The fall of the Republic

PJ Media correctly observes of the botched and disorderly retreat from Afghanistan:

This ensures that the catastrophe, rather than diminishing, has only just begun. It will not end when the last qualified person leaves Kabul but when the U.S. political system has found a constitutional way to clean house.

Compare and contrast with the orderly and dignified Soviet retreat from Aghanistan.

A constitutional house cleaning is unlikely to be practical, since a necessary step in that cleansing would be tarring and feathering the judges at every level and dragging them through the streets.

The chaos of America’s disorderly retreat suggests that the end of the Republic is closer than the fall of communism was when Russia retreated from Afghanistan. Communism fell eleven years after retreat from Afghanistan, suggesting that the rotting zombie corpse of the Republic will fall soon enough.

A republic can only exist with a virtuous ruling elite. But because the elite in a Republic necessarily relies on flattery and on bribing factions of the voters with the voters own money, and because the elite inevitably expands the franchise to voters ever less competent and knowledgeable, elite virtue inevitably declines.

Once a Republic has openly rigged elections, it is unlikely to recover. There is a high risk of a long period of darkness with elites killing each other, terminated either by a virtuous King who creates a virtuous elite to staff his administration, or, more likely, a foreign elite coming in, enslaving American males and banging American women.

The Soviet experience would suggest that collapse is imminent, but it seems to me that woke has considerably more life in it now than communism did back then.

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  1. John S. Brook says:

    Jim, some friends and I have begun working on translating the Restoration of Political Science, the magnum opus of Karl Ludwig von Haller, into English for the first time. You may find him relevant because he essentially anticipated your ideas of Throne, Altar and Freehold by 200 years, and treated the subject with great rigor, for example in his Chapter 34 on the nature of jurisdiction. As he summarizes it,

    I. Natural origin and essence of jurisdiction. It results from a call for help, and is nothing more than impartial assistance.
    II. It is not an exclusive right of sovereigns; every man exercises it on a small scale; paternal, domestic, patrimonial, military jurisdiction etc.
    III. But the jurisdiction of the prince is not only more extensive, but also sovereign and the final recourse.
    IV. He may administer it in person or else have it administered in his name by officers.
    V. These officers of justice are the servants or agents of the prince; therefore they are not independent of him, still less may they judge him.
    VI. Jurisdiction in itself, considered as a provision of assistance, is a duty of charity or a favour [bienfait]; from this derives
    A. the need to invoke it;
    B. the right to refuse it in certain circumstances, at certain times, etc.
    VII. But the exercise of jurisdiction, according to the law of justice, is a rigorous duty.

    More translated Haller is available at the Halleriana substack, and on the Carlsbad 1819 blog. As we do not have a regime-proof internet platform, would you be willing to host these writings at some point?

    • jim says:

      I have been reading Carlsbad 1819, and would love to host this magnificent content. I can issue you edit authority on this blog, or just post your stuff on request.

      • John S. Brook says:

        How about I collate the texts into a PDF which you can link from the blogroll? Whenever new stuff is translated, I’ll update the PDF and send the new version to you.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      This is really something special. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. If you’re in need of translation assistance, I actually speak Jive. I would hate for you to miss out on the vaunted Negro Monarchist demographic.

  2. Mister Grumpus says:

    When Rome collapsed socially, maritally, economically and therefore militarily, the Church of Rome still had lots of (Germanic?) enthusiastic gas in it, and just kept right on going as the Vatican.

    By that analogy, Harvard is going to just keep on going as the Cathedral Axis of the Two Cambridges, with space laser internet between them and ringed by solar panels, sentry Teslabots, wild dogs and warring Somali-Honduran favelas.

    A counterpart to this, and where I ask for comment from those who really know this stuff, is that maybe the Vatican held on — rather than being metabolized by Islam — because it actually restored and back-stopped property and “husbands’ rights” of the locals once the secular government ran out of sticks to beat people with.

    My point being that the present day Cathedral has absolutely no interest in that sort of thing, thus breaking my midwitted Cathedral-Vatican analogy.

    So here above we have first a reason to expect Harvard to just keep on ruling until 2400, and then second a reason to expect the exact opposite.

    Predictions are hard, especially about the future.

    Comments please!

  3. notglowing says:

    > Result
    > Taliban victory[29]

    They finally updated it.

    I’m laughing

  4. martin yenn-zohr says:

    Somewhat off topic?

    “Reactionaries Read Star Wars.txt” is a critical analysis of the Star Wars story from a reactionary perspective. This is only a short summary. The full sequence of posts has not been writtwn.

    I am sharing this because most of what I believe follow from the fact that Palpatine was right and what I plan on saying next will only make sense in light of this.

    Here is an excerpt.

    Star Wars is a Progressive Propaganda piece.

    Analysing Canon (and a few non-Canon) sources confirms this.
    Contrary to popular belief, the Jedi Order was not beloved
    by all, the Galactic Empire was not oppressive, Palpatine
    was not on the wrong side of history, and so on.

    We of the Sith would like to set the record straight.

    If there are any, I will do my best to answer any questions left as comments below.

    • jim says:

      Good stuff. Needs publication somewhere better than pastebin.

    • Alfred says:

      Interesting piece. I’m not a big starwars history buff but it seems well put together to me.

      >Ultimately the Galactic Empire failed because Palpatine lost
      the legitimacy to rule, and he could not secure a successor.

      Palpatine lost because he didn’t have a religion the masses could share and tried to rule through bruit force alone. It doesn’t work. You need priests and a religion to rule.

      In general Starwars was convinced at the typical progressives are the good guys and their foes are cartoonish amalgamations of progressive fears. Which is why the clone army went from being the Old Republic’s answer to building an effective military on the cheap that went out control because the clones were driven crazy by the force (See the Timothy Zhan books) to the Old Republic not having a Military and the Military once formed stabbed the Republic in the back, a much less interesting idea. Priests fear and hate the warriors and endless ripe them down.

      • FrankNorman says:

        I thought Palpatine lost because he got grabbed from behind and thrown down an exhaust shaft.

        On a more general point: in order for a group to rule, they need to work together, to be loyal to each other. If everyone from the start is looking for a chance to kill their superior, you do not have a stable system.

        • jim says:

          Quite so. Palapatine needed a prosocial religion in his pocket. Sith was not it, and Jedi, though prosocial, was cucked and insane.

          • martin yenn-zohr says:

            I do not agree that the Jedi religion was prosocial. I believe that the Jedi religion was fervently hostile to life. I use the Jedi Code to support this belief.

            There is no emotion, there is peace.
            There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
            There is no passion, there is serenity.
            There is no chaos, there is harmony.
            There is no death, there is the Force

            The core of the Jedi teachings was to prevent conflict by suppressing growth. On short timescales this closely resembles prosociality.

            I do not think a prosocial religion would prevent its disciples from marrying and having children, especially if those disciples knew powerful healing techniques.

            They forbade strong emotions, passions, family because the Spectre of the Dark Side terrified them.

            Those who wield the Force are Samurai-Space-Wizards, so I think Celestial Confucianism would have worked for Palpatine. “Mandate of the Cosmos” and “The Five Holy Holocrons”.

            • Calvin says:

              The Jedi Order could have been prosocial if it had stuck to its original tenants:

              Emotion, yet peace.
              Ignorance, yet knowledge.
              Passion, yet serenity.
              Chaos, yet harmony.
              Death, yet the Force.

              Basically, control yourself and don’t be a nigger about things, but also don’t fear your emotions or death. I can only assume they had a holiness spiral in the centuries after their founding and civil war resulting in the craziest ascetics taking over direction of the religion.

              • martin yenn-zohr says:

                The Jedi Order could have been prosocial if it had stuck to its original tenants:

                This version of the Jedi Code still retains the false frame.

                Consider that the Galaxy had millions of inhabitable star systems, quadrillions of sapient beings, but only hundreds of Force-sensitives. That can only be the result of tens of thousands of years of repression.

                Similar to how transparent bodies of still water are devoid of life. Similar to how removing oxygen from an environment will weaken fires, slow the spread of rust, but will also strangle animals and kill plant life.

                The Light Side of the force is suffocating.

                I can only assume they had a holiness spiral in the centuries after their founding and civil war resulting in the craziest ascetics taking over direction of the religion.

                That official history would neglect to document schisms within the Jedi Order to maintain the outward appreance of cohesion and cohesion is consistent with what is known about the Star Wars universe. I have preserved this in my notes.

                • martin yenn-zohr says:

                  consensus and cohesion

                • martin yenn-zohr says:

                  This version of the Jedi Code still retains the false frame.

                  This too is relevant to what I want to post next.

                • Thales says:

                  Based on the OT, I had assumed the Jedi Knights were Space Knights — a loose collection of elites following a chivalric code. I guess somewhere in the Expanded Universe, they became Space Buddhist Monks instead, and it ceased to really make any sense.

                • Calvin says:

                  During the New Sith Wars against the Brotherhood of Darkness you mention, the Jedi were basically an aristocracy, complete with fiefdoms and dynasties. Basically all that was holding the galaxy together at that point. Unfortunately their best and brightest got gutted on Ruusan, and in the aftermath their idiotic survivors agreed to dismantle their military and renounce their noble titles. Naturally they also renounced marriage around the same point, thus making Force sensitivity a genetic dead end.

                  Also, the dark side is powered by extreme emotions, which means the most unstable and erratic people tend to get powered up really fast, which encourages constant chimping out.

        • martin yenn-zohr says:

          I thought Palpatine lost because he got grabbed from behind and thrown down an exhaust shaft.

          His death was foreshadowed by Luke’s refusal to join the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker did not believe that the Galactic Emperor had the legitimacy to rule, and those same doubts plagued his father. Palpatine died at Endor because he lost legitimacy to rule in the eyes of Darth Vader.

          If everyone from the start is looking for a chance to kill their superior, you do not have a stable system.

          Are you referring to the Rule of Two?

          The Rule of Two decreed that the Sith apprentice could challenge the Sith Master at any time but was otherwise expected to be obedient in all things. The purpose of this was to keep the Sith Master was vigilant and strong.

          Jedi and their sympathizers desperately want to believe that “treachery is the way of the Sith” because they are frightened by the Dark Side. Contrary to popular belief, the two Dark Lords of the Sith could trust each other. How else would the Sith Order have survived in the shadows for a thousand years?

          Note that Darth Sidious did not violate the Rule of Two by training Darth Maul. It was Darth Maul who violated it by founding the Shadow Collective.

          Note also that the Proclamation of the Galactic Empire did not end the Rule of Two. The Inquisitorius were Sith, but not Dark Lords of the Sith. They never were a threat to Palpatine.

      • martin yenn-zohr says:

        Interesting piece. I’m not a big starwars history buff but it seems well put together to me.

        Thank you.

        Palpatine lost because he didn’t have a religion the masses could share and [needed] priests and a religion to rule.

        In general Starwars was convinced at the typical progressives are the good guys and their foes are cartoonish amalgamations of progressive fears.

        This works to our advantage. It is possible to obtain truth after inverting Progressive nightmares about “the Dark Side”, “oppression”. Similar to how it is possible to obtain truth (the Sith Creed) after inverting the Jedi Code.

        This is relevant to what I want to talk about next.

        • martin yenn-zohr says:

          I meant to post this:

          Interesting piece. I’m not a big starwars history buff but it seems well put together to me.

          Thank you.

          Palpatine lost because he didn’t have a religion the masses could share and [needed] priests and a religion to rule.


          In general Starwars was convinced at the typical progressives are the good guys and their foes are cartoonish amalgamations of progressive fears.

          This works to our advantage. It is possible to obtain truth after inverting Progressive nightmares about “the Dark Side”, “oppression”. Similar to how it is possible to obtain truth (the Sith Creed) after inverting the Jedi Code.

          This is relevant to what I want to talk about next.

    • Fireball says:

      Star wars makes no sense.

      Luke should have join his father in ruling the galaxy, get a cute force sensitive wife and establish a succession line.

      Why the fish people planet that was building capital ships for the rebellion didn’t get invaded?

      Naval tactics make no sense even by the rules of the star war universe.

      • martin yenn-zohr says:

        Yes! It really angers me that Star Wars did not end with a Skywalker dynasty and Celestial Confucianism. The story is a true tragedy.

    • The Cominator says:

      RE Star Wars, the original Expanded Universe was based. The Disney Universe is gay.

      In either timeline it can’t be said that the Empire bothered with anti-feminism. They did favor the main race (humans) generally but this was sort of an afterthought as far as the Emperor was concerned. The Emperor’s main long term goal in both timelines was using the resources and personal power afforded him as a galatic autocrat to become an immortal god like being.

      The best argument against the Empire was establishing a semi socialist semi command economy in order to massively build up a military very very fast for apparently almost no purpose as far as most people saw.

      The best argument for the Empire was (in the BASED Expanded Universe and not the FAG Disney Universe) is that the Emperor unbeknowest to almost all (except him Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sate Pestage, Vader as far as we know was not told) knew that a massive extragalatic invasion was coming though he did not know exactly where and when they were coming. Hence the ruinously expensive (and ruinous to the Emperor’s original genuine popularity) military buildup.

      • martin yenn-zohr says:

        RE Star Wars, the original Expanded Universe was based. The Disney Universe is gay.

        I would guess that this is the Canon-Legends split? I confess that it is difficult to interpret the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I have made little progress on this. I can only speculate that the formation of the First Order was an attempt at reconquest by exiles, and that the Emperor died at Endor but some of his loyalists claimed that he was still alive in an attempt to resurrect the Sith religion. Perhaps the sequels can not be salvaged.

        In either timeline it can’t be said that the Empire bothered with anti-feminism. They did favor the main race (humans) generally but this was sort of an afterthought as far as the Emperor was concerned.

        Yes. I figured the Emperire was mostly staffed by human males out of pragmatic concerns and not because Palpatine went out of his way to exclude women and aliens.

        the Emperor unbeknowest to almost all knew that a massive extragalatic invasion was coming though he did not know exactly where and when they were coming. Hence the ruinously expensive military buildup.

        I have not seen anything like this anywhere. What source confirms this? Non-canon sources are fine. Books, comics, wiki, video games, fan fiction?

    • martin yenn-zohr says:

      Thank you to all. I am doing my best to preserve the replies I have received.

    • Thales says:

      The aesthetics of Emperor Palpatine are completely wrong. The empire represents supreme Order — excessive order, according to the internal logic of the film. Yet Palpatine appears as a dark satanic figure, cloaked in a shroud. Why does he need to hide? He should have been, as Moldbug said, “cloaked in the silks of the good”. He should have been an upright, towering figure in a gleaming white uniform — a space Napoleon.

      That would have made the contrast between he and the fallen Jedi Vader even starker. We see that in the first movie in the contrast between Gov. Tarkin who holds the leash of the disgraced and often-mocked Vader (a relic with a sad devotion to that ancient religion).

      • The Cominator says:

        There are explanations for this.

        On the rare occasions Palpatine spoke publically he used a holographic filter that showed him with his old appearance, the regular galaxy outside Coruscant never saw what his Sith appearance looked like. It was even fewer people who knew he was a Sith (though I find it hard to believe the rebels didn’t know through Bail Organa who heard the story directly from Yoda but as far as I know the idea that Palps was a darksider was just considered a “rumor” in the rebellion) this was generally hidden from even people high in the government. The Emperor wasn’t so much satanic in his appearance to the galaxy as he was extremely reclusive.

        But his popularity inevitably declined because of a constant ruinously expensive military buildup. He would have militarized the galaxy to some extent anyway but not being insane (though something of a pure psychopath) he would have done it at a slower pace in a way that didn’t destroy his popularity but in the expanded universe given that he knew their fleet could be there any day… this wasn’t possible he needed the galaxy ready for total war (which before the Clone Wars the galaxy would have been curbstomped so Palps DID save the galaxy even in a fluke defeat by militarizing it) as soon as possible. Also he trusted Tarkin and Tarkin insanely decided to blow up a well known core world instead of demonstrating the weapon on some former seperatist alien world backwater (in the based EU humans and aliens generally hate each other) like he was supposed to.

        A prosocial religion and drawing on the Dark Side of the Force doesn’t work together. It was attempted by Lord Kaan (and others before) they tried to make Dark Siders work together. Inevitably they would fight each other and lose to the Jedi. The Dark Side is fed by negative emotions and to some degree Psychopathic traits (though the latter is less essential), it also acts as a sort of addictive drug. The whole story of Darth Bane is about why philosophically they can’t go together. Darth Bane likened the farce of an idea of a wholely egoic view of the force cooperating selflessly to the lie of equality.

        The Light Side is far more prosocial but in an effort (once they thought the Sith were gone) to avoid anyone falling (and a powerful Jedi falling was potentially very bad because even one of them can influence some powerful non jedi people and essentially start a civil war) to avoid anyone falling they became almost completely Monastic and gay… worse they agreed to serve the people of the galaxy through a corrupt political organ (the Senate).

        • jim says:

          This is too much fan stuff.

          It was very disturbing that social justice warriors killed off the star wars universe, but it is dead now.

          • Mike says:

            It is, but its fun to talk about cultural stuff sometimes. At one point (before it became gay) I would have said without hesitation that every modern boy should have a Star Wars phase at some point in his life. I wouldn’t even have been against adult interest really, as a lot of the Expanded Universe stuff was damn gritty and made for amazing lore.

          • info says:


            I see any SF and F genre featuring women warriors alongside Men as normative unlike how Tolkien write the story as a sign of poz.

            Its not like those women are Drow where the female is naturally the stronger sex.

            DnD in that respect and sword and sorcery that featured such a thing is already kinda pozzed.

            • The Cominator says:

              The Drow are a dysfunctional psychopathic society with the kind of lack of cohesion you’d kind of actually expect if women actually ruled with some kind of psychotic demon with magic that did just enough to keep it from disintegrating completely (while often encouraging it to get to the brink of disintegration)…

              The drow is how reactionaries would like to portray a fantasy matriarchy, its what a matriarchy would be really like in a fantasy world, literally worships a female demon, the female demon requires intercine wars for dominance, the female demon gives just enough magical power to keep their society from destroying itself despite its best efforts (drow houses often launch surprise attacks to wipe each other completely out) by backing stability when things get bad enough. At least within the noble houses with males only the chads generally survive (even the wizards tend to be chads). One drow city got taken over by male wizards in a coup and things improved immediately.

              Drow is not a pozzed depiction of matriarchy at all.

  5. neofugue says:

    In his house at Cambridge, dead Faith waits dreaming.

    As of thine unbelief, thou willeth be sleeping.

    • Alfred says:

      We bombed one of our interpreters and his family. Makes you wonder who gave us the intel? ISIS K clearly isn’t real, but one would think the deep state would come up with better targets then one of our paid noncombat Afghani lackey’s and his family.

      • Pooch says:

        Makes you think. Was ISIS even real at all?

        • Alfred says:

          It was after Obama and John McCain funded, equipped, and trained it.

          • neofugue says:

            The United States destabilizes countries posing potential problems for the empire. CIA support of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis such as the Azov Battalion is well-known in Russian circles, and John McCain has taken pictures with prominent Ukrainian Neo-Nazis in government. If one assumes American foreign intelligence sharing relations with ISIS similar to that regarding Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, the bombings in Kabul should not be seen as a deliberate act rather allowed to let happen out of political interest.

      • J.W. says:

        Maybe the “K” stands for “kid.”

  6. J.W. says:

    “Trump probably got 75%+ of Kenosha County. Ballots were stuffed and Trump votes destroyed.”

    Trump lost the city of Kenosha in 2016 and only won the county by 255 votes. Did he actually get 75% that year, too?

    I don’t see the communists spending 90% of their time and energy on conspiracy theories and paranoia.

    • Pooch says:

      Starman we may need you to do your thing for this one.

      • jim says:

        I knew he was a fed immediately, but it is a new line, so I wanted to see where it would go. A shill test is redundant. This guy does not just glow in the dark, he lights up the room.

        • J.W. says:

          I’m the furthest thing from a fed, including geographically.

          If Paul Revere rode through these days, you guys would say he’s a fed and go back to grilling and watching Netflix.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Keyword repetition did you in, Mr. Patriotic American Patriot.

          • Pooch says:

            You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.

            • J.W. says:

              You talk like a coward.

              • someDude says:

                Okay Braveheart. Post your SSN and address with a photo so we can check you out in person. Maybe run a background check. We’ll figure it out. You just post that shit for all of us to see.

          • Karl says:

            Paul Revere was a “fed” to the extent that was possible at his time. More importantly, he was a traitor of his king.

    • Alfred says:

      In Atlanta a heavily blue stronghold they had to fake up a story about a water main break so they could send the observers home and then on video the poll workers pulled out 4 ballot boxes hidden under a table and run them through the machines multiple times. This added something like 150k votes to Biden and barley pushed him over the top. Trump won hugely almost everywhere.

      • J.W. says:

        Everyone saw it coming but Trump did nothing. Maybe we should be smarter next time.

        • Alfred says:

          >Everyone saw it coming but Trump did nothing.

          Trump ordered Barr to setup a DOJ group to stop the steal and Barr assigned leftists to the group who did nothing. Barr stabbed Trump and the American Republic in the back and the entire political class closed ranks against Trump. Wasn’t much that could be done short of a military power and Trump being a Merchant was not suited to wield such power.

          > Maybe we should be smarter next time.

          You’re a commie faggot shill. Pretending to be one of us funny.

          • J.W. says:

            Trump was buffoonishly incompetent when it came to hiring but it wasn’t his fault?

            But I’m a shill?

            Pathetic, man. Just pathetic.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Stop saying “We.” You’re free to snooze. You’re actually free to shill, too. But you aren’t one of us. You could be, but you aren’t.

              • J.W. says:

                I’m not sure what that means. Many of you seem resolved to losing the country to communists. I’m definitely not one of you, if that’s what you mean.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Perhaps you have suggestions to make?

                • Aidan says:

                  Sorry, your superiors sent you to the wrong place. This isn’t a normiecon site where you can goad people into making threats of violence by ranting about communists and talking about Paul Revere.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          If you don’t want boots stuck up your ass, don’t do limp-wristed concern trolling like this.

  7. J.W. says:

    “They rampage in the suburbs all the time. Media doesn’t report it (read Andy Ngo) and they get a large police escort that’s there to protect Antifa/BML and who instantly arrests anyone who successfully defends themselves against them.”

    Such as where? Some slightly less communist suburbs of Portland?

    • Alfred says:

      Lots of examples out there and here’s the first one that popped up in the search index.

      • Alfred says:

        Here’s another:

        The damage done the suburbs was not widely reported but small towns all over the country were hit. If you’re getting your news from the official MSN sources then you’re getting fed bullshit about what’s going on.

        • J.W. says:

          Some AWFLs protesting in far-left Rochester and a BLM protest in far-left Madison? Those are your examples?

          • Alfred says:

            You asked for Suburbs, I gave you Suburbs. There’s a long list of them that have been attacked. Do me a favor and do your own fucking research so you don’t sound like fag.

            • J.W. says:

              You’re the one making the claims.

              Some of you talk about Antifa and BLM like they’re an unbeatable force. It’s really pathetic to read.

              • Alfred says:

                I said no such thing. You’re a liar and a shill.

                • J.W. says:

                  The hell I am. You claimed “Lots of examples out there” of Antifa and BLM rampaging in enemy suburbs, and then gave no such examples. Rochester and Madison aren’t enemy territory for communists.

                • Alfred says:

                  > of Antifa and BLM rampaging in enemy suburbs

                  No I said they rampaged in the suburbs everywhere. Anywhere the cops would provide them protection they had free reign. Places were the cops didn’t protect them they got beat up and send home.

                  As Jim said and I observed first hand myself, it’s state power and backing that gives Antifa and BLM power.

                  > The hell I am.

                  The hell you are.

          • Pooch says:

            What is your argument anyway? That Antifa and BLM don’t burn down areas that aren’t already blue? Well yeah no shit but guess what the whole fucking country is turning blue and the Democrats will have single party rule soon. Expect something like the how the ANC rules South Africa. On our current trajectory it’s only a matter of time.

            • J.W. says:

              Yes, those things will definitely happen if enough people like you concede defeat before the fight even starts.

              Antifa is full of unemployable freaks and BLM, well, no explanation needed there. You’d think we were up against a bunch of geniuses the way some of you people talk.

              Isn’t demoralization against the rules here?

              • jim says:

                The state is full of freaks who should be unemployable, but strangely have immensely well paid employment. Antifa are just the front men, and many of the Antifa people who actually do the violence live in extraordinarily impressive mansions guarded by private security. We cannot get the privileges that front men get, and to get away with doing what Antifa does, we would need backers able and willing to supply anti tank and anti air weapons.

                • J.W. says:

                  “Antifa are just the front men, and most of the Antifa people who actually do the violence live in extraordinarily impressive mansions guarded by private security.”

                  This gets more fantastical with each reply.

                  Where are these mansions? Have addresses been posted online?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  JW is an entryist. Put him through the ringer. Make him say what cannot be said. He won’t last.

                • jim says:

                  I just put him back on moderation for being a boring and repetitious entryist. They all get boring and repetitious quickly.

                  When he told us that antifa are proletarians, I have heard it before too many times. They think we are going to believe it?

  8. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim has made some very great comments about the importance of gardens and the act of gardening, and I think he’s spot on. I know it can be daunting getting started. I have a fair amount of experience with gardening in urban, suburban, and rural areas. If anyone has questions about methods and resources, please reply here and I will do my best to answer, as well I will enlist my woman to answer questions out of my depth. I do the infrastructure and labor, she does the actual cultivation stuff. We start from seed primarily, but we also buy starters. We employ Garden of Eden methodology now, but we’ve done pots, bottom watering/self watering, indoor grows, and indoor to outdoor. We are drawing up plans for subsistence crops and an orchard, and we are renovating our greenhouse and preparing for meat and egg chickens in the spring. As well, we plan on cultivating bulk mushrooms as well as vermiculture.

    • Fireball says:

      My problem with farming besides me hating it, is that i don’t have the means to defend it.

      • jim says:

        Terrible at farming myself. Mostly it is women’s work. I do the stuff that needs heavy lifting, like cutting down trees and such. There is quite a bit of heavy lifting, but it is quite fun when you have someone else to clean up the mess you make.

      • Pooch says:

        The likely coming problem with farms as was the case in the Yugoslav wars, the American frontier, and Zimbabwe is that your neighbors can’t hear your gunfire when you are happened upon by an enemy war party. Although I don’t want them too close, I want a few neighbors near me in earshot of gunfire.

    • Fireball says:

      Why bulk mushrooms?

    • Anonymous says:

      What gardening is there to be done in urban areas?

  9. Kunning Drueger says:

    Hey Jim, I want you to elaborate further on why you think small, private security/Intel companies aren’t doing the surveillance work that midwit/hamstrung feds cannot/will not do. Like, do you assert that it is for technical reasons, or do you know? I only have anecdotal evidence, but I can say with great certainty that 1/6 unleashed a flood of capital into the private security world. Subs on subs on subs were being quickly “deputized” and put into the field. It was an absolute gold rush. The focus was on data centers, but I would bet that lots of other infrastructure was being covered as well. I can tell you, categorically, that nothing happened. But private interests were bending over backward to have shooters staged all over IC world for 1/20. They were terrified. But I don’t know why, especially if 1/6 was a false flag.

    BTW, I still think 1/6 was an organized

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Phone posters are gay, sorry.

      1/6 was an organized protest by well meaning but horribly shortsighted conservatives that was hijacked by CIs and feds. I don’t think it was cointelpro top to bottom. I believe we’ll intentioned, good men thought it was the Rubicon and crafty, midwit feds turned it into the Bay of Pigs.

      • Pooch says:

        The main militia groups at 1/6 (Three percenters and OathKeepers) were complete and utter fed honeypot operations top to bottom. The leader of the OathKeepers who breached the capital and ordered followers to do violence was a literal FBI section chief.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I was referring to the whole affair. But I think it is totally possible, likely even, that the Capitol fiasco was a spook. That actually makes a lot of sense, in retrospect. But I do not believe it was a full spectrum planned out op. I think it was a target of opportunity, and I think a lot of good men got pied piperd into a disaster.

          • Alfred says:

            > But I do not believe it was a full spectrum planned out op.

            Based on what? Antifa shows to do violence but wearing Trump hats, FBI agents and CI’s lead the charge, capital cops toss flash bangs into random locations in the at the time peaceful crowd, and then the doors to the capital are opened up by the capitol police to let rioters in. Trump ordered the national guard sent to proved extra security the night before and Milley refuses the order. This was staged and carefully planned out. Easily influence idiots like the Q-anon shaman are pictured leading the charge despite no one ever hearing of the guy before. I’m sure he had some FBI handler who sent him to the front of the crowd.

            On top of that, 4 capitol police officers were suicided in the days after the riot.

            This isn’t the first time in history that a false flag using your foes has been done. The Reichstag fire was what the Nazis used to install the dictatorship, using similar methods. Though in the Nazis case they had hard core Commies who did actually do a lot of damage. The J6 Trump supporters barley did any damage. But it allowed the the deep state to install Biden behind a wall of US soldiers.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I don’t agree, but you make some very good points, and I can’t really counter effectively, so you may be right. I guess I just don’t think they are that tactically capable.

              • Alfred says:

                >I guess I just don’t think they are that tactically capable.

                They did partially fuck it up. Which is why all the video from the day is locked down, and the media is running 24/7 propaganda about it and why they had to have some of the capitol cops suicided. They wanted a Reichstag fire, but they couldn’t find any Trump supporters who were interested in damaging the nice parts of the building or burning the building down, despite plenty of encouragement from the Feds and Antifa.

                They were planning to use it to put Trump and all his supporters in camps and they failed. But the media propaganda effort was enough to install Biden as President.

                Having a state media and the entire political class behind you is an enormous advantage. Media lies can turn the FBI murdering children at Waco and taking glory pics in the ashes into hero FBI agents who tried to save the children from the evil cult!

            • Pooch says:

              Don’t forget John Sullivan who was personally responsible for getting Ashli Babbit shot.

              That 1/6 was an op is not all that controversial over here, hell even Tucker has been talking about it on national television for months. Anyone who doesn’t agree we should be deeply suspicious of.

              • Alfred says:

                >Don’t forget John Sullivan who was personally responsible for getting Ashli Babbit shot.

                There was another guy directing Ashli as well, Red Hat, blue medical mask and as far as I know he’s never been identified or charged with anything. Leads me to believe he’s a Fed.

  10. J.W. says:

    “When the time comes, we will be in the business of delivering status and pussy to warriors.”

    No, “when the time comes,” there won’t be a million people in Cathedral uniforms fighting against a million warriors in Patriots uniforms who magically appeared like a deus ex machina.

    “When the time comes,” we must take a page from the Antifa and BLM playbook.

    “When the time comes,” we will be the warriors, or we will be the vanquished.

    • jim says:

      The antifa and BLM playbook depends on backing by the state, without which they would be crushed in fifteen seconds.

      “Occupy Wall Street” attempted to occupy private property, whereupon security said “You are on private property, where we are allowed to use force”. Crushed instantly. Thereafter, stuck to occupying public property.

      • J.W. says:

        The state only supports Antifa and BLM because the state is full of weaklings who are scared shitless of those groups. 90% of beat cops would happily mow down Antifa and BLM if they wouldn’t get fired over it, and there has never been an Antifa or BLM gathering that couldn’t have been obliterated in 10 minutes by the guys from the suburbs.

        The state is afraid of Antifa and BLM at home and just got chased out of Afghanistan by a bunch of child-raping goat herders. We have to stop giving these people so much credit. They are human shit with shit for brains.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The ‘middle managers’ of society are scared shitless of the slave-soldiers, because the underlords are giving orders to both, and can use one to crush the other, as needed.

          At least, that was the case for the past hundred years or so, as long as the unstable equilibrium of the liberal order was kept together through unprincipled exceptions to stop it from being wrested from their control by others taking things to their logical conclusions, one way or another.

        • jim says:

          > 90% of beat cops would happily mow down Antifa and BLM if they wouldn’t get fired over it,

          But they would get fired over it. The state created, funded, and armed antifa to crush and humiliate its enemies, and to threaten their property and families.

          Whenever antifa and the rest go up against private security, they get instantly crushed, even though the state is apt to come down on private security like a ton of bricks (You unfortunately have to use non lethal weapons, even when confronted by antifa carrying and using lethal weapons, but the disparity in competence and training is so great you are likely to win anyway. Plus the friendly cop is going to overlook it, just don’t get your use of lethal weapons becoming a meme on social media.)

          The only way we could match antifa is we get funds and weapons from some friendly foreign nation, as the Russian and Spanish communists did.

          • J.W. says:

            Which of the state’s enemies have Antifa or BLM ever tried to attack or humiliate, except the police? Those groups haven’t stepped foot in enemy territory.

            As for weaponry, Antifa has bike locks and BLM thugs have some guns, but they can’t hit the broad of a barn. American patriots, on the other hand, are the most heavily armed group of citizens on the planet.

            Even the Antifa freaks are smart enough to know that one should never bring a bike lock to an AR fight.

            • Pooch says:

              Were you asleep last year? BLM/Antifa burned down and looted hundreds if not thousands of white owned small businesses last year, attacking random white people in the process.

              • J.W. says:

                What are you talking about? Antifa and BLM wreaked havoc in some of the most communist cities in the U.S. I doubt a single city they attacked was less than 80% Democrat.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >Which of the state’s enemies have Antifa or BLM ever tried to attack or humiliate, except the police?

              All of them? Burn Loot Murder destroy cities, neighborhoods, people’s lives all around the country, while police look on passively. The only times they take action while antifags are on the lose is not to crush antifags, but to crush *anyone else who tries to stop them*. State sanctioning and outsourcing of ‘private’ violence.

              • J.W. says:

                “All of them”? What are you talking about? Antifa and BLM wreaked havoc in some of the most communist cities in the U.S. I doubt a single city they attacked was less than 80% Democrat.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Anarcho-tyranny: the cattle living in blue dominated areas get hit the hardest because they are the closest and easiest targets.

                • A2 says:

                  Copy-pasted talking points, that seems quite genuine.

                  I think, judging from 2020, the antifa were a lot more tactically and operationally sophisticated than expected. Regardless of this, it’s of course a decisive advantage to have the police, courts, media, shady funding sources and the rest solidly on your side (or rather that you’re really on their side — the proverbial cat’s paw).

            • jim says:

              > As for weaponry, Antifa has bike locks

              Antifa has guns and small bombs, “firecrackers” that are illegal for private ownership and use, and uses them liberally. They have murdered quite a lot of people while police look the other way. The attack on Kyle began with gunfire, de-escalated to less lethal weaponry because he was on camera, and then rapidly re-escalated to the use of a gun against him. Whereupon he disarmed the man using a gun against him by shooting off his arm.

              When police do arrest antifa for murder, the DA instantly releases the offender. When someone defends himself against BLM antifa using lethal weaponry, the police at first ignore it, but if publicized, the police attack.

              • J.W. says:

                “When police do arrest antifa for murder, the DA instantly releases the offender.”

                For looting and assault, yes.

                For murder? I haven’t seen any of those.

                Regardless, Antifa and BLM get let off because they only operate in friendly territory. They haven’t stepped foot in the suburbs, because they know they’d get slaughtered.

                • Alfred says:

                  > Regardless, Antifa and BLM get let off because they only operate in friendly territory. They haven’t stepped foot in the suburbs, because they know they’d get slaughtered.

                  They rampage in the suburbs all the time. Media doesn’t report it (read Andy Ngo) and they get a large police escort that’s there to protect Antifa/BML and who instantly arrests anyone who successfully defends themselves against them.

                  The problem with them is state backing. Without state backing Antifa and BLM corpses would be on display all over the country as a warning to other shitheads what happens when you fuck around with well armed people.

            • jim says:

              > Those groups haven’t stepped foot in enemy territory.

              Kenosha was small town USA. One hundred percent enemy territory. They burned Kenosha because they had become bored dominating the cities, and wanted to stick it to Trump country.

              • J.W. says:

                Trump only got 51% in Kenosha County AFTER the communists destroyed it. Kenosha wasn’t even close to being “100% enemy territory.”

                • Alfred says:

                  Trump probably got 75%+ of Kenosha County. Ballots were stuffed and Trump votes destroyed.

                • Pooch says:

                  Observed behavior in this election was that after Subsaharan Africans burn and looted a city, like Minneapolis, its surrounding area voted drastically to the left likely out of fear of being next. Could be that the conservatives simply white flight out as well.

  11. another slightly offtopic but interesting one. Jim, you are focusing in our historical studies on the Anglosphere, which I am not challenging, but because most of the problems we are seeing today came from the Anglosphere, it might be interesting to explore not only what the earlier version of Anglosphere thought was but also what the Continent thought.

    The Germanosphere’s version of what the scientific method means was based on the thoughts of , Werner Heisenberg for example was an avid “Machist”, I am taking this from Heisenberg’s “Quantentheorie und Philosophie”. Mach said a scientific theory must be nothing more but the summary of observations under an “economy of thought”: economy in the original sense: explain the highest possible number of observations with the least possible number of thoughts, minimize your epicycles while maximize the observations they explain. Does this sound The Royal Society-compatible? Does this sound more useful in some aspects or less useful in some?

    Einstein told Heisenberg he is not 100% down with this. He told him this is true, but in a somewhat banal and naive way, it described correctly a part, a subset of scientific thinking, but not the whole of it.

    Can someone guess why? Hint: Einstein was a more “religious” thinker than Heisenberg or Mach, he did not joke when he said he wants to know God’s thoughts.

    • jim says:

      There is a fundamental problem with Mach’s definition, that it defines science without reference to truth, knowledge, or external reality.

      Galileo inferred heliocentrism from one observation, Newton inferred universal gravitation from two, and followed that up with nine. One data point often suffices.

      • YESS! That is what Einstein told Heisenberg in 1924. Heisenberg wanted to eliminate the idea of electron pathways around atoms, because we cannot observe them. Einstein flat out told him you cannot base a physical theory purely on observation, it is the other way around, it is the trust in the laws of nature that makes observation in the modern age work: that the instruments work as they are expected to work, because we built them based on correct theory. Heisenberg was aghast and told Einstein that he himself based special relativity on eliminating the unobservable absolute time? Einstein replied this was merely a useful heuristic at that time, but his basic philosophical idea was trust in the laws of nature, that things will work as they always did, that a clock and the rays of light bouncing of it into our eyes will not suddenly start working differently just because we put it into a moving frame of reference.

        Heisenberg brought up Mach, Einstein replied Mach’s idea is partially good but incomplete. Too much focus on merely subjective observation and thinking, and lack of focus on the objective laws of nature. The economy of thought works only because the laws of nature are really simple. The reason we are not adding epicycles (this is my formulation) is not economy in the sense of wanting to be economical with our thoughts but that there are really no epicycles.

        Einstein told Heisenberg he is going in a dangerous direction, by working on a theory of what we can know, because the job of natural science is figure out what is really there.

        The reason I call Einstein’s approach more religious is that a focus on observation and thought makes man the measure of all things. Atheism is subjectivisim and vice versa. OTOH objective reality exists because God exists, and Einstein, while did not believe in a personal God, said every serious scientist senses a creative spirit behind the orderliness of the universe.

        But. Doesn’t the experimental method of The Royal Society suffer from the same subjectivism as Mach’s?

        • jim says:

          > But. Doesn’t the experimental method of The Royal Society suffer from the same subjectivism as Mach’s?


          The scientific method of the Royal Society was the scientific method of Boyle’s Skeptical Chymist.

          Which Richard Feynman pithily summarized as:

          Science is belief in the ignorance of experts

          Boyle said it rather more verbosely:

          Yet I must for the truths sake, and the Readers, warne him not to be forward to believe Chymical Experiments when they are set down only by way of Prescriptions, and not of Relations; that is, unless he that delivers them mentions his doing it upon his own particular knowledge, or upon the Relation of some credible person, avowing it upon his own experience. For I am troubled, I must complain, that even Eminent Writers, both Physitians and Philosophers, whom I can easily name, if it be requir’d, have of late suffer’d themselves to be so far impos’d upon, as to Publish and Build upon Chymical Experiments, which questionless they never try’d; for if they had, they would, as well as I, have found them not to be true. And indeed it were to be wish’d, that now that those begin to quote Chymical Experiments that are not themselves Acquainted with Chymical Operations, men would Leave off that Indefinite Way of Vouching the Chymists say this, or the Chymists affirme that, and would rather for each Experiment they alledge name the Author or Authors, upon whose credit they relate it; For, by this means they would secure themselves from the suspition of falshood (to which the other Practice Exposes them) and they would Leave the Reader to Judge of what is fit for him to Believe of what is Deliver’d, whilst they employ not their own great names to Countenance doubtfull Relations; and they will also do Justice to the Inventors or Publishers of true Experiments, as well as upon the Obtruders of false ones. Whereas by that general Way of quoting the Chymists, the candid Writer is Defrauded of the particular Praise, and the Impostor escapes the Personal Disgrace that is due to him.

          Mach does not believe in reality.

          Boyle does not believe in the consensus of official science.

  12. Varna says:

    Back in the day what made the American system more flexible and adaptable than the Soviet system included elements such as:

    Open borders; Free internal movement; Free market; Pluralism; Institutional transparency; Free elections (regular elite rotation at least on some layers + accountability); Strong middle class; Working social lifts; Free speech.

    Also, since the time of Hellenic policies, what helped make the “West” dynamic was open free debate—regular working out at different periods answers to questions like “who we are”, “what we believe in”, “where we are going”, and “in the name of what and at what cost”. As well as simply the cross-pollination of different concepts and approaches.

    Over the last ten years the decay of all of the above has gone from slow to fast, and with the corona-related Great Reset—into turbo mode.
    Apparently your kindly neufeudalist technocrat believes, that he can get now the functionality of all of the above, without all the messy liberty stuff.

    For example, the point of free speech is to enable the sensory channels of the governing brain of society to receive objective data from all the parts of the social body. Without free speech, the governing brain gets warped data, and thus goes into solipsistic stagnation, making decisions on increasingly faulty data, until collapse begins. Today, the neufeudalists appear to believe that they no longer need pesky free speech as a way to get objective data, because instead they have universal surveillance and data mining, and thus “already know what is really happening”.

    Likewise, they no longer need free debate, because their fancy computers and social research gives them all the best answers without the need of constant messy debating.

    Likewise, the proles do not need to be able to physically move around, because you can just get what you need from the online.

    Likewise, there’s no need for free international movement, because the new masters already know from their totally valid sociological data what every part of the world “needs”, so instead on relying on messy free movement, they can simply import whatever demographic chunks they need.

    A free market or a robust middle class are also too “messy” and “unscientific”, instead the “scientific ways” today is a cartel of mega corporations and institutions ruling over a wife swatch of disposable and bio-degradable economic units, with a thin layer of managers and bullshit-peddlers amplifying the signals of the new masters toward the completely dependent pleb.

    Institutional transparency is also “no longer needed”, because the control of the institutions doesn’t come from “the moron pleb”, but instead “from above”, and the “transparency” is also due to universal surveillance and data control.

    Thus, in essence, the current crop of globohomo new masters are trying to again do away with classical western freedoms, but keep the functionality they believe they need through “scientific workarounds”. Just like the Bolsheviks and fascists from the 20th century, “but this time it will work because we have the tech we need now.”

    The major difference being that the communist and fascist elites were highly visible and publicly took on responsibility for everything that happens, and stated explicitly what type of social engineering efforts they are carrying out and why.

    Whereas today’s globohomo elites are pretending to not be elites, and to not be carrying out social engineering efforts.

    In summary, the post-West has suddenly reached the stage at which the new masters are trying to recreated a technologically updated mix of old timey commie-fascist technocracy, but while at the same time trying to utterly evade any responsibility for what is happening.

    Back in 2000 America was vastly more flexible than the USSR. Back in 2010—not as vastly, but still. Today in 2021—a lot of the elements that made it more flexible have been dismantled or suppressed, and we have yet to see if the new “super scientific methods” that supplanted them are any good.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      ‘Back in the day’ does not appear to be very far back, and these ‘classical western freedoms’ appear to be very recent innovations.

    • Karl says:

      Any society that is working out ever changing answers to questions like “who we are”, “what we believe in” is decaying.

  13. StrengthWillWin says:

    Jim/others what do you think of the stories claiming many men even with little to no symptoms/serious problems when they get covid still get severe erectile dysfunction, possibly permanently? Bullshit designed to get people to get the bullshit Vaccine? I still am unvaccinated and still plan to be but the erectile dysfunction/impotence claim that its long term as well as other supposed long term symptoms after getting non-lethal/non-hospitalization covid etc. concern me a bit, so it’d be nice to know that it’s bullshit.

    Also, request to know if you still think that the Novavax still seems relatively okay or atleast better than the current available vaccines, and how bad or not bad it would be to get for somebody to get it. I’m not sure if I will get it either but would still like to know.

    • jim says:

      There are sometimes long term harmful sequelae of covid.

      There seem to frequent long term harmful sequelae of vaccination. Since vaccination failures all seem related to blood flow, on the face of it the vaccination is far more likely to cause impotence.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The clot shots are not actually actual vaccines; negative health effects you might get from covid, are also negative health effects you might get from a fauci ouchie.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        *in addition to the fact that they do not actually stop you from getting infected anyways.

    • Alfred says:

      Still sounds like more spike protean damage. Hard to tell if it will be much better than the current vaccines.

      • Varna says:

        Thanks, yes, it’s the third spike protein variation dubbed “protein subunit” vax.
        Like the Russian EpiVac, the new Taiwanese Medigen, and the Chinese Anhui (which they are trying out on Uzbekistan only).

        Russia has three vaccines: the Sputnik adenoviral kike spike, the EpiVac protein subunit kike spike, and the KoviVak trad vaccine. They give the population all three, and in many regions you don’t get a choice–whatever is in stock were you are is what you get.

        And the more “Russian” the region, the more flexibility you have, but the more “Asiatic”–the more it’s like Tajikistan or Turkmenistan in terms of choice.

        In Chechnya for example, where Kadyrov rules his fiefdom with an iron fist, they stopped people’s pensions and wages until they get the shot. That’s a major downside to being in an asiatic tyranny–when the rulers decide you’re gonna do something–you’re fucked, there’s no appeal except armed resistance, and Kadyrov crushed that potential way beforehand, hence was gifted Chechnya as a perpetual fiefdom.

        In China, the civilians get the trad vax A and B, the army gets clot shot C, and Uzbekistan gets to test out clot shot D.

        Taiwan, however, unlike Russia and China, is an utter vassal of globohomo, which means no trad vax–some unwritten rule we do not yet know the reason of. If you’re globohomo you either get the RNA serum, or the adenoviral kike spike, and if you behave well you may also be allowe the protein subunit kike spike.

    • Alfred says:

      @StrengthWillWin every hospital in the US now stocks Regen-Cov, the same drugs Trump go. If you get sick ask that your doctor proscribe it. Hospitals are largely not giving it out despite having lots of it in stock. I don’t know if demanding it from them will work, but I like it likely they might give to you if your an outpatient. I’d ask your doctor about it.

      Also I continue to hear that people who tell medical staff they’re vaxxed get much better therapeutics than those who don’t. So tell them you had the vaccine if you catch the wu flu.

    • Sam Cru says:

      My wife and I both tested positive for Sars-Cov-2 in April. My wife had a sore throat for a few days. I had no symptoms. I tried to give it to my 1yo son, but it wasn’t transmitted (he tested negative three times). Gov’t came to my house with guns and took us to Covid gulag (I’m not in a Western country). Banged wife after Covid gulag and she’s pregnant now. No boner problems here. This is all a hoax. Nobody at Covid gulag was very sick either. Multiple people I know of are very sick or dead from the deadly Covid injection. Would not recommend.

      • Varna says:

        Seeing now the first discussions on the EE chans how COVID gives you a cholinergic system reeboot if you’re lucky genetically and a few months after bouncing back winners of the genetic lottery feel younger and smarter than before.

        Some eastern anons claim they are experiencing it.

        Did not expect that.

    • Starman says:


      “I still am unvaccinated and still plan to be but the erectile dysfunction/impotence claim that its long term as well as other supposed long term symptoms after getting non-lethal/non-hospitalization covid etc. concern me a bit, so it’d be nice to know that it’s bullshit.”

      You can avoid Long-COVID™ for non-elderly people by avoiding the following:
      -mRNA frankenvaxxes
      -Harvard degrees
      -Yale degrees
      -Oxford degrees
      -Relationships with any Ivy League friends
      -Universities and colleges
      -Law degrees
      -Air Conditioned offices
      -Business Executive suites
      -Private jets
      -Super Yachts
      -HR “work”
      -Any other wordsmithing make-work “job”

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    Et tu, St. John? Just kidding, man. You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry if I damaged others in my brazenness and ignorance.

    I would have elaborated further, but Jim edited his post and I was at work. My opsec is shit and I’ve recently been fired and lost my clearance, my access to contracts, my life has taken a severe turn. But that’s my doing, for we always reap what we sow. So…

    The 26 Points on homosexuality are far more eloquent than I could be, but copy pasting is not proof in my opinion, so I won’t do it. For me, it is the inherent pedophilic nature of all gays that turns my stomach. I do not abide sodomites under my roof and I publicly show my disgust for them. To be painfully honest, a lot of the guys here that don’t have wives or families or property yet feel empowered to tell other men how to be reeks of faggotry. But Jim tolerates it, so I’ll keep my peace.

    My sounding off on blacks is what did me in. My own damn fault. You guys often talk about lists, but I’m actually pretty worried that I’m on one because of what was ALLEGEDLY overheard. The IQ gap is real and niggory diggory is fucking disgusting, but that’s also their culture and their evolutionary state, so I’m not going to bandy about nigger this and nigger that because, just like antisemitism, that is allowable script these days. The Bell Curve is real and it is a dark view into the future of rampant race mixing, which bodes ill for our future. The RLI did nothing wrong and Salisbury was a dream that died at the hands of misplaced white guilt and cowards. Operation Opal is maybe the saddest story of The Fall.

    Women are property and are happiest when owned. This is the single largest issue facing the Restoration, and that isn’t a position I come to lightly. Jim is right, the Woman Problem is the problem. GNON blesses with sons and challenges with daughters, because little girls become little sluts in the blink of an eye, with faggot teachers and dried up old spinsters cheering on their demise. There isn’t enough rope out their for bad fathers and indulgent mothers.

    On a personal note, I reached out to you Pooch, because you had made it painfully clear that we were neighbors, and I wanted to meet up, let you know what my plan was, and find a brother. In retrospect, I’m glad you wet your pants like bitch. Let me know what you’re made of. You guys can come at me all you want, but leave Aidan out of it. He’s a good man and he, more than anyone I know, fights his own battles. I’m proud to call him brother.

    You can moderate me if you want Jim. Not going to stop me from reading, contemplating, and learning. I’ve tried, too many times, to help identify weak attack surfaces and offer mitigation strategies. The RPWQ is outdated antivirus software, though it does catch hammfisted fools like Robert, who straight up failed, though I think he’s a boomercon, not a fed. I will continue my work on the Book of Jim. No amount of online rageposting can take away from me the fact that I am GNON’s imperfect instrument.

    I’m not a fed. I’m not an enemy. I’m a johnny-come-lately homesteader and I want to be a Jimian Christian. My land is always open to anyone here who needs shelter, even the fags I can’t stand.

    • Alfred says:

      >To be painfully honest, a lot of the guys here that don’t have wives or families or property yet feel empowered to tell other men how to be reeks of faggotry.

      You are calling unmarried men who want nothing more than to marry a virgin bride and raise children faggots? I’m guessing you probably spend a lot of time in bathhouses if that’s where you mind goes.

      >On a personal note, I reached out to you Pooch, because you had made it painfully clear that we were neighbors, and I wanted to meet up, let you know what my plan was, and find a brother. In retrospect, I’m glad you wet your pants like bitch. Let me know what you’re made of. You guys can come at me all you want, but leave Aidan out of it. He’s a good man and he, more than anyone I know, fights his own battles. I’m proud to call him brother.

      The only place your planning to put people is in prison or string them out as a CI in order to trump up fake charges against good people.

      • jim says:

        I am inclined to doubt that someone who makes a strong pass on sacrilege against the Cathedral is planning any of those things.

      • Fëanor says:

        Aidan says he is definitely not a fed, and if Aidan were himself a fed, there’s a good chance I would have been arrested or strongarmed a long time ago.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I think you’re a good man, Alfred. I don’t need you to trust me based on word alone. I think you are wasting valuable time waiting for a virgin because children make a man whole, but I’m also the worst example of doing the right thing.

        • Alfred says:

          > I think you are wasting valuable time waiting for a virgin because children make a man whole,

          All the friends I grew up with are married and none of them have children even the very alpha ones. Modern marriage is largely gay marriage and no children are produced from it. A family with with wife and children that then man owns makes him whole. Bastards and marriage 2.0 does not.

          A lot of my generation who didn’t obtain criminal records or power of some sort are largely in the same boat unless naturally alpha. Nothing but bastards and gay marriages.

          A virgin wife and a system of men owning women and children is necessary for men who struggle at being alpha to reproduce. Some men are lucky, some men make their own luck, but majority are just shit out of luck.

          • jim says:

            The nature of women is such that miss average is only going to be satisfied by mister one in thirty, if they have the option.

            So most men cannot get married and have sons.

            So we have to shut down that option.

            In the meantime, the only practical option for men is to plow through a pile of whores, and if you are very very good at it, you get to pick a whore that has not seen too much traffic.

            • I have normality bias says:

              So most men cannot get married and have sons.

              Is it really as bad as that? I live in a city in Australia most of my coworkers are software developers. Not the location and not the demographic that you might associate with reproductive success, but in practice most of them are married, and most of the married ones have children.

              When I go to the grocery store I often see man/woman couples. If they’re older than me, then half the time they’ve got children with them.

              I think the ideas discussed in the red pill blogosphere and in this blog in particular are broadly correct. The Cathedral is in charge and is gay and retarded, leftism is spiralling to insanity and has been for the last four hundred years, women need to be owned or they’ll go feral, all of these things are true. But the difficulty that normal men have in getting a wife and kids is overstated.

              • jim says:

                I exaggerated.

                Women are marrying and having children. But for the most part they are doing it at the last minute, when their fertility is declining. And the men that they eventually and reluctantly settle for have been having a lot of very long dry spells, and are never forgiven for being lesser men than the man who would one in a long while give her a booty call back when she was young and hot.

                • I have normality bias says:

                  Thank you for your clarification. Even your non-exaggerated description is something intolerable.

                • alf says:

                  Plenty of variance, but besides the late settling and the late decision to have kids, I am also seeing that the raising of kids is experienced as quite difficult. ‘Prisoners in our own house’ is a complaint I hear from parents with young kids. Couples who previously wanted big families stop at one or two after they realize it takes a village to raise a family, and they at best have an afternoon or two with rotating strangers at daycare.

                • jim says:

                  first thing you need to raise kids is a garden. Kids need to get outside, and you need to be able to chase them outside. Hard to raise kids without a garden.

                • Pooch says:

                  Can confirm this is exactly the case with my peer group from university. It is unfathomable to them to have 3 kids because of the intrusion on their lifestyle which depends on both parents working.

                • alf says:

                  What do you picture when you talk about a garden? If we’re talking about a garden so big that you can barely see your neighbors, definitely. If we’re talking about a thirty square meter garden in the city… Well it helps, but not that much.

                • jim says:

                  Quite so. What you really need is a safe neighborhood with some jungle still in it. My gardens were always marginally adequate, but any garden helps considerably. Urbs have always been population sinks. Suburbia is able to reproduce successfully, though less successfully than the exurbs and the countryside.

                  You also, of course, need a safe neighborhood. Kids like to wander once they reach four or five.

              • Pooch says:

                Half or more of the happy marriages you see will end in divorce.

    • jim says:

      Pass with flying colors

    • Lacerator says:

      “the inherent pedophilic nature of all gays”

      This is selection bias and a misuse of language. I’m a fag, late 20s, and I have less than zero interest in teenagers or below; I set my age filter on Grindr so I don’t have to see anyone under 21 (the app is strictly 18+ and you can report underages, and they get banned). Most guys on there are looking for men their own age or older. Children are annoying; I tend to avoid them even in online videogames.

      There’s nothing “inherent” about pedophilia to gayness; though I wouldn’t argue against there being a strong correlation. Most pedophiles are not comfortable with their sexuality, and do not identify as gay. You love the exceptions, but most gay men (if you ever cared to look) do not think or act anything like the exceptions.

      There’s any number of valid health and moral concerns that can be levied at the gay “community”, but most of us living our lives and not trying to make a statement do not actually give any fucks about your kids.

      • jim says:

        Maybe, but the correlation seems to totally dominate all sexual activity with pre-pubertal children.

        A lot of gays have a femme orientation. They are more interested in being banged by manly men, than banging little boys. I would guess if you set your age filter to 21, you are more interested in being banged by manly men. But most gays have both interests, to a greater or lesser extent.

        Gays, like women, tend to have all sexual deviations simultaneously.

      • Alfed says:

        There’s a reason that gay men adopt little boys exclusively and while allowing faggots scout leaders into the Boy Scouts resulted in thousands of boys being raped during camp outs.

        • Lacerator says:

          > There’s a reason that gay men adopt little boys exclusively

          Yes, it’s the same reason that expecting fathers hope for their newborn to be a son: identification. A man can teach a son (and has more to gain from having a son) more than they can teach a daughter. Wanting to fuck them is way more niche.

          That being said, I’ll get way ahead of you and suggest that all adopted children should have an assigned social worker to make sure those kids aren’t getting raped. Potentially adverse conditioning can’t be helped, but whatever, they were orphans anyway.

          Gay couples who adopt children are extreme aberrations anyway. I assure you, most of us would find it unthinkable to have kids. Gay couples who do adopt children should be studied, and it’s in the left’s interest to study them to validate the idea anyway, so we just need to have the right people studying them to make sure no harm occurs. Of course, in order to do this, in order to actually do some or any good, you have to be investigative rather than assuming the people you don’t like are always doing the worst thing they can possibly do (this enables the actual guilty to remain unnoticed).

          > while allowing faggots scout leaders into the Boy Scouts resulted in thousands of boys being raped during camp outs

          Pedophiles want to be Boy Scout leaders. Most gay people do not want to be Boy Scout leaders. Selection bias 101.

          Look, homosexuality poses a challenge (or a problem, if you’d have it) to the heterosexual world order. There are many valid and obvious angles to examine this problem in totality, angles which actually cover the inherent risks and attitudes of the homosexual, but pedophilia is extremely fringe and forefronting the fringe is lame and lazy. Socialized gays (i.e. men on the enforced 18+ apps looking to hookup and date, not weirdos trying to creep into the Boy Scouts) are not pedophiles. If you want to address the gay problem, you want to address the socialized gays and the problems they pose, foremost.

          • Lacerator says:

            Also, there’s two points I need to reply to in jim’s post but I need to think about them a bit more.

          • jim says:

            > pedophilia is extremely fringe

            Back when people were allowed to see what was in front of their eyes, they did not think it fringe, but called them all pederasts.

            And pederasty is quite low on my list of things wrong with gays. Indeed, in my long, long, long, list of things wrong with gays I say that gays banging little boys is not really a problem so long as they stick to banging bastards, as they usually do.

            • Cementmixer says:

              While my perception of many homosexuals is indeed that they seem off and tend to be quite unhealthy, that list strikes me as overblown and disjointed with various points redundantly and irregularly repeated in slightly different wording and context.

              I’m sure there are activist homosexuals and pederast homosexuals, but the vast of them only ever seem to care about getting railed as much as possible

              • jim says:

                The primary problem with gays is that gays are intrusive, in large part because “only ever seem to care about getting railed as much as possible”. The gay minority squeeze the straight majority out. Gayness dominates and pervades our culture. They just don’t leave room for me to be me.

                • Cementmixer says:

                  I think they are able to pervade the culture only because of the support of the elite. They would not be able to dominate the culture on their own

                  I suspect that giving no retreat and no quarter to gays in a reactionary society would leave them no option but to once again become enlisted by the leftist conspiracies of the future. Which is what I believe happened in the form of “LGBT”, the whole thing being conjured up and sustained by our conspirational elite

                  Perhaps it would be preferable for a healthy society to have a place for homosexuals, even if they would not have the status of families with children. Then they would not be such easy recruits for hateful conspiracies

                • jim says:

                  > giving no retreat and no quarter to gays in a reactionary society would leave them no option but to once again become enlisted by the leftist conspiracies

                  Sure they will have retreat and quarter – back in the closet where they used to be, the closet where every happily married happy family has been forced to hide right now. (Because no family can be happy if the man of the house conducts himself according to the rules now vigorously enforced)

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >I suspect that giving no retreat and no quarter to gays in a reactionary society would leave them no option but to once again become enlisted by the leftist conspiracies of the future.

                  The good old classic; ‘im not saying im *mugging* you or anything – but you not giving me the contents of your wallet might be offensive to me, and i would be fully justified in defending myself from this offense’.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Blatant effeminancy in men should not be tolerated. Boy buggering even bastards should not be tolerated and being “out of the closet” should not be tolerated.

                  Gays should be expected to pass as straight and confine their perversions to the fringes of society. As far as most people are concerned it basically should be seen not to exist. Also no state or quasi state jobs because of their deceitful nature and potential to be blackmailed. A gay caught even applying for such a job gets the helicopter, I will make one small exception for Milo yiannopoulos.

              • Cementmixer says:

                >The good old classic; ‘im not saying im *mugging* you or anything – but you not giving me the contents of your wallet might be offensive to me, and i would be fully justified in defending myself from this offense’.

                ‘im not saying i’m *executing* you or anything – but you not pretending that you don’t exist might be offensive to me, and i would be fully justified in throwing you off a roof’.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  ‘Breaking News: dog scratches itch; fleas most affected.’

              • Cementmixer says:

                >‘Breaking News: dog scratches itch; fleas most affected.’

                it is not new that Fleas are most affected. That much has been obvious for a long time now in our inability to publicly speak against Globohomo lest it scratches us off its back.

                You guys speak as if homosexuals rob men of friendships. I don’t think they necessarily do. I’ve met gays that were annoyingly forward and shameless just as I have had beneficial friendships with ones that aren’t. The former group being easy enough to avoid

                But you’d rather reduce them all into an evil shadow; presumably because of your romantic, unsustainable notions of machismo and Männerbund that is evidently too delicate to survive in the face of an Enemy who will gleefully include all who were violently excluded; channeling their reasonable fear and hatred into a combined might neither would achieve on their own.

                I’d rather a world in which gays are given pathways that allow them to contribute while truthfully accounting for their existence, therefore containing their worst excesses. I don’t think such would be impossible if not for your defensiveness and apathetic refusal to utilize your intellect in that direction.

                Human will can not be contained by brutish social engineering. They adapt just as they have before. We need more than mere denialism of truth, and reach out to the downtrodden in humility and compassion before they are assimilated by the enemy.

                But it seems you are hellbent on making the exact same mistakes as our ancestors even as those very mistakes have reduced us into “fleas”

                • jim says:

                  If drag queens are allowed in the library, Perseus and Andromeda is not allowed.

                  There are good homosexuals. One of them saved my life. But that they are allowed out of the closet means that straight males have to stay in the closet.

                  It is legal and socially acceptable for a person identifying as a male to have sex with a person identifying as a woman, but it is not legal, and all media depict it as despicable, horrible, and socially unacceptable, for men to act as men interact with men, and interact with women as men interact with women.

                  In substantial part this is female emancipation, our society failing a female shit test, but the mating patterns depicted on media, the mating dance in media targeted at men, is the gay mating dance, not the straight one. There just is not cultural room enough for two patterns of sexual behavior to be normal. Normalizing gays necessarily abnormalizes straights, and, most seriously, abnormalizes families.

                  I am not saying every single gay is evil, but every single gay causes a great deal of social damage. They have to go back in the closet to make space for me to come out of the closet. If gay is normal, every happy and successful heterosexual relationship is abnormal.

                • Cementmixer says:

                  Thanks for speaking plainly.

                  I did not object with the intention that homosexuality become “normalized”, least of all in the expense of healthy families. I believe it is some kind of mental or spiritual impairment.

                  That a group of people is impaired does not strike me as a reason to antagonize them which is what casting them into becoming a disaffected loose end in closeted darkness would do. Perhaps you disagree on this point, or do not care to think that far

                  I think homosexuals would not be much trouble on their own, and become such through the manipulations of the elite.

                  But you do not address this point as if homosexuals and intolerably troublesome all on their own. And that homosexuality necessarily forces straights into the closet.

                  On one hand I certainly don’t have the experiental background to grasp why you make those claims, and on the other hand I believe they have an excess of maladaptive behaviors in large part because of having been generally shunned and disenfranchised in history.

                  I could be naive or mistaken, but to what extent or in which areas specifically, seems unclear. Something to think about…

                • jim says:

                  The trouble is

                  1. Chestertons fence:
                  Societies that normalize homosexuality do not survive.

                  2. Why?

                  I gave a long, long, long, long, list of reasons, and these are what we have in fact experienced.

                  Which can be summarized as saying that sex, sexuality, and family is such a big thing in the culture that there is not room for two. I want to that space, so we have to make gays get out of it.

                  You have more room to breath now that drag queens can perform sexual acts on the floor of Multnomah library. I have less room to breath now Andromeda and Perseus can non longer get it on in pages on the shelves.

                  Obviously the state should not bother looking behind closed doors, for the reasons I gave in that post, and the state does not look behind my closed door, though it it did it would be utterly horrified. If it looked into any happy marriage and any happy family it would be utterly horrified. But the whole “out of the closet” thing is because sexuality extends a long long way outside the door. And it just turns out that two cannot occupy that cultural space. Or at least gay behavior is such that it cannot co-exist with another pattern of sexual behavior, but must impose its cultural pattern on on all sexual behavior, so that heterosexuality becomes just another fetish within the immense array of gay fetishes, and heterosexuals must practice their particular odd peculiar fetish the way gays practice theirs. If gayness comes out of the closet, straightness finds itself retreating into the closet.

                  Why cannot two occupy that space? I gave the reasons at great length. They are more or less the same reasons gays gave for why the closet was oppressive to them, seen from the other side. seen by someone who found the cultural and social norms that gays were objecting to as comfortable as an old well fitting shoe.

                  The whole idea of diversity is “Why can’t we all get along?” Well, that would be nice, but it turns out we cannot. We cannot get along with blacks, and those urging us to build high walls around their mansions while the rest of use flee the houses we built and abandon them to plains apes, and, for different reasons, we cannot get along with gays.

                  There are good blacks, and maybe only a minority of them cause a problem, but they cause an intolerable problem, which forces white people to flee and their cities to burn or disintegrate. There good gays. But a very large proportion of gays cause problems.

                  The reply to “why can’t we all get along” is to point at Detroit and the rest. We just can’t. And we just cannot get along with gays either. To attempt to do so is to retreat before them, and we have run out of places to retreat to.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >reach out to the downtrodden in humility and compassion before they are assimilated by the enemy.

                  And once we get all those Natural Conservatives from south of the border on our side, then we’ll really show those libs what’s what at the next election!

                • The Cominator says:

                  “But it seems you are hellbent on making the exact same mistakes as our ancestors even as those very mistakes have reduced us into “fleas”

                  Generally our view here is that our more distant ancestors were right about such things, and that our more recent ancestors and contemporaries were wrong to demolish Chesterton’s fence. Strong civilizations do not generally let the perversion be expressed openly.

                  There are theories on this of which one poster (I believe not Jim) made a list of reasons and that Jim put into a thread but it seems best when civilizations generally pretend that homosexuality does not exist, and that come down violently on people who loudly remind people that the perversion exists.

                • Cementmixer says:

                  @The Cominator

                  Appreciate the responses

  15. Alfred says:

    Major escalation:

    The judge just randomly asked if mom was vaccinated, she said no, and he took her child away.

    They were in court for a separate matter.

    The dad didn’t even request it.

    Now they stole her child away forever unless she gets the vax and presumably all boosters.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      My wife is now livid but she thinks it’s fake. Even if this one has a lot of details not being discussed, I am not surprised at all. Judges seem uniquely susceptible to the holiness spiral, something about the confluence of high status, high power, and high self image. I bet this becomes the norm.

      • Starman says:

        @kunning dreuger
        Avoiding the thread below now, eh?

        “C, the painfully obvious Jimian option that no one could possibly figure out through process of elimination. Do you not see the obvious weakness in your “100% effective” comment?”

        Then type it out then. What was the answer at “C”?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Fuck you, pog ass faggot. I did respond. I’m not afraid of some gibbs gobbling faggot vet. You guys are the worst.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The customary format is to copy or type out verbatim both the question, and your chosen answer. An additional rant elucidating at length why you believe in your chosen answer is not strictly necessary, but is salutary.

      • The Cominator says:

        High lawyer priests… if they weren’t holy they rarely get to be judges Thomas was the exception.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Semi-related, but i think my favorite thing about that thread was actually the official death rates for the seasonal cold someone posted in reply.

      Good enough to destroy civilization over eh?

    • Bilge_Pump says:

      Never seen him before. Is that really his beard? I thought it was photoshopped at first. I think there comes a point when obsessing over your personal appearance becomes feminine, and I think having the rigid waxed beard is kind of feminine.

  16. Future Expat says:

    Is Romania a good place to move to? They speak a Romance language and are in Eastern Europe. A large percentage of the population is Orthodox.

    The questions are, how affected by Coronaism are they, and their relationship with Russia.

    Wikipedia says they have a mixed relationship with Russia. From youtube, vaccines have been rolling out but there was a protest against them in the capital. How do these Official(TM) sources compare to what is actually going on in Romania?

  17. Kunning Drueger says:

    The takeover of UK or any of the 5 Is could go along the lines of the 2020 summer of love. Some inciting event causes a series of mass demonstrations incited by curiously good camera coverage, and these demonstrations collapse into anarchy. While law enforcement is responding directly, organized groups effect mini-coups all over the city, seizing control of infrastructural nodes. The national guard is called in, and Lt. Ligma, Sgt. Shaniqua, Corporal Karen, and Private Pedro move quickly to evict businesses and properties to save them from being torched. Soon after, the elected officials resign happily and applaud as a truth and reconciliation transitional authority takes over. The pattern repeats elsewhere in cities and regions, and the media gives it a title like the Rainbow Revolution. I think cartels would wait for something like above to happen before explicitly seizing territory. The Rainbow Coalition would be more interested in flattening Coeur d’Alene than defending El Paso. Conservatives like Tucker Carlson will bemoan the good old days of real protests for actual justice, like in 2020.

    • The Original OC says:

      I believe the metropole will fall before the periphery.

      In the UK, the government would try to use white troops firing live ammunition against anti-Progressive rioters and probably succeed.

    • Dave says:

      Why not just take over the Anglosphere gradually, like they’re doing already? What’s the rush?

  18. The Cominator says:

    Random off topic question, is ISIS K real?

    My inclination is no… and the US government deliberately killed some of its own troops.

    Proving this might really bring down the regime.

    • Pooch says:

      All the troops killed seem to have a strange lack of diversity.

      • The Cominator says:

        Combat arms and jobs closely assisting combat arms (such that they might end up in combat situations themselves even if their role isn’t strictly combat) tend to be mostly white. Not 100% but probably 90%.

    • jim says:

      Proving fraud did not bring down the regime.

      Only Caesar can bring down the regime, because the regime is a lack of cohesive ruling elite.

  19. Pseudonymous Flake says:

    [*deleted for cheerful detachment from reality*]

    • jim says:

      It is Harvard that aspires, has aspired for three hundred and fifty years, to be a one world government, and for a while, following the fall of the Soviet Union, it seemed to itself and to others that it actually was.

      The “rules based international order” is that Harvard decides the rules from moment to moment, and does not explain to anyone else what they are. The would be one world government is in plain sight.

      Alex Jones conspiracy theories are like troofers who say that a commercial airliner did not hit the towers. He not only sees what is strangely invisible, he fails to see what is in plain sight.

      The trouble with his theories is not that he believes that there is a movement to rule the world, obviously there is such a movement, but that he believes it is invisible and hidden, when it is right in our faces.

      His theories are like blaming the fall of the towers on invisible thermite, rather than visible airliners.

      • The Cominator says:

        Nowadays Alex Jones is more good than bad.

        • Pooch says:

          Alex Jones is invaluable. Like Gab is doing for social media, Infowars is one of the few non-Cathedral controlled right-wing media outlets for our people to get their news from.

          • Guy says:

            I assume Alex Jones is a cathedral op, he has a lot of money to throw around for an iodine salesman.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              You underestimate how much of a market there is for something, anything, that seems like it is in an amerikaner’s interest, or at the very least not prefiguredly hostile.

              The preponderance of disney/marvel/netflix-esque cultural blobs is not a reflection of the fact that they are more perfect reflections of consumer preference, but from the fact that everything else is illegal.

            • The Cominator says:

              Maybe in the days after 9/11 but not since he hired Owen Shroyer.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          “Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: ‘Alex Jones was right again’.”

          • jim says:

            Alex Jones is always wrong, the same way a troofer is always wrong. He refuses to see what is in front of his eyes, explaining away events by mysterious invisible evil forces, when obnoxiously visible evil forces are working in plain sight, like a troofer who notices all sorts of little details about the fall of the towers, but cannot see the planes going in, and their wreckage coming out.

        • jim says:

          > Nowadays Alex Jones is more good than bad.

          Maybe. Last time I watched him he was calling out child protective services, which is good, and proves he is not a Cathedral shill, but strangely failing to notice that the “children” suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Child Protective Services are primarily boys suffering sexual abuse.

          The primary reason he keeps invoking mysterious invisible evil forces, is that there are some highly visible evil forces he will not touch.

          • Pooch says:

            He’s a facefag so cannot say the whole truth but he is saying a lot of the truth nowadays and most importantly not deliberately lying about the news like Cathedral propaganda outlets. Info wars, impressively, is one of the only true news media operations operating completely outside of Cathedral control similar to what Torba has done with Gab.

            • jim says:

              Yes, but Alex Jones is still a facefag. One of the best facefags, but we dare not treat facefags too seriously.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes, we in the Dark Enlightenment and NRx analytical sphere should not be all that concerned with the daily news or Alex Jones, but it’s orders of magnitude better for normies to watch InfoWars instead of Fox News as their daily news program. In that regard, Alex Jones is offering a valuable service for normies.

          • Guy says:

            If not a cathedral shill why does he self-censor? Or is he just blind to things? I’d think being a shill for an entity other than the cathedral would be more dangerous than just being a conspiracy theorist.

            Just worried about losing his audience should they become shocked at his content?

            • FrankNorman says:

              Well, there’s one obvious answer to that: Jones self-censors because he’s well aware that there are topics the “cathedral” will not allow public discussion about.

              If he “goes there” he’ll be shut down.

      • Reziac says:

        Alex Jones even has conspiracy theories about himself:

    • alf says:

      ‘cheerful detachment’ 😂

  20. Alfred says:

    Reading Andy Gno’s twitter feed there seems to be a lot of disunity with Antifa and other leftists lately. Sounds like a power struggle is underway in the broader left now. They’re firmly convinced that they no longer need to fear the right or worry about a military coup.

  21. Karl says:

    The Soviet Afghanistan experience was fundamentally different from the US Afghanistan experience as the Soviets had already stopped their holiness spiral. The Soviet system was running on inertia and lacked true believers.

    The US still has an active holiness spiral.

    The US republic may very well fall soon, but how could that affect the holiness spiral? The progressive faith does not need democracy. So the republic might simply be replaced by a system that is indistinguishable from a communist dictatorship, like Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

    Which force could and would want to invade the US after the end of the republic? I don’t see any candidates for that.

    The way I see it, the imminent fall of the republic won’t give us a Caesar nor an Augustus, rather it will give us a pre-Stalin dictatorship which might -if we are lucky- give is a Stalin who will then stop the holiness spiral.

    • jim says:

      > Which force could and would want to invade the US after the end of the republic? I don’t see any candidates for that.

      The Mexican cartels are already invading, and the Somalis expect to conquer.

      The British in Basra and Helmand province displayed absurd and extreme military weakness. If no one has tried to conquer Britain yet, it is a mixture of normality bias and fear of US intervention.

      > but how could that affect the holiness spiral? The progressive faith does not need democracy. So the republic might simply be replaced by a system that is indistinguishable from a communist dictatorship

      We already have that system – the communist elections were more plausible than our own.

      What I expect is that with no mechanism for peaceful transfer of power, eventually a warrior comes out on top. Likely a warrior priest of the woke religion, as Stalin was a warrior priest of the God that failed. But communism could put a quite adequate army in the field. It is far from apparent that woke can do the same.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        Likely a warrior priest of the woke religion, as Stalin was a warrior priest of the God that failed.

        That seems unlikely if only because being woke is in direct contradiction with being a warrior. Marxism-Leninism didn’t shill for effeminacy, faggots and feminism, only destructive economics.

        Maybe a gangster warlord like that one black man in Seattle, that sounds more plausible at least in their own areas. And something similar for latinos.

      • Fireball says:

        I wouldn’t discount the woke they have a lot of faith and the promises of a lot of wealth to pillage.

        • jim says:

          Observed performance of the woke in combat has been ridiculous and hilarious.

          • Fireball says:

            True indeed but they are fighting strong men with a lot of faith in a strong religion that is actually able to deliver status and pussy to their warrior class.

      • My Name says:

        > If no one has tried to conquer Britain yet, it is a mixture of normality bias and fear of US intervention.

        I feel like this overstates the competence of the turd world that would be trying to pull this off in the first place. Russia and China, the ones who could actually accomplish this, are already making moves to expand at their own pace. Everywhere else is just as bad or worse when it comes to military capability. If I’m wrong, please show me, I would be interested to know of a potential upcoming regional power.

      • Karl says:

        True, the Mexian cartels are invading and maybe the Somalis expect to conquer, but those groups seem to be too small to conquer the whole USA. An empire losing some territory is not empire collapse.

        I also expect a warrior to come out on top. Did the US Afghanistan experience make it any easier for a warrior to come out on top? I don’t think so.

        Did the Soviet Afghanistan experience make collapse of the empire happen sooner? I think yes.

    • p says:

      > The Soviet Afghanistan experience was fundamentally different from the US Afghanistan experience as the Soviets had already stopped their holiness spiral. The Soviet system was running on inertia and lacked true believers.
      > The US still has an active holiness spiral.

      Yes. USSR went through roughly the following phases

      1. Holiness spiral, everyone trying to outleft one another
      2. Stabilization, achieved by means of declaring that maximum leftism has been achieved and that anyone questioning that is a rightist who needs to be canceled
      3. Stagnation
      4. Orderly shutdown

      America is at (1) at present.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I think the US is a Karensky period. We still have to get through the Revolution then Civil War before the spiral really starts spinning

    • Pooch says:

      What we are seeing is an active holiness spiral in a decaying, declining, decadent society. Something like the late Roman Republic but also elements of the late Roman Empire and USSR. Revolutionary Russia, France, and the American Revolution was an active holiness spiral in a developing society and civilization on the ascent. It is not an apples to apples comparison.

  22. offtopic but highly interesting: NTSS has some truly excellent articles on von Haller, at who was IMHO THE No. 1 reactionary thinker, partially because he came the closest to form a science of the Ancient Regime, and partially because he took the whole thing to its logical conclusion.

    Most of us started as libertarians. So we saw the state, in the sense of the public sphere, encroaching on the private sphere, business, family and we hated that. Von Haller takes this to the logical conclusion: the state should not be anything public at all, but a purely private and natural hierarchy, no “social contract”.

    Von Haller starts at the same natural law, propertarian, libertarian point as Locke and gets it to the completely opposite conclusion. Which is what Jim is doing, too.

    My impression is that critics who said von Haller is in favor of a might makes right rule, a rule of sheer coercion were wrong. My interpretation of his main views is this. Suppose there is a village somewhere and they are threatened by a band of robbers, like in The Seven Samurai. Some people are rich, some are poor. So people get together and the rich man says I will hire five soldiers some less rich men say I will hire three soldiers and most people can only by pooling their resources hire a few more. Therefore, a natural sense of justice dictates that the rich man gets the most voice in how to arrange the defense. And if the defense is constantly necessary, the rich man, consulting with the other rich men, becomes a kind of government. A local King.

    But this does not mean the village becomes his state. His state, literally his estate, is only the lands and other resources he privately owns. The other people are his subordinates, but they own their own lands and wealth by their own natural rights, and thus calling the people or the territory he has sovereignty over an estate is wrong, he does not own the whole thing. He just has a moral and perhaps later on legal authority over it. Over the people he offers the protection services to. He does not own their property, unlike Roman Caesars did. This is not a Bodinian sovereignty.

    This also means von Hallers superiority as the basis for hierarchy is not really a good terminology, we have to reinterpret things a bit, you can’t just 1:1 mirror translate 220 years old Schwitzerdütsch into modern English and keep it exactly the same. (Was the original term übergeordnet? That is somewhat better.) That is, the rich man is not necessarily smarter or braver or in any way more meritorous than the others. Maybe he was just lucky at his birth and inherited a lot of lands and wealth. He is not necessarily superior as a person, just has a superior social position due to his wealth. I think it would be better to use the term “surplus”. He has a surplus he can share, like, the soldiers he pays can also protect other people and their property, not just his.

    Even real superiority can be interpreted as a surplus. Alan is a web designer badly needing a job, because he sucks at salesing and networking. Bob is a web designer who is so good at salesing and networking that can sell more services than he can personally deliver. So he gives Alan a job. Bob’s superiority at salesing and networking can be interpreted as a surplus of demand for work generated, which he shares with Alan. In return, Alan works for him.

    This is important, because while superiority is respect-worthy, it does not in itself implies wanting to serve someone. Terence Tao is clearly superior to me and I respect him, but why would I want to serve him? But if due to his superior brilliance he can acquire some kind of surplus he can share with me, now then there could be a deal. This does not have to be money, it could be something like entrepreneurial skills, such as finding demand for work.

    Von Haller is not really an absolutist: he says taxation requires consent, because people have a natural right to their property. My interpretation is this: in my above model, the rich man offers that the soldiers he pays for will also protect other people’s lives and property, but then they have to chip in with the costs. They may accept or reject this offer.

    Von Haller is a bit of a less keen on warrior rule than Jim is. But only a bit. He says kingdoms mostly start with conquest, but later on the military hierarchy has to be transformed into a hierarchy of property, a patrimonial state based on property, not chain of command. He claims in France Hugh Capet did this. Of course the French nobility still stayed warriors for many centuries, so he is not opposing that either. He just says you need more than a military chain of command, you need legal property rights. He opposes priestly rule because people need protection more than they need instruction.

    Please read those articles. Literally best stuff ever.

    And sorry for offtopicking but I think this had worth it.

    Ontopic: we in Europe are already trembling what a “refugee” wave we will get from Afghanistan. We already have the experience that they are far worse immigrants than, say, the average Arab. Young Afghans are so violent, even old Afghan immigrants notice and comment on that.

    • jim says:

      This seems to be entirely relevant and not at all off topic.

      The unpleasant outcome of a dark age is that order and property is merely momentary and local supremacy in violence. To which Von Haller responds that what we need is private property rights, including a private property right in making law and deciding justice, and argues that if the conquerors agree between themselves that what each conqueror has seized is no longer up for grabs, then we get a transition to that regime. That if you draw a line somewhere to stop what was grabbed from being re-grabbed, you get Kingship and feudalism.

    • Fireball says:

      We? Where i am a very small minority is worry about it , the majority is ignoring it and the rest is socking wet.

      • Sure, but that small minority is the people who have brains and are not utterly pozzed. I have read articles in German even old Afghan immies denouncing the violent behavior of young Afghan immies. They have read it too. We have a disgustingly soft, unmanly, elderly, and so on kind of society in Europe, we really do not need another wave of young violent Afghans. Obviously the real solution would be to change the society, not to keep them out, that cannot work forever.

        But I think right now we are playing for time.

        • ten says:

          I completely disagree. A horde of extremely violent and hostile illiterates screaming for blood and infidel pussy is exactly what we need. Many are incurably insane and will make friends with and manifestations for the sandnigger who raped their daughter or son to death, but many are just ignorant and a personal trauma wakes them up. We need enough shitskins so that every person who matters is traumatized, or is close to someone who is. The democratic short circuit can only be broken by pain. As long as the invasion can be ignored, most will ignore it. It is not the job of the people to act on the great events of their time, we are not evolved for it, so to get anything going, we need lots of pain, and fast. The american empire is destabilizing extremely rapidly, and we will soon have a chance to assert sovereignty. The more extreme a rejection of the american state ideology we can manage the better.

          And to be fair, my country has had peace for 200 years. It’s about time to water the oaks.

          • Pooch says:

            This is a very good argument for accelerationism.

            • jim says:

              The people waking up does not matter. They are awake. I expect that the people of Khmer Rouge Cambodia also woke up.

              • Pooch says:

                The Khmer Rouge did not destabilize due to the elevation of diversity into its ranks. The faster white males get ejected from the regime and its soldiers the less formidable they will be. I welcome the ejection of the most insufficiently left white male faction of the ruling elite (the Republicans). If the holiness spiral runs in a way that keeps the white male elite faction intact we are in big trouble as we are seeing now with the vaccines. The slow burn of the holiness is killing us.

                • Pooch says:

                  Holiness spiral*

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Well said Pooch. There is not much difference between a crash and burn and a crash landing, but if I’m in the cabin, I know which one I’d prefer.

                • Pooch says:

                  The Republicans are providing a useful stabilizer to the regime. They are doing it a service by keeping it from going full retard, which is just all the more reason to remove it. I say let it go full retard.

                  We should definitely try twice as hard to stay out of its way, but I am not all that convinced that a regime of sheboons and trannie freaks will have the competency to Khmer Rouge us or do much of anything for that matter besides send black mobs to ethnically cleanse an area of white farmers.

                  Observe that white South Africans have a whole lot to worry about, but vaccine mandates are not one of them due to the laughable incompetence of the ANC regime.

  23. Calvin says:

    Problem with comparing our situation to the Soviet’s is that they still had an abundance of what our elite are struggling to get rid of as fast as possible: competent white men. Commissar Shanequa simply isn’t going to be able to wring the same amount of life out of our broken system as Commissar Vlad was able to, simply by virtue of inferior intelligence and work ethic. If the armed forces fall to pieces (as looks very likely in the near future), what’s left upholding the regime?

    • Pooch says:

      African mobs…which were easily defeated by small communities of gun owners in the latest riot of Zululand.

  24. Fireball says:

    The american republic is already dead. I am sure that will still exist in undeath for 10 or 20 years as the progressives slowly kill everyone and them themselves. It took what, 15 years for napoleon to appear.

    What i am not sure that will last long is the EU. The people that have been imported to my corner of europe from lands not far from afghanistan have been walking very tall.

    • jim says:

      Not betting on ten to twenty years. Betting on four to five years. I have a little form in this, since I correctly called the fall of the Soviet Union in 1985, although the cases are not entirely comparable and it fell quicker than I expected, which led me to now discount normality bias.

      Normality bias leads us to always underestimate the prospects for the seriously abnormal, but we have recently seen a whole lot of seriously abnormal, and the trend line is more, faster.

      • Fireball says:

        The fall USSR is likely comparable to what is going to happen to parts of the west but not the US. The fall of the USSR as far as i understand the final fall of an old and rotten system. I believe what we are seeing is a revolutionary process in the US. So we may see the killing go exp but them calm down because robespierre got kill and them go up again. Or simply go exp until there is no one else to kill.

        But like the roman republic i think the american republic will exist in name for some time. I just don’t see the americans let go of that, it is part of their identity.

        Now if you are saying 4 or 5 years to the killing start, maybe. It could be even just 3. The covid measures destroyed the economy so that will probably hasten things.

      • onyomi says:

        I guess my question is what will the US “fall” into? I was still a kid when the USSR fall, so not in a position to predict it, but it strikes me that everyone “knew” what the USSR would become when it fell and were mostly correct–some kind of capitalist, democracy-ish thing. Perhaps the general sentiment underestimated oligarchy and the rise of a Putin-type figure, but it was generally correct, or, at least, there was some kind of model for the USSR to “fall” into.

        Conversely I have no idea what a “post-USA” USA looks like.

        • Pooch says:

          Yarvin theorizes that if there is nothing in waiting, ready, to replace the current regime it will not be replaced and will go indefinitely until something comes along to knock it over as a counter-force. Now may be the time to start building Amerikaner parallel shadow institutions.

          • Pooch says:

            All Jimian of course. It is an interesting thought exercise that if we could snap our fingers and immediately appear into a Jimian regime what would that look in exact detail? From everything from top level governance to schooling for 5 year olds. Some of that work may be able to begin now.

            • jim says:

              The number one project is to enable reproduction once again.

              The number two project is to enable technology and industrialization again.

              Enabling reproduction again means the methods that the Australian authorities applied in the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century. The state and chief priest marries them off and backs the authority of the husband.

              Well that is how you do it an orderly way. Mostly restorations of patriarchy happen in a terrifyingly disorderly, violent, and cruel way. On the other hand peaceful and orderly fixes produce a far stronger and more successful state.

              Restoring technology and science means getting the priesthood out of science and engineering. We have to make the scientific method high status again.

              The scientific method was officially declared high status by making the invisible college the Royal society. But in the end, actual violence was needed. The puritans attempted to shutdown Royal society meetings by calling out the mob, and that mob had to be physically crushed. We are likely to wind up needing to drive tanks through Harvard.

              At present, you get tenure by doing peer reviewed research, and peer reviewed research is social consensus on lies. To raise the status of science, have to remove the status and money flowing into peer reviewed research. They all have to be fired, and more than fired, lose status. We have an excess priesthood, and they have to be forced to get honest jobs, or be physically removed. If they have power and status, they have to deny other people power and status, in fields where power and status needs to be awarded in a non priestly fashion. We need to make space for money, power, and most importantly status, to be awarded for actual application of the scientific method. We have to cut the priesthood out of science. We are looking at massive cancer surgery to remove a massive cancer. For the healthy organs to have room to function, the cancer has to be removed. We just have far too many priests, and academic system that is training everyone for the priesthood. We have to turn off the supply, and purge the pile we already have. Cutting down the supply requires cutting universities down to a tiny fraction of their current size, which is just a matter of creating alternate paths to skilled vocations, and shutting down the campuses, which requires only stroke of the pen, but the violence is likely to ensue as we remove the vast oversupply we already have. They are in the way, and have to be forced to get out of the way.

              The peaceful and orderly way is to have everyone re-apply for his old job, or for an equivalent job, and as part of the job interview, we give him an IQ test to see if he is smart enough to actually perform it, and a conformity test like the thirty nine articles to see if he is willing to actually perform it. If his job involves in loco parentis authority over adolescents or children, a test of good character that requires him to have a wife and to have successfully raised children. And then if he fails either test, he quietly gets a job like serving coffee or greeting people in walmart. That would be nice, but the last time around it was rather more turbulent than that. The puritan mobs had to be crushed, and the anti puritan mobs had to be let off the leash to physically terrify and humiliate puritans claiming high status.

              “Educating” five year olds is a free child minding service to make women economically independent of husbands. At five, kids need to be exposed to other kids and other adults, but playgrounds are more appropriate, and this is private parenting issue to be dealt with by fathers, not the state. Women have to privatized, and families have to be privatized. Educating five year olds is a matter for fathers, not state policy. Education should be a matter for fathers, not state policy. We don’t want to overproduce elites who have no useful skills or ability other than in state or quasi statal positions. We have a vast oversupply of such people jockying for state and quasi state positions already.

              Scientists used not to be recruited through the university system. We need to revive the old channels to scientific activities.

          • Robert says:

            I tried to start maybe what would be called a men’s club about 5 years ago (Knights of the West). It was a good idea, my thinking was we need organization/support as america sinks, maybe even the first step in building something new. It was explicitly white and Christian. People were interested but problem was they really didn’t get anything from it. I’ve been thinking about it over the years and have a few better ideas, but main problem of what do they get out of it hasn’t been solved. I’d love to hear any ideas as I’ll eventually try it again.

            • Pooch says:

              explicitly white and Christian

              Absolutely not. Absurdly stupid idea. Great way to get Waco’d if you are not actually a fed yourself.

              Parallel institutions means more along the lines of setting up a school for children that actually teaches useful things or trade school program for Jimian style apprenticeship.

              • Alfred says:

                He’s clearly Fedbait.

                • Pooch says:

                  You’re right. Practically insta-fedposting. We must be getting more eyes on us than we thought.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Paranoia is a tool that can do a lot of damage if unrestrained. If you are actually concerned about someone posting things with the express intention of entrapment, no response is the best response. Give shill tests that aren’t the hokey lil’ red rocket multiple choice questions. Cross reference usernames, phrases that stick out, words that are uncommon, etc. Just pointing and crying “fedshill!” does nothing at all. Actual federal agents can’t participate in illegal conversations. They use Confidential Informants/Criminal Informants to plant ideas, collect info, anything dirty. So they tend to sit in on discords and trawl flagged archival stuff. The CIs are the ones that actually say and do stuff that leads to “stuff.”

                • jim says:

                  > Actual federal agents can’t participate in illegal conversations. They use Confidential Informants/Criminal Informants

                  The distinction between a federal agent and a confidential informant is meaningless. They are on the payroll, they work from the same office, their computers are maintained by the same IT department, a lot of them are hired from India on H1Bs. No one at the fed notices or cares about the distinction. No one knows or cares whether they have been assigned a federal agent hat or a Confidential Informant hat by Human Resources. It has been that way ever since Mueller was head of the FBI.

                • jim says:

                  > Give shill tests that aren’t the hokey lil’ red rocket multiple choice questions.

                  Experience is that these tests work mighty well. They are tests to detect the Human Resources Department looking over one’s shoulder.

                  And when anyone deprecates them, I immediately wonder whether the Human Resources Department is looking over his shoulder – which none of your proposed checks would detect.

                  You, Krunning Drueger, do not sound like a shill. Until now.

                  Take the shill test. I am sure you will pass with flying colors, but it would just make me a little bit more comfortable.

                  I would love to see you rant on the sacred totem muppets of the Cathedral. Gays, blacks, and “strong empowered” women. Give us a good rant.

                • Starman says:

                  @Kunning Dreuger

                  The multiple choice RedPill on women questions have had a 100% detection rate for fed shills so far.

                  It has caught several shills over here (ex. vxxc) and on Gab and other places.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  It is a challenge to take you seriously, but I will keep trying.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Actual federal agents can’t participate in illegal conversations”

                  They theoretically can’t. According to rules that they are in charge of enforcing on themselves and will not enforce on themselves.

                  If this were the 1980s yeah I would agree but it ain’t the 1980s no more.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah my ass feds can’t take part in illegal conversations. They’ll literally planned everything about 1/6.

                • Starman says:

                  @Kunning Drueger

                  “Actual federal agents can’t participate in illegal conversations”

                  Is that so, eh?

                  Here’s a multiple choice RedPill on Women for you:

                  Should the Age-of-Consent (AoC) be raised from 16-18 to 21-25?
                  [A] No, because the AoC of 16-18 is perfect.
                  [B] Yes, because that will prevent the Jews from pimping out young white women as prostitutes and porn actresses. The Jews are able to control white women by getting to them young, so just by waiting a few years longer before women get to have sex, we can prevent Jewish corruption from reaching the impressionable minds of college-age women.
                  [C] No, and in fact, there should be no AoC. Consent is opaque to a woman. Women seek to score alpha male dick from a disturbingly young age, and are apt to succeed when they grow boobs. The solution is young marriage for women, shotgun marriage, and in some cases marriage-by-abduction.
                  [D] Yes, because it has been scientifically established that the brain only finally stops developing around age 25 or so, and before one’s brain is fully developed, one is simply incapable of giving genuine consent to sex.
                  [E] Yes, the AoC is the best tool we conservative fathers currently have to protect our daughters from predatory men. The higher the AoC, the more legal power we fathers have to stop bad men from defiling our daughters and spoiling our precious princesses. In fact, since women should marry at 30 or so, the AoC should be 30.

                • Alfred says:

                  >Just pointing and crying “fedshill!” does nothing at all.

                  He’s so obviously a glownigger, that it doesn’t even require a test to confirm it. Hey everyone, got any ideas about forming illegal groups? That’s didn’t confirm it for you?

                  Every white nationalist groups are run by Feds. If he attempted to form one, then he’s a Fed.

                  >Actual federal agents can’t participate in illegal conversations.

                  LOL, WUT? It’s like you haven’t been paying attention for the last 20 years of Feds doing exactly that.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  @R7 Rocket

                  C, the painfully obvious Jimian option that no one could possibly figure out through process of elimination. Do you not see the obvious weakness in your “100% effective” comment?

                  Incorrect. CIs aren’t paid, not on the payroll. That payoff has to be obfuscated.

                  @Pooch and @Alfred
                  Federal agents have huge lists of rules about evidence collection. CIs don’t. Jim’s assertion that no paid shill who has to submit reports to a handler is going to go to far into thought crime is perfectly valid and it makes sense. The RPWQ and all of it’s versions were very interesting and effective, just like the Maxim gun was. It is now largely a relic because it is always the same scenario: pick the least socially acceptable answer, and the doorman lets you through “it’s cool guys, he’s one of us.” Why don’t you put some real effort in and make the answers less obvious?

                  I have it on very tenuous authority that flowers by Irene hover over Twitter and Facebook while the private corporations are subcontracted to go through the slower, less popular stuff, but that’s very old info. There are a ton of little companies that do surveillance work, but it has to stay OSINT or they won’t be able to submit the evidence safely. If you live in a single party consent state, you can be recorded at pretty much any time. Anything you post as well as easily scraped metadata is also fodder for reports.

                  There were a lot of people in DC that day, and I think a lot of good men made bad choices because they didn’t slow down and think about what was happening and how easily it could be twisted. The feds didn’t plan 1/6, the “angry conservatives” did. The feds just sprinkled in some addicts and CIs with vague guidelines and vague promises of immunity. Everyone who went to the capital was tempting fate. Same mistake a lot of us made here: we mistook a merchant for a warrior.

                • jim says:

                  > Incorrect. CIs aren’t paid, not on the payroll. That payoff has to be obfuscated.

                  It is obvious they are on the official payroll, since otherwise the HR detection test would fail, and there is lots of leaked information that they have been on the official payroll, hired through Human Resources, and working on computers supplied by IT, at desks supplied by the same infrastructure, in officers cleaned by the same cleaning staff, since at least Mueller was head of the FBI.

                  Take the shill test.

                  > There are a ton of little companies that do surveillance work

                  Very few of these companies actually do surveillance work. They are just recruiters. Rather, the agent is theoretically on their payroll and not on the government payroll, but that is just header for accounting. The money goes through the private company just for legal and accounting reasons. They don’t exercise any supervision or authority over their nominal employees, and their office is nowhere near where the employee actually works. It is merely that Human Resources is outsourcing a few Human Resources activities to the nominally private company.

                  They are not doing surveillance work for the feds, they are doing Human Resources work.

                • jim says:

                  > Federal agents have huge lists of rules about evidence collection

                  And we saw how carefully they followed them in the FISA court.

                  Give us a rant about blacks, sluts, or sodomites that someone behind an Human Resources supplied desk could not give us. State in your own words the painfully obvious Jimian reasoning behind option C.

                  If you can pass the minimal shill test, should have no problem passing it with massive overkill.

                • Pooch says:

                  I told you all Kunning was a fed a while ago. Aidan, find better friends. He’s building a case on you.

                • Alfred says:

                  > The feds didn’t plan 1/6,

                  I’ve seen the video’s of the cops, antifa and feds directing people where to go into the building and starting the violence. I watched the Capitol Police tossing flash bangs into the crowd when there was no violence in an attempt to induce the crowd to attack. The capitol riot’s was a Reichstag fire style event masterminded by the Cathedral.

                  The FBI planted the pipe bombs.

                  Yep, he’s a fed.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  He often makes certain kinds of ‘mistakes’ in posting that indicate a man who is unafraid of being doxed, and unconcerned about others being doxed. Maybe that is in fact his intention, maybe it isn’t; the functional effect is the same though, and it must be admitted it is not a good look either way.

                  The point of a shill test, which seems frequently misunderstood (purposefully or otherwise), is not for making yourself ‘immune’ to entryism by any and all sorts of bad actors; rather, it is for making it so low effort, bot-like attackers (whether farmed out shills following a script, or actual bots running a script) can be screened out with an equally low effort filter. Efficiency in your energy economy.

                  It certainly is possible for a thoughtfully conscious agent to take the effort to bluff his way around entry level shibboleths; but the point is that it obliges him to make that effort, to show up with a thoughtfully conscious subject, instead of the easy way of simply drowning a discourse with proceduraly generated cacophony.

                  And of course, when you open up to engage one way, you are also opening up to engagement the other way.

                • jim says:

                  > It certainly is possible for a thoughtfully conscious agent to take the effort to bluff his way around entry level shibboleths;

                  Human Resources generally will not allow this. There are some obvious shills who are able to pass, but they are not federal shills.

                • Starman says:

                  @kunning dreuger

                  “C, the painfully obvious Jimian option that no one could possibly figure out through process of elimination. Do you not see the obvious weakness in your “100% effective” comment?”

                  Then type it out then. What was the answer at “C”?

                • jim says:

                  Better, type out the general reasoning behind option C in your own words.

                  Or give us a rant on any of the sacred totems clients of the Cathedral.

              • Robert says:

                Being wary of fedposting is good, but shouldn’t prevent you from discussion. I have never talked about or proposed anything illegal. Have been reading commenting on here for years, although have been quiet the last few. Read my blog then judge


                Explicitly white and Christian is a must for me, entryism is a real problem. Your school program is a great idea, if you ever actually do it, I would support.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Explicitly stating limitations past sex is an invitation to entryism and investigation. Just say fishing or hunting or firewood. The coded payload lands precisely where you want it to and you actually have something to do while you hang with your Bros. KotW sounds naive or dangerous in the current context. I get the sentiment, but the time for childish things is drawing to a close.

                • Starman says:


                  ”Being wary of fedpoasting is good”

                  Just to make sure you’re not a fed, please answer this multiple choice RedPill on Women question:

                  Complete the following the sentence: Women misbehave because –
                  [A] Capitalism makes them misbehave, by economically incentivizing reckless high time-reference behavior over long-term planning. The capitalist class benefits from one night stands and sterility, as it benefits from third world immigration of spendthrift cheap labor to replace frugal Whites.
                  [B] The Jews make them misbehave, since the Jews own the media and the entire entertainment industry from Hollywood down to the tiniest pornography studio, and use them to direct propaganda at women, telling them to fuck blacks and lowlifes. The Jews deliberately intend for dysgenesis to occur, as part of their long-term White Genocide plan.
                  [C] Sorry, but this is a misleading question. Women don’t misbehave at all. All misbehavior is done by men, who are vile pigs.
                  [D] Lecherous men make them misbehave, since men are ultimately responsible for all female behavior (including misbehavior), and unlike women, men have self-control and moral agency. Thus it logically follows that any female misbehavior would merely reflect bad decisions taken by irresponsible and lustful men.
                  [E] They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from the prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a strategy by men to keep women under coverture/purdah in order produce the future generation and sustain civilization.

                • Robert says:


                  Fed test answer: parts A, B, and E, but none of those encapsulate fully what is going on. I am a Christian, I believe all misbehaving comes from the sin nature of mankind. Feminism/women’s emancipation is anti-christian. My wife and my children are my property given to me by God. I do not believe men and women are equal. Women have always behaved badly and God has told us in his word how to deal with it. Father deals with girl child, husband deals with girl woman. Going back to biblical principles on marriage would deal with the issue pretty quickly.

                • The Cominator says:

                  E is the correct answer A and B are failures. A is outright not true (capitalism in its true form incentives lower time preferences).

                  B does have some truth (in that modern women are also subject to very negative social engineering) but its not the position of this blog that all negative social engineering comes from the jews. We view the jews as mostly servants of the real elite.

                • Robert says:

                  Jim, you have really done a great job of articulating much of what is going wrong in the west. C.S. lewis probably does it the best in “the abolition of man” but none of us are at his level. I get the paranoia about shills, but at some point we do need parallel institutions. Maybe my attempt in the past was naive, but it was an attempt.

            • Fireball says:

              Do you have cousins?

        • Alfred says:

          >Conversely I have no idea what a “post-USA” USA looks like.

          Woke demon worshiping hell.

        • jim says:

          The USSR was nominally a Republic, and was challenged by a Republic, so it was easy for it to attempt to become an actual Republic. What in fact happened was the Harvard oligarchy moved in and looted the place. It did not become a Republic. It surrendered to the US, which was and is attempting to actively penetrate and dominate every society everywhere,

          But, the USG is no longer capable of ruling. Thus when they took over Haiti following the earthquake, they just looted the place, causing far more destruction than the earthquake.

          The USG failed in Russia for much the same reasons as it failed in several other countries.

          The operation in Afghanistan failed because they vigorously imposed woke, but failed to ensure that soldiers got paid. They protected the right of schoolgirls to learn how to put a condom on a banana, the right of men to have sex with males, but failed to protect the right of merchants to move goods around without being shaken down. The operation in the USSR failed of similar, though less extreme, causes.

          It is not so much that Afghanistan is hard to conquer, though it is, as that empires attempting to conquer it are acting irrationally and self destructively. Since you want to keep the roads open, it is easier just to lean on it. The place is unprofitable to conquer, because it is hard to shake down the locals, and there is not all that much to shake them down for.

          What happened in Russia suggests that Caesar will come from the spook community. The NSA used to have a bunch of extremely smart people. There must still be a few of them.

          • Pooch says:

            What happened in Russia suggests that Caesar will come from the spook community.

            What makes you say that? That the false flag operation was carried out competently?

            • jim says:

              Putin is a false flag? Not following you? What false flag operation are you referring to.

              The false flag operation in Afghanistan was competently carried out, but appears to be in furtherance of the insane objective of continuing to attempt to rule the world.

              Caesar will not only conduct operations competently, but will conduct them for rational objectives. I don’t see any such activity yet.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Putin was a KGB officer in the GDR.

          • onyomi says:

            >What happened in Russia suggests that Caesar will come from the spook community.

            This seems likely.

            I’m more just wondering about a big picture question of self-regard. As you say, when the USSR fell, it dreamt of falling “into” a republic, as a republic like America or Western Europe was what they perceived themselves as competing with all along.

            Today, the US empire is arguably as functionally sclerotic as was the USSR in the 70s or 80s, but as you say, woke-ism the religion still has a lot more juice left in it than did communism of the 80s, and even Americans who are nominally anti-woke still grew up steeped in a cultural mythology wherein a republic “like the US” was the end of history, perfection, greatest of all time apogee of governance.

            This leads to “MAGA” thinking–i.e. there’s nothing wrong with the American system, we just deviated from our founding principles. We just need to America harder and truer. But this doesn’t seem something we can “collapse” into, in addition to not being a long term solution. If the USG collapses hard enough to discredit the bigger US democracy myth, I don’t know where Americans will look for the new model.

            • Pooch says:

              Yes with a very much alive holiness spiraling state religion in a decadent, fading, declining empire it seems we are in new territory in terms of historical precedents.

            • Karl says:

              Rome “collapsed” into the pricipate. That is path that any republic may go.

              • jim says:

                It was easy for Rome to collapse into the principate, because military and political office were closely interlinked. Our elite has been strongly allergic to this ever since Cromwell.

                • Karl says:

                  In the pricipate, elected officals had no power, like our elected officials now.

                  The power struggle is in the deep state. As soon as that is won by one person, we are very much in a pricipate.

                • Pooch says:

                  A key difference is the late Roman Republic still had extremely competent military leadership of warrior virtue and was still rapidly gaining territory in battle as was evidenced by the campaigns of Sulla, Pompey, and Caesar. Our military leadership is the opposite and rapidly losing territory for its empire.

                • Pooch says:

                  We are late Roman Republic politically and late Roman Empire militarily.

  25. Kunning Drueger says:

    Can you clarify the “11 years” claim? Soviets began military withdrawal in ’88 and completed it in ’89. Collapse of USSR is ’91. Are you including Yeltsin years? Sorry for the pedantics, but I think it’s relevant given your “4-5” claim, which puts is on track, more or less.

  26. The Cominator says:

    And nothing of value was lost.

    • Fireball says:

      This may be because i live in a banana republic but i find that when it worked the american republic worked amazingly.

      • The Cominator says:

        All republics other than very small homogeneous states become functionally banana republics. Than they are conquered, split or a Caesar takes over.

        • jim says:

          Athens was very small and homogeneous. Went down the tubes in the same way, and for the same reasons, as all of the others. Switzerland, which is far from homogeneous, lasted longer than any, but it is starting to walk the same path as all of the others.

          • The Cominator says:

            Venice did okay for a very long time but Venice was far more oligarchical than Democratic especially after the Council of Ten.

            Republics have a lot more ways to game the system and are subject to much greater entropy. My point is the small ones can endure in a mostly stable form for much longer whereas large ones (America in 20th century) and Rome after the Punic Wars start showing extreme social entropy almost immediately.

          • Aidan says:

            Switzerland had Reichsfrei status under the Holy Roman Emperor, and small republics can survive very well under those conditions, with a powerful sovereign able to mediate disputes and prevent one party from utilizing destabilizing measures in order to defeat its internal opponents. In fact, most medieval towns and cities were actually republics; it was legally recognized since at least the 1100s that a corporate body of citizens could enjoy the rights and exercise the privileges of a Lord. Not that the cities had democratic elections, but they were republics in the sense that they were oligarchies controlled by small local elites.

            • The Cominator says:

              Oh well obviously subordinate local governments can be republics if they have a monarchial overlord who can keep them on the rails. Sovereign republics are the problem.

        • Fireball says:

          I am from a very small homogeneous state. Or was a very homogeneous state until recently.

  27. J.W. says:

    Our domestic enemies are a bunch of unarmed weaklings and degenerates. There will be no “long period of elites killing each other.” Our elites can’t even change a tire on their own.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      There are literally ~1 million hard working, honest, and competent men enforcing Coronatarianism, taking kids from fathers, seizing guns, and maintaining the Cathedral. Yes, they complain, moan, and groan. But they do it regardless. Our domestic enemies are paranoid, depraved, degenerate, monied, and motivated. Consider two things: pornhub and protestantism transmitted the same message, verbatim, in Q02 and Q03 of 2020 regarding Corona-chan; millions of vets sat idly by as cities burned and an election was stolen in broad daylight. They may not be able to change tires, but the Elite can change the Narrative at whim.

      • jim says:

        > There are literally ~1 million hard working, honest, and competent men enforcing Coronatarianism.

        Personal experience: I have not encountered any hard working, honest, and competent men enforcing Coronatarianism, nor any other Globohomo doctrine that I cheerfully violate every day in my personal life.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Fair enough. I was one of them. I’m telling you, no bullshit, that there are a lot of solid dudes that, if a period of frank discussion and dialogue occurred, they’d drop their creds and cross over. But they force us to ignore the big picture and focus on the mark, the client, the op. It is literally the first part of indoc: we aren’t here to do the right thing, we’re here to do The Thing. And we do it. You fucked me up, Jim. You made me start questioning, and it literally sunk me. No ill will, and I’ll find a new life. But Reaction should really put some heavy thought into breaking the rank and file out of their highly regimented habits. We are taught to maintain the status quo in a microcosm. The net effect is good men keeping bad things in power.

          • The Cominator says:

            You were a cop?

          • jim says:

            This may go some way to explaining my miraculous superpower of talking to cops, which superpower I find quite strange.

            A bad cop is not going to bother bothering me, and a good cop is likely to listen and understand.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              It isn’t strange, Jim. You speak to men. As I said, it takes time and honesty. Put in the time, be honest, and men respond.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Just so.

              I meant what I said: it might be worth it to think hard about how to de-program.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “Reaction should really put some heavy thought into breaking the rank and file out of their highly regimented habits.”

            Jim pointed out earlier that most Cambodians worth a damn knew that the Khmer Rouge was bullshit, but they “had lost” the forums and venues to “conspire” with each other, discover that each was far from alone, and “what the hell we gonna do now?”

            We need a word for this elimination of places and opportunities for “enemies” (that’s us) to safely meet and have those crucial honest conversations. It’s not “censorship”, though censorship is part of it. Maybe the word is “deplatforming”? I’m not sure.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        The tradcath and orthodox scenes are the only media that explicitly link modern vaccines to abortion. Protestantism, even low church Calvinist fundamentalists, has cucked out as hard to the Satan Serum as to the modern state of Israel. It’s a knife in the back even more evil than the worthless college degree phenomenon the atheist priesthood set up. We are in the worst shortage of good priests in centuries.

        On that note, the covid panic is a strategy shift which has occurred since the Cathedral has lost so much power and legitimacy due to the decline of the white collar middle class educated demographic, economically and demographically too. Warrior power is being used because priestly power, the threat of bad grades and low status careers, doesn’t weigh as much as it used to. And we’re finding out the hard way that the Cathedral makes better warriors than the reactionaries, just like priests and even merchants (“woke capital”) now.

        Prole natalism looks to be the only red tribe card left to play, the last of the 4 castes, although the “fifth caste” (dare I say column) of foreigners is something to think about too. With our luck it will probably fail as badly as the 3 higher castes, and that means population control measures and probably hard genocide.

        • jim says:

          > And we’re finding out the hard way that the Cathedral makes better warriors than the reactionaries, just like priests and even merchants (“woke capital”) now.

          Woke merchants are losing money, and woke warriors are losing wars. Woke warriors were unable to make the Taliban suck dick and were unable to prostitute the Taliban’s wives and daughters, and the performance of the British army in Basra and Helmand province was absolutely hilarious.

          If the US army in Afghanistan was not entirely hilarious, it was only because they had not entirely finished destroying their based warriors.

          Now they have. Expect the American army to perform in future wars like the British in Helmand and like today’s American navy.

        • The Cominator says:

          “nd we’re finding out the hard way that the Cathedral makes better warriors than the reactionaries, just like priests and even merchants (“woke capital”) now.”

          Maybe back when in its prime but now its merely that progs have command of the military. But the actual combat arms if it didn’t hate them before REALLY hates them now with this Afghanistan disgrace.

          But at least your had some truth, the threat of bad grades becoming increasingly useless is a good thing.

        • D Brinn says:

          > the Cathedral makes better warriors than the reactionaries

          Is anything you say ever not wrong? In Kenosha, three woke warriors were taken out by a kid who was goofing around in the open street and barely saw them coming. Your woke warriors can’t risk leaving their urban strongholds where they can count on the cops to back them up. That’s why if you visit their forums you see them fantasizing about the day they’ll use the US military, or China’s, or the EU’s, or anyone but themselves to cleanse the red areas for them.

        • p says:

          The Cathedral is a descriptive term for the state, and the problem is not that the state can “win” against its own population (haha take that reactionary losers), the problem is that the state is corrupt. It’s not supposed to go to war with its own population, it’s supposed to govern in its interest. In such a war both sides can only lose.

          • The Cominator says:

            Cathedral is a term that in its most traditionalist NRx sense encompasses the states opinion forming and propaganda organs.

            These are especially elite academia (and especially Harvard), the media, in my view the elites of the legal priesthood (and recently with covid the medical priesthood), and I believe certain parts of the intelligence agencies that interact with these. But it gets used here increasingly for the deep states executive beliefs and functions.

            • p says:

              Moldbug’s original Cathedral is “the set of institutions that produce and propagate the Synopsis—mainstream academia, journalism and education”, which is basically the part of the state that is not formally a part of the state.

              But I’m not sure the distinction matters today. Once upon a time one could pretend that e.g. the FBI or the Pentagon were “red”. Today, not so much. And of course the CIA has always been entwined with the original-Cathedral.

              Either way, AF seems to be using “Cathedral” to mean “blue team”, and I’m pointing out that this is not a game of soccer. In this game, both teams lose.

      • pyrrhus says:

        No signs of any of that in AZ, and the notion that there are hardworking, honest and competent public employees who will risk anything is laughable…James Rawls estimates that there are fewer than 100,000 qualified and willing door kickers in the entire US, and he was career military…

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Most of the Marine enlisted, Army’s combat arms, JSOC & Marsoc & all the very expensive prima donas, full time PD under the age of 40, special police, military police, armed private security. I’m sure I’m missing groups, but maybe 100,000 is a better estimate. I pad the numbers because the training capacity in the US, even if it is mostly washed up convoy security guys, is truly large. That’s the one thing the vets seem to be able to do with Uncle Sam walking them through it: train the basics and tell war stories.

  28. Kabul says:

    The soviet union collapse only a couple of years after the withdrawal. The cathedral will unfortunately likely last a good deal longer.
    How do you think things will fare in Afghanistan in the short-medium run?

    • jim says:

      Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan on 1989 February the 15th

      On December 25, 1991, the Soviet hammer and sickle flag lowered for the last time over the Kremlin

      The Soviet Union survived for twelve years, ten months, and ten days following its orderly and dignified withdrawal from Afghanistan, though it had been obvious how the wind was blowing by 1985.

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