Election fraud hearings

I normally do not comment on current events, because in the long run, they seldom matter. What is important is the long term direction, which can only be seen by looking backwards, usually a very long way backwards.

But, today, a crisis point comes that will make a great difference.

If Pence carries out his promise to hear the evidence of election fraud, if he is able to carry out his promise to hear the evidence of election fraud, it is likely that the left will respond violently with the quiet or direct backing of the deep state.

At which point, if Trump proclaims the insurrection act, we will probably win. If he fails to proclaim the insurrection act, we will probably lose, and it will be profoundly unsafe to dispute the supposed consensus that election fraud did not significantly affect the election outcome, and that we still have democratic elections and judicial due process as normal.

If we win this one, it is not over, it is only beginning. It is merely Pompey crossing Pomerium, the start of the $%!% becoming obvious. Trump will still be facing a hostile deep state, a hostile civil service, an a hostile judiciary, and Harvard will still rule the provinces of the American empire. But Trump will be in a far better position to deal with them, and we will be in a far better position to deal with them.

If we lose, the way forward is an underground counter society built on blockchain technology, with Jitsi, bitcoin, and namecoin as unsatisfactory prototypes that show the way forward. We will need to first adequately fix the namefag problem, in order to genuinely fix the currency traceability problem.

If we win this one, eventually Trump, or the next member of his dynasty, is going to need to do something about the hostile state religion, and above ground operations in preparation for this have potential for success.

Although this day is critical, the outcome, regardless of what happens today, will likely not be apparent till January 21. The deep state wants everything to seem normal till they inaugurate Biden. Maybe they will succeed, but likely the ride will be rougher than they planned.

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  1. Med says:

    Jim, why do you cite Namecoin as a key crypto?

  2. Pooch says:

    If we win this one, eventually Trump, or the next member of his dynasty, is going to need to do something about the hostile state religion, and above ground operations in preparation for this have potential for success.

    Although we have now lost, why not also use this time on the new religion. To circulate our elites, as Moldbug calls it in his latest piece, we need to offer them something better and cooler than prog-ism and Trumpism just wasn’t enough to make any of them jump ship.

    He goes on to argue, I think, that it is precisely now, during transition to official One-Party rule that supporting the state becomes uncool, and a counter-elite is selected for and recruited. Sounds like a good time to have a counter-religion ready unless I’m missing something.

    • jim says:

      A counter religion is ready. Just needs to be lifted out of old books, in some parts, like first temple marriage, out of very old books. In other parts, books merely two centuries old. I really like Saint Paul’s prescription on recruiting for the priesthood. If the priestly role is in large part that of a father, you recruit from married men who have raised their children successfully. As distinct from the modern education system where we hand our children over to bitter angry childless women.

      Old type Christianity. Just in parts relating to sex and marriage, needs to be even older.

  3. Atavistic Morality says:

    Anyone who condemns the Heroes of Capitol Hill needs to hang from a tree for accomplice to evil tyrants.

    On the other hand, a bunch of mostly angry white men casually show up for some political rally and they literally take over Congress like it’s nothing. If the “right wing” ever loses, it’ll be like a behemoth losing to a maggot because it refuses to fight: the left… the media, the oligarchy, the zombie mob are all paper tigers.

  4. Encelad says:

    Any clue where Trump is now? Has he been arrested? There is this image circulating on gab that supposedly proves his plane travelled to a military base in Texas, but the source of that image is the QAnon tinfoils.
    Also, Eric and Ivanka are silent too. My only, faint , irrational hope remaining wants to believe they don’t want to disclose their location because they are finding a save place before Trump’s counterattack begins. But at this point it’s probably wishful thinking…

  5. deltahedge says:

    If we are lucky, this might well go down as the American version of the Beer Hall Putsch. And I mean this in a positive way.

    If Trump comes back from this blow in a few years – stronger, more determined and more ruthless to his opponents, the loyalists who lost their lives today will be remembered in the future.

    • Red says:

      LOL, Trump’s and his family will be in jail within weeks if he doesn’t flee the country.

    • The Cominator says:

      Nobody is going to follow Trump now… what he did yesterday was craven.

      General Flynn despite projecting the image as a delusional qtard in some respects is the best man we have to assume control. I would certainly not trust Bannon and he is too uncharismatic…

  6. Anonymous 2 says:

    The people peacefully storming the capitol was all in all a very elegant display of rightwing street power. They didn’t even trash the place like antifa subhumans. There were fantastic images of (presumably) congressmen with ridiculous plastic bags over their heads gaping at their unmasked electorate come to visit, not to mention the iconic one of Baked Alaska in Pelosi’s office. Meanwhile, the antifa appeared reduced to weakly snitching to the FBI on twitter. All of it raw and live not just on social media, including some grassroots ones, but on normie TV (at least over here). I have seen less striking color revolution imagery than this.

    Will it change anything? If nothing else, po-facedly pushing through the fraudulent EC vote will remove what little legitimacy was left for the Biden regime and perhaps the entire government apparatus. That apart, this should also give the establishment a terribly cold chill down their collective spine. A crackdown would probably be the wrong response. I think, however, the instincts of hawkish leftwing bureaucrats will be to do both.

  7. chris says:

    It appears DJT has conceded through Dan Scavino as his twitter account is suspended.


    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Video or it’s not really him.

      But dude wow how exhausting.

    • jim says:

      Fourteen days to go, but things are not looking good.

    • Cementmixer says:

      That reads like a concession but it technically isn’t one. It can be read as “orderly transition (to a second term) on January 20th”

      I don’t know why is there so much blackpilling, my impression is that Trump knows what he is doing.

    • yewotm8 says:

      Can’t find a source for this other than this guy. CNN and Breitbart are just citing him too. Not on Trump’s social media or official statement from Whitehouse or anything.

      • The Cominator says:

        Trump conceded when he told his mob to go home… that was the unforgivable thing. He should have gone there, forced them to pass legisilation making him dictator and put 30 proud boys in SCOTUS all by unanimous consent under threat that their um safety could not be guaranteed unless they did all this….

        • Pooch says:

          90% of it had left by the time he put out the statement. There was maybe a thousand left.

          • The Cominator says:

            He should have gone there physically when it was stormed and sealed off the building prevented them from leaving… given the military orders strict orders to stand down that in no case were they to interfere with the mob unless they had an order directly from him…

            • Pooch says:

              No military interfered at all. The fed agents (looks like it was a nigger fed that killed the girl) willing to use lethal force was enough to turn the tide and cause the mob to lose morale. But now we have a martyr like in the Boston Massacre. Trump can’t let her go to waste for the moral high ground.

          • Pooch says:

            Inside of the building was secured by the time he put out the statement. After the girl got the shot the mob retreated out of the building. They won the battle with more violence then the mob was willing to use but now we have a martyr. 14 year Air Force vet with 4 deployments dieing on video that the politicians refuse to even mention. Trump needs to use her.

            • I don’t give a shit about some bitch who worked as a prostitute in the giant fortified brothels known as US military bases. She should have been far away from based male political violence.

              But, the fact that one of “their” women could be shot in front of them, and the violence did not escalate to the MAGA crowd breaking heads and cutting throats, shows how fundamentally unserious the whole thing is. If the right lacks the stomach for war, they deserve what the left will do to them.

              • The Cominator says:

                I’m not going to shit on the woman or the crowd they did great yes women ideally don’t belong in politics but I will shit on no one sincerely on our side, the problem was the crowd lacked leadership from Trump who should have started generalling them once the capital was stormed in order to seize control of the capital and the government.

                Inexcusable, stupid, cowardly…

                • Pooch says:

                  It seems like they stormed it way before his speech even ended. He completely lost control of his troops. They did not want to wait for the go command any longer.

              • Pooch says:

                That’s a fair assessment. It seems those breaching inside were just LARPers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They breached the building… but you don’t go so far as initiating the violence needed to do Pride’s Purge without orders from your commander and the commander was awol and told people to go home. This was Trump’s fault.

  8. Upravda says:

    To all the sad commentators and readers,
    from where I observe, this is not a defeat.
    1. Mr. Trump demonstrated support from his people. Armed, violent support.
    2. Then ordered them to retreat. And they *listened*.
    3. He avoided shootings with the military. While many (most?) of military personnel support him, they didn’t defect to his side yet, and in the case of shooting they would be defending themselves and thus ended up entrenched with Dems, and against people.

    One historical parallel…
    In summer 1991., when communism was falling, and mini (Yugoslavia) or maxi (USSR) communist empires were falling there was considerable amount of Croatian personnel in Yugoslav National Army (JNA) which was shooting at Slovenia, and threatened to shoot at Croatia. A lot of JNA’s military bases were situated in Croatia, and very few of a Croatian armed police to resist them in case they roll out all the heavy weaponry and armor. Many were urging Croatian president Tuđman to attack the barracks ASAP in June ‘91. Including Defense Minister Martin Špegelj.

    Tuđman refused. And even went to Belgrade

    Because the times were not ready yet. Many of the JNA’s personnel (both non-Serbs and Serbs) were still clinging to “Brotherhood and Unity” yugoslav communist ideology, and they all would be defending themselves, thus ending up on Serb communist side impersonated in Serbian president Milošević.
    Equally worse, Croatia would be internationally regarded as the aggressor, and “not agreement capable.”

    Do you get it?

    Oh, and, by the way, it seems that many of those urging premature Battle of the Barracks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Barracks) were actually rooting for the other side. Not all, but many, possibly including Defense Minister himself!

    Do you notice the parallels?

    Few month has passed, all of the double agents revealed themselves or went into retirement, and Croatia won the Battle of the Barracks, and, thanks to that, a the war, few years later.

    Of course, if media announces pictures of Trump in handcuffs then… well, then I was wrong, but don’t be blackpilled until then.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      It’s quite possible that Trump could have a literal Boris Jeltsin anti-coup moment in the next few days. That is, when the powers that be roll tanks into the streets but they change sides. Prepare yourself, Mr Trump.

  9. Anon says:

    Till there’s no élite on their side, reaction guys, right-leaning guys, nationalists, and so on have no chances.
    No-body in history has any chances, till they don’t have some élite organizing them, funding them, energizing them, patronizing them.

    Trump himself is alone, was alone since election: because it’s not the number of voters, but the average resourcefulness (money, intellect, and will to commit them to the cause) of who supports you that weighs. He as alone in this regard, thus powerless.

    • Upravda says:

      Neither Trump (nor any other ruler) is alone, and never was. I’m pretty much sure that a lot of elite is on his side, it’s just that that elite is not very visible. I mean, oil industry, other classical industries endangered by “outsourcing” to China and Bangladesh – their leaders and workers certainly support Trump. Non-cucked Christians (because freedom of worshiping), firearms owners (obviously), small-business owners in general (endangered by both “big players” who can bear the burden of “lockdowns” and, of course, by outsourcing everything to China), etc.
      But neither of them own Faceshit or Twitter, so it might appear nobody of the elite is on Trump’s side.

  10. Mister Grumpus says:

    You spergy hotheads (whom I can’t live without).

    The meanings of events are constantly being retconned and rewritten.

    Who on earth now believes that Jan 6th, or Jan 20th, or whenever, is the magic date that matters? Haven’t you seen enough by now to know that we’ve crashed right off the map into entirely new territory?

    I know. I know. “Liquidate all Kulaks Now!” I get it and I fear it too.

    But what do your guts tell you? Why is FB censoring the videos of MAGA guys taking viking selfies on the house floor? Why did they censor Trump’s “OK go home guys we’re done” video, that he made sure to shoot beforehand, and with his hair colored white, just so everyone could know that he pre-recorded it? Why give that away? Why is it so scary to them that Don called it off himself?

    I’m not a Qtard, but I am smart enough to know that I can’t possibly know everything that’s going on, and at how many levels. My ignorance is real. All competing and mutually opposed conspiracies simultaneously, right?

    Watch those clips with the mind of a beagle. Who are having a fun Chaddy time in these videos, and who are running around screaming in terror and hiding like bitches? Who looks like a strong horse now?

    Imagine yourself 20 years ago when even Heartiste was unknown and unbelievably exotic. OK and now subtract 10-15 IQ points from yourself. Now you understand who Don’s talking to, and shepherding through a revealing and radicalization process. This takes IRL experiences and time. Lots. You can’t just rape a chick at the bar next to her friends (but then I’m a low beta, still you get my meaning). There are biological speed limits to these things.

    Also remind yourself that Don is probably like 1000X more successful, at real world shit, with and through real world people, than you or I are. He knows the streets.

    Revolution triggers when a precious promise is broken, and when the other side is revealed to actually be weak faggots who therefore have it coming. Sure, Year Zero Mass Murder Retribution Infinity is a possibility, but not the only possibility.

    Think like a beagle. No rules no precedents in beagle town. Anything can happen and will. Six months ago, today, and six months from now. We’re accelerating through dimensions of reality here.

    • Anon says:

      As you said, it’s not with Don that there is something the matter.
      It’s the constituency, who just don’t understand what to be committed to a civic, politic, cause means (it doesn’t mean getting upset 2 hours each year, or 2 days each year, but pushing things in the right direction full-time), and the fact that Don has no élite with him (understandably, why would the élite be with people’s interests?).

    • Why is Facebook censoring? Because the occupation of the capitol was peaceful, and the media is preparing to spin it into a 9/11 of domestic right-wing terrorism to justify the suspension of the constitution and the persecution of all Trump supporters.

      CW2 kicked off yesterday. Both sides got a cassus belli and an excuse for martial law, and Trump promptly abandoned the field. From the perspective of the massive psychic power of violence, storming the capitol was a huge victory that Trump should have capitalized on, and when he condemned it, he laid down the sword. Even if he tries something, nobody will follow him; no military will defect to him.

      Priests are worrying about optics and consequences and schemes, but every man with a warrior spirit I know is disgusted by Trump’s show of weakness.

      • Red says:

        Trump behavior is a terrible blow to group cohesion. This is why Merchants don’t rule.

      • Pooch says:

        It’s bad but we do have a martyr now. Maybe our side can leverage her for group cohesion somehow.

  11. Pooch says:

    Well produced 7 min collage of some good siege footage…disregard the shitlib british narration


  12. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    >’rioting is the voice of the people’

    >’nooo not those people’


  13. Pooch says:

    Trump was fine sending people home.


    I can confirm this is accurate. I was outside.

  14. folluo says:


    • jim says:

      Shill spam has a higher chance of getting through if you put some effort into it. Try to sound like you are responding to what was said in the thing you are supposedly replying to.

  15. an says:

    They’re going the 25th.

  16. Pooch says:

    Woman shot and killed was a 14 year old veteran with the Air Force. Hopefully this pisses the military the fuck off.


  17. Pooch says:

    It is looking mighty likely that Trump has been removed from power and could quite likely already be under arrest.


    • jim says:

      That would be a decisive retreat from the official reality that the Republic is still in effect, and normal judicial, legal, and democratic processes are still in effect.

      If they remove Trump before the twentieth of January, civil war is go.

      If this has happened, they will announce a quick and decisive victory, indeed the shills have already announced it. My moderation folder is full of shills announcing that the pogrom starts today. But victory usually takes a bit more than an announcement.

      • Pooch says:

        Lin Wood is saying Trump is central command in Abeline, Texas. If true, things are escalating rapidly.


        • Red says:

          If it was true, Lin Wood wouldn’t know about it.

          • Pooch says:

            He knew Pence was a traitor long before anyone else.

            • Red says:

              I’ve suspected that Pence was a traitor since he helped get Mike Flynn fired. That’s not exactly a hard thing to guess. Of course everyone around Trump who’s from the embellishment betrayed Trump. Hey Jared’s father, the guy Trump just Pardoned betrayed Trump tonight.

              A guy who runs his mouth on twitter like a Q-ononer is being given Trump’s secrets? I doubt it. If Trump’s going to use the military, best to use it with stealth and not tell Lin Wood about it.

        • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

          If he is in fact at an air force base in Texas, my most optimistic guess is that he’s there for temporary protection in order to flee the country. The opportunity for an autocoup came and went.

      • ryan says:

        A civil war requires alternative elites, no?
        Who would fill that role?

        • jim says:

          You have a point.

          Big problem.

          We are mighty short of leadership, and Trump is reluctant to lead in a civil war.

          General Flynn needs to have a plausible claim to have been appointed by President Trump.

          • Karl says:

            If Trump is OK with civil war, but merely does not want to lead in a civil war, he can easily appoint a commander in chief.

            Big problem if Trump prefers surrender to civil war. At present, Trump is in comand and a commander usually has the power to surrender.

            If a commander surrenders, the commanded face a choice of accepting the command to surrender or to reject it as treason.

            In the latter case a new commander must be provided quickly. Difficult in the present case as there is no obvious vice-commander.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Big problem if Trump prefers surrender to civil war.”

              There is no IF about that.

              The obvious vice commander (despite some delusional thinking) is General Flynn, there is no one else right now. Don. Jr is unfortunately now a part of his father’s disgrace so not him.

              • Karl says:

                Miller perhaps? Anyway, people are getting desperate. Any leader who steps forward now has a chance to be accepted by those who know what is at stake.

                • Pooch says:

                  Miller just put out a statement lock step with uniparty rhetoric proclaiming there will be peaceful transition to Joe Biden.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not a warrior.

                • Pooch says:

                  He is, well was, a green beret in Iraq and Afghan.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thought you were talking about Stephen Miller.

  18. Red says:

    Charlottesville all over again but this time the stakes were much higher.

    • Red says:

      Guess we know now why they took out the proud boys leadership. They wanted the optics of a mindless mob.

    • The Cominator says:

      I would have disavowed the idiot larping wignats of Charlottesville myself fuck them, this was a lot different. These were brave men who successfully stormed the capital. You don’t send your mob home after that and you don’t let congress leave, you force congress to make you Emperor. You then also force it to appoint 30 proud boys to SCOTUS so they can rule that the acts congress made under durress are legal.

      • suones says:

        I was amazed. Despite my own doubts, Trumpists actually did storm the Capitol successfully, and were betrayed by their leader! Given that Trump is not a stupid man, he must’ve been threatened with instant deposition and employment of deadly force against the insurrection underway by his supporters. This also means that the ones with capability to employ deadly force (not the cops this time, they were certainly not opposing the mob actively), the Army, National Guard etc. are decidedly pro-Establishment, and Trump was made to see that. It could be seen that Trump told them to go home in order to de-escalate and save their lives (and possibly his own). He doesn’t realise that with the Left there is no de-escalation ever. Classic error made by St. Nicholas II.

        Make no mistake: Trumpists absolutely committed an act of insurrection, and failed to convert it into victory, which may make it treason, and President Biden will make sure that justice gets served.

        Long live the Czar!

        • Oog en Hand says:

          “the Army, National Guard etc. are decidedly pro-Establishment, and Trump was made to see that”

          I was not allowed to “blackpill”, but during the Obama years, soldiers were not allowed to visit websites unapproved by Antifa (unless the soldier himself was Antifa, you know, “no blahblah for the enemies of blahblah”…), so all soldiers that got redpilled were redpilled AFTER 2016. This means they were EITHER redpilled about women OR redpilled about race OR redpilled about religion.

          There is no meaningful difference between the “unowned women” ideology of jim and the “infidel whore” ideology of the grooming gangs. Jamal is jim in brownface. So OF COURSE 1488 stormfreaks go elfenlied if you mildly suggest British girls acted somewhat irresponsibly…

          • suones says:

            I was not allowed to “blackpill”, but during the Obama years, soldiers were not allowed to visit websites unapproved by Antifa

            US Army brainwashing has a very long pedigree. US soldiers have been The Evil Army since at least 1861, and have proven victorious on many occasions. If there are clearly-demarcated good and evil sides, it has been a winning bet for more than a century that the US Army will support the evil side. Which is not altogether bad by itself. It only means that support from US Army is a coup-complete problem. I read a comment somewhere that “The last US soldiers to have fought for freedom wore grey.”

            We have the same problem in India, where soldiers are individually quite capable and somewhat red-pilled, but the Army as a whole acts according to the whims of whoever occupies Delhi, whether Mughals, British, or the current “Republic.”

  19. Pooch says:

    Twitter locked Trump’s twitter for 12 hours. They are trying to finish the count today those fuckers.


    • Eli says:

      They’re treating him as the piece of shit that he, in fact, has demoted himself to. Winner! God emperor! And a piece of shit whom no one is scared of. Wait, that’s just 28D chess, I was just kidding. Or was I?

      • The Cominator says:

        He prevented war with Russia if nothing else and gave us 3 good years but yeah hard to say charitable things about a coward.

  20. Theshadowedknight says:

    This sounds an awful lot like Monck’s troops holding Parliament while Parliament decides the course of action. Give it time. We have until the 20th. No sense in proclaiming doom.

    • The Cominator says:

      I cannot come up with a positive reason for him telling the mob to go home.

      • Pooch says:

        Was he scared of being removed by coup? Apparently Miler, Pence, Pelosi, and McConnell all met about deploying NG without involving Trump.

        • Red says:

          If so, then he’s really going to be scared when they drag him away after raping his wife in front of him. The deep state is going to destroyed Trump anyone who supported him.

      • Javier says:

        The left want to blame Trump for the violence and use it as an excuse to arrest him and crackdown on the right. He’s still operating from a non-war posture, unlike the left.

        Doesn’t matter. The inevitable swamp overreaction should escalate things even more.

        • The Cominator says:

          Trump’s dead at this point and dead to me, men will not follow a craven and telling his mob to go home was craven.

          The right needs to designate a new leader now… Flynn?

          • Javier says:

            No one from DC. Must be an outsider. Michael Yon was pointing to people like Enrique Tarrio

            • Red says:

              Enrique Tarrio is dumb as a rock.

            • The Cominator says:

              I don’t agree, I think you want a person from DC who hates the other people in DC. People who hate their own know whats what and will be far more likely to show no mercy.

              Trump was an outsider even if a rich guy…

              Tarrio is a guard commander not the leader of a country.

          • Red says:

            I like Flynn, but watching his last few interviews he doesn’t dress well, he doesn’t present well, and he doesn’t speak well.

      • Pete says:

        Trump left his supporters out to dry. Now anyone who broke into the capitol building and can be identified by social media or facial recognition, is going to get a midnight visit with flash-bangs and the bag over the head.

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        Because the Insurrection Act requires it. That’s just one possibility.

        Good Lord, the commentary is awful here today, and is sorting men from boys in a hurry.

        • The Cominator says:

          What whitepill spin is possible when a king’s brave men seize the enemy seat of power and then the king just abandons the field like a sissy girl.

          The fucker HAD THEM and he gave it away.

          • jim says:

            In order to win the battle, his supporters would have needed authority to use deadly force. Trump should have prepared for events by proclaiming the insurrection act and calling up the militia, thus authorizing them to legitimately use deadly force.

            Having lost the battle, we are now likely screwed.

            • Eli says:

              Jim, how do you see the developments in the next 6 to 12 months?

              • Pooch says:

                Things are happening quickly. It’s like the Dems have escalated to everything Jim ever predicted today in their statements.

    • Pooch says:

      Yes if there’s a tiny bit of silver lining its that the media’s preemptive declaration that today was just ceremonial and Biden will definitely be certified as President has been stopped cold since the count was stopped on Arizona.

    • Eli says:

      28D chess!

  21. ten says:

    Was this a setup?

    Capitol guards did very little to stop the advance.


    This guy has been a nuisance at a Fuentes meeting and was among the first to breach the capitol building.

    Pence cucked out during the speech when Trump was still calling on him to do the right thing, “i hope he wont listen to the bad people he is listening to”, and then unfollowed him. Planned backstab?

    Then Trump marches on Capitol, with captain kook Alex Jones “leading”(?).

    If the democrats paid actors are let into the building, Trump sees things sliding and doesn’t have the balls or the power to actually pull the trigger, and then actors make themselves scarce before Pence calls in the national guard to round up the Trumpists… It makes sense.

    • Mike says:

      Parallax Optics is going full tinfoil hat as well. It might just be cope (hurr-durr we looked retarded and incompetent so it must be a conspiracy) or it legit might be something.

      • ten says:

        My first gut reaction was that it was all real and good and that the low level of resistance from the cops was because they didn’t want to hurt good people.

        Then Trump pulled out and it went to shit and demoralization took hold. Now i don’t know. Certainly worked like a successful setup. Who is still supporting Trump? QTeddy, BAP half heartedly. I support the look of terror in the eyes of cowering congress critters.

        Apparently Trump said “There will be a orderly transition on the 20th”, meaning surrender. Also apparently Trump is at a Texan airforce base surrounded by loyalists, which probably is prudent regardless.

    • Javier says:

      Could just be the cops had no desire to risk their lives for zillionaire swamp goblins who spent the last year calling police racist murderers.

  22. Jatt Arya says:

    Trump doesn’t have beard to be dictator, that’s my final take.

  23. Eli says:

    In the words of immortal Guile, “go home and be a family man.”

    Trump will be known in history as “Cuck-in-Chief.” Just unfollowed him, and I’ve always been for fag marriage, before marriage was even a thing. Or something.

    • jsd says:

      Trump’s fatal inability to pull the trigger made him snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, even when others did all the work for him. I never said anything bad about him before but I am completely done with him now. What a disaster. I feel bad for all the brave people who stuck their necks out only to be left holding the bag.

      • Eli says:

        Take heart, not all is lost. Because Trump plays 27D chess, not 26D as we’ve thought. So, everything will work out.

        • The Cominator says:

          Nope he had it and lost it. Fuck that coward.

          • Eli says:

            That was sarcasm. Sorry, but this is my mood today. Yes, he lost the only possibly real opportunity he had. This day will live in infamy.

          • Epstein's Suicide Note says:

            [*deleted, because unresponsive to the positions that you are framing*]

    • John C. Calhoun says:

      Hes a cuck. Whites lost their balls a long time ago. All they do now is complain and whine and castrate themselves.

      • dollarpin says:


        Part of being King is deciding when the fighting stops, telling the militia to stop advancing or even to retreat.

        Needing to use official troops to keep control of his militia would signal weakness though.

    • The Cominator says:


      • Javier says:

        Too many wormtongues whispering in his ear.

        Im sure trump’s fear is this will give the left cause to declare martial law and start purging the right. The question is, who will pull the trigger for them?

        • The Cominator says:

          This is on him, he had the fuckers. He had them the way Marc Antony had Rome after Caesar’s funeral. Now Marc Antony didn’t do all the right things but he at least sort of secured his own position and got the “liberators” to leave Rome.

    • simplyconnected says:

      “there has to be peace”? What’s his calculation. What kind of peace does he think he can strike.

      • The Cominator says:

        Trump’s problem is he is always trying to make agreements with people that aren’t agreement capable.

        Augustus was the guy who won and ended the Republic for real because he understood (unlike Sulla) the Republic was dead and unworkable and (like Sulla) that you kill your enemies when you get the chance, you don’t try to deal with them.

        • Karl says:

          Maybe he wants to make an agreement, but the riot caused congress to adjourn. If there had been no riot, congress might have declared that Biden won. Now, congress will.meet again – and it looks like the armed guards will not be the same guards as today, but instead the national guard.

          I do not see what could have been gained by keeping the mob in the capitol. It showed up, because Trum called it. It’ll show up again, if he calls it again

          • The Cominator says:

            “I do not see what could have been gained by keeping the mob in the capitol.”

            The congress should meet under the eye of the mob and pass exactly what they are told by unanimous consent. This is to include (since SCOTUS is not reliable) 20 proud boy SCOTUS judges to rule the elections illegal and the mobs actions illegal.

          • European Mutt says:

            Nah he cucked. This isn’t 4D chess. He’s in a much worse position now.

            Everyone in Congress is afraid of retaliation for being on Trump’s side now. Unless all of this was a cover for specops or whatever, which is not very likely, I think he is done.

            Only weird thing is that Biden did not call Trump to resign. I waited for him to say the words but he didn’t.

            • The Cominator says:

              Yes telling his people to go home…

              Hard to see that as anything but cowardice.

          • European Mutt says:

            Teddy Spaghetti is portraying this as “Congress has been rounded up and secured”. Maybe.

            Epoch Times reporters also locked down inside the buildings.

            • The Cominator says:

              You just don’t tell your mob to go home until your office is secured…

              • European Mutt says:

                Yes even if it was in fact antifa provocateurs who broke in, there were a lot of Trumpists who followed them. Epoch Times interviewed them “This is our house”. A colossal chance missed and really bad for morale.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If antifa people did that they did us a favor.

                  I would exempt any antifa involved in that from my great helicopter ride. They’d have to go into exile but I’d make sure they had a comfortable exile.

              • Pooch says:

                Even if the mob held it for another few day, Congress wasn’t going to come back. The mob would have to go home eventually. Man, was Jim right. We aren’t going to understand the full ramifications until Jan. 20th probably.

                • Dave says:

                  That is why fictional power struggles always have a MacGuffin, some otherwise innocuous object that gives its possessor magical power, like the One Ring that must be taken to Mordor and melted in the fires of Mount Doom. Without that, the viewer is lost — what exactly does Trump have to do to win? Not how does he reach the goal, but where is the goal, and what does it look like?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Congress shouldn’t have been allowed to leave..

                • suones says:


                  No need to make this more complicated than it is. The ending of LoTR is the coronation of Aragorn son of Arathorn as King Elessar of Gondor. The ring subplot is the means to a goal, not the goal itself. Also, Peregrin Took became the Thain of the Shire after finally defeating Saruman’s forces.

                  The good ending for Trump would be remaining President after January 21, and ruling for at least four more years. I don’t believe he has it in him to become the God Emperor you people want. But everyone gets the Leader he deserves.

                • ten says:


                  30+ generations of dunedain true kings in exile waiting to reclaim the throne for the exact moment when it can be done – when the ring of power is refound and can be destroyed. It’s about the ring, Aragorn just happens to be the true king that is alive at the correct time.

                  And it’s not just a narrative crux to spin an epic tale, as far as i see, a ring is cybernesis, and the ring of power is a symbol of the anticosmic feedback systems of attaining power against its rightful monarch – democracy being the prime engine of such systems today. Tolkien was a reactionary of great dark enlightenment, and his great tale is a cloaked memetic weapon against evil.

                • suones says:


                  LoTR seems to me to be entirely non-Semitic Epic at par with the Ramayana. Every page overflows with so much symbolism that it couldn’t possibly have been but for divine inspiration. Tolkien doesn’t use proper terminology to avoid offending Semites/philosemites in power.

                  The Ring is an agent of Sauron, who is a god. An evil god, but a god. You can’t actually “kill” him. According to the story, The Ring chooses to be lost or found, as per its Master’s wish. No matter how many generations of Dunedain pretenders go by, none of them have the wherewithal to defeat Denethor or his forebears. No-one is waiting for The Ring to be found. Sauron is in-charge of that timing.

                  As for Aragorn, he has the royal bloodline but also much more than that. He can literally cure disease by using KingsweedKingsfoil, because he is King. Not “a royal,” but the King. This is very obvious in a traditional Aryan frame — The King is not chosen by men, but by Zeus/Jupiter/Odin/Vishnu. Coronation is merely formalising the gods’ decision and enjoying their bounty. Aragorn’s forebears all shared the blood, but none had the gods’ grace, and therefore were not Kings. The King is the agent of Zeus/avatar of Vishnu on Earth.

                  The true religion of the protagonists is left vague in LoTR, but it is decidedly an Old-World fantasy. The hobbits, being different, have their own gods, while the Haradrim have their own. Sauron is only actually the god of the Orcs. Tom Bombadil is also a god in his own domain, a very ancient and powerful one, more powerful than Sauron at any rate. The gods of elves and men are not made clear.

                • ten says:

                  You say some things that are insightful, i fully agree LotR is divine aryan revelation, and some others that are curiously ignorant – perhaps i am wrong to assume the entire “backstory” to be valid as it relates to the main narrative, and there is an entire cosmology (first book of the silmarillion) of the elven gods and a number of their later rarer doings.

                  I think maybe some of the counterpoints below are of a somewhat semantic nature, but still.

                  The ring is only an agent in relation to its bearer, and will and abandon him at wil, and corrupt him necessarilyl, like unrighteous wicked power – why this is so. It wants to be found, but can not act on the will, because it is in the nature of wicked power to move towards wicked wielders, and Sauron is the meta-evil of wielding wicked power. A dependent, contingent, secondary evil, compared to Morgoth.

                  Also, Denethor and his predecessors were not bad men needing defeating, Denethor was broken by observing Sauron, by seeing the power of evil, and cowered before it, going insane and smallminded. Most of his predecessors were excellent men.

                  I really like the true King take, i have not heard it before and never thought about it!

                  I think both hobbits and men have no gods and no worship at all during any age – with one exception. When Sauron is held hostage on Numenor, he promises the men there eternal life if they worship Morgoth, already completely banished from the material world, leading to the doom of Numenor. I am certain there is a great point here, but it has only vague contours in my mind.

        • simplyconnected says:

          His people seem to understand that the time for negotiating is over. Sad that they do not have a leader when they most need it.

    • pyrrhus says:

      CNN reports Congress taken to Fort McNair to be safe and secure…Plenty of time for Trump to invoke his 2018 EO on foreign influence…

    • redpurplepurple says:

      archived here:

      it’s strange that as of now, twitter is showing that the tweet is not available.
      does that mean something? (maybe someone in the know can enlighten me.)

  24. European Mutt says:

    Biden calling Trump to invoke insurrection act? He was very vague but he did say the word insurrection. Storm on the Capitol is as good a reason as any…

  25. Mike says:

    Biden speech denouncing protests live right now. Calls them a seditious mob.

    • John C. Calhoun says:

      Ya I think he is going to flip the script and when he gets inagurated will call the insurrection act to persecute trump supporters.

      • suones says:


        Unlike “the Right,” Leftists are the ones who actually do what it takes to win. Peace comes out of the barrel of a gun.

  26. BaboonTycoon says:

    Well, Trump just tweeted out a request for everyone at the capitol to be peaceful. That, I suppose, is basically the end of it. It’s over. Trump wasn’t our man.

    • The Cominator says:

      The tweet is cowardly in tone but lets see…

      • BaboonTycoon says:

        True, he doesn’t seem to have given up, but all legal options are off the table for him now and he’s never gonna have a better time than now to do what must be done. What other options does he think he has?

        • Humble Acolyte says:

          He can demand Pence resign and appoint Flynn before congress does a take 2 on certification, if they can be persuaded to come back

    • Humble Acolyte says:

      The tweet is so mild it amounts to encouragement. He isn’t even telling people to stand down or go home.

    • Eli says:

      Aka “Cuck-in-chief”

  27. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    UPDATE – The Pentagon has denied the request to deploy National Guard to the US Capitol.

    • clovis says:


    • notglowing says:

      Heard this too

    • notglowing says:

      Now it seems Pelosi made a request to deploy the NG and it was approved, but they are unarmed?
      Not sure if any of this is true, just relaying rumors.

    • Javier says:

      Lol I just had this random store clerk look up from his phone and yell at me, “WHY ARENT THE POLICE DOING ANYTHING?!”

      bwahahahah. I didn’t even know what he was talking about. Left is losing their shit over it. Well all we need is antifa to start burning shit and its go time for real.

  28. The Cominator says:

    The capitol has apparently been stormed… hopefully this means that the right now realizes that violence works.

    • Pooch says:

      Is this good or bad for Trump?

      • The Cominator says:

        It can’t make things worse for him.

      • The Cominator says:

        Looks good, a pro Trump mob has physical control of DC and the kwaps can’t stop him. Trump can at least prevent the military from being used against them…

        If you want to associate this with anything in the late Roman Republic I would say this is Antony at Caesar’s funeral more than anything else even if Caesar wasn’t dead.

  29. Encelad says:

    I put my hope in the fact that Trump called a big rally in DC. One does not gather all those people just to cuck in front of the crowd. I think Trump has the will and the balls to use the insurrection act, however….
    My concern is that he might have realized he has not enough loyalists. We have seen no end of supposedly trumpists stab him in the back. If he proclaims the insurrection act, what are the chances he is obeyed and what are the chances he is betrayed yet another time?

    • Pooch says:

      It’s times like these that traitors reveal themselves and men of virtue are found in the unlikeliest places (Pompeo tweeting America First today). We shall see but Trump would have not gotten this far if he didn’t have good instincts on loyalty.

  30. Bilge_Pump says:

    I am anxious to see what Trump has planned for today. Yarvin has been doing his usual namefag blackpill thing. We’ll see.

  31. Epstein's Suicide Note says:

    I think that the writing has been on the wall since SCOTUS rudely refused to hear any of the cases and the state legislatures quietly refused to actually certify the “alternative slates”.

    But if you believe that today matters at all, then the outcome will be apparent today, not on the 21st. Pence can, legalfagally speaking, either immediately order a contingent election by state delegation, or give the six contested states a small window of time to conduct audits and re-certify their results, and then either order a contingent election or block both slates if they refuse. If Pence does either of those things, we “might” “win”, if Trump is subsequently willing to use force to enforce that outcome.

    If Pence certifies the Democratic delegations in contested states, we’ve lost.
    If Pence promises to “hear the evidence” and then still certifies those delegations, we’ve lost.
    If Pence certifies the Democratic delegations based on vague promises to conduct an audit later, we’ve lost.
    If any other half-measures are taken that still result in a certification of the Biden electors in the fraud states, with the implied intent of moving the goalposts to quiet down Trump’s followers and make them think there’s still a chance, we’ve lost.

    Because Trump can of course still invoke the Insurrection Act in the two subsequent weeks, but Pence knows him better than anyone, and if Pence is either too dismissive of Trump or too afraid of the left to do his duty today, and is willing to effectively end his entire political career to ensure that his own party loses, then it means the heads have already been counted. This really is the final curtain call.

  32. BaboonTycoon says:

    The Republicans losing in GA yesterday has left me hopeful for a path to legitimacy. If Republicans want to maintain their sinecured positions in the senate majority, they must necessarily side with Trump now. Some in the party seem to be pointing fingers at Trump over this, but ultimately, they don’t have a choice. Senate is now 50-50. Either Pence is the tiebreaker of Harris is.

  33. Jean Cavalier says:

    The question of the hour is the same that has been haunting us since some random judge from Hawaii threw out his immigration restrictions in early 2017.
    The question has been the same through 4 years of bullshit political and procedural machinations, through Russiagate psychodrama, through slow wall building and Syria strikes. And finally, a fraudulent election.

    Does Trump have the will to seize Imperium?

    Whatever happens today, Mike Pence is not going to hand Trump the Presidency. The Supreme court couldn’t give it to him and neither can anyone else. At this point, in order to posses the office of the Presidency he must seize Imperium. No one is able to give him Imperium because no individual now possess it. Trump can now only win by a supreme act of will.

    The good news is: if he does make this act of will, no one will be able to oppose him. If he chooses to win then he definitely will win.
    A confrontation like this has been inevitable since the moment he came down the escalator and declared his candidacy. We are very fortunate that the situation has become so black and white. If Trump wins, fantastic! If he fails then we will know that it was a failing of his character. That he was never be /ourguy/ and never going to go all the way to begin with. A billionaire, a businessman, a decent president. But that’s not who we need in this time, we need an emporer. We will find out who Trump is within the next couple of weeks.

    • Jean Cavalier says:

      Yeesh. It looks like my formatting didn’t go through.
      Is there a way to fix that?

    • Opioidus says:

      It seems that he will be dragged over the rubicon by his fans regardless of his willingness at this point. This is a point of no return for him, they will surely prosecute and convict him now, and white genocide will become official state policy from day one of Biden’s presidency.

  34. The Cominator says:

    If Trump is willing to order his people to use violence and isn’t killed by some spook he will win regardless of legal or Pence or the Insurrection act, if he can order the use of violence and survives he will win.

    The law does not matter anymore, the judiciary does not matter anymore. SCOTUS signed their death warrant when they rejected the Texas case.

    • jim says:

      Normality bias killed Caesar. I worry it will kill Trump.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Since the fix appears to be in for Pence to betray Trump, and Trump doesn’t seem disposed to invoke the IA, normality bias may well wipe out Trump and his whole family, as well as creating chaos for America….

  35. >If we lose, the way forward is an underground counter society built on blockchain technology, with Jitsi, bitcoin, and namecoin as unsatisfactory prototypes that show the way forward. We will need to first adequately fix the namefag problem, in order to genuinely fix the currency traceability problem.

    OK, really time to share your opinion on Urbit. I admit I do not really understand this technology, but there is one aspect that makes me wary. Remember, Moldbug always had this view that the government is omnipotent. https://www.unqualified-reservations.org/2013/04/bitcoin-panic-light-flashing-bright/ it is not in this article but I remember he once said something along the lines no matter how good software you build for an underground, the government can just physically pull the plugs from the hardware.

    Due to this view of the govenment being omnipotent, back then he said Urbit was meant to be transparent to a government investigator, because it is the only way to avoid getting its plug pulled. So he has this roll over and surrender attitude.

    I don’t know if it is still technologically true of Urbit. A lot has changed since. I don’t know if a handle like ~redpil-dadcad can be tracked back to an IP address or something. I would be interested in your or other people’s view about that.

    Also, he is not stupid, and this is a valid question: how will the hardware running jitsi or whatever will not have its plug pulled by government? Okay, I get it that in practice that would be like confiscating all smartphones. I am thinking more along the lines of only allowing smartphones that can only install apps from approved stores. Smartphones whose internals are partially read-only and cannot be re-flashed to gain sa access etc. Long story short: we need open hardware, or no chance.

    • jim says:

      > I am thinking more along the lines of only allowing smartphones that can only install apps from approved stores.

      Shaniqua will be in charge of government approved smartphones and approving official software.

      The Chinese solution is more successful. They just demand a backdoor to spy on you. Which means you know where the backdoor is, so you let them spy all they want on the stuff you let them spy on.

      The Chinese internet is fairly successfully locked down, but people still find ways around it. As the left singularity proceeds to its infinity, commerce, religion, and truth speaking is going to be screwed worse and worse, creating incentives to get around government control. The Chinese are on their umpteenth internet crackdown now, and they are falling well short of total control.

      It is fairly effective, but far less than total, and they have the huge advantage over the American empire that they have competent people on the job.

    • suones says:


      Sorry to interject, but I couldn’t resist.

      1) I have no opinion on Urbit, not having studied it in any detail.
      2) Bitcoin is also perfectly transparent to a government/any investigator. The fig leaf of anonymity only derives from vendors and exchanges not enforcing KYC norms as strictly as ZOGbanks. Meanwhile, it has absolutely zero privacy.

      … how will the hardware running jitsi or whatever will not have its plug pulled by government?

      This scenario presupposes both the existence of an extremely pervasive technological substrate that requires relatively little effort and resources to program, and simultaneously that the “powers that be” are decidedly less competent than the heroes of the dystopian tale (which incompetence is the reason it is a dystopia in the first place). Star Wars Stormtroopers are poor shots, the renegade cleric (Equilibrium) has better gun-kata than the Master, everywhere you look the people “in-charge” are observably worse than the protagonists (who may be anti-heroes).

      This depiction hits home in a way that a straight up kakistocratic yarn does not because it is based in reality. IT is not that dystopian worlds (increasingly our own world) are shitty places to live, it is that the ruling class is dominated by inferior stock. I see this at home every day. A vast majority of politicians and bureaucrats seem observably less capable to me. In a non-bizarro world, life is good, even if the conditions are every bit as shitty, because you have hope and faith. This is why, I believe, WH40K resonates with so many people — the world is incredibly bad, worse than many dystopias even, but the power structure, the Imperium of Man, is Orderly. If you meet a Space Marine, you instinctively get out of the way because you know he’s a better man than you, and, crucially, he feels it is his duty to protect you because he’s a better man than you. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bgi5STRe8E)

      So yes, disruptive tech is not possible against a competent State, but we are greatly aided by the fact that they are incompetent, and their selection mechanism selects for more incompetence over time.

      I am thinking more along the lines of only allowing smartphones that can only install apps from approved stores. Smartphones whose internals are partially read-only and cannot be re-flashed to gain sa access etc.

      You mean a Govt mandated Apple-monopoly? Seriously, Apple has proven that the above is not only possible, but that a vast number of people actually want this enough to make it the dominant business model of today. No Govt mandates needed. Also see every single Intel/AMD CPU that has an onboard “security chip.”

      … we need open hardware, or no chance.

      Using any hardware out of the ordinary immediately marks you out as a target for other methods of surveillance, similar to how using PGP makes you a target for rubber-hose cryptanalysis, unless there is enough background traffic that you can blend in. The repeated market failures of various open hardware projects have left me extremely cynical as to future prospects. As an example, there is an extremely open desktop platform available from Raptor Systems, from the chip-level through board etc., which uses IBM POWER CPUs instead of known-backdoored Intel/AMD stuff. While the CPU itself might be vulnerable, the entire platform is completely open. Market uptake compared to previous generation Intel and AMD? Too low to measure. Contrast with the Apple M1: an extremely closed hardware SoC running GNON-knows-what from Apple, receiving universal acclaim on “Hacker News.” Seriously, the thing can’t even run Windows or Linux at present.

      We need national hardware, which Russians (Elbrus) and China (variously) already have, and Indians cannot have because all our best engineers escape to the IQ-shredder that is the USA. Kuber is often a more powerful god than .

      • suones says:

        * Kuber is often a more powerful god than <insert family patron god>.

      • @Suones

        >We need national hardware, which (…) Indians cannot have because all our best engineers escape to the IQ-shredder that is the USA.

        Sorry, this is a little offtopic, but don’t they tend to go home once they have saved enough money? They will earn less at home but get immensely more status – and a wife.

        The interesting issue is that what they have learned in the USA might not be that useful at home. I mean, one would think for example that Denmark and Italy are similar enough cultures, yet accounting software made in Denmark is hard to use in Italy because it is a lower-trust culture, they want functionalities like not allow a user to copy-paste a list of customers from the software to Excel, which the Danes never thought of, and when asked they just said well do not hire people you do not trust, haha, OKTHXBYE. Countries like Slovakia, Hungary, Romania are in the EU and all, so finally allowed into the “first world club”, yet there is an immense difference, seriously I would not hand out those One Laptop Per Child laptops to any random kids there as they would break it in no time, mostly over each others heads. Or in many cases their dads would sell it for vodka. I would only hand it out to kids from good families…

        For example, India has an immense supply of cheap low quality labor, hence the idea would be not as much to automate labor with robots, but rather build software that tells those guys what to do. India is the kind of place I could imagine some kind of a small-quantity just-in-time delivery system by guys on bicycles. This is a very different kind of software than what would be built in the USA hence when and if the engineers go home their experience will not be so relevant. Hardware probably has to be sturdier and more foolproof etc.

    • European Mutt says:

      Open hardware only solves half the problem. The other problem is how do you manufacture/import it? In fact that issue is why open hardware is not very popular right now. Its marginal utility is too low and its cost of manufacturing too high. And lest we forget many in the ‘open hardware’ crowd are leftist nerds who are not our friends.

      I’d rather count on incompetence and resulting exploits. Their existence is a human constant.

      Apple has proven that the above is not only possible, but that a vast number of people actually want this enough to make it the dominant business model of today.

      This is what I meant by Apple catering to leftist sensibilities in the design discussion. Bugmen are not supposed to think or peer behind the curtain and are supposed to (from my perspective) masochistically take what is offered them, i.e. behave like women. That’s why I am pretty sure the nerds will be purged first, they stick out like a sore thumb by not doing that.

      • European Mutt says:

        Of course all nerds can avoid that fate by playing stupid. But many are too-clever-by-half like Scott Alexander, sometimes not even on purpose.

    • ~malmer-daprel says:

      Connections between Urbit planets are encrypted and signed, but planets aren’t encrypted on disk (though i suppose that could be changed in the future) so they can be read by people with access to the hardware they’re running on. Of course, you can run your planet on your own hardware, like a laptop that you keep encrypted. I think MM’s main point is that it’s better to fly under the sovereign’s radar than attract his attention, since if he can’t break your encryption he may choose instead to break your kneecaps.

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