Deus Vult

Spandrel observes that religion is our genes looking for a tribe to join, and concludes We shall drown, and nobody will save us

Alfa NL observes that Spandrel is very clever, but the natural law arguments for marriage, the family, for desiring the survival of our personal descendants are kind of chilling, and it is a lot easier say that marriage, property, and the survival of our descendents is the will of God, and that the purpose of organized religion is not to be a synthetic tribe in which the tribe secures the genetic survival of its members, but to help its members follow the will of God.  “God is a better sounding story than nihilism. I prefer the story of God. If that makes me a LARPer for holy status points in the eyes of Gnon’s guardian, so be it.”

Recall the wisdom of Heartiste, minion of Satan.  In human affairs, irrational optimism will get you your way, while rational pessimism will not.

God wills our survival.  We shall therefore win.  We shall defeat those such as Merkle that wish to take all of us quietly and comfortably with them to their graves.  We shall silence them and exile them forever from the seats of power.  We shall tear down their temples and make their temples and their prophets damnatio memoriae, so that like the Amalekites nothing remains but the condemnation, the erasure, and the memory of their wrongs.


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  1. […] I missed this kind post by Jim where he calls me clever but pessimistic. Guilty as charged. I agree with his point though. […]

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    It seems to me that even the most self-contained miser can see the value of having a relatively uniform public morality in the concept of God–after all, who will buy his products or daringly risk themselves for his own physical security? Therefore, he should support the Church, and a good way to do that would be in sending money, even if he doesn’t entirely understand the concept of tithing. He probably should not attend services, attempt liturgy, or mingle with genuine believers if he cannot help himself from spitting venom at the faithful from time-to-time.


    • peppermint says:

      Uniform public morality, yes, and that can only happen in either a homogeneous society or one with few well behaved foreigners.

      Christcucks thinking it can happen in any other way is the reason it has been destroyed.

      If you want to see the true meaning of Christianity, visit .

      • Hidden Author says:

        It’s one thing to call people cucks but to actually dig up that site from the bowels of the Internet shows your interest in hiring a black gigolo to impale your woman!

    • Father Thyme says:

      Should we Deplorables send our money to this faithful fellow, hmm?

      “Inside every Christian is a Jew.” –The Pope (June 13, 2014)

      Lest you try to excuse the pope as a heretic, that notion is in the Catechism too. And other popes have said it. Hell, the pope wears a mitre with a Jewish Star of David prominently displayed on it.

  3. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Fantasizing about killing googles and skypes is larping.

    Fantasizing about killing googles and skypes makes it more likely to happen.

    Lots of people publicly fantasizing about killing googles and skypes makes it *much* more likely to happen.

    Meme magic is the truth and the way my son.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      @viking obv.

      • viking says:

        LOL the larping I was referring to was the sci fi monarchist larping of the nick land crowd, the Im not a coward for not standing up to the niggers I dont do anything because moldbug says it pointless so im really signalling intelligence not cowardice.the alt right is the real racist we hate everybody we are going to clone our own race of beta tech fags and have out robots kick your asses. -you know those larpers.

        That said Ill grant some meme magic. But it was less than two years ago when ‘the dark enlightenment neo reaction alt right were indistinguishable but some were dissatisfied with the do nothing approach and HRX heroic reaction was proposed i thought that a good idea because while moldbugs not god he had some good work worth building on in a more productive way than the above paragraph. Instead what seemed to happen is that schism ended up being a merge with the neo nazis. Now I have no great aversion to the lads ot stormfront just dont think they make good philosopher kings, In other words as much as theres an upside theres a downside and we already had a stormfront but didnt have a heroic reaction, so now we have no middle ground but a funnier smarter nazi. OK its not quite that dire from within but from without a normie is going to have a tough time going from blue pill to nazi frogs.

  4. Ed says:

    Religion serves a purpose in the same way that a Nintendo 64 can still provide entertainment in the age of Xbox Ones and PS4s. Humans are tribal, but religion is not an answer. We have civic/ethnic nationalism. We can also unite along political and philosophical lines. We don’t need religion.

    • Minion says:

      “We have civic/ethnic nationalism”
      Except that globalization is destroying ethnic identities rapidly and making national border irrelevant. This cannot be stopped as long as we have modern communication and transportation technologies. Monotheistic religions are transnational and transracial, so they can adapt to the ravages of globalization.

      There is also the fact that non-ex-Comblock white nations are far too cucked to have some sort of racial awakening. Even the “right wing” in the West has no problems with browns and blacks flooding the West as long as they embrace “Western values” (ie fag rights, gender equality, sluttiness, liberalism, etc)

      “We can also unite along political and philosophical lines”
      I thought everyone here knew that all modern politics and philosophy is bullshit and were probably just a cover for activists to grab power and status

    • glenfilthie says:

      Yes you do.

      I’m not a Christian although I’ve flirted with faith from time to time. I have no quarrel with the bible thumping holy rollers or the militant atheists – they’re all assholes to me although I find the poseurs of atheism a little more irritating – but whatever.

      People that throw out their faith invariably throw out their morals as well. Without morals you get crap like fascism, socialism, and even neoreaction. Politics is no substitute. People need a reason to behave when the cops and the state aren’t present; Christianity has been able to do that better than any alternative so far. Undermining the faith has undermined the family – which in turn has led to the fall of the community, which preceded the fall of the state, which will eventually topple the nation.

      I know it looks grim right now, but the way you boys are going? You’re a self correcting problem. You won’t replace Christianity. I see a revival in the dark days ahead, and it may require buckets of blood – but eventually the faith will reassert itself and replace YOU. That Cross has survived far worse people than this.

      • jim says:

        If Christianity recovers, it will be in large part based on the work of Heartiste, minion of Satan.

        Christianity is like the parrot in the Monty Python sketch. You say it is pining for the Fjords.

        If Russian Orthodox still has some life in it, that is because Putin animated it, not the other way around.

        • glenfilthie says:

          I have to admit I don’t read Heartiste – and nor should you; you’re far more intelligent than he is (and prolly more evil too!)

          It’s easy to be an atheist when your belly is full and you’re warm and dry.

      • peppermint says:

        Only Boomers are still Christians in the sense of actually believing in God. Younger people who say that they are Christians are just saying it because they want to use religion for something or other.

        However, most Boomers and GenXers believe in souls and sin, which are actually harmful concepts.

        » throw out their faith invariably throw out their morals as well

        People who believe in sin believe that it is moral to suppress saying the word nigger even at the cost of women getting raped by googles. People who believe in souls believe that it is moral to have universal higher education even at the cost of driving women crazy and turning them into sluts.

        » Undermining the faith has undermined the family

        No, the faith has undermined the family.

        • Glen Filthie says:

          What do they want to ‘use’ religion for, P-Mint? I’m a tail-end Boomer or a leading edge Gen Xer depending on who defines the terms. I can tell you right now that the religious families of my childhood were stronger, healthier and far more wholesome than anything progressives, queers, polygamists and other morons have today. Only an idiot would argue otherwise.

          “People who believe in souls believe that it is moral to have universal higher education even at the cost of driving women crazy and turning them into sluts…”

          That’s not very impressive considering you have 20/20 hindsight, fella. Put yourself in their shoes, in their times: one earth shaking development came after another as our world changed. Electricity and appliances gave women much more time in their day with nothing to do. Women started to drink and smoke too much. The Pill allowed them to control their reproduction. With no kids and no chores, they needed something to fill the hours. Like men, women need to feel useful and needed. Like it or not women were getting into new roles AND doing well at them. Back then the Battle Of The Sexes was a friendly rivalry that chivalrous men indulgently allowed their women to win in exchange for poon and nookie. It was nothing like the toxic war going on now where marriage is an inconvenient power struggle.

          I am well aware of the churches that have embraced homosexuality and feminism and parodies of marriage. You need to know that many churches are now drawing lines – my wife’s has. They are openly hostile to queers, niggers and feminists. They embrace family values and no bones about it. Members are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and morality or they will be ostracized. I’ll tell you right now to your face you will not be replacing their faith and if you should try – you will get the worst of it. I will stand with them on that too, if it should come to it.
          If men want women to stop acting like liberal pigs – they need to stop fucking them and indulging them. But as you and our host have said previously with regards to that mud sharking donkey in a previous column – all that matters to you is sinking it in the pink! You boys can’t claim the moral high ground acting like chads.
          Women can get away with this shit because they live in a temporary bubble of entitlement, welfare, affirmative action and social acceptance. You may think we have seen the worst of the problems they have caused… but I say this is the calm before the storm. The political climate is getting murderous and can only get worse. Your women are shitty people because you let them – and often encourage it.

          • peppermint says:

            » religious families of my childhood were stronger, healthier and far more wholesome than anything progressives, queers, polygamists and other morons have today.

            yes, the still worshiping ((Jesus)) families of your childhood were better than the holier-than-((Jesus)) families. But while the holier-than-((Jesus)) types would try open relationships and swinging, the churches were trying their hardest to normalize interracial sex.

            In the current year, the holier-than-((Jesus)) guys won conclusively through their control of the education system, to the point at which pretty much all Milennials who say they believe in ((Yahweh)) are just larping. The churches, having pretty much completely normalized interracial sex, are now focused on importing large numbers of any kind of non-White they can get their hands on and telling Whites that they are evil and must adopt non-Whites.

            I was a christcuck larper for a while before gay marriage won. Now there’s no point to having anything to do with christcuckoldry, and it’s an ideological hazard with nonsense like souls and sin.

            » You need to know that many churches are now drawing lines – my wife’s has. They are openly hostile to queers, niggers and feminists. They embrace family values and no bones about it. Members are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and morality or they will be ostracized.

            That’s great. I’ve never seen a church like that, and on the balance right now christcuckoldry is harming our people. And the very fact that we’re discussing christcuckoldry in terms of whether or not it is good for the Aryan race means that our weltanschauung is naturalistic instead of G-d-based.

            » If men want women to stop acting like liberal pigs – they need to stop fucking them and indulging them.

            » Women can get away with this shit because they live in a temporary bubble of entitlement, welfare, affirmative action and social acceptance.

            so which is it, do we blame the average White man, or the government laws that were created with the consent of the average White man in the middle of the 20th century when the average White man was a christcuck?

    • Mark Citadel says:

      hahahahaha. Civic nationalism. Now THAT is funny. I hope you’re joking, Sargon of Akkad.

  5. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Criticising larping is dumb and wrongheaded. For one, larping is a gas. For another, its a gas in the first place because it taps into compelling dynamics and essential narratives. For anotherother, larping is always and everywhere the necessary and inevitable precondition when taking a first step towards any fulfillments of intentionality.

    In ancient times Aristoteles said: practice virtue to acquire virtue.

    Or as our more modern sages put it: fake it till you make it.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Lets put that another way; it is the *method* *by which* you tap into compelling dynamics and essential narratives, in the first place.

    • viking says:

      there is a time and place for larping nick land would be “a gas” if it were 50 years ago and he were editing popular mechanics but its the current year and tens of millions of niggers are flooding in our gates every year while our leaders retrain them to hate us while giving them are property, Meanwhile our higher IQ adversaries akzjews and east asians lock their gates tight. so larping about king arther and the round table of AI robot knights is utter faggotry while there an existential battle on, or not on.


  6. JRM says:

    “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.”

    You can’t get more pacifistic or passive than this. Indeed, you can’t even accomplish this; I defy anyone to show me a life lived in accordance with the principles of Jesus. If it were ever done, it was probably a short life; maybe not stretching a week beyond being born again.

    Even the Saints of Catholic lore fell short of Jesus’ recipe for life. Anyone who owns anything, or thinks about how they will get food tomorrow is violating his preachments. If you have a job and expect a paycheck next week, you have fallen short. If you bought food for a week, you failed. If you bought food for yourself but not the poor, you failed again.

    Jesus was preaching an end-of-times Gospel. It was the End of the World, coming very, VERY soon. He told his disciples that this world would end in their lifetimes.

    In spite of all this, some muscular and manly Christians will cite the driving of the money-changers from the temple, and tell you that Jesus kicked ass, and took no shit from anybody. And some Gospels that are not canonical, did not make the final cut, do show a Jesus who you didn’t want to cross. But those are not in our Bible.

    Yet, historically, we have marauding armies marching under the Cross. German army belt-buckles said “God is with us”; and they thought He was.

    So, the entire question remains one wrapped in contradictions, and we must choose our favorite verse and ignore the ones we don’t like.

    I once had a church-going Christian I worked with (nice guy) tell me, when I brought up an inconvenient Jesus saying, “he didn’t really mean that”.

    • Brit says:

      It wasn’t bottom level pacifism. Turning the other cheek:

      “But in that world, people did not use the left hand to strike people. It was reserved for “unseemly” uses. Thus, being struck on the right cheek meant that one had been backhanded with the right hand. Given the social customs of the day, a backhand blow was the way a superior hit an inferior, whereas one fought social equals with fists.

      This means the saying presupposes a setting in which a superior is beating a peasant. What should the peasant do? “Turn the other cheek.” What would be the effect? The only way the superior could continue the beating would be with an overhand blow with the fist–which would have meant treating the peasant as an equal. ”

      Going the extra mile:

      “Roman law permitted soldiers to force civilians to carry their gear for one mile, but because of abuses stringently prohibited more than one mile.”

      • viking says:

        citations please

      • JRM says:

        #Brit: ““But in that world, people did not use the left hand to strike people. It was reserved for “unseemly” uses. Thus, being struck on the right cheek meant that one had been backhanded with the right hand. Given the social customs of the day, a backhand blow was the way a superior hit an inferior, whereas one fought social equals with fists.”

        Interesting, but what about the cloak and coat?

        @Brit, I don’t want to be offensive (I love discussions about the customs of Biblical times, and find that a good knowledge of the Ancient world enhances understanding of the Bible), but this comes very close to casuistry.

        There is a spirit and letter of the law, and the “out” given above seems to favor the letter at the expense of the plain meaning of the spirit of the “turn the other cheek” passage.

        Even if we say, well, okay, He didn’t really intend His followers to absorb abuse, then the question arises: why would He allow his Word to be poorly or confusingly recorded? It would be pretty tricky and unfair if only the most erudite believers could work out the intended meaning, wouldn’t it?

        1. If God exists and the Bible is His Word, then
        2. He would surely guide translators, in order that His followers in later ages would have a fair shot at full comprehension?

        It’s like the geological conundrum. If Genesis is true, and the world is relatively young, why did he place materials in the geological evidence that tend to deceive observers into attributing great age to them?

        • jim says:

          It seems clear one cannot literally be expected to live to this standard, and that the apostles did not in fact live to this standard – that we are forgiven despite falling short of this standard.

          The behavior of the good Samaritan, on the other hand, seems entirely achievable by ordinary mortals and is quite routinely achieved by them.

          Trouble is, even if we are not actually expected to live to this standard, we are expected to take care of our own before we take care of enemies and strangers, it is a commie universalist standard, and Merkle can piously say as she opens the gates to the invaders and tells the police to stand down for brown skinned rapists that she is making Germans live up to it. It was a mistake to let the laity get hold of the bible, opening the doors to the holiness competition that Jesus and Paul condemn.

          A functional and successful Christianity has to call upon the tradition by which Christianity was interpreted: “Deus Vult” that it is frequently just fine to massacre your enemies, slaughter their children, and ravish their women.

          Immediately after the ascension, the disciples, or some of them, tried communism. Clearly it had the usual results, or else the Holy Spirit told them to pull the finger out. Thus we can call upon the actual practice of the disciples to tell us that communism is not the will of god, even though the literal words of the section that we are discussing would appear to imply that communism is mandated by God.

          A viable Christianity has to call upon the tradition of the faithful, to prevent holiness spirals leading to yet another communist sex cult.

          Sola scriptura inevitably leads to yet another communist sex cult.

          Prima scriptura, with Sacred Scripture being illumined by tradition, reason, and experience, allows us to include the tradition of the faithful, which must include the crusades, or we perish, and exclude communism, whether literal communism, as attempted by the Pilgrim fathers in America, or Communism after the fashion of Merkle, where you give away your children’s patrimony to hostile strangers.

          The Eastern Orthodox Church holds that to “accept the books of the canon is also to accept the ongoing Spirit-led authority of the church’s tradition, which recognizes, interprets, worships, and corrects itself by the witness of Holy Scripture.” which in actual practice makes the Eastern Orthodox Church excessively subservient to state power.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            “Holiness spirals” the epitaph of Neo-Reaction, matching the “Puritanical” and “too much purity” memes from the Alternative Right.


          • JRM says:

            Well said. I’m not a Christianity hater. I have a love for historical Europe, and Christianity was in the very marrow of its bones after the pagan beliefs were assimilated.

            Your common-sense Christianity is a workable ethic, if it weren’t for the massive promulgation of (in the interests of shorthand) “Communist Christianity”. This has been heavily promoted, even as the machinery of religiosity has been dismantled.

            I’m also reminded of why the Catholic Church was so worried about Luther putting the Bible into German so that the laity could have direct access to it.

            • peppermint says:

              now we just need to patch in that sin only applies to White men and not to women because women don’t have moral agency, the only way into the good other world is to do good works for your family, nation, and race, the good other world is a place where you might have a better job than you have now but you work and fight there because working and fighting is what life is, that god passively observed evolution and the evolution of our race, and you basically turn cuckstainty into some larpy bullshit about personal immortality.

              cuckstainty needs certain assumptions about the world, and those assumptions are actively harmful.

          • jay says:

            How in the blazes does teachings on chastity lead to communist sex cult?

            • peppermint says:

              how does it lead to cutting off the foreskins of children to protect them from the mortal sin of masturbation, or giving them hormone blockers to prevent puberty on the grounds that they have the wrong type of soul, or suppressing slut-shaming on the grounds that it’s sinful to make fun of people? Maybe you haven’t been clued into how, but the fact that it observably has should mean something to you.

            • jim says:

              Holiness competition.

              Holier to have all goods in common.

              If holier to have all goods in common, even holier to abolish the family.

              If holier to abolish the family, communist sex cult.

    • Brit says:

      In the parable of the foolish virgins, they expected him to come earlier rather than later.

    • Robert says:

      There is a lot of confusion here. Sometimes Jesus did speak metaphorically to prove a point, like tear out your eye if it offends you. No Christian actually believes we should tear out our eye, what he was trying to say was, right action and right thinking is more important than our bodies, don’t you all agree? The same is true of the “love your enemies” verse, he is trying to prove a point that it is right to be good to those who are not good to you. It doesn’t mean to bring a bunch of immigrants into your country and let them rape your daughters. You absolutely cannot understand Jesus and his teachings completely without looking at the whole story of the Jews and by picking verses here and there.

      Jesus was preaching an end times doctrine for the Jews, and it did come, in 70 ad with the destruction of the temple, which some of the disciples were still around to see.

      • peppermint says:

        that’s some great hasbara. To one person, that means cut off your foreskin so you can’t commit the mortal sin of masturbation. To another, it just means do the right thing even if it means you get mutilated. Isn’t it glorious how the words of ((Jesus)) can mean anything.

        But wait, “right to be good to those who are not good to you”? i.e. take care of the rapefugees because it’s sad that they’re poor, regardless of the facts of their behavior?

        And look, you recognize that ((Jesus)) was a prophet to the Jews. Since we are not Jews, the words of ((Jesus)) shouldn’t mean very much to us.

      • Father Thyme says:

        Robert: “Sometimes Jesus did speak metaphorically”

        Sometimes? By what standard(s) do you determine those some times when he speaks metaphorically? When the character says something with which you literally disagree with Jesus?

        “But woe unto you that are rich!” Dats “Metaphorical!”…to Conservative Christians.

        (John 8:24) Dats “Metaphorical!”…to Progressive Christians.

        And that is how the “Metaphorical Card” is played by all the varieties of Christianities: by whim.

        • jim says:

          Sola scriptura is apt to lead to yet another communist sex cult, which is why the Catholic Church wisely wanted to keep the bible away from the laity.

          One can very reasonably interpret the New and Old Testaments to conclude that Restoration Anglicanism follows from the scriptures. You can also rather easily interpret them to get yet another communist sex cult, and that interpretation has a lot of appeal because of many dramatic and emotional New Testament passages, which have to be rationalized away as hyperbole or metaphor.

          In order to prefer one interpretation to another, to prefer the interpretation that leads to Restoration Anglicanism, one can call upon the the communion of saints, the consensus of dead Christians, who tried communism quite a few times with the usual results, and concluded it was contrary to the will of God.

          People with really bad interpretations of scripture tend to get erased from history, so if we respect the communion of saints, which is to say Christianity as interpreted by the winners, the results are not too bad.

  7. Father Thyme says:

    Angela Merkel is a Christian, daughter of a Lutheran minister, leader of Germany’s Christian Democrat party, and doing exactly what a (((Rabbi))) called (((Jesus))) commanded GoodGoy to do in Luke chapter 6:

    “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.”

    The (((International Jewgod))) Wills It! Upon “all nations!” (((Matthew 28:19)))

  8. I should append to this that I’m a pretty crappy person, and do not live up to my ideals. But at least I’m not LARPing.

  9. First: if God’s will is our survival, and the concept is treated as true only insofar as it helps our survival, then Christianity is unlikely to fit the bill, because it is centered around a man who didn’t survive.

    Second: if we were to for a second take off our distant-and-ironic glasses and approach Christianity on its own terms—in other words, if we are to allow ourselves to believe for a moment that there might be, ya know, an actual God, rather than an invisible figurehead for a useful societal Schelling point—then how do you know his will is your survival? It wasn’t, for instance, for Samson’s. Or John the Baptist’s. Or Christ’s. Shall I go on?

    If you want a God on your side, there’s…not much you can do. All you can really do is be on His side:

    “Dropit, don’t bring your religion into this.” Why ever not? You wanted one. Are you sure you still do?

    A mob found themselves lost in the wilderness. “To protect ourselves from the beasts, let’s all move in the same direction.” And so they did—straight into the desert, where they all died of thirst.

  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    No, “Jim”, “Pretty Boy Heartiste” is not Satanic, he is pretty, a natural weakness of man which develops should it go unchecked. It is _you_ who I described that way, as you were preaching (having recently said that you and similar are priests) that chivalry, which does include relationships with women in a peripheral way, is worthless and that men should instead aspire to be, your words, “demon lovers”. _That_ is Satanic, and while I am not a missionary, I would push corruption out of the way on my own route to victory. Glory to God.

    Best regards,


  11. JRM says:

    A couple of random thoughts:

    1. Perhaps study Mormonism. Isn’t it the most recent example of “creating a new religion”? I realize it piggybacked off Christianity, and exists under that umbrella. But it is markedly different.

    More recent attempts seem to have failed, unless I’ve just gone blank on anything that was too big to be dismissed as a mere cult that was more recent. Baha’i similarly arose from Islam.

    I don’t think we can create a “new religion” in this science-saturated age, unless an alien race makes contact and a profound sense of awe saturates that experience. We can create “new” social philosophies, however, that would leave a space for something like religious feeling.

    2. There are always periodic attempts to pull Christianity back into the old belief system of Kings in which it once flourished. The internal problem with Christianity is that the Bible is a big book, Jesus was a radical, and there is something in there for everyone. When Kings rule, the Bible justifies it.

    When half of a nation owns slaves, and the other half hates the first half, both seek succor in Christianity. And both find it.

    The secondary, external problem with Christianity is Science.

    3. Perhaps Israel could be mined for clues. The people justify their hold on the land via a sacred text, but put their faith in weaponry and “diplomacy”. They maintain a kind of optional range of private holiness endeavors, while ruthlessly protecting their own bloodline and cheerfully smiting enemies in a very non-religious way as a State.

    • peppermint says:

      — We can create “new” social philosophies,

      NS isn’t new, it has been rediscovered before and it is the immortal law of nature

      — however, that would leave a space for something like religious feeling.

      Kek is the God of 4am shitposting and meme magic. Kek is real because OC is real. Shadilay, shadilay, la mia liberta. There are of course other gods, and we must honor our ancestors.

      • theshadowedknight says:

        NS is the immortal law of nature. Yes, let us use the mischling Hitler’s modifications to the Jew Marx’s theories as our religion. Not like the kike-worshipping christcucks. What a bunch of idiots. Christians have only survived a couple thousand years against all comers. It only took Hitler a few decades to get wiped out. True immortality, for sure.

        The Shadowed Knight

        • Stephen W says:

          If Hitleranity is the next religion we are in the equivelent of 100AD what was Christianity then? A bunch of Jewish paupers and slaves. If it was not for Roosevelt, Hitler would of been victorious.

          • theshadowedknight says:

            Pretty fucking stupid to complain about a kike on a stick when you want to worship a kike in a bunker. Who got his ideas from another kike. Hitler would have ended up the same way Russia did, killing its own people trying to perfect socialism.

            The Shadowed Knight

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Some time someone accused me of being a National Socialist.

        I replied that of course I am not a National Socialist; I am a capitalist.

        Göbbels’ plan was to murder tens of millions of Slavic whites and repopulate their land and Germany itself with the 20 children of the German equivalent of Appalachia hicks.

        Socialism benefits the worst people in society. National Socialism and White Nationalism exclude all non-whites from society, so National Socialism and White Nationalism exist for the benefit of the worst whites. National Socialism and White Nationalism is the ideology of Appalachia hicks.

        True elitism is far more horrifying than White Nationalism or National Socialism, but the only thing that will save us.

        • Father Thyme says:

          “I absolutely insist on protecting private property… we must encourage private initiative.” -Adolph Hitler (March 24, 1942) Problem?

          Then you denigrate rural folks as “hicks,” as if Metrosexuals are the elites. Remember what a national election map looks like between blue and red at the county level. “Hicks vs. Slicks” is today’s political division. City Slickers are shitlibs, because cities make people into shitlibs. See:

          “The mobs of great cities add just so much to support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body.” -The Appalachia Hick (Notes on Virginia, 1743-1826)

  12. Brit says:

    Russian Orthodox seems to be holding. A very smart right-wing evangelical Christian friend of mine recently went full Orthodoxy, and filled his walls with icons. He believes they are the original church who have kept the traditions of the apostles for 2,000 years, and suggested the book Rock and Sand as a good place to start. Here is a good interview with the author

    Far as I can tell they haven’t budged on gay marriage, and Patriach Kirill has declared Putin’s war a “holy war”, and is not washing the feet of Muslims and trannies. Does anyone have reason to think that Orthodoxy won’t hold?

    • Dave says:

      Watching the late Bob Simon visit a monastery on Mount Athos, I thought up the perfect slogan for Orthodox Christianity:

      “Stasis You Can Believe In”

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      The only live strain of Christianity is Amish.

      Russian Orthodox have frighteningly sub-replacement birth rates.

      • Father Thyme says:

        Amish are Christcucks, expending great effort into aiding the murderous googles who slaughtered the Whites who had made western Hispaniola into the “Pearl of the Caribbean.” Because Black Lives Matter to (((Jesus))).

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        The LDS have high fertility, Salt Lake City and other Utah White Mormons are about as fertile as Chechens

        Its got cuck problems galore though and retention issues so its stopped growing in the US very much, they lose nearly as many as they breed and its majority is overseas

        My personal opinions is that Whites are slowly but surely simply growing resistant to Christian and Jewish memes and that once the current systems wear out there will be a void to fill.

        Happily J/C memes also confer some resistance to Islamic ones as well and I don’t know what will fill the void. Homespun folk faiths will do the job fine if s system to protect lands and borders can be maintained

        People need religion but the don’t need organized universal ones

        • peppermint says:

          …just start talking about Kek a lot and mention Wotan and the fertility goddess Heqet sometimes. Meme magic and implicit Whiteness will come to you. Shadilay.

          • A.B. Prosper says:

            I know your tone is joking peppermint but what you said is utterly true. I’ve seen many more people mentioning Odin including people who are nominally Christian or New Age or whatever and a few years ago wouldn’t have noticed the All Father or Thor or whoever

            Met a few heathen girls lately, not sure they are wife material yet though, kind of looks like a fixer upper but you never know,.

            I also noticed one of the survival presses one that published John Mosby’s book Become a Hero used Thor’s Hammer as its symbol which seemed interesting to me

            Amusingly the book is about forming new tribes in times of distress !

            I would not remotely be surprised to see a lot more tribalism . Heck I went to a concert. listened to a to a band that told Liberal (not Leftists, just Liberals thus savable) White people to “be more fertile’ and watched them cheer.

            Its no wonder the State and the multicultural assholes are starting to panic, it looks to them like its becoming unstable and worse older healthier forms, tribes, extended families clans folk religions are starting to rear their end

            Its small yet and it could die out but its organic and that is a fine fine thing

            Considering that there has been a concerted attempt by the Church to keep the Men of the West away from clans for more than a thousand years a reversion would be very good for us if we can resist invasion and stay strong

            Vox Day and his “western Christian Civ” crowd will be disappointed but I am far from convinced that we need what they are offering. I’m highly sure we need much less Christianity and more folk religion and new memes though

    • averagechump says:

      There are definitely some cuck Christians within the Orthodox congregations, but all in all the Church is the best refuge amongst all religions on Earth and amongst all the denominations of Christianity. It survived centuries of heresies perpetrated by rouge Catholics and Protestants, and even manipulations, murders and executions by the Bolsheviks. Nicholas II is a saint, after all.

      Orthodoxy still has some issues to deal with, just as it had for two thousand years where you’ll have rouge members of the congregation try to change things for some new cause. But ultimately it has survived very well whereas Catholicism and Protestantism has withered drastically.

      The reason for its success is as follows (something that I think all Alt-righters and Neoreactionaries need to consider): The Orthodox church dishes out authority according to (1) the bible; (2) the Hierarchy of authority – the bishops, etc, which is not dictated democratically or in an egalitarian manner; (3) Holy Tradition; and (4) monasticism. Reason #3 and #4 are important because these are things that Catholicism doesn’t really give a shit about and Protestantism doesn’t even have.

      (3) Holy Tradition is, in essence, the culminated knowledge of all the fallible, but very wise and spiritual Christians who have lived, suffered, and died in the past. Most, if not all, of these Christians are not part of the bible, but they are still very important because there experiences simply reaffirm the message of the scriptures. They not only clarified the texts (thus preventing nonsensical interpretations), but they also walked the walk by living tough lives and in many cases getting executed in terrible ways. By changing the dogmas of Orthodox Christianity, you would in essence be shitting on the suffering that thousands of Christians went through in order to preserve the faith

      (4) Monasticism is when super dedicated Christians go off on their own somewhere in order to pray and worship their entire lives so that they may commune with God. They literally spend their entire day saying the same prayers over and over again while studying the bible and other texts written by or about the saints. Sometimes they do charity work, but that’s not necessarily their purpose or intent. It may seem like these monks are useless do-nothings, but this would be a shallow view. What they do (similar to the Holy tradition) is create a hedge against false interpretations and bad influences in the Church. It’s a big big deal.

      There is actually a lot more to what I’ve written above, but I am lazy and I don’t think many here care. It would take years to fully elaborate and digest it all. But it is great stuff and should not be viewed equivocally to any other Christian denomination, religion, or ideology. There’s nothing like it.

      • viking says:

        catholicism had all that still has remnants of it but it didnt help for a few reasons. because Christianity is a cuck religion and while its practiced in an isolated nation the cucking is inter ethnic and can even be interpreted as a social good a cohesion. once that nation is exposed to outward forces through imperialism trade or immigration christian cucking seeks out lower lifeforms to bestow its blessing on because the meek shall inherit.
        as a nation becomes wealthy and as political forces swell the church becomes an enticing power center to capture, religion didnt start all mankinds wars mans quest for wealth and power [evolution] alerts him to power centers that can be used to advantage religion is an obvious target. russia was an isolated backwater little commerce and little happening just outside its borders to make pwning religion worth while. In western europe smaller closer countries made it tempting for politicians to get into religion and religionists to get into politics
        there ate 2000 years of reformations which brought the focus back to the spiritual but its arguable if that even wise. politics is the outward expression of morality

      • jim says:

        o (1) the bible; (2) the Hierarchy of authority – the bishops, etc, which is not dictated democratically or in an egalitarian manner; (3) Holy Tradition; and (4) monasticism. Reason #3 and #4 are important because these are things that Catholicism doesn’t really give a shit about and Protestantism doesn’t even have.

        (3) Holy Tradition is, in essence, the culminated knowledge of all the fallible, but very wise and spiritual Christians who have lived, suffered, and died in the past. Most, if not all, of these Christians are not part of the bible, but they are still very important because there experiences simply reaffirm the message of the scriptures

        Monasticism is too expensive. Shreds good genes. But (3), holy tradition, the consensus of the dead prevents the failure mode of protestantism, holiness spirals and a propensity to succumb to alien religions, and the failure mode of papism – the pope is a single point of failure, so when you have a heretic pope who is hostile to your religion, as Roman Catholics have today, you are screwed.

  13. Chris B says:

    OK, define religion. I will give you a hint – you can’t. In fact, the term dates to about the 17th century as far as I am aware. That should tell you it is a pozzed concept.

    • Anon says:

      Saying “you can’t define religion” doesn’t make it go away. It may not be well defined, but it’s trivial to observe its effects.

      • Chris B says:

        No. Religion was invented in the 15/16th century. Before that there was no such concept.

        • peppermint says:

          OK, but before that, Whites who were hoodwinked into the other world crap were slaughtering each other while letting skypes live amongst them, and didn’t want modern physics except as demanded by warfare.

          Considering the past century, the slaughtering each other and only accepting physics as tested in battle sounds good – better to die for interpreting something differently and have your sister married by a White soldier than be forced to watch your sister fuck googles – but something had to be done about that special relationship with skypes.

          The first step away from religion is to name it and establish formal tolerance so that the children grow up thinking it isn’t important. The next step is mass execution of commie other world cult leaders who love skypes and import googles.

          Consider: if cuckstains were in charge today, they would put the UN in jewrusalem and try to genetically engineer us into the chosen people of ((Yahweh)).

  14. peppermint says:

    What we need is a weltanschauung. Everyone knows deep down inside that they care first about their own, and those who don’t are cucks. Mein Kampf is almost as long, boring, and mostly irrelevant as the Bible.

    The religion of the future is NS. The Aryan race will eventually conquer everything because the Aryan race is superior.

    • Robert says:

      You can’t act faith. You can’t pretend faith. My God is the one true living God. Jesus is the author and finisher of my faith. God created the very heavens and earth, he is the beginning and the end, he is the rock of ages. Christianity is our weltanschauung. You are wrong to think that Christianity and nationalism cannot co-exist. Many millions of Christians have been nationalists.

      • Cavalier says:

        You can’t act faith or pretend faith, but conversion by the sword seems to work pretty well. As a Christian, you will know this quite well.

        Unfortunately, the Church is universal. It dedicated itself to dissolving ethnic loyalties from the very first, which in a twisted way is why it conquered the White race in the first place, ever-growing military mobilization enabled by coalescing, ever-more outbred White populations, an already outbred race turned even more so, even to the point of auto-genocide.

        Which brings us to now.

        If your god is the One True God, then he is not just your god, he is everyone’s god, they just don’t know it yet. Colonial-era missionaries. Modern cuckstain missionaries.

        How exactly does such a god secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?

      • peppermint says:

        Kek is a real god because meme magic is real.

        (((Yahweh))) is a Jew egregore and by worshiping it you give power to the Jews, which is treason.


      • viking says:

        Robert I think what many of us are saying is not that there have been eras when christianity had a conservative interpretation but that its fundamentally a liberal creed and can easily be reinterpreted again as such and so if people such as yourself are allowed to propagate a theology that by definition supersedes the secular and then it is revealed to be truly leftist we have this problem all over again. because christianity is the root of leftism but later outgrew scripture and eventually christianity those who remain christian tend conservative but you are a remnant, if the secular were to again become conservative christianity would again be leftist comparatively and leftists would again use it to move left.
        In fact even from the remnant christian right I am sure you are way too far left to be a reactionary. are you comfortable killing all the non whites if thats what it takes to reorder the world? because rwaction is nothing if not the recognition of HBD that humans are subject to the laws of evolution and that law is unequivocal that the races are in competition for their very survival. The leftist plan to merge the races has proved unworkable, some hope remains for partition. obviously that is a tricky scenario and its as likely as not a more final solution may need to be implemented, no because mein Kamp but because limited resources, the others agression an unwilligness to perpetully bare the white mans burden and eschew our possible destiny as a people or may the chinese decide to make the first move who knows how why but whats certain is we as europeans are caught between higher IQ east asians and Ashkenazi above and low IQ browns below, as a european and a human I have a moral responsibility to give it my all survive at any cost and further my people, I think we have an advantage and can prevail but chances are only one race will take humanity forward its our lot to further our race and theirs to further their they understand this, christianity has made us doubt ourselves . but these others are your brothers in christ and

        • Robert says:

          I understand what you are saying, but I disagree that Christianity is fundamentally leftist. It, like every other ideology, can be interpreted or used by leftists.

          I am comfortable with saying that nations should be ethnically homogeneous, then forcibly deporting people who are of a different ethnicity, then fighting, and killing those who attempt to fight or prevent the deportations.

          • peppermint says:

            Why is it that we have only now discovered to call the proggers cucks?

            The answer is cuckstainty.

            And that’s the top reason cuckstainty is leftist. Beyond the doctrines, the weltanschauung of cuckstainty normalizes cuckoldry.

          • Father Thyme says:

            Robert: “nations should be ethnically homogeneous”

            Agreed. But that just can’t happen when you elevate the Nigers/Blacks to be “prophets and teachers” over your family. (Acts 13:1) Christianity was the original “Low-Lifes Matter” movement. (Luke 6:35, Luke 14:13, etc., etc.)

    • KingOfChu says:

      A trip to Japan is all that is needed to disabuse you of any notion of “Aryan” superiority, be it cultural or technological. Maybe once upon a time, when the British Empire was still around, our race was the most superior in the world. I assure you that is no longer the case.

      • Cavalier says:

        Japan is Japanese. 100% Japanese.

        Where is this 100% Aryan nation-state of which you speak? Send me its secret coordinates. I’m going to go there and never leave.

        • Hidden Author says:

          Iceland is 100% Aryan in the sense that Japan is 100% Japanese.

          • 120 says:

            If you consider Irish Aryan, I suppose. 30-50% of Iceland were Irish DNA, mostly abducted women.

            Also Immigration from all over is increasing in Iceland, for now a lot from Poland but also inc.reasing from non-whites as well.

            • peppermint says:

              hurrrrrrrrrrrr what about the Irish, the English and English in the US used to mistreat the Irish, that means that race doesn’t real

              Tim Kaine even brought that point up last night.

              The answer, OF COURSE, is that Irish and English are different ethnicities, but are racially so similar that it’s often difficult to tell mixes and when raised in a White settler nation become White ethnicity.

              Googles, skypes, and others do not become White Americans when raised in America, nor do mixes of these with Whites. Skype mischlinge only become White at the third degree of mixing and google mulattoes become White at the fourth or fifth.


            • viking says:

              irish scottish welsh some parts spain france portugal northern italy england basque are as older celtic strains, celtics are the proto european the halstatt culture the metalsmiths traders and barbarians so in a sense we are all celtic. but some have differentiated a bit more and some have remained isolated and not.
              But this adolf hitler nick land meme that only europeans from within the hajinal line are worthy of a place in the future is flawed.
              Think of the contributers to euopean culture that fall outside the line
              greece rome byzantuim america russia, the renaisance comes out of itally -you know ‘southern europeans’ and celts in the north, backwards russia and eastern europe bunch of idiots right except some of the greatest literature and science math, would the northern european enlightenment have happened without the greek roman and byzantine cultures? and what of these northern europeans [im one] isnt it we who have been the archtechts of cuckdom, who is it in the european diaspora most resisting suicide the high IQ northwest or the lower IQ east and southern europeans? whats the 3 highest IQ in the world and highest in europe? italy. IQ is extremely important but it doesnt seem to account for all, achievement clusters in time and space, nothing succeeds like success, if you look at Murrays human achievement map sure it seems like a lot clusters within the hajinal but theres a way to hld for where the geniuses were actually born and it gets more diffused one cant help but wonder if we could actually dna test them how much more it might diffuse, but certainly at this point we cant afford to be throwing white nations overboard we know some low acheivers ttoday like greece were once the leaders and places like the east get the toxicity of cuckism, we know some populations have rapidly gained in IQ and when they did showed a remarkable leap in ingenuity, we need to bring all europeans along and fight to survive as the people we are,

          • Brilincta says:

            No, Iceland may be 100% genetic Aryan. It sure as hell isn’t 100% intellectually and ideologically Aryan. We have no idea what such an Aryan state would look like in the modern era, because Jesus stamped out the unique Aryan genius.

            Granted, Buddhism isn’t Japanese either. But Shinto is.

            • Minion says:

              “because Jesus stamped out the unique Aryan genius.”
              White atheists and neopagans are far more liberal and culturally suicidal than the average Christian

              • brilinctas says:

                Agreed. Because they aren’t authentic continuations of the Aryan tradition.Much like Mao’s communists stamped out Confucianism, Jesus’ proto-communists stamped out Aryan paganism.

                Reading about the expansion of Christianity into pagan lands is sobering and depressing. Even for an atheist like me, it is painful to read about the wanton destruction of entire civilizations and religions in the name of a silly myth about a murdered community organizer who came back to life.

                I’m also a conservationist. Conserving the particularities of little civilizations, each with their own understanding of their place in the universe, is as meaningful to me as conserving lions and tigers and unique ecosystems like the Arctic or the Florida Keys.

              • Mark Citadel says:

                I dont think the 1488 crowd is ever going to understand this. Paganism as an exoteric practice is dead. All you can read about it now was written by Christians. Even Evola called its attempted revival a farce. And as Guenon said, what was good in paganism was only brought forward by Christianity, it was not preserved by anything else.

                Its also kind of annoying when particularly Americans kvetch about centuries old battles between Christian German kings and Lithuanian pagans, as if this has any relation or significance to a Modern American. Worse than WE WUZ KANGZ to be honest.

                America does not have an authentic Christian history, but they sure as hell don’t have a pagan one, nor will they.

            • Father Thyme says:

              What do you mean by the “average Christian?” Often, that simply means, “my style of Christianity.” In fact, there are Christianties, plural. All believe they are the “true” Christianity, and have tons of Bible verses to support their position, and the “out of context” card to explain away the contradictory verses that they don’t really like.

              And most who call themselves Christians in the Current Year are NOT conservative. Among millennials, 61% are moderate or progressive Christians (with 22% non-religious) and only 17% are conservative Christians. [PRRI/Brookings, 2013]

              And then among the smaller number of conservative Christians are many race cuck virtue signalers, pissing away their strength in missions to Haiti and raising google babies, and feeding Christian multi-kult garbage into their young childrens’ minds in Sunday School.

              “Red and yellow,
              Black and white,
              They are precious,
              In His sight.”

              Any conservative child who believes that is well primed to accept cultural marxism when they get to college.

              • JRM says:

                @Father Thyme:”And then among the smaller number of conservative Christians are many race cuck virtue signalers, pissing away their strength in missions to Haiti and raising google babies, and feeding Christian multi-kult garbage into their young childrens’ minds in Sunday School. ”

                Excellent post and the part I’ve quoted reminds me of a guy I was friends with a few years ago. White; built like a Linebacker, smart enough to be a very good structural engineer, in short, a guy you’d share your bunker with when SHTF.

                But he belonged to a church and was a true believer. His church was busy sending missionaries to Africa and (you guessed it) Haiti. He was 100% for this, but I suspect he knew North American pavement apes were beyond redemption.

                What do we do with guys like this? And this guy, for as much as he had going for him, was in a cuck church, so, unhappily but truthfully, has to be considered a cuck himself (for all practical purposes).

                Moving on, I see three types of men (worthwhile men, not cucks) still interested in Christianity:

                1. Tactical Christians: perhaps Jim fits here. They see the problems, but also respect the centuries of European Christian Traditional Culture. They don’t see a workable substitute they trust, and the traditional society they want to return to needs a sacred sphere in it.

                2. Christian Identity types. They say “we ARE the Chosen People”. Have convoluted ideas about stolen Jewish identity. Some of these guys are real hardcore White Supremacists, but their theology has always felt like a desperate attempt to hang on to a Judaic religion while wishing the actual Jews out of it.

                3. Sentimentalists. They were brought up in the Church. They love the Bible. They love their Christian families. They can’t let it go. There’s nothing really wrong with these guys; they just can’t turn away from something that has become part of them. They will admit “some” to “most” other Christians are cucks, but they say that those people don’t really GET Christ.

                I have no idea how to move forward as White Nationalists with these three groups, much less the atheists, agnostics, and pagans who are allies. I think we need to focus on our survival foremost, our political unity next, and worry about theology when our future has been secured. But the religious question refuses to ever go away.

                • peppermint says:

                  » worry about theology when our future has been secured. But the religious question refuses to ever go away.

                  because if you believe in souls, you believe that googles have souls, and if you believe in sin, you believe that it’s sinful to say mean things about souls, but you’re not personally going to hell for getting demographically replaced.

                  We must be hard men, or we will be dead. The older men are often incorrigibly soft, but the youth are hard of necessity.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  >> needs a sacred sphere

                  That we do need, indeed! However, the only sacred to the Christian is the imaginary pursuit of afterlife status. This sacred Earth is shit to those who imagine that “it’s all going to burn anyway” and they’re going to escape to a (((New Jerusalem))).

                  This has the effect of making Christians sit on their haunches and do absolutely nothing about their life on this earth. When you show them the problems the White race faces, they avoid the pain of analyzing the problem, and anesthetize their brains with (a) “God is in control” and (b) “God will make sure the evil get their just deserts in the afterlife.” One may as well be talking to a wino on skid row who can’t be bothered to wash his pissed pants, and wants only another hit of narcotic.

                  “Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity.” ―Friedrich Nietzsche

          • viking says:

            touche though a bit smaller

        • viking says:

          yes exactly the white mans burdens cost is staggering the trillion a year on welfare is but a tenth or less of the treasure alone to say nothing of the cultural loss.

          that said there is no denying east asians have an IQ advantage as do akz jews, niggers have a physical advantage, others may have as yet undiscovered advantages. the environment is changing so too will advantages. We may in fact not be able to re assert hegemony but I think its wrong to assume like nick land that it all comes down to IQ europeans likely had even lower IQ compared to east asians when we conquered the world so its unclear if that advantage will continue to help us, certainly we still have a bit of first mover advantage we are rapidly squandering, Human IQ may matter less as AI takes over, but what will matter ought to be thought about now. I can tell you one thing having hundred of millions of niggers in your nation is a serious handicap.and i dont say this as alt right or nazi im niether its just a fact the niggers all types have to go is bottom line. and i dont see how to do this nicely, any ideas?

  15. Alfred says:

    God I wish I had thought of a better name than Alfa NL.

    • Samson J. says:

      Haw, the classic lament. Think how I feel every time I see some comment by a guy calling himself “Samson”.

  16. Nxx says:

    Since 1. Genesis tells us God created the nations (races) and
    Since 2. Revelations tells us that God will receive the nations at His side.

    It follows that it is God’s Will that the nations reach the end times. For them to do so they must not be eliminated along the way.

    Mass immigration plus forced integration lead to demographic eradication. Demographic eradication means not being able to reach the end times.

    It follows that mass immigration plus forced integration are against God’s Will.

  17. viking says:

    there is but one law and purpose to life survive and procreate the closest copy of yourself extra resources must go in ascending order to next closest copies. sadly we created a heresy of other peoples religion that teaches to live for others ignore our reason and be hopeful of a heavenly reward. This religion is largely the root of leftism. Its sad culturally to have to let it go before we were such a connected world it served some purposes well and anyway it was our -sort of. but go it must it is the religion cuck

    • Robert says:

      But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
      1 timothy 5:8

      Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
      Genesis 2:24

      Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
      Ephesians 5:22-24

      And so train the young women to love their husbands and children
      Titus 2:4

      For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
      2 Thessalonians 3:10

      • Father Thyme says:

        Not a single verse from the Gospels, which is so typical of right-wing Christcucks’ quote-mining. If you’re wondering why…

        Jesus was cuckspawn. (Matthew 1:18)

        Normal male-female relations are banned in Jesus’ perverted paradise. Enjoy being an angelic castrati. (Matt. 22.30)

        Hate your family. (Luke 14.26)

        White-Knighting Jesus blames men and gives female cheaters a free pass. (John 8:4-11)

        Transition to a less manly physique by self-castration. (Matthew 19.11-12)

        Got too much testosterone production? Gouge out your own eyes. (Mark 9.47)

        Jesus behaved in public with his Beloved like a flamer. (John 13:23-25)

        It goes to show that Conservatives might own the Paul character, but Progs definitely own the rights to the Jesus character.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          Hell is forever!


          • Father Thyme says:

            I don’t fear the underworld abode of Loki’s daughter. Funny how Norse mythology got into so many translations of the Bible, isn’t it? Funnier yet are those frightened of monsters-under-your-bed that are based on a flat-earth cosmology.

            The Flat-Earth Bible (The Bulletin of the Tychonian Society. #44, 1987)

            P.S. Do you also hear voices from Uranus, like the Jesus character did?

            • “for the kingdom of Ouranos/Uranus is at hand” (Matthew 3.2)
            • “a voice from Ouranos/Uranus saying” (Matthew 3.17)

            • peppermint says:

              Catholics are dogmatically constrained to believe in a literal Adam and Eve. Y chromosome Adam and mitochondrial Eve are dated to different times, and of course evolution is a continuous process without one first man and woman.

              The closest sensible thing to a literal Adam and Eve – which compromise Catholics are required to reject – would be the first farmer, but farming was a continuous evolution from tending wild plants and holding them against other tribes.

              The idea of an immediate break from the idyllic state of nature to civilization is inherently biblical, and the cited source of much evil in the world today.

              The biggest problem with christcuckoldry is the anthropology is all wrong, but the cosmology is also bullshit. What christcucks don’t literally believe but recognize as morally necessary to repeat endlessly as if they believed it:

              » 1 In the beginning G-d created the heaven and the earth.
              » 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters.
              » 3 And G-d said, Let there be light: and there was light.
              » 4 And G-d saw the light, that it was good: and G-d divided the light from the darkness.
              » 5 And G-d called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
              » 6 And G-d said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
              » 7 And G-d made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
              » 8 And G-d called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
              » 9 And G-d said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
              » 10 And G-d called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and G-d saw that it was good.

              The ancient Greeks always knew the Earth was spherical because it makes a circle shadow on the moon, and recognized that the planets were special amongst the stars so identified them with their gods.

              » 26 And G-d said, Let us make man in our image,

              oops, he must mean him and his angels

              • Hidden Author says:

                Or it could be a reference to the Trinity or an usage of the royal We…

        • Brit says:

          Yes you can behave like a flamer in an environment where homosexuality is known by everyone to be abominable and worthy of death. The intimate closeness of Sam and Frodo or Sherlock and Watson are good and healthy aspects of human nature. The only reason we would find it offensive in the modern world is fear of signalling homosexuality.

          • jim says:

            For your army to be effective, for your elite to be united, the love of David and Jonathan has to be possible. For the love of David and Jonathan to be possible, need to execute men who have sex with men, preferably in a spectacular and unpleasant fashion.

            • Minion says:

              I always laugh when Westerners think Muslims have a problem with two men holding hands, as if it somehow implied homosexuality.

              In fact, two men holding hands is a very acceptable practice between two heterosexual male friends. By banning homosexuality, Muslim men are comfortable showing nonsexual affection to each other

        • Robert says:

          You misunderstand Jesus. Jesus had a specific and a universal mission. His specific mission was to the jews, and most of his teachings apply to Jews who were in rebellion against God. He was sent as a messenger and savior to God’s people (jews), to tell them to repent, to change their ways. They rejected him (which he knew they would), and opened up the club for everyone. Paul’s purpose was to go to other peoples (non jews and jews), that is also my purpose. That is why you will see us quoting more from Paul about these things.

          • Father Thyme says:

            “Jews First!”—a directly quoted meme from Romans 1:16 (KJV)—Club is open for everyone willing to submit to a magical Jew as King, including Googles.

            Acts 13:1 “Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger/Black…”

            I don’t accept nigers/blacks as “prophets and teachers” over me. But you and Merkel do, and luvs ya some Googles and Skypes; because it’s (((Biblical))).

  18. Uriel Fiori says:

    alternatively, they win and kill themselves.

  19. Cavalier says:

    Yes, but what God, what what religion?

    • jim says:

      Unfortunately, all our actually existent religions have been seized by our enemies and are being used to destroy us.

      • Mike says:

        Have you, Heartiste, Vox Day, Stephan Molyneux, or another similar combination of others ever conspired to create a new religion?

        There’s at least a dozen of you; and the name “Paul,” is getting a bit used.

        • Robert says:

          We must return to Christianity. Reforming Christianity would be orders of magnitude easier than creating a new religion. To create something new, you have to have something new, and you don’t. When is the last time any one of you have attended an orthodox or a baptist or a reformed church service? When is the last time any one of you actually read the Bible to see what it actually says? The corruption of the best, is the worst. Just because you see corrupted versions of Christianity, doesn’t mean that the uncorrupted form is bad.

          • Samson J. says:

            Yeah, accusing others of “LARPing” has become an alt-right meme, in fact it’s becoming a bit tiresome, but anytime I hear anyone talk about “creating a new religion”, well, that really is the ultimate in lame LARPing. You can’t just “create” a religion, hosers.

            • Biggly says:

              We can’t create a new religion, but great leaders can.

            • Mike says:

              “You can’t just create a new religion.”

              Why not? Other religions have survived this long presumably because those who followed them had children. All that’s needed to create a new religion is an ideology which, when followed, results in above-replacement fertility.

              And if Christianity is revived, who would stop additions/editions to the bible? If the communities who follow those changes have an above-replacement fertility, the changes will hold.

              • Robert says:

                Who would stop additions/editions to your new religion? That is always a problem. Christianity has a rich tradition of internal conflicts and debates. I can point you to a hundred different books by men much wiser than either of us on every part of the bible. The King James bible is 400 years old, many Christians still read it.

                “the science of this world, which has become a great power, has, especially in the last century, analysed everything divine handed down to us in the holy books. After this cruel analysis the learned of this world have nothing left of all that was sacred of old. But they have only analysed the parts and overlooked the whole, and indeed their blindness is marvellous.”


                • Father Thyme says:

                  Still, today is Woden’s Day, and tomorrow is Thor’s Day.

                  If thou shalt have no other gods other than the (((Jewgod))) before you, you’re doing it all wrong in your weekly planner.

                • peppermint says:

                  WOTAN – Will Of The Aryan Nation

                  yeah, I worship wotan.

                  Spurious additions to the Kek Kooks Kult doctrine are impossible because Kek controls the dubs.

              • Samson J. says:

                ***Why not?***

                Anyone who claims you can just “create a new religion” fails to understand where religions actually come from or why people actually begin to believe them. Religions don’t come, pace lampshade-IQ atheists, from devious con men. No real, actual religion (as opposed to a LARP religion) was ever devised by someone sitting down to “invent” a new one. Religions thrive when people become deeply convinced of the reality of a certain worldview as evidenced by, e.g., miracles and supernatural activity.

                Without some bona fide miracles, combined with a robust philosophical system that somehow no one has ever heard before, you will not come up with a “new religion” that large numbers of people will subscribe to.

                • Samson J. says:

                  Again, I hate to throw around memes that are getting shopworn, but if you fail to grasp this or substantially disagree with it, you really are autistic about all this. Religions don’t just get “made up”.

                • jim says:

                  Religions don’t just get “made up”.

                  Pretty sure Mormonism was just made up.

                  However, obviously we want to connect what we believe with what has long been believed in the west.

                  Now people in the west have long believed a lot of different things, so you have to pick and choose. And, in the footsteps of Heartiste, minion of Satan, have to call on the scientific method to choose.

                  And what is the scientific method? For the scientific method is indeed new, a mere seven hundred years old, and is not part of the ancient tradition of the west.

                  You will not find the scientific method in Wikipedia. For when the US gained dominance over England, Harvard gained dominance over the Royal Society, and proceeded to write the scientific method out of history.

                  The scientific method is that method that was enforced by the Royal Society from the restoration to the end of World War II, and which has been most clearly stated by Richard Feynman.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  The religion of naturalistic pantheism, i.e., that Nature = God, requires no miracles, and is written into the United States’ founding document, i.e. “Nature’s God.” This comes, via John Locke’s views, influenced by Spinoza, who wrote: “Deus, sive Natura” (God, or Nature,) and mirrors Lucretius’ famous work “De rerum Natura.” Of course, Lucretius was an Materialistic (philosophically speaking) Epicurean.

                  And so is America.

                  “I am a Materialist; he [Jesus] takes the side of Spiritualism.” –Thomas Jefferson, 1820

                  “I too am an Epicurean. I consider the genuine (not the imputed) doctrines of Epicurus as containing every thing rational in moral philosophy which Greece and Rome have left us.” –Thomas Jefferson, 1819

                  Also note that “Life, Liberty, and Happiness|Property” are Epicurean principles directly opposed to (((Jesus’))) proto-Marxist denouncements of life and happiness and property.

                • Anon says:

                  Night please, you really gonna cite the founders of America as anti-marcists? The fucki retards who actually signed a document that said “we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”, which has been more and more interpreted as that black people are superior to white people, and all white people should be killed unless they acknowledge that?

                  The founders were some of the most progressive, Marxist people to ever live. Try again Faggot Thyme.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  Have you never read what Jefferson said about equality? He was an adamant segregationist. You’re misinterpreting his “all men are created equal” worse than CNN does Trump.

                  “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” -Thomas Jefferson (Autobiography, 1821)

                  He also predicted a race war that led to the “extermination” of either the white or black race. I’ll let you look that one up yourself.

            • Dave says:

              I’ve been thinking of creating a religion based on human sacrifice, where you earn holiness points by collecting severed body parts of non-white people. Whenever this was attempted with other species, people soon discovered that breeding varmints in captivity was easier than hunting them, but the high cost of raising Africans to maturity means that few would attempt it.

            • jim says:

              Ron Hubbard might disagree.

              • Antipas says:

                He might, but his religion has very little if any traction and political influence.

                Scientology is probably the most widely mocked and shamed of them all.

                • Alfred says:

                  All religions I know started as cults, though they vary greatly in success. L Ron Hubbard had nothing to complain about during his life but I wager very few people still take scientology seriously today. Joseph Smith’s cult on the other hand is doing pretty good.

              • Mike says:

                If you and a half-dozen other blogs like Dalrock, Rational Male, and Vox Popoli suddenly started promoting a de-centralized, nationalistic, fertility-cult, the anger of 10,000,000 White men devoted to survival of Western Civilization might just be enough to make it work; Even if it is an aped supplement to a 2,000 year old religion. Who knows, in 400 years that ideology could have its own Council of Nicaea to work out the rough bits.

                You don’t have to shove it our faces either. Just make a new tab on with the free PDF download. Maybe it sucks. Maybe no one wants it. But maybe, it will spread faster than Communism or Islam in the 7th century. You can do it!

            • Abraham Calov says:

              You also can’t return to Christianity hoping for this-worldly benefits. The religion that offers those benefits is the one the devil proposed to Jesus in Matthew 4. The way of return to Christianity is repentance; it is not merely embracing Christendom or Christian culture but faith in the man Jesus. And it is not within the natural powers of a human being because it promises no earthly reward other than the cross.

              • jim says:

                Well in that case, screw Christianity.

                But Christianity is supposed to generate this worldly benefits, not primarily to the individual, but to the society of the Church, and the society of which the Church is part.

                • JRM says:

                  Here’s the thing: as I’ve said before, the Bible is a big book, with many declarative statements.

                  In spite of centuries of Christian apologetics that hold there is no contradiction between the Old and New Testaments, the Old is obviously an intensely Jewish body of texts, full of a stubborn will to power, while the New is animated by a breakaway sect with an end of the world mind-set.

                  Here are some verses that can be USED to counter Mr. Calov’s “no earthly reward” statement (while I actually tend to agree with Mr. Calov as to the spirit of the NT, this is what you will have thrown back at you if you do preach no earthly reward):

                  John 10:10: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (KJV).

                  Philippians 4:19: “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (KJV).

                  3 John 1:2: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (KJV).

                • Abraham Calov says:

                  Yes, that’s pretty much what the West has been saying since the 30 years’ war.

                  Of course Christianity has brought all kinds of blessings in tbis world. But when the temporal blessings become the goal, Christianity has already died. Then it is not God who is being worshiped and adored, but mammon.

                  Jesus does promise his disciples that they will be provided “daily bread” and clothing [Matthew 6.] Providentially. He set Christendom at the head of the world for centuries.

                  But the idea that godliness is a means of gain is the spirit of antichrist. “If anyone wants to come after Me, let him take up his cross and follow me…For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” [Matt. 16]

                  That verse by itself refutes any attempt to twist the NT into saying that the elect can expect to be rich and prosperous–an old Calvinist trick still being crassly propagated by toothy Joel Osteen. Surely serious men who nobly want to preserve Western civilization must be above this and realize that civilization’s greatness arose from striving after something more than “success”, measured by the weights of merchants or pirates.

                • peppermint says:

                  That’s right, Hillary Clinton is the elect because she’s long suffering and says the right things, while Donald Trump isn’t the elect because he’s merely rich through making great deals and talks about things of this world like grabbing pussy.

                  You christcucks are all the same and we’re going to deport you all to heaven.

          • viking says:

            i spent a long time in catholic school I know well what it says and even from what was arguably the most conservative interpretation of christianity i can tell you its still a hopelessly leftist creed.
            That said I get that starting a new religion is a tall order although its been done. I am not convinced religion is the best social organizer anyway, they tend to be vague and so open to interpretation by those so disposed. I think reactions wanting to incorporate the ready made conservatives they find in the few remaining christians is understandable but those christians have to understand we can jnot go down the same road as the cucked GOP and have you telling us how the nigger is our brother in christ and that short term justice supersedes long term order. If you want to persist in your superstition you need to keep it in your pants.
            Reviving an old religion might be easier than inventing a new one the nazis are getting into some pagan stuff and it makes sense europeans are more a forest people than a desert people and while we have a long important history with christianity it is an alien religion and its been discredited in the eyes of the secular perhaps a pagan vauge spirituality will suffice to fill the need and leave the ideology to the physical relm wher it belongs.

            • Minion says:

              Modern paganism is just a bunch of white atheists LARPing (I mean, do any of you actually believe that Thor or Zeus are real beings?). It has no credibility, and is even worse than Christianity when it comes to being coopted by liberalism (see: New Age). I also don’t imagine the average white neopagan being fertile and producing white babies like some Christian denominations are doing.

              Christianity created the West as we know it. Before Christianity, Romans thought of themselves closer to other Mediterraneans, such as Egyptians and Berbers, than with the Germanic peoples. Christianity united Europe into a single civilization.

              Giving up on Christianity necessarily implies giving up on the West and White civilization. You might as well convert to Islam

              • viking says:

                romans thought no such thing and christianity was one of the causes of romes fall, Im not pushing paganism simply pointing out if one thinks its an essential social glue reviving an old religion is probably better the inventing a new. my choice is just admitting that religion is done that yes christianity was a big part of our culture back when religion was part of our culture. sure if i thought it could be used to help our people i would be for it but universal cuckism and irationality is not a help no matter what place they once held hundreds of years ago

              • Anon says:

                Classical pagans didn’t believe in the literal existence of their gods either. Zeus is real insofar as Pepe is real, and Kek being his apotheosis, he looks pretty real to me.

          • A.B. Prosper says:

            Its not bad, its just a meme past its time.

            Its worn out and losing its savor,

            Islam isn’t doing that much better really but 80 IQ feral people have lower standards

  20. Mackus says:

    Even stupidest religion will get your blood billing and ready for action better than most rational nihilism.

    • Father Thyme says:

      Christianity is the epitome of nihilism, rejecting that this world has any meaning. Actually, it’s worse than that; Jesus demanded that his followers hate life on this earth in favor of a fantastical afterlife. (John 12:25)

      Christians have the same psychological issues that Chelsea Manning has: (1) denying biological reality, (2) making a cult out of acquiring a new body.

      “Christianity was from the beginning, essentially and fundamentally, life’s nausea and disgust with life, merely concealed behind, masked by, dressed up as, faith in ‘another’ or ‘better’ life.” –Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, p.23

      Might be fine for Skypes, but that’s no way for a proud White man to live.

      • Antipas says:

        Christianity does not reject that the world has any meaning.

        To say that Christianity embraces nihilism and defies biological reality are absolutely baseless claims.

        If you want to make a point, you might consider quoting an actual Christian theologian rather than an atheist philosopher.

        • Father Thyme says:

          “My kingdom is not of this world.” –John 18:36

          Decent enough “Christian theologian” source?

        • peppermint says:

          The concept of souls denies biological reality and the concept of sin denies all of reality as well as inappropriately ascribing moral agency to everyone including women.

          • Antipas says:

            Claiming the existence of an afterlife or a soul does not reject biology, nor does it remove meaning from the lives we currently lead. Quite the opposite, really.

            The Christian believes in the transcendent and accepts that there are truths beyond our own comprehension.

            The human body is sacred thus is subject to defilement. Much of traditional Christianity revolves around harnessing our animalistic instincts in a way that is pleasing to God, not flatly rejecting them. This is why marriage exists. Desiring and having sex, bearing children and such are all very natural things.

            More modern strains of Christianity have turned the church into a non-profit charity, though. They also tried teaching at various times that sex is a filthy shameful act, which it is not. Now they’re more likely to teach that Jesus never really cared if you sleep around.

            • Father Thyme says:

              Indeed, Christianity’s magical soul does explicitly reject science, specifically Epicurus’ nascent atomic theory, as Norman Dewitt’s exegesis shows. I quote, as concisely as possible:

              It was the logic of the cross against the logic of the atom, an early phase of the long strife between science and religion.
              The whole theory of physics was reduced by Epicurus to Twelve Elementary Principles and a syllabus bearing this title was published for the use of his disciples. This list of Principles, it may be interposed, was the most lucid and orderly ever drawn up in ancient times, and with one exception would have been received with respect down to the date of an event so recent as the fission of the atom. By way of illustration the first seven are here listed with some adaptation to modern terminology:

              1. Matter is uncreatable.
              2. Matter is indestructible.
              3. The universe consists of atoms and space.
              4. All existing things are either atoms or compounds of atoms.
              5. The atoms are infinite in multitude.
              6. Space is infinite in extent.
              7. The atoms are always in action.

              As was bound to happen, this whole system became known to the enemies of Epicurus by that particular Principle which was most offensive and provocative of ridicule, the third. This was offensive because it implied that the soul of man itself was composed of atoms, just as the body itself, and therefore subject to dissolution, just as the body. It was especially open to ridicule because the atoms were such insignificant things upon which to base a whole system of knowledge. In Galatians 4:9 Paul sneered at them as “the weak and beggarly elements.”
              Under the name of elements the atoms are mentioned six times in the New Testament, three times simply as elements and three times as “elements of the universe,” an unmistakable recognition of the third Elementary Principle of Epicurus: “The universe consists of atoms and space.”

              -St. Paul and Epicurus. (University of Minnesota Press, 1954)

              Thus, St. Paul made his theory of soul falsifiable, and John Dalton’s 1803 experiment with tin oxide falsified it. The elements are not “weak and beggarly.” Christianity is.

              • Samson J. says:

                Just when I thought I’d heard everything, someone argues that Galatians 4:9 is referring to atoms. Gee whiz.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  It’s referring to elements, which atoms are also called.

                  And the Greek word “atom” is actually in the Bible, specifically 1 Corinthians 15:52 (Strong’s Concordance Number G823) where Paul again makes light of Epicurus’ atomic theory, as Dewitt demonstrates.

                  Have you never read that part? Gee whiz, indeed.

              • jim says:

                Yes, there is lots of stuff in the bible about the physical world which is easily falsifiable, and is false.

                There is lots of stuff in the bible about the next world which is unfalsifiable.

                There is lots of stuff in the bible about the nature of man, and how men should deal with each other, which is generally true, or at least a whole lot closer to the truth than the comparable progressive doctrines.

                Now since we obviously have to ditch the stuff about the physical world – flat earth and all that – we need another authority. If we let each priest make up his own stuff, we get the problems of protestantism, which gave us Puritanism and Harvard. You wind up with conspiracies where a bunch of priests pretend to decide independently, but are furtively agents of a hidden conspiracy.

                Orthodox solution is that the ecumenical councils are the successors of the gathering of the apostles in acts fifteen, and that they are generally guided by the holy spirit.

                We cannot really go with the Roman Catholic solution, since the Pope is obviously heretical, and every day grows more so.

                Current ecumenical councils are split between the wholly prog owned church in Constantinople, and the Putin owned church in Russia, and the Putin owned church is not too bad. But is not all that great either.

                • Brit says:

                  This is what the Pope says about Orthodoxy:

                  The Papists were on the wrong side of the schism. They were the ones who messed with the Niocene creed without consulting the other bishops.This lead to them branching off from the (scriptural) ecumenical council system and forming a constant string of new doctrine, such as original sin, purgatory, and papal infallibility.

                  Orthodoxy is the original church, and Papists are the original leftists.

                • peppermint says:

                  And here’s what I say about Orthodoxy:

                • Brit says:

                  “Russian Patriarch: God Bless this War”

                  “Godless Western Elites Want to Destroy Christianity “

              • Abraham Calov says:

                Dear drooling idiot,

                That Paul is not referring to atoms or Epicurus in Galatians 4 is evident from the most cursory reading of the text. He goes on in the next verse to criticize the Galatian observance of “days, seasons, and years.” It is consistent with Paul’s theme throughout the letter. It is a critique of the insertion of Jewish legalism into the Gospel.

                I suppose one has to get a PhD to learn to maul a text so clumsily. But it takes an internet polemicist to quote such stupid books with unwavering faith.


                Abraham Calov

            • viking says:

              Look if there really were an eternal after life heaven and hell, christianity would indeed imbue life with some meaning. The problem is there is no rational reason to think there is anything like that and some very rational reason to think the various religious scriptures that claim otherwise are merely, well merely one of dozens of claims different ethnicities has to explain the world they couldnt explain scientifically. The only thing our god given? reason can infer is that its as possible as not there is a first cause, but nothing more all other assertions about that possible causes nature preferences etc are not only self-contradictory but contradict all the other religions and of course reality.I say this without malice i am a sentimentally lapsed catholic and understand the good religion has done as well as that many religious people tend to be happier. however if you can not convince yourself of this story then christianity is seen as severely limiting your experience in this life for no reason, now its true how sevely one limits ones life has varied by sect and history and it is sometimes a sleight change possibly for the better, and other times sitting atop a column in a desert for decades passing a used grape around.Now even these can be in a way inspiring examples of human fortitude etc but i wouldnt want to be that desert father realizing hes wasted his only life atop a column in the desert.So is believing in a fairy tale more nihilistic than facing head on that we are simply a life form accidentally came into being in such a way that we evolve with a prime directive to survive to procreate the closest possible copy of ourselves, beyond that we are god in the sense that it is up to us to decide what we do with this life once we have followed our evolutionary directive and secured life.
              In other words whats so terrible about realizing you may be the only life in the entire universe [you and your relatives the rest of earth life]and you can make of the situation as you will.Thats not a bad thing thats a wonderful thing. Thats lie being gods. and if there does turn out to be a first cause well he obviously gave us this freedom he is obviously so far detached from the moral rules our early evolution developed to help us survive and which we can now carefully transcend as we see fit. Nihillism is looking at this situation and seeing evil at every turn, to see ourselves as we have evolved as evil,To think that some first cause gave us the capacity to reason and then secretly demanded that we ignore all our reason and reality and instead follow some ancient superstitions on faith in some old writings from some other tribe.

              • Antipas says:

                Nobody including myself can convince you to believe in anything. Faith is something that has to be desired, and even then it doesn’t come easy.

                In this sense, Nihilism is relative to the movie playing in your head and what you perceive to be true. But I think this whole business of ‘reason’ has been somewhat overblown and is basically a bunch of academic hot air. We don’t know what really happens to us when we die, or for that matter how or why the universe came into existence any more than people 2000 years ago. We’re simply using the term reason to believe in a new set of basically improvable things. I suppose it has helped us understand the human form and our immediate material world, but that doesn’t really help solve for more existential questions.

                I think one of the overarching points that has been made on this blog is that without some sort of ordering function, society trends towards chaos. Out of this chaos you get individualism and the enlightenment, puritanism, universalism, low birth rates, etc. Eventually a more organized, assertive group will come along and pick one for you, or at least force you to abide by it.

                As jim said before, Islam isn’t the solution we want, but it’s the one we’re likely to get.

                • Alan J. Perrick says:



                  Nobody can ever explain how “Puritanism” is a bad thing, and how it wasn’t an essential part of the Reformation.

                  There will be no progress from the bloggers until this papist sympathising is broken off at its most virulent outgrowth.


                • Father Thyme says:

                  Puritanism, current year, is the SJW-Prog-Atheist bloc, still on a witch-hunt for Deplorables.

                  “Today, the Puritan church has morphed into the basically atheist Unitarian Universalist Church and the United Church of Christ, which promotes, ‘liberal views on social issues…'”

                  Species of Exit: Pilgrims, Memes, and Genes
                  November 6, 2015 | evolutiontheorist

            • peppermint says:

              » The human body is sacred thus is subject to defilement.

              i.e. Black Lives Matter


            • peppermint says:

              » harnessing our animalistic instincts in a way that is pleasing to God

              i.e. cucking

            • peppermint says:

              ». This is why marriage exists.

              Marriage is the natural, evolved way for White men and women to behave, idiot. This is important because it is not natural for mud people. Refusal to see that muds will gang rape White women while Whites simply do not do this is typical of head-in-the-sand cuckstain traitors.

              >> They also tried teaching at various times that sex is a filthy shameful act, which it is not. Now they’re more likely to teach that Jesus never really cared if you sleep around.

              Yes, having weird ideas about sex is part and parcel of the cuckstain religion, because it’s crucial to have the man by the balls or else he won’t pay any attention and (((Jesus))) must be paid attention to for the sake of the immortal soul. Thus cuckstains at times have tried all manner of arrangements other than White marriage and even decided to cut part of their dicks off to imitate the Jews and prevent masturbation. Today’s post-cuckstains are going even further in sexually mutilating children because a soul is a soul and all souls are the same.

              • Antipas says:

                lol, now I really HAVE heard it all.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  From (((Jesus’))) viewpoint: “It is better not to marry!” (Matthew 19:10) “Hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters.” (Luke 14:26)

                  From (((Paul’s))) viewpoint: “Better to stay unmarried, just as I am.” (I Corinthians 7:8)

                  One must ignore much of the New Testament to make it marriage and family positive. Because Christianity is about hating this life, in preference for a magical afterlife. (John 12:25)

                  Alt-right is all about loving this life.

                  To hell with the afterlife, I want to secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children, right here and now on this Earth.

                  I’m even willing to risk banishment to a lake of fire. You scared of a magical Jewgod’s fear-mongering, White man?

                • Antipas says:

                  Scared? Not at all.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  Good for you, white man. I don’t fear the bluster of a magical jewgod either.

      • Brilincta says:

        The beautiful reactionary thinking that came out of the Roman Catholic Church is undermined by the inherent leftism of Jesus’ actual teaching. That’s the tragedy. Like how American conservatives undermine themselves by arguing for the positions of yesterday’s liberalism, thinking that conserving the past automatically makes them conservative.

        D: “We want affirmative action for blacks and women.”
        R: “No! All races and sexes are equal!”

        • jay says:

          Jesus is not for the abolition of hierarchy but its transformation. What’s leftist about that?

          • viking says:

            jesus was a leftist let me count the ways.

            Jesus says the scripture is not the law but the law is living and has a spirit that supersedes the letter. that it is fluid and that he is its incarnation. he then begins to tell us what it really means.jesus sneers at the state and its need to maintain order and peace as being less important than short term justice.This is a constant leftist theme that the personal is political. That Hester Prynne should be spare shame even if from then on half of all children will be born out of wedlock and that entails.

            Jesu is a feminist he wants us to understand they are not whores but sex workers.And as such they are victims and as victims they are above the righteous.he encourages wives to leave husbands.

            Jesu is anti family he wants you to eschew your family and follow him to put the ideology above family.He wants to interfere with your sex life,he models a humanity trancendant of sexuality, encourages sons to leave their family obligations, wives to leave husbands, slaves there masters.

            jesus is a rebel he constantly tears down the hierarchy of his religion the state the family only when he senses he is being put on the record as a subversive does he equivocate for the record before going back to his subversions.

            jesu is a communist he models a communal lifestyle,he flogs capitalists,critiques employers,relies on alms,shames the wealthy, he elevates the poor as victims, criminals as misunderstood, the family as a drag,middle class religious life as hypocrisy.and employment as a fools errand.

            jesu is a multi cultural he denigrates social boundaries, teaches universal brotherhood, claims spiritual ties are greater than genetic ties,eschews his own peoples political advancement as irellevant,

            hes an irrationalist and immaterialist he teaches the world is but an illusion that concerns like food, political autonomy, employment, family,even life and death are nothing that there is a secret world that is amazing where everything is the opposite of here on earth that the poor are the wealthy and the weak the exalted that god will punish the hard working reverent as hypocrites and raise up the theives and whores as the misunderstood victims, that to waste your time in idle pursuits like feeeding yourself and employment is to risk your share of the afterlife.

            well we could go on. the thing is no matter how you try and accentuate only certain aspects and re interpret conservatively and use the old testament , or even prohibit the laity from reading it or insist it only be printed in dead languages. in the end some bright guy will always come along and point out that any religion based on christ is leftist that god is leftist and rightists are evil hypocrites devoid of morality.

            • Hidden Author says:

              Jesus also told whores, etc. to repent and sin no more. Today’s SJWs would deem that to be a “micro-aggression”!

              • Father Thyme says:

                In the Pericope de Adultera, the Jesus character was a typical gamma white-knighting for a low-life female adulterer. It’s the Progressive Christians’ favorite passage in the Bible. Conservatives bang away on the “go and sin no more” part, which actually lets her off being punished like she should have been. She should have been birched in the public square, not forgiven.

                Beware the sin of forgiveness.

        • Glen Filthie says:

          You aren’t listening to us, Brilincta.

          We say that all are equal BEFORE THE LAW. Note the caps, that is important.

          We also believe that you have the right TO MAKE A LIVING, and that society doesn’t owe you one as leftists believe.

          If you’re going to slag your enemies you should at least have valid reasons for doing so.

          • peppermint says:

            fuck your “before the law” bullshit. You know exactly where all souls are equal before the law leads, but here’s a video for you:

            The fact that you are incapable of adjusting your ideology to fit the facts is probably related to your soft feelings for christcuckoldry.

            Look at that big black cock. You probably wish it was your wife it was pissing on instead of the corn flakes, that would be reparations for the historical wrongs.

          • jim says:

            Equal before the law does not work, and indeed fails so disastrously that progressives always furtively abandon it in practice.

            Police in highly progressive San Francisco don’t enforce the marijuana laws on whites the way they enforce them on blacks, not because they hate blacks, but because blacks high on marijuana cause serious problems while whites high on marijuana do not.

            Similarly progressives have found a hundred and one clever rationales to deny alcohol to Australian natives and North American Indians, because when they get drunk, they cause serious problems,

            Similarly, women are simply not punished for crimes, because woman are like children. No one actually expects women to think all the way through from present desires to distant consequences. People say that women have as much right to decide for themselves as men, but then when they make decisions that have disastrous results, people say that men should shoulder the ensuing burdens.

            That we are all equal before the law is so impractical and disastrous in practice, that progressives can never live up to in practice.

            And in attempting to live up to in practice, they wind up privileging the inferior.

            Women being emancipated led to an awful lot of women giving birth in dark alleys in the rain. So now emancipation means that women have total control of reproductive decisions and men have total responsibility for paying for women’s reproductive decisions.

            Similarly, ending segregation meant whites being ethnically cleansed from nice areas and blacks winding up with property that whites built for themselves, than blacks turn that property into ruins, and ethnically cleanse whites from another nice area.

            Because groups that are fundamentally unequal really cannot be equal before the law, and attempts to make them so fail horribly and disastrously.

            Female emancipation was a complete disaster, and desegregation was a complete disaster.

            • glenfilthie says:

              Hmmmmm. It appears you (and P-Mint) may have the better of me on this.

            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              Equality before the law results in anarcho-capitalism, not social democracy.

              Social democracy is not equality before the law but black supremacism and matriarchy.

              Equality before the law would result in something social democrats cannot distinguish from patriarchy and something social democrats cannot distinguish from Eurasian supremacism.

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