Gain of function research

Supposedly Fauci was funding research in China and other places to develop a vaccine against the Sars viruses.

But, Darpa knocked back one of his front organizations because it proposed, among other things, gain of function research. But Fauci continued with that research regardless.

Gain of function research is not what you do if you are developing a vaccine against an existing disease. Gain of function research is what you do if you are developing a bioweapon, and their “vaccine” research did not look much like vaccine research, but like parallel development of a bioweapon and a vaccine against that bioweapon. They were developing a vaccine not against Sars viruses found in the wild, but against their own custom much transformed and much adapted to humans bat virus.

A virus does not particularly want to be a bioweapon. Natural selection favors the virus evolving to the appropriate harmfulness for its mode of transmission, which for viruses transmitted flu style is you sick enough to cough and sneeze and dribble snot everywhere, but healthy enough to walk around and live your normal life, while infecting other people living their normal lives. If the virus kills you, it dies too. If the virus incapacitates you, the snot does not spread far beyond your pillow.

Cholera can be cheerfully lethal, because its spores can survive outside the body a very long time. RNA viruses are fragile, so need to be spread in a more targeted fashion. If they are stuck on your pillow, they are going to die before they get to travel anywhere interesting. The basic difference is that cholera can survive soap and water, survive washing machines, can survive in dirt and on dirt, in rivers and streams, while China flu cannot.

Allegedly the virus was extremely lethal when it first appeared in China, with people dropping dead in the streets from their blood oxygen levels dropping right down without them being aware of it. I don’t know if it is true or not, but this mode of killing people has been rapidly diminishing. Maybe there was more of it when the virus first hit China. A pattern of high but rapidly diminishing lethality is common with new diseases. It is also what we would expect from a bioweapon gone wild.

After the first few months in the US, it became apparent that excess deaths were no longer showing up in social security statistics. They cooked up fake deaths from Covid, and now they are hiding real deaths from the vaccine.

Why would the medical establishment cook up a bioweapon?

Power. They are demanding, and getting, gigantic amounts of power.

It is kind of obvious however, that the vaccine that they developed is a total failure. An unprecedented number of young healthy people are dropping dead of heart attack and stroke, there is an epidemic of brain fog that everyone is piously ignoring, and the vaccine does nothing to prevent the spread of disease, with likelihood of being infected in a fully vaccinated household equal to the likelihood of being infected in an unvaccinated household.

So why are mandates being introduced and threatened that you cannot go places unless vaccinated. It is obvious that vaccination cannot protect anyone else.


Their bioweapon is not working, and their vaccine is not working, but they are rolling along as if both their bioweapon and their vaccine worked, and are applying a total all channel propaganda offensive that both of them are working.

Because our enemy’s science projects are managed by Shaniqua, neither of them are working. If the virus was ever dangerous, it is now no more dangerous, and probably less dangerous, than the old flu. Very soon after the bioweapon was released, total death rates went back to normal, and even back when they were above normal, it was far from clear whether this was an effect of the disease, or an effect of inappropriate use of ventilators. You still need an oxygen mask with China flu a lot more often than you are likely to need an oxygen mask for the old flu, but this is unlikely to kill you, while a ventilator is highly likely to kill you. Not that an oxygen mask is safe if worn for a long period. Pure oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure is going to burn you. But pure oxygen inhaled through a mask is a lot safer than a ventilator. Air enriched in oxygen, rather than pure oxygen, is reasonably safe. It is advisable to breath oxygen no purer than needed to bring your blood oxygen levels up to close to normal.

Is the vaccine more dangerous than the old flu? Yes it is, considerably more dangerous. During flu season lots of people got flu, and the total death rate went up a little bit, but kind of hard to tell against background fluctuations. With the shots and the boosters, the death rate for working age people has gone way, way, up.

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  1. FrankNorman says:

    (One of our commenters with Jews on the brain is likely to say the Old Testament is Hebrew. No it is not. The surviving fragments of the original Hebrew books are fragmentary, corrupted by too many copyist errors, and the actually existent Hebrew Canon is back translated from the Septuagint.)

    Jim, this is a claim I have not seen before, and it contradicts much of what I happen to know.

    For example:

    1) There are substantial differences between the manuscript tradition behind the Massoretic Text, and that of the LXX

    2) The Hebrew of the Old Testament is not uniform – that of the Pentateuch contain expressions and vocab that were anachronistic by the time of, say David or Isaiah.

    3) The Dead Sea Scrolls.

    • Anonymous Fake says:


    • jim says:

      What we actually have of the Hebrew texts that people were using at the time of Jesus is the Dead Sea scrolls. The rest is, to a greater or lesser extent, lost or corrupted.

      The Dead sea scrolls are the genuine thing, but fragmentary. And they agree with the Septuagint better than the supposedly original Hebrew texts that the Jews are using, indicating too many copyist errors in the modern versions of what is in the Dead Sea scrolls.

      To the extent that we have stuff that plausibly claims to be the original Hebrew from which the septuagint was translated, we do not have a whole lot of it, and a lot of it has been copied far too many times without efforts to reconcile variants to detect copyist errors.

      The New Testament was written in Greek because, after many centuries of rule by Greeks, the Jews were in large part speaking and writing in Greek. The temple was failing to preserve the original Hebrew, only dissident factions who plausibly claimed to be taking the original faith more seriously than the Pharisees and Sadducees. And then, after the expulsion from Israel, there was a very long period where no one was preserving the original Hebrew. A lot of it just got lost, and what did not get lost, copied from copies too many times by people who primarily spoke Greek, or spoke a Hebrew much changed from the Hebrew of what they were attempting to copy.

      Yes, there is quite a lot of the original Hebrew around, and quite a lot more of what claims with varying degrees of plausibility to be the original Hebrew.

      But most of it is in fact lost. We have the Dead Sea scrolls, and some other bits here and there with varying and complicated degrees of credibility.

      If you are researching ancient Hebrew alphabets, how people actually wrote in the first temple period, not a whole lot of material to work from.

      At the time of Moses, the Jews were using an alphabet based on Egyptian ideograms, but they were arguably using them as alphabet, not as ideograms. The question of what alphabet they wrote in and whether they were writing alphabetically is still disputed. At the time of the temple, something in between Egyptian based alphabet, and second temple alphabet, and people are still arguing over what alphabet. The men who created the Septuagint could undoubtedly tell us, but they are not around any more.

      The official scholarly consensus is that the Old Testament was written up late, that the Jews lost reading and writing like everyone else during the dark age that followed the collapse of Bronze Age civilization, and re-acquired writing from the Phoenicians, but this consensus is silly. It is obvious that they retained some degree of literacy during the dark age, and that their alphabet is Egyptian derived.

      And if we actually had some old first temple Hebrew texts around, people would not be arguing over this matter. The theory that the Old Testament is iron age is inconsistent with the fact that it is full of little details that could only have been written up shortly after the collapse of Bronze Age civilization, so we want to know what they were writing in then. And the fact is, we don’t know for sure, but they could not have been writing in Phoenician.

      When someone argues that the older books of the Old Testament are indeed old, he is arguing that the Septuagint contains details that have to be translations of stuff written shortly after the collapse of Bronze Age civilization. If we actually had the stuff from which the Septuagint was translated, we would not be having this debate. We would be talking about spellings and letter forms, rather than place names. The letter form evidence and spelling evidence is weaker, because there is not much of it.

      There is a fair bit of learned debate among Jewish scholars about letter forms, but the counter accusation by the Old Testament late orthodoxy is that those letter forms were conjured out of thin air in the first or sixth century of our Lord. Seems unlikely, but that the accusation can be made presupposes we do not actually have much of the original Hebrew. And we don’t.

      If we had the originals, there would not be room to argue whether the alphabet is Phoenician derived, Egyptian derived, or a bit of both.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      This Eastern Orthodox comparison of the Septuagint and the Masoretic texts explains that:

      According to Christian tradition, the non-Christian Jews began making changes in the Old Testament text to undercut the Christian use of Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming of Christ.

      Another writer, albeit one on the fringes of Orthodoxy, gives some examples of, not copyist errors, but deliberate changes made in post-Septuagint Hebrew texts to correct perceived problems. I have not seen these particular claims before, so they may be debatable.

      Fr. Andrew Philips has some good discussion of the history of the two texts.

      Fr. Stephen De Young does a deep dive into the history and points out the exceptions to the Septuagint generally being the Orthodox version of the Old Testament; real inside baseball stuff. Possibly of more interest is his overview of the complexity of the textual traditions and the Orthodox approach to them. If you want more detail, though, start at his earliest blog entries where he writes on these subjects.

      To the extent I haven’t completely addressed your questions, I hope these links were helpful anyway.

      I know not every reader of Jim’s blog is all that interested in the history of Bible texts. For example I am not. But I think we all can appreciate Fr. De Young’s blog when he <a href=""writes:

      What it means to be male is to be a father, spiritually and literally. What it means to be a father is to be a priest. Masculinity is priesthood. To be male is to protect what is sacred and maintain it in purity, to intercede for himself, and for those under his authority before God, to teach, preach, correct, and reconcile them to and for God. […] When… women feel the need to step into these roles, it is generally because men have failed to fulfill this most important calling.

      • jim says:

        Bottom line of those texts that Mike in Boston linked.

        The Hebrew Canon is not Hebrew. It is sixth century of our Lord Hebrew, and in substantial part a back translation, with anti Christian alterations, of the Septuagint. The Septuagint is a translation of fourth century before Christ Hebrew, a millennium earlier. And a whole lot of stuff happened in that millennium.

        There are a whole lot of differences relating to Christ between the Hebrew Canon and the Septuagint – but obviously it is impossible that that stuff was put in the Septuagint by Christians, because the Septuagint long predates Christianity. So it had to be put into the Hebrew Canon by sixth century or later Jews back translating the Septuagint.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Once again Jim says in few words what I struggle to say with many, which is part of why I hang out on this blog.

          • jim says:

            To say it even shorter and more on point: The Septuagint preserves Bronze Age social technology lost in the decadence of final stage Bronze Age civilization and is a translation of divine inspiration, and alleged by at least some Jews of the time to be a divinely inspired translation.

            Modern Judaism is a sixth century post christian heresy from Christianity, decorated with fig leaves from the Old Testament, and so is the Hebrew Canon.

  2. Kunning Drueger says:

    The common knowledge opinion is that the longer an invasion takes, the less likely it is to succeed. There’s a lot of good reasons for this perspective. The predicate for these reasons is that the goal of every invasion is to take control of an area previously uncontrolled by the invader. What if the goal is not to take territory, but to force an error and/or initiate a chain reaction of failures, mistakes, collapses, etc.

    The term hybrid war is kind of gay, but the principle is sound: use assets in a way that does not actually initiate open conflict but consistently forces your adversary to maintain a state of readiness that drives up costs, wears down units, and creates immense tension and pressure in their society. China is doing this now in Taiwan, and it seems to be significantly impacting ROC defense in a negative way.

    Would there be any utility in opening one or more localized conflicts at or below Donbas 2014 level across multiple theaters with the goal of forcing the Blue Empire to react across the spectrum of response? Not any kind of mass invasion to take territory, but massed minor conflicts to basically create an environment of rash response and many opportunities for Kabul Collapse scenarios. Put another way, take the combined activities of Russia and China over the last few years and cram them into a few weeks. A potential next step would be massive cyber disruption of health and welfare services (winter seems like the best time for this in N. Hemisphere) to amp up pressure in domestic situations or to create opportunities for separatists, irredentist, secessionist, etc movements without having to actually coordinate 5th column action.

    Some risks of this strategy are escalation beyond the ability to be managed, spiralling costs, loss of critical amounts of active assets, depletion of reserves, and war weariness. An upside could be a dramatically hastened decline and collapse of the current world order.

    • Arqiduka says:

      I agree with your list of downsides. Neither Russia nor China are in a hurry, they can and should take their sweet time. Events will accelerate anyway, no need to push it to the limit and risk it all.

    • jim says:

      The Reagan strategy of death by a thousand pinpricks was clearly effective against the Soviet empire.

      When you see a sea power fighting a land power, the sea power uses its superior mobility to take advantage of one particular situation in one place, and another particular situation in an another place, which strategy America has long used to good effect against its enemies. But China seems to be thinking that there are no airsea powers any more, due to advances in missile technology. Hard to know if this is true, but we may well find out soon.

      During the recent application of airpower against Syria, US navy stood off a fair distance and missiled them. Maybe next time they will have to stand off a considerably greater distance.

    • The Cominator says:

      “The term hybrid war is kind of gay, but the principle is sound: use assets in a way that does not actually initiate open conflict but consistently forces your adversary to maintain a state of readiness that drives up costs, wears down units, and creates immense tension and pressure in their society.”

      It may work in some cases, it may particularly work if your religion is globohomo but it doesn’t always work.

      The Byzantine (Eastern) Roman Empire was essentially in a state of nonstop total war through most of its existence (with some breaks but there was no real peace) it eventually fell as all societies do but it lasted a very very long time compared to most.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like, as of a few minutes ago, the Webb telescope has successfully achieved full deployment and insertion into L2 orbit.

    What’s left is mirror alignment and instrument calibration before it’s fully commissioned.

  4. Joe says:

    An interesting find in Wikipedia citing 8th century English monk St Bede in Ecclesiastical History of the English People:

    Although Cynegils is said to have been a convert to Christianity, Bede writes that Cenwalh:

    refused to embrace the mysteries of the faith, and of the heavenly kingdom; and not long after also he lost the dominion of his earthly kingdom; for he put away the sister of Penda, king of the Mercians, whom he had married, and took another wife; whereupon a war ensuing, he was by him expelled his kingdom…

    And from another article citing 6th century British monk Gildas in On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain:

    Gildas’ De Excidio is a jeremiad: it is written as a polemic to warn contemporary rulers against sin, demonstrating through historical and biblical examples that bad rulers are always punished by God – in the case of Britain, through the destructive wrath of the Saxon invaders.

    St Paul (1 Corinthians 15:12-14) notes that:

    Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead?

    But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen:

    And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

    Personal observation says that without a risen Christ, Christianity does not work in practice; whereas with a risen Christ, even a dead city can come alive. Physically, resurrection is clearly impossible, yet without it one’s line dies a physical death. As Bede says, it is a mystery.

    In my opinion, one should not think too much about it, but just enjoy its fruits.

    • jim says:

      Anyone who thinks too deeply about Christology strays into one heresy or the other, or all of them simultaneously.

      Christ is risen, and so shall I.

  5. Red says:

    This is a great youtube video by John Cambell on why the vaccines failed and touches on some of the point Jim keeps making that the people pushing the vaccines are doing magic not science since they don’t actually understand how the immune system works:

  6. Tityrus says:

    jim, do you like this discourse? From Luther’s Table-Talk.

    • jim says:

      True enough, and many of Luther’s successors failed to emulate Luther’s humility before the word, frequently taking one half of a biblical contradiction, ignoring the other half, and running into heresy with the half they had snatched from context.

      Luther is correct that Saint Jerome, though a member of the communion of the Saints, is not an authoritative voice of the communion of the saints, no one person is, and Saint Jerome frequently wanders into error, as do we all.

  7. notglowing says:

    In a new pre-print, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., describes a mechanism of the COVID shots that results in the suppression of your innate immune system. It does this by inhibiting the type-1 interferon pathway

    The COVID jab can cause neurons in your brain to produce toxic spike protein, or take up circulating spike protein, and the neurons try to eliminate the spike protein by transmitting them through exosomes. The exosomes are picked up by microglia, immune cells in your brain, which activate an inflammatory response, which can contribute to degenerative brain disorders

    Two microRNAs, miR-148a and miR-590, are central in this process. These microRNAs — excreted in the exosomes along with the spike protein — significantly disrupt the type-1 interferon response in any cell, including immune cells

    • notglowing says:

      However, both experimental and observational evidence reveals a very different immune response to the vaccines compared to the response to infection with SARS-CoV-2. As we will show, the genetic modifications introduced by the vaccine are likely the source of these differential responses. In this paper, we present the evidence that vaccination, unlike natural infection, induces a profound impairment in type I interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.

      • jim says:

        > In this paper, we present the evidence that vaccination, unlike natural infection, induces a profound impairment in type I interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.

        The mechanism of damage described involves brain damage, immune system damage, and damage to the links between the brain and the immune system.

        The immune system is poorly understood at best, and official science on the topic is very far from the best. It is voodoo and nonsense, witches attempting to practice witchcraft. That psychoactive drugs tend to affect the immune response is consistent with strong brain body link. Alcohol and nicotine, especially nicotine, substantially improve your response to China flu, by helping your immune system to not panic, as does the medically prescribed antidepressant fluvoxamine, which you should take for several weeks after the jab or infection to prevent inflammation in brain, heart, and lungs. If you catch it, or the jab is forced upon you, start vaping. It is strongly protective.

        Among the adverse consequences resulting from the immune system damage and brain damage caused by the jab, is that Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world has the highest rate of infection by the Covid demon.

        It is now becoming overwhelmingly obvious that this is an epidemic of the vaccinated, because if someone never vaccinated catches it china flu, he becomes immune, and does not lose immunity, but if someone is vaccinated, he is not immune, and on catching it after vaccination, fails to become immune, due to the immune system damage and brain damage caused by the jab, and is likely to get infected again. The pool of unvaccinated and unexposed people are getting exposed and developing herd immunity, so this is now a disease that circulates primarily among the vaccinated, who never become immune, not the unvaccinated, who increasingly have caught it and become immune.

        Brain fog is a symptom of immune system fog.

        According to anecdote and casual observation, shingles in older victims of the vaccines is one those adverse consequences downstream of immune system damage caused by the jab. It is never lethal but apt to be serious, disabling, and incapacitating, and the leftmost and most vaccine enthusiastic of my friends is disabled and incapacitated by it. He is virtue signaling left, but also red pilled on women and not shy about committing that terrible heresy against the left when somewhat drunk. He is good humored about the lack of respect that his frequent virtue signals receive, but keeps on trying to solicit respect for them.

        That he is now disabled, at least temporarily, perhaps permanently, is a small start on the Cominator’s vengeful hopes that the jab will exterminate the left.

        • Red says:

          There’s an explanation about why Omi is less dangerous: Because the majority of the infection stays in the upper respiratory track and not the lungs, not a whole lot of COVID viruses and their spike proteins hit the blood stream because while it’s easy to go from the lungs to the blood, it’s much harder in the upper respiratory system.

          Thanks for the tip about fluvoxamine. I’m watching my mother suffer through the after effects of COVID Omi and she’s pretty fatigued from it 2 weeks later. I tried to get her to use Ivermectin while sick and she refused. She unvaccinated but it hit her pretty hard.

          I took my Ivermectin and zinc at the first sign of COVID and my normal 10,000ui of D3 and I was sick for less than a day.

          • Arqiduka says:

            10,000? Is that a typo? Dude.

            • Red says:

              I’ve seen that much recommended along with K2 for a while now. Studies are not showing harm from it.

              • Arqiduka says:

                God speed, but IIRC the safe upper dose is of 4k. Alrenous is on a similar intake as you, and he reports some obvious skin issues thta rar just cosmetic, but not much more. Still though, twice the safe upper dose?

                • Red says:

                  That’s interesting. I’m already ramping down the D3, it was mostly just prep for catching COVID Omi. I’ll cut it down further. My recent physical + blood work didn’t show any issues.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Linking Alrenous, though I find him far too cavalier with this stuff


                • Red says:

                  Alrenous says to avoid skin issues with D3 you need DHA/EPA, which I believe is fish liver oil. I personally hate fish but I’ve never been able to get good information on how to get good DHA/EPA supplements that actually work. I keep reading a lot of the oil is rancid in the pills.

                  Any advice on this?

                • jim says:

                  The DHA/EPA oil, and the fish oil in capsules and little bottles, is definitely 100% rancid and harmful, all of it. Eat 200 grams of salmon every few days, and you will have plenty. Also cheese, milk, butter, beef fat and lamb fat are adequate, if there is a lot that in your diet. Pork and chicken, however will result in deficiency. But I like pork and fried chicken, however I also like cheese and fried salmon, and what I really like is butter, lots of it, and just about anything fried in butter (I clarify my own butter for frying, the clarified butter you buy has no DHA/EPA except what is rancid) so, not too worried.

            • jim says:

              I take ten thousand vitamin D per day. Doctor is alarmed by my vitamin D blood levels, and I am going to go off it for a while, but I have had no problems.

              “Normal” vitamin D blood levels are no more normal than normal testosterone levels, and your vitamin D bloods should be close to the upper end of “normal”. Actual normal is probably a fair bit higher than “normal”.

              Ridiculously high vitamin D bloods are probably harmful, just as ridiculously high testosterone bloods are harmful, but that is not the problem for most people.

              The medical profession is normalizing pathology.

        • Aryaman says:

          I’ve now heard of one previously healthy, young girl boosted a month before her infection with Omicron suffering rather odd and lingering disability. This corroborates my impression that the vaccine, despite very effectively mitigating the low probability of COVID related death and hospitalization, is apt to result in an upgraded likelihood of concerning long-term sequelae that I have not heard about in unvaccinated individuals. The unvaccinated individuals get sick, sometimes very sick, and sometimes very rarely mortally sick, but almost never strangely or chronically sick.

          Personally I am not hearing much about brain fog as a consequence of the shot itself — not nearly as much as very high fevers and general sickness for a few days at least — but the vaccinated seem more susceptible to “Long COVID” outcomes and we can speculate about the reasons but it doesn’t really matter.

          In England the vaccinated are, and have been for a long time, more likely to report infection by an enormous margin. And we know for an initial period they are actually less likely to report infection. It also appears efficacy against infection wanes considerably before antibodies do, and seems likely the antibodies other things equal still help against infection (and explain why mortality is indeed lower wherever you actually look).

          A possible explanation here is that the vaccines work, but they also destroy your immune system so the protective response induced fails to suffice among much of the population. There are benign explanations for what is happening with shingles but those benign explanations don’t sound very good when the same thing is also happening with COVID infection, tuberculosis, and fungal infections.

          I was taking 5000 Vitamin D every day before I got COVID and discontinued thereafter. I wouldn’t really know but doubt any of my regimen — Vitamin D, Zinc, antihistamines (upon infection), XLEAR nasal spray (upon infection) — actually contributed much to the fact my sickness was very brief and mild.

          If you are spiritually and physically healthy I suspect the disease will usually be mild, and association between Vitamin D and COVID-related mortality outcomes is primarily influenced by spiritual and physical diseases afflicting the deficient.

    • jim says:

      Promoting this to a post. I will move the associated comments to the post.

    • notglowing says:

      Stephanie Seneff (born April 20, 1948)[1]: 249  is a senior research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Working primarily in the Spoken Language Systems group, her research at CSAIL relates to human-computer interaction, and algorithms for language understanding and speech recognition. In 2011, she began publishing controversial papers in low-impact, open access journals on biology and medical topics; the articles have received “heated objections from experts in almost every field she’s delved into,” according to the food columnist Ari LeVaux.

      Dr. Greg Nigh co-founded Immersion Health in 2014 with Maria Zilka, NTP. Dr. Nigh is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, where he completed both the Naturopathic Doctor (ND) program and the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program concurrently. Prior to studying naturopathic medicine, he attended the University of Notre Dame, where he received his Bachelor’s in English and then completed a Master of Humanities program at Arizona State University.

      The background of the authors is dubious. I didn’t have any more context to this paper, but looking at it now, it seems more like jargon than real science.

  8. notglowing says:
    Croatian politician tells Macron forcing vaccines on his citizens is murder, because of tens of thousands dying from side effects

    • Upravda says:

      That is Mislav Kolakušić. He was known as anti-corruption judge before he became politician. Regarding coronatardism, he was always on my side, and has even taken part in public protests against covid ausweis.

      He likes to kick straight in the head.

  9. Varna says:

    On the New Testament.

    Had my attention brought to a) the fact that it was written in ye olde Greek, b) that in revelation 18:23 you have this:
    “and the light of a lamp will not shine in you anymore, and the sound of bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you anymore. For your traders were the lords of the earth, in that by your *sorceries* all nations were deceived.”

    That in Greek it was this:
    “καὶ φῶς λύχνου οὐ μὴ φάνῃ ἐν σοὶ ἔτι, καὶ φωνὴ νυμφίου καὶ νύμφης οὐ μὴ ἀκουσθῇ ἐν σοὶ ἔτι· ὅτι οἱ ἔμποροί σου ἦσαν οἱ μεγιστᾶνες τῆς γῆς, ὅτι ἐν τῇ φαρμακείᾳ σου ἐπλανήθησαν πάντα τὰ ἔθνη,”

    And that “φαρμακείᾳ” is this:

    φαρμακεία (Ancient Greek)

    From φαρμακεύειν (“to use drugs”), from φάρμακον.
    φαρμακείας (fem.) (genitive φαρμακείας)

    1. pharmacy; the use of drugs or medicines
    2. sorcery, witchcraft

    • notglowing says:

      Nice find, though this just reflects the association between medicine and witchcraft which is older than medicine itself.
      I don’t think pharmacy is the better translation.
      Rather, I think Jim’s interpretation is more apt, that what they are pushing is not in fact “medicine” but rather witchcraft, not science which they do not understand.

      • notglowing says:

        One again today I mistyped, I was rewording my post and still had to remove “, and does not follow science.”, so ignore that sentence.

        • Varna says:

          I have a mistyped post with subsequent self-correction second post in almost every thread:)

  10. Mein Krampf says:

    Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson resigned his position as a professor at the University of Toronto and blasted academia as a “stunningly corrupt enterprise” in an op-ed published Wednesday.

    Peterson said there was a growing culture of fear among colleagues in several professional disciplines, such as medicine and law, of a new “woke” authority.

    “If you don’t think that psychologists, lawyers and other professionals are anything but terrified of their now woke governing professional colleges, much to everyone’s extreme detriment, you simply don’t understand how far this has all gone,” he wrote.

    • notglowing says:

      Considering how much he made from his patreon I’m not surprised he felt like he could give up his position, and merely lose status from it.

      Speaking of Peterson, what do you think of him, Jim? I’m sure there’s already been stuff written here about the man but I must’ve missed it. He hasn’t been very relevant since he got into rehab a few years ago.
      Before that, I watched some of his lectures on youtube, and I found them insightful.
      However, while I agreed with many of the things he said, I cannot really like him. I can’t properly articulate it, but I feel like his philosophy is really closer to gnostic heresy than proper christianity.

      That, and him using Jung to analyse the bible, as well as not calling himself a Christian (which we can see as positive or negative depending on how you look at it. If he came here and said I am a Christian, he might just be considered an entryist).

      Either way, there are some important points he made in the lectures I watched, that I partially or fully agree with. I’d say I learned something from it, and I’d dare to call many of his ideas reactionary.

      I’m gonna summarize the points I remember here, some of it might be my own view mixed with his since it was long ago:

      – The world is very complex, and a lot of that complexity is beyond our understanding. We don’t know everything, so how can we move in the world and understand how to structure our society? The answer is trial and error, which turns out to work. Trial and error over millions of years formed our bodies, and trial and error over millennia has formed our societies. Traditions are tried and true systems that we know work.

      – Ideologies, whether nazism or communism or anything else, attempt to construct society from an idea, essentially building it from scratch more or less, instead of drawing from traditions. This betrays their belief that they *do* understand everything, they have solved the problem of truth, and they can build the correct system because their ideas explain everything in a rational and systematic way. This hubris leads to doom.

      – Then there’s his idea of stories and archetypes. There’s a lot to that, but this is the part that interested me: stories can contain truths that are more complex than what we can articulate in a systematic analysis or dissertation. Essentially, you can tell things with stories

      Essentially, you can tell something deeper through a story than what you can explain in an essay. Not just that, but it is easier to understand and more convincing. The values that are communicated through a fairy tale are not generally explicit, but we internalize them nonetheless, sometimes without realizing it.

      This is why the Bible uses stories rather than just listing a bunch of facts. Jesus himself does most of his teaching through Parables. So Peterson analyzes the Bible in this sense, and finds eternal truth in it that are so much more than what it looks like on the surface.

      – This is something that I am surprised he was able to say, considering he is a namefag, but he basically pointed out that feminists are rebelling and throwing a tantrum against men as a provocation, and they really desire to be put in their place. They desire “order” in his view.

      – Finally one of the more controversial points. He says that man sits between chaos and order, and that there has to be a balance between them.
      It is a mistake that we often make to try and carve some perfect order out of the chaos of the universe, trying to control nature completely, and it is hubristic. He sees communism this way, since it is an attempt to subjugate every aspect of everyone’s lives to a system.

      This last point leaves me a bit perplexed, I agree with it on some level, since I think I agree with the conclusions, but I don’t know if the reasoning is really valid.

      • notglowing says:

        (accidentally pressed enter), please merge this post with the previous)

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >He says that man sits between chaos and order, and that there has to be a balance between them.
          It is a mistake that we often make to try and carve some perfect order out of the chaos of the universe, trying to control nature completely, and it is hubristic. He sees communism this way, since it is an attempt to subjugate every aspect of everyone’s lives to a system.

          >This last point leaves me a bit perplexed, I agree with it on some level, since I think I agree with the conclusions, but I don’t know if the reasoning is really valid.

          That is how he rationalizes it, but it is something that simply proceeds naturally from the first point; that Being is larger than any particular being within it, and a being that could hold all of Being within it’s hand, would be something that already transcends it.

          Monism and nominalism are both expressions of the same kind of reductive cognitive shortcutting endemic in highly verbal but low world-formation capacity. It has gone by many names throughout history. Plotinus saw it in the gnostics; Augustine saw it in the manichaeans; Hippolyte Taine saw it in the ‘jacobin mind’; Revilo Oliver saw it in the ‘mattoid character’; and on it goes.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            In such thinkers possessed by ghosts of 17th century modernism, like the logical positivists, there is a recurrent habit of trying to look for some perfect kernel of ‘thing’ that can be consistently applied to all things at all times in all places, when that is not what wisdom offers, and one will find no good in looking for it.

            Rejecting the premise that one needs universal definitions to have knowledge does not, transitively, imply that one may then not be exploring or elaborating or elucidating things at greater length; such all or nothing thinking itself an expression of having not yet moved past the modernist mindtrap.

            You might take a slice at Being from one angle, and you might take another slice at it from another, and another, and so on; each instance is adaptive within it’s envelope, and a finer mind might divine higher orders of comensurateness between them, if it may.

            We do not say that there is no such thing as an encompassing order of things that we subside in, but that a mattoid’s procrustean attempt to reduce it into forms that can fit wholly inside his own mind is, in general, a perennially recurrent source of most all intellectual sins throughout history; both the dismembering calumnies he produces in the attempt, and, in the inevitable failure of such attempts, his hubris in declaiming there is no such order at all, lest the implications turn to himself, his narratives of himself, put to lie…

            • jim says:

              Wittgenstein is guilty as charged and should not be included.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                My sympathy to Ludvig stems mainly from how he likely sensed that the ‘positivist project’ was ultimately a doomed pretense, as far as it was initially conceived of, and was moving closer towards this understanding (eg, ‘early’ vs ‘late’ Wittgenstein) than many others in the ‘analytic’ field (W. V. O. Quine was another).

                But of course, in the end, he couldn’t quite overcome those demons, and they dragged him down.

                • jim says:

                  He struggled with demons and lost.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Many such cases. Sad!

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It might still be a good idea to look at his failures in his struggle. There are a lot of books that will probably need to go on the proscribed list post-Restoration that are still useful to reactionaries today. We are not post-Restoration, and we need to know our enemy.

                • jim says:

                  I will include it with the comment:
                  “Know your enemy. Wittgenstein is a very smart sodomite who struggled with demons and lost.

                  Pure reason is a false path that leads nowhere, for reason is not what consciousness is, not how we grasp things. A computer can reason vastly better and faster than you can, which enables it to make a thousand times as many silly mistakes in one thousandth the time.”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t want to ban too too many books (if we could make Marx Rosseaus etc entirely that is another story but that would probably be impossible)… one reason you are very harsh with shitlibs in the immediate aftermath of victory is it means less restrictions in the future.

                  Future priests and intellectuals of the post restoration regime should remain familiar with enemy thought well into the future so it can be easily recognized… we merely to remain vigilant they don’t believe in it themselves.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Com, bro, we covered this already. You cannot breed defection out of the gene pool. Keeping books that document failure on a proscription list means that the Inquisition will be very aware of what leftism looks like, and what a fight with demons looks like, and plenty of other people will not. That works out because the fewer people that know how to reach demons, the better.

                  Precisely, Jim. The book is on the list so that when we see someone wrestling with demons, we can kick the demon in the balls so that our friend has a better chance. If the friend should fail, and lose the fight, it also gives us the awareness that he needs to be dealt with.

                • jim says:

                  > Com, bro, we covered this already. You cannot breed defection out of the gene pool.

                  Hawk dove equilibrium. Evolutionary game theory 101. The more cooperation, the more people trust that there will be cooperation. The more that people trust that there will be cooperation, the more profitable defection.

                  What you do instead is develop social technologies that encourage cooperation, identify cooperators, and social technologies, such as double entry book keeping, that make it easier to identify defection, and social technologies, such as the blockchain, that make it easier to protect oneself against defection.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think the Japanese did a pretty good job of getting defection out of the gene pool… not entirely but close.

                  Of course we should “flag” leftist books… and take particular interest if masses of people who’ve read them start meeting each other. But banning them outright would create more problems then it would solve.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The Japanese hardly got rid of defection. Look at what is happening now, for example. They had a virtuous elite, and now they do not. Defection becomes more prominent. Even if you could breed it out, look at the result. They stagnated for centuries. We do that, and maybe we never make it back to space. Not worth the risk just to satisfy your bloodthirst.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The Japanese were stagnant as long as their neighbors were the chinese. After sankoku though, rapidly advanced in a way the chinese did not.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Also, equivocating advancement with leftism treads very counterproductive ground.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Japanese elite is better than most…

                  Their medical authorities for instance almost uniquely tell the truth.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I am not equating leftism with advancement. There is a difference between leftist style betrayal and disagreement, but I do not see how you keep the latter without the former. China is an even better example of an overly conformist society, and not only did they fail to get rid of leftism, they have stagnated worse than anyone outside of Africa or South America. Breeding for conformity fails to get rid of leftism and damages your ability to compete.

                  So say you find a way to breed out leftism and genetically eliminate dishonesty. Well, now you stagnate and are a sitting duck for anyone who has the ability to deceive. That is a cure that is far worse than the disease. That is why The Cominator’s Solution is unacceptable. We can survive leftism. We cannot survive stagnation. The point of the neoreactionary project is not just to provide an alternative to leftist ideas for the elite. It is also to store information for the likely collapse so that we do not regress too far technologically, can bounce back once our successors have established a virtuous elite, and to get mankind to the point that if one branch falls, the rest can carry on.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Japanese seemed overly conformist to the point of madness during WW2 and that has generally been their reputation.. but they impressed me during this covid bullshit.

                  I’m not fond of mindless conformity… but can we get rid of traitors and leftists without engendering mindless conformity… idk.

                • Red says:

                  >The Japanese elite is better than most…

                  After Midway the Japanese navy lied to the army and the government about the loses they suffered. They went as far as hiding the battle survivors so no could interview them. The army continued to make plans on the basis that Japan still had naval superiority because of those lies. That’s not a good elite.

                  If the Japanese medical guild told the truth it’s likely because they were imitating what the American medical guild used to do.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Jim has the right of it. Social technology is the solution to defection, not eugenics. Especially since all of the attempts to solve defection by eugenics have had significant drawbacks. Social technology is tried and tested, and Jim and others are developing more robust social technologies with previous failure points in mind.

                  We can kill traitors and leftists without wasting time and effort on a massive eugenics effort that will fail at best and destroy us at worst. Also, if you think a one-off purge of leftists is going to do a thing, you need to do more study of biology, heritability, and genomics. That would do about nothing. You would need a purge lasting generations to filter out the genetic tendencies.

                • Red says:

                  We can kill traitors and leftists without wasting time and effort on a massive eugenics effort that will fail at best and destroy us at worst. Also, if you think a one-off purge of leftists is going to do a thing, you need to do more study of biology, heritability, and genomics. That would do about nothing. You would need a purge lasting generations to filter out the genetic tendencies.

                  Com’s just upset that the left robbed him of his opportunity to have a family. It’s not incel rage, since Com’s not an incel, but it’s the same sort of rage directed at the people who stole his chance to fulfill his natural role in life. He’s not wrong about wanting them all dead(they do fucking deserve it) but I think he’d give up the idea 5 minutes after his first child was born.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >There is a difference between leftist style betrayal and disagreement, but I do not see how you keep the latter without the former.

                  In the principle of the thing, very simply: what is the cardinality? Is what is being disagreed over pointing towards or away from the ostensibly desired teleologies the subjects are participating in? (And if one has no way of telling that, they are not a player in this game.)

                  >So say you find a way to breed out leftism and genetically eliminate dishonesty

                  Ara? dishonesty is something else again in tangent to either betrayal or disagreement. If anything, ‘genetically eliminating dishonesty’ would make for even *less* ‘blind conformity’.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  One certainly can improve the quality of a people eugenicaly, although its easy to get lost in the weeds of which trait is being minimised. What is the difference between an african chap and a french dude if not eugenics? Between jews of germans of the roman era, and the much improved versions of today? Of the greeks or italians or the roman era, and the lacklustre versions of today? Of course, eugenics.

                  But the risks of an eugenic program are truly dire: mindless conformity, genetic inability to adapt or control womanfolk. Extinction.

                  So, eugenics are best implemented at glacial pace, giving ample time to genes to recombine and show their worth. With as light a hand as feasible, and not by having bureaus determine who shall procreate and who shall be forbidden to, but letting the market decide.

                  Of course such glacial pace implies that no issues that are hot today can be solved by eugenics, but to give up on eugenics at all is something that would only cross the mind of very select people, themselves so improved that they take such patrimony for granted.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Pseudo-Chrysostom, I am talking about the realities of a eugenic approach, not the ideal. There can be honest disagreement or dishonest disagreement. From the perspective of the eugenicist, how do you tell? Do you take the risk? Of course not, because from the perspective of the eugenecist fighting the left, disagreement with breeding out leftism means that you agree with the existence of leftism. The eugenecist cannot look into your soul, so he has to observe your behavior. Into the genetic garbage bin you go. Pour that bleach into the gene pool to clean up the scum.

                  We do not have gene editing or even enough understanding of the genome to go in and do editing, so it would need to be done the old-fashioned way: breeding. Who reproduces and who does not? The eugenecist chooses, like a farmer breeding his crops for more yield or a rancher breeding cattle to produce more meat. How? By observing behavior and culling the crop or herd. Without magic soul-vision or gene-editing abilities, it boils down to what I have been saying, and that just does not work.

                • Tityrus says:


                  Truth is truth.

                • jim says:

                  And improbable factoids from within the bubble, presented without evidence, argument, or explanation, are unlikely to be truth.

                  When you tell us something that does not sound very believable, needs evidence and expanation.

                  You write as if the the bubble had unquestioned and unquestionable intellectual authority, and does not need to justify its proclamations from on high, while we assume they are ignorant morons in a circle jerk pulling stuff out of their asses.

                • Aidan says:

                  It is a grotesque misapprehension to attribute excessive conformity to e asians, and especially the Japs. Asians are very good at outwardly appearing to cooperate, while secretly defecting, sometimes in small and personal ways, sometimes in very big ways.

                  I’ve never met a race of women so willing to cheerfully and unhesitatingly cheat on their boyfriends as asians, and recall the frequent and extreme backstabbing and treason of asian history.

                  The Japanese is in fact the most individualist, willful, and passionate race of Asian, which a cursory knowledge of its traditional art and history will apprise you of. Its culture demands excessive displays of loyalty and humility because this harshness was needed; the Taika reforms and sinicization were never a good fit for that people.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I’ve never met a race of women so willing to cheerfully and unhesitatingly cheat on their boyfriends as asians”

                  I can’t say I have experience with this (most women outside the stripper community who I’ve fucked have been cheating on someone and generally been white, taken women tend to like me more and single women don’t… I don’t want it to be that way but it just is) Asian women are probably more able to rationally grasp that they truly want alpha fucks and beta bucks and know it on a conscious level since Asian women are more capable of logic and introspection than white women. White women and women of the lesser races are more likely to be pure “feelstronoughts”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “After Midway the Japanese navy lied to the army and the government about the loses they suffered. They went as far as hiding the battle survivors so no could interview them. The army continued to make plans on the basis that Japan still had naval superiority because of those lies. That’s not a good elite.

                  If the Japanese medical guild told the truth it’s likely because they were imitating what the American medical guild used to do.”

                  The Japanese elite during WWII was batshit insane and not good at all.

                  The postwar Japanese elite indeed admired the elite of WWII America that had beaten them and won a two front war. And they continue to admire THAT America so yes… that is why they are better than most.

                • Tityrus says:

                  jim, I was made aware of this fact by the great revisionary historian of our side, Carlsbad. Don’t pretend you don’t also proclaim stuff ex-cathedra.

                • jim says:

                  > Don’t pretend you don’t also proclaim stuff ex-cathedra

                  Ideas from within the Dark Enlightenment automatically have authority because they can be challenged, and usually are, to which challenge the proponent must respond with respond with facts, evidence, and argument, while ideas from within the bubble should be automatically presumed to be idiocy, lies, ignorance, and stupidity, because they are promulgated through a thousand loudspeakers in an environment where any disagreement or appeal to evidence is apt to result in savage punishment, where to debate on the basis of facts, argument, and evidence is to automatically be suspected of heresy and punished.

                  > Carlsbad

                  Carlsbad is one of us? Never heard of him.

                  So I looked him up, and found him discussing ideas that are sort of Dark Enlightenment adjacent, but loaded with progressive content:

                  Random quote from Carlsbad: “Liberals did not get rid of the absolutist Polizeistaat and its commitment to public order, but rather reconstructed it to ensure basic rights, due process, subjection to legislative oversight, and so on.”

                  He discusses the sort of things that the Dark Enlightenment likes to talk about, neglects to say anything particularly dark, and every so often casually and confidently drops gin some completely over the top and blatantly outrageous fake presupposition like the above, (that the police state is ancient, rather than the very recent creation by revolutionaries, progressives, and liberals to impose their ideology by force on the reluctant masses) that no one could possibly take seriously or genuinely believe.

                  It is the same sort of stuff as troofers presupposing that building seven suddenly fell straight down onto its foundations, and fell down for no obvious reason, and that everyone knows and agrees that is fell straight down and fell for no very obvious reason, rendering discussion of the claim unnecessary.

                  And no one, least of all yourself, yourself or Carlsbad, is going to defend the outrageous claims that Carlsbad takes for granted as the universally accepted consensus.

                  Bubble memes are simply never debated, no matter how fiercely challenged. The proponent just ignores the challenge and changes the subject, then goes right back to presupposing that everyone agrees.

                  When you guys push your memes outside your bubble, they get challenged, and you never respond to the challenge.

                  Since debate is forbidden within the bubble, being unthinkable crimethought (Wikipedia’s prohibition of original sources), and ignored when you guys push your memes outside your bubble, censorship is appropriate and necessary.

                  You guys simply refuse to play by our rules of evidence and argument, so we are not going to let you play on our playing field, because if you play by your rules here, it interferes with our us attempting to play with each other by our rules. There is no room on one playing field for two sets of incompatible rules.

                  For our rules of discussion to prevail, we have to silence and exclude those who will not play by them. And we have to treat memes promulgated within the enemy environment and by enemy rules and processes as automatically presumed false and, more importantly, automatically presumed low status, and as identifying the speaker as low status.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Aidan, that was my point. They tried to select for conformity and instead got the mere appearance of conformity. Conforming to the social norms in public, and violating them in private if it benefitted them. Another example of breeding for conformity that was more successful is the Nordic countries, especially Sweden. I would argue that their failure is even more pronounced than Asian attempts and breeding conformity, because those people are not waiting to be wiped out, they are actively inviting in their exterminators.

                  My ultimate point is that massive failure states have occurred wherever it appears that steps have been taken to breed a more compliant populace. Thus, any further attempt is likely doomed to similar failure, and we do not know what novel failure state will occur to us should we try. Breeding compliance backfires, so abandon the goal, and fix our attention on getting mankind into space. Social technology to get us there, then inhabiting an environment that will select mankind for the traits needed to spread across the solar system, and later the stars. Let God and Nature guide our evolution, not autists fueled by resentment, rage, and a failure to understand social dynamics. I love you, Com, but you are dead fucking wrong on this one.

                • Tityrus says:

                  [*deleted*] I said, “There is no need to proscribe books. Truth is truth.” That is to say, under a sane government, truth will be recognized sooner or later, without the need for censorship. Had nothing to do with Rousseau.[*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Truth will emerge under a sane government because it makes methods of debate and inquiry likely to lead to truth high status, other methods low status, and does not allow methods of debate hostile to truth to grab the loudspeaker. Which latter measure is going to look a whole lot like cancelling, deplatforming, and demonetizing, which is to say, proscribing books.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Aidan, that was my point. They tried to select for conformity and instead got the mere appearance of conformity.”

                  Thats what you want though. The appearance of conformity is a good thing… actual deep conformity leads to NPCdom though.

                  Most of the positives of conformity are on the surface, the negatives of conformity are when it gets into peoples minds deeply.

                • Tityrus says:

                  If more evidence is required, see `` and ``.

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this obvious shill payload through so that it can be rebutted (while disabling the links to avoid giving them page rank in Dark Enlightenment related searches)

                  Tityrus’ previous payload was that Christianity had no continuity, born yesterday and thus no inheritance of its achievements. His new payload is that progressivism has no continuity. Born yesterday and innocent of all its past sins. Both ways, you cannot judge a tree by its fruits. Hence the left is always the new and newer left, because the fruits of yesterday’s leftism are apt to be somewhat embarrassing.

                  The essence of these links is that Rousseau was known:”not as a political philosopher, but as an … exponent of advanced religious ideas”

                  The advanced ideas being those of the Church of Reason, which led to murder of so many Monks and Nuns, to holy war against old type Roman Catholics in the Vendee, and to holy war against Old type Roman Catholicism in Spain.

                  Just as today’s progressives have continuity of organization, organizational headquarters, and personnel with the Anglican prelates that were purged from the Church of England by Charles the Second and who then created Harvard, their Vatican in New England, and today’s progressives have continuity of ideology in that the ever changing ideology developed in tiny but rapid increments from the puritanism of those purged, the French Revolutionaries had continuity of organization, organizational headquarters, faith, and personnel with the false Popes of Avignon.

                  So “Rousseau is a rightist” does not mean “some Frenchmen back then thought him right wing” It means some Frenchmen back then tended to talk about that continuity, and today’s progressives would like to erase that continuity.

                  Just as the core continuity of Christianity is that the separation between mind and matter, the separation and the God and man is erased in the physical incarnation of Christ, the core continuity of the faith of leftism is the separation of man from God, and of mind from matter, as for example in the cult of pure reason, which is why shill and entryist tests originally developed by first century Christians whose writings are incorporated in the New Testament remain curiously effective against twenty first century shills and entryists, two millennia later.

                • Skippy says:

                  The chase after a perfect and completely stable state is a chase after a unicorn.

                  A purely cooperative nation can’t produce any directing force. A purely defecting nation can’t produce any military power.

                  There will always be an equilibrium between cooperation and defection.

                  The styles of states (including their literature, architecture, and art) is purely organic and functional and dies when it is no longer needed.

                • Tityrus says:

                  Jesus Christ, jim, you yourself have praised Carlsbad highly. Four months ago!

                  Also, you clearly did not understand that post.

                  Don’t you understand what I’m saying? I’m saying the notion of Rousseau being “the father of the Revolution” started out as an enemy meme and an enemy lie. The source from jstor and that French essay prove it. We need to rectify names, and history.

                • jim says:

                  Carlsbad hosted, and still hosts, some very good content from pre-enlightenment, and insufficiently enlightened, thinkers, and I was, and still am, full of praise for that content.

                  But upon seeing a shill recommending him, I immediately checked his content, rather than the excellent content he was hosting, which content I had not previously looked at, never having had much interest in it, and his content is shill spin on the material hosted.

                  The ancient regime would intervene in private and business relationships to impose durable and unequal hierarchical relationships with members of a martial aristocracy.

                  The new regime would intervene in private and business relationships to impose the unequal power of a sea of anonymous interchangeable bureaucrats. Since the bureaucrat is not really able to pull out his sword and whack the peasant for displaying insufficient respect, needed police. This is a big difference, and it is something very new.

                  Carlsbad is using words that imply the police are ancient, that the use of such means is ancient, and that the new oppression was different from the old in “basic rights, due process”. The police kicking down your door to intervene in your wife’s shit test does not seem much like basic rights and due process.

                  By talking of “basic rights” and “due process”, Carlsbad implies that the cops kicking down your door to intervene in private matters is the ancien regime, rather than the new regime.

                • Tityrus says:

                  [*censored for the reasons just given*]

                • jim says:

                  Your words have the superficial form of an argument from facts and evidence, but the “argument” presupposes that because fifteenth century cities prohibited adulterated beer, there is nothing new, different, or particularly unusual about the family court and child protective services sending cops to your house to relieve the wife and kids from the oppressive yoke of patriarchal authority, and to free the children from oppressive gender roles.

                  The supposed reforms of the policy state that Carlsbad attributes to liberals and progressives presuppose that the policy state was the modern American twenty first century police state, and the liberals and progressives did away with the modern police state, rather than introducing it. “the absolutist Polizeistaat … reconstructed it to ensure basic rights, due process …”

                  The most basic right of them all is right of a peasant to be King under his own roof, and intruding on a bar to tell the bar owner that not any piss can be sold as beer is rather different.

                  The difference is that when two parties have a short term relationship, and one of them defects on the deal, it is proper for the state to intervene. The policy state was not the police state, but enforcement of honest business practices. Big difference. The alleged reforms that Carlsbad confidently presupposes and takes for granted presuppose that it was the modern twenty first century police state.

                  It fails to engage the positions of those that notice that something radically new and different came into effect. It is like a troofer who when the presupposition that building seven fell straight down like a demolition is challenged, dresses the presupposition that there was no commercial airliner sized and shaped hole in the pentagon in the superficial form of an evidence based argument that building seven fell straight down on its foundations.

                  The “argument” from Carlsbad that you more fully presented and fleshed out than I did was that the prohibition on the adulteration of beer (policy state) was done in the methods and style of the modern twenty first century American police state, and progressives and liberals reformed this horrible oppression.

                  Not an actual argument.

                • Tityrus says:


                • jim says:

                  Whatever you are ostensibly discussing, it is never what you are actually discussing.

                  You keep presupposing shared agreement on issues that I have passionately disagreed with at great length, and I delete your material because it would be redundant and repetitious to repeat the lengthy and passionate disagreement.

                  I gave similarly unkind treatment to Skippy, for mangling Dark Enlightenment memes that have been explained often enough and clearly enough. Maybe he legitimately misunderstood them, but I did not feel like explaining them yet again.

                  I refuse to chase you into every rabbit hole, when the problem is not in whatever rabbit hole you are supposedly addressing this time, but in the supposedly shared presuppositions.

                • Tityrus says:

                  Maybe you misunderstand the term “liberal”? You know he’s talking about 19th-century liberals in that article. Or you would, if you read it.

                • jim says:

                  And I am talking about eighteenth century liberals, in particular and especially William Wilberforce and his saints, sixteenth century revolutionary radicals, nineteenth century communists, twentieth century philosophers, and twentyfirst century transgendered Covid worshipers. The differences between them are trivial, insignificant and irrelevant, just differences in the way the magician waves his left hand around to distract you from what his right hand is up to.

                • Tityrus says:

                  jim, you wrote two screens worth of ranting about “the bubble”. But in this case, it is you who is in the bubble. You misunderstood Carlsbad in the most absurd way possible. You misunderstood the drift of my thought about Rousseau, which is about erasure of history by leftists. You somehow inconsistently hate Carlsbad now, still waiting for an explanation on that front. Just crazy all around.

                  I am not a shill, or a leftist. I am a reactionary. Your posts directed to me have just gone off the deep end. This is senile sclerosis of the intellect.

                • jim says:

                  Supposedly progressives replaced the oppressive and intrusive enforcement of the ancien regime with basic rights and due process, and everyone supposedly agrees about that.

                  How is this a misunderstanding of Carlsbad?

                  Carlsbad is hosting a whole lot of good old material, but I don’t find that spin in the old material he is hosting. That is his spin on that material.

                • Tityrus says:

                  > But upon seeing a shill recommending him, I immediately checked his content, rather than the excellent content he was hosting, which content I had not previously looked at, never having had much interest in it, and his content is shill spin on the material hosted.

                  He’s not a shill. I’m not a shill. Throw any test at me, I will pass. And I am not convinced that you really think I’m a shill. What I think is happening is something like this:

                  “When a party observes that a previous member has changed from an unqualified to a qualified adherent, it endures it so ill that it irritates and mortifies him in every possible way with the object of forcing him to a decisive break and making him an opponent. For the party suspects that the intention of finding a relative value in its faith, a value which admits of pro and con, of weighing and discarding, is more dangerous than downright opposition.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

                • jim says:

                  You argue like a shill – presupposing shared consensus about what has just been passionately denied at length.

                  Which does not prove you are a shill

                  Pass a some shill tests, and I will retract the accusation – but I am still going to censor you if you fail to comply with Dark Enlightenment rules of evidence based rational debate, one of which is that you must engage the points made by your interlocutor, rather than digressing from them to raise non central and unrelated issues, then returning to the assumption that those points were never made, no one would ever suggest such things, and no one even imagines that they might be true.

                  And now a variant on Starman’s favorite all purpose shill test – for extra points, take his shill test as well: A one letter answer suffices for his shill test.

                  The red pill on women test, new version, testing it.

                  Are women in female majority workplaces full of thirsty women, with alpha males in short supply more likely to complain of rape and sexual harassment, or are women in male majority workplaces full of men thirsting for pussy, of which there is limited supply, more likely to complain of rape and sexual harassment.

                  You probably know the answer to this from your own eyes, though may not be able to say it.

                  Why is it so?

                  What can be done to fix the problem?

                  Fragment of FBI test, troofer oriented, not that you are a troofer.

                  What was Mueller doing when the terrorists were preparing their run at the towers.

                  After the towers came down, what did the FBI plausibly suspect Mossad of doing?

                  Fragment of Soros test, not that you sound Soros. You sound Harvard:

                  How did Soros get rich?

                  I really don’t have a Harvard test. Trying something at random to see what happens:

                  Who founded Harvard, and what was its initial function, role, and activity?

                  Fragment of demon worshiper test, most of which is inapplicable because you are not passing as Christian, but I am attempting to adapt it to the case of someone who is not trying to pass as Christian.

                  What is the incarnation, or what do Christians think it is? And why am I using the present tense?

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  No, Com, because then you get Chinese behavior. If you breed for conformity, you get either China or Scandanavia. Neither are acceptable ends for the neoreactionary project.

                • Tityrus says:

                  “Liberals and progressives”

                  You are an idiot. Carlsbad was not talking about progressivism. He was talking about 19th century liberalism, which is chronologically anterior to and completely different from progressivism, and he talks about how unlike what some people say we don’t live under 19th century liberalism, because PROGRESSIVISM, which is POST-LIBERAL, supplanted it.

                  You confidently made up an argument, and attributed it to a very long Carlsbad article, on the basis of one sentence, which you misunderstood.

                • jim says:

                  You presuppose and take for granted shared agreement that nineteenth century liberalism is “completely different” from nineteenth century communism, eighteenth century doctrine of William Wilberforce and his Saints, twentieth century progressivism, twenty first century transgendered covid worship, and seventeenth century Harvard Christianity.


                  That is the “real socialism has never been tried” argument.

                  Obviously we don’t agree with that presupposition, and I am not going to repeat the stuff yet again that we have addressed at great length so many times.

                  When I say “liberals and progressives”, I am talking about that whole damned crowd, starting with the seventeenth century post Christian Puritans that Cromwell crushed, and so are most people in the Dark Enlightenment. We just don’t see, none of us see, significant differences between the seventeenth century attack on Christmas, and the twenty first century attack on Christmas. Same people, pursing the same goal, and snatching up any random rationale that comes in handy.

                  Claiming that they are all completely different is like this week’s communists claiming that they are completely different from last week’s communists, thus all the bad things done by last week’s communists cannot be held against them, and the catastrophic consequences of last week’s communism cannot be held against them, plus last week’s communism was wonderful and the catastrophe did not happen, and was in any case caused by the international capitalist conspiracy.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >They tried to select for conformity

                  The formation of this declarative is risible in several senses; ‘they’ and ‘tried to select’ especially.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The chief criticism of our ancient liberals, even in those rare examples of suckers who so earnestly believed, is not that they themselves necessarily desired ‘proactive attempt to regulate opinion beyond the standards of liability established by common law’, but that they had no effective defense against those who did, as we have seen. There are several factors underlining this happenstance, some more and some less historically contingent, but perhaps the most prosaic being that ‘standards of liability established by common law’ are essentially themselves also ‘proactive attempts to regulate’.

                  Liberalism in practice would disappear almost as soon as it triumphed anywhere, not unlike a stick of dynamite. It was effective in deconstructing incumbent social orders that preceded it, then found itself replaced in turn by something better adapted to quickly filling the power vacuums – which usually entailed possession by daemons. Like an infant nephew declared heir on the deathbed of a childless king, proponents simply didn’t have the power to hold power; voluntarily tied themselves down even, bound and delivered to enemies.

                  >”…From all sides, people demand and expect that the government truly become a public entity by means of a free press, common deliberation, and popular elections…”

                  Which is to say, from all sides people demand and expect the government truly become a theocracy by means of a sovereign priesthood.

                  One key part of understanding how this happens is understanding the phenomenology of how classical liberalism would appeal to different groups in the first place. The doctrinaire liberal thinker might think of himself as a supporter of “[…]reason, truth, and justice, which no one possesses but which certain men are more capable than others of seeking and discovering. Faithful to this aim, representative government rests upon the disposition of actual power in proportion to the capacity to act according to reason and justice, from whence power derives its right.”.

                  What reasonable man would disagree with ‘power to the reasonable’? On the other hand, we can also consider on a practical level what specific targets liberalism as an ideological weapon would most end up pointing at at the time; which would primarily happen to include, aristocrats, landed gentry, old money, hereditary nobility, and so on. Which is to say, liberalism also held the ability to appeal to the conceits, invidiousness, and status consciousness of large groups of people, while conveniently providing good sounding pretexts for rationalizing these impulses, to others, but more especially to oneself. Priests rebelling against warriors co-opting merchants rebelling against warriors.

                  To put it in simple terms, historical liberalism as a social phenomena derived a not insignificant amount of it’s impetus from traitorous elites who found it convenient as a tool for doing leftism against their peers, and which was likewise subsequently abandoned in favor of other means once it lived out it’s usefulness for these purposes. Turns out the long term meta-level selection mechanisms and incentive structures of ‘the right to govern from birth’ produced better outcomes after all.

                  >” Beginning from its spatial limitations to Parliament as a particular assembly, free speech eventually encompassed entire countries as everyone was made into a potential parliamentary representative by universal suffrage. ”

                  But on what basis would one argue against such an inflation? There is an inherently unstable equilibrium here, where arguments to expand franchise against proprietary privileges have rhetorical cardinalities that ultimately point towards indefinite expansion – whereas arguments in favor of this or that right as understood properly as a proprietary privilege of this or that man, in turn also have rhetorical cardinalities that implicate the right of a man to dispose of his freehold as he sees fit, up too and including a state itself as freehold.

                • alf says:

                  the party suspects that the intention of finding a relative value in its faith, a value which admits of pro and con, of weighing and discarding, is more dangerous than downright opposition.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

                  Tityrus, shill is a catch-all phrase for those in the out-group pretending to be in our in-group. Maybe they are paid, maybe unpaid, no way to know, just that we don’t trust them. Therefore: shill.

                  In your case, I don’t think it’s paid. I think it’s the same strand of shilling I’ve seen in NRx for a couple of years — pride shilling.

                  Pride shilling is what Boromir did in lord of the rings: it is when one is smart enough to understand evil, but he imagines himself smart enough to use that evil for his own good. Nope, he is not smart enough, and evil will always be evil.

                  I have to squint my eyes to see the points you seem to want to make, but I have no trouble discerning your pride. It is misplaced and excessive, and Jim rightly designates you a shill.

                • Joe says:


                  Your posts directed to me have just gone off the deep end. This is senile sclerosis of the intellect.

                  Thou hast a devil.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Peterson isn’t really a bad guy, but his main frailty is that much of his substantive advice is individualistic – which is why regnant tastemakers merely tar him an outcaste, rather than move more fully to destroy; he does not so substantially suggest threats to their order by discussing how a group of europoid men can gain power through cooperative order of their own in opposition to their enemy’s cooperation.

        On some level he likely senses this himself even, and his other self-destructive habits you might say are an epiphenomena of the psychic strain that comes from muzzling yourself.

        • notglowing says:

          > but his main frailty is that much of his substantive advice is individualistic

          I notice that in right wing discourse, there is a problem with this question where one side will advocate for individualism, such as Peterson, and libertarians, while the other side is more third way/national socialism aligned, and the people in it see the destructive individualism of the other side, and so align themselves with collectivism and various types of socialism.

          Whereas the ideas on this blog tend to be in some sense in between, private property is a form of cooperation, and the importance of forming a community in order to protect it is paramount. Hierarchy also means individual liberty because it is hierarchy in the same sense you would see in software – a method of separating control over individual parts.

          Whereas from the perspective of the average right winger, you see the anarcho-capitalist “atomized individual” deluded in thinking he can protect his land by himself, and the national socialist who wants to subsume the individual to a stronger collective in contrast to that – the race / nation is the extended family (but in an extreme sense).

          • Skippy says:

            Libertarianism is a leftist heresy, possibly a leftist heresy created to damage leftism, or possibly a leftist heresy to damage rightism.

            Libertarianism contains some key rightist ideas, such as propertarianism. But the purest propertarianism is feudalism, not anarcho-capitalism.

            • jim says:

              Agorism (which is generalization of anarcho capitalism) assumes there is no organized hostile group united by faith and identity that is trying to crush you.

              If large numbers of people start acting like that is true, such an organized hostile group will appear. Same principle as Hawk Dove equilibrium. If the majority acts as if it is true, it will be profitable for a minority to make it false. Similarly cheater equilibrium. If people assume that other people do not cheat, it becomes profitable to cheat.

              If people start acting like that, acting as if no organized hostile group united by faith and identity, a holy war situation will develop, and in a holy war you sign up with a leader or get crushed.

              Which is how the Church of England was taken over by hostile post Christians, the Socinians, leading to the loss of the power of Monarchs and Aristocracy in England. If William Wilberfoce and his “saints” had been executed for apostacy, or enslaved and sent to Jamaica to cut sugar cane, Kings would still rule England today, and aristocrats would still have a great deal of power.

              My commentators have signed up with me because I assume otherwise.

              • Skippy says:

                I agree with you. I also think it is worse than that.

                Anarcho-capitalism as described by people like David Friedman results in all interactions being mediated by insurance companies, i.e. by administrative bureaucracies.

                I’m sure the world Friedman had in mind was close to the naive libertarian dream of ‘the USA but with fewer laws and a stable political system.’ The reality of bureaucracies and their incentives is that anarcho-capitalism would quickly turn into state socialism with the word ‘insurance’ instead of ‘soviet.’

                Even without a hostile out-group (which must always be assumed for the reasons you state) anarcho-capitalism would spontaneously generate a socialist state.

                • jim says:

                  Our existing insurance companies are pathologically defective for the reasons discussed frequently on this blog. It is plausible that absent state intervention, they would be more functional.

                  Existing insurance companies are FIRE economy, branches of the state. They are forbidden to discriminate between high risk people and low risk people.

                  An actual insurance company that provided actual insurance would discriminate, and would therefore look more like a tribe, a tribe that looks after its own when they are in trouble.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Socialism cannot emerge spontaneously out of any non-socialistic economic model, least of all a network of insurance companies. There is much wrong with the ancap model, even assuming no defecting actors within or without, but slide to socialism isn’t one such thing.

                • jim says:

                  The failure modes of anarcho capitalism are feudalism and monarchy. And I am quite comfortable with such failures.

                  My model debate on anarcho capitalism.

                  Hail fellow ancaps, I also am an anarcho capitalist but we are in a holy war situation.

                  (I then imply I am actually a monarchist, not an ancap, and argue that they should be also. Also argue that anarcho capitalism as they envisage it would frequently be attacked from within and without by hostile groups practicing holy war, outside groups with entryist faction within the ancap organizations.)

                  Critic of ancap:

                  Ancap would lead to X, and X would lead to Y


                  X is feudalism, and in a fallen world, worked better than most things we can do. Y is monarchy. And since we are already in big trouble, lack a virtuous elite, and holy war is upon us, lets go straight to monarchy.
                  Nothing less will work with an untrusted and untrustworthy elite. Both Republics and pure anarcho capitalism presuppose a virtuous, trusting, and trusted elite, and what keeps such an elite virtuous?

                • Arqiduka says:

                  I don’t know if ancapim is a fertile recruitment ground to reaction. Of course, many (most?) ancaps eventually move out of that stance, and a very good chunk of those who do end up here (as did I), but this has to come from an individual internalization of the externality issue, and does not tend to work with heavy prompts.

                  As with socialism, the issues are: 1) would an ancap society be nice to live in, and if so, 2) can an ancap society be made to exist?

                  Socialism fails both (calculation on 1, incentives on 2), whilst ancapism soft-fails 1 and probably barely passes 2.

                  Because of externalities (a microcosm of this was our zoning debate) the answer to 1 most likely would be than an ancap society would severely underproduce public goods and would eventually end up as a collection of yeomen farmers trading within an 80 mile radius, strongly limiting the standard of life we are accustomed to.

                  A true libertarian would care nothing of this, and maybe even find this failure mode charming (probably is charming), but most people would get off the train if convinced and be quite happy to settle with a world of city-states (monarchical or otherwise), or whichever other split that presents the best compromise between competition and externalities.

                • jim says:

                  Returning briefly to our debate on Zoning.

                  Zoning manifests as Brazilia, a city into which vast amounts of money have been poured in a effort to get elites to live there, but they do not want to live there, because it sucks, and New York, where the middle class pays through the nose for “affordable housing”, meaning they pay through the nose to get plains apes and homeless psychotic drug addicts moved in next to them, to crap on the floor, pee in the corridor and beat up their kids. Fortunately much of the money that they pay to get plains apes moved in next door instead winds up in the pockets of people on the revolving door between regulators and regulated, the Real Estate part of the FIRE economy, which is most of the blue state GDP, where a large part of it manifests as empty luxury apartments in the sky, which remain largely empty because they were not actually produced for billionaires to live in (billionaires do not want to live in condos) but as part of a game of three card monte with affordable housing funds.

                  There is a very good argument to made for zoning, assuming a virtuous elite to administer the zoning. Having personally been in the zoning battles, I can confidently assure you that our elite comes far, far short of the necessary virtue.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I don’t know if ancapim is a fertile recruitment ground to reaction.”

                  Hoppe is probably the closest guy to Jim on the entire right.

                  Hoppe is almost certainly closer to Jim than Moldbug is now… so Hoppean ancaps and us could find a lot to talk about.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Much to talk about, and great to get the ideas out there, but ancaps convert when they want to, not made to. It is, at the end of the day, a religion of the Non Agression Principle, and I mean this is the best possible way.

                  Also, Hoppe stopped being an ancap whne he came out for immigration restrictions way back, which is why he’s so close to Jim: he’s no ancap.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Lol, that’s a very ancap-friendly approach there “yeah, I’m no ancap but given our elite, it would be better to go ancap until a better elite emerges organically”. Not sure how effective rethoricaly but original, at least makes you a fellow traveller.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Socialism cannot emerge spontaneously out of any non-socialistic economic model

                  On the contrary: the sclerosis of bureaucratization is an endemic commonality in the death cycles of most all organizations of non-trivial size, of any kind, any where.

                  One may find no shortage of definedly ‘private’ entities that suffer from lack of freehold; and likewise, one may have definedly ‘public’ entities with surfeit of freehold. The ‘public-private distinction’ as commonly understood in public discourse itself a modern confabulation that cuts across the grain of creation more than it cuts with it.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Not sure I grasp the distinction PseudoC, could you elaborate?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Elon Musk has freehold over SpaceX, whereas noone has freehold over NASA. We can speak of something like ‘Elon’ as having a ‘SpaceX’; on the other hand, there is no such figure for NASA that can come to mind. You’d need to use a search engine to even come close to finding someone with executive authority – and whoever they may be doesn’t have a final and sufficient say over anything anyways. Which is not a coincidence. As it happens, SpaceX puts rockets into space; meanwhile, NASA sucks up millions to not put any rockets into space.

                  If we can think of any simple way of expressing what communism in practice is, it is simply this; abnegation of freehold.

                  An absolutist who wishes to usurp for themselves all possible powers within their own central person, will find that he cannot in fact wield all possible powers. He will find that in the attempt to divest all freeholders in his land of their fiefdoms, and wield for himself all possible powers, the business of rulership over this and that thing has instead merely passed into the hands of overmighty servants around him, because the world is very big and has a lot of stuff to do in it. So in the end what has happened is the replacement of select elites… with another set of select elites. Only this time much more fake and gay by comparison.

                  Freehold, in short, means a man being king under his own roof; an engineer being king in his workspace, a captain being king over his company, a duke being king over his duchy… and so on. It means diving power more terms of spaces and less in terms of functions. It means if you need to get something done, only needing to talk to one man with the power to say yes, instead of 1000 men with the power to say no. One sees nations grow powerful with freehold, and asphyxiate with a lack of it.

                • jim says:


                  > Freehold, in short, means a man being king under his own roof; an engineer being king in his workspace, a captain being king over his company, a duke being king over his duchy… and so on. It means diving power more terms of spaces and less in terms of functions. It means if you need to get something done, only needing to talk to one man with the power to say yes, instead of 1000 men with the power to say no. One sees nations grow powerful with freehold, and asphyxiate with a lack of it

                  well said.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Select maxims of Adm. Rickover:

                  1. More than ambition, more than ability, it is rules that limit contribution; rules are the lowest common denominator of human behavior. They are a substitute for rational thought.

                  10. Avoid over-coordination. We have all observed months-long delays caused by an effort to bring all activities into complete agreement with a proposed policy or procedure. While the coordinating machinery is slowly grinding away, the original purpose is often lost. The essence of the proposals is being worn down as the persons most concerned impatiently await the decision. The process has been aptly called coordinating to death.

                  11. A system under which it takes three men to check what one is doing is not control; it is systematic strangulation.

                  12. A man, by working 24 hours a day, could multiply himself 3 times. To multiply himself more than 3 times the only recourse is to train others to take over some of his work.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Thanks for that.

                  But now I’m still confused that you think that socialism can emerge spontaneously at the more advanced staged of societal degeneration. I get that big business becomes so intrinsically linked with government that freehold ceases to apply, but you think the same happens to all economic actors of all size, such that one day the baker realizes he is under so many regulations on pricing, quantity, etc etc that he is an employee in a government business?

                  Is this what you have in mind?

                • jim says:

                  It is what I have in mind.

                  What do head hunters do?

                  They are useless and ignorant about identifying who can do the job. What they do is make the unofficial hiring process legal.

                • Skippy says:

                  [*garbled rendition of our ideas too incoherent to be rebutted deleted*]

                  What makes feudalism defective is the constant possibility of civil war, which is a waste of resources. But what makes feudalism functional is the constant possibility of civil war, which makes it costly to impose holiness.

                • jim says:

                  Nah, the military are not much subject to holiness spirals regardless. It is a priestly failing.

                  If you have a too powerful priesthood where the priests compete intellectually for power, rather than militarily, you will get a holiness spiral feudalism or no feudalism, at least until some knight decides to chop someone’s head off for obnoxious holiness.

                • Skippy says:

                  You deleted my description of insurance company officials in an anarcho-capitalist society as “priests.” Is it such an objectionable idea?

                  I grant that it *might* not happen that such people evolve in the direction of priests attempting to exercise priestly power, but are they not given means, motive, and opportunity?

                  Ultimately a righteous king must decide whether an insurance company – or any body within his realm – is ‘functional’ or abusive, and the only thing compeling him to do so is the need to keep his kingdom fit for war.

                • jim says:

                  > You deleted my description of insurance company officials in an anarcho-capitalist society as “priests.” Is it such an objectionable idea?

                  Actually existent insurance companies are priestly, because part of the FIRE economy, because quasi state entities of a priestly state, rather then genuinely market entities.

                  Anarcho capitalism implies and presupposes no state, thus no priestly state. The failure mode of anarcho capitalism is that anarcho capitalist insurance companies are likely to become tribal and feudal, rather than capitalist and market oriented. So you are likely to wind up with a state ruled by a martial elite. which, as failures go, is no worse than most of history.

                  In Saga Period Iceland we saw the complete reverse of excessive priestliness, where the equivalent of Anarcho capitalist Insurance companies were based on priests and their congregations, but rather than priestliness escalating in Saga Period Iceland, it tended to get abandoned in favor of capitalism, feudalism, and tribalism. Mostly in favor of capitalism and market relationships.

                  If they had remained more priestly, would have been better able to compete with Christianity.

                  I deleted your material because it presupposes that excessive numbers of people performing priestly roles, holiness spiraling, and all that, is endogenous and spontaneous, rather than a reflection of priestly power within the state.

                  You presented it as a Dark Enlightenment idea, and perhaps it was a Dark Enlightenment idea as you understand the Dark Enlightenment, but it was too mangled for me to easily rebut.

                  It was probably not a hostile shill meme, but, by accident or design, it might as well have been.

                  The problem was that you were presenting Dark Enlightenment memes without their core animating principle: The role of the state.

            • Varna says:

              Just to remind everyone, as I think this should be always brought up when the topic allows it, that Ayn Rand is Alisa Rosenbaum, from Soviet Russia.

              Just a bio fact, which no one is actively hiding, but also which almost no one is capable of remembering, for reasons unknown.

              • jim says:

                I rather like Ayn Rand. Perhaps more relevant to the issues is that she was childless and committed adultery.

                Also, individualist egoism is going to get slaughtered by collectivism. To protect individual private property rights you have an army and fund it. An army is a whole lot of collectivism, and funding it is a whole lot more.

          • jim says:

            > Hierarchy also means individual liberty because it is hierarchy in the same sense you would see in software – a method of separating control over individual parts.

            If the Sovereign tells the pizza shop owner how to run his pizza business, the detail will overwhelm him, and he will find that his over mighty servants are running not the pizza business but the Sovereign’s business. Which is a large part of how the Kings of France died. They tried to control the price of grain, and one thing led to another.

            Which does not mean the Sovereign may not tax and conscript the Pizza shop owner, but if he does so he should protect the Pizza shop owner’s property rights in his shop, his business, his wife and his children, and protect the shop not only from the rampaging mob of plains apes, who are currently rampaging over attempts to ship goods through the port of LA, and the wife from Jeremy Meeks, but from the Sovereign’s own over mighty servants.

            This is analogous to the way we structure software, so that some components can do their job without needing to worry about interference from other parts.

            Thus for example remote procedure calls mean that you don’t have to share your database schema with everyone else, and don’t have to hold a committee meeting every time you change it.

      • jim says:

        > Speaking of Peterson, what do you think of him, Jim?

        Dangerous enemy.

        I have written on him at length.

        He dances near the truth, and people hungry for truth follow him, but he fails to deliver the truth.

        • Redbible says:

          I need to see if I can find the video I saw many many months ago, but according to that video, Pererson had before getting into the “spotlight” as “right wing” had written a paper about global warming, but bigger than that was he wrote a paper about how the left was moving to fast leftward and that could result in a real push back from people if not slowed down. (and that is then what the video proceeded to showcase is how peterson plays a “controlled opposition type” role, saying “left bad” but without the substance to actually create real push back.

        • Varna says:

          After his recent anti-pill addiction protracted coma treatment in Russia and then follow-up therapy in Serbia, JP now appears to be gradually drifting into the more radical part of the namefag spectrum.

          I never did find the details of why he couldn’t get treatment in globohomo land and had to fly to various Slavlands. Perhaps globohomo healthcare was no longer capable of even grasping the concept of stopping an addiction and were like “but there’s nothing wrong with that, are you delusional, have more drugs you nazi”. Or maybe he was afraid of some “unexpected tragic adverse reaction” engineered by some globohomo drone while in their paws.

  11. Kunning Drueger says:

    This may just be momentary, but the fallout from the Biden Presser is breaking down the MSM party line. Fucking CNN had some idiot straight up stop just short of calling Biden stupid, and explicitly called him a failure. The Brezhnevians are going to go all out to get a cuckservative elected and a low red tide in 2022. I bet it was the great LA train robbery that reminded them how much they hate niggers and poor people lol.

    • Pooch says:

      It should be noted though that the left is souring on Biden for a different reason than we are. He’s not popular to them because he’s not being radical enough.

      • jim says:

        Not just souring on Biden. The radical left is impatient with the entire aging smart left, and I doubt that they are going to wait a whole lot longer. The 2022 elections may well be startlingly improbable, with a bunch of fifty year old white folks discovering that they have supposedly voted for the left that wants to criminalize white male taxpayers and burn their homes down.

        I predict the $#!% hits the fan around 2026 or so, but if that prediction pans out, one of the likely symptoms will be that each election is more abnormal than the last – that you are not going to see a return to normality in 2022, but grosser abnormality.

        You are right that this not at all what our aging rulers are planning, but it was not what the Kadets and Girondists planned either.

        The level of demonization I am seeing can end only in genocide or attempted genocide.

        • Pooch says:

          Not just souring on Biden. The radical left is impatient with the entire aging smart left, and I doubt that they are going to wait a whole lot longer.

          The radical left is not in power. They hold considerable seats in the House but that’s about it. For the radical bioleninist left to take power, will need to beat the aging white Brahmin left in the primaries, particularly in the state wide races.

          • ten says:

            The various factions of radical left are exploratory satellites blazing new paths, and whichever one happens to find the weak spots of the apple carts gets to lead the lumbering mainstream left to the scattering apples and eventually take power.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            The radical left is less powerful in the elected government, a large minority in the bureaucratic government, and small but disproportionately powerful in industry and commerce, and probably close to half of the NGOs. The radical left is neither organized nor coordinated. They aren’t a cohesive unit with a list of targets. They’re more like zombies; no coordination, planning, or training, just a singular selfish goal shared by all of the infected.

            In retrospect, the infesting of HR and admin by the woke was such a brilliant masterstroke. It makes me feel like there is some coordinated power at work. But I think it was just very good luck for them coinciding with humans’ tendency to mimic without thinking. Humans are also suckers for the tang of magnanimity and perceived grand gestures, so giving what appeared to be powerless, low status, scut work jobs to incompetent, loud mouth females and fags probably seemed like a good idea. Like yielding the frontier and holding onto the walled cities. The frontier doesn’t seem valuable, particularly if your primary concern is holding and maintaining things built. But if you’re looking to build an army in secret and spread without being noticed, the frontier is where you want to be. Then one day, you wake up feeling safe in your castle, which is completely surrounded.

            • jim says:

              > The radical left is less powerful in the elected government,

              If the elected government mattered the governor of California would have arrested the people robbing the trains instead of giving them handouts. It is not like the train robbers are a major voting block.

              > They aren’t a cohesive unit with a list of targets. They’re more like zombies; no coordination, planning, or training

              You don’t think people weaponizing a virus a tad radical?

              The Green New Deal, and the Covid Lockdowns, are all different rationalizations of the same agenda. Total control, total power. Looks coordinated to me.

              And then, the great reset. Hard to sort out what is actually planned in the great reset, and what is misinformation their shills are feeding us, but it is a techno Marxist economy and it seems coordinated and planned enough.

              You say the radicals are mob of zombies, but Soros spent a whole lot of time money in getting prosecutors in place who would not prosecute them for arson and attempted murder, and then a whole lot of time and money getting a mob on the streets to commit arson and threaten people. They are coordinated, Soros was coordinating them, and he is likely the smartest remaining smart leftist.

              And he was coordinating them through a chain of command who knew what prosecutors and police chiefs were in position where. The leadership of antifa is primarily degenerates who are not doing too well despite their ruling class backgrounds and connections, but they are not stupid. They know their best bet for getting the ruling class positions that they feel entitled to but were denied, usually for things like violence and drug use, is revolutionary radical takeover.

              It looked obvious to me that the attack on Kyle was planned at the highest level – not Kyle in particular, but to murder one random selected member of the militia on video and get away with it to intimidate all of the militia.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I don’t understand the correlation between the train robbers and elected government. The governor of California rewards criminality and punishes good works, he has no reason to throw them in jail. Soros helped put DA’s in power do they’d free murderous negros and steal children from white fathers. Letting Antifa terrorists free is a by product, because the DAs are letting all dangerous criminals free.

                You point out how Green New Deal and Covid lockdown have the same basic intended outcome. To me, this indicates a unity in response, not planning and execution. The “braaaaains” for the leftist zombie is destroying the diverse hierarchy and replacing it with a flat, impoverished existence for all with a core managerial class running everything. This goal maps to GND, lockdowns, great reset, all of it is a response to circumstances with the same intended outcome.

                The general is in charge, but that doesn’t mean he’s handing out squad, platoon, company level orders. He puts JG officers in place that he believes will respond nearly or exactly how he would want them to without having to tell them. Black blok leaders or DAs, they both need to Acton their own initiative using the methods and tools drilled into them by public schooling and university meme degrees. The biggest, most successful coordinated act of the Cathedral was its own formation. With the machine built and running, it will slowly shake itself apart, hopefully (from the Frankfurt School perspective, of course) leveling the hierarchy and obliterating patriarchy before it completely collapses. This is The Plan, in my opinion.

                • jim says:

                  > You point out how Green New Deal and Covid lockdown have the same basic intended outcome. To me, this indicates a unity in response, not planning and execution.

                  The world wide response to Awesome, Mighty, and supremely holy Covid Demon was planned by a small conspiracy within the Cathedral before the weaponized virus was created, and this plan, though initially given effect in a disorderly, confused, and contradictory manner, because only a tiny fragment of the Cathedral was in on the conspiracy from the beginning, is now being executed in a uniform and tightly coordinated fashion in accordance with the original plan, even though events have rendered that plan silly, and elements within the Cathedral are looking around for another plan.

          • Aidan says:

            As I wrote below, but also pertinent to this comment, New York City is a great example of how the radical left exercises power. NYC, suffering greatly increased crime during lockdown, voted for a moderate democrat, a 90 IQ black cop (and I am being generous with the estimate) who promised to crack down on crime, over a communist for mayor. Adams managed to defeat the fraud machine, or cooked up some fraud of his own in the hood, to win the primary, but when his DA decided to make crime legal, declining to prosecute and no longer seeking prison terms for most crimes, he completely rolled over and let the criminals have free reign.

            Similarly, Virginia’s schools deciding to go merrily ahead with teaching faggotry and hatred of whites and males, and it is unlikely Youngkin will be able to do much without ordering men with guns and boots to put guns and boots on people’s necks.

            The young radicals in junior positions of power are feeling their oats, and are cheerfully implementing their program while daring those with nominal power to stop them. In major cities, we are already come to the point where Brezhnev is powerless, where Brezhnev needs to use violence against the left to protect his nominal power. And so far, he will not do it. Though Adams probably has the highest likelihood of going Butt Naked on the radical left.

            • Pooch says:

              Similarly, Virginia’s schools deciding to go merrily ahead with teaching faggotry and hatred of whites and males, and it is unlikely Youngkin will be able to do much without ordering men with guns and boots to put guns and boots on people’s necks.

              One could argue this is Brezhnevian stagnation, the gradual shift to the left we have been accustomed to. It’s no different than immigration sanctuary cities. It resist it would be violent reaction, not Brezhevian decline.

              You present a good point with Adams in NYC, yet I would still contend rising violent crime is yet another symptom of Brezhevian decline. it’s nothing radical in the year 2022. The radicals want Amerikaner whites stuffed in box cars and all their property confiscated among many other agenda items. Sure the radicals have influence, quite a bit of influence, but not seeing them in power yet.

              • Aidan says:

                A minor rise in crime might be within the bounds of Brezhnevian stagnation, but we are seeing new and radically abnormal crime.

                Trains in LA are being looted by people who simply walk into the trainyard and start rummaging through the cargo. Stores are being looted by gangs who walk in and take merchandise off the shelves. I have heard, but not verified, not having been to the city since the vaccine mandate, that some NYC subway stations have been taken over by gangs of squatting bums. I’m interested in seeing what the future holds as far as crime goes. The crime we are likely to start seeing will be on the order of stuffing whites into boxcars and confiscating their property, at least in the city districts that the radicals currently control de facto though not de jure. Once the gangs move from stores and trains to houses and apartments, that is the radical’s agenda.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Yes. Reparationsing directly out of their living rooms and refrigerators.

                  Why Dor Loxx B Raycis

                  I can rape and rob who I please, but I’m still the real victim here and there’s so much work left to be done. Eschaton or bust.

                • Yul Bornhold says:

                  I heard the train company considering re-routing around Los Angeles. In which case, either:

                  a) Crime is too lazy to follow

                  b) Crime does follow and the railways still lose

                  c) Crime follows and the railways solve the problem extra-judicially

                  Regardless, re-routing around cities is exactly what you’ve predicted.

                • Pete says:

                  It all stems from the cities’ mayors making it known that they will throw cops under the bus for doing their jobs. Presumably the same applies to the railroad police, thus they aren’t willing to shoot negroes looting trains.

                  Any cop that lays a hand on a holy negro will be getting the Chauvin treatment and heading to jail for many, many years. Until this changes, holy negroes will be able to do as they please and rob as they please.

                  The interesting thing will be: What happens when the holy negroes move into middle-class suburban neighborhoods and expect to keep looting and robbing as they please? That will be the major inflection point.

                  If the cops are nowhere to be seen when blacks are looting your 55-inch TV, but suddenly appear to arrest you when you shoot a black home invader, well…things could get very, VERY spicy.

                • S says:

                  You mean a sudden market opening for the Mexican cartels or neighborhood self-defense against the cops and blacks?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “It all stems from the cities’ mayors making it known that they will throw cops under the bus for doing their jobs. Presumably the same applies to the railroad police, thus they aren’t willing to shoot negroes looting trains.”

                  Muh cops…

                  Railroads need cops authorized to shoot, cities need regular citizens authorized to carry and to stand their ground. There were no BLM riots in Southern cities and the cops were a very minor factor in that.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  For some time now there have been (dockworkers union busting) proposals to set up an entirely new “fenced” seaport on the Pacific coast of Mexico somewhere, directly integrated into the US customs system. A little freight embassy.

                  Specially “privileged” trains would then zip the goods directly northward to a string of new-build warehouses and intermodal stations in Texas, Missouri, etc.

                  Sounded silly and wasteful then, but now, might be just the thing.

                • Pooch says:

                  It’s interesting to note that NYC still has a murder rate per 100k people in the low-mid single digits while the murder rate in Moscow reached a peak in the high 30s in the 1990s. There’s still plenty of hill to roll down.

                • jim says:

                  We do not actually know what the murder rate in New York is. Their statistics became fake quite some considerable time ago.

                  It is as hard to ascertain the murder rate in New York as the death rate from the jab, and for the same reasons. If New York state was hostile to murderers, and seriously wanted to prevent murders and do something about murderers, then the recorded murder rate would be accurate.

                  Do you think LA’s recorded theft rate reflects all the smashed loot lying over the train tracks?

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Best option for those in the free loot areas is moving to a Mexican neighborhood…they can shppt the diversity with impunity…

                • Karl says:

                  Yul Bornhold, there is also

                  d) Government forbids train company rerouting around Los Angeles

                • jim says:

                  Which I think is highly likely.

                  For a business to adjust its behavior in response to undocumented unloading of goods is racist. To speak of undocumented unloading of goods in a negative way, is, as Governor Newsom just learned, racist.

                  Everything the holy plains ape does is holy.

                  People have been telling me the left calmed down, and holiness spiral stopped spiraling, when the left stole the election.


                • alf says:

                  I heard the train company considering re-routing around Los Angeles.

                  Personally, I am appalled, yet unsurprised, by this blatant act of racism from yet another corporation. I do hope HR, or otherwise the state, intervenes.

        • Joe says:

          The level of demonization I am seeing can end only in genocide or attempted genocide.

          They want to kill us.

          Here is an anecdote. A few years ago I was travelling in South America. I (stupidly) got into an altercation with a street-level hoodlum. At a certain point, he took out his phone and took a picture of me, then stood and waited. The implication was obvious. If I stayed around I would find myself in a hole in the ground. It was not my territory and I left. No big deal, you can’t fight in someone else’s hood.

          This weekend, I was arguing, somewhat forcefully perhaps, with some communists running a stall in my home town mall, and one took out his phone and took a picture of me. The difference is that in this case I had home town advantage so I told the guy to f*** off. But still, in my opinion, the intention was the same.

          The Kyle Rittenhouse happening shows the same thing, someone defending his home town from commies, only more so, in that the people involved were armed with firearms rather than fists and nasty words.

          If they can get power over us they will kill us. Therefore we must stop this from happening, or hide, evade, or flee if we cannot.

    • Aidan says:

      It’s often the case that when something unexpected happens, the MSM message goes from monolithic to confused and incoherent for a while, until a new party line is cooked up and distributed. I’m more interested in what CNN is saying about the Ukraine in a week or two. The three options are that the MSM

      -remains in line with Biden, covering for his mental incompetence (Brezhnev doubles down on Biden as preferred face of stagnation)

      -defects on Biden from the left, denouncing him for insufficient holiness (A faction within the left aligned with the State Department and the young radicals has control of the megaphone)

      -defects on Biden from the relative right, denouncing him for capitulating to radicals (Brezhnev decides that Biden is no longer suitable as a stagnation candidate, and realigns with cuckservatives)

      Biden suggesting that the 2022 elections might be illegitimate is evidence that the young radical left is writing his speeches and is gaining control in the White House. Brezhnev is interested in having an outer party, but the young left does not want the GOP to exist; they legitimately hate and fear them. The intent of the new “voting rights” fight is to ensure that the GOP cannot win another election, which Brezhnev is very uneasy about. The young left is signaling that it will not allow Brezhnev to give the GOP an election, it is telling Brezhnev right now that it will loot and burn if the GOP wins. They are trying to make the fraud they are already doing legal, which removes Brezhnev’s ability to check them.

      NYC elected a moderate Democrat mayor who promised to be tough on crime, and a DA who made most crimes legal (no prison terms unless you shoot someone or hurt a woman) and the mayor rolled over to the DA, with the result that crime exploded, several cops shot just this week. Cops getting shot makes the news, but a lot of crime is happening that is now getting completely ignored. This is a preview of Brezhnev completely losing to the radical left.

      • Pooch says:

        This is a great summation of the current situation.

        The young left is signaling that it will not allow Brezhnev to give the GOP an election, it is telling Brezhnev right now that it will loot and burn if the GOP wins.

        And this is what I’m interested to see. If Jim’s predictions of revolutionary France and Russia are going to come to fruition, we are going to need to see some revolutionary action in the streets. Not seeing revolutionary action the streets.

        Without Trump there to rile up the Cathedral and shake their cage, Antifa and BLM have been put back in the bottle.

        • Aidan says:

          History says that genie does not sit quietly in the bottle. So far, the mobs only come out when Brezhnev gives his tacit approval. But that is why it’s worth paying close attention to left-on-left conflict and having a finger in the wind.

          And we don’t necessarily need revolutionary violence. The left is implementing the radical agenda on crime despite the elected officials not being in favor of it. As long as Brezhnev allows the junior bureaucrats to do as they will, we will get implementation of the radical agenda without new legislation or a change in official policy. To stop the “creeping” radical agenda, Brezhnev needs to apply violence, and seems unwilling to do so.

          • jim says:

            The revolutionary character of the new regime:

            To which the regime responds with massive increase in subsidies, handouts, and free housing in nice areas for those looting trains.

            This resembles the Girondist response the revolutionary seizure and redistribution of wealth that was happening underneath them.

            • Aidan says:

              The train looting got the Brezhnevists quite upset. Even Newsom said “what are we, a third world country?” In the same vein, revolutionary junior bureaucrats in California are attempting to destroy the suburb by removing local restrictions that homes be single-family.

              I see little indication that the old left has the will to preserve normalcy. Their institutions are maintaining a degree of stagnation through inertia, but the radicals have circumvented institutional control and are getting what they want. The old guard cannot do much about them without making it dangerous to be too far left.

              We are past the point where the radicals need violence in the streets to kick the old left out. We are at the point where the Brezhnev needs to administer an injection of hot lead to those lefter than him. Brezhnev might be holding on to nominal power, but now, without the violence to assert it, real power is being taken by the revolutionaries.

              • Pete says:

                The Brezhnevists are not upset by the train looting. Newsom was just flapping his lips to get a cool CNN soundbite. When you see armed guards on the trains authorized to shoot looting negroes, THEN you will know that Newsom is actually upset.

                But from what I can see, the policy of “no cop is allowed to touch a Holy Negro without getting the Chauvin Treatment” is still in effect.

                • Aidan says:

                  No, impotent faggots are often upset while not doing anything about it. Armed guards shooting looters would be the Brezhnev faction finding the will to repress those lefter than them in order to achieve stagnation.

                  My point was that Newsom’s power to actually do anything about the things he dislikes from the radical left is insecure, because actually solving the problem of crime might lead to his unpersoning due to insufficient holiness, and thus the radical left gets away with exercising de facto power.

                  “no cop is allowed to touch a holy negro” is the radical program, not the Brezhnevist program, and its continued presence is evidence that the radicals get to exercise power and the Brezhnevist faction’s power is insecure.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  If Newsom &co could just direct the boys in blue to shoot the dindus and spics they would not need to ally with cuckservatives and the steal would go on unabated forever. He would be Stalin, not some fuck.

                  Maybe though, they can get the cucks to shoot (i.e. revitalise the cops) and this is why they will abet them. I know, who would shoot at a dindu now? Remeber, He of Rit walks, and the message is clear to those who wish to risk it. If not a message, maybe a trap, but only one way to know for sure, come November.

      • jim says:

        > a lot of crime is happening that is now getting completely ignored. This is a preview of Brezhnev completely losing to the radical left.

        Due to normality bias, the Brehnevites think they are in power, and Republicans are planning and preparing for a normal election.

        I say they are both deluded, that the matter is now long past the point where the question of who has power has to be resolved by killing a whole lot of people. The question now is when the left going act accordingly and resolve the question of who actually has power, which they left unsettled so that they could work together to get rid of Trump.

        Biden was a placeholder to leave the issue of power unresolved. It still is unresolved. It will be resolved, and there is only one way it can be resolved.

  12. Tityrus says:

    jim, do you have any sources re the Bronze Age origins of Judaism and the historicity of the patriarchs? I mean evidence that goes beyond conjecture and refutes those who believe that the traditions and beliefs are of later origin.

    • jim says:

      None that I can link to offhand: Stuff in the Old Testament references cities that ceased to exist during collapse, locations whose name changed, perhaps because of occupation by a new ethnicity speaking a new language during the bronze age collapse, and work known to have been done (city building) before the bronze age collapse. For example the Tribe of Dan is known as great sailors and the bringers of superior sailing technology from Greek heroic age stories, and supposedly Dan himself brought that technology, though such sources often fail to make a distinction between the progenitor in the male line of a patrilineal patriarchal clan, and the clan itself. The major suspected shipyard of the sea peoples, which was a mighty big shipyard, appears to have been of the Tribe of Dan, which mostly likely exercised temporary control of islands near the coast, without attempting durable control of the coast itself. According to Greek stories of the heroic age, Dan came from near the location that Abraham is recorded as wandering through. Which may not necessarily reflect the actual person Dan, but may well reflect the recent ancestry and sailing trips of the people that built the ships of the sea peoples. The thumbprints of the Tribe of Dan are all over the sea peoples. It seems likely that the vast majority of sea people fighting men were not Dannites, but that some of them were impressed by Dannite shipbuilding and navigation, enough for Dan and the ships of Dan to live in Greek myths of the heroic age, the heroic age being how the winners perceived the Bronze Age collapse.

      I could look that up online, but so can you if you search outside your bubble. Search for Hebrews and Bronze Age collapse.

      To fabricate that those details, into the Old Testament, minor details that link to minor Bronze Age details known from other sources, the fabricator would have to know details of knowledge that was lost during the dark following the Bronze Age collapse, and not rediscovered until we learned to translate old written texts. The fabricator would have to have texts that he would be unlikely to have, and to be able to read texts that it seems unlikely that he would have known how to read. And why would the strangely expert fabricator bother to do so, since he is writing for an audience that is highly unlikely to know those obscure minor details, many of which are only now known from recently discovered clay tablets in the ruins of Bronze Age cities.

      Furthermore I have read those claiming a more recent origin, and they are just obviously stupid and lying with scarcely any effort to appear credible except to the ignorant and stupid. Just reading them without reading any alternate sources should tell you they are grinding an axe, which axe implies the existence of overwhelming contrary evidence that has to be denied.

      Just as the existence of a fake poster girl implies the nonexistence of the social phenomenon that she supposedly exemplifies, the existence of axe grinding implies the existence of the evidence that the axe grinder denies exists.

      There are whole lot of details in the Old Testament that give one reason to suspect that there were originally eleven sons of Israel, and Dan was a hasty addition written in later, but by “later” I mean added by Moses himself during the Exodus, and by “hasty” I mean Moses urgently needed a well armed well trained contingent of fighting men used to killing chariots to provide a rearguard for the children of Israel, to provide some muscle for his mob of recently expelled shepherds and bricklayers, and recruited a bunch of warriors from the Sea Peoples for the job, but if that is what happened, it is an interesting coincidence that the Greeks also give Dan the appropriate geographical origin.

      • Tityrus says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        I could look that up online, but so can you if you search outside your bubble.

        I did, and came up with a barrage of random information with no indication of where to start, as is usual with Internet searches. You seem to have a coherent idea of what it’s about, what’s historical and what’s not and how far, which is why I asked. Wikipedia (I know, that’s why I’m asking) says that the books that refuted the Bronze-Age origins of the patriarchal narratives are “The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives: The Quest for the Historical Abraham” and “Abraham in History and Tradition”. Have you read those? It also says that the major source for the idea which you endorse (historicity being proved by place names etc) is in John Bright’s A History of Israel. Can you vouch for this book?

        I cannot learn anything from just reading the Old Testament, not being familiar with Bronze Age place names and such.

        Also, your comments on this subject are scattered, so, if you will accept a suggestion, you might as well put it all in one place one of these days. Maybe in a blog post or a page on the main site. That way one can more easily compare it to what the books say.

        Also, “bubble”? To what do you refer?

        > Furthermore I have read those claiming a more recent origin, and they are just obviously stupid and lying with scarcely any effort to appear credible except to the ignorant and stupid. Just reading them without reading any alternate sources should tell you they are grinding an axe, which axe implies the existence of overwhelming contrary evidence that has to be denied.

        Can you name any in particular, if you please?

        Also, do you have any preferred sources on “historical Jesus” and early-Christianity scholarship? Or do you think the same thing about that? I mean something in between post-Christian/neo-Gnostic deboonking and the received tradition, miracles and all.

        Seems to me, from what little I yet know, that the problem with historical-critical scholarship of the Bible is that though it’s obviously the only correct way to understand it, there is only a small sliver of time in the 19th century when it was done with scientific probity, by genuine if skeptical Christians, or at least genuinely religious men. Afterwards, it’s done by the irreligious or those following evil religions, who misrepresent through malice or incomprehension.

        • jim says:

          I have not read those books. If you have, I would expect them to be stuff from within your bubble that can be summarized as “Some aspects of Abraham’s story are unlikely, therefore the whole thing was made up by second temple priests living under Greek rule”.

          Abraham himself is a soft target, since many aspects of his story are unlikely or impossible, but it is obvious that there was a Bronze Age patriarch named Israel, and Moses (or possibly Aaron) called upon Israel’s name, legacy, and the practices of his descendants. It is also apparent that the sort of things that happened to Abraham are the sort of things that happened to Bronze Age nomadic patriarchal patrilineal shepherds, so if the story was made up later, it was made up by nomadic Bronze Age patriarchal patrilineal shepherds who lived lives very like those of Abraham and Israel and believed themselves descended from Abraham through Israel.

          For political purposes, all Moses needed was Israel and the sons of Israel, so, in providing a backstory for Israel the patriarch starting with Abraham, Israel himself must have already had a backstory before Moses showed up to cash in on it. So one may conclude that the story of Abraham was transmitted by Bronze Age patriarchal patrilineal shepherds who believed they were descended from him. As to the truth of that story, there is little if any external evidence, but if Moses, Aaron, and the sons of Aaron did a rewrite, they were rewriting existing material.

          Dan is also something of a soft target. Obviously there was a patriarchal patrilineal tribe of Bronze Age ship builders, merchants, and pirates who believed themselves descended from Dan, who originated from somewhere not terribly far from where Israel the patriarch was herding cattle, but more than that one has no very convincing evidence. All one can really say is that Dannites were around at the time of the Bronze Age collapse, and show up in the bible doing the kind of things that Dannites are known for doing during the Bronze Age collapse – fighting and sailing.

          One of the place names in Abraham’s story, if it was inserted later, was inserted by someone who lived in Egypt or had visited Egypt not very long after some of the events, which hints that Abraham was a real person, or at least based on a real person and on real Bronze Age events. But it could well be a detail from events that happened to one the descendants of Israel backwritten into the story of Abraham. If so, a detail from a long time before the collapse.

          The evidence of character shapes suggests that the Hebrews gained literacy while sojourning in Egypt, partially lost it again during the Dark Age following the Bronze Age collapse, and recovered it during late Judges, early Kings, so if Moses, Aaron, and the sons of Aaron did a rewrite, they were rewriting some very old written material.

          It is completely obvious that the tales of Bronze Age shepherds came from Bronze Age shepherds. When one tries to prove more than that, the ground gets shaky. But it does seem to rooted all the way back in tales from the Neolithic stone age Y chromosome singularity, which ended during the neolithic. The flood was a real event, a world wide sudden rise of sea levels, that happened towards the end of the Ice age retreat of the glaciers, which did not drown everything, but drowned the first neolithic cities, which were located near the coast. And by “city” I mean a temple and few permanent priestly and craftsman huts, fed by religious donations and purchases from hunter gatherers and fishermen. It also obvious that some of this stuff got into written form a very long time before Moses, though there is no telling how much it was rewritten before Samuel.

          • Tityrus says:

            Thanks again.

            > I have not read those books. If you have, I would expect them to be stuff from within your bubble that can be summarized as “Some aspects of Abraham’s story are unlikely, therefore the whole thing was made up by second temple priests living under Greek rule”.

            I haven’t read them, that’s why I asked.

            Your conjectural summary does not seem to accord with the Wikipedia summary.

            [*misinformation from within the bubble deleted*]

            • jim says:

              > Your conjectural summary does not seem to accord with the Wikipedia summary.

              I engaged in hyperbole, but is fair to use hyperbole to ridicule the silliness you just gave us from Wikipedia.

              Old Testament written late is as silly as New Testament written late, a topic of more relevance to the issues we are discussing, so I will now raise it.

              The New Testament account of the early Church stops suddenly immediately before a pile of dramatic, theologically important, and prophetically significant events in which Paul and James, probably Peter, and probably many others were killed. Why would it stop suddenly, unless because those writing the account were killed or went undeground?

              • Tityrus says:

                I did not quote from Wikipedia, but from a pdf I downloaded from libgen, of a book that I have not looked at until today.

                I look at the last chapter and see him saying that the details are all from the Iron Age, not the Bronze Age. I am not denying your position that it is from the Bronze Age, because, as I said, I have no knowledge on this subject. But may I ask which specific details date at least elements of the patriarchal narrative to the Bronze Age? For instance, what is the place name you refer to as being “inserted by someone who lived in Egypt or had visited Egypt not very long after some of the events”?

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                He just paid you a mighty fine compliment and didn’t seem to realize it at all. A lot of times, I think we Cry Shill, and Let Slip the Flogs of War. But this faggot seems like a literal FBI analyst in just how blind he is to what’s being said. It seems like he doesn’t internalize any of what you write, like not a single word. That has to be so frustrating.

                God keep you, GNON guide you, Jim.

              • Tityrus says:

                I do not believe the New Testament was written late (modulo interpolations). It is indeed obvious that it is not so, as you say just from reading it.

                But Old Testament from the Iron Age is at least plausible from a completely layman ignorance. Looking things up, I saw that claim, and remembering that you do not hold that view, I am asking you to refute it.

                (Not related, but I try to ignore shitposters like Kunning Drueger.)

                • jim says:

                  Attempting to refute it would plunge me into an endless stream of Motte and Bailey arguments where you ambiguously defend your Motte and your Bailey without quite committing yourself to either one, your Motte being that the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and so forth are legendary retellings based on real and important neolithic events, and your Bailey being that David is mostly quite recent fiction, and the parts of Bible written by King Solomon were not written by King Solomon, who probably did not exist either.

                  Tell me exactly what I am supposed to refute, nail your colors to that mast, and I will refute it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “our Motte being that the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and so forth are legendary retellings based on real and important neolithic events”

                  That part is very very likely to be true though.

                • jim says:

                  That is what makes it a Motte.

                  That Solomon did not dictate the first part of the book of Solomon, and so on and so forth, is the Bailey.

                  And by the way, odd coincidence that the fall of Bronze Age civilization in the middle east seems to have involved some mighty big earthquakes at roughly the time that the children of Israel overran them. Did the walls fall when Joshua had the trumpets blown? I don’t know but it does not seem stupid for the children of Israel to think it a miracle.

                • Tityrus says:

                  > Tell me exactly what I am supposed to refute, nail your colors to that mast, and I will refute it.

                  I just did. The idea is that there are real historical details that could not have been fabricated by a second temple priest, like you say, but none of them can be dated to the Bronze Age/Second Millennium, but the Iron Age at earliest.

                  My question is: how do you know that those little details point to the Old Testament being about Bronze Age nomadic patriarchal patrilineal shepherds and not Iron Age nomadic patriarchal patrilineal shepherds

                  [*shill payload deleted yet again*]

                • jim says:

                  > My question is: how do you know that those little details point to the Old Testament being about Bronze Age nomadic patriarchal patrilineal shepherds and not Iron Age nomadic patriarchal patrilineal shepherds

                  Because Abraham gives Kings a hard time, and we know Bronze Age Kings got a hard time from Bronze Age shepherds, and Iron Age kings did not.

                  Because among those little obscure minor details is that the sailor and ship builder clan of Dan was kin to the shepherd clans, and the thumbprints of the tribe of Dan, who provided many of the ships of the sea peoples, are all over the destruction of Bronze Age civilization from one end of the Mediterranean to the other.

                  The old testament record is that the tribe of Dan provided the rearguard against chariots during the retreat from Pharaoh, the Dannites show up in the destruction of the cities of Canaan in the old Testament and the ships supplied by the tribe of Dan show up independent of the Old Testament record moving troops around burning Bronze Age cities from one end of the Mediterranean to the other in numerous Bronze age records. The archaeological record shows a major, possibly the major, ship building facility on an island controlled by Dannite pirates at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean at around the time of collapse of Bronze Age civilization, and around the time that lots of Bronze Age Kings were complaining bitterly of invaders coming in ships to destroy cities in very much the same style, and with a similar policy of destruction and annihilation, rather than pillage, as we see in the archaeological and old Testament record for the land based destruction of the cities of Canaan.

                  We know from assorted little minor historical details that these were the people that burned Canaan, at the same time as Bronze Age cities were burning everywhere under the impact of a diverse array of hostile foreigners.

                  The Dannites are minor players in the Old Testament record of the destruction of the cities of Canaan, but they are also minor, sometimes significant players, over the entire record of the destruction of the cities of the entire Mediterranean Bronze Age civilization independent of the Old Testament. Sparta was founded primarily by Dorian invaders, but in part by Dannite invaders. Being sailors and ship builders, rather than shepherds, they show up in the historical record a lot from one end of the Mediterranean to the other.

                  We know these were derived from Bronze Age shepherds, because we know Bronze Age civilization was burned by Bronze Age people returning to their cultural, religious, and racial patriarchal patrilineal identities.

                  If these were stories derived from Iron Age shepherds, rather than Bronze Age shepherds, what is the patrilineal, (and thus presumably patriarchal) tribe of Dan, nomadic Bronze Age sailors, pirates and ship builders who supplied a large fraction of the ships of the Bronze age sea peoples, doing in this story?

                  The cities of Canaan were destroyed as part of the world wide Bronze age destruction of cities by nomadic patriarchal invaders, and local immigrant hostile ethnic communities that were descended from, and had extensive cultural and religious links with, patriarchal patrilineal groups outside the boundaries of Bronze Age civilization. We know those were culturally and racially derived from nomadic patriarchal patrilineal Bronze Age shepherds because we have pretty good idea of the kind of people that formed the armies of armed and organized refugees that destroyed Bronze Age civilization.

                  Groups of armed and organized patriarchal patrilineal clans returning to their patriarchal patrilineal nomadic ways were all over the burning ruins of Bronze Age civilization, except that we know that Egypt managed to expel them, and Assyria retreated from them deep into its hinterland.

                  Exodus is a written record of what one such people, who (barely) retained writing, did, and for the rest of them, we have no written record from within, only written records from without, but the archaeological record, and the last writings of the civilizations they destroyed, show everyone else doing similar things.

                  The historical and archaeological record, and the record of the old testament, shows the tribe of Dan were Bronze age sea nomads. The historical record also shows that Egypt at the time had issues with truculent foreign origin shepherds, and issues with truculent foreigners of diverse alien origins.

                  The cities of Canaan were destroyed at the same time, in the same way, as the rest of the Bronze Age cities. The invaders sought to destroy them, not loot them, to kill the inhabitants, not enslave them. This policy is a mystery to modern archaeologists, but the Bible implicitly tells us that the Bronze age invaders perceived the cities not as places of trade and learning, but as forts from which came Bronze Age armies to impose tax gatherers, socialism, and hostile demon worshiping religion on people of a different culture and ethnicity. And the Bible tells us of the Egyptians attempting to impose socialism and the cultural norm of infanticide on the children of Israel. This explains the Israelite policy, which policy we can see in the ruins of the Canaanite cities, and in the ruins of almost every Bronze Age city, very few of which were destroyed by Israelites, but all of which were destroyed in the same way at the same time by alien patriarchal patrilineal peoples, albeit the Bible would suggest that in the case of the Israelites, this was more a return to their cultural roots, a return to patriarchy and patrilineality.

                  It is widely argued by some archaeologists that the aliens were there all along, that immigrant populations ethnically, culturally, and religiously connected to invaders were doing a large part of the fighting that destroyed Bronze Age civilization.

                • Tityrus says:

                  Ok, thanks.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            A fair amount of textual Biblical Criticism is begging the question. For example, these scholars claim the older books incorporate two textual sources; one which supports monarchy and one which opposes. Their evidence? Some passages say the kingship will result in a loss of freedom; other passages say the kingship is the will of God. The idea that a single author might have a nuanced view wherein he understands that the patriarch must relinquish a measure of authority in order to contribute to greater social cohesion is beyond such scholars. They want to discredit the Bible and willing fabricate arguments from the flimsiest pretexts.

            Conversely, I have the opposite motivation but I recognize that everyone can’t help but be biased towards anything he cares about. Leftists love their old trick wherein they claim they embody objectivity and “the science” whereas everyone else is motivated by crude covetous desire.

    • Varna says:

      Try online translate with these two articles:

      Entering Egypt to broker Haanan fiefdom

      Leaving Shumer prior to the trip to Haanan

      In the late 19th century 5 million people out of 55 million population of the Russian Empire were Jews. Some cities were 50% Jewish. To this day the most robust discussions and research of the Jewish question, with the least real censorship from all angles, is in the Russosphere.

      Some of it by Jews. In the last decades of the 20th century another wave of Jews got filtered out of Russia. The sionists went to Israel, and the liberasts and neocons — to the US. This left behind a handful of local oligarchs, and a majority of normal assimilated citizens who are Russian first and Jews second.


      These books tend to be sold with garish pulpy covers, but for example the first one is a very extensive passion project that took 20 years to write, covering 3000 years.

      The second one tries to unravel which competing strands of zionism worked with Hitler (trying to harness him to, among other things, squeeze Euro jewry out into Palestine, kick-starting new Israel), which against, and how they went about it.

      • Tityrus says:

        Thanks for the links. Google Translate works better than I expected. Also I am highly tickled by the marquee tags and fancy custom cursor on that blog.

        I’ll have to find a Russian to read me those books.

    • Albert says:

      ‘On the Reliability of the Old Testament’ by Kenneth A. Kitchen. I highly recommend this book.

      From the Amazon listing for the book: “In a detailed, comprehensive, and entertaining manner, Kitchen draws on an unprecedented range of historical data from the ancient Near East — the Bible’s own world — and uses it to soundly reassess both the biblical record and the critics who condemn it. Working back from the latest periods (for which hard evidence is readily available) to the remotest times, Kitchen systematically shows up the many failures of favored arguments against the Bible and marshals pertinent permanent evidence from antiquity’s inscriptions and artifacts to demonstrate the basic honesty of the Old Testament writers.”

  13. Aryaman says:

    Likely, courts in India will criminalize “marital rape” pretty soon. The Indian Penal Code says,

    sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.

    The government is defending the law, but defending the law not by defending its merits but by suggesting marital rape would already be illegal under the statute pertaining the cruelty against one’s wife. Maybe a distinction without a difference, maybe not – haven’t read enough to figure out.

    It is not a dead law either, there are rather consistently stories about men discharged on its account.

    For what it’s worth, I think in 1895 the Code was,

    sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under twelve years of age, is not rape.

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    This is a predictions thread. Restate previous ones or contribute new ones. Endeavor to keep them concise and precise so that the truth or falsity can be clearly seen.

    The following are pretty dramatic and possibly ludicrous, but I hope it serves as a prompt. They don’t have to just be about the current Ukraine issue either. Most of the faithful and regulars here have a very high expectation of Reactionary analysis. Let’s put it to the test and see how well we are reading the tea leaves.

    1) If Ukraine, Sweden, or Finland make serious overtures or actual moves to join NATO, Russia will move on Ukraine.

    2) If Russia moves on Ukraine, there will be 2 camps in Globohomo: Desert Storm style coalition and operations, and Munich 1938 but with sanctions and shame. Germany will be the leader of the Munich camp, and Poland or Scandinavia coalition will be in the forefront of supporting Black Storm IF US or EU regimes take up the call.

    3) If Kiev regime decides to actually fight, the lightening war will become attritional and the conflict will expand, initially in a Russia/NATO proxy between Belarus and the Balts.

    4) If a front opens in Ukraine, Blue Empire will attempt to destabilize the -stans and foment Insurrection anywhere along the periphery.

    5) If Russia moves on Ukraine, and the conflict does not escalate or spread, France,Turkey, and China will be the deciding factors in the settlement outcome.

    6) If any type of Russian move occurs (resumption of Donbas separation to full move on East Ukraine), USM will begin a death spiral of embarrassments and tactical/strategic mistakes across the board, including something like attempting to turn the military into a Woke Crusader type force (full on bioleninist trans negro people’s army). As well, domestic situation will escalate dramatically and purges and witch-hunts for Russian sympathizers will begin, most likely under the banner of antivaxx.

    • Arqiduka says:

      1) There will no war or invasion of the Ukraine, because Russia’s threat is credible. The current government will fall shortly, to be replaced by a pro-Russian one, and the country will continue to be a battleground economically, but firmly pro-Russian militarily.

      2) A moaor realignment of US politics will occur. A significant portion of the Brezhnevians in the left coalition will defect to or abet the cuck right, who’ll go on to win this year with great ease, as well as win in 2024. The platform will be a combination of environmentalism dialed up to 11 to kill corona and dindu worship, standard economic management, strong on crime and immigration, retreat from Europe, and otherwise freezing the madness at the current level. A decade of Reagan once again, halting the slip, and everting the threat of civil war. The US will live to fight another day.

      • The Cominator says:

        There will be no second Reagan renewal… even if the the Democrats allow a Republican to be elected.

        In the 60s and 70s the establishment made a lot of mistakes (I’ll skip the debate as to whether they were deliberate) but the level of diversity and government corruption were not NEARLY what they are now. The US was able to heal under an optimistic cuckservative… that shit ain’t happening this time.

        The US government now is more corrupt than the government of Cicero Illinois under Capone and anyone who isn’t a complete NPC knows it. In the 70s and 80s there was still corruption but it was restrained… the last arrests of political insiders did occur in the 70s with the Abscam scandal so at least people in the government thought they were only semi immune not totally immune… 60s and 70s leftism was of a more shallow and benign variety mostly driven at the root partially by people who reasonably didn’t want to be drafted to be sent to go to a war that the government actually wasn’t trying to win, and that by 67-68 when the leftist shit really kicked off a lot of people understood the government wasn’t really trying to win. I’ll even say some good points of modern day hippies and new agers that they actually tended to know that covid was a scam from day one and that their women tend to be superior to normie American women in every way imaginable… they are the only people who are vaguely aligned with the left who are not complete NPCs.

        Modern leftism is a puritanical and fanatical creed… it cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with and it wants nothing tangible in this world but to see hell on earth. Diversity and corruption will keep America at the level of an extremely low trust society… the death of the dollar will likely impose more unpredictability and economic hardship. There is no way out of this but a Caesar or a breakup and civil war…

        • Pooch says:

          I do now think the Republicans will win the House and the Senate. We may get a few more years of Brezhnevian decline yet.

          • The Cominator says:

            The House yes.

            The Senate are statewide elections and to lose them the Democrats would have to backoff cheating by having 6 gorillion fake votes in cities… and why would they do that.

            • Arqiduka says:

              The coalition that oversees the vote grab and gasslighting is breaking down, are more afraid of one-another than of the right, hence will defect.

              • The Cominator says:

                We’ll see. I mean they did let Virginia go so its possible.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes exactly right. The steal against Trump basically required a united and energized coalition of everyone to his left, from the cuckservative right in his own party all the way to the far left. I don’t see that coalition and energy level holding for the mid terms.

            • Pooch says:

              They won’t have days, weeks, and months to count fake ballots in addition to both parties and all organs of the regime willing to burn as much legitimacy as needed to cover for it, as we saw in Virginia

      • Guy says:

        I predict a narrative flip by the media on COVID and Trump. Much of it explicit, sometimes just by the way they frame things even when still talking like good progressives. My original troofer hunch at the start of 2020 was that they were gearing up for war with China, even when complaining about Trump’s stance towards them,and that Trump would eventually be embraced by the media to drive that war.

        1) media talked a lot about Chinese influence on Hollywood, athletes and corporations kowtowing to them 2) Hong Kong narrative 3) COVID

        This led me to correctly predict the lab leak narrative going mainstream.

        Biden’s collapse could bring about a triumphant return by Trump. And if the media starts allowing talk of a China assisted steal by team Biden it’ll be another point in this predictions favor.

        A weird side prediction I had based on this was that the media would, somehow, flip on abortion, still a long way from that but I was just perusing the articles fed to me by Google news and saw a lot of neutral and even some positive headlines from surprising sources. Newsweek is running these:

        Saw a couple others elsewhere surprisingly neutral. I don’t know what that would mean if true, too late for the birthrate to help in a war with China, but maybe just a sign that they’re trying to get middle America back under their spell.

        Note: not betting good money on this, just my original troofer theory stating for the record. A lot has transpired since originally making it that makes it seem less likely. When the media has pulled narrative flips in the past (Iraq mid 2000s) it’s been a powerful force and redirected a lot of people’s energy.

        • Guy says:


          • jim says:

            Your reply to Arqiduka reframed him as endorsing the shill narrative that the right should return to politics as normal.

            • Arqiduka says:

              Thanks Jim, and for the avoidance of doubt.

              I despise the people who humiliated a nation in November, and would like nothing more than to see them squirm at the hand of Tyrone-turned-Shaniqua-its-maam-sir. I personally am slow to anger but will hold a grudge forever, and in Trump’s shoes would tell the offers I’d be doubtless getting to fuck off and die. I wouldn’t care that the RNC would be lost to me.

              I would build true right presence in key states and give up on national politics (IRL friends criticise me to no end onthis) in preparation for the collapse and civil war 2.0. Return to faith, all of that Far Cry 5 stuff.

              But politics exist to avert civil war, always and everywhere. I suspect Trump will make a deal and get his people in power and mnay policies he could not get otherwise (nuclear as eco-friendly, retreat from Europe, kill tranniez in chick sports, reign in inflation, etc) because he is a merchant, not a warrior.

              I comment but do not and cannot endorse.

              • Pooch says:

                If this is the case, and I suspect it may be, it may actually be in our benefit for Trump to get arrested so he is out of the way for another outsider to emerge. As much as it is good for Breznhavian decline, a neutered non-God Emperor Trump is not what we want. The Dems may actually be stupid enough to make this happen.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  A year on, we can say that the window to do that has passed, and the Dems were able to check their rabid dogs on this. Also, He of the House of Rit tells us they are willing to settle, so I think the deal is on the table and will be taken.

                  Of course, if no one took the bait and didn’t bother to vote for the Republicans this would fail, but it won’t I’d wager.

                • jim says:

                  I will wager 0.0025 bitcoin that though that is obviously the intention of the elderly smart fraction running the Democrat party and the security state, the remaining elderly and increasingly frail smart fraction will be overrun by the logic of events and the passionate faith of the true believers, and the Republican party is going to be slaughtered with obvious fraud in the 2022 elections – that they will lose the House and the Senate, and be seriously trimmed back in the states. I however retract my prediction that they will lose everything from smalltown dogcatcher up. They will quite likely be graciously permitted to keep some of the now irrelevant state offices, but not the keys controlling the local judiciary and prosecution.

                • Pooch says:

                  I will likely take the bet that they take the house and the senate but I will wait until we getter a littler closer to the election before making it official.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  I will take Jim up on this: 0.0025 BTC, even odds. Republicans win both houses, I win. Democrats win both houses, Jim wins. Any other combination, including any ties, the bet is off.

                  But ye be warned: I am as sophisticated in blockchain as your average boomer and will set up the portfolio in the most normie, low effort, above water way possible. I understand that this may compromise my anonymity (which I don’t mind) but also that of whomever I transact with. So consider this most of all if deciding to take this up.

                • jim says:

                  That is OK, I will take due caution in paying you, should that be needed.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Its on, Jimbo

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Wait, didn’t we already make this bet? Or are you jumping in to the bet, Arqui? And ditto about payment, my crypto is all connected to Me.

            • Guy says:

              I perhaps misinterpreted arqiduka’s comment, or wrote sloppily. I didn’t mean to suggest he said his point#2 was something he endorsed, just an interesting/perhaps accurate prediction that I was entertaining.

        • jim says:

          I have recently seen a lot of shill narratives (“hale fellow white male mysogynist racist reactionary”) urging the alt right to participate in politics as normal, even though since the early hours of the morning of 2020-11-04 we have been in politics as abnormal, the politics of the last days of the Roman Republic, also the politics of the last days of Rwanda before the genocide, and also the politics of the Russian constitutional monarchy before the Kadets were forcibly removed.

          This looks remarkably like yet another those shill narratives.

          These shill narratives tend to rapidly slide into “well, of course, in order us white male misogynistic racists to succeed in politics as normal, us white male misogynistic racists have to exclude those really crazy and stubborn white male misogynistic racists, who are the real globohomo. Apply the salami slicer. Excluding the unacceptable Republicans worked so well for the Republicans last time.”

          • Guy says:

            No, I did not suggest anything like that. I made a prediction in reply to kunnings post soliciting predictions. My prediction involved the media, using Trump, trying to get the right back into believing in politics as usual by trashing Biden (deservedly), putting Trump back in place under their control (guy shilled for vaccines), and using him to push for war with China. In what way could that possibly be interpreted as thinking that getting the right back into politics was advisable. It’s actually entirely the opposite. If you think I’m a shill because I have believed crazy conspiracy theories, that’s fine. If it’s a dumb theory, great, but suggesting the alt right get into politics as usual? Where does that even come from?

        • Guy says:

          This Prediction is nowhere near vindicated, the media is certainly not cheering on Roe v Wade being overturned, but I did just want to point to those articles about abortion as being suspicious to me still. I believe the roe v Wade SC flip was planned for some ulterior motive although it is difficult to say what that could be. I thought it was a flip to a war readiness stance that would coincide with narrative flips on other items but those narrative flips are not occurring.

          Perhaps the media will stay obstinate to the end but the information and Zeitgeist will have been changed through other channels. Like musk’s Twitter perhaps

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Arqui, thanks for actually participating and not just commenting. I’m saving the predictions, verbatim, for review later. Your 02 is a banger that I wouldn’t have believed before today.

      • Arqiduka says:

        I read through Vox Day that the usual suspects are circulating the gossip that seen China asking Putin to delay the invasion of the Ukraine until after the Olympics, which gossip the chinese of course denied.

        VD draws what I think are the wrong conclusion form this episode. I still think there shall be no invasion but for some reason the US really, really wants there to be one. First they issue evacuation orders, followed by the UK and Aussies. Now they say “yeah, its juts around the corner but, you know, the Olympics and stuff”. I do not understand why they need to keep the pretense of an invasion just around the corner, but seem obvious to me that they are trying everything. Or maybe the ruskies rellywill invade and I shall look like the ass I am.

      • Arqiduka says:

        Goddamnit to hell, there goes my fisrt prediction.

    • The Cominator says:

      1) If Ukraine, Sweden, or Finland make serious overtures or actual moves to join NATO, Russia will move on Ukraine.

      Don’t think they’ll care that much about Sweden doing it but the other two yes.

      2) If Russia moves on Ukraine, there will be 2 camps in Globohomo: Desert Storm style coalition and operations, and Munich 1938 but with sanctions and shame. Germany will be the leader of the Munich camp, and Poland or Scandinavia coalition will be in the forefront of supporting Black Storm IF US or EU regimes take up the call.

      Agreed but the Munich camp will almost certainly win this though…

      3) If Kiev regime decides to actually fight, the lightening war will become attritional and the conflict will expand, initially in a Russia/NATO proxy between Belarus and the Balts.

      They will fall as fast as the Motorized Infantry can drive and get through traffic, I predict in days but maybe a couple weeks Ukraine is a big place… slowed down only by IEDs and such on the roads. The Ukraine military and whatever Biden gives them will present no more of an obstacle to Russia than the Afghan military did to the Taliban.

      4) If a front opens in Ukraine, Blue Empire will attempt to destabilize the -stans and foment Insurrection anywhere along the periphery.

      Well yes but they are already trying to do that… maybe they get a bigger budget for that.

      5) If Russia moves on Ukraine, and the conflict does not escalate or spread, France,Turkey, and China will be the deciding factors in the settlement outcome.

      Turkey and China probably will have a big role… don’t know if France will.

      6) If any type of Russian move occurs (resumption of Donbas separation to full move on East Ukraine), USM will begin a death spiral of embarrassments and tactical/strategic mistakes across the board, including something like attempting to turn the military into a Woke Crusader type force (full on bioleninist trans negro people’s army). As well, domestic situation will escalate dramatically and purges and witch-hunts for Russian sympathizers will begin, most likely under the banner of antivaxx.

      Probably thats why I’m hoping for invasion… the more stunning and brave the US gets the sooner clownworld ends.

      • Herman says:

        I think that Russia would not attack eastern Ukraine with tanks but use their hypersonic missiles and airforce to hit valuable targets in (Western) Ukraine.

        They can keep low level bombing campaigns going until Ukraine gives up.

        • The Cominator says:

          As I said my overall general plan would be as the Russians if it did come to war would be…

          Step 1) Use the light years advanced electronic jammer system the Russians have (that was confirmed that they do have) Ukranian comms and air defenses are dead, as far as I know there is no real counter or defense to this…

          Step 2) Artillery air bombings maybe drones (don’t know if they can somehow shield the drone controls from their own signal jammer, probably not but maybe you can tune it so it doesn’t block some signals and have the drone controls on that narrow unjammed wavelength) destroy all troop concentrations outside major cities.

          Step 3) All bridges and choke points are taken by Russian paratroopers

          Step 4) Motorized troops move in…

          I expect the cities to capitulate easily but if they don’t the threat to surrender or be shelled to rubble should do the trick especially when you’re in a weird situation where your comms and the Russian troops got to you in days. That would be demoralizing for a force that was originally motivated… but these guys weren’t they are mercs for globohomo. I don’t see how Ukraine can possibly hold out.

        • The Cominator says:

          Bombing a bunch of random Uke civilians is pointless and plays into the Cathedral’s hands.

          1) The Kiev kleptocracy and the DC parasite class don’t give a damn if every man woman and child in the whole Ukraine dies in Russian bombing, maybe Hunter Biden has a whore hes a bit fond of but basically they don’t care…

          2) You can’t bomb random innocent civilians and win a propaganda war unless you control the media.

      • ten says:

        Europe will not fight. Poland will want to. Visegrad will cower. The rest can only be moved to action by harvard yanking the leash and leading the way.

        Sweden fears the russian like its a millennium old racial soul trauma (lol) so we will join nato. Which sucks big hairy ass, just like our military advertises that they themselves do.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          When the twilight war happens, I think a lot of people will be surprised by Scandinavia. They have the same problem the Balts do, but are way better positioned to do something about it. I accept that I could be off base on this one, but the more “muh Russian super weapon” and “T34 is best tank” I hear, the more I become convinced people are way off base due to the long piece and fiction filtered reality. Confronted with an existential threat, perceived or otherwise, the silent middle that makes up the majority are going to remember that a few decades of letting women speak aloud in public forums doesn’t change thousands of years of history and millions of years of evolution.

          • Gauntlet says:

            Scandinavia is sleeping. The Norwegian military is gutted. What remains are logistics and 18 year old female conscripts larping as soldiers, getting gang banged by the male conscripts for a year in a winter tent.

            With that said, we have warriors, but they are sleeping, shamed into hiding. Russia has little interest in Norway, as shown by them retreating to their borders after fighting the Germans here in ww2.

            Unless the Russians roll tanks through Finland and Sweden, the only way to take Norway would be through the northern mountain passes or blockade by the sea. The mountain passes are filled with explosives, that’s the first line of defense. The remnants of the Norwegian military will retreat south, blow out the mountain sides as they go, making a land invasion from the north impossible.

            So they must take Finland and Sweden first. Or do a sea blockade, but then they have to defend themselves from UK and US attack from the Atlantic.

          • The Cominator says:

            Tanks are fighting the last war and have very limited use in modern warfare I didn’t mention their use in modern warfare.

            I mentioned Russia’s electronic jamming capabilities because they’ve been confirmed to exist and there has been no confirmation that anything that can really stop it or that the US has anything similar does exist.


            This isn’t a rumor its a fact, if Russia does attack Ukraines comms and air defenses are going down as if someone flipped a switch.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              As usual, we’ll see. But the tank is not obsolete, particularly in terms of suppressing internal dissidents. I’ve actually experienced big metal vehicles what for to kill with, moving at combat speed, and deploying weapon systems. It gave me a profound respect for anyone brave enough to oppose them with small arms. I know this doesn’t matter when drones with AGMs, spetz with manpads, etc etc, are in the battlefield. But it does matter in terms of domestic fracture and civil unrest, and I firmly believe there’s going to be a lot of that.

              This isn’t classified and it was years ago, but there was a very big contract diced up into many components, all centered on gardening comms between units. If a super weapon works, you keep it a secret. If it’s smoke and mirrors, you trumpet it out from the mountain tops. I don’t trust Wikipedia or converged media regardless of topic. I think you’re suffering from a sort of Gell-Mann amnesia.

              • The Cominator says:

                Didn’t say they were totally obsolete but their use is more limited now… they are metal coffins if your enemy has air superiority.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  They’re metal coffins if the enemy has good rockets too, or if they have superior tanks. Every weapon system has an intended use case. Sometimes, it turns out that the use case doesn’t cover all of the inherent utility, and new instructions or categories have to be constructed. But any potential utility is limited by the person holding or controlling the weapon. I know this is a very silly example, but used to play airsoft long ago. One big game, my gun quit out. I just had a radio and a little kid with a decent lmg to watch my back. My team wrecked the other team so badly we upset the whole narrative and they had to reset the field. I was far more effective when I was forced to use my brain instead of brawn.

                  If we’re talking small conflicts in specific areas, I think drones and DEWs and other bleeding edge stuff will make the difference. If we’re talking protracted war in various and shifting spots around the globe, I think global infrastructure will be completely nerfed and weapons will regress to cheapest and most durable cranked out fastest and easiest to use. As of now, this precludes all the cool new toys. We shall see. A series of regional conflicts of limited scope that can serve as a dry run/battery of tests would distill the weapons systems that really, really matter, then the smart and capable can focus on those, which would greatly affect the outcome of big battles in a big war.

                  Russia has some cool shit, but so does the West. The advantage for Russia is that they want cool, effective shit, and the West only wants shit that can be used to support stunning and brave diversity and inclusivity. So there are probably some really awesome things mouldering in hiding, and a protracted war or series of devastating wars will bubble that stuff to the surface. Whichever side employs patriarchal monarchy with high status warriors, ownership of females, and strictly managed priesthood will have the mandate of heaven. Satan wants endless wars with no clear winner generating grist for the soul mill.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Radio frequency weapons, which create destructive effects through induction of flash arcing in the target, will likely be increasingly important going forwards, since electricity is cheap, while kinematic fires are expensive; and when dealing with clouds of disposable drones and other PGMs, you want economies of scale.

                  For many applications passive fire control is copacetic, since active sensors are like turning on a flashlight in a dark room; you can see, but everyone else lurking in the dark can now see where you are too. Once you being approaching higher bounds of output power though, you start passing crucial tipping points, where the ‘active sensor’ itself also becomes a weapon system.

    • Aidan says:

      War is too messy and complicated to make accurate predictions about. You think that the doughboys of Western Europe would be made hard again during a full-spectrum war with Russia. Or we could get Poland vs Germany, or Germany vs France in the outset of WWII. These sorts of things can depend on the will or ability of a single man. The German army, being tempered in combat and awakening their warrior spirit, would be a big plus for us. War with Russia is the kind of war that can produce a Caesar for our side.

      I find it unlikely that the war will bog down. Ukraine bought drones from Turkey, and found them very effective. Keeping men and materiel in a fixed location is not a winning strategy anymore. If the Ukraine is unwilling to cede Putin the Donbass, and keeps fighting after he occupies it, he needs to take the entire country.

      But I trust Putin’s judgement. He is good at winning, mostly because he makes small, cautious gains that he thinks he can get away with. If he thinks he can get away with a lot, he is probably right. He might not be the reactionary God-Emperor we were hoping for, but he is relentlessly competent, far more so than his enemies. Small victories increase Russia’s influence and degrade Globohomo’s prestige. Like I said before, if he makes a big move, it is because he knows he will win. So, my money is on Putin making the right move. If he treats the militaries of the West as a formidable threat, that means that they probably still are. I am not going to presume to think I know better than the vizier warming the empty throne of the Tzar of All Russias.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Well, now that Biden has given Putin permission to take the Donbass anytime he wants, I don’t think there is likely to be war in the Ukraine, or any great desire to join NATO by small nations…NATO policy is simply whatever the White House says it is…

    • alf says:

      OK ok I’ll throw in my uninformed & guy-out-of-the-loop take.

      I don’t think we’ll see any fireworks in Ukraine. Not in the short-term, at least. Putin seems too comfortably entrenched in Cathedralite society. He enjoys conferences with journalists, gets to play the villain, is probably behind screens assured that ‘they very much respect him’ and so on and so on. Lack of children means he’s not seeking to establish a dynasty nor an empire. He’s just sitting out his time, being competent and stuff. So, I don’t predict any moves by him that will trigger WW3.

  15. Question says:

    What prevents anybody from creating a new virus out of others or some new features and release it in the world in perfect anonymity?
    Would anyone be able to even know it’s an attack and not a natural event? How?

    Pharma companies could make a lot of money by creating disease and having patented medicine.

    Mayor countries could try to selectively attack other countries based on racial/DNA susceptibility to certain viruses, or even secretly insert antidotes or immunity-creating agents in their own national food supply beforehand.

    With nukes we have ways to detect and retaliate, also mutual assured destruction (MAD).
    What do we have against viruses?

    Can viruses be created that can spread in a population but have a large delay in effects showing up? Such as brain deterioration (good to cripple a modern scientific, economic and military rival) or increased cancer incidence or infertility – the infection happening now, the effects becoming noticeable only 10 years or so later, so counter-measures must come too late?

    How could we know and prove who was the attacker to retaliate?

    Creepy reality.

    • Aidan says:

      Virus are poor bioweapons, because they evolve into their own vaccines, and engineered viruses have genetic evidence of tampering. Figuring out who is impossible, but knowing that it was designed as a weapon is not. And there are only a handful of laboratories in the world capable of engineering a virus.

      The avenue for bioweapon research should be prion diseases, but prion diseases are very, very dangerous to one’s own population. The potential exists for a prion disease that only infects members of a specific race and ethnicity, but it would be very dangerous to create and test. Prion diseases are caused by misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to misfold, eventually resulting in inescapable death. The avenue one would take would be to create a protein that would only cause a cascade of failures if it found itself in the presence of a gene specific to a racial group. However, the fact that ungulate prions can rarely but reliably cause a cascade of failures in humans means that a racially-specific prion disease would inflict huge collateral damage on the members of one’s own race.

  16. Encelad says:

    Austria made the jab compulsory. Uncompliant citizens will be punished with monetary fines (so far).

  17. INDY says:

    Have seen mention of “brain fog” amongst the public. Would that be attributed to the injections or some other cause?

    • jim says:

      Brain fog is by far the most common jab syndrome.

      It sometimes lasts a long time. We have no information on how commonly it lasts, or how long it lasts, or if it has been seemingly permanent in some cases.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        I would not be surprised if brain fog were also a result of the jab, although I have not heard about this myself. But in my own experience infection with the Wuhan virus can certainly cause it.

        Two of my business associates (who live in different states, and don’t know each other) who got the Wuhan virus early on, pre-vaxx, told me they had “brain fog” for months after their illness. Both described impaired short-term memory: one (who I wrote about one back in November) had a really bad case, ending up needing angioplasty, and later found himself going into a room to do some task and not remembering why he had gone there. The other described needing a checklist to do the job she had always previously done from memory.

        The version of the virus going around now seems to be much milder. I had it in early January, and didn’t even get a fever; just a couple of days of sore throat and headache. I’ve had much, much worse flus.

        • Varna says:

          I had a terrifyingly bad flu 6-7 years ago, which it took me months to really bounce back from, and the short-term memory only recovered up to around 80%, as did the overall energy.

          For decades the world was pretending the flu is something you just smother with symptom-suppressant bullshit and then go around like nothing happened, and doctors played along, pretending it’s something far milder than it really was, and now suddenly every minute symptom is being noticed and played up.

          A bad flu is always hell. Always was, always will be. They were wrong to pretend it wasn’t, and now they’re pretending it suddenly became a heavy experience that can shave years off your lifespan.

          • Varna says:

            pretending “it only now suddenly became”

          • Skippy says:

            Looks more and more probable that ‘flu’ is not an ancient disease but constant recurring waves of the 1918/9 Spanish Flu pandemic which was a novel and very deadly disease, and a deadly disease whose death rate didn’t simply track with generally poor health.

            Flu was a very serious disease, which is no longer as serious mostly because of extensive population immunity. We cannot say the mildness of the flu today is only due to attention, because it still kills young children out of proportion to their ordinary death rate. Flu is a deadly disease that we have mitigated with antibodies, and which continues to kill a large proportion of the small proportion of the population that does not have antibodies.

            With omicron, covid seems to have de-evolved into a cold, but the flu did not de-evolve into a cold, we simply mitigated the ongoing effects of the Spanish Flu.

            • Varna says:

              Some believe the Spanish Flu started in military Camp Funston, Fort Riley, due to anti-meningitis vaccine experiments sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute and applied by the US army.

              So. Could be we’re just going a full circle that lasted a century.

            • Aidan says:

              The Spanish Flu is just the regular flu now, and it is not that bad of an illness. The flu evolved into something not much worse than the common cold, which happens to knock someone on their ass every once in a while.

              The flu absolutely evolved to become milder. We get different strains of flu every year, which people don’t have antibodies against, and yet only the old and weak tend to die

              • Skippy says:

                Babies get flu antibodies from their mothers, and adults build up more antibodies from repeated infections. We don’t really know what current flu would do to an immune-naive population.

                We could hypothesize from the fact that flu, unlike covid, kills young children out of proportion to the regular death rate that these babies are those that did not inherit antibodies for whatever reason. Their death rate appears to be still rather high. As people age the chances of never having been exposed to flu decreases.

  18. The Cominator says:

    So will Putler embarass globohomo in the Ukraine by destroying the Kiev kleptocracy?

    Will they really be stupid enough to cut him off the SWIFT system likely destroying the dollar overnight when Russia joins with China Iran and Iran and China’s proxies in the Middle East and Africa to conduct trade in Yuan or Crypto?

    If Putin does invade how long do you give the Kiev kleptocracy, i give them 4 to 5 days. The Kiev gang thinks this will be some kind of WW1 trench fight with some electronic communications. They are going to be astounded when the Russians immediately knockout all their electronics immediately with their special jamming equipment that was observed in Syria. Russian paratroopers will then take all the bridges, bombers and drones will then destroy all their troop concentrations (which will be cutoff from communications and have no idea whats going on) and Russian motorized infantry will move to the cities unopposed.

    • Pooch says:

      Sending power to Putler to smite the forces of evil.

      • The Cominator says:

        Do you think the Kiev gang is stupid enough to think they can win like they were Poland in 1920?

        If they can its going to be funny when they realize five minutes after it starts that their air defenses and communications don’t work all of the sudden…

        • Pooch says:

          No, the Ukrainian President is begging for sanctions now, not after the invasion.

        • Varna says:

          I can imagine perfectly well 100 000 US and UK “totally not government mercenaries” in the Ukraine, using their “completely informal” connections to the pentagon and the CIA and sheit, having full access to satellite info and whatnot.

          The trannies and dindus serve their time the army and then go their merry way, while some of the real soldiers go on to becomes mercenarie. Many with decades of experience on every continent and in all conditions.

          In fact, globohomo mercenaries and Russian mercenaries are likely stalking each other right now in eastern Ukraine, Central Asia, and parts of Africa and Latin America.

          The 2008 three-day defeat of Georgia will not happen again, I think. Even if you purely mechanically multiply Georgia ten times to reach Ukraine size, you thereby get a thirty day war at the very least. But this time globohomo is far more unhinged and at the culminations of all sorts of megalomaniac plans. They are perfectly capable of doing something to their dozen biolabs in the Ukraine, not to mention to local nuclear reactors and so on, as banal false flags.

          If they feel they need to, they will poison all of Eastern Europe and unleash all sorts of plagues. In 2022 this does not strike me as implausible. If a crazy faction takes over globohomo’s strategy in the Ukraine during a potential war, it’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be dark to an extent Europe may never really recover.

          • The Cominator says:

            Nothing that globohomo can do, there were rumors that the Russians had superior electronic jamming capabilities in Syria and recently they’ve been confirmed.


            But i suspect Russia will have drones that are specially shielded against the jammers will destroy them.

            • Pooch says:

              Let’s fucking go! I want to see this in action.

              • The Cominator says:

                They’ll likely use it in a limited way… i suspect they could use it on a larger scale to cause a large scale electronic backout but i suspect they use it on a more limited area to avoid causing too much alarm outside Russia.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            The moral is to the physical as 3 to 1, which I believe is from Napoleon. Are Russian “Mercenaries” fighting for God, Tzar, and Mother Russia going to flinch from Western Mercenaries fighting for buttsex, whores, and niggers? Who do you think breaks first in that scenario? Ukraine probably looks like France after the Blitzkrieg, with the added bonus of the eastern half of the country being friendly territory for the Russian troops. The first color revolution against Ukraine resulted in them voting even harder for the Russian-aligned candidate the next time. If Russia is actually inside the country? Good fucking luck doing anything about it.

          • Skippy says:

            The UK military is probably combat ineffective. How many drones do they have at the battalion or company level? How many smart Brits go into the army? How many of them don’t end up as diversity commissars or other non-combat roles?

            Britain probably has half the army it had for the Iraq invasion, i.e. half of its 2003 army. It has a legacy of people from that time and equipment from that time – some of it. I do not believe that Britain has a 2021 army.

            The USA probably does have some 2021 army. But it’s a small fraction of the total reported serving men, and unlike the UK the USA has many places its army needs to be.

            • Pooch says:

              The USA probably does have some 2021 army. But it’s a small fraction of the total reported serving men, and unlike the UK the USA has many places its army needs to be.

              Based on causalities in the Afghanistan evacuation, the combat arms of the Marines are about ~50% non-hispanic white male. I’d say this is a good rule of thumb for the combat effectiveness of the listed US military.

            • Karl says:

              Skippy, which places do you think the US army needs to be?

              • Skippy says:

                The US military is now routinely deployed to dozens of little conflicts everywhere with no public discussion. E.g. the US army was in Syria during the time when the official policy of Trump was to withdraw from Syria and the previous policy of Obama had led to Congress explicitly voting against intervention.

                These interventions don’t consume much of the total manpower, but much greater fraction of the best manpower.

                The US also needs ready reserves in Asia and the USA itself.

                • Karl says:

                  My question was about “need”, not where the US military actually is.

                  I know that the US military is in a lot of places. I do not think it needs to be in any of them. In my opinion, most peoples, especially white US citizens, would be better of if the US army would be inside the US only.

                  “Need” cannot be assessed without an objective. What is the objective or purpose of the US army in your opinion or what should it be?

                  So for what purposes does the US “need” ready reserves in Asia in your opinion?

                • Skippy says:

                  The current deployments are needed because every deployment is made only for political reasons. Withdrawing would damage the USA position somehow that its current rulers wouldn’t like.

                  If you mean something like “needed to protect the common welfare of all Americans” then it shouldn’t have any overseas deployments.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Your expectations of a perfect conflict where everything goes of perfectly perfect is naive bullshit, but Russia would inevitably win if it only had to fight Ukraine. But I don’t think it would stay isolated. Belarus is in a tricky situation, Poland is too. Finland and Sweden are making noises about finally joining NATO, which would force Russia into a use it or lose it situation. Coronatarianism has seemed to make a lot of bureaucrats feel their oats in terms of not just acquiring power, but also attempting to use it. Contrary to the somewhat Hollywoodesqu perspective on militaries and weapons systems displayed here, there are more than enough assets in mainland Europe, UK, and Scandinavia to cause significant issues with a Putler putsch to the sea, or even just conflicts on the Baltic and Black. I think there’s a lot that could stop a bunch of holiness drunk EU bureaucrats from kicking off a war in response to Putin securing The Frontier, but not as much as people generally assume. In addition, as much as my bread is buttered on the Russian side of late, the hype and propaganda are just that. Russia has some very good assets and people, but they mostly have old, crappy stuff and conscripts. If it’s a lightening war of decapitation and SOF actions, this won’t matter. If it’s a protracted conflict that expands to other theaters, Russia will be in trouble without China jumping in.

      There’s also the issue with nukes. While I’m in the Jim camp, and the idea that The Arsenal may have issues keeps popping up in ever more mainstream places, an SME I discussed this with pointed out that it will be pretty hard for the uninitiated to see the difference between a clean shot and a fizzle, at least at first. If we were ever going to have an executive team in power that would actually use a first strike, it’s definitely Harris/Biden. I can’t really think of any leadership team that is so dangerously incompetent and completely ignorant of it. If the balloon goes up, Biden will be sidelined and she will be the figurehead. It will be Coronatarians hungry for human sacrifice led by a feral count throwing out a global shit test.

      • jim says:

        > there are more than enough assets in mainland Europe, UK, and Scandinavia to cause significant issues with a Putler putsch to the sea,

        Assets are useless without warriors. Recollect how Europe performed when it attempted to intervene in the Yugoslavian wars, how Britain performed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the Persian Gulf conflict with Iran.

        If England could not handle a handful of goat herders in Basra, and a toy boat full of well armed boy scouts in the Persian gulf, seven hundred well armed well equipped men could conquer all of Western Europe.

        In the conflict over Taiwan, we will likely learn what it takes to move troops over sea and air. It is widely believed that it is likely to be difficult in the twenty first century, but no one knows.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Participating on remote police actions is a very different thing from engaging Russia in Eastern Europe.

      • The Cominator says:

        ”Your expectations of a perfect conflict where everything goes of perfectly perfect is naive bullshit, but Russia would inevitably win if it only had to fight Ukraine. But I don’t think it would stay isolated.”

        I do not expect Ukraine to be able or willing to fight, its a fake country run by kleptocrats who are puppets of the State Department and Soros. I don’t expect the entirety of NATO to be willing to be able to help them much either unless they are willing to escalate to a very very bad level.

        I thought the goto nuclear option is to cut Russia off the SWIFT system but apparently they announced now they wouldn’t do that, I suspect they were very credibly warned that would be the end of the dollar as international trade currency. Belarus and Finland absolutely aren’t going to do anything, and would not be willing to even if they were sure America was getting in on it with them.

        The Baltic States Poland and Rumania would perhaps be willing to fight (because they have a kind of tribal hatred of Russia) if America was getting in on it with them and they have some good infantry I’m told… but I suspect no defense against Russia’s more advanced weapons.

        • Red says:

          The only army in Europe that could stop Russia is Turkey’s and they’re not going to get involved. The only real question is where will the Russian army be order to halt if they do invade? The Russian parts of the Ukraine? Kiev? Berlin?

          • The Cominator says:

            In for a penny in for a pound, if they go in probably best to take Kiev… maybe the Baltic states too but not likely. Going into Poland Rumania etc would trigger a bad real war…

          • Pooch says:

            Stopping at the 1914 border of former Imperial Russia seems like a good bet.

            • The Cominator says:

              The Russians have no reason to take Belarus and only limited reasons to push to the Baltic…

              But good chance (50-60%) to rid themselves of the Soros abcess that is Ukraine

              • Pooch says:

                They already have Belarus.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  “They already have Belarus” is something of an oversimplification. Sure, militarily Russia can reach out and snatch up Belarus anytime they like; but for the moment while Putin and his cabinet mandate their vaxx, Lukashenko has banned vaxx passports .

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well speaking of the Russian vax is it as cytotoxic as the Western clot shots.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  is it as cytotoxic as the Western clot shots

                  There are multiple Russian shots. The main one, Sputnik V, is basically a clone of the AstraZeneca shot except for using two different adenovirus vectors rather than the same one twice as AZ does. More generally, Russian pharma is allied with Western big pharma.

                  The Russian company Vektor’s “EpiVacCorona” claims to be a trad vax. I have no idea whether it’s as dangerous as the mRNA or adenovirus clot shots. Globohomo’s propaganda is that it’s ineffective and killed off at least one family in the Krasnodar region, while RT’s claim is that they must have been already infected with the virus itself. I can’t tell which claim is more credible.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sure, militarily Russia can reach out and snatch up Belarus anytime they like; but for the moment while Putin and his cabinet mandate their vaxx, Lukashenko has banned vaxx passports .

                  No. Missing the point. Belarus is a a protectorate of Russia in the same way Germany is a protectorate of America. They have even formed their own version of NATO.


                  And that Lukashenko is allowed to ban vaxx passports means the vax isn’t all that important to Putin’s state religion.

                • Varna says:

                  EpiVac is the subunit clotshot with traces of protein; the actual trad vax in KоviVac.

                  A “fake trad” subunit vax is also the new one the West is allegedly going to adopt soon.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Yeah, I am pretty sure that Pooch has the right of it. Belarus is part of the informal Russian Empire, much like NATO is the core of the informal American Empire.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Thanks for the correction about the various Russian vaxxes, Varna.

                  Belarus is part of the informal Russian Empire, much like NATO is the core of the informal American Empire.


                  But what I could wish for, would be for Belarus to squeeze out a little more independence and become more of a Switzerland, less of a Germany.

                  Especially if, as one American ex-ex-pat writes about Russia:

                  their mayors and the federal government are far from finished with tormenting people about [vaxx passports], and shit can change literally within hours, especially Moscow under Sobyanin.

                • Skippy says:

                  Belarus has an independent policy from Russia, but predicated on Lukashenko being able to defect to the West if he chooses. Germany doesn’t have similar ability to defect to Russia, both on geographic grounds and in lacking a kingly ruler who can suddenly contradict his own former policy on a personal judgement.

                  The main reason Belarus remains aligned with Russia is that Lukashenko opposes Western measures and ideology in a way he does not oppose that of Russia, but Lukashenko views himself as the purest post-Soviet continuity figure and Russia as a (very large) periphery, not the other way around.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I genuinely hope Putin’s advisors aren’t reading the situation like you are. Magic advanced weaponry doesn’t win wars. If Russia bifurcates Ukraine successfully and signs a real, no BS mutual defense pact with China, and President Harris have a Petulant Military Strike moment, Taiwan will rejoin and we are in a new world. If he drinks the Kool aid and opens fronts in Balts and Black Sea, Scandinavia will get involved, Germany and Poland will get involved, and Turkey will get involved. It’ll be WWI all over again with decrepit generals failing to understand the nature of new weaponry, politicians blindly assuming it will be brief and easy, and white men getting wiped out.

          I think you are very wrong. I hope I am very wrong.

          If we have any mememagics left, we should circulate the fact that Real Men Don’t Fight For Satan.

          Maybe I’m being pessimistic about things, but it just seems like we are at that point where no one is certain about outcomes, which seems to lead to big wars. And we are overdue. Just imagine the shambolic clusterfuck that would follow Biden or Harris pushing the big red button, and it’s a fizzle. If I wasn’t a parent, I’d be excited.

          • Pooch says:

            ‘A source close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Axios: “At first we didn’t believe our ears, but we replayed the audio and the president of the United States actually distinguished between a small and large invasion, and suggested Russia could proceed with impunity with a small one. This is simply outrageous.”‘

            LOL. Biden is telling Putin to take what he wants.

            • jim says:

              With that in his pocket, Putin is likely to find negotiations with the Ukraine become considerably more fruitful.

              I expect the State Department is melting down. I doubt that this was cleared with them, though they will grin between clenched teeth and say that it was a state department initiative.

              Big win for the fans of Brezhnevian stability and quiet decline, and means the regime is not going to fall as imminently as I had hoped.

              This negotiation was carried out without Europe at the table, or even consulted, which suggests it was one part of the US regime blindsiding another part.

          • Arqiduka says:

            I don’t think for a second they take such braggadocio with seriousness. If they go in, they stop at the river, of this much I’m sure.

            • The Cominator says:

              Why would they do that, if the Cathedral won’t defend half the Ukraine why defend the other half?

              Its not like breaking the Munich agreement because he didn’t give any guarantees.

              • Arqiduka says:

                Because if they do that all the allies they have won are lost. The Turks most of all, but in general the whole west will sour, including Hungary and Poland. They are playing a longer game, where you move one step at a time, and don’t loose track of the ultimate objective, a ring of satrapies all around.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  TC thinks this is a Red Alert match, he’s not seeing the human element. As usual. I hope Russia subsumes The Frontier and Globohomo whines for a few news cycles. I’m worried that Russia will not get a quick war because Ukraine has had half a decade to spin up a real military (and they have). If Ukraine was such an easy pushover, why isn’t it already returned to the fold?

                • jim says:

                  > If Ukraine was such an easy pushover, why isn’t it already returned to the fold?

                  Because what Namefag Yarvin idiosyncratically calls Ruthenia does not want to return to the fold.

                  His suggestion, return to the 1914 border, is quite sound, but the proposal does not seem to be on the table. Maybe it is on the table, but “Ruthenia” does not want to sit at that table.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  The US can hurt Russia without going to war, and they know this much. Ukraine is no pushover, but half of the country is sympathetic and keen to rid themselves of a terrible infestation. If you run it right, do not anex them but just occupy up to the river, promise to put the country back together subject to guarantees and adhesion to the Russian market, you will not have to fight at all, but put on a show of force. And just like that, you gain your second satellite in the west.

                • Upravda says:

                  Folks, Russia will not invade Ukraine.

                  What would be benefit in that and for whom exactly in Russia?

                  Russia is recovering, sure, but they are still demographically weak, and will be for many decades to come. Why would they sacrifice many of their young man again? They have more then enough territory, and still skewed male to female ratio. Russia is not “Nigeria in the snow”, but they are still not all that economically strong. Why would they cut themselves from trade with the West and make their lives harder?

                  This way, they are slowly bleeding Ukraine, which will sooner or later “return to the fold”, just as Georgia will. Because decaying Atlantic empire is far, and Russia just accross the border.

                  About 5 million Ukrainians still work in Russia, and many of them commute to their jobs on daily basis. Spice still flows to the Ukraine and through the Ukraine further west.

                  So, Russia does not have a Lebensraum interest, nor economic interest, nor simply the will to power. The only reason might be preemptive attack, but I very much doubt that Ukraine is even remotely capable of striking Russia. Or daring.

                  Furthermore, conquering entire Ukraine would be simply wrong and evil. Why force Ruthenia (no need for quotation marks) to become colony? What would be the justification for that?

                  There’s absolutely no reason for Russia to invade Ukraine, and if I hear such news, I’ll be 100% sure it is some false flag operation.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  They will invade to prevent ascension to NATO. Indeed, there is no way to prevent this without invading, or credibly threatening to. He will not invade Ruthenia, but will invade up to Kiev if need be.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  NATO seems to be the catalyst in this situation. In fact, if I e were to ask “who is the army of Globohomo,” the answer isn’t USM but NATO. Yes, the USM is being converged and neutered, but NATO seems to be the vehicle by which the gay is tactically delivered.

                  So maybe NATO wants the excuse to invest Ukraine to “save” them from Russia. But if this is the case, why would Putin abet them with a troop buildup?

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Its the other way around. The Ukraine will be made to join NATO sooner or later, maybe in a moment where the Russian are dealing with some other colour revolution in their periphery. The word of USG is worth shit, so the only way to stop this is to invade and install a friendly government. So they are ready to go, hoping that the US will blink and let the local govt fall on its own with no need for an invasion. But if it doesn’t blink, they will go in, stop at the river, install a friendly govt in their half, and bargain for a unified Ukraine under a friendly governemnt in the decade to come.

                  These people only learn when you break their noses.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Arqui, consider this: Russia is about to fall off a demographic cliff. They are in a use it or lose it situation with the military they have now. If the real Russians are going to recover, it’s going to take 2 generational cycles (~40 years). Globohomo is teetering on the brink of collapse as well, not demographic but cultural. Globohomo death throes will quite possibly be dynamic and violent, while East Slavia’s will be more like a starving person, slowly losing the ability to move before succumbing. It would be much safer, but take a lot longer, for Putin to find and develop more Kabuls to hasten the decay of USM prestige. Or, they could bewegungskrieg the West into a situation where they must go nuclear or go home, and hope the pussy West goes home. Both German and US leadership has made statements to the effect that reprisals for a Ukraine subsumption will not be martial, depending on the circumstances. It worked in the Crimea, and I’m genuinely praying it works for East Frontier. With a sound periphery, an ironclad agreement with China (who also desperately needs the 2 generation breathing room to correct demographic issues), and a collapsing West, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

                  If they invade and bog down, they’ll have to expand the front. This is a scary proposition, putting them in the same place Germany was in 1941. Yes, USM and NATO are barely coherent, in their current configuration. But they still have lots of capital, big populations, and the ability to reorient all productive capacity towards a holy war. Of course, there are many, many variables. As is well known, I am absolutely queasy at the thought of millions of dead white people. I’m not embarrassed of this. The tiny ray of hopeful light for me is that the demographic mud wave is completely reliant on external medical and food contribution. But it is still a terrifying thought to imagine a Camp of the Saints scenario.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  ” It would be much safer, but take a lot longer, for Putin to find and develop more Kabuls to hasten the decay of USM prestige.”

                  This. As far as I read events, this is the safe and effective way to kill globohomo, and what Putin has been doing since he rose to power. This is how the USSR was killed. You pick fights, and make sure you win them. Don’t have to be big fights, but they have to be won, all of them and in a row. In time, you will find that this collection of small victories creates an inertia of its own, and the target will either have to fight you to death or see their periphery capitulate to the loss of prestige.

                  Lets check Putin’s progress so far, from 2008 and onward (they had only losses before this year). Georgia, win. Crimea, win. Syria, win. Caucasus, looks like a loss to me but as long as its not perceived as such, its fine. Kazakhstan, win. So far its working, and the prestige of globohomo is in tatters and weakening by the day. And no shot was fired in anger at the US so far.

                  Today, Russia needs to stop Ukraine form joining NATO, else all of this progress is lost. They are willing to invade to do this, but need not annex the country to win. They just need to stop the alignment to the West. Looks like they will win this one too.

                  Next? Who knows. Maybe they break Bosnia, or incite Serbia to occupy Northern Kosovo (hopefully not the whole country though, fuckers).

                  But whatever they do, they need to realize there is no hurry. None whatsoever. I know I am alone in this, but I’ve had no reason to change my mind. A shirking population is no issue at all, let alone one that creates some massive time pressure that forces you into WW1. As long as they take it easy, in small steps, they are well on their way to break globohomo. If they overreact, globohomo will break them.

                • jim says:

                  My assessment is that gobohomo suffers massive military incapacity.

                  Should things blow up, will suffer sudden collapse.

                  Pretty sure that those seeking slow Brezhnevian decline have made the same assessment.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Rally Round The Flag in the US is, or should be, our greatest fear. If the balloon goes up, anywhere, between Globohomo and literally anyone else, we desperately need Amerikaners to at least be silently skeptical. The Cathedral knows how to hack patriotism, and Amerikaners aren’t quite at the point where they can see that their beloved country is fully compromised at a memetic level. A few more years of descent and another Big Steal will probably do it.

                  We are approaching a rubber and road moment for many things discussed on this blog: efficacy of weapons systems, capacity of Cathedral agents, tolerances of cultures. I sincerely hope we aren’t overestimating allies and underestimating enemies.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Around a decade ago I started noticing massive military incompetence occurring, and everyone was strangely blind to it. Worse, when I pointed out some of the causes, I was attacked for pointing out the blatantly obvious. Much like Jim realizing that women are feral and no one is allowed to notice this, I was realizing that military discipline was collapsing. This was years ago. I shudder to think what it is like now.

                  The US military is supposedly able to drop a small army anywhere in the world in just a day or two. Yet mysteriously they were unable to use this ability to withdraw a small army in that time from Kabul. That was in relatively safe and friendly territory with access to an international airport. You think young men saw that shit and thought, “Let’s go join the Marines and become men,” or, “Let’s join a fighting man’s Army?” No, they saw people that had run away from a fight and were huddled behind concrete walls. That is the quality of the US military today. Against Russians, fighting for God, Tzar, and Mother Russia? Good luck, get fucked, and get ready to die.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The Cathedral knows how to hack patriotism,”

                  They can’t do it with a dem or even Romney in office under any circumstances anymore… if the Cathedral ever allows a Republican in office again it will be for this reason. The regime is HATED outside of deep blue areas at this point.

                  Even if a city gets nuked people are at the point where they’ll blame the government.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Yeah, no. Not seeing that at all. Police keep going to work, US Marshals keep doing high risk warrants, and personal protection and SPO teams continue to hold station. Does this mean they will hop on boats and go invade Russia while singing My Country Tis Of Thee? Not sure, but probably not. But it is demonstrable proof that good and capable men will hold their nose, avert their eyes, and maintain the status quo. So if Harris Regime says, ” Hail fellow patriotic Americans, we must invade Russia to spread GRDS, dildos, and HRT!” they’re going to be laughed out of the public square. If the balloon goes up in Ukraine while there are a number of horrifying and wonderfully filmed false flags by pro-Russian terrorists…

                  I’m not military, but I do read a fair amount. It was my understanding that any real “small army” (combined arms with full ISR and H&S) would take approx 2 weeks, depending on where the floating bases are as well as weather and rotation. JSOC is believed to be able to have platoons operating in theater in ~72 hours, but exfil is a different animal than insertion. What you said about discipline and posture in military units, I can corroborate anecdotally. But we don’t need an effective or capable army to declare war, we just need politicians with the impetus.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  You can declare a war with an ineffective and undisciplined army. You cannot prosecute a war with said army. Sure, I could declare war against the USA, and what would that get me? It would get me shot. Same with the US military against Russia in the winter in Russia. They declare war against Russia, boot them out of the SWIFT system, and what? The Russians create their own SWIFT replacement, which is probably ready to go, and then let Mother Russia do to the invaders like she did to Hitler and Napoleon.

                  Long story short, if the US declares war on Russia, it is likely to be a crushing defeat, a monumental embarrassment, and will result in the collapse of the American Empire essentially overnight.

                • Pooch says:

                  Globohomo is transporting weapons and equipment to the Ukrainians but that’s about it. Looks like proxy war is on deck if Russia invades.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Just read an article claiming that Russia has requested that Romania and Bulgaria be booted out of NATO, for all intents and purposes. If true and not some spin work out of DC, this is a monumental f up of precisely the type I was worried about. At the very least it will spook the Turks and Hungarians, and is obviously something that shall never be done, so they picked a hill they cannot defend or die on, and wiill loose, breaking their chain of victories. Maybe Anglin is right, and the Russian establishment is just a bunch of boomers, well meaning but boomers none the less.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “ust read an article claiming that Russia has requested that Romania and Bulgaria be booted out of NATO, for all intents and purposes. If true and not some spin work out of DC, this is a monumental f up of precisely the type I was worried about. At the very least it will spook the Turks and Hungarians”

                  Hungary is militarily irrelevant and has been for centuries and is going to be in the peace camp as long as Germany is… I doubt Turdogan will do anything.

                  If Russia is pushing its luck it probably knows that the passing of the years risk it losing its huge current advantage in electronic warfare and that America has not been as weak as it currently is in over a century and the situation may not continue.

          • Allah says:

            The last time USA and Russia clashed was in Syria, 2018. Battle of Khasham. Russians saw a lightly garrisoned American SOF checkpoint and thought they could just drive into it and the Americans would get scared and retreat. Americans did not retreat, and called in air support instead. Hundreds of Russians were vaporized with zero American casualties and Putin disavowed his own soldiers, but the incident was memoryholed by both sides.

            Still, West gave up Ukraine. France and Germany is already pro-Russian(despite France currently losing its colonies in Africa to Russia, another story) and Americans are acting weird.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Does our resident sandnigger have a point, or are you just reminding us that you unfortunately still exist?

              …wait, aren’t you a Turkroach? Any chance we could mail you some ADA to get you in a boat towards Crimea? On the ground info would be awesome…

              • Allah says:

                You are pontificating on what would happen if USA and Russia clashed, I show you an actual case of that happening and its results. That is the point. Don’t like it? Why not?

                As for what I’m reminding you, it is that you won’t do shit.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I don’t think you’re contribution is a very good example. It was a while ago, but IIRC it was a tier 01 asset with air support for days verses a bunch of PMCs operating off their leash. Tier 01 ≠ Globohomo rank & file, and Wagner contractors are not trash, but they aren’t fully supported elements. They were bug hunting your cousins in the Syrian outback, so I wonder what their posture was. Regardless, if you have some links with details that prove me off base, please provide so I can update my understanding.

                  There isn’t a lot of info, but the numerous run ins occuring in that arctic provide better instances of West v. Bear comparisons, and what little I’ve read demonstrate that US naval capability is degrading. If Russia can reliably cut the ice and set up a dependable beacon and support network, maritime trade is going to change dramatically.

                • Allah says:

                  That’s the classic Russian tactic, take off their insignia and voila, your soldiers magically turn into whatever you want them to be. Mercs, rebels, they got it all. They even did this with jets in Libya. They are not PMCs, as it is said here, they are an officially unofficial part of the state.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It isn’t a good example it was an example of a Russian ground infantry troops (probably with some dumbass hothead lieutenant whos men should have fragged him ordering an attack on his own) with no air electronic artillery or otherwise support fighting American combined arms.

              • Bouncer says:

                I recall the incident mentioned – it wasn’t actual Russian troops, it was Russian Wagner Group PMCs who somehow mistook a US checkpoint for a Syrian “Democratic” Rebel one. Both the US and Russia wanted nothing to do with the incident, since it was going to be political toxic waste if either one made a big deal about it, so they didn’t.

      • Varna says:

        As I wrote above I am completely ready to expect globohomo to do a scorched Europe false flag scenario with sabotage of 16 US biolabs across the Ukraine at the very least.

        That being said, the 2008 war with Georgia kicked off a pretty real modernization drive of the Russian army. Sure, it still uses mostly 1970s and 1980s tech, modernized here and there, but so does absolutely everybody. The tech which the US used in 1990 against Iraq the first time, is still the same. Sure, constantly upgraded, but the same. It is now 2022. You’ve got more complex electronics and drones, but the same cruise missiles, the same attack helicopters, the same tanks, the same fighter planes, and so on.

        China is militarily catching up not because it is reaching futuristic levels. It is catching up because it reached 1970s and 1980s levels by absorbing the newest Soviet tech the Ukraine sold it in the 1990s. Because this newest level circa 1989 is basically still all you need in a lot of spheres.

        And concerning conscripts (srochniki) in the Rus army, today the are allegedly 30%, with all other positions being filled by pros (kontraktniki).

    • p says:

      Putin doesn’t want to invade. There’s no upside.

      Will Ukrainians start killing Russians in Donbas and force him to? Maybe. If that happens, I predict the same as in Georgia – Russia invades, reaches Kiev, then pulls back to Donbas.

  19. Arqiduka says:

    All right, now for something more light-hearted and completely off-topic, the unbelievable silliness of this particular project of Musk’s.

    I know many or most here have a liking to Musk, but honestly I don’t get you guys.

    • Red says:

      Musk is a bit of a scammer. We all know that. But he’s the sort of scammer who does great things. When you live in a mostly socialist system, actual capitalists have to be a bit of a scammer.

      BTW, the list of Tesla fires they linked to is laughable. 62, most of which were caused by car accidents. Cars catch on fire all the time after accidents.

      The boring company exists so that the Star Prophet can work on the tech required to build underground shelters on Mars.

      • notglowing says:

        > Cars catch on fire all the time after accidents.
        Yes, but the fires that batteries cause are particularly nasty and difficult to put out, plus they release very dangerous chemicals that are both corrosive, and poisonous.
        Battery fires are quite deadly, and a significant safety problem for electric cars.
        Teslas are otherwise relatively safe cars, and I don’t dislike them, but the issue of fires is not to be discounted.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          “yes, fires are a Common Problem, but Tesla battery fires are special!” This line of attack is old and stupid. ICR vehicles blow up all the time.

  20. Aryaman says:

    My impression is the virus was an exaggerated flu for the most part of 2020, except the initial month or two when it was either because it was genuinely more lethal or because of death by ventilator, likely both, but that the “Delta variant” was a considerably beyond flu-like risk even for healthy people. And Omicron is exactly what it appears to be: a vaccine at last.

    Have a family member who got Delta a few months ago who is still suffering. She was vaccinated. Her symptoms are in some part due to the vaccine, I believe. But it is also true that, in the era of Delta at least, the vaccine considerably limited “deaths and/or ICU hospitalizations caused by COV,ID” and also that in hard-hit states (Florida, Texas) the rate of hospitalizable illness across age groups really was very high. Despite that it still wouldn’t have been advisable for a healthy person to get the vaccine since its side effects were harsh and immediate, and it amplified the risk of contracting a disease with pretty significant sublethal sequelae, against which sublethal sequelae the vaccine is apparently useless. And the death rate among young people albeit unusually and concerningly high for a few months doesn’t really warrant the risk.

    Seems pretty clear the ancestral variant is a lab leak, and Omicron is at the very least lab-adjacent. Is Delta a plausible natural evolution from the prevailing ancestral strains of its time?

    One piece of evidence for a hidden hand here is the very early opposition to natural immunity between January and March of 2020. It felt creepy then, felt coordinated, felt as if everyone said it without thinking after some one person said it, at the same time obviously false.

  21. Aidan says:

    I recall a few months ago I was at a house party, and had my first contact with cable TV in quite a while. There was a football game on, and within half an hour, I saw two different ads for AIDS drugs. Maybe some pharm companies decided to spend some very big dollars just to rub faggotry in the face of football-watchers, or there is now a large market of severely immunocompromised among the average American.

    I haven’t heard any anecdotes about people needing AIDS meds after the shot, but then again, nobody is likely to advertise that they are taking AIDS meds. But ads from competing companies on prime time TV is a good indication that there is suddenly a lot of need for AIDS drugs

    • Aryaman says:

      Tucker reports a tuberculosis outbreak at Goldman Sachs, with two confirmed cases. Incidence of tuberculosis in 2019 was 6.9 per 100,000 in New York City and 1.7 per 100,000 in the rest of the state. And that is mostly because the kind of people who get tuberculosis live in New York City and not outside. Usually, Goldman Sachs employees really are not the kind of people to get tuberculosis.

      This is because active tuberculosis in a first world country is pretty good evidence of AIDS. I am also seeing hints of fungal and other awkward infections in previously-healthy people, infections which were usually pretty good evidence of AIDS.

      Also seeing very little reporting on this outbreak, and no search traction.

      When Dr Ryan Cole reported concerningly low CD8 lymphocyte counts in vaccinated patients I had no reason to disbelieve him, and now have considerably more reason to believe him given his hypothesis predicted and explains shocking phenomenon I can observe on my own.

      • Aidan says:

        Based. When the outbreak first hit, I was really hoping we’d have a civilization-wracking plague. The first month of lockdowns was pretty sweet. Empty roads, a desolate metropolis, the constant smell of fear from lesser men. But everyone getting AIDS is a good consolation prize.

        • Aryaman says:

          but health officials said there was no evident link between the outbreaks, which occurred in Texas at a hospital and a long-term care facility that share patients, and at a single long-term care center in Washington, D.C. The outbreaks took place between January and April.

          Note dates.

          Over the past eight years, the C.D.C. has identified more than 2,000 Americans colonized with C. auris — meaning the fungus was detected on their skin — with most cases concentrated in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California.

          So it has been around but mostly in AIDS states.

          So-called panresistance had been previously reported in three patients in New York who were being treated for C. auris, but health officials said the newly reported panresistant infections occurred in patients who had never received antifungal drugs, said Dr. Meghan Lyman, a medical officer at the C.D.C. who specializes in fungal diseases.

          “The concerning thing is that the patients at risk are no longer the small population of people who have infections and are already being treated with these medications,” she said.

          So the people getting it aren’t the usual crop of people who get it because they have AIDS.

          More of the same, this time Oregon. They blame COVID but I don’t recall seeing articles like this before 2021. Do you?

          According to CDC, 123 cases of C. Auris between January and April 2021 in just a few sites in DC and Texas. Also according to CDC there have been 1150 clinical cases of the same identified since 2013. (NYT reports the CDC as saying more than 2000, hard to know which is a correct reporting of the official view).

          In any cases, at the time years since 2013 is 8. So the eight-year run rate of C. Auris in just a few nursing homes in Texas and DC was 2952 or about a 200 percent increase. But that is just from a few nursing homes in two states.

      • Herman says:

        Dr Bhakdi suggested that the clot shot weakens the immune system and dormant illnesses like tuberculoses will break out as a result

    • The Cominator says:

      AIDs is a gay disease (and heroin junkies) and big pharma doing AIDs drug is holy. The disgusting shit for faggots for prep ads preexisted the clot shot. I don’t watch much tv on my own but my old man does.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      “AIDS” and “HIV” are not an equivalence. Untreated HIV causes AIDS, but not all AIDS is HIV. “AIDS” stands for *Acquired* Immune Deficiency Syndrome and it doesn’t matter how it is acquired. So called “AIDS” drugs are really anti-HIV drugs. I would expect most, if not all, AIDS drugs to be useless against any AIDS resulting from reaction to the clot shot.

      • The Cominator says:

        Indeed I recall that Duesberg was basically read out of the science priesthood for denying that AIDs is caused by HIV.

      • Aidan says:

        I know, but it wasn’t an anti-HIV drug. Iirc, the marketing focused on the fact that the drug kept the immune system in shape. It wasn’t a drug to stall HIV from progressing into AIDS, it was marketed to people with an already-fucked immune system

    • Guy says:

      I’ve had a couple family members get what they called a weird form of Lyme disease and a couple coworkers get MS since they took their second shot. One guys pancreas failed, he was a diabetic though, but not very fat or old. Obviously I’m questioning my confirmation bias. Lot of people out of work with colds/flu/COVID, all I can confirm are boosted since HR just tells the managers and maintains no confidentiality there. The number people out with cold/flu/COVID would not be out of the ordinary most years, but it’s interestingly 100% vaxxed and boosted people. People who turned down the vaccine are either not getting sick at all (me) or learning to hide it (me if I happen to get sick anytime soon).

      • jim says:

        Pretty sure it is not confirmation bias.

        The emergency rooms are overloaded, and they are not seeing much Covid. Official truth is “Don’t look at the emergency rooms”, which tells you where to look.

  22. notglowing says:

    I’m seeing more local articles complaining about how while the UK is planning to end vax passes and consider covid “endemic”, we are still doubling down on it.
    How Europe overall is going in the direction of de-escalating, we are still escalating measures, etc.

    I wonder if the tide is going to turn. It seems like it, but it’s not here yet except in the form of opinions. The health minister here wants to us consider vax passes “normal”, while some newspapers have started to complain about them again.

    Everyone seems to be catching the new variant. I heard of some normies being pissed because they’re getting it and being very sick (not severe though) despite having the booster. “You could’ve died if you weren’t vaccinated” doesn’t seem that convincing to everyone. Despite falling for propaganda, the uneducated normie does have the ability to see what’s right in front of him sometimes, and not ignore it as educated people do.

    What’s the opinion of other europeans here? Is the tide turning or are we in for an endless covid winter? I am seeing signs of the former, and signs of a struggle within the factions.
    I want to be optimistic. My “pass” will last for another couple months.

    • The Cominator says:

      Are they also INCREASING choco rations from 30 grams a week to 20 grams a week.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Some recent news of 48% of democrats wanting to arrest the uninjected for being uninjected, or just for disagreeing with the holiness of the injection. Are democrat voters say 40%? half of that seems like a pretty good indication of the appropriate amount of Comination to dish out.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          We should hope not. If we have to kill one in five Americans, this is going to be a long slide into darkness. That is something you just cannot hide. It would require nearly a complete purge of the cities to achieve, and the moral toll would be horrific.

          • jim says:

            It has long been known that repeated boosting at short intervals is apt to have disastrous consequences, even with a genuine vaccine. They may well wind up cominating themselves.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              It is fine if them Cominate themselves. I do not have a problem with them drinking the kool-aid and dying of their stupidity. I am worried that having to kill so many risks dragging us down among them.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Yes, you are right. One would hope keeping that evil 20% far away from any power to be sufficient, or at least only making an example out of very very few of them.
            This covid situation certainly has been an informative test of character. That, say, ~20% statistic is another of the many interesting results to come out of this test. How many people will succumb to peer or state pressure, in the face of the obvious dogdiness of the clot shot, is another. In my naivete, I never expected this, specially the latter one.

    • Pooch says:

      The elite are trying to find the happy medium that keeps the priestly class happy but still allows the GloboCorps to profit. Vaccine mandates with a yearly booster requirement seems to be what the compromise they are aiming for. Fauci has said as much.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I was afraid of this. I always thought boosters every three months was wonderful news. It would force normies to get off the ride or die. Slowing it down is the worst possible outcome, and may indicate some level of competence from the enemy.
        It still seems to be a race between them placing the populace under the vaxpass system, and sufficiently large masses of people “waking up” and refusing.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes I agree. I was hoping for infinite boosters in finite time causing enforcement to collapse, although it is still far from settled.

          • Aryaman says:

            That is what they are going for but seems like they can’t coordinate messaging and in any case they have no defense against the crazy contingent that really will push for boosters much more frequently as you are seeing right now in universities, where the almost openly stated reason behind the push is providing an appearance of doing something, e.g. performing rituals to remain a member of the cult in good standing.

            Plenty of the smarter scientists who really were very much into worshipping the original vaccine are vocally concerned about this. There are now articles in the Wall Street Journal citing Original Antigenic Sin as a reason not to frequently boost. Student groups not small in number are allowed to publicly beg for relaxation of forthcoming booster mandates, with not entirely unfavorable coverage,

            It is probably true that had they coordinated a pretense that the vaccine works for an entire year, that people would fall for an annual booster. “Like a flu shot”. Except unlike a flu shot the almost everyone knows someone who has been hurt if not permanently at least for a few days by the vaccine. And unlike the flu shot its inefficacy is blatant since they kept insisting on a regime of testing. And its not like everyone even gets the flu shot or that a mandate would fly if they had tried.

            And a flu shot mandate would have been a lot easier since all things considered it is almost as harmless as it is useless.

    • Varna says:

      Places like France and Austria are on the verge of tremendous escalation. This could be a final bluff and in the last minute they’ll not apply the laws they just voted in, but for now it looks like turbo-escalation by crazed psychos.

      In mother Russia tho, they did not vote on a federal cuck code pass, after the reds sabotaged it with banal legalism (“comrades we can only do this if martial law is in effect and if it is not in effect this would not be legal etc”), and united russia said we’ll think some more about this because omicron changes everything and so on. So right now Russia is in a sense like the US — no federal cuckold passports for the population, and the state governments making the decisions instead.

      Difference is there’s no “30 republican states vs 20 democrat states” split, but rather 99% united russia states, with the local govt only having to take into account the volatility of the local population and the legalistic sabotage from the local commies and socialists.

      But back to Europe. France, Austria, Greece, the Baltics, Germany — thus far they’re rather escalating than deescalating. The machine has gathered speed and the machine does not want to stop.

      • Varna says:

        OK, here is some tentative “good news” from the Ruski press:

        1) Israel is considering getting rid of the cuck code

        2) The Czech govt decided against mandatory shots

        3) As I mentioned before, the Rus parliament has withdrawn planned proposals for federal level cuck code enforcement

        4) In some Russian states the local govt starts being more flexible on where you can go without a cuck code
        St Petersburg is looking into doing away with cuck codes

        5) Coalition of Russian business owners are boycotting cuck codes and publishing lists of those who vote for them

        So, on the fringes things are kind of happening. Let’s see how long and at what cost the globohomo-ran member states of the US and the EU will keep at it.

        France news is currently all OMG Holy Pfizer will invest into France we must take a shot every Friday and praise The Fauci.

        I am starting to seriously suspect that the next round of elections in the EU will be like the 2020 election in the US and the 2021 election in Russia, in terms of honesty.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Thanks very much for posting these, Varna.

          Riley Waggaman is trying to summarize the situation under his stupid nom de plume.

          Some of his correspondents in Belarus have a pessimistic long-term take on Belarus:

          …civil society continues to lurch ever more leftward as the influence of the professorati class and western media continues to circulate unopposed. Vegan/Hipster bars and cafes continue to metastasize like cancer all over Minsk and even smaller towns in the country, lovingly adorned with POC portraits and hipster minimalist art.

          The government, concerned only with the pensioner voting block, focuses on maintaining control of Channel 1 and a few radio stations and not much else. Normal, patriotic conservatives are stuck at home, listening to grandpa rant about defeating the Fascists in a war he was too young to have participated in.

          Culture may be downstream from power, but power’s gotta put at least some effort into mocking the cult of POC and promoting cultural alternatives to Globohomo.

        • Upravda says:

          I’ve also noticed a few days ago, reading, that it seems that Putin is The Czar after all.

          Croatian press mentioned quite prominently that Boris Johnson will start cancelling all those “epidemiological measures” in England starting from January 27. Is that true?

          Slovenian governmental council has also advised Slovenian government against mandatory vaxxing.

          In my country, press is definitely changing the narrative. It is even hard to find current numbers, and those number are supposedly all-time high, 16 thousand. However, one can also hear that of 50 thousand infected in last few days (that includes me), to respirators went exactly zero, and overall hospitalizations are in free fall. Government is nowhere to be heard of regarding Kung flu, and I hope and pray that they might be coming to their senses after all.

          And, yes, everybody want get omicron now so that they don’t have to go to testing every now and then.

          • Skippy says:

            Boris Johnson has not been the most extreme but the most persistently effective opponent of covid measures in the world to this point.

            Unfortunately he is now facing a coordinated attempt to depose him which his own party’s far right is helping. They must not realize the context.

    • Karl says:

      What I’m seeing in Germany is increasing resistance against the government’s corona policy, e.g. 2000 rallies last Monday with about 100,000 to 300,000 participants. This is a lot for Germany, but by itself insufficient to change anything.

      What I am also seeing is that lot of non-government officials are now openly criticizing the government’s corona policy and especially vaccination mandates. In part, this is ass covering as by now many people know that the clot shot is harmful and they are simply trying to make it hard for anybody to blame them personally. In part, it is opportunistic to also pursue other goals, e.g. head of a union of public employees saying that he could not enforce vaccination mandates without more public employees.

      The goverment is still doubling down. What has changed is that it is now within the Overton to criticize the government’s corona policy in public. There is some real opposition, but I don’t see how peaceful opposition could stop a government willing to kill. So far, there is no sign of non-peaceful opposition.

      The police obeys the government (although they are strained by lack of officers). The armend forces have beed purged of any right wingers long ago and are now being purged of the remants who refuse the clot shot.

      I don’t see the tide turning.

      • Herman says:

        People are also starting to take torches and go directly to the media and the houses of the politicians.
        For some reason politicians really do not like that. “My wife and kids where so afraid” Oh no.

        The numbers from the government are very biased these days. I think its more between 500000 and 1000000 people every Monday.

    • notglowing says:

      Contrary to most of the replies’ admittedly justified pessimism, there seem to be some signs what I am feeling might be really there:

      This is pretty strong coming from WHO. Of course, they are not the direct decision makers for anyone. However, I remember when WHO pretended covid didn’t exist, and how many countries turned a blind eye. And how, after they changed their tune, the overton window shifted.

      What does Jim think?
      Maybe this will amount to nothing in the end. But my senses as a speculator are telling me we are reaching the “bottom” of this trend. I can’t predict the future, but I can sense an inflection point. Maybe I am just trying to catch a falling knife.

      • Pooch says:

        Harvard regularly ignores WHO. I would not get my hopes up solely on that.

        • notglowing says:

          Compared to how things were looking in September, it’s hard not to be optimistic. Granted, the bar is significantly lower now, with draconian measures being the norm.

          However, I am seeing multiple countries in Europe move against the vaccination pass. At the very least I’d have somewhere to go to if things became hopeless here.
          I understand why others here are pessimistic. I am picking the most hopeful news among many that are less than hopeful. But that’s better than nothing.

      • notglowing says:

        It’s not clearly saying “abolish vaccine requirements” unlike what the title suggests, and it gives availability of vaccines as the reason for it, of course.
        It’s not like they could degrade the importance of the vaccine explicitly. But this seems to be quite far within the overton window at the moment.

    • Fireball says:

      Some minor talk that seems that someone people want to put some breaks on it but the fear mongering is still going 24/7. We have elections 30 this month so until then not much will happen.

      40% of the population is boosted not sure if the the rate boosting is slowing down.

      • alf says:

        not sure if the the rate boosting is slowing down.

        I think it is. In-between Rogan coming out as anti-clot shot, the side effects and the continued half-assed authoritarianism, I notice people begrudgingly coming to admit that, maybe, perhaps, in just this one case, the conspiracy theorists were right after all.

        How the establishment deals with this we’ll find out.

        • Fireball says:

          All of that doesn’t apply to my little corner of Europe.

          • alf says:

            Does apply to my little corner of Europe.

            My aunt, who has always been piously vax-obedient, complained loudly of illness following the booster. It would have been much smarter to have the vaccine be a harmless placebo, but the Holy Science demands it makes you sick (because that means it works!). Booster intake will fizzle out among the general public, that’s what I predict anyway.

            • Arqiduka says:

              Cautiously confirming a lot more booster hesitancy down under too. Looks like they will try to mandate their way around it, but its one thing to mandate with 80% uptake, and another to mandate with about a third. Even Aussies are getting tired.

            • Karl says:

              Voluntary booster intake will fizzle. We’ll see how much pressure the governments will apply

            • Fireball says:

              I know quite a few people that complain about side effects and some even describe it like they feel they were dying. But they still run to take the booster.

              Any slowing of the boosting rate i may personal see is due to laziness, complacency and mismanaging finally setting in.

      • Pooch says:

        Moderna/BioNTech stock has collapsed to May 2021 levels (after going up a billion % hitting a peak in September). The elite are dumping their shares maybe.

  23. Cloudswrest says:

    Have readers seen the new Ben Garrison “Clott Adams” cartoon. I’m dying. ROFLMAO! Even the background is funny with Dogbert in a box of sandflies and a pic of Adams’ trophy wife on the wall.

  24. Kunning Drueger says:

    Yarvin is moving in an interesting direction. It is known that I’m a paypig and Yarvinite, so no need to inform me. I really want to post the whole thing, but I know that is gauche.

    Summary: Biden is going to lose in 2024, Putin should takeover Ukraine, the US should pull out of Europe completely, with the exception of England.

    • jim says:

      I my expectation is that the 2022 elections will not make any very serious effort to maintain the pretence of democracy.

      The primaries will be farces, and farcical cuckservative candidates chosen in farcical primaries will be shocked to lose elections to even more farcical democrats

      • Red says:

        I think that’s likely. These Dem DAs that are hugely unpopular and are easily winning rigged primaries. Gov Younkin in VA is the one sticking point, he appears to be following in DeSantis footsteps after overcoming a rigged election.

        • Pooch says:

          Gov Younkin in VA is the one sticking point, he appears to be following in DeSantis footsteps after overcoming a rigged election.

          Youngkin already disproved Jim’s “‘they’ll just rig everything” thesis, although he did only win by 2 points when it was obvious that in actuality he won by massive landslide.

          • Red says:

            They rigged VA and rigged NJ. They printed up some extra votes in NJ to put them over the top but didn’t do it in VA. So far Jim’s 50% right. Personally I just can’t see how they don’t continue to rig things to the moon. Once you open that genie, I don’t see how it can be put back in the bottle.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Yarvin keeps rubbing my nose in the fact that I am paying him for Unqualified Reservations, not his current, increasingly lukewarm takes.

      He writes:

      the trouble with Putin is that his great ideas are only great in the abstract; somehow, he never quite achieves greatness in the concrete

      This gap between Yarvin’s abstract Putin and the real Putin, between Fnargl and the Blood Countess, is big enough to swallow Yarvin’s whole intellectual edifice.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I’m not going to pretend I understand what you mean, but I am interested in that. To your statement about “paying for UR,” very incisive. Plucked a fleeting feel I had and trapped it in words. 2 responses emerge: ok, good, he should get a little ROI for making something worthwhile and being punished for it AND so few will actually go back and do what we all did with UR; accepting this, where is the bad in a much larger audience going through an abbreviated Reaction 101, particularly if he actually (highly unlikely, granted) continues further with new things after he finishes the UR rewrite?

        Genuinely interested in what you meant by Putin’s Gap.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I might hazard to guess that the implication is, there are these abstrusions of Curt here, and this thing called Being over there, and the two might not have very much to do with each other.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            Yeah, thanks, Pseudo-Chrysostom– you accurately sum up what I was trying to get at.

            UR was really good at the broad sweep of history (Cthulhu always swimming left) and at recovering perspectives that used to be common knowledge, such as super-Protestant foreign policy.

            But where it broke down was its assertions of how these solitary, ideal actors would behave in practice. He proposes that an all-powerful alien dictator would be benevolent in practice, when actually we see plenty of examples of people getting more and more bloodthirsty just for the lulz the closer they approach absolute power. His real-Putin vs. ideal-Putin is just a scaled-down version of this same contrast.

            • Arqiduka says:

              “…when actually we see plenty of examples of people getting more and more bloodthirsty just for the lulz the closer they approach absolute power.”

              Debatable assertion. Besides Dumas’ agreeable fantasy, I can’t recall Louis XIV (or pick another really) murdering or even just bithering people for the lulz. Indeed, hereabouts he and his ilk are often criticised for not being bloodthirsty enough when the situation called for it. Yarvin’s is an idealised model, but one which at the very least correlates with history, although you can make the argument that there is a massive difference to gaining absolute power and being born into absolute power.

              • The Cominator says:

                Louis XIV siccing dragoons on his most productive citizens (the Hugenots) and then revoking the edict of Nantes may have not been for the lulz but it was incredibly stupid.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Really Com, I hear this from you of all people? You call us all whimps for questioning the wisdom of your plans but then criticise His Majesty for not tolerating a combative paralel religion in his country? Come on, you know better, it had nothing to do with blood lust or stupidity, tax revenue be damned

                • ten says:

                  hugenots were disruptive scum who caused havok wherever they arrived. so yeah, he should have had them all slaughtered rather than dumping his turd over his neighbours fence.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Huguenots as a political problem was already solved by Richeliu. They were in general way more productive than normie Catholic French.

                  Vauban went as so far to criticize the decision in public and if the idea was to enhance the throne’s political political security it didn’t work out.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  If by “solved” you mean he had to fight a bloody war on home soil whereby the would try to starve his own citizens before the British could relieve them and break the country in two, yeah seem like the dort of thing I’d never want to do again, especially if at some point you find yourself fighting Britain for unrelated matters and your oh so productive citizens decide to have another go.

    • Pooch says:

      Summary: Biden is going to lose in 2024, Putin should takeover Ukraine, the US should pull out of Europe completely, with the exception of England.

      He’s not saying Biden will lose in 2024. He’s saying Trump could win in 2024 and this is one creative way he could auto-coup immediately upon winning. It’s fantastical and far-fetched but at least it’s being thrown out there. Yarvin seems to be the only person even discussing such things so I give him credit for that.

      • jim says:

        Winning would have to follow the coup, not precede it. Organize enough violence to hold an honest election. That is the only way Trump could win in 2024.

        And Trump has shown he is not the man for that.

        • Pooch says:

          With an actually loyal Republican Party at his back, may not require violence.

          • Red says:

            >With an actually loyal Republican Party at his back, may not require violence.

            How does he achieve that? Trump doesn’t have the origination, ability, and guts do what’s needed to unrig the primaries.

            • Pooch says:

              There will be no rigged Republican primaries. The rigging is done by niggers in big cities run by Democrat machines.

            • Pooch says:

              We see which way the wind is blowing in the Republican party. Candidates are bending over backwards to get his endorsement.

              King cuck Lindsey Graham, the true barometer of which way the wind is blowing in the party, is now openly saying he will not back any leader of the Senate if they “can’t have a working relationship with President Trump”.

              Even Fox News is firing Never-Trumper hosts and replacing them with Trump people.

              • alf says:

                Interesting. What do you think is going on? Sounds to me like the old guard dems trying to strike a deal with Trump — a neutered, non-God emperor Trump in exchange for Brezhnevian decline.

                • jim says:

                  That would be the sane thing to do, and I find it quite plausible that the old guard trying to pull off Brezhnevian decline and resume slow boiling the from would like to do that, and might well attempt to do it.

                  I very much doubt that they will be able to do the sane thing.

                • Red says:

                  That would explain why they were kissing up to Trump over the vaccine. Pooch and I had been talking over this possibility a while back, though I think they’re using the threat of jail along with giving Trump the praise he wants to motivate him.

                  Trump — a neutered, non-God emperor Trump in exchange for Brezhnevian decline.

                  Would this be worse or better than what we have going currently?

                  For me the #1 issue is crime. We’ve got niggers ranging over 120 miles from their base to steal and loot now.

                • jim says:

                  > We’ve got niggers ranging over 120 miles from their base to steal and loot now.

                  Have we? I find that surprising. Are you sure they are not being bused a 120 miles by the usual suspects to steal and loot? The natural inclination of a nigger is to piss in his own hallway.

                • Red says:

                  Have we? I find that surprising. Are you sure they are not being bused a 120 miles by the usual suspects to steal and loot? The natural inclination of a nigger is to piss in his own hallway.

                  That’s a possibility. There’s also a bunch of organized crime going on with people employee gangs of niggers for organized looting. I’m not sure who’s organizing it since the media is pretty quiet about the names and pictures of the people arrested when they do bust up a gang.

                • jim says:

                  Niggers do not self organize very well. The traditional arrangement is that some foreign ethnic group organizes them.

                  My strong inclination is to suspect that foreign ethnic group that is heavily overrepresented in antifa – in fact my strong inclination is to suspect that it is antifa. But I have no idea. Could be spics.

                  Also, we now have a lot of black people from saharan Africa, particularly Somalia, the descendants of the people who sold the ancestors of the niggers to us. These are just as black, but they are a lot more capable of organizing. Could be recently arrived foreign blacks.

                • Pooch says:


                  Interesting. What do you think is going on? Sounds to me like the old guard dems trying to strike a deal with Trump — a neutered, non-God emperor Trump in exchange for Brezhnevian decline.

                  Not old guard Dems, a faction of old guard Republicans. The other faction of old guard Republicans, the McConnell never-Trump faction is fighting Trump for control of the GOP, and based on Graham’s comments, McConnell is losing that battle.


                  Trump — a neutered, non-God emperor Trump in exchange for Brezhnevian decline.

                  Would this be worse or better than what we have going currently?

                  Sure, but only to the extent that Reagan was better than his predecessors. As reactionaries, we don’t want Reagan 2.0 to clean up crime for a few years before the Cathedral resumes its forward march, being merely minorly inconvenienced. We want wholesale regime-change that results in autocracy and dissolution of the monasteries.

                • jim says:

                  > Not old guard Dems, a faction of old guard Republicans.

                  What Republicans do in public is a reflection of what Dems who care about preserving the appearance of democracy decide in private.

                • Pooch says:

                  What Republicans do in public is a reflection of what Dems who care about preserving the appearance of democracy decide in private.

                  Perhaps. Although one could argue the number of Democrats who care about preserving the appearance of democracy is small and rapidly becoming smaller.

        • Richard Comerford says:

          If 2022 is stolen, 2024 will be stolen. In this case it’s time for a real coup, one that involves actually taking over Congress and forcefully removing the ‘tards from office.

    • Upravda says:

      Mr. Yarvin does not have a clue about ethnography of Ukraine (and Belarus). Keine Anung whatsoever.

      Otherwise, the article is somewhat interesting, however, in order to establish a new League of the Three Emperors, Yarvin correctly predicts that, as first, Russia must establish an Empire, or that One Emperor.

      This is not what I see. I see that Putin tries to establish Deep State a la Atatürk, anchored in armed forces and secret services first and foremost, and in state bureaucracy (from teachers to clerks).

      • Arqiduka says:

        To the degree that Putin has any real succession plan (I doubt it) this would be a great plan to have. Also not feasible.

        I dont know of any other modernish society that was ruled by the military like Turkey was for as long as Turkey was, and thus don’t think you can just up and use that system. That situation emerged from particular circumstances such as a long-running military faction in the Young Turks, a great leader in Kemal and a glorious victory against all odds in a just war. You probably need all three to get what Turkey had until the late “90s.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Basic recurrent principle: new boss needs to be apprentice of the old boss.

          • Arqiduka says:

            “Plenty of autocrats at least try to name their successors. Botswana succeeds where they fail by …” just-so explanation.

            Putun would love to pick a guy dearly, what I’m saying is he won’t be able too. We shall see, it’s a few years to go.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >Putun would love to pick a guy dearly, what I’m saying is he won’t be able too.

              Well that’s just it: what’s the biggest thing stopping him? Globohomo? or his own worldview?

              • Arqiduka says:

                Neither. its the unpredictability of the system, which is not formal but made up as they go. Its one thing to bow to Putin, another entirely to bow to Putin’s henchman. Countless would-be monarchs who had their sons killed litter history.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  But are you bowing to a strongman’s ‘mere’ henchman? Or are you bowing to [superior in formal chain-of-command]? Non-trivial difference, in people’s minds.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Huge difference indeed, and what i’m worried about is that to get the latter option you need a large reserve of legitimacy in the system, which Russia has nearly none of. I think Putin is perceived as a Schelling point and legitimate superior, but it stops with him.

                  Legitimacy can be simplified as being correlated with time running without change, with time measured in generations instead of years. So here’s what you get when you overthouw the Tsar and then the commies, you destroy legitimacy.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  The Russian abides. It doesn’t really matter if it’s royal blood or a pretender. At some point, monarchy prevails. Succession in America is far more delicate.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  An executive officer is not the company commander, but he still outranks everyone else in the company besides the commander.

                  Putin could have made a prominent understudy his vice-president decades ago, and set him to work doing things along side him, cementing the precedent of authority come time for succession. That he has not necessarily implies a certain range of things:

                  That he is to some degree still attached to forms, customs, and ideas of demotist governance, where hierarchies of power holders necessarily need to be informal.

                  That he is to some degree fearful of being usurped, such that an openly acknowledged chain of succession might prompt other parties to cut a devil’s bargain with the next in line behind his back; which is itself an epiphenomena of demotist governance.

                  The growing picture that has neem painted in by the passing of the years is, though Putin needs to become czar, and though history is channeling him towards becoming czar, he is still spiritually hesitant towards becoming czar.

              • jim says:

                > what’s the biggest thing stopping him? Globohomo? or his own worldview?

                Large scale cooperation is hard. And it gets harder when you have the option of incarcerating or killing people.

                I am working on a blockchain based solution to make it easier, but have come to realize some aspects of the design still consist of a lot of handwaving.

                And it is never going to be easy.

            • Upravda says:

              But, he did pick a successor, and that successor has already hold the office. Dmitrij Medvedev. Apprentice par excellence. While originally not from armed forces nor from intelligence community, nowadays he is some chairman of the security council or something… big.
              Beside, Medvedev has a son, so you never know…

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                While writing that post medvedev was actually a name i had in mind. I recall a minor kerfuffle some years ago when he and Putin traded jobs, which made the rounds.

                • Varna says:

                  Medvedev was the official commander in chief during the 2008 Georgia war, if memory serves.

                  Perhaps this is when in private he showed a lack of nerve and Putin realized Medvedev is only fit for “normal times” which had just ended and will not resume for quite a while.

                  Medvedev could have acted finely in a pre-2008 world. Hell, even Merkel would probably have being OK in a pre-2008 world.

                  But after this point a new understanding of changing reality was needed and not everybody could adapt. Russia adapted, China adapted, Hungary adapted, Turkey adapted. The Anglosphere and Germany and France etc chose to increase levels of pretense everything is still as usual.

              • Pooch says:

                But, he did pick a successor, and that successor has already hold the office. Dmitrij Medvedev. Apprentice par excellence.

                Isn’t this how Putin was selected? As an apprentice under Yeltsin?

                • The Cominator says:

                  I knew about Medvedev but I don’t know if the Russians consider him a likely successor. I don’t think he had quite the military or security state background… he was originally a lawyer (who I generally think humanity would be well served to exclude anyone who studied law formally from all high offices of state).

                  But Putin did move him onto being 2nd in command of the State Security Council (I don’t know if they do anything or not) so if he lacked security state backing before maybe Putin does want to put him in… and is trying to get the security state behind his man.

                  Also hes technically been President before… Putin instead of getting rid of term limits opting for a lesser post of Prime Minister at the time. Though Putin was probably in charge still on most crucial matters and probably wanted to give the impression that his position as the real head of state no longer depended on his specific office…

        • The Cominator says:

          Putin was installed by the FSB (was the KGB) and likely his successor is going to come from that world too…

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I want to dislike you for your arrogance. But at the end of the day, we both just say dumb shit with very little qualification. You’re probably right.

            • The Cominator says:

              Where Putin came from is just a fact, he couldn’t have crushed the oligarchs so easily if he didn’t have the successor of the Soviet security state behind him.

              I cannot say with certainty where his successor will come from but its mostly another man with the confidence and backing of the FSB.

    • Arqiduka says:

      Can’t fault Yarvin’s proposal here, any rightist president would be well served by evacuating Europe and making this the hill to win or die on in their first year. Obviously Russia would not gain the continent (34M men between 15 and 50 in Russia, 49M for Germany, Poland and Turkey jointly, so yeah), but this is irrelevant.

      To split the otherwise solid opposition of the military one would have to redeploy most of these in the Pacific, but eh, you take what steps you can.

      • Pooch says:

        (34M men between 15 and 50 in Russia, 49M for Germany, Poland and Turkey jointly, so yeah)

        LOL! Why don’t you take a look at the standing military of Germany (men and equipment) and compare it to the standing military of Russia. If the US left Europe today, Russia could have tanks in Berlin tomorrow if they so chose.

        • Arqiduka says:

          Current german army is pitiful indeed, but thing change. You know who’s army was also pitiful in the ’30 and whilst the procurement cycle has changed since, Germany has every design they’ll ever need and just have to pump Pumas out again.

          Also, they go for the typical European thing where they retain officers long enough that much of the army is very experienced guys in their 40. Easy to see how you go from this to a much larger army by just adding grunts.

          It’s just a matter of will and a decade.

          • jim says:


            I don’t think you can whip up an army in a hurry without the kind of cultural and psychological preparation than started in America in 1933.

            If the will, then the preparation. No preparation, no will.

        • Upravda says:

          Not so easy.

          They would have to conquer Poland first. Barring nukes, good luck with that.

          • jim says:

            Yes, seven hundred well equipped men could conquer western Europe, but it has barricade around it of states with rather more military capability, Poland among them.

            • The Cominator says:

              Poland and Romania are the tough ones, specifically (the other Eastern Euro states would easily roll over).

              They have populations that are anti globohomo but unfortunately they also have like ancient tribal hatred of the Russians so they are likely to actually fight for that reason. Its too bad…

          • Pooch says:

            Still not seeing Poland’s military, particularly tanks and aircraft, all that comparative to Russia numbers wise. It would be Hitler vs Poland all over again. Maybe they put up a valiant effort for a day or two. The more realistic scenario is that upon US exits from Europe, all these countries invite Russia in themselves knowing well that fighting is not an option.

      • jim says:

        No nation with a gay parade has won a war. European intervention Yugoslavia and British actions in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated total military incapacity. Britain has a hundred generals, but can only put a hundred boots on the ground. Logistics has swallowed its army, which is now a self licking ice cream, the final result of the operation began after the Crimean war to destroy the aristocratic officer class and the aristocracy’s military power base.

        The Sun King’s operation to destroy the aristocracy left his grandson with no french soldiers to defend him, and the same has happened to Europe again.

    • Kunning Drueger says:



      A clarification on “Ukraine”
      “A classic case of weird 19th-century nation-inventing.”

      Of course, my hyperbolic contempt for the invented country of Ukraine (from which Russia, according to our newspaper of record, is now withdrawing its diplomats) was over the top—a sort of self-parody of the “Moskal” propaganda discourse.

      While it is fun to write in this Goebbelsian vein, it is not productive, and I regret it. Let me correct the record. Hopefully the Azov Battalion will not assault my home.

      Perhaps a better description of the meaning of “Ukraine” is that this “Ukraine” is, like “Yugoslavia” or “Czechoslovakia,” two historically separate but linguistically-similar countries jammed together by deranged 20th-century diplomats. If that fool Putin really does invade, let us hope he has the wisdom to separate them again.

      The first country is Malorossiya, or “Little Russia.” Malorossiya, which has its own national identity, is and has always been, since before the birth of the USA, as much a province of Russia as Texas is an American state. Its capital is Kiev, which every educated GenX American knew as one of the three great Russian cities. Kiev was a Russian city when America was the Dominion of New England. Its second city is Odessa, another great Russian city, whence some of my ancestors came. If anyone thought my grandfathers were not Russians, it was only because they were Jews.

      The second country is Ruthenia. The easy way to use this historically complex label in the modern world is to define it as the area inhabited by Ruthenian speakers, but which was never part of the Russian Empire. Its capital is Lviv, formerly known as the Polish city of Lwów. Various parts of Ruthenia changed hands between Poland and Austria at various times, depending on who had more jazzy uniforms.

      Wikipedia, in its first sentence on the “Ukrainian language,” calls it “Ukrainian, historically also called Ruthenian.” As students of history, we prefer that our labels for lands and tongues not be historically changed for political reasons—thx diplomats.

      It is easy to see from data that Ruthenian in the Russian Empire is a country language—95% of its speakers, in the 1897 census, are classified as “rural” rather than “urban”—making it, as I said, a “rustic argot.” Comparing it to “Welsh in Wales” was funny, because it was also a dig at the Welsh—an Anglo tradition since Shakespeare—but it would perhaps be more correct to say that in Kiev now, Ruthenian is roughly as important as Spanish in LA.

      If someone told you that LA has a Spanish name and was once part of the Spanish Empire, they would be telling the truth. If they told you that 30% of the population spoke as much Spanish as English, 15% of the population more Spanish than English, and 5% Spanish only, you might think they were lowballing a bit. If they told you that LA was run by Spanish-only speakers, you would be right to refuse to believe them.

      Moreover, Ruthenian in Polish and Austrian Galicia was not exactly a sophisticated urban language either. In the normal course of history, weird rural dialects die out, however illustrious their heritage—language spreads outward from the metropolis. Even the most distinctive rural tongues, as different from the metropolitan language as Gaelic from English, Basque from Spanish, or Welsh from any human speech, will tend to perish as fashion banishes them.

      Treating this Ruthenian dialect, however widespread amidst the local muzhiks, as a legitimate literary language, is a classic case of weird 19th-century nation-inventing. The strenuous cultural exercise of raising some peasant argot to ersatz importance makes sense only for one reason: to define the raison d’etre of a sovereign regime.

      Since the diplomatic homilies of the 19th and 20th centuries (not that they were ever followed consistently, or could have been) decreed that every language should have a regime, anyone who could define a language could create a country, with its right to “self-determination.” This rule gave us Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, etc. Clearly it seemed like a good idea at the time.

      Invading this “Ukraine,” but stopping at the 1914 border of Imperial Russia, would be an incredibly based and pragmatic move by Putin. The rest of Ruthenia would rapidly fill with all the nomadic Ukrainian globalists.

      These folks tend to be native speakers of Russian, not Ukrainian; some of them, I assume, are good people; but does Putin need them? Unfortunately, an ideal Putin would not only need his globalized elites, but even—know what to do with them. Alas, our poor sad world only has the real Putin.

      • Upravda says:

        Mr. Yarvin is still clueless, but now only mostly, not totally.

        As first, evaluation is some language “rustic argot” or not is exercise in futility. It is not if it has armed forces. Very simple. There’s almost no modern language that wasn’t considered a “rustic argot” in some times, including English for a few centuries after Norman conquest.

        Even native speakers of some languages used to consider those languages as “rustic argot”:
        – Modern Serbian was considered a rustic argot by some Serbs who liked more the so-called Serbo-slavic.
        – Ditto for modern Greek: dimotiki vs katharevousa.
        – Ditto for modern Norwegian: Bokmål vs Nynorsk.

        Furthermore, old states and peoples usually do not map one-to-one to modern states and peoples. Old Kievan Rus was a loose federation of many Slavic and some non-Slavic tribes and peoples (Uliči, Severjani, you name it, there was no “Russians” neither “Ukrainians” back in the 10th century) so one might freely argue that modern Russia is not one and only successor state of Kievan Rus, but one of the two or three such successors.

        However, Mr. Yarvin is right that there are two different Ukraines, pro-Russian, and “Ruthenian”, although their borders are different than he says. See results of Ukrainian presidential elections to get a better idea:

  25. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    ‘Coofing nineteen doesnt even exist’ is, of course, the boilerplate distillation of the more nuanced position behind it; that ‘the pandemic’ phenomena as such is almost entirely manufactured, and that this is nothing that has not happened before, the biggest difference in reality not being something out there elsewhere in reality, but reactions to that reality; and so ‘shit doesnt even exist bro’.

    • Upravda says:

      Had a flu twelwe years ago.

      It hit me far more harder than Kung flu right now.

      So, by my own eyes, coronavirus is real, but everything around it is manufactured. Yes, I know, it may kill you, and there are about 8 more times poor folks on respirators than it used to be because of flu. On the other hand, children do not die of it. At all.

  26. Mister Grumpus says:

    Who thinks this “Cyber Polygon” super-cyber-pandemic thing is (probably) for real?

    As for me I just can’t buy it. Not today anyway. Cat ladies, midwits and Shaniqua could never manage it. Too much high tech stuff and high trust wide coordination to make it work out.

    • jim says:

      > Too much high tech stuff and high trust wide coordination to make it work out.

      I have been looking at the vaccine development and manufacture. Only high tech in the sense that Shaniqua carries a Samsung cellphone. They are using tech that they not understand and cannot use correctly.

      Remember all that stuff about magnetic shots. That was real – and extremely harmful. But it was not injecting super high tech nanotechnology. They just fucked up some batches.

      • Upravda says:

        Can you elaborate about magnetic shots? Yes, it was somewhat widespread belief also here in Croatia, but to be honest, I’ve always thought of it as a shill operation against us “antivaxers”, as they called us.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          It certainly sounds like something like that, doesn’t it?

          Except it was all true. People getting shots, and recording magnets sticking to the injection sites.

          • Upravda says:


            I mean, Pfizer shot is… 2 ml?

            Where did they put enough iron? Or nickel or cobalt? Okay, it might’ve been some ferromagnetic solution, but wouldn’t the color be… odd?

            Tomorrow, I might make an experiment with older one’s equipment for electro-magnetic experiments, but it seems… surreal to me.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              You can pick a magnet up off the ground with a pinhead. Don’t need much material, it just needs high permeability to magnetic fields.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Do over:

      Who here thinks this “Cyber Polygon” cyber-pandemic thing could be for real?

  27. Anonymous Fake says:

    A philosophical point the gun nuts below missed is that any weapon/tool has to be designed based on the typical intelligence of its user. War is for meatheads and meatheads love their AK-47’s and RPG’s, period. Anything too complex and expensive is for grifters, not warriors. The Soviet arms industry understood this, if only a little too well for a time.

    I recommended computer hacking and blackmail as weapons, not small arms, because these can be used by a much broader spectrum of intelligence, from code monkeys to autistic savants, and from mafia goons to elite secret agents. Success in warfare is about maximizing your coalition and minimizing any opportunity to give an excuse to the enemy to take the gloves off. Waving a gun around is just bad optics.

    • jim says:

      The priest derides the warrior, claiming a failed career in priesting makes him smarter than the warrior with a successful career in doing something valuable.

      Hacking is good, and we are doing some good hacking – unfortunately good hacking has also been done against me.

      But I, a very smart guy, have gotten a lot of mileage out of weapons that would be familiar to a medieval knight.

      Where the rubber meets the road, hacking is irrelevant, and guns matter. The point of hacking is to point guns at the right people, and avoid getting them pointed at you. If no guns, hacking not much use.

      Similarly the hierarchy of war: Drones, artillery, bombers, jet fighters, and all that stuff is only useful if it means you can have boots on the ground. All that stuff exists only so that your guys can get way with pointing guns at people.

      We are rapidly moving to electronic warfare, where the grunt on the ground can know where the rest of his patrol is, even though they are out of line of sight, enabling dispersed troops to attack a concentrated target with a cloud of sniping from diverse directions, which is going to require troops who are a lot smarter, and have a lot more initiative. But that very smart soldier is still going to need and much love his good old fashioned rifle.

      In the end, guns on the ground decide everything. All the other stuff is just there to get the guns in the right place at the right time.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        1950’s America was more Christian than Israel was (religiously) Jewish. It had all the guns one could ever need, and just defeated Hitler, and would soon put men on the moon. The world stood in awe of these warriors for a while.

        Liberal priests obliterated this civilization. I’m just going to say even the worst priest (think feminists) is a more powerful being than the best warrior. Nothing that warriors fight for ever lasts, not even superpower America. But soft power, most importantly of all gaining access to children in schools, ultimately seizes all power in the long run.

        Successful soldiers don’t prioritize killing other soldiers first. They first go after the radio and television stations before attacking any other entrenched positions. But winning the peace means winning the school to meritocracy to rich employee pipeline, not warrior thuggery or merchant grifting.

        Good parents rear their children to be either well educated priests or laborers (think Amish home schoolers), never warriors or merchants, and we are in a demographic era more than anything else.

        • jim says:

          So, priests always rule?

          History tells us otherwise.

          Priests are on top, because they manage to persuade warriors. Should warriors find them unpersuasive …

          • Tityrus says:

            Could you give a description of what exactly priests should say, do, and teach in jimland? How would the priesthood be organized? It seems like we don’t often go much farther than vague generalities about how the state religion should work around here.

            • jim says:

              That discussion needs to be held when Caeser arrives. A consensus on the topic is premature, but there will need to be a consensus available to Caesar.

              What I had in mind is that we send in some troops to confiscate Harvard and Yales limited circulation libraries, in which old, uncorrected history is hidden and only readily accessible to people with the right academic credentials, and publish them and metadata on their contents on the internet. Having put soldiers into Harvard, we then gently suggest an old type Christian married fertile Patriarch, a Phil Robertson, as Dean. If things happen soon, perhaps Phil Robertson himself. His authority is directly upheld by those soldiers. Simultaneously we abolish the usurious enforcement of college debt, and make the colleges responsible for compensating the creditors, which wipes out their assets, similarly to the fiscal component of Henry the Eighths dissolution of the monasteries.

              A radical reduction in Academic staff ensues. Phil Robertson ensures that the tiny proportion of male, married and fertile professors are strangely less affected by this reduction, particularly if they hastily convert to Christianity. Harvard and Yale revive the explicitly and overtly Christian and priestly rituals and procedures of their eighteenth century past, and the people officiating at these rituals wear their eighteenth century priestly costumes. Subsequent professorial recruitment, when it eventually resumes, which will not be for some considerable time, is done similarly.

              Simultaneously we bypass the judicial system with rather more direct methods of enforcement, and to keep the death squads from getting drunk with power, to keep the Cominator from getting out of line, we deploy the methods of Henry the First, the lion of Justice, using literal priests who are just flat out plainly called priests, except that this time around, we will be using remote procedure calls, rather than bits of slate covered with beeswax, and they will be invoking the common law tradition, which is the accumulated wisdom of the system that Henry the First deployed. The current judiciary and prosecutorial system is just too corrupt, degenerate, and debased to be salvageable, even with radical reduction.

              But this is not intended as the Dark Enlightenment consensus. It is far too soon to have a consensus. If the religion of Woke loses steam, as it will if the Brezhnevians have their way, which they probably will not, and a suitable Caesar does not arrive, then in might be time for out of power priesthood, similar that of the early Christians, but right now, not yet.

              If we find ourselves in that situation, our enemies in power with a zombie state religion, (but I expect Caesar to arrive with Woke still at full throttle), then proceed as Saint Paul did in that situation. But I hope that our Caesar will be our Constantine. The above plan is predicated on a Constantine, which is not the situation Paul was in.

              The system of Henry the Lion is too long dead to be recovered by the legal and judicial institutions now direct descended from it, it will have to be created anew on top of a database of criminal conduct and rightful ownership of property with remote procedure calls, rebuilt from scratch, but Christianity still lives as a mustard seed. It is just a matter of purging the heretics from the Universities. Those priestly rituals and costumes still stir uneasily in our cultural memory of what universities once were. I don’t think it will be necessary to flatten Harvard and Yale. We may well learn it if it is necessary.

              For a thousand years Universities have been the key instrument of the state religion, and we should continue that, with a better state religion.

              • Tityrus says:

                > A radical reduction in Academic staff ensues. Phil Robertson ensures that the tiny proportion of male, married and fertile professors are strangely less affected by this reduction, particularly if they hastily convert to Christianity. Subsequent professorial recruitment, when it eventually resumes, which will not be for some considerable time, is done similarly.

                Well, then the question is, what do they convert to. You need doctrine and organization, ie a church.

                Supposedly we would try not to use the universities as churches again, seeing how that worked out the first time.

                > But this is not intended as the Dark Enlightenment consensus. It is far too soon to have a consensus. If the religion of Woke loses steam, as it will if the Brezhnevians have their way, which they probably will not, and a suitable Caesar does not arrive, then in might be time for out of power priesthood, similar that of the early Christians, but right now, not yet.

                Am I missing something? In both cases you would need to have an out of power priesthood beforehand. Otherwise Caesar will not have anything to convert, or to convert his subjects to. He would need to have a religion ready at hand, otherwise he will just use traditional muh democracy nonsense for lack of anything better. Which could retard the development of the new religion, because it will make the adherents of the new ideas look ungrateful and subversive.

                • jim says:

                  > You need doctrine and organization, ie a church.

                  Christianity lives as a mustard seed. Purge existing religious institutions of demon worshipers, apply water and fertilizer, and we will shortly thereafter have doctrine and organization.

                  This assumes that Caesar comes first and Woke is eliminated second. If Woke dies of Caesar, but Caesar does not apply water and fertilizer to existing religious institutions, then we will need to follow the Pauline strategy of first creating doctrine and organization underground.

                  > Supposedly we would try not to use the universities as churches again, seeing how that worked out the first time.

                  Worked well for centuries. You know my philosophy – never rewrite software from scratch unless you really have to.

                  It failed due to Socinian entryism, not anything wrong with the basic design. The solution to entryism is well known. The Inquisition. Again, why rewrite from scratch?

                  We will need a rewrite from scratch on the judicial, prosecutorial, and enforcement system, because the existing system has degenerated too far, and we will be attempting to revive software based on bits slate covered in beeswax, and install it in a system more like that of the Judge Dredd comics, where enforcers have an AI connection to a central database.

                • Pooch says:

                  Worked well for centuries. You know my philosophy – never rewrite software from scratch unless you really have to.

                  I’m not in favor. Flatten every single accredited University and replant with forest. Let there be no sign that they ever existed. Too much risk that they will just grow back.

                • jim says:

                  It may well turn out to be necessary, but I have seen them turn on a dime many times before, I think they can turn again.

                • Tityrus says:

                  > Christianity lives as a mustard seed. Purge existing religious institutions of demon worshipers, apply water and fertilizer, and we will shortly thereafter have doctrine and organization.

                  Certainly the churches have irreconcilable theological and organizational differences between each other. If they all become synoptic on jimism it would have to be because jimism is a “minimal” set of doctrine which does not comprehend a full Christianity. And according to you, the mechanism by which they become synoptic on jimism would be the same mechanism by which they became synoptic on progressivism, ie by imitation of high status universities.

                  Not seeing how this will work out well in the long run. Socinian entryism only applies (and only if we believe JCD Clarke) to the English Church. But in America, minimal-doctrine Christianity emanating from the universities has been the norm since the 19th century, due to the existence of so many sects and religious freedom etc. Seems to have led to what we have now.

                • jim says:

                  > Christianity lives as a mustard seed. Purge existing religious institutions of demon worshipers, apply water and fertilizer, and we will shortly thereafter have doctrine and organization.

                  > Certainly the churches have irreconcilable theological and organizational differences between each other

                  All the mainstream Churches are dead or dying, having converted from Christianity to woke, and long cut off from their roots in the universities. Assuming that Caesar applies water and fertilizer, then the universities will convert to newly high status Christianity. When the universities convert back to Christianity, so will they, and they will converge to high status doctrine of the universities. Then we will make the Catholics appoint an American Pope, as the Chinese made them appoint a Chinese Pope, and converge the whole lot back into communion with Orthodoxy.

                  When Christianity was the state religion, it was the Christianity of the King, and the rest converged or did not matter.

                  I suppose the Mormons and the Jehovah’s witnesses and such will still be around and not in communion, but they will discover their religion is not very different from Christianity, as they are now discovering it is not very different from Woke and Duluth. The mainstream Churches are vanishing. If instead of being coverged to Woke and Duluth, they are converged into American Orthodoxy, they will instead vanish into communion with Orthodoxy.

                  When Tsar conquered non Orthodox country X, he would appoint a King of X, and a new high priest of the Church of X, who would apply a minor spray paint touch up job to the Church of X, and pretty soon the state Church of X was known as the X Orthodox Church, whose independence from the Russian Orthodox Church the high priest of X Orthodoxy would fiercely defend.

                  Worked then, will work now. Worked for Orthodoxy, worked for Woke. Christians have been at this for a long time. Worked for the Romans too, until their state religion died of natural causes. When they conquered someone, they would tell that the Gods that they were ignorantly worshiping in a low status uncivilized way were actually the Roman Gods, and they should worship them in a high status civilized way.

                  Similarly the Aztecs converged the worship of Quetzalcoatl into demon worship, and the Roman Catholics converged it into Christianity. It is not altogether absurd to believe that the mortal incarnation of Quetzalcoatl was an early white Christian sailor who made a one way trip to the Americas, though after this many reconvergences, it scarcely matters.

                • Tityrus says:

                  Not sure about convergence to Orthodoxy. In Orthodoxy the Greek Christian tradition (ritual, patristics, and general theology) takes precedence over the Latin tradition. But the Latin tradition is more familiar to Europeans and even Americans, as well as being in my opinion the more sophisticated of the two. If you want an apostolic church you can just take Catholicism, somehow kill ultramontanism, embrace Gallicanism, and you are done, without bringing in an unfamiliar foreign religion.

                  > When Tsar conquered non Orthodox country X, he would appoint a King of X, and a new high priest of the Church of X, who would apply a minor spray paint touch up job to the Church of X, and pretty soon the state Church of X was known as the X Orthodox Church, whose independence from the Russian Orthodox Church the high priest of X Orthodoxy would fiercely defend.

                  Problem is, there is no Church of America. America has historically been a Protestant country and every old type American Protestant would have found the cobwebby foreign ritualistic side of Orthodoxy distasteful, for the same reason they found Catholicism distasteful. If our “Protestants” acquiesce to an absorption into Orthodoxy it would have to be either because Orthodoxy itself absorbs a good amount of Protestantism (seems unlikely to me), or because they are not Christian enough to care much either way (not good for your mustard-seed hypothesis).

                  In any case, to have an official state Christianity, you need to have official state positions on the existence of God, the existence of a revealed moral law, Christology, the divine attributes, the Trinity, the miracles, Heaven and Hell, etc, and you would have to only accept priests with “orthodox” views on these subjects, which views are always unfalsifiable and usually logically contradictory. I find it unlikely that the spectacle of the state meddling in metaphysical affairs will be taken seriously for very long. First as tragedy, then as farce.

                • jim says:

                  > Problem is, there is no Church of America.

                  Every State of America had its own state Church. In the war of Northern Aggression, these were all converged at bayonet point to the state Church of New England, whose Vatican has been Harvard from long before the American Revolution.

                  I propose a do-over. Pooch recommends a different headquarters. Should that be needed, Virginia, where a shadow of the state Church of Virginia is currently breathing its last.

                  We are reactionaries. We are planning a restoration.

                  Christians have been at this for a very long time. Now it is demon worshipers. Worked for Christians, is working for demon worshipers. Will work for Christians again.

                  America had State Churches, openly and officially called such. After the War of Northern Aggression, it had one State Church, still nominally Christian, still officially Christian, but officially unofficial. It still has one State Church, officially unofficial. Trouble is that that Church now worships demons.

                  > America has historically been a Protestant country and every old type American Protestant would have found the cobwebby foreign ritualistic side of Orthodoxy distasteful, for the same reason they found Catholicism distasteful. If our “Protestants” acquiesce to an absorption into Orthodoxy it would have to be either because Orthodoxy itself absorbs a good amount of Protestantism (seems unlikely to me),

                  Every national Orthodoxy has its own unique and distinct national flavor. American Orthodoxy will be as American as Greek Orthodoxy is Greek and Russian Orthodoxy is Russian. Take a look at the Mexican take on Roman Catholicism. Utterly different from the Roman. The deal the conquistadors gave them is that if they cut out the human sacrifices and stuff, they could worship Christ pretty much the way they had been worshiping their demons.

                • Tityrus says:

                  The Cathedral exists, of course, but it’s not Christian. There is no one Christian Church of America that can be integrated into Orthodoxy. So it’s not as easy as you made it sound: you are raising a new church (or branch of the church if you want to be apostolic) out of the air in either case.

                  Every national Orthodoxy has its own unique and distinct national flavor. American Orthodoxy will be as American as Greek Orthodoxy is Greek and Russian Orthodoxy is Russian. Take a look at the Mexican take on Roman Catholicism. Utterly different from the Roman. The deal the conquistadors gave them is that if they cut out the human sacrifices and stuff, they could worship Christ pretty much the way they had been worshiping their demons.

                  It would still lead to a situation where almost all sermons, theology, and religious philosophy already written in English will be rejected by default, coming as it does from outside the true Orthodox church, and will have to be read officially, if at all, with reference to more canonical writings by random Byzantine saints. Sounds bad to me. Also Anglo Christianity has this distinct individualist style that I’m not sure will mesh well, spiritually, with Orthodoxy. But I suppose stranger things have happened.

                • jim says:

                  > The Cathedral exists, of course, but it’s not Christian. There is no one Christian Church of America that can be integrated into Orthodoxy

                  Once the North conquered the South, then there was one Christian Church of America, albeit already holier than Jesus, and not long thereafter, openly non Christian. All the mainstream protestant Churches were one Church. They pretended to be many Churches, because they were pretending to observe the First amendment, as they still pretend.

                  Equally easily, there can one be again.

                  It has been done before, many times. It will be done again, many times. However, because a key Dark Enlightenment principle is rectification of names, this time we will cut the hypocrisy and call it the American Church, and after a while, American Orthodox.

                  Back in the 1940s and 1950s, when the universities were still pretending to be Christian, it was completely obvious that all the mainstream American protestant Churches were one Church. Once the universities went openly non Christian, it fell apart into dying fragments.

                • Tityrus says:

                  Yes, I know about the superprotestant origins of American progressivism.

                  But you still haven’t adequately addressed the problem of Orthodoxy being a foreign religion.

                  [*repetitious payload deleted yet again*]

                • jim says:

                  American orthodoxy will be as American as apple pie, just as Russian Orthodoxy is very Russian

                  Two drops of holy oil from mount Athos over Phil Robertson, Dean of Harvard. It will then be Orthodox enough for the Russians if we undo the holiness spiraling of the Brownists and company, which we have to do anyway. The saner Protestant objections to Orthodoxy were not terribly serious, it was primarily a matter of which Kings the Tsar was aligned with.

                  Protestantism truthfully claimed that Roman Catholicism had abandoned its roots (indulgences, the degeneracy of the monasteries and nunneries, the whole list)

                  The basic Protestant issue with the Orthodox is that a whole lot of protestants went Donatist, notably the Brownists and their ever more heretical descendants, such as the Puritans, but neither Luther nor the Church of England went Donatist. And ever since the sack of Rome, when Roman Catholicism catches heat for its Donatism, it is revealed that since the sack of Rome, its Donatism is only skin deep.

                  Puritan descended Christianity is dead as stone. Of the existing Christian denominations, only the Anabaptists are so solidly Donatist as to pose a problem with them being orthodox, and they do not matter. The ideological descendants of the rest of the Donatists today worship demons.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I say we raze Harvard, Yale, and the other such schools to the ground, then use them as lessons to would-be priests. Make them take a pilgrimage to the Harvard ruins and walk them through the steps progressivism underwent, from Puritan to Satanism. It should be as much a lesson as the videos of girls doing unspeakable things with animals will be. Make them look, so that when they are told to ship off someone to the loving arms of the Cominator’s heirs, they know the stakes and what is at risk. Like the ruins of Carthage, they should stand from now until the wind and the rain wears the ruins to dust, as a reminder of the evil that is at the end of the path that began with being holier-than-thou.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The libraries and some of the hard science types should be spared.

                • jim says:

                  The reason I propose the very first step to be seizing their libraries of inaccessible material and putting them on the internet is because though I do not expect, and hope to avoid, raizing Yale and Harvard to the ground, salting the earth, and cominating the professoriat, I fear such an outcome is rather too likely regardless of what I would prefer.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Religion begins with metaphysics as first principles. For the West to be restored it must abandon the central premises of the Enlightenment and adopt Christianity as its starting principle of knowledge, and it will do so by insistence at the behest of warriors.

                  Aside from Elder Ephraim and a few others, the Greek Orthodox Churches in the United States have assimilated into American Liberal Protestantism to the degree that other than its ethnic character it is largely indistinguishable from Episcopalianism. Americans adopting Orthodox Christian practices will go as smoothly as Greeks adopting Liberal Protestantism because power will incentivize communities to adapt to the new religion.

                  We would need a large ascendant visible priesthood if we were building a new religion. Being reactionaries, however, we have an advantage in that the social order we intend to rebuild is a reboot of previously existing regimes. At this point, we cannot create a large faction of Jimian reactionaries illegally practicing authentic Christian marriage, but we can build small-scale communities and become worthy while we wait for Caesar to arrive.

                • Tityrus says:

                  jim, no idea why you deleted most of my post. “Payload”, come on now.

                  It’s a fact that Orthodoxy bases itself on [*endlessly repeated payload deleted yet again*]

                  . There is a whole literature of Latin theological and religious writing, which is the backbone of the European Christian tradition, which would have to be put aside otherwise. Orthodox theologians take “Theophan the Recluse” and other unfamiliar names as more definitive than Abelard and Aquinas. Do you deny this?

                • jim says:

                  The New and Old Testaments are in Greek, not latin.

                  Rome was Latin and Constantinople was Greek, yet both were orthodox until Rome excommunicated the hierarchy of Constantinople.

                  They did not split over Latin and greek. Rome split from Orthodoxy over Kingdoms, not liturgies, a fact mentioned rather often by Protestants.

                  (One of our commenters with Jews on the brain is likely to say the Old Testament is Hebrew. No it is not. The surviving fragments of the original Hebrew books are fragmentary, corrupted by too many copyist errors, and the actually existent Hebrew Canon is back translated from the Septuagint.)

                  > Do you deny this?

                  I most certainly do deny it. Greek and Greek literature is not what Orthodoxy is, and latin is not what western Christianity is.

                  Two drops of holy oil on the head of Phil Robertson, Dean of Harvard, and his Christianity, plus his state sponsored control of academia, will make him Orthodox enough for the Russians. None of the issues you point to are what Russian Orthodoxy is.

                • Tityrus says:

                  I know what language the Bible is in. I know that Catholicism and Orthodoxy did not split over Latin and Greek.

                  Not sure why you took the trouble to delete [*payload*]

                • jim says:

                  That the things you list are not what Russian Christianity is, and they are not what Western Christianity is.

                  They never have been, never will be.

                  The things you list are only skin deep, and Orthodoxy has a long history of looking past those things. There is no reason they should matter to any genuine Christian, and in practice they do not matter. Christianity is supratribal, but Christians are not required to be tribeless. Tribelessness is a Harvard demand, not a Christian demand.

                  Only the anabaptists have genuine theological difference with Orthodoxy. Christians do not demand that other Christians join their national tribe. That is what Paul meant by “Neither Jew nor Greek”. He did not mean globobomo. Paul said, in no uncertain terms, that differences in Christian rituals and practices reflecting differences in nationality were fine, and no one should make a fuss about them.

                  And, for the most part, Christians have not.

                • Tityrus says:

                  It is not different along the axes that you care about. But if the question is [*payload deleted yet again*]

                • jim says:

                  Those questions are not what Christianity is, not what Christians have ever thought Christianity is, not what Christians care about, not what Christians have ever cared about.

                • Tityrus says:

                  [*deleted for attempting to shift the burden of proof*]

                • jim says:

                  If Christianity is what you say it is, present arguments and evidence for the claim, as I argue from Jesus, Paul, from the creeds, and from events in the history of Christianity that Christianity is what I say it is.

                • Tityrus says:


                • jim says:

                  In every post you presuppose your thesis, and presuppose that I agree with it, that Christians have always agreed with it, that everyone has always agreed with it.

                  You briefly acknowledged that I disagreed, and then went right back to presupposing that I agree.

                  You seldom actually state your thesis outright, simply assuming that everyone knows it is true, and you have never presented any argument or evidence for your thesis.

                  State your thesis outright, and make an argument for it. Present evidence as if there was widespread disagreement and your thesis was controversial and disputed.

                  I said that if tomorrow we made Phil Robertson Dean of Harvard, he purged Harvard, then a few years later two drops of holy oil on his head would make him Orthodox enough for the Russians.


                  Would it not? If not, why not?

                  Anselm’s atonement theory was big difference between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy and I would argue, albeit not everyone would accept this theory, that it was integral to Roman Catholic Donatist heresy, but the Roman Catholic Church quietly abandoned that theory without anyone making a big deal about it, though it may well still theoretically part of Roman Catholic dogma, and the Protestants never accepted it in the first place. In so far as Roman Catholic theology depends on specifically latin Church fathers, that theology was quietly abandoned in the reformation and counter reformation, which is an implicit admission that it was heretical. The only western heresy still Christian and still going strong is anabaptism, and how many anabaptists are there?

                • Tityrus says:

                  I have never held the position you oversimplifyingly attribute to me, “many rootless Christianities”. Obviously they all have roots, on one level, and obviously they are different, on another. It is a problem of degree.

                  You overemphasize the similarities between the different kinds of Christianity, and the Christianity practiced at different times, because you only consider Christianity from one or two limited, extremely utilitarian perspectives, and the individual moral/aesthetic/philosophical subtleties escape your coarse eye completely. You do not appreciate that when a religion is a receptacle for all the spiritual and moral activity of an era, it is bound to change somewhat as the people who follow it change, and this change gets fed back into the function, etc. Again, question of degree. Analogy: Late Latin is identifiably the same language as Classical Latin, somewhat vulgarized. Italian has roots in Latin, but is not Latin, unless our definition of “Latin” is wide enough to include all Latin-like/Latin-derived languages. Sometimes we only want to consider the aspects that are common to all modern Latin-descended languages, and sometimes we are just looking at, say, Castilian.

                  You are constantly comparing Christianity to demon worship, which is like comparing Latin-derived languages to, say, Afro-Asiatic languages. The differences are huge. But it is an error to say that the former are all the same in all essential respects, and that it’s stupid to say otherwise because see how different Spanish is from Coptic, because it all depends on what we consider essential.

                  I am thinking about, what happens when we win. Then all those “irrelevancies” pile up, and end up determining what kind of civilization we end up with.

                • jim says:

                  > and the individual moral/aesthetic/philosophical subtleties escape your coarse eye completely

                  And yet you have never discussed any of these subtleties, whereas I have been discussing anabaptism, Anselm’s atonement theory, optimism and despair, passivism and action, pacifism and war.

                  Any differences between strands of Christianity, you have very vaguely alluded to, and I in response have have discussed them explicitly and at length.

                  And none of them amount to a can of beans.

                  You just assume that they are mighty, and that everyone knows and agrees they are mighty, the very foundation and definition of Christianity. No they are not. You alluded to Anselm as a latin father, an influential theologian whose influence Orthodoxy does not share: Well, guess what, since the sack of Rome, the reformation and the counter reformation, no one is influenced by him any more. The defining founders of Christianity are not Anselm and company. They are to be found in the Old and New Testaments.

                • Tityrus says:

                  As for the Phil Robertson question, I just saw it. The answer is probably.

                  But I am still worried about the church acquiring an unmerited distaste for Western Christianity and the Latin tradition. Such as you see in the old Russian theologians. It will depend on whether or not that is followed up on, and in this inconsistent world it should be hoped for.

                • Tityrus says:

                  jim, are you not aware of the standard Orthodox line that Neofugue trots out (e.g.) all the time, that there is a direct line from Western scholasticism to rationalism to atheism? Same stuff can be seen in Georges Florovsky etc. Most Orthodox hold onto some position like this, that Western Christianity is on one side too aesthetic and an the other side to rationalistic/legalistic.[*repetitious payload deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  There is indeed a direct line from some Western Scholastics to Atheism, Anselm being right in the middle of that line.

                  Conveniently, surviving Christianity has long since quietly dumped those poisoned trees, and those faiths that did not, are not around any more.

                  I accused you of making no argument.

                  You are now making an argument: That Christianity depends on its Church Fathers, which it does, and that Orthodoxy has different Church fathers, which it does.

                  And then you glibly skip over what makes these Church fathers different.

                  The doctrines that make these Church fathers different have not survived. In large part, they were erased not in quiet debate, but in rivers of blood. If the doctrines of Anselm are no longer with us, it is because of the sack of Rome.

                  As for the protestant doctrines that made some, many, protestant doctrines, fundamentally different from and incompatible with Orthodoxy, they died a different death. Those branches of Protestantism did not survive, because they rapidly holiness spiraled their doctrines into madness.

                  Of the branches of Protestantism that have theological differences with Orthodoxy that anyone is likely to understand or care about, only the Anabaptists survive. The rest, to the extent that they survive, survive in branches that never had those doctrines, or have walked back from them as the Roman Catholic Church walked back from Anselm.

                • jim says:

                  History of Christianity in a nutshell:

                  The bible is full of contradictions, many of them entirely intentional. Paul deliberately contradicts himself all the time, and all the big heresies are some Church running hog wild with one phrase from Paul about some thing, and then flatly ignoring everything else he says about that thing. Thus faith versus works.

                  The biggest today, and the biggest for a very long time is marriage, running hog wild with his commendation of self restraint, and ignoring everything he has to say about marriage.

                  So, we need the Church fathers. But there are a whole pile of Church fathers, and they all say different things. And some of those things are kind of stupid, and are generally today quietly ignored as an embarrassment, a notorious example being the pole sitters.

                  And some of them, like numerous Roman Catholic church fathers following the split, were made saints for coming with numerous radical new doctrines that were helpful to popes in their struggle with Kings for power and gold. Rome, would, off the cuff, say all sorts of things, and then some theologian would come up with a justification that just happened to make it good and true.

                  After Rome split from Orthodoxy, it rapidly began to develop all sorts of new doctrines, doctrines that had a curiously close relationship to Popes getting more money and more power. Rome split over Kingdoms, not liturgies.

                  And then Gutenberg printed the bible. Everyone reading the bible for himself had two results, one very good, one very bad. First everyone noticed that Roman Catholicism had become grossly heretical. Secondly everyone saw no end of contradictions, and was apt to grab one end of the contradiction and run with it, while ignoring the other end of the contradiction.

                  So, to sort out that lot, we have to look to history. By their fruits you will know them. Well, the fruits of Anselm and a whole lot of the post great Schism latin fathers were rivers of blood, and the Roman Catholic Church in the counter reformation walked back from the worst of them. The sack of Rome inspired the Roman Catholic Church to beat a retreat on a pile of this stuff.

                  After a bit, this pile of Roman Catholic heresy became too much, and we had the reformation and Protestantism. Which led to the sack of Rome and the counter reformation, the counter reformation being Rome quietly retreating from the pile of self serving heresies it had accumulated from the latin fathers.

                  The heresies of Rome were for the most part sorted out following the sack of Rome. The heresies of the protestants have now been sorted out in a different way. Some heresies rapidly led to more heresies, and eventually to post Christianity. The ideological descendants of those guys these days worship the Gaia and the Covid demon.

                • Tityrus says:

                  The defining founders of Christianity are not Anselm and company. They are to be found in the Old and New Testaments.

                  The New Testament is one of the most ambiguous books in existence. You claim the New Testament [*not what I claimed, and not a response to the argument that I made*]

                  I am highly doubtful that a book is a broad enough base on which to set a religion. Luther thought so, but I think history proves him wrong. Need a tradition, and tradition doesn’t spring from nothing.[*deleted for presupposing that I made the direct opposite of the argument that I made*]

                • jim says:

                  That tradition does not spring from Anselm either.

                  Anselm was heretical. His Christology was part of the claim that the sacrifice of Christ gave the Pope a treasury of spiritual loot that the Pope was entitled to sell off to the highest bidder (indulgences), or use in power politics with Kings.

                  And the doctrines of Anselm were dumped by protestants in the Reformation, and quietly dumped by the Papacy in the counter reformation as a result of the sack of Rome.

                  The protestants, for the most part, looked back not just to the Bible, but to the early Christian Church Fathers.

                  Christian Church Fathers that wrote in Greek, and are the heritage of Orthodoxy, Protestantism, and counter Reformation Roman Catholicism alike.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  When I say we raze Harvard, Yale, and associated Ivy Leagues, I do not mean it in a mindless, “haha,, tanks go BRRRT!” sense. I mean to capture the universities as intact as humanly possible, and archive all of their stored knowledge. Even the most degenerate papers and books should be saved, so we can use it in the future. Just as Jim has said about forcing priests to face the disgusting nature of unleashed female sexuality, we should also force them to look at the unbound behavior of sodomites, just in case anyone gets the great idea to try re-introducing priestly celibacy.

                  Then, once we have it all, and have the confessions, we can pick and choose who we want to keep and put the rest to the sword. Many will be allowed to continue their work in the private sector, some will be allowed to keep their jobs, and most will be killed on the spot. Then, and only then do we bring the whole corrupt edifice down on their heads. Bury them, and use the ruins as a place to take priests and show them all of the horrible shit that was done at Harvard and warn them of the dangers of excessive holiness, and to put the implicit threat in perspective. “Do not be tempted by excessive holiness,” we will tell them, as they stand amidst the bones and the ruins of those who fell into temptation.

                • Aidan says:

                  ROCOR churches in the US are already pretty close to being as American as apple pie, and the longer Orthodoxy is alive in America, the more American it will get. Not too long ago I went to mass at a friend’s church. The priest looked and talked like Phil Robertson, and had a similar personality and interests. The idea that Orthodoxy is too foreign for our culture became suddenly laughable.

                  Besides, weren’t you all about the argument that Christianity, despite its outwards forms, reflects first and foremost the nature of the people professing Christianity? It shouldn’t matter at all to you what type of robes the priest wears in that case.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > There is a whole literature of Latin theological and religious writing, which is the backbone of the European Christian tradition, which would have to be put aside otherwise

                  A close friend of mine lent me an Orthodox Christian book on the Reformation, the Reformers and their teachings. Without going into specifics, the only consistency in Protestantism is in its meandering doctrines. Luther himself held certain theological doctrines which most Protestants today do not.

                  The joke in Orthodox circles goes like this: What do you call a Protestant who starts reading the church fathers? A catechumen.

                  Those who worship demons ironically will end up believing in demons unironically, and the same principle applies to those who worship God. Orthodox Christianity is its own system, its own tradition, and as such we need not reinvent the wheel; should the West adopt it all will fall into place with time.

                  Pepperidge Farm remembers when Christianity was supposedly a Jewish/Semitic plot designed to destroy the Aryans, only this time the Greeks are now “not Aryan enough” for us. Oy vey indeed…

              • Fatrick Patlinson says:

                You do not understand Americans at all.

              • The Cominator says:

                Agreed… also when we name the especially problem colleges lets not leave Georgetown off the list.

                With the recent revealations of both Fauci and CDC director Redfield likely both being Jesuits Georgetown and the Jesuit colleges definitely all have to go too (as well as complete suppression of the so called “Society of Jesus” immediately)…

                • Neofugue says:

                  The central mission of the Jesuit order is to uphold and spread the authority of the Papacy. Unlike traditional monasticism in which someone joins a brotherhood and lives in a close-knit community, the Jesuit order sends its members on missions often alone and isolated. As Jesuits have always understood the Roman Catholic system as obedience to the hierarchy in Rome rather than an ethereal idea of a “church,” they have a history of bending Christianity to suit whatever keeps them alive and fed.

                  As a result, Jesuits are responsible for much of the bizarre religious oddities in certain third world countries. Our host has referred to Roman Catholics adopting New World Pagan gods as saints, but this is not normative in Christianity. Pagan gods were always relegated to the status of demons [1] and in certain languages became invectives (perkele). The Jesuits promulgated the portrayal of ethnic White/Asian/Black Jesus; in traditional iconography Christ is depicted as of the line of David. Pope Francis worshiping Pagan idols is normative in Latin American Roman Catholicism because of Jesuit activity.

                  If there is a Jesuit conspiracy within the Cathedral, its primary purpose would be serving the interests of the Pope. Since the Pope is in bed with Satan, this means following the holiness spiral.

                  [1] If someone wishes to show a prole with a Christianized Pagan idol it is important to remember “Pagan” means “uneducated rural peasant” for a reason

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I consider the immediate suppression of all Roman Catholic organization as an important part of the Restoration, until we can have the pope executed and the Roman church reunited with the Orthodox Church. Then we can unsuppress them and let everything settle back into normal.

                • Guy says:

                  Myself, and all the Catholics I know personally, would be absolutely fine with that at this point

                • Aidan says:

                  There is a baby in the Catholic bathwater, Com. I know more old-type Christian Catholics than any other denomination, and they are all Latin Mass Catholics.

                  The Pope’s fervent attempts to ban the Latin Mass indicate that he fears it as real Christianity- which in my experience it is.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, but the Papacy is a single point of failure.

                  You need a leader. Collegiate leadership is weak, ineffective, inefficient, slow, and vulnerable to entryism. But you have to have an effective mechanism for detecting and removing evil or disloyal leaders, or leaders that simply fail to lead.

                  The early Church had collegiate leadership, but when it found itself with rather too much political power, found it needed leadership capable of more decisive action. And became vulnerable to evil and self interested leadership.

                  The infallibility of the Church is discredited by a whole pile of official Church doctrine it now has quietly retreated from, and a whole pile of sainted post 1077 Church fathers it would now prefer that everyone forgot.

                  Catholics have to fix the Papacy, and to fix the Papacy must decide that a consensus of the Bishops can remove one Pope and install another, and have to have a system for monitoring the performance of the Pope. Honest book keeping of Catholic finances would be a mighty good start on the latter.

                  Well, who should decide on the appointment and removal of the leader?

                  I recommend the following system: Anyone with apostolic succession can give someone else apostolic succession, and anyone with apostolic succession can vote on leadership, but their votes are weighted in proportion that their priests and deacons have a flock that they can get to regularly show up, perform Christian rituals and say the right things, and a flock that sporadically and infrequently shows up to perform a few key Christian rituals. Hatch, match, and dispatch.

                  You need an apparatus that monitors what the leader is up to, starting with good book keeping, and if those with apostolic succession find what is being monitored disturbing, then a majority with apostolic succession who have a majority of the flock call for an election, and then if one leader can get a majority in favor, he is the new leader, with a new board that should resemble the old board, with those who called out the problem still members of the board.

                  And the leader needs a board to keep an eye on what he is up to. Also to check the books.

                  I am pretty sure that if voting was weighted by actual flock attendance, Latin Mass Catholics would have a Latin Mass Pope, or at least a Pope who actually was red pilled Catholic.

                • Aidan says:

                  I agree with you on papal infallibility; it is clear that Saint Gregory the Great had a very different idea of his duties as Bishop of Rome than the Popes post 1077 had.

                  Orthodoxy has clearly been better at preventing entryism and heresy than Catholicism. But, the popes rendered unto Caesar until the 1070s, and have been rendering unto Caesar since Charles V sacked Rome. But Caesar today is globohomo, and thus so is the Pope. I expect the Vatican to turn back around if Caesar is warlike and Christian, but it is likely that a big pyramid of dead gay priest heads is going to have to be built in Saint Peter’s Square at some point.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If you start making a pile of all the gay priests in Saint Peter’s Square, you might end up running out of room in the square and doing more to destroy the Catholic church than either Com or I would. There is a whole lot of rot in the Vatican.

                  Forcing Catholicism into communion with Orthodoxy solves some very big problems. The biggest being the pope’s supranational authority. The Bishop of Rome should lead the faithful of Rome, and maybe Italy. He should have little to no say over the faithful in America, China, Brazil, or Poland. That he does is a huge problem.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > I expect the Vatican to turn back around if Caesar is warlike and Christian, but it is likely that a big pyramid of dead gay priest heads is going to have to be built in Saint Peter’s Square at some point.

                  Problem is building a pyramid of dead gay priest heads in the Vatican is not Catholic.

                  Not Catholic in that building a pyramid of dead gay priest heads is not Catholic, rather that building a pyramid of dead gay Vatican priest heads is not Catholic because the Holy See cannot defect from God. The previous post on Satanic influence in the Vatican garnered much offense not because of its content rather its implications. The idea that the Seat of Peter could defect against God is blasphemy in the Roman Catholic system. The gay priests in the Vatican are the Catholic Church, and should a “trad” Pope arise those priests must elect said “trad” Pope.

                • jim says:

                  > The gay priests in the Vatican are the Catholic Church, and should a “trad” Pope arise those priests must elect said “trad” Pope.

                  No they are not.

                  Those Bishops that have canonical succession and have the flock showing up at their churches are the Catholic church.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Eh what is more globohomo then the faggot catholic church which is all fags except for its evil Jesuit glowniggers, that is a nest of demon worshipping vipers that only fire can cleanse.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > No they are not. Those Bishops that have canonical succession and have the flock showing up at their churches are the Catholic church.

                  The purpose of the Roman Catholic system is the creation of an Ultramontanist hierarchy in Rome to facilitate unity. There are countless dogmas which assert the infallibility of the Pope and his offices.

                • jim says:

                  But who gets to choose the pope?

                  While there may be countless dogmas of Papal supremacy, you will find the process of Papal election has been very irregular.

                  You have dogmas of Papal supremacy. Do you have dogmas of Vatican supremacy? Who gets to choose the Pope?

                  That the Church acting as a whole can remove the Pope was asserted, disputed, and never resolved from the twelfth century to the nineteenth.

                  The doctrine that it cannot was asserted in 1870 – but the Vatican just removed a Pope for insufficient leftism. If Council of Constance can remove a Pope, and the Vatican can remove a Pope – seems to me the Council of Constance has far more credibility.

                  You can appoint Popes without touching Papal supremacy. And there is precedent for removing them.

                • Neofugue says:

                  The Curia chooses the Roman Pontiff as listed by Canon Law [1] and the Roman Pontiff cannot defect as listed in Catholic dogma [2].

                  Quoted from the Enchiridion Symbolorum 1824:

                  [The office of Peter] must endure always in the Church which was founded upon a rock and will endure firm until the end of the ages…received the keys of the kingdom…and he up to this time and always lives and presides and exercises judgment in his successors, the bishops of the holy See of Rome, which was founded by him and consecrated by his blood…Therefore, whoever succeeds Peter in this chair…holds the primacy of Peter over the whole Church.

                  Pope Francis is the Pope as per Catholic dogma and the offices of the Papacy choose the Pope. The Vatican cannot defect against God because the dogmas say this is impossible.

                  [1] Canon Law 149, 219, 145-160, 162, 230-241, 164, 180

                  [2] Enchiridion Symbolorum 1821-1825

                • Neofugue says:

                  > The doctrine that it cannot was asserted in 1870 – but the Vatican just removed a Pope for insufficient leftism. If Council of Constance can remove a Pope, and the Vatican can remove a Pope – seems to me the Council of Constance has far more credibility. You can appoint Popes without touching Papal supremacy. And there is precedent for removing them.

                  The Council of Constance operated under the Seat of Rome and the true Pope was declared to have been the Roman as opposed to the Avignon or Pisan one. The Seat of Rome can move just as the Pope can visit South America, but the office of the Papacy in Rome is infallible until the end of time according to Catholic dogma.

                  Sedevacantists have convened multiple councils electing many trailer park Popes, but the whole process is absurd; the Roman See appoints and has always appointed the Pope. One do not get to pick and choose what dogmas he follows.

                  If we are to say that Vatican I and Denzinger are now in error this goes beyond what is possibly acceptable for any Catholic. We can discuss this from a sociological lens as non-Catholics, but not as heirs to the Roman Catholic system.

        • Astralturf says:

          Methinks power is more simple than radio towers or social media algorithms. Power is being the guy in charge; propaganda as such is really only required in a liberal democracy where a ruler needs to convince the people to put a checkmark next to his name.

        • ten says:

          By God’s legs you are retarded.

          You are here, in this place, arguing that the 50s were ruled by christian warriors – completely ignoring jim’s, our, pinning the genesis of our current priestly rule in the expulsion of traitor priests in the 17th century. We know you are a liberal boomersoul overcuck who just want time to have stopped in your daddys childhood, so you can hide your tiny shrivelled up malfunctioning raisin balls in your projection of righteous authority. So fuck off.

          Every word you say is so stupid it would take two to dismantle it, and you would just repeat the word again. Nothing you say is insightful, hardly any of it is true, and despite being here forever it seems you don’t know where you are.

          Sad & annoying!

          • jim says:

            Whenever I let a shill through, we waste far too much space rebutting him, but I let the better shills through, because it is good to have the rebuttals around.

    • Skippy says:

      Officers in states with high military prestige typically were not meatheads. Napoleon was not a meathead and nor was Clausewitz. If Anglo officers have sometimes been meatheads it is because the officer corps is not prestigious.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I think I just won “shill post bingo…”

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      “The nation that makes a great distinction between its warriors and its scholars will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.” –Thucydides

      Your side is making that mistake, but we will not. An army of 105 IQ would crush the US mil complex like a piece of rotten fruit. We do not have that army yet, not the weapons we would need, but we are getting there.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Controlfreak likes to believe others are as bewildered by existence as he is; news at 11.

  28. Upravda says:

    It seems that I catched the bug. There is pale T line on Chinese test. If I catched it, very probably from my younger son, he goes to obligatory pre-school, and he did have a little bit sore throat and oozy nose, but nor any more.

    I don’t have sore throat, neither oozy nose, nor headache. Nose is perfect (i used to be allergic), smell, taste an appetite are perfect.

    Body temperature is in low 38 degrees C, a little bit ache in legs below knee (like in flu, but milder).

    Don’t know is that a symptom or what, but I’m very sleepy. Like, digging by hand one km of canal sleepy.

    I took a test only because my forehead was suspiciously warm to my wife so she waked me up.

    • Doom says:

      Can corroborate, had Omicron confirmed by PCR.
      Had a headache, slept for one day, mild fever, then no symptoms.

      Post coof my sense of smell is different, much more noticeable. Coffee tastes way better than it has for years, thanks coof!

  29. Red says:

    The Cathedral does not plan all that cohesively. A faction or conspiracy does something to grab more power, and everyone else piles on so as to get their share of that power. The Cathedral is not five masterminds meeting around a coffee table. It is the net effect of rather too many such coffee tables.

    We’ve been consistently wrong about the Cathedral operations. Over and over again I hear they’re not that smart, then they unleash a bioweapon to crash Trump’s economy, use it to help rig the election which they masterfully wargamed out to a T including having printing press ready to produce the needed ballots at 3am, planed out J6 to ensure Biden is installed behind a wall troops, and then use the clotshot to purge government, military and critical sector of the economy from their potential foes.

    The incompetence seems to be the execution level of the cathedral, not the planning side. This indicates a very smart and cohesive planning group who are able to get people who are just above the moron level people to execute these plans successfully.

    Maybe the Cathedral will be complete gibbering morons in a few years as the old guard dies and the AOCs replace them, but they’re not there yet.

    • restitutor_orbis says:

      I personally believe that the Cathedral has powerful supernatural guidance. The demons aren’t just metaphorical. They are real, active, and working against us. The Cathedral may not have a unified plan, but I think Evil has one.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      If your assertion is correct, then my previous assertion (if central control, then a way to identify them) is possibly correct. I’m still in the “failing upward/no central authority” camp, but I think you make some really good points, particularly about our underestimation of the Cathedral. Orbis could also be correct: there is a Power behind the powers that be.

      • restitutor_orbis says:

        I recently learned that within the Eastern Orthodox faith there is a belief that after death the soul is confronted by demons who attempt to drag it to hell. While some consider it a heresy, Seraphim Rose wrote in support of this doctrine. That makes me take it seriously.

        Let us assume, for the sake of this post, that this belief is correct. Demons, ruled by Satan, actively desire to carry souls to hell for eternal damnation. Let’s assume that Satan doesn’t want just a few souls. He wants as many souls as possible. And he has to do it in a way that doesn’t drive man into the arms of his enemy, God.

        How best to accomplish this? Step 1, build a large population; step 2, lure everyone into sin; step 3, kill them before they repent.

        Step 1 – Build a big population. There are now more people alive than ever before in the history of mankind. About 10% of all people who have ever lived are alive right now. So there are more souls now than ever.

        But this happy state of affairs will not continue. Evil being anti-life, the rate of growth is already slowing and in many countries is negative. Within a few decades the population will peak and then decline. The crop has grown and soon it must be harvested by death.

        Step 2 – Lure them into sin. Are the harvested souls in sin? Yes they are! Of the people alive today, how many have faith in God — any God! — relative to history? Within the Western and Asian world, certainly, faith in God is at an all-time low. And we have been busily exporting our atheist materialist pop culture into the rest of the world. And what is that pop culture laden with? Satanism.

        Step 3 – Kill them and collect the souls. If I were Satan, I would look at the world today and think “it’s about time to pull the trigger”. I’d arrange for an event, or series of events, that has the people crying out to a false God, and accepting any mark, any sin, in order to get it. That’s where we are now.

        The reason the Cathedral seems like they actively promote Satanism is because they serve Satan. The reason some members of the Cathedral keep talking about the need for depopulation is because they want us to die. The reason they hate Christianity, goodness, truth, and beauty is because they want us to die in a state of sin and be damned.

        I won’t say I’m certain this is what’s going on. But I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this is what’s going on.

        • jim says:

          > Step 3 – Kill them and collect the souls. If I were Satan, I would look at the world today and think “it’s about time to pull the trigger”. I’d arrange for an event, or series of events, that has the people crying out to a false God, and accepting any mark, any sin, in order to get it. That’s where we are now.

          If Satan has a plan to kill everyone, or if childless old women who want the world to die with them have a plan to kill everyone, or if Satan worshiping elites have a plan to kill everyone, one way is to make sure that the cumulative effect of endless boosters is lethal – which is within their technological capabilities, and could quite likely happen by shear incompetence or a mixture of malice, malign neglect, and incompetence – frequent boosters even of genuine normal vaccines can exhaust your immune system. Immune system disability eventually kills you.

          • Herman says:

            There are already people that say that 2 clot shots will kill most people in a few years.
            I think 2 or even 4 clot shots a year will be very deadly.

        • i says:

          The present situation wouldn’t happen without God’s permission. When God allows Satan to do as he is currently doing. Then I take it the withdrawal of his protection is a form of Divine Wrath.

          As Romans 1 testifies and other scriptural passages testify. God hands people over to their lusts when they harden their heart against him and refuses repentance repeatedly

          He then confirms that decision after abandoning them to their wicked desires.

          Thereafter shall they be destroyed from the face of the earth and lost to hell.

          I’d imagine when God raises up an evil people he is using them as a cudgel of judgment. In the same way Israel was punished using the Assyrian Empire and Babylonian Empire for the injustice amongst themselves and whoring themselves to Idols.

          Who themselves were destroyed for their own arrogance and wickedness the legendary cruelty of Assyrians were avenged by the smoking ruins of Nineveh. And the wickedness of the Babylonians was rewarded by the desolation of Babylon.

          And look at how God raised up Stalin for the express purpose to avenge the blood of his servants in Russia against the Bolshevik sadists.

          • jim says:

            The Assyrians were destroyed so utterly that when Xenophon came through two centuries later, and saw the ruins of Nineneh, the largest city in the world when it was destroyed, utterly abandoned, the locals did not remember that they had ever been. They did not know who built the city, and thought it built by gods or people of legend.

          • ten says:

            When a nigger jumps a random woman in a park and rapes her to death, that is not because god withdrew his protection from the woman, but because the world is fallen and we must protect ourselves, and even then we will sometimes be eaten by cave lions or raped to death by niggers. Shit happens, in the long run, the people of God wins. Cave lions and niggers and assyria and the cathedral fill their niche, and if they destroy themselves or piss off their neighbours enough they are bound to find increasing amounts of shit to happen to them.

            Good things thrive, bad things eventually dwindle, but good things sometimes get a meteor in the head, and bad things sometimes get away with it for a very long time.

            • i says:

              “When a nigger jumps a random woman in a park and rapes her to death, that is not because god withdrew his protection from the woman, but because the world is fallen and we must protect ourselves, and even then we will sometimes be eaten by cave lions or raped to death by niggers. ”

              Isaiah 5:1-7

              “He waited for the vineyard to yield good grapes,

              but the fruit it produced was sour!

              3“And now, O dwellers of Jerusalem

              and men of Judah,

              I exhort you to judge

              between Me and My vineyard.

              4What more could I have done for My vineyard

              than I already did for it?

              Why, when I expected sweet grapes,

              did it bring forth sour fruit?

              5Now I will tell you what I am about to do to My vineyard:

              I will take away its hedge,

              and it will be consumed;

              I will tear down its wall,

              and it will be trampled.

              6I will make it a wasteland,

              neither pruned nor cultivated,

              and thorns and briers will grow up.

              I will command the clouds

              that rain shall not fall on it.”

              7For the vineyard of the LORD of Hosts

              is the house of Israel,

              and the men of Judah

              are the plant of His delight.

              He looked for justice,

              but saw bloodshed;

              for righteousness,

              but heard a cry of distress. ”

              The reason God says all this is because he delegated Justice to his Human representatives. But when they fail in Justice like allow niggers to get away with crimes and failure to protect the innocent.

              Then the Entire Nation will be punished by God.

              All the Nations I have talked about like Assyria and Babylon. God has through his prophets predicted destruction on those Nations for their evil.

              The fact that they are ruins now. Goes to show that God actually did destroy them as he promised for their evil.

              Those Geopolitical Events are clearly the actions of God. Not of just Man.

    • jim says:

      The plan was that the disease would be extremely lethal, and the vaccine reasonably effective.

      It very rapidly ceased to be unusually lethal. After the first few months no more lethal than the old flu, and today even less, while the “vaccine” is not a vaccine. It does not protect you from catching and spreading the disease, and while it somewhat reduces the severity of the disease, does not reduce it all that much, and worse, far worse, if you get infected after taking the “vaccine”, you don’t gain lasting immunity, while if you get infected before taking the “vaccine”, you do gain lasting immunity. It buggers your immune system, due to the inappropriate and ignorant use of advanced technology that they use without understanding it.

      So they fucked up their plan. And, similarly with the ballots. The last minute four am ballot box stuffing was a fiasco. They got the election, but lost all legitimacy. The 4AM adjustment was not part of the plan, and that it was needed was a massive plan failure.

      • Red says:

        >The plan was that the disease would be extremely lethal, and the vaccine reasonably effective.

        I doubt they had a plan for the vaccine at all, that was Trump idea, one that the Dems worked hard to oppose. But once they had it, they used it purge their foes. The fact that it harmed people made it even better.

        >It very rapidly ceased to be unusually lethal. After the first few months no more lethal than the old flu, and today even less, while the “vaccine” is not a vaccine.

        The goal was to crush Trump’s amazing economy and it worked. Dems had to go the extra mile to intentional kill people but that only added to their power when they murder people in broad daylight and everyone ignores it.

        >So they fucked up their plan. And, similarly with the ballots. The last minute four am ballot box stuffing was a fiasco. They got the election, but lost all legitimacy. The 4AM adjustment was not part of the plan, and that it was needed was a massive plan failure.

        It requires a lot of organization, logistics, intelligence gathering, etc to pull off printing up hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes in the middle of the night and inserting them into the system. This indicates a plan with branches. When unlikely X happens, Y is the response. Trump got way more votes than expected and we saw them on video palming the USB cards from the counting machines to get an idea of how the voting was going. They knew exactly how many ballots they needed to print up. They planned for the possibility of Trump getting way more votes than expected and had the resources and organization ready to fix it.

        Hillary consider such an operation after she lost in 2016, but she didn’t have anything in place that could have produced the needed ballots at 3am. It would have taken her days to do it. This time the Dems were ready for it and printed up what they needed. Sure it was a shitshow run by monkeys people but they had the entire political elite onboard for it and it worked.

        They wargamed all this stuff to the Nth degree and had very good origination and planning in place for every contingency that we’re aware of. That’s not the work of morons.

        • notglowing says:

          >I doubt they had a plan for the vaccine at all, that was Trump idea, one that the Dems worked hard to oppose.
          The vaccine holiness spiral started *before* covid. Vaccines were holy then, and “anti-vaxxers” were also being attacked and shamed then. It was a topic of much smaller importance, but several countries passed laws allowing the government to force vaccines on children, and it was controversial.
          Of course, this was not about the covid vaccine. But they regarded vaccines as holy regardless.

          > They wargamed all this stuff to the Nth degree and had very good origination and planning in place for every contingency that we’re aware of. That’s not the work of morons.

          It’s not impressive for the elite to make propaganda work, and to remain in power. On the contrary, it’s the bare minimum.
          It would require incredible incompetence for them to lose against the non-elite.

          Just look at what they are doing. There is zero forward thinking in any of their propaganda, and they just change the narrative every month, backpedal previous claims once they cannot sustain them anymore, and people just forget they ever saw something different.

          There is not a *single* covid narrative that has stayed consistent in two years.
          This is also why I don’t agree with Jim on this. Yes they were doing gain of function research, and yes virologists most likely want more dangerous viruses to exist, because it makes them more important. But I don’t believe releasing covid was planned.
          I still remember how they simply denied its existence for months as a conspiracy theory, they called it the flu, or less bad than the flu. And closing borders was bad and racist. Trump closed borders before they wanted him to.
          Then it was necessary and holy.
          Then they said masks were bad, then they said masks were necessary and holy.
          Then protests in the open were bad when right wingers did it, weeks later it was necessary and holy to protest outside during the lockdowns.
          Then the vaccine was bad because it was good for Trump’s election.
          It was bad even after his “loss” and up to 2021 when biden was in power, then it slowly, and then quickly became very holy and very important.
          At first it was supposed to end covid altogether, then it was supposed to reduce the spread, then only to prevent bad illness, finally now it’s merely supposed to reduce the risk of it.

          There is zero forward thinking in any of this. The only reason why it all worked is that it couldn’t possibly not work. No matter how evident the problems are, people simply believe what they are told.

          And what is the end result of their games? They have done this completely useless holiness spiralling gotten what exactly out of it? Power? If there is a cohesive, smart elite, they always had power. The virologists and health academics now have more power, sure. But they are not a small group of very smart people at the top, like you imply.

          Every event in the past 5 years has shown me how utterly incompetent they are, because they are digging themselves deeper in a hole they cannot come out of. Despite most people believing propaganda, and despite the full control of media, half of the US believes the government is illegitimate, and now many believe that voting doesn’t work, which was completely unnecessary.

          You do not defeat an enemy faction in your country by backing them into a corner, and making life impossible for them, and forcing them to be concerned about politics, if you cannot just kill them.
          They have created a larger and larger group of people that is mad at the system, isn’t any closer to being dead compared to 5 years ago, and doesn’t think there is a political solution, this is *despite* their advantage in propaganda. It would’ve been so easy, if they were cohesive and smart, to make a compromise and to let these people simply ignore politics. But with COVID that became *completely* impossible.
          What was gained? Where does it go from here? Because it’s not going to the direction of stability, which a smart elite would want. That would’ve meant having Trump remain president, preserving the faith in the electoral process for your enemies, and making them continue to participate in it.

          Meanwhile, Trump could’ve just been a Reagan, someone who fixes a few things, makes some things worse, but overall establishes a more progressive new normal, and satisfies conservatives, making them think for another 20 years maybe things aren’t that bad after all.

          Every time they’ve just chosen to escalate things further. This is a holiness spiral, not a good plan.
          And I just fail to see any evidence of good planning in their narratives.

          • jim says:

            > This is also why I don’t agree with Jim on this. Yes they were doing gain of function research, and yes virologists most likely want more dangerous viruses to exist, because it makes them more important. But I don’t believe releasing covid was planned.
            I still remember how they simply denied its existence for months as a conspiracy theory, they called it the flu, or less bad than the flu. And closing borders was bad and racist. Trump closed borders before they wanted him to.

            It is now clear that they are going forward with a plan that a small virologist conspiracy planned long before the disease they engineered was released. But the rest of them were not initially in on the conspiracy. They chaotically came on board somewhat after the last minute. And now they are going forward with the plan. But most of them were not in on the plan until well after it was released.

            The rest of them came on board after the plan was rolling, and as soon as they came on board, it suddenly became apparent that the two key elements of the plan, the deadliness of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine, were not working.

            This does not mean the plan will fail. It is very hard for an elite to lose power, but it is still a total ballsup, just as the plan to steal the election was.

            • notglowing says:

              I’m not convinced of this, and at least I don’t see a reason why it’s necessarily true.

              Because there are many laboratories experimenting with viruses, and many possible places were leaks could have occurred. It’s not like this kind of research is completely unique to Wuhan.
              It was only a matter of time until a leak happened.
              That explanation seems far more plausible to me, especially with it happening in Wuhan, China. What’s strange about a Chinese-run facility not rigorously following protocols, and being sloppy with safety?
              With their culture, complaining about something being wrong, or a procedure not being followed correctly, is a bad idea.

              Meanwhile, it would’ve been more believable as an intentional action of the US establishment if this happened in a lab in some backwater part of the american empire.

              It’s not impossible that the leak was intentional, sure, but I don’t see why it is necessarily that way, and why that would seem more likely than the alternative.
              If you ask me, it was a matter of time that it would happen.
              And the result not being deadly for a long time really isn’t a surprise to anyone.
              After all, even Cathedral never disagreed with this point. COVID would mutate to become less dangerous, if anything they seem more reluctant to admit it recently.
              But I remember scientists saying that back in 2020. It was even an argument of the initial denial of COVID, with many saying you should just let it hit everyone and make them more resistant to it, and it would eventually mutate to be less dangerous.

              It was definitely more deadly in the beginning, and where I live is very close to the epicenter of the first european outbreak.
              I have second-hand evidence of it. How much was caused by improper use of the ICU I cannot say, though.
              Still, if their plan was to release a virus that was actually extremely deadly, it was such a bad plan that it seems inconceivable it was the plan in the first place. That they were trying to *develop* it, there is no doubt.

              • Arqiduka says:

                So, an accident hat could have happened at any time just happened a year before a key election was due? You find this not at all fortuitous?

                • notglowing says:

                  The idea that some small faction of the cathedral consisting of health researchers would release covid a year before the election in order to allow for easier cheating (which was the main way covid hurt Trump) seems very far fetched to me.

                  It hurt Trump through the economy, which still made a huge recovery by the time election was up, and it did give them another reason to attack Trump when he didn’t “do enough”, but the people complaining were the same who hated him to begin with.
                  Without cheating, he still would’ve won. Hence it doesn’t really seem plausible. Plus the idea of cheating this way seems excessively convoluted, it doesn’t pass Occam’s razor.
                  They most likely did push mail in ballots later for this reason, to give themselves more margin. But even so, the 3 AM ballots drops feel like something that was activated at the last minute, not understood to be necessary from the start. They have subtler ways of committing this fraud.

                  Trump could’ve seized on covid himself, since initially a lot of it was about isolating people. He could’ve ended all work visa immigration for an indeterminate amount of time, and he did it for a predetermined amount of time.
                  He could’ve strengthened border controls, etc. And a time of crisis close to an election is an ideal time to become a dictator. Especially when a lot of the danger quite literally plays into what is perceived as your thing: closing borders.

                  But the medical establishment one-upped him and seized the narrative.

                  Still for a long time gay parades didn’t happen. Free global movement of people stopped, which is not something they would’ve
                  wanted in 2019, in fact it seems quite the opposite of open borders.
                  A lot of it hurt their side, and I recall many progs whining because they could not have sex with strangers, but they just pivoted to covid worship above everything else they believed in before (with a small break to allow for dindu worship). Which pivot also makes it seem like a consequence of what happened, rather than an intentional move.
                  Since they went from worshipping some things, to others, once this other thing became more important to them.

                  Would the gay parades and open borders cathedral really do this? Or would they react to this, and then change, because their change is motivated by madness? It can be argued that this is just different groups.
                  I’m still not saying it’s impossible they intentionally leaked it. But it isn’t obvious to me that they did, and it seems more likely they didn’t, and rather seized the opportunity. I can see the point though, there are some facts that align with it. A bigger pointer to me is the demonization of the antivax movement back in 2019, and the introduction of laws to impose mandatory vaccinations on children here as a result of it.

                  The thing is, there is a pretty huge gap in terms of narratives between that, and them imposing the vaccine on everyone in 2022. At first they were even sceptical of the safety of it, then they insisted it would not be mandatory. Only later did it become a big deal.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Most likelyhood: The release was meant to crater the economy, from which no president can recover in election year. It failed spectacularly, so they pivotet to mail in and drumming up boomer deaths (key RNC demo). This still wasn’t enough, so they panicked and made asses of themselves at 4am. Now that they have it, are finding it hard to shut down. After the deed was done, the former partners (DNC and China) went their own separate ways. Vaxx is an afterthough, not at all the main point, but was probably part of the original plan filed in this or that drawer for a rainy day.

                  I rate this scenario at 80% likelihood.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Trump was imperfect, but he broke reality anyway. He acted like he liked us. He once tweeted it was great to be a Southern person. That’s worse than gassing 6 million Jews right there.

                  All the upper/managerial/Cathedral classes were bug-nuts with rage. I mean they were desperate. They were losing their damn minds.

                  Something had to change. Just something. Anything to perturb the system. It was their Flight 93 Election.

                  They’d been trying to get a war going with Venezuela, or Russia, or Syria, or North Korea, or Iran, and they just couldn’t do it. They needed something. Just anything they could make into a big disaster, crash the country and color-revolution Trump with.

                  George Floyd was just a bonus.

                  So if Covid-19 was intentionally released, I understand how that could happen. The smallest little team could just decide to do it, and they’d never get in trouble.

                  For them, it was worth a shot. So they gave it a shot. How could it hurt? What could be the downside?

              • Gedeon says:

                The pandemic was necessary because debt deflation started in summer 2019 when the federal reserve was forced to open a multi trillion dollar “temporary” lending facility. The facility gets wound down when the the legislators pass CARES Act and step in as the debt consumer of last resort…again.

                The problem is the virus didn’t have the juice and the vaxxxes have not, or at least yet, generated enough death to diminish social security or Medicare takers. Based on VAERS data, we do know there were hot batches of vax and there is no reason to believe these genocidal freaks won’t spike everything if enough people voluntarily act like lab rats.

                Make no mistake, if it wasn’t the pandemic, it was going to be something else of equivalent scale and scope to shore up the financial machine underpinning the cathedral’s operating system.

                • jim says:

                  I was inclined to delete this, as I have deleted and censored so many of your other comments, as misinformation given with excessive confidence.

                  It might well be true. I don’t think it likely, and despite your confidence, you have no evidence that it is true. As evidence that it is false, the great reseters are happy to hyperfinflate the money away.

                  We don’t have debt deflation, and have never had it since the great depression. The federal reserve was not “forced” to do anything. It chose to bail out its buddies, when what it should have done was comply with the law and the best interests of Americans by letting them swing in the wind.

                  The way to curb excessive term transformation is not endless new regulations on term transformers. It is to deliberately let some term transformers go bust. If you never let your pals go bust, we get what we have got.

                • Gedeon says:

                  [*deleted because full of the babble of our enemies*]

                • jim says:

                  What you linked to and discussed, was the magician waving his right hand around, so that we will not notice what his left hand is doing.

                  Fed operations are game of three card monte, and discussion of the great reset is full of shills giving us misinformation about our enemies’ plans.

                  Yes, they are planning plutocratic techno marxism, that much is true.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              What part of the Democrats’ master plan called for them to rape, pillage, and burn their own cities? What purpose did that serve?

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                “What part of the Democrats’ master plan called for them to rape, pillage, and burn their own cities?”

                And how has that hurt them in the slightest possible way, dumbass? I fucking dare you to answer the question.

                Are Trump voters streaming into Chicago, Detroit, LA and San Francisco to take them over and turn them around?

                Look at Jim’s piece “Repression in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam”:

                Priority One for the Commies was to flush their “undependables” and “undesirables” out of newly conquered Saigon and scatter them across the exurban hinterland “New Economic Zones” (like outer Boise, for example). Atomized and powerless, with no beer halls to putsch in.

                Pol Pot emptied the cities at gunpoint too.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  That’s what Communists do when they capture enemy cities. But the Democrats captured America’s cities over half a century ago — why burn them now?

                  If you want to harm your enemy, you don’t burn your house down, you burn his house down.

                • The Cominator says:

                  > Why did communist and socialist burn valuable capital to steal a few trinkets for the moment

                  Because that is what they do, its their nature. The frog and the scorpion…

                • Red says:

                  That’s what Communists do when they capture enemy cities. But the Democrats captured America’s cities over half a century ago — why burn them now?

                  If you want to harm your enemy, you don’t burn your house down, you burn his house down.

                  This is actually their second attempt to burn the cities down via massive crime. The first happened in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and they only pulled back due to Reagan kicking their asses and the GOP winning the election after Reagan on a tough on crime agenda. After which Bill Clinton captured the Dems and told them to get tough on crime and they obeyed. This reversed under Obama and is just now coming to full flower.

                  As far as why they do it? No idea. It’s pretty common leftist thing to do. Com might be right, it’s just their nature to destroy.

                • Pooch says:

                  As far as why they do it? No idea. It’s pretty common leftist thing to do. Com might be right, it’s just their nature to destroy.

                  Notice who they physically attacked in the cities. Mostly white small business owners and cops, the last remnants of anything resembling a Trump voter. It’s no coincidence that all the blue cities and inner suburbs got bluer, anybody who would have otherwise have voted red was driven out. It was solidifying their rule over territory, Detroit-style.

                • Aidan says:

                  Never underestimate the sincere and overpowering fervor with which the liberal worships the nigger. Antifa believes in burning and looting, and antifa organizes the nigger riots, though they are always happy to participate, but once it happens, the media cannot help but lionize them.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            You keep saying They Failed, and I keep seeing bureaucracies overrunning boundaries previously considered sacrosanct. The narrative switches, but you could argue that that’s a flex, “it doesn’t matter if it’s a lie, you’re still going to obey.” Coronatarianism has achieved in a few years what the Progressive Faction couldn’t in a century. Again, not buying tinfoil ideas of central canals pulling strings. Just a sea of committees, bureaus, and organizations, all with the same general goal: collect and disguise power. For them, Corona is the gift that keeps on giving.

          • Pooch says:

            Meanwhile, Trump could’ve just been a Reagan, someone who fixes a few things, makes some things worse, but overall establishes a more progressive new normal, and satisfies conservatives, making them think for another 20 years maybe things aren’t that bad after all.

            I agree with this 100%. It was obvious to anyone smart that Trump was no real threat to the status quo in the long term. After his 2nd term, he would have quietly rode into the sunset, satisfied with his few temporary Reaganian small wins and slow boiling the frog would recommence with the next President quickly and easily dismantling everything Trump did in the prior 8 years with a few strokes of the pen. All they had to do was be patient.

            Instead, they pulled off the mask completely and Trump isn’t even neutralized. 2024 is setting up to be a bigger threat to their rule than if they simply just let Trump win 2020.

            • Arqiduka says:

              If I were the Grand King of the Left I’d give a while lot to have Trump run and win in 2024 but on a pre-agreeed, neutered platform. Would kill the stolen election furore for good and get many normies back on board with the program. Trump is right now the most expensive person on the planet, in that he can ask for a lot in exchange for this.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              There is no “long term” for the Left, because all their competent people are over 80 years old. They have to win *now* at all cost.

          • Astralturf says:

            We’re dealing with a set of elites who believe in muh democracy, who actually believe they’re implementing utopia rather than cynically justifying their means to power. The ones that do care about power want it merely as a means to satisfy muh dick. Marxism and all the ideology spawned by it provide no vitality or meaning and so ultimately it provides no animating force. After centuries of Jacobism, Communism, and whatever else you call it those who practice it have bred themselves into impotence!

      • The Cominator says:

        Weren’t there contracts for the “vaccine” before the “pandemic” started?

      • Travis says:

        “and while it somewhat reduces the severity of the disease, ”

        I see this everywhere.

        How can this be known? Is there a test for it? How can one KNOW that the severity is less? Compared to what?

        This is regime propaganda to scare the hesitant into taking the shot. AKA complete and utter nonsense.

        • Upravda says:

          Vaccines do seem to lessen the symptoms.

          We talked here about documents called SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England periodically issued by NHS. Regarding delta, in such document from July 18 2021, page 12, table 4, one can see greater absolute number of infected purebloods than fully vaxxed: 35521 to 4087. So, yes, those vaccines do something, but…

          …but… but…

          Mortality among pureblods is 0.00096. Among fully vaxxed: 0,00636.

          So, the catch is, yes, those vaxxes probably do something – but when they fail, they fail spectacularly.

          And we are not taking into account longer term consequences of reprogramming your DNA, and almost certain undepreporting of adverse effects, etc. So, I would say that vaccines make at least as much damage as they are purported to heal.

          Jim and others had some reserves regarding interpretation of those official data, but I think it is quite satisfactory to knock down their arguments with their data.

          • jim says:

            8 times more likely to need an oxygen mask looks plausible. Not saying it is true, but it is the sort of thing that could be true.

            But it now looks as though if you don’t let them stick you on a ventilator, a lot less likely to kill you than the old flu.

            • someDude says:

              Do you get the choice of not letting them stick you into a ventilator?

              • jim says:

                Today, the official position is no longer murderous: theoretically people don’t get stuck into a ventilator, unless they truly need. it Officially, they are supposed to give you an oxygen mask if you can breath under your own power and this suffices to bring your blood oxygen up to 76% (normal is like 95%) And officially, it is supposed to be no more oxygen than needed. It is far from apparent that everyone is following these correct and reasonable treatment guidelines, but it is apparent that a lot of people are.

                There is overwhelming evidence that nicotine is effective. It prevents the cytokine storm, and down regulates the virus entry port. Albeit downregulation of the entry port takes a while – down regulation is nicotine addiction, so while it is clear that nicotine is effective as a preventative, it is plausible that suddenly starting nicotine will not prevent the virus from replicating, while ivermectine does prevent the virus from replicating. Nicotine and fluvoxamine are effective in preventing the cytokine storm.

                What protects smokers and vapers is that the same adaption as gives them a massive tolerance to nicotine, also gives them a corresponding tolerance to the virus. But nicotine, like fluvoxamine is effective at preventing the immune system from going into a panicked over reaction that destroys your lungs.

                Albeit cytokine storm these days seems quite rare in everyone. The people that engineered the virus probably wanted it to provoke your immune system into panicked overreaction, but that is not what the virus “wants”, so it has been evolving away from that as fast as possible.

                Cytokine storm is, more or less, what drops your oxygen levels, and the virus still causes it to some degree much more than the old flu did, but it does seem to a considerably lesser degree these days. The virus “wants” an immune system overreaction even less than you do.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “What protects smokers and vapers is that the same adaption as gives them a massive tolerance to nicotine, also gives them a corresponding tolerance to the virus. But nicotine, like fluvoxamine is effective at preventing the immune system from going into a panicked over reaction that destroys your lungs.”

                  There has also been some suggestion that elevated nicotine levels prevent the spike protein from doing nearly as much damage as nicotine takes up the ACE2 receptors the spike protein would otherwise bind to.

                  Sounds like if you are forced to get the clot shot and have no good alternative… its best to elevate nicotine levels before and for a while after. So chew nicotine gum before and frequently for a few days afterwards or if there is for some reason some shortage of nicotine gum (like this theory gets out) smoke cigars or pipes before and after. Cigarettes are the least healthy way (and you risk addiction as it sounds like you need to keep the nicotine level high consistently for a few days after till the spike protein gets out, so that means smoking a lot) and vapes are an unknown as to health effects but they should work to elevate the nicotine levels.

    • The Cominator says:

      I’ve long believed there is a hidden cabal at the center of at least the media control portion of the Cathedral…

      They weren’t that smart until 2020 but in 2020 they started getting much smarter and more ruthless. After the election that seemed to wane…

      Now RE speculation as to what the hidden center is…

      Tell me if this theory is 100% nuts but I don’t think it is. I’m thinking it could be high level people in the Jesuit order. There has to be something very sinister about a Catholic order that were the worlds original glowniggers and that were so subversive that devoutly Catholic monarchs kept booting them out of their countries (and that at one point got together to strongarm the Pope into suppressing). The notorious historical Bavarian Illuminati were all EX Jesuits (cause it was the time of the orders suppressions). Unlike the jews Jesuits are actually cohesive. I got suspicious when I found out Fauci was a Jesuit.

      The name Cathedral could be very apt indeed.

      • Arqiduka says:

        Friggin love this theory, not sure how likely though.

        • The Cominator says:

          Lincoln 100% thought they were they were behind the civil war and most Americans thought they were behind Lincoln’s assassination at the time… and its a fact that Jefferson Davis was the only “Protestant” student at a Catholic school… at a time when Catholic schools never allowed Protestant students.

          No matter what you think of Lincoln (I don’t have nearly as negative a view of him as of say Woodrow Wilson or LBJ) if they could cause one big war they are capable of all other nefarious mischief.

          • Arqiduka says:

            I think this is about as likely as the Jwsh theory (actual cabal, not bull cape): neither extremely likely, but not to be entirely discounted either.

      • Oog en Hand says:


      • Niiiidriveevof says:

        This is retarded. Protestant screeching about Jesuits was the first Q-boomerism. None of the traitors in the Church are upstream of power in the progressive world, it’s obvious in how they speak and act. They are all in the model of Pope Francis or James Martin, men with a real mandate from heaven who don’t even believe in it, who instead prefer to lick the media’s boots and try to be third-rate priests of the media’s religion, repeating 15-year-old talking points with Catholic-sounding words on top. It’s far easier to see that no Catholic is running things than it is to see that Soros is not running things.

        • The Cominator says:

          Devoutly Catholic monarchs shut them down and strongarmed the Pope into temporarily shutting them down. Was this because they were purely a benevolent charitable society? No obviously it was because they were exercising a subversive influence in politics.

          The Jesuits got kicked out of fucking Thailand a country that never lifted a hand against any non Muslim religious group in it. The historical Bavarian illuminati who got caught with their worldwide subversive communist manifesto were all Jesuits. And of course Fauci is a fucking Jesuit… since Jesuits literally have to kill themselves if ordered to (like Samurai) the fact that they didn’t tell him to do so is enough to make me want to burn the entire order the way the medieval kings burnt the Templars.

          • Niiiidriveevof says:

            that was 250 years ago my dude. have a look around.

            jesuits spent too much time doing casuistry and got themselves intellectually and spiritually compromised, right during massive entryism into the clergy. whatever scary boogeyman or noble men of God they were centuries ago, either one is long gone.

            take your protestant goggles off and stop attributing so much evil genius competence to us. if only it were all true.

          • Upravda says:

            Theory is interesting, but I don’t think it holds.

            Devoutly catholic monarchs (such as Joseph II) have kicked out Jesuits and some other Church orders for reasons known among you in Anglosphere as Dissolution of the Monasteries. They were just a little bit less radical than Henry VIII.

            To put it simply, Jesuits and other church orders were dissolved in Habsburg Monarchy because they were highly opinionated and influential without either much responsibility or regard for greater good. Or sovereign’s good.

            Not because they were ploying and scheming this and that.

            We have already established that, unfortunately, RCC is, just like many protestant churches, half in the hand of enemies, but I don’t see any special Jesuit role in that.

            • jim says:

              The lavender Mafia always plots and schemes.

              It is inherent in their nature.

              The supposedly celibate orders had become an embarrassment to the church.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its interesting that as far as I know the Jesuits have despite a reputation for leftism (since the 1st world war anyway) have to my knowledge managed to keep the fags out almost uniquely among the various orders of the Catholic Church.

                If you are running 1000 blackops and manipulating the world behind the scenes you can’t tolerate fags among your ranks, horrible security risk because fags are highly unreliable.

                I don’t expect anyone to believe the Jesuit I’m not even sure, but the Cathedral’s actions at times seem highly coordinated and directed by a hidden hand. The Jesuit thing adds up better than the jew theory (disprovable… what it looks like is that someone goes through a lot of trouble to make sure lots of frontmen bad actors are jews) or the alien lizard theory (seemingly absurd and unprovable)…

                • jim says:

                  > the Cathedral’s actions at times seem highly coordinated and directed by a hidden hand.

                  And at times they don’t

                  Lots of conspiracies jockying for power, and looking to cut each other’s throats, and some of those conspiracies are highly coordinated and sometimes one conspiracy’s hidden hand will carry out some operation, with the rest of the Cathedral getting on board, belatedly and falling over themselves.

                  Quite possibly the jesuits are among those conspiracies, but I doubt they are major actors.

                  The big highly coordinated conspiracy right now is a plot to unleash a deadly disease and an effective vaccine in order to gain totalitarian and intrusive control of everyone’s life. The mad scientists turned out to be more mad than scientist, but they are still steaming right ahead to take control of everyone’s life. And, like all big conspiracies, it is leaking. Not seeing any plausible jesuits in there. Fauci is clearly at or very near the center of the whole thing. Is he a jesuit?

                • <