Covid Jab lethality

The jab is enormously more lethal than getting a China flu infection.

Since everyone who dies with China flu dies of multiple causes, you need to compare the excess death rate among people who die shortly after getting sick with Covid, which is unmeasurably low, with the excess death rate among those who have been jabbed, which is terrifyingly high.

Of those very few that the British data lists of dying without comorbidities, the average is age 81.6, only marginally lower than the average age of death by old age in the UK, another indicator that if a bout of China flu increases your likelihood of dying it is by very little and only briefly. But the more significant data is the denominator, which I will get to shortly, the ratio of Covid deaths to actual China flu infections.

In order to assess the excess death rate among people who have recently suffered from China flu, you need to know how many are infected. Which until recently was not known and not recorded, however some countries have recently started demanding that their subjects take China flu tests before they are allowed to do anything, so we have massive testing in some countries. And, what do you know, huge numbers of people are getting infected, and are asymptomatic, or have no symptoms that bother them very much. And when we divide the number of “Covid deaths” by what turns out to be a very large denominator we find that death shortly during or shortly after infection is so similar to the background death rate that it is to impossible to measure. You are not measurably more likely to die if you get China flu than if you do not. On the other hand, jab related deaths stick out like dogs balls.

Covid Excess Death Rate

A number of countries have massive and thorough testing. See the column “tests per one million population” in the corona table at worldometer, Denmark and Austria being the highest of the major countries.

For Denmark 558,170 active cases, of which 28 are serious or critical, a rate of one case in twenty thousand being serious or critical enough to exemplify the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon. If you take twenty thousand people in Denmark at random, one of them is going to be in serious or critical condition, even if none of them had china flu.

Similarly, on the same page, daily China flu cases and daily Corona deaths in Denmark. On 2022-01-18, 31,491 new cases, 14 daily deaths.

However, new cases as compared to new deaths is not the right measure. If someone dies within 28 days of being touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon it counts as a corona death, so we have to add up all the new cases within twenty eight days of 2022-01-18

Date Daily New Cases
2021-12-22 12855
2021-12-23 11874
2021-12-24 10702
2021-12-25 9564
2021-12-26 14200
2021-12-27 15525
2021-12-28 12330
2021-12-29 22023
2021-12-30 20838
2021-12-31 17605
2022-01-01 19836
2022-01-02 7550
2022-01-03 22337
2022-01-04 23372
2022-01-05 26200
2022-01-06 23968
2022-01-07 16077
2022-01-08 11604
2022-01-09 17921
2022-01-10 13473
2022-01-11 20937
2022-01-12 22729
2022-01-13 23929
2022-01-14 22095
2022-01-15 23390
2022-01-16 24555
2022-01-17 26965
2022-01-18 31491
Total 525945

So about one death in forty thousand per person per day, or one death per person per century.

Seems like being touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon is actually good for you. That is fewer deaths than you would expect in random collection of five hundred thousand people of Denmark. I would have expected more. Maybe the hospitals are not mistreating Covid patients in Denmark.

Austria: 307,032 in mild condition, 180 serious or critical, which is one in seventeen hundred. Which could be worrying or not depending on whether Austria has a different standard of “serious” to Denmark.

So, let us look, again, at daily new deaths, as compared to the number of new corona cases in the previous 28 days. And, once again, an entirely unremarkable death rate. Are there excess deaths? – well, it depends on how you grind the numbers, but the excess, if it exists, is seriously underwhelming.

Not enough sacrifices to the Holy and Awesome Covid demon. Time to step up your game Austria. The eyes of the world, or at least the eyes of Fauci, Harvard, and Soros, are upon you.

Jab Excess Death Rate

Immediately after the jab was introduced, rumors of Jab lethality and disability were circulating. I said, let us look at the excess death rate for young people.

Which data immediately became strangely and mysteriously unavailable, and such bits of data as I could turn up were inconsistent with each other in way that suggested massive, but poorly coordinated lying, as if a hurricane had hit the organizations and institutions responsible for collecting and reporting the data, but no cleanup crew had followed to tidily rewrite the data.

But the brits have come through (despite a whole lot of data that I am pretty sure is lies and misdirection)

Checkout Office for National Statistics:Deaths by vaccination status, England

“What?”, I hear you say. “It does not say anything.”

Of course it does not say anything plainly. If it did the hurricane would have come through their office also. But it gives you access the raw data, which says that which may not be said. Download it.

I downloaded the data indicated, and found something very strange. On that data, looked like the unvaccinated were dying like flies, and the jab not only prevented Covid, but also cures cancer. I found that data hard to believe.

But there was a link: “Previous versions of this data are available”

I downloaded a pile of stuff, most of which also shows the jab is working wonderfully well. Improbably well.

Then I took a look at DatasetFinalCorrected.xlsx, which contains a pile of strangely discrepant data:

Table 4 Weekly age-specific mortality rates by vaccination status for all death per 100000 people:

Unvaccinated, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 0.9
Second dose, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 2.2

Lots of stuff along the same lines throughout the tables of DatasetFinalCorrected.xlsx I just gave you the final week of September, because that is the last record in the dataset of table 4.

Looks like all causes mortality is higher the more doses you get, the first dose nearly doubles it, and it by the second dose, it more than doubles.

Human Sacrifice and the manufacture of panic

What is happening is that if you swab positive for Covid, and shortly after that die, possibly because you had cancer, heart disease and kidney failure before you got Covid, possibly because you were run over by a truck, it is a Covid death. If we applied that methodology to the common cold, it would be the most lethal pandemic in history.

When I say “China flu”, I refer to the actual respiratory disease, one of an endless variety of ever new and ever changing sniffles and coughs that have been coming around throughout all of history, some nastier than others, but all of them rather similar to each other.

When I say “Covid” I refer to the holy rituals of propitiation and worship of the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon, whose state religion of human sacrifice was abruptly imposed on the world. Thus I say “Covid deaths” (which are usually human sacrifices performed in hospitals, where doctors give special, cruel, and extremely dangerous treatments to people who have “Covid”, while completely failing to treat their actual ailments) and “China flu infections (which are typically slight fever, a sniffle, and a nose dribble, indistinguishable from what people have been suffering from for millennia).

I use “China flu” to refer to the material and physical thing, to the latest variety of this ever changing parade of sniffles and coughs, and “Covid” to refer to the spiritual and supernatural thing, to the rituals of Demonic Propitiation that the State commands us to perform, and to the human sacrifices to the Demon that the state commands and performs.

That hospitals completely fail to give any of the well known and highly effective treatments for China flu is a minor problem. That they also fail to treat someone’s comorbidities if he has been touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon is by far the bigger problem, and is the major driver of excess total deaths during China flu season. If you are more likely to die when you get China flu (and if you are, it is not by much) it is primarily because what is actually killing you is unlikely to be treated once you have been touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon, since giving ordinary treatments for ordinary ailments to those touched by his Awesome Might is disrespectful to the Holiness and Might of the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon. The big problem in the first few months of the Covid outbreak was that they were apt to give a treatment (forced ventilation) for which there was, and is, no evidence of effectiveness in flu type breathing difficulties and massive and overwhelming evidence of lethality. This medical mass murder has now diminished considerably, and the problem today is large part failure to treat whatever is actually killing the patient – allowing people to die, rather than directly killing them.

Forced ventilation is only effective when the problem is with the breathing muscles, or with the mind’s ability to command them. It is irrelevant and very dangerous when the lungs themselves have impaired oxygen absorption, which problem is apt to follow some flu type infections for a week or a couple of weeks, which problem has a number of old, well known and highly effective drug treatments, which the medical profession has completely abandoned and the state has forbidden out of respect for the Holy Awesome Might of the Covid Demon. All the drugs that are effective are generic and long out of patent, and some of them, such as alcohol and nicotine, are non prescription and officially evil.

After a flu type infection of the lungs, your immune system is apt to continue nuke the rubble even though the disease has already been eliminated, to make sure you do not wind up with a chronic lung infection, and it is this immune system reaction or over reaction that is apt to make you seriously sick following a flu infection that reaches the lungs – you usually clear a flu type viral disease in three or four days, always within seven days, and yet if you get serious symptoms the serious symptoms are apt to set in after the virus, or nearly all of it, has been cleared. We have no end of drugs, the most effective ones being psychotropic, to help the immune system to calm down and go easy. Part of the ever increasing decline of an ever increasing number of areas of technology is that the most holy and highest status parts of medicine are returning to the dark ages, of which it was said by a late dark age physician that if all the pharmacopoeia was dumped in the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes. And if today all the new drugs that are still under western patent were dumped in the sea, it would today be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.

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  2. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim, regarding the Honkening situation, do the truckers need to do anything outside of holding their position, physically and ideologically? It doesn’t seem to be a protest, even though it looks and feels like one. It is more like a strike. Both methods are the tools of cultural Marxism, usually. But further, it’s an implied threat to the status quo; if the trucks stop rolling, the social contract is broken.

    What say you on the rumored American version, supposedly starting in CA and ending in DC?

    • Jehu says:

      If the truckers are willing to do….nothing…they can destroy Canada as a 1st world nation just by doing…nothing should it refuse their demands.

      I don’t see the Canadian government folding, so the question in my mind, will the truckers be willing to continue to do nothing?

      In a bilateral relationship, the party most willing to destroy it has control.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “He who can destroy a thing, controls that thing.”
        — Paul “Muad’Dib” Atreides, “Dune” (Frank Herbert, 1965)

        • The Cominator says:

          Trudeau is probably willing to burn it all down rather than fall and the truckers seem willing to burn it all down rather than fall, but Trudeau is more vunerable because he needs to hope

          1. The governor general
          2. A majority in parliament
          3. The Canadian security state

          Are all with him… I doubt all three are. Plus if the Canadian security state is not able or willing to crush the truckers and he isn’t removed its possible some mob at some point just finds Trudeau, drags him out and hangs him.

          • Jehu says:

            I don’t think the Canadian security state CAN crush the truckers. And they’d need not just to crush them, but get them to keep coming to work. If even 1/3 of the truckers say, nope, we’re out, Canada is done being a 1st world country. Thing is, I’m not sure the truckers even realize that at a gut level.

            Canadians have a strong rep for being polite most of the time. Do the truckers realize that because of their particular work, they’re sitting on the argument, that probably no Canadian will make in public that:

            If you don’t give us our demands, we won’t burn it down. We won’t have to. All we’ll do is just not put the fire out. So even if you don’t like us, you damned well better give us our way, and you better get into the habit of it. The days of us taking *** from people like you are over. If you want a comfortable first world lifestyle where you can spend fiat-bucks at the local grocery store you need to capitulate NOW and keep on capitulating. And NO, we will NOT let you save face. Destroying your status is half of the point.

            But Canadians don’t talk that way. Do they?

            • The Cominator says:


              The truckers have been saying they won’t back down for any reason so far… maybe its just talk but maybe not.

              • Jehu says:

                But I rather doubt they’re making their ability to end Canadian civilization explicit in their arguments. They’re just saying they’re not leaving (or in the case in Alberta, they’re going to block the border).

                Connecting the dots for listeners would be way beyond Canadian politeness.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its probably best left unstated… the “we’re not backing down till you agree to all our demands” is probably a better tack to take. Not threatening to destroy the country explicitly.

        • Jehu says:

          Paul has the right of it, but the WILLINGNESS to destroy the thing is harder to come by than the capability. That’s what is in question, not the ability, everyone with half a brain realizes that any significant fraction of the truckers in the US or Canada can destroy the nation any time they want by the simple expedient of doing nothing. Just don’t show up, don’t haul loads, or only haul certain loads for astronomical prices.

    • Aidan says:

      I don’t think there’s anything inherently marxist about a strike. If replaceable labor strikes, you fire them and hire new ones. If the people on strike are valuable and hard to replace, that is just called negotiation. People providing value always have bargaining power. Same as telling your boss ‘give me a raise or I’ll seek employment elsewhere’.

      • Arqiduka says:

        Indeed, nothing inherently Marxist or even leftist about labour strikes that are not allowed to beat scabs or occupy property. Even if labour is replecable, it will be very costly to replace a whole workforce in a few weeks, and you loose what institutional memory you have. Ofc, coordination is hard, and harder still for the sort of people who do replecable labour, hence the real reason why unionisation has gone down now that its no longer prompted by govts.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          What are some examples of right wing strikes? I get that they can be justified, and I also get the concept of bargaining. Same thing for soldiers; if command is unfit, the soldiers shouldn’t fight. But I can’t think of or find any case of strikes or collective bargaining that wasn’t Entry’d or converged by weaponized leftism, “community organizers.” Not trying to be a niggling prick, I’m genuinely interested if they’re out there. Maybe that vets march/occupation of DC in the 1920s or -30s over benefits being cut?

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m not typically a fan of strikes as they are generally blackmail against some critical economic sector and generally blackmail for some ignoble if not subversive (in a bad way) purpose…

            But against the insane fuckers who rule us now… if it works it works.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t know about right vs left, but an example of peasants successfully striking to gain more rights from the elites is the Secessio plebis in the beginning of the Roman Republic.


          • Arqiduka says:

            We had one just before Covid hit, with the yellow vests in France. Again in France, general strikes made the govt go back on mandatory jabs, AFAIK. Same in Greece, if I remember correctly.

            Once you get down to the strike at the frim level, those are always there for gibs, and nothing wrong with that, but hard to allocate into a left or right wing camp. Just people asking for more coin.

          • Aidan says:

            There isn’t a right wing or a left wing strike. A strike is the same thing as telling your boss that you’re too valuable to the company to be paid what you are, and that the competitors are willing to hire you at a better wage. If you make coffee at Starbucks, likely the employer will call your bluff. If you are a master software engineer, likely you will get a raise.

            Strikes are weaponized by the left when the government allows the striking workers to do violence against their replacements and occupy company property. In this case, it is the government using a proxy in order to attack private business in order to steal their shit.

            The bonus army was organized and funded by FDR in order to create a martyr and destroy the legitimacy of the military, who were a threat to his coming power grab. Complete with Hollywood making a propaganda film about a president who handled the same situation much better, wink wink. Who was feeding the shit broke homeless vets who spent months camped out in the swamp?

            A potential “right wing strike” in which every right-wing American refuses to work in protest at the regime, would end civilization in a week. But good luck coordinating such a thing.

  3. Need it for school says:

    I knew the lady above. Vaccine fatality? I think so.

    We are going to see a lot of “heart conditions” coming home to roost in the next few years.

    • Need it for school says:

      Yes, I know the article is old, but i only learned about it now.

    • Pooch says:

      Sounds exactly like Bob Saget. Skinny, active, and healthy looking with a mysterious “heart condition” that only gets mentioned in passing in any article.

  4. Doom says:

    They tell you right there on the first tab where the bias is.

    “For this analysis we define a death as involving COVID-19 if either of the ICD10 codes U07.1 (COVID-19, virus identified) or U07.2 (COVID-19, virus not identified) is mentioned on the death certificate.”

    And in the last page

    “Deaths were defined using the International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision (ICD-10). Deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) are defined as those with an underlying cause, or any mention of, ICD-10 codes U07.1 (COVID-19 virus identified) or U07.2 (COVID-19, virus not identified). Please note, this differs from the definition used in the majority of mortality outputs ”

    Next –
    If you look at table 8, what they think is where the real impact is, you see that people vaccinated less than 21 days ago have wayyyyy lower death risk.

    But that’s an easy one. 1) they’re a small subset of the population 2) they’re less likely to actually get infected. Duh doy, researchers.

    The other sneaky trick they pull is showing things as “per 100,000 person years”.

    (if you don’t know what this is heres a brief guide :

    Why this is sneaky is that it allows them to claim that they’re considering the age of the people dying, when in reality they actually aren’t.

    This dataset is heavily aged biased. Example :
    If you look at age as a factor of death.

    First – we go up to 59, because that’s where tables 3 and 4 bin the age.

    Under 59 counts for 9.19% of total deaths.

    Thus, over 59’s account for 90.81% of total deaths.

    For Covid related deaths
    The under 59’s… 9.53% of covid related deaths.
    The over 50s, 90.47%.

    (for a start, you’ll note that these numbers seem very similar. Isn’t that interesting? Covid related deaths are 15.5% of all deaths… if there was some factor OTHER than age you’d expect some difference between these numbers)

    If you look at table 5, they do not present the data in this way, although they could.

    However, you’re right. Tables 3 and 4 contain some gold.

    One of the confounding features here is that the unvaccinated groups keep getting smaller. One caveat (that they dare not speak) is that the unvaxxed population has differing reasons for being unvaxxed. If youre 10-59, chances are you CHOOSE not to. Over 80, you may lack mobility, have other health problems, etc.

    A very interesting nugget is that all cause mortality death rate has dropped in the unvaccinated between 10-59.

    The population of unvaxxed people between 10 and 59 is pretty significant and so these numbers do have some real meaning.

    8 jan -> 19 feb, death rate hovers around 3 per 100k.

    From 9/4/21 to 24/9 it hovers closer to 1/ 1.5 per 100k. As the unvaxxed population drops so too does their death rate.

    In general, though, the second dosers in the 10-59 age range have a higher all cause mortality rate.

    Comparing the death rates “with” Covid, the numbers do follow. It looks like the higher death rate in the 10-59 age group in total mortality is due to covid infection.

    However, look at table 5; if they had binned the data as age 10-50 this effect would probably have disappeared.

    What they say is true; over 50’s get less death if vaxxed. Zero reason to expect anyone under that age to get vaxxed however.

    WITH THAT SAID. The problem is that Covid killed a LOT of old people before they could get vaxxed. The death rate in the vaxxed over 80’s has been fairly consistently dropping, but also in the unvaxxed.

    This is a very hard data set to draw really meaningful conclusions from because they don’t report co-morbidities. I’d imagine that’s part of the point.

    I can make some interesting graphs for you if you’d like, they may be instructive. Where should I post them for easiest access?

    • jim says:

      > I can make some interesting graphs for you if you’d like, they may be instructive. Where should I post them for easiest access?

      If you have a safe way of sending email, you can email them as attachments to

      You can send graphics in bitmessage, and you could thus send them to my bitmessage address in the sidebar, but I have not figured out how to do it.

      If you cannot figure out how to do it either you could ascii armor them with gpg.

      Probably there is some limit on how big a bitmessage you can send, at which it either just will not send them, or transmission becomes unreliable. In which case you can break them up using 7-zip, and possibly add some redundancy with multipar in case some messages do not get through.

      or you could ascii armor them with gpg, then split them with the linux split command.

    • Arqiduka says:

      “As the unvaxxed population drops so too does their death rate.”

      issue with this is that it may show that those who go and get the jab are less healthy to begin with, hence when they are removed the all-cause mortality goes down. This can be used to water down the increased mortality from the jab “oh you see, we got the sickly ones anyways”.

      • Arqiduka says:

        All right, scratch that: I’ve been trying for an hour and there is not way to isolate a healthy cohort from the 10 – 59 crowd on week one and postulate a given death rate such as to create a stable death rate of the remaining population (the sicklies). all numerical solutions converge on the abnormally healthy core on week one being zero: i.e. the abnormal fall in death rates among the unvaxxed 10 – 59 year cohort cannot be made more normal by postulating a healthy and sickly portion of that group to beign with, this only makes the problem worse.

        Other reasons besides inherent health explain that fall in mortality.

        • jim says:

          Obvious explanation:

          Anti vaxxers are smart and well informed. Smart people tend to be healthier, because they have good genes to start with, and because they have a longer future orientation.

          If you just look around at the alt right, they tend to be fitter than the left.

          Also, people who pay attention to the right wing narrative on the vax, also pay attention to the right wing narrative on health. Right wing narrative on health is true, left wing narrative on health is intended to destroy everyone. The anti vax group probably lifts more iron, eats more red meat and fat, eats less processed foods and less snack foods.

          • Doom says:

            Other obvious answer – people who are already concerned about their health are going to get jabbed; people with health problems who don’t want to go to doctors and get “””shamed””” for their poor health won’t get vaxxed.

            So you end up with this confounding factor that they don’t measure, ie, people who are vulnerable to covid death that are also anti vax.

            Although if you look at the covid related deaths in the over 70’s unvaxxed, sits pretty well across the board that the unvaxxed covid death rate is lower than the overall death rate.

            One thing that’s quite a concern in this set is if you consider the unvaxxed, non covid related deaths in January 21 in the over 70’s. Hardly anyone was vaxxed at that time and yet, example, w/e 8/1, 70-79 there were 1768 NON covid related deaths.

            So, the Holy and Perfect Demon’s treatment priority lead to many, many, already sick people dropping dead.

            That’s the scandal this data shows, IMO. Wait till you see it graphed, might take me a few days.

            They are highly motivated to test all dead for COVID for statistical power and I think that the covid related deaths are, as already mentioned, overblown. So we have a VERY high death rate in January 21 and a VERY LARGE proportion is not coronavirus related.

    • Doom says:

      She forgot to mention that part where she explicitly stated that it was “two groups of white people”.

      Also, remember Gina Cararo? Yeah….

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      She probably thought she was being a good universalist while also implying other people (like, say, black people) can get a shine from other people’s grievance-mongering too. Flubbed the speech check tho.

      • Doom says:

        Hilariously, Gutfield etc explained her point of view and were far more accepting than her own “””Friends””” on the view.

        She thinks race is just skin colour; that’s why shes concerned about, eg, problems in the US that involve ethnic lines and something like the Rwandan genocide doesn’t register.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Her biggest mistake is that she used the words ‘its not about race’, which, regardless of context, dogs trained by the synagogue of satan will start barking on reflex when hearing them.

  5. The Cominator says:

    If you can find South Korean or Japanese data use that. In the absence of that you should just assume corona data is mostly fake and gay unless you have good reason to believe otherwise.

    • The Cominator says:

      Scandanavian data is also probably okay… they are pozzed as hell but they still don’t like committing fraud.

      • Varna says:

        Scandinavia already has been leaning heavily for years into hiding crime by imported darkies. So the seed is there, as it was planted everywhere by exploiting “good intentions”.

        What we will find out is did this commitment to lying “in order to save the world” spread to kung flu and clot shot data.

        • jim says:

          Scandinavia has been lying about racial data for many years. Why should we suppose them to be truthful on death rate data?

          • The Cominator says:

            No expert on racial crime statistics in Sweden, I would figure that the Scandanavians probably just wouldn’t publish the data on their 1352s rather than lie but I don’t know.

            • jim says:

              Racial crime statistics just are absent, of course, but there are other statistics that some people might indirectly draw unkind inferences from, and those look improbable.

              • The Cominator says:

                The fact that they don’t publish them at all rather than falsify them indicates they still have some scruples about lying outright.

                • Red says:

                  Scandanavians go as far as photoshopping criminals into whites for crime photos to hide the dark quality of the criminal element.

          • ExileStyle says:

            Denmark is somewhat of an exception. Every year or two they send globohomo into hysterical fits about immigration and/or race. The latest move was the “Ghetto Law,” where they limited “non-Western” (their words) presence in public housing to 30%. Denmark did not back down or change the law.

            Of course, the Cathedral being as retarded as it is, they interpret this as evil and racist, while the intent seems like traditional Nordic egalitarianism: they don’t want ghettos because they want everyone to just get along in equal harmony. They don’t entertain the idea that having more “non-Western” people in ghettos means fewer of them in lovely, high-trust Danish neighborhoods.

            But they at least name the beast for what it is, which is what is unacceptable to the Cathedral.

    • BRAIN says:

      Agreed. I’m not even sure if positive case data (supposedly based on positive antigen tests) is reliable at all. In the countries where testing is required for the unvaxxed, but recovered get a legitimate pass for 6 months, the regime is incentivized to keep as many vaxxed testing negative as possible in order to minimize the amount of people fulfilling the recovered condition. Every positive test is (in theory) a person who will fulfill the recovery condition 2 weeks later.
      I have suspected for some time that covid case numbers are mostly made up – each country can publish such “daily positive case” statistics as suit the narrative at a given point in time, as is the idea of “asymptomatic infection” and anecdotal observation has so far given me no reason to think otherwise.

      • jim says:

        The RATS test which is now being distributed everywhere does not check for you producing antigens against the disease, but for the virus. It continues to show positive for a week or two after you have cleared the live virus, because you still have fragments of the dead virus.

        It is intended to detect the infected, the carriers.

        Turns out the number of asymptomatic carriers is vastly larger than anyone expected. The overwhelming majority infected with Covid suffer only very minor symptoms. The deadliness of the disease is a poster girl phenomenon.

        I see no reason to doubt the accuracy of the RATS test. It is telling them what they do not want to know.

  6. Kunning Drueger says:

    On the Emergence of Caesar and the Coming Dark Age

    It’s time to move through theory towards practice, and that isn’t possible. These are the bitter pills, still red, though dark enough to be black at first blush. NRx are idea men. The ones that are fathers are financially stable, and their children are a byproduct of this and their faith attachments. No programmer can teach their sons to be warriors as programmers. No Cathedral damaged can be the example of the red pilled, old type christian father their sons need. No bookish big brain can be the most alpha man in their daughter’s life, not can he properly filter suitors; his best bet is to pray a worthy mobile bandit sweeps through his suburb.

    Men without wives, men with wives and no children, men with families as an accessory to financial stability and tenuous faith based requirements, these cannot move from theory to practice. There is more of a chance for bastards and orphans to become a generation of Restorationist Warrior Monks than the children of theory.

    Those with the children, temperament, and capabilities to raise a generation of RWMs are completely cut off from the Theory crowd. Theory spits on Practice, esteeming them unworthy midwits. Practice ignores Theory, esteeming them as inconsequential weirdos. Until the gap between Theory and Practice is bridged, the spiral will spin as the Cathedral sees fit. The Decay Carousel is guarded by Practice, and it spins off particles and clumps of Theory. So long as Practice keeps protecting the Cathedral, so long Theory keeps being flung into irrelevance, the spiral spins and the bifurcated corpus of Theory & Practice grows inconsequentially.

    The current situation will only yield Stalins and Cromwells in the best case, Cambodian Autogenocide in the worst case, and Brezhnevian stagnation as a temporary equilibrium. This means that the opportunity for a restoration will only result from a global cataclysm, or a chain of regional catastrophes. Full destabilization of the current status quo precipitates fertile ground for mobile bandits and righteous hearth defenders. These are the necessary components for the development of a righteous people, which is the combination of a virtuous elite, a productive commons, and a robust state religion.

    We cannot build it, but we can contribute to its emergence. We cannot participate, but we can sew the seeds, draw up the plans, outline the path to an honest, to an actual Restoration. We need to start constructing and filling the vault in an attempt to make it easier on the Future.

  7. Tityrus says:

    That link to “DatasetFinalCorrected.xlsx” gives me a 404.

  8. notglowing says:

    Trucker’s “swagger”, presented without comment:

    • Red says:

      The Cathedral may have to crush the truckers with a lot of violence to stop the slippage of their power. Women as always follow power looking for alpha males and the truckers are flexing it in the Cathedrals face.

      • jim says:

        This is a prerevolutionary situation, in that the police and the army are mysteriously displaying a disinclination to deal with the protesters, and the head of state has fled.

        The right in the US, myself among them, generally adopted the position that protest is useless, because right wing protests will be savagely and brutally repressed, while the left is free to burn down buildings and commit assault and attempted murder while videoing themselves and publishing the videos. All protests are fake and gay.

        Back then we were protesting the erasure of white history, monuments, churches, and culture. Such erasure is always a prelude to genocide, but normies lacked the historical knowledge to see it for what it is.

        But mandatory worship of the Mighty and Awesome Covid Demon is finally getting up the normie’s noses. Maybe it is time to update our expectations.

        I anticipate that mass die off is likely to begin around the fourth or fifth five month boost. I did not expect that that would wake the normies. Now I do expect that.

        Israel is currently on its fourth booster, and is holding the lid down hard on reports that the outcomes are bad and rapidly getting worse. As a result, I have no real data on how bad it is, but when they jam the lid on that hard, something big is under the lid.

        • Red says:

          I anticipate that mass die off is likely to begin around the fourth or fifth five month boost. I did not expect that that would wake the normies. Now I do expect that.

          Civil war and genocide is more likely if that’s what happens. The boosted will be trying to mass murder the unvaccinated and unboosted in their rage to blame someone else for their mistakes.

          • jim says:

            > their rage to blame someone else for their mistakes.

            Possibly a mistake. I have repeatedly remarked on the scientific incompetence of the creators of the vax, and it is obvious that though they are soldiering on with their plan, things are not going according to plan.

            On the other hand, also possible that innermost core of the Faith of Covid is a demon worshiping cult that aims to immanentize the eschaton by killing everyone, including themselves.

            • Arqiduka says:

              I disagree with your assessment of the initial outbreak: I think it was deliberate but disagree that the end game was extermination at which they failed. The end game was disruption for which the mortality of the original was just right, obviously research on this was done long ago and was kept ready.

              Now, since the outbreak a faction has separated and gone full death cult, but the original intent was clearly an econ crash. Maybe some wanted to right the pop pyramids but were overruled hard.

              About the vaccines I am far less sure though: stupidity? Deliberate depopulationism? A “throw everything at this until we’re out” approach? I tend to think the last is a bit more likely, but am far less sure here. Too much damage bring done to chalk it out to “they stupid and will give people mercury if it gets us out of this”. I give it a 25% chance that is deliberate depopulationism (you can only have kids by IVF, in which case you are owned), but only fertility will tell. I keep thinking of Inferno though (the D Brown book).

              • jim says:

                Deliberate depopulationism is certainly a substantial faction in the conspiracy, which may not necessarily be united by an inner conspiracy. The Cominator has assembled some decent evidence that it is Jesuits, though I do not believe it, just consider it a substantial possibility. The Jesuits are ruled by a demon worshiping cult that intends and expects to immanentize the eschaton in events modeled on their interpretation of the Book of Revelation, or is heavily influenced by a faction that intends to immanentize the eschaton in that manner.

              • A2 says:

                It might seem tempting to opportunely release a weak bioweapon in order to make sure political goals were met. (As we saw this still turned out to be insufficient.)

                It’s also an interesting rehearsal situation for the professionals in the field just to check readiness and see how these things happen to work out. There are presumably plenty more vials with various similar contents in labs all over the world.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                People become more suggestible when placed under stress. A broad mass of the modern theater of population ownership relates to this fact. Sometimes, often times, the point of a polygon op to ferment chaos is the chaos itself, besides whatever other incidental goals it may serve.

              • BRAIN says:

                I think the most reasonable explanation for the vaccines and their mandates is that the goal was always to implement movement controls based on fulfilling arbitrary conditions set by the regime. Vaccine mandates were just the most reliable way of getting normies on board with movement controls based on digital identity systems. It’s very likely that depopulation is also a factor, but I think it’s secondary to getting everyone on board with movement controls based on arbitrarily established conditions. It started with proof of vaxx, the next step is likely proof of offering to Climate Change. What form these offerings will take Im not yet sure.

        • jim says:

          I wrote:

          > I anticipate that mass die off is likely to begin around the fourth or fifth five month boost.

          That was hyperbole. Rather, it looks like the death and disability rate is going to be about ten times normal levels after the fifth boost, and which point it is going to be difficult to conceal it from normies, and they will say the purebloods are causing it. Indeed, that narrative is already being pushed, and will soon be pushed one hell of a lot harder.

          If it follows the usual pattern for cumulative damage, most people will die, genuine mass die off, at around the tenth boost. Which, for those following the CDC schedule, is in four years.

          • Karl says:

            That “about ten times normal levels” is just guessing, isn’t it? If not, what data suggests a mere ten times increase?

            We are beginning to have some data on deaths by clotting (stroke, heart problems and the like), but there is also (at least) one different class of sequela, namely auto immune diseases. Such things don’t kill within a year or so, but they might in four.

            • jim says:

              For any major symptom of cumulative damage, the symptom generally increases in frequency exponentially with the damage. I am extrapolating from the British data – the death rate increases from the first vaccination to the first boost, and each additional boost is therefore likely to increase it by the same factor. These things tend to be multiplicative, rather than additive, at least until they approach a large percentage, whereupon we get a sigmoid curve.

              I am guessing that this is the first part of a curve that has the same shape as with cumulative toxins and other forms of systemic damage.

              If we had information on the Israeli death rate, that would tell us.

              • pyrrhus says:

                But even more important than the long term death rate, is the effects on fertility of the Jab’s spike protein, which could be drastic..Reportedly, miscarriages and spontaneous abortions have increased significantly in the last year…

                • Red says:

                  This has had me worried for a while. It doesn’t appear that the spike protean hits the testis but it does hits the female reproduction system hard. Jabbed women are likely to find conception and live birth very difficult.

        • Karl says:

          Revolutions aren’t as peaceful as the trucker protests. My impression is rather that the truckers are begging anyone to take power and dismiss Trudeau.

        • BRAIN says:

          I think the difference maker is that Covid is a much newer addition to the Cathedral than hatred for anything white. Anti-white ideology and sentiment is deeply entrenched in today’s normies – it’s likely that they grew up with, if not full on white hatred, at least its precursor of racial equality. They don’t even know what it’s like to live in a world where you are allowed to be proud of your heritage. Thus the normies didn’t react to it, only very right leaning people did.
          The cough is new. Everyone remembers what life was like in pre-Covid times and how much better it was. How “free” they were. Additionally, this exercise of power by the Cathedral is applied much more universally accross racial lines. Protesting white genocide is verboten by the Cathedral, and so is protesting Covid – but not nearly to the same extent, and this taboo is visible only to the libtards that are completely subsumed into leftist ideology and the dissident right. The normie doesn’t actually realise he is commiting sacrilege by criticising Covid.
          Hence Covid is a much stronger unifying force for populist movements than any explicitly anti-anti-white movement.

          • BRAIN says:

            Forgot to add – because the impact of Covid measures is dsitributed alot more equally across racial lines, the anti-measure movements can be framed in terms of “the people” vs “the tyrannical government” (ie covid measures are nazism), which
            1) doesn’t trigger any “bad-concept” detection mechanisms in the normie
            2) triggers “anti-bad-concept” detection mechanisms in the normie

            This lets the normies protest against the Cathedral from Cathedral-sanctioned principles.

            I think the fact that regime is attacking the protests by framing them as “white supremacist”, “racist” etc., meaning: anti-globohomo (see tweet at the bottom), is evidence that my analysis is correct. This is their attempt at framing the protests in a way that forces normies to disavow them, because Covid is currently not entrenched enough in globohomo ideology to be implicitly accepted by the normies like its other tenets are.


        • Jehu says:

          Canada’s law enforcement and military resources are way smaller than that of the US. The size and scope of the Honkening relative to that in Canada is staggering.

      • The Cominator says:

        The police seem unwilling or unable to stop them, and the army apparently already told Trudeau to get fucked. American combat arms hates the regime too so I don’t think Trudeau can beg troops from Biden either.

        • Red says:

          The police seem unwilling or unable to stop them, and the army apparently already told Trudeau to get fucked. American combat arms hates the regime too so I don’t think Trudeau can beg troops from Biden either.

          In such a case, the normal procedure is to hire mercenaries. There’s always white men willing to kill their other whites for money.

          • The Cominator says:

            Don’t give them a good idea…

            • Red says:

              It’s not a good idea for them. They’ll soon be ruled by whatever mercenary group they invite in.

              • notglowing says:

                Maybe it’s time to become mercenaries wink wink.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  My body is ready, lol. Seriously, it is relatively simple to form a security company. The field is so riddled with incompetence and corruption that contracts are always abundant.

              • jim says:

                They will want non white mercenaries, who, while inadequate to fight a white army, are ample to exterminate a leaderless and disorganized mob. They don’t trust the US army, they are going to trust foreign white mercenaries even less.

                • Mr.P says:

                  “They will want non white mercenaries ….”

                  Heard on a podcast the 1/6 “insurrectionists” held and tortured in D.C. jails for more than a year now are being held and tortured, not by legacy D.C. black prison guards, but by recently imported migrant black guards.

                • Karl says:

                  What would extermination of the leaderless mob change? A dead trucker won’t drive.

                • Starman says:

                  Cathedral non-White mercenaries are toothless (see Afghan National Army).

              • pyrrhus says:

                Yes, the Praetorian Guard took over rather rapidly…

          • Arqiduka says:

            Don’t know the cannuck mind, but I find it remarkably hard to belive than an army that would soft-refuse a direct order to disperse a protest would just sit aside while their brothers are systematically shot by foreigners. Surely, a step too far even for anglos, and would be to invite a coup.

      • Pooch says:

        I have a suspicion that eventually the military will be called to use overwhelming violence on them in Ottawa. The Alberta blockade is a bit different but ultimately may be the same thing as well.

        • jim says:

          They have already called on the military, who are strangely unable to respond. That is what makes it a pre-revolutionary situation, to my astonishment.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t know if that’s been corroborated by an accurate source. It seems they were just hoping it would go away without intervention, but I tend to to think they will find willing members of the security forces to do the job if need be.

            • notglowing says:

              I think it’s good to be optimistic but yeah, the situation seems to be too good to be true.
              It wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually did intervene.
              I won’t make any predictions though. The Canadian military is pitifully small, I think the size of the NYPD.

              • notglowing says:

                That said, I would not have expected it to continue for as long as it already did. And Trudeau does look like a coward (not that anyone had doubts about that).

                But I also didn’t expect 6/1 to succeed to the extent that it did (or didn’t), we’ve already had a pretty incredible opportunity for coup there and nothing happened.
                All bets are off.

                • jim says:

                  This is another incredible opportunity for a coup.

                  If such incredible opportunities keep coming along, then power is lying in the street waiting for someone to pick it up.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Bolsheviks problem wasn’t seizing the capital but winning the civil war… they obviously had foreign help to beat the Whites (I’m no expert on this but probably from that faggot Wilson) but if someone seizes it in Canada who will fight a civil war for globohomo against whoever does?

                • notglowing says:

                  When the Bolsheviks stormed the palace, it wasn’t being defended. It seems such opportunities are presenting themselves more often, though no one capable of seizing them has shown up yet.

                • Varna says:

                  Lenin: Власть валялась под ногами, нужно было просто взять

                  >they obviously had foreign help to beat the Whites

                  Cominator, I don’t believe this to be quite correct. The Bolshies were initially used to destabilize Russia enough for her to exit WWI and allow the central powers to concentrate on the western front.

                  Once the civil war kicked off for real, the Bolsheviks became the Taliban, as in alone against the world, but managing to take over nevertheless.

                  Fourteen foreign countries had troops on Russian soil at one point.

                  Plus the competing leftwing, monarchist, and liberal political movements, plus the nationalists and clan resistance all along the periphery of the crumbling empire.

                  The anarchist cavalry of warlord Nestor Makhno is the stuff of legend to this day. It took serious hand-rubbing treachery by Trotsky to get rid of the man.

                  I’m still hoping we’re all living through a clown world version of epochal turbulence, with all the 1914 – 1945 (or even 1914 – 1990) type of stuff playing out in a low testosterone, high diversity, and epic fail manner.

                • Red says:

                  >Once the civil war kicked off for real, the Bolsheviks became the Taliban, as in alone against the world, but managing to take over nevertheless.

                  Utter bullshit. The Bolsheviks were funded by the US.
                  There’s multiple accounts of wall street financing them and the US and UK governments doing everything possible to enable them.

                • Skippy says:

                  Wilson stopped the interventionists crushing the Bolsheviks, who were really not that strong.

                  If the Entente were really trying to stop the Bolsheviks they would at least have kept the land Brest-Litovsk had taken from the USSR and which the Entente had therefore justly won in battle from Germany.

                • Varna says:

                  That’s very interesting about US and UK govts helping the Bolsheviks win the civil war.

                  Missing in the EE interwebs. Links?

                • The Cominator says:

                  I suspect that Wilson had the US army covertly aiding the reds somehow… I don’t see how a bunch of coffee house psychopath exile radical jews and other non Russian minorities could win a civil war for control of Russia…

                  War in Russia is a terrible logistical problem if your base is one city and your government is a fractious gang of insane maniacs with an insane economic theory… how the fuck do you win.

                • Pooch says:

                  Headlines in US and UK were celebratory when the Czar was overthrown.


                • Red says:

                  There’s been a lot written about the US funding the Russian revolution. The original articles I read on it appear to be no longer indexed.

                  Here’s a book on it:

                  Spend some time DDGing it.

                  Direct US & UK government intervention is less well documented but the US and UK where always there to bail the Reds out and kept the cities they controlled supplied while the country side was resisting them.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Having the Bolsheviks storm the capital building of the pathetic Russian provisional government in St. Petersburg was easy…

                  Winning the civil war was hard, what I want to know is how they were helped to win the civil war? Foreign money isn’t enough.

                • Red says:

                  Winning the civil war was hard, what I want to know is how they were helped to win the civil war? Foreign money isn’t enough.

                  The Reds won the Chinese civil war because they were supplied by Moscow and the Nationalists had their supplies cut off by Washington. Modern armies are not able to fight without a continuous supply of ammo. With the Reds getting their supplies shipped by friendly western governments and the whites were unable to get regular resupply.

                • Pooch says:

                  The Whites were organized haphazardly way too late and initially had a lot of UK and French support. The US eventually convinced them to pull their support and the Whites got slaughtered.

                • Red says:

                  The Whites were organized haphazardly way too late and initially had a lot of UK and French support. The US eventually convinced them to pull their support and the Whites got slaughtered.

                  I doubt it. Both the UK and French governments were socialist. No friends to the right, no enemies to the left. Official positions and what western governments were doing on the ground in Russia are different things.

                • Neofugue says:

                  The liberal intelligentsia paved the way for the Russian Revolutions, plural as there were three of them, only the final one directly involving the Bolsheviks.

                  The Whites lost the Russian Civil War because the liberal “no enemies to the left, no friends to the right” faction could not cooperate with the Orthodox faction to fight the Bolsheviks. One needs a firearm for a gun fight, and one needs a faith for a holy war. This division reached the point to which the Czechoslovak Legion ended up betraying Admiral Kolchak. Unlike the Chinese Communists who could maintain relative peace with the Nationalists in their fight against the Japanese, the Progs would rather lose the war over letting someone with possible Tsarist leanings such as Kolchak obtain power.

                  The liberals betrayed the Tsar, not the Bolsheviks. When Stalin and his ilk committed horrific crimes such as at Tiflis, it was the liberals who kept them from receiving punishment. The liberals did all of the work and the Bolsheviks took all of the credit.


                • Pooch says:

                  I doubt it. Both the UK and French governments were socialist. No friends to the right, no enemies to the left. Official positions and what western governments were doing on the ground in Russia are different things.

                  Herbert Hoover, in his biography of Woodrow Wilson, writes:

                  During the Armistice all of the Allied and Associated Powers were involved in supporting attacks by “White” armies against the Soviet Government. In Siberia, the United States and Japan were supporting the White Army of General Kolchak. From the Black Sea, the British and French were supporting the White Armies of Generals Denikin and Wrangel. The Allies, including the United States, had taken Murmansk on the Arctic to prevent large stores of munitions, sent to aid the Kerensky regime, from reaching the Communists. Later the British supported a White Army under General Yudenich in an attack directed at Petrograd from the Northern Baltic.

                  The British and French exerted great pressure on Mr. Wilson for Americans to join in a general attack on Moscow. General Foch drew up plans for such an attack. Winston Churchill, representing the British Cabinet, appeared before the Big Four on February 14, 1919, and demanded a united invasion of Russia.

                • Red says:

                  Sounds like the sort of “support” the US gave the Nationalist Chinese against the Reds. Ending the Reds would have been easy by taking the port cities and cutting the Reds off. The Bolsheviks controlled a bunch of cities, not the countryside. Instead the allies took the port areas and amazingly the Red army was well supplied despite these “hostile” nations controlling their supply lines.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m with red here, obviously somehow the reds were still getting their supplies and were able to move and concentrate their forces quickly somehow and the whites were not. Some help the whites were getting… its almost as if the allied powers were doing the opposite of what they were supposedly doing.

                • Pooch says:

                  Likely true as the war went on. Initially supplying them but having a sudden change of heart when they realized a White victory could be reinstating a Tsar.

                • Pooch says:

                  I’m with red here, obviously somehow the reds were still getting their supplies and were able to move and concentrate their forces quickly somehow and the whites were not.

                  Neofugue is spot on. The Whites were not a unified cohesive army, but more a mish-mosh of various anti-Bolshevik elements unable to really cooperate with each other.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The cuckservatives betrayed the real right sure but if the allies weren’t helping the reds it wouldn’t have mattered. No army in fucking Siberia except for Mongol nomads can live off the land.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > The cuckservatives betrayed the real right sure but if the allies weren’t helping the reds it wouldn’t have mattered. No army in fucking Siberia except for Mongol nomads can live off the land.

                  But the Whites were in Siberia, not the Reds.

                  Not saying Cominator is wrong, rather that there are a multitude of factors contributing to the fall of Russia. There were many factions within the Allies, some wanting a White victory, others wanting a Bolshevik takeover.

                  Note the direction of movement of the czechoslovak legion traitors away from the front lines. The Allies wanted the liberal democracy of the February Revolution in power, and pulled the plug when they deemed Kolchak not progressive enough.

                  Related to the subject matter, during the less than eight months of power Kerensky and the Kadets instituted first wave feminism in Russia, not the Bolsheviks. Retracing English sources on non-debased Russian sociology is difficult, but I can try to find it again if anyone wishes it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “There were many factions within the Allies, some wanting a White victory, others wanting a Bolshevik takeover.”

                  And obviously the faction with power was the pro Bolshevik one.

                  Yes the whites were in Siberia and the Bolsheviks retook it, impossible unless they had no logistical problems.

                • Skippy says:

                  The most serious White Russian (as opposed to right wing nationalist secessionists) was Kolchak, about whom wikipedia writes:

                  On 26 May 1919, the Supreme Allied Council in Paris offered to provide Kolchak with unlimited supplies of food, weapons, munitions and other supplies (but not diplomatic recognition) provided that he was willing to meet the following conditions:

                  Promise to convene the Constituent Assembly the Bolsheviks had disbanded in January 1918.[21]
                  Allow local self-government in territories under his control.[21]
                  Promise not to restore the aristocracy, the “former land system” and “make no attempt to reintroduce the regime which the revolution had destroyed” (i.e. not restore the monarchy).[21]
                  Recognize independence of Finland and Poland.[21]
                  Accept Allied mediation for relations with the Baltic states and in the Caucasus.[22]
                  Promise to join the League of Nations.[22]
                  Promise to pay all of Russia’s debts.[22]


                  As always the dead hand of the West allows you to fight the left but only if you agree to be a leftist. Batista, the Shah, Chiang Kai-Shek – all of these people placed their faith in a West that fundamentally couldn’t see their cause as legitimate.

                  The British appear to have sincerely backed Kolchak but by the time it reached the “Supreme Allied Council” (dominated in reality by the need to secure US loans) the command was clear: be a leftist or be cut off.

                  The Bolsheviks won the Russian Civil War primarily because they fought as the government rather than as a rebellion. They seized power in the capital, declared themselves the government, and then started telegraphing orders to the former Tsar’s military as the government. Absent other coordination centers, most obeyed. Those who didn’t became isolated and disjointed rebels with mostly poor quality territory.

                • Skippy says:

                  “The British War Secretary Winston Churchill pressed very strongly in the cabinet for British recognition of Kolchak’s government, but the Prime Minister David Lloyd George would only do so if the United States likewise recognized Kolchak.[22] The American president Woodrow Wilson was strongly hostile towards Kolchak, openly doubted his word, and was against diplomatic recognition.[22] Wilson’s main adviser on Russia was the former head of the Provisional Government, Alexander Kerensky, who told Wilson that Kolchak was a “reactionary” who would “inaugurate a regime hardly less sanguinary and repressive than that of the Bolsheviks.”[23]”

                • The Cominator says:

                  So as I said Wilson the faggot was supporting the Bolsheviks, Churchill wanted to support the Whites for real but no one else did.

                  The idea that the Tsars former military was mindlessly obeying anyone is not plausible given that the military was in an openly mutinous state in 1918 (which is why the Tsar fell in the 1st place) those that still remained in the field probably obeyed whoever they think would win… and probably started obeying the weird gang of radicals in St. Petersburg when they heard who the allies were actually supplying.

                • Skippy says:

                  The issue was that the Bolsheviks controlled the telegraph network and other official means of communication. Also, the legitimate chain of command didn’t exist because the Tsar had been arrested.

                  It wasn’t a choice of obeying the Bolsheviks or someone else, but obeying the Bolsheviks or nobody. That’s a scary choice unless you have a very large army and/or a lot of balls. Obviously some people did but they were scattered and uncoordinated.

                  In order to coordinate they needed both a communications system and an indisputable symbol of legitimacy. Since Kolchak was not allowed (by Wilson) to recognize the Tsar’s successor he was forced to declare himself “Supreme Leader of Russia” which didn’t really work because ultimately Kolchak was just some guy like all the other White leaders.

                  If the Entente had recognized the Tsar’s successors and given unlimited food and guns to Kolchak it’s likely the Bolsheviks would have lost despite their positional advantage.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Burly chadness is great, but let’s all take note, as Musk did of all people, that the Canadian Honkening is also rooted in having their own means of communication, CB radio.

      No Ottawa-Toronto NGO laptop people who “matter” even know what CB radio is.

      If I understand it properly, CB was also complimented over greater distances by mobile apps, perhaps foreign apps like Telegram.

      Real Khmer Rouge vibes. “Where the hell did these guys come from?”

      • Varna says:

        I seem to remember a similar shock when Trump’s campaign back in the day mobilized hitherto overlooked communication and influence channels as well.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          It’s a heck of a signal, isn’t it?

          Truckers may make a coin or two, but they’re treated and feel like the absolute bottom rung of society. Isolated, atomized, slaves to machines and schedules. Criminals feel more respected.

          But those same guys, plus a communications forum, and they can flip the turtle of state on its back while everyone is watching.

  9. Pooch says:

    Unvaccinated, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 0.9
    Second dose, Ages 10 to 59, for the week of 2021 September 24, age specific all causes mortality per 100000 for ages 10 to 59: 2.2

    Although over double the normal death rate, 2.2 per 100k people of which an extra 1.3 person is sacrificed to the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon still seems rather disrespectfully low to the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon.

    If they are going to have a respectable human sacrifice for demon worship by historical standards they are going to need to get that number up, way up.

    • notglowing says:

      Could be, though this cult is special because they cannot consciously admit to themselves that the sacrifice is happening in the first place

  10. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    I did a deep dive into psychoactive substances some years ago, specifically motivated by research into neurotropic effects.

    One of the first things that became apparent, is that in a great majority of prescription psychiatric compounds, their modes of action are somewhat analogous to solving the problem of a dodgy steering column in a car by removing it’s gas tank.

    Well, you can say there’s no longer any danger of them driving off the side of the road, so to speak; but they aren’t useful for anything else any more, either.

    The ideal would be shifting out the more ‘vitamin-like’ substances from the chaff. That is, compounds that don’t upset your system with unanticipated deleterious spandrels. Or in more prosaic terms, modalities where number-needed-to-harm and number-needed-to-treat have a big gap in between them.

    Assessing the consequential effects of a psychotropic can be understandably difficult – not the least of which being because the unofficially official position on psychometrics in discourse is that there is no such thing. One can, however, pay attention to certain ‘downstream’ proxy effects, where, while they might not by themselves inform you exactly what the effect is, they can inform you if there *is* an effect taking place, for good or ill.

    One of the most common of these proxies that i have used is motor function. Effects on motor function are a useful ‘canary’ since, on one hand, motor control is highly entangled with enervation, while on the other hand, also has viscerally obvious effects for ease of assessment. Most forms of ‘chemical lobotomy’ prescribed for behavioral modification produce motor dysfunction, such as tardive dyskinesia, and likewise one can reliably anticipate that if a substance produces motor dysfunction, it likely has deleterious effects on neuronal functions in general.

    Another common proxy is libido. Sex drive is another highly ‘entangled’ effect whose provenance reaches into the deepest parts of a human being’s cortical stack, it’s motive, sentiment, perceptual structures in general. Like with motor function, an abnegation of libido is another characteristic effect of chemical lobotomy.

    Besides this, another factor to consider is hepatoxicity – the impact a compound will have on the liver. As has been noted elsewhere ( ), induced impairment of liver function can leave you seriously vulnerable to contaminants picked up via various vectors in your life-cycle, and vice-versa.

    The list of notable compounds one is left with after filtering by such rules of thumb is rather unsettlingly short, though some interesting names do turn up. Amongst compounds that have had common use in, well, ‘common’ psychiatry, there are salts of lithium, tianeptine, moclobemide, agomelatine, and memantine. In the eastern bloc specifically, the soviet and russian pharmacological regime expended significant effort in developing psychoactives with a specific eye towards performance enhancement, most of the products of which are largely untrafficked in more occidental medical establishments (we might hazard to surmise the polygon has been more concerned with pacifying it’s subjects than improving them). Notable examples of this provenance would be phenylpiracetam (fonturacetam), omberacetam (noopept), semax, and bromantane.

    Ergot alkoloids, such as nicergoline or lysergic diethylamide, probably merit a mention as well. Perhaps the most prosaic description of their action is that they increase blood flow to brain tissues promoting growth and activity. This is obviously a gross understatement, but the main point is to note how the fact of a compound having psychoactive effects, does not necessarily mean the *way* it has psychoactive effects will have the same relevance to other conditions as other compounds with other pharmacodynamics. Intra-nasal insulin would be another example of this dynamic; naturally a highly potent growth factor, and when administered through the sinuses has a large uptake in the brain; but insulin by itself is not particularly relevant to most infectious diseases.

    We can say that the coincidence of more than a few kinds of psychoactive substances with influence of some kind or another on microbial dis-eases is interesting. Though i have not looked recently, i would wonder what the overlap between the cross-section of compounds here and studies of their effects in cases of wuflu are. There have been historical cases of observations of this kind. For instance, the anti-viral effects of st. john’s wart has led to some theories that some form of chronic viral load may be a factor underlining major depressive disorder. Lithium has been implicated in treatment of lyme disease. One of the first medical applications of adamantane class molecules was as influenza virucidals, and so on.

    I know that immunosupression specifically is a common side-effect of fluoridates; but i would advise caution here, since this is not necessarily a good thing, and in any case is an epiphenomena of their more general dysregulatory effects.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      I remember back in the 90’s the Fen-Phen treatment. Two psychoactive drugs taken together reliably worked for weight loss. Trouble is they caused heart and lung damage. One was a depressant, the other was an anti-depressant. Both had a side effect of weight loss. When taken together their psychoactive effects “cancelled out” leaving only the weight loss “effect”.

      Fenfluramine causes systemic production of Serotonin. Trouble is Serotonin outside the central nervous system has nasty metabolic effects. See here:

  11. Some people are advised not to get vaccinated because of pre-existing medical conditions, so the cohort of unvaccinated people is likely to include more people with complicated medical histories.

    • jim says:

      This could explain a higher death rate among the unvaxxed. Except that I much doubt there is a higher death rate to be explained.

      It could hardly explain the same government medical organization displaying wildly inconsistent data as to whether the vaxxed or the unvaxxed have higher death rates.

    • Aryaman says:

      I have not heard of anyone encouraged not to get vaccinated because they are too sick. Maybe this explains the huge improvement in death rate you see in the very oldest age groups in Israel, where extremely fragile old people may not have gotten the vaccine.

      But otherwise I see *none* of the usual disclaimers indicating sick, pregnant, weak people shouldn’t get the vaccine. That is unusual. For example, probably shouldn’t get the smallpox vaccine if you have AIDS, as that is a vaccine that works in the normal, sensible fashion. In fact so far as I can tell, this question wasn’t even ever really asked. Kids with leukemia are encouraged to get the vaccine.

      But what you’re saying does explain credibly higher death rates in the unvaccinated where they actually exist, which in my immediate recollection is limited to Israelis on the brink of death though there are possibly other similar cases.

      • jim says:

        A more likely explanation is that the higher death rate of the unvaxxed was simply made up. I am seeing an enormous pile of data on deaths that is mutually contradictory.

        Most of it has to be made up, and some of it has to be made up by someone who does not know, or does not care, about consistency.

        • Arakawa says:

          Mafia accounting is a complex art requiring unwavering attention to detail and willingness to perform the type of cross-checking that clearly isn’t happening with the vaxxed-unvaxxed data. I suspect that competent mafia accountants all work for the mafia. Much more lucrative, and it doesn’t make you feel as dirty as working in public health.

        • Karl says:

          I rather think there are numerous faithful followers of the Covid demon that each decide to do some holy work by amending data in praise of the demon. These followers are not coordinating with each other, might not even be aware of each other’s work.

          • The Cominator says:

            There is both coordinated lies and some of what you were saying. Florida had a notorious case of a freelance Covid dingbat named Rebekah Jones who was trying to do this as the story developed she clearly didn’t have orders from Fauci or anyone (she even got banned from twatter).

            She is now trying to run against Matt Gaetz lol (which is laughable).

          • jim says:

            That is consistent with the fact that the lies are inconsistent.

        • Herman says:

          Another explanation is that they classify everyone who’s vaxx status in “unknown” as “unvaxxed”.

          Germany has done that and got really high numbers of “unvaxxed” in hospitals, since they only had 20% were they knew they were vaxxed.

          • Varna says:

            Plus the first two weeks after the shot count as “unaxxed” in most of the world, and during these two weeks the immune system takes a temporary dive and people get very very easily infected.

            In other places the un-boosted get reclassified as “unvaxxed”, so it’ll take a lot of effort to untangle all the bull.

            In the future at a minimum humanity must demand clarity and transparency. Including using less falsifiable terms such as “injected” as opposed to “vaccinated”, because the latter globohomo can juggle in all sorts of way, while with “injected” you either are or you aren’t.

            An “unknown” must definitely be classified as “unknown”.

            Penalties for misleading the public must be very severe. In fact I would say that if severe penalties for lying and misleading for institutions, media, and corporations are enforced, at least 70% of today’s problems go away instantly.

            • Karl says:

              The question in politics is “who whom””? Humanity cannot demand. Only persons can demand anything and if those persons have no power their demands are really petitions.

              • Varna says:

                True. Lots of Lenin quotes here suddenly, never would have…

                Very interesting times.

  12. simplyconnected says:

    I recall reading about nicotine somewhere, there was an old pol thread where it was claimed that

    several drugs (including nicotine) can induce monocyte apoptosis.

    where monocyte apoptosis is important because

    The S1 spike proteins being eaten by your Classical Monocytes are being turned into Non-Classical monocytes (which should die in 1 week or less normally) that are not undergoing apoptosis, and therefore never dying. These S1 presenting monocytes are going throughout the body and causing serious damage, and hurting your immune system.

    Time to get some nicotine lozenges just in case.

    • The Cominator says:

      I already said that maintaining elevated nicotine levels probably neutralizes at least the worst effect of the clot shot. You probably need to keep it fairly elevated for several days after getting the shot though so be prepared to have a mild nicotine dependency afterwards in some form though.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Thanks. Although in the unfortunate event that I were forced to take the shot, some nicotine dependency would be the least of my concerns. One can deal with that comparatively easily afterwards.

        • Varna says:

          Cough cough, sweet summer prince, cough cough.

        • Herman says:

          After you are “forced” to take the first shot you certainly will be “forced” to take the second and the third….

          I have to say I’m skeptical if all nicotine in world will help against the effect of unlimited boosters.

          Accepting one “forced” clot shot is like trying to make a deal with the devil.

          So you may as well see “forced” clot shots as live threatening event.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Herman says:

            So you may as well see “forced” clot shots as live threatening event.

            Yes, I do see it that way. Before, I thought normies could become angry (possibly with genocidal fury) at those injecting them, after finding out what they did to them.
            Jim suggests normies may wake up, may turn on the unvaxxed instead. I don’t dispute it, because I see no reason why normies would react rationally. So the “forced injection” scenario which I prepare for (hopefully low probability) is the case of normies turning on the unvaxxed. I keep nicotine, NAC and aspirin around for that, not thinking it will do much anyway.

            • Herman says:

              So far the normies that woke up just don’t want to take more shots. That makes them potential allies. I hope it stays that way.

              I think the hardcore vaxxers (20-30%) won’t wake up for a long time. And from my observation they are the least fit part of the population.

              But overall really hard to predict.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Herman wrote:

                So far the normies that woke up just don’t want to take more shots. That makes them potential allies. I hope it stays that way.

                That is one thing to keep an eye for, to what extent the normies wake up from this. We’ve had some surprising developments there, like the 90% vaxxed Canadian truckers.

                I often say I thought infinite boosters in short succession was good news: it forces normies to get off the ride or die. Some may choose to die. Either way the only people left should be awake. TPTB slowing down the booster frequency just gives them more time to turn the screws on the unjabbed.

      • Aidan says:

        Nicotine dependency is entirely psychological, and it takes quite a long span of consistent use to become addicted.

        Nicotine has the best properties of a stimulant (makes you alert and focused) along with the best properties of a depressant (makes you calm and relaxed) with none of the downsides. The brain will be unhappy if it comes to rely on it and you stop using it, but there is no physical withdrawal like with other drugs. I kept my intake to three cigarettes a day for years, and during that time I could go days without, and not have ill effects. I smoke more heavily now, and it would be much harder for me to quit, but only using it as a measure against the shot shouldn’t cause any problems.

        • Varna says:

          In my experience, validated by friends, is that after protracted heavy smoking upon quitting you get a day of giddy crystalline clarity, followed by 2-3 days of psychosis, followed by 2-3 weeks of normal withdrawal, and around 90 days after the last cigarette the full reboot has happened.

          But learning to handle emotional stress and to focus the brain without nicotine help in the first days and weeks is a bitch.

          • Varna says:

            One last thing, for some reason not talked about almost anywhere. Nicotine helps metabolize caffeine twice as fast. Meaning 6 coffees when smoking equals as effect 3 for the non-smoker, at least at first before the body adjusts.

            Some people feel lethargic after quitting smoking and try to compensate this with even more caffeine. This would be a bad idea in terms of sleeping, heart flutters, being wired etc. To the contrary, it’s better to at least initially cut the caffeine in half upon stopping nicotine intake, in order to not transform into the Great Cornholio.

            Quitting after heavy smoking means making peace with the idea that there will be a period of lower energy and some brain fog. Just a question of choosing the correct period in life to suffer through this, as opposed to try to compensate with other types of stimulants.

            Full energy and clarity returns no longer than 90 days later, sometimes sooner. Also the palate become more nuanced. But honestly, fulltime non-smoking sucks ass. Periods of cleaning out (like with food or booze) is one thing, total full non-smoking is another.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Thanks, solid advice.

  13. notglowing says:

    I think I might be completely immune to the disease. I’m not sure, because to be fair I haven’t had a ton of chances to get infected.

    However, I didn’t get infected when I was in close contact with someone who got sick back in early 2020, and I didn’t get it after.
    Somehow I managed to catch the actual flu in early 2021. But still no coronavirus, despite testing it myself with kits reasonably often.

    I found an article recently, in Italian though, about how they discovered a mechanism by which some people are completely immune to all variants.
    Seems like natural immunity might finally be recognized, though searching for the term mostly leads to bad results for now.

    • Red says:

      >I found an article recently, in Italian though, about how they discovered a mechanism by which some people are completely immune to all variants.
      Seems like natural immunity might finally be recognized, though searching for the term mostly leads to bad results for now.

      CDC released the data showing natural immunity is superior to the vaccine, but they waited until after the supreme court allowed the Vax purge of the healthcare system. It’s gotten no play in the media.

  14. Anonymous says:

    However, new cases as compared to new deaths is not the right measure. If someone dies within 28 days of being touched by the Awesome Might of the Holy Covid Demon it counts as a corona death, so we have to add up all the new cases within twenty eight days of 2022-01-18

    I don’t understand why this is the right measure while new cases in a day compared to new deaths in that day is wrong.

    The people who get covid in the range 2021-12-22 to 2022-01-18 aren’t all dying on 2022-01-18. Taking the new deaths on that day doesn’t capture all of the deaths attributed to new cases from that range, so you are undercounting the deaths.

    Another way I was thinking about it: do the comparison for deaths on 2022-01-18 and cover the range 2021-12-22 to 2022-01-18 to obtain a denominator of 525945. Fourteen deaths divided by 525945 new cases is a small rate of death on that day. But suppose you want to track that rate over time. So you do the same for 2022-01-19, covering the range 2021-12-23 to 2022-01-19, and so on. Aren’t you then double-counting most of the new cases when you calculate the deaths divided by new cases? One person’s “new case” contributes to multiple denominators.

    • jim says:

      Not calculating how many covid patients eventually died, because I am not calculating how many healthy people eventually died. I want to calculate the excess death rate, not total deaths.

      I want to find find the death rate per day from a population of a certain size.

      That many deaths per day, from that many people, is about what you would expect from a random population.

      excess deaths – meaning excess death rate. Do people with China flu die more often than people without China flu?

      For that, you need deaths per day, or deaths per week.

      From such a large group, that many people in critical condition is to be expected whether they have china flu or not, that many people dying per day is to be expected.

      • Herman says:

        Another one the life insurers:

        A 258% increase in life insurance payments in the third quarter of 2021 compared to third quarter of 2020.

        With 2.5 times the payments I would expect 2.5 times the deaths.

        An the deaths seem to rising every quater.

        • notglowing says:

          That would most likely cover many legitimate covid deaths, because young people below a certain age rarely expect to die and don’t have life insurance.
          I don’t know if life insurance is applied to very old people who will die any day, since I have zero experience with it.
          So maybe it’s middle aged people? Either way that data is skewed one way.

          • Herman says:

            There was no big difference in Covid deaths between third quarter of 2020 compared to 2021.

            The only difference is the clot shot.

            Of course the age distribution is unknown.
            I would expect it to be mostly working age people. I think they have been trying to sell these policies to people in college too.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Life insurance, in general, is a middle aged and wealthy and risk tolerant phenomenon. Lot’s of people in film industry, generational wealthy, new and young parents. The industry feeds off of healthy, long lived people being worried about dying early, suddenly. A lot of policies kick you when you get to/past a certain age. That’s the little bit I know from experience and anecdote. It is definitely a Pax industry, making all of its revenue off of selling a product that never gets used, usually.

              • Jehu says:

                A LOT of people have a limited life insurance policy as part of their work benefits. I do. Usually on the order of 2-4x yearly income, and you can elect more if you go through a screening process.

          • Aidan says:

            Old people don’t generally have life insurance, because it’s hard to get flood insurance once the levee breaks. Life insurance is generally a middle age clientele. Old enough to worry about death, too young to be likely to die soon.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Sometimes rich old people get life insurance as a way to launder inheritance to their heirs as life insurance proceeds are not taxed. Of course the premiums are at, or near the benefit.

          • Arqiduka says:

            Whilst nobody would insure people in their 80s except at exorbitant rate, once you generaly get life insurance at a younger age they can’t boot you as long as you keep paying the premia which increase at a known rate. So probably quite e few oldies in the data.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Around age 35 I signed up for a 30-year term life policy. The contract locked in a low fixed rate until age 65, then my premiums would go *way* up, by a factor of 20 or so, for the next 20 years, with all coverage ending at 85. It was clearly understood that I would drop the policy at 65 unless terminally ill.

              Term life insurance is for people of working age; it is not available to oldsters.

  15. Anon Poster says:

    I don’t think the Brit ONS figure accurately represents jab deaths. The jabbed in Britain are on average older than the unjabbed, meaning that they have much higher death rates from everything else. I think Berenson acknowledged that in the comments.

    The jab excess mortality is now along the lines of 35% in the EU, which I get by coming excess deaths from 2021 compared to 2020 in the young, although it took some time to show up. Maybe this data is fudged down, but who knows? If it was worked, would not be showing any excess mortality at all among the young between 2020 and 2021.

    In order to compare vaccine deaths, compare deaths in 2021 and 2020 between the ages of 15 and 44. Which shows a 25% increase from 2021 to 2020. Since only about 70% of the population is jabbed in the EU, this should be around 35% vaccine excess deaths. 35% is still massively huge and evil, obviously, since it is well outside the margin of error and there should be no excess mortality at all, but it is not a doubling of deaths. Agree with everything else.

    • jim says:

      In the same table, they give the death rate by five year age group. It fits. You are throwing out ad hoc hypothesis as to how the data could be tortured to give the right result.

      We have multiple lines of evidence indicating a large increase in the death rate at all ages of the ten to sixty age group. This data is different in that it breaks it down into vaxxed and non vaxed.

      The data also indicates that each additional boost increases the rate at which people die, that the effect is cumulative.

      This until now we did not know. We could not say whether the rising death rate was more people vaxed, more people boosted, or something entirely unrelated to the wise and benevolent plan of our wise and benevolent masters to propitiate the Awesome and Mighty Covid Demon.

      • Anon Poster says:

        I didn’t know that the data was broken down into five year age groups. When I click on the Excel sheet you’ve attached, it says “page not found”, and when I go to the ONS website and download their data (superseded 2nd November, the same one you are using), I don’t see it broken down by age and vax status anywhere.

        Looking again I see that as of the week 17th – 24th September the jabbed between 60 and 69 were dying at about twice the rate as the jabbed between 60 and 69, and the possible age discrepancy there is much smaller so I will concede that you are most likely right and I am mostly likely wrong, but I would still like to see it broken down by five-year age group.

        • jim says:

          I fixed the link.

          If you go digging into the data, you will find piles of stuff that is inconsistent with each other.

          As soon as the jab started, they set to suppressing the data, then rapidly started to make stuff up out of their asses.

      • Aryaman says:

        I guess I will have to download the data and study myself. Are you saying that the jabbed have a higher death rate not just between ages 10 and 59, but over most or all 5-year cohorts within that range?

        Previously I thought the data wasn’t disaggregated and while a very nice signal may be explained by age differences in who is vaccinated within that broad group of 10 to 59.

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