Lethality of the jab: Anecdotal data

The DOD data indicates among, other things, a three fold increase in cancer, which suggests substantial damage from a quite small number of jabs.

Insurance data in most of the world indicates a forty percent rise in the working age death rate everywhere. I wish I had insurance data for Israel, but I do not. Likely the working age death rate is skyrocketing in line with their China flu infection rate.

A good friend of mine got cancer after his first jab.

In a random conversation with real life normies, they see the jab as increasing the risk of China flu, and increasing the severity of the ensuing infection.

The question then, is is this damage temporary, or lasting and cumulative?

Israel is the most jabbed country in the world, and their China flu infection is far beyond anything any other country is suffering. This suggests cumulative damage. I wish I had their death rate and cancer rate data, but, though they used to publish it regularly in Euro Momo, they suddenly went silent after they started jabbing. Death rate data is everywhere unavailable, or is inconsistent and improbable in ways that indicate massive, poorly coordinated but severely enforced lying.

Purebloods (on purely anecdotal evidence) do not notice omicron infection. America’s top agent in the USSR has been enthusiastically touting the jab, and has had himself jabbed eight times. He is now on a ventilator, major serious damage to both lungs. (Hat tip Varna.)

This is consistent my earlier guess that somewhere between five and ten jabs, everyone dies.

It is a sample size of one, but in a world where lying is mandatory and enforced by drastic means, that is a good as we are likely to get. We are lost in a fog of lies.

But though it is difficult to find truth, it is easy to find that we are being lied to. And people who lie to you knowingly intend you harm. They hate everyone, including themselves. They want to kill us all. Everything you hear the enemy saying needs to be understood in that light.


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  1. Dianna Agron says:

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  2. The Cominator says:


    We need some sweetness and light so here is a great joke from the Babylon Bee…

    • Joe W. says:

      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” ― Theodore Dalrymple

  3. Red says:

    Looks like Ukraine is all about blaming everything bad the Dems are doing to America on Putin. Their plan for the 2024 elections is becoming clear, they’ll federalize them claiming the Russians are interfering and then rig the vote. Anyone who objects will called a traitor and might even be arrested.

    • Pooch says:

      Clearly the strategy is to blame all inflation that ever happened everywhere in the history of the world, present and prior, on the evil Putler. The question is, will they then use this as justification to actually go to war with Russia, after which arresting people as pro-Russian sympathizers becomes a real possibility.

      I tend to think not because the leaders are still male, even if they are demented and/or faggy and gay. Apparently some insane high-ranking “Pentagon Official” bitch from the Obama Admin is calling for a No Fly Zone over Ukraine. As soon as dumb cunts like this are actually making military decisions, war will be unavoidable.

    • Joe W. says:

      The average American can’t find Illinois on a map. You think the country will tolerate martial law because of some skirmish half a world away?

      Let’s be serious here.

      • Red says:

        We just endured medical marshal law for 2 years. Without elite leadership the people are nothing.

        • Joe W. says:

          Who’s “we”? Half the country stopped paying attention to Covid a year ago.

          Regardless, “elite leadership” isn’t going to magically appear out of the clouds. The leftists don’t have “elite leadership,” either, but they actually show up when it counts rather than waste time peddling conspiracy theories on the internet.

          • Pooch says:

            Interesting analysis. Well golly what do you think we should do about it? You do have some plan of action you recommend for us to follow? I’m interested to learn more.

            • Joe W. says:

              It’s right there in the comment: Start showing up.

              Our enemies aren’t winning because they’re smarter or stronger or because of some grand, far-ranging conspiracy. They win because they show up, from school board meetings to state legislatures to street protests, while our side grills and watches Netflix and wastes time online peddling conspiracy theories and accusing each other of being feds.

              • Anon says:

                UM WTF. Anyone on our side who “shows up” just gets arrested.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                He’s sarcastically asserting that you’re a fed. Don’t take the bait.

                You’re not wrong, but you’re in the wrong place to advocate anything besides talk. One of the bigger victories for Leftists was denial of coordination spaces for the Right. You can’t organize on public platforms, and organizing isn’t tolerated in places like this. I feel your pain. Best to start “showing up” in your local area, and coming here for guidance on how to organize your Bible Study. There’s no point in asking for or listening to the guidance of blackpillers; they’re going to mock you for inaction just the same as for action.

                Confrontational Politics by H.L. Richardson

                Check that out. Quick read with good, concise guidance.

                • Joe W. says:

                  >He’s sarcastically asserting that you’re a fed. Don’t take the bait.

                  Right, that’s why I said what I said.

                  I have no interest in organizing anything, here or anywhere else. Aside from that being the hallmark of fed activity, it’s not clear that organizing is what we need, anyway. There’s never been a shortage of conservative organizations. The problem is they’ve all had a strong bias against any type of action.

                  Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  “One of the bigger victories for Leftists was denial of coordination spaces for the Right. ”

                  Here’s my blackpill, but maybe better men can make this into something more.

                  Communism went on for 70 years by infiltrating male spaces and nipping all dissent in the bud. Secret policemen really were the heroes of those societies. Add a monolithic media that gaslights morning, afternoon and twice on the evening, and you will never be able to assemble critical mass. Never.

                  In the East communism fell when growing dissatisfaction was sparked into spontaneous protest by some seemingly minor incident, which is the only way you coordinate without being allowed to: everyone must get fed up at once, and this requires an incident. With us, it was a silly call by a ref in a third tier soccer game in a town on the malaria plain. What started that day never stopped until the regime fell.

                  I think this is what Yarvin means with “be worthy”. Dissatisfaction will trigger spontaneous protest at some point, and then all bets are off. Don’t know what more can one do to be prepared, but probably not the bets place to discuss here.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Aside from that being the hallmark of fed activity, it’s not clear that organizing is what we need, anyway.

                  But, organizing is what everyone needs everywhere for everything.

                  It is the matter of what is necessary for organization that is the turning point.

                  >There’s never been a shortage of conservative organizations.

                  Which so often have been worse than useless, by capturing potential parallel state actors into the plantation of outer-party surrogate activities.

                  >The problem is they’ve all had a strong bias against any type of action.

                  More specifically, a bias against actions with more perennialist cardinality in general, and actions genuinely oppositional to the inner party in particular.

                • jim says:

                  > But, organizing is what everyone needs everywhere for everything.

                  Working on software to make that possible. I will issue a progress report and a git repository when I have some progress, and software that would make sense to anyone other than myself.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  The right has principles that motivate them to act. The left just seems power. It is infinitely easier for the left because they just seek power in any situation. Book club, project, town council, whatever, they very quickly assess where the power is, then relentlessly pursue it. So they self organize easily, and promiscuously. The purpose or cause is irrelevant. Take 5 leftist issues, give them complete victory, and they will immediately pivot to 5 more.

                  The right is slow to act, hard to organize, and embarrassingly easy to outmaneuver via compromises. Right-wingers are always looking for an excuse to stop fighting and get back to whatever their real passion is. This is, in my opinion, the critical issue of liberal democracy and precisely why progressives love it: it rewards the obsessed busybodies and punishes the the independently capable.

                  There is no success to be had on the national/federal level for conservative coordination. As was mentioned, there is an abundance of conservative organizations, and almost every single one is converged, compromised, or waiting to be converged or compromised the moment they become relevant. It is a battlefield that rewards leftists by default. So there’s no reason to compete. The Right must exist the field. No candidates for federal positions, no applications for federal jobs. Expose the artifice of democracy by refusing to participate.

                  The local battlefield is a completely different story. There are many situations and places that can be dominated by organized, concerted effort. The primary targets should be rural areas. This is the training battlefield. The secondary battlefield is the inner city. The management is so poor, so lacking in capability, that I posit there will be real possibilities to invest and dominate in the next decade. I know many will disagree, and I know they have many good points to support their pessimism. Regardless, I still maintain that there are hidden opportunities in the most unlikely places.

                  The most certain way to become worthy is to win. The easiest way to win is to identify the easiest targets and ignore the impossible ones. This is the political strategy.

                  Concurrently, the Right must organized a logistical/infrastructural strategy. This needs to be a campaign of parallelism. Starting very small, right-wingers must identify services and goods that can be provided/dominated by explicitly conservative/Christian providers. Conservatives must actively support businesses that put Bible verses and crosses on their marketing materials, or include traditional or religious messaging. This is not a simple or easy strategy, but I don’t think it’s impossible. We just have to start very, very small. Parallelism could also be called the Amish Strategy, as it is about withdrawal from the urban central, benefits heavy civic society.

      • Leon says:

        The average American is unmarried, childless, in debt and caved in on every issue the feds pushed. The average American has tesosterone levels significantly lower than that of generations past. The average American has been brainwashed their whole lives on mass media to believe in phenomenal bull shit. Land of the serfs and home of the fearful.

        • Joe W. says:

          Then I guess it’s all over. Assuming you’re American, to which country have you moved?

          • Leon says:

            Not sure if it is all over. But I don’t see the majority of Americans rising up. America is composed of conformists who don’t want to rock the boat. The covid lunacy proved that. I am thinking of leaving, but haven’t given up yet. I think we are going to lose a lot more territory before anything gets done.

            • Red says:

              >Not sure if it is all over. But I don’t see the majority of Americans rising up. America is composed of conformists who don’t want to rock the boat. The covid lunacy proved that.

              Lots of people stood up and rocked the boat. They where tossed overboard for doing so. Without elite support the people don’t matter at all.

              • Pooch says:

                Yeah sadly I see a lot of cons buying into the 1776 LARP unable to understand why their protesting and freedom of assembly is not working as intended as the police cave their skulls in and torture them in jails before this is all said and done. Even now apparently a US trucker convoy is assembling as if we didn’t just watch the Canadians get savagely beaten and trampled by horses.

                • Red says:

                  The Feds are organizing the US convoy. You can tell by the shill comments promoting it. They’re going to have some sort of fuckery with it.

                • Joe W. says:

                  The people who get their “skulls caved in” are unarmed buffoons in MAGA hats. But if anyone suggests such people should arm and defend themselves, you scream “nut case!” and “fed!”

                  Very strange. As I’ve said before, everything you post here is some flavor of defeatism.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah true. You’re right. Go take your AR15 to the Capital and show us how it’s done. Report back with your findings.

                • Joe W. says:

                  Nobody said anything about attacking the Capitol. But our elites crapped their pants after a bunch of unarmed buffoons in viking hats stormed the place and took some selfies, which should have told you something.

                  Anyone with an IQ over room temperature knows that our elites’ power is entire illusory, but you seem to prefer hiding under your bed until some Caesar type magically emerges from the clouds with a hundred thousand mercenaries to free us from our oppressors. Sad and pathetic.

  4. Kunning Drueger says:


    I really want to post the whole thing, but it is quite long. So uncomfortably invigorating to read a politician speaking like this. You can really feel the desperation in his words, balancing the weight of historical legacy with the grim reality that you are in fact alone, your potential allies are just as greedy and dangerous as your enemies, and that you will always be accused of doing what the opposition is doing to you.

    • ExileStyle says:

      A great speech, in dialogue with history. Just being familiar with and acknowledging basic, realty-rooted history gives a man like him immense power in this era of ignorant self-deletion. There is probably not a single human being in Washington, except maybe Kissinger, who can even understand what the hell he is talking about. And if they don’t know how to read, how can they choose the correct course of action?

      I wonder how much of his theory of history is his own, and how much his circle’s. There’s something to it that strikes me as the product of a single mind rather than a committee.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I don’t know how familiar you are with Slavs or with people that make it their business to do violence, but just trying to imagine the tiger a physical manlet like Putin has to ride every day, just to get to sleep at the end of it, is so off-putting. He has to be incredibly smart and incredibly loyal, because Russia is a godsdamn deathtrap under normal circumstances, not even taking into account the details involved in power circles. He’s gotta be the loneliest man in the planet. This may sound like sycophantry, but I’m genuinely impressed by the guy. He may just be lucky, otherwise he’s nearly superhuman.

    • Mr.P says:

      It’s truly impressive, very much worth a read.

    • Arqiduka says:

      Between all the times he shits on “the virus of nationalism”, right-wingers and neo-nazis and then he compains about the “prejudices” that some some countries have towards Russia, half of this could have been drafted by a grad in State , mutatis mutandis.

      Alas, the US is such a monomaniacal propagator of degeneracy that even Russia will ahve to do as a break. But this guy is no rightists, and thise who come after him shall be so even less.

      • Aidan says:

        Putin does not have the false perspective of the West. To him, “nationalists” are not the right-wing bogeyman under the bed that they are to the anglosphere, that modern rightists tragically larp as. Nationalists are obviously a left-wing faction allying with communists to destroy the Russian Empire.

        Calling oneself a nationalist is enemy occupation of your brain, and the word and concept of “nationalism” is taking the natural preference a man has for those of similar blood and language, which used to not have a word in the same way that preferring to eat food over garbage did not have a word, and using it as a justification for insane leftist schemes.

        Putin sees Russia as an Empire. Nationalism means the rebellion of parts of the Empire. Which in practice means conflict with other empires, because the nationalists seceding from the empire make alliances with other empires. So yes, if you are the ruler of an Empire, nationalism is bad.

        And Russia is the blood-enemy of the Nazis. Why would any sane Russian feel an ounce of warmth towards Hitler? The Greek fascists hate Hitler too. Liking Hitler or not is not a reliable indicator of being on the side of GNON.

        • Arqiduka says:

          So, in denouncing many times nationalism, Putin the Head of Empire lets his subjects know that they are to prefer the far to the near, the Moskovite to the cousin jew or whatnot, not just the fellow Russian to the foreigner, which is fair to ask. Even by the standards of Empire, this is wicked and leftist, a perversion of the natural afinity towards one’s own.

          Nationalism means the same thing to Putin as it does to the EU, I see no difference whatsoever, hence no ground for criticising one but not the other.

          • Pooch says:

            Nationalism only has meaning in the context of democracy. As a monarch, he is right to criticize it because it is a threat to monarchy.

            Democracy is also a threat to oligarchy, so from the US/EU perspective they must criticize it too.

            • Arqiduka says:

              So, if were speaking of how the vile Ukrainians are preventing faggots from parading in Kiev (you know, like neo-nazis are wont to do), would he be justified in saying that too, as a defender or freedom instead of a pusher of degeneracy in the mould of globohomo? If he gets cross with dagestanis tomorrow and goes AWOL since they supress women rights, would he be justified then? Why is this different from hitting at nationalism, all being attacks from the left.

              • Pooch says:

                So, if were speaking of how the vile Ukrainians are preventing faggots from parading in Kiev


                • Arqiduka says:

                  I know thats not true, was making that scenario up to prove that it doesn’t matter if a right-wing concept is criticized from an oligarchy or monarchy , an attack from the left is the same in both cases.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Ok, but you made your central thesis upon a fabricated scenario. Putin isn’t talking about men that live their blood, heritage, and neighbors, he’s talking about people that would sell their souls for a shred of power. This is plainly obvious in context.

                  For anyone else, I’d immediately cry entryist shill. But I am a nationalist, and I like you a lot, so help me understand what you’re seeing that the rest of us don’t.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Here’s what I’m seeing: a speech that would have been just as powerfull with no swipe or mention at all of nationalism, right-wingers ir neo-nazis. My fellow Russians are bring oppressed, the survival of my country is at stake and our brothers in history and faith are being depredated by a band of thiefs. Seems powerfull enough to me.

                  Why, oh why, you have to take swipe after swipe at right-wing concepts? Unless you don’t think that nationalism is a right-wing concept, with which reading I disagree mightily.

                  I am left with a very bad taste from reading it, and don’t understand how the others here aren’t.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Ok, I was too. But I think Aidan, as usual, nailed it. Consider what this speech heralds: Russia is going to war. It is going to war with its cousins. The motivation for this war is an implacable enemy that parades around in the skin suit of self determination. In this context, nationalism is being used as an anti-concept.

                  His phrasing tripped my danger circuits as well, but I am choosing to give the benefit of the doubt.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  There are some words which, when used as accusations and only when used as accusations, give away a leftist. Nationalist! Racist! Mysoginist! Fascist! Reactionary! You hear them and you know the guy is either an NPC or a true believer.

                  I am no fascist (simply becouse I cannot understand what the hell it means) but if I hear a guy throw “fascist” around I know where he stands right away. No context needed.

                  The same with accusing the globohomo puppets in Kiev if being nationalistic. This can only have one meaning: that they put the interest of their nation above those of other nations, i.e. Russia. Doesn’t matter that this is silly in the extreme,what mattwris thta you would consider this bad enough to use an an accusation! Something an EU eunuch may do.

                  I think in this particular case Aidan is looking ffor context that is just not there.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I think you are looking at it from a perspective that is too Western by far. When he criticizes “fascism” and “neo-Nazis,” he is not talking about a group that does not exist except as online agitators serving the Cathedral. There are actual neo-Nazi fascists in Ukraine that waze actual swastikas around and are not just some boogeyman to use to beat right-wingers. The US allied with–then armed and funded–no shit, legitimate, true believer fascists. It would be similar to Russia funding Al Queda organizations in Canada. The self-defense response and historical animosity would absolutely be included in the American declaration of war.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Fascii was a latin/italian word to refer to a collection of staves lashed together to form a single strong beam. Informally, it was often used as a term for groups, gangs, bands of men, organizations, states…

                  A colloquial analysis of use-cases involving the word fascism over the past 70 years produces a relatively simple definition; fascism is a word that is used when describing things preclusive to communism. Policies that preclude communism are fascist. People that preclude communism are fascist. Things that preclude communist are fascist. Existence is fascist.

                  Thus, ‘fascism’ is a synecdoche for everything standing in the way of the gnostic’s unbridled political dominion. We can recognize it, ultimately, as a gnostic’s reification of Being itself. In archetypical terms, ‘the fascist’ is everything that he is not; the fascist is not socialist; the fascist is not feminist; the fascist is not egalitarian; the fascist is not effete; the fascist is not barren…

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah I think Aidan nailed it. You are letting the enemy definition of nationalism occupy your brain. For Putin, Ukrainian nationalism means gay parades in Kiev, the potential genocide of its Russian population, and potential nuclear attack on Russia itself. Obviously, he is right to attack it.

                  It should be emphasized that we are not nationalists, we are reactionaries. This is an important distinction. If nationalism can be leveraged to bring us to a reactionary monarchy than fine, but it is the means not the end.

                • Pooch says:

                  In the sense that Putin is attempting to restore the Russian Empire of the 18th century and not the fake and gay nationalisms that Lenin created in the 20th, he is going full blown neo-reactionary and we should be rooting him on.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Pseudo-Chrysostom, that is still looking at facism from the perspective of the Western socialist. The people in Ukraine calling themselves fascists are national socialists that look to repeat Hitler’s follies. Putin is not railing against some made up force. He is talking about a bunch of people who think that Hitler had a really good idea, and want to institute national socialism. In this case, the fascists are on the side of the communists. An international socialist alliance, one might say, inasmuch as communists can every truly work together.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  @Pooch, on the reactionary- nationalistic distinction.

                  Would you be OK with importing 100 million high-functionin chinese to the US then? Of course not, I think most here are both reactionaries and nationalists.

                  One can be a cosmopolitan reactionary and I think Yarvin fits the mould but, you know, Yarvin.

                • Pooch says:

                  Is importing 100 million Chinese a reactionary policy? Is this something the monarchs of the 17th century would have wanted? Nationalism wasn’t even a word until the late 19th century, born out of democracy. It has no meaning outside the context of democracy. I’m not a nationalist. I’m a monarchist. I reject everything that has to do with the cancer that is democracy.

                • Pooch says:

                  And like I said, if nationalism can be leveraged as some intermediate step that gets us closer to absolute monarchy ie the 20th century, then ok I am listening, but the track record on that has been less than stellar.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Singapore has some claim to be a reactionary-adjacent polity, and they import high-functioning foreigners for sport, being the only country I know of that started and continued to be 105IQ on average despite massive immigration, due to savage vetting. So yeah, I think bringing 100m chinamen to the US would be well within the rea of the possible.

                  In general, I disagree that nationslism is a by-product of – and makes sense only in the context of democracy. Both evolved due to the widespread circulation of the press, but have nothing in common beyond the tech that unlocked them. When some on the right pooh-pooh nationalism as a thing that is created by democracy I think “oh boy, here we go again, another faction that thinks their magic pixxie ideology will make issues that broke Europe go away”.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >The people in Ukraine calling themselves fascists are national socialists that look to repeat Hitler’s follies. Putin is not railing against some made up force.

                  Well that’s the thing friend; when a bad guy is telling you about what he’s about, he can just lie about it.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Is importing 100 million Chinese a reactionary policy? Is this something the monarchs of the 17th century would have wanted?

                  Catherine the Great invited her fellow Germans to settle the Volga region in the 18th century; does that count?

                • Pooch says:

                  Allowing white Christians to settle unsettled land is obviously reactionary policy in the European tradition. How do I know this? It is strictly forbidden by the Cathedral.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The migrations of teutonic species to America in the 19th century were recapitulated by latter day leftists to justify immivasions of meso-american and other species in the 20th. The man who would say both were good, and the man who would say neither were good, are both springing from the same sin, which is mere process level spergmaticism, unable to make useful distinctions in substantial differences between different objects in question.

                • Pooch says:

                  Well said Pseudo.

              • Doom says:

                Nationalism isn’t “right-wing”, it’s just “more right than communism”.

                Nationalism is a “left-wing” idea set because it puts the interests of the nation, ie, people that are kind of like you that aren’t in your family group, above the interests of your family group.

                A King acknowledges that your family has its own interests – accepts that the father is the King of his home. (How he may deal with that fact is what makes a King good or bad. But that’s the political reality that monarchy sees).

                A leftoid tells you that your own family interests are equal in value to everyone elses family interests and therefore you should supplicate to them.

                A Nationalist will tell you that your personal family interests are second to the Nations.

                And so whatever the Nationalist defines as the National Interest thus becomes more important than your personal and family interests. You thus lose control over your children, your wife, so on, since they should behave in accordance with the National Interest.

                Nationalism is just “racist”, so not sufficiently left to be acceptable to moderns.

                Being a Nationalist is just saying “THIS is the line, no further left than this!”

                • Arqiduka says:

                  All good but you are missing a key issue that needs solving: coordination is hard. If it were trivial, we would not speak of politics at all, people would just coalesce as needed and disband, and no one would think of this stuff twice. Albanians and Serbs would join forces in the morning to exchnage hands with Turks in some Vienna ghetto where they all live, go to work and meet up again to fight one-another in the afternoon.

                  Since coordination is hard, you need to sometimes sacrifice your short-term interest to that of the unit being coordinated. Monarhcy? Nation? Empire? You need some unit which will sometimes ask you to die so that you children may live.

                  Nationalism is simply saying: the nation is the smallest such unit that is still survivable, as coordination with fellows of the same tongue and mental habits is much easier, multiplying what numbers you have. Going abive your nation makes you militarily weak and you need massive numbers to overcome this.

                  So, it’s not all leftism depending on who you ask. The Milanese cannot survive as such, they will either fight as Padanians, Italians or Europeans. A King will know this and act accordingly.

                • Doom says:

                  >All good but you are missing a key issue that needs solving: coordination is hard.

                  No, it’s not hard at all. The Kings of old managed it. The problem comes when the King wants to rule ALL of the people. One solution is Nationalism. You’re trying to right wing from the left.

                  Instead of the King ruling Lords who rule ever smaller kingdoms, down to the atomic level of the family home, you have a King who wants to rule you directly in your family home.

                  I am Nation, says the over-reaching King, and you will obey Nations Interests.

                  >Nationalism is simply saying: the nation is the smallest such unit that is still survivable,

                  No, it’s the tribe. But a Nation can crush the tribe, so, be a Nationalist. So says the over-reaching King.

                  >So, it’s not all leftism depending on who you ask.

                  I know. Because some people see “national interests” as being racist, thus not sufficiently left.

                  What is “Nationalism” other than a rebranding of “Democracy”. You cannot divide political power into 5 million chunks, but you can pretend that “the national character” is some sub-unit of political power that isn’t actually democracy.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Good points but I think you are speaking of two issues which appear intertwined but are separate.

                  1. Tribe vs Nation. This is completely set by the level of technology in communication and transportation, and has nothing to do with King or Assembly. I am closer to my brother than my cousin, closer to my cousin than to my fellow villager, and so on all the way to the sentinel island inhabitant. Near trumps far, generically speaking.

                  When communication and transportation only allow routine movement within the 80miles radius, your tribe is the broadest “near” unit that you can coordinate into. hence tribalism.

                  Once communication and transport tech allow people to aggregate along a far wider region, tribes intermarry and trade far more often, in time creating a nation. Hence, nationalism.

                  Some hope that current tech will create globalism in this sense, but it won’t: genetic and cultural affinity has to be there, and will only take you as far as the Nation. Frenchmen in Alsace would still intermarry less with Germans in Alsace than Frenchmen living more inland.

                  Being on one and not the other social tech is entirely out of anyone’s control, least of all the King’s. You will say “Kings made nations by aggressive cultural programs”, to which I say “what stopped French Kings from doing this in the IX century, why did they have to wait until the XVIII century to propagandize frenchness to those in Aquitaine? It was already happening that roads and canals showed those in Carcassonne that they could easily tolerate trade and marriage with those of Marseilles, the King just leaned into this movement.

                  2. Feudalism vs. Bureaucracy. Agree with you on this, but nationalism has little to do with the move to the latter, except that both centralization and nationalism were allowed by tech. Russia or Austria-Hungary were as centralised as France, despite being multi-ethnic empires. Indeed, you can make the case that a multi-ethnic empire requires centralisation in the age of easy communication lest the Hungarian Nobles defect on you.

                  So, I see no conflict between nationalism and feudalism, although I recognize the correlation between the rise of the former and decline of the latter, both explained by tech I think.

                • Doom says:

                  Also good points, I address them without repasting the whole thing.
                  > Tribe vs Nation
                  1. Technology
                  I disagree here. Nationalism is a set of political precepts which assumes that my neighbour and my neighbours neighbours interests are of equal value to me personally as my brothers.

                  2. Some hope that current tech will create globalism in this sense, but it won’t:
                  Nationalism is the first step to globalism. You’re correct in your analysis of how we get nationalism, but it’s just a trick.

                  Take your neighbours interests seriously, and your countrymen.

                  3.what stopped French Kings from doing this in the IX century
                  Yes, again, you’re totally right. But what happened as we got more technology? We got the left wing, doctrines of equality, and so on. Revolution. The King tried to rep

                  4. The King leaned in

                  As I note above; the over-reaching King.

                  > both centralization and nationalism were allowed by tech.
                  Yes, as you note. You’re looking at what caused nationalism, rather than whether or not nationalism is a reasonable political stance.

                  Yes, but not as an entire set of policies. Should the King care about Nation? Yes. But that’s the King.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Nationalism is a set of political precepts which assumes that my neighbour and my neighbours neighbours interests are of equal value to me personally as my brothers.

                  That may be your definition of nationalism, but it does not appear to be Arquiduka’s.

                • Doom says:

                  Yes, definitions matter.

                  I suppose, to be fair, I would say that a nation-centred spirit is important for a nation to have.

                  But if a government uses the spirit of nationalism as a blunt instrument, that is wrong.

                  Humans are not ants. We all have our own self interests and, should we be governed, this assumption must be kept in mind.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Well spoken, there is nothing much I can add to this or you last reply. At some point it becomes an issue of definitional minutiae but I think we agree on the basics.

          • Paul D. says:

            Here’s the Russian perspective. For people who support Putin (roughly 70%, imo) nationalism = nazism and fascism, which are extremely bad because of Hitler and the WWII atrocities against the Soviet population. Russia has over 190 ethnic groups. Nationalism for Putin now means the Chechen war. He cannot use the term in a positive sense (although he, it seemed, wanted to get closer to Russian nationalists in 2010). Why does he not omit it? Because the Ukrainian nationalists use swastikas and other Reich symbols and speak of literally killing the Russians or those who say they are Russians. This way, it’s easy to explain why Ukraine is currently an enemy to an average Russian who generally thinks that Ukrainians are a ‘brother people’ and there should be no war at all.

            Pure nationalism wouldn’t work in Russia, and I doubt it would work anywhere without faith. Soviet Union had stoicism, brotherhood of the Soviet men and the WWII as religion (revolutionary enthusiasm evaporated quite quickly). It didn’t last long. What remains are the remnants of Soviet ideology – those and Putin manage to keep the country intact for now. Russia needs to revive actual faith as the bonding elements of its many peoples and return to its Imperial statutes that didn’t allow non-Christians in the government and higher officer positions. If Russia fails to acquire an ideology, it will probably fall apart soon after Putin leaves.

            • Arqiduka says:

              If Russians have evolved such a relationship to the concept of a nation then Putin is explaining things is such a way as to make himself understood to his citizens. I was thinking that he was sending some signal to the Turks or whatnot, or even just ingratiating with the euros, but it may be as simple as this.

              Here’s the longer-term issue that I see now contingent on your explanation: there is at the very most one spot for a tribe that has evolved a dislike for nationalism and acts to prevent all Europeans from homogenating out of fear of events traspired in WW2. The smurfs have filled that niche with gusto and there’s no room for the Russians to join. An issue going forward for those who place much hope on Moskow.

          • Aidan says:

            No. In the West, ‘nationalism’ has come to mean “please stop attacking my people’s traditions and importing dumb and violent foreigners to shit on everything we hold dear’.

            In the East, nationalism means “Ukraine has the right to be independent of the Russian Empire. Because Ukraine does not have the military power to resist Russia, Ukraine will ally with the American Empire to secure the holy goal of Ukrainian self-determination, [that Russia is not really harming its province of Ukraine means nothing] and if vast amounts of blood and treasure are wasted in a war between two empires, we do not care.”

            Putin is not telling his people to prefer far over near, he is telling his people not to turn over the applecart for selfish and destructive reasons

            • Pooch says:

              In the East, nationalism also means the genocide of ethnic minorities. The most horrific nationalist regime was not the Nazis, it was the Croatian Ustaše regime who killed their Serbian citizens in the most horrifying ways possible. So much so that even the Nazis complained about it. Putin is correct to worry about the genocide of ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

        • Guy says:

          Are the”neo-nazis” in Ukraine entirely fabrications of the state dept, or are there a sizable number organic Nazis the state dept is taking advantage of? I would assume it’s mostly the former. Other than “we hated being under soviet control, therefore hate Russia, therefore like Nazis” I can’t understand why they would be a factor at all in Ukraine. Even if I can understand the reflexive Russia hate, wouldn’t they also have opinions on the (((Ukrainian government)))? Or, is Putin using neo-nazi as an epiteth that the”neonazis”themselves would reject? If that’s what Putin is doing, maybe he’s trying to counter western propaganda in support of the Ukrainian government, but that seems unnecessary as none of our propaganda ever needs to be consistent.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          On Sunday, March 17th, 3 p.m., 1929, the Chicago Forum hosted a debate between Lothrop Stoddard and W.E.B. DuBois, on the subject of, “Shall the Negro Be Encouraged to Seek Cultural Equality?”

          Stoddard, of course, was a greatly intelligent man, an erudite scholar of Harvard, and most of all possessed of a sensitivity to and respect for reality; a contest between him and some up-jumped mulatto spoiling for gibs would be all but preordained, would it not?

          But alas, for you see, in this mess of accolades, Stoddard had a fatal flaw: “‘The more enlightened men of southern white America … are doing their best to see that separation shall not mean discrimination; that if the Negroes have separate schools, they shall be good schools; that if they have separate train accommodations, they shall have good accommodations.’ [laughter].”

          And why did people laugh? Because even in spite of the fact that his observations reflected a basic reality of the matter, *he betrayed weakness*; both in himself, and *in those he spoke of*.

          His flaw was that he allowed his ethic of concern in the debate to be, ‘what is good for the negro man?’ And once settled in such a frame, it was his disenfranchisement that was all but preordained; and that of all the yankee realists of that period. Because he implicitly granted his counterpart a status superior to his own; and if it so happens that, at the limit, a sensitivity to and respect for reality impugns the status of his counterpart, well, then in due course that has to go, too.

          Which brings up the question of empire. What’s the point of invading another country?

          This is not an idle question; if the explicit point is ‘for the benefit of the nation’, then that in turn inherently begs the question of what utility would be served by trying to larp with the natives as suzerain, instead of just moving your own guys over, in order to have more nation. Any reasons not to or modulations to approach in general would ultimately be merely tactical in scope, not a question of strategic aim as such.

          If on the other hand the explicit point is ‘for the benefit of the indigens’, then you have firmly stepped onto the path to globohomo.

          Certainly, we can say that the multicultural suzeraintys of the late European powers seen in history, were indeed by most any measure objectively beneficial for the natives and colonials both; but the shift in frame from ‘conquistadore’ to ‘consigliere’ carried with it a concordant shift in cardinality, which ultimately could not settle but for one destination, as we have seen.

          There have been times and places in history were nationalist sentiment has been used as a tactic for doing leftism; there are many things that can have have been used as tactics for doing leftism in various times and places, if and when copacetic to those times and places.

          We will not so far as to say that the idea of empire is in itself inherently leftish; but we can say it can quite easily lend itself to it much more easily in comparison.

    • Red says:

      Wow, amazing speech. We appear to be very close to war.

  5. Red says:

    Jim, do you have any investment tips? My parents have large savings but few investments. I was going to get them into crypto, but I’m unsure how crypto is going to workout going forward. The way inflation is going they’re going to end up destitute unless they get that money moved somewhere productive.

    • Pooch says:

      I know you directed this towards Jim but the way I’m playing the current conditions is commodities (checkout ticker symbol GSG) and bitcoin. GSG has been making a killing for me and it will remain a good investment until inflation is brought under control (which may take months, years, or may never be based on fed policy).

      • jim says:

        Commodities are a timely indicator of inflation.

        But everything else is going to catch up. Also, all complicated financial institutions located in US power are going to be looted, killed, and worn as skin suits.

        • Pooch says:

          Also, all complicated financial institutions located in US power are going to be looted, killed, and worn as skin suits.

          Eventually, which will be followed shortly after by total American Empire institutional collapse. It will happen but it is not happening any time soon. Best not to turn your life tits over ass preparing for total institutional collapse that is not happening any time soon.

          • jim says:

            But when you invest in commodities, you are preparing for events that are happening soon.

            If you are long on commodities right now, you are predicting that inflation is going to rise faster than normality bias catches up – which means you are betting your money on high likelihood of hyperinflation, because normies are starting to belatedly perceive inflation.

            Commodities are a timely indicator of inflation, but if inflation remains stable at around thirty percent a year, other stuff will catch up as peoples inflationary expectations catch up to actual inflation.

            It has certainly been true in recent times that inflation has had an increasing lead on normality bias, so commodities have been a good investment. But normality bias is starting to break down, so for commodities to continue to be a good investment, inflation has to accelerate. So if you are still long on commodities, you are betting that hyperinflation hits, but some considerable time passes with normies not yet realizing it has hit. Which has been what has happened in previous hyperinflations.

            Long on commodities is inconsistent with the position you have been taking in the comments that a mere few hundred basis points will break inflation. To halt inflation, will need at least fifty basis points a week for at least a year.

            • Pooch says:

              Not seeing normality bias starting to break down. Normality bias is that inflation will stop and prices will stop rising. I am simply betting that prices will not stop rising until the fed takes necessary action to stop the prices from rising.

              Normies are incapable to understand that prices will not stop rising until the fed takes necessary action to stop the prices from rising, so this will always be a winning bet.

              When I see the fed start to take action indicative of a dramatic rise in rates or a dramatic crash in the markets, I will rotate out of commodities and back into equities.

              If the fed never takes takes necessary corrective action to stop prices from rising, as you imply, you are likely right and we will enter hyperflation, at which point I will rotate entirely into bitcoin and start looking at flights to a safe haven to flee to.

              • Pooch says:

                But I am not too bullish on near term hyperinflation because I believe Fed Chairman Powell, a conservative, will do the necessary action to slow inflation to manageable levels.

                Conservatives have long been the stabilizing brake of the regime to slow the preposterous actions of the left and turn the heat level back down to simmer so the frog doesn’t jump out. I don’t think this time will be any different.

            • Arqiduka says:

              “Long on commodities is inconsistent with the position you have been taking in the comments that a mere few hundred basis points will break inflation.”

              Not necessarily. Pooch may think that a few bps would be enough but that no one has the balls to call for even that. More broadly, your line of thinking seems to me to be that inflation is now very challenging to stop – having been left unattended for too long – and that this almost excuses Powel and co for failing where only titanic will applying titanic means could succeed.

              I and perhaps Pooch (along with most commentators such as Sumner etc( think that inflation can still be stopped on the cheap but the window is closing, making Powell very culpable for failing in these crucial months. His interview where the threw the current paradigm under the bus for all to see is a gaffe of epic proportions and I was wrong about his technical skill.

              • The Cominator says:

                The dollar devaluation cannot be stopped with 30 trillion in government debt…

                • jim says:

                  To stop inflation, have to raise interest rate 2500 basis points, maybe 5000 basis points.

                  And suddenly the government would have to pay ten trillion a year on its debt, which it can only do by issuing a whole lot more debt. And before long people are going to doubt that the debt is good.

                  The debt is so great that it has to be monetized, hence inflation, and very likely hyperinflation.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  From a purely mechanical point of view, 130 of GDP is not the end of the world in debt, and can be gotten out of.

                  In practice, the sort of country that rakes up that sort of debt is not the sort of country to make the necessary changes to get out of it, so in that sense you are right, it will go all the way.

                • Pooch says:

                  To resolve the inflation during Crisis of the Third Century, the Roman Emperors enacted brutal and oppressive taxation on their populace. I would not rule this out for us.

                • Red says:

                  >To resolve the inflation during Crisis of the Third Century, the Roman Emperors enacted brutal and oppressive taxation on their populace. I would not rule this out for us.

                  That’s how you get people dropping out and forming bandit groups. The Romans had an effective military that could somewhat suppress them, we don’t.

                • Pooch says:

                  That’s how you get people dropping out and forming bandit groups. The Romans had an effective military that could somewhat suppress them, we don’t.

                  Exactly what happened as a result of the oppressive taxation to resolve the Crisis of the Third Century.


                • The Cominator says:

                  Brutal taxation then was like taxes now…

                  We are beyond the laffer maximum already.

                • Pooch says:

                  We aren’t even close to the level of taxation levied after the Crisis of the Third Century. Most peasants could no longer afford property and could only be serfs on the estates of large landowners.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do you know what those taxes were, peasants joined large estates not because of taxes but because of constant war…. needed local warlords with local militia.

                  We are beyond the laffer maximum. The government cannot raise revenues by raising taxes, debt is unservicable.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Anyway… why is it so hard to understand that there is no way out of 30T in debt except either repudiation or monetization… none zero.

                • Pooch says:

                  Do you know what those taxes were, peasants joined large estates not because of taxes but because of constant war…. needed local warlords with local militia.

                  That’s absolutely not what happened. There were no local warlords in the 3rd century. Warlords didn’t start coming until after Rome was sacked in the 5th century. Read about the taxation reforms.


                  Anyway… why is it so hard to understand that there is no way out of 30T in debt except either repudiation or monetization… none zero.

                  No one is saying that. Unless we get some magical reactionary regime change restoration that is looking exceedingly unlikely at this point, the Empire is going to collapse under its own weight. It’s just a matter of when not if.

                • The Cominator says:

                  During the crisis of the 3rd century Rome looked a lot like the 5th century, most of the Empire falling into barbarian hands and also constant civil wars. Unlike in the 5th century it was saved by a couple Emperor’s (Claudius II and Aurelian mainly) having miraculous military successes in retaking territory.

                  Don’t think the state could easily collect taxes from a reluctant population in such circumstances, what likely happened is that when the armies did move thru they took everything of value. What did happen that was economically terrible is that Aurelian to some degree followed by Diocletian instituted a kind of command economy, and Constantine basically tied everyone to their locality (without special permission) so that they could be accounted for to fufill their taxes and quotas under the command economy system and as such that kind of was brutal taxation. But it came after the crisis of the 3rd century.

                  Marcian reinvigorated the Eastern economy by abolishing prettymuch every aspect of the command economy (Procopius in his secret history details that the Eastern Empire’s economic policies were downright minarchist and libertarian before Justinian) but this was not done in the West and as such the West finally became too broke to raise another army when they needed to… and oh they also pissed off their barbarian soldiers who joined Alaric by ordering their families killed.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The debt is so great that it has to be monetized, hence inflation, and very likely hyperinflation.

                  Why is debt so all-important? Biden, or the junta standing over Biden’s bullet-riddled corpse, could void the debt, print just enough money to pay the men with guns, and tell everyone else to get a fucking job.

                  They could also do a partial default where foreign creditors get nothing but Americans are compensated up to some limit.

                  So instead of inflation, where your dollars gradually become worthless, we could have deflation, where your dollars suddenly disappear and you have to fill out an application to get some of them back.

                • Guy says:

                  Because the government would not be able to buy foreign currency or goods. It would be a shock, and result in a lot of death, but might at least get a good jump going on building domestic industry….. For anyone who survives it.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Given that the US Treasury has unwisely shortened the maturation of the debt over the last 30 years, a large enough increase increase in rates to kill inflation would cause a severe recession, and practically force devaluation, an end to Reserve currency status, and ultimately default…All of which would ultimately benefit most Americans….But would be massively unpopular with the .1% who rule us…

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Normality bias also says that you own the commodities listed on your account statement, that they actually exist in some warehouse or storage tank, and the government won’t confiscate them “for the common good”.

    • jim says:

      My advice is that the future is likely to be surprising, Bitcoin is at increasing risk of the blood diamonds attack, and urgently needs to get the Lightning Network working as originally envisaged. Therefore one needs to diversify, and any asset not dollar denominated is good. Local assets should be physical things embedded in your local social network, and far off assets need to be far from the power of the American state. Crypto is good, and likely to get better, but should envisaged and implemented for an environment where it is illegal one needs to get the last plane out to a location where technology still works, which requires a certain amount of technical knowledge.

  6. Despite the widespread opposition to vaccinations, the medical community has long supported these programs. In fact, they have saved millions of lives, and are the main reason why children are given vaccines. These vaccines prevent the spread of disease and improve the health of other children. These benefits outweigh the risks of not vaccinating a child. There are several reasons to support vaccines. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of vaccinations.

    Vaccines are important in preventing the spread of diseases and limiting the impact of disease. These vaccines protect future generations from illnesses that cause death and disease. The World Health Organization describes smallpox as one of the deadliest diseases for humanity. A century ago, smallpox was the number one killer of children. Now, however, smallpox has been declared globally eradicated, and fewer deaths are being reported.

    There are numerous benefits of vaccinations, but some parents question whether or not they’re good for their children. The era of colonization saw smallpox outbreaks, resulting in the death of half of the population. The introduction of early forms of immunization (referred to as “inoculation”) reduced these deaths, but they were far less safe than the modern vaccinations. As a result, the decision to immunize children was controversial.

    In early colonial America, smallpox spread rapidly and killed half of those who contracted the disease. The disease was so dangerous that the colonizers feared inoculation. Although inoculation was far less effective than modern vaccines, it did save lives and helped reduce deaths. The advantages of immunizing the population cannot be overstated. A well-written vaccinations persuasive essay can help parents make the right decision for their children.

    • jim says:

      > Despite the widespread opposition to vaccinations, the medical community has long supported these programs. In fact, they have saved millions of lives, and are the main reason why children are given vaccines.

      The first vaccine saved millions of lives. Hundreds of millions.

      And ever since then, ever declining technology, ever more carelessly and incompetently applied, applied against diseases ever less serious, has been doing less and less good and more and more harm.

      And now it is doing immense harm and very little good. If we were doing to the Awesome Mighty Holy Covid Demon what we did to smallpox, we would give everyone a sniff of Omicron.

      • Arakawa says:

        Ironically, it’s the ideology that ‘vaccines are awesome and will never do harm’ that guarantees the medical establishment will keep lowering standards and walk blindfolded into an escalating sequence of disasters that will discredit vaccines for the general public. If the medical folks were skeptical about vaccines and tested them carefully at every turn, the general public would continue to believe they are awesome and will never do harm.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Good that you can still see these gradations. Andrew Anglin has gone from “Covid vaccines are poison” (they are) to “Covid doesn’t exist”, and he’s now starting to claim that all viruses don’t exist.

        What is this mental illness consuming so many right-wingers? It can’t be related to Covid because Anonymous Conservative went mad years ago.

        • Arqiduka says:

          Its not an illness but times such as ours are unfriendly to subtelty and nuance
          In a fight for survival, most neglect to mind their words for the time for words may be passing.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Several people die of the measles vaccine every year, and probably more because the official data is so faked. The last death from measles proper was about 10 years ago now, and it was newsworthy it was so uncommon. Not all vaccines are created equal. It’s like comparing caffeine to methamphetamine. Both are stimulants, but one will destroy you and the other just makes you feel better. Same with vaccines. Just because the smallpox vaccine was good does not mean all vaccines are always and forever good.

      Then we get into the issue with the Covid “vaccine.” That is a vaccine like a tranny is a woman. Superficially aping the surface characteristics–badly–without providing the core of what it means to be that thing.

      • Guy says:

        Is this not spam? The link is strange. Looks like one of those AI generated mab libs like sites I see more and more when googling for home/car repair tips.

        • A2 says:

          It’s certainly spam, but the replies were still quite good.

          (The spammer could perhaps be hired to write a nice introductory essay on the Jimian view of the Woman Question?)

        • jim says:

          It certainly is spam, but I suspect it is shill spam – and since it is a new shill payload, I replied.

          I don’t like suppressing shill payload unless I can say that I have seen it before, and it has been responded to far too many times, and shill payload given in the clear is vastly preferable to shill payload that is smuggled in as supposedly shared presuppositions that are supposedly what everyone knows (the classic example being that everyone supposedly knows that Trade Tower Building seven suffered no terrorist damage, and fell straight down onto its foundations), or all good well informed right wingers already know, or all Christians know and accept.

  7. alf says:

    In a recent debate regarding the US’ military weakness, I dropped the ‘no nation with a gay pride parade wins any wars’. To which I got the counter: ‘well, what about homosexuality in the Roman era?’

    The specific argument was that Caesar was bi-sexual, Alexander had a male lover (not Roman but still), and that Romans had orgies.

    From what I suspect, the supposed bisexuality of Caesar seems fake. Roman orgies are probably something from the late empire, so emblematic of the downfall, not its success.

    But I’ll make a case for his argument — what about Hadrian? Hadrian was into man love, quite openly. Widely regarded as a benevolent emperor.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      No one wants to be the only sexual deviant in a small town. Sexual deviance is associated with large cities that are capable of administering an empire, and the great public speeches and spectacles that ultimately determine what the peasants think.

      [*usual payload deleted*]

      • jim says:

        I would argue with you if your responded, but you just carry one as if no one had said anything.

        We built the cities, they took them away from us and are destroying them. When we build new cities, they come after us.

        You are giving us the inverted narrative: “You did not build that”.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*Globohomo account of reality deleted*]

          • jim says:

            It is not the evil bankers that are destroying the cities, it is that in the most expensive suburb of San Francisco, a plains ape can harass my wife in my house while I am away at work, and absolutely nothing will happen to him.

            It is not even the antifa mobs, it is the looters intercepting goods attempting to pass through LA.

            • Anonymous Fake says:


              • jim says:

                If you want to argue that it is not Harvard, the politicians, and the left, but our evil capitalist overlords, I will let it through and reply with a rebuttal.

                But you are merely asserting it yet again, and you have asserted it before far too many time.

                What is destroying our cities is that bad people are protected, and we are not.

    • Arqiduka says:

      Every society I know of widely tolerated faggots as long as they pretended (not too hard even) to be otherwise. But there is a gulf between tolerating faggotry and quite literaly throwing it a parade.

      • alf says:

        Hadrian deified his dead male lover and built temples in his honor. Not an all the way pride parade, but not really pretending to be straight either.

        • Arqiduka says:

          Fair, I’m sure one can find many such things. But I reckon here’s the test: did the average Roman patrician or even citizen get the idea that faggotry was now high-status from this? Maybe. I don’t think anyone got the idea that being a horse was high-status from that one trick Caligula pulled.

        • Starman says:


          “Hadrian deified his dead male lover and built temples in his honor. Not an all the way pride parade, but not really pretending to be straight either.”

          The Roman Emperors only did that for a mere 2 centuries of the Roman Empire. For the other 12 centuries, the Roman Emperors hated open homosexuality.

          • alf says:

            I think the truth is probably that Hadrian was loved in spite of his faggotry, and that in the long run, Romo-homo was as destructive as globohomo, even if it never got to globohomo levels. For the apostles to have as one of their two rules not to have forbidden sex seems to me indicative of the problems forbidden sex brought, which early Christians in the late roman empire perhaps saw and were disgusted by.

            So an empire can get by with incidental faggotry, even in its rulers, but whenever such faggotry spreads through the culture and becomes high status, game over.

            • Herman says:

              Maybe an empire can get away with faggotry if it still has charismatic and successful and officers and generals.

              A single Pompey or Cesar can keep an empire from collapsing militarily.

              However this is a very unstable situation politically.

      • Pooch says:

        Roman satirist Juvenal complains of gay parades in the late 1st-early 2nd century AD. I had never thought of that, but yes he’s right, the Romans did win wars with gay pride parades.

        • alf says:

          Ha! Lol.

        • Aidan says:

          Recall that Hadrian presided over the peak of Romes territorial control. I.e. it was all downhill from there. The US’ greatest power was after the fall of the USSR in the 90s. Looks like the peak of an empires power is after the rot sets in, but before it has taken over.

          • Pooch says:

            There is lag time from when the rot starts at the core and engulfs the entirety of the empire.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I know direct historical parallels are usually spurious, but I wonder if we have a Byzantium somewhere within the GAE. If the parallel holds, it might be parts of the Midwest, central Canada, and a reconquered British Columbia.

              • Pooch says:

                The problem I see is that the Roman Empire was able to be split into two halves, with two co-equal Caesars only have one Caesar was able to overthrow and replace the oligarchy of the Republic. This seems to be the necessary precondition to scale the empire in such a way.

                We seem to be on the alternate timeline of the oligarchical Roman Republic where Caesar and Augustus never come.

      • Adam says:

        I thought Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a good compromise between throwing fags off rooftops and fags throwing parades on Main Street.

        • jim says:


          You are not going to stop gays from telling unless you are prepared to throw them from high buildings if they insist on telling people who do not want to hear.

          Or at least maintain a moral where it is completely OK to beat the hell out of them, and if some of them die as a result, no big deal.

          “Don’t ask don’t tell” is pretty much what I have in mind, since nobody wants to ask, and the throwing them from high buildings part is necessary to stop them from telling, and unlikely to be entirely effective.

          • Adam says:

            Your right it is a fairly liberal position. Practically speaking when fags are brought to heel, it is a natural compromise. The official position must make homosexuals low status, and making the most offensive individuals very low status. Advocating for sex parades down Main Street should be very dangerous, possibly earning one a visit to a rooftop.

          • Karl says:

            There is a huge difference between official law and practice.

            If “don’t ask don’t tell” is law or official policy, it is unstable for the reasons Jim mentioned.

            It works if the law is that gays are to be killed. Then everybody will have more improtant things to do than gay hunting. But for those gays that are telling, state prosecution has a natural inclination to go for easy convications and therefor accuse them. (If state prosecution does not accuse people obviosly violating a law, that is a different, but related problem).

    • jim says:

      As Arqiduka said, Hadrian did not throw them a parade.

    • Starman says:


      “‘well, what about homosexuality in the Roman era?’”

      Ironic since the Roman Empire despised faggots for 90% of its history.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Was Hadrian merely following social conventions set in place before him? Or was he just one guy with a lot of power whom everyone else assiduously looked the other way on his predilections?

      Is it a case where a citizen banging trapass on the side is basically looked at on the same level as mistresses and prostitutes in general (which in a certain sense, it is), or is it a case where ‘homoness’ is lionized as an official Identity and high status sacrament society needs to participate it and or pay homage too?

      Such is the key, where that modern antipriests have a habit of trying to read their civic religion into the past.

    • ExileStyle says:

      First of all, modern academics are sex-obsessed maniacs who have no understanding of male friendship and so the vast majority of these “gay” or “bisexual” or whatever cases are complete bullshit. They say the same thing about Jesus and John, which is of course bullshit. “Love” to them means fucking because they are soulless, and wander in the darkness. Julius and Augustus were not fags even by their standards. That’s called projection.

      But for those undeniable cases like Hadrian’s, and most of the Greeks honestly, I’d argue that excessive focus on the specific sexual acts of a specific man is a symptom of modern sexual degeneracy. They didn’t have Christ and so venerated masculinity and masculine men. Being a man is – and certainly was for the Romans – about vastly more than the peculiar predilections of individual men. All are fallen. With the Romans we’re talking men with wives and children and estates running war machines for whom masculinity was a religious principle. In Greece, Spartan women had to shave their heads and dress up as men in their wedding nights – because maleness is sacred, and something is fundamentally wrong or broken about being a woman. Nothing about this surprises or disturbs me.

      Maybe the most excusable vice of the Greeks and Romans to me (Greeks far more) was when this veneration for masculinity went too far and became kind of faggy. It’s worlds away though from our degrading kind of faggot-worship, where masculinity is destroyed.

      Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they wanted to rape the men *more* than the women, i.e. when that became their primary sexual preference, like in Globohomo today. That never became the case in Rome or Greece, and was extremely taboo.

      • The Cominator says:

        The greeks did have a seemingly weird predictlection for homosexuality, the Romans to my knowledge did not Hadrian’s case being unusual.

        Though for some reason the Roman’s supposedly considered eating pussy to be worse than faggotry (I strongly tend to doubt that but I have read that).

        • ExileStyle says:

          Not just ancient Romans. A decade ago before hyper-homo-mode kicked in it was still a common shtick in black comedy that “black guys don’t go down” and there was a whole Sopranos episode about it where Tony almost got whacked for making fun of his uncle for going down on his girlfriend…almost made me wonder. I mean, it’s not exactly the most masculine thing ever at first glance. Woman-worshiping, eager to please, etc.

      • restitutor_orbis says:

        I think you’ve offered the correct explanation, ExileStyle. Pagan societies which cherish hyper-masculinity are forgiving of homosexuality because it is seen as merely an excess of love for sacred male virtue.

        The same thing was found in Classical Greece, in Macedonia. It also occurred in Japan during the time of Bushido, in some cases. It seems a warrior society where manliness is prized can thus sublimate homosexuality.

        To make it work, there can be no “gay marriage” and men need to have both patriarchal rights and duties. Women need to be owned and military prowess needs to be revered. None of these qualifications apply today…

      • Pooch says:

        Gay marriage became accepted in Rome as early as the late 1st century-early 2nd century according to the writings of Juvenal.

        • ExileStyle says:

          I think “accepted” is a pretty big exaggeration. It was part of a decadent Syrian sex cult that was tolerated, as per Roman religious policy. Also the simple fact Juvenal was repulsed by it enough to satirize it, and that this satire was successful and preserved, says a lot about what the general (elite) attitude toward it was.

          This whole satire tradition is fully aware of and lamenting Roman decadence as it was happening…

    • Aidan says:

      Must keep in mind that accounts of adult male on adult male ghey are fake history or isolated cases (for example mendacious historians taking Athenian propaganda against the Theban army as historical truth). It was never widely tolerated in any civilization. Homosexual behavior was always quarantined to a caste of low-status catamites, which seems like a social technology to keep the disease from spreading and undermining male cohesion. Men do not start buggering each other openly until deep into the decline.

    • someDude says:

      Pretty sure neither the Romans nor Greeks had Gay pride parades. It’s one thing to practice homosexuality quietly and quite another to rub everyone’s faces in it which is what a gay pride parade is.

      It’s the desire of the elites to rub it into the faces of normies that is the problem and the signature of degeneracy

      • Pooch says:

        Romans believed the original shield of Mars fell from heaven in the reign of Numa (715-673 BC), and its existence was thought to guarantee the safety of Rome. To prevent theft, copies were made of the original and regularly paraded through Rome by the Salii (dancing priests). Membership was restricted to men of the highest birth.

        In Satire 2 (likely written somewhere around 100 AD), Juvenal writes (translated into English);

        A long dress with veil and flounces is worn by a man who carried a sacred shield of Mars by its mystic thong, sweating beneath the swaying burden. Father of our city, from where did such evil come to your Latin shepherds?

        Juvenal detests that the legendary shield of Mars, the god of war, is now being openly paraded through Rome by faggots dressed as women.

        • Red says:

          Isn’t that around the time that 90% of the Roman army was non Roman?

          • Pooch says:

            No. 100 AD is not that far removed from Augustus and is still the early empire before the mass barbarian invasions. The Emperor Trajan made the 2nd greatest military expansion in Roman history around this time.

            • Red says:

              I hate to quote Wikipedia, but not sure why they would lie about this:

              By the time of the emperor Hadrian the proportion of Italians in the legions had fallen to just ten percent[74] and provincial citizens now dominated. This low figure is probably a direct result of the changing needs of military staffing: a system of fixed border defences (Latin: limes) were established around the Empire’s periphery under Hadrian, consolidating Trajan’s territorial gains. These called for troops to be stationed permanently in the provinces, a prospect more attractive to locally raised rather than Italian troops.[74] The higher prestige and pay to be found in the Italian dominated Praetorian Guard must also have played a role. The majority of the troops in the legions at the start of the 3rd century AD were from the more Romanised (though non-Italian) provinces, especially Illyria.[89] As the century progressed, more and more barbarians (Latin: barbari) were permitted to settle inside of, and tasked with aiding in the defence of, Rome’s borders.[90] As a result, greater numbers of barbarous and semi-barbarous peoples were gradually admitted to the army.[89]


              Sounds like the gay parades followed along with the Italians no longer fighting their own wars.

              • Pooch says:

                Ah ok yes that makes sense although the “non-Italian” provincial citizens that made up the bulk of the army still likely claimed distant Italian/Roman heritage as they were drawn from the colonies settled by past Romans who assimilated and inter-married with the local population. Many emperors and generals of the empire claimed these sort of blood lines including Constantine. This shouldn’t be confused with the conscripted barbarians who made the army of the late empire.

                That soldiers were drawn from the provinces of the empire rather than the center likely tells us that masculinity and military vitality was still strong the farther you got away from the faggotry of Rome proper.

                • Pooch says:

                  That soldiers were drawn from the provinces of the empire rather than the center likely tells us that masculinity and military vitality was still strong the farther you got away from the faggotry of Rome proper.

                  In some ways, this is similar to the Amerikaners that make up the bulk of the actual white effective fighting force of the US military are largely drawn from the red states far away from the faggotry of the blue coastal cities. USM recruits from deep blue coastal states like California are overwhelmingly spics and non-whites.

        • ExileStyle says:

          >Juvenal detests that the legendary shield of Mars, the god of war, is now being openly paraded through Rome by faggots dressed as women.

          That’s a huge difference: Rome wasn’t spilling blood and for and officially financing gay marriage, and the best writers we have from the era (like Juvenal) were repulsed by this shit.

          Give Jim a National Book Award, a senate seat, and a villa with a thousand slaves and then let’s talk parallels…

          • Pooch says:

            That’s a huge difference: Rome wasn’t spilling blood and for and officially financing gay marriage, and the best writers we have from the era (like Juvenal) were repulsed by this shit.

            Juvenal writes in Satire 2:

            Four hundred thousand is the size of the dowry given by Gracchus to a cornet player (or perhaps his horn was the straight variety). The contract is signed, the blessing pronounced, a numerous party is waiting; the newly-wed ‘bride’ reclines in the lap of her husband.

            Gracchus obviously belonged to a branch of the great family, the gens Sempronia, of which the most distinguished members were the reforming tribunes Tiberius Gracchus and his brother Gaius. The priesthood he held confirms his high birth. The dowry he gave his ‘bridegroom’ (enough to qualify him as a knight) marks him as a very rich man. Such depicts that gay marriage was accepted as normal for the elite of the time.

            Give Jim a National Book Award, a senate seat, and a villa with a thousand slaves and then let’s talk parallels…

            Juvenal was not of the elite. In fact, he spends many pages lamenting that he cannot afford to escape the crime ridden streets of Rome to a villa in the countryside. His view was of the common Roman, disgusted by the open degeneracy of the elite. In fact, it is likely he eventually even got exiled for his criticisms, the Roman form of canceling.

            • Pooch says:

              Such depicts that gay marriage was accepted as normal by the elite of the time.*

            • ExileStyle says:

              To clarify, my comment was not so much about Juvenal specifically as about the comparison between Rome then and GAE now.

              The main foreign policy goal of the United States has for quite some time now been the spreading of gay marriage, transgenderism, women’s rights, etc.

              That was never even remotely close to a policy priority of the Roman Empire, even at its most depraved. It would have been inconceivable, as it was to our grandparents.

              That gay pride parades happen is a million miles away from a nation’s entire purpose being the propagation of gay pride parades.

              The elite have always and everywhere tended towards decadence. Check out some of the stuff happening at the court of Charles II, for example. Or any monarch. There was sodomy happening between courtiers in Charles’ palaces; did he subsequently devote the entire wealth and power of the British Crown to imposing sodomy on the rest of the world?

              Globohomo, I am arguing, is much more radical and aggressive and dangerous because it is a holiness spiral and not a decadence spiral. The latter is unfortunate and tragic but common and survivable, the former ends in Seven Kill Stele.

              Which is a long way of saying we should be careful about these parallels. It is not *that” we have gay pride parades, it is how our own elite wants to regime-change Putin because he doesn’t want Russia’s sole purpose as a nation to be the financing and propagation of gay pride parades and child genital mutilation…

              • Pooch says:

                I agree. The difference is that Romo-homo was not in grained into the actual tenets of the state religion but more a byproduct of decay and decadence, where the state religion of Globohomo is the literal worship of all things degenerate and anti-GNON.

                • Pooch says:

                  Having said that, I think Rome is the best we have as a historical precedent to the GAE and much can be learned by studying it, but it’s important to keep in mind the fundamental differences between them, as you mention.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, homo in Rome was a dead state religion, which the Caesars struggled unsuccessfully for a long time to replace.

                  Homo now is globohomo, a tenet of the state religion.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Lots of good responses ITT so no need for me to reiterate them.

      The predictive formula is “if gay pride parades, then can’t win wars” so there are 2 concepts addressing separate issues, and they both affect each other.

      If Gay Pride Parades carries the implied fact that gays are supported by the State. The parades aren’t protests, they aren’t an assault on decency, they are a commemorative victory march.

      Then Can’t Win Wars represents the failure of a factionalized, converged bureaucracy to accomplish basic tasks of State. They can’t declare an enemy, they can’t adopt a wartime footing, they can’t prune dead weight, they can’t meet opposition with restrained brutality. They can’t coordinate with each other because there’s no trust. Backstabbing in a faggot army is an inevitability.

      What happens if two GPPs face off? Everybody wins because both will lose. Yes, one side will be recorded as “winning,” but GPP armies have an interesting issue with having to reinvade, retake, reconquer the so called victories of the previous year’s campaigns again and again, with victory being declared by some diseased office jockey instead of a conquering general.

      • Drive-By Reactionary says:

        I recently talked to a guy who had been recruited into the army and wanted to join special forces as his MOS. He was in pretty good shape, probably couldn’t lift as much weight as me but is in all around good shape and is probably a better runner than I am. He was excited to join because he wanted to “kill racists”, I shit you not. Idk if he made it or not.

        • Drive-By Reactionary says:

          Also important to mention, he was white. Probably lower IQ than me but not a stupid person by any means.

        • ten says:

          “there are lots of problems, tensions are rising” *looks behind back to authority* “the racism is at fault for our problems!” “Then let us kill the racists!”

          We are made to follow our leaders. For most psychologies, it takes quite a lot to make them turn against the big guy on top, because doing so without very good reason, very carefully, and very intelligently mostly results in genetic death.

        • Red says:

          Soon enough he’ll be killed by other whites or nignogs for the sin of being a white racist, since all whites are inherently racist.

    • Starman says:

      God Bless Czar Vladimir I.

    • The Cominator says:

      I see no confirmation of this elsewhere.

        • ExileStyle says:

          It is definitely happening. I will be curious to see how far Russia goes in the short-term. My suspicion, based on the tone of the speech, an hour-long historical argument for the non-existence of the Ukraine (created by Lenin & co.), is that eastern Ukraine is pretty much already a province of Russia; the more interesting question is the position towards the rest of Eastern Europe, and Europe more broadly, after this.

          Interesting times. Something has to give in this degenerate carnival house of mirrors we have been calling a world…I’m just kind of annoyed my heating bills are skyrocketing, and will now really be taking off…

          • jim says:

            All basic spot market commodities have risen by fifty percent – oil, various metals, lumber, and so forth.

            When I try to purchase something, I frequently find that the list prices are unchanged, but the brand I am accustomed to buying is unobtainable, and has everywhere been replaced by something inferior and five times as expensive. List prices are relatively stable, but stuff listed keeps disappearing.

            Housing prices about thirty percent, rents about twenty percent. The rent people are paying if they stay put is relatively stable, but when they want to rent some place new, up by about twenty percent.

            People look at bacon and gas and think that one particular thing is up, but there is general inflation masked by normality bias.

            Businesses are trying to keep their prices stable, and so are reluctant to raise wages, but then they have to hire someone new, and he typically costs thirty percent or so percent more, and when the other employees find out about this, they figure that if they do not get a forty percent wage rise, they should change jobs. And then they do, and the business falls apart.

            We have about thirty to fifty percent inflation, which is masked by people’s reluctance to recognize it.

            The reluctance to stick other people with price rises is normality bias. I find that rent rises go down easy. People are starting to expect it, when formerly they would have been mighty pissed. The reality of inflation is finally and belatedly starting to sink in.

            Fifty percent inflation is the point where hyperinflation starts to take off, when everyone starts to realize that keeping value denominated in the official currency is a really bad idea, and starts minimizing, rather than maximizing cash on hand, in favor of maximizing stocks of goods on hand.

            We are not at that point yet, but we are now about halfway there. I can see the normality bias that masks inflation fading.

            The first to get the bullet will be social security recipients. Retirees are going to get an adjustment reflecting a 7.5% cpi increase, when the actual inflation rate is thirty to fifty percent. If things continue on this course, next year they will get a twelve percent increase when the actual inflation rate is three hundred percent, and the year after that, a seventeen percent increase when the actual inflation rate is seven thousand percent.

            Police and military wages are likely to remain unchanged, with the result that cops and soldiers just stop showing up.

            I tend to err by making predictions on Musk time, so take this with a grain of salt. Because of normality bias, it is apt to take several years for hyperinflation to set in, so maybe it will be four years before pensioners get a seventeen percent cost of living adjustment to cover a three hundred percent rise in the cost of living, and maybe the regime will realize that soldiers and police are the last people you want to screw during hyperinflation, rather than the first.

            But a 7.5% rise to cover a thirty to fifty percent rise in the cost of living is a mighty big step in that direction.

            • Pooch says:

              Hyperinflation not in the cards right now. Once they crash the asset bubble with a couple rate hikes, we have large disinflation.

              • jim says:


                There is no asset bubble. The value of assets measured in oil, in lumber, in copper, in almost any basic spot traded commodity is stable or falling.

                To halt inflation with rate hikes, you need to have the official interest rate on government securities at the actual rate of inflation or close to it. You need to have the real inflation adjusted interest rate above zero, or not very far below zero. They just raised the rate twenty five basis points. They need to raise it by three thousand to five thousand basis points.

                Twenty five basis points is like trying to cause a flood by spitting in Lake Michigan.

                Inflation is like bankruptcy. Very slow until it is suddenly very fast. And the suddenly very fast part is starting to happen.

                • Pooch says:

                  Massive asset bubble in real estate and equities. Has been pumped full of printed money. Collapsing it by 30-40% would have the same effect of bringing rates that high as it would cripple the demand side. Prices would not go back to normal but the rate of inflation would return to normal levels.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Finance is not my thing, so this may be a dumb question.

                  Pooch, are you asserting that real estate and equities are the problem, the only bubble extant, and so a correction there wouldn’t really affect anything else?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Shit, forgot to add:

                  Normal levels being the insane, untenable levels of 2019?

                • Pooch says:

                  The economy has always been a bubble, but it real got pumped up to insane levels with the covid money printing. So I’m asserting assets will be highly sensitive to rate hikes. It may only take a few to pop the bubble, which will actually be a somewhat effective measure at halting inflation (until of course they start printing more money).

                • jim says:

                  Anything substantially less than a thousand basis points is not a rate hike, because inflation is increasing faster than you are raising rates.

                  To be effective against inflation, need rate hikes of around a thousand basis points each quarter, or three hundred basis points each month. That might slow inflation, but it will probably merely stop it from accellerating even further.

                  Assets are massively undervalued, in that fiat is massively overvalued.

                  For a rate hike to affect inflation, you have to raise rates faster than normality bias is fading, and right now it is fading fast.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The only things that are arguably overvalued at even current dollar valuation levels are real estate, big tech stocks and semiconductor stocks.

            • Cat says:

              So what is the correct financial play then? I am looking to buy a house soon, should I wait until after more inflation or buy now?

              I assume I should minimize the amount of money I have in the bank, but am not sure what else to invest in aside from cryptocurrency. Any tips anyone?

              • jim says:

                There is a significant likelihood that a few years down the road you will be able to pay off your mortgage with half a dozen eggs.

                However, there is also a significant likelihood that titles to property will become worthless not long after paper money becomes worthless, which is roughly what happened in the French Revolution

                • Mike Thalassitis says:

                  How true is this for countries outside (or at least on the periphery) of the GAE?

                • Karl says:

                  Mike, I think this is also true for coutries at the fringes of the US empire or even outside it, but the likelihood is somewhat lower.

                  Germany reacted to hyperinflation with an “equalistation of burderns law” (Lastenausgleichsgesetz). The idea was that those who profited from hyperinflation had to give that profit back. So if you had a house, the law placed a mortgage on your house for 50% (new) market value and forced you to pay it off over the next 20 years or so.

                  I expect that such laws will become very popular with governments after hyperinflation.

                  So even if your title to your property does not become worthless, you might still take a very substantial hit.

              • Gedeon says:

                [*deleted for idiocy*]

                Higher prices are deflationary because the same good or service today requires more currency than yesterday. After November 3, it was reasonable to speculate that WEF would install an MMT fed chair, mint trillion dollar unicorn coins and confiscate the liquid assets of everyone through early March 2020.

                [*deleted for idiocy and grotesque detachment from reality*]

                • jim says:

                  Higher prices are not deflationary. They are inflation by one definition of inflation, and by my preferred definition of inflation (inflating the money supply, printing more money) they are a rational accommodation to inflation.

                  In every comment on the topic I tell my readers that they need to raise their prices and wages by thirty percent or so, and convert all dollar denominated assets into non dollar assets such as goods in stock, that everyone has for a long time irrationally failed to accommodate the massive increase in the money supply and that this is going to burn them badly.

              • Pooch says:

                Commodity ETFs. Check out GSG. Commodities are the best investment right now. As inflation goes up, commodities go up.

                Prices of housing look like they are beginning to come down with mortgage rates going up. If you can wait a few months to buy you may get a nice discount. But then again single family homes in nice white neighborhoods away from marauding niggers are a commodity in and of themselves, so if you find one you like now, it may be gone later.

          • Pooch says:

            I’m just kind of annoyed my heating bills are skyrocketing, and will now really be taking off…

            Get a house with a wood burning stove and/or a fireplace if you can.

          • pyrrhus says:

            Apparently Germany’s rulers will cheerfully freeze or bankrupt their citizens and businesses to please their American overlords…Phase one having been spending billions on useless alternate energy projects and shutting down the nuclear plants…

            • Karl says:

              Germany’s rulers will cheerfully freeze or bankrupt their citizens and businesses, but pleasing their American overlords is only a minor part of their motivation. They simply consider all business activity to be inherently evil.

              In way that is pleasing their American overlords who are priests of the same cult, but I’d say they simply in the priestly business of signaling superior holiness.

              Greens don’t want any fossil fuel. Now they got another pretext for stopping Russian gas delivery to Europe.

  8. Shooter McGavin says:

    Have seen a few mentions of Chris Langan on the blog. If not familiar he has 190-210 IQ and developed the CTMU (theory that uses mathematical logic to prove God exists). I believe that he also runs the Mega Foundation an ultra high IQ society (requires minimum 160 IQ) which he believes is the only viable alternative to academia. Considering that the CTMU is way above the heads of most on the Bell curve can it have utility in terms of social technology? Could the ultra high IQ community such as Noesis and the Mega Foundation function as a priest class and legitimate cognitive elite? Perhaps as the Antiversity?

    • jim says:

      At the upper ranges, IQ is not well defined or measurable. Smart is as smart does. How smart is he about women, history, China Flu, and Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate change?

      We knew Scott Alexander was reasonably smart because even though his positions were frequently idiotic, insane, self destructive, horrifyingly evil, and biological suicide, he would come up with overly clever smart person rationalizations for stupid person orthodoxy. Seems to have stopped doing that any more because stupid people smelled heresy, so now whenever he goes within one light year of a politically sensitive topic (and every topic including arcane mathematics and high energy physics is now within one millimetre of a politically sensitive topic) he adopts protective stupidity.

      Anyone can industriously rattle off orthodoxy without engaging more than three brain cells, because orthodoxy is increasingly designed for stupid people, and anyone not rattling of orthodoxy will get in trouble. So namefag discourse is rapidly getting dumber and dumber.

      No namefag can engage in smart person discourse.

      • Shooter McGavin says:

        Chris is smart about all of those issues as far as I can tell. Points out the Jew, is anti-vax, thinks female preferences are dysgenic, opposed to race mixing, doesn’t believe in AGW. The guy is a gigachad horse Rancher with zero credentials. Hates elite Ivory Tower gatekeeping (academics seem to have witchy convulsions around the CTMU) which I suspect is why he has a natural immunity to the Cathedral.

        • restitutor_orbis says:

          I used to be active on Chris Langan’s CTMU facebook group. I am no longer active there because it has degenerated into (or perhaps always was) a cult.

          Asking Chris any questions at all is grounds for being banned – that’s one of the core rules of the group. Any questions to the group about CTMU are met with ridicule. Any criticism of the CTMU whatsoever is met with antagonism and viciousness.

          The contrast to, e.g., Jim couldn’t be sharper. Jim will openly debate with anyone. Jim accepts feedback. Jim acknowledges he’s wrong sometimes and is open to new ideas. Chris is not. Chris’s henchmen would assert this is because Chris is much smarter than Jim and then ban you. They frequently compare Chris to Jesus and assert he is the new messiah.

          Chris has reactionary values. He *should* be our ally and *should* be a powerful theorist for our side. The fact that he isn’t is a true loss.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            There’s always that danger, when “your side” is smaller and out of power, for factions to turn into personality cults. It may be Entryist psyops, but it could also be the temptation to conflate the Man with the Message.

          • Shooter McGavin says:

            That all sounds about right.

    • Aidan says:

      Men that smart are generally fairly low-functioning. They can only communicate effectively with other very smart people, and have a nasty tendency to project their intelligence onto others, resulting in a warped view of human nature. Men that smart are useful to leaders, but are poor leaders themselves. When they are sequestered to do their own thing, they are useful. Otherwise, not so much. I can’t recall many men that smart holding the reins of history.

      • Red says:

        Isaac Newton is a prime example of that. Didn’t even get the idea that being appointed head of the mint was suppose be about giving him status and income so he could find himself a wife and instead spent his time personally chasing down counterfeiters.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Isaac Newton […] instead spent his time personally chasing down counterfeiters.

          Lol, what a legend!
          You make a good point though.

        • Leon says:

          Freud was wrong and a freak who projected his own mother issues onto everyone else. Not everything is about sex. Once upon a time men were expected to be ambitious as it was considered a masculine quality. That mindset right there is why masculine men are ruled by freaks, deviants and criminals in the west.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Freud was a fraud and a freak, yes, but everything is about sex, at one level or another. Ambition is a masculine quality because it is how you obtain status and thus become attractive to women. Just like strength or intelligence, it has intrinsic value, but how to separate that intrinsic value from the need to reproduce? Recognizing that is vital to understanding how to shape society.

            • jim says:

              Not following.

              Why separate?

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I do not see a need to separate them, but if you were going to try to evaluate strength, honor, ambition, or intelligence absent their application to reproduction, you would have to distinguish the two. Strength makes me healthier and makes it easier to do things, but I also value it for making me more attractive to women. Then, how do we distinguish between me doing things because I “want” to, and because instinct tells me to do it to get laid?

                Therefore, everything is about sex when it all comes down to it. It is the prime commandment, before all others. Be fruitful and multiply. Denying it is deluded and antithetical to both God and Mankind.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Freud was aware that his mentor, another Viennese doctor, was having sex with his child patients, some of whom had dreams about it…Hence the Oedipus complex and much other weirdness about sex being incorporated into his “theories.”

                • alf says:

                  Well, yes, but you could also argue that everything, when it comes down to it, is about the subjugation and expansion of energy. Or about the genes’ attempt for immortality. Or about having, raising and protecting your children (which is a rather bigger investment than just the sex part). Or about obeying God’s programming rules for the universe.

                  None of those are wrong as prime commandments, including the prime commandment that it all comes down to sex. I think it’s much a matter of one’s own phase in life that determines what specific idea we primarily focus on.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Alf, I say that it is the prime commandment because it was God’s first command to Man.


                  Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

                  Everything good that we do is in furtherance of this command, and the root of all evil stems from straying from it.

                • alf says:

                  And a great and sunccinct command it is.

                  All I’m saying is sex is one (important) part of that command, not all its parts.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Alright, I think the issue is that I am using the words sex and reproduction interchangeably. When I say sex, perhaps I should be saying reproduction, instead. Be fruitful and multiply. Basically everything we do comes down to that, because that is the will of God. All of the things Man values most are those things that increase our reproductive fitness or our ability to impose our will upon the world, and even the latter tends to lead to the former.

  9. Red says:

    Sundance over at Conservatives Treehouse thinks the Ukraine stuff is all about giving Joe Biden a Nobel Peace prize. That kind of tracks.

    • Pooch says:

      Where have you read that? I haven’t seen anything on CTH about the Nobel peace prize. Latest I’ve read there is they are pushing War with Russia hard because they are preparing a narrative switch so they can blame all the inflation and the shitty economy on Russia.


      • Red says:


        They probably view the crap with the Ukraine and Russia as a way to make themselves popular and use use it to cover for their fuckups. It’s unlikely to work, but that does seem to be their game.

        • The Cominator says:

          The most realistic use of this bullshit is create a fake crisis with Putin never intending to invade… and then declaring victory at some point.

          Worst case they really think they need a war and they are deluded that they can win… and they keep outrageously provoking Russia…

          Seems like the relatively sane Susan Rice has been sidelined by crazy commie Georgetown jew Ron Klain if this is the way they are going.

          • Red says:

            It’s likely we have 2 different factions working against and with each other. One for the insane war, the other trying to use the threat to declare victory when it doesn’t happen.

            • The Cominator says:


              But the fact that they actually lobbed some shells into Russian territory makes me scared that the war factions controls assets on the ground that the sane faction can do nothing about.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                The strategic situation and conspiratorial elements in State are probably tightly controlled, but I’m skeptical that it extends down to actual unit C&C. I think it’s more probable that they are manipulating circumstances in general, such as flooding the region manpads and sabre rattling propaganda.

                I keep hearing conflicting things, like I thought that the occasional artillery and small arms exchange was fairly common on the front line. Has their been a new escalation since the evacuation order?

                • The Cominator says:

                  For some reason i can’t post links of cth from my phone… the conservative treehouse has a couple of theories. Don’t know anything for sure. The shelling of Russian territory is worrisome though.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                That the US embassy was moved out of the capital implies that factions that don’t want war may still have slightly more pull; the foreverwar factions would be perfectly happy with leaving personnel in possible harms way ala Bengazi.

          • Pooch says:

            Yeah I think this is right more or less.

            They are instigating war in Donbas to force Russian intervention, that even if minimal and limited they can still use as justification to bring sanctions which the press can then blame the stagflating economy on.

            After seeing how easily the NPCs went along with all the covid crap I can totally see them just mindlessly accepting that Russia is the reason for inflation completely forgetting it started long before Russia was even in the news cycle.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              How would sanctions explain away an economic depression in the originating country? I absolutely agree that the RUS/UKR hype is some kind of distraction, but at this point it seems more like precursor to some kind of domestic (US) suppression.

              • Red says:

                I think this is propaganda event like J6, they have a laundry list of things they want to achieve from it. How many items they get depends on how well it’s executed and how vested the public is in it. Based on what I’m seeing no one gives a flying fuck about the Ukraine. They may have already cut a deal with Putin as well and everything is just a show.

                Even if things go completely to hell(IE they lose a war with Russia), they’ll still use it to declare marital law and try round up their political foes while declaring them Russian sympathizers.

                This round up may not go well for them. Anyone being taken alive for Biden’s show trials is a fool. I wonder how many of the J6 people would now willingly surrender to the feds? It’s no longer worth it.

                Mike Crenovich keeps saying that the US government has lost legitimacy and no one wants to fight for it. They’ve lost the true believers in the civic religion and hardcore Nationalist Christians which always made up the best fighters in the military. It’s only backers are the insane left and mercenaries being paid to protect it. Such fighters are weak and likely to break if real trouble starts.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If the regime is dumb enough to start a war with Russia, it will be all over for them. Loss begets loss. Once they get their shit pushed in by Putin, no one is going to care. Taiwan will flip to China, NATO will collapse, and the police are going to sit it out once videos of them getting executed after failed raids hit the internet. Getting beat by Russia is the end of the Harvard regime, and enough of them know it. They will do all they can to clamp down on the crazies.

                • jim says:

                  The next J6 will be real trouble, because everyone going into it will know that if they submit to arrest they will be imprisoned and tortured for a very long time “while awaiting trial”, a trial that is slowly becoming less and less likely to ever be held.

                • Red says:

                  If the regime is dumb enough to start a war with Russia, it will be all over for them. Loss begets loss

                  That makes sense, but I’m reminded of history of where the left most faction grabs power when the regime falters as our is. This may require outside state intervention, but I have a nagging thought that China might fund/arm/train and supply their own troops to the hard left in order to maximize the damage to the US, much as the US once did in Russia with the Bolsheviks.

                • Red says:

                  The next J6 will be real trouble, because everyone going into it will know that if they submit to arrest they will be imprisoned and tortured for a very long time “while awaiting trial”, a trial that is slowly becoming less and less likely to ever be held.

                  It has to be a sign of declining intelligence that they went that route. Making the J6 people look ridiculous with FBI plants like Qanon shaman was more than enough to discourage people. Torturing the suckers who got strung along by the Feds is counter productive to the stability of their rule. They should have given them all a year in jail and that was the end of it.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If we go to war with Russia, it will be the far left doing it, and the far left getting wiped out. Then things get bad on the home front, and Russia and China supplying US partisans for a vicious Civil War becomes a possibility. Either way, the left loses because they cannot cooperate, and Aidan, Com and I can. The left is absent of virtue, and we are, while not filled with it, pretty damned virtuous relative to modern men.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      That’s more or less par the course for any inner party head at any time. The lightbringer got a peace prize for being installed into office while mulatto, then dropped bombs on syrians. Is normal.

      The fundamental dynamic here is that Putin can’t let a neighboring polity like Ukraine come under GAE influence, but the GAEs can’t really ‘stop themselves’ from trying to pull Ukraine under their influence.

      In some of them there is a large part that genuinely wants to provoke holy war(s), in order to get ‘deplorables’ on both the russian side and their own side killed. In many of them, there is a large part that is genuinely delusive in not perceiving their efforts to subordinate the sovereignty of other states as aggressive acts – and thus their perception of resistance or preemption against such aggression as ‘unprovoked aggression’ by ‘rogue powers’ who they ‘unfortunately’ have ‘no choice’ but to engage in ‘police action’ for the sake of ‘peace’. They ask only for the freedom of exercising ‘influence’ – which is to say, cooption of the local priesthood – to exercise ‘global leadership’ – which is to say global domination.

      You can see several of these aspects simultaneously in the person of cameltoe. “We are literally looking at the prospect of war in Europe”, she exclaims with breathless credulity. The mask covers he face, but does not hide the twinkle in her eye.

      It is the logic of late empire; it cannot acknowledge the idea that there is any place on earth it has no business in. The theocratic character is this empire making this tendency even more pronounced.

  10. BRAIN says:

    Has anyone noticed this? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6VnXTLv2YOo&t=22

    Bill Gates said “Sadly, the virus itself is a type of vaccine, it stimulates both T and B cell immunity… ” on some sort of press conference or talk show, not sure what it was. Its in the video.

    The point: most people are focusing on the word “sadly” – ie. Gates not bothering to hide that the covid jab becoming “officially” obsolete due to natural immunity is a bad thing to him. I don’t think that’s the big deal here though, the regime has been getting more and more blatant and in-your-face since Biden “won”.

    The more important thing is the rhetorical inversion used here. Gates is saying “the virus is a type of vaccine”. Notice the wording: he is not saying people develop natural immunity, he is saying the virus is like a vaccine.

    Vaccines are supposed to help your immune system fight off a virus by providing pre-infection immunity for those that can’t mount an effective response to a live virus and thus develop natural immunity. Thus, natural immunity is “above” vaccine induced immunity, is better than vaccine induced immunity. Natural immunity > vaxx. If not for all viruses, at least for flu-type viruses.

    By saying the virus is “a type of vaccine”, Gates is inverting this relationship – [he is acting as if] there is in fact no such thing as natural immunity, or at least, there wasn’t such a thing before omicron. But now we have found that this particular variant can act like a vaccine and stimulate some sort of immune response in people, rendering them well protected against future infections. However, this is still inferior to jab induced immunity, as the jab is the primary way of stimulating immune response in this narrative. Therefore vaxx > natural immunity.

    Thoughts? Does anyone else see this or am I imagining it?

    • Red says:

      >Thus, natural immunity is “above” vaccine induced immunity, is better than vaccine induced immunity. Natural immunity > vaxx. If not for all viruses, at least for flu-type viruses.

      Basic science and finally published CDC(they waited until after the supreme court kept the medical mandates) both say this. Vaccines work based on natural immunity and are always inferior to the immune system.

      Omicrom is a vaccine because it gives protection against more dangerous forms of COVID19. It’s basically what Cowpox was to Smallpox.

      >The point: most people are focusing on the word “sadly” – ie. Gates not bothering to hide that the covid jab becoming “officially” obsolete due to natural immunity is a bad thing to him. I don’t think that’s the big deal here though, the regime has been getting more and more blatant and in-your-face since Biden “won”.

      The sadly part is the more important part. It openly shows that Gates and everyone like him is quite evil. When I saw the data on Omicron coming out of South Africa I recognized that GNON had provided us a airborne vaccine to COVID that would likely end the madness. Before that were very likely headed towards a Marek’s Disease where a shitty vaccine resulted in a virus that became more lethal until the point where it killed everyone who was unvaccinated. When the worshipers of the great and mighty COVID demon saw Omicron, they were filled with dread and despair about the coming death of their Demon god.

      • BRAIN says:

        >Basic science and finally published CDC(they waited until after the supreme court kept the medical mandates) both say this. Vaccines work based on natural immunity and are always inferior to the immune system.

        Basic science says this, maybe the CDC does as well. But the official narrative, pushed by the Experts tries to obfuscate this fact as much as possible. The jab has been touted as the only solution to the covgh, certain countries don’t recognize the “recovered” condition as part of RVT (rec, vaxx, tested).

        >Omicrom is a vaccine because it gives protection against more dangerous forms of COVID19. It’s basically what Cowpox was to Smallpox.

        I don’t like this formulation because it’s using enemy language. It’s technically correct, but the relationship is in the wrong order. It’s not that omicron is like a vaccine, a vaccine is like omicron – lets compare the lesser version to the greater one – vaccine induced immunity to natural immunity, not vice versa. Which is what Gates did, in order to subtly insinuate that jabs are superior to natural immunity.

        >The sadly part is the more important part. It openly shows that Gates and everyone like him is quite evil.

        I don’t think this has much value. We’ve known Gates and his like were evil for quite some time, whereas normies are likely to not watch this video, not be convinced that him saying this means he is evil, find some excuse as to why its a good thing that he said this etc. This only shows Gates is evil to those who already knew him to be evil.

        >When I saw the data on Omicron coming out of South Africa I recognized that GNON had provided us a airborne vaccine to COVID that would likely end the madness. Before that were very likely headed towards a Marek’s Disease where a shitty vaccine resulted in a virus that became more lethal until the point where it killed everyone who was unvaccinated. When the worshipers of the great and mighty COVID demon saw Omicron, they were filled with dread and despair about the coming death of their Demon god.

        It remains to be seen whether the Covid demon is truly gone for good. The disease itself has not been a problem ever since summer 2020, and yet the cult had persisted until now. It’s likely that they push for a revival this fall. Something has to take the blame for all the excess jab deaths after all.

        • Red says:

          >It’s not that omicron is like a vaccine, a vaccine is like omicron – lets compare the lesser version to the greater one – vaccine induced immunity to natural immunity, not vice versa.

          I watch a youtube named Dr. John Cambell and he had on an an African doctor who said that Omicron is the vaccine we failed to make, IE it works as protection against dangerous COVID while the vaccines do not. It hits the mucosal immune system as well general immune system.

          >Which is what Gates did, in order to subtly insinuate that jabs are superior to natural immunity.

          Yes they premise everything on the lie that the vaccines work. They don’t. People still caught covid and still spread it around. That’s pretty clear to everyone besides the COVID cultists at this point.

          >It remains to be seen whether the Covid demon is truly gone for good. The disease itself has not been a problem ever since summer 2020, and yet the cult had persisted until now. It’s likely that they push for a revival this fall. Something has to take the blame for all the excess jab deaths after all.

          Omicron is so infectious that it’s going to get us to heard immunity.

          They’re going to have a hard time coming with a new deadly variant without being exposed as liars. The virus continues to evolve into a less dangerous form and if they introduce a new virus to try this same shit all over again they will be caught. People are fucking sick of this shit and most realize deep down they’ve been bamboozled by all the crap that’s been going on. Even with the Soviet Style media we have now people will eventually get wise to it.

          A lot of people here thought they’d keep the COVID cult going forever, but once the UK dropped out, I knew it was it over. It requires an extraordinary amount of effort to paper over something like that and people eventually stop believing anything the government and the medical authorities says. Recent polling bares this out. COVID won’t work twice.

          • BRAIN says:

            >I watch a youtube named Dr. John Cambell and he had on an an African doctor who said that Omicron is the vaccine we failed to make, IE it works as protection against dangerous COVID while the vaccines do not. It hits the mucosal immune system as well general immune system.

            I understand the comparison to a vaccine, what im saying is to just call it natural immunity. There’s no need to engage in such comparisons when we have a perfectly good term to describe this phenomenon already. All this accomplishes is perpetuating the “only vaxx can beat covid” meme.

            >Yes they premise everything on the lie that the vaccines work. They don’t. People still caught covid and still spread it around. That’s pretty clear to everyone besides the COVID cultists at this point.

            I agree, but a good number of normies still got their booster. Or if not normies, then those are covid cultists, which makes a significant poriton of the population covid cultists, which is even worse. I think there’s enough people who still believe or don’t believe, but would go along with the official narrative that even though it’s clear to every sane person the emperor has no clothes (the vaccine is actively dangerous), we would still be living as though he’s wearing the latest finery (the vaccines are “safe, safe, safer than water” as I saw someone mention here).

            >Omicron is so infectious that it’s going to get us to heard immunity.

            >They’re going to have a hard time coming with a new deadly variant without being exposed as liars. The virus continues to evolve into a less dangerous form and if they introduce a new virus to try this same shit all over again they will be caught. People are fucking sick of this shit and most realize deep down they’ve been bamboozled by all the crap that’s been going on. Even with the Soviet Style media we have now people will eventually get wise to it.

            I guess I’m more cynical about this than you. I hope you’re right, but my perspective is that the virus itself has not been a problem since summer 2020, like I said before. Most excess deaths (and most people getting sick) from october 2020 onwards are caused by the jab (see % of vaxxed to unvaxxed in hospitals, UK data etc.). I read a post recently about them matching the 2021 vaccine rollout schedule to 2020 covid waves, in order to be able to disguise death/adverse effect spikes as covid seasonality.

            The jab is not just causing heart attacks and blood clots, it’s eroding the immune system of people who have taken it (ADE). This is why there’s a chance people start getting sicker than usual this fall. If it happens, it will not be blamed on the jab. It will be swept under the rug, or more likely, blamed on covid or some new scary virus. Which will be used as justification for lockdowns etc. I hope im wrong though.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      This is definitely a Freudian slip; Billy is obviously sad that too many of us lab monkeys are going to escape his experiment. But if you listen to the whole thing in context, it’s not quite as damning as the snippet sounds:

      “Sadly, the virus itself is a type of vaccine, […], and it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.”

      Gates, and the “fact-checkers,” and the demon-worshipers can reasonably claim that he’s sad that the public health bureaucracy didn’t do very well at saving us all with the holy injections, not sad that natural immunity protects people. We all know what he really thinks, but the context makes it sound better than the isolated soundbite.

      You’re absolutely right, Brain (narf!), about the inversion of natural immunity and vaccination in his attitude and rhetoric. Vaccination is holy, natural immunity is not, and worse, natural immunity gets in the way of holy vaxxes.

      • BRAIN says:

        >Gates, and the “fact-checkers,” and the demon-worshipers can reasonably claim that he’s sad that the public health bureaucracy didn’t do very well at saving us all with the holy injections, not sad that natural immunity protects people. We all know what he really thinks, but the context makes it sound better than the isolated soundbite.

        Indeed, this is why I don’t think the “sadly” is relevant. Normies will find a way to explain it away, as they always do when reality hits them in the face.

        >You’re absolutely right, Brain (narf!), about the inversion of natural immunity and vaccination in his attitude and rhetoric. Vaccination is holy, natural immunity is not, and worse, natural immunity gets in the way of holy vaxxes.

        This is the motivation, yeah. It’s what I wanted to get across but couldn’t find the words. Thanks

    • notglowing says:

      I find it interesting that US media and academics denied the effectiveness of infection in immunization so fervently until now.

      At least here, getting infected is equivalent to one dose, always been.
      I know one guy who got infected, got one dose, then got infected again, and now he’s fully vaccinated with booster legally speaking.

      Of course, that in itself is a substantial undervaluation of the effectiveness of infection. But it almost puts it on the same level as the vaccine, something at odds with the American narrative. This discrepancy was never even acknowledged much at all, despite being out for everyone to see.

      • Red says:

        People who talked about natural immunity where banned for spreading misinformation in the US. Even getting multiple does of the Vaccine doesn’t make any sense. You’ve got maximum vaccine immunity from the first dose. All the later doses do is excite your immune system up giving you a short window where it will fight more effectively and give you heart damage. Further boosters just excite the immune system again for an even shorter period and continue the heard damage.

        Most people who caught COVID twice caught a separate variant that had immune escape from the original virus which is common with COVID viruses. Taking further vaccines where only had the original spike protean from the original virus wasn’t going to improve that immunity.

  11. Severian says:

    Probably a good time to have a Russia Ukraine thread no? Looks like it’s about to go down.

  12. Red says:

    I think the Ukraine vs Russia might be about Biden declaring an emergency and ruling by decree, with possibly some sort of enabling act(they seem to steal a lot of their ideas from the Nazis). Anyone declared a Russian sympathizer gets locked up and Biden federalizes the elections on some pretext like Russians hacking.

    • jim says:

      If the US regime is going that path, going to make it an international emergency.

      Which runs contrary to the path of imperial pullback to core dominions that it has been following.

      We shall see what happens. I think the Russians are needling the Ukrainians to come to the conference table. But maybe it is real.

      I was expecting a US false flag provocation. But so far, looks like, not an invasion, but escalating Russian pressure. Which might escalate all the way to invasion.

      • Severian says:

        Many Russian units are basically at go/no go positions right now, mostly dispersed along forest areas, hard to spot, armed, winter cammo and tactical signals painted. Not something you can prolong for too many days.
        I think US intel is probably right when they say the invasion go ahead has been given.

        • Red says:

          US intel? LOL. Where’s those WMDs?

          • Severian says:

            I can believe US intel lies.
            I can’t disbelieve my own eyes and geo location.

            • Red says:

              What, you scouting the front lines for the Ukrainians? Hey fellows, we’ve got a regular Jack Ryan over here. He’s going to nuke the Kremlin and save the Ukraine!

              US Intel lies and US media lies trying to drum up a war. They may get that war in the end but playing thier game is a lose/lose.

              • Pooch says:

                LMAO…so true. Everything coming out of US propaganda outlets is a lie. What the Russians are saying may be propaganda too but it’s infinitely closer to reality.

              • Severian says:

                You believe Putin brought 2/3 of his entire combat forces to the border, some all the way from the North Korean border, just to give US media a news cycle. I believe he brought it to use it.

                • Pooch says:

                  Russian way for negotiation of a conflict. Me and my people sit down with you and your people for a nice dinner to discuss the issues at hand. Everyone at the table is armed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m sure Putin will invade in TWO MORE WEEKS!

                  But seriously would have attacked already, most of the Russian military is in the West anyway doesn’t have to move it that much to be at the Ukraine border (well I mean it is Russia and Russia is huge but still).

                  Nothing US intel says can be trusted… nothing.

                • Pooch says:

                  I heard an interesting comment on the Russians with Attitude podcast (highly recommend) that in Soviet and even post-Soviet Russia that whoever was in power is generally scared of a Caesar from the military and that successful generals have typically been disappeared in weird circumstances.

                  In that fashion, Putin, being a spook himself, likely wouldn’t want to make a general too popular with a full invasion of Ukraine. His preferred method of takeover is probably using “little green men” like what they did in Crimea.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Are you the author of Founding Questions or is the alias a coicidence?

              • Pooch says:

                Looks like Macron and the Euros are trying to go over the head of the US to make a deal with Putin, given that the US is insane and no longer agreement capable in its foreign policy. We’ll see how that plays out but I think Jim is right. Putin is using the military as pressure valve for negotiation which may or may not end up in actual invasion but it won’t be in haste.


                • Severian says:

                  Wouldn’t that basically split NATO? If it happens I guess Putin would accept it, but the US will not.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I think the French see what I see; the US military is a dead man walking. It is just waiting for someone to put it down.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  From the “predictions” thread, I postulated that France would potentially be non-aligned with NATO in a de-escalation scenario, but I thought Turkey would be at that particular table. Both NATO, but both also maintain active and (somewhat) effective combat units. If the USM legend is truly dead, we can expect to see intermediate powers start acting unilaterally for local gains while maintaining a milquetoast unity rhetoric. If this happens (an agreement between Turkey/France and Russia), I predict Scandinavia will move to cut some kind of deal/arrangement with Russian Federation as well.

                  This would also increase the potential for some kind of domestic militarization in CONUS, like maybe a soft martial lockdown to deal with invisible Nazi truckers hiding in the hills. The incompetent SecDef badly wants to purge whites, Harris badly want to we wuz prezdant, and the Coronahoax narrative is collapsing, which could create a scenario similar to the 90s BRAC fiasco. By that,I mean there will be a plethora of administrators, emergency coordinators, and task forces badly in need of a reason to keep existing.

        • eretus says:

          A well drilled army is a well prepared army. The costs of excercises like this are frequently overstated when the comparison is made to the cost of doing nothing at all. If Putin considers that he may ever need his army to conduct an invasion, then he’s wise to once in a while make them go through all the motions to prepare for one.

          And if it can serve a secondary political purpose as well, then why not ?

  13. simplyconnected says:

    Well, call me naive, but this is as much proof as I needed to know the government of Canada takes orders from the WEF, aside from that video of Klaus Schwab bragging that they infiltrated half the Canadian cabinet. I know this is well known, but having confirmation brings some clarity.

    • simplyconnected says:

      The relevant part starts at the 1min mark. Notice the speaker and other scrambling the moment the WEF is mentioned.

    • Pooch says:

      The Schwab’s WEF is just one of many NGOs, like Soros’s Open Society, who donate heavily to liberal politicians. Yarvin refers to them as the “Front” for state religion activism in his deep dive piece of how the ruling regime works.

      • simplyconnected says:

        It reminds me of that insurance CEO that suggested the 40% increase in life insurance claims was from covid, and yet it wasn’t picked up by the media (even though more covid deaths would benefit their narrative): it’s too obvious that it’s the vax, even if the CEO suggested otherwise.
        Why try to silence any mention of the WEF if it’s just like some NGO donating money to politicians for good causes? (leftists see Open Socienty and Soros as working on good causes afaik)
        Note the question was about members of the cabinet that are on board with the WEF agenda, so shutting it down can’t be due to a concern about illicit funding.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I see them trying to silence any mention of the WEF as confirmation that there is something more to it than just some NGO they associate with.
        I don’t see Hillary Clinton having a problem openly saying they get their policy advice from the council on foreign relations, but they shut down mention of the WEF immediately.
        That Freeland woman that is both second to an actor president and on the board of trustees of the WEF, plus shutting down any mention of it seems like something is going on beyond taking advice from them. If they didn’t shut down mention of the WEF I would believe it’s like the relation between the state department and the CFR, now my conspiratorial lizzard brain tells me they’re taking orders and they want hide it.

        • The Cominator says:

          Clearly Covid illustrates a shadowy global conspiracy of the Alex Jones type, an almost universal and self destructive response to obvious lies (amplified by megaphone) and hysteria across the world is lets just say exceedingly improbable otherwise.

          But if discussion of the WEF is shut down it was not shut down when Newsweek did a whole issue on the Great Reset. The WEF and Schwab is too much the obviously visible villain (he even looks like he was picked out to resemble Ernst Blofeld and Doctor Evil), and a shadowy global conspiracy is not going to want to tip the hand as to the identity of the central top conspirators (even if they’ve prettymuch tipped off that YES it does exist) in an obvious way. Of course I would still have Schwab and anyone connected to him put under “special” interoggation about what they know before being drawn quartered and burned for conspiracy and demon worship but its not them either. The fact that now discussion of them is being shut down is not evidence they are the top but evidence they are not the top.

          4chan shills and midwits constantly shriek “ITS THE JEWS” and cite the fact you cannot criticize the jews (not from the right anyway) at least in the West. But the people really on top if a very few knew about them would have to allow open criticism and theorist claiming its them… because if they shut down such criticism they would confirm the suspicions of those few to the many. Its much more effective to shut down criticism of their frontmen.

          The group that generally keeps a low profile (though Fauci seemed to love the limelight before he was told to lower his profile) but has their hands all over Covid is the Jesuit order (and of course the Vatican in general, though not so much the local branches of the Catholic Church)… I do not think the Jesuits are theoretically at the top of it either but as the worlds original order of glowniggers I think they are the glue that holds it all together (normally you would think an elite world spanning conspiracy would collapse into infighting and dissention after a while but with a fanatical and diabolically clever enforcement arm that even the top level is subject to… perhaps far more cohesive).

          • The Cominator says:

            And this leads to a solution to. If you want to break the conspiracy King Phillip the Fair is a good model, he sent elite handpicked knights to kidnap the Pope and dragged him to Avignon in chains (then let some of them back because they weren’t generally the real problem), made him sign a bull that the Templars (the original Jesuits) were guilty of heresy and witchcraft and burned them all.

            He did kick out the Jews for being connected to the Templars but on rather generous terms where they were allowed to leave and given time to get their affairs in order and collect some of their debts and then let some of them in, he realized they were some of them Templar/Vatican agents but seemed to realize they weren’t the real problem.

            Phillip the Fair though theoretically remaining Catholic probably hurt the Vatican worse than Luther ever did…

            • Arqiduka says:

              Yes, the issue is that this time they know you are coming and have hidden masterfully. Hence my favourite bit of Qtardery – which I promised some time ago to share- the whole thing was Trump being employed by some in the military to make The Left panic so they could monitor elctronic traffic and figure out who sits at the top, so you can doa Phillip the Fair thing. I say 1/3 chance this was the deal, and conditional on this, 1/2 that they succeeded and now someone has the full org chart of The Left.

              • The Cominator says:

                Qtardism was misinformation and its not true and they probably don’t communicate electronically at all. They almost certainly only meet physically when they meet.

                Its probably hard to tell who is at the top, I suspect that if the Jesuits are their top agents the people at the top are possibly certain members of the Vatican and certain families of the Black Nobility…

                But it doesn’t matter that much because if the Jesuits are the glue than the Phillip the Fair method will work to dismantle it at least for a couple hundred years… if you control a military power take the Pope hostage drag him in chains thru the street torture him force him to sign orders declaring the Jesuits demon worshippers etc etc and kill every Jesuit in horrible ways in public impose it on satellite countries. Also make the Pope move to your country (I’d find a town called Avignon in America just because it would be funny) so you can keep an eye on him and keep the black nobility away. Make sure the Pope is guarded and watched all the time by fanatical baptists etc.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  “But it doesn’t matter that much because if the Jesuits are the glue than the Phillip the Fair method will work to dismantle it at least for a couple hundred years… ”

                  Indeed, don’t have to go all the way up (you wouldn’t want to touch those people anyways), but you have to go high enough that a few hundred or thousand arrests (just go with it) would kill the coalition’s ability to coordinate centrally, with no orders making it from the top to the bottom.

                  But you cannot just assume that this “golden thousand” are the Jesuits, or Jews or whatnot. You have to know and at this level they surely do leave an e-trail. As I’ve said before, I consider your Jesuit theory as likely as the Jew theory (not Jim’s variant, ye olde one).

                  Now, another question is: if you go ahead and break the left’s ability to issue centralised orders and keep discipline, what will happen? Will every small conspiracy be left to fend for itself, unable to coordinate and precipitate a reign of terror and full on purity spiral? Probably.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  lol, wrong link above, don’t click

                • The Cominator says:

                  The jew theory is falsifiable given that jews before WW1 weren’t all that powerful in any way (Rothschilds excepted who were most visibly powerful in the 19th century) and given that they were more eager to jab the Israelis than almost anyone… not to mention that progressivism even before the jab jews had worse reproduction patterns than almost anyone.

                  Now the Jesuits… not only is Fauci a Jesuit but so was Adam Weishaupt.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  All true, and you need to add quite a few epicycles to the J theory to make it work, at which point is a bit more complicated.

                  On the other hand, if you go out in public and say that Aramis is behind it all people will laugh, if you point at eskimos they’ll come down like a ton of bricks. Hence, I wont dismiss that theory out of hand.

                • The Cominator says:


                • Arqiduka says:

                  jews, was trying to be edgy. And Aramis was a jesuit in the Dumas novels

                • Skippy says:

                  Israel (and Mongolia ?) is the only >100 IQ country that reproduces itself.

                  Israel getting vaxxxed is a fair point.

                  Catholic conspiracy theory has to deal with why is the world ruled by Prod countries.

                • jim says:

                  Assuming the Jesuit theory is true, (and it sounds unlikely, but the Cominator has collected some pretty good evidence) then:

                  One explanation is that countries subject to Jesuit influence became militarily weak, due to plots against the sovereign, the nations sovereignty, and local populace.

                  A second explanation: Jesuits hate Roman Catholicism and Roman Catholics, much as Soros hates, Jews, Judaism, and Israel a lot more than Andrew Anglin does.

                  It is pretty obvious that the Vatican is ruled by literal demon worshipers, and that is par for the course for demon worship. That is the problem with following the father of lies.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Arab population of Israel reproduces itself.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Catholic monarchies when strong

                  A) Historically they couldn’t stand the Jesuits either and repeatedly expelled them

                  B) Were far more likely to strongarm the Vatican than Protestant countries

                  So if temporal power is the more immediate goal and making everyone Catholic is a more long term goal it make sense they’d be content to work through Protestant countries and try to convert slower.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Joe Rogan podcast vanishes from spotify after podcast discussing the WEF’s infiltration of governments.
                  The podcast with Robert Malone caused a stir, but didn’t get the podcast completely pulled. Talking about the WEF’s plans did (perhaps something else discussed in the latest podcast, but short 2min discussion of WEF infiltration of western governments from the latest podcast was widely circulated on twitter). Just another data point, possibly a big one.

                • jim says:

                  Looks like a mighty big data point

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Joe is obviously after his paycheck, is done with this stuff. If this won’t do it he’ll steal Dave Icke from London Real for his next show.

                • Joe says:

                  The Joe Rogan Experience went down on Spotify while they put covid official narrative buttons on some of his episodes. It came back after a few hours and is up now.


                • simplyconnected says:

                  Joe wrote:

                  The Joe Rogan Experience went down on Spotify while they put covid official narrative buttons on some of his episodes. It came back after a few hours and is up now.

                  Thanks for correcting it.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I checked and the Joe Rogan episode where the WEF’s plans were discussed is still up. My mistake: I’ll double-check next time before posting a link.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >He did kick out the jews but

              You say that like it’s a bad thing.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its a mixed thing, many many bad jews but also some very good ones.

                The point is he clearly thought the Templars and the Papacy were a nuclear level threat and implacable enemy and the jews just had a few people among them who were enemies and were linked to the Templars. The jews were not made to march out at swordpoint suddenly whereas the Templars were mass arrested, tortured and burned.

                He also let them come back within a short time…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The Templars in this case were a scapegoat. Still are you might say, one of a few more ‘acceptable outlets’ for canalizing ‘conspiracy’ thinking into non-regime-threatening forms Dan Brown/’Assassins Creed’ style, since they were martially inclined, and native sons, two things our gnostic theocrats are perfectly fine with throwing under the bus. The fact that they provided banking services not aligned under that tribe of eurasians was probably not an uninfluential factor in later events.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Many bad mexicans but also some good ones.

                  Good for them, they can be good in their own country. We’d be better off without them too.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  “Many bad mexicans but also some good ones. Good for them, they can be good in their own country. We’d be better off without them too.”

                  Well spoken.

                  The real j issue is not friend or foe (doesn’t matter, have to go) but that a certain country cannot conceivably hold all jews if they were asked kindly to leave. A huge issue I have no asnwer for, except for taking the while thing and moving it somewhere else.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They don’t all have to leave, all leftists need to go… to join the infernal choir (which will be most jews) and jews need to be banned from state and quasi state jobs.

                  But non leftists jews can stay but not get state or quasi state jobs.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  That would be a disservice to a very smart (though not as smart as they think) race, to leave them around as second-hand citizens, practical slaves. Nah, after some adjustment, a greater israel (though transported elsewhere) would be a great nation and do proud all the world. But this diaspora crap has to end or – I’m afraid – far worse will come of it.

              • Gedeon says:



                Jahbadhiyya/Jews in Bursa
                Edict of Expulsion
                Alhambra decree/Jews in Pisa
                Neapolitan Jews/Jews in Japan
                Isaac LeMaire/East India
                Mocatta Family
                Sassoon Family

                There is continuity and you don’t have to look hard for it. If you follow the history of banking and global trade, it makes it really easy.

          • Pooch says:

            Its much more effective to shut down criticism of their frontmen.

            Yes I agree with this. All the NGOs and the billionaires who run them are just fronts and frontmen for the evil deeds of the Ivey League elites. Much easier to just shut down criticism of them.

          • BRAIN says:

            >4chan shills and midwits constantly shriek “ITS THE JEWS” and cite the fact you cannot criticize the jews (not from the right anyway) at least in the West. But the people really on top if a very few knew about them would have to allow open criticism and theorist claiming its them… because if they shut down such criticism they would confirm the suspicions of those few to the many. Its much more effective to shut down criticism of their frontmen.

            I’m not convinced this is the case. Specifically, I don’t think that censoring criticism of [leading conspiracy group] does anything to convince normies (or the many, as you put it) of their culpability. Normies care about their status too much to commit the cardinal sin of blaming the holy group, or even considering that said holy group might not deserve its holiness.

            I do agree however that it makes more sense for the [leading conspiracy group] to keep a low profile, make itself as inconspicuous as possible and simply do nothing in response to criticism and blame, because that convinces dissidents that they are not involved.

            So to me, whether its the jews or not depends on how smart and/or powerful these conspirators are. If not smart

            • BRAIN says:

              Clicked submit by accident

              So to me, whether its the jews or not depends on how smart and/or powerful these conspirators are. If not smart enough or powerful enough to not fear dissidents having their eye on them – it might very likely be the jews. If smart and powerful, or smart but not powerful enough to not care about dissidents having their eye on them – probably not the jews.

            • jim says:

              A lot of the shrieking about Jews comes from obvious Soros shills, who are revealed by their urgent desire to shut down any discussion of Soros and Soros related activities. “ITS THE JEWS! (But not Soros, and events that look connected to Soros are not happening, not being done by Jews, and are the spontaneous outrage of the oppressed masses against right wing oppressive power.)”

              The problem with Jews is the same as the Lord Jesus Christ complained about two millennia ago. Talmudic legalism. Torturing the text of the Bible, laws, contracts, and bets, to obtain the desired result without regard to the spirit and intent of the law.

              Also, the problem with Jews is exile. That they are spiritually foreigners, hence useful disposable tools for a treasonous and hostile elite to use against its own people. Soros being exhibit A, being the State Department money laundry: A whole lot of Soros employees have a State Department hat and an NGO hat, and put on the State Department hat when they want to do something official and bill it to the State Department budget, and then, when they want to do something officially unofficial, put on the NGO hat, while still sitting at the same desk with a computer maintained by the same IT department, and bill it to the Soros NGO budget.

              The word “legalism” raises a problem with Rectification of Names.

              Two very different meanings:

              1. Legalism in the sense of Chinese history. The false doctrine that the moral order of society comes from the Sovereign, and if in fact society is doing something different you need to raise penalties and enforcement, when reality it is the Sovereign’s job to back up the moral order that comes from society, and if society is doing something different from the law, which happens a whole lot with laws on sex and family, the sovereign needs to adjust the law to fit the morality of tribe, the social technology of the times, and the will of Gnon.

              2. Legalism in the sense of Christian history. The false doctrine that obedience to the endless re-interpreted and re-re-interpreted letter of the law is what matters, when reality is that the letter of the law is always for a particular place, people, and social technology, and needs to be revised for each place, people, and the social technology of the time, to preserve the unchanging and eternal spirit and intent of the law.

              Since the second meaning is ancient and well established, we need a better word or phrase for the first meaning.

              On the other hand, the meanings, though distinctly different, are related, so a related word or phrase. Both meanings are failures to accommodate the actual moral order. They both deny objective morality, replacing it with the meaningless and arbitrary commands of an arbitrary will, external to and outside reality. They are both forms of subjectivism, morality being subjective not objective. Legalism in the sense of Chinese history being to locate that will in the sovereign outside the society he governs, and legalism in the sense of Christianity being to locate that will in a deity whose will is not manifest in the natural order, the Logos.

              • Arqiduka says:

                Chinese legalism are occupational edicts.

                • jim says:

                  That is a useful epithet, which conveys much truth, but I think it distracts from the key issue. It points the ruling elite being hostile to and alien to the society that it governs, but it points to the edicts themselves, rather than the spiritual and philosophical framework of those edicts. Most legalism in Chinese history has come from a leader embedded in his own tribe and family, ruling through kinfolk, which tribe his legalism destroyed, and which family relationships his legalism destroyed.

                  The problem is not that the ruling elite is alien, but that this spiritual and philosophical framework makes the elite alien. Which, in Chinese history tended to have immediate disastrous results for rulers ruling through their own tribe and family. The edicts that destroyed the Qin dynasty probably would have worked with better and stronger family and tribal relationships, which could only exist if the Qin dynasty had its lieutenants treat its edicts as guides for coercive actions intended to accomplish certain goals, rather than as fixed rules to be followed according to the letter regardless of circumstances.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Agree, and China is where you see that what makes an edict occupational is not the actual government being an occupational force, but the legal framework being so alien to the people that the only choices are extreme reprisals or complete delegitimisation of the law itself. The rulers can be of good Chinese stock but if they insist on silly laws they make themselves alien. Not all that different with EU “law” being enforced on aspiring candidates nowadays, for whose people those laws are alien and silly.

                  Don’t know why the Chinese were prone to this failure mode whilst the Romans (an empire of comparable extend and heterogeneity) were not.

                • jim says:

                  Racial characteristic.

                  Chinese have difficulty hearing what cannot be said or written in words. Painfully noticeable when you see Chinese engineers attempting to follow a specification.

                  Jews are rather good at it, and even better at being willfully blind to it.

                  Whites are superior to all other races, including Jews, in our ability to say in words what cannot be said in words, though the Jews might be better than us if they could lay aside their propensity to willful deafness and blindness.

                  As whether Jews are better than us at hearing what cannot be said in words, hard to tell with all the willful deafness, but the crappy nature of synagogues suggests that they are not very good at it. On the other hand, Jewish engineers implement a specification just fine.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The jew being eurasian has rather notable mongoloid characteristics of thought himself.

              • The Cominator says:

                “Also, the problem with Jews is exile. That they are spiritually foreigners, hence useful disposable tools for a treasonous and hostile elite to use against its own people.”

                Yes they are used for this and are arguably the ideal group to be used for this, but they are not necessary to be used for this.

        • Pooch says:

          I notice any mention of Soros gets shut down in the same way. Everyone knows what Soros is doing but it’s a faux pas to mention him in polite society. I don’t see a difference with Klaus Schwab or Bill gates even. NGOs exist as vehicles to provide status for rich people to engage in state holiness.

          • simplyconnected says:

            I notice any mention of Soros gets shut down in the same way.

            That’s true. I forgot how mention that Soros funds DAs gets shut down as well.

            • Arakawa says:

              You’re allowed to mention them, but only in the context of fawning praise for their philanthropic and humanitarian whatever.

              • Pooch says:

                Right. Any discussion outside of that context is forbidden and quickly shut down.

          • Skippy says:

            Schwab’s books don’t seem to contain anything interesting. It’s just normie German sozialmarkt stuff.

            Is he just a networker with no real influence?

            • Pooch says:

              He’s a front for some segment of USG in the same way Soros is a front for the State Department.

            • The Cominator says:

              Hes meant to be a comic book villain (I don’t think he looks like Ernst Blofeld by accident), but he reports to some very bad people and his agenda is their agenda.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*much repeated shill script deleted for the zillionth time, after being allowed through far too many times*]

        • jim says:

          I will allow it through if you respond to the arguments that I have fruitlessly made far too many times, wasting far too much space saying the same thing over and over.

          Socialism has been tried far too many times, and has failed in much the same way every time. I have explained the reasons for this endlessly repeated failure many times, wasting far too much space, and people were giving the same explanation for the same failures four centuries ago.

          And, by the way, abolishing slavery and all that was not a popular policy, not even all that popular among the slaves. It was imposed by terror much like gay marriage.

    • Aryaman says:

      The whole WEF thing reads like some kind of script to me.

      This guy Klaus “Ze great reset” Schwab is straight from central casting. And here’s an organization that wasn’t known for anything other than its winter conference for rich bankers which has suddenly insinuated itself as the bogeyman for every fantasy of leftist excess.

      There is a lot more talk nowadays about Bill Gates. There is a lot more talk nowadays about Klaus “Ze great reset” Schwab. There is conspicuously less talk about another leftist responsible for the pillaging of American cities than there was a few short years ago.

  14. Arqiduka says:

    I know Scott Alexander enjoys little love here, but damn this is brilliant. No offence meant, of course, and no trolling either.


    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Not really that brilliant. Just backdoor humanism. God only exists because we believe in him, and we believe that women have rights, so women are now equal to men, hurr durr. It is reddit-tier analysis. Anyone who has played recent editions of D&D could have written this, and any decent DM could have done better.

      “I don’t believe in gravity!” shouts Scott, as he leaps to his death, and God looks on and has a chuckle at Scott’s foolishness. Scott’s belief in gravity being irrelevant to the reality of gravity, he dies at the bottom of the cliff. All his clever writing about how gravity is an illusion and not real failed to bouy him up as he fell. All the social pressure he felt to disbelieve gravity is not going to make him any less dead. Rationalizing the air rushing past him and the ground rushing at him ends when he impacts the rocky ground at the bottom.

      Now replace a cliff and gravity with women, and the metaphor becomes reality.

      • jim says:

        Genetic death

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Precisely. He could catch himself if he would only recognize the danger of his fall, but them people might say or write mean things about him.

      • Arqiduka says:

        Yes, it is backdoor humanism. But being irreligious myself, I don’t mind. I really enjoy this sort of genre though: take a statement A such that, if it were true, the world would look about the same as ours does. Now, what is the most outlandish such statement A you can come up with? Love this stuff.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Yes, it is backdoor humanism. But being irreligious myself, I don’t mind.”

          You should mind, humanism is evil.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          It is not impressive. If you crawl over reddit you can find dozens of similar stories, and every one of them is just as bad as all of the others. It appeals to the sort of people that frequent reddit. If they just believe hard enough then they will not be pathetic and lame. That way they do not have to eat well, lift weights, practice charisma, or spend any effort whatsoever to be better.

          Deurgic magic for midwits. Hardly any deep philosophy there.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      What a bunch of twee reddit-tier garbage. Wulfgar has it right: these are clever twists for midwit dungeonmasters to spring on their players, not deep musings.

    • Arqiduka says:

      All right, all right gents, no more Scott. Should spend some time on Reddit though lol

      • Red says:

        I generally only check out reddit to figure out what the cathedral’s current propaganda push is. The remaining non shill posters are land whales and dickless wonders who don’t matter at all.

        • Pooch says:

          It gives you a feel for how liberals are responding to regime propaganda. This is infinitely more valuable than what conservacons are commenting on Fox News articles (“This is outrageous! Get outraged guys!). NY Times comment section used to be the best for this before they did away with the comments section.

          • Red says:

            The comment section of Reddit main subs is almost entirely astroturfed and anyone not following a shill line gets the ban hammer. Taking it seriously as actual Dem thought isn’t worthwhile. Anyone of quality either keeps there head down and out of the main subs or was long ago banned. I raked up 100+ bans before I stopped posting.

            There’s also competing groups of shills there now. I think the group pointing out homeless mental illness and black crime is a DNC group trying to roll back the insanity. It’s doomed to failure without attacking the Soros DAs though.

            • Pooch says:

              Ah that’s a shame. Interesting though that Dems are attacking black crime.

              • Red says:

                Having blacks almost totally immune to arrest while they assault, rob, and rape at will is scaring even Democrats.

              • Red says:

                Also it’s not so much attacking black crime as it no longer pretending black crimes doesn’t exist by removing the news stories about it.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        I dunno. I just really dislike Scott Alexander, and that probably colors my judgment about anything he writes.

        I remember a couple years ago when a lot of the big dissident-right voices were fawning over him because he would sometimes deign to give them the time of day and a little self-righteous engagement rather than an immediate ban. Naturally, he eventually banned them all anyway. I get that people wanted mainstream recognition and acceptance, but Scotty wasn’t even that.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      What the bluetribesman ultimately wants to believe is, that to the extent there are any forces in creation with intentionality, they do not have any more ontological priority over his own being – and that to the extent there are any forces in creation ontological priority over his own being, that they do not have any intentionality. That Being must either be naught but infinitely malleable contingencies, or a blind idiot universe, or some combination thereof; anything that can afford a rationalization for his adolescent desire of wholly unlimited agency – which is to say, a rationalization for his fear of power; fear of anything – anyone – that could have power *over* him.

      Thus their recurrent antipathy to openly acknowledging teleology, and by extension natural law in general, even in contexts where they end up having to describing forms of their likeness in other words anyways, like darwinism or natural selection.

      For to acknowledge teleology, is to acknowledge that they are participants in super-personal phenomena inevitably trending towards certain ends, which they must either respect with acknowledgement, or be crushed by their motions – that they are components even, a substrate through which such more transcendent entities are instantiated on this plane, and interoperate with each other.

      Thus also their recurrent tendency to believe in a ‘colourblindness’ of power – that different forms of power are ‘value neutral’, and may be turned as easily to one end as any other; for to acknowledge that there are indeed different forms of power, more or less given to different ends, is to acknowledge a shape and contour to his own agency; and that is the one thing he cannot stand.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        What you are saying rings true to the extent that I’ve grasped it, but I’m unfamiliar enough with the concrete implications of some of your terminology to be sure I haven’t grasped the whole thing.

        It would no doubt take him much time and many pages to elucidate, but I could sure wish for someone like Karl F. Boetel to spell all of this out with examples in layman’s terms.

        • S says:

          PC is saying liberals are the ugliest man; they cannot abide the thought someone is better than, stronger than or higher status than them in any other sense. This pathology extends beyond people into the purpose with shitlibs attacking anything teleological because it would imply they are subordinated to something greater then themselves.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Scotty’s ‘gods’ are powerful, but also contingent on his beliefs about them; thus they do not have priority over him, he can meme them into a form he wishes; he does not necessarily have to wring his hands over the thought of their agency supervening his own.

          In turn, if he were to say encounter a pile of snow blocking his driveway, his wish alone for it to be out of his way would be insufficient, he has to do something about it in certain ways about it, in order to effect the reality of his wish; the snow is a product of forces that have higher ontological priority – he must either acknowledge and work with them, or suffer for it; the snow, as far as he can tell in his mind, does not have intentionality, and thus he does not wring his hands about the thought of it’s agency supervening his own.

          In other words, even more than the idea of natural laws he is bound to follow, the bluetribesman revolts against the idea of powers *with will* that he is bound to follow. This is perhaps the mythopoetic kernel from whence such certain forms of behavior, sometimes in latter days called ‘leftism’, have recurrently sprung throughout history.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Edward Teller said of John von Neumann:

        He would carry on a conversation with my 3-year-old son, and the two of them would talk as equals, and I sometimes wondered if he used the same principle when he talked to the rest of us.

        Pseudo, it would be great if you could learn to do that too, because I do enjoy your posts when I’m able to understand them.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I don’t mean to dick ride, but some of St. John’s comments are straight up artwork in word form. We have some truly gifted thinkers here.

          • Red says:

            Pseudo-Chrysostom is the only commenter here that I have to read multiple times to understand the full nuances of his posts. He’s really next level.

            • Neofugue says:

              Just as there are dialects among the various English-speaking peoples, every brahmin sect utilizes a particular programming language in conveying precise ideas. Pseudo-Chrysostom applies the vocabulary of philosophy to political discourse in chains of elongated thought – expressed with heavy usage of the em dash as opposed to my preferred semicolon.

              In theology, there are numerous essential terms such as hypostasis, ousia, et cetera, without which ideas cannot be expressed without ending up in one of several heresies – hence discourse here regarding “contradictions.” If Pseudo-Chrysostom were to “simplify” his language his ideas would be less precise, less insightful, and more importantly apt to be misinterpreted.

              If reading Pseudo-Chrysostom is difficult, take some time to learn his language and one will find himself using words such as ontology and contingencies in understanding and communicating his own experience.

              • Red says:

                I have dyslexia which I deal with by speed reading things.
                In a typical sentence you can generally guess the meaning by pattern recognition by only reading a fraction of the sentence. This prevents the dyslexia from kicking in and makes reading enjoyable and easy. I do with almost everything I read, outside of non-verbose technical documentation. It’s a brain hack I discovered in the 2th grade.

                Complex writing like Pseudo-Chrysostom or Moldbug forces me to either speed read the post multiple times to get the full meaning or read it very slowly while having to deal with the dyslexia. That’s always less enjoyable, but typically the posts are worth it.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Insipid avoidance of spiritual reality…

  15. Kunning Drueger says:

    I wrote this comment a while back, but it didn’t seem appropriate at the time because events were very… pressing. Nothing’s changed on that front, but there’s a statement Jim uses sometimes that always bugged me, but I’ve come to understand that it is actually a koan: paraphrasing, this isn’t a current events blog.

    I’ve been mulling it over, and while there’s a real risk of this being cringe or boring, I’ve decided that, on the off chance people might go for it, I think the reward is worth the potential damage to my ego.

    Restitutor Orbis asked a very good question, and it’s one that has been asked before in different ways by myself and others. The underlying question is: where can I get reactionary perspectives on history? There are a lot of very well read men in this tribe, in fact I think it might be a prerequisite for being here. I know that being well read does not make one well spoken or well written, but I don’t think this aptitude disparity will negatively affect my idea.

    I think we should take a stab at writing the general outline draft of Reactionary History. I think we should break up the total of history into sections, and each of us picks a section and rights their reactionary view of what is contained in the section. Each piece must have a clear beginning and ending point, so stitching them together will be easier, but as for the path one takes from beginning to end, well, that’s up to the author. I know that some people here will probably crank out scores of paragraphs, while others may be lucky if they can get three. The point of this exercise is not to dick measure historical grasp. The point is to make a rough draft, see what we forgot or are horribly misinformed, or under-informed, about, and have something that we can point to as a general reference guide for Initiates and the interested after a round or three of edits. No rules regarding plagiarism, as this is not in any way intended for publication. At the same time, lifting wholesale from tainted or slanted sources will negate the reactionary lens. Obviously, the sectioning is important. Also pretty obvious, we can’t all choose 1928 to 1948. We need a rough chronological list of the sections. I think a round of editing on this alone would be appropriate. When we lock in the sections, we post a new comment and people get the section they want in a first come first serve way, or by popular demand. Once Comenator is done assassinating his competitors and gets the World War II section, we can decide on a rough due date for section drafts.

    Also, assuming that Jim is probably too busy to be heavily involved, I think he should be the tiebreaker if needed as well as assign specific sections if he feels someone would do it better then the person who has it. There’s also the issue of concurrency, like how China is almost a history unto itself. My Sections idea might be suboptimal, so maybe themes, or eras? Whatever works best is best, the point is to create a reference guide that fundamentally lays out the Reactionary perspective of history.


    Added at time of post:

    The fact of the matter is that we’ve got a lot of brilliant men here, we’ve got a powerful lens, and we’ve got the capability to create a useful reference tool. There’s a selfishness behind this idea, as well as a lazy motivation: I want access to the brilliance and profundity I’ve come to expect, and it is really cumbersome to sift through the comments and posts on the blog. Everyone here is some type of historian, so I think we should at least consider this project.

    • Red says:

      I think this is a good idea, but you’d need a single person leading it, working by committee doesn’t work. Nor is it an easy task. Someone would need to be rewarded with status, women, money, and fame for taking the time to write such a history with proper references. Without backers, that isn’t going to happen.

      • Red says:

        A better idea would be a reactionary Wikipedia with carefully vetted writers.

        • Pooch says:

          essentially what Moldbug called the “Antiversity”. Is Infogalatic anything like this?

          • Red says:

            Infogalatic is 99% wikipedia article copy/pasta.

            • Bouncer says:

              “Infogalatic is 99% wikipedia article copy/pasta.”

              That is because Wikipedia has a literal basement-dwelling neckbeard autist* who did 1/3 of the work for free, and no one has yet gone through most of Infogalactic to edit things there to be more sensible.


              • Red says:

                Wikipedia was originally the greatest store of accurate human knowledge every assembled, all compiled by autists working on it because they loved knowledge. Today it’s been corrupted into whatever the cathedral current line is on almost every subject and completely controlled by woke academics.

                Nothing should be copied from today’s Wikipedia, almost every article is tainted with lies and propaganda.

                Ingo galactic should have started over from 0 or from an archived copy of a early wikipedia before the knowledge loving autists where purged.

                • Pooch says:

                  There is still good information on Wikipedia if you have the understanding that it has state religion bias injected in it. But many things, Roman history for example, are still quite good.

          • Skippy says:

            Infogalactic is a fundamentally misconceived project. Instead of trying to copy wikipedia’s comprehensive coverage of a billion things that dont matter they needed to get a few dozen core articles correct.

      • Arqiduka says:

        Maybe I misread KD but the above sounds to me like history in ten effortposts that cover the outlines, no references or any such. Something that would fit in five or so printed pages all in all. No need to reward for this type of effort, but it requires exteme erudition that I think only Jim and two or three other commentators may have. Your brains need to have done the synthesis for you already, you just need to bother and write it. I am no such man, but those who are may be swayed.

        “Hunter-gatherers became agriculturalists, which begat religion and thus cities, there was a huge collapse in the BA and a guide on how to survice those times was vorn in the form of the old testament”…stuff like that.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          This is what I’m talking about. Not a Bible of unquestionable accuracy, or a massively sourced document to beat academics over the head with. A concatenated series of brief essays that give a summary analysis of a section of history. A tool of generalities. Someone comes to you and says, “Ok, you say history is a pile of falsities. Fine. Then what actually happened?”

          Maybe instead of sections that are chronologically connected, we start with big events, multi cultural touch points shared by many; the world wars or all big wars really, industrial revolution, the enlightenment, bronze age collapse. It doesn’t need to be the final word in response to whig history, just the first response.

          We’re prepping for spring planting so I can’t go on as much as I’d like, but briefly:

          This isn’t being done by committee. This is a historical fire team laying down hate to open a path. Some of us are basic riflemen, some of us are grenadiers. We do the shooting, and put together something Jim can read and give judgement on.

          Yes, a based-kipedia would be preferable, but looking at infogalactic, as well as Wikipedia, community managed information sources only work when the IC wants it to. OSINT managers work hard to keep Wikipedia up and accessible. So until there is a patron state to provide haven and support, I don’t think that’s an achievable endeavor.

      • jim says:

        I know something about how to make committees work.

        Consensus is dangerous – always leads to evil and madness. Every. Single. Time. Evil people, crazy people, and evil crazy people always have the upper hand in the formation of consensus. So, let everyone speak for himself to his own opinion from his own knowledge, let everyone deal with his own matter, and after a bit, someone in authority notices that everyone is in agreement about certain matters, not because they tried to find agreement like people haggling over the price, but because the truth is what it is. And if some people persistently have a different view of the truth to other people, because the truth is always open to interpretation, and people have different priors, then the leader decides, and no one has to agree with his decision, only comply. But he seldom has to, because the truth is what it is, and you only have smart, well informed, truthful people working on the matter.

    • jim says:

      Obviously we should indeed write a reactionary history, an antidote to official whig history, one with massive quotes and extensive links to old books written by the people who were around at the time.

      A cure for our current history which is written like a game of telephone, with a Wikipedia like aversion to primary sources.

      But I cannot do it. I am overwhelmed by writing code, and figuring out consensus algorithms.

      I thought existing proof of stake consensus algorithms worked, and all I had to do was just rip off someone else’s work.

      They don’t. They scale to very large numbers of transactions very fast, but they do not scale to large numbers of peers dispersed over the internet, at least not without under the rug centralization.

      They are based, more or less, on Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus, which dies on its ass when you have a dozen peers, and is dead in the water at fifty.

      Solving this problem is doable, and I think I have a solution. But it is fundamentally a research project in computing theory.

      There are a bunch of impossibility proofs, but the basic way around them is to use a weaker liveness criterion than Paxos. Instead of producing a definite result, get a result like that of Bitcoin, where you never know for sure that you are on the right consensus, but as time goes by, the likelihood that you are on the wrong chain drops exponentially.

      Paxos aims to make forks impossible. Rather, we have to make sure that there are not too many forks, and the minority fork dies out quickly.

      And my actual code is a dreadful state. I need to get it, not into a useful state, but with enough of the foundations in sight that you can see what the building is going to look like.

      A real consensus algorithm necessarily runs on udp. TCP creates a reliability layer on top of UDP, but you cannot do it that way for consensus, because TCP is a two party communication, and if one party deviates from the protocol, the other party just hangs up on him. But consensus is multiparty, and there will always be some participants that want to screw over other participants, Ann wants to foul up Bob, because she does not like his interactions with Carol. A reliable messaging system does not suffice, because it is defined only for two participants.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “but they do not scale to large numbers of peers dispersed over the internet, at least not without under the rug centralization.”

        What if you accepted the ‘under the rug centralization’ part, presumably under Russian and/or Chinese nukes? Could you still preserve everything else that you wanted to achieve, if you “de-scoped” just on that one point?

        Probably stupid, but I had to ask anyway.

        • jim says:

          China has controls on capital that get right up the noses of a whole lot of very rich people in China, which now has by far the largest GDP in the world, (US GDP is fake because the CPI has been silly for a very long time and is rapidly getting more silly faster and faster, and also fake because the FIRE economy of the blue megalopoli is counted as creating invisible intangible value, rather than destroying value.)

          So, if the developers want to get stupendously rich, cannot rely on under the rug centralization protected by Chinese nukes.

          Under the rug centralization means that someone with a gun is going to take that center away from the developers. Chinese authorities are going to be extremely unhappy with money moving around that is not under their control, and even if you have your center located by the guns of someone who is a good guy, he is likely to become less of a good guy when you have a lot of money moving around in range of his guns.

          • Aidan says:

            What about the Urbit model? A ‘feudal’ structure of galaxies, stars, and planets, rather than absolute centralization or “pure” peer to peer?

            • jim says:

              I have a better plan, will publish it by and by.

              In a decentralized peer to peer network, it is impossible to avoid forks, and even with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus and Raft which have a vast and ingenious mathematical structure to prove that forks are impossible, and with a known and fixed very small number of peers all inside a single data center with very good network connections, they wound up furtively allowing forks through the back door, to be resolved later, possibly much later, because getting a fork free answer could often take a very long time, and the network, though theoretically always live, in that it would theoretically deliver a definitive result eventually as long f+1 non faulty peers were still at it, “eventually” was sometimes longer than people were willing to wait for.

              Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus is horrendously complicated and hard to understand and becomes a lot more complicated when you allow forks through the backdoor. Byzantine fault tolerant Raft consensus is simpler, but in practice they wind up allowing backdoor forks anyway, despite incredibly clever academic ingenuity to produce a system that they could prove cannot fork, and when you have forks in the backdoor, Raft becomes at least as complicated and difficult to understand as Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus, perhaps worse.

              So, your consensus mechanism must reduce, but cannot eliminate, forks and therefore should not try. (There are a bunch of impossibility proofs, which any proposed consensus mechanism must thread a very narrow path between) and when a fork happens, as it likely very often will, has to resolve that fork by everyone moving to the branch of the fork that has the most support.

              In proof of work consensus, you slow down the production of forks by making everyone wade through molasses, and you can tell how much a support a fork has by how fast it advances through the molasses, so everyone moves to the branch of the fork that has made it furthest through the molasses.

              But this turns out to limit the consensus bandwidth to about ten transactions per second, though if the lightning network gets running as it should, this may well suffice for quite a bit longer. (Lightning needs fixes)

              Making everyone wade through molasses is just a bad idea. And it has produced a network that is alarmingly centralized and vulnerable to state power. There are very few big miners.

              But you don’t want all the peers to report in on which fork they are on, because too much data, which is the problem with all the dag consensus systems. Proof of work produces a very efficient and compact form of evidence of support for a fork.

              The solution, in oversimple outline form

              For each peer that could be on the network, including those that have for years been sleeping in a cold wallet, each peer keeps a running cumulative total of that peers stake. With every new block, the peers stake is added to its total for that block.

              On each block of the chain, a peer’s rank is the bit position of the highest bit of the running total that rolled over, up to a maximum.

              So if Bob has a third of the stake of Carol, and N is a rank that corresponds to bit position higher than the stake of either of them, then Bob gets to be rank N or higher one third as often as Carol. But even if his stake is very low, he gets to be high rank every now and then.

              Each peer gets to be rank N+1 half as often as he gets to be rank N, and he gets to be a rank higher than N as often as he gets to be rank N.

              Any group of two or more peers can propose a next block, and if lots of groups do so, we have a fork. If a group of m peers propose a block, and the lowest rank of any member of the group is rank N, then the weight of the block is log(8m+9)*(2^N) Every correctly behaving peer will copy, circulate, and attempt to build on the highest weighted chain of blocks of which he is aware and will ignore all others. Correctly behaving peers will wait longer the lower their rank before attempting to participate in block formation, will wait longer before participating in attempting to form a low weighted block, and will not attempt to form a new block if a block of which they already have a copy would be higher weight. (Because they would abandon it immediately in favor of a block already formed.)

              This produces the same effect as wading through molasses, without the heavy wading, because the chain with the highest ranking peers signing its blocks obviously has more support.

              Fork production is limited, because there are not that many high ranking peers, because low ranking peers hold back for higher ranking peers to take care of block formation, and because forks are resolved in favor of the block of highest weight.

              In the course of attempting to form a group, peers will find out what other high ranking peers are online, so, if we make the Hedera assumption that everyone always gets through eventually and that everyone knows who is online, there will only be one block formed, and it will be formed by the set of peers that can form the highest ranking block. Of course, that assumption I seriously doubt.

              Suppose that two blocks of equal weight are produced. Well, then, we obviously have enough high ranking peers online and active to produce a higher weighted block, and some of them should do so, and if they don’t, chances are that the next block built on one block will have higher weight than the next block built on the other block.

              When a peer signs a block formation, he will attach a sequence number to his signature. If a peer encounters two blocks at the same chain position, a fork, that have the same peer signing it, (a peer can propose as many blocks as it likes) he should discount the signature with the lower sequence number, lowering the weight of the block with the lower sequence number. If the two signatures have the same sequence number, he discounts both signatures, lowering the weight of both blocks.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Question–If the American Republic died on Nov.4, 2020 (and it probably did), is it not also true that the Canadian Republic died when Trudeau assumed dictatorial power without even the assent of Parliament?

      • Pooch says:

        The American Republic did not die on Nov.4, 2020. It just simply demonstrated in a shockingly obvious way that democracy is nothing but a pretense over its actual oligarchical form.

        Canada has never been an autonomous republic. It has always been merely a province of the Anglo-American Empire.

      • A2 says:

        I consider Canada to be dead. (And the US too.)

        It seems, shall we say, very unlikely that things right themselves through existing mechanisms.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      We could take a Wikipedia methodological approach: pic an event or era, write the reactionary summary thesis, then those of us who can or will, add input, additions, corrections, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      A wiki version of radishmag? That would be wonderful.

  16. Red says:

    With COVID going away it looks like Darkie worship is switching into high gear:


    • Gedeon says:

      Color revolution and NATO/Taiwan will fill hysteria gaps between flu seasons. Can’t have idle minds. Anything and anyone WEF has touched is toxic. I had hoped to avoid this, but, in my estimation, we will have to take the time machine back to at least 1850, on a societal tech level, to arrest trend.

    • Pooch says:

      Austin turned into shitlib-central fast.

      • Red says:

        The failure of the GOP at the State level let it happen. They can abolish the Austin DA anytime they feel like it. Red states are going to have to remove the Wokizi in their midst if they’re going to survive for long.

    • Red says:

      Oddly, Reddit is no longer censoring black crime from it’s news section. There’s been 5 or 6 stories about black criminals murdering people up there recently. Typically such stories were banned if the murder was black.

      • Bouncer says:

        The system breaking down? Or are they just too busy clamping down on Canadian dissent?

  17. c4ssidy says:

    In the UK you can get a private covid recovery certificate. Edit the pdf of an old negative certificate to change the date and switch negative to positive. As long as it is not obvious, the online Indian GP signing it will not look hard for signs of tampering. Many test certificates do not have QR codes and I doubt they would check the QR either way, but once converted to a recovery certificate that gives you 6 months of authentic paperwork without having to photoshop it to extend its lifespan. There are several startups and they look like Indian doctors raking in their £80 fee for a few seconds of work glancing at the test screenshot + risk, down from £150, but not much considering that it suffices as a super green pass in places such as Italy and saves the effort of having to fake a PCR certificate to enter many other countries

    • c4ssidy says:

      I notice that the QR contains all information except the date of covid infection. Convenient. The date on the letter can be tampered every six months while the QR would continue to remain valid. But as with tests it would surprise me if anyone would bother checking QR, especially not at airports

  18. Pooch says:

    Looks like that’s it for the Quebec trucker protest. Mass arrests have started. Not only did it achieve nothing, it’s likely to achieve less than nothing for all involved. All too predictable, unfortunately.

    • Pooch says:

      In better news, it looks like it may be go time in Ukraine.

      • The Cominator says:

        The extermination ethos makes you realize that leftist lives have negative value and that the idea of peaceful coexistence as a goal is not only futile and stupid but blasphemous and wrong. Imagine if every normiecon thought that.

        • Pooch says:

          If normiecons thought that it wouldn’t change one iota. Normies don’t matter.

    • The Cominator says:

      The right needs to learn to use violence…

      This is why its so important that everyone on the right adopt the sacred goal of leftist extermination. Extermination as a goal brings clarity…

      • Pooch says:

        You sound like a nutcase.

        • Joe W. says:

          You sound like a pussy and a demoralizing shill. Everything you post here is thinly veiled defeatism.

          • Pooch says:

            You sound like a homosexual fed.

            • The Cominator says:

              Pooch fedpoasting would be advocating specific actions not general principles… discussion of specific actions should never be on any public medium of communication.

              But on January 6th Trump supporters had the capital and could have taken physical control of the people who run the government and weeks ago the Truckers and the supporters had the capital and could have taken physical control of the people who run the government. And at that point you must take your opportunity and not let the enemy escape.

              • Red says:

                The only reason the J6 people got into the capital was feds letting them and encouraging them to go in. Everyone in important at the capital had already left before the riot as per their plan. Pence, Harris and Pelosi where not in the building. They kept some congress critters around so that they could pretend there was real danger.

                The Truckers had won, but Canada was ordered by the US to put them down hard. Most of those guys beating and kidnapping the protestors kids are probably Americans as evidence by their refusal to speak. There was never any way to take power in Canada because the US owns the country. The US must fall apart before places like Canada can be free.

                • Pooch says:

                  Exactly so. Canada is a mere province of the Global American Empire with no real autonomy.

              • yewotm8 says:

                The Canadian protesters did not want to take control of the government. One Six protesters did want it, until they got shot at. Ottawa ones legitimately believed that throwing a party and honking in the streets would get them what they wanted without having to take it.

                Almost every province has announced they will stop their madness soon so at least they got something out of it. Perhaps this suggests that provincial elections are not as fraudulent as federal ones and that provincial leaders see the need to get rid of their rules to get re-elected.

        • Pete says:

          They are exterminating us, and they don’t seem to lose sleep over it.

      • Pooch says:

        The right needs to learn to use violence…

        “The right” is nothing more than a mob of peasants. Mob violence gets put down easily by state violence without elite backing.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          You do not become elite without being practiced at violence, and dangerous men can recognize each other. Hard to have entryism if the bar for entry is set high enough, and the entryists look like they do not belong.

          • Pooch says:

            Our ruling elite is the complete opposite. Completely soft and effeminate, unaccustomed to violence of any sort. Indeed if you are a dangerous man, it is obvious you do not belong.

            • Joe W. says:

              If our elites are “soft and effeminate,” which they are, as evidenced by them crapping their pants after Jan. 6, then it wouldn’t take much to overthrow them. But that will never happen with people like you dismissing any talk of violence and deriding the Freedom Convoy guys as a bunch of losers who accomplished nothing, which is a laughably stupid claim. Even the leader of Ontario is now saying all Covid rules need to go.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              They control violent men, from a distance. Since we do not have our own army of violent men, our command over violence has to be more personal. The added benefit of being capable of violence is that in a civil war their fighting men will respect us more than their own leaders. We should aspire to be a martial priesthood, because we are more likely to get traction that way.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted, seen it all before*]

              • jim says:

                You are giving us the usual rewrite of history in which leftist violence was effective and successful, while (nonexistent) rightwing violence was ineffectual and unsuccessful, because leftists are so much cleverer than we are.

                Nah, leftist violence was backed by the state, rightist violence did not happen because they knew it was opposed by the state.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted for the same reasons as before*]

                • jim says:

                  Left wing violence in the streets happens when the state wants it to happen, and under the protection of the state.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Sure, but why did the state back leftist violence?

                  Wasn’t it because the leftists were effective and successful, and much cleverer than the rightists?

                • jim says:


                  This goes all the way back. Leftism is always a state religion. The mob is just summoned on the streets by a leftmost faction in government, and they are always only there for decoration, to cover for what the elite is actually doing.

                • Pooch says:

                  Backed by the state because attacking enemies of the state.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Why are the state’s enemies the same as the Left’s enemies? The Left took over the state. They did that by being clever, effective, and successful.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “Why are the state’s enemies the same as the Left’s enemies? The Left [globohomo] took over the state. They did that by being clever, effective, and successful.”[Why is it always in threes for the email caste?]

                  Globohomo mercenaries (and globohomo is exclusively dependent on mercenaries now) got their asses kicked by real God-fearing mountain men in Afghanistan.

                  Globohomo only got victorious over Hamburger ‘n Fries McChristianity because Hamburger ‘n Fries McChristianity is faker and gayer than globohomo.

                • clovis says:

                  However, McChristianity either subverted or gravely wounded most more substantial protestant traditions in America. Most conservative protestants have been absorbed by it, and the holdouts are Amish/Mennonite, and remnants of traditional Calvinism, Anglicanism, and Lutheranism.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  In the late 19th century, Booker T. Washington’s idea for coloreds was that the way up from slavery was to advance themselves by creating value, while Mr. Du Bois’ idea was to hack socio-political status in order to be able to arrogate capital for themselves by fiat.

                  Naturally, the whiggish character of Du Bois’ message found more consonance with the conceits of men of the age; and in particular, echoed the whiggish character of America’s already existing sovereign priesthood, and so of course such messages were those chosen to be elevated on their platforms, as the anointed position(s) on ‘the negro question’. A thread that leads up to the tapestry of our most current of years, where of course America’s slave castes have hardly gained in any more value than they were to begin with – in some ways even less so – but have emphatically gained in utility as catspaws in the culture wars; white bodies using rainbow coloured hands to beat other white bodies.

                  This illustrates a perennially recurrent tendency of traitorous elite factions throughout history; the instrumentalization of ontological basketcases – whether alien or closer to home or otherwise – precisely *because* they are basketcases; recruiting loyalty through ideologies that promise status to such sorts of beings that would otherwise have little to no prospect of gaining status superior to more adaptive neighbors by their own powers – and by the procurement of such forces, the causal agent(s) may themselves effect a means of pulling down those neighbors of his, that he would have little to no means of bettering otherwise.

                  One part of them is flattered by the putative idea that their ‘ultimate potential’ is no less – nay, superior even! – to those whose lots in life they would spitefully wish to destroy, and thus a predilection towards ideologies that would validate such a notion, particularly in more insecure examples of the species; while at the same time, another part of them can sense, even if only on an instinctual, subconscious level, that without the sponsorship of a more elite faction promoting the ideology… they would be nothing. Thus, a manic stridency is all but guaranteed.

                  There is a reflexive continuum to this dynamic; he who may be an elite to a catspaw in one context, may himself be an otherwise hopeless catspaw to a further entity in another context in turn; each entity itself evincing much the same psychology as those he can take advantage of; he pursues his course because it comes natural to him.

                  Marginal beings that prove themselves to be not so marginal after all by advancing naturally undermine their usefulness for this purpose. Thus the double-valence of grievance-ology promulgated by a traitorous faction; it speaks for the lionization of marginals over their neighbors, but it also needs them to not actually advance. The marginals themselves are of course mere abstract totems in the solipsistic mind of a chronic backstabber; the results of measures ostensibly implemented with an ostensible goal for their sake don’t matter – rather, it is copacetic if the ostensible goals fail even; because then the pretext may never run dry, that the real point is destruction of others in the backbiter’s own clade that they view as rivals in the broader nation. One can observe that there is actually a kind harmony even between these needs; the same hostile policies it prescribes for the destruction of their neighbors, can also be serving to ensure catspaws remain maximally basketcased.

                  Of course, very few beings actually desire a basketcase existence, and may pursue various means to improve their lot. Which, in more virtuous species, may result in them coalescing into more potent, higher scale forms of social organism, in spite of the best efforts of the traitorous faction to keep things in a state of atomized chaos. Seneca once opined that gratitude was the foundation of virtue. Empirically, we can observe that a lack of supervening insecurities makes an entity quite useless for bioleninist purposes, more or less regardless of it’s capacities otherwise.

                  Thus, there is also a sort of natural selection to this dynamic: a traitor faction needs needs marginals that will stay marginal. And thus, we find an inherent tendency for leftist bodies, whatever their nominal starting point, background, or exponents, to ultimately converge towards any of that which is most maximally dysfunctional, in any matter under creation.

                • Starman says:


                  “However, McChristianity either subverted or gravely wounded most more substantial protestant traditions in America. Most conservative protestants have been absorbed by it,”

                  Amerikwa McChristianity is gay… Liberace Gay.

            • Leon says:

              The west is ruled by deviant priests. The west is so scared of masculinity that it allows it nowhere. Even right wing men are fearful of men being allowed to be men. And if the left is so weak, why do they rule? Why are masculine men ruled by effeminate men? Why is Chad ruled by freaks and deviants? There is something wrong with western men, and it is not just that freaks rule.

      • Herman says:

        In war you should always give the enemy the option of surrender.

        You do not want fight an enemy that knows that if they loose they will die. That will make them fight with everything they got to the last man.

        If there is the option of surrender the enemy will have this on his mind and consider if/when he should surrender.

        Especially if there are unmotivated or opportunistic people among the enemy (conscripts…) they could be quite willing to surrender on favorable terms. This would significantly reduce the amount of enemies.

        • Joe W. says:

          In general, you’re right. But the problem with allowing communists to surrender is that they’ve shown, time and time again, that if they’re shown mercy, they’ll start plotting against us within minutes. Let’s not make that mistake for the hundredth time.

          The Cominator is right. They have to go. All of them.

          • Herman says:

            I’m not advocating for mercy.

            Of course there would have to be adequate terms of surrender which would keep them from plotting against you.

            What I want to say is, it is bad tactics to TELL the enemy

            • Herman says:

              that you want to kill them all

              • The Cominator says:

                You have a lower level authority tell them they’ll be spared if they surrender, and then after all resistance in the field has stopped a higher level says well general so and so says a lot of things but I did not.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  That’s how their side plays it, often enough.
                  Do you want to become like them?

                  Also, if you keep breaking your promises because you don’t like the people you made them to, eventually no one will trust anything you say, and for good reason. The term “non-agreement capable” comes to mind.

                  So if you offer to spare their lives if they surrender – then keep that promise. But exile them somewhere, or something.

          • Red says:

            How did that work out for the Germans in Russia? Never tell your foe your planning to kill all of them.

            • Joe W. says:

              Again, that might be true in the abstract, but our enemies have already made it crystal clear they want all of us and our kids dead (or enslaved). There’s no point pretending.

              • Red says:

                During WW2 German troops were far more likely to surrender to Allied troops than Russian troops. They believed their chances of surviving were better under the allies. You gain nothing by telling your foes that you’re going to murder them all and you gain plenty by telling them if they give up, they probably won’t die.

                There’s is a place for mass extermination in warfare, but it’s best used as a demonstrable tactic such as the Mongols would do to walled cities that resisted them. Leaders like Tammerlame who practiced the sort of mass murder you’re advocating for left nothing but ashes for his descendants to rule over.

      • Karl says:

        Comminator, I don’t know about the right where you live, but my impression is that the right (at least those I know) knows very well how to use violence.

        It’s simply that the right won’t use violence until it is convinced there is a good chance to win.

        In Germany, the right is not using violence, because the general consensus is that the government forces of Germany cannot be defeated at present and if they could US forces would then have to fought.

    • Joe W. says:

      The Freedom Convoy “achieved nothing”? That’s hilariously stupid. Covid rules have been lifted all across Canada, and even the leader of Ontario is now talking like a member of the Freedom Convoy, saying it’s time for all Covid rules to go. The Freedom Convoy also baited Canada’s communists into showing everyone exactly who they are. The average Canadian is now appalled with his government.

      • Guy says:

        The average American has long been appalled with their government. Everyone wanted Trump. The idea that all of a sudden democrats care about focus groups, polls, and winning messages for the midterms seems suspicious. I know this is about Canada, and the convoy can be argued to be a real economic threat, but why not just throw the truckers in prison forever, steal the rest of the elections, and lie on the news? The truckers didn’t fight back with physical violence here, so chances are the government now knows they have full control, nobody’s talking out the Canadian government.

        It seems more likely to me that they’re pretending to rollback the measures, but will later reneg, or that they wanted to roll them back anyway, and this is a convenient opportunity, than the CA gov is listening to the voice of them people.

        • Joe W. says:

          People don’t wake up overnight. Canadians were pathetic for almost two years of crazy Covid rules and then, suddenly, the truckers showed more life than anyone has shown in the U.S. blue states.

          “they wanted to roll them back anyway, and this is a convenient opportunity”?

          No way. The Canadian “leaders” now look weak. The truckers made this happen.

          Some right-wingers (or alleged right-wingers, or NRx, or whatever) seem to be so cucked, they don’t even see victories when they happen.

          • Guy says:

            Maybe, we’ll see. Or maybe the cuckservatives come back in power, leave the ratchet mostly where it is, and ensure nobody needs a vax pass to attend drag queen story hour.

            Not that the perfect should be the enemy of the good, but Im suspicious of the freedom convoy and that any gains here aren’t just psychological manipulation. Plenty of Canadians’ bank accounts frozen over $50 donations. Reminds me of Jan 6th, message sent, enemies identified and imprisoned.

            • Joe W. says:

              “Or maybe the cuckservatives come back in power, leave the ratchet mostly where it is, and ensure nobody needs a vax pass to attend drag queen story hour.”

              The cucks’ and communists’ power is almost entirely illusory. If that happens, Canadians will have no one to blame but themselves, just as Americans have no one to blame but ourselves.

            • Arakawa says:

              Extrajudicially freezing a big pile of bank accounts in Canada over $50 donations would be an amazing self-own by the banksters who came up with this idea. The aftermath might require a bolshevik style purge of the population to keep things under control. While I’m sure some in the ruling class would like to escalate to this, unlike the bolsheviks they don’t have the cadres to pull it off.

              I’m actually more worried that the government will be careful and restrain itself from the temptation to shotgun bank account seizures.

    • pyrrhus says:

      On the other hand, Trudeau’s cossacks trampling a handicapped woman under their hooves is good optics for the freedom party–if they would deign to use it…

    • Joe says:

      The Canberra (Australia) protests have been very much a case of dog bites man for any readers of this blog. The proles cannot rule, and their organisational abilities are taxed by any task that is more complex than organising some electrified music in a park. I don’t mean to be rude. It is what it is.

  19. Zach says:

    Just chiming in with a little thread I ran into today that some may appreciate:

    Finally, I am now confident that I have determined the ultimate pathology of the Spike Protein. To understand this, it is first necessary to understand”

    (introduction to thread)


  20. anon says:

    >(that group of people is increasingly anti government actually and they universally don’t trust the vax)

    First off, no man outside of a few quiet misanthropes who live alone like the late Petti Linkola (who was a rare breed of ideologue who actually followed the implications his proposed politics have) is actually “anti-government” or “anti-authortarian.” Every man who engages in politics to a notable extent in any way is being “muh authoritarian” since the point of politics is to either tell others what to do or demand access to resources. Indeed, men who call themselves “anarchists” are more often than not dishonest dictators who crave unaccountable power with no real limits on their behavior or just deviant/feckless men who see the world as their toilet/drug dealer. For more on this:


    2ndly, plenty of Leftists don’t get vaxxed since they oppose any sort of knowledge or tech associated with White Men as well as belonging to mangod cults that preach worshipping yourself (paganism in the modern day, Satanism, Gnosticism, degenerate versions of Christianity and Islam, modern Judaism, Buddhism). There is nothing special about it. There were plenty of riots in the last couple years with no masks that were excused since they were done by Leftists or their weapons (Tyrone and Co.). Your hippie chick or city dwelling anarckiddie only objects to vaxxes since they’re hostile to Western civ. They’re otherwise fine with trannies, mass immigration, We Wuz Kangz, substances, dysfunctional sexuality. And they can and have cooperated with the likes of Globohomo’s managers (see Rojava and the anarckiddies/lefties making excuses for it being just another shill for Globohomo) or wealthy enough Lefties like George Soros.

    In any case, the most suitable explanation for the genealogy of leftists is just that post-Neolithic societies with their surpluses produces “classes” of men who are aberrant and subversive when not kept in check. These are non-pederast/opportunist fags, dykes, dweebs, spinsters, “atheists”, vegans and other advocates of deviant diets, trannies, “artists”, hostile mulattoes ala Obama and Meg Markle and raging Hapas ala Eli Rodge Rodger, etc. As society transforms across the Neolithic, more and more varieties of men who don’t acquire produce and meat, don’t build anything that lasts bigger than a drug pit or mudhut, can’t operate in a warband effectively, are born. Females who’ll become spinsters or otherwise dysfunctional born since the surplus means she can find beta orbiters/providers to give her things while keeping her vagina unpenetrated by them until gets desperate. The defect that makes exclusive fags and non-autogynephile alongside autogynephile trannies are a thing unlike in proper forager and pastoralist societies (recall that the oldest West Eurasian non-Semitic traditions with reliable scriptures and law codes that flat-out condemn faggotry are in Sparta, Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism as practiced by Brahmins, meaning they all must have been attempts by men descended from foragers and pastoralists to counter dysfunctional behavior in societies urbanized enough).

    To be blunt, currently the only real way to both maintain global tech as being around the late 1800s and remove Leftism in any meaningful way would be to reduce most of the global population to peasants, foragers, and pastoralists backed by post-1800s tech and capitalism and exterminating hostile elites. The anonymous mass society is the breeding ground for the homo, the vegan, the fat fedora lord. Preventing the coming of a new Tower of Babel is needed. “Globalism” as such isn’t really the problem, rather it’s the temptation to mix it all up to acquire more power or have less limits or engage in hedonism.

    • jim says:

      This looks remarkably like yet another shill script “Hail fellow right winger, modernity makes leftism inevitable, absolutely nothing to do with full volume propaganda on every medium and the direct use of violence and intimidation to silence doubters”

      But allowing it through because kind of new.

      Another giveaway is the essenntially random use of our shibboleths without regard to, or understanding of, the theoretical and conceptual framework in which they are embedded.

      The underlying social trends are that Republics are walking dead due to decline in elite virtue, and the underlying technological trends are that aristocratic armies can beat mass armies of reluctant conscript cannon fodder.

      Both of these trends indicate yet another return to aristocracy and kingship, as has happened over and over again.

    • The Cominator says:

      “They’re otherwise fine with trannies, mass immigration, We Wuz Kangz, substances, dysfunctional sexuality.”

      Didn’t say they were perfect (though I’m not sure they are too keen on trannies) just that they don’t like progs the way they have gone.

      “2ndly, plenty of Leftists don’t get vaxxed since they oppose any sort of knowledge or tech associated with White Men”

      Thats not it with the new agey group.

      “And they can and have cooperated with the likes of Globohomo’s managers (see Rojava and the anarckiddies/lefties making excuses for it being just another shill for Globohomo) or wealthy enough Lefties like George Soros.”

      Well the antivax ones aren’t.

      Not saying they are right wing or perfect just that they increasingly hate our enemies too… and are the one group of people with somewhat left wing roots who I would exempt from the helicopter ride squads.

      Civilized society has bioleninist pressures but bioleninism didn’t get going at all until women were emancipated and didn’t go turbo until Uncle Sam the White Knight started protecting their right to holdout for the gigachad (really up until the late 1980s attractive women were in practice not allowed to be single if they didn’t pairup the state didn’t protect them from “harassment” until they got a primary mate) and to have special careers subsidized by men.

    • Aidan says:

      Attributing leftism to men merely wanting to engage in dissolute pleasures always reeks of projection to me. The urban underclass lives this way, but these slaves are the least consequential class of men in history, and the elite leftist who wants power, you tack on merely as an afterthought. The existence of a degenerate urban lumpenprole is not at all necessary for the mechanics of history, and its existence does not in any way make leftism inevitable.

    • yewotm8 says:

      Really wish I’d just skipped to the last paragraph, would have saved myself a lot of time.

  21. Varna says:

    14 minute interview summarizing Unz’s hobby horse about who unleashed the kung flu and why. https://rumble.com/embed/vsi3d0/

    • The Cominator says:

      Fauci unleashed it, “gain of Function research”. Xi played along with propaganda videos and opening the Wuhan airport (while closing everything else). The other critical job in creating the panic was held by CDC director Redfield.

      Both Fauci and Redfield have an almost entirely Jesuit educational background (only Fauci’s medical school wasn’t Jesuit, Redfield went from Georgetown Highschool to Georgetown College to Georgetown Medical school). Fauci also has hinted at being a Jesuit agent and got some kind of award in Rome in 2021.

      So the Jesuits did the corona hoax, all the conspiracy theories about them down the centuries are probably true. The top level of the Democratic party and Xi played along with it. The “science” played along with it because they controlled the big Cathedral scientific institutions.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Meanwhile, Austria has caved, and will lift most Covid restrictions…The Trudeau Regime is looking increasingly isolated…https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/austria-lift-most-covid-19-restrictions-by-march-5-2022-02-16/

      • Red says:

        >The Trudeau Regime is looking increasingly isolated…

        It’s really not. Opposition parties agreed to allow the crackdown because the Cathedral ordered it. They dare not oppose their US masters. This is about crushing opposition and if successful, other Cathedral nations will follow suit to rule directly as dictatorships.

        • Arakawa says:

          If you listen carefully to the state of emergency declaration then you hear them justify it in almost so many words. ‘This made us look bad in front of the Americans^H^H our important trade partners, therefore martial law.’ This justification suggests that, going forward, they will keep going to martial law over all kinds of ridiculous shit.

          The whole trucker thing is disappointing if treated as a coup attempt, more tolerably successful if considered as a Vox Day style ‘make the rubble bounce’ operation by a group of deplatformed victims. Of course the utility of making rubble bounce can be questioned if it gets you nothing in the end.

          Ironically, the more they piss off people by cancelling bank accounts, the more impact this trucker thing will have had in terms of destroying people’s normality bias. The ‘follow the money and rip it out’ plan is based on a very effeminate Mark Carney theory of ruling the world by making decrees from an office to move money around to solve all your problems.

  22. Pooch says:

    If I’m in Europe, I would be pretty white-pilled right now with Russia. There could be a lot of options that suddenly open up to escape to.


    • Varna says:

      I’m more skeptic-pilled about Russia as such right now, but can’t deny they periodically produce based content. Light just now.

      В Совете Федерации совместно с Роскомнадзором готовят законопроект, который предусматривает включение в перечень противоправного контента пропаганду абортов, отказа от создания семьи, а также радикального феминизма. Об этом заявила один из авторов инициативы, сенатор Маргарита Павлова.

      «В сети романтизируются террористы, преступники, маньяки, убийцы. Под видом прав женщин навязываются и пропагандируются убийства нерожденных детей, в том числе на больших сроках беременности. Под видом защиты нарушенных прав женщин очерняются традиционные семейные ценности и роль женщины в семье — так называемый радикальный феминизм. Под видом свободы выбора пропагандируется отказ от создания семьи и рождения детей — так называемый чайлдфри», — заявила она в беседе с «РИА Новости».

      По мнению Павловой, в сети также пропагандируются нездоровые половые отношения и «извращенные формы сожительства», а под видом оказания профессиональной помощи проводятся тренинги по «нормализации девиантных форм поведения и психических отклонений».

      • Pooch says:

        I’m more skeptic-pilled about Russia as such right now, but can’t deny they periodically produce based content. Light just now.

        Russia is far from perfect, but periodically based is a massive improvement on satan worship.

      • Upravda says:

        This is epic. 🙂
        The intention is to outlaw the entire child-free (“чайлдфри”) mindset such as this:

        Speaking of that, I’ve been thinking about death cults of history, and a few years ago it struck me that medieval Cathars/ Bogomils/ Patarens pretty much filled the description. I asked myself how would those cults transform themselves in modern age with need to be “secular”. That is, to remove the notion of God/ Demiurge from public parlance, like some modern descendants of Puritans did with God.

        I think that we would get something pretty much similar to modern progressivism.

        However, someone on Takimag came to the almost same idea back in 2010:

        • Skippy says:

          > “чайлдфри”

          It’s literally English transliterated into Cyrillic? lmao

    • Mike in Boston says:

      I defer to Varna’s firsthand knowledge, but escaping to Russia seems less desirable when one considers that the Russian government is pushing clot shots and QR code cattle tags:

      The federal government is expanding cattle tag features on Gosuslugi:

      “The government is expanding the capabilities of the public services portal. Now personal accounts contain data on vaccinations against coronavirus, as well as on the disease caused by this infection. In the near future, information that a person has medical exemptions for vaccination will also be transmitted to the portal,” Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said. He added that “through the State Services [Gosuslugi], citizens will be able to receive a confirmation certificate.”

      This is especially bad news because Gosuslugi is reportedly being merged with Russia’s state biometric system, which means one day soon you might have to use a thumb-print in order to retrieve a digital clot-shot certificate required for visiting Taco Bell.

      Just as in Canada, Russian truckers are organizing a Freedom Convoy.

      Especially when you look at Russia’s collaboration with Western Big Pharma, this Ukraine business seems just like rival teams of elites jockeying for initial board position before the next round of the game, which I fear will involve large reductions in the prole population.

      • Pooch says:

        Not Russia. The Eastern European countries in the graphic that may become free of globohomo rule in the near future.

        • Varna says:

          Not counting the Visegrad four & Slovenia, the remaining 80% of EE have lost between one fifth and one third of their population to emigration over the last quarter of a century.

          No population pressure whatsoever. Eastern Asians have zero fertility but are still tightly packed. In EE there’s much much more breathing space. Plus, much of the core potential globohomo supporting population has been filtered out into globohomo core countries.

          Also, all of it is former colonies of Austria, Russia, or Turkey (or even Persia when you reach places like Georgia), or most of the above depending on historical period. Thus they tend to be very protective of their cultural heritage and patriotic traditions on an institutional level.

          Also, all of it, except possibly the Baltics, can feed themselves and provide their own energy and simple industry, including normal basic pharma, should events make this necessary.

          Also, the 80% drab part of EE is mostly stuck somewhere between 2005 and 2010 in terms of social media use and overall worldview. Still to a large extent a place of paper books, paper newspapers, indie cable shows and so on.

          The 80% drab EE has many pluses for people who wish to step away from the core of globohomo. However, if a loved one develops a serious and/or complex medical condition, this is where the provincial drabness will be a big fat minus. For big complex conditions one will need to fly to Austria or some such.

          EE can be great for the reasonably healthy and preferably with at least some independent means. If you’re unhealthy, or plan to start from the ground up over there — could be a bit of minefield.

          • Pooch says:

            Good to know. If Russia is successful in forcing a retreat of NATO out of EE, I would expect a retreat from the EU as well in which improving conditions would soon follow.

            • Arqiduka says:

              Forcing a retreat of NATO isn’t a real goal of Russia right now, if it where the US would mive the shared nukes out of Germany Italy and the Benelux into Poland and Romania. That would be end of it. But Russia is not serious about that. Who knows about the future, but right now NATO isn’t going anywhere, at most out of France and Greece who are mightily opposed to it.

              • Pooch says:

                US nukes don’t work. Putin knows this. If the Ukrainian puppet regime falls the collapse of the eastern European puppets will follow in the near to mid term.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Those nukes are free-fall bombs from the ’80s, if you have any doubt that they work than Russia would have no trouble seeing them moved to Poland right? Russia would flip its shit, and quite possibly threaten to invade. They work.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Free falling air dropped nukes are also the least important ones though (easily intercepted). Do the tridents, minutemen, and bullpups still work? that is the real question.

                • Skippy says:

                  Russia doesn’t know if they work or not, and even if many of them don’t work (many many fewer than Americans believe), some of them probably do work.

                  But it only takes a look at wikipedia pages on the US “stockpile stewardship” efforts in the past 30 years to seriously question whether most of the bombs work.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Those are tactical nukes, to be used in a very different context from the Armageddon End of Days scenario. They are meant to stop the ruskies from taking Germany/Turkey and – in this scenario – Poland or Romania, by making the cost of invasion prohibitive and forcing them to escalate. For that purpose, free-fall is ideal, since an ASMP-type weapon could be used offensively, which is a no-no.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Even still, for tactical purposes air launched and vehicle mobile stand-off missiles are preferable – the bullpup part of the equation.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            >Still to a large extent a place of paper books, paper newspapers, indie cable shows and so on.

            Start spreading the neeeeewwwwwwws
            I’m leaving todaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Aha, yes, we may hope that Globohomo loses its sway over Eastern Europe.

          Although the pozzed western Europeans just got the court ruling they wanted, allowing them to withhold billions of euros from Poland and Hungary for “violating the rule of law”, that is, insufficient leftism.

          The younger generation of Poles are already mentally colonized anyway. Hungary is better, but now Orbán will have to face the onslaught of Globohomo media and the fears of his fickle countrymen lest the gibs be turned off. Here’s hoping he can hold out.

          • Neofugue says:

            Reminder that Anatoly Karlin is an entryist demon worshiper faggot shill.

            Aside from the one-hundred percent honest and unbiased studies taken of the young Polish elite, it is important to recognize that the current elite in charge of Poland will not legalize sodomite marital unions.

            As with cuckservatives certain “reactionaries” desire validation from enemies who intend their destruction. In addition to Karlin, Rintrah is another faggot shill having been cited here as of late.

            Karlin declaring Poland legalizing gay marriage in “10 years” presupposes his citations are correct, the votes of young people in a democracy define a country’s policy, and the inevitability of Leftism. Even if the Polish youth are as debased as Karlin says they are, they will not change the country any more than the boomers passed Roe v. Wade. It should be obvious that Karlin’s “Soviet Freezer Theory” is “end of history” Progressive propaganda.

            Reaction is an elite movement, which if not led by those with proper discernment will see their platforms and projects destroyed such as with Socialist Matter.

      • Pooch says:

        When the USSR fell from communism into liberal democracy, the Cathedral heavily infiltrated that transition. All this covid worship in Russia tells me there is still plenty of globohomo influences existent in the deep state of Russia that Putin has been unable to clear out.

  23. Kunning Drueger says:

    In regards to the suppression or obliteration of memetic/rhetorical/ideological structures… Is it possible to completely get rid of these things? Man is fallen, so there will always be entropy. Maybe it’s better to manage them than try to erase them. It might be like corruption, in that it will just manifest wherever the circumstances permit. Instead of saying “no corruption ever,” it’s better to understand where corruption is going to happen, then take measures to mitigate it. Is it better to build a fault tolerant system, or is it better to strive for a perfect system?

    • Aidan says:

      You can kill a religion by eating and digesting it. I don’t mean some Hegelian dialectic nonsense, it is pure power, but by co-opting an ideology’s forms while changing their meanings, you truly kill it. Confucius killed ancestor worship. He says “heaven” a lot, but not “Shang Ti”, says honor your ancestors, but not worship in front of their shrine. And the old Chinese faith completely disappeared, existing only as a few folk customs. Feel free to extrapolate to western history…

    • jim says:

      Entropy cannot be erased. One can merely endlessly remove it, like garbage.

      Complex systems can be permanently and completely erased.

      Our enemies have done a remarkably thorough job of erasing language itself to make thoughts they find dangerous unthinkable, or at least inexpressible. This, however is a weapon more dangerous to he who wields it, than to those against whom it is wielded, since, drinking their own koolaide, our enemies are apt to be blindsided. The second generation fails to get the joke.

      But religions of demon worship and human sacrifice just keep coming back.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        >But religions of demon worship and human sacrifice just keep coming back.

        Is it logical to infer that there is some eldritch power derived from human sacrifice, or is it that those demons are particularly good at manifesting under common circumstances? Or is there another explanation? To my occidental mind, human sacrifice is just so obviously evil. I’m no Romaboo, but that is one aspect of that society with which I heavily identify.

        • The Ducking Man says:

          I’ve had distant relatives and neighbors who went filthy rich performing human sacrifice. Their businesses starts taken off once they were involved in those kind of thing.

          Their family members (usually children first) will die one by one very few years from unnatural coincidence. Sometimes it’s the workers who died. There was also praying, sacred objects, and ritual they need to keep.

          1 or 2 might coincidental, but 20+ people having same kind of fortune is getting hard to deny.

          • The Cominator says:

            They were openly sacrificing people?

            • The Ducking Man says:

              Yeah, some were open some were not (understandably).

              But it was not moloch style open sacrifice, but rather the sacrificed will have some freak accident or got seriously ill and then died.

              Research “Pesugihan” on google. You should get lots of hit.

              • The Cominator says:

                If they were OPENLY sacrificing people why weren’t they arrested and in Indonesia executed… not even our elite does it openly.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You need to do more reading about oriental provincialism. It is super foreign to occidental expectations. I’m not saying this applies directly, but east Asian policing has shit tier forensics because most murderers turn themselves in. DM’d claims stand on their own, but it’s entirely believable. Famous case in SKorea wherein a dike stomped her ex to death, and because she used male sized boots, it was open and shut. They blamed some nigger, IIRC.

                • The Ducking Man says:

                  How can the police do anything if the supernatural being is the one doing the dirty work.

                  Whenever I saw news of elite people having freak accident, I don’t believe it’s coincidemce but merely their turn paying their price.

        • Arqiduka says:

          You cannot use blackmail of a guy illegally parking to have him rob bank: the crimes you can order folks to commit in your name are a direct function of the dirt you have on them. Hence, the greatest crime of them all -child sacrifice, murder and abuse- will let you command a man for life. You don’t need the supernatural to explain why all serious conspiracies have to resort to this filth, not unlike some gang who asks you to off someone at random to get in.

          Unless what DM is saying below holds in which case you do need to postulate the supernatural.

          • The Ducking Man says:

            I can’t say I’ve experienced it first, but I’ve seen the wealth and “antics” first hand.

            In a country where average wages is $6k/year, people who does this kind of thing can have 5 brand new cars, multiple super bikes, multiple 3 story houses, and abroad holiday every year.

            All of that without being owner of mega corporation.

        • Guy says:

          The materialist explanation I have heard postulated is that the killing of an innocent, being so abhorrent, is difficult to do, especially if it’s a child. Doing so requires tremendous willpower. If you have demonstrated to yourself that you have that willpower you will be more likely to exercise your will over the world successfully.

          I’m not a materialist, but it’s a decent stab at it. I’m more likely to think that a spiritual explanation is more likely.

          Then of course there’s gang initiation/ blackmail. TDM’s scenario, if true (sounds fantastical, but who knows) sounds like blackmail fodder and reward to a member of a conspiracy/gang.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Strict materialism, as Jim has pointed out, has problems with demons and magic. Strict materialism is insufficient to explain the world in the same way strict logic fails to explain it. Demons are real, and have real power over anyone foolish enough to traffick with them. Given the rewards associated with human sacrifice, I would assume that it does contain power, and the more innocent, the more power.

          Think of it like a energy gradient. Something off the ground has stored gravitational energy. When dropped, it will release thermal and kinetic energy. Killing an innocent is taking advantage of a spiritual energy gradient. Increasing the spiritual entropy of the universe.

          Regardless of the mechanism, the will of Gnon is clear. God commands us to destroy the witch. Suffer not the unclean to live. Human sacrifice is poison to any society that tolerates it, and its practitioners must be destroyed at any opportunity. Demons and their followers are anathema to order, virtue, and civilization. They must all be destroyed, lest the wrath of God fall upon us.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            This is how you deal with demon worshippers. God-Emperor approved.

          • The Cominator says:

            None of the great physicist stay materialist even if they start out as them…

            Newtonian physics was the most materialist worldview friendly, but Newton admitted that he knew that while his laws implied a clockwork universe his picture was incomplete and Newton was obsessed with the occult (not the demonic aspects of it just esoteric knowledge and he took the Arian view of the trinity which I’m sympathetic to myself).

            Relatively implies a universe that is a projection of a greater underlying reality, Quantum physics with its “spooky action at a distance” and unlimited zero point energy implies a universe that is downright magic…

            Strict materialism is based on a false interpretation of Newton’s work that Newton himself never believed for a second.

            • Guy says:

              Are there any non-evil, non-materialist physicists of any worth? I’d like to hear what they have to say. I like Feynman, but he seems pretty materialist from my surface level familiarity with him.

              • The Cominator says:

                I don’t think any of them were particularly evil, though Einstein was close to a commie for a while (and he wanted to be a materialist but ultimately decided he could not be).

                Don’t think Feynman was a strong materialist either he mostly didn’t talk about the philosophical-religious side of things but he was no Tyndall. Feynman preferred talking life philosophy… and I recently found out that like myself he loved strippers…

                Not even the great midwit science cult pop scientist Sagan was actually a strong materialist he for instance thought that so many children spoke vividly with accurate information of past lives that there should be a real thorough scientific investigation into the phenomena. I guess Tyndall (based on his understanding of Newton’s work that Newton never believed) was a strict materialist.

                • Guy says:

                  To me what seems evil is that these great minds grasp the limits of materialism, don’t limit themselves to a purely materialistic framework, but then work to enforce purely materialistic thinking on those they are supposedly bringing knowledge to. Though, I suppose, it’s less the great minds restricting that knowledge than the institutions they’re embedded in. Also that they only seem willing to consider non materialist ideas that seem demon worship-ish.

                  Though Sagan and Schrodinger, based on your and Cloudswrests comments seem to have been less inhibited.

                  Anyone here have thoughts on Hawking? He was used to push a very materialist viewpoint. I got the impression he was more of a PR instrument where the scientific community put words in his mouth. It’s also an inversion, smartest guy around drools and can’t walk, what does that make you? I’ve seen people suggest there were a few Hawkings over the years, because he lived longer than would be expected given his disease, but never saw that presented as a series theory, more of a meme.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  You’re in the wrong department. These men are physicists; materialist explanations of physical phenomena are their stock-in-trade. If you seek non-materialist explanations, ask a theologian.

                • jim says:

                  The good Christian both believes and disbelieves in demons, so has both a material and spiritual explanation of demonic phenomena, and does not allow one to exclude the other.

                  Our enemies worship demons, and in order that they may say to us, and perhaps to themselves, that they are materialist rationalists, have some thin rationale for worshipful behavior towards material phenomena.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              How does one go from a mechanical clockwork, or a digital finite state machine, to “green”, or “red”, or “burning pain”, or an orgasm? I don’t believe one can and there’s more to conscious experience than classical mechanical clockwork; and AGI requires, as yet, undiscovered physics or undiscovered physical correlations.

              Regarding well known scientists and metaphysics, Erwin Schrodinger speculated that there’s only ONE consciousness in the universe and we’re all just sort of like terminals for it. https://www.hendrik-wintjen.info/consciousness/erwin-schroedinger-one-mind/

              I had similar thoughts before I read of Schrodinger’s. I’ve speculated that consciousness does not reside completely in the brain, rather the brain is sort of like a radio that “tunes” into a global “consciousness field”.

              What is the purpose of pleasure and pain if not reward and punishment respectively. Only a conscious entity can be rewarded or punished. And WHO is doing the rewarding or punishing if not GNON.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Sounds like Bergson’s “holographic” theory of mind.
                I saw this esoteric video as part of David Donoho’s theory of deep learning course. Donoho is the real deal, not sure about this Bergson stuff, but it sounds along the lines of your statement that “the brain is sort of like a radio that runes into a global (consciousness) field”.

        • Aidan says:

          On an esoteric level, there is a certain power that comes with inverting telos, logos, and natural law. Sacrificing the ingroup’s children is the most profound and awful violation of TLN, so I assume that’s what gets the devil’s rocks off the most.

          In a materialist sense, religions that holiness spiral usually go there in the end, for the same reason; paradoxically, because there is nothing more unholy than sacrificing one’s children, the one who advocates for it can profess extreme holiness, and cannot be outflanked by the more holy. There is no signal more costly, so the “child sacrifice” stage tends to mark the end of a holiness spiral. This theory would predict that tranny worship will defeat the various other demon worships, because castrating one’s children and watching them live in misery until they 42% before the age of 30 is the most extreme and demonic possible signal.

          Right now, the competing religions of human sacrifice are Tranny worship, Gaea worship, Darkie worship, and Covid worship. I just went over how the Tranny cult openly advocates child sacrifice, but the other demon worships have not openly gone as far. All of them will result, of course, in massive loss of human life, but the Gaea and Darkie cults have only gone so far as to demand the destruction of productive enterprise, which is still a violation of GNON’s law, but a less severe one, and the Covid cult still pretends it is fighting the demon rather than appeasing it.

          The Tranny cult is the cult of brezhnev, which would contain human misery at civilization-tolerant levels and corral the demon-worshipping religious energies present in our elite to a faith that has already hit moral rock bottom. As Carthage demonstrates, sacrificing some children is a more stable state than a religion that demands killing everybody. I predict that the tranny cult and brezhnev will win, because it is the only cult to have “gone there” and openly advocated child sacrifice.

          Its competing faiths will not have the power to defeat it unless their party lines become “you need to die for the environment/racial justice/public health”. Until you start seeing articles like “Yes, the vaccine may kill you. But here’s why that’s a good thing”, or “Your life will be worse in a green world, but we still need to build one”, or “Yes, white people, Racial Justice means giving up your power… and sometimes even your life”, these competing religions will not have the demonic power to defeat Brezhnev or Tranny worship.

          Very ironically, utopian religions that promise the immantization of the eschaton lose out to openly demonic religions that advocate extreme human suffering in exchange for perceived benefits.

          • Pooch says:

            I am starting to see the signs of covid worship spiraling towards forced vaccination of children. This may end up being worse than tranny worship in terms of child sacrifice, but we will see.

          • Herman says:

            In Germany we are at: “Your life will be worse in a green world, but we still need to build one”

            They are openly saying that higher energy prices are good and that we need to put windmills up everywhere in the country side even if the noise and the rotation makes people miserable.

            • Joe W. says:

              … while Merkel imports another million Third Worlders whose “carbon footprint” quintuples by moving from Africa to Germany.


          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Nice titles, truly uncomfortable feel. Unfortunately (and you know which university I attended, so that should color this anecdote), the inner circle is already at this point. The darkie worshippers gleefully expound upon how it’s good for white women to physically suffer from coal burning. The Gaia worshipers have been pretty explicit about gross total population reduction being the Logical Step. These are all conversations I’ve witnessed. It isn’t so scary when some poor performance undergrad says it, but they tend to become the clerical rank and file. We like to ascribe responsibility to luminaries and figureheads because, as arch conservatives, we assume kings lead. But the in-crowd dictates the message and methods.

            The Corona worshipers have a bunch of “life is precious” rhetoric, and they’re the newest, but I think they, counterintuitively, will be the best suited to compete with the tranny worshipers, precisely because they are the new kid on the block.

            • Arqiduka says:

              I think corona-worship may have gotten such extraordinary mileage due to Boomers being who they are. With them gone it becomes a nothing-burger but boomers still have a decade ahead of them. In the long run its tranies, nogs or gay-a, unless this is stopped

            • Aidan says:

              The inner circles of each faith, and the young zealots, advocate death and destruction. But this human sacrifice is not yet part of the official faith for any of them, except for the trannies, whose misery is open and apparent to anybody who lays eyes on them.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “Very ironically, utopian religions that promise the immantization of the eschaton lose out to openly demonic religions that advocate extreme human suffering in exchange for perceived benefits.”

            OK thought experiment. “Which Demons would run over the (utopian) Star Trek world?”

            The Gaia Demon? They already have that covered.
            The Covid Demon? Miracle Vaxx surely added to the water or whatever.

            The Darkie Demon? Not sure, because they also have actual aliens around.
            The Tranny Demon? Ouch. Even Captain Picard couldn’t talk his way out of that one.

  24. c4ssidy says:

    Trudeau is starting the previously-predicted-here blood diamond attack: https://finbold.com/canadian-police-block-over-30-crypto-wallets-associated-with-the-freedom-convoy-truckers/

    So truckers cannot currently cash out into dollars on PayPal and other exchanges. Interesting to see if in the long run they can stop people from buying groceries with tainted coins. I think lot of us would still want to get our hands on cheap tainted crypto for the time being but I hear the residents are still giving them food for free and telling them not to worry about the digital wallets

    • Pooch says:

      This is not the blood diamonds attack. I believe this is just blocking public keys from sending/receiving bitcoin to the big KYC exchanges. It’s probably not that hard to get around this by just creating new wallets and using the new wallets to interact with the exchanges assuming you have control of your keys and your bitcoin was not just sitting in an exchange.

      • c4ssidy says:

        They are marking the bitcoins in these wallets, and looking out for where the bitcoins are sent to. Wouldn’t solve it by using an intermediate wallet

        • jim says:

          The time may well be coming to get out of bitcoin.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            Patiently awaiting the promised coin.

            • jim says:

              This is taking longer than I had hoped and expected.

              Still not in a fit state for other people to come to my assistance, let alone ready to use

          • c4ssidy says:

            I recall the original 30$ boom happening shortly after that senator publicly rallied against bitcoin and Silk Road. Sometimes the battles can get people talking. I see a lot of people now talking about crypto in response to Trudeau freezing bank accounts

        • The Cominator says:

          Use the tainted bitcoin to buy Monero then use the Monero to buy other cleaner bitcoin?

  25. Aryaman says:

    Wife recently reported to me that 2X year old fiance of someone we went to high school with died of sudden heart complications. So strange and sudden deaths are not in my circle yet, but shockingly close to my circle.

    This is something that simply does not happen, yet is happening now. I did not hear anything like this before the booster era, meaning we knew people were dropping dead but it was enough rare that you likely heard about it only when looking for it. No longer the case: the number of people who know someone who knows someone that dropped dead strangely and suddenly is growing quick.

    Unless they push down a 4th shot I don’t expect to hear too much more of this (though there is a long-tail of debilitating sequelae already baked into the cake).

    • The Ducking Man says:

      I just want people start mandating 5th and 6th shot already.

      Less people the better.

    • pyrrhus says:

      I now count 3 highly suspicious sudden deaths in the realm of family and acquaintances..all since they started pushing the jabs…

  26. Pfizer withdrawing their application in India for their covid vaccine


    Interesting, but hardly surprising.

    Officially India is still holy about vaxxing, but increasingly the worship has become far less enthusiastic especially after the Omicron “wave”

    • Dharmicreality says:

      Old news, sorry. That’s from February 2021.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      “In a five-year-old report, the Libyan preacher is accused of having given hate speech against Jews, Christians and Shiites. The quote in Arabic that caused a stir read: “Oh Allah, I ask you to destroy the enemies of our religion, to destroy the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Russians and the Shiites. God, I ask you to destroy them all and restore Islam to its former glory.

      The Imam claimed that his Arabic quotes had been mistranslated: “I never said that. The translator is a liar,” he said. Abu Ramadan, who was charged with inciting racial hatred, is still a member of the mosque, which is housed in a former factory in the popular Madretsch district.”


      Again, mistranslated….

  27. C4ssidy says:

    IPFS is supposed to be a decentralised file system to replace web server image hosting , but why does its community not seem to be talking about using small amounts of crypto over lightning network to pay for hosting files? Why are movie torrent websites and programs not using small quantities of crypto to reward people for hosting and uploading, especially obscure ones where a man is often forced to buy the physical dvd in post due to a lack of interest in seeding (and zero normie streaming options). Z-library is excellent and accepts crypto for its membership, but it ought to be charging tiny crypto chunks for a book or scientific paper and have tiny bounties for uploading missing ones, especially requested missing ones, with a view towards all the hosting being decentralised . Is the bottleneck simply a lack of vision among devs or do we still have to wait a few years for the full development of micro transactions in crypto? What are the technological limits of lightning networks? Will I be able to play a real time fps with gold coins corresponding to a millionth or billionth if a dollar, and throw piles of them around, picking up and dropping them in real time with no lag? Will I be able to skip a video advert with one click for a hundredth of a cent through my browser?

    • jim says:

      I have said many times I am profoundly unhappy with the state of the lightning network. But the taproot upgrade was designed and implemented by people who intend a lightning network that works the way it should. They expected enemy action, and no enemy action took place. Possibly, however, the enemy is embedded among those implementing the lightning network, and it will fail to take proper advantage of taproot. I am concerned about the lack of lightning network concern about enemy action.

      The current state of cryptographic software indicates that without a reasonable and moderate level of vigilance about enemy action, about shills and entryists, you are likely to fail.

      If you expect enemy action, you probably will not get any. If you don’t expect enemy action, the enemy strikes and you don’t notice.

      I think our enemies in cryptography don’t want to strike where their actions are likely to be caught and exposed. They don’t want people to become more conscious about enemy action in crypto than we are already.

    • notglowing says:

      > IPFS is supposed to be a decentralised file system to replace web server image hosting, but why does its community not seem to be talking about using small amounts of crypto over lightning network to pay for hosting files?

      Good question. I happen to know a fair bit about this topic. What you’re describing exists, and it’s called Filecoin. It uses IPFS as one of its protocols.
      However IPFS itself cannot work for (paid) fully decentralized hosting.
      You cannot trust that someone is actually keeping your files stored, nor can you verify how much bandwidth they have consumed serving them.

      Both of these are tremendously complicated things to do in a decentralized fashion, and Filecoin solves it, but at great expense in terms of CPU power, and with very sophisticated math to prove storage of files continuously.
      It’s not economical to have a filecoin node with less than say, 100TB of storage, and it requires a powerful CPU with a lot of RAM.

      In any case it could not happen with just IPFS. Microtransactions are not the major issue. That’s the easier part. In fact a big issue with Filecoin is that storing a small amount of files is ineconomical because of the process involved in getting a contract with the nodes storing it. It’s not just moving money, which could be done through LN. There are alternative protocols, such as Aleph, which I tried, which are maybe less sophisticated technically, but provide a much cheaper way of storing small amounts of data that changes frequently, more like a database. It’s more expensive than Filecoin by the byte, though. But it scales down to small amount, and frequent changes.

      However, the benefit of IPFS is that it’s a neutral protocol that allows anyone to store the data, and have *one link* for it that only depends on the data itself and not where it is stored.
      There are plenty of centralized IPFS hosting services.
      Meaning, if you have some file, you can store it and serve it through IPFS using multiple services, your own computer, volunteers, etc, and as long as someone still has it, the same link will work. Much like with torrents.
      Unlike torrents, the data is hierarchically divided and individually addressable.
      If you have a torrent with 100 files, and one needs to be swapped, you need a new torrent, a new link, and everyone who was hosting the v1 of your collection needs to get the new torrent and move over to the new version of it.

      With IPFS, individual files, and even parts of them, are individually addressable. Meaning, if you replace one file, the people hosting and serving the other files will still serve the other files for the new version of the collection. And they only have to change something to also serve the new file you replaced.

      Fully decentralized is more difficult, as I explained.

  28. Chris says:

    Anecdote incoming …
    Pureblood. Upper-middle aged. I get some sort of bug every five years, and my body’s reaction is chills and night sweats. Other than these twice-per-decade bouts, I have never been diagnosed or self-diagnosed with a cold or flu. In February of 2021, I had a more serious bout of night sweats than ever before and was off my vittles a bit though still ate and worked. I coughed maybe *five* times. Chills were bad but it is real cold where I live. No other symptoms. When it lingered into day 6 or 7, I called my Dr. Even my Dr., a noted shitlib, didnt tell me to get a Covid test and prescribed flu meds which I never ended up taking because my symptoms were over before I got up to the pharmacy. In September, with Delta swirling, I was curious what an antibodies test would show. It was positive for covid … twenty times the level needed for positive. I still dont know whether February had been my covid bout or whether I had some sort of ‘Immaculate Conception” of Covid to get those antibodies. In October, I waited on my wife hand-and-foot during her Covid week and never got covid.

    • C4ssidy says:

      Eric Weinstein seems to claim that covid is caught from a saturated room, meaning without air flow. Based on his model you can be in a room with someone with covid and be fine so long as air is flowing, but catch it from one step in a stagnant room

  29. Pooch says:

    Executive in the FDA caught on project Veritas saying the plan is annual boosters and that the goal is for all schools to mandate them for all ages of kids. The holiness spiral is not done yet.


    • Pooch says:

      Perhaps in true demonic fashion, the blood of children is more valuable then those of adults.

      • The Cominator says:

        At least it may put enough of a fire in cuckservatives to write sternly worded letters.

        The best people to probably show this too are like new agey chicks…

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        We discuss Caesar and Khmer Rouge but maybe it all ends with the Left jabbing themselves to death. Wonder where I should pioneer when it’s done.

        • jim says:

          The trouble is I am seeing increasing indications that the guys at the top, they guys who are in on the conspiracy, are not jabbing themselves. We will still have to deal with them, which may be difficult. The plan may well be that all of the elite except the conspirators dies, leaving the conspiracy in full control, and killing off most of the normies is just a stage prop.

          It may well be that they want to kill off everyone close to them, and killing off everyone else is not really something that matters to them.

          • The Cominator says:

            Jesuit holocaust when?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              The longer this goes on, Com, the more and more I think I am going to be the one pushing you to kill more people faster, against your inclination. I am beginning to think we need to look at ourselves as Cortez slaughtering the Aztecs more than Ceasar. Human sacrifice cults need to die obvious, brutal deaths.

              I think Rome killed 75%+ of the Carthaginians when they sacked their city, and that seemed to be sufficient to prevent recidivism. Cortez clearly did not finish the job, though he did pretty good. I do not know how many he killed, but it is probable that we will need to kill proportionately more. Luckily we have the physical technologies to do better targeting, we just need to rediscover the social technologies that permitted them to kill so many.

              • The Cominator says:

                In the hypothetical that we are in a position to do this… Don’t purity spiral… never never. Especially when it involves this. I don’t think Cortez got rid of nearly that many (how could he with I think a little over 200 men who had swords and matchlocks) the other tribes slaughtered most of the Aztecs after the Spanish destroyed their state and then disease killed much of the population.

                Also I’m not sure if the Romans wiped out the Baal cult (the Phoenician sun God) since the Vatican demon worshippers have much of that symbology. I think there were other centers of that besides Carthage, Tyre was sacked badly by Alexander (not as bad as Carthage) but Sidon survived…


                Yes the rot is deep but the categories of people who need to go away need to be defined by strict criteria, we don’t want wild random slaughter of innocent. My preliminary suggestions would be as follows.

                1) Any male in the “priest” (or brahmin) class who is still a leftist (progressive, commie the type doesn’t matter) after 2020. The attractive women will be sold off as concubines. This will make up at least 90% of the people who have to go.

                2) All activists leftists and NGO members (this will be most of the remainder).

                3) Anyone in the laundry list of globalist groups (WEF Atlantic Council Bilderberg group etc) who can’t show they were some right wing dissenter (I could see Kissinger getting off for this but not many others and he is super old anyway), in this group the women have to go too…

                4) Anyone with a position of rank in the Democratic party, and in most cases all big Democrat donors (I say most because there are people in the merchant class in Dem areas who basically have to kickup, Trump used to have to do this and whatever his failings I do not think he was in on it) or has held rank in the past 20 years (I’ll make exceptions for Tulsi, Manchin and Sinema on this). Like with group 3 women too.

                5) All members of the Jesuit order and especially all closet Jesuits like Fauci and Redfield, they are all to be interrogated under drugs sleep deprivation and perhaps other methods I need not describe to find out who the coadjutors are. The word is not to be accepted blindly of course. In addition if we recover to global power status we should use diplomacy to pressure other states to adopt this since they are a global problem.

                Yes I know people have the reservations that all this is rather more classic conspiracy than classic NRx but the last few years have been more like living in the culmination of a classic conspiracy theory. If any group coordinated the worldwide Covid scam the world’s original glowniggers are the best candidates. Also the two people (Fauci and Redfield) who had the most crucial jobs in the whole scam have backgrounds that make them look like Jesuit coadjutors (and that Fauci has hinted at that directly) further serve to condemn them. There are other things like Italy (a country where they are extremely powerful) being used as for the initial agitprop and panic… but if anyone wants to post exculpatory evidence go ahead. I’m not 100% convinced they did it but I’m 90% there.

                And as for reservations we’ll be getting rid of super smart people… some exceptions can be made for extraordinary IQ and talent on a case by case basis.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I am not holiness spiraling. It is not a matter of how pure I am, just how fucking evil our enemies are. Human sacrifice is one of those thing that you do not get to come back from. “Oops, got carried away with the rest of them, please forgive me,” is not going to cut it. In every situation with human sacrifice, it either gets burned out or God gets displeased with insufficient burning. The will of Gnon is clear that the only way to deal with it is to kill everyone that was in on it, no exceptions, no mercy.

                  There are lots of things that you can do as a very evil man that a sincere-sounding apology and repentance will excuse. Human sacrifice is on a very short list that gets you chucked on a pyre or put to the sword no matter how much you apologize afterwards. There is no grey area, just black and white; did you participate or not?

                • The Cominator says:

                  While I agree and I’m harsh on NPCs the NPCs boosting themselves and their kids probably have no idea that is what they are doing (if they did they’d at least be hesistant to boost themselves), I agree most of them have to go but lets not attribute to them a level of consciousness they don’t have.

                • Gedeon says:

                  Don’t play close to fire. Cut around the tumor. Etc.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’d like to think I’ve advocated for a more grounded reasonability when it comes to purging those who would drive our species to extinction. I am firm believer in nuance and as much certainty as possible. I also believe in giving people another chance to do the right thing. I’m not backing down on the optical argument, and as TC rightly, if somewhat surprisingly, points out, we must be wary of the rangers of purity spiralling.

                  That being said, if you took your kids to get vaxxed, and you took a picture, and you posted it, I am starting to think that’s case closed. I just can’t come up with a reasonable excuse for that kind of behavior.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I am not talking about the NPCs, I am talking about the elite responsible for all of this. Everyone involved in covering up the numbers or pushing boosters after the problem became obvious goes, no exceptions. No leniency or special dispensation for high-IQ cultists, no mercy for cultists under pressure to keep their jobs. Every single one of them we find, we burn, because that is what God wills.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  It starts with “s” is bloody brilliant.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If you look at the numbers and what everyone in power is saying, the vaxx is safe, and the boosters are safe. I am not advocating for execution of parents who jabbed their kids because they thought they were helping and it was the right thing to do. I am talking about going through the FDA and CDC like Israel went through Jericho. I am talking about burning “public health officials” at the stake for witchcraft.

                  My change of heart is not regarding the NPCs, except in certain, egregious, and narrow cases. I thought we could get away with cutting the head off of the snake, and letting the body wither. The people in charge got the axe, while the lower rungs got a forced retirement. Now I am thinking we need to go a lot further down the snake than just the head.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I am not talking about the NPCs, I am talking about the elite responsible for all of this. Everyone involved in covering up the numbers or pushing boosters after the problem became obvious goes, no exceptions. ”

                  99% agree, but I would make some exceptions for 160 IQ plus (I do not necessarily consider Dorsey to be in this category)… they could be made to do good work.

                  It’d be mostly a moot point as I’m sure there are at most like 3 people in this category, the people you describe are all midwits nowadays.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This may be a fatherhood thing, and I have a record on this blog for being soft on kids. For instance, I’m not afraid of bastards, nor do I think they are always a cancer on society; I think with good fatherly surrogates and a perilously high bar to aspire to, they can actually be a better martial force, for certain use cases, than the landed nobility (as in, folks like you are Space Marine Officers, and the kids I adopt and train are neo-janissaries). This is a byproduct of having a soft spot for potentiality. I know the little nigglet is just going to grow into a worthless banger, but my heart tells me he could be a marine. The flip side of this reckless emotionality is the unadulterated, blind hatred that pours out for those who would destroy the innocent.

                  If it were up to me, every parent that not only sacrificed their progeny to baal-corona, not only documented it, but spread it around to get recognition for the human sacrifice… the wood chipper is too good for them. It’s the posting of the pic that damns them. They are dancing in the offal of their offspring at the foot of the pyramid, and they are gleeful.

                  Obviously, I’ve lost all objectivity on this one.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’ve spoken that I think its wrong to go out of the way to mistreat bastards (they’ll have a hard enough time already without making it extra hard and extreme mistreatment of them was a feature of Catholic countries and their predicament is the fault of others not themselves), and as far as women go I generally get on better with fatherless girls… but I’m merely pointing out that thinking the NPCs are CONSCIOUSLY poisoning their kids is to attribute to them a level of critical reason to them they do not possess.

                • jim says:

                  Misbehavior is hereditary. It makes total sense to punish the sons for the sins of their fathers.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Israel made a few exception like that once, Cominator, and God punished them for it until they did the right thing and killed them, and I believe that was merely livestock. When we go through, we can find the people that argued against all of this and spare them. There will be some, just as there are some at Harvard trying to argue against the madness. The rest go on the pyre, because to do otherwise is to invite the wrath of God.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Com, 160 IQ men are a renewable resource. You can breed more of them into existence if you have eugenic fertility. You do not get eugenic fertility without a strong social order, and you do not get a strong social order without obeying the will of God. Sometimes you have to make choices that you do not like to get the results you want.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You’re probably right, and I genuinely respect and appreciate the nuance with which you’ve colored your perspective. The ability to modify our positions based on dialogue is a rare and powerful trait.

                  I think some crimes cannot be forgiven, and a plea of ignorance doesn’t apply. You and I share a precept: mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. A housefrau getting her child vaccinated because that’s just what you do is forgivable, and the consequences the child will suffer is punishment enough. But documenting and displaying it to get attention and praise is behavior that must be punished. I don’t need to give details for you to figure out why this one is on my mind, I’m sure it’s inferentially obvious.

                  On a related note, pureblood mothers should be praised unsparingly.

                  This, and other issues related to defining the guilty is quite a challenge. Your developing metrics seem to be on the right track. There needs to be a category for crimes against nature/evolution, like putting kids on HRT, or birth control by default, or abortion in general. The obvious ones are the medical staff responsible. But where is the guilt line for parents and guardians involved? That’s a tricky one. I’ve previously stated that those without children are handicapped in certain things in terms of decision making, but I guess I was blind to the other side of that coin; cooler heads are needed in deciding crimes against kids. If it’s up to me, I’d retrofit a would chipper into a CH-47.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Anyone in the right circumstances can produce bastards. Unowned women naturally tend to do it… and men with unowned women naturally tend to do it.

                  Everyone here would have 10 of them probably if they didn’t want to potentially get hit with child support laws (the problem with those is its the dumber guys like Tyrone who end up having lots of bastards) but this doesn’t mean we’d all pullout if such laws didn’t exist. Smarter guys pullout in the US but when they fuck women in the 3rd world not too many pullout.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  In a certain third world country with a very deep river, there’s an orphanage that was built in the 1970s with quiet money from the US military. Many of the orphans were suspiciously pale with a relatively pronounced tendency to be taller than there native cohort. Totally unrelated, there was a few FOBs and villages with an abundance of brothels within long walking distance.

                  Many decades later, a young man trying to figure himself out through disaster tourism volunteered at the establishment. Every Thursday night, all the kids that shared a father would sit down to a big dinner. The packs of bastards had some very interesting phenotypic characteristics. A certain nun shared an anecdotal observation that, in that heavily Catholic country, a man would father multiple children on a woman, then put her away when she became undesirable. The process would sometimes repeat often, so that you’d get 12 or more kids, all with the same father. Strangely, there was no day set aside for blood tied groups that all shared the same mother but had different fathers.

                  Managing bastard populations is an interesting problem. If GNON gives us the victory, it’s an issue I’d gladly take up so other, more important things can be done by leaders who don’t want to deal with it. The goal is to give bastards a path to a meaningful existence while keeping bastardy low status, as it should be. More directly to your observation, if I could do it all over again, I would never have pulled out, not once. But that’s just me, I really enjoy being a Dad and I’d love to have an army of kids.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I didn’t know we had any bases in Brazil (Phillipines doesn’t have rivers)…

                  If so the US soldiers are undoubtedly improving the genetic quality of the population by bleeching the women.

                  We would not have a large bastard population post victory because few unowned women, I don’t think the small population we would get would be a problem.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  No matter how thoroughly you proceed with this, I don’t think you’ll achieve what you want to achieve. The only way to proprely exise leftism dor a long time is to make some third of the population non-citizens, revoking their citizenship and asigning them citizenship in a Greater Canada or newly independent California. Make income tax payable by foreign residents only and they will eff off in time, your South Afrikan playbook.

                  No matter how many heads you chop off, the only way to settle this humanely is to shift the balance of power by moving enough NPCs.

                • Aidan says:

                  Rome did not wipe out the Baal cult. A couple hundred years later, there was a temple to Baal on the Palatine hill. But sacrificing kids to Baal was a Punic holiness spiral. The Baal worshipers in old Phoenicia did not sacrifice children, and after Rome did for Carthage, nobody who worshiped Baal did.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Stomped on so effectively it did not reappear for centuries and returned without human sacrifice is pretty good. Still demon worship and need of more stomping, but purging the cult of human sacrifice so thoroughly that it stayed sacrifice free centuries later is no mean feat. It is more than Cortez did, because the human sacrifice is coming back to Mexico. That is not to take away from what Cortez did, but to illustrate how difficult the task at hand is.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Given the way the past few years played out… they may have just gone underground.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            There is a simple solution to that once the deaths really start to bite. Once what they have done becomes obvious. It starts with “s-” and ends with “-ticking them in a woodchipper feet first and using them to fertilize the Rose Garden.”

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            What indications?

            If it is a conspiracy, and it proves successful, easy to imagine the triumphant conspirators slaughtering each other by other means. How could they ever trust one another? Where would they get their cohesion after having wiped out all significant opposition?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Not only that, but after killing off most of the elite, a decapitation strike by an outsider needs to hit far fewer people to be successful.

          • Karl says:

            What indications are you seeing hat the guys at the top, they guys who are in on the conspiracy, are not jabbing themselves?

            • Varna says:

              For starters the fake jabbing pics with so many of them.

              In this sense Putin is borderline honest in the wink wink nod nod sense. He refuses to do a jab in front of a camera, changes the subject when asked which shot he got. As if he’s sending a message along the lines of “look I have to go along with this but what are ya, nuts?”

              Russian anons noted that the mandate hysteria in Russia went off after the meeting of Putin and Biden, whatever that may mean. Before that the Kremlin was trying to declare a victory and a return back to normal. After the meeting things went into the opposite direction, albeit in the sloppy and not quite convincing eastern slavic way.

            • Pooch says:

              I believe the CEO of Moderna said in an interview he was not jabbed if I recall. I would not be shocked to find out Fauci and the top level virologists are not jabbed being at the very top of the conspiracy.

              However, the vast number of elite and ruling elite seem to be jabbed.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              It might take some digging, but there are occasional /pol/ threads that show people of note getting “jabbed” with the syringe cap still on.

            • BRAIN says:

              Those in the know are surely unjabbed. There’s a good number of useful idiots that are on board with the holiness spiral – probably the majority – that are actually getting themselves jabbed, but those at the top (leading WHO officials, leading politicians in western countries, likely leading virologists aka each countries’ version of Fauci) are not. If they get jabbed on TV, it’s fake. There were many threads on /pol/ exposing these fake jabbings.

              A point that we can extrapolate this from – the Covid response has been more or less the same throughout the west. Not only that, but the talking points being used are identical – in my country one of our leading officials used the exact same bullshit lines that I heard in American media, with a week or so of delay. This thing is coordinated, its not every country scrambling to cover the evidence up in their own way. Hence, those coordinating this are aware of what’s really going on.

              Additional point, a trusted source tells me leading politicians in my country did not *actually* take the jab.

  30. Cloudswrest says:

    I read in a lot of news articles that Canada is targeting crypto as part of their crackdown on the trucker protest. Purely out of practical interest I’ve been wondering, “How’s that working out for them?” None of the articles mention any sequela.

  31. Leon says:

    Supposedly there is going to be an “attack” (that glows in the dark) on Kiev in Ukraine tomorrow. Anyone think that is going to happen?

    • Pooch says:

      Either that or when the invasion doesn’t come, globohomo can pat themselves on the back and say “See look how great we are! We made the big bad Putin stand down!”

      • The Cominator says:

        No that is what they’re doing, once they started publicly announcing the suppossed invasion date i knew it was ALL fake and gay.

  32. Anon says:

    Anti-mandate protesters are holding a twitter space “emergency meeting” in response to the state of emergency.

    One who was at the Windsor/Detroit border blockade tells a story of how their communications were infiltrated, leading to organizational collapse…

    😡 😡 😡

    • jim says:

      Well, no wonder they are infiltrated.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Shit moderation model? That’s what happens.

      • The Cominator says:

        Its not a model… Jim can easily spot 99% of leftist shills and i can… and hardcore reactionaries in general with midwit iqs at least can. But normiecons can’t do it.

        • jim says:

          Normiecons are so hungry for validation, that it is easy for enemies to slip in, dressing radical left wing ideology in right wing costumes, and demon worship in Christian costumes. That is what the Third Positionists have been doing ever since Hitler killed the left wing of the Nazi party.

          That is a very big part of how Trump got fucked. Turned out the Federal society was a nest of enemy traitors.

          Papen expected he could co-opt Hitler into being a front man to give the appearance of democracy for the corrupt mob of degenerates running the state, but Hitler was wise to that. He wanted to run the state. Strasser figured that by being holier than Hitler, he would wind up running the state, but Hitler was wise that also. And Strasser, being a degenerate, would probably have made a good front man for Papen or Stalin.

          Stalin figured that Hitler would wind up co-opted to being front man for Papen’s leaderless mob of degenerates, and then the commies would take over the role of the real opposition. When this turned out to be false, he then focused on entryism against fascism, a job now being performed by Soros’s minions. Third positionist ideology is designed by the usual degenerates to give them cover for the usual looting, and is by design readily co-optible to almost anything.

    • Joe says:

      The protest groups are horribly infested with enemy memeplexes. In one meeting, an argument arose between the leadership of two different factions over which side was more guilty of protecting “pedophiles.” I am explaining the problems with this to anyone who will listen but I dare not speak too loudly lest I be burned at the stake as well.

  33. Joe says:

    One jab, two jab, three jab, four

    Is your chest a little sore?

    Five jab, six jab, seven jab, eight

    Now you’re at the pearly gate.

  34. Pooch says:

    Washington DC ending vax mandates. This is a bit shocking to me.


    • jim says:

      I am startled. I was not expecting them to stop until everyone died.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m sure every moron parasite in the District of Corruption got jabbed anyway, those in the know who wanted to kill everyone probably got a fake shot anyway.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        It is not impossible that the mandates will resume due to some “new variant” or other such excuse.

        But Moldbug (Yarvin, if you like) is right that contemporary people, both the geriatric left and the young & dumb libs, are pussies. The events in Canada *frighten* them.

        Unfortunately, it is easier for the left to reboot vax mandates than for the truckers to reboot their protest. They may win one round, in regards to DC and other locations have already won, but the relentless enemy will wear them down.

        • Tityrus says:

          > But Moldbug (Yarvin, if you like) is right that contemporary people, both the geriatric left and the young & dumb libs, are pussies. The events in Canada *frighten* them.

          > Unfortunately, it is easier for the left to reboot vax mandates than for the truckers to reboot their protest. They may win one round, in regards to DC and other locations have already won, but the relentless enemy will wear them down.

          Well, then the truckers must organize in such a way that they can set up a new “freedom convoy” on short notice the moment it becomes necessary again. This would bridge the gap between the protestors’ current objective (end mandates) and the objective they should be pursuing (overthrow and replace the government).

          • jim says:

            > This would bridge the gap between the protestors’ current objective (end mandates) and the objective they should be pursuing (overthrow and replace the government).

            No it would not bridge the gap. It could be a small step towards bridging the gap.

            To bridge the gap, need to recognize that the time of Republics is over, and will not come again until a King creates a virtuous elite.

            • Tityrus says:

              Yes, and the leader of such an organization would have the makings of a king. Of course he would need more than just truckers. But as far as restoration scenarios goes I think it is plausible enough. More plausible at least than violent or military overthrow.

              • jim says:

                I don’t think it plausible.

                When the left singularity goes this far, unlikely that it can be stopped without blood.

                Thinking it can be stopped by protests and blockades is normality bias.

                But then, on the other hand, I see our rulers retreating, so, perhaps it can be stopped by means short of considerable bloodshed.

                • Pooch says:

                  But then, on the other hand, I see our rulers retreating, so, perhaps it can be stopped by means short of considerable bloodshed.

                  Where do you see them retreating? I do not see them retreating. The Ambassador Bridge was cleared by an army of police, vastly outnumbering the remaining protestors. The truckers at Coutts have decided to end the blockade and leave tomorrow.

                  The Quebec protestors seem to be still present but if current events are any indication, their time is running out.

                • Karl says:

                  Stopping the goverment and stopping the leftist singularity are two different things, especialls if the government is not at the leading edge of the leftist madness.

                • jim says:

                  Currently the government is not at the leading edge of leftist madness, but the horse it rode in on is getting difficult.

                  I expected the even more evil, dumber, and even more insane left to take power in months. It has now been over a year. We shall see.

                • Anon says:

                  Expect the unexpected. As Varna (solid man btw) said a few posts ago, basically nobody predicted Trump/Covid and now we’re all quoting Lenin.

                • Adam says:

                  If I had to guess they are moving on to something more lucrative or interesting, like a new set of offerings to the climate demon.

                  People who lack restraint are always looking to consume something. I assume they have put Covid on hold because they have something bigger in mind.

      • Skippy says:

        Some news outlets are starting to run stories implying that you should expect to be ill in the future, and to have a worse immune system in the future, for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with vaccines or covid – except maybe “long covid.”

        It looks like Brezhnev has seen the oncoming catastrophe and does not wish to double down. Instead, he wants to control damage and deflect blame.

      • Pooch says:

        I am not sure if this is all because the trucker protests. The Brezhnevians inside the Democratic Party seem to be opening disobeying the Covidian priests in an attempt to return to normalcy and surfing the rubble. Interesting turn of events.

      • Guy says:

        5.82 million dead. What are the chances the official really at the”end of the pandemic” is 6 million?

  35. Curious says:


    Fascinating article.

    tl;dr MD tracks down the historical record of vaccination programs using original sources starting ~1800. The results, and response, are eerily similar to what we’re seeing with covid vax.

    @Jim you sure cowpox was an efficacious vaccine? Article and book make a strong argument it was not.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Only someone who has never lived with smallpox could make such an asinine assertion. A woman doctor is not someone who’s opinion I am inclined to take seriously, especially in the face of men living in the era of smallpox disagreeing with her.

      Logically, if smallpox vaccinations made smallpox outbreaks worse, how did we kill it off? We should have reservoirs of smallpox that are not vials in bioweapon labs. We see what happens to a virus that is endemic to humans when a “vaccine” does not work with Covid. There is Covid everywhere. Why is smallpox not everywhere if the vaccine didn’t work?

      • Tityrus says:

        > Logically, if smallpox vaccinations made smallpox outbreaks worse, how did we kill it off? We should have reservoirs of smallpox that are not vials in bioweapon labs. We see what happens to a virus that is endemic to humans when a “vaccine” does not work with Covid. There is Covid everywhere. Why is smallpox not everywhere if the vaccine didn’t work?

        The article tells you. “To replace the vaccination model, the Leicester activists proposed a system of immediately quarantining smallpox patients, disinfection of their homes and quarantining of their contacts alongside improving public sanitation. […] Fortunately, the value of Leicester’s novel approach of quarantining and improvement public hygiene was recognized and gradually adopted around the world, leading to the eventual eradication of smallpox.”

        • jim says:

          I find this entirely unbelievable, and observe that actual successful extermination of smallpox relied primarily on vaccination, not on these traditional public health measures that had long been applied, and long failed to contain it.

          This looks like yet an enemy rationalization to deny the decline in technology, of which I have seen a great many. Vaccination technology has long been in disastrous decline, and is now in catastrophic decline.

          Since it is no longer possible to deny that modern vaccines are terrible, they must claim that old vaccines were even more terrible, just as they claim that older cars were terrible. (My younger son is a big fan of cars, knows far more about them than I do, and has a different opinion, frequently expressed with great vigor.)

          My new car has many features that make it better than my first car, but it also has bumper bars that can be dented with a strong kick, and are apt to fall off in the event of something more severe than a strong kick. The undercover that protects the car from mud and damage is made of plastic and appears to be attached with chewing gum, while my first car had an undercover of steel attached with bolts, that gave actual protection from physical damage. My new car has electric opening windows, which are great until they fail, which does not take all that long, and the replacement parts are no longer available, while my first car had manual windows, which was not so great, except that they never failed. When I was buff, I had the unfortunate capability to rip my new car’s handbrake right off in an emergency. Maybe I still can, but I have been gentle with it ever since.

          • Tityrus says:

            Yes, it is obviously stupid. I only pointed it out because Wolfgar implied that the article advanced no alternative explanation for the disappearance of smallpox.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              No, I was pointing out that the argument has a claim that is easily falsifiable with respect to what we observe. If hygiene and quarantine work, why do we still have covid? They made a ridiculous assertion, and cloaking it in barely plausible explanation does not constitute an alternative explanation.

              • Tityrus says:

                Covid is airborne, smallpox is transmitted through fluids and very close contact. Big difference. Would make sense that you would get more bang for your buck with public sanitation when it comes to smallpox, especially from the abysmal starting point that was the 19th century city.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Keep in mind that I and hundreds of other people I know had the smallpox vaccine. Thousands around us did, as well. If it was really causing smallpox outbreaks, I would have known about it. It would have been passed around in barracks whispers and would have been common knowledge. The article sounds like a left-wing op, like a flat earth or moon landing denial analogue for anti-vaxxers. Using commie language and tone to spread a message for the dumb rubes they think they are talking to.

          • Arqiduka says:

            If I didn’t know that you are an artificial intelligence, I’d bet that you were that mechanic who runs that hilarious YT channel.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Not the article’s claim. First and foremost, the author makes some pathetically obvious supplicatory statements about the holiness of activists, the wonderfulness of Progressive Ideology, and comments on the evils of capitalism and industrial advances. Then, she piles on primary source data from people skeptical of the then-modern medical establishment’s “vaxx the evil away” approach and techniques. She finishes up with understated, almost ambiguous assertions that people left to their own devices relying on logical quarantine measures and basic hygiene had more to do with curtailing above-baseline outbreaks than state mandated and highly politicized vaccination campaigns.

            This looks like one of those types of articles/studies you’ve referenced where the truth is buried underneath piles of Official Truth to protect the author from punishment for thoughtcrime. I could be wrong, I’ve only ever heard of those from you and never seen one before. But the references to activists, social justice, and evil capitalism are so blatant and incongruous it sent up red flags. At first, I thought it was just more tripe about how science will save us, but the subtle messaging is more like “maybe we aren’t on the right track oh God please don’t cancel and crucify me.” It’s probably just more establishment party members starting to get worried about the extremists running the show.

            Not defending the Doctoress or the piece, just saying it might be something more than it presents itself to be. Consider too that it is a namefag web MD reposting some other pseudo-anon doctor blog.

          • notglowing says:

            > This looks like yet an enemy rationalization to deny the decline in technology, of which I have seen a great many. Vaccination technology has long been in disastrous decline, and is now in catastrophic decline.

            It is extremely similar to denial of the moon landing.

          • Herman says:

            I think there is a bit of truce to the story.

            If more then then 90% in Leister had the smallpox vaccine that is more then enough for herd immunity.

            Consequently the state was very unwise to try and force the rest of the population.
            It could have prevented a lot of unrest and protest and still have the same medical outcome.

          • Stop Lying says:

            “(My younger son is a big fan of cars, knows far more about them than I do, and has a different opinion, frequently expressed with great vigor.)”

            Having been in extensive casual contact with older mechanics and children thereof, and having done a bit of dabbling in classic cars myself, I’ve heard enough horror stories about the tremendous unreliability of 50s/60s/70s era vehicles, the endless expense and effort involved in maintaining them, and the dramatic contrast and improvement in reliability and dependability and safety of vehicles today to state, with confidence, that your son has no fucking clue what he’s talking about.

            Regarding safety, I’ve personally totalled two vehicles (walked away both times) and seen multiple crashed cars at a fairly dangerous intersection near our home (borderline rural, the state has been talking about redoing that stretch of road for decades). Looking at the aftermath, it’s remarkable how you can see the engineering is designed to channel the stresses around the passenger compartment and keep it essentially intact. I’ve seen engines folded up like accordions and cars that literally flew through the air doing a backflip and bouncing off a tree, and the passenger compartment has been fine. That’s engineering older cars did not have – there has been dramatic improvement in that regard.

            “it also has bumper bars that can be dented with a strong kick,”

            Pics or it didn’t happen. Also make, model, year specifics.

            “The undercover that protects the car from mud and damage is made of plastic and appears to be attached with chewing gum,”

            This is not a thing.

            Seriously. There is no such object. Go to any secondhand lot (for a good variety) and go around looking at the undersides of cars. This is not a thing. Cars don’t have undercovers to protect from mud and damage, they’re pretty much just open except for the passenger compartment underside, which is part and parcel of the body – a single complete object. Which is why you can get on your back and slide in under your car and look at the underside of the engine to troubleshoot stuff – because what you’re talking about doesn’t exist, because you made it up and expected your audience would just trust you without checking.

            If you can find photos of real-world cars with plastic diapers, take pics and post them. You won’t, because they don’t exist, because you made this up.

            “while my first car had manual windows, which was not so great, except that they never failed. ”

            This is just not true. As a kid, our family Honda with the roll-lever windows had 3 out of 4 fail by the time we had to get rid of it (because the body was rusting through; engine was still fine). Fixing the windows was doable but not worth the expense of tearing the doors open and replacing the mechanism. On another car, a handle fell off from overuse. The internal gear mechanism can fail either way, but I haven’t had a window control fail in any of the vehicles I’ve owned as an adult. Older people definitely prefer not having to muscle the windows up.

            • jim says:

              > > “The undercover that protects the car from mud and damage is made of plastic and appears to be attached with chewing gum,”

              > This is not a thing.

              > Seriously. There is no such object

              You obviously know absolutely nothing, not the most basic things, about cars, therefore all your claims of expertise and knowing experts are invented out of thin air.

              You cannot get into a car’s engine compartment from underneath, so you have never tried, you have never been underneath your car, while I have been underneath my cars a fair bit. There are a lot of important things you can get into from underneath the car, but they are all related to the suspension and wheels.

              I said I don’t know much about cars, and I don’t, but obviously, having actually been tinkering with a great many cars, I know a great deal more than you, though vastly less than my younger son.

              I have been underneath a few cars, and none of them had access to the engine compartment from underneath – because if you could access the engine compartment from underneath, so could mud, tree branches, the corpses of small animals, and sharp rocks.

              > it’s remarkable how you can see the engineering is designed to channel the stresses around the passenger compartment



              If designed to protect the passenger that should start with the bumper bar being able to absorb a great deal more energy in a low speed collision.

              Observe what happens in a low speed parking lot collision. These are not vehicles designed to protect their occupants. Maybe they are designed to protect the children from falling off their seats in a low speed collision, but they are not designed to protect you from being turned into paste in a high speed collision.

              If designed to protect the passenger in a high speed collision, such protection has to start with an adequately stout bumper bar. Which every low speed parking lot collision reveals that modern cars do not have.

              If designed to protect passengers by crumpling in a high speed collision, the crumbling should not start in a low speed collision.

              • Herman says:

                Cars these days are designed specifically to pass the crash tests that are defined by various government agencies.

                In these exact scenarios the driver and the passengers will be completely fine.

                For any other crash all bets are off.

                • jim says:

                  Every government regulatory activity turns into magical rituals in which worshipers are required to make contributions to priests, and any real world consequences bear little relationship to the ostensible objectives.

              • Adam says:

                There is the plastic bumper cover that you see, and there is a steel beam that it covers. The plastic bumper cover can easily come loose in a parking lot but the beams are extruded and very strong, as one would imagine they would be.

                • jim says:

                  > there is a steel beam that it covers.

                  I have destroyed and repaired enough bumper bars to know there is no steel beam.

                  The ministry of plenty has just raised your chocolate ration from thirty grams to twenty grams.

                  If they were actually trying to protect the passenger in the event of a collision, that protection would start with a steel or aluminum bar in the bumper bar.

                  And if there was a steel beam why cover it with with easily damaged plastic? Chrome it or paint it. Cheaper, less to repair, and would look a whole lot more reassuring.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  My 2000 Volvo S70 has a plastic covered spring steel beam for a bumper. I’ve banged into enough parking garage concrete walls while parking without any significant damage.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Unfortunately, whenever my wife has crashed her Volvo, she’s always hit something higher than the bumper, missing it, and smashing in the soft sheet metal over the bumper.

                • Adam says:

                  It’s there. It’s not huge like an old truck bumper but it’s enough to transfer energy from a head on collision into the unibody (“crumple zones”) instead of into the engine, preventing the engine from entering the cabin. Modern cars have to look like bubbles and space ships because of fuel economy regulations, so a steel or chrome bumper out front would not be feasible and look out of place.

                  There is no end to the horse shit on a modern car that is unnecessary and often counter-productive and harmful to the owner of the car, but there is a steel bar behind the plastic “bumper” that functions as you would think a bumper would.

                • jim says:

                  > but there is a steel bar behind the plastic “bumper”

                  If there was, it would be obvious when I have the bumper bar off.

                  Maybe there is a steel bar on yours, but no steel bar on mine.

                  > so a steel or chrome bumper out front would not be feasible and look out of place.

                  What is not feasible? If there is a steel bar in the bumper, then it is feasible. And a steel bar protecting you can never look out of place.

                  If the crumple zones are designed the protect against the engine entering the passenger compartment, they start crumpling way too soon.

                  If you want to absorb the energy of impact, the cover plate underneath the engine needs to be sheet steel or aluminum and should extend into the bumper bar.

                  If you want to stop the engine block from being pushed into the driver, you want sheet steel in front of it and behind it.

                  For these wonderful magic crumple zones to actually do anything useful, they need a reasonable amount of steel in them, and that steel has to be spread out over a reasonable area.

                  Crumple zones are like Covid masks. Just a magic spell cast by demon worshipers.

                  For the crumple zone to do anything useful, it has to start crumbling to slow the impacting object down as much as possible before it hits the engine block, then as the engine block starts moving back it has to hit hard against something solid, which then crumbles pushing the passenger backwards away from the oncoming engine block. Not seeing something solid immediately behind the engine.

                  If cars are so wonderfully engineered to protect the passenger, where is the stuff to slow this oncoming engine block before it hits the passenger capsule, and to push the passenger capsule backwards?

                  For the passenger capsule to be protective, you need sturdy stuff around it that crumples. Just not seeing this sturdy stuff.

                  The engine blocks are concentrated rigid masses. In a head on, they are going to bang into each other as if the rest of the car was not there, and then the passenger capsules are going to bang into the engine blocks. We want the passenger capsules to be incompressible, and the engine blocks are incompressible whether we want them to be or not, so, so that something other than the soft squishy passenger absorbs the energy of impact, we want strong material that will crumble around the engine blocks and around the passenger capsule. Not seeing it. Not seeing it in front of the engine block, and not seeing it behind the engine block.

                  And if there was strong material that will crumple in front of the engine block, it would start with a decent bumper bar.

                • Adam says:

                  You may be correct. I am very proficient and experienced as far as repairing cars. I am not experienced crashing them, or constructing them so they crash safely.

                  I see no end of problems that modern cars have due to regulators. I would not have thought safety design was all that affected by regulators, except it being far more expensive to develop and produce safe cars than it would otherwise be.

                  Car manufacturers have a natural incentive to produce safe cars (demand). My gut says safety systems are less affected by pozz than say the body, or the fuel system, or the engine. To be honest though I have never really looked at safety mechanisms in cars from that perspective. They all seem pretty safe to me.

                • Aidan says:

                  The crumpling of newer cars “works” to protect the passengers. But, I doubt it does a better job than old cars. It allows for cheaper and flimsier materials to be used, with the result that a low speed crash is going to total a new, cheap car that an old steel car would drive away from. It might protect the passengers just as well. It does not protect the car nearly as well.

                  When gas became unholy, engines got a lot smaller and cars began to use a lot of plastic and flimsy metal to save weight and mileage. I have been in two comparable accidents involving running into something hard at a decent speed in the snow. One, in a newer plastic car, I was fine, but the car was destroyed. Which infuriated me to no end, because a glancing hit on a guardrail at thirty miles per hour made my car crumple like a can of coke. The other, I rear-ended someone at about the same speed after my brakes locked up in an old two-ton sedan made mostly of steel. I was also fine, but that car only suffered cosmetic damage.

                  The reason old accidents were so deadly was no safety glass, and a culture of no seatbelts. The drop in lethal accidents is not that cars have become safer, it is a couple of minor and obvious innovations that further “improvements” have failed to actually improve.

                • jim says:

                  > The crumpling of newer cars “works” to protect the passengers.

                  I find it hard to believe the crumpling of the bumper bar works to protect the passengers, which inclines me to doubt the rest of it.

                • Aidan says:

                  I find it plausible that geometry and the physics of force redistribution can achieve the same result with flimsier materials. My motorcycle helmet is made of plastic and foam, which is designed to crumple and absorb a very hard hit, once. It works, but if I were to drop it on the ground, I would need a new helmet.

                  It is still a bad thing, because those shitty materials mean that your car falls apart easier and is crushed under less pressure. If it is far worse for low-speed impacts, and equal for high-speed impacts, it is just worse.

                • jim says:

                  Possibly. Get two motorcycle helmets, one old style steel, one new style plastic. Put a rock melon in each one. Drop a heavy object on them from several stories up (four stories is equivalent to forty miles per hour) and tell me how it goes.

              • c4ssidy says:

                We can see videos of passenger dummies in crash tests. Search tube for “high speed collision old vs new”. The plastic bumpers seem to immediately shatter/break/fly off the front of the car. I cannot tell if snapping plastic absorbs more kinetic energy than thin metal, but material dynamics are complicated, so it seems possible. It is more useful to look at the dummies in the passenger compartment. The state of the dummies suggest that something is being done correctly. In addition, traffic fatality statistics: rate per mile, rate per person and absolute numbers all declined since the 1960s

                • jim says:

                  You are watching propaganda videos.

                  In the first video I watched the deceleration of the crash dummy in the newer car appeared to comparable to, and perhaps more severe, than the deceleration of the crash dummy in the older car, but the crash dummy in the newer car was saved by the air bag popping out in his face.

                  Both dummies were wearing seat belts, but the seat belts were unrealistically loose, so that the bag popping out in the drivers face would have effect.

                  The failure of the seat belts to take effect was staging. If one thing staged, everything staged.

                  If newer cars have all this wonderful engineering to absorb energy around the passenger capsule, did not seem to provide any benefit in this video.

                  The first part of the video was a video for air bags. And air bags certainly are protective if you are not wearing seat belts. How protective they are if you are wearing seat belts is not apparent. They looked like they were cheating with loose seat belts.

                  Not seeing any protective effect of all this crumple zone engineering in the airbags video, but then this part of the video was not designed to show it off.

                  Then they segue to the strength of passenger capsule “See, this new passenger compartment has collapsed, and this one has survived.

                  The “collapsed” passenger compartment did not seem much collapsed, and the crash was angled so that the new car’s engine block took the force of the impact while the old car’s passenger compartment took the force of the new car’s engine block.

                  For a fair comparison, you need a symmetric crash. An asymmetric crash is going to produce asymmetric results. In the asymmetry, I see staging. The old car was definitely worse off than the new car, but he was using hyperbolic language to describe a rather modest difference, and the crash was asymmetric, so even if you crashed two identical cars that way, one is going to suffer substantially more damage than the other.

                  The language was extreme and propagandistic, and the trials were not designed to give meaningful outcomes.

                  Crash them symmetrically. Or if you are going to have an asymmetric crash, try it twice, with the positions of the old and new cars reversed.

                  An asymmetric crash smells of staging.

                  The important datum is how fast the crash side of the passenger capsule accelerates into passenger, something easily measured, and not revealed in any of these videos. If that datum showed new car superiority, we would have heard about it. The crash dummy is for seat belts and air bags. For car structure, it is the acceleration of hard surface towards the passenger that you want to know, and the strange absence of that data is like the strange absence of plausible death rate data for under sixties when the jab rolled out.

                • Aidan says:

                  High speed collisions are a joke. How likely is it that you smack into something going full speed with no attempt to brake or steer out of the way, unless you’re blind drunk or retarded? If you get into a high speed collision, you probably deserve whatever the fuck happens to you.

                  Because I don’t drive blind drunk, and am not retarded, I care a lot more about what happens to my car in medium and low speed collisions, collisions where I take efforts to mitigate harm to myself. In collisions like that, new cars fold up like when you stomp on an aluminum can, and old cars take the hit and keep driving. In most collisions, people use their brakes, and do not hit each other going all that fast. High-speed collisions are a tiny problem that did not need solving, especially because it removes retards from the gene pool, and even if new cars are better at keeping people alive in high-speed crashes, which I highly doubt, designing a car that is safer in high-speed crashes but takes more damage from low-speed crashes is contrary to the needs of the market.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  Seat belts are designed to stretch at high speed to soften the deceleration and give the driver room to hit against the airbag. Passenger compartment is deforming less in the newer car, piercing and crushing less limbs. The passenger deceleration is softened by belt and airbag, so acceleration of crash side into passenger compartment is not necessarily as important compared to space for limbs left over at the end of the collision. In the video I looked at, seemed clear that the old car dummy is being crushed and pierced relative to new. Regarding deceleration of passenger compartment, found this https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Aditya-Belwadi/publication/233738149_Homogenization_of_Vehicle_Fleet_Frontal_Crash_Pulses_from_2000-2010/links/0c96051b772f7b8ac2000000/Homogenization-of-Vehicle-Fleet-Frontal-Crash-Pulses-from-2000-2010.pdf?origin=publication_detail

                  I have to concede that deceleration profile of passenger compartment is getting worse, with higher peak acceleration and shorter pulse times. But car injuries and fatalities are caused from a mixture of internal injuries from body deceleration and from crushing and piercing limbs. So looks to me that the belt and airbag are sufficient for limiting internal injuries caused by too rapid a deceleration on the passenger, while the modern passenger compartment has less piercing and crushing, that the lower piercing and crushing makes up for the harsher deceleration profile of modern passenger compartments. The crashes also look symmetrical in these videos as both drivers and wheels are on the right side, so it should not matter how much of the frontage overlaps