illegal.

              Anyway, I can see some benefit of putting what you are looking for in words, but that benefit is not to give you an identity to wear. That benefit is merely that there is a tiny fraction of the population that cares about such things and might be more easily made to join us if your problem is solved. Most people simply believe what is cool and there are tried and tested ways to make Christianity cool.

              By the way, please check your accounting. I have been told that a friend of a friend of mine wanted to buy your book to give me as present for Christmas and has paid to your account right before your website went down, but so far you have not delivered.

        • The Cominator says:

          Indeed about so much of regular living being illegal…

          Those who do not flee to the relatively free lands of Asia or Russia are going to have to organize secretly around the idea of living independently from the state with no voluntary association with it. The original sicilian mafia was originally a secret society of such men.

          • alf says:

            Yes, exactly. Organize or die.

            Organization requires cooperation, cooperation requires a cohesive group identity. That group identity is what I’m inquiring about.

            • jim says:

              We don’t want to make Christianity the flag, most of us are pragmatic atheists who think old type Christianity is good social technology.

              My personal experience is that it is the best tool for keeping women under control. If the ultimate alpha God’s earthly representative is alpha male with female pre-selection, chicks listen. If it is true that Christianity spread primarily among women in the early years, I find that mighty good evidence for a married priesthood with well behaved children.

              But, then we get attacked by more Christian than thou progressives – but these seem to be uniformly deflected by the affirmation of faith. I don’t recall anyone attacking me for irreligion or incorrect religion who could make the affirmation.

              So we certainly need to have the exclusion rule – anyone claiming to be Christian has to be able to make the affirmation. It seems to work against almost everyone who invokes God against the Dark Enlightenment. The affirmation invokes divine defense of the Dark Enlightenment against “Christian” attack.

              A contradiction is a flag, analogous to 指鹿为马, but whereas all who use 指鹿为马 as a flag are necessarily evil, the flag signals treachery and defection, those who use a contradiction as a flag are not stupid- though we are stubborn.

              So what is our inherent contradiction?

              • alf says:

                Tough question and not sure if I can answer.

                Here’s a possible answer: I call myself Jimian, yet Christ is the only and eternal son of God.

              • Pooch says:

                We don’t want to make Christianity the flag, most of us are pragmatic atheists who think old type Christianity is good social technology.

                Is this true though? I am seeing most of us or those adjacent to us as old-type Christians as time goes on. As things get worse and worse, it is getting harder and harder to persevere without a faith in god.

                • Joe says:

                  As things get worse and worse, it is getting harder and harder to persevere without a faith in god.

                  Exactly. Everyone with no faith, or whose faith is superficial or cynical, fails, with the latest and most spectacular example being Trump.

                • suones says:

                  We don’t want to make Christianity the flag, most of us are pragmatic atheists who think old type Christianity is good social technology.

                  Is this true though? I am seeing most of us or those adjacent to us as old-type Christians as time goes on. As things get worse and worse, it is getting harder and harder to persevere without a faith in god.

                  It is absolutely true. The QdF, RQ, JQ, etc are all far, far older than Christianity. Neo-western philosophy has lost atheistic frameworks (as have we Hindus) but they do exist. I’m willing to debate the pros and cons of such an organisation, once the current high emotions have passed.

              • Snowdensjacket says:

                A few months back I enjoyed a podcast by two old boomers. They jokingly talked about how in high school “someone” arranged a dance where every boy was seen to dance with every girl. They wondered, boomer style, why the youth didn’t enjoy such dances.

                I thought to myself my, what a social technology! The women kept by the hard hand of their fathers but allowed to go to a dance where they see every single boy being given the attention of every girl. I had to laugh, of course, while the boomers wondered why the youth of today doesn’t do the same thing that “someone” arranged for them. Preselection for every boy!

                I’ve been making a catalogue of the lost social technology as I continue bringing back the patriarchy.

              • alf says:

                So what is our inherent contradiction?

                Thinking about this a bit. Want to make sure I understand the question.

                Why exactly do we need a contradiction? I presume because men like you, Moldbug and Spandrell agree that a contradiction seems to help a lot as a rallying flag. In a sense it is humbling, the message being: ‘loyalty to our group is more important than this one thing which you seem to want to destroy our group over.’ Makes sense.

                But then I wonder: over what do entryists want to destroy our group? I don’t think they know. We are under a constant light-siege of entryists, which is a sign we are doing something right, but the entryism is scattered and incohesive. In the grand scheme of things, we are more ignored than entry’d.

                So can we actually answer that question at this point in time? I don’t think so. I think we can only answer it in response to an entryism attack that is much more powerful and cohesive than we are getting at this moment in time.

                • suones says:

                  In the grand scheme of things, we are more ignored than entry’d.

                  I used to wonder at this myself. Media and academic leftists, although permanently engaged in battle with the “right,” never seem to engage one of us publically. EVER.

                  I finally realised its a psyop.

                  “Our” proles, being proles, are equally as stupid as “their” proles. The question is how to attract young priestly-minded acolytes. They do this by blanketing dissident priests like us from view. From an acolyte’s point of view, “the Right” seems like an inveterate prole fest (like Qanon), whereas all the “brights” ( 🙂 ) are on the Left. This causes him to believe that the Right has a human capital problem, and he would much rather be with the nice, smart, high-IQ leftists over there rather than the stupid boors on the Right. It took me the better part of a decade to gradually open my eyes to this deception, and many never awaken at all.

                  This is why the Left is extremely censorious. We also think censorship is good for the masses, but we priests discuss everything freely. We do not censor thoughts because we’re aware of the reasoning behind our positions and are sure of its soundness. This is an essential quality required for science. Leftists, OTOH, must self-censor, as any attempt to rationally engage with our ideas will inevitably lead to triumph of those ideas, because they’re based in truth. I’ve seen this myself. If I can get an honest Leftist acolyte to debate me, even if he sets out to “debunk” my claims, the end result is another addition to the side of Dharma. Always.

                  The Left always states various ideas are “debunked” without actually debunking anything, or even trying to engage in debate. If anyone insists on a fair hearing, he is branded a Nazi and censored immediately.

  19. Aspar Inscribitur says:


    Regarding the recent election, what are your observations on the U.S. economy?

    Which fields are wise to enter or best to avoid? Will a rise in government jobs accompany our evermore corrupt government?

    If one is to flee the country, what is a good new profession or skill to adopt?

    If one is entering an elite college, how does the recent election affect major and career choice?

    In short, who will be destroyed, and who will be prosperous?

    As a recent graduate of an elite college and an aspiring corporate tax lawyer I was planning on attending a prestigious law school, but given the election, would getting myself into tens of thousands of dollars into Law School debt be a wise decision?

    Alternatively, will riding the wave of corruption in a government job be sustainable or end with me being dragged in the undertow?


    • jim says:

      My advice is not very useful.

      Expect the unexpected. Right now the techlords have a lot of power, which will prevent truly disastrous measures from being implemented, though the China Flu panic is fairly disastrous, and Carbon New Deal would turn America into a nation of third world peasants, with people in flyover country cut off.

      The radical left is worried about the power of the deep state, but the techlords are next on their list. I will be as delighted by the murder of the techlords by those even holier than themselves as I am delighted by Stalin’s purge of the Trotskyists, but Stalin’s purge made the Soviet Union substantially less insane, while if the radical left purges the techlords, the New America is likely to get substantially less sane.

      But all that is down the road a fair ways. I am not panicking yet, but I am certainly preparing for panic.

      So I have no advice except crypto currency, keep your head down, and your eyes open. I don’t think the economy is going to tank immediately.

      • The Cominator says:

        I asked rather than owning a specific crypto (for now) what do you think about owning a crypto mining stock…

        And a crypto mining stock that has the added bonus of paying off an insanely high premium on selling covered calls (yes I’m aware this also means insanely high implied volatility).

        I’m not holding you to this and you may not think it would be that useful, but I’m interested in your opinion. As I personally know little about crypto but I know the dollar is going to weaken, I know that its not at all certain which crypto will win in the end, and I know that getting 25% on your money selling on a stock that in reality has very little chance of collapse is like selling drugs if it were legal…

        • jim says:

          Crypto mining is likely to die, though not any time soon. The crypto miners are milking bitcoin too hard. The state is going after them to make crypto more government friendly, and the cypherpunks are going after them because too damned expensive and providing insufficient transaction bandwidth. In particular, I am going after them, mostly over transaction bandwidth.

          Proof of work blockchain protocols are limited to a few tens of transactions per second.

          A blockdag protocol can support six thousand transactions per second, visa scale, on peers with an ordinary good home internet connection, and a proof of stake blockdag can support vastly cheaper transactions.

          • The Cominator says:

            So I have a couple of years at least…

            Could crypto miners adjust to make money from this “blockdag” protocol… I do not know too much about crypto.

            • jim says:

              Proof of work requires expensive proof of work, to resist the 51% attack.

              So, proof of work inherently a problem, and becoming a bigger problem. I don’t want crypto miners to be able to make money.

              My plan is proof of stake, where the stake of a peer is value of the crypto coins, unspent transaction outputs, that its clients have placed in the blockchain through that peer. We should use a blockdag to generate and learn the consensus of the peers used by a lot of wealthy clients on the total order of transactions. The currency will then be operated in the interests of those who use and own it, which is deflation rather than inflation.

              This, apart from being considerably cheaper, has the political advantage that those who own it will want a good fast truly decentralized lightning network capable of onion routing transactions, which miners do not want. Miners are not only inherently expensive, they are not acting, and do not have proper incentive to act, in the interests of the community of crypto currency users.

              • The Cominator says:

                Well thats all well and good for crypto enthusiasts but you think I have at least a couple years to milk the options premium and use the stock as a general dollar hedge before miners can’t make money anymore?

                At least one year… I don’t care if mining collapses a long time down the road I just want to be able to milk this cow temporarily.

                • jim says:

                  You have plenty of time. Right now solutions to the mining problem and the defects of the lightning network are merely a bunch of ideas, not competition.

                  More and more money is being spent on mining, and more and more money will be spent on mining, and you can bet on more and more money being spent on mining until we fix this problem.

                  When the fix is ready to roll, don’t worry. When the fix actually rolls, keep an eye on it, but there will be a long period when more and more money is still being spent on mining even though the fix is rolling out, and proof of stake money is competing with mining money.

                  After the fix rolls out, and we have proof of stake money competing with mined money, watch it and prepare to jump ship – but don’t jump ship prematurely.

                  If we have done our job right, the only way to profit off proof of stake money will be to own a lot of it and sit on what you own – because it will be controlled by people who are doing exactly that.

                  You are investing in people who control crypto money. That they control crypto money is a problem for those of us who own crypto money. But the problem is not going away soon.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thank you.

                • James Thornton says:

                  Thanks for explaining these concepts Jim. Of course your security comes first but I hope you will keep the readers of this blog updated as much as possible with the progress of your planned crypto project. I’d like to jump in early if possible.

                • “If we have done our job right, the only way to profit off proof of stake money will be to own a lot of it and sit on what you own – because it will be controlled by people who are doing exactly that.”

                  Private property, but used for public governing, government. And if an unforeseen kind of attack happens, something physical maybe, the people sitting on money can decide to use part of it as an actual currency and buy some other kinds of defenses, like physical ones, men with guns. This reminds me of aristocracy.

                  Not quite a fixed land based aristocracy, but more like a ship-ownership based, thalassocracy-like more fluid aristocracy.

              • Nobody says:

                Jim, is there a PoS coin that you like right now?

                • jim says:

                  As far as I know they all suck, and most of them are scams.

                  If there are some good ones, I would like to learn about them.

                  The Byzantine Generals problem is hard, and it is easy to cook up something that fails to solve it and call it a proof of stake crypto currency.

        • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

          Your stock is indexed in fiat currency, with all of the attendant benefits and drawbacks. It really is as simple as that.

          Being able to write covered calls with an unusually high IV is a speculative and possibly temporary advantage relative to other high-beta equities. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no relationship to actually holding cryptocurrency.

          It is literally equivalent to the difference between owning precious metals and owning shares in prospecting companies, a difference which has been around almost as long as the stock market itself and which every serious speculator has always understood. There is no magic that cryptocurrency adds to this particular equation.

          Anyone with sufficient means should probably maintain:
          – Enough basic supplies (food, water, toilet paper, and so on) to last 1-2 months without restocking;
          – Enough cold hard cash to survive for at least six months, assuming logistics hold up;
          – At least five (5) BTC, preferably laundered through one or more privacy coins at KYCless exchanges;
          – Small amounts of gold, silver, or other non-crypto assets, just in case fiat trade breaks down but crypto is slow or difficult to exchange in your area, the equivalent of 2-3 months of cash;
          – Long-term or regularly-renewed put options or other hedges that would allow you to quickly profit off a short-term collapse, but be prepared to be unable to use or sell them if the S really HTFs;
          – Your regular investment (stock) portfolio, in whatever ratio with BTC you’re comfortable with. BTC will probably eventually reach 100k USD in current dollars, but I expect several more waves of sharp expansions and contractions before it does, and you may have another two years or five years or more to continue taking advantage of irrational, inflated equity markets.

          “Which stocks to own” specifically is as impractical a question to ask here as it is on any other blog or message board.

          Also, some people seem to believe that if assets collapse, debts will automatically be forgiven, but recent American history suggests otherwise. The banks, which at this point may as well be an extension of the government, will collect what they’re owed in real value, come hell or high water. So, personally, I don’t think this is the ideal time to be taking out big mortgages or lines of credit with which to speculate, thinking to yourself that if it all goes belly, well then whatever, YOLO. In fact it seems like a better time than ever to pay off your debts in order to stay off anyone’s radar, because if you do come under attack, debts of any kind are an exploitable weakness.

      • The Cominator says:

        I don’t think the techlords (if you mean Dorsey Zuckerberg etc) have any real power either, they follow orders and give them only in transmittal from their derp state masters.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes Moldbug had a good recent piece discussing just that. They control powerful platforms but because they can’t defend it from the press and the courts, they can be bullied rather easily by the state.

        • jim says:

          Which is why the radical left does not like techlords, and why the techlords are trying to keep their bridges open to the radical left in hope for a tranquil change of masters.

          It is likely to be less tranquil than they expect.

  20. Bilge_Pump says:

    I’m going to rant here a bit about a post made by this guy, to whom Yarvin has dedicated an entire article recently. A Jewish liberal media guy who wants to stomp the “insurrectionists”. Sure ok. It’s about music, which is one of my big interests. I would have a music blog but I don’t feel like it would generate enough interest to merit writing regularly.

    Anyway here’s the post

    It’s about kicking Nazis out of “punk and metal”. First off, yea I guess there were some “skinheads” in the punk scene in the 80’s, but you’d be hard pressed to find any of their music. In fact I’ve never heard a punk or metal song about killing Jews specifically, and I’ve heard a lot of this music, been to real life shows, etc. Christians on the other hand…. (Deicide – Kill The Christian) (Infant Annihilator – Crucifilth)

    There are plenty of openly Satanic metal bands, and there are plenty of punk bands calling for the overthrow of Society and USG. Do I even have to link to them? You know they’re there.

    Another point I’d like to make about punk music is that it really hasn’t changed much at all since the 70s. They still wear the same fucking outfits, their music is still about how much capitalism sucks and the US government is oppressing people, in music theory terms they haven’t innovated or changed anything. It’s technologically backwards and the people who make it are smelly weirdos.

    • Bilge_Pump says:

      for good measure: (Bad Brains -Self-Titled 1982 album ) Check out the album cover btw

    • ten says:

      There’s a small ocean of primarily east european bands in the “NSBM” genre, because they don’t get censored. The initial scandinavian second wave black metal was all about “True Aryan Black Metal”, swastikas and stuff, before they were forced to shut up about that. Guess the “kick the nazis out of metal” he is referring to is when 5 years ago bands who had said women were groupie whores were labelled nazis and got their gigs cancelled, and there emerged an entryist zone of sjw metalheads. Don’t think anyone actually was excluded from anything, but they created their own little gay area.

  21. The Cominator says:

    Jim a crypto and investment question…

    So there is a stock Marathon Patents Group (MARA) a crypto miner… so its sort of tied to bitcoin and other crypto prices but not entirely…

    BUT the sweetest thing is the premium on out of the money calls is insane… about 25% on your money on out of the money calls (normally 10% is very very good, the only exception is playing biotechs near binary events and you can get murdered doing that).

    So as a hedge against the dollar and the way to play crypto this seems the way to do it… are there any flaws in my reasoning here.

    • Karl says:

      Normality bias. Why do you expect them to deal fairly with you? Which court do you expect to rule fairly against them if they breach any contract with you?

      I’d treat anything in the USA as unstable. Any investment in the USA is a bet that courts and the economy will soemhow be unaffected by the recent events.

      Get out. In person and get your assets out

      • Pooch says:

        Not many places to go except Chinese or Russian hegemony.

      • The Cominator says:

        Publicly traded companies getting nationalized is probably the last apple cart they knock over… especially if public companies don’t involve land or natural resources.

        Thats AT LEAST 5 years away. Right now this is a bet on dollar decline that also pays 25% a month on selling covered calls.

        • Pooch says:

          The advantage of buying Bitcoin directly (and transferring it to a secure wallet) is it becomes independent of your location and resistant if things go south in the US.

          • The Cominator says:

            That may become the prime consideration in the future (probably not too too far in the future) but right now I would prefer to be exposed to crypto but in a way that is somewhat resistant to bitcoin falling from grace in favor of another crypto in case the eye of Soros falls on bitcoin…

            AND as I said get the racket covered call rate on out of the money calls of around 25% a month (immediately reinvested of course, I’m not holding dollars).

            • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

              It sounds very nice, but all you’re doing is making a volatility bet. The crypto aspect is largely irrelevant.

              Selling covered calls at a 5% premium on a stock that never changes its value could easily be more profitable over a year than selling covered calls at a 25% premium on a stock that loses 90% of its value within 6 months – especially if you reinvest the premiums into larger covered call positions. You’re accumulating that stock, and are therefore exposed to the un-hedged equity risk of that stock.

              It’s certainly an interesting recommendation and I might play around with it using some risk capital, but I definitely wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Also, if all you ever intend to do is sell covered calls and don’t have any specific interest in the underlying shares, then it’s far more profitable and actually considerably safer to use call spreads; you don’t need to front any cash for the lots, and your maximum loss is the spread itself, not the entire underlying value of the shares.

              • The Cominator says:

                Won’t lose 90% of its value not with the way US government and monetary policy is going. In fact it doesn’t even go down 1:1 with bitcoin.

                I do not have my entire holdings on this but when I got tipped to this I didn’t take too long to decide that this was probably going to be a very big score.

    • Snowdensjacket says:

      The old philosopher Augustine tells us that usury is a sin. My old age tells me rat the sin destroys the sinner. Think twice before you choose how your money will work for you.

      • The Cominator says:

        Im not lending money.

        • jim says:

          Commies think that allocating capital to its highest and best use is “usury”. This is the commie definition of usury. The Christian definition of usury presupposes that what we now call capitalism is virtuous, and ordained by God in the fall.

          You are making bets on what businesses will be profitable, which indirectly, through several intermediaries, has the effect, if your predictions are accurate, has the effect of allocating capital to those businesses.

          It is only usury if you are charging interest against the person, rather than against property. You are not charging interest at all, because you are not lending money at all.

          • Snowdensjacket says:

            And one man’s gamble will be another, a different man, man’s loss.

            At what point does the a’nother man’s loss become your loss? What is a real good? Was gambling not declared a sin?

            “my good was a gamble”, says the trickster. I lost. Take my good, as he opens his empty hand. Don’t worry it will trickle down, says the reaganite.

            Is it now that a’nother man’s loss is your loss?

            The sin destroys the sinner as Christ behold.

            Yet the sinner wanders, lost, and cries out as he strikes you.

            Ye should not ask why, but how.

            “not me, my lord” cries the sinner. Do not strike me down. Yet my children do cry.

            • Joe says:

              Whom do you work for?

            • jim says:

              > And one man’s gamble will be another, a different man, man’s loss.

              Ignorant commie.

              Speculators in capital goods create value by directing capital from less productive to more productive uses.

              Commies think that value is neither created nor destroyed, so they wind up killing the peasant’s cows and eating the peasant’s seed corn, thinking that they are redistributing wealth by destroying it.

              > The sin destroys the sinner as Christ behold.

              Commies do not not believe in Christianity nor Christ.

              You are now on moderation until you give us the Christian affirmation.

              Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, from before the beginning of the world. Wholly man and wholly God, God is three and God is one.

              You are not a shill in the sense of being on the Soros or FBI payroll, but you don’t sound like a Christian.

            • You sound retarded to me. First you raised usury and then you were told the truth a corporation is property, not a person, the loan is secured by property, not a person, hence not usury. Then you move the goalpost to gambling. A gamble is defined as a game of chance, not a game of skill. That is, while chance of course always plays a role, a gamble is defined as a game where skill does not play a role at all. This is an important legal and philosophical concept, because Electronic Arts in Star War Battlefront 2 sold loot boxes with random loot, to minors, which is selling gambling to minors, which is illegal, so lawsuits happened. Instead they should be selling non-random gaming goods like ingame weapons for money, and then whether players are going to defeat other players with those guns or not is based on both skill and chance, and that is okay.

              And this is how investment works, too. It is not a gamble. If it is a gamble for you, you suck at investing so don’t. There is a chance element, of course, my American Oriental Bioengineering shares, which I bought in 2008 because I was conviced they have a good ultrasound treatment for certain kinds of cancer, are worthless now. I kept them as a reminder, memento. But I was not gambling. I trusted in their skill to fix certain kinds of cancers via ultrasound treatment. Heh, actually, I trusted in Mark Skousen’s skill when he said they look like they can. He was wrong, I lost money, but not in a gamble but in a skill and trust game that did not work out.

              • Actually, this is an interesting topic. In chess luck plays no rule, so it is not gambling, pure skill. So there are chess tournaments, championships, to decide who is the most skilled chess player. In poker, luck does play a role, but skill does too, and in the long run, luck evens out and skill prevails, so there are poker tournaments, championships, to decide who is the most skilled poker player. In roulette, it is pure luck, hence there are no tournaments or championships, because there is no such thing as the most skilled roulette player.

                Anyway, the interesting point is that in these hedonistic questions the Christian idea of sin is a close parallel to the modern idea of addiction.

                There is no chess addiction, if you really like to play chess, that is not an addiction. It is just a thing you do.

                There is such a thing as a gambling, roulette addiction.

                Is there such a thing as a poker addiction?

                I say no. Because when skill does play a role, people can decide on the skill level they want to play on. The not very good poker player is going to play with not very good poker players. So he will not lose his house. Nor will he win big. In the long run, he wins a little money, he loses a little money, nothing important really happens.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well I DO deny that I am a usurer I don’t deny that I am a variety of gambler but I’m sorry that just doesn’t bother me. Its mostly skill and some luck.

                  @TheDividualist… biotechs are very very tricky.

                  1. You need to find out from people in the field whether it works before most of the market does.

                  2. The government can fuck them over anyway at any point either the FDA or patents (this happened to me on AMRN even though I did point 1, though the idiot management contributed to this by filing in the wrong circuit and not kicking up to lobbyists).

                  3. Even if fufill 1 and aren’t hit by &2 the management can just be stupid.

                • The Cominator says:

                  What I’ve found are the basic principles of investing.

                  1. You want to go for companies in the right business and companies likely to expand their revenue.

                  2. You need to look at management decisions and compensation and decide whether they are a bunch of idiots or a bunch of crooks. Avoid the company (no matter how good their product and business is) if you decide the management is stupid. A stupid farmer will always kill the golden goose no matter how big the golden eggs they can lay. This does not apply to short term scores on trends and binary events.

                  Now here are more technical points…

                  MOST companies tend to take the stairs up and elevator down, but its hard to predict. If after a big spike you are nervous about both holding it and selling it sell calls a bit out. You will almost never regret this and even if there is some rare occasion you do its a winning move over time.

                  Companies with call premiums on out of the money calls (not way out but not too near) of 10% or more are ussually worth buying, they will often continue going up but if they don’t you still get your call money… just make sure there is not too much of a chance they will immediately collapse to 10% of their value or something. That is why I traded out of FCEL after making a quick score on it off the hype on Biden subsidies.

                  With MARA (which has the best premiums I’ve ever seen) I’m on much more solid ground since the dems wrecking the American economy and the dollar as a reserve currency is likely to be very good for crypto.

  22. R7 Rocket says:

    The American empire begins to crack at the fringes.

    • yewotm8 says:

      After Twitter themselves banned a few Ugandan electoral candidates. I don’t think any of them are smart enough to be able to convince themselves Twitter is acting in good faith.

    • Pooch says:

      The sinister thing is the Cathedral is going after African Christian leaders (who preach live old type Christianity) now. I have more in common with the rulers of Uganda than my own nation.

      • R7 Rocket says:

        If the Cathedral is willing to go after good African Christian leaders, they will dispose of BlackLivesMatter terrorists if they need to.

        I hope the good African Christian leaders have enough courage and resilience to oppose Globohomo evil. God Bless Museveni.

        • Pooch says:

          An example of a Christian Ugandan preacher being interviewed by a Cathedral journalist.

          • Pooch says:

            Alf here’s your example right here if you thought Christianity was dead.

          • Wow. I had a tempting thought for a second, that I would rather have that black pastor as my neighbor than many white libs… then I came to my senses, partially because in the long run it would not be good for us, but most importantly because of that idea I mentioned before, but I will now give it a name: Div’s Doctrine of International Relations, DDIR.

            DDIR states that the only thing we owe to the third world is to not draw their best people away. We do not owe Uganda international aid or anything like that, but we absolutely owe it to them to never allow that good pastor immigrate to the West because he can do far more good there, and his country really needs him far more than we could use him. He has much higher marginal utility there, in a sense.

            (Of course we don’t want their bad people either, but that is obvious, there was no temptation about that in me ever.)

            DDIR applied says that it is better for both if Indian engineers stay in India. They get a better IT industry and they don’t take our jobs here. Instead, they might take our customers on the global market if they develop better products or okay products much cheaper. And that is a good thing, because international competition is a healthy and motivating kick in the ass. From this angle, immigration and brain drain is basically “socialism in human resources”.

            The bean-bag pot-smokers in Silicon Valley are really overdue for a kick in an ass like another country making better software, it would be a wake up call, although I expect that other country will not be India, but Russia or China. In Germany, I expect SAP will be soon getting a motivating kick in the ass by the Russian 1C:Enterprise taking some of their (new,potential) customers.

            DDIR also applies to minorities in the West, though in that case it requires a different name. It is tempting to use, educate and integrate that occasional bright, honest and hard-working minority guy, because he is useful, and usually he wants exactly that, of course he wants to escape the ghetto. But that robs the minority of a natural leader they really need. So not doing that is something we owe to them, such natural leaders are way more useful than giving them money or anything like that. The American Irish used to be terrible ghetto scum. It was their natural elites who fixed them.

            • suones says:

              Brain drain is similar to Spandrell’s concept of “IQ Shredder,” where elites are attracted to immigrate to putative utopias where they sort-of-assimilate to Molochian life and destroy their genes.

              Indian aside: This is a huge problem, of course, but the reason so many of our elites want to emigrate is because the country’s power structure is composed of fools. If/when we get a sane power structure, our elites will want to remain because they will enjoy significantly higher status at home than abroad.

              Any independent power structure composed of fools will collapse, of course, but this Tower of Fools is held together by the Anglo-American Empire, which prevents its collapse and also prevents natural elites from rising.

              I eagerly anticipate the collapse of the Anglo-American Empire. Even the (Khrushchev and later) USSR was far, far better in this regard.

              • Hm. There is a large set of bad things a power structure of fools can do. There is a smaller set of bad things a power structure can do that personally affects someone who earns a decent salary.

                Interestingly, one reason I see Westerners love living in Eastern Europe is that theirs tends to be of the second kind. Fools can’t run the buses on time? Nevermind, I have a car. Fools can’t run the schools right? Nevermind, private school. Fools cannot run the healthcare right? Private hospital, or at least the private practice of the same doctor.

                So there are problems one can buy himself out of, and this largely happens when the fools only fuck up the state, but not the private market. This is why living in EE is very different from the viewpoint of the prole who has to rely on shitty government transportation/schools/healthcare and from the viewpoint of those who do not have to.

            • Pooch says:

              This is a fantastic argument for why immigration is not only self-destructive to both nations, it is inherently evil.

  23. clovis says:

    It looks like Roger Stone has been reading Jim. Explicitly mentions “Romanov Treatment”

    • qwerty says:

      >The impeachment resolution on the House floor Wednesday, consisting of an article citing “incitement of insurrection,” will be debated on the House floor. Sponsors of the resolution maintain they have the votes to pass it.

      >The resolution states: “President Trump gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of Government. He threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power, and imperiled a coequal branch of Government. He thereby betrayed his trust as President, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.”

      >She added: “Wednesday [Jan. 6] was an extremely traumatizing event and it is not an exaggeration to say that many many members of the House were nearly assassinated. It’s just not an exaggeration to say that at all. We were very lucky that things happened within certain minutes that allowed members to escape the House floor unharmed. But many of us narrowly escaped death.”

      >”Our country came under attack, not from a foreign nation, but from within. These were not protesters, these were not patriots. These were traitors. These were domestic terrorists, Mr. Speaker. And they were acting under the orders of Donald Trump.

      >”Some of my colleagues on the other side have suggested that we just move on from this horror. But to gloss over it would be an abdication of our duty. Others on the Republican side have talked about unity. But we can’t have unity without truth and without accountability, and I’m not about to be lectured by people who just voted to overturn the results of a free and fair election.”

      Yep, it’s over for Trump. He’s going to go to prison for the rest of his life (or worse) for “inciting insurrection”.

    • f6187 says:

      Looks like Scott Adams has been reading Jim’s blog too, or at least was perspicacious enough to think it through for himself:

      “If it were a real coup, how exactly was that coup going to work? Did they think — these clever coup plotters — that once they had occupied two empty rooms, that they were then the leaders of the country? Was that their thinking? Once we get in these empty rooms, with all this furniture, we run the country now. Is that what they thought? Cuz I don’t think so.”

  24. Pooch says:

    This was a false flag operation through and through. Massive evidence is starting to show coordinated infiltration teams.

    • Ace says:

      John Sullivan not being charged made it pretty obvious he was working for the Dems.

      • Pooch says:

        Yes and he was not working alone. He seemed to have been orchestrating events with a team of individuals.

        • Ace says:

          I’m sure there would be lots of interesting things to learn from his interrogation. If Trump had any balls blackwater would scoop him up and get a taped confession from him that Trump could play at his impeachment trial.

          • Pooch says:

            Yeah why not. Tell Blackwater to name their price. They are taking his assets anyway. If he wasn’t so normalcy biased, he’s realize there’s nothing to lose now.

            • Ace says:

              Oddly, it would be entirely legal. Trump’s the also the chief law enforcement officer for the country. He can issue an arrest order and deputize the black water guys involved and Sullivan unlike Trump was urging people to riot and burn all caught on video.

              But that’s far beyond what a President normally does, so Trump couldn’t do it.

              • Mike says:

                This just sounds like cope in the same manner as lefties over the summer saying white supremacists lit all the fires. Feds always try to infiltrate RW events, so I don’t doubt that there were some. But ultimately Trump called that event, and you can’t tell me that feds opened up every fence, broke every window, were the only ones wanting to go inside, etc etc. Especially when there was so much less violence and chaos than during the summer riots (typically feds would try to make it escalate higher and higher, such as at Charlottesville). Sounds just as retarded as lefties screeching about whitey burning buildings.

                My take remains that it was a real event, one last lashing out of the helpless proles in rage. The main reason it ultimately did nothing and played into our enemies hands is due to Trump being an idiot who converted no elites to his side, not due to a few feds. The feds would not have mattered or even existed if Trump actually put some of his own damn people into place within our institutions.

                • Ace says:

                  Your attempted shilling is gay.

                • Mike says:

                  Nah, blaming your own leader’s failure on feds is gay.

                • Pooch says:

                  I blame Trump for allowing himself to be played by feds and walk directly into their trap because he was merely fishing in the Rubicon instead of crossing it.

                • Pooch says:

                  Did he have even a single legion to cross it with? Doesn’t seem likely because he’s not a warrior. Flynn was telling him how to cross a month ago and he declined that advice for unknown reasons.

                • Ace says:

                  Flynn was telling him how to cross a month ago and he declined that advice for unknown reasons.

                  I typically don’t like play blame the Jew, but it might be a case of Trump taking advice from a Jew who was making bank from his campaign:


                  Trump recently Pardoned Jared’s criminal father who of course immediately denounced Trump. Jared’s also the Genius behind Trump’s let the black criminals out of jail campaign, which went so well for so many Americans.

                • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

                  It’s hard for me to see how Jared or his father could have any relevancy in this case. They could have given Trump terrible advice that made him look bad, weakened his popular support, made his administration more dysfunctional, and so on. But all of that only matters in the context of a legitimate democratic election in which all and only legal votes are counted.

                  This was a sham election and a stillborn autocoup in creamy false flag sauce. I just can’t fathom how a few greedy or subversive Jews can take responsibility for all that. It required an entire national governing apparatus including all the pseudo-governmental entities like press and judiciary to execute properly. Jared doesn’t control all that and neither does his dad.

                • Pooch says:

                  Plus Jared was in the Middle East during the whole election contesting period.

                  All of Trump’s lawyers and advisors, including Guilani and Jenna Ellis, were telling him not to listen to the Flynn/Sidney Powell/Lin Wood faction, likely because of normalcy bias and listening to them is what did him in.

      • Pooch says:

        Cocksucker got charged. He’ll probably get off though in the rigged courts.

        • Pooch says:

          If the deep state does end up throwing the book at him and convicting, that could be indicative of them fighting back against the rad left. I’m not holding my breath though.

          • jim says:

            The alliance between the deep state and the leftmost is about to fracture.

            In the end the leftmost will win, having greater internal cohesion but whether it wins in a few weeks or a few years is unpredictable.

            • Pooch says:

              If the deep state at least puts up a fight that could give us more time to prepare for the leftist singularity.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              When the Leftmost starts to win it’s probably better to be the hindmost (see Niven) LOL.

        • Pooch says:

          Trump has been briefed about Sullivan and federal agents understand he didn’t act alone. Maybe Trump can go out in a blaze of glory nailing these fuckers. Not holding my breath he can do anything spectacular though.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Here’s a good summary video analysis (with circles and arrows on the back of each one).

      • Pooch says:

        Good video. God bless The Epoch Times.

        • f6187 says:

          Them, and NTD News — news casting done old school style, except that the anchors aren’t crypto-communists like Cronkite. Mabye crypto-falun-gong, but I’m taking a shine to those folks.

          • suones says:

            Falun Gong have always been an enigma to me. On one hand they’re clearly Cathedral/CIA/State Deptt agents to be used against the CCP, but then this strange counter-Cathedral propaganda is … strange. The only group I see that is opposed to both the CCP/Marxist-Leninist brigade as well as the Cathedral is actually us, and we are far away from any mainstream legitimacy. I don’t know how the FG manage things.

  25. Ace says:

    So it looks like the Senate is now serious about impeaching Trump. More holiness spiraling or the Democrats just ensuring that no republican ever gets elected again?

    • Pooch says:

      Looks like big donors were cutting off money to the GOP unless they went with it.

      • Ace says:

        Man, the Dems won’t need to ban the GOP. There simply won’t be enough GOP voters left to get them elected to the PTA after that.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          Why are you talking about voters? Have you been in a cave the last two months and missed the massive electoral fraud? Who cares about voters? Wake up.

          • Ace says:

            Federal elections are over, local elections where GOP governors can stop the cheating or cheat for themselves will continue to matter likely until probably shortly after 2022. However, for narrative sake it’s important for the Democrats to pretend like everyone suddenly voting 100% for unpopular Democrats and having the GOP effectively self destruct itself , which is great for that narrative and one of the things impeachment would achieve.

            • Ron says:

              If the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES cannot stop electoral fraud in a case like this where he won by a MASSIVE LANDSLIDE against an opponent who everyone despised what chance do you think a small time candidate for mayor has?

  26. Aidan’s blog seems to have been suspended for violating TOS. It appears that the crackdown is coming down soon on dissident bloggers too.

    • riess says:

      Probably reported by “Hipster Racist” (since insufficiently anti-Israel); he does that to everyone and brags about it.

    • Inquirer says:

      Does anyone have an archive of Aidan’s last post? I can’t get it on wayback, it was quite good.

    • I of course did not violate anything, except maybe the absurdly ambiguous clause on “glorifying violence”, which they must have added quietly in the last week or so. Hard to write about history without glorifying violence. I am surprised they cast their net wide enough to sweep me up in it, but that is an indication that the purge they intend will be very broad and very violent.

  27. Cloudswrest says:

    Re. “The Race Test”

    I just stumbled upon this claim via Heartiste on Gab and was dumbfounded, so I “googled” and it appears to be true.  Black children, and some other minorities, appear to fail the mirror test as late as first grade!!!! (White children usually pass by 24 months) Holy sh!t! Scientific American claims that this means the test is invalid, haha. Maybe there is a simpler explanation. Perhaps they all DO really look alike.  

    • Ace says:

      It gets worse, black kids are between 1 and 2 years more mature than whites kids at the same age. They have a shorter childhood.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Yeah, I knew that.

      • simplyconnected says:

        One week shorter gestation period. I once told this to a prog, holy crap they fury with which they “replied”.

        • suones says:

          a prog … they “replied”.

          Non-sarcastic use of singular “they” indicates weakness of the mind. Use the correct pronoun.

  28. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    It is interesting to look back on the predictions made by the Transition Integrity Project. For the most part, they absolutely nailed the strategies that Trump’s team took along the way.

    The exceptions being whenever he relied on outside parties. In particular, Bill Barr was predicted to use the DoJ to sieze mail in ballots, instead he flipped and said no evidence of fraud. Also, FOX news was going to help cast legitimacy on the election results, instead they were the first to betray, with the early AZ call.

    The strategies predicted for the Biden campaign were completely wrong. Rubbish like calling for a national day of election integrity, and having 1000 celebrities make statements. I suppose they couldn’t openly outline the strategy of complete suppression of information, and threatening of law firms.

    It does make you think though. After running through these scenarios, maybe they made certain Barr and Fox were both going to betray Trump. The day after the election Barr met with McConell and Gina Haspel, probably working out exactly how things would play out. Prior to the election Barr was very vocally anti-mail in ballots.

    The report also seems to underestimate the military support for Trump, but overestimated his willingness to keep on fighting until the end. In the minds of the wargamers, prosecuting Trump for his many crimes is a no brainer, which they eventually do in this scenario. Even the side roleplaying as Trump (I think it was Bill Kristol funnily enough) actually understands the stakes better than Trump himself.

    There is also this article in a law journal from late 2019, “Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election”.

    It made some pretty good predictions, though they expected a Trump vs Warren election with small margins getting closed days after the election, not a margin of 100k+.

    Once again, the key part here where things seriously deviate is when Trump is relying on anyone outside of his guys. The state legislators were on the right, but too slow acting in real life. The big betrayal was Pence. The 6th was the main event, where, following Pence doing the right thing, both sides would have a legal claim to be the true winner, with the legality of the EC count act not being entirely clear. At this point its determined by the military – which could go any way according to the author, though it clearly goes to Trump.

    The people making all of these predictions and wargaming are obviously seriously delusional, believing in a symmetry between the two sides, neglecting the fact they have backing of virtually the entire state. However, they were completely right that Trump would only contest things “legally”, no insurrection act, no arrests.

    I guess my main point is that after doing these studies they seemed to determine exactly who the key players were in the overall game plan and made sure they could pressure them to flip. Props to them.

    • ~loclun-midwyt says:

      As a follow up to this, where do we think Trump ultimately went wrong?

      Things seemed to be going quite well for him, at one point over half the country thinking there was fraud. He clearly would have known about their war gaming, but also had plans of his own. Why didn’t he have anything else up his sleeve?

      Its hard to rely on people to be loyal when their families could get threatened by glowniggers. Why wasn’t Trump ready with guards all over the place? There is obviously the normality bias of Trump thinking he will step down and go about his life, but was there also normality bias with thinking the SCOTUS would rule in his favour, so put his eggs in that basket. Seems ridiculous when the last few major headline cases were ruled against him.

      Was he just that retarded?

      • lambda x says:

        Who was the Republican Marc Elias? There wasn’t one.

      • Pooch says:

        Why wasn’t Trump ready with guards all over the place?

        When push came to shove, Trump had no men in uniform willing to do violence on his part. Knowing that he believed Whig history in thinking angry mob demonstration would apply to him on the right against the left, which it clearly doesn’t. Those advantages are only reserved for the left.

        • Ace says:

          The angry mob thing works, but only if you do the prep work the left does with every angry mob: Men with guns to backup the mob, handlers to control the mob, people to propagandize the mob and letting everyone know they control the mob and not to fuck with it.

          When the mob failed with storming the bastille, Napoleon’s troops where sitting there as backup for the mob and they stormed and took the bastille.

          • Pooch says:

            Yes, likely only a military man could have planned all that. The history books may show, Trump, as noble in his efforts as they were, was on a suicide mission ever since he walked down that escalator. He wanted to Make America Great Again, but can a government founded on leftism ever be great?

            • Ace says:

              Merchants just don’t think in the manner necessary for such things. They fundamentally believe in order and structure don’t grasp the violence and origination that makes the order and structures work.

              This is also why the proud boy’s leadership was decapitated before the event. Can’t have someone who knows something is wrong with the organization necessary to stop the left from taking control of the mob.

          • Pooch says:

            More and more evidence coming out that Trump walked right into a trap.


            • Encelad says:

              If that’s true, then it was the Cathedral actually playing 3D chess all this time.

            • Ace says:

              It’s likely at least one of the people giving advice about what to do was also working for the Dems, much as happened with Comey’s firing. General Flynn was the only guy giving solid advice but Trump didn’t get it.

      • lambda x says:

        This was never about the military. That is not how it’s done in America.

        For the 2016 election, Eric Schmidt created, a skunkworks for developing an AI to guarantee the election of HRC. It didn’t work.

        That was a lot of money and a lot of prestige Schmidt put on the line, only to see the croupier’s rake come to collect all of the chips.

        After that? I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but I suspect he did what any of us would do in that situation: he dug in to find out what really made an American election tick, poring over data, creating Bayesian models, studying the patchwork of US election law. Finding the pivot points. Backsolving to find out the vulnerable Secretaries of State whose terms would expire between the elections; forming NGOs to guide election administration in the pivot counties.

        We see the results: it was done so precisely that Trump catches all but one bellwether but loses soundly all the same. I’m not saying there wasn’t any fraud: there was some. Maybe a lot. It could also be that their careful study of US election mechanics paid off.

        There was nobody in the Trump orbit who was sensitive enough to the tugs on the web strands to detect that this trap was being laid. There’s no evidence that any effort was expended by the MAGA side to shore up the election machinery.

        • The Cominator says:

          “This was never about the military. That is not how it’s done in America.”


        • The Cominator says:

          “We see the results: it was done so precisely that Trump catches all but one bellwether but loses soundly all the same. I’m not saying there wasn’t any fraud: there was some. Maybe a lot. It could also be that their careful study of US election mechanics paid off.”

          Um it was MASSIVE and obvious you shill.

          • lambda x says:

            The answer accepted here is [*deleted*]

            • jim says:

              And what is your answer? A, B, D, or E?

              And, if you will not agree with that thought crime, commit another. I gave you a smorgasborg of matters on which any truthful speech is unthinkable. Do you agree with the politically correct line on absolutely everything?

              No one truthfully agrees with it on every thing. Anyone who cannot violate the line on some matter is writing under a pseudonym known to Human Resources and to his boss.

              • ten says:

                SmorgasborD. (Smörgåsbord really).

                Swedish didn’t give english many loanwords, i must protect them – maybe it was an unknowing fingerslip but still.

            • lambda x says:

              I reject A, B, D, E, accept C, wrote it verbatim, but worry that the crack 12 year olds get on their cellphones is debased to the extent that it actually *may* be a problem. Not because of the desire, which is not the problem, but rather because of what they are given to slake it, which I think points them in the wrong direction.

              The shitlibs have ruined everything with the lowering of standards, and I hate them for it. They don’t lower standards by slowly failing to hold them up, as might be explained by fatigue, but by an aggressive campaign of destruction which is accelerating. I like this blog because it aims toward a stronger American society of the past by restoring cooperate/cooperate with a renewed appreciation of social technology of proven worth.

              The computer-scientific prong of the attack on Trump’s presidency began on the day of his inauguration and the enemy made excellent use of the time. There was no corresponding defensive activity, as we have seen. It should not have come to the point of even thinking about the IA, had the gift of Trump’s election been treated with the care it deserved, and the US political memeplex does not contain a pattern in which “the military sets things right at the last minute.”

              • jim says:

                You gave C as answer to the women question, but finessed in ways I found were strangely off, strangely inoffensive, as if you were writing with HR looking over your shoulder.

                Are you able to give a politically incorrect answer on any question?

                You complain about falling standards, which have been falling since 1870. Most modern Harvard students could not graduate 1870 high school nor the voter literacy test.

                But are you able to say why standards have been falling?

                If this issue is dear to your heart, tell us what has been happening, and mention the unmentionable.

                I am troubled by you referring to issue, without mentioning why standards have been falling, just as I was troubled by your strangely bland response on the woman question.

                If you cannot do that, you are posting under a nym known to your boss and Human Resources, implying you are being paid and supervised to shill.

                You give the sort of politically correct answer on the woman question. You gave C, while rejecting the politically incorrect analysis that supports C.

                Yes, there is a lot of bad porn about. And there is a lot of Romance stuff, and girls trolling for attention on facebook, that is a great deal worse. And why is it worse? I censored your answer because it seemed to be finessing the woman question test, in the same way Socinians finesse the Trinity test. You gave C, but C acknowledges that the primary problem is female misconduct, which you seemed to be denying, using sex neutral words inappropriately.

                Are you able to give a politically incorrect answer on any question?

                You complain about falling standards, which have been falling since 1870. Most modern Harvard students could not graduate 1870 high school nor the voter literacy test.

                But are you able to say why standards have been falling?

                If this issue is dear to your heart, tell us what has been happening, why it has been happening, and mention the unmentionable.

                If you are one of us, because you are worried by the collapse of standards, well we are worried also. And we frequently say standards are collapsing, and talk about the reasons for the collapse.

                Your answer to R7 Rocket’s woman question was weirdly off. I just did not like it.

                Let us try this question, which addresses issues dear to your heart.

                • J says:

                  ‘Shill tests’ is such a fun idea. Imagine if it were a captcha.

      • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

        To ask the question “where did he go wrong?” implies we first know the answer to “what did he intend in the first place?”.

        Trump’s campaign signaled heavily to the far right. Almost exclusively. But Trump’s presidency – by which I mean his term, not to imply that he ever had the power of the Presidency with a capital P – showed a very different pattern, in which he occasionally dog-whistled to the far right while almost invariably governing (again, to use the term loosely) as a moderate. This pattern was highly suggestive of a desire to “swap out” at least some of his far-right base with a larger and more moderate base, and looking at the actual electoral counts in 2020, just on the Republican side, never mind all the fake Democrat votes, that’s almost exactly what he did.

        He was pretty good at maintaining a huge chunk of the reactionary/dissident right/alt-right demographic, electorally speaking, but his biggest gains were outside the core demographic of religious, rural and rust-belt white men. One possible explanation of the Q phenomenon is that it actually WAS run in some fashion by the Trump administration – but it was not what they thought it was, not a serious effort to build an underground resistance, but instead a psyop to keep those people on the Trump Train when they would otherwise have been bored or demoralized. And if so, it worked absolutely brilliantly, perhaps too well.

        Way, way back, Milo Yiannopoulos said that his best hope for Trump would be a Calvin Coolidge figure, and in my humble opinion, that’s exactly what Trump wanted to be. It’s pretty ironic to be juxtaposing Coolidge’s “Return to Normalcy” against Jim’s “Normalcy Bias”, but there it is. I think Trump was more than just normalcy-biased, he wanted to bring about his own Return to Normalcy – that is, he knew that things were far from normal, but his expectation was to be able to get them back to normal, maybe resembling the Reagan or Clinton years.

        And if so, then where he went wrong was… all the way at the beginning. The ratchet only turns in one direction, and if he thought he could flip a switch and turn it in the other direction, as opposed to taking a demo hammer to the thing and starting all over again, he was a fool. I think that an honest, meticulous, systematic review of what he actually did, not what he said or tweeted, provides a lot of support to the theory that he thought he could turn the ratchet backward. But a curious thing happened, his rhetoric was SO effective that he fooled both the left and the right, both believing he was going to stage a coup against the permanent government, which so alarmed said government that it decided it absolutely had to get rid of him by any means necessary.

        But for the sake of argument, let’s say that Trump at least toyed with the idea of crossing the Rubicon and not just fishing in it. In that case, his first and probably biggest mistake was near the very beginning of his term, when he allowed Flynn to be fired. That day, he lost his best ally in the armed forces, and all of his other high-profile supporters fell like dominoes as the progressive elite realized how easy it would be to take them out. That was the first time Trump showed real weakness of character, the first blood in the water that drew inconceivable hordes of sharks. After that day, every player in the establishment decided that Trump’s administration would consist only of enemies and cucks, and he was powerless to change anything about that situation.

        It explains why he relied so much on his family, including the notoriously fickle Ivanka and unreliable Kushner, because he just couldn’t get anyone better. His lines of communication were cut, his recruiting pools closed, and even if he did manage to smuggle in a few serious allies, they could be Antifa’ed and Special Counselled and harassed and manipulated in a million other ways and forced to cuck or leave. So the entire time he was plagued by leakers, wormtongues, and ridiculous idiots like Scaramucci. The second inflection point was probably when he and Steve Bannon parted ways; I don’t love Bannon, but that really demonstrated his desire to run a “conventional” presidency and just make all those mean and unfair people in the media stop saying mean and unfair things about him.

        You may not want to hear it, but it was all wrong, all since the beginning. We just believed he’d be able to make it right because of his fanatical support among the proles (big mistake, forgetting our Moldbug 101) and because, we assumed, he knew that he’d never be able to live as a free man after losing the 2020 election and therefore would be willing to take extreme measures to ensure that the establishment couldn’t steal it. This was a totally reasonable assumption, and apparently wrong.

        But that is the proximate cause, not the root cause. The root cause goes all the way back to his assumptions and plans made at the starting gate.

        Lest I be labeled once again as a shill, let me be crystal clear about this: the above does NOT mean he was a bad administrator. He was a fantastic administrator. He achieved an economic recovery that nobody that was possible, and wasn’t half bad at foreign diplomacy. He was an excellent conventional President, probably the best since Andrew Jackson. But we didn’t need a conventional President, we needed a wartime consigliere, and he wasn’t that.

      • qwerty says:

        Curtis Yarvin sums it up pretty well in the articles he wrote shortly after the election: , . Choice quote:

        >What stops the Republicans from ruling is that they do not feel they have a right to rule. Worse, they are right. They have no right to power, because that right is created only by the capacity to exercise power capably. It is unfortunate that the Democrats have no such right either—arguably, they have much less right. But the Democrats will always win and always rule, because they are the ruling class—and they feel that right to rule—and none of their bad outcomes will ever change their minds about that.

        (I remember when people were calling him a shill, defeatist, etc for saying this.)

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          Yarvin was defeatist.

          We hoped that Trump would seize power. The best we could do to encourage that was to show support, so he didn’t think the situation hopeless. If Trump didn’t seize power, what would not blackpilling have cost us?

          Some people signal loyalty. Yarvin chose to signal intelligence (making a correct prediction.) Not what we needed.

          If there had been louder support signal, maybe Trump would have tried coup. Should have. He’s being accused of it anyway.

          • Ace says:

            Trump was never going to try for a coup. He and the rest of the republican’s didn’t grasp and probably still don’t grasp that they and their whole will be murdered by the left if they didn’t seize power. Normally bias blinded them.

            • ~loclun-midwyt says:

              Actually that is the one part I’m still not sold on either way. Whether he intended a coup but was outsmarted, or true normality bias to the core.

              I recall in the final debate with Biden, the topic of antifa came up. Trump told Biden to be careful, they’ll be coming for him too soon enough. I don’t recall the exact wording, but he seemed to be clearly showing he understood the leftist holiness spiral we are in. There were a few of these moments around that time.

              It’s also possible he was somewhere in the middle of the two options. He intended a coup, but not as directly as using the IA and rounding up everyone. For example, having Barr announcing arrests, Ratcliffe targeting deep state, others focussing on tech and media, and so on. A Trump coup where he directs various people and departments, like a businessman would. Then IA to mop up, if needed.

              I think he was willing to cross the Rubicon, but wasn’t going to be the first to dip his feet in for fear of being left to cross alone. His hesitation has left him now with no choice but to cross alone or end up in prison for life.

              • Ace says:

                His behavior at the Krapitol says otherwise. If someone who knew the score had been tasked about using “people power” to influence or even take control of congress the first thing they would have done is have Trumpen forces at the front the mob controlling and directing it because A) mobs tend to do stupid shit without control and B) it leaves it wide open for Antifa/BLM infiltrators to move in and use the group to charge the building in a way guaranteed to fail, which is exactly what happened.

                Using a mob is fucking stupid unless your a leftist with the media on your side and troops to back them up when the mob fails as often do. The only reason for Trump doing so is a belief in Whig/MLK history and not understanding how the left would use the mob he’d assembled.

                Trump probably gets the idea that the Commies are going to eat this country alive, but his utter failure in invoking the insurrection act against those commies speaks the fact he didn’t have the balls to go after them or he didn’t really view them as a major threat with the later more likely.

                Finally, Trump raised almost 250 million for his supporters after the election. He may just be planning at walking away with that cash into exile and he was just stringing things along as long as he could and his game playing ended badly.

                I’m personally still not sure the hard left will win anytime soon. To modify a phrase: There’s a lot of loot in a nation. Joe Biden and his friends will loot this nation to the ground while keeping the hard left, the deep state and probably the military satisfied with an endless stream of other people’s stuff to loot. By the time the left or some other faction overthrows Joe there may not be much left to fight over.

                • jim says:

                  The deep state is betting that the hard left will not win, that they can use the left and discard it.

                  Maybe they can. If they had a Hitler they could. They don’t have a Hitler.

                • Ace says:

                  Hitler was able to discard his left because he cut a deal with the military who were then ordered to go out clober commies, which they did so with much glee. Why can’t Joe’s do the same? The military has cohesion and they’d love to clober commies.

                • jim says:

                  Joe could do the same, and probably would if he had all his marbles, but, having gone senile, he is a puppet with too many people pulling his strings, no one of which will trust the others to do the necessary clobbering.

                  I think they are all just hoping that the genie will get back in the bottle by itself. History tells us that cramming the genie back in the bottle is a tough operation that requires startlingly drastic measures.

                • Pooch says:

                  Why can’t Joe’s do the same? The military has cohesion and they’d love to clober commies.

                  Problem is the commies are allied with the blacks and the blacks are the most holy on the left. They can’t be touched.

          • Pooch says:

            This was a false flag operation through and through. Massive evidence is starting to show coordinated infiltration teams.


          • qwerty says:

            No amount of loyalty signalling could have made Trump perform a coup, and, as Yarvin points out, even if he by some miracle actually carried out a coup he wouldn’t know what to do next, and the Trumpenreich would be squandered. And you admit as much: if you say that Trump might have pulled through if he had more “encouragement”, then you are admitting that Trump is not Caesar, that he is not a strong man, but a weak man.

            It’s not random or accidental that Yarvin correctly predicted that Trump wouldn’t coup. Yarvin predicted that Trump wouldn’t coup because Yarvin understands the world better than anyone else. Illusions and false hope are dangerous, and they will get more and more dangerous as shit hits the fan.

            • The Cominator says:

              It is very hard to predict people but Yarvin was right that Trump was too much of a weak boomer to coup, but nobody is infallible. Yarvin disgraced himself over the fake and gay covid scam.

              • Seriously. Does the word “Boomer” cut any sort of reality at its joints? Or is it just generational astrology?

                I’m gonna borrow a trick from Yudkowsky and call rationalist taboo on that word. Can you explain what a “Boomer” is typically like without resorting to any word that refers to age or time of birth, just observable characteristics?

                • The Cominator says:

                  They are almost to a man incapable of escaping normalcy bias in regards to our political situation. Trump apparently was not an exception…

                • Pooch says:

                  Trump failed because he was a merchant, not because he was a boomer.

                • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

                  Being a merchant and being a boomer are both good reasons to fail at statecraft.

                  Most people, when they use the term boomer, aren’t referring to a strict age classification, they’re referring to a certain mindset that’s prevalent among that age group.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Boomer refers to ‘baby boomer’, a raft of people coincidentally born after the troops all came home in the late 40s.

                  What it means in terms of *archetype* though, is people who, even as they reach old age, are eternally living in 1965 in their minds.

      • ~loclun-midwyt says:

        I think Trump’s intention was to go through the legal process, but signal he might use the insurrection act to make mass arrests. I don’t think he intended to actually use it, but just use the fear of it. He made sure to never disavow the Q people, and then Powell and Wood were used to issue out threats of arrests and act as if there is a big plan to get them all, hoping some of the perpetrators would flip to save themselves. Trump’s speeches and his restructuring of the military were part of this.

        They successfully called his bluff. Which was hardly difficult. Not only did he never inflict cruel violence upon any of his enemies, but he never punished any of them at all. Just listen to how Raffensberger disrespects Trump in that phone call, and then leaks the call. What did Trump do to Raffensberger for that?

      • yewotm8 says:

        His lack of preparation was astounding on all fronts. He had months if not years to be prepared for something like this. He may have even had the loyalty of key people before the 6th but lost it immediately when it became apparent that he had nothing other than the Capitol “storming”.

  29. Pooch says:

    Jim are you confident that the preparations you made to your blog will keep you safe when the new enabling act is implemented?

    • jim says:

      Not in the least confident. But I have taken a number of measures to limit potential damage.

    • Ace says:

      I was not expecting the Reichstag fire so soon, but Trump played right into their hands.

      • Pooch says:

        The question is do they escalate on it or not, fake false flag militias attacking DC and such.

        • Red says:

          It seems likely. The death toll in DC was quite small almost everyone who died were killed by cops.

    • Publius says:

      Those of you debating Christianity need to visit the Roslyn Chapel in Scotland, as I have.

      There you will find that the “gift shop” sells books explaining that Christianity is BS.

      The Sun God is a feature of many ancient religions.

      The “Son” (of) God. Get it?

      Also the whole “die for your sins” thing. There are some really good books explaining the Bible, such as the Book of Hiram.

      • jim says:

        When entryists move in to Christianity, they say “we are real Christians. I love Jesus.”

        When they are moving into power, they say “we are the real Christians. I love Jesus more than you do.”

        When they achieve power, they explain that Christianity is not what you thought it was. “I love Jesus because he pointed the way for Obama the lightbringer.”

        Then they say “Christianity is all bullshit anyway – its actually an inferior derivative of our religion. Jesus was an ignorant racist first century Jew”

        Which religion is at best pagan, and usually demon worship.

        The sun god already needs abortion and sodomy. In due course it will need more.

        The sun god worshippers will in due course have to move over for those who think the sun needs human sacrifice.

        • Publius says:

          So do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God? Things like walking on water and escaping the belly of a whale or something like that literally happened? What should I believe?

          Not being sarcastic. I’m new here. I’m a refugee from other (now erased) truth speech blogs. Thank you for allowing me to comment here, by the way.

          • jim says:

            My thought on this matter is Augustinian.

            As Saint Augustine points out, we are told that Jesus was taken to a high mountain from which he could see all the Kingdoms of the world. Obviously there is no such mountain, and if there was such a mountain and he was taken there, he would not be able to see all the Kingdoms of the world.

            The point is that the Old Testament is not history and geography, but rather Hebrew poetry about history and geography.

            For an example of my take on the literal truth of the bible, see my post on Exodus, in which I suggest that the wrath of God manifested through material and effective causation, rather than directly miraculous events.

            For example we are told in Exodus that Pharaoah told the midwives to murder the children. But if you want to murder the children, you send around soldiers rather midwives. I think what happened is that Pharaoh wanted infanticide on the medical plan, as Obama wanted abortion on the medical plan, and the Hebrews did not like it.

            Ipuwer complains that these nasty white foreigners are reproducing more successfully than the Egyptians, Exodus tells us they were reproducing more successfully than the Egyptians, Ipuwer does not like it, likely the Pharaoh did not like it, and tries to assimilate Hebrew family values to Egyptian family values.

            • suones says:

              The Admonitions of Ipuwer make for some fine reading indeed. It’s like Egyptian society was getting fucked and no-one could do anything about it. Turned out expelling the Hebrews did them a lot of good lol. Maybe all those other Kings who expelled Hebrews were on to something.

      • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

        The original New Testament wasn’t written in English. Sun and Son aren’t homonyms in ancient Greek.

        I can’t tell if you’re mocking those books or presenting their claims sincerely, but they obviously aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

        • jim says:

          The books are stupid regardless of whether he is mocking them or not. If we go back into the past, worship of the sky God, the sun God, and the one God genuinely does blur together. That is true enough, but it is the basis of a frame that looks at Christianity as a survival of ancient idiocy, rather than ancient wisdom.

  30. Encelad says:

    I am watching the president’s speech in Texas right now. His tone of voice and body language gives me the vibe of a battered, defeated man… Definitely not of someone who has some trick in the sleeve.

    • Pooch says:

      The fact that he has not resigned yet tells me he will not flee, due to horrible normalcy bias, and will surely be arrested and a large show trial will result.

    • jim says:

      It is time for me to pay my bets.

      Trump lost for the same reason Caesar died. Normality bias.

      It is a new absence of order. New rules. We have an elite faction with a militia, and no one can win except that they have their own militia. But you cannot organize a militia without it being crushed by the existing state backed militia, so you have to get some officers on side.

      • Pooch says:

        We have an elite faction with a militia

        Not seeing that. What elite faction do we have on our side? Trump was the last Optimate.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          What elite faction do we have on our side?

          This is my question too. I also currently see none.

          Jim, are you saying there are indeed elites on our side with a militia? Or are you saying that the regime has a militia, namely antifa/BLM, and that no competing militia will be allowed to exist?

        • qwerty says:

          jim means we have an elite faction ruling over us, and that elite faction has a militia.

        • jim says:

          The hostile elite faction has a militia.

          The elite faction that is on our side is apt to be beaten up by the militia, for example Paul Ryan, if they show any hints of being on our side.

      • qwerty says:

        Question: how likely do you think it is that Trump goes to prison?

        • Ace says:

          How can they not arrest him? He and his family have tons of wealth ripe for the looting.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Not sure it’s confiscating wealth, but rather decapitating a whole movement.

        • jim says:

          Overwhelmingly likely, but probably not immediately.

          • The Cominator says:

            I suspect he will be arrested within the hour of 12:00PM January 20th EST.

            He will be then held without bail in maximum security in New York State… they will not suicide him in prison immediately because they’ll want to do a show trial… if the show trial becomes embarassing or they convict him and the left becomes massively unpopular to the point that normies are protesting en masse even in blue cities that they want the “legitimate” president installed ASAP he will be Epsteined.

    • John says:

      In 240s China, the three kingdoms state of Wei was ruled by a regency led by Cao Shuang, who had forced his former co-regent the elderly Sima Yi out of power. Shuang later sent an agent to check on Yi. At the meeting, Yi appeared senile, confusing words and spilling gruel on himself when trying to eat. Afterward Shuang gave gave no further though to Yi.

      On February 5, 249, Cao Shuang led the Imperial Court out of the capital on a visit to the Imperial tombs. Sima Yi led private troops in a sudden coup d’etat, taking control of the city. On February 9th, Cao Shuang and his entire family were executed under charges of treason.

      Sometimes the outcome is already obvious, but every now and then, it’s safer to wait until the old man is actually dead.

      • The Cominator says:

        This is more a cautionary tale for people who want to push around or oust Biden than anything to do with Trump, maybe he is actually lucid and was just faking it. I mean if he knew it was all rigged faking senility had no downside.

    • Publius says:


  31. anon says:

    Since when does a tree “fall over.” In the absence of human intervention, giant trees live for thousands of years. The tree analogy is a good one though. Communism, supported by millions of sheep, is a very big oak tree already.

    • Ace says:

      The longest running Communist state in history was the Soviet Union. It lasted as long as it did because it traded it’s vast natural resources(primarily oil) for food with the west. Every other communist state starts starving almost immediately and continues starving until the system collapses or everyone is dead. I’d give the US a max of 20 years under full Communism, with 7 years more likely.

    • Pooch says:

      Gnon only allows itself to be mocked for so long.

    • INDY says:

      Where the heck do you live? Trees fall over all the time. I’ve got to keep a chainsaw in the back of my truck.

  32. Ace says:

    So I was thinking it over, isn’t likely that they’ll use the NSA database to data mine every Trump supporter in the security forces, including military and fully purge them? Most people still think of their text messages and phone calls as secure.

    • RedBible says:

      Antifa types will be the ones doing the Doxxing of Trump supporters. it helps to make it look like the “will of the people” that way. So unless you have public tweets or post or donations to trump in your name, should get a “pass” on the first round of killing. Second round may likely include those that might of thought about voting Trump (A.k.a All whites and middle class people.)

    • Pooch says:

      Biden May very well form a unit of ideologues. An SS if you will.

    • Publius says:

      Yep they are already trying to fire the white dudes who are Capitol Police who “secretly” supported the “insurrection.”

      This is old news. They are trying to ensure that no white men can be military or cops.

      Try to find me a white man chief of police. They are all black women, women, or black men.

      LOL. White privilege my ass. No jobs for white men.

      • suones says:

        Which begs the question, what are white men going to do about it? Which way, white man?

        • Dave says:

          One possibility is that ambitious young white men assimilate into Latino culture and become highly intelligent super-criminals. If Harvard won’t have them, the cartels will.

          Cartels in Mexico don’t just terrorize politicians and judges with assassination, kidnapping, and torture, they can defeat the army in a full-on battle.

          • The Cominator says:

            The cartels in Mexico own half of the politicians too. But the Cartels depend more on extreme ruthlessness than intelligence, I’ve read the only cartel group that is above average IQ (and this is Mexican IQ) are those in the money laundering side of the operation.

            Also as Jim points out, some branches of the cartels most ruthless fighters follow the old gods… following the demon gods of the Aztecs is a solution to progressivism we do not want even if it would work which it wouldn’t.

            • Dave says:

              One thing that’s always mystified me about Hollywood action movies is, what motivates hundreds of mooks to heedlessly throw themselves at the hero’s machine gun? You’re not fighting for God, King, and Country, you’re cannon fodder for some shitty drug lord.

              • suones says:

                …what motivates hundreds of mooks to heedlessly throw themselves at the hero’s machine gun? You’re not fighting for God, King, and Country, you’re cannon fodder for some shitty drug lord.

                Hollywood is propaganda. You are never told the motivations of the designated enemy because then you could realise that it is in fact the hero’s side that is really evil. Similar to how Hollywood Nazis are cardboard cutouts, or how the Stormtroopers in Star Wars are at once so effective that they’re able to conquer vast galaxies but are strangely unable to shoot down the hero’s X-Wing.

                This is not a criticism. Any propaganda must do this. Bollywood films of the 50s-70s always showed “British” as generally evildoers at all levels, and Chinese films show Japanese as inveterate “devils” lol.

                • someDude says:

                  Showing Brits between 50s-70s as general evildoers is the exact right thing to do. That’s what self respecting nations do. If it were up to me, the Indians would make their version of 300 but this time with an Amazon woman hacking, impaling and beheading Brits left right and center.

                  The Amazon could be their Goddess Durga, she could be their own Joan of Arc like the Queen of Jhansi. They don’t even have to be very original. It could be Wonder woman meets 300 meets Kill Bill with some song and dance sequences thrown it though I wonder how they’d sneak those in.

                  Propaganda is a tool. It gets sharper with use. And it is too important a tool not to sharpen. I’m with the Indians on this one. Now and then they do show some testicular evidence.

                • suones says:

                  Showing Brits between 50s-70s as general evildoers is the exact right thing to do. That’s what self respecting nations do.

                  That’s why I didn’t criticise Hollywood’s portrayal of enemy combatants as mooks. We all do it.

                  The Amazon could be their Goddess Durga, she could be their own Joan of Arc like the Queen of Jhansi.

                  Hell no. That would be failing the QdF on a grand, grand scale. I second the need for a Bollywood-300 though, even though it can’t really be made because Bollywood is too dominated by Muslims. Come to think of it, 300 can’t be remade in Hollywood either. No shield maidens or black Greeks to be seen anywhere lol.

                • someDude says:


                  queer Dick Fucker?

                  query deserves freshness?

                  You’re talking about elevating women needlessly? Yes, yes, we all know that there is no evidence that either of the previous warrior queens, boudicca, Joan of Arc or LakshmiBai even killed a single man, but …….. ever heard of using one faction of the coalition of Fringes against the other?

                  For instance you could use the progs against Frail, bespectacled, fasting, half naked Baldy like this dude

                  Use girl power against the Brits

              • The Godfather is far better as a book than as a movie. What I learned from it that the mafia was first and foremost an extended family, a clan. Doing crime was secondary. They are not fighting for some shitty drug lord, they are fighting for brother and cousin, like every clannish, tribal society ever. Because Sicily was kind of backwards.

                Even GTA San Andreas has the basic idea, a black gang is not a random collection of blacks who want to do crime, it neighbors who grew up together and as kids were playing together every day, some are relatives, others are “dating” each others relatives, this is the primary thing, and crime is just something they do.

                God, King and Country is something you need when you have a big army where things are more abstract. But the basic tribal or gang 25 men fighting unit are just fighting for each other.

          • suones says:


            … ambitious young white men assimilate into Latino culture and become highly intelligent super-criminals. If Harvard won’t have them, the cartels will.

            The cartels most certainly will not. It is impossible for a gringo to just “go local,” and will lead to the same laughable situation as gaijin “otaku” in the West. Deadly, but in a funny way. Even real-born Latinos (i.e. Spainiards) tend to stay away from cartel-culture because they can’t fit in. They end up in “legitimate” Mexican government and business.

            Dave: Cartels in Mexico … can defeat the army in a full-on battle.
            Cominator: …Cartels depend more on extreme ruthlessness than intelligence…
            Cominator: …the cartels most ruthless fighters follow the old gods…

            The old gods know the nature of their children and are entwined with them. Every indio feels the blood in his arteries calling for sacrifice. Every heart they cut out in battle is an offering to their heavenly father who makes them strong. Even South/Central American “Christianity” is camouflage. The old gods never left. And it absolutely will work against “Progressivism” which is actually Moloch. Moloch has no power in Mexico, or Colombia, or the parts of Brazil that are dominated by natives.

            It won’t work for whites for the same reason “Buddhism” doesn’t work for whites. You can LARP that you feel the “Buddha nature” but you really don’t, can’t. It is sad that whites have now been completely dispossessed of spiritual strength, and are in the same position, spiritually, as US blacks. In any case, worship of foreign gods will never work, whether Aztec or Semitic.

            • someDude says:

              You’re trying way to hard to get the Whites to abandon monotheism and go to their ancestral polytheism.

              You’re trying way too hard to get them to give up Jesus Christ and go back to Odin, Saturn, Apollo, Thor, Zeus, Toutatis, Belenos, Jupiter etc etc.

              Not gonna happen. Monotheism is an organizational technology that gives the adopter way too much focus and unity of purpose. Except for Japan, we are not aware of any instance where polytheists prevailed over monotheists. Monotheism is like Laser while polytheism is like light coming out of a battery powered torch bulb.

              May i suggest that the Indians come up their own version of monotheism to combat the Abrahamisms 2.0 and 3.0? And it seems medieval Indians already beat me to that idea. They condensed your millions of Gods into 3, viz, the Creator, Presever and Destroyer.

              Then they threw the Creator overboard saying that he emerged from the navel of the Preserver. Which made sense. When assaulted by Abrahamism 3.0, the creator is useless. You really need someone to presever Hinduism and another to destroy Abr 3.0

              Then they decided to merge both the preserver and destroyer into 1 saying worship of one is the same as that of the other. In parallel, they started promoting The one Brahman. Pretty haphazard, I must say, but it’s better than nothing. And can’t say it did not work. The Hindus are still here.

              May I suggest building further on this theme and monotheizing yourself instead of trying to get other monotheists to give it up?

              • I kind of agree and disagree a bit with your point here.

                On the one hand, as you observed Monotheistic religions have a unity of purpose that is extremely well equipped to handle and repel direct attacks by other Monotheistic religions but are a lot more susceptible to entryism and also the fact that central authority (Papal authority for example) is vulnerable to subversion. This is because monotheistic religions tend to rely on central authority.

                Hinduism is vulnerable to direct attack by monotheistic religions, but somewhat resilient against entryism because of its distributed nature which is far more numerous than the major denominations of Christianity or Islam. No single point of entry means that entryists are forever baffled and confused when their particular “brand” of Hinduism merely becomes one among many other factions and eventually sidelined. This is also partly why Hindu traditions are holding out somewhat surprisingly against Progressive subversion.

                While it is true that many Hindus have converted to Progressivism, self-identifying Hindus find it increasingly difficult to be a Hindu and a Progressive at the same time because the Progressivism in India increasingly demands Hindus to denounce Hindu culture and Hindu Gods openly because the Progressivism imported to India has mixed the agenda of the old Left as well as the Evangelical denominations of Christianity. Unlike (Progressivized) Christianity for instance. This is also probably why Hinduism faces far more vicious attacks from the Prog media in India, than Christianity in Western media. I see far fewer Progressive “Hindus” at least in public saying “Ram Ram” or “Jai Shree Ram” than Progressive Christians who can say “Jesus Jesus” (as Jim puts it).

                Note the focus: In the West, the enemy is a racial identity of whiteness, while in India, the enemy is the religious identity that is Hinduism. It’s not a coincidence that western Prog media, NYT and WP refer to BJP as a “Hindu Majoritarian party” and the agenda of Hindutva as “Hindu Supremacist” much in the same manner as they refer to “White Supremacy”. Just as whites are being asked to denounce their “whiteness”, Hindus are being asked to denounce their “Hinduness”. In that sense, the attack of Progressivism in India is not the same as an attack on Christianity by Progressivism but rather an attack on “Whiteness” by Progressivism. Because Christianity could be subverted by Progressivism while whiteness and Hinduism could not. Maybe the software does not compute in that sense.

                My point being, becoming monotheistic makes Hinduism more susceptible to Progressive subversion but remaining distributed renders Hinduism vulnerable to Evangelical conversion and infighting which has been the case for a long time now, which has had the effect of weakening our overall defences.

                Today organizing Hindus requires a focus on prioritizing which is the more dangerous enemy of the moment.

                • someDude says:


                  Please see my comment to Suones. It is meant for you as well.

                  Also, it might be better optics to switch your handle. Honest Indian seems to imply that most Indians are not honest and you are some sort of exception and not like them. Finally, for others on this board, it sounds like a parody of Honest Injun’. And then there are all these old memes about Honest Al being a used car salesman. Just don’t use the word “Honest”.

                  Why not a handle derived from some lesser known mythological figure or lesser known King who successfully did battle against the Abrahamic invaders?

                • This was a random handle that came to my mind and I didn’t really think it through at the time of first posting on this blog. Henceforth my handle is “dharmicreality”, as reflected in my blog title.

              • suones says:


                Not gonna happen. Monotheism is an organizational technology that gives the adopter way too much focus and unity of purpose. Except for Japan, we are not aware of any instance where polytheists prevailed over monotheists. Monotheism is like Laser while polytheism is like light coming out of a battery powered torch bulb.

                This is delusional. There is no struggle between “monotheism” and “polytheism” here. The struggle is between thralls of Semitic daemons who promised their votaries the world, but are failing to protect them against Moloch and even Mammon. The old gods can and do protect, as seen in Mexico, and Africa.

                You seem to have a profound misunderstanding of old-style worship. I’m willing to discuss, but you have to state your own position clearly. Are you an adherent of Christ Invictus, Baphomet, or any other of your choosing?

                • someDude says:

                  Like Alf I’m an atheist but unlike him I believe Lord Rama is the best Glue to unify Indians as Jesus Christ is the best glue for Whites. I agree with Jim that you need to reboot to the last working technology, which was Jesus Christ for the Whites and Lord Rama for the Indians.

                  The Old Gods protect from what? They failed miserably against both Paul and Mohammad in the past and continue to fail miserably against the Church in India today. As I understand, You’ve lost your entire North East to Christ. You’ve already lost one coastal southern province to a combo of Paul and Muhammad. You are in the process of losing two of your remaining three Southern provinces to the Church. In fact you might have already lost them both but don’t realize it yet.

                  As for resistance to progressives, I’m not seeing it. Half or more of the Hindu elite is progressive with fertility rates that would embarrass the Nordics. Family law that penalizes men as badly as western family law. Possibility of raising the age of consent for women to 21. Pumping women into the Armed forces and netflix specials showing the struggles these brave amazons face against the chauvinistic culture of the forces. Perhaps you have some special goggles that makes you see all that you are claiming?

                  The way I see it, Hinduism is resistant to neither Islam, nor Christianity nor progressivism. As far it’s resistance to progressvism is concerned, that is more a function of poverty than Hinduism. Watch as the middle class continues to expand. To say that somehow Hinduism is more resistant to progressivism than Islam is splitting hairs at best and intellectual dishonesty at worst. I’m not sure exactly what modern Hinduism is resistant to apart from unity of purpose.

                • someDude says:

                  Small correction.

                  The statement

                  To say that somehow Hinduism is more resistant to progressivism than Islam is splitting hairs at best and intellectual dishonesty at worst

                  Should instead read

                  To say that somehow Hinduism is more resistant to progressivism than Christianity is splitting hairs at best and intellectual dishonesty at worst.

                • I didn’t say Hinduism is resistant to progressivism as such, but I said it is somewhat resistant to entryism by Progressivists. As an example, except the city elites, I see most Hindu families are still somewhat patriarchial. Divorce, while increasing, still remains a least preferred option.

                  That is why the Progressives have allied with Evangelical Christianity to fight Hinduism in India by conversion of the Hindu masses. There is no “Progressive Hinduism” that fights traditional Hinduism in India, because of the distributed nature of HInduism acting as a counterbalance against entryism. Whereas in the West, even the Pope has become progressivized.

                  Hinduism is weak against direct attacks from all sides, because of lack of internal unity and centuries of fending off attacks from the desert cultists.

                • As an aside, I’d be interested to read a detailed article on the nature of the old gods and how they relate to their worshippers on your blog. You seem to have a lot of esoteric knowledge on the subject.

                • someDude says:

                  Hindu-ism seems somewhat resistant against progressivism and the Hindu elite family seems somewhat patriarchal for two reasons

                  1. Relative poverty vis-a-vis the west
                  2. Recent exposure to progressivism. Boil the frog slowly

                  It seems that it is as vulnerable to Progs as Xtianity. To say it is more or less is just splitting hairs.

                  There are times when a distributed architecture works and times when a centralized one works. It is not right to make a fetish of one or the other the way Hindus make of their distributed architecture. A handshake protocol is not always superior than central clocking.

                  At the moment, given these times, it seems that a centralized architecture that appears to be distributed works best, like Western progressivism. One microphone, one thousand speakers. The one thousand speakers serve to hide the location of the one microphone even if someone guessed that there was actually just a single microphone. You get a nice compromise between both systems.

                  If Hindus truly claim to follow the Dhamma (the Tao or the laws of nature), then they must quickly up and create a new architecture for a new age. If you read any of the ancient plays like SvapnaVasavadatta or Malvikagnimitram, it becomes clear that the Hinduism of those days, the Gods of those Hindus are nothing like the Hindus of these days, the Gods of the Hindus of these days.

                  Adapt to the times. Take inspiration from the past, but don’t fetishize it, don’t be attached to it. And do what works. For it is by observing what works that Lord Rama’s will becomes manifests to mortals such as us.

                  I cannot maintain a blog of my own for reasons I would rather not get into for my own safety.

                • @someDude, my “old gods” comment was directed at suones, but I am also interested in your views, which adds some interesting counter-points to suones’.

                  As to your point about social technology requiring restructuring/adapting for new times, I agree with you on that.

                • someDude says:

                  My point is not that Hindus have to adopt Monotheism though it seems that I am giving that impression. My point is more along the lines of, whatever the Hindus are doing is not working. And it is not working on an average time line starting 668 AD till date. So it is worth looking at doing something with the architecture. Time to at least consider it.

            • ten says:

              Buddha was blue eyed shakya, shakya == saka == scythian, scythians were the most OG descendants of ur-aryans

              Maybe, i don’t know. Ancient buddhism to me seems to have been a quite different way whiter beast, and bearing non-accidental similarities to christianity.

              • suones says:


                Indeed. Sri Buddha was definitely born an Aryan man, and was a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth. Much of “early Christian” doctrine (after it became Romanised) seems to have little to do with Judea (the purported homeland of Christ) and a whole lot to do with Buddhism (which had spread to China through Shri Samrat Ashoka the Great). Buddhism is an extremely solid, proven basis for building Empire, as well as culture that will last millenia and still have the power to fight Baphomet (see: Burma). Some speculate that the Nazarene travelled East and met Sri Buddha Himself, but that avenue of research has been shut down through association with the Nazi Tibetan Expedition.

                From Hindu point of view, the caste system is a way to preserve one’s genetic heritage while living as part of a heterogeneous society.

                Spiritually, Sri Buddha is considered the last avatar of Sri Vishnu so far, as the divinity in Him is unmistakable. But that then leads to the other conclusion that the Nazarene must also have been an avatar. This latter is strongly resisted by most Established (dyophisitic) churches, but supported by Miaphysites, and apparently Jim.

                • jim says:

                  Huh? What is it that I am supposedly supporting?

                  Rather, my position is that it is wise to exclude “Hindus” who do not accept Rama as an avatar, for the same reason as it is wise to exclude “Christians” who get excessively clever about the divinity of Christ.

                  I have no inclination to unite Christianity and Hinduism, though there are obvious parallels between both at their best.

                  Every nation should have its own religion, rooted in their past and their race. The national churches of whites should all be orthodox and in communion, but with their own authorities and distinctive differences, rooted in their own histories. Much of black Africa should be Christian, but black Christianity will necessarily be different from white Christianity.

                • @jim,

                  I wonder if you have read Edgar Wallace’s Sanders of the River series of books, in which he writes about British West Africa which is ruled by a British administrator called Sanders.

                  If you have not, please do if you can (I think they are downloadable free as e-books on Gutenberg.

                  Today’s progs will have a hard time digesting his red pills.

                • jim says:

                  Downloaded Sanders of the river. I will take a look at it.

              • someDude says:

                Yes, the scriptures do say that the Buddha was Blue Eyed. There is the paragraph where his Wife before his renunciation, Yashodhara by name, describes the physical features of the Buddha to their son, Rahula. In that she describes him as Blue eyed.

                However, to just use that sentence and claim European Ancestry for Buddha is ……….. jumping the Gun

                The Buddha is also described as being of a Golden Hue, not pale, not white. He is also described as having become black of skin when he was undergoing austerities. Sounds like the skin tone of upper caste north Indians today

                Next, there is a subtle idea behind the Buddha having Blue Eyes. No one ever described Siddhartha as having Blue eyes. His eyes were possibly brown/black like most Indians. It is when Siddhartha becomes a Buddha that his physical features undergo some changes, eyes becoming blue being one of them. The Buddha is described as one without guile. A person with blue eyes cannot hide how he/she feels because of the lack of pigmentation. Since the Buddha never lies and never deceives, indeed he is incapable of it, his eyes have to necessarily be blue rather than black or brown.

                Just my two cents.

            • Under Christianity, whites became the dominant culture of Earth and the primary movers of science and technology. And you claim that did not work and it was better back in the pagan ages? Christianity got Germanized, you really need to read James C. Russel’s book. The Christian whites who fought the Muslim, Reconquista’d Spain, captured Jerusalem in a Crusade etc. were not spiritually deracinated people, they absolutely seem to come across as people who were spiritually just in the right place.

              • suones says:

                Under Christianity, whites became the dominant culture of Earth and the primary movers of science and technology. And you claim that did not work and it was better back in the pagan ages?

                Aryans were already the dominant culture of Earth before Chrestos was even born, had been for thousands of years, and have every indication of being as successful, even more so perhaps, if Julian the Faithful had prevailed.

                Neither Plato, nor Archimedes, nor Xenophon, Ptolemy, Eratosthenes, none were Christian.

                I’m always surprised when people have this enormous blind spot regarding the human capital of “Christians” affecting their performance. Christianity as “magic religion” is a post-Christian myth created during the post-Roman collapse to cope with the reality of rapid Baphometan conquest. For “n” number of Christian states that Baphomet subjugated, there has been a grand total of “one” Reconquista till date. Witness how Damascus is so much “better” now than in the “pagan” days.

                Attribute the success of Christian Aryans to “Christ.” Attribute the failure of Christian Africans/Semites/Indios to their “race.” Is this the real red pill on race?

                • ten says:

                  That isn’t what’s being done, at least not here.

                  The first (historically attested, can suspect there were more of them earlier) wave of aryan conquest was great, created or seeded every great civilization during and after their time (The chinese will not open the tomb of the first emperor of qin because the stories say he had blue eyes, they do not want to know if the first unified china was unified by aryans.)

                  But then it all waned. Maybe you are happy with how the indic civ fared, i wouldn’t be. The aryan culture/religion, most clearly and anciently represented in the rig veda, was amazingly kickass for bronze age conquest, created mighty virtuous men of great minds whose heritage is our blessing, but then it all waned. Sparta became a decrepit village. Greece did democracy. Persia did multiculturalism and urban vice.

                  Rome could have started the industrial revolution AD -200 but were busy eating dream fish and fucking each other in the ass, and then just stopped breeding, imported the world and got massively fucked by the still virtuous aryan germans.

                  If your story was true, then the aryans wouldn’t have degenerated to sad shadows of their former selves once they went from tribal conquerors to civilizational scions. They did.

                  Christianity enables us to have both civilization and virtue.

                  You chide it for losing to islam, except spain. Well. It is a common problem and a difficult problem. Islam is good at winning. Their cooperation equilibrium is lower and less potent than ours and will not let us reach infinite space, but it is powerful, and might defeat us.

                  Aryans reached their highest potential and greatest influence under christianity. The prechristian aryans also did great stuff, but their parabolic curve to degenerative paralysis was inherent in their paganism in its civilizational stage, while our parabolic curve maps plainly to the retreat of christianity.

                • jim says:

                  As I am fond of saying, old type State Anglicanism, 1660 to 1832, gave us science, technology, industry, and an empire on which the sun never set.

                  Race obviously had something to do with it, but it is equally obvious that without the right religion, you don’t get sufficient large scale cooperation.

                • jim says:

                  > The first (historically attested, can suspect there were more of them earlier) wave of aryan conquest was great, created or seeded every great civilization during and after their time (The chinese will not open the tomb of the first emperor of qin because the stories say he had blue eyes, they do not want to know if the first unified china was unified by aryans.)

                  The first wave of Aryan conquest was the battle axe people, which is prehistory.

                  The second wave was the chariot people, of which we have some slight history, and a great deal of legend, old songs, and prehistory.

                  The Battle Axe people were stone age, but had long distance relationships and cohesion through river transport, and probably through cart transport – they had small horses, but we do not know if they used them for transport, or just for milk and meat.

                  The Chariot people were the first to fabricate bronze. They used swarms of chariots to attack armies of footsoldiers from range.

                  Their cooperation was mediated through aristocratic families who married the daughters of other aristocrats from a very long distance away. They were patriarchal and patrilineal, and probably practiced cousin marriage, where the cooperation between descendants of the same father or grand father is cemented by marrying the son of one family to the daughter of another. Aristocratic families were spread out over vast distances.

                  After they founded bronze age civilization they went matrilineal and lost patriarchy, and bronze age civilization collapsed. Matrilineality led to defect/defect equilibrium between males and females, which led to contraception, abortion, and infanticide.

        • Pooch says:

          Right now it’s just the white peasants getting stomped on. The white elite are ok for now as long as they bend to the knee and mouth the prof platitudes. I’m waiting to see what the white male elite, and particularly the military white male elite, do when they get diversity’d out of their jobs.

  33. alf says:

    OK I guess we are still continuing.

    In our last installment, we discussed the trinity test, which confusingly includes the trinity as only one of its three prongs. Since I argue Christianity has been overrun by entryists to the point of death, Jim argues it is alive, this seems sensible.

    We took Stephen Colbert as poster boy, Colbert being both a mouthpiece for the cathedral as well as a practicing Catholic.

    I researched whether Colbert passed the trinity test.

    On the first test, that God is one and God is three, he passed.

    On the second test, that he can say the name Jesus Christ without bursting into flames, he passed.

    On the third test, that Jesus is both born in Bethlehem and from before Bethlehem, I initially pegged him as failing because he stood up for Unitarians. But the test is not whether or not you stand up for Unitarians, it’s whether you can say that Jesus is born both in Bethlehem and from before then. I cannot find him saying it, cannot find him not saying it. So it is unclear.

    Passes two out of three, fails zero out of three. For a guy who has talked about as much on tv as Jim has written on his blog, that seems very indicative of Christianity’s failure to keep progressive entryists out.

    • davisM says:

      Alf, your website has gone, but how do I contact you?
      I sent you a message on Gab, but did you see it?

      • alf says:

        On gab someone with the handle glosoli requested to speak to me live. I told him to stop glowing in the dark.

        • R7 Rocket says:

          The guy named glosoli on Gab definitely glows in the dark. He cannot pass RedPill on Women questions.

          • davisM says:

            And yet he does pass your silly test, despite your false accusations.

            @alf, what are you afraid of man?

            • R7 Rocket says:


              Glosoli has failed to answer a single multiple choice RedPill on Women Question.

              Why don’t you answer my multiple choice RedPill on women question that I put out on this comment section?
              “Should pornography be banned?”

              Type out both question and the full answer, not just the letter when you answer.

            • jim says:

              Take the test.

    • alf says:

      nvm, I guess it is over.

      Which is to say, it’s not over, for we have not gotten to the conclusion, whatever that conclusion would have been. But I am done pulling teeth.

      You think you have heard what I say, but you have not. But you are an old, well, middle-aged man, set in his ways, so I guess that’s ok. Thanks for the wisdom, anyways.

    • jim says:

      Does not pass two out of three.

      Demon worshippers say “Jesus Jesus Jesus, I love Jesus all day long”, but they are unable to say the name of Christ.

      Socinians can say the name of Christ, though they would rather not, so they squeak through two out of three, getting slippery about it, but get evasive when you try to pin them down as to who Christ is.

      And Socinians were, for several centuries, the biggest threat, and caused the greatest harm, and if they are no longer so important today, it is only that Christianity’s applecart no longer has so many shiny apples, so fewer leftists care about knocking over that apple cart.

      Colbert looks to me like a Socinian or a demon worshipper.

      • alf says:

        He says the name of Jesus plenty. He says it here, he says it here.

        When asked about how he views God today, Colbert replied: “It’s Jesus Christ. Not an old man with a beard.


        And the last test is thusly obscure that we have no clue whether or not he passes.

        It is of course not the Socinians that have been the biggest threat. It is the Puritans and the Enlightened, and their progressive descendants. Colbert is an obvious progressive entryist. But the trinity test does not test for that.

        • jim says:

          That he said “Jesus Christ” means he is not a demon worshipper. Still sounds like a Socinian.

          He does not worship a Christ who wanted the Jews to return to the spirit of the law, but a Christ that announced a new, kindlier, spirit of the law. The latest improvement to the spirit of the law being to get nine year old boys to wear dresses and makeup.

          • alf says:

            So, passes two out of three.

            On the last test, unclear. Perhaps he is a Socinian, besides being a progressive, perhaps not. That the ‘from Bethlehem and from before’ test is unable to establish that is the test’s weakness, not mine.

            • Pooch says:

              I don’t think he could repeat Jim’s creed word for word, for fear of bursting into flames. He talks about Jesus Christ in a very strange and non-Christian way.

              • alf says:

                I agree in the sense that his entryism emanates from his entire being, which makes him the perfect test subject.

                I’m not looking for ‘I dont think he could’. I’m looking for ‘here he obviously fails and it is clear for everyone.’ That’s what a good entryism test should accomplish. For instance, compare with the red pill women test.

                Stephen, what about gender inequality?
                A) Well obviously there is gender inequality because Jews make women do bad stuff
                B) Men by nature conquer women and when they stop doing so things go bad.
                C) There used to be gender inequality but we finally solved it, although now we are going too far in the other direction
                D) Why does this gender inequality still persist, and how can we stop it? sometimes I wonder whether the world would be a better place if women were in charge.

                THAT’s clear to me.

                • R7 Rocket says:


                  Totally agreed. The incredible effectiveness of the RedPill on Women multiple choice test shows an indication of what the future counter-religion is going to look like.

            • jim says:

              That test was enforced by Church of England for a very long time, and the ancien Regime of England re-established by Charles the Second survived while that test was enforced, and fell not long after it ceased to be enforced, fell to people who could not pass it.

              Mostly works against people on this blog who sound like entryists to Christianity, worked for the Church of England.

              We have had two millennia of troubles over Christology, and the test is targeted against poisonous trees who bore poisoned fruit.

              “Wholly God and wholly man” is there to stop the people who caused Christian Egypt to fall to Islam, “is from before the beginning of the world” is there to stop the people who destroyed the ancien regime of England. Each phrase in the affirmation is a reference to a terrible historical disaster caused by entryists against Christianity.

              • alf says:

                Which history nobody remembers, nobody cares about. Save for some 200 IQ savants on the internet.

                • qwerty says:

                  Yep. There are no churches today that are actually churches in the sense that the Church of England was a church during the Restoration. They don’t decide any of the important things: the Moldbuggian Cathedral does. So it doesn’t make sense to me why jim thinks that being able or not being able to signal theological allegiance to a specific church has anything to do with one’s allegiance to Gnon. Like, even if Colbert were scrupulously aligned with Roman Catholic doctrine in everything, what would it tell us? The Pope supports gay marriage and infinite refugee immigration. The Protestant Churches (save some American ones, they have their own problems) are even worse. So it follows that many Christians might hold technically unorthodox views while still being loyal to the “God of Nature or God”, and many Christians may be completely orthodox by the standards of their church but still de-facto “demon worshipers”. This wasn’t the case 300 years ago, but the Church actually had power 300 years ago.

                • jim says:

                  > So it doesn’t make sense to me why jim thinks that being able or not being able to signal theological allegiance to a specific church has anything to do with one’s allegiance to Gnon.

                  I am not asking people to signal theological alliance to a particular Church.

                  I am asking people who claim to be Christians, and more Christian than I am, to signal allegiance to Christianity, rather than to one of the many evil hostile sects that entered Christianity to knock over its applecart so that they could grab some apples.

                  All entryists are aligned with some mainline Church or other, and often several mutually incompatible mainline Churches. It does not matter what mainline Church you are in, if you are in it in order to destroy it and harm its adherents.

                  If someone is an entryist to Christianity, and shows up on this blog, he is an entryist to the reaction and to the Dark Enlightenment.

                • suones says:

                  Which history nobody remembers, nobody cares about. Save for some 200 IQ savants on the internet.

                  Jim is right tho. The Monophysite/Dyophysite schism was in part responsible for the relatively easy Islamic conquest of Misr.

                  What Jim ignores is that the Monophysites/Copts were mostly ethnic Egyptians related to the Arabs (descendants of Ishmael) through Hagar, while Dyophisitism was enforced by the Byzantine occupation ruling class and their Egyptian fellow-travellers. The “schism” is a fig leaf over ethnic conflicts.

                  By giving up their true gods and forefathers, Copts made a deal with a Semitic demon. When the followers of a different Semitic demon came about, it was now very easy to shift allegiance to this different Master.

                  It is not strange at all that Julian the Faithful found Antiocheans very committed to Semitism, as they immediately committed to a different variety of Semitism as soon as the opportunity for power presented itself. To wit, Syria became the seat of the Caliphate and Damascus again became a major world-centre under Muslim rule. Syrians were also instrumental in finishing off Muhammad/Ali’s bloodline so that no claims of a hereditary Caliph/monarch may arise. All of which came to naught as Arabs re-asserted their supremacy.

                  I re-iterate: the only way “Christianity” can be tolerated is when it is a national Church completely part of a long-lasting power-structure and effectively an arm of the State. The only semi-modern examples I know of are the Russian Orthodox Church (which also was formed as the result of a convenient “schism” right when Byzantium fell to Allah, and was actually permitted by the Caliph), and the Anglican Church (which came about when Henry VIII thought the interference of the Pope in his harem was infuriating). Any and all “ideological” and especially internationalist/evangelical strains must be purged at first encounter.

                  To hit a point closer to my home: the only church allowed in Hindu India will be the one that was founded by St Thomas and has remained largely uncorrupted by Roman and later Byzantine foolishness, the Indian Orthodox Church. This Church also subscribes to Monophysitism, which is the correct belief. An avatar is also a god, and is the same as the original god. Shri Ram is wholly man, and wholly god, and is consubstantial with Shri Vishnu. To believe that “Ram” the man is different from “Shri Ram” the divine is stupidity.

                • alf says:

                  If someone is an entryist to Christianity, and shows up on this blog, he is an entryist to the reaction and to the Dark Enlightenment.

                  I a squinting my eyes, but dare I say you are you vaguely agreeing with me?

                  Your point about not pissing off friendly Christians makes sense. There’s good people out there, and a disproportionate amount of the good people tend to be Christians.

                  My point however is that we should not trust these people to bring about any sort of restoration. They are too passive, not talking about the reality of the situation as clear as we are. As I find exactly reflected in the trinity tests, which are not bad per se, but fail to check for obvious entryists like colbert. So while we are not exactly not Christians, we are not exactly Christians either. Most of us are darkly enlightened first, Christian second.

                  Which makes me leap to the conclusion of saying the closest thing we are is Jimian Christians, but really that part is open-ended and we needn’t fill it in immediately.

                • jim says:

                  I am sure that Colbert would fail the test. He sounds like an obvious entryist against Christianity.

                  His references to Jesus and Christ are weirdly off key, indicating a Socinian or one of those ilk.

                  He is using the words of Christianity, but using them oddly in ways that suggest that they don’t have the Christian meaning.

                • alf says:

                  I am sure colbert would fail the trinity test

                  Yes and I am sure that had I a time machine, the miracles would come up dry.

                  If I don’t get to prove an unfalsifiable, you don’t get to prove an unfalsifiable. Either the test tests what it is supposed to test, or the test does not work. Seems it does not work.

              • suones says:

                “Wholly God and wholly man” is there to stop the people who caused Christian Egypt to fall to Islam,

                Misr fell to Islam because Christianity demolished any and all millennia-old Chesterton’s fences in the region. Seriously, half the “Christians” there were actively collaborating with the Muslim invaders, and the Muslim armies were actually surprised by the unexpectedly lax resistance. Also, Syria, Babylon, and soon, France. The pagan areas conquered by Muslims are very small, geographically speaking. Their major non-Christian conquest has been Persia, but that developed its own schismatic Persian Shia Islam soon enough.

    • Orthodox Nobleman says:

      Observations regarding the discussion on Colbert.

      Stephen Colbert fails two of the three tests, and in failing the first fails the third by default.

      The irony of Colbert’s fidget spinner analogy video is its explanation of its own heresies. Each person of the Trinity is the divine essence, not a component of the divine essence. Modalism is a heresy on the level of Socinianism. Christ is not a component of the divine essence, Christ is the divine essence. Colbert states that God is three in one, not one and three, thus he fails.

      If Colbert defines the Trinity as the sum of three parts, it negates the possibility of him believing that the Lord Jesus Christ is both born in Bethlehem and is before Bethlehem, thus he fails the third test.

      Colbert does not pass the second test in any video linked here: (0:10) (1:10)

      In the first video, Colbert says “it’s Christ…it’s Jesus…it’s not the old man with the beard.” He does not say “It’s Jesus Christ. Not an old man with a beard.“ In the second video, Colbert mentions “Christ,” not “Jesus Christ.” Neither video shows Colbert using the words “Jesus Christ” together. Maybe you should watch your own videos before posting them to the blog.

      Colbert’s video on the Fidget Spinner is him mocking real Christians for having proper doctrine on theological matters, not to mention the litany of evils in his video with the demon Jesuit of which would take too long to detail.

      I knew this man was evil before, thanks to you I know he is a slave of the Devil. To use your wording, he is truly a “piece of shit.”

      • alf says:

        Christ is not a component of the divine essence, Christ is the divine essence. Colbert states that God is three in one, not one and three, thus he fails.

        This shit right here is why Christians lose. What is this semantic unfollowable crap?

        The point of an entryism test is to everyone clearly demonstrate that the one who takes the test is not who he purports to be. An important part of the test is to humiliate the person failing the test.

        Take the Soros test for wignats. You ask shills who supposedly hate Jews to mention the evil deeds of this very influential jew, and they literally can’t do it. That’s the kind of stuff that makes you go: wow, something fishy is really going on here.

        Now back to your trinity explanation. Colbert explains the trinity with fidget spinners: three parts when the fidget is still, one whole when it spins. It’s hip, it’s creative, and to any layman’s ear it makes sense. Then comes along you: ‘noooo the metaphor is wrong it says God is one IN three and not one AND three.’ What? OK great job. Every Catholic kid is going to side with colbert on this one. You’re literally the crying bugman meme. And colbert gets to be the ‘haha fidget spinner go brrrr’ meme.

        Neither video shows Colbert using the words “Jesus Christ” together.

        Good catch, I’ll give you that. Kind of pulling on straws though. If he can say ‘it’s Christ, it’s Jesus’ unprompted, pretty sure he can say ‘it’s Jesus Christ’ when prompted.

        • Orthodox Nobleman says:

          Christians convened the first seven Ecumenical Councils in response to heresies among them Modalism. It does not matter if you find the distinctions semantic, Christians are the ones who administer the test, and Colbert fails.

          The analogy works because Christians cannot fight back. If Colbert was mocking Tawhid and depicted Muhammad with the same disrespect he depicted God, not so cool. Ha ha automatic rifle go brrr. Charlie Hebdo got what they deserved, while Colbert does not.

          The fidget spinner analogy appeals to the average layman, in other words proles, who do not and never will matter. Proles should be seen and not heard, leaving theology to elites.

          Poster girl principle applies. If Colbert cannot say “Jesus Christ” in videos where others paraphrase him saying “Jesus Christ,” does not pass second test.

  34. I wrote below that if Poland and Hungary and similarly not-pozzed-enough nations will get fucked, they will get fucked indirectly through the EU.

    Now Heiko Maas, Foreign Minister of Germany is “offering close cooperation” to the Biden administration and saying “We are ready to work with the US for a new Marshall plan for democracy”, “the enemies of liberal democracy must be given no room in the USA, Germany or Europe”. He told Biden “you can rely on Germany in the fight for democracy, without democracy in the USA cannot be democracy in Germany”

    Let’s decode this. Without lib rule in the US cannot be lib rule in Germany because it requires the US military to suppress the enemies of lib rule in Germany.

    Another interesting part was “defending the persuasiveness of science and reason”. This probably must mean globalwarming. Or Corona.

    So a preemptive declaration of full loyalty to US libs. Things gonna change fast in Europe…

    Poland, Hungary and others must be clever. The obvious thing would be to leave the EU and to leave the NATO probably as well. But that would really invite Milosevic style USAF bombing. I think they should not leave the EU and the NATO because it would be really unseemly for the USAF to bomb EU and NATO territory, I think that is an apperance that the libs do not want to violate. When vassals are called allies, one just cannot go and attack them, that would have very bad optics, first one must declare them non-allies. I think their best bet would be to comply with some of the demands and stay inside the EU and the NATO to avoid getting bombed.

    • Ace says:

      I think they’re about to let up on COVID. Now that they have full control of every intuition, all social media, and the regular media, they’ll just crush small business using the IRS and regulatory bodies quickly and cleanly.

      • onyomi says:

        Letting up on covid after Biden gets in also has the advantage of sending the subliminal message that, “elect right wing populists=life sucks; elect globalist=life gets better.” No matter that it was the globalists making life suck under the right wing populist, I fear this may work to a degree on normies, though probably less so with the mask coming off to this degree.

        • Ace says:

          It’s likely to work, especially with the full Nazi propaganda model they’ve got now. The German economy was already recovering when Hitler took power and was near total collapse towards 1938 thanks to Hitler’s before the war, war socialism, but the Media reported everything was fine and people believed it. People were staving in the occupied territories starting in 1940.

          • The Cominator says:

            Hitler’s 1st two years were genuinely right wing including even in economics, but he reversed course towards real socialism in 1935.

            • suones says:

              Hitler was preparing for war, which was clear to everyone by 1936-38, but especially must have been to Hitler. Wartime command economy is a necessity unrelated to “Socialism.” When major businesses are in the hands of people of dubious loyalty, a leader must take steps to force ensure their loyalty before striking out. A similar situation exists in the USA with regards to Silicon Valley, and has existed for more than a century with regards to Wall street. No US leader can expect to enact meaningful change without subduing his enemies in those two places, and doing so over a short period of time like 3-5 years is going to look an awful lot like “muh Socialism.”

              • jim says:

                > Wartime command economy is a necessity unrelated to “Socialism.”

                Xenophon did not think so.

                Socialism was a grave mistake for Hitler, because he started running out of other people’s money at the beginning of the war, while his opponents were only running out of money at the end. He was in big trouble at the time he conquered Greece.

                The advantage of a command economy for war is that you can tax above the laffer limit, in fact you can tax in excess of one hundred percent. But not for very long. In a prolonged war, you are going to need a base area that is taxed at the laffer limit.

                The laffer limit depends on your time horizon. So, the longer the war might go on, the lower the laffer limit. Hitler was fighting a land war against airsea powers, who have the option of dragging the war out for a very long time if it suits them. Same problem Napoleon had.

                • suones says:

                  Xenophon didn’t have to fight a total war. His victory condition was not vanquishing his enemies, but survival. Also, the farmers and merchants the Greek Army purchased from were able and willing to sell to them, being vassals not really aligned with their nominal masters. A completely different situation when your own nation’s resources are commanded by an ideologically driven, hostile elite. Similar arguments were raised against the Trumpenfuhrer exerting State power over Silicon Valley or the Media. No, it is not Socialism to use State power to diminish your internal enemies capacity to fight. Trumpenfuhrer couldn’t do it because he didn’t actually have the power, but that is another issue.

                  As for your second point, I absolutely agree. I have said before that the Nazis’ major sin was covetousness, and that was what did them in. They were haemorrhaging resources even when they were winning. All their (mighty inspiring!) talk about a “Thousand Year Reich” was nothing but bluster with no plan. Hmm, suspiciously like Trumpenfuhrer.

                  Regarding the Laffer limit, a wartime command economy enables a nation to fight short wars with extreme intensity, intended to win rapid victory through sheer terror and destruction. I firmly believe that Hitler or his planners understood this, and capitalised on this in the early years of the war. They even named it “blitzkreig.” Given the German situation, lacking a vast hinterland like Russia, a vast Empire like Britain, or a vast industrial base like USA, I can’t imagine they wanted to get into a protracted war with any of those powers, let alone all of them. They should have just conquered the French and Belgian territories (which included the African possessions!) and called it a day.

                  Comparison with other combatants doesn’t give any valuable info, as everyone had command economies in WW-II, including Britain, USSR (obviously), USA (FDR), and Japan (Tojo). Japan probably had the “free-est” of the lot. So WWII is as easily a failure of Hitler’s command economy as a success of FDR’s command economy.

                  Aside: What I find a mystery is the failure of Germany and Japan to ally. While (((history))) teaches us about the “Axis Powers” there really was no actual axis to speak of. Hitler failed to use Subhash Chandra Bose to paralyse the British Empire’s eastern end. He also, severely neglected to ally with Japan for a joint invasion of the Soviet Union from both ends, instead of Japan attacking USA first. Even Italy, a nominal German “ally,” was far from an actual ally as regards fighting ability and/or resources. I believe the Nazis’ failure to seek alliance with their Eastern counterparts was a result of racial hubris, but I could be mistaken. Japan’s strategy is less mysterious. Being an airsea power itself, it was bound to come into conflict with the Anglo-American Axis, and they might have figured it would be best to fight USA while it was engaged across the Atlantic with Germany. However, that presupposed a Germany lasting long enough to fight the USA over the Atlantic, which necessarily meant a total defeat of the USSR first. All in all, Germany and Japan could have mopped up Asia and more than half of Europe before atomic weapons were invented, but they didn’t, and here we are 🙂

                • Nils says:

                  Friend and I were just talking about the German procurement process in ww2 Germany, and how bueauctratic restrictions on materials crippled development from all but the largest companies and slowed it down by months or years, 5% nickel content restriction on jet engines? Why? Seems like they would have been better served with a market for materials and instead focused on deciding how much they could afford to pay for products like fighters. Even with the communism in resource allocation their innovation was impressive altho most of it was theoretically designed prior to the war. Interesting idea that they should have gone for a low and slow war to outlast their increasingly communist(command economy) enemies.

      • Pooch says:

        I don’t think they are agreement capable to let up on COVID. Like climate change, it’s part of official doctrine now.

        • Ace says:

          I didn’t say they were going to give up their powers, they may just end the end the lock downs. No need for them when destroying small businesses with the full powers of the regulatory state and the suprema court as their bitches. And the COVID stuff was enforced by the left with a single voice. The US government isn’t agreement capable, but the Democrat governors are.

    • Dave says:

      Lukashenko suddenly looks like a genius for keeping his country firmly allied with Russia.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Though he was agile enough to pull them back once the color revolution process started, Luka had extended a few tentative feelers towards the West looking for gibs. Putin isn’t going to forget that and I think Luka staying in power another full term is not a slam dunk; neither the West nor Russia is going to help him out of his economic troubles. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get replaced with someone both more loyal to the Kremlin and more glib at soothing normie concerns.

        • The Cominator says:

          Luka is not a progressive but he is a Stalinist (maybe not as murderous as the original variety but he wouldn’t get away with that as neither Putin nor the West would let an oldschool Stalinist go that far), whereas Putin is one of us. Luka is thus a man out of time…

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Luka was the only man in 1989 USSR who believed in the USSR.

            • There is context. Trade with Russia has been the lifeblood of the Belarussian economy, so one in his position had to believe in the USSR not completely falling apart but at least functioning as some sort of a common economic area. The main problem was that the trucks sent to Russia and back have been robbed by armed bandits in that chaotic era of collapse. So his solution was to put a soldier sitting next to the driver in every truck with an AK, and if the truck is stopped for any reason, he is to immediately open fire, no questions asked. Pretty quickly the problem was solved. The moral of the story is that he was capable of decisive, almost kingly action, not the typical passive Soviet bureaucrat, and this was what made him popular.

  35. Ace says:

    With the Deepstate/Cathedral now taking the Nazi route, do you think they could crush the left along with the right, much as Hitler did? For that matter, what was the source of Nazi cohesion? Hitlerism was invented to replace churches, but I’m not sure how seriously people took it.

    • “Hitlerism was invented to replace churches, but I’m not sure how seriously people took it.”

      Nonsense, Himmler wanted to replace Christianity with a made up pagan cult, Hitler considered the idea idiotic. Yet, he was powerless to stop him. The cohesion was not that strong, hence the night of the long knives.

      It was 12 years, six of it war, which makes cohesion generally high. Before that, snapping up foreign countries, territories without even war. People support a strong horse that keeps bringing in successes from abroad. If you discount the effect of these, it was not all that strongly cohesive.

      This is why it is nonsense the US elites will go on the Nazi path. That sort of path works only if cohesion, enthusiasm is kept up by foreign successes. Sorta like annexing half of Mexico.

      No, it is the Lenin path.

      • Ace says:

        >Nonsense, Himmler wanted to replace Christianity with a made up pagan cult, Hitler considered the idea idiotic. Yet, he was powerless to stop him.

        The Hitler Yugan says otherwise. Part of their program was to identify people still holding church came for young people and forcing them to attend Hitler youth events instead. Low cohesion groups tend to lose quickly in wars, not fight on lone past the point where it made any sense to fight.

        >The cohesion was not that strong, hence the night of the long knives.

        The night of the long knives was Hitler allying with and subjecting the military in order to deal with the Nazis to his left.

    • jim says:

      Hitler crushed the left when more-nazi-than-thou threatened him.

      But Hitler was a strong leader. The left lacks a strong leader, thus the leftmost will win as soon as things get nasty.

      I predict that things will get nasty fairly soon, followed by things getting nastier. At some point the faction that is about to get whacked will turn to the military, as the Thermidoreans turned to Napoleon, and the Roman Senate turned to Pompey.

      And then what happens is unpredictable. Depends on one man. And no one can predict who that man will be.

      • Ace says:

        That bozo Maduro continues to hang on despite weak as shit, while his party loots the country bare. Why couldn’t Biden do the same?

        • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

          Maduro has real power over his little banana republic, while Biden is just a figurehead. The US government almost certainly wants to replace him with Kamala, post-haste, which may be why he constantly signals to the far left. “Don’t worry, I’m just as progressive as she is, I’ll play along, no need to get rid of me yet!”

          American progressivism as a whole is doing exactly what Maduro is doing, but America has ten thousand dictators, not just the one.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Maduro allows the soldiers to loot the country and consequently enjoyed the backing of the soldiers.

          I think it’s very plausible that Biden will retain the loyalty of the US military.

      • James says:

        What do “nasty” and “nastier” look like to you? I predict a balance of basically two leftist camps:

        1) The priests and their faithful
        2) The corrupt sociopaths and ladder climbers

        In America, camp 2 has consistently played camp 1 for decades and won pretty much every time.

        Camp 2 wants the gravy train to keep going, and knows who they can and can’t push too far, for the most part. Camp 1 wants to immanentize the eschaton, but they generally suck at most things, especially organization.

        If “nasty” and “nastier” means more symbolic hangings, business-crushing regulations, soul-crushing implicit bias training seminars, and burning down of leftist cities, I believe it. But we’ve seen stiff resistance when the left tries to move beyond their enclaves, and even headless as it is, the right has shown that where they stop tolerating the Left is at their own doorstep. I predict more sanctuary cities and parallel infrastructure in direct proportion to leftist tyranny.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          Federalize the police forces, for starters? In a gesture of generosity, the federal government of course assumes all pensions costs, etc.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Dems are not the real nazis.

  36. Ace says:

    Speaking of trouble, they’re going to have black Nazis in charge of the DOJ:

    • Pooch says:

      I’d rather have that for competency reasons I guess if I have to choose. This whole thing is like a reverse dystopian Nazi regime. The similarities are astonishing.

      • Ace says:

        They’re probably copying the Nazis because A) it worked and B) they think it’s pay back for the Nazis on whites. Would be Ironic if they get into a war with Russia as well.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Cathedral definitely has now fully copied the Nazis media model, theoretical totally private owner but subject to full gleitschaltung by intense behind the scenes pressure from the regime. They used to have a softer hand about it but not any more.

          • Ace says:

            Then I’d expect them to copy the Nazi models on camps and the complete elimination of other political parties as well. They’ll have to massively expand the federal police forces in order to quell places like Texas and Florida for gun confiscation. They might get the military engaged in an external war first to limit warrior interference.

            Nah, that’s probably taking the comparison too far. The Democrats are probably taking their ques from the Chinese who are pretty big on the Nazi model. The Nazis never faced a significant resistance to their rule and mass gun confiscation would result in a lot of dead feds with little to show for it.

          • Pooch says:

            No wonder all the Nazi shills wanted Trump out. It’s all making sense now!

          • Pooch says:

            No wonder the Nazi shills wanted Trump out. It’s all making sense now!

          • Pooch says:

            Biden’s Inaugeration speech will have a nice aesthetic surrounded by military with no civilians railing on about the dangers of white supremacy.

            • Ace says:

              Did Biden get along well with the Military? I know Hillary was hated by them(and everyone else), but all I remember about Biden was his gutless refusal to go after Bin Laden.

              • Pooch says:

                I’m not sure but the military leadershp doesn’t seem to mind him at all. However, we are seeing that the “commander in chief” is nonexistent. Top level-decision seems to be a rule by consensus of regime leaders.

    • Bilge_Pump says:

      Former president of the Harvard Black Studies Association. So do we like Jews or Academy niggers more?

  37. R7 Rocket says:

    @Prince Charming
    Possible shill detected.

    You are a limpwristed scribe and sooner or later the military will get tired of you and your ilk.

  38. qwerty says:

    >Howard Liebengood, a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police, died Saturday off duty, according to the force. His cause of death was suicide, an attorney for the family said on Monday.

    “Suicide”? I wonder what’s really going on here.

  39. f6187 says:

    James Thornton writes: “Lima … The average girl doesn’t look too great”

    True. Best to go only if you’re already set on that front. Otherwise I hear Medellin is good.

    Instead of South America, I’ll stay in the American South, bailing out the bilges while singing Nearer My God to Thee. I don’t want to leave the many kindred souls here, but I’d consider Idaho or South Dakota if the water rises to my neck.

    • John C. Calhoun says:

      Many good areas in latam to escape to that are white or mostly white and where people are not as toxic (politically speaking). Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica. Colombia has a lot of white or whitish women. Medellin is okay, the other cities such as Bogota, Bucaramanga, the coffee triangle and some other 2nd tier cities may be better if you are looking for a spouse. The interior in Colombia looks whitish. Avoid the coasts for dating as they are mainly populated with former slaves.

    • The Cominator says:

      Expect the rural South to be treated like the Ukraine not immediately but soon…

    • jsd says:

      Peruvian girls are short and rarely very attractive but think you are hot shit for being white. Not good breeding material.
      Chilean girls are usually pretty cute but not that impressed by just being white. Ok breeding material.
      Argentinean girls are often beautiful but are notorious ice queens.
      Colombian girls are a pretty good balance.

      That being said, why not Russia or Eastern Europe? They are white and Christian. Better to build such a place up than just go into hiding in some brown backwater. I get that it is cold and grim but we could start a NRX community there. If you are a young single white man this seems like the best place left to look for a wife.

      • Ace says:

        Russia might not be bad choice. Poland I fear is soon going to be enjoying the loving caress of the American Airforce.

  40. The Cominator says:

    I have little experience travelling abroad…

    Whats the easiest way to move to Southeast Asia?

    • Karl says:

      I don’t quite understand your question. Just buy an airline ticket and fly. If you are on a no-fly list, leave the country by car, train, ship or whatever and fly from there.

      Moving across continents is easy once you realise that it is usually cheaper to get rid of your stuff where you presently live and buy whatever you need in your new country of residence.

    • ten says:

      Only one i knew that moved to china opened tinder and married the cutest chink girl he found there.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Life in a genetically alien land is just a slow form of suicide.

      If you are worried for your personal safety mountainous regions are best, Rockies or Appalachians if you want to stay CONUS, Alaska if you want even more of a juncture in continuity.

      In a functional country, distance is more or less ‘flat’; the more it breaks down, the more geography starts mattering all of a sudden.

      • suones says:

        I concur. Leaving the motherland is spiritual death, which creates abominations like Kamala Harris. Of course, “Americans” have no motherland to speak of, having committed spiritual suicide a few hundred years ago. So running away yet again is the natural reflex of a man without honour. There is no honour without blood. Stay and fight. To the end, if required.

        • This is what is happening to many of my own relatives. Brown in skin, but alien to India and even in the land in which they live. Not unsurprisingly 99% of them have embraced the religion of Progressivism with utmost sincerity and vehemence.

          I wrote about this earlier, albeit from a cultural angle.

          • John C. Calhoun says:

            Many indian brahmins in USA such as tambrams. Adopting american leftism is like second nature to them since they have been doing it since Nehru times. Betraying other indians is also like second nature to them since they have been doing it since basically forever.

            Jim mentioned this but the American left is now actively recruiting Indian (Brahmins) into their ranks to carry out the dirty work.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          There was in fact such a thing as America, and the inertia of the power of American folk conquered the world, even as the conditions for that vitalism were being undercut.

        • They did not run away from England, they extended England into the New World, because in New England everything was English, genetics, culture, and religion. A homeland is people, not a geographical location. A (back then) rather exclusively English place is England, wherever it would be. Your logic would say the Anglo-Saxons committed spiritual suicide when they moved to England from Saxony and Denmark, and really everybody should have just stayed in the Yamnaya (including your Aryan ancestors). That makes no sense. They were not refugees, they were conquerors.

        • James says:

          Exactly this.

          America does have some spiritual identities, though. I come from what you might call pioneer stock, yanks who landed in the early colonial days and then followed the Oregon trail. There’s a certain identity associated with the American West that comes with that, and I’m loathe to leave the place. I identify as “America” for short, but perhaps more accurately I identify as “Restorationist pioneer American”. There are numerous other unique American identities along those lines. I’d advise people, if possible, to tap into those identities and look for communities of strength within them, and then build those communities up.

      • It is the whitest thing ever to go abroad and conquer an alien land, impregnating the local girls, when there is no place for you in the homeland. The problem is, if you are alone, your genes and identity will become totally drowned out.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          I would rate the finest conquests as necessarily involving the bringing of women of your own with you at some point, as you physically remove indigens, turning their land into yours, such as those crown jewels which were produced in the continents of Oceana or North America. Though i agree with the directionality of your sentiment.

          Indeed, you could say that immivasion is perhaps the only form of conquest that really ‘sticks’, efforts without it so oft serving only as forms of existential masturbation in the long run, wasting the great empire’s blood and treasure into the toerag of Being.

          For instance, the Alexandrian conquests of Persia, or the Spanish conquests of Mesoamerica. The exoteric forms of empire were put into place, but the folk from which such forms generated were not; and so hence, regression back inevitably entailed.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’ve done what I can to fight for right in my homeland it is time to think of myself, lots of white men swear that Southeast Asia is paradise. I can always return from exile when the communist madness passes.

        • Nobody says:


          SE Asia is not paradise. I personally am looking at areas south of the border. Mexico in particular, it’s underrated, and is close to home. It has more elements of white society than you’d initially suspect.

          But you should still check it out, wild place.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise, you don’t own anything. White Americans are going to suffer genocide because they’ve refused to fight every single time and many are complicit on it.

          • Pooch says:

            I have trouble believing the leftist singularity will reach full on white genocide (240 million in the US) in the near term. They will start with Trump’s 75 million proles and surely quite a bit those may very well be liquidated. But as long as you’re not a prole and stick out like a prole, not likely to be hammered down as long as you’re giving lip service to the prog platitudes.

            • Daniel Chieh says:

              The “they won’t kill me yet ” strategy seems unwise.

              • The Cominator says:

                You should start getting ready ASAP, but figure that it will probably take a couple years before mob attacks followed by more organized mass murders start.

              • Pooch says:

                That’s fair.

            • James says:

              I don’t see them managing to liquidate even 7 million proles, or even 700 thousand proles. They will perhaps manage 7,000, or 70,000 at a stretch. They were scared shitless of an unarmed prole gathering in their capitol. If they start actually liquidating huwhite America, people will not go home peacefully, nor will they perform a targeted coup, they will level leftist cities to the ground.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes these were my thoughts as well. And as the regime gets more and more brown and female, I see their ability to wage mass genocide to be less efficient.

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                If they start actually liquidating huwhite America, people will not go home peacefully, nor will they perform a targeted coup, they will level leftist cities to the ground.

                It is true that the left is a paper tiger, but white men are unwilling to defend themselves, they will happily accept their extermination. They have already done it, they are doing it today. Some, even join in the extermination of their own kin.

                If the right fights back the paper tiger will be destroyed, but will they? It looks more like Cambodia than anything else. Just look at coronadoom, who would have thought people would accept being starved to death? But they have and they are.

                And whether the right defends itself or not, the left is coming.

                • jim says:

                  > It is true that the left is a paper tiger, but white men are unwilling to defend themselve

                  White men require legitimate authority, coordination by a legitimate leader. Hard to find.

                  Looks like we will have to build a counter society over the internet, which will take a long time and require software tools that we do not yet have.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  White men require legitimate authority, coordination by a legitimate leader. Hard to find

                  I disagree, white men don’t require legitimate authority to defeat a paper tiger, white men need to rouse their blood and become a thousand Jesse James. The Frontier white Americans wouldn’t have taken it lying down like this from anyone, let alone these effeminate weaklings, soon enough they’d have found themselves transitioning from aggressive individual action to coordinated group efforts through sheer vitality and will to act.

                  What you’re telling me is the equivalent of the worthless, incompetent and lazy marxist loser claiming that capitalism is a trap because unless you’re born rich you’ll never prosper. That blacks are criminals because they are poor, they aren’t poor because they’re lazy, stupid and incompetent, that if we give them a lot of gibs they’ll do just as good as whites.

                  If modern whites weren’t such a sorry bunch things would be very different. You’re right that of course you need coordination under a leader, but the difficulty of it is because of the absence from the source. Didn’t Trump have all he needed? Yes, yes he did, but he cucked, he cucked like most white men are complete cucks. I’m not talking just about Americans, I’m talking about all white men in general.

                  You will have to build a counter society over the internet to not be a complete slave suffering under harpies, faggots and POCs because most white men are ok with this and unwilling to do anything about it, choosing their small slave comforts and McDonalds over their own freedom and dreams unlike their ancestors, which leaves you with only a small amount of white men willing to actually fight for their own interests, making it seem as if you were a few people conspiring to turn everyone else into some strange weird foreign religion when in truth you’re just a bunch of white men trying to create an environment in which all white men can prosper and live fulfilling lives, in a white majority country.

                  You will have to build a counter society over the internet because from 75 million people only one was willing to go down that goddamn fucking escalator, and even that one when he reached the final goal and was about to win he decided to suicide to the incoming knife instead of crushing it.

                • jim says:

                  > > White men require legitimate authority, coordination by a legitimate leader. Hard to find

                  > I disagree, white men don’t require legitimate authority to defeat a paper tiger, white men need to rouse their blood and become a thousand Jesse James

                  Whites are adapted to collective violence. Other races do better as Jesse James.

                • Ace says:

                  >I disagree, white men don’t require legitimate authority to defeat a paper tiger, white men need to rouse their blood and become a thousand Jesse James. The Frontier white Americans wouldn’t have taken it lying down like this from anyone, let alone these effeminate weaklings, soon enough they’d have found themselves transitioning from aggressive individual action to coordinated group efforts through sheer vitality and will to act.

                  Respectable people can’t live that way.

                  However, forming a criminal gang is a great idea. I’d recommend it if you plan to stick it out, the left loves criminals and you’ll be able to break all the rules. And as things fall apart, criminal gangs become governments.

                • Pooch says:

                  I disagree, white men don’t require legitimate authority to defeat a paper tiger, white men need to rouse their blood and become a thousand Jesse James. The Frontier white Americans wouldn’t have taken it lying down like this from anyone, let alone these effeminate weaklings, soon enough they’d have found themselves transitioning from aggressive individual action to coordinated group efforts through sheer vitality and will to act.

                  You’re playing into their hands. The ruling elite are effeminate, weak, degenerate, and gay but still have the entire force of the masculine competent white security state willing to do violence on their part. Yarvin is right. You don’t fight a one-party state. Cannot be done. The more Trump’s 75 million proles resist the more they will be slaughtered. See Ruby Ridge and the Waco Seige. So we sit and wait for things to go more insane and a Napoleon or Stalin to emerge from the military

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Whites are adapted to collective violence. Other races do better as Jesse James.

                  Shocking to read this from an American man, especially one as wise as you, the history of your own nation disproves this. What you mean to say is that you’re overlooking the effeminacy of the modern white man and his glaring weakness and cowardice compared to his ancestors for a reason unknown to me.

                  There is no way you believe your forefathers would have been toppled and abused by a bunch of faggots like the current population has. We’re losing to faggots because we’ve become a bunch of faggots.

                  Respectable people can’t live that way.

                  “Respectable” people, I see… your ancestors weren’t respectable? Was Newton respectable when he burned down his mother’s house at 19 and told her she was going to burn in hell because she was bothering him too much? I think what you mean to say is that weak cowards that prefer slavery to freedom can’t live like this. Frontier Americans were very, very, very fine and respectable people, and they lived next to heart-eating savages, a forest full of grizzly bears, hardened outlaws coming through and all the precariousness in the world that you can imagine, but all the willingness, fortitude and vitality to make their own lives by their own rules.


                  What are you talking about? Your country was founded by a bunch of ragtag farmers, some random ex officer from the French Wars, a drunk tax collector going bandit, a third generation merchant that was willing to eat shit and die before paying gay taxes, etc.

                  If the 75 million Trump voters had the heart and the ethos of their founders, the government would roll over, paper tiger.

                  Yarvin is a weak faggot that cries about communist Jewesses getting their just desserts in youtube videos for everyone to see, the man can’t even lift a 100lbs, Yarvin will happily bend over and be a slave, you think he is right because you’re looking for excuses to feel better about doing the same.

                  I’m not trying to point fingers or insult anyone, what I’m saying is something everyone should take to heart myself included, which I personally do. White men are not going to go anywhere unless they’re willing to walk the 10.000 miles through the thorny bushes. Jesus didn’t cross the dessert crying like a pussy and LARPing about a magic plan that would prevent the pain, in fact he went walked straight into the cross, THAT was the plan.

                • jim says:

                  > > Whites are adapted to collective violence. Other races do better as Jesse James.

                  > Shocking to read this from an American man, especially one as wise as you, the history of your own nation disproves this.

                  The history features people like Jesse James being lynched by someone like Stanford, the man who founded Stanford University, lynched by a posse led by a respectable member of the elite.

                  Stanford, not Jesse James, exemplifies the history of frontier violence.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  I meant the French and Indian Wars in case it wasn’t clear.

                  I’ll also add that I think everyone here is already in a path towards bettering themselves, being here, being a thought criminal is already a huge step compared to the average man, but I really dislike how there’s insistence on maintaining a narrative where everything works through magic, planing, priestly sermons and propaganda.

                  Trump had everything, everything, there was nothing missing, but so what? If you can’t pull the trigger you can’t fight, if you can’t fight you can’t win. And we have to conspire and scheme in dark corners because our “fellow white men” refuse to pull the trigger, refuse to fight. Closing your eyes to the fact won’t make it go away.

                • jim says:

                  > I meant the French and Indian Wars in case it wasn’t clear.

                  George Washington leading men in the French and Indian wars again exemplifies American violence.

                  Legitimate violence led by an member of the elite who plausibly had authorization and right authority to use violence.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  The history features people like Jesse James being lynched by someone like Stanford, the man who founded Stanford University, lynched by a posse led by a respectable member of the elite.

                  Stanford, not Jesse James, exemplifies the history of frontier violence.

                  The FF were a bunch of Jesse James that shit on the biggest posse of their time, intelligently maneuvering politics to constrain their enemy with opposition from other nations.

                  George Washington leading men in the French and Indian wars again exemplifies American violence.

                  Legitimate violence led by an member of the elite who plausibly had authorization and right authority to use violence.

                  No, that exemplifies English violence, you’re not telling the other half.

                  George Washington proceeds to turn full Jesse James and kill English soldiers altogether with a bunch of Jesse James, and win playing smart.

                  Trump lost because Trump is half a Jesse James and not a full Jesse James, when push came to shove he didn’t pull the trigger. If Trump was a Jesse James and had had a bunch of Jesse James with him, he would already be God Emperor of the American Imperium of Man.

                  Instead he is a half Jesse James and his own men aren’t even that, so he is going to end up a corpse without a head.

                  But back then the enemy elite was actually strong, our current elite paper tiger fags, not even paper, steam at most.

                • jim says:

                  > The FF were a bunch of Jesse James that shit on the biggest posse of their time

                  The Founding Fathers spent an immense amount of time and effort acquiring the plausible appearance of legitimate authority needed to wage war, before a shot was fired.

                  George Washington spent a lot of time waging war under legitimate authority granted by the British, switched to allegedly legitimate authority granted by the Continental Congress. We need a General Flynn who has been spending a lot of time on the front lines in Afghanistan.

                  Samuel Adams had plenty of experience in private violence, and men willing to do private violence on his behalf, but he wanted George Washington to lead the army because George Washington had experience in exercising legitimate military authority.

                  The equivalent of George Washington would be some military officer who has been spending a lot of time on the front lines in Afghanistan.

                • Pooch says:

                  Trump had everything, everything, there was nothing missing

                  Trump had nothing. No military support. No elite support. Just a bunch of proles with pitchforks. Trump turned out to be Caesar with no legion. Any uprising like that gets easily put down by the state, especially an evil one willing to use it’s entire might. There’s 20,000 armed National Guard patrolling the streets of DC right now because some LARPers took selfies in Pelosi’s office. So who is the paper tiger?

                  What are you talking about? Your country was founded by a bunch of ragtag farmers, some random ex officer from the French Wars, a drunk tax collector going bandit, a third generation merchant that was willing to eat shit and die before paying gay taxes, etc.

                  You’re believing Whig history. My country was founded by the Whigs after they defeated the Tories in a continuation of the English Civil War. The American “Patriots” had Whig elite support directly from England. It was the left beating the right and it has been doing the same ever since.

                  We are going to need our lives to defeat the enemy when the armor starts to crack. We can’t just throw them away now with false pride buying into the false 1776 psyop planned by Antifa and the FBI. They have the entire military and security state (lead by competent whites still). We have a bunch of rednecks with AR-15s. The time is not yet.

                • Ace says:

                  >“Respectable” people, I see… your ancestors weren’t respectable?

                  My lineage goes back to one of the earliest founding fathers. He was a respectable member of the priestly class, a part time father, who knew how to inspire and lead men into collective action and did so.

                  >The FF were a bunch of Jesse James that shit on the biggest posse of their time, intelligently maneuvering politics to constrain their enemy with opposition from other nations.

                  Most of the founding fathers never fired a shot, instead they urged others into successful collective violence, as elites do. Want to win a war? You need elites to lead it. Want to lose a peasants revolt? Stage a revolt without elites.

                  The right has no elites with the sanding needed for war. Therefor we survive and endure hoping for the moment when we can restore our civilization. Or we flee to avoid the fall. Both options are on the table. A peasants revolt is not.

                • Ace says:

                  >My lineage goes back to one of the earliest founding fathers. He was a respectable member of the priestly class, a part time father, who knew how to inspire and lead men into collective action and did so.

                  Should have been part time farmer*

                • Joe says:

                  Your problem Jim is that you see the elite member leading the violence but you do not see that one unwavering man who inspired him to violence. You see St Paul and Robert de Bruce but not Jesus Christ or William Wallace. You need both. If you forget this then you will still be posting on this blog, fifteen years in the future, bemoaning the failure of whatever elite exists at that time to come and save you.

                • jim says:

                  > Your problem Jim is that you see the elite member leading the violence but you do not see that one unwavering man who inspired him to violence.

                  That man was Samuel Adams, who wanted and needed a George Washington.

                • Pooch says:

                  We need a General Flynn who has been spending a lot of time on the front lines in Afghanistan.

                  Yes and Flynn wasn’t it. He was not a front line warrior, just a MILINT specialist. Although he was giving Trump the best advice of anyone, recommending the use of force to seize Voting machines. Unknown why Trump never took that advice.

              • Lord says:

                I dunno how you can accept the foundations of Neoreaction yet still spew out liberal/woke/”bottom-up” history when it comes to Murica.

        • Karl says:

          If you don’t find Southeast Asia to your liking, try Europe

          • The Cominator says:

            The woke cult is there and I want to be far far away from anywhere the Cathedral has any influence… Eastern Europe could be a dangerous ground of unstable shifting allegiances…

            Russia proper maybe, but Russia is bloody cold (and I’m sorry I hate that at this point) except for the Crimea but idk whether muh sanctions will mean that its some sort of weird warzone where I can’t even order anything.

            • Leon says:

              What of South America? Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or some other country down there?

              • The Cominator says:

                Anywhere within the American sphere is iffy and Latin America is hardly a stranger to leftist movements (even if they are more of the old fashioned communistic kind) also its considerably more dangerous than Asia.

                Whereas the Thais have been for centuries solid buddhists and monarchists that have resisted all foreign meme influence and its fairly safe in terms of street crime…

              • Pooch says:

                Anywhere nice is already a client state of the Cathedral. Brazil will be targeted for regime change. Everywhere else (Mexico) is going to be 3rd world more or less so just your typical drug cartel and warlord violence is going to be the biggest worry which may or may not be so bad.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thailand and Vietnam are not going to fall to the poz, or even Xi’s pseudo Maoism.

                  Vietnam is sort of aligned with the Chinese hegemony but China’s control over them is weak, China invaded Vietnam (like a lot of world powers did) and the NVA slaughtered them. Vietnam will likely stick with what they consider good and successful Dengist ideas of what “communism” is.

                  Thailand is nominally aligned with the US but China is hardly going to let the US invade Thailand in order to stop them for being Buddhist rather than progressive, having a traditional attitude towards women, and being extremely suspicious of Muslims.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes I was just referring to South America.

              • f6187 says:

                Best option I’ve heard is Peru. I visited a friend who expatriated there, and was very impressed with the high level of business activity, preponderance of private education at all levels, and a general disregard for government. We stayed in Lima the whole time. We could sit in a public park at 10pm, with intact families all around, and felt quite safe. We walked everywhere throughout the city, only taking a taxi back at night to save some effort.

                • f6187 says:

                  Oh and I hasten to add, the food is utterly fantastic and inexpensive — both in restaurants and at the grocery store.

                • James Thornton says:

                  Lima is pretty great, and yes the food is amazing. It is generally more dangerous than SE Asia, but not as bad as many parts of Latin America. You will have high status for being white. The average girl doesn’t look too great, however she will be much less pozzed than the average American girl, and likely live with her extended family.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Any other recommendations?

                • Snowdensjacket says:

                  Yeah just get married and have a whole bunch of kids, home school them, care about them, and have a great time with your family.

                  Let what is ceasars be ceasars. I can’t wait for Biden to be king president mommy. He’ll be even funnier then trunp.

          • Atavistic Morality says:

            Nordic countries are extremely gay with their welfare states and high taxes but their markets are solid and actually very free, they’re a good viable option. Norway is expensive, but it also has a huge fund thanks to their oil, so it’s a very good place to have your money safe in their banks. It’s a good geographical position if SHTF, close but separate from continental Europe. Nords also seem the most sane towards coronadoom.

            Southern Europe is degenerate garbage, France is going to be muslim in 20 years, UK is part of the increasingly collapsing anglosphere and also soon to be muslim, all of these are discarded. I don’t know enough about Germany and Netherlands, but Germany is the top dog in the EU.

            I don’t recommend Eastern Europe yet, maybe to dip your toes but not full blown investment.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          Just as like I wouldn’t bet on the idea that things will continue as normal, I also would not bet on the idea that interesting times will be all wrapped up in a neat bow within your lifetime.

          People moving out ‘temporarily’ today will so oft, in time, find that it was permanent. To them, for one reason or another, it will never quite seem like ‘the time is right’ to move back.

    • Pooch says:

      I wonder if the northern cold snowy places of the US will be the safest (even if under leftist rule). Snow seems like a natural filter for the lower races as long as you are away from the cities.

      • Away from the cities is key. The lack of vitamin D for darkies in northerly climes makes the average man from the global south depressed, anxious, and prone to lashing out. Buffalo NY, not too much further north but buried in lake effect snow and much colder, has far higher crime rates than NYC.

      • yewotm8 says:

        It certainly hasn’t worked in Canada.

        • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

          Central heating has broken the traditional “sun people” vs “arctic people” model. The sun people can go wherever they want.

          Maybe if civilization starts to break down and we’re unable to keep maintaining HVAC systems, we’ll see a mass migration south, or just a mass die-off. Long way away, though, and things will get much worse before anything like that happens.

    • James Thornton says:


      For some countries in SE Asia, you can just show up on a tourist visa, and then keep renewing it indefinitely. Eventually you can get a longer visa under various conditions. It’s much easier to establish legal residency/citizenship in SE Asia then say the US or UK.

      I’ve traveled for years, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia. Thailand for example is amazing, everything is cheap, you are high status, girls are much easier to get, it’s generally much safer than Latin America or most American cities, and there are no globohomo thought police. A white in SE Asia is treated much better than a white in America.

      However after a while I felt like I was going crazy and wanted to leave. Asia is just an utterly alien place, and I missed people who spoke English, trees and mountains, good infrastructure, and white girls. If you do end up going there it’s extremely important to learn the language.

      • The Cominator says:

        Can I get dairy based food even if at a high price (I know Asians don’t have much dairy but that would be my one reservation as I cannot live without it), it doesn’t sound like I will miss the pozzed West much otherwise.

        • James Thornton says:

          Yes in cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai you will be able to find dairy and most western foods, although it will be relatively expensive and hard to find. Thai food is very good btw but very rice heavy for most westerners, I was craving beef and dairy after a while.

          Considering that you make your income independently from speculating, are single, and apparently don’t have strong ties to the US, it could be a good place for you, if you can deal with the culture shock and learn the language. I’d take a trip for a few weeks and scope it out. Bangkok is a bit too crazy for me long term but there are more relaxed cities that still have decent infrastructure and amenities like Chiang Mai.

          • The Cominator says:

            If everything else is cheap paying a markup for milk yogurt and cheese (we’re talking 100-150% not 800% I hope) will not be too much of a problem.

            As for speculating btw guys I just think I found the best way to derisk yourself in terms of the dollar and play crypto.

            Stock with a ticker MARA (its a crypto miner) the options premiums are insane…

            • The Cominator says:

              I mean its great to sell covered calls on… you’re getting like 25% on your money a month out. And because crypto will likely remain so volatile for a long time that kind of options premium is likely to continue.

    • The says:

      As south-east asia resident (as most SEA countries are more or less same) I can tell you to get travel visa and extend the vise as much as you want.

      Working visa is usually a lot more restrictive.

      The rent is usually cheap (except Singapore), living in non-main city is even cheaper and diary products like yoghurt, cheese, and milk though limited variety are not hard to find. Alcohol in Indonesia is very hard find and exorbitantly expensive.

      Most native resident usually welcome tourist but we never like expatriate that much.

  41. It seems to me that an alternative likelihood of events (to the holiness spiralling of the Left) is that things may stabilize somewhat under Biden into a “Socialist stagnation” in the US with increased taxes, cost of living for the productive members of society and rising levels of corruption and ineptitude in Government. Your local Gestapo boss may well become more powerful than the overlords at Harvard, but it is likely that he may be corrupt enough to be paid off and inept enough to be lax / inefficient in implementing the doctrines of the Cathedral.

    I feel this may happen because whites are still too valuable to be wholesale deported or genocided and that there may still be many other tempting applecarts to knock over in the meantime.

    Do you think my scenario is realistic in a country like the US? Seems like a lot of socialist states in the Third World don’t become full-on totalitarian like North Korea, but stagnate somewhat into extremely corrupt, inept, nepotistic banana Republics, but fairly livable regimes if you have enough wealth.

    • The Cominator says:

      Not that likely, the radical progs and commies and kill whiteys control the urban political machines that rig the elections. The oligarchs may control the voting machines but I think the voting machines are less involved in the fraud then the sheboons on the ground.

    • Ace says:

      >I feel this may happen because whites are still too valuable to be wholesale deported or genocided and that there may still be many other tempting applecarts to knock over in the meantime.

      The left views all wealth as stolen and all labor as equal. Therefore highly productive whites are tossed out as criminals stealing wealth in favor of Shaniqua’s who’s labor is just as good as white and east Asian males. When Shaniqua produces negative value, it’s assumed that it’s evil white supremacy mind rays causing her to fail and whites must be punished for it.

    • One of the many reasons of WWI was that Europeans were just itching to fight something. There was a tension in the air that could only be released by killing and getting killed. I get this same vibe from America now, just against each other, not against neighboring nations.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      I am a great believer that eventually technocratic movement will take over.

      The picture I had in mind is more like Hong Kong today, where huge percentage will be moved closer to urban area, everyone is forced to live even smaller space, the poor will live in animal cage-like housing, middle class white collars are working in ultra competitive cut-throat environment all to live in 2 bed room apartment, while the ultra-rich enjoy luxurious life beyond imagination.

      This will be compounded by every increasing automation, shrinking job opportunity, state surveillance, and social credit score. As a result state welfare is the only option to sustain society.

      This time may very well be the lucky ticket where holiness spiral is self-sustaining perpetually supported by modern technology.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        A moment like that could only ever be brief anyways in truth; for if capital intensification may proceed in spite of ape creature dysfunction, that would signal that the ape creatures are no longer the necessary and sufficient agents for instantiating higher forms of capital; that forms of capital themselves have become increasingly self-sufficient – and hence, can jettison the dysfunctional ape creatures as irrelevant impediments to it’s flourishing.

      • Snowdensjacket says:

        You don’t need much money to have a great life and many children these days. Even a spoon is a fun toy for a toddler.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      The left wants to genocide white men, less opposition doesn’t make it less likely. Under Biden the process is going to accelerate even further, not magically stagnate.

      • R7 Rocket says:

        The American Communist leadership is old, not young.

        And old people are very uncool.

      • Snowdensjacket says:

        The left is genociding many folks by giving them a new moral code, called consent, that results in them having no children. Their is a very easy answer to this. Don’t adopt their false morality.

        The biggest problem is nobody even knows what their moral code is, much less that their are alternatives. Heretical bad think alternatives, crime stop!

  42. Ace says:

    So, was B right about Trump? I believe he called him a Bozo.

    I think Jim’s right about how the future is going to bend now. Government stumbles into internal war while it stumbles into external war at the same time with the Communists eagerly recruit the bitter young men that with no future as most small businesses are destroyed.

    Now that it’s official that only the left can do violence and that violence attracts women, young men will flock to the hard left’s banner, even if they have to suck dick and shoot up for it. Their combat ability will be low but there will be a lot of them.

    • suones says:

      Now that it’s official that only the left can do violence and that violence attracts women, young men will flock to the hard left’s banner, even if they have to suck dick and shoot up for it. Their combat ability will be low but there will be a lot of them.

      This is how the Red Army got upgraded from the world’s biggest bunch of degenerates into the colossal fighting machine by the end of WWII. We literally just witnessed a coup in the USA, followed by the Czar’s capitulation. Recruitment, and purges.

      • Kind of yes, but the important thing is to remember their losses, something like 20M. Some, many of those were killed by their own side, shot for being cowards for retreating or allowing themselves to be captured as prisoners or getting into a penal battalion for a minor misbehavior and then got to clean minefields by marching through them. Many more were killed by the Germans, often because their officers used them in wasteful human swarm attacks. Effectively they ran their whole male population to a brutal Darwinian selection engine where you either assault machine guns head on or get shot in the back of the neck, and those who survived were real lean mean killing machines.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          The brave ones all died first; by the time the fighting got to germany, most of the frootline troops were siberians and other central asians, because they had already gone through everyone else.

  43. James Thornton says:

    Now that it is near certain that Trump has lost and the Globohomo establishment will rapidly advance their goals nakedly and virtually unopposed, what is the best medium-term strategy and posture for people like us to take, on an individual level?

    It seems like the standard advice is:
    – Reside somewhere Red, white, and rural/semirural
    – Acquire land
    – Make alliances with like minded people in the same community
    – Acquire shtf supplies like food, guns, etc
    – Keep a low profile with computer/internet security and not advertising your thoughtcrimes in public spaces
    – Nurture independence from the “grid”, such as in homesteading, buying locally, bartering, crypto currencies.

    I’m a single young white man with a well-paid remote software job, living in a blue city. My main goals are to acquire a wife and be well positioned for the coming Globohomo death spiral.

    I’m considering moving somewhere Red, white, rural/semirural, and without state income tax, like in Texas, Idaho, Florida, Nevada, or Tennessee. My main concerns are availability of women, and ability to make friends and allies.

    What strategies are y’all following yourselves? What do you recommend?

    In the longer term, I agree with Jim that building a counter economy and counter society on the blockchain is the most fruitful path, and I want to get involved more.

    • Pooch says:

      Read Aidan’s latest post. Link in bottom of the thread.

    • patriot says:

      1. Pray
      2. Say the pledge of allegiance
      3. Sing the national anthem
      4. Give money to Trump directly by crowdsourcing Bitcoin donations into a GoFundMe
      5. Buy lots of unregistered guns to protect your rights
      6. Buy lots of American flags to stimulate the market
      7. Establish micro ethnic communities in your area
      8. Build a wall around said communities
      9. Purchase computers to use as servers for dark web social media sites
      10. Eat only meat

      • John C. Calhoun says:

        I wouldnt display any signs that might indicate one’s political biases like the US flag.

        Key is to stay lowkey and fake it as much as possible. I get asked a lot of political questions at my workplace. I either feign leftist support or pretend that I dont follow events close enough.

      • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

        Give money to Trump? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. “That nice Nigerian prince probably just got a flat tire on his way to the bank. If I send him more money to fix it, I’m sure he’ll come through for me!”

        I’m not equating Trump with Nigerian scammers, but what I am saying is that you need to know when the game is over. Your list looks like a combined laundry list of stale GOP propaganda, libertarian sophistry and improperly used jargon. Half of the items will paint a big target sign on your back and the other half are useless and silly. Even buying guns is counterproductive after a point, as in a real hot civil war the shortages will be of ammo, not guns. A single decent-sized cabinet will hold enough guns as one man can reasonably use to defend his home and family, and filling up a whole garage with them is only going to attract unwanted attention.

        Aidan Maclear’s advice, already linked a few times, is sound advice. This is mostly very bad advice.

        • James Thornton says:

          Yeah I agree, seems like shill/troll advice. “Unregistered”? “Buy lots of American flags to stimulate the market”? Wtf

    • The paucity of women in rural areas is advice given by pickup artists who want to rack up huge notch counts. There are fewer women, but much easier to date and marry compared to the big city. In the mountains, one can be the highest status man in twenty miles. In the city, unlikely to be the highest status man in twenty yards.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Texas already aligned itself as an enemy of the permanent government with the lawsuit to SCOTUS and has a history of looking for secession. Florida has potential to rise its own elite and resist with its own high performing Latino community.

      I’d recommend moving as fast as possible to either state.

      • James Thornton says:

        My main problems with Texas are the climate and huge amounts of hispanics. Idaho has a better climate and is very white. And constitutional carry. But yes, in a balkanization situation, Texas would likely be a powerful state. Whereas Idaho would likely be subsumed by a left coast state. Then again the mountainous terrain of large number of armed guerillas in N Idaho could deter that.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m in Florida already its likely to go bad less fast than most of the US (and its elites have money for bribes which much of the good states lack)… but I doubt it will resist forever.

  44. qwerty says:

    Hey jim, I think you’d be interested in the latest (paywalled) post on Gray Mirror. It relates to the whole “digital counter society” thing. Yes, I know I come off a little like a Moldbug fanboy/shill

    • Pooch says:

      I want my time back from reading that. Basically says the proles need to build out an entire underground party apparatus, then maybe they can win. The end.

      • jim says:

        Moldbug is close.

        But we need the losing factions in the elite to build a underground counter social web and counter economy, and then they will spontaneously form an underground party.

        • Pooch says:

          Ah ok.

          He also adds the party must have the understanding that the charade of democracy is over so it must have the understanding that the end goal is total power using any means necessary.

        • qwerty says:

          >But we need the losing factions in the elite to build a underground counter social web and counter economy

          Already exists: Urbit. Bitcoin integration is coming to Urbit very soon:

          I’ve been using it for months and it’s pretty comfy. Spandrell is on it.

    • jim says:

      I don’t have time to read namefags, particularly when they are long winded and talk in code to avoid reprisals, code that the enlightened have to carefully decipher to understand the meaning being hidden.

      Could you give me a short summary of the high points?

  45. Red says:

    Do the left have an alliance with the Mormon church or are the Mormon sucking up to power?

    • Red says:


    • Pooch says:

      I don’t think so. Mormons voted heavily Trump I believe. Romney seems like an leftist entryist into Mormonism.

    • James says:

      I’m fascinated with the Mormons and have even considered joining them. I’ll try to answer this as best as I can.

      The Mormons are difficult to pin down if you view them as participants in American politics, because they…really aren’t. They’ve been a semi-autonomous theocracy since their inception. They have adopted a strategy of appeasement towards whoever is in power, but they will also grab whatever patriarchal authority they can wherever they can get it, within the limits of the conservatism of their generation of elders in their seats of power.

      They do suck up to power, but they tend to do only what is necessary to keep them alive. For instance, they gave up polygamy in the 11th hour, because they sensed they could no longer get away with it. They let blacks get the priesthood as soon as not doing so would have branded them as too far outside the mainstream to stay above-ground.

      Similarly, in this cycle, they’ll hate on Trump and spit on his grave as soon as it is required of them. Perhaps a bit sooner in Trump’s case, but not much.

      The crux of it is, they’ve always been outsiders, but rather than confront power with their outsider status, they’ll simply do what appeasement they need to, and get back to living in their patriarchal family units.

      Romney is a complicated figure to the Mormons, and the rank and file Mormons, from what I can tell, don’t particularly like him, but because he’s a good Mormon, they will back him against non-Mormons.

      • Red says:

        The thing I seem with Mormons is a complete lack of martial ability. They’re basically Christen Jews in their behavior to outside groups. I don’t think they’ll be effective as things break down. On the other hand they do seem to still have a functioning cohesive religion, which is useful in warfare.

        • Leon says:

          Christian Jews is a helluva a good way to put it. A lot of what passes for Protestants nowadays are the same way. They get married, have kids, get good jobs, have a lot of shit. Unlike the Mormons though they don’t seem to necessarily be true believers. They will throw whatever leader rocks the boat too much under the bridge. No martial ability either, some of them are complete cowards. The only Protestants who seem to have balls nowadays are really old school traditionalists and converts. Everybody else preaches “empathy” above all or tries to treat the church like a business. When shit hits the fan a lot of those dudes are going to be less than worthless.

        • lambda x says:

          The most important thing about Mormons is that they raise Mormon kids

        • James says:

          100%. An early quote from a Mormon church leader was something along the lines of, “Mormonism would have been impossible in any land but America”, in the context of a conversation about America coming into being, essentially, by the will of God to create a place for Mormonism to flourish. The principal reason was understood to be that everywhere else would have required a much more martial religion.

          Early Mormons were somewhat militant, but they’ve definitely pacified. That said, they’re more generally capable and responsible than most random people, I’d say, and that general attitude would hopefully carry over to warfare. It definitely remains to be seen how they would fare in an armed conflict on a large scale.

      • Snowdensjacket says:

        These people have no idea what they are talking about. The Mormons highest duty is to serve the pretty princesses and most immediate leadership have single digit T levels and want to hear your boys tell them what is like to be able to get hard enough to masterbate.

        The women are… Can you guess? They are women! AWALT. You go in and convert, go ahead I did six years ago, their are a lot of busted single mom pretty princesses waiting for her prince. Nothing wrong with taking a woman with another man’s child if that’s what you can get but guess what? AWALT. She’s still XX chromosome. Can you tame a wild alpha widow? Not yet? What have you been doing all these years?

        Back to the church. They are concerned that you fulfill your mission. And your mission will be to take care of the single moms, which make up most of the church. Then they are concerned that you pay your tithe. Single moms can’t pay for all those bastards alone! And you may be able to bring them into the church and away from the cad life making even more single moms!

        It’s a losing battle battling single motherhood this way. Just go take the red pill and turn a young girl into your wife, have many kids, and teach them what you want them to know. Stop thinking someone else is going to do it.

        PS Mormon men are embarrassing. Their wives try to cheat on them with you right in front of them and they respond by quoting Moses. They complain that their mommy wife tells them to clean the toilet when they get home from work cause she’s busy on Facebook, after not taking care of their four kids learning about whatever in public school, also go buy dinner. They have sex once a year cause they ask their wives for consent, because they are actually progs, not men. They might as well wear eyeliner and cut off their balls.

      • Lord says:

        Mormons are just White Jews (conniving, will gladly support Nig Thugs as long as they stay away from them, women are whores among sluts, etc.). They cannot be trusted since they will side with Globohomo as long as they get a cut.

    • Trinitarian says:

      Mormonism is an anabaptist cult that denies the Trinity, therefore leftwing and therefore untrustworthy, as evidenced by how Salt Lake is now a CIA operative hatchery.

  46. Cloudswrest says:

    Re: Christianity, Trinity, angels on the head of a pin, and visible leprechauns.

    I’ve been following this conversation somewhat and I gather it is in regard to entryists who claim to be Christian. But a lot of reactionaries aren’t Christian, or at least don’t believe in Christianity epistemologically, but perhaps do morally, or even for pragmatic reasons (i.e. “I think Christianity is bullshit, but I also think it’s good for society.”)

    I think a more apropos shibboleth in our modern times would be something along the lines of, “Do you believe in physical/biological racial equality?” A similar question regarding sexual equality also applies. There’s only one, correct, one word answer to this. The wrong one word answer, or any answer with more than one word, would disqualify the entryist.

    Here’s Revilo Oliver on Christianity.

    • jim says:

      Obviously we include “Christianity is good for society” Atheists. Alf suspects I am one of them, and he is not entirely wrong. Not entirely right either.

      But we need to exclude “My Christianity is better than yours” demon worshippers, and the trinity test gets most of them.

      Yes, the woman question test is more important for detecting enemies, and I should also use the race test.

      I usually use the women question test, since a lot of entryists are openly atheists or Jews.

      But a lot of entryists use the frame “Hail fellow Christian”, and the trinitarian test sends most of them packing.

      You are right that we should not exclude non Christians. We should cohere around the woman question and race tests, not the Christianity test.

      But a lot of our enemies are cohering around enemy demon worshipping religions that claim to be Christian, more Christian than thou. We should not exclude Mormons, but we should exclude entryists to Christianity.

      • qwerty says:

        What is the race test?

      • The Cominator says:

        One problem I have with the trinatarian test…

        I know disputes over it are useless but your more intelligent christians can (as Newton did) find the Arian explanation or some kind of semi unitarian explanation (I would stay away from full unitarians because totally pozzed) more compelling.

        Wholely man and wholely god seems a contradiction because it is.

        • clovis says:

          Pious deniers of the Trinity, like John Milton, are the very definition of “holier than God.” To use Blake’s line about Milton, they are “of the devil’s party without knowing it.” They are also by definition not Christian. In what sense is a person Christian who denies Jesus is God? Unitarianism is the religion of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Harvard. It’s the father of globohomo. It’s what happens to Puritanism when it ceases to believe in original sin and the atonement.

        • “Wholely man and wholely god seems a contradiction because it is.”

          That is the point. It sort of compels one to admit the heart of the mystery is something not comprehensible to human logic. Hence, it is basically a “not even wrong” declaration of loyalty. A flag.

  47. Red says:

    January 6th was the America Reichstag Fire. Techno-Fancasts are purging the nets of all dissidents, and once fully in power the state will be unleased against every Trump voter and supporter. Guns will be confiscated, parents are being denounced by their children, and and Democrats blame whiteness for it. Purges and public struggle sessions will follow shortly after the enabling act.

    I’d thought they would move more slowly, but this is bankruptcy type situation, slowly at first, then all at once.

    • Pooch says:

      I fear we will see Breviek incidents from the proles which will only allow for escalated persecution.

      • The Cominator says:

        What Saint Brevik did caused Norway to go to the right compared to Sweden…

        The problem with most Brevik incidents is they aren’t as successful and don’t give the ruling class real fear. Brevik’s attack was so successful it caused real fear.

        But you need to be an unusually capable and determined man to execute what Brevik did, very very few should even consider attempting it.

        • Red says:

          I doubt Brevik would be successful with the fractured elites we have. They’d just see it as opportunity. And to pull something like that off requires an insane amount of competence, commitment, and planning, which is why it has not been repeated.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yes Brevik did it right but very few people could do what he did, and any attacks of a lesser degree of success and which do not limit themselves to members of the ruling class are counterproductive.

      • Red says:

        The left is pushing for terrorist attacks from Trump supporters. They’ve made the claim that all Trump supporters are terrorists and now they need it to come true.

        • Pooch says:

          Exactly. I agree with Moldbug here that playing right into their narrative can’t possibly give us any desirable result.

          • Red says:

            It’s really a lose/lose type situation. Letting them walk all over you will result in ever escalating demeaning and damaging behavior towards you, while fighting back is adept to lead to the maximin of violence level all at once, unless everyone else fights back at the same time. Without a leader to coordinate, it’s just disaster.

  48. f6187 says:

    Contradiction? Is the Holy Trinity, or even matter versus mind, really so severe as to warrant the term “contradiction?” Contradiction is saying one thing, and saying another which invalidates the first thing you said.

    The much-vaunted “wave versus particle” duality, or paradox, or contradiction if you will, is simply a case of observing two distinct aspects of the same underlying reality.

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are a great deal more than mere “aspects” of the same God, because each is a fully distinct Person. However, they are so entwined in mutual recursion — to use a coarse functional analogy — that they nevertheless constitute a single eternal God.

    Having faith as a little child is understanding the optionality of God’s creation. Jesus said that we shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free, and that if we ask, we shall receive. And if that wasn’t enough, he stands at the door knocking, and if we just answer the call, we can sit down and have supper with Truth itself. Truth, which can never be pinned down mathematically but we can know it when we see it. Yes we see through a glass darkly, but that’s life in the big city and don’t let it get you down because that’s a sin.

    We do not passively float on the current of God’s will, but we align ourselves with his will and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. For the Bible tells me so and I don’t give a runny shit what the Wikipedia editors say.

    We do what is at hand using our God-given physical and mental wits, but we are not paralyzed by the hyper-rational quest for certitude. We are innocent as doves and wise as serpents. We have the intelligence and confidence to seize the angelic options with high upside and low downside, and reject the demonic options with low upside and high downside. (Borrowing from Taleb here.)

    We know damn well we will make painful mistakes, but God assures us that we are not damned thereby. God loves us, and took great pains to become a human being and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, shedding His own blood right when he was good and ready, ending the ritual sacrifice of lambs and oxen. He does not want us wandering down stupid paths of self-destruction, and he does not want us permanently bound by our previous failures.

    Here, He says, you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, but I have cleverly tipped the scales in your favor without violating justice. Yes people are evil but the good news is that does not include you, so stop moping and start living as the gods that you are. I will say well done my good and faithful servant, and Mine is the only opinion that counts.

  49. alf says:

    I realize I’m slowly overstaying my welcome, but since I’m not likely to come back might as well push this all the way to the end.

    So, what have we learned.

    Jim thinks the trinity is the heart of Christianity.
    I think the story of Christ is the heart of Christianity.

    The trinity is a pledge of loyalty, thus can be extended forever. The story of Christ is a memeplex, thus can not be extended forever. Therefore, Jim says we can return to old-type Christianity, I say we cannot.

    Because Jim dedicates to his trinity pledge of loyalty, he is unable to speak the truth on the story of Christ. I push this advantage and ridicule him for mUh uNfALsibIlItY. The ‘you can’t disprove the miracles’ is just stupidly low standard arguing.

    Jim in return accuses me of not having a plan, and also accuses my plan of causing many corpses, because apparently my plan has been tried multiple times in history and caused many corpses.

    The second accusation is silly and indicative of Jim not understanding my argument, because the closest real-life version my plan is based on Jesus himself, as he related to Judaism. If my plan causes many corpses, so did Jesus.

    The first accusation is valid. I don’t have a fully worked-out plan because I don’t believe it is possible to have one. It shall have to develop naturally, organically, just like Christianity did. And we shall have to trust that that will happen, that we are continuing the will of God. That is my leap of faith.

    We can only do that by speaking open, by discussing the truth, starting with Jesus and continuing from there. If there is one man I could imagine pulling it off, it is Jim. But in order to do that, Jim must find a way to feel comfortable in that role. He seems not to be able to find comfort in that role, like Trump did not find comfort in the role Jim assigned to him. So at the end of the day, that seems to be the end of it and I have at least tried.

    • jim says:

      > Jim thinks the trinity is the heart of Christianity.
      > I think the story of Christ is the heart of Christianity.

      The trinity test is strangely effective in excluding entryists, and if the Anglican Church had continued to enforce it, the old regime would have survived a lot longer, likely to the present, according to the historian JC Clark, “English society, 1688-1832 : ideology, social structure, and political practice during the ancien regime”

      Do you have an equivalent?

      Pretty sure the “I love Jesus” crowd of sodomites and demon worshippers would pass with flying colors.

      You are ahistorical. This stuff has played out over and over again. We are walking over ground that has been trodden over times without number.

      A Republic requires a virtuous elite. We don’t have a virtuous elite. Kings or tyrants will return, and I would rather Kings.

      And if Kings are going to return, they will return under the banner of the cross, which means we will face all these very old fights all over again.

      Relaxing on trinitarianism led to the end of ancien regime in England. And relaxing on trinitarianism would result in my blog being overrun by “I love Jesus” demon worshipping sodomites.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Christianity as a meme is dead. No one truly believes it. People might rally around it as a coordination point, but it’s not obviously stronger than other possibilities.

        The Bible contains much truth, but also much falsehood. I guess if you wanted to repurpose any part of it to ground a new religion it would be the Old Testament. But read without the Christ goggles on, the Old Testament is plainly the national story of an alien and hostile nation.

        The 18th century English failed to keep their national church because defending the national church devolved on defending ideological bullshit, a weak position.

        • onyomi says:

          A slightly tangential concern I have about any version of Christianity as the new, reactionary faith:

          I found Larry Siedentop’s “Inventing the Individual” quite illuminating wrt some aspects of religion and social organization, in particular, he traces the origins of Western liberalism (in his view a good thing) to Christianity, monasticism, etc.

          The key insight for me: when clans are the supreme unit of coordination you have clan gods/lares and penates, when cities become the supreme unit of coordination you get city gods, when you get Pan-Hellenism you get the pantheon, and when you get universalist empire, you get “all men are brothers/everything contains Buddha nature” universalist religions.

          As a universalist religion, the Western analogue of Ashoka’s Buddhism, I just doubt whether Christianity is fundamentally compatible with a new identitarian/nationalist movement, be the unit of organization “white people,” “Germans,” or what have you. It seems like if we want our highest level of organization to be e.g. “white Americans” then we need a white American god (or similar highest ideal), not a universalist god?

          Of course, there is an extent to which Christianity has come to be viewed as the de facto white people ethno-religion in the West, which is why you get “happy holidays,” Kwanzaa, etc. but given how utterly pozzed so many Christians seem to be today what with its pretty central ethos of self-sacrifice, I have to admit some skepticism of re-embracing it for those reasons as well.

          • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

            There is no explicit barrier to two men to both be observing the ways of God, and both also be different parties in a competition; indeed, it can even be well for them to compete; the greater import is so oft the *nature* of competition, in what ways they compete, who they are competing against in what ways first.

          • Read James C. Russel’s The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity. Basically to convert warlike and clannish Germanic warlords, whose worldview was the literal 100% opposite of the Sermon on the Mount, Christianity had to change.

            So the idea would be to return to Germanized Christianity. Now, the de-Germanization started with the Reformation. But interestingly, Protestants did not become self-sacrificing pozzed people, largely because they focused on the Old Testament, so they could still be nationalist and warlike.

            But later on it happened. Nietzsche hated Christianity because what he could see around him in Germany is Lutherans and probably the Catholics too going all Sermon on the Mount. Self-sacrifice etc.

            People taking the Sermon on the Mount seriously and focusing on that gonna become something like liberals. In this sense, I don’t know how strictly Biblical a return to Germanized Christianity can be. At least some parts of the Bible need to be de-emphasized.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Obviously the solution there is to make the heliand edition the official bible of anglo-saxon peoples.

              • suones says:

                Obviously the solution there is to make the heliand edition the official bible of anglo-saxon peoples.

                A much better solution is to declare yourself neo-Arminian and come back home to your ancestors and the Allfather. Abandon Semitic mindworms.

            • suones says:

              But interestingly, Protestants did not become self-sacrificing pozzed people, largely because they focused on the Old Testament, so they could still be nationalist and warlike.

              You mean they really wanted to be lke Jews but that was impossible so they invented some retarded justification to enable “Gentiles” to become more like “Jews?” This is ridiculous.

              Chrestos was a Jewish community organiser whose cult got blown way out of proportion due to Constantine’s adoption (to undercut his own nobility). Germans, perceiving themselves inferior to Rome, invented their own form of Chrestian cult, with less poz than the Roman version.

              • They wanted to think about themselves like *Old Testament* Jews, which is entirely different from modern Jews.


                “It has been of historical record that Cromwell’s soldiers were provided with a small pocket Bible. (…) All but four of the [150] verses were from the Old Testament.”

              • Oliver Cromwell says:

                The New England Puritans (whom Moldbug wrongly blames for everything) just decided they were Israel with English Characteristics. Why not? Apparently it worked pretty well.

                The Quakers were the guys who really believed in Jesus.

                The Trinity is a good meme because it selected out people who take Jesus, and the NT in general, all that seriously. It’s a bad meme because it also selects out logical autists who are not seditious, such as Sir Isaac Newton.

            • One thing very important to Germanic Christianity was the idea of the rise and fall of civilization. Youd think they’d love the Old Testament, but they did not focus on it so much, because of the fall of Judea and the fall of Rome. The idea that no civilization lasts forever is sobering and is present in their thought from Beowulf to Malory.

              Later, the gnostic tendency won out, and men focused on the perfect law and the perfect state, neglecting and acting against good government in the process. The focus on the eternity of the next world was transfixed onto the eternity of this one, which is why you have the disgusting affair of the medieval popes fucking with perfectly good Christian kings in order to immantize the universal papal state.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          You mean Dual Seedline Christian Identity without Jesus, that is, instead of Black Hebrew Israelites, you start up White Hebrew Israelites?!

          “Members of a black supremacist group known as The House of Israel set off the confrontation in Washington, D.C. last week that created a national media firestorm. Many in the media, however, were all too anxious to blame the clash on white Catholic high school students from Kentucky who were in the nation’s capital to participate peacefully in the annual March for Life. The media vultures pounced on an out-of-context video clip that appeared to show the students disrespecting a Native American elder very nearby who had approached them while chanting and beating on a drum. Once a longer video emerged, however, it was clear that the black supremacists who were in the same vicinity, not the Catholic students, were the culprits. The members of The House of Israel, part of a broader movement of Black Israelites, were captured on the video insulting Native Americans as “savages” as long as they continued worshipping idols, and then insulting women who dared to argue with these self-described “real men.” After observing students from the Covington Catholic high school standing nearby, the Black Hebrew Israelites hurled vicious homophobic, racist and anti-Catholic insults at them.”

      • alf says:

        > the trinity test is strangely effective.

        I of course immediately searched for my favorite poster boy, stephen colbert. Did you know he used fidget spinners to explain the trinity to children?

        “The prongs of the spinner are the son, the father and the holy ghost. When you spin the fidget, they become one.”

        Seems to me like Colbert passes the trinity test with flying colors.

        > do you have an equivalent?

        Aren’t we making up equivalents as we go? The red pill women test is great. The Trump test was pretty good while it lasted. If people are feeling ballsy outside this place, what about the ‘acknowledge Jim’s existence test?’ I dunno, these things just develop naturally as time goes by. Gotta trust people to come up with them. Pretty sure Jesus never intended the trinity to be used as a test, but that’s just the way things worked out.

        > you are ahistorical. This thing has played out over and over again.

        History rhymes, but does not repeat. History shows mankind’s civilisations are not static. Some of the fundamentals are the same, but other stuff changes. We are not stuck in the same loop.

        > I’m not relaxing on trinitarianism.

        I’m not asking you too. Or, I sort of am, but the point is mute. It’s like Morpheus said to Neo:
        ‘are you telling me I can dodge bullets?’
        – ‘I’m telling you that once you understand, you won’t have to.’

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          History rhymes, but does not repeat. History shows mankind’s civilisations are not static. Some of the fundamentals are the same, but other stuff changes. We are not stuck in the same loop.

          Actually that’s not exactly true, because we are in fact stuck in the same loop: humans are stuck in the same mental loops. Civilizations are not static because the physical world is entropic, but that is the only true variable, the human mind is stuck with the same software and humans always seems to try to arrange the entropy of the physical world around those exactly same loops. The lunacy is always repeated, the delusion is always the same. Thus, the physical details change, but the mental reasons for the fall of civilizations are always exactly the same.

          • alf says:

            Black pill mindset.

            For which I honestly have some sympathy. Spandrell is the king of the black pill, and spandrell has said some good stuff. But overall I am glad I do not share that mindset, and I find solace in the fact that men like Jesus, Darwin and Elon Musk do not share that mindset either.

            • R7 Rocket says:

              Praise the Holy StarProphet Elon Musk! Peace Be Upon Him.

            • Red says:

              Elon’s in a desperate rush to get to Mars before we fall into a new dark age. We’re very unlikely to pull ourselves out of a dark this time around. We’ve consumed all the easily acquired resources and are unlikely to have the tech necessary to extract the sort of resources we’re currently exploiting and without those resources the necessary tech will not be obtainable.

            • James says:

              It’s not exactly a blackpill, because we have also seen great civilizations rise out of collapse. There is hope for civilization (Albeit, to me, an alien and grotesque one) in China. There is some hope for a more palatable civilization springing out of the former soviet union.

              Even Australia, with its genetic base of convicts, military officers, and rich Asians, has its own sort of hope at producing a kind of reverse-Singapore racial hierarchy where whites are permitted to live good, patriarchal lives as peasants under Chinese hegemony.

              It bodes well for a mulatto Catholic America, as well as a Mestizo Mormon America.

              It’s really only a blackpill if you’re thoroughly yankee and want to stay that way. I think that given recent events, it’s fairly clearly that we Anglo-Americans are done, at least as a coherent group, as if that weren’t on the wall already. I’d suggest joining a different patriarchy and looting this one as best you can before it finishes coming apart at the seams.

              • “It’s really only a blackpill if you’re thoroughly yankee and want to stay that way.”

                It is also a blackpill if you are thoroughly European and want to stay that way. In a way, like yankees, but no guns and less testorone. So only worse.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              Calling this a black pill is like calling the acknowledgement of the nature of female sexuality a black pill. It is not, the black pill comes with the way you think about it.

              Elon Musk has pointed out Twelve against the odds as his favorite or one of his favorite books from which he draws a lot of inspiration, he is fully aware of what I’m pointing out because that book talks about the “loops” of adventurers. He has also talked about the theory of living in a simulated existence, so that seals the deal. It is how he decides to take that and what he decides to do about it or despite it that makes him who he is. And Elon Musk is not set in “saving civilization” with your new religion of choice or anything of the sort anyway, he just wants his Mars colony, you could actually claim he is creating a very effective escape button to avoid the situation.

              Jesus knew human nature, described human nature and worked with people, which is why he was successful in his endeavor. And I don’t know what Darwin has to do with the subject, unless you’re talking about “evolving” out of the loop, but I don’t think it applies.

              The reason why Jim is pretty accurate with his predictions and analysis is because he acknowledges the issue and addresses it every time. In truth, this is the core of the development of NRx as a political theory, Moldbug always, always, always addressed the issue, every one of his articles included a more thorough history lesson that a history major class in college.

              If you want to argue about the way you wish to develop your new choice of religion I believe you would obviously need to address the issue properly. But I’m not trying to pile on you or take sides since to be honest I don’t care about the conversation as a whole.

              • alf says:

                On a large enough timescale, it is impossible for the human mind to be stuck with the same software. Hence Darwin’s theory of evolution, Elon Musk’s (perhaps unintended) death of Shaniqua through spacetravel, and Jesus’ promise of the new world in the NT.

                Of course I have learned today that Jesus’ promise of the new world has retroactively been interpreted to have always been part of the old world, in order to stop entryists from adding evermore new worlds to the canon. If that is true, and I am inclined to believe Jim that it is true, we are in an interesting position. I dunno. Have to think about it. Feels a bit like we have painted ourselves into a corner.

        • jim says:

          > > you are ahistorical. This thing has played out over and over again.

          > History rhymes, but does not repeat.

          It has been rhyming on the Trinity for near two millennia. Maybe that rhyme is over now, but the odd effectiveness of the Trinitarian test would suggest it still going.

          • alf says:

            I have presented my poster boy argument of an entryist passing the trinitarian test here. If Stephen Colbert can pass the trinitarian test, not so effective.

            • jim says:

              Search him to see if he can say “Jesus Christ”.

              And even if he can, so could the Socinians. Chances are he is a Socinian. And the Socinians were, and are, enemies, enemies who would have been rooted out by my test, and by the equivalent test in the Anglican Church’s thirty nine articles had they stuck to their guns on applying it.

        • jim says:

          > “The prongs of the spinner are the son, the father and the holy ghost. When you spin the fidget, they become one.”

          > Seems to me like Colbert passes the trinity test with flying colors.

          If he passes “God is Three and God is one”, likely passes the rest of it, some hostile entryist Christians actually are Christians, but most of them, the vast majority, fail. Is he able to say “Jesus Christ” respectfully?

          The Socinians could pass the “Jesus Christ” test, and could pass “the God is Three and God is one” test, but they could not pass the “born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world” test, and they are the ones that ended the Ancien Regime in England.