Guns, Ideas, Fashion, and Military Parades

Ideas are more powerful than guns, but fashion is more powerful than ideas.

If Trump has a military parade with snappy parade uniforms, we may well win. Trouble is that our elite has been busy making soldiers dress androgynously, because they hate and fear the military. We are always ruled by warriors or priests. If soldiers continue to dress like Elon Musk’s rocket scientists, soldiers, like nerds, will remain low status, and priestly rule will continue.

They probably will not make the marines wear high heeled shoes, but they will make them wear baggy clothes that are interchangeable with the similarly baggy clothes worn by female “soldiers”.

If they parade wearing camo versions of what Elon Musk’s rocket scientists wear, military will remain low status, and thus warriors will be unable to challenge priests.

People in large masses toting guns and moving in unison is impressive, and big rockets are impressive, but to translate that impressiveness into power, need to dress the part. Clothes make the man. Consider Musk’s show with the heavy rocket.

Musk is a showman and Trump is showman, but Musk’s show sucked because everyone was dressed in Silicon Valley Casual that was actually casual. Needed to dress them in Silicon Valley Casual that was actually Silicon Valley Cool.

You look at a bunch of very smart rocket scientists acting and looking like World of Warcraft players who have just cleared a dungeon, and you think “low status”

I want warriors in power, and I want people who make cool toys for warriors in power, and they will need to dress the part.

Let us imagine how Musk’s heavy rocket launch would have gone if he draped a bikini model over the sportscar that he launched to Mars, if his rocket scientists were better dressed, and if he himself posed with the bikini model and the sportscar wearing nice clothes with a touch of mad scientist. Similarly, however cool a military parade is, (and a military parade, like a rocket launch, is very cool indeed) you are not going to visualize those parading in power unless they dress the part.

Obviously the parade will raise Trump’s approval rating significantly. The problem is, however, at some point he is going to have to demonstrate that an airforce commando outranks a supreme court justice, so we need to raise the approval rating of air force commandos.

My assessment of the fall of Kings that began in the nineteenth century is that kings did not fail because of gunpowder, did not fail because industry rather than land became the source of wealth. Kings failed because George the fourth was fat, lazy, had a fat mistress, a bad tailor, and slept with other men’s wives, but most of all, Kings failed because Beau Brummel made the Puritan aesthetic cool. If King George the Fourth had had better fashion sense and hotter mistresses than Beau Brummel, and if his mistresses had, like Beau Brummel’s mistresses, only been sleeping with him, instead of sleeping with him and their husbands, we would have been fine. Also, if he had gotten off his fat ass and did some kinging, we would have been fine. He failed in the job of being the fount of all honors, mortal and divine (which is to say the job of regulating status competition into prosocial positive sum displays, rather than antisocial negative sum displays). The successors of the puritans took that job, ran with it, and have never let go of it.

So far, however, our attempts to produce reactionary fashion have all been miserable failures, and perhaps we will always fail until we have victorious soldiers exercising power, for all the cool reactionary fashions of the past are based on the uniforms worn by soldiers in victory parades.

But I am now coming around to the view that fashion should feature physically fit men wearing tight clothes that have been personally tailored to them. Standard stretch pants that fit without requiring a belt, and on the top a shirt, perhaps a T shirt, that has been tailored to fit, and tailored to end just below the point on your pants where a belt would be if they needed a belt, which your pants should not. The shirt goes outside the pants, but is almost, but not quite, tight around the pants.

Well fitting clothes are automatically high status. It is the last sumptuary display. An off the rack business suit is not high status. A custom fitted T shirt is high status. Baggy pants are low status. Men wear baggy pants because gangsters who claimed high status on the basis of violence were countersignaling by wearing baggy pants, but baggy pants do not work unless you can also plausibly signal real capability and will to commit violence. Such plausible signals are apt to get you killed, so make sure your pants fit. If you countersignal by poorly fitting pants, have to signal by violence, which can get costly.

Secondly, the costume should contain some element of peacocking, ideally a unique and idiosyncratic element. I now wear a fighting cock feather in my hat, the tail feather of a fighting cock that died in battle. Unfortunately, such feathers do not last a whole lot longer than the cock that donated them. It is tricky to get the right feather attached in the right place. Each fighting cock feather is unique and different (fighting cocks themselves peacock, with longer, floppier, and more diverse feathers than regular cocks). Most fighting cock feathers will do something bad like flopping in your eyes. Need a feather that flops around, but stays out of your eyes and your field of view, while flopping around in the other guys’s field of view.

Big hats are good, and better with something decorating them.

Good old boy hat

Gold chains also good, though male gold chains need to be big. Fine gold chains are girly. Not sure if multiple peacocking elements are a good idea. The Regency Aesthetic failed through excess, which excess justified the Puritan Aesthetic. A gold chain needs to be accompanied by bros or a bodyguard. If no wingman, then no gold chain. if a weak geek neck, cannot support a fighting cock feather.

You cannot peacock unless the alpha male of the group is also peacocking, or unless it is plausible that you are, by at least some metric, the alpha male of the group. Your boss is not going to be peacocking, and if your subordinate is peacocking while you are not peacocking, you will need to do something about it.

Any item of peacocking that draws attention to your head needs a suitably large neck to support its metaphorical weight, as if it had actual physical weight. I have therefore added neck exercises to my exercise regimen. I attach a looped belt to a resistance cord, and pull with my head in different directions, in order for my neck to be strong enough to support the mighty weight of the fighting cock feather in my hat. If you have a geek neck, don’t try to wear a big hat.

Obviously you cannot wear something to job interview or similar occasion that is more dramatic or unusual than your interviewer will be wearing. No peacocking allowed at work or in job interviews, but you can wear better fitting clothes than your interviewer. If Silicon Valley Casual is socially required, you can wear Silicon Valley Casual that just happens to fit you perfectly, as Steve Jobs invariably did. Also, matching colors combined with dramatic clash of colors, so that the clash is clearly intentional, rather than the result of whatever passed the sniff test that morning. If you are going to have a dramatic clash of colors, superhero style, make sure that one major part of your costume matches another part.

Well, this is the latest in a long string of attempts to conjure reactionary meanswear into existence, and all previous attempts have failed embarassingly. Let us see how this one goes. We still need a victory parade with cool manly military parade dress uniforms to really make reactionary fashion stick.

But, lacking a victory parade, physical fitness is something. Reactionary males tend to be markedly stronger and slimmer than progressive males, due to fasting, diet, and lifting iron. Reactionary fashion will succeed, if associated with reactionaty phenotypes.

In the age of feral woman and family breakdown, when fatherhood is illegal, when everyone is a bastard, menswear that is associated with being able to beat people up is likely to succeed. The difference between today and past ages was that in successful civilizations, top fashions were associated with being a member of a group that was able to beat up other groups in organized collective disciplined physical violence, hence the connection to victory parades, while in an age of social collapse and family breakdown, in a civilization in decline, in a time when a dark age looms, when fatherhood has been criminalized, successful fashion tends to be more associated with the capability to perform individual thuggery, hence the perverse and ugly baggy pants fashion. When fatherhood is illegal, only criminals can be fathers. The underlying problem with menswear fashion is that the state is violently, coercively, brutally, and forcefully imposing black mating patterns and white gay mating patterns on white heterosexual males, which mating pattern in turn causes unattractive clothing to be fashionable, and attractive clothing to be unfashionable, the baggy pants fashion being an example of this problem.

If reactionaries are having troubles restoring reactionary fashion, it is because we are having troubles restoring reactionary families, and reactionary families require reactionary male social groups that collectively enforce reactionary socialization on potentially feral women. But, on the principle of fake it till you make it, reactionary fashion can cause the social conditions that will in turn cause reactionary fashion.

Dress like a patriarch, dress like an aristocrat, and have your women dress as if under patriarchal authority. Good fit is patriarchal, and peacocking and physical fitness is aristocratic. You cannot peacock at work if your boss is not peacocking, but you can be physically fit and wear well fitted clothes.


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  1. Tom Hart says:

    When the mythologist Joseph Campbell advised people to “Follow your bliss” as a guide to life he was speaking of men like Elon Musk. From an early age, Musk has been blissed out on rockets and Mars; he was reading handbooks on Russian rockets in his late teens and early twenties—this is his bliss, his serious recreation. His other projects have all been secondary to this goal, a goal that he would pursue, I think, even if he had no success or even if it never paid him. Musk is a showman who is living out his own myth and making it a reality

    I don’t know about the technical details of his projects, but if there is a man who is going to get us to Mars today then that man is Musk.

    Western civilisation is Faustian: it pushes everything to the limits. The youngest and most vital Western nation remains America; she is the Western nation most defined by the romance of the frontier—physical and scientific—and the expansion of that frontier. Spiritual salvation cannot be found in space, but America’s destiny can be. It is her destiny to extend the frontier to the planets and stars. Musk is the man to bring this about: it is his destiny.

  2. Encelad says:

    I don’t know what to make of this, but… Trump is taking on ugly post-modern architecture!

  3. barf says:

    Did the neck exercises work?

  4. […] uses Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy launch and the announcement of a military parade to reflect on guns, ideas, fashion, and military parades. This is one of those pieces that merits reading all the way through, but you should not neglect […]

  5. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Pretty much anything can look good if the person wearing it is physically fit and solidly toned.

  6. Dividualist says:

    If you haven’t yet noticed, Jim, for the last 10 years or so young men are wearing tight skinny jeans, not baggy pants. And it is not cool. It only fits the bony type who lacks muscle and fat both, it makes them look like a woman, emphasizing their fragile shins and ankles. It is actually quite feminine. I am talking about the standard hipster look with the oldschool glasses and the ironic shirts. Not cool.

    The origin of the baggy pants is complicated. Part of the story is gangsters, yes, but part of the story is military. The issue is that todays military does not really understand the difference between fatigues and dress uniforms. Dress uniforms use to look quite good. Meanwhile the fatigues, which are baggy, came to signal toughness for civilians. Not sure how it works in the US over here but a black military fatigue pants with the thigh pockets are the typical pants worn by security guards who try to look kind of scary and the gray or olive versions combined with the t-shirt of a metal band are basically the heavy metal uniform. In both cases they suggest toughness, as they evoke the battlefield. I think they got popular in the eighties, from the Rambo or Commando movies. However, on parades, it should be ironed, suitlike dress uniforms.

    (A third origin of the baggy pants is skateboarding and teenage culture with that. )

    • Zach says:

      Agree about the tight pants. That tapered look with the tight jeans looks feminine. Lots of rockers are doing this now, and it looks silly.

      • anon says:


        (minus the tat ofc)

        • Zach says:

          I wasn’t talking about khackies. Those are pretty loose fitting compared to the beyond stupid tapered to the chin skin tight look I’ve been seeing lately in these bands. Sometimes with combat boots.

          Those pants pictured are slightly tapered, and made less tapered by the raised ending. Though people have their tastes, there comes a tipping point wherein the look can be too try-hard and manufactured looking. That picture comes awfully close.

          • anon says:

            that color is called “white”

            they’re a bit on the loose side but I wasn’t going to spend all day on Google Images

      • jim says:

        Tight pants are fine if you have big legs with big muscles. Its skinny pants on skinny males that look gay.

    • C says:

      Evoke the battlefield if you want to look like a try-hard schmuck, quite frankly. We kill people with drones now. Pretty soon we’ll be killing people with turrets affixed to Boston Dynamics dog-bots. Ever seen a bunch of fucking weirdos fake swordplay like they saw in the movies or their favorite anime? It’s like that.

  7. An0n says:

    There are a lot of very interesting perspectives on clothing and fashion ITT. A lot of it sounds like posturing, rather aspirational, but it is petty to sling shit over opinions, especially on fashion.

    That being said, in my line of work fashion is paramount. As someone who prefers to “dress to work” (as opposed to dress to display) it took me a while to realize that a certain level of fashion sense was a requisite for acceptance in the upper echelon. I swapped my Salomons for Nikes, my synthetic all weather pants for stretch jeans, and ditched my 100% cotton shirts for button down ridiculousness with silly screen prints. Thankfully i m in reprieve while i attend university, but I will be going back to work eventually and i have been laboring somewhat over how I should present myself. Surprisingly, REI occasionally has some pretty cool faux-formal wear; all weather blazers, omni-wick dress shirts. I guess that would be my ideal: tough work clothes that have a touch of class. I firmly believe you should dress for what you might encounter, and where i grew up if one wears a feather in their hat they’d better be the best shot within 500 yards.

    • Dividualist says:

      I work at a very average European firm and people generally think that the suit or smart casual stuff worn at work is just a uniform you wear because you must so they buy ugly, boring cheap baggy kinds randomly. Rather they invest their money and fashion sense in the far more casual stuff they wear outside, that is when they whip out the Armani jeans with the D&G t-shirt.

      This is why I don’t understand why The Return Of Kings says a suit means being well dressed, maybe more people wear actually good suits in the US. My impression about current Europe is that the work suit or smart casual stuff is low status and borderline embarassing, as it suggests we have an uncool job. Presumably, the cool people would wear their Versace t-shirts at work. I don’t know. But this is why we don’t invest into these clothes much like how nobody gets their McD uniform tailored. Because it is borderline embarrassing to wear it anyway.

      • jim says:

        A well fitting suit looks good – because well fitting anything looks good, and people only bother to have their suit fitted.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        The problem most people have with modern casual is that it works by showing off the body, not beautifying it. That is fine if you have a beautiful body, but most people are fat. Armani jeans functionally look no better than $10 Walmart jeans, i.e. they draw attention to your legs and ass, which may or may not be a good thing for you.

    • Suck my soul out through my says:

      >As someone who prefers to “dress to work” (as opposed to dress to display) it took me a while to realize that a certain level of fashion sense was a requisite for acceptance in the upper echelon. I swapped my Salomons for Nikes, my synthetic all weather pants for stretch jeans, and ditched my 100% cotton shirts for button down ridiculousness with silly screen prints.
      >it took me a while to realize that a certain level of fashion sense was a requisite for acceptance in the upper echelon
      >a certain level of fashion sense was a requisite for acceptance in the upper echelon
      >so I swapped my Salomons for Nikes and my t-shirts for silly screen prints
      >acceptance in the upper echelon
      >Nikes and silly screen prints
      >upper echelon
      >silly screen prints

    • C says:

      Hey jackass, anyone can wear anything for any reason. How much “aspirational posturing” is there exactly to seeing a cloth you like, buying it, and draping it on your body?

      None, that’s what.

      You can even wear assless chaps if you want. Embrace the 21st century.

      • peppermint says:

        okay, so, let’s try to look cool and show off our objective non-fatness and muscle, and try to signal ability to do stuff

  8. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The best current reactionary aesthetic is to look like a private military contractor on an off month, a guy who fixes land cruisers in Africa, or a bush pilot.

    Something a little less faggy than this:–safari-shirt-mens-fashion-styles.jpg

    It’s the only solidly North European aesthetic that gets across willingness and ability to use violence, and simultaneously won’t get you kicked out of the lobby of a nice hotel.

    Carries all the same risks as other peacocking if you aren’t close to living the reality. It does not work if you’re fat. Ray Mears actually sort of is the real deal, but still looks like a dork:

    • Dividualist says:

      In other news, mostly brands like Marlboro Classics:

      It came from same cultural niche as the spaghetti westerns: the weird enthusiasm Italians tend to have for a romanticized view of the American country/Western culture.

      • peppermint says:

        We have a “weird fascination” with the Romans and the Conquistadors. Whites can’t possibly appreciate successful, masculine White cultures in which individuals could rise to greatness and win one for the team, without being weird, gay, nazi. Better to admire Abraham marrying and pimping his sister, Jacob jewing Esau, Hadassah the Mossad agent and her handler Mordecai, and summoning demons to kill Egyptian children. That’s normal.

      • anon says:

        yeah, how about no

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Anglo competence combined with Italian style and attitude.

        Rather than imitating blacks.

  9. Zach says:

    Close to 50% of my waking hours I’m in basketball shorts with white Tshirts. So obviously don’t care about optics. However, a lot of dudes find a unique look that works for them. Anything that shows effort usually works.

    For political optics I’d break the nose of the wannabe cowboy who crossed my path and failed and didnt make it work. Cloth and man must be one. Only Jim knows if he can make his look work.

    Roy Batty made his look work. Nobody else can.

    • Kung Fu Panda says:

      >Most surprising of all, given I was in a leftist heartland, I have never before seen women dressed in such a feminine style, not even in photos I’ve seen of the 1950s. The women were leaning romantically into their boyfriends as they walked along, arms entwined.

      How incredibly surprising, more on this earth-shattering story at 11

    • jim says:

      winners act like winners, losers act like losers. Multiculturalism is to exterminate us, not them.

    • Dividualist says:

      Leftism is far more diluted in real life than online or in the media. The thing is only a relatively small number of people read online or follow the media obsessively. For the most it is just the currently “in” fashion. My most leftist experience was Camden, London. And for the most part it is just a fashionable place for the rich young people from all over the world. All the hippie or punk or alternative messages are just part of the fashion statement.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        That’s true until it’s not.

        Sure, in day to day life people aren’t having you purged from your job or beaten to death on the street….. but when they do, you tend to notice lol

        I’m not being flippant, I do take your point: for most normies, the cutting edge of the leftward wave is more or less completely abstract: they don’t REALLY believe that race is a social construct and toddlers should get sex change operations.

        But the thing is, give it enough time and these ideas trickle through into total acceptance. When you and I were growing up, being “openly gay” could still cause you significant problems: now it’s cause for celebration, and the normies see only the upside of that, never the downside. They see that fewer people are crying into their pillow at night but they fail to see that people now say “no homo” instead of kissing other men on the face and giving them flowers.
        They see that people don’t suffer the embarrassment of being called naughty names, but they fail to see that birth rates are through the floor.

        It’s the same with every aspect of the Left’s agenda. What today is merely social froth among cossetted metropolitan cunts will tomorrow become something that can seriously mess with your life at its very foundations.

        You think it’s just talk when they applaud openly racist recruitment policies and talk about the intrinsic wickedness of certain racial groups?
        Wait until those ‘problems’ are enacted into law.

        You won’t even have to wait very long. Lloyds Bank now has an openly racist quota for minorities in management. That means if you put your all into being the best senior financial manager you can be, do all the courses, say all the right things about the officially favoured groups, and then turn up and do your best at interview, Panel will now automatically favour the mediocrity sat next to you so long as he’s racially superior to you.

  10. some guy says:

    Advertising for companies I don’t work for, but which offer online services for the style of clothing that Jim recommends:

    My cousin has used propercloth and indochino and was satisfied well, and I have used sonofatailor.

  11. Stephen W says:

    Tailored clothing could become quite cheap with robotic sewing machines and photogrametric body measurements. Actually it should already be cheap if you send your measurements to some mail order place in India.

    The wages of socialism continue to deepen chaos in Venezuela.

    • jim says:

      A horde of voters flee the socialism they voted for, and go to other places where there is still stuff to steal to vote for more socialism.

      • Dave says:

        Jim, what do you expect Venezuela to look like 10-20 years from now? They can’t even attract pedo sex tourists if they don’t get crime under control. Every national institution that could effect top-down change, including the military, has been destroyed. Could feudalism make a comeback, being the simplest social system that allows people to grow food and eat it?

        • jim says:

          There is no natural bottom. They can keep going downwards until only a handful are left alive. Further, no lessons have been learned. The overwhelming majority of those escaping to other countries vote for more of what happened in Venezuela.

          The only solution is that you cannot let those kind of people vote, you have to restrict their freedom of movement, you have to systematically demonize covetousness and envy, and you have to punish the politics of covetousness and envy, the activists of covetousness and envy, by death. Anyone preaching that group x is worse off because group y is well off, preaching that the cure is collective action by group x to stop group y from being well off, organizing collective action for group y’s stuff to be distributed to group x, has to be executed. We just have to kill leftists – not all the followers, but we have to lower the status of the followers to sinful worthless stupid nasty subhuman trash, and kill all the leaders. Nuke leftism from orbit. It is the only way to be sure.

          • anon says:

            hey JImeister, I was lazily browsing plebbit and I came across something that fully redeemed my momentary slovenliness and lack of self-respect

            > You’re right about the reason Napoleon selling the Louisiana Territory, but I’m going to expend on it a little. France had sugar plantations in Haiti and Santo Domingo, but needed the port of New Orleans in order to ship food to these islands. Jefferson and Madison knew this and devised some plans to get Napoleon out of the Americas. Jefferson implemented a policy that pushed Native American tribes into the trans-Mississippi region in order to put more pressure on French forces. In the meanwhile, Madison secretly assisted the black revolutionaries in Haiti led by Toussaint L’Ouverture (I think the spelling is different depending on what you read). Toussaint was eventually captured, but the revolution was still successful in making it unprofitable for the French to stay on the island. Without the sugar plantations that they had on the island Napoleon no longer needed the Louisiana Territory as a granary, which helped convince him to sell it to the US. Also, Napoleon is reported to have said “Damn sugar, damn coffee, damn colonies” after hearing of the revolution in Haiti. I got that information from Walter LaFeber’s book “The American Age” Volume 1

            just to reiterate

            > In the meanwhile, Madison secretly assisted the black revolutionaries in Haiti led by Toussaint L’Ouverture

            have fun

          • Starman says:

            YES! Leftism must be destroyed with nuclear weapons.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      “Barred by law from carrying guns, the Andean truckers form convoys to protect themselves, text each other about trouble spots – and keep moving as fast as possible. ”

      It is impressive how the government works tireless to make the situation worse. Is this something only said for show or is the state going to take actions to actively screw over people even while everything is on fire?

      • Gnarfl says:

        the one and only reason that anything anywhere is as bad as it is, however bad it is, is because “the government” works tirelessly to exact as much sadistic pleasure as possible

        anyman with the unquestioned obedience of the Pentagon could make world peace within the month

      • jim says:

        Absolutely going to take actions to active screw over people as everything falls apart.

        These guys believe that bakers are causing the bread shortages, truckers are preventing goods from being transported, and so on and so forth.

  12. Aidan MacLear says:

    Clothing is a type of language. Biosemantics or something like that. Constructing “true” reactionary fashion is historically impossible (all of our highest class forms of dress today come from Puritan fashion) without LARPing in medieval costume.

    So the next best thing is figuring out what you want to signal and how to appropriately signal it. Even though we know that it isn’t in fact true, the 50’s are associated in the culture at large with the worst excesses of right-wing patriarchy without it being absurdly eccentric and thus low status to invoke it in fashion.

    If you are low class and rugged, dress the part. Today, low-class means baggy ten dollar jeans and t-shirts from Walmart. In the 50’s, it meant fitted shirts (button down) and jeans rolled up over scuffed work boots or leather shoes. Dressing like that will make you better-dressed than 90% of men today. Low class men used to dress like that because they were still the masters of their households, had pride in their masculinity, and had pretty young wives who they needed to display dominance for.

    If you’re high class, take cues from countries that never knew the touch of John Calvin. Their suits, pocket squares, and ties display a joie de vivre that is high status in its wealth and refinement, and reactionary in the sense that it rejects the somber faux-humble Puritan aesthetic. If you’re worried that your boss thinks that you’re trying to out-alpha him, you’re not high-status enough to wear Italian silk shirts.

    My advice for nerds is to not be a geek, but if you have to, dress like a university student from the early half of the 20th century. If you’re older, a professor.

    If you’re actually a tough guy, your casual dress when signalling your reactionaryness should look like what you would wear if you were out for a night of vigilante work hunting down leftists. Ideally you have a posse of similarly dressed men with you.

    I think Jim’s cock feather sounds pretty faggy, unless he’s actually an absurd badass who can get away with it. That’s the point of peacocking, issuing a challenge to would-be alpha males. If no one challenges your ridiculous fashion choice, then you’re the alpha. If Jim were a scrawny nerd in a fedora, you make fun of his hat in front of women to boost your status. If you walk into a bar and Jim is a grizzled old cowboy with arms as thick as tree stumps, you wouldn’t even dare have an opinion on what he sticks in his hat.

    • jim says:

      Oh yes, ridiculously faggy unless you are pretty big, or your bodyguard is pretty big, or both.

      You don’t have to be full on body builder big, but you have to be at least average height, and reasonably fit. I mentioned elsewhere that the clothing industry classes my pants as small, and my shirts and jackets as large or extra large.

      Back when I was fat, could never gotten away with peacocking. I would have looked totally gay.

      You don’t have to be an absurd badass to get away with wearing a cockfeather, but you have to be somewhat badass.

  13. Dave says:

    Snug clothes accentuate a man’s figure, but loose-fitting clothes allow more freedom of movement. Our military resolves this conundrum by issuing tight dress uniforms for parades and loose camo uniforms for actual combat. Berserkers just didn’t wear clothing, but doing that today signals “mentally unstable faggot”, which I guess is high-status in Progressive circles.

    • jim says:

      Stretch clothes can provide the best of both worlds, snug fitting, and freedom of movement. But if they are stretch in the one size fits all sense, then low status. Need to be only slightly stretchy. Should stretch under movement, but merely be snug fitting when one is in a relaxed position.

      • psmith says:

        YOU wear loose, shapeless, neutral hues in tasteful styles–

        CHAD wears red tank top, neon green stretch leggings!

        • jim says:

          Chad is a badass in a collapsing and collapsed society, and his costume, like that of a gangsta rap singer, signals individual badassery.

          Because society is collapsing and collapsed, we need to signal badassery.

          To do a restoration, need to signal collective badassery.

          I wear tight well shaped clothes in tasteful styles with a small splash of dramatic hues,

  14. Nerevar says:

    Gentlemen’s Gazette is a youtube channel which I think is starting a bit of a revival towards having clothes which fit properly

    I switched to spending a bit more on m2m shirts and never looked back, I am shocked that it took so long to realise that we need to do this

  15. Koanic says:

    I appreciate Jim’s ongoing efforts to save the West, and offer my answer as one of lesser insight.

    I will not dress according to fashion. I will dress in what I wish to fight in. The same clothes that I kickbox, run and go offroad in, are the ones I always wear.

    This means that I will only wear a suit if I am carrying a concealed pistol, because the two complement each other. I will never put a noose around my neck, nor wear footgear that compromises my mobility, which is my life.

    And I will never go unarmed. Lethality makes the man.

    • pdimov says:

      Individualism uber alles.

      • Koanic says:

        I prefer to think of it as fractional autonomy and de-emasculation. It is difficult to be afraid when you know you can always stab someone in the throat.

        • pdimov says:

          Nothing wrong with it. But in context, uniforms (organized violence) always beat individual violence.

          • Koanic says:

            Well yeah. I was talking about the individual dress part of the post, not the military parade.

          • jim says:

            In the context of social decay, organized violence does not necessarily beat individual violence, because there is something horribly wrong with the organization. And our male menswear fashions reflect this.

            Recollect that three rentacops could and routinely did handle any number of Occupy – but a horde of cops could not necessarily handle Occupy.

            • pdimov says:

              White organized violence is disallowed because Nazi. And similarly, snappy uniforms are disallowed because Hitler.

              • jim says:

                For warriors to rule, will need snappy uniforms – which will inevitably be deemed nazi.

                • pdimov says:

                  That is why I’ve been saying that effective reaction will be accompanied by Nazi normalization.

                  Hard to see the latter happening (because older generations), even harder to see the former happening without the latter (whether as a cause or as an effect.)

                  (Normalization doesn’t mean “Nazis are good now”, it just means that the third rail is no longer powered.)

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  Gen Z doesn’t give a shit about WWII. How many video games are being made about WWII today? Back in the 1990s half of video games were about WWII.

                • Singh says:

                  I like this guy।।

                  Always good to walk around with thick steel bracelet for punching, Turban Crown for status & Blunt trauma, Long Dagger for stab।।

        • Garr says:

          Or when you know, as I do, that you can telepathically explode someone’s brain.

          • Koanic says:

            It’s not that hard to carry a plausibly deniable screwdriver in your pocket.

            Even in an airport you can carry a pen, which will probably incapacitate if used on the neck, at least temporarily.

            • jim says:

              Carry a tactical flashlight. Two 18650 batteries, and made of heavy metal. Those 18650 batteries are just the right weight for destroying people’s lower jaws and cracking open their skulls. And you can carry it onto a plane in your laptop carry on bag, or walk around with it clipped to your pants, and no one will blink an eye.

              • Koanic says:

                That’s a better idea than mine for airports.

                For casual, I like to carry light stuff that won’t bounce much at a run.

                Probably I need to get some kind of tactical rig to fix that.

                • jim says:

                  Ceramic knife does not set off metal detectors. Does not bounce when you run. Breaks easily. No one makes a ceramic flick knife, unfortunately, and the lightness of the blade would make it hard to flick.

                  Yes, hard to run while carrying a club. Maybe if one made a suitable holster for it.

                  Folding ceramic knife is generally legal to carry, but takes a fraction of a second to unfold, and fractions of a second matter.

                • Koanic says:

                  Not sure I have a use case for that one. In China they just let you through if the pointy metal object is plausibly a tool. An airport wouldn’t like it. Maybe there’s some USA metal detector scenario I’m missing, where if they find it on a patdown, you’re not in deep shit.

    • jim says:

      Yes, far easier to have alpha presence, if you are pretty sure that should push come to shove, you can take out the other guy.

      Unfortunately actually taking out the other guy can get you into trouble. To allow men to be more masculine, need laws more tolerant of manly violence.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Punching someone can get you in trouble, but a surprise throw-by or arm drag to the back and putting them unconscious with an rnc or restraining them with a mat-return can get you in adoring cellphone videos on worldstar or youtube and perhaps a mention in the local paper.

        Generally, people tend to view grappling violence more favorably and as less of an ‘escalation’ than percussive violence.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          People hate ‘bullies’ but they love winners, and physically dominating someone by slamming them on the ground, standing over them, sitting on top of them, leaving a funny choked-out ragdoll twitching on the ground, et cetera et cetera, is very good optics and also something people revel in without feeling reflexively guilty about it (ie, showing you have the power to do what you want and take someone out without ‘needing’ to resort to more definitive measures).

    • Garr says:

      I only wear gloves with slits over the knuckles, so as not impede the protraction of my adamantium claws.
      I prefer jackets to coats, because the flame from my jet-pack tends to incinerate the hem of a coat.
      However, if I decide to bring my grenade launcher with me to work I will wear a long leather coat in order to conceal it.
      I prefer granite-soled boots. Although these reduce my sprinting-speed to some extent, this is not usually a problem because I generally get around by laser-armed motorcycle, and I find that the additional weight augments the effectiveness of my “sukui uke” kicks. This is especially useful when I must make my way out of the concrete cells in which I occasionally permit “Cucks” to believe they’ve imprisoned me.

      • Koanic says:

        You appear to believe personal violence is what separates superheroes from men, having become a woman in mind.

        • Garr says:

          I believe that you’re a creative fantasist; your temporarily generated self-image is very entertaining. It’s like one of those fan-created videos in which a Team Fortress 2 character such as “the Heavy” offers viewers an amusing self-description.

          • Koanic says:

            Well, I did have a fantastic Sunday. Kickboxed twice on the bag downstairs. Without changing clothes.

            I do always put on some frayed unpadded fingerless bike gloves for a session. Pretty sure that’s purely psychological, but I like it.

      • peppermint says:

        …so, in order to not be a tryhard, the Xir does nothing

  16. Thales says:

    Thinking the sweet spot right now is to dress like Jim Caviezel in “Person of Interest”: dark two-piece, no tie, open collar like you’re equally ready to do professional work or physical violence, perhaps interchangeably moment to moment. Seen JBP dressed like that, too. Men’s fashion has to flow down from super alpha males to be accepted, so need more reactionary alphas.

  17. Glenfilthie says:

    No thanks. I’ve seen far too many overdressed fops and poseurs in my time. Usually they are fat pricks in clothes tailored to try and hide the fat. The worst are the type A little men.

  18. John Sterne says:

    Just when you thought “8 year olds cant be raped cuz they’re little sluts that are literally begging for it, ask me how i know this ” couldnt be topped; we get “I now wear a fighting cock feather in my hat, the tail feather of a fighting cock that died in battle. Unfortunately, such feathers do not last a whole lot longer than the cock that donated them. It is tricky to get the right feather attached in the right place. Each fighting cock feather is unique and different (fighting cocks themselves peacock, with longer, floppier, and more diverse feathers than regular cocks). Most fighting cock feathers will do something bad like flopping in your eyes. Need a feather that flops around, but stays out of your eyes and your field of view, while flopping around in the other guys’s field of view.”

    Its pretty clear (((Cathedral agents))) several years ago assassinated Jim and have taken over his blog to humiliate reactionaries. you can hear the jews laughing hysterically like kids making prank phone calls, as they come up with this shit and watch you all lapp it up.They probably find the jim Pwning even funnier than having the jew moldberg convince you all it wasn’t the jews that subverted the west it was, get this, the Calvinists.

    • anon says:

      that and the neck exercises. i can’t stop laughing. but even that is not quite as amusing as when one realizes that the hat to which he laboriously affixes his cockfeathers is in all probability a neckbeard-tier fedora

    • Garr says:

      Dostoevsky and Chesterton are very funny in the same way.
      The West was already subverted by the 16th century — you can tell by all the superheroines wandering around looking for their boyfriends in Ariosto, Tasso, and Spenser.
      I wanted to ask you, though — did you ever converse with Johnny Ramone? If so, what kind of guy was he?

    • jim says:

      Peacocking works, if you can carry it off. Need to have alpha presence to carry it off.

      Need bros for the big gold chain, need to be large and physically strong for the big hat and the feather. Yes, without adequate alpha presence, can look faggy and stupid. But pretty sure I do carry it off.

      • Garr says:

        Didn’t you say you wear Size Small trousers, though, Jim? My 13 year old son wears Size Medium trousers, and he doesn’t even have facial hair yet.

        • peppermint says:

          > pretending to confuse boys sizes with mens sizes to insult your better

          whats the point, who do you expect to confuse

          • Garr says:

            My 13 year old son, who weighed 102 pounds a few weeks ago, wears Size Medium sweatpants — men’s size. Actually, trousers come in numbered sizes, not “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, so the whole thing is kind of strange. It occurs to me that cartoon tough-guys such as Bluto from Popeye are pictured as having tiny lower bodies in combination with enormous upper bodies.

            I like Jim; I think he’s a very good, intelligent, thoughtful, very funny writer. This post was an especially good and funny one, and I enjoyed it very much. I wouldn’t ever want him to feel bad about anything. I’m just kidding around with him.

        • anon says:

          this post really triggered you didn’t it

          i guarantee you no one reading this site is buying your self-abasingly effeminate christcuckolfaggotry, so if your aim is to find converts on whose backs to base the future of your rapidly darkening religion you might as well find more fertile cyberterritory in which to do it

          • Garr says:

            Why do you kids say “triggered” so much? I imagine you lisping it: “twiggewed!” Whenever you feel that you’re in verbal conflict with someone you shrill, “Ha ha, twiggewed ya!”

            “no one … is buying your …” is Rush-Limbaugh-style dummie-speak. Try to avoid using expressions like this, or like the “I hate to break it to you” with which someone introduced a reply above.

            Where do you detect self-abasement?

            Now, effeminacy is an interesting topic. There are various ways in which a man might be feminine. For example, being primarily interested in individual people rather than in Issues, and seeing expressions of opinion primarily as expressions of personal character — perhaps I’m socially feminine in that way, yes. I like this blog because the people here are engagingly odd.

            I’m not a Christian, although I’ve read a lot of Christian literature and find Christian ideas and images very interesting and creatively stimulating. Of course, the art and literature of the West is primarily Christian. I enjoy the art and literature of the West.

            • anon says:

              if we met each other in person, I would look at you for about 20 seconds, chuckle, and turn away

              • John Sterne says:

                lol bet you wouldnt i have seen garr kinda looks like that5 giant in game of crones

                • anon says:

                  if I wake up tomorrow to find myself back in the neolithic I’ll send you a vision through the vibematrix about how my average weight and average height stupidly lean and good-looking self has come to quiver in fear at the sight of enormous hairy muscular neanderthals armed with stone clubs

            • jim says:

              “No one is buying your …” is an excellent meme, effective whenever one encounters repetitious leftwing boilerplate cant.

              “Triggered” implies that the left wing cultivation of sensitivity is weak, gay, and girly, as of course it is. The person who is supposedly triggered is pleading for the state to protect him from my dangerous evil thoughts, and it is highly effective to remind him that this is a display of contemptible weakness. I am so tough I can hurt you with my thoughts.

    • Garr says:

      There’s a youtube video that shows you how to make a harness like that. Basically you put a strap (e.g. a karate belt) through the links of a chain so that the chain comes over the top of your head and the strap keeps it in place. Then you attach a dumbbell or plates to the ends of the chain with hardware-store clips. You have to wrap the part of the chain that rests on your head in a cloth so that it doesn’t hurt your head. You can get the chain for $6 in a hardware store, the clips for $2.50 or maybe even less depending on the type.

      The best youtube weight-lifting teacher is Alan Thrall, I think. He’s really good at anticipating technique-problems that people might have and showing you how to fix them. And he’s very straight-forward and intelligent.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Alan is pretty good (and im surprised to hear someone know that name round these parts); if i had to name top three ‘exercise gurus’ i’d feel comfortable recommending to someone without me being there to explain things though, i would say, Stuart McGill, Dan John, and Chris Duffin.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      The purpose of spinal musculature (colloquially termed ‘core muscles’) is, generally, to keep the spine rigid and *prevent* it’s movement (since, any bit of flexibility or weakness in the spine creates ‘squish’ in the kinetic chain, reducing the amount of power an athlete can exert upon a task).

      Hence, exercises like situps or the like that involve spinal dislocation run directly counter to proper bio-mechanics; every bit of dislocation contributes to the very expensive surgery for that slipped disk you will have in a decade or two, and the electric chair you will need once you become unable to walk properly at 70.

      By the same token, recovery and building up a ‘reserve’ of resilience to account for those times when situational demands you *do* need to contort yourself is also possible.

      Any exercise (or proper athletic movement) done with the spine held rigid in neutral position will contribute to proper core conditioning, but more specifically targeted examples would be hammer/mace swings, planks, hip thrusters, or unilateral exercises in general (exercises done with a single arm or single leg, engaging cross body stability musculature).

      A low impact way to target the neck would be a modification of bench bridges, where instead of perching on the shoulders you perch on the head, which can be done on multiple sides. You can see an example by Justin Rader here are 0:53,

      • jim says:

        Yeas correct exercise keeps the spine flexing moderately, in the presence of strong forces that would tend to flex it severely.

  19. Garr says:

    Funny post; I especially like the line about doing neck-exercises to support the feather in your hat.
    I don’t know about the bright, tight clothes thing — especially the stretch-pants idea. I hope you don’t wear bright spandex in the gym, Jim. That’s a lower-class gym-style, and it’s sort of faggy. Lower-class men are more feminine than professional-class ones (including SWPLs) in certain ways — they’re giggly and gossipy, for example, with lots of mutually reassuring touching.
    The strongest men in a gym usually wear loose sweats, and they tend to be quiet and nerdy (which makes sense, because it’s such a numbers-based, obsessive hobby).

    • jim says:

      By stretch pants, I refer to Silicon Valley Casual, not spandex, as, for example, stretch jeans.

      Stuff that fits because it is tailored, not stuff that fits because it is stretchy and one size fits all.

      • StringsOfCoins says:

        I can’t make top level replies as the submit button becomes hidden behind the text box as soon as I enter anything into it so I’m submitting my top level reply here. I don’t want to waste another one.

        Already done Jim. I wear fitting shirts with buttons, if they are long sleeved I roll the sleeves, which helps draw the eye to my biceps. I no longer peacock with an ornament, though I did before getting married. I found that hanging something from my belt around my crotch to draw attention to my balls worked very well. Can be anything, a key, a feather, a knife, anything close enough to the crotch that it’s clear you are doing it intentionally. A cowboy hat is also a winner in a libfag soy infested city. Some casual blue jeans finish off the outfit. With a low fat high muscle body fitting clothes peacock enough imho.

        My wife wears dresses. Because I told her that she is going to wear dresses and she wants to please me. Basically anywhere we go together outside we draw looks, because we are the best looking people around, even with her being pregnant. And we are clearly a patriarchal family, where I lead and she looks at me with adoration, and my children are obviously going to be in charge of the random bugman’s children when they grow up. Children especially watch us closely, I assume because they don’t crimestop their thought process and see a family they wish their inverted parents would emulate.

        Wife with a purpose and her husband are excellent role model for a budding reactionary. Unfortunately most reactionaries online are weak fat faggots who are not even reactionaries. They are just white betas so they lose in the prog status game by default. They don’t like being low status so they support some form of reaction, but they are still betas so they are unable to understand social interactions or game. They would prefer to watch Lauren Southern’s tits and aspire to their next fap than wwap and aspire to becoming a patriarch. Oh and they despise alphas cause we fucked their wives when they were 19 and rather than look up to their betters they side with the losers in their attempt to destroy anything beautiful, Harrison Bergeron style.

        • jim says:

          > I can’t make top level replies as the submit button becomes hidden behind the text box as soon as I enter anything

          Works for me on Mozilla on a big laptop screen.

          Mozilla, of course, is spyware, and I wish I could use something else, but Chrome is worse spyware, and the other browsers were somewhat broken last time I tried them.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Brave is nearly ready for prime time now. It’s improved tremendously since they first released it. I rarely have a problem with it now. And they’re still working vigorously on improving it. There are quick updates approximately weekly.

          • Anon says:


    • StringsOfCoins says:

      I hate to break it to you but lower class men are often much more manly than middle class ones. They don’t have as much to lose for going against the prog religious status claim that men are really defective women and women are really defective men. Middle class status strivers do fall for this and do their best to invert the natural order.

      • Garr says:

        Not in NYC they aren’t.
        Possibly “I hate to break it to you” is an ill-considered way to begin a reply to someone you don’t know.
        Walking to the gym and back today — about 3 miles, round-trip, I observed maybe two hundred lower-class and one hundred middle-class men.
        Again, this is NYC. I don’t know what things are like out there where lower-class Whites aren’t Italian.

        • peppermint says:

          In Boston, the professional class is soyboys, men who see thenselves as working wear boots and have a much more masculine attitude because they aren’t subject to shaming from soy. I’m assuming NYC is the same way.

          • anon says:

            there are some games that even when won have no payoff. redneck boots and bar brawls are two of them.

            • peppermint says:

              This TV show I saw had some guy hitting on another guy’s wife in a bar. The other guy just left, because barfights are negative sum or whatever. Everyone keeping their boots polished instead of just wearing toe shoes or sandals or sneakers is also negative sum. Table manners isn’t a Nash equilibrium because the person who shovels the fastest gets the most mac&cheese. Marriage also isn’t a Nash equilibrium because a guy can always use preselection to move up and we’ve discussed at length what gals do.

              • anon says:

                > This TV show I saw had some guy hitting on another guy’s wife in a bar.

                mistake: being in a bar

                > left, because barfights are negative sum or whatever. Everyone keeping their boots polished

                mistake: wearing boots

                > Table manners isn’t a Nash equilibrium because the person who shovels the fastest gets the most mac&cheese.

                mistake: eating plebfeed

                > preselection

                not a magic hack

                preselection is a lagging indicator of success

                > and we’ve discussed at length what gals do

                which is?

                • peppermint says:

                  That’s right, we should eat organic grass-fed local vegan sugar-free unprocessed raw soylent, in our toe shoes, in our houses, with our hands, while rutting with thots, with condoms, while we all age out of childbearing age.

                  Boots. Bars. Wives. Mac&cheese. Christmas lights. Or you’re as good as gay.

                • peppermint says:

                  mac&cheese is ziti, rotini, wheelies, farfalle, or thin spaghetti, with a lot of sauce made of cheese mixed into cream, probably with mushrooms or onions, usually goes with broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, maybe spinach, and needs meat to go with it. Done right, mac&cheese has more fat than carb.

                • anon says:

                  I drive a prehistoric Prius and I’m currently debating whether to get a Model S now or wait probably two years for a Model 3 and buy a Honda CBR600 in the interim. what do you think i should do, p-mint?

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              There’s literally nothing wrong with solving inter-personal animosity through social/mutual combat.

              In fact, there are many cases where that is infact the most wholly appropriate and elegant response to preceding events; it’s perfectly male behavior for settling disputes, establishing hierarchies, or instantiating catharsis. So often exhorting people to ‘use your words’ is a complete misreading of the situation; if someone is doing the rhetorical equivalent of slapping you in the face, actually slapping them in the face is an appropriate, elegant, and economical retort.

              Telling boys not to fight is unnatural. Does one think a pair of kids are a pair of latter day Ciceros? That any point of contention between them would be wholly praxical and philosophical in nature? That they would even *want* to or *enjoy* interfacing ideographs? The only things ‘zero tolerance’, ‘use your words’ ideas demonstrate is that liberally minded persons are stupid, in very important ways, and can’t even understand children, let alone more highly advanced and experienced forms of children. Stupid people trying to signal intellectualism.

              You can’t really be friends with someone if you can’t have a fight with them; in the back of your minds there will always be a level of unresolved uncertainty, and uncertainties breed conflict until they are finally settled. In cases where there is a big gap between the stations of the subjects in question, the principle remains the same. The only difference is, instead of personally delivering the back-hand, the superior officer has his enforcers do it for him.

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