The Jab

I was expecting a significant rise in the excess death rate among young people.

If it is happening, it is less impressive than I was expecting. The claim that the jab is saving lives is not obviously and outrageously stupid. It is not obviously true either.

What it is, however, doing, is sodomizing people’s immune systems.

It has long been known that the jab does not prevent you from getting China flu, nor spreading it. What it is claimed to do is prevent you from getting really ill as a result. But to verify this claim we would need doctors and patients to not know if the patient had been jabbed, since it is obvious that in practice the purebloods get treated by the medical industry in a way completely different to the way they treat the jabbed, radically different.

Supposedly the vaccine studies had double blind studies, neither patient nor doctor knew who had the vaccination, but actually, they lied. They just went through the motions of science, were not actually interested in the answers.

Maybe it does reduce the severity of symptoms – it seems likely that it should. It is plausible that it does, we just don’t have data. We just don’t have enough trust and trustworthiness left for scientific research to be conducted when there is money on the table.

But, I hear you ask, “what is this stuff about sodomizing the immune systems of the jabbed?”

Well, get this British National health service data, before it gets “corrected” Vaccine surveillance report week 42, page 13

Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons ages forty to forty nine vaccinated with two doses, 1731
Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons aged forty to forty nine not vaccinated, 773

What has been happening is that the rate of Covid infection among the jabbed has been rising steadily and rapidly, and now substantially exceeds that of the purebloods.

This is consistent with the widespread circumstantial evidence that the jab buggers your immune system as well as your blood clotting system.

I was seeing data that shows the jabbed are less likely to spread the disease, then data that they are at least as likely to spread the disease, and now data that they are far more likely to spread the disease. Looks like any immunity wears off fast, while impaired immune function is lasting.

Worse, if it is indeed the case, and it likely is, that the jab reduces the severity of the symptoms, we have a Marek’s disease problem. The jabbed are breeding the virus for greater lethality. The jabbed are dangerous to the purebloods.

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  1. The Cominator says:

    Dorsey was not stupid and leftist enough for the Cathedral and Derp staters.

    They are installing a pajeet that is leftist and stupider. Serves Dorsey right for his very early leftism and cowardice, at least Zuck tried to fight them for a while.

    • Pooch says:

      Jack might actually be crypto-ourguy now. He’s got #bitcoin in his Twitter bio.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’ll be impressed if he denounces the idea of central bank Crypto. The WEC likes crypto too, because they want mark of the beast (probably literally) centrally tracked crypto.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          I’ve never understood the connection between “mark of the beast” and crypto.

          I know, bitcoin wallet ID, every transaction immutably public on the blockchain, but listen.

          It would be so much easier to do “mark of the beast” as just EBT For All, with regular primary key account numbers, on bio-metric chip cards from Shaniqua at the Federal Gibs Administration, running transactions on the regular Visa network.

          What’s necessarily “crypto” about any of that?

          • jim says:

            There is no bitcoin wallet id.

            There is an Ada Cardano id, but you can have many Ada Cardano wallets.

            If you have a client bitcoin wallet, and you yourself are not running the client’s host, you may well have a bitcoin wallet id of which you are unaware. The client wallets are good, especially Wasabi and most of the hardware wallets, but you have to run your own full peer for them to be secure.

            If no bitcoin wallet id, no mark of the beast. Be wary of client wallets.

      • The Cominator says:

        Errr that was unclear, I mean Claus Schwab and the World Economic Forum like crypto too.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Just what does Jack Dorsey have to gain by staying around at Twitter any longer?

      He’s making it out alive and with some net worth. Twitter will go ban-happy and right to shit, thus opening up opportunities for competitors, and he will not have to be in the building as that happens.

      Jack has been through a series of looking glasses these past 5-6 years. I can’t imagine how painfully educational and stressful it’s been for him.

      • The Cominator says:

        He sucks and I don’t like this point of view he was a good guy, twatter converged to Cathedral censorship before anyone else did even Apple (and I really hate prettymuch everything about Apple).

        Zuck is far from a noble character but Zuck at least TRIED to fight it, if Dorsey had stood with him at the time maybe things would have been better.

        • Pooch says:

          There is no fighting the state without an army at your back. To think otherwise is serious Vox Day-tier cope and hopium. There is no discernible difference between Twitter and Facebook for right-wing thought and content.

          The white-pill, perhaps, is that Jack is representation of the merchant class possibly willing to defect on the regime. Supporting bitcoin is a subtle way of defying the regime. It is the unspoken way to say US fiat is a sinking ship.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’ll be impressed by that if he also denounces the idea of central bank and national cryptocurrencies.

            He converged before the orders even came down. At best he is the worst kind of coward imaginable. I have no sympathy for so called Greengrocers who go beyond the bare minimum and he could expect no mercy from me.

            Zuck at least waited till under very direct and apparent coercion. Dorsey did not. Dorsey made their job easy.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I can’t possibly imagine the phone calls Jack was getting on Jan 7th 2021.

              That and the whole BLM Summer of 2020 was absolutely full tilt lynch mob psycho, and there he was, the obvious guy, with a name and a face and a California address, to call to get something off the air, or else, because “Which side are you really on, Jack?”

              Censors don’t censor to stop ideas. They censor to save their asses. Orwell wasn’t quite honest enough about that, or maybe he just didn’t get it.

              I guess I’m going Jack-Anon now, but there’s no telling if he could have stopped any of the censorship in 2020 even if he’d wanted to. That could have been a palace coup. The troops might have just mutinied right out from under him, because they had less net worth, no private security detail, and people knew they were Twitter admins because they were grepping LinkedIn.

              The fear in that town, in that class, must have been paranormal.

            • Pooch says:

              He waited until the last possible minute to ban Trump from twitter which ended up being the same time Zuckerface did. Jack also seems to be able to bang hot white models. Zuckerface is married to an ugly asian wife. I don’t particularly trust men who are too blue-pilled and beta to learn how to game decent looking women of their own race. It’s a big red flag.

              • Pooch says:

                On January 14, Dorsey defended banning Trump, but also said it “sets a precedent I feel is dangerous.”

                This is not the quote of a leftist.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        That’s interesting, about Zuck, especially from you.

        There have been Facebook “whistle blowers” lately, but no Twitter “whistle blowers”, so you’ve got that right.

  2. Encelad says:

    Vaers reports myocarditis incindence as several orders of magnitude higher in 2021

  3. Jehu says:

    Hey Jim, I see that several states have now passed religious exemption rules for covid vaccines of the form that, if you’re an employer you are NOT allowed to question or investigate the ‘sincerity’ of anyone’s religious or philosophical exemption (Kansas and Idaho I believe).

    Is this basically just wink, wink, nudge nudge, you have to approve it regardless?

    • Pooch says:

      What is happening in actuality is that blue cities in red states are just flatly ignoring these state paper rules and mandating whatever covid demon worship they wish, daring state authorities to stop them, knowing they have very limited means of enforcement.

      • Pooch says:

        knowing the state government has very limited means of enforcement*

      • Jehu says:

        It does accord though with the principle of laziness. If you’re not allowed to question or investigate a claim, it’s way quicker and easier to process religious exemptions. It brings up an old question of mine—are there informal sanctions for approving too many religious exemptions? is it already against the law to unseal anyone’s religious exemption? And if it is illegal, how can you sue a company for ‘granting too many’?

        • Pooch says:

          Legality, for covid demon worship is completely ambiguous as local authorities appear to not be all that interested in enforcing covid rules one way or the other (outside of maybe NYC and LA). I have heard companies doing the bare minimum, approving all claims whereas others like the DOD have denied most exemptions for the military. It likely depends entirely how holy the company/organization is. No authority appears to be stopping them in either direction, at least until Biden’s mandate gets heard in court.

      • Karl says:

        It’s not the religious exemption that needs enforcement, it’s the mandate to get vaxxed to which the exemtion refers. Do the blue cities have means of enforcement?

    • jim says:

      They don’t want martyrs.

  4. […] discusses the jab, and it seems it might be making things worse. He also discusses the US economy, money machine […]

  5. Doom says:

    Yale study has found that nearly half of all breakthrough (post jab) infections are asymptomatic.

    Makes you wonder about why the narrative for healthcare workers is “get vaccinated to protect the vulnerable” when in fact the opposite is the case.

  6. Fireball says:

    I believe people know there is two types of immunity humoral from antibodies and celular from t cells.

    It may not come to pass but you guys should be on the lookout for talk how good the cellular immunity is months after vaccination and people ignoring or dismissing the drop in the humoral immunity.

  7. Pooch says:

    So looks like Rittenhouse has a friendly judge, but enemy lawyers working his defense as they apparently were helping the prosecution to select for jurors that would be actively anti-self defense. May god help the kid.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      That is very worrying, because Robert Barnes is supposed to be involved with jury selection. He is talking a big game about having a top-notch team, but we will see. Do you have a source or a link?

      • Pooch says:

        Barnes got screwed out of the defense team. He talks about it here at length on a livestream I think starting around 1:26:38

        • Starman says:


          Robert Barnes deliberately allowed to get himself “screwed out” of the defense team.

          • Pooch says:

            I have to admit I did not listen too intently to the lengthy stream. It was more or less background noise while I was working. How did you gather that? Not that I doubt it. I wouldn’t put it past him to just be a Con Inc. grifter like the rest of them.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              I would really like to know where you got this, too. I use Barnes as one of my sources of information, and I would like to know if he is compromised.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I read Barnes as an honorable man, with a belief in the ethics of his profession. Which is a ridiculous and deluded position to take when your profession is law. When the ethical rules say you have to leave a young man to hang out to dry, your ethics are shit. If it is more than that, and he is going to stab the right in the back, I would like to see some proof.

                • Pooch says:

                  I respect his political analysis and legal opinion but He spazzed out and punched right at Nick Fuentes after their debate and then called Scott Greer a white nationalist so I don’t know how loyal he really is to the actual dissident right.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Oh, he is not loyal to us at all. He still believes in the liberal vision of America as the great melting pot, racial equality, and the power of the people. He would be horrified by us. He is but a useful tool to destroying faith in the leftist institutions. He believes in a dead religion, and he is to blinded by normalcy bias to see that it is dead. I do not take his political opinions seriously, only his analysis of institutions. As he is familiar with them, and he suffers the same normalcy bias the rest do, he is a useful window into what the law is thinking.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I honestly think at this point it would be more effective and beneficial to rightward institutions.

                • Kunning Drueger says:


  8. Anon says:

    What is your recommendation if you are a young person pure blooded forced to live with one pureblooded family member and three jabbed close family members , as well as interact with jabbed people constantly at school/work/groceries etc.

    If the jabbed are dangerous to the pure blooded, and I am too young to leave the place that I live with the jabbed, what should I do?

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Did you get the WuFlu already? Get your antibodies tested. If you have them, you are fine. If not, go find someone with the coof to give it to you.

      • Pooch says:

        How do you get your antibodies tested,

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          I gave blood when they were doing tests. No idea how you would go about it now, but I am sure there is a way.

    • Varna says:

      The jabbed shed spike proteins the first couple of weeks (the same period in which they have AIDS levels immune defenses and are most likely to get infected, perhaps both reasons for a mask around them during this period), after that they stop being uniquely dangerous and simply become normally dangerous, infection-wise, like an pureblood would be.

      Getting some super mutant strain from those in your home statistically is not very likely, so just follow generic protocols — vitamins C and D, zinc and sheit. If Marek hits it’ll be a wave everybody notices. Likely will not start from your home. In fact, it’s a coin toss about what will hit first. Maybe the jabbed will start getting “very bad flu” and “random pneumonias” before they’ve managed to incubate captain trips.

      What is likely to happen though, is as the collective immune system of the punctured starts tanking, there will be a period in which they will believe the propaganda that it’s all you fault. That they didn’t have their immune systems damaged by “booster X”, but rather that the purebloods are creating incredible new strains.

      Prepare for this emotionally, socially, financially, and physically. As things get worse, pressure on purebloods will mount. People are prepared to believe that gun crime in cities by darkies with illegal pistols is the fault of white peasants having legal rifles. They will believe the same reversal about any covid or immune system developments.

    • jim says:

      What is happening right now is not Brezhnevian stagnation. But it is clear that the deep state thinks it is in power, is aiming at Brezhnevian stagnation, and thinks it is achieving it.

      If they manage to turn off the money spigot, then I will believe they are achieving it. The trouble is that the spending bills have as much relation to government spending as the Queen going to Parliament in a stage coach to open parliament has to government policy in England.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        What are the indicators of Brezhnevian Malaise in your opinion, Jim. You said spending cuts, which I think neither party would actually do substantively because it’s all monopoly money now anyways, but is there anything else? Is it possible that the Derp State will give leftist radicals a taste of the pressure they put on conservatives and right-wingers? It would be pretty easy to do it, too, as there are so many factions on the left operating with impunity. Ultracrats with half a brain could figure out that a few high profile arrests, beatings, and “unfortunate use of force incidents” would clobber the crazies and pacify the majority of boomercons…

        • jim says:

          Rather, I think that after a few unfortunate use of force incidents, real spending cuts would go through with absolutely no problems, no drama, and current beneficiaries of that spending would softly and silently vanish away.

          Unlike you, I think that “””spending cuts””” are highly likely, with much sturm and drang, and have absolutely no effect.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            No, I think we said the same thing differently. Spending cuts in current year are just promises to spend slightly less, maybe. They can just print more. Do you think they might actually dis-enroll beneficiaries, mothball or outright dismantle bureaus/agencies, or send NGOs packing? Any one of those things would go a long way to alleviate my pessimism about USG.

  9. C4ssidy says:

    Is there a crypto crowdfunding platform up yet? Somebody I know is suing their university for being anti-white. Obviously, none of the traditional platforms would allow it

  10. HerbR says:

    If it’s not showing up in excess death statistics, then it may be due to the same phenomenon which caused Covid itself not to show up in excess death statistics, i.e. that the statistically significant cluster of people actually dying from the clot shots has major or total overlap with people who were already at risk due to preexisting conditions.

    Destroying or massively stressing a person’s immune system won’t immediately kill them unless their immune system is already having to fight constantly to keep that person alive. Hence all the reports of people who had “cured” conditions suddenly dying from relapses after taking the shot. Maybe also people with congenital defects that had yet to be triggered. The lethal symptoms also appear to have originated from a small number of batches (possible kook site, but they use the VAERS data set, so you can self-verify).

    But even assuming that the books aren’t being cooked, the body count is just one side of the story. What’s more interesting to me is things like rising disability claims (page 19). There’s about a 10% spike from 2020-09 to 2021-09, which they tried to pass off as “Long Covid”, but that is obviously ridiculous since Covid had been circulating for a year by 2020-09 and the only thing that’s new in the last year is the shot. There are also spikes in other areas that defy rational explanation, such as traffic fatalities.

    I’m hoping that the AIDS-like outcomes and overall lack of efficacy from the clot shots are enough to counteract a Marek’s scenario. Which is in fact what the surveillance report is showing – as the shots become progressively more damaging and less effective, transmission is becoming increasingly concentrated in “vaccinated” communities.

    • Fireball says:

      It is still quite early to know how big is the clusterfuck. Give it at least six more months and then we may have an idea how bad or not it is.

      >But even assuming that the books aren’t being cooked,

      Always assume the books are cooked and probably overcooked or are just ash or simply a fiction. Even if they agree with what you were expecting.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Considering that children are 0.00000% risk from Covid (a few hundred deaths all apparently with severe co-morbidity out of 70-80 million), the number of U-18s either dying or suffering crippling myocardia or other cardiac conditions is quite shocking…Almost all boys, which may fit with the real objectives of the Obama/Biden Mafia….

      • Varna says:

        > Give it at least six more months and then we may have an idea how bad or not it is.

        Since the start of autumn this has been my generic timeline prediction.

        Due to accumulating systemic entropy, things to do with covid, the clotshots (although some of us also like calling them kike-spikes), the global economy, the ‘green energy’, election stealing, censorship etc will no longer be able to stay hidden from normies by summer of 2022.

        Between summer of 2022 and winter of 2022-23 will be the window of opportunity for widespread pushback. If this is not done smartly and decisively, by early 2023 they will have regrouped .

        • yewotm8 says:

          Why do you say that normies don’t already know this? Everybody who wants to know already knows, as far as I can see. Those that don’t know, have already refused to believe.

          I interpret this as a strangely purple-pilled comment coming from you so I’m interested in your rationale.

          • Varna says:

            According to my observations an increasing number of people understand a lot of the above in a sort of abstract not-really-real sense.

            When the understanding hits home, when it becomes visceral and deeply accepted, this is when it becomes “real”.

            Sometimes it takes an indisputable crisis keenly felt by everyone (as opposed to an imaginary media crisis), to force a choice among those with the hypothetical understanding. Some will be forced to take a step back into total denial, and some will be forced to take a step forward into reality.

            As you say, “those who want to know” know certain things today. I believe there will be a period between the warm months of 2022 and the end of the year, in which real world events will *force* deep understanding on a whole lot of people who “don’t want to know”, who otherwise go to great length to maintain various pretenses.

            If this temporary moment of forced awakening can be harnessed, then great.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Since the immune system and especially T-cells is crucial to preventing the occurrence, and especially the recurrence of cancer, expect to see an increase in cancer rates.Everyone has cancer cells floating around in the bloodstream…..Anecdotally, some doctors have said they are already seeing such an increase…,

  11. alf says:

    Time to take a break from the theological discussions? Maybe it’s time to take a break… But this one was just too nice to pass up, God’s provenance surely — Roosh meets up with Andrew Torba, has orthodox Christian religious experience.. Curious on the opinions here.

    The priest turned the icon towards me and I approached with my hand. A drop of myrrh landed in my hands and I immediately made the sign of the cross, giving glory to God for allowing me to experience the miracle.

    I returned to the pews in the back. I could not hold back tears. I knew I was experiencing God’s grace and so began to pray for all those I loved, hoping that my prayer at this moment would have more power.

    I guess my opinion is that it is far from me to deny him his supernatural experience, seems genuine. But my opinion is also that it’s kinda cringe.

    • ExileStyle says:

      Page seems deleted or missing for me. Would have liked to read it.

      I would never judge another man’s experience of Gnon, however I have thought long and hard about these emotional experiences in general. Are they necessary? All the good writers about God have been profoundly moved by God. I am not, at this moment in my life, profoundly moved by the same idea(s). Or moved at all. Can one belong to the Church without emotion (which is to sayan intense conversion experience) and simply based on dislike for everything outside of the Church?

      I am not asking about “Reason” as I know Reason is built into these idea systems. Just whether I may join the Church and entertain the idea of salvation because I see nothing worth preserving outside of the Church?

      To be a bit bolder, how stands the salvation of a Jimian Christian who acts exclusively upon material and efficient causes?

      • alf says:

        Page seems deleted or missing for me. Would have liked to read it.

        My mistake fixed.

      • alf says:

        Yes these are exactly the questions I think we are struggling with. On the one hand we respect the leap faith a man like Roosh experiences, especially considering how it enables him to form a bond with like-minded men like Torba.

        On the other hand, if that leap of faith means that God has the ability to turn off physics at whim, in fact does turn off physics on a daily basis, well it explains how they come to the beliefs that earth is only 10,000 years old and that Elon Musk can’t put a car in space, which seems to us like a leap too far.

        But they seem honestly representative of red-pilled Christianity, so if that is really the path, need to deal with it.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I attended Vespers for the first time not long ago. The Metropolitan invoked 20 minutes of silent prayer at the beginning, and I forced myself to keep my eyes closed and repeat the Jesus Prayer the whole time. And I did it, and I’m still amazed that I did. I wanted to weep and share and gush, but instead I kept my mouth shut and went home. I think there’s probably a place for exercising the deep emotionality of a spiritual experience, but for me, it’s best kept quiet and or clinical, unless you are with close brothers, I guess.

          • ExileStyle says:

            But what do you do when you feel nothing at all, ever?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Fake it for the glory of the Emperor.

            • jim says:

              There is insufficient truth and beauty in your life. Find some.

              • ExileStyle says:

                Beauty and sense and meaning I have plenty of – through books, poems, paintings, and narratives of history etc. But when I have tried to go to the right churches, or listen to their churchmen, I nod in strong agreement with their diagnoses of the culture and the world but find their well-known metaphysical solutions strange and uncompelling.

                My real question is whether I need a conversion experience or whether I can simply ally myself and join and wait for the faith to maybe come some other time.

                • jim says:

                  Their metaphysical solutions are strange and uncompelling.

                  1. The time is not yet.

                  2. Namefags.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Beauty and sense and meaning I have plenty of – through books, poems, paintings, and narratives of history etc.

                  If a man’s eyes are full of shit everywhere he looks, pretty soon his spirit will be full of shit too.

                  What of your home? Your lands? Your town? Your places of work, business, and life?

                  The bachelor sitting in his one room apartment with 10 dollar plastic furniture and a 10,000 dollar computer rig for all his games, media, and narratives, is merely coping.

                  Your dress, your decoration, your environment, your company… all of these things exert power over your state of being; for good or ill.

                • ExileStyle says:


                  That’s an interesting narrative, but I live a simple (I like to think) and place-rooted life with a delightful, obedient wife and both of our lives are dedicated to reading and writing and thinking about beautiful and true things. We have a lot of money but we spend it all on books.

                  I do almost literally nothing do nothing but think and read and write. And read and think about all of this, a lot.

                  My story isn’t a decadence story, just an indifference story. Or a “read too much story.” Faust-like maybe, if with more whiskey. What to do with that?

                • jim says:

                  You don’t have a Christian community around. And, given that such communities are more or less illegal, hard to get into one.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Nothing brings meaning or motivation to a man like seeing your child’s heart beating at 160 bpm on that black and white screen. I’ve heard a bunch of stories about men not becoming a father until they hold their baby, and frankly it’s faggot talk. Becoming the owner of a soul you conjure is incredibly empowering. And I don’t mean proggy/coloured empowerment. You aren’t upending an apple cart. You’re given an empty vessel and every second of your day will be reflected in the future by what it becomes. Having children is fucking harrowing. It saved me from my misery and gave me a path back to meaning. Everyone on this blog portrays a very intelligent, put-together image, lots of smarts and success. I’m not that guy, but every day, in every way, I’m working to be a little bit better, a little more whole. Consider it. A ton of risks and anxiety, and so many potential outcomes and so few of them good. But challenges make us into the men we should be, GNON’s imperfect instruments. Consider it, and fucking do it.

                • alf says:

                  Everyone on this blog portrays a very intelligent, put-together image, lots of smarts and success.

                  Yeah no I am also a fan of keeping it real. In some ways I am very intelligent and successful, in many other ways I am also an idiot.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  The point i was making, if perhaps as it seems we are not on the same page here, is that there are a great many things that can and will have influence over your state of being, in some ways more subtle than others, even if you are not conscious of them.

                  To wit, a latter day ‘aristocrat of the spirit’ might not think that something like, say, having a nice shirt to wear, would have any particular relevance to his state of mind. But it absolutely does.

        • Jamesthe1st says:

          God is the creator of the laws of physics/nature, so thus he transcends them. If God transcemds them, then certainly he can suspend the laws of physics as He wills. This is what miracle is, when God does a sign for someone that is clearly beyond the normal opperation of nature. Of course whatever God does can’t be contradictory like Islam falsely believes, so these miracles won’t be contrary to the thing’s nature.

      • Pooch says:

        All the good writers about God have been profoundly moved by God. I am not, at this moment in my life, profoundly moved by the same idea(s). Or moved at all.

        I am profoundly moved by god every day when I step in my back yard surrounded by trees and birds chirping, knowing now something so beautiful exists and is available to me. I was not very moved before I came here as I was surrounded by dirty browns, blacks, and trash and garbage every where in my previous residence. I give thanks every day to god that he allowed me to leave that place.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Way above our pay grade, I would hazard….

    • Neofugue says:

      These types of experiences are not specific to Roosh, and happen not infrequently. Miracles are a part of the Orthodox Christian life.

      Sometime within the last five years (opsec) my priest brought an important icon over eight centuries old to my home, and when I bent down to venerate it, I noticed that it had a particular aroma. I asked my priest if it was myrrh and he told me otherwise, rather that particular icon is well known for its heavenly fragrance which some notice and others do not.

      This is difficult to grasp coming from a Western scholastic rationalist background, but the essence of miracles is the suspension of causality, God being able to manipulate the world for various purposes.

      • alf says:

        Makes sense.

        the essence of miracles is the suspension of causality, God being able to manipulate the world for various purposes.

        I think I understand, and insofar it is guided towards God, I respect.

        But it seems to me that suspending causality is not unique to God; I observe plenty of demons with similar capabilities, whispering into people’s ears.

        For instance, Neofugue, if you don’t mind me asking.
        1 – how old is the earth?
        2 – is the theory of evolution as posed by Darwin true?
        3 – is it impossible for Elon Musk to have launched a car into space?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Reality Pill and Wisdom Question. Your a cheeky lad, Alf.

        • ExileStyle says:

          > For instance, Neofugue, if you don’t mind me asking.
          1 – how old is the earth?
          2 – is the theory of evolution as posed by Darwin true?
          3 – is it impossible for Elon Musk to have launched a car into space?

          Oh boy, here we go. Way to lay it all on the table at once.

          Side note: a hundred years from now the car-in-space question is going to be very mysterious to all. It is somewhat mysterious to me in this very moment in fact.

          • Starman says:


            “Side note: a hundred years from now the car-in-space question is going to be very mysterious to all. It is somewhat mysterious to me in this very moment in fact.”

            That Tesla Roadster [still attached to the Falcon Heavy upperstage] is in a predictable solar orbit between Earth and Mars. What’s the mystery?




          • jim says:

            > 3 – is it impossible for Elon Musk to have launched a car into space?

            That question is unnecessarily insulting.

            Everyone here is smart enough to know that Musk launched a car into deep space.

            The roadster is currently on an orbit that takes it from the orbit of earth to well beyond mars, and back again.

            • alf says:

              That question is unnecessarily insulting.

              If Torba hadn’t supported the claim, I would have thought so too. I don’t mean to insult Neofugue.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          I am not sure if demons can do all that much suspension of causality. At the very least, it has to be voluntary. Might be why all the demon worshippers are so obsessed with consent. You have to willingly consent to them for their tricks to work. They work by manipulation first and foremost, and their powers are very restricted.

          God, on the other hand, has no such limits, besides those He willingly accepts, but it seems to me that His power is restricted in much the same way. He seems to require the request of assistance before He will intervene, unless it is an emergency. I have gotten out of a few scrapes that should have killed me instantly, and I am sure to thank God for watching out for me. A couple other things have happened that at the time seemed to indicate divine intervention, but it might as easily have been luck. Nevertheless, I do not doubt God’s ability to work miracles.

          • alf says:

            Might be why all the demon worshippers are so obsessed with consent. You have to willingly consent to them for their tricks to work.

            Much truth in that. Reminds me of how vampires can only enter your home once invited.

            I am not sure if demons can do all that much suspension of causality.

            In Egypt, the pharaoh’s sorcerers could turn their staffs into snakes.

            Moses also acknowledges and condemns sorcerers and witchery, not saying they are fake, but saying that God forbids their practices.

        • Neofugue says:

          Only God has the power to influence the world directly. Demons may tempt men in order to lead them astray, but they do not have the power to overcome a man’s will. In Orthodoxy, it is a grave sin to accuse the Devil of one’s personal failings as it is simply an ill-formed excuse. The belief that the Devil has the power to influence worldly events is at best Manichean and at worst schizophrenic.

          [*deleted] Regarding my own beliefs—which I will neither share nor explain here, if they are not true, may God put me there; and if they are true, may God keep me.

          Quoting the Orthodox Study Bible on Creation:

          Regarding questions about the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of creation, and about various viewpoints concerning evolution, the Orthodox Church has not dogmatized any particular view. What is dogmatically proclaimed is that the One Triune God created every thing that exists, and that man was created in a unique way and is alone made in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1:26, 27). The Church Fathers also consistently affirm that each species of the animate creation came into existence instantaneously, at the command of God, with its seed within itself.

          The development of life was not by accident. Rather, Supreme Intelligence and Impenetrable Wisdom were at work in the creation and sustenance of all that exists. In discussing various scientific theories of his day, St. Basil the Great declared, “If there is anything in this [or any other] system which seems probable to you, keep your admiration for the source of such perfect order—the wisdom of God.” He also wrote, “We must still remain faithful to the principle of true religion and recognize that all that exists is sustained by the Creator’s power.”

          The repeated affirmation “and God saw that it was good” in Genesis 1 underscores the intrinsic fundamental goodness of matter and the whole created order, even after the Fall. This understanding is the basis for a sacramental world-view—that the created order not only is good, but also can be a means for communion with God, by virtue of being created by the All-Good God. Moreover, the astounding beauty, intricate order, and sublime harmony of all aspects of Creation, as well as the tremendously vast expanse of the universe, are intended to draw mankind to an awareness of and appreciation for the Creator, and to the worship of Him—and Him alone (see Ps 18:1-4; Rom 1:20).

          Genesis 1 is best understood as beyond human understanding. If one wishes to view Creation as historical, I will not personally disavow him; if another wishes to combine the above theology with Darwin, I will not personally disavow him either. Scripture and science are two separate fields of knowledge with two separate forms of epistemology which should never be merged with each other.

          • alf says:

            The belief that the Devil has the power to influence worldly events is at best Manichean and at worst schizophrenic.

            Really? You believe that man is fallen and must pay for his sins, but that the devil has no further influence? That is interesting. Did the devil not personally pay Jesus a visit to tempt him? Jesus rejected him, but we’re not all Jesus…

            If one wishes to view Creation as historical, I will not personally disavow him; if another wishes to combine the above theology with Darwin, I will not personally disavow him either.

            OK, thanks for answering. Seems fair, like the inverse of my position on current-day miracles.

            • jim says:

              Not what he believes. The devil has continuing influence, but only if people are willing to give him the time of day.

              • alf says:

                Ah ok it’s a subtle difference. No disagreement from me then. I’d argue that various parts of the prog hegemony sure seem like a demon-inspired wordly event so that part I’m not sure about, but maybe that’s nitpicking.

      • HerbR says:

        the essence of miracles is the suspension of causality, God being able to manipulate the world for various purposes

        This is fundamentally incompatible with the idea that God or Gnon acts through material and effective causation. If he can *and will* turn off physics and biology at a whim just to right some wrong or prove some elusive point, then all other guarantees are out the window. You can’t rely on logic, can’t rely on history, can’t rely on your senses, just pray for a miracle. Priests are free to make any kind of ridiculous claims they want, including those contradicting empirical and observable reality, and then when challenged, insist that those contradictions are because God wanted it that way (i.e. he’s just making it look like the Earth is older than it really is).

        I am sure that you personally do not believe in Young Earth or Flat Earth or any of that, but if the state officially endorses miracle-ism – and I don’t mean Jim’s “everyday miracles” of the picturesque outdoors or thanking God for your five beautiful children, I mean the full-on animist-adjacent weeping-statue face-in-the-peanut-butter miracle obsession that you get so often with the African and Mestizo variants of Christianity – then it becomes a huge exploitable weakness for holiness spiraling and assorted grifters and demons.

        It reminds me of the earlier discussion on biblical literalism, the strawman idea that the world was really created in a week, that Moses really did part an entire sea with a wave of the staff, Noah really did build an impossible ark in a fortnight, and that when it says that Jesus turned water into wine, it means right there on the spot with literal magic while everyone was watching. These are parables, metaphors, what have you – not suspension of causality and the laws of physics, just complicated mechanisms that were either hard for people at the time to understand or hard to document, and maybe not all that interesting anyway.

        Asking me to believe in a creator-god – no problem, I already do. Asking me to fake belief in the power of prayer and to avoid picking nits on the details – yes, absolutely, I’m willing to take one for the team. But asking me to believe in divine miracles that flagrantly violate causality and the immutable laws of the universe? Forget it, I’m out – you just put an IQ ceiling on your priesthood, but maybe that was the point.

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    Off topic and wall of text; feel free to delete, Jim, if you think this doesn’t belong here.

    I’m one of the paypigs for Gray Mirror. Yarvin just posted this recently to members only. Posted here is the bulk of the essay, I cut off the first section to save a little space. I know there are mixed feelings about Yarvin here, so I was hoping critics and detractors could provide commentary on where his Eightfold Way is wrong, stupid, pointless, etc. As a foundational document, I think it has value. I think, if the right, and right number of, elites were to get behind it, it would be a viable “contract” for a restored government. I’m wondering if it is at least a good jump off point, or if is ideas are all compromised because he’s a namefag.

    The Contract of any Next Regime
    “Our own revolution must be both gentler, and more complete.”
    In any political transition that can be considered an absolute regime change, from the fall of East Germany to the return of the Taliban to the Norman Conquest, everyone’s life changes. For everyone in the country, time divides itself into an after and a before.

    What kinds of changes in the American polity would justify this kind of language? Only absolute changes. Here are some absolute ideals—offered as an eightfold way.

    Eight absolute ideals
    Absolute freedom. In America, words are never admissible as harm. Opinion is never an aggravating circumstance. Being an asshole is never tortious. Physical punishment requires physical injury. No power takes any notice of an American’s philosophy.

    Freedom of association is the fundamental definition of liberty. Any association of any kind of competent adults in America, including but not limited to employment and commerce, is unconditionally, exclusively conditional on the consent of all parties.

    It is unnecessary to prohibit private, efficient actors from unfair discrimination. It is only necessary to remove the incentives which motivate them to discriminate. Private viewpoint discrimination, as in the old regime, is always a consequence of state power.

    Absolute security. Any American can walk anywhere in America, at any time of day or night, and expect to be as safe from his or her fellow human beings as from tigers, elephants or cobras.

    Failures of human security will be scrutinized as heavily as airplane crashes. Urban environments will be as free from visible decay as any chic mall. Streets will contain no beggars, litter or graffiti—no person, group or community who habitually and with impunity inflicts costs on the public. There will be no gangs or organized crime.

    Absolute dignity. Every American is entitled to a life of dignity. For the lucky and rich, this means a life of self-actualization. For the disabled, it means a life of care. For everyone else, it means a life of work—and that work must be work with dignity.

    The government accepts the responsibility of engineering an economy which stably and reliably provides each of these necessary yet different experiences to each of these three classes of people. The creation and maintenance of stable, high-dignity labor demand, well-fitted to the people we Americans actually are and/or can become, is the core economic competence of any next regime.

    Work with dignity is meaningful skilled work to the edge of some serious potential, ideally the worker’s greatest natural talent. Once basic human needs are satisfied, no amount of net productivity is too much to sacrifice in favor of dignified labor demand. Managing such an economy calls for a completely different set of policy tools.

    Absolute focus. The new American government is not the government of an empire. It is the government of America. If it does not act entirely in the interest of Americans, it can act against the interest of Americans—giving it a built-in conflict of interest.

    The new American government is interested in other countries only inasmuch as they affect America. Inasmuch as they have the power to affect America without its choice —by physical or economic means—the next regime is interested in disarming that power. America must remain independent and regain any independence it has lost. And if it seems technically possible to capture and secure orbital space, America must make sure it does so first. Otherwise, America has no dog in anyone else’s fight.

    Besides this fundamentally peaceful and defensive world strategy, the next regime is the government of America only, and has no interest in the internal affairs of other countries. For the time being, it is no longer accepting migrants—in the new new world order, everyone has to pick a country and stick to it. (In future, any migration will normally require the consent of both governments—to prevent “elite drain.”)

    Absolute community. Any American can live among people of his or her own kind, enjoying social (but not geographic) insulation from all other kinds of American. Some kinds of human community can thrive without such insulation. Most cannot.

    For better or worse, there are many cultural tribes of American. None of them should impose any kind of external cost, physical or financial or even cultural, on any of the others. So far as is possible without separating peoples physically by force, and with fair, orderly sharing of a crowded continent, each of our cultures and communities, old or news, big or small, has a right to live as if the entire country was just theirs.

    Every culture has the right to educate its children in the doctrines of its own tradition. Every culture has the right to judge the behavior of its members, or conflicts between its members, by the law of its own tradition. Every culture has the right to tax its own members and collectively spend their resources, without subsidizing other cultures, funding the central government by a fair and uniform percentage of internal revenue. Every culture has the right to preserve its own tradition with a content barrier. And while every person can leave any culture, any culture can reject or eject any person.

    Tall fences make good neighbors. If there is no way for any culture or community to injure any other, all the racial and cultural cold wars in America cannot continue. Where there are no weapons, there can be no war.

    Absolute accounting. Americans can hold their savings in a digital currency which not even the government can dilute—losing no value to any hidden “inflation tax,” nor being herded into the strange oxymoron of “passive investing.”

    In hard-money finance with no beta, all trading is alpha. All finance dies that does not make money by being right more often than most other finance. This kills most of the parasitic costs of Wall Street, as well as its disruptive booms, busts and inflations. The government does not, does not need to, and physically cannot insure, finance or even restrict any kind of private financial contract.

    Anyone can still gamble on the markets. They are gambling against other gamblers. There is no need for any such thing as a bank. Non-gamblers save in cash or bonds—and there is no such thing as either a risk-free or a zero-duration loan. Bond risk is asymptotically eliminated by reinsurance, also a private-sector function. Interest rates are set by untransformed supply and demand across any term.

    Absolute transition. There is no such thing as slow or incomplete regime change. No organ of power can go unaffected by any absolute transition.

    Every institution or organization in America, whether nominally public or private, must be separated into two classes: political and nonpolitical. Nonpolitical organs are easy to fix; they will reform themselves, if the political pressure on them is removed. (Which means: credibly and permanently removed.)

    Every organization whose mission involves the exercise of power is a political organ. Academia is a political organ, because the government, which has power, trusts academia to inform its policy decisions. Journalism is a political organ, because the government, which has power, selectively leaks information to selected institutions. Academia receives a subsidy of authority; journalism receives a subsidy of leaks.

    The late 20th-century American newspaper is an enterprise informally and selectively permitted to steal information from the government, and sell it. In return, its sources in the government effectively direct its narrative. All of which would make complete sense, if these “newspapers” were branches of some shadow agency—the Department of Information, perhaps.

    The late 20th-century American university is a state church—a bureaucratic organ with a political monopoly of truth. No other institution can legitimately contradict it. Any 16th-century cardinal would recognize this assertion of structural infallibility. Again, if we renamed this beast the Department of Truth—we would see what it was.

    There is plenty of good information from the Department of Information, and plenty of real truth in the Department of Truth. And yet… there is no fixing them, is there? So every organ of the old regime, whether its formal status was an agency, a company or a nonprofit, must be reformed, replaced, or removed.

    For example, Google and the Coast Guard can be reformed (their missions, not much politicized, will not need much depoliticizing); Harvard and the New York Times must be replaced (their missions are essential, their orgcharts are unsalvageable); the Ford Foundation needs to be removed (its mission is only relevant to the old regime).

    The dissolution of regime organs is not a punishment of regime employees, who must be protected unconditionally for their faithful service to a legitimate government. Revolution should not even create economic hardship for the staff of the old regime, whose near-perfect expectation of lifetime tenure was a form of property—and who should be compensated fairly for the confiscation of that property.

    Even any large concentration of personal wealth is a form of power. Zillionaires are themselves potential organs of power. While in general the new regime must take no action based on a citizen’s philosophy, a zillionaire is not simply a citizen.

    Money is used to direct the actions of men. Anyone who has money has at least some potential power. There is no possible point in leaving arms in the hands of an enemy. If this enemy seems difficult to disarm, it is all the more important to disarm him.

    Therefore, any thorough transition caps the wealth of wealthy citizens without any verifiable track record of opposing the old regime—leaving them enough to live comfortably, even luxuriously, but not enough to lavish vast lucre on rank mischief. Generally it is safe to assume that if you did not oppose the regime, you supported it—meaning that most of the wealth of most zillionaires will have to be confiscated. Sad.

    This is just a nice version of the late Roman habit of proscription, without the blade. Since the founders of our republic so insisted on larping the Roman Republic in its youth, it makes sense that America’s golden years should continue the play.

    (Certainly, our choice in the early 21st century—if we have a choice—is one of two fates: the fall of the Roman Republic, or the fall of the Roman Empire. Don’t let anyone hate on you for preferring the former—or being willing to learn from it.)

    Absolute aesthetics. Nothing ugly in the new America—its buildings, its streets, its cities, its country or even its people—will go unquestioned or unassailed.

    In the old America that any next regime inherits, there are far too many ugly things. There are also far too many human beings with nothing to do, and even more with nothing worth doing to do. This too is an ugly thing—the waste of a human being.

    These problems are equal and opposite. The demand to create a beautiful country, which can only be satisfied by meaningful work, corresponds to the supply of human beings, who can only be kept human (or even made human) by meaningful work.

    Because so much of the labor demand that the next regime engineers will be aesthetic in character, the aesthetics of the whole country will take a dramatic jump upward. This seems like a trivial thing, but it isn’t.

    The national makeover is not a frivolous project. It is not even economic makework, a fine enough thing when done right. It is actually a critical aspect of the next regime’s security. It creates a gap between old and new which no one with eyes can deny.

    When ugly replaces beauty, many fight to restore beauty. Once beauty has replaced ugly, no one fights to restore ugly. Imagine anyone fighting to turn post-Communist Prague back into Communist Prague. Aesthetics are always a flex.

    And beauty is not just about the physical environment, but the human environment too. The assets of any government are people, land and buildings. The incentive of any government is to maintain and improve its people, land and buildings.

    Americans should be mentally and physically beautiful. Are they? Compared to their ancestors? Really? If the next regime could not only stop, but reverse, this decline, would it not be required by its mission to do so—by investing its official energy in liberal, professional, and physical education?

    The purpose of liberal education is to create beautiful minds. Professional training is orthogonal to this purpose. Everyone needs both—a mind without profession cannot be perfectly beautiful. For many, not even just the young—especially for newly-retired civil servants—either type of learning is the best source of meaning for the time being.

    Only you can make and keep your body beautiful. But there is no reason at all that you shouldn’t have to pay a tax for being out of shape, and/or get a tax break for being fit. Your body is an asset of the government, which has an incentive to give you a reason to maintain and improve it. If this is vitalism, the next regime is a vitalist regime.

    And why do Americans dress like slobs? Should they be allowed to dress like slobs—in public, at least? This too is both an externality, and a degeneration. Most people think sumptuary laws—laws about what clothes you can wear—are not part of the Anglo-American legal tradition. But that’s just because you haven’t

    • Fireball says:

      >“Our own revolution must be both gentler, and more complete.”

      I should have stop reading here.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Where did you stop reading, and why? Some folks here have articulated what and why they don’t like about Yarvin. Jim’s namefag thesis is strong. But most of the critique seems pretty shallow. I posted it in the hopes of coherent and complete refutation. For my part, I think he’s pretty on the money, except that it is a very “perfect world” type idea. When the rubber meets the road…

        One thing that I pulled from this, and this is pointed specifically at the Cominator and anyone in his camp, is that I think everyone, with a few exceptions, should get a shot at amnesty. No foreigners, no obviously sexually damaged people, but everyone else gets one and only one chance to live differently. If they don’t, they are for the road. I think this a better sell than “we’re coming for you, no matter what.” I’m probably too soft.

        • Karl says:

          I stopped after “Absolute freedom. In America, words are never admissible as harm”.

          Every state religion needs an inquisition. Nothing good can come from allowing an enemy faith preaching to your people.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I empathize with his point, but we’ve all learned what happens when you let evil people continue to associate, organize, and continue unpunished. If we’re talking about a space station, Mars colony, etc., I think it could work. In that situation, no one is in the room who doesn’t have a reason to be there. Extending that to every warm body with a birth certificate? Not possible. I think what Yarvin is missing is the brutal reality encompassed a Hierarchy of Value. He cannot speak the truth that humans are not equal. His cancellation would be certain. So this is under the namefag curse, right? Like, if he’d said that all property holding men with at least one wife and one child and one gun, words cannot be admissable as “harm,” would that work?

            • jim says:

              > Like, if he’d said that all property holding men with at least one wife and one child and one gun, words cannot be admissable as “harm,” would that work?

              We will have to have, as many states today have, marriage laws based on your religious affilliation.

              Which should have the effect that if you want you marriage troth enforced, you have to adhere, or at least go through the motions of adhering, to the state religion. Which means that noone really has a wife unless he adheres at least nominally to the state religion. Which means that if you have a rule “all property holding men with at least one wife, one child, and one gun, who adhere at least nominally to the state religion. The freedom of speech rule only applies to adherents to the state religion – which implies that if you want to exercise freedom of speech, your speech needs to be consistent with the state religion.

              So, we need a state religion where nearly all speech is consistent with it, which means a state religion whose articles of faith are unfalsifiable or else demonstrably true.

          • alf says:

            Similarly, an inquisition needs a state religion to defend. Yarvin presents a prog-friendly version of a state religion, without saying the r-word. A Christian monarchy without saying the C-word.

            So the simplest reason it won’t work is that he has zero defense against entryists. His contract will be shilled before you can ask where the heaven’s mandate is.

            For instance:

            Generally it is safe to assume that if you did not oppose the regime, you supported it—meaning that most of the wealth of most zillionaires will have to be confiscated. Sad.

            Yeah no that’s going to end well no doubt.

            Which is not to say I wouldn’t want Yarvin on my team if I were involved in leading such a state. But it’s getting rather obvious that Yarvin could and in fact should learn a thing or two from jim.

          • pyrrhus says:

            Nothing good, and a great deal of harm has arisen from letting the Fabians and their Satanist allies to preach their poison to the masses…

        • fireball says:

          What i could say was said by jim and ExileStyle

        • Starman says:

          @Kunning Drueger

          Yarvin says:

          “The dissolution of regime organs is not a punishment of regime employees, who must be protected unconditionally for their faithful service to a legitimate government. Revolution should not even create economic hardship for the staff of the old regime, whose near-perfect expectation of lifetime tenure was a form of property—and who should be compensated fairly for the confiscation of that property.”

          The former enforcers and regime employees of the Soviet Union were rewarded and compensated with pensions by Russia and the successor states of the former Soviet Union.

    • ExileStyle says:

      This seems like a catastrophically self-defeating if by now completely predictable Yarvin piece.

      His program is easy to summarize:

      1. Nice, warm-and-fuzzy-generating header sentence for normies. (“Freedom of association,” “security,” “focus,” “work with dignity,” etc.) like a party program any Republican could endorse; then
      2. a half twist and slightly unexpected insinuation through smooth rhetoric that said header in fact implies something other than initially presumed, while then
      3. relating said unexpected twist to some other warm-and-fuzzy principle which any normie rocks himself to sleep to after getting unnerved by his nightly Tucker viewing, accomplishing – what exactly?

      The outcome is simply a mixture of dull, unoriginal manifesto cant (which is a leftist genre btw), pandering to normies, and lowbrow pseudo-intellectualism which we all know is beneath his capabilities – compare to Moldbug of 2014 or so.

      This seems to be him doing two things. First, he wants more sweet profitable Tucker time. Second, he is LARPing as the great intellectual of the reaction which he has long since abandoned, and has merged with his role alas.

      My journey down the often unhappy NRx path that led me here began with Mencius Moldbug. He changed my life and I am grateful for it. But Moldbug I see as a basically different creature from this particular namefag.

      He always took himself a bit – or sometimes a huge bit too much – too seriously, but that was/is a symptom of the intellectual degeneration of the last century. He wrote things thought which had not been written anywhere I knew of for ages, certainly not on the internet.

      This snoozefest of a manifesto is, however, trades in a kind of cheap and lazy meta-normie-ism. His motivations are probably one part profit motive and one part cringey self-regard and vanity behind it. A loss for us, but also a revelation.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        He has definitely been moving into a Leninist style of prose lately, but I can’t figure out why. Does he think it’s more effective in terms of collecting followers? Is he beguiled by leftist cant? Is he trying to insinuate himself into the Academe? Someone posted a very long Q&Essay a few posts back that was basically a Rules for Reactionaries. It was roundly panned by this crowd. I found certain parts interesting, even insightful, but it was not even close to Jimian in profundity or quality. Maybe our bar is set too high? If the Darkness is unavoidable, then we are probably best served by filtering out all but the purest (a bar that I quite obviously cannot get above). But if there’s a chance at halting the Spiral and restoring the Minecraft, the path forward will probably have an intolerable amount of compromise for many of us.

        I share the intellectual genesis you outlined. But I can’t see MM and CY as two different people, so I wonder what happened between then and now. Namefag curse is terrible.

        • ExileStyle says:

          > Does he think it’s more effective in terms of collecting followers? Is he beguiled by leftist cant? Is he trying to insinuate himself into the Academe?

          My guess is a combination of all of these factors. It’s one thing to loom over your glowing keyboard in pre-Trump San Francisco darkness writing taboo truths, and another to adjust your eyes to the light of being exposed as the writer of those truths. It’s harder to stick to dark enlightenment ideas, it seems, when your entire social milieu (and also source of income) is made of either stark raving leftists or (best case) Peter Thiel-style reactionaries who prefer to keep this stuff more or less quiet while doing whatever it is they’re up to.

          I’ve once or twice wondered how I would react or change in the unlikely event my commentary here and in similar spheres was made public. I like to think I would stand by it all, or double down Sean Connery-style, but that’s easy for me to say.

          Yarvin, who’s a cathedral creation (like plenty of us here), wants to avoid social shame and stigma, and needs money to pay for his family and their lifestyle. For that I would not blame him if he did not have forty other ways to make that happen without making a mockery of what he in large part spawned.

          Honestly I don’t know. Maybe his Tucker interview has led more people down redpill alleyways, or maybe he is just letting regular old Republicans think they have some sort of intellectual foundation. His story’s not over yet.

          • Pooch says:

            If his ideas of monarchy and regime change are becoming more mainstream to normie Amerikaners, I say that’s a good thing, even if it means the quality of his content becomes lowered to us, the NRx diehards.

            I still see the Amerikaner believing in politics, elections, and the Constitution. The more thoroughly that all gets discredited before it’s too late, the better our chances at Amerikaners organizing a regime change.

            • jim says:

              Normies are irrelevant. Packaging truth inside lies to get past the censors can never succeed.

              • Pooch says:

                You are right. Normies are irrelevant. So who is relevant? The elite. Caesar himself was of the elite and I suppose it could be argued we cannot have the conditions ripe for our Caesar until we have recruited enough Brahmins to our side.

                We don’t really want prospective dissident Brahmins reading Yarvin. We do want them reading Unqualified Reservations and Jim. Hopefully reading Yarvin and seeing him on Tucker leads them to reading Unqualified Reservations and Jim.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Armies are normies led by Caesar who commands the loyalty of elites. I don’t know to what degree, but normies matter like the droplets that form clouds. Isolate one, and it is easy to call it irrelevant, because it is. The forces that move, that create and destroy, consist of millions of inconsequential pieces. So normies matter, but to what degree and when I don’t know. I’m not going to die for some high status guy that tells me I’m inconsequential. I know that already. I am going to kill for the man that gives my sacrifice meaning. Remember: “… but together, we form a mighty faggot!”

                • Pooch says:

                  Caesar’s legions killed for the spoils of war that were awarded to them upon successful completion of the campaign. Our Caesar, if we are lucky enough to get one, likely will come with a well-paid private army at his command.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Plenty of spoils to be given if you deal with leftists the way I propose dealing with them.

                • Jehu says:

                  Caesar could create massive value, value beyond dreams of most people here’s avarice. He would do it by conquering the Cathedral, salting the earth where it was smashed and laying the curse of Jericho upon its ruins.

                  Then he would give fiefdoms to his faithful minions. Detroit would be one such fiefdom, perhaps assigned to a Duke or the like. Firm governance with no hint of democracy would make Detroit worth many trillions practically overnight. San Francisco would be another fiefdom of similar value and similar magnitude. Chicago would be yet another. All of these cities were cities for a reason, and removing them from the scourge of their present governance and totally disenfranchising their current inhabitants would make life there really good for anyone not presently communicated in the Cathedral and its lies.

              • The Cominator says:

                There are times when the stars line up to make normie public opinion matter but its not often and our insane elite is determined that it not ever matter in the US ever again.

    • jim says:


      I just stopped reading at the first line.

      From time to time I attempt to read namefag Yarvin, and immediately hit something like this, a lie and a deception. It costs too much time and brainpower to deal with enemy lies, so I stop reading. Namefags must lie, and dealing with lies and liars just costs too much thought and energy.

      “Words are never admissible as harm”.

      1. Sacrilege: If you desecrate the totems of someone high status, you steal his status. If you desecrate the totems of the military, you incapacitate the military.

      2. Fighting words.

      3. Veiled threats.

      His principles are for overthrowing a regime, not for building one, for instability, not for stability. They are the principles that our rulers deployed to become our rulers, and having become our rulers, they immediately undeployed them, as every other revolutionary regime always has and always will.

      By announcing fidelity to these principles, that were from the beginning cynically and hypocritically deployed by our enemies with absolutely no intent to actually give effect to them, Namefag Yarvin signals to our enemies “see I am one of you”

      I, however, am not one of them.

      We are going to deploy the inquisition, throw sodomites off high buildings, etc.

      You always have a state religion. Whose applecart is always assailed by entryists within, and heretics without. And you always have to defend that applecart, and regimes always do, or they get swept away by a new dangerous fanatic faith, in our case the religion of New England and Harvard, which will do and does do what is necessary to defend its faith.

      Our regime will be based on truth, not lies. Based on the rectification of names, rather than doublethink and crimestop. So we will call our inquisition “The inquisition”, we will call our catechism, “the catechism”, or the creed, or the articles of faith, or something similar.

      And if enemies without or within desecrate in an attempt to steal the status of the official faith and obtain it for their heretical faith, very bad things are going to happen to them. Almost as bad as what will happen to you if you accidentally drop a fragment of a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich outside a mosque full of illegals undocumented migrants (While absolutely nothing will happen to a holy fanatic of the state religion if he should break into a church and behead the statue of Jesus with a chainsaw, and the pastor will not dare complain, as the pastor of Trump’s Church dared not complain when holy fanatics set it on fire).

      We always have a state religion, the state religion always has money, status, and power, everyone wants some, they have to be stopped from taking it. If the state religion does not defend itself, and is not defended, it will be swept away and replaced, probably by a band of vicious murderous terrorist fanatics, like the vicious murderous fanatics that launched the war of Northern Aggression. History focuses on Lincoln, because he was not a vicious murderous fanatic, but the war started in Bloody Kansas, not Fort Sumter, and in Bloody Kansas, the good highly respectable folk of America from Harvard, funded murderers and terrorists, and in Washington and New England protected them from justice. Fort Sumter was self defense against state sponsored terrorism. They just wanted to be left alone, and when it became apparent that they were not going to be left alone, should have struck Cambridge, Massachusetts, killed every man and enslaved every fertile age woman.

      • ExileStyle says:

        This is exactly it. Namefag Yarvin has become so exhausting to read that one hesitates to start, and as soon as one does one is soon lost in a haze of boredom. Thing is though: he and/or his Moldbug persona were always a little exhausting to begin with. His essays led down (what were to me then) little known byways which were productive for a time but seemed to be so afraid of their actual conclusions that they never came to their point.

        Fine, it’s hard to follow through. But others have followed through. Aren’t we here and not elsewhere?

        And until Yarvin addresses the woman issue, then the racial issue, then the nation and religion issues (really, and not in florid rhetoric) he is in danger of harming us more than helping us.

        • Pooch says:

          And until Yarvin addresses the woman issue, then the racial issue, then the nation and religion issues (really, and not in florid rhetoric) he is in danger of harming us more than helping us.

          He addressed all those as Mencius Moldbug in UR. Hopefully those curious enough to read Yarvin, are curious enough to read UR.

          • ExileStyle says:

            Oh I know Mencius Moldbug did – but when will Curtis Yarvin? Hard to live in San Francisco and get Fox News invites when talking about the two or three real issues of our time.

            • Pooch says:

              Does he need to? It’s old material that has already been covered on Unqualified Reservations, which is linked to from Gray Mirror and Tucker openly mentions he has read it in his intro of Yarvin as Mencius Moldbug. Most importantly, Yarvin does not disavow his old work or back away from its truth in any way.

          • The Cominator says:

            I don’t recall him ever addressing the woman question.

            • Pooch says:

              I believe UR linked to Roissy, which makes it obvious where Moldbug stands on the WQ.

              • Starman says:

                I will agree with Cominator on this one.

                Moldbug never addressed the woman question very much. Not enough to prevent entryists into Social Matter (the first wave of entryists entered as tradcons).

              • Mike in Boston says:

                Yarvin accepts at least some version of Roissy’s rationalization hamster here:

                you really don’t want your monkey to go running around your jobs and relationships, throwing shit and smashing things. (If you are a woman, your monkey is also known as a “hamster.”)

                though would Roissy agree that a man’s monkey of the sort Yarvin describes is homologous to a woman’s rationalization hamster? I can see the arguments either way.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Powerful post Jim. Thank you for taking the time to respond at length. I think Yarvin’s work will have representative value of a memeplex in the future, in spite of temporal miscalculations and failures of character. The question in my mind is how would Yarvin respond to the critique posted here. Sadly, I don’t think he will. How can he? He’s feeding his family with a pen. Asking, or demanding, a father take food from his family’s mouth is a big ask. Exile had some incredibly good thoughts too, and he touched on a subject I’ve brushed up against, more than once, but have never bore the full brunt of: what do you say when your anonymity is ripped away and the instigators of lynch mobs begin the inquisition? I didn’t back down, but didn’t affirm. I lied, and GNON gave me what I paid for.

        You need to write a book, Jim. I can’t give my kids everything they need with my word alone. You, St. John, and Aiden need to write a book, and Alf should write the Forward with an Afterward by Shaman. We’ll put Cominator on the cover and swear it’s all his fault.

        • alf says:

          How can he? He’s feeding his family with a pen. Asking, or demanding, a father take food from his family’s mouth is a big ask.

          He is also an accomplished programmer and a very intelligent man. I have no doubts he could make his money through other venues. He made a choice.

          You need to write a book, Jim. I can’t give my kids everything they need with my word alone. You, St. John, and Aiden need to write a book, and Alf should write the Forward with an Afterward by Shaman. We’ll put Cominator on the cover and swear it’s all his fault.


        • Tityrus says:

          > How can he? He’s feeding his family with a pen.

          No, Curtis has a bunch of Urbit real estate that makes him comfortable now and will make him a very rich man in the future.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          You need to write a book, Jim. I can’t give my kids everything they need with my word alone.

          I am late to this discussion, but I need to echo this, Jim. It would be immensely valuable if you were to write a book.

          Yarvin had and has his faults, but Moldbug’s Letter to Open-Minded Progressives was a good idea in that it tried to provide an entry point to a different way of thinking, and encapsulate a comprehensive set of its key points.

          You have a great body of material here, but (to me at least) there is no obvious entry point, no gentle glide path away from the default assumptions of liquid modernity for someone whose mind still generally runs in the ruts etched into it by the prog narrative.

          God forbid that should ever describe my son; but he is still very young, I could be crushed to death tomorrow by some bridge that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts contracted a stunning and brave black female engineer to build, and his male relatives are not all particularly articulate.

          A book of yours that could stand on its own would be a glorious thing. And not just a PDF. Get it printed on paper with a real ISBN and Library of Congress number and OCLC records and all that stuff. Because all that stuff, these days, is largely supporting woke propaganda. Embedding a truth bomb of counter-narrative in it would be a satisfying thumb in their eye.

          • jim says:

            It is kind of hard for me to create a gentle glide path. Never really walked that path myself. When I learned the red pill and the application of evolutionary psychology to the mating dance, it was more a matter of old knowledge I had been immersed in during my childhood being re-awakened and confirmed. I started off with a thought criminal luking in my mental foundations, and the thought criminal just said, “Hey, duh, of course that is the way it is. All women are like that.”

            That we are always ruled by a few, and that a Republic can only work with a virtuous elite, is something I have simply always known and never doubted. That the American Revolution was treason by British whigs, that George Washington won in London, not Valley Forge, scarcely came as a surprise.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              It is kind of hard for me to create a gentle glide path. Never really walked that path myself.

              That makes sense, and in hindsight I was dumb to suggest starting with the warped prog mindset. We don’t start books on astronomy by addressing geocentrism, or books on geography by assuming our reader believes the earth is flat. The truth stands on its own. Math books present the axioms up front and go from there. Yours could too. I would be absolutely pumped to see a book by you get into print.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                The gentle glide path exists; Yarvin’s work, after a thorough abridgement edit, is more than adequate. Someone else said it, but Yarvin is reaction 101 (and 201), Jim is Reaction 300 and 400.

                That’s 2 votes, but democracy is fake and gay. The “documents” kept safe by monks in Ireland and elsewhere were the path that lead to Occidentalism. I believe in my heart that GNON has chosen you to do his good work. Please consider it. I know it is a massive, daunting, and dangerous request. That Which Goes Without Saying Must be Said.

                • Red says:

                  Great men seldom write their own books. The followers and friends of great men tend to be the people who write down their wisdom.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            My good friend Karl F. Boetel has done a great deal of leg work alone in this matter.

            Pick any prominent progressive hobby horse you can think of, and there is probably a radish mag article about it, that does a deep dive into it’s historical origins, contemporary effects, and traditional solutions, with as many anecdotal examples you could want.

            The good folks over at thosewhocansee have a similarly grounded, conversational style in treating core issues in depth.

            Plenty of notes to take for any with plans of their own.

      • HerbR says:

        I wouldn’t be too hard on Yarvin. Namefagging may have changed him for the worse, but I think it’s just that most of us have moved on, as we moved on so many years ago from the likes of Rothbard and Hayek, and as several of us (I assume) have been moving on from Trump and the Pauls. Their contributions are still with us, but the men themselves are relics of a bygone era, still embedded in the moral, intellectual and physical framework of an old and dying regime.

        It’s not arbitrary that we call Moldbug “reaction 101” and Jim “reaction 201”. MM represents the very basic foundation including:
        – The real structure of power (democracy is fake and gay)
        – How technological progress masks social decline
        – Resurrection of classical economics and critique of MT
        – Activism being inherently revolutionary/left-wing
        – The western caste system with a touch of race realism

        And Jim gave us:
        – The real structure of religion (there is always a state religion)
        – Holiness spirals and the warrior/priest ruling dynamic
        – Shill/entryist detection and other moderation techniques
        – Application of game theory to political behavior
        – The red pill on women (obviously)

        I’m obviously skipping over a lot, but my point is that reading Yarvin is like going back to the remedial 101 class, which is generally unproductive if you’ve already passed 201, unless you’ve forgotten everything you learned. He’s not interested in teaching higher-level classes (or doesn’t know enough to teach them) and we have no reason to go back a grade.

      • Aidan says:

        I was going to give my thoughts, but jim said almost everything I was going to.

        Yarvin does not say Religion. He can say he has absolute principles, sure, but I thought he would know better. How do you keep absolute principles absolute? How do you grant them the status they need to endure for centuries, and how do you ensure that they will be protected by people who maliciously interpret them?

        The US Constitution was “absolute principles” written down in plain unambiguous language, and summarily reinterpreted to suit the needs of those in power, because men rule, not principles.

        Too much computer programming has rotted Yarvin’s brain. You can write code that forces a computer to accept certain variables as absolute truth. You cannot program a society thusly. Yarvin built urbit- Jim is a cypherpunk. Jim deals with the problem of defection in his practical line of work. Yarvin forces the hardware to do what he wants it to do. That has moved him away from the chief problem, which is ensuring cooperation between men.

        “Absolute security. Any American can walk anywhere in America, at any time of day or night, and expect to be as safe from his or her fellow human beings as from tigers, elephants or cobras.”

        Who/whom? A meth addicted homeless bum jonesing for a fix should not feel safe from his fellow human beings. He should live in complete and total fear that he could be killed by any law abiding man for causing any kind of trouble. “Absolute security” either means that the cops treat good men like criminals, which lowers their status, or that the burden of providing security falls on good citizens.

        Yarvin has fallen into the absolutist delusion- or maybe he affects it for the sake of simplicity- that the state can wave its magic wand and simply effect any change that it wishes. It is absurdly easy for his principles to be holiness-spiraled into gnostic delusion, communism, or simply maliciously misinterpreted. Work with dignity? Well, bricklaying and building houses have no dignity, say I, holiest of the dissident priests, who wishes to knock over the applecart of the state “Absolute principles”.

        He needs a religion, a real religion, with a catechism, high priest, and high inquisitor. And that religion needs its feet on the ground. It needs to believe, as medieval kings believed, that the state’s job is to react to threats to the natural order, the natural order being fundamentally good and self-maintaining. It needs to affirm Leibnitz- that we live in the best of possible worlds, that any attempt to overturn reality will end up causing untold misery.

    • The Cominator says:

      Your new regime will be subverted if too tolerant of hostile ideologies the idea that their should be any tolerance for hostike universalist ideologies or even kinds of national leftism is stupid. My regime will guarantee freedom for non troublemakers by ruthless and brutal supression of troublemakers.

      The idea you can stop young men from forming gangs is anti social and stupid, the gangs just better not be criminal enterprises. Discouraging gangs just causes gangs of low iq diversity and such to be stronger than gangs of men from better elements of society.

      You cant guarantee everyone dignity, dignity flows from every honest man having a place and a woman… we can approach this but its dangerous to guarantee it.

    • p says:

      This reads like a script for a Leni Riefenstahl movie.

  13. Redbible says:

    Here’s and archive link that will allow one to see page 13.

    It’s important to have archives that prove that someone said something in this day and age.

  14. ryan says:

    It’s hard to find good data. The apparent increase is in ‘cases’, which is bullshit metric anyway.

    Semi-relatedly, does anyone have good resources on traditional vaccines for non-covid stuff? I’ve got a kid on the way in the UK, and we don’t give nearly as many vaccines as the US, but I don’t know which are a good idea. I have little doubt they work, but they may still have risks of long term harm. Alternative medicine types tend to be pretty retarded, but mainstream science has lost of a lot of credibility in my eyes recently. So I don’t know what to make of anti-vax claims, because I have no doubt real dangers could be suppressed, but that doesn’t mean claimed dangers are real.

    • Karl says:

      Traditional vaccines for non-covid stuff were probably rather safe, but who knows whether they still are. A few years ago, a bad production batch would have been recalled as soon as possible. Now recalling any vaccine for any reason, would be very difficult as any recall might make people more hesitant to accept covid vaccines.

      How long does it take for a formerly safe product to become dangerous once manufacturers have no reason to maintain high quality and safety standards?

      • jim says:

        The safety of vaccines has been deteriorating for some considerable time, long before China flu. It is probably now deteriorating a great deal faster.

  15. Puffed-up Pervert says:

    Our enemies stole the election with cheating at every level. These same enemies want to force us to take an experimental “vaccine” every 6 months indefinitely. It doesn’t matter what the stats (also published my our enemies) say. The vax is not to be trusted regardless. Trusting any stats that imply the vax isn’t too bad, is normalcy bias.

    Excess death are up significantly. Berenson has pointed out that 6 months after beginning their vaccination campaign, UK, Germany, and others have all had excess deaths. People are beginning to talk about this, meaning soon there will not officially be excess deaths. We will keep seeing young politicians, sports stars, and children collapse with unreleated heart issues, yet miraculously no excess deaths.

    • jim says:

      > We will keep seeing young politicians, sports stars, and children collapse with unrelated heart issues, yet miraculously no excess deaths.

      Funny thing that. Looks like the excess death statistics have been “””corrected”””.

  16. alf says:

    The reports of menstrual complaints among women disturb me as well. I wonder if this will even further depress fertility..

  17. Fireball says:

    It will be a slow burn for the next 5 maybe 10 years. The west may have cripple their future young warriors.

    • ExileStyle says:

      Quick terminology question: why use “jab” instead of “shot”? “Clot jab” instead of “clot shot”? One of the first things that smelled suspicious about this whole thing is that “jab” was until last year 100% a British thing. Like it was planned by some London-based mega marketing company. I spent all of my language-formative years in the US and only ever heard “jab” in the context of US-UK language differences, or maybe giving someone a jab with a stick or something. Americans have always used the word “shot.” It was all so inorganic. I am hesitant to embrace enemy terminology because once you adopt the one (to me obvious) fake word all sorts of other fake words start pouring in. “Clot shot” is also catchier, and has become popular.

      • ExileStyle says:

        Oops, meant to post this up top but it landed here somehow instead. Question stands, though it has nothing to do with your comment. Sorry.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “Jab” effectively denies the stuff that’s getting injected into you. It’s just a poke in the arm. What, you’re afraid of needles? Hurts too much for two seconds? Pussy.

        It’s the 180 of “just the flu bro”.

        • ExileStyle says:

          While that might be an element, I think this has the potential to be a more meaningful analytic data point, almost empirically: if we could do simple linguistic analysis of non-organically imposed shill words, we might be able to find an even easier way to identify enemies, or at least the enemy-influenced, than a more elaborate shill test.

          I’m sure we could think of dozens of such focus-grouped marketing terms: “baseless,” “conspiracy,” “horse dewormer,” etc.

          I for one will never use the word “jab” in that sense until the British monarchy is forceably and legitimately reestablished in the United States.

          I’m not even claiming it’s a British plan per se. Most non-native learners of English are still taught British English as Real English, so it may have emerged in some WHO position paper somewhere and spread from there. But only the Brits & co. here should be using it.

          (Are there any Brits here by the way? Half the comments on this blog at least would mean a solid prison sentence in the UK if traced back to their originator.)

          • Anonymous BTC boy says:

            > I for one will never use the word “jab” in that sense until the British monarchy is forceably and legitimately reestablished in the United States.

  18. notglowing says:

    I will preface this for anyone reading, I am committing no crime, and I wouldn’t talk about it here if it was.
    But I am soon going to travel to a certain country, that was mentioned here very recently, and receive paper documents which are waiting for me in the hands of a trusted person, which contain everything except my name already.
    I will be walking in a place and handing these documents in with my real ID, to be registered digitally and receive a digital document.
    It seems this is probably not a crime, based on the previously posted information. I know someone who has done it, but earlier this month, successfully.

    I wonder if this is a good idea. I have no choice. It might be more difficult to do in the future, and this is my chance.

    Still, I am paranoid and think of how it could go wrong. A thousand scenarios enter my mind. It’s possible they have tightened measures because this has been possible until now, and are expecting this kind of thing. I am thinking about how I could justify some inconsistency if it was asked. If I was accused of a crime, I’d just shut my mouth and call a lawyer.

    Given the person registering isn’t even a government employee, maybe they wouldn’t even think twice, and wouldn’t receive privileged information about people trying to shortcut the system.
    Maybe going to a place run by some immigrant Turks is preferable, since they are less likely to give a shit about the system. However having to give my real name and documents is a bit distressing. I am less worried about being discovered after the fact since it would be very hard to prove anything.

    Does anyone have any advice for this situation? I’m already about to depart but it’s worth considering how to improve my chances of success.
    It does worry me that they would probably absolutely hate me and see me as less than human if they realized what I was doing, as small of an impropriety as it is. It would be unfortunate to be made an example of. Would they even follow their own rules?

    • Karl says:


      If you can avoid it, don’t write your name yourself onto the paper document. Much better if your name on it is not in your own handwriting.

      Stay calm, even if the process of registering the document digitally should take quite a while.

      • notglowing says:

        >If you can avoid it, don’t write your name yourself onto the paper document. Much better if your name on it is not in your own handwriting.

        Yeah. I have thought of this already.

        >Stay calm, even if the process of registering the document digitally should take quite a while.

        From the friend, it seems it’s quick and no questions are asked whatsoever. In his case no words were spoken.

        Looking calm is not difficult for me, I naturally tend to be very hard to read unless I go out of my way to exaggerate my feelings. A friend has unsuccessfully tried to get me into poker because of it.

        However, if it took a while, I would probably become extremely concerned, since that would look like them doing something out of the ordinary, like verifying it, or calling the police and stalling.
        But it seems strange for the employee of a private company, who likely doesn’t have special training for this, to act that way and assume something is wrong.

        • Karl says:

          If for some reason internet connection is bad, the process might take longer. In that case stay calm.

          Go during a time when the employees are busy.

    • jim says:

      File and forget – everything is incriminating if they want it to be, nothing is incriminating if they are too lazy or just don’t want to go there, for fear of treading on the wrong toes.

      And ninety nine percent of the time, they are too lazy or too incompetent. I make sure that everything I file is kind of bland and boring, looks like everything everyone else is filing, but I don’t worry about whether it is actually legal. Legality is over. It has been over for some time. Thinking about legality is normality bias.

      • notglowing says:

        >Legality is over. It has been over for some time. Thinking about legality is normality bias.
        It’s the idea that I am an outlaw in their eyes regardless of what I do, in one way or another, even if I don’t actually break the law, probably even if I took the jab, that made me choose to do this to begin with.

        However, the same idea makes me less confident of success or avoiding retribution for it. Since it’s all arbitrary. The person who helped me has a different view. He is very confident on his interpretation of the law, and tends to see it as very literal, he views it somewhat the way Jews do, and thinks they do the same.

        At this point I am determined. I am very stubborn and rarely change my mind. I’m still concerned, but my main concern is about what happens in that moment.

        If I manage to get that done, it will simply be too difficult for them to find out there’s something strange. From the outside, everything looks the same as it would be for a normal person, the procedure is not different.
        Foreigners do this all the time there, legitimately.
        It would simply be difficult for them to become suspicious and isolate me among many people, and prove any misconduct. It would be easy to deny and feign ignorance. And I do not currently need any of these documents, so they will be used sparingly regardless. It’s more of an insurance.

        • jim says:

          > From the outside, everything looks the same as it would be for a normal person, the procedure is not different.
          > Foreigners do this all the time there, legitimately.

          This will work. Everyone important has to break the law all the time, they all do it this way, and it always works.

    • Cat says:

      Once you successfully do this, would you be comfortable chatting with me on BitMessage? The only reason I ask is I know I am in the same country as you, but with remarkably less connections for getting anything like this done.

      Happy to pass any entryist/shill tests to prove myself as a long time lurker, and I can even tip you in BTC. Thanks and good luck.

      • Karl says:

        If you don’t have connections, you’ll find this interesting:

        • Cat says:

          Interesting read. It is surprising to me how easy the German system can be fooled. Unfortunately as far as I know, in my country, the digital certificates are automatically issued after taking the vaxx, so I believe something like that wouldn’t be possible here. The only similar thing (taking physical proof and getting a digital certificate) is if you are vaxxed abroad and return here, which sounds along the lines of what the OP is doing.

          • Karl says:

            If you get the clot shot in Germany snd use the German paper document to get a digital certificate in your home country, your document will be thoroughly checked as you are an unusual customer. If also get your digital certificate in Germany, the digitalization is business as usual.

            If your home country is in the EU, you don’t have get the digital certificate in your home country. Getting it from any EU country will do.

            • Cat says:

              I stand corrected. That is a very interesting option.

              As far as I understand your link, purchasing one of these german yellow documents is possible, but much safer is to borrow one from a friend and temporarily staple their proof of vaccination with a legally ordered front ID page. So this is tricky for a non-German to safely obtain, but not necessarily disqualifying.

              Also, the vaccination date is required to be inputted by the pharmacy. This could be problematic if one was not even inside the German border on that date, suggesting that ordering one online would be the better option then. However lying on these kinds of things in Germany does risk 2 years of prison, which however slim is still worrying.

              • ExileStyle says:

                > lying on these kinds of things in Germany does risk 2 years of prison, which however slim is still worrying.

                I believe there was some discussion recently about how that law is targeted at “producers” and not “consumers” of forged passes, for the record. Though I think the German press picked up on this, naturally from the angle of “What a travesty that consumers are not also imprisoned!” Not worked out in the courts yet, so still be careful, but I think getting caught having purchased or self-made a forgery is much, much less risky than running a forgery operation, which is itself is not even that risky I presume.

                But the real question is: who the hell is seriously going to report you? And who in the labyrinths of whatever authority you are reported to is going to actually follow up, esp. in lazy-ass Germany? If you just play stupid you’ll almost always be fine. As Jim repeatedly emphasizes, laziness and incompetence rule the day. Boarding an airplane might be riskiest of all, but going to a bar or club or (eventually) grocery store or whatever means interacting with someone who fundamentally doesn’t give a shit and so even if they refuse you, that’s about the only consequence there will be, the refusal itself.

                • Cat says:

                  In this hypothetical scenario, I think that having, for example, an online-purchased yellow vaccination booklet that is slightly off colour, or something like that, that a pharmacist who sees tens of these a day may indeed find strange could potentially lead to a report. And to add to this, I don’t speak a lick of German, perhaps making me stand out even more. To me, it doesn’t sound that crazy that a holy zealot of the Covid Demon could report someone for insufficient holiness.

                  I suppose I am overly worrying and you are correct though, that if one dot’s their i’s and crosses their T’s and goes to a pharmacy in Germany run by foreigners during a busy hour, that they would issue the certification no problem.

                  And as a side note, from my brief time in Germany in the past, it seemed very much that they were sticklers for rules, so I am surprised to hear that Germany is lazy, especially on this kind of thing.

                • ExileStyle says:

                  @ Cat

                  Your language and cultural situation gets into fields I can’t really speak to, not really knowing the details, or even how you personally react in such situations in your native tongue.

                  That being said, I am not German nor am I a native German speaker and yet I have had comically enlightening interactions with incompetent German authorities.

                  I once, in a saga I dearly wish I could get more specific about without doxxing myself, spent almost two years watching letter after letter land in my mailbox – always on paper, printed by some dot-matrix-like 1990s printer – informing me of the latest regulation I had violated while subsequently providing a well-reasoned legal argument for why they were not going to enforce that regulation in my specific case.

                  At one point it dawned on me that I was simply witnessing the internal communications of several departments all trying to cover their ass legally and administratively, while my own case had long since faded into the background for them, if they ever registered it at all.

                  I was just trying to provide them with what I knew they actually wanted, but could not do that until they articulated it in a comprehensible sentence with a subject verb and object.

                  Germans as workers are spoiled and lazy with their obscene amounts of vacation and sick time but it’s true that they’re industrious in following the rules in communications with other rule-makers, -followers, and -enforcers. For every rule they informed me I had broken they (a) explained why they were forgiving me for breaking that rule and then (b) justifying said forgiveness, often over pages, to their colleagues for why they were not enforcing this rule in this particular case.

                  But this was, apart from simple comedy, an eye-opening experience for me. I got so many contradictory letters from various bureaucrats that I seriously wondered briefly whether my identity had been stolen, but soon knew that my ass was covered legally because the only expertise of these people was justifying regulatory clauses to other regulatory bodies.

                  It was like a Kafka novel. But funnier.

                  And this from the vaunted masters of state bureaucracy…eventually they worked it out themselves, and I paid what I owed, which covered probably a fraction of the hours they spent interpreting my case.

                • Cat says:

                  Not sure why I cannot reply to your latest comment, but thanks. You have given me valuable information and a lot to think about.

      • notglowing says:

        I don’t have a direct connection with anyone providing these services, the person who I am meeting with is an acquaintance, who got the stuff from someone else.
        However, I will ask.

  19. awildgoose says:

    This 40-something is trying to envision complying and failing.

    I guess the government will just have to send a bunch of their double and triple-chinned doorkickers down here to send me to a camp or murder me straight up.

    I expect to be amused watching them try.

  20. Alfred says:

    Here’s a question, is the immune system likely to recovery in time? Most people I know who took the clot shot are not taking boosters.

    • jim says:

      Probably. It is a tough beast that in the natural environment comes under all sorts of attack. It attacks all kinds of pathogens, and some of them fight back.

      The problem is that clot jab is an strong unnatural stress, for which its response is likely to be pathological. Its response to the clot jab is radically different from its response to the real disease – I guess it goes crazy looking for a virus that is just not there. But chances are that after a while, it just shrugs it off and forgets.

      That is if you don’t keep getting boosters every year, then every six months, then every three months. Likely it then goes crazier because it just looks harder.

      • HerbR says:

        Immune systems will probably eventually recover for those who (a) take the “trad vax” and (b) are not on constant boosters.

        I think the risk is significantly higher for those taking the mRNA variants, even if they don’t keep boosting forever, because despite the manufacturer claims, there is a real possibility of reverse transcription causing their genes to keep expressing the spike protein for the rest of their lives.

        Maybe not likely, but every mRNA shot carries at least some small risk of permanent injury.

        • Karl says:

          Autoimmune diseases are persistent. Other problems of the immune system probably go away sooner or later.

  21. Tyrone Biggums says:

    Y’all bees raysis yo. Sheeit! Do dat gums bee bix nood mufugga. Sheeeit.

  22. jbp says:

    So we die if we don’t get jabbed?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The jabbed will die when jabbed, and they want all their neighbors to die with them.

  23. A2 says:

    In that table, all categories at 30+ have higher infection rates for 2 doses than unvaxed, often about twice as many. Remarkable.

    In the other direction, I consider it odd that the unvaxed below-18 category suddenly shows up as problematic. (314 vs 3014) Perhaps this is explained in the text.

  24. Alfred says:

    Most of the vaccine deaths revolve around people who are quite active. Their physical activity amplifies the damage from the micro clots.

    Worse, if it is indeed the case, and it likely is, that the jab reduces the severity of the symptoms, we have a Marek’s disease problem. The jabbed are breeding the virus for greater lethality. The jabbed are dangerous to the purebloods.

    Wouldn’t that make the best option for most purebloods to try and get COVID for actual immunity?

    I’ve seen data indicating that if you’ve been vaxxed and then you get covid your level immunity from having had covid is greatly reduced vs purebloods. This indicates me if that trying to catch COVID might be the optimal survival strategy if we do indeed have a Marek’s disease problem going on.

    • jim says:

      Yes, I think under current circumstances, best solution is to get the Ziverdo kit, then deliberately catch China flu – with the Ziverdo kit, should be safe enough

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        What of we already got the coof and have antibodies. Should I bother worrying?

        • jim says:

          Nah, if you have already had China flu, you are going to be fine.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I figured so, just wanted to check. Have not gotten sick even once since I had covid about a year ago, so maybe I was one of the lucky ones who got a cleansing boost from it. If the rumors of that are true.

      • HerbR says:

        The reason I’m not partial to this plan is: trying to deliberately catch the coof is going to be highly uncontrolled in terms of which variant you get and the degree of viral load to which you are exposed.

        It’s true that in the wild, most people get one of the relatively benign variants at a low enough load to be easily treatable with Ivermectin, but “most people” may be getting that through moderate casual exposure, and I expect people trying to catch it on purpose may accidentally expose themselves to much higher load, or accidentally pick up worse variants by seeking out the sickest people.

        If you could be guaranteed to get the mundane Delta mutation which causes sniffles and get a controlled exposure (like old type vaxxes with a nasal spray) then I’d agree with this approach, but on the flip side, a lot of the sensationalized reports of early deaths were from people doing ridiculous “Covid parties” where they deliberately tried to infect each other. Very few younger people have ever died from Covid, but the ones that did, seemed to do so in clusters often associated with these events.

        Aside: Ziverdo kits are very hard to obtain outside India without getting massively ripped off, like paying 10-100x premium. I think you could just follow the Zelenko protocol, supplement with C+D+K2+Zinc+Quercetin and get some 1% Ivermectin from [redacted in case they go after it]. The only thing missing from that cocktail is Doxycycline – for which I haven’t seen documented evidence of efficacy, but if you really want it, you can get it from the gray-market pharmas also at a fraction of the price. So if you’re committed to doing this despite the elevated short-term risk, I’d look into getting the “ingredients” individually and avoid being ripped off.

      • yewotm8 says:

        Problem is that it’s very hard to catch the China flu because who the fuck knows anybody with China flu? Shit is just gone, if it ever existed.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          if it ever existed

          I hang out on this site because it is frequented by men who believe the evidence of their own eyes. For the most part this applies to hatefacts, like blacks being an order of magnitude more violent than whites, sexually-motivated female behavior starting much younger than acknowledged, and women being happiest with a firm hand.

          But another thing my own eyes tell me, is that my sixtyish but extremely fit physical therapist got serious myocarditis from the Wuhan virus and may never be the same; a sixtyish business associate had a bad course of the disease, needed angioplasty, and still has brain fog; and my fortyish cousin had a bad two weeks and still, months later, lacks a proper sense of taste. Of course, I know over a dozen other folks for whom the Wuhan virus meant a couple of bad days soon forgotten.

          I sympathize with you if you simply assume that everything our elites tell us is a lie, because so much of it is; but in the end both the Wuhan virus and, say, female hypergamy are phenomena which one can choose to observe, or choose to deny the existence of despite the evidence of one’s own eyes. Refusing to observe one is really no saner than refusing to observe the other.

          • jim says:

            China flu causes myocarditis the same way the clot shot causes myocarditis.

            We don’t have reliable information as to which one causes more myocarditis.

            We do know that taking the invermectin when you have China flu radically reduces the risk of unpleasant consequences.

            • Red says:

              It’s probable that a high level of physical activity + the clot shot is the worst outcome. The Micro clots do a lot more damaged with people who don’t feel sick and continue to do heavy exercise. Every case of a women I’ve read about with myocarditis from the injection was some sort of athlete. This is also probably why the clot shots are not killing the elderly in large numbers, they’re much less physically active than younger people.

              I’ve been telling people for a while now that if they get the shot or they catch a bad case of the WuFlu that they need to avoid heavy exercise until they’re blood recycles. Though it’s likely that Ivermectin and nicotine reduces the blood damage or the prevents the clots.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Teh coofs are respiratory viruses.

            Meaning, it is extremely likely that anyone and everyone reading this message now has already been exposed to it, multiple times even.

            And if you haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, that’s just how it is.

          • yewotm8 says:

            My statement was overly hyperbolic. I’ve never seen anybody sick with covid. Nobody I know has ever tested positive. Even when the number of daily new “cases” in my province was equal to 1/1000 of the total population therein for several months. Statistically, I was guaranteed to have met somebody who got sick from it, but I didn’t. I only ever heard about a friend of a friend, sort of thing.

            I do not believe that literally everybody, including people here, are lying about its existence, but I do mean to imply that the number of sick people, not just caused deaths, was inflated by the health expert nerds and the newsjews.

            • jim says:

              As I am found of saying, if someone had cancer, advanced heart disease, morbid obesity, advanced diabetes, and kidney failure, and dropped dead when he got the old flu, because the flu was the straw that broke the camels back, they would generally write cancer, heart failure, and kidney failure on his death certificate.

              If someone gets hit by a truck and bits of him spatter everywhere, they will swab his nose for China flu, and if his nose tests positive, his death is attributed to the awesome might of the Covid Demon.

              If we used the same methodology for the common cold as we do for Covid, the common cold would be the biggest killer in history.

  25. Anonymous BTC boy says:

    So if The Regime had simply sat on its hands and told people things like “don’t visit grandma/grandpa this year” — then we wouldn’t be in this mess… and “boosters” are only going to make things even worse…

    Also um, I’m a clueless bimbo — I have no idea what “a marek’s disease problem” is? (Wikipedia says something about birds/chickens.)

    • Anonymous BTC boy says:

      Also, I vaguely remember that when all this Covid stuff went mainstream in March 2020, there were a lot of people panic-buying toiletpaper and other items. I never did figure out what that was all about…

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Marek’s Disease was a chicken disease that worsened as a result of a leaky vaccine. The disease will now ravage unvaccinated chickens and kill them all, so vaccination is an absolute necessity. Selection pressure from a leaky vaccine optimized it to be highly transmissible and hyper-lethal to the unvaccinated chickens.

      • Alfred says:

        I have to wonder if the clot shot will cause the same effect. It’s clearly not a vaccine as there’s no sort of lasting immunity from it. They’re telling people who got J&J to get a booster 2 months after the shot. That’s not a vaccine. With Marek’s the chickens produce antibodies for life from it, though the life of a chicken is generally pretty short.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      If you have a treatment that reduces the morbidity of a pathogen, but does not effectively arrest it’s virulence (ie, no sterilizing immunity), it will probably end up developing greater morbidity.

      A similar dynamic can occur in turn with a treatment that reduces a pathogen’s virulence, but does not eliminate it, likewise creating conditions where it will probably develop greater virulence.

      This phenomena was in fact first taken advantage of intentionally many years ago for ‘gain of function’ development in bioweapons programs; things that men like Fauci would undoubtedly be familiar with.

      • jim says:

        If the clot jab reduces mortality and morbidity, but also knocks your immune system for six, it is the perfect system for turning Covid into a biolweapon to exterminate the recalcitrant.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          With a small matter of ‘acceptable losses’ of course.

        • Alfred says:

          That’s beyond frightening.

          • The Cominator says:

            Unlikely to be so severe in humans who are not typically packed in such confined spaces as factory farmed chickens.

        • Neofugue says:

          One of my friends from parish caught Covid roughly a month ago and spent two weeks sick in bed, contrasting cases last year of most under 50 showing little to no symptoms.

          Could reports of severe Covid sickness coming from those living in urban or semi-urban areas originate out of the early effects of the Marek’s Disease phenomenon? If Covid vaccination does not provide permanent immunity, what will prevent the jabbed from being killed by the new more virulent strain of Covid? Is this the intention behind continuous boosters?

          • jim says:

            Covid is very similar to a bad flu, though it is genuinely a different species to flu, it occupies the same ecological niche, has much the same effects, and has now displaced flu

            Bad though it is, report is that with the Ziverdo kit, not too bad at all. Did you friend take invermectin, lots of zinc, and all that?

            Under current selection pressures, Marek effect, it is likely to evolve into a considerably worse flu.

            The major difference is that though old type flu and China flu don’t actually kill anyone, they just give someone who is wobbling on the edge of the grave a little push, when without that little push he might of lingered on half a year or so, when someone died with the flu, they wrote on his death certificate the thing that primarily killed him -heart failure, kideny failure, advanced cancer, and such, whereas if someone gets run over by a truck, and bits of him get splattered everywhere, and they take his face to the lab and it swabs positive for China flu, his death is recorded as death by China flu.

            The excess death rate in Covid season looks much like the excess death rate in flu season, it is just that the priesthood is milking it for drama and power.

            • Alfred says:

              The Ziverdo kit’s Invermectin dosage is probably to low for most Americans. I read up on the subject and it’s very much weight based even for the obese. Picking up the horse based paste or actual pills in the correct does is probably a good idea.

            • Neofugue says:

              My friend refused to see a doctor out of worry one might put him on a ventilator and thus kill him, so he was not able to access ivermectin. I was not aware of the Ziverdo kit until recently.

          • Alfred says:

            The Wu Flu can still be a bad flu. Taking the proper treatment for it is a good idea if you catch it. I’ve warned my parents and extended family to get regen-cov right away if they get it, along Ivermectin and the normal stuff like zinc and vitamin E.

          • Rando says:

            I’ve been wondering the same. Caught the holocough back in July and was messed up pretty bad for two weeks. Had to take antibiotics for pneumonia too. But I’ve recovered fully since then. I’m healthy, late 30s, but it hit me worse than the typical colds and flu’s I’ve had in my life.

            I spend a lot of time around vaxxed people, so I wonder if maybe I caught it from them? The more I think about it the more the Marek effect seems plausible to me.

    • Taitsa says:

      I think Geert Vanden Bossche’s articles are worth reading. The FAQ too.

      • Whitespace says:

        Thank you very much for the link. The “pro/anti” stuff is tedious, I like to read the material by people who have a sound grounding in the material. Not credentialed or partisan, people who understand it.

        I’m hearing conflicting reports, but as best as I can discern from the UK data (h/t the Merek disease problem could get much worse. According to the UK data (report is cited by the excellent Eugyppius), strong symptoms and deaths are significantly lower per capita in October in vaccinated people, but their infection rates are as much as double in some age groups.

        Granted some new therapeutics are promised to be highly effective in treatment, but we’ve heard that story before and from the same people.

        • jim says:

          While the rate of severe symptoms and death in vaccinated people is markedly lower, the difference is diminishing – which may be the vaccination wearing off, or the disease adapting to vaccinated people, or both.

          If you have a leaky vaccine, of course the disease will adapt. Since it is an RNA virus, it will adapt mighty fast. How fast is mighty fast? We shall see.

          • Red says:

            Time Pool got nailed hard by COVID and he’s 35 and in good shape. The WuFlu is likely increasing in lethality. On the positive side Tim Pool used the same treatment as Joe Rogan after do nothing about COVID for a week. He’s created a video talking about it. Likely more and more people will take the drugs useful in reducing damage from COVID. Joe Rogan may end up saving thousands of lives from people who would have ended up dying on ventilators without horse paste.


          • Upavda says:

            For now, Jim, I think you are fortunately – wrong. For now.
            AFAIK, Marek’s disease is much more lethal to non-vaccinated chicks than to chicks vaccinated with some leaky vaccines, yes.

            However & from both “official” AND anegdotal sources, I do not see that pattern with Covid and Covid pseudo-vaxxes. Actually, in very own word of our rulers, hospitalization of vaxxed people is rising and now they comprise almost HALF of all hospitalized cases – that is, half of all cases where Covid is death threat. In a nation that is also approximately half-vaxxed.


            “Of 307 hospitalized, there’s almost equal number of vaccinated and non vaccinated.”

            Weekly reports about that are on permalink here (HZJZ is something akin to British NHS):

            The last report is from two weeks ago, when portion of seriously ill vaxxed people started to rise sharply. See that very last graph – it was 25,40% then (“Cijepljen/a s obje doze”).

            So fortunately, it does NOT seem like Marek’s disease.

            BTW, they did not refresh that report since then. Funny that.

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