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Court appointed lawyers

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Texas Child Protective Services wishes to “protect” Teresa Jeffs from being sexually abused – which “protection” has a curious resemblance to charging her with practicing polygamy while white.

The courts have appointed Natalie Malonis to supposedly represent her and two other polygamist “children”, which lawyer has been conducting trial by media against her supposed client:

“I believe that [Teresa Jeffs] was avoiding service because of coercion and improper influence from Willie Jessop.”

“There is no question I am absolutely looking out for her, … What’s happening is really a shame because people who purport to care about her are really doing her a disservice.”

“I’m trying to help her. It’s really not in any child’s interest to waive their attorney-client privilege. I’m not going to fight with her in the media.”

“And one of the big problems in this case is that the victims really don`t consider themselves victims so they`re not — it`s difficult to help them.”

This kind of public @#$% would be improper even if Malonis was a prosecutor instead of supposedly a defender. If a lawyer’s client starts fighting her in the media, she is not allowed to fight back in the media.

More pussy for Muslims: It’s the law!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

The state of Texas has just engaged in the mass abduction of wives and children from Christian polygamists because of the alleged bad conduct of one Christian polygamist – though strangely they seem unable to find the person who alleged this bad conduct.

Evidently, although Muslim polygamy is multicultural, Christian polygamy is not.