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Chinese tech

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Chinese engineers are weak at creativity. They have an alarming tendency to dutifully follow and implement specifications literally without regard for what the specifications are intended to achieve. But this should not slow catch up too much, as they are smart, industrious, and dutiful.

As general rule, engineers from the periphery of the Han Hegemony, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, are a lot better at tasks that require insight and judgment – not a big gap between them and whites. Thai and Khmer are inferior, lacking Han smarts though Thais have Korean judgement.

Contrary to this cheerfully racist generalization, Taiwan is now the leading manufacturer of the best computer chips. Intel and AMD depend primarily on TSMC (Taiwan) and Samsung (Korea)

White technology has been stagnating, because Shaniqua with a Harvard PhD is project lead, and Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are now well ahead, except, of course, in rockets.

Well, if Taiwan is out in front, why cannot China be out in front? I am guessing that Taiwan simply had a head start because of more intercourse with the west and with Korea. A little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf. You don’t need too many creative people. I conjecture that TSMC filled the gaps with a handful of foreigners. There are lots of people from the periphery of the Han Hegemony in Taiwan.

Last time I checked, an all Chinese desktop was about four years behind today’s desktops, and more expensive, because the Chinese government, suspecting hardware backdoors, twists party members arms to buy Mainland Chinese. And Mainland Chinese are having trouble getting production up, even of chips four years out of date. They have long planned to catch up, but catch up is mysteriously not happening.

Biden has decided to cash in on this tech lead by banning Taiwanese and Korean chip makers from supplying advanced stuff to China, with the chief target being Huawei.

Huawei’s smart phones are TSMC chips running Google software. And they are not allowed to obtain that stuff any more, and if they do somehow obtain it, not allowed to export it.

Huawei are investing heavily in existing Chinese chip building facilities. This New Years eve, promised to be back in the export business real soon now. An important announcement coming up some time this year. Which is not the same thing as promising to be back in the export business this year.

They have been buying up businesses, making alliances with businesses, and hiring people who are in the general vicinity of TSMC. Buying people who are not directly involved in chip making, but have a lot of chip making connections. Maybe they have been importing some leaven. Or maybe they are just hiring spies. Well, obviously they are hiring spies, but is hiring spies all that they are doing?

If they are merely hiring spies, will not do them any good. You can give a Chinese engineer the recipe, and he will follow it to the letter, with the result that it will not work. But I get the feeling that they have already figured this out and have already done something about it. China has been hiring spies for many years with conspicuously underwhelming results. If they have addressed their fundamental problem, I expect China to be beating everyone in chip making in a few years, as Taiwan has been beating everyone. Huawei is betting the house on catch up yielding imminent results. They are acting as if they believe that the fix for China’s stubbornly persistent tech lag is imminent.

In response to this post, a Varna has drawn my attention to a Russian report, 2020 September.

China is hunting for specialists for the production of electronic components in South Korea. Back in August, there were tons of vacancies on local sites for electronics professionals with excellent conditions.

This is likely to solve China’s chip lag problem. Huawei’s confidence suggests that this program is bearing fruit. I predict that competitive Chinese made chips will arrive this year or sometime in 2023.

Since Huawei seems to be leading the charge, they will probably be derived from the Arm cpu design, which draws less power than the X86 architecture. Huawei wants to produce phones, but the Chinese communist party wants made in China desktops and laptops. Likely they will find themselves getting Arm laptops.

Preparatory to this, Arm China recently declared independence from Arm, both hijacking Arm’s intellectual property, and indicating intent to develop Arm based chips beyond the current Arm design. Breaking away from Arm only makes sense if they expect that they will not need further intellectual property from Arm.

The Jab

Sunday, October 31st, 2021

I was expecting a significant rise in the excess death rate among young people.

If it is happening, it is less impressive than I was expecting. The claim that the jab is saving lives is not obviously and outrageously stupid. It is not obviously true either.

What it is, however, doing, is sodomizing people’s immune systems.

It has long been known that the jab does not prevent you from getting China flu, nor spreading it. What it is claimed to do is prevent you from getting really ill as a result. But to verify this claim we would need doctors and patients to not know if the patient had been jabbed, since it is obvious that in practice the purebloods get treated by the medical industry in a way completely different to the way they treat the jabbed, radically different.

Supposedly the vaccine studies had double blind studies, neither patient nor doctor knew who had the vaccination, but actually, they lied. They just went through the motions of science, were not actually interested in the answers.

Maybe it does reduce the severity of symptoms – it seems likely that it should. It is plausible that it does, we just don’t have data. We just don’t have enough trust and trustworthiness left for scientific research to be conducted when there is money on the table.

But, I hear you ask, “what is this stuff about sodomizing the immune systems of the jabbed?”

Well, get this British National health service data, before it gets “corrected” Vaccine surveillance report week 42, page 13

Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons ages forty to forty nine vaccinated with two doses, 1731
Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons aged forty to forty nine not vaccinated, 773

What has been happening is that the rate of Covid infection among the jabbed has been rising steadily and rapidly, and now substantially exceeds that of the purebloods.

This is consistent with the widespread circumstantial evidence that the jab buggers your immune system as well as your blood clotting system.

I was seeing data that shows the jabbed are less likely to spread the disease, then data that they are at least as likely to spread the disease, and now data that they are far more likely to spread the disease. Looks like any immunity wears off fast, while impaired immune function is lasting.

Worse, if it is indeed the case, and it likely is, that the jab reduces the severity of the symptoms, we have a Marek’s disease problem. The jabbed are breeding the virus for greater lethality. The jabbed are dangerous to the purebloods.

Extent of Clot Shot sequelae

Sunday, September 5th, 2021

Poster girl principle:
If the poster girl for some cause (Emmett Till, Madam Curie) is fake, the cause is fake – we are being pushed to pay attention to something that does not exist. No plausibly innocent negroes were lynched (ever, anywhere in the United States), there are no female scientists.

News blackout principle:
If some event that is cause for concern and alarm is being suppressed, there is one hell of a lot of it and you should be concerned and alarmed. When the Facebook Covid-19 vaccine side effects group was shut down, you knew that there were massive numbers of people suffering adverse affects from the vaccine. The blackout principle is far more reliable than any number of statistics.

The Vaers reporting system is reporting far more adverse vaccination events for the Clot Shot than for any other vaccine ever – but the Vaers reporting system is official science, and if science is official, it is not science – the scientific method was defined by the Skeptical Chymist, which definition was adopted by the invisible college and then endorsed and socially enforced by the King when he made the invisible college in to the very visible Royal Society, is that official science is not only unreliable, but wicked.

We have no end of examples of official science lying about statistics, and it is likely that Vaers is under reporting by a very large factor.

How big a factor?

Well, people are not dying like flies, but they are dying at in unusual numbers. We are seeing a lot of anecdotal serious consequences among friends of friends, in the news, unusual numbers of high profile deaths, healthy athletes, airline pilots suddenly dying, sometimes in flight, prominent people. I have long said that we will know how lethal the clot shot is when it shows up in excess young mortality

Graph deleted due to lack of provenance for the data


“Our reanalyses of these data explain why during the massive vaccination project initiated mid-December 2020 during a confinement, daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases failed to decrease as they do during confinements, and, more importantly, why numbers of serious, critical, and death cases increased during that period that covered at least one month. From mid-December to mid-February (two months), 2,337 among all Israeli 5,351 official COVID-deaths occurred. Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated.”
“The Ynet article is organized in an exciting way and uses data provided in an erroneous way by the Ministry of Health. It is unclear whether this was intentional to prove the vaccine’s efficiency or if this was done erroneously because the provided data were misunderstood. Note that in Israel, all vaccines are from Pfizer.

“The data in the table, rather than indicating the vaccine efficacy, indicate the vaccine’s adverse effects,”

It is not huge, but it is significant. This is our earliest data, and when we have better data, likely to be considerably bigger, but it is still not going to be huge even when we have better data. This is not the zombie apocalypse, but it is mass human sacrifice to the Awesome, Holy, and Mighty Covid Demon.

It looks like mortality attributed to China flu is remarkably high in the forty days following the first clot shot. Which is what we would expect if mortality and China flu/Clot shot sequalae are due to circulating spike protein. The Clot shot is dosed so that most people do not suffer immediate and obvious harm, but if you have China flu and the clot shot, you get a higher dose of circulating spike protein than planned. And you already have, from the clot shot, the highest mostly safe dose. More on top of that, you get into much more dangerous territory.

I would really like to get data on Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), not because it is a major vaccine sequel, but because it is normally very rare, so should stick out in the data like dogs balls. I am hearing a lot of anecdotal reports of people getting very weak and falling over. I expect we would see an epidemic of Guillain-Barré, if the extent of Guillain-Barré was not being suppressed. But the primary threat is the diverse consequences of blood vessel inflammation, blood vessel inflammation in the heart just being those cases that get specific diagnoses, and inflammation of the brain only getting specific diagnosis when the victim is dropping dead. If your heart is inflamed, you are probably inflamed all over, including lungs, brain, liver, and kidneys. We are not getting the whole picture when the sequelae get shoe horned into inflammation of one particular organ. Inflammation of the lungs means the victim cannot walk very far without getting out of breath. We are hearing a lot of that anecdotally. Inflammation of the brain leaves the victim in a fog. We are hearing a lot of that anecdotally, but it is not getting diagnoses, it is not being recorded in official science. And inflammation of the liver and kidneys has no immediate consequences, but is likely to have severe and eventually fatal long term consequences, leading to deaths that cannot be clearly attributed to the vaccine, or anything else in particular.

But the big problem is not lethality, but adverse affects – People get sick, stay sick. A few of those sick people die, but the vast majority of them are just chronically ill. We don’t have a handle on how many have serious and lasting ill effects.

We have anecdotes, but we don’t know how serious and common these anecdotes are:

But in the long run, the biggest problem we face is not that after a long series of faulty, ineffective and dangerous vaccines, we now have vaccine that is a lot less effective and a lot more dangerous, but that if they are sacrificing large numbers of people to the to the Awesome, Holy, and Mighty Covid Demon, pretty soon they are going to be ripping out people’s hearts on pyramids and rolling the bodies down the pyramid steps to be eaten by the congregation. The official faith has tasted blood, and it is appetite is only just beginning. The historical record is that once the official faith wants humans sacrificed to its idols, it is going to want a lot more humans sacrificed to a lot more idols.

UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

There is some controversy over what the UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17 shows about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Several sources claimed that table five of UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17 showed vaccination made you more likely to die of China Flu

“Fact checkers” said that table five said no such thing, and indeed when I looked at it, table five was about something totally unrelated.

But strangely, table four said much the same thing, in a different breakdown of the same data as the alleged table five allegedly used to cover.

From which I conclude that the document has changed, and is likely to change yet again.

Official version I downloaded

Official version right now (Which when last checked, has not yet changed from the version I downloaded.)

Page Fourteen:  Deaths classified as Covid deaths for the period under analysis:  Vaccinated seventy deaths, unvaccinated forty four deaths.

The vaccine is well known to give no protection against mild cases of the disease.  This data does not suggest it gives any protection against serious cases of the disease.

Because the data in table four is broken down differently to the alleged table five, one cannot say whether vaccination is greater risk or lower risk, but it is clearly no big improvement, and may well make things worse, which is consistent with its failure to provide any discernible protective effect against mild infections or the likelihood of spreading mild infections.

Of course another explanation is that vaccination has no effect on death rate, because there is no death rate.

A ninety year old man goes into a clinic, because he is worried that his anticancer medication is aggravating his heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure. They ask him about Covid symptoms,like they ask everyone else.  He has a blocked nose.  They swab his nose, find covid, but he is not running a temperature.  Five days later, his nose is no longer blocked.  Twenty seven days later he is hit by a truck, and bits splattered all over the place.

He gets counted in the above table..

It is just the flu, bro

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

We have big programs for monitoring flu. And it has “disappeared”.

Nah, it is not that flu is being deliberately misdiagnosed as Corona.

Rather, it is the other way around. Corona is being deliberately named as not just another flu in order to sound scarier. Which, now that governments have generally abandoned programs of large scale iatrogenic murder by ventilator, is killing only about the same number of people as most of the other flues usually did.

Every flu season it is a different strain of positive stranded RNA virus. Each flu season, it is a new flu. But all positive stranded RNA viruses interbreed, exchange genetic material indiscriminately, and all respiratory positive stranded RNA viruses interbreed with other positive stranded respiratory RNA viruses a lot. So making a distinction is arbitrary and artificial, a sharp line drawn on nature that lacks sharp lines.

Because they are all related, there is a lot of cross immunity between them. So making an novel and unique vaccine that targets one very specific variant is unlikely to be effective, because they go on changing, as they always have. Should have manufactured the vaccine using the same well tried (and considerably less dangerous, though far from safe) technology that they have long been using for each new flu.

The flu is always changing. And always the same. From now on, every flu season is another outbreak of the dreaded and terrible Corona virus that threatens us with vast Corona doom. Or when people stop being scared of the dreaded corona virus, maybe they will change the name again. Corona is a bigger change in the genetic and antigen signature than usual, but saying that this change is big enough for a species name change is arbitrary. That each new flu excludes the others tells us there is a great deal of cross immunity. Which we should expect from a virus that is always cross breeding.

The Clot Shot.

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

It is early days yet, but it should be showing up in the death statistics. Has not killed that many so far, though it has killed far more than a normal vaccine.

Official truth is that only a thousand or so people have died after vaccination, not all them for reasons likely to be vaccine related. This data seems unlikely to be true, but it is probably not a huge number, maybe ten thousand or so, or else it would be showing up in the excess death statistics. However a significant proportion of people are reporting incapacitating and lasting side effects from the vaccine.

On the reddit, some people reporting disability resulting from the clot shot report similar issues among members of their family, not a lot, but it is not rare either. So though death is unlikely, anecdotal data indicates that disability is a significant risk.

What appears to be happening is that the spike protein is a cumulative toxin, and every additional dose you get increases the likelihood of serious consequences.

They adjusted the dosage so that two doses would not have serious consequences for most people – which means they adjusted the dosage so it is not very effective in stopping the virus. And if you then get the virus anyway, you then get a third dose, which means dosed by an amount of spike protein that is likely to do serious and lasting harm. Because if it was not likely to do serious and lasting harm, they would have used a higher vaccine dose.

It is clear that level of unpleasant and lasting side effects is very high, with a large proportion of women, a third or more, suffering some form of menstrual distress, perhaps a large proportion of babies suffering some form of spontaneous abortion. It might have long term affects on fertility. Also might have long term pulmonary hypertension, which takes a while to kill you. Deaths are up about seven percent overall, which is not a whole lot of deaths. I cannot seem to find the 20-38 year old deaths, which would give us a clear indication, since people in that age group seem to be almost at much at risk from the clot shot as older people, but their usual death rate is quite low. The excess death rate among young people should give us a good signal to noise ratio on how many the clot shot is killing, rather than the excess death rate among everyone.

On theoretical grounds, one would expect that if the clot shot has long term life threatening effects in a large proportion of recipient, this would manifest as pulmonary hypertension. Cannot find any data on pulmonary hyptertension. One would also expect a whole of strokes among younger people. Again, I don’t have any recent data on death by stroke, let alone death by stroke by age group, but I suspect that strokes are way up.

Far more common than death is long term disability, mental confusion and inability to put out much physical effort for very long. For this, again we have only anecdotal data, but it seems like it is something of the order of magnitude of one percent or so. It very difficult to get data on the incidence of this. It is far less common that disruption of the female reproductive system, which is appears to be hitting a very large proportion of vaccinated women, around a third or so. As yet we have no idea how long menstrual disturbances are going to last. Could be inducing infertility in a substantial proportion of female recipients.

The push for over vaxing is pursuit of corporate profit, but that an inappropriate and foolish vaccine technology was used for the Clot shot reflects holiness, not profit. If you were simply profit maximizing, would use actual scientists instead of priests attempting deurgic magic. But you have to use priests, not scientists, or else stuff will not get approved because insufficiently priestly.

The use of deurgic magic in place of actual technology reflects what gives status to priests, not what gives profit to corporations. That deurgic magic gets approved, and sound leading edge technology does not reflects priests seeking status and power, not corporations seeking profit. Priests serve corporate profit – the trail of money going to Fauci has been traced many times and the influence of corporate bribes on his decision has been traced many times, but the money goes from the powerless to the powerful. Fauci makes decisions that serve corporate profit, but Fauci is a priest and corporations make decisions that serve the superior status of priests.

Deurgy is an effort to steal magic from God, as for example the Kabalists making magic formulae out of mangled scripture, and the wiccans celebrating mass with an upside down cross and goat blood. I describe the RNA vaccine and the wings on the space shuttle as deurgy, because they are attempting to magically appropriate the power of science. The Kabalist and the Wiccan is attempting unholy appropriation of the power that is in holy things, and the vaccers are attempting unscientific appropriation of the power that is in scientific things.

Obesity, nutrition, and spiritual pollution

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

We have three massive epidemics of ill health:

Obesity, low and falling testosterone in males, low and falling sperm production in males, and abnormally high, and abnormally early, very early, levels of androgens in females. It is killing vastly more people than the holy Corona Demon. Almost every older male is diabetic. (I don’t know about women because I don’t hang out or talk much to old obese women. I find them physically disgusting, and they tend to be badly behaved, unpleasant, and dangerous.)

High androgen levels in women are having a massive harmful impact on fertility.

What is causing them?

Well, I went from 267 pounds, 120 kilograms, to 179 pounds, 81 kilograms, somewhat above my ideal weight, but within the healthy BMI and WHR, and I have kept it off for three or four years, so I think I can speak with some authority on that topic, and it looks like the other two epidemics are connected by a common causal factor.

If you look at old pictures of hot women, and modern pictures of hot women, the physical impact of high and early androgen exposure is obvious, and we have a culture that demands behavior characteristic of abnormally high, and abnormally early, levels of androgens in women.

When I walk past the candy bar in the supermarket, or the hot food counter in the gas station, it is a struggle. Unless I hold my head high, my shoulders back, and my eyes high, whereupon it ceases to be a struggle. Does not seem to me in my life that Christianity has helped, but maybe I am not very Christian. People whom I feel are genuinely Christian seem to be less obese. But attempting to display and exemplify manliness, and attempting to get women to believe I am manly definitely has helped me lose weight. Passing shit tests helps me not eat. Failing shit tests causes other men to snack. It is absolutely obvious that a culture hostile to maleness and masculinity will make men fat. And I would definitely go with that theory except that women are getting fat to similar degree. So maybe there is an additional significant cause. Or maybe it is the same cause. It is anecdotally obvious that androgyny makes women fat.

A lot of people are looking for the causes of the epidemic, some of them think they have found the cause, and some of them think they have found the cause, and are selling quack remedies.

SlimeMould observes:

Current theories of the obesity epidemic are inadequate. None of them hold up to closer scrutiny, and none can explain all of the mysteries mentioned in Part I.

They propose a mystery chemical pollutant that is affecting the brain’s weight set point. They assemble obvious and overwhelming evidence that the problem is in the brain, but chemical pollution is a very politically correct explanation, and if it was some chemical, the epidemic would be a lot more spotty than it is. They went looking for hot spots. What they found was underwhelming. If the problem is indeed in the brain, the pollutant is more likely to be spiritual than chemical.

If you are looking for a hot spot, look at the antifa tank brigade. There is a hot spot, and if its pollution, the obvious candidate is spiritual pollution.

Fire in a bottle thinks that the cause is excessive polyunsaturated fats, primarily excessive omega six saturated fats. The timing of the obesity epidemic is suggestive, and if we suppose that obesity is related to macronutrient composition, international comparisons support their theory.

If their theory is correct, then we would expect that families that mostly eat home cooked meals, mostly eat beef and lamb, and use butter and olive oil, rather than Corn-Soybean-Sunflower oil, or worse still “blended vegetable oil”, should have substantially lower levels of obesity. I don’t have anecdotal data for or against that, and still less does anyone have survey data on that. It is a plausible theory, worthy of serious investigation, but the fact that they are selling cures makes me doubt them. I would like to hear anecdotes about family food environments.

And if you have read this far, you are probably looking for advice on how to lose weight.

1. Be a manly man.

2. Weigh yourself every morning.

3 Diet and exercise. Restrict yourself to eating within an eight hour window, do the occasional three day fast to shove your set point down, particularly when you are over your target weight, lift iron, and a paleo diet.

Nutritional deficiencies are common and the paleo diet in modern times with modern foods is apt to make this worse. If you get cramps, your intake of divalent salts (calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper is likely unbalanced or inadequate. Potassium deficiency is common, and the keto diet, which, if done right, is an extreme form of the paleo diet, is so low on fruit and veggies that it is apt to cause potassium deficiency, which also causes cramps.

The spike protein is cytotoxic

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

We have seen a holiness spiral on China flu.

Initial medical treatment was catastrophic, resulting in a huge number of iatrogenic deaths. Which of course cast doubt on priestlyness of the medical profession. The resulting conflict was not at first left right aligned, but every conflict gets assimilated to the left right conflict, and the left naturally took the priestly side, forcibly suppressing effective low tech treatments for China flu, from chicken soup to hydroxychloroquine and zinc, while forcefully promoting inadequately tested and inappropriate high tech treatments.

And, once it became a left right issue, the left started holiness spiraling on it, taking it to ever greater and ever more evil and insane extremes, just as “lets not beat up gays” became Drag Queen Story Hour.

And, surprise surprise, vaccines based on genetic engineering generating the spike protein are disastrously inappropriate. It is a big catastrophe, and may well be a bigger disaster than the China Flu itself, because China Flu only killed people who had one foot on the grave and were wobbling on the edge, while the vaccine is killing healthy people. It attacks the brain, the heart, and circulatory system.

We anecdotally hear of large number of adverse outcomes, friends, friends of friends, contractors, random people, sometimes very serious outcomes from the vaccine. But we don’t know how many, because the number is suppressed. Whenever we hear someone telling us of a serious adverse outcome, we find that this outcome was never acknowledged or recorded.

This is the reverse poster girl principle. The poster girl principle is that if the poster girl, for example Marie Curie and Emmett Till, is fake, the event depicted, rather than being widespread, is utterly nonexistent. There are no great female scientists and there were no lynching’s of blacks for offenses that were trivial, or offenses of which they were plausibly innocent. In all of American history, not one lynching that would be suitable for a poster boy.

The poster girl principle is that if poster girl fake, no such cases.

The reverse poster girl principle is that if they are suppressing cases, there are a mighty lot of such cases.

During the China Flu epidemic (which is now over, we are hitting herd immunity among susceptible subpopulations in most of the world) there were considerable excess deaths, though it is difficult to distinguish iatrogenic excess deaths from excess deaths caused by disease. It has been a long time since we had a flu epidemic with such a large number of excess deaths, though flu epidemics with a roughly comparable number of excess deaths, fewer excess deaths but not all that much fewer, are fairly common.

The number of deaths attributed to China Flu is, nonetheless bogus. Deaths “with virus” are treated as if “of” the virus. If the common cold were treated this way, it would be the most lethal disease in history. Excess death figures indicate a much smaller number of deaths, though still quite a lot of deaths. Some portion of the excess, perhaps most of it, is, however, iatrogenic death. And it is impossible to rule out all of it being iatrogenic death. There are quite a lot of excess deaths most flu seasons. We don’t know if, without mass iatrogenic deaths, the impact of China Flu would have been similar to recent flu seasons.

Any death is apt to be attributed to China Flu, if there is the slightest excuse for doing so. There is enormous reluctance to attribute a death to the vaccine, even if it is perfectly obvious that the vaccine killed someone.

One vaccine works by injecting you with a virus genetically engineered to be incapable of reproducing inside the human body, which nonetheless produces a lot of spike protein. So your immune system learns to attack the spike protein and to attack infected cells producing it.

The other vaccine, the RNA vaccine simply causes your cells to produce spike protein by injecting you with alien RNA, but without a virus for the vaccine to target, it is doubtful that it can have much effect on the course of the infection. It can make the infection less damaging by prepping your immune system to attack the spike protein – assuming you survive getting a whole lot of spike protein in the first place. RNA technology is a really cool bleeding edge biotechnology, but you don’t want to be on the bleeding edge of really cool biotechnology any more than you would want to be a test pilot on one of Musk’s rocket prototypes.

The China Flu vaccines resemble the space plane projects, in that they decorate dumb ideas with the appearance, but not the substance, of high technology. What we have here is genuinely cool bleeding edge technology, but used more for decoration and display than because it is appropriate, or even particularly relevant to the problem.

China flu is another flu, closely related to a thousand other flues that have afflicted us in the past and will afflict us in the future. Why are we not using the older vaccine technology (which also kills people, but I never heard of horrible consequences on this scale with previous flu vaccines)?

The initial China Flu crisis was not a disease crisis, but a crisis of using high technology for magic and status, rather than using it in a practical, pragmatic, and reality based manner, causing a massive number of iatrogenic deaths. The vaccine is more of the same – science and technology being used as decoration for magical priestly incantations rather than because it provides capabilities particularly relevant to the problem at hand.

The relevant cool high tech solution would have been to genetically engineer a variant of the China flu virus that has same antigens as the original, but was knackered in some way, bearing the same relationship to China Flu as the vaccinia virus bears to Smallpox. The mRNA cellular reprogramming vaccine is the irrelevant use of an irrelevant high technology. Cool high tech, but irrelevant and dangerous, used for magical, rather practical, reasons.

It would have been highly effective to knacker the China flu virus by deleting portions of the spike protein that antibodies tend not to target, rendering it non functional, since removal of any part of the protein is apt to render the whole protein non functional, and then cheerfully infect everyone with that virus, which without the key weapon in its armory for entering cells, would be incapable of spreading. That would be just as much impressive magic high tech, and would actually achieve the desired result. They instead used mRNA based reprogramming for much the same reasons as they keep putting wings on rockets.

The priests are stomping all over the scientists and engineers:

Luigi and Derrick worked together to be the first to describe mRNA-based reprogramming in a pathbreaking paper in Cell Stem Cell, titled Highly efficient reprogramming to pluripotency and directed differentiation of human cells with synthetic modified mRNA. The work was named one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of 2010 by the journal Science, as well as one of the top ten medical breakthroughs of the year by TIME magazine. Luigi Warren is the President and CEO of Cellular Reprogramming, Inc, a biotechnology firm based on the biotechnology that he founded.

Twitter had him delete his post on the toxicity of people vaccinated by the technology that he developed, for “spreading misinformation”. The problem being that people who have no great understanding of his work grabbing it and running with it, and then sitting in judgment over the actual scientists and engineers. Much as caused the Challenger disaster. What he said is not that important. What is important is who decides what may be said. Some demon worshiper decides he knows more about the technology than Luigi because he is holier than Luigi.

What we are seeing is not a epidemic. We are seeing the decline of science and technology, and its replacement by priestly magic rituals dressed in the robes of science. That is what killed a lot of people during our usual flu season, and may well be killing a lot of people right now.

The mRNA vaccine is another space shuttle. Wings on rockets are useful for some purposes, around mach ten to fifteen, like China’s anti carrier missiles, but for re-entry from orbit, they are like giving a fish a bicycle.

It was simply idiotic from the beginning to use wings to accomplish re-entry and landing from orbit and it was simply idiotic from the beginning to use Luigi’s mRNA based cellular reprogramming for a vaccine. It is a way cool technology that in the right hands could do wonderful things, but vaccination is not among those things. Our science and technology is being run by people like the moron who censored Luigi for “spreading misinformation”.

They made a vaccine using mRNA cellular reprogramming for much the same reasons as they put wings on an orbital vehicle.

Fill the stars and subdue them

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Will of Gnon is that if we act in accordance with his law, we will fill the universe and subdue it.

We plan to relegalize marriage, as marriage was from the Old Testament to 1820, which will result in above replacement fertility, elite fertility, and eugenic fertility, with elite children marrying younger and having more grandchildren. Therefore, colonialism and space.

Musk plans to build many big re-usable rockets. With NASA riding his back, he was in trouble, hence his policy of putting engineerettes on the public face of his space operation. This was, and is, impairing his ability to get actual engineering done. But the space force has lifted the heavy hand of NASA in the most critical area – the range safety officer. As the Star Prophet has said “Failure is an option here. If you are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” The space force range safety officer allows him to fail. Expect more explosions.

To fund his project, Musk is launching the Starlink internet in space. The existing satellites use the K band, which allows a satellite to communicate with earth at twenty gigabits per second.

600 gigabytes per month, average usage 2 megabits per second, top speed 20 gigabits per second. So, a single satellite starts to choke and the internet deteriorates if it is serving a thousand users and they all try to do a ten megabit per second download at the same time, only two of them will succeed. This is very quickly going to become a limit when flying over big cities, and in big cities, SpaceX will be a premium option, where you will pay through the nose and have low monthly bandwidth limits, but get shorter ping times.

Musk is trying to squat on V band, which would give him an additional ten or twenty Gigabits per second, so maybe two thousand users for his future V band capable satellites. Maybe this could be further improved in future satellites by by taking advantage of directionality, but he has not mentioned any plans to accomplish this.

Assume thousand dollars per year per, and most of the satellites are over the sea where they have rather few users, so say twelve thousand satellites, of which only a few thousand are taking care of most of his customers. That works out as a few million customers, a few billion dollars a year, which is lucrative but not a lot to operate a space program. But, if he puts up a lot more satellites, he can serve a lot more customers. The internet in space can provide the necessary demand to launch a very large pile of stuff into space, albeit traffic control in space, avoiding satellites running into each other, it going to become a big problem. Since he wants to build rockets to gain experience in rocketry, more satellites make more sense than fewer but better satellites. Since he wants to settle mars, better to advance the art of heaving stuff into space, than to advance the art of space based internet.

A Starlink satellite presently costs about six hundred thousand dollars to build and launch, which will come down with the BFR, and more experience in building Starlink satellites. A satellite should generate about about a few hundred thousand dollars of revenue a year, at which rate, it barely breaks even. But the cost of satellites should fall considerably over time and the number of users one satellite can support should increase considerably over time.

At around fifty thousand satellites and thirty gigabytes per V band enabled satellite, will likely max out at around forty billion dollars a year, massively dwarfing current space traffic, but still being only a minor part of total internet traffic. But it is enough to keep the BFR project going, a rocket that can take a hundred men to anywhere in the solar system and back.

When traffic problems in space limit how much more stuff can be put in low earth orbit, mining the asteroids for platinum is another potential cash cow. Platinum has many unique properties. It is tough, durable, and like gold, does not corrode. Current platinum demand is nine billion dollars, probably the total value sold would increase if the price came down, and it would build the experience and technology needed for colonies in space to obtain the resources they need. If mining for platinum, why not mine for rocket fuel, at which point our settlements in space become substantially self supporting. Platinum is probably less cash flow than the internet in space, but it is a start on extracting the space resources necessary for a colony to sustain itself in space.

With big re-usable rockets, an affluent person can get to mars on his own dollar. Musk estimates a ticket will cost about $200 000 – which is a lot, but OK for affluent people emigrating.

Why emigrate?

Envious people create trouble and pursue power. They frequently create life threatening problems for affluent people, which during the twentieth century was massively fatal and massively dysgenic. And if above replacement fertility and eugenic fertility, there is going to be trouble. Too many elite children, not enough elite jobs. The elite will want to ship the excess elite off earth. Members of the elite will defect on the elite, stirring up the envy of the masses, and members of the elite will want to get away from those weaponized masses. And the earth will simply get crowded. There is more room, more raw materials, and more energy available in space. Nuclear weapons have been invented, they cannot uninvented, though the US seems to have lost the capability to make them until we restore the civilization that was capable of building them. From time to time, they are going to be used. People are going to want more room between themselves and their neighbors.

With below replacement fertility and dysgenic fertility, there is little pressure to spread out, plenty of vacant room at home, but with elite fertility, we are going to see colonialism come back again. And we are going to run out of colonizable places on Earth very fast, which is going to lead to tension between the Han Hegemony and the Holy American Empire and troubles in the borderlands between them. If you don’t want to get nuked, better turn that tension into a race to grab the boundless resources of space. And if you don’t want to get nuked, best to move your excess elite far away from the borderlands between you and the opposing power.

And now back to the present, the Artemis project, the plan to land a woman on the moon (with a mere man to do the heavy lifting for her). This is a poison pill for Nasa. For a decade, Nasa has been trying, and failing, at enormous expense, to build another shuttle rocket, minus the shuttle and all the reusable parts that gave them so much grief, the SLS. Now they have committed to put a woman on the moon by 2024, launched on a much enlarged shuttle rocket, and landing in a multistage lunar landing rocket similar to the original moon landing rocket, except that all the knowledge, skills, and experience that built the moon landing and takeoff rocket have been lost and has to be reinvented. The organization that was unable to build another copy of their recently existent shuttle launch rocket proposes to build an all new lunar landing rocket by 2024. The teams that are supposedly going to do this are working on the project in a manner that suggests that they expect that nothing will ever actually leave the ground, where, once off the ground, it might cause them embarrassment. As with nuclear weapons, they are working as if no test of what they are working on will ever happen. The price of SLS engines has been escalating in a way that suggests that they cannot actually get them to work and have been throwing ever increasing amounts of money at the problem. They now cost about two hundred times as much per engine as Musk’s BFR engine, have not flown in many years, and I do not expect them ever to fly. The money thrown at NASA to put a woman on the moon by 2024 is going to make them look very bad when Musk lands a major expedition on the moon.

Meanwhile, Musk is building a privately funded rocket designed to carry a hundred people, reach any place in the solar system that man can walk on, fly back to earth, and land. He is testing early and often, failing often, and succeeding often.

Musk’s BFR still has a long way to go, but it, unlike the Artemis project, has already come a long way, while the Artemis project is exactly where it stood when the space shuttle stopped flying and the remnant of the space shuttle was named the SLS. Nasa just changed the name and tacked new objectives on top of the objectives that they had already failed at.

Musk said he hoped to get the BFR flying in 2021, but he has a history of missing such hopes, and it looks like he may miss this one. But he also has a history of eventually hitting his target. If the BFR can get into space and back, and if it can manage in-space refueling, then it can get to anywhere in the solar system, first stop moon. Musk has shown he can get stuff into space, and he has shown he can land a suborbital rocket in one piece. Landing an orbital rocket in one piece is harder, and landing it reliably enough to put people on board is a lot harder, but if he can do that, he can land one hundred men on the moon, or mars, or anywhere in the solar system that man can walk.

But what will they do when they get there? Freeze?

Space mining for platinum and rocket fuel will give us the experience and technological basis for colonies to be self sustaining. You can build almost anything except integrated circuits with a shipping container of numerically controlled tools. Small scale manufacturing is not economically competitive with large scale manufacturing, but it has become considerably easier, cheaper and can build things it formerly could not build. A settlement of several thousand people with mean IQ 120, and a reasonable number of IQ 140 people could be largely self sustaining in space, once we have developed the technology and experience, and the threedee models for the numerically controlled tools to build from. What Ivan the Troll did for guns, we will need to do for everything that a largely self sustaining colony needs.

Wu Flu, manufactured crisis, real deaths.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Wu Flu is off topic for this blog. But the corruption of science is on topic. Hostile and treasonous elite conduct is on topic. And we are seeing no end of both in the Wu Flu crisis.

The big question is: Is Wu Flu just yet another new flu, worse than most, less bad than some, with a death rate around 0.1% or less, or is it something considerably more serious, with a death rate around 1% or more?

And we are seeing a pile of compelling evidence, for example New York City, that it is 1% or more, and a pile of compelling evidence, for example most of the rest of America, and a great many countries around the world, that it is 0.1% or less. We also see that the elites are not happy with the evidence that it is 0.1% or less – for example they took down the Dr Erickson video. They want it to be 1% or more.

so what explains this mysteriously massively discrepant evidence? Why is it so?

When a dangerous disease is going around the normal response is to lockdown the sick, not the healthy, that you quarantine those infected or suspected of infection and turn away strangers and outsiders. The sick and travelers temporarily lose their civil rights, but life goes on as normal for everyone else. That was the spontaneous mass response to Ebola. It is what people have always done for over a thousand years, because it works. Peoples, elites, and authorities have often responded to extremely serious plagues with extremely severe travel restrictions but no one has ever locked down the healthy, even in response to very serious diseases such as Ebola that were obviously far more deadly.

Some governments responded to the disease by imposing quarantine on carriers and plausibly suspected carriers. The East Asians simply locked them up, the Australian and New Zealand government imposed “voluntary” quarantine – and if you do not “volunteer” with sufficient enthusiasm, they lock you up even if you are a big star and very important person and have very important things to do.

Places that impose quarantine on carriers have only a minor problem. But strangely in many places, we are seeing drastic measures imposed on the normal population, while carriers are free to cough all over the subway and are forced into old people’s homes. Where governments have acted vigorously and effectively to quarantine and treat the sick, where governments do what has been done for well over a thousand years in response to plagues, Wu Flu has caused very little sickness and death, irrespective of whether they imposed lockdown or not, South Korea being the most dramatic example.

We have had millenia of travel blockades and quarantines in response to pandemics, and they have worked. We have never had a lockdown of the healthy, and it is not working.

And where governments do not very much want the death rate to 1% or higher, we are not seeing anything like 1% or higher.

Exhibit number one for an extremely seriously death rate is New York city, where the government forces Wu Flu patients into old folks homes, and people with a fever are free to cough all over the subway. In much of the world, there is a guard at the door of every major shopping center who points a thermometer gun at your head to check you for fever, but in New York City, which is exhibit A for Wu Flu being a serious disease with a high death rate: We saw Cuomo deliberately send coronona virus into old people’s homes, knowing the death rate is more like 70% in an old people’s home – but not however for old people being cared for by their families.

The CEO of a hard-hit Brooklyn nursing home, where 55 patients have died from the coronavirus, told The Post last week that he’d been warning state Health Department officials for weeks he had staffing and equipment issues — yet received little help.

“There is no way for us to prevent the spread under these conditions,’’ the head of the Cobble Hill Health Center, Donny Tuchman, wrote in an e-mail to the department on April 8.

He said he asked to move some patients to the makeshift wards at Manhattan’s Javits Center and aboard the city-docked USNS Comfort amid the pandemic, only to be told those two spots were receiving only patients from hospitals.

“I made specific requests to transfer patients, and it didn’t happen,’’ Tuchman told The Post. “There weren’t options.”

Hydroxychloroquine is being widely blocked. To be effective, has to be given before the lungs are adversely affected. Impaired lungs can lead to low oxygen levels of which the patient is unaware, resulting in cascading organ failure if some of his other organs are a bit on the marginal side and even if the corona virus goes away before he dies, which it often does. If you have two marginal organs, and then you have a third marginal organ, you are apt to get cascading organ failure. And if you have several marginal organs, you are a lot more likely to get cascading organ failure in an unpleasant and hostile alien environment where you have no control, than in a pleasant and supportive home environment where you have substantial influence and control.

And, similarly ventilators.  If someone has a bunch of marginal organs, and you stick him on a ventilator, he will very likely die from the ventilator, irrespective of oxygen levels.  We know that oxygen masks are way better for people that are conscious and alert.

It is absolutely obvious that some people very much want this to be a dire crisis, and are prepared to take drastic action to make sure that it actually is a dire crisis.

Remember the much promised alarming shortage of hospital beds.  Notice that we have quarantine for the healthy, not the sick. The USNS comfort was intended as a hospital and quarantine center and it is not being used because Cuomo wants people who are coughing up corona virus to ride the subways.

New York is indeed having a death rate closer to 1%, and we see ample evidence that the New York government wants a death rate closer to 1%.

That is what explains the discrepancy.

When someone is already frail, and you would prefer that they died, it is easy to make sure that they do. With the best will in the world, iatrogenic death is a huge problem, and we have been seeing a great deal of the worst will in the world.

Rt over all America has been dropping independent of lockdown, which seems to have small effect, probably for the reasons given in the Dr Erickson video. Therefore, except perhaps in Wyoming, we are getting a significant fraction of the population immune, at least among the superspreader subpopulations, such as homeless and subway riders, and we have not been getting 1% of a significant fraction of the population dying, except in states and cities where it is absolutely obvious that the the government wants a significant fraction of the population to die. We have a plague of state sponsored iatrogenic deaths, not a plague of yet another new flu.

The old and the frail are most at risk, partly because flu always kills the old and the frail, and mostly because old people separated from home and kin are extremely vulnerable to iatrogenic mistreatment. Some years ago I was detained against my will in a very unpleasant hospital, on the grounds that my vital signs needed to be continually monitored, until I managed to arrange to have myself transferred to a much nicer hospital, where I actually received useful and effective treatment in a pleasant environment while my vital signs were being monitored in a polite, pleasant, respectful, and unobtrusive fashion. If I had been frail, would have been at risk of iatrogenic injury or death in the unpleasant hospital.

If we look at who is dying and where they are dying, the big risk factor is a state system that wants you to die, and health problems that make you vulnerable to being killed iatrogenically. The distribution of deaths indicates the primary cause of death is not disease, but the biggest killer of the twentieth century: Government.

San Francisco has the same risk factors as New York City; crowding, dirt, public transport, and homelessness; and yet there is an enormous difference in the death rate. Both have comparable levels of Wu Flu among superspreader subpopulations. One place is generating stats consistent with a 1% death rate and grossly inconsistent with a 0.1% death rate, the other place is generating stats grossly inconsistent with a 1% death rate, and consistent with a death rate considerably lower than 0.1%.

Why does the the New York government send old people sick with corona virus into old people’s homes, when the USS Comfort sits empty?

The government want to atomize, to “socially distance” groups that it hates and fears: Observe white get busted for surfing and going for a walk in the park, while non asian minorities have no problem throwing big parties. Observe orthodox Jews get the stick, while progressive Jews and Muslims are fine.

Wu Flu is an opportunity and justification for locking down people you fear and dislike, and, in some places such as New York City, an opportunity for killing off groups you fear and dislike, hence the seemingly discrepant facts on death rates. Cuomo is refusing to send people to facilities that he does not have authority over, where he cannot make sure that they will die.