What we know about the Reichstag fire.

This is unofficial knowledge, which I expect to become official in due course, in subsequent official events resembling #releasethememo. This post is copied wholesale from a certain neoreactionary of influence, except that I have spun it slightly towards my interpretation of events, rather than his.

The Democrats applied the full suite of extremely powerful intelligence capabilities of USG to spy on Trump and everyone remotely connected to his campaign, in order to help Hillary and hurt or intimidate Trump’s people and deter potential people from joining up with him, and they wanted as much of that information to be as widely shared as possible so that the dirt they were certain would be there (which, to everyone’s surprise, wasn’t) would be leakable to the propaganda machine press and public in a way that would be impossible to attribute to any particular individual.

Using the fig leaf of an illegal fisa warrant on one member of the Trump campaign, they illegally spied on Trump and the entire Trump campaign, (“unmasking”, June 27, 2016 “Tarmac Meeting”, Samantha Power) expecting something to turn up that would retroactively make the spying arguably legal, legal in the progressive sense of “what does it matter now”.

Except that it did not.

The ultra-expensive, national security-level tools of the permanent government were pointed towards these improper targets, in the ultimate form of “opposition research”, but for free, paid for by taxpayers. They figured that what was true for practically anyone would be true for Trump, that all one needs is a pretext to start surveillance, and one would inevitably turn up evidence of some activity which could fit within the broad interpretation of the modern state’s endless list of offenses, at least enough to support an indictment, or at the very least, legal but scandalous, which is effective when used against Republican candidates when spun by the propaganda machine, or at the very, very least, not against Trump the man himself, but against one of his team or even several degrees of separation removed from them (given chain-investigating, the investigatory equivalent of chain-migration) for anything they may have done over the course of their entire lives that might end up “inadvertently” being hoovered up in the course of an infinitely-expanding network and scope of investigation. And in the last resort, use one of those cases to “flip” that individual into an informant to tell them something dirty about Trump that the surveillance couldn’t pick up.

They believed all they would have to do is just get the surveillance started. They knew the (foreign and domestic) surveillance needed a FISA warrant, which needed a foreign power hook, which had to be Russia. Which didn’t exist, so someone would have to make it up out of whole cloth. Which obviously couldn’t be corroborated, because false and totally made up, and so if supported by oath, somebody could be liable for perjury. Fusion GPS seems to exist in large part for this purpose: to produce opposition material, some of which is from normal “research and investigation”, though spun to the very limits of truthiness, some of which is a conveniently “leak” drop point for insiders, and some of which is fabricated out of whole cloth and laundered through the operator game of repetition through intermediaries, and also as a “jobs for the friends and family of valuable people” shop (cf. “Friends of Angelo VIP program”), and as a conduit to move side-payments / mole bounties / kickbacks / “household loyalty” money around, when necessary.

And so it became indispensable to find a basis for credibility and probable cause not based in actual corroboration or investigation, the only one available being “previously credible, reliable, and valuable informant.” And once the spying started, they expected that something would turn up to make the initial illegality of the spying irrelevant.

Meanwhile the DoJ and FBI were all on board, using the dossier as cover for everything they were doing, and expecting a sure and easy Hillary victory which would prevent any of this from coming to light and blowing up in their faces, and confident that Trump would never learn about it.

Except that he did learn all about it at soon as it started, probably from Admiral Rodgers and the surveillance couldn’t come up with any dirt, despite it being on and greatly expanded for months, and being a sure-fire way to produce lots of dirt nearly 100% of the time on usual targets.

This was what the whole “Mike Rogers did what?!” administration flip-out and threat of disciplinary action (recommended by Clapper and Aston Carter) was all about (as Sailer says, nobody remembers nothing.) This was also the basis of Trump asking Comey “three times” whether he was under investigation, knowing Comey would lie about it.

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  3. PBW says:

    What is the difference in spin between you and source?

    • jim says:

      Political appointees versus “non political” appointees: His spin has the Democratic Presidential Campaign using the Deep State, while my spin has the Deep State using the Democratic Presidential Campaign.

      Obviously both propositions are true, it is just a difference in emphasis.

      • PBW says:

        Thank you. I lean your way. I considered Clinton a literal puppet used by the deep state nexus of her donors and operatives. Deep State had more to lose rather than the Dems who can just wait and regroup. Deep State operatives are now in a prisoner’s dilemma.

  4. glosoli says:

    Serious question, does anyone really believe Trump isn’t bought and paid for, whereas Ron Paul was the real deal?

    Those pulling the strings, like Stalin, decided to stop the leftwards march, for now, maybe for good.

    • Alrenous says:

      Oh good, I’m actually a middle position between the above and Jim’s pure-prospiracy angle. Aristotlean mean for the win…

      • PBW says:

        I support Jim’s progspiracy line, but I also believe a deep state faction is worried about the trajectory of America and is using Trump to shift where things go. It isn’t too hard to see how the deep mil can use Trump and family to reorient towards an Erdogan/Putin style system of managed democracy but for nationalism which will help with the devolution of the empire that the deep mil plainly sees in their faces. They half sold Obama on military options for Syria whereas CIA was gung ho on regime change. The loss in Syria is a huge sign.

        • jim says:

          The red empire of the bases is always on the verge of armed conflict with the blue empire of the bases. Should armed conflict actually break out, the red empire of the bases will need a God Emperor.

          That said, the red empire still sucks – both blue and red want to invade the world, invite the world. But it is a definite improvement on the blue empire, and internal conflict within empire is good for those of us who find empire oppressive. As the Turks were oppressed by the Turkish empire, Americans are oppressed by the American empire.

    • peppermint says:

      Butthurt Ron Paul fans continue to say Trump is a cuck because they can’t get over the fact that lolbergtarianism isn’t natural to White men but populism is.

      Ron Paul and Roy Moore were valuable for stalling until the Silent Generation died out, the Starchildren grew old, and we could have a populist.

      Those pulling the strings are almost completely infiltrated by jews and other muds with an anti-White agenda.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        I didn’t take you for a believer in the wisdom of the masses, ie. democracy.

        Yes, good ideas never win elections, we know that.

        Are there problems with Ron Paulian libertarianism/constitutionalism? Yes, many, and that’s why we’re here rather than on LewRockwell.com

        Being unelectable isn’t one of them.

        • pdimov says:

          I always find it perplexing when people start speculating on the outcome of experiments that have already been done. I mean, we saw how electable Ron Paul was.

    • pdimov says:

      Trump is pretty obviously nobody’s puppet.

      • glosoli says:

        His cabinet has the usual Goldman contingent.
        His son-in-law stole his daughters soul for satan.
        He names Jerusalem capital of Israel.
        He’s gunning for Iran, and NK (both bereft of BIS central banks).

        Something is obvious, if you believe your lying eyes.

        • pdimov says:

          Israeli Jews and Orthodox Jews like him. Elite Jews hate him. Same populist pattern.


          Oy vey.

          • Ron says:


            Just you wait. This is nothing.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Yeah man. Rail-splitting the Jews over white survival would be yuge.
            A: Whitey must perish!
            B: Hol’-up. But we be next tho’.

        • peppermint says:

          right, you think that if we don’t have a christcuck leading us out of this mess we don’t deserve to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, and the lolbergtarian says the same thing.

          I can explain how lolbergtarianism was both a response to a particular situation and forced on us by the media, and christcuckoldry the same, but a number of people have been making those points since Revilo Oliver.

          What more could a libertarian want than a billionaire construction CEO God-Emperor? What more could a christian want than a God-Emperor with a wife, children, and no mistresses? The fact that there was no dirt on His Majesty was a surprise even to me.

          • filmermoldbug. says:

            “What more could a libertarian want than a billionaire construction CEO God-Emperor? What more could a christian want than a God-Emperor with a wife, children, and no mistresses? The fact that there was no dirt on His Majesty was a surprise even to me.”


          • glosoli says:

            I mentioned Ron Paul as an example of a truly independent candidate who got nowhere, whereas Trump, one of their boys, won the election.

            Surely you must already know I’m no libertarian. But feel free to rant about the subject anyway.

            The West will be destroyed over the next 100 years, until a new church remnant, that sticks to the laws of Jehovah, rebuilds from the ashes. The preparations are starting already. Nations that turn away from God get exactly what they deserve, and vice versa.

            • Herodian says:

              Paul couldn’t get the mindshare and media attention Trump got because he wasn’t willing to say anything really outrageous besides “Abolish the IRS!”

              Also, there was a lot of prog/libertarian boilerplate..

              “Racism is just another form of collectivism” and something along the lines of “In an ideal world with a raging economy, you’d have a lot of immigration” (the idea of course being no welfare state to match)

              The most important thing about Ron Paul is he got conservatives to really question (if not outright hate) the US Empire and neocon overseas military madness. He was the original tea-partier.

  5. Glenfilthie says:

    The problem is not the FBI or the DOJ. Consider – the POTUS, or one of his representatives gives you and order to follow. You can refuse – and get fired and replaced easily – and possibly prosecuted for daring to refuse an order. Or you can go along, and try and cover your ass as much as possible.

    The REAL problem is that niggered idiot, Barkie Obutthole, and his would-be successor, Hillary The Cnut. Hillary should be in a cage right now, and Obama should be shining shoes and emptying spittoons in a whorehouse where he belongs. A firing squad would be better, but these days of pussified SJW’s in the judiciary? Fat chance.

    There are no easy answers. Some swamp creatures will die and dry up and blow away on their own. Others are going to have to be yanked from the mud, stabbed repeatedly, and thrown on the fire.

    • John Sterne says:

      while i would love to see clinton and the nigger go to prison for optics and schadenfreude. you’re wrong the deeper problem is the deep state. aany truly good FBI agents would have refused orders and leaked the truth almost none did despite what turning out to be a massive conspiracy that practically everyone knew of.the clintons as a crime family is apt, it seems they were able to set up this syndicate because they had some dirt on the deep states drug running and murder and must have bullet proofed a way to avoid being taken out so were allowed to partner up. There seems to be a pattern of presidents being compromised by deep state info mccain was a war traitor and obama a terrorist manchurian and drug taking cocksucker. the bushes were cia and who knows what else, gore was tied in with thge russian commies and armand hammer, it looks to me like they have the goods on many in washington and when need be make them an offer they cant refuse.

      • Ron says:

        Its more likely that the patriotic agents have been keeping quiet and going along so they could be useful later on. Specifically now.

        Its also reasonable to assume that such agents have been quietly leaking the entire time. Which would explain a great deal of Trump’s knowledge of the situation.

  6. Koanic says:

    Mike Rogers did what?

  7. Alrenous says:

    Looks like bureaucrats digging their own grave, as I predicted. On the mere candidacy, as I keep saying. They couldn’t stomach 8 years of Trump, and most certainly not the wall, so they took outrageous risks.

    “But everyone thought -” yeah science exists now. It is constantly telling you what everyone thinks is often wrong.

    More importantly, if they really thought Hillary was a shoe-in, there would be no need for risky opposition research. Bet you they didn’t do anything like this to Ron Paul, because he really did have no chance.

    They could have prepared to wait out the storm. Wall goes up, wall comes back down. How annoying. Instead, they nuked their own foundations.

    • Alrenous says:

      Trump can bring down the republic right now by simply prosecuting everyone who will be revealed to have committed a crime.

      So, does Trump have mercy?

      • John Sterne says:

        Sadly trumps being cucked, hes probably dyslexic so cant read so cant think complexly so has no framework for his guy instincts so is easilly pwnd cucked.hes also desperate for approval from all the wrong people oh and surrounded by jews, albeit ethnonationalist jews.

        The smart move for the deep state was simply slowly cuck him into what they wanted, yes him to death while going about bus as usual.

        yes he could once its all out legally put half of washington from obama to strzok in prison even have them shot for treason. and this would be the long overdue return to rule of law reverting on the crew most deserving of taking the hit.

        But he wont even try and if he tries to even imprison more than one the GOPcucks will revolt.elites wont stand for rule of law applying to them. The clintons were caught selling tech to the chicoms for campaign cash then set up a pay to play state dept in plain sight and nothing was seen.

        i suppose its possible joe sixpack has a limnit and the contrast of what the two year narrative purported and what was actually going on might be the straw that breaks the camels back, but i wouldnt hold my breath. On the other hand if this goes unprosecuted, something does fundamentally change, everyone will then understand alex jones deserves a pulitzer and nobel prize but wont get one.so even if no prosecutions and no civil war reaction to no prosecutions, something will have deeply shifted and the stage will be set for other possibilities, but what is hard to predict.

        I have said trump is not the one merely the john the baptist announcing the rough beasts 100 year journey is almost at an end.

      • anon says:


  8. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The beast becomes too enervated to survive. FDR would not have had these problems.

    • Ron says:

      FDR was probably killed bc he intended to dismantle a big part of the surveillance state once the war was done.

      • xcuri says:

        I’m starting to think the Comintern may have ordered Huey Long’s assassination in 1935. Long was seen at the time as the only serious electoral threat to FDR in 1936. His assassin, Dr. Carl Weiss (BTW, a very Jewish-looking Catholic), did his medical training in Vienna in the late 1920s. I think there were a lot of Reds in Vienna at that time.

        And get this:

        Marguerite Young (1907[1] or 1909? – 1995?[2]) was an early 20th-Century female American journalist, best known for her Communist Party affiliation, specifically as the Washington bureau chief of the Daily Worker who facilitated the introduction between Soviet spy Hede Massing and American recruit Noel Field. She also knew Alger Hiss (who had also tried to recruit Field). After two years with that newspaper, the CPUSA secretary general and newspaper’s editor fired her. During World War II and at least to 1950, she worked for the New York Herald-Tribune…As a Louisiana native, she made particular note of the assassination of the state’s U.S. Senator Huey Long: she was personally acquainted with his assassin, Dr. Carl Weiss.

        • xcuri says:

          As a Louisiana native, she made particular note of the assassination of the state’s U.S. Senator Huey Long: she was personally acquainted with his assassin, Dr. Carl Weiss.

          That admission was made in her memoirs, published in 1993. According to wikipedia, she would have been 84 or 86 at that time. Oddly, her date of death is unknown-so they might even have been published posthumously.

      • anon says:


        similarly Patton was probably killed because he intended to whip the sorry joke that was the Soviet army at the end of WWII. communism would have been put out of its misery by 1946, no possibility of Cold War, no possibility of nuclear annihilation, Mao-Zedong extinction probably averted, etc

        world history completely changed

  9. Oog en Hand says:


    Gives an impression of the expected abilities of the deep state. The most dangerous part of the site is its ethical system.

    STS = shitlord
    STO = cuck

  10. Sterling says:

    It also appears that the one individual, Carter Page, was on the FBI payroll the whole time. So, they use this individual to set up some actual Russian spies in 2013, and then use his resultant interaction with said spies as evidence that Page himself is possibly a Russian agent.

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